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S. .ff .:. HILLTOPPER SPOTLIGHTS THE YEAR 1944 FREDONIA HIGH SCHOOL FREDONIA NEW YORK A 13 I 4 .nf ..F?.:' 5,1 Q0 I K +6HQWf Wy y' k225W M fl . ,s fn' u I . , -v 4. f .V..r.L rid, X 5 W x ','1V! M . ,St ftp U - ,T Il' ygv A i 4. . ,z at-' 5 3" U?- z I ' ' 'fi gt... 5 ' " ,g ' 'ax 1 G. my if x VA Ls' 1 Y I If - D1 N f 1 Ss i HILLTUPPER-1944 Sl'OT'LlGP1T EIDITICJN PUBNSHED av THE seulon CLASS Through the use of a SPOTLlGHT, the staff of the I944 "Hilltopper" has attempted to pick out signif- icant groups, events and personalities of the year. We hope that the things upon which we have focused the rays of our SPOTLIGHT will serve as a source of pleasant memories for the seniors who are leaving Fredonia High School and as an inspiration to classes which follow. Four ,J f Af' MRS. RUTH M. CORNISH As the spotlight is turned to cast its beam of light upon the faculty of FHS, it is focused finally upon one who has outstanding qualities, not only as a teacher, but as a friend to the students-Mrs. Gordon Cornish. We dedicate the l944 "Hilltopper" to her. A very active participant in all phases of school life, Mrs. Cornish has won many friends among the students and the faculty, It is with pride that we dedicate our year- book to such a competent and delightful person. SPOTLIGHT HDIHIHISTH UH ,MT G U I D H H B E IX LLAUDE R DYE Supermtendent AQ' MRS MHLDRED FNNK MRS CLARA HASSETT susfawf S Supervisor u A iondom L 1? wpw ' 57.26024 Zee Ze Semtim Dear Seniors: We all ioin in thanking you, Seniors of l944, for another most attractive annual. Surely, this "l-lilltopperl' spotelights the year at Fredonia High School. This thirteenth issue continues a series of definite improverrents in the year book. One day in the fall of l93l, two senior girls came to the office to inquire wheth- er or not a senior annual was possible. Teachers, students, parents debated. At last the project was approved. A staff was chosen. One afternoon this staff met in room 39 to select a name for the new book. From several names the most appropriate, "Hilltop- per", was selected. Work began but progress was slow. lt was a new experiment. There were no precedents to follow, no old issues to examine. One June day the book was presented. lt was not a prize winner, but it was a grand beginning. ln every succeeding book there have been improvements. Each year class rnernbers, advisors, printer, pho- tographer, engravers have aimed to excel former efforts. The high rating of the '43 an- nual proves that fond hopes were realized. Your TQ44 annual is another in the series of continuing growth. We thank you for ci piece of work well done, Cordially yours, CLAUDE R. DYE Le t 0 P 17+ M llowqrqlC',1n','m1'Mi5,Mf1ily llipvnsll: lla, ll E. Wiir-1-lfik llifjgiclrjnlj Mr, hlerber' 1 lr- rw wry Not pifturvdz Mr. Huw? Wolfe. r-ducatirf r'r1i"i5'r g ,-. f,.,,f H., Pod rin Dubnr Sw-fn' s,s'f-m ,,,.. x , ,aww has Ogg- ,,,,,, the def' Ln' f ve the fri i p pl F' 'ne villa' "ff b s edt cm r' 4-1 T MLM5. as fe' "ed 'c We s Seve Ccswslwe Page, Le5': ', ,fd ', 'f2"3 "f days, QZWZGQZ 42422644 - L3 ' af Nm UCD9' Riff Lei' 'f Rd" Maw vfvrtarfza us 'G a gwvf: '-if f-rv-31 ffm' mf a Ocofsive Pew: Rigu: Shiga! "-Fr"-3 ffisu 'S :Wm Nao sms, V1 1:76 55' .,3,,:.,? 1 415 ,, asses VV'-we a' Le:': Influsviaf Ar' ilasses iw' mama! SNES essarf in aN.round veioomenh oeff net da BIRDINA CROSBY, M, D. Lf'-URA M. EVARTS S'L1ff?pP','s"'a" Pwsfia' Educwfn 57' GMS, Lvaciers Club ADA M. SACKETT, R, N. S M71 Nluse NG' Swm, A rl WWLSCNJ ,. MOC:E 3.3 :3L.te'w:A 'cf BCA. S BREY -, 4f'XLBf?'Jf:L4 3 S ,- x.,,1 9-6 ANP-'UF2 E. HAQBBUN, 5. S. Y'dLs+fEa5 Avs, F M3471 CMB Nine Nfl, A Q w uf V1 'af' ' Na! ' wa. M-Bw 'rrf' PA-, LQ 'IVE L HAR 1. M pgy. VEY 5. S. Mus? GCG Cum i-ELEN J. MILLER B. S. ,qv y:'.:.7CC,3f BESSNE XX. MEQRITT E'135' Sieve, Pc 3 AJ 1.4.6, ,. , Lil... EQTFA M. VUSSC 5, S. E QM' Swan Me"e"'a'Yzs af: F C 'Ql.F3"4 5. SV TP f":'i' -x " P: 's S ,. 5, ,, EIC? f. '-,ANJISIQ J , : gp- Ag , Q-Jw. HHN fawgwaqe - fdhmy - Qmcfenmq Jfcame Zccamamzcd f CQWSH NA, A fNNf'1 fi. 3f?XT"TNl 5 Rx NNXMWxxmxmxxxm SPUILIGHT UHlll PRIDE lU 'lHE C we new were few fn 0 nt Row letr t J rut R Sad n C Boque l Lascola secre ar D Va one suden e er president J Guqlno treasurer C Warn M J Younq R Ternpno B Bouqum P DeLona cond Row Ie t t I ht Bearnusn I well Al er A Le-pn rambra J Cash J Granata S Crvretto arbarrno H Perce J Schwertta er T Draqqett cl: we ancuso nes Leqrana tv' Mar' o C La r ra u rum L d ru l ' n Lester TOD Ro O ru n I ma ru ta vra Ba C ro R y V Ma rs ADVISORS MRS ETHELYN MCLAREN MISS BERTHA RUSSO We eighth graders have shown a very loyal sprrut Most of us attend the basketball and foot ball games to cheer for Fredonua some of us wll probably be on our future teams More than half of the class has subscrnbed to the Hxlltopper We feel at an honor to be In the year book and wrll try to be worthy of nt an the future In our socnal studies we have started an Honor Socnety wnth Mrs McLaren as our advnsor Only those are ellgsble who have passung marks Once a month we exhubnt extra work we have covered asrde from our regular class work W are strnvrng for honor marks on our examrnatnons an June Snnce we entered an September we have grown up somewhat but we have a long way to go before we take our place as the Freshman class of next year LHSSES Th rteen l l Pro , ' to rlgh 1 A, Fllck, . G l fith, , e . . , . . A I V - ' t y, . l , pre' t, C. M'll , vice- l I l Se . 