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4? Y ... ik xx nf LP' ' A : . N . . - ' ,. ' - , ' I x P .ir , gh? 'L .infix 'KIXM 1,1 f I., . my QVQV' X V, 1 .Y al-. Rloxrp 1. ,A 1 Aff I' I X5 4, J, , f 1, 9' .wi xslffll X1 'jmivk T' CQ up ' arf W-'V nl V wk ' V , px ' I" lALY'y rj-RY' X, ' ' I , X . UY. l, N N WL ,N ff if Ivy 1 af I Q' .I 1? 'H 4' 3 Ax . TN ly- ! Rx, ig AH J XI C561 X J 1 ' 135 sd N ., K .. Y . kxb tail xx Q ' J H , 4 lu 4- V: 551 in fin fB 7 x L 57 i .Q if , , , I ggi? aww '15, ffifamwfiy g,,,,,,g,M1f Mig! WWW Qysfjwf fi . 'mon-tie c. Z 7-X6 ' ..,A u .5 Q . .W 4' fp-5011 ff!!! Ai? Ei 0 aff f wifi In a chariot of light from the region of day NN Timfvf Wi The Goddess of Liberty came. Gi' JOM!-LQ! fl7'4'm'5WLeffG17fg,, Ten thousand celestial directed the way A An hither conducted the dame. M A fair budding branch from the gardens above. Where millions with millions agree, She brought in her hand as a pledge of her love, And the plant she named Liberty Tree. LIBERTY TREE QPcnn. Mngnzincy July. 1775 il lllQlllIS VOLUME 22 77'-aeumfed gg 74a SENIOR CLASS OF I953 FREDONIA I-IIGI-I SCHOOL FREDONIA, NEW YORK 0'C6W0'C I therefore believe it is my duty to my country to loue ir. to support its constitu- tion, to obey its Iatus, to respect its flag and to defend it against all enemies. -TYLER We, the senior class of 1953, proudly present our Hilltopper based upon the theme of democratic government, a unique project in the corridors of time. To our democracy that was established by our forefathers through the price of human sacrifice we pay homage, and sincerely hope that the years to come will find all the persons in the world holding high the torch of liberty in a society of democratic men. The most efficient administration and faculty of Fredonia High School represent the executive branch of our government which extends to the Legislative body, or classes. a guiding hand and standards of high ideals for its deep consideration. The Senate of the Legislative body is portrayed by the senior class, having worked its way up through the House of Representatives, con- sisting of all underclassmen. Aiding the Page four' Executive and Legislative branches are the Cabinets of the government, symbolized by the school's clubs and organizations which help promote the general welfare of all through unity and co-operation. Activities in which many students play a faithful role denote the Departments that utilize this great land of ours to aid the democratic way of life. However, to maintain a government established for the use of all. it must be backed and approved by the voters of our nation. The class of 1953, likewise. without the deeply appreciated advertisers of this and surrounding communities, would not be able to produce and enjoy a memorable yearbook. We, the class of 1953, proudly leave our present position as Fredonia High Schools Senate with a wish that this way of life continue forever, and that it soon extend its blessings to all mankind. fCjO .iff 1953 ,fuiflttwef Jalzmfim Ll-U4 6-Mu clqguf MR. RICHARD SPARKS TILUJS5 t ,bat gate.. Extending his share of contribution to the successful completion of our democratic education, Mr. Richard Sparks is the recipient of our yearbook dedication. Mr. Sparks, as director of band and boys' chorus, has brought to the students of Fredonia High School a keen appreciation of music. Under his guidance the music depart- ment has risen to prominence in our school life. Grateful for the services and remarkable accomplish- ments he has rendered, the senior class extends their thanks and best wishes for future success. PQI' Q45 ,L!iz1f,,,,,a C3245 page six fiwhi EDITOR - - Daniel Dawley LITERARY EDITORS - Barbara Sesme Theresa Gugino BUSINESS MANAGER - Lawrence Nelson ADVERTISING MANAGER V - John Black SUBSCRIPTION MANAGER - A Dorothy Smith PICTURE EDITORS - - - Marla Reynolds, Robert Drummond MAKE-UP EDITORS - Betty Lawson. Elaine Neal ART EDITORS - Elsie Litz, Dorothy Conti SUBSCRIPTION STAFF: Betty Bolling, John Daly. Marie Leone, Marcia Washburn, Barbara McKibbin. Jean Schauffler, Jean Sessions. Marilyn, Stanley. ADVERTISING STAFF: Sherryl Bolling, Jack Evarts. Lois Bray, Joseph Gullo, Elsie Litz, William Phillips. Joan Gerring, Joseph Rizzo, Joseph Leone, Carol Lucas, Marie Tampio, Sally Valvo, Thomas Freling. Donald Bollman. Justine Ferguson, Robert Mesel. Richard Notaro. TYPISTS: Betty Mancuso. Eleanore Kuczenski. John Valone. Angela Barresi, ADVISER - Mr. Don Marquette ART - - Mrs. Eloise Heyl I 4 EXECUTIVE LADMINISTRATIOND 06I,'C of Ci6ZlfLC6lflj0lfl, CSUPREME COURTJ Lefl lo righl: Mr. Donald Guest. Mr. Louis Gugino, Dr. Harry Wheelock, Mrs. Ruth Pinkerton. Mr. Robert Maylum. Fredonia's Board of Education has served the school and community wisely for many years, Sacrificing many hours and days, these men meet to discuss and determine policies of the school. We shall always remember the progress and improvements which have taken place in our four years here. Supt. Howard R. Bradley CChief Executivej Mr. Howard Bradley, principal of Fredonia High School, has guided us through our four years of schooling with an unselfish attitude toward all. His co-operation with students and faculty alike has served to increase good relationships throughout the school. Besides being a capable administrator, Mr. Bradley has been a genuine friend of every senior. We greatly appreciate the time and effort that he has put forth in our behalf. page eight F' wifi? CCABINETl LANGUAGE DEPARTBIENT Lvfl I0 rfghr: Mrs. Luna Curtis, Miss Edna Scott, Mr. Don lwlarqurllc, Mr. Richard Willis, Miss Mary Mauhcrs. Miss Ruth Frank. Miss Anna Saxton. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Lcfr 10 righzz Mrs. Laura Evans. Mr. Victor Lesso. GUIDANCE COORDINATOR Mr. Sidney Frost. an, ' ax-- COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT la-fl lo riyhr: Mrs. Dorothy Johnson. Mrs. Ruth Moors. MEDICAL SERVICES Luft In righlz Dr. Frank llall. Mrs. Mary Quigley. I A ,. ! -Q, VOCATIONAL ARTS LL-fr fo righl: Mr. Milton Schafer, Mr. Lyle Halsey, Mrs. Eunice Mason. Music DEPARTMENT Ll-fl to right: Miss Marcia Montfort, Mr. Richard Sparks. STUDIES DEPARTMENT Ll-fr Io right: Mr. Marvin NVashlaurn, Mrs. Kaxhryn Whitney, Mr. S. Gordon Carter. MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Lvfl to right: Mr. Robert Tnllman, Mr. Rudolph Miller. Miss Bertha Russo, Mr. Joseph Gravcllc, Mr, George Belden. ii ' , AQ, 1 in W. cjczcuflf . 4, Mr 11., H ,..n.f fn: ,,,f .W Af ..,n. A ,.,. . nx.. w.1:1A,nJ .x... .lLA!lQ,...J::.Q 4.2 Llzfx -Q Cmfofzw Ln-fr lo right: William Scott, George O'Dcll, Edwin Hipwcll, Irving Pclton. page eleven ' ff'- v"'2'i x Li Q rx QA fNfX'N , fx KN f'NfN fx fra? A w'A"Y?'i w KTNFXG in Y V . W-Q w 2524 5' ' v".9,sQ92x ' f 3 ' 5' QW J C x 4' Q 1 1 CO N G R E SS QCLASSESJ ,1 VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN DANIEL DAWLEY ELEANORE KUCZENSKI SENIOR As democracy gives to the individual the opportunity to achieve success in society, so do the class Valedictorian and Salutatorian gain recog- nition for their outstanding work throughout their years of school. The Hilltopper proudly presents the Val- edictorian of the class of 1953, Daniel Dawley. with the scholastic average of 93.477, Ranking a close second is our Salutatorian, Eleanore Kuc- zenski. with an average of 92.655. In a democratic form of government. leaders are selected by a majority of the popular vote. Likewise, in the senior class the officers are elected by their classmates. Bill, Larry, Elaine, and Bob have co-operated willingly with their adviser, Mr. Don J. Marquette. and their fellow students in all projects: and have earned the gratitude of their entire class. LEFT T0 RIGHT: Robert Mesel, Treasurer: Lawrence Nelson. Vice-President: Elaine Neal, Secretary: William Phillips, President. Mr. Don J. Marquette, Adviser, CLASS SENATE 0'IfL0"'C gltifelfljzi W Daniel Dawley 1 Eleanore Kuczenski Joan Gerring Jean Schauffler Carolyn Webb Elaine Neal Betty Lawson John Daly John Black Sandra Wheelock 93.477 92.655 92.092 