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Frederick Sasscer High School - Elm Yearbook (Upper Marlboro, MD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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mf aw WW Www xv 216412150 WO 1 , Q, X ,' .fjfhlf ' , A ' ,, . , . ,WU 57 ' we fp f Jw 5 MW? ,122 " XIV Dv QEMW fx ' ' ff fMi my Wf M wjovlpo X I QS ' Mfg? , ' ' . 9 A 0 fb .A K, ' I-qisx 1 . xxgfivxkx ' Klvlkw 'QfR5av0i,C,EYfQ9f5gah fd' Fla ifffbf . . , ,zinigi CM? V df -f, x if I ?K-jx X21-4 ., ' ' QE 3 . V .- A - fi - -, , , .. , , QI fw 7 QW MMM Sh QW W W 245m 'QW 2,,jM!i5 mf ,f 4 ,W ' W f 'gif zfff?l ,w , -274 ZW Llfqfff My Y L vlyfwfgffff WM! XM. 74Tf1fQ -in A452424 L44 V -Qqfaf X 4,7 eff !L'QinWL Nfjgi-Q? 32 WA A x UQ 757, wil' 1'q'Q f Gigi Wmp .fi?g JUN D 'L WH Y? W wwgyk Qfgwg 72' WVJJ ' h P mmf 'Taz Q. pw A45X,ff3f0,,Ai55 VWYQWJ v V WRWM Kay M 551 my MWKKgWgQJ .mv W N vfifwwg HN df yr Nw Q59 W 7' J xpuvsy o Mfr, ,, M ,MW lo' J' fi X W ,L .fm - !i,,'. ' , 'A K' VI? ,lfjia I 2555 hwy ,WJ KK, WA ggi Ure Cniggffflfzfg nw 1 K fx rw ll 4 J ' V", we WWWWQMJWWCMWWQ fy Q LWWX . X :Nw if W! r wwf JWQ rpg! Wm! xx Q67 W V0 Jiffy? JM nf , awe? f f' e , lp My If V' 1 A ll? ff k fQf vxk' N ' H 'Q S N li X hgh V.5"r:'-A The 7959 AElm Frederick Sasscer High School Upper Marlboro, Maryland Foreword x This year is very important to everyone at Frederick Sasscer,- because it is the Tenth Anniversary of our school. But to the Class of 'ff59" this year is more important, because it is our Graduation Year. In years to come, memories will grow dim and friends will wander to the ends of the earth and perhaps farther. So, with this in mind, we present the "59" ELM to remind the Seniors and everyone of the events and happenings of this year at Frederick Sasscer. We have tried to capture in the ELM the spirit of youth that belongs to us for so short a time. In doing this, we hope we can also succeed in recording forever, our friends at work and at play. 2 The Products of Our Efforts Administration 4 Senior Class 5 The Culmination of a Decade Curriculum 19 Sports and Organizations 3l Clubs 39 They Will Make Our History Underclassmen 51 Patrons 63 3 f Ui XJ X .xv Our Administration Mr. E. Ray Dixon Vice-Principal 'T' 'mx Our guidance counselor, Mrs. H. Walker, A-44 discusses curriculum changes with E. Curry, ,,,"5gZ.N"..,':,,-Q-ngg'--V-N" Mr. Vernon V. Houts Principal With the best interests of the students at heart, the administration of Frederick Sasscer functions as the governing body of our school. Seldom has a school had the privilege of obtaining such an out- standing group of people. The faculty of Frederick Sasscer demonstrates an abundance of knowledge, loyalty and a sincere interest in the problems of the students. Not only do they recognize these various problems, but work hand in hand with the students until a favorable solution is obtained. C. Carrick, and M. Courtney. fi-I .gunlll Typing those absentee bulletins every morn- ing for the entire year we have Mrs. Lucia Starkey, secretary for the school. 1.1: SECRETARY BARBARA JAY JONES "Bebee" "Todays patience mm' gerterosily are loniorroztis success." Elm Staff, Majorette Leacler, Girls' Sports, Intra- mural Council Secrctary-Treasurer, Student Court. All Sasscer Night, Band, Dramatics Club, -Ir. Class Secretary. Ambititmt: Secretary. PRESIDENT ROBERTA EILEEN DIXON "Berta" "Life is very short and very' tmrerlain: lei us spent! it as well as we can." Elm Staff, Cheerleader, jr. Class Treasurer, Girls Sports, All Sasscer Night Court, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Intramural Council, F.F.A. Sweetheart. Band, Queen's Court at Fair, National Honor So- ciety. Ambitimt: Secretary. xi fi 1 TREASURER JOAN H. RODENI-IAUSER "Ioni" "The mill cannot grind with water lllIll'X past." jr. Class Vice-President, Library Assistant, Yearbook Business Editor, Cheerleader, F.T.A. Secretary, Student Nurse, Noniinator of two Student Council Presidents. I Amlzititm: Airline Hostess. VICE PRESIDENT ROBERT YATES CLAGETT "Yates" "Knowledge comes, but wisdom. lingers." Editor of the Newspaper, National Honor Society, Student Council President, Varsity Soccer, All Sasscer Night Court, Senior Dramatics Club Play, junior Honor Society President, Basketball. Ambition: College. PARLIAMENTARIAN GERALD F. CRAN FORD Cel .tld "The mind of each man is the man ltintselff' President Student Council, President National Honor Society, Soccer, Basketball. Baseball, All Sasscer Night Court, Dramatics Club Play, Presitlent Jr. Class. Amlzitimt: College flingineeringj 7' T PAUL EDWARD BEALL "Pauline" "If worry were tlze only cause of death than he would live forever." Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, F.F.A., Tobacco judging Team, F.F.A., Poultry Judging Team, All Sasscer Night. Anrlzition: Undecided. wb. Y--... ROLAND WAYNE BEALL "Ball" in "Don't do today what you mn fmt off until to- marrow." y , F.F.A., Basketball. 1 ' Ambition: Undecided. !,v"p,l,f7!6 ff' , my , .fr ,t W . ,il VAL Vjlhfb ! nf. yf' V' .f yu! BEVERLY IIANICE BEAN "Bev" "To know is nothing at all, to imagine is every- thing." Secretary-Treasurer Intramural Council, Girls' Sports, Student Council Representative, All Sasscer Night, Band. A rn bition: Secretary. "Gp-0 Vrs? ' "Q- L ELLEN MARIETTA BOLIN "Mary' "God never closes a doorg He merely opens another." Student Council, Tennis-Trampoline Club, All Sas- scer Night. Amlaitimz: Secretary. A MARY JANE BROWN "-Ianey" l'0pen rebuke is better than secret love." Proverbs 2725. National Honor Society Treasurer, junior Honor Society Secretary, Elm Staff Assistant Editor, Cheer- leader CoACaptain, Secretary of Intramural Council, Girls Sports. A tnhition : Undecided. 