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Je' 1:1 ,,,.Q - fffjnit ff. - , -.-l'1Q5fg5x'd ' ,PV wipe 2, ff , - '- ,r wwf V Mlm ,5 gif' A 1 'X?ff?"LX f ifrify., Aw,-2 ---- - . A ,f ,QE , :'.KJf-.' Q 3"'u' - ,N ,La , M ,. Tl. 1 ggi? QS: " ,- . , . .viii -.' I' X' ,- ,mg , My fm" w 'sa' VG Mi kZ,.:.,:. J, .. 1,ax1'4',, - ' 3519 a ' ,gm ,, 57 4 My i ,,r,L , .NN x 'ff r., I ,, :N 5: T L' "ffl f fnzfj' -, 5, S , 2, 315-55? fi' ,M 1,273 J! ,,f.X-1. va 'MEA 2 14 L1 ',:f -?VL,e?5'f 11-, - W V 2 -,nn wif' ., 3' X fm QL ' ig .2. 1- n5ff:w,',' 1212?--.QQ ' q"lm,,.ii1, Jay" E-L+ .'J.-5,55 Y' . rwijj ' ii 31-5 .Q 5: L X"-I f 1 FSS? 1,-:i f L-Lg ? , ' w 1 . lx . .J ,u .,,. V ,W , ,mu 5 -uf: ,L .,,, . L ,.x .eff if 4 .. WRT.-..f I - ,f-.. xv, 4, M3 ' 5: , :za sf, 1-1' 'V' :.f,w, 1, -yu w- fg- . hx- , ,W wif X f ' , f iw f THE DIIRR UR I l 9 4 I '7!w The annual publication of the student body of the Freclericktown High School, Frederick- town, Ohio. . . 335 FIl,EDEB.lCKTOWN YIIUTHS LEARNING T0 BE BETTER SPEND l30 DAYS 0F THE YE CITIZENS 0F THE FUTURE . Presented in Eighty Pages Here in the following eighty pages will be presented life in Fredericktown High School during the year l940-41. You will see an ao- quisition by the students of something dear 'to democracy-Education. 6 The dream of a permanent athletic field finally came true. 1Ne are very grateful to the Lions Club who helped in promoting the athletic field project. The major portion of money was left by the graduating classes of 1916. 1927, 1928, 1929, 1933, and 1938. The remaining funds were supplied by the Board of Edu- cation. The Recreation Board consisted of F. B. Herendecn, Foster Auten, Herb Clemm, P. L. Debolt, and G. A. Mc- Conagha. if 2313 r. ,yy, ANIITHEII FIIRYVARD STEP 7 l FIRST ROW: Mr. War- ner, Mr. Barnes, Mr. james. SECOND ROW: Mr. De- Bolt, Mr. Bechtel, Mr. Clark Mr. C. A. lVlcConagha Administra ,ion To the administration and faculty, our guides through four years of higher educa- tion, we dedicate this section. Years of selection by the administration have de- veloped this distinguished group. Through influence, student understanding has been improved. Therefore, we feel honored in presenting them as members of the Freder icktown High School Faculty. Mr. George McConagha is completing his twelfth year in Fredericktown Hih School. In these twelve years he has been interested in ini- proving the Fredericktown school system. He has served us as coach, principal, and for the past four years as a very capable superintendent. Miss Helen Kirkpatrick, the secrtary for W Freclericktown Hi, has served us in every wav i l9oss1ble. She is a friend to all, students and "fr faculty alike. 8 " J"-2v:::,.'W if '1 Wu www , L. -- fy Miss Helen Kirkpatrick A LTLY CLARENCE BOGER-Miami, Muskingum, B. S. Science J. H. LINTNER-Ohio State University, B. S. in Agriculture Vocational Agriculture CLARENCE HARTLINE-Iowa State, Ohio Uni- versity, B. S. Industrial Arts ROY NICKINLEY-Miiskinguin, Ohio State Uni- versity, B. S. and M. A. ' English, Physical Education FERN LEWIS-Muskingum, Asbury, A. B. Art NELLE JO DYER-Ohio State University, B. S. Music ELIZABETH OLDI-IAM-Ohio State University B. S. French, History 9 RUTH HOWELL-Bowling Green State Uni- versity, A. B. and B. S. Latin, Librarian HARRY SMITH-Ohio State University, B. S. in Agriculture Vocational Agriculture lVlARCELLA ROBESON-Ohio State Univer- sity, B. S. in Home Ec. Horne Economics MARGARET DENMAN-Ohio University, B. S. Commercial Subjects 10 FACULTY THELMA MILEY-Denison University, Ohio State University, A. B. Mathematics DEWITT NICHOLSON-Ohio University, A. B. Science IRMA SCHNEIDER-Ohio State University, B. S. World History, English ESTHER JANE SNODGRASS-Muskingum, A. B. English, Physical Education NDTHECLASSR00 That famed boys' quartet. M12 Hartlineys 6th shop class. The chemistry class trying to make chlorine. Students lined up to get some of Miss Robe son's good food. The advanced art students at work. The library. i.WZWi, 4--. ,..........-,,,....M. ...- ., ,. ,. ,. W,m..,, ,,,f,, , , - .. 11 FIRST ROW: Lowell Mc Coy, Edwin Leonard, Charles Ewalt, Harold Patterson, Donald Pipes. Robert Rust Neil Watson. Russell Miller, Wendell Burgholder, Dale Beheler, and Billy Hull. 4 SECOND ROW: josephine Staton, Della Mae Cocanbwer, Rita Walker. Carol Gregg, Ruth Swigart, Anita Car lin, jean Ann Smith, Phillip Smith, Dale Hobson, Pauling Robinson. THIRD ROW: Miss Howell, Monna Darling, Elaine Ackerman Mary Gadd Lucille Ault Nernia jean Be-al jyuagita Miller, Elinor, Brokaw, Iris jean Bechtel, Leta Mag Beemain, Lenora lurner, Ruth Shipley, and Margar t e er, FOURTH ROW: Betty Fletcher. Betty Barrett, Lucilla Ward. lzeta Styers, Mildred Stoughtenberger, Frances Meredith, Wayne Hamon, Paul McFadden, Ernest jones. Liwrence Lahmon, George Mortimer. and Betty Ryan, FIFTH ROW: Bedford Ault, Lowell Truex, Quaid Mishey, Roger Durbin. Harold Rugges, George Erow. Andrew Wood, Ralph Piers. Charles Kershner, Richard Vlfiggins, Ray Tucker. Dean Streby, and Billy Gleason. FIRST ROW: Mike Corba, Leroy Ackerman. Robert Kennedy, Virgil, Shipley, Charles Gallagher, Cecil Dailey. SECOND ROW: Bernadine Bemiller. Dorothy Turner, jane Wiggins, Beverly Biefness, Vfilma Bechtel, Betty Davis, THIRD ROW: joan Humbert, jean Humbert. Luther Lydia Smith, Ramona Young, Rose Marie Heaten, Spence' FOURTH ROW: Harold Burgholder, Donald Ruggles Bartlett, Eldon Spearman, William Hatfield, john Bryant. FIFTH ROW: Rosalie Reed, Lorraine Swatik, Barbar ta Reese, Gladys Wolford, Bernadine Meredith, Phyllis All 12 v Donald Herndon. Carl Wells. Nan Diehl, lane Herendeen, joan Kunkle. Donna Beheler, Dorothy Wertz, Merna Vifells, Paul Grulaausih, lloeflich, john Moore, Vifarren Comng, john Ray Shira. Ivan Kershner, Edwin Weller. Wayne 'l-lillier, Hutton. Eilene Baker, Norma Phillips. Ruth Eversole, Nliss Snodgrass, McKee. Dale Braddock, Frank BU-12, fftlaxricdi Auten Eileen Auten, Arlene Auten, -juanj. gire, There are 63 members in the seventh grade class of 1941. Thc seventh grade has participated in various school activities. The officers are: President-Ruth Swi-gart Vice-President-Carol Gregg Secretary-Treasurer-An?ta Carlin News Reporter-Phillip Smith Advisor-Miss Howell The home room teachers are Miss Denman and Miss Robeson. The members of the Junior High Basketball team are Carol Gregg and Ray Tucker. The members of the Junior Athletic Club are: Dale Beheler, Wendell Burgholder, Dale Hobson, Carol Gregg, Billy Hull, Dean Streby, Phillip Smith, Ralph Peairs, Neil Watson, Ray Tucker, George Mortimer, Donald Pipes, Andy' Wood, Harold Ruggles, Harold Patterson, and Bobby Rust. The band members are Rita Walker and Elaine Ackerman. The seventh grade is represented on the student Council by Rita Walker and Elaine Ackerman. The members of the Girls' Glee Club of the seventh grade meet every Wednesday. The members are: Anita Carlin, Jean Smith, Frances Meredith, Dela Mae Cocanower. Dorothy Mortimer, Pauline Robinson, Lucile Ault, Jean Bechtel, Monna Darling, Nerma Jean Beal, Susie Hat- field, Lucila Ward, Juanita Miller, Margaret Weller, Josephine Staton, Izeta Styers, Mildred Strong, Leta Mae Beaman, Elaine Ackerman, Mary Gadd, Betty Ryan, Betty Barret, Betty Fletcher, Ruth Shipley, Ruth Swigart, and Elinor Brokaw. . Amos Camp moved away during thc year and Leta Mae Beaman en- rolled here during the year. The eight grade consists of 61 members. There are 29 boys and 32 girls. The class officers are: President. ,.., . .............. . . . Beverly Biefnes Vice-President ,.,. jane Wiggins Secretary . . . . . . Donna Beheler lreasurer . . . ..... joan Kunkle Advisor ..............,,......... ............,., , Miss Snodgrass Class Colors ..................,................,.. Blue and While In the school organizations we are well represented. Student Council: Donna Beheler. Staff: Donna Beheler and Beverly Biefnes. Band: Jane Wiggins, Barbara Bone. Cheerleccrler: Beverly Biefnes. Junior Athletic Club: Spencer Hoeflich, John Moore, Galen Reed, John McKee, Carl Wells, Luther Wells, Donald Kinney, Harold Miller, Don- ald Herndon, Dale Braddock, John Bryant, Harold Burgholder, Edwin Weller, Charles Gallagher, Warren Colfing, and Elden Spearmen. Junior High Basketball Team: Harold Burgholder, Don Herndon, John McKee, Dale Braddock, Edwifn Weller, Carl Wells, Charles Gallagher, Warren Coffing, and Elden Spearmen. Juanita Reese and Wayne Hilliar moved in during the school year. Billy Camp moved away. A Science Club was held every other week, of which Mr. Boger was in charge. The officers of this organization are: President . ..... . ......,.............,.... , .... ..,..,, j ohn Moore Vice-President. . .........,..................... , , .... Beverly Biefnes SCCI'Ctal'y .........................,............ , , Lorraine Swalik In the eighth grade there are 17 pupils who started out in the first grade in this school together. They are: Eileen Baker, Spencer Hoe- flich, Donald Herndon, Ruth Ebersole, Betty Davis, Nan Diehl, Eileen Auten, Arleen Auten, Beverly Biefnes. Joan Kunkle, Donald Ruggles, Luther Wells, Jean Humbert, Joan Humbert, John Moore, John McKee and Bernadine Meredith. Mr. Nicholson and Mr. Boger were the two home room teachers. 13 SEVENTH GRADE EIGIITII GRADE FRESIIMEN CLASS SUPIIGMURE CLASS On September 3, 1940, seventy-two pupils enrolled in the Fresh- man class. There were two new pupils, Mary Needs and Leonard Ride- nour while Nellie Hutton, Robert Minnear, Henry Tharp, and Mary Lou Moxley left usp Mary Needs and Eva Mae McKnown left in the middle of the school term. After we were acquainted we elected the following officers and ad- visor: President ............ . . . ...... . . . . . . . . Robert Bell Vice-President .... . , . Charles Gregg Secretary and 'lqreasurer .,,.......,,............,. --.. L l0Yd Coffing Advisor .......................,.......,.....,..,..... Miss Miley We have participated in most of the school organizations. Most of the Freshmen girls, with the exception of a few, are in the Glee Club. We sang at the first P. T. A. meeting, in assemlbly, and at the Community Institute. We had a cantata at the Presbyterian Church on Palm Sunday and we also presented it in an assembly at school. The oiiicers of our Glee Club are: President ......... - .........., . . . . .,.. Marilyn Stillwell Vice-President .......,,,,....... .... R osemary Weller Secretary-Treasu er . . Marjorie Stackhouse Press Reporter .,....,.,. . .,., . . . . . . Carmin Mclntire Librarians ..........,................................, Eileen Baker Pauline Seymour Sixteen of us take Latin and we have a Latin Club. The officers of our Latin Club are: President ............,,.. ,.... . . . . . .... .... . , Marjorie Stackhouse Vice-President ...... . .,.....,....... .... . . .....,,... Charles Gregg Secretary- I reasurer . . . ...............,...... . ...... Pauline Seymour The most important event of the Latin Club this year was the banquet which was held in the spring. The Freshmen sboys won second in the basketball tournament which was held at noon. Earl Herndon, Marvin Shaffer, Oliver Cline, and Charles Gregg played on the reserve team in basketball. Some of our students take art, Jean Yarman, Phyllis Thuma, and Elenore Stringer gave a chalk talk at the Community Institute. The staff members are Marjorie Stackhouse and Carmin Mclntire. The Cheerleader is Carmin Mclntire. On September twenty-fifth, 1939, fifty-seven Freshmen entered F. H. S. ' The oiiicers were: President . ......... ..... R obert GiffOrCl Vice-President .... ......... D oris Willits Secretary ,,....... .... ,.............. . ....... B e tty Lou Biefnes Treasurer ...............,............................ Carl Baker Advisor .......................................... Miss Snodgrass September third, 1940, a class of iifty entered F. H. S. no longer as "Freshies" ibut as "Sophomores." During the past year we lost Mary Lou Oglesby, Jean Houchin, Anna McKown, and Kenneth Reynard who moved to other schools. Mary Snyder and Harold Levering decided to quit. Although we lost seven members, we found one new one, Corrine Arnold, who moved here from Butler. Our class officers were: President ......4-..... ..... . . . Bett Lou Biefnes Vire-President ............ . . . Harold Daniels Secretary .................. . . . . ....... ........... C arl Baker 'lireasurer ................................. ....,.. W ilma Gleason Advisor ............. . ........ ........ .......... .... M r . McKinley We are represented in various activities: Glee Club-Jane Barn- hart, Erma Belle Beal. Corrine Arnold, Marjorie Burson, Glenna Mc- Daniel, Avalee Braderick, Aldine Trainer, Doris Willits, Paul Wells, Linden Clawson, Alan Steele, and Edward Rinehart. Band-Doris Willits, Harold Hilliar, Carl Baker, Eugene Carlin, and Robert Gifford. Student Council-Erma Belle Beal, Alan Steele, and Robert Gifford. Library-Erma Belle Beal, Betty Lou Biefnes and Beverly Cooke. fContinued on page 401 14 FIRST ROW: Robert Hoeflich, Richard Kirkpatrick, Lloyd Coffingg Billy joe Vail, Richard Nauman. Harrv Heaton Stanley Armstronf' Howard Truex, Cecil Rust, and Charles Gregg. M SECOND how: Leonard Ridenour, Eugene O'Brien, Eileen Baker, Waneta Ault, Ruth Conkling, Geraldine c- Clead, Eileen Ebersole, Evadine Ruhl, NVilma Bechtel, Dorothy Kirkpatrick, james Rine, Robert Beeman, and Robert Belll THIRD ROW: Ned Xvarner, Billy Ewalt, Billy Brown, Marion Partaine, Marvin Shaffer. Vifilson Smith, Oliver Cline, Arthur Lamb, Dale Clever, Wilbur Tharp, Earl Miss Miley. FOURTH ROW: Raymond Lifer, Elenore Stringer, Thuma, Nova Hulse, jean Yarman, Marjorie Stackhouse, Seymour and Donna Ryan. FIFTH ROW: Kathleen Mishey, Martha Grubaugh. XVatkins, Ruth Phillips, Eunice O'Brien, Dorothy Beheler, Corba, Marilyn Stillwell, and Rosemary Weller, Herndon, Robert Wood, Paul Bechtel, Clarence Fletcher, and Shirley Hull, Dorothy Daniels, Leah Mae Hays, Phyllis lean Mills. Ruth Smith, Patricia Wilson, Creia Wise. Pauline Rowena Frazier, Beverly Hobson, Carmin Mclnlire, Rhea Naomi Bechtel, Edith Bunnell, Margaret Morrison, Mary W W iw W FIRST ROW: Naomi Wells, james Wood, Ferber Thayer, frederick Leedy, Billy Ritchey, Alan Steele. Ed ward Rinehart, D-onald Morrison, Nelda Koppert, and Phyllis Tharp. A R th j cle n len Gilmore, Aldine Trainer. Glenna SECOND ROW: Harold Litt, Vifalter Bunnell, jene uten, u a 'so , r e McDaniel Florence Lifer, Corine Arnold, Ruth Burson, Roger Levering and Mr. McKinley, THIRD ROW: Ben Corbin, Eugene Carlin, Cecil Simmons, Robert Gifford, Floyd Payne, Paul Wells, Walden Shinaberry, Linden Clawson, Donald Pealer, Carl Baker. David jackson, Harold Daniels, Vincent Spencer, and James Swigart, FOURTH ROW: Erma Beal. Alice Eyster, Marjorie Burson, Beverly Cooke, Doris ,WilleLs, Wilford Winand, Floyd Turner, Carol Litt, Harold Hilliar, Maxine Mclntire, Wilnia Gleason, Betty Lou Biefnes, jane Barnhart, and Norma jean Moree. 15 FIRST ROW: Gerald Beal, l-lenry ,Warner, Billy Gibson, Clarence Stevens, junior Tennant, Floyd Payne, Harold Anderson, Eileen Hess, jean Bowman, and Ruth Brown. SECOND ROW: Miss Oldham, Robert Augnst, Everett Truex, Eldon Boner, Billy Wilson, Charles Craft, james Lafever, Russell Walker, Robert Bechtel, and Harold Rush. THIRD ROW: Anna Mae Lane, Belle Diehl, Dale Mills, Dale Phillips, Doyle Braddock, Robert Carlin, Harold Bechtel, Dalton Braddock, Kathryn Weller, and Glenn Fry. FOURTH ROW:: Dorotha Mclntire, Louise Reed, Annabelle HoeHich, Helen Miller, Dorothy Fogle, -Iacobine Smith, Arlene Smith, Ruth Hobson, Oradell Ralston, Helen Robinson, and Jeanette Thompson. CNaomi Roberts not shown.j The Juniors had forty-five members this year. About the first thing in the beginning of a school year we think about organizing, so we elected the following people as our class oiiicers. U N I 0 Il President ....................,..................... Henry Warner Vice-President . . ..... ..... . . . Russell Walker C A S S Secretary . . . . . . Kathryn Weller Treasurer ....... . . . .... . . . . . Oradell Ralston Class Advisor .........,.,...,,...........,,....,,..., Miss Oldham Our Student Council representatives this year are: Charles Craft, Naomi Roberts, Belle Diehl, and Kathryn Weller. Our Staff members were Belle Diehl, Dorotha Mclntire, Russell Walker, and Kathryn Weller. Our class was very active in school activities. We are well rep- resented in G-R, Hi-Y, Art Club, Football, Basketball, Staff, Library, Operetta, F. H. A., F. F. A., Cheerleaders, Glee Club, Student Council, and Band. We had four lettermen in football this year. They were Harold Rush, Henry Warner, Harold Bechtel, and Charles Craft. The Junior girls still held the title of being Volleyball Champions. This was the third consecutive year for it. The Junior boys also won the consolation game, in the boys' basketball class tournament. We are all looking forward to the time when We will not be looked down upon as we have for the last three years, but be successful Seniors. 16 The play "Parents and Pi-gtails" written by George Savage was presented by the Junior Class on April 18, 1941. The committee that selected it was Belle Diehl, Dorothy Fogle, Billy Wilson, Russell Walk- er, and Henry Warner. The cast was as follows: Gerald Beale as Dudley Robinson, Belle Diehl as Margaret Robinson, Dorothy Fogle as Pat Robinson, Kathryn Weller as Sandra Robinson, Dortha Mclntire as Elaine Robinson, Henry Warner as Ken Bristol, Russell Walker as John Richards, Billy Willson as Sam Decker, Arlene Smith as Stella Dunn, Ruth Brown as Mrs. Carl- son, Naomi Roberts as Mrs. Lee, Robert Aungst as Cokey Joe, and Jacobine Smith as Bette Walker, The entire play' took place in the living room of the Robinson's, at their home in Paxton. Dudley Robinson is an experienced and successful trip-planner. Finally, he has decided to take a trip, just he and his family, but the folks don't know about it yet. Margaret Robinson, Dudley's wife, had decided to remodel and re- decorate the home and hadn't told the family about it as yet. All this is for the children, but the children had plans of their own. Elaine was interested only in skiing reports, Sandra, the oldest, was secretly engaged to John Richards, a serious young insurance salesman- though no one would ever know it, because of her frequent association with Ken Bristol, a high-pressure young radio announcer. Pat in the interest of her own affections, hated to see John dangling at the end of a string, and wanted Sandra and John to tell the family. Ken was very put out about Sandra's engagement, and threatened to announce it over the radio. In the meantime, Mrs. Dunn had persuaded Mrs. Robinson to let her give the news about remodeling to the radio, and Mr. Robinson had decided to give Ken permission to announce about the trip over the radio. John tried to tell Mr. Robinson about Sandra and him, but Mr. Robinson doesn't have time. Then the announcement of Sandra and John's engagement, the remodeling, and the trailer trip are all an- nounced over the same program. This caused great excitement in the Robinson home and reporters, photographers and neighbors gathered around the house. Mr. Robinson Went out to sleep in the trailer, Mrs. Robinson is prostrated on the davenport. Sandra, in disgust, broke her engagement to John, who immediately found solace in Pat's affection. All this left Ken free to pursue eagerly his suit with Sandra. Finally Mr. and Mrs. Robinson came to an agreement and shooed Sandra and Pat off to a double Wedding, and Elaine off an a skiing holi- day, and all ended in peace and contentment. 