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rf.i.j,1 .7 Q., -1 'f::7' 'H gdvs--.' .,-z 'LG7 . Za- . N 1 v 14, 1 y r 11 .1--,,.,', ,-:'.:',.j, -.wr-"J 1 .,'x' , 1., -1' i , .r,ggav':.-1:,j wc- ..g'-"1" H ,-, ' :I --f 4 w U W , , ,- . . ,- I- . 3- "-, 3- , 1,-1.11. gg. 'P -- fit, . - .N .. X " 7 ' W ' ' 5- x. 5-1-'.'fq. -.V-I+" ZH '- f 5:.1:4--'.2-M.'.1fr.-- '.12.f-'.ffQ:"gU"!15P'-'-.16if-21. Ifffimp ,A f wf. ,-.:.if?Ei,..'1 if . ' P I 4 -W.. j1'.F5.v,.,-.'r,Tf.- L-.',rvlZ.', fi- .5-1w.5 gg.,-MSS Sf- 1"---.f f l .-1, ww I 1, ' ' f' A 3' " -f 1 " 1"Zzi"" ..f!:..5-T-' " "'il- fn' .V.."22'1'.,.ii"f:,-!'i,-":f'..'P 'MM' 'J J r - mf .wr ' , ' M . A.. , jf " IL K ,"'f-1, -21 'S xg '-,.'-,1:-f-'- I'l'.."'5t"i"",1'.'ff,'-1",N W lj, 4V 1 'Wg W.--,,,'1.' L 1' if + , F, ' 1' ' V .-, l.'m:Y4,,, lx,-H-Mn .nw -5--,... - , ' If P H . ,. nl n 4 ., 1 1 A , - If 'r .r-,. gg,-, '1."1i,'.L Lfwr J '--:-L J' ,Q 1 J ' I 11 ' v ' 1 1 1 " I- ' A-rhh .-- 1' .NLR F ,ulggvqr-tm X , .-V, ,lm-I A ru, ,V I, 5 Q-,,: 1,21 I H Q' YJ 1, I 1 eg 'L 321 " .- -,14 ,1 Q.5 .' . ,,,--f, - v ffxtwr- .- 3y"g-.,1,,.: ' ,- . r-34 . 19' "-' 'I 6153.7 f7'1"i':'f' H44 " ' P-"EfilL""..n,1'iZ' ' -1319-Z!l1.v-"' .J Q- lL'.-P-bfi-4" lf.-:'if-f""if'f.b',i ff-z"-l'?5" 5'-ft' fi. 2' .'4f:' f?Q',5':'i -5. lvl ' ft If M "' '-1' ,, 1 gagyxwv f' 1 , V, L JL J 9.-v n -. 1-1. -1:91 - 4 2 'L' M?" , '- V ' "I L,r"7'-'-. 15 'J 7 1 515-1' 'f1'. J, rf :rf-J, rf .VI ,,.,,L Q X I-N AL .ygily-,,,',,,. .gf -5.-X-'f 1 , M13 4. -gf :V 5.'wfi,.:.H-,, - L -2- wu."::-my. .Y 1. "-FIQEEW.: L' f if -1 41 , wiiil'5.?mLW'xi?kf5?fi-XM., Q, f,s-g, ' 2-5+,ifiipijgm:Ef?2'fv:.fif:415' :fu--,Z 'A , an faq. 3:3--:H -4-11261 zfalfflag ' m f fl , . 1 1:51-'mm ' ' 3- Y: J-'tgviu-'3:,g.Lj5iYg, .:15g.J.l1 L1.:..1ii,:-4:L:v1-j'5..h'1 zz. 'F 015- 1.4: Qfrjfii 721235 jjj -' 1- 'giggftil iff: rf-'ivfgj Q:-QfT"',3Q"'J'Q2Q"T 24 V S X H1 i ,Ln :. i, - , . . If-I -v V uf 433113, gqvji :M,ffgj.l,i' r' - . 4.-. ,., '- - V V ,,. A, vi af -,jlv.t- J-'LRE ' in :XL-' ., 1 421' ' A LTY1' 3 ' 'frrft-1-, ,- .Nj , XL-, ..z. w ,Am ,V4 .1, 'rf f . . -.. f-gf.-,,. 4 'zpjc ' 7. ., x.- ,- w 1. ,T-', 'Tb f w r,. w n ww v "w" I ,N 4, , V, 5 -F ff'-4 V1 1. T, f V ' A 11.1 41'-. iff!" VI "-'If.:rn Y ,YY Y . . .,Y.YYY. .YYY YY., YYYYY- - - - - W 7 kf4 1 , , , X .,1', M51--vz' 1,19-, 1 '- :il E4 -r. .-w 'FJ -531-59517 fglifr Agfa ,:', Y.3E.Y.,j,,,x...5,w. 2, gq., f,.r,-4: 1- fi-.5.:,Qr,.Q-I ' vs, . ' ?.,-.if-wf. ' W,-a,ug.g3 wg - "di" - I . a.,2:'9v W ' , N 'Lf 41' ' l F-'V ,aff 4 A if ,G - Y Y ' 'k . ' . . , . 'L:1i"c5'."Ei, "Z, Lrwhq 1 ,ui-'ll Q A V, M., -. F, - , V , , F ' H-af,,' -7- , , - .--,, - ,., 1 -1 '12 - x . 4 "' 5 '4""l'I ! t . .P 'Q ' 'J , W 1 ' ' ' .,'-I .1 "J," 1 'if ,E 1975 YELLOWJACKET Fredonia High School Fredonia, Kansas Administration And Faculty Classes .................. Activities ...., Sports ........ Special Events . . . f K ADMINISTRATIUN AND FACULTY School Board Of District 436484 The resignation of P. C. Hesser, our superintendent for the past 24 years, which was announced officially on ember 30th, will be effective on August 31, 1975. Mr. Hesser has spent 39 years in the teaching fiel where he has been a classroom teacher, coach, principal, and officer in several educational organizations. Board of Education: Top Row-John Bambick, Lu Fink, Joe Armstrong. Bottom Row-Kenneth Mellon, Hugh Bayles, Bud Barnes. Not pictured- Larry Cline, Dec- d I Hs-2? i 92: F, :vi-YG ,..,.l"' l no Jw, MAX WILSON, High School Principal LOWELL SHIRE, Junior High Principal i School Staff: Top Row- Deb Marshall, High School Secretary, Maxine Wilson, Junior High Secretary, Nancy Stude baker, Teachers Aide. Bottom Row-Wanda Chapman, School Board Secretary, Janet Parker, School Board Secre- tary, Alice Knickerbocker, School Nurse. Not Pictured-Jeanne Swartz, Teachers Aide, Sophie Alsop - special education Thomas Ayers - mathematics Richard Beal - industrial arts George Beggs - band Randy Burns - gov't,lecon. Dale Carter - industrial arts Merima Carver - guidance Linda Casper - library science Toni Cranor - business Petrena Forsythe - home economics Jack Fulghum - social science Marilyn Graham - physical education Robert Graham - guidance Mildred Hartung - special education Doug Higgins - life science Dwayne Holmes - auto mechanics Gene John - physical education Lawrence Jontra - biology Ed Kellogg - mathematics Mike Keltner - English IV -an-4'?' ek ... 3153? 51' .w i 7 ' .. . , 8:..f3f . S' 4: f!1.?:'. ' " Y ,,- ..,..a,f:,., .... .., 'ssl-Q 2' Y. .Q .Q '."'v'.l' . .f,.,. , , , N , ,' N WT? "qk,v IT' Facuhy Sponsored By First National Bank E 6. T7 'vi' Aw Ref ,ETH FQ- . 1 fwfyi ' -is ex It 1 Zisofig ' f., - 1 :,:,i.'i'.4- V . , .fh a I' 355, K '-"' V ' , . Ulf' ,I A J AA: 4 3 Howard Svaty - art is R 7' ,f-JR X,--Q 1- 3,1 V, l l, . ' my 4' sux 14?-,fa if ' li :Nu J A5 PM Mike Kilgore - debatefdrama Ernestine Lafferty reading Lynda Lassman - English I Brenda Lindbloom home economics Ione McClayIand - English Larry Marshall - vo. agriculture Mary Mercer - physical ' education Orlin Milner - social science Darliene Morris - Englishllibrary Erma Moses - mathematics Linda Niermeier - English II Leo Noland - mathematics Wayne Odell - physical education Joan Richardson - English Donna Spohn - xi English III Wayne Stucky - business Tony Tabares Spanish l, 'lll Sherry Turnbull - Emagene Walton - Don White - Am. History vocal music natural science School Personnel 1.l Cooks- Mrs. Burton, Mrs. Cummings, Mrs. Smit Mrs. Hawley, Mrs. Lindenstruth, Mrs. Adams. 2.1 Sally Despaw, custodian. 3.l Connie Mave, custodian. 4.l Della Shoaf, custodian. 5.3 Bus Drivers- Mrs. Rousch, Mrs. Duckworth, Mr. Greathouse, Mr. Clary, Mr. Sell, Mr. Robinson, Mr Marlar, Mr. Adkins. Not Pictured- Mr. Compton Cline, Mrs, Schmidt, Mr. Duckworth, Mrs. Varner. Q? ,f"7' ...rf of 'ggi f Mn QQ x H E sg-ADX S' 'Z .4 nano' SIDE 1 E Produced by the staff CLASSES DIANNA BAKER 2 BOBBY BAMBICK TOM BIGGS ' DIANE BRADLEY CAROL BRUNKER BOBBY BUSCH SUSIE CHAPMAN DEBRA CHISM "SchooI's Out" For Seniors '75 As the end of the year draws near, some of the Seniors 1975 may turn slightly to the rear and smile at twelve years that have finally passed. Some may look forward to a new life, an independent life in a place so far distant as to boggle the minds of the diehard Fredonia residents. Some may turn both forward and back, perhaps shed a tear, and wonder how in the world they ever got this far, and what's going to happen now. Some may look benevolently about them and remem- ber those twelve years, and smile. , This isn't multiple choice. You, may find yourself falling in to an "El all of the above" category. That's all right. You're simply experiencing the classic " "gulp! I'm out of high schooI" syndrome. Tradition dictates that the seniors leave behind a piece of themselves for posterity. This yearbook is only a small part of that legacy. The rest is up to The In- dividual. Good luck, DANNY APOLLO DOREEN ATKINSON CRIS BAKER 1 , . , . 1 l U xllfr :I Q' GQQQ' 'Q 'L Sponsored By STATE BANK OF FREDONIA FDIC ,Q Facing Page-Senior Class Officers for 1975: Top-Sandy Gorton, Treasurer, Sherri Durham, Secretary, Center- Susie Chapman, President, Bottom-Barry Mellen, Vice-President, Jon Graham, Stu. Co. Representative. L, MELINDA CLAUS KATHI COLLINS LINDA COMPTON MARIE DeCOU JERRY DODSON SHERRI DURHAM STEVE EAGLE MARIE FORTNER SAM GILLETTE ALLEN GILSTRAP MARTIN GIPE SANDY GORTON JON GRA HAM PAT GREEN MIKE HARRELSON DAVE HOGAN Sponsored By GENERAL PORTLAND CEMENT CO., Trinity Division may F' HF K Qlqgtqgfw if 'A ' .!.N.' fi A I 4,'-L 'g 4 Q., ,Q V '-.I -4- 457 " 1 4. - -A A . H 4. Ki' ' N . 41 nm f-en 1 I W", , , If -r ff' LA ,HE ., Q- im! G0- ,,, -..Q 4- ll' 1 I -,kvfw',..,, - lf, V91 ' ' AJ QT. 1 'Q vqu. v K . fx ' v . , 1 b 4. xi .L . n Z 5, V, ,, 4: '94 . 5 W-.ah 1 J , I .FE 4.5 4, ? yn -thin 19001 .L ln' ur :hw . r lal .4 . ,VI . 2 gf nc., , I i '4'-if -- ,. ' f gl m E 4 I -1 . 1 ,, g '- . j ' H' ' . ' - 4 5,255 -, if - ff.-r -' iL?i'T'm?t ' 51, .. 2-5 A If ll. Mary Beth LaDow, an alumna of Fredonia High School, chose to enter Oregon University at the end of her junior year. She visited this Christmas with classmates and friends. 2l. Jon Graham and Robert Taylor lay their money down for a chance at the FCA Dunking Stand, :al , gi gif VINCE PERDUE ' ROGER REED MARK RELPH ' PAM RELPH 1 VIRGINIA RELPH CHERYL ROBINSON DEB ROBERTSON DAVID ROETS TERRY ROMIG MARTY ROSEBERRY JACK ROW DEBBIE SCOTT 14 JOANNE SHOAF VAREE SIERIVIAN KATHY SMITH PAM SPEAKS ROGER SPOON PAUL SUMNER ROBERT TAYLOR TERR Y TIND LE N 'WF' HRH. m x if J s jx ' Q Q g . . is A f."3'x ,AW X my 'xx z fi? dfrb 7 X ' "'fl'!'U rg H! IA it' , ur' . f "F If gf - W ,- I+ if Wif '..4f -ur' f ,,., . f l Sixteen seems to be a magic age in books, songs, and magazines. It's as if that age is an awakening of flife. The Juniors in Fredonia High School, the class of '76 has gone all out to make theirs the best junior class lever. Traditionally, the Juniors are responsible for lthings like the Junior-Senior Prom and the Junior Mag- iazine sales, but they haven't stopped there. The Junior H Class was the cumulative winner of the Spirit Stick K during "Beat Neody" week. Class members pooled their cash to buy over 1,700 links in the Yellowjacket Spirit Chain-which goes to show that if the Class of '76 hasn't got the best spirit, it still has the most team work. ' The Class of 1976, since the 1975 year is closing, will join eons of underclassmen in a salute to the re- 'tiring seniors. They'll quietly wave and say their good- lbyes because they know that next September, the class bf 1976 will be "Right on Top!" lduniors, Michel Boicourt, Natalie Thomas, and Sharon QShogren shown with the Spirit Stick. 1 QA Lance Adkins Mark Barton Kristi Beadles Howard Bobb Toni Bumgamer Kathy Albin Walter Batson Rodney Berger Daryl Boden Delores Busch Sponsored By CRESS IMPLEMENT AND WILSON COUNTY CITIZEN . 1 Patty Bam bick Bob Bayles Patti Bloodworth Michel Boicourt Brenda Carlton 17 Charlotte Chalmbers Robin Chism Dave Clark Annette Cole N Jeannie Cook Vicki Craig Rusty Crites Max Culbertson Bev Davis N Donna Doane Toni Duckworth Bill Ecton Dwight Ecton Russell Ervin l Dennis Ferguson Mike Ferguson Lori Fitzmorris Kathryn Frey Valerie Gillen Gloria Graham! Karen Gulick Randall Harkrader Angela Harrelson Bart Horney Sponsored By WIGGANS PHARMACY ,..-09 fog! 'FTS' 'J' i Cf ge Tami Houser Randy Hunt Gerry Huser La Donna Jackson David Jones John Jordan Pat Kelley Bryan Key Beth Kimzey Bylinda Lance Mike Larkin Debbie Letterman Steve McBride Sherri Mallernee Connie Matney Mike Matney Terry Maxwell Brian Mellen Donna Miller 'T Kathy Miller an P I, Connie Matney and Delores Busch square accounts with Mr. Stucky. Sponsored By SHINNS RECREATION PARLOR AND LANTERN ll ., y In ' A ,1 Q71 j? . ,' " -535 1.,,..,. New Sam Reed struggles to remember his lines as Brackett in the All-School Musical, SOUTH PACIFIC, presented November 15 and 16, 1974. Kevin IVIiIler Leslie Nevitt Gene Ogle Helen Page - i Jerry Payne '-- ' VP Bill Porter Nick Powers Dave Rasmussen J Cindy Ratzlaff Sam Reed Kent Robertson Brenda Robinson Ricky Robinson Rodney Shelton Jeanna Shinkle L Sherlene Shinkle 9 Sharon Shogren Cindy Shue 5, Pam Smith Natalie Thomas K, ,, A QQ! ff E 5 R .. VN if f , ll-.l "Q 4 Sponsored By MIDWESTERN LITHO, INC. AND H 81 R BODY SHOP u x .E..L L x -E, Verle Wadel Ronda Walker Cindy Wallace . Lisa Watson Donna Weber I Tami White Nancy Willard Neil Willard Eldon Wire fn. 'f-J' 1. Daryl Boden analyzes his chemistry experiment. 2. Gerry Huser, Donna Weber, and Beth Kimzey watch for Mr. Beggs signal at the Fredonia-Neody football game. 3. Junior Class Officers-Bottom Row-Michel Boicourt, Treasurer, Patty Bambick, Secretary, Brenda Robin- son, Vice-Presidentg Top Row-Gerry Huser, Stu. Co. Representative, Gloria Graham, President. Sponsored By WAYNE ADAMS INSURANCE AND ELDER TIRE SERVICE -E-- ,, Sophomores The jump from top dog in Junior High to Iow-man- on-the-totem-pole in High School used to be an ag- onizing and impressive step. Not so in 1975. The Sophomore Class has blended into the FHS scene with the smoothness of soft butter. Maybe Class Rivalry is being preserved only for jokes and mock-anger but it seems that the Class of 1977 is a whole part of Fre- donia High School life. Nostalgia nuts will look back to their own Sopho- more years and laugh about skinny, gawky boys and stringy haired girls, but here, those images are not true. The class of '77 remain the fresh faces in the high school crowd. They still are the enthusiasm ex- perts, the eager askers for information. Nineteen-seventy-seven is a scant and a half years away, and the Sophomore class looks forward with relish and anticipation until the days of SENIORity. Larry Adams Renee Adkins Donnie Anderson Jim Baker Deb Ballinger Kathy Ballinger .lkvvifl Ricky Huguenin takes a measurement before he starts his next art project. l 1, . if l tif l 5 ' ' 1 o Betty Bambick l . ji" Cindy Banks A N Farry Bloodworth Ip Ga Eff ' 'l li' Greg Boicourt Marilee Brockway Ann Carlton Marsha Carr Connie Chase ! 5 1. 'Ti Eddy Cline Marcia Com pton - , N: Toni Cox 'lb' ...J-E Rex Cullison W IK Sponsored By FREDONIA TRUCK LINE AND PAPON SUPERETTE Q' .kx lv.-, I '+, 4-v x 'I 'V 1 .r'- ' WAY Q 11" 1 .wg '75 N ' X11-QF'-N.1M 0-.W vr nf-Nba. X 1 wx ff' . fn" fi 1- s 1-N ,A ' Pio: jk' P ' ' .I A 4"' F., ' o. 4 4 fl 4 4' "J V '- ' r ' K Af- X X' Y 'Y if N '. . 4 - , . 'V ' tliiffd rx lf " ""' 'S-ling-EEZ? A I ' mm. , .