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Jeb? WWW QW JKWQ Q12 JW if Wx ggzft MM :AE . K '69:Me4z904? 4 4 9 CSVZJMWWH in 13557 MM! WW GW 03Wgzf'LQiL2,O?.. Xk.m'5. WM x AM if WC 5-ww? W NWN csw,,w'.f "Sy QMQQ .X WWW! if ! , QW 'IQ' , 5, I, I -'f IH? I945 HIIIIUPPEH ' Q. V' ' H-I PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS FREDONIA HIGH SCHOOL FREDONIA, NEW YORK VOLUME FOURTEEN GUY' illliElllUlllJ and llfllllllillllil In these days of total war, no annual would be complete without some thought of the men and women who are fighting on far-flung fronts. It seems only fitting and appropriate, then, that we dedicate our senior yearbook to the students and teachers defending and serving their country as they have served before in school, They are of our geneation - they fight, and sacrifice their per- sonal desires, to keep alive the things we cherish. lt is such things - memories of school years, a happiness and a way of living, shared with their fellows - which will ever serve as a spur to them. Each age has had its ideals, each war has had its heroes. Many have been the statues, buildings, poems and other works completed in honor of these men and ideals. None, no matter how great or how small, has been dedicated with any more respect, honor, and love than we give with this dedication to you - living and dead - The men and women ot our Armed Forces, Just as the hills will echo and re-echo your praises, so will our voices and the voices of those who read this book be raised in proud salute to you! lIlllllilllS Dedication ........... So Proudly We Hail . Lest We Forget .... Administration .... Faculty ..,..... Classes ..... Clubs . . . Music ........ Sports ........ Advertisements . . . FTQQ of Freedom? True To knee, All our Tlwongnts, Words, Deeds shell be, e Pledgung sfeudfesf leeeyelty Author Unknown SU PHUUDLU -319--f v 5' '-Vllliw K1 'wus- .- suit it-we ' r JMX 'imp mw, lull lo riqlnl: Grasor, Wesfplmly bolfnrn row, lolt lo riqlilz Andnlfwrn, Srhibf-lm GRADUATES-Killed in Aclion: Michael Andolora, '42 F lfc: L+. Frederick Gollnilz, Jr.. '37: Cpl. Allen Heimburq, '36: L+. Donald Sleqer, '36: Cpl. Gordon Scofl, '4O: Sql. Francis Graser. '36: Plc. Carlo Sclwibella, '37: Sql. Edward Weslplwal, '4I7 L+. Roger Woodcoclc, '32. GRADUATES--Missing: Pvl. John Birlcers, '367 Sql. Mil+or1 Bull, '39: Pvt Sfeplwan Caslilone, '3l: L+. Donald V. Swain, '39, L B HIE YHIL l 5 xx . ,,' ggi fi Qw NWA' i "' ".' 1 .,: 3. """""'4--...x Top row, leff fo riqh1:W0odcoCk. Golinlfzp cenferz Sfeqmt lm1fnm row, IMI T0 rIq'1T: Heimburq, Stn -.f-. CRfXl7UfXHS- -Vrlwv vb: SM. Umor' Horoy, U55 Lf. Willlam Hnwrwf, '393 PM-,Edf .11 4 vnim, '39 4 M H Pvt- QIMHN.--, CNIL-z,.nrm, WO: U. Hugh De Lury. '383 Lf. IVIIHUH Thompson, '39, FORMLP PLIVILS- -MNIQJ in Action: CN, Harald Cransfon, Ilrwmr-r FWS, P. N. lffg Pvi. Smmwl Fmfllm-1: VM. VViHi.1m Jn-nsmm: SCU. Dmmld Morrison. FQRMLII PUVHS- F'fmw.-v.: PM. Uwru.:M Carr: Cpf, D4-an Hmpmg CpY.Glf1rm l.JIT1ITI4I9 To tim Bos? oi Our Knowledge, March, 1945. Seven LEST lllf TUHGETU Members ot the Class of T945 in the Armed Forces of Their Country y T Q . ' . 3 . w ' i- - 7 1: gf, A A r y . L- T it ..z1 ig: L L Jet' jff3gm-mf31fsy:w-- gn?-mm .. .. ,.-4:-nmw r .- -'-' " RUSSELL A. GANGI A CPL. JOHN A. PARKER, JR. ROBERT PILGRIM Seaman Second Class Army Air Force Seaman, First Class S Qfc Radioman Light We dedicate our book to all of those Who courageously answered our country's call, But to our three boys special tribute goes For they're part of us and we love them all. They left their homes for the horrors of war, Their loving parents, their church and the school, Picnics and dances, and friends by the score, The basket-ball court and the drug-store stool: Leaving these things which had once seemed trifles The hang-out, the gang, and familiar sights, Laying down pencils, shouldering rifles They sacrifice youth to defend our rights: Though they long to return, they're fighting yet. Pause often and think of them. Lest We Forget, - Valerie Schoener, Class of I945 O'er all Fredonia towering high above Stands our noble high school that We all have learned to love ECHOES OF THE ADMINISTRATION RTW? '!"'l"I """' W ,-C. ,, , s 70" f' ' ' ' ' "ff 'ffl ?1-Perri!!-I 1 ' z - , el. Q . V! , I Qing? V E :wk ' . tg :J ' 'V' .IAN . f 5' 03' I' 1 ll. I., 1 Y' f' Tiff .1 4 ij Ga! ' 1, S r w r 1 n . ' "J E. - I s ' f W' I . 4 , , r i s Whenever, in coming years, we think-of'1,.F,rH.S., oneof the ,,firsf':Ernelges to come to mind wif-l,Jbe the office- lrt's- o large room overlooking the' entire campus, as befits it, for it is here thot o greet PGH of ,the work of .administration is done. h ,Mn D'ye's office - how often have we heard his friendly "Hello, wonft ,you come rin?" --the -busy pecking of they 'iypewrirer under Mrs' 'F'i'F!ktSl bible fingers. 4-- Mrsf-THossetfsrfvoisces. ' h ' These ond?-many-more 'things' will echo infour minds-and recqllfschool tous. xwA' ' L,.,..,. - ,..,-,,o... A, BUHRD UF EIJUUHTIUH W4 -1" 'wa ,.N...,L VVHEVIOCK MRS. MARY HIf'XNF'll ML y1.j,WAQV fpglxg y X 1-Vu' MP, HUYEO L, NNL H ., l I I MR. HERBERT Q, MACRR5 I. ,,J?" rj Q'-fu!-T,11.4D V-A N' -'ff WM' 4-'A ff' - VL ,VI .,,f X 4 , ' f - if' ww R 4' .Nj 1' 1 R K .' Emu-4 M' fiixw :HQ-m MRS. CLPXPA HINSSET. Supervigm N PxH0r'danw? I. . F I, Q! WM N MRS, MILUE-'HW PINK Asslsinrf Sn3'Vf".1Iy J th. SUPERIHTEHDEHT UF SCHUULS TRHEUTE TO CLAUDE R, DYE 'I 'L'-'T ii' ffm' 'T'-'Y' Till r'r7'1'r'l :rs ... ,. ,,.. . L . .i , ll 1- Tin' ITKIN1' our' luww s1:uIir17r ,hui Lfi'IM!!'!3!'J fruiic lwi71'mi zu lnfTll'ri:1l,x fm shi' surnfy in' firm- ' These cire The vvords of The poeT, buT They mosT ooTly describe The forty yeors of service of our Triend, helper, guide, counsellor ond fellow Teocher, Mr. C. R. Dye, who reTii-es os our school supe:'inTendenT of The end of The presenT Term. l-le hos le-TT his rnork indelibly imprinTed upon The lives of mony in These forTy years of service. A mon of chorocTer, c1biliTy, imegriry, ond honor, he con iusTly ond proudly look buck over Those years vviTh sciTisTocTion knowing ThoT his hos been o job well done. WWW' QQAQF TlTirTean THE SUHUUL-Ull-THE-Hlll I K, 2 Lx V' 'Q 4-51 ,. . .. ""-A-n....,.,....--' A U g: ,avi '-n ' ' 3- -ye I 4 -' . . A , and l'm the center, the heart of their thoughts, my halls have hearrl their noisy shouts, my trees have sheltered them from the sun. From out my doors have gone those who are the foundation of the town below. As long as they and their children live, I shall echo and re-echo through the years. I AM FHS. lqnlg FllLl.l0l3lDER STAFF SHEILA BALDENSPERGLR DQNALD SMITH - Adveriising Managers C14-lwrqv ludl, Clmlnl-mn Anim Blslml Kny lwsslinxq Plclu re Edifors Vlfoller Glow, Clwalvnwar N Pub:-rl Soljlw l l l Msylvln Sullivan - hdis l l"lr.l,nnl-ss Ma1m.q3l Sporls Edilors Roscrna: in Joy l Donald Seydul l Typisls l l Joanne Seybold lloumld lnrnmus X X Music Editors HUSSEC Carr MUIY Mwnfu: 1 Jam Bwrk Mmllln Conli lVlmll1lX,n Spvmu: Anllnony Mnslor X Junior Class Edifor l l l Gloria Barresi Senior Edilors l 5 X Subscrlpfion Managerg l W l SOpllOr'nOI'e Class Edifor l Vnlurin Sglvor-nw, Clullvm ln l I l M I Sl, -A Y Ewlyn Crown, Clvnlrnmn ll p F l X ml 'K-55'U'-5 A 4 B, i Ucwolln, hmm-gnlln.1 l i Freshman Class Educ., UK IUY lllllHll'l l I l X A X Slwll-my Mdlllv l .lnnmu Gailowirz Pe-rllm Grfxrmln f lfllmbvllx lvlurrlll Jdlle Powels Junior High Edllo' I Q Polrlgla Wunder Slllflll KUSf1l'Sl'f' Mary Joun Muller i d A viser 2 1 ' Al E ' Bllly pills r dllors Mrs. lldnlsuv llc-nu Polvino Waldo Brown l AH Adviser l,m'rniv1:.- Slwllma Jen-lm l-larpwr MBS MMM S ,wSW'll?Vgl0'4r0 IEEE!!! P rg' ' ESLIQZI xl '?f5SAssocxw' Sm-nlucl. loll lo riqlwlg M. Manguso, M. Spcmur, Mu. Sealed, lell lo rlqlll: Miss Mlller, S. Balclensperqer, l'ldnIser. P, Wunder. Slnndlnq, lull lu rlqlll: L. Slullm, B. Parks, R. Socll, Slandinq, lbll lo flqlll: M. Conll, E. Crowe, J, Harper, M. Miller, W. Gloor, D. Ennmerlinq, J. Powers. J. Seybold. D. Larnmers, S. Mahle, D. Smillw, V. Salmon-ner, G. Tadl. F. Granala, D. Seydol, B. Merrill, A. Brimmer, W. Brown, M. Sullivan, A. BIN HIW, Cr1l'l', BCIVVGSI. R. Joy, J. Berk. l -Q", A' 1 'I .1 f 'I -04-LA. l llllenn '-4,,... . -A..-QL-L5 'gg' asm: 13 5-1:14-1 ' F 94.04 'C-'tl-as -Hoang - MAA: fi """-"" ' a s H " s . , k'4-is Ag..-0 , g 5 J'-g,..n.' - ' 'F' ff jfwnw fr fwuo g 614-Jvgxib - ' NATIQN L HONQR SGCIETY xi'-'U Q' bliiidiiiti li-ll it iltiltl: Q1 l5.'eii'iesl, ll, Smilll, J. l94iwr'l'S. V. Stlnor-finer, N, Tiilvivi lil, Eniniiiilirig L. VVlHl4','lIliLllt. Seated lr-it to iight: XM. Gloor. E. Crowe. Mr. Dye, S. Beldensperger. 6. Tedt. OFFICFRS WfxLtLiR GLOOR - Prrwsidi.-iii EVELYN CROWE - - Vice-President Sl'll'lLA BALDENSPERC-BER - Secretary and Treasurer ADVISER - SUPERINTENDENT C. R. DYE The aim of the National Honor Society is to make good citizenship in high schools a matter ot distinction, Those students who rank in the upper third of their classes are eligible tor membership in the society so it is inevitable that the leaders come from those who ranlc high in mentality and achievement. But the National Honor Society is more than an association of students of high scholastic attainments. lt also aims to stimulate the character, scholarship, leadership, and service of the students ot the secondary schools of this country. In the latter part of February, the faculty chose ten new members, - six senior members and four junior members who were inducted at a special chapel program. In order to make all pupils of the school aware ot the primary aims at the Society, impressive rituals ot induction have been established. This year, as in the past, the olticers of our school chapter used an elaborate "tapping" ceremony which was acclaimed the most impressive program of the year, From far and near We hear the D story told anew .U Ofhour A1 ma Mater som 1 ' A .fp -1, ., g OFIOUS 1 1 .1 to VIEW - ' ,. 1 En gb ' - ' ', Wi: ' - 41 'ge-" ""' '- ' "' , ' 'K ' 452525 ,sg -5 .191 pi- ' A ,Ig 42.53 12' , V 1 .W f ag A if '- ififi' we M115-msc' - il' ' fi- ,P Q A-"MQW fri?-' 11' '5.:f1+Sfu.ff WGS- 1 1, A :mf g Efil :Ewan A .g'f"-fffiki ?.' E3i'5'5L ': fa-c ':5TY,iI.:. ., ' .. if W , ECHOES FROM THE FACULTY r3p,"p'f"1: 'L'1'l5v?' ' v- ' L ' " "" A , 1 1 x"5 8 . The past few years have seen many changes in high school life. Because of the war the tempo of things has greatly increased. l-ligh school students find an increasingly great number of tasks to perform, duties to be done. We are learn- ing to be fighters in a world of war and preparing to be good citizens in a world at peace This is a stupendous task, and one which we could never accomplish, if it were not for the guid- ance and ever present assistance of our friends, the faculty of F. l-l. S. We will always remember you with the deepest gratitude. lHH6UHGE l From where we slond, lcxnguogo looks os if it is going To be in- leresfing, Time will toll' Twonly HEHllH CLARA B. SMITH Enqlisli Junior Adviser, Sludenf Council FIRDINA CROSBY, B. S., M. lil, School Physician BESSIE C. HANISER, B. S. Enqlisli Senior Adviser 'll-lilllopperll, 'lon-llic-Hilll' ADA M. SACKETT, R. N. Sclnool Nurse RUTH M. CORNISH, M. A. Finncili, Lalin Fresliman Advisor MHTH UITSSIL A. MERRITT, B. E, lvmlmlw, S4mmf1 Fmihvnnn Advisor ROBHQT P. TALLMAN, M. A. Sf nonro, Screws Club, Minn f'iMLH'e- Dfrodor, f'xH1lPHr Council MARTHA J. SMITH, B. S, MnHwm.sfifs, Science, Commeffo Junior Adviser AGNES E. DYE, B. S. Md+I!t'H10'ifS qmplmrvmru Advisor - Rvfilvd Md.