5 o r'q : N. E. H l 'H U ' . '- l-l'p e. t'lI , J. Paul. . C. - G' . . , . , . ' ll . . - R. B 4 . , l , . g , . I Third Row le5f 'o right: A. Conlqllo J l A U - sts . L. Ho' F. M . L. Jo e. ' ' . S. Mele . tcus . . Ba - h ' 9 be , J. A 13 . O eh 5lSli', R. -3 - A A l V W N. fett ' 'gl ': S. Alla , T. Per- I V g' . S. S Suse, fx. ttaglia, H, Def I el' , . Burrows O. Kennedy J. Pr?vf'er:, - , nzella J. Cn tina J. Spencer, X fc fif aa? CJ XV TPE lllVl!XN OFTICTR CQARLES URUMVVONLI '?UTl-l JQHNSON CAROUNE MANCUQO JCSEPI4 OUClND fllvl OPS l t BLSSlT A MEPR T wi' law As each member of the sensor class passes from FHS anto the world he looks around to see what new names and personalataes are comang to tall has place Well lookout' Those new names aaad personalataes arent comang they re here' aaa the class ol 47l Ot course every senaor prades hamself on the tact that he was never as green as the new freshmen are but we are lust as sure that we the class ot 47 wall become the best senaors FHS has ever seen As freshmen we are represented an the Band Glee Club Stamp Club Debate Club and the sports basketball and football A group of freshman boys and garls are octave an a square dance group whach as a wholesome relaxataon tor them and has brought much pleasure to others All these actavataes help to make our school more pleasant for us Because we are such a large class of more than one hundred pupals we wash to do our very best an helpang support school actavataes The upper classmen may laugh ot our armloods ol books as we hurry through our full schedules but wath the help of our senaor advasors we feel sure that the fresh man class wall come through the tour years breakang every record ever set tor leader shap school sparat scholarshap and servace 5 UTP retarv s P e r ' .r Jlei ao Riqlaa: V J ', 'T a T , Tres . . , , Sec I' , , . Vlce-Pre lden' .J J ' nildeat ag - 2 as l T MPS. PUTT M, CQRNIQH I'-9 AISS r,.' lT if QM, I We G ,aa i . . , J . l T aa C 5 4 ' ' . ' - .X . l .,l . I . I 0 1 Hnnmnn TU sfnlua HIGH FV" 57' 1. .V :": ff. 5"f,1'efgf M, Sui' C i E:"14" V, J.-f C. C.: rf' 8.52.51-1 B. E, 'z CQ' 'J 1 ' '. ' g":VV.ELL13':f:' W, N4-jf, J 5" ,. Va aj '3.C:n1." J. fvlbef' N. Gferr R1 T"'C1 pw. e ': "gn: M. Mes J. Lafszf P. T'a",1 E515 B, M' 2' E. Samefs P. Cufis, J. Sevef M. F' TLC Riff 65' . Vg". F. Fa:1a'e. Q. M:rV"'z'. fu J. Vaf S'Z'i-' P. Sc' f: L,fL,'Yw'v1CFd ff. S"-evra' Webs'er R. BZLCLV' M. Mvse-. J 'J 1 ,W r ', . I ,. vig H VV ,. 'Jf:',-J L. C' ,. .f:'lJ.. V ,Mrnzz ,. " ef 3 F. VV' NV. O" V' NTKY' 710' VV. Lakai' L .--. -- I IZA - .,,, FV ,'v,-, Q, .. ,.'-C K Lv ,X fox. . QL i . c, '-QM g ,V I ,f XJ' -PL, x, x L - ' Z E x 5. K ff y X , 1,7 f 3 NLM..- ,. .. V F. 'Q V " -, if "Q C. HV' '. AV' " S-airs . Q. 5f"e. C. T42 Q. E"e' A, 5: sewn. -T 1, E WC" Q, QL SQ' Nl. "9""M..3' H, i...1l'?'i" 3 5' . C .... 'f Tffg Qi " A. B.f3IC" 3. :inf 5 'Hai' D. .ine E, Q3 15' Vv. Edqfy C. 34-f. ' F. ,. Mama A. Ma ULL-A " Z. A 4.1" -. S.-,.1"' S. w, 1 F EH 'N 1 ti EJ nz ' Zvi . WV- s J. Su 1 " V, 54.1.1 L N.'f.1" Fee Q' ' I 7' J J J' M"!fX?fsuPHnmuafs Lfnn THEIR 7 ,K I F - a.., 1 Q 3 ' I v Y-LJ,'. JAAH- -f,-,.,,, V , ,U . 1 .. . , Y X 7 I x""'11 W' f- vi 'I1",P.ffL.1.' , ff. 'QVJ L. N'.f.1g,3 J E ' E D I I- r D LQ-1, 1, VV, L,,w,..- E M39., - 1 I J Pu. -: 'g MQW: PM Lauvlm L, Legwvg M. W -, a'J' L S""Df S, Hd? L. B561-F' L. Q-vL.:ze"a. 0 r' f' Fi' 5' ': ',:f': M. L l. Vx rf. "L-'sae' 'vi 1 3 V NA ww ' HfrNr.m M 7. M T Tfffg Q ,- . , .,,. w... . . ...., o -f ,L Q, 1- f' f' M . A,.,,,,.. ..v.x, r- fff 1, C. 51 fs F. if 1155 ff' ', 2" 'Q Q' Nl. M: a" M. Ve' J, Cfife' J F E Ning 1'-.L,Te'f:'L S. Va f -. WJ re' S. Sff 1 L. D J 'ff 5- " fly' Nl, TL' E. BJ"-4' F C.,r,a" P. i a C - Em, fx gran, VLH, . Q I, , 'id EV!! ll" Mwjy K it SOPHOVIORE OFFICERS MAPY PASVI-IK: JNAR A L Y LOIS V!INIK:LMAN L VERNF INVXOO ADVISORS MISS AGNES F DYL MR S GORDON CORTER F4-fxxe SAS. Q XGA RFQ cog uve J! 'Cf E05 Qs Saw Qc: Q ff! X X XS J flff ffwj Q-Cb xxw NSA'-1 Q'-I ff 52025 SWUWJQY es In tl o fall of 42 we as many ot ers Faxe done In past years 'owned the great parade that has marched up and down the hrll to FI-I S As Freswn en W I st JT oJr class under tlfe mana fment of tour of our clas I p Q cyliflv splendtd rob of leadershrp Then settled we had the thrnlls of meetlng and tallang to KM we new teachers and upper classmen The bells and the changrng of classes the excrte LUV "' nent and suspense of football and basketball games the socuals and the great ventj KVZLLQAF Freshman Nrght the agony and dread of exams were all a part ot our Irrst year N., TI rs year as sopnomores we have pucked four new members as our leader fflg Ivleetrng tl 0 nfw fresFmen of our establrshment IS an rnterestung experten e The h ol Iootbcll a d basketball games more socuals Sophomore Ntg and agarn xcm III the second year at two years hav b n vv n ertul ones our mrnds rs t e tro QQ II X at rn two more yea s we wall Fa e r a ed