-1 if 5 01 ,. rf-3 ' ARPT" ' Q x . ' ' q JAY' it I - O J W5 xg I L vw- LI. ' F V-'wx-5, P' ' J 1 k LQ ' 5 1, i N.. af fi. A Sophomores participating in the Beat Neody Parade Brian Lakin Vicki Larkin Don Lecky Richard Mader "-7 Ron Mast Wayne Matlock ,.... Cheryl Matlock Q Roxanna Metzger Paul Matney Bev Mayeske "" Gerriann Mellen Cheryl Miller Tim- Mitchell ,QA Darla Morgan ,cz "-fm" Bruce Neill Belinda Nightengale Becky Norton Russell Ogden Dan Olenhouse Dan Ong Earl Porter Richard Preble Belinda Pressley Peggy Price Randy Ratzlaff Cindy Reed Donita Reed Denise Richardson David Rogers Rosemary Row Sponsored By SCHRODER FURNITURE AND PLUMBING AND ROBBINS AGi F , I ' J I 1 p gi . A r 1 Paul Wooten Pat Sanderson Kevin Scanlan Margaret Scott John Seiwert Kristi Shafer Gerald Sharp Bob Shinkle Lucinda Shinkle Margie Sidlinger Randy Sissom Patty Smith Ricky Smith Shelly Speaks Sonya Speaks Fraya Speer Roger Spohn Tim Stidham Brad Stiles Teresa Stotts Deb Tierce Barry Tindle Mary Varner Richard Wacker Clipper Wallace Becky Wewer Dixie White Tamm y Whitehead Don Williams Bryan Wilson Allen Wolf Dava Yeoman Not Pictured: Tom Florez Sharon Young Sponsored By MOBIL OIL CO. AND GILSTRAP LU MBER CO Freshmen The freshman class of 1974-1975 saw a lot of ex- citement this year as does all freshmen classes. It's the first official year in high school, but also a year of being the junior high "big guys." The class got off to a great start in seventh grade by winning trophies for their athletic com petition. This ability has never slacked throughout junior high. Brenda Baker Jim Barker Janice Ballinger Carla Baugh Dale Baughn Julie Beal Delbert Beard Jackie Blankenship John Bobb Gary Boice Kathy Bumgamer Joe Bunyard Jeff Burke Rodney Burns Sherry Clary Roger Compton Tommy Cook Taffy Culbertson Timmy Culbertson Darrell Dodson Brian Durham Loretta Edens V Rhonda Ervin Scott Ferguson Stacy Fiscus Mike Fitzmorris John Goyer Marvin Gulick Tammy Guess Cindy Hawley Theresa Hersh Lisa Hicks Michael Hoffner Dee Holmes Greg Houser Mark Huser Myra Huser Jackie Jansen Jackie Jones Kathy Jones Lori Kelley Kirby Kerns Sponsored By BASEMENT BARBER SHOP AND SPOHN AUTO SAL in This is clearly shown by the filled trophy cases on dis- play in the junior high halls. There have been some great parties held and fan- tastic times shared. These will never be forgotten as long as you can remember. The experience of driving the car is always remembered as a freshman exper- ience. But junior high is behind you now with it's memories. Next year you'll be faced once again as the underdog. X i ' ns- Nl -2.4! .ff Q-f' 'ti' M4 'Freshman Offlcers Left to Right: Jim Barker, Lisa Hicks, Bill Mclnemey, Carla Baugh, Bob Mellen, Kim Marshall i , Q -Q at 45 1 V 'im Greg Kimzey Chris Lance Bettie LaPoint Jackie Letterman John Lewis Bill McInerney Cecil Mader Steve Manning Kim Marshall Donna Matlock Janet Matlock Rita Matney Margaret Mayeske Barbara McGee Bobby Mellen Nancy Mellon Doug Millar David Mitchell Linda Nelson Connie Ogle John Ostrosky Rhonda Ostrander Sharon Parker Bobby Porter Jean Porter Janice Ballinger and Kathy Jones some magazines in the library. Sponsored By FREDONIA CABLE TV, INC AND SHAFER CONSTRUCTION 27 relax over .mg I .,-u if ,pi ne F3935 -L1 'V tick? .7 - A ' 1 . . 7,4 Q .qu -.!. x ,urn Ai' 3' mffv-ml 'nw . 'gf .N vilfwff xl J A' nl tw -M, suv! Grade Officers, Front Row: Carolyn Eck, S0l'lya Rob- LeeA ' ' : ' nn Knickerbocker, Back Row Ann Galstrap, Eighth Grade Eighth grade. It's all over now and what dit it really mean? 180 days of the same old thing--get up, eat, get dressed and go to school. The same schedule day in and day out with the same people in each class. But when you think about it, it wasn't so bad after all. As an eighth grader you are finally recognized as being in junior high. You get to play football with the team and play basketball at a decent time slot instead of at 3:00 in the afternoon. Girls can become members of F.H.A. and things like that. Anyone can run for an of- ficer of an organization other than just their class. The eighth grade holds many memories, some good and some bad, although you may have to search if you want to find them. Row 1: Bobby Ardery Elizabeth Balinger James Ballinger Martin Bambick Edwin Barton Patricia Boicourt Sherrie Ivey. 'wr Cindy Bradley Kathy Busch Gyla Carter Row 2: Kenton Claiborne Kimberly Clifton .. Craig Compton Jane Cook Vickie Cook if Terry Cox l lv: V vq-Pt. Danny Cripps David Cripps Row 3: Shelly Davisson Susie Dunn Carolyn Eck Karen Ecton Karla Ecton Dale Erbe Lori Eslick Beth Farwell David Fink Darrell Fiscus Mary Flattery John Florez Deanna Friend Row 4: Ron Garber Steve Garber John Garner Row 5: Ann Gilstrap Linda Gouchenour in Sl X if x ,. x Y W s Deann Hall Robert Harkrader '14, Jn. ' Kathy Hawley ,R Karen Hendry is Jennifer Hoff R uth Ho gan Richard Howard John Huckins Mary Hufford Kim Hunt Sherrie Ivey Debbie Jansen Laurie Jantz Row 6: . I 0 Lance Jones By KlDD'S SERVICE AND RADIANT ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC ze Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Row 5: Row 6: Row 7: Row 8: Terry Jontra Mary Beth Kendall Sandra Kimzey Lee Knickerbocker Brian Knight James Koehn Charles Letterman Monte Mahan Kent Marr Rebecca Matlock Karen Mattix Janice McBride Sandra McBride Gennette Mellen Barbara Miller Twila Miller Judy Morgan Charles Ogle Betty Posch Kevin Poston Randel Price Ronnie Ratzlaff Jill Reed Montie Reed Duane Reinhart Randy Reutlinger Sonya Robertson Karla Robinson Dennis Roets Susan Rogers Margaret Row Roberta Russell JoAnn Seiwert Renee Selle Mary Shinkle Carl Shinn Howard Shively Russell Shogren Bobby Sidlinger Clint Speaks Doug Stephens Jeff Thompson Vienna Thompson Pat Tierce Tracy Tindle Courtney Vaughn Patty Waggoner Patricia Waldroupe Ricky Walker Diana Ward Kenny White Joe Wilson Dean Wolfe Lesslie Woods Mac Young Mark Young Not Pictured: Dee Culbertson Lawrence Finkenbinder Noel Kitchens v- if - f. ,' llll. ll . . 1 f ' . 4 5 . I -1' Y I F fn ll ,X X -ua 1 1 ..-J I , I L . 3 2 1. ' .1 ... . .My ,xi ' Q, -b ,J .- 3 , , I ' m nb Qui- a I 1 i s- s '-Jlizfi Y! P 7 4 'wt 1 .lt I Tom Pound JoAnne Seiwert concentrates on her science project. Sponsored By STAR LANES BOWLING ALLEY I 46 K i NS" , Seventh Grade I - V l 'iff ll w-is V iii 1: lt:g!,v-l ,A , i I 1 Q 'H 'S Ebb' EG- , ' Row 1: Francis Bambick Jeffrey Barton Dwight Beard Lori Berger Mary Biggs Billy Brooks Wendy Burke Row 2: Roger Carr Danny Chance Janet Cline Martin Conrad Brian Crites Debbie DeCou Susie DeCou Row 3: Tammy Drumm Carolyn Erisman John Evans Roy Ferguson Scott Fitzmorris 1 Barbara Forbes Barbara Freeman Row 4: Billy Gillen Anita Gouchenour Donna Gulick Darryl Hankins Debbie Hartnett Dottie Hartung Mark Hersh Row 5: Stacie Hicks Y ' Jon Hilyard Darin Holmes Carolyn Horney - Terri Howard John Hughs Jerry Hunt , Roger Huser if " Susan Jansen Being a seventh grader has now come to an end. It was a great year filled with fun and games. But it also was started out with fear. That first day in August was a totally different experience. You've learned the competitive spirit and met many new friends. Your minds are filled with great memories of your first year in junior high. But now all that is in the past and you are ready to move on. The only way to go is up. Good luck class of 1980. Mrs. McClayland leads the seventh grade music class in some fun songs to relieve some of the boredom of a regular school day. Sponsored By BLAKER SERVICE AND FINK ABSTRACT CO. Seventh Grade Officers, Left to Right Lisa Marr, Dianna Price, Scott Fitzmorris, Jantz, and Brad Streets. Harlyn Jantz Roger Jantz Harvey Johnson Pamela Johnson Kathy Joy Shawn Kerns Teena LaPoint Lisa Marr Terri Martin Danny Mayeske Ricky McClure Jim McCoy Mike McGee Melissa Miller Debbie Mitchell Ricky Morgan Anna Morrow Ray Nelson Kim Norton Phil Odell Sherryl Ostrander Dianna Price A Brenda Puckett Diana Ratzlaff Debra Reed Tony Reutlinger Anita Richardson Julie Robinson Bob Russell Paula Schneider Penny Schroder Terri Settle Tommy Shinkle Scott Shue Becky Smith Joe Sommer Nancy Spohn Diane Spoon Connie Stotts Brad Streets Keith Sumner Arnold Thomas William Thompson Diane VanHoozier Nancy VanHoozier Gary Voth Jody Waldroupe Rhonda Wam bsganss Karen Ward Mark Weatherby Kristi Weber Teresa Wewer C Tim White Marshall Whitmore Shelly Wire Not Pictured: Tony Beard Carl Puckett Julie Schmidt Sponsored By CITY REXALL DRUG AND OGDEN NEWS AND SUNDRY Q9 00 5 K 91 .4 ""' rf' : svsnso. SIDE 1 : Produced by the stall ACTIVITIES High School StuCo Gets Back In The Black When an organization starts the year a thousand dollars in the hole, they're not expected to accomplish much. StuCo not only made money but did a lot more. A Student Council Workshop held in the summer helped the officers prepare for the year to come. This summer, they also had concession stands at the fair. The school concession stand has been put to good use by Student Council this year. During Beat Neody Week, they sold spirit chain links. They also sold school shirts and mugs. The Christmas Assembly, with guest speaker Ray Hildebrand, was a big success. Student Council is a voice of the students, The members represent the students and work together to air all views. Parents Night, the Valentine Party, dan- ces, and many other activities are sponsored by Student Council. Sponsored By Student Council 'th l , . 1.7 Foreign Exchange Student- Carla Nogueira. 2.l Safety Assembly by Trooper Bonanos. 3.5 Student Council Officers: Front Row- Mitch Neuen- schwander, Lori Fitzmorris, Sam Reed. Back Row-Deb Scott, Cris Baker, Sherri Mallernee, Robert Taylor. 4.l Liquid Air Assembly. 5.7 Student Council: Front Row-Sam Reed, Pat Kelley, Bob Shoaf, Virginia Relph, Susie Chapman, Deb Tierce Marie Fortner, Varee Sierman. Second Row-Kathi Col- lins, Marcia Compton, Beth Kimzey, Patty Bambick, Linda Compton, Deb Scott, Pam Speaks, Belinda Pres- sley. Third Row-Jon Graham, Charlotte Chambers, Bar- ry Mellen, Lori Fitzmorris, Michel Boicourt, Brenda Robinson, Geralyn Huser, Donita Reed, Sherri Maller- nee, Kathryn Frey, Daryl Boden, Fourth Row-Cheryl Miller, Brad King, Tami White, Kristi Beadles, Deb Osborne, Jeanna Shinkle, Jeanna Evans, Betty Bam- bick, Pam Smith, David Roets, Becky Norton, Natalie Thomas, Allen Gilstrap. Fifth Row- Mr. Wilson, Brian Mellen, Cris Baker, Mitch Neuenschwander, Mike Low- man, Bruce Neill, Patty Smith, Paul Matney, Farrel- lynn Bloodworth, Robert Taylor. Sponsored By Student Council Pep Club The FHS Pep Club yelled, stomped, and chanted through three athletic seasons this year, The 75 mem- bers, cheerleaders, and sponsors, Mrs. Casper, Mrs. Graham, and Miss Niermier, worked together to cheer the Jackets to victory. Sportsmanship is very important and the girls strive to keep it. Each member's responsibilities kept them active in Pep Club as much as four days a week, but they enjoyed every minute of it. During "Beat Neody" Week, members made locker decorations and baked food for the squad to show support of the team. The annual bonfire was held on November 7 with the burning of Neody. A rally around the square, followed by a pep assembly wound up a week filled with spirit. On Friday, the Pep Club sold balloons which were released after the first YeIlowjacket's touchdown. Unlike many other organizations, you can't keep the Fredonia Yellowjacket Pep Club quiet. Sponsored By Pep Club R 'tc guson, Sharon Shogren, Cheryl Miller, Jeannie Cook, Cindy Shue, Sonya Speaks, Beth Kimzey, Geralyn Hu- ser, Donna Weber, Marie Fortner. Row 5: Marcia Comp- ton, Annette Cole, Sherri Durham, Dave Clark, Pam Speaks, JoAnne Shoaf, Pam Smith, Patty Bambick, Cindy Ratzlaff, Patty Smith. Row 6: Sherlene Shinkle, Denise Richardson, Deb Scott, Jeanna Evans, Cris Bak- er, Roger Spoon, Donna Shelton, Valrie Gillen, Leslie Nevitt, Kathy Smith, Kathy Albin. 3.3 Pom Pon Squad-Row 1: Shelley Speaks, Denise Richardson, Gloria Graham. Row 2: Kristi Beadles, Charlotte Chambers, Michel Boicourt, Deb Osborne. Row 3: Pam Speaks, Brenda Robinson, Robin Gillen Natalie Thomas, Sherri Durham. 4.7 Fredonia Yellowjacket Mascot 5.3 B-Team Cheerleaders: Marcia Compton, Farrellynn Bloodworth, Betty Bambick, Patty Smith. 1.1 Students show political push as they walk out for Beat Neody Week. 2.3 Mrs. Graham keeps an eye on the Pep Club. 3.3 Sharon Shogren and Angela Harrelson, Alternate Pom Pon Girls. 4.3 Varsity Cheerleaders-Patty Bambick, Deb Scott, Cindy Ratzlaff, Head Cheerleader Cris Baker, Donn Shelton, Pam Smith. 'Q "H-ul, I ft 3 Express Yourself ls NFL Motto The 1974-75 debate squad, sponsored by IVlr. Kil- gore, had a busy year with tough competition. The topic for the season was "ResoIved: That the United States should significantly change the method of sel- ecting presidential and vice-presidential candidates," This marked the first year for the LaVerne Hesser Debate Tournament in honor of Mrs. Hesser, former speech and debate coach. The Regional squad fared well in strong competi- tion at the Regional Tournament, one of the highlights of the debate season. The debators spent many hours of hard work in pre- paration for each tournament, The rewards are becom- ing more knowledgeable on the topic, meeting new people, and visiting other schools. The forensic season proved to be very successful with many of the squad rating high in competition. Forensics is a test more of the individual and takes much time and effort. NFL Officers: First Row-Annette Cole, Sam Reed, Brenda Robinson. Second Row- Marie Fortner, Susie Chapman. NFL: Front Row-Kathy Smith, Nlarie Fort- ner, Annette Cole, Dale Damet, Mr. Kilgore, Jackie Jones, Robin Stotts, Tami Guess, Kathy Jones, Brenda Robinson. Back Row-Daryl Boden, Susie Chapman, Bob Busch, Betty Knowles, Marilee Brockway, Deb Tierce, Sam Reed, FCA Largest In Kansas FCA this year achieved to honor that previously had been restricted to schools with large enrollments and huge athletic organizations. Fredonia High School initiated 75 members into its FCA huddl e, to produce the largest huddle in the state of Kansas. A goodly por- tion of the newest members are girls, as this was the first year to allow girls in the previously all-male organization. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a national high school organization, formed to help students learn more about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Em- phasis is placed on athletes in order to expand the ado- lescents' feelings of team work and loyalty. In Fredonia, the FCA sponsors a great number of programs aimed at the high school students. In the Homecoming celebration, the FCA dunking stand was a popular attraction to the younger set. The money earned at Homecoming is used to spend on sending members to a National FCA Conference in Estes Park, Colorado, The fellowship also sponsors the annual Thanksgiving assembly. 