Frederick Sasscer High School - Elm Yearbook (Upper Marlboro, MD)

 - Class of 1954

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Frederick Sasscer High School - Elm Yearbook (Upper Marlboro, MD) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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", ' ff 1- 'f-W FA" , ,,,Q ,,X, , Q 2' Q .f QQ XQWQFNH J m it tiff 5 41 ,W 5 V , ,,,n,.f1L 2'v'9 L mg - 4' W Fw! K A Q A lr fu. V ,,...L X h 1 N 1 Fikilifl ,f,5'1L5 - it V4 ,V I H wt ri: K K LA A I K ,.,k , ,M , gigs, My ,, is' ff fr - V A , L -,L f M -' ,f A , 4.1 ,, ,r t .ggi K Qs V3 1, 43 . Hgh w , A F A 'riff , V K , J 3 ' -5 WKJQ: J N LY Y A . - 'Q ' . 4 ?f SM , , , 'i I ' A , l,,,A,f g , , . ' As fag, args' , p - Arg , ,- , K ,5wX5igx: ,-QUE '35 f K E' Q 1 ff. f ' -' K V 4, 'Z' 'Y 4 'Q 5 ,f-f'?i"" v ,. , . -',Vf1i.w. 'SBJW5 all 197' A 1' Q 1 1 9" - + Q. gf iii ' K- +.'BLw,1ffPr xagijmrzuh , ly,-Q f 5,5 gf - 1 I ' if' K: 4: y if 2 A f ,f: " . 5933 Y W I KT f L . Pk' " ff' ' X K lx .IEA ZNl..,i Q -I ,iv Wi " . J .gf . 2 , N + ' ' V f 'L'23""' My "'Yi71'fw39 'ag pg 'Q 3 7 lL '2PQfn.Q 1 V- , 5- T ' - " 9 Qkzmgqfy, Q W gr 224 5 , ,fxfwf ., .yu 2 A Wd! M 5, V Z Qu V 1 ,Y g,,., ,,s. 3 , int mm W an 5 1 . .Q if . N 5 ffi 2 2 H i Q Wi ,Nm V-v ' s ! f Eg i W4Q'Q5 K. H ,, ' - My K 1, A Q 5' m ' , Z . H kwv, 1 1 ln 'L - L 9 ' A K' W 7 ' ' f iy it L1 , ,. ima Y 'M' LH AW ,Q 42, mf , an V "' xgws. . 1. :S ww K. Y' 552 j, R ' 1 E Q fy' A A 'hmmm ' if V Q gum m .swf 5 m ggi LL ,fx g4 5,351 - Lg: KX ff. I Zane if 4.uff fa.. aw- , UMW. 5 3 fff Wf , ii: 2 fx I f Q1 - . r-, "fX' f- .Q if Q E ,A 4' 3 7 'F 3 - . r ek 1 5 A 8" if D- ., 1 s ' 21 4 1 .9 4 5 1 1 KI 1.165-J: 'Q i vmmwwiwfs 'wang .1 : ' M N2 'Kai V, ,. 2. . K, Yfgi 5 'bw f 1 ,. 1 , 2115 --7-5 w . A 'f may W 31, X. . 2 w,.. .4 . -, 'Ya L' sv' ,N . 1-QM.. ' 1 KfinmUM 1am ,wwf . 3 ,, Q 22533 'Q 6 1' 5- fy 'iigkm f f ' fs R A , 1. is-A ,Zswxg,g,fEg .af kgs me .I ,x L . Khi n-X il 3 V,fX.i?,24, . fy .: in 3 xf'fi.5q:J .K ri, .,g V .ssl r 5. 7 1 f,, 1 .,, v 1 L + . A H ifg.i':,J,Q' 4.1: ' 4 f + 4 a -'r as . ,Li 45: 3 14 3 i ' if-S 'iw ' -. if J, 4 4 ., M 'M YQ ' .Jig , ,J Mzfii v . JJ' , ,4 .Ji 12, . f 3 'LX Q, f I sm. 1 ig 1 Jizz? 3-fn, 3.233 gf ,rl-7:3 xxx fiitr.-me iff! fjtying t .,. -Q .X 1: i iff L 'x fi .4 1. , . .1 gf 5 5 F "1 Tiff! u U A " ,ffm-'I , if, ' ' if ,,v we M.. ,xg "s 4egema,4z954i Pwaww 7:4 Zeazfoaaa THE ELM ,ii l I , ,. Wx fi wi fp! l l ' , I f -4 Elly' Between the covers of this W l Clubs, S OFIS, etc. These are the r P O I l 4 t i PE if book lie the unforgettable mem- 5 fix things we shall remember, even I D' yuh , ill 1 l ories of a wonderful school life I ly when the pages of this book are ll Jl yl x ' l i V i l. p 1 , . 7' bl - principal, faculty, friends, , yellow with age. A V lt f l 0 r JN i J ,c c l x fl e ite """4""' ,-J' e a c ix ,ali f t m: ,lm t c Sl1l1N'T, I lil! fi :-4e----'- ,, -- --Sikh, f -- ,--m Z - -+2- ,i.1' -:iQ li- .. X--Q-5 5 'i , Q- 1" ' - fl.. y 1-.S A.-M, ,,,.b K' EDEHICK fslssoan alma Wea ,l mass ef 'LS I+' cieiifh SIS oolfora raised fr no-bLe., at-ways good + True, i H1511 S ands our ffY6ff8TiCK Sasscer High School glorious ro View are as of wasnt RZ, ma. Wa-Ter, HL' ma. Wafer, we looli up Io you Q if t a ,og c is are si oos H JI :lass 11 War qeavr siieqersmq sag-.sef nigh, Schoogwe axepvouq of you Y L is ftfii ,gqgnpluiiluybilnl XXX The Class of '54 wrote the words to this lovely 1 melody and it was adopted as our school Alma Mater. Although we will always call it "our song," it be- came this reality only through the efforts of a faith- ful teacher whom we shall always remember, Mrs. Marcella Mesarick. May everyone respect it, al- ways, and may it remain through the years as a memento of the Class of '54, 2 X i ?' A - itor Margaret Moore 1f,f"e". 'j if - 1? Ass t Joan Hammett DIXIE lee Hook 'K s 5 'f 5 an 8 , ' ST' 1 ' K , W in Q ,f , ' S 2' ff e f, l E 'EI XX at .1 ,,L- J... ,Iwi HWPUHQ Photography Editor T f Art Editor W Ass't. Business Mgr. Advertising Manager wiAssIt. Plfotography Ed John Duvall Dianne Hall Doris Curtin Douglas Hardesty Dent Downing R if 5' t ff M fi f , my E K I , t, , ,, I 1' rl xg ? t S A V "-- 'E if Qi i r 3 Sponsor Q "'i ' Boys' Sports Peggy Loveless n Jac ue B. T oe Clarence Cranford Q Y ul ri ' E M I 71 , , r. I f i A Typist Q X V Copy Reader Eleanor Petrie 1' X XX Mary Lou Smith r Q!! 2 A' .t..,........-------............. .45 X ' XL XY X 3 Robert E. King, Ir. 1- ggi.. Principal I Nicholas A, Adams Mary V. Adler Guidance Councelor G1f1S ' Physical Education rw? 5? i s Wylie W. Burgess, Jr. Kathryn E. Diggs T y pi n g - Bookkeeping 9th Grade Core Business Mathematics B , A Milton K. Martin John I. Mathena Agriculture Instrumental Music Band Instruction ieqfifcwe Wylie W, Burgess. Ir. Vice-Principal - srr r Mary J. Barrett Sth Grade Core . in B i swf Mary V. Halle Geometry - Algebra Mathematics U A F' 1- ii: WilliamJ.Murphy M a the m a t i c s Science Mary B. Brown English - History - 10th Grade Core " srs T is L ,i . , ., , Robert J. Knepley B o y s ' Physical Education Danielle D. Merling P. O. D. - Spanish ,xr Clifton E. Moore Science Z!e70eZZ ri? 8 i James H. O den g Marie F. Parrish Core - English 7th Grade Core Virginia D . Rogers Hr r Kathryn M. Rea Arts 8a Crafts Helen J. Sears Marguerite Shugart Lorena F, Smith Music Home Economics General Mathematics Librarian L ' " , , F. 'I Rf U! 0:58 9,3 V ' aaa L - Jacque B. Tyoe Julian E. Turner Josephine Wilson S 1 P 11th Grade Core Industrial Arts Typing-Shorthand 4 Journalism D J - I . ry if ffwe ., X RP it Laura B. Bowie Lucia H. Starkey c M TLWX V I I 16005 , J J :,r J . ' J ii slir Francis E. Parker Richetta L. Hover 5 7-1 HOMEROOM-First Row: I.Clarke, L.Moore, B.Bean, K. Copeland, D. Leitner, R. Dixon, Mrs. Parrish, N. Ent- zian, G. Burns, C. I. Phelps, D. Thorington, M. I. Thorne, D. Whittington. Second Row: D. Durity, G. Sasscer, I. Dresser, R. Slingluff, A. Manges, W. Jackson, K. Pounsberry, C. Dixon, J. Wall, M. Jones, J. Rodenhauser, Third Row: B. J. Jones, R. Talbot, G. Woomer, T. Plant, M. J. Brown, J. Hopkins, I. Shrewsbury, P. Hauger, R. Poore, J. Moore. Fourth Row: D. Strine, S. Rodenhauser, A. Sweeney, V, Plotts, J. Beckerly, B, Clagett, R. Gerhardt, J. Gosnell. Not Pictured: J.Buchheister,M. Sherbert. 