Fredericksburg High School - Mesa Yearbook (Fredericksburg, TX)

 - Class of 1951

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Fredericksburg High School - Mesa Yearbook (Fredericksburg, TX) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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, - Q R31 , Ei.: 'EE 3 pg L lax, L' 4 V' firm, . 1.1 - arg? Ti ' lf" ' f 343' , ,fi 5' V . -ff A-f. 1, 2 Q .,. A, ' iff f 5933 -516111 ,flex 557 a Ja' ,,.,1 ' Ev? 4' 117 STH? mfg . 3- wrif' 'zmgf . . ,N- V, ,-ff. A-5? T34 ,, ME 'Tvs '45 ,E -ii?-Q ., ,ff T ETH V-,M 'l?'?i ,ia :mf , 1. :,- 'vm-'g p " 'Q -.r 1 . , , , ., f 'V 32.115, .,,, ,..vr',-,5rzy,,,-1,-mag. -P'- , J-yy,--:Q N, Fw. 7' V JK -" S 75 5 a Z S u K Ki f' I' 6.1! 4 'Y u ww-wi ,... Q ' iqm -9 fn K. J l 'E - U 'W a Q. -iv Xa 'ss li-I QQ '- Y - 'QM '33, W- QQ? W LQ,, ju P 4 , C' :Z ,L 1, W ,fl ff My ., ik W1 RRY'-2 Fwy i J4' 'W 4 3. . 55,113 x ,gg . E ,XA gm' Q Z al SCHOOL DAYS ARE HAPPY DAYS IN F. H. S X , ,. ,J 5 , , . , I -f f' Q' .ff . f . ,, '-iw ff' , f' lf", ffm --1, . ' ' ,iff ' -' fx-ff..vzzQ ,, 'G W, ' Hi ungi. 1 iff, WM! ,,,. f l- . I .I 4 at ,isis ff! V ' ' 1' . ' w.g'i,g" f li . .- 4 "f" -Vi' . 1 Egg: -j3.,f A 5., 4-.zv ,Q Y V. . ,Z-,-- V 5-of 1 x ', 47, . V. -,,, A I. 'fra' 'hy if! , I if , FW ' wi 'N ' .XHJ ' V I N 5' 1 Txgii! 1:- xx X 7 M, . I - , ' I . , 1 'N I - arf' W - - A 'I Sf.. Q' ' .f A H' 3' - 'I f 57I55f2ff2'5EXi5: 41' . L' 1 'Q Q' I .,g ' ' ,QI if 4 J I Q 'f Nj If- I S.:QzI.if5'f:YQ A2 A 2' egffi 'P :P af' "vg,. .- vein.- f ' CLK -3-'?'k ' 5 if 'Sai 'el-7 - f- ' Q- 1 -- . .. -, 5, .5 K' L'-,.-3 rv UM ,guy OLD MAN WINTER PAYS US A VISIT I.. fOfLfI" .J Hi MW QW ,lfffjwi LWMI IN THE PRESCRIPTIOIN I..AB eft around to right: Joyce Wienecke ------ - Art Edit Ann Jeanette Kneese-- Feature Edit Mrs. Frances Carter- English Advis Mrs. A. K. Krause --- Spons Erwin Sim on --------- Photogr aph Tom Robertson fat phon Edit Joe Ed Crenwelge ---- - Business Manag Goldine Herber---Typi ' - My Jw WFJJX ' KW' cttw? ' W WW I VK Wt R WM E few' o W wifwa K if IN THE MESA ROOM Left around to right: Iaxnes Welgehausen ---- Sales Manager A Marlene Heep ---------- .2 Asst. Business Mgr. H Nell Hodges ----------- Asst. Feature Editor Joellen Humes --------- A Sports Editor Virginia Evers-------- Asst. Feature Editor Harry Davis ---------- Sports Editor Mrs. A. K. Krause ----- Sponsor J In front: I 5 Seated: Tom Robertson- ' 'W 3 Editor A4 Sophie Rode ---- Associate Editor ' wtf :Q 4 .4 A-:Q 9 A Mig r edi ent s oi THE MESA 17 Pedagogues 91 Fish 69 Sophs 39 Juniors 7 3 Seniors 15 Beauties 10 C 1ubs 8 Shorts 999 Activities 101 Ads 3 79 -5! DEDICATIQ This year our Mesa is different: All ills we've tried to healg Our medicines work miraclesg Real Cures we now reveal. Our doctor has been diligent She's patient, wise, and sure. The ingredients prescribed within She's made both good and pure. She's labored hard from dawn till darkg She's a real yearbook physician, And every ailing annual problem She's put in good condition. So Dr. Brownie Krause, Because we hold you dear, We'd like to take this place and time And write your prescription here. ALg!, ,A y 3 Take the love of many pupils You've taught throughout the yearg The friendship of your fellow man To whom you've brought good cheer Mix well with vital sportsmanship You've stressed to all you taught: Add a bit of your pluck and courage And the ideals you have brought. For the pride in your profession Your own honesty and grit, We dedicate our Mesa-- You've earned it every bit. THE MESA STAFF Photograph-courtesy San Antonio Express Magazine 7Q?c1,cfty l76f'V Contains: Gray h aixgwrink- 10" r- sO" v- -Jkgwwscoo Q19 QL we 'AQQW fl ox 1e5,u1ce-rs. Dilute to suitin- dividual CASE. N ot recommended for children, .KZ fi! pq, -vu- Qlwes Xx PM So., lr X, SUPERTNTENDENT A. K. KRAUSE, M. A., TEXAS TECH ' S UP OUR DTSPOSTTTONS TN BTG DOSES, TONE ESS, AND GTV ES ADMTNTST ERS TUSTTCE WTTH GENEROUS AXNAOUNTS OF HUMOR AN D KTNDN US DEVELOP TNTO GOOD CTTTYJENS. HTS ALL TO HELP QW ,dw -Lv H affgiw 62frLlL'f360J' Z4f,4Qof2l4fH C7741 PRTNCTPAL W, C. WESTERFELDT , M. A., TEXAS UNIVERSITY PROBES OUR EXCUSES, P LO T S OUR COURSES, REVTT ALTZES OUR RESCRTBES "A'S" FOR "F" DEFTCTENCTES. CONDUCT, AND P CLLSES ,vfffig . wfpjjfffff F 00" P R00 on 509 hula, E010 BY ,,f' 14, R88 BG ..f"' " ""- X OR xossv-U e k,4 - gn" , A Q G ,il Ygmom Dax ' DPA 011 S M,,JfV. www Mfffgfbffpfwwwj My ,LV MMJZZWWL , H 5090 Cffww 5.49 gh TLA-WLM H oa,e JINio0Ol f ' 42553-f.,, ' 'ZEN N 05221 FRED Ph' q6 ijMjR1cKsBURG HIGH SCHOOL 0- 7aff Date-,Zn ' Y" CC-,G 7366 Mmm A4 fd wwf 'L' . fwe F15 055441 Q? 4 Z 4 - ' 11' -1..1,, . Cgse-we WC' 5 ff7'77U, "" FRED QYQYPERX gl!-30 W Elhclrsel, - . ' 0 9- L RQ ' HZ! - E HIGH k fo' LM !f :XX V V A 5 - DQIQT SCHUOL ,A V-1 V1 WWW' XV L A L C Q I f ifenxf Mfg Vw 'S'--+ fgufes edgy' 4 V A I5 signal Zigi? sg, Q, C Q Iwo ck- vii I le ,, Q 1 W:?Q+q'..e, ps, QP CQLZGJ quo Dfq wJ'2?,+iia:7i'2f"1x "ini RSV ghf, and nwbesf Q , f-+2 gffy '--- -Q 'AT ' ig wr' 5 FRE DERICK QV Q90 0 5 5' Ph ' a'?? 41 SBURG H , IGH SOHO D 77 OL vc' jp? xC655eYN6 9 ke ,J fp R J are ,qzp 9 Jw YJ if A if ,iff iffm. ffff Www ?'72fZ7'f W f,3f.,f . ,',,, 3 an ARL Q Jia? V46 gg G HIGH SCHOOL FREDERICKSBUR h J-My Dateli P .f..-,, -f'-- V ' ,71,4fJvL!f7Z- HW ,J f ,QM vcfdji M Li! Wm' jf X IQTZWP 3 Q45 1 jfwwj !?1f1AfjyyJc1,.Mw7 fp,.1wf5fAff H fl G1-1 SCHOOL msm:m0KSBUW B' -1 FR Da:e4,a,f 2Z. i 6 EDERICKS Ph .,,., BURG HIGH SCH W A W Rim Q . enxm -J - H Znf A 'z WV JJZQQ WW pwfflzxfii f , -' W - ' 'ff ' K i2m7g--f.f-3231 ,, . ' Q , " f K-1.35 .Q if -i f. - ' ' Mm, ,f -J' i A -' , kv W , , milf W0-NXN fivkw MAX TG? wwf- ixeii'-. NL 11 ,Z ' -f,1i2-m-f-1f-- L I L. . 5- HJ' VT L H H5555 i?j7-f1'f A 'i:15T4Ei-I 7'3Efi53gQf"Zff7:L'77Qa31if'fimy . ,V- .. it .wifi N. x nX"MM:r. A xy as M V , ooh if E H FRE H so DER ,Seuss BHG Phhgqffy 'CKSBURG H16 4 Bteuk Yffj ' ' wld! U f b.ffLQ" ' J 2,7 1 gwwf Kai! -WWHQf1 JQZ? 14 - Jw-M Hg: - ,A WW ff rf-WV 11 scuo0i'. 1' "' FREDERICKSBURG HIGH SCHOOL Ph.5O Ql A,,A Date,3l. Km Q 9-ffov f-iii PM 'J' Zffqw, . n ! kb. ghiqf'-if ' W QC, 'V 3 1- ,-., V. osaxoswcno Ph 1255 DERICKSBURG mcu SCHOOL vlwo 'Da gi ,fy ' "'A' - Y - ' Date.g.,,g,,,x gm .,, .3 5 "V"",' JQWWYX R 30-f 0fW'n.d.,, H- D .bt Q iw 4 a.-,z:.g,.,Ag,7dAMJQ V " sm Mrfffm-M: WML MW ' 2. .257 W., 9""'w""f M W ...L x,,,gL :W ifjfjifv 'kg-2,-g1',,2g 2+ WS mf fe 3.-1572 C I . IAN: f nik.. l l ' . Hi,-,i.f.8.1..,Tgx5SMM. I igisk, -' . i ..,, ,. . u ,.,,,,, ,f,. . 'kk.'- eta- ,, , ,K sgggwg MEMBERS OF BOARD OF EDUCATION AND WIVES are honored at Easter dinner given by homemaking girls. 3,51 S S. " f il, D as HM' - ,af fl 5 ,I N 'N,, ' 'fs 4 S N In -. ' 9 A ,rzxf Reading left around table: Messrs. and Mesdames Werner Klier, Paul Sultemeirer, Alfred Neffen- dorf, Noland Brown, Walter Humes, Alonzo Evers, and Lester Keyser. OFFICERS: President--Nolan Brown,Vice-President--Alonzo Evers,Secretary--Dr. Lester Keyser Supplying the material needs of the pupils, building and maintaining an adequate and up-to-date school plant, the School Board is a trustworthy and dependable organization. - mvifi ' THE PARENT -TEACHER ASSOCIATION backs the pupils and their teachers in their efforts to prepare the youth of today for the world of tomorrow Mesdames H. H. Frecke--Parliarnentarian, Nolan B r ow n--Treasurer, Henry Kuenemann--Corresf ponding Secretary, Harry Tubbs--Recording Secretary, Werner Klier--Second Vice President, Tyrus Cox--First Vice President, and Walter E. Knoche--President. M e S d am e s Bill Petmecky and Alex Frantzen--Installing Officers. casmaus Andrew Alberthal Charles Eberle J. W. Bauer Curtis Eckhardt Treasurer Clayton Behrends Norma Eckhardt Curtis Behrends Clinton Ellebracht Ora Ann Behrends james Engel Dorothy Birck Stanley Ernst Shirley Mae Birck Ver Nell Ernst james Boring Douglas Felps La Verne Boos Willa Mae Filter Frederick Braeutigam Luther Fluitt V1rg1n1a Braeutigam Clemens Friedrich Jeannie Burr1er Curtis Frietag Francis Bush Cynthia Gellerman Aaron Chaney Jackie Goehmann Melvin Durst Darlene Gold Willie Mae Durst Elroy Gold Gladys Gold Edgar Klein, jr. Estell Goodwin Beatrice Klinkseik j. W. Goodwin Don Graham Vice-President Virginia Koennecke Darlene Kordzik Isabell G1-Ona Dortha Ann Kothmann Allen Hagel Secretary Marilyn Laurence L Helen Hahn james Hennig President Verdie Mae Herbert Arnold Houy Natalie Houy Iola Itz Joy jordan Douglas jung Vivian Kelso Darlene Klein Patricia Lee Charles Lindig A. G. Lochte Alvin Loitz Jacqueline Mauldin Earl McBride Wilburn Meier Norman Merz Alton Moellering Harvey Mohr W " f:.f'f" ' . ' L: Z -2 W fic ' ' -' ' Q 1 f 1 , .,gw.,,.. ' Q 1 I . is , 1 , . i . A Xb- Qt A, it X5 K , i ix 'S .. .ff-Av -M . 3 I 3:39 veg V 'fri' ff i,g.Q1, rw gm' 11, 11:15-W3 ' av nf' . - --' -5' ., , - J Ji 1522- Tiff' : , JF: t H W an ,A,, , x W? I ff?" a n..,,, -5f,-- Sr few.- .1 ' 3.1, A ,v .F . ff ai mf 1 5? N1 ini? - KS M 5 f A Mia ,f,,1.,, ,. 