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F559 G 5 K + 5 ' I .warn 4-1 jf f 4 4 , in r EL' 4, V. if 'ff 1 N Q w 1 1-'w'v.QEE" I , X 1 fan ' , S. .rm 13, ef fx A 1 2523451 f -is , ,Q V. , -. ,T-'fi r -135 , - 5 2 -- -' gf Hg fm! jf.-,LAS , .wl - R-ilrgg ' ' ' , Agn' .v ' .f5T-TE .N , ,mm ,nw W. 1 V ,V '1'.Q31N- 1w f v - , 'gif V 4, af-E3i,ffy'f'.': My ' 1 Ju 1 J:'fp?a21FQ, 'r 4 www., gk-0,3 Q , .. - w- .1,-Ag., ' U wh J Rf' ,, L 11,745,236 . :Maw , 1 m'2'L,.,1i4-if A ' ' +2 ,M - - mf?:fa1- HW .www ,. 11' -' -' ' , L-3Pi43fQs Q fig 'R' -V, J z ,-QL,.F5i-'--1fsf.f4rfiil - - -:'wf'iIr'23f ,tp x'---if NY , 'ff mu m, ,- 'ww--W ' , I ,. 1 . . A vf :iff-A . Sf ' y jx: ir- 37,5 is 1, P Q' 5'l'f'.g2' Q, S. " jf , IW: ff:'w31lf'3:f52"ii15i fb ,wfipmeeffeilviy ',if1f,S df- .' X .. -, J cs:-ff-' 11-': f m1Zf31Yi.5if,l 'Arn .' my fl' ' I' i -' fx .r 3 :ima Uwggif ' .. .nw-5f,,FA ,. 'z .pf ' ,,f,"Z'L3i.,Tj,Wz-,, . , .b 7 Q-3 . ng,-fi ' ff N Qi771an'1 ,f Wk, ' " -.'+f,.j fur- J- ,wggif . gs Q " . N' 5,213 .':.,f- 1. X. ,Qu . , T.i.,,J , , V. .Q 7.13, W r-RUN M -ff, f, ,-, , ,W ,731 ,ff . ,, ' fl' fjfiljfwzg Jfkiff- ,Zn .e :pf ,, N - ' ' 1 1.3 A H, , V 5' i gf.: gf 3Jff5'rI 'tix J fi Wfgfw " 1115? -jg 'N M ,.l.',.4..,A,,m '. wwf 'I Y V. A .X,,. . , ,ri ' .wwf ' V . fl: 2 L 1 A M Tiff, ,V .,-, V 1 ' 1 L, , j,,,:1, 4 . ff 4 if vw W ,, J W Q R. ., v,1"gcfYf" , mnuwzxajw 35 ' Q- - vga 5 ' w ini' Agni ,732 '3if:'.w: 1' . F 5 -qv , ,,,,. - sk AV S7 1 A. ,V ,, 2, ' ,,1Q,3,: . M k l Awww .Im ., Q, 9 glf'f"' aa, T52 , , : : 5 ' T 11.857 Q3 1 1 ,gfgu , A -, u:,5,,ZgQf,QfqW,5hf, A S Q H235 'XfyEQ?g. , 2 ' 542: -A ' fe MQ' A 3' f 2 Jn xx 17' w M 51 if X 'I us. 'M 'm if v 3 , . ' K ,.v 1 vi ' 'J ' 1 I M W x ,13 ' 4 V 5,7 1 ' , 'M , , gt... W .gsfif , J 5-X gru- 9 Q fx 1-, . x Gi-iif' , 5- v ' la. x eff , V wk, i ' 119i my.: ' ig: 1 - 7, Th 'Yi ' 1 A- Q ' -11+ TU :N..ff4J'9v' M, V " ' , 1 -, if , .w 7, A, . . 5 . X18 6 1:1 mkwbf' .gznfc ,xy A Sllnttmxff .M . , .V ,W Mi.: w. ff? -'Ll '11-fm 7fze MIRRUR 194.2 THE MIRRUR' ' -42 PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE STUDENT BODY FHEDRICKTUWN HIGH SCHO0L FBEDRICKTUWN, 0. "A CULLECTIUN 0F PICTURES T0 PRESERVE MELLOW MEM0llIES" I Y thug! 4 LIBRARY CAFETERIA ART CLASS l"0liEWllIlD T IS indeed an honor to say that We have the privilege of going to Fredericktovvn High and We are very grateful to her. Some of us have accomplished little, While some of us have done quite Well. Nevertheless, We have had lots of fun in dear old F. H, S. and it is with deep regret that We are leaving. In leaving We, the class of 1942, leave as our remembrance, this annual. The staff has very faithfully Worked to make it a success. In future years may this annual bring back pleasant memories of happy high school days in Fredericktovvn. We leave our best Wishes for success to the future "Mirror" staffs. GENERAL SHOP TYPING CLASS HOME EC. KITCHEN FARM SHOP EURRICULAR 7 1 BOARD-FIRST ROW: MR. WARNER, MR, BARNES, MR, JAMES SECOND ROW: MR, DEBOLT, MR. BECHTEL, MR. CLARK, Mr. George McConagha, our very faithful superintendent, has led us through our last five years of school. He has done his best to rnake Fredericktown a better school. During his thirteen years in Frederick Hi he has served as teacher, coach, principal and for the last five years as our superintendent. We appreciate your work, Mr. Mc- Conagha. MRS, RIDENOUR MR. G. A. MC CONAGHA Mrs. Ridenour, until recently Helen Kirkpatrick, has served Fredericktown School well as secretary. We wish you much happiness, Helen. Miss Jane McGugin has taken Helen's place. To Jane we give our best coopera- tion so that her work here with us may be very pleasant. CLARENCE BOGER Miami, Muskingum, B. S. Science MARGARET DENMAN Ohio University, B. S. Commercial Subjects WILLIAM LAYBOURNE Ohio State University, B. S. Agriculture THELMA MILEY Denison University, A. B. Ohio State University, M. A. Mathematice BETTY WOLFE Ohio State University, B. S. Education English ROY MCKINLEY Muskingum, Ohio State University, B. S. and M. A. English, Physical Education 9 CLARENCE HARTLINE Iowa State, Ohio University, B. S. Industrial Arts ELIZABETH OLDHAM Ohio State University B French, History .S. LOREN PETERS Otterbein, A. B., B. Mus. Music FERN LEWIS Muskingum, Asbury, A. B. Art MARCELLA ROBESON Ohio State University, B. S. in Home E Home Economics ESTHER JANE SNODGRASS Muskingum A. B. English, Physical Education 10 N September sixth, nineteen- hundred-forty-two, 43 sen- iors enrolled in Frederick Hi. Everyone returned this year hop- ing to accomplish many successful things. Two of our seniors decided to leave school. Naomi Roberts took the matrimonial path and Bryce Kinney decided to go to work. At the half-year a new student entered our class, Dick Speaks mlm. SENIOR OFFICERS Front Row fleft to right, GERALD BEALE, RUSSELL WALKER Back Row Qleft to rightj ORADELL RALSTON, KATHRYN WELLER l who was formerly from Consho- hocken, Pennsylvania. Our class contributed much to the Held of athletics and to the many activities around the school. After having finished our high school career sucessfully, we hope that we have prepared ourselves thoroughly enough to face all the problems of life and we will al- ways hold dear to our memories the days spent in F. H. S. 11 RUSSELL "PUSS" WALKER Football 13,455 Basketball 1355 Mgr. Basketball 1455 Softball Team 1355 Foot- ball Captain 1455 Hi-Y 12,3,455 Band 11, 2,3,455 Pres. of Class 1455 Vice Pres. of Class 1355 Operetta 1255 Class Plays 1355 Staff 12,3,455 Glee Club 11,255 Pres. of Student Council 1455 Co-Editor of Staff 1455 Student Council 11,455 Buckeye Boys State 135. ROBERT "B0B'5 AUNGST Football 11,3,455 Band 1155 Operetta 1355 Class Plays 1355 Glee Club 11,253,455 Glee Cluub Secretary and Treasurer 135. HAROLD ANDERSON F.F.A. 11,2,3,45. HAROLD "HARRY" BECHTEL Football 12,3,455 Hi-Y 12,3,45. GERALD "SPIN" BEALE Hi-Y 12,3,455 Band 11,253,455 Secretary of Class 1455 Class Plays 1355 Staff 145. JEAN "SNO0KY" BOWMAN G.R. 12,3,455 F.H.A. 12,45. RUTH "RUTl-HE" BROWN G.R. 12,3,455 Band 11,2,3,455 Operetta 12,3,455 Class Plays 1355 Glee Club 11,2,3, 455 Music Festival. ELDON "JERSEY" BONER Football 45 HiY 2,3,45 Glee Club 3,45 Operetta 3,45 Reporter of F.F.A. 35 Sec- retary of F.F.A. 4 ROBERT "Sl-IORTY" BECHTEL Softball Team 35 President of Class 15 staff 1,2,3,4. DOYLE BRADDOCK Basketball .1,2,3,45 Football 45 Hi-Y 2, 3,45 President of Class 25 F.F.A. 1,2,3,45 Reporter of F.F.A. 45 "F" Society 45 Sec- retary of Student Council 4. DALTON "PEANUT" BRADDOCK Bas'ketball 1,2,3,45 Hi-Y 2,3545 F-Society 45 Student Council 25 Secretary of F.F.A. Vice President F.F.A. 4. KATHRYN "KATE" WELLER G.R. 2,3545 Band 1,2,35 Secretary of Class 35 Vice President of Class 45 Op- eretta 35 Class Plays 35 Staff 253,45 Co- editor 45 Glee Club 1,2535 Mixed Chorus 15 Vive President of Student Council 45 Cheerleader 3,45 Student Council 253,45 Defense Queen 4. ROBERT "BOB" CARLIN Basketball 2,3545 Hi-Y 3,4. CALVIN CORWIN Chesterville High School 1,2,3. CHARLES "JAKE" CRAFT Football 1,253,45 Hi-Y 2,3545 Operetta 3545 F.F.A. 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 3545 F.F.A. Treasurer 35 F.F.A. President 45 Hi-Y Secretary 35 Hi-Y President 45 Student Council ETHEL "EPP1E" DEBOLT G.R. 253,45 F.F.A. 1,253545 Staff Typ- ist 45 Glee Clulb 2,35 Secretary F.F.A. 2. BELLE "DING DONG" DIEHL G.R. 253,45 Band 1,2535 Secretary of Class 15 Operetta 2,35 Class Plays 35 FF.A. 1,2,3,45 Staff 1525354! Glee Club 152535 Student Council 3,45 Student Council Press Reporter 4. DOROTHY "FOC.LE" FOGLE G.R. 2,3545 Band 1 5253545 Class Plays 35 F.F.A. 152,3,45 Glee Club 152535 Mixed Chorus 15 President F.F.A. 35 Music Fes- tival 25354. WILLIAM "BILL" GIBSON . Hi-Y 2,3545 F.F.A. 15 Hi-Y Chaplin 4. RUTH "BLONDIE" HOBSON G.R. 2,3545 Operetta 45 Glee Club 154. ANNABELLE "ANNIE" HOEFLICH G.R. 253,45 Operetta 45 F.F.A. 15253545 Glee Club 15253545 Vice President of F.F.A. 4 JAMES "JIMMY" LA FEVER Hi-Y 253,45 Operetta 35 Glee Club 354. 13 ANNA MAE "ANNIE" LANE G.R. 3,45 F.F.A. 1,2,3545 Glee Club 2, Historian For F.F.A. 3. DOROTHA "RED" MCINTIRE Cheerleader 1,2,3,45 Head-Cheerleader 3,45 G.R. 2,3,45 Class Plays 3,45 Staff 2,3545 Glee Club l,2. HELEN "RED" MILLER G.R. 2,3545 Operetta 45 Staff 45 Glee Club l,2,4. DALE MILLS Operetta 35 Glee Club 2,3. MARION "PAT" PATTERSON Belleville 1,2. FLOYD "PETE" PAYNE F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. DALE PHILLIPS F.F.A, 1. CRADELL "ORPHlE" RALSTON G.R. 2,3,45 Treasurer of Class 3,45 F.F.A. 1,2,3,45 Vice President of F.F.A. 2 LOUISE "LEE" REED G.R. 2,3,45 Operetta 25 F.F.A. 1,253545 Glee Club 25 Treasurer of F.F.A. 25 De- fense Queeifs Attendent 4. HELEN ROBINSON G.R. 3,45 F.F.A. .1,2,3545 Glee Club 253. HAROLD "RUSH" RUSH Football 1,2,3,45 "F" Society 3 4 F F A 152. ARLENE "SMITTY" SMITH G.R. 2,3,45 Band 1523545 Operetta 25 3,45 Class Plays 35 F.F.A. 1,2,3545 Glee Club 253,45 Music Festival 1,3,4. .IACOBINE "JACKIE" SMITH Secretary' of Class 25 Class Plays 3,45 F.F.A. 2,3,45 Staff 45 Glee Club 35 G.R. Secretary 25 G.R. President 45 Glee Club Vice President 35 Defense Queen's Attend- ant 45 G.R. Camp 4. RICHARD DICK" SPEAKS Conshocken 1,2,3,45 F.H.S. 45 Hi-Y 4. CLARENCE "STEVE" STEVENS Hi-Y 2,3,45 F.F.A. 1,25354. RICHARD JUNIOR" TENNANT Operetta 35 Glee Club 3. JEANNETTE "TINY" THOMPSON G.R. 2,3,45 F.F.A. 2,354 EVERETT "BILL" TRUEX Hi-Y 2,3,45 Operetta 45 F.F.A. 1,253545 Glee Club 3, 45 Treasurer of F.F.A. 4, Asst. Secretary of F.F.A. 3. HENRY "HANK" WARNER Basketball 1,2,3,45 Football 15253545 "F" Society 2,3,45 Reserve Basketball 15 Hi-Y 2,3545 Band 15253545 Class Treasurer 15 Vice President of Class 25 President of Class 35 Student Council 45 Class Plays 35 Glee Club 1,45 Hi-Y Treasurer 35 Student Council Treasurer 45 Buckeye Boys State 35 Hi-Y officers Camp 2. WILLIAM "WILLIE" WILSON Football 1,25 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Band 15 Class Plays 35 F.F.A. 1,2,3,45 Secretary of Hi-Y 45 Cronicler F.F.A. 35 Treasurer F.F.A. 4 15 Snookie sent his Bob to college And now he cries alackg "I spent 810,000 And got a quarter-back." Bob Bechtel was in a grocery store, Had specials every day, Being in the red for years, He went to Paraguay. In the movies, Oradell Ralston, Has starred with Joel Mc Crea, Where e'r she goes in Movie land, Her memories-The Sunset Busy Bee. Harold Rush went on to O. S. U. Where he starred at running guard, And when they played old Michigan, All the Wolves were jarred. Ruth Hobson who is dancing, Hails from Ankenytown, As the fiddlers bow goes swaying, She really swings it down. Kate Weller now is married, All troubles she did mend, It sure was nice to get her way, She always wanted an END. Belle Diehl, my gosh, is doing fine, At the Sunset she is stationed, She is the hostess of the land, On liquid food, she's rationed. Helen Miller a gay life spent As secretary to the president, She made a mistake in typing you see, And was banned to that Isle of Capri. Next is the Horse, Harold Bechtel, Who was half-back on the team, 'Bout half a mile west of Ankenytown He finally got his dream. Spinner Beale now owns a pool room At "nine-ball" he's a shark, But when he's out of cigarettes, His life is very dark. 1 Russ Walker in the navy, A watching at the stern, About the sea-port ladies, He doesn't give a dern. Marion Patterson of Ankenytown A lbusy farmer is he, Plants the corn and sows the wheat, And a happy man is he. Then came Bob Carlin so nice and gay, For pearls he dived and lowered, But it was only natural, 'Cause he came from VVaterford. Next comes Henry Warner that famous man, Who startled all the nations, When they heard of all his views, On the style of education. Dalton and Doyle, the Braddock twins, Took ,grains of sawdust, and strips of wood, They treated them scientifically, And made a breakfast food. 16 Helen Robinson now walks the Hoor with her baby, In an all night crooning song, She found that she was in Greenland And that night was six months long. Eldon