Fredericktown High School - Mirror Yearbook (Fredericktown, OH)

 - Class of 1966

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4 P 1 K i l 5 V l I 7 1966 CREST FREDERICK TO WM OHIO DE DI CA TION ' . We, the Class of 1966, wish to dedicate this year's "Crest" to Mr. George Connelly as an expression of our appreciation for the many hours of teaching and guidance which he has devoted to us since we entered high school. "As you can easily see . ' 2 FA CULTT BOARD OF EDUCA T10 Murray Ronkg Fred Frye, Vice Presidentg Mary Dali-ymple, clerkg Bruce Levering, Presidentg Max Schonauerg Dove Todd EXECUTIVE HEAD 'Qi I wish to congratulate the graduating class of 1966 for your accomplishments as citizens and students of Fredericktown High School. Your attitude, creativeness determination, and high sense of values have resulted in many achievements for which you can be justly proud. I hope that as you leave here you will continue to achieve and contribute constructively to our democratic society by using the full potential of your many talents. Good luck, and may each of you enjoy a life filled with accomplishments and happiness. Charles Giauque 4 ' Executive Head senior high PRI CIPAL A f if . 5.55 . its-i.. ,N Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity. Only time will tell if you are ready for life's responsibilities, and only you can face those responsibilities No doubt the Class of '66 will have its opportunityg there is no need for me to wish you future good luck as you have prepared and will continue to prepare for lt. , Milton J. Arter, Principal junior high: elementagf: MORRIS JAMES ARTHUR DREMANN Mr. Willard Alspach--Industrial Arts, Uni- versity of North Dakota, B.S. Mrs. Mabel Louise Anderson--English Li- brarian, Kansas State University, B.S., Western Reserve University Mr. Gerald Boggs--Health, Driver's Education, Baldwin-Wallace, A.B., Western Michigan Uni- Mrs. Mary Arter-- Reading, Murray State B.S. versity, Kent State University Mrs. Phyllis Boone--Science, Wooster, B.A., Ohio "W01-lld V011 be1iCV9 that - - - " State University Mr. Donald Chapman-- Science, Goshen Col- lege, B.S. Mrs. Eleanor Bowlus--Mathematics, Musk-' ingum, A.B., Garret College, Ohio University Mr. Ned Brooks--Music, Ohio State Uni- versity, B.S., Ohio University 6 Mrs. Marjorie Doane--Reading, Bowling Green State University, B.S. Mrs. Julia DuRoss--Speech and Hearing M Therapy, Western Michigan University, B.S. ' Mr. George Connelly-- Mathematics, Indiana State Teachers Col- lege, B.S., Indiana Uni- versity, M.S. V , R I,-nhl? 4 Mrs. Lutheria Elder--Librarian, Indiana University, A.B. Mr. David Gerber- -Vocational Agriculture Goshen College, Ohio State University, B.S. One more for the trophy case! Mr. Morris Hicks-- Science, Athletic Director Otterbein, A.B., Western Reserve University, M.A. Mrs. Marjorie Hofmann--English, Latin Wooster, A.B., Ohio University, M.A., Ohio State University, University of Virginia Mr. Charles Holzworth- -Govermnent, History, Geneva College, B.S., Henry George School of Economics, Ohio University 7 Mrs. Majel Kiracofe, Commercial, Ohio Uni- versity, A.B., Ohio State University The Kombo Kats Mrs. Georgene Ogle-- Librarian, Ashland Collegc Mrs. Margaret Scarbrough--Business Edu- cation, Ohio University, B.S., Ohio State Mrs. Angeline Phillips --Home Economics, Ohio State University, B.S., M.S., Ashland College University ' Miss Dorothy Schmid:--Arr, Eastern Illinois if University, B. S Miss Martha Shaffer--Physical Education, Ohio State University, B.S., Colorado State, University of Wyoming pkq it-5' Mr. James Shane--Vocational Agriculture, Ohio State University, B.S. You'd make a great politician! Mrs. Lois Shane--English, Ohio State University, B.S. Mr. Harold Spurlock--Physical Education, Ohio State University, B.S. Mrs. Alfreda Tarr--French, English, Miami University, B.S., Hiram, Lake Erie College Miss Claudia Teatsorth--Social Studies, University of Michigan, B.A., Kent State University, University of Michigan Law School, Ohio State University Mrs. Bonita Temple--Home Economics, Ohio State University, B.S. A.B. 11, R, Mr. Ed Whittemore--Industrial Arts, Ohio University, B. S., Wooster, Muskingum College Miss Nancy Workman--English, Wooster College, Mrs. Gertrude Workman- -English, Wilmington, A.B., Ohio State University Mrs. Lois Zinnsmeister--School Nurse, Grant Hospital and School of Nursing .gawk Elementary Mrs. Creta Hicks 854312. , - 1 13 -, SE CRE TARIE - g,g1g? ,m,,h A , ,'-, vs- k kj, Senior High Miss Janet Paisley Junior High Mrs. Helen Bunnell Clerk Mrs. Mary Dalrymple ll 3 .-z, fi? wi.. . X,f,, fe Q .,. a ,, K ri., , ' w gf K . , 2 H 1527i X- -- '-X w i w f 9 3 Junior High School C001-f Senior High School Ruth Divelbiss Cora Briggle Y Patty Charles, Nova Seymour, Betty Robinson, Martha Hissong . 1. Ligrf iz fx, Elementary Genny Booze, Loretta White, Helen Ridenour JA M7012 Allan Rine Paul Vickroy Glenn Hoeflick US DRIVER P. Webster, M. Noel, R. Phillips, D. Turner, C. Boyd, F. Ruhl, V. Ruhl, F. Frazier, C. Algire, Absent: B. Brown, J. Zaman 13 ri ' " 'H ' ' in UUR TWO BEGINNIN GS ELEMENTAR T l 3 1 . N . l kindergarten lst M. Bruhn, A. Brown, T. Mann, S. Fshelman, C. Hylton, E. Dilts, D. Bell, G. Wolfred, P. Wilson, M. Jessee, D. Clutter, D. Yarman. Znd J. Pritchard, C. Miller, C. Keyes, C. George, T. Fredericks, B. Wise, D. Henwood, D. Smith, P. Swihart, J. Ewalt, K. Thompson, C. Cockrell, Mrs. Thomson. 3rd N. Cockrell, P. Paques, C. Cline, M. Shirkey, D. Cline, C. Beheler, C. Brown, C. Walters, K. Neiderhouser, M. Newton, D. Parker, J. Wyker, T. Robinette, S. McGough lst M. Brate, J. Wood, J. Ickes, J. Frye, L. Spencer, M. Dumbaugh, D. Bell, T. Mann, M. Spearman, D. Ryan, S. Randall, J. Ebert, T. Bechtel, A. Weller. 2nd W. Shipley, J. Renicker, M. Miller, D. Latham, S. Thompson, D. Miller, K. Jones, A. Page, L. Perkins, J. Cochran, K. Ferenbaugh, D. Shira, G. Hughes, 3rd S. Daniels, D. Chirico, D. Weller, T. Zinsmeister, D. Matheny, R. Koelbl, J. Brake, B. Wilson, D. Cramer, K. Overholt, T. Taggart, R. Allender, R. Morton, Mrs. Dremann lst B. Wiggins, J. Peters, D. Hoeilich, J. Silliman, B. Lester, J. Levering, P. Brown, K. Islett, S. Collins. 2nd K. Arter, C. Hillier, K. Hart, B. Seymour, V. Durbin, I.. Schunke, M. Stauffer, L. Schunke, E. Bryant, D. Smith, Mrs. Thomson. 3rd J. Baugher, M. Schultz, M. Trainer, T. Smith, E. Butterbaugh, J. Stone, P. Pargeon, J. Price, L. Spearman, T. Landon, B. Vanl-Iouten, C. Blakely 1 La..-aLdJL.y "' dd. i ? Ist lst J. Cook, M. Carpenter, J. Bechtel, S. Coleman, J. Cherryholmes, J. Body, R. Brown, M. Brown. 2nd M. Brown, A. Boggs, S. Ray, L. Coffing, C. Bruhn, B. Adkins, S. Bodnar, R. Cole, L. Adams, D. Frye, P. Bowman. 3rd M. Clutter, R. Clark, J. Collins, R. Ashcraft, K. Chambers, D. Burson, C. Coogle, B. Baugher, L. Bird, S. Brown, Mrs. Stump lst S. Sorenson, G. George, M. Hulse, K. Lamb, J. Ferenbaugh. 2nd K. Klapproth, C. Edwards C. Faust, P. Daires, C. Hosack, G. Freeman, L. Dairs, T. Doup, T. Donovan, T. Goossens. 3rd T. Doyle, T. Keyes, J. Kandel, L. Hess, S. Kennedy, J. Furnis, M. Carpenter, R. Johnson, R. Bird, R. Gaddis, T. Fearn, Mrs. Smith, Absent: V. Gibson, J. Lewis, B. Lawson lst S. Mann, S. Meyers, R. Ckwalt, R. Roberts, D. Moore. 2nd K. Reed, B. Roberts, M. Moore, M. Marvin, K. Mason, P. Ohlson, M. Litt. 3rd, B. Rock, S. Pargeon, K. Mortimer, S. Pound, S. Miller, C. Price, C. Myers. 