Fredericktown High School - Mirror Yearbook (Fredericktown, OH)

 - Class of 1956

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Fredericktown High School - Mirror Yearbook (Fredericktown, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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1 6 , ALMA MATER Dear Frederick Hi, within thy walls, We learn thy truth and loyalty, And see as time's dim shadow falls 2, Thy care a guiding hand to be. Oh Frederick Hi, Dear Frederick Hi We raise our happy song to thee Frederick Hi, Dear Frederick Hi, Thy narne a glorious light shall be, K V,-Q funk! uhm 4, ,lr f, -f ,QQ ., ..,. ,gg sggssf' QW -M M.. . M... ,M , is IWW, -. 'S 913 k Q, . 4 " 4 ...av .,-r""""""'b so 'tr it if FOREW ORD fQ The staff and I wish to """"'r1'F'f'ix""W:" 1 thank the faculty, classes, and i organizations for their co-opera W M ZW tion in helping to publish this ststs f i yearbook. iliif M The Editor. t tsstn fass M Board of E ducofion s ' s s is Mr. Workman, Mr. Fearn, President Leno James Mr. Cochran, Mrs. Huggins, Mr. Dalr-ymple Secretary-Mrs . DuVal1 EXECUTIVE HEAD R .P . HEISCHMAN Dedicafion We the class of "56" wish to dedicate our yearbook to you, Mr. Shaffer. You have not only been a fine teacher and a coach but also an inspiration to all of us. 6 X M k FCEM Mrs. Anderson Mr. Powers T! 'V A A Nz 1 A 1" 1 5 , , A 5 X it gf 'K I ik . yaai Mr. Whittemore Mr. Ewers fo :,,. .5 Qk' as Q U ' sf !! xf -lf' Auf ff- : 1 "'fH f S A : Hdj K y L-tQwQ?ig9!',if .L 'P+ I Q :f- MVP sd 6 A'? xNff A .L kV,' A 'J fs? , f. 92 mf -f ip, : , g ,- E-fl ' 5' 1 V 1 5, ! i VK xl, Z A f -A f xk- I .A fr Mrs. Kiracofe f . 1 QV: H f TL ? 2l L 'Y f.'f :X,"?fff'1f ki, A , M' Mr. Hicks ass I x X tl MP. Shaffer I 'J .F 'i"""'- ,qpsfs-Q-vu Mrs. Whittemore Mr' Duvall Mrs. Smith ---- --- R"-bf N, 12 MP' Smith Mrs. Phillips MPO Noble Gmvfx NG' -if S! Mrs. Heischman Mrs' Ula?-"Y 9 Twelve Years Tpgefher X ,mf lst. row-B. Gadd, R. Turner, M. Besst, S. Brunner, N. Awwiller, N. Benson, B. Boyd, Mo so Snello 2nd. row-B. Yost, C. Merrin, R. Frazier, T. Frazier, B.Frazier, J. Brake, K. Gilmore, D. Smith. Srd. row-G. Toms, G. Rine, D. Huggins, D. Ackermang P. Seymour, G. Cunningham, G. Franks. Lfjmif ' ww Ill . "' Q I 1 'gg' Z 2 'nl X ' 95' D gtg? l i' v 4,4 ,. 1 ff' few? y - A Mr-. McClelland 9 1- I 6 You also started twelve years ago. 10 eniors T if j+ President-Neel Awwiller xxx, Lu' Vice-President-Neil Benson WLM WM" fag Qy-"'L' Secretary-Janie Payne Treasurer-Connie Bryan 12 David Ackerman -5" QSM Mike Anderson Mau Maxine Besst John Black 15 wif? -was Betty Boyd wwww MQ James Brake A, if ?A X ,ijy1- W U 9 Suze Brunner Darrell Cornell if 5-fffe'-if:,-an .uf 5 'x-Wx-:f wg. . ,. f Egan .f ,-Q7 i 2 'iffsi M 3 Qi, E QW ,H I ,. - Ly - 1 f 791 if 2 'T V L' " fix it W' Ru. ,Ffh 'giklg iv W L- 5 21, 42 -. . K ' . 352 5 ' ' , . ' HEL: M4171 fsge-.Miz " :E - E wkfiwai wamp fa - iv- 4 -. - . ram HES? 4 ,aaa .. - w5,.-pr :, -tg - "'.f.lQ ZLMEQWMQQ-x aww L. '- FWQ W twig: Xia 'Ei fpuiif ,wwf .f. M, ww 1.5255 .. Gary Cunningham Paul Emlich 1 Jerry Faust 15 Gordon Franks William Frazier Robert Frazier wwf fag! rf" Greta Frazier 16 Thomas Frazier ffw Betty Gadd Gerald Garverick 3444! Kenneth Gilmore 17 Leo Gru Jean Hagnep Rodney Henwood :QW + Donald Huggins ' 1 oo o 7 '55 W5LfEQJ? Q S Eft"3' E'-fj Q, , fag X X 5 . R 4 f X E X John Koser 18 vxwkx '5 S 1 6 glulllllk , M , 5 2 sf 5 QP? s N a 1 . A SQL f ' 2' W, .. , .. Af 'S z MW YQQSE ,gs 3, 11452, , r 59351, 3595? 