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JL I I ■4 The 1969 CANNON reherick JVcahemg Portsmouth, Virginia iTAFF: James Morton Robert Schidle Steve Luther “Boots” Farley Baker Killam Steve Raeburn Robert Lane D. W. Creech Pat McCurry Craig Stowers Charles King Each year it is a tradition to have a theme lor the yearbook. This year we have tried to develop the concept of our theme in the pages that follow. Most of this was done by getting out of the rut of “the way it used to be.” Being an individualist, true to oneself, is an ideal to cherish and to hold. 1 hope, that through this book, one will find a better understand- mg of himself and others around him. People should not try to follow in the paths of others; rather, they should set their own way in today’s society to live by. —Jim Morton 3 ISPIVIDUALISM is a Ferrari. I oing your thing, poetry. wearing white socks. truthfulness. a Dr. Pepper. being a real person. ordering milk at the Pub. Plagiarism, self realization. an ownership. in a handwriting, a blind date in June. serving voluntarily. growing your hair, a quality, having tolerance. having a habit, unoriginal. ego building. caring for others. the Mothers of Invention. the class of Sixty Nine, a Street Cleaner, arrogant, Shaving without lather, being in at thirty, not using the elevator. 5 8 4803 Think about it. 10 for adults ' VoQoe y Worded ' TRUE VALUE " ■ l?R Classified JUPB Shongri-Lo r ' ’f» ' 9 Assart mfegr ion «o L.ic?y y By pot History PRESTIGE ‘ Testerdays Answer today live witli it. | 3 (D 3 c CO oo y -S Q OJ CD W» c=- = VJ Now X3 o C i» a.. OO lea ' ,t o i Aan career TOMORROW MAY BE TOO LATE S Q W V A wide choice . V Tell Me Why • ‘ ✓A E QJ C oc 53 o. COMMERCIAL ¥ , . - ®each xA® ‘ o ' Ae ; What Price Mortgage? c Q Lifesaver 11 1 12 Standing: Eckels, C. W., Thompson, D., Mancil, C. D., Evans, H. D., Grey, C. E., Bennett, A., Atkinson, S. M., Cantwell, R. D. Seated: Richardson, J. G., Weidler, E. R., Schidle, R. L.— President, Lt. Morrison— Sponsor, Rosenblatt, C. M., Morton, J. D. THE KEY CLUB The Key Club at F.M.A. is but a small unit considering the world wide International Key Club. As a unit they accomplish services to the community through projects and charity drives. Enthusiastically, time and money are donated for worthy projects which helps the community as a whole, while developing experience for our leaders of tomorrow. The year of 1969 will bring sounds of satisfaction and pride for Key Club members. Combined efforts of participants in the Club will denote the arousing melody of success and fulfillment to society and to the student and faculty members of F.M.A. Through the superb leadership of its responsible members, the Key Club will always remain one of the most active clubs on this campus and in the world. Key Clubbers collecting for Ibe March of Dimes. KEY CLUB - FACULTY BASKETBALL GAME Key Clubbers receiving service awards at Mother’s Day KEY CLUB - KIWANIS BASKETBALL GAME Standing: C. P. Hauger, J. G. Richardson, D. B. Levinson. Seated: J. D. Morton-Treasurer, R. J. Parsons-President, R. L. Schidle— Vice President. The National Honor Society is an elite group of cadets with very high academic standings. Members of this organization have received scho- lastic honors in varied fields of educational endeavor. The I’Anson Chapter, the society at Frederick Military Academy, presents a vivid illustration of its cardinal qualities: leadership, character, scholarship, and service. Each year our faculty selects new members, primarily com- posed of returning juniors. Major Garrett is the current sponsor. The fundamental goal of the National Honor Society is to recognize excellent students for their outstanding academic achievements and to provide incentive for further excellence. Ralph Jerome Parsons, the society’s president, has presided most honorably. fCprttfirctk of W iHpmb?ral|T|T MaiioQal wonor I odjetti; of 15 THE CANNON STAFF This year the annual staff has faced many trying hardships. The staff, working into the late hours of the night, put together the best annual possible. Limitations resulted from vandalism and des truction of over a hundred needed pictures. Maybe these few people would rather have a few good snapshots, than to enrich the possibility of having an excellent annual. All in all, I thank the majority of the staff and a few others such as: Chris Steel, Donovan Hendricks, “Kid” Cottingham, and, oh yeah. Col. Rosenblatt for their help in compiling the 1969 Cannon. —The Editor Our asst, editor working diligently on something else. 16 H. B. lending his car again. Won’t he ever learn, I do my best sitting and thinking. Another creative Members not pictured: Charlie King Wilbur McCurry Steve Luther Bob Creech Mr. Hash, Our Man from Delmar. 17 Back row; McAdatn, Forment, Pendleton, Maston, Levinson, Pierce, McCall, Parks, Smith, Miller. Middle row; Barham, Hendrick, Cooper, Mahone, Peterson, Williams, Coleman, Wood, Chesley, O’Brien. Front row; Mrs. Reynolds, Basso, Richardson, Acosta, Horsley, Vose, Bell, Thompson, Liverman, Flippen,Capt. Reynolds. Not Pictured; Rasmussen, R. R., Schidle, R. L. GLEE CLUB The Frederick Military Academy Glee Club represents an elite group of cadets. Since the creation of this group, great achievements have taken place under the fine direction of Captain Samuel M. Reynolds. Effort and time put forth by this group of cadets in achieving quality overtones is not to be overlooked, also the dedication of its director and his accompanist, Mrs. Reynolds. Besides singing at social gatherings, in concerts, on television, and on campus, they traveled to churches ranging in distance from one to a hundred miles. Everywhere they went, people acknowledged their fine performance and complimented them on a job well done. Programs ’68- ’69 Cradock Lions Club Assembly Program— F.M. A. Cradock Presbyterian Town Country— Christmas Caroling WXRI-TV Festival of Christmas Music Christmas Program— F.M.A. Spring Tour Simonsdale Presbyterian Newington Baptist— Gloucester, Va. Trinity Methodist— Richmond, Va. Southside Baptist— Norfolk, Va. Spring Concert— F.M.A. Mother’s Day Church Program Baccalaureate Services Graduation Exercises 19 STUDENT CHAPLAINS Members of this staff are dedicated Christian cadets witli higii ethics and morals. Under the guidance of Captain VVilhur Presson, Chaplain on Campus, religion is introduced into the activities of the cadets, making it an integral part of their daily lives. Left to Right: Thompson, D. E.; Emerson, R. A.; Capt. Presson; Wilkins, T. E.; WUliford, G. F.; Tyson, L. M. INFIRMARY STAFF Upset stomachs, flu, and sprains are common at Frederick’s Infirmary. Whatever the medical problem, treatment for all cadets is given promptly by Mr. Doerr and his cadet staff under the professional supervision of Ur. Buchanan. Cadets on the infirmary staff serve on a volunteer basis, helping Mr. Uoerr conduct his daily routine of taking care of sick cadets and maintaining a sanitary atmosphere for their recovery. Allton, C. E.,Lamm, J. T.,Mr. Doerr, Dr. Buchanan, Allton, J. D. Rick Williams finishing up another joyous day sorting the mail. Little Bobby Vose ruling over his domain. THE MAILROOM To cadets attending F.M.A. the mailroom repre- sents a link of communication with their family and special friends. This mode of communication is always a welcoming sight around 3:00, when mail is extracted hy hall officers and distributed to cadets. Sorting of this mail is done solely by cadets Vose and Williams. 21 Capt. Reynolds, you did it again. Left to Right: Landon, J. C.; Weaver, J. H.; Davis, S. L.; Rutherford, D. A.; Jackson, W. T.; Hecht, L. J.; Goodman, J. S.; Mahone, D. W.; Dilsaver, F. J. CHOW HALL STAFF Mrs. Conway, our school dietician, instructs the cooks and their helpers on how to prepare food. Cadet chow hall workers help with the serving of foods and drinks, as well as cleaning and maintaining a healthy climate. At least two hot plates are available everyday to all cadets. Breakfast is served at 6:30, lunch between 11:20 and 1:00, and supper at 5:45. The tremendous job of feeding the cadets is a task that many would shudder to undertake. The continual supplying of food and spices is a constant reminder of the regular burdens encountered by Mrs. Conway. SUPPLY HALL Mr. F. 0. Wright, the outspoken supervisor of the cadet supply hall, distinguishes himself with his efficiency by meeting most of the cadets needs — sewing, washing, drying, and restocking school gar- ments. Cadets under the direction of Mr. Wright perform such duties as sweeping floors, arranging laundry and giving out laundry. The most often heard dittie by the cadet staff is Mr. Wright’s continual shout, “All right ladies, cut the rockin’ and reelin’ and make with the wheelin’ and dealin’.” 