Frederick Sasscer High School - Elm Yearbook (Upper Marlboro, MD)

 - Class of 1958

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Frederick Sasscer High School - Elm Yearbook (Upper Marlboro, MD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 92 of the 1958 volume:

7, . I MW 1 M ww if-5 MM - Lggw ,www MSM QQ' Jgjffk 12? A ww . Off? 'WN - M156 42' -A liyw fzfgjnlvl 'Www + W A . WW Xmxwfsnxwf L! QQ M53 giwwiw WWW OV if Jfgwawfjwfgs i TW 3w.f?f57'5 law? MW, WhfWWyg M Q8 qw by M JM . iw ww e? , J! W Q9 My L my Q QQ fi WW W WWW gf jke 1958 .grecleriri .sgadaqr .gzlzoof Maper Wardoro, Wary!anJ kL,,k V H A.k, , ,, , X. M., ,,,. , .M ,.Q, ,-., . ., Allow me to introduce myself: I am the '4Sasscer Devil." Before I take leave of Frederick Sasscer's halls for the last time, along with the graduating class of 1958, I should like to let my mind Wander over the last nine months. I should like to visit each room, remembering the classes and the Work put forth by my friends, the students, I should like to visit the gymnasium and allow the anticipation of victory to once again excite my senses, I should like to mingle once more among the busy students working to put on a successful play or dance, I should like to enter the library or the home economics room and observe again the students doing their best to carry out club responsibilities, I should like to feel the surge of pride in my students as they become part of such achievement organizations as National Honor Society, Thespian Society, and Quill and Scroll. Above all, I should like for the students to relive these treasured memories with me, in the hope of better realizing the value of the education they are receiving, the importance of making the most of their high school years, and the gratitude to be shown for the efforts made by all of those who have been concerned with the future of Frederick Sasscer and its citizens. ZLL Of Cmfmfd FACULTY . , . ADMINISTRATION . . . CLASSES . . CURRICULUM .... ORGANIZATIONS . . CLUBS . . . ACTIVITIES . . SPORTS . . . SENIORS .... ADVERTISEMENTS . . . : ni S MARY Jo BARRETT Core, World Geography MARY BROWN Core, English IV N MARY BURGESS Girls' Phyxical HAROLD CAREY P.O.D., Spanixh I, II, III, Typing Education JAMES GREEN Biology, Physiu, General Science LUIS GUZMAN Band Director . 5 1 redenfing . . . fm RICHARD B O KEEFFE Core Algebra MARGUERITE SHUGART General Mathematic: WILLIAM J. MURPHY General Science Vocational Chemistry aeeeor j I I I7 N sv n JOHN RECKNER I i .A Vocational .J H V Agriculture 1 1 - I MICHAEL Wx' - LORENA SIMON NEMCHICK Librarian Dri-'ver Education ,...., , .... - mi. . -:sn-9--I H " M1 A KATHERINE CLAGETT Art MARY HAILE Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry, Trig. MARIE PARRISH Core, Mathematics AMELIA QICKSON Cafeteria Manager 1 EMILY DULEY Home Economic: JOAN S LOBE Engluh III, U. S. Hixtory, Journalism . . . we g6lCll,dy CHESTER J. PIETRAS Boys Phyncal ARABELLE FLYNN Nurse at We HENRIETTA WALKER Fuidance Couruelor Education, Coach INA LOU WHITE Core General Science ELIZABETH JOSEPHINE TURNER WILSON Muxic Typing, Shorthand Our .Hard ,MAJrLin9 .fgclminififrafion g EDWIN R. DIXON Vive-Prinaipal f P Af' '74""4' gif! MM An outstanding administration is by far one of the most important factors in the foundation of a good school. At Sasscer, you see a line ad- ministration doing its absolute best to make Sasscer a better institution of learning, and also making the school day a more pleasant one. The sincere efforts of both Mr. Angel and Mr. Dixon have not gone unnoticed. They deserve just thanks and admiration for their Well-done Work. RALPH L. ANGEL Prinripal f wi glllyl C . 1 Q ffffl, 3 -r -wa, E fwzags-ry , ...IW ,... . A secretary's life is a very merry life???? A... , W ................, , ........ ,. Cfddried '77df ff1f 1 flwwogu 'Um-QSM QJLSV Wuw Aqxmfk xvmow fvxwu .WXMMVU UWM 29603 wa. MW Q LL.. . y . Q ra fir S 1+ X , a .1 H ,Q Wayne Beall Margaret Canter , fi 1. U37 ' . ,1 - EJ V, A X Dennis Durity l . V Zi' url Q ivbgf? W 32:5 'YI 'Q 0 ui ek x "K , 1 ,-: 4, 4 we ft, . A iiiiifffsi :ET .,1,5,., I I , I I, ,, K . W A H W 5,7 Wi ':,, . , fd .. M 4 a 5 V. at D -g -K .N, 41., E -'I fi. ,1 it . . , 1: fi K l , Q ,1QiA,i,: A . I H ' , A . W, .- - fr. .,. 1 ,A ,. ,yuh I 1, .V I . I t A ' il mtg :,. fa, Beverly Bean Marietta Bolin james Brady Claude Carrick Robert Clagett Gerald Cranford . wW 2f" r " D . ' f- 5' C C 1 kllv N 5 A I . ' . P' . ' , 5'Ev'5iU 2-6-':"' 1 ,-, D , . , V 3 ,. - 1 ,t , ' - ,,t, , W. Wallace Edelen Norman Entzian jill Gosnell Jerry Hopkins Wilford Lamm 5 it 7 ' is i ix-Q ,uf I V: ..,V ,V V , H ,f N M Nil is James Jett Barbara jay Jones Mary jones A.. 1--14+ me ,,1,M,,,, ., ' ii ' M ,.., 2 fly? as 3 1, ,J lfiliglgw gy , D ,rkh , , W . 5 . l M xg Q wg Q I .1 ,C N. i ' Mary Jane Brown Cleveland Dixon if it Q, 5 M Wilson Havenner kiffgffg if "2 ' ig' - Q55-1 ' .r A 5:3 C fha .:.,. 1 4 Alfiiil' w2..E'.:- JHQQQ551 ' we J Y , ,.... ,Hi , L 3 . Adeline Burroughs Roberta Dixon reaenfing . . . is K' S 7 in ' as If x ,Q Q i D ..,. 5 F ut - , . gm. -V ' V- - ,H ...f155i22?iEZZAff'?'P::iq1.!1w.i22E,i, I, sf- - we gf' '- i 'mg 'w 1' ' 'f ago-.51 E: . ifw.,iS113f1:.f ti 52.451-e , A , Mary Kidwell ig, CQQ- ra , . 2251 QM41s22?!55zf.2li1f' f F E T " mffhf ' Q 4, i ff :-1' A. in my ,.i, ,fell egg? t "iJ.?S,1: ,?53i"iE:f11f1f.f:'iWkff:i K rgggjg gsfzgp ' V' ., miiil, ' iaqgggias , ' K ' Betty King Barbara Lusby Helen Marshall Robert McCoy James Moore Mary Lou Moore Suzy Myers Kenneth Pounsberry , ,. tn.: ,f a t . nk Sandy Oliver Adeline Price Grace Pe Ffer Thomas Rawlings ,,,.,,1 ,, Q Aw , . rl H in , 2 . X qt: 31 ,em :vw ' J1f'11sg..:,,, . 51ffz21e,cZ2!f211 I .I Carla Phelps Virginia Plotts joan Rodenhauser Stanley Rodenhauser - A y i l l L .r r k.:fEEEl W I E,, I K - M ,.."- lv ,I ,... .f Melvin Sherbert jerry Shrewsbury Mary Ann Smith Donald,S ne :,,:g fn., ef' I- if, ,,'- I M T - N I .,." gui. Hx , ' , k,.- Ngfiegygl' y pf: Q, 1 ,r QQ, K H., ,,, e l,: at Wwfr ,. ww f-fisr 3 '1 is W , , . at W .K A ' ,L l 1-Sl if , Q 1 W 1 5: -wgrlgi 5 ,, Q Robert Poore Glenn Sasscer xii , liaise A , ,l -fi "" 1 li' ,i' , ,.l Sweeney l . . . jlte junior Kfafsfs i My ,4 I .f l ,L 4 'V I' Q my , Q M yer eii e t . V 1 P e le to " ' ' i T M M 4,elK- f 1 f as D Rose Talbot Donald Tayman Leroy Thomas Margaret Thomas Darlene Martha jane Thorington David Tucker John Tucker Rose Walker Francis White Delores Whittington Thorne janet Wyvill Kk" - " iili 5 X, I , f f i A mf vw, Wg fi. ' : gg: H. . t fa af ffl .2 1? We 'fl J. , r. l Q ,gui '1,. , -gl i: I ,. b ,w , r 55 we , 1 ' is fe 5 t xp B xx naw. . 1 i in ,V , Wai. ii ' " Q" Migilff- -Aff? , - ,,.- L for alfa! aaii i r fazw-...f w 'l X sm Q a Afglik N w , my f ff 11 1? K 3,5 , , gy ,QQ Z X 1 , W L M is v, 3, f '44 'ffh gl f : km ir? if 'W 3 'f' K ' gg Q 2 yai W , , , 'X U ,. 3, wahoo ax, ova- B y ' ,.-' "' . 'f f, , , A W " , 1 L I -we . I V Q , x,,. l Y -"' D ' 1 J Y ' ' V 1 H . aj nig ga H f . ia V' G' A, 5 3- . 1 . .L 'Nm ' 1 , .L ,asf , v-Wf .. , f - .' Elgaalf ,- ., I 'L A2452 "-- V . 1 W B X . a at l ' 'f2':,.- U E31 , Q 1? " '- sf'f'iI 'gif' 5 " " V.. ,ew ,eww .i K ' 55, 3 f in 1 as if, . 2:25 W ' fl 4' - f N A A ' ia- :- L , . I I P MJ JU ,.,. K WM' Catherine Anderson John Anderson Claudette Beall Elwood Beall Claude Boswell Mary Buchheister John Burroughs Joseph Cage Betty Catterton David Clark Joan Cranford Barbara Culfage Murial Cunin Dolly Dannenhower Sandra Davis redenfing . . . ,, R '..' , 1-Q. 3, : mfr at KL,,,,. , Q: tt - rtt a is B rf 'tel l - ve L W4 " f- Q Hz. lr i f '-- I ' .7 - M' Nt A ' ' X Y' A. . .. ufeiefaf ' aaaaaa eely w M ffo, e fa Eaaaivi ' 1f:?! "w Q A, vizt .. Y, u l K, in , , -- v f gsEMfff IX 'E - 'tv' Eff" . - 5 W'--,I f . 