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Dfk 1977 C a n n o n ' Uhe jolLocviny jc assay e of this introduction ucas taken from dharles Jdichen s cy k { UaLe t Of dJvco dities Dt and the rent oj the hook is an attempt to show every aspect oj our Lives here. Uu main fiur ose is. to serve as a reminder of the good times, so vae can cherish them the had ones, so that one day cue can Lauyh at them our accomfdishments, so that one day are can he fjroud of them and our failures so that one day vae can Learn from them. 2 ' Wiiclom 1 1 ul W | i 1 - i 8 1 1 ■ » 1 SW. 1 1 1 If 1 III y 1 i ?! 3 t - 3 2£11 4 Ot K Wa± OIL fyocfi 5 ' UIie 6 Ot ( 1 Vai OL £ saion Of 7 Ot QVai Of J cviJz mis 8 Ot { 1 Va± cSfiiincj 2 4 S tKc nii 3P ' - 9 Ot Was { Wintzz 10 114 aHad Ssfc UNAUTHORIZED . allow ' d i th ,; pan: 11 ( 144 cJ-fad JSfotft U 2 5 12 { 1 I e ( ]J4i£ c fi[ (fjoincj J LZZct £a j n 13 ( ] l £ v 1 1 zzz (f oincj [l LZEct Zfo Otfizz v lA ajj 14 — CSn Odtiozt, EJhs, dPzziod { 1 Va± So O ' az E2ifzz EJfiz Lpzs,±£,nt dPzziod ' OPiat S omz dJn±Lit d On Ot± Szincj OdzczLiizd, Ooz (f ood Oz Ooz Evil 15 MM t££ (2omjiaxi±on 17 UBoazd Gj t ‘dJzu±tz£$. Chief Justice Lawerence W. I’Anson Ck adman Mr. Joseph J. Quadros, Jr. Mr. John T. Kavanaugh Cdr. L. W. I’Anson Mr. Malcolm F. Beazley, Jr. Mr. Eugene C. Lipscomb Mrs. Francis M. Bush 19 u I SL - Ipl l ' • V N Q 1 f 1 C.o[. K l Villia n S. cMaas. President of Frederick Military Academy The 1976-77 school year at FMA was a year of change, and anybody who can’t remember it as a bus year certainly has a short memory. The new dormitory, family-style dining, conversion from detachment t company-oriented programs, competitive intramuals, and a full scale extra-class program these and othe changes kept all of us busy. As we look back in time over the year, we can all take pride in having been part of something new, difficult, and fine. It was my special pleasure to arrive last August to direct the changes. But for one thing, it would hav been a grueling year. Put simply, cadets are fun to be with. Your successes, your sorrows, and your prank made it all worthwhile. You’re a great group. To the departing seniors, my special thanks for cooperating i make things go. To the returning classes, my wish for an even better 1977-78. God bless you all. 20 Lt. Col. R. C. Plaine Commandant Lt. Col. R. Outland Director of Athletics Lt. Col. C. P. Mooring Director of Guidance 21 « .t. Cdr. R. J. Connell Mrs. Susan Darnell Maj. J. R. Darnell Mrs. Cynthia Ghaem Mrs. Nell Kent Maj. Stuart Larson Capt. Bert Morrison Capt. J. M. Cummings 23 Mrs. Marilyn West Capt. H. T. Simpson Maj. Lyndell Stike 24 Lt. Richard Rewis Capt. C. A. Smith. Jr. Capt. Delbert Slavens Mrs. Sandra Ogletree Mrs. Betty Perkinson Lt. Canu, Mrs. Perkinson, Capt. Cummings, and Mrs. Borum confer at Parent’s Day - 1976. Capt. Cannassa talks with parents. 25 Mrs. Eulonda Bailey Mrs. Terry Collette Mr. Ray Deal Mr. Robert Doerr Mrs. Ida Doerr Mrs. June Edmondson Mr. Robert McElroy Mrs. Hazel Ray Mrs. Jeanette Ruiz 26 ■ Mrs. Clara Wade Mrs. Gladys Warren Linda Simpson Barbara Spaner Mrs. Nieves Stike f Col. Inscoe presenting diplomas on graduation day. One of his favorite hobbies was filming the Prep Basketball game. This is one of the many activities Col. Inscoe arranged for the Cadet Corp. oocl-iSijE dJo dot (JnicoE and d) amiLtj Perhaps the hardest word in the English language is “Good-bye”. This year of 1976 Frederick had to say it to Philip G. Inscoe and his family. Jerry, as he was known to his friends, faculty, and staff was President of Frederick Military Academy for fifteen years. He devoted his life, his energy, and his family to put Frederick on the stage as a school to be reckoned with. His wife, Anne, was as much a part of the school as was Jerry. She was a secretary, the Media Center and reading paraprofessional, and always pre- pared to be a leading actress in Fredericks’ productions. Needless to say Frederick will miss them very much their keen interest in every phase of Frederick’s life, their devotion, their loyalty, and above all their love. Good-bye from a grateful school — and our love. 29 Interview of Col. Haas Mrs. Haas with Mrs. Kent and Mrs. Ghaem. Col. Haas addresses the faculty staff and Board of Trustees. Front L. to R.: Col. Haas, Mrs. Haas, Cathy, Jane. 30 cdf-zdo dj o dot. cdiaa± and cdfii dd amity Frederick Military Academy is honored to welcome Col. W. E. Haas who comes to us with a distinguished background and dedication to a purpose. The Academy awaits with anticipation the progress to which he will lead us. 31 Commandant R. C. Plaine t row: 2nd Lt. Mcloughlin, 1st Lt. Mehle, Lt. Col. Harders, Capt. Foreman. 2nd Row: 1st Lt. Strait, 1st Lt. Rossi, 1st Lt. nkoff, 2nd Lt. Chung, 1st Lt. Cook, 1st Lt. Haykin, 1st Lt. Gallihugh. 3rd row: 2nd Lt. Ripley, Capt. Bailes, 1st Lt. rron, 1st Lt. Potter, 1st Lt. Lewis, Capt. Walter, 1st Lt. Gillrov, 1st Lt. Brooks. 4th row: 2nd Lt. Elliott, Capt. L. W. irdner, 1st Lt. Monnette, 1st Lt. Thorne, 1st Lt. Cestrone, 1st Lt. Council. 33 Lt. R. Brooks Lt. J. H. Parron Lt. E. A. Council Lt. C. R. Mehle Capt J. A. Campbell Sgt Maj. M. B. Foster Lt. Col. J. A. Harders Lt. 1. Chung Lt. L N. Minkoff Lt. S. C. Lewis Capt S. M. Walter Nlaj. L R. Liskey 34 C. C. — Capt Bordner X. 0. — Lt. Gillroy F Sgt. — Tunstall Sgt. Pagley Headquarters Detachment, Company “A” 35 1st Platoon Lt. L M. Cook 2nd Platoon Lt. P. A. Cestrone 36 3 Platoon Lt. J. L Strait C. C. — Lt. W. J. Bailes X. 0. — Lt. R. Gallihugh F Sgt. — K. A. Bishop Clk. - T. J. Harris Headquarters Detachment, Company “A” 38 1st Platoon Lt. J. McLoughlin SI 2nd Platoon Lt. S. D. Haykin 39 o m a n C. C. — Capt. W. H. Foreman X. O. — Lt. H. A. Potter F Sgt — R. C. Stack Clk. — Sgt. Shuman 1st Platoon Lt. M. D. Elliott 41 !nd Platoon Lt. D. L Rossi 3rd Platoon Lt. D. C. Thorne j I J Jfl m I 1 pH 1 4 42 Lt. Ripley S Sgt. Carubba 43 Drum And Bugle Corps Lt. Sam Lewis S.F.C. Charlie Fleetwood Cannon Detachment .6 « iiiSiim tfStriU 9 i JmM ' jfe, 1 j [ g f g jy f .ArlSf ■ jli li « - «■ ■ 44 COLOR GUARD CpL Alex Vega Lt. John McLoughlin CHURCH RIFLES 45 46 The 47 omzcomL LL£ n Sandy Doerr and escort, SFC Daniel Ripley Victory over Hampton Roads Academy! 48 ■ - gh-:-£ l a • _!.• .?S ' 3. ' «Vt. “ r III ■I 1] | pi i 1 1 11 1 111 1 III ' UlJ ” - EFT TO RIGHT: Sharon Ruppe, Cpl. Isamer Chung, Claira Ann Freer, Capt. Mark Bordner, Janice Galloway, SFC. Richard - Scott, Angel Gorman, Lt. Christopher Monnette, Sue Lewis, Lt. C. R. Mehle, Lisa York, Pvt. J. W. York, Teresa Clements, t. Pete Panzeri, Sandy Doerr, SFC. Daniel L Ripley, Connie Jordan, Sgt. James Falk, Vada Marie Morse, Pvt. Glen Martin, ricia Benton, Pvt. Don Fitzgerald, Barbara Johnson, S. Sgt. Jeffrey Hux, Jane Haas, Capt. William Foreman, Lisa Haywood, FC. John McLaughlin. 