7 ADELINE C. BURROUGHS "Addie" "For we that live to please, must please to live." National Honor Society Secretary, Elm Business Manager, Thespian Society, Girls Sports, Student Council Corresponding Secretary, Secretary Sopho- more Class, F.H.A. Secretary, junior Honor Society Treasurer, All Sasscer Night, Intramural Council. Ambition: Private Secretary, C l Allllli CLARIANIJ ILXRRICK "Butch" Let us cross the river," he said, "and rest under the shade of the trees." F F A., Tumbling Club, Rifle Club, Auto Mechanics. Art Club, All Sasscer Night. A mbition: Undecided. MARSHALL W. COURTNEY 'Honey "Life is painting a picture, not doing a sum Basketball, Soccer, F.F.A, Newspaper reporter Ambition: Butcher. EDWARD MILLER CURRY "Eddie" F F A., Stage crew, Soccer Manager. Ambition: Undecided. CLEVELAND DEWEY DIXON "Clevie" "I don't want to be a millionaire, I just wan! to live like one." F.F.A. President, Vice-President, Soccer Co-Captain. Basketball, Baseball, Band, Sophomore Class Vice- President, Dramatics Club Stage Crew, Tumbling Club. Ambition: Arc and Acetylene Welder. 8 DENNIS NEAL DURITY "Derby" ' 0 The difficulty in life is the choice." Flm Staff, Student Council, Library Assistant, Li- brarv Club, Theatre Arts Club, All Sasscer Night. Rifle Club, Auto Mechanics Club, Photography "' Ambition' Survevor. NORMKN IQDXVIN ICNTZIQXN "Norman" "The wisest man is he who does not fanqv that he is at all." Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Tumbling. Ambition: College llingineerj. JANE MARIE GARNER "Janie" "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence Cometh my help." Girls Sports. A mbition: Undecided. ROBERTA .IILL GOSNELL "Jill" "You've got to have some pepper to be worth your salt." Thespian Society, Elm Staff, Student Council Club Representative, junior Honor Society, junior Dra- matics Club Vice-President. Ambition: Private Secretary. VVILSON E. HAVENNER "Uncle Sonny" Hitting the ceiling is no way to get up in the' FFA Manager Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Head of Stage Crew, All Sasscer Night Court. Ambition Live to bc a hundred. 9 JAMES MELVIN JETT "Jett" GERALDINE IRENIL HOPKINS "Jerry" "Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need." Editor of the Elm, Intramural Council Vice-Presi- dent, Girls Sports, Junior Honor Society, Junior Dramatics Club, Fashion Show, National Senior Honor Society. Ambition: College fHomemakerj. "Man is the only animal that blushes or needs to." Soccer Team Correspondent, Soccer, Basketball, Li- brary Assistant. '1 Ambition: Undecided. y' tl - N - 1 gf I In N If ,5'Jh4.1.5 - if 1, I Y 1 'I f I J' 'VJ , f , L Vi i i , . . f'N' i X N L' X A .1 p ' f"" MARY LORRAINE JONES "Mary" "Politeness is to do and say the kindest things in the kindest way." Girls Intramural Council, F.T.A. Club, Girls Sports, Office Assistant, All Sasscer Night. Ambition: Undecided. MARY EMMALINE KIDWELL "Kitty" "Happiness adds and multiplies when we divide it with others." Nurses Club, Library Club, Historian of Library. Ambition: Typist. MARY ELIZABETH KING "Betty" "I we uarrel with our ast, we will destro our f t ilq y u ure. Girls Sports, F. H. A., Patrol Club. Ambition: Typist. 'IO XVILFORIJ RANDOLPH LAMM "XVillie" "Tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." Tumbling Club. Ambition: Navy. BARBARA MAE LUSBY "Barbara" "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evi- dence of things not seen." Girls Sports, Dramatics Club, Trampoline-Tennis Club, Library Club. Ambition: Secretary. HELEN MARSHALL "Helen" 'i "A day for toil, an hour for sport, but for a friend 'Q life is too short." Library Club. Trampoline-Tennis Club, Girls Sports, Q -, y Dramatics Club, Patrol Club. Ambition: Secretary. T' ROBERT ALLEN MCCOY "Bob" "A big book is a big nuisance." Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Tumbling. Ambition: U.S.A.F. or Phys. Ed. Teacher. ' I I . 4 ,. , X ,K ,l,. if' , I. 4,51 ,gi 01' .lf 7, 5- 1-. , Wt. A x f' K , .1 ,J-fr Ei MOf!L,4,Lf1L, XM., 1 Myicnlux A A Almaty N ji A A l1?".,af14 -if f e 'c-.,"',d Q. A , V Nm ',p7!'i' Qtq , Lu, f V I , 04, wk., V., jx -IAMES ROLAND MOORE "Cotton Top" "lf you're in the right, argue like a man: if you're in the wrong, like a woman." Soccer Co-Captain, F.F.A., Basketball, Baseball, Bas- ketball Manager, Soccer Manager, Student Council. All Sasscer Night, Boys Tumbling, Boys Hi-Y. Ambition: Armed Service 8: Farming. ll ,C MARIE SUZANN MYERS "Suzy" "What wisdom can you and that is greater than kindness." Caravan Staff, Photography Club Secretary, Girls Sports, Future Nurses Club Vice-President. SANDRA MAE OLIVER "Sandy" "Here's a sigh to those who love me, and a smile to those who hate meg and whatever sky's above meg here's a heart for every fate." National Thespian Society, Elm Staff, Library As- sistant, Dramatics Club President, Chorus, Library Club. Ambition: Secretary. GRACE LOUISE PEFFER 'Gracie "The only way to have a friend is to be one Treasurer Library Club, Library Assistant Choir Ambition: Secretary VIRGINIA IOLA PLOTTS "Ginny" "We know what we are, but know not what we may be." Library Club President, Elm Staff, Student Council Secretary, Library Assistant, Choir, junior Drama- tics Club,.All Sasscer Night. Ambition: Secretary. N - X 'Q ROBERT ALLEN POORE "Bobby" "Haee olim rneminisse juvabit. Addiof' fLatinj Elm Staff, Student Council, Library Assistant, Theatre Arts, Auto Mechanics. Ambition: Law, Foreign Service. 12 ADELINE BELLE PRICE "Pricey" "The mildest manners, and the greatest heart." Secretary of Stamp Club, Dance Club, Chef Club. Ambition: Secretary. THOMAS JOSEPH RAWLIN GS "Work hard but have fun." Soccer, Baseball, F.F.A., F.F.A. Sentinel. Ambition: Undecided. wt' ,, cv .L ' I 7 i STANLEY LOUIS RODENHAUSER V X rrstanv ', "lWhen you say that-smile."' .7 1President Sophomore Class, President F.F.A., Vice- wv President F.F.A, Basketball, F.F.A. Tobacco judging N Team. Ambitiorr' To be 21 success. GLENN EVERETT SASSCER "Cactus' "No good man ever grew rich all at once." All Sasscer Night, Auto Mechanics, Visual Aids, Library Assistant, Library Club, Elm Staff, Photog raphy Club. Ambition: Ele ician. Z fx f X f M eeeee MELVIN DOUGLAS SHERBERT "Butch" "Ours is not to reason why. Ours is but to do nothing." MC of Library's Halloween Coronation, MC of ff Band Concert, MC at dances, Reader in Christmas Play. K Ambition: Money "Big Tom" L f L L-fx ,K-. L A N f X .l. 