4 TN QU, 'f L Jggivvchl' rfsah' Q 43 J I ' 0 Q x -Q7 f li V X , ,Q-5.9, 7-2 HOMEROOM-First Row: H. Marshall, M. Kidwell, M, L. Moore, B. Lusby, A. Price, E. Fowler. Second Row: L. Arrington, I. McKenzie, A. Walton, R. Rawlings, B. Walker. I. Sweeney, Mrs. Rogers, T. Kidwell, M. SDCHKCS, I.Wilson, L.McKenzie, M. Bolin, R, Moore. Third Row: M. Tippett, J. Jett, W. Vermillion, J. Beall, L. Thomas, R. Walker, K, Windsor, M. Mayhew, B. Windsor, T. Greene, C, Allen, W, Cooksey. Fourth Row: C. Carrick, P. Beall, R.Catterton, M.Courtney, D.Tucker, J. Hill, R. Williams, W. Havenner, R. Walker, I. Allen, B, King. Not Pictured: E. Carter, I. Fowler. 6 r 8-1 HOMEROOM-Seated: L. Cooksey, A. L. Boice, H. Tayman. First Row: P. DeBoard, T. Clark, E. Mayhew, P. lones, G. Ward, G. Thompson, Miss Barrett, B. Golden, W. Windsor, M. Ferguson, F. Smith, R. King, L. Wilhelm. Second Row: D.Harris, J,Buchheister, B. Bradshaw, A. Beall, R, A, Marosy, C. Hoffman, M, Plummer, L, Walker, G. Pfister, M. Hardesty, M. Plummer, G. Montgomery, Third Row: M, P. Duvall, D. Lietner, C. Wolf, R. Maust, R. McDanicls, V. Walker, D. Hardesty, D, Arnold, L. Hill, W, Marshall. Not in picture- J. Starkey. 0 8-2 HOMEROOM- First Row: I. Tayman, E. Richards, B, lent, C. Dunn, P. Canter, M, Smith, Mrs. Shugart, S, A, Buchheister, V. Buck, S. Langley, E, Binger, B. Sasscer, E, Bean, Second Row: I. Brady, B. Hyde, N. Richardson, B. Phelps, B. Thorne, M, Lewis, E. McKenzie, S. Senter, M. E, Devaughn, B, Garner, W. Beall, M. Suit. Third Row: R. Cooper, A. Leitch, H. Harmon, H, Beall, R. Deck, D. Wilson, B. Draper, R. Hill, A. Andrews, D. Smith, H. Catterton, Not in picture-A, Beall, M. Brown, R. Chaney, J. Fowler, J. Hutchinson. Q f. 1 7 Om 77644 9AF-Seated: J. Harris, P. Duffy, P. De Vaughn. First Row: D. Smith, M Burch, J.Shugart, M Diggs, B. Fussell, N. Wilburn, Miss Haile, L. Ritchie B. Farrell, G. Beall, S. Cranford, R. Jett, F. Royer. Second Row: D. Buck E. Sweeney, R. Moore, B. Watts, L, Chaney, C. Havenner, J, De Board, I Ridgley, R. Wyvill, T.Moore, S. Moore. Third Row: E. Coffren, E. Lusby L.Cooper, N.Garner, T. Claggett, E. Langluttig, D, Brown, C, Purschwitz W. Moore, W. Burdette, K. Moore. n 1 1 1 9-V. F. HOMEROOM-First Row: M.Black, A.Huffman, L. Thomas, S.Boswell, E. Curtin, M. Boswell, Miss Rea, V.Beall. l.Bottner, l.Talbott, I.Greer1, B.Swanson, G.Ferguson. Second Row: R. Harmon, J.Marosy, B.Krauss, E.Boswell, F. Cooper, M. Sawyer, E. Kidwell, Y. Courtney, L. Sweeney, B. Wit- tington, R. Tinsely. Third Row: C. DeVaughn, B. Curtin, W. Fowler, O. Bondurant, M. Sasscer, S. Austin, H.Duval1. Not in picture- F.Windsor, D.Brown, G.Buck, W.Burdette, J. DeBoard, L. Cooper. 9-G I-IOMEROOM-First Row: K.Speakes, M.L.Richardson, J.Moran, G.Cave, P. Williams, A. M. Bolin, M. Simp- son, E. M. Dodd, E. Sweeney. Second Row: V. Dixon, D. Brady, M. Cooksey, D. Moore, S. Perrie, H. Smith, V King, E. Beall. Not Pictured: D. Catterton, N. Richardson, Mrs. Sears. 8 , A-,gif ,,--rf L ' jn::'gf Q -f 'V' ff:-f-""' A L - f' ' W.. ----:-J 5 K? M- , gf ' if -f" ' f , . ,.,--'- 15" ,f inv- ,,-S 2 gM,..', - ,u .,'L S S f 4 L dfifliii, ,,,l , -Mg. ,dxf .qf V' 11' Q ' . ,. 4 Q.. . I f A -Q , XX fl: , W, GL., -m-5,- , Qs. SS -.S XX, xx - H wi'-in-. X, NNY ...XR xxx. 'vim 4.4. in ' TQZVX X mmviccl xx -X .XXX 'QR XX , X34 RN , .A X, cn .:--- kim ' N - XXX .W SQL --- " f A cn XX Q b' cl? , W gfff:-J - A 'x,5M , N 1 X X- A, k Nf ,,,',.,........,, XX X. V ,,. ff,,, " -1. '?'+vxv.- 'HQ ,Y K" -ff m G ' , WJPQW fv-,fsigWi?gLf"fkgZ3f4ifffg9i5fg lg L, X L K ww., , V f ,J N R, Q fw I '- ' - J . X ' f ' L, , f ff W, g - ' , ff51?Pf , ,, 1 1,,,,g g4'fxM m , ,X ,fa Y 1? cmdofagf' ance L i, . it 3 f i at :W A .Z f,,.n-,.....,., Y F Y- X 1. Kg, 9 L 41131 ,WA -lngagmnmbgn y Standing: C. Wolf, R, McDaniels, A. M. Bolin, E. Lusby, G. Montgomery, W. Moore, I. DeBoard, R. A. Marosy, B.Golden, R.Buck, S.Langley, W.Beall. Row One: D. Thorington, M. I. Thorne, R. Moore, A, Walton, M, Bolin, J. Sweeney, R. Dixon, L.McKenzie, D. Durity, T. Clark, J. Clark, L. Moore. Row Two: M. Lewis, B. Lusby, B, J. Jones, E. Curtin, I. Walls, S. A. Buchheister, M. Black, Miss Barrett, C. Dunn, I. Beall, C. Allen, T. Kidwell, M. Speakes. Row Three: M. Simpson, M. Ferguson, B. Phelps, B. King, M. Tippet, R. Allan, I. Rodenhauser, D. Har- ris, S. Boswell, M, Kidwell, H, Marshall, E. Mayhew, M, L. Moore. Row Four: R. Harman, F. Cooper, I. Green, E. Fowler, A. Price, J. Allen, R. Gerhardt, B. Thorne, P, Canter, A. L. Boice, E, Binger, P, Hauger, Row Five: P. Williams, M. P. Duvall, S. Senter, R, Maust, M, Suit, O, Bondurant, E. McKenzie, M, Diggs, G. Beall, B. Moore, H. Catterton, A. Leitch. en6cvz'2f' mace ... 4 . 4' y 5211 First Row: Miss Diggs, L. Tayman, M. Richardson, R. Curtin, M. L. Smith, D. Watts, M. Cranford, M. Hutchison M. A, Birdsong, P. Loveless, F. Harmon, M. Beall, Mrs. Tyoe. Second Row: B. L. Watts, I. Moore, I. L. Garner J.Moore, C.Smith, L. Katz, S. Entzian, I. Duvall, E. Duvall, R. M. Bottner, E. Shrewsbury, E. Garner. Third Row L. Hyde, S. Parker, B. Sweeney, D. L. Suit, E. Perrie, S. M. Stallings, B. Sawyer, A. Dennison, J. Montgomery, A Ridgely, C.J. McDaniels. Standing: L, Plotts, J. Chaney, B. J. Hopkins, S. Cranford, W. Thorne, W, Stallings, C Cranford, C. Wyvill, P. Suit, T. Gerhardt, L. Wolf. 10 I I Standing: D.Smith. First Row: Mr. Ogden, G. Cave, V. Dixon, L. Chaney, B. Fussell, P. Duffy, Second Row: B Clagett, D.Strine, D. Whittington, V. Plotts, R. Talbot, J. Gosnell. Third Row: S. Cranford, B. Krauss, Y. Court- ney, E. Boswell, F. Windsor, A. Sweeney. Fourth Row: F. Royer, B. Bean, J. Hopkins, M. Brown, B. Garner, M De Vaughn, Fifth Row: J. Dresser, P. De Vaughn, M. Plummer, B. Moore, M. Hardesty, M. Plummer. Y U IAQ .gillzflllh Sitting on Floor: A.Tydings, D.Curtin, G. Norfolk, E. M. Garner, I. Buck, E, Simms, M. Moore. First Row: Miss Wilson, B, Nutt, P. Quade, E. Mayhew, D. L. Hook, C. Wyvill, C. MaGruder, B. Reynolds, C. Wolf, D. Duvall. Standing: D. Hall, J.Fenno, P. Royer, V. Windle, J. Binger. I. Duvall, C, Clark, A. Ahern, N. Davies, D. Walker, T. Sears. 