256' 4, 5 fl ' M535 li-Q, 5, J e H mn 5 I A ws ,Q E? ' 1' 3 'WA J9 Ray Lord S ' me I 1, v y " 4 1 Q 60 Charles Merrin Harold Phillips lf Russell Price 19 166 4- W' .. .. fm. 55256 X Hg if 453 4 ' mf, xgfm- I sf F 12 Z 3: ' rg 32+ -kg My mf A W x -,.,:f. .V H AM' A . W X A ,k,.l 1MMW5Qg -Z'-si-C-12,25-A 3 1:22211-'::liEr-sirlfkrizqizz .1241-:vga-nw - R, V imawz-1-1-:usiiizf .:::11ii5if1-2-1-:-:-:-':'- . . .-,,.,...,.,.,,q. -::4,:,.,.,.,,.,.,. fx, '-,Zz 'sgiwnvggiufsfxi X nit. Iwmwmwwg X Yum- X , .. 1' :':.w.'A.z -101-'Y'X ' Vesta- 5 Thomas Reese 5Qgo Gary Rina , 19 .HM My 20 6 19'f"" Paul Seymour Donald Smith 20 Sandra Snell os. Q I A QQQ gg? 55 1 25 Liy? f,g. gif ,X wfw KW??. .,.,. ,, A Q, It QQ ' .,-,,1. 4. ' . af .WWA WAMV, RRWQQ 5151? QSQQFL ' my 3 L I. Donald Spearman Robert Staton UYV wwi' ' f 3 X fxfaf ff f' n xig fy 21 Lee Stone Gerald Tomg Ruby Turner 77,41 Q Nola Van Houten 22 Paul Vogler .L "QE l m, -:EV ' 1 , 4 fb S ,ww ' xg., 1 2 ill M Z, L E -wh K 1455 P Z7 - 5' wi , ,MLK ' ggggikkii , .??Yf.:Z" X I , if .4 N X, - ' EE Q4-15 f '- is g QW? x . . Bernard Welch Murrell Yarman S , E 'ff '55, Q L QMQQQ? ix W 3 2 3 by S - Madelin Whirl 25 Barth Yost , r Class will Dave Ackerman wills his singing career with the dance band to Phil. Mike Anderson wills his height to UMoosen Ronk. Neel Awwiller wills his position as Senior Class President to next year's president. Neil Benson wills his smiles to Gilford Biggerstaff. Maxine Besst wills her nickname noscarn to her sister, Norma Jean. John Black wills his clarinet to Anita McKinley. Betty Boyd wills her brillance in English class to Jack Brentlinger. Jim Brake wills his collection of fire arms to Helen Anderson. Connie Bryan wills her black hair to Lois Fiant. Suze Brunner wills her love for college to Elaine Fink. Darrell Cornell wills his tardy slips to John Long. Gary Cunningham wills his freckles to Helen Rine. Paul Emlich wills his hard labor at the farm to Timmy Corrigan. Jerry Faust wills his hot-rodding ways to Lloyd Mowry. Gordon Franks wills his quiet ways to Dick Dalrymple. Creta Frazier wills her F.F.A. jacket to this year's queen. Bob Frazier wills his ambition to Bill Koser. Tom Frazier wills his love to coon hunt to Larry Awwillen Bill Frazier wills his football helment to Elmer Reed. Betty Gadd wills her giggles to Patty Hess. Gerald Garverick wills his love for Mt. Vernon to Priscilla Leedy. Kenny Gilmore wills his love for the sophomore class to Jim Wood. Leo Grubb wills his way with people to Jim Kirkpatrick. Jean Hagner wills her build to Patty Starkey. Rodney Henwood wills his hogs to Swift's Packing. Donnie Huggins wills his part-time photography to next year's photographer. John Koser wills his willingness to give to the blood bank to any other donor. Ray Lord wills his helicopter to any pilot who thinks he dare fly it. Charles Merrin wills his marching band career to Mike Mullin. Janie Payne wills her job as secretary for Mr. Kiracofe to next year's secretary. Harold Phillips wills his red sweater to Harlen McClellandn Russell Price wills his National Guard uniform to Allan Boner. Tom Reese wills his love for fourth street to Diana James. Gary