17 SENIIIII CLASS On September 3, 1940 fifty-one students entered Frederick- town High School for the last year. For they were to be known in the future as the class of 1941. They immediately turned to the books which contained the highest knowledge and pro- ceeded to study. In their spare time fand most of it was sparej they turned to other activities to quench this desire to be always "on the go." This great class of ,41 led the school in both learning and activities. We found a new student on our doorstep. She was Martha Coleman who had transferred from Mt. Gilead High School. Dur- ing the course of the year Dorothy Mooney and Dick Wilson decided to take the matrimonial path. Edwin Hardman decided to quit school and go to work. This left the Class of 1941 with 48 members. The officers were: President ........ .... Vice-President Secretary ..... Treasurer ....... .... Class Advisor 1 8 Stanley Gregg Jack Fearn Earnest Campbell .. Lois McLarnan Miss Schneider Stanley Gregg-Pres. Jack Fearn--V.-Pres. Lois McLarnan-Treasurer Earnest Campbell-Secretary Dan Bartlett Betty Barton Robert Beal Irene Bechtel Ralph Benson Harold Bradrick Lois Burson Martin Clever SENIIIR Encil Martha Coleman Eileen Daniels Doup Charles Gleason Robert Gregg Elizabeth Heaton Eve Hoeflich Jean Hoffman Ralph Huff Lelia Mary Lloyd Hall Don Jagger King Cecil Kirkpatrick Robert Kirkpatrick Lemley Dorothy McDonald Merrill McKee SENIIIRS Russell Mishey Arlo Pealer Irene Ralston Eugene Rust Lloyd Seymour Ralph Shaffer Wilbur Shultz Robert Steele Jennings Streby, Jr. Donald Swihart Jane Ann Temple Floyd Truex Forest Turner Leah Jean Vail Ronald Van Houten Jean Wertz Ernest Wood Robert Zolman llere is the eeerd! Dan Bartlett-Band 1115 F. F. A. 11-2-3-415 Football 13-415 "F" Society 1415 F. F. A. Judging Team 11-2-31. Betty Barton-Glee Club 11-215 F. H. A. 11- 2-3-415 Class Volleyball Team 12-315 Art Club 13-415 Photograph Club 1415 Invitation Com- mittee Banquet 135 Waitress Balnquet of F. H. A.-F. F. A. 11-21. Robert Beal-Hi-Y 12-3-415 Football 12-3-415 Basketball 14-Manager15 "F" Society 1415 Class Basketball Team 1215 Class Volleyball Team 1215 Softball Team 1315 Treasure 131. Irene Bechtel G. R. 13-415 Operetta 1415 Glee Club 12-415 F. H. A. 11-2-3-415 Art Club 13-415 Waitress Banquet of F. F. A.-F. H. A. 11-2-315 Invitation Committee Banquet 1315 Photograph Club 141. Ralph Benson-Hi-Y 13-415 F. F. A. 11-2- 3-415 Glee Club 13-415 F. F. A. Basketball 13-41. Harold Bradrick-Hi-Y 12-3-415 Class Play Stage Manager 1315 Football 12-3-415 Basket- ball 12-3-415 "F" Society 12-3-41. L0-is Burson-G. R. 12-3-415 Band 11-2-3-415 Glee Club 12-3-415 F. H. A. 11-2-3-415 Class Basketball Team 11-2-3-415 Capt. 11-3-415 Class Volleyball Team 11-2-3-415 Capt. 11-3-415 Art Club 1415 Secretary and Treasurer Glee Club 1415 Treas, F. H. A. 1115 Waitress F. F. A.-F. H. A. Banquet 11-215 Favor Committee Jr.-Sr. Banquet 131. Earnest Campbell-Hi-Y 12-3-415 F. F. A. 11-2-315 Scholarship Team 1115 Class Secretary 1415 Decorating Committee Jr.-Sr. Banquet 1315 Commencement Committee 141. Martin Clever-Hi-Y 13-415 F. F. A. 11-2-3- 415 Football 13-415 Glee Club 13-415 '1"" So- ciety 1415 Class Basketball Team 11-2-3-415 F. F. A. Basketball Team 11-2-3-415 Judging Team 121- Ernest Cline-Football 11-2-3-415 AF" So- ciety 12-3-415 Volleyball Team 1315 Softball Team 131. Martha Coleman-Mt. Gilead High 11-2-315 F. H. A. 1415 Class Basketball Team 1415 Class Volleyball Team 1415 Commencement Committee 141. Eileen Daniels-G. R. 12-3-415 Band 11-2-3- 22 415 Operetta 1315 Glee Club 11-2-3-415 Class Play 1415 F. H. A. 12-315 Class Volleyball Team 1315 Art Club 13-415 Staff 1415 Waitress Jr.-Sr. Banquet 1215 Favor Committee in Banquet 131. Encil Doup-Hi-Y 13-415 F. F. A. 11-2-3-415 Class Volleyball Team 1315 Sec. and Treas. Freshman Class 111. Jack Fearn-Hi-Y 12-3-415 Class Play 1315 Football 1315 Basketball 11-2-3-415 "F" Society 12-3-415 Class Basketball Team 11-2-3-415 Staff 11-3-415 Student Council 1315 Scholarship Team 1115 Class Vice-Pres. 141. Charles Gleason-Hi-Y 13-415 Band 12-3-415 F. F. A. 11-215 Football 1415 Basketball 12-315 "F" Society 1415 Class Basketball Team 12-3- 415 Class Volleyball Team 11-2-3-415 Art Club 53-415 Decorating Committee Jr.-Sr. Banquet 31. Robert Gregg-Hi-Y 12-3-415 Class Play 13- 415 Football 1415 Basketball 11-2-3-415 "F" So- ciety 1415 Class Basketball Team 11-2-3-4-15 11-2-3-415 Ring Committee 1315 Staff 11-2-415 Student Council 12-315 Sofuball Team 12-3-415 Scholarship 'l'eam 1415 Football Manager 12-31. Stanley Gregg-Hi-Y 13-415 Band 11-215 F. F. A. 11-2-3-415 F. F. A. Pres. 1415 Football 11-2-3-415 Basketball 11-2-3-415 "F" Society 11- 2-3-415 Class Basketball Team 11-2-3-415 Play Committee 1415 Student Council 11-2-415 Stu- dent Council Pres. 1415 Softball Team 13-415 Scholarship Team 1215 Class Pres. 11-415 F. F. A. Judging Teams 11-2-3-41. Elizabeth Heaton-G. R. 13-415 Operetta 1415 Glee Club 1415 Class Play 1315 Ring Committee 1315 F. H. A. 11-2-415 Class Basketball Team 11-2-3-415 Class Volleyball Team 11-2-3-415 Art Club 12-3-415 Picture Committee 1415 Football Queen 141. Eva Hoeliich-G. R. 13-415 Operetta 13-415 Glee Club 13-415 Class Play 1315 F. H. A. 11-2-- 415 Class Basketball Team 11-2-3-415 C.ass Vol- leyball Team 11-2-3-415 Art Club 14-3-415 Wait- ress Jr.-Sr. Banquet 1315 Invitation Committee 1415 Chairman Poster Committee for G. R. Carnival 1-11. Jean Hoffman-G. R. 12-3-415 Operetta 13- 415 Glee Club 11-2-3-415 Class Play 13-415 Stalf 1415 Waitress Jr.-Sr. Banquet 1215 Librarian 11-2-3-415 Prcgrain Committee Jr.-Sr. Banquet 1315 Picture Committee 1415 G. R. Secretary 1215 Carnival Committee 12-3-415 Chairman cf Dance Committee for Carnival 1415 Orchestra Committee for Carnival 141. Ralph Huff-Hi-Y 12-3-415 Vice-Pres. 1415 Clafs Play 13-415 Football 11-2-3-415 Basketball 11-2-3-415 "F" Society 12-3-415 Class Basketball Team 11-2-3-415 Student Council 1415 Vice-Pres. of Student Council 1415 Play Committee 1415 Softball Team 12-3-41. Lloyd Hull-Basketball 12-3-453 "F" Societif 1453 Class Basketball Team 13-453 Class Yol- leyball Team 125. Donald Jagger-Hi-Y 12-3-45 3Class Play 13- 453 Football 12-3-453 Basketball 12-3-453 "F, Society 12-3-45 3 Ring Committee 1353 Class Bas- ketball Team 12-3--153 Play Committee 1353 Soft- ball 12-3-453 Class Pres. 1353 Hi-Y Pres. and Sec'y. 13'-153 Johnsville High 115. Lelia King-Warsaw High 11-2-353 F. H. A. 1453 Class Basketball Team 13-453 Class Volley- ba.l Team 145. Cecil Kirkpatrick-F. F. A. 11-253 Glee Club 11053 Class Volleyball Team 1453 Art Club 13- 45. Bob Kirkpatrick-Hi-Y 12-3-453 Class Volley- ball Team 1353 Art Club 1353 Carnival Com- mittee 12-It Mary Lemley-G. R. 12-353 Glee Club 12-353 lhix, Committee 1353 F. H. A. 11-2-3-453 Class Ba"ketb.ul Team 11-2-3-453 Class Volleyball Team 11-2-3-453 Art Club 1359 Staff 1259 Wait- ress Jr.-Sr. Banquet 1253 Wa.ti'ess F. H. A.- F. F. A. Banquet 11-253 Invitation Committee Jr.-Sr. Banquet 135. Dorothy McDonald-G. R. 13-453 F. H. 11-2-3-453 Waitress Jr-Sr. Banquet 1253 Wait- ress F. F. A.-F. H. A. Banquet 11-25. Lois McLarnan-G. R. 12-3-453 Band 12-3- 453 Operetta 13-453 Glee Club 12-3-453 Class Play 1353 F. H. A. 11-2-3-453 Student Council 1453 Waitress Jr.-Sr. Banquet 12,3 Librariai 1255 F. H. A. Pres. 1253 G. R. Pres. 1453 Glee Club Pres. 1453 Waitress at Alumni Banquet 1353 WVaitress F. H. A. Banquet 1153 Queens At- tendant 1453 Commencement Choir 125. Merrill McKee-Hi-Y 12-3-453 Class Volley- ball Team 1353 Art Club 1353 Carnival Com- mittee 12-35. Russell Mishey-Hi-Y 12-3-453 Band 11-2- 353 Class Play 1453 F. F. A. 11-2-3-453 Glee Club 11-2-3-453 Operetta 13-453 Staff 12-353 Ag. Judging Teams 11-2-3-453 Quartet 1453 F. F. A. Reporter 12-353 F. F. A. Vice-Pres. 13-453 Class Pres. 125. Arlo Pealer-Hi-Y 12-3-453 Scholarship Team 115. Irene Ralston-G. R. 12-3-453 Operetta 1453 Glee Club 11-2-453 Class Play 13-453 Play Com- mittee 13-453 Class Basketball Team 1253 Class Volleyball Team 1253 Staff 11-3-453 Co-Editor 1453 Waitress Jr.-Sr. Banquet 1253 Librarian 11-2-353 Scholarship Team 1153 Carnival Com- mittee 12-3-453 Decorating Committee at Jr.-Sr. Banquet 1353 Attendant at Homecoming 145. Gene Rust-Hi-Y 12-3-453 Band 1153 Class Pay 1355 Football 12-3-453 Basketball 12-3-453 Glee Club 1153 "F" Society 13-453 Class Bas- ketball Team 11-2-3-453 Softball Team 12-3-45. Ralph E. Shaffer-Hi-Y 13-453 Band 11-2-3- 453 F. F. A. 11-2-3-453 Basketball 1353 Glee Club 11-2-3-453 Operetta 1453 Class Basketball Team 1453 Class Volleyball Team 11-2-3-453 F. F. Basketball 11-2-453 F. F. A. Softball 2-3- 5. Lloyd Seymour-Hi-Y 1253 F. F. A. 11-2-353 Football 1353 Ag. Softball Team 135. Wilbur Shultz-Band 115 3 F. F. A. 11-2-3-453 Class Volleyball Team 135. 3 Robert Steele-Hi-Y 12-3-453 F. F. A. 11-253 G ee Club 12-3-453 Operetta 13-453 Quartet 145. Junior Streby-Hi-Y 13-453 Band 11-253 Football 13-453 Class Volleyball Team 125. non swim-t-F. F. A. 11-2-3-45 3 Glee Club 145. Jane Temple-G. R. 12-3-453 Glee Club 11- 25 3 Class Play 13-45 3 Ring Committee 135 3 Class Basketball Team 12-353 Class Volleyball Team 11-2-3-453 Staff 145g Waitress Jr.-Sr. Banquet 125 3 Librarian 12-35 3 Decorating Committee Jr.- Sr. Bainquet 1353 G. R. Carnival Committee 145. Floyd Truex-Hi-Y 12-3-453 Glee Club 13-45. Forest Turner-F. F. A. 12-3-453 Play Com- mittee 1353 Commencement Committee 145. Leah Vail-G. R. 12-3-453 Operetta 1453 Glee Club 12-3-453 F. H. A. 11-2-3-453 Class Bas- ketball Team 11-2-3-453 Class Volleyball Team 11-2-3-453 Art Club 13-453 Waitress Jr.