1,3 FCA dunking stand at Homecoming, 2.3 Bible study sponsored by FCA at Coach Beal's home Left to Right- Betty Bambick, Bob Shoaf, Allen Gil- strap, John Beal, Eldon Wire, Barry IVlellen, Coach Beal, Patty Bambick and Lori Fitzmorris. 3.1 FCA officers and sponsors - Left to Right - Nlr. John, Bobby Bambick, Brad King, Barry lVleIlen, Mr. Beal. Top Row - Brian Mellen, Kevin Nliller, Mr. Milner, .' E ,W ,i ' J .I ., Hua u If' if Bri. ll , ' Q X. TF. J! up - 1 wk fl -uf !' V 'ffwf' Q4 n ,fl '. ., h Y" 'x ., x...N,g4.Nq ufivvqvo " Qvvkluuilw i , ' 'U ' ,' 1 1 S 5. , , , 1 -x 1'-hr' ff- Lb F 'VU i HV! 'y 1 . - n '1 0 , 1, ,- -., , h ' X 5 . . lm -- .xQq . IIV, as Rv f " ' V AVA-, 1 3- ., I .fr r . .',,: . Ar ff-5 In ,AY!Y.,31, -', T 53 - ef. i- f -- we r 'P . gl. Q55-'Q ' gs ' .1 3 11" Y??!lQQ""'5f,wU' R- ry 'K 1 i .,, .nm .tv if" X-14 if .!, 'ijhfg fl 4, ST?" Na in-f tab I Science Club The Science Club attended a Science and Society Workshop in Emporia and Engineering Day at Kansas State University this year. They also sponsored a lec- ture by an engineering graduate assistant from KSU and a Science Fair in the spring. An interest in science is the only requirement for membership in Science Club. Science Club: Front Row-Roger Spoon, Terry Romig, Nancy Willard, Barbara Ecton, Rita Hobleman. Second Row-Jeana Shinkle, Sherlene Shinkle, Lori Fitzmorris, Barry Mellen, Bob Shoaf, Ricky Robinson, Mary Var- ner. Third Row-Beverly Mayeske, Brenda Robinson, Vicky Matlock, Sharalyn Hutton, Dave Hogan, Mal- colm Gillette, Daryl Boden, Dale Damet, Dennis Fer- guson, Laura Hutton. Fourth Rowr Mr. Jontra, Bob Busch, Brian Mellen, Leslie Nevitt, Patti Bloodworth, Cheryl Matlock, Bob Bayles, Brad Stephens, Pam Speaks, Neil Willard, Varee Sierman, Mr. White. Science Club Officers: Bottom Row-Barry Mellen, Bob Bayles, Neil Willard. Top Row-Bob Shoaf, Daryl Boden Sponsored By Science Club Foreign Language Club 11 Foreign Language Club Officers: Left to Right-Ger- rianne Mellen, Randy Hunt, Brian Mellen, Bart Horney 21 Row 1-Kim Clifton, Annette Cole, Donna Weber, Sandra Kimzey, Susie Dunn, Gennette Mellen, Sonya Robertson, Shelly Davisson, Ann Gilstrap, Patricia Boi- court, Deana Hall. Row 2-Sharon Shogren, Kathy Al- bin, Charlotte Chambers, Michel Boicourt, Sherri Mal- Iernee, Kathryn Frey, Cindy Robertson, Lori Kelley, Kim Marshall, Lisa Hicks, Rita Matney, Pam Smith, Teresa Stotts, Leah Parnell, Vicky Matlock, Robin Stotts, Rhonda Ostrander, Julie Beal, Jimmy Barker, Janet McBride, Renee Selle, Carla Robinson. Row 4- Mr. Tabares, Gerrianne Mellen, Mrs. Lafferty, Connie Chase, Dolores Busch, Kathy Miller, Ann Carlton, Kris- ti Shafer, Deb Tierce, La Donna Jackson, Marsha Carr, Vicky Craig, Toni Cox, Beth Kimzey, Brian Mellen, Pat Kelley, Steve Roets, Sam Reed. Row 5-John New- land, Paul Matney, Gail Kibby, Leslie Nevitt, Betty Bambick, Deb Ballinger, Robin Gillen, Farralyn Blood- worth, Dixie White, Ricky Robinson, Jerry Dodson, Bart Horney, Brad Stiles, Nick Powers, Bobby Mellen, Marrill Damet. Foreign Language Club consists of French and Spanish students and is sponsored by Mrs. Lafferty and Mr. Tab- ares, They are a very active club which holds such events as taking a trip to Chanute to eat Mexican food, roller skating parties, and participating in Foreign Lan- guage Day. The main purpose of the club is to sponsor outside of school activities for its members. Sponsored By Fredonia Theatres 8. L. L. Trimmell, D.D.S. FHA: Front Row-Leslie Nevitt, Sherri Durham, Gera- lyn Huser, Patti Bloodworth, Diana Bradley, Annette Cole, Brenda Robinson, Kathi Collins, Donna Weber. Second Row-Linda Compton, Deb Scott, Shelley Speaks, Denise Richardson, Toni Duckworth, Belinda Pressley, Varee Sierman, Carol Brunker, Nancy Wil- lard. Third Row-Barbara Ecton, Valerie Gillen, Joanne Shoaf, Susie Chapman, Sherlene Shinkle, Robin Gillen, Farrellynn Bloodworth, Beth Kimzey, Deb Osborne, Deb Chism, Kristi Beadles, Charlotte Chambers, Kathy Albin. Fourth Row-Beverly May- eske, Rita Friend, Laura Hutton, Margie Sidlinger, Cindy Reed, Roxanna Metzger, Cindy Ferguson, Cindy Shinkle, Kathy Smith, Pam Relph, Toni Cox, Vicky Moffatt, Robin Chism. Fifth Row-Rhonda Walker, Mary Varner, Sandra Gorton, Pam Speaks, Dixie White, Becky Norton, Marsha Carr, Dava Yeoman, Mrs. Forsythe, Tami Houser, Sixth Row- Donna Green, Cheryl King, Kathy Ballinger, Cheryl Matlock, Sharon Young, Teresa Stotts, Donna Shelton, Melinda Claus. FHA Officers: Front Row-Kathi Collins, Diana Brad- ley, Patti Bloodworth, Annette Cole, Second Row- Brenda Robinson, Sherri Burham, Geralyn Huser, Donna Weber. Sponsored By FHA FHA Challenges You The theme "Challenging Nle Uniquely" put the FHA girls to work this year. Debbie Scott represented the chapter at the district meeting at Altamont. Debbie was District Songleader and was called on quite fre- quently at a moments notice to lead the girls in a re- laxer. Officers chose candy sales as their annual money making project. FHA made their goal of S500 selling the candy. A Cheese Festival was held at Open House with various cheeses from different countries. The FHA and FFA held a party in the gym crowning a king and queen for 74-75. State meeting at Topeka was also fun and educational with a good number of girls at- tending. FHA has been a "chaIlenging" experience this year. 1. Donna Weber selling FHA candy to Beth Kimzey. 2. FHA Cabinet-First Row-Farrellynn Bloodworth, Cheryl Matlock, Laura Hutton, Nancy Willard. Second Row-Varee Sierman, Kristi Beadles, Carol Brunker, Pam Speaks. Third Row-Belinda Pressley, Toni Duck- worth, Kathy Nliller, Denise Richardson, Shelley Speaks, Debbie Scott. v-new N s .-.ia b ".""75 4, Jlmzsl. Sponsored By FHA .Kiwi ' u Y 1 - X25 . , ,,., A i M H' - i 1 . I I- . . , , 1 .. -Y-' Af , ' .. ,ll x 0 1 I XZTI , F f-lk v. 'T' - 'iii' ag .vi 2'-if xh, Q I GV' V 1 A 1.l Merrill Wilson, 1 of 12 State Farmers, holding the trophy for Best FFA Chapter won by Fredonia over the summer. 2.5 FFA officers presiding over a monthly meeting. 3.5 FFA officers- Mr. Marshall, Dennis Ferguson, Dwight Ecton, Billy Ecton, Max Culbertson, Merrill Wilson, Brad Stephens. 4.l Kristi Beadles, State FFA Sweetheart, chosen by the Fredonia chapter to represent them in competition at district. 5.7 FFA: Front Row-John Lewis, Earl Porter, Larry Gor- ton, Dennis Ferguson, Dwight Ecton, Billy Ecton, Max Culbertson, Merrill Wilson, Brad Stephens, Arthur Lew- is, Brad Short, Barry Tindle. Row 2-Clifford Pryor, Jean Porter, Sharalyn Hutton, Kristi Beadles, Greg Boi- court, David Jones, Greg Kimzey, John Bobb, Vince Weber, Delbert Beard, Timmy Culbertson, Dale Hen- dry, Bobby Porter, Mr. Marshall, Row 3-Stacy Fiscus, Doug Millar, David Wood, Mark Huser, Rusty Selle, Richard Wacker, Allen Wolf, Gerald Sharp, Billy Por- ter, Terry Maxwell, Roger Compton, Lan'y Palmer. Row 4-Tim Stidham, Terry Tindle, Bobby Shinkle, Dee Holmes, Jeanna Evans, Mitch Neuenschwander, Nancy Mc Donald, Danny Apollo, Jack Row, Jeff Elder, Ronald Mast, Steve Eagle, Don Williams, Tim Tindle, The Sound Of Music Music club is an organization for any person who is in vocal music or band. There are no dues to be paid, just participating is all that is asked. Including all stu- dents in music makes the music club one of the biggest --number wise--in the school. Music club sponsored very many activities during the year and put on many varied performances. Possibly the biggest production was the all-school musical. The money raised goes to help support the pom pon squad and twirlers. Under the leadership of Mr, Beggs and Mrs. Walton, the music club stays busy and has loads of fun. 1.3 Mrs. Walton, vocal music director. 2.3 Choral-Aires - Row 1: Mary Varner, Patti Blood- worth, Beth Kimzey. Row 2: Virginia Relph, Sherri Mallernee, Susie Chapman, Marie Fortner, Sherri Dur- ham, Belinda Pressley, Annette Cole. Row 3: Sandra Gorton, Michel Boicourt, Deb Osborne, Sharon Shogren, Deb Scott, Denise Richardson, Kathi Collins. 3.l Mixed Chorus - Row 1: Sam Reed, Mike Ferguson, Kevin Miller, Kent Robertson, Barry Mellen, Steve Odell, Mike Harrelson, Mitch Neuenschwander, Kevin McClayland, Brad King, Walter Batson. Row 2: Bev Davis, Connie Matney, Virginia Relph, Tami Houser, Brian Mellen, Gene Ogle, Dave Clark, Annette Cole, Marie Fortner, Deb Osborne, Belinda Pressley, Cheryl Miller, Kristi Beadles. Row 3: Charletta Erbe, Kathy Smith, Varee Sierman, Sharalyn Hutton, Dave Hogan, Ricky Hawley, Sandra Gorton, Mary Varner, Teresa Stotts, Laura Hutton, Sonya Speaks, Roxanna Metzger, Row 4: Cindy Banks, Becky Norton, Deb Scott, Paul Matney, John Newland, Brad Stiles, Mike Larkin, Rod- ney Berger, Gloria Graham, Kathi Collins, Angela Harrelson. Row 5: Denise Richardson, Kristi Shafer, Shelley Speaks, Patti Bloodworth, Beth Kimzey, Pat Green, Charlotte Chambers, Michel Boicourt, Carla Nogueira, Malcolm Gillette. Row 6: Valrie Gillen, Belinda Nightengale, Connie Chase, Farrellynn Blood- worth, Cindy Ferguson, Bev Mayeske, John Seiwert, Greg Boicourt, Sherri Mallernee, Kathy Frey. 1 . Q' ,E I Q ir -T' , ' .,' ' ...ik 4-5' fe 'SH Sponsored by EDWARDS-HYDE GARAGE 5 " f , -fi.. Q3 Q , if-M-H LJ ,F Q .V 1,51 p4i ,i 'f 625562+i ' 1s 's1, ' , M Q92 PG agp 3- wg Q 'fa Jgwffafs . Q 2 Q 'Q -fG.?...aa a?Qw'f 1' ' , T T1 Qi QQ' a' f "' " Y 'gi' 'Ei 'A 5 'f'Yi:'! V' ' yi W W3 ' 1 7 QV 'gg , 1,1 S 1 1 U ' ,J gg.. U V "South Pacific" On November 15 and 16 the Fredonia Senior High 'Music Council presented the musical "South Pacific". The action takes place in the South Seas during the war with Japan. The plot is formed of two romantic themes. Most important is the love affair of Ensign Nellie Forbush, the charming and high-spirited nurse from Little Rock and the gallant middle-aged French planter, Emile de Becque. The second romantic theme is that of the likeable American marine, Joe Cable and the lovely Tonginese girl, Liat. Surrounding them are such char- acters as Bloody Mary, Liat's mother and Luther Bil- lis, a very funny Seabee. The cast of characters is as follows: Nellie Forbush - Kathi Collins Emile de Becque - Brad King QS l Blood Mary - Virginia Relph 45 Ng' i ,Luther Bj is - ave larlQ -ff' Lt. Joe CEEIE -'Roger Reed 50 Liat - Deb Osborne Stewpot - Kevin Miller Professor - Barry Mellen Capt. Brackett - Sam Reed Cmdr. Harbison - Bob Busch Quale - Earl Porter Bob McCaffrey - Brian Mellen Steeves - Mike Ferguson Marcel - Mike Larkin Buzz Adams - Kent Robertson Nurses - Charlotte Chambers, Debbie Scott Sherri Durham, Sharon Shogren, Margie Sidlinger, Sandy Gorton, Mary Varner Mary's assistant - Debra Ballinger Dwight Ecton Lori Timmons, Becky Selle Randy Jackson I Henry - Ngana - Jerome - 1 1 1 l v ,,. ,ID lf T . ?l, l E54 , cg' 5 l ll T fe f f l ' 1 , Sponsored I By Music Club X . fkqf., Ki 1 Q f I 1 J, ,1,' E Mary . . . . . . . ..... . .... . .Susie Chapman Joseph . . . . . . . . ............ Allen Gilstrap Shepherds . . . . Kenton Robertson, Jeff Elder, Randy Hunt, Mike Ferguson, Gene Ogle . . . . . .Virginia Relph . . . . . Bob Busch Inn-Keeper's Daughter . . ..................... Brenda Robinson Man at the Inn . . . People at Inn . . Angel Gabriel . . . . . Inn-Keeper . . . . . . . . . ...................... . . Russell Ervin . . Gloria Graham, Tami White, David Roets, Brian Mellen, l Jeanna Evans,.John Jordan King Herod . . . . . . ................. Roger Reed Wisemen . . . . David Roets, Brian Mellen, John Jordan Scribe ........ ............................ P at Kelley King's Guards ......... ................. M alcolm Gillette, Mike Ferguson King Herod's Dancers ....... . . Kathy Miller, Natalie Thomas, Sharalyn Hutton, Jeanna Shinkle Verse Speaking Choir Director . . ............................ Diana Bradley ........ ........ ...SherriDurham . . . . . . . . . . . Deb Osborne, Steve Odell, Dave Hogan, Marie Fortner, Mitch Neuenschwander, Kathi Collins, Brad King, Annette Cole Prologue ..... . SoIoists....... 51 FHS Marching Band The marching season for the Fredonia High School band ended on December 14 after the Neodesha Christ- mas parade. The 67 members participated in several parades including Buffalo Homecoming, Fredonia Homecoming, and Neewollah. They also performed at the half-time of home football games. Contrary to years before, the band did drill performances instead of the regular story-shows. But the band doesn't dis- perse after checking in their uniforms. After maching the band prepares for concert. The highlight of the year is music contest at Pittsburg where the band is rated for excellence in musical ability. 15 Twirlers - Front, Leslie Nevitt, Patti Bloodworth, Middle - Toni Duckworth, Mary Varner. Back - Sherri Mallernee, head twirler. Not pictured Cheryl Matlock. Zi FHS Marching Band - Row 1: Geralyn Huser, Donna Weber, Roger Compton, David Lefferd, David Rogers. Barry Mellen, Randal Harkrader, Cheryl King, Rox- anna Metzger, Varee Sierman. Row 2: Gary Boice, Kevin Scanlan, Roger Spohn, Bart Horney, Gerald Sharp, Kevin McCIayland, Kathi Collins, Eldon Wire, Tim Mitchell. Row 3: Fraya Speer, Ricky Huguenin, John Seiwert, Mark Huser, Allen Wolf, Bob Bayles, Brian Mellen, Randy Huckins, Brad King, David Clark Russell Ervin. Row 4: Earl Porter, Greg Boicourt, Jean Porter. I l l l i l QQKDONIA ' , l, l l 6 N. A .Y Wlzovlhfis' Sponsored By Music Club Sir, ig" 11 FHS Marching Band - Row 1: Margie Sidlinger, Pam Smith, Beth Kimzey, Toni Duckworth, Mary Varner, Cheryl Marlock, Patti Bloodworth, Sherri Mallernee, Annette Cole, Myra Huser, Geri Ann Mellen. Row 2: Greg Kimzey, Sharon Young, Kristi Beadles, Barbara Ecton, Brad Stephens, John Bobb, Rita Hobleman, Lori Fitzmorris, Carla Baugh, Robin Stotts, Sharon Parker. Row 3: Patty Smith, Laura Hutton, Farrellynn Blood- worth, Shelley Speaks, Rodney Burns, Jeff Elder, David Mitchell, Bobby Mellen, Larry Adams, Teresa Stotts. 