Rine wills his shooting eye to next year's star. Paul Seymour wills his love for the Ween class to Wilma Purdy. Don Smith wills his skill in mechanical drawing to Del Frazier. Sandra Snell wills her willingness to clean up other people's messes to Kay Ann Morrison Don Spearman wills his neat clothes to Dave Burt. Bob Staten wills his loud clothes to Dave Kauffman. Lee Stone wills her height to Ruth Long. Gerald Toms wills his shyness to Carl Morris. Ruby Turner wills her diamond to any other lucky girl. Nola Van Houten wills her small stature to Mary Ann Leedy. Paul Vogler wills his job to anyone who likes to work. Bernard Welch wills his cool haircuts to Jerry Eyster. Madelin Whirl wills her ever cheerful smile to Nancy Van Whinkle. Murrell Yarman wills his way of flattering the girls to Bill Lord. Barth Yost wills his editorship of the annual to next year's editor. 7 nerchf? U' Dave Ackerman, Betty Boyd, Gary Rine, and Ray Lord NGN placed lst., 2nd., 4th., and 5th. in the County q Senior Scholorship Tests. They will their high xi' hh? scores to next year's senior class. 'U Nfl 51,:sl 11:3 ' i ." 24 S 455 gl , x J umors U'Jl5'UL"OlZUJ,!OU'l-' Oguo'1uogJo-El' D-4 ff"40bUJo gba Ffa 0 05 mm Q "S"'SWl-'-'S:5"!'1"U"S Q-:OOIITO P'0l'-'O '?'5i'3?E3ff2'f P' QUWFUDOEVU 19:31-upg'uP'5 e nv b Q-I IDF' .1-'21 UECDCU".'JU O'3S.0Ouo O W W' 1 'vCJU "SN U1"SC:r-3,'3'ml-'- f"'P"'52'4nCDl-'-ED U10 I-'vo 59-'ibm -QMS mbvwo vcrm':UQcDl-I-c'Y.'3 U 0"5ogl4'dsu 'UIQ-rrrop-wmzo nun 5.1 u W U+4w 'Q SIl7'v.4L-'H-q,ot1:1 'ighosp-iq 'IHC Cf' lass, OC 'Grimm-w mmbd 'OS9'Urdl-'CDOQU' Q ocQm.0v-1-an-h 'Ugm' UMM! o 41 u U1 -wwf? - Pkg! Homrfg :U UQ :justin W H NIUE H md' 'O,Y.DUJt+f11 'tb' Ending 2' fs: sg-H 3. DQ I-Nu ' E!-' Q' gmygvod SD O ' 5 ' ' zn SIDS D ooomu 233 'UWC' '1 'SI or-p-1pJ'U"S"d P' Umlil-Us mm ZXUQ 'sm 5-' 23 5'-5"'!3 dw W- mw mm U' 3 W' f H ' C-4 OSTIFC' Z go no KD wo Eu IO QUJ tiffjbu O I-' 091 F45 t+m c"2 05 ll-" EUR' m o m P-m Q 05" USD: P-'CUM "SP" SCD we W C as g 3:63 QFD D-N 'O U I " 'J L-f'Q"?f gig 51? urn!-"wa " O so 53 L-'E Q.J"" " O "' 'U Him- U IIC 1 'Ch C-ll I-'Cf tb ' 0' I." PWD: E Vi' ' 091 F1 U x FDD '49 " 5 "S '33 If 5 W Q H '1 if -E a -N3 .vo 'X ,. Q Z-I 0 W K 4 .A Q 'GW' V 33-?w A 3 5 1 if ' l . NDQ- 3 MW . ww Q ,, I f we iii - ' ' Q x ,X 'X4 Af . x . if ' , , :lf 51 , " 'am H W" 5 .f Q? ' -f 4 f , f' fxif 3 NHWV' 'E '. .V ...L 'K R 4 ' 5 I Q ' vm . I E IM.. MM kv k , A' ' LEqjjjxWQ'fiW' ' egg: .,, - N ', iii? . , , ? f,',, -- ,...A A I ' I- W ' i My y Ei: Xl Z, I Wi A W HES 1 -" ' ' Lx. h I f U Q '4 'MM5aWf ' H wwf f"Y 7' ' Hd,,- ff "F I 1 , ' . President-Phillip Ackerman Vice-President-Jerry Eyster Secretary-Evelyn Seif Treasurer-David Burt If !!aXx Nh ? 5 1 A, , K , . 1 1' 5 26 QIINHW ,....-M-"""" ,,....--H+'- . .1-"" au , " fi Sophomores gets rgw-M. Phillips, D. Whirl, P. Simmons, M. Long, B. Bryan, D. James, M. Tindall, o aI' era 2nd, row-R. Dunn, E. Brown, S. Snell, L. Fiant, B. Cline, R. Long, N. Besst, B. Coffing, P. Sargent, J. Frazier, V. Gaddis, A. Wolford, M. Johnson, R. Peterman. Srd. row-Mrs. Smith, S. Black, C. Smith, H. Rine, J. Whited, C. Fletcher, L. Morris, S. Smith, H. Anderso , E. Fink, L. Boyd, N. Bone, P. Smith, K. Morrison, L. Roberts, N. Kennedy, P. Latham, E. Brown, P. Belville, N. Phillips, Mrs. Kiracofe, Mr. Whittemore 