4th N. Peters, J. Linkous, M. Ruhl, M. Reed, D. Phillips, R. Ritchie, Miss Dalrymple. Absent: T. Keyes, P. Lewis, G. Mickle eww-fW.f:f,me,...-m-ms.-..en.ex- .Le..7-avnsswul-Q.:-me-wmia:n.1 ses.:-as-. 1-1- lst W. Thompson, G. VanHouten, M. Shinaberry, J. Street, R. Smith, M. Welch, R. Peck, B. Stout, R. Thompson. 2nd R. Swihart, D. Sharp, C. Borck, S. Turner, D. Stone, R. Schwanz, J. Tanner, K. Wilson, M. VanHouten, Mrs. Auten. 3rd G. Wells, C. Spearman, D. Green, J. Wel- ler, J. Stricker, L. Seymour, V. Warner, N. Stevens, A. Williams, Absent: B. Wirick 2nd lst B. Turner, M. McQuigg, D. Pence, L. Payne, T. Wolf, N. McQuigg, R. Smith, L. Fawcett, D Frye. 2nd L. Whited, S. Goeppinger, D. Noel, D. Holzworth, J. Miller, J. Kennedy, L. Hunt, D. Morrison, D. Cockrell, D. Cline, M. Kelly lst P. Dilts, G. Armstrong, B. Baker, T. Popham, 2nd R. Bartlett, K. Algire, K. Dremann, L. Sargent, K. Stephen, N. Gilbert, L. Hile. 3rd V. James, J. Maxwell, B. Oswalt, C. Smith, K. Stevenson, L. Fawcett, A. Meier, S. Walters, K. McCarthy. 4th J. Bechtel, L. Little, J. Newton, P. Smith, B. Gregg, M. Coleman, G. Gregg, R. Ruhl, Mrs. McFarland 1l..mmwivnmai-v:f.1 m un- usxm lst E. Bevington, B. Dennis, M. Hauger, R. VanHouten, K. Jones, R. Ashcraft, B. Doane. 2nd M. McCoy, K. Salva, B. Albert, B. Smith, L. Mauler, V. Vernon, C. Silliman, P. Lewis, L. Trai- ner, K. Wirick, Mrs. Lifer. 3rd G. Vanl-Iouten, E. Leaman, R. Miller, D. Wolford, W. Ramey, T. Dohn, G. Marvin, E. Fletcher, B. Wilson, C. Walker lst M. Kilgore, B. Matheny, D. Lifer, B. Tugend, R. Beheler, J. Moore, J. Sargent M Sapp, D Snell. 2nd S. Zimmer, N. Spearman, C. Wolford, P. Hauser, D. Burgholder, D. Underhill, D Hauptmann, R. Brown, D. Jacobs, A. Thompson. 3rd J. Cline, T. Lamb, D. Goossens, J Spen cer, R. Shoemaker, J. Schonauer, M. Awwiller, L. Riter, K. Wirick, J. Mavis, J Pritchard, S Wise lst R. Hiles, J. Hampton, J. Overholt, G. Chambers, R. Giauque, D. Moore, K. Morris. 2nd K. Burch, A. Wilson, P. Turner, C. Crunkilton, C. Engle, A. Gregg. 3rd J. Streby, L. Freeman, C. Denick, S. Brown, C. Fawcett, K. Sapp, S. Hulse, R. Brenneman, S. Cole, G. Elder. 4th K. Wood, P. Caywood, D. Hatton, S. Cook, B. Hauptmann, W. Miller, D. Thomson, M. Kilgallin 7' a' lst T. Summers, T. Bass, G. Braddock, E. Gill, T. Wolford, W. Farlee, J. Doane, T. Wells. 2nd D. Haldeman, R. Morrison, K. Fearn, D. Welch, D. Yarman, V. Keyes, B. Cline, L. Brake, A. Smith, J. Letts, K. Wise, S. Stull, Mrs. McC1othin. 3rd W. Catteau, J. Brown, C. Wells, P. Blair, D. Conkle, J. Rutter, T. Hillier, C. Connors, H. Lucas, P. Meyers lst R. Mabe, W. Wolf, N. Shira, P. Thompson, B. Clark, T. Wiggins, S. Clawson, D Cline, L. Johnson. 2nd R. Pay-ne, J. Collins, don, C. Robbins, D. Hile, Miss Wigton lst S. Wilson, T. Pumphrey, A. Stone, R. Daniels, G. Craft, K. Skeen, J. Carpenter, G. Ad- kins. 2nd T. Pence, A. Dennis, D. Wolfe, C. Durieux, B. Blakely, D. Berry, T. Sorenson, D. Street, B. Hess, C. Cockrell, Mrs. DeBo1t. 3rd J. Kinney, C. Walker, B. Vail, S. Lamb, R. Smith, T. Smith, R. Roberts, R. Ritchie, A. Strong, C. Bird, K. Streby, V. Ogle. Absent-- S. Combs, R. Lewis, E. Baughman W. Wolf, F. Pence, J. Reed, J. Hem 41512 lst T. McCoy, G. Bunnell, J. Hoovler, R. Clutter, L. Ramey, D. Turner, J. Cochran, T. Beheler, Miss Pritt. 2nd D. Zinsmeister, P. Palmer, P. Miller, C. McQuigg, G. Dilts, B. Bishop, C. Bartlett, C. Davis, D. Sharp, M. Silliman. 3rd J. Clutter, B. Smith, V. Durbin, C. Duston, R. Layman, A. Newton, M. Porter, N. Campbell, P. Goossens. 4th B. Dohn, K. Warner, B. Levering, E. Price, M. Wells, C. Gilbert, C. Tenney, B. Jones, T. Hart lst T. Ross, Y. McQuigg, D. Phillips, T. Randall, K. Helmick, D. Hall. 2nd J. Snell, B- Black-f01'd, C. Beheler, J. Body, D. Bower, J. Brubaker, C. Miller, B. Shaffer, S. McGrew, M. Stevens. 3rd M. Bryant, L. Layman, V. Morrison, C. Crunkilton, J. Simp son, S. Shoemaker, M. Fawcett, C. Bechtel, J. Lamb. 4th K. Spencer, J. Ruhl, K. 32155213 N. Mowery, D. Fry, D. Watson, C. Hoeflich, C. Hunt, P. Schonauer, Mrs. e er. lst B. Hughes, L. Linkous, D. Lamb, J. Richmond, J. Dennis, R. Bartlett, C. Bruhn, J. Arter, B. Snyder. 2nd S. Daniels, K. Conners, C. Stephen, M. Ruhl, D. Mapes, B. Moore, S. Hoeflich, K. Yarman, L. Miller, M. Snell, J. Cunningham. 3rd G. Bartlett, C. McGough, C. Stevenson, B. Wells, T. Pocs, R. Marvin, M. Cordle, B. Daniels, C. Diehl, D. Fiske, S. Furby, K. Naylor, D. Phillips, K. Green, Miss Leedy lst N. Burson, P. Mowery, C. Hamon, D. Clark, C. Hallman, P. Olson, D. Belton, P. Sargent, V. Furnis. 2nd Mrs. Dumbaugh, S. Danis, J. Hathaway, S. Collins, S. Mabe, E. Johnson, R. Hunt. 3rd J. Randall, C. Hazen, G. Blackford, B. Moore, J. Gill, S. Engle 51172 lst D. Pound, A. Hunter, T. Skeen, R. Breeze, L. Adkins, M. Cline, P. Shock, R. Walker, T. Frye. 2nd J. Ashcraft, J. Durieux, G. Grubaugh, D. Frazier, B. Hampton, R. Mavis, D. Marten, K. Fumes, Mrs. Ackerman. 3rd T. Moore, J. Streby, G. Haas, M. Miller, M. Spencer, R. Kennedy, B. Fearn, S. Weller, D. Sarenson, M. Wolford lst D. Kelly, J. Staizer, B. Dennis, A. Divelbiss. 2nd D. McGrew, B. Algire, K. Burson, D. Hines, R. Dillow, L. Streby, J. Zolman, C. Jacobs. 3rd T. Scarbrough, R. Wade, R. Bartlett, T. Hammock, D. Bush, T. Ryan, T. Tugend, D. McGowan, D. Bishop, L. Overholt, Mr. Beheler. 4th D. Van!-Iouten, S. Davis, S. Blakely, P. Houck, D. Burge, M. Bradrick, R. Smith, M. MCQuigs SEATED: J. Mapes, M. Smith. lst. E. Pence, D. Wiggins, B. Gamber, J. Robbins, K. McCarthy, M. Oheson, M. Wise, S. Brown, D. Wiggins, C. Shira. 2nd C. Noel, W. Hughes, K. Wells, C. Arthur, J. Salva, W. Stout, B. Kandel, H. Fawcett, C. North, Mrs. McVay. 3rd M. Vail, B. Kershner, S. Doyle, J. Reed, C. Wilson, J. Truex, T. Mowery, B. Phillips. lst G. Blair, L. Hart, P. Ross, C. DeVault, R. Robinette, V. Everett, S. Little, R. Stauffer, M Jones, S. Watson, 2nd D. Shaffer, J. Bechtel, C. McMillan, D. Tenney, M. Coleman, N. Car ter, L. Ruhl, N. Baumberger, S. Cordle, M. Bird, Mrs. Reid. 3rd D. Stevenson, R. Caywood, K. Ackerman, B. Armstrong, B. Blackford, D. Mason, M. Ruhl, J. Thomson, D. Brown 1st P. Hunt, D. Lifer, B. Ray, B. Hoovler, R. Clawson, A. Berger, P. Frost, P. Clark. 2nd G. Hawk, M. Payne, K. Brewer, E. Smith, J. Clawson, D. Evans, S. Thompson, Mrs. Tenney. 3rd K. Chester, D. Leonard, G. Shock, L. Carpenter, D. Kinney, S. Watson ,,,,,-,, , ,ei 1... .-.N ..........-..i1i.......Y..i.--i. --- -? 6 th lst R. Ray, J. Burch, M. Whited, L. Spearman, M. Pumphrey, M. Wolf, C. Faust, W. Henwood, B. Goare. 2nd Mrs. Ramey, G. Proper, B. Doyle, D. Lotz, M. Cherryholmes, K. Gaddis, J. Gutheil. 3rd R. Bodner, R. Paune, T. Davis, R. Garver I ' ...J .. H lst S. Fearn, S. Bird, K. Carter, M. Schonauer, N. Wilson, J. Randall, B. Engle, C. Salva, K. Craft, K. Hauger. 2nd J. Braddock, L. Kauffman, D. Shinaberry, D. Rieser, C. Snell, C. McQuigg C. Bowman, N. Hess, N. Nauman, J. Hathaway, Mrs. Gregg..3rd B. Porter, G. Huff, T. Ruhl, J. Kandel, C. Reppart, P. Williams, L. Summers, J. Sargent, J. Henthorn, D. Wilson lst M. Stephens, K. Ellcessor, S. Algire. 2nd K. Giauque, T. Miller, B. Hottinger, L. Clever, M. Crumbaker, L. Brown, C. Carter, M. Bowlus, T. Furby. 3rd. B. Sey- mour, S. Brown, M. Lucas, A. Sherry, S. Zinsmeister, M. Daniels, P. Hunt, C. Lev- ering, Mrs. Landis . 4th S. Phillips, R. Dilts, J. Ramey, S. Eyster, K. Mishey, C. Frye, B. Elder, O. Bowers lst D. Behler, E. Green, S. Brubaker, T. Yarman, M. Blackford, D. Smith, D. Wil- liams, D. Shaffer, K. Sapp. 2nd D. Mapes, E. Snavely, J. Berger, D. Hatton, J. Gamber, V. Durbin, B. Horwatt. 