Fredonia High School - Hilltopper Yearbook (Fredonia, NY)

 - Class of 1935

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Fredonia High School - Hilltopper Yearbook (Fredonia, NY) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 116 of the 1935 volume:

.9 " ' E 4 fs 1' M W EX LIBRIS 4 ,, Q.. L., , ' ' v I "' S' . ' v Q , . ff ,Y . L V-51 A177 , . . ag, 1 ' , .- fs. t xg,-5 . -1 1 ' 4 1 n an , -,.-. Q v 'jsp 1 ' - 7.55 , 'L-7' ' ,Q 'H-.-, 1' ,Q f .. A. b uv I , .M uf. , A ,,,,, ,ww . ' Jigs! 4. K' .K:...' 'f I M 5 " 3 ', '.1.., r ' gi . 5 , 2 at tu Y . - .hw-S"'.-,giig 1 , , ,f,1,..:,- , mr! 5 5' X rf"-' . -v-,,.,.. Y -qw ,, l', -YY Y, f Y , Q .f ' 'g ' 1 5: :fi-K, V Z 'WL' 'K A ,I-Yf",g V' M X x " ,ff wa.- . , if + ,x '- "".ff'+:.. 4, f .f 1-1' -J' 'if' ' 'xf ' i if . , ,A 1QZI' . .. ,N 4 5 . -. ' :Qi1',.. T' , AV. l x w h .F YT ,-.v . .s'VLv,.l, - . n 11 utr-nm Ei- 2 M, fr L xx 1: B3 2 2 -. .- .. V, r . . 'I 'Q !?,f,..L.,,f 5 1 ' f ' K .,f L- -A . ii :-i i' 'E mi ni a-351. Ezimlmdaffh .HJ .a P JA .fx..4..i ATT .ji J15H,vu1j,.',.Q'Z11'ffx.-. '!lf"1r9'v L-Er 'fl' -v H491 if be FREDO IAN -mv- M- -!'p M -EI ,' VA Fl, , V7 . :':,"n, Q, L ff A ,'-'L"kx'ER'v:'.f4 . 4 'ii 'gli 52910 , 1 'f I I ' YIVN 1. -.N iw. jf A 1, ' mi? f . .--fl! 4' I A. Q1 LY, ' L11 4, -' if f Q 'o fx A "W wx ' runnin 1935 1 1 if' ' f 1 Q, N, if Q I J 4 4 X, 1' A ,,f, , .., - ft' ,1 I f4'7f, J. ,gf ' ,N-:f f Q if f f ,gf ,ff 5 f ' 1 f J' wwf :W wi ,af-I fp! 1 ' Q ,-Z, fe9'1W Lf . 5 .j. - ' V-' f 'J A ' ,. f' 4 .ff ' 'H f, A14 I 2. f -- :I . XL., A W 1 IC" ' . in ffl 5,51-'jr Y 7'-'Z Jllfff' -Adi!! J " A, ' 1 Qs ' , J ? wx g - irq , I wg IJ -A ,. "' 'N-2, 4 w X-X, 3 ,. " .I . 1' ' ' ii ffl !i'UfsffQ"1'? , Xi 1-14 - ' if 'fajifvgisf . ff ' f Q ' ,, i g. W , dw M ' v A'!!Vf-aid? X' li 53 ' J. . 9 ' W' X S v -' f' ' . ' " -- H' 1. :ffl 4? ' ,-- tw g 2 1- -it A f , ,11.If,L.Q 1 rf ri I gi 4' ,za gy z if , ff .M . , J ,,,1 ' ' If I '. . - , 5 ' ' -Q ' f 5 :W " '516' , 1" 1 if ff "if '.'. A 'H Q 55- Ai 'f 'if' fi 7 2 .. ' ' W! fi ' I 'J Q ? , Q 55" f V , I K 4 lf' 1 we 4 f nf' Vi" ' 'ek 19' .Liu . 7 5 N 5, A 4 .f 'YHV I, ' . I" ll 'P gi ' f ,,.,1.- .1, A+ A -mmf ,,im5 ,-. 7 , ,. .. .. ,f-,,, ,Al .1 'ufilu ' .fx -, . ., ' 51 'ii , l.. ., , L, ' ' 3 3 if . , - ff -'Pi--'--' W1 --vfifazeff. F 9 ' ff, - 'Q ', ' . 5 '-1'i'l'-Iaii wi wrist:-''"e-4:1':1:1ti1::-f-- T H The FREDO IA -I PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS STATE NORMAL SCHOOL FREDONIA-N'Y F O R E UR EXPERIENCES HERE HAVE BEEN LIKE THE SUNSHINE OF SUMMER DAYS, THE SPLASHING COLORS OF AUTUMN, THE HEAVY STORMS OF WIN- TER, AND THE SOFT NEW VERDURES OF SPRING. OUR HAPPINESS HAS COME FROM FELLOWSHIP, COOPERATION, AND THE SATISFACTION OF TASKS WELL DONE. OUR WORK AND PLAY TOGETHER HAVE BEEN JOYOUS. WE HAVE ENJOYED THE CULTIVATION OF LOYAL FRIENDSHIPSg WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE OPPOR- TUNITIES TO BECOME BETTER ACQUAIN TED WITH LITERATURE, ART, AND MUSICg WE HAVE HAD PLEASANT ASSOCIATIONS WITH BOYS AND GIRLS WHILE WE HAVE BEEN TRAINING OURSELVES FOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICE. MAY WE CARRY INTO OUR WORK ALL OF THIS INSPIRATION, ENTHUSIASMQ JOY AND STRENGTH. THIS BOOK IS OUR EFFORT TO CRYSTALLIZE ALL OF THESE DESIR- ABLE AND DELIGHTFUL THINGS. W O R D CONTENTS Q- BOOK ONE FACULTY sEN1oRs JUNIORS FRESHMEN BOOK TWO GOVERNMENT DRAMATICS M U S I C PUBLICATIONS ATHLETICS FEATURES 5 "jg ix 9? ,ff j X gi f , ff X Y gf.: fl I-A A. V 0' ., L 0, If Lv' ff ,. fgjf A-A7 . 195'-9 XF. ,x 'figf .,L,?4'. ., Dxlfpg W-mm 'Q ' b L- X N744 gy: 9 lp 'f KF, fiwx. Q f Y'fA ff S :,,k, ' . A x A V , i4 xg a gm Z - + ,I 9:55, , Q fgjfx ' .l. I? " v-F A-1 7 fy ! I- A! 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A- -if t Nl- 5 "1 --rf'--i -'f-12'i':2'f"' f"9"" egzf-1-H-IL-'iwfg1-few"-Q:-Mrxf-w""f' , - V T , ,. . ,,- Y 7 W-. .-V, ,Q ,. ,. ,, ' , "..1-,: .. . ,.,, ' , , , W ,,-,g,,.:, if 'Q F , .Jai-...fps wwz, . .-, Ag"'fffL" :v'F1e:.a-4-QQ., f A "' 'fr ' ' 1 5-L 'i""""i1- ' - i H '-:-f-:t5gA'-- 511' 4 ' T4 ' - J' ,- . -f f - ' 1,--1-,:i:.:.z.1':-,,,?'.':'.,"'T1"i' Qb..-Adv -, ,-,, .,Q2'.i1 -,,,.,...,..,,.fY,1i1'J:.ef':f'- ' ff4,bi'1iL"?':.':..1'l.Q:,:- "Pg,- -4?,?5:-:T-'xg'-L1 1- ' n fjj'gyt!"':T,:1'31'3 jj- V' Q - . J,s::,.,r:ift':r: JUNIORS'FRESHMEN LESLIE R. GREGORY, Principal 13 GEORGE G. MCEWEN, Director of Training 14 MARY H. CRANSTON Fredonia, N. Y. Dean of Women Englixb HERBERT M. DOUGLASS Fredonia, N. Y. Dean of Men Edumtian MABEL E. BAIRD RUBY BLACKBURN ISABELJ. BOND MARY BOWLING Fredonia, N. Y. Monroe, N. C. Jamestown, N. Y. Wichita, Kans. Fourth Grade Fifth Grade Second Grade Maxic FAYE BURROWS INA V. BURT ALMA B. CALDWELL LYDA R. CALDWELL Coconut Grove, Fla. Phelps, N. Y. Los Angeles, Calif. Dyersburg, Tenn. Englixb Phyfician Mzzxic junior High 16 EDITH L. CHATTERTON ETHEL R. CHRISTENSEN CATHERINE A. CLOW MILDRED CRAWFORD Cortland, N. Y. Mendocino City, Calif. Fredonia, N. Y. Olean, N. Y. English Sixth Grade Health .Slecretafjf CLARA M. DAILEY LOTTA DEANE LAURA DE VINNEY SARA DEWEY Philadelphia, Pa. Fredonia, N. Y. Angola, Ind. Flint, Mich. junior High Fourth Grade Art Art 17 T FRANCIS H. DIERS ELIZABETH FATHERSON ONA P. FRUM WINIFRED GILLESPY Fredonia, N. Y. St. Paul, Minn. Buckleannon, W. Va. Albany, N. Y. Music Engiifb Firft Grade Hixfory GRACE T. GLADSTONE GUDRUN M. HOIDAHL HOMER L. HOLCOMB DAVID J. HowELLs E. Radford, Va. Stanley, Wis. Fredonia, N. Y. Fredonia, N. Y. Third Grade Librarian Geography Mii.ric 18 HARRY A. KING CATHERINE LANE ANN MARIE LINDSEY VIVIAN R. MCCULLOR Fredonia, N. Y. Wakefield, Mass. Cincinnati, Ohio Fredonia, N. Y. Music Muric Muxic Third Grade HERBERT C. MACKIE ANNA E. MINIER MARGARET NOEL KATHERINE NETHERCUT Fredonia, N. Y. Elmira, N. Y. Winchester, Ky. Shaker Heights, Ohio Indrutrial Art: Fifth Grade Fifth Grade Second Grade 19 EJ MERVIN E. OAKES MABEL H. PARRIS JANE PETERSON ANNABELLE RANSLEM Fredonia, N. Y. Fredonia, N. Y. S. Bradford, Pa. Scribner, Neb. Science Sixth Grade First Grade Pbyxical Education VIVIAN M. ROBE MARIAN A. RYKERT GEORGE W. SCHAEFFER LAWRENCE SCHAUFFLER Granate Falls, Wash. Fredonia, N. Y. Fredonia, N. Y. Fredonia, N. Y. Music Secretaiy Phyrical Education Music 7.0 EMMA W. SCHNEIDER ROBERT M. SCOTT KATHERINE SHANAHAN CHRISTINE SIMMONS Merrill, Wis. Fredonia, N. Y. Washington, D. C. Grantvvood, N. Kindergarten Education Hiirtory Education DONNA E. SULLIVAN RUSSELL A. TAYLOR ROBERT S. THOMPSON DOROTHY VOLKMAN Owosso, Mich. Berea, Ohio Fredonia, N. Y. Chicago, Ill. Librarian Mufic Pyyrbalogy Miific LI ll SENIOR CLASS DFFICERS AND ADVISER CLARENCE HARTLIE13 . Prefident JOHN HUMPHREY . . Vice-Prefident JEANETTE A. ANDERSON . . .S'ecretmgf-Treafurer Miss GILLESPY , Famlzjy Azlwrer 7-3 STANLEY ANDERSEN Jamestown, N. Y. Grammar D. JEANNETTE ANDERSON Jamestown, N. Y. Mufic MARIAN ANDERSON Jamestown, N. Y. K indergarten-Primary ALBERTA ANDERSON Lakewood, N. Y. Intermediate JEANNETTE A. ANDERSON Falconer, N. Y. Intermediate MEADE ANDERSON Brocton, N. Y. Grammar ROBERTA ANDERSON Florida, N. Y. Music MARGUERITE ATKINS Conewango Valley, N. Y. Kindergavrtefz-Primezqy CI-IALRES C. AUSTIN Westfield, N. Y. MuJic MARCIA ARRANCE Fredonia, N. Y. Intermediate RUTH ATKINS Little Valley, N. Y. Kindergarten-Primafgf VIRGINIA BARBER Frewsburg, N. Y. Intermediate T MONOKA BEALL Alleghany, N. Y. Mzzfic IRENE C. BENGSTON Jamestown, N. Y. Kindergarten-Primary HELEN BISHOP Little Valley, N. Y. Intermediate HELEN BEEHLER Eden, N. Y. Mzzyic ANN JANET BIE Forestville, N. Y. Intermediate HELEN GUSTAVSON BOYLE Jamestown, N. Y. Intermediate