4th. row2W. Barber, L. Hyatt, B. Peterson, R. Noble, R. Durbin, D. Ruggles, J. Dixon, M. Purdy, L. Levengood, D. Dumbaugh, D. Hathaway, T. Frazier, D. Tindall, J. Klrpatrick, J. Shi le . Sth. rgw-E. Miller, D. Phillips, T. Corrigan, R. Davis, E- Heed. B- Ryan. J- Lone. F. Payne, D. Dalrymple, E. Hoeflick, D. Ryang L. Grant, C. Roberts. ,gf 4 x i h W K lv I' we President-Jim Shipley Vice-President-Peggy Simmons Secretary-Shirley Smith Treasurer-Jim Kirpatrick Advisers- Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Kiracofe, Mr. Whi'G'C6II1OI'9 Q .W.f1jQ3 27 Freshmen lst row-E. Merrin, B. Brown, J. Montgomery, P Cook, L Swihart, J Warner, E Dixgn, S. Ryan, A. McKinley, J. Mortimer, G Fisher, J Bemiller, P Carter, Stu Ufu 2nd row-Mr. Hicks, B. Ronk, M. Mullin, J Hagner, M Leedy, L Weikle, M Phillips, J Robinson, L. Wise, L. Wade, J. Armentrout, J Hadley, G Welch, E Frazier, W Johnson, Mr. Smith. 3rd row-J. Phillips, D. Tennant, C. Baker, B Blaisdell, J Popham, D Fluhart, L Algire, D. Vickroy, B. Cline, H. Hagner, D Thuma, H Rine, J Brentlinger, D Kauffman. 4th row-G. Lord, D. Randall, D. Cockrell, B Blackburn, J Beheler, D White, B Ruhl, D. Wiggins, R. Catteau, J. Vail, J Eckenroad, J Ewers, S Swihart, J Pollock, J. Divelbiss. President-Jim Eckenroad Vice-President-Bob Ronk Secretary-Patty Carter Treasurer-Judy Armentrout Advisers-Mr. Hicks, Mr. Smith ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL Mr. Otis Kiracofe 1- x..,.1x,.,,I-N IHNSTREL SHOW! yvw V7 r s F 9 N K Z' l Mrs. Bennett G21 I f I ' fi -'Xiu 'E ssl!-1 1 tu . 5QQiiF-f- ' I E ' - sir. FP" 1 iid' '- Z -gd, 7 X 5 A 50 ,ff r g 4011 1 10' n E r-P' -' ' Sa- - l lin 4 , 1,5 -"'-'-'L'?5:,lx,, Inf 3"-1:31 -- .fllmf uU'1u1I:z3.: 'df 2?-.nunnxuzx-g 1 " if-n ':-TL? 1 I -A 337:-. 1 ww 1 ' my.. S"- QZf'- x N J S ' "9 I.- W 1. 4.2 ..: 1 ', Jr Ln-- X lib! ,n ,va 'SF k N - kv' x 1 'S' -rm . . xfaiwsa S iff ,sg , Ea. E ighfh Grade lst. row-J. Brown, J. Weller, C. Baker, J. Whited, L. Warner, B. Google, S. Hamon, C. Gadd, S. Awwiller, J. Ewers, M. Ewers, B. Leedy, C. Miller, L. Grubaugh, C. whirl. 2nd. row-Mr. Shaffer, M. Herbert, G. Chandler, B. Brake, M. DOUP, P- 30029, 5- JHSEGP J. Vail, P. Hines, S. Sorge, M. Peters, S. Patterson, M. Grant, M. Hulse, J. Reed, C. Hoagland, J. Reed, J. Sargent, Miss Reed. Srd. row-P. Leedy, G.A. Fisher, S. Snell, L. Stevens, L. Whited, R. Bebout, D. Dal- rymple, W. Beheler, G. Frye, J. Diehl, D. Amicon, J. Corba, K. Fiant, L. Smith, B. Kirpatrick. 4th. row-R. Williams, G. Schonauer, J. Harris, R. Tenney, G. Jessee, C. Faust, M. Toms, L. Benson, W. Smith, R. Davis, N. Kearns, D. Edwards, L. Kershner, B. Hulse, D. Wolford, B. Hoffman, F. Chap- man, J. Sargent. Marilyn Ewers, Pat Hines, Susan Sorge, President-Merrill Toms Vice-President-Sue Awwiller Secretary-Bonita Leedy Treasurer-Roger Syler Sue Awwiller, Carol Gadd. 50 , M A ., -.K . 5 3. 1. , . o .113 e:-.Jr-14, Sevenfh Grade lst. row-S. Perky, J. Brokaw, B. Leedy. 2nd. row-C. Vernon, K. Steinmetz, S. Ritchey, C. Van HOUVGQ. M- Phillips, Cv Shaffer, J. Litt, R. Long, C. Smith, M. Wise, E. Peterman, J. McDonald, J. Weller, J. Winand, M. Peters. Srd. row-S. Merrin, H. Hyatt, B. Hamon, C. Landis, M. Bartlett, S. James, E. Gilmore, J. Fidler, S. Francisco, B. George, L. Hicks, B. Frazier, S. Carper, M. Clark, P. Bechtel, S. Biggerstaff, K. Gardner, C. Roberts, N. Travis, S. Simmons, W. Seif. 4th. row-Mr. Ewers, J. Keyes, R. Davis, C. Ackerman, J. Corba, T. Burson, D. Snyder, K. Zolman, G. Morrison, L. Overly, W. Mast, D. Salva. P. Phillips, R. Revenaugh, W. Payne, D. Shira, D. Vogler, L. Whited, E. Kasten,Mrs. Ulery. 