1 ,. x JI' ' . ,, 1 .. ' s L B etlil f 'iQM'Q ., QiQ e?,s?521lQ f few' 'x i-,,, if -' ., ' f W Ari' , yu L 1. , ,-., grr y -:ff 1 ,ff V ' David Duley John Duley Patricia Garner Philip Garner Glenn Harris Michael Hicks Larry Houston George Huff Walter jackson Leroy jones Joseph Kelly Susan Kerr Judy Koch Eugene Koons Margaret Lent Betty Lewis Carl Lusby Margie McDowell Brenda Meachum Elaine Moore Kenneth Moore Robert Moore Ruth Moreland Judith Naylor Connie Nicholson jack Parker Tommy Perkins Robert Phibbons Susan Phillips Tommy Plant Sify. 532312:-2 I ' favwvf, . V - r, if , . . ,.., f .3 - W, ,552 ,, K. , ,, ' ' fllrff B ' ' 3, 45553. ff: .X G. A 5:5 ,:,., , I ,,, .L !, x. M, 1 o r is A I as . V. e r , X 'Nlii f ip E . . . jk? Sopkomore C!CL66 Bette Plummer Janice Purschwitz Joanne Pushee jean Richards Fred Ridgely Elizabeth Swanson Barbara Sweeney Jerry Sweeney Joyce Talbot Barbara Tayman Doris Tayman Edward Walker Dixie Lee Weatherholtz Allen Woods Tina York :.qug,,z:e,g,:::g,:,y Q 5225 ""' 7 " TF., V1 I ,ZA I , Q LA zairrigm I n V , A t , as V V I T ,V, gs, I Q. -. ' ie H A A sr y ' l clre "RM . Q --is -em Qf- f m - i gg' fy -. f so sice 1 pw for .sct i A sisa , aaea a , i ii a he "" ' ssil "ie it -X fr 'din ' t t ' 1 ' ' -1i't 313 B a was ' 1 E lcyys M it B f-,,- . fn ,. .1 i' if A .. ,ri V vt a lx X l'e5elltlI'lg, . . . Wayne Ashby Alvin Beall Michael Beall Richard Bishop Annabelle Boswell Willie Bowden William Breitenbach Carolyn Buck Elaine Buck Albert Catloth Paul Cave Par Clagen , Judy Coby David I ooper Elizabeth Cooper joseph Cooper Emily Copeland Lewis Covell Charles De Baun Betty jean Dixon CV1rginia Dixon' 5 Betty Entzian Gloria Farrell Harry Fenno Henry Fister john Flynn Darlene Garner Marjorie Garner Billie Hagan William Harmon Doroth Hill jane Howell Harmon Hurst Dora Hutchinson Janice Hyde Steve Jones Judy Koons ...filo SMAWL CAM Cecelia Lewis John Lloyd james Loveless james Marshall Barbara Mayhew Donald McGruder Wendy Meng Vicki Miller Marie Militzer Alice Moreland Caroline Morrow Cornelia Morrow Leroy Norfolk Catherine Oliver Wesley Randall james Rattie Edith Richards Mabel Richardson Carol Sherbert Edward Sheriff Charlotte Simpson Charles Smith Marie Smith Theresa Smith Shirley Standish Thomas Starkey Morris Suit Rosalie Sweeney Paula Terry Robert Thames john Thorne joan Thorington Mary Tucker Louise Turner Veronica Wall Richard Wisman Barbara Wilson Alfreda Windsor Earnest Windsor Donna Wolfe 4 fa r lk ' S gift Se 9 ., :fl imrfgggzg, " I 'fs is gi? lf M r-if 4 V .ls is yeyy ii . so e,', nh, ,J in t5'q",?' -fi- x ,. gy! 4 , l M aistz f- 0 E Q: esli S is is Q QI f 1 V' V wx M' it if Q L A fe f 3 A-I Q 4 15- X 4 li 'i . .M U iiiiiy Us '53 ' L l U, ' li 2 59 3 ii.. lf? 'si ,g:f-- . Y ' 1 as gz iii ' so , '.l i I - 6 ft S ' gknfllig i Q1 as 7 M.-75 1 fp, '95 -.N .X ' ,,Z:,, ' ' Q, ff ax M' R S. is " , :Ei cf""5- 'LAD CL me Q52 mc, :gl . lil, 1 26" ' i .D i,Q+!i . I zg1r2'5 lx' 1, - W K I : We row L ii ' . T N X lv 3 Tha 74,, K gif of 1.5 L..: 'grggggzi' 11 A V ,Jig . ww. f ,iik .A ', , B B A I , . A V -- .,,, . R "E',:, . fs 'F' 1 ... i B aaa L 1- VVfk,, 1 it k,., C VV L A -.ff .M a , aaw , ,,7 .B L - f c F L ex, ft rw!sarg , fa-fgowe W I i s 1 ,.,- K i f :B .i W ,F A 4 at im. A ' l ciol sd l A K Q, r c tel y , Ik list, K. 1 Qs? W , , if ggi i liA' I K wi W ,ig 1':'+ mn i ei . 9 Q ii L+.. K BQ 77521 L .. 'Pi if 'ight 'K 14 Em Ha L,,. ,, An Q E' gr 535 Sf: S.. -Tk .,., L ,tw 1 rr., li 3555 l Z F b , .:tA 5 C 4 Q flf A 1 Q. CHM Carolyn Anderson Frances Barger Donald Beall Fred Beall James Beall Lee Beall Peggy Beall Virginia Beall Mary Lou Bean Richard Binger Roger Binger Sarah Birdsong jean Boswell Mary Bradshaw John Brady Danny Brooks Peggy Brown Carl Buchheister james Buckler Tommy Burns Nancy Burroughs Lucille Catterton Charles Cave john Chaney Linda Chitty jerry Cornelius Sandra Cuffage Frances Cusick Evelyn Dean jerry DeVaughn Lloyd Diggs jonathon Duley Billy East jonnie Elam Nellie Elliot Carolyn Ann Finley Dianna Francis Anna Gaddis james Garner Patricia Garner Eugene Gilligan Ralph Hardesty joyce Harmon Robert Harris Vincent Hill Uf 1962 Roger Hurst Richardrgugzhinson Garon Ho? Joy Hook Douglas Janes Harry Jones Arlene Keesee Raymond Kennedy Martin Demph Swoosie Kurtz Francis Lowman Jerry Lushy Mike McDowell Nancy Moore Linda Moran Paul Moreland Judy Mussi Cathy Naylor John Norfolk Shirley Payne John Perrygo Gerald Price James Rauch Delores Rawlings Gertrude Reio Roland Sanner Janice Simpson Linda Smith RlCh3lfi Betty Stillwell Agnes Swanson Ricky Talbot Marie Tayman Paul Tayman Larry Terry Jennifer Thompson Frank Vermillion Vincent Versurah Oden Walker Mary Alice Warfield Richard Welan Larry Welton Billy Wilson Gregory Wilson Nancy VViIliams hzxefwzvsfofggafgg-gy . .J ' j . I V . "'g - J J ffl""ff 'N rrry 'P' - 'J' J 'fs - it ' , I ...., r, 1. . N Is, , if I N A c is wi 't'tr' t 'r 5 is it '- R94 -1- a q , 3 ' ' t Q r i , " es., s ,J 3 7 1 M- . VV , ir 3 'Q V . 11 . e,.r K X A K J ' . vs X. . - Q aiaai as f, ii 'li' ' ' V If . ' fo r Q , N . M ., Q ik VW f 'J 1 .,. Ltr ' L - s i f,gg ,sf sign .L F my R, X at . I, 1- W J . f r '-1 fsiifefffggqgfii " r I if we as - R by o a r gk .K if ., l :LV . " ' M r-la 2 ,f r if F Y 'L' f .. .. y. V iff , jyk 1 if K ' ' . , 'yi a n - I -ix Q4 1-.,f." ff" I six l or ua, ffm 5 so f -x ",,. J A 1 . H y i T o - . .Fi A, iw 'iw 2 K: 55? ! ,ere , N A -1 6 , 1 ci.,-. h f , - , ,, 1 sf mayg , A effigy, f, Li nk . mm 4 WP' i I fi! 2 E 1 ga ga. 5 L., 5 K - " . , A or lei J . A B J I ' :- -k V.k I , I gl' . -, V . V .Q A J ' - s VV Vrykv If -Q. f ,k k 9 Q M T X 1 QH , aiais it ix i r'ii 5' M JJVJ i or 1 's so 6 J i sys ...V J R, al so .aia J is he R a tfii it iaa o r iii , Fw t rr ff ,M is J g . l- ':" ' 4"i -gf-iii 1 A , 4' , I I M Ann Almony -5 v .. - gk J Gary Arvin VZI, L L . X A j X X 9, S., m 1, L, g' i--QL G L j ,in A ,A 4,,, , A s sryr of ., gg 3l B L L 1 Y ' D' l Q , , ' ' s L B , 'S s fm' t Q' If gfv v'-J H 1 a, 17, . an kk :Z 1 ' H sm - .. , .kA, I - ttne L r i p ' Ll QI' at N -1 or ' K E :V '11 he I ,,.,, K M y I 7 : 2' M fs in .. pt of B L .1,1, ,y 1 a r s x -I ff, V .. --llf ., A , V- gal?-I f --fg B s , Q. ,L n ya ga x is 1 L L ' H ' 'N f KKAA V , al' RA-Q CAM Alvin Beall Barbara Beall David Beall Gloria Beall joan Beall W" In ii a , Qflf i ' , ,. -H aaaa B -' Mx " V A V ,gy 3 .ar .rr,,'!55f' t- it ffi. L ' L ali a'aa 4 M , g Y N, ,, 5 u tj ,. :ag , f s rr V ' L L get .. H N 1 ' its 1 fx 51 1 I6 A ,1 ,,,, Carrie Mae Bean Bessie Mae Binger Betty Binger Linda Kay Boice Darlene Boswell Paul Bowen Lewis Brady Emma jean Buck Richard Burns Thomas Burroughs Craig Buzzant Lawrence Cave Mary Ann Cave Larry Chaney Theresa Chaney Nathan Cooksey Shirley Cooper Barbara Cranford Susan Cuffage Edward Dorsey Joseph Edelen William Edmonds Elaine Entzian Margaret Entzian Terry Enzor jo Ann Evans Walter Fay Gail Phibbons Harvey Fister Anita Graybeal June Greene Carol Hanson Mary Hardesty Fred Hill james Hill john Holterman Carol Sue Hough George Hutchinson Tommy Hutchinson Louise Jones Mary Jones Florence King r I ii Lee Miller Amelia Moore Michael Moore Roger Moore Patsy Nichols Judith Oliver julia Parry Ronnie Peddicord Judy Phelps Raymond Poore Pat Sanner james Sasscer Nelson Sasscer John Seaver Janet Simpson Robert Suit Clyde Smith Rose Mary Smith William Souder Richard Starkey Paul Sweeney Roger Sweeney Ruth Elaine Sweeney Shirley Talber Ralph Tayman Tommy Terry Garlene Thames Eugene Thomas Bessie Tucker Betty ,lean Tucker Edward Tucker -Iafvey Vermillion Gary Vogt David Wollett Rose Walker Virginia Walton Pat VVilding Thomas Wilson William Wilson Nancy Windsor Ruth VVindsor Marilyn VVondward O! I963 Luther King Ruby Krammer all . Q Wifi 1 ' A x is Q .2ew:f:',, , can Q Q., w 1 J ,.,a,., f Q ist M -"t .Lx S Catherine Lewis A N ' ' V i Charles Madison 1 ji f f ii lpp rd , . W Nola Marshall A l V - l i e p L." A 5, 5' William McKenzie yeey Barbara Miller ,flf i s-1i , A sy.: fy, , or ggi iv . ' ffif at m M If ltiil -. S' Wg- Q- H tltc e K r Qwega,fre ey y spec y. fr E T f he t , e e ' at l ' 2 , is x wflvza' 4 'kwa-if , 'DN ., tttit t A ' R fir, 73237 as s It .- 0' 1 l--H V U Qi! A W K E. Vigrk I U K I ,in I V - N ly H ,as. ziii R. .4 it 3- ,, , Q, w a.. , llpe rl' ' i ily ' jf 'K' f W' ei E E l lf' s up gigs X t , if 5 px X 'gi F ffl S X ri 'ff' , p S U S Q- Hman ,ga e t4fM4 W , . I I 355,15 ik. I .f X ti rf' ff ai saer f E y V . ff S R its. as M .. as 1- R .t QV y N 1 or f :ff l y Zppp . yytyiaa - so , 4 'ink ifi Q j y so A -2 f V llle i .i el Qsf i'eifftf a lie! la l T 5. bi LL 1 ,V,, K M K Q. . k ky gk H K p . rv, , Q . 