-fh I SCIENCE n l Q 9 0 1,4 41 3 4 1' - 4 A-Q-A ,, ., ' 5 . . Q X 1 The world would bc in prcity bmi shape without science cmd moth. We mtemcl To Icom UH about Thom sublects. Twenfy-one X. 7v'8'Q,,,9fq 3,,fS fglfwvifx I A . JL. 0 fi? fx Srudy of thc world is always in rnrusting, but even more fcxscinming now when we think of The for- Hm.g plnccs our graduates Off' sowing. Twnnfy MNH P SUCIHL STUDIES LIBHHHU 5. CUPVPQN CORTER, M, .fu SnrinV Srlwnrn, Ilnhnh- Qrwyvnwnvvr-H f'Xdvmf-r ff-T1ll"All1 iflfii. VW UTHVI F, A' Social Scif-mic ANNA ff. QXXXTVUN fl. fx P. 53, I. Librovhn, Lnfin WUW VllCHllllllHl A. .l llfxllzfhllfvfll ll. 5. Cunwmercv hlllxllfxlr li. MASON, M. S, l'lOmr- lvmn mlm, ,l'Er-DVS Club Mll.lON ll. Sfll lfxfl ll Ccwrclmwlmq l7l:l3lll: S. lvlllDf?lfTT. P. 5. L-:IXl'T'll'TlF3lAl'P LYLE H. HALSEY lmdusluilnl Arla, Alpha Hi Y, Aviallon Clul, Assislanl Coafh H 'H 'l Ulf!! L4 AJ- 4:1 1 f'4""Yf f, 5 ffl.L'-Z.,4' ziffpf in ,QIML fr--4'.,y'l.4 Q 111 0442? , -ffl-K-I 4' K1 ,LZ 'fl It 'fazi A I1 -...ln ral LA :f-tn.: L4,AL'. 'L-44f:4', -' ' V I f?- !,l4,,,pn,. ff---f. . Typing is o skill found to be ol increasing value ofter high school clovs, Twenly-lhree 5 Wigs cxplonfy in 111050 sulpioms Art - music - gym - W0 lucmvo r ' LIIAI ii r of cull - W0 fmimy Thom, 100 . K of ". . . - XY " gy 'A A' if Q Q' r f-' 01.1, F 1'l 1 K ' I. 1.1. I y I. Xl? uf If m u s I aww su m AJ l' ix .' ,A fd 5, ' . 2 L- , 1 ' xv' Atl," .k'. .Ii 1 ' X J My . ' 1' " ' ' IJ P .H " ' - R I' vs uma E mARvEY B. 5. ' ' fl 0' ,. Musir flmmniirs, GIMP CMH: VICTOR F. LFSSO Plwysirnl liffllfalimn, Erwin H1 Y LAURA M. EVARTS, B. S. Physifni lrrhnnfi-m, l,e-m'lrAr-Q Clul CV'3N'iTANf7F l, NELSON, B, S. lnshumvnial Munn. HHFN Xl, MILIKR, P, S. Aff, MHIIIVQWH1,-I", fm! P-,rlvi-,r-1' Twenfyffour vw' fi . E J L 1 Qi? K fl Hail! Hail! Send the echoes flying Up and down the hill FHS X fs--1 ,gf- .mf Fgj-,?ff-f Y-'57 ff 25' PM :wr ff' -E' 53 ai M, 'fb'-frag 7 Chin-. , V. Y , -. - - gxg '+L ' ' --ww-vc . .a,+",- s ' ff ' Y- ,fin-'t,, -Avi 35 uf ff f r,.w-:, ' x ez- V,-:1 2' .-for -A--' -.1.-- '7' 'TT 1 ' ,- "" ,Q '.' . -- 1-1: . -2-P L ,... .4 , 4 ' -.-1 1 -- - , -- . ,, 951- - ...g- - ,wjgziif ' " .Vi .- " ' " Lira -11.4. ' . .i A ' -'?7'si75f:g,..-: II " " "- W . , .g.1:.Ef? 4" ' ' A A M 154 A 1 .--'nhl-A -f- 0,3 " .g , ' - , N .:a:-- . 1 LET" --FY - 121-x.. '-Lf. . -3471-"' J ,bmw 1 X 2-L . ,,."!f2 '. 'fig' ' ':,. 5:55 ifqgf- J- jus - ,Mt - ... . af 1 ,. - . .,.-- 5, I , f .- .- , I D Vik: -. a -3,31-1" c-. , ,-.f-. X .H -fa, . - ' -. 'f f5l"5"-'M ,Q- . - . ' 'f:. ,X-.2 V 1 --vga ,, . . --,.. 4'-fghzfr' - ' A" 'T 2. . -Fin. .. 1-1.- K -r ,. Af ,gg-L ,-594 - ---v. .. ff" eff, . 5 ' ' ii'L: .- -1 3.3 ,-..- -,geql . Q04 -Q 7-gin . 53.3 "LQ 7.1, -, 4.5..n - ,, ' ' 1- ,545 32' " gf:-zz. zu.: if-,vw N .X Q: ,... :pl .' A ,.,. V N, -T' 9:5 . : "1-'Zf": ' e -' - ' 2- T' '- .1.-1-I.-- - , N.:.1-:. V 1 ECHOES FROM THE HOME ROOMS 2 4' ,pIl'...'f-L: x 'f1lvg,gjrf., '- ': ff' r . A ' "ff .V l4 J ,mp ,nf H 2,14 ZW. 'V I-F, .54 11,1 if ".' - V6 55 4 if Nl fl X Q Q, 1'- ,?:f' -P , ,ELL ' W- ' -'. 3115 Q 1 f if 4 , J an ,Q 51 J " Q' 1 'w A K 2' 1 . "1 " 'X 9 in 4. 5 . 11- w E+ i-'imc rg.: -ex , , . I 5 . .Y , du., ,1 W " 190, -: -:J 14 .-,1. , . :O 1 .' - -5 . ' 'ku gfrr - -,' JE I -, I' N" ' FF ' "Qi 1-' -- , J' .W -,M . .L I J ,I A.. :V I f - .' 11-" K 3 L L1 SPY-T' fig.. I , ' I I F. ls,-.1 41. -Z, , .., f- Y , 0 . 'fn x' fb., A-7 ,, K . . .uif '5 . 1 1 ph . ,- sp . -H. - N F . H il tl I 1, ,,. 74 4" 1 ii W uf -' max 4 - .f A ' , , 1' I nn. 5 A' f ,- . -N Fx V, -X -1. N 'w . wxxf 11 " -X wg. - x X -. - A ' x'- X ' xf X x . N., - ' I ii 1 W1 1. 4 - E1 5 . di . 4.f4...L..:..Q..,. ff' , if ln song ond verse, the story of homeroom hos been told mony times. But in reolity, there is no need to hove such reminders. The voices of friends mode throughout our school veors will echo ond re-echo in the course of eoch doy. The excitment of treshmon homeroom ond meeting new cldssmotes, the fun of renewing these friendships os sophomores ond juniors, cind finciliv, the new experiences of senior homeroom will ever be the things we sholl remember best about high school. enty- Tweniy-nigh? JUNIORS GLORIA BARRESI EDWARD DAILEY Clnss PresidenI BIIIIIII VM INIA CCI IOI INII CIAQC i:ff'v0IIIvy IUONAI II SMITI I IfI mi IIw'.I:IrmI FHVUHI wOP:'1Ow,C N L, lv! f I f FRESHMEN DONALD KOPP Class Prceidomi ELIZABETH JACKA 6541. 1 , . 1 A of' ff" Twzenfy-Eine I A . -' 1 1' y5'J,J,fiMA,, I . ' ' - ,, if Q ,H ,fry-W "W .T ilUlllllli CLHSS iff' . RY' I flu wav lg, Laughter in corri ors, "Oh, no by Qgeghsciueals ot delight, "Guess wltols talfirkg nie to th clciicefP',' ol woe. ' i man shortage makes no sick!" Yes, these scenes have bee m s Wit r girl. lu' I 4 . M ' islhdy, "Boy, did Coach give us a workout yesterday. l can hardly rnc4L, arguin n locker roorns, "2 to l we win the next game!", frowns and sighs, Ax -VVVonder who has his English clone? It's not long helore a Junior hoy is well known he cause of these familiar phrases, wi Yet, all is not laughter and groans in the class ot '46. The Juniors, well repre- sented in athletics, music, debate, and dramatics, have their lingers in every promising pw in F.l'l,S, During the terrible snowstorms experienced this winter tl.c: tnzc, representation al Juniors helped to continue the usual routine ot school life. The wholehearted support ol the Junior class lor the March ol Dimes was ad- mirwble. This worthy cause was met with such enthusiasm, it wasn't long before the Juniors had a lOO'W support. Like a huge pendulum so swing the emotions of the versatile Juniors. Taking everything in their stride, this lively class is composed of the Juniors ol today, the seniors ol tomorrow. f - j ,HI I lj, lj 1,1 , I U fjf 1 1 Y '- E J u yy. ' .Af j 1 H 1 IJ J' 4 YV., riunioR orricifras lflJNNfXRLt LTAILEY J lr- MRS. CLARA B. Stvillli tvtlS5 IVIAPTHP J. f5tvtlTll AA, ,i. Mfr , if irtifffft Thirty Lots yvirirgrrviftrsi Sm' MARIAN umeo . . vrmwr., FREDERICK SCHOENER Trec ADVISERS 13 Fw? if' '14 f 'Y 'np 'x 0 1 J , ,Ll 'W .,f,.-,K P , s x . D 6 98.0, .J x l' I' . -foal Lax. ..v'Y . , :lr 1, s . C -Q 1 t . ,vp ' fs D 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1'11" 1-" 1 1 11 11-11'- 1 11-111,111 1 .11 M. 111...11 1x 111-1111111-1 1 B1'1 1 I 1. 11-1' N11 11-11111-11 1 IV1 1.11.1 N 111 1111.1,.1.111.111111111 1 1 XN1111111111.111 M 1 131111. 111111 1-., 1-1' 1 111111. M, L 11, 1Q4 11-8.111 11 IVI. 131111111111 .1 111-1 1 11 V, I1-1'1- 1. M 11K '1, .'. F 1111 1' 1.11 1 . 11111 To 111: D. Ludcmarm, L. Bal in, 1 1v1.11'111, J. Mau, D. '1 irnburc J. W.1I11:1 M. Drago. S01r'r1r1 1111v, 1911 111 1.qI11' B. S1-1'11 I1 ."111'.. C. 111urr M. Piehl, A. Tompio Cn 11115, G. Bmmsi, R, XM 111151 -111IId row, 11-11 10 ru ,- F. 5611001101 C. CQRc1 Gworvk. 13. 111m1'1rQw, , 1. 'x B.11r1'111, J. 1U1 B.fK9 F d XX Rui . 1 5 I 1' Qs 9 H0111 fowl Hgfo IIKJX . C. B1x11aq1i.1, MQJISU, I 11n1'11ey, S. Valsp 13, L. 510 ew X M. Noble. YS N 1' Nrgcvtwck sus 'JI vs-Sqqmwdyrgyf, 1131140 r1q111: Ft.TnL1F110f A 'B6r:i,, .HEI YTZEJM- NQ""I'c'Mm'J5. 19.1111 1 QQCQWLV -F71 11151111733 F7oY1rwn, B w XQ P'l'- ,lv , . 1111111 101111, IQ11 111 11151112 R. Guq11'1Q, B. LeBa11f111, J. Pflocqor, E. Dailey, W. Mor- fmn, R. Emmoif, R. Burke. 'XJ' 11111111 114 ,fll,:l tiwpu 1, " gt ,,f V J . ' l N y l A , L , i ' Mufti R 3 ' iv". . l- ' W1 . 1 A, MJ 1 , A, 1. . 1 ff vi , 'Vp v, I V ' , if ly 1 I ' ' . ' f ' P fl' ' lf' l 'i ,Af l I ri, H .. l , If f 1 y, SOPHOMORE OFFICERS llett to rightj J X ' JOSEPH VALVO - Y - Secretary h RICHARD MCPHEE - - Treasurer 2 LR T WEBSTER . D Pfesadeff. JO LARSON - - Vice Rrf1' J t ADVISERS SI JN I " in 'Q . MISS AGNES E. DYE 2 MR. S. GORDON CORTER ,l ,f 41, fin' I., H 'J fthe!! I ' " . t En , fscclr , t .f"'f"1 . 'i UPHUWU CLHSS Q N 5 'M The outstanding hope ot the cla ot 7 is t at ra u in a peaceful ' 'l 3 world. Realizing that our duty at present ' p m r y t sks i the best pos- R l g , 5 ' sible manner, we have entered into sch I ork an e a iviti s ' iligence and , N enthusiasm. lj ,J l , Xp We, the sophomore class l , h ev lc n hat it means to attend R ' l high school in peacetime. Most h s, ' er r close relatives in the Q g -' service of our countryt We take pride t e t ct h m ot our outside activities 3 I' have been influenced by the desire to serve in o way. 1 The Alpha-Xi-Zeta gave the proceeds of a sch ol nce to the March of Dime.. - '4 A. The sophomore class itself contributed IOOW to the drive. de from the war acticities 3 5 many of the members participate in glee club, band, dramatics, debate and sports. As ' cg X ' a whole the graduating class of '47 will be one f the best that has ever come out "t X J' , Nr donia High School. i X LJ sf . N I' p Q S. ' . Q - S . Q ' I ' Nix I l t Y- sr ' is 272 -s J N Thirfy-me 'r' -ei' r " efvxl T ' 'fx l , S- .. .X v ff' Vo 1 1 is 5 M I S fr lk'-F f 'w, .M ,jkm . M A 'V l, V . 9 if r rw. Cixf? vnsw,-Pxjd nn- M A 1 Tn, mwm, gxvrgxfmnrz P. f r I' S vf -V if x gjgwrwawd ww, HH M Vfqhfi M. Van Krlurr-rw, .l, Slnirw, M. Nifwrsfm J. Swnmk, U. Snlmlv, N. Hvnry, D. Dmrs, E, Pimwn. Third row, lofi fo riqlwii S. VVPFUSYOV, A, Bnldonspnrfqrlf, H. Ludfvmnn, J. Van Suri:-'j B, Bdifd, J. Joy, V, Fadafv, I-J ,'HVYH'b1!llX1M, J. Guqinfv, VV OH. XV . Q A X ., rx' In riqfwi: C. C g . , Uno, J. Twp Ming 1. Rhim-lmrf, C. Hmm -sl.-1, P. Smith, M, Soseinns, U Hwri, M. Maqqhv. Swarm! IOW, MH In mmf 1-I. R1 mmdn, Rphnriwin, U Mnruwf' wAllf4fijf7.,Valvw fx V1 wifi, .94f'r'i0rErw, P U in-1,5A. Bhtilrgf, Um wwf 'i u ,7l X. I . f'T,hiA mv! Ili M1 riqlwii M17 . I Y-1, F'w:wMc1rNcwf, VT, MarKmnun R. Mrfxhmv, U. Wnlndnr, R fn,-mfr, J. Wr1Nl'n, R, Boll, M 2:15-', S.Tr11n111?,x, l, W.1I1'1'ruQ ff. W1-ini, sys. .1 " Q X' ' Tlwiriy-ihre-'2 ri, i "J, fjj Ky I tb if J I l , 1 ,rf fl J I .1 f lil ttf , i vf . . VV ' - s- illy ll! lflwl' ll! ' VM s . Vi, K X V 55 X ' l 2' ff , i If X f mx' X IL, J ,, , J fz Afaf 1 I lfl! I 'la' fl ' It 'V W .wwf .B I , 'VU ff . j 'rl' ' 'I Mfr' XX' 'J' fl Q .Ml lf . r ii . r I I 4 lu . ,1 , x ,ff A f lil ,J ' 1 ' J .U if i if l y 5 f ,J .1 y ,V I ' l At the beginning of this year, the class ot '48, entered a new wor Jn' which A we were to take part during the coming four years. Gradually we become customer! to this world and we expect to accomplish much before leaving F.H.S. '- Our freshman class consists of ninety members, nearly all of whom participate in at least one of the many activities provided. We are represented in basketball, football, bowling, glee club, band, and orchestra.. All these help make up a busy freshman schedule, We are proud of our freshman class and we intend to end the four years with many achievements to our credit. Keep on eye on the class of '48! You can expect to hear a great deal of us during our stay. We ,clre going to make it a profitable and enioyable four years at good old ,, tl ' -1, xy Q! 6 X ' '4 y' . JJ Vx 'l 'xl X. J I D .X ., . , 9 R5 Tj X -+f T 3 ' , H ' -Q0 FRESHMAN QFFICERS EDWARD SEEKER - - Treasurer BERTHA WINKELMAN A - Secretary LA DEEL JONES - - Vice President DAVID KOPP ---- President ADVISERS MRS. RUTH M. CORNISH MISS BESSIE A. MERRITT Thirty-four In A A A I I W, fb FQNr1 ' vffl W If 1 , Iv, Pin-.xy XL' .ilwv IX . B.lI1iuPf1. '. ' , .J L 3 Nw L , V fdnv un, B. Sn P ww 'U ' , A iw ICH vw LX v'fx11WLC fl ,L " -L nn'L, Vfiwnw, . DP Invnfx ,adzffn NLx.!yfvp7W, J. VHVKW l,1Lun"1? M,4"'lM'Xf'Jil1D', f . v x, ll I .ffm w 1' ff JJ X fm f. fffli. ly nw., TFT! fm mqlwf, H Mfifwrl-r,-ll, R. Cwnii, D I-'.'fL1N, IL AL!vnv1-v, F. SOUL' N, N, Tn1in..n,f., L fxlni-.Iinn, Y Ynpyw. 5 MA, Jftf-'iff ,L ,Q 'r-ffv' J' 0' LLQ4 .- Fmn? row, lrwfigqflf: . R. Fvvmi, R, Trwmpio, C. Bmgue, J. Wrwod, M. Lindsay, Nr. Sandvrscvn, G. Lupean, J. Au- gnunw, VV. Sirfxiqhf, P. De Lonq. Middle row, ICH 10 riqhi. S. Confw, K. Hvrbsf, G. MIIILW, D. Dunninq, D. Wfzbor, R. Burmws, U. Dean, J. Dv-my goff, O. Ualvynmplo, Top row, lofi fo riqhf: C. La Borbvra, R. Crofoof, B. Kwpnnr-r, R. Gunflnor, B. Row- Wvy, G. Kosnvr, B. Furk, J. Lnmrwny, J. Cash. r w hir fm rrqhf: 0, C. Dirlcinson, J. Ep' L Bn-ndor, M. Mosrnfo, Arn, L. Jrunos, L. Qdczbrfxl Pulwno, R, Tampio. row, let? To riqhf: Tcupliffo, U. Vaionn, W. Poland, R. Bull, VJ, Grave, N, Link, Q. Rafnnmn, J, Guqirm, J, Mniwcr, B. Porivr, B. Sirvqnr. fnp row, lofi To righf: B. Damon, M, Leone, S. Sara uso, C, Lawson, ID. Golden. A. Enfhqlm, J. Prnvnrr-rw f. Cmn- QLLJJQDL W 0 x .1 X Thirly-fiv-2 JUNIOR HIGH PvonI mv., I.