5th. row-R. Coffing, S. McQuigg, C. Frazier, L. Henwood, D. Morris, R. McQuigg, D. Reese, O. Eyster, G. Helmick, P. Ridenour, P. Scarbrough, R. Hamilton, W. Glackin, J. Spearman, E. Brokaw, R. Carpenter, B- Cline. W- C1eVe'!'v President-Dennis Reese QQQQEEL Vice- President-Otho Eyster X 'Q , Secretary- Janet Fidler "' Ss Treasurer- Roger Davis Advisers- Mr. Ewers, Mrs. Ulery W1 51 ,,..--v Sixih Gfacfe lst. row-D. Hess, N. Vail, K. Warner, 5' Welch, B. Wiggins, B. Yarman, C. Turner, B. Todd, S. Williams, B. Vance S.Travis end. row:D. wolfori, H. Gaddis, J. Ryan, J- YOSt. J. Solomon, J. Frazier, L. Zolman, ML Wilson, D. Tharp, D. Smith, Mrs. Winand. Srd. row-J. Whirl, F. Snell, P. Gilmore, D McConnell R Gil - , . more, D. Smith, S. Selva, T. Whited, A. Weller. Absent-B. Wandle. New pupil not pictured-D. Hewitt -Z l'Qa J lst. row-J. Bryan, S. Morris Ko Swihart, Ao Brake, P0 Fluhart, C. Ewers, L. Blais- dell, C. Stevens, S. Ruhl, B. Stahl, J. Brokaw, K. Ruhl, S. Davis. L. Dudgeon, E. McK1nle 2nd. row- Mrs. Gocanower, C. Google, T. Simmons, J. Dav W. Bryant, R. McConnell, D. E elman, R. Brake, L. Chandler, D. Brown. 5rd row-R. Burson, C. Diehl, F. Bemiller, R. Carter, D.Brubaker, R. Cockrell, J. Catteau, W. Bebout, R. Campbell. lst. row-M. Gullett, R. Landis E. Leedy, R. Oswalt, C. Hatha- way, S. Phillips, E. Kearns, A. Morris, B. Hull, P. Heisch- man, N. Oaks, C. Hamon, V. Whited, J. Payne, J. Kemmer. 2nd. row-R. Ronk, C. Overly, D. Proper, G. Levengood, G. Grubaugh, B. Robinson, H. Reed O. Kennedy, J. McKinley. Srd. row-L. Payne, J. McCoy, N. Kauffman, H. Reed, B. McMahon, G. Long, R. Kuchon, J. Bradrick. 32 st. row-C. Anderson, M. Boh-, an, J. Burgholder, J. Eyster, . Coffing, C. Montgomery, . Davis, N. Francisco, . Gilbert, S. Snavely, S. dwards. nd. row-R. Faust, L. Rayle, . Cline, B. Breeze, H. Zol- an, B. Darling, D. Diehl, . Beeman, R. Parker, B. rubb, Mrs. Dumbaugh. rd. row-M. Crider, J. Hawk, . Cunningham, J. Fiant, . Brown, D. Foster, D. Ham- lton, G. Fink, R. Dixon, D. F iffh Grade w w w k lst. row-B. Whirl, M. Tish, D. Hines, M. Stevens, B. Weikle, V. Payne, J. Smith, J. Kershner, B. Ritchey, L. Phillips, N. Swihart, M. Lyons, D. Phillips. 2nd, row-B. Swank, A. McQuigg, H. Updike, T. Williams, D. Leedy, D. Smith, J. Layman, N. Swihart, B. Hulse, Mrs. Rine. Srd. row-L. Chandler, J. Francis, C. Watters, D. Silliman, D. Patter- son, L. James, R. Shira, G. Streby, L. Spearman. ,Absent-C. Peters. 9 1 if AP F ourfh Grade 7 lst. row-T. Wilson. J. Weller L. St. Clair, A. Miller, G. ! McClellan, L. Wells, J. Harris, R. Noble, B. Robinson, S. Shaffer, L. Burson. 2nd. row-Miss Wigton, G. Wilson, B. Morrison, T. Swi- hart, R. Rutter, D. Tennant. N. Tharp, R. Ohler, K. Smith, C. Wise. Srd. row-J. Overly, D. Yoder, C. Goare, R. Smith, L. Warner D. Rayle, D. Wells. Q lst. row-M. Robinson, M. Stout, J. Lyon, P. Ryan, D. Quigley, J. Kauffman, B. Wagner, R. Levering, S. Houston. End. row-Mrs. McVay, D. Williams R. Jones, R. Morrison. R. Yoder, M. Kinsey. D.Van Houten. B. Stevens, H. Litt, J. Purdy. Srd. row-R. Yarmen, C. Payne, M. Gallagher, C. White, L. Frazier, K. Welch, R. Strioke R. Streby. A,vf W 1 UMW? H ., 'JV' ' F 1 lst. row-R. Bemiller, C. Carpenter, J. Bird, E. Cochran, J. Diehl, A. S. Fletcher. 