2l Band Director - Mr. George Beggs 35 Majorette - Annette Cole Art Club Under the leadership of Philip Wooten, Art Club-- representing FHS students interested in all forms of art--had a very active year. Among their many activities was their trip to the Nelson Art Gallery in Kansas City, Missouri. They also sponsored several exhibits, among them that of Don Anderson, a professional printmaker from Coffeyville, Kansas. Art Club is sponsored by Howard Svaty. First Row: Nancy Squire, Doreen Atkinson, Jackie Let- terman, Rhonda Ervin, Debbie Hankins, Brad Stiles, Cind Reed, Peggy Price, Don Leckey, Brian Lakin Y Bruce Neill, Second Row: Kathy Hawley, Connie Mat- ney, Margaret Scott, Ricky Ferguson, Renee Adkins. Ann Carlton, Tommy Biggs, Mike Lowman, Becky Norton, Philip Wooten, Nancy McDonald. Third Row: Marrill Damet, Lance Adkins, Wayne Matlock, Stacey Fiscus, Richard Wacker, Brian Durham, Arthur Lewis, Terry Tindle, Roger Reed, Donnie Anderson, Kathryn Frey, Leland Joy, John Frasier, Richard Preble. Art Club Officers: Don Leckey, Mike Lowman, Kath- ryn Frey, Philip Wooten, Roger Reed. Not Pictured- Becky Norton. Sponsored By ART CLUB I Can Help Is Motto For '74-'75 Kayettes The Kayettes perform ed many worthwhile services throughout the year, making this one of the most active years in the history of the organization. A few of the a activities included adopting a girl from the Winfield Home, a taco supper, a clothing drive for Winfield State Hospital, caroling at Christmas, parties, helping with the Lung Association posters, performing a skit for the Child Care Center, refreshments for coaches at our debate tournam ent, cleaning up the school grounds, sending a blind girl to camp for a day and sending several of next years officers to camp. The Easter as- sembly was also a very meaningful activity presented by the Kayettes. The girls were sponsored this year by Mrs. Cranor, Mrs. Spohn, Miss Alsop and Mrs. Turnbull. Row 1: Jean Ogden, Nan Ogle, Patty Mahan, Laura Hutton, Ginger Relph, Susie Chapman, Diana Bradley, Row 2: Dixie White, Terri Matney, JoAnne Shoaf, Sandra Gorton, Marie Fortner, Carol Brunker, Deb Hankins, Teresa Stottsg Row 3: Tami Houser, Toni Cox, Donna Green, Beverly Mayekse, Vicky Matlock, Kathy Smith, Sherri Mallernee, Janet McGinnis, An- nette Cole, Mary Varner, Sharalyn Hutton, Cheryl King, Varee Sierman, Kathy Albin, Mrs. Spohn, Deb Chism, Mrs. Cranor. Stagecraft - Constructioneers A relatively new class at FHS is stagecraft. Under the supervision of Mr. Kilgore, the crew undertakes the task of making props and sets for the various drama productions. Sets ranged from islands in the South Pac- ific to a house in Mesalia, Ohio to the underground world of "AIice in Wonderland." The class kept very busy and kept the little auditorium in full use, The drama department runs a lot smoother now that the stagecraft class has come into the cunficulum. 1.3 Stagecraft - Row 1: Patty Mahan, Debra Chism, Betty Knowles, Cheryl Miller, Mike Larkin. Row 2: Kenny Matney, Richard Preble, Mr. Kilgore, Buddy Rios, Randy Sissom, Russell Ervin. 2.1 Betty Knowles, Debra Chism, Kenny Matney work on props for "AIice in Wonderland." 3.7 Stagecraft in action. Sponsored By Eureka Federal Savings And Loan Association And Dr. K. R. Nevitt D.V.M. ' Q Drama ll Seniors in Drama II found themselves plunged into a tumultous schedule of productions this year. Under the direction'of Mr. Michael Kilgore, the group presented two full-length plays, Moss Hart's "The Man Who Came to Dinner", and a classic melodrama, "Only an Orphan Girl ". In addition to those plays, Drama II worked on various one-acts, including the Festival One-Act, DUST OF THE ROAD. Senior Drama also was responsible for Baccalaureate, Senior Night, the Commencement exer- cises, and contributed a great deal to the Jacket Revue. ll. Sheridan Whiteside tDave Hoganl grimaces as his protege, Lorraine Sheldon lvirginia Relphl Plants a kiss on his "poor, injured, face". Zi. Mark Relph works with his props before a perfor- mance ofthe senior play, The Man Who Came to Dinner. 3l. Drama II cast members: Row 1- Donna Shelton, Jon Graham, Mark Relph, Linda Compton, Dave Hogan, Sam Gillette, Sherri Durham, Debbie Scott. Row 2- Virginia Relph, Kathy Smith, Sharalyn Hutton, Allen Gilstrap, Betty Knowles, Susie Chapman, David Hogan, Row 3-Bobby Busch, Janet McGinnis, Mitch Neuensch- wander, Marty Roseberry, Mike Harrelson, Roger Reed, Mr. Kilgore, Brad King, Steve Odell. Drama I 1.1 The March Hare CDavid Clarkl serves cake to the Mad Hatter iSam Reedl, 2.3 Alice tPatti Bloodworthl tries to get through to the Queen of Hearts iAngela Harrelsonl, 3.l Drama I - Row 1: Patti Bloodworth, Sam Reed, Deb Osborne-assistant, Toni Duckworth. Row 2: John Jordan, Jeanna Shinkle, Kathy Miller, Kristi Beadles, Brenda Robinson, Tami White, Jeanna Evans. Row 3: Donna Weber, Charlotte Chambers, Sherlene Shinkle, Cindy Ratzlaff, Natalie Thomas, Michel Boicourt, Pam Smith, Russell Ervin, Row 4: IVlr. Kilgore, Steve McBride, Dave Clark, Randy Hunt, Rodney Berger, Bart Horney. Drama I, with a cast of 23 juniors, were very busy this year. On January 23, they performed the play "Alice in Wonderland" as the children 's theater pro- duction for the grade schools. Then they got busy on the junior class play "David and Lisa." Drama I'was also responsible for the National Honor Society cere- mony. They were assisted by IVlr. Kilgore and Deb Os- borne, student director. '3 'l Reflector 1.3 Denise Richardson, Donna Weber, and Cheryl Miller hard at work typing Reflector copy. 2.1 Steve McBride, Mike Ferguson, Beth Kimzey, and Charlotte Chambers layout another copy of the school paper. 3.5 Reflector Staff: Sitting-Belinda Pressley, Connie Chase, Donna Weber, Larry Adams. Standing- Mr. Kelt- ner, Randall Harkrader, Marcia Compton, Mike Fer- guson, Steve McBride, Denise Richardson, Cindy Shink- Ie, Beth Kimzey, Charlotte Chambers, Cheryl Miller. , 4k -fifw 'ff , tg , 4 4. Q 1975 Yellowjacket Finished On Time - But Barely A high school yearbook is not often enjoyed by everyone who picks it up. The Yellowjacket 1975 is not unusual. It is a product of a group of accident prone adolescents who did the best they could with the limited knowledge at hand. The yearbook staff is proud of its "brainchild," Each section was created with the studentsfteachersf community relationship in mind, It is a record of the year - a record to which you can refer when you try to remember who that kid was that sat in front of you in English or sang flat in mixed chorus. Twenty years from now, it just might help to stir pleasant memories. That's what it's for. 15 Yellowjacket photogs.-Roger Spoon, David Hogan. 23 Mr. Keltner, advisor, Gloria Graham, associate edi- tor, Kathi Collins, editor. 31 Deb Scott, copy ed., Barry Mellen, sports ed., Vir- ginia Relph, layout ed. 41 Reporters - Diana Bradley, Tami Houser, Doreen Atkinson, Terri Matney, Betty Knowles, Kathy Smith, 11' 1 , .WA ,.i-. 4u',t-A- X - 'fi' 'QQ' lui? ,- X us.,-- , , " F rsh- S' . ?-T' . 1 Ll J L 1 .mi I ! .-4? 1 " ' fl-JW Mali JZ if A-:gl u gli , my- , ' 4 jiri' xx, 'Fw' 1' firfugsgda H ,, ,IAN -' W- N- 4' T K- T ,en e S. 4 I-, ig Srl- ' W 1 W9 Wi I H lf, , Ez XE' , ,file-..'-1:41-im bv I 4fl'+j 65, .Q 51? W -I 5 'X -if till H is ' w'w'1 1- "" 1 ' .1 I' , 11 7" 'I Arr' Mft" '0"' I' :Q-, 19,5 f, Q34 us, ,'. -n , X ,, -Siwfgef 1, 4" ,- ' E M ,ati ,f., ,..i,,, L, , -"'..-I ufu..-5 17. 271- it-'1 -A . ,-' . , 1 s T' ,7 FJ HS Student Council The Fredonia Junior High Student Council, under the direction of President Dee Holmes and sponsor Mr. Shire, served the junior high students as a voice in stu- dent government. The council has sponsored numerous activities, including class dances and special dress days. The group has also contributed to many good causes, for example, the Fredonia United Fund and March of Dimes. 11. FJ HS Student Council Officers: Top-Shelley Davis- son, Genette Mellen, Bottom- Dee Holmes, Susie Dunn, 2l. FJ HS Student Council: Row 1-Robin Stotts, Karen Ecton, Sonya Robertson, Mary Flattery, Diane Van- Hoozier, Renee Selle, Karla Ecton, Diana Ward, Deb- bie Mitchell. Row 2-Mary Willard, Kim Marshall, Nancy Mellon, Jackie Jones, Connie Stotts, Tami Drumm, Becky Smith, Carla Baugh, Roger Huser, Francis Bambick. Row 3- Mark Weatherby, Teresa Hersh, Penny Schroder, Rhonda Ervin, Dennis Pryor, Martin Bambick, Rusty Selle, Brian Durham. Row 4- Tim White, Keith Sumner, Mr. Shire, Russ Shogren, Bob Mellen, Clint Speaks, Chris Lance, Darin Holmes, Bill McInerny, Mike Fitzmorris, David Mitchell, Scott Fitzmorris, Mark Huser, n-. W- xzvf , . ara- ,I X311 I ' TAf"!' , A gif. A. .QW W5 T - ' ., Q V. ' ' .Nfl A 1 , QT ' "- ' - ' ' : Q'-fd: , 5,5534 - j:t4:.,g1q i.- , X , v rf-' RIS!! J -J J'-as 'Fx -----fm YQ ue" ,.,f--. f . if. 'fy' V J. fig Yi . 1:3 F ,Q v x 1 ? 1 E . Q va! - 6 as 9-6-N-' , fa GN 'f at in !!,!'91M at-I ,wig Q" rig' ,fn yn j ijt -.:' -X 'w: .U-I 13. Eighth Grade Cheerleaders: Top-Ann Gilstrap. Cen- ter-Karla Ecton, Karen Ecton. Bottom-Sonya Robertson 23. Freshman Cheerleaders: Top-Rhonda Ostrander. Center-Lori Kelley, Carla Baugh, Bottom-Nancy Mellon. 33. Pep Club: Top Row-Paula Schnieder, Karen Ward, Diana Price, Anita Richardson, Becky Smith, Lisa Marr, Diane Spoon, Rhonda Wambsganss, Stacy Hicks, Melissa Miller, Terri Martin, Carolyn Erisman, Lori Berger. Row 2-Nancy Spohn, Debbie Mitchell, Dot Hartung, Susan Jansen, Julie Robinson, Barbara Miller, Jennifer Hoff, Mary Beth Kendall, Lee Knickerbocker, DeAnn Hall, Vicky Cook, Judy Morgan, Mary Shinkle, Diana Ward, Gyla Carter. Row 3- Mary Jo Biggs, Terry Settle, Carolyn Horney, Anna Morrow, Teresa Wewer, Carla Robinson, Diana Ratzlaff, Debbie Jansen, JoAnn Siewert, Gennette Mellen, Cindy Robertson, Carolyn Eck, Beth Farwell, Mary Hufford, Connie Ogle. Row 4- Nancy Squire, Donna Matlock, Kathy Jones, Mary Wil- lard, Teresa Hersh, Kim Clifton, Noel Kitchens, Karen Hendry, Karen Mattix, Shelley Davisson, Renee Selle, Rhonda Ervin. Row 5-Susie DeCou, Sharon Parker, Shelley Wire, Christy Weber, Debra Reed, Penny Schro- der, Anita Gouchenour, Teena LaPoint, Janet Cline, Connie Stotts, Brenda Puckett, Sherryl Ostrander, Jack- ie Jones, Tami Guess, Connie Walker, Scott Ferguson, Greg Houser. 43. Seventh Grade Cheerleaders: Becky Smith, Debra Reed, Stacie Hicks, Sheryl Ostrander, Penny Schroder, Diana Price. 53. Pom Pon Squad-Row 1: Robin Stotts, Betty Posch, Row 2: Lisa Hicks, Twila Miller, Lori Eslick, Row 3: Julie Beal, Brenda Baker, Jane Cook, Susan Rogers, Row 4: Bette LaPoint, Kim Marshall, Mary Flattery, Ruth Hogan. Row 5-Sherry Clary, Kathy Bumgarner, Pat Boicourt. 63. Pep Club Officers-Janie Mc Bride, Robin Stotts, Myra Huser, and Kathy Bumgarner. fa ,. .. -- F7 l B F ,' 'l -1? U - t W, Tri-Valley League Football Champs The Fredonia Junior High School Yellowjackets have good reason to brag on their teams this year, With a combination of courage, spirit, and teamwork, each member on each team displayed the individualism needed to make a football team, basketball team, or a track squad really function. The Junior Jackets are especially proud of their 1974 football team who are the proud holders of the title of Tri-Valley League Champions. But FJ HS isn't any less proud of their Eighth and Freshman Basketball squads who placed second and third, respectively, in the tough TVL League. The Seventh grade basketball team showed up as a team with great potential. Coaches John and Graham both indicated that the seventh graders were a deter- mined group of boys and that they were very eager for future success, which should come their way. 1.l 8th grade - Row 1: John Garner, Carl Shinn, Kent Marr, Brian Knight, Darrell Fiscus, Mac Young, John Florez, James Ballinger. Row 2: Martin Bambick, Howard Shively, Clint Speaks, Joe Wilson, Monte Mah- an, Doug Stephens, David Fink, Duane Reinhart, Dee Culbertson. Row 3: Dennis Roets, Montie Reed, Mark Young, Russ Shogren, Terry Cox, Craig Compton, Les- lie Woods, Brian Durham, Darin Holmes. 2.3 9th grade - Row 1: Stacy Fiscus, Bill Mclnemey, Tommy Cook, Mike Fitzmorris, Clifford Pryor, Jim Barker, Greg Houser, Chris Lance. Row 2: Mr. Odell, Mr. Holmes, Doug Millar, Scott Ferguson, Rusty Selle, Dee Holmes, Mr. Kellogg, Mr. Higgins. Row 3: Steve Roets, Kent Wire, Bob Mellen, Rusty Ratzlaff, Juan Powers, Jeff Burke, David Mitchell, Roger Compton, Brian Sumner. -'T f -F -V -11, , -WL +' . at ig . Q, :QLA . C' V . 