-II Ig riqhf: M. Barone, G. I-IoIsInqIon, J. Case. P.CasI1, C. Pierce, M. CroweII, L. FndaIv I RIfI1'f'r S P Im+v-nf D Calanrwi, A. Maqqio, M, Sfeqer, D. BUII. wffmrI ww, IMI In rirqIwI: M. SIoIces, J. Greco. S. Ubaney, P. ScI1eII, N, Tyv'eII, R. NMWII, I EI' vw II. ArfIHv'ffIr B. Wf'sIpImI, J. CIVIIQII, D. fXppeI, L, Leone, K. BGIIGQIIEJ, R. Le Gramm, TIIIIH ww IMI iw rEI1I'uI: D. BIIII, P. CuIIinq, W. Wcrf, A. BaIIaqIIa, R. NGWQII, S. Qrofo, C. fXIIm.II C. Guqimw, G. Ciambmme, C. Mafarano, M. Wicks, A. Guqino. ' A S IL. 5 Thiriy-six vp II If-I' I rugm, R, I3 I Q1 wif, IPI. Sffdrwn, 0nIwarI0vf, I-I, Gardnrrw, L. Lrmmfe, f uqinrw, F. Om7Io, .l. CIIIHI FHUUIIU MaIIw0maIIrs IIJNA T. SCOTT IiVIqIIQI'I LLNXX J, CURTIS Enqlish IETHELYN K, MCLARFN Swfial Smdiws Direcfor OI Junior I'IiqIw BHHHER STREET SGUHUUL RICI MRD KUSNESKE Treasurer .1Ul IUS SCHOFNER Vice-Presidenr STUART KUSNESKE Presidenf CLAUDINE MILLER Secreiary Fronf row, lei? YO rigiwf: M. Goodrich, L. Barone, R. Anzalone, B. Boquin, B, Grani, R. Lemansicl M. Rizzo, P. Kane, B. Miller, F. Mancuso, T. Siragusa, C. Ubaney, R. Valone. Second row, lei? +0 righf: S. Gambino, J. Croweil, M. Nolan, A. Seilario, R. Gambino, E. Plai' D. Draqgeii, M. Sfevenson, R. Guzze-Ha, J. Griiiifh, C. Miller. Third row, lef+ fo righf: R. Miller, C. Salefia, A. Euffa, R. DeCeIio, A. Torrey, M. Giambro, W. Woodard, E. Hipwell, A. Coniglio, W. Burgan, N. Lufkin, J. Sclwoener, G. Griffifh. Top row, ieff +o righf: V. Manszella, C. Randazzo, R. Dye, G. Sagona, C. Mancuso, R. Pearsons J. Spencer. J. Davidson. E. Cooley, R. Jensen, A. De Joe, C. Cicilerf, R. Morris. Thiriy-sewn N r i f '.-X N' 1' - - - cf. V9 BJ views- Sllllllll CLHSS llffllIEllS y DONALD SMITH GEORGE TADT VALERIA SCHOENER JANE POWERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Our much admired, SMITTY, hle's a typical American Studious, active Dependable, industrious, Creates laughter and cheer. Business-like and neat. Personality plus. Liked by every one, Outstanding, olt honored GEORGE is iovial, BlM is a hit Where therels JANIE there The man of the year. interesting: Xrlfitli all of us. is laughter The type you like to meet. fx smile and lots of lun. crass or 1945 yiiww BESSlE C. HANISER, Adviser A volley of Thundering voices, a fist pounding the desk to emphasize the words of a boisterous speaker, yes, it's the seniors again! These frequent noon-hour discussions on politics, religion, etc., are carried on with such enthusiasm that one would think all the world's problems were being solved in Room 37. This year's senior class is just one big happy family. Although an unusually small group, they have demonstrated their ambition and enthusiasm by breaking all records set by former classes. lnspired bythe drive of their adviser, they sold amazing numbers of Christmas cards, magazines and "Hilltopper" subscriptions. They also produced the first senior play ever presented in F.l-l.S., one that will long be remembered as a most hilarious, entertaining three-act comedy. The class of '45 unwillingly relinquishes its place to make way for another. Throughout their lives, the members of this class will cherish memories of a school they'll ,l . 3 1 l I . never forget. . , , J '.' hx , . 'A' l X 'nl ' . V 5 s Y X- 3 ix lv' Y xl -fi ,fl Y' X it , . 'NN , , x, .J x , s 4 J S. Thirty-eight '-,Nh , x, . I , x N I . 1 S 1 Qt N 4 X I K X . h I N . xx, X h , X -. - . xx .3 . ' A - V S K c ,. . I - Q T tl ' .. ., t xi l ' f T X it , sk .t x l . - ' ' . N ' . K wg 1 . , X. Nj J X X X 't X ' X SEHIUHS ROBERT AUSTIN There is no lasl: loo qreal lin li? No sporl beyond his skill AUSTY is determined To conquer what he will. JEAN BAKER Week-end Trips fo Buffalo Are JEANlE'S sieady dief Sl1e's blonde and always pleasanl Srudious and quief. -'R il N. .' . SHEILA BALDENSPERGER lnfellecfual, efficient Llignilied and sweef BALDY, loved, respecfed Will never lcnow defeat GEORGETTA BARONE She has a pleasant winning smile And friendly eyes whose gleaming Tell oi GEORf5lE'S kindly soul And 0+ heyiqgnffanf dreaming. I if 1,-1 I 'J , ,J i i my . 1 , N i 6 xv s . ! fr ,, J L9 7114,-5 .J Zrv-4-' Vha,,.,. MARCELINE BARONE MARCELINE is FlIL'Cl'lUl Her lips, laind words impoil Tliercls mis: liiel in lier prolly eye, And I'I'VITlrllllf' in lior lmari. I fy L LL U 'ALM4 4 f4,4,a,f been-U. 4141. Dramaiir, vnviqeliii L." . J" f f JEB, willi all lim lalerils Ll. Q I Will lun n Mash-i yrei. Kl14f"fc'f.4sq ,pM-'C 1 '7 ,eww P ypql- ETTY BENTLEY "Doris and I", is lner sloqnn, 'Qu ' Leona is liar nomo, BENT has The lauqlwinq lmluii And lime fvmlmiry lo roam. xv' I qv 1 ii 5. 'ly 1' ' '- ANTTA BISQARO K , No words can do lwer fuslire So aimable is slie i A person iusi like NITA We all slwould lry lo be. I -A , Q ' . fl IX -1""ll lil- ' sir' li.-f , ' ll lf l Thiriy-niiifa A qirl you f'an'l lorq , ' If JEAN BECK l""' T1--' 1 an - gil , 1 K 1 ll A x f' lt dll f' fs.-rv ...N 'U I C Tx X I THKODORE BLYNT lkli is a roqular fellow He loves to si? and dream His many worthy M-vrrills Rafe him hiqli in our nslnnm. ,LA X3-f -'Q 'IT' .N L,...,.- I., YT wx' ,,k-g.- - - ' --10. - AUDREY ERIMMER A dynamo of onerqy In every sporf oxcellinq SPlKE'S dimples are belwilchinq Her biq brown nyos, ronipellinq. WALDO BROWN His grin is for The universe His hearf lor only one Quiel and impressive WALDOS lofs of fun. Bfyb-JL UM- lhl-AI.Gl 40'Co FLOSSIE CARR If you like a qirl who's quief And slill a lol ol lun li you lilre her sweel and prelly Fl,OSSY'S iigli lhn one 1 . I Forly -ygglxl ,Y,,r -Q JN? ,ug Q ,p-if SEIIIURS RICHARD CAVE CAVEY is lhelipassword To a day olibranks and ie Q School-spiril and arrive Wi' Kselciorn Q1 him reslinry. Nw' .X il L . All l xi lx A , . 4 ix is ' ,I , N .H XS' A X' ,ii X 1 ln' 1 XNIIQQ X . N i. 3 NX! i N- MADAUNE CENTANNI , She's a slrilcinq younn lady Glamorous, tall MICKEYS nice Smile ls mean? for us all. MARTHA CONTI ' Always willing lo worlc And qive olhers a hand Dependable MARTHA We all fhinlr she'-'s qrnnrl. slinq KMa, J 'yn .,Qr,fjI-ggg EVELYN crzowe Alive wilh personai ' Known lor hospi ly f 07 Capable, ayblllous V' EVM? no , ,+i+iffy"J 0, -'Z' :ffl g l A " '-'flfrn I , M Wy' f' my gf y MW' jf! ,fl ff' , IW y' 1 " .DORR l, T x. NELLIE DE LONG She's n Tiny person Alfrarlivo, always qny NELl.ll, over nordlal llnu. -n plunging lriendly I 1 r- '-"ff 1 f ' f . . li,-'XY TASLING V lyullinq, Krazy MABLE' Lllwcl luy mw nncl all Sluos .x pcrlml lTOV'fCl'lS Blonrln, and fiulo und lall. 'vw y l X, SARAH FADALE Chnmlul, obsvrvnnl The lim ol llw parly flrmrl IlrTlllVl'C'l SARAH l'flin-'lx l.n.1l1ll-r nnosl lmonrly Sflllllll bJ.,qA.f'?YXoJ'-fCf4- , X xi I 1 X l-ll I ,V , V. If ,, !-g ns ii x X, . - x-xfy 'X--x-Y', Rl ,Q 4 Lv, 1 S I -. "' , my 11. 'Qs-W ' .xl rl -fs., ' rl l way. model S Cows CJ., wmv fvxnuf. f-31-JN . 5 D .. s WILLIAM FAULKNER WlLBUR'S wil quile unsurpassed Turns sorrow into joy The secref love of every girl A carefree, outdoor boy. WALTER GLOOR GLOOR'S a mental superman Nofed lor his iolces The lufure has a place lor him Midsf ofher famous falls. , ! 1-1' 1 , 1' ,ljsmxfl IJ ' uf - EDW D GOEBEL f- A dependable wor r, ff 6 A buddy, a clown SPECS a qo-qeller You ran'l lreep him down, 'I ' 1 L1 ,A,f' rl .-"I A ll ' ' - 4.1 A ,f f ,JJ x . I! I , lv N 1 BERTHA org TXIALA . K w When il p e + b inoss' A L, qf1',3EkT' e aljd ndqd - ,' b's respo sibl .ue idbnl I Txlzwd hiqllljfecvnm nnded. nu .I I ul: . ,s 3 V l L' r 2 , A ' I , ' iff 1' 1 4 V " li .. I 0 l 'U J fi P 4 - , J. 4, , . I 'lfrw-Qnw' ' -'T l N h kg A ONAL musk 5021511 S 2 2 'ff ' C' Vs 5' R Q.. ' 4 wiiim egg -" GR BBZX 'morale Wwiiiw all A ring meelr sltqbiel f8rocfon's loss, Fre ia's qain K A iolcer ar:d,d"-riol. R .fuk ' 0' 1 ZF" JACK HARPER HARP, The woman haler Possesses loolrs and poise Mainlains a friendly silence While his shirl rnalces all the noise . -.1 . ' I, . , ,ff -1 'fbi' I f V. T7 Ai" if ffy " " I I 4 , , ' " ,ff . 4 'Q 1 ,'f,,-,- -- xr, - CHARLES HOISINGTON CHUCK'S a regular fellow A farmer boy, whal's more The pranlrsler ol lhe class rocm Wilh willy words qalore. If , 1 " y .J - I- .X N 1 1, DORIS HOLMAN Jolly in appearance Generous al hearl g CAEY, ever c re-lr ls +alen+ed in . f . iVk,w1lJf',,1if for wo 'I Risk!-I lvl K AWP. Lvvv-X . I Sfkk! V A ' l ,VL l 'l' i " ,+5 S LL. ' 44 A ffl 1 V, - V fl, if ' ' Myth I N E, ggi are ' f Ab 7,1 N, I, ins., ,1f,U'l. wr LLVLX. ' N' y f ions ROSEMARIE JOY As a friend, she's ever loyal As a person, real, alive As a flassmafe, ROSlE'Sf,lbps The dde '4 1 J! ..1l.JK'J',Sii9J?' if Q I .1 u '74 ' -jx ' 'Z' J! ' J 1 -.54 K-9 . ,J I -, 5 . f fu 1 "' ev - IFJ' .af fs . I V ' , f N '- DONALD LAMMERS ' A debaler and an acfor JEFF was born lo lead Tall, blonde, and Oh, boy! We know he will succeed, 'I v ,141 .ijz'fHN. Q4 J ht, X754-1' 1DbfQf"!V. SHERMAN LOWELL A helpful willing worlrer Calm and quief all fhe while SHERM is fall, allraclive And always wears a smile. SHIRLEY MAHLE Amazingly alhelefic Enlhusiaslic, ralher shy SHlRL'S an experl dancer 1 friffig And easy on fhe eyei ft MARY MANCUSO Cooperative, a worker She has friends qalorc An aclress and a beauly Thal in our LENORE. I JX- f' I .- f' 'I f IRANK MANUELE Wo all depend on ERANKIE Io boosl up our morale A rlmmpion in sporfs l'Io's Im playboy and a pal. ANTHONY MASTOR llcfs RubinoIl's rival lhouqh loo modesl Io lell lOlXIY'S a dcbaler And Iriir- lriend as well. FEITIT MASTOR Wilh her peach and cream rnniplexion Qhr-'s lhn olniorl ol nlleclion EFFIE wilh hor shininq eyes ls Ihe Senior Class surpI'iS0. 1 . fv'. , f Jr f . MW ,L ELIZABETH MERRITT Big brown eyes, a well Icnf-v-fi laugh She loves the lile she leads BETTY has more laeaus and p.-lp Than anybody needs. MALCOLM MILLER lnduslrious and lilcable A lulure rooler, MAL likes prelly nurses And cars especially. M571 797dw IW' 1 7 IM 1409 MARY JEAN MILLER MARY JEAN, our cule i.+:SIE?X blonde I-las grace and charm and poig.. She's sludious, inlelliqenl A hil with all lhe boys. 69' PAUL NATARO I-le's popular, impressive In his lascinalinq way PAUL, The classy dresser ls lhe brighl spof in our Jw-,f LLSTATE g ' I anno Q Cl--Xlkilklxl , 5 NEA fl If 7 J 'IE d ' u wr' IRI, .I 5 III' " - "" N. f rf' I l,1"" Forfy-Ihree its-'A I " Q 'E mr -1 ' , I 5- ' L . , fr . , W Q4 3,735 HL xKl," x.k'1x,1,1.y A'J,LJ, vkfx Lyy vp, Xxx-5 L-'lf' lkiv, Q-Q Q KXXKG l .X,jx1g, Y ve., ' l fur J vt SSW-119 lx. N All i SEN URS Lomas Q13 L--uv.. he 1321-Q ' l3lgl"l'Y PARKS BETTY. so good looking Particular and neal Has music al hor linqorlips And menloll: ol her leef. Kg-X Qobvbpfx' L CI L OX 1 ouqh she loves lo lease And is mischievous, wilhoul douhl CILFS the kind of person We iusl couldn't do wilhoul. ILENE POLVINO The qulel lype, who smiles a lol Leaving words unheeded ILENE, a snappy dresser K. Cannol pass ur , M W JEAN SEYBOLD V 'Q She's lops in per alify Deservinq of 1 - es JEANNI ' ef rllwl lfflw DONALD SEYDEL He's a hero on the loofball lield A sheik in Army clofhes Lilmeable. qenerous DEEG Whom everybody knows. fo , 7 ' 'ff' l A , a prolly 'rl W -worn Ilne, a song yn I ' Thais our carlree SOCH E ' VJQ all have lcnown so long. - .H ,' ' , N, , N ' 4. N' ee.s Q as WV .YL f' r Hurst- . A ,ed Y nv ' I it fx. " I if 1 'AJ In 1' LW ' A - l l ,. If A' A MADALINE SPENCElZ l A hearl ol qold Personalilv plus Our cheerleader SPENC ls tops wilh us. 1 bl glr c'ilO O' ac so"l: d an sweel AN iL"always lady-lille Lai s my L-. .J .ls '! ,nl-vb 'S l A -1 I' 0, . fp!,,,u' I Ivlfl.VlN SULLIVAN SUI.LY'fi .1 :nan ul very lew words Bul I1e's slill an qreal allrarlion A masler nl llie Imys and drums He proves a man ol aclion. ROBERT SZPAK SZPAICS The silenl counlry Type And we 'flwinlc il's sale lo say He slill lids lim arrepled The modern wollislw way. WILMA JEAN WATROUS JEAN'S Iasrinalinq hair-dns Amaze us every day She's clelicale and Teminine And qenlle in her way. SEIIIUHSI We wil :"' nn: y For everfone slie sees I f IV! J And she lies wlwal il fakes To get men on Their knees. , .. .wwf-f kiaijvii- Y. II JI' s PATRICIA WUNDER Tlwe basl llwinqs Come in small packages And our enerqelic PAT X3 So cule, so Triendly and beloved ls cerlian proof of llwal. J PETER ZEBRASKY I-le has blonde curly lnair And PETE'S desfinafion ' ls Tame with his Trombone YT Or in ayialion. -XX .'i YUM 4P'iRl.c4n Lsenn - SHQULQQWAR . an 4- Ah K s XX Ill l945 CLHSS lllllilll I Hove Nothing To Feor But Feor Itself - The Lole Franklin Delono Roosevelt Forly-'Tivo I .. X , Q QI.