1 fl, T, fn as s ' Qi- 'FZ Q' J' v X mf if l H if E 'if Darwin Moldenhauer Elysee Neal Margar et Ottme r s Mary Pool Victor Rode David Roland Maxine Shaper janet Schmidt Bernie e Schneider Shirley Schnerr Carroll Schnoewolf Margaret Seelig julia Mae Sultemeier Mary Lou Trice 'Uv- David Walter Kenneth Walter, jr. Thomas Warden Minnie Weed Curtis Weirich S farm Charles Wiemers f Jo Ann Wisian i joan Wisian Audelle Woerner S L Kermit Woerner iee lare l ff gg at POST-GRADUATES Nathan Sulterneier Paula Tatsch Felix Treibs Darlene Welge Lorin Baethge Edwin Eckhard ' 1 . , , 6 4, a ' ...M , , Vernell Alberthal Allen Alberthal Shirley Bernhard ff":A Carolyn B ehr ends Wilburn Beyer, President Marion Baethge Willie Ann Bush Wilhemina Beckmann Bobby Beckmann Hans Basse Evelyn Crenwelge Roland Crenwelge aim Qi!!Q?f f KU R j XX X Hubert Cox, jr. Charles Cade Ronald Doebbler Clayton Eckhardt Harvey Ellebracht Levi Ellebracht john Engel Charles Feller H. J. Frantzen Shirley Fugitt Kathle en .Geistweidt Emmie Gellerman Qbj ,I Wkxhflxwl Q Xf I 4 K. 5, 1'-"Q i 1.4 ,l Dorothy Gold Hayden Grona, Vice-President Ernst Grosenbacher Homer Hahne Warr en Hahn Ida Ruth Haun Virginia Hankinson, Reporter joy Humes Flint Indmel Earline Itz Tomora jones Ernst jordan Esther juenke Albert Kast Harold Klinksiek, Secretary Calvin Klaerner janet Knopp Roberta Knopp jo Ann Langerhans Antonette Hartmann Marilyn Hartmann Julia Helmers Clinton Herber Ilene Holland X W i uxai Q X JB , 6: fl,-.., '1 Hill' "' -K f" 'X Li ston , Treasurer Micky McDougall 1'-we aiop-5' Nan McHa1ek , 'QT -' Stanley Meier Harriet Moellering Rosalie Moellering Thomas Pape Gloria jean Ressmann Adela Mae Roeder Shirley Rogers Allie Lee Smith Alvina St. Clair - ffld X M bl in : lil SHI V 7 i 5 55 erik' ' -' , A lui. M. fj, e h 1 4 1 sa 3-igl'z'ff',Kas'1 li? rf rr - :Eejweuf1It?ff'ff1f fb '::-- ,.7aVaaw1-1V . V, V W JM, 53 fyqigrlrv--six: J ? sf ,im S ,, Q' 5, 5 ,r A Q - Q ,,.," 1 Lg, W ,Riff fl 1 K. 2 U 3 , fir' gi lm Sn' 1 , f, K lar. .ff 5 1 1 r 'sig i he i S' 1335 Er line Wunderlich S fig, 1 : 7 , V 2 - K- l5f .l, f' W H V'-f f wi 1 -. :EA if Wig s L ,wh 6 i 'Hr HQ: .U r Y z. Kermit Heimann Max A is A, i Laurina St. Clair jg , ggi, jo Ann Striegler Q Merle Teschner W S ,..,, Harvey Triebs Vernell Usener Davene Virden Donald Volette jo Joyce Wahl Reuben Wahl Kermit Wahrmund Oletta Weed Elouise Welge .W 1 Q 4 n -qw" 1 Q5 iff ,,. Q Q M ' 'F T s f ?' ff 1. V In . a . 3 .,,.: . , wwf.-n-A ' l'n',',.. . Q , .f 3 ii .1 s . . 1- 1 .ll f 'Ts f H fa..."-. 'f',. 'f-r"- ,o 'wwf'-lg . ft-: H-"' 'h,. -'PD V, 4 Q .,-. Wk! , L . .3 - J"-., ..-.'.-- " ' Rosalie Baethge flfr uf rg Bernice Beckmann Kurt Bauer Harriet Crenwelg Reporter P 65SO1'bm Isabella Dietz e Florine Duecker cl Willie Gaines 1 Seddie Durst Sgt. at Arms Margaret Gold Mike Gomez Robert Gomez ,..A 'mi Mary Jo Hankinson Alice Herbort' David Knopp Dale MCI'-lalek Billy Moss President 3.5 E li Gladys Jenke 'lj' B3 Clara Kidd James Knopp 3 ,W Esther Knopp Marie Meier AJ Margxe Mitchell Hkioilofng jf? David Nehr C harle s Ottmer s ' --'- .. -, Z A - . ., ,,,. .- o Lmm' 'Til ,'LL H F i Robert Reissig Marion Rode A Doris Probst Vice-President Reinhold Sagebiel Gary Smith M. B. St. C1a1r Herbert Schumann Treasurer Mary J. Sultemier Secretary A .x V. ' . Alonzo Usener Erwin Weirhausen " James Teschrxelr... 'Z' Robert Westerfeldt Delphine Wunderlich Raymond Wilke Rubin Wunderlich Q MQ, W QA' 1. y Q , A 1,,.-,'-- ,.,f Q 4 - J' Z V ,, . , 3 in f?,,W 6 .xc ull L, 5' 5' , K fi, 2. . .gl fe Y Ax ,Hr 1 3 -' A ' I 'A 4 H' . qzfy, :W-iw'w - ya ,r Q - V yay, , V., 2151552 ' ' 'f fi -- -5 . -fhsvil' fir' Y, cf?" - Q' .' , .ff 51:1 vsp' A-Rim, 1 v zu. f ff- - if A Q J T' , 'wkf' -Jgi, ' ' 1 f 5 ' , V vp 1 z , A Q X wb L, 5 eff" ,, , ,Q Q , 2,35 ' " 1, P ,, 3, L W, ' Z , " ' ' gf. 52 'Eff-'Y",'YYg?m"'4?' W- k,,, - 8 v 4 ' '1L, ' -.Q q 1 -A f U, gm ,fi -'nga A , ,M -1, A N, . ,-Uv " 3' ' ,M fin-1, my 'VW . ' I V- ,,,3x", ,, 'L 'cw 'g' ' l". ag.-'Q--"'f'i : U Aj' , .- .1 4,,, 1 ,, A 4 , ,. , --L U.- .' f M '- -t .,h : ,N fy. 1. Q, , 'mf x 'ix'-.. , .fk,,, ily!! 3.1, .qs-:N ' 7: 17 L.: x' ' , .4 " K. i.j,'. ' .' , x im., " , . w-,H S x x 1 y M . '33, ' Q. - A. .,,.., .. . N , L 'f sf, 7, J ' f .4 Q P yr' f a X ,nl K .,, .4 p 1 A SE Ions Retta Alexander Tall and lean HK Florine Behrends Hair with gleam Kathleen Bohls Never gets mean ,if 1'-6 V"4 e Q ,1i 4 Vernon Brodbeck Merdie Barth Sews good seam ix Catherine Bohl Teachers ' dream Marge Brehmer Chew-gum queen B etty Brown Pitches on team Stays "on beam " ICI Gilbert Cermin Can't say "no" Adeline Crenwelge Sweet and slow David Crenwelge Needs to grow Kermit Crenwelge Bound to know l Theresa Cravens Adjectives flow Beatrice Crenwelge Eyes that glow 59' Ax Reporter joe Ed Crenwelge Always just so President Harry Davis, jr. In every show IZ Vernell Dietrich Can't be beat Donald Dittmar Good athlete n Eric Eckhardt Farmer c omplete Carolyn Er sch Dancing feet 4 IQRS Esther Dietz Shy but sweet X A Wilfred Dittmar Nice to meet Della Engel No conc eit L Barbara Everett Likes to sleep Virginia Ever s Always polite 'P' Alex Frantzen Acts a sight Vernell Grond She's all right Marlene Heep Extremely light V,F3??wW,,.,.w-fNr":-ffg-N..aW ,,,... ,MM 1 ji ' M-'J'rwf+""'i+'f+f+-ew4,4m,,,,.r1.,.44.,. f A ,I 2 Nell Hodges Wore the crown Clinton Houy Likes to clown Q 4 Ronald Immel Tall and brown Marilyn Jost Good and sound GRS Della Holland Never a frown joellen Humes She gets around X x Marilyn Itz jolliest in town Bernice Klaerner Hair hangs down 7 FII Harold Klier Robert Klier Another Bing Eyes glistening Ann Jeanette Kneese Florine Kramer In everything Always dancing Louis Krieger Imogene Land Makes Sax ring Loves to sing Jeanette Leyendecker Vice President Nice little thing Theo Lindig Pep squad King SE Ions Leroy Lochte Guenther Maenius Smiles that pay Physique okay Victor Meier Betty Neffendorf Good in F.F.A. Has winning way fi 0" james Neffendorf Dayton Peese Tries each day Quick to obey Margaret Ransleben Wilbert Ransleban Little to say Likes to play lx , Nl Reinhard Reeh Tom Robertson Talks very quick Wields big stick 1 41 Sophie Rode Tom Salazar Everybody's pick Really a brick K 4 Mary Ann Schlaudt Barbara Schuch Loves St. Nick Cute little trick Ruby Schumann Beatrice Seipp Makes hearts tick Cunning chick Q Erwin Simon Too kind to hurt Secretary Evelyn Walter Fond of work k 4 Evelyn Welgehausen Apt to flirt Joyce Wiennecke Adorable squirt KX Elgin Tatsch Works in spurt Dorothy Wehmeyer Won't desert james Welgehausen Smart and alert Naomi Wisian Sweet not curt Gloria jean Young Small and pert XL Q 1 r ,fn 'M-Q.. .4g',.,.z. ,i,,, X rw' f' 2 f-5' V t f 3 I Q 4--.. .7 ,. lAI'L sv' - .1 Q Q ,fa X A I 2 k wa .a- J W 1 J 'Qi I :W ,Q A if . ,., B 3 ,v x . Q11 W w 5 Q hu. s ff' .mf FV" H, MAJ 4,.,'0JL, King and Queen rnarch to ward the throne w 7701! f n, , nfn Donald Dittmar crowns Nell H odges Harvest Queen e' I QR ,xxx vs s 2 ,p-fm: Qv P 4 6' .Ur K 3' Y an K ' w E Q . 'f-Q. K. Q., 2 4 ii Tflafm, Q11 i ,, v , M ,H '-L is . ,Ax wg. 5 n 'ver . L I i '45 A 4- fa. 5, 1: ' 125' 'mix . f ifwfx 1 f , ki, .Mx X 1 F59 3 ,ep ? ., . I if Q V 5 : ,Q U, 45- if I 43,4 7 x if . A, it ,Q 8: , N104 .U Y' '11 N , v A Fla 'I 'E - 18 , 4 2 ,W ' .U yn, x Midi If N., 4 Q W 1 ' 1 , ,,,. V, . , ma J If ' v J ' K -' ., "f H-1 x 1 fx Q N 7 W , f ,. U nn' aw , .1 up in V' .I ik ,v Band Sweeilmeavl' DW' Douglas .Tung presents Band Sweetheart IO JOYCE WAHL .,,,., 1 QM 9- .3 A J 1 3, rf R ,.-- H. , w'v,,wlb ., , ir, ,vpn 5 .V ,gy fl' M f 5 4 s if' H35 H -au' 's is an U is my f1gg2ief?ii?'l L , EQ . Z! -21' ' 9 mi, g. 1 1 A ,pf fs, ,TILE if v J .M fx. xr Q . 1 f . ,f Q, . f 1 8' If 15,5 .-1 ' E M n. W' A,,-943 F. F. A. SWEETHEART Tony Hartmann with Reserve Champion Steer at Fr edericksburg Show F. H. A. PIN-UP FAVORITE ell Hodges, F. H. A. Pres crowns Guenther Maenius at V alentine P arty 9?-'C FAVORITES JAMES HENNIG IO ANN WISIAN I E W rg q be Q + 1 Vkr, 55. if SWM FAVORITES THOMAS PAPE JOY FRANCES HUMES MX V. kin K1 V ..., fi , , Q 2 , va A xl 1 5' ,, 1 W -Q H, ,H Y Q .. bw N :Sina- , Q ufviif-:.w ' ' A My H, A , A 1, sry , V ' V ff wg K L A , Q Q '. wr , 9 1' f C r I w ,,1 p h . LV, QQ. ,v4n,. k ,-ov. , -iv-'VLA' 1 E, I! 1- a In 9 ,, , Q J'-5 M, FLAG BEARER Back Row: Carroll Schoenewolf fFish Councilj, Douglas Jung fQuartcr- Evelyn Welgehausen masterj, Carolyn Behrends, Wilburn Meier, Homer Hahne, BAND DIRECTOR Jerry Hohenberger, Henry Roos, Elouise Welge David Hargis Middle: James Eckharclt, Luther Baethge, Robert Walker, Jr.,Ear- MAJORETTES line Itz, Ioy Jordan, Corrine Cameron, Judith Evers Doris Probst Mickey McDougall Front: Io Joyce Wahl fR eporterl, Sandra M ei e r, Harriet Moeller- ing, Marilyn Lawrence, Audell, Woerner, Mary Louise Heinen HERE COMES THE BAND ALL IN STEP l 1mula-imevv-w -- W-1.nmww.,w.saimmmmwvmwzgefweill , - nw 1-...tifss 'A M fri 3. X Erwin Wiershausen, Darlene Welge, Florine Kramer QSenior Councilj, MAJOR Rosalie Moellering fPre5identI, Harvey Mohr, Billy Petmecky, Victor James Tesqhner FLAG BEARER Betsy Seipp Meier, David Walter fSeCretary-Treasurer, Merle Teschner QLibrarianJ,Curtis Eckhardt,Dorothy Gold fLibrarianJ Iarnes Engel, Beatrice Klinksiek, John Engel, Della Mae Engel MAJORETTES Wilheimina Beclcmann Janet Knopp fVice-Presidentj, Louis Krieger, Mary Pool, Harvey Triebs Io Ann Striegler fSophomore Councill, Wilbert Ransleben BAND ON PARADE AT HARVEST FESTIVAL ieeein A A ll .n . v fm-nav-it K L1z V C A. fir. I 1,131.3 D it 3 JUNIOR BAND Back Row: Roy Enderlin, Robert Gail Krause, Milton Edwards, Lannie Brehrner, D 0 ris Evers, John Da Hodges, Roy Klein, Harvey Ellebracht, Freddie Hartmann, Bobby