Boner, is now in New York, A famous chemist he turned out to be, He mixed a little acid with some zinc, And got a new product. Oh! can't you see. Harold Anderson's constant troubles made him sore, His constant hard luck pained him, He nailed a horseshoe o'er his door, And the thing fell down and brained him. Bill Wilson, the business man, Ran to his ohice they say, He ran for trains, ran to lunch, Ran in debt, then-ran away. As I was walking down Broadway, A big bass voice came roaring, And of all people, guess who it was, This voice from Clarence Stevens was pour- ing. Next comes Dale Mills and Floyd Payne, Their business is not so grand, For the past eight years they have been trying, To meet President Roosevelt's demands. Dale Phillips known as t'Blue Eyes" Never missed the mid-night shows, But now since he is married, Little "Blue-eyed Junior" goes. Junior Tennant is now star-skater, At the rink on Broad and High, All the .beautiful ladies eye him, As he goes skating by. At Southern Cal is Charlie Craft, His football very fine, When he's with the coeds, His loving is divine. Dorothy Fogle is Home Ec. teacher, At dear old Frederick Hi, When she steps outside the room, The erasers sure fly. Arlene and Jacobine, the Smith girls, Attended college, yo-u see, After studying for twenty years, They received their masters degree. Next comes Ethel Debolt a farmerette, Alone she cuts and binds the grain, She swears she'll never marry, And sings a melancholy strain. Yes, Eppie, says shelll never marry, And her songs they have no endnig, Yes, I saw her singing at her work, And o'er the sickle bending. Calvin Corwin, from Chesterville came, And oh how the girls did eye him, But he turned out to be a pilot, And his motto is, "Keep 'em Flying." Annabelle Hoeilick is spending her life In a beauty Shoppe you see, She has customers by the dozen, Sometimes gives permanents free. fContiued on page 432 Harold Anderson leaves his scientific driving to Billy Ritchey. Robert Aungst leaves his clownish ef- forts to Wilford Winand. Robert Bechtel leaves his height to Alan Steele. Gerald Beale leaves his studious efforts to the person who wants them, Harold Bechtel leaves his nickname, "Horse," to- Mack Vail. Eldon Boner leaves his fashion career to Ollie Cline. Dalton Braddock leaves his jaunty gait to Dick Kirkpatrick. Doyle Braddock leaves his love of farming to Carl Baker. Jean Bowman leaves her witty jokes to Beverly Biefnes. Bob Carlin leaves his smooth voice to Dizzy Pealer. Belle Diehl leaves her likeness to her sister to the Auten twins. Ethel DeBolt leaves her typing ability to next years typing class. Dorothy Fogle leaves her speech mak- ing to Glenna McDaniel. Ruth Hobson leaves her quiet ways to Julia Vickory. Annabelle HoeHich leaves her liking to answer in class to Avalee Bradrick. Charles Craft leaves his mastache to Ned Warner. Calvin Corwin leaves Mickey Bechtel behind. regretfully. Ruth Brown leaves her calm manner to Alice Eyster. Billy Gibson leaves his bashful ways to Jummy Swigart. Anna Mae Lane leaves her preference for hometown boys to Jane Barnhart. Dale Mills leaves his efforts to get into the Navy to the on-coming generation. James LaFever leaves his bookkeeping technique to Norma Jean Moree. Dale Phillips leaves his blue eyes to Betty Lou Biefnes. Floyd Payne leaves his quiet voice to Waneta Ault. Oradell Ralston leaves her aiection for Army boys to Jene Auten. Helen Robinson leaves her affection for Mt. Vernon to Carmin Mclntire. Harold Rush leaves his clear voice to Vincent Spencer. Louise Reed leaves her dignified walk to Jane Maxwell. Jacobine Smith leaves her affection to dear old Pennsylvania. Arlene Smith leaves her affection for the gravel pit to the other admirers. Clarence Stevens leaves his ambition to Howard Roberts. Jeannette Thompson leaves her witty sayin-gs to Mr. McConagha. Junior Tennant leaves his build to Chucky Gregg. Helen Miller leaves her typing ability to Ruth Shipley. Dorotha Mclntire leaves her affection for Kenyon College boys to the Junior Class, Dick Speaks leaves his Hi-Y pin to little Roses Marie in Conshohocken. tsh! tsh! Everett Truex leaves his ability to be- have on the school bus to Richard Knox. Henry Warner leaves his letter writ- ing ability to his brother, Ned. Kate Weller leaves her "defense paper" to the U. S. Government. Russell Walker leaves his late hours to the preson who wants them , Billy Wilson leaves his "Gupid work" to the sophomore class. Miss Oldham leaves her many worries to the future employers of our class. FRONT ROW Cleft to rightl Miss' Wolff, Biefnes, Barnhart, Cooke, R. Burson, Braclrick, Mclntire, Tha rp, Willits, Wells. SECOND ROW ileft to rightl Shinaberry, Pealer, Clawson, Ritchey, Rinehart, Steele, Morrison, Thayer, Payne, Simmons. THIRD ROW fleft to rightl Winand, C. Litt, Carlin, Baker, Gifford, Leedy, Corbin, Hillier, Daniels, Swigart. McCoy. FOURTH ROW fleft to rightl Lifer, Eyster, Gleason, Beale, Gilmore, Trainer, Moree, Lohmier, M. Burson, Arnold, McDaniel, Auten, H. Litt. J UNIORS NEWS On September 2, forty-eight stu- dents entered Fredericktown High School for their Junior year. We found several desks were occupied by new pupils. They were Marjorie Lohmier, Lavon Mishey, Donald Mc- Coy and James Grubaugh. After a few days, trying to get used to the new activities, we began to absorb knowl- edge. In the leisure time when we didn't want to study fmost of us didn't want toj we took up sports. Many of the class were active in out- side activities. At the end of the first week we elected our ofiicers. President .,..... --- Eugene Carlin Vice President --- --- Harold Daniels Secretary ..... --- Erma Belle Beal Treasurer - --- Doris Willits Advisor ................ Miss Wolff On December 12, we doned our ap- propriate costumes and presented the Junior class assembly, Every member of the class had some part. The main 18 feature of the program took us into the future. With Madam Cuza, the gypsy future-teller, we had many happy and interesting experiences. Some of the characters we became as- sociated with were Bob Gifford and Marjorie Burson in 5 years, Ollie Cline and Kate Weller in 10 years and Chuckie Gregg and Coach Mc- Kinley in 20 years. These all led up to many amusing moments. On December 16, all the Juniors were wearing a smile. As they walked down the halls, the jingling sounds of coins were common. The Junior rings had arrived. On March 11, the Juniors flocked in for tryouts for the Junior play, "A Night of Confusion." During the year Lavon Mishey and James Grubaugh left our school for another. Genevieve Oldaker entered our class in March from Centerburg. We are all looking forward to next year when we will be Seniors and can be looked up to not looked down on, SOPHOMORE NEWS On September 2, 1941 there were sixty-five students enrolled in the Sophomore class. Ethel Strong, Ruth Craine, and Earl Herndon entered our class a few weeks later. Jean Yarman, Ruth Craine, Donna Ryan, Clarence Fletcher, Leonard Ridenour, Jimmie Rine, and Robert Wood withdrew dur- ing the school term. Jean Yarman de- cided to get married, Ruth Craine and Jimmie Rine moved from within our school district, Donna Ryan, Clarence Fletcher and Robert Wood decided it would be more profitable to work, while Leonard Ridenour had to quite because of sickness. After we were settled and things were going along very nicely, we elected the following ofticers and Ad- visor: President .....,. Richard Kirkpatrick Vice President ......... Ned Warner Secretary .......... Pauline Seymour Treasurer .............. Robert Bell Advisor ................ Mr. Boger Our class is well represented in the various activities about school. We conduct an assembly program on February 12, 1942 on the theme of Linclon's birthday. Our boys basketball team won the class tournament by the close score of 22-21 from the Seniors. This year we elected new cheer- leaders. Two of the new cheerleaders wer from our class. They were Rose- mary Weller and Beverly Hobson. FRONT ROW ileft to rightl Baker, Morrison, Mishey, Yarman, Daniels, Conkling, McClead, Hayes R. Smith, Mills, Strong, Wise, Stackhouse. SECOND ROW fleft to right? Nauman, Brown, P. Bechtel, Clever, Knox, W. Smith, Beaman, Lamb Bell, Cline, Tharp, Ewalt, Warner, B. Vail, Mr. Boger. THIRD ROW fleft to rightb N. Bechtel, Stringer, Seymour, Mclntire, Hobson, Hulse, Bunnell, Hull Wilson, Watkins, Frazier, Stillwell, Phillips, Ebersole. FOURTH ROW lleft to rightj W. Bechtel, Ault, Weller, Ruhl, Shipley, Corba, Beheler, Coffing, Kirk patrick, Lifer, Heaton, Gregg, lVl'. Vail, Truex, Rust. 19 ' f x :ij fl, fy , 4, fi ,,,, Zz, W9 f mf' M' 75 ' nw ., fi MM 'ff V pf, W 1 ,LL LL. 1 , 'Q ,W ---- r ,M- FRESHIUIEN CLA SS FRONT ROW lleft to rightj B. Meredith, Bechtel, Diehl, Wiggins, Herendeen, Turner, Davis, Lohmier, Bemiller, Reed, Swatik, Miss Lewis. SECOND ROW tleft to rightj Wilson, Shira, Bryant, Braddock, McKee Ruggles, Spearman, Coffing, Burgholcler, Weller Herndon, E. Auten, A. Auten. THIRD ROW lleft to rightl Bone, Wilford, Baker, Wells, Callekher, Shipley, Hart, Bartlett, Kennedy, Ackerman, Mills, Beheler, Reese. FOURTH ROW lleft to right! Miller, ,Wells, Ayers, Auten, Algire, Smith, Kunkle, jean Humbert, joan Humbert, Ebersole, Phillips, Young, Heaton, Moore, Kinney. Val' IGN EI GH T H GRADE VM SE VE N TH GRADE was FRONT ROW Cleft to rightl Shipley Staton, Styers, Wallace, Carlin, Meredith, Swigart, Walker, Cocanower, Brokaw, Doup, Miss Denman. SECOND ROW fleft to rightj Rust, Wood, B, McCoy, Kershner, Streby, Phillips, Roberts, Gleason, Ruggless, Peairs, Durbin, Gregg, Darst, Truex, Hoeflich. THIRD ROW ileft to rightj Cadd, Mishey, Burgholder, Miller, Ryan, Turner, Fletcher, Ward, Robinson, Mortimer, Smitlh, Tucker, Wiggins, Burson, Ronk, Hobson. FOURTH ROW Cleft to rightl Ackerman, Shipley, Weller, Bechtel, Ault, Beal, Darling, L. McCoy, Pipes, Beheler, Ewalt, Leonard, Hull, R. Miller, Ault, Watson, Patterson. AGN FRONT ROW Qleft to right! E. I-less, White, Lewis, Moore, Ogle, Maxwell, Vickroy, Weller, Crubaugh, Hoellich, Price. SECOND ROW lleft to rightj Doup, Conkle, Lohmier, M. Kearns, Brown, Bearry, Vlfiggins, B. Kearns, Kneisley, Fletcher, Little, B. Phillips. THIRD ROW fleft to rightJBeheler, Ralston, Mills, Postle, Swatik, Lamb, Lane, Darst, Ebersole, Hillier, Litt, Turner, Hartline. FOURTH ROW fleft to rightj R. Phillips, Ackerman, Pipes, Wells, J, Shipley, Mills, Alspach, Barton, Baker, Auten, Truex, Burson, G. Shipley, H. Phillips. 21 FRESHMEN ! This year 56 f'Freshiesl, entered in the freshman class. Mr. Boger and Mr. Laybourne were the two homeroom teachers. The new pupils who enrolled this year Were: Lily Ann Lohmier, John Lohmier, Herbert Wilson, Harold Mills and William Hart who started at the end of the first semester. Galen Reed, John Lohmier, and Robert Wood quit school. Lily Ann Lohmier, Harold Mills and Wayne Hillier moved away during the school year. The freshman class have participated in about all the activities to be found around the school, The assembly March 6, 1942 was put on by the freshman class. The swing band was composed of various fresh- men. It was known as the "Freshy Syncopatorsv. A patriotic pantomine was also presented. These were the two outstanding numbers, with other variety numbers added. In the class tournament the fresh- men lost. They played the sophomores and juniors. On class organization day the follow- ing officers were elected: President .................. Arleen Auten Vice President .... ---Eileen Auten Secretary ..... .... J oan Kunlcle Treasurer ..... Barbara Bone Advisor .... Miss Fern Lewis EI GH TH GRADE On September 2, 63 pupils entered the eighth grade. At the first class meet- ing Carol Gregg was elected presidentg Della Mae Cocanour, vice-presidentg Anita Carlin, secretaryg Margaret Weller, treasurerg class advisor, Miss Denman. The two homeroom teachers were Mr. Peters and Miss Denman. The eighth grade was well repre- sented in band, student council, and the Junior High basketball team. The Junior High Party was held on April tenth. The Junior High Assembly was May fifteenth. SE VENTII GRADE On September 2, fifty-three seventh graders entered the Junior High School. We have three new members this year. As soon as we were settled we elected the following officers: President .................. Donald Auten Vice President .... .... H oward Phillips Secretary ....... .... G eorge Swatik Treasurer-- .... Ruth Little Advisor .....,.............. Mr. Hartline The two homeroom teachers were Miss Snodgrass and Miss Robeson. The seventh grade was well repre- sented in band, student council, and Boosters Club. The Junior High Party was held on April tenth. CHEERLEADERS AGRICULTURE BOYS ART CLASS LATIN CLUB ACTIVITIES 23 ....