'J jv l J v I3 Lf' I 1 A JERRY B. SHREWSBURY "Jerry" "Character is not made in a crisis-it is only ex- hibitedf' Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Student Co ncil, They pian Society, Band. , ,P X ' .- Ambition: Navy Engineering. ffQ'l!LLLL,. Qbilifv WLM!! " A ,Zi Aff - I, NAM: Vw CL' M162 1 Lffgi it L 4 9 fflkbdf all - .fa MARY ANN SMITH "Smitty" "The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved." Treasurer Library Club, Girls Trampoline-Tennis Club, Girls Sports, Library Club. Ambition: Secretary. DONALD LOUIS STRINE "Donnie "No one knows what he can do till he tries." Caravan Sports Editor, Basketball Scorekeeper, cer, Baseball, Band, Student Council. Ambition: Physical Education Teacher. W G9 JANICE LEE SWEENEY "Janice" "Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows." Library Club. A mbition: Stenographer. ROSE MARY TALBOT "Rose" "Make your words be worthwhile, or speak not at all." Intramural Council, Girls Sports, Vice-President F.H.A., Future Nurses. Ambition: Secretary. 14 DONALD ROBERT TAYMAN "Smoky" "What a Man misses mostly in heaven is company." F.F.A., Boys Tumbling, Art Club, All Sasscer Night. Ambition: Work for Safeway. MARGARET M. THOMAS "Margaret "Cast all your care in God, that anchor holds! Library Club. Ambition: Undecided. 1 , . l DJ ,. 't' ROSE D. THORINGTON "Snookie" "It matters not what you are thought to be, but w at you really are." heerleader Captain, Caravan Staff, All Sasscer Night L L'Court, Library Club, Student Council Representa- tive, Future Nurses Vice-President, Library Assis- Eayut, Girls Sports., Q EL AmbitllcZr!.'Bl'ery.1ern.tary Teacher. li g yi i 4,4 V . vc A 1. ' L L' rj., Ll 1' xl, 'i L A j L A MARTHA JANE THORNE "Martha "No one is small who does a small job in a big wax President of Future Nurses, Girls Trampoline-Ten nis Club, Girls Intramural Council, All Sasscer Night, Chorus. Ambition: Secretary. DAVID LEE TUCKER "Old Tuck" "No matter what the learned say, I still my own opinion keep." F.F.A. Vice-President, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Band, Dramatics Club Stage Crew, Tumbling Club, F.F.A. Sentinel, Chairman of F.F.A. Banquet '57, Ambition: Mechanic. 15 ROSE ELLEN WALKER "Rose" "Do unto others as you want them to do unto you." Art Club, Patrol Club, Girls Sports. Ambition: Undecided. FRANCIS MURRAY WHITE Wllltey "As men live so the die " y . Elm Staff, Newspaper, Photography Club President, Soccer, All Sasscer Night ,zffgfy K L j x 4 1 DOLORES M. WHITTINGTON "Loy" "There is no book of the law so dem' to each man as that written in his lzeartf' Treasurer Nurses Club, Tennis-Trampoline Club, Junior Dramatics, Chorus. Ambition: Secretary. LINDA MAE XVILLARD "Wendy" "Her little tongue is never still: talk it must and talk it will." Fashion Show. Ambition 5 Service Air Force. lXlll.lJREll JANIQT XVYVILL "-lullet' "Keep true to the dreams of thy youth." Senior Dramatics Club, Senior Dramatics Play, Nurses Club President, Library Club, Library As sistant, Patrol Club, Secretary, All Sasscer Night Am bition .' Nurse. 16 5,0 QL ,t SQRRQ A I 6 59 Senior M emories Rddve Forbidden entrance Honor and surprise . . Disgusted coach . . . ,Y4 Past fs it Mary Haile Marguerite Shugart Mathematics, General Mathe- Algebra, Geom- matics. etry, Trigonom- etry. J 5 Carolyn Buck and William Brietenbuck construct and explain a problem in the second period geometry class. Dividing 787 by 39 and then multiplying the quotient by 56, offers no difficulty to this Sth grade math class. CD Q 1 5 x Q! Danny Brook as Raymond procedure. s finds the solution to un algebra problem Kennedy and Russell Roberts cheek his l Contributing To Tomorrow's ,, . 3 .,',, 51-,Q -,.w,,I,N? Q 1, as P rw. W-,.. H1 'nw mf: fe, ' f K ' fum ,l .wi 51647 ROCK 5 "It says right here," explains Mr. Far- ley to Francis White, "that diamonds are the hardest substances known to man." Age of Science I if ' 'LW F , We'll have it . . . ful, V A Vl.Vl "It was here just a minute ago," says Wes E J if' y Randall and LeRoy Norfolk as they refocus N ,Lt one cclled animals. ,I 'K 1-an 2 Sr High Sczence jr High Sczence l T-in f, ALZN, Bwpa-,'f:37.'5r pens SOURCES A ,gg : W D U 4 - f , Willlam Helm OXO OXA AXA DY9 BX? AX! DXAI AXA9 UXAB QXAB T jonathm Duley and Cynthia BLOQD 5: 3, O15 Q5 oy ALS A,l3,A lik ABL Third Prize LeRoy Norfolk Wes Randall eaefe see' R y wr' Ei as A Q- ,, x H i 'R f , ' ' - W , 2fi?,g -l-' ,1, ,H . ' . f?W N. lf' Tel WYv1ll. or Edward Farley Mark Baden 'f s V l A . ' ' . ' ' 21 l :ae qw ...ailing FUTURE BUILDERS O1-' AMERICA: Drawing to correct specincations are R. Tnymun, R. Moore. and L. Beall. r Agriculture AGRI-HYPNOTISM: Mr. .Xdznns lectures on the IJCIICIIIS of conservation. THE BIG MACHINE: K. Moore starts the tractor as KI. Parker and J. Sweeney make 1511!-Kill' IVWIIIS Vocitional A riculturc final adjustments. . - g This has to be precise: J. Halteman looks on as T. Wilson saws away. Industrial Arts I P P R9 Knit one purl two are Mrs. Dule'y's instructions to these two Home Economics students. IVI .,k.,.k.1g, . Emily Duley Zane Overly Home Econom- Industrial Arts :cs Wh Projects Galore: L. Covell, R. Thames, and C. Smith finish up on last minute details for a burning light. Home Economics Q, tb. ig. Dresses and Design: Home Economists design and sew on the latest fashions. .4 . X Age 3 Cid' are , - A-Jam. my zwflftm ' Brotherhood Week is clearly expressed as the students exhibit dolls from many foreign countries. Bringing the World Attentive listeners take notes on the traditional dress of the Norwegian people in this eighth grade core class. 