Heinen, Freddie Petmecky. Middle Row: Allen Hagel, Pete Springall, Genie Sue Oc hs, Kathrine Moellering, Betty Eckhardt, Clem- Friedrich, Nell Arhelger,Ronald Lee Schoenewolf,Bobbie Nettle, Lorene Brodbeck, Doris ltz, Henry Die Clayton Eckhardt, Clayton Behrends, Kermit Priess, James Hartmann. Front Row: Patsy Heimann, Shirley Treibs, Mary Margaret Tally, Kathleen Kneese, Stanley Sultemei Clinton Ellebracht, Melvin D ur st, Edwin Eckhardt, Kermit Sultemeier,Curtis Wilke, Alton Meier, Day Kramer, Keith Keller, Curtis Caxneron, Gene Lewis Front Center: Nolan Klier, Kurt Poehlmann, Robert Houy. '1, Doris K . off' ers' Fxorine Kr amf-ff'Senior??:l3,::IsZl1h0m0'e Osahe Moglerins and Janet K lc n . V e - Eimdllpst-Junior B and Courcxcdl Heavjo l f-Fish Band Cougclt, r' Hafgis with Gifilopp Press 1' . Sc 0 e n ' - esi CH - - 1, Carroll , M euenng Pr ?3and1iS?::1Q-Quartermaster. Roiagivig W alter- Secretary? u ' , - 0 get KnoPP'Vice-P r e s 1 6 9-nh ib r a ri an. Io-IoYce Wah Ian Teschnel' Treasurer. M2 r 1 e Reporter . Back row: Elroy Gold, Haydon Grona,CarrollSchoenewolf, .T.W. Bauer, Marilyn Laurence, Isabella Dietz, Patricia L e e, W i lb urn Beyer, Reinhold Sagabiel, Earl McBride, and Charles Lindig. Evelyn Welgehausen, Im o g e n e Land, Della Holland, Natalie H o uy, Wilhemina Beckmann, Jo Joyce Wahl, Davene Virden, Margaret Ott- mers, Mickey McDougall, D 0 r o thy Birck, and Io Ann Langerhans. . . 3' 0 17 0-LUV 4 Front row: WW ff iiJ"5Q7S11f2IBiii .. , 3313? HIGH SCHOOL CHORAL CLUB Wiiiffr 1..,,,,, ,W , ,,,., . Wall' WV. . f f " J ,,. ,,,,Q,,,,,,1 ,, A-3 , , Q ,Q we 395: ffm, .Q ij,-if FQ, i 3, 1 , We '. if, ff 5 W 1' X VV , A ,ff ,I . 7'IfLT"V' -. K- K Y Y 5 l ' - Er w 1 ii I as 3:11 - - f- i ' r Y fi2?Qff!77'?'52i'i'?-1 f MR . DAVID HARGIS DIRECTOR Left to right: Imogene Land, Joyce Wienecke, Theresa Cravens, Barbara Schuch and Virginia Evers Seated: Mrs. David Hargis, Director and Pianist SENIOR GIR LS' QUINTET wif,-45' D SOVA . yi 5-VE? -'FW' r- ' THBXP SHOWS OFF PROUDLY 1 W PSSQXNG S ?y3YlC'YX V S0 CE yu?- 169 NN PX Q5 Pt foe GONZ AL oN V A DOWN A J Q N3 NWN ,J , , SYM' gi Top Row: Neal, Hartmann, Bernha Bush,Klaerner,Grona, Brown,Wf meycr, Geistweidt, MCI-Ialek. Sf-Cond Row: Durst,Klein, Barth, W ter, Kneese, Cravens, Gold, Die Crenwelge, Schumann. Third Row: Knopp, Itz, Filter, Birm Schnerr, Kordzik, B r ae utig a Schaper, Behrends, Ersch. Fourth Row: Herboi-t,Roeder, Schmi Tones, Wunderlich, St. Clair, Roc Schlaudt, Schneider, Mauldin. Fifth Row: Baethg e, Iuenke, Knoi Meier, Eve rett, R ode, St. Cla Hartmann, Leyendecker , Koennecl Last Row: Ressmann,Gold, Kothmax Grona, Iuenke, Gold, C r enw elg Tatsch, Trice, Humes, Sultemeif Leaders: Herber, Dietrich, Hume Itz, Evers, Hodges. C . gy I i if, ,X - .E KJ - , PEP SQUAD OFFICERS Q , President J -dh. 'N' . fl 1 ' Betty Brown ffl' ,,v' ', M' Treasurer X X Secretary Vernel1Gr0na 5 if Betsy SUPP W ,, ,V P . 4 YELL LEADERS SPONSQR YEL 4 Golgme Herber 1VIr5'KrauSp L LEADERS Sponsor Grne-11 Diet - ' Mrs. A. K. Krause Joenen H5535 Ma1XL1!yn Itz Ifginia rr..- PHE LEADERS TAKE OFF 4 t PRACTICING A BIT HEY, HEY! HO, HO! I.,ET'S GO! 'wi A FREDERICKSBURG PFA 4'-Hi acauu 1BS'tr 6 I Lit .z-.Q E 'WO U NTY dbwne of Gubstafrzdlfzgf 0lee6. Qziige, F. F. A. Chapter Exhibits Grand Charnpion Group of 5 steers at the 1951 S an Antonio Livestock Show and Exposition. Left to right Wilbert R ansleben, Malcom Fluitt-Vocational Agriculture teacher , Dayton Ransleben, Oliver Rode, Donald Dittmar, Melvin Bo nn, Alton Oehler, and Joe Tatum-Vocational Agriculture teacher. i Atlee G en e Lochte, lst year F. F. A. member, and his Grand Chanfmpion F at Barrow of the Gil- lespie Co. Boy's Live- stock Show, and also of the H ill Country Boys' District Livestock Show. Show. Oliver is a candidate for the Ameri an mer Degree this year. Thomas Pape and his Grand Champion Larnb of the Gillespie County Show and the Hill Country District Show. The lamb was also named Grand Champion Sh e e p and most outstanding anim al of the entire Show at the Hill Country District Show. Thomas was awarded 5100.00 in cash by the Kerr Co. Commission C omp any and S50.00 by Sears Roebuck Foundation, and als o a 5250.00 scholarship to Schriner ln- stitute. Thomas showed his lamb to the R e s e r v e Championship at the Houston Show and lst. place at the San Antonio Show. Along with the s e winnings, Thomas showed the champion pen of three lambs in the Boy's Division at the Houston Show. Thomas w as the most out- standing sheep producer and showman in the F. F. A. Chapter for the -- --.. 1 nt! I1 E I F HEROES eg fag, v BILLESPQE CWI 4-N CLUBS Oliver Welgehausen, Lone Star Farmer,State Far mer, at left, holding his G r and Champion Angora Buck. Io e Tatum, Voc, Agriculture t e ache r and F. F. A. Adviser, right, holding Oliver's Grand WW C h am pion Angora Doe, both of the Gillespie Co c Member t Yearlf F-A' h 32-mes Eckhardt holdin L I g e e Harry Eckhardt' G d ghampion Jersey heifer of the Gill . S ran urtls Welrlch lst year F ESPIS Co. show. . ' - F. A. Membe ' h 1 . U r at ri ht, Co ding his Grand Champion .Te r s e B 8 y ull C lf o. Show and lst at the District Show. a of the Q , , 1 ...Q 'f ' ls . ' . homing int e M ellermg, . he 15 Alttorzhe Zine jersey tgzeliigl' Mr. Alfred lvleeilji gztary' club E-353V Tiger is holding the het Ierseb' Faf ' of Blanco' at left- lbert Ransleben, and his Reserve Champion tSteer ofthe Gillespie Co. Show, Hill untry District Show, and Reserve Champion the Boy's Show at San Antonio. Als o Re- rve Hereford Steer of the San Antonio Show. lbert is a candidate for the Lone Star Far- r Degree this year. Wilbert has been the ghest winner in beef cattle arnong the F. A. Boys for the year 1950-51. Wil- 't's st ee r sold for 52.00 per pound at the LAntonio show, netting slightly over J00.00. Thomas Pape at right holding his Grand Cha.mp1on ram and Wilburn Beyerleft holding Thomas' Grand Champion ewe of the Gillespie Co. Show. Thomas is the vic e-president of the F. F. A. a Znd. year member. Wilburn is a lst year mem- ber in the Chapter. Thomas showed his ram to 4th, Chapter and place in the San Antonio Show. L e ft, E r ic Eckhardt, State F arm e r, Lone Star Farmer, and his Grand Champion Gilt of the Gil- lespie Co. Boy's Show and lst. plac e Harnpshire gilt at the District Show. . Miss s Nell Bw er es ent. OLD AND NEW FHA OFFICERS Doris Probst, Marilyn Hartmann, M a r io n Rode,Joy J' o r d an, Antonette Hartmann, Isabella Grona, Jo Ann Striegler, and Io Joyce Wahl. Marilyn Itz, Merle Teschner, Shirley Bernhard, Miss Evelyn Ging, Nell Hodges, Sophie Rode, GoldineHer- ber, Theresa Cravens, and Dorothy Wehmeyer. retiring Nell Hodges, SentS Shir- Presidenhhgid inculflbent Key Bern hh gavel President' Wd 0 4 9 District F. H A meeting in Fredericksburg I3 e ea K me Craft WOT s making. u C125 1' -ff , ur as lunche OH by Chr35tm .ng u Hom em aiu me' ' d I Jordan attend State de by Ho Shirley Bernhard, Miss Ging, an oy Meeting at Fort Worth Homemaking girls prepare dinner for "Make It Yourself with Wool" contestants. -if G ll rneeting at area lnal f1'1S attend. Gingerbread house made by Homemaking fig i ll i Initiation of Freshxnen and New Students ,Et , Hn me-wwlww STUDENT COUNCIL Presiding: Harry Davis, Jr., President Front row: Toby Humes, Merle M ae Teschner, James Teschner, and David Knopp. Standing: Adviser W. C. Westerfeldt Back row: Sophie Rode, Ann Jeanette Kneese, Betty Brown, Gary Smith, and David Walter. Not in picture: Tom Robertson The Student Council sponsored the followingg I . Initiation 2 . Clean-up Day . 'ra'i' ii' - A' 3. Intra-mural Sports " 1 'V 4. Good-will 'if L 5. White Christmas rj 6. Crippled Children - .,e' i f e5t'erie Harr IVUVW ynavis 335 e A' si ' ' Y' ' 3:1 215 slit ' u if Girls Honor Boys With y Fry 'riday night of last wr A girls honored the F ,th a Valentine party. 'l Economics classes had l the gym in beautiful i ite colors and hearts, 1 the Valentine theme. l the group entered rd hearts were d' tribu tw 'l " rrrrr , Seniors Studying STAFF E M Plat or Annual I into ri' Editor-Ann Jeanette Kneese Sophie Rode "Pee Wee" l-iouy Annabell Fringe Torn Salazar Other Assistants boys and girls. gn th ritteio names of comic, noviv teams, such as D 5: Tracy. In this way und their partners for fs entertainment. us games Sponsor-Frances C arter bczreloot boy: Not Apprecic The Campus has been place for bare foot bog 'licse warin davs, The Y J is HI, it tr niet left u I Listed On lr if 6 man li LITES U i ll 1337111 . ' if - Sc A A O1-1315 S a do rsi Term S Baskets tell id gf flai- e S 3. UCII thi all girly as and V, I-IQWS, onor Roll ' 'iii J may in SWS- Gaz LL' ' fa 'i he, . 