our g enrorsl Tlfey yr oro a b lowg and hard years bdt wrtn conttdence wthtn s and he hapoy t ougrts ot our s o re a O elslra M r rd and I a r aue wal oe reLL ec Wei , ,J P Dsfffvvef X Ns llfu ll I Severteera 'Lei' 'C Rlfgnq g I J M F . Seifew . Em 3 Q I E .,... . l-'O35LA':' I F Vife-ofestdem A ' D .. ....... Pfesiden' -,L 7 - Q 5 I - 1 I xi ,Q ' ' . Y 3 f A N v, , K . ' ' U x N NY 1 ' - , Q ' X ful K fb ,- f H ' Q x " ' if 4 If ffl I X vji , ' I s 5 X' f f - ,r 1, - . f' KF A s ' . ' ," ' L - XX 4 J f 1, If fx: V It . x 5 F xx h n 5 Ti . ' w . y- , y L 1 . . , 'i :- I I In A. l X I . . . L ' I mates --Alfred Fuller, Joan Walker, Ruth Ann Patton, and Lots Wrnkelman, who did a 3 1 , , , , n I I , . . I r Xl . . A, ft - 1, L 4 I , . x N , ' if , , ' ' ' f ' Cf. . frills A XJ' l 1 'v ' " . ' ln?" , ' e : s ' A I V 1 I ,V lv K I . rf . f Bl l Tres-e p s I ' - e ee, o d . In r ' H 'w ugFt 5' th ' " ' r ' . y e :ii oal4St ' . My I b bl! Q 5 e 1 I I , ' A f . ' , V 1' ' L' , , 1 I I h '. ' sl X echo l life loefo F' b .' Us, we VII wo li ha th's go I, It ' - tinge, , . 7 l ' '1':'l1 l. g X F Q R? X ,773 J I I Kr ' fb ls if Q JJ , nf N. Q PHEPHRIH g,x.J"'9s 'X'-QM'-29 rv-:fob Q-,AIX-A-A1 ff' ' f-2'-f'UTJNloR orrlcmes 0.1 PWTA QI CMKU a AUJKEY BD tvttrlltf? AQ fm Prose r ADVISORS MRS CLARAB SMITH MTSS MARTHA J SMITH Tff My Lwnfrfb fmm Uma Our .lunlor class consists of lxty IX ITTCITTLJLIS tlnrty nlno gurl awcl twenty seven boy We are very proud of some of the outstandnng achievements of many Juniors durlng the pasf year The .lunlors were very pafruotrc confrlbufmg one hundred per cent In all of the fund drnves and grvung generously to the scrap paper collectron Our goal Nas for eacl member of the Junror class to brrng at least one newspaper a day Many of the Jumors have worked parfrrne doing thenr share to and rn the labor shortage In several fnelds of work such as clerkrng In stores and workmg on farms Each one of the musrc branches had some Jufnors as members Four of the s cheerleaders were Junlors Our class was also represented rn the Debate Club by sev eral students A few of the Junuors have announced regularly over the loud speaker durrng the past year The Junrors seem to possess great athletrc abrluty Some of the Junror boys were on the basketball team whsle some were on the football team The Juruor gurls were ID the lnterclass baskefball games held after school f Qs x bv N X as 54 Eughfeen Q J ASN 5 -4 X 6 . x , I I 1' " - ' T g - T' L 9 f l' ' Lei' 'Q Pig?-l c S 'TA . Seite' r 5 V7 ' ....... .. Treasrwcr tx4ARY JEAN tv1lI.I.ER . Vfce-pfosldcn Jgldll P, ,Kon :IC . s I , - X f' ' X l lr ' T ' lf 1' , ' -by ,Tj V If S T - r. 'X W - 4 ' f 1' ,X 'E 'il ls. IV , . V . 1 ' . ' . ix 9tjy.fL+T, ,:....!L.'1T35,,. Y- M 5. -X 1 - x Z V I 1 .4 jj ,i , . J ' .Y ix jf k EH E V 1 X PZ" Rm. e" i 'Agni P. ,:. FJ. Cena", L. 'istvi B, Bene P. BE' B Sans M. 'if' e' 5, Wuhoe' VV. !'.f':LrC-s Nl. 2eL':'g E. 3'j'a'a Secowc 911. ef' 'Q 'i'g": fx VBvEi!'i 2. S"v?"1 Lf. f'Wr'e'Kfq F. M5-Vi' B. 'vie'- "" P. Cafe M. Speftw E."Gieca1, Q, Pvrf.-4' C. HC's?r'gt3P M. Pa."1'G, TL Pan 'ei' 'Q 'QPU F. Crewe, S. B:1G8ft5pCf'l'3' J. Pnfxw, M. SJl,'af 3. Larn- Nws F Mfazee T. B5',"1ZS. Loved J. Ffwpef, P. Sith. FM" Rm. . Vg". F. W' 'ani F. Caf' M. Me'1,s' i. D' ." E. Mast, S. BAT'-3 N' Ne' 'v'. CM" -. 591- S. F5355 Q. 59.07 11, F "5'J QC- i "tn: . -ne' 3. N731 4. ies" '. ' 'x : S. X 2 5 V. 55' V'-. Pa.. S. Vi' e E 32' C. :jf Nz.-4 -2" i": V. 3i"rfi"': 1. Sifxew R. L,s"' R. Sifz' V. V' Q' " V-A Q. Sri' W. Eff.-f 3, Tis' L. F'.2:"e N 'NMQ1 .Q E! 1 .u -I J, .1 'f'.. J .C r 9 S X xi K' TL OX Dlx X ,-' Q ,KN .5 .NGN lx' -4 V f f ff 4 Qfff 'f' ,rf-fl4f9Jf ffpffffijff Ninefeen X Q! ' r X YXnxiMYiNMw EX' , r X 95 HE SPUTLIGHT FUCUSES I ,u m ,x x A WK. f X Q 'If ' n O. L. Q I 4 ,f 'BW f' ,iii rszzrigiiif' if Twenfy Si li Juang Mae Buick B . Gosgn Gffdif Berre gr' 5+Uder" , .acrvrar ghager , 5 X-.ays smlilri . bffhqy W4-riz , I P549 you oe'Hn'g.' Brownie Pfnf:r+ Brwm . Liz . damp rmrlcdfnr . :mme - fgs'au'or" C f , Ynu worry +03 muy?-" , l . ' . f 'P-ff. -V- ' f J I . 0 's Jo "fe Ca e"T . Se' .ANN 5 L, 'cz 'f . e'r,rwn'?c s Cl Sis C we Carr . dirrrrui' rnnzsfs . Cniswguards . .- wi Q , been ar In We marrnu Oh .nl .rwqfif !!fJl' zip' 1 I1 Juarvima fwrde ser , Hcppy . scr s ross . lreer . snappy dresser . dimpNes , flower accessories LJQXI-fvv'Jj' df gf ' . f I, f , ' Mary Bards 4 cure? ard reserved . variex oi rvairdcs . 'rr-me Cu' for fun ard romance . ex ofic nails . Army Alr Corps. Lcrmard Barone . afHc+rr . brrwrvr cycs an ' ' more 'Mrk . I xr f'UV!y MGH' . Gifts and cxerurivo . Ill bOTcl'1a." ,Fx ' 1 5-4. KV, an UH SEHIUHS THROUGHOUT t ,l , , ,wwf - ' , ff f.f"ffffff, fZf,' tha-f W "'I""L4" 'fg off' Cash aw OU ara easy 'er 'e fr fer v me f men e dark Baldy RJR umm W aw Ude J af X Blondie U Nm 0 U X Clmwwfv Jean 21 Ijfffm' iffy!! ,14-:f'4,,f4J'7 5 4'-if' 4-X f4fl, K! AW 'Exo ff d Make S 9-WNV f WM, 6141! Jw! LL ,YS ' ' 4. I 1,1 ' ' ' ' gl ' , 1 X f' 7, f ff , I 0 ,Q 'X A ' 1'-1 Y' V , A .44 .F ff If I lj I I ,,, f ,f - 14 .fl 1 ,-J, y ,, Lorroive C ' . S':VVi2':VY":" , aNwc,S fm", Q 'MXL , '9"'3'3:9U5 35144192 , eP'iu3".'4' CULV , . Q' :zee-, .c L LUCHIQ Cas'-3-'W , . ow 'He des . bei Na an rex . a 7' C: .or My Vain ' EK, 4,11 , V KJ If ,x I .kj V ,X Sc: Y Mm . 