DORQTHY BROWN Silver Creek, N. Y. Kina'ercgarten-Pr-imafjy VIRGINIA BROWNELL Dunkirk, N. Y. Intermediate CAROLYN F. BURGER Cherry Creek, N. Y. Inter mediate EVELYN BROWN South Dayton, N. Y. Kindergarten-Pffimary CATHERINE BURDICK Olean, N. Y. Mzzrie HARVEY D. BUTLER Jamestown, N. Y. Grammar NORMAN CARLSON Dunkirk, N. Y. Grammar GAIL CHAPMAN North Clymer, N. Y. Grammar VIRGINIA CLAIRE Friendship, N. Y. Mmic ARDITH CHANDLER Jamestown, N. Y. Muric ELSIE CI-IUBB Randolph, N. Y. Kindergarten-Primary MARY COLTER Fredonia, N. Y. Intermediate MARY COSTELLO Wellsville, N. Y. Intermediate JANET CRAWFORD Silver Creek, N. Y. Intermediate HELEN DARLING Dunkirk, N. Y. Intermediate FLORENCE COUGHLIN Brocton, N. Y. Grammar CORINNE DANIELSON Jamestown, N. Y. I nteemediate HELEN DENHAM Scotia, N, Y. Kindergarten-Prjmafgf MARY ELIZABETH DOTTERWEICH Dunkirk, N. Y. Grammar MARY DZIEKONSKI Franklinville, N. Y. Intermediate FLORENCE ENGDAI-IL Ellington, N. Y. Kindergarten-Primary KATHERINE DRAGO Dunkirk, N. Y. Grammar JANE ELLIS Ellicottville, N. Y. Kindergarten-Primary x LLOYD FANDT Dunkirk, N. Y. Grammar ETHEL FIEBELKORN Cattaraugus, N. Y. Intermediate ROBERT FITZGERALD Dunkirk, N. Y. Grammar HATTIE FORYCIARZ Buffalo, N. Y. Intermediate IRENE FIEBELKORN Cattaraugus, N. Y. Grammar ESTHER FLUKER Forestville, N. Y. Intermediate JANE FOSTER Corning, N. Y. Intermediate CATHERINE FOX Fredonia, N. Y. Grammar ELLEN FREDRICKSON Buffalo, N. Y. Muyic BLANCHE FULLINGTON Cherry Creek, N. Y. I ntermed iate - H ALMA EDNA FRASE Olean, N. Y. Intermediate JEANETTE FULLER Westfield, N. Y. Grammar MARJORIE GAGE Williamson, N. Y. Mun: JANET GAUDE Silver Creek, N. Y. Kindergarten- Primary MILDRED GILLSON Dunkirk, N. Y. Kindergarten-Primary MARY ALICE GRACE Randolph, N. Y. K indergarfen- Primary BENJAMIN GEORGIA East Concord, N. Y. Mzrfic ANNE GOGGIN Fredonia, N. Y. Grammar MARIE GRAF Silver Creek, N. Y. Intermediate T ISABEL GREEN Brocton, N. Y. Kindergarten-Primary MARY GRISWOLD Cassadaga, N. Y. Kindergarten-Primazgf PAULA HAMILTON Glens Falls, N. Y. MaJic HELEN GREGG Orchard Park, N. Y. Music MAMIE GUGINO Fredonia, N. Y. Intermediate CLARENCE HARTLIEB Fredonia, N. Y. Grammar LUCILLE HARWOOD Derby, N. Y. Marie VELMA HEIMAN Clarence, N. Y. Grammar PAUL HERRINGTON Buffalo, N. Y. Marie DOROTHY HAWKINS Silver Creek, N. Y. Muyic CLARA ANN HELLEN Rochester, N. Y. Intermediate EDITH HIMES Westfield, N. Y. K indergarten-Primary EVELYN HINES Eden, N. Y. Mmic HELEN HOWES Marilla, N. Y. Intermediate JOHN HUMPHREY Dunkirk, N. Y. Grammar MARGARET HCLMSTROM Jamestown, N. Y. Intermediate RUTH WIPPLE HUFF Forestville, N. Y. Kindergarten-Primary ETHEL JAYNES Westfleld, N. Y. Intermediate MNEATHA JENKS Ashville, N. Y. Intermediate ANNE KARIN Dunkirk, N. Y. Intermediate LAURA KING Wilson, N. Y. Grammar ALICE JOHNSON Panama, N. Y. Intermediate BESSIE KEPPLE Dunkirk, N. Y. Kindergarten-Primary RUTH KOHN Bernus Point, N. Y. Kindergarten-Primary T GRACE KORTHALS Collins, N. Y. Kindergarten-Primary GEORGINA LAMPHEAR Fredonia, N. Y. Kindergarten-Primary ROGER LANE Celoron, N. Y. Grammar CASIMIR KROCHMAL Dunkirk, N. Y. Grammar GERTRUDE LANDIN Jamestown, N. Y. Intermediate LENA LAZARONY Fredonia, N. Y. Intermediate DORIS LEE Little Valley, N. Y. Kirzalergarlerz-Primary MARY LUCARIELLO Bemus Point, N. Y. Grammar FREDERIC MCMANUS Dunkirk, N. Y. Grammar HELEN LINK Randolph, N. Y. Intermea'iate EDNA MCCLIVE Niagara Falls, N. Y. Intermediate GENEVIEVE MACK Dunkirk, N. Y. Intermediate T MARGUERITE MALONE Salamanca, N. Y. Kindergarten-Primary ALBERT MANUEL Holland, N. Y. Mfzfic VIVIAN MARSH Porcville, N. Y. Kindergarten-Primary ARTHUR MANN Akron, N. Y. Grammar DOROTHY MARSH Delevan, N. Y. Kindergarten-Primary LAWRENCE MESSINA Falconer, N. Y. Grammar VIRGINIA MEYER Buffalo, N. Y. Kindergarten-Primary EDITH M. MILLER Ripley, N. Y. Grammar MARGARET MOREHOUSE Ripley, N. Y. Intermediate EDITH L. MILLER Jamaica, L. I., N. Y. Kindergarten-Primmjf HAROLD MILWARD Buffalo, N. Y. Mzzfic ROBERT MORRISSEY Dunkirk, N. Y. Grammar MILDRED MOWERS Fillmore, N. Y. Intermediate MARGARET NELSON Ashville, N. Y. Intermediate GORDON OLMSTED Buffalo, N. Y. Grammar DAVID NELSON Frewsburg, N. Y. Grammar FRANK NOWAK Buffalo, N. Y. Maxi: RUSSELL ORMSBY Dunkirk, N. Y. Grammar ARLOUINE OSGOOD Ischua, N. Y. Kindergarten-Primary WILLIAM PAGE Frevvsburg, N. Y. Grammar MARIAN PARTRIDGE Hamburg, N. Y. Intermediate ELOISE OSTRANDER Gerry, N. Y. Kindergarten-Primary LILLIAN PAGETI' South Dayton, N. Y. Intermediate JOHN PENTECOST Dunkirk, N. Y. Grammar T KATHRYN PENTECOST Dunkirk, N. Y. Grammar EVANGELINE PERSON Sinclairville, N. Y. Intermediate GERALD PIERCE Corning, N. Y. Mafia -I ERLA PERKINS Cattaraugus, N. Y. Grammar SHIRLEY PETTIT Pound Ridge, N. Y. Mzzfic ELEANOR PIKE Jamestown, N. Y. Grammar DOROTHY PIN GREY Centerville, N. Y. lfztermealiate MAUDE AGNES RICH Buffalo, N. Y. K Zndergarfen-Pmlzaij HARRIET ROBERTS Perry, N. Y. Music JOSEF RICE Angola, N. Y. Mzzfic ELLA ROBERTS Silver Creek, N. Y.' Intermediate MURIEL G. ROSS Dunkirk, N. Y. Grammar PRENTICE ROTHRA Westfield, N. Y. Grammar WILMA SCHERMERHORN Kennedy, N. Y. Marie FRANCES SCHOBER Dunkirk, N. Y. Intermediate - I CATHERINE SAUBERAN Dunkirk, N. Y. Intermediate KATHERINE SCHNECKENBURGER East Aurora, N. Y. Kindertgartefz-Primary LUELLA THIEM SCOFIELD Sherman, N. Y. Kindergarten-Primafy I-IARIETT SEARS Watkins Glen, N. Y. Mzuic MARGARET SEYBOLD Dunkirk, N. Y. Kindergarten-Primaajf MARY SINNOTT Buffalo, N. Y. K inder garten-Primary RUTH SEIBERT Fredonia, N. Y. Kindergarten-Primaw ARIEL SHAY Jamestown, N. Y. Kindergarten-Primary VIRGINIA SKENANDORE Nedrovv, N. Y. Intermediate ADRIAN E. SMITH Great Valley, N. Y. Grammar ELIZABETH SMITH Niagara Falls, N. Y. Maxis GLENN L. SPRAGUE Canisteo, N. Y. Music -- ANNA MINNIE SMITH Fredonia, N. Y. Mafia CHARLOTTE SOBETZER Lake View, N. Y. Kindergarten-Primary HUGH SULLIVAN Fredonia, N. Y. Grammar MARY M. SULLIVAN Silver Creek, N. Y. Intermediate ROBERT G. THORPE Jamestown, N. Y. Mufic HELEN VREELAND Olean, N. Y. Intermediate VALERAE E. SUNDELL Jamestown, N. Y. Mufif IRENE T. TULINE Jamestown, N. Y. Kindergarten-Primmy SARA WARE Dunkirk, N. Y. Intermediate ELIZABETH WELCH Ripley, N. Y. Grammar CRESCENCE WHITE Silver Creek, N. Y. Grammar DORA WILLIAMS Fredonia, N. Y. Grammar ELEANOR JEAN WELD Ashville, N. Y. Music MILDRED WILCOX Bainbridge, N. Y. Kindergarten-Primary RUTH A. WILTSIE Fredonia, N. Y. Kindergarten-Primary GENEVIEVE WOODARD Little Valley, N Y. Intermediate MARGARET WOOLLEY Forestville, N. Y. Intermediezfe ADILENE WOODMANSEE South Dayton, N. Y. Mamie MARJORIE YOUNGS Ellicottville, N. Y. K imfergmftefz- Primmy Clarke, Walrla, Heather, Nemetb, Hemink, Ronell, Mayo, Fuller Booth, Garretl, Selauurr, Moore, Van Xcbairlt, Williafnr Skepf, Parker, .S'a1ulr, Rox: Cofjqn, Collzej, White Bley, Coe, Guillaume, LaRue, Reynolds, Roach JUNIORS IN MUSIC The members of this group are known as social seniors or music juniors. Because the music course is the only four year course in the Normal School, there is no or- ganized sophomore class. As the music students do not graduate during the third year they are not full-fledged seniors. They are considered joint members of the senior class but have little in common with students who are making definite plans for graduation. The members of this group are grateful to the ,junior Class for including them in their activities. During the year these were the only organized class activities in which music juniors partook. However, they have been active in all extra-curricular activities. ln June their classmates in the regular department will graduate, but next year the music juniors will join the present junior class to form a senior class which will have all the characteristics and privileges of a well-organized class. Although the addition of a fourth year to the music course has caused considerable confusion during the last tvvo years, this extra year of study has been of great value in raising the high standards of the music department in producing the finest possible music supervisors. 