91.631 91.230 90.441 90.273 89.292 88.114 87.723 page fifteen page sixteen Jima Mafez O'er all Fredonia, Towering high above: Stands the noble High School. That we all have learned to love: From far and near we hear the story told anew Of our Alma Mater, so glorious to view. Hail! Hail! Let the echoes fly, In a cheer for a school so true: Hail! Hail! Send the echoes flying, Up and down the hill: F. H. S. Her colors are the orange and black, Sing her praises do not let them lack: A purpose true and a spirit bold, Oh, hail to thee, Oh hail, to thee again. ex anion KSENATZDRSJ DELORES ALAIMO ANGELA BARRESI MARILYN BARRES1 JOHN BLACK "Dee" "Pcanuls" "Mac" "Lt-fly" those secret romances . . . petite and vivaciuus . . . Louie "What's that?" . . . takes life Pool shark . , . woman han "This hair of mine!" , . . . . . never speechless . . . sure with ease . . . "Lct's be merry" Uj . . . tall, dark. an mischievous looks . , . daring gets around. . . record-happy . . . . . . who's the new flame? . . . handsome . . . oh. those pai and gay . . . rating to go . . . oh, that tempt-r . . . "Olt. no!" happy and excitable . . . friendly. ties at Nasca's . . . "O. lf those sorority meetings. ROBERT BUNDY ..BUb.. the quiet type . . . mathemat- ics wizard . . . boating en- thusiast . . . always a friend . . . good natured, . i - VJ J VU K .y . ,Mfr L, fi 21 l 'fflnffhf 'i fi .lm 'fi wi i GJ' QLUJVLI J - li Jw g ' V N 1 f 1 -f LJ: vi page cighleen - you guysl" NANCIE CENTNER UNM.. quiet . . . can blush more than anyone . . . "Gul" . . . red hair QU . . . artistic . . . hard working gal . . . pleasant and fun-loving. JEAN CHASE EVELYN CHIMERA "Jeanie" "Lyn" tidy , . . those romantic moments quiet . . . willing to he in F.H.S, halls , . . "I get along anyone . . . "What did v with redheads" , . . pleasing have for history?" . . . gu personality. enthusiast. wffiiiif' 057' BETTY BOLLING SHERRYL BOLLING DONALD BOLLMAN "BMW" "Sherry" "Don" petite . . . those eatly morn- cute dimples . . , "Men?-mercy easy-ning . . . friendly . . . ing sharnpoos . .' . faithful sakes!" . . . n laugh a minute ht-artbreakcr . . . night life . . . Murphytte . . , History whiz . . . allergic to exams but never Dunkirk interests . . . basketball Trunk. forever . . . pretty hair. to dances. player, and can he argue! . , . "Going to Dunkirk?" LOIS BRAY "Loey" Lives to cheer . . . pleasing to all . . . "Gene" . . . pcppy and full of vitality , , . sweet as candy , . . "l'll have :I coke." JAMES COBB ROGER COLE VIRGINIA COLE "Jim" "Roy" "Ginny" husky voice . . . wavy blond quiet . . .everybody's friend . . . easy to get along with . . .quiet hair . . . devilish and dashing from motorcycle to hot rod , . . and content . . . "Never too . . . Lois . . . Billies' star basketball whiz , . . fun-loving, young to marry" . . . soft black center. butsometimes serious. hair . . . a pretty gal. DOROTHY CONTI ..Dm., "Now. this is just what you need!" . . . laughs off diffi- culty . . . a friend of and to all . . . Laona-nothing like it! miou page nineteen 3. I elfLLO"C.4 JOI-IN DALY WlLLlANl DAVIDSON DANIEL DAWLEY ROBERT DRUMMOND "John" "Bill" "Dan" "Cookie" our football manager . . , the shy type . . . friendly and a sIIre success . , . those tricky long distance romanfes . , joker . . .Mexican Seniorita considerate . . . nice to have smiles . . , "Well-let's sec ladies' man , , . Mrs. Whit- Uj . . , that laugh . , . aroIInd . . . wrestling fan . , . now--" . . . those daily biscuit ncy's daydreamer . . . shor' those fabulous truck rides! "Roger and l". diets . . . dependable and liked and cute. ncontagious laugh by everyone . . . shy KU. THOMAS FRELING "Tom" woman chascr . .g party man , . , real swell guy .!.l. West- field's loss. Freddnia's gain . . . all ,Ilmrljeepster . . . ehufcles. 1 . I M 1 t, A 1 1 I I 'I X -Q I page lwenly SALLY FULLER "Sal" liny and sweet . . . giggles galore . . . quiet at first but oh-my! . . . "Yeah" . . , always nent . . loads of fun. JOAN GERRING "J0!1DfL"' "Well, here goes!" . . , deter- mined . . . willing to try any4 thin . .friendl lo all g . y . . . lucky possessor of punctuality. CONSTANCE GERVASE "Connie" "Oh, these dances!" . . stunning clothes . . . Stan Ion's . . . a smile for every one . . , "Don't menlio food!" , . . another driver' JACK EYARTS JANE FEES "Jack" "Janit"' lxlushes . . . sorry, girls, hc "You cnn't live without a man" belongs to Joan . . . Sears and . , . a ccaseless appetite . . . Roebuck driver . . . sports' "I've got an I. Q," . . . full of star. . . joker. anxiety and a cutie. too J fl? C42 I 'ig 3:7032 ,A , W , nfs, fx HWUJV' Y 1 Y N-!d6Ltji,,,b,f9'La, ff , JUSTINE FERGUSON MARY' KAY FERGUSON "Fuslinc" "Ferg" "No kidding?" . . . cupid . . . Bolfs taxi . . . those lata full of ambition and excitement . . . loves to analyze . . . cute freckles . . . "This English drives me crazy!" hours . . . "Come on you kids!" . , . full of fun . . . mischievous but very under- standing, JANE GREGORY "Greg" once it Republican. always Republican . . . vivncious . , "Oh. to be born a vale dictotinn!" . , . muscles. . always on the go. a THERESA GUGINO ..TWry,. shorty . . . "Life is what you make it!" , . . dance fiend , . . finds life amusing and lull of excitement . , . in love. JOSEPH GULLO "Joe" flaming red hair . . . that "Toni" look . . . flashy blue Buick . . . neat dresser . . . every girl's dream, MARILYN HARPER "Mar" horn a beauty . . . "th1t's my boy. Bob!" . . . a slap-happy souliisricalt- . , . "Whcre's Sue?" . . , loves to fool around. I ElfLLO"CJ- path' lxvmtl-nm' miata JOAN HAYWARD EDMUND JOHNSON ..Jo., ..Ed,. curly locks . . . very cute , . . woman hater U5 . . , quiet and has a guy . . . enjoyable nice . . . future math teacher . . . company . . . skating queen a smile for all . . . athlete . . . . . . quiet and smiling . . , "When do I get in. Coach?" content with life, ELEANORE KUCZENSKI "Ellie" square dance queen. . . lVlurphy's . , . fast caper . . . full of con- versation . . . intelligent gal . . . a greeting lor everyone. 1 4. BETTY LAWSON "Belly" pretty blond hair. Cy , those long distance telepho calls . . . "No jOshingl" . musically inclined . . . full blitz. CAROL LUCAS ALEC MCALLISTER BETTY MCCRAITH "Larol" "Alec" "Belly" perpetually in motion . . . hard to findxin a crowd . . . excitable . . . men . . . high lots of fun . . , full of quirks .. , tl1at's a car? . . .math shark voice . . , sweet and cute . . . . . . "Golly!" . . . a laugh , . , Leila . , . tall. dark and likes to be teased . . . another of her own . . . petite. rugged. freckled redhead, f fax" MM. BARBARA MCKIBBIN "Berlitz" redhead . . . Pitrsbug . "Awww!" . . . bet r l: than never . . , lots ide. ,..cuteasabut .. forever in love. if I I . msg! Lfxa v xg ,K 1 1' - i 'Q a X li JOSEPH LEONE MARIE LEONE ROBERT LINK ELSIE LITZ "Joe" "Ree" "Bo "Elsie" tall . . , big man about the just Turtle. . . wee wnisted . . . history brain 135 . Gail . . . cutest freckles . . . Dr. Bert campus , , , never serious . . . full of ideas . , . dimples . . . the boy wonder . rugged and . . . that laugh . . . "Oh. my the athletic type . . . very chuckles , . . "for real?" . . , masculine . . . practical jokes goodness!" . . . personality well liked. charleston . . . sl1e's got rhythm. . . . every tcacher's dread. plus . . . those Florida tans . . . can't be heat. ALBERTA MAGGIO HAI.. twin . . . so pretty . . . shc's taken. boys! . . . blushing smiles . . . twinkling eyes . delicate and darling . . . don't say?" BETTY MANCUSO ROBERT MESEL LYNETTE MORSE "Belly" "Bob" "Lynn" Tony . . . calm and collected golf pro . . . wingfoot . . . "Oh. Pete!" . . . shuffles . . . up on a cloud . . . neat cute guy . . . guardian of the those feet along . . . forever clothes . . . a future secretary senior pennies . , . swell per- a honey . . . blessed with . . . always busy hut never in. sonality . . . great. dimples . . . short and sweet . . . "Can't do it!" C CVLLOZ4 page lwenly- three miaw RICHARD MULKIN ELAINE NEAL LAWRENCE NELSON RICHARD NOTARO "Dick" "Elaine" "Larry" "Knure" the shy type . . . Ruth . . , friends galore . . . dependable a smile for all . . . is he "half- all-around sports' star . . mischief-maker . . .Chautau- . , . Dick . . . "I'm so tired!" Nelson?" . . . all this and muscles . . . night owl . . qua Lake fan . . . future ...a wonderful disposition. . . talent. too? . . . our business oh. those sharp clothes . . Navy material UH. blonde hair and rosy cheeks. manager . . . the tops. our hero! . . . Stanton's . . "Dam it!" THOMAS PRECHTL r.Tom.. tall and lanky . . . basketball whiz . . , "Girls, well they have their place!" . , . swell guy . . . never has an enrmy, page rwenly-four MARLA REYNOLDS "Marla" stunning . . . Barb and I . . . "Du you know what?" . . . clothes a-plenty . . . worries by the dozen . . , fun to be with . . . flashing smile. JOSEPH Rizzo ...Joey quick-tempered . . . Censor's star , . . how he can love the Yankees . . . busy guy. WAYNE RODGERSON "Rebel" that southern accent . . Jean . . . hair that's real red . . . Mr. Grave1le's f vorite pupil CU. , - IRIS PANGBORN Ulm.. good natured . . . she's get her ring . . . Laona gal . . . always having a good time . . . chuckles by the millions. JOHN PETERSON "Jack" cautious . . . quiet but efficient . . . unpredictable . . . slow 'n steady . . , willing to try :my- thing. WILLIAAI PHILLIPS MARIAN PoLI'I'oxvsKr "Bill" "Mary" our president . . . Sue . . . Sun' tall and quiet . . . likes day driver . . . flashy dresser everyone . . . considerate . . . . . , nice allaaround guy. charming and likable . . . "I guess so" . . . pleasant. DAVID SALHOFF "Dave" a roving reporter who catches all . . , "Sing your life away!" , , . brush cuts and fre les . . , unpredictable b very much alive. N C JEAN SCHAUFFLER "Josh" witty sayings . . . can make anyone laugh . . . diligent work- er . . . clever gal . . . music's gain . . . "You haven't heard Ihis onak I- , Q -J fiie 1" iljff A' xiii. via V fry 9' J I ,af Aj V f e y " lv I , CHARLES SCHIBETTA BARBARA SESNIE "Chuck" "Barb" quiet . . . very likable . . . big things come in little Sylvia . . . a loyal F.H.S. athlete packages . . . Dick . . . . . . congenial personality . . . sweetest of all . . . sparkling "Just give me a strip of land," hair . . . "Holy Cow!" . . . 6lfLLO'Z3.4 page luv-nlyafiue .- , .. I N ff .1 JA X 0 C 6lfLLO'Z.4 ' JEAN SESSIONS DOROTHY SMITH MARILYN STANLEY MARVIN STOKES "Jeanie" "Dong" "Mimi" "Maru" varsity gal . . . a date a Dick . . . argyle queen . . . fascinating . . . pretty smile . . . you'll find him most any minute , , . n swell l'il gal luscious wardrobe . , . "Get a "Oh, kids!" . . . so good- place-Lup to somethingll . . . lover of animals . . . load of this!" . . . heaven sent natured . . . gets a kick out of . . . "Hult?" . . . "Live to- "Do you think I should?" . . . vim and vigor . . . sun everything . . . sweet to every- day. Thcte's no tomorrow!" lovable laugh. lamp victim. one. SUZANNE TOWNSEND DONALD VALONE "Sue" "Don" a doll . , I Marilyn's better mathematician . . . comic friend halt' . . . "l've got something . . . his eyes smile . . . "Did you hidden!" . , . poodle cut . . . do your homework?" . . .ardent a sweety . . lively . . . always gum chewet. late. pain' twenty-six JOHN VALONE SALLY VALVO "John" "Sal" the romantic type , . . ear to our Grape Queen . . . Doc ear smiles . . . never a care in . , . magnetic smile . , . legs the world , . . "Life's but :I ..."Ohhhh!" . . instigator big patty!" . . , full of crazy . . . always fooling . . , notions. beauty spot eiil itll' I I -we THOMAS STOKES ..7-om.. always laughing . . . born for sports . . . "Girls?- Well. thcy're O.K.!" . . . everyone's pal . . . can fix anyone's car. WlLLIAlKl TALLAIAN MARIE TAMPIO "Bill" "Tamp" world's greatest scientist . . . Danny , . , athletic gal . . . cute laugh . . . lazy. but only "Eeeh. I know!" . . . never at work . . , basketball favorite alone . . . lives for zt letter . . . . . . "Why study-it's useless!" attractive . . . starryleyed. 53 I N .gt , 5. .. like A Q33 '5' 1 if ix LXIJIN V XG v te yi X ci Zi' Q3 9 , TERRANCE TOWN 1 ..Tmy.. square dance shnrpy . . . used car dealer . . . never without a girl friend . . . F.H.S. noisemaker, or shall we say musician? , . . good guy. MARCIA WASHBURN LEONARD WATERS CAROLYN WEBB "Marcin" "Luke" "Spider" precious . . . forever baby from bike to car . . . "Who Kent . . .kitten on the keys. . , sitting , . . "Ed" . . . never walks?" . . . Southern drawl beautiful hair . . , temper, tem- a sad moment , . . always . . . Jerry Lewis . . . those per . . . Venus . . . 'AI just talking . . . "Oh, gee whiz!" eyes talk . . , magnetic . . . can't do it!" . . . Stanton's . . , . . . peachy. always interested. dashing eyes. ' KN Q K Q Q X RICHARD WEBER "Dirk" music friend . . . Elaine . . . car happy. happy driver- "Oh. driving! Is that what you call it?" . . first and foremost. . sleep. eniow page ltumly-seven 6lfLLO'2Z.4 CSENATORSJ dnydreamer . . her heart . . . lovely . . . sim pleasani appearance . . . easy' O K "' going . . . " IORS-YE SANDRA Wi Sumiyn ROBERT WILCOX "Bob" "A Wilcox Production" . . , never serious, but Whnl mlcnif . . . romeo . . . "XVell, l'll trll PHYLLIS WILMARTH "Phill" quiet . . . secret lover. . . "Hi" . . . cherry . . . homework hater, . . never argues . . . no 's like this - , . . everfl . . . Bob .inrl evil in silence . . . pleasmz gal. v pnae lu.r my-eight SEE PATRONS' PAGES A """'Wnnsuu.,,,, -.xg Q , """""""'-1 fu-N 'ff - g K E' V' 4 3 THE SENIOR PLAY Amy Stephcns, Jean Sessions: Midge Ulricbs, Betty Lawson: Emily Grew, Elcanore Kuczcnski: Mrs. Marilla Hall, Sally Valvo: Umbrella, Marie Leone: Ki! Spencer, Richard Weber: Pauline Hum, Carolyn Webb: J. Orlando Valcnlimf. Wayne Rodgerson: Debbie, Jane Grcgory: Hugh Maitland. Jim Cobb: Gil Slephens, Terrance Town: Cora XVl'lliz1ms, Jean Schzxufflcr:Frer1dicC0opc'r, John Vnlonc: Tugger McCoy, Jack Evarts: Mortimer "Comic" Valenlinc. David Salhoff: Eleanor H. Humphries, Marla Reynolds: Kel- logg, Robert Drummond. Dirertor, Mrs. Eloise Heyl: Sludcm Director, Elaine Neal: Promplcrs, Leonard Waters, Marcia Wasllburn. C-fam 0 ,5-4 Class Officers: STANLEY STAR. Secretary DAVID MACKIE, President ECKART NVACKER. Vin'-Prcsillcnl GRACE NELSON, Treaxurvr Advisers: MISS RUTH FRANK MR. JOSEPH GRAVELLE FRONT ROW--Left to right: M. Bennett, M, Snlcmi, J. Swift, G. Bartlett. J. Crowell, G, Webster, D. Runkcl, K. Montague, R. Davis. B. Hill. R. Raymond. SECOND ROW-Left to Right: N. Michalski, L. Gnilewicz. S. Miller. N. Dictzen. C. Privateer, M. Hennessy. J. Drew. R. Schauffler, R. Gervasc. THIRD ROW-Lefl Io right: R. Mancuso. M. Schwcrtfagnr, O. Chase. A. Marsalla, M. Essex. B. Lawson, R. Joy. A. Siragusn. M. Mann. M. Elliot, S. Dmlrymple, G, Giambrone. FOURTH ROW-Left lo right: N. Calnnni, G. Johnson. J. Gloss. J. Wilmnrth, R. Gibson, D. Bolling. L. Noppcr. D. Mackie, D. Johnson, E. Wacker, D. Van Scorer. J. Singer. C. Genuso. FRONT ROW-Lefl to righr: J. Cash, D, Lemanski, P. Appel, XVeiss. S. Sander. E. Burton, J. Sander, J. Cerrie, F. Clark, J. Thompson, M. Thompson. G. Nelson, SECOND ROW-Lefl lo righl: M. Frazira. R. Lehncn. M. Smith, R. Schickler, C, Lyke. P. Smith. S. Prcchtl, D, Nnsca, L. LnBnrbv:m. E. Shearman. THIRD ROW-Left to right: M. Bull. S. Civilcttc, C. Arcoraci. J. Ellsworth. B. Gooding, S. Sagonn, H. Spencer, C. Pclcrson. R. DeLong. R. Clnrkc. D. Han, S. Gregory. M, Hogan. C. Hart. L. Mnncuso, FOURTH ROW-Ll-fl lu righl: A. Maggie, S. Star. J. Dcnglrr, R. XVilcox, R, Seawrighl, A. Monile. D. Till, J. Gramm. E, Link. J. Angelo, page lhirly-one -...NN V P Cla... 0 ,55 CHOUSE OF Class Officcrs: JANICE MATTONE. Serferary ROBERT MAYTUM, Prcsldvnl PETER CORMACK. VitefPrvsid0nl JAMES LEHNEN. Tn-usurvr Advisrws: MR. RUDOLPH M11.LER MR. S. GDRDON CORTER MRS. KATHRYN XVHITNEY FRONT ROW-Lvfl lo righl: S. Salhoff. D. Srar. B. Dawley. M. Topliffc. I.. Tcderons. J. Bmdlcy, P. Black. SECOND Row- Lefr lo right: F. Ganibino. D. Knlrcnback. K. Dclong. M. Randazzo. D. Mcscl. S. Ray. P. Cormack. M. Miller. K. Cadwcll. M. O'Ncil, L. Granlo. THIRD ROW-Lvfl ro right: S. Riddel.. P. Germs. S. Davis, M. Edwards. L. Greco, J. Mauone. F. Mancuso. R. Rnwley, P. Below. B. Chase, R. Winrcrs. R. Arclillu. F. Jensen. F. Ardillo. FOURTH ROW-Lrffl ro righlz D. Parker. D. Benrlcy. R. Young, T. Cain, P. Sur. T. Harris. R. Persons. W. Thics. R. Seeker, J. Delcnmp. P. Prince. S. Fees. W. Q Q FRONT ROW-Luft ro righl: D. Baldwin. D. Hinckley. D. Kroolm. A. Parmour. S. Bulick. S. Parkcr. K. Linberg. R. Smirlx. E Gworck. SECOND ROW-Li-fr lo righl: M. Ellis. F. DeJohn, M. Smirh. A. Christina. R. Remington, C. Mcrchnnr. M. Zciscr. R Mayrum. J. Lchncn. J. Panvpinro. THIRD ROW-Left Io right: L. Hcidcn. B. Schulrur. C. Finland, l.. Aldrich. J. Crnnsron. D Abramowicz, J. Nowcl. G. Wilbur, P. Chapman. S. Favara. A. Arcoraci. FOURTH ROW-LL-fl to righr: K. Hilton. A. Salcri W. Koba, H. Battaglia, H. Leone, R. Bvamish. D. Downey, L. Mnncuso. V. Tnmpio. VJ. Parisi. A. Barone. page thirly-two ' 'X I I I . J xx .Nb X NJ. ,J ,Q Y kk In .ll llqm., f1w2......n... .ll ll ID I I M .. I C1494 '56 D ul' REPRESENTATIVESB Class Ofl'1'rc'rs: JEAN LIEECH. Sucrvlury RICHARD JOHNSON, Pri'S1Ixll'lll RUTH WALKER. l'in'-Proxim-nl SHEILA NIERCIIANT, Trfnxurrr Arluisersz NIR. RICHARD XVILLIS MISS MARX' NIA'I"I'HERS Y FRONT ROW-LL-fl lo righl: R. Walker, T. Sclmuffler. J. Cave, A. Tampio. I.. Will. M. Hayward, S. Gervnisr, D. Topliffe. SECOND ROW-Lrfr Io right: B. Smith. J. Pen. V. Wcslphnl. R. Angelo, S. Appel. J. Hammett, C. Grover. K. Johnson. E. Tadr, L. Bolling. M. Abbnta. E. Doughcnbaugh. THIRD ROW-Lf-fl lu right: F. Pulvinu, J. Gugino. A. Bundy. J. Salford. T. Alessi. L. Aldrich, J. Manuel. M. Johnson. L. Lebanon. R. Grnnr. W. Pclcrson, E. Doughcnbaugh, J. Sullivan, A. LnBnrbcrn. J. Moscow. B. Gugino. FOURTH ROW-Lefl to righlz K. Wise. R, Leone. D. Floccnre, D. Fcrrugin. C. Sadrn. A. Schiffvrli, S. Ubancy, W. Hunt. A. Chrisrina. H. Hobbs, B. Faulk, P. Harris, L. Hnlpniny, J. Eaton, C. Baker. R. XVashbum. B. Hart. V S 1 FRONT ROW-Lrfz to right: S. Bigler, D. Kuczenski. L. Covey. F. Glasier. B. Schwcrxfngcr. P. Cave, B. Davis. E. Belolc. S. Wise. SECOND ROW-Lvl: ro righl: K. Waizc, R. Stanley. S. Mcrchanr. C. Gardner. V. Francis. W. Larimer. N. Ccrric, A. Eddy. S. Finland. D. Srraight. S. Bnnnglia. J. Fisher. TIIIRD ROYV-LNII lo righl: S. Lawson, J. Lccch. D. Kronkc, S. Gnuronski, A. Kohn. G. Privateer, E. Rose. R. Penharlow, G. Elliott, D. Damon. C. Coon, R. Prince. L. Hcidcn. D. Stokes, E. LcB.1rron. J. Kovacavi-:. K. Rouse. E. Remington. FOURTII ROW--Lvfl to righl: J. Frost. J. Marsh, D. Lnzelle. R. Lodico. C. Orlando. J. Odell, D. Johnson. L. Meyers. C. Skinner. B. Schultz. B. Wood. B. Crocker. J. Scdon. L. Broniwin, V. Gullo, D. Harris. ' page lhirry-lhrrr I f I f ,VLQW 'N MW ,Ly 444 0 57 CPAGE BOYSQ MJ '7 EV. Class Offirers: ROGER NEWMAN, Vit?-Prksfdvnl EARL HAHN. President TERESA MOSCATO. Treasurer EVELYN BARBIEAU. Secrulurgl rldviscrs: Miss BERTHA Russo MR. MAIIVIN WASHBURN FRONT ROW Left Io nah! F Nunn A Mornson D Kmgsburn S LaB:xrbcn F Powell, R. Wcstplxal. P. Orazio, V. Fxlulze L Randall L Bnrrcsu J Cam S Mxrsh MIDDLE ROW Left to raght M Salmardo J Newell. M. Buckley, K. Johnson, E Barham A De.Iohn M Carver K Chase B Walker D Meycx P Neal B Dmca L Allen D Merrill. T. Moscato. M. Polvino, P. Cwnlctr M Cnmbrn A Leone G Epolxxo M Fuller BACK ROW Left lo rlqht S Sasso R Newman, R. Schibetu, P. Hauser, J. Sesmc E Hahn R Schlcklcr T Scsmc A Spodaro H Noppcr V Lalhrbera E Saccumnno R Ludemann, J. Carr, G. DeLong, R Racmo Clan 0 ,58 FRONT ROW-Lei! Ia riyhl: D. Reynolds. P. Randall. N. Crocker. B. Fisher. L. Moscato. C. Calarco, G. Snyder, M. Baker, M Mancuso. C. Whiimer. J. Cash. H. Cobh. S. DeJohn. P. Stafford. R. Marsh. J. Davis. MIDDLE ROW-La-il lo right: Mrs. E. Scott R. Ardillo. E. Allen. D. Bull. P. Gelsimine. J. Hammett. B. Rodgerson. K. Favasula. R. Bucalo. B. Frazita. E. Barreca, B. Christopher C. Conti. R. Alessi. J. Smith, A. Belote. G. Berry. J. Adragna. D. Rose. C. Riddell. Mrs. L. Curtis. BACK ROW-Lefl to right: W Rodgers. R. Davidson. D. Coykendall. D. Eaton. L. Calanni. R. Boss. A. Battaglia. N. Nunn. J. Smith, A. Siragusa. G. Palmer. G Lawson. J. Gambino. D. Arcoraci. T. Racino. D. Fryer. J. Marshal. F. Bolling. W. Moriarty. Each year in our democratic government at Fredonia High School, there are those who must leave and be succeeded. for it is their time to climb to greater success, having gradually taken one step closer to achievement. The Junior High students. proudly a part of Fredonia High School, have completed one more step in preparing themselves for a life of great culture, and hence must advance once more to succeed those who have left. increasing their power in Fredonia High School's democratic government and adding to their own past. many fond memories. Our grade school days were filled with many pleasant hours: and now that they have entered the past. we anxiously await the future. Our grade school days were filled with many pleasant hours. We will always remember our Halloween and roller skating parties. and the bus trip to Niagara Falls where we went on a guided tour through Ft. Niagara. page thirty-five f ads Q' w .-3' 4.1 4? MWN A - :W L ,, L,.4M .L 1 . 5 .ji P ..- -,. T 3 PQ 14540 in .1 we W ,Q A gri , f r 1 1 FV' mari vinxaain' . , . Qi. .1 . 957 if 5 Clan. CABINETS QORGANIZATIONS5 , mc- i' it QL, pflzllv JEAN SCI-IAUFFLER, Editor ELAINE BURTON, News Editor DANIEL DAWLEY, Sports Editor MARCIA WASI-IBURN, Gossip Editor MR. DON J. MARQUETTE, Adviser Members of the "On the Hill" staff of Fredonia High School are taught how to discern the valuable from the irrelevant in newspaper reading, and to express their thoughts in writing, a skill essential to everyone in our democratic way of life. This year's class had many opportunities to expand their knowledge of journalism and writing. Each week the staff wrote stories and articles for the "On the Hi11" section of the town newspaper. Besides preparing this column, the class was taught the basic fundamentals of newspapers and newspaper editing by its able adviser, Mr. Don Marquette. C7-Lf CM LOIS BRAY, President DAVID SALHOFF. Treasurer FRANK DEJOHN, Vice-President MARIE TAMPIO, Secretary MRS. ELOISE HEYL, Adviser Our Art Club, consisting of students cooperating with one another in the exchange of artistic ideas and practices, offers to each a democratic opportunity to express his emotions and ideas on canvas where they can be appreciated by all, and gives an inner feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment to the individual. Creativeness, from which our democratic way of life did spring and from which its principles have been defended and enlarged, is the valuable possession of each member, who uses it to offer to society his own distinct contribution upon which the success ofthe group may be determined. !diZ JOHN DALY. President DAVID MACKIE, Treasurer DANIEL DAWLEY, Vice-President JANICE ELLSWORTH, Secretary Developing the art of speaking, an important asset to anyone seeking success in our way of life, is the aim of the Debate Club. Under the guidance and supervision of Mr. Gordon Corter members of the Debate Club have participated in many events. Declamations and oratorical work were just as much a part of the organization's activities as interscholastic debates. John Daly brought honors to the school by competing in the American Legion tournament, and the club-sponsored speakers for the "I Speak For Democracy" contest attained added recognition for their ability to put into voice the ideal beliefs of our American heritage. page thing-eight CLUBS page lhirly-nine 5MCQiCM 'f 7 THOMAS FRELING, President JOHN BLACK. Treasurer JOHN DALY, Vi'ce-President WILLIAM PHILLIPS, Secretary MR. GEORGE BELDEN, Adviser Open to all that wish to become members, the Bird Study Club offers opportunities for everyone to extend his contribution for the success of the group. Members of this club. under the guidance of Mr. George Belden, meet each week to learn the art of whistling bird calls, and to expand their knowledge of nature's creatures for greater enjoyment. The Bird Study Club was