1te . fe --- Ty - he Ei i relax ' 'wenty nine pupils turner Fling nd W . A P. ir names in as having 3 A' ATO th and 1-eadfitlflg th 2 no grade under B on last s Who G task 111g pr C happ I :ter's grade. The Seniors oi Sf' aim A S Of th OOf efllngs I ked other classes with I3 m: IS ' -13 re busy K the grade. The Sophorr Our 6 . ring th Staff 'e second with ten, honor To dltol. . fl Trut LS' ,the Juniors third with 4 S all of 15 An . fl. " 1-Q Freshmen .lagged with he find 1191- St gle Knee ,U . post graduate also my And Cars. news :iff Sho ,S ass Nxt ro. les Stud ais 'N proof ent v y. t S 71' 'll' O the Iocgipefs f nies: pimms lil ,, p , have zz very hilllie apers 'nc h' ake up their fcoble vn, Vernell Dietrich, ison, Theo Lindig, enius and Ann Jea- lcomprise a commit- lhy class president to select the most . By Carolyn. iina Bee-kmann ?cond Of both ze meeting Frig, and the audi- s praise of her. efused to stop wut of the fi-1 g enough to H act alle a oi Three FHS Hillbillies lost to the be Armadillos 46-42, Tues- E i ternoon in the San Sabalt uesday evening the Billies - d the Goldlhwaite Eagles 1 the Goldthwaite gym, On ay afternoon the Billles ri to Marble Falls and efeated. Billies who played two nt games Tuesday, played t any seniors on the team. int teamwork was shown Freshman Sz Sophumores Frantzen did some ex passing, while Klaerne eyer scored most of th Alvin Loitz showed son' ,ding floorwork and hand ball very nicely The bo that they should have a l,,,,e,.,e are d to guard latter. Betty ne even mo- gave credit fir-Q1 substi- "Q..,,4- im next season gsaph Vout ....... l ' ' tle blew. .em U, EQITESSPONSOREU -7UI?E0R Nl-WLS I S lplayed' struction is going ui-I . ' , . e ow is a enero dence Stu- building can hardly be finished ?TA is sponsoring physical d t- t -.Th T R I 1 31141-JKENS TAKE V . ations of membeI.S of the fs: tflefiggl ocgna Carer, en u es I ANOTHER VICTORY btfore dgiBdEEflOl:l. The Sil'1l0!'S ' 4. ' i ' ' '.lOp an OO Bi. It GVETY C HDCC , 4th and 12th grades, 1 f . Thursday afternoon the Billi-5 . 4 :lminminn will be conduct- 1 oViaS,?..2?iiR.e fffueicf. meal ikens traveled to Marble Falls andf they getmfeaifflng ,the .students i l ed. i..,A ' .ll be Hope A .Sa i.. College into a Co-Ed school, or FHS girls will lllLlli0 i fThe ride back from town last Friday night l been pretty interesting. to keep the lights on ol Calvin Ging, Miss G ther, is home for a ten before going to Japan. 1 will go home to Copel the State Teachers Ci Friday, to visit with hir Elgin Tatsch spent V5 afternoon in Mason bu Lanzo U. is back i Wonder if he is hearirl again? We hear Mary Ann E ther D. had a rough tl: tuting for Miss Ging in 1 men sewing class. Mr feldt also taught sewig FHS is really rating i ball. The girls an dthi Mrs Krause h ave the -'Wseiwn pgpeis. The Aw 'zture of h, and 1 ,ure of M c Region r. Krause iBS to G1 second been ru' is taking I Jung to S tut! LTBDAY rthday to tl ave their Week of Ma le Lou Wee ner, Kermit de, Rubin W ing, Robert nn Evers, Ro Jung. Li NEWS lty meeting evening, Mar 'ck at the pub ittee compose Mrs. Russell, d an informs if interest to al topic of the c chefs certifies A textbook selection tee meeting was held in House at 3 p. rn. W March 14, of committee Am.. 1- . - . - n-U., DOI- O . D1SPlay W inflow show Q th at y W FUTURE BUSINE SS LEADER AMERICA P. T. Acegmeyer hristmggfqaster of C i S S adm P1-Ogeremonfe Tarn Initiation Rarty Above: Miss S C hm i dt admires Ile n e Hol1and's first place award in district typing. Right: Miss Schrnidt and Ilene Holland leave f Regional Meet at B or rownwood Officers: xf'f1 1 Vernon Brodbeck - President, Mar- garet Ransleben-Secretary, Evelyn Walter -Treasurer, Barbara Everett- Vice P r e s i d e nt, Cvoldin Herber- Reporter 'AO' K a S Illia f ' ' N' smug , 1 ff Sli . Q h . ' . f f .MV - f U 0 A fx- 'X Q A 0' f W QQ? ' I , Go. 'K ' F f ,D 'kj " ' CW 1' 1' ' 'bi 1, Q J ,lglf 1 Q.. , , MU V ,fmt Ld? 5 m v , K1 W ---' - af M 1553, f 'Ss' -. . -wxvw , 1 .,.. J K sq , , 5, . -, k as 4 " K' 'em . if 'f y .A r' Hr .-.t .E - 'if' ,, H 'z azs' ., k . 2'g4l -,V Q3 E x F ow va' A, ef ' 5 5' , I -IL . ., ,V ,S :- Q, 0'- 6 Q .'.,,-. ..4. ' v HARRY DAVIS 1 DONALD DITTMAR f L L If? CO-CAPTAINS SPIRIT OF F.H.S. "For when the one great Scorer comes To write against your name, He writes not that you won or lost But how you played the game." Coach jones convinces Assistant Coach Langerhans of Advisibility of going from "T" back to single wing. we ,K 'D r5K:39g 'DKK 9 Ve go Q-it "IL Q9 i seo. 60? 059 OX What 's this stuff '? O6 "Pee Wee"-Douglas Felps ,004 Kenneth Walter WRECKS ALL, T. N. T. Phone 1951 SNAFU Bid. e 1 1 it R Wi ee ow ? , ' at 9 5,144 Qf0f'CJ WL! , 1 wha wivevw K , f f Standing: Kneeling : James Knopp, J'a.rr1es Boring, Dale McHa1ek, Janfmes Cox, Stanley Ernst, Dayton Peese, and Curtis Frietag. Kermit Wahrmund, Marion Baethge, Iarnes Hennig, David Walter, and Tom Warden. Harold Klinksiek Soph. Back Lettered Wilburn Beyer Soph. Back Lettered C' Donald Dxttmar Guenther Maen1us Sr Back Sr Tackle Lettered 3 years All D1st Tackle Nw Co captam Lettered 2 years Q M 'f' we-'x HH, M 'Q gk Wwggw fi. s, v . xv '51, Harry Davis Theo Lindig ' Sr. Co-captain Sr. Guard All Dist. End Lettered Lettered 3 years Q son-OOO A N-rio TE Srinlbfalaeg -L-, MASON GAME--LOITZ SCORES--H. DAVIS IN FOREGROUND MARBLE FALLS GAME--LOITZ SCORING--MERZ IN LEFT - '--,L X f O 1 -Q.. L as glvg Gonzales, - 100 x Rubin Wunderlich Liston Maner Jr. Back Soph. Tackle Lettered Lettered 2 yrs. Dist. Hon. men Tom Salazar Sr. Back Lettered Alvin Loitz Fresh. Back Lettered Dist. Znd team Norman Merz. Fresh. End Lettered 'X Vernon Brodbeck Sr. Center Lettered David Knopp Ir, Back Seddie Durst Jr. Center Lettered ' K Alex Frantzen Calvln Klaerner Sr. Guard Ir. End Lettered M. B. St. Clan' Andrew Alberthal Jr. End Fresh. Tackle Lettered 2 yrs. X If E: S ul- swf FEF Llano-441 Xxevda hbsllacf, " 7 SAN SABA--DITTMAR 132, CARRYING--H. DAVIS 4223 Lettered 2 yrs. 3'-4 LAMPASAS GAME--LOITZ CARRYING--L.MANER C261 - U EE F Vfi,'.f5 Lam P3535 - 32 Sfiillbillies- lp Curtis Eckhardt Fresh. End H. J. Frantzen Bobby Beckmann Soph. Guard Lettered Mike Gomez Ir. Guard Lettered Soph. Center Hubert Cox Soph. Back Ernst Jordan Soph. Back Lettered J. W. Bauer Fresh. Tackle Lettered i I 1. Guard H . Hrold K - . Donold D1ttma 'enius Forward Alvin Loitz, Guard Henrhnkslek, Guard Guenther MH Norman Merz, Forward Y Fraflfzen, Guard f I t A I , Q I 3 rx. 2 ' 'gf I Q at ?FfYS?g3f!! r.-.,'l y , COACH JONES SHOWS THE BO YS HOW TO LOOP A FAST ONE Har Center MANAGERS ry Davi David Knffrplixael-nel' 1 C enter Clinton "Pee Wee" Houy Wi1buI.1,T'BiorWafd Cahn I. W. "Tubby" Bauer yer: Fo 1-Wal "B" SQUAD Andrew Alberthal, David Walter, Elgin Tatsch, M. B. St. Clair, James Knopp, Ronald Immel, Coach Jones. Somehow fate seemed against them And the scores sometimes were few But these basketball boys kept fighting Till the final whistle blew. 5 BMERZ K 01295 W AGS 2 SSH FR w 9 Uv OM V15 956000 TS RICH DPX 1 15 SHO QQ Wuhe Guard milla B ren Hanes' forward V A11 State eckmann 1081 Bf own' '1'ne11 F01-W ' Betty H Dietrich ard onorable Ment' Ioyce Wienecke, Guard lon State G Joy Francis Humes, Forward Uard Joanne Striegler, Forward Marilyn Itz, Guard Vernell Grona, Forward w -.4 BILLIKEN R ECORD District Champs Regional 6 Charnps Semi-Finals-State Meet Maril , Guard d YH Hartman S PP- war - - . H- F0 Betgyartilra Schuch' For Vuglma HankinS0H,rCxg1?a'Sd 2 W . 1, ' 1, 'F xv' W in 'i g 17 ig? 555 y fri If A Jllill ll iw 'af'mmlnl .4 4. 1 ' I in NING LAST KENS CELE HAPPY OVER Wm QASAS BRA-TE EDEEEEEEEIESOAME P-GMNST LAM VALENTINE WITH FAVORITE n I I u Gr J D.KvAo12 PD:FREDERlcKsBuRe TEX MPS A JHLSCSBLZO REM BILLIKENS AND MRS A K KRAUSE- Freaericfgbffgusf 1951 Ofgaairgqi Off GYM SOUTHWESTERN UNIVERSE Dear M1-S. xraugyexas AUIPIQ Fl ' :wusums You sooo LUCK IN THE Congratulations on W1 :LAST PERIOD ENGLISH IV: NNN' nning' Your region YOXHLL ' wus-HKNG Y AS Hmm A3 WVREV5 N, BEAT BOTH TEAMS TODAY wE'I3E XF You PLA wma PEFHOU ENGL SECOND PERIOD ENG 11 ISIXTH PERIOD ENG 1 0 Cfflf FA, 4025 REGIONAL VI MEET S 8 PO: SOUTHWESTERN ,QI 595 UNIVERSITY G :Gydl 'lffws 067 MARCH 2, 1951 lp S 5 F US OUIHW 4 ZH 453, BHJJKENS 33 ,QI VS. Q9 LL BELLVTLLE 29 Qqny Gghr M0 1. F75 sf' BILLIKENS 32 0 VS. 'Vl 410 T GEOROETOWN 25 Ggzb S 486 E Ffprfy 4L,fy4yS lQliHiLQnslQEqiOnuICl1umpsE51 P bg 639,00 S 19196.87 F Wfo I? 6',yG,s WIN OR LOSE YOURE THE COACH :FRANCESS . tw Nh al State Girls mtw ' h" ,RWD tn we 0 -K g mast-N ptvtl WD KP-mist. law-fbttt Austttt TEX' QIXCH GRY G GREG oN 'Y 1 oP 'M 31AY MtDT -Ll waq . .' "H" of . . jjnvunn. mn NP , 1,9 mam 1, IH hor thi- , Hlors, KENS SCH All 'OWU otgvf-i1fedm"!'Sb"1'n H' K 'V fvam . 'ff mario 1 lllfh had repeal dhd trirnnll mlm hon. The ed homlrphle U' mg ,hp I 5Doi'tsxt-,MDN men- Eirls' bl5lskmo"Sf'l1olaslir-n I LIGHT' 5,1 ,how-Qpethall lollrnpyq 5588119 .. - nrt' - . lt llhvmi mug' pun . , na pwfvlllt' 1 8 FUI"1f'li1n4 'S thie QMf'Cf'o1iinJisi-,M 'rx' 'US Bn' "'Ql7f'I'I"' , " Smal. lrkf-H Q US! V - few -WH1' on ramen - m. the Id JCL tm ,. U Mond -f "Th rg. tmnZ1lx:1'ng which Stgfpfi ' Austin AHSM eglgmann hi I haf WH' Bltkens 'lay In iemi-Uttals BILUKENS . FORGE of W Q , AHEAD . game Ufglgmbla to retain. QIITPE Billikens forged as this shut dlfste cms 1-m,,,,amzgt lead and win thealseaa - 11 i ' ,. 1 tg-freedby XVilh?lim?:1I:lE2c1i:? bas!l:t.A'1FI?tiufiei?iSt Ffidf:-.jf team,1-he ZWI0 was also nam am! Number 1 gfm was Brown ongxrl in the dark umfed a forward on ua with her th -' e.0f the Bu' Pm' at th - efmsfate Biiigfehtsrsqg glffloreslgI:Z?0:lr"S:Dfains. Ttalerllfglilbfr gets' Cnrnnifoiiiwgz '35, hi? lggurxlbiihguard, . . -. m the Svmifii e Pventul . - mls 3 ra 0.44, 44.4 AM, Wu? Www RSITY STXC LEA 4 GUE qw Fredericksburg High School llikens gained the semivfinal und of the first annual Texas terscholastic League girls' cage irnament in Austin last week- d. The Red and White team, un- r the tutelage of Mrs. A. K. 