-Sr. Ban- qliet 1255 Waitress F. H. A.-F. F. A. Banquet -25. - Ronald Van Houten-Football 11-2-3-453 Bas- ketball 13-45Q UF" Society 12-453 Class Basket- ball Team 11-2-3-45. Jean Wertz-Bellville 1153 G. R. 12-3-453 Band 11-2-3-453 11-2-3-453 Operetta 13-453 Glee Club 12-3-453 Ring Committee 1353 Play Com- mittee 1453 F. H. A. 1453 Class Basketball Team 1453 Staff 13-453 Student Council 13-453 Wait- ress Jr.-Sr. Banquet 1253 Librarian 1253 Jr. Play Manager 1353 Class Sec'y 1353 Student Council Sec'y, G. R. Treas.3 Glee Club Sec'y and pianist 13-45. Ernest Wood-F. F. A. 12-3-45 3 Class Volley- ball Team 11-2-3-453 F. F. A. Basketball 145. Robert Zolman-Hi-Y 12-3-453 Band 11-253 Basketball 11-253 Glee Club 12-353 Play Com- mittee 1353 Class Vice-Pres. 125. Football Season FIRST ROW: Gene Rust, Merrill McKee, Ralph Huff, Stanley Gregg, Donald Jagger, Dan Bartlett, and Ernest Cline. SECOND ROW: Harold Daniels, Harold Bradrick, Harold Bechtel, Henry Warner. Ronald Van Houten, Martin Clever, and Mr. McKinley, THIRD ROW: Charles Gregg. Mgr., Robert Beal, Charles Craft, Robert Gregg Charles Gleason, Edwin Hardman, Harold Rush, and Robert Gifford. Mgr. F redericktown opened the 1940 football season against Mt. Vernon Reserves and easily triumphed over the weaker foe 40-0. Vanhouten and Hardman tallied two 'touchdowns while Jagger, Rust and Aungst scored one touchdown apiece, Huff two, and Stub Gregg made the extra points. We played Belleville next in what proved to be the best game of the year. The score was 6-6. We outplayed them the entire contest but were unable to get the breaks. Rust scored our only touchdown and proved to be one of the leading backfield men. 24 Our first county league game saw "Stub" Gregg spark a last-minute rally to break a scoreless tie with Centerburg with only one minute left in the game. Gregg plunged for the only touchdown. Centerburg was really tough. Fredericktown and Utica played to a deadlock in our next game. Frederick again tied becaused of the bad luck that dogged the team all year, Bob Beal was lost to the team the rest of the season because of an appendicitis operation. Loudenville handed the Fredericktown Red Birds the first defeat of the season 9-0. The winners were big, fast, and very aggressive. We played our next contest at Butler and won 13-0. Stan Gregg paced the Freddies with two touchdowns. Our entire line played an outstanding game, in this contest. We went to Granville next and were victorious 13-7 . Gregg and Jagger led the scoring with a touchdown apiece. Frederick repulsed two Granville scoring threats in the half to win. Ah! the final game of the year that brings up our bitter rival Danville. Our boys were defeated 20-0 'to lose the County Championship. Frederick again played a good game, but when breaks were made Lady Luck frowned at Frederick and broke into laughter at Danville. It seemed that way at least. Gene Rust was seriously injured in this game, 25 BASKETBALL SEASON FIRST ROW: Stanley Gregg, jack Fearn, Donald Jagger, Robert Gregg. and Ralph Huff. SECOND ROW: Robert Beal, Edwin Hardman, Ronald Van Houten, Lloyd Hull, Gene Rust and Mr. McKinley. Despite the fact of a slow start against a fast moving Mt. Gilead quint, Coach McKinley's hard fighting five came through with flying colors, to become the league and tourney champs. Perfect team work and good will between the team and coach were two of the main factors responsible for such a brilliant season. The big five fBob Gregg, Jack Fearn, Don Jagger, Stub Gregg, and Ralph Huffj had the advantage and showed precision-like pass work and divided The Scarlet and Gray five not only supplied the Gregg tallying 158 points, but the high single in a single game. of being team mates for three years scoring honors throughout the season. high point man for the county, Stub scorer, Bob Gregg, scoring 27 points "The best passing team since '32" is one of the many' compliments bestowed upon in the books our 1941 quint has been the only this team. As far as can be traced team in the history of our school to have been undefeated by any county team in one season. The three highlight games of the season, from the spectators' standpoint, were the two Butler games and the Howard tourney combat. From the Butler game here, the Freddies emerged the victors by one point after leading in all stages of the game, but when they challenged the Orange and Black on Butler's hardwood, it was a nip and tuck game all the way, the Richland Countians were the victors in the last twenty seconds of play. The climax was reached when the Freddies, weakened from an epidemic of the Hu, battled a determined Howard team in the final tourney meet to furnish a game that was all thrills to the many sport fans. Although the Freddies were headed at nearly all times before the intermission, they rallied during the second half to become the Knox County Tournament Champions of 1941 by one point. The next week the Freddies met Pickaway' Township on the Otterbein Hoor at Westerville to be defeated by a 43 to 39 score, And so what do you say? Hats off to a team and coach who have made their school proud of them and have set a new record for the oncoming teams to challenge. 26 v Y The Fredericlitown Hi Reserve Champs finished the 1941 season with 13 wins out of 14 games. The team won 11 straight games in the county and the loss of the season was to Butler tby' a close score of 19-17 which they avenged later in the season with a 26-17 victory. The team was led by Dalton Braddock, Bob Giiiord, and Henry Warner with Braddock leading the scoring parade with 87 points and Gifford and Warner tied for the second with 52 points. The team started the season fast by' rolling over Mt. Gilead, Dan- ville, Centerburg, Howard, Amity, and Bladensburg without much diffi- culty. Then they played Butler on one of their off nights and lost, but started rolling again and finished the season with only one loss against their record. The team was very proud to have two of their members, Dalton Braddock and Bob Gifford taken on the varsity squad at the end of the season where they made for themselves glory. The team was composed of freshmen, sophomores and juniors with no seniors on the squad. This team will carry next yearls burden which they can do very well. Boys, we will be looking for a good team, next year. This season was hard-luck season for the Fredericktown Junior Hi team. They lost to Gambier in the county tournament by' only two points and lost to the Mt. Vernon Junior Hi also by a close score. The team Was lead by Harold Burgholder, Ed Weller, and Don Herndon, with Weller and Burgholder leading the scoring. The team was composed of 9 eighth graders and 2 seventh graders. The team was hindered by' not having time to practice and lack of height. The Knox County Junior Hi tournament was held in Fred- ericktown with the iinals being played in Gambier where Gambier won the county tournament. RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM JUNIOR HI BASKETBALL TEAM FIRST ROW: J Lal? , R b L Giffo d, Dalton FIR T Braddock, Robert Caa'?1i3, Henefrwafneeff Doyiersfaddock. weilef wllfjflllfi cfiifiifgdarisauroiifiileidi-irHl?iig10nMCKee Edwin and Harold Bechtel. SECOND ROW: Charles Gregg. Eal Herndon, M v'n SECOND ROW R T h Shaffer, .man Steele, Oliver Cline. can Baker, Russen VTQILL- Braddock, Mr Melcmieify Eldlgg spegrfigis Ccgiglailligr 2523 er and Mr. McKinley. Ca,-1 Wells- 27 IT Tll IR Robert Gregg's first ride. Rhea and Annabelle. Little Horse. Mr. Wilford Winand, sophomore. Mr. Gregg poses with Queen and Co. Lelia King fwith sucker in mouthj and Home. Martha Coleman. The Homecoming Queen, Miss Heaton. The cheerleaders lineup at the game. 28 Il Mr. Rust, Mr. Cline and Co. The cheerleaders. Miss Eppie DeBolt, Leah Jean Vail, senior. Miss Qlsittle Eval Hoeflick. AMERAMAN The Place We Love? Football player. Alice Eyster partakin Senior Celebrities. g of Florida oranges 29 AY AY SEPTEMBER 7-School opens with many new pupils and three new high school teachers, Miss Denman, Miss Howell and Miss Robeson. 19-20-21-Fredericktown Street Fair. Parade uptown at 2:00. 27-Football game at Bellville. The score was 6-6. OCTOBER 4-Football game with Centerburg. We won 6-0. 9-P.- T. A. meeting. 11-Football game at Butler. We won 13-0, 16-"Hansel and Gretel" fpuppet show.J 18-Football game at Utica. Score 0-0. 25-Football game with Loudenville. They won 9-0. 31-Football game at Granville. We won 13-7. NOVEMBER 1-Central Ohio Teachers, Association Meeting. 8-Football game with Danville. They won 20-0. 9-The F. H. A. and F. F. A. sponsored a Parents and Son Banquet. 13-P- T. A. meeting. 14-The Cafeteria served dinner to School Masters. 19-G. R. pot-luck supper. 28-F. H. A. meeting. 29-First basketball game at Mt. Gilead. They won the Reserve game 20-10 They won the Varsity game 25-38. DECEMBER 6-Basketball game with Danville. Our Reserves won 27-10. Frederick Varsity won 38-21. 10-F. H. A. meeting. 14-Game with Amity. Our Reserves Won 18-14 Frederick Varsity won 26-18. 17-Game at Howard. Our Reserves won 32-18 Frederick Var- sity won 37-24. 18-P.- T.A. meeting. 20-Game with Centerburg. Frederick Reserves won 16-14. Frederick Varsity won 43-25. 27-Alumni Dance. JANUARY 6-Back in school after Christmas vacation. 10-Game at Bladensburg. Our Reserves won 47-7. Frederick Varsity won 44-18. 14-Game with Butler. Butler Reserves Won 19-17. Frederick Varsity won 35-34. -Community Institute. --Game at Gambier. Frederick Reserves won 29-16. Freder- ick Varsity won 34-21. -Community Institute. -Game at Danville. Frederick Reserves won 21-18. Freder- ick Varsity won 35-29. 