57. JUNIOR CLASS GFFICERS AND ADVISER CLARE CHAMBERLIN . .... Prerident HAROLD xVRIGHT . . Vice-Prefidenf BEATRICE OLSEN . . Secretmgf-Treasurer Miss CALDWELL . Faculty Advifer 53 Alexander, David Ames, Donald Anderson, Irene Angelino, Rose Annalett, Sophia Annis, Arvilla Ball, Albert Ballschmieder, Emma Bates, Gail Benson, Janet Benson, June Birnstill, Mary Brewer, Charles Brown, Fern Bucher, Mildred Buckley, Laureen Burnham, Emily Case, Elizabeth Chaddock, Lois Chamberlin, Clare Church, Laura Cole, Genevieve JUNIOR Cole, Winifred Conklin, Ross Cook, James Corbett, Eclythe Corliss, Ellen Culliss, Antoinette Curtis, Lamar Diefendorf, Miriam Dovesmith, Kathleen Downer, Jean Dunker, Virginia Eckman, Phyllis Faulring, Ethel Flanagan, Kathleen Foryciarz, Anna Frost, Esther Fuller, M. Jean Gangi, Sam Geiben, Francis Gestwicki, Isabel Goggin, Florence Gruenberg, Mary 54 Hackman, Gerald Hadley, Ethel Hart, Frances Haushalter, Dorothea Hayward, Frances Hirt, M. Kathleen Hofman, Marie Ingham, Rexford Jenks, Marian Johnson, A. Lyle Johnson, Fern Johnson, Helen Johnson, Lamar Kiefer, Charles Koliander, Julia Kysor, Lois Laas, Gerladine Laing, Alice Lake, Doris Lawson, Arlene Lee, Rita Mary Lewis, Ruth Ludwig, Elizabeth MacDonald, William Macliarland, Eleanor Madigan, Jean Mancuso, Carolyn Mansour, Helen Martorana, Anna McNulty, John Meerdink, Dorothy Meyers, Arlene Miller, Dorothy Mleczko, Helen Molin, Agnes Moore, Roger Moose, Marian Mulholland, Marcia Neckers, Genevieve Nevin, Helen Nordland, Eleanor Nunweiler, Mildred Olmstead, Wanda Olsen, Beatrice O'Nei1l, Violet CLASS Osgood, Juanita Palmer, Irene Parkman, Helen Pasquale, Frank Payne, Elizabeth Peterson, Eleanore Petrafitta, George Pettis, Harriet Pfeffer, Dorothy Pfleeger, Jean Prentice, O. K. Pulvino, Angeline Reynolds, Rosella Rich, Edward Rowan, Lucille Saunders, Kathleen Schmitt, Emily Louise Schneider, Ben Schobey, Mary Schuhr, Marian Schuler, Helen Shanks, Marian Shannon, Thelma 55 Smith, Alice Stacey, Jean Stebbins, Jean Straight, Katherine Swachamer, Owena Taylor, Robert Thiem, Beunah Thies, Lynne Townsend, Clara Treadway, Cecile Trippe, Sam Turnell, Helen Van Slyke, Kenneth Vincent, Ella Walters, Beatrice Wassink, Miriam Weber, Dolores Whittaker, Jean Wiede, Peggy Wissman, Bertha Young, Jeannette Zgoda, Helen Mae n 56 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISER Jfxmus STARK . P1'eJide1zt TODD LANE . Vise-Prefident SALLY BATES . . Sewemry-Treafzzrer Miss CHATTERTON . . Faculty Adviser 57 Amsden, Horton Aud, Martha Baltz, Winifred Bartley, Ruth Bates, Sara Louise Bley, Earl Blodorn, Gerhard Borzilleri, Rose Brady, Jane Brown, Alice Bubbs, Margaret Burgett, Shirley Butler, Gertrude Butcher, Donald Cameron, Elnora Cameron, Elvina Campbell, David Chappel, Lester Chase, Ethel Christoffers, Gertrude Church, Laura FRESHMAN Coghill, Kenneth Colburn, Dorothy Colter, Ann Congdon, Roy Conrad, Kieth Conti, Casimina Cornell, Grace Coughlin, James Cowden, Ruth Crimens, Edward Crimens, Jack Crisp, Sylvia Cross, Catherine Crowe, Fern Crowell, Myrtle Demming, Helen Desmon, Blanche DeVinney, Margaret Dibble, Frances Donovan, Dorothy Dorr, Fred Drake, Ruth Dunnwold, Arlene Dye, Maleska Dye, Olive Emerson, Ruth Farquharson, Wilma Fors, Lillian Frank, John Freymeyer, Ruth Frost, Jeanette Gieger, Marian Gibbs, Pauline Gunnane, Martha Goll, Winona Grannis, Roman Griswold, Flors Hackett, Naomi Hadley, Arline Haley, Ethel Harris, Eleanor Hayner, Blanche 58 Henneman, M. Katherine Higgs, Helen Hills, Maude Hoffmann, Francis Ingham, Doris Jacobson, Rosalind Jaster, Myrtle Johnson, Helen Jolles, Elva Janes, Edith Jones, Elmer Kaufman, Jack Kelly, Helen Kelly, Magdalena Kelly, Ola Kessler, Harriet Kiefer, Howard Krantz, Helen Ann Krawchuk, Olga Kries, Edith Kumpf, Howard Kurowski, Eileen Kysor, Kenneth Lane, Todd Langenstein, Joseph Latham, Millison Laughlin, Rae Lempges, Elizabeth Leone, J. Sam Lewis, Laura Lindsay, Charles Lookenhouse, Geneva Looney, Bernice Lovejoy, Addison Loveless, Marian McFadden, Ruth McGarrell, Laura McKee, Frederick Mallare, Vincent Markiel, Irene Martin, Elwood Mattison, Naomi Metzger, Arlene CLASS Miller, Keith Morgan, Keith Morrison, Dorothy Mostert, Florence Mulholland, Walter Maetzker, Pauline Naruszewicz, Helen Nelson, Lucy O'Donnell, Irene O'Loughlin, Mary Eileen Park, Winifred Pederson, Shirley Peters, Virginia Peterson, Eleanor Peterson, Frances Peterson, Marian Phillips, Emmit Pierce, Ruth Randall, Mary Raths, Eleanor Reeve, Florence Rhoades, Helen 59 Robbins, june Rosenbach, Ruth Rutkowski, Helen Rynalski, Ruth Sands, Ruth Scavona, Evelyn Scavona, Marian Scheller, Arlene Schermerhorn, Dale Schmall, Harrison Schnabel, Jean Schrader, june Schuhr, Marion Schuler, Esther Schwartz, Harry Sedota, John Seeley, Norman Sharp, James Smiley, Marguerite Smith, Graydon Spaulding, Eleanor Stark, 'jimmy Steves, Marjorie Storer, Lucy Taylor, Paul Tenbuckel, Hazel Thies, Bernard Tramuta, Jerry Tribe, Edward Tyrrel, june Upton, Emily Van Stone, Charlotte Villardo, Frances Waldo, D. Eleanor Weber, Janet Weinaug, Mildred Whittier, Frances Wigton, Doris Williams, Wellington Wirth, Marjorie Zepp, Loretta 1 60 ' X "" " ' ':.f??ff' f"'2llfZf " , 'fir-'I-. i s? 7-'Z if ' ririf ',',f Q , , ,,j.'imxg11aemQ:? .'.f,'!. il... ,1,' 1 ,.., I IA., V .rllw , lm ' 'A , if 5 -ENE, ' Ev: QA.,-:iv nu H1 w fmrmm s fab z, l ns1s1 fM T an 2 f If-lflilfh w m1ms1g1,1w. y fxl VM, K1 'VL I! I gy, :WV lt If I . ill! I, W -, ,KVM-all ZEN' pp ilwginilq -1 -rw' " . W 1 ' f I 'H Q1 ' f 2 M 1 JU lwi p' 4 111 2 r 3,4 wi? 5 .,k'x ' X XXI N .K XX .JI h L f A KX - A. ' " . .Q X., Q Y - ' 'f ?'A 'X' s + N. team 1 . e - XX N. - N ' . 'X EQ-Q 5 5 A ' . x ,L f 9' ,fr 'I-jfffif:.::':ff,'IU!!!!,,,funn! umm ,,vv,.,,T n W X . f,-.Jw ....,,.nnn,1n::::. mu m . ... A f . . . 14 f ': H .1 N, M. -V--,Q ..' , , . ---- 'ZfZ2'l , "u"'...""' -1 v-mn 9 -Xp, !!f',ff 5 ' r '- 127' 'xl NX-f-f1"'f7frkX'fn,,X 'VII X41"f.xy.f P53931 Q45 ' ' ' y 'HT 'I 1 I U ' W' ' Omvgv, Yv vvvmfwx f X ,. U BLICATIONS'ATHLETICS' FEATUR Nleyer, fnlarzron, Colfer, Brown, Robertr, Partridge, Bie, Booth, Garrett, Moore, White, Karin, Coughlin, Seibert, Lee Brownell, Dotterweirlv, Darling, Fnryciarq, Fofter, Celbeby, Amlerron, Heather, White, Atkim, Rau, A17d6f.f07l, Knlw, Fluker, Anderton SENIOR COUNSELORS The counselor groups are not formed for the purpose of social activities alone, but they are felt to be decidedly a part of a girl's training in preparation for her life as a teacher. They are meant to be a source of enrichment and a means of building up unprejudiced and broad points of view. Each girl becomes a member ofa group upon her entrance into school, and it is through this contact that she is made to feel comfortable and at home. The Senior Counselors try to help the girls, especially the newcomers, with any problems that may arise. They, with their junior and faculty counselors, plan parties, luncheons, hikes, week-end excursions, and other social activities for the girls of the group. These social contacts in small groups provide an excellent opportunity for developing social poise, confidence and leadership. The experience of being a counselor is one which any girl would be unwilling to sacrifice. It is an invaluable opportunity for a girl to become acquainted with many girls of her own age who have different interests and ideas to exchange. 