deeply honored this year to have one of its members, Thomas Freling, featured in "The Buffalo Evening News" column, Teenage Triumphs, for his achievement in bird calls and whistling. V QTL A-Q BARBARA SESNIE, President THERESA GUGINO, Treasurer DOROTHY SMITH, Vice-President BETTY LAWSON, Secretary DOROTHY RUNKEL, Chaplain MRS. KATHRYN WHITNEY, Adviser Parliamentary procedure governs the meetings of the Tri-Hi-Y, which consists of a group of junior and senior girls. This national organization works for the fostering throughout the home, school, and community. of high standards of Christian living: and through state. county, and area meetings, provides the oppor- tunity to associate with and establish many new friends. This year the Tri-Hi-Y was honored to send a representative, Grace Nelson, to the Albany Legislative meeting. Cltelfttid JOHN DALY, President JOSEPH GULLO, TREASURER DANIEL DAWLEY, Viae-President LEONARD WATERS, Secretary MR. ROBERT TALLRIAN, Adviser Experiments in different kinds of government finally formulated our great democratic society of today. In the same manner, the Science Club meets to perform experiments to learn how our great scientists discovered the many marvelous things that lengthen the human life span and help to make our living more enjoyable. During the year we were shown many interesting films, and a number of speakers gave informative lectures on the various phases of science. Two of the most enjoyable projects of the club were a trip to the Westinghouse Plant in Buffalo. and participation in the Science Congress where three of our members were awarded prizes. CLUBS 01411514461 21:14-j SHIRLEY PRZYTULA, President BARBARA HILL, Treasurer FRANCIS MANCUSO, Vice-president PATRICIA CHAPMAN. Secrelary MRS, EUNICE MASON, Adviser The F. H. A. organization of Fredonia High School provides for its members generous oppor- tunities to develop greater understanding of family living. essential to the American home. Throughout this past year the F. H. A. girls participated in many Social and moneysmaking activities and also attended such benefiting and stimulating meetings as the East Aurora State Meeting and the formal installation of Dunkirk's F. H. A., a new neighboring club, with whom they anticipate many interesting meetings. c74!!0pA:l yi!! WlLLlANl PHILLIPS. President JACK EVARTS, Treasurer JOSEPH LEONE, Vice-President THOMAS FRELING. Secretary AAR. LYIE HALSEY, Adviser Helping one's neighbor in a time of need is one of the basic ideas in our democratic form of government. The Alpha Hi-Y club was formed both to help high school boys learn to co-operate with their fellow students and to aid families throughout the community and world, Many activities were undertaken by the Alpha Hi-Y this year, Under the able supervision of Mr. Lyle Halsey the club again sold refreshments at th: home football contests. Bill Phillips and Dan Dawley represented the organization at the Albany Youth and Government Assembly, and represent- atives were sent to Mayville to learn the operation of county government. dlftglfttlye GRACE NELSON, President RACHEL SCI-IAUEFLER, Secretary-Treasurer MISS MARY MATTHERS. Adviser Every language student is eligible for membership in the Language Club, in which further knowl- edge in fields related to the language represented is obtained through the various contributions of each member. This has created a group of students working together to benefit each other. Two interesting and entertaining projects which members helped create this year were a skit written and presented in Latin, and plays that centered around foreign countries that gave us increased knowledge of our neighbors across the seas. CLUBS page . forty-two CLUBS jlfczfionaf yllfonoz crgacfef FRONT ROW-Left lo righl: Mr. Howard R. Bradley, adviser: Theresa Ciugino. Betty Lawson, Barbara Sesnie. Elaine Neal, SECOND ROW-Lefl to righl:Nlarcia Washburn. Eleanore Kuczenski, Betty Mancuso. Janice Ellsworth, Daniel Dawley. THIRD ROW-Lefl IO righl: Jean Schauffler. Gay Nelson, Joan Gerring, John Daly. FOURTH ROW-Left in right: David Mackie. Lawrence Nelson, Charles Peterson. John Black. Fredonia High School takes great pride in selecting each year from its Junior and Senior Class, those students who have proved worthy of membership in the National Honor Society. These are the prospec- tive young people of our nation who, through their highly developed leadership, character, scholarship, and service, have taken great strides towards acknowledging and extending the principles of our truly democratic government. The fine examples which they have set and the honor that they have bestowed upon themselves and their school should serve as a hopeful challenge and an effective stimulant to all students. Upon young people such as these our country depends for the leadership needed in the days ahead: and an organization such as this helps to better enrich the minds and bodies of its members. so that they may lead more prosperous and worthwhile lives that will serve as examples to others. page long-four 5 ll yn 'ls - xg ' ' 5, X gf ' I T m Q, N N, ' -5 4'.- MEN EEE an mu as 63' wzggen , fi- ii 21. 4 Kiwi f-'Ji .41 x, X mmf Qx , NX A . ,TLYDX . ' ' Y X - 1' A .... 1-an - .'?3" fQ , . ' -N., ggigk , YJ , " A - - 'i i 55: . 1? 2 55 A . ' N V V..V' ' X ,K ! 1 K W- I N ,N y dl - X K X, li' N3 N3 'L' rf 'Q 416552 .A WEETRLA - V , it X ,levied ' wir' ii X ii ' X 0,2514 M2L'f'49 ,-1 f LN. K iff ,Zi A it ex it qv .navel x 1- .W V- SQAQQZQF gan f c.s9'.tit?'Y . of The Fredonia High School band meets twice each week to help students join their musical talents for their own and others enjoyment. This year has been another outstanding one for the band. Early this year several members attended all-state sectionals at Randolph. The band performed at the Dunkirk football game, and played at all Fredonia home contests. In the spring the organization put on its annual spring concert in the school auditorium. A few weeks later, it received a high rating in the "Music Festival" competition. To climax its year the band performed at Class Night and Commencement. An innovation with the band this year was sectional rehearsals. Once a week each group of instrumentalists met to work out individual parts. This extra practicing improved the tone quality and precision of the entire ensemble. With most of the band graduating in June, Mr. Sparks planned a picnic at Lake Erie State Park. Swimming, baseball, and a well-prepared dinner were enjoyed by the students: and everyone felt that the day's activities were a great success. page forlg-scvm . gf.. Cm FIRST ROW-Lei! lo right: F. Di-John. R. Washburn. A. Arcoraci, F. Jensen. R. Weber. D. Dawley. R. Winters. J. Frost. SECOND ROW-Lrfl ro right: D. Salhoff. R. Mcsel. R. Drunnnond. J. Evans. R. Link. R. Noraro. J. Manuel. W. Phillips. N. Michalslxi. THIRD ROW-Lrfl lo right: R. Seawrighl, K. DeLong. E. Wacker. T. Town. J. Gloss. J. Daly. D. llullrnan. T. Freling, N. Calanni. FOURTH ROW-Left lo riyhl: G. Johnson, R. DeLong. L. Nopper, D. Mackie. A. Barone. C. Peterson. J. Swanson. B. Lawson. accompanist: Mr. Richard Sparks. director. ,- QMS QI. QM FIRST ROW-Lvfl m right: M. Snlcmi. J. Sessions. M. Randazxfo. M. O'Neil. M. Essex. D. Hinckley. R. Smith. S. Salhofl. C Lucas. B. Lawson. E. Neal. J. Dclcarnp, M. Smith. SECOND ROW-L:-fl lu riyhr: J. Fees. M. Ifrazira. D. Star. I.. Greco. S. Wheelock. S. Parker. B. Gooding. M. XVashhurn. J. Ferguson, P. Miller. R. Davis. THIRD ROWfLeI'I lu right: J. Cranston. J. Mallone. S. Civiletle. A. Marsala. M. Edwards, S. Fees. B. Dawley. D. Kaltenbnck. J. Bradley. P. Prince. L. Tedcmus. L. Bray. M. Leone. P. Black. FOURTH ROW+l.el'l to righl: J. Gregory, J. Schauffler. N. Weiss. D. Rnnlwl. J. Panvplnln. M. Stanley. J. Ellsworth C. Arcoraci. M. Reynolds, M. Barresi, M. Tzmpio, S. Valvo, E. Bnrlon. L. Aldrich, B. Lawson. li. Clark. C. Hart. S. Bulick C. Webb. afconrpanisl: Miss Marcia Montfort. direelor. puge furly-eight X-J Figi f' ALMMAMQQQ 3- DEPARTMENTS Ji? Q' U- H ' , Q . . .