49 Frederick Clubs included everything from the Newspaper to War- games. Our Debate teams were winners, and our Armory Staff managed to piece together rifles. All of these clubs helped with the schools over all plan of molding the whole person. Every cadet participated, and learned something new to add dimension to their lives. CT-fnnuaf c Staff- Sitting: K. Wiltshire, L. McAllister, C. Matthews, B. Steen, W. Bailes. Standing: S. Haykin, D. Rossi, J. Lash, G. Ballard. Editor, D. Rossi; photographer, J. Bourne; Co-editor, C. Matthews; Co-sponsors, Mrs. Perkinson and Mrs. Barnes; Sponsor, Mr. Sale. 51 dJti£ dannon First Row — P. Panzeri, Editor. Second Row — M. Hodges, S. Haykin, D. Liskey, L. Minkoff, S. Walters, K. Wiltshire, I Johnson. Third Row — C. Mathews, J. Zucker, J. Bailes, K. Tunstall, R. Gallihugh, C. Klein, B. Steen. Sponsors — Cap Morrison and Capt. Cummings. Fourth Row — R. Beltrami, D. Bristow, D. Yon, D. Rossi. J sdicutsd Oo (lau±£ of }’i£.sxlom of tfis. 52 ■ ' DL ( JbdaU zatn First Row: Col. Haas, P. Ogburn, R. Schmidt, P. Gill, O. Doss, J. Thompson, P. Hunt. Second Row: C. Mehle, P. Cane, J. Brady, D. Yates, G. Holmes, K. Westlund. Second Semester Students - J. Lash, M. Segal, B. McDaniel J. Wozniak J. Klar, B. Jessie. The Debate team, for the school year ' 16 - 11 , has done exceptionally well for a first year team. While under the supervision of Col. Haas and Gary Bromley, they have won the following awards as of February 8, 1977. 7 — two man awards 1 - four man team award 5 — third place speaker awards 4 — second place speaker awards 3 — first place speaker awards 53 Rational cHonoi SocUty Kneeling — J. McLoughlin, G. Maida. 1st row — J. Strait, W. Stack, L. Liskey, E. Council, L McAllister, J. Harders, K. Tunstall. Standing — D. Rossi, J. Haas, D. Rippley, P. Gill. The membership of the National Honor Society is scholastically based. 54 t row — J. McLoughlin, A. Ferrer, W. Stack, D. Taylor, G. Seid. 2nd row — D. Rossi, J. Harris, L. Minkoff, K. Tunstall, L. skey, E. Council, S. Walter, J. Harders. Standing - P. Cestrone, J. Parron, J. Haas, D. Rippley, C. Mehle. The Key Club is a community service organization and is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. The members are chosen on basis of grades, leadership, and citizenship. 55 ( Z%£ c fianii kCU The Spanish Club offers a study of the Spanish culture and provides interesting programs for the members. First Row — R. Gallihugh, J. Harris, S. Walters, J. Hux, J. Vega. Second Row — J. Aguirre, M. Flournoy, J. Campbell, L Cook, M. Foster, K. Liskey, G. Seid, F. Housman, C. Klein. Third Row — Sponsor, Capt. Brinkley, J. Killen, M. Isaacs, P Cestrone, T. Sullivan, D. Allgood, J. Flythe, R. Weimorts, D. Boggs, L. Spratley. R. Lauper. 56 7 The French Club pro- vides its members an oppor- tunity to study the French culture. } Members — T. Bailes, Sponsor, Mrs. Borunr, R. Gunning, B. McNemey, D. Myers, C. Stultz, D. Taylor. The Drama Club pro- vides the members a chance to study the techniques of play acting. First Row — J. Haas, L. Liskey, J. Harders. Second Row — J. Lekli, J. Zucker, S. Wittsell, C. Leggett, M. Berrane, C. Haas. 57 (IflZH dHufj Front: G. Griggs, M. Foster. 1st Row: B. Murphy, A. Ledford, B. McNerny, J. Harrington, M. Kochekzadeh, E. Colonna,J Sigillito, W. Winget, J. Logan. 2nd Row: T. Wilson, S. Hood, M. Isaacs, B. Brown, C. Edwards, A. Brannon, J. Shortt, R Bentley, T. Bails, R. Portnoy, R. Ryan, J. Flythe, J. Franks, J. Lewis, R. Lauper. Faculty advisor — Cpt. Simpson. Strategy is the name of this game. These cadets need a lot of cunning and quick minds. 58 j) L ' i y I 1 t I 4 ' m i i fp ri Jar i K .,:3L r 04 C7 L gu cu Sponsor — Lt. Rewis Alumni Director — P. Simner Student Director — N. Bordner First Row — D. Thackston, J. Waller, J. Wright, M. Gilman. Second Row — G. Seid, F. Leuschen, T. Phelps, R. Ramhoffer, E. Kehayes, M. Segal, J. Baecher, J. Salyers, B. Grady, E. Bying, V. Pomare, R. Miller, K. Wittsell. Third Row — T. Wood, J. Dotson, D. Battaglia, R. Gray, T. Lash, K. Bishop, R. Waters, D. Beazley, F. Alexander, J. Parron, J. darcia, S. Hillegass. The members of the Glee Club work hard during the year to provide our students and parents with a winter and spring concert. They are always striving for vocal and artistic perfection. 59 c rfuAio ( I {luaf d[ub The Audio Visual Club studies all audio visual equipment, with special emphasis given to the camera a photography. A slide presentation of the school will be one of the club’s goals this year. First Row — C. Witty, M. Wiltshire, J. Harrington, J. Sigillito. Second Row - H. Zucker,T. Williams, R. Felberg,W. Stack, Jennings. Third Row — M. Belote, M. Koochekzadeh, S. Hood, M. Moran, J. Killen, R. Ryan, Sponsor, Mrs. Darnell, Martin. Second Semester Students — B. Harrell, J. Maida, T. Ash, D. Yoh, J. Speerman, J. Vega, W. Haas. 60 A EcfiuniccX t Row: I. Chung, W. Foreman, B. Lilley, P. Jamer, A. Wozinak. 2nd Row: S. Inman, C. Monnette, M. Johnson, W. itchings. Sponsor, Maj. Darnell. Mechanical drawing offers Spe- al training and skills for the math riented cadet. 61 ( 1 Vox cunzi 1st Row: P. Panzeri, M. Hodges, S. Murry, R. Thomas. 2nd Row: W. Jennette, T. Anglim, S. Cavadeas, E. Langley, M. Root! G. Wilson, D. Leeder, C. Edwards, W. Potter, J. Liles, C. Witte. 3rd Row: J. Eaton, J. Boggs, N. McNerney, M. Stokes, Fitzgerald, M. Mooring, J. Jophin. Faculty advisors — Maj. Larson and Capt. Slavens. War games is a military affiliated activity where they play combat stimulated games. 62 UL d l OcLL i CU- Models I. From left to right - Mrs. Brewer - sponsor. B. Harrell. C. Stulz. L. Cook, L Spratley, D. Arnold. R. Felberg, T. Drummond, W. Potter. Models II. 1 st row — M. Johnston. A. Ledford. J. Lewis. R. Murphy. 2nd row — M. Belote. J. Campbell, W. Stack. T. Anglim. 3rd row — R. Brooks. R. Portnoy. K. Walla. H. Davis. B. Brown. M. Mooring. 63 Llnjcimazij btaff L-R: S. Kavadias, Dr. Doer r, N. McNerney The infirmary staff devotes hours assisting Dr. Doerr in taking care of the medical needs of the corp. Studznt d liable aun L-R: W. Foreman, C. Monnette, J. Hop- kins, D. Thorne The student chaplains are those cadets who are interested in assisting Chaplain Haas with the religious services. 64 (2afztz. r iLa JStaff Row: J. Bourne, R. Brooks, Mrs. Wade — Dietician, J. Fly the, J. Boggs. 2nd Row: B. Murphy, J. Lekli,T. Williams, W. ickston, M. Gillman. 3rd Row: D. Fitzgerald, R. Fitzgerald, K. Walla, R. Durrance,A. Brown, Mrs. Tilleroy, G. Stamper, M. les, T. Phelps. 65 L-R: D. Fitzpatrick, M. Moore, G. Seid, G. Griggs, G. Seid, E. Council, C. Nuckols, L. Spratley, D. Boggs. Front: D. Boggs. 1st Row: D. Fitzpatrick, G. Griggs, M. Moore, L. Spratley. 2nd Row: C. Nuckles, G. Seid, T. Anglim, ( Seid. 66 t Row: M. Moore, G. Griggs, C. Nuckols, D. Fitzpatrick, D. McCain. 2nd Row: D. Ripley, L. Smoot, B. Brown, J. Jennings, . Seid, J. Rusmiselle, G. Seid, L. Spratley, H. Norman, E. Council. Faculty advisors — Maj. Larson and Capt. Slavens. The National Rifle Association Frederick is made up of those tdets who wish to learn the skills f handling and firing a rifle. 67 utaljifitij Though laden with tradition Frederick is not immune to change. One of the more apparent alterations the construction of a new dormitory, it is the first of many major changes planned for the physii appearance of the campus. 