2: w ' 1 S, fair-f X, , - K W :H g 1: . tiff? 4-. .-Q., Ju 5-51 1" ' -fn 'W l . 4 . N 'ifw l fi .,a ' 4 :ITS 'irifliu -s rfxml-fl. W is ., ., 5 I Violet Fonner Marie Parrish Core Uthj Core f7thj Mary jo Barrett Ina White Core f8thj Core f9thj Spelling Power: A seventh grade core class tries to grasp the art of spelling. Into the Classroom Miss Lobe's class of World Geography is busily involved in their studies of the day. Problems of Democracy, a class reserved to the study of our nation, its people, and the various problems which have arisen in our country since its founding, is a special class available only to the Seniors. The purpose of this class is to orient the student with the functioning of our govern- ment and the basic conception of our economic enterprise. Qfvlm ..."f A .e American History, the realm of the American port, is wide open for exploration, and these juniors are on the verge of finding how interesting it really is. Solving World Problems: J. Garner, A. Price, D. Durity, G. Sasscer, and j. Sweeney take advantage of a morning study. 25 x 'v t I .K A Modern Learning: Charles Von Garlem partici pates in the American History class by way of an Executone. fav- . ,N i' A s.. N- jon Peterson gyvv . 5, i'.. I t.,, , Q Joan Lobe P. O. D., Core English, World f9thj G eo grap h y American His tory. S, - MSL-f While gathering material for a research paper, the 12th grade English students learn methods of taking notes. Mary Brown Wayne Ashby, Bill Lee, and Paula Terry listen and English, P. 0. D. take notes as Paula Tessitore reads her theme. The Languages These First year Spanish students are learning to read and pronounce Spanish words by practicef 26 Charlotte Gustafson Spanish, English These students discover that a test in Spanish II re- quires great concentration. V3 Q1 Q Brotherhood Week begins as these Sasscer students 'I 'X Set UP 3 displal' of our fofell-In nelgh ' Of - Sweet melodic refrains drift from under the music Af fx! room door as these future Carusos and Callases exercise Q! ,JW their vocal chords. . if ' w Y .J ' Q Q . Syl 59 ' I 0 0 Betty Turner .Music JR. HIGH CHORUS: left to right: first row: M. Richardson, D. Windsor, B. Tucker, S. Chitty, M. Woodward, E. Buck, R. Finn P. Hutchinson, L. Boswell, E. Entzian, R. Richardson, sponsor: Mrs. Turner. Left to right: second row: C. Bean, B. Miller, G Thames, C. Hanson, M. Cave, D. Duncan, L. Tayman, j. Simpson, T. Chaney, L. Boice, P. Nichols, L. jones. Left to right third row: L. Harris, A. Graybeal, T. Wilson, R. Woods, N. Windsor, F. King, B. Cranford, R. Sweeney, S. Sonka, M. Moran I I Barbara Jay jones, Sandy Oliver, and Roberta Dixon are shown working in the school office. This is required by their office practice class. These groups are very intently studying bookkeeping, an essential part of the llth Grade Commercial course. 4' E Q , t yt sys Josephine Wilson Commercial Building a These ambitious students are prac- before the arrival of This group is shown in their general busi- ness class. It is the first commercial class that the 10th grade participates in. 28 Business Background r"" ,sv jill Gosnell is pictured here dictating shorthand to Virginia Plotts before class. Joni Rodenhauser checks the speed and accuracy of the personal typing class. 29 Mary Jones and Mary Kidwell are learning how to run two of the various business machines which are part of the commercial curriculum. GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION: In the air -V. Miller. Standing: B. Wilson, J. Cobey, j. Thorington. Physical E ciucation N L' I .5 t ,xy it ' 1 ' ' I , .' v Mary Burgess Chester Pietras' Girls' Physical Boys' Physical Education Education Flying through the air with the greatest of ease is Willy Lamm during a gym period. Driver Education E Q Mega? , ,, . ,L wi C , "1': , f t ft . tt,, iii ,' X i "It's done like this . . explains Mr. Nemchick u t,A A - 3 'iff 5 to Linda Willard as Claudette Beall, Kenneth 'if' ' A ' Moore, and joe Cage look on. gg 'F , 5" ,V 11 ,. , ,M A ff - , ,. Sas- W' ,C tt t ri y , tri t e cc t .C if i 51 Q , ,. ' - ,, .... r K ff, K ' ' my Q xg: 3 il-5 5 Q ,X 1 it isp r te , ix,,f'i K. King: Jimmy Moore Queen: Roberta Dixon Senior Members: Junior Members: Sophomore Members: Ninth Grade Members: Eighth Grade Members: Seventh Grade Members: Crown Bearers: Flower Girl: Judy Sasscer We proudly present the King and the Queen of All Sasscer Night, Jimmy Moore and Roberta Dixon. They have excelled in sports during their years at Frederick Sasscer and have participated in many other activities. The Sasscer Night Court The Court members are chosen for their sports ability and popularity within their classes. They have proved themselves to be good sports at all times. Mr. Houts congratulates the King and Queen after Mr. Vincent Holochwost and Miss Ada Mae Warrington have assisted . . ' hoosin them. Donnie Strine and Mar ones m C g Y J Bob Clagett and Jill Gosnell Gerald Cranford and Barbara J. Jones Norman Entzian and Jerry Hopkins Claude Boswell and Elizabeth Swanson Johnny Anderson and Joyce Talbot Wesley Randall and Rosalie Sweeney Phil Cranford and Phyllis Miller Robert Burns and Sandra Teasdale Robert Evans and Ambler Bowie Kenneth Darcey Wayne Smith all Faculty and Senior boys rough it up JoAnn Clendenin begins her routine in a basketball game. on the trampoline as others watch. Queen Roberta ouch!! Now than my hack you just And they all came tumbling down! put your knee in! King jimmy -. . ..- f. , ij:-3 . .ily V .. Mr junior Majorettes perform. . , .Xnd the Colorful Pom Pom girls. 