22 Front to Back: Burrows, W.; Burton, H.; McCurry, P.; Hughes, J.; Lively, C.; Wills, G.; Creech, D.; Frick, C.; F. 0. Wright— Manager. PLANNING MY FUTURE Major Clarence P. Mooring serves as the guidance counselor at Frederick. He is always ready to confer with students about their schedule preparation, educational plans and individual problems. His duties range from giving tests which will give the cadet a guide for choosing the best college to consulting with cadets on their personal problems. Other tests are administered to cadets to give them the foresight by which they may channel their abilities. The cadets at Frederick receive the best educational and counseling services avail- able. As they enter college, they will have received an education sharpened to a fine edge. Cadet Burton planning his future through the guidance office. 24 Books to be guided by ' Guidance Office “GO In which families do interests center. Heading in the right direction. 25 The The Canteen at Frederick Military Academy is the cadets combination lounge and recreation area. It provides a comforting as well as welcoming break between classes for all cadets. Telephone service, television, ping-pong, school supplies and snacks are elements in the make-up of this segment of a cadets life. The Canteen is the only area in the school where most military regulations are relaxed. Canteen t 1 Homecoming Festivities Around the fiery flames of the roaring bonfire at the Homecoming Pep Rally, Cadets admonished the on-coming team with much fury and defiance. After the triumphal march over Columbian Prep, the traditional Homecoming dance sponsored by the senior class, provided a new vein of entertainment for all the cadets on campus. Silently the weekend closed with the dying roars of victory falling on silent ears, as THE 1968 MILITARY BALL Since the foundation of the Academy, the Military Ball has become a very dignified and stately social occurrence. Starry-eyed girls and wishful things (cadets) led the procession into the Military Ball this year. The mood was set by the ladies’ fine apparel and the cadets’ Military insignas and dazzling uplifted sabres. Sweeping clouds of creamy white parachutes tinted with colorful decorations and smooth flowing music combined with the chatter of dates, made this a night to be remembered. 30 31 The Junior-Senior Prom This year’s Junior-Senior Prom was as yet the biggest and most appreciated dance that ever rocked F.M.A. Music was provided by the smooth sounding Sebastian and the Pop Tops. Polynesian scenes, Tiki gods, Voodoo temples, waterfalls and jungle scenes provided the atmosphere lor a long-time memory for all Juniors and especially the Seniors. The Junior Class production of the Junior-Senior Prom was made possible by Lt. Bissette and his able-bodied assistants, the Junior Class. Crossing from Frederick to Paradise The corps doing their thing in “Hawaii” 32 Back to the Little Grass shack . . . The “Pop Tops” in action “Tighten Up” Have you renewed your AA card? The Senior Class Play “Tiger at the Gates” Under the professional direction of Captain Wilton Sale, the cast and crew combined their talents to present “Tiger at the Gates” as the 1969 Senior Class Play. Measuring up to the high standards set by Senior Class Plays in previous years, “Tiger at the Gates” provided an entertaining evening for all. “The Tiger is getting restless.” ■ V 34 CAST OF ACTORS Adromache Anne Inscoe Cassandra Hector Paris Robert Pickard Old Man I Old Man 11 . . . . Uoug Smithwick Priam Stan Mardre Demekos Tony Bennett Hecuba Mathematician . . . . . . .J.G. Richardson Helen .... Vicki Newsome Messenger Wilson Cocke Trolius Buddy Daniels Polyxene Jerriane Inscoe Abneos Jerry Dilsaver Busiris .... Ray Richardson Ajax Jay Ring Ulysses Steve Luther A Topman “Boots” Farley Olipides .... Scott Harleman Guard I Bill McCreary Guard II Gary Weingart “Take that for your war song” “Yes, listen to the mathematician.” “I’ve got here in my hand a magnificent bird which I’m going to set free.” rv— 1 r A 11 1 1 3 Li rru;. 35 On stage as well as off stage, make-up men, crew members and sound technicians are the backbone of any theatrical production. These people prepare actors and actresses for the oncoming scenes. Hard work, timing, and continual practice help to make the scenes roll without error. FREDERICK MILITARY ACADEMY Portsmouth, Virginia Sept. 4, 1968 - May 29, 1969 Vol.-LOUD 1800 hrs. Guard Mount (when it suits) OFFICER OE THE DAY SERGEANT OF THE GGARD Privates of the Guard Mardre, S.L. Orkin, B.C. (THIS IS OFFICIAL) Proof No. 86 Lt. Col. Frederick, MA Sgt. Bishop, M.E. Pvts. “Chuckie” Buglers of the Guard I.Schidle, R.L.; 2. Richardson, J.G.; 3. Cocke, A.W. (ol) P. F. D. Contrary to popular belief, the box near the cadet lobby is a library book deposit box, not an ash can. Please be more careful. CHOWHALL The tables to the left of the entrance of the mess hall have been temporarily closed. If you can manage, please try missing lunch. We would like to extend our appreciation to Lt. Orkin for the use of modern pest control equipment. EXTERIOR DECOR Would the decorator of the large tree behind the biology classroom please inquire about a job with the ACME Landscaping Corp. LIBERTY CLOTHING All cadets will pick up their pair of cadet gray fatigues and walking shorts. This is your bona tided uniform, wear it! AIR POLLUTION Please do not feed the seagulls food from the mess hall. LAST WILL AND TESTAMENTS New York Comedian Guild has requested permission to use the fine pieces of devoted work done by this year’s SENIORS. Thank you 69. SCHOOL EMBLEM The donation of the novel and original school banner has been declined. The reason is that our school colors are red and white. The thought was appreciated. WHY? Because we love you. MOVIE The new, uncut, uncensored version of the graduate will be released May 25, 1969. He’s revealing; he’s shocking; he’s individualistic; but, he’s good looking, (recommended for a mature society) NOTICE To all of the senior classes — make wise use of your life. EXCUSE All errors are intended. The Editor 37 Left to Right: Morrison, Eckels, Tredennick, Schidle, Stowers, Haykin, Thompson, D. C., Cantwell, Thompson, D. E., Morton, Levinson, Atkinson, Culpepper. The Scholastic team is as honorary organization of the school’s highest scholars. It is an honor to be selected by the Ledger Star of Norfolk, Virginia, to be on this team. Our captain this year is Robert L. Schidle, our valedictorian. He has been a member of the scholastic team four times. Each member of the team has his picture in the paper along with a summary of his future plans. Seniors 38 MOST OUTSTANDING CADET OFFICER Rosenblatt, C. M. MOST OUTSTANDING CADET Atkinson, S. M. VALEDICTORIAN Schidle, R. L. SALUTATORIAN Bennett, A. BEST CITIZEN Thompson, D. E. BEST SCHOLAR Cantwell, R. D. HIGHEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE AVERAGE Morton, J. D. HIGHEST ENGLISH AVERAGE Morton, J . D. HIGHEST ADVANCED MATHEMATICS AVERAGE Foster, B. N. HIGHEST SCIENCE AVERAGE Schidle, R. L. HIGHEST WORLD HISTORY AVERAGE Cantwell, R. D. HIGHEST AMERICAN HISTORY AVERAGE Cross, B. D. DISTINGUISHED CADET ALL YEAR Morrison, D. R.; Briggs, D. A. Atkinson, S. M.; Eckels, C. W. NO DEMERITS IN FOUR YEARS Killam, H. B. Fridley, F. V.; Richardson, J. G. MOST IMPROVED CADET Johnston, E. C. MOST IMPROVED CADET (ACADEMICALLY) Lamy, R. R. 39 The Corps on Parade 41 Colonel Floyd H. West making his farewell address. r MOTHER ' S DAY 1969 Major Ayres presenting awards to cadets with . . . A Perfect Day Mrs. Elizabeth A. Parsons, Mother of the Year, standing by her 42 son. Military Dress And Flowing Finery Col. Cheek, guest of honor, preparing for pass-in-review. 15 highest academic averages for the year. Unit Commanders receiving their awards from Colonel Plaine. BACCALAUREATE SERMON FREDERICK MILITARY ACADEMY AUDITORIUM Sunday, May 25, 1969 11 :00 a.m. Processional — “March Pontificale” Jacques Lemmens Call to Worship — “Let Thy Holy Presence” Ehret Hymn — “O God, Our Help in Ages Past” W attsandroft Announcements Colonel Philip G. Inscoe Scripture Reading Chaplain Wilbur C. Presson Morning Prayer Chaplain Wilbur C. Presson Anthem — “Rise Up, 0 Men of God” Reed Frederick Military Academy Glee Club Sermon — “Don’t Disappoint God” William T. Vest, CDR Chaplain, USN Benediction Chaplain W. T. Vest Recessional — “Avonley March” W . Lane Frost ☆ ☆ ☆ senior class officers President Vice-President Secretary Janies G. Richardson William D. Truitt Scott W. Harleman Sergeant-at-Arms James J. Ring GRADUATION EXERCISES FREDERICK MILITARY ACADEMY AUDITORIUM Sunday, May 25, 1969 2 :00 p.m. Processional — “Pomp and Circumstance’ Edward Elgar Prayer Chaplain Wallace Coggins Anthem — “America — Our Heritage” Helen Steele Frederick Military Academy Glee Club Address — “An Afternoon in May” Mr. Robert W. Wentz, Jr. President, First Federal Savings and Loan Association Presentation op Awards Colonel Philip G. Inscoe Valedictorian Address Cadet M Sgt. Robert L. Schidle, Jr. Presentation of Diplomas Colonel Philip G. Inscoe Major Roy J. Ayres, Jr. Recessional — “March of the Noble” Frederick Keats ☆ ☆ ☆ GLEE CLUB DIRECTOR Captain Sam Reynolds ACCOMPANIST Mrs. Sam Reynolds MARSHALLS (TOP ACADEMIC JUNIORS) Curran P. H auger, Chief Stephen M. Atkinson HONOR GRADUATES (in order of class standing) 1. Schidle, Robert L., Jr. 2. Morton, James D., Ill 3. Parsons, Ralph J., Jr. 4. Richardson, James G. Col. Inscoe addresses the class of 1969. 