'ause had come through to win 3 District 22-A honors and then nexed the Region 6 honors, an their opening round in the .te tournament by defeating est Columbia, 44-35, on-Ilpiday o e X - tb C335 46 S105 hip Baske all 95 N Cllamlno l Q36 0' at Tournament EE? up Cf gage as s W4 , W Ltttotw vows Qwest Sl MF 10 , QLR P CONGVJ' Watt' cossvthl WE v.ml0 ,ETIIOOIL t EL LIFE . blE luqgte Biiukens. feeiinsfirye of d had the pri? Efustin . d PIOU i I Saying at the stephefse meet. lHotel during the Sta the twelfth l As they mowed 2,12 out of the lfloor, the girls fines with their 'elevator many. n d . stomachs 19-33 etheovgirls stayed O0 If the 1' A . . , they .n didnvt Suit their lfgtfiemset. gust quietly Teayrange ves to Pleas? mem' ce SSW l . d JOY t. I Meffie HH dui ine there was never a h that 1 as any of lf Oment as Ong Krause In ke- Mrs. 6 4:35 Pm" irls Were awa ften heafd y. B In were o . d Mrs. BYQW x 1 those glfls iiliclaiming, What wil . think of .Hex ' alls OV Vi" 'fksburg ' RQCGEVHQE delight' sit0rS F0 - d every0ne'. for every' unamma 'B When theflme Came Krause t bf. in bw' Mrs' . 5 1 one 0- 4 they basketball was stillbchfjiqngni? making other .-,A . - State Students Back Bit gtexiz Austin Gtrts Tournament to of api . H19 V - The Btllikens' ilailfitig 'LO de' leniiltiheimina Beckntaixgeakfis ivf' . from rt" , OWU 5 3 A 1 win, Came Columbia by 3 S6015 ' mes, Bcttb Br Vernell Dietrmht rant. WCSY ,,.-.,, Qtiartef 1 l ,NAC and - ,tm names kJ-ASS OF SERVICE SYMBOLS 1201 Tl2:.,:,j sf f1z!L11:f I D1-:DW LM Egrrgddglgazifggglgfj NL:Nighr Letter ICHEC y a suita e symbol above or Pre- M J O I . I-T:1nf'H-effef Tflf di 11 dd . U S ge ngt eewress, W. P. MARSHALL. PRESIDENT VI'T:Im'1ViCwrVl We ming time Shown mmm? is STANDARD TIME at point of dem. DD.KVAO05 D:FREDERICKSBURG TEX 2 90 ' F H S BILLIKENS2 GYM SOUT ERSITY DLR STAY IN THERE GHT WE HWESTERN UNIV AND FI WILL SEE YOU MANAGERS: 6Ai 472 AV 9 44 zvoolv GEoRGETowN TEX: TGNIGHTE Gold Kneesef Standing: Kat1rI1I?It:1g es. Ann Ieangftiothy Ann Kneeling: Niger Virginia Evers' comme Her ' Wehmeyer ers of the rnanag Ehznztizzt must be iilig s ev . d, For rhouSh trrmeir weight In 301 TheY are Wo HBH I0 Joyce walrilard Shirley BQ' Marion Rodid Kamh1eenEC20 rs . ' ' ve Xafsziflwmann Nan MCHa1ek Marie Meieler Goldine Her C ntel' .inn Jeanette Kngsyer Dorothy Ann We Coach Krause AKE at " M GOOD B S ..Am BETTER SENIOR GIR LS SOFTBALL W C. Westerfeldt, Coach Alic e Herbort, NanMc- Halek, M ar g e Brehmer, Esther Knopp, Marie Meier, Rosalee Baethge. Gladys Iuenke, H ar ri et Crenwelge,TomoraIones, Erline Wunclerlich. ,wb-at-A VOLLEYBALL TEAM Third Place District Winners Betsy Seipp, Antonette Hartmann, Virginia Evers, Beatrice Crenwelge, Io Ann Striegler, Kathleen Geistweidt, M arilyn ltz, Vernell Dietrich, Betty Brown, Coach Krause, R ett a Alexander, Marilyn Hartmann, Shirley Bern- h ar d, Jo Joyce W ahl, Joy Humes, Marion Rode, Nell Hodges, Wilhemena Beck- mann ! ... Q JUNIOR GIRLS SOFTBALL R W. C. Westerfeldt, Coach Elyse Neal,PaulaTatsch, Gladys Gold, Julia Sulte- meier, M axin e Shaper, Darlene Kordzikjoan Wisian. Kneeling: Janet Schmidt, Margaret Seelig, Jo Ann Wisian, Shirley Birck, MaryLou T ric e, Virginia Braute gam. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..3..,.,ws.- """--... z 'Q R onald Immel and David Crenwelge, Senior Boys' Doubles. , BOYS T ENNIS Mr W C Westerfelt, tenms coach,congratu1ates Alex Frant- zen on wmnmg semor smgles m District Z2-A. 5 3 L AK ' Ioellen Humes and Joe Ed. Cren 'E we1ge,Tennis call- ers. JUNIOR BOYS TENNIS Fhnt Immel Douglas Felps Doubles f, Q L , Nathan Sultemeier- -Singles 'Wa . . V- -1 L , dia..- .la-Q b ,, K, , , ,Y H, .., s in Double S t ict wieneCke Dljal-Schuch and Joyce JUNIOR GIRLS ' TENNIS Back of net--Mar Singles Shirley Fugitt and Davene Virden, Doubles y Lou Trice GIR LS ' TENNIS .Local Tr-saga files up P05355 Sand San Saba. 1-Pspectivelywfh-M Llano rsbvvnnd with 341: ID New, 0101-109 Fails, He-ighth 4 I --f- tb it. 10 im-:lm . donorzl The Fredericksburg high schrwl ' V . ' A track and field team ,L it is .4 Igy night captured the if 1 ' . '-- z gm-1. 122A mmuzxl outdoor L-' Q 1 275 ! ?olk.5 fat the FHS lighted a , ' Frggj. Qium. Fx'ecferirrl4shurg H A B .paws jplavo ,fwor time Seve 1 5 'L A A 1 hes. ' trim, gaming a, to A Llmfm '1 1, F. , . 'fi sch. , ,Q nn.. .. v 1, . If -Lf! 1 .4 1. 'Ml 'S ' 2 W 'i 10 :Zi ZX' 'giver .4-:.r1-ry , g 4,34 il " 1 -'7-.ff I Sa 10115, , . ,Q L , r-A-- It Norman Mertz 1 , 1, '31 .. 'I ,,.' high jump a n d 4 A, A broad jump. ' , ,A if A 53 X , 233 V 'iw' " . 5 I .l f 1:1-LJ Eli!! Curtis Eckhardt . , 100, 50, 440 relay, 1 , 1 Q ., A, ,I Q .yi-:mi-:0gj', 'st x Pull ups 1 1- ' ,... - 1. -' - ' ff "- tom V , Li m ,K iffy H ,A 4 HP? 2,02 Q " M ,,,.x se Ik 1 r no li'-T .le Sy In '-gg , fi ' 41-4, ! ix A N4-,R 1,8 INN' ,,,,, fig 4 1 ',, ilwf N ww. 4 x ,- rs 9 ev 2 ,Lo , 1 Q y me 9401 4100 liaeld S4404 Stanley Erns dash man Tom Roberts: receives d i s t r i c t t r o p h from V e r ne ' Dietrich 'i James Henri 100, 50 rn. I lel Y ' I ug - Viv, , V .iii an ef3fQ.a' if. f . 4' G'-149 ..,,' 0 me ' l,,1 gm? 1 me 11, 5 , 1.. mor A .A "-F' Ernest jordan Wilburn Beyer Alvin C. Loitz Mike Comp? Harold Klinkseik highJ11mP, high JumP' 2Z,01440fe1'?Y' 440, mile relay 100, 220,440 re- ZZO low hurdles 120 high hurdles mile relay, d1S' lay cus MN eieee Dayton Peese Harold Klier mile, mile relay 880 , A 0 R ubin Wunderlich Jim Boring David Walter 5 4 100, 220, 440 reiay, Elgin Tatsch 440, mile relay 50, 100, 440 relay broad jump 440, mile rel, N Ion-dan high jumps M: I 0 0 A V Robertson wins shot put Wunderlich finishes second in 100 Klins eik wins 100 it--'P Wunderlich runs second in 220 Wunderlich broad jumps Klier wins 880 Maenius s ails discus Q, f aa.. , , r l l 'r r y , li 1 l 5 2 .gf f - 5 K , V 1 ly, ifijjfijgrx 1 ? A -, 3 1 'A ' 3 ' - K 5 kk M 4. vii , 1. Coach measures discus throw Z. Beyer goes over top 3. Freshmen girls are spectators 4. A delayed wait on sidelines 5. Mr, Krause always picked lst place 6. Harry gets around the track 7. Tom and his victory smile 8. The fans boost to the limit 9. It's all over now! BOYS BASEBALL TEAM Front Row: Melvin Durst, Ernest Jordan, A. G. Lochte, Eric E c khardt, Kermit Woerner, Douglas Felps, Jimmy Boring. Center Row: Wilburn Beyer, Donald Voel1et,HenryFrantzen,Elgin Tatsch, Marion Baethge, Wilfred Dittmar, Dayton Peese. Top Row: Coach M. I. J'ones, Vernon Brodbeck, Warren H ahne, Harold Klinkseik, Douglas Jung, James Welgehausen, Donald Dittmar, Guenther Maenius, and Coach Roy Langerhans. DISTRICT CHAMPS-SECOND PLACE PITCHERS BACK CATCHER Vernon Brodbeck Guenther Maenius Donald Dittmar Wilburn Beyer FIRST BASE Theo Lindig Iarnes Welgehausen Henry Frantzen THIRD BASE Donald Dittmar Guenther Maenius Wilfred Dittmar Gilbert Cermin Warren Hahn Donald Voellet Douglas Jung Kermit Wahrmund Thomas Warden FIELDERS SEC OND BASE Harold Klinkseik Donald Dittmar Dayton Peese SHORT STOP Vernon Brodbeck Guenther Maenius Harold Klinkseik Marion Baethge Elgin Tach Tatsch Wilfred Dittm ar Eric Eckhardt Ernest Jordan Melvin Durst A. G. Lochte ' ,PQ1'lf" ya ,Safari 'sw nhl! -Q 'S l Q 'W ln- ? . 1 W . F . 'b ' ' -Q -- , ',., Lx f fl? Q kj . ' ' ,, V Q f ivy 1 v. ' 5, E K Qgifa. 57 A S "N 2 ,W Q A , , . Q wanna 1 . 1- Vx - , 1335 Lin il L . ff. w , ., 1 WX! , my sv' ' , Aww W ff, ' ,iw c ff gil if an c 143715 'L ff. 4.21 sK , . ' .IL X R f ,. w af' . V -4' , .. o ...-3 'If'-'av . .M 'u ' 'j,,.:w, -.- Qgw. 4.46553-5.1-eel?-'13-I-.W , .xr u v v , r v , , Q .- .Y v ' .. . v' .....,n,.. . hu' f' -,5.:.j.j.h.L.--'.','.w at ' '-3-gg.3j.'.-1.-2-f.j.zz' .. 53:92-I+: ' ""i-I-?1'?'M . .w VI ff 1 un ' - 5' 3.-, 1 fav' .-, ,- .n " 'J 155.3 . W 4. ' ' If f"-'- , t' ' . , ff..-,EQ ff- ,:-:f- Q-:ie-:fr .-..,g,w.f . .." 'f 'v -' A y.. '..- sw, .'- .-1' .' ...,, . , .v A-1, Mr ,- 2' :-,:i:::i.?4? ,. . "rl, .L . --.,,, .x 1 . 1 '1- ',.h.:'.f.,'.,.W-.r ,-,l . Pa.. ,-3.2-f... -.Y z 'l I,-.V h, V'-".f-79. .' ' yep, '3-M'---'1, - dam .. f - wkvqi 'f:5.:?f3,'d.f 1. A '5'.i?'f:"-ffL- f' -:f'.+'-21 ff' "'f?2J1 ,- , I J-,764 2655226 ff 13' 3:-fffii Lf" Y 'l,A.f,:,- ,f-,Y ,AZ 'WY 'orc S- Q- .nf- -ff s IJ41' V 4:1 IIOMEMAKING I Little horne makers, both seamstresses and b ake r S Plan all the clothes they wear, Make dresses and blouses and Curtains for houses Withneveramomentto spare, PHYSICS We whirred around in a gyro- scope Viewed the prism's rainbow hue Learned Newton's law of gravity And what the Steand engine can do. J K, bwuguqks .H wgmca 'U SPEECH I We consult the dictionary when in doubt-- And our V's and W's put to rout-- Wire recordings of our voices in speech Show us whether to sing or preach. TYPING To help in our career Typing is what we all need Welearn home keys, numbers, etr'.