4 vu Fi L and gas 1' 155 P. N 1 uw, ,... f,' 1. , S' 'I ig A 'hmuu F HAers: Toward New Horizons The Fredonia Junior High Future Homemakers of America started off their year with not much in mind of activities to pursue. With the help of their sponsor, Mrs. Lindbloom, the group was able to examine them- selves creatively and to grow to work as a unit. Their work at the District Meeting this fall was recognized favorably. The FHA-Home Economics Style Show this spring was also considered by all attending a success. Now, at the end of the year, some of the members are ushered out of the roster for as this, one of the larg est organizations in both high school and junior high, is reminded of the FHA Creed to face the future with warm courage, and high hope. It is hoped, by the spon- sors and members that in the next few years that their FHA organization can become even more productive, ll. Fredonia Junior High FHA Officers: Standing-Shar- on Parker, Rita Matney. Seated-Lisa Hicks, Kim Mar- shall, Teresa Hersh, Rhonda Ostrander, Julie Beal. 2l. FHA Members: Row 1-Mary Shinkle, Sonya Robert- son, Jennifer Hoff, Diana Ward, Kim Clifton, Shelley Davisson, Judy Morgan, Carolyn Eck, Vicky Cook, JoAnn Seiwert, Gennette Mellen, Ann Gilstrap, Row 2- Brenda Baker, Nancy Mellon, Carla Baugh, Lori Kel- ley, Robin Stotts, Cindy Robertson, Donna Matlock, Margaret Mayeske, Kathy Bumgarner, Zella Rogers, Connie Ogle, Connie Walker, Loretta Edens, Renee Selle. Row 3-Bette LaPoint,TwiIa Miller, Jane Cook, Susan Rogers, Pat Boicourt, Sherry Clary, Gyla Carter, Betty Posch, Karen Hendry, Lori Eslick, Ruth Hogan. Row 4-Carla Robinson, Barbara Miller, Mary Beth Kendall, Sherry Ivey, Lee Knickerbocker, Beth Far- well, Karen Mattix, Sandra McBride, Vienna Thomp- son, Rhonda Ervin. Row 5-Jackie Jones, Kathy Jones, Janis Ballinger, Janet Matlock, DeAnn Hall, Nancy Squire, Jean Porter, Janis McBride, Jean Kitchens, Taffy Culbertson, Cindy Bradley, Susie Dunn, Jill Reed, Sandra Kimzey, Elizabeth Ballinger. Q T HE S Q99 0,905 Q s' if fi : srsaso' SIDE 1 : Produced by the slat! SPCRTS FOOTBALL A-TEAM FHS Iola 6 Humboldt 13 Eureka 22 Garnett 7 Cherryvale 1 13 Yates Center 14 Sedan 6 Burlington 25 Neodesha 6 BASKET BA L L A-TEA M FHS Sedan 59 Caney 56 Cherryvale 63 Yates Center 69 Humboldt 32 Augusta 53 Burlington 56 Eureka 50 Neodesha 56 FRESHMAN BASKETBA L L FJ HS Yates Center 47 Humboldt 24 Eureka 37 Cherryvale 28 Neodesha 42 Humboldt 31 Cherryvale 23 Neodesha 41 Humboldt 29 SCOREBOARD OPP 30 7 10 8 O 12 7 O 7 OPP 43 47 55 51 44 55 55 56 48 OPP 40 29 35 35 15 34 30 24 51 FOOTBA LL B-TEA M FHS Iola 12 Neodesha 42 Eureka 20 Neodesha 18 Cherryvale 7 Burlington 41 FHS Cherryvale 38 Yates Center 66 Fort Scott 73 Chanute 53 P ttsburg 42 Humboldt 60 Burlington 58 Neodesha 53 Eureka P -- EIGHTH BASKETBA LL FJ HS Yates Center 29 Humboldt 20 Eureka 38 Cherryvale 38 Neodesha 29 Humboldt 10 Cherryvale 25 Neodesha 17 Neodesha 17 OPP 42 24 6 12 6 6 OPP 46 53 62 64 44 56 61 43 OPP 18 23 24 32 24 30 16 22 22 FJHS FOOTBALL Cherryvale Yates Center Eureka Neodesha Cherryvale BASKETBA LL Cherryvale Yates Center Humboldt Augusta Burlington Eureka Neodesha Cherryval e Yates Center Humboldt Burlington Neodesha Eureka FJ HS 12 18 24 6 6 TEAM FHS 40 39 41 37 68 61 38 40 62 67 62 64 OPP 6 O 0 0 0 OPP 64 36 30 42 62 41 37 64 36 55 53 42 This years football team had their problems and more but with the help of the coaching staff and the will of the team, the squad pulled out a first place trophy. In the season opener, they played as individuals and lost to Iola but by the time the Jackets met Humboldt, they were one unit and won 13-7. Then the Yellowjackets traveled to Eureka for an- other hard league game and came back with a 22-10 win. Cherryvale came to town in the biggest game of the season to try to take first place away. All that week Fredonia High was preparing and the Jackets played their best game, winning 13-O. The Jackets then traveled to Yates Center and after falling behind 12-O at halftime, came back and won 14-12. The next week, Burlington came to Pryor Field and in two feet of water and a steady downpour, the Jackets won 25-0. The season ended on a sad note when Fredonia traveled to Neody for their last game of the season. The Jackets were ahead 6-0 and driving for another score when disaster struck. The Jackets fumbled, a Neody player ran it back for a touchdown, and the extra point was good. The Jackets lost a heartbreaker 7-6 and tied for first place in the TVL. 1.1 Coach John shouts instructions to the team at the Cherryvale game. 2.5 The Jackets defense only let league opponents score 22 points against Fredonia all year, 3.l Robert Taylor led the TVL in rushing yardage and was named Most Valuable Running Back. 4.l Coach Milner, Coach John, and Coach Beal. Sponsored by BLACK'S REPAIR 81 RADIATOR 8: CULBERTSON WELDING SHOP TVL CHAMPS 74-75 1 - 7 f - i My i-- T,-H J. , 'Ewa-V" " -1. . "':.: wan-A -Sl-F" .- .fx-1 .H W f . .1 X- - . . ..--.... W V . , 1 ---4 - -...LL , pg , ,. ------- -Y Lf 1 'PTB ,gf 1 'V -- ' ' , - - V- ,, A . .,V, .iv H. , f., . Y .V . V , V p Y 57.4 , ,W L "'- " f-"Y '-"--'---- qzgimggl , QQ. "- L-. ""'A----'-fgvlldg -v"' . 1 ' ' ' ,. 5 KJ 1 -9.4: ffm, 1:11 rf" H, srffg LA: J. 7" rig! x .N -. 1 I Q L?" 4 .,..u:L...:.., .g.:..F1:.'.,T'T' " A I n f Y -M H-'df ,,!1,.,.,.3,,1.,,.,L.,..l- .. .......-- Jv- w A V 4 1 ... ,-.Y,. ... , .Y ' ' N, ,.-, , ,...,4. - gy ,-.,, .JI -s. ,i 5. V, .' ...g.L- ' . ' ' ' Twin l --ka:-Cu.-.S H- il. 'AI ,-up !.,1-. -1 s 'vff .1 -., up Q fin, 4 , , 'Q -Ligl L L L I f 15'-. ty I ' . . I, sm Mir A l'f'7'7Yfl t t .M L L., Si! '1 X ESE . ia-E-.JJU M ' 4722? ,Hmmm ll Eli 1. Juniors: First Row-John Jordan, Kevin Miller, Max Culbertson, Randy Hunt, Mike Ferguson, Daryl Boden. Second Row-Billy Ecton, Rodney Shelton, Rocky Starmer, Kent Robertson, Gene Ogle, David Jones, Bill Porter, Walt Batson, Mike Larkin, Pat Kelley, Brian Mellen. 2. Sophomores: First Row-Randy Ratzlaff, Wayne Matlock, Dale Damet, Don Lecky, Bruce Neill, Dave Rogers, Bryan Wilson. Second Row-Greg Boicourt, Ed Cline, Bruce Jones, Brad Stiles, Ricky Smith, Ron Mast, Gerald Sharp, Jeff Elder, Rick Ferguson, Tony Cunningham. 3. Managers-Brad Stephens, Bob Bayles, Steve McBride. 4. Tri-Valley League Co-Champs. 5. Seniors: First Row-Bob Shoaf, Allen Gilstrap, Robert Taylor, Bobby Bambick, Barry Mellen. Second Row- Jon Graham, Marty Roseberry, Brad King, Roger Reed, Steve Odell, Mike Harrelson. All-League Honors: Marty Roseberry-Offensive end, Brad King-Defensive end, Jon Graham-Offensive guard, Roger Reed- Defensive linebacker, Robert Tay- lor-Most valuable running back, Steve OdelI-Offen- sive tackle, defensive tackle, most valuable offensive lineman, most valuable defensive lineman, honorable mention-All-State-defense, All-State-offense. Sponsored By DON'S TEXACO lfhgll-ML L, ,A Basketball 1.3 Basketball Managers - Roger Reed, Brad Stephens, Kenton Robertson, Ricky Ferguson. 2.3 Coach Milner offers advice during a break in the action. 3.3 A-Team Basketball Squad - Kevin Miller, Bobby Bambick, Barry Mellen, Steve Odell, Brad King, Bob Bayles, Brian Mellen, Pat Kelley, Randy Hunt, Bob Shoaf. N 4.3 Brian Mellen, Steve Odell, and Brad King fight for , a rebound against a tough Burlington team. N 5.3 Brad King shoots one up against Burlington. Ni. 44 IVI 1 cwxvfx V X wb fx , X ' , fi" 1 4 f SQ V: X 1 i ,, .. Y -u - ' ., Q 5 A A .JN an V .M ' ' M 1 ' :Ir . - ga " -fu ? A ' uv X LQ," N. 'T 5, MN'--"' A 'H 'vv Y. 3 . 4' ,V . -- 211 ' Y x -. f P.-L A - --.2351 'lu' 2 +1 1 i :Q ? -lj: L- 1 if : ' N' fi '.-' 1 Q S Q x i 5 Q Q i 1 i " 'S ' i ji. 3 fu. WX Q 5 1 1 ' Q ,J Q . ,.. xxx gif: , X , J N Q iiqf' If 'Z r il K5 J . I gn ' -J f ifl- ' 1 Q W , -:JA X . . -it I Ll gain B-Team Basketballers 1.3 John Seiwert up for a rebound assisted by Gerlad Sharp and Eldon Wire. 2.7 Bob Bayles attempts a basket while Eddy Cline and Tony Cunningham are in action. 3.1 B-Team Squad and coaches - Coach Milner, David Rogers, Brad Stiles, Ed Cline, Gerald Sharp, Danny Olenhouse, Allen Wolf, Bryan Key, Eldon Wire, Ricky Smith, Jeff Elder, Tony Cunningham, Coach Odell. 1 UQX'-.yy 'in 9 4 . , I lin.: tr 3,111 nga .-4 i.."f9 l 5'- I .. .. ,az ..i ..,. -v L-- Wrestling This year the Fredonia wrestling squad accomplished more than was expected of them. Led by Robert Taylor and Kevin McClayland, the only seniors of the squad, the team surprised several opponents. In dual matches, the Jackets defeated Eureka, Altamont, Chanute, and Independence, losing only to Parsons. They also won the Baldwin Invitational, the Leon Double Dual, and took second at the Fredonia Invitational. In postseason action, the grapplers fared well by advancing two wrestlers-Dale Damet, sophomore, and Rocky Starmer, junior-to the state tournament in Abi- lene, where Rocky placed fifth. The wrestlers benefited from the years competition and should come back strong next year with a years experience, 1.l Wrestling Coaches-Mr. Holmes and Mr. Beal. 2.1 Bill Porter on top for the Jackets. 3.1 State Wrestlers-Dale Damet, 105, and Rocky Star- mer, Heavyweight. 'i 331 Y? . -fi .:".. i V 5 . A. f. 1 Eff- 'ffl tt 1' ' t ' Nerf. , 5, I 52.9" if' ff ,ffsfgl Q Q.-...Q if X r I A X, 'T 'er .N 1: , 'k,,.-ll ., -n 'N 'fi "l P- fr .-E n ' 1-A is ' g --4 . P ' -" wg, . x, s 1.l Tension rises forthe Jacket matmen during a dual meet with Parsons. 2.7 Mike Ferguson and Bill Ecton warm up during prac- tice at the armory. 3.5 Robert Taylor wraps up an opponent. 4.1 1974-75 Wrestling Squad-Tommy Cook, Dale Dam- et, Bob Shinkle, Paul Matney, Kevin McClayIand, John Jordan, Walter Batson, David Jones, Mike Ferguson, Greg Boicourt. Back Row-Randy Ratzlaff, manager, Mark Huser, Roger Wambsganss, Scott Ferguson, Daryl Boden, Kelly Kitchens, Bryan Wilson, Bill Porter, Rocky Starmer, Bill Ecton, Bruce Jones, Robert Taylor. I 1 4. Sponsored by FREDONIA NATIONAL GUARD wi TN , 5 if 'fi If ' . I Y A, " -13' W A U I FQVLL -fi ' V 'I A ' W , W ., .I L:,. .A jf. V V yr , V ' .3 , -. X ,, T ,. T Q is T 'A , I M VQ I. NE .ij V' , - Ht , A fx . :V A My f if ,yy I t ff!! V ' ,WA phi? ' jf' jf 1" 1-Tf' -,. . , 4 x , L .4 A 1 4 Again this year, six squad members received awards Fastest Pin-Robert Taylor C39 seconds? for outstanding achievements during the year. This Most Outstanding Freshman-Tommy Cook years honors went to: Most Improved Wrestler- Bruce Jones Most Outstanding Wrestler-Rocky Starmer Most Sbecfafiulaf Pin' David JONES Most Pins per Season-Billy Ecton C91 Sponsored by FREDONIA DAILY HERALD 8i BENNETT'S VARIETY 77 First Year For Girls The 30 members of the Fredonia volleyball team had a trememdous opening season. Since it was the first year for girls volleyball, they learned what it felt like to com pete and win. There was a great improve- ment frorn the first of the season to the end. The highlight of the season occurred when the girls traveled to Girard for the Regional match and came back with a second place trophy. Three seniors will be leaving but a strong team will be retuming next year. 1. Betty Bambick and Shelley Speaks. 2. First Row-Cindy Reed, Robin Gillen, Farrellynn Bloodworth, Marcia Compton, Roxanna Metzger, Charletta Erbe, Sandra Gorton, Sherlene Shinkle, Jeana Shinkle, Cindy Ratzlaff, Betty Bambick. Second Row-Linda Compton, Sharon Parker, Patty Bloodworth, Leslie Nevitt, Charlotte Chambers, Patty Bambick, Tami White, Jeannie Cook, Michele Boicourt, Jean Porter. Third Row-Miss Mercer, Shelley Speaks, Mary Verner, Debbie Hankins, Teresa Stotts, Geri Ann Mel- len, Sonya Speaks, Sharalyn Hutton, Pam Smith, Kristi Beadles. Sponsored By - COUNTRY HOUSE RESTAURANT AND DOANES FURNITURE - New And Us F' 2. in 1 T' J- 15" I .,, 12 K , f"-, s. f e Q!! I .1 U 4 :K ' A :P V ,- PE" ,Q lk. - Q .Im V A wr .- . f 'w.+. ,I 'fi '19 X :ff QT' 'K'tQs 4 X sr 1 ?' E ifffklf "S y 57:5 , , . The girls gymnastics team s first meet was a dual with Independence, January 16. Placing were: Floor Exercise-Deb Scott, 4th, Balance Beam-Sharon Sho- gren, 3rd, and Unevens-Charletta Erbe, lst, Natalie Thomas, 3rd, and Betty Bambick, 4th, On January 28, the girls traveled to Mulvane, Char- letta Erbe-lst, Sandy Gorton-3rd, and Kim Marshall-5th placed in Vaulting. Cindy Ratzlaff got 2nd and Kristi Shafer 5th in Balance Beam. Rita Hobelman placed 3rd on the Unevens. Placing in Floor Exercise were Cindy Ratzlaff-3rd, Deb Scott-4th, and Marcia Compton-Sth. Twelve gymnasts made the trip to Wellington on February 6 to compete with four other schools. The gymnasts placed 4th overall. Charletta Erbe won a 3rd place medal in Vaulting and Cindy Ratzlaff won two 5th place medals, one for Floor Exercise and one for All-Around. The last meet was at Arkansas City on February 27, finishing up the season. Sponsored by sEu. CABINET SHOIS 1.3 Gymnastics Coaches Mary Mercer and Marilyn Graham. 2.1 Gymnastics Manager Deb Osborne. 3.7 Uneven Parallel Bars: Bottom-Natalie Thomas, Rita Hobelman, Middle-Patty Bambick, Shelley Speaks, Betty Bambick, Mary Varner. Top-Robin Gillen, Patty Smith. 4.3 Valutings Front-Sandy Gorton, Charletta Erbe, Lisa Hicks. Back- Lori Fitzmorris, Patty Bambick, Natalie Thomas, Kim Marshall. 5.1 Gymnasts Patty Bambick, Mary Varner, Robin Gil- len, Natalie Thomas, and Deb Scott concentrate on their vaults in practice, 6.l Balance Beam: Natalie Thomas, Rita Hobelman, Kristi Shafer, Cindy Ratzlaff. 7.7 Floor Exercise: Front-Lisa Hicks, Kim Marshall, Charletta Erbe, Rhonda Ostrander, Nancy Mellen, Back- Linda Compton, Natalie Thomas, Cindy Ratzlaff, Deb Scott. l First Time For Girls Golf Irlhn Girl Golfers had their first taste of competition this year. Eight girls went out for this sport. There was a lot of learning to be done because many of the girls had never played much. Sharon Shogren was first place medalist eight times in competition. In the State Tour- nament she placed second, The two man team con- sisting of Natalie Thomas and Sharon Shogren placed first in the Derby Invitational, third in the Emporia In- vitational, second in the Regional Tournament, and second in the State Golf Tournament. Lori Fitzmorris, Angela Harrelson, Debbie Scott, and Lori Kelley made up the four man team that placed fourth in the Reg- ional Tournament. Mrs. Graham was pleased with the girls performance in their first year of competition, She felt they had made a great improvement by the end of the year. ll. Golf Team: Left to Right-Carla Baugh, Lori Fitz- morris, Sharon Shogren, Natalie Thomas, Deb Scott, Angela Harrelson, Mrs. Graham, Lori Kelley. Not pic- tured-Julie Beal. 21. Sharon Shogren and Natalie Thomas proudly hold the second place State Golf Trophy. 82 1 Q9 00 Q K Q .4 'U rw : STEREO'SlDf 1 1: Produced by the slat! SP ECIA L EVENTS Happiness ls . . . Homecoming 315 f-I? Sponsored By J , BERCKFELDT-SHAY DAIRY AND UNITED TELEPHONE COMPANY Virginia Relph was crowned Homecoming Queen October 3, at the annual BPW Homecoming Program. Nine Fredonia Senior girls competed for the title of Miss Fredonia. There was much excitement and fun for the girls. "It was neat how the girls got closer and it was a lot of fun," commented Kathy Smith. The Yellowjacket football team played a non- league game with Garnett and lost 7-6. Half time festivities featured Queen Virginia, her attendants and the Fredonia Marching Band. The High School Homecoming float placed first for the most original design. The Fredonia BPW club and officers of the State Bank very kindly donated time and effort to make the coronation and half-time ceremonies possible. 1. Homecoming Queen Candidates: First Row-Debbie Scott, Cris Baker, Debbie Osborne. Second Row-Sherri Durham, Virginia Relph. Third Row-Kathi Collins, Susie Chapman, Kathy Smith, Marie Fortner. 2. Mitch Neuenschwander presents Princess Kristin Coble with flowers. 3. Homecoming Queen-Virginia Relph 4. Fredonia's Marching Band proudly parades. 5. Fredonia High School Student Council Float. 