5 if ' 'X H yer . ef :Jem ,F-skqdi y-t " , Mer-,'Ny i1"iy- 54 LX y Y ' Dcrwfn, Cfzfve bdfk . siuvmi 5 . ' efefi . Uuudwi md fream fgmsiudmr , Fe' emi me V ' fiapacdfes 3" bl e. Qin . 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Pl ,,ff" sf f Tx-.envy-nine l llttxlllllxxlxllwl TU UUH FHIIULTU Hllll NURS In THE mtmfn Thnrtf WlLLlAM RADLOFF S Qf PVT KEITH EMANUELSOW NNll LAM LOGAN JR F If t tr C dcstra u 256th Armf Band a 'W lJ d Maryan The cla s of T941 luke most scntor crass s throughout thc 7 Unttcd States has lost to the armed servlces tour of Its member Teachers too have answered the call Fredonia Hugh Schoo has given two of the faculty to tlne servlce of our country Although we have great prude In those tughtung to pre scrve our freedom an truth we miss each one from has accustom ed place On page 22 us o pucture of Rnchard Dslqeman Scana 2 c WARD SAME S Sampson Naval T aunung Base These are times that try mens souls The summer solduer and the sunshine patrlot will an the crlsts shrink from the servlce at theur country but he that stands lt now deserves the love and thanks ot man and woman T ranny llc hell as t castly conquered yet we have thus consolatton vvuth us that the harder the contluct tl c more glortous the triumph Thomas Poune The Crlsns X ' l lylsivili lqlgfr ,fQl'ff??f,"5e:lfl . x ave., . v xwy I.. ALIEQX ' alllrv ' X X lt f I A G' , Cr ac 'v VU d llf- 'X E. M. Schlocl ll Seattlc, VV slirfltnn Bgln ri gc, l d r 3 fl V s ' - l C -r , . . I , , . I if 4 ' ' ' ' , 1 n rl , no ,T lyk r ' ' , C"fr3es'Cwr, Swv' Cardlwa ' I . y , le , ' no 1 ' ' ." H VTS SPDT CTI I IE THHE THE PHHTICIPHTIUH lb I T av A ri ' f 1 'T T ,ogg ii. 0441 Jfzflfcafzyzefz SEM The "HiilTopper" STaTf is The group which is charged vviTh The responsibilny of producing a yearbook. Selling abiliTy, Tinanciai managernem, good iudgrnenf and scores of oTher skills are necessary in The producTion of a crediTabie book, The work is carried on ThroughouT The year, beginning WiTh The drive Tor adyerTisernenTs and sub- scripTions in OcTober and ending wiTh The Tinai disTribuTion oi The complefed yearbook early in June. a'ca Q" ' ": Mrs. 'dans "-1.3: -. N'ei- 1 HM' 'fi' :"' 3. an 1. f"'frC"' P 3 55 " V1 'f A" f3.g' saw-1 - 4: if, 'V v V' if cf we f ' 1- ,-Y ,-- f nw., T rv' ff K ff "4 ' ' L, 'fwfr -Bf n i XA S'A3"'1 I.. Ci? Wf1'fer f,'CSE" -'1 Q' v"". ":"' ' ff 3 1 265' s A' PCLUB H1 The 9111101515 C OD1i 3119191 eff Orgs'-1z31f1oms 1-11116 15 qmcky Epeccffing rec- 3 Zen: Q111CLJf111CiC1fCO1 amp: we dwcussed uf' 1 J 5 we 11 Q1 A1 We SQ1111-111c11fm y 1 1514361 '11Ef CQ1, 'hi Fifi 1: 1119 11151 co1'51c:ef:1'1o11 'Tl 1 1 1,11cf1. md Q U NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY L, O C117 1 X Lmfy HL L L, L an O LLL CU' LIDO LC1' 11101 Lum 1 C CL11 1 U1 1111, 11111151 10 O 1 O A 11-wo11w' 'Q S' "'O'QI'i' S'1wO1C1'S1T1Q 'QO.1e's'11p se'Y1ce, c1c1',:x1Q'Q' Q1 1 1:1111 5:1 O 1 '-g1e1-15 '1f:UT1cp1 11' 'Pe ':,1'L1'15 of L1 :OCL11 Q1-Jpjc' 3' "Q 1X1L1f1O11LI1 11Q11q' S4 51, M1-1111, 9 11111 Q0 7 1 1 f1'1Q::' 'y 1 1.5111111111 1 71k ',1gU11y E 1'11 y 1' 11 fC11 Q51 ' 1'. 1115 be ' 1 'LI1L1Y1'1.6' p 1 - 1 o111c J 1101 ,imp - 1111 " 1 115 119.11113,11 11, T13 purpose of 1119 NU110'7Ll1 11131101 SQC1e1y 1510 be Q1 sew1ce1o me sc11oo1. U l BETA HI-Y Possibly one would noT recognize These fellows wlTh Their hair COn'b6d and Their sul? coafs on. However, They are sonwe of The some young men found ln The halls of our school every day. These are The fellows who have gained useful knowledge by parficipafing in The discussions aT The meenngs of Their club. ', DEBATE CLUB Carry On lS The slogan of The debaTe club In The days of aonorrnalufues broughf on by The presenf World Conflud AlThough lurrmed ln acTuvTTy by Travel esfrlqfuons and by The elnrnunahon rn many schools of debahng durlng The war perlod The club beluevung Thaf speech Training as of vnfal TmporTance has been acTuve and has supplued speakers ana de bafe programs for many OrganTZaTlOns In our COVYTHTUFTITY 1' Unber Pl"ure, Spgwd l Q- . 4 . .2 T.. N. Lbllftdq. TVCCSLAVTTV ,f. VV' Es! , v VI' fl Pfggjde-Q Mu fl. Dfmjfgeu mesiaen' R. Kusreslre Secrefary Sfandlnq, l, +G f F. Srhcener R. Cave l., McQUiq73-. P. Eafan L. Barone J. Draqqeu U LcBarron Ha Cobb UV e T f as Wheelocl c Mnller Masfor Emnrverlnng Sdrdesorv V 6 Presndenl Larnmerg feasurer adT c ma Welss Bd Clerspey-Ge, Sedafa VSV' 5coTer Ba densperqef Nazarc Crewe GY Ov M Phee Kusvesxe P esldem Harmon Banrd Spzak J, ll M. Lower Pig' 9 Seahd l. O .1 E, lvl- mf lie ' A! Se refary T, ' A. U. ' X lvl. H lg . ' xy. T S"'Cl' ,. l. To r R. . S. l T o. ' J. T A. l T. E. J. J 3 I S. J 3 R, Q ' P. , ' U, B, ' C- Dfumrnond MV CD"er P, JQY 3 Genes VJ, LEBSUQH H H I A y I ' 3, Bf5,,f . . . . , . . . fc- Shim . . . . A . . . l r l , , -l- Cflf-en ' f P. " 'y-four HJ 'I L N313 3 WJ M-as . fjfef f J ,, PHAHI op we n looking OT T e moe eo ers oT ow scnool or o p C1 been To Meme r oanTov ond exTendLTlTrougnooT The s noe ond Lonwnwnny kgs n nfs of r TQ flwq ocTe rang Tlne ye-or we wenT on sfvlnws senT o delegme To Albony ey f rcclonlu T lflef Bofs Conlerence UT LockporT one! proflded o femme