-my FRONT ROW fleft to rightl Mr. McConagha, B. Diehl, Weller, Walker, Warner, Braddock, N. Diehl. SECOND ROW fleft to rightl Gadd, Smith, Maxwell, Lewis, Burson, Vail, Ritchey, Baker, Willits, Wiggins, Hobson, STUDENT COUNCIL NEWS The student council of '4l-'42 started out under the able presidency of Russell Walkerg Kate Weller, vice presidentg Doyle Braddock, secretaryg Henry Warner, treasurerg and Belle, Diehl, press reporter. They sponsored all school parties, and we had several goody parties this year. They sponsored and ran the waste paper drive. They bought a baler to bale the paper. With Mr. lVlcConagha for advisor, they accomplished a lot this year. Give them a hand! Because the school's radio and record player were rather Worn, the student council purchased a new turn-table and a microphone to go with it. QLATIN CLUB II NEWS This year there are I3 members in our Latin Club. After we got organized we elected the following officers: President ................... Ben Corbin Vice President .... ..... C harles Gregg Secretary ..... --- Marilyn Stillwell Treasurer ---- .... -- Rosemary Weller Press Reporter ......... Pauline Seymour We entertained the pupils in Miss Remlingers room one period with Roman mythology stories. The Freshman and Sophomore Latin classes had a party this spring. Each member had the privilege of asking some other student in this school to the party. 24 The Fredericktown Hi-Y club started the year with the following officers: President ............ Charles Craft, Jr. Viee President .........f.. Allan Steele Secretary ....., -- William Wilson Treasurer .... --- Robert Gifford Chaplain ....... e-- William Gibson Reporter ............... Henry Warner Advisor ................. Mr. McKinley The purpose of the Hi-Y club is: to create, maintain and extend through the school and community high standards of Christian carter. The Hi-Y platform is: clean speech, clean sports, clean scolarship and clean living. , The club started its year with 27 olcl members and a new advisor, Mr. McKinley. 18 new members were voted in from the Sophomore class making a total of 45 mem- bers. Our club had 3 meetings every month. Some of the activities were, bean feeds, went to Mt. Vernon Y. M. C. A., attended church as a -group, help sponsor the carni- val, and helped give baskets to the needy families of this community. The club ended its year with an attend- ance party on April 28, The new Hi-Y advisor, Mr. McKinley, spent much time and effort with the club which helped us very much. GIRL RESERVES During the year .1941-42, sixty girls en- gaged in the Girl Reserve program. Jacogine Smith was elected president, Erma Belle Beal, Vice-president, Marjorie Stackhouse, secretary, and Wilma Gleason, treasurer. On January 28, Mrs. Peggy Tavenner gave us and interesting talk about the Scotch girl. Mrs. Tavenner, who came to this country in 1921, is a native of Scotland. Mrs. George Everhart gave an educational talk on the life of a French girl. She was born in France and met Mr. Everhart when he Was Hover there" in the iirst World War. On March 10, the Girl Reserves sponsored a movie entitled HPersonality and Charm." The girls invited the Whole school to attend. It was very educational and was enjoyed by everyone present. The social event of the year was the G. R. and Hi-Y Carnival which was held on April twenty-fifth. FRONT ROW Cleft to right? Mr McKinley, Beale, Steele, Stevens, H. Warner, Doyle Braddock, Gib- son, Bell, Beaman, Cline. SECOND ROW Cleft bo right? Ewalt, Hillier, Walker, Lalfever, E. Truex, Boner Brown, Daniels, C. Litt, Nauman, N. Warner, B. Vail. THIRD ROW Cleft to rightj Wil- son, Corbin, Craft, Bechtel R. Carlin, Morrison, Smith, Knox, Ritchey, Pealer. FOURTH ROW Cleft to rightl H. Truex, Gregg, Winand, Kirkpat- rick, Gifford, Dalton Braddock, Baker, E.. Carlin, Coffing, H. Litt, Rust, M. Vtil. FRONT ROW Cleft to rightl Gil- more, Baker, Morrison, Willits, Daniels, Mills, Hayes, Mishey, Mc- Clead, Conkling, Brown, DeBolt, Wells. SECOND ROW Cleft to right? Miller, B. Hobson, Hulse, Stack- house, Eyster, Diehl, R. Hobson, K. Weller, M. Burson, Moree, Bradrick, Gleason, R, Burson, Miss Miley. son, Stillwell, Seymour, J. Smith, M. Mclntire, Barnhart, Biefnes, Cooke, Lane, Wise, Bunnell, A. Smith, Robinson, Thompson, Reed. FOURTH ROW Cleft to rightl l McDaniels, Fogle, Trainer. THIRD ROW Cleft to righth Wil- Frazier, Bechtel, Phillips, Ruhl, Ault, R. Weller, Ebersole, Shipley, D. Mclntire, C. Mclntire, Beal, Watkins, Hoeflich, Ralston, Auten, 1 FO Ho Al Fl .Fl Al PYe5id'51'li ------...... Avalee Bradrich Vice-President ...... Annabelle Hoeliich SGCYHBY5' ------...... Rowena Frazier Treasurer -..... ...... IN 'Iarjorie Burson Hlswrian ............ - Xvilma Bechtel AdViS0l' ---------- ----- Miss Robeson The school year for the F.I-I.A. commenced with a supper and initiation of twenty-four new mem- bers making a total of seventy members in the association. Soon after the year's work had begun, our as. sociation was invited to take a first degree team to Mt. Vernon, Ohio, to start them in their new vocational F.l-I.A. work. During the year we prepared and served several banquets and dinners. The annual F,F,,-X..-F.H.A. Banquet, held November 8, was attractively planned for 250 guests and sponsors, with de- corations of Merry-Go-Rounds featuring farm animals. On December I, the Lions Club asked us to serve the Football Banquet, from which we added Sl2.00 to our treasury. This Spring we held a Food Sale as a money- making project. In April we served a supper to the Boy Scout Council which gave us more experience in serving foods to large groups. -Besides our work we have had several evenings, of fun this year, including the two Pot-Luck sup- pers, Christmas party and the Skating party and I-lay Ride with F.F,A. Chapter. On April 20. several of our girls, .-Xvalee Q-ad- rick, Ruth Phillips. Xvaneta Ault, Leah Mae Hays, Eileen Ebersole, Rowena Frazier, and Creta XVise were privileged to go to Delaware, Ohio to take their 3rd and 4th degree in the association. As the end of the school year of I9-H-42 draws near, let us go back and review the activities of the Fredericktown Chapter of Future Farmers of America. At the beginning of the year the Ex- ecutive Committee, which consists of the ofiicers of the chapter, set up a plan of work to be carried out this year. Some of these goals have been reached and some still stand to be reached. But the ones left unfinished make room for progress in pears to come. F. F. A. CILT CHAIN The committee in charge of the gilt chain re- ported that they had picked out two gilts from the sow that I-Iarold Daniels got from the gilt chain last year. The purpose of he gilt chain is to give members of the chapter a chance to get started in purebred The member takes a gilt and cares for it and in return he gives the chapter two gilts when they weigh 200 pounds. The chapter pays all breeding and other fees. The members of the chapter to receive gilts this year were Ferber Thayer and Harold Ander- F.F,A. INITIATION The Fredericktown Future Farmers of America Chapter initiated the following boys to the degree of Green Hand. Leroy Ackerman, Frank Bartlet, Dale Braddock, john Bryant, Harold Burgholder, XVarren Coffing, Nlike Corba, Bob Kennedy. Virgil Shipley. Eldon Spearman, Clarence Fletcher, and james Grubaugh. PRIZE YVINNERS Harold Daniels of the F.F.A. had the champion tContinued on page 4-H Robeson, Daniels, I-Iayes, Yar- man, Slishey, XVelIs, Bowman, B. Diehl, XViIIits, fXIcCIead, De- , Bolt. SECOND ROW lleft to right! Reese, Young, N. Diehl, Ral- ston, M. Lohmier, Lifer, It Burson, M. Mclntire, Braddrick, M. Burson. iXIcDanieIs, Beal, C-Ieason, Bunnell. Strong, E.. Ebersole, Heaton, Ault. THIRD ROW lleft to rightl I. Sniith, Robinson, Lane, Wise, Tharp, Noree, XViIson, R. Phil- lips Frazier, Stringer. I-Iulse. Hobson, Xvatkins, Hoefiich, Eyster, Bechtel. FOURTH ROW Ileft to rightl W. Bechtel, Ruhl. XVoIford, Smith, Shipley. Ayers, Lohmier, B. Meredith, R. Reed, D, Beheler, Trainer, Fogle. L. Reed, I-lull. N. Fhillips, Jean Hurnbert, ,loan Humbert, R. Ebersole, FRONT ROW lleft to rightl I-- Coffing, Kirkpatrick. BDDCY- Litt, Doyle Braddock, Bell, f. Payne, Xvilson, Truex. SECOND ROW tleft to rishll Daniels. Dalton Braddock. And- erson, Stevens, Shinaberry, Sim- mons. L. Payne, Bryant, lab" bourne. THIRD ROW tleft to righll Kinney. Brown, Bechtel, Spear- man, I-Iart, Burgholder, Brad- dock, Coffing, Bartlett, Mills- TOP ROW Kleft to rightl Miller' Litt, Ackernian, Thayer, Cffillf Kennedy, Vail. FRONT ROW tleft to rightl Miss FRONT ROW tleft to rightj Ronk, Hull, Tucker, Ruggles, Ewalt, Burgholder, Beheler, Mishey, Wiggins. SECOND ROW fleft to rightl Ault, Gadd, Beheler, M. Weller, Miller, F. Meredith, Smith, Gregg, Postle, Hobson, Auten, Snodgrass. THIRD ROW Qleft to rightj Kearns, White, D. Weller, Lewis, Ogle, Maxwell, D. Mclntire, Cooke, Biefnes, C, Mclntire, K. Weller, Carlin, Cocanower, McDonald, Lane, Darst, Kneisley, ,Ward, FOURTH ROW fleft to rightl E. Ackerman, B. Phillips, Kearns, Wiggins, Brown, Fletcher, J. Vickeroy, Staton, Styers, Wallace, Swigart, Walker, Moore, Shipley, Lamb, Brokaw, A, Shipley, Bechtel. FIITFH ROW Cleft to right! j. Shipley, Ackerman, Wells, Pipes, Darling, Beal, M. Vickeroy, Ralston, Mills, Swatik, Turner, Alspach, Ebersole, Hillier, Barton, Burson, I... Mills. Booster Club The Booster Club was a new organ- ization this year sponsored by the cheerleaders. We had our meetings at noon and many 7th and 8th took part in this organization. We had a point system and 56 people who got a certain number of points will be active members of the Booster Club next year. Some of the things included in the point system Were: attending football and basketball games, making signs, attending county and district tournament, and being present at the club meetings. The twelve people who got the most points received awards. The twelve people were Qin orderl: Roger Durbin, Ray Tucker, Wendell Burgholder, Rita Walker, Beverly Lewis, Bonnie McDonald, Spencer Hoe- flich, Della Mae Cocanower, Gordon Shipley, Bobby Postle, Carol Gregg, and Philip Smith. 27 FRONT ROW tleft to rightj Willits, Weller, Hayes, Shipley, Gifford, Walker, Bell, W. Bechtel, Brown, Smith. SECOND ROW tlef! to rightj B. Brown, W. Smith, Watkins, Hulse, Daniels, Bone, Allgire, Ruhl. THIRD ROW tleft to right? L. ,Wells, Frazier, N. Bechtel, Hobson, Beheler, M. Weller, Vail, Fogle, Walker, R. Shipley, Kirpatrick, Mr. Peters. URTH ROW tleft to rightj DeBolt Manager, Roberts, Tucker, Carlin, Baker, Hillier. MAJORETTES fleft to rightl Stackhouse, Beal, Gadcl, Alspach, Wiggins. On July 8, 1941, a new vocal and instrumental music teacher, Mr. Peters, appeared to take over the vacancy leit by Miss Dyer. During the sumnner he was here to teach instrumental lessons and direct the band. After a few weeks of practice with the band they began their public appearances on August 5 to play at the Knox County Fair at the afternoon races. They also gave four Wednesday night concerts during August. At night on August 18 and 19 they played at the Street Fair in Fredericktown. 