2nd, row-S S. Harrison G. Brown, L. R. McMahon, J. Bone, D. Mrs. Weller. Srd. row-M. S. Davis, Burson, Do Carter. Gadd , J. Benson, Coe, J. Davis, Bryan, Cochran, J. Fisher, T. Tenney, B. Campbell, J. DeBolt, J. Cook. Absent-P. Lim., B. Doup F ourfh Grade Third Grade lst. row-B. Farmer, L. White L. Whited, N. McCoy, L. Follin, J. Keiser, S. Frazier, M. Mast, I S . Biggerstaff, C. Ruhl, . Perkey, N. McConnell, K. Davis, L. Kearns. Qnd- row-S. Rine, J. Kemmer, M. Schechtman, C. Breeze, T. Latham, J. Ronk, J. Ritchey, J. Brokaw, H, Long, Miss Leedy. 5rd. row-T. Divelbiss, J. DeChant, E. Moore, D. Henry, B. Dixon, M. Beeman, T. Lord, D. Payne, G. 34 Reed. lst. row-D. M. Gregg, R. G. Isett, P. P. Hines, B. T. Lltt, J. V. Herndon. 2nd. row-D. N . Helmick, J. Roberts, Y. McNally, S. Herndon, C. Knights, Ridenour, Salva, Hulse, Kershner, Doup, Goare, S. Sesser, C. Newton, K. Herndon, J. Long, C. Kinsey. Grd. row-Miss Woodard, H . Roberts, B. Hoovler, G. Kirkpatrick, B. Ewers, L. Seymour, J. Reed, M. Whited, S. Budrow, D. Evernart, H. Phillips, D . Randall, G. Hawk. Third Grade lst. row-N. B Stahl, . Yarman, F. Wise, L. Wells, L. Warner, S. Wiggins, We Wise, Po D. Vickroy, J. Smith. s. smith, Stevens, B. Tharp, Znd. row-Paul Smith, C. Shaeffer, C. Snell, B. Shaeffer, R. Wilson, G. Simmons, D. Williams, D. Blackburn, L. Gllbert, R. Snyder, Miss Beardmore. Brd. row-R. Wnited, D. Whirl, J. Updike, R. Stricker, T. Zolman, R. Swihart, T. Strong. R. Zolman, Absent-R. Whited. lst. row-J. Awwiller, M. Brake, B. McDonald, M. Cockrell, K. George, J. Corba, M. Burson, S. Brubaker, D. Burson J. Cunningham, K. Hamilton, M. Perkey, B. Ewers 2nd. row-Mrs. Carson, T. Ryan, A. Weykle, M. Ohler, B. Bryant, G. Martin, B. Brown, R. Hoeflick R. Hardison, C. Fiant, B. Seymou L. Vance. Srd. row- J. Bird, D. Ewers, D. Gaddis, A. Rhea, J. Williams, S. Dudgeon, R. Diehl, B. Carper. 'X ! P, vt 9 ' K ,fi .. K , 'W p .- .el 1 U - mf lst. row-M. Helmick, R. Coffing, R. Cochran, J. Carpenter, C. Gregg, M. Burson, C. Coe, R. Besst, G. Gullett, J. Algire. 2nd. row-J. Smith, M. Burson, R. Amicon, D. Burgholoer, K. Bunnell, L. Bartlett, R. Crider, D. Conkle, K. Singrev. K. Robin- son, S. Brown , Mrs. Bruce. 5rd. row-F. Warner, J. Catteau, B. Brake, R. Campbell, T. Lore, E. Fenton, L. Streby, J. Grubb, L. Bechtel, E. McClellan. r' wiv M.. -fs L lst. row-W. Weller, G. Watters, D. Snyder, D. Turner, M. Talbott, M. Young 2nd. row-Mrs. McFarland, T Wells, N. Tharp, Wiggins, J. Thuma, Weir, B. Swank, Swank, C. Shaffer, Tennant, D. Spearman, Strong, C. Stevens, Spencer, J. Whited Grd. row-B. R an, S. Reed D Y Hawk, C. Hines, Robinson, W. Arthur, Robinson, D. Ridenour Salva, G. Sargent, Wagner, B. Ritchey, Simmons, D. Smith lst. row-T. Leedy, D. Phillips, J. Reed, D. James. 2nd. row-Mrs. Debolt, T. Shipley C. Kershner, S. Keiser, R. Hart, L. Heaton, B. Jones, D. Payne, S. Hicks, M. McNutt, M. Ruhl, E. Strong, N. Shaffer. Srd. row-D. Phillips, T. Fenton, F. Welch, T. Randall, C. Jaggepgi J. Huff, V. Everhart, P. Ohler, D. Randall R . Price, D. Patter son, R. Parker. lst. row-C. Grant, L. Long, D. Jones, D. Hamon, B. Leedy, N. Cockrell, J. Farlee, G. Hamon, F. Whited, Miss Westerfield. 