48 I 1 Col. Inscoe congratulates Cadet James D. Morton, Editor of the Cannon, at graduation. The Valedictory Address CLASS OF 1 969 Justice I’Anson, Mr. Wentz, Col. Inscoe, members of the faculty, and friends; Man is a developing animal. When a child is born he is like a parasite who takes from his environment that which nourishes and sustains him, but gives nothing in return. He draws from the resources of his parents, his friends, his church, and his school. As he develops physically, mentally, and morally, he becomes less parasitic. He begins to give rather than to take, to create rather than to destroy, to lead rather than to follow, and to assume responsibility for his actions rather than to pass this responsibility on to others. As seniors about to be graduated, we find ourselves at this stage. No longer can we enjoy the parasitic luxury of self indulgence or irresponsibility. More than ever, what we do with our lives will affect society as a whole. In the not too distant future, it will be our influence which will determine war or peace, poverty or wealth, injustice or justice. The future depends upon the determination and wisdom of youth today in accepting the challenge put forth by the older generation. We, as the youth of today, must assume those responsibilities which society is passing on to us. Our training has prepared us to accept the demands of tomorrow’s leadership. We must use the past experiences to suggest better ways of meeting the present, use the present for a sound basis to meet the future. If we wish to create and not destroy, we must use discriminating judgement to determine tliose methods and values of past years which no longer apply today and to create substitutes which will effectively take their place. As others before us have found, the problems we face will be unique. The rapid advances made in science and technology bring with them a corresponding social, moral, and even legal evolution. Take heart transplants, for example. No one can deny the importance of a medical achievement such as this— an achievement which can prolong the life of a man previously considered doomed. But even as we praise this miraculous advancement, we must pause to consider the moral and legal implications. If the donor’s heart is stiU beating— is he morally or legally dead? We may one day have to decide. Exploration of outer space offers even more challenging questions. Even now men are arguing as to whether such a costly venture should be allowed to utilize funds which miglit better be spent in improving the plight of the poor here at home. Who can say what other questions will arise as we continue to make new discoveries in outer space. All we can be certain of is that whatever advancement we make will bring with it corresponding problems which require mature, discriminating judgement to solve. And this time the decision will be ours— and so will the responsibility. That, after all, has been the purpose of our development. .As we meet here today, contemplating the future before us, we will do well to remember these few words of Winston Churchill for they are most appropriate today. He said: “This is not the end; this is not even the beginning of the end. This is just the end of the beginning.” Thank you. 50 Seniors CLASS OFFICERS Tony Bennett Bill Truitt Pres. J. G. Richardson I Homecoming Dance Stage Curtains Class Play Blood Donations Automobiles 51 Cordon W. Adkins, III Nassawaddox, Va. Military III; No Demerits 11, 12;N.C.O. 10, 11; Officer 12; Glee Club 10; N.R. A. 10; Cross Country 11, 12; Tennis 10, 11, 12; Varsity Club 10, 11, 12; Sharp- shooter 12; Hall Officer 12; Best Drilled Company 10, 11, 12; Best Hall 10. Mark L. Ascolli Hopewell, Va. Military II; Track 11, 12; No Demerits 12; Jr.-Sr. Committee; Jr. N.R. A. 11; Sr. NRA 12; Hall N.C.O. 12; S.F.C. 11. Anthony Bermett Chesapeake, Va. Military HI; No Demerits 10, 11, 12; N.C.O. 11; 1st Place Intramural Hurdler; Officer 12; Salutatorian Honor Cadet 10, 12; Highest 15 Averages 10, 12; Key Club 10, 11, 12; Junior Class President; Senior Class Treasurer; Best Drilled Com- pany 1 0; Drama Club 1 1 . 52 Marshall E. Bishop Norfolk, Va. Military IV; Battalion Ex. 12; Hall N.C.O. 10, 11; HaU Officer 12; Best Hall 10; Best Platoon Sgt. 11; Best Squad 10; Best Company 10; Varsity Rifle Team 10, 11, 12; Varsity Pistol Team 12; Junior N.R.A. 10, 11; Varsity Football Letterman 10, 11 ; Lt. Richard D. Boice Hopewell, Va. Military HI; No Demerits 10, 11; Cross Country 10, 11, 12; Track 10, 12; 1st Lt. 12; A Company Exec. 12; Best Drilled Company 10; Best Hall 10; Var- sity Club 10, 11, 12; Senior Class Play. Charles S. Boldt Norfolk, Va. Military II; Football 11, 12; Varsity Club 11, 12;S Sgt. 53 Donald Bonelli Pennsauken, N. J. Military II; Prep Football 11, 12; Hall NCO 12. Alexander W. Cocke Norfolk, Va. Military III; Drum Bugle Corps 10, 11, 12; Pistol Team 11, 12; Rifle Team 11, 12; Expert 11, 12; Hall NCO 12; NCO 11 , 12 . Stephen L. Cook Columbus, Ga. Military HI; N.C.O. 11; Most Valuable Player, Track 1 1 ; Best All Around Com- pany 11; Best Drilled Squad 11; Varsity Club 11, 12; Basketball 11, 12; Com- pany Exec. Officer 12; Key Club 12; Expert 12; Senior Play Committee. 54 Michael B. Daniels Portsmouth, Va. Military IV ; Drum and Bugle Corps 9-12; Best Detachment 11; No Demerits 9, 11, 12; Honor Cadet 9; Varsity Track 11; Cross Country Team 11; Varsity Club 11; Hall N.C.O. 12; N.C.O. 10, 11, 12; S.F.C. Roland W. Daniels Edgewater, Md. Military II; Drum and Bugle Corps 12; Football 12; Tennis 11; Honor Cadet 11. William L. Davidson Chesapeake, Va. Military II; N.C.O. 11, 12; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee 11; Military Ball Committee 12; Intramural Basketball 12; Drum and Bugle Corps 12; Sharpshooter 11, 12; Crack Platoon 11. 55 Floyd J. Dilsaver Southport, N. C. Military 111; Track 10; Intramural Wres- tling 10; Chowhall 10, 11, 12; Intra- mural Basketball 11; N.C.O. 11, 12; No Demerits 11, 12; Student Chaplain Ser- vice 10, 11, 12; Hall N.C.O. 11; Best Drilled Company 11; Marksman 11, 12. Carson L. Edmonson Virginia Beach, Va. Church Rifles 10, 11; Pres. Jr. N.R.A. 11; N.C.O. 10, 11; Officer 12; No Demerits 11, 12; Best Drilled Detach- ment; N.R.A. Award; Sharpshooter; Var- sity Rifle Team; Varsity Pistol Team; Rifle and Pistol Team; Lt. Frederick K. Farley, III Virginia Beach, Va. Military 11; No Demerits 11, 12; Henry Church Rifles 11; Top 15 (Scholastic- ally); Honor Cadet 11; Key Club 12; Physics Lab Club 12; Annud Staff 12; Hall N.C.O. 12; Tidewater Scholastic Team 11;J.V. Basketball 11. 56 Steven L. Ferguson Duncanville, Tex. Military II; Best Drilled Company 11; Best Drilled Platoon 11; Sharpshooter 11, 12; Rifle and Pistol Team 11; Henry Church Rifles 11; Color Guard 12; Sgt. Thomas H. Fletcher Yorktown, Va. Military III; Crack Platoon 10, 11; No Demerits 11; Best Drilled Detachment 11; Expert Rifleman 12. Frederick V. Fridley Poquoson, Va. Military IV; No Demerits 9-12; N.C.O. 9, 10; Officer 10, 11, 12; Church Rifles Commander 10; “D” Company Com- mander 11; Battalion Commander 12. 57 David 0. Garrison Hampton, Va. No Demerits 10, 12; Military HI; N.C.O. 11, 12; Hall N.C.O. 12; Student Chaplain Service 12; Best Drilled Company 10. Leonard T. Hall Raleigh, N. C. Military HI; Football 11, 12; Basketball 10, 11, 12; Varsity Club 10, 11, 12; Tennis 11; N.C.O. 11, 12;S Sgt. Scott W. Harleman Hampton, Va. Military HI; No Demerits 11; Key Club 12; Cross Country 10, 11, 12 (Most Valuable Runner 10, 11); N.C.O. 11, 12; Track 10, 11, 12; Varsity Club 10, 11, 12; Senior Class Secretary; 1st Sgt. 58 Rodger W. Hume, Jr. Virginia Beach, Va. Military IV; Crack Platoon 10; N.C.O. 10; No Demerits 11, 12; Marksman 11; Hall Officer 12; Company Commander 12; Expert 12; Capt. Donald G. Humphries Virginia Beach, Va. Military 111, N.C.O. 11, 12; Hall N.C.O. 11; Track 11; Drum and Bugle Corps 10, 11, 12; Cross Country 10, 11, 12; JV Wrestling 11. William D. Johnson Yorktown, Va. Military 11; N.C.O. 12; Best Drilled Com- pany 12; No Demerits 12; Physics Lab Club 12. 