16 17 18 21 30 22-Hi-Y and G. R. meeting, 24--Senior-Hi party. 27-F. H. A. meeting. 31-Senior invitations. Game with Howard. Frederick Reserves won 29-25. Frederick Varsity won 56-39. 31--F. H, A. and F. F. A. meeting. FEBRUARY 4-Game at Butler. Frederick Reserves won 27-16. Frederick Varsity lost by the score of 40-41. 5-Teachers, meeting. T-Senior pictures taken. Game at Centerburg. Frederick Reserves won 34-11. Frederick Varsity won 42-30. 12-P. T. A. meeting, 14-Game with Bladensburg. Our Reserves Won 30-16. Fred- erick Varsity won 46-16. 15-Jr. High Tournament. 18-Amity game canceled. Hi-Y meeting. 21-Game with Gambier. Frederick Reserves won 23-15. Fred- erick Varsity won 41-15. Group pictures were taken. 22-Jr. High Tournament. 24-G. R. Pot-luck supper. G. R. Assembly. 27-28-Knox County Basketball Tournament at Mt. Vernon. We beat Centerburg 42-32. We won over Amity 47-18. VVe beat Howard in the championship game 36-35. MARCH 5-We played Pickaway Township at Westerville. They won 43-39. 10-F. F. A. meeting. Group pictures taken. 12-P. T. A. meeting. 13-Lions Dance 18-Hi-Y meeting. 19-F. H. A. Parents' dinner. 21-Junior play practice started. 22-Pest-hunt party. 25-Operetta. APRIL 16-P.- T. A. meeting. 18-Junior Play. 23-Hi-Y meeting. 26-G. R. Carnival. MAY . 2-County Music Festival. 9-Senior Play. 17-Jr. and Sr. Banquet. 24-Senior Picnic. 25-Baccalaureate. 28-Commencement. 31 --- V - Y e Stud nt FIRST ROW: Charles Craft, Earl Herndon, Alan Steele, jean Wertz. Stanley Gregg. Kathryn XVeller, Merrill McKee, and Robert Gifford. SECOND ROW: Della Mae Cocanower, Rita Walker, Erma Belle Beal, Major- ie Stackhouse, Mr. McConagha, Lois McLarnan, Belle Diehl, Donna Beheler, joan Kunkel. tRalph Huff and Naomi Roberts not shownj Frederi kto FIRST ROW: Robert Steele, Stanley Gregg, jack l-earn. Henry Warner, Don- ald jagger, Charles Craft, Encil Doup, and Mr, Nicholson. SECOND ROW: Doyle Braddock, Clarence Stevens, Merrill McKee, Charles Gleason, Gerald Beal, Ralph Benson, Robert Kirkpatrick, Robert Gregg, and Rus- sell Mishey, THIRD ROW: Martin Clever, Harold Bechtel, Earnest Campbell, Robert Lolman, Dalton Braddock, Billy Wilson, and Gene Rust. FOURTH ROW: Floyd Truex, Robert Beal. Eldon Boner, Arlo Pealer, james Laliever, Russell Walker, and Everett Truex. oun il Pres. .......... Stanley Gregg V.-Pres. ...s.......e Ralph Huff Sec.-Trees. ........ J ean Wertz 0 I Pres. .......... Donald J agger V.-Pres. .-.. ------s- Ralph Huff SGC. ............ Charles Craft Treas. ........ -- Henry Warner e Girl reserves FIRST ROW: jane Ann Temple, jean Hoffman, Naomi Wells, jean Wertz, Lois McLarnan, Doris Willits, Irene Bechtel, Nelda Koppert, and Elizabeth Heaton. SECOND ROW: Lois Burson, Marjorie Burson, Eva Hoeflich, Eileen Hess, Ruth Brown, Anna Mae Lane, Leah jean Vail, Maxine Mclntire, Alice Eyster and Miss Miley. THIRD ROW: Helen Robinson, Ruth Hobson, Kathryn Weller, Belle Diehl, jnae Barnhart, Betty Lou Biefnes, Ruth Burson. Wilma Gleason, Norma jean Moree, Beverly Cooke, Annabelle Hoeflich, jacobine Smith, Arlene Smith, and Dorothy Fogle. FOURTH ROW: Oradell Ralston. Glenna McDaniels, Ruth jackson, jene Au- ten, Erma Belle Beal, Irene Gilmore, Helen Miller, Aldine Trainer, Louise Reed, jeannette -Thompson. Dorotha Mclntire and Irene Ralston. rig 'JO Pres. .s........ Lois McLa1'nan SGC- ............ -- Doris Willits T1'93S- -------- .... J ean Wertz Girls, Glee Club FIRST ROW: Erma Belle Beal, Doris Willits, jacobine Smith, Lois McLar- nan, Lois Burson. Arlene Smith, and jean Wertz. SECOND ROW: Miss Dyer, Glenna Daniels, Corrine Arnold, Dorothy Beheler. Pres -- Lois McLarnan Rhea Watkins, Annabelle Hoefiich, Rowena Frazier, Beverly Hobson, and Irene Ralston' V.-Pres. ........ Jacobine Smith THIRD ROW: Belle Diehl, Dorothy McDaniels, Irene Bechtel, Leah jean Sec -Treas Lois Burson Vail, Eva Hoeflich, Ruth Brown, jean Hoffman, and Elizabeth Heaton. FOURTH ROW: jane Barnharl, Helen Miller, Kathryn Weller, Helen Robin- SOH. Nova Hulse, Marjorie Burson, Aldine lrainer, and Dorothy Fogle. Freshmen irls' Glee 'lub FIRST ROW: Carmin Mclritire, Marjorie Stackhouse, Marilyn Stillwell, Rose- mary Weller, Pauline Seymore, Wilnia Bechtel, Evadine Ruhl and Eileen Baker. Pres. ......... - SECOND llOW:- Naomi Bechtel, Edith Bunnell, Mary Corba, Patricia WilSO1k, Marilyn Creta Wise, Elenore Stringer, Ruth Phillips, Eileen Ebersole, Waneta Ault, and Miss Dyer. V.Pres. ........ Rosemary Weller THIRD ROW: Ruth Smith, Phyllis Thuma, Eunice O'Brien, Ruth Conkling, Sec.-Treas. -- Marjorie Stackhouse Geraldine McClead, Leah Mae Hayes, jean Yarman, jean Mills. Shirley Hull, and Kathleen Mishey. Boys' Glee Club FIRST ROW: Robert Steele, Robert Aungnst, Alan Steele. Russell Mishcy, Paul Wells, and Lindon Clawson. Pres. ............ Russell Mishey SECOND ROW: Miss Dyer, Dale Mills, junior Tennant, Edward Rhineharl., V.-P es. ......... R l ' Charles Craft, and james Lafever, In aph Shaffel Sec.-Treas. -- .... Robert Aungst THIRD ROW: Floyd Truex, Harold Hilliar, Donald Swihart, Eldon Boner, Everett Truex, and Richard Nauman, 34 Q i 35 The Fredericktown High School Band, whose uniforms are red and gray, and whose total membership is fifty, made twenty public per- formances. DI U S 1 C During the football season the band met four times a week. After that it met twice a week. The members of the band are as follows: I S Director-Nelle Jo Dyer. Drum Majorette-Marjorie Stackhouse. Baton Twirlers-Erma Belle Beal, Jane Wiggins and Robert Bell. I P 0 T A N T Mascot-Lois Alspach. Manager-Ethel Debolt. First Trumpet-Wilma Bechtel, Robert Bell, Lois Burson, Belle Diehl, Robert Gifford, Charles Gleason, Naomi Roberts, Arlene Smith, Russell Walker, Jane Wiggins and Evadine Ruhl. Second Trumpet-Elaine Ackerman, Stanley Armstrong, Billy Brown, Roth Brown, Leah Mae Hays, Russell Mishey, Wilson Smith. Rhea Watkins, Rosemary Weller, Kate WVeller, Doris Willits and Jean Yarman. Trombone-Dorothy Fogle, Richard Kirkpatrick, Jean Mills and Rita Walker. Baritone-Phyllis Thuma. Saxophone-Gerald Beale. Bass Horn-Mack Vail, Paul Wells and Jean Wertz. Alto Horn-Naomi Bechtel, Dorothy Beheler, Rowena Frazier, Beverly Hobson, and Luther VVells. Clarinet-Barbara Bone, Dorothy Daniels, Eileen Daniels, Nova Hulse and Lois McLarnan. QContimLeol on page 405 FIRST ROW: Wilma Grace Bechtel, Arlene Smith, Russell Nvalker, Robert Gifford, Eugene Carlin, Carl Baker, Harold Hillier, Lois Burson, Ruth Brown, Evadine Ruhl, and Gerald Beale. SECOND ROW: Miss Dyer, Erma Belle Beal. Mar-jorie Stackhouse, Doris Willits, Belle Diehl, Kathryn Weller, Wilson Smith. Leah Mae Hayes, jean Yarman, Bill Brown, jane Wiggins, and Robert Bell. THIRD ROW: Paul Wells, Elaine Ackerman, Rose Mary Weller, Rita Walker, Dorothy Fogle, Richard Kirk- patrick, jean Mills, Rhea Watkins, Stanley Armstrong, Luther 'Wells, and jean Wertz, FOURTH ROW: Dorothy Daniels, Eileen Daniels, Lois lVlcLarnan, Dorothy Beheler, Rowena Fraizier, Naomi Bechtel, Beverly Hobson, Nova Hulse, Barbara Bone, and Phyllis Thuma. ,-,W ,r,,, ,,,- ,, , , l 36 On March 25, 1941 the music department presented an operetta in two acts, "Bits O'Blarney" Written by Otie M. Carrington. The operetta takes place in Ireland. Peggy, an Irish -girl, is considered a hussy by the other Irish girls because she is very' popular with their boy' friends. Peg-gy is in love with Patrick, and he with her, but neither knows this. Mike O'Noole, a very clever man, decides to help the young people out. By' masquerading Peggy as a false brother of hers, and by masquerading Patrick as Mike's neice, Marjorie, he brings Peggy and Patrick together. The other girls and their boy friends are also brought together by prescriptions from Doctor Quack 1Peggy in disguise.J Both in disguise, Peggy and Patrick meet and confess their love to each other. Mike arrives on the scene, and both Peggy and Patrick become disgusted. They' decide to discard their disguises and become their real selves again. Mike explains their trickery to the rest of the boys and girls and everything is happy again. The main cast included Kate Weller as Peggy, Robert Steele as Patrick, Russell Mishey as Mike O'Noole, Paul Wells as Robert, Belle Diehl as Mary, Rowena Frazier as Agnes, and Beverly Hobson, as Rosie. The chorus of girls included Jane Barnhart, Erma Belle Beale, Irene Bechtel, Avalee Bradrick, Ruth Brown, Elizabeth Heaton, Eva Hoeflich, Jean Hoffman, Nova Hulse, Lois McLarnan, Irene Ralston, Naomi Roberts, Aldine Trainer, Leah Jean Vail, Doris Willits, and Rhea Watkins. The chorus of boys included Robert Aungst, Eldon Boner, Linden Clawson, Charles Craft, James LaFever, Dale Mills, Richard Nauman, Edward Rinehart, Ralph Shaffer, Alan Steele, and Junior Tennant. The operetta was directed by Miss Nelle Jo Dyer, prompted by Arlene Smith, and accompanied by Jean Wertz. FIRST ROW: Miss Dyer, Belle Diehl, Paul Wells, Robert Steele, Kathryn Weller Russell Mishey Beverly Hobson, and Rowena Frazier. SECOND ROW: Aldine Trainer, jane Barnhart, Erma Belle Beal, Doris Willits Lois NlcLarnan Nova Huls jean Wertz, Arlene Smith, and Irene Ralston. THIRD ROW: Robert Aungst, Edward Rinehart, junior Tennant, Alan Steele Dale Mills Linden Claw son Charles Craft. james Lafever, and Eldon Boner, 'FOURTH ROW: Rhea Watkins, Irene Bechtel, Leah jean Vail, Eva Hoeflich Ruth Brown -lean Hoffman and Elizabeth Heaton. 37 r I ! 