11 1:0 I f ll-4-50, , First Row: L.Walker, M. Plummer, T. Kidwell, C.Hoffman, R.Moore, I.Dresser, Mrs. Rogers, D. Smith, M. Black, M. Bolin, H. Tayman. Second Row: J. Allen, F. Cooper, P. Canter, R. Marosy, A. Boice, S. Langley, B. Golden, H. Marshall, M. Smith, D. Harris, E. Mayhew, M. Plummer. Third Row: B. Walker, M. Sawyer, D. Leitner, M. Duvall, G. Montgomery, W. Moore, J. Hill, B. Draper, E. Coffren, R. Harmon, A. Leitch, B. Farrell. ' 74a Woafd Qc 'found Aga amkvz HXXD4 r ' ' kg Seated on Floor: C.Dunn, D. Thorington, R. Dixon, L. McKenzie, B. Bean, L. Arrington, First Row: W. Jackson, M. Black, J. Beall, P. DeVaughn, S. A. Buchheister, A. Walton, Mrs. Rogers, M. Burch, B. K. Jones, G. Burns, .I. McKenzie, J.Rodenhauser, M. Mayhew. Second Row: P. Williams, L. Ritchie, S. Cranford, P. Canter, A, M. Bo- lin, R. Talbot, M. L. Smith, J. Moore, J. Dresser, D. Smith, L. Wilhelm. Third Row: J. Harris, G. Cave, S. Sen- ter, R.Harmon, S. Langley, R. Buck, E. Sweeney, T. Kidwell, H. Marshall, R. Gerhardt, A. L. Boice. Fourth Row: G. Beall, B. Fussell, G. Montgomery, B. J. Farrell, R. Williams, W. Havenner, J. Allen, J. Gosnell, M. Diggs, P. Duffy, N. L. Wilburn, Fifth Row: J. DeBoard, E. Coffren, S. Austin, W. Moore, J. Hill, D. Tucker, C. Havenner, S. Moore, B. Draper, R. Maust, M. Simpson. 12 Standing: M. Blandford, D.Hal1, D.Catterton, R. Pfister, A,Weidman, M. Moore, Seated: Mrs. . ' A Rogers. -' R A4 S if pf' 44 . I I Y Q, oo A 0 Q 0 X 1 " - .ns 6 .5 ti f T ' -:fr'n,,:-,V .. L A 4. nn. l First Row: A. Latimer, M.Richardson, M.Blandford, D.Richardson, C.McDaniels, M. Moore, Mrs, Rogers, J. Buck, J. Montgomery, L. Willoughby, M.Cranford, E. Mayhew, J. Moore. Second Row: B. Watts, D. Hall. J. Garner, A. Hansen, L. Katz, P. Royer, F, Harman, R, Bottner, J. Garner, A. Weidman, D, Buck, G. Mayhew. Third Row: A, Rohland, I. Moore, E. Garner, V. Windle, D, Suit, S. Austin, A, Ridgley, J, DeBoard, B. Hopkins, C, Sasscer, Fourth Row: A. Vestas, A. Bean, G. Norfolk, L, Wolf, C. Magruder, W. Moore, J. Duvall, S. Cranford, J, Byrd, B, Jackson, E. Coffren, R, Harman, B. Cooksey, 13 I ' I First Row: P.Jones, M.Suit, G.Pfister, E. McKenzie, A. Andrews, S. Moore, C. Wolf, E, Binger. Second Row: B Garner, E. Beall, Miss Adler, B. Lent, G. Ward. Third Row: M. E. DeVaughn, B. A. Thorne. ee 7 ' Dawn First Row: J.C1ark, N.Entzian, G. Burns, E. Richards, P, Beall, R. Slingluff. Second Row: A. Mangus, J. Shugart R,Catterton, S.Rodenhauser, S. Cranford, F. Royer, A, Beall, Third Row: W. Covell, W. Beall, I. Shrewsberry, I DeBoard, C. Purschwitz, I. Buck, W. Havenner, J. Ridgely, M. Ferguson. 14 I 0 0 First Row: T. Windsor, M. Kackritz, E. Beall, J. Duvall, F. Arrington, R. Dixon, B. Jones, M. J. Thorne, M. Hut- chinson, P. Byrd. Second Row: G. Mayhew, G. Norfolk, P. Quade, I. Buck, E. M. Garner, T. Sweeney, Miss Ad- ler, Miss Diggs, S. Walton, L. Hyde, P. Loveless, L. Tayman, J.Thomas, S. Stallings, L. Wyvill, Third Row: L. Plotts, E. Mayhew, A. Entzian, A. L. Lattimer, M. L. Cranford, B. Williams, P. Williams, I. Maurer, B. Cookscy, M. Cranford, D. Whittington, R. Curtin, B. Sawyer. Fourth Row: A. Smith, M. Bryan, F. Moore, I. Jett, I. Bur- roughs, P. Royer, A.Ridgely, V.Windle, E.M. Smith, W. Arnold, F. Tayman, M. Richardson, A. McKenzie. Fifth Row: M.A. Birdsong, E.Blankenbaker, J.Moore, C.Smith, J.Moore, B. Reynolds, M. A. Wells, P, Suit, P. Tucker, R. Smith, S. Norfolk, E. Garner, B. A. Cooksey, I. Binger, G. Hardesty. ' 1-ful? 14796-aa gage' Wd- First Row: Mr. King, R. Slingluff, M. Mayhew, B. Windsor, K. Windsor, B. Cooksey, N. Richardson, J. Moore, J. Thomas, P.Beall, J. Jett, N. Entzian, Mr. Adams. Second Row: D. Tucker, J. Ridgely, I. Tayman, A. Simms, G. Ferguson, R. Williams, E. Bean, D. Swanson, V. Beall, R. Jett, I. Shugart, R. Catterton. Third Row: B. Curtin, B. l-lale, J. Chaney, D. l-lardesty, W. Young, E. Moore, N. Garner, J. Richardson, R. Cravedi, T. Moore, R, Wyvill, Fourth Row: C. Wyvill, W. Thorne, C. Cranford, F. Vestas, W. Stallings, I. Beall, S. Cranford, E. Langluttig. l. W T .4 A .Q .. 4 15 ' 1" W 4 :mms im , . . .,., ..,.... . M , s 'f . if 1 " qw 1 K Z? K K K V -F R i K lx s a Q 3 5 k 1 . .. 4 fi .H - - ,.. .. .. I A . .-.. Sitting on Floor. C. J. McDanie1s, H. Tayman, B, Lent, P. Jones, L. Cooksey, M. L. Smith. Second Row: L. Rit- chie, N. L. Wilburn, B. Sasscer, E, Sweeney, J, Duvall, E. Duvall, C. Havenner, B. J. Farrell, M. L. Richardson, E Sweeney. Third Row: D. Curtin, J. Harris, K. Speaks, M. Burch, I. Moran, N. Richardson, D. Brady, L. Thomas, G. Pfister. .97 ag,-if ' anne 0ff4 First Row: A. Hoffman, J. Talbot, N, Bean, V. Beall, D. Windsor, I. Beall, Mr. Martin, B. Windsor, P. Moore, E Windsor, B. Swanson, J. Green. Second Row: R. Whittington, L. Sweeney, E. Moore, D. Windsor, W. Smith, W Fowler, J. Edelen, T, Majetti, D, Swanson, J. Dixon, J. Bottner. Third Row: I. McKenzie, D. Kessee, R. Tinsley S. Windsor, M. Kessee. Fourth Row: R, Pounsberry, G. Phelps, J, Shugart, I. Bittings, C. Smith, T. VonGarlem P. Clark, R. Dixon, E. Talbot, M. Farrell, E, Bean, J. Thorne, J. Curtin, B. Swanson, T. Rodenhauser. 16 744 Zfae- 7041IZe if' Q2 1, .. AQ, enema! 244666 E. Morrow, Miss Bar- bour, D. L. l-look, A. Tydings . ' . 3 Seated: G.Norfolk, E.Mayhew, A.Rohland, Mrs.Tyoe, S.Garner, Y. Dodd, B. Reynolds. Stand- ing: J. Kifer, B. Nutt, R. Burdette. Zami :ff l-1.--,--.U--ass'-1 3 1 h iiQi M, 1 2 yff i H, L tett fins, o 'xg First Row: C. Sasscer, E. Shrewsberry. I. Bortner, J. Fenno, A. Bean, F. Harman, E. Brady, L. Willoughby. Second Row: S. Moore, R. Pounsberry, V. Buck, J. Shrewsberry, I. Bitting, L. Beall, G. Shugart, R. Edelen, D. Tucker, W. Gerhardt, K. Moore, L. Wilhelm. Standing: Y. Dodd, M. Marosy, B. Draper, B. Moore, E. Coffren, D. Suit, D. Murphy, B, Jackson, D. Brown, A. Hansen, R. Bottner, R, Shafer. 17 ffwta '4 First Row: E. Windsor, T. Plant, R. Poore, C. Carrick, D. Green, Mr. Turner, C. Dixon, K. Pounsberry, M. Court- ney, G. Sasscer, W. Jackson, I. McKenzie. Second Row: A. Sasscer, J. Byrd, T. Rodenhauser, G. Phelps, R. Hyde, J.Buck, D.Tucker, D.Windsor, W. Smith, W. Havenner, I. Dixon. Third Row: J. Cooper, M. Duvall, J. Green, P. Clark, M. Cave, T. Buck, H. Norfolk, B. Binger, T. Talbott. 644604 . T91 'wt Seated: T.Clark, V. Plotts, I.Rodenhauser, R.Gerhardt. Standing: L.Wilhelm, R.Hill, J. Willoughby, A. Simms, W.1ackson, R.Maust, M.Mayhew, M.Smith, R.Shafer, B.Cooksey, Mrs. Hoover, B.Walker, R. Talbot, M. Thorne, M. Tippett, B. King. 18 f T "' ar First Row: W. Arnold, C. Thomas, B. Thomas. Second Row: J. Garner, S. Garner, A. Bean, R. Sasscer. Third Row: A.Dennison, A.Rohland, I. Ridgely, M. Moran. Fourth Row: H. Norfolk, R.Burdette, A. Sasscer. Standing: I. Thomas, B. Windsor, D. Windsor, B. Har- desty, D. Cooksey, B. Talbott, Mr. Burgess. Not Pictured: Y. Dodd, A. Weidman. ,416 1 First Row: M. Jones, M. Cooksey, C. Phelps, G. Woomer, T. Plant. Second Row: H. Rawlings, M. Sweeney, D. Keesee. M. Keesee, R. Sasscer, M. Moran, J. Ridgley, M. Canter, S. Beall, M. Dixon, Miss Rea. 19 WW 'hs-,fm V"Se:w.MM K. Seated: A. Entzian, D. Whittington, J. Hopkins, F. Moore, R. Pfister, R. Poore, T. Clark. Standing: A. McKen- zie, P.DeVaughn, M. Burch, C. Havenner, C. Dunn, B. Sasscer, S. Senter, S. Buchheister, R. Maust, R. Deck, Mrs. Smith, L. Thomas, H. Smith, C. Phelps. Wana! ffcdc First Row: R. Beall, R.Whittington, N. Bean, W. Burdette, M. Sasscer. Second Row: R. Tinsley, C. DeVaughn, P. Loveless, B.Fow1er, Mr.Murphy, A.Hoffman, B.Swanson, T.Midjette, R. Cross, W. Duvall. Third Row: L. Swee- ney, C. Smith, E. Bean, P. Moore, J. McKenzie, I. Gosnell, T. Clagett, R. Swanson, J. Kerr. 20 '-fzeacdglaf ...r - l 12 3. 