mow T o ew Um speokers yfoflcled Tolks of TnTeresT ond Teen oge problems were dlswssec V 'v4 THE H le l-l l rsT e news oper opp orlng cs cn s efuol section o L vm klf re T Town o er win T e y If Two se C1 me sTc1 s Com ow Ill: TT ll Or 1 Wlrn lcel L ' e e po n n. L L age servlce W lb lg oln T T , e . K I T . V! A R ,A ,-' L - Y l ,lin ' ln lld .O uroseks , . Vik? fy T J I Xl ' . ' , Tl' sfo 1:1 .l, Ch is- lllrl , l' V, X gb ' T ', ' X ' , A , T Jose'-Teil F f T ' fl 'ne es. X ' ' V V, n ssenllyly Ss - , X X A N X. . W ,V .H X H in ilk: , '. . rf. S- nf 'Q my - D :,,,Q.1 "f V, ., . . . if 5-ei'.'i'. Y ,ff ', Li 921' I ' :"ESAUE" X- I , fa ' Hose' Fgmlsdf f 8 M. Svdf-s"n ' Vx, p,,7iQJ,,,. . ,l, Plfbfr T'ff,s vw J- lrlnycgr I s'm+: x f f, Q. STP' T. T f fc r Q. Le""e's V' V' T. B ." -K lw'f',Z3 NV. 352' s. Fl'ZQE"5 :1 F, P' 'Ulm 'f. Mzfse N r+wTe, C. T3 ' L DQ'-T, .- H Q A 4 f F" n' 9 T. . '. .3 mff U u TJ, l"1'u,'a , . " Q VV'-ee 1- 1 1 E. lNefi-' x "' C, Mew , 5. p"-'1l:1 ti D lv"S "N sv' A-V 1 S"1'Q1 "5 ' ' 44' 9 5. .,.. , 5. E T, vw. ,,3, H -' , L kfji- , .,, Vi f"? J Syzeii' EJ":' O N I L L NQWT' ll"' lw FHS p ,. e "' z p Q' G' lTlVf 'gf - flonm 'Cfeuso"', The p p , DV Q ld ec T np r TT 'Ted T 'll sp, of wo une 'L-:1"lfT'plTs rep Tl: Q " Tl l'Ty Tlw A ocmmes ol Tll sglrool lnlv pm-Tlng Tle T - mo 'Ty by gl-, nj ovnple-Te cover ' 4 Tv :ol flue STOTT. FORENSIC LEAGUE Excelsror so wrote The poet of yesreryear To proclaim The higher Fxue rar To The FHS school debafer represents affarnmenr of deserved membershrp rn the N1 rronal Forensrc League 'T represents a goal desrred by rrany but alrarned by levy Member hrp rs based upon elforr abrlrry co aperorlon and seryrce l1s graduate men br s have gone on To success rn many frelds AVIATION CLUB The purpose ol The orgonrzarron rs To promote the consfructron ol model arruralt and Thr study of the arrcrafr of the world One of The c3lub's mayor prolects has been the consrruc Tron of a large gasolrne powered model The Avratron Club Took a very acrrfe part rn comply .ng wrrh the goyerrrrnenfs request lor scale model arrcraft for rdenflfrcatron purposes Tn rw, sx G GO lemm 51 P srdenl Wheelo e er lVT Sozclc as Tad' Lower Prrvure ardrnq W Lanhe T easurer P Dawg Mr l-larbrgen P Welss Fu a re ar ln Sa r' Smrln V e Presrdenf D Zebraslf l ' :aux G e U " H- , A ' ' s in llle. 'L ' f- S, ,, . .. . T CY C - ' 1 32 L I ,, Y 5 Upper Qlirufe, l Se" '. 'o r.: l 2. ers, Tre surer lf. Saraesav , V"e-Pfesla'-' Mr. Cover l7. Kusneslr-: TQ A ' ll, elf, Sea' ' y Slwd' Q, I, lm E. Masrar R. . fu M 'or C. S", ' , l. To r L, l'v-'OOGl J. Sflberf J. Dykes, A. ller T d', Se: ' y E. Keller .I ,PCT . T E. Goebe XV, F' W-,gy T. By" N. cor Pr s?de'r 3. F' gfrn A 'HY ,1,,1r, Af 97 GOLDEN RULE CLUB .121 L Golde fr b we not so very goNdem perho bu o gooo bum 0 e' fee h C f he f' o Wedges o,fvvxT IC cr ern OVON eslderwf IVP In T e ore buff Keeprrwg Trock of The s e el whale Secretory Horry Ludemomm recor reg' for of 1 cmd HorNo fl fs C, VGC G10 wc T on :cs o T ese sc o or more r su emfs Messrs N orfnru r horse do Themr best To profude emertommerw' ohhough If 1 mor Cl ll 1 X I 'ffL?'QlLll" YOUNG AU I HORS JCLUB V 'The 'WW5'3'5"Q mi! mow come to order!" is The fomihor Phrase used the firsr hour eoch XX-i-ICZIYTGSCLCIXY' rrorhihg by the presldenf of The Young Aofhors' Club To bring fo order this room Q of yowg peopfe. Taking o peep Through the door of Room 23 om their club dc1y,vwe find GENIUS or work, Thrrgy-sauce UBRARY CLUB Under capable leadership, the girls in the Library Club have been able to attain a thorough knowledge ot various phases ot library vvorlc and to discover Whether they OVC Qryq. ,I I .,- interested in beconiing professional librarians. This club represents students trorn each ot F the tour years of high school, and has been a club in which the girls have enioyed vvork and social entertainnient. Lawn A Terr-:fc P. Si':c"5 M. LiTer'iCi' s. -.eT: a Soir-e'af, F. Mawe preside" M, Trarfuti Vife-preside -. Seri, T easu' Miss Sa t n tandin Parks Curtis Gervasc Croloot Smith L Grand Madqio Manuel ca In Q Uf Oi Sma ,W i Austin A nv Mai-I Sardes W d a P rxgi 0 t rrirn rlir"1 Q 'i Wea SCIENCE CLUB Though our club was handicapped this year by inability to fisi vvar restricted areas ve learnea rnuch frorn the interesting pictures and enlightning experiences presented ly ic VTTGYNOGVS Tlc club sport orrd ci ance which proved to ln oiif o t parties he year 'Q fs r er I I O Sci 4 G, li? B. R. l C. C, . . . B. ' L. e r M. V A P. C. C rr M. W od Lfrvfgr Pict 9. S. 'Cd l, to r R, . L Ni. lrv-.ood T. flfelael F. .low i'ei1dln'g 5- + ,- YT S, if Q. . V L. B.r e S. fe M, Cn tw oo , Vire-Presl ie tl, Dr qqf,-yy r- 4d,n 7. E e ' V Treasufer 7. Kizmes . fiefretar. Mr. T lean C. n er 9. Sic' i e, F":qera 3 C. 'Ncee 22-' 3. Zals in E. CTI . VJ. 2-'ff F Manue .h . . , ..X L.: - . I lui-HWY!! V , . . . . .I .V D tl e ' . i' ' s e f cl ' 1 e 4 l he linest 'Q ol f c, . TL ',-elghi f , A.. .if lwqgdff P tA'Vi"" V C-rf-wr Lmtwr. 