- , 5' 3-:TL 1-1'-v 5.4 V L" W ' P V -A 1 f' Q' N xx? H' Q , . g Aw ,: ""g . Q 1 ff g: . , , i , V bi . Y . LRYLHA W 1 I . ..-,Q sig, ,v3x.a.W,a,6:9 1.4, is " ' I 'if 'H -N, :,-lx V1-.2 , 'A' . ff 5 .,, ,sam Q 1 1 .F . , 'Wav ' " km" C1 , .W 7 , A V - f f-' f "-" ' " "" ' .. . : N. r ,M i Y 5 Q W . I M W I i .mil 1 R 12 , - , .,.1- W. , V .ass ' vi i myf wq .wawzv gx vim.--m. 'nie W . b , A 1 i.W . q,1z:5'fa rm. QA,-:S f5'4i:,1Q:i -:-grunge' .,: ,gf , 1621 Q 1-f' wa- -' Q1 '-1 -rf b 2, ' - -135 1 "Y, if . QQ-. .nf ag , ' Ti if 1 , , 10.21 ' 1,1 A.-. 3... - 1.4 ,ar as 1, L 5 3 jx .Q A 4' W Q Q - , P X x . W Q fi . ,x , ' A Y Q sf 1 Cl..fz,.zz .5 ...J Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia SOUTHWESTERN CONFERENCE VARSITY 20 Falconer 0 37 Salamanca 0 12 Southwestern 7 40 Westfield 2 20 Olean 13 20 Gowanda 7 38 North East 12 18 Dunkirk l3 undefealed. unlivu' CHAMPIONS !llllI.u't Fqllffifff CXZZWTIAKIZZ izllllcli FRONT ROW-I..-fr In right: C. Merchant, manager: R. Xllnxhburn. R. Ardillo. S. Ubnney. R. Johnson L Gmnlo D Mcsel A. Maggio. MIDDLE ROW-Lefl Io right: A. Saleri, L. Mancuso, D. Downey. 17. Jensen, D. lerrugn II LeBarron T Sullivan. F. Polvino. T. Alessi. BACK ROW-Left to righl: P. Star. D. Floccare. J. Lchnen, D Mickie H Bathgln R Angelo. R. Benmish, W. Kolm, R. Mnyuim, S. Favaia, Mr. S 'IW03 -111103 5 ,img in D 1. 17' gs Q 75 I 25, Lqyfu fix .f I Q .es . - Sys -Sill . igfgffx ,g?aa2bW g efrf5g:Zigw,? f , 4, H A fazggw.. M,,WV, Aflllllll 'Q . ' "'- Q7.M11'v'f-'Q""'.' Q, azailf ga4Ze7i-Lag 5 n FRONT ROW-Lefl lo righl: NV. Tallman, R. Cole, T. Stokes, R. Notnro, W. Phillips, R. DeLong. Bnflx RONX La-ft to right T Prechrl, J. Evarrs, H. Spencer, T. Freling, J. Leone, V. Lesso. coach. Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia SECTION VI CHAMPIONS 68 Jamestown 52 84 Westfield 51 8 2 Falcon? 61 67 Cardinal Mindszcnty 43 76 Southwestern 49 71 Silver Creek 61 5 8 Dunkirk 40 , 60 Ciowanda 48 77 Cardinal Mindszcnty 71. l si XVesrfield 5 3 l 83 Jamestown 5 6 76 Falconer 5 l 1 75 Silver Creek 4 6 64 Southwestern 5 7 6 7 Du nkirk 6 0 74 Gowanda 49 60 Salamanca 5 7 67 Frontier 60 UNDE FEATED page fifly-four "Tom" Freling "Tom" Preehtl "Hal" Spencer "Joe" Leone Mr. M J Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia Fredonia revfw arquette - Mr. Lesso UNIOR VARSITY 37 Jamestown 40 kVcstfield 35 Falconer 45 Cardinal Mindszenry 44 Sourhwesrcrn 43 Silver Creek 55 Dunkirk 50 Gowanda 64 Cardinal Mindsrenly 64 XVcstfield 39 Jamestown 45 Falconer Z9 Silver Creek 42 Sonthwcsrern 45 Dunkirk 45 Gowanda 53 Salamanca 52 35 39 Z5 Z6 -ll 44 Z6 40 37 -H 32 33 -66 30 49 32 "BilI'i Phillips - "Bill" Tallman "Jack" Evarts X 1 f , . ' ' .ff - ' W1 J C. .11 12 FRONT ROW-Left lu right: R. Shicklcr, A. Monilc. L. Grants. W. Koba. J. Lchnen D. Van Scorer, K. DeLong. J. Granata. manager. BACK ROW-Luft Io right: R. Joy C. Peterson. D. Mackie. F. Gambino. R. Maylum. T. Alessi. H. Battaglia. page fifly-five 'JU A iv 3 1 's A ,.,. Af' I 1 ' A ..,. -..L. T-.:. ,V x I I ff- ' - ,, f ,, A Nm 1 A . WJ. .SQ-. ..t,, K ,- A ' ' Cx as 'Q 'F 4. fl' I: ' ,- 93 .A . N fs- ki - . ,ig 5 Q 5 . " 1-vi 3 5 D ,, 4 74 7 mf ta M' 'Wa ' 3 im A wgilgf? 'i .xSf4'iP X 1 FV H , ,W,,., gs as N i ' C,Z..,t..' Cm FIRST ROW-Bach Io Front: Mrs. L. Evarts, M. Reynolds, J. Thompson, M, Tampio. J. Ellsworth, C. Arcotaci. A. Marsala. J. Swift, J. Sessions, M. Leone. E. Litz. L. Bray, D. Alaimo, A. Barresi. C. Gervase. SECOND ROW-Buck I0 Front: G. Nelson. S. Valvo, M. Barresi. M. Ferguson, B. Gooding. M. Salemi, J. Gregory. M. Fnzita. M. Thompson, M. Washburn. D. Conti. S. Fuller. S. Bolling. The building of a healthy body to accompany a strong mind essential to the citizens of a democracy is the aim of the Leaders' Club that admits to membership all girls having earned 700 points through participation in after-school sports. The Leaders' Club has been very active this year in its projects, some of which were chartering buses to several football and basketball games. sponsoring danees, and playdays in which the girls extended invitations and likewise accepted them from other schools with athletic organizations. Membership to this club is one of the most coveted goals to which all athletically in- clined girls sttive. Since admittance to this organization is limited to those girls who have received the required number of points, only a small percentage of students become eligible dur- ing their four years of high school. Therefore, these few should be congratulated on attaining this high honor. page filly-eight bmwamm WAX" A Ms VOTERS -nil ,.,,..,L- ,, xvi K , X., M , H 54, , 1 McLaren iff McLaren, Inc. page sixly x e a v 1 5 . .e1W-b- -1'."' V! - ,af-VT-' " 3992 x?xff'9'1 Q 3:3295-' i 32 3' ' . '- 2' -. ' W9 -.ww M. f effE.f" Wi- Photographers 35-37 West Main Street FREDONIA. NEW YORK PATRONS The Slaff is gratefully indebted to the following parents of the seniors of the Class of l953 who haue generously contributed to this page. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Alaimo Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Barresi Mr. and Mrs. Charles Barresi Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Black Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Bolling Mr. and Mrs. Dean Bolling Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Bollman Mr. and Mrs. Max Bray Mr. and Mrs. Elton D. Bundy Mrs. Stephen A. Chase Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Centner Mrs. Joseph Chimera Mr. and Mrs. Marion W. Cobb Mr. and Mrs. Ross Conti Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Daly Mr. and Mrs, J. Murdoch Dawley Mrs. Ester Drummond Mr. and Mrs. Melville Evarts Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fees Mrs. Ira Fuller Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Gervase Mr. and Mrs. Leslie R. Gregory Mr. and Mrs. John Gugino Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Harper Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hayward Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. William Kuczenski Sr. Mr. and Mrs Clarence R. Lawson Mr. and Mrs. George Leone Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Leone Mrs, Ova Lirz Mr. and Mrs. Roger Lucas Mr. and Mrs. Louis O. Mr. and Mrs. George McAllister Mrs. Ruth Mcliibbin Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Maggio Russell Mancuso Kenneth Mesel Floyd Morse Carl Neal Mr. Lawrence C. Nelson fi Family Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. William Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Anna Ri Reginald Nickerson Frank Notaro Harold Pangborn John M. Peterson W. Phillips T5 Family Harold Paschke Frank Politowski G. H. Prechtl I zzo Mrs. Jetta W. Salhoff Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Schauffler Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. James Schibcrta Manley Sessions Nicholas L. Smith Willard F. Stanley Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Stokes Mr. and Mrs. Santo Tampio Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Donald Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Charles Donald R. Town Marvin P. Washburn E. Waters Robert Webb O. Weber Ed Family Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Wheelock Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Wilcox Wilmarth page sixly-one Our Sincere Congratulations to the CLASS of I953 Fredonia High School Our compliments on your well-earned achievement - graduation! May you always treasure your memories of these past four years of effort, of pleasant associations, of happy events. We hope most of you will find it possible to go on to schools of higher learning. To you and those who are soon to join that vast legion of bread- winncrs. wc extend our hope for a bright future. You're a great class . . . :md if each of you set your sights high enough and work hard enough. success will be yours! Mun On the way to that goal . . . make it a point to stop in occasionally and visit your friends here in we safe sm Your Home of Famous Brands Central Avenue - - Dunkirk. N. Y. page sixty- two 9704 mccellmwe. .. UNM fn design PINS