28 Band On Labor Day, the band was invited to participate in the parade held at Mansfield. On Friday, November 21, they were invited to participate in a parade to close the Thanksgiving season and open the Christmas season at Mt. Vernon. The band played at all the football games at home and went to Danville and Butler. At two basketball games they played and made formations on the Audit- orium floor. FRONT ROW Cleft. to rightj E. Baker, Hayes, Daniels, Yarman, Wise, iVIcClead, Morrison, Corba, Bunnell. SECOND ROW tleft to right! Ebersole, Phillips, Stillwell, Frazier, Stringer, Wilson, Beheler, Hull, Conkling, Mills, Strong, Mr. Peters. THIRD ROW tleft to rightb W. Bechtel, Hob Ault, Weller, Ruhl, Smith. "The Sophomore Songstersv Thirty-two of the sophomore girls who chose to call themselves the Soph- omore Songstersf' are members of the Sophomore Glee Club. The officers of our Glee Club are: President, Pauline Seymour, Vice Pres- ident, Marilyn Stillwell, Secretary, Elenore Stringer, Treasurer, Rowena Frazier, Librarian, Patricia Wilson, Assistant Librarian, Rosemary Weller, Press Reporter, Ruth Conklingg Pianist, Marilyn Stillwellg Student Conductor, Creta Wise. We elected Phyllis Thurna, Pauline Seymour, Marilyn Stillwell, Rowena Frazier and Elenore Stringer as an excutive committee. We sang at the first meeting of the P. T. A. We presented a Christmas Cantata entitled 4'The Secret of the Stars" at the Mulberry Street Method- Stackhouse, C. Mclntire, Seymour, N, Bechtel, ist Church in Mt. Vernon and again at the December meeting of the P. T. A. We also took part in an Easter Sunrise Service, and at other school activities. Two members of our Glee Club were represented in the High School Oper- etta which was given March 18. They were Carmin Mclntire and Marjorie Stackhouse. Dorothy Daniels entered the Central District Contest which was held at Capital University at Columbus, March 21. We meet on Tuesday and Thursday of each week and hold a business meet- ing on the first Tuesday of every month. A few of our favorite songs which we often sing are: Brahmls Lullaby, Where My Caravan Has Rested, Little Mother of Mine, The Old Refrain, May Day Carol, Barcarolle, Come To the Fair, The Star, The Sandman, Bells of St. Michaells Tower, Lullaby of an Indain Chief, Allah's Holiday, and Trees. 29 "A Night of Confusion 99 presented by Junior Class, April 17, 1942 CAST OF CHARACTERS Carrie, .................. ................................. Dorthea Boston, Harvey Boston, .... Jean Boston ........... Basil Chichester ...... Christopher Clute, .... Cornea Cornell, ........ Bunty Davis .......... Marcia Gordon, Della Palmer, Anita King ....... Jack Telvin, ........ Mona Morrison ..... THE STORY Mr. Boston is a meek little man with a domineering wife and a sweet but spoiled daughter. As the play opens he is in a frenzy because he lost his money by investing in worthless oil stock. jean, expected home from school, brings Basil Chichester, an English fop. She will have nothing to do with Christopher Clute, her childhood friend who in lean's opinion Erma Belle Beal Bettey Biefnes Robert Gifford Jene Auten Alan Steele Ben Corbin Jane Barnhart Irene Gilmore Beverly Cooke Doris Willets Aldine Trainer Don Morrison Avalee Bradrick is uninteresting. The scheme Mr. Boston evolves to make Christopher seem interesting entangles him- self as well as Christopher. A manicurist, hairdresser, college girl, two society girls, and the maid are used in the plot. When the boy friends of two of the girls arrive and demand explanations, Mr. Boston is on the spot. How- ever, Christopher explains the situation and the play has a' happy ending. SENIUR PLA Y The play 'iDon't Take My Penny!" written by Anne Coulter Martens was presented by the Senior Class on May 8, l942. The com- mittee that selected it was Kathryn Weller, Ruth Hobson, Russell Walker, and Henry Warner. The cast, in order of appearance, was as follows: Dorothy Fogle as Sally, a maid with a purpose: Richard Speaks as Norman Porter, a publicity man: Kathryn Weller as Penny Pringle, a pretty little miss: Dalton Braddock as Caleb Pringle, her absorbed father: Russell Walker as Mark Pringle, her farm-minded brother: Arlene Smith as Mavis Pringle, her attractive sister: Ruth Brown as Lydia Pringle, her busy mother: Ruth Hobson as Joanna Burnett, her loyal girl friend: Henry Warner as Kerry Harper. her resourceful boy friend: Robert Aungst as Greg, his pal with ideas: Belle Diehl as Gram Pringle, just herself: Robert Bechtel as Monsieur Henri, a French designer: Louise Reed as Claire, a pretty model: Jacobine Smith as Elsie, a pretty model: Dorotha Mclntire as Lucile, a pretty model: Dale Mills as Harrison Day, a young author. The entire action takes place in the living room of the Pringleis in a small city on a Saturday in June, Penny Pringle believes in getting the most out of life at every moment. She has decided that she wants to be a movie actress. She feels sure that she is to be Dimity West, the heroine of i'Stars in Her Hairn. -loanna, her loyal girl friend, is helping her in every way she knows how. ln the meantime, Norman Porter has come to the Pringle home and he tells Sally that he is sure Mr. Day will pick her to play the part of Dimity West. All this Penny does not know. Kerry doesn't want Hollywood to take his Penny so with the help of Greg and Gram they try to discourage Penny. Kerry imper- sonates Mr. Day and comes to see Penny. He tells her she is the type but she must be completely remodeled. Kerry has Monsieur Henri bring models to show Penny clothes suitable for Hollywood and one of the models is Greg dressed up. Mr. Day says he feels sure this model is the one he has been look- ing for. Mark wants to buy a farm, but he hasn't sufficient funds. His father doesn't have time to listen because of his business affairs and his mother doesn't take time to listen to him because of her social affairs. ln fact she doesn't have time for any family affairs. Mavis is willing to help Mark, but she hasn't enough money. Mavis works at the broad- casting station and is of a very different char- acter than Penny. Mark talks with Sally about the farm. Later Kerry and Greg, dressed as a model, come to the Pringle home and in the mean- time father has brought the real Mr. Day home with him. Penny finds out Kerry was a fake and Joanna thinks Greg is back of it so the girls don't have much use for the boys for awhile. Finally, Gram talks mother into taking time for family affairs and mother and father give Mark money for his farm. Penny decides she doesn't want to go to Hollywood but she decides to stay at home to enter the doubles with Kerry. Mr. Day, in the meantime, had wanted Mavis for the part, but Mr, Porter thought he meant Sally while Penny thought they meant her. But nevertheless Penny tells them she thinks Mavis should have the part not knowing that Mavis was the one Mr. Day wanted. ASXXSSSSSSSNSSSSSXXSSSV A T H L E T I E S ASSSSXSSXS?fSSSSSSSSSXV AZ? .tangy f 1 1 WK . Jig? Il FRONT ROW tleft to rightj Gifford, Bechtel, Warner, Litt, Rush, Walker, Corbin, Daniels, Steele, Aungst, Cline. SECOND ROW Cleft to rightl Brown, Boner, N. Warner, Morrison, Smith, Braddock, Shaffer, Clever, Burkholder, Kirkpatrick, Coffing, Mr. McKinley. THIRD ROW tleft to rightj Mgr. Gregg, Vail, Bryant, Spencer, Bell, Pealer, Thayer, Ritchey, Ewalt, McKee, Litlt, Swigart, Manager. FOOTBALL SEASON 1941 When school started in the fall of '41, no one, least of all Coach McKinley, would make any predictions concerning the 1941 football campaign. However the practically new football squad proved that determination and hard work can do a lot, despite the lack of experience. The Freddies now possess a 1941 first place title and a season of no defeats earned by hard play and cooperation. Ready or not, on the 19th of Septem- ber the Freddies opened what proved to be a most successful football season against the Mt. Vernon Reserves. They were ready all right and started what continued to be a long string of non- defeats. Aungst, Warner and Cline ac- counted for the touchdowns. With plenty of determination, the home club met Bellville in a victory drive, which brought out all the good points in the considerably new '41 Cardinal squad. On the third of October, playing in mud up to their ankles, the Freddies fought to a scoreless deadlock against the Centerburg Trojans. This still ad- ded another pennant of non-defeats to the Freddies' coveted collection. The 10th of October really provided a game with plenty of thrills. The Fred- dies came out on the lucky end of the count with and 8-0 victory over a scrappy Butler team. Another hard fought combat was wit- nessed by thrilled-filled ' spectators, when the Red and Gray team visited Licking County to play guest to Utica. The extra point, via Aungst to Warner, following a nifty touchdown by Bechtel, proved to be the winning point of the game when Utica scored in the third Canto, Their attempted run for extra point failed. 6-7. On October 24th the Freddies played host to a scrappy yet handicpped Ohio Deaf Team. Due to nifty team work by both teams, the hard fought combat ended in a close 7-0 score. A hard fighting Granville team scored first and made the Freddies work hard to emerge victorious by a 6-14 score. On November 7, the Freddies traveled to Danville to battle for first place in the final game of the season. Despite the bitterly cold weather the Freddies displayed some brilliant pass work to win over the Blue Devils 20-6. This game concluded a very colorful season for the Red and Gray, including their claim for a season of non-defeats. .6 v 1942 Football Schedule Sept. 18 -- Mt. Vernon - Here Sept. 25 - Bellville - There Oct. 9 - Oct. 16 - Mt. Gilead - Here Oct. 13 - Ohio Deaf - There Mar. 11 - Danville - Here Oct. 30 - Butler - There Mar. 6 - Granville - There Oct. 2 - Centerburg - Here Q Q Daniels, Steele. FRONT ROW tleft 1 ghlj W ner, Litt, Rush, W lk C b BACK- ROW- tleft ghtl Bechtel, Gifford, A t BASKETBALL 1941 Kr 1942 Despite a dismal rebuff against a fast moving Mt. Gilead quint, the Freddies brand new varsity ball club wound up in a deadlock with Centerburg for second place in the county league and first in the county tourney. In the opener of what proved to be a very successful season, the Freddies met Mt. Gilead on the Home Court where they fought the winners on even terms in the opening quarter and trailed by only one point at the half. Limited to only 2 markers in the last two quarters, the Freddies were de- feated 22-12. Shaffer and Cline shared scoring honors. On December 5th the Freddies traveled to Amity to find that they had little oppositions in the Yellow and Black team. After a scoring spree in the first half the Freddies coasted to an easy 46-15 victory. Gifford was high point man with 12 markers. The Freddies suffered their second non-league defeat when they chal- lenged Butler on the Orange and Black hardwood, only to suffer a 29-20 set- back. Gifford was again the leading scorer with 8 points to his credit. December 12 furnished the most eX- citing game to the season when Dan- ville Blue Devils led the Freddies on a merry chase to end in a tie in the last 10 seconds of play. In the overtime Bob Gifford pumped in another two points to put the game on ice for the Freddies. December 16 saw the Freddies lose the first county game of the season to a more experienced Howard five in an evenly fought three quarter game. Tied at the third canto, the Freddies were held to 2 points in the final quarter. Steele and Gifford led the losers with 7 points equally. On December 19 Dalton Braddock and Bob Gifford paced the Freddies in a 60-14 win over Bladensburg, to tie the Freddies with Danville and Howard for first place. To start the new year off right the Freddies swept to another non-county victory over Bellville. Dalton Braddock claimed scoring honors for the Fred- dies, with 25 points. Weathering a last minute uprising, the Freddies nipped a hard fighting Gambier quint to gain a tie for first place in the red-hot Knox County lea- gue. 34 