515 i syti 7 Rh- ' fa 3331? A ' IS A l qyfg z. 4 l ' if H A V - y i,ss S V it is i S V L7 ,4 N U S ytts . yy pp S M iiar t 11132 at . I' X! , , up 1, tt,, V , l ,Y ' f" -V ' le S 2 l e ti X 'Q l f I YW! ' SHIRLEY LANGLEY JUDY WILSON b Layout Copy Editor H i.. u ALLIE LEE BOICE MARGARET LEWIS ' 'o"' A:.r'l. Businexs Man'g., V La y o uf E d i to r V VV Typist SI? L32 'K k iw Iggy I E"A 91 . fi BESSIE ANN THORNE 4 WILLIAM C. DRAPER Brlrinfss llflanagrr, Typist ,--- f ff Photography Editor 1 In ,Xi . W As if all 345 CATHY WOLF If .1 GLEN THOMPSON Businesr Editor 1 I .bil Editor-in-Chirf JOAN s. LOBE L fldfvisor I- .Arif- 1 2.,vlk ww .SLM Helpers to the rescue! What would we have done These twelfth grade ELM helpers are essential to the without them? fCarla Phelps, Beth Norfolk, Darlene stall. IGM:-gza Ward,Barhara Sasrfer, Helm Tayman, Thorningtonj Pa! llomoli.vh.j 45M urricu um 1 ff Core:.x4 Sugfecf jorugff The sophomores work industriously to keep up with the changing map. Sasscer's newest members did not know that current events could be so interesting. KYN mpasses t e better part of the body. As the Core instruc- tors put their knowledge oi modern teaching methods to Work, the students obtain a firm background in all phases of English and many interesting and salutary social studies. Xldifillg me Mclzefi Our mr K Y' P' 4 Being acquainted with other .f .e ,,:,,,s ,sf --wmnwcupaw lands and other peoples is be- coming more and more im- portant in our changing world. In geography class, the stu- dent obtains a well-rounded understanding of the world in which we live. lntensively studied are such things as natural resources, land lertil- ity, governments, graph inter- pretations, and the customs of different countries. According tn Miss Barrett's world geography class, "Explorer" goes a long way in a short period of time. urning MCL jlze payed .jvhzifory ln American history class, the students turn back the e pages of history and see the g many great happenings, and meet the many great men that contributed to making this country what it is today. Through this study, the stu- dents look for and lind a bet ter understanding of our .4-me7'ira1z heritage and our democratic way of life. "And I was sure the South won!" insists Sonny Havenner, working with Eddie Curry and Marshall Courtney. eeing emocracy cgnjdcfion Problems of Democracy is a special course reserved for the seniors. lts pur- pose is to make the students better and more active citizens. Studied under its program are personal problems, American private enterprise system, and the struc- ture of our government. hum Q1 X521 Four seniors are pursuing the seemingly end- less task of writing their Hnal term papers. During P.O.D., something is amusing Catherine Beall, a senior, as she recites. Yflniardfancbng Quia Wafiue jongue In English class, the students learn to effec- tively use their native tongue. They soon at- tain a lirm knowledge of all three component parts of English - grammar, composition, and literature. In ad- dition to creative Writ- ing, English students learn to appreciate the aesthetic values of poetry, prose, the essay, and drama created by the literary greats, both past and present. "With malice toward none . '4Homework for tomorrow . . .H 0I'i'lal'lC0 gel? Spanish, one of the most romantic of all languages, is the foreign language of Sasscer. Mr. Carey, the Spanish instructor, over a three-year period, pre- sents to the student a thorough foundation for knowing and understanding Spanish. Essentials of grammar are presented with intensive drill on pronunciation. Reading, dictation, exercises in translation, and conversation on simple topics are encouraged. H . , . About twenty pages long, without errors!" Two students in Spanish I are re citing to perfect their pronunciation 22 udic 2 HCOUPCLQQ6 CPQCL tl Uelledff In Mrs. Turns-r's music classes, students are able to bring out their best. "Andante! Andante!" re- minds Mr, Guzman to band member jerry Shrewsbury. The Willing and desirous participants of the music classes are learning to appreciate one of the fine arts, and at the same time, put their talents and abilities to good use through Sasscer's Glee Club, Junior High Chorus, and Senior Sextet. The creative facet of the music department exhibits promise of musical accomplishments for many of its members. Captufln In the art department, students are able to put their creative abilities to Work. They soon learn that a vivid imagination is a must. Through their imaginations, the stu- dents seek to capture their inner thoughts, and also, the beauties that surround them. This year, in particular, a sur- prisingly large number of Sasscer's artists showed outstanding abilities in this field. g .yflffbllldlflfflfi 67Xl0l'266l0l'l5 Mrs. Clagett offers some sugges- tions to one of ber promising art students. Three junior high girls are busily engaged in arts and crafts. 1 Physicists Mary jane Brown, Vernon Buck, and Arthur Leitch explain a problem to Mr. Green, the instructor. cience .fdrwl Wad "lf you think the hook is complicated, just take a look atthis!" As news of this infant rocket age continues to make splashing head- lines in newspapers all over the World, every country and every person is be- ginning to realize more and more the importance of continuous advance- ment in scientific understanding and know-how. This year the United States is making an all-out drive to prove its supremacy as a military power. In step With the times, Sasscer is concentrating its efforts for an in- creasingly effective science program. --,S -, g l . L f , . , ,.., . V .,.., - K I - its ,f -1 1 K'-53,6 5-7,155 I sk, f - ., frifljf K., if i Miss VVhite is amazed at how quickly our seventh grade students can grasp elementary science. " . . . is equal to the sums of the squares of the other two sides minus . , . " Three "trig" stu- dents are busily computing a problem. 'lil-I VVith the help of Mr. O'Keefle, the mystery of elementary algebra is unraveling for these two ninth grade students . . . g0..H6lllJ.X4fl6!.H6ll'l6! Mathematics, the mother of all sciences, is continuously increasing in importance as our world progres- ses. A lirm foundation in mathe- matics is an asset to every individual, Whether he plans to seek a career based on the subject or not. lt is for this reason that Sasscer has such a large and effective mathematics de- partment-one with a thorough and practical program that is able to satisfactorily fulfill the individual needs of every student. Under the careful guidance of our math department, this student is being given a good foundation in the subject. r tif'-1E:fEE5l't5illlf!W iiii' liT:li5vz3QE'vH., V if ' 5 'iliiilfliilillgr ,,Q.- ,fiE'1,:s.f'... .. ss IQ. ' , . 'ea l 2 ' ui-ul I -uni Mrs. Duley checks the progress of these home economics students as they piece their skirts together. Mr. Reckner, our former "ag.'l instructor. discusses the operation of the circular saw with some students. youfd Mepdfed . . . VVith the widespread occupation of farming in and around Upper lVIarlboro, Sasscer encourages, boys to carry the Vo- cational-Agricultural course, with two possible objectives: beginning work im- mediately after high school, or continuing their study at the University of Maryland, or some other equally fine agricultural college. Contributing to the same objective is Sasscer's Home Economics Department. They strive to mold the characters of fine hornemakers by preparing either for a higher education or to run a household smoothly immediately after high school. WD Si "I wonder how I'll look when it's finished l' muses jerry Hopkins. The complex parts of this tractor are handled expertly by "The Gang." gs llA t Some senior girls are practicing their shorthand before taking Civil Service exams. . . . 301' we gutufe An important section at Frederick Sasscer is the commercial department. Here, the students are prepared for the future in the business World. Under the expert guidance of the com- mercial instructors, the students are given a variated training. Beginning with a general business course in the sophomore year, the commercial students, over a three-year period, receive training in shorthand, typing, bookkeeping, and the fundamentals of a Well-organized oflice. This gives them a firm step on the long road to success. Shorthand is like another language, isn't it Pat? 2 Li H Q gk' Tomorrow's secre- taries wrestle with toclay's secretarial problems. Barbara jay Jones and some of her commercial classmates are racing to beat that clock! iygizga. v Weccna nfogmenf Boys' uphys. edf' classes help the students develop strong bodies and alert minds. Starting out early in the seventh grade, students are given fundamental training in such sports as soccer, basketball fpic- tured at leftl, and baseball. This early training brings about line athletes for Sasscer's varsity teams. ln girls' uphys. ed.'7 classes stu- dents learn the importance of good teamwork and good sportsmanship. lWrs. Burgess, the girls, physical education instructor, is assisted by student Uphys. ed. leadersf, The picture to the right shows one of these leaders helping in the training of younger students. .gaze tibriuing 301' Oumjfhglzwayd Nlaking better and safer drivers , zl for America's perilous highways is S. W1 the main aim of Nlr. Nemchick, W f iffff ".' Sasscer's driver education instruc- ' I iiii mixture! tor. Both on the road and in the .riii V .... classroom, Sasscerites learn the im- portant fundamentals of driving an Hfwrw Moron N--......,...,,. .... automobile safely Drive carefullY, the life vou save may be your own! this is a popular phrase to the driver education students. Mr. Nemrhick puts ll -tuclent driverthrough his paces. 