59 Frederick L. Ketchum, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. Military III; No Demerits 11, 12; Henry Church Rifles 11, 12; Best Detachment 11; Jr. N.R.A. ll;N.C.O. 11;S F C. Harold B. Killam Norfolk, Va. Military IV; Jr. N.R.A. 10; Crack Pla- toon 10; No Demerits 10, 11, 12; Sgt. 10; Varsity Rifle Team 11; Hall N.C.O. 11; S F C 11; Expert 11; Annual Staff 12; Maj. 12; Battalion Exec. 12. Charles M. King Greenville, N. C. Military II; N.C.O. 12; Annual staff 11, 12; No Demerits 11, 12; A Good Guy 1-?;S.F.C. 60 Robert W. Kirk Hopewell, Va. Military III; Hall Officer 12; No Demer- its 12; Vice Pres. Senior N.R.A. 12; Expert Marksman 11; Top 15 Military Marksmen 11; Varsity Wrestling 11; Best Drilled Company 11, 12; Best Drilled Platoon 11 ; Lt. 12. Jerry C. Lassiter Portsmouth, Va. Honor Cadet 11, 12; Distinguished Cadet 11, 12; No Demerits 11, 12; Track 11; Scholastic Team 11. Gary S. Herman Huntington, N. Y. Mihtary HI; N.C.O. 10-12; Officer 12; No Demerits 11, 12; Wrestling 11, 10; Intramural Volleyball 11; Expert Rifle- man (Mihtary); Lt. 61 Richard W. Little Hampton, Va. Military IV; Armory Staff 10, 11; Can- non Detachment 11; Student Chaplain 11; N.R.A. 10-12; Officer 11, 12; Hall N.C.O. 11; Hall Officer 11, 12; Best Drilled Squad 10; Best Company 10, 12; Battalion Staff 11; No Demerits 11; Varsity Pistol Team 11; Expert Rifleman 12; Company Commander 12. Steven P. Luther Richmond, Va. Military II; No Demerits 11, 12; Honor Cadet 11; Distinguished Cadet 11; Glee Club 11, 12; Key Club 11, 12; Junior N.R.A. 11; Best MiUtary I Cadet 11; N.C.O. 11, 12; Hi-Q Team 11; Top 15 Mibtary Marksman; Physics Lab Club 12; Annual Staff 11, 12; Expert Rifleman 12;Sgt. 62 William B. McCreary Newport News, Va. Military II; No Demerits 11; Best Com- pany 11; Pistol Team 12; Battalion Staff N.C.O. 11; Battalion Adjutant 12; Of- ficer 12; Annual Staff 11; Best Drilled Squad 11; Expert Rifleman 11, 12; Hall Officer 12; Lt. James S. Mardre Crittenden, Va. Military 111; No Demerits (10, 11) Ar- mory Staff 10-12; Armory N.C.O. 11; N.C.O. 11; Officer 12; Battalion Staff 12; Varsity Pistol Team 12; Sr. N.R.A. 12 . Carl A. Moore Virginia Beach, Va. Military II; N.C.O. 11; Varsity Basketball 11; Officer 12; No Demerits 11, 12. 63 James D. Morton, III Norfolk, Va. Annual Staff 10-12; Honor Cadet 10-12; Top 15 Averages; Football 11, 12; Key Club 11, 12; National Honor Society (Treasurer) 12; N.C.O. 10-12; Physics Lab Club 12; No Demerits 11; Hall N.C.O. 12; Varsity Club 11, 12; Scholas- tic Team 12; Intramural Wrestling 10; Best Drilled Detachment 12; Highest 3 Year English Aver.; Highest For. Lang. Average; Annual Editor 12; S.F.C. Ralph J. Parsons, Jr. Portsmouth, Va. Military IV; Cadet Of The Week 9; Scholastic Team 9; Best Drilled Com- pany 10; Track 10; N.C.O. 10; Chow Hall 11; Sgt. Major 11; Officer 12; Pres. National Honor Society 12; Cross Coun- try 10, 11; Marksman 10, 11; Varsity Club 10-12; No Demerits 10-12; Varsity Basketball 11, 12; 1st Lt. Douglas A. Perfater Baltimore, Md. Military HI; N.C.O. 11, 12; Football 12; Wrestling 11; Sgt. 64 Robert T. Pickard Durham, N. C. Military IV; N.C.O. 10-12; Varsity Wres- tling 9, 10; Varsity Football 11; No Demerits 11; Best Drilled Company 10; Best Drilled Platoon 10; Best All Around Company 11; Drum and Bugle Corps 12; Rifle Marksman 10; Expert Rifleman 10, 12; Varsity Club 10-12. Raymond R. Rasmussen, II Richmond, Va. MUitary II; Key Club 11, 12; Vice-Presi- dent 12; Honor Cadet 11; Glee Club 11, 12; No Demerits 11; Sharpshooter 12; Best Company 11; N.C.O. 11, 12; Ar- mory 11; Physics Lab Club 12;S Sgt. James G. Richardson Norfolk, Va. Military IV; Key Club 9-12; National Honor Society 10-12; (Secretary) Drum and Bugle Corps 9-12;No Demerits 9-12; Honor Cadet 9-12; Officer 12; N.C.O. 10, 11; Glee Club 9-12; Pres. Senior Class 12; Top 15 Academic Averages 9-11; Physics Lab Club 12. 65 Raymond M. Richardson Norfolk, Va. Military III; Varsity Basketball 12; Var- sity Cross Country 11; J.V. Basketball 11; Varsity Club 11, 12; Honor Cadet 11, 12; N.C.O. 11, 12; Drum and Bugle Corps 10, 11; Crack Platoon 12; Best Drilled Detachment 10; Best Drilled Squad 12; Best Drilled Platoon 12; Best All Around Company 12. James J. Ring Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Military III; Varsity Rifle Team 10; Varsity FootbaU 11, 12; N.C.O. 11, 12; Varsity Club 10-12; Best All Around Company 10; Sgt. I Charles M. Rosenblatt Norfolk, Va. Key Club 9-12; Military IV; Best All Around Cadet 11; No Demerits 9, 11, 12; Pistol Team 12; N.C.O. 9-11; Officer 11, 12; Rifle Team 12; Battalion Staff 10; Best DriUed Company 10; Best All Around Company 11; Audio-Visual 10, 11; Drama Club 10, 11; Jr. Class Secre- tary 11; Key Club Treasurer 12; N.R.A. Treasurer 11; Battalion Commander 12; Most Outstanding Officer 12. I 66 Walter F. Stallings Kinston, N. C. Varsity Wrestling 9, 12; Tennis Team 10, 11; Glee Club 9; Student Chaplain 9; Varsity Club 9, 10; High School Football 12; Best Drilled Company 10; Best All Around Company 9, 11; Military IV; Best Platoon, Best Squad 11; N.C.O. 10 - 12 . Edward D. Starke, HI Norfolk, Va. Military IV; N.C.O. 11, 12; Color Guard 12 , 11 . Christopher A. Steel Little Rock, Ark. Military III; Color Guard 12; Student Chaplain 12; Varsity Club 11, 12; Tennis 9-12; Wrestling 12; Intramural Wrestling; Best Drilled Platoon 11; Best Drilled Company 11; N.C.O. 11, 12; S Sgt. 67 Robert L. Schidle, Jr. White Plains, N. Y. Military III; Key Club 1 0-12 ; President 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Vice Pres. 12; Tidewater Scholastic Team 10-12; Varsity Rifle Team 11, 12; Co- Captain; Varsity Pistol Team 12; Distin- guished Rifleman 12; Science Award 11, 12; Annual Staff Asst. Editor 12, Staff 11; Valedictorian 12; Glee Club 10-12; Drum and Bugle Corps 10-12; An Out- standing Teenager of America; N.C.O. 11, 12; Jr. N.R.A. 10; Sr. N.R.A. 11, 12; Physics Lab Club 12; Master Sgt; Best Drilled Detachment 10; Honor Cadet 10-12; Distinguished Cadet 10. Charles C. Shaw, Jr. Columbia, S. C. Military II; Crack Platoon 11, 12; N.C.O. 12 . Douglas C. Smithwick Norfolk, Va. Military HI: Officer 11, 12; No Demerits 11 . 68 Gary K. Weingart Richmond, Va. Military IV; N.C.O. 12; Best Company 9; Best Platoon 9; Best Drilled Squad 10; Key Club 11, 12; Pistol Team 12; Senior N.R.A. President 12; No Demerits 11; S Sgt. Charles A. Wilburn, IV Norfolk, Va. Military III; Armory Staff 10; N.C.O. 12. John C. Williams Norfolk, Va. Military III; JV Basketball 10, HS Bas- ketball 11, 12; No Demerits 10, 11, 12; Marksman 12; N.C.O. 10, 11, 12;F Sgt. 69 Keith E. Strehlein Baltimore, Md. Military IV; Best Drilled Company 10-12; N.C.O. 10; Officer 11, 12; Track 10; Pistol Team 12;Capt. David C. Thompson Newport News, Va. Military II; No Demerits 12; Tidewater Scholastic Team 12; Distinguished Cadet 12; Marksman 12; Company Commander 12; N.C.O. 11, 12; Officer 12; Capt. William D. Truitt, Jr. Norfolk, Va. Distinguished 11; Color Guard 12; Bas- ketball 11, 12; Tennis 11; Vice President Senior Class; Military II; N.C.O. 11, 12. 70 71 72 Military Sgt. Kurs, J. Lt. Orkin, G. Sgt. Lane, R. Sgt. Heath, R. D. 73 Sgt. Ketchum, L. Sgt. Schidle, R. L. Lt. Richardson, J. G. Cocke, A. W. I Fletcher, T. H. Lt. Edmonson, C.L. Sgt. Gladstone, I. Sgt. Morton, J. D. 75 Sgt. King, C. M, Lt. Boice, R. D. Capt. Hume, R. W. Sgt. Williams, J. C, Lt. Hauger, C. P. 76 FIRST PLATOON Lt. Weidler, E. R. SFC Ascolli, M. L. Lt. Spry, C. D. SECOND PLATOON SFC Bonelli, D. FIRST PLATOON Lt. Parsons, R. J. SFC Culpepper, D. S. SECOND PLATOON Lt. Lerman, G. S. SFC Garrison, D. 0. I Lt. Moore, C. A. Sgt. Whitt, G. M. vst Lt. Wideman, W. Capt. Thompson, D. C. Sgt. Atkinson, S. M. 82 Lt. Swats, R. D. Sgt. Lassiter, J. C. Lt. Nolen, W. P. 83 Sgt. Johnson, R. A. w hifl l% 1 K IjL ' ’ i jSrwi m LTjf 84 ' i’ ln J ik mlt f M U ' ’ MMM V4 dlini B kKUkS b i l ■ ; aHv 1 9 1 HIk nV Vi 85 86 Battalion Staff 87 IN THESE TRYING TIMES, Sports r- - fjm I FOOTBALL BASKETBALL TRACK 91 Prep Football First row: Davidson, Dramby, McGowan, Lodge, Ball, Gniewoz, Sparks, Spruill. Second row: Tayloe, Bonelli, Coach Davis, Coach Waff, Coach Glassburner, Coach McKinney, Sakis, Ritter. Third row: Daly, Valentine, Burton, Light, Bowman, K. Collins. Fourth row: Burnside, J. Collins, Weimann, Bowles, Rountree, Pierantozzi, Leary. Fifth row: Bernard, Polito, East, Carbone, Bolis, Dickey, Masters. SEASON’S RESULTS F.M.A 7 F.M.A 6 F.M.A 6 F.M.A 14 F.M.A 20 F.M.A 6 F.M.A 8 F.M.A 20 Ferrum Junior College 21 Fork Union Military Academy 6 Maryland Freshmen 7 U.S.M.A. Prep 14 Columbian Prep 18 Bainbridge Prep School 7 William Mary Freshmen 23 Chowan College 7 92 The I96B football season was a rough one for the Prep team. Comprised of young men from the entire East Coast, the team had a hard time adjusting to each other’s style ol play during the first half of the season. The boys began working together in the last half of the season and fared well against their later opponents. The Cubs played the National Junior College champion, Ferrum, in their season opener and after a hard fought game yielded 21-7. After a comeback Frederick blew a P.A.T. forcing a 6-6 tie with Fork Union Military Academy in our second game. For the next game P.iM.A. traveled to the University of Maryland and lost a tough 7-6 decision to their freshmen team. Frederick gained momentum in the second half of the season. First the Cubs played a faritastic game against the United States Military Academy Prep team, only to have them tie it 14-14 on a last second two point conversion. In the next game Frederick whomped Columbian Prep 20-18. The sixth game found the Preps losing a heartbreaker to Bainbridge Naval Training School by a 7-6 score. In tbe next game the Cubs ran into a devastating William Mary freshman team and lost a vicious battle 23-8. The season finale found Frederick unleashing the fury it had held back so long; the unfortunate victim was Chowan College who was defeated by a 20-7 score. A wonderful way to top off a long and hard fought season! Bonelli is knocked out of bounds after a 12 yard gain. The boys who do a lot of work and reeeive little recogni- tion ... the DEFENSIVE TEAM. The defensive line, starring Steve Sakis (No. 53) repulses the Chowan attack. 