61 f f wi -an W nm: N h W5 i af! V 3 ""f---N 2 1. 5 .:- .1l'llli!Ii ' '55 'V f. 1' ' ' "' A-4-" -:'.. 1: ...--:: 5" Q23 'W' at ?" 'V v ., . '13"'L2Y'!i"55' ,'fIT2 . ' P-3 s? 5"'7f . ".,g .:T:.:+3f:, . vg.-ff gf sis? fsiffi-Lai: pf-f s, - -3 ,C-ai .I Af'T"'b r- f- , ' ' c",'f fi'o'OQ','g'lf ' g -, V' 1- A .L X "H 4757 1- ' ."5.Qv'f5'O'0'g :yr 'Y 25' iP2'1"o': "YA ff' V' '. Y- " ' - 4' ' ' 5f f"'Q'f'f::"'N9w 1 'A' 'Q 'fe' 'i':'5?.'k' . ,. A ' ' N . .v . E'Q?44s'21E. fzrf.-.f::M,,5 r:4:4fm'P201' 1+ . -- 1- ' ' fn f 1 3 1. , c' A A ff ll N I,,.1,,,...,r,- l A. M U" f5"I"M "if-U 5 X fp, QQ 'Q MJQHLQL 1, f m lum iw 1? ' W JTIIFHM JWH H -.HM I l.11U 5,11m1Qw11Wm f ' N.2f ,r .www '25 -, 4 V' in wggy "Wi f ff My fi if W sl: sv i f , iw YT? W X556 QQ W ,. Q 4 , jj f I g: . xy .5 :E ,f:"zf,,,,,hh x 9 if . X M . . fi X X x Q -7.X X-QR ff' QM, 7 : Q ' , , X ' .I . " fix " x ' v X V . 45. H'-N. - ss W X t XA - I A IV 'xi wxxxxq xl K ' VV -XX ' Ns 'v ig VC I, N X , ' .X 2 XX . 9 ,N N 1 9 A i- Q" X X L A X X X 'xv X I ,V'R'f'A?1e,. ' 'T M " A xv' -Q' fu-:-.. X--Q , V ' f ' X, ,, RR ft ' 7f'7'fffQ:,1e :7-.. A ' ' f ?f'f"f TW M M 'L 5' . ' 1 Wuwlfiyx Q-:VAV,-721,.if5g:gq?7il'.j!:B,xnnngng..g!nn.':g,.,,nym5mgg::ggg5ggg,,, gm, ng-1 gy- ' X X ' ' A f N f 1 0 W W mfs , QWWQ' MQ 9,0 631 SQ -F, PUBLICATIONS'ATHLETICS'F1-EATURES 1- -.r , , 'W .X . '1' .Q INV, If 1 ,gn .Jr L 'J mf? :f ' -'S - is S - -,- V-1 f 1 'f ' , ' 1 ., 7, i , ',, ,- -, -,Q L 1 1 '-A-:-'--w . i s ' ff YF.-fi: . V- mv, , -..f..f - ,,,. .W , -,M - .,.. .. -QQ, gg, -,L,:,:,,,. .F,.'fy- I., 4 iq -FEL 1:33, , wr !gg1:.4'+ J we .Q ,,. . -Wan-5 -v-.15 .- - , ' 'W' -"'-' ' " 'f" ' -1. aiumqaaawifmii 541.5 . .:.m.Q,a-V -4 --..-agimi W J 3'-,. 'fi Erzgrlabl, Butler, Hackman, Haufkiru, Harrlieb, Nelrofz Hzmzphrej, Perztoroft, Karin, Rick, Chamberlin Mr. Mackie, Fitzgerald, Cojin, Lane, Barber, Mir: Deane, Mr. Holromb THE ALMA MATER SOCIETY ROGER LANE . . . . Prerident ROBERT FITZGERALD . . Vice-Preridont GERTRUDE COEFIN . .... Secretary-Trearuror JOHN HUNIPHREY Senior Reprerenfatioe on Leader Board GERALD HACKMAN . fzznror Represrerztatioe orz Leader Board CLAIRE CHAMBERLIN . . . .... Reprorerztatioe at Large The student body at the Fredonia Normal School is organized under the Alma Mater Society, which directs the social activities and which provides a means of presenting and solving various school problems. It has been in existence for twelve years, fostering the democratic spirit which is evident in the physical, intellectual, moral, and social life of the school. The Alma Mater Society encourages extra-curricular organizations in the school. There are so many clubs, catering to such varied interests and needs that all students are able to find some group that will satisfy them. During the year the extra-curricular point sys- tem has been introduced with the purpose of making clubs function more satisfactorily and effectively, The activities of the A. M. S. are growing in interest and influence. We are looking for even greater results in the future. ROGER LANE, Prefident 61 Meyer, fobmwz, Colter, Brown, Rabertr, Partridge, Bie, Baath, Garrett, Moore, White, Karin, Coughlin, Seibert, Lee Brownelf, Dotterweitlv, Darling, Ferjtiarg, Fafter, Colbey, Andermn, Heather, White, Atkinx, Kart, Al7liEY'.f07I, Koluz, Fluker, Anderrarz SENIOR COUNSELORS The counselor groups are not formed for the purpose of social activities alone, but they are felt to be decidedly a part of a girl's training in preparation for her life as a teacher. They are meant to be a source of enrichment and a means of building up unprejudiced and broad points of view. Each girl becomes a member of a group upon her entrance into school, and it is through this contact that she is made to feel comfortable and at home. The Senior Counselors try to help the girls, especially the newcomers, with any problems that may arise. They, with their junior and faculty counselors, plan parties, luncheons, hikes, week-end excursions, and other social activities for the girls of the group. These social contacts in small groups provide an excellent opportunity for developing social poise, confidence and leadership. The experience of being a counselor is one which any girl would be unwilling to sacrifice. It is an invaluable opportunity for a girl to become acquainted with many girls of her own age who have different interests and ideas to exchange. 67. Turnell, Diefendarf, Laing, Parkman, Wagner, Chapman, Valentine, Stromberg, Fuller, Lloyd, Eckman, Bemmz, Hogan, Tracey, Gruenberg Valone, Mulllaollanzl, Pfleeger, Backer, Olmrted, Dunker, Wiede, Balnbfneizler, Olren, Lewif, folmmn, Douglan, Xteverzr, .Ybankr JUNIOR COUNSELORS Junior Counselors are chosen from the Freshman class at the close of the year. They are selected on the basis of their scholarship, executive ability, leadership, and character. The junior girls are expected to aid the senior counselor and the faculty adviser with group activities and other duties. The Junior Counselors represent the best in character and personality and are dependable at all times. They aid in promoting the friendly feeling of the students of the school and help to provide a pleasant environment for girls, not only in their own group but among the girls of the entire student body. The counselors serve as "Big Sisters" to the girls in their groups-especially to the freshmen who are un- acquainted with their new environment. The group very often is the means of girls forming friendships which they would otherwise not form. The group parties are a relaxation from study which is very welcome after a hard day of work. There is a feeling of friendliness, cooperation and confidence between the counselors and their advisers. The contact between student counselor and faculty adviser is valuable to the girls in later years. 65 Fiebelkorn, Gmztgl, Kelley, Dunielron, Mi.rx DeVim1ey, Pringle, Fluker, Amex, Mouferx, Amborfki, Lawmn, Dovermith, Parkmmz, Palmer, Hills, Ellis, Youngs Kepple, Higgf, Eugflabl, Lamlirz, Rich, Demzl.ro1z, Woozlimrzl, Lee, Hd1l.fl7dlIOY,j?17k.f THE ART CLUB JOSEPHINE GANGI . . Prefident WINIFRED DENNISON . Vice-Prefident DONALD AMES . . .Yecrefmgf HERBERT AMBORSKI . . Tremzzrer MISS DEXfINNEY Faculty-Aduirezf The aim ofthe Art Club this year was to develop an appreciation of fine art and to encourage manual skill as vvell as intellectual creativeness. To carry out these aims the Art Club chose the problem of a puppet show, because it offered a variety of problems, and opportunity for students to demonstrate their skill in vvood-carving, modeling, costume and stage design, manipulation of marionettes and develop- ment of good speech. Through the cooperation of the American Federa- tion of Arts, the members of the club and all other students as well, had the opportunity of seeing many excellent exhibits of reproductions of modern paint- ings as well as those of the old masters. The Art Club has thus tried to develop certain manual skills and appreciations for several aspects of art with which we had not been acquainted. JOSEPHINE GANGI , President 64 Ferrer, Olrerz, Olrmted, Perztecert, Payne, I.EZdf0IQ', Kohn, Frederirkfon Gage, Guillaume, Miii Fatlzerian, Page, Mr. Mackie, Srlvmitf, Pfleeger DRAMATIC CLUB EXECUTIVE BGARD XVILLIAM PAGE . . . . . Pretridenl HARRY GUILLAUME . Vice-Prefielent MA-IORIE GAGE . . Secretary EMILY LOU SCHMITT Treasurer RUTH KOHN . . . . . Librarian DOROTHY HAWKINS ....... A. M. S. Kepreienlatiee MISS ELIZABETH FATHERSON, MR. HERBERT MACKIE . . . Faculty Aelviferi The Executive Board of the Dramatic Club is composed ofthe eight officers of the club, twelve committee chairmen, and two faculty advisers. As a directory board, it organizes the club program, budgets the money, authorizes expenditures, and is constantly on the lookout for means of improvement within the club. The Executive Board feels that this year has been a profitable one. A new constitution was adopted, the stage crew built and painted a new stage set, and various new pieces of furniture were acquired. The Freshman class this year has many promising actors and actresses, The Executive Board prophesies greater success for the club in the future. WII.LIAM PAGE, Prerident 65 Miller, Herrinlgton, Payne, Pettit, Wagner, Morebouxe, Colburn, Tbiex, Moore, Buckley, Metzger, Ingham Lovejoy, Peterf, Ufeber, Neeen, MeFarlaml, Mleezko, Pflee,ger,farze.r, Faulrirzg, Olferz, Ofgood, Lawfon, Markiel, Crifp Gauele, folmron, Maueuxo, Homer, Corbett, Lake, Turner, Olimtezl, Stacey, Cullif, Lazarony, Stlaurr, Miller Amzalett, Walter,r, Woozlrzzazlxee, Fofter, DHIlgld.l'J', Cole, Brown, Farquharfon, Cafe, Anderxoiz, fclfrader, fenkx, Garrett, Neloon, Whittier, Whittaker Min Fatlverron, Winmaaz, fonef, Brown, Drago, Krief, Xpaizlelifig, Paige, Wirtlo, Hackett, Latham, Loeelare, Himex, Gage THE DRAMATIC CLUB Chappel, Bley, Amex, Lane, Perzterrut, Malone, Mullvolluml, IVei11au,g, Gietger, Ware, Mark, Schuler, Sclmabel, Blotloru, MrDoi1alel, Krocbmal, Keifer Grinvoltl, Lezvif, Kelly, Viuterzt, Gill.ror1, Morgan, Cllacltluok, Amex, Morrirfey, Thief Hart, Scavaua, Neckerf, falter, Baltz, Stebliirzf, Diefezulorf, Augelino, Clvurflv, uftllfiflk, Wifkim, Colter Haqarrl, Keifcr, Fuller, Olmxteil, Rirh, Grueizkerrg, Nelxofz, Slvejieltl, Heimanfz, Kolwz, Lamphear, Froft, McGarrell, Weber, Xebuler, .Yeyboltlt King, Sioaelwamer, Dye, Xlfankf, Honrmarz, Sizuzott, Meyerf, Guillaume, Cornell, Setzrx, Narzuiewicz, S'ca1'ona, Mr. Markie 66 'm THE DRAMATIC CL UB The Dramatic Club is the oldest extra-curricular organization in Fredonia Normal. The purpose of the club is to give its members practical experience in directing, costuming, staging and acting. By studying the best in drama and by taking part in the various activities which contribute to proper presentation of a play, the students are equipped to assume responsibility of play production. The club affords ample resources for individual interests, and provides an absorbing recreation and splendid avocation. The custom of the club has been to present a fall and spring program of one-act plays. This year, however, the club decided upon the more difficult task of presenting two three-act plays. Thus, step by step, the Mummers see the finger of Fate point to a destiny of success. "THE YOUNGESTH-Three-Act Play by Phillip Barry Behind the .Yrener-The Stage Crew at Work 57 Hogan, Ortrander, Moxtert, Crifp, Payne, Moore, Clnrixtojjrerr, Yonngr, Wagner, Vineent, Lloyd, Conk, Srbnaoel Nunweiler, Weber, fobzzler, Markiel, Bootle, Dovermith, Bromley, Guinane, Brownley, Pettit, Claadcluck, Swacharner, Randall, Parke, Chare Woodnfamee, Corey, Peterron, Selaeller, Drago, Robbinr, Donglarr, Derrnon, Frederickron, Parker, Lewix, Kandi, Turnell Drake, Amlerfon, Krawcluuk, Freyfneyer, Dunnewolel, Birnnill, Reynololr, .l'cher1nerl1orn, Darnowrka, Heimann, Robertf, Gage, Batex, Luippola' While, Beall, .SlfE1JE71.1', faner, Sclanrr, Chapman, Xundell, Keffler, Kriex, Fofter, Ron, Arrlfangeli, Pierce, Mr. Howellx CECELIANS HARRIET ROBERTS . ..... . Preiiolenr SYBIL MOORE . . Vice-Prerielent GENEVIEVE Ross . . Secretary JANE FOSTER . . Treafnrer MR. HOWELLS ............. Director Starting this year with less than half last year's club, the Cecelians added many new voices to the group bringing the total number u to eighty. Girls from both the music and the regular departments were included. he club was able to do more difficult works and secure a more complete ensemble than ever before. Through the various types of music done in rehearsals, all Of which was not presented in public performances, the girls gained the advantage of personality development through the medium of tone, color, harmony, interpretation-understanding. With this larger group, the half-hour program Over the Columbia network in January was more successful than the previous broadcasts. The annual concert in conjunction with the Arions was given January go. At this concert, the clubs combined to sing "Emirte Spiritum tuum" by Schuetky, and GOunod's "By Babylon's Wave." The club's repertoire included works from Pales- trina, Purcell, Bach, Montaverdi, Brahms, Schubert, Wesley, Moussorgsky, Zoltai, and Taylor. i HARRIET ROBERTS, Preridenf 68 Kzmzpf, Chappel, Vmnfer-.S'clmf, A111e.r, Srbueider, Frmzkc, Glziflalmle, Mfzrrfv, Lavejqv, Azzftilz, Cfnzflzbenlilz Sclverzlzerbarfz, Maffure, .YL'l7lll0!l Mr. Dierf, Nawuk, Htlrtqlzht, McKee, Gnzllalir, Morgaaz, MarD011afd, Kraclwzuf, .TL'lNlllf7', Hardy, Dark, Bfzftcrzvortfv, Iifuliff, Taylor, Afzzlermz, Fuller, Iloffvmzz Van Stlvuitk, Nemeilr, Hewink, Rowell, Nlqyo ARIONS FRANK NOWAK . . . . Prefidenf XVILLARD MAYO . Vice-Prefizient CARL HARTQUIST . . Setretmiv NATHAN HARDY . . Libmrjmz MR. DIIIRS . DfI'ECf0l' Forty students constitute the membership ofthe Boys' Glee Club, which has added another successful year to its credit. The main purpose for maintaining an ensemble of this type is to give its members a knowledge of the best choral literature and to develop a technique for producing music of a high standard. The reper- toire includes numbers from early church music of Palestrina to the music of modern composers. All men of the Fredonia Normal School are eligible for membership in the Arions Society. It is a singing organization made up of men who find a keen enjoy- ment in the art of singing. Thus the future success of the club is assured. FRANK Nowmc, Premfezzt HARRY A, KING ROBERT THORPE GERALD PIERCE ERNEST ROSSELI. ROBERTA ANDER FREDO IA . . Cum1'uctar 1s'r XVIOLIN ZND VIOLIN Colbey Decker . Rossell Amsrlen , , Premlerzt - V Sprague Dubmckl Wroblewski Berger . . Vine-Prefiflenf Riga Milllafe Luxppolrl Lnse Thorpe Kessler . .Yerremry-Trm.r1n'er Durlin g Sch uler Frost Loveless A I I-lennemun Campbell SON, LILLIAN STEVENS I.zbmrmn,r peters Manuel ORMAL XIIOLA Anderson King Steves LaRue Collin Snnrls llley .. ,Fjgylfii '1Eb,iE3,'3f, rE,e,. I I 70 vu YMPHONY ORCHESTRA VCELLO Iampbell ieeliler Ltevens knderson Sleeps vioore Briss Nlowak Bates Guillaume -leather 'Jarrett FLUTE Fisk Wieile Onors Pierce Clark CLARINET Krestic Austin Sornsen Pettrzlhtta HORN Anderson Van Scliaick Mi I l ward l-lnrdy BASSOON Culdarell Hawkins TRUMPET SOUSAPHONE ENGAGEMENTS Eeggaltnl Miller SMALL SYMPHONY Albany, October 18, 19. fl L 2 Lupezm PERCUSSION Walsh N Gregg Harwood , , TnoMnoNu ROSS SYMPHONY Chapel c,0l'lCEI'If,.lill'lll1lTy 16 Dgdrigk Hnrtquist Concert, May 1. Schnurr Morgan PIANO Wright 71 mx:-rm ,Ux.,.' HARRY A. KING CHARLES Ausrm JOHN KRL:s'i'iL' JACK Wrmnmswsiti ADELAIDE Woomwr . Dirermr CLARINETS Douglas Wright . l're.riJent Scheller Gage Weiiuann , lf'ire-Pnariilezft Wroblewski Schmoll Smith .Yu tretizri'-Tretuzzrur Chappell Dorr Wood inansee A NSEIL Librarian N Petruiittu TRUMPET Kreis Walsh Ferguson Walsh Pettit Lnpenn Roberts Gregg Krestic Nemetli Mayo johnson Fran k Skeps Sornsen Mulliollttntl Austin Martin Herrington Castelluna