38 FUTURE HONIEMAKERS FIRST ROW: Annabelle Hoeiiich, Martha Grubaugh, Beverly Hobson, Glenna McDaniel, Anna Mae Lane, Doris VVillits, Dorothy Fogle, Belle Diehl, Rowena Frazier, Waneta Ault, Wilma Bechtel, Evadine Ruhl, and Erma Belle Beal. SECOND ROW: Miss Robeson, Leila King. Eileen Hess, Mary Lemly, Betty Barton, Leah Mae Hayes, Geraldine McClead, Naomi Wellls, Martha Coleman, Eva Hoefiich, Dorothy Daniels, Nelda Koppert, Creta Wise, Leah jean Vail, and Ruth Phillips. THIRD ROW: Eunice O'Brien. Ruth Burson, Kathleen Mishey, Phyllis Tharp, jacobine Smith, lrene Bechtel, Lois McLarnan, Helen Robinson, Elizabeth Hea- ton, Wilma Gleason, Arlene Smith, Alice Eyster, Oradell Ralston, Patricia' Wilson, and Rhea Watkins. FOURTH ROW: Eileen Ebersole, Naomi Bechtel, Aldine Trainer, Eileen Dan- iels, jean Wertz, Elenore Stringer, Shirley Hull, jean Yarman, Nova Hulse, Dorothy Kirkpatrick, Edith Bunnell, Lois Burson, jeannette Thompson, Norma jean Moree, Dorothy Beheler, and Louise Reed. FUTURE FARMERS FIRST ROW: Wilbur Shultz, Ralph Benson, Eldon Boner, Russell Mishey, Stanley Gregg, Charles Craft, Dalton Braddock, Dan Bartlett, and Ernest Wood. SECOND ROW: Mr. Smith, Ferber Thayer, Forest. Turner, Lloyd Payne, Har- old Anderson, Encil Doup, Doyle Braddock, Clarence Stevens, Bill Wilson, and Waldon Shinaberry, THIRD ROW: Harold Litt, Richard Kirkpatrick, Caryl Litt, Billy Brown, Martin Clever, Everett Truex, Raymond Lifer, Glenn Fry, Lloyd Coffing, and Stanley Armstrong. FOURTH ROW: Cecil Simmons, Harold Daniels, Dale Clever, Donald Swihart, Marvin Shaffer, Floyd Payne, james Wood, Robert Bell, and Paul Bechtel. LATIN CLUB FIRST ROW: Eileen Baker, Beverly Cooke, Betty Lou Biefness, Ruth jackson, Charles Gregg, David jackson, jene Auten, Marjorie Stackhouse, Roger Levering, and Miss Howell. SECOND ROW: james Swigart, Billy Ewalt, Robert Gifford, Linden Clawson, Wilson Smith, Robert Beeman, Bill Ritchey, Eugene Carlin, Ben Corbin, Carl Baker and Wilford Winancl. THIRD ROW: Carmin Mclntire, Irene Gilmore, Margaret Morrison, jean Mills, Phyllis Thuma, Ruth Conkling, Maxine Mclntire, jane Barnhart, Pauliue Seymour, Vlarilyn Stillwell, Corrine Arnold, and Rosemary Weller. 39 P1-eg, ,,--,------- Dorothy Fogle V.-Pres. ........ Naomi Roberts Sec, -,-,-,---,- ,-- Doris Willits Tfeas, -----,........ Belle Diehl Pres. ...... - ----- Stanley Gregg V.-Pres. ........ Russell Mishey Sec. ..... -- ..-- Dalton Braddock Treas. .......... Charles Craft Pres. ...... V.-Pres Marjorie Stackhouse . .......... Charles Gregg Sec.-Treas. .... Pauline Seymour Consuls ........... - Jene Auten -------T-------- David Jackson Censor ...... Betty Lou Biefness Praetors ........ Roger Levering, ---- -------- ---- R uth Jackson SUPIIUMURE CLASS QContinued from page 14, Staff-Jene Auten, Betty Lou Biefnes, Beverly Cooke and Jane Barn- hart. Drum Marjorette-Erma Belle Beal. Cheerleaders-Betty Lou Biefnes and Beverly Cooke. We also have member in G. R., F. F. A., F. H. A., and Latin Club. Of the fifty, twelve have gone through all ten years here together. They are: Jene Auten, Avalee Bradrick, Aldine Trainer Betty Lou Biefnes, Alan Steele, Roger Levering, Billy Ritchey, Jimmy Swigart, Paul Wells, Donald Pealer, Donald Morrison, and Beverly Cooke. DIUSIC IS IMPIIRTANT fContinued from page 361 Percussion-Carl Baker, Eugene Carlin, Harold Hilliar and Ralph Shaffer. The Brass Ensemble represented Fredericktown in the Knox County Music Festival at Danville on May 2. Those who participated in the ensemble were: Arlene Smith, Belle Diehl, Dorothy Fogle, Phyllis Thuma, Jean Wertz, Luther Wells. 40 Clix Of The Year PHOTO CLUB AT WORK AND RESULTS BELOW Baptist Church F. H. S. Football Team Band In Action Basketball Team Portrait Study' The Square Football Action Don Developing . 1, 3, Xypvm 3 I y W mi -N' xx, F f, 'Q Ag: msaamaggmu. fwmsigaqsg 1 GN October 12, 1940, the class of 1943 met with a loss in the passing of Gail Vickory. He was a familiar figure around the school for the past four years and is greatly missed by all his class- mates. He will be remembered for his loyalty, sincerity, honesty, trustworthiness, and Willingness to he of service. 42 hr- - W . 1 " -L 1 , . R, ' Q 1, - . X -. 2 V 5 .1154 Q f , , 4,3314 , V. . ,1. 1.,v, 4 . , , 'J' 4, - l, . , f-. ,, 4 ,A .. F . LV V ,, , 11' "YI, 'fx ' JE Ldf ' 21 ' ,Ax , W Zn.. sc1Qxf.:ww.w...'.Ax,s:f:,f ''.u':1n-u1w:- .W , .Jg - :,.f.- , f ffm-wmmwarx.. List Dr. E. V. Ackerman ..... . The Alcove Restaurant ........ Bair's Dry Cleaning ............. Blackburn Bros. Garage Boles-Dandurand Studio ........ F. A. Bollinger ,... .,............... W. B. Brown ....... Roy Bowman ................,. Coca-Cola ............................. H. E. Clenim and Sons ........ The College Press ............. Cozy Lunch ........... ....... Hotel Del Mar ............A. C. H. Dietrich ................. Divelbiss Food Store ...... Edwards Sheet Metal ..... of Advertisers 65 Dr. Lord W. Paul Lord .....,........... Lyons Green House ...... 57 63 67 Dr. Mahafiey 52 Mager's Shoe Store 64 Mayeris Meat Market 65 B. M. Meredith 55 Miller Drug Store 57 Modernette Beauty Shop 59 Neil Theatre ............................... Northwestern Elevator ............. Nu-Way Shoe Sz Harness Shop ffl 50 62 61 Ohio Power Page Dairy .................. .. Peoples Shoe Store ...... 63 53 65 Pepsi-Cola Edgells ............................. ..... 6 7 Pitkin's Provision Store ..... Fenton Dry Cleaning ........4..,. ........ 6 3 Pontiac Engraving .......... Fink's Drug Store .....,.................. ..... 5 3 Dr. Rapp .......................... The J . B. Foote Foundry Co. ....... ..... 6 1 J. R. Reed, Insurance ..... . Fox and Crawford Grocery ....... ..,.. 6 4 Ringwalt's ..................... J. A. Frankls Barber Shop ..,..... ..,.. 6 2 Robinson Grocery ...... Franks' Bros. Grocery ......,............ 54 Rudin Co. ................ Fredericktown Bowling Alleys ............ 60 Scarbrough Sz Son ...... Fredericktown Ice and Dairy 51 Stevens Paint Shop ................. Gallagher Service Station ........... ..... 6 2 Stimmel Motor Sales ................ Gelsanl1ter's ................................... Gregg Mfg. Co. ................ . Heckler's Drug Stores ........ Herff-Jones Co. ................. . Hicks Gate Co. ................ . Hosack General Store ........ I-Iosack's Lunch .................. Tommy Huggins ...,.. Isaly Store ................ Jewell Creamery ......... Kelser-Dowds .......... Dr. Larrick ....... ,... Leader Store ....... Lemasters, ......... Lesters' .......... . ..,...... .. Harold Levering ....., Lions Club ........... 57 Dan Struble and Son Bank 60 Sun-Glow, Inc. 56 Tatrois 67 Tille's Grocery Updike Elevator .................... Updike Service Station ........ Walter Chevrolet Sales ..... 62 64 62 Fred Warner ................... Watson Radio Service White's Super Service ......... 56 59 47 63 Williams Flower Shop 65 Wood's Hardware 66 Worley Clothing 66 Dr. Wright Zolman's Feed Store .... Zolman's Market ...... John Zuccaro ....... 63 67 45 45 l A, an nf .' il W 1 , - V J. ..,, ',,.,..-- - .- f. fr - Q 1 ,. NN v - .V-, m,': ' , , xv, ,uf Y , , .i ii Eu, ,, 1 V, 1:!',1.!C':v 1 , 'g 'K EV R. vvv ++v++++vvvv++++++vv+++++v++,++. V+ 905- v'++'+ P4-+'+ 9e+'+ 3 30' V V V V + v v v v + + + v v v v Q 4 A A A 41' f++Q P Q5 f5+QV 1'?4Q? fi QVAQVQ4' V+? 'P4f'V+f V+4"P+4' FAQQA1' if 944' P 4'f+4'?44'f4f f+4'f44' ,A++ 4"Y4Q'944'P 4"V4f+44'f44"Y41"P4f V+? 'V+4'?+4'P+f'V+f?4f f+4"Y+4'V41'4A4fA1' 4 r'Q 4 44+ +4 4+ 4 4+ . 4 4 us., , I Y, f 3 lu... I The LIONS CLUB STRIVES TO MAKE REDERICKTOWN a bel'l'er place in which lo live and lo l'his end pledges ils supporl' 'lo l'he FREDERICKTOWN SCHOOLS vvvvvvvvvvvv++vv+++v++vv+++t+V++0+++++0+++vv++v+++v++++vv+v +,4-944-+A+ 54-44+ 51-04+4404044eg-044-044-+44fb+4-a44-+44 f4++,++4+-5+ Q4 +A- v+++++ 545+ 54-P44 345+ +04+44-v44++++44-v+++4+++++44-5+ +44-P44-v+4+,4-b+4-if 444- +44-b+++4414++++ +44-+44-v++v+4+44-+44 47 V+ +v+++vvv+++++v+++ v fy +41-++++4+++++,+v4++4+v4+++Q+44-44+v4e+4++gv+4-+4-u+rV++V+vV4-+V+vV+++f'++V+wV++ev'+rV4-+V++V+rV+fV+rVQvV++V++V4-,V+ V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V if CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1941 S Jr A T -jf 1531113 P-QP! Walter Chevrolet Sales . K. WALTER, Prop. PHONE 3631 v + v v v v ,Q +1014-vie +2414 +202 +2924 -:Xe 4:4 -:V+-rx: +I++z4 +1014 +:++:++X++z4+:4-Q4 +14-Q4 +2414-vI++2 +14 'B +X6X4+z4"+f 'th' 'Wh' ft 48 "'+"++'+"0'0' ++'0'++'++'++'0'++ 44+1+s:01+q++ ' ' ' "++14+1++14+1++X+e1o+1+++ I 's Really A Fact IN MAKING GOOD ICE CREAM nothing can take the place of the finest materials obtainable, Ice Cream makers with experience, and the use of the best equip- ment. IN THE MAKING GF JEWELL. ICE CREAM only ingredients of the highest quality are used. These are processed in our modern plant by men who know their jobs. THE RESULT IS A NATURALLY SMOOTH, rich Ice Cream. JEWELL ICE CREAM is different from any other Ice Cream . . . . . . . lt's Better ' A 11111-nnilln-nnilln1111111111--ml-nn--IIII1ln:illllinuxllnilnl--ll SELECTHMN OF JEWELL ICE CREAM TO CHOOSE ++ ++++++v+v++ 54:4-+:4+:4+:4+X4-o14v:4-vX4fzetofeviofzevze 4, 5454014 ,, "'+"40a"'4"s"" 49 4-V+ W4-YQ 1 +'+v'4-v"4-U4-v"'+++++vv++v+ ,,,4-5 4-vo +ve-N-no-v4-no-s4-N-we-+ + ++'+++v++++ 4 + 4 44,4 4 4 + 4 4 4 4 4 +"'+""+""!"'