3rd Mrs. Cocanower, N. Hauger, W. Hagner, S. Lore, J. Kershner, I. Snyder lst K. Jones, S. Hallman, V. Walker, B. Wilkinson, D. Yarman, D. Reed, C. Seymour, D. Mil ler, D. Ronk. 2nd B. Briggs, M. Boone, J. Barber, G. Carpenter, E. Wirick, J. Toms, J. Wood, R. Simmons, S. Randall, Mr. Stanley. 3rd M. Simpson, R. Litzenburg, J. Layman, L. Salva, J. Cochran, D. Gallagher, P. Dillow, R. Hoeflich, L. Hyme, L. Gill, E. Clawson. lst C. Ore, S. Miller, S. Mortimer, S. Ross, K. Robinette, L. St. Clair, K. Singrey, K. Simp- son, B. Price, M. Overholt, J. Ritchey. 2nd M. Morrison, D. Phillips, B. Price, J. Mapes, R. Shock, D. Mizer, C. McManis, M. Palmer, S. Riter, D. Moore. 3rd Mr. Spurlock, B. Robin- son, J. Makes, J. McGowan, M. Salva, R. Randal, P. Rutter, J. Pence, T. Mavis 7 th 1st V. Everett, S. Hawk, K. Heaton, M. Gregg, P. Hoovler, R. Leonard, B. Green, K. Geoppinger, B. Hallman, J. Lore, B. Hupp. 2nd C. Litt, P. Elder, L. Fawcett, M. Hunt, M. Grant, C. Garverick, K. Ewalt, L. Litt, P. Lynch, W. Kilgallin, 3rd D. Henry, R. Latham, C. M. Hoeflich, J. Giauque, S. Frazier, D. Furnis, R. Jennings, C. Houck, C. Letts, Mr. Keadey lst T. Brewer, P. Cockrell, D. Clark, R. Brown, D. Clawson, V. Durbin, D. Boner, R. Brake, B. Bird, J. Daniels, K. Coffing. 2nd S. Diehl, C. Cochran, P. Cramer, B. Colgin, S. Albright, M. Birch, T. Davis, J. Brown, M. Beckholt, Mrs. Arter. 3rd K. Bevington, B. Cordle, S. Blackford, E. Davis, T. Davis, K. Brown lst D. Stanford, S. Szabo, S. Winterringer, L. Whirl, D. Wilson, W. Wilson, D. Wolfgang, N. Whaley, M. Whited, C. Stephens. 2nd, J. Updike, D. Turner, J. VanR.iper, M. Thompson, A. Wil- son, K. Thayer, W. Wirick, R. Wirick, J. Wells. 3rd Mr. Chapman, D. Stricker, L. Toms, T. Smith, M. Stewart, K. Tharp J 81512 lst D. Litt, D. Edwards, E. Goossens, A. Hawkins, J. Henwood, T. Lemon, S. Kirk- patrick, C. Hoovler, J. Gorden, K. Kinney. 2nd Mrs. Bowlus, M. Henry, R. Hawk, S. Ellcessor, P. Fiant, A. Letts, D. Hazen, R. Kennedy, J. Fawcett. 3rd R. Gaddis, J. Hun- ter, R. Lynch, J. Lewis, B. Gaddis, B. Grant, B. Kershner, A. Hulse. 4th L. Lotz, M. Lamb, M. Hammock, M. Francisco, D. Ewalt, L. Hamon, B. Hoovler, V. Hawk lst L. Burson, P. Ashcraft, C. Auten, S. Briggs, K. Davis, S. Camp, A. Cochran, L. Crumbaker, L. Craft, J. Denick. 2nd K. Doup, C. Brewer, J. Brown, L. Doyle, M. Arthur, D. Cherryholmes, F. Burden, B. Charles, G. Beheler, Mrs. Workman. 3rd R. Armstrong, C. Boone, B. Bunnell, P. Duston, J. Bowlus, D. Burson, K. Breeze. 4th P. Cockrell, L. Davis, J. Dohn, D. Daniels, D. DeBolt lst B. Ruhl, D. Shinaberry, B. Shock, R. Reid, B. Riecer, D. Schonauer, B. Shaffer, C. Robin- son, J. Seymour, V. Moore, B. Shirky. 2nd R. Seymour, T. Miller, G. North, M. McCarthy, S. Mortiemor, D. Mullin, C. Shaffer, J. Peters, T. Ray. 3rd D. Porter, D. Randall, K. McGowan, M. Price, K. Reppart, J. Seymour, B. Reid, J. Moore, Mr. Holzworth lst P. Simpson, D. Silliman, M. Williams, V. Tharp, M. Wiggins, C. Wells, B. Turner, C. Thompson, P. Wilson, P. Smith, S. Swihart. 2nd C. Snell, D. White, S. Weller, C. Watt, K. Stauffer, J. Singery, M. Wilson, D. Warner, K. Turner. 3rd Mr. Lake, J. Swi- hart, M. Smith, K. Swihart, D. Strong, G. Ward, B. Whaley 9th lst S. Snavely, D. Zolman, A. Tugend, S. Whited, F. Whited, C. Wilson, F. Whited, D. Turner, J. Wise, K. Wells, K. Simmons. 2nd B. VanRiper, T. Updike, J. Wagner, G. Stevens, L. Thompson, M. Sorge, R. Stauffer, Miss Workman. 3rd D. Swihart, B. Williams, W. Wolford lst B. Phillips, C. Mortimer, R. Shaffer, G. Robinson, B. Ore, J. Peters, M. McNutt, B. Roberts, S. Raubenolt, P. Reed, K. Robinette. 2nd S. Rutter, L. Robinson, P. Price, J. Seymour, P. McNally, P. Purdy, E. Moore, S. Salva, Mrs. Moody. 3rd K. Reed, D. Phil- lips, R. Morrison, R. Reed, J. Ray, M. Reed, J. Shaffer, G. Sharp, H. Nauman lst P. Lewis, C. Lipscomb, D. Hoeflich, L. Henwood, N. Hoovler, C. Leedy, C. Jones, J. Kershner, G. Helmick, S. Gregg, J. Hines, A. Gregg. 2nd T. Gallagher, J. Grubaugh, B. Garverick, M. Hottinger, L. Hammock, B. Groseclose, F.. Kelly, S. Kenndy. 3rd D. Hess, D. Gaddis, M. Heaton, R. Gregg, J. Hoeflich, C. Hess, Mr. Hicks lst B. Fiant, V. Beheler, S. Aldridge, P. Fiske, B. Chester, J. Brown, C. Blankenship, D. Belton, C. Fearn, C. Albert. 2nd S. Davis, G. Brubaker, D. Conkle, S. Bartlett, S. Brookover, G. Boner, Miss Teatsorth, 3rd D. De- Vault, D. Cockrell, D. Burgholder, G. Fisher, G. Doyle, L. Carpenter, J. Fiske, J. Brown, M. Furnis 29 UNDER CLA SSMEN TE TH Cynthia Albright J 1m Barber 5 A 'f' Fr: ' L""fzf ft B, Nancy Bird Rosemary Cherryholmes Sandy Brown F1455 'sea Bgci ai Tien 1 B 2? :.a B' ' B . A Q ' 'h 'B B Janet Arnold Debbie Bodnef A Ron chester ,L',. V f I at B. , B nay. BB .. if 716, Y MSB. at Lee Beale John Burch N Bonita Arthur QB' Barb Boone Nancy Coffing - B enri nnnee nere B B 4, ., A f ""4 A A 5 Q B 1 i . V 5 H Steve Bechtel Dan Burden l fy i gi l V A Q, X ' A Wi A LYWM Rita mm. Linda Arthur Rex Atherton Rodney Beheler Dave Bowlus Jeff Cunningham Kathy Campbell Patti Booze Jeanne Currie Joanne Currie f jg. 2 we faq ,IJ , X ' , . 3 , 1 . A Christi Divelbiss .Q 1 ,539 F, all QM? 'saw 5, In , g .Q M! . 543' xi i: 1:, ,M I I ...V K vga, Mitch Elder i Iris Hawk ,111 xlifivf 1 1 1 Allan Gadchs A vs,vV"f'f Dave Davis Linda Ewalt Anne Hawkins 'GMS .,- ,, K LN V , ' ' 3, 3 .5 'fl Sheila Divelbiss Ruth Goossens . I If g 'Nw-. -Yew iaiih. Jane Deb01t Brad Fearn ,VV Linda Hayes e a f ig A K Xi, sais , 'ii1:":N 1 'n K ,. 1 , , ...E . ' Duane D0uP 'f James Gregg it f ' ' . 4. 'Q H A in J J :Z Ab.. T 42:97-f. e L :,': . if :-V A' ,, -QW ,111 K, 'J 5 Q ! 3 -L 13: J if 1: , I Gary Denick Guy Fearn l:" jj' if Dixie Henry N J f" Ron Doyle 3 ' i kb Larry Gutheil J an .neel J Lynn Diehl Juanita Fenton Bill Henwood 32 Rhonda Hathaway l a -' Delbeff Lewis l XV. I Z ,, . 4 Mary Kauffman Q 1 I 3 f A S 'qififff S i RW X ir A5 1' Lmda I-Imes ' , 3 Bob Lifer 'Q If Dlck Kershner H t K- 'L 5. I: iq N gg Mike Hulse Merle Litt K ,, be w xx, .Q X N 5 e Jenny Kershner Sandy Jennings Jean Litzenburg wang-L Brad Krrkpatnck md? it-g K M E K ,QK i fx 1 - ,e-... 1, . , . .- H N . ' i K N S Bev Jones R0biI1 Lore 33 ,, vifkgww . 31. ff.: :-r 'M ' ww f K i nf Dave McCoy Linda McCruter .ne Diane Mishey Eric Moen A fi 1'- 51 .r L gem ik K Rv- X ll K., Y Zi. ..,. f Q Kevan Moore Becky Mortimer Rix if i 'WY . E 4. Rf C arol Penc e I 34 X L R- 5 i ... f 15?-ba, X is N E 5 X x 5, Ef ix 5 W F' is Bernard Peters ee 52? Rachel Phillips . 1, ls-'. . Michelle Pocs Bob Porter M Y W. QQ -, . R U'q..,4 ' Miha 1iF!af.'.miY xuivl Janet Pritchard T mszsiffffi 'QQ- T , :Q 'E' fi?1H"5?f, 2' J, '-rin?" f , as :QW . A. ,I M L ,K at Dean Randall Nancy Randall Barry Reppart Nancy Revennaugh W 21" x at-Z' if rx 4 X Pam Ritchey Ron Robbins Brenda Robinson Nelson Smith Jon St. Clair Dave Robinson Ron Smith ' - V ,. ' , Q , . Barbara Spencer H5 f Steve Ross Gene Snell Donna Shaffer Bob Ruhl Joe Snyder Judy Simmons S Mary Rutter Carl Spencer Kathy Stauffer Nancy Stevens Janice Streby Cheryl Swihart Sharon Szabo Vicki T albott Patty Thayer wh Dave Van Houten Nancy Van Houten Debbie Watson Jim Watt: Ray Watters Rhonda Whited Ed Wilson C arolyn Yarman Marcia Strong Gary Warner Janice Zolman JU 101-2 Diane Albert Wayne Arthur Steve Auten Bob Ballengee Linda Beheler 35 Cordon Booze Diane Braddock Ron Carter A 1 , 'rn' 931 Linda Davis Chris Eckenroad Tom Fenton Becky Frye C arol Grant Dennis Chester George Fxsher Bill Burch Sherry Burson Norma Cockrell Elois Ewers Judy Farlee G ary Foster ix Rin G arnet Hamon Mike Henry A Mike Currie Mike Frazier Debbie Camp Christy Feam Janis Herndon 36 Vicky Hoeflich Spence Hoeflich B. X. 