- I x' FRANCIS mms FRANNIE has .1 cheerful wurdkg ulyzf 4 4 ,.1 QB Fx Uppr-1' Lviffuvf-N !f-ff hw rlqhf: F, M lr UNI-, M, 'V1.iI!wlb5f' U. Lnmvw-ra. U. frvmwv Um!! R, Jmy, M. .l. MFHQV, L. Cm-iw-I, M. Baronv, K. E-.5 lnnq, S. Bf1Ndfem5x'vr-v qer, V. SCl'v'wnm'. SEEN ICR CLASS PLAY " B V01 INCV Goose" Lowm NM? pfwVxw', 'oft fo rlqlwfz Mins Hnrvwy Minn N1-Vwn. low-1 muh? pi! wm- IUH M1 rmlwf: H, fm lfnq, U, Lnmmvvn f. Gmohf-1, R. Joy, F'1vTy'nf- SENIOR HCNCDI2 STUDENTS PM vv' 9- 1' M .1 U :WZ V Sxlvwx-l1m,'1 ?l.lU" NV. GMM, 91557, Sf1luTfvv'ifm 5, BJH- Pwr, '1 1-w, QTLIH7, VN:-Hl1'ILvr'i.1rw 1, Vvi.-NH 942711. Sz-M md mv. MV' My NJN: B. Qmvmhs 310977 A. Elsfavw 99,0653 G. Tad? Hfbfb' D, lvwmNrHrw,1, 59.0162 M. J MEM.-u, ?+7.94H' P WL1v'41f-r, 87.0863 Ah "wif fx. Nl.:-,,?wv. HQULW H W E . iii I QQ, 1 dwk, Q, , Her colors are the Orange and Black Sing her praises - u ECHOES FROM CLUB LIFE pr , uf, 1.5.5:qqx-0:1-qunr-f.g ' 33,5115 I-S ,sqm-Q r 1 n HI... .5 , , 1 1 K .,,, . 'l ,f , js: .iff T' I , S 1 ,FIK1-EWR! - A ' . Mfr- f, , . QS, '- ' 9 , j,1qgL'.-.. '-,.r1,' , " ' Egiwfi' Qiflf W' , : - 'f Q, , , 'L' , ,gr-f ' ,. MH .v W- Q- ' . r N 1 ngr-. ., . wr ' , 3 'Xe' Ui.. , if-1 ' f Q ii T g ' :9QS?'1f3f.L , 1, Q11 ' 4 ,,g':-lm. 3 14. ' rf' .. V ,"rzfagf+'-?3A1xr!r ' .. ' lii , -"ff" .f uw?" 59' -2-5 . .vf-"" 'Vi' :fe """Ny'? +, . n i ,,,. , 'ry ,l.,5:1'J"W , J '. A .jp :N . ' ' -in ,':.!'...' fx- W ,qwy-.' ww' ',"vff"'w '21-be '4 , 'F7 'mssglf " 'EA 4'-F" EMF . 'IW 1-1 ,.f:tHm3 1,f11,a- - ' ,j k .,-f?-4tiAf,1f--k"'- Q. ,-sf' '::" ' '..1 , -- 414 . ' Q 1- Pfej ,.P,:i59f '19 ,-pd' "Q, f .AxiWQK ' vff',' ci 1 fgy wp .wa sg, .,g,v!g:-t - - , yi 5. , ,edix Lfvfh, , . f,f,., ' Q :,7,11f5,f aff.-A . j,jf:. .Q,,- ' ' ' Y' ' T. 1.'1?x'f . 2 1,1 2,1 47' rf - 5 , " ,1'v'4'I1f'f'5fV4rf'v wf,2e9i'if'S1'Z'JaL' .,, :gf QA'f'f" ' 1,5 A7f:'I'1f.'- ' " ' r?:f .. . 2.??.f'Z2'""G'-1I':-Tw' !'.- :A f,,,,4.,,ug-. .- w - ,f 1- ' 'f' f ' ,V ' .- "'.v'15 .-v--..',1IvjQ, ' . - PM ygagjwfv ,: A'1zf-:f1esias!1 i,s'Lf9!z,v f. gh A g "4 V ' . . 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A W' 4"s2""i Us lf'lWff2QQ13Qfii i5Qf5:3'lcLi-f.1'f.1' f .' 1 RA!if,ff'?f-5ty,,'fff35'fWsf,fy'313-.+1Z3..g- ' 2 Q 1'PiMgr:1"-eiffzwgifgsgx , , , .I f 5-,151 Q:-.,1 5- , f1'4q1,':fe.4'4',". ,fu rf J f 3fs'!+f'S'f,:wi1",1,1'5,'iY2'if3?lf2'i2f"157051: wks 'fbi-,-r1,1',f. '9--1mia" 131514-' 1- f - 1 1, 5f,z,3 n,g..If.IL41!.'1" "L",' m'4,t.f "' ?2ffme1':'.f -uni'-wW:+fi?1fe', 11.5 12 ' avfm-:11f:gjr ?qT::f11f,gffgx2f11453.-A?1:. , E95 5-:1f'- :-,ff:..4.ii-,:ff,P7jv,2fgfT'5'Iliff -Q1 f ' "'-5?5Aiff1mfi"-1f- '!15'1f-Fr' , r 1 fvf:',,ff,ifsi- V '--f,fJf'f4-' . ,,,,....,,,,.,, I . ,. V ,ju-, 1 H -'I ,, 3. . -1 Regular school work is important, true, - but what would high school be without National Forensic League, l-li-Y, On-the-l-lill and the many other clubs which form anv student's extra-curricular lite. . Just as pictured opposite, very often have we stood before the bulletin board to read ot the latest activities in the various clubs. With what excitement did we await the announcement ot the actors in the senior play, what a thrill when we read our own name on the list of newly- elected Sea Scouts. Trulv will the voices of these clubs echo in each life. Forty STUDENT CGUNCIL w., beaTed, lf-TT Tri riahT: W. Gloor, M. J. Miller, E. Dailey, D. SrnlTh, Mr. Dye, anilinrg, lr-lT TI' Iiighl: lvl. Diwinlfi, cl. l'lunTlr-y, R. Penharlow, Mrs. Srnllh, F. Sflmr-no D. Kopp, l. WI-bat:-I, ll. Diers, L. Jonas, l.. Winlcnlman. OFFICERS llTWAl?lD ITAILEY Pro-:islam ITONALLI SMITH 'vam.PfQ5ad0nI MARY JEAN MILLER smoisfy WALTER GLOOR EEE. Treasurer ATUVISERS f MRS, CLARA B. SMITH, SUPT. C. R. DYE As in The pasT, The sTudenT council has Taken ils place in leading The sTudenT body Through anoTher successful year. The aim of The sTudenT council was To eliminafe Tardiness, The old plan of Two years ago, re-gisTering all Tardy people, was used and proved very successful. On Mach 6, The group was enTerTained by The Home Economics DeparTmenT aT a Tea. Mrs, SmiTh, one of our TaculTy advisers, poured, and Mr, Dye, our oTher adviser, was presenT as special guesT. A very unusual parTy was held in May, sponsored by The council. No? only was dancing The prominenT acTiviTy, buT ping-pong and card games were provided Tor Those who did noT care To dance. The parTy Turned ouT To be one of The biggesf successes of The year. , The whole school knows ThaT in Time of need The sTudenT council will always be on hand To assisT in any Way possible, FilTy AML f f ffwv clcwykfilc W K ATH lfTlC COUNCIL if 74 JLWJ OFHCERS MR. ROBERT TALLMAN f President MRS. CLARA HASSETT Seci'elai'y-Tir-asui'nr The year i945 has seen many new additions to the activities in FHS. Not the least Ol these is the reorganized Athletic Council. We have sports, it is true, and our inteiest has been greatg nevertheless, we feel that the reorganization of the Athletic Council will foster greater interest in athletics, One of the most important actions of the Athletic Council this year was the es- tablishment of a new set of rules governing participation in athletics. These rules are much the same as our previous ones, with one exception: the new scholastic requirements. This clause states that no student is eligible tor sports who does not maintain an average of 75W in three subiects. Also, all post-graduates must carry at least four school units and physical education regularly to be eligible. The aim ot the Athletic Council is to maintain scholarship as well as athletic abil- ity. The first year's work has set a firm foundation. lvlay the good work continue. Sealed, left to right: Mr. Tallman, Mrs. Evarts, Coach Lesso. Mrs. l-lassett, Mr. Dye. Standing, lett to right: D. Emrnerlina, R. Weiss, J. Privatera, A. Baldensperqer, Mr. Halsey. A, St. George, G. Barone. Fifty-one ON THE HILL EDITORS ANTHONY MIXSTOIQ , Fir r :I -Ii Yr... iwfxRY.1tAN MILLER Smwnd lI.fII AIDVISER - MRS, IIANISEP Dependability, co-operation, and promptness are all traits of the i945 staff ot "On-the-Hill", our school newspaper which is published in a special section ot the weekly town paper, "The Censoru. This years senior class has displayed such interest in working on the paper that it has been necessary to have two separate staffs. Practical and valuable experience has been obtained by all members of the staff. Each member has learned that he must be depended upon to report all school activities clearly and accurately. I-le realizes that co-operation and Teamwork are necessary to carry on the work of a good newspaper. And finally, he has learned the importance of having one's articles in on time, tor every newspaper must meet its "deodIine". Writer: and reporters ot ability have certainly been numerous on this statt. Slnndirm, Ifrlt to riqht: R. Soch, W. Gloor, J. Harper, E, Manuele, D. Ernrncrlinq, Mrs. tlnnisr' 3, lmldc-nsporaer, R. Joy. Seated, leit Io rnqht: G. Tadt, S. Lowell, C. Iploisinqton, M. Miller, M. Sullivan, FN. Master. T. Bl-ynt, J, Seybold, E. Merritt, M. Mancuso, B. Perks, F. Carr, J, Peck, L. Stetlan, A. Biscero Filty-two EORENSIC LEAGUE Sillirza. left lo right: A, Mastor, V. Schoener, D. Emmerlinq, 6. Tadt. J, Beck, D. Lammers. Stiiitdinq, left to right: E. Crowe, Mr. Carter, R, Joy, E. lvlastor, S. Baldensporqer, D. l-lorinoi lvl. llrnqo, E. lvinnurvl, and N. Tobin OFFICERS GEORGE TADT - President VAl.llRlA SCHOENER Vliio-Prosldnni DOROTHY EMMERl.lNG Secretary JEAN BECK ---- Treasurer ADVISER - S. GORDON CORTER Although its activities have been limited by many difficulties brought on by the war, the National Forensic League continues to function in Fredonia High School. In debate the members have carried on by holding Intramural debates and by appearing before several of our Service Clubs. In addition the members have also been keynote speakers at Community Clubs and local branches of National Organizations. No write-up for Fredonia's chapter of the National Forsenic League would be complete without a mention of the Sectional and State Tournaments in which we took part. Fredonia's participants won first place in the sectional meet in oll contests. This made us eligible for the State championship contests at Poughkeepsie, New York in April. We came home, triumphant, with a Team Trophy . . , and many memories of happy and exciting moments. Fifty-three ALPHA l-ll Sitting, lett to right: W. Brown, M. Sullivan, D. Lamrners, W. Gloor, GT Tadt, B. Keller. Stan-limi, lntt to right: J. Dyrlces, D. Smith, Mr. l-lalsoy, E. Darley, S. Lowell, J. Harper, T. Bfynt, W. Fi!llll'f'lf'i', P. Zebroslcy, W. Grubb. Orrioefas DONALD LAMMERs V - , President WALTER erooa vzCQ.PfeSrdW vvfiroo BROWN sQC.eQis,-t,r MELVIN suruvmv Y r.AQ., Aeroiaer mor . 1 . . chapter., A Aovism - LYLE ri. Hfxrsev Fellovvshiphas been the by word ot these male leaders ot ourwschool. Our pur- pose has been to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, lriglt standards ot Christian character. 4 During the year, we went on swims, sent a delegate to Albany, gave dances, con- iiuctod on induction banquet tor new candidates, have been represented ot both Area and State Hi-Y Assemblies, and provided money for worthy civic causes. Through our meetings we have brought closer the bond of friendship and comradeship which exists ' among ourselves. The Alpha chapter has been constantly concerned in activities of o physical, spiritual, and social nature. Wartime conditions have Agurtailed or hindered our functions, but we have kept in mind our platform: clean speech, clean scholarship, clean sportsmenship, and clean living. In " Q Fitty-lour BETA HI-Y OFFICERS MARION COBB - President RICHARD LCBARRON Vim-President FREIJERIC SCHOENER - Sf-fmtfiiy BRUCE IJNBARON ,-,- Ti-me nlv- er ADVISER - MR, VICTOR LESSO The Beta Hi--Y is a group ot fellows who believe in having a good time with no strings attached. The group this year numbers seventeen, ten ot whom are new members. Excluded from the count are two boys who have gone into the service. The annual basketball game vvas held in March This year. The Beta I-Ii-Y tri umphed over its old rival the Alpha by a score of twenty-three points. Not satisfied with 1l1e results, tlxe Alpha called another game, In the second game the Alpha vvon by three points. Under the guidance ol their adviser the boys in the Beta sponsored a table tenni. tournament which proved to be exciting. Although the activities mentioned above are all of the athletic type both l-li-Y had their serious side. The week before Easter Beta and Alpha joined in carrying on Holy Week services for the high school students, Standing Ielt to riaht: A. Reid, V. lncitto, R. LeBarren. Sitting, Ielt to right: Mr. Le-sso, B. LeBarrori, R. Cave, E. Schooner, D. Harmon, ' Fitty-tive AVIXXTIGN CLUB OFHCERS WALTER GLOOR