6. Mr. Keltner gets soaked in FCA dunking stand. By KANSAS BANK NOTE COMPANY, INC. 8: FREDONIA FLORAL C0 All-Sports Queen During the halftime of the Yates Center-Fredonia game the All-Sports Queen and attendants were chosen, The candidates were Seniors-Deb Scott, Deb Os- borne, Linda Compton, Juniors-Pam Smith, Patty Bam- bick, Natalie Thomas, and Sophomores-Shelly Speaks, Betty Bambick, Marcia Compton. 1,1 Pam Smith, All-Sports Queen. 2.5 Attendants Deb Osborne and Betty Bambick, 3.3 Other Candidates: Front Row-Marcia Compton, Deb Scott, Patty Bambick. Back Row-Natalie Thomas, Lin- da Compton, Shelly Speaks. Sponsored by MARIE STEWART PALMER INSURANCE and ED'S TV ZENITH SALES 8. SERVICE .L v l'. nyAv,,vAvAv Cf-7' f.,..ub 5 -rg..,Lj va,g "' F . s, ,Lv lil-vAvf'V"'v. T A-,Y AV'WvAv vim vm vA,,,vAvAvA vA"'V"VAvnyf VaIentine's Party Kathi Collins and Steve Odell, seniors were crowned Valentine King and Queen during ceremonies February 14th in the Paulen Gym. Other contenders were Bruce Neill and Cheryl King, sophomores, and Brian Mellen and Leslie Nevitt, juniors. Crown bearers were Kristi Roberts, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Roberts and Jason John, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gene John. The "Expressions", a country western-rock group from Coffeyville provided the music for the evening. Servers were eighth graders Ann Gilstrap, Twila Miller, Sonya Robertson, Patty Boicourt, Karen and Karla Ecton. " if 1.3 Valentine King and Queen, Steve Odell and Kathi Collins. 2.1 Valentine attendants: Left to Right- Bruce Neill, Cheryl King, sophomores, Brian Mellen, Leslie Nevitt, juniors. Crown bearers Kristi Roberts and Jason John. 3.l Couples dance to the sounds of "Expressions", 4.3 Mr. and Mrs. Wilson show a new technique in dancing, 2621 Seniors Honor Fellow Classmates Seniors Honors are special tokens of recognition of Senior students nominated by their classmates who feel they excel in one of four categories. Mr, and Miss FHS are two seniors also nominated by their classmates and voted on by the entire school. 1.l Most Talented-Roger Reed and Marie Fortnerg alt. Donna Shelton and Phil Wooten. 2.5 Best All Around-Deb Scott and Barry Nlellenp alt. Sherri Durham and Randy Huckins. l l i5 Nlr and Mass F H S Kathi Coll K 2,',ffi,H ' " C" o 'A+ 0 , 1 we di V w ,ny Q ., 2: Q :' 1- 9 Q - ill! L, , .ugh QI s .vig x 9 . W V5 3 . I. 5 ef- 41 , ., . '6 Pr E 'Q' P gsm :aw ' f - my We end the yearbook here. There are no more pictures, no more words. We can only assume that even after you close this book that you will still remember what lay between its pages. We can only hope that the memories sparked by the physical pictures in the yearbook will help stim- ulate other memories that we might have missed. We know that the Yel- lowjacket 1975 will allow you to think back to your American history days and recall Old Whatshisname in the cruddy blue jeans that copied off your tests. This Record of the Year 1975 is your own private piece in history. One day, you might read the words written on this page a tad more slowly and think about what they say. The words won't change. They will be the same words in 1975 and in 1990. The first time you see these words, the seniors '75 will still be around. The next time you read them, you just might be moving into your college dorm and wondering if the old school annual is worth dragging along. The next time, your own children might read them, and say "How corny Mom and Dad were in high school". But these words will always be the same. lt's in the record. Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores - You'Il never stay the same. Supplement The track squads have done an outstanding job this year. Following is the top record in each event and the competitors. A fifj indicates a new school record set by the individual, Discus Donna Shelton - 99' 10", Geri Ann Mellen, Sonya Speaks, Sharon Shogren, Teresa Stotts Shot Put Sandy Gorton - 34' 7" Y, Jean Porter, Charletta Erbe, Tami White Ball Throw Charletta Erbe - 185' 4 1!2" if, Geri Ann Mellen, Cindy Shinkle, Renee Adkins, Patty Banibick Lon Ium indy Raulaff - 16' 6" '44, Betty Bambick, Nzancy Mellon, Kristi Beadles Hi h Jum Geri Enn Mellen - 4' 11", Charlotte Chambers, Carla Baugh, Farrellynn Bloodwcrth 110 Hurdles Betty Bambick - 15. 5 Y, Rita Hobleman, Cris Baker, Natalie Thomas 100 Dash Marcia Compton,- 11. 8, Patty Ba,mbick, Cindy R atzlaff, Nancy Mellon 220 Dash Maricia Compton, Patty Bambick. Natalie Thomas, Varee Sierman, Lori Kelley, Cindy Shinkle 440 Dash Farrellynn Bloodworth - 62. 1, Varee Sierman, Cindy Ratzlaff 880 Run Patti Bloodworth - 2:40. 1, Sharon Shogren, Shelley Speaks, Ieana Shinkle, Myra I-Iuser Mile Run fori Fitzmorris - 6:26. 3 BF, Deb Scott, Sherlene Shinkle, Sharon Shogren 440 Rela Marina Compton, Cindy Ratzlaff, Farrellynn Bloodworth, Patty Bambick - 52. 7 'lf 880 Relay arcia Compton, Betty Bambick, Natalie Thomas, Patty Bambick - 1:49. 9 'lf Medle Rela arre ynn Bloodworth, Betty Bambick, Natalie Thomas, Cindy Ratzlaff - 1:58. 8 W' Discus Bob Shoaf - 127' 1", Brad Stiles Shot Put RoEert Taylor - 44' 4", Danny Olenhouse, Rocky Starmer ' Javelin Robert Taylor - 196' 9" PF, John Jordan, David Jones Lon Ium rad lging - 20' 3", Brian Mellen Hi h Ium ohn Seiwert - 5' 6" Pole Vault Creg Boicourt - 10' 6" Mile Run Allen Wolf - 4:56. 6, Bill Porter, Bob Bayles, Randy Hunt 2 Mile Run Randy Hunt - 11:20. 0, Allen Gilstrap, Bill Porter 100 Dash Kevin Miller - 10. 5, Eldon Wire, Mike Ferguson, 220 Dash Bldon Wire - 23. 2, Kevin Miller 440 Dash Eldon Wire and Kevin Miller - 53. 3, Steve Odell 880 Run Barry Mellen and Brad King - 2:07. 4, Gene Ogle Low Hurdles Marty Roseberry - 20. 8, Brian Mellen Hi h Hurdles arty oseberry - 15. 2, Brian Mellen Mile R ela arty Roseberry, Brad King, Gerald Sharp, Barry Mellen - 3:34. 5 880 Relay Bob ambick, JohnSeiWert, Mike Ferguson, Steve Odell Medle Rel teve O e l, Mike Ferguson, Bob Bambiclc, Gerlad Sharp Thincluds hit the cinders Fredonia High School was well represented this year in all track and field events as the F. H. S. thinclads put in a good year of experience. Under the leadership of coaches Beal, Milner, and Higgins the 1975 boys track team fulfilled their season by winning the Tri-Valley League championship for the second year in a row. Robert Taylor, senior, did an outstanding job at javelin throwing as he broke his own record in nearly all competing sessions. After competing in the regional meet in Augusta, Marty Roseberry went on to the state meet where he participated in the high hurdles. -- 7. , ff as ' -- -1 ' -Q, ,. --11-e::.-:f-:- -:- a Y. . . .- v . . ' " K i . 1 i , Y 53-fi V . Q Q X-'YT' 1 25-vo ...uh 1 V.-Q,-r' -- F ., W.,-,A i V . ..,.. qw in 'L ,E ,, '- g X g Ii! ,JrFffTvQf, 0 -f g ,.-F--:--J-:N ew w?-c.,15,rfve.,51'55-N , - -, . 1 .5QY,.::4m -1 1- A .'iE'z,. -gg-1 f K A L!-' Nf1 1,-' . -" . -:-1-:5v::..-35. 'gli Tv.. 'N ' .,. - xxx? -uf, - f-ff, 'F-., 'is-.Lk LE Il H. ,,,,,. ff. T-g.""',1 N-:N " K. , F-5l't.'31.',fg,335! I , .-4 lp ' . f.L'."g,",,f,gvL-Q "" s.:p::e,.?5f Me.1. L, A 3 " -. ?3hT!iT'..'L"' A ' 1 2'5" V' 3 -4- 'BS -.L,- v ,Q fm:::TL'.?,?',, 1 sew L! 0 K lzffff 4,' x'f'f , .51 EETTTTIL 'Y ' Z 5 ' 51.355 r I --' .- . ... , Y l . 4 . :'.:.'1.1.-I-31:1 . : "-N . ' 'J 13A M nnunnllln .X - V , ,L .Q-suns-:uns K : X I., i X umnrmnru - X, .A W. , .- . -nn--an-.nur 1 4 , ,,f w l , , 1 -,-if,-gl-1.-ef B - - . - .f 1- . ,, A F V L 1 Q V . 'rx ' l g 4? 'L Q 'S ' . ,fo A , ,- ng ro -M, . -e- 1 . - . -,Al . b e ? v Y ,P IQ' W I . lv 4 A ii A I pm A W, M ll K x , . ..n- 45 . i A-L ' -Ad ' .- V' 1 ?,":53f?5 ,4 1' ' , I , . ' ' ' fr --, gfzzgf-' K X N I 5 -' , J '-14 wil- 1--Tr'-41 A s ,vfmi A 4 , r ,elk-5. :'1x:4jr9l , . g, . - . 9 A"'iA--15.141 1"-Sf' ig ' B A - , ' 5 - QV !'- ' '- f--.B f f 2 B . , H fr:-Ks!-., 4 N sr, 4, -J. 1 - e " 4 A 1-11M::,- sJav5.2i.7.? N f .tr Warne, New - A A 'L Q at 4 -Q4 A54""f:1A', . 4, -V 1 -s 9' ' l f -.. -Nl f f . . M- ,L 41,3 S- i-, Q 5, 4 t B 'waff- Top - jmnpers: Kevin Miller, Greg Boicourt, Brad King, Brian Mellen, IohnSeiWert Left - hurdlersz Marty Roseberry and Brian Mellen Right - sprinters: Marty Roseberry, Brian Mellen, Bob Bambick, Mike Ferguson, Kevin Miller, Eldon Wire Bottom - coaches Beal and Higgins O osite a e op - distance runners: Gerald Sharp, Randy Hunt, Allen Cilsirap, Brad King, Barry Mellen, Bob Bayles, Bill Porter, Allen Wolf, Gene Ogle Bottom - weightmen: Brad Stiles, Bob Shoaf, Danny Olenhouse, Rocky Starmer, David Jones, Robert Taylor, John Jordan, Kenton Robertson Fredonia girls make mark The new Girls Track Reocrd board in the gymnas- imn was put to good use this year as breaking records became a habit for the 1975 Girls Track Squad. With eighteen returning lettermen, the team fajred well as other teams weren't as fortunate. The team met their first competition at Chanute where the Fredonia females were able to topple Eve schools from the Southeastern Kansas League. The girls placed first at the Neodesha and Fredonia Relays, and received the Ianell Smith Traveling Trophy for winning the Tri Valley League Championship. After placing sixth in the Regional Track meet in Augusta, Mrs. Graham, head coach, Sent six of her girls to the state meet held at Wichita. These state competitors were : Donna Shelton-Discus, Marcia Compton, 100 yard dash, and Marcia Compton, CindyRatzlaff, Farrellynn Bloodworth, and Patty Bambick for the 440 Relay. Top: Donna Shelton winds up for a throw of the discus. Girls Track Returning Lettermen - Row 1: Robin Gillen, manager, Mrs. Graham, Geri Knne Mellen, Deb Osborne, Sandy Gorton, Charletta Erbe, Betty Bambick, Farrellynn Bloodworth, Lori Fitzrnorris, Patty Bambick, Natalie Thomas. Row 2: Patty Smith, Leslie Nevitt, Cindy Reed, Marcia Compton, Cindy Ratzlaff, Varee Sierman, Patti Bloodworth, Sherlene Shinkle, Charlotte Chambers, Donna Shelton. JW" ' Left: Lori Fitzmorris competes in the mile.-run. Right: Deb Scott puts in a tiring mile. Girls Track Squad - Row 1: Ieana Shinkle, Sharon Shogren, Kristi Beadles, lean Porter, Myra Huser, Teresa Stotts, Shelly Speaks, Carla Baugh. Row 2: Rita Hobleman, Lucinda Shinkle, Renee Adkins, Laura Hutton, Sonya Speaks, Donna Millar, Michel Boicourt, Tami White, Lori Kelley, Nancy Mellon. FHS gets feed off A new addition to the high school sports section was the boys golf team. Coached by Mr. Odell, the team started off the season in a toumament in Parsons. Other tournaments were held in Independence, 'Eureka and Iola. The league meet was held May 3 on our own home course. The four-man team consisting of Mike Harrelson, jon Graham, Randy Huckins and Pat Kelley placed second. Tim Mitchell and Kevin Scanlan made up the two-man team. May 8 the team traveled to Wellington for the regional tourna- ment. The four-man team placed fifth. The B-team of Roger Spoon, David Mitchell, Mike Fitzmorris, David Rogers, Dan Ong, and Mitch Neuenschwander traveled to Eureka for one match. The team placed first. y . Left Tim Mitchell gets his rear in gear. Right: Mike Harrelson teeing off. 1975 Golf Team: Row 1-Tim Mitchell, Dan On David Rogers, Mike Fitzmorris, David Mitchell, Kevin Scanlan. Row 2-Pat Kelley, Mitch Neuenschwander, Jon Graham, Roger Spoon, Mik Harrelson, Randy Huckins, Mr. Odell, coach. gs 8 .1 s arg? ,J ni Broken records for JH boys Seventh Grade Track Squad: Row 1-Roy Ferguson, IohnHi1ya.rd, Brad Streets, Phillip Odell, John Hughes, Francis Bambick. Row 2-Mr. Kellogg, coach, Mark Hersh, Tony Beard, Shawn Kerns, Arnold Thomas, Tim White, Roger Carr, Tony Reutlinger, Mr. Holmes, coach, Row 3-Billy Brooks, Scott Fitzmorris, Ricky McClure, Brian Sumner, Danny Voth, John Evans, Darin Holmes, Eighth Grade Track Squad: Row 1-Dale Erbe, Randy Reutlinger, Ricky Walker, Darrell Fiscus, Iohn Florez, Draig Compton, Mac Young, Martin Bambick, Row 2-Mr. Higgins, coach, Joe Wilson, Courtney Vaughn, Doug Stevens, Brian Knight, Russ Shogren, Danny Cripps, Kevin Poston, Row 3-Duane Reinhart, David Fink, Clint Speaks, Dennis Roets, Montie Reed, Howard Shively, Ron Garber. Freshman Track Squad: Row 1-Scott Fitzmorris, Tom Cook, Leroy Perkins. Row 23teve Roets, Doug Millar, RustyRatz1aff, Stacy Fiscus. Row 3-,Kent Wire, Bob Mellen, Dee Holmes. .IH girls show prowess Even though the weather was uncooperative at the first of the season, the junior high girls track squad Htoughed out" the rough weeks of practice to become a functioning team. The seventh grade girls, though inexperienced, showed speed and durability in their work. The eighth graders, too, showed the good effects of hard practice and dedication. The teams' coach Miss Mary Mercer expressed her pride in each of her girls and said that she was confident that the junior high thinclad girls were destined for a lot of success in the coming years. ll Seventh grade-Row 1:Terri Martin, Lori Berger. Row 2:Barbara Freeman, Shelley Wire, Melissa Miller, Connie Stotts, Penny Schroder, Paula Schneider. Row 3: Diana Price, Becky Smith,Miss Mercer, Carolyn Erisman, Dottie Hartung, Sherryl Ostrander. 21 Eighth grade- Row 1: Renee Selle, jane Cook, Mary Flattery, Carolyn Eck, Lori Eslick, Gennette Mellen, Ann Gilstrap, Susan Rogers, Karen Ecton, Sonya Robertson. Row 2: JoAnne Seiwert, Betty Posch, Twila Miller, Mary Shinlde, Kim Clifton, Shelly Davisson, Deann Hall, Karla Ecton, Ruth Hogan, Patricia Boicourt, Barbara Miller. MQW . 5 a 'Q E' f-QQ ,k s r' I L , J' ' H I n , ' 3 1 ,tif A ' .. Viv ,fx ,car ti . ,E rj ,.,, iff 1' .4 QT' ' -fx- 1 A 1 1 , , A t --.. W. 1 U UW A 1 15 3 ', ,f ' F, ' I 9. ' 45 L' - El 'at JE' 4 .P ' 1. L -xqk. H K X - f' ' -H '4 V '-. -'A .'..:.p., ,- v - - '- H ' infix f ,,..,,gi33T.' , 'R . 'fa-K 3215 4-4 4 ,qu -.-.J , Q.' -Y " 1 "gun :L ,. yikv gl: qf' fwfr .. 1 ry 1' 5: Q- .