'N-. Susan Kelly Barrie Leedy Marilyn Le edy Mary Maul er Janet Moore Maxine Morrison Tom Hulse Viola Kennedy Ed Lltt John McCarthy Steve Morrison Diane Isett Alva Kmsel Linda Long Becky Moen Tom Mosher Mike Kuhn C arolyn Ivldnk Debbie Jones Frances Lord Philip Murray 37 Darrell Patterson Alice Ruhl Rebecca Smith Georgeiana Reed Greg Shaffer Karen Phillips Bradley Salva Candy Spearman John Reed Mickey Sharp Tom Swxhart Nancy Pocs Marlene Sargent Joe Porter Steve Reed Cheryl Reppart Steve Sc arbrough Dick Smith Patty Smith ,rag ' Nadine Toms Karen Raubenolt Ben Shaffer Dave Wagner 38 if Janet Watson Grover Wilkinson Joan Wilson A 1. Charlotte Wirick Tom Wolfgang Mary Whited Patty Wilson Margaret Zolman A CTIVITIES DE CA lst--B. Cramer, S. Kuhn, R. Coffing, L. Wiggins, S. Sim- mons, S. Swank, D. Clipse, L. McKee, K. Singrey, R. Monk. Guthiel,S . Auflick, P. Smith, M. McNutt, G. Watters, Mr. Montgomery. 3rd--G. Hor- watt, D. Nichols, D. Turner, D. McGlothlin, G. Hawk, B. Rutter. 2nd--E. Fenton, B. ' ..-f" STUDENT COU CIL lst--N. Hoovler, A. Gregg, B. Fiant, M. Williams, S. Kirkpatrick, D. Stanford. 2nd- -D. Turner, B. Cordle, M. Sorge, K. Reppart, L. Toms, B. Groseclose, D. Warner, Mrs. Bowlus. V-,- .X--.. STUDENT COUNCIL lst--Mr. Kiracofe, J. Kershner, N. Coffing, B. Leedy, L. Wiggins, S. Brown, L. Bechtel, 2nd--G. Fisher, B. Reppart, J. Lester, R. Cochran, C. Echenroad. .'1f. lst--C. Lucas, G. Fisher, D. Burden, L. Beale, S. Bechtel, B. Reppart, D. McCoy. 2nd-- V. Talbott, B. Nethers, K. Campbell, B. Mortimer, F. Lord, C. Reppart, S. Keiser, M. Ruhl, D. Camp, K. Rau- benault, D. Alberts, C. Wirick, - '-- eyey- N. Pocs, M. Leedy, V. Hoe- flick, R. Goossens. 3rd--J. Arnold, P. Booze, P. Ritchey, L. Hines, R. Hathaway, B. Jones, R. Phillips, C. Divilbiss, S. Jennings, M. Pocs, S. Spencer, C. Monk, R. Lore, A. Hawkins, L. Wiggins, C. Pence, L. Diehl, Mrs. Temple, Mrs. Kiracofe. 4th- -D. Watson,,B. Boone, M. Reid, L. Ewalt, S. Szabo, D. Jones, K. Phillips, D. Henry, J. Watson, N. Toms, T. Shipley, D. Payne, D. Mishey, C. Al- bright, J. Zolman, J. DeBolt, C. Kershner, V. Heller. GA .A lst- -M. Fisher, P. Wilson, S. Jen nings, L. Diehl, L. Wiggins, S. Swank, J. Sim- mons, M. Leedy, V. I-Ioeflick, C. Wirick. 2nd--G. Reed, J. Streby, C. swihart, L. McCruter, R. Goossens, N. Stevens, J. Cur- rie, N. Pocs, R. Phillips. 3rd-- J. Currie, D. Al- berts, M. Sargent M. Mauler, D. Shaffer, B. Arthur, R. Lore, N. R ndall, N. McKee. Absent-- C. Feam, A. Gregg, S. Bart- lett, J. Kershner. 3 PROJECTIO ISTS lst--J. Wagner, R. Gaddis, B. Reid, K. Turner, P. McNally, S. Ellcessor, D. Warner, P. Purdy. 2nd--M. Francisco, D. DeVault, W. Wolford, M. Hottinger, B. Groseclose, R. Armstrong. 3rd-- R. Gregg, G. Doyle, J. Shaffer, H. Neuman. lst--P. Wilson, C. Yarman, J. Litzenburg, D. Conkle, J. Currie, D. Mishey, K. Bunnell, K. Currie. 2nd--Mrs. Elder, M. Sargent, C. Monk, G. Reed, Mrs. Anderson LIBRARY STAFF lst--C. Wilson, G. Robinson, D. Hoeilich, K. Lucas, J. Kershner, J. Henwood, C. Auten. 2nd--B. Shock, L Doyle, M. Reed, Mrs. Ogle 43 lst--Mrs. Phillips,L.Beheler,M.Leedy,B. Swank, C. Stevens, V. Hoeflick, D. Payne, C. Kershner, L. Heaton, C. Wirick, S. Kelly, L. McKee, K. Singrey, R. Goossens. 2nd--K. Robinson, S. Spencer, V. Heller, J. Farlee, M. Whited, V. Kennedy, L. Long, M. Morrison, C. Monk, K. Raubenault, B. Frye, J. Smith, W. Strong, N. Tharp, D Burgholder, B. Cramer, M. Fisher. 3rd--J. Bodnar, C. Wilburn, D. Conkle, V. Nethers, J. Moore, L. Davis, N. Cockrell, S. Burson, E. Ewers, M. Zolman, D. Braddock, C. Spearman, D. Alberts, M. Sargent, G. Reed, T. Ship- ley, S. Carver, J. Thuma, L. Bartlett. F .HA . lst--Mrs. Temple, I. Hawk, J. Currie, B. Jones, J. Streby, R. Phillips, S. Jennings, B. Mortimer, N. Randall, R. Lore, A. Hawkins, J. Fenton, J. Currie. 2nd--R. Goossens, P. Booze, C. Divilbiss, J. Zolman, J. DeBolt, J. Pritchard, J. Kershner, N. Stevens, D. Shaffer, D. Bodnar, B. Arthur, M. Rutter. 3rd--N. Vanl-Iouten, K. Campbell, P. Ritchey, B. Robinson, S. Brown, N. Coffing, L. I-lines, C. Swihart, B. Nethers, R. Whited, J. Litzenburg, L. Diehl, C. Pence, S. Divilbiss. 44 lst--K. Robinette, B. Phillips, K. Simmons, S. Rutter, V. Beheler, J. Kershner, S. Gregg, P. Reed, C. Mortimer, K. Wells, P. Lewis, D. Turner. Znd- -R. Shaffer, C. Wilson, D. Hoeflick, G. Robinson, L. Robinson, K. Lucas, S. Raubenolt, B. Ore, J. Brown. 3rd--B. Roberts, C . Jones, J. Hines, S. Bartlett, C. Blankenship, B. Chester, Mrs. Moody STA TE HOMEMAKER M. Leedy, C. Kershner, V: Hoeflick, L. Heaton, M. Fisher Highlight of the year, the F.H.A. Banquet. fs 4 lst. B. Ballangee, R. Watters, D. Phillips, R. Alexander, J. Algire, L. Bechtel, J. Overholt, J. Cunningham, G. Watters, C. Gregg, D. Robinson, Mr. Gerber. Znd. D. Vail, E. McClellan, T. Robinson, A. Lynch, T. Wolf- gang, G. Fearn, J. Burch, B. Lifer, D. Randall, G. Warner, U. Levering, D. Hawk, C. Simpson. 3rd. D. Thomp son, B. Porter, M. Hulse, R. Besst, D. McCoy, B. Robinson, C. Lucas, G. Doup, D. Doup, R. Algire, J. Porter,l A. Gaddis, B. Reppart, S. Bechtel, R. Beheler F.F.A. state public speaking emner contest winners Joe Overholt Dave Merrin and Dave McCoy F.F.A. lst--D. Singrey, L. Thompson, J. Grubaugh, D. DeVau1t, G. Brubaker, R. Stauffer, S. K nnedy. 2nd- -D. Gaddis, H. Nauman, D. Ph'11'ps, R. Gregg, J. Brown, D. Coch ll. q ffu. banquet 1966-67 fjlu. queen vieky hoqlieh crowned by 1965-66 queen temf shzqblqf parliamentagf procedure team lst--B. Reppart, D. McCoy, J. Overholt, L. Bechtel, D. Merrin, D. Phillips, C. Gregg. Znd- -J. Cun- ningham, M. Hulse, J. Burch, S. Bechtel so il judg ing team D. McCoy, J. Burch, J. Overholt, D. Phillips, M. Hulse 48 lst ea'z'1f0rs K. Curne--Ass't Editor D. Gaddis- -Editor business managers D. Conkle cztzzen staff D. Gaddis, K. Currie. 2nd D. James, S. Hoeflich, D. Conkle, J. Smith L. B t 49 ltt Linda Heaton Connie Stevens ilu ' 1,4955 W K' A If' Queen Shirley Carver Ruth Tennant Cindy Kcrshncr Y HOMECOMING 1965 VA RSI TT CHEERLEADERS 1st--J. Herndon, M. Ruhl, 2nd--B. Leedy, N. Coffing, 3rd--C. Reppart, C. Fearn feshmen jr. lzzlgh lst--S. Rutter, J. Hines, P. Reed, 2nd--G. Helmick, lst--S. Camp, V. Tharp, 2nd--B. Kershner, D. White S. Gregg, R. Shaffer G0 CLUB B. Nethers, N. Toms, J. Watson, J. Smith, R. Goossens, W. Strong, M. Ruhl, C. Feam, C. Rep- part, N. Coffing, B. Leedy, J. Herndon, F. Lord, S. Divelbiss, V. Talbott, B. Boone. 2nd --Mrs. Anderson, S. Brown, B. Mortimer, L. McCruter, M. Pocs, B. Jones, L. Heaton, V. Hel- ler, C. Kershner, K. Bun- nell, P. Smith, J. Sim- mons, K. Campbell, T. Shipley, K. Robinson, M. , . . Reid, L. Ewalt. 3rd--G. Warner, T. Wolfgang, B. Fearn, C. Eckenroad, D. James, G. Simmons, L. Page, C. Gregg, J. Lester, S. Hoeflich, B. Reppart, W Weller, J. Tharp, R. Cochran, J. Catteau, M. Elder. LET'S GO! lst--P. Ritchey, L. Hines, V. Nethers, D. Camp, E. Ewers, M. Zolman, B. Moen, C. Spearman, D. Braddock, L. Davis, R. Phillips, L. Long, M. Morrison, N. Randall, R. Lore, A. Hawkins, C. Pence. 2nd--P. Wilson, B. Spencer, B. Arthur, M. Rutter, D. Jones, K. Phillips, S. Szabo, J. Arnold, P. Booze, J. Farlee, J. Currie, K. Raubenault, S. Spencer, N. McKee, K. Singrey, L. McKee, L. Monk, R. Tennant, L. Wig- gins, S. Swank. 