28 fi' if L , . 1 I U iw? is Q, wi? Q ,A K , fi iff 54221 ffffi, X L,,, , L, ,, ' v W""'k "-1 ' . 2 f' '-:- -vw.. , f K T.,wf.:1 , ff5!::,,,.-gel, 1' .haf 3 I , 5 K-xgx,-EEQLNIAQQ7,5-KI, Q W as if G .--L-. 4-,X rganizafiona 29 24 MA! RLUCU' . . . ,tags 7,5 , .L , , U i . ' k'L' fi, , , .gs .-Q 'WX ,iff lfgiufvaw ' as ,Q 1 at j , ly ri QUILL AND SCROLL: IJ! forum' Margaret Lewis, Judy Wilson, Allie Lee Boice, Shirley Langley. 2nd rrmc: Bessie Ann Thorne, Glen Thompson, Miss Lobe fsponsorj, Bill Draper, Cathy Wolf. The Quill and Scroll, an international journalistic society, honors those students who have shown outstanding abilities in the held of journalism. By taking full advantage of the Freedom of our American Press, together with putting their vivid imaginations to work, students inducted into this organization have bet- tered the standards of Sasscer's literary publications. Through the Junior Honor Society, out- standing junior high students are able to gain justiiied recognition for possessing the qualities that characterize a well- rounded citizene-character, scholarship, service, and leadership. Part of this organizationls constitution states that it must always be on hand to render any service that the school may call for. ...M V -cg, va JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY: Seated: Paula Terry, Barbara Wilson, Miss Barrett lsponsorl, Bette Sue Plummer, Jo Ann Pushes. Standing: Caroline Morrow, Michael Hicks, john Flynn, Eugene Koons, Barbara Cuffage. . . . orjgclzieuemenf xxx X -A ' Ist roms, Irfr to righlf Allie Lee Boiee, Ethel Ringer lfblvhfitirzzll. Qmi rufuz' Judy XVilson, Tim Ridgely, Cathy XVolf. 3rd rr11:.' Pat jones, Bessie Ann Thorne. Mary jane Brown. Jil: rom-.' Gerald Cranford, Adeline Burroughs, Bobby Clagett. The National Honor Society is the most out- An inspiring ceremony is ht-ld hctore the entirc . . . . . - - I ' ' -' ' I-1 5 Smndmg mgummnon here at Iwederwk SHSSCCL student wody for the inducting of the new mem ers ' N E - . who when tapped. arc filled with an untold emotion lhose selected tor this society are the c-xeinplary . . . an inexphczlhle sense of accomplishment. students possessing the admirahle qualities of scholar ship. citizenship, leadership, service. and character. lofty ggoal-inenihers of the National Honor Society An unexpecting student, Judy VVils0n, is about to he tapped The newly tapped members of the National Honor Society for the Honor Society. take the oath together. - Sasscer is proud of tht- students who reach this t3l2CLJ8I"6Ail0 QUQAIOJ Gfizend ila STUDENT COUNCIL: Scared: C. Morrow, J. Gosnell, J. Shrewsberry, J. Loveless, R. Burns, J. Moore, R. Deck, R. Clagett QPresl, V. Plotts, Mrs. VValker fAdvisorJ, R. Talbot, S. Cuflage, J. Harmon, D. Garner, B. Cranford. Standing: N. Sasscer C Buck, VV. Davis, T. Ridgely, Thorington. The Student Council is the most active organization in the school. This year, in addition to always protecting the students' interest, the Student Council sponsored such things as the Nlarch of Dimes, Talent Show, and the organization of the Pep Club. The members of Sasscer's Patrol Clulw enforce safety measures for additional good organization of the school by moni- toring Well the halls and buses, at the same time, they gain their peak of satis- faction by constantly maintaining an active, smoothly run club. PATROL: IJ! rofw: VV. Davis fCapt.j, G. Arvin, V. Walton, M. Hardesty, F. King, C. Bean, L. Jones N. Tierney , Bowden P Tayman, P. Moreland, H. Hurst, J. Marshall. 3nd rofw: I. Oliver, B. UI. Tuck r G. Th V. B e , ames, ea , . Jones, I. Rawlings B Kidwell, C. Tippett, R. Canter, N. Cooksey, N. Elliott, J. Tucker, L. Thomas. 3rd rofw: P. Sweeney, E. Thomas, J. Clendemn J Lloyd, E. WVindsor, T. VVilson, R. Moore, L. Brady, D. Beall, R. Suit. CZ, we Sadocerifeb rganize . . . TUMBLINU CLUB: Ixl row: D. VVollett, G. Hutchinson, N. Sasscer, E. Dorsey, T. Hutchinson, R. Sothoron, M. Dempf, R. Sweeney. j. jett. 2nd rufw: L. Cave, WV. Wilson, J. Beall, R. Harris, VV. Edmonds, W. Foy, T. linzor, j. Hill, I.. Covell, R. McCoy. fm' ro-'wx Mr. Pietras Qadvisorl, VV. McKenzie, R. Binger, J. Rattie, NV.L1unrn, U. Buck, N, lintzizin, VV. Bezlll, M. FCI'j.flISUll. NURSES CLUB: Swalm': D. VVeatl1erhultz, P. Lent, M. Duvall, G. Ward, Mrs. Flynn Cadvisorl, M. Thorne, S. Myers, C. Beall. Sfillllilllflf S. Mills, M. McDowell, D. Tayman, D. VVhittington, J. Purschwitz, R. Talbot, P.l1umolish, ll. rllllylllllll, S. Davis. ART CLUB: Isl rum-: j. Tziyrnzm, li. Richards, P. Terry, AI. Howell, C. Simpson, V. Miller, B. Hagan, L. Cooksey, j. Thorne. 211.1 rnfw: T, York, S. Phillips, J. Atkins, D. Wlolfe, M. Militzer, VV. Meng, L. Turner, B. Plummer j. Talbot. ful roms: j, lidelen, R. Tayman, A. NVoods, B. Meachum, E. Koons, J. Simpson, B. Cave. . . . Lgnfojdcfiue C1465 LIBRARY CLUB: Swain! nufrr rofw: M. Tayman, B, Entzian, E. Copeland, T. Smith, E. Entzian, M. Entzian, P. Nichols, C. Anderson, G. Pfeffer, V. Plotts, Koch, P. Brown, B. Thorne, M. Lewis, B. Sasscer. Szfatfd inner rnfuz' S. Kurtz, F. Lowman, M. Thompson, C. Madison, R. VVindsn1', R. Poore. Standing Hrs! row: Mrs. Simon lAdvisorl, il. Harmon, T. Chaney, P, Sanders, j. Beall, B. Beall, S. Parker, M. Smith, M. Thomas, G. Beall, R. VValker, -l. Hook, G. Phibhons, j. Peffer, C, Hansen, M. Duvall, NV. Hiem. Standing lax! row: R. Poore, G. Sasscer, F. VVhitc, D. Durity. an-C SCIENCE CLUB: Firs! rafw: C. Deliaun, D. Braswell, U. Vogt, L. Norfolk, R. Deck, R. Clagett, D. McGruder, Mr. Green lAdvisorb. Sffrnzd rfm.u.' VV. Brietenhach, M. Hicks, R. Phibbons, M. Suit, D. Brooks, G. Buzzart, R. Sleton. VV. Ashby, T. Starkey. A DRAMATICS CLUB: Swat1'd.' j. Ciosnell, B. jones, j. VVyvilI, M. Sasnett, A. Burroughs, S. Oliver. Sianding: C. VVolf, E. Beane, G. Thompson, 5. Langley, C. Phelps, Miss VViIson lAdvisurJ. , C7465 jar jdaining . . . F. F. A. CLUB: Ist P'0f'lL'.' R. Kelly, E. YValker, A. Beall, K. Pounsberry, C. Carrick, S. Rodenhauser, T. Rawlings, C. Dixon, E. Curry, W. Beall, K. VVinclsor, J. Kelly. 2nd rofw: Mr. Reckner, II. Cooper, D. Tayman, D. Smith, VV. Havenner, H. Fenno, A. Armstrong, K. Moore, J. Parker, G. Huff, R. Moore, T. Perkins, P. Garner. 3rd row: VV. Harmon, M. Beall, J. Loveless, P. Beall, VV. Lamm, M. Courtney, D. Tucker, J. Moore, E. Stamp, 1. Cage, R. Kelly, E. Beall, -I. Sweeney, J. Duley, H. Fister. qua- fem ,,,,,,,,,ua P---f W 1 1 A F. H. A. CLUB: Sfatrd: J. Richards, G. King, B. J. Dixon, V. Dixon, J. Cohey, Mrs. Duley CAdviserj, L. Moran. IJ! rofw standing: A. Boswell, M. Bean, A. Gacldis, j. Simpson. 2nd rofw standing: D. Francis, K. Hours, M. Smith, F.. Cooper, D. Hill, H. Taylor, L. Smith, C. Lewis, M. Cusick, M. VVartield, A. Moreland, L. Chitty, F. Barger. , . . . CK465 307' gun CHORUS: Isf rufw: M. Tucker, E. Richards, M. Carter, L. Tierney, j. Thoriligtoii, CI. Farrell, Cf Oliver, A. L. lioice, R. Marosy R. Sweeney, R, Moreland, M. Buchheister. full flI'LL',' Mrs. 'I'ul'ner, J. VVilsrmn, M. Suit, C. Morrow, A. Vllimlaor, C. Morrow E. Buck, C. Sherbert, B. Cuffzige, J. Pushee, Il, Ilanenhower. 3111 rofw: A, Leitch, B. Draper, L. VVilhelm, P. Clagett E. Sheriff, C. Smith, .X. Catloth, VV. Lee, j. Anclermn, VV. Rzxuclell, j. Burruugha, VI. Flynn, L. jones. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS: Standing: J. Jett, D. Durity, R. Kennedy, Mrs. Simon, j, Rodenhauser, J. Wyvill, D. Thorington S. Oliver, E. Beane, V. Plorts. Scared: J. Thorne, M. Sasnett, J. Koch, M. Duvall. Kneeling: B. Stillwell, G. Peffer, G. Sasscerl D. Vlleatherholtz, P. Lent, B. jones, D. VVolf, j. Richards, R. Sothorn, L. Norfolk, D. Brooks, C. Anderson, P. Terry, J. Flynn, D. MacGruder, B. Wilson, T. Perkins, R. Moore, VV. jackson, M. Suit, E. Dorsey, W. Ashby, C. Buchheister, T. Hutchinson, W. Ashbv, T. Starkey, 1. Shrewsberry, -I. Howell, M. Demph, C. Deliaun, S. Cooper, C. Hough, P. Bowen, P. Nichols, R. Peddicord, W. Wilson, T. Terry, M. Entzian, R. Starkey, D. VV0ll .t-Llones, G. Vogt, K. Houts, D.. Strine, W. Wilson, J. Perrygo, R. VVhelun, C. Beall, B. Hagan, nj. Thorington, V. Dixon, . Cobe' VV. Meng, L. Turner, B. Dixon. On .S7aaacer2 lags Club days are eventful days for the Sasscer- ites as each student goes his separate Way to par- ticipate in the club of his choice. He may join a certain club in preparation for a career, to further his individual abilities, or for just plain enjoy- ment, but, Whatever his reason, the results will inevitably be rewarding. At Sasscer, many active and stimulating clubs beckon to each and every student. A num- ber of these clubs, such as the F. F. A., F. H. A., and Library Club, are chapters of larger, state or nation-wide organizations. Still others are in- dependent clubs formed Wholely within the school. But, all stress the member's individual abilities by giving him a chance to demonstrate his hidden talents. Whatever club a student de- cides to join, he can feel confident that he will have a supremely enjoyable time. 38 Acffvzfzed 8:30 gmc students l the colnl of the morning. S h H lewviilg their buses tu Pfelmre for t e are ' -lapses. commencement of that day S L ' fem ' 8:50 The Senior Sextet plus Two find a few minutes before school to practice. 9:05 "I pledge allegiance to the flag..." Sr'll ' . 8340 ' 1. Wllll sleepy-eyed expressions thas Eemor high students gather theirlb ke . O ' Or the morn1ng's Classes, O 5 J4 jgpica! may . . . n their way to first Period ' ' ' o .xdl Saaacer, 915 Silence Prevails 0 VCI' S v dassesb . . asscers han Richard and 5 35 egm In E3Cl'l rggmh Sidney are on the job bright and early in the morning. l0:35 "Well, you see, Mr. Dixon, it's this way: I was on my way to school, when . . . l' 11:15 Visual Aid is an important part of education , . . Notice these interesting 1' facial expressions. 33? 5 Fl 11:25 "I hope so," says Allie Lee Boice, "but Heaven forbid! Memorize the whole book ?" 11:55 Lunchtime finds cheerleaders and team members selling tickets for the game. 12:10 Lunchtime also finds Mrs. Dickson and staff-Yum! That pie looks good! i l l -..,? L C 1 ' 4 L. - . 1' -...,. fmt f g iw ,E "Go, Sasscer, Go!" Chant these folks as the game starts. 2:15 Hurry! Freddie! Buy that ticket before the game is over! 2:30 Sink that shot, Ver-non! 3:00 Half-time finds this team member cooling off at the fountain. 43 i-- - A 4,00 Time to go? Oh no! ' form for us to fill out! Not another 7.30 Mr. Chltty and Mr. Angel greet parents at a P.T.A. meeting. 9.00 QUEEN'S COURT: Ist ra-'wx D. Brooks, j. Harmon, N. VVindsor, R. Burns, ' End rofw: N. Sasscer, L. K. Boice, J. Hook, R. Talbot, S. Rodenhauser, R. Dixon, B. Garner, V. Buck. Princess jane Howell and Prince Pat Clagett, Queen Sue Phillips and King Elwood Beall. Elwood and john 'lCongratulations," says Mr. john Walker to the thrilled King and Queen. stage a bullflght for the COLll't. 44 9:3 i J The Sasscerites are ex- tremely proud of their soc- cer team, Who with a slow start accelerated to a line finish. This line linish saw the "Devils,', after finishing with a 7-2-2 record, playing the Prince George's County championship game against Gwynn Park. Although the game was lost 4-2, no one can deny that Sasscer played a superb game. The Soccer team-one we shall always be proud of. Three memorable people on a memorable night: the Soccer Banquet of 1957. WWW euigi, go. I 1' 5: , g at f A ', t r - - AB 'Q SOCCER TEAM: Ist rufw: Bill Draper, jimmy Moore, .-Xllen VVoods, Dickie Buck lco-captainj, Ronnie Deck lco-captainl, Gerald Cranford, Vernon Buck, Bob Clagett, joe Kelly. Znd rufuu, Tommy Rawlings, David Tucker, Clevie Dixon, Melvin Ferguson, john Tucker, Tim Ridge-lyk Elwood Beall, Rohert Kelly. 3rd rofuz' Arthur Armstrong, Albert Catloth, Charles Smith, Donnie Strine, jimmy Loveless, Norman Entzian, Pat Clagett, Harry Fenno, Edward Walker. Bark rofw: VVL1lterjackson, Mr. Pietrzxs. JUNIOR VARSITY: lefl to right: Mr. Pietrns, Norman Entzian, john Flynn, Robert Moore, Pat Clagett, VVayne Beall, Kenny VVindsor, Paul Beall, Robert McCoy, jimmy Jett, Jimmy Brady. Lg . A l LUCJ . Dudley Smith, our time- Nsgii'-Y keeper, and Donnie Strine, 1 x Ai ,I 1 our scorekeeper, are keep- W S V fy,-23 ' fp ing a close watch on the . .fi 'r flip., ,V V4 game' I X' . , P Y' Ll This year of ,S8 presented to the Sasscerites a thrilling and eventful basketball season. Many of the games proved to be exceptionally exciting, with such close scores that the very last few minutes often decided the winner. Loud sounds of rejoicing could be heard all over Sasscer When, time after time, its team burst through triumphantly. VARSITY: Left to riyhl: Smokey Davis, Gerald Cranford, Ronnie Deck, David Tucker, Marshall Courtney, Bob Clagett, Vernon Buck, jerry Shrewsberry, Tim Riclgely, Stan Romlenhauser, Wallace Edelen, Mr. Pietras. Seated, lffi Io righl, Ist rofw: J. Moore, P. Garner, M. Ferguson, R. Kelley, J. Kelley, E. Beall, R. Deck. 2nd ro-'w.' R Thames, J. Rawlings, S. jones, G. Cranford, V, Buck, S. Davis, E. McVerry, Mr. Pietras-coafh. Big Vern" winds up forthe pitch. Come on, Smokey, hit that ball a mile! ,SQPILQ One. Coach Pietras, show 'em how!! The Sasscerites are proud of their baseball team even though they did not win every game. Gallantly challenging nearby schools, the team Went through a thrilling and eventful season. They may not have come out on topg but they do deserve praise for a noticeable showing. Q7 i:"t5fv!f ---f........, : , , 'Q 11 ' Front rofw: Mrs. Burgess, Mary jane Brown, Mary Beth Norfolk, Pat jones, Ethel Binger, Roberta Dixon, Mary jones. Back row: Ruth Moreland, Agnes Swanson, Carolyn Buck, Catherine Beall, Nancy Williams, Barbara Wilson, Cathy Naylor. ir A Cgnframura ri Frederick Sasscer has an ex tensive program of competi- tive sportsg but equally as ex- citing as boys, sports are ln- tramurals. At the beginning of each school term, the lntra- mural Council meets and plans the year's schedule for Intramural and inter-school activities for girls. In a huddle, the girls anxiously await the Starting whistle. The Alumni volleyball game was a 4 struggle to the end, but the Senior girls were the victors. VVarming up for the big game, the Senior girls practice foul shots. 49 , ,, Q, Q M if ,- ' y. ' 5 59, ' SEQ 4 I t 56" FSU , f 5 l Thr' Queen of Spanx TW King of Sport: Cathy VVolf Vernon Buck .!4 50l66Cel' ALL SASSCER NIGHT COURT-Firxt rofw: QUEEN-Cathy Wolf, KING-Vernon Buck. Second rolw: Timmy Ridgely, Barbara Garner, Ethel Binger, Ronald Deck. Third rofw: Dudley Smith, Pat jones, Catherine Beall, Wayne Davis. Fourth row: Pat Clagett, Barbara Hopkins, Gerald Cranford, Darlene Thorington, Roberta Dixon, Kenneth Pounsberry, Elaine Moore, Joseph Kelly. Fifth rofw: Richard Burns, Ruth Sweeney, Lucille Catterton, Donald Beal. Sixth rofw: Katherine Clagett, Gary Nicholson, Yvonne Wyville. ding! G' , . for ahh rrls pyr . Comes m amzd Buildin E Wmae mmm sfpace of boys' tumbling kept Sasscer's twirling majorettes get the second half of the program under way. ' ,rf 'MM QM The fast and rinn everyone WW! Seventh grade "phys. ed." students prepare for calisthentics. -and it goes sailing over as Miss Lobe gives it a good wallop ! ! JO l .7 nQl55Cel'!,S7Cl55CQl"!.X4fK 348 5 1 J' Judy VVilso1l CC npt.j. Sl1111dn111.' Roberta IJIXUII,JOZIIIR17liCI1llHll56l', Darlene Ihurmgron, Mary june Brow j Il L ll f . y VVolf, Bette Sue Plummer, Rose Ann Murosy. F Y 1 E G A H S T A S T S 15: C A If M R F E2 1 V G I H L T S ! I en iam CATHERINE LUCILLE BEALL "A sweetness of heart .vholwr in the eyes." I Library Club-lg Library Assistant-33 Basket 43 Soccer-1, 2, 3, 4, Speedball-1, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball-1, 2, 3, 4, Badminton-1, 2, 3, 4. ELWOOD CLEMUEL BEANE "There are many fish in the rea, but remember that you'rz' not the only fisherman and there are hooks .sharper than thee." Blue-White-35 Librarian-43 Thespian