5? First Row: L.Katz, B. Nutt, A. Rohland. Second Row: A. Ahern, C, Wyvill, A. Hansen, 1- V B. Watts, E.Perrie. Third Row: S. Entzian, E. Simms, N. Davies, D. Duvall, A. Walker. K N. u r'-rt' " W. Gerhardt. Standing: C. MaGruder, B. Hopkins, C. Wolf, E. Duley, I. McLellan. Not ... N ' pictured: Miss Merling. A .: . 1 .J f f 15 Z7 da! A -X ft -5g?"j A E! 'I' 43.12. W? f 'I' F Sitting: Mr.Moore, L. Moore, N.Wi1burn, L.Ritchie, J. Harris, L. Chaney, M. Richardson, E. Sweeney. I. Gosnell Standing: C. Dixon, P. Hager, I. Cooper, D. Downing, J. Green, J. Beckerly, I. Marosy, I. Walls. 21 ,. 'vcr' ,v -, T E ,Jil Dil .Y nf' B: 'V4.L.-A. First Row: L. McKenzie, I. Rodenhauser, S. Buchheister, Mrs. Parrish, J. McLellan, L. Wy- vill, Mrs. Brown, A. Boice, S. Boswell, E. Mayhew. Second Row: B. Jones, P. Loveless, D. Hook, V. Dixon, J Allen, S. Senter, I. Moran, P. Royer, R. Bottner. Third Row: E. Garner, G. Gates, P. Duffy, M. Sawyer, J. Duvall, B. Reynolds, L. Chaney, Y. Dodd, D. Suit. L ' .,,,,, ... . 31, .... First Row: M. Kackritz, P.Wi11iams, P.Byrd. Second Row: P.Tucker, L.Wyvi11, M.Vance. Third Row: S. Stal lings, M. Diggs, G. Beall, G. Mayhew, B. Cooksey, P. Catterton, R. Thorne. 22 I Seatedg K. Speakes, S. Entzian, C. Cranford, Miss Haile, J. Buck, G. Montgomery, B. Phelps. Standing: A. Lati- mer, I.Fowler, C.Havenner, C. Cranford, B. Hopkins, E. Brady, J. Bottner. Not Pictured: D. Strine, L. Arrington, A. Hansen, M. Moore, R. Bottner, N. Wilburn, W. Stallings, C. Clark, D. Watts, B. Lent, M. Richardson, P. De- Vaughn, E. Coffren, P. Catterton, B. Cooksey, M. Cantor, C . Clark. -:QQ ' slr 1 7 .fr jf 0 0 145 e. . qs W Kneeling: J.Brady, E.Curtin, P.Williams, A.Bo1in, M. Wells, S. Boswell, M. Hutchinson, K. Spealges, L. Thomas, A. Walton, J.Tayman, P.DeBoard, L. Cooksey. First Row: J. DeBoard, L. Hill, P. Loveless, H. Catterton, G. Fer- guson, E.Bean, Mr. Murphy, J. Kifer, W. Windsor, W. Marshall, R. King, F. Smith, R. Hyde. Second Row: S. Per- rie, P. Duffy, B. Fussell, M. Cooksey, S. Beall, B. Williams, D Richardson, E. Sweeney. J. Moran, E. Dodd, M. Simpson, Third Row: A.Smith, M.Bryan, I. Jett, I. Burroughs, S.Norfolk, O. Bondurant, R. Smith, D. Boswell, A. Vestas, E.Kidwell, D. Brady. Fourth Row: T.Moore, D.Hardesty, J.Byrd, J.Kerr, C. Tucker, E. Lusby, G. Thomp- son, R. McDanie1s, C DeVaughn, W. Duvall, B. Moore. Not Pictured: J. Beall, P. Beall, R. Arrington. 23 mz6ofz7fanafz5 ' First Row: E. Shrewsberry, N.Wi1burn, T.Clagett, Miss Barrett, A.Hansen, C.Smith, D. Murphy. Second Row: B Fussell, L. Katz, I. Chaney, B. Hopkins, G. Shugart, J. Duley, W. Duvall, C. Wolf, F. Royer. Owagfawus ............. ' qfonafzs ' First Row: E. Duley, D. Hook, M. L. Smith, Treas.g I. Hammett, Pres., M. Moore, Sec., S, Entzian, C.Cranford. Second Row: B.Nutt, D.Curtin, Mrs.Brown, Sponsor, J. Buck, A. Roh- land, D. Duvall. 24- 1 ' v K AS n 41 fs 1 Z' j 1 , 44' 42 fd I .L Sroms A R V95 Soccer, basketball, volley ball, K'-. softball, baseball and all other types ,lgf st ofgames play a vital part in the life t of any school--and Frederick Sas- it ' Yr ' scer is no exception. We are proud 44 5 s of our athletes and the fine spirit fiFs,,i1 they carry with them. xt 5, it ' gl 3 , M, ff 5 V Jgr , V if , 1,-fy' ,, .3 ,X 1 .xx .E-P A f n! , ""Q, g'- , X V xg X, X ,M ' in 1' fx, ' A X t- it Y' I , f' H - xx 1 Xxx X my N K I, , 4 -V ,,., , ma K A W aff . M K W ' X f XL 11 , 32,4 1-A-li-' " K M,,. , ' ' ' ' t my I-57, ti -1 K I ', i 1.1. all f " ff-'haf g fi-'P "' ? 1 - t ,, X Y "" V' ,,,...-a-.-54-Aff vs.. can J, wg.,-il, G, , c ,, ., - 21? se, 9 to 4 , 61, .1 ,fl at ' , . ' ' f-" .4-6 4' -'-lvh' ,.... M- -- r I, tg. f4 ff 711 ,f X SM M f' Q was 1 W V329 xl X QW W 'l 7 :E 066616403 .,.....,,,q, ,M 1, K First Row: I. Buck, I. Plotts. Second Row S. Entzian, E. Simms Third Row: E. May- hew, T . Sweeney. ' ' "' 'f I .. in . glllllm , -M . --.-.fp--....,L ..,, ,N V 2, , First Row: M.B1ack, J.Ridge1y, D. Brown, R.Cross, I. Lusby, M.Wyvi11, I. McKenzie, I. Shugart, R. Harman. Sec- ond Row: J. Thorne, M. Farrell, G. Shugart, C. Cranford, C. Wyvill, A. Sasscer, I. Buck, D. Windsor, H. Norfolk E. Coffren. Third Row: Coach Knepley, R. Cravedi, W. Thorne, P. Moore, J. Beall, E. Talbot, T. Buck, D. Cross B. Jackson, J. Jerome, S. Cranford, J. Gosnell, T. Sears, T. Clagett. 26 Varsity Basketball Team--First row: G. Shugart, C. Cranford, S. Cranford, C. Clark, Coach Knepley. Second row: W. Thorne, R. Edelen, P. Moore. I. Gos- nell, I. Byrd. Si Si Q5 J .. at y 5 , 'b if 'K 'f .. ,,, H M . -rv 5 . fr" . ' 74' W M w Viggo' ri? ? 5' I-anim , , W va- i . a f Ezra M U! Q ww P- .ef 1' N ,, .. n 1.3 gc., W, . For A 2 iz! " . Q W :mug W if 5' 2 as W5 .Af f as . V 1, ' w if dCC'L f a t Junior Varsity Basketball--First row: E. Coffren, I. Kerr, R. Cross, J. Buck, N.Garner, W.Thorne, Coach Knepley. Second row: B. Moore, T.C1agett, O.Bondurant, C.VonGar1em, B.Jackson, G.Purschwitz, D. Murphy. 27 Manager--Wayne Throne Co captains -- Charhe Cranford Snookie Cranford Coach Knep Iey. fr-U 9 Q W! 3 'r K-N .1-:aj ' 'Spode INTRAMURAL COUN- CIL--Seated: B. Phelps, R. Marosy, L. Plotts, I. Duvall, I. Montgomery, M. Cranford, L. Arring- ton. Standing: L. Wy- vill, E. Sweeney, E. Blankenbaker, P.Quade, B. Reynolds, G. Norfolk, E. Boswell, I. Brown, V. King. T14 , ,i lu Q, udezq fan- - . . t J Maurer I Buck P.Quade,J.Hammett. 066026400 Z Kneeling: Standing Quade. 