FRONT ROW fl. Braddock. SECOND ROW fl VValker, Mgr. l Doyle Braddock, C l Steele, Warner, D11 Mr. McKinley, W ll Cline, Gifford, C January 16 the Freddies met with a rather serious defeat, when they at- tacked Centerburg on the latters home court. This pulled the Freddies down to second place with the Centerburg Trojans. Dalton Braddock chalked up 8 markers to lead the losers, Starting on the second county round the Freddies downed a game, yet highly overpowered Amity Quint by a 35-17 score. Gifford again played a major part in the scoring, by swishing the net for 9 markers. Once again on January 23 the Fred- dies met in a hard fought combat when they played the Danville Blue Devils. Although the Freddies led at the inter- mission the Blue Devils rallied and opened a last half blitz, which ended rather disastrously for the Red and Gray in a 26-16 score. Gifford and Cline tied for scoring honors with 5 points apiece. To settle for previous defeat the Freddies had little trouble in turning back a spunky Howard team, 44-26. Gifford starred for the winners with 15 markers. Another county victory was chalked up when the Red and Gray team traveled to Bladensburg to defeat the Blades 60-15. A last minute rally made possible the Freddie triumph over Butler as the nip-and-tuck affair ended tied at the third stanza. Steele collected 9 points for the Red and Gray Quint, ending the hard fought combat in a 36- 30 victory for the home five. February 6 provided an easy victory for the high flying Freddies, when they entertained the Gambier Pirates on the home court with a 44-27 victory for the Red and Gray. On February 1 Mt. Gilead's hard fighting Indians, supplied the Freddies with their first defeat in seven games. The Freddies emerged the losers of this rough-and-tumble game by a 13-27 score. In the season's final league contest, the Freddies vetoed Centerburg's bid for a title tie and also halted a nine game winning streak. The Freddies surged in the lead during a second quarter rally, and held the edge the rest of the game. Gifford starred once more for the Freddies with 16 counters, the game ending 34-21. In the tournament drawing, Coach McKinley drew Howard, for his hard fighting Red and Gray Quint. The Freddies packed far too much punch for the Bulldogs and really put the game on ice in he third quarter. Gif- ford led the winners attack with 22 points, high single score for the tour- nament rounds. On February 26th the Freddies en- tered the semi-finals to emerge the vic- tors of a tight defensive game against the Centerburg Trojans by a 4 point margin 19-23. Leading at all intervals after the first canto, the Freddies dis- played some colorful teamwork and a lot of determination, which proved plenty helpful in the following game against Danville. On the 27th of February, Lady Fate cast her vote for the Knox County Champions of '41 and '42. ln fact she practically threw it, with all the force of 18 points, straight ticket for the Freddies. She also put Ollie Cline into office for the high scorer of the evening with I1 votes. She was also responsible for the campaigning and election of Bob Gifford, who captured the Tourney scoring title with 33 points. This makes the second successful campaign for Knox County Tourney Champs in two succes- sive years won for the Red and Gray. March 3, the Freddies invaded Westerville for a district bout with Commercial Point. Due to non-offen- sive function, the Freddies tasted a counting defeat for the first time in 10 games. INDIVIDUAL RECORD FOR BASKETBALL SEASON OF 1941-42 Dalton Braddock 55 25 31 38 135 Marvin Shaffer 24 21 16 15 69 Doyle Braddock 14 3 9 6 31 Oliver Cline 34 11 15 43 79 Alan Steele 33 12 21 15 78 Henry Warner 14 3 10 15 31 Robert Gifford 77 24 30 37 178 Robert Carlin 8 5 8 20 21 Eddie Weller 4 2 3 1 10 Harold Burgholder 3 0 0 0 6 Donald Morrison 0 2 4 2 2 Charles Gregg 1 1 2 2 3 Earl Herndon 17 6 13 23 40 35 The Junior Cardinals finished the season with a more impressive record than their big brothers. Their record was 13 wins against only 4 loses. The Junior Cards started the season on their left foot by losing to Mt. Gilead and Butler, but soon got started and rolled over Amity, Danville, Howard, Bladensburg, Belleville, and Center- burg, defeating each twice and Gam- bier once before losing to Gambier and Mt. Gilead. Their loss to Butler was avenged later in the season. The Junior Cards were led in scor- ing by Eddie Weller, the sharp shoot- ing foward who is only a Freshman and headed for a good season on the varsity next season. Chuck Gregg, diminutive forward, was the reserve captain and played part time on the varsity. Harold Burkholder, another fresh- man, was second in team scoring, Burky, too, is looking for several good years on the varsity. dock. l Now comes the defense man, Don Morrison. Don was the only Junior on the reserve squad and he was what the team was built around. Don gathered many rebounds from bank- boards and could also be counted on for several points in every game. Dick Kirkpatrick rounds out the fifve. Dick is fast and will be very valuable to the varsity next year. De- spite his shortness he got many re- bounds. He was the work horse of the squad. The squad was well supplied by substitutes. The subs saw plenty of action and we will see much more of them as they were all Freshman. They were Dale Braddock, John McKee, Carl Wells and Warren Coffing. We are looking forward to a very successful year for the next several years, so boys we wish you luck. Work as hard as possible and you will make the varsity. FRONT ROW fl K k McKee, ir p t k rison, Burkholcl SECOND ROW Cl Y. j Mr. NlcKin1 y don, Coff g W1 Manager Wa SEPTEMBER 2-School opened with everyone talking about summer vacations, and with one new teacher, Miss Wolff, but we lost Miss Schneider for one year. 18-Fredericktown Street Fair opens. 19-Mt. Vernon Reserve game here. Parade uptown at 2:00, then we walloped the Mt. Vernon Reserves, 20-0. 20-Last night of the Fair. 23-First school assembly. 25-Pep rally for football boys. 26-Won our second football game with Bellville, 14-0. OCTOBER 2-F. H. A. meeting. 3-W et football game at Centerburg. The score was 0-0. 8-Sophomore Girl's Glee Club sang at P. T. A. 10-Football game at Butler. We won 8-0. 17-Close football game with Utica. We won. Had a school party. 7-6. F. H. A. and F. F. A, had a party, 21-Hi-Y and G. R. Meeting. 24-School assembly. Edwin Dill demon- strated how to make pottery. 3.1-Football game with Granville. We won 14-6. Juniors ordered their class rings. NOVEMBER 3-F. F. A. and F. H. A. meeting, 6-Seniors had their pictures taken. Camera - Action! I 7-Football game at Danville. We won 19-7. 8-F. F. A. and F. H. A. Banquet: 12-P. T. A. meeting. 14-School Party. 18-Hi-Y and G. R. meeting. 28-First Basketball game with Mr. Gilead. They won 22-12. DECEMBER 1-Lions Club sponsored a banquet for the champion football players. The F. H. A. girls served. 5-Basketball game at Amity. NVe Won 47- 15. 8-F. F. A. and F. H. A meeting: 9-Basketball game at Butler. They won 29-20. 12-Basketball game with Danville. We won 18-16 fovertimej 14-Sophomore Girl's Glee Club presented a Christmas Contata at Gay Street Methodist Church in Mt. Vernon. 15-G. R. meeting. 16-Basketball game with Howard. They won 23-29. 17-P. T. A. meetnig. 19-G. R. had an assembly. Basketball game with Bladensburg. We won 60-17. We had a dance following the game. Be- ginning of Christmas vacation. JANUARY 5 -Back to school after vacation. 10-Basketball game with Bellville. We won 35-17. 13-Basketball game at Gamsbier. We won 26-25. 14-F. F. A. and F. H. A. meeting: 16-Game with Amity We won. 22-Community Institute began. 23-Game at Danville. We lost. 24-Last night of the Institute. 27-Game at Howard. We won 47-26. 28-Hi-Y and G. R. meeting. 30-Game at Bladensburg. We won 60-15. 31-School party. FEBRUARY 3-Game with Butler. We won 36-30. 4-F. F. A. and F. H. A. meetin-g: 6-Homecoming Game with Gambier. We wo-n. Dance followed. 10-Game at Mt. Gilead. They won. 12 13 -Sophomore assembly. -Game with Centerburg. We Won 41-31. 21-County Tournament. We won over 24 26 Howard 40-25. -Hi'-Y and G. R. meeting. and 27-County tournament. We beat Centerburg 23-19, and won over Dan- ville in the finals 41-23. MARCH 3-We lost Commercial Point in the Dis- trict Tournament at Westerville. The score was 37-27. 6-Freshman assembly. 13-Our first air raid drill. Senior High .18 20 Party. -High School operetta "The Toreadorsf' -Senior assembly. 24-Hi-Y and G. R. meeting. 27-Pest Hunt Party. 28-Senior Scholarship Tests. Spelling con- test at Mt. Vernon. APRIL 3-No school-Good Friday. 7-Hi-Y meeting. 10-Junior High Party. 14-F. F. A. and F. H. A. meeting: 17-Junior play. 24-Hi-Y assembly. County Music festival at Bladenslburg. 25-Carnival. 28-Hi-Y and G. R. meetnig. MAY 5-F. F. A. and F. H. A. meeting: 8-Senior play. 12-Hi-Y and G. R. meeting. 15 16 -Junior High assembly. -Junior and Senior Banquet. 22-Last day of School. Whoopeelllll 23-Senior picnic. 24-Baccalaureate. 27 37 -Commencement. JEWELL ICE CREAM - CREAMERY BUTTER Make America Sirong By Making Americans Sfronger se More Dairy Produc'I's A Good Markei' for Cream and Eggs JEWELL ICE CREAM AND MILK CC. M'l'. Vernon, Ohio Qvvfvvovovwvvvvvvvvvvvovvvvvvvv+vv++v++v4vvv+0+v+vvv+vv vvv -40049.4+t4-0,4-5044-54-044+44-v,4+44-500.4-r44444-v.+v4o4++o44+A4-044-044Q44-444-504++o+4-5.04044-vto-rg-5o-0,4-54-54-4A4+44+44+44+44++0,4+,4+44+A++,+u,+u,e+,+uA++4+o44-0.4-0A+o!Q+A4-o,Qno 38 vvv+vvvv+vvvvvvvwvvvvvvbvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv axe-up-up-v.n-u+4-v.4-uQq-v,Q-v,4-r+o-s,4-v,Q-u+Q-v44-Q4-5Q-up-v+4-vQ4-o4+o+4+44-v4+s4+o++v44-v4+v+4-v++v+eo,Q++o+4+v+e-v++u44-u,Q-w44+4044-u44-vp-v4Q+z4-u44-v4044+A4+44-v,Q+++++4++4-v4o+,+o44+.e+4+v4+u4+ 'Dix M SAX Nix X skit. 1 91 7 , K! NH 'Q'-wr 0 ffff vvqf ,.-my "we 5 ,,v-,I-Wk mafia IW! 10040 av wg' nw ww l. to r,, Top Row Floyd, Peachie, Leota Mae, Katie 1. to r., 3rd Row Bev, jiggs, Shorty jane 1. to r., 2nd Row Avalee, Alice, and Snooky, jenny 1, to r., 4th Row Kitty, Naomi, Marg Nan l. to r., 5th Row Dickie, Ben, Pauline, Dot, Guess Who 39 Left to right top- Little Nan Russel1's "it" Glamourgal Little Red Biff, Ben and Biff "Dotty" Fogle Poor juniors jake jenie "Dil" Three junior Cuties Crafty Leonard Erma and jane gaze ,foie 401+ vX++:4 vzf+14+:0:Q QQ +:+oIQ+:+ v:+4X+v:+ vie K+ +14 vp Q++:Qv:o:++:+ vp Q4-+24-+14 v1++1++I++X+ 4441+ vz++:++z++:++14 vie +:++:+vfe+:++z++:4-+:++X+w1++f++ze4:4-+14-51+ an Struhl Son sunk FREDERICKTOWN OHIO MEMBER American Bankers' ssocia ion Federal Deposii Insurance Corpo,r'a'l'ion v vv+vv+++v++++++v+ ,Q +++vvv++++v++v+v+ ,4.,4.+4.4.+,4. +5-+:4-+:+4'4+:4-Qzeofrf-0:4r:4-1424414-viavzevze+14-yX4+X++f++X4-uf-vf4+X+543+544-v+4o4++4+vt+445+0554-+4+++4+,+++4+++v+4-+44vsvf5+nf-+44a++++++4+++++A4++4-+44-+4+ 4 A +5 v 41 1 Q9 -..., R I K - I-2' '- AS, L. to r., Top right-Square decoration. Erma Belle, Alice, Billy Wells, Pals, L. to r., 2nd Row-Tuffies, Christmas scene, Termite Gregg. L. to r., 3rd RowfSeniors?, Andy. square decoration. L. to r., 4th RowvHome Ee. girls, senior class of yesterday, L. to r., Sth Row-Bill and Susie, Braddock Twins! -12 SENIOR PROPHECY Iffontinuecl from Page I6J Jim La Fever, from pea-green valley, Went to English class to sleep, To dream of "How Green Was my Pasture." While the others studied poems so deep. With fingers weary and worn XVith eyelids heavy and red, Jennette Thompson sits in her rocking-chai Playing her needle and thread. Billy Gibson, the mailman's son, Was bashful as could be, He couldn't keep from blushing, So he sailed for the ol'e RED sea. Dick Speaks is world's champion lboxer How far he'll go in fistic fame, Well, everyone should know. D Ruth Brown, with her valuable violin, On Broadway went to the top, Then tried for violinist in movies, Broke her G-string, made a flop. rs Everett Truex, Americas best farmer, Certainly can't be beat, He crossed some rye with barley. And got a grain of wheat. Jean Bowman is a lovely gal, The boys she does adore, While dancnig with the heroes, The kisses she does pour. Louise Reed we're proud to say, Went to Hollywood as a beauty queen, And received the Academy Award, For that movie "My Meadows were Green." Anna Mae Lane, who from Waterford came, Went to seek a fortune true, She started writing heart-breaking poems, Which made everyone so blue. And last but not least, Comes I, big me, Who writes this stuff, With my heart full of glee. DOROTHA MC INTIRE v v v v 4 o v v + ,Q-P,4+,+v,+v,+v,4-044v,4-u4+vI++B-vI4-vze+14-vz4wzQ+:+a:Q+:+vI4+:4-oxfvfvzevze-r'4-34v:4-34-v'4-34+'4-vzf-49-o:Q-Q4-ozooib-are-uin-r:++'++z+o'4-vfvvzf-uri-vz++:++14-vin-up-vxqlrze-014vzozozezovie P0 'NAC WILLIAM J. FREUND 812-22 W. Van Buren S+. CChief1'ain Bldg.D Chicago, Ill. 1485 W. THIRD AVE., PI'IONE:KINGSWOOD 2054 +Z+'X'+3+X'+X+'101010I+'X+'X+'Z"94'++X+'I'+?