Soci- ety-3, -lg All Sasscer Night--1, 2, 39 Dra- matics Club Oilicer-1, 2, 3, 4. ETHEL RUTH BINGER "Look out, world, here I come."' jr. Honor Society-lg Art Club Officer-1: Blue-White-35 Intramural Council Officer-43 Tumbling Club-2, 3, National Honor Society President 4. MARGARET ALLIE LEE BOICE "Those fwho forgive mos! are mort forgiven." jr. Honor Society President-lg Blue-White Ass't. Editor-33 Elm Staff-43 F.T.A. Club President-2, 3, Quill and Scroll-3, 43 National Honor Society-3, 43 Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4g Girls' Sports--1, 2, 3, 4. ball Co-Captain-3, 4, Intramural Council-2, 3 GEORGE RICHARD BUCK "Girl: irritate me, but I lo-ve' to be irritated." E Baseball-33 Ticket Committee for Class Dance -43 Chairman of Soccer Banquet-43 Soccer- 2, 3, 43 Soccer Co-Captain-4. VERNON HOWARD BUCK "I .speak truth, not so much as I would, but' as murh as I darrj and l dare a little more as I grafw older." Soccer-1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball-2, 3, 43 Baseball -2, 3, 43 Band-1, 2, 33 Chorus- 23 Vice- President-Science Club-4, LORRAINE ALICE COOKSFY "All good things mme in .small packages." junior Dramatics-13 Tumbling Club-2, 33 Art Club-1, 43 Art Club Otlicer-43 Trampoline- 3, 43 Trampolette-3, 43 Basketball-1, 2, 3, 43 Badminton-1, 2, 3, 43 Softball-1, 2, 3, 43 Speedball-1, 2, 3, 43 Soccer-1, 2, 3, 43 Volley- ball-1, 2, 3, 4. DELORES ANN CRANFORD "Remember that the most beautiful things in the fworld are the most u.fele:.r." F.H.A.-13 Library Club-Z3 All Sasscer Night -33 Pep Club-43 Trampoline-3, 43 Trampo- lette-3, 43 Speedball- 2, 3, 43 Basketball- 1, 2, 3, 43 Soccer-1, 2, 3, 43 Volleyball-1, 2, 3, 43 Badminton-1, 2, 3, 4. l I WAYNE MORRIS DAVIS "And still Ihey gazed and :till the fwonder gre-w, That one :mall head could carry all he knew." All Sasscer Night Court-3g Student Council-43 Art Club-1, 2 ass Treasurer-3, 43 Patrol Club Captain-r 43 Baseball-3, 4g Basketball awp' GEORGE RONALD DECK "Good health and good .tense are ifwo of life'.r greater! hle.r.vings." All Sasscer Night Court-33 Science Club Presi- dent-4g Student Council Officer-4g Baseball- 1, 2, 35 Soccer-2, 3, 45 Basketball-1, 2, 3, 4. MARY ELLEN DEVAUGHN "'Though I :peak with tongue.: of men and of angels, and have not eharity, I am heeome as sounding as bran, or a tinlaling eymhol." All Sasscer Night-2, Photography Club-33 Chess Club-43 Girls' Sports-1, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM CURTIS DRAPER, III "Ax you help others up ihe hill, you will ,ind yourself rloser to the top." Band-Ig Dramatics Club-3, Blue-White-33 Sextet-3, 4, Chorus-2, 3, 43-Soccer-1, 2, 3, 43 All Sasscer Night Court-23 All County Chorus-3. it MARY PORTER DUVALL "To lofve for the .rake of being loved is humanf but ta lo-ve for the .rake of lowing is angelic." F.H.A. Club-lg All Sasscer Night-Z3 Decorat- ing Committee for Class Dance-4g F.N.A. Club GLORIA MAE FISTER MELVIN LEROY FERGUSON "I'we often regretted my speech, never my Jilenref' Soccer-43 Soccer Team Manager-lg Baseball -3, 45 Decoration Committee for Class Dances -1, 2, 3, 43 Tumbling Club-1, 2, 3, 4. Her little tongue is never :till,' Tall: it must and tall: it will." Intramural Cnuncil-3, Art Club-45 Refresh- ment Committee for Class Dance-45 F.H.A. Club-1, 2: Badminton-1, 23 Softball-1, 2, 3, 43 Volleyball-1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball-1, 2, 3, 4, Speedball-1, 2, 3, 4g Soccer-1, 2, 3, 4. BARBARA ANN GARNER "It'.r better to forget and :milf than to remember and br md." F.H.A. Club-lg Intramural Council-2g All Sasscer Night-3, Pep Club-4g Trampoline- 3, 43 Trampolette-3, 45 Speedhall-2, 3, 43 Volleyball-1, 2, 3, 45 Bafketball--1, 2, 3, 4, Badminton-1, 2, 3, 45 Soccer-1, 2, 3, 4. Mu 'Tw equals- PATRICIA ANN HOMOLISH "My road fall: me, lures me West, East, South, and North. Mos! road: lead men homeward, My road lead: me forth." F.H.A.-lg Library Club-23 Planning Commit- tee for Class Dance-25 Publicity Committee for Class Dance-4g Nurses' Club-3, 4. ROBERT ALBERT HYDE "He fu-ho has health has hope, and he -who has hope haf everything." Patrol Club lg Boys' Hi-Y-23 Visual Aids Club -3: Decoration Committee for Class Dance-3, 43 Publicity Committee for Class Dance-3g Art Club-4. -f1.f2?!4i7',' of ,W ,H TRI NN JONES 'f en fw not h fwhatlfwe lilze, fwe must I' e -w 'we ha . K! P 1 gnpoli e- , 3 Tr mpolet 1 2, 3, 45 Speed- ball- , 45 dminton , 3, 43 All Sasscer I 1 -lf, , 4g 'S --1, 2,1 4g Intramural 1,1 ouncil , 2, 3, , nt al Council Presi- 4 .ffi"'C4- K' u f ,I ,,,. f f 1 v i4VA 1 SHIRLEY ANN LANGLEY "When I am right, no one remembersy When I am fwrong, no one forgets." All Sasscer Night Court-35 Blue-White-33 Dramatics Club-3, 43 Dramatics Club Ollicer- 4g Quill and Scroll-4g Elm Staff-4, ARTHUR EMMETT LEITCH, JR. "In :pile of what the learned have mid, I still my own opinions keep." Basketball-15 Soccer-33 Class President-3g All County Chorus-43 Sextet-3, 43 Student Council Ofhcer-2, 3,3 Chorus 2, 3, 43 Baseball -1, 2. fveelf J, real joy in knowing." MARGARET ELSIE LEWIS "My idea of an agreeable person is one who agrees with me." Student Nurse-13 Intramural Council-15 Li- brary Club-2, 45 Library Club Ofhcer-35 Li- brary Assistant-3g Quill and Scroll-43 Elm Staff-4. BETTY LOU LENT "There is great -value in heliefvzng but there 1: F.H.A. Club-lg Majorette Club 2 Volleyball -1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball-1, 2, 3 4 4. :Mg 'ia E ' i 'i 'f': A . t t. Ml-ig pcb ROSE ANN MAROSY "AI :mile a day will take you a long way." All Sasscer Night Court-Ig Majorette Club-23 Halloween Dance Court-35 Students Court-35 Champion Speedball Team-3g Cheerleader--49 Girls' Sports-3, 43 Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4. JERALDINE LOU MONTGOMERY "Where your treasure is there will your heart in be. Band-Ig Majorette Leader-33 Student Council -45 Drum Majorette-2, 33 Sextet-3, 43 Chorus-2, 3, 4. X "Il4re's axigh to those fwho love me, And a smile to those who hate meg find 'whatever .flzy'.f above meg Hz're'.f a heart for every fate." Minstrel-lg Nurses' Club-35 Chorus mural Council-4. HELEN REBECCA PHELPS "I laugh at everything for fear of having to cry." Library Club-lg Library Assistant-35 Intra- mural Council-lg Girls' Glee Club-25 Office Assistant-43 Dramatics Club Ollicer-45 Stu- dent Council-1, 2. "The brain may devixe lafw: for the blood, but a hot temper leaps o'er a fold decree." EDWARD FRANCIS MCVERRY Patrol Club-lg Baseball-45 Dance Committee -3, 43 All Sasscer Night-3, 4g Visual Aids Club MARY ELIZABETH NORFOLK 45 Intra- ,gQ""m 'Q "Life if not short but that there is alfwayr time JOHN EUGENE RICHARDS "Do unto other: ar you would hafve them do unto you, but do it fmt." Patrol Club-lg Boys' Hi-Y-23 Art Club Officer -43 Visual Aids Club-3, 4. CARROLL TIMOTHY RIDGELY "No man really heromes a fool until he :tops asking questions." Class President-45 Student Council Officer-45 Baseball-Z, 3, 45 Basketball-2, 3, 43 Soccer- 2, 3,-1. MARGI E LAVON SASNETT enough for rourtesyf' Chorus--33 Steering Committee for jr.-Sr. Ban- quet-3g Dance Committee-45 Baccalaureate Committee-4g Librarian-4g Girls' Sports-3, 4g Dramatics Club-3, 4, it BARBARA ELAINE SASSCER "Anything that is -worth doing at all ix worth doing well." Planning Committee for Class Dance-35 Pub- licity Committee for Class Dance-4g Library Club President-43 Library Club Officer-2, 35 State Library Club Historian-3, 4. mm.. if RICHARD MICHAEL SAWYER "Il pays to do fa-vor: for others, for someday you might fwant a fafvor, loo." First Aid Club-33 Decorating Committee for Class Dances-3, 43 Ticket Committee for Class Dance--43 Art Club-1, 2, 33 Art Club Officer -2. DUDLEY TEMPLETON SMITH 4111" "Worry ir only the interest paid on trouble before il romerf' jr. Honor Society-13 Student Council-1, 23 Soccer-1, 2, sg F.F.A. Club-1, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM GORDON SWANSON MINA DORRIS SUIT "An honert man'.s' the noblest fworh of God." Library Club-13 Nurses' Club-23 Blue-White 33 All Sasscer Night-1, 23 All County Chorus --3, 43 Sextet-3, 43 Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4. if "O, it is excellent to have a gianf: :trengthf but it is tyrannour to use it like a giant." All Sasscer Night-2, 3, 43 Committee for Jr.