68 - ( llliLcruj Sail I’m so excited I could just . . . ! 70 ! §r : C74 run dj[ i urcfi 71 Let’s watch those hands, now! Shake a leg, Pete! Smile, Ken doesn’t dance that bad, does he? 72 Frederick’s Eiffel Tower Our players are always prepared. “I think those guys are after me.” A place for everything . . . . and everything in its place. 73 Sgt. at arms — Jeff Campbell, V.I Shon Walter, Sec. — Jane Haas, Trea: — John Harders, Pres. — Pat Gillroy. The senior class has been challenged with lead- ing, the corps during a year of trying times and change. They have arisen to the occasion with prestige, dignity and stamina. Congratulations to the class of ' ll and good luck in the future. UL CCais °f 1077 74 Nathaniel Mark Bordner, III Jefferson Andrew Campbell 75 Edward Augustus Council, III Peter Andrew Cestrone William Harold Foreman. Jr. Jane Elizabeth Haas 76 1 John Andrew Harders George M. Holmes Samuel Chamberlain Lewis Lee Roy Liskey, Jr. 77 Christopher Thomas Monnette Peter Francis Panzeri, Jr. Cynthia Lynne Matthews Charles Ramsey Mehle. II 78 " V N Aleyandro Ildefanso Vega Sanchez Julio Armando Vega Sanchez John Leonard Strait, Jr. Daniel Craig Thorne 79 Shon Merritt Walter Roy Thomas Waters, Jr. Kenneth Richard Westlund Paul Carrubba James Falk Joel Morris Joseph Grasso 82 Kevin Newton James Parhams Tommy Price Bobby Vaughan Stanley Williams 83 F. R. Alexander D. K. Beasley 84 85 f ' r ■ i 86 J. F. McLaughlin K. S. Liskey E. McAllister G. J. Maida M. Koochekzadeh J. W. Lash E. L. Langley C. Leggett 87 88 i R. T. Weimorts W. A. Winget T. J. Sullivan G. Standal J. K. Tunstall K. Wiltshire S. W. Wittsell J. A. Wetmore 89 D. E. Allgood T. E. Bailes M. E. Berrane R. G. Cardenas D. R. Arnold R. P. Bentley D. P. Berry Jr. J. A. Carter A. C. Brannan B. W. Brown S. R. Crawford H. S. Davis 90 A. J. Dotson, Jr. T. L. Drummond J. D. Eaton A. Edmonds R. F. Edwards, Jr. A. B. Ferrer C. P. Fleetwood J. J. Flythe, Jr. B. R. Grady R. D. Grimm A. S. Hargroves, IV S. J. Ehlenburg M. T. Hines R. B. Harrison 91 M. D. Johnston S. G. Kavadias J. G. Jennings, Jr. D. A. Johnson R. A. Lauper D. A. Lewis B. C. Lilley E. G. Kehayes J. Maida C. D. McNerney III N. S. McNerney J. S. Mahan A. L. Newman H. E. Norman, Jr. P. G. Ogburn 92 C. L Renfro K. P. Schumann J. J. Sigillito R. C. Scott C. L. Smith R. A. Schatz G. T. Seid M. K. Segal D. E. Smith L. A. Smoot II R. C. Spelman D. B. Taylor J. K. Wickers T. M. Wood 93 “O.K. worms, next one who talks gets it in the knee cap.” Mother you’ve got to be kidding! “Look Sarge we’ve got to stop meeting like this.” Please don’t throw the Charmin! O.K. It’s all clear, let’s head for AWOL hole no. 3. Stick us will you! 95 J. P. Bacher M. G. Belote R. M. Beltrami J. M. Bigelow J. B. Boggs S. G. Briggs A. C. Brown H. R. Brown J. A. Cronly D. C. Cummings 96 C. A. Edwards W. M. Davis G. L. Dodd II J. Franks E. B. Foster M. D. Flournoy K. I. Frohlic R. A. Gray W. S. Gunning J. Harrington B. M. Hargrave M. D. Hodges S. J. Hood 97 J. F. Hopkins P. J. Hunt G. J. Johnson B. D. Jessie C. J. Klein J. T. Lash J. E. Lewis J. G. Liles M. W. Hutchings M. W. Ingram M. M. Johnston J. E. Joplin D. K. Leeder J. G. Lekli J. D. Logan M. R. McCain 98 jj B. C. McNerney R. Murphy C. G. Nuckols R. J. Veliez M. Roohi S. R. Ryan D. F. Schenk G. A. Seid E. R. Smith V. T. Smith L. E. Spratley M. T. Stallings G. L. Stamper E. A. Steen R. C. Stack 99 R. A. Thomas T. E. Thomas J. M. Vandevander M. A. Wiltshire D. R. Yates D. H. Yon, Jr. J. W. York H. T. Zucker 100 T. D. Williams ! D. R. Battaglia J. L Aquirre T. Anglim F. M. Alvey E. W. Byng M. J. Gilman O. R. Doss J. W. Haynes B. R. Harrell W. E. Bonney D. E. Durrance 101 J. C. Headley S. F. Hillegass M. Hix J. L. Holmes A. T. Ledford F. W. Leuschen D. I. McCain R. E. Miller 102 C. D. Stultz J. H. Thompson M. J. Wiggins G. B. Wilson T. C. Wilson K. J. Wittsell C. P. Witte J. T. Wright 103 104 f; 105 3 ootlja[[ ZJzcun IQ76 From 1. to r.: H. A. Potter, C. S. Moolhuyzen. P. A. Gillroy, K. A. Bishop, M. D. Johnston, L. Blow, M. D. Elliot, S. E. Ha M. C. Paoni, T. J. Sullivan, M. Oglesbee, D. K. Beazley, D. R. Arnold, S. R. Crawford, D. B. Boggs, H. E. Norman, K. [| Sedberry, N. S. McNerney, R. Durrance, T. L. Drummond, H. T. Zucker, D. C. Thorne. J. W. Lash. R. P. Bentley, G. 1 Dodd, J. E Cooley, J. M. Vandevander. J. A. Cronley. J. M. Bigelow, A. C. Brown. R. C. Stack. B. S. Sedberry, COACHE Smith, Cobbs, Cannasia. 106 jotball Coaches: Head Football Coach innassa. Capt. Doug Cobbs, Asst. Coach — Maj. Sandy Smith, Asst. Coach — Capt. A1 Team Captains from L. to R. C. S. Moolhuyzen, P. A. Gillroy, and H. A. Potter. 107 108 SidWell Frienl P ater Aca eo High Sell Christchurch Sell Hampton Rifsds Acadenn Nomill Uhohc H. S. i Tabh High School F.M.A. From 1. to r.: Coach Milos, Mg. H. Brown, G. Maida, R. Shotz, J. Vega, J. Harders, A. Vega, P. Schuman, I. Chung, C. Mcnerney, Coach Barns, M. Suarez, M. Hix, G. Chiles, P. Cane, F. Houseman, J. Bailes, M. Koochekzadeh, D. Johnson, W. Walters, M. Johnston, Mg. T. Bailes, K. Whittsell, C. Stultz, P. James, W. Davis, D. Rossi, S. Wittsell, C. Klien, J. Harrington, T. Maida. 109 L r l±t C StlL 2nd Row: Mgrs. J. Maida ai 1st Row: I. Chung. P. Schuman, J. H. Brown, Coach Barns, W. Bails, J. Harders, A. Vega, C. McNerney, R. Shatz, M. Koochekzadeh. Vega, M. Suarez-Roces, G. Maida, J. Vega, Mgr. T. Bails. no - 1C) r j6 SoCC£Z Peninsula Catholic Barry Robinson Norfolk Collegiate Portsmouth Catholic Norfolk Christian Norfolk Collegiate Portsmouth Catholic Barry Robinson Norfolk Christian Eastern Academy Peninsula Catholic Opponents 7 F.M.A. 9 7 3 9 1 3 1 0 1 0 0 0 2 1 1 1 3 1 Pete Schuman Joe Bailes scrimmage Charles McNerney doing his thing • ' ’■ , Fancy footwork by Julio ill a±(zst(ja[[ J. Parham, P. Carrubba, J. Grasso, J. Falk, T. Price, D. Bowlby, S. Williams, S. Kroll, J. Morris, B. Bradford, K. Newton. 1 Vaughan. Coach Rufus Outland 112 Jim shooting for two more. 113 LOllISBURG JR. COLLEGE CHOWAN JR. COLLEGE y MT. OLIVE " PICKLE CLASSIC” LENOIR COMMUNITY COLLEGE LOUISBURG JR. COLLEGE NEWPORT NEWS APPRENTICE SCHOOL RANDOLPH- fACON J.V.’S UNIV. OF N. CARO. AT CHAPEL HILL J.V.’S CHOWAN JR. COLLEGE CHRISTOPHER NEWPORT COLLEGE J.V.’S COLLEGE OF THE ALBEMARLE FREDERICK MILITARY ACADEMY FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY f MASSANUTTEN ACADEMY NEWPORT NEWS APPRENTICE SCHOOL FREDERICK MILITARY ACADEMY FIRST PLACE % K 114 a± LtGaCC First Row — R. Walters, L. Blowe, D. Castrone. Second Row — K. Tunstall — Manager, A. Harris, W. Stack, D. Beazley, J. Killen, H. Patterson, T. Haas, J. Eaton, A. Edmonds, Coach D. Cobbs. 