Tm-gidei.: PETER ZEBRASKY Vl'l'ldIDSlfli1l'tl l.lONfXl,ll Slvll-l'l'l Tivnftui r GEORGE TW DT Sei Vetew ADVISED -H MR. LYLE J. HALSEY The Aviation Club promotes the construction of model aircraft and the study ot the world's aircratt. During the present war the standard of military aircraft has been raised considerably and the club has kept in step with the latest trends. The club's model engine has been repaired and is novv in excellent running order, It is hoped that the engine vvill soon be installed in the club's large flying model. The activities ot the club have been somewhat restricted this year because ot the lack of a suitable meeting night, but, in spite ot this, the club has accomplished much, such as the repairing of the engine mentioned above. Lett to riqht: Mr. l-lalsey, G. Tadt, W. Buck. E. Goebel, f'.Zebrasl1y, W G-leer D. Smith .l. Gilbert 55. .Wit Fifty-six Wwlijoltllyw p g ' WP JEC-Eifas' crust,-' Standing, lett to right: C. Boque, Mrs. Mason. E. Pierce, M. Centanni, A. Biscaro, F. Carr, L. Guzzatta. Sittinq, lett to right: A. Flick, R. Frost. M. Kopliner, J. Abell, J. Gregory, N. DeLong, J. Baker, B. Bentley, M. Mancuso, A.,Martorano. B. Granata. OFFlCER'S NELLIE De LONG - - President DORIS HOLMAN Vice-President' JEAN BAKER Secretary JANE GREGORY - - - Treasurer JEAN ABELL ---- News Reportei ADVISER - MRS. EUNICE F. MASON The J Ec-ers' Club is made up of membes ot the Homemaking Department and has a membership ot twenty-six girls, Business meetings were held noon hours on Tues- days in the Homemaking rooms with all members bringing their lunches. However, our social activities were held after school hours. We have had several social affairs in- cluding parties, picnics, a tea for the Student Council, and hikes. New members were initiated at the Valentine party. The purposes of our club are to help us do things we couldn't do otherwise, to be ot service to the department and the school, and to promote social opportunities. One ot the things which the members of the club did for the department was participating in the painting ot the new Homemaking room. Fifty-save n THE GOLDEN HORSESHOE CLUB Last raw, lett to right: N. Beamish, J. Privateer, A. Battaglia, J, Granata. Second row, lett to right: l. Lascola. W. Poland. T. Draggett, D. Golden. Front row, Iett to riqht: E. Seeker, Nelson Tederous. F. DeLong, R. Burrows. Stnndina: R. Albano, OFFICERS - First Half FOREST DE LONG - - - President IGNATIUS LASCOLA Vice-President WILLIAM KERR - Secretary NORMAN BEAMISI-l Treasurer OFFICERS - Second Halt RICHARD ALBANO - - President THOMAS DRAGGETT Vice-President NORMAN BEAMISI-l - Secretary RONALD BURROWS - - - Treasurer MISS BESSIE MERRITT, Adviser The Golden Horseshoe Club! Just what is it, a club in which only those who are experts at the noble sport ot horseshoe Throwing can be members? Our roving reporter waslmoved to great curiosity about this newly-formed club. Atter one look at the mem- bers, he sees that they are indeed one of our foremost freshmen clubs. Each "man" is a Freshman. Think of what he will be able to doin tour years' timel 2 Even now it is possible to imagine Norman Beomish or William Kerr speaking to us, in the measured tones of the orator, from the rostrum. The Golden Horse shoe's purpose is to better literary and speaking ability and we know each and every member will succeed. As the president says, "We are not geniusesg but iust a grand group of fellows. We admit we are sometimes mischievous, but we are a well-meant club, trying to do our daily lessons in English." Fifty-eight THE DRAGON LILY CLUB OFHCERS-Elrsf Half DOROTHY SEYBOLD - A President JANE SAHLE - Vice-President LA DEEL JONES - Secretary BETTY JACKA A - Treasure' OFFlCERS-Second Half CAROLYN WARN - President MARY LINDSAY - Vice-President BERTHA WINKELMAN - - Secretary CONNlE BOGUE - - - Treasurer MISS BESSIE MERRITT, Adviser lf you happen to look through the door of room twenty-three the first period on a Wednesday morning, you will see a group of freshman girls at work. They are the members of the Dragon Lily Club. In this club, the members take turns at being on the program committee for the week. The programs, which take place after a formal meeting, consist of recitations or dramatizations. These give the girls a chance to get accustomed to speaking in front of a group, gain self-confidence in this field, and to learn parliamentary law. During the Hilltopper picture week we had a memorable experience when, on looking at the schedule for the picture, we discovered that we were being called the Dragon Fly Club in place of our selected name. We have been given a chance to display our talents in many ways, and have tent some of our best rhymes for competition with others from New York State to a maga- zine in Albany which will publish the best. .4- Eirst row, left to right: M. Sorce, J. Eppinger, A. Pulvino, D. Seybold, J. Sahle, R. Tempio, VV. Straight, R. Frost, M. DeLong, A. Flick. D. Leone. Second row, left to right: M. Lindsay, B. Damon, L. Jones, B. Jacka. M. Sanderson. M. Young, G. Lupean, J. Augrun, L. Odebralski C. Bogue. Third row, left to right: C. Dickinson. N. Link, R. Sedan. L. Bender, G. Przytula. B. Soch. J. Wood. R. Tompio. B. Winkelman. L. Howaft. Top row, left to right: C. La Barbara. M. Mancuso. M. Leone, M. Kopliner, P. Lehnen, B. Kopliner, E-. Rathman, R. Crofcof, M. Moscato C. Warn. Fifty-nina l4lXllGl-ll-S OF l:. l-l. S. orriccras-rim l-lall ROQFR GUNTHFR - Presideni of-Vlll l5l.lNlllNf3 Vlrrt-Rresidefl l'llNlS'l'll l-ll?RBS'l Secrets" WYNN GRACE - - - Treasure-- OFHCERS--Second Halt DONALD VALONE - A Preslder' lflfNNETl'l HERBST Vice-Presidori' JAMES GUCSINO - Secrn 1 l7lffl'lARlJ lfUl.L - A A Trensur i MISS BESSlE MERRlTT, Adviser - During the first term ot this school yeor the second period freshmen, English closs instructed by Miss Merritt, decided to form o club which would help the members to develop good public speoking hobits ond to leorn the bosic tundomentols of Porlio- mentory low. The reoson for two sets of officers is to teoch more members whot to do it they should be elected into ony club. A tew of the topics tolked obout ore tomous ploces in the world, greot inventors, ond short stories ond poems. Eoch Wednesday the club hos o meeting. At this meeting there is C1 program, put on by cz picked committee. Eoch person on the committee tells o story, recites o poem, or tells of on incident in which he took port. Sometimes there ore ploys, but in eoch cose the choirmon of the progrom decides which it will be. First row, lelt to right: O, Dalrymple, S. Conti, R. BUl!, R, Porter, K. lflerbst, D. Dunning, R. Gunther W, Grace, B. Ste-der, D. Toplilt. D. Valone. Snrcwnd i-on ln5t to right: J, Cash, R. Radlott, R. Withereli. D. Dean, J. Malcer, D. Lazarony, S. Miller, J. Vishnin J. Gudino, W. Kerr, A, Lepp, T. Ferrugia. mp row lctt to right: C. Lawsrn, B. Rnwely, J. Paul R. Conti, D. Kopp. W. Buck, D. Weber, G. 1-snor J. Cristina, S, Siracuse. Sixty SCIENCE CLUB Blending, left to iiaht: C, Thurn, V. Schoener, R. Joy, G. Tadt, D, Lammers, J. Gilbert, U. Seydel IT. Zebresly, E. tvtenuole, Mr, Tallman. Scaled. ieft to riqlit: W, Gloor, J. Seybold, A. Brimmer, J. Bartlett. P. Wunder, S. Mahle E. Goebel. OFFICERS WALTER GLOOR - President GEORGE TADT Vice-President VALERIA SCHOENER Secretary EONALD LAMMERS ---- Treasurer ADVISER - ROBERT P. TALLMAN This year, the Science Club has been somewhat handicapped because of the lack of transportation facilities. In former years, the members made many trips to differ- ent factories in different cities. Since this was an impossibility this year, the members held their meetings in the high school laboratory where they performed many interesting ex- periments. Mr. Tallman often surprised the group with movies on various subiects of scientific interest, Every spring the Science Club members satisfy their desire to commune with nature. This year the members had a memorable time at t picnic. A dance held earlier in the year resulted in enou h f't P he traditional Science Club g pro IS to pay picnic ex-- enses. This Club is an active, instructive organization and because of the interest created by it, some of our members have decided to make the field of science their life work. Sixty-one s STAMP CLUB Lett lr- tnghti E. Mtxslin, C. Bfilltnilin, Mi. llyi-, C. Crtriitilln, CQ, lfniif-si Cf lhiir-'i R.,.t fXl:Ht'lllf l'lll!'4'ijl'l UICPICURS CHARLES BA,RRESl A - President MARIE LQPAGLIA Vice-Presilcm GLORIA BARRESI 5 l.i1 ,L..d,, ELIAS MASTOR ---- lreasu er ADVISEF2 As SUPEPINTENDENT C. R. DYE The Stamp Club of FHS is one of the up and coming groups of the- School It isnt a large group, but it takes a great interest in school activities, Its motto snemf to be "Quality not quantity". lt meets every first and third Wednesday of each month under the able leadership of its adviser, Mr. Dye- A contribution was made to the "March of Dimes" fund. The club also held a dance which was a huge success. As yet it has not been decided what use to make ol the proceeds ot the affair. Plans are being seriously discussed to begin a fund for ri new scoreboard lon the school. lhe Stamp Club tries at all times to uphold the ideals of its school and to be a line working member of the community as well. Sltrly-lwc SEA SCOUT SHIP FALCON il MARDEN E. COPE - - Skipper LEVl NELSON - - Chairman Ship Committee Assisted by A. C. Maclilem, W. H. Coolc, A. F. Quisf and J. li. Clark The Sea Scout Ship Falcon ll, only Senior Scout unit in Fredonia, was organized in the late summer of TQ44, and is now under the sponsorship of Trinity Episcopal Church. The basic principles of the Sea Scout program are to teach the Sea Scout to care for himself and others on or near the water, to help him become a better citizen to give him the opportunity to serve his community, and to fill his social program. Sea scouting embodies extensive training in personal safety, covering such phases as First Aid, swimming, life saving, personal health, cooking, and water safety. Mari- time training includes communications, canvas and rope work, rigging, and boat-build ing and repair Although activities are largely confined to dry-land ship, eacl. man receives in'- struction in navigation, piloting and weather forecasting-all preparatory to summer's water activities. While the uniform closely resembles that of the United States Navy, the program is completely non-military. Drill and discipline are included only to develop the Sea Scout's sense of responsibility to himself and to others. sz -A . - Fi Tap row: James Wells,YRichard Emrnott, Richrefd Radloff, Harry Ludeman, Arthur Baldenspergei Joseph Guqino, Richard McPhee, Lamont Webster, Mr. Marden Cobb. Bottom row: Anthony lvlasfor, Russell lvlaclcinnon, John Crowell, Elias Masfor, Frederic Schoener Glen Prawn, llicholas Heary, George Sedota. Absent: Alvin Cage, Sixty-time liDl2fXlvMXT I CS CEU B """" ,.. Sliiriiliriii, lrill to right: J. Beclg V. Sfhoerier, U. Emmorlmq, J. Wiwllrer, N. Osbrirnr- tw, ivirPl,ii.-X M. lfiiiiiii ll, Baird, S, Bnldvnspriixie-i', W. Glooi, J. V.inSi'otr-r, P, Smith Miss Hriivirv, br-.iii-il liii' to iiqhti Q, Lupeiiii, l?. W:-iss, E. Girelii-l ll. l-liiiniiiii l,, W. 5--flr-i, 1. ll1'illQilll, OFFICERS VALEPIA SCHOENEP - Pmgirlimi EDVVARD GOEBEL Vice-Presidenr NATALIE OSBORNE Secretary JOAN WALKER A - - Treasurer AUVISER - MlSS HOPE HARVEY Take a large cold cream iar, throw in some theatrical grease paint, add a group of enthusiastic students, a capable, determined instructor, and add a pinch of Wit and gciiety, mix thoroughly and you will have a perfect duplicate ot our Dramatics club, Early in the year the instructor conducted demonstrations in theatrical makeup and the students took great pleasure in practicing upon each other. So far this year they have had several opportunities for the application of their knowledge, Everyone in the club wrote an original monologue and the best of them were delivered before an appreciative assembly audience. As we go to press, the club is seriously considering presenting a three-act play to be given in the late spring. lx EHVJ if siilui if yxilflli I - - - do not let them A lack A purpose true and a spirit bo-ld ECHCES OF MUSIC 4--qruagrsr 7-N- v f ' , , I 1-rmzzr-gy " 2- -.:q::wn,5 In -N gewygw -Efrif-1hf19112s'r, 1 'xml "9 J Ir I X I -1. ,L,Evl. W TF"-. :Q A 15' x, . ' 4 . I X X aa ' 4 f' . -' M ' .Y , . A V 4.