-- And practice for acc ur ate speed. ENGLISH II You say that grammar's silly stuff Designed to worry kids in school: You boast that you speak good enough And never bother with the rule . ,-x Sf - -as . S . Q A fig ' ALGEBRA Thex and y upon the board M e an that which is unknown. By the time a student figureS it I-Ie's really almost grown. CIVICS We studied the House and Sen- ate Learned the state laws to obey In civics we have panels In "The Democratic Way." GENERAL SCIENCE In General Science we s tudy what is true, That's why the experiments we do. We learn about the world,the stars, and the sun And the many things that make us tick and run. VOCATIONAL AG. II "Protect your grass and foliage Keep all your pastures green", Is taught in agriculture To the large grass judging team. ENGLISH Ill Every word you write and speak Reflects your character, strong or weak, So handle your Englishxxith grace and ease And your language is s :re Yo please. A wi L :Z f+1ng,,e H I COKE MACHINE Whether its cold or whether its hot, The nickles drop merrily into the slot, Teachers and pupils when tired and blue Pep themselves up with a c o k e or two. CHORAL CLUB The-re's a song in the air There's a choral club here Whose lyrics ring out As tones sweet and clear. ,, 1. f- M, i.'S?""'f' j g :L f -' 1' , .f x. .2 'Q i f, fi ,Q , vw it U, F " ' ' 4,56 gif ' I W num w'f4."x Wffg 23 .H-' 'Q .-.-gas...-. 190 wr if ig 1 f ff? V 4 f f " 49' Q. 1' :l Q x Www 4.9, 'fl ,al fag if 43 W 'il ' L 44- MECHANICAL DRAWING Mechanical drawings would be simple-- If our T squarewe'd use more But when our workis rejected It usually lands right on the floor. STUDY HALL We are supposedto study hard And our lessons always learn But rules are often broken As gossipis our chief concern. ...QQ GEOMETR Y Parallels, Circles, perpendi- culars, too, Isosceles triangles, bisected through Give the geometry pupils a terrible fright Like 9OOangles,they try to be right. . r an fnl..1-11s 1. 11. . , 11 WOODWORK We measure, cut, and hammer, Electric saws sing a loud re- frain, As we make a chestor ladder Using varnish, paint, and stain. SHORTHAND T h e Gregg Simplified Method is what we need. A s we increase our Shorthand speed, At eighty and one hundred words per minute, B r i e f forms and phrases are what we put in it. s. '81 Wg AMERICAN HISTORY We fought the Battle ofGettys- burg Helped cross the Delaware But the way we acted in history class Grayed Mr. Shilling's hair. BAND itrike up the I'T1l1SiC! Play the band 'The Show Boat"will take command 'Ve play the classics or rnarch- ing time together in fyqugical chime. AGRICULTURE n stock shows the Ag. class appears howing sheep, pig s, capons, and steers, flany win ribbons - red, white and blue, 'he boys know balanced ra- tions, they do. lj -.,f' f TA ' K... ENGLISH I Though grammal' r u l e s give you a "pain", You've yet no reason to com- plain, For those who best use Lan- guage tools Are they who've m a s te r ed best its rules. it , W! 'Yi W U 'J' I U . I I lg. , vel s 5 I UB! iffy' j gf X., A we-rw!" Yiflv HOMEMAKING , A Out in the kitchen C le an and bewitching .1 Work the mop and polish bri- gade 'aims- They wash the s helv e 5 and woodwork themselves Those industrious home mak- ing maids. : l mm. ECONOMICS We learn to budget our money We findways to spend our time We struggle vainly with stoc ks and bonds Yet we never exchange a dime it 1 BIOLOGY On the ground or in the air Biology is everywhere. In rats, cats, and bats, indeed It m ay be ev en a centipede, , ,,,, TRIGONOMETRY -ogarithms and sec ants Fangents and cotangents, too vlake trig seem Simply ter- rible-- For high school boys to do. ENGLISH II n English II throughout thi year-- S Ve've omitted "already yet" and "once" md the pupil who says "Thi dinner" le think is quite a dunce. S i l CHEMISTR Y In chemistry we study chemi- cal reaction D o experiments, W o r k pro- blems with fractions Metals, non-metals, and gases too, Is w h at we scientists le a r n the year through. 1 0 RA ' 2 ,ft v 'iii 5 ,k I ,A Ti :LN N . Q..,,.. gym, , - ., ,L .Q wg .. .1 , W - F Q V K .u , 4 L, A , V M "' 1 I ' J ' 3? L 'Q' A ' i 'S-if L ,. 3. w - ph .xg U' f mf nu ' . Q71 5 N.. Q J-x x 1 5 1 ,A is ' ik' "Wa WA r 19 2 Q, W? av' , 'v' I - . ,u A ,. My 1 W 1 A , I , 1 , gy , I Q' 3 .A , .N mf G - , , Lg ., x , V? , M 1 Q ' f . 'y, W 3. 3- -, Es ' 4 'F' W Ax I ,k My -kw K ' I' gk , 1 X: s 1 K 'X Aix 1 K 'Vi H' 4 N F- H 5 v . . M-, ,W "" "P'x.x , mx kk T F SCENES FROM HARVE5 EST lV AL IUNIORS IROW WEIRD AT 'HALLOWE 'EN' ' 1 'RESHMEN TEP LIVELY 'O "DO-SI-DO" SOPHOMORES FROLIC AT "VACATION TIME A SENIORS .. - .Q STROLL ALONG TO ' 'APRIL SHOWERS BAND Fx PEP SQUAD ON PARADE - HILLBILLIES ON PARADE H- S. STADIUM--NORTH SIDE ANNUAL LIONS CLUB FOOTBALL BANQUET --1 3, 'I 5' 'I A- Us 'iff' nil-- V A ,eng A, M- W, iw ix I 7' 1 l "1 ' l "5g"i""'l , ,M . 355-n 1 I urzio'1-Qlvziov ffD'zom L X , jug! any suslzirzcl, ciqpviffcL's1zfy-xsvsrzfg O lb E , 1 af rzuzi c Sunny: ids Um ,Z V.5'U2 ..-mmm .-474 H" X Favorites View the stunts Q-fi-up FTeSlHnan boys skin the Snake 1-11LLB1L1.Y BAND , Erwin Wier- Sarroll Schoenewolf. James Teschner . Master. 1 Tatsch with H3l'I'YDaV15' I-IILLBILLY PARTY Ma and Pa Kettle and all fifteen kids Qing , C arter , Flllit r, and smiling in Saw 1 'N' ll ? A shausen, and Pau 3 . A SALOON BRAWL f Cerernfmies at the mlke O - l V Annabell Feuge tells off Harry Davis and Betty Brown .JCS SIL llll r oflier ygnee 5 ey yaCe id Z I , I SOIL, CONSER4VAT.e,A Xp , Willie Gaines T ION ESSAY WINNERS if F 1 OID Rob Robef' f e eu J , I I ertso ,D . with TOYZAYNIYDIS, Della IvIaegtEz-Lgiglnla E V e r S, Mizvrli Waiter. Anna- ing Re in gi . Yn awerence C artex 26 50666 on thva V NKT5 ' 6 P510 emma W o n 509 a P99583 eY5' xricx' ander, MissSchmidt standing,is showing the "Blue i 4 H ' U l sales contest. Ribbon won by Delphine Wunderlich, Ilene Holland, and Annabell Feuge for lst place team typing in District. Ilene went to Regional at Brownwood for individual typing . HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS FORM CROSS FOR EASTER PAGEANT MAGA7 INE SALE WINNERS Rheinh0ldSagebeil, Merdie B a rth, Shirley Bernhard, Marlene Heep,MarionRode, Betty Brown R ett a Alex- Rheinhold Sagebeil, M r s . Carter, Merdie Mae Barth. Merdie was first and Rhein- hold s e c on d in magazine g , , I ,gk - 1 K "" f 1 ., -,, . 'V VNS A ws Q 1 'A -I I 1 Barbara Everett and Alex Frantzen each placed 3rd in District Declaiming Marilyn Lawerence won A District Clarinet honors. uvssmcx Jumsms QUNXEQST Fll'2ill!0N5 Rl' Henry Frantzen, Reinhold Sage- beil, and Rubin Wahl, Poultry Judging Team, placed 4th in Area, 3rd in State Contest. Rubin w as 3rd high individual at Area Con- t e st, Reinhold was 4th high in- dividual at State Contest. A S st. V. A. teacher Malcolm Fluitt, Clinton Herber, Kermit Crenwelge, H ay d e n Grona, Thomas Pape, and Joe Tatuxn, teacher of . V. A. These boy s placed lst at the Central Texas Livestock Contest which was made up of 52 teams. Thomas w as high individual of the contest. MQ E K iffidiiis. rms Cl J A rsasrcgtwnm nns. t Flint lm m el, high individual in St at e Meat Judging Contest held at A 8: M. 5 'fm W f I A Vgfgf 1 f N. A Flint lmmel, Reinhard Reeh, ar. J. W. Goodwin, Meat Judging Team, won lst in Ar ea made up of 56 schools, and Znd in State Contest. F lint was high scorer in State. Team was r ated as a Gold Emblem Team for the State. Wilb ert Ransleben, Stanley Meier, Victor Meier, Flint Immel, and Kermit C renw elge, Range Management Judging Team, placed lst in the Hill Country R ang e Management Contest and 6th in State Con- test. Kermit was high in- dividual and Wilbert second high individual at District Contest. N gf! Charles Eberle, Gilbert Cermin, and Levi Ellebracht, Dairy Judg- ing Team, plac ed 4th at Area Contest. Charles was ninth high individual in State Contest. if Wilbert Ransleben, Victor Meier, and Ernest Jordan, Dairy Cattle Judging Team, placed first in the District Contest and 7th in the area con- test. Victor was Znd high individual in the dis- +1-if-+ f-.-...4-..-L jf: t tilt ,H . Filfg Q if MRS, KRAUS E AW 5 S . UR Y CR PE 5EN1oR BAsKErBAkLLfxZVfiR31 aroma, M,-5323236824 R u by Sciiflfaor FAITHFUZ ZZIQID GIRLS '1 n itz, Joyce Wiennec 9: V neu Dietrich, ner V neese-,Dor-Oth nn, Merdie Ma ICE lgfialxellx Humesi Betty Browhn, hegoach Krause. Knegli e 1-Lnell Grona BYe2nnWehmeyer Bi Barth, An oe SC uc , ng e I y B 1 rnjce - b 3 . ad . K Betsy SHPP' Bar ar Mafllyn Itz ers' Verne.-11 Diiiylvilllhhdrs- A. K.Krlaa1.isl 1 -Toellen H f , umes. FOOTBALL LETTERMEN Standing: Guenther Maenius, Mike Gomez, Vernon Brodbeck, J. W. Bauer, Nor- man Mertz, Clinton Houy, Harry Davis, Alvin Loitz, David Knopp Kneeling: Harold Klinksieck, Seddie Durst, Wilbur n Beyer, Bobby Beckmann, Liston Maner, Donald Dittmar, M. B.St. Clair, Ernest Jordan, Rubin Wunderlich If K NAGER5 s BASKET BP-LL MA mtmeen Gold ber OPHOMORE BASKETBALL weiqmev'-3' Goidine HEY W-1 AWARDS DOYOUXY A' 1,15 1016653 1 hemena Beckmann Jo Xylodges Armjsane Io Ann Striegler Mani 5I':iHu1'r1eS, Nel YA, 5 ,f1..,-.Ania Elwr Coach Krause J yn artmann, QQ H ,K -V .4 '73a Y -35795, rm I N 55515:-: , -9' W hw W," ' ur' V .M L ,gm 7 i mg, Q 'Vi fm. iw --ff' mi' . A M 433.1 .7 ' "' 3 ii- ,Q Q-, ff' ENCHANTED ROCK Junior 8: Senior Picnic HI -LIT ES ST AFF PIC NIC if ND SBNXOR BAS AWARD . Louis . Meler' t 1 r . IZ? fig 6 f'VQQi2xi1rae Ransletwnal F I o r in C E n g 8 1 K1-amef GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS Violet Rahe, senior, who married Herbert Ahrens . A,.II, I if Miss Jung, our snake charmer 'sf LETTERED IN TENNIS Barbara Schuch, Joyce Wienecke, Kathleen Gold LUNCHROOM STAFF Mrs. Walter Houy fin whit el Lunchroom Supervisor. Left to right: Mrs. Albert Oeh1er,Mrs.Herman Nehr, and Mrs. Theo Ransleben Speech C1 THQ!