28 I. Maurer, G. Mayhew. B. Sawyer, L. Miller, P. Kneeling: M . Kackritz, W. Arnold, E. Simms, L. Wyvill, D . Watts, R. Thorne. Standing: G. Hardesty, R. Keesee, L. Hyde, L. Plotts, R. Smith, J. Fenno, L. Willoughby, 24665 ' The sports highlight of every school year is our traditional All Sas scer Night. The 1954 program of events stamped an indelible impression in our book of memories. We will especially remember Queen Lucille Plotts and King Charles Cranford, whose crowning climaxed a most enjoyable evening. The King and Queen's court was composed of the following class representatives: Seniors: Joan Hammett 8: Clarence Cranford, Connie Wyvill 8: Carlton Wyvill, Lucille Wyvill 8: Joe Lusby, Theresa Sweeney 81 Joe Beall. Juniors: Fay Harmank David Cross, Bette Watts 8: Paul Moore. Sopho- mores: Joanne Burroughs 8: James Byrd. Freshmen: Carolyn Havenner 8: Bill Watts. Eighth Grade: Georgia Ward 81 Glenn Thompson. Seventh Grade: Betty King Sr Marshall Courtney. .QALL :Annu-at NIGHT 30 RXTY ' SCHO PQPULA Q A M0115 L:5lReeCr anim d SH Ma TALENTED . J J rz ,AM '22:Q,f -"ff'q.x, 'e el G O '- Dianne Hall LARSHIP tbl' fga Enoczegxggre HUMOROUS Joan Hammett ' Charles Clark Rachel Keesee I QL? Elvida Simms ATHLETICS K-f C. f' ll ATHLETIC S PUBLIC SPEAKING 5 I 4 F f .Q" A C ..., . ' N,:, 'i"3'f ' ' Joe Lusby Mae Kackritz Eleanor M ' Ioe Beall Peggy Loveless OHOW Charles Cranford 31 I Mr. Robert Alan Cobb arrived late this year at Frederick Sas- scer to replace Mr. Martin, our agriculture instructor. Mr. Cobb hails from Watkins Glen, New York. Before coming to Sasscer, he did some practice teaching at Easton High School. Easton's loss was indeed a wonderful gain for us. We extend our gratitude to a special friend, Mr. Earl Stanton, our Junior Class Advisor. Through his tireless efforts and sound advice, he helped mold our class into a strong, closely knit organization. We shall always remember our trips, dances, social nights, classes and all the other wonderful things we did together--but most of all, we remember HIM. We hope that we will find a plac e in his pleasant memories. Our school custodians seldom receive the credit they deserve, but we here at Sasscer realize what a splendid job they do and extend our sincere appreciation to them. Pictured you will find Sidney, Alice, Richard, and Sen- ator. IN MEMORY OF OUR BELOVED CLASSMATE BOBBY FERGUSON OCTOBER, 1936 - MARCH, 1950 A garland of memories We wear 'round our hearts, To ever remember you While we're apart. You left a beautiful memory, A sorrow too great to be told, But to us who loved and lost you Your memory will never grow old. You walk serene, with peaceful heart To meet the setting sun-- Your hand in God's and unafraid, To let His will be done Qwsy 'ln u g,D I ff " we-as L Y Zyqh 5 'F av Q Lg s ' ZA . A, 4 im. 1 , 9 SV :1 o O x-4 cv .C 'U C2 fd a.. -F4 fu I-I-4 on .-C 4-l 'Q-4 o C1 cu eu :S O cu fx xv V A S. 'U 'Vw 0-'an POT: 'HC om' 'U VN: do 'an U-,CL -r-4 'Urs C03 .Ein umm MUD Bw DMU are ge 5- Ev .cz QIIE-1 .c E-4 0 ", I yea 5 Qt 5 C G! Fay Martha Norman Eugene Jeanette Dorothy Mae Arrington Beall Bean Bean Binger Boswell Bryan James Margaret Joanne James Peggy Doris James Buck Burdette Burroughs Byrd Byrd Catterton Chaney .Q Walter Mary Louise Robert Joseph JOSCDJI Mary Etta JOHHHI-1 Covell Cranford Cross De Van Dixon Dixon Duley i ssssr i Jtr t L W- I . 1 -f w '-J. J ,.r. .. I J ..,.,.., to L P Z uu g V ., at g isu , vo " 3 . . 1 ', . B in ates t ytt 1 ,:,, af w earer L t .L Jane James Richard Alma William Jerry Lou Lorraine Duval Edelen Edelen Entzian Fowler Garner Garner Gloria Werner Bernard Anna Betty Jo Marjorie Mildred Gates Gerhardt Hale Hansen Hopkins Hutchinson Hutchinson Roger William Jean Letty Albert James Anna Hyde Jackson Jett Katz Keesee Kerr Latimer 34- Colleen MaGruder g W , x arf! I 2 , June Moore Hazel Rawlings .C ,lj 15,5 Edmund Shrewsbury .Q '51 il Robert Swanson Margaret .- Vermillion VonGar1em Elwood Windsor aff' 1:- 2 , Z., ,gg K I. F Ni 1 Q rg -" J -fl. A l J lllo A 2.. Carol Anna Theodore Jeanette Faye Jean McDanie1s McKenzie Midjette Montgomery Moore Moore ,.,5 VA, J . , , ' If wi i A William Donald Shirley Rebecca Gordon Sadie Moore Murphy Parker Pfister Phelps Rawlings A Q, qi ...r 5 ..,-. t ,. r F 1 if in S' ' ' I i m: 'lrt r ZQ7- A J a t ' Q' Q. .. Q, V Dolores James Ann Tony Patricia Charles Richardson Richardson Ridgely Redenhauser Royer Sasscer C ,Q mi I my , f E fs' Gardner Anthony Agnes Caroline Warren Patsy Shugart Simms Smith Smith Smith Suit ,F 'Srl J " ,e - ,fl ig . A f if rr 14 rr K David James Clarence Peggy Anne Fred Tayman Tayman Tucker Tucker Vestas Vestas If 2 ,,,.k1 A my ' , if J .l,,, :: ' i A Thomas Mary Ann Betty Joseph Virginia Donald Wells Williams Willoughby Windle Windsor it ' I Q V' my .. j 1 'Q , - iii . C :-. , 'J 'J ' S iir- C4 all .ss J if J q. 8 ? - "+r A A J slil - y 'gn gl l rr. T - A it hi s Q ., I A 1 Samuel Theresa Charles Louise Michael Wilson Windsor Windsor Wolf Wolfe Wyvill Young 35 9 Lkr li QI ' CM' t Bob Esther Faye Joycelyn Nutt Brady Harmon Ridgley President Vice President Secretary Treasurer "'- t . A Lii .Q V 3 .E :,,::. ' A. 2 Allan Leslie Shirley James Bruce Mary Ann Ellen Ahern Beall Beall Bittings Binger Birdsong Blankenbaker A - t 'X A J . Vki, Q -,'- k,.kk C .,:... ' at ssissss ff z 1--- 1,1 eetAQ A jfiii Mary Jean Rose Marie Joan Robert Marjorie Melvin PCICT Blandford Bottner Buck Burdette Canter Cave Clark i . N ' I it I QQ K , - '-. xiii K 1 'trk A .V,, ,..k - V -AL . kkkk ' ::' H 7 xli b? J 1,- " gig i , '.1 Dora May Marie Daavid Roberta Neal Yvonne Mary Alice Cooksey Cranford Cross Curtin Davies Dodd Draper A ii A A J 1 J , A fst . J A A lie ii: A . ,.., t, "" l ..:, ':'. iili f A it dai s David Elnora James Joan Mareen Ethel Mae Joyce Lee Duvall Duvall Duvall Duvall Duvall Garner Garner sls i AA t it tti A A A ..,. .i.. 's,. . j r,Xt S I. A A ,. SS T : AA I A .. I f 1 QQ Q... A A1: A Jack Barbara Douglas Morgan John Joseph Martha Gosnell Hardesty Keesee Keesee Kifer McKenzie McLain 36 ef 5 2932 - AH e x? L .EC .ti P U ' 1- Ellen Gloria Edward Paul Margaret David Mayhew Mayhew Moore Moore Moran Phelps wrli - rllll' S hh' at T Q 'iiggfiitiwif 12" 125115 K .. . is N :Q ' H 4 9 V - A t A W ' 1' S 5' f x' ggsifzisli' " 5' .S . 'L i .: ' sf' N, T 1 A f as 1 ' rm to as .,r f ,,-r f 5 or Ronald Par Doris ,N Betty Ann Alex Ruth Pounsberry Quade Rawlings Reynolds Rohland Sasscer Sasscer B tar, R Ryoa trl ,eyt , S X yyt , i y sl T Q--Q '73 . Q ' pa ' 122, 5' t .y K , 'K . ' ,Q x A L '- is r i Bai-bam - Thomas Joseph Shirley Dorothy Donald Barbara Sawyer Sears Shugart Stallings Suit Swanson Sweeney Eg ' B L S Q 'fi is D it yyty y irs sw T fi if R9- i s R T Margaret Beth Thomas Barbara Catherine Marjorie Aubrey Sweeney Talbott Talbott Thomas Thomas Thomas Walker ' Kgs .. , T-, Y W 'f SZ 1-Z: B is s,yy fl ' ,R Bette Qltheaf Doris Peggy Bessie Dorothy Gloria Watts Weidman Whittington Williams Windsor Windsor Norfolk t . , A 1 A 'L , 1 'Wi , fu - H ' j?3'1?ii?? Harold Charles Norfolk Smith 37 i' -A 'x I uf Fw ,1 x ?ifhg Q ll ,mtg an-I 5551- ali? Q . fc I N 5 f"., ,ilfvk ? X fiffz . 