+X+fZ+'Z+'Z++Z+fZ+fZ'+Z+'Z++X+,Z+fZ+'X+'?+Z+fZ+'Z+'Z+'101010X'+Z'+X+'X+'X+'Z'+Z+'X+'X'+I+'I++X'+X''X+'I0Z+'X+"'+I+'X'+" 4+ The gilt that Caryl won was presented by Lloyd F. F, A. CContinued from Page 261 single lamb and second place pen of lambs at the Cleveland livestock show. The lamb that placed first weighed l00 pounds and brought 40 cents a pound at the livestock sale. The pen of lambs brough lin cents a pound when sold. Caryl Litt, Fredericktown F.F.A. members, was one oi the 3 Ohio boys to Win a gilt in the Nat- ional l-lampshire pig contest. Caryl got his start in Hampshire hogs when he received a gilt throught the F.F.A. gilt chain. Truesdale. Another t-on litter award has been earned by Stanley Gregg who produced 2420 pounds of pork with ll pigs in I66 days. This is his second straight year to make this award. The sow that raised the two ton litters was originally from the chapter filt chain. THRIFT At the Fredericktown Street Fair the F.F.A, Chapter operated a duck that netted 562.00 in three evenings. The privilege for operating the stand was granted by the fair board because the F.F.A. boys helped set up the fair and clean up the streets after it was over. F.F.A, OFFICERS A The chapter voted to purchase I4 officers Jackets for the I4 ofFicers, to show their ap- preciation for the work that the officers are doing and to give them more incentive to do better work in the future. To show their appreciation to the chapter for buying Jackets, the oflicers have bought hats to match the jackets. The ofhcers who were for their efforts are: rewarded with jackets President .............. Charles Craft Vice President .--- ---- Dalton Braddock Secretary ................ Treasurer .... .. .... -- Eldon Boner ----- Bill Wilson Reporter .........-..,. Doyle Braddock Student Advisor ........ Lloyd Coffing Watch Dog ....,......... - Caryl Litt Custodian .... .----.. Waldon Shinaberry Chronicler ..............- Floyd Payne Assistant Reporter .......... Bob Bell Assistant Treasurer ...... Everett Truex Assistant Secretary ..... Harold Daniels Advisor ........... William Laybourne Assistant Watch Dog -- Dick Kirkpatrick PEST HUNT The result of the F.F.A. pest hunt showed that the Middleburg team, captained by Charles Craft, won the nip and tuck contest by 48 points. Middleburg had a total of 5,823 points and the rest of the world, captained by Dalton Braddock, had a total of 5,775 points. The winners were guest of the losing side at a square dance and ice cream party. PARENT SON BANQUET Over 270 persons attended the annual F.l-l.A. and F.f.A. Parent, Son and Daughter banquet held in the Fredericktown High School auditorium on Saturday evening, November 8. The menu of the banquet consisted of roast pork, mashed potatoes, rols, pie, cake and coffee, The meat for the banquet was obtained from the gilt chain. Due to the resignation of President Charles Craft and Treasurer Bill Wilson we had to elect a new president and assistant treasurer, Marvin Shaffer was elected president, Everett Truex, treasurer and Harold Litt, assistant treasurer. vwafvvvvvvvvvvv-v+++++++v+ +++v+++v+++v+v++vv+vvv++vvvvvvvvvv +4044-P,+q++,++4++,4+,+v,4+,4+,4+,+v+044-54-v44-geq-+4+v44+++v+++++v44+I4+++v++o++gg-ag-+,1f+4++4-r+4++++4+v44-v,4-v+4-o+4-r44-54-r44-p44-54-54-v,++4+++4+44+4++4+v,+v,4+44-r,+v,+o,+r,Q-if SANDWICHES PLATE LUNCH Compliments of Roy F. Bowman FREDERICKTOWN, OHIO PHONE 2872 DINE and DANCE +v++++v++v++++ +++++v+++vvvvv-vvv+++++vv++vv+++++++v+++v++++v +4044+4++4++,++4+b4+++4++4rv++r,4-V44-v4+++4-rZ+v4++4+++++,44+0+4+A4+++++4+44-+4i-V46444-54-+44-r++v4Qq,+v+4-r+4+,4-v4++4++44gf-hge-r+4-V44-he-r,+v44+4+++4-5+v+4-544'-044-v4++44-v4++++v44+,+b44-044 a 'J 'If-0:1 -:HQ iff-+z+ 401+ vie elf vzevze- i4+i++:++1Qo1e+X+ v:++IQ 4+ -wif vzQ+:+ up-vie vie +14 +14-vie 41+ QQ r:++1+ 5:4 +14 vz++I+ vzfazfvze-vz+ ozwxe vie vie Q4-4+ Q4 :I+ if-are vie'-Q4 i+v'4+ Q4-ale az: Sell Your Tim er to . R. BEALE and SO WE DO CUSTOM AWI WE HAUL YOUR LOG Fredericktown, Ohio V V Q W V V WJ W4-,W4,V4,+ V V f++++,f+,f++f4+V++V++V+ V+,W.. vwvvvvvvvvvvvv+v+++v++++vv++++++v++ v asv 4,444+ vr4-novo-v4-M-v4-v 044-5044Q44-9445444014044u44-+44-v44-o44v4oQ4+v44+44-v4++4++44-+44-94+v44v44-v44v4 404 4 4 44-+44-V41-v4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 4 44 +4"'44+4"+a+44+4+"'4'h 45 vvvv+v+vv+vvv+++v+++vvvvvvvvv sv +++v4+v.+o44-:+o504040+A0+4-54+4+v++r++v4++4+s4+v+4+++v++v++v4040404+54-v4+++4-ufvzo-+14-54-s4++14-vza-vI4-axe+:4+!+a:4-rz+rI4-vI014-fx+v:4-vI4+X4+z++:+o:+fza+z++X4-vI4-r:+oX+v:Q9z4fvi- SAVE WITH SAFETY AT THE REXALL STORE School Supplies of All Kinds Telling's Ice Cream Served for Parties And Any Social Event Soda Fountain, Soft Drinks We Appreciate the patronage of Our F. H. S. Pupils and Teachers. You Are Always Welcome in Our Store. No Purchase Too Small to Receive Our Careful Attention. FINK'S DRUG STORE v+vv++++v++wvvvvvvvvv+vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv v+v+++v+v +40.+b4+r,4++4+4Q-04+-b+4-v44-r4+v++v44-r4++4Q+++p44-u4+v+++++++4-5,4-544-nAf-v44++4-++++44-v44++4-95+ 504+ QQ-sv-5+ 54+++++4+++v++v++v+Q+++++4-v4Q-54-r4+rA4-544444-,IQ-v44-o4++A4-v44-54-5+ 54-+43 5+ Compliments of age airy Comp vie-QI4-+14-rio 46 +!+'1'+I'+!'+!+'!'+I+'!+'Z+'!'+1010X0X+'X+'!+'!+'!++X+'Z'+Z+'!'+X+'Z+'Z'+!'+I+'!+6HZ'+!+'!+'X+'Z+'I+'Z'+!+'Z'+X'+Z+'X''IHkH0kXW4HX46 FREDERICKTOWN ICE AND DAIRY CO. Manufacturers of Artificial Ice Pasteurized Pure Jersey Milk and Cream COOLERATOR REF RIGERATORS FREDERICKTOWN, OHIO TELEPHONE 3571 JOE RITCHEY, PROP. +X++'Z+'X+'Z'+X+'X++Z+'X'+Z'+2+I++X+'X+'X+'!+'Z'+X'+Z+'X'+?'X++X+++'+'X0Z'+X+'X+4+'X+'I+'10X++Z+'l'+Z+'X+'Z+'X+'X++K+'Z+'X+-X'+Z+'Z4-'X++X+'Z++X'+X'+X+'X'+X++X+4'+X+'X"Z+9 B. N. SCARBRDUGH HARDWARE General Hardware-Guns-Ammunition Glass and Builders' Supplies INTERNATIONAL FARM MACHINERY Implements and Repair SOHIO GAS AND OIL Phone 2741 Frederlcktown, Ohlo 201010102Q4-wivvZ+v:4-rf-vX4-44-n:4+:ofI+vXo+X4-up-44-QX4-vI++X4-,I+v14+X4-44-u1'4+:4+:++:+vI++z+ ' ' I4-5X4-up41++14-+1+-vievf4+z4-vX4+z+vxozozozoxozozoxozoxof-q+g+nQQ 47 +1+ +101+ v101+ v101+ v1014 401+ o101+ r101+ f1014 +101+ v101++101+ f1++1+ v101+ 44-+1+ f101+ +1014 v101+ +14 +10 +1++1e +101+ +14-r1+ +14-v1+ +101+ v101+ v101+ v101+ +101+ +14-K+ v1o-QQ +14- BGLE ANDUR STUDIO Zi Efiq 561,001 We cow I9 TIFFIN, OHIO v + 0 + 4 +1+ a101+ r101+ v101+ r101+ 4014 +1014 401+ v101+ 01014 v101++1014 +101++101+ r14-+14 9101+ Q011- 4101+ 5101+ +1010 v101+ +101+ +101+ +1010 +1014- v101+ +101+ Q014- 4101+ 5014 54 Complimenfs of un nduk tries, . FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS FREDERICKTOWN, oHl0 v++++v+4V0+vwv+0++v+vvvvv+v+v++vvvvvvvvvv+vvv++++++++v+vv++v nor1014Q14-5+v101+v101+v101++1++14v101Qa101++101++101+v1014v101+v101++101++101++1014o1++14+101+v1014+1++1+v1014r1014+101++1010+14-5++101++101++101+v101+v1+ 48 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'Q-u'+v'++'+v'o'4v'+f'+in-+'+34-3+v'++'+3+v'+o'Q+'+v'++"oo'4-v'4+'4+'4+'4-V+34-v'4Hv'4+'e+'4-u'+a'o+'+4"4-v'o'4- 4+4-++++44++++++a+++++++o4+44 vvvvvvvvwvvvv +40h404+04044c44-u44v41+4++4Q-u4Q+4Q+4+o4+vgv4Q+4Q+44-u4+v4+v44-f44h44v4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Franks Brothers Grocery Q L l +,-..-.,.-.,...,,.,-..,,-,,., Phone 2871 Qualiiy Groceries-Meafs ul1111:-lui-.uninn,un--m,.-lm.,4m.-m1.-nn1un..-MQW.-nn1.4fg1,,,,i,u.-mlTuq...g--If-lit gipT-inqim.-lm.-Hui Congratulate the Seniors of 1942. T law I "Dick" and "Buss', Wish to TllYl'l'lllP-illllillllTIIITIIIITlllllTlDl11lIl1lllllTIllITlllli'lll11llllillU1lll1'll'?lI Frederxcktown, Ohio ' ' ' ' ' ' ' X4-uzo-QX4-vz4+:++:4-vX++zo+XQvz4-v:+u:4-nie-0:4-up+4++X++:4+1++X4-vz4-rio-vzeaxe V+ ' ' I I0:04010:ezHzoxoxozoxwzuzoznzozozfvI++:+vI4+X4-v:4-QK4-rio-r:++44-r4++44-v4++44v4+50 4 +4++44-v 4-o THE GREGG MA UFACTURING CO. Best Wishes for Future Success of the Class of 1942 FREDERICKTOWN, OHIO ' ' V ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '4+'4-v'4-v'4-+44-vzevzn-aio-fro-vz+v:+a:++14-froze vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvwovvvwvv 4 4 4 404 4 p4o+44-r44-u44+44-u4+44++44+4++4++44-v4+v4+v4++44-of-u44-+44-v44+44-r4++44-v44+4+v4++4+f4++4++44-r4+a44-u44+4o+44-v4++4+o4 4 4 4 Phone 2821 The J. B. Foote Foundry Co. "Com'for1"' Warm Air Furnaces Fredericktown, Ohio vv++++4,,+v++++v,,I4 VQVVVVWVVV VGWVVVVO VVVVVV 944if044+44-v404940404044444-544-v44+4++44+4+v4+b44-b44+4+b44-74444 4040404044-5404 '4-v'4-34+'B-34-nz01040201910XozqerwzuzozoxoX4-s44-v44+44+4+f44+4+v44-v44+4+ 5444+ 49 vvvvvvvvvvvvvv v vv vvv 54+44-54+.4-v.4+.4-r.4+4+o44-u.4-uA4-v.4-v.4-v44-oI4+4+'4+,4+4+'4+'4+++4+4+'4+'4+'++'4+'4+'4+'4+'+o' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' V V ' V V 0 V V V V ' ' ' ' V ' ' '4 , , , , 4 , , , 4 A A 4 A 4 4 4 44r.4-v.4-444-+04-of-v+ev.+o,4-u44-v,4+'4+++v.++.4+.4+.fu+4-o.+v+4+,4-54-5454-u.4v+4+Q4oA H. E. CLEMM and SONS LUMBER 3. BUILDING MATERIALS Fredericktown, Ohio Phone 2171 vvvfvvvvvvvf vvvvvvvv v vvvvvv90vw1Qvvvvfvfvvfvvovvvvvvvvvtv +44-v44-o44+44+.4+4+oA4+.4-54-u54+,4+,4+!Q+.4+.4+.4+44+44+.4-sf-o.4+f+44+24+44+,4-0.4-u,4+.4+44+44-v44+44+,4+A4+,4+,4+A4-54-044+44+,4-o44+A4+.4-4.4-r,4+.4+A4+A4+.4+A4-044+.4+44+.4+.+v44+'4+44 NU-WAY SHOE and HARNESS SHOP Red Wing Shoes Shoe Repairing CUSTOM-MADE HAR ESS Raymond Yo-st' Prop. vvvvvvvvv vvvoooovvvv 1+vv1+vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvevvvv +.4+,4+ 4+44-054+,4+44+,4+,4+44++4+I4+,4+,4+.4+A4+44-+44-+44-v44-v.4-oA+v4+vBv+044444,4+.4+44-54+.4+44+04+,4-u,4-v.4-u44-a.4+.eoA4+A4-o44+A4-v,4-vA04040.05 Congratulations to the Class of '42 Hotel Del Mar Restaurant ,Q0+0v0+Hv0vH+0o0v0vHv0vH+oovwvavwvnfvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvov+vvvvvv+vvvvvevvvvvovvv , , 4 , , , , 4 4 4 4 4 fr. , 4 4 , ,4-+44-044-no4+.4++e+,4-54+5-54-v44-044-54,044-o44-044-utq-v44-u44++4-54v44+.4+A+u.4+.4++4o44+.4+A4+,4+44+44+44+44+,4+4++,+o,4+44-v+4-ui H. W. UPDIKE AND SONS WAYNE SEEDS A Better Feed For Every Need Complete Stock of Sewer Pipe Coal, Fertilizer, Grain, Tile, Fence QUALITY PRODUCTS Reliable Service For 40 Years Plwne 2051 +,1+44+.4+44+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4' 4+.o+ 4+ 4+44+.4+'4+'4+'4+'4+ 4+ 4+'4+'4+'4+'4+'4+'4 v'4+'4+'4+'4+'4+'4+'4+'4+'4+'4+'4+'4+'4+'4+ 0 4+'4+'+v'4+'+v'4-34+ 4-3+ v'4+'4+'4+'4- 34 4444444444 44 4444Q444444444444444444444444444444444444 '0 Q vvvvvovvvvv +vvv+vf++ +++ vv v vvvvvvvvwvvvvv v o +,'+5'v-Q4-v.'n-s4+u.'Q-s4'+o.'o+.4-u4Q-v,4+.Q-u4+vA+u.+-u4o+.4+,4-o.o-u!ovQ-5430.Q-s,+r4+v,,Q-v4+v,0A4-vX++4++,+r,+4oo+4-v44-vX4fv44-4:4-QQ-nz+u4+v44-044-54-v.4-v,+o4+v,4-no-v,4+,++4+v,o-54-aio50-rxoto Isaly Dairy Store ICE CREAM - DAIRY PRODUCTS Luncheon and Founiain Service 'I09 Sou'I'h Main Sfreei' Mount Vernon, Ohio 'X+'I'+'X'+I+'X'+X'+Z+'Z+'I+'l+'i+'Z+'!'+I+'Z'+X+'Z+'X+'I+'Z+'I+'Z+'I+'X+'!+'Z+'Z'+X''Z'+X+'X'+Z+'2"I+'X'+I+'I+'X0I4+X+40I01+'X'+X+'I+'I'+Z+'Z+'I+'Z+'Z+'X++X+'Z+'X+s'+n'+'!' FOR QUALITY MERCHANDISE CORRECT STYLING AT A MODEST PRICE Always Shop At Knox County's Greatest Store RUDIN COMPANY Mount Vernon, Ohio vvvvvvvfvvvvvvvvvvvvvvtvvvvvvv+++vv+vv+++v+v+vvvvvvvvvvvvvvv +444-+40404-r++v,4+4+v44+4Q+,Q+.Q-D44-9.4-V44-v,+v44-D44-vbe-Q44-b,4fo44-54-7,4-neo40.4-0,4-34444-54-944-Q,4-b4o+44+4Q+44-o+4-o+4-v44-v+4-b,4+,++4+b44-V44-up-v+Q-+44-9 4-+.