-,':- -' -,qi ' - ' L-.M ' N., '-"hai li ,gy G ,An ., raflf.. A' 7 7 6 0 Top: Charlotte Chambers and John jordan ES IUIIS dl' Il Rht.St Msd dT Dk ml. p C Betgtom: lgzfrid Cllalrkeaahxzl BaimHorL:1ceyvlm A play written by james Reach about two emo- tionally distrubed teenagers who reach each other through friendship was the Choice of the Drama I The F6811 of the Cl2.SS served 25 the 1I6Chl1iC2.l class. The play, "David and Lisa", was presented Crew' These Pe0P1e Were very bl-'SY behind the C1-ll'- on April 4. Heding the Cast was Bart Homey as tains and the show cou1dn't have been done without David with Charlotte Chambers as Lisa. The rest them' 'libel' were Peflj B100dW01'thp lee-D112 Shillkle, of the cast was made up of Donna Weber, Russell Kathv Mluefs Sam Reed, Russell Ervin, and Ewan, Michel Boicom-n, David Clark, Kristi Beams, Ra11da11H2rk12der- Brenda Robinson, Natalie Thomas, john Jordan, Toni Duckworth, Steve McBride, Angela Harrelson, Pam Smith, Rodney Berger, Mike Ferguson, Brian Mellen, Sherlene Shinkle, Tami White and Dave N Rassmussen. N o Gaodness triumphs in drama Only An Orphan Girl, a human drama of trials and tribulation by Anthony Nelms, was the choice of the senior class for their children's theatre production It is the story of the gentle and pure Nellie, the orphan girl and her pursuit of happiness. With her lover, young and bold Dick Perkins, their cleanness of life and purity cf heart help them triumph over the evil ways of the high-bred. Left: Marty Roseberry and Sherri Durham. Right: Bobby Busch and Linda Compton. Bottom: Ma Perkins fBetty Knowlesj, Pa Perkins QD ave Hoganj, Villain Arthur Rutherford KM arty Roseberryj, Nellie fLinda Comptonj, Dick Perkins fBobby Buschj, Lucy QSherri Durhamj, Ethel Rutherford fVirginia Relphj, Widow Appleby fKathy Smithl. 5 ZA 3 pn' 9' 1 ., -B -M-1.4 6, M. ,- """ 1 -qc' Q- I' . It pea 'X EJ Juniors bring 01 to Kansas Dorothy Ga1eQ the little girl from Kansas, made the first trip into the land of Oz over sixty years ago. April 25, 1975, marked the date of a second visit to the "Land of Oz" by the juniors and seniors of Fred- onia High School. The Class of '76 conceived the Land of Oz idea for their prom after rejecting such plans as "Country Livin", "Lost City of Atlantis", and others. The "Land of Oz" received favorable reaction from those attending, and the juniors were congratulated on a job well done. , 1 9 J 1 ff, 411 i Prom Servers-back row: Farrellynn Bloodworth, Bruce Neill, Rosemary Row, Greg Boicourt, Eddy Cline, Marcia Compton, Dave Rogers, Cheryl King. Front: Gerald Sharp, Kevin Scanlan, Denise Richards on, Kristi Shafer, john Seiwert. Left: David Roets and Deb Scott in the bamyard. Right: Virginia Relph, Kathi Collins, and Gloria Graham pose for a final picture in the powder room. 1 , I ni, - ' . lf' .0 " .I 1 i'1Ef::11- 'f ' .v , U" .114 l:f',fm ,. K 4x .'. 'P ' 1 ' ' Fetliiii 54. Q? U YF. ,ff '-j.',f' ' "Vi,-" " Q --ff! 'gf' - ir args' ' 4' -- -g , Q .1 , ., . ' 1 -- -r rg , if f . Stn- V' '- ' , 11 . ' w .rw o ' , . 1 .,. 's. , 1' , , :4 X., , - N Q R. "E: V Y' ,ft-1 . ' f 5+ X Fl " , ?4F'i3 1 Lf ' iff' , W. ' Y A' "6 " . rf' eff, K J? "4" .. , -LV an A 'Eff N . . it .Vg nz' 'f fm -Q 1 1' ' r ff as lah 'ITIL in ,ng 1 .k , ., V. -5 1 ' rl. 1 . N S. . ' "' '1 -fx t 1 ' L by . 'ei r .- 3 rm. , X f.-f.'f'Q'. -'ret ' A Jil' Hz .,.::k,:',- , W , k 1i4'.'g1'1'2','.-gz1'- . zzsrli' ' ig? Q...-.',, ,.-.,.1", , cg. A gt- ','--,Z-1 gg, -312:55 ,N 5-f . t iff: ff' Q5Q3::!xjQ:?fizQ2: 'Q 1 Q'Y.fg'4?-555, ' h ,H-tlln3:7fQ7??gRF 'J' iff-'ff--:1'g.:,4i52i3:'v:' ., 1 ':,::::'::fp2i2121-ak-Jffsiff,ff '51-4 ::a:rkz1r.12i:41rsferiff: cf ...'iff..J Oggosite R3 ge Top: ceiling Left: Diana and Glen Baker watch the goldfish under the lily pads. Right: Juniors working on the Emerald City. Bottom: Prom goers enjoy the sound of "Saratoga." End of the line for '75 CRADUATING CLASS OF 1975: Row 1-Terri Matney, Nancy McDonald, Carol Brtmker, Melinda Claus, Patty Mahan, Leah Parnell, Vicky Matlock, Varee Sierman, Sharalyn Hutton, Sherri Durham, Betty Knowles, Deb Osborne, JoAnne Shoaf, Doreen Atkinson, Pam Speaks . Row 2-Sandra Gorton, Diane Baker, Vince Perdue, Bobby Bambick, Bob Shoaf, Randy Huckins, Linda'Compton, Phil Wooten, Mike Lowman, Terry Tindle, Jack Row, David Lefferd, Steve Odell. Row 3-Nannette Ogle, Brad King, Kenneth Matney, Steve Eagle, Richard Hawley, Michael Harrelson, Debbie Scott, Cheryl Robinson, Marie DeCou, Arthur Lewis. Row 4-Keven McClayland, Tim Tindle, Kathi Collins, Cris Baker, Diane Bradley, Bonnie Lasley, Donna Shelton, jean Ogden, Merrill Wilson. Row 5-Debra Chism, Tommy Biggs, Virginia Relph, Marie Fortner, Kathy Smith, Pam Relph, Susie Chapman, Paul Sumner, Allen Gilstrap, Bobby Busch, Danny Appolo, Pat Green, Barry Mellen, David Hogan, Terry Romig, Sam Gillette.. Row 6-Janet MCC-innis, Roger Spoon, Mitch Neuenschwander, Danny Letterman, Roger Reed, Ion Graham, David Roets, Ierry Dodson, Robert Taylor, Larry Palmer, Marty Roseberry, Martin Gipe, Mark Relph. 1975 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: Row 1-Sherri Durham, Varee Sierman, Debra Osborne, Robert Shoaf Row 2-Debbie Scott, Kathi Collins, Susie Chapman, Bobby Bambick. Row 3-Virginia Relph, Brad King, Barry Mellen. Class of 1975 Valedictorian Deb Osborne and Salutatorian Kathi Collins ' QQ vi?"- ' Vs ' -5'-QQ u Is Q A lwwn 1974e75 SENIOR AIDS AND AWA RDS ROBERT BAMBICKm1Fr-edonia Teachers' Association Scholarship - B. E,O,G. to Emporia State College 1- Jack Connell Memorial Scholarship CAROL BRUNKER-ml-leather fMurphyJ Valentine Memorial Scholarship - First Alternate for Fredonia Teachers Association Scholarship -v Cora E. Martin Trust to Neosho County Community Junior College, Chanute DEBRA CHISHAM---Cora E. Martin Trust to Neosho County Community Junior College, Chanute MARIE FORTNER-mState of Kansas Honor Scholarship H Alternate Heather fMurphyJ Valentine Memorial Scholarshi ALLEN GILSTRAP--,State of Kansas Honor Scholarship SANDRA GORTON-nl-iinancial Aid to Emporia Kansas State College DAVID HOGAN--:Music Scholarship and B,E.O,G. to Independence Community Junior College BRAD KING-1-,Coffeyville junior College Athletic Scholarship VICKY MATLOCK-,Scholarship to Neosho County Community junior College, Chanute BARRY MELLEN--,Roger Whinery Memorial Scholarship - Fredonia Jaycees Scholarship DEBRA OSBORNE--f-.General Scholarship to Emporia State College VINCE PERDUE-L-mK,U. Scholarship Hall Appointment - B. E,O.G. and S.E,O,G. to K.U. , Lawrence - Rotary Scholarship MARTY ROSEBERRY-nCoffeyville Junior College Athletic Scholarship ROGER REED.,.Miller Scholarship to Wichita State University VIRGINIA RELPI-IeHState of Kansas Honor Scholarship - General Scholarship and Federal Grant to K.U. , Lawrence N, M. S.Q . T. Commended Student ROBERT SHOAF-eFredonia Teachers' Association Scholarship - State of Kansas Honor Scholarship -, Scholarship to Baker University, Baldwin - Dr, Roy Matthews Memorial Scholarship VAREE SIERMAN--Honor Scholarship to Pittsburg State College KATHY SMITH-f-B,P.W, Scholarship - Second Alternate for Fredonia Teachers' Association Scholarship PAM SPFAKS--.Financial Aid to Kansas State College of Pittsburg ROGER SPOONQ-'Financial Aid to Emporia to Emporia Kansas State College ROBERT TAYLORQ-,Ceo Pryor Memorial Scholarship sponsored by the Lions Club THIS YEARBOOK ISDONE!!!!!!!!!! 1 975 SENIOR INDEX DANNY APOLLO-FFA 1,2,3,4, off. 1,27 Mxd. cms. 1, 27 Art Club 17 Boys Glee 1,2,3. OOREEN ATKINSON-Pwdr. Puff 37 Pep Club 17 FHA 17 Mxd. Chrs, 17 Girls Glee 2,37 Forgn. Lang. 27 Art Club 7',3,4j Refl. Staff 37 Yrbk. Staff 4. cms BAKER-class off. 2,37 Pwdr. Puff 37 Hmcming. Tand. 47 All Sprts. Cand. 2,32 Kayettes 27 Stu. Co. 1, -2,3,4, off. 47 Pep Club 1,2,3,47 Chrldr. 2,3,4: FHA 27 Iff. 17 Trk. 1,2,3,4. LIIANNA BAKER-Kayettes 2,37 FFA 37 FHA 1,27 Girls Glee 1,37 Art Club 2,37 Cad. Teach. 3. 1-YOB BAMBICK-Boys State 37 Pwdr. Puff Chrldr. 37 itu. Co. 17 FCA 2,3,4, off. 47 Forgn. Lang. 37 Boys tilee 2,3,4, FB 1,2,3,47 BB 1,2,3,47 Trk. 1,2,3,4. forvuviv Brees-Forgn. Lang. 2,37 Art club 1,2,3,47 VB 1. DIANA BRADLEY-Pwdr. Puff 37 Pep Club 17 FHA 1,27 3,4, off. 3,4, cab. 3,47 Kayettes 47 Mxd. Chrs. 1,27 Ziirls Glee 1,2,3,47 Forgn. Lang. 37 Art Club 3,47 Yrbk. 'itaff 37 Cad. Teach. 3,4. .:AROL BRUNKER-Kayettes 47 FHA 1,2,3,4, cab. 47 L-Jlxd. Chrs. 37 Girls Glee 2,3,47 State Bank Student Board 4. -BOBBY BUSCH-Pag. Cast 2,3,47 Drama I, Drama II, -Debate 47 Sci. Club 47 Art Club 37 Cad. Teach. 4. -USIE CHAPMAN-Class Pres. 1,47 Girls State alt. 37 awdr. Puff 37 Hmcming. Cand. 47 Stu. Co. 1,2,3,47 Pep Jlub 1,2,3,47 Chrldr. 1,27 Kayettes 2,3,4, off. 4, cab. 17 FHA 1,2,3,4, off. 17 Mxd. Chrs. 47 Girls Glee 3,47 -llusic Council 47 Pag. Cast 47 Drama I, Drama II, De- 'ate 1,2,3,47 Forensics 1,2,3,4j NFL off. 3,4, Forgn. .ang. 3, off. 37 Teen Town 3,47 State Bank Student loard. 'DEBRA CHISM-Kayettes 47 FHA 1,47 Mxd. Chrs. 37 ziirls Glee 2,3,4. .IIELINDA CLAUS-Pwdr. Puff 37 FFA-FHA Royalty attn. 37 Kayettes 47 FFA 37 FHA 1,2747 Girls Glee 2,3, 47 Cad. Teach. 3,47 Intramurals 4. -.ATHI COLLINS-Girls State 37 Hmcming. Cand. 47 Stu. Co. 1,2,3,4, Pres. 17 Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Vice-Pres, 37 FCA 47 FHA 1,2,3,4 off. 3,4, cab. 3,41 Band 1,2,3, 47 Mxd. Chrs. 1,2,3,47 Girls Glee 1,2,3,47 Music En- semble 1,2,3,47 Accompanist 1,2,3,47 School Musical 1,2,3,47 Pag. Solo 4, alt. 27 Yrbk. Editor 47 State Bank ftudent Board 47 Valentine Queen 4. LINDA COMPTON-Pwdr. Puff 37 All Sprts. Cand. 27 37 Stu. Co. 1,3,47 Pep Club 1,2,3,4, off. 17 FCA 47 Chrldr. 2,37 FHA 1,2,3,4, off. 1, cab. 2,3,47 Mxd. Chrs. 17 Dra ma II, Trk. 1,2,3,4. MARIE DeCOU-FHA 1,2,37 Girls Glee 2,3,4. JERRY DODSON-Forgn. Lang. 47 Intramurals 2,3,47 BB 1,2,37 Trk. 1,2737 CC 1,2,3. SHER RI DUR HA M-Band 17 Pom Pon 2,3,4, capt. 47 Girls Glee 1,2,3,47 Mxd. Chrs. 1,2,3,47 Stu. Co. 1,2,3, 47 FHA 1,2,3,47 Pres, 1,47 Vice-Pres. 3, cab. 27 Forgn. Lang, 17 Kayettes 2,37 Pwdr. Puff 37 Drama I, Drama II, Hmcming. Cand. 47 Pag. Cast 47 Musical 1,2,3,4. STEVE EAGLE-FCA 27 FFA 1,2,47 Mxd. Chrs. 27 FB 1,27 Wrest. 17 Trk. 1. MARIE FORTNER-Hmcming. Cand. 47 Stu. Co. 2,3,47 Pep Club 2,3,47 Kayettes 2,3,4, cab. 3,47 FHA 1, cab. 17 Mxd. Chrs. 3,47 Girls Glee 2,3,4: Music Club Sec. 3, Pres. 47 Pag. Solo 47 Drama I, Drama II, Debate 2, 3,47 Forensics 2,3,47 NFL Sec. 37 Vice-Pres. 47 Cad. Teach. 47 Choral-Aires 47 Accomp. 2,3,4. SAM GILLETTE-Pwdr. Puff Band Director 37 Stu. Co. 37 Band 2,3,4, off. 37 Pag. Cast 3,47 Drama I, Drama II, Sci. Club 2,47 Art Club 27 Boys Glee 2,3,47 Mxd. Chrs. 17 Radio and Television. ALLEN GILSTRAP-Stu. Co. 47 FCA 2,3,47 Pag. Cast 2,47 Drama I, Drama II7 Debate 2,3,47 Forensics 2,3,47 Forgn. Lang. 2,3,47 Pres. 47 FB 1,2,3,4j Trk. 1,2,3,47 Wrest. 2,37 Radio and TV 4. MARTIN GIPE-Mxd. Chrs. 37 Pag. Solo 37 Boys Glee 2,3,47 Refl. Staff 3. SANDRA GORTON-Class off. 2,47 Pwdr. Puff capt. 37 Stu. Co. 1,37 Pep Club 1,2,3j Kayettes 3,4, cab. 4, Pres. 47 FHA 17274, off. 1, cab. 2,37 Mxd. Chrs, 1,2,3, 47 Girls Glee 1,2,3,47 Music Council 47 Choral-Aires 3,47 Forgn. Lang. 27 Trk. 2,3,47 Volleyball Capt. 47 Gymnastics 4. JON GRAHAM-Class off. 47 Pwdr. Puff Coach 37 Stu. Co. 3,47 FCA 2,3,4 off 37 Mxd. Chrs. 2,3,47 Drama III Sci. Club 47 FB 1,2,3,47 All. League Offense 47 Wrest. 2,37 BB. 17 Boys Glee 2,3,47 Verse Speaking Choir 47 Jr. High Asst. BB Coach 47 Crows Nest 3,4. PAT GREEN-Stu. Co. 2,37 Mxd. Chrs. 3,47 Pag. Cast 37 BB 27 CC 2,37 Trk, 1,22 Boys Glee 2,3,4. MIKE HARRELSON-Stu. Co. 2,37 FCA 2,3,4j Mxd. Chrs 3,47 Drama I, Drama II, Boys Glee 2,3,47 FB 1,3,47 Wrest. 17 Trk. 1,27 Crows Nest 3,4. RICHARD HAWLEY-FFA 2,3, Forgn. Lang. 37 Art Club 3,47 Boys Glee 2,3,47 Wrest. 1. DAVE HOGAN-Pep Club 47 FCA 2,3,4j Mxd. Chrs. 3, 47 Music Council 4, Pag. Solo 47 Pag. Cast 47 Drama I, Drama II7 Sci. Club 2,3,47 Forgn. Lang. 17 Art Club 2,37 Refl. Staff 37 Yrbk Staff Photog. 47 Student Train- er 2,37 Cad Teach 47 Boys Glee 1,2,47 Radio and TV 4. RANDY HUCKINS-Stu. Co. 17 Band 1,2,3,47 Boys Glee 47 Intramurals 3,4. SHARALYN HUTTON-Pwdr. Puff 37 Pep Club 1,2,3,47 Kayettes 2,3,4, cab. 3,47 FFA 2,3,47 FHA 1,2,37 Mxd. Chrs. 2,47 Girls Glee 2,3,4, Drama I, Drama II, Debate 47 Forensics 47 Sci. Club 3,4, Art Club 1,2,37 Trk. 1,27 37 Cad Teach. 3,47 Volleyball 47 FFA Hort. Team 3,47 Choral-Aires Alt. 4. BRAD KING-Class Pres, 37 Boys State alt. 37 Pwdr. Puff Chrldr. 37 Valentine King 37 FCA 2,3,4, Pres, 47 FFA 2,37 Stu. Co. 47 Band 17273747 Mxd. Chrs. 3747 Music Council 47 Pag. Solo 3,47 Boys Glee 3,47 Music Ensemble 47 Music II 47 Drama I, Drama II7 School Musical 3,47 FB 17273747 Capt. 47 BB 17273747 capt. 4, Trk. 1,273,4. BETTY KNOWLES-Pwdr. Puff 37 Drama II, Forgn. Lang. 27 Debate 47 Yrbk. Staff 47 Cad. Teach 4. BONNIE LASSLEY DAVID LEFFERD-Band 17273747 FB 1. DANNY LETTER MAN-FFA 1,27 Art Club 2737 Boys Glee 4. ARTHUR LEWIS-FFA 1,3747 An Club 4. MIKE LOWNIAN-Stu. co. 47 Art club 4, off. 4. KEVIN McCLAYLAND-Band 1,2,3,47 Mxd. Chrs. 3747 Drama I7 Boys Glee 3747 Pwdr. Puff Pom Pon girl 37 Wrest. 17273747 capt. 4, NANCY McDONALD-Pwdr. Puff 37 FFA-FHA Royalty attn. 27 Stu. Co. 37 Pep Club 1727 Kayettes 27374, off, 3747 cab. 3747 FFA 273,47 FHA 37 Mxd. Chrs. 27 Girls Glee 2,3,47 Sci. Club 27 Forgn. Lang. 17 Art Club 2, 374. off. 37 Trk. 17273. JANET MCGINNIS-Pwdr. Puff 37 Kayettes 273,47 cab. 3,47 FHA 1727 off. 17 Drama I7 Drama II7 Art Club 2, Cad. Teach. 3,47 Trk. 172. PATTY MAHAN-Stu. Co. 37 Pep Club 17 Kayettes 47 FHA 1727 Mxd. Chrs. 37 Girls Glee 27374. VICKY MATLOCK-Pwdr. Puff 37 Kayettes 172737 cab. 3, FHA 1, cab. 17 Sci. Club 3747 Forgn. Lang. 27374, KENNETH MATNEY TERRI MATNEY-Pep Club 17 Kayettes 47 FHA 17 Girls Glee 2737 Refl. Staff 37 Yrbk. Staff 47 Cad. Teach 37 Music Club 2. BARRY MELLEN-Class Vice-Pres. 173747 Pwdr. Puff Chrldr. 37 Stu. Co. 47 FCA 273747 treas. 47 Band 17273, 47 Mxd. Chrs. 17273747 Music Council 37 Sci. Club 47 report. 47 Forgn. Lang. 17 Yrbk Staff 47 Boys Glee 17 273747 Music II 47 FB 17273747 capt. 47 BB 17273747 capt. 47 Trk. 1,273,4. MITCH NEUENSCHWANDER-Class off. 27 FFA-FHA Royalty Attn. 37 FCA 27 FFA 3747 Band 17 Mxd. Chrs. 17273747 Drama I, Drama II7 Refl. Staff 37 Boys Glee 17273747 FB 1,27 BB 1727 Trk. 17 Crows Nest 3747 Stu. Co. 2,3,47 off. 4. STEVE ODELL-Stu. Co. 27 FCA 2,3,47 Mxd. Chrs. 3, 47 Drama II7 Boys Glee 273,47 FB 17273747 All League Off. and Def., All State Hon. Mention 47 BB 17273747 Trk. 17273747 Music II 47 Valentine King 4. JEAN OGDEN-Pep Club 17 Kayettes 47 FHA 17 Mxd. Chrs. 37 Girls Glee 3,42 Forgn. Lang. 3. NAN OGLE-Pep Club 17 FHA 1727 Girls Glee 2,3,47 Forgn. Lang. 37 Trk. 2. DEB OSBORNE-Girls State 37 Pwdr. Puff 37 Hmcming 1975 SENIOR INDEX Cand. 47 Stu. Co. 273,47 Pep Club 17273747 Pres. 47 FCA 47 FHA 17273747 off. 37 cab. 2,37 Mxd. Chrs. 273747 Girls Glee 17273747 Pom Pon 2,3747 Pag. Solo 47 Drama I7 De- bate 2737 Forgn. Lang. 172, off. 27 Choral-Aires 3747 Trk. 273,47 Gym. 4. LARRY PALMER-FFA-FHA Royalty Cand. 27 Stu. Col. 17 FFA 17273747 off. 47 Mxd. Chrs. 2,37 Music Council 47 Art Club 27 Trk. 17 Boys Glee 2,3,47 FB Mang, 1. LEAH PARNELL-FHA 1,2737 Forgn. Lang. 47 Art Club 3,4. VINCE PER DUE ROGER REED-Pwdr. Puff chrldr. 