- Sr. Banquet-33 Decoration Committee for Class Dance-4. HELENA RAE TAYMAN "You ean't worry and he glad at the same time, so just be glad." F.H.A. Club-lg Library Club--23 Planning Committee for Class Dance-35 Publicity Com- mittee for Class Dance-45 F.N.A. Club-3, 4. GLEN ROY THOMPSON JOSEPH HENRY TAYMAN "Be as kind to others as you would 'want them to be io you." Patrol Club-lg Boys' Hi-Y-23 Art Club Officer -35 Art Club-3, 43 All Sasscer Night-3, 4. What we are is God's gift to us,' 'what -we he- eome is our gift to God." Elm Editor-45 Library Club-lg Jr. Honor Society-lg Class President-23 Student Court -23 Dramatics Club-43 Quill and Scroll-43 Librarian-2, 3. PEGGIE JOAN THOMPSON "I ha-ve found it impossible to earry the heavy burden of responsibiliiy and to discharge my duties as King as I would -wish to do fwithout the help and support of the man I love." Photography Club-33 Chess Club-45 Girls' Sports-2, 3, 4. BESSIE ANN THORNE "Fame i: what you take, charafter what you gi-veg Whrn to this fart you awaken, then you bfgin fo live." Student Council-23 Library Club President-33 Library Assistant-33 Library Club-1, 2, 3, 4: W Quill an Scroll-45 Pep Club President-43 Elm Staff-4 W W , lflhlr' GEORGE FTIHIOS VESTAS "Put off today what you fan do tomorrow." Boys' Hi-Y-23 Band Club-35 Visual Aids Club -35 Art Club-45 Band-1, 3. RUTH LOUISE WALKER "Today is ours, with chanfz' to smile and make the day worthwhile." Patrol Club-lg Committee on jr.-Sr. Banquet- 3g Committee for Class Dance-45 Library Club -43 Library Assistant-43 Soccer-435 Speedball -1, 2, 3, 4. GEORGIA ETTA WARD "Remember thi.: and also be peryuaded to its truthg the future is not in the hand of fate, but in our.telwe.r." Dramatics Club-15 Valentine Dance Court-2g Pep Club-45 F.H.A. Club-23 F.N.A. Club- 3, 4, of W SHIRDELLA MAE WEBSTER "We must believe that God lofvfr mm of good fwill, hut there is no efvidfnre to shofw that he 'will safve fool: from the rerult of their folly." jr.-Sr. Prom Committee-35 Chorus-43 Secre- tarial Cluh Ofhcer-3, Tri-Hi-Y-1, 2. LEE ANTHONY WILHELM "Man has a free fwill, hut fwithout God'.v fwill, would there hr man?" Basketball-lg Boys' Hi-Y-lg Committee for Jr.-Sr. Banquet-3g Baseball-35 Sextet-3, 4g Band-1, 2, 3, Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4. JUDITH HOWELL WILSON "The .rfweet .round of thunder." Blue-White Editor-3, All State Chorus-3, Chairman of Carnival-35 Elm Stall-4, All County Chorus-3, 4, Sextet-3, 43 Cheerleader -3, 43 Cheerleader Captain-45 All Sasscer Night-1, 2, 3, 4g Chorus-1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Sports-3, 4. A CATHERINE ANN VVOLF "Nothing is impoxsihle 'with a willing heart." jr. Honor Society-1, All Sasscer Night Court- 3g All Sasscer Night-1, 2, 3, 45 Elm Staff--43 Cheerleader-3, 4g Dramatics Club-2, 3, 45 Blue-White-3g Girls' Sports-1, 2, 3, 4. ec, . we As June rolls around and students anxiously look forward to their summer Vacations, there is a brief but definite period of silent affection for the school in which they have experienced both joys and sorrows for the last nine months. At the same time, they are saying their last farewells to the Seniors, wishing them God speed and good luck. - For both graduate and undergraduate students, the days at Frederick Sasscer will be remembered as worth- while days, always full and eventful. When they look back upon them in their minds, they will treasure the memory of friends and places, and when they look throughout the pages of this yearbook, the vision will become more vivid. CLPQLUQ Wewishtoi I1 p pI fh F S I1 M yI cIC upp and encourage iheir neighboring Exhibitors at the coming Fair in September. I THE SDUTHERN MARYLAND AGRICULTURAL FAIR ASSOCIATION Compliments of: Marian De Marr Dolores-Marie Beauty Salon Pete Early Millard Ellis Foreign Car Service Lanham Variety Store Alice Miller S. S. Restaurant Al Sears Restaurant The Tumbling Club The National Honor Society Quill and Scroll The Student Council The Patrol Club Lorena Simon John D. Basil Mr. and Mrs. James E. Bing Captain Baily The Library Club Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fister Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Houts J. F. Johnson Lumber Co. Kent Village Pharmacy Carville's Pharmacy CLUBS F. N. A. The Chorus The Library Club The Library Helpers The Science Club er, Jr. Paul's Place Colonel Phillips Royal Restaurant Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Smith Taylor's Paint Store Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Thorne Arbor Farm Walker Amoco Lee Wilhelm Colonel York The Dramatics Club The Art Club F. H. A. F. F. A. The F. S. H. S. Band Girls' Intramural Council Compliments of Compliments of MR. and MRS. ROBERT BOICE MR. and MRS. WALTER N. GARNER Compliments of MAJ. GEN. and MRS. A. T. WILSON, JR. Compliments of ERNEST A. LOVELESS Compliments of MR. and MRS. ELWOOD T. THOMPSON Compliments of COL. and MRS. L. B. MENG Compliments of DR. JOHN .IUNKINS Compliments of GEORGE WELLS Compliments of THE REV. and MRS. W. CURTIS DRAPER, JR. Compliments of MR. and MRS. LOUIS F. SUSSMAN PROM TIME... A I. U M N I Renting your formal W, 1 ,ax is easy on . .. . Morgan W. Keesee, "55" Eddie Coltren, "57" the allowance ,." ".,,V "Q A Ronald Pounsberry, "55" Joan Harris, "57" 5 ,,,4 ' I '-5 1'-fi ,2,,,,. fi' 3 lil "1"-'- :Q I I f' ' i' . 3 1- -."' if atricia Ann Royer. "So" Michael O'Brien, "57" iigqgs' 1 'gt i' , 9-,Z-. igiigg X1 I in 5 Phyllis DeVaughn, "57" Norma Lou Wilburn, "57" il. v,--.- --Vv . ' ' ij -'-- ' ..., jisi:--5, Compliments of Prom Time Renting your formal is easy on the allowance THE JUNIOR CLASS OF 1958 Dinner jaclcets . . . white or pastel blue Ties and cummerbunds , . . plain or plaid MARTIN MANNING 733 I2th ST., N. W. NAtional 8-9899 Free parlcing . , . Downtown Parlc and Shop Open Thursday evening by appointment Compliments of OSCAR DULEY and DBBLASIS Your Coca-Cola Bottler extends Congratulations and Best Wishes O to the Members of the l958 Graduating Class of the Frederick Sasscer High School BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY WASHINGTON COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS, INC. B R A G G MOTEL AND RESTAURANT All- Tile Showers-Wall-to-Wall Carpeting Air Conditioning UPPER MARLBORO. MARYLAND on U. S. 30l ANNAPOLIS SUNOCO Old-Fashioned Friendship - Modern Service WEST STREET and SPA. ROAD Annapolis, Maryland Meet al: BOONES' RESTAURANT ACROSS FROM COURT HOUSE "Good Food" "Soda Fountain" BUCK'S GENERAL MERCHANDISE LEWIS A, e. BUCK, Propraoror UPPER MARLBORO, MARYLAND Phone: Mrxrlror 7-3427 CUCCIA OLDSMOBILE-CADILLAC CO. 205l WEST STREET Annapolis, Maryland CARRICK BROTHERS "Your Neighborhood Garage" Front End Alignment Tractor and Automobile Sales and Service Phone: MArlce'c 7-3395 MEN'S AND BOY'S WEAR SHOP MARLBORO DEPARTMENT STORE 4048 MAIN STREET UPPER MARLBORO, MARYLAND M A R L B O R O DEPARTMENT STORE Ladies' and Childrerfs Ready to Wear Shoes and Clothes 4096 MAIN STREET UPPER MARLBORO. MARYLAND or...-no MARLBORO .IEWELERS 405I MAIN STREET UPPER MARLBORO, MARYLAND MArket 7-2407 Halmarlr Cards - Samsonite Luggage "Gifts For All Occasions" Guaranteed Watch and Jewelry Repairing ALONZA C. YOUNG Allis-Chalmers Dealers All-Crop Harvesters and Implements UPPER MARLBORO, MARYLAND Phone: MArIcet 7-2458 THE MARLBORO HOTEL E. 0. WAYSON, Owner UPPER MARLBORO, MARYLAND Phone: MArIcet 7-3485 WAYNE 81 EDNA'S MITCHELLVILLE. MARYLAND Phone: MArlxet 7-2240 CAROL ANN'S BEAUTY SHOP FRANCES THoRrNeToN 2I4-NEAR PATUXENT RIVER Mitchellville, Maryland Open Tuesday Through Saturday, 9-6 Phone: MArlcet 7-3563 Home: MArlcet 7-2367 Compliments of DUVALL'S AMOCO SERVICE INTERSECTION RT. aol .na cRooM Row Upper Marlboro, Maryland EL RANCHO RESTAURANT For Sliced Bar-B-Que 8329 MARLBORO PIKE Forestville, Maryland H O P K I N S SUNOCO SERVICE STATION Open 6 A. M. to II P. M. Weekdays All Night on Weekends ROUTES 30I and 2l4 Phone: MArket 7-9868 Wreclcer Service-A. A. A. Recommended Compliments of Compliments of LARGO SPORTS SHOP CENTRAL AVENUE and LARGO ROAD MlI.I.ARD'S BARBER SHOP MAC WOOD UPHOLSTERING CO. All Work Guaranteed Automotive Worl: A Specialty Mobile Service Available 20l0 WEST STREET Annapolis, Maryland Phone: COlonial 8-3lI2 MARLBORO DRUG COMPANY I ' -N IE Em' me 0 xpenswe UPPER MARLBORO, MARYLAND Prescription Work Is Our Specially KENTLAND BEAUTY SALON Cosmem by REVLON - HELENA RUBENSTEIN - DU BARRY - TUSSY 7527 LANDOVER ROAD Kenfland, Maryland Phone: SP 3-9875 LANHAM GARAGE "Car