Seeley Lindsey Reid Hurwootl 77. SAND FLUTE Weld Schermerhorn Fredericl-:son Fisk Plzmussluw Harrquisr Rossell Grannis Ross Bromlee Coffin TROMHONE Wagner Decker Schnurr Dedrick Lloyd Morgan Kelly FRENCH l-lomvs Philips Hardy Schermerhorn Milward BASS PERFORMANCES Elfwilli Cllmpel Program , . Beiier Buslcerbull Rally . . Miller Buffalo State Game, here a S"'3fU"UUN'5 Geheseo Game, here . Georgia KVSO1. Bullalo Stare Game, there Weiss Chapel Program . , pierce OBOE Rotary Club Concert , BMQUUN Rural School Day . Cnldarell Senior Day , . . Nov Dec. Iam. Fell Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. May FIRST V1oL1Ns: Berger, Williams, Gillaume, Valentine, Auftin, Hoffman, Xtark, Smith, Crimp, Waaalrnanxee, Markie! SECOND V1oL1Ns: Dazzglan, Clarke, White, Dunnewelal, Darnewxlza, Limifay, Turner, Wallace, Xcbobey, Burelirk, Pierre, Brownlee, Arrangeli VIOLA: La Rue, Lloyd, Wagner, ,Ytrornbergb QpianoD 'Csuaoi Randall, Kanelal, Hogan, .S'tl1uler, .S'lzep.r, Sfhllllllf Briss: Garrett, Heather - F. N. S. STRING ENSEMBLE HARRY GUILLAUME . . . . . . Preficlent MABEL CLARKE . Secretary-Treaynrer MILDRED LARUE , ........ . . Librarian The Fredonia Normal String Ensemble has made itself an integral part of the musical training of the music students in the department of Public School Music. This organization gives the students of instrumental classes an opportunity for ensemble playing. The majority of the members are playing instru- ments on which they have not specialized, and those playing orchestral instruments for the first time, find no little difficulty in adapting themselves to orchestral playing. The aim is not public performance, but training and experience in playing and following a director as well as learning how to organize an orchestra. However, the ensemble gives a public performance once or twice a year, giving those who have never been in a more experienced organization, a chance to participate in a public performance. HARRY GUILLAUME, Prexident 74 THE FREDONIAN IS OUT! 75 I ESTHER FLU KliR . Bufineix Marzager ELLA ROBERTS Advertising Manager VIRGINIA MEYER . Salzrcriptians CRESCENCE WHITE . . Advertifing GENEVUEVE MACK . Typift IISTHER FLUKER, BIIIDIZJI Manager ii Again the Senior class has assumed the responsibility of compiling the" Fredonian. " lnto this volume the staff has endeavored to place all those experiences and happy hours that have been ours and yours throughout the past school year. As years go on the friends and experiences that were ours here at Fredonia will become dim in our memoriesg yet, in this book we shall be able to relive those delightful school days and recall joyous occasions. MM s Meyer, White, Mack, Rabertr, Fluker 76 THE FREDONIAN ' JOHN HUMPHREY . Editor-in-Chief, Art Editor DORIS LEE . . . . Photograph Editor JOHN PENTECOST . . Literary Editor GORDON OLMSTED . . . Advertising NORMAN CARLSON . . . Auimtant Art Editor Mlss GILLESPY, Miss DAILEY, Miss DEWEY Faculty Adoirerr JOHN HUMPHREY, Editor-in-thief The work of compiling this book has meant vastly more to the staff than words could convey. Hard work was made light by hearty cooperation and the satisfaction that we were making a worth while book. The staff has enjoyed editing the Fredonian and we hope that you may enjoy its contents and treasure it always. Lee, Pentecoxt, Olmrted, Carlron, Humphrey 77 A.. .LA Lenzpgef, Tnliue, Lane, Lake, Smitli, Xaufzderf, Buckley, Olaughlifz, .S'cbu'm't1, Reefer Krief, Gillian, Douglas, Colfer, Batef, Beman, Pfleeger, Robbim THE LEADER Every Monday morning the Lobby is hlled with students, some standing, some sitting, and some slowly walking tovvard their class rooms-but all are reading "The Leader" or discussing its contents. The Leader is the official publication of the Alma Mater Society and is all that a good school paper should be. Not only does it serve as an excellent forecast of Corning events important to school life but it also gives a Mn. Douox.,-iss, Mis: Cu1z1s'rENsoN lVlURIEL Ross HAROLD M1LwARn Fumlzjy Affriierf Editor-in-clwief Bllrifzeu Manager 78 w ..-.. Colfer, Miller, Lane, King, Kmwrhuk, Kettler, Cornell, M:Kee, Bartley, Reyfzoldr Flamzfgan, Sbejielzl, Gertwicki, Milward, Ron, Min Chriftemon, White, Brady STAFF critical analysis of preceding events. The Leader does not limit itself to the Normal School life alone but it briefly sketches important current events that mean much to the outer world. The Leader offers a Hne opportunity to those students vvho desire to devote their energies to journalistic pursuits. lNlARY Cowan GAIL BATES HUMPHREY, HACKMAN, Cl-'IAMBERLIN Mmlalgincg Editor Advertiring Maaluger Reprefefztativex azz Mmlakging Board 79 Wigton, Welch, Woolley, Cure, Perzron, Towmend, White, Fluker, Goggin, Kortholr, Lemolin, Burger, Olmrteol M:Clive, Pfeffer, Fox, Kelly, Smiley, Howef, Rohertr, Wallace, Nzmweiler, Vreelezml, Spaulding, Fiehelleorn Turner, Kniel, Treadwoy, Foryciorq, Reynolds, Hifi, foster, MrForlond, Faulring, Mowerr, Shmznmz Mifx Glezdftone, Borher, Corey, Walters, Shay, Storey, Foryciarz, Tzzlifze, Aikim, Costello, Brown, Pingrey, .Month Y. W. C. A. HATTIE FORYCIARZ . . . . . President IRENE TULINI3 . . Vice-Preridenf JEAN STACEY . . . Secretory MARY COSTELLO . .,... Treasurer VIRGINIA BARBER Representative on Executive Bowel MISS GLADSTONE . ..... Fezczllzy Adviser The Y. W. C. A. is an organization of many ideals. Not only does it aim to lead its members to higher levels of life but it also leads to character building through the cultivation of new friendships, the development of hobbies, and opportunities for the study of things which are of vital interest to mod- ern youth. An opportunity was also provided for correspond- ence between club members and students in foreign countries, leading to a better knowledge and under- standing of these peoples. These and many other activities characterize the spirit of the Y. W. C. A. Much has been accom lished this year and it is hoped that the year I936 wil prove even more successful and enriching than the one which has just been completed. HATT1E FORYCIARZ, President 80 Mifx Ramlem Croarhl, Lazarony, Cullix, Angelina, Fnulring, Woolley, Colburn, Hayward, Foryriurq Colter, Brown, Olren, Swoclmmer, Peterxon, Ware, Hogan Mark, Bzlbbx, Nelfon, Lempgef, Dye, Cra.r.r, Olmfted, Brady, fohmorz, Pfejfer, Goggln GIRLS' BASKETBALL Basketball is one of the major athletic attractions for girls. The popularity of this sport in the schools throughout the state is an incentive for prospective teachers to learn the game. Fredonia Normal School gives the girls a chance to learn the funda- mentals, to participate in, and to enjoy playing the game. Beginners, intermediate and advanced players all receive special attention. The season this year began earlier than last with the inter-group tournament. It was a "fun" tournament that provided a get-acquainted avenue for the new girls in the school and was played without any preliminary practice. Following this, there were weeks of practice in basketball fundamentals, techniques and teamwork. There were mixed class practices, and special ones for each class so each team could work up its own playing tactics. Those who came regularly to practices formed the group from which class teams were chosen. Each class group selected its own captain and team. The season ended in an inter-class round robin tournament with the Junior class victorious. EVELYN BROWN, Cllptfziu 81 Tzzllivmz, Safizprorz, E. Lane, Lane, Glam, Comb Schaefer, Lo Guidice, Trippe, Azidenrwz, Hartlieb, Rich, Cook THE VARSITY TEAM