3rd--S. S Jennings, N. Stevens, K. Currie, B. Swank, C. Stevens, P. Bevington, J. DeBolt, M. Fisher, D. Conkle, L. Bartlett, P. Smith, B. Guthiel, M. Strong, N. Vanl-Iouten, C. Swihart, J. Fenton, J. Currie, L. Diehl, M. Sar- gent, D. Albert ,. H, . ,. ,,.,,. . . SE IOR PLA T lst ROW--R. Tennant, R. Cochran, J. Catteau, K. Bunnell. 2nd ROW--R. Coffing, D. Ridenour, L. Heaton, M. Ruhl, L. Wiggins, T. Leedy TIME OUT FOR GINGER cast Lizzie .... . .Marilyn Ruhl Ginger . . Agnes Carol . . . . Ruth Tennant Mr. Wilson Howard Carol . . . Ron Cochran Eddie . . . . joan Carol . . . . .Linda Heaton Tommy . . . Jeanne Carol . . . Linda Wiggins Ed Hoffman Directed by Miss Claudia Teatsorth . Karen Bunnell . . Rick Coffing . . jay Catteau . . Dave Ridenour . . Torn Leedy Student Directors: Connie Stevens and Barbara Swank He flies through the air with the greatest of ease . . . CRASH! Cute? She was magnificent! I don't understand that reasoning! I'm exhausted! I AM angry! Sit down and let me tell you about it Why DO you like me? Seniors: lst--D. Gaddis, P. Bevington, S. Brown, B. Swank, S. Keiser, K. Bunnell, K. Currie, M. Ruhl, R. Ten nant, L. Heaton. 2nd--Mrs. Hofmann, Mrs. Scarbrough, L. Bechtel, T. Leedy, R. Ritchey, J. Lester, J. Over- holt, R. Cochran, C. Hines, R. Coffing, M. Talbott, Mrs. Boone. ATIONAL HO OR OCIETT Juniors: lst--P. Smith, P. Wilson, K. Raubenault, F. Lord, C. Fearn, D. Camp, C. Reppart, N. Pocs, N. Toms, B. Leedy, J. Watson, L. Beheler, J. Farlee. 2nd- -G. Reed, D. Jones, G. Fisher, S. Scarbrough, A. Kinsel, E. Litt, M. Currie, G. Shaffer, B. Shaffer, G. Wilkinson, K. Phillips, M. Leedy. 56 soho larsh 2,12 team Ist--D. Mishey, S. Keiser, B. Leedy, L. Hines, S. Brown, K. Bunnell, D. Jones, J. Watson, N. Toms, S. Szabo, D. Watson, N. Bird. 2nd- -M. Talbott, G. Shaffer, D. Camp, J. Zolman, C. Reppart, K. Currie, D. Shaffer, J. DeBolt, P. Smith, G. Reed, P. Wilson, L. Ewalt. 3rd--G. Booze, G. Fisher, E. Moen, E. Wilson, E. Litt, R. Cochran, T. Moser, D. Ridenour, D. Bowlus, D. McCoy, T. Divelbiss. bqfs' and girls, staters F. Lord, M. Currie, C. Reppart 57 annual staff lst--K. Currie, K. Bunnell, M. Ruhl, C. Wirick, F. Lord, C. Reppart, R. Goossens, V. Hoeflick, C. Kershner 2nd--Mrs. Shane, B. Swank, J. Thuma, C. Stevens, S. Keiser, P. Bevington, L. Heaton, V. Heller. 3rd--T. Leedy, M. Talbott, J. Overholt, J. Lester, R. Cochran, G. Watters. absent--C. Hines, B. Ritchey ea'z't0rs lst--Elementary Editor, C. Stevens, Art Editor, J. Thumag Editor-in-chief, K. Currie, Activities Editor, M. Ruhlg Senior Editor, K. Bunnellg 2nd--Music Editor, M. Talbott, Faculty Editor, R. Cochran, Athletics Editor, C. Hines An Honor Student? COCI-IRAN! ! ! Tune in again, same time, same station for another thrilling episode! Study? Who? Me? "And I say to YOU 1 JU 1012 HIGH CHOIR lst--G. Robinson, G. Helmick, A. Gregg, J. Kershner, S. Raubenolt, V. Beheler, B. Chester, K. Lucas, K. Wells B. Roberts, L. Henwood, K. Simmons. 2nd--S. Snavely, P. Price, D. Zolman, R. Shaffer, D. Hammock, B. Phil- lips, C. Robinette, C. Leedy, S. Davis. 3rd--N. Hoovler, A. Tugend, J. Hines, G. Doyle, T. Updike, Mr. Brooks B. Fiant, S. Bartlett, C. Blankenship, K. Reppart. Mike Wirick, 1965-66 drum major for the Freddie band. 1965-66 MARCHI G BA lst Viki Talbott, Diane Isett, Linda Wiggins, Mike Wirick. 2nd Janet Pritchard, Mary Whited, Beverly Phillips, Gordon Boner, Ray Watters, Jon St. Clair, Pat Price, Sally Snavely, Mr. Brooks. 3rd. Doug Henry, Nancy Pocs, Dave Hammock, Torn Updike, Vicki Beheler, Ruth Shaffer, Judy Hines, Ann Gregg, Jean Litzenberg, Ruth Tennant. 4th Ben Shaffer, Steve Bechtel, Nancy Rev ennaugh, Patti Booze, Janet Arnold, Mary Rutter, Sharon Raubenolt, Jane De-Bolt, Debbie Jones, Carol Grant, Dave McCoy. Sth Dave Merrin, Karen Bunnell, Nadine Toms, Ed Litt, Dixie Henry, Karen Phillips, Debbie Zolman, Connie Jones, Martha Reid, Sharon Smbo, Joe Porter. 6th Mike Talbott, Barbara Boone, Karen Raubenolt, Jim Watt, Steve Scarbrough, Michael Sharp, Alva Kinsel, Francie Lord, Tom Wolfgang. 62 1965-66 C0 CERT BA Li 2 Flute Carol Grant Francie Lord Sharon Szabo Oboe C heryl Reppart C onni e J ones Bassoon Janet Arnold Ann Gregg Clarinet Ruth Tennant Linda Wiggins Nadine Toms Steve Bechtel Diane Isett Jean Litzenberg Mary Rutter Judy Hines Patricia Price Ruth Shaffer Mary Whited Sally Snavely Beverly Phillips Alto Clarinet Christy Fearn Sharon Raubenolt senior choir DIRECTOR--Mr. Ned Brooks Accompanist- -Diane Braddock lst--M. Fisher, J. Streby, P. Ritchey, C. Campbell, B. Jones, S. Divelbiss, N. Revennaugh. 2nd--R. Phillips, D. Mishey, B. Moen, D. Camp, N. Randall, R. Hathaway, L. Davis. 3rd--M. Sargent, B. Leedy, F. Lord, N. Stevens, S. Swank, V. Kennedy. Bass Clarinet Nancy Pocs Jane DeBolt Alto Saxophone Karen Raubenolt Patti Booze Vicki Beheler Tom Updike Tenor Saxophone Alva Kinsel Jim Barber Lee Beale Baritone Saxophone David Merrin Cornet Michael Talbott Karen Phillips Edward Litt Jon St. Clair Michael Hottinger Gordon Boner Trumpet Debra Zolman Jim Grubaugh David Hammock D ougl as C onkle Horn Janie Herndon Dwight Phillips Nancy Revennaugh Debbie Jones Viki Talbott Trombone Karen Bunnell Barry Reppart Rodney Beheler Barbara Boone James Watt Baritone Horn Steve Soarbrough Michael Sharp Joe Porter Bass Ronald Cochran Tom Wolfgang David Van Houten Percussion Ben Shaffer Raymond Watters Janet Pritchard David McCoy Michael Wirick an W, , -We E 5 1 Q For the sixth consecutive year, the Freddie's Marching Band performed at a Kenyon football game. The Concert Band and Senior Choir performed three concerts this season. April 15th and 16th the Music Department presented "Sopth Pacific", a Broadway musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein. i s senior bona' members SEATED: Ruth Tennant, Karen Bunnell, Linda Wig gins. STANDING: Mike Talbott, Dwight Phillips, Ron Cochran, Mike Wirick senior choir members usan Swank, Ruby Goossens, Marsha Fish john plz il I 119 sousa awards Ruth Tennant Mike Talbott SOUTH PACIFIC CA ST Jean Carol Updike Scott Phillips David McCoy Ed Lit-t Debbie Camp Susan Swank Tom Updike Rick Coffing Spencer Hoeflich C. M. Hoeflich Lee Beale Dave Workman Dave Phillips Barry Reppart Charles Gregg Barry Groseclose Jim Watt Mike Wirick Jeff Tharp Keith Reppart John Reed Mike Frazier Alva Kinsel Stephen Bechtel Larry Bechtel Sheila Divelbiss Diana Braddock Francie Lord Marlene Sargent Marilyn Ruhl Sandy Brown Gena Helrnick Linda Ewalt Marsha Kay Fisher Becky Moen Diane Mishey Beverly Jones SINGING CHORUS Pam Ritchey Rachel Phillips Linda Hines Diane Albert Linda Davis Viola Kennedy Barrie Leedy Kathy Campbell Juanita Fenton Patti Booze Candy Spearman Ronda Hathaway Nancy Randall Nancy Stevens Janice Strehy Cheryl Swihart Skip Wilkinson David Hammock Jon St. Clair ORCHESTRA Piano Carol Grant Ann Gregg Flute Brenda Grant Bass Clarinet Nancy Pocs Clarinet Ruth Tennant Linda Wiggins Bassoon Janet Arnold Trumpet Karen Phillips Dixie Henry Mike I-lottinger Trombone Karen Bunnell Horns Janis Herndon Nancy Revennaugh Debbie Jones Tuba Ron Cochran Percussion Ben Shaffer Raym ond Watters south lbaogfio directors W Miss Schmidt, Art Directorg Mr. Holzworth, Technical Directorg Yiki Talbott, Choreographer, Mr. Brooks, Director. south paowo dancers lst--Viki Talbott. 2nd--B. Boone, S. Brown, S. Divelbiss. 3rd--J. Watt, M. Wirick. 