115 cMixjpL Sc(ioo[ ?2a±(z£ttja[[ cfizclulz BOLLING BROOK NORFOLK COLLEGIATE NORFOLK CHRISTIAN HAMPTON ROADS ACADEMY NORFOLK ACADEMY PENINSULA CATHO NORFOLK CATHOLU EASTERN ACADEi BARRY-ROBINSON PORTSMOUTH CATHOLIC TIDEWATER ACADEMY NORFOLK COLLEGIATE EASTERN ACADEMY NORFOLK CHRISTIAN HAMPTON ROADS ACADEMY TIDEWATER ACADEMY PORTSMOUTH BOLLINGBROOK NORFOLK CATHOLIC BARRY ROBINSON TIDEWATER CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT 78 ODU FIELDHOUSE DH( OPPONENTS 50 62 70 74 - 72 54 84 53 64 67 62 90 62 82 B 55 63 76 65 87 65 □ 1 16 mmm Here conies Lonnie! Chip tossing it up, up, and away! 117 mt: V. BaJUtiJC BOLLINGBROOK NORFOLK COL LEG IATE NORFOLK CHRISTIAN HAMPTON ROADS ACADEMY NORFOLK ACADEMY NORFOLK CATHOLIC BREWBACKER ACADEMY BARRY- ROBINSON PORTSMOUTH CATHOLIC TIDEWATER ACADEMY NORFOLK COLLEGIATE BREWBACKER ACADEMY NORFOLK CHRISTIAN HAMPTON ROADS ACADEMY TIDEWATER ACADEMY PORTSMOUTH CATHOLIC BOLLINGBROOK NORFOLK CATHOLIC BARRY-ROB1NSON PENINSULA CATHOLIC 1 F.M.A. 46 40 46 49 65 38 51 25 37 38 54 48 64 63 47 65 53 65 87 M 32 ES l 118 L7 L junior Q axiitij jBa±lzs,tball Front: Mgr., D. Lewis. Coach Barnes. Standing: P. Schuman, K. Sedberry, B. Hargrave, J. Baecher, C. Fleetwood, R. Bentley, D. Taylor, J. Haas, R. Scott, B. Scott. 119 120 Jzzcl£, r iLc(z dV iliiazy c caclzmjj yy n, » - Lion± Wz£it[ing ScfiEcluIs 1976-77 Norcom High School Northeastern High School C ' radock High School Western Braitch High School Norfolk Academy Invitational Tournament Norfolk Gath. High School Barry Robinson High School Poquoson High School Norfolk Collegiate High School Wilson High School Walsingham Academy Granby High School Barry Robinson Essex High School TCIS Wrestling Tournament Norfolk Academy folk Academy Wrestling Tourney at Forest School 1 Frederick Opponent 44 18 40 32 21 29 35 21 Third Place 38 21 63 6 21 37 33 28 47 16 42 18 29 30 59 30 Fourth Place 22 16 Sixth Place 32 121 ' _ 2£ v l 1 f r£±t[bicj sLum Front: D. Liskey, R. Shatz, D. Leeder, T. Harris, I. Chung, T. Bailes, J. Harris. Standing: Mgrs., D. Thorne, J. Zucker, 1, Gallihugh, C. Moolhuyzen, C. Monnette, T. Sullivan, E. Council, G. Dodd, Coach Smith. 122 Bill Davis takes the offensive. Mike Hodges controls his man. |0 U f s t] NOME 123 LP r L jl (Ifl zzilzaclzzi MARY SLADE SHARON STORMS SANDY DOERR CONNIE JORDAN TAMMY GAYLE Vaziitij (Lh KATHY L1SKEY SHERRI PENLEY KATHY WILTSHIRE LISA HAYWOOD JOHNNA GODWIN LYNN BUNTING 124 Q.. Q . fzzzrfzaclzzi PEGGY SCRUGGS MAC STOKES STEVE WITTSELL FREDDY THE LION CATHY HAAS CURTIS LEGGET 125 n THE FALL INTRAMURAL PROGRAM CONSISTED OF COMPETITIVE: VOLLEYBALL TENNIS SOCCER KARATE AND TOUCH FOOTBALL WHILE HAVING MUCH FUN, WE LEARNED THE IMPORTANCE OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, THE ATTRIBUTES OF THE GAMES, BUT ABOVE ALL GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP i 126 127 n o THE BOOSTER CLUB IS AN ORGANIZATION F PARENTS AND TEACHERS CONCERNED WH STUDENT BODY. THE BOOSTER CLUB DOES A FANTASTIC JOB FJ KEEPING MORALE HIGH AND MAKING LIFE Tj F.M.A. MUCH MORE LIVABLE. THEY HAVE SPCI- SORED SUCH PROJECTS AS DANCES RAISING FUNDS TO MAKE IMPROVEMENTS TO THE CAMPUS AND SO MUCH MORE o 1 128 129 To the new cadet, the military procedures can be con- fusing, but in time, they become a way of life for each cadet. 130 At Frederick, the rules and regulations are to be followed by everyone. When they are broken, the individual must suffer the consequences. 131 You work hard, and you think that you have it right, but there’s always someone to say “You can do it better.” 132 Always someplace to go and something to do. The rush never seems to end. 133 134 135 We may be a small school, but you can always find a friend. 136 Hardwork and the coping with duties reaps a feeling of achievement and honor. 137 it UtS !!!! lilli mmmm- nil ••■ill i li ana llillll Hill •••■••niMiiii • ■IIMlIltltll. ■ 1111111111111 ] ftlltlllllllllll imiiiiiiiiii. ila ikia ■■■■■ ■■ i •lllltlll aiiiiiiu i IIMII .mt if ' 3 i ’ll l»i III lilt iiiJIii ill m 11 u To get someplace, there always seems to be numerous channels in the way. 138 Traditions are for remembering and keeping certain ideas alive. Frederick is tradition. 139 Frederick strives on teamwork and the idea that everyone should do their best no matter how small the task is. 140 141 142 JJ I 143 dBzing of Sound j{bid and d3ody . . . Joe Bailes would first of all like to leave my knee brace to Coach Smith and hope it will never be filled again. To Ms. Sparrow, the librarian 1 leave now, to back 10 ye and see you again. To Col. Haas I leave four extra three minute showers and all the hot water in the world and all the problems of Frederick. To Col. Ayers 1 leave his typing class and all the paddles in the world. To Mac at the Supply Hall I leave all those darn rain coats and battle jackets etc. that we spent so long looking up. To Maj. Larson I leave the best Hall on campus (Brown). Also I leave him a good company commander. Who ever it may be. To Lt. Lewis I leave all the Frank Zappa albums in the world. To Coach Barnes 1 leave nothing because all that soccer I learned from him 1 am taking with me. And to the Frederick Military Academy wrestling team I leave all my sweat, my blood, my tears and my good times that 1 shared with the team during the good and bad times we had. Good luck in the future. To the future company commander of “A” company leave the best tact officer there is and a sharp compa keep it going. To the Corps of Cadets, 1 leave! I Jeff Campbell leave the Junior Class the luck of a go year. To the senior class I leave great times and the hopes I success in life. To Jimmy Parron 1 leave luck and a picture of Charles M. To John Hardes I leave a West Point uniform to sleep in. To Mike Elliott I leave a three minute timer for his showe To the “Cookie Monster” I leave a picture of Mohamm Ali. To Coach Smith I leave Paul Forte and Shon Walter. 1 Mark Border leave to Maj. Larson a survival kit and compass for when he goes to inspect my room. To Col. Plaine 1 leave four Years of excellent military guidance and the thought that you are “Frederick.” To John Hardess I leave a set of neon-lighted pips so he can wake up at night and make sure they are still there. To Col. Haas I leave a 12 gallon bottle of Grecian formula 1 6 for all the grey hairs obtained this year. To Lee Liskey, 1 leave the art of your hit and miss tech- nique. To Col. Plaine I also leave sincerity for this year ai Elizabeth and years of good luck. To Pat Gillroy I leave Parrish Hall along with patrols of tl tracks and all the other good times. To Chewy (Louis Fronkier) 1 leave the memories of all tl good times together and wish the best of luck in finding tl right girl. To Frederick I leave with great pride and thanks for even thing it has done for me. 144 John Strait, do hereby leave to Lee Liskey, a second try. ' o Shon Walter, the bathroom wall in Morris 4B, I To Major Sale I leave thanks for help received in English his year and hopefully the remnants of sanity he has left ' lifter 5 tli period. jf fo the football and soccer teams 1 leave best wishes for a ;ood season next year. nd Finally to Frederick I leave my sanity. j 1 Daniel Thorne, hereby leave the world the 8th wonder — F.M.A. ; I Alejaudro Vega Aauchey, 1 would like to say these couple pf words for two years in this school, 1 learn many things from this place, also from the members of the school and with their help to pass in every subject, and to all members I say thank you for all your help to me and thanks for helping me learn English, which is going to help me very much in life. Now 1 am ready to