3, 'Ki f W3 M! x I, RPEQHIAN FAMILY L- pf "' Qm?1fK SASSCER 1- IE ,ggi- 3 , f mf K ,EA 5 f' , ' f .Fl L' ff? 4 12 S I ' , - 9 m W ,hL , .-"Y, f 7 af ,fi fb Y' X N.. . ' ' " , Q 'S I ik .f K i 5.1 59 ar 'I 'V r ei Q as F I lit 5 President T Clarence Edward Cranford "Snookie" April 21, 1936 Jr. Class President, Soccer-2, Bas- ketball-2, Baseball-2, Pep Club. Blue-White. Boys' Hi-Y, Student Council. Sr. Play. Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Elsie Lucille Plotts Margaret Ann Moore Joseph Preston Beall "Lucy" "Maggie" "Joe" April 4, 1936 July 2, 1936 September 5. 1935 Cheerleader, Sr. Dramatics, Tri- Jr.C1ass Secretary,StudentCouncil, FFA- SDOFIS Club. SOCCSI-1. Base Hi-Y, Girls' Athletic Club, Sr. JuniorHonor Society. Sr. Dramatics, b811'3- Dance Club, Typing Club, Sr. Play, A Cappella, Blue-White. Sr. Music Club. Sr. Play. 4-0 Winifred Alma Arnold Dorothy Adeline Bean Daniel Thomas Buck, Jr. "Winnie" "Adeline" "Tommy" September 29, 1935 July 22, 1936 December 22, 1936 Library Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Typing Band, Orchestra, Typing, Club. A Photography Club, A Cappella, Club, Girls' Arhleric Club. Cappella, Sr. Play. Patrol, Sr. Play Business Manager. nr-ss Elsie Mae Catterton Charles Densmore Clark Betty Ann Cooksey "Pat" "Chuck" "Berg" October'25, 1936 June 7, 1936 January 9, 1937 Tri-Hi-Y, Majoretres Sr. Dramatics, Sr. Music Club, A Patrol, Majoretres, Sr. Dramarics. Cappella, Basketball-1, Sr, Play. Girls' Athletic Club. 41 John David Cooper "Johnnie" October 27, 1936 Photography Club. Charles Edwin Cranford "Charlie" June 20, 1936 Student Council President, Blue- White, Visual Aids, Sr. Dance Club, Soccer-1, Basketball-2, Baseball-3 Sr. Class Play. Doris Marie Curtin "Doris" March 20, 1936 Student Council. Blue-White, Sr Dramatics Club. Band. Eleanor Ann Dennison NADH.. February 4, 1936 Robert Alva Dixon, Jr. llBobIl January 8, 1935 Photography Club, Glee Club, FFA, Stage Props, Auto Mechanics. Dance Club. Typing. Tfi-Hi'Y- 42 Bernard Dent Downing "Dent" November 4, 1937 Visual Aids. Photography Club Hobby Club, Sr. Music Club, Sr Play. Junior Honor Society. -Q 3 Bennett Enoch Duley John Byron Duvall Shirley Mae Entzian "Enoch" "Johnny" "Shirley" June 13. 1936 June 25, 1936 February 21, 1936 ArtClub, FFA,Junior Honor Society. Photography, Band, Orchestra, Sci- Student Council, Cheerleader. Sr ence Club. Dramatics. Spanish-French. Blue White. ig' Ar Marvin Columbus Farrell Jean Mildred Fenno Edith Elizabeth Garner "Marvie" "Jeanie" "Liz" March 3, 1936 October 24, 1936 January 29, 1986 FFA, SportsC1ubA Dramatics Club, Band. Orchestra, Glee Club, Girls' Athletics, Sr. Junior Honor Society. Sr. Play. Dance Club, Typing Club. Tri-Hi- I ' n Y. Ra MAA M QQJ 34.02, is .1 Jw O' W A042 54 f-L-6-Pg, tr U J r f n Ll XA I 43 Joel Wooten Green, Ir. Dianne Mildred Hall Julia Joan Hammett "Joel" "Dianne" "Joanie" December 25, 1936 February 29, 1936 March 19, 1936 Photography. Dramatics, Chemistry Blue-White, Sr. Music Club, Dra- Dramatics Club, Chemistry-Pl'1ys- -Physics Club, Sr. Play. maticsClub,A Cappella, Art Club, ics, FHA, A Cappella, Sr. Play Sr. Play. Junior Honor Society. rw 1.1-va Geraldine Marie Hardesty Dixie Lee Hook Alice Lorraine Hyde "Geraldine" "Dickie" "Lorraine" February 25, 1934 December 12, 1935 March 28, 1935 Cafeteria, Tri-Hi-Y, Patrol, Girls' Dramatics Club, Blue-White, Sr. LibraryClub,Sr. Dance Club. Patrol Athletics. Play, Nurses, Pen 85 Quill, Junior Club, Girls' Athletics, Tri-Hi-Y, Honor Society. Hobby. 44 Joseph George Jerome, Jr. "Jerry" May 8, 1936 Auto Mechanics. Mae Caroline Kackritz "Mae" May 20, 1936 Majorettes. Tri-Hi-Y, Girls' Ath- letics Club, Music Club. Rachel Lois Keesee "Reds" September 13, 1934 Student Council, Dramatics Club, A Cappella. Library Club, Glee Club. Peggy Ann Loveless Joseph Bernard Lusby Mack Marosy "Peggy" "Joe" "Mack" March 31, 1936 February 2, 1936 May 13, 1936 StudentCourt,Girls'AthleticsClub, Blue-White, Auto Mechanics. Sr. Sr. Dramatics. Hobby Club. Band. FHA, Hobby Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Dance Club. Glee Club, Class Treasurer, Student Nurse. 45 Julie Ann McLellan Herman Melvin Moore Eleanor Montgomery Morrow "Julie" "Herm" "Dudie" June 22, 1936 September 28, 1936 October 30, 1936 Student Nurse, Dramatics Club, Visual Aids. Sr. Dance Club, Typ- Sr. Dramatics Club, Blue-White Chemistry-Physics Club, Sr. Play. ing. Pen St Quill, Tri-Hi-Y, Sr. Play. Shirley Estelle Norfolk Eleanor Alice Perrie Paul Francis Richards "Tinkey" "Ellie" "Paul" March 7, 1936 May 26, 1936 February 3, 1936 Girls Athletics Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, Library Club, Tri-Hi-Y. FFA. Sports Club, Soccer-2. Patrol. French Club. 46 Minnie Viola Richardson Elvida Rosalyn Simms Edna Mae Smith "Mouse" "Seedie" "Edna" January 23, 1936 October 11, 1936 August 15, 1936 Glee Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Patrol. Sr.Dramatics,Cheerleader, Typing Tri-Hi-Y. Girls' Athletic Club Club, Visual Aids. Typing Club. Mary Lou Smith Rose Alberta Smith Shirley Mae Stallings "Lou" "Rose" "Reds" July 21, 1936 July 1. 1936 December 19, 1935 FFA, Student Nurse, Blue-White, Patrol, Tri-Hi-Y, Girls' Athletic Majorettes. Girls' Athletic C1ub,' Junior Honor Society, Sr. Dance Club. Visual Aids. Sr. Qramatics. Club. Student Director-Sr. Play. 4 1 .4 r 47 Wayne Willard Stallings Theresa Hattie Sweeney Edward Jacob Talbot "Whip" "Terry" "Eddie" February 19, 1936 July 8, 1936 June 2, 1936 Patrol, Visual Aids, Baseball-2. Blue-White, Sr. Dance Club, Sr. FFA. ' Dramatics. Cheerleader, Junior , , Honor Society. Q' t Lillian Irene Tayman Mary Jeannette Thomas James Eugene Thorne "Pee Wee" "Jenny" "Jimmy" August 10, 1936 August 17, 1935 March 23, 1935 Sr. Dance Club, Girls' Athletic Typing, Sr. Dramatics, Girls' Ath- Patrol, Photography Club. Club. FHA. letic Club. 48 .-. Q 3 Wayne Smith Thorne " Sabu" January 18, 1937 Ruth Rosezella Thorne "Ruthie" May 23. 1936 Visual Aids. Visual Aids. ,A"""". X , 1 Louise Ann Tydings llAnnll February 5, 1936 Stage Props, Typing, Sr. Dance, Blue-White. Dramatics Pen 81 Quill. Art Club. -P? Marion Ethel Vance Doris Ann Watts Alice Lorraine Willoughby "Bunny" ' "Doris" "Lorraine August 8, 1935 - . January 15, 1936 July 5, 1936 Majorettes. Tri-Hi-Y, Cafeteria. FHA, Dance Club, Student Council Typing. Dramatics. Band Orches 49 tra. A Cappella. 