67 A THLE TZCS ROW 1: J. Brokaw, G. Sargent, B. Ritchey, J. Carpenter, J. Tharp, C. Gregg, R. Alexander, W. Weller, J. Algire, D. Snyder, J. Carteau, D. Randall. ROW 2: Mr. Chapman, B. Kirkpatrick, S. Wilkinson, T. Swihart, D. Carter, C. Eckenroad, G. Shaf- fer, M. Currie, M. Frazier, G. Booze, G. Doup, S. Hoeflich, J. Reed, Mr. Spurlock. ROW 3: Coach Boggs, E. Moen, R. Be- heler, D. Bowlus, D. Vanl-louten, R. Spencer, B. Reppart, E. Wilson, L. Beale, J. Barber, J. Snyder, B. Fearn, D. Burden, Mr. Keady. ROW 4: Mr. Lake, G. Denick, R. Moore, R. Rule, D. Kershner, J. Cunningham, B. Henwood, C. Spencer, B. Fearn, M. Elder, S. Ross, R. Doyle, S. Gregg. FOOTBALL F.H.S. Opp. F.H.S. Opp. 28 Danville--6 26 Loudenville --8 36 Lexington--12 6 Clearfork--12 41 Crestview- -0 30 Crestline--24 7 Ontario--12 15 Plymouth--14 36 Northmor--0 51 Lucas--18 Won 8--Lost 2 69 Watch close ly, Spence . The "Toe" at work. Catteau romps! Who's tired? Dance , anyone ? WHO stole the ba11!? He never had a chance. Another T.D. for Carp lst: P. Moore, D. Gaddis, D. Wiggins, R. Gregg, D. Burgholder, W. Wolford, M. Heaton, G. Doyle. 2nd: K. Reed, B. Groseclose, D. Cockrell, B. Van- Riper, G. Sharp, P. Purdy, J. Shaffer, D. Carpenter, R. Reed. 8th lst: C. M. Hoeflich, K. Brown, T. Brown, R. Armstrong, D. Warner, F Burden, C Boone, S Mortimer, B Gaddis, M. Fawcett, B. Charles, B. Bunnell, P. Duston, T. Ray. Znd: Mr Keady, J Giauque, B Coxdle, S. Ellcessor, B. Reid, D. Daniels, M. Francisco, D. Ewalt, K. Reppart, J Hunter, M Price, G Ward M Lamb, K. Turner, Mr. Chapman. COACHES ASSISTANT: Mr. Chapman Mr. Lake HEAD COACH: Mr. Boggs ASSISTANT: Mr. Spurlock Mr. Keady SE IOR Dennis Snyder Gordon Sargent Jim Carpenter Co-captains Charles Gregg Ron Alexander Jay Catteau F.H.S. 63 73 72 50 41 47 59 54 67 45 70 57 Mt. Vemon Centerburg Mt. Gilead Lexington Crestview Highland Ontario Danville Northridge Danville Northmor Loudonville Left to Right: S. Reed, B. Shaffer, D. Merrin, C. Eckenroad, R. Cochran, J. Huff, J. Lester, D. James, T. Swihart, C. Hines, R Carter. KNEELING: Mr. Spurlock. BASKETBALL OPP. 68 45 43 53 49 45 61 49 48 65 37 40 Won 14--Lost 8 F.H,S. 80 50 62 49 74 69 56 52 66 43 Cardington Clearfork Utica Crestline Plymouth Lucas Sectional Tournament Northmor Highland District Tournament Westfall Newark Cath. OPP 70 51 46 45 50 76 26 46 65 50 74 With the greatest of ease! Rest time . I S-t-r-e -t-c-h! l Concentration Swish . H i mffiii i Try any shot once. I've had it up to here! !! This is finesse? 76 The agonizing wait. Follow through. Determination. Happiness is winning the Sectional Tournament. Poetry in motion. SE IOR Jim Huff Co-captains Jim Lester Dave James Ron Cochran Carroll Hines TEAMS RESERVES: ROW 1--E. Moen, G. Wilkinson, R. Beheler, S. Auten, B. Henwood, R. Ruhl, B Reppart, R. Spencer. ROW 2--Mr. Keady, B. Salva, L. Beale, B. Kirkpatrick, D. Wagner, B. Fearn, E. Wilson, E. Litt, T. Moser. Head Manager Mike Currie 7'l'l6l7Z6lg67'.S' Assistant Tom Moser 79 FRESHMEN: ROW 1--J. Wagner, G. Stevens, P. Moore, D. Carpenter, G. Fisher, J. Shaffer, M. Hot- tinger, M. Sorge, T. Updike. ROW 2--W. Wolford, P. Purdy, D. Gaddis, M. Heaton, R. Gregg, G. Doyle, J. Hoeflich, R. Reed, D. Wiggins, D. Burkholder, Mr. Boggs. EIGHTH GRADE: ROW 1--A. Letts, T. Brown, K. Turner, S. Elcessor, F. Burden, D. Wamer, K. Stauf- fer, M. Kennedy. ROW 2--D. Porter, M. Price, G. Ward, D. Randall, B. Bunnell, K. McGowen, P. Duston, C. Boone, K. Reppart, Mr. Lake. SEVENTH GRADE: ROW 1--K. Brown, J. McGowen, D. Stricker, D. Turner, S. Riter, C. M. Hoeflich, T. Smith. ROW 2--S. Blackford, J. Mapes, S. Frazier, J Giauque, B. Cordle, M. Salva, Mr. Chapman. SEA SON R EC ORD F.H.S. OPP. .4 3 Highland 6 2 Crestline 7 18 East Knox 0 4 Highland 0 7 Highland 6 4 Lucas 3 3 Clearfork 0 5 Crestline 3 1 Mt. Vernon 9 9 East Knox 2 2 Lexington 3 4 Loudonville 12 Won 13 F'.H.S. 7 Danville 10 Loudonville 0 Lexington 5 Mt. Vernon 12 Clearfork 5 Lucas SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT 8 Cardington 3 Pleasant DISTRICT TOURNAMENT 2 Liberty Union Lost 8 BASEBALL OPP 0 3 3 7 4 2 6 2 4 ROW 1--J. Algire, C. Hines, B. Brake, J. Tharp, J. Lester, R. Cochran, D. James, J. Overholt, G. Sargent, B. Robinson, Coach Boggs. ROW 2--B. Reppart, U. Levering, T. Swihart, L. Beale, D. Wagner, G. Booze, J. Schonauer, R. Doyle, G. Denick. The pitcher . . ,N A 1 . . and the catcher. What's the problem Algie? A little low, Tharp. 5.3.3 -K x I , . . Aw A , x ' f ' ' , , I , ' a L, 5 . ik X I J w, A ' , f f 'W kf A ,,c. , , ' c f . V, if C K X F . V .., . c 1 P- 1 -' SV 82 Everybody moves! A home run!! Who's on your mind, Algire? A swing and a. miss! What's so interesting, Barry? You can open your eyes now, Dave What's the score, Snyde?! Keep that foot on the base!! Nice and Easy! ROW 1--M. Elder, S. Wilkinson, J. Catteau, B. Henwood, B. Rule, ROW 2--M. Frazier, D. Merrm J Carpenter D Carter, Coach Lake. ROW 3--D. Vanl-Iouten, T. Lore, B. Feam, B. Kirkpatrick, R. Chester, D Burden J Upchke ROW 4--S. Ross, J. McCarthy, D. Robinson, E. Wilson, J. Reed, M. Currie, S. Hoeflick. F.H.S. 27 112 81 31 51 56 52 112 42 77 112 4 SEASON RECORD OPP. Lexington 35 1X2 Mansfield Mad. 73 1X2 Centerburg 42 Waynesdale 44 Loudonville 84 Clearfork 76 Lexington 69 Crestline 51 112 Clearfork 55 Clearfork 72 County Meet, Fredericktown first JAC Meet, Fredericktown ninth TRA CK It's so easy! Catch me now! All alone! Karate demonstration? ! I hope it's soft down there! With a. little bit of effort! Ah, don't worry coach! SEN I ORS I 5 Ronald Alexander James Algire Ronald Alexander--FFA 9-12, officer 125 Football 9-12, co-captain 12, varsity award. James Algire--Student Council 95 FFA 9-12 officer 11,125 Football 9-12, varsity award. Sharon Auflick--DECA, 12. Linda Bartlett--School Citizen 125 FHA 9-125 Class Play 125 Go Club 11-125 State Home- maker, 115 Gir1's Volleyball 10. Sharon Auflick Linda Bartlett Larry Bechtel Michael Beeman Larry Bechtel--Class Treasurer 105 Student Council VP, 125 FFA 9-12, President 125 National Honor Society 11-125 Baseball 95 Musical 12. Michael Beeman--Football 10-115 Manager 10. Raymond Besst--FFA 9-12. Peggy Bevington--Annual Staff 12g FHA 95 National Honor Society 11-125 District State Scholarship Team 9-12. Raymond Besst Ronald Blankenship Judith Bodnar Robert Brake--Football 103 Basketball 93 Baseball 9,10, Varsity Letter 11,125 Track 9. John Brokaw--Football 9-12, Varsity Letter, Managerg Baseball 9,10. Peggy Bevington Ronald Blankenship--Band 9-115 Baseball 9, reserve awardg Orchestra 9-11. Judith Bodnar--FHA 9-125 Class Play 12. Robert Brake John Brokaw Susan Brown Karen Bunnell Susan Brown--Student Council 9,10, Secretary 11, President 125 Class Secretary 95 FHA 115 Hi-Teens 10, Secretary 115 Band 9-115 National Honor Society 11-12. Karen Bunnell--Band 9-125 Class Play 125 Orchestra 9-125 Library Staff 11,125 Go Club 11,125 District-State Scholarship Team 9-125 National Honor Society 11-12. Diane Burgholder--H-IA 9-125 Hi-Teens 9-105 Band 9-105 Orchestra 9-10. James Carpenter--Football 9,10, reserve award, 11,12, varsity letterg Baseball 95 Basketball 95 Track 9-12, varsity letter. 