-' , . n '- 1 ' , . 4 - , K '- , , , Q 'uf .' Ip 9 . . qu." . '..'- 1, Y,- f 1 . 1- -' N c . '45 ' ' '7 '5l'. ' Vw 1 - wg '- ' . X 1 .,4'- , 1. , '.g fs., n I gr1,'-- - -I -4 . , -. J :.-,-,fy .7 1 1 f , H. sr- - gf .NI : 5-5-1. .. if -V N. flf ' ' - mf. ' if f 6 3 . , Q, They shall have music! How could we, the students ot FHS have anything other than rythm when we have a music department that can be de- scribed only in superiatves? Through the years, the notes ot music and the sounds ot happy laughter from the music rooms vvill echo in our minds. We SHALL have music. Sixty F. H. S. BHHD We Shall Jaw Walla The music department has soared to stellar heights this year under the direction of Miss Constance Nelson. The band and orchestra have presented a series of concerts. The band, ranking among the foremost activities of our school, performed at football games besides playing for a Boy Scout program. It also presented a Spring concert. Assisting the band with their various activities were the drum major and the maiorettes. The orchestra played at the spring concert and supplied the music for the senior play, "Brother Goose". It will play for the commencement exercises, Both band and orchestra represented FHS at the Western New York Music Festival. Standing, left to riqht: E. Mastor, A. Scania, M. Sul- livan, T. Blynt, C. l-lerissler. Seated, left to right. E. Mastor, R. .lov lvice- presidentl. J. Guqino, J. Larson, B. Jacks, E. Goebel. M. Sessions, A. Mastor, G. Barresi. Sixty-eight WQQQQUQZ We QW Mmomr 1 lr. s. ' , f .UL' jtf, fi MARNLWN VVAGNH4 .IUHN PFLEEGH4 I- ,L,13.-,.4.'.-'L " , ' f ' Y ,Y xf f 3 2 I I I, V 1 ,Y 1 1. ' 1 Back vow, left to riqhr G. Tadi, B. LeBaron, N Himfebnuqh, Miss Nelson Direcior, R, Sahlo, V. Fa dale, R. Burrows, P. Ze brasky. Fronf row, left To righr M. Spencer, President N Beamish, H. Mee, R. Paf ion. Secrefary - Treasurer R. Henssler. JIY HI ORCHESTRA Slandlnq, lell lo riqlnl: M. Sullivan, C. l-lenssler. R. McPhee, Miss Nelson, dirnclor, J. Berk, mesidl-nr ,lrr mnpanlsl, V, Pedals, Scaled, lell lo riqlwl: E. Maslor, L, Winlmelman. A. Maslor, N. Howell, lreasurer, R, Burrows, V. llfmasky, M. l-larlley, librarian, R. Guqino, L. Howell, R. Lazarony, R. Joy, J, Gailewifz, J. Slnlnr, M. Spnnrfzr, M, Winle-rs. Fifsl row, lell lv Ilfllll L. Slellan, M. Barrell, M Sessions. G. Lupean, R Mancuso, M. DraQO, P Winlrelman. Seuond row, lell lu riqlxl D. Diers, K. Easlinq, .M Kopliner, G. Berry, R Tramula, Miss l-larvvv, direclor. Top row, lell lo ruqlnl R. Fallon, N. Tobin, D Emmerlinq. serrelary Treasurer, M. Zenlz. B Woods, C. Munn uso, R Tampio. Sevenly GIRLS' GLEE CLUB 4 L. 1- . ..' - 4 fl' BOYS' GLEE CLUB 31 K rm-., 591+ ko VLIILTT W. FauHcner, B. Baird, T. Blynf, fvbano, C. Barresi, R. Mcplnee, E. Seelfvr V rnvlme. Y nr vow, Toi? TO riwhf: Miss Ndson, diredor, J Beck, accompanlsf, N. Benmish, R. PPHLWHVLOVI T 31 1qwg5", J. GJLIQLUC R- GUFUVVO- S- Tmmufa- E' Maslmr' GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Q 3 2: W Firsf row, left fo righf: R. Rofunda, J. Mau, W. Sfraigh+,AA. Pulvino, A. Will. R. Tampio, M. Sorce Second row. 'Ief+ fo mght L.VWinkelman, accompanisf B. Jaclra, M. Sanderson B. Perks, M. Lindsaly, L. Howafiq. M. Harfley. G Barresi, vice-presideni. Top row, leff fo rlghf R. Johnson, L. Pascnke, J Powers, president M. Spen- cer. M. Barone, N. How- aff, J. Crocker. Sevenfy-one MIXED CI-IORUS x BOYS' AND GIRLS' G-LEE CLUBS - MIXED CHORUS One ot the greatest musical experiences is that of participation in large choral groups. Proof of that statement may be found in the increasing number of students who each year seek admission to the various choral organizations of the music department. This year the personnel of each group has been enlarged in order that a greater number ot students might enjoy the benefits ot such organizations. The boys' glee club, girls' glee club and mixed chorus ioined in presenting ci Christmas assembly concert which vvill long be remembered by all of us. The mixed chorus assistea the students of Barker and Eagle Street Schools in the presenlation ot the pageant "America's Music" on November 2. The boys' glee club proved its ability when it assisted the band at its annual spring concert April 27. On May 25 the girls' glee club presented its annual concert. Our groups participated in the Festival held at Fredonia State Teaches College, May 4 and 5, Seventy-two Oh, hail to thee: Oh, hail to thee, again ECHOES FROM FIELD AND GYM 1 i w 1 gl 1 i w 1 E 3 Q . E f 'Q W Q IEE Et Roh l Roh! Roh! Roh! BEAT DUNKIRK! And whcit would high school be without o teom? Eoch yecir EHS puts forth teoms, ond eoch yeor we think thot teom the best yet-ond rightly so-But this yeor-oh, we reolly out- did ourselves! For the first time in yeors, we held our orch rivol Dunkirk l-ligh School, scoreless in o tootboll gomel See the perfect form exhibited by the footboll ployer on the opposite poge? l-le represents Fredonio's ottitude on sports: plenty of torrn-with push behind it. You--the oth- letes ot our school yeors-olwoys will be omong our most cher- ished memoies. SEND Tl-lE ECHOES FLYING, Sovonty-fivq JA,L . ' y, .J Z:Lpgn4M9 42444n45 f R 1 . 1 " P ' 5 ' A IK JI. M ' f at Q4 f 4 Y T FOOTBALL SQUAD Front row, IGH fo riqhf: S .Tramula, J. Saccamana, E. Zenlz, D. Seydel, L. McQuiqqan, R. Powers, S. Chimera. P. Nolara, R, Emmofl, R. Bell, V. lncillo. Second row, lelf fo riqlwf: R. Confi, M. Morse, M. Cobb, R, Lazarony, J. Cash, L. Inwood, B. LoBarron, G. Tadf, F. Sclwoener, Coach Lesso. Third row, lell lo rlql1f:J. Privilera. C. Coniqlio, D. Harmon, F. Manuals, M. Sullivan, J. Van Srofer, L. Ranqel, R. Weiss, Manager. Top row, Ielf fo riql'w+: J. Swank, T. Ferruqia, B. Wllhferell, R. Radlofl, M. Baldor, J. Granala, C Barresi, J. Dyclfes. J. Wells, C. Hoisinqlorx, A. Reid, Seventy ' LASTMINUTEINSTRUCTIGNS f -SIX l L A ROBERT BELL JOSEPH CASH "Butch" "Joe" Throw me a lateral" Hard-hitting, fast-running Left Tackle Left Half The "hill billies" of FHS under the able leader-- ship of ci new coach, Victor Lesso, fought through a fairly successful season on the gridiron. The first day of practice opened with the largest squad of candi- dates seen on the "hill" in many years, giving Coach Lesso a good, sufficient supply of willing, prospective SAMUEL CHIMERA PHILIP EATON "Baldy" "Phil" The veteran of the team. Non-stoppable Ouarter Back Left Guard less tie. The heart breaker of the season came fron' the hands of the same Dunkirk eleven when during the last game of the season they pulled a 2 to O vic- tory over the Orangemen. 1944-'45 FOOTBALL SCORES We They football players. With this supply a team, which con- Thomas Indians H 1 u 21 0 sidered itself quite successful for their first year under Fglconer ,,,., 7 19 a new coach, was buillt around a nucleus of seven Lgkgwggd ,,,,,,,.,,.,. Q 6 letter men, Phil Eaton, Sam Chimera, Vince lncitto Erie Academy "BH Tegm H u Q5 7 Larry McQuiggan, Bob Powers, Don Seydel, and Sam Dunkirk ,,,,,,,,,,,,, , 0 0 Tramuta. Gowanda . . . 6 O The season was high lighted when the "Hili- Lakewood . 7 7 billies" held their bigger rivals, Dunkirk, to a score Dunkirk .. . O 2 ROBERT EMMOTT VINCENT INCITTO LAWRENCE MCQUIGGAN ROBERT POWERS ..B b .. ,Ha h., ..La,,y,. --Bob" O- O S "What do l do on this onef' "Now the way we did Tall, lanky Fast. hard-running Good Tackierl back home Right End Lf-ft Half Right Guard Full Back .. Z ' K Seventy-seven YQWBRV 3 itll t 'i l70NAl,l7 SEYl1El SAMUEL TRAMUTA EDWARD ZENTZ "Deal" "Tug" "Zucl" llwlf 'I lm Vlvflvvvld "Sl'1oes'rrinq laclclesm "Sure fooled - speedy" THE LOW DOWN ON KICK-OFF TECHINOUE JUNIOR VARSITY Kneelinq, lefl lo riqlwl: R. Bell, R. Gworelc, J. Priva leer. Manaqer, C. Drummond, F. Ze-nl7. Sfandinq, lell fo riqhf: R. Leflaron, R. Albans, W. Morgan, Mr. Halsey, Conch, .l, Van Scnln TOBB lN ACTION Erwin, R, Confl. Soveniy-eight ,I .1 10' 7 ,,l - -9" Jifffl' ' I . ' - ,A ' I ' . " 1 , , '.-44 - . BHSllEiBHll SUUHU l , A. St, George, Manager. Standing, lelt to riaht: M. Cobb, V. lncitto, J. Harper, F. Menuele, E. Dailey, Coach Less R. Emmett, J. Cash, D. Lazarony, S. Trarnuhi, C. Coniqlio. The basketeers of Fredonia l-ligh school struggled Through a rough season to emerge with nine victories and eight defeats, Only two of these victories were in league games. The most notable quality of the team was their undying spirit and their "One ici all and all tor one" attitude. Edward Dailey, center, took the individual scoring record, running up a total of T56 points. He also was high individual scorer tor one game when he scored 25 points against Westfield. The maiority ot this year's varsity will be back "on the hill" next year to sink the goals for Fredonia. Other sports this year were baseball, which has been absent for many years, intermural basketball and bowling, ping pong, inter-class track events, and volley ball. Seventy-nine LEHDEHSCLUB Fronf row, Ieff ro riqnf: A. Brimrner, heasurer, P. Wunder, M. Drago, E. Schiberra. Second row, leff 'ro riqhf: M. Spencer, vice prc-gidranl, G. Barone, presidenf, J. Powers, secretory. Third row, leff fo riqhf, A. Lauriio, T. Trippe, 7. Emmerlinq, M. Harfley. Fourfh row, lefr fo riqhf: A, Tempio, S. Orlando, L. LeGrano. Fiffh row, Ieff fo riqhf: E. Masfor, M. Cenfanni, A. Biscdro, L. Paschlce. Top row, left to right: E. Crowe, K. Enslinq, G. Berry, M.5. Evnrfs, Adviser. CHEEHLEHDEHS J . - ff ,o qQf,y f K 1'-1,27 f' 21.2 CLI. I Lf Z' f' f f' K- 1 l if 47' -' I W ' X! C kf , ry .f yt.. , Ltiqf ' F 5-A4-Q '2,,9'. r K1 Ifij I X4- f 1 ff! ri f - c . Q, . . S MAL Q1 4.1 . - "A, C' gzri I I' MS' 2 1 tfff ilrka ' L Wi T I at Q , .. 1 1 Leff fo riqlwf: Kay Easlinq, Madalyn Spgfer, Dorofhy Emmerlinq, Mary Harfley, Marion Drago, and Pafrigio Vfunder. h ' . ' x Qxatfnyc- Qs x 'L 1. Xlk' ' X xx' . X X , . '. kkrgl -K-QQL - -X ' N X A 'J-'GX' 'kim kNflNg w,XX" -'X xg , ' .M o '- kf an k X 'fwfu-YMX ., V nb-wx Nz as gi' X LYNQ. , R .1 ,S X .Q 'X' -'X - X Y Eiqhry A Q. xx X xx. . i 6llilS' SPORTS Front raw, lett to right: J. Bartlett, R. Patton, D. Ludeman, A. Brimmer. S. Mahle. M. Zentz, lf. Mancuso, M. Centanni, E. Mastor, P. Smith, B. Miller. Second row, left to right: J. Walker, L. Bender, N. Tobin, M. Sessions, R. Mancuso, M. Drago T. Trippe, M. Baldwin, B. Kopliner, C. Gervase, M. Maggio, B. Damon, C. l-lenssler.-J. Topillte. 