1 Bryan I-IaleWi1son Delano Cornelius Windsor Howard Bennett Windsor "Bryan" "De1ano" "Bennett" January 2, 1936 October 30, 1935 September 21, 1936 Blue-White, Visual Aids. Sr. Dance FFA, Sports Club, Soccer-2, Base- FFA, Sports Club, Baseball-2. Club. ball-2. Carlton Joyce Wyvill Fannie Cornelia Wyvill Lucille Ann Wyvill " Dody " "C onn ie " "Lu" October 22, 1935 May 23, 1936 December 7, 1936 Patrol, Visual Aids, Typing, Soc- Sr.Dramatics. Student Nurse, Typ- Student Nurse. Majorettes, Visual cer-2. ing. Glee Club. Spanish 8a French. Aids. Girls' Athletic Club. Sr. Play. f , 'Q ff ' . - Q J I 0 L , I ' ,, 50 Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Dixon Mr. and Mrs. Dewey, Hook Mr. Charles Wyvill Doris Curtin Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Dixon Dr. W. S. Ritchie Mary Lou Smith Mrs. Violet Boice Mrs. Alice Duley Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DeFrank Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fenno Melvin Windsor Mary Lucille Johnson John R. Gamer Betty Richardson Lula Mae Hobbs Thanks To Earnest A. Loveless, Jr. Mildred B. Sherbert Mrs. William H. Lusby Hilda Tayman Mr. and Mrs. R. 0. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Beall Agnes Beall Beulah Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Lewis C. Beall Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mease Mr. Lewis Buck Blue-White Staff Mrs. Mabel M. Kackrltz Mrs. James Bean Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Thompson Prince George's County Boys 4-H Clubs And All the Other Persons - Who Through Their Support and Co-operation Made The '54 Elm Possible. Compliments Market 7-2457 of Spencer's Store Love's Sporting Goods Wells Corner Upper Marlboro, Maryland Rods, Reels, and Tackle e All Bd' l" S""" District Heights Bakery Modem Restaurant on Premises 7104 Marlboro Pike Wells Corner Upper Marlboro, Maryland Open Seven Days A Week For Your Service f ww? vi K X' f x eg XR-Q A V 7? T 4 R411 lk aqnanbnn? :Y ,Jr ,QWM HWS mv' ,VFX -0 'Cl' 9 .,. SQMMQM QQ, QFWQ ,JD .. .. 3Wva ",fHfW3,x9MW-1 H 21? Aw sag 3 KW N xt Uv ,VYVXJQ KWH ,, M Q 'gy W Q g. k N .Q HM W j7i3fyN+QQ55 SUITLAND FINANCE C0. 4710 Silver Hill Road Ti WAYNE MOTEL Suitland, Maryland B 3, J, 'flwmggn Accouorios Mitchellville Maryland Phono: J0rdan 9-8685 Phono: MArket 7-9862 RlDGELY'S TEXACO SERVICE Phone! MAYIG' 7'3445 US Route 301 at Croom Road Compliments of: RITCHIE BROTHERS FUNERAL HQME Upper Marlboro, Maryland 24 Hour Service Phone: Market 7-3391 Air Conditioned - Chapel Organ oI.oFIEI.o's MILK ROOM Conrlfmnfs of F"""'l"" """V"""' II s. L TEXACO SERVICE ,,,,,,,, Compliments up H'Tl'llIllEl:.glIolzos Marlboro Pike Dod::a:,d'.Cn:Il:os ENTERPRISE Esso s..::lIcI... M""""" W- SUITLAND PASTRY Route so "' SHOP G""'l"'f M"'Yl"'d 4704 sum Hill Road, s.E. L- '11-5? - - .ati - --4.-.----f 4- Le Fl . - a 1 A ff - J ma! '1 L' " 'A -5' -"'-"""' f' "ar-M f A - - " is f ...,f..,,. , FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK .Upper Marlboro, Maryland Phone: MArket 7-3450 Always Remember: "The Best of All Comes From Smal FRANK SMALL, JR., IN FORD Sales - - Service Three Convenient Locations ' 1301 Good Hope Road S. E. Phone: LUdlow 4-5700 " 3200 Pennsylvania Avenue ' 2001 Nichols Avenue S. E. Vlon't You Come Down" Ill C. S. J. L. INGALLS McCormick-Deering Tractors Phone: CEdar 3-3354 CEdar 3-4831 Implements - Trucks - Hardware General Supplies Mitchellville Maryland ENTERPRISE DAIRY FARM Mitchellville, Maryland Registered Holstein-Friesain and Guernsey Captain Newton H. White, Jr., U.S.N.'fRetiredj Owner Mr. Stanley K. Wallich - Manager Mr. G. Maynard Koons - Herdsman Phone: CEdar 3-3390 Sales and Service ALLEN AND STONE Radio and Television Service 7103 Marlboro Pike District Heights Maryland Phone: JOrdan 9-9806 F. L. WATKINS COMPANY, INC. Lumber - Millwork - Hardware Paints and Oils - lce and Feed SEAT PLEASANT MARYLAND Phone: LUdlow 2-1705 JOrdan 8-9303 COUNTY TRUST COMPANY of MARYLAND Upper Marlboro Maryland Phone: MArket 7-3363 ALLIE B. WEAVER, AGENT Grangers Mutual Insurance Company Hall, Maryland Phone: MArket 7-2215 if MARLBORO FURNITURE COMPANY "Better furniture for less money" BlNGER BROTH ERS Main Street, Upper Marlboro Phone: MArket 7-3372 Coal and Feed Dealers Compliments of Upper Marlboro Maryland Tl'lE WESTERN AUTO STORE Upper Marlboro, Maryland Phone: MArket 7- 3397 Compliments of BOPP'S RESTAURANT Upper Marlboro, Maryland Compliments of DUVALL'S AMOCO SERVICES MARLBOR0 MOTOR SALES Studebaker Marlboro Pi ke Upper Marlboro Maryland Road Building 13 4 1: Land Clearing EXC0V01'i"9 M A' Ditching "Iggy R. A. HAMMETT Tires Bulldozers, Shoveldozers, Crane B . Clamshell, Shovel, Motor Grader atterles A . Contract or Rental ccessorles Washing and Q P0liSl"i'l9 8081 White House Road fs Washington 27, D.C. Representative: John Tudor Jordan 89234 816 Bashford Lane, Apt. 3A TE X Jordon 8'l7ll Alexandria, Va. nun. TOBACCO TRAIL TEXACO t FINE CLASS RINGS t ANNOUNCEMENTS Bowie Hall Upper Marlboro, Maryland t yEARB00K5 Maryland Route 4 Flower Gift Shop t AWARDS and 7504 Marlboro Pike U.S. Route 301 Phone: JOrdan 8-4315 Phone: PUbliShQfS of Thf Market 7-3353 1954 ELM Corsages and flowers for all occasions WALLS' FLORIST Growers of beautiful flowers 'V QS U Wholesalers and Retailers since 1865 "Flowers for every occasion fresh from the greenhouses daily" L Located at 9115 Central Avenue near Ritchie Road 3,4-tg, lll 'ff 4 7 4 V? 7' 'if 4774- We Deliver Anywhere x Phone: JOrdan 8-3464 THE ENQUIRER GAZETTE "The County Seat Newspaper" Job Printing Fertilizer Feed - Seed Established in 1850 G-"ml S"PPli'5 Upper Marlboro, Maryland Phone: MArket 7-3398 MARLBORO SERVICE Upper Marlboro, Maryland Phone: MArket 7-3573 Prescription - Pharmacy - General Supplies C0mPl0f0 MARLBORO DRUG COMPANY Banking Service Upper Marlboro, Maryland BANK OF MARYLAND C-H MM-'Y-3566 SUITLAND BRANCH Suitland Crossroads, Suitland, Maryland MARLBORO JEWELERS J. Main Sfrggt 7042 Central Avenue Upper Marlboro' Maryland F T Diamonds - Jewelry - Gifts "" "" Expeff Watch. Compliments I"'PI"""'I' Compliments of: jewelry and of: sud' Optical ALTON C. NICHOLSON R I em rs CARL S. RITCHIE Ritchie, Maryland WALKER'S PONTIAC SALES Crain Highway-Mitchellville, Maryland Phone: CEdar 3-3353 CEdar 3-4832 S 8: F LUMBER COMPANY, INC. HOPKINS SUNOCO SERVICE STATION Hall, Maryland Structural Timbers, Hardwood, Timber Filing, Route No.'s 30I and 214 Planking, Southern Maryland Pine Phone: MArket 2-9868 Producers and Distributors Open 6 A.M. - II P.M. Weekdays Phone: MArket 7-3388 All nights on Weekends Night: UNion 4-2513 Wrecker Service AAA Recommended Lumber - Millwork - Building