2nd. row-M. Henry, M. Vance, M. Leedy, F. Lord, E. Ewers, T. Hamilton, J. Moore, K. Hess, L. Kennedy. Srd. row-T. Hulse. U. Levering, E. Litt, C. Fern, L. Montgomery, D- HSHPY. S. Gregg, J. Fiske, R. Ath- M erton. 4th. row-D. Harstine, G. Booze, S. Hoeflick, T. Campbell, K. Jessee, G. Fisher, R. Morrison, D. Merrine F irsf Grade l i E lst. row- Mrs. Auten,K. Phil- lips, K. Riter, J. Whirl, T. Wolfgang, R. Wise, D. Strong, B. Reese, J. Weir R. Rule, D. Vail, C. Simpson 2nd. row-J. Schonauer, M. Zolman, G. Reed, P. Wilson K K. Raubenolt, T. Schechtman, D. Smith, K. Schonauer. Srd. row-M. Sargent, J. Wat- son, T. Swihart, M. Rayle, B. Shaffer, M. Whited, J. Watt. 4th. row-N. Toms R Merrin D. wagner, G. Shaffer, ' C. Reppart, P. Smith. 37 . 4. TOP row-G. Doup, J. Porter, S. Morrison, W. Burson, S. Witt 2nd. row-R. Carter, G. Lelb, J. Herndon, N. Stevens, V. Net- hers, H. Daniels, M. Berry. Srd. row-S. Scarbrough, L. Bis- hop, M. Marshall, D. Braddock, L. Brake, C. Black, C. Burson, L. Beheler, M. Frazier. 4th. row- T. Hardison, I. Hawk L. Davis. R. Davis, M. Sharp, B. Peters, J. Barber, S. Auten, J. Cook, J. Fenton, B. Arthur. 9 Absent-C. Eckenroad, S. Whited, R. A1gire,Mrs. Boyd . N ,,,,f' 1. ...Q 2 vu ,J-Q ,0- .K R, 18 V gk . 'six .,....J ifqfk Alf' 's IG I I I wi N 7...-2 .591 'J President-Betty Boyd Nafional Honor Socieiy Vice-President-Paul Seymour Q. 74 Secretary-Connie Bryan " rw, Treasurer-Gary Rine Adviser-Mr. Powers 2, ww, " ' ' 'qi F f- if ' f' f,ff,,- ' I u.b,"71" V -"f'ff5ffr fr- Maw 5333 Vfn wif H 'iff J: ff ' wif , ,V X 2 Q QQ, QU Yearbook Sfaff X 'Q,,. Q A fc' -..I v4:l'!-, if 11 ra ry Q Q EDITOR: Barth Ybst ASSISTANT: David Ackerman BUSINESS MANAGER: Darrell Cornell ASSISTANT: Bob Staton ART EDITOR: Connie Bryan ASSISTANT: Don Smith SPORTS EDITOR: Gary Rine ASSISTANT: Leo Grubb SENIOR EDITOR: Betty Gadd ASSISTANT: Creta Frazier ACTIVITIES EDITOR: Betty Boyd ASSISTANT: Ray Lord ADVISER! Mr. Whittemore -RRR X 8 'Z g- Q E? N' Kfa .gffux ,M 00 x " President--Barth Yost fu Vice-President--Gary Rine Secretary--Betty Boyd Treasurer---Priscilla Leedy Adviser---Mr. Ewer-s L , X i S K. President-Dave Ackerman Hi- TEENS Vice-President-Neel Awwiller President-Connie Bryan Secretary-Bob Staton Vice-President-Betty Gadd Treasurer-Barth Yost Secretary-Elaine Fink AdViSer,Mr. Hicks Treasurer-Priscilla Leedy Hi-Y YF,,,,..,,.,-A M Song Leaders-Evelyn Seif, Lela Oswalt Program Chairman-Betty Boyd Advisers-Miss Reed, Mrs. Anderson :,....,-MA A ,, CPO lv Kf,1 X Q 4-u Band 44 swf 4? W NiE E!!"', President-Betty Boyd Vice-President-Lamar Hicks Secretary-Helen Rlne Treasurer-Patty Carter Xxf f f D v Chorus Ju 3 G. ' X lx Q I3 xzfw 1 "XT ' 1 xk Q x X J Y Q L JC f, Q, ' Home Makers President-Betty Gadd Vice-President-Diane Robinson Secretary- Joann Hulse Treasurer-Sandra Laribee Historian-Ruth Long Parliamentarian-Peggy Simmons News Reporter-Barbara Tenney Adviser-Mrs. Angeline Phillips so xy' .QElJAR!pX 'Q 2 'Qtjf Af 3 1?mni'?F' ,iw Q. YQ F ufure Farmers President-Kenny Gilmore Vice-President-Gary Cunningham Secretary-Tom Reese Treasurer-Jim Brake Reporter-Gerald Toms Sentinel-Leroy Swihart Adviser-Mr. Smith W- v1,.,,.+ iw x K ,A . 2 i 5 A We :W Wil ,. 