'iris Diane Burgholder James Carpenter Jay Catteau Ron Cochran Jay Catteau--Class vice-president 9-115 Football 9-12, varsity letter5 Student Council 95 Musical 105 Basketball 95 Track 9-12, varsity letter5 Class Play 125 Letterman's Club 12. Ron Cochran--Annual Staff 11-125 Student Council 11-125 Band 9-125 Orchestra 9-115 National Honor Society 11, vice-president 125 District State Scholarship team 9-125 Foot- ball 9-105 Basketball 9,11, reserve award, 12, varsity awardg Baseball 9,12 , varsity award5 Musical 9-115 Class Play 12. Rick Coffing--Class Play 125 Musical 125 DECA 12, president5 National Honor Society 11-525 District-State Scholarship team 9-115 Football 9-10. Diane Conkle--School Citizen 125 Library Staff 125 FHA 9-12. Rick Coffing Diane Conkle Bobbie Cramer--FHA 10-125 Class Play 125 5 DECA 12. Kathryn Currie--School Citizen 125 Annual Staff Editor, 125 FTA 105 Library Staff 125 Go Club 11-125 Girl's State 115 National Honor Society 11, Secretary 125 District State Scholarship team 10-125 GAA 9-11. Bobbie Cramer Kathryn Currie Katherine Davis--FHA 10. Terry Divelbiss--Class Play 125 Science Fair 9-125 Track 95 District-State Scholarship Team 9,12. E. Katherine Davis Terry Divelbiss J ack Elder Edward Fenton J ack Elder--Baseball 9, Edward Fenton--DECA 125 Football 9, reserve award5 Baseball 9, reserve award. Marsha Fisher--I-HA 9,10,125 Choir 9-125 Go Club 11,125 State Homemaker 125 Gir1's Volleyball 9-125 Girls' Basketball 9-12. Diana Gaddis--School Citizen Editor 125 Hi-Teens 105 Choir 9,105 Go Club 11,125 Pep Club 9,105 National Honor Society 11,12. Marsha Fisher Diana Gaddis Shirley Carver Ruby Goossens Shirley Garver--I-HA 9-125 Hi-Teens 105 Pep Club 9,105 Go Club 11,125 Homecoming Queen. Ruby Goossens- -Annual Staff 11,125 Choir 9-125 District-State Scholarship Team 10,11. Charles Gregg--FFA 9, officer 10-125 Musical 11-125 Football 9, Varsity Letter l0,11,12, co-captain5 Basketball 9-10, reserve Award 11. John Grubb--FFA 9-10, officer 11-125 Foot- ball 9, Reserve Award. Charles Gregg John Grubb George Hawk--DECA, 12. Barbara Gutheil George Hawk Linda Heaton--Annual Staff 125 FHA 10-11, officer 125 Hi-Teen 105 I-TA 9-115 Class Play 125 Musical 95 Band 95 Pep Club 9-105 Go Club 11-125 Homecoming Court 125 National Honor Society 11-125 District-State Scholarship Team 125 GAA 9-12. Victoria Heller--Annual Staff 125 FHA 9-125 Hi-Teen 105 FTA 9-125 Musical 11. Linda Heaton Victoria Heller Barbara Gutheil--DECA, 125 FHA, 10. Mike Helmick Carroll Hines Gary Horwatt--DECA 12. James Huff--Football 9,10, reserve award, Basketball 9-11, reserve award, varsity letter 12, Baseball 9,10, reserve award, Track 9,10, reserve award. David James Susan Keiser Mike Helmick--Musical 10,113 Choir 10,115 Track 10,11, varsity letter, Manager 11. Carroll Hines--Annual Staff 12, Student Council 12, Treasurer, Musical 11, Letter- man's Club 125 National Honor Society 11,125 District-State Scholarship Team 9-11g Foot- ball 9,10g Basketball 9-123 Baseball 9-.12, Varsity Letter. Gary Horwatt James Huff David James--School Citizen 123 Letterman's Club, Football 9,105 Basketball 9,10, Varsity Letter 11,125 Baseball 9-12, Varsity Letter. Susan Keiser--Annual Staff 12, Hi-Teens 105 FTA 9-ll, President 123 Band 9-10g National Honor Society 11,125 District-State Scholar- ship Team 9-12. Cynthia Kershner--Annual Staff 125 FHA 10,11, secretary 125 State Homemaker 125 Hi-Teens 9,105 FTA 10-125 Musical 9g Choir 95 Girls' Volleyball 105 Homecoming Court 12. Robert Kershner l . CY11U1iH KGYSTIIIGI Robert Kershner .4 'Kei' Susan Kuhn--Class Play 125 DECA l25 Gir1's Volleyball l0,11. Thomas Leedy--School Citizen 125 Annual Staff 125 Class Play 125 National Honor Society 11,125 Football 9,10. Susan Kuhn Thomas Leedy James Lester--Annual Staff 125 Student Council 125 Letterman's Club 125 National Honor Society 11,123 Football 9,103 Basket- ball 9-12, reserve awardg Varsity Letterg Baseball 9-12, reserve award, Varsity Letter. Samuel Lewis--Band 9. James Lester Samuel Lewis Alan Lynch Donald McLaughlin Alan Lynch--Track 9. Donald McLaughlin--at Malabar--School Citizen 9. Marlene McNutt--Hi-Teen 105 Class Play 125 Choir 12. Daniel Nichols--Football 9-105 Track 9-115 Musical 10. Marlene McNutt Daniel Nichols Joseph Overholt: Leslie Page Joseph Overholt- -Class President 10-115 Class Vice-President 125 Annual Staff 125 Student Council 9-105 FFA 9-10, officer 11-123 Boys' State 115 National Honor Society 11, President 125 District-State Scholarship Team 9-10g Bas- ketball 9-10, Reserve Award llg Baseball 9-10, Varsity Letter 11-12. Leslie Page--Choir 105 Track 9. Debra Payne--Pl-IA 9-11, president 125 Hi Teen 105 FTA 10-12. David Phillips--Musical 10-125 Football 9-105 Basketball 95 Track 9. Debra Payne David Phillips Dwight Phillips--FFA, officer 10-125 Band 9-125 Orchestra 9-125 Choir 105 Musical 9-12 Thomas Randall--FFA 9-12. Dwight Phillips Thomas Randall David Ridenour--Class Play 125 District-State Scholarship Team 10-125 Track 9-11. Robert Ritchey--School Citizen 125 Annual Staff 125 National Honor Society 11-125 Football 9-11, varsity letter 125 Track 9, varsity letter 10-11. David Ridenour Robert Ritchey Robert Robinson Kay Robinson Robert Robinson--F.F.A. 9-125 Baseball 11,12, Varsity letter. Kay Robinson--F.l-I.A. 9-12. Tom Robinson--F.F.A. 9-125 Football 95 Track 9. Marilyn Ruhl--Class Secretary 103 Class Treasurer 115 Annual Staff 123 Hi-Teens 105 V' F.T.A. 9,10,11, V.P. 125 Class Play 123 Musical 123 National Honor Society 11,125 Cheerleader 9,10,11,12, Varsity letterg Girls' Volleyball 9. Bill Rutter Robert Ryan Tom Robinson Marilyn Ruhl Bill Rutter--DECA 12. Robert Ryan--Football 9. Tom Ryan--Football 95 Baseball 9,10. Gordon Sargent--Band 9,10,115 Orchestra 9,105 Football 10,11,12, Varsity letterg Basketball 9,10,115 Baseball 10, Varsity letter 11,125 Track 9. Tom Ryan Gordon Sargent Terry Shipley Sammy Simmons Kathy Singrey--F.H.A. 9-125 Hi-Teens 105 DECA 12. Jean Smith--F.l-LA. 9-12. Kathy Singrey 9,105 Track 9. Terry Shipley--F.H.A. 9-125 Hi-Teens 10 F.T.A. 10,11,l25 Pep Club 9,105 Go Club ll 125 F.F.A. Queen 115 Cheerleader 9, Girls Volleyball 9,105 Girls' Basketball 9. Sammy Simmons--Musical 10,115 Football W....,,,,,,mM lin 5 5 Jean Smith Judy Smith Patricia Smith Judy Smith--School Citizen 123 FHA 10-12. Patricia Smith--DECA 12. Dennis Snyder--Class President 95 National Honor Society 119 Basketball 9-10g Football 9,10,11, varsity letter 12. Constance Stevens--Annual Staff 11-12g Class Play 12g FHA 9,10,11, Parliamentarian 123 Hi-Teens 103 Homecoming Court 12. Dennis Snyder Constance Stevens Wilma Strong Barbara Swank Wilma smug--PHA 11-125 GAA 10-115 Class Play 12. Barbara Swank--GAA 9g FTA 105 Class Play 125 Go Club 11-125 Annual Staff 125 National Honor Society 11-125 FHA 9,10,11, Historian 12. Susan Swank--GAA 9-125 Go Club 11-125 FHA 9-115 Class Play 125 Musical 125 Choir 1251-li-Teens105li'I'A 9-11. Michael Talbott--Class President 125 Class Play 125 Annual Staff 11-125 Musical 9-125 Band 9-125 National Honor Society 11-125 Student Council 115 Orchestra 95 Choir 105 State Science Fair 115 District-State Scholarship Tearn 9-125 Basketball Manager 10-11. Ruth Tennant Jeffrey Tharp Nancy Tharp--FHA 9-12. David Thompson--FFA 9-125 Track 95 Foot- ball 9-10. Susan Swank Michael Talbott Ruth Tennant--Class Secretary-Treasurer 125 Student Council 9-115 Hi-Teens 105 Class Play 125 Go Club 9,10,ll, President 125 GAA 9-105 Cheerleader 95 Girls' State 115 National Honor Society 11-125 Band 9-125 Orchestra 9- 125 Scholarship Team ll. Jeffrey Tharp--Class Play 125 Go Club 11- 125 Football 9,10, Varsity Letter 11,125 Bas- ketball 9, Reserve Award 10,115 Baseball 9, Varsity Letter 10-125 Musical 23. Nancy