93 The Anguish Of Defeat The Lightheartedness Of Victory Varsity Football First row: Rutherford, Thompson, Strganac, Atkinson, Davis. Second row: Ring, Hall, Goodman, C. Kelly, Coach Head, Coach Alspaugh, Barrington, Melton, Boldt. Third row: Urquhart, Daniels, Short, Perfater, Morton, Haykin, Sawyer, Cross. Fourth row: Henry, Lowery, Stallings, Freedman, Paulson, Dickerson, Romano. Fifth row: Mancil, Tillett, Jones, J. Kelly, Cobb, Nolen. SEASON’S RESULTS F.M.A 6 F.M.A 19 F.M.A 19 F.M.A 7 F.M.A 0 F.M.A 12 F.M.A 6 F.M.A 6 F.M.A 20 Manteo High School 34 Barry Robinson 0 Knapp High School 0 Hampton Roads Academy 7 Western Branch High School 33 Forest Glen High School 33 Norfolk Academy 20 Norfolk Catholic 20 Franklin High School 26 Cubs Gain Experience 96 Look Out Sixty Nine 97 W. Cole Whitt Robert R. Keegan Joseph N. De Muro James E. Orr Stephen W. McKenzie James F. Collins Austin B. Lehmann Philip L. Shaffer Prep Basketball FREDERICK MILITARY ACADEMY 1968-69 Prep Basketball Results Record 9-13 Offensive average points per game for the year 75 Uefensive average points per game for the year 83 Average rebounds per game 45 NAME HOMETOWN AVERAGE POINTS and REBOUNDS Briggs, Douglas Newport News, Virginia 11 7 Collins, J immy Charlotte, North Carolina 1 1 Crowther, Richard Virginia Beach, Virginu 1 0 1 Demuro, Joe Philadelphia, Penn. 9 3 Dickey, Gary Philadelphia, Penn. 7 7 Keegan, Bobby South Amboy, New Jersey 16 4 Lehmann, Austin Delran, New Jersey 12 3 McKenzie, Steve Jacksonville, Florida 11 9 Orr, Eric Mountain Home, North Carolina 10 7 Shaffer, Philip Fort Lauderdale, Florida 2 2 Whitt, Cole Garner, North Carolina 3 1 Frederick Military Academy 70 Old Dominion College Frosh 107 Frederick Military Academy 83 U. S. Military Prep School 63 Frederick Military Academy 77 Chowan Junior College 92 Frederick Military Academy 70 University of Richmond Frosh 89 Frederick Military Academy 70 East Carolina University Frosh 78 Frederick Military Academy 81 The College of the Albemarle 63 Frederick Military Academy 71 College of William Mary Frosh 82 Frederick Military Academy 74 University of Maryland Frosh 77 Frederick Military Academy 78 Chowan Junior College 70 Frederick Military Academy 84 East Carolina University Frosh 116 Frederick Military Academy 75 Chesapeake Junior College 80 Frederick Military Academy 77 Bainbridge Naval Prep School 107 Frederick Military Academy 77 U. S. Military Prep School 69 Frederick Military Academy 91 College of William Mary Frosh 77 Frederick Military Academy 68 Christopher Newport Junior College 63 Frederick Military Academy 82 Old Dominion College Frosh 105 Frederick Military Academy 87 Chesapeake Junior College 108 Frederick Military Academy 75 Bainbridge Naval Prep School 74 Frederick Military Academy 46 Wake Forest University Frosh 96 Frederick Military Academy 94 The College of the Albemarle 80 Frederick Military Academy 76 Christopher Newport Junior College 57 Frederick Military Academy 46 N. C. State University Frosh 83 Major Emory Davis Athletic Director 99 Capt. Rufus P. Outland Prep Basketball Coach Standing: Whitt, Collins, Orr, Briggs, Shaffer, McKenzie, Keegan, De Muro, Lehmann. Kneeling: Coach Rufus P. Outland. Joe De Muro flies after the ball. Austin Lehmann prepares to swish a 30 footer while Steve McKenzie sets a screen. 100 Bob Keegan pumps in another of his many foul shots. F.M.A. roars downcourt on a fast break. Briggs, McKenzie, Orr pressure a Chowan guard. 101 Varsity Basketball Standing: Emerson, Parsons, Cook, Freedman, Tayloe, Hall, Williams, Kilian. Kneeling: Truitt, Coach Atkinson, Barrington. Tayloe waits patiently. Little ole me? 1 wouldn’t think of it! 102 SEASON’S RESULTS F.M.A 43 F.M.A 41 F.M.A 49 F.M.A 39 F.M.A 52 F.M.A 68 F.M.A 31 F.M.A. 61 F.M.A 47 F.M.A 73 F.M.A 48 F.M.A 54 F.M.A 39 F.M.A 45 F.M.A 69 F.M.A 51 F.M.A 60 F.M.A 32 F.M.A 49 F.M.A 61 F.M.A 49 F.M.A 48 F.M.A 44 i Williams tries to block the basket. Western Branch 77 Barry Robinson 35 Portsmouth Catholic 72 Tidewater Academy 40 Norfolk Catholic 97 Peninsula Catholic 78 Tidewater Academy 35 Hampton Roads Academy 43 Norfolk Academy 61 Douglas MacArthur Academy 27 Norfolk Academy 60 Carlton Oaks 74 Peninsula Catholic 44 Barry Robinson 72 Barry Robinson 94 Douglas MacArthur Academy 52 Portsmouth Catholic 80 Western Branch 73 Norfolk Christian 108 Carlton Oaks 120 Norfolk Catholic 131 Norfolk Christian 97 Norfolk Catholic 88 A welcome addition to any basketball game!! 103 Junior Varsity Basketball Sitting; Coach Ek)an. Kneeling: Patterson, Cantwell, Catapano, Joh nson, Thompson. Standing: Houghton, Miller, Smith, Edwards, Goodman, Culpepper, Robbins, Dunn, Mayo. SEASON’S RESULTS b.M.A. F.M.A. F.M.A, F.M.A, F.M.A, F.M.A, F.M.A. F.M.A. F.M.A. F.M.A, F.M.A. F.M.A. F.M.A, F.M.A. F.M.A. F.M.A. F.M.A. F.M.A. F.M.A. F.M.A. F.M.A. 49 Western Branch J.V 59 58 Barry Robinson J.V 49 44 Portsmouth Catholic J.V 39 73 Tidewater Academy J.V 33 31 Norfolk Catholic J.V 55 73 Peninsula Catholic J.V 70 87 Tidewater Academy J.V 17 74 Va. Beach Jr. High 46 51 Carlton Oaks J.V 62 47 Peninsula Catholic J.V 62 58 Barry Robinson J.V 47 85 Portsmouth Catholic J.V 54 45 Western Branch J.V 60 30 Norfolk Christian J.V 65 62 Carlton Oaks J.V 78 52 Norfolk Catholic J.V 72 45 Norfolk Christian J.V 64 72 Va. Beach Jr. High 62 48 Carlton Oaks J.V 53 58 Va. Beach Jr. High 45 53 Barry Robinson J.V 52 104 Kelly leaps high on a center jump while “Peanut” Johnson and Goodman anxiously await the outcome. Alvin D. Smith, top scorer for the J.V.’s, prepares to add another 2 to his total. Smith surveys the situation downcourt. 105 106 Track 107 108 Those blue bimps will slow you down everytime! Lasting friendships are made on and off the field. 109 Classes Class of 70 Allton, J. C Atkinson, S. M. Barrington, B. Batteau, J. Beck, E. OFFICERS: Swats, R. D.-V.P. Atkinson, S. M.-Treas. Barrington, B.— Pres. Ill Bissel, G. M. Bowman, J. R. Clark, C. F. Conners, L. S. Culpepper, D. S. Davidson, B. K. Davis, R. C. Cruser, K. E. 112 Forehand, J. W. Frick, K. C. Gladstone, I. Goodwin, G. T. Dudley, R. L. Eason, J.J. Eckels, C. W. Freedman, J. E. II Grey, C. E. T. Hauger, C. P. Hecht, L. J. Hendrick, D. 0. Holzsweig, M. S. Hrushka, C. S. Hudson, M. W. 114 115 ( 116 Maston, W. G. 117 118 Reams, R. L. Schonk, R. M. Shawver, G. C. Smith, K. W. I 119 120 Weidler, E. R. 121 122 Sophomore Class Gary Williford Mike McAdam Vice-President President Officers Ricky Ketchum Sec. -Treasurer 123 Allton, C. E. Atkinson, R. J. Ayers, L. W. Babonis, F. Sophomore 124 Bowman, R. A. Brady, M. S. Cannon, T. W. Cheek, J. D. Chesley, S. C. Cobb, K. B. Cohen, J. A. Collier, J . W. Cook, R. 0. Cox, C. B. Cross, B. D. Crute, J. A. Class Sophomore 125 Davis, M. M. Davis, T. J. DeWitt, J. G. Dickerson, W. R. Sophomore Dolsey, M. D. Donlon, M. E. Edwards, C. D. Emerson, R. A. Etheridge, R. L. Evans, H. D. 126 Fitch, R. B. Foreman, J. A. Frey, C. D. Goodman, J. S. Guida, J. M. Habib, G. E. Sophomore Haralson, J. L Haykin, J. J. Henry, R. W. Heath, R. D. Class 127 HiU, D. F. Holton, C. V. Hooper, T. F. Jaeobs, G. K. I IJJI-fc.