37 FCA 2,37 Band 1727 37 Mxd. Chrs. 273747 Pag. Cast 273747 Drama I7 Drama II7 Art Club 17273747 vice. pres. 47 Boys Glee 17273747 FB 17273747 Wrest. 17 BB 2,37 mang. 47 Trk. 1737 All League FB Team 47 Crows Nest 374. MARK RELPH- Mxd. Chrs. 37 Drama II7 Art Club 37 Boys Glee 27374. PAM RELPH-Pwdr. Puff 37 Valentine Royalty Cand. 27 Pep Club 172 off. 17 Kayettes 2,3,47 FHA 17273747 off. 17 cab. 17 Girls Glee 2,3,47 Music Council 37 Refl. Staff 3. VIRGINIA RELPH-Pwdr. Puff 37 Hmcming Queen 47 Stu. Co, 17273747 Pep Club 17273747 sec. 47 Kayettes 47 cab. 47 FHA 1727 Mxd. Chrs. 2,3747 Girls Glee 2,3747 Music Council 47 Pag. Solo 37 Pag. Char. 47 Drama II7 Debate 1,27 Forensics 17273747 NFL off. 27 Refl. Staff 37 Yrbk. Staff 47 Track 37 Intramurals 17273747 School Musical 17273747 Choral-Aires 27374. CHERYL ROBINSON DAVID ROETS-Pwdr. Puff Coach 37 Stu. Col. 17273747 FCA 2,3,47 Mxd. Chrs. 17273747 Music Council 47 Pag. Cast 47 Drama I, Drama II7 Boys Glee 2,3,47 FB 172737 BB 1,2,3: Trk. 1. MARTY ROSEBERRY-FCA 2737 Mxd. Chrs. 2,37 Music Council 27 Drama II7 Boys Glee 2,37 FB 17273747 All- League Team 3,47 capt. 47 BB 1,2737 Trk. 2,37 Crows Nest 4. JACK ROW-FFA 1,2,3,47 Boys Glee 172. DEBBIE SCOTT-Pwdr. Puff 37 Hmcming Cand. 47 All Sprts. Cand. 3747 Stu. Co. 17273747 off. 1,3747 Pep Club 1,2,3,4: Chrldr. 1,2747 FCA 47 Kayettes 27 FHA 17273747 off. 3,47 cab 273747 Music Council 37 Band 1,27 Mxd. Chrs. 1'2,3,47 Girls Glee 17273747 Pom Pon 37 Music Ens. 1,3747 Drama I7 Drama II7 Forgn. Lang. 27 Yrbk. Staff 47 Trk. 17273747 Golf, 47 Gymnas. 3747 Cad. Teach 3. DONNA SHELTON-Class off. 1,27 All Sports Cand. 2, 37 Val. Royalty attn. 37 Stu. Co. 1,2737 off. 1,37 Pep Club 17273747 Chrldr. 1,2,3,4: Kayettes 2,3,47 FHA 17 2,3,47 Girls Glee 2,3,47 Drama II7 Trk7 273,47 Gymnas. 273. BOB SHOAF-Boys State7 Stu. Co. 1,47 FCA 2,3,47 Sci. Club 2,3,47 off. 47 Forgn. Lang. 1727 Pwdr. Puff Cand. 37 FB 1,2,3,47 BB 17273747 Trk. 1,273,4. JOANNE SHOAF-Pwdr. Puff 37 Pep Club 1,2,37 FHA 1, 27 FFA 1,2,47 Girls Glee 1,2,3,47 Sci. Club 37 Kayettes 2,3,4, cab. 3,4. VAREE SIERMAN-Pwdr. Puff Capt. 37 stu. co. 1,2,3,47 Pep Club 1,2,3,47 Kayettes 2,3,4, off. 3,4, cab, 3,47 FHA 1,2,3,4, off. 1, cab. 1,2,47 Band 1,2,3,47 Mxd. Chrs. 47 Girls Glee 47 Sci. Club 3,47 Forgn. Lang. 27 Trk. 1,2,3,4. KATHY SMITH-Hmcming cand. 47 Stu. Co. 37 Pep Club 1,2,3,47 Kayettes 2,3,4, off. 4, cab, 3,42 FHA 1, 2,3,47 Mxd. Chrs. 47 Girls Glee 47 Drama I, Drama II, Debate 1,2,37 NFL 37 Forgn. Lang. 37 Art Club 37 Refl. Staff 37 Yrbk. Staff 47 Cad. Teach. 3,4. PAM SPEAKS-Class treas. 37 Pwdr. Puff 37 Stu. Co. 47 Pep Club 1,2,3,47 Kayettes 2,3, treas. 3, cab 37 FHA 1,2,3,47 off. 1, cab. 47 Mxd. Chrs. 2,37 Girls Glee 2,37 Pom Pon 3,47 Sci. Club 47 Verse Speaking Choir 47 In- tramurals 1,2,3,47 Trk. 2. ROGER SPOON-Pep Club 47 FCA 27 Sci. Club 2,3,47 Forgn. Lang. 27 Art Club 2,37 Yrbk. Photog. 47 FB Mang. 2,3,47 Wrest. mang. 2,37 BB mang. 17 Trk. mang, 1,2,37 Boys Glee 3,4. PAUL SUMNER-Pwdr. Puff Coach 37 Stu. Co. 2,3,47 FFA 17 Mxd. Chrs. 1,27 Drama I, FB 1,2,3, capt, 17 Crows Nest 4,3. ROBERT TAYLOR-Class off. 1,27 Boys State alt. 37 Stu. Co. 1,2,3,4, Vice-pres, 3, Pres. 47 FCA 2,3,47 Mxd. Chrs. 2,37 Sci. Club 2,37 Forgn. Lang. 17 Boys Glee 2,3,47 Pwdr. Puff Coach 37 FB 1,2,3,4j Wrest. 1, 2,3,47 Trk. 2,3,47 Crows Nest 3,4. TERRY TINDLE-FFA 1,2,3,4. TIM TINDLE-FFA 1,2,3,4. DIANA WILLIAMSON-Mxd. Chrs. 1,27 Girls Glee 1,2, 3,4, Art Club 2,37 cad, Teach, 2,2-,4. MERRILL WILSON-FFA 1,2,3,4, off. 1,2,3,47 Mxd. Chrs. 27 Boys Glee 1,2. PHILIP WOOTEN-FFA 3,47 Art Club 3,4, Pres. 47 Boys Glee 27 FB 17 Wrest. 1,27 CC 27 Trk. 1. RHONDA WILLARD-FHA 1,27 Girls Glee 2,37 Trk. 2. STUDENT INDEX Adams, Larry 22,41,53 Adkins, Lance 17,54 Adkins, Renee 22,54 Albin, Kathy 17,36,43,44,55 Anderson, Donnie 22,54 Apollo, Danny 10,47 Atkinson, Doreen 10,54,60,89 Baker, Cris 10,34,35,36,38,84 Baker, Diana 10 Baker, Jim 22 Ballinger, Debra 22,43,50 Ballinger, Kathy 22,44,49 Bambick, Betty 22,35,36,37,4O,41,43,78,79,86,80 Bambick, Bobby 10,16,40,41,71,72 Bambfck, Patty 17,21,35,3e,3a,4o,41,43,7s,79,ae,eo,s1 Banks, Cindy 22,48,49 Barton, Mark 17 Batson, Walt 17,41,48,70,77 Bayles, Bob 17,41,42,52,71,72,74 Beadles, Kristi 17,35,36,37,41,44,45,47,4s,49,53,58,78 Berger, Rodney 17,48,58 Biggs, Tommy 10,54 Bloodworth, Farrellynn 22,35,36,37,43,44,45,49,53,78 Bloodworth, Patti 17,36,42,44,48,49,53,58,78 Bobb, Howard 17 Boden, Daryl 17,21,35,39,42,7O,77 Boicourt, Greg 22,41,48,52,47,70,77 Boicourt, Michel 17,21,35,36,37,41,43,48,49,58,78 Bradley, Diana 1O,44,49,55,60 Brockway, Marilee 22,39 Brunker, Carol 1O,44,45,55 Bumgarner, Toni 17 Busch, Bobby 1O,39,42,50 Busch, Dolores 17,43 Carlton, Ann 22,43,54 Carlton, Brenda 17 Carr, Marsha 22,43,44 Chambers, Charlotte 18,35,36,37,41,43,44,48,49,58,78 Chapman, Susie 10,16,35,36,39,44,48,49,51,55,57,84 Chase, Connie 22,43,48,49 Chism, Debra 1O,44,49,55,56 Chism, Robin 18,44,49 Clark, David 18,36,50,52,48,58 Claus, Melinda 11,44,49 Cline, Ed 22,41,70,74 Cole, Annette 18,36,39,43,44,48,49,53,55 collins, Kathi 11,16,35,36,41,44,48,49,5O,52,60,84,87, 88 Compton, Linda 11,35,36,41,44,57,78,86,89,81 Comtpon, Marcia 22,35,36,37,41,78,86 Cook, Jeannie 18,36,41,78 Cox, Toni 22,43,44,55 Craig, Vicki 18,43,49 Culbertson, Max 18,46,47,70 Cullison, Rex 22 Cunningham, Tony 23,70,74 Damet, Dale 23,39,42,70,75,76,77 Damet, Marrill 43,54 Davis, Beverly 18,48,49 DeCou, Marie 11,49 Doane, Donna 18 Doane, Donnie 23 Dodson, Jerry 11,43 Duckworth, Toni 18,36,44,45,53,58 Dunn, Jim 23 Dunsworth, James 23 Durham, Sherri 10,11,12,36,37,41,44,48,49,57,84,89 Eagle, Steve 11,47 Ecton, Barbara 23,36,42,44,49,53 Ecton, Billy 41,46,47,7O,76,77 Ecton, Dwight 18,46,47 Elder, Jeff 23,47,53,70,74 Engstrom, Rex 23 Erbe, Charletta 23,36,48,49,78,80,81 Ervin, Russell 18,52,56,58 Evans, Jeanna 34,36,58 Ferguson, Cindy 23,36,44,48,49 Ferguson, Dennis 18,42,46,47 Ferguson, Mike 18,41,48,5O,70,76,77 Ferguson, Ricky 23,41,54,61,70,72 ' Fitzmorris, Lori 18,34,35,36,40,41,42,53,82,80 Fortner, Marie 11,35,36,39,48,49,55,57,84 Fraser, John 23,54 Frey, Kathryn 18,35,41,43,48,49,54 Friend, Rita 23,44,49 Gillette, Malcom 11,42,48,57 Gillen, Robin 17,23,36,37,43,44,49,78,79,80,81 Gillen, Valerie 18,36,44,48,49 Gilstrap, Allen 11,13,35,40,41,51,57,71 Gipe, Martin 11 Glasgow, Gary 23 Gorton, Larry 23,47 Gorton, Sandra 10,11,44,48,49,55,78,80 Graham, Gloria 18,21,35,36,37,41,48,49,60 Graham, Jon 10,11,41,35,57,71,95 Green, Donna 23,44,49,55 Green, Pat 11,48 Gulick, Karen 18 Hankins, Deb 23,49,54,55,78 Harkrader, Randal 18,19,49,52 Harrelson, Angela 18,19,36,38,48,49,82 Harrelson, Mike 11,41,48,57,71,89 Hawley, Richard 48 Hendry, Dale 23,47 Hobleman, Rita 23,42,49,53,80,81 Hogan, David 11,13,36,42,48,49,57,6O Horney, Bart 18,43,52,58 Houser, Tami 19,44,48,49,55,60 Huckins, Randy 12,52,89 Hufford, Junior 23 Huguenin, Ricky 22,23,52 Hunt, Randy 19,41,43,58,70,72 Huser, Geralyn 19,21,35,36,43,44,49,52 Hutton, Laura 23,36,42,44,45,48,49,55 Hutton, Sharalyn 12,36,42,47,48,49,55,57,78 Jackson, LaDonna 19,43,49 Jansen, 23 Jones, Bruce 23,7O,76,77 Jones, David 19,41,47,70,76,77 Jordan, John 19,41,58,70,76,77 Joy, Leland 23,54 Kelley, Pat 19,35,41,43,70,72 Key, Bryan, 19 Kibby, Gail 23,43 Kimzey, Beth 19,21,35,36,43,44,45,48,49,52 King, Brad 12,16,35,4O,41,48,49,5O,52,57,71,72, King, Cheryl 23,36,44,52,55,87 Kitchens, Kelly 23,77 Knowles, Betty 12,39,57,60 Lakin, Brian 24,54 Lance, Bylinda 19 Larkin, Mike 19,41,48,50,56,70 Larkin, Vickie 24,49 Lassley, Bonnie 12 Leckey, Don 24,41,54,70 Lefferd, David 12,52 Letterman, Danny 12 Letterman, Debbie 19 Lewis, Arthur 12,54 Lowman, Mike 12,35,54 Mader, Richard 24 Mahan, Patty 12,49,55,56 Mallernee, Sherri 19,34,35,41,43,48,49,53,55 Mast, Ronald 24,47,70 Matlock, Cheryl 24,36,42,44,45,53 Matlock, Vicky 12,42,43,55 73,88 Matlock, Wayne 24,54,70 Matney, Connie 19,48,49,54 Matney, Kenneth 12,56 Matney, Mike 19 Matney, Paul 24,35,43,77 Matney, Terri 13,55 Maxwell, Terry 19,47,6O Mayeske, Beverly 24,42,44,48,49,55 Mellen, Barry 10,13,35,4o,41,42,4a,5o,s2,eo,71,72,73 89 Mellen, Brian 19,35,4O,41,42,48,50,43,52,70,72,73,87 Mellen, Geri Ann 24,36,43,53,78,79 Metzger, Roxanna 24,44,49,52,78 Millar, Donna 19 Miller, Cheryl 23,24,35,36,41,48,49,56 Miller, Kathy 19,43,45,49,58 Miller, Kevin 20,40,41,48,50,70,72 Mitchell, Tim 24,52 Moffatt, Vickie 44 Morgan, Darla 24 McBride, Steve 19,41,58,71 McClayland, Kevin 13,48,52,77 McDonald, Nancy 13,47,49,54,55 McGinnis, Janet 13,55,57 Neill, Bruce 23,24,35,54,70,87 Neuenschwander, Mitch 13,34,35,47,48,57,84,95 Nevitt, Leslie 20,41,42,43,44,49,37,78,87 Newland, John 43,48 Nightengale, Belinda 24,48,49 Norton, Becky 24,35,44,48,49,54,61 Odell, Steve 13,41,48,72,73,71,87,89 Ogden, Jean 13,55 Ogden, Russell 24 Ogle, Nan 13,55 Ogle, Gene 20,41,48 Olenhouse, Dan 24,74 Ong, Dan 24,41 osberne, Deb 13,16,35,36,37,41,44,48,49,58,84,86, ao Page, Helen 16,20 Palmer, Larry 13,47 Parnell, Leah 13,43 Payne, Jerry 20 Perdue, Vince 14 Porter, Billy 2O,41,47,70,77 Porter, Earl 24,47,70,77 Powers, Nick 20,43 Preble, Richard 24,54,56 Pressley, Belinda 23,24,35,44,45,48,49 Price, Peggy 24,54 Rassmussen, Dave 20 Ratzlaff, Cindy 20,36,38,41,58,78 Ratzlaff, Randy 24,41,70,77,81 Reed, Cindy 24,44,49,54,78 Reed, Donita 24,35,49 Reed, Roger 14,50,54,57,71,72,95 Reed, Sam 20,34,35,39,43,48,49,58 Relph, Mark 14,57 Relph, Pam 14,44 Relph, Virginia 14,35,36,48,49,50,51,55,57,60,84 Richardson, Denise 24,36,37,41,44,45,48,49 Rios, Buddy 56 A Robertson, Kenton 20,14,48,50,70,72 Robinson, Brenda 20,21,35,36,37,39,42,44 Robinson, Cheryl 14 Robinson, Ricky 20,42,43 Roets, David 14,34,57 88 Rogers, David 24,41,52,70,74 Romig, Terry 14,42 Roseberry, Marty 14,41,57,71,95 Row, Jack 14,47 Row, Rosemary 24,49 Sanderson, Pat 25 Scanlan, Kevin 25,41,52 scoff, Deb 12,14,35,36,38,41,44,45,48,49,57,60,82,84, 86,89,81 Scott, Margaret 25,49,54 Seiwert, John 25,48,52 Shafer, Kristi 25,36,41,43,48,49,81 Sharp, Gerald 25,47,52,7O,74 Shelton, Donna 15,16,36,38,44,57 Shelton, Rodney 20,41,70 Shinkle, Bobby 25,47,76,77 Shinkle, Cindy 25,44 Shinkle, Jeanna 20,35,36,41,42,49,58,78 Shinkle, Sherlene 20,36,41,42,49,58,78 Shoaf, Bob 15,16,35,40,41,42,71,72 Shoaf, Joanne 15,36,44,49,55 Shogren, Sharon 12,17,20,36,38,41,43,48,82 Short, Brad 47 Shue, Cindy 20,36 Sidlinger, Margie 25,36,44,49,53 Sierman, Varee 15,35,36,42,44,45,48,49,52,55 Sissom, Randy 25,56 Smith, Kathy 15,36,39,48,49,44,55,57,60,84 Smith, Pam 20,35,36,38,41,43,52,58,79,78,86 Smith, Patty 25,35,36,37,41,43,49,53,80 Smith, Ricky 25,70,74 Speaks, Pam 15,35,36,37,42,44,45,49 Speaks, Shelley 23,25,36,37,44,45,43,48,49,53,78,79, 86,80 Speaks, Sonya 25,36,48,49,78 Speer, Fraya 25,52 Spohn, Roger 25,52 Spoon, Roger 15,36,42,60 Starmer, Rocky 41,70,75,77 Stephens, Brad 42,46,47,53,71,72 Stidham, Tim 25,47 Stiles, Brad 25,43,48,54,70,74 Stotts, Teresa 25,36,43,44,48,49,55,78 Sumner, Paul 15,95 Taylor, Robert 15,16,34,35,41,71,76,77,88,95 Thomas, Natalie 17,20,35,36,37,41,58,82,86,80,81 Tierce, Deb 25,39,35,43 Tindle, Barry 25,47 Tindle, Terry 15,47,54 Tindle, Tim 16,47 Varner, Mary 36,42,44,48,49,53,55,78,80,81 Wacker, Richard 25,54 Wadel, Verle 21 P' '5 ,ni i Walker, Rhonda 21,44,49 Wallace, Cindy 21,36,49 Wallace, Clipper 25 Watson, Lisa 21,49 Weber, Donna 21,36,43,44,45,52,55,58 Wewer, Becky 25 White, Dixie 25,43,44,55 White, Tami 21,35,36,41,49,58,78 Whitehead, Tammy 25 Willard, Nancy 21,36,42,44,45,49 Willard, Neil 21,42 Willard, Rhonda 16 Williams, Don 16 Williamson, Diana 16 Wilson, Bryan 25,41,70,77 Wilson, Merrill 16,46,47 Wire, Eldon 21,40,41,52,74 Wolf, Allen 25,41,47,52,74 Wooten, Paul 25 Wooten, Philip 16,54 Yeoman, Dave 25,44 Young, Sharon 25,36,44,53 Mitch Neuenschwander, Jon Graham, Robert Taylor, Marty Roseberry, Roger Reed, and Paul Sumner get slicked up for a Crows Nest skit. i 95 its N., .f H ,' A-. '-13' . 1 , vi , 4 v"'L . I . l lc.. ' 1 'if' 1251 , 1 Y. 1 , .- .K .ML-Xi4:t,.it.'rffff'f1if: W fe , ' t A special thanks to the following businesses who helped make this yearbook possible: Joe Armstrong Dr. Robert H. Bryant, Optometrist Bu nch's Greenhouse R. Guy Cleverly, D.D.S. Coast to Coast Cozy Cafe Dots Lounge Dryer Discount Shoes Durham Rubber Stamp Manufacturing Fifteenth Street Market and Service First National Bank Fredonia Locker and Meat Market Foodtown Gladding Del-Rey Marjorie Graham Hutton and Cook Real Estate Iceberg Drive Inn Lazy .IL Western Wear and Equipment Lois's Beauty Shop Modern Miss Murphey Electric, Inc. J.C. Penney, Co. Red Gable Shafer Construction Style Barber Shop Studebaker Refrigeration Western Auto Wilson County Citizen me , -ww , kfiaigxjg +49 , b I, -L X63 'S' , Ju QYQEJPQYSQV 4515 f A MMM vm ffw Q3 Q fy Je W M 355 WV 'QM wb? 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Suggestions in the Fredonia High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Fredonia, KS) collection:

Fredonia High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Fredonia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Page 1


Fredonia High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Fredonia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Fredonia High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Fredonia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 9

1975, pg 9

Fredonia High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Fredonia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 6

1975, pg 6

Fredonia High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Fredonia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 40

1975, pg 40

Fredonia High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Fredonia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 31

1975, pg 31

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