1 Third row, left to right: Mrs Evarts insrtuctor, J. Slater, E. Crowe, L. Paschke, L. LeGrano, M Mancuso, D. Leone, K. Battaglia M. Sorce, A. Flick, J. Sahle, A. Polvino, R. Rotunda, R. Tempio R. Frost, M. DeLong, K. Easling, M. Spencer. Fourth row, leikt to right: J, Powers, A. Ternpio, A. Laurito, L. Storrer, E. Schlbetta, C. Boque J. Marsala, J. Wood, B. Soch, M. Sanderson. M. Lindsay, A. Biscaro. R. Saden. Filth row. lett to right: R. Tramuto, D. Manuel. S. Scania, M. Conti, S. Orlando, G. Barone. CJ. Barry B. Jacka, J. Augrurn, L. Jones, R. Tempio, A. Mortarano, C. LaBerbera, A. Pennica. The Leaders' Club was re-organized this year, under the supervision of Mrs. popularity vote. Varsity cheerleaders were also included in this group. Letters were Evarts, to include all girls who had won two letters in after-school sports instead of by purchased for girls who took part in athletic activities. Fredonia and Dunkirk girls ex- changed play days and this practice promoted friendships as well as good sportsmanship. T The girls ot Fredonia High have again enioyed the interclass and intramural sports competition. Basketball, which seems to be the most popular indoor sport, has Cb built up the sportsmanship, co-operation ,and team work of everyone. Sports that they -Q participated in were volley ball, baseball and soccer ball. Bowling and archery have 5 'R Seen added to the selection ot athletic activities to be enjoyed by all interested girls. The pretty and original cheerleaders of the '44-'45 season have tremendously roved school spirit. The varsity squad added many new cheers to our already long eg list Th gh their untirung, unseltish, and loyal eftorts, F. H. S. has come through ith fl ing lors. We thank them for their inspiring enthusiasm and "never give up" as 'rit. r, Jacqueline Augrum, and Carolyn Warn, promising new cheer- X lea rs, ' I carry on the work of the graduating cheerleaders. EA Dlsirsess Sllllllll, HIIHIEVEIIIEIITS AUSTIN, ROBERT E. - Dramalics I: Science Club 2, 3, 4: Beslcelball I, 2, 3: lnlramural Bas- lcefball I. 4. BAKER, JEAN M. - J'Ec-ers' Club 4, Secrelary 4. BALDENSPERGER, SHEILA JOAN - Dramalic-Q Club I, 2, 4. Secrelary 2: Girl Scouls 2: Debale Club 3. 4: Nalional Honor Sociely 3, 4, Secrelary- Treasurer 4: Nafional Forensic League 3, 4: "HiIl- lopper" Slaff, Edilor-in-chief 4: Science Club 3: Senior Play 4: On-The--Hill 4. BARONE, MARCELINE FLORENCE - Girls' Gle., Club I.2: Baslcefball 2: Dramarics Club 2: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Senior Play 4: Science Club 4. BARONE. STELLA G. - Leaders' Club 2, 4, Presi- denl 4: lnlerclass Baslcerball I, 4: Home Economics Club 4: Athlelic Council 4. BECK. JEAN E. - Transferred al' beginning of Junior year from Gowanda, New York: Girls' Glee Club 3. 4: Boys' Glee Club accompanisl 3, 4: Orchesfra 4: On-lhe-Hill 4: Hillfopper sfall 4: All Sfale Choir 4: Dramalics Club 4: Music Compelilion Feslival 4. BENTLEY, BETTY A. - J'Ec-ers' Club 4. BISCARO. ANITA R. - Class Secrefary 3: lnlen- class Baslcelball 3, 4: Leaders' Club 4: J'Ec-ers Club 4: On-lhe-Hill 4: Hilllopper Slall 4. BLYNT, THEODORE G. - Boys' Glee Club l, 2: Band 3, 4: Orcheslra 2, 3: Alpha Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2: German Band 4: "Gay Ninelie Review" 2: All Slale Choir 3: Avialion Club 2, On-fhe-Hill 4. BRIMMER, AUDREY - Dramafics Club I: Lead- ers' Club 4, Treasurer 4: Class Treasurer 3: Hill- lopper Stall 4: lnlerclass Baslrefball I -4: lnferclass Volleyball 3: Science Club 4. BROWN, WALDO E. - Class Treasurer I: Rifle Club 3: On-fhe-Hill 4: Alpha Hi-Y 3, 4, Secrelary 4, lnferclass Baskelball 3. 4: lnframural Baslcelball -l- CARR, FLOSSIE - Hilllopper Slall 4: On-The-Hil' 4: J'Ec-ers' Club 4: Gardening Club 2. CAVE, RICHARD - Baslcelball I. 2: Boys' Glee Club I: Baseball l: Bela Hi-Y 2, 3. 4. Presidenl 4: Foolball 3, Manager 2: Inlerclass Baskefball I, 2. CENTANNI, MADELINE - Leaders' Club 3, 4' lnlerclass Baslrelball I-4: J'Ec-ers' Club 4: ln- 'lramural Baslrefball I-4. CONTI, MARTHA L. - J'Ec-ers' Club I: Inlerclass Baslzelball 4: Hilllopper Slalf 4. CROWE, EVELYN J. - Leaders' Club 4: Girl:' Sporfs 2, 3, 4: Nalional Honor Sociely 3, 4. Vice- Presidenl' 4: Subscripfion Manager, Hillloppar Slali: Debafe Club 3: Dramalics Club I: Science Club 3: Na+ional Forensic League 3. DELONG, NELLIE - Transferred from Souln Eighfy-+wo Daylon High School in sophomore year: Jr. Banl 2: J'Ec-ers Club 4. Presidenl 4. EASLING, KAY J. - Hillfopper Sfalf 4: Glee Club I-4: Orcheslra I: Senior Play 4: Girls' Sporfs I-4' Leaders' Club 4: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Cheerleader I-4: All Sfale Choir 4. EMMERLING, DOROTHY R. - Glee Club I-4. Secrelary-Treasurer 4: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Cheer- leader I-4: Class Sacrerary 2: Sludenl Council 2' Science Club 3. Secrelary 3: Leaders' Club 4, Debale Club 3, 4: Senior Play 4: Alhlelic Counc'I 4: Afhellic Associafion, Presidenl 4: Hilllopper Sfafl 4: Nafional Forensic League 3, 4. FADALE, SARAH P. - lnlerclass Basketball I. 2: J'Ec-ers' Club 4. FAULKNER. WILLIAM A. - Transferred from Dunkirk High School al beginning of Junior year: Science Club 3: Aviafion Club 3. 4: Alpha Hi-Y 4: Boys' Glee Club 4. GLOOR, WALTER HENRY - Science Club 2, 3. 4: Alpha Hi-Y 2. 3, 4. Vice-President 4: Avialion Club 2, 3. 4, Presidenf 3, 4: Dramalics Club 4: Empire Boys' Slale 3: On-'lhe-Hill 4: Hillfopper Sfaif 4: Nafional Honar Sociely 3, 4, Presidenl 4: Jr. Band I: Sludenl Council 3 ,4, Treasurer 3, 4: Voled oulslanding iunior boy 3. GOEBEL, EDWARD F. - Boys' Glee Club 2, 3: Dramalics Club l. 2, 4. Vice-Presidenl 4: Avia- lion Club 2, 3. 4: Science Club 3. 4: Band I-4: Mixed Chorus 2. 3: On-lhe-Hill 4: lnlerclass Baskef- ball I-4: German Band 4: Senior Play 4. GRANATA, BERTHA M. - Glee Club 2: J'Ec-ers Club 4: Hilllopper Slalf 4. GRUBB, WILLIAM - Transferred from Broclon in senior year: Alpha Hi-Y 4. HARPER, JACK - Band I,2,3: Orchesfra 2, 3: Alpha Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Basketball I-4: Hillfopper Sfall 4: On-The-Hill 4: Variely Show 3: Volleyball 2: Glee Club 3. I HOISINGTON, CHARLES F. - lnlercless Basins'- ball I-4: Foolball 4: lnlramural Baskefball 4: On- lhe-I-lill 4. HOLMAN, DORIS - Transferred from Dunkirk High School in iunior year: Science Club 3' J'Ec-ers' Club 4, Vice-Presidenl 4. JOY. ROSEMARIE - Band I-4, Vice-Presidenl' 4: Orchesfra 4: Senior Play 4: Nalional Forens'c League 3, 4: Debale Club 3, 4: Science Club 3, 4: Hillfopper Sfafl 4: "Gay Ninelies Review" 2' Pep Band 4. LAMMERS, DONALD H. - Dramalics Club I, 2. Presidenl' 2: Debale Club I-4, Treasurer 3: Bird Club I: Alpha Hi-Y 2. 3. 4, Presidenl' 4: Class sfniun Hcnifvfmfnis Presidenf 2: Nafional Forensic League 2. 3. 4. Treasurer 3: Chaulauqua Ccunfy Hi-Y Cruncil 4. Presidenf 4: Senior Play 4: Hilllopper Slaii 4. LOWELL. SHERMAN J. - Alpha Hi-Y 4: lnler- class Baslcelball 2, 3. 4: Band I, 2. 3. MAHLE. SHIRLEY MAE - Transferred from Ihe Broclcn Cenlral School in sophomore year: Science Club 3, 4: Inlerclass Sporls 2. 4: Band 2: Hill- 'lopper 4. MANCUSO. MARY - Glee Club I. 2. 3: Mixerl Chorus I. 2, 3: Senior Play 4: Hilliopper 4 Band I. 2, 3. MANUELE. FRANK J. - Baslcelball I-4: Foolball 4: Science Club 2. 3: Volleyball 2: Debale Club 4. On-Ihe-Hill 4: Senior Play 4. MASTOR. ANTHONY - Orcheslra I-4. Vice-Pres- idenl 3: Concerimasler 3, 4: Band I-4: German Band 4: Boys' Glee Club I, 3: All Slale Choir 3' All Slale Orchesfra 4: Music Compelilion Feslival Winner 3: Debafe Club 2. 3, 4: Nalional Forensi-7 League 2. 3. 4: On-lhe-Hill 3. 4. Edilor 4: Hilllop- per 4: Avialion Club 2: Mixed Chorus 3. MASTOR. EUTHEMIA - Girls' Glee Club 2. 32 Mixed Chorus 2: Library Club I: Leaders' Club 4 Junior Band I. 2: Senior Band 3. 4: Inlerclass Sporfs I-4. MERRITT. ELIZABETH ANNETT 1 Hilllopper 4. MILLER. MALCOLM L. - MILLER. MARY JEAN - Transferred from Cleve- land, Ohio, in sophomore year: Class Vice-Presi- denl 3: Sludenf Council 3, 4. Secrelary 3, 4: Girls' Sfale Represenialive 3: Hillfopper Slaif 4: On-lhe-Hill 4: Senior Play 4: Voled oulslandinq iunior girl 3. NOTARO. PAUL A. - Inlramural Baslcelball I, 2 4: Inlerclass Baslceiball I, 2. 4: Baslcelball 3: Foofball 3, 4. PARKS. BETTY LOU - Girls' Glee Club I-4: Library Club l. 2. 3: On-Ihe-Hill 4: Hilllopper 4: Mixed Chorus 3. PASCHKE. LUCILLE MAE - Glee Club I. 2. 4: Band I-4: Dramalics Club 2: Girls' Sporfs I-4: Leaders' Club 4. POLVINO, ILENE ANN - Girls' Glee Club I, 2. Hilllopper 4: J'Ec-ers' Club 4. POWERS, CHRISTINA JANE - Transferred from Cohoes High in sophomore year: Glee Club 2, 1: 4, Presidenl 4: Leaders' Club 4. Secrelary 4: Girls' Sporls 3. 4: Mixed Chorus 2. 3. 4: senior class Treasurer: I-Iillfopper 4. SCHOENER. VALERIA FAY - Transferred fron. Dunkirk High School in Junior year: Debale Club 3, 4: Dramalics Club 4. Presidenl 4: Science Club 4: Hillfopper 4: Senior Play 4: Class Secrelary 4: D. A. R. Conlesl Winner 4: Nafional Forensic League 3, 4. SEYBOLD. JEANNE MARIE - Transferred from Si. Mary's, Dunlcirk, in sophomore year: Hillloppe' 3, 4: On-Ih-Hill .4 SEYDEL, DONALD G. - Class Presidenl I: Debate Club I: Dramalics Club I: Foolball 4: Inlerclass Baslcelball I: Science Club 4: Hilllopper 4: Second and Third year sludenl af Crewe High School. Crewe. Virginia. SMITH, DONALD -- Alpha Hi-Y 2-4: Aviaiion Club I-4. Vice-Presidenf 3, Treasurer 4: Inferclan Baslcelball 3, 4: Science Club 2. 3: Hillfopper. Business Manager 4: Class Presidenl 4: Sludenl Council 4, Vice-Presidenl 4. SOCH, ROBERT - Inlerclass Baslrelball I-4: Inlramural Baslcelball 2, 4: Science Club 3. 41 On-lhe-Hill 4: Hilllopper S+aif 4: Dramafics Club I: Boys' Glee Club 3: Mixed Chorus 3. SPENCER. MADALYN - Orchesfra I-4: Girls Glee Club I-4: Mixed Chorus 3. 4: Inlerclass Sporis I-4: Cheerleader I-4: Leaders' Club 4. Vice-Presidenl' 4: Hillfopper 4: Band I-4. Librarian 2.3. Presidenl 4: All Sfale Band 4. STEFFAN, LORRAINE JANETTE - Girls' Glee Club 3. 4: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Hilllopper Slafi 4: On-Ihe-Hill 4. SULLIVAN. MELVIN F. - Band I-4: Orcheslra I,2: Boys' Glee Club I: Alpha Hi-Y 2, 3. 4. Treasurer 4: Foolball 4: Inferclass Baslcefball 3: All Sfafe Orchesfra 4: German Band 4: Hillfopper 4. SZPAK, ROBERT P. - Debaie 2. 3. 4: Science Club 3, 4: Nalional Forensic League 2. 3. 4: lnlerclass Baskelball 2. TADT. GEORGE CRANSTON - Band I-4: Or. cheslra 2: Alpha Hi-Y 2-4, Chaplain 4: Debate 2-4: Nalional Forensic League 2-4: Avialion Cluin 2-4, Secretary 3. 4: Hilllopper I, 4, Adverlisinfi Manager 4: Slage Crew I-3: Foolball 2-4: Vice- Presideni 4: Science Club 2-4: Bird Sfudy Club I' Boys' Glee Club I: W.C.T.U. Oralion Medalisl Z. WATROUS. JEAN - Came as a sophomore from Wesliield High School: Orcheslra 3. 4: Glee Club 3. WILLIAMS, FRANCES E. - Inierclass baslrelbail I, 4: Band I-4: Orchesfra I. WUNDER, PATRICIA - Dramaiics I: Class Vicu Presidenf I: Cheer Leader I-4: Inlerclass basket- ball I. 2: Sludenl Council 2: Hilllopper Slaff 2. 4: Leaders' Club 4: Science Club 4. ZEBRASKY, PETER J. - Aviafion Club I-4, Vice Presidenf 4: Band I-4: Orchesfra 3, 4: Alpha Ha-Y 4: Pep Band 4: "Gay Ninelies Review" 2: On-'Ihe Hill 4. Eighly-lhree li I945 HILIIIIPPEII PHIIIIIIIS MRS. COSMA ALBANO MRS. AMOS BAKER MR. ARTHUR F. BALDENSPERGER MRS. ARTHUR F. BALDENSPERGEP MRS. MYRL BALDWIN MR. JOHN J. BECK MRS. GENEVA BENTLEY MR. ROMEO BISCARO MRS. ROMEO BISCARO MR. ARTHUR T. BLYNT MRS. ARTHUR T. BLYNT MRS. A. C. BRIMMER MR. LEWIS F. BROWN MRS. LEWIS F. BROWN MRS. GLENN S. CARR MR. HORACE T. CIVILETTE MR. FRANK X. CROWE MRS. FRANK X. CROWE MISS JANICE CROWE MRS. M. DEERING MRS. FRANK G. DeLONG AXS HENRY A. DRAGGETT MR. K. J. EASLING MRS. K. J. EASLING MR. HAROLD F. EMMERLING MRS. HAROLD F. EMMERLING MISS GENEVIEVE GOEBEL MR. GILBERT F. HOISINGTON MRS. GILBERT F. HOISINGTON MRS. LAURA HOLMAN MR. FRANK C. JOY MR. HAROLD W. LAMMERS MRS. HAROLD W. LAMMERS MR. JOSEPH J. MANCUSO MRS. JOSEPH J. MANCUSO MR. FRANK MANUELE MR. NELSON MERRITT MR. PRESTON G. PARKS MRS. PRESTON G. PARKS MR. CHARLES C. POLVINO MR. WILLIAM K. POWERS MRS. WILLIAM K. POWERS MR. JACK PRIVATEER MAJOR DONALD G. SEYDEL MRS. EILEEN ROWAN STIFFLER MR. GEORGE C. TADT MRS. GEORGE C. TADT MR. FRANK VALONE MR. M. E. VOADEN MR. WILLIAM J. WATROUS MRS. L. E. WINCHESTER Eighty-four '"P" M .2 Axel 1- T ,, T 'ff 'Q -' x , T' K -mg T - N 5 X ' ., . .mu os - ! The Portroifs You Will Wont For Tomorrow . . . . LGT Us Moke Them Todoy' MQLAQEN G MQLATQEN lglwolcogvaplwevs 35 WEST MAIN STREET - : - FREDONIA, NEW YCPK E'gh+y.f . r -gf 'WWWWMM .IAYN E'S 322 Central Avenue DUNKIRK, N. Y. BENTLEY G RENCKENS DAIRY 20 West Courtney Street DUNKIRK, NEW YORK Phone 2639 Dunkirk - Fredonia N. S. BRIGGS G SONS Cream Top- Dairy Products DUNKIRK., NEW YORK Telephone 2238 "Where Friends Meet" - THE - g SAVON DRESS SHOP Specialists in Ladies' and Infants' Wear 7 E. Mein Street Fredonia. N. Y. FREDON IA RESTAURANT Special Lunches Home-made Ice Cream end Candies Complete Fountain Service FREDQNIA BUILDERS SUPPLY co., me "Builders of Homes of Character' l36 Newton Sires? FREDONIA. NEW YORK WINTER GARDEN THEATRE U MRS. A. F. SHERMAN Manager Eighty-six O 1, -1.