1 .492 I ,- F---' Ill 47 FriJe Anzl Junior Play rf' .V ice Louise Todd Jerry Eyster Evelyn Self Nancy Long Priscilla Leedy Nancy Van Winkle Nancy Sargent Patty Starkey Director-Mr. Wilda Harris Loraine Wilson Marilyn Swank Wade Smith David Amicon Phillip Ackerman Dave Burt Dean Smith Tyrol Noble Q.:f,,,1f , FOOTLIGHTS CLUB President-Betty Boyd Vice-President-Connie Bryan Secretary-Evelyn Seif TFGHSUPGP-Priscilla Leeds' President-David D811-ymple Secretary-Carolyn Smith Treasurer-Lois Boyd m L rians sg' Q. H W rainy-- A9 W 1 U.. ' 3-wi' I ,M - mgw .wr M... I . ,, F oofball Fredericktown Fredericktown Fredericktown Fredericktown Fredericktown Fredericktown Fredericktown Fredericktown Fredericktown Utica Bellville Loudonville Elm Valley Millersburg Centerburg Huron Crestline Danville UUWN TU EU Basketball Coach MP, Shaffer. Football Coach Mr. Ewers. Q Nba' 75 s x"v x X ff I 55 5, N., lst. row-P. Seymour, G. Znd. row-J. Shipley, D. I ,,--"' Baskefball Rine, B. Frazier, M. Anderson, N. Benson, B.-Yost. Burt, B. Lord, Coach Shaffer, B. Koser, L. Hicks, T. Frazier l 54 vARs1TY RESEFVE Fredericktown Fredericktown Frederlcktown Fredericktown Fredericktown Fredericktown Fredericktown Fredericktown Frederlcktown Fredericktown Fredericktown Fredericktown Fredericktown Fredericktown Fredericktown Fredericktown Fredericktown Fredericktown 86 107 71 72 91 113 64 71 80 92 88 79 89 76 92 88 78 94 Bellville Crestline Danville Utica Cardington Hebron Loudonville Shreve Elm Valley Gambier University Chesterville Bladensburg Danville Centerburg Mt. Gilead Prospect St. Mary's COUNTY TOURNAMENT Fredericktown 61 Gambier Fredericktown 91 Amity Fredericktown 66 Danville lst row-E. Reed, D. Tindall, J. 2nd row-S. Swihart, M. Purdy, D. Ewers. Fredericktown Fredericktown Fredericktown Fredericktown Frederlcktown Fredericktown Fredericktown Frederlcktown 3Fredericktown Fredericktown Fredericktown Fredericktown Fredericktown Fredericktown Fredericktown Fredericktown Fredericktown Fredericktown Miller, B. McConnell, J. Kirpatrick. Bellville Crestline Danville Utica Cardington Hebron Loudonville Shreve Elm Valley Gambier University Chestervllle Bladensburg Danville Centerburg Mt. Gilead Prospect St. Mary's Wiggins, D. White, R. Ruhl, J. Beheler, R. Davis, Coach 56 fs? o. .J .. v h C eerleaders ,,, ff Lois Boyd, Evelyn soif, Connie Bryon ,I N 'JM' 'M' . , I -.L ah. ohm ,M J., JL Diane Studor, Mary Jane in A y , '15 an-f1"'! Long, Diana James 1955 HOMECOMING Barry Reppa Connie Jones Fifixs FQQH Lee Stone Greta Frazi Betty Gadd I Betty Boyd Queen-Connie Bryan Escorts Neel Awwiller David Ackerman B111 Frazier Leo Grubb Paul Vogler 58 BUS DRIVERS 4'-1 lst. row-Da1e,Turner, Cletus Reed, Ray McDonald, Clyde Boyd, Lewis Sargent. 2nd. row-M.B. White, Vaughn Ruhl, Ray Richard, Lawrence Mishey, Foster Frazier, Ralph Brokaw, George Griffith, Jay Gaddis 0 Absent-Irl Willits. Y ,jf cooxs ' , huiix M 'S ag d :H Martha Hissong 'feng 3 X -K ES, If., A r if "' f-eriM'ff Irma McNutt P ' Cora Briggle I I I . gd dl " , . , i . W . Z: JANITORS S Q Allen Ring, Paul Wells, Ray McClelland .F . eg. K. H7 , I , gl N41 v,,J 59 Credit is hereby given the Journalism Class for pictures cont ributed for this book. 6 This book printed by VELVATONEQ9, a special process of lit 0 graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. No other printing firm is auth ' orized to use the Velvatonc meth l

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