Fredonia's major sport is basketball. This year's squad "did itself proud." Whether games were won or lost, the team showed excellent sportsmanship, the major re- quisite of a good squad. Hartlieb was an able captain. Most of us agree that the team this year was the best that Fredonia Normal had had in many years. We needed only to watch the smooth functioning of the well- balanced, fast quintet to know that it could be favorably compared with a well integrated machine. All petty jealousies were cast aside as soon as the whistle blew and the observers saw cooperative team work at its best. With such an excellent standard set for them, future teams should compare favorably with all rivals. CLARENCE HARTMEB, Captain 87. Huelzfmzzz, Bznclaer, Fitzgerald, Brewer, Campbell, Coaela Sthaejffer, Chamberlin, Van Sbflee, Crane, Lame, Cbrirg' RESERVE TEAM The future varsity proved itself competent throughout the basketball season. This squad, better known as the reserves, rivaled the first team in good clean sportsmanship and team work, thus prophesying the calibre of future teams. The reserve team is exceedingly strong as any of their adversaries will testify. Capable leadership for this squad was found in the person of Chamberlin, who, along with other promising players, will probably be promoted to the varsity squad next season. ln fact they will undoubtedly be the nucleus of Fredonia's intercollegiate team when the team next lines up against an opponent. This future team will un- questionably rival this year's standards. CLARE CHAIWBERLIN, Captain 83 THE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB HARVEY BUTLER . . . . . . President LAWRENCE MEss1NA . . Vive-Prerident WINIPRED DENN1soN . . . Secretary MISS SHANAHAN ............ Fzzculgf Advixer The International Relations Club is a group of students organized under the auspices of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace for the purpose of studying inter- national events and enlightening public opinion. Though the club fixes the attention of the student on the underlying principles of international organization and conduct, it does not support any one view as how best to treat existing conditions. Through an extensive survey of international affairs, the club has studied the obstacles to world peace. During the past year the club has presented two panels outside of school. The first panel, on "The Diplomatic Service," consisted of a study of the machinery which handles diplomatic affairs among nations through foreign ministers. "The National Defense" panel consisted of the study of the trade in arms and ammunitions in order to enable club members and audience to get an understanding of the problems at- tendant to this industry in regard to world peace. Three delegates attended the Middle Atlantic Conference at Pennsylvania State College and participated in the panel discussions on timely topics. BOOK CLUB The Book Club is an organization to promote and carry on a study and enjoyment of classical and contemporary literature, a club whose membership is open to all Normal School students, a club in which members read for enjoyment and at the same time learn to understand the author's point of view that they may eventually criticize intelligently. Regular meetings are held the first and third Wednesdays of every month. As a group the students in this club meet informally to discuss books, critics of books and their own ideas about books. The books dealing with problems of international appeal, such as the political situations in Germany, Italy and Russia, have been presented to us through biographies of the various leaders in these countries as well as many excellent contemporary novels. Through this study and sharing of each other's ideas, we feel that real interest in and appreciation of literature has been developed. Not only do members desire an appreciation of literature but they take their club as an opportunity of getting together for social pleasure. How much more pleasant it seems to share books with pleasant companionship. 84 SCIENCE RIDDLERS CLUB FREDERIC MCMANUS . . . Preridenr MARY GRUENBERG . . Secretary-Treasurer KENT AMES . . . . Leader Reporter ELEANOR PIKE . . A. M. S. Reprerenmtive MR. OAKES ............. Faculgf Adviser The Science Riddlers Club is one of the newer clubs of the school, having been formed last fall by a group of students especially interested in the various branches of science. The club was previously known as the Nature Lore Club, which had as its main function, the taking of hikes to various scenic parts of Northern Chautauqua County. The Science Riddlers have kept this tradition of hiking and have taken hikes to such places as Lake Reservoir, Shumla Fall, Arkwright Falls and Wheeler's Gulch. At these places the members of the Club have not only had a very good time but, under supervision, they have studied the rocks, plants, and animals. Thus they have not only found an excellent way of spending Saturday, but have also become better acquainted with Mother Nature. Besides keeping alive the old tradition of hiking, the Science Riddlers have ex- tended their activities into other fields such as, photography, astronomy, microscopy, and electricity. Certain members of the club have led in each of these activities. ln this way, the members have profited by each other's particular experiences. As this year is the lirst time that anything of this nature has been tried, it is hoped that it will lead to bigger and better things next year. THE PHILOSOPHY CLUB The Philosophy Club is the only organization in the Fredonia Normal School that limits its membership to men only. The club discusses religion, science, problems of the day, educational theories and any interesting subject that the members wish to discuss. Meetings are informal. Usually they are conducted as an open forum and each member is allowed to express his point of view. At various times individuals select a subject and report to the club the knowledge they have gained from research or present arguments on an issue brought up by a discussion at a previous meeting. At no time has the club averaged over a dozen members, its purpose being to allow a small group of students to come together each week and informally talk over any subject interesting to the entire group. It is a club to aid its members to perpetuate their love of knowledge and wisdom through the medium of broad-minded, critical thinking. 35 Page, PclI"kNid77, Amer Fmnlr, ffrlfklllull, Nelmfz, Olwrfetl, Pettif, Ezzgdazlwl, Ilfhife Ikzrtrirfgc, Peterrwz, Hlmzplwrey Hewizzk, Heather, Lane, Lane, Manley STUDENT FACULTY OCTOBER 17-1 8 The Executive Board was in session and the students who were crowding the lobby were speculating as to whether or not the Alma Mater Society would take over the school administration while the members of the Faculty were attending conference at Albany. When word linally came that the students would take charge of the school these two days interest was very great and the odds were in favor of success. The Student-Faculty was therefore elected and it functioned splendidly. Not only was it a success but it was an invaluable experience to all those students who were chosen by their respective classes to teach the course in the regular teacher's absence and to those chosen for administrative offices. ln fact all students showed excellent cooperation to make the experiment a success. The students will long re- member their lirst experience in staffing an educational institution, and future classes will look forward to an opportunity to try the experiment themselves. 