'pg q,.,. fx S rr ,mr f.if f. Hit., fl, M :C 1 ,fl gf' 'f4'f:'. M as Merr " foo Ref, Bferre Eooiwqs Ken' : , DQJGQ S'e'qer Bollirvt Q ri 'S b 5 'Clif' 5 Balda ,M T "f-14 PROSE AND POETRY CLUB Most oeooie find it clitticult to ossemble their thoughts on o given topic ond to ex- press them in Nell Nritteh or spoken sentences. So does the Prose ond Poetry Club but its members -foliontly come up with vorious forms of composition ond orotory thot ore not too elementary, Its purpose in generol is fo promote the better use ot English ond to teoch its members club proceedure. FLE GROU sto e clothes inese eoole ed od ore the t rst to benei 'rom F e or uth pro e hondlin ot ireorms ion o e No thern Chou ouquo Rifle i Pi tol Club xl NRA instruc io is is i Crbb AAQ jiri VV 'rig' il QV' 2 Rrf. g 'f r,j Bite' 5ff..,,m,,n R 'hh Law or S.-nhl if l't'1"' 1"1o'i . i.: Brrff F V No, they re not "Crackers" tolcing the day ott trom 'he ieuc fo get their "Pitchers took' it their r i ',-,.' 'ju J' .ey F 5 5 ,rt f rd 'ios lnitiol attempt to in- struct its yo . iw the p r I g t' u i Tls lxst 'h r T ' gud '5 i fgtficic . . .' t' n ' Q' ei.. 7Ze S72caZlZqQZ Qeaeafal Q QM Qancficf Shelli its-. NC CLA Upp r Leff e so fic oppro C s owdcm orossmg Ifw comforwny wnl' the more regwlcmon omg Auth heo'TH mgfwgtmon C1 Course m hee thu re-qu red of oil pqpwls Y SCOU Lower Left: rv cxcriu, -1 , J 04 W, Boy Scoufs fix ,f . ' nf J po 5 on oppor Unix o Ncum cm- X QQED 02033 WORK Upper Rrght A group of C :or gurls mot each vv ek ID ocol ed Cros om fod sur no d s IO s CLA RIQFWT: ' f , om? Cmsfe., in rucfion in '- .' . ' given cnc pu ' Cl' port of The rcgu - - dm' room work. S HHH HHUSIU UH THE HI PORTS BEH HJJYQJH' H W mums BUILDERS 5. Y FOOTBALL SQUAD FN 6 1 'x x 2 'X XX! For f-T on? Row le-ll +o gh? o nn no e arron c oener a Row lel Fl I n qer e arm aron, l Ho E Z ' L McQulgaan loor l-l a '3e+f l-l Wooa P Earon S Chrrnera ronc c arron owers P rer P No arc ll Cruse boa h Moore VARSITY SQUAD Kno L 5 larnua D W The l944 season will not go down rn FHS hnsfory as a victorious one but If was a season of well played and hard fought games Desplle our losses If was a good season Ne opened against Lakewood and os IH a second half push by 20 l? e Men played Falconer and were ahead untul Yhe last quarter losung fnnally to The score of 27 21 Then came The Tradlhoncl Dunkirk Tussle Offering stuff res: Tance the Hull bu Ives were not easy victims of our brg nelghbors The score was 7 O B fore fhe Dunklrk game Two earn memb rs Howard Sahle and Wrlluam Rodlofl vere lost To tho No one can forelell whaf The next s ason will larxng In the way of football prosoecfs l l X l .Y X' X K l x R Il' . fl Fr , . ri : J. Cash, M, C bb, L, Wehsler C. Co 'al' , W. L B , F. Sh , G. T dl, L. Inwood, J. Dolce. E. Andolina, D. Wheelock. B, LeBarron M. Morse, S. Tramuha, Back , 5 fo 'ahh C, Barresf Ma a :R. B II D. H on, Q. Luz v, V. ncl . . en z, . ' J , l-LG ,..Dfgc ,.' ,L.Ba ,D.l.B ,R.P ,J.ak.. fu, X . l T' - W l v zling, lou 'C rlgb'1 l-l. Dragacfi .Brice H. SCC' S. r . ' .Whee :elf J. Deke M. Crlse. Bair Row le" ': 'Irv 9, P'.'.c-'Q E. f-fdvfri S. Crffefj ll. :'d. l wo ,,-,-pf, z P, ,N gym ' V pfcrased fnis fear. ,. L. Ci: E, 1 9e'3f:7i' 'me-'f gf- . M, ,fi iff mf, M. 3, :ES '1 51 r S-, E1 1 I i 4 .A :AW V J, .v,., wi ff if H, A A u '1 GIRLS' SPORTS Pgain this year ine girls have played inffarnaro' and infefciass Spode. Easicefbail :Ceres to have been We mos? popuiaf spori of the vear. Were was an excnange oi piay ' cave oefffeen We Dunkirk and Fredonia Qiris, Everyone snowed exceiieni coooefdion, good sgzodsntinsbip and Team from Tlne giris have enioved Tie jorviiege of using fiie deff ioxe box suv off F LOOP vmlour i GVMSNOES , ADERS CLU 1 Fe Leade Q dab presenfe a 'L O' vOVibC uS'iCn D OJ 1 9 9 A UN , i Qi ' X coi fob L -vena i Diiwic oi oven in ie pu C ef' e V J 1, Q Cb F. d pm vw 9 Q iw wr-ngeg NWLSCN MCOPE cfm S, SCPCCDN CORTEF2 QI' ,npr P 'Fi C'a'F 'N a new of Le'bai+ SC5G"NV' i d 'A IA," IJ' ' UUH 1944 VHRSITU V Inci+'o, Leff Guard R. Powers, RFUPW Guafci H. Dragge'+, Cf-rv ff V-4, ,Q , 'pf MJJQ BASKETBALL SQUAD Vf .-.c-'e F, Mews -N-4 C L. .zfi 1'7" M. C53-, Svvi -, ' " " V, WF' H ,. L N,W'1'g P 'V J-' ,.'x.k,QN1 Q QR-' 'ix 1' mov.-D ' ..-T .RIII .,5.,bAk-, ,v,L,,.L.v-c:+""f"' Q' " 213 HUUPSTEHS Ill THE SPUlllGHl M. Cwc Le" F:'.w:'J r1.W::d 7? gr' F:rf.5'a Cad. CHEER LEADERS Increasing enthusiasm marked oar pro- gress tiirocgli the football and the has- leTl,all seasons as these slx girls kindled sfcder' spiri' a' pep meetings and a Qantas if scnool spirit has been al3o.e car is ,ear 'he cheerleaders are lage- y resparszg e Q ntaking the school ge' "CJ "ii :Ll " TD' soars C X, ,A , df - X 4' f , f ' ff 1' xl ' ' 'fl When the final cartam 'e down o the J34943- 44 basketball seas n'we'f6und ourselves izfffth place, For a tinie were out our coach, Mr, Moore, because of his illness, nnjlinder the direction-df Mr. Cortel, history teacher and a inter coach. Lptfer in The season y, too, became ill. - 1 s lftfjaegnson was an up and down' affair, bat we put 1 - T ,f up gdod fights in every gan. Wervlon Two games in the lea- gue and almost beat Thefbejt Tedm, which was Silver Creek, Vincent lncitto a iunior, will be the only experienced player ofthe starting five to return next year. A banquet was held at the close of the season and seven men received letters. They were Henry Draggett, Cap- tain Harold Wood, Robert Powers, Michael Crise, Vincent ln- citto, Edward Dailey, and Frank Manaele. If fbgfk Lf, Le vckcpn., 'J.A1Jq,v Y-f'ff'.1n'K-"ff ,l'fb"Z. 