leave and I want to say to Coach Barnes 1 had really good times playing soccer and 1 want you to have a good team next year and good luck. 1 Shon Merritt Walter do hereby leave Mr. Jeffery who helped me through the three years of cataclysmic disaster, all my talent imitating David Bowie and one Todd Rundren initiation album cover with no L.P. To Sam Lewis 1 leave a key to my office and my deep thanks for a great friendship. To Randall Brooks 1 leave an endless recording of OM NAMA SH1UAYA. To my little brother 1 leave one toilet handle, one picture of Hx and my thanks for being my brother. To Mrs. Smith 1 leave thanks and appreciation, “Mrs. Smith, you make great brownies.” To Pat Gillroy I leave a copy of “The Last Train to Clarksville” by the monkees, produced by Roger Daltrey. To the little red head on campus I leave a copy of the song “Don’t you ever learn”. To Brian McHerney, 1 leave my ability to do as good as possible only to blow it by having a friendly “party”. To John Hopkins, I leave the honor, the pride, loyalty and the knowledge of a military system. Use it wisely and you will achieve anything you can wish for. To Lee Liskey, 1 leave Eliabeth Homer and 1 neon sign reading, “Welcome to the Hotel Liskey”. To Jeff “Whimpy” Campell, I leave a gold plated set of tools, so he may establish his mechanical ability. To Bill “Yok” Foreman, 1 leave 1 book on water skiing and the hope that he reads it. 1 also leave memories of good times at Frederick. • I Chris Monnette leave Maj. Darnell’s class next year 3 free visits to the Chaplain, because they will definitely need it. They will have a personal problem. Also my “Solid State Polish Digital Calculator.” 1 leave Maj. Sale all of my stupendis stupidity to illuminate and illucidate his entire year. 1 leave to Col. Haas my 3 min. timer for mounting on his bathroom wall. To the Junior class, 1 leave English IV, Government, Phys- ics, and all the nights of enjoyment that go along with them. I Chris Moolhoyien leave to Jeff Harris a two week supply of black socks, so he won’t wear the same ones for a week. To Lt. Rewis that Chemistry book “Solving Chemistry Problems Step by Step” which didn’t help me a bit. To the people in Fox Hall, 1 leave the record for atomic set-ups light in ten minutes. 145 To the wrestling team I leave, all the enjoyment I had on the team and best of luck next year. I Pete Panzeri, leave to Col. Haas, a haircut and a set of Lt. pips that have been on and off my shoulder for 9 months. To Maj. Darnell, 1 leave a Frog with Wings, so it won’t bump into its teacher. To Maj. Sale I leave a toilet seat with sensitivity. To Lt. Rewis 1 leave " Hot Spit”. To John Harders I leave my coveted position on the Bat- talion Staff. To Lee Liskey I leave a beautiful blonde named Michelle. To the Preps 1 leave 1 1 cards of membership to the Fun Club. To John Mcloughlin I leave all of Tunstalls Fireworks, and the Star Spangled Banner. To Kerry Bishop I leave my wabbit ears and a case of carrots. 1 A1 Potter am leaving F.M.A. with joy and happiness. Behind I leave fond memories of the good times and bad memories of the bad times. I leave to Coach Cobbs, the best of luck in football and basketball next year. To Wayne Stack, 1 leave (hopefully) a starting position on the basketball team next year. To Sam Lewis I leave a box on wheels and DB to home for the summer. I Pete Cestrone leave: David Boogs a pack of cigarettes so he won’t have to take Mrs. Collettes’ used ones. To Coach Cobb, a toupee. To Coach Cannassa, 10 lbs. of moustache wax. To Dayrl “The Bandit” Beasley, most of the co-ed. To Col. Haas, my three minutes of hot water. Kathy Wiltshire, memories of good times. Mrs. Sparrow, a bottle of no-dog. To Col. Plaine many thanks. To Thorne “smutt puppy” all the Burger Chef Hamburge he can eat. I Edward A. Council bequeath the following: To Randa Brooks, I leave my pet skippy and pair of scissors. To the Jr. Class 1 leave SI. 99 to spend on next year’s Ji Senior dance. To Lee Liskey, I leave a scope and a new pair of glasses b improve your aim. To Jeffery Harris, I leave you all my knowledge on being . fine cadet. To Joe Bailes, I leave you a new rope for your truck irj hope it will hold it down. To Col. Haas, I leave you only 3 min. to take your shower. 1 William Foreman do hereby split up my estate to the following manner. To Lee Liskey I leave one book called 101 ways to pick up a Norfolk Catholic Cheerleader. 146 To Coach Cannassa I leave one unused American Govern- ment Text Book. To Shon Walter, I leave one very scratched David Bowier Record. To Col. Plaine, I leave my great respect and admiration for the job he has done. To Maj. Larson I leave my best wishes for next year. 1 Pat Gillroy leave a large helping of salad for the weight he never lost. To Whimpey I leave my patrol pass and a pair of long underwear for the cold nights. To Wayne Stack, I leave my S.A.T. scores and my knowl- edge of the German Language. To Lee Liskey, I leave another Xmas with his overseas family and a pair of black socks. To Coach Cobbs 1 leave a life supply of chow hall tea and my experience as a football coach. I Lee Liskey, leave the following: To Col. Plaine, I leave my thanks. Without him the corps would have been lost. To Col. Ayers one page full of Thank-you’s for those many “breaks” you’ve cut. To Col. Mooring I leave my special thanks for helping me get into college. To Maj. Sale 1 leave all of my Angelic talent in acting, a 48 hour day, and my thanks for a great learning year in English. To Maj. Darnell I leave with two good years of calculus. To Pat Gillroy I leave one hallfull of Spaniards and an extra set of pips since rank comes first. To Whimpie Campell I leave one date with Johnna Godwin and six weekends of duty. To John Hardess 1 leave with one year of great friendship and two weekends of ski trips. To Sam Lewis, I leave a book onhowto overcome hyperac- tiveness. To Maj. Larson I leave my thanks for straightening up many of the problems. I Cindy Matthews bequeath: To Chip Council, all my notes on Shakespeare for his edification, gratification, education and knowledge. To Mark Bordner: one bottle of No-Doz for the next government class lie’s in. To Pat Gillroy, a copy of my first book “How to Party the Right Way” To Randall Brooks (The Sailor) my concert kit consisting of 2 packs of candy cigarettes, one 6 pack of Dr. Pepper, and 3 sticks of Juicy Fruit Gum. To Gary Griggs my philosophy on life, love and the pursuit of fun. To Lee Liskey, my secret on getting a tan. To Col. Ayres, a wish — “May the Bird of Paradise peck a hole in your paddle.” 