86 E P Y W w 89 90 APPRECIATION THE CLASS OF '35 SINCERELY THANKS THE ADVERTISERS FOR THEIR HELP IN MAKING THIS FREDONIAN A FINANCIAL SUCCESS. WE REQUEST ALL WHO ARE INTERESTED IN THIS BOOK TO PATRONIZE THESE FRIENDS WHO HAVE AIDED US IN OUR WORK. Congratulations to the Graduates M. RUSSELL McLAREN Photographer IN STREET FRED When in Eredonia Eat at the CARNAHAN SHEARER CO. HOME DAIRY , MEN S CLC-IHING SHOES HATS SWEATERS ' FURNISHINGS Clean-Cozydcomlortalnle M 1 . ' ' . . 6 Park sf. Russo Bldg. 6 W "" F'e'l""'a' N Y - - - - Q . Neatness is of more importance than newness. 0 Cgngrdgldgons Prcquirie the Ihafvit-rcaf having yiotir girgients gry r-, our ra Uation ceane regu ar y. ey not ony oo etter ut they wear longer. ll ElhlljshlilinlegiliziihciwiaC:ild8I2fIgl1a5,li,ZodlliOn Silk and Wool Dresses Just Cleaned 34c the SUCCCSS in the World All Our Dry Cleaning is Done in MONROE PHARMACY THE REXALL STORE Hlhe Best in Drug Store Goodsll 'llhe Best in Drug Store Service" ...I DISTILLED Solvent. Everyone knows distillation PURIFIESI DUNKIRK LAUNDRY CO., INC. I 205-209 Central Ave. Phone 2304 lo the Normal Graduates vve wish a measure oi success in lile commensurate with the splendid institution in which their training vvas received. SAHLE BROTHERS-Florists Dependable Not just Filling orders, but a service that makes lriends lor all concerned Elovve rs loy Wire o 97-101 Newton St. Fredonia, N. Y. THE DUNKIRK PRINTING CO. Phone 550 G. C. MURPHY CO. 5 and 10c Store YOUR ' A at P With Selected Merchandise F Q Q D uptof5'l.OO STORES o 10 W. Main St. Fredonia, N. Y. I A. B. MANLEY-Aetna-lzer D R l N K 90 Central Avenue ELECTROPURE MILK Freclonia,.NewYork lT'S B E 'I' T E R I Pensions-lncomes-Annuities Savings of Today Can be Turned into lnsured Salaries lor -lomorrow Phone 655 . - - - I CANDYLAND After School Stop at Candyland for Fresh Strawberry Sundae I 318 Central Ave. Dunkirk TWIN FARMS DAIRY ' HARPER DRUG co., INC. Phone Fredonia, I "In Business for Your Health" Main and Third Sts. Dunkirk, N. Y. DR' SH2,NM'Q,Sg,F'SH . DIEGES a. ci.usT Eye-Sight Specialist 332 Central Ave- Dunkirk, N- yi Manufacturing Specialty Jewelers L- - - - - -' of P-'T 1 1' l -'i School and College Rings I Clulo Pins, Fraternity Pins McCLENATHAN PRINTERY Dunkirk, New York JANE POTTER CANDIES 40' I Fredonia, New York Athletic Awards Trophies o LOCAL C. W. GREVE, Representative Dunkirk, N. Y. . OFFicial Jewelers to Your School Compliments of CONGRATULATIONS I EFFA BEAUTY SHOP and O BEST WISI-IES 29 Temple Street Fredonia, New York to the CLASS OF T935 ZEISER'S MARKET Quality Meats and Groceries Q We Roast Our Coffee Plwone 418 D. A. V. SERVICE STATION Socony Gasoline and Mobiloil Complete Greasing Service CatI1erine Canty SI1op Fredonia, New YorIc Main and Prospect Sts. Fredonia, N. Y. Phone 551-J Compliments of COLONIAL INN Compliments so E. Main sf. Fredonia, N. Y. of THE RED WING CO. COmp"mm of ENDICOTT 81 JOHNSON l 6 W. Main SI. Fredonia, N. Y. ' ' I - - CONGRATULATIONS ancl Fredonia, New Yorlc BEST WISHES For Success to Tl-IE CLASS OF T935 SCHULER'S BAKERY Established 1906 WILLIAM SCI-IULER, Prop. 33 Temple St. Phone 205 Fredonia, N. Y. P'-' i -'3 I THE JULIETTE SHOPPE "The Shoppe of lndividualityut To the Class ol 1935 ol F. N. S. I FedtU"n?Q?!dOy'f'foQsV1': Misses I 407 Central Ave. Phone 2035 Dunkirk, N. Y CARD-SOCH DAIRIES , Takes the opportunity to oller you I - -T '- Congratulations and to express their PRINTING appreciation ol your patronage. I WILLIAM E. STOCK 36 W. Main St. Fredonia, N. Y 7 l 1 1 1 nr 1 1 3 Compliments of I V-8 CARS THE MILLER FURNITURE STORE at 307 Main St. - - Dunkirk, N. Y. I SALES and SERVICE MEN!-Straight's store is the Headquarters for phone 364 Ouality Merchandise. Come in and see us. Fredonia, New York 12 W. MBIEESIOREST STRAliT.ianaa, N. Y. I Watch the Fofds GO BY Compliments of i STANLEY J, HUNTER I ln Appreciation ol Your 20 W. Main St. Fredonia, N. Y. p5t"On539 Z- Z i 1 - 1 1- O AMERICAN CLEANERS I CEASE'S DINING CAR Steam and Dry Cleaning, and Dyeing Alterations, Pressing and Repairing Dunkirk Coats Relined ' 431 Mein St. Phone 3555 Dunkirk, N. Y. Compliments of AN EFFICIENT SERVANT- I your TELEPHoNE DUNK",Z'fEB'E'fffQ,EU'gQKERY Q4 Hour Service Central Ave. DUHIKIIIC, Y Rates Are Low I " " ' . - I - - - K - DUNKIRKJTREDQNIA SANDERSON'S GARAGE TELEPHONE COMPANY ARTHUR R. MAYTLIM, General Mgr. Fredonia, New York Distributors of ' CHieysLERfPLyMouTHfHuPMoBILE 96 I Compliments of I PETZ'S QUALITY FRUIT sroRE l Compliments I I 33 W. Main St. Fredonia, N. Y. oi Compliments of ROSlNG'S THEATRE may Goons 25-27 E. Fourth Street Phone 2766 Dunkirk, N. Y. "Your Theatrical l'lome', -'- Compliments O Western Electric Sound System oi - PIERCE MOTOR SALES I Buiclc-Pontiac-Sales and Service 80 W. Main St. Fredonia THE WEST DRUG COMPANY 309 Central Ave. and THE CORNER NEWS SHOP 353 Central Ave. Dunkirk, N. Y. ' ' " CQMPLIMENTS Compliments of MAIN SHOE REBUILDING T. R. GANGI 33 E. Main St. Fredonia, N. Y. Your l.oblevv Groceteria, 7 East Main St., welcomes tl'ie opportunity to serve tl'ie Normal Sclwool Student Body. o LOBLAW GROCETERIAS, INC. THE NATIONAL BANK OF FREDONIA and ClTlZEN'S TRUST CO. SIDEY'S Compliments of GENERAL ICE CREAM CO. Dunlcirlc Branch I I Quality Since 1882 Greasing Washing Draining HOGAN'S KENNIESRLL SERVICE ST TI N I L176 E. Main St. Ph 410 Fredonia, N. Y. one o - 1- - L. H. CARR I lce, Coal, Truclcing Phone 200 Fredonia, N. Y. 320 Central Ave. Progress Demands Change-Announcing our new Repco sewing machine-Sews all types of Dunkirk, Y. ladies' shoes. Let us convince you. AUTOMATIC SHOE REPAIR 15 Water St. Fredonia, N. Y. FREDONIA CLEANERS I All Sorts of Dry Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing I Hats Rebloclced 45 E. Main St. Fredonia, N. Y. I ' OF THE MASON sruoio I A FR'END "Photographs that Please" 1'l East Main St. Phone 195-W Fredonia, N. Y. Compliments of I I For more than 3'l Years, Serving the CARROLL IQERVQEE STATION People ol this section with the Highest 80 Wah, gt. one Fmdonial N, y- I Quality Merchandise at the Lowest Possible Prices consistent with such Quality. -1- - 0 TERWILLIGER 8: SALZER FURNITURE and UNDERTAKING 37 W. Main St. Phone 355 Fredonia, N THE SAFE STORE "Dunkirlc's Best and Western New Vorlc's Y Greatest Department Store" 98 Graduation Caps, Gowns and I-Ioods lor Rent or Sale o Uniforms lor School Bands and Orchestras o Catalogs and Prices on Request o THE C. E. WARD CO. New London, Ohio FOR TI-IE WELL DRESSED WOMAN The very latest modes in hats and dresses at attractive prices. I-lats remodeled and made to order. Fine Belding-Corticelli I-Iosiery. AMY HUMPHREY HAT SHOPPE 52 East Fourth Dunlcirlc, N. Y. Phone 3'l'l'l -'-'ll sfxv IT WITH FLOWERS BUTTON'S GREENHOUSE FLORISTS Cut Flowers and Potted Plants 96 E. Main Street Phone 'I66 Fredonia, N. Y. CHAS. MILLER 8: SON Wholesale and Retail COAL, COKE, FERTILIZER, BUILDING MATERIAL, AUTOMATIC COAL BURNERS 189 Prospect St. Phone Q01 Fredonia, N.Y. FOOD FOR THOUGHT You, too, should entertain at THE WHITE INN Private Rooms for Dinner and Bridge Annuity - Accident - Lile INSURANCE HUGO L. WOLFE Professional Insurance Service THE SESSIONS AGENCY ZORAH B. BERRY Philharmonic Concerts presents at Elmwood IVIusic I-lall 10: John Charles Thomas Don Cossaclcs Fritz Kreisler Lotte Lehmann Serge RachmaninoFI Tito Schipa Jascha I"IeiIetz I-Ielen Jepson and Dalies Frantz ea Phone Wash. 6532 11 E. Main St. Fredonia, N. Y. 32 Court Street Buffalo, N. Y.

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