Supplies Builders Hardware - Points Allis-Chalmers Tractors FORD LUMBER COMPANY, INC. Al' CNP """"S"' and Phone: MArket 7-3315 ""P""""" STEMBLER AND FORD, INC. Phone: JOrdan 8-33l5 IIACIOI DIVISION f MIIWAUKII I. U. l. A. ALONZO C. YOUNG Upper Marlboro, Maryland Phone: MArket 7-2458 Lumber - Millwork - Hardware - Paints GRAY BUILDING SUPPLY 7700 Marlboro Pike Compliments Compliments of Forestville, Maryland of Phone: JOrdan 8-8l8l HARRY ARMSTRONG JACK RITCHIE RONEY'S ESSO RIPPLE SERVICE SERVICENTER Phone: APpleton 7-8200 UPPefM0flb0f0, Md. Largo, Maryl and Phone: MArket 7-3639 COUNTY TITLE COMPANY, INC. 3402 Hamilton Street Hyattsville, Maryland WOODWARD 8 LOTH ROP For "Around the Clock" Fashions Go to "Woodies" Main Store - l0tl1 81 llth, F SI G Streets, N.W. Phone: Dlstrict 7-5300 "Fraternity and Sorority Pins" Class Rings 5: Medals N Cups Trophies L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Kass Building 7ll - l4th Street, N.W. Phone: NAtional 8-l044 CORAL HILLS FIRESTONE STORE 473i Marlboro Pike :f:"""f9'jgl9' 32500 DISTRICT HEIGHTS 'me' ' "" PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY 7054 Marlboro Pike District Heights, Maryland Phone: JOrclan 8-4l74 Congratulations to . . . THE CLASS OF '54 Mr. and Mrs. Morris Zilber MARLBORO DEPARTMENT STORE MARLBORC 5 81 'IO Upper Marlboro, Maryland , F 4 .A 'C Q x1 'N F np,-135 39 Compliments of PERRIE MOBILE SERVICE Largo Road MERTON - COALE Upper Marlboro, Maryl and General Merchandise Groceries BILLY nul.EY's STORE Croom, Maryland Phone: MArket 7-98l0 Upper Marlboro Maryland SULLIVAN FORD COMPANY Phone: Joseph F. Sullivan, Jr. ,VF IW D I MArke1' 7-3385 Hall, Maryland MArket 7- 3386 Hln the heart of Marylanzfs Tobacco Country" you will find THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF SOUTHERN MARYLAND Upper Marlboro, Maryland Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member of Federal Reserve System RITCHIE BQATWORKS "Builders of fine boats" Wholesale - Retail Ritchie Road S.E. - Ritchie, Maryland Compliments of DIXIE BAR-B-CUE Walter Hunter and Hugh Waldrop Located at Wayson's Corner Recapping Service Lubrication Tires - Tubes - Service 24 Hour Service VERNON'S TEXACO SERVICE Vernon Wayson, Proprietor Phone: West River 7466 Hopxms RESTAURANT D""Y' M"'Y'f""' l Hall, Marylmd Route 301 8. 214 HAGER CHEVROLET Cars and Trucks Upper Marlboro, Maryland Parts and Service i. ff I - , 3. ...EA L . ,i 5 'el MARLBCRC HOTEL, INC. Upper Marlboro, Maryland I I Phone: MArket 7-3435 1, X. QF ' 551.4 , N 4, ,E,I, I f Q dt aaai Y I Qg N TE 353 f 'I , r',Q ll I lf? QV f l ' . ' f 1 4? 'Nl NM Nw omp :ments 0 : J C 1' f YW I" 'I RussELL's SHELL STATION Upper Marlboro, Md. Compliments of: PRINCE GEORGE'S BUILDING ASSOCIATION INC. Upper Marlboro, Md. GEISBERT GULF SERVICE 52I7 Marlboro Pike Coral Hills, Md. Phone: JOrdon 8-9525 QUE? "Go a mile for a smile KEARNEY and pleasant service." Upper Marlboro, Md. Desoto - Plymouth Dealer Phone: MArket 7-3666 SUBURBAN REALTY CO. T. Earl Noe 5402 Marlboro JO d 8 l200 Pk PLANTERS TOBACCO WAREHOUSE, INC. Operated by BUCHEISTER BROTHERS upp M Ib M yl a ., " 1 gk Ph -MArk 73571 'l A one. et - W 7 all 'al MARLBORO HARDWARE AND SUPPLY COMPANY Upper Marlboro, Maryland Compliments of AMERICAN LEGI ON Compliments of EDELEN BROTHERS WAREHOUSES, INC. Upper Marlboro, Maryland E. A. MERKLE, IN C. Publishers Washington, D.C. , f""" and LaPlafa, Maryland X ,- ANN 3 2 , LQ Y 'll ' A ,, Bs xx - A XIX - naman 1 ' P' 1.1 -iirlf . - 'lcwf l ,Cog 5, lift- yi- -. ' Q ,v p 1-' ' 1-. ,-f f,-f--Q.,-.,,.--"- hx ,,r-- lg,msf:.1f-f N ..--' x ...A-f...1.--1-W . , ' r-4"f'?Y J, o ,f-f f-1,,.--ff ,1- L gg, f,.1,,,, f-,-A-lwf, , f"l.f-"'f,- ,,Q.,-...f 111' -M !'f'N --f- ,-14' .Z""- 2,- K . , ff, ,f f, ,..- 'if -ab , If' ,I I Z., ',,- f, vas- !'fk'. X' A- " ,. .,-" ,-f' -Q...-.. .W 1 -,. 11 I-,.ff --,, -N. XX 1 -, ,,f' 1 1 .- N Cfff ff ,.-f f' ff',..-- 'W .. M-, ff f , , ,fp- .xx I I ,f f f' .,- ,.,- X 1"!.1!fff.' Z, "" !',-,u-,?'.".-'--A-1 I. v ff-"" , ,v -1' ' ff, r X fl ff' ff . . K- ' fm f A ff f-" 'lp 'QX ' . l f . 5l4P??iif ' Img' 4 . f Nr- It ,A ,- , -, ' ' f ,WA 2. i 1 1, I -Q,. , ,, ,Vg 1 9 , W, , v , 5.1 x47 , W " A W 'UL v v , ri ,V , k, s , . . .J ,. ,A 'R-.1 - . .52 In . A ' ' K , . 'Q ,, . X v ', v I .'--.13 Ti., , J, A,u,. !:f4 K , -' A .fl if , g Y x. ' ' :riff 5 i V, , -H 14 , 15 QQ? w 172 K," .' xz, U 'Q KM., ' ,,. ,Q xl 313 V, nn, fi ,yur -Q K N A . .5 t Ni' Y I ' 12 'E J, M, -' J.--15 ,-pw: .WI , 1 -Q ff rg' MEAL, :wk , . -1 14 1-,!j'f!L L . N. ff'f2vf: f - ' H . , ,. ,.,. 1' 1 'ffk 3 V ,1, I ,f , 'I - .x..' Wi, f,.. -r":f Q Fffa. 1. - .X L 7, r' z-,. A F' ,S ' ' fi 5-A" A" ,, A' f' TY w 1 ,,,j,V. . , ,, 2' , ,kfi hk . e , - f ,. . , .gh 0, j,.hv.,3,1 ffl. ' u ,',: '. gr X Lf-9: vu. 'A V gf :ai J nm,-, ' -15 W, w JR" nv. f 'HQ' . ,gs .,, , . -3. , , .N ,., sh,-Y Q ,AV .fw y 1 - Q , ,gs A ow , - . .vw v ..' A- , , i . Q " A 4 A H, 'f -5 v I' 2 Z , v -9 fy 3 . + , Q .Wit , 1 ' , T v f A f f v , 3 A L .jf 2 4, 13, 3, i, 4 X: s' 1 'r J- 'x f- f I 'M V. ' ,P -an -Q, . - 'M 1' A 43, if . Q 'uf -w x 2 x Y-: , ,+L x Q I 1 , J Vw , w ' 4 + .q, ,. M f f. ,rg 1 K H kkiy J 15 fi?+37 ' I- '1--9 '::'A ' -W '94 K K7 A I ':71 ,. . . S M' W MN,. , Z: . i f 1 l ,N -5 -f 23 ' ' ' , 241, 1, 'F-cw ' Y. -M A "1 .,,, L51 .Q-5' V -mam " K , ' 2 . : . . 55 if ,fc va -f b K -K H .-,z-,-:Q rag- ,fig - V Vky, x T m .,,,L . X A V rf Aw-K-vzfL,a'L4,, '-HW L Viv! 1 .F T f M' 5, 5- Emi' xggyf -5? -- ,f gl 5 Y - F - -f S. ,Jaqpgw .- L 5 IQ- wr , , . . ,W,.. Q, ., 1 L. 1 ' 42: 1' wry 212- , .Vw 4,4 A V V: .W 1 ws 'W ,A ' Q N ,ZH M- My an M N A -W, -Y 'Vi iwrn, A Y .9 W ,,w Q. A 1505 af. I ezkvkl 5- - ' gg-4 51- Siu lb ,QI My . , Q x

Suggestions in the Frederick Sasscer High School - Elm Yearbook (Upper Marlboro, MD) collection:

Frederick Sasscer High School - Elm Yearbook (Upper Marlboro, MD) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Frederick Sasscer High School - Elm Yearbook (Upper Marlboro, MD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Frederick Sasscer High School - Elm Yearbook (Upper Marlboro, MD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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Frederick Sasscer High School - Elm Yearbook (Upper Marlboro, MD) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 21

1954, pg 21

Frederick Sasscer High School - Elm Yearbook (Upper Marlboro, MD) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 6

1954, pg 6

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