147 To Lt. Rewis, a copy of my chemistry tests for his “believe it or not.” AWOL routes. To Maj. Sale, many thanks and my deepest appreciation. To Col. Haas, I leave scrolls on the Roman’s methods o handling troops and taking baths. I Charles R. Mehle after 3 years at this fine institution leave the following: To Col. Haas, I leave him one spare tire, and 7 3rd place debate trophies. I Mike Isaacs, leave Maj. Sale my English Grammar book and hope that he can make more sense out of it than could. To Lt. Rewis, 1 leave my chemistry book. To Lonnie Blow, I leave the hope that he can get away from the “Mist”. To Frederick Military I leave! I Jane Haas leave my entire collections of excuses for getting out of any species of sticks to all cadets in need. 1 Samuel C. Lewis leave to my best friend Shon Walter tlu bathroom wall out of Morris 4B and the best life a persor could have. To our illustrious English instructor, Maj. Sale, I leave Webster’s Third International Dictionary so he can finally learn the meaning of all those big words he uses. To Pat Gillory 1 leave a memory of a night on the R.R tracks. Finally, To all those who are frustrated and would like to know how to express themselves, I leave my unique ability to turn completely scarlet red. To my three Supply Sgts. I leave all the toilet paper foi next year. I John Haders leave the following: To Col. Mooring, five free school paid ski-lessons. To Maj. Sale, I leave his class feeling 3 inches tall. To Mrs. “E” and Mrs. “C” all my love. To Maj. Sale many thanks. To Lee Liskey, farewell to a great friend. To Coach Canassa I leave a road map to Portsmouth Catho lie and to the all night 7-11. To Lt. Acosta, the revised addition of the maps on the To the rest of the Corps I leave F.M.A. 148 xorrz Btfiz Editor fj addzsss this, bsttsz to tbs Boazd of ' fJzustsss, administzation, f acuity, fiazsnts, alumni., and cozfis of- cadsts. Lin tbsss nsxt fs.Lv wozds fJ bofis to sstabLisb a fizscsdsnt amony aft tny succsssozs by discussiny tbs annual itssbf, ths thsms, tbs fisofils zsi.f20ni.ibLs, ysnszalLy wbat it tabss to fiu bfsb tL boob. ( tVbsn fJ accsfitsd ths ion as sditoz ft bad no sxfiszisncs noz did my staff ft immsdiatsLy zsalizsd tbs zssfionsibility ft tv as undsztabiny, foz to fizoducs a ysazboob today is a vszy sszious and sxfisnsios osntuzs. __ flibswiss ft afifizoacbsd tbs ouszafL tbsms with a sszious tons, ft attsmfitsd to sstabbisb a bistozicaf, fiictoziaf, commsntazy of tbs sosnts and atmosfibszs of tbs camfius. ft would Libs to tabs tims no tv to zscoynizs tboss who wszs instzumsntal in attaininy tbis yoaf. BAajoz Sals foz Lvitbout bis inualua bfs sxfiszisncs, adoics and sfiscial tafsnt off (AJO ufdb aus bssn Lost. J d zs. fPszbinson and dllzs. LB aznss, tbs itaff s otbsz faculty adoisozs, tbsiz tims and fiatisncs is most yzatsfufLcj acbnocdsdysd. d°s ouzns, ouz Lons fibotoyzafibsz wboss dsdication and sffozts w iff not bs soon fozyottsn. (findi dt t attbsws, my co-sditoz who stucb it out and earns tLizouyb wb sn it was nssdsd tbs most. ftn cbosiny ft would Libs to say that, in attsmfitiny to fizoducs a yualitij fizoduct tbs st aff soon sncountszsd immsnss difficulty. K Wsatbsz conditions cut ouz dsadlinss vszy sbozt and tzyiny to ozyanizs tims and fisofiLs wbo both at timss wszs not u szy coofiszatius. But ouszloohiny tbs wsab fioints and tbszs azs a fsw ft evifL admit, ft bsbis ' js 77 is an imfizousmsnt and bofisfuLLy a fiacsssttsz in tbs tjsazs to corns but ouz succsss wiff bs msasuzsd only in youz sstimation on wbstbsz ws suc- css cUJ. in accuzatsLy fioztzayiny dzsdszicb. Respectfully, hlfsbozah Jf. cdfoss Editor-in-Chief 149 St ucLsni Sixzcto Mickey R. Achor 1004 Sunnyside Dr. Virginia Beach Va. 23462 Johnathon M. Bigelow Jr. 705 Cottonwood Ct. Virginia Beach Va. Richard G. Cardenas 5408 Beaufain Virginia Beach Va. 23462 Juan L. Aguiree Box 4059 Managua Nicaragua Kerry A. Bishop 1848 Wolfsnare Rd.._ Virginia Beach Va. 23454 Heloin Careache Calle Atravezada Granada Nicaragua Cen Amer Frank R. Alexander 3414 Flillsborough St. Raleigh N. C. 27607 Lonnie Blow Jr. 1322 Atlantic Ave. Chesapeake Va. 23324 Paul D. Carrubba IV 2809 Sullivan Dr. Glenshaw Pa. 151 16 David E. Allgood 323 Faulk Rd. Norfolk Va. 23502 David B. Boggs 2312 Kingsman Lane Virginia Beach Va. 23456 James A. Carter 255 Marine Circ. Yorktown Va. 23692 Francis M. Alvey 548 Ashlawn Dr. Norfolk Va. 23505 James D. Boggs 698 Corning Ct. Virginia Beach Va. 23451 Peter A. Cestrone 2411 Lockwood Rd. Fayetteville N. C. 28303 Thomas David Anglim 701 Westover Ave. Norfolk Va. 23507 N. Mark Bordner III 804 Winston Salem Ave. Virginia Beach Va. 23451 Gary L. Chiles 2308 Welling Lane Bowie Md. 20715 David R Arnold 2284 Tram Lake Dr Virginia Beach Va. 23454 Robert D. Borum 355 Middle St. Portsmouth Va. 23704 Isamu Chung 4937 Westgrove Rd. Virginia Beach Va. 23455 Mark T. Austin 2010 S. River Dr. Chesapeake Va. 23323 Frank J. Bourne Qtrs M 1 Norf Nav SY Portsmouth Va. 23709 William S. Claxton 5820 W Ottawa Rd. Virginia Beach Va. 23462 Tris A. Ash 2037 Bay Breeze Cove Virginia Beach Va. 23454 Douglas S. Bowlby 2 Woodland Rd. Stockholm New Jersey 07460 Eric T. Colonna Rt 1 Star 2 Temperanceville Va. 23442 James P Baecher 1921 Foxhound Lane Norfolk Va. 23518 Joseph P Brady 158 W. Belvedere Rd. Norfolk Va. 23505 Lawrence M. Cook 1026 Magnolia St. Petersburg Va. 23803 Thomas E Bailes 8301 Crown Court Rd Alexandria Va. 22308 William G. Brafford Rt 1 Box 9 West River MD. 20881 James I. Cooley Jr. 3884 12th St. Ecorse Mich 48229 William J Bailes 8301 Crown Court Rd. Alexandria Va. 22308 Andy C Brannan 223 West Franklin St. Zebulon N. C. 27597 Edward A. Council III Box 776 Langley AFB Va. 23665 Jeffery A. Bailey 6936 Kenny Lane Porstmouth Va. 23703 Steven G. Briggs 1553 Bayville St. Norfolk Va. 23503 David W. Craft 308 Fourth St. High Point N. C. 27260 Gray Ballard Jr. 3600 W ' edgewood Dr. New Bern N. C. 28560 David T. Bristow 112 Montford Cl Apt 102 Virginia Beach Va. 23452 Steven R Crawford 122 Northridge St. Greensboro N. C. 27403 David R Battaglia Rt 5 Box 26 A St. Augustine Fla. 32084 Randall L. Brooks 2697 Bridge Rd. Suffolk Va. 23435 James A. Cronley 718 Allendale Dr. Hampton Va. 23669 Darryl K Beasley 1315 Southern Ave. Elizabeth City N. C. 27909 Alan C. Brown 625 Alder St. Myrtle Beach AFB S. C. 29577 Deverett C. Cummings 2104 Cunningham Dr. Apt. 202 Hampton Va. 23666 Michael G. Belote 9152 Cloisters West Richmond Va. 23229 Roberto M. Beltrami 1 149 Shenvalee Dr. Virginia Beach Va. 23462 Rodney R Bentley P O. Box 9244 Richmond Va. 23227 Marvin E. Berrane 77 Carol Dr. Grafton Va. 23692 David P. Berry Jr. 528 Redgate Ave. Norfolk Va. 23507 Bruce W. Brown 29 Shirver S. E. Massillon Ohio 44646 Herbert R Brown 1 145 Mededeth PI. Norfolk Va. 23505 Edward W. Byng 817 Queen Elizabeth Dr. Virginia Beach Va. 23452 Jefferson A. Campbell 5419 Welaka Rd. Norfolk Va. 23502 Peter G. Cane 216 Dale Ave. Qtrs. G 45 Naval Sta Norfolk Va. 23511 H. Scott Davis 7933 Jahnke Rd Richmond Va. 23235 William M. Davis 1616 Kings Rd. Petersburg Va. 23803 George L. Dodd 11 809 S. West St Culpeper Va. 22701 Owen R Doss Rt 5 Box 361 Mechanicsville Va. 231 II Gregory G. Berry 6318 Shiplett Blvd Burke Va. 22015 Michael Caragliano 31 12 Sir Tristram Ct. Chesapeake Va. 23323 Arvel J. Dotson Jr. 101 Tuttle St. Chesapeake Va. 23323 150 z tucL nt jL Lzzctozij Joseph L. Dotson 101 Tuttle St. Chesapeake Va. 23323 Herbert B. Dowse III SOQH D-44 Nav AMPB Base Little Ck. Norfolk Va. 23521 Timothy L. Drummond 254 E. 41st St. Norfolk Va. 23504 Dennis Eugene Durrance Rt. 1 Box 1368 A Virginia Beach Va. 23456 Gordon