+v44+.+v44+.4-9,4-944-vge-bA4+4+ B5 M. MEREDITH and SON Home Furnishings Ambulance Service Phone 2221-2222 Fredericktown, Ohio vvvfvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvi vvvvvvv+v+vv+vv+++v+v++v++v 4-54-vQ4+40A0+.4-v44-54-rg-044-Q.avga-044-54,46-v,Q-v+4-V,044-9104040+4-944+04-941-v+4+++v,+vxQ-V44-o,4+,o-v+4+,+r,Q+40405040Q0404040+040,4+,4-v4+b,4++4-+4o+4+v.++,+b.+b44-V205 THE NORTHWESTERN ELEVATOR AND MILL C05 H. W. SMITH, Manager Diadem Feeds - Taylor's Best Flour Coal Lime Fertilizer Phones 2001 -3451 vv.,,X+,x,-,x+,vvvv+++vvvv++ov+ vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv v Q'o-,foals-vX4+X4-v,+f'4-of ,4+4+u,4-50,4-50,4-otq-,44+,++.4+,+f44+Aof,4+,4-fin-v4o,++A+f,++,+f,4+,w.4+,+v5+,+v,a4+s44+,+v44-v,4+A+v4+n.++,+o,+o5+,+c,04+vA+u,4-54Q14-5250 51 014-0:4-v'+v'+v'+ v'+r'k-v'+o'4-v'4+'4-V4-51+vie-vz4-44-vii-+14-r'1+"4-v'++'4+"++'4-v'4-W4-WeV+ Q4Q+o'4-v'4-v'+vz+vX4+:4+z4+X4-visvzozwzozozwioxeze N-v'4o'+v'4+'4+'+v'+vW+"4+'4+'4-914-v'+ 4444444444 4444444444 444 4 44444444444 4 Recreation, Food und Merchandise Gentlemen Prefer TOMMY HUGGINS FREDERICKTOWN, oHlo vvw - vvvvvvwvvw+vvvvv++++vvvvwvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvfv v aX4fu:+u44-he-rf-nz:-v,+o:+n4+v4+s,o++r4+v,4-v+4+,+s4++44-54++44-s+ov44-v4++++-rin-54-444444-54'a4+v4+v,4+++v+o4+v44+++v+o+4+a4+o44+4o++v44-o4+v,4+++v44+,+5+u,4444-54-v+4-54-vto-044-rf-opw- Drink MHZ The Pause That Refreshes Call 256 506 West Vine Street Y0u'll Like To Trade At WORlEY'S Dependable Men's Wear Stetson Hats Holeproof Hosiery 120 South Main St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio +14-v'4+'4-oz010'4-We-v'4-via-his-vie-vzo-axe-34-QI01010I4-r:+Q'++'4+'4+'4-34-v'+u'4-v'vV4-We V4-v'4-n'4-v'4-v'4-r'++'4-s'4-v'4-b' 'Q-+'+o'4+'+v'4-9' '4+'4+'4-v'+v'4+'+o'4+'+v'4+'+v'4+'++'4-V4-+'Q 44 +44 4 44+4++44444+44444-+44"'444444"44+44+4+4o4+++4 WHlTE'S SUPER SERVICE STATION ED. JACOBS, Prop. Goodyear Tires Sinclair Gas Exide Batteries Main and Columbus Road Fredericktown, Ohio +'4-v'+v'+f'++'+r'+v'4+'4-3+I4-W4 v'+v'++'++'4+'0'++'4-+'+f'4V+v'+s'+ I4-341494if-3++'++'4+'++'++'+v'+le+'++'+3+W-v'++'+v'4-v'4-v'++'4+'++'4+'o+'++'+v'4+'+v'4+'+v'4+'+v'4+'4-iv 4A+4444++4++++44+++4++44+4444+444+A444+44+44+4+44+4++A4444+4 +90 +++v+v++vv+ 0+ v+++ vvvovvvvvvvvvwvvvv++vvv+++v+vv+vv vvv vvv v +4Qv+++4+v'4-5+v.+v4++.Q04QvfstQAQQQv'+o.Qv++o'4-+,Q-u+++++v++v+Qv4+r+4-5+vA++44+,+v+s+4+v4++4+++4-5444+neue+04-f.++Q++++r++v4+v4o+4+v++++4s44+++v+4-v4++'4+++v44+++v.4-r,+v44-age-o++ Congratulations lo the Class of 1942 DIVELBISS' FOOD STORE . . Where The Best Food Is Sold At Farr Prices +:++I1-'I+ 'iffy 'I'-+14 UIQ-UIQ vI++I+ +14 +14 4441+ deaf- view? vzovzw vie-01+ K+ +I+ 401+ vX++X4- +:e+z+ vzwvze 0:4-+14-vie-+14f+I4-4+ 44414 +:+ V14 4441+ 4441+ into Q4-+Z+ 0:4-up-+z++I+ bzb-if +14-vii-+14 oods Hardware Company Hardware, Paint and Glass THE GIFT STORE 129-133 N. Main Street, Fredericktown, Ohio Phone 2081 13 N. Main Street - Mt. Gilead, Ohio Phone 69 vwvvvvvvvvvv+v+v+v+vvv++++vvwvv++vvw++++v+++++vv+++vv+++++vv -54-+44-5+ 54-b++v4o+,+ Q+4+44-v4++++v4Q++Q+++v4fv+o+++v44+4++44-+5 54-54+ vga, 304+ +44 +44-+44-5444+ 44+ v4++4++44-54-v++++4 54-54-444-r4,+ +44-5+++4-544444-54-+44-rf-+44-1r++ v4++44-+44-544-54-b++ 5+ TILLE ' S RED and WHITE FOOD STORE GRocERlEs MEATS VEGETABLES FRU ITS PHONE 2361 FREE DELIVERY v+v++++v+v+++++++v++ vv++++v++++++vv+++v++++++ vwvvvvvvvvviv gvrg-941+44-14+-31-Q44-444-+44-r44-s+o++b+44++4-v,4-r4+v4f+44-r+++4+:Ze+44-54+4+v+o+,4++4-+4++,+v44-b+4++++44-v44+++v+4+++++1-944+++v+4+++++4++4-5++44-rp-v+4+44-944-p44-544-r+Q++++4Q+44++4++4-v44+.+ The LIONS CLUB STRIVES T0 MAKE FREDERICKTOWN a better place in which to live and to this end pledges its support to the FREDERICKTOWN SCHOOL vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvirvvvvv+++vv++++v++++++vv++v+ +++w+++v++vv -o,4-a+:-ifv+4-54+4044-A,040++44+v+o+4++4+Q44-v4++4+f44v+4+44+4+54-u,49+4v,454-ifif-544-5+044-o4++4+++4++4++4+,+v4++4++44+44-+44-v+++44++4-+44+44-K4-v+4+44-if-v+++,++44-54+++++4+++4-54444 53 vQ4-,v0vvvvovvwvvv+++vv+vvvvvvvvvvovvvovvvvvvovvvvvfv+++vv+v+vv +404 4+ +64-5+ 54-5+ vp-we 54-ste :QQ-v++v+4-v.4+'4+.+s,o-u4+o4++.4 vp-5+ 54-5+ 54-of Q4-c++ an-5+ 54-ge 5444+ 54-05 54-A44 54-ble no-QQ rv-u++v.Q+.+a.4-v.+ v+4-v.+o44-u,e++o-v.Qv.Qo,o v.++.+v.4 SAM FOX Jeweler It pays to make a trip to Mansfield to purchase that WATCH FOR THE GRADUATE We Guarantee to Save You Money 12 Park Avenue West Mansfield, Ohio exe-0:4-vz+v!4-oiQ+:4-o:+o:4-vie up-o:Q vzozeuzozsazozwzwzm vin-Q4-QXQ oxfvzwxsozozozuzo American Heating Standard Plumbing ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES FLOYD D. HOSACK INSTALLATION - SALES - SERVICE You Wiill B0 Satisfied PHONE DIAL FREDERICKTOWN, OHIO c-:Qvvvvvwvvvvvvvvw+vv++0+0v++1+vvw0+vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvwvvvvv +44-o44-o.+oA1-54-u4Q-QAQ'54-0,4+44-0,4-044-v3v.Q-rA+v+e++Qv+o++Qa44-044-v++v++v.+v4Q+4+o+rv+o+4e+.+v4Qv4+o4+v+a-vt54he-5++44-v+4-54+,4-54+44+04+44-54-454++4-u++r.+v44++4+44+,+o4+b4+v,+04o+44 Complimenfs of He OHIO POWER af 9 W. Gambler St. Phone 92 6: 93 MT. VERNON'S LEADING DRUG STORES HECKLER DRUG STORE Original Cut-Rate West Side Square 115 South Main Mt. Vernon, Ohio vvvwvovvvvvvvwvvvvvv+0v+vvv+++v+v+v+v++vvv+++++vvvvvvvovvvvv +54-+54-noo,450,4-v44++o+.4-54+4-o4+u.4+,4+,+v,4+++v.4+++v+4++++44+44-54-54-:A+an-v44-0+4-v,e+4+v,++4++44444-5e+A4++++.+v.4+,++,++++oA4-v,e+44-v.++QQQQQ-sta-v44-v+Q+4+++4-5+at-vmovtefat-ate 54 o:4-ure-up-04+ vin-a:+ +4+ QQ vzeoza vie-if of-v:+ vis 44+ +44-v4++:+vZ4 vX4+I++I4-QQ v:4-vie +14-4+ +44-if 0401+ via-rX+vI+ Drink In Bigger and Better -rnADi MPR' THE J. S. RINGWALT CO. The Primrose Shop Ringwalt's Budget-Price Shop Where You Can Buy Inexpensive Copies of High-Priced Original Coats, Dresses and Hats MOUNT VERNON, OHIO v + v 6 v v + v + + v v v v v v 1 v + 0 0 v v s + 0 v v v v v +4-4+4-4444+44+4-4+4-4+4-4v44+44+44+4-4v+4+44+44+4-344944044+44+44v4-4v44v44+44+44v44+4+v4,4z4, +44-144-u44-r44-v4+v44-54+Q44-r44-o4044+4040404044-5+r44+4044+4+v4u4+Q44-v44-+44-044-444-95444-+44-+4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Herff-Jones Compan Designers and Manufacturers of School ancl College Jewelry, Graduation Announcements, Medals, Cups and Trophies Indianapolis, Indiana JEWELERS TO FREDERlCKTOWN l'llGl-l SCHOOL Representative: R, Dickens vvvvirv v+vvv++++v++v+++++++++ v vvvvv + +44-v44-o4o+44+44-94+v:4-b44-044+44-v4Q+4+v4+o44+44-044-r44-v4o+44f44-04++44-c44-+44-r44-+4Q-Q44-v44-+44v44-v4++4o+44-v44-r44-v4+v44-+44-v44-u44-940,44-v44-o44-544-v44+44v44-r4++44-b4++44+44-+4 4 4 4v44-v4 40 Success to the Seniors of '42 Ma er, Meat Market Phone 3511 v+ vv+++V0+vvv+0+vv+++4v4v44+44+4-34414 vvwvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvfvvvvvivvvvvvvv V -5++4+v4on4o-54+n44+44+44+44-v44+44-54446v44-Q44-v4+v44-o4++4+v44+4+o44-04+a404+044-U44-o4ov4+v44-v44+4+u4ov44-044-914-u44-+4+v44w4o+4+v44-b4Q+4+v4Qv44+44v44-444444-r44-+44-v44a4 4+4 4 4 4 vvvvvvvvvvvv++v+v++vv++++v+vv++ v +44-v404040404044+44++4-+4++44+4+s44+44++4++4+4++,+v44+44-v,+vA4+,+v44+,4-v+4+4++44-+++++++44+I4+,++z++z+oz++1+vz++IQ+:+vX4+X4+:4+z4+:+v:4-pz4+z++z++24-if+:+pX++:4-p:++I++I++z4-rI++:4' Hosack General Store vvvvv+vvvvvwvvvvivvvvvwWv+v+v++Wvvvwwfvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv +4+v44-5++4041044444444-h,+v+++44-54-b4+v+++++v+4+,4-+41+4+V44-ifv44'+44-P44-V44-r4++4++4++4++++54-9404944444+44-541'-if-v44++4-54+0494040404+v++o4+++4-944444-v+4-4,4-r+4-b4+v+4-V44-V44-V44-5,4 Compliments of ZOLMAN'S MARKET Phone 2613 Fredericktown, Ohio +vvv++v++vv vvv v vow vwv,,+ vvvvvv q,y+v++++++++v "+"'4"'+"4049+040+94H40+'+I04"+"'4"'I"i9"X"dX"'Z0Z"X"W'v"'z"'Z"':"X"X"4"'X"h''4"'+"'Z"'X"'4"4"4 4"'z"'4"'4"+"h"4"'4"x"'4 4"4"'+"'4"'4"'+"'4"'4"'4"'4"4"'4' 1. R. REED, lr. General Insurance, Surety Bonds Notary Public Phone 2961 Fredericktown, Ohio vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvv vvvvvwvvo wvv vv+vv+vv+++++++vvv 444+,of-50404+54-v,4+,+v44+,4+4+v44-v44+44-9,4-v,4+4044-up-Q040,4-0++o++v,4+,4-vX4+4+v4++,4-+44+,+w++4-54-5++351vp-v++v:4+4+v44-v41-54-v4++44+,4-+44-5+044-v4++44-54044-v4+v4++4++44- ROBINSON'S GROCERY Jewell's lce Cream Sohio Gasoline, Oil Groceries vvv vvwvvvvvvvvvvvivvvv vii+v+wiv1v+++++++vvv+v+vv+++++v++v -QQ-54-r,4-rzf-54-044-if-044-5044-5,5454-5,4-v4040494944-P40404if-544-Q44-vX4-VXQ-v44f++4++4-04,444++44-+44v44+++sql-5444++4+044-v4+a4+4+++4+v4++A+v44-+4++44+44-04+54-0,4-V44-b++v44-54-+44-V44-v44+.44 Compliments of DR. R. S. LORD +X++:4+I4-v:4-urn-+14-+Z++X+vz+vz++:+vf4-441+vX+v:++:+vX4+:++1+v14-41+vz++1'++X++z++X++:4-:I++:o+I++X4-+2vI4-vzfvfozo Q4 areQ4-r:4-vxx-+:++:4-vI++14-vz4-axe-vX++14-v:++f4-4++14-rf-freeze-+X++:++:+ Body and Fender Work - Car Refinishing Acetylene and Electric Welding at STEVEN'S PAINT SHOP Expert Work At Reasonable Prices Modern Equiptment 20 Edgehill Drive Phone 2351 Hoy Stevens Prop. ! +vvvv++v+vv+++v++vv+vv++yv+ V++0+W+vvVvvvvvvvvvvlgovvvvvvvvvvv vb044-+44-v+4-P44-U44-444-044-Q04040404044-0,4-54-9,1-044-D44-r44-b++g4-P44-U4 44-54-qi-5:4-r44fv,4+44-U44-54-44+v44+44-v4+-54-h4+r,4+4+r4+v+4+4+v4+v44-504 4 +4-V44-b++b44-044-r.4v-v44+,+v+4-i41fQ41 Retailers of Mill Feeds and Old Fort Concentrates Also Black Stap Molasses Mixer Prepared to Manufacture your Feeds from l'lome:Gr0wn Grains and Roughages Service Anywhere in Knox County ZOLMAN'S FEED STORE 43 Tuttle Ave. Fredericktown Phone 2092 v+v++v++v+vv+v++v+++++vw+++vvvv++vvvvvvvvfvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv 4,Q-v44-54444040+4-540404044+.0404+944-v44-54944-v,4-v44-u++c.++4r44+44f54-+4354-v+4+46444-Q4++4++++v44+,4-b+4+4++4+v44-V44-5+4-yr44-b44+44-V44-9,0-V44-V44-v44-v44+4+v+4-0443+044-+44-04++4+v4++4Q Compliments of JOHN ZUCCARO FRUIT CO. Wholesale Fruits and Produce Mt. Vernon, O'l1io 5191+qf-u:+44-v:++X+sz++X4+:+nzof-vtotoI4+X++I4+f++X++I++:+uX+vzQ+:+v1'4f-K++I++X+vX+vI++I4+X++I4-5'4-+X4-5X4-uznf 56 ,v0Q000+Hv0v,,vv+vvvvvvvefv vv++9vv v9+vv+vvvv0 fvv+++vv++++vvvvvv+v , A 4 5 4 A .040.0,04044+.044+40.0.0505-+z4++040,0,0.040402-vte-54-of-044-544-0.04040,04040:4-v4+v40g+,0+0AH,0.4+.b+,03044-044044-b,4-V44-4r,+v.+-v4++.4 It Pays To Look Well J. A. FRANKS Barber Shop 116 North Main St. J. A. 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Vernon, Ohio 'z"'!"1":"'Z"'I"'z"'I01"X0X010I":'+:+':"'?":"'Z"'I"'X"X+'I'401''101010:0101010I0:'+Z"'X"'X"'X"X"'1"'X"'X'4"'X"'X"'X"'X"':'+X"'X"X":"'z"'X'+X"':"'I"X"':"':' Compliments of LESTER'S Men's and Boys' Clothing Mount Vernon, Ohio vvvvvwvvvvvwvvvvvvvvwwvvv+vv+v+v+vvv vvv +v+vv++ vvvvvvo vw +40404000404-v4+v404o44-54-vga-v++v+4+,+f44-044-v4+u4+v,o+,+u,4+4++44+,+u,4+,+v,4+4++44+,+ 545+ :ke-+44-54-axe-v+4-v,4-v44-v!4+44 v4+-54-o44+,+v,+ q4+X4-v4o4+s44+4+v44++o4o+X+o!4-up+,a C. H1 DIETRICH, Jeweler 29 E. Gambier Street Mount Vernon, Ohio vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvbvtv++v+vv+vv+++v+++++++++ ++++++v vw Q34040404044+44+4044+A-V4044+4040+4-444-r,+v4o-0.4-044-9,1-V44-54-v44vv,4-vQ4-r++v,Qv+4++4-v,+v+4+4++A4+++v5-+44-04+54+4040+0404040404044+,4-of-+4++44-544-r44-P44-v4+b++i4-v++0.41 F. A. BOLLINGER Mortician lnvalid Coach Ph0l1C 2901 Day or Night vyvvvv 1v+vvvQ,v+v4,vvvvv4,vvivvvgpvvvvvvfvvvvvvvvvivvv++v+++++++ +0 +4-v44+f-95444-rX4+44+4+v+4+4+v44-obo-Q4 44-+44-v4 .4-0.4-rt-VAQ5 44-+44-54-50-V44-544-5, 4-P44-if-b4+v.4-044+,4+,+v44-bld-+44-044-o.4+44-+44-v++v44-9+4-V44-+54-o,4+4+v44+4+v4-b+4+,4+4+v44-5044- Compliments of W. M. MAHAFFEY. M. D. vvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvw vvvwvvvvvvvvv 0 +vvvvv+vvvvv+vvv+vvv, 044+4o+4+v,+u44+44+,f44-+24-54-a44-5454-v44-54-'44-9,4-vfr44-v4+54+44-v,+o!4-ofv44-of-+4++44-v,4++++,+v4++4+v++v,4+,+rZ4+4+vVy 46-544'-if-5.4-D44-944-D44-if-if-544'-Pfb:-V44-V44-541'-O44-i44-if-744'-OA R. E. WORKMAN AGENCY Insurance of all Kinds TELEPHONE 3221 . Fredericktown Ohio vvyvvvvvvvvvvfiv +v+v+v+vv+++v0+vv4+v+,v,+++v+v++v+v++++++v+++ -54-p44-v,4+44-view401-U44-qi-vA4-+40044-P4405-vA+94+44-Q44-v44-v+4-v'+a44-v4454-+44-+44+4+544-'44-4A4+,4 V44 9,4444-v4ov44-5+ 44 of Q4-+44 Q4-5+ 54-v,ov+4-5,4 r+4+44- 0,4-v4+v,4-54 v++++++A4-044-04654-i441 57 ++0+H+,,++,v,,v0++vH++vv++v++v+++v++vvvv+vv+ vo 4 G Q 4 4 4 A 5 4+v++++++4+v++v+4-v,++44+4+54-5+5454-+4+++Q5,54+44-o,+++4-v4++++o4+++Q+X+Q4-u:Q+:4+X+,Q-+X+v1+v:+a:4-+14,Xe-vX+ara-vieup-vieaxe-v:++z4-n:++z4-vI4-vz+vz++:+vz+f, U55 cflflocfaznaff Beauty AZOP All Lines of Beauty Culture Gladys Divelbiss-Florence Bradrick Phone 2381 vv+vvwvvvVvwvvvVwvvvvvv4vv+vv+vvv++++++vvvv++v+v+++vvvvvvv++ +++v4++++v+++'4-v,4-54+44-o++v44-544-v4++4++4040+4-v4++44-v,++++v4+++4+4++44-rA4-v44-r4+5444++4+++o+++o,4++4-b4Q-+44-+4+v,4++++,4-94++44-v4++4+++++44+44v44+4+v44++4+.4-up-+,+f4+Q44-bf-v44+++A++ Compliments of DR. O. W. 