Tharp David Thompson Janice Thuma David Tumer Janice Thuma--Annual Staff 125 FHA 9,10, officer 11,1231-Ii-teens 10. David Turner--Class Play 125 DECA 125 Foot- ball 9. John Updike Garry Wagner--Class Play 12. John Updike Garry Wagner Gordon Watters Wendell Weller Gordon Watters--FFA 9-11, officer 125 Band 9-11. Wendell Weller--Football 9-11, varsity letter 125 Baseball 95 Industrial Arts Award 12 Douglas Weisent--Band 9-10. Linda Wiggins--Student Council 12g Hi Teens 9-10g FTA 9-123 Class Play 123 Band 9-125 GAA 9-11, officer 12. Douglas We isent Linda Wiggins Carolyn Wilburn--FHA 11-12. Michael Wirick--Musical 11-125 Band 11-12 TWEL VE TEARS TOGETHER wwf .5555 1n1ff"s!,i.,, lli .Qg:..f'3i CLA SS WILL The Senior Class of 1966 hereby submits its last will and testament. Ron Alexander wills his farming ability to Mr. Shane. jim Algire wills his time for Diane Braddock to any one of next year's lucky sen ior boys. Sharon Auflick wills her job at Ritcheys to Nancy Coffing. Linda Bartlett wills her tall-up cereal to F redericktown boys. Larry Bechtel wills his enthusiasm in physics class to next year's seniors. Mike Beeman wills his speed to Mr. Spurlock. Ray Besst wills his love for government class to next year's seniors. Peggy Bevington wills her love to talk to all those who have Mr. Boggs for study hall. Ron Blankenship wills his ability to play chess to Mr. Holzworth in hopes that he can win a few games. Judy Bodnar wills her ability to drive to Mrs. Tarr. Bob Brake wills his ability to get along with Mrs. Tarr to anyone who wants it. john Brokaw wills his football ability to Dean Randall. Susan Brown wills her headaches as Student Council President to next year's president. Karen Bunnell wills her love for arguing with Mike Talbott to anyone who is not afraid to lose. Diane Burgholder wills her love for grease fires to the Fredericktown Fire Department. Jim Carpenter wills his ability to hit gas pumps to any unlucky driver. jay Catteau wills his ability to keep awake to next year's sleepy seniors. Ron Cochran wills his "Green Machine" to Gerald Doup to replace his Mustang. Rick Coffing wills his practical jokes to Miss Teatsorth. Diane Conkle wills her quiet ways to Marlene Sargent. Bobbie Cramer wills her ability to get into trouble to Patty Smith. Kathie Currie wills her gift CU for interpreting poetry to next year's seniors . Katherine Davis wills her blond curls to Snick Hoeflick. Terry Divelbiss wills his ability in electronics to Mr. Arter in hopes that he will learn how to run the P.A. Jack Elder wills his favorite gas station to Chris Lucas. Ed Fenton wills his desire to have big muscles to Dennis Chester. Marsha Fisher wills JUST her love of Chorus to Debbie Camp. Diana Gaddis wills her blond hair to Becky Moen to replace her "Summer Blond" Shirley Garver wills her Homecoming crown to Spence Hoeflick. Ruby Goossens wills her left over diet pills to Spence Hoeflick. Chuck Gregg wills his' nickname "Chuckles" to Mr. Connelly. John Grubb wills his Mustang to Mrs . Elder. Barb Cutheil wills her ability to get along with Sharon to Dave Wagner. George Hawk wills his parking ability to Mrs . Tarr. Linda Heaton wills her love for going steady to Becky Mortimer. Vicki Heller wills her love for sophomore boys to sophomore girls. Mike Helmick wills his ability to fail his government tests and come out with a "B" on his grade card to anyone who doesn't like to study. Carroll Hines wills his varied vocabulary in English class to Mrs. Shane. Gary Horwatt wills his handshake toiPresident Johnson. Jim Huff wills his shy and polite ways to Garry Warner. Dave james wills his driving ability to Dean Randall. Susan K.eiser wills her spare pair to any needy girl. Cindy Kershner wills her long eyelashes to Iris Hawk. 106 Bob Kershner wills his devotion to government class to next year's seniors. Susan Kuhn wills her office duty of counting money to Diane lsett. Tom Leedy wills his book, SECRETS OF THE DARKROOM, to Allan Gaddis. Jim Lester wills his membership at the new Y.M.C .A. to Chris Eckenroad. Sam Lewis wills his curly hair to Barrie Leedy. Alan Lynch wills his '46 Plymouth to Mrs. Shane to replace the White Chevy. Don McLaughlin wills his '48 Plymouth to Mr. Shane so he can make it back from Kansas City next year. Marlene McNutt wills her dimples to Spence Hoeflick. Dan Nichols wills his love for the Peace Corps to Dean Randall. Joe Overholt wills his pity to Mrs. Shane because she has none to spare. Leslie Page wills his draft card to Dick Kershner. Debra Payne, wills her love for the Rio Grande to any college -bound girl. Dave Phillips wills the dark corners of back-stage to Dave Workman. Dwight Phillips wills his little black book to Mr. Gerber. Tom Randall wills his driver's license suspension to Diane Braddock. Dave Ridenour wills golden locks to Ed Wilson. Bob Ritchey wills sense of humor to the F.H.S. faculty. Bob Robinson wills his baseball ability to Spence Hoeflick. Kay Robinson wills her pink and white teddy bear to Dave Workman. Tom Robinson wills the innocent look in his baby-blue eyes to Becky Mortimer. Marilyn Ruhl wills her ability to get out of Health class to next year's Activities Editor. Bill Rutter wills his Volvo to Mrs . A. along with the payments due on it. Robert Ryan wills his score on the Alcoholism quiz to Dean Carter and Dave Merrin. Tom Ryan wills his shyness to Chris Lucas. Gordon Sargent wills his football ability to Steve Auten. Terry Shipley wills her duties as FFA Queen to Vicki Hoeflick. Sam Simmons wills his driver's license suspension to Dave Merrin. Kathy Singrey wills her love for Mustangs to Bev jones . jean Smith wills her winning smile to Rosemary Cherryholmes. Judy Smith wills a five-pound bag of fluffy white marshmallows to Dave Work- man. Dennis Snyder wills his love for slow-moving girls to Dean Carter. Connie Stevens wills her ability to get out of rolling lawns to Allan Gaddis. Wilma Strong wills her ability to use 'Nice n' Easy' to Nancy Randall. Barb Swank wills her calmness and slowness to Mrs. Kiracofe. Susan Swank wills her Mustang to Ben Shaffer. Mike Talbott wills his ulcer to anyone with guts enough to take it. Ruth Tennant wills her nickname "Foxy" to the N.A.A.C.P. Nancy Tharp wills her sudden blush to Steve Bechtel. Jeff Tharp wills his ability to do good work to Dave Merrin. Dave Thompson wills his love for shooting pool to Mrs . Tarr. Janice Thuma wills her love for redheads to Francie Lord. Dave Turner wills his job at Howard Johnson's to next year's D.E. class. John Updike wills his ability to get into trouble to Alva Kinsel. Garry Wagner wills his mechanics ability to anyone with two left hands. U Doug Weisent wills his "Good Driver's Insurance Policy" to Gerald Doup. Wendell Weller wills his nickname "Wheeler" to anyone who thinks they can drive that fast. Linda Wiggins willslher problems with the drum major to next year's ma- jorettes. Carolyn Wilburn wills her love for government class to Carolyn Yarman. Mike Wirick wills all the hours he spent practicing with his baton to next year's drum major. Gordon Watters wills his lovely long hair to Mr. Montgomery. 107 JUNUR-SENIOR PR UM Q -N .wa Q SENIOR DA T ATFHS. MA T 24 1966 J Valedictorian- Susan G. Keiser Sa1utatorian-- Peggy Bevington COMME CEME T Commencement Speaker-- Dr. Nicholas Nyaradi Muskrat finally makes it!!!!!!! Ill I P I u II2

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