R. Durrance Rt I Box 1368 A Virginia Beach Va. 23456 James D. Eaton 1308 Gardencrest Cir. Raleigh N. C. 27612 Aaron Edmonds 676 New Jersey Ave. Brooklyn N. Y. 1 1207 Charles A. Edwards 1000 Carlisle St. Raleigh N. C. 27610 Richard F. Edwards Jr. 312 Westwood Cir. Virginia Beach Va. 23454 Michael D. Elliott 1817 Seddon Rd. Richmond Va. 23227 James D. Falk 67 Walnut Dr. Tenafly N. J. 07670 Robert A. Felberg Jr. 1928 Demetro Dr. Hampton Va. 23663 Arturo B Ferrer 2016 Bishop St. Petersburg Va. 23803 W. Donald Fitzgerald 5356 Barclay Dr. Raleigh N. C. 27606 W. Ronald Fitzgerald 5356 Barclay Dr. Raleigh N. C. 27606 D. Wayne Fitzpatrick 132 Sac Lane Virginia Beach Va. 23462 Charles P. Fleetwood Box 328 Conway N. C. 27820 Michael D. Flournoy 1712 Harmon St. Apt. 101 Norfolk Va. 23518 Joseph J. Flythe Jr. 433 Carolina Ave. Ahoskie N. C. 27910 William H Foreman Jr. 2925 E. Malden Ave. Norfolk Va. 23518 Earl B Foster 818 Arnold Palmer Dr. Portsmouth Va. 23701 Milton B Foster 401 I Race St. Portsmouth Va. 23707 John C. Franks 1420 Tartan Lane Hampton Va. 23663 Kenneth I. Frohlich 3742 Brennan Ave. Norfolk Va. 23501 Louis A. Fronkier 406 Beech Dr. Newport News Va. 23601 Ronald Gallihugh 629 W. Beech Rd Sterling Va. 22170 George O. Garcia Rt. 54 P. O. Box 114 Landisville N. J. 08326 Peter Gill 502 West Ocean View Ave. Norfolk Va. 23503 Patrick A. Gillroy 2240 Ebb Tide Rd. Virginia Beach Va. 23451 Michael J. Gilman 50 Henry Dr. Middletown N. J 07748 Bryan R Grady 304 Holly Place Morganton N. C. 28655 Thomas B Grant P. O Box 153 Severn N. C. 27877 Joseph Grasso 85 Park Blvd. Wanamassa N. J. 07712 Richard A. Gray 220 Babbtown Rd. Suffolk Va. 23434 Gary G. Griggs 5025 Deep Creek Blvd. Portsmouth Va. 23702 R. Dean Grimm Jr. Gipsy Trail Club Carmel N. Y. 10512 John C. Grubb III 3288 Page Ave. Apt. 512 Virginia Beach Va. 23451 Leonel Guerra Contiguo Banco Nacional Managua Nicaragua William S. Gunning 3569 Little Creek Rd Suffolk Va. 23434 Catherine L. Haas 1801 Portsmouth Blvd. Portsmouth Va. 23704 James R. Haas 1801 Portsmouth Blvd Portsmouth Va. 23704 Jane E. Haas 1801 Portsmouth Blvd. Portsmouth Va. 23704 Thomas C. Haas 1801 Portsmouth Blvd. Portsmouth Va. 23704 William L. Haas 1801 Portsmouth Blvd. Portsmouth Va. 23704 Steven E. Hall 147 Hill Prince Rd. Virginia Beach Va. 23462 John A. Harders 1222 Teakwood PI. Raleigh N. C. 27606 Bruce M Hargrave 1428 Geranium St. N. W, Washington D. C. 20012 Alexander S. Hargroves IV 4090 Bridgehampton Lane Virginia Beach Va. 23455 Barry R. Harrell 1009 Modoc Ave. Norfolk Va. 23503 James Harrington Rt I Box 88 G Carrington Rd. Cutchogue N. Y. 11935 T. Jeff Harris 3 1 1 Bookland Ch Rd. Goldsboro N. C. 27530 Robert B Harrison 213 Lewis Rd. Portsmouth Va. 23701 Steven D. Haykin 4504 Monument Ave. Richmond Va. 23230 John W Haynes 2332 Pleasure House Rd. Virginia Beach Va. 23455 James C. Headley 10541 Jason Rd Richmond Va. 23235 Michael J Heckenmueller 6333 Tuttle Ave. Norfolk Va. 23502 Sean F. Hillegass 801 Stockley Gardens Norfolk Va. 23507 Mitchell T. Hines 10 Harris Landing Rd. Hampton Va. 23669 Michael R Hix Rt. 1 Box 87 Elizabeth City N. C. 27909 Michael D. Hodges 4263 Heutte Dr Norfolk Va. 23518 James L. Holmes 623 Shenandoah St. Portsmouth Va. 23707 Stephen J. Hood 3568 N. Ingleside Dr. Norfolk Va. 23502 John F. Hopkins 1080 St Julian Dr. Chesapeake Va. 23323 Frederick H Houseman 1320 Moyer Rd. Newport News Va. 23602 Patrick J. Hunt 3516 Cedar Lane Portsmouth Va. 23703 W Martin Hutchings Jr. P. O. Box 2914 Durham N. C. 27705 Jeffery W. Hux 5319 Pine Grove Ave. Norfolk Va. 23502 Steven J. Ihlenburg 4219 Ben Gunn Rd Virginia Beach Va. 23455 Martin W. Ingram 1303 Westover Ave. Norfolk Va. 23507 Steven A Inman 8 Crawford Parkway Portsmouth Va. 23704 Michael J. Isaacs 2213 First Landing Lane Virginia Beach Va. 23451 Pham T. James 2713 Bay view Blvd. Portsmouth Va. 23707 Warren H Jennette IV P. O. Box 335 Nags Head N. C. 27959 James G. Jennings Jr. 3607 Bart St. Portsmouth Va. 23707 Bryan D. Jessie 3500 Downing Ct. Virginia Beach Va. 23452 Dale A. Johnson 404 Masury Ct. Virginia Beach Va. 23451 James G. Johnson 3401 Daffodil Cres. Virginia Beach Va. 23456 Mark M Johnston P. O. Box 624 West Point Va. 23181 Michail D. Johnston 233 Talbot Hall Rd Norfolk Va. 23505 James E. Joplin 5316 Rosaen PI. Virginia Beach Va. 23462 Stephen G. Kavadias 700 B Raleigh Ave. Norfolk Va. 23507 Ernest Kehayes 1 13 Pembroke Cir. Edenton N. C. 27932 Ashley A. Kent 1127 8th St. Virginia Beach Va. 23451 Joseph A. Killen 1209 Shenvalee Dr. Virginia Beach Va. 23462 James D. Klar 1 1905 Montague Dr. Laurel Maryland 2081 1 Christopher J. Klein 2504 Pillow Court Virginia Beach Va. 23454 Samuel M. Kroll 7338 Millbrook Rd Norfolk Va. 23505 Edmund J. Langley Jr. 424 Durham St. Hampton Va. 23669 James T. Lash 300 Palen Ave. Newport News Va. 23601 John W. Lash III 300 Palen Ave. Newport News Va. 23601 Roger A. Lauper 377 Pine St. Big Flats N. Y. 14814 Alton T. Ledford Rt 1 Box 497 D Raleigh N. C. 27614 Dennis K. Leeder 1132 Manchester Dr. Cary N. C. 27511 Curtis Dale Leggett 23 Scott St. Greenville N. C. 27834 John G. Lekli Rt 1 Box 102 Kingston N. Y. 12401 Frank W. Leuschen Jr. 3125 Aaron Dr. Chesapeake Va. 23323 Douglas A. Lewis 1004 Cox Ave. Chesapeake Va. 23323 James E. Lewis II Rt 2 Cape Colony Edenton N. C. 27932 Samuel C. Lewis 902 West Ocean View Ave. Norfolk Va. 23503 John S. Liles 324 Whitehaven Lane Virginia Beach Va. 23451 Brian C Lilley 201 Bob White St. Portsmouth Va. 23701 David S. Liskey 609 Pine Tree Cir. Virginia Beach Va. 23452 Kathleen S. Liskey 609 Pine Tree Cir. Virginia Beach Va. 23452 Lee R. Liskey Jr. 609 Pine Tree Cir. Virginia Beach Va. 23452 Jae D. Logan 101 W. Pembroke Ave. Apt. P-3 Hampton Va. 23669 Elizabeth McAllister 100 Oregon Ave. Portsmouth Va. 23701 Daniel I McCain 615 Little Back River Rd. Hampton Va. 23669 Troy R. McClain 636 Raff Rd. Virginia Beach Va. 23462 Brooks S. McDaniel 1943 Kensington Dr. Hampton Va. 23363 Kevin P. McKean USS Albany C6-10 c o FPO N. Y. N. Y. 09501 John F. McLoughlin 2401 Winward Shore Dr. Virginia Beach Va. 23451 Brian C. McNerney 5821 Sylvan Dr. Columbia S. C. 29206 Charles D. McNerney III 5821 Sylvan Dr. Columbia S. C. 29206 Nathan S. McNerney 5821 Sylvan Dr. Columbia S. C. 29206 Jeffrey S. Mahan 522 Mowbray Arch Norfolk Va. 23507 Gregory J. Maida 429 Granite Trail Virginia Beach Va. 23452 Joseph Maida 429 Granite Trail Virginia Beach Va. 23452 Glen C. Martin 5213 Ellen St. Suffolk Va. 23435 Cynthia L. Matthews 305 Accolade St. Portsmouth Va. 23701 Charles R. Mehle II 2217 Leeward Shore Dr. Virginia Beach Va. 23451 Robert E. Miller 2465 Lindergh Ave. Chesapeake Va. 23325 Larry N. Minkoff 6 Jordan Dr. Newport News Va. 23606 Casey D. Moloney Rt 2 Box 98 C Pevely Mo. 63070 Christopher T. Monnette 1301 Bill St. Norfolk Va. 23518 Christopher S. Moolhuyzen 3413 Noble Ave. Richmond Va. 23222 Henry E. Moore 408 Constitution Ave. Portsmouth Va. 23704 Michael J. Mooring 1801 Portsmouth Blvd. Portsmouth Va. 23704 Mehran Koochekzadeh P O. Box 193 Abadan Iran Michael R. McCain 615 Little Back River Rd. Hampton Va. 23669 Roberto E. Morales P O. Box 8 5200 