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Vernon, Ohio + 4+ + +vvv+vvQ+++vvvv+++v+vv+v+++++++++vv+v+v+v+ vvvvvvvvv 9+4-bX+oXQ-0404054+4-44++044+44+44-+44-v404Q-up-9,++4+b4+v+4++4+A4-v+4++4++4-r44-54+54-0,4-444 5+ 54 +4 5044- 54-5+ if 5+ up-5+ 54-5+ 54-50 a44-rg-+44-r++ +4014 +44-P44-+44-v+4-v+4-v++v44-944-044' BLAKE'S GARAGE Arc and Electric Welding Blake Does What Rest Canit Fixes anything but a broken heart +1+vvvvfvvvvv+v++v+v+v++9vv++v+vvv++vb++++++++vv+vvv+vv++Q++o 4w+4+41-r44v++v++u,+v,4++4+4+r4+v++v4oReap+44-rA++,+Q,+v44+4+v4+++Q+,4++4+44-54-++4+4++54-+,Q++++4Q+04-o,+++4-ug-v+4++4-U44-v,+044-v+++44-04+544-v++++4-be-rA4+44-v44-9,4-r44+.o-040-u++r44-5450 PITKIN'S PROVISIO STORE THE COMPLETE Foon MARKET Mt. Vernon, Ohio Phones 114:115 vvv+v++0vwvvivvvv+0vvv+v+vv+v++++++vvv++++vvv+++++v+++++vvvv 54- 54-5+ 5444+ v+4+4+++4-5+ if-up +44-5+ 54-04+ 54-V40QA4-u,4-+04-+44-v'+v44-v44-v,++A+54-Q44-0444.4-u44+44-0,++4+4++++4-if+44-u4+vA4a+Qo4+ rv-p44-v4+v+oo44-v4+r4++,+r4+++++A+ b,4-5,4-+44-v.Q 54-04 5+ Compliments of E. K. WALTER v4tv+vvvv+++++++++++vv+++++v +4+v+vv++++vv+++++++++++vv+v+vv +44++4-v+++.4+4+54-5++.+vA4-an-v4++.4-5++4o+++++4-044+4o+++r44-v4++.4-r,+v44-v4+v44+4+v++vI++44-V44-50-54+44-htm:-+4,4-u44-r44-v,4,+44-v,QvA4-u+4++4-r4++44-r.4-atm-v+4-+04-u++v,4-b++++Q-93044-v+4'54-u++v'4 Compliments of Dr. Joe Mayer v+v++++o+v++v+vv++v++ vwufvvvvvvvv+of+vvQv+v+svv+++++vv++v+o+ +44-044-v,+v+4-rf-v,+Q4+54-54,445+nf-u++v4+v44-+44-54v44+4+-54-o,++:+v44f,4+,4Renoat-,AQ+,++4s+44-5+54-fpsQ44-vp-v++v4+v,o+.+v+++.4-54-5+54-o++v+a+,+v4+o4Q+44-u,oQ44+,++44-vp54-r,4-gg, 58 4f'!+'!+'X'+I+m'+'8'!'+X"!+'X+'I+'!+'!'+1+'!+'I+'1'+!'+X'+1+'!+'!++Z0X+'!+'-'+'I'+!+'1+'!"I-+I''X''X'+Z+"f'I'+X'+i++X+'Z+'!'+X'+!+'I+'2+'Z'+!'+I+'X'+I+'Z+'X++I+'!++X+'!+'Z'+I' Compliments of I. C. PENNY +14-vin-vie+24-QQ+1014ckvzeva-v1Q+:4-via-sta-o:Q+14-vievxwzwiwzofnxoxoxnxoox4+I4+:++!o:o-ein-viev1++:4+X4-o:++14-vIQ+I++'z4+:4-u:4+:4-vieoxofotufozazfozoxezofe+:++I4vf4+:++I+ EWER'S FRIENDLY SERVICE You are a stranger here but once Phone 2661 We're on the square v o v v vvv vv++vv+vvvvvvvvv+ vo1v+vvQv+vo+++vo++vv+vv++vv+ o,+u!4+.4-ux4-v.+sIQ-oA4-o!+o44-v.+u.+oX1+5-r.Q-v,Q+4Q-rf-54-u,4-u,4-v.:+,4+,+v,4-v4+ Q4-he nog vp-34 v,+fA4-vgg-+44 54-5+ 50,1944-044-r4+v++ v00404044+44-v,4-v,4+,+v,+v.++,4+,+54+44-v,4-+34 FENTON CLEANERS Insured and Guaranteed Dry Cleaning 10 E. Gambier, Mt. Vernon, Ohio v vvvvvv vo vvvvvvefwvvvvvv ++vvv vvfvvovwwvvvvvvvvvvvvvv -vX+o14+X4-,In-54-X4-vgvce-sl+7-s.+v,+5'+v44+,4+:e-v4+u550.4-v.+o4+a,+v,w4+Q5-v,4+,4+,+v44-+14v,s+4fr4+qo++vZ4-v+4+++v,4+,+v,4+5-444+,Xe-sta-54-v,,4+.4-54-u.+504-v4+v,+r,4+A+v44+,+5e Compliments of Kelser-Dowds Co. Wholesale Grocers Mt. Vernon, Ohio 0' ' 'Q-le-uko'1-W4-v'4-e'4-v'4-o'4-v'4-We-9o+'4-u'4+'4-v'++'++'4+'4-u'4+'4-v'+v'4+'4-34-98414010201010vie-ste-vie-u:4+z4-9X014+:4+:4+I4+:Q+Z4-v:+vI4-vz4+2+14-riovI+ox4-o:4+'4-v'++'+u'4+'++14 W. B. BROWN Jeweler 102 South Main Street Mt. Vernon, Ohio v vvvovvvvv vvv ++v+v+++v++v vs-vvovvvvvwvvvv ++vvv+++v+++v o44-Q4-v4+vA+v44-v40404040404011-uI+o!o+,o44-s44+Z4+A+v,+v4e+o,Q+4Q+,+u44-v,4+554044-ali-v,4f-v,4-v44-o,4-v,+o,4v44+A+o5-u,+v44++4-vA++A+v+++X+v+4+++++4-+44fo,+uA4-v4ev4+o44+,4-54-54-4+ Compliments of Dr. ERNEST ACKERMAN. M.D. v vvvvvvvvovvvwvvvv+++v+++vvvwvwvwvvvvvvvvv++++v++Uf+0f+',y1+Qv LQ. f-exe-v,s+,+o44-v4+v,o-r++v44+,+u4+v++v,454-Q44-u44-v44-v,4-Q54-u5-54-at+44-04:-v+++4+v++v4+v4+v4+v.4+++s.+v,4-v44+4-+44-v+4+,4+44-v++v44-v5-0,4-v,4-rf-v44-04+4.0, ,Q-50.0.06 4 40,054 Congratulations and Best Wishes DR. C. H. WRIGHT . The Dentist Off? WVVVWVV VVVVWWVVVVVVVVVVVVVUVV WVVWVV QVVQVVVVVWWVWV -5454-544-o,4-vZ+vX1-v,4-54-o40Aov,4-v,4-u44-upu,++,4-v,o+44-uA+r4+v4+v.+a44'44-no54-54-vle4+4-5,4-V44-v.o-vp-o,4-v44-v44-u!h+,4-+54+foto,0,4-44-+,4+44+.+v,4++4+4+v44+4-v4+uA4+,+v.4+,4+4+sX4Qc- Compliments of S. M. LARRICK, Dentist' VvVOVOVVWWVVVVVVVVVYWWVVWVVVVVVVVV+fV+VQOv+++9++V+99++V+++v+ 4.4-Q44+3o44+,+v44+44-v+bv44+,o+,4-o,4-v4+v,4+,,4-v44+44-34+44+4040,4+44+44+4040,Q-4,4-v4++44o.++44+.4fv,4-V44-54-04+444+,4-v+4-v44+A++4Q-r'+b4+++4-v4+vA+v+4-v44-r44-+4++,4+,4+4+o,4-v4++4+v4+v+4 59 +++++++++v+++++++vv+v++ -+4e +4Q+4+ +4044 +44-+44-+4++44 +4044 +404++404++404+ +4044 304+ +404Q +:0:+ +z+Qe K+ Q4- +40:++4++4+ +4044 +:++X+ +44-+41-+14-+4+ +4044 +z04+ Q4-+:++:++K+ +1014 +2014 +I0z+ +14-+44-+14-+2 +2- HICK'S GATE C0. Fence, Paint, and Roofing l.. t Stock ' th C t Phone 2401 VVVVVVVWVVWWVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVWVWVWVVVVWWVVVVVWVVVVWVY 'iii7434+5494+f44'f+1',+4'P4Qf4Q9,0544'V4f'P4Q'?+Q?4l',44'5+Q'f4f54Q'+4fu4?+4544'74Quf'7+Q+,1'?44'9f'f45V,4'P+4'+44-'V4f94Q54f9,494+f44f44"V445447407445494??44'P,4-74Qf,f?4f9,f-V44+44"P44hf+44'?46'V,Q . Compliments of THE ALCOVE RESTAURANT Candy Shop Soda Grill Mt. Vernon, Ohio +2+:0X++X0I++102+14+:4-+z0X++I0:++z0X0z0:++z0X++44-+1++:4-+4444-+z4+X++:++24-+1'++z++z++:++:++z++4++44-+4++1041+X0:++Z0:4+z0X4+:0X++44-+X++P-a++10-+44-+14-+1'4-+14-+:4+z0:++X4f Get your Graduation Outfit early this year and get it at Lemasters SUITS, sPoRT coATs, sHoEs, sLAcKs, LOAPER COATS HARLEY A. LEMASTERS Mt. Vernon, Ohio + v + v + V +4++44-+44-+4044q0X0I0:0X0z++:0X++10X0z0I4-+4044-+I0:4+X0z4f+I1f+4Qi4-+14-+4014-q044'+z0:0:04++V+'0'0'++'0'++'0'0'0'++'0'+ ' '4- +0'++'0'4+'0'Q+'0' ' Y '4 +44++++++++4'+"5'+++4+4+4'++"'A"4 Buy With Confidence At the Fredericktown Men's, Young Men's and Boys' Clothing Shoes, Sweaters and Furnishings The Leader Leads with Values M. J. Salzman, Prop. ,:,,z,,z4,z,,X,,z4,,X, 4144?-,:4,4X44+44+4 4+9g 4v4,v4,v44+4 4+4-,+44++,+4 4+4,,++4+44+4 +43 4+ v v + v v v v v v + + v + v v v v v if + v v + v v v v v v v 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4+4 4+ 4++4w+4++4++4++44+4++4++4++4a+44-+44+44-+4++40404044+4++4+-+44-+44+4044-+4++40404++4++44+4+ Compliments of EDWARDS SHEET METAL WORKS v+vvvv+++vv9+V+vvvvw+++9+vevvvv++++++v++++++++vv+s+v+vv+vv++ +404044-o4++4++4044-+44-+44-+4044-1r4++4Q+404Q+44-+44+4044+404++404++404044+4++404Q+44+40404++44-+44-+44-44++4++4++404++4040404++404++4044+404++4044-+4044+4044-54-+4++4a Yuncker Bros. 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Vernon ++vvv+vvvv+++v+vvvvvv+v+vvv +44-u,4-v,+v4vo,0,4-rg54-ifvf+,+v,+v44-v,++,+v,4+,0,+v40,+v,4+44-v,+v,4-5454-++++I44I4-4:4-uzo+1++X++I4-oX4-4:4-uz+4:ofX4-+14-4+via-axe-v:++z+uzwzoxoff+24-vz++z++:+vf4-+14+14-Q4-,ze-uz4,af+ 61 Q+vwvvvvtvvv+9vvv4vvtvv0ovvv+0vv+vvvv+vov+v+vvvv0vfv+vvv+,v4,,v,,,v,, +,++,0,Q++H,0,0+H4+b,+v+4-r++v+v-Q4-h,4-r++v44-b4+v4++,4-U44-944-+4Q+,Q-544-v.+o4Q-v44-v+4-v41-he-54-r.4-o,+v4Q-v4H404044-9A04+++Q+,+o4+vA+9++++++4+v.Q+4+Q'+-heh,4-b.+vA4+,+v,4'P,4, Q , Compliment of I-lOSACK'S LUNCH v v + v Compliment of SALY9 Mansfield, Ohio vvvvv+vevvvvvvvvwvvvvvvv1+v40Q4+0v0v0vwovvvvvaoofvvvvvvvvvuyuy +44-v,4-L44-vt-up-v.4-v,4-v,4-0.0-of-544-u+++'A+uA040,040.004-944-v4+v+4+,+v,+v'+u44+,1+44+4+v4+o4n+4o-o,Q-5434-v44-5040+Q-o,4+44-afv,Q-54-no-u44-u4+r+4-r4+vAo+.+v4+v,+v4++,+v,4-50, 4 44 COMMERICAL PRINTERS PRINTERS FOR PUBLISHERS Reasonable Prices Wm G Pam t. Vernon, 0hi0 A ERA Y0lIPHOE - - - CALL328 ,t,,v,,,v0v,,+,,,v,,++,+,,,v0e,-,v+,v,,,v,,vHv+,vvvvvv01+svvvvvvovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Q Q v v 0 0 v v v 4 , , , , 4 5 4 , A 4 . 4 0 .4-v,+v4+u44-n++o4+r44+44++4-if-044644-5+v,4+4+s,4+.4-5+004454404-r,+v44-vA++.4-vto040.040,+a,4-r.+v,4-o++r'4++vv4+v.4+,+a,4-u,4-v.0.04434 62 Autographs List of Advertisers Ackerman, Ernest V., M.D.--- -- Alcove Restaurant .-..... -- Beale, Arthur .-........ Bending's Cozy Lunch --- Blake's Garage ......... Boles Dandurand Studio - Bollinger, Fred ......... Bowman's Lunch ,.... Brown, W. B., Jeweler - Canfield Service ...... Clemm, H. E. and Son - Coca-Cola --,..---,,- College Press -......... Del Mar, Hotel Restaurant -,- -- Dietrich, Jeweler ....... Divelbliss Food Store -- Edwards Sheet Metal .... Elaine Shop ......... Ewers Friendly Service --- Fenton Dry Cleaners .... First Knox National Bank Foote Foundry .,..-.... Fox, Sam, Jeweler ...... Franks Brothers Grocery - Franks, J A., Barber ---.. Fredericktown lce oc Dairy Frederick Bowling Alley - Gregg Manufacturing Co. - I-leckler's Drug Store .,.. Herff-Jones -......... Hosack's General Store Hosack, Floyd ...... Hosack's Lunch --- Hick's Gate Co. ........ Huggins , ,......,.,--, lsaly Dairy, Fredericktown lsaly Dairy, Mansfield --- lsaly Dairy, Mt. Vernon - lewell's Dairy .---...... Kelser-Dowds ........ Komito's --- Kresge ,,.., Larrick, Dr. - Leader Store - Lord, Dr. R. S. --- Lemaster ..-..... Lions Club --- Lester's ...... Mahaffey, Dr, .... Mayer, Dr, -, ,...-.. Mayer Meat Market ---- McMillen or Co. ........ Meredith, B. M. and Son Modernette Beauty Shop - Northwestern Elevator and Mill Co Nu-Way Shoe and Harness Shop Ohio Power Co. ........ Page Dairy --........ Penny, J. C. ...... Peoples Shoe Store ,.- Pepsi-Cola .--..... -- Pitkin's Provision Store - Pontiac Engraving and Electrotype Rapp, Dr. ......... --- Reed, R. -- Rexall Store -W --- Ringwalfs -, ....... Robinsons Grocery --- Rudin Company ..... Scarbrough, B, N. -- Sharp's Flowers --- Stauffefs Clothing --- Steven's Paint Shop --- Struble's Bank ........ Sun Glow Industries, lnc. Tillie's Grocery ....... Updike's Elevator ..... Updike's Filling Station - Walter, E. K. ......... Watson's Bakery -,... - Whiite's Service Station -- Wood's Hardware .... Workman's Agency --- Worley' s ........... Yuncker Bros. ...... Zolman's Feed Store -- Zolman's Market .... -- Zuccaro Fruit Company - Thanks The Staff of the 1942 Mirror Wishes to Thank Everyone Who, Through Their Advertising and Co- operation, Helped to Make This Bo-ok. THE STAFF Advisor -A U- Miss Milffy Editor ....s ..,, R ussell Walker Assistant Editgt- -U --, Kate Weller Business Manager --, Bob Bechtel Belle Diehl Dortha Mclntire ,leane Auten Beverly Cook Bettv Lou Biefnes Beverly Biefnes Donna Beheler Margaret Morrison Irene Gilmore Jacobine Smith Don Morrison Don Pealer .lean Bowman Helen Miller Ethel Debolt Arleen Auten Eileen Baker Gerald Beale Wfilma Bechtel ,lane Henderson loan Kunkle Bernadine Meredith Carmin Mclntire lVlarjoric Stackhouse wgq m y " f ' V Aj: :Aa x , A 4-,f x, ,f:. ' 1 v J. qv rf '. f'.:"G" r H1357 te: . x gg, Ps, 41 . wi, r av , , V .A ,.,.-k. . '52, - Y , ,.Y. li xx- 11. , 5 is 'ix 1, ' 1 .4 ,.-4 .E i.w",ff, 1 J 5 T ef ,BA . .1 AF 'wr in Q A ,iz 2 N l ' ' , W 52-- .. tl' . W V, Ze A 4:15515 X,-sg., A , f :V 'I Y 5, W6 Us , 3 Q . ' fi f 1 A A fra 291: . 1,9f, 5 122 ,A 1 ' ,ELIQ , gg.: 1 I 1- ' We fb H t' Wig V ,X H ,V gg. :E vw. ' fe ' ' , 0 , Q. -.ik a x., t ' 14 - Klan 'Wi 31162: 5 62 up 9-M. "-L"' Y 'aff' " P. ' . T.-1-HY'-,QY'VHMd:E T."W"2 Y' . WWW HSRWI Mimi ff- Aq , 4. Vik, , f ,Q Ze .,.1 2- A W 23 A 'A' DJ, is 'V .gg ,. ,R u 1' ,v nk , wr' 4, f' .w J. H' U a. eg, S 'fv- P5 Q. Y . 1 ,N y, . ' 32 . -194-4' EQ f . V S :X ' Z4 , 'Q ,W .W fl. W ,R H , , n . , iq . ,K Q, 1 ' . inn.- Ev' a A 7 Q. P Y w "' -' x 0 4 4 w , V, V ' "4 xr we 1 x V? .iiielx V ' 4 K -- Ns- vi ? if-: ' I ,,, , mf ,uv ity: 15,1 WF f 5 Ju YQ 'Ss 4, 'F ex - nl' . 1 W, I vfv 24.3, f fl A qi, ,W f . ' I if ,1 ,Z wifi ii? f 'ii-E , Z., 2 'gi ,fv 3. W a T A fa ,, gv I ' 36 s ., O ui 1? bg. ' ati! 5.5. ?q,A.,w,.v ,.4 . ,, :bf ,, ' A M5 .vu , 94,5 1. ij! .Q by 51 1 H n' la Q KY 1 :rs

Suggestions in the Fredericktown High School - Mirror Yearbook (Fredericktown, OH) collection:

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