-n ass Com- orafe N tby making a 071111 ure HF Ihlnla, I Field" anders 5 gg - - BIQOIQ A F C0wU'JI'ff1 7351-ce S OR FIVE MPN AN Arif . A ,D TW Our Miss IELVE WOMEN MIS. B C H A R Isfms IKEQJQS. .. . . ., A C T E R 5 TOO Hrczoj. ....., N ' Habfgb I, ' THE BASKETBALLERS' ,ffffw wA2ftfTff"RE. .... -.,,im0!E"Kf!'-fbfmf IISSA v'R'1'lI.,f. ' '-,...fJe1'5..f W ehmeyer, ,Jane fNelI HodgesI 1 E1-SIE uomxow, ..... ,--me Z.-,,IbE dfblmi Mrs . Allen iDOrothy isj Miss Brooks Uoyce ELAINE XJ.. ' " . lg! mgoofff-fm-1' C I1 LOHQKCTC uiar ry Dav , 12 SHI T e d JANE Q ' ' - .lbe lllllllf I -pa OaC th QAICX Fran Z 1 Sr Wx-ULL :mba ' ckeI MT' Wadswor leneH6 CPI: UWA Wlene LindiE,I,Miss Audub0HiMar DORIS W Vrheo iNaomi Wisianl. MARCH ma Bmw 'UQ . Q HONDA 'yr I --...Nu-.' .gm M n ' ' ' ' 'J"'4'ff1zf TAN MMT? liiwyggg 'Bwdfdlfoam MRs. ALLEN.g'0"-4Y,QMl' M Bvvxqqj, Qxzbuu, PLACE! ' -- .. ........ .. T1 MIIJ Broom, ffdfll' Rbo'7d4'f ffwlber ME: T59 L 0001. - I ,LN PIPJFIII, j'p,I,Ie J THER1-:'s A STORM I z RAG ING IN SHANGR I -LA GRAND FINALE in .. , Imogene Land, Evelyn Welgehausen, Theresa Cravens, Barbara Everett, Ann Jeanette Kneese, Annabe11Feuge, Sophie Rode, Kathleen Bohls, Harriet Crenwelge,Maryann Schlaudt,MRS.A.K. KRAUSE, DIRECTOR, Joellen Humes, Joyce Weinecke, Harry Davis, Nell Hodges, Theo Lindig, Alex Frantzen, Dorothy Wehmeyer, Naomi Wisian, Virginia Evers, H a rold Klier, Edwin Eck hardt, Marlene Heep . 4 w J"- ,,, , , vwuyyrvwrlalx h My V' N v ir V L am W 54 A: 3 . Q is 5. .il ia. it ' L , -W, ,,.,...,, Miss Finch announces free cokes for the entire cast. . ,,,.,,,,,,...,-,v ,.,,,-.,,--sf . -f-Q--f ,,..,,.f,,.a..,..a N.. .,-.J--f .,..,.-ws-. ,,,.,,,,-..a-.2-,,-. ,.,,,-,,, My , -,,.,.,.., ,- .ON , ,t.fQ....,--if--f"-Af" Miss Brooks gets paid less than a dog catcher . inf' Mr: Wadsworth gives Miss Brooks a piece of his mind. T351 .1 if: Q L4 -idisffi if 'A " " -w. 5 5 ,.,,.e,.,,,,., si,- . ,WA Martin has a sev ere ' . potato chips and Cokeialn from eating Ted and his pipe amus e I C oach Hugo exp Brooks . ane while lains things to Miss Ted and Jane nearly "kiss," Rhonda Allen acts so wonderful in her chinese pajamas. 69 Stmuiimg: S 0 at, ed: 4 IHCJHEST PWNKING BO Y i Kwrrrmit CT6'HW'f'1g6' SALUT MORMN C He F F7133 C fxrmiab 21H.EDrcToR1 QUT! .TQ--anottm ' Q56 3 1 ff V f 'x YG UH 5EC3XfQTC1'N Q5 f..,i. LL 5.L:LlLl,l1u1 ik. l 4 X HIGHFQSGI RJXNKINCQ SENIORS Kermit Crvnxxyf-Egff, Calhvrizm Bu 211, Joe Ed Hr V , Crcmwclgcf, Bfvtty Mal: Neffendrof, James ' ' It, WPlg1'nT'zau5CY1, cw gn h i. 4' Romiv, Clinton Houy Bvtty Brown, X' 1 r gg i X1 i 11 Evers, A!lHdbf'11P Ft?l1g9,55xHT1 Ji'Z1l'UlTilix Knffr.'sc',M:1z'3gg1rcHt H em- L Sm,,m,NQ11Hmigvb FREDERICKSBURG HIGH SCHO0 1: , vXCW f -A C533 ' PM. QQ Tues-daY Evening' May 29' 1951 u 8 HM Cixxpx ,,4, w 'YN 1 151.13 GRPDU PX ,fp Q w HIGH scuoor, ATHLETIC F ,imsawf Wah 'np' K .. 1: ' L . w xmmmnm1mmz2anamvg mA:u,,mfN-, , , - Q.. mmxwvmwiv- .1-fum .w-1,-u-r-mu.. ,W - n um:-'.-Iwwwmnasfim-+.:mwf si ."Honor LGSJWUU lonal - f - ' ' ,i h ol Brmd 'cess F1ede11cksbu1'g Fiiiahliiecior Daud Hingis' ,C. A. Greenvvaldf .....--"'-'i,Church location Pastor FirstMQthod1S fxnnabell Feuge ,........ . , uintet lutfxtoxy df .... -Senior Ggi':SL?nd, GO 9. ..... .1 xcke D-n0g9 Phanks Be to h Joyce Wiene r ,Vens Bmbam gina EverS, Tberiiecgiliianist Mrs David Hafgls' Kermit Crenwelge orward EW! in i I Q i i i .... Supl- A' K' km ntroduetion of Speaker .... D u .Thomas C. Ferguson SS ..... - 'blglfd Judicial Court d . iddre Dxstrlct J 11529 0 ' . 1 Hi h School Ban Frederickbburg 1 g The Man I L0veD.alT Hargig, Directiyv C. WQSter'feldt 1951 SENIOR Alexander, Retta Mae Barth, Merdie Mae Behrends, Florine Bohls, Catherine Bohls, Kathleen ilrehmer, Marge Brodbeck, Vernon Brown, Betty Crovens, Theresa Crenwelge, Beatrice Crenwelge, Adeline Crenwelge, David Crenwelge, Joe Ed Crenwelge, Kermit Davis, Harry, Jr. Dietrich, Vernell Dietz, Esther Dittmztr, Donald Dittnlar, Wilfred Eekliardt, Erie Engel, Della Mae Erssch, Carolyn Evers, Virginia Feuge, Annabell Frantzen, Alex, Jr. CLASS ROLL Jost, Marilyn lilzterner, Bernice Klier, Harold Klier, Robert Kneese, Ann Jeanette Kramer, Florine Krieger, Louis Land, Imogene Leyendecker, Jeanette Lindig, Theo Lochte, Leroy Maenius, Guenther Meier, Victor N effendorf, Betty Mae Neffendorf, James Peese, Dayton Rnnsleben, Margaret Ransleben, Wilbert Reeh, Rheinlmrd Robertson, Torn Rode, Sophie Schlauclt, Mary Ann Sehuch, Barbara Seliunutmn, Ruby S1-ipp, Beatrice duates , . . . -.3 - ' 1 Gold, Kathleen Simon, Erwin ert1f1cat1on of Glfiggh School P1 11101133 I Werner Klier Grona, Vernell Tzztseh, Elgin . . . - . - ' ' ' ' Heep, Marlene Walter Evelvn ' 1011135 ard . . - ' ' '. tation of D19 f School B0 6 . J i Hezber, Goldme W1enecke Joyce Presen Presxdent 0 . ..... Harry DAV15, Y Hodges, Nell Wehmeyer, Dorothy Ann f Gift ....,... Class Hollzllld, Della Welgehausen, Evelyn e Presentatron 0 President of Senior S t A. K, Krause Houy, Clinton Welgehausen, James Awards , ,, ....... up - t Kneese Hunies, Joellen Wisian, Naomi Presentatlon of . .Ann Jeanet 9 lmmel, Ronald Young, Gloria Jean ........-- "' l ' .I Valedlcwry iDone". . ,,,, Sen1OT GT S of 1951 Z an yn CL NSORS: WDQH Day IS . i -The C 35 Mrs. A. K. Krause, Mrs. Frances Carter ke cLssFz,owE,- Memor1eS illeaderz J0yC9 Wlenec Rid camauof QAM 5.55 -f, ' 1 3 sk wg: .23 K -.., f-1 -41' HND N N. 'x , '6' :auf 5 'X 1,-,, J +1 xii' ' - 1. M , N fx J Q f J 2. Yi ,R .3 I r bl .J SENIORS LEAVING F. H. S. FOR LAST TIME I f n I ER OTOGR APH K PH 1' 1 M OUR 1-. E. C' Otte CUS n TODIANS S: Mr, Ha Try Kunz G and Mr A . IV K 3 Bu!-Fiel- Pvxflldl .355-wos,f,JZ.71 H SAY IT WITH FLOWERS FOR THERE IS A FLOWER SUITABLE FOR EVERY OCCASION JK co. ONE OF FREDERICKSBURCUS BETTER PLACES TO TRADE 1 X Wmwonff W wvmun N William Schroeder, H. C. Hannemann and Hil- mar Stehling, the partners in this m oto r com- pany guarantee you a fair deal on anything in the automotive line. I CHR YSLER--PI.. YMOUTH--GMC Parts--Service--Sales If J5- Wu A p 1 ac e of entertainment fo r Fredericksburg people is this night spot. Mr.Otto Zimmermann has for several occasions allowed the students of F. H. S. to use his place for their dances. Q 0 ' Q ,. ll 9.-it ,v"'zy PC, . t F -f O s-...P yr' LOOK YOUR BEST TO DO YOUR BEST Your appearance counts in life. Good clothes, smartly fashioned,we11 fitted and neatly pressed g iv e you an air of confidence essential to suc- cess. If you select your suit and accessories from the large showing at Steh1ing's you'11alw ays be "well groomed" 'Q .1 I Stein L umb e'r Company has built your homes and boosted our schools since 1892. When you need a home or building materials, see us. STEIN LUMBER COMPANY BUILDERS OF BETTER AMERICAN HOMES I 50 ca. lg M I FREDERICKSBURG STANDARD The Hill Country's Leading Newspaper Published Every Wednesday by FREDERICKSBURG PUBLISHING CO., INC. Printers - Publishers - Stationers . Oliver C. W. Kowert O. J. Kowert Haddorff, L e ste r gl Gulbransen pianosg band in- struments and sheet music. Piano tuning and serv- icing by O. J. Kowert, a former graduate of F'.H.S, Kowert Real Estate E xchange has offices in the Kowert Music Store and sells farms, ranches and city property, and is a member of the National Real Estate Association. 527 ',Jf.4,,Jtf3fu., i 4 . ' , x featuring IACQUELINE - CONNIE NATURAL POISE - PARIS FASHIONS 120 East Main FREDERICKSBURG , TEXAS 1 Q is AMERICAN CHEMICAL COMPAN Box 246 ---- Phone 2698 Q Midland, Texas i i WATER TREATING SPECIALISTE I, 55 A Laboratory Analyses 3 QQ Consultation Service . ' ff g QV Manufacturing Chemists .. ' l Patent Applied for Treatments .Q wi J gr Texi-Cac for Boilers, QI 'l xi, Radi-Kleen for Radiators 1- I and Engine Jackets, . ' I K ' Z-O-Kleen for zeolite softners g Packed in quantities of 'E 4 to 55 gallons. N All products fully guaranteed. - Owned and operated by '- xy DAN R. CARTER '-lil, 1 527737 W7 W ,iffwl 4 JA.. Walter Ottmers, the distributor of Gulf products i. Fredericksburg, has done a creditable job supply ing the public with Gulf gasoline and motor oil. Hi product is worthy of his efforts. Independent Dealer in Gasoline 8nOi1s Tractor Fuel and Heating Oils Diesel Fuel 8: Oils MANSFIELD TIRES P. O. Box ZZ Phone No. ZZ Fredericksburg Texas 4? 37aiQ2ZkpnAD ,FT I K , f N Offers a complete banking service-- safe--efficient--progressive,always eager to serve you, FRE5ERQyi XM? f-at Czdcaf X I 1 ' 4L5di4nJ U- 'Q' A r 290 JJNC Ideal Service Station, owned and operated by H. Fischer, is the newest and most stream- fj' lined station in town. if All C0 W2 ff - 'L.......