'I Mbic fl' --K' 1 F:' l liliilmllllllllwl EQWV E1 53 . Fil siiiiiiisiiiinis music ORCHESTRA This year's orchestra, although somewhat smaller than usual, proved itself capa- lule ol producing a good quality ol music. The success of the orchestra was due largely to Miss Constance Nelson, who took over the duties ol director during lvlr, Emanuelson's absence. The orchestra furnished music lor the PTA play, "A Day With the Joneses", par- ticipated in various assembly programs and performed in the spring concert. At the close of the year the orchestra will furnish the music for commencement rf a MS T F T C tvle FPCNICH HORN t S lf as MZOMBO TP JOl.l'Nl F Mas CELLS: l.. How-au' Cl.,'?TllXlETS: J. l-l rper T. Nalafo' SRU 7 . Blyr' M. S, fi" LU E: . e' .F f. :e':e" OBO : B: Wo: 'T NES: R. Buffs, P. Zebraslci' LJMUETS: 5, Sufi 5. Lezarofy' WQLF: E. Mai ' S: Q. C: .6-'sei' S. Sailewicz -. 'of E. Mast' J. Nlasir J. Szw' c. Jv"crf,-'rfiv X-Lzffrwr-5' N, l" VV 'c' W. lemme, S'.-sa:3':':, 'ff".ef:: T, Mary: T e:':1e"' P. Mower Vice-Precise" L. NV"w " J' ff-.iemn 1' .' l'-.-sic'-1. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The Girls' Glee Club of i911-4 is one ol The largest glee clubs Thor Freclonici High School hos ever hod. This group wcis carefully chosen occorcling to their musiccil cibility cmd lor their eogerness To co-opercire with others. During The school yecir the glee club put on ci inosl enioycible Chrislmos progrom, cxncl pcirticipcirecl in the onnucil spring concert. These voices will cilso furnish the chorol music lor The commencement exercises in June. V Forty seven F 3 7' ' c. A':e's" L"'m:e"s' vc :fesdi-"' Vis ". weve, :"ei'i'. 5 V ga :ink ' fit 3. Vanissi V. 'Je'i-si V. C 3 Sf:"i'1j Assy-" Qi:-2 Cure:- .lremqw Cra rn-an 'ice ffm' "ee L, 'wV'nvf- my A' "':-"s'. X e" ' 'tn' 4. 3-53 ,':'-"s'A -. Ve- '. M' e' . -. V e' E Was' ' Vie-5'-.-s':i-"' J. Sie" ,. Eg--gf: V, ,"f-N: 1 Qi-"-if','.-"'-:.s,'e" C, 'enssi-' 5. r"..'3f:. " " Q, mer' i. fN"e"n: F. 515 '--3 L':'.z"i' il 1:5 5. N" e' B, :awe C. N. 5s':,1Vc' 5 ."'g 5, "'o'rs'f V Sessqs. ."' ' A1"'. v, c.. v.Y:"...E KVA. 31"f"' A -swf-Y 3 Q' IW S 1' A- 15 in "ir--H -, Q-21" ' Q cr- C-s"3 .:" S, 'vc "1-' N, Tic ' Cfi - - rt? 4-'r , 5. 3.1" n C. .fue-' Vsy' M. E: E. ,."5.' P. 2-55: :Q Ee". E. l.':f':' 3. 35'- ".'. :'L.1 -"' ' 1, js - F, 54. -. Q.:.1"l. ,- f ! 6, T .l ,f I ' ff ?rA, . X X, Lt iffjih TJ,s for iw' ff! I 'g kdxkls lgfvnllf ,-JQ Toll, I .,r.3hy ',e",I,,i JJ.!,,, 1,15 6l7!!l 9' I' ' N- In 5T,,NW,r!f3,xpf ,N,f!74lflf .f' Fcrw-eighr l944 hos brought TorTh onoTher greoT bond in Fredonio High Schools hisTory. AlThough our Tormer director, Mr. KeiTh Emonuelson, is serving in The Armed Forces, his successor, Mr. Foul STroTTon hos done much To forworcl The success of The bond. AcTiviTies ol bond include ploy- ing lor The dediccnion ceremonies held oT The American Locomotive Com- pcmy, for ci progrcmm oT Gronge No. l, ond for The Annuol Spring Concert AT The close of The yecnr The bond furnished music lor The Closs nighT exercises, 5'1" DLA: C, Mee P. Wewsler P Pffr H. M-ee. Cefcod Po.-.': T. lldiaro fx. Vifdllef Vl'e-preslder' J. fhhcxersih Setre'afy-Treasu er J. ldaiper. Trlid Pm.: Q. Snl lil R. Jw, M Bmlufl lrif l., ln.w"r:, J.GLl'1lVT', E. l.n:"la Q, Jen la Pfnsrlle: J. Lcaisiw B. Jdrlg Las' Row: E. Mask! S. Scahlo M. Suilisa' l, Elph C. llecS5'er lvl. C'v'le'Te E. lJlasTer, P. SmlTh E. Goebel G. Morse, Presldenh MAJORETTES L Cuzz J Whupp B TI' mpson R Mancuso Forfy-nina YS CL Few uuu uuunlbcr but n ughty un uts cnthus asrn and loyalty the Boys Gloe ua completed a unost successful youur Its turst appearance was un January when the group sang several nuunbcrs on an assembly program The boys were well receuved by then ouduences whenever they appec red on the stage MIXED CHORUS Too rrony gurls and boornung basses but the nuuxed chorus proved to he one ot the most popular organuzatuons un the musuc department despute uts handucaps Mokung uts debut un the Chrustrnas pageant, the group gauned steaduly un strength and contu dence Its appearance un the annual Sprung Concert un Aprul was a hugh pount of un Terest on the program Futty Mu 'J Stunduncu uit f' Mwl 3 ur ur r u u u urn rr su rnbuna tuon 0 o r C u s rn nusts Juanuta Andrrson l.ous Wun elrnan SI-Irv I B O G L E E U B N ' u J, u' u ' Q 1 i , , ' 1 CI I , a as if L , - ' ' , Upper Plnurv Sf-fvrrd le' to u'I'1r"j l"'u fi, C7 Se "A F. Goebel J. llfuil ,u ,' , Fir I2 w IP? A fuqlr-I: F. 2 or, R. Sffh IQ, Knllf-u IQ, fxuyluo, Li Iwrquluunx li. Ln? rvy, J Nulllufuul, R. Kufunrwlff-. VI-ru l'lur-',Irlu-nl, Mlm Iluuuvfuy. Qlunullruuu, Sf-rforucl Rruxw, Iul fo ulruI'I1.I. lluull, Sf'fuu'l",' .I, lluuupuuu, lf, luuuuru 'I, lx Mu mlm J, luuuluuluu, I-. Cwru ,ix l- luuu-ufuuufl, I Ulluul ll. Wlu-ufluul, l'-- urluur' I? Mflllr-u-, Iuuuuuuuuuu r. An ' p as 'we ro ' ' I B ys' and Gulf Glee I b . Acco pal 1 I 'ull Dlreftcrz MY s a eu, I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII INIIIIIX I ITM MRS P T ALBANO MRS EDINARD B ANDERSON DR O T BARBER M JOHN L BRI Z MRS LOUIS BROWN MRS MORRISON CARR M