menus crahsmanslzip CHARMS n cups and quality PIAQUES TROPHIES JEWELERS FOR YOUR Cl-A55 RINGS 5 nu' NurAc1 n ZH: tus MA UINO jEWEl lllfliES 8 lIlllST IDSTDII - 17 JUHN STREET. NEW YORK 8,N.Y. - Prvzn FZ CONGRATULATIONS To 1953 Grdauates from GEO. H. GRAF 'as COMPANY, InQ DUNKIRK. NEW YORK GOGD LUCK TO GRADUATES from Your Friendly NASH Dealer Sales and Service Dunkirk. New York . . . For Famous Brand Gifls L'V G l fjfww clers nsmu-muvn .oZo!oI6Zo, V nmmmun Eusiesl C :lil in Town BEST WISHES BRING YOUR CAR TO US SCI-IOENTHAL SALES S5 SERVICE FORD Specialized Service New FORD Cars and Trucks FROM COLONIAL INN 9 Day Sm' Fredonia. New York 306 E. Main St. Fredonia, N. Y. P9 uf COMPLIMENTS . L of the I ,., Good Seed Company A ff, A . ..'7ff' Incorporated I Fredonia, New York 'gl af CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1953 . WALT'S Blandmg Photos SPORTING Gooos sToRE 48 W. Main sr. 227 E. 3rd sr. Phone 2223 Fredonia, New York Dunkirk, New York Phone Z-5586 CONGRATULATIONS TO 1 953 GRADUATES For the Best in Entertainment Remember The WINTER GARDEN THEATER Fredonia, New York Compliments of GOOD LUCK S. P. Castilone and Son Fm? FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES R.C.A. TELEVISION CORPORATVION 11 E. Main St. Fredonia. N. Y. 80 W, Main St. Fredonia, N. Y. Phone 2-7471 , CONGRATULATIONS WITH FUTURE LUCK FROM BLOOD and LARSON FUNERAL HOME 20 Central Ave. Fredonia, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF W. T. GLOOR Fredonia, N. Y. BEST WISHES Augrum's Superette Lake Shore Drive Dunkirk, N. Y. GOOD LUCK from INCAVO'S GROCERIES Lake Shore Drive Dunkirk, N. Y YEARS OF HAPPINESS CLASS OF '53 FROM E. HOLLOWELL HENRY HOTEL 517 Leopard St. Dunkirk, N. Y. 72 W. Main St, Fredonia, N. Y page sixty- COMPLIMENTS FI'9dOI1I3 BI1I1dCI'S of Company, Inc. S I N G E R LUMBER - MILLWORK Sewing Machine Company 341 Central Ave. Dunkirk, N. Y. WILLSEY'S 12 W. Main St. Fredonia. N. Y. Fredonia's Gift Center CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE SENIORS I-IARRY'S SERVICE Service Wilh u Smile 154 Porter Ave. Fredonia, N. Y. FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Sable Bros., Inc. Corsages a Specialty Phone 2-7071 Fredonia. N. Y. 1 "Builders of Homes of Character 156 Newton St, Fredonia, N. Y. Best Wishes Graduates Drake's Cottages RESTAURANT is CAMP Home Cooked Food Modern Cofluges Open All Year - Van Bure n 1 Keith's Music Service MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 8 SUPPLIES East Main Street Fredonia, New York Much Success l U l Hart's Sunoco Service Corner E. Main and Cleveland Woodrow Hart. Prop. page sixly-seven FREDONIA TRUCK 'ES FARM EQUIPMENT CO., Inc. FARMALL TRACTORS - INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS INTERNATIONAL REFRIGERATORS Route 20, at McAllister Road - Fredonia, New York Congralulations Graduates May You Have Smooth Sailing in the Days Ahead of Macklem Pharmacy FAMILY DINER East Main Sxrezx Fredonia, New York Best in Foods COMP!-IMENTS Fountain Service uf Lake City Sales Route 20 - East Main Road Company Central Avenue Dunkirk. N. Y. Fredonia' New York rg-eighr CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS MAY YOUR FUTURE YEARS BE HAPPY ONES UUNHW4 ANU HMUUNIA THHJHUNQ EU. It's A Pleasure To Serve You . . 40 Temple Street Fredonia, N. Y CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1953 'ki REGENT'S DRY CLEANERS 19 E. 3rd St. Dunkirk, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS of SIDEY'S 320 Central Avenue Dunkirk, New York THE NATIONAL BANK OF FREDONIA Fredonia, New York Not the Largest But One of the Strongest ber of FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION vry BEST WISHES COMPLIMENTS To the Class of 1953 of from Pomfret, Chautauqua Beck's Newsstand 21 E. Main Street Fredonia. N. Y. COMPLIMENTS of Barkell's Wallpapers 24 Water St. Fredonia, N. Y. Merton Howes. Mgr. Ph. 2-7286 CONGRATULATIONS J. Tederous Co. Wholesale CIGARS CIGARETTES CANDIES TOBACCO Fredonia. N. Y. - Phone Z-7281 COMPLIMENTS of JAYNE'S 332 Central Ave. Dunkirk, N. Y. and Erie Grape Growers' Co-op Your G.L.F. Agn-nl 204 E. Main St. Fredonia, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS of Your Endicott-Johnson Shoe Store W. Main St. Fredonia, N. Y. GOOD FORTUNE Edward's Mobile Service Main and White Fredonia, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS of Fredonia Hardware Co. 31 East Main St. Fredonia, N. Y. pngc seventy-one BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1953 0 t t D. A. V. SERVICE STATION DON C. TOPLIFFE. Prop. 169 East Main Street Fredonia, New York Best of Luck W. P. Hall WATCHMAKER - JEWELER ENGRAVER Fredonia. New York Petz Fruit Market West Main Streer Fredonia, New York COMPLIMENTS to J. C. Penney Co. SENIORS Central Ave. Dunkirk, N. Y. -- - RUSCH'S CONGRATULATIONS l C I The Fashion Shop Ir's Fun to Eat Out Best in Clothes Dunkirk New York 34 E. Main St. Dunkirk, N. Y. page seue lq I u DUNKIRK ICE CREAM CO., Inc. Deer Street Dunkirk. New York COMPLIMENTS of RADLOFF GAS STATION West Main Street Fredonia, N. Y. "Because You Love Nice Things" 'I' VAN RAALTE Dunkirk, N. Y. 4 COMPLIMENTS of NEBRAL FURNITURE --A-- 27 West Main Street Fredonia. New York pq vmy GOOD LUCK COMPLIMENTS OF CLASS OF 1953 LEECH'S TCYS JOHN GUGINO'S FLORISTS Fredonia's Toy Center on Main Service With A Smile We Sell the Best in Toys 89 Risley St. Fredonia, N. Y. 33 W. Main St. Fredonia, N. Y CONGRATULATIONS BESTQOF LUCK GRADUATES from 'k 'k G. C. MURPHY Co. PANTRY Your 5 and 10 Cent Store Main St. Fredonia, N. Y Delicatessen Store A Friendly Store 37 E. Main St. Fredonia. N. Y our CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1953 I Fred Koch Brewery Dunkirk, New York BEST OF LUCK COMPLIMENTS of Roll Arena Th B k Sh Skating Rink e 2' e OP 9 Eagle Street Fredonia, N. Y. Pere Vitello, Prop. Central Ave. Dunkirk, N. Y. John Fink, Proprietor FUTURE SUCCESS I The New York Store MENS id' BOYS' CLOTHING GOOD FORTUNE Sackett Screens E. R. Reynolds 322 Main St' D""kl'k' N' Y 90 Wm Main Fredonia. N. Y. COMPLIMENTS of COMPLIMENTS Sullivan's Corner Store of Cor. Lambert Ave. and Newton St Fredonia. New York A CQMPLIMENTS T COMPLIMENTS of lo HARRINGTONS CLASS OF 1953 owN MADE CANDIES PITZGERALDS, West Main St. Fredonia. N. Y 43 E. Main St. Fredonia, N. Y. page seventy-six Bulick 25 Company HEATING - AIR CONDITIONING Conlratlors Telephone 2-2120 51 W. Main St Fredonia. N. Y. BEST on LUCK 'k Sanderson's Gift Shop 79 East Main St. Fredonia, N. Y. Terwilliger 'Ed Salzer FURNITURE - UNDERTAKING Floor Coverings - Curluin Rods 35-37 W. Main St. Fredonia. N. Y. Compliments of Western Auto Associate Store 34 W. Main St. Fredonia, N. Y. Phone 2-6496 L. E. SHAFFER, Owner CONGRATULATIONS Sweet's Service Edward Sweet. Prop. East Main St. Fredonia, N. Y. GOOD FORTUNE from Tremaine Agency. Inc. Russo Bldg. Fredonia, N, Y. For Capable, Experienced INSURANCE SERVICE BEST OF LUCK Soch Insurance Agency Center Street Fredonia, N. Y. MUCH SUCCESS from The Main Haberdashery 15 Water St. Fredonia, N. Y. Dry Cleaning - Luggage Made-Io-Measure Clolhes Sporting Goods page :evenly-swan CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES Fredonia Seed Co Fredonia, New York CONGRATULATIONS 'COMPLIMENTS from I OF Sheridan Garage NASH CARS RADIO DUNKIRK W.F.C.B. 1410 on Your Dial 500 Watts Day and Night G.M.C, TRUCKS "The Very Best in Service SHERIDAN. N. Y. vszh CONGRATULATIONS COMP'-IMENTS TO TI-IE SENIORS from SMITH BOYS INC. CAREY S STATIONERY STORE Ph. 3-7496 Dunkirk, N. Y. 41 E. Main St. Fredonia, N. Y. BEST OF LUCK OUR BEST WISHES F TO YOU IOIII GESTWICKI'S RAYMQNU5 COAL COMPANY JEWELRY STORES 212 Webstcr SI. Dunkirk, N. Y. 25 E. Main St. Fredonia' N. Y. Famed for Food . . Known for Service I THE WHITE INN Fredonia, New York page sv nm BEST WISI-IES, SENIORS Prom N. L. Smith and Co. l YOUR FRIENDLY LUMBER MAN For the Best in Immediate Service, See Us 805 E. Main Street Dunkirk, New York why LAKE SHCJRE DELIVERY, Inc. DEPENDABLE SINCE 1920 TERMINALS BUFFALO ERIE DUNKIRK J AMESTOWN Congratulations Class of '53 From MUN? ANU EUMPANH Makers of CECI AND FAVE Phone 2-5241 31 Prospect St. Fredonia, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS TO CLASS OF 1953 'Me Seeadcuw ,49enay INCORPORATED SERVICE ASS U RED Corner Main and Eagle Streets Fredonia, New York L ME S EKA KAM TONG COMP I NT SORORITY of AL BETTY MARIE CONNIE RYNALSKI ANGELA LOEY SALLY Good Luck to the Class of '53 FOR THE FINEST IN BEST WISHES From BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS HARTS PRINTING SERVICE 78 Risley St. Fredonia. N. Y. Main St. Fredonia, N. Y. WEATHER-TEENS As Seen In Seventeen U. S. KEDS CITY CLUB Dunkirk. New York Fredonia, New York Silver Creek, New York page eighty-th THE PARK DINER Q 24 West Main Street VTPREDONIA, N. Y., First Stop After the Game .1-get - : 1:0-..1-na.