+"'+''+"'4"'+"'4"'+"'4"'+"4''6":"'z'+X+vX++2+14+1014-vznzoxeqo:+v1+p:+g++:0:4-rzvrf-v1eq4+fp+I+vXo:+vzn'+ an Struhl Son ank FREDERICKTOWN, OHIO MEMBER American Bankers' ssociafion Federal Deposii' lnsurance Corporaiion v++v++v+vv+++v++vs++ ++++vv+v+v+o+v+v+w++v+ 414++0404Q-+4+v44-4,4-54-54-v44-a+4-v4+r,4++++++v+4-+44-f+4Q44-f+++++i++,+v,+++w4++4+f+++++f44-a+u+4++++44v++f+4-54-vgau4++44+++v,+v++v+o+4 50 'Q-vie vz+ bro-are r:++X4 Q4-4+ qooze froze 401+ 54 QQQQQQQQ' ' 4 "QQQQ "'3QQQQ hhhhbhh I , QVC. ometldng ew Pageis Mlgullcn lcc ream Packed in a "New" Era Sanitary Parchment-Lined Package . . Permitting easy slicing in equal portions. Scientiflcally. . "Fresh from the Ice Cream Freezer." . . offering a wide selection of Flavors. PAGE'S BULK ICE CREAM CAN NOW BE OBTAINED IN PACKAGES + +v+,++v+v++s+so+o+v+gW vii ' PVVQVVVVVVYVVVVYYYNVHA 51 vvv +409 vvvovvvv vvvvvvvv44v44vvv4v4v+4+4++4 v +4 +4 v +4 +5 54-v1o+14+14 54414 v14q14v14+14+14+14v1454v14f14a14+14 54o14+14-o14+14+ 4-v 441441441454-v14414o14+14v14+14+14v14+14 54414v14+14v14+14p14+14-414-p14+1+f14up-+14+14+14a14+14+14+14-0141 SERVICE AND QUALITY COMMERCIAL PRINTERS AT A FAIR PRICE BOOK PUBLISHERS 7fze Golfeeye paafi v1o14 v14v14 a14-Q4 r14o14 v14v14 414414 41014 +14-414 414 +14 u14+14 44414 Q4-p14 14414 y14+14 Q4-v'4 V434 W4-+14 14414 I4-+14 W4 I' 0 'I I A U ENGRAVING AND ELECTROTYPE CO. WILLIAM J. FREUND 8'l2-22 W. Van Buren SI. CChie'Hain Bldg.D Chicago, Ill. 1485 W. THIRD AVE., PI'IONE:KlNGSWO0D 2054 Columbus, Ohio 4,,:.,X,,3.,g..g..g..g..g..g+,g..g+.g+.g.+g+,g.+g+.g.+g..1..g+.g..g+.g.,g..g..g.,g..g.,g,.g. .g.+g+.g.q..g+.g. 4.1. 4. p.++.+w+v+v+v+-'0'+f14-101+-101+ 501+ 401014 52 vw vovvvvvvvivQ0vv+++vva00+vo av a.+v+4oz+r.Q5Qutfofvfvteugnvtvtavtq-444-vtr,e5Qv6+v,4u404+u4++,+ Q 4 4Qo4QuA4v+Qv:1+.4o+0:+4Q+:4vzwxwozfvzevfgaavzn-o:Qo:vo:+vX4' '+oI4o14-uXQQo+14r:4-stevie-QQ4402444 FREDERICKTOWN ICE AND DAIRY CO. Manufacturers of Artificial Ice Pasteurized Pure Jersey Milk and Cream. COOLERATOR REFRIGERATORS FREDERICKTOWN. OHIO TELEPHONE 3571 JOE RITCHEY, PROP. vvvvv vvvovvvvvv vvvvvvovf ov avov vvvvvovvvvvvovv vvvvo +44QAQQQQ-v+4-ano!4-vX+u.o+4+o,4-u4++4+v4+o4o-5+v.+v4+q'.Q+,+v,+u++v44-0,45054 4 4 + AQ 44-vA+v4eo4Qu 40o4+u4+vA4v,ov44v,+v44o,o+4'44-utnolo-u4+uZ4-04054-s4+54-uf-o!n+X4-Io CompIimenfs of un low Industries, nc. FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS Fredericktown, Ohio ' ' V ' ' V ' ' ' +4 '49 '4-r'4v'4+'Qv'4-v'Qv'+o'o+'e ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '4' ' ' '4-v'++'ov'+o'4v:++X4fx:-vieare-cisvzozevZ+v:++:+f:0,+v,4u.4+,+vpv,4545404404 0, , , 5 4 4 4 4 4 4 Q 0 v 1 v 34541454-Q44-u4o-ng-9,4-visa,-v4+o.o+4+54-Q44-o,4'v,4-v+4-4+ o44-ubovfa, 4, 4 4 4 ,VJ 9 V W Y 1 V V O V 9 Q + ++'m'+.+'X+s+n+'2'+v+!+f.4+,+f,+v:4+,++,++1+f1+-1+.g+q+.g.+g,+.g0g..g,.g..g.4.4..g.+g+.g.+g+.g+q..g.+g+.g.+g+.g.q+,g.,g..g+.g..g.,g+,g..g..g.+g.,g.,g.401.,g.,g.,g B. N. SCABROUGH HARDWARE General Hardware-Guns-Ammunition Glass and Builders' Supplies INTERNATIONAL FARM MACHINERY Implements and Repair SOHIO GAS AND OIL Phone 2741 Fredericktown, Ohio +X'+X'+X+'X+'I'+X+'I+'I"X+'ZW!01010102+'I0X4+!+'X'+!'+Z+'X++X+H!+n"fI'+X+'!0X+'Z'+!+'i'i0X+'Z+'Z+f!'+I++1+'X'+Z'+X'+Z+'Z+'Z++X+'ZWZW' 'VX' 'XMI' 'X'+Z+'I++X+"0"W BIILE -DANDURAND 'PUIIIU A Complete Photographic Service for your annual Senior Portraits of unmatched quality See The Boles-Dandurand Line 1231!2 S. Washington St. 105112 S. High St. Tiffin, Ohio Columbus, Ohio VOVVO vvvvQvvtv++vv 400+ivvvvvvvvwvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Q +v+ 40+5-940-544+,+f7.++,1-044+404+v44+,+v4+r44+40.+044-0,4+44-PXO-v,Q+++v4Q+,4+44+44+A4-,far-9to-of Q44-54 +44-044-0,4-vp 044 +,+04p944-4,4-54 v,oa+4+4v+.+9+q-944-+44-at 54-of +4914 54-44-pf-54 pi 55 4 .14-up nf,-up izovxe QQQQ steals shore skate Q4-of o:+v:+ vzozd- vzooxn QQ +14 fo ' 34-o:Q+:+uIv +1014 vzovfvxovzo :zo-brain 0:0 'Xa-vzovzoxo ' X ' ' '4-Q14 40:4 4444 401+ 10+ ,IQ SAVE WITH SAFETY AT THE REXALL STORE School Supplies of All Kinds Telling's lce Cream Served for Parties And Any Social Event Soda Fountain, Soft Drinks We Appreciate the Patronage of Our F. H. S. Pupils and Teachers. You Are Always Welcome in Our Store. No Purchase Too Small To Receive Our Careful Attention. FlNK'S DRUG STORE v v+v 4+oov++++o+vv + v vvv ovvvv v v+v,,v v,,v,,+ v,,v,p,g 1+-101+-z0.++:+-.Q+.-+sfz-+.++.0s'.+'.++.+-.++.++.+w-.+f.+'z++.+-z0.'+:-.++.-+.+-:,+x+-.--.++.+-.'+.Q-1-wx.-:+fz++x++.++.+'. :wr-Ie. . .A++ 4 + 4- Congralulalions fo fhe Class of 1941 or DIVELBISS' FOOD STORE 1, foo v + My Xow v,,Q0x0v0a,4,i?,+,, v + v + v v 0 o 0 5 X4oznzozognxokzozovzovzwzwxozozs4442-vieofv:0z0z4v:4+Z0I0,+'4"4''4"+"f 'o"4 b"4 +45 4 4 0 0 0 4 54 4' Wi++?++b++++++?4+++++??+4+++?+9??4b9++++?++++4++?++ FRANKS BROTHERS GROCERY Qualify Groceries-Meais-Vegefables "Dick" and "Buss" Wish to Congratulate the Seniors of 1941. Phone 2871 Fredericktown, Ohio 4444++++?++++++?++++++?+4+++?+?4+++?++++++biQ+4++4+++?4+?+4+ Success To The 48 Seniors of 1941 Mayer's Meat Market Phone 3511 ++QQ 2vX0k+1o2+Xa2+:+Qf+H40:0914-vz+u2+X0:4-0:4414vie-ntsv:++'4+'4-v'4uX+o"4+'o-inv'4+'+v'of'4vX4-Q4-'Io-vXoa:o+:+ 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 +04 1,1-vha,1o,1-1:3141-111-1,1 1,1141-141141 u4Q1411111I1vI1+:1 vin 1:1 111111 1:1-12119111 +1141 r:1+I11:+1:1vX14X+ 1:4-111111-1:1 1:4-4:1 40:1 .14-Q4 .zwzf Kaz, ,:, +I, ,344 ,:, TILLE'S RED and WHITE FOOD STORE GROCERIES MEATS VEGETABLES FRUITS DON HENRY, Mgr. PHONE 2361 FREE DELIVERY 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 14,1 1 1 1,191,101 1,,1,,v,,v,,,,v,.g,,v,.,v.,V, A ' +0 +qov3ok1,+q+,+s?up+31.o3yQ+o,4o,1v,1u44-51511011.1144-1,414-1411, fh"'I'R"4 'fo Q' 4 N4 4 4 , , 4 Q 4 4 Complimenfs of Roy F. Bowman Fredericktown, Ohio ' ' " 391 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,,+,,'.+'+f'4-1'u'1o'4v'4+'4+4-14-1.11, , 111111111',,'4+'0'11'4+u+u4+1+o+44+4,,,4,,.4141 -x++:+f:-+:+':0:-wx'4-':+':-+zN:++:+-1-f:+f:++:+f:''zur--:+':+.:+'14-1+-.QW-w'+"f'+"+"+ + + + ' ' + ' + ' 57 'V gp vv+vv'++v+++v++v+ "+'w'f'+X4", AQ4-P403+,4+,++,4+11+,4+,++,4+44+44+,+v+4-54+5-+44+4+414,014-rX4f+X4+X4fvX4-vX+1r:+oX++I+v:4+:Qvfazoiozozozozs+14-+z4+X+pX0X4.sX4+:4..,:4,:,.,z4,X,,X,,,:,.,?,Z,,X,,X, Recreation, Food and Merchandise Gentlemen Prefer TOMMY HUGGINS Fredericktown, Ohio + vw 4 ww vvvvvvvvvv vw ++++ v+ +++v+ + 4 3014v,++,4-+X4+,4-vie-rzow-+44-vxwvX+v44+f-v,4+44-s4o,o44+++u44-a4++X4+44+6494 44+44++4+44+X4+44-v,++X4-v,4+4044-r4e+4+vI4-044+:+++4+X4+I++z+y:4+X+p:4+:+,X4,Z0z4,X0z4.sX4.,X+,X4+X+,x4. COOK and HEAT WATER ELECTRICALLY t - - -1 4, 9 W. Gambler St. Phone 92 6: 93 + +qHH+:+bff+I0X+Q+q0z++:Qo:4+14-5t4+z4+z4-Kz4vX++z+oX+u:4-sI+vX++1014+14-vzazozerf-+:++2+X+r1+f:++:+ uf- q+f14+:+,14-v1+,1++1++10,+ 01+ rt- vie r:4-91442 +2 Q' MT. VERNON'S LEADING DRUG STORES HECKLER DR G TORES Original Cut-Rate West Side Square 115 South Main Mt. Vernon, Ohio rzpvza Q4 101+vzev:4+:+vI+v:4+:+vX+vX+vX01+ ivriv in uf v 4 v:+ +14-uf,-+1f+XvQ4 if SEVENTY-THREE YEARS YOUNG The Ringwalt Store in Mount Vernon is one of the oldest stores in Ohio-ibut also one of the youngest. Residents of Knox County have long looked to Ringwalt's for the smartest dresses, coats, rnillinery, accessories, and cosmetics. The newest and the smartest have a way of showing up at Rin-g'Walt's as soon as they are shown in big city sgores. Ringwalt's send more buyers to New York than any other store in Knox ounty. Five generations have shopped at Ringwalt's and today it remains equally popular with grandmothers and the "pig-tail" crowd. Best Wishes to you, Class of '41, The J. S. Ringwalt Company vw vvvvvvv vvvt-rv +++v +x+fz+w-x+'x++x+'z++z+'m+'z0:01-+zf+f:-+:+f:+'zHz+f:+-101++1-+:+e+':+':+,z+f:++z+f:Q4++:++:-+z0:+-.-wz4+.+-.++.-+.Q+ff.4+.+-zw-.+w.-+-++.++w W Q' 58 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 6 The Pause That Refreshes 506 West Vin St I vvvvvov v 9 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQN+wQQkQQ+3 PlTKIN'S PRCVISIO STORE The Complete Food Market Mt. Vernon, Ohio Phones 1142115 vvv v,,o,,+vvv+,,yvv vvvvv++vv+ 1+++v++vvv+vv+vv++ +++++vvvv++v +IQ50,4+,4+X+u, , ,ate-r4++,os, ,n4o+44-u"4+Xn-+A 44-v+4+4+v,4++o+4o4++4eo,4+++-:iffy-nfq,4v4+f+4+++,4+u,+54+4o-5+50,++,,p+,o+p++o+4+vX4-Q4+a45-Q04-r,+v44-u,a4+o4w,4-gf-0401+ Compliments of THE ALCOVE RESTAURANT Candy Shop Soda Grill Mt. Vernon, Ohio +vv ighd I QQ!WQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ V +9909 49 For Typewriters and Adding Machines GELSANLITEIFS Mt. Vernon, Ohio V+WVV+Vi++V+++Oiiiiifiq-,i4+VQ, .u,+.,f..n .w.M.+.,+..+..wHavw:-+2+z++z++:++:+f:1'14401-40:4+2+:++:+M+:++:'+:-+:+w+.+'.+wwwww++'++'++'+++W++'+++'++'-"P+ + + 1540040404401 A 59 +'4..,+,y,,,++,,,X,,v++v+v+++v++++ 4 4 + +45 +"',4+,4-V44-54,4-5,4-me+44-r4+++4+++r+4+4QfvA++X4-v:4+z4-+:+v:+v:++:0:++I++X4-41+vzfozfvf-rX+q++z++:fv'++'4+5fha?-+'oo'+v"o+:o+'o+'++'0+ +5-v'+a" 'sin' I ' '4 +444 4++ +4+4'4+4"+++'5"+"'e You'l1 Like To Trade At WORLEY'S Dependable IVIen's Wear 120 South Main St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio Stetson Hats Holeproof Hosiery + +44 +14 QQ +I +2 +21 if -Q91 +1+g:4+f4 Q 341014414-aX4 +Io:4+z+v:++z4-+14 +:++z1fvI4Q'4-+14-+24-Q4 +24 WHITE'S SUPER SERVICE STATION ED. JACOBS, Prop. Goodyear Tires Sinclair Gas Exi-de Batteries Main and Columbus Road Fredericktown, Ohio vrvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvv++vvvvvwv+vvv+vvvv+++vvvv++v+++v fi- +,++4s+A4-rf 54-vg-wif +44-QQ o,o+,4+44-ug +5454-u44+44-54-v,4+44+X4 -if+44-5.4-V+Q-P44444-V44-944-f4A4+44-P44-Q,4444+4O-V44-D44-V+444+7449+Q'O+4944++4-gf-044904441-F44-O44-544-D4Q-P44-V40-b44+4++44+44+4Q Drink Bigger and Better RiG.U.S.HY.0Fl' + vvvw vvvvvv,+vvvvv+vvvv+ vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv 1. 444 Q4-+64-54-v,4-54-914-v,Q-04+,+v,+uA4+4+f,4-v4+v,4+4Q-54444+44++4++4-54-+4454-Q4-54-vAo,4+504040404040.4-P44-b44+4+v44+,+u4++44+44+44+44+,+v,4-044-4,454-v44+44+Z4-v:++I4-vin-+I:gf FOR QUALITY MERCHANDISE CORRECT STYLING AT A MODEST PRICE Always Shop At Knox County's Greatest Store RUDIN COMPANY vvfvvv vv++v++v+v++v++++w vvvv ++++vv+++vv v+ vvv + ,z ,F ,E ,:,,:,.,:,,p ,X+,I..,49+4+.4.,4iw fp-,IQ-v+4+,4+++-rf +4 +,4++o44+44-r4++,4 -504+++o+4++4++,++4Q+f-upv,+v,4+44+1e+44+4+s44+44+4o+44++w44+44+,+u++vX+v,+5Q+ZQ-v4ev44+,4-,Za-54+ 60 V I 'IMI +1+'I+'I"Z-'XG''X'+X"X"1'+X++e+Z0!'+X+'X+'?'I'+!+'X+'Z+'!"!+'X' 'I' 'I''!"X'+X++ZwX'-1'-I-f:f+:+-:01++1010p q,.g.q..