IOSEPH CASH MRS RAYMOND CELLLJRA MRS JOSEPH CHIMERA MRS ALBERT COLVENBACK MISS CATHERINE DAILEY MRS ANGELO DETOLLA VIR V C DIKEMAN MRS V C DIKEMAN DR WILSON DODS MRS WILSON DODS VIR HENRY W DRAGCETT MRS HENRY W DRAGGETT MR SAMUEL DRAYO MR RICHMOND B EATON MRS RICHMOND B EATON MR A O ELLSVVORTH IVRS A ELICK MR T R GANGI MR K W GLINES MR HENRY GLOOR VIRS HENRY GLOOR ASSEMBLYMAN VIERRJIHNI LESLIE R GREGORY JAMES GLJGINO NK JOHN GLJZZETIA VIR ALBERT HAGEN VRS ALBERT HAGEN VIR LAVERNE INIVVOOD A PII MRS LAVERINF INWOOD IAPS ERANK E KUSNESKE MR HAROLD LAMMERS MR DANA LEBARRON MRS DOROTHY MCOUIGGAN MRS HILDA B MANN MR L A MATI-IEWS MR STANLEY C MEE MRS STANLEY C MEE MR HOWARD P MILLER MRS HOWARD P MILLER M S E MI ER MRS IVAN PIERCE MR W K POWERS MRS VII K POWERS MR JACK PRIVATEER MR CHARLES SAGONA MR RUDOLPH SAHLE MRS RIJDOLPH SAHLE MR E J SARDESON MR MALJRICE STRAIGHT MRS ROBERT TARBOX MRS ALBERT O THIES MRS HENRY J THURN MRS J N vcmder VOORT IAJIISS OSEPHINE vcmdcr VOORT MISS JULIA cmder VOORT R PEIER VISHNIA IJ WALKER MR HAROLD W WALKER MRS HAROLD F WALKER DR I-'ARRY E VVHEELOCK NRS HARRY E WHEELOCK NR Q RALD VVHITING Flffy o .C xx ' '. bf RHIIII LIME- gl' ' H'J'FI I R IIAIIIII' ' Q II X111 X ,-V'-xx mv I I IRXIII-IIIRLIIN-I I. MRS. JAMES BARRESI MRS, HAROLD LAMMERS ' Rf , IT , . R, J I . . . RS, . , LL ' m QIIQQF PAT' DR. A 4 - DR. C. . IAXIIQ. I I I RI I The Porrrouts You Wnll Wont For Tomorrow Let Us Toke Them Todoy' M LMQEN 54 WI LATQEN 35 W T M FREDONIA NEW YORK C C Dlwoiogvfa plwers es oin Street X IX I fxf J fXXf f N XJ Y N I, - - A .AV NufXf, H EV. Q fa :,f-.XQ,XM, ' XQN' , , Q A F'J"qg'1:'Uv? cvs Ti- TW- X ,"! U X f I I G :f:L,':'ES , ,, . .V . , L I , . g ' L- , . f i 'f Cx V5 A Y --V 51, , .I ' , , TFE I , . If TQ7 ip Iflly fp A n, X W fx 1 1 9 QM f, f, ,. C 9Q1'g:,":" I , , 512 , .5 .QMQ , , ' v I Q: , N n- Q- V' 1 - -AI J, MH-Ln 'U x :V ' , C 1044 C UDNTQN MO! E VIL? Comp! move FRELQNIXX RFQTXXUWXNT HELEN BFA JTY QHQWIQF F pl Ncw PU CNW SEED COMPANY JQQEVH S +mwxf Yi i f ' 7 ' ' 5' IQKQ QM fx 5 ' ' r+ fmL,N7 N12 VO Cxf','WKjVL?7LJ'C1T5CW' K1 WC , V, Gmduotmgg fuss Y W K' I f f jx F V A 3 N -V , - f H5 J Y mwfww 3 P N5 Aww 7777277 Y .., AVA ., f ' - A 1' -'-- YJ. 1, '4 V N- - f I H V ' , Cilrvipffzrwf'-v'fS , W E QF X L Si" LuV'?WfrS V Y L t Y 7 N W' N wiv! KY' If I .. yyf. N , 'w.,,f. J , , .J pcm, wr Ar 13 I fQLf:2,Ty Hi:2JQrdU5?ifgr'y FM-'Y Vx J 4,2 .w, .f f , 3 :.,.V.: ,n . J ' F N f 1 T KNOW VXNTTERSQN 3 TQWLNG mms ITTTDQNIXXCLTXXNET S N LTNTTN IDUNKTRK Q ETXEDONIXX TELEPHQNE CQ CREAM TOP DAIRY PRQDUCTS BRIGG U SONS VTFK N CTT TFAE THEATRE T BEY PHA! M CY A rf T -UH VT XV TNQT-TUX A, ,T V Q wxkfxrwi - T, f E vt wif rf I xA , V L4 V V V U-'Y' A - , I ,7 3 IV., , 1 gr ' J 1' lv'-' J I, .J .. . ., E wi E E3 M fkww X ' ' X' -1: rfw 'A EEE V NT! J. Y. f1w,'wNT4f' T1 1, T H PEE. JNTA, l. Y I v Q u F E X N 5 E S E r l A.UTJX Q , . Y. ' ' ' Tl .,,f W- 2235 OmDimQmT5 ,, I A , ,, , b Wfh,.EE i .Q A XNINTEQ xv ll TEN M , ,i E Y W V if Ti, LT1' f"" Eff A E Slvivwryvw --My 'M Xlfl UNM IMLN MLQQDQ LN SON UUNKIPK VUNVPXXL HQVVXK TWO FINE LJNFPAL FSTABLISHMENTQ OWNLD BY SAME FiPM Prmx Q TPQMNNE ACENCY CAD! ELE CXPEP ENCED HUSURA N C JFRVICE XX Fl! ND Complummwfs FLLIS STQRE MAIN MARKET fx , 'f3' 7 VCX x, i L.. i ' 5,1 OF H F D' Y X. Zu ,EUS-1-L f4Vf'4Uf YITV 'xf'NlVf. N. Y, rg X 1' Q, X , ' f 'c' f,IVlU"f4l f'w'i'lUi UNH HW N, Y. C B, Wm mm E STUCK Kfwmw ' UW 'i WH 2 E. 42 Milf U"-- C Hff' I ,fx KI, nf. SEE " , . F 1 ,J X w T ' x' . 'f21 ' u L KJ, Y, M ,px - :,, W x - -x .' ,Q fi, . 5,1-, ky XVCK F- HF' " NJJ- N. Y. Q Xilx N 3 X CGA, UU? rf r. 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Salzer Trerr'aune Agency Van Raalte West Hall Grocery Wullsey Gntt Shop Wlnter Garden Theater Seventy tour Pages . .......... 72 I, F --"" ' ............... 70 ' ,..,... .. ' .......... 56 ' ' ........ 65 " ' ' .............. 60 L '-""' " ' ...... 56 ' ........... .. ' " ...,,. ' - ............. 60 ' ----- -- ' ' ...... 57 - . ,..A...',..,,,, 63 ' ............ .. ' ' t ..............,. 62 I " ' . ' Rynalski Nursery ....... . ....6O , ' ' ............ 59 . ' ' ' .......... 59 , ' ' ....,...... 66 . , ' .......... 60 ' ' ' ........ 58 ' ' ' .......... 7l ....... ' .....,.. 58 A ' .... 58 " ..... 64 , ' , ' ..... ' ............... 59 ' " ' .... 57 ........ . ' ...... 57 " ..,....,. .. ' ..,..... 64 ' ' ...... .. 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Suggestions in the Fredonia High School - Hilltopper Yearbook (Fredonia, NY) collection:

Fredonia High School - Hilltopper Yearbook (Fredonia, NY) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Fredonia High School - Hilltopper Yearbook (Fredonia, NY) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Fredonia High School - Hilltopper Yearbook (Fredonia, NY) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Fredonia High School - Hilltopper Yearbook (Fredonia, NY) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Fredonia High School - Hilltopper Yearbook (Fredonia, NY) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Fredonia High School - Hilltopper Yearbook (Fredonia, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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