San Jose Costa Rica Cen Amer. 152 t)tucL£nt ' jO)L%£,ctozy Mark W. Moran 1026 Hugo St. Norfolk Va. 23513 Joel B. Morris Rt 9 Box 247 Morganton N. C. 28655 Van Phillips 2900 Venus St. Virginia Beach Va. 23452 Steve A. Phillips 2900 Venus St. Virginia Beach Va. 23452 Klaus P. Schumann 39 Rivercrest Dr. Portsmouth Va. 23701 Richard R. Scott 3300 Burnt Mill Rd Virginia Beach Va. 23452 Richard P. Murphy 516 Chesopeian Trial Virginia Beach Va. 23452 Steve G. Murray 2751 North Blvd. Raleigh N. C. 27604 David B Myer 2205 Chesapeake Ave. Chesapeake Va. 23324 Michael R. Myers 218 Bacon Ave. Norfolk Va. 23511 Richard B. Naigle 3512 Thurston St. Norfolk Va. 23513 Anthony L. Newman P O. Box 507 Nags Head N. C. 27959 Kevin O. Newton 5628 Pawnee Rd. Virginia Beach Va. 23462 Herbert E. Norman Jr. 5956 Sellger Dr. Norfolk Va. 23503 Charles Nuckols 5222 Spring Ave. Shady Side Md. 20867 Paul G. Ogburn 2310 Briargrove Ct. Richmond Va. 23233 Michael Oglesbee 6830 Dennison Rd. Plainwell Mich 49080 Steven J. Pagley 1440 Lafayette Blvd. Norfolk Va. 23509 Richard P. Painter Jr. 812 Woodmont Dr. Chesapeake Va. 23322 Peter F. Panzeri Jr. 5405 Odessa Dr. Virginia Beach Va. 23455 Michael C. Paoni 3021 Cliffdale Rd. Fayetteville N. C. 28303 James K. Parham 1562 St James PI. Roslyn Pa. 19001 James H. Parron III 5952 McGinnis Cir. Norfolk Va. 23502 Herman B. Patterson 7004 Chestnut Ave. Newport News Va. 23605 Robert S. Perkins Jr. 3000 N. Military Rd. Arlington Va. 22207 Timothy D. Phelps 1605 Harmon St. Apt. 204 Norfolk Va. 23518 George P. Pickering 616 Raleigh Ave. Norfolk Va. 23507 Victor V. Pomare II 2 Linwood Square Roxbury Mass. 02119 Randy L. Portnoy 1330 Shore Rd. Linwood N. J. 08221 Harris A. Potter 208 27th St. Virginia Beach Va. 23451 W. Fred Potter 401 Bosley Ave. Suffolk Va. 23434 Melvin T. Price 2207 Chesapeake Ave. Hampton Va. 23666 Michael O. Quick 219 Cypress Rd. Portsmouth Va. 23701 Talmage P. Radford 4030 Tanglewood Trail Chesapeake Va. 23325 Robert C. Ramhofer Jr. De Camp Dr Boonton N. J. 07005 Cheryl Renfro 134 Kingsdale Rd. Suffolk Va. 23434 Daniel L. Ripley 127 Belknap Rd. Goose Creek S. C. 29445 Mark D. Roohi 616 Rolleston Court Virginia Beach Va. 23462 Deborah L. Rossi 5149 N. Harbor Rd. Suffolk Va. 23435 John E. Rusmiselle 469 Whealton Rd. Hampton Va. 23666 Ricardo S. Ryan 21 1 Myrtle Ave. Irvington N.J. 07111 Jeffrey A. Salyers 5321 Palmyra Dr. Virginia Beach Va. 23462 Jody B. Sambrick 366 Martin St. Philadelphia Pa. 19128 Raleigh A. Schatz 4501 Hessian Rd. S. Virginia Beach Va. 23462 David F. Schenk 5944 First St. N. Arlington Va. 22203 Robert W. Schmidt 3037 Knight Rd. Chesapeake Va. 23323 Robert C. Scott 3300 Burnt Mill Rd. Virginia Beach Va. 23452 Bond S. Sedberry Star Rt Box 51 West Point Va. 23181 Keith D. Sedberry Star Rt Box 5 1 West Point Va. 23181 Mark K. Segal 3201 Brook Rd. Richmond Va. 23227 Gregory T. Seid 837 Par apet Rd. Chesapeake Va. 23323 Guy A. Seid 837 Parapet Rd Chesapeake Va. 23323 James S. Short! 4652 Curtiss Dr. Virginia Beach Va. 23455 John R. Shortt 4652 Curtiss Dr. Virginia Beach Va. 23455 John M. Sigillito Jr. P. O Box 235 Sterling Va. 22170 Malcolm L. Simmons Jr. 637 Prince Phillip Dr. Virginia Beach Va. 23452 Curtis L. Smith 1215 Chillum Manor Rd. Hyattsville Md. 20783 Dale E. Smith Jr. 6973 Conservation Dr. Springfield Va. 22153 Eric R. Smith 10840 Hunting Lane Columbia Md. 21044 Robert W. Smith 9526 Willow Terr. Norfolk Va. 23503 Vincent Smith 1215 Chillum Manor Rd. Hyattsville Md. 20783 Lowell A. Smoot II Box 202 A Rt 1 Henderson N. C. 27536 Jack E. Spearman 918 Elder Rd. Newport News Va. 23602 Robin C. Spelman 136 Afton Parkway Portsmouth Va. 23702 Linwood E. Spratley 215 Leonard Rd Portsmouth Va. 23701 b tucL nt ' J Lizctozu A. Wayne Slack Alejandro V. Vega Clay P Witte Rt 1 Box 810 C-Atravezada C- 702 436 Rock Dr. King George Va. 22485 Granada Nicaragua Cen. Amer. Chesapeake Va. 23323 Richard C. Slack Jorge L. Vega Kevin J. Wittsell Rl 1 Box 810 C-Atravezada C- 702 601 Whitehaven Cres. King George Va. 22485 Granada Nicaragua Cen. Amer. Chesapeake Va. 23325 Michael T. Stallings Julio A. Vega Stephen W. Wittsell 7709 N. Shirland Ave. C-Atravezada C- 702 601 Whitehaven Cres. Norfolk Va. 23505 Granada Nicaragua Cen. Amer. Chesapeake Va. 23325 Gregory L. Stamper Roberto J. Velez Timothy M. Wood 703 S. Eve Hart St. P. O. Box 3047 P. O. Box 27 West Chester Pa. 19380 Managua Nicaragua Orange Park Florida 32073 Gregory Standal Kenneth M. Walla Jeffrey M. Worley 440 Hao St. 454 Leslie Terrace 1815 Moore Ave. Hohelulu Hawaii 96821 Virginia Beach Va. 23452 Greenville Tenn. 37743 Elizabeth Ann Steen John M. Waller Joseph M. Wozniak 201 Leonard Rd. 45 Town Square Dr. 6201 B Hightower Rd. Portsmouth Va. 23701 Newport News Va. 23607 Portsmouth Va. 23703 Charles M. Stokes Jr. Shon M. Walter John T. Wright 105 Azalea Dr. 1651 Bayville St. 51 1 Shenandoah St. Greenville N. C. 27834 Norfolk Va. 23503 Portsmouth Va. 23707 John L. Strait Jr. Ward C. Walter David R. Yates P O Box 5010 Dr. Stat. 1651 Bayville St. 4106 Mingo Trail Suffolk Va. 23435 Norfolk Va. 23503 Chesapeake Va. 23325 Carlton ' D ' Stultz Jr. Roy T. Waters Jr. Robert L. Yingling Jr. 1117 Trantwood Ave. Rt 8 Box 202 2723 West Meadow Dr. Virginia Beach Va. 23454 Morganton N. C. 28655 Chesapeake Va. 23321 Manuel Suarez-Roces Robert T.Weimorts Dandridge H Yon Jr. Boulevard Lopez Mateos 227 1079 Red Oak Rd. 1253 Geranium Crescent Villa Obregon San Angel Virginia Beach Va. 23452 Virginia Beach Va. 23456 Mesico D F 20 Kenneth R. Westlund James W. York Jr. Thomas J. Sullivan 1513 Smithman Cir. Rt 6 Box 398 429 McRae Dr. Hampton Va. 23663 Mt Airy N. C. 27030 Fayetteville N. C. 28305 John A. Wetmore Fernando Zelaya Donald B Taylor 317 Sampson St. Kilometro 12 Vi Carretera Sur. P. O Box 770 Raleigh N. C. 27609 Managua Nicaragua Dahlgren Va. 22448 Jacob C. Whiteford IV Henry T Zucker W. David Thackston 1736 Beaumont Dr. 2110 Liverpool St. 3944 Galleon Dr. Greenville N. C. 27834 Portsmouth Va. 23704 Chesapeake Va. 23321 Jonathan D Wickers Jacquelyn M. Zucker Richard A. Thomas Jr. 222 24 41st Rd. 21 10 Liverpool St. 1224 Inchon Rd. Armed Forces Staff College Bayside N. Y. 1 1361 Portsmouth Va. 23704 Norfolk Va. 23521 Michael J Wiggins 150 Hermitage Rd. Timothy E. Thomas Newport News Va. 23606 120 Marlette St. Windsor Va. 23487 Stanley E. Williams 9th Wilson Ave. R-l Box 121 John H. Thompson Glassboro N. J. 08028 1064 St Julian Dr. Chesapeake Va. 23323 Todd D. Williams Rt 3 Box 563 Daniel C. Thorne King George Va. 22485 526 Vaughan Ave. Garrison B Wilson Hampton Va. 23661 536 Timothy Ave. Norfolk Va. 23505 Stephen D. Tolison 677 Liberty Bell Rd. Thomas Wilson Virginia Beach Va. 23462 1887 A Madison Ct. Langley AFB Va. 23665 Jerome K. Tunstall III 5582 Ascot Ct. Apt. 223 Kathy Wiltshire Alexandria Va. 1 1 1 Jacquelyn Dr. Portsmouth Va. 23701 James M. Vandevander 6 McLean St. Portsmouth Va. 23701 Michael A. Wiltshire 1 1 1 Jacquelyn Dr. Portsmouth Va. 23701 Robert L. Vaughan Jr. William A. Winget 1611 Brookridge Dr. 107 Beecham Elizabeth City N. C. 27909 Yorktown Va. 154

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