-v-"rf-,f'g,M ' Mr. Elgin Heimann, manager, and Ted Knopp, MUTUAL LUMBER The Mutual Lumber Company, with a modern assistant manager, of Mutual Lumber Com- equipped min, C a X, rie S a Complete Stock of pany, are to be consulted for all your build- ing needs. lumber, paints, and builders hardware. J Co. Fr Complete Insurance Sales and Service Alex R. Frantzen--103 North Adams ,ff Wi MCGIILNIRE maid, Ufdrai Rl Rvfrklmhf mf., , fy I , ttei if f ff A lmmwqiaggig If you need Home Applianc cs stop in and buy FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES made only by General Motors. MO R E FRIGIDAIRE REFRIGERATORS SERVE IN MORE AME RIC AN HOMES THAN ANY OTHER MAKE. 5,2510 JY ca. 302 E. Main St. Phone 85 HARDWARE, SHEET METAL, AND ROOFING MAYTAG SALES 81 SERVICE J GOOD FOOD Alex Mittendorf fOwnerJ KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS DIZJZOJQL-ffl DELUXE DRIVE -IN Charles Svatek Ovianagerl Fredericksburg Texas 75156 DF 3194051 Phone 96 Fredericksburg, Texas 3' ' Co- Minneapolis-Moline, B.F. Trac- tors and Farm Machinery. Pump and Plumbing Work. Snfwfdfl- ,Jac Phone 136 NORGE 81 COLEMAN APPLIANCES DeLaval Separators and Milkers SUPER SERVICE STATION Werner Lindenberg TE CO """ TExAco GAS a. oiLs au Q0 ' zo-ag, ww TINNERS Sz DEALERS IN R Roofing, Guttering, Galvanized Tanks, Well Casings CONC AXSLATIONS and Radiator Repairing Senior Class of ,Sl HOME MADE BREAD GLASS FOR EVERY PURPOSE Theo Dietz - Owner Mirrors Store Fronts Window Glass Resilvering Glazing Furniture Tops "Your Electrical Dealer" Cleanliness is your Health Protection. For fine food come to the La Mesa Cafe. Fredericksburg ---- Mason 6131, f u 1 g: . kk. ' I ' Phone 314 fs FINE QUALITY sHoEs I-'ARM IMPLEMENTS AND PLUMBING K I .,, I phone 392W F3-WSG COMPLIMENTS Q jf ' of Fredericksburg Steam Laundry FOR A DELICIOUS TREAT STOP AT THE UMA? 1 QUALITY ULTRA - LIFE Phone 182 - 103 S. Adams St. sb Men's Furnishers 8: Tailors Clothing, Shoes 81 Hats - For Men 81 Boys THE STORE FOR YOU Phone 111 WE SPECIALIZE IN STUDENTS CLOTHING .IfoLt,,45'54.a- 'W Co I 4 l " s" it , K ' ' 1 - -1' ' if ff' f1:Q- - ,fir diigigi. B0 0 d , ,. . . , 7 . . in oo woox, Mon!-un Fm-an p I ik .1 mm , Vi ' 1 A E ,, :f '-AL. ' 1?"un-0-.aww A' , +1 W -M ,ww 'K . WTP' -i. ' f .J I A y t.1'i.w - 'fm V4 Store or sell your wool and mohair at Lochte Stor- age Company, the rancher's purchasing plac e for all types of feeds. This is the home of Guffy cow- feed. Public weighing d one a t your convenience, 477mzi'M, CO. Make FARMER'S GRAIN CO. you r headquarters for your livestock and poultry needs. We handle a complete line of Purina , Full-O-Pep, Crowleys and Dittling er 's Feeds. We store, buy and sell wool, mohair, grains, fe r tilize r s, seeds, salts, stock and poultry produce. DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR YOU JUST CAN'T BEAT A PONTIAC SWEETEST MOTOR THIS SIDE OF HEAVEN Q mf- 1:7 V I X I E A if up . K 4' Q Q P .4 L A mf- 1,4 n., P v X13 J A .3 The CENTER of the town is Central Drug, a popu- lar place with the high school y o ung st e r s. Buy your drugs, cosmetics, gifts, and school supplies here. J fd! N 105 N. Adams Phone 212 POPTRAITURE Sz COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY 1 Day Photofinishing Service Cameras-Kodak Film-Amateur Supplies Mfg wyfmgazw alla E 1 ,v .2 E M11 - ,.,. Reuben Crenwelge, Prop. A Authorized Qgggzfol De Soto 8: P1 outh Sales 81 Service GAS FUEL-APPLIANCES-SERVICE :KVM Vm zovw fm' sr.-Ph 7 was es am one 2 2 3010 " coNoco GAS PHONE 69 coNoco o1Ls F d 'kb T rc erm S mg' was FREDERICKSBURG, TEXAS . l .W I-51? af- V V me - Peanuts can go to market now at Quality Pea- nut Cornpany's new plant. From here shelled and whole peanuts are supplied to all parts of the world. Quality Peanut Company is fast be- coming one of the rn o s t important business establishments in Gillespie County. .7 W 7f9,57 aj :Paar .JQ,.,f,.4,uQo 60:11 Sinclair gasoline and motor oils have satisfied the many customers that the Sinclair staff has provided with its products. Superflame kero- sene, g r e a s e s, and specialties complete its line of goods. W' mmf, 'N ",,uI"'2f' V ikiy ,w i 1 :ii ' r H. J. Schmidt, owne r of this hotel, has made it a place that travelers will remember long after their stay at the Nimitz. Comfortable, clean rooms, at reasonable rates,add to the pleasure of all visitors in the hotel. :a '. A Best wishes from Us HANDY ANDY 'U' W W L oc ate d at 108 South Crockett St., Evex"s Dairy is ready to serve the public whenever possible. The pasteurized milk, cream, and butter are pre- pared w i thmodern and sanitary facilities. 4412 THE HOME OF WOERNER MIXED FEEDS Take your wool, mohair, and feed to Woerner warehouse for top prices. We can supply all your farm and ranch needs. Fi ,sly-,QA A . THE LARGEST APPLIANCE STORE IN THE HILL COUNTRY Msn, ' ' .,,, I . I m y -L "' . N,Ih T .Q-.: 4 I.I,L I - x, F1 Q A-, , f,, kk :ki KQV? ' , ,sis " kgs iiyjawigifit III,I , I ,V , ,,,. s999EFfEAn Goodyear Tires - Hotpoint Appliances Western-Holley Gas Rmges PHONE 3921 Domestic Sewing Machines 206 East Main Phone 83 JL, distributors for TEXACO PETROLEUM PRODUCTS ---- GOODRICH TIRES 81 TUBES E. H. Riley W. H. Osbourn Jw-W4 777 J l ewe ers Dry Goods, Clothing Shoes GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASSIONS Phone 19 50 COMPLIMENTS of 14-Phones-121J' General Merchandise W Wool, Mohair, Eggs, Grains, Pecans , ' . ' I Miller's Courts in the heart of the Hill Country. 23 nicely furnished, air cooled cottages each with a private bath and garage. 777,-456 326 East Main Street Phone 480J' Dry Cleaning and Pressing - Monite Moth Proofing 720 2 SD 'ZZ Phone zzi Telephone No. 501J' "Scatter Sunshine With Flowers" Texaco Gas 81 Oils Car Washing 8: Greasing Goodrich Tires, Tubes Sr Batteries Tire Repairs Battery Recharging, Etc. AUTHORIZED CHEVROLET DEALER CROSLEY HOME APPLIANCES THOR WASHERS ff.1:wU.E Q, I 7 247 W. Main - Fredericksburg MOLDS, GREENWARE, KILNS FIRING 8: CLASS INSTRUCTION Dealer In Hardware, Sporting Goods Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Land, Owners Phone 263 PAINTS AND OILS OPTOMETRIST Your IGA Grocer Chester Schmidt Palace Theater Building - Ph. 562 W J I WELIIERN yfffacfvwv 4142119 A 0 ASSUCIATE BEST WISHES TO THE STORE HOME OWNED AND OPERATED FREDERICKSBURG GRADUATES SAVE UP TO 5071 ON GUARANTEED AUTO AND BICYCLE PARTS Sz ACCESSORIE NEW AND USED CARS 120 1f2 E. MAIN ST. All Makes READY TO WEAR AND MILLINERY IONE LANGERHANS - ELMA RATLIFF, OWNERS 7 246 W. Main St. ' Phone 364 HENRY J. HIRSCH CLASS 1920 FREDERICKSBURG, TEXAS ' J W XII uhh FOR BETTER LIVING A Wiiii COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS at our new location 118 S. Crockett Street City Variety, a friendly, home -owned and operated store, has been located here for several years. The p ric e s are always competitive. Y ou are always welcome at our store, and we are looking forward to serving you. fi' cS,Z,f,z2zU Flfvmw 1 4 I i r ' ., if ""- 2 1 K MLRH' as Hsu A Ipaq-Ib-iff' GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES Ed. A. Loth, Owner RADIOS--TELEVISION OPEN DAY AND NIGHT ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING AND SUPPLIES Phone 622 GULF GAS AND OILS -1 in ,,.,,.I -Adv LWAMMW Corner of Main and Crockett TEXACO GAS AND OILS Washing and Greasing Z4 HOUR SERVICE WITH A SMILE E i l With a complete line of drugs, a well equipped soda fountain, and pharmaceuticals, Ka11enberg's Drug has served the public in a manner well appreciated. There is an ar ray of Cosmetics and gifts on display at all times. gunman- GAS, OIL, GROCERIES, 8: COLD DRINKS Open seven days a week Located on the Kerrville Highway When you trade here, you get a fine type of furni- tur e, and also hav e the protection of a guarantee that assures you years of satisfaction. Our store is located on the Austin Highway. Snfnfufijfff! .f"' WM. .'--- k o il a h EZ I 1, 'BP' FINE FOODS AND FRIENDLY SERVICE CONGRATULATIONS Chicken and dumplings are our specialty to the ALEX R. FRANTZEN - OWNER SENIOR CLASS of 1951 iw H4 ,,.-ff-'pw RACTOQ5 fgucu I W M A L ' V: I ,..:Iu". I A Remember your only real Security A 0 5 A A A Home of Your Own X ' X . . 1 INTERNATIONAL Everything to build Anything Al: ,,,,,,,,,,,.,, Lorenz F. Bading, manager Just fall the Lumber Number ' Ph- 51 'N' Fasosmcxssunc. 'rExAs C omplim ents of ' it f THE REXALL STORE N466 ICE CREAM, MILK 81 BUTTER Nature's Gift to Mankind Quality Dairy Products FOR GOOD, CLEAN CONCRETE GRAVEL AND FINISHING SAND HAULING AND ROAD TOPPING, CALICHE OR GRAVEL PHONE 623W FREDERICKSBURG. TEXAS GLQQH, 0. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Itz, Owners 308 West Main 'Street Phone 6981 FREDERICKSBURG, TEXAS CONOCO GAS AND OIL Fredericksburg, Texas Ph. 99 J ' aZO0'C,gbL-df, 'Genb- COLD STORAGE LOCKER SERVICE Butchering--Curing--Sausage Making Processing For Home Freezers Phone 125 5n4MA,,.,,7u,d, jaw HICKEN 'N'CHlP5 wr: SPECIALIZE IN FRIED CHICKEN Salt, Flour, Feeds and Worm Medicine Phone 238 EfU.ww77iL,f.m:t COMPLIMENTS of HUMBLE SERVICE STATION snwm Nixon, Aszur Cuauwus u. s. :so a u. s. 87 money 330 FREDERICKSBURG. TEXAS SCHAETTER FUNERAL HOME Established 1882 Nmiulance Smuice Careful - - Courteous - - Prompt F7 3 -.dw COME TO THE FAMILY THEATER A good show every night 1 L 7 L - ll Emi zfiaeaff BAR -B-Q LUNCH ROOM 011 DEPENDABLE INSURANCE Schroeder Building, Fredericksburg Compliments RAYMOND L. KNEESE ATTORNEY-AT -LAW Striegler Bldg. Fredericksburg, Texas J L.. UPHOLSTERY---MATERIALS CUSTOM BUILT FURNITURE Venetian Blinds, Repairing, Refinishing, Cabinets J4fffllMf'QMfJ MMM' 7WW'Wf": ' . ..,,.,4.J, ' Wada! .,.QTj,zi"" ' l4A! 54, Lf !A""g"'l ' ,Ganga A9445 ajbe.. V - HJC.-4-Z9-I ' 1 ,,,, 4 A-L , f0.t7.aAj,f,6f"v-4. t t .faq -,c,,,,...f, ' ff,'Zu-GV d .swwuwe iwwf A, . 2' ' Qffww -,4..,,f,,w.,.,.1x1M4L4 Z A ,671"'i'7"'f"L"'- AWK frvvb.-J' "0 1 f . , , ,, .- , ,. '-,, - .-,V -f- . . i - . , - . ,.,, , 5, - - ,, ' , ' ,,-lA, - J f is, VT pl x r lvq-N AJVLTZMV V, 1, V- VZ' if i f V 'fmt A N

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