33 lsr.. "A Coach Pietras and "Yates" Clagett share the spotlight with the Class B County Champion- s ip trophy. Will it make it . . .P The Makings of a Champ " i For the first time in Frederick Sasscer's history, we came through with a champion team. Due to our fine coaching and drill- ing we met and defeated our opponents with considerable ease. Although athletically classified as a Class C school Sasscer tied Surrattsville for the Prince Georges County Class B Championship and entered the Class C tournament at Suitland. BASKETBALL SCORES Sasscer 62 Southern 46 Sasscer 48 Sasscer 5 1 Calvert 47 Sasscer 36 Sasscer 38 Sasscer 61 Sasscer 62 Surrattsville 54 Sasscer 53 Sasscer 52 Sasscer 64 Sasscer 55 Sasscer 42 Sasscer 64 TOURNAMENT Sasscer 50 Lackey 52 Charlotte Hall Sasscer Margeret Brent Arundel Sasscer Gwynn Park Laurel Great Mills Charlotte Hall Sasscer Leonardtown Arundel Gwynn Park Margeret Brent Laurel Surrattsville Margeret Brent Sasscer JUNIOR VARSITY: Standing: Mr. Peterson, F. Wyvill, R. Garner, L. Terry, T. Starkey, C. Buchheister, R. Talbott, M. Mitry, P. Cranford, Captain, D. Brooks, J. Rawlings, L. Diggs. Kneeling: E. Poe, J. Gardiner, J. Perrygo, V. Versurah, R. Sothoron. VARSITY: Left to riglzlf R. Moore, I' F. Ridgely, R. McCoy, J. Jett, Couch x ALU , . . 'etrz1s, Not Cap ming J. Moore, J. Shrewsbury, B. Clagett, ' G. Cranford, ,X N. Hodges, Strike BASEBALL TEAM: Left to right: front row - C. Buchhiester, A. Catloth P. Beall A. Armstron N. Entzian E. Beall, D , , g, , - Strine, G. Cranford, T. Rawlings. Second row - J. Anderson, J. Shrewsbury, J. Flynn, W. Ashby, C. Boswell, E. Walker, P. Cranford, E. Dorsey. Baseball Gerald Cranford winds up to fire another one as Sasscer prepares for a successful baseball season. Ed Walker takes a healthy swing as the Sasscer bench looks on. Roberta Dixon Joni Rodenhauser Mary Lo Jin Gosnell Rosalie Sweeney Darlene Thorington Captain I' S Mary jane Brown Co-Captain E E f- Bette Sue Plummer joan Thorington Virginia Dixon u Buchheister Intramurals 5 --,ft s. 1" if Bob Clagett and Al Woods converge upon the Suitland goalkeeper who has just made another good save. z X ' A - Y 4 5 GIRLS INTRAMURAL COUNCIL: standing: right to left: Beverly Chaney, joan Cranford, janet Windsor, Emma Jean Buck, Mary War- field, Muriel Curtin, Paula Terry, Linda Chitty, Judy Mussi, Irene Duley, Elaine Dixon. Seated: right to left: Martha jane Thorne, Rose Talbot, Beverly Bean, Secretary 8: Treasurerj Joyce Talbott, Presidentg Bobbie Hopkins, Vice-President: Mary jones, Barbara Manson. Soccer SOCCER TEAM: Center - J. Moore, Co-Captaing C. Dixon, Co-Captain, Botttom Row - J. Shrewsbury, N. Entzian, E. Beall, D. Strine, J. Kelly, B. Clagett, G. Cranford, F. White, D. Tucker, T. Rawlings, H. Fenno 'Top Row - ' eall, R. McCoy, G. Steadman, G. Harris B Wilson ,gm J. Beall, 12. Walker, J. Loveless, J. jettl Manager. I another Suitland attack. 38 Frederick Sasscer's defense tightens up for STUDENT COUNCIL: Left to right: Ser1tf'rl.' J. Windsor, A. Bowie, C. S. Hough, D. Durity, lf. Bunting, R. Talbott, Jr. High President: C. Buck, Treasurerg B. S. Plummer, Vice-President: G. Cranford, President, J. Thorington, Secretary: V. Miller, Howell, L. Norfolk, C. Buchhcister, A. Caddis, V. Vfantv. iff! to right: Stmzdings Mrs. XValker, Sponsor, C. Madison, N. Sasscer, D. Beall, H. Durity, B. Clagett. Student Council The Student Council ol Frederick Sasscer is the most active organization within the school. As well adhering to the wishes ol' the students, the Council sponsored many activities this year, including the selling oi' Christmas candy, the presenting of a Talent Show within our school, and the sponsoring of the "Southern Showmanf' a talent show presented by the S.M.R.A.S.C. Caravan For the first time at Frederick Sasscer a new type of student publication was tried. This new publication, called the Caravan, proved to be one of the best newspapers in Sassc:er's history. Twice weekly the staff met in its press room behind the stage and put together at very color- ful newspaper. CARAVAN STAFF: Left to right: First row: J. Pnshec, B. Wilson, F. Bunting, B. Clagett, Editor, D. Strine. J. Rodenhauser. Second row: F. YVhite, R. Phibbons, B. S. Plummer, D. Duncan, A. Gaddis, J. Thorington. Tltirfl min: A. Graybeal, J. Green, J. Ginn, D. Thorington, S. Myers. Fourth rrmt: Il. Lee, J. Shrewsbury, P. Terry, D. MaGrnder, Howell. ' - 'FHEv ' -IUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY: Left to right: first mu'Hl'. 'l'er1'y, B W1 son Treasurerg J. Hook, D. Brooks. President, A. Gaddis, Ilntzian 9 Birdsong, L. K. Boicc, Second rout-C. Buck, V. Miller, L. Chitty B Hopkins, Secretary: L, Miller, K. Naylor, D. Beall, T. Burns. l'lynn I Howell, CZ. S. Hough, -I. Perrygo, V. lvzuitl, D. Francis. Surprise is regisleicrl on Tommy Burns' face as Paula Terry shows him the way to the stage Leadership, scholarship, citizenship, service and characterg these five admirable traits ex- emplify the members of the National Honor Society. To be inducted into the Society is the highest honor that can be conferred upon 21 student at Frederick Sasscer High School. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: Left lo right: first row-G. Cranford, Presidentg E. Koons, R. Dixon, AI. Gosnell. Second ron'-N. Entzian, AI. Hopkins, D. YVantz, F. Bunting. Third mu'-M. QI. Brown. Trezlsurerg .X. Burroughs, Secretaryg C. Boswell, B. Clagell. 