-4P5:2:i:3 :Q : 15 1 1 1 Q Harry and Lilas Stanton ah DUDLEY MOTORS AAA DODGE Z5 PLYMOUTH Sales and Service Wheel Alignment Wrecker and Collision Service Esso Gas and Oil BEST OF LUCK BEST OF LUCK ro CLASS OF '53 Baldwin Motors Incorporated Sales and Service Dunkirk New York HERE'S TO THE FUN WE'VE HAD AT F. H. S. - From - MARIE ELSIE MARY KAY LYNETTE DQCEILIO S DOTTIE CAROLYN TRUCKING SERVICE SHERRYL THERESA SALLIE JANE It Is A Pleasure To Serve You GAIL BETA SIGMA KAPPA Phone 2-7311 Fredonia, N. Y. page eighty-five COMPLETE BUILDING SERVICE NNfn"0"'CY!y,Jv.b ,WJ wwf' LUMBER COMPANY Fredonia, New York Telephone Z-2152 Fredonia Electric Company 17 E. Main St. Fredonia, N. Y. Phone 2-5521 ' COMPLIIVIENTS of . Park Pharmacy "The Prescription Store" 4 W. Main St. Fredonia. N. Y. Phone 2-7021 CONGRATULATIONS l Edson Merchant 18 Cleveland Ave. Fredonia, N. Y HUNTER'S 20 West Main Street Fredonia, New York DeForest Straight QUALITY CLOTHES For Men and Boys I6 W. Main St. Fredonia. N. Y. Compliments of Pen's Parts Service Distributors ot AUTOMOTIVE PARTS SUPPLIES - EQUIPMENT 75-77 W. Main St. Fredonia, N. Y. Catherine Canty Shop ACCESSORIES Hosiery - Gifls - Lingerie East Main St. Fredonia, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS of Damon Electric, lnc. Russo Building Fredonia, N.Y. Phone 2-2166 page eighty-sem-n BEST WISHES GRADUATES Salsina Canning Co. CANNERS OF FRUITS F3 VEGETABLES Prospect 'Ed Cushing Fredonia N. Y. Congratulations Seniors! from ACME TOP and BODY PAUL CAMBRIA qpmpq COMPLIMENTS OF Sunset Frozen Foods 47 Lakeview Ave. Fredonia, N. Y. FOR FUTURE SUCCESS Fredonia Cement and Block Co. Best of Service 99 W- Main Sf- Fredonia, N-Y- 71 Orchard St. Fredonia. N. Y. YEARS OF HAPPINESS BEST OF LUCK! from from MAC'S GROCERY RUNKEL'S A prfmdyy Mu-Ch,,,,, THE BEST IN DRY GOODS AND READY-TO-WEAR Brigham Rd. Y5 Temple Fredonia- N- Y- 25 W. Main St. Fredonia, N. Y GOOD WISHES CONGRATULATIONS from i ROBERT A. WILL Johnson's Funeral Service TELEVISION CAmbulance Servicej 85 E. Main St. Fredonia, N. Y. E. Main Rd. Fredonia, N. Y prior- mainly 4-ight COMPLETE SERVICE COMPLIMENTS FOR YOUR CAR 0, H0Ff0H'S Fredonia Cleaners Service Station 3251 W. Main Street Fredonia. N. Y. as W. Main sr. Fredonia, N. Y. Te'eP"0"' M056 COMPLIMENTS Congratulations to of Class of 1953 Schuler's Bakery McMACHAN'S Bzner Bak.-if Goods sim 1906 WALLPAPER ' PAINT ' GLASS Fourth at Park Dunkirk, N. Y. 33 Temple St. Fredonia, N. Y BEST Op FUTURES CONGRATULATIONS t C I U John L. Britz Fuel Co. Joseph C. Gullo 182 Prospect Street Main and Dunkirk, N. Fredonia, New Ygfk A WORLD OF SUCCESS To Each and Everyone of You Hotel Fredonia J. now SPRINGMAN. Prop. BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF l953 from Miller Office Equipment and Supply Co. 307 Main Street Dunkirk, N. Y. page cighlyanim' PQINHNEM. . . . qt Jcmlwe Setfev K W WEUUN'fL LENQUPL 'NU .51-N I MORSE ENGRAVING COMPANY Jamestown New York F Fl I - The - West Hill Grocery West Main Street Fredonia, New York Bentley iff Renckens Dairy 20 W. Courtney St.. Dunkirk, N. Y. Phone 2639 DUNKIRK -- FREDONIA Compliments to Class of '53 Samuel C. Ognibene GENERAL INSURANCE Phone Z-2186 23 E. Main St. Fredonia, N. Y. Brown '65 Ciugino Lumber Company CONTRACTORS U BUILDERS Phone 2-67l l 65-67 Orchard St. Fredonia, N. Y. The Best in Drug Slore Goods The Best in Drug Store Service Bremer Pharmacy The REXALL Store 9 E. Main St. Fredonia, N. Y. Frank J. Higgs Co. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR All Phases of Electrical Servire Fredonia 2-7016 66 Forest Place Fredonia. N. Y Valone's Nursery Vilholesale and Retail GRAPEVINES. CURRANTS. SMALL FRUIT PLANTS Nursery Office 48 Cushing St. 178 Liberty St. 1 Fredonia, N. Y. BEST WISHES rc the CLASS OF 1953 Fern's Ice Cream Bar Fountain Service. Samiwirhes, Sundaes 136 YV. Main St. Fredonia, N. Y pnqc' mntig Iwo Best Wishes to the Graduates Compliments of CITIZEN'S TRUST COMPANY Predoma. N. Y. Member of Federal Reserve Bank CONGRATULATIONS To 1953 Graduates from THE RED WING COMPANY FREDONIA, NEW YORK CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS We' ll Miss You TRI-I-II-Y FREDONIA HIGH SCHOOL FREDONIA, N. Y. VERY BEST OF LUCK From DENGLER'S CHEVROLET 21 2-222 E. Main St. Fredonia, N. Y. BEST WISHES From N. S. Briggs and Sons CREAM-TOP DAIRY PRODUCTS Dunkirk, N. Y. Fredonia, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF TRI ETA SORORITY PAT BLACK JOAN BRADLEY ff' SUE BULICK 9 yfr X EETSY DAWLEY VJ 435-9 SUE FEES DIANE KALTENEACK KAREN LINEERG PEG MILLER MARY o'NEIL SANDRA PARKER SHIRLEY sALHoEE RAE SMITH DORIS STAR LAURICE TEDEROUS M' ery-four "THE MAKING OF PERFECT .IELLIES Is AN ART" WE MAKE THAT ART ourz BUSINESS JELLIES BEDFORD PRODUCTS 70 West 6th St. Dunkirk, New York COMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 From J OHNNY'S FOOD SHOP Corner of Cushing and Orchard Sts. Fredonia, N. Y. 'O. COMPLIMENTS CONGRATULATIONS OF FROM S. J. COOK NURSERY F' L. MILLER MARSHALL COOK, Prop. ROOFING CO. Rt. Xl Dunkirk, N. Y. 1 199 Water St. Fredonia, N. Y. BEST WISHES GOOD LUCK fm, TO THE GRADUATES NIAGARA MOTORS WINCHESTERYS CHARLES NARRAWAY JEWELRY STORE Lmvhwf SP Dunkirk' N- Y- vvm Main sf. Fredonia, N. Y. I LIKE FREDONIA ESPECIALLY IT'S FOR FUTURE sUc:cEss STUDENTS FROM from A FRIEND Y CARD S RESTAURANT GOOD FORTUNE I A Very Good Place to Eat Savings and Loan Assoc. George McEwen Main St. Fredonia. N. Y Main St. Fredonia, N. Y. page ninely-six r' ll f 0'4- I l3wL.eff?s',g Q, PATRON S The Staff is gratefully indebted to the following Fredonia professional men. and friends of the class of 1953, who have generously contributed to this page. BUSINESS and PROFESSIONAL MEN Dr. E. O. Black Donald C. Brandt Glines id Collesano Dr. Benjamin S. Custer A. O, Ellsworth John G. Fitzgerald Dr. Frank M. Hall Mr. Louis A. DiMaggio H. C. Ehlers Co. Fredonia Memorial Post 359 A Friend Laona Red fb' White Store Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lodico Mr. Dr. Peter C. Meister Dr. Richard T. Milazzo Dr. Frank A. Ognibene Dr. F. Pasquale Dr. Donald T. Seydel Dr. C. V. Walker Dr. H. E. Wheelock FRIENDS Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Muscarella Nelson's TV Mr. William Schlichter Stockton Hotel Thelma's Beauty Shop Toni Beauty Cove Hugo L. Wolfe 11 ds' Ill mon Q . Complfmems Answers to Pictures on Page 42 OF l. Maggio Twins 7. Marla Reynolds 2. Elcanore Kuczenski 8. Dorothy Conti 3. Marla Reynolds 9. Barbara Sesnlc 4. Berry Mancuso 10. Carol Lucas GOLF COURSE 5. Jean Schaufflcr 11. Shezryl Bolling 6. Marilyn Harper 12. Richard Weber FREDONIA, N. Y. til ir ? t ACKNOWLEDGMENTS OUR SINCERE THANKS TO THOSE WHO MADE POSSIBLE THE "I-IILLTOPPERH OF 1953 OUR ADVERTISERS PRINTING 1 THE FREDONIA CENSOR, INC., FREDONIA, N. Y. ENGRAVING MORSE ENGRAVING COMPANY, JAMESTOWN, N. Y. PHOTOGRAPHY McLAREN id McLAREN, INC.. PHOTOGRAPHERS. FREDONIA, N. Y. COVERS MUELLER ART COVER 25 BINDING CO., CLEVELAND, OHIO padc ninely-eigh: fi! we meef Win pugc ninvlyrnim' H 4 LQ CL-C52-'QQ og 2Q'h ga Ax N JJ M R www WWW QW WNW' Q Vw Yksfwhi wwwm WfJ CWM mwymw M Mm Wm N, QQIITE W 3? E E f Aff Wg? Q vwAM 'swwwgg 1-- W Q Q 1 L4,.r,f,,, l ',' r..L., ,fgu X 'gf fa' ' 'N g.,.L W 1 ' 1 'ff Q I i' I Ai ' 0 His co E ! H 21' ' i -wiv

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