- I Sophomore Johnson, R. A. Johnston, E. C. Kellogg, R. B. Kelly, C. S. Lewis, C. E. Litton, J. M. Lively, C. C. Lowery, J. M. Sophomore McCurry, W. P. MaeDonald, S. C. Martin, C. T. Matthews, R. L. 130 Melton, D. E. Sophomore Class Minish, H. F. Moore, R. H. Morrison, D. R. Nealon, K. A. Nichols, S. C. Parry, E. A. Patterson, R. D. Paulson, W. G. Peterson, A. W. Phillips, C. W. Poythress, B. E. 131 Prettyman, R. C. Rutherford, D. A. Scarborough, S. Sharp, K. L. Sophomore Shepherd, C. W. Short, O. V. Silver, D. A. Smith, A. D. Class Spivey, J. D. Staples, T. L. Stephenson, E. H. Stephenson, J. D. 132 Story, R. B. Strganac, T. W. Strickland, J. L. Thomas, K. D. Sophomore Thompson, D. E. Thornton, S. R. Tredennick, J. C. Turner, R. R. Class Twine, R. D. Tyndall, J. R. Viccellio, J. H. Vose, R. C. 133 Wahlig, F. H. WaU, W. T. Weaver, J. H. Walker, G. D. Sophomore White, M.C. Whitt, G. M. Willey, M. L. Williams, R. W. Class WiUiford, G. F. Zwahlen, N. J. Woodard, S. L. Workman, J. L. 134 Bryant, P. C. Clancy, J. D. Goldman, C. M. Hurst, R. S. Sophomore Miller, H. L. Strickland, R. T. Warwick, H. C. Whitfield, N. R. Class 136 1 Acosta, J. THE FRESHMAN CLASS Alley, L. E. OF SEVENTY TWO Bateman, C. H. Bradley, S. C. Brinkman, J. R, Brown, A. W. Brown, J. E. Burrow, W. C. Burton, H. A. Butler, J. G. 137 Cantwell, R. D. Carr, W. L. Catapano, E. S. Churchill, J. W. Cobb, T. J. Coleman, W. R. Corvino, G. M. Cottingham, J. A. The Freshman Class Shows— Creech, D. W. Culpepper, P. E. Davenport, G. Davis, S. L. Debnam, P. J. Dunham, J. M. Dunn, C. D. Edwards, J. R. 138 Fenwick, P. R. Filer, C. S. Flippen, C. A. Forment, A. E. Fortner, F. D. Garrison, G. E. Gonzales, B. F. Grant, D. C. ♦ . . Potential Leaders For Tomorrow Gresham, W. B. Harrell, W. M. Haykin, M. B. Helfant, R. A. Hillegass, R. G. Holland, F. P. Horsley, N. B. Houghton, H. A. 139 Happiness is— 140 Mattison, J. F. Mayo, W. E. Montgomery, R. M. Myrick, T. W. Newberg, S. D. O’Berry, R. K. O’Brien, J. W. Ogletree, J. L. Being a Freshman Perry, B. J. Pelzman, M. A. Pierce, D. L. Powell, T. P. Robbins, B. S. Russell, K. W. Sawyer, B. W. Sawyer, T. F. 141 Schonk, S. R. Selby, M. H. Smith, M. S. Stainback, R. Stowers, C. F. Thompson, J. E. Tyson, L. M. Waters, N. R. We strive onward— Wilkins, T. E. Williams, L. S. Young, M. E. Zakowski, S. W. Basso, J. A. Dickerson, C. Herring, J. C. Hughes, J. B. 142 I to higher goals !! I 143 ' x:v Ball, J. W. Bernard, A. E. Bolls, E. R. Boothby, G. Bowles, J. Bowman, D. Briggs, D. Burnside, J. Burton, R. Carbone, M, Collins, J. Collins, P. Condon, D. Crowther, R, Galy,J. DeMuro, J. 145 Dickey, G. Dramby, P. East, L. Fleming, G. Foster, B. D. Friel, R. T. Fuller, W. Furrer, R. Preps Gniewoz, M. Hart, R. Horne, D. Keegan, R. Leary, J. Lehmann, A. Light, C. Liming, D. 146 Lodge, T. McGowan, M. McKenzie, S. Masters, J. Meredith, D. Modesitt, R. Newbaker, E. D. O’Donnell, G. Preps Orr, E. Parks, C. Perry, K. Pierantozzi, T. Polito, J. Rountree, R. Sagnette, S. Sakis, S. 147 Shaffer, P. Slupski, R. Sorrell, J. Sparks, J. K. Tomich, R. Tomlinson, R. Vasile, S. Vidrine, G. The Country Club Set 148 Faculty And Administration ■V ' ■:f I • .’V ' " • i ■•, • - • ' -. , .-V, .,,47 ' ‘ - j oCa .4 .‘S ,. ' i- ■ ym ■ ' -?v y-- ' 0 m .;-v ,-rv . • • . ' Board Justice Lawrence W. I’Anson Trustees Mr. Fred W. Beazley Mr. Malcolm F. Beazley, Jr. Mr. Joseph J. Quadros, Jr. Mr. Paul G. Blanford Mr. John T. Kavanaugh 149 Dear Cadets, This year we have seen Astronauts of our beloved country circle the moon and return home. Many types of organs have been transplanted from one body to another. Announcements have been made that there will be no more German Measles because of the new vaccine. On every hand we are advancing. Science is being developed that will keep man healthy with a long life, and machines once considered a luxury have now become a necessity. We, who are Frederick (the Founders, Members of the Board of Trustees, the Faculty, and Staff) have strived to give you the academic education and physical bearing necessary to join in and lead the scientific community upon completion of your education; however, we have tried to give you much more. It is my most fervent desire that you have now strengthened your belief in the Omnipotent and have gained an understanding of yourself that will cause you to be a contributing force for good in these our United States. Our best wishes and prayers go with you. Sincerely, Philip G. Inscoe President 150 i It really must be a good feeling to know that everyone is constantly aware of your presence. To know that no matter where you go or what you do, everyone is watching you and learning from your actions. It’s also a very great responsibility and few men are capable of shouldering such a fateful task. We have the privilege, though, of having such a man working with us every day. He is the Commandant of our school, and without fear of being told that we have been too elegant in this short description of such a man, we would like to dedicate this yearbook to one of our departing leaders. Colonel West. he can be sad or happy Maj. Roy Ayres Asst, to the President Do these men look bored to you? Well they’re not, they’re working. Asa matter of fact, they’re working for you. They don’t have time to think about their own feelings. They really don’t try to let their personal affairs get involved in their work. Do we make their job any easier? Do we work with them or against them? Now here’s the big question— are you bored? 152 Maj. C. P. Mooring Guidance Counselor 153 Lt. Col. Robert C. Plaine P.M.S. Capt. Wilton F. Sale, III English Department A teacher is just a spark plug, not a gas line. 154 Lt. Albert Morrison, HI 155 Capt. Samuel Reynolds 156 c Science Department 1 Lt. Wayne Waff Lt. Donnie Jones Capt. Thomas Classbumer 157 Maj. George K. Geibach 158 ii w i Capt. Oscar V. Rodriguez 159 w Mrs. Fred Aron French German Spanish Lt. John Atkinson Maj. Emory Davis through the Bible, library, and P.E. Capt. Rufus Outland Working with the heart, mind, and body Mrs. Nell L. Kent 160 Capt. Wilbur Presson I Mrs. F. F. Glynn Registrar Secretarial Staff Mrs. Philip G. Inscoe Military Secretary t I r Mrs. Floyd H. West Secretary to President 161 1 They keep us trimmed Mr. Mrs. Kobert Doerr 162 Mr. Fulton Wright, U.S.N. (Ret.) healthy and learned Mrs. John B. Lawrence Mom, the Campus Sweetheart (at age 18) 163 In Conclusion 170 Student Directory JEFFREY ACOSTA 3404 South Plaza Trail Virginia Beach, Va. 23453 GORDON W. ADKINS Nassawaddox, Va. 23413 LEONARD E. ALLEY, JR. 201 Regent Rd. Norfolk,. Va. 23505 CLIFFORD E. ALLTON 1776 Embassy Dr., So. Jacksonville, Fla. 32207 JAMES D. ALLTON 1776 Embassy Dr., So. Jacksonville, Fla. MARKL. ASCOLLl 3307 St. Charles St. Hopewell, Va. 23860 ROBERT J. ATKINSON 6429 Jahnke Rd. Richmond, Va. 23225 STEPHEN M. ATKINSON 3632 Springwood Dr. Churchland, Va. 23703 LAWRENCE D. AYERS 114 Whiting St. Hampton, Va. 23369 FRANKLAND P. BABONIS 1247 Culver Lane Virginia Beach, Va. 23453 JOHN K. BAILEY 23 Linden Ave. Crittenden, Va. 23342 JACK W. BALL 2112 Washington St. Bluefield, West Va. 24701 BRUCE M. BALLARD 3438 Malvern Dr. Norfolk, Va. 23518 DAVID C. BARHAM Box 246 Roxobel, N.C. 27872 ALVIS T. BARRINGTON 852 Hunterdale Rd. Franklin, Va. 23851 CARL H. BATEMAN, JR. 1312 Mason Ave. Norfolk, Va. 23518 JAMES R. BATTEAU 3301 Lifsey Lane Chesterfield, Va. DONNIE L. BEACHAM Kitty Hawk, N.C. 27949 GARLAND T. BEACHAM, JR. Kitty Hawk, N.C. 27949 RONNIE L. BEACHAM Kitty Hawk, N.C. 27949 EDWARDS. BECK, JR. 1033 Spa Rd. Annapolis, Md. 21403 SAMUEL A. BELL Eclipse, Va. 23349 ANDRE ' BENNETT 1301 Ormer Rd. Chesapeake, Va. 23325 ANTHONY BENNETT 1301 Ormer Rd. Chesapeake, Va. 23325 ALLAN E. BERNARD W. River Dr., Rt. 1 Mays Landing, N.J. 08330 MARSHALL E. BISHOP 8816 Gramel St. Norfolk, Va. 23503 GARY M. BISSEL 4429 Ellery Dr. Columbus, Ohio 43227 RICHARD D. BOICE 3304 Walnut St. Hopewell, Va. 23860 CHARLES S. BOLDT 232 Lucian Ct. Norfolk, Va. 23502 EDWARD R. BOLIS 130 E. Pard Ave. Oaklyn, N.J. 08107 DONALD BONELLl 5322 Browning Rd. Pennsauken, N.J. 08109 NEIL G. BOOTHBY, JR. 1411 Westover Ave. Norfolk, Va. 23507 JOHN C. BOWLES 5036 Maderia Rd. Virginia Beach, Va. 23455 DANNY C. BOWMAN 1802 Bedford Dr. Greensboro, N.C. 27410 RUDOLPH A. BOWMAN 217 Kuethe Rd. Glen Burnie, Md. 21061 SHANNON C. BRADLEY 1315 Wilroy Rd. Suffolk, Va. 23434 MALCOLM S. BRADY 309 Columbia Ave. Hampton, Va. 23369 DOUGLAS A. BRIGGS 38 Frances St. Newport News, Va. 23601 JAMES R. BRINKMAN 1712 W. 48th St. Norfolk, Va. 23508 ANTHONY W. BROWN 6036 Richmond Hiway— 312 Alexandria, Va. 22303 JAMES E. BROWN 400 Lands End Rd. Portsmouth, Va. 23701 JOHN A. BASSO 1600 Longwood Drive GreenviUe, N.C. 27834 ' PHILIP C. BRYANT 3339 Western Branch Blvd. Chesapeake, Va. 23321 HERBERT A. BURTON, JR. 1305 Able St. Chesapeake, Va. 23324 ROY L. BURTON H I 1308 Shaw PL Norfolk, Va. 23509 JOSEPH G. BUTLER 417 Lea veil Rd. Portsmouth, Va. 23701 MICHAEL B. CAMPBELL 9106 St. Andrews PL College Park, Md. 20740 TERRY W. CANNON JR. 6103 Marilyn Dr. Alexandria, Va. 22310 RICHARD D. CANTWELL 2940 SummeraU PI. Fort Eustis, Va. 23604 MICHAEL E. CARBONE 80 Maplewood Dr. Brick Township, N.J. 08723 WILLIAM L. CARR 204 S. Broad St. Suffolk, Va. 23434 EDWARD S. CATAPANO 124 Yorkshire Rd. Portsmouth, Va. 23701 JOHN D. CHEEK HDQ. USCONARC, DCSLOG Fort Monroe, Va. 23351 STEPHEN C. CHESLEY 1000 24th St., Apt. 104 Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 JOHN W. CHURCHILL, JR. 15 Emrick Ave. Newport News, Va. 23601 JIM D. CLANCY 408 Caren Dr. Va. Beach, Va. 23452 CHARLES F. CLARK 9339 Beaumont St. Norfolk, Va. 23503 KINCHEN B.COBB 705 West Greenville Blvd. Greenville, N.C. 27834 THOMAS J. COBB 705 W. Greenville Blvd. Greenville, N.C. 27834 ALEXANDER W. COCKE 1401 Cornwall Place Norfolk, Va. 23508 JAN A. COHEN 552 HorneU Lane Virginia Beach, Va. 23452 WALTER R. COLEMAN, JR. 201 East Plume St. Suite 339, Wainwright Bldg. Norfolk, Va. 23510 JOHN W. COLLIER, JR. 1409 Palmyra Ave. Riehmond, Va. 23227 JAMES F. COLLINS 1226 Marlwood Terr. Charlotte, N.C. 28209 PAUL K. COLLINS 5515 Kirkside Dr. Chevy Chase, Md. 20015 DANIEL D. CONDON 6836 Woodridge Dr. Norfolk, Va. 23518 LAWRENCE S. CONNERS Woodville, Va. 22749 ROY 0. COOK Rt. 3, Box 86 Franklin, Va. 23851 STEPHEN L. COOK 4615 South St. Portsmouth, Va. 23707 GERALD L. COOPER 7 Locust Lane Portsmouth, Va. 23701 GREGORY M.CORVINO 830 Westham Parkway Richmond, Va. 23229 JAMES A. COTTINGHAM, JR. 33 Straw Hat Rd. Owings Mills, Md. 21117 CARLTON B. COX 4024Higl way 210N. Spring Lake, N.C. 28390 DAVID W. CREECH Route 1, Highway 134 Hampton, Va. 23366 BRANDON D. CROSS 3505 A. Trant Ave. Norfolk, Va. 23502 RICHARD A. CROWTHER 5557 Stewart Dr. Virginia Beach, Va. 23462 KEVIN E. CRUSER 200 Blandy Rd., Apt. 2 Norfolk, Va. 23505 JOSEPH A.CRUTE 2208 Scallop Rd. Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 BERNARD H.CULBERT 196 Bullens Lane Chester, Pa. 19094 DAVIDS. CULPEPPER 3211 Camelha Dr. Portsmouth, Va. 23703 PHILIP E. CULPEPPER 3211 Camellia Dr. Portsmouth, Va. 23703 ROGER D. CURD 2111 Jefferson Davis Hy. Apt. 303-N Arhngton, Va. 22202 JAMES E. DALY 1382 West Clinton Ave. Irvington, N.J. 07111 MICHAEL B. DANIELS 604 Cornwall Rd. Portsmouth, Va. 23701 ROLAND W. DANIELS Route 2, Box 27 Edgewater, Maryland 21037 GARY G. DAVENPORT 213 Browns Neck Rd. Poquoson, Va. 23362 BRUCE K. DAVIDSON 4011 Monticello St. Richmond, Va. 23227 WILLIAM L. DAVIDSON 724 Head River Road Chesapeake, Va. 23322 MACK M. DAVIS 143 Willow Dr. Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 RANDALL C. DAVIS 109 Camellia Dr. Portsmouth, Va. 23703 SELBY L. DAVIS 1009 Young Ave. Chesapeake, Va. 23324 THOMAS J. DAVIS 2504 P ' orehand Lane Virginia Beach, Va. 23454 PETER J. DEBNAM 212 Brightwood Rd. Wilmington, N.C. 28401 JOSEPH N. DeMURO 214 E. Tioga St. Philadelphia, Pa. 19134 JOHN G. DEWITT 5203 Lakeside Dr. Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 WILLIAM R. DICKERSON, JR. 79 Terrace Ave. Henderson, N.C. 27536 CLARENCE L. DICKERSON 79 Terrace Ave. Hender.son, N.C. GARY J. DICKEY Marshall House 117 Wycombe Midway Lansdowne, Pa. 19050 Student Directory FLOYD J. DILSAVER 108 South Rhett St. Southport, N.C. 28461 MICHAEL D. DOLSEY 701 N. Harbor Rd. Suffolk, Va. 23434 MICHAEL E. DONLON 4613 Dolly Madison Lane Virginia Beach, Va. 23455 PETER G. DRAMBY 30 Gould PI. East Greenwich, R.I. 02818 ROY L. DUDLEY, JR. 1435 Monterey Ave. Norfolk, Va. 23508 JAMES M. DUNHAM 1 Big Oak Lane Deerfield, 111. 60015 JAMES M. DUNHAM 3436 Kenmore Rd. Richmond, Va. 23225 CHARLES D. DUNN, HI 104 Arrollton Dr. Hampton, Va. 23366 JAN J. EASON 26 Ethel Dr. Hampton, Va. 23366 LAWRENCE L. EAST 109 Harrell St. Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 CHARLES W. ECKELS, JR. 514 Stockton St. Hampton, Va. 23369 CARSON L. EDMONSON 3321 Cedar Bridge Rd. Virginia Beach, Va. 23452 CHARLIE D. EDWARDS, JR. 2844 E. Meadow Wood Dr. Chesapeake, Va. 23321 JOHN R. EDWARDS 312 Burwell Ave. Henderson, N.C. 27536 LAWRENCE N. EMANUEL 1400 Monterey Ave. Norfolk, Va. 23508 RICHARD A. EMERSON 8137 Halprin Dr. Norfolk, Va. 23518 ROBERT L. ETHERIDGE, III 122 Pinewood Rd. Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 HUGH D. EVANS, JR. 8999 Kemiedy Dr. Apt. 1-B Des Plaines, 111. 60016 FREDERICK K. FARLEY, III 515 16th St. Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 PAUL R. FENWICK 612 Sparrow Rd. Chesapeake, Va. STEVEN L. FERGUSON 302 Kelly Court Duncanville, Tex. 75516 CECIL S. FILER 6224 Clover Lane Richmond, Va. 23228 RANDOLPH B. FITCH 9302 Edson Rd. Richmond, Va. GEORGE M. FLEMING 119 Person St. Louisburg, N.C. 27549 THOMAS H. FLETCHER Box 286, Lafeyette Rd. Yorktown, Va. 23490 CHARLES A. FLIPPEN 103 Ridgewood Ct. Chesapeake, Va. 23325 JOHN W. FOREHAND, II 127 Algonquin Rd. Hampton, Va. 23361 JAY FOREMAN %Mr. Big, Inc. Tilden Rd. Northfield, N.J. 08225 ALFONSO E. FORMENT 3781 N.W. 12 Terrace Miami, Fla. 33126 FRANCIS D. FORTNER, HI 8042 Pace Rd. Norfolk, Va. 23518 BRUCE S. FOSTER 515 Patrick St. Portsmouth, Va. 23707 JAMES E. FREEDMAN, JR. 2710 Princeton PL, Apt. J-2 Portsmouth, Va. 23707 CHARLES D. FREY 3726 Karlin Ave. Norfolk, Va. 23502 CHARLES K. FRICK 4313 Nine Mile Rd. Richmond, Va. 23223 FREDERICK V. FRIDLEY 219 Messick Rd. Poquoson, Va. 23362 RANDOLPH T. FRIEL 4744 Broad St. Virginia Beach, Va. 23462 WILLIAM W. FULLER 116 Allen Lane Louisburg, N.C. 27549 RICHARD R. FURRER Joda Crest Apts. 229 Jackson, N.J. 08527 DAVID 0. GARRISON 101 Sanford Dr. Hampton, Va. 23361 GENE E. GARRISON 661 Aragona Blvd. Virginia Beach, Va. 23462 IRVIN GLADSTONE 403 16th St. Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 MICHAEL C. GNIEWOZ 620 E. 21st Street Chester, Pa. 19013 CHARLES M. GOLDMAN 1101 Gray don Ave. Norfolk, Va. 23507 BUCHANAN F. GONZALES 4810 Portsmouth Blvd. Portsmouth, Va. 23701 JESSE S. GOODMAN, HI 332 Latimer Rd. Raleigh, N.C. 27609 GEO RGE T. GOODWIN, III Box 3 Scottsville, Va. 24590 WILLIAM W. GRAHAM, III 1451 Shore Rd. Linwood, N.J. 08221 DOUGLAS C. GRANT 5461 Providence Rd. Virginia Beach, Va. 23462 WALTER V. GRESHAM, HI Pine Bloom, Box 13, Churchland Portsmouth, Va. 23703 Student Directory CHARLES E. GREY, III 36 Shirley Rd. Newport News, Va. 23601 JOSEPH M. GUIDA 9217 Mason Creek Rd. Norfolk, Va. 23503 JOHN S. GREY 36 Shirley Rd. Newport News, Va. 23601 GEORGE E. HABIB, JR. 113 Willowgrove St. Norfolk, Va. 23505 JOHN T. HALL 6901 Doumar Dr. Norfolk, Va. 23518 LEONARD T. HALL 3241 Ward Rd. Raleigh, N.C. 27604 LINW ' OOD G. HALL 52 Stratford Rd. Newport News, Va. 23601 JAMES L. HARALSON 3164 Churchland Blvd. Apt. C-1 Chesapeake, Va. 23321 SCOTT W. HARLEMAN 2021 Cunningham Dr. Hampton, Va. 23366 WARREN M. HARRELL 119 Circle Dr. Rocky Mount, N.C. 27801 ROBERT W. HART 6122 Grayson Ave. Newport News, Va. 23605 CURRAN P.HAUGER 173 Commodore Dr. Norfolk, Va. 23503 JEFFREY HAYKIN 4504 Monument Ave. Richmond, Va. 23230 MICHAEL B. HAYKIN 4504 Monument Ave. Richmond, Va. 23230 RICHARD D. HEATH, JR. 1201 Winburne Lane Norfolk, Va. 23502 LEE J. HECHT 139-15 83rd Ave. Jamaica, N.Y. 11435 ROBERT A. HELFANT 732 Gilbert PL North Woodmere, L.I., N.Y. 11581 DONOVAN 0. HENDRICK 18 Tunnel Blvd., Apt. 5 Chattanooga, Term. 3741 1 KENNETH J. HENRY 719 Shoreline Dr. Portsmouth, Va. 23703 RICHARD W. HENRY 5814 Grace Lane MechanicsviUe, Va. 23111 JAMES C. HERRING P.O. Box 188 Grifton, N.C. 28530 DANNY F. HILL Route 1, Box 13-A Aberdeen, N.C. 28315 REON G. HILLEGASS, HI 801 Stockley Gardens Norfolk, Va. 23507 MARCUS L. HOLDER 421 Page St. Cary, N.C. FRANKLIN P. HOLLAND 1221 Wingfield Ave. Chesapeake, Va. 23325 CHARLES V. HOLTON, JR. 818 Clay St. Franklin, Va. 23851 MARK S. HOLZSWEIG 950 Park Ave. Norfolk, Va. 23504 TIMOTHY F. HOOPER 2222 Rivershore Rd. Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 DONALD P. HORNE 148 Talbot Dr. Smithfield, Va. 23430 NELSON B. HORSLEY, JR. Gloster, Va. 23061 HARRY A. HOUGHTON, HI 3313 Club House Rd. Virginia Beach, Va. 23707 CHARLES S. HRUSHKA 3735 Western Branch Blvd. Portsmouth, Va. 23707 MICHAEL W. HUDSON P.O. Box 552 Grifton, N.C. 28530 JOCKB. HUGHES, II 131-W-Belvedere Rd. Norfolk, Va. 23505 RODGER W. HUME, JR. 801 Virginia House Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 DONALD G. HUMPHRIES 2420 Winward Shore Dr. Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 RODNEY K. HUNT 104 Chestnut Dr. Beaufort, N.C. DANIEL L. HURD, JR. 524 Mango Dr. Virginia Beach, Va. 23452 ROBERTS. HURST, JR. 139 W. Belvedere Rd. Norfolk, Va. 23505 MARK B. INGHAM 6811 Greyswood Rd. Bethesda, Md. 20034 GEORGE T. INSLEY,JR. 204 Palen Ave. Newport News, Va. 23601 PAUL E. IRBY 5928 Whitney Blvd. Norfolk, Va. 23502 WILLIAM T. JACKSON 4006 Greenway Ct. W. Portsmouth, Va. 23707 GEORGE K. JACOBS 4416 Powwells Pt. Rd. Virginia Beach, Va. 23455 CHARLES T. JENKINS 6432 Eason Cir., Roland Pk. Norfolk, Va. 23509 DOUGLAS B. JESTER 15 Franklin Ave. Cranford, N.J. 07016 DAVID M. JOHNSON 2612 Key Blvd. Arlington, Va. 22201 ROBERT A. JOHNSON 126 Myrtle St. Suffolk, Va. 23434 WILLIAM D. JOHNSON Rt. 1, Box 359, Harbor Terr. Yorktown, Va. 23490 EDW ARD C. JOHNSON 219 South Blake Rd. Norfolk, Va. 23505 THOMAS E. JONES 606 Ewell Rd. MechanicsviUe, Va. 23111 WILLIAM C. JONES 608 East Roanoke Rd. Sterling, Va. 22170 WILLIAM J. KARP 2 CoUinwood Circle Hampton, Va. 23366 HOMER 0. KAYTON, JR. 424 Oaklette Dr. Chesapeake, Va. 22325 JAMES F. KEARNS, 11 1631 E. Little Creek Rd. Norfolk, Va. 23518 ROBERT R. KEEGAN 4 Barkalow St. South Amboy, N.J. 08879 RODNEY B. KELLOGG 1912 King John Ct., Apt. 1 Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 CHARLES S. KELLY, JR. 4529 John Parker Lane Virginia Beach, Va. 23462 JOHN N. KELLY 821 Blair Ave. Hampton, Va. 23361 TIMOTHY T. KELLY 1354-10 S. 28th St. Shirley Park Apts. Arlington, Va. 22206 TYREE W. KESSLER, JR. 4623 River Shore Rd. Portsmouth, Va. 23703 FREDERICK L. KETCHUM, JR. Route 7, Box 72 Greensboro, N.C. 27407 JAMES R. KETCHUM Route 7, Box 72 Greensboro, N.C. 27407 CHARLES B. KILIAN, JR. 27 Hoffman St. Maplewood, N.J. 07040 HAROLD B. KILLAM 1314 Upper Brandon PL Norfolk, Va. 23508 RANDOLPH KINDER Route 1 Blackstone, Va. 23834 CHARLES M. KING 541 Longmeadow Rd. Greenville, N.C. 27834 ROBERT W. KIRK 301 Sherwood Dr. HopeweU, Va. 23860 JAY L. KURS 640 Constitution Dr. Virginia Beach, Va. 23462 BRUCE A. LADERBERG 110 Talbot HaU Rd. Norfolk, Va. 23505 JERALD T. LAMM Box 442 Lillington, N.C. 27546 RICHARD R. LAMY Box 76, FPO New York, N.Y. JOSEPH C. LANDON 201 85th St. Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 Student Directory ROBERT L. LANE, JR. 1117 E. Chesslawn Circle Chesapeake, Va. 23320 CHARLES R. LANNING 19 Baxter St. Hampton, Va. 23369 JERRY C. LASSITER 508 Powhatah Ave. Portsmouth, Va. 23707 HARVEY I. LEACH 901 F. Armfield Cir. Norfolk, Va. 23505 PATRICK J. LEAHEY 6707 Kenmont PI. Springfield, Va. 22150 JOHN J. LEARY 1013 ToU St. Eddystone, Pa. HARRY R. LEE 32 Manteo Ave. Hampton, Va. 23361 AUSTIN B. LEHMANN 15 Cornell Dr. Delran, N.J. 08075 GARY S. LERMAN 14 Sparrow Lane Huntington, N.Y. 11743 FRANK G. LESTER, HI 7508 Greer Dr. Oxon Hill, Md. 20022 DAVID B. LEVINSON 17 Warren Dr. Newport News, Va. 23602 CECIL E. LEWIS, JR. 525 Cameo Terrace Chesapeake, Va. 23320 CHARLES D. LIGHT 953 Somerset St. Gloucester, N.J. 08030 EDWARD B. LILLY 714 Allendale Dr. Hampton, Va. 23369 DAVID P. LIMING 740 Fox Run Rd. Virginia Beach, Va. 23452 RICHARD W. LITTLE 1503 Chesapeake Ave. Hampton, Va. 23361 JOHN M. LITTON 5714 BumeU Ave. Norfolk, Va. 23518 CARTER C. LIVELY 314 North St. Portsmouth, Va. 23704 HENRY J.LIVERMAN, JR. Engelhard, N.C. 27824 THOMAS LODGE 1565 Browning Rd. Pennsauken, N.J. 08110 JOHN M. LOWERY, JR. 320 Pasture Lane Hamoton. Va. 23369 THOMAS W. LUPTON Route 2 Anger, N.C. 27501 STEVEN P. LUTHER 223 Roslyn Hills Dr. Richmond, Va. 23229 STEPHEN C. MACDONALD 16 Rudee Ave. Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 MICHAEL E. McADAM 1218 Warfield Rd. Richmond, Va. 23229 DAVID R. McCALL 4524 Larkin St. Norfolk, Va. 23513 MICHAEL E. McCALL 5424 Larkin St. Norfolk, Va. 23513 MICHAEL C. McCAY 504 BUtmore PI. Portsmouth, Va. 23702 RICARDO L. McCREARY 801 Roberto Dr. Newport News, Va. 23601 WILLIAM B. McCREARY 801 Roberto Dr. Newport News, Va. 23601 WILLIAM P. McCRORY, HI 937 Magnolia Ave. Norfolk, Va. 23508 WILBUR P.McCURRY 4324 Ferry Landing Rd. Alexandria, Va. 22309 MICHAEL A. McGowan 300 West Byberry Rd., Apt. 117 Philadelphia, Pa. 19116 STEPHEN w. McKenzie 7404 Spinola Rd. Jacksonville, Fla. 32217 RAHN A. McLAWHORN 1118 Virginia Ave. Norfolk, Va. 23503 JAMES M. McNElL 209 44th St. Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 DOUGLAS W. MAHONE 402 Winchester Drive Hampton, Va. 3366 CHARLES D. MANCIL 105 Mohawk Rd. Hampton, Va. 23369 JAMES S. MARDRE Crittenden, Va. 23342 GARY P. MARSHALL 1655 E. Tuckahoe St. Petersburg, Va. CHARLES T. MARTIN, III % Wales Bond, Inc. 708 Duke St. Norfolk, Va. 23510 JOSEPH R. MARTIN 3845 Thalia Dr. Virginia Beach, Va. 23452 ROGER D. MARTIN 1637 Hicks Dr. Vienna, Va. 22180 JOHN V. MASTERS 4104 Yardley Ct. Bowie, Md. 20715 WILLIAM G. MASTON 249 Gatewood Ave. Virginia Beach, Va. 23454 EDMUNDO MATOS, JR. Box 76 FPO, New York, N.Y. 09593 RICKY L. MATTHEWS Exmore, Va. 23350 JOEL F. MATTISON 525 Orangeburg Rd. Pearl River, N.Y. 10965 WILLIAM E. MAYO, JR. WC-41, Box 37 FPO, New York, N.Y. 10965 DELBERT E. MELTON 329 Thaba Dr. Newport News, Va. 23602 DANA N. MEREDITH 3 E. Commodore Dr. Newport News, Va. 23601 WALTER MERRYFIELD, JR. 35 Northhampton Dr. Hampton, Va. 23366 HENRY L. MILLER P.O. Box 11125 Raleigh, N.C. JAMES W. MINERD 2725 Broad Bay Rd. Va. Beach, Va. 23451 HURLEY F. MINISH Rt. 1, Box 173-C Sandston, Va. 23150 RANDY W..MODESITT Rt. 3 Walker, West Va. 26101 ROBERT M. MONTGOMERY, III 512 Latham Dr. Newport News, Va. 23601 CARL A. MOORE 4625 Paul Revere Rd. Virginia Beach, Va. 23455 RICHARD H. MOORE 109 Darden Dr. Poquoson, Va. 23362 DAVID R. MORRISON 403 Brooks Ave. Raleigh, N.C. 27607 JAMES D. MORTON, HI 3120 Lorraine Ave. Norfolk, Va. 23509 VINCENT F. MURRAY, HI 1415 Gates Ave. Norfolk, Va. 23507 THOMAS W.MYRICK,JR. 4020 Belvedere Dr. Chesapeake, Va. 23321 ROBERT R. NANCE, JR. 1323 Windsor Rd. Suffolk, Va. 23434 KEVIN A. NEALON 10 Plantation Dr. Hampton, Va. 23369 DAVID E. NELSON 3505 Winchester Rd. Huntsville, Ala. 35810 LOUIS P. NELSON, II 8562 Circle Dr. Norfolk, Va. 23503 EDWARD V. NEWBAKER 3536 Club House Rd. Virginia Beach, Va. 23452 STEVEN D. NEWBERG 1529 De Grasse Ave. Norfolk, Va. 23509 GRAFTON C. NICHOLAS, III P.O. Box 377 Northwest Sta. Chesapeake, Va. 23322 STEVEN C. NICHOLS 3000 Edinburgh Dr. Virginia Beach, Va. 23452 WILBUR B. NOLEN 1051 Hanover Ave. Norfolk, Va. 23508 ROBERT K. O’BERRY P.O. Box 158 Colerain, N.C. 27924 JOHN W. O’BRIEN, II 3940 Margate Dr. Richmond, Va. 23235 GARY J. O’DONNELL 576 N. Wyoming St. Student Directory Hazleton, Pa. 18201 JAMES L. OGLETREE 8557 Circle Dr. Norfolk, Va. 23503 GARRY H. ORKIN 175 N. Laurel St. Hazleton, Pa. 18201 JAMES E. ORR Mountain Home, N.C. 28758 TIMOTHY W. PAGANO Star Rt. 1, Box 197 Toano, Va. 23160 JERRY T. PALMER 474 Cedar Dr. Hampton, Va. 23369 ROBERT A. PARKER 1018 Lambeth PI. Suffolk, Va. 23434 CHARLES W. PARKS, JR. 1000 Durwood Crescent Richmond, Va. 23229 EDWARD A. PARRY, HI 629 Tazwell Ave. Cape Charles, Va. 23310 RALPH J. PARSONS, JR. 1607 City Park Ave., Apt. 15 Portsmouth, Va. 23701 RENATO R. PASQUALINO 2325 Burton Dr. Virginia Beach, Va. 23454 RICHARD D. PATTERSON 311 62nd St. Newport News, Va. 23607 WILLIAM G. PAULSON 3724 Marilyn Lane Virginia Beach, Va. 23452 CHARLES A. PEBERDY, JR. 6608 Wayne Ave. PhUadelphia, Pa. 19119 JOHNNY L. PATTARINO Star Route Mattaponi, Va. 23110 MARK A. PELZMAN 8520 HoUy Hill Rd. Richmond, Va. 23229 JAMES A. PENDLETON, JR. 3900 South Rd. Chesapeake. Va. 23321 DOUGLAS A. PERFATER 7401 Dunman Way Baltimore, Md. 21222 BODEN J. PERRY 223 Granby Park Norfolk, Va. 23505 KEITH A. PERRY 114 Person St. Louisburg, N.C. 27549 ASHTON W. PETERSON 900 Todds Lane Hampton, Va. 23366 CHARLES W. PHILIPS 17 Northampton Dr. Hampton, Va. 23366 JOHN G. PHILLIPS, JR. 1411 Monterey Ave. Norfolk, Va. 23508 ROBERT T. PICKARD 3705 Turrentine St. Durham, N.C. 27704 THOMAS A. PIERANTOZZI 419 Sylvania Ave. Folsom, Pa. 19033 DAVID L. PIERCE 1000 Avalon Ave. Chesapeake, Va. 23324 ROBERT L. PLASKETT, JR. 1113 Kenmore Drive Mechanicsville, Va. 23111 JAMES F. POLITO 640 High Blvd., Kenhorst Reading, Pa. 19067 JAMES C. POLLOCK 146 River Point Crescent Portsmouth, Va. 23707 THOMAS P. POWELL 2408 Sterling Point Dr. Portsmouth, Va. 23703 BENJAMIN E. POYTHRESS, HI 1766 Oakland St. Petersburg, Va. 23803 ROBERT C. PRETTYMAN Box 112 Exmore, Va. 23350 STEPHEN W. RAEBURN Avondale Drive Mechanicsville, Va. 23111 FLOYD A. RAPP 901 Flora St. Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 RAYMOND R. RASMUSSEN, 11 5106 Sulky Dr., Apt. 101 Richmond, Va. 23228 RAYMOND L. REAMS 5227 Rolfe Ave. Norfolk, Va. 23508 CHRISTOPHER N. RHODES 505 Wingfield Ave. Chesapeake, Va. 23325 JAMES G. RICHARDSON 248 East McGinnis Circle Norfolk, Va. 23502 RAYMOND M. RICHARDSON 832 Townsend Court Norfolk, Va. 23502 JAMES J. RING P.O. Box 638 Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 33302 JOHN CARL RITTER 312 Cavalier Dr. Vireinia Beach, Va. 23451 BRADLEY S. ROBBINS 108 Wenover Lane, Key West Charlottesville, Va. 22901 MICHAEL C. ROMANO 2411 Arctic Ave. Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 i CHARLES M. ROSENBLATT 7412 Millbrook Rd. Norfolk, Va. 23505 RONALD A. ROUNTREE 1301 Cedar Rd. Chesapeake, Va. 23320 KENNETH W. RUSSELL 7295 N.W. 64th St. Miami, Fla. 33166 DONALD RUTHERFORD 1211 Seaboard Ave. Chesapeake, Va. 23324 THEODORE S. SAKIS 4701 Jeanne St., Apt. 204 Virginia Beach, Va. 23452 LEE SCOTT SA GNETTE 5108 Cave Spring Lane Roanoke, Va. 24018 KENNETH A. SALKEN 6111 Bremo Rd. Richmond, Va. 23226 BRUCE D. SAWYER Rt. 1, Box 78-B Columbia, N.C. 27925 stevein s. sawyer Route 1, Box 78-B Columbia, N.C. 27925 THOMAS F. SAWYER 227 Stacy Weaver Dr. Fayetteville, N.C. 28301 STEPHEN L. SCARBOROUGH Box 125 I Kitty Hawk, N.C. 27949 ROBERT L. SCHIDLE, JR. 174 Davis Ave. White Plains, N.Y. 10605 ROBERT M. SCHONK,JR. 7410 Shirland Ave. Norfolk, Va. 23505 STUART R. SCHONK 7410 Shirland Ave. Norfolk, Va. 23505 MARVIN H. SELBY 3645 Trant Ave. Norfolk, Va. 23502 PHILIP L. SHAFFER, III 1900 N.E. 26th St. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 33305 L. KEITH SHARP 921 Avalon Ave. Chesapeake, Va. 23324 CHARLES G. 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St. Portsmouth, Va. 23704 MARVIN L. WILLEY P.O. Box 4085 I Virginia Beach, Va. 23454 JOHN C. WILLIAMS ' 9300 Allans Ave. I Norfolk, Va. 23503 LLOYD S. WILLIAMS 302 Johnston Dr. Wilmington, N.C. 28401 RICHARD W. WILLIAMS, J1 120 Deepwater Dr. Chesapeake, Va. 23320 i GARY F. WILLIFORD 1926 East Ocean View Av Norfolk, Va. 23503 GORDON B. WILLS, JR. Route 2, Box 196 Windsor, Va. 23487 CLIFTON A. WOOD, JR. Route 3, Box 197 MechanicsviUe, Va. 23111 DOUGLAS K. WOOD 2729 Pioneer Lane FaUs Church, Va. 22043 SAMUEL L. WOODARD Route 1, Box 80 Oriental, N.C. 28571 JERRY L. WORKMAN 1504 Pamalee Dr. Fayetteville, N.C. 28303 CHARLIE M. WRENN Box 541 Tabor City, N.C. 28463 ROBERT C. WRIGHT 1825 Barbee St. McLean, Va. 22101 ROBERT L. YORK 206 HiUdale Rd. Titusville, Fla. 32780 MICHAEL E. YOUNG 4937 Raycraft Dr. Virginia Beach, Va. 23461 STEVEN W. ZAKOWSKI 303 Pinecrest Dr. Portsmouth, Va. 23701 NORMAN J. ZWAHLEN, JR 3640 Kentucky Ave. Norfolk, Va. 23502 176

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