40 f X D THESPIANS: Left to right: B. Clagett, S. Oliver, A. Burroughs, Miss lVilson, J. Shrewsbury Foundation For the Future LIBRARY CLUB: Left lo right: First rozv: D. Hutchinson, l.. Hutchinson, M. Smith, Treasurer, 12. Copeland, Vice Presidentg V Plotts, President, G. Peifer, Secretaryg M. Kidwell, Historian, J. Peffer, Sergeant at Armsg I.. Tayman. Second rotv: C. Lewis, R Windsor, C. Bean, M. Hardesty, V. Walton, J. Boswell, D. Windsor, S. Sonka, K. Chochola, M. Thomas, G. Berry, B. Entzian Third row: A. Moore, A. Moreland, S. Talhert, G. Bcull, H. Marshall, B. Lusby, B. Binger. T. Smith, P. Sanner. B. Miller, N Rose. Fourth row: W. Heim, C. Hanson, N. Wlindsor, R. M. Smith, T. Wilson, J. Perell, M. li, Tydings, R. Walker, P. Sokolo ski. Not Pictured: P. Wilding, F. Stephens, M. Cooksey, Cl. Stezidman, E. Thompson, N. Woods, J. Perry, B. Cranford, L. Jones G. Thames, C. Anderson, B. Beall, J. Bcall, B. Chaney, S. C L. Davis, L. Gray. M. PZ. Rirhardson. c V- l :15""' ' 1 s O' w -0 . Q x. X. I . X . MAJORETTES AND POM POM GIRLS: Front: B. J. Jones, Majorette Leader. Second row: left lo right: Pom Pom Girls and Jr. Majorettes: M. L. Bean, J. Clendenin, J. Simpson, J. Howell, N. Williams, C. Simpson, S. Teasdale, B. J. Dixon, R. E. Sweeney. Third row: Majorettes: L. Turner, M. Militzer, N. Moore, K. Holtzman, C. Beall, C. Sherbert, D. L. Weatherholtz, and P. Lent. Sounds From The Fields , J '7 f silt' This year our band, under the direction of Mr. Guzman, has provided us with entertainment at many of our school functions. They performed well, and we were proud of them. img 5 M!-R .. .. A gpg . A ,Z """'1 V-'H til 1' SENIOR DR.XNI.-XTICS CLUB: Left to right: First rozv: WVyvill, S. Oliver, President: V. Dixon, Miss XVilson, Sponsor: R. Page, B. Cnflagc, S. Allen, Vice-President: Distad, S. Jones. Bark row: B. XVilson, Secretary: E. Koons. Treasurer: D. Hill. Of Entertainment Q3 SQ ' s S Xt Q 5 BX WJ Q ut.. CHORUS: First row: Left to right: R. Sweeney, li. Ritihzlrtls, M. Richardson, 'lll'lOl'lIlgl0ll, I. Mussi, l'. Miller, C. Naylor, B. Wilson, P. Duley, M. Duvall, E. Rodcnhunscr, V. Vcrsusuh, R. Sothoron, Koons, K. Smith, AI. Ginn, -I. Atkins, -I. Simpson QI. Koons, B. J. Dixon, P. Klingler, B. Cuflztgc, S. Birtlsong, C. Ruin, Second row: V. Dixon, B. Plumber, N. Williams, L. Chitty D. Francis, C. Sherbert, DeV21ughn, Lloyd, Slll'CWSlJlll'y, R. Page, Burroughs, S. jones, V. Wzinlz. D. YVantz, E. Buck, C Buck, Pushee, sponsor: Mrs. Turner. Third mtv: Cl. Hanson, .L Catldis, D. Distatl, W. Rllllllllll, R. Tllznnes, R. Kennedy Ii. Wlindsor, R. Talbott, D. Cooper. II. Flynn, l'. Brown. ll. Dislzltl, M, TllK'lil'l', C. Lewis, Nl. Wztrticltl. a 43 After School Activities Where's the net? . . . Concentration might win it . . . 1 do '69 - Shaping Creative Minds PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB: Left to right: F. YVhite, President: -I. Little, S. Myers, Secre- taryg WY Lamm, E. Buck, Treasurerg C. Sasscer, Mr. Overly, W. Havenner, R. Poore, Vice-President. SCIENCE CLUB: Left tu right: M. Cllmmhers, Mr. l"zn'ley. mponsorg R. Page, Secretary Y. Yersurah. Treusurerg L. Norfolk Presidentg B. Sutton, Librarizmg W. Lamm, W. Bailey. Srrrnzd row: J. Parker M. Moran, J. Peffer, R. Hazel W. Brilen back, S. jones, P. Sokolowski, B. Schmidlkofer, T. .Xrnolcl. Third rrmu' W. Thomais. R. Czlllotli, D. lleall, S. Chiltv ,WNY Heim L Baldwin, L. Hankla, R. ll'IlI'l10Cl'i. R. Felty. 'll lv00flM'1-lffl, li. Szlsscer, J. Brziclforcl. I, J 1- Ag :flll xx r i r S.. .ii-iqfw FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA: Lvl! lo righl: Ififsl muh' G. Reio, D. Francis, L. Chilly, 'lieasurerg C. Naylor. Secretaryg G. King, President, Mrs. Dnlcy, Sponsor: I.. Chaney. Slrnzzling: P. Dnley, P. Szmner, S. Birdsong. J. Beall, S. Talbert, D. Distad. A Page FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA: Sealed: li. Slmup, l'. lkcaill, K. l'uunsbcr1'y, Cl. llurrick, lj. Loveless, J. Cage, K. Moon, XV. Havenner, D. Duley, li. Bcall, President, .-X. .Xrn1strnng. Slmzrling: H. Fcnno, Mr. Adams, Sponsorg M. Beall, E. Curry, II. Sweeney, Vice-Presidentg J. Kelly, Treasurer: ii. Harris, S, Roclcnhallscr, T, Rawlings, D. Tucker, CZ. Dixon, X. Bcall. C14 Lusby, J. Parker, Sentinelg G. Huff. Q- t 3 ,vas , JR. HIGH NVRSES: Left to righf: First rozw: Pnrrlv, Nl. Morznm, B. XVz1ll:ic'e, Hvde I WVinclsor D Iuihv D XVinclsor. M. Coolwcy, C, Moreland. ll Hutchinson. Ii, Nlrnrzxn. I.-ell In riglzlr .S'f'mnrl rozv: A. Rznlvlirlgs, C. Iffelllll, 4Priee, Thomas, R. XVooclG, NI. Richzmlwun, N. lJeC'enriw. N, lfrznnmix, I. l'2ll'l'4Cl', R. XVulker, M. Hzmleslv. Left to riqlzlx Third rozu' M Tydings, M. L Royer, . Brown, .L Bowie, I.. Gray. IS. Nlillcr, Y. Walker, G. Kennedy, ii. Hanson, AI. Boswell, Mrs. Brown, Sfvongor. From Tomorrow 1' . b -1 3 FUTVRE NVRSES: Imfl lo right: Firsl why C,lle11ll, CI. YN'yvill, M. Bradshaw, D. Tayrnan, S. Myers, Vice Presidentg C. Beall, EI. Pursclmwitr, Prexirlcnl: NI. L, Bean. Rawlings, li. Swanson, J. Naylor, P. Lent, D. L. Yveatlrerlgpltz, Coober, D. Hill, M. .-X. Xfarlielcl, l'. lleull, S. Pzzyn -, Mm. lflxnn, SponscENC. Sherbert, Secretary-Treasurer, E. Buck. . C 43: .. - 47 .,,.-Vw s 49.1 lLlRI.S BXDMINTON CLUB: Left to right: Sianzling: Cooper. M. Militzcr. 12. Buck, D. Hill, M. Smith, I. Duley, V. Dixon, G. Farrell, J. Koons, A. Moreland, C. Lcwis, K. Holtzman, D. bztrncr, V. Miller, C. Sherbert, B. J. Dixon, P. Klinger, sponsor: Mrs. Burgess. Left to right: Smlffzl: li. Riclmrds, P. Terry, R. Yvall, B. Hopkins, J. Thorington, B. Wilson. J. Cohey, M. Tucker, J. Hyde, L. Turner. Sports, Sports TENNIS-TRAMPOLINE CLUB: Left to right: Standing: sponsor: Mrs. Burgess, H. Marshall NI. J. Thorne, D. Thorington, J. Talbott, M. Smith, B. Lusby, M. Jones, B. Hopkins, J. Koch Smled: Thorington, B. Bean, S. Davis, V. Dixon. i- ' Q l Jag, r D ' r-5 ' 7 A ' Q f' .'e!o lfiakth fy P95 r!'N"f'5Kf"l nb mt Aix t le. - QA , . Qfv JA i P4 INTRAMURALS CLUB: left to right: hrst row: B. Sasscer, B. Lamm, R. Catloth, D. Beall, C. Hill, D. Beall, J Buckler, R. Moore, L. Beall, C. Smith, D. Hutchinson, B. Thomas, G. Moore, C. Thomas, R. Thames, F. Stephens second row: R. Loveless, T. Kidwell, S. Chitty, R. Fenn, G. Hutchinson, W. Hopkins, R. Burns, B. Mishell, D. Thames B. Moore, O. Moore, J. Holterman. third row: B. Evans, M. Chambers, L. Beall, N. Sasscer, C. Bowen, J. Calderback P. Duley, P. Sweeney, R. Felty, T. Wilson, R. Richardson. fourth row: L. Miller, F. Sasscer, D. Hutchinson, F. Chaney R. Thames, S. Trammell, J. Bradford, T. Woodward, T. Burroughs, G. Warnock, D. Brady, W. Bailey, R. Lambert fifth row: B. Sutton, C. Madison, P. Sweeney, D. Beall, J. Hill, C. Starky, T. Terry, T. Hutchinson, J. Peddicord, R Poore, R. Burns, K. Mulhern. and more Sports 5 '25 B .Mp 'E r l ' PM I M 'ilu 9 Q 545 if st. X f- 'X , X '-yr ' EQ X. el a+ . i ' X or Wi- u mr , Nj .. Q 1- 'Ke ,, to A L""l 'lr r I BOYS TUMBLING CLUB: left to right: first row: B. Lamm, J. Loveless, V. President: J. Beall, W. Randall, A. Catloth, W. Lamm, President: A. Armstrong, Secretaryg J. Beall, R. Catloth, E. Pce, J. Gardiner, B. Braswell, B. Thompson, C. Hill, J. Thomas, T. Wyvill. second row: R. Burns, F. Sasscer, S. Chitty, W. Bailey, G. Hutchinson, D. Hopkins, J. Arrington, R. Sweeney, N. Hodges, J. Rattie, M. Beall, E. Thomas. third row: M. Little, R. Binger, R. Rattie, W. Mishell, R. Talbott, N. Entzian, B. Curtain, G. Kidwell, T. Wilson, C. Raulin, P. Sweeney, T. White. fourth row: R. Loveless, H. Fenno, E. Stamp, R. Thames, G. Steadman, J. Duley, C. Smith, T. Burroughs, J. Buckler, O. Walker, R. Moore, T. Wedding. fifth row: C. Madi- son, P. Duley, L. Beall, P. Tayman, B. Sasscer, L. Baldwin, T. Arnold, G. Chaney, F. Langley, J. Bradford, M. Chambers, S. Trammell, J. Shrewsbury. i 1 ggi! ,ff AIM J Q, il ing- 1 ii 1, jerry Hopkins Editor Mary jane Brown Assistant Editor Joan Rodenhauscr Business Editor Adeline Burroughs Business Manage r Barbara Jay Jones Advertisement Jill Gosnell Typist Virginia Plotls Typist Roberta Dixon Advertisement Sandy Oliver Typist Dennis Durity Advertisement Editor HELPERS: Left to right: Suzy Myers Prancis White Jimmy Jett, Janet Wyvill, Robert McCoy The Elm Staff Miss Violet Fonner ' T so -fg mazf Xmffsf - f. 1, -,ati ta 22,if?2aEsf2f1 gg 51,215- Q . A. -' N , Glenn Sasscer Layout Francis Yvliitc Photography Editor Bobby Poore Photography 1- u Qs. fi fi ffl -V1 Q4 4 ' . Ai! . 'Am 7 g 5:5 54:5 Z5 5223 I Y iii? ii at H QR U KW 'Q . 1 fwfiy XZ, VW., Mase 'M W' "gli ,Q 1 I 1 ' if ' ' N G f mr yd -:en f M . ff ,emi 5 5 1. 1 -- if fa HE 2 W gl r lm 4, I s I hx 5 si Q f X Q N :rife ,M , , . f Lo, 2 . ...em-, . K+ 6 S 4 , if ,. N if 1 3 y Eff EF K y ,Q , 5 ff ' if' yef , 5 l 'R N i. 1. KJ' 3 if' s ' ff Z i K E vi' iii ' . I 4 1 fr '3'iI? w -me t 1 2 C l , , r r A M .., si ll 6 . gnc! 5 5 Y fr .mx 4 D y 41 r K 'inf 3 A I ? "'i'x' " -. R. - J ' R, j ,f t 'e ' 5 513 1: , L, - 2:42525 12' is Q75 1 i , 1"3':,:'zI1gs , ., r 4 g ' -. fi- 35115 f' K g .'b- ri- " "' nga' - K f'-'liiiffvt . V ' '.- . -J A 'NI f3H'73'?i:f,.T ' f Eff .: 'i - ,, ,gf JG I -f . Q' , A Q v Aj Y w 'fu W Wig Joyce Talbott: President jerry Sweeney: Vice President Janet Distad: Sec 'Y C Allen Woods reasu r . Th 'FQ 1-. "fu Elwood Beall Mary Lou Buchheister Fredericka Bunting - f 'Tam Sandra Allen Katherine Anderson John Anderson Claudette Beall 'K . 4 1'-Q A5353 . , -s 41 - ,M 1 lb 1 i .nu sv X :asf A f , , Claude Boswell John Burroughs Joe Cage joan Cranford Barbara Cuffage Muriel Curtain Dolly Mae Dannenhower Sandra Davis David Duley Lucretia Franulic Pat Garner Glenn Harris George Huff joe Kelly Susan Kerr E Juniors Peggy Lent Betty Lewis Geraldine King ud Koch '- J Y Eugene Koons Merrial Lambert g kf,. , 'W ' x f if Brenda Kay Meachum Robert Moore jack Parker Tommy Perkins Robert Phibbons Bette Sue Plummer Janice Purschwitz Fred Ridgely Kellie Steadman Elizabeth Swanson Jean Sweeney Marian Thompson Doris Tayman Charles Von Garlem Edward Walker Doll Wantz Kenneth Moore Elaine Moore Ruth Moreland Judy Naylor -u - Q- ' M . .f'-1 V . -- y - . Dixie Lee Weatherholtz ' l , , K ,H iz ..-X , ..- Afk ' 5 4.1 3319127 Q. , - Q 'xii I T ifw l W .ws i ' woe I fi,f H555 - S H 1 " E , in . gmww - i vv Q st w-:vi 1 A . "J i f lg nzk swims. n y dWyVy, t if ' Y wa? stu y - tly w.' K iw? i M' E ' ' 15565 : 'T' Y. ,k'i '. 'lil , Wftgggf - -,, .jj Q' ""'X if ,V :mf f P7 i'i9YZ5w1r isii iiitr x X B 4 Nj my Ml ern -1 i'w ,Q an 14:23 1 E' L lemma m3?',Wr E- 7-r' 'I ' i'r" 1,5 5, '14 f Q., , t. ww: A i i ,, ,i K I 21 55: . UXj,J3,wJ2. voggwoa Q UNJN it iw ,L .-N ' ,-Q? Q W Vickie Miller: President f, Wesley Randall: Vice-President Arthur Armstrong Wayne Ashby ti. an K , " 1 f , Mike Baker Alvin Beall Michael Beall Richard Bishop William Bowen William Britenback Carolyn Buck Albert Catloth Jo Ann Clendenin Judy Cobey David Cooper jackie Cooper Emily Copeland Lewis Covell Betty jean Dixon Virginia Dixon Irene Duley Betty Entzian Gloria Farrell Henry Fister john Flynn Darlene Garner Phillip Garner Dorothy Hill Katherine Holtzman Barbara Hopkins jane Howell Harmon Hurst Dora Hutchinson Lucille Hutchinson Janice Hyde Steve jones Pam Klingler Judy Koons Bill Lee Th E 'ii ,. ' ,, uw-' .X we 1? 'QF' iq, Sophomores .K .Ly Ju, james Loveless Donald Magruder Barbara Mayhew Barry Milhailor Marie Militzer Ray Miller Alice Moreland Connie Nicholson LeRoy Norfolk Richard Page james Rattie Jimmy Rawlings Edith Richards Mabel Richardson Eddie Sheriff Carol Sherbert Charlotte Simpson Charles Smith Marie Smith Theresa Smith Thomas Starkey Morris Suit Bruce Sutton Paula Terry Paula Tessitore Robert Thames john Thorne joan Thoringlon Mary Ann Tucker Louise Turner Ronnie Wall Linda YVarnock Barbara Wilson Alfreda Windsor Ernest Windsor ' Rosalie Sweeney: Secretary ,5 Elaine Buck: Treasurer 1 in lm Ex L L ' rl if-A YW ity L.. if . Q 4. M9 4 L -x in 'rxv-' 7 1. I Q: L eel A 'w X It I ' r Q ju ., -Q . -,K -N., .lk 7 Cecilia Lewis John Lloyd J 1 VJ M15 45 . n 1 ., Q: F9 ,K . 6 , if U ' ,df-. QF, ' ,-Ck Vg' , 5 -, k , 5 L jkzgm-1 ,A T , 'T-,dy ffl V V 1 Q, Val. ,,,- ,K 5 Z ' Q 'lk 3 f .. i ' 351 , ' , Y aw ,Xi 1 N. .ia- ' R Ht: M , ..1' . 3 ,. , , - sift Ll I L, I " sa: I I ii : f , 5, Q. .