Service T hat Pleases" 'A' IN THE HEART OF LANHAM Specialist in hair Styling and permanent waves Mechanical Service - Body and Fender Work - Painting Phone: SPruce 3-I I2O EDELEN BROTHERS WAREHOUSE, Inc. "LARGEST SELLERS OF MARYLAND TOBACCO" UPPER MARLBORO, MARYLAND LA PLATA, MARYLAND Phones: MArlret 7-3550 WES1: 4-380I , I 'K - ug., ,. ',,l fi 66 ."'y H if er' dh -Q COMPLIMENTS OF RITCHIE BROTHERS' FUNERAL HOME UPPER MARLBQRO, MARYLAND 24-I-lour Service MArlcet 7-339 I Air Conditioned-Chapel Organ H 81 H MACHINERY COMPANY 6664 WALKER MILL ROAD Washingion, D. C. REdwood 6-6886 DISTRICT HEIGHTS PHARMACY Prescriptions , 0 GREENGOLD S INC. Men's and Boys' Clothing and Furnishings 7054 MARLBQRQ PIKE WEST SIDE STREET , Disirict Heighfs, Md. Phone: JOrdan 8-4l 74 Annapolrs, Maryland JAY CHEVROLET, INC. "Your Chevrolet Dealer" SALES and SERVICE Upper Marbloro, Md. Phone: MArket 7-3430 USED CAR DEPARTMENT Clinton, Maryland Phone: CYpress 7-9642 "Let us serve your car needs" Compliments of GLENNDALE FARMER'S SERVICE MITCHELLVILLE, MD. KEARNEY MOTOR COMPANY UPPER MARLBORO, MARYLAND DeSoto - Plymouth Dealer Phone: MArlret 7-3666 Tobacco Trail Texaco Compliments of ENTERPRISE ESSO O ROUTE No. 50 Mitchellville, Md. Compliments of MARLBORO TEXACO UPPER MARLBORO, MARYLAND f?,W'E HALZP'OP'i?tOf PLUMMER BROTHERS' GARAGE tres - , atterles UPPER MARLBORO, MARYLAND 24-Hour Towing Se.rvlce G IR D INTERSECTION MD. RT.4ana u.s.3ol M P, , B"j""dF d W k UPPER MARLBORO, MARYLAND UO WHS ' 0 Y an an ef 0' Phgneg MArket 7-3353 Phone: Mfxrket 7-3375 M O C K A B E E ' S CUT RATE GAS STATION MARLBORO PIKE-MEADOWS Raswoodl 6-6020 Fuel on-Kerosene Deliveries "Cheapest Gas in Maryland" Compliments of NORMAN'S TAVERN MERDITH-.IOANE CO., INC. Lumber - Millwork - Buildingsupplies ANNAPOLIS. MARYLAND COUNTY TRUST COMPANY Members of Deposit Insurance Corp UPPER MARLBORO. MARYLAND Phone: Mfkrket 7-3363 VINCENT MORTELL of HAIR STYLES, INC. 5434 ANNAPOLIS ROAD Bladensburg, McI. Across from Cheverly Theatre Well Rings and Well Boring REGISTERED BEAGLES s. P. MCGEE MM.-P 7-22I9 WELL'S CORNER GENERAL STORE WELL'S CORNER Upper Marlboro, Maryland iff! CREDIT FINANCE SERVICE, NC. 7I48 MARLBORO PIKE DISTRICT HEIGHTS, MARYLAND Loans up to 31,000 M A R L B O R 0 LUMBER COMPANY Lumber - Millwork Building Supplies UPPER MARLBORO, MARYLAND Phone: MArIcet 7-3368 PRINCE GEORGE'S BUILDING ASSOCIATION, INC. 6 UPPER MARLBORO, MARYLAND M A R L B O R O HARDWARE 81 SUPPLY COMPANY UPPER MARLBO RO, MARYLAND M A R L B O R O ELECTRICAL SUPPLY COMPANY Westinghouse and Hotpoint Appliances A P. H. MOORE Successor to J. L. Ingalls lrrferrrerrerrel Harvester Farm Machinery Tractors, Trucks, and Equipment Hardware, Seeds, and Fertilizers MITCHELLVILLE, MARYLAND Phone: Clfdar 6-3354 or CEdar 6-5490 FARMERS' AND MERCHANTS' BANK UPPER MARLBCRO, MARYLAND Phone: MArlcet 7-3450 SWA N N 'S Flower and Gift Shop 7507 MARLBORO PIKE "Corsages and Flowers For All r Occasions" Phone: Rlfdwood 5-5242 DUDLEY L. CLARK MUSIC STORE "Prince George's Music Center" 7I28 MARLBORO PIKE DISTRICT HEIGHTS, MARYLAND First National Bank of Southern Maryland UPPER MARLBORO, MARYLAND Branches: Andrews Air Force Base - Marlow Heights "LET US BE YOUR BANKERH , PLANTERS TOBACCO WAREHOUSE, INC. Operated by BUCI-II-IEISTER BROTHERS UPPER MARLBORO, MARYLAND Compliments of WAYNE MOTEL MITCHELLVILLE, MARYLAND Phone: MArket 7-3445 Compliments of TILGHMAN'S ESSO SERVICE RT. aol and ossoRNE ROAD WALKER PONTIAC SALES CRAIN HI-WAY Mitchellville, Md. Phones: CEdar 6-5500, CEdar 6-4832 BERNARD F. WALKER, Proprietor JAMES H. PEACH, Service Manager 'A' Dollar for Dollar You Can't Beat A Pontiac THE ENQUIRER GAZETTE "The County Seat Newspaper" Established in IB5O O Excellent Job Printing UPPER MARLBORO, MARYLAND Phones: MArket 7-2406 MArlcet 7-3398 L. G. BALFOUR Manufacturers of Official F. S. H. S. Class Rings We, ot The Balfour Company, are grateful for the Privilege to serve the Students ot Frederick Sasscer High School. With our Congratulations to the Seniors, we send our Sincere Wishes for a Future Lite Filled with Good Health and Happiness. O Your Balfour Representative LEE COLLISON SOUTHERN STATES COOPERATIVE Marlboro Service Fertilizer - Feed-Seed - General Supplies UPPER MARLBORO, MARYLAND Phone: MArket 7-3573 Compliments of TUCKER'S RESTAURANT Compliments of RUSSELL'S SHELL STATION 0 U PPER MARLBORO, MARYLAND STANCLIFF HARDWARE and SUPPLY COMPANY RIDGELY SINCLAIR STATION ROUTE No. 30l-North of Marlboro Y MARBERT morons, mc. "Your Pontiac Dealer" l-ANHAM' MD- za4 wesr srrzesr polis, Maryland COlonial 3-2387 ROYAL VALET HARVEY DAIRY Your Local Maryland Dairy Q 0 uouality klwatellflli and Serving Prince Geor3e's and War mans lp Montgomery Counties . 0 lg WEST STREET BRENTWOOD, MARYLAND Annapolis, Maryland COlonial 3-785l Phone: Appleton 7-3434 BROCK HALL ESTATES Beautiful Conwy Homesites M. LEO STORCH, Developer romeo. MARLsoRo ROAD Upper Meflreefe, Maryland Phone: SPruce 3-4500, MArlcet 7-244i Compliments of SAKS MEN'S WEAR PRINCE GEORGE'S SHOPPING CENTER Cheverly Md. Compliments of SKILLMAN'S AMOC0 ROUTE No. 30l, Upper Marlboro, Md. FORD LUMBER COMPANY UPPER MARLBORO, MARYLAND Phone: MArket 7-33I5 P J ARUNDEL SUPPLY CORPORATION Sand and Gravel ADDISON ROAD SEAT PLEASANT, MARYLAND mo, Law I X CREWS' ENTERPRISE INN "OUR SPECIALITY - ITALIAN FOOD" Beverages Fine Foods ROUTE No. 50. 'A A A AA 9A I , Lanham, Maryland Manufacturers of HIGH GRADE FERTILIZERS FOR ALL CROPS R. H. Slingluff Fertilizer Company MITCHELLVILLE, MARYLAND Phone: Clfntral 8-665i nt Compliments of UNSWORTH'S AUTO REPAIR "For The Best In Automobile Service" 6457 MARLBORO PIKE REdwoooI 5-9633 BILLHIMER FORD COMPANY, INC. ROUTE 4 Upper Marlboro, Maryland Authorized Ford Dealer for Prince George's County Seat MArlcet 7-3385 Compliments of ECONOMY Auro suPPl.Y coMPANY RQYAL DE'-'CATE55ENf 'NC- -A' Compliments of SKILLMAN'S AMoco ANNAPOUS ROAD ROUTE 30, Upper Marlboro' Maryland Bladensburg, Maryland Phone: UNlon 4-5790 Compliments of MARLBORO 5 81 10 STORE 4007 MAIN STREET UPPER MARLBORO. MARYLAND SHUFFLE INN "A CONGENIAL SPOT, YOU'LL LIKE A LOT." AMUSEMENTS - GAMES - FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE AT THE INTERSECTION OF 30I AND 2I4 JOHNNY and JULIE, Proprietors BINGER BROTHERS UPPER MARLBORO. MARYLAND Coal and Feed Dealers O Phone: MArIcet 7-3397 BEAN'S RESTAURANT WELL'S CORNER We Specialize in Steaks, Chickens, Sea Food Dinners Phone: MArIcet 7-2540 D. A. BEAN, Propri I Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE UPPER MARLBORO. MARYLAND fy F1 r XX MA . an V 'q - Compliments' 5 M ffjjp :viii f fd of 1 K, 1 v V ff ff f ,"V'X WJ ' 1 " P' , K ' C X M H, ,f My Willigm Ijlgnry Duvall, in' K, :yj,f'a MS? 97 I , W w , 1 ' ' ,Q jk H YRS ' .gf-JJ 7., A H- ' .2 , CM" U ,ff K' 2 ,mlf ' J f1f1'f?f1W Tm 19 ji A HAMMETT -A' VExcavating Company CROCSM, MARYLAND I My M k A Qi? X W I QQ, f-gf Syl! , fgy 3 Y ffZ,Q'SQBf2fjgY Swift? QM 9 A ff fbi 84 G C. , .',. nh .ig ' , ...H ffjfwiwf 353 if ww E! W? M' A fd 0 MW M u ff l V fu g? y A w 5 Q vf f XXV? M" WWA f fcfM' WMWW ,Q WWW P . Q W M W M Qwiiff MY ' ylw M Y A if? V KW - W Sywdgggwfyw .A M Qfigfw Qfiffif WNW WQAWA GS NWZQQVW Qliywwm m Q f QQ' . lfgfgm Q VCEQRF W . . 5 iL QW ,, Mag Q 4g ggL Q MJKWMM f2?,f,,fff W W In W D3 Wifi! WQM35 Mfg 'a'fz1,,Lf5f"iifii? mm A wwigpbfvbgofs J Jifjivjfib QW' iffwwbgkw MW fffwbfgfffffwff ' Wifi? Zum MMM ' fw if W . ,jblfojg ' ft 5 a J I f- x-"ff2x,-- 1, f. rm ff mf 1 :ff . 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Suggestions in the Frederick Sasscer High School - Elm Yearbook (Upper Marlboro, MD) collection:

Frederick Sasscer High School - Elm Yearbook (Upper Marlboro, MD) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Frederick Sasscer High School - Elm Yearbook (Upper Marlboro, MD) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Frederick Sasscer High School - Elm Yearbook (Upper Marlboro, MD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Frederick Sasscer High School - Elm Yearbook (Upper Marlboro, MD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Frederick Sasscer High School - Elm Yearbook (Upper Marlboro, MD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 8

1958, pg 8

Frederick Sasscer High School - Elm Yearbook (Upper Marlboro, MD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 35

1958, pg 35

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