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g,.g, .g..g.4..g.4. B. M. MEREDITH and SON Home Furnishings Ambulance Service Fredericktown, Ohio Phone 22Z1:ZZ2Z 4-'Iwi'flvihiffi''X"Z++X'+I+'I'+X++!+'I+'X'+I"!+'X+'Z+'I'+X'+X''IWX'+Z+'!'+I'+I"Z'+X'+X+'X'fI'+X'+I'+Z"X'+I'+X4+1''I+'X++X+'X-+X+w+,' 'vlan' 1+.g+.g..g..g..g,.g..g.,+,q. THE NORTHWESTERN ELEVATOR AND MILL CO. H. W. SMITH, Manager Diudem Feeds Taylor's Besl' Flour Coal Lime Fertilizer ++vv+vvvvvvfvvvvvvvvvvvvvw+v+vvv+++++vv+v+0vvv+vf++ o.4otog++n+4Q490.4hoofv+oQ+ao40,+o4w+0++q4o+4044+440404454+,4v4++.454+++5+++o-vp04054444044QQ0,06+44-044-up+4o++n4n404949+4e+994qq444:q4:,,z4.,:4.5Xq,?.1444914 Compliments of THE ISALY STORE Cash paid for Cream and Eggs Phone 115 Red RAYMOND TILLE, Prop. Grocery and Confectionery v v + + v w + o:of:4+1+oX+uz4+:4-viaviolatefzoxwzozokszwxo+z4+:o+X+o:Q+X4-vzozaoX4+:+-rzeozevieoxovzvuzeqa+z4+4++:4vzovxeo++o4+vfozQ+z+oX4+++o+o+X0X4vz4v+4v+4v1QvX44:4-opvzeoznozokofe H. E. CLEMM and SONS Lumber and Building Malerials Freclericktown, Ohio PIIODC 2171 a+vv+v +++v++++v+vv+++vvvv+ quXs+:oX4+Xo+:+vZ++X4+:uX+v:w:a+:4-,gaze+X4+:4-,Zo-rzo-v:4+:4+1'+oIa+:u:0:4+1+40:4oXoXnI+f,++,++44of+44-v,++X4-4,4+,e+,0,o+,4+,++,++,4+gv,0,++,++,0,4v,0,++,4+,a,4+,1o!1- 61 v +4 vw + ++v+ ++++vv+++v+v+ v vvvvvvvvvvvvv " v 4 + + + 4 4 'X"'X"'4"!'+96RWE'"!'q"x"'4"'X"4'5f"X'+4'+4"'X"4F"f'4"'X''4"4"4?"4"'4"'1"6'4"4"'4"'4"4"4'+4"'4"'4''4"4"4"T"4"X"4"4"4"'4''4"4+'4'+4"4"'4+','+,","X+ NU-WAY SHOES and HARNESS SHOP Red Wing Shoes Custom-Made Harness Shoes Repaired Harness Repaired Raymond YosI', Prop. 34-'WW ' ' ' E4-W4 ' 'O-5' 29' 4' '++'4+'4-4' X15 9-J++' -Y '+V ' '4 'Q 9414414-if X4-4' '447+4'4+'s4I94'4-Q++'++:+9I'44+X44k4'o+Zs4:74fp4Z4-4:4-4:44:+4X44I1-+I+4I4- v '4' 4 4 4"'4"'4""4"4 4'4F"4 40 4' 4444 4 4 44" '4 "4 4 4' 49,4 4"'4"'4 5 '54 0 4"'4 4 4 4 4 4 4 BOWLING ALLEY Bowl For Your HeaI'I'h ai FREDERICKTOWN BOWLING ALLEY EDDIE TOMS, Manager v +++vwvwv4++v+0+a,,,v+++4+,,vv+,,v,,y++++,+v,+4++4l. VV! WVVVV VO VV Wifi -4.4044-+54-411-4:4+14-h4f444v,04+q4-4:0544-54+I4q4h+04++44440444-944444+44444-5444v++++4+44+f++4+41-441444-V+ 44-Q4 404440+04444 444404 5 444404404444 4404 0.4444-+4944 PHILLIPS MOTORS Get The Eacfs And Get A -xi-Dj vv vvvv 4+ v+vvvvvv+v+++v++++ +++v+++++4+v +++++ vv v Ja-4 44-4' +47 4044+400 4404-4++fa+4Y--55+or4+4+4+44q4+44-44444-4,4-v4+'4+0+g,0,4+4y+'4+o0W-4014-4114411-5i-4:4-51+ '41 '4"'4' 4 4"'4"'4"' 40404 4+'4"'4"'4"'4"4"9f"4 4 4 4 4 494 4 4 4 4 4 4 '4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Best Wishes for Fuiure Success of the Class of'I94I THE GREGG MANUFACTURING CO. 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PDIKE AND SONS WAYNE SEEDS A Better Feed For Every Need Complete Stock of Sewer Pipe Coal, Fertilizer, Grain, Tile, Fence SUDDEN SERVICE QUALITY PRODUCTS RELIABLE FOR 40 YEARS PHONE 2051 -as4+-if+:0:-+:+-I-+x4+:Me-1441+-1+-t-+:++:f+:H:++zf+:e:++:0z++:+fz+fe+e+:++:H:++:4+:-+z+fz++z+-2+-M+1-+:++M+:f+:+f:+fx+f.f+:4+x+f.4+x-4++.' 'QXHXHI-+X+ W oods Hardware Company Hardware, Paint and Glass THE GIFT STORE 129-133 N. Nlain Street, Fredericktown, Ohio Phone 2081 13 N. Main Street 2 Mt. Gilead, Ohio Phone 69 .1..g..z.M.:..X.,g..:..g..g..g..g..g..1.,g..1.M01-+z+fz4+z++:+f:++z++m+:+fx+-:+-z++:++:+-10:4+:++:++z++ze:4+zQ:-+z++:++:-+z4+:f+z-wz++z+'z+fz-+z++H-+z+-x-+x+'x+4+ Congratulations 'lo fhe Class of '41 + + + + + ' 'f + ' ' + +' +'++'4+'++'++'++'++Xf+I++X'+X'+Z+i'+Z++X+'X++Z+'X0X'+l'+X'+l'+XHP+I'+l' +'4+'+o'4+'+o'44'4+'oo'4-v'++'4-if-r'4-V4v'+v'4-Q14-44414-+:++:4-4X4+14-of-v4+++4-+44 4 4+ + +44 , +44 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 o+44444++++4++4 63 v v '-+i'n+'X'+Z+'X+'X++X+'X++X'i'+X+'X'+X+'X+'X+'Z++X'+X++i++Z'+Z++X'+X++X++X'+X+401++X++X++Z++Z+'I++X++X'+X++I'+X++!++Z'+X++I'+X4+X+8HZ++X+'If+X+fX'+41 +102 +X4+X'fK++l"!+ Ugg ocfefzneffe Beaufy .ATEEQIIQ All Lines of Beauty Culture Gladys Divelbiss-Edith White Phone 2381 'X'+X+'X'+i+'Z'+X0X'+X'+E+X'+Z+'X++X+fZ+fX+'X++X+f1++If+1++1-+1++Z4+I'+?+Z+'Z'+X+'2+X+'X+401++X+'X+i'+X'+X'+X++X+'Z+'I+'X+'Z'+X'+X++Z'+Z+i'+X+'X4+Z++!'+X+4+fX+fX4+!Hl'-vX+ It Pays To Look Well J. A. FRANKS Barber Shop 116 North Main St. J. A. FRANKS, Prop. Fredericktown, Ohio vvv +++v v vvvvvvv +++++++vv++++v+v++++++ +++ ++++v Qvv 5++,4+,4+X4+'4-5, ,4-4,4-r,4-+5-bX+v4-rin-v44+44+44-of-v,4+4+v4++'64-vX4+4+v4+v44+4++,+v44+44-o,4+44+,++44+,++,++4++4++4044-5044-g++4o+fr!++4++4+v4+-rX++4+v,4+44+,4+A43:++,++,4-r,4-40X01l- Complimenfs of FRED C. WARNER General Contractor we-10:wx-+10:++:vwwf:+v.+fz'+:+f:-+z++:+-z+f:f+z-+H4+:H:++:4+:+-1-4+-if+101+401-+:-+10101020101-+1-+:f+:+f:++z-+:0:f+x+-x++x+ef+z++x4+x+-x-+x-z4+z+ BEHCTTITQIS Cozy l.llllCll Sandwiches of all kinds Home Cooked Meals FREDERICKTOWN, OHIO +:-+:++:++:++:-+z+':++x+'x+'z4+z4+z+-H+-z+'zf+z+bxexexez-+:f+:++xf'z4+x-+:+,:+fx++:fwz++:+fzf+:f+x++z+fz-+x++:-+:+a-e+fz++z+-z-+x+v.+-x+fa-x-+x++x0z-+xf+z4+x-4-4-+x -1. 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Williams Flower Shop 14 South Main Street Mt. Vernon, Ohio vvvvvvv vovvvvovvv vvvv++vvvw+++vvv++vvv++v+v+v -I4 spew sf qv 54st+4o+X4+44-at +44-n.:-ste-o,4+.0A+v4+u.+o:Q+,+o4+s,4040.05-v44+404+0554+4+u,+v44-54-L4454q++0,4q50,040,0.04+54-q4JfQ0z+4kq+g Compliments of PeopIe's Shoe Store Corner Main and Vine Streets Mt. Vernon, Ohio :+G94Q+4++?4+4+44++++iWi+4+44644+44++Q+++Q4++4+4+i?69Wi4+4+i Compliments of LESTE.R'S Men's and Boys' Clothing Mt. Vernon, Ohio vov vvv gupfg + vvvv ov v ov v + 'I++:4-+Z4+Xo+2+I++I+4I0-0:+v:++I4+I4"X'4"':"4'+4''4"x"'4"4"'A":"4 4 4"'?"X"'0''X"4"'4"45''pK"4+q04"q"4'5'40o'i'g"4q9oWX'+4'+ MlLLER'S CUT RATE DRUG STORE Stock and Poultry Remedies at Cut Prices 15 S. Main Street Mt. Vernon, Ohio 4+4+49+464464444iiiiiiiwiiiiihiiibiii++??+i6+44Q4++Q4+Q69Q++ C. H. DIETRICH, Jeweler 29 E. Gambier Street Mt. 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Vernon, Ohio +v+v++v+++ wvv vvvv+ +v++v+v+++vv+vvv++ v vv++vvv+++ vvw yyqqqqq wqqyqqqqfwQqqvvywqqyyQQiQyyyi TATRO'S APPLIANCE and MUSIC STORE 8 South Main St. Phone 369 Mt. Vernon, Ohio Wurlitzer Pianos, Holton, Olds, Bach, Martin. Selmer, Buescher Musical Instruments and Accessories Philco Radios Frigidaire Refrigerators Ranges, etc. fini'i'+Z+'X+'!'+10102010201'+X+'X'4'+X+4++Z'+I4+X'+X++Z+'X++X++I++X'+Z'+Z+'X'+X++X++ZH!+'Z++I+'I'+Z+'Z'+X+4'+Z'+X'+X'+F+'4+'Z'+X'+X'+I+'Z"I'4'+Z4+X+'X'+Z'+X+'?+!+ Buy With Confidence LEADER STORE At The Fredericktown Men's, Young Men's and Boy's Clothing Shoes, Sweaters and Furnishings The Leader Leads With Values M. J. Salzman, Prop. '!++Z'+X'+!'+Z'+!'+Z'+X+'X'+Z'+Ir+Z'+Z'+X+'H+'X'+X+'Z'+X'+10101+'Z+'I'+X+'X'+X'+X0X'+Z'+!+'X'+Z+'I+'I+'X+"f4'+!'+I++!+'Z'+Z"X'+X0X"!++Z+'!+i'+X'+X' '!+'X+'Z+'X'+X'+X'+1' Congratulations To The Class of '41 WATSON'S RADIO SERVICE BERT WATSON, Prop. Radios, Appliances, Refrigators, Sweepers, Washers and lroners Guaranteed Service on All Makes PHONE 2342 v vvvvvvvvv 1 vvvv vvo+vv vvvv vw + vvvvv v v v v v QQYQTYVV?Y???+?WV?YV+Y?YWVWQYY??aVWW W. PAUL LORD LIFE INSURANCE COUNSELOR 109 Dowds-Rudin Bldg. Mt. Vernon, Ohio ,v +1 ++ v vqg+vvvgy+v+++++++ +o++vv+v+vvvvvv+vvv++ v 4vQwwQwvQqQq5fqqwqgAqwwqvwqwqQyqqvwqqyqwqwwqqwqwwwqgQYQQQQQQ Compliments of JOHN ZUCCARO FRUIT CO. Wholesale Fruits and Produce Mt. Vernon, Ohio .3+1++1+s:+-:-401++z++:+-.'0:++1-+:+':0z++z++:e:+f:+'z+':-+x++:++z++z+fz+-:Hasexe:+a+fz'+z+fz++:+':0:+f:+'z++z+'z'+:++z+-:++z++:++:-+:-+1-+:-+101-+zHz++:-+:Q:-+:++1+ Body and Fender Work -- Car Refinishing Acetylene and Electric Welding at STEVEN'S PAINT SHOP Expert Work At Reasonable Prices Modern Equipment 20 Edgehill Drive Hoy Stevens, Prop. Dale Leedy, Manager' "'J"VMQWWWhh+WQQQQQhWQhQWQQQQhhbihhhikbhigibhihhhhhWAAQNAQ W??f?VH+ 44+++ 4 4+ 4 4 +++4+++++ 4+ +44++4+++++4 +4 Footwear Hosiery .. X-Ray Fitting Mt. Vernon, Ohio fQQ+Q+QQQQQQQQ 68 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQ q?vyqyvwq7wyqyww33qqQqyyqqyQQ QQQQgNQ Herff-Jones Company Designers and Manufacturers Of School and College Jewelry, Graduation Announcements, Medals, Cups and Trophies. Indianapolis, Indiana JEVVELERS T0 FREDERICKTOWN HIGH SCHOOL Representative: R. J. Dickens QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ .Q0+Qo,QQ.Q-sAQsAQQ+Q vAQ++Q rAQ-QQ rAQ+tQQAQQQQAQQQo4Q+4Q+4QQ.QQAQ+AQo4Q+,Q QQQAQQ,-QQAQQAQQAQQAQQAQ r,Q5Q-QAQQQQQIQ-QXQQQQIQQXQ QIQQZQQIQKQQIQ QQ+fQvIQ+XQvXQ+XQqQ+'Q IQVQ I v'Q HAROLD LEVERING Dealer in Poultry, Eggs, Wool, and Farm Produce Our Aim is Prompt Service Best Market Prices Courteous Treatment Phone 3031 QXQ QQQIQ QQQXQ io? 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Vernon, Ohio Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Y,!Q+'Qv'Q+'Q!Q 'Qu Q-Qo ' IQ 'QI ' 'Q ' 'Q' ' ' lov' 'Q-Q'Qo'Q+'Q XQIQQ' Q' ' IQ 'Q+:QQ'Q+'Q :QQZQ QXQQIQQZQQQQXQQQJQQIQQZQQQQAQQAQQQQQQAQQ,QQAQ5Qv,+h4'."'4 4 4 4 4 '4'+'+ 49503 'IH' 4'5"Q'4 4"+ 4 4 4' Q 4' Q"A'4'4 69 7!w,n!u The S1'a'H of 1'he 'I941 Mirror Wishes +o Thank All of 1'he Adveriisers and all Ofhers Who Made This An- nual A Success. Advisor ........ Co-Editors ...... Business Manager Jane Ann Temple Jean Hoifman Bob Bechtel Russell Walker Belle Diehl Kate Weller Dorothy Mclntire Jene Auten THE STAFF Miss Miley Jack Fearn and Irene Ralston Beverly Cooke Betty Lou Biefnes J :me Barnhart Carmin Mclntire Marjorie Stackhouse Beverly Biefnes Donna Beheler Ruth Swigart Robert Gregg ,.,, ........ K- 'uw' V.-,F f V- f -'fr-Q 1 ,his li 1 1 1 6 -s 1- c ,-, w .' 1 V 1 4- r x hi km.. " 'If Lf. fPU,1Q, 1 ., if K . gh- ff' ., P ei if , .mwmhihr - mxamarsvuwm-gm msuwums . 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Suggestions in the Fredericktown High School - Mirror Yearbook (Fredericktown, OH) collection:

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