-, . .,,. ka, zz xA e ee y ,gg V C? Zum, VCKC KLQQJ he Carol Beall Virginia Beall Mary Lou Bean Sarah Birdsong Mary Bradshaw Danny Brooks Peggy Brown Carl Buchheister Tommy Burns Cora Canter Lucille Catterton Linda Chitty Audrey Compton Phil Cranford Sandra Cuffage Byran Curtin jerry De Vaughn Evelyn Dean Martin Dempf Lloyd Diggs Dianne Distad Donna Distad jonathan Duley Patricia Duley Billy East Dianne Francis Anna Gaddis Patsy Garner Russell Garner Jeanette Ginn Charles Halfpap William Heim Neil Hodges joy Hook Richard Hutchinson Freshmen Douglas james Ravmond Kenneclv .Xrlene Kessce I Mike McDowell Phyllis Miller Mike Mitry Dottie Moore Linda Moran Paul Moreland .Iudy Mussi Cathy Naylor Aloe Petfer Shirlev Payne john Perrygo Edward Poe Gertrude Rein Russell Roberts lirif Rodenhauscr .Ianice Simpson Paul Sokowski Richard Sothoron Gene Steadman Betty Stillwell ,Xgnes Swanson Ricky Talbott Paul Tavman Marie Tayman Larry Terry Inseph Thomas Vincent Versurah Mary VVarf1eld Virginia YVanIl Nancy xVllllIlI11S Gregory Wilson XVilliam WVilson Cynthia YVvvill Frank Yvvvill Catherine Windsor Betty Kidwcll -:rf .fs - , .t , -4-- - W W N- , -Q ' Q1 f i' K ' -' fs! 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I kai- A 'E' l K is 1. r David Beall joan Beall Gloria Beall Carrie Mae Bean Betty Binger Linda Kay Boice Darlene Boswell Paul Bowen David Braswell Emma Jean Buck Richard Burns Thomas Burroughs Mary Ann Cave Larry Chaney Shirley Cooper Barbara Cranford Susan Cuffage Dorinda Duncan Edward Dorsey joseph Fdelen Nellie Elliott Elaine Entzian Margaret Entzian Walter Fay Harvey Fister june Greene Carol Halfpap .Iohn Halterman Carol Hanson Mary Hardesty james Hill Carol Sue Hough Florence King Ruby Kramer David Lambert Nola Marshall Barbara Miller Lee Miller Amelia Moore Roger Moore Kenneth Mulhern Patsy Nichols ,Iulia Parry Ronald Peddicord Gail Phibbons Raymond Poore Chris Raulin Nancy Rose Nelson Sasscer Clyde Smith Rosemary Smith William Souder Richard Starkey Connie Steadman Robert Suit im Sutton .l Paul Sweeney Ruth Sweeney Shirley Talbert Ralph Tayman Sandra Teasdale Garlene Thames Eugene Thomas Betty Tucker Rose Walker Thomas Wilson William Wilson Nancy Windsor Ruth Windsor Marilyn Woodward Class O Tommy Arnold Wendell Bailey Betty Beall Carolyn Bean Helen Bean Pearl Beckham Virginia Berry Lynn Baldwin Patsy Boswell Ambler Bowie jesse Bradford Patsy Bradshaw Carl Brady Linda Brown Randall Catloth Manning Chambers Beverly Chaney Fred Chaney Stephen Chitty Katherine Chochnla Patsy Cobey Margaret Cooksey Frankie Crain Edith Cummins Lee Davis Marilyn De Bord Diane Dempf Nancy De Cearis Bonnie Dixon Elaine Dixon Leonard Dobrowski Arthur Dorsey Paul Dul"v Harry Durity Bob Evans Ronnie lfenn Rodney Felty Gene Floyd Steward I-'lynn Nancy Francis Carolyn Frentli Linda Grey Richard Green Kenneth Harrington Lauren Harris james Hurst Gene Hutchinson Peggy I-Iutfhinson Vlada Hnativ lirma Hyde Gail Kennedy Ronald Kerans Gene Kidwell Iames Little Richard I.an1hert William Lamm Francis Langley Sharon Lent Dorothy Lusby lilliott Madison Barbara Manson Iuanita Miller Bill Miskel Gardner Moore lillen Moran Nlarjorie Moran Catherine Moreland John Moreland .lanis Parker ,Ioan Perell '64 :T ef: 5 7... 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N Class of '64 Suzette Purdy Ronald Rattie Anne Rawlings Barbara Richardson Roland Richardson Elizabeth Roberts Mary Royer john Sale Patsy Sanner Bernard Sasscer Frederick Sasscer Berne Schmidlkofer Janet Simpson Suzanne Sonka Francies Snyder Bertie Marie Sweeney Leana Taymon Douglas Thames jean Thomas Margaret Thomas William Thomas Elsie Mae Thorne Bernard Tippett Steve Trammell Mary Ellen Tydings Harvey Vermillion Barbara Wallace Raymond Warnock Tommy White Donna Wilson Dorothy Mae Windsor Janet Windsor joe Windsor Retha Woods Thomas Woodward Alumni Ann Langluttig '57 Smokey Davis '58 Stanley Austin '57 Beth Norfolk '58 Bessie Ann Thorne '58 Joyce Boswell fShiHletj '51 David Brown '57 Mrs. E. M. Talbott QBirdsongJ '56 james B. 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Kiker Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles P. Thorington Marlboro Bowling Center Margie Sweeney Mr. 8c Mrs. Wayne Davis Hopkins Sunoco Joanne Burroughs George Wyvill George Wells County Trust Marlboro 5 and 10 Marlboro Lumber Company Mr. 8a Mrs. Vernon V. Donnie Sc Roberta First National Dolores 8c Marie Beauty Salon Marlboro Hardware Ernst L. Loveless, jr. Oscar Duley William Pyles Enquirer Gazette Marlboro jeweler's Western Auto Bragg Motel P Hudson's Esso Unsworth Auto Repair Mr. and Mrs. D. Rust Wayne Motel Walker's Pontiac P. H. Moore . Mr. 8a Mrs. Flick Nalley Schneider's Carry Out Service Mr. 8c Mrs. Freddie Schneider Tall Cedars Motel ' Carrick 8a Gabbe Lumber Company Marlboro Electric A Friend Dr. Bernard Totz Mrs. R. V. Boswell Harry Kelley Mrs. Roy Melvin Jett Frances G. Woods T 8a T Liquors Photography Club Ray's Texaco jerry Hopkins Joni Rodenhauser Mr. joseph Ireland Mrs. Louise Ireland Mr. Sc Mrs. William S. Hopkins - Houts Produced by H. G. 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Suggestions in the Frederick Sasscer High School - Elm Yearbook (Upper Marlboro, MD) collection:

Frederick Sasscer High School - Elm Yearbook (Upper Marlboro, MD) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Frederick Sasscer High School - Elm Yearbook (Upper Marlboro, MD) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Frederick Sasscer High School - Elm Yearbook (Upper Marlboro, MD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Frederick Sasscer High School - Elm Yearbook (Upper Marlboro, MD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Frederick Sasscer High School - Elm Yearbook (Upper Marlboro, MD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 11

1959, pg 11

Frederick Sasscer High School - Elm Yearbook (Upper Marlboro, MD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 57

1959, pg 57

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