-T..1., ....i. 7 E . I A ...AJ au ,.:- ' Ae.-.-,:..m.m::.i..- N. L. SNITN EUNBEVQ CCD. "Everything To Build Anything" O2 MAIN STREET DUNKIRK, N - PHCDNE 2261 - .1 iN WAR IN PEACE WWII Serving the Families of Fredo THE FHEDUHIH CEHSUR iii NE CGM MEQCIAL DIQ1 NTE QS ,. Ia, V ' DEFOREST STRAIGHT Men's Clothing - Furnishings I6 West Main Street FREDONIA, N. Y. THE SESSIONS AGENCY INCORPORATED T. Ii East Moin Street FREDONIA, NEW YORK JANE POTTER DUNKIRK LUMBER 6 COAL COMPANY Mason and Building Supplies Anthracite and Bituminous Coal Lumber and Millwork DUNKIRK, N. Y. Phone 2I2I t'W2ZZ0,imi'lTCe THELIvIA'S CQQRQQOGQQRS BEAUTY SHOP OUR SPECIALTY SAI'-ILE BROTHERS FLORISTS 97 - IOI Newton Street A Telephone 550 1 212 Russo Building FREDONIA, NEW YORK SULLIVAN'S GROCERY Corner of Lambert Avenue and Newton Street . FREDONIA, NEW YORK "TASTE TELLS" Ice Cream - The Best in Town KELLER'S DAIRY Milk Products I25 West Main Street FREDONIA, NEW YORK Telephone 623 Eighty-eight PQ! D KCDCM BVQEWE VQY DUNKWQK, NEW YCDVQK OLWTT DNEQES ff CLUST gbveek ew Yovl-Q 8, New Yovlq GFFICIAL JEWELERS for The Class of 1945 .v, .v, .U ,,. ,,. .,. ins - e als - Tvopkies - Aflwlekic Awaroh' I1 -D MJ gs EQHY " S EEST WIS-IES , TO TH-E STUDENTS --O S FREDONIA HIGH SCHOOL Y AMERICAN .LOQOMOTIVE COMDANY f RUSSELL JOY 6 SON Water Street FREDONIA, NEW YORK MAIN SHGE REBUILDI NG T. R. GANGI East Main Street FREDONIA, NEW YORK , J ' A FRIEND JOI-lNSON'S DINER Regular Dlnneis at all times Home made pies and complete fountain servlce M Nity 1 BOCK 6 LUDWIG Plumbnnq - Heahnq Eaves Troughinq Dsfrib I I O B Poinfs a d V I'1 II Canadaw y SI I FREDONIA N Y Tel pI1 4I3 J PETZ ERUIT IVIARKEI 33 West Moin Street FREDONIA, N. Y. D. A. V. SERVICE STATION Easf Main Sfreef FREDONIA, NEW YORK SEYBOLD BROS. SAND a GRAVEL Bennett Road DUNKIRK, NEW YORK WILLIAM E. STOCK PRINTING 46 Wes? Main Sf I FREDONIA N Y POIVIFRET C. C7 E. 202 Wes? Main Sfreef FREDONIA, N. Y. Tel ph 496 .AACKLEIVI PHARMACY FREDONIA, N. Y. Complete Service For Your Cr I-IORTON'S SERVICE STATION 65 W. Main Streef FREDONIA, NEW YORK I-:T'e0Ionia 1 TQOTAIQY CLUB 'ini' n ALLEOI-IENY NETZAL TI-IE TIME-TESTED STAINLESS STEEL Remember The Nome Todoy for the Needs of Tomorrow ALLEOI-IENY LUOLUN STEEL COIQDOIQATION GENERAL SALES OFFICES BRACKENRIDGE, PA. - WORKS - BRACKENRIDG PA DUNKIRK, N Y WEST LEECHBURG PA WATERVLIET N CQNQIQATUIJXTTQNS CLASS CD13 1945 TT-H2 DARK DIIXIETQ HARRY M, STAN-TGN 24 WEST MAIN STREET FREDONIA, NEW YORK Tl-JE NATIONAL EANK 04: zrmgoorwx HQQDQNIA Ngw Yorauc SAFE CONSERVATIVE BANKING I Memher of: I:eJe-r-al Deposif lnsnrr-ance Covpomtion N CONGRATU LATKDNS TO M945 ' KQFQADUATES CQQMN Tl-IE GEO. l-I. QIQAF G4 CG. DUNKIRK, NEW YCDIQK Nanny-is Q ' we CQNQIQATULATIQNS AND Smcgmg wiswgs TO THE QVQADUATES Sli 1945 MATMEWS TVQUCKIIXIG CCD PREDQNIA, NEW YORK ' W. ,Li . .". - IP A , .5 ,, -. ew - L-W I - I f w . J 'bf- CIITILIZNS TRUST COMPANY Fredonia, New York - OLD - STRONG - RELIABLE Member oF 1CeJemI D eposit Insurance Corporation PARIS FASHION SHOP The Friendly Store - T. ,. 306 Cenfrel Avenue DUNKIRK. NEW YORK NEW YORK STORE Ill 322 Main Street DUNKIRK, NEW YORK + 1 For Ihe Best of Foods + S I DEY'S PAR KSI DE Central Avenue DUNKIRK, N. Y. + + L FREDgN'I:Ik NPESITFYORK N Indy-seven H. ff-rg up - ,X 4--.. RRQWN 5 eucsluo LUMBER COMPANY CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS Lumber and Building Supplies 65 67 Orchard Street FREDONIA. NEW YORK T I phone 502 FREDON IA HARDWARE CO. 'k 'k 3I East Main Street FREDONIA, N. Y. FREDONIA SALSINA CANNING co., Inc. Cenners of Fruits and Vegetables K Prospect and Cushing Streets FREDONIA, N. Y. FOSTER NURSERY COMPANY, INC. Nurserymen FREDONIA, N. Y. DUNKIRK E7 FREDONIA TELEPHONE CO. WI LLS EY'S Fredonids Gift Center Complete B ildin d J. TEDEROUS CO. FW, Sfmg "' Wholesale Tobacco and Candy ,, I-I. F. SALI-IOFF 60 Wes, Ma S, , LUMBER G COAL CO FREDONIA N Y FREDONIA. New YORK TSI Ph 6I5 Telephone 324 ty qht . -be ix ' ' H r I 5' ,gf ,..,,,., ..-I-.,,. BLOOD AND LARSON ' 20 CENTRAL AVENUE - - . FREDONIA, NEW YORK DUNKIRK FUNERAL HOME ' 736 CENTRAL AVENUE - - - DUNKIRK, NEW Yom: TWO FINE FUNERAL ESTABLISHMENTS IOwned By The Same Firm A ,. if-r I FFA ' ' VTE: 5 I HT -51 . I I. AI' r ,.-1 I 'S Al '71 5 ' gi' AI L. J, "EA '. ,4 :E K, I3 . N, V, I, 1 AA if Ly. I' W were ' if , - I I I 2 MAIN DINER 4I Wes+ Mein Sfreef 1' It ECONOMY MARKET gg it 85 Cushing Sfroef FREDONIA' N. Y. Meds - Grocerics Herberf Bays. Propriefor 8 8 ST, ANTHONY'S CHURCH TASTOR'S Bakery 5 Confectionery I xi' , . .J 'I 4,- .r r , H f nf. A 1' ' .P 'Lk v , 'S' -I.: 79 we sy I A 5 ,l 1 7 ii. THE REVEREND PIO PAROLIN I9 Wafer Sfroef , , , , FREDONIA. NEW YORK I A In 1 V in Ninofy-Edna L2 ,I '4 jf' 1' JP' : I ,I LAKE CITY SALES IOI Cenier Sireei FREDONIA. NEW YORK K. E, RYNALSKI Nursery Successor To T. S. Hubbard Company FREDONIA, N. Y. THE COLONIAL INN Easi Main Sfreei FREDONIA. NEW YORK Mrs. W. J. Whipple i' 'A' i' 'k RAYMOND'S RICHEIELD SERVICE H. B. RAYMOND i Bring Your Cor To Us I FORD and MERCURY SERVICE ,I I SCI-IOENTIZIAL SALES Gnd SERVICE Schoenihal Sales and Service 9 Day Sireef FREDONIA. NEW YORK 4 EREDONIA STAR LAUNDRY 4. .u qs .,. Wesi' Main Sfreei FREDONIA, NEW YORK CATHERINE CANTY SHOP Accessories Hoisery - Giffs - Lingerie FREDONIA. N. Y. G. C. MURPHY s - no CENT STORE Wifh Seiecied Merchandise Up To sl.oo lOl Wes? Main Sireei FREDONIA, N. Y. Ono Hundred CQNIDLINENIS O I4 JCI FRIEND X 9 J. 'LIN i f FIQEDCDNIA IDIQCIDUCIS CQ 4. .v. J. .,. ,,. ,P Producers of NEW YORK STATE WINES CARNAHAN-SHEARER Men's ond Boys' CIoihing - Shoes - Furnishings Bofany WooI Ties I8 Wes? Main SI'ree+ FREDONIA, N. Y. THE WEST HILL GROCERY Wes? Main Sfreei FREDONIA, NEW YORK -1. 4. .,. .,. PEOPLE'S HARDWARE coqnpgmv 5 EAST MAIN STREET DANAHY - FAXON The Besi' in Groceries Meats and Vegetables :ls :Ze II Easf Main Sfreei FREDONIA, NEW YORK ELLIS STORE MAI N MARKET I4 Wesf Main Sfreef FREDONIA, NEW YORK BREfIvIER'S PHARMACY THE REXALL STORE "The Besf in Drug Sfore Goods, The Besf in Drug Sfore Service." Qu J. 'P .P HUNTER'S 20 WesI Main SIreeI' FREDONIA. NEW YORK .I . .,e e.: NAETZKER BROS. 336 Cen'rraI Avenue DUNKIRK, N. Y. One Hundred-Iwo ANDREW A. STEEEAN CH I ROPRACTOR DUDLEY MOTORS 258 Wesf Main Sfreef DODGE a d PLYMOUTH S ymour Sfreef S I d S FREDONIA, NEW YORK TELEPHONE, naw.: E G ff O' 211 TERWILLIGER E7 MARIAN A STOKES SALZER FURNITURE - UNDERTAKING FI Covermqs - Curt '. R d J. .v. . . .,. 35 - 37 W. Main Sfr FREDONVX. N Y Telephon 355 43.1-. NILLETQ VQOOPING CO. APPLY A NEW ROOF By A Firm With 22 Yeors' Experience TELEPHONE 616 FREDONIA, NEW YORK OHddh BOSTON STORE 3I6 - 320 Main Sireei DUNKIRK, NEW YORK I-IEI.ENE BEAUTY SI-IORRE 8 Wes? Main SIreeI FREDONIA, N. Y PARK SHOE STORE 402 Cenfral Avenue DUNKIRK NEVV YORK SANDERSON'S Modern Bowling Lanes 43-53 WaIer Sfree FREDONIA. N Y SEE FREOONIA CLEANERS TREMAI NE AGENCY 43 Easf Main Sfreef INCORPORATED FREDONIA N f FREDONIA, N. Y. for T I ph 484J CAPABLE - EXPERIENCED INSURANCE SERVICE I-IABER'S FINE EURS GHEL 333 Main Sfreef DUWRK NEW YORK E?em'x:x:f.Jf'-2-'m'.zm.3'fT undred-four CQNQQATULATIQNS AND EEST LUTSMQS To if WX Q X TQ Tl-TQ CLASS T3 X45 4 The Safe Store "SERVING THE STUDENTS OF F. H. S. SINCE 1904" DUNKIRK, NEW YQRK GERVAS CANNING COMPANY, im. FREDONIA, N. Y. and II1e STANLEY PACKING COMPANY, Inc. FOR ESTVI LLE. N. Y. Packers of Fancy CANNED FRUITS and VEGETABLES The BAIRD REALTY Co IBO Temple Sfreei FREDONIA, NEW YORK SOCI-I INSURANCE COMPANY - .I- ITO I Iwe AJVQPLIQQPQ THE STAFF EXTENDS ITS GRATEFUL APPRECIATION TO YOU WHOSE ASSISTANCE MAKES POSSIBLE THE T945 "HILLTOPPER" A,cI4,r1owIeJgemenJc9 - PRINTING- THE FREDONIA CENSOR, INC., Fredonia, New York ENGRAVINO- PONTIAC ENGRAVING COMPANY, Chicago, Illinois PHOTOGRAPHY- MQLAREN 81 McLAREN, Fredonia, New York BINDING- THE ROCHESTER BOOK BINDERY, RocI1es+er, New York COVERS- MOLLY-MADE, S. K. SMITH COMPANY, Chicago, IIIinois One Hundred-six INDEX 1UHUVER1ISEHS Allegheny Ludlwn .--- 93 Mackie-m Pharmacy ........ . 92 American Locomotive ........ 91 Main Diner ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, 99 Baird Realty .............. 106 Mathews Trucking Company 95 Bentley 3: RG-nCl4ef1S DGlTy ---- 86 McLaren and McLaren ....... 85 Blood 81 Larson .......-.-,. 91 Miller Roofing ........,.... 103 Bock and Ludwig .......... 92 Murphys ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 100 Boston Store ...... .... 1 O4 Naetzker Bros. ............. 102 Bremers Pharmacy .......... 102 National Bank of Fredonia 95 Briggs and Sons ........... 85 New York Store ............ 97 Brown and Gugino Lumber Park Diner ................ 94 Company ............. 98 Park Shoe Store . . . . . . .104 Carnahan Shearer ......... 102 Parkside ......... 97 Catherine Canty . . . .... 100 Paris Fashion ........ . . . . 97 Censor ...,...... .... 8 9 People's Hardware .... .... 1 02 Citizens Trust Co. ..... .. 9! Petz Fruit Market .... 92 Colonial Inn ............... 100 Pomfret C. and E. .... 92 Compliments of a Friend ..91 - 101 Raymond's Garage ... ....100 D.A.V. Service Station ....... 92 Rotary Club, Fredonia . .. 93 Danahy-Faxon ........ .... 1 02 Russell Joy 81 Son ..... 91 Dieges Clust Jewelry . . . .... 87 Rynalski Nursery ..... . . . .100 Dudley Motors ............. 103 Safe Store ......... .... 1 O5 Dunkirk-Fredonia Sahle Bros. Florists .... 88 Telephone Company .... 98 Salhotf Lumber Co, ......... 98 Dunkirk Lumber and Salsina .L ..... I ........... 98 caan ca. .............. as gender? S Bsoqwlrno Lone-S 132 Economy Market ............ 9? Won refs op """"" Ellis Store and Main Market . .102 Schogmhgl S Soles 8' Foster Nursery .....,....... 98 S , ervfe ""' """" ,100 Fredonia Builders .... .... 8 6 52312255 Briircnce gency Fredonia Cleaners ... ... 104 , , ' """ ' ' ' ' ' ' " Fredonia Hardware .... .... 9 8 gldix SN' 'L' 'L' ' """" ' ' ' 97 Fredonia Products .... .... 1 01 Smlh 'I ' ' Um er Co' ""' 90 Fredonia Restaurant .... 85 OC nsumpce """""" 106 . I St. Anthonys Church .... 99 Gail Jewelry ........ .... 1 01 Star Laundry loo Gangi, T. R. ....,... .... 9 1 """' "' Gervas Canning ....... ..., 1 06 gIeHSn'PAnClreW ' ' ' ' ' ' '103 Graf, Geo. H. and ca. ...... 95 Sffgigfv QTLRQHQ- -- gg Habers .............. ..... 1 04 , , ""' "" Helene Beoufy Shoppe UH-H104 Sullivan s Store. ............ 88 Hortons Service Station ...... 92 TOSTOBZ SkC0f1feCl'0n9"Y 8' Hotel Fredonia ....... .... 1 03 G eVY -----------'--- 99 Hunter's Store ........ .... 1 O2 Tederous .......... .... 9 8 Jane Potter Candies .... . . 88 Trernoine Agency ..... .... I O4 Jayne's .........,,, ,,,, 5 6 Terwilliger 84 Salzer . . . . . . . 103 Johnson's Diner . ., ,,, 91 Thelma's Beauty Shop ....... 88 Keller's Dairy .... 83 West Hill Grocery .......... 102 Koch Brewery ..... . . 87 Willsey Pharmacy . . . . . . . 98 Lake City Sales ... ...100 Winter Garden .... . . . . .86 One Hundred s v n QW MW Q ?f2 Q5 .fW GMwf 4 W GKMM Wh T9 13557 Mmm. W M WM ? N yjgwgmwf xx Q,,m,U,,,Q,-5:5OZ M ff ' N. ww W Wi M Dfw Af MW! Q! .9 L

Suggestions in the Fredonia High School - Hilltopper Yearbook (Fredonia, NY) collection:

Fredonia High School - Hilltopper Yearbook (Fredonia, NY) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


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