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Text from Pages 1 - 208 of the 1967 volume:

;v : ' - ' ' •! ¥ ' KlS ♦ H ' ' .’r kV » f . £ AT M,a1 THE CANNON of Frederick Military Academy Portsmouth, Virginia Second Edition Jeffrey Carpenter Editor Hale Gay . , . Art Editor Sandy Block Ass ' t Editor Jim Morton Staff Larry Hudgins Co-Editor Charlie Grey . ... . . Staff Wilbur Lee Thompson Co-Editor Maj. C.P. Mooring . . . . .... . Advisor a6Ie of Acfininisiraiion Page 12 iS (Ljeniors Page 30 JlCifiiary Page 58 Spor s Page 76 Board of Trustees . . . Ad- Senior Superlatives . . . Class Battalion Organizations . . . Football . . . Basketball . . . ministration Heads . . . De- Officers . . . Last Will and Competition Winners ... In- Track . . . Golf . . . Tennis partments . . . Faculty . . . Testament . . . formals ... ... Wrestling . . . 2 Con en s Or anizalions eaiu G a ' asses Cncf Page 111 Annual Staff . . . Rifle Teams . . . Key Club . . . Drama Club . . . etc. . . . Page 124 Page 154 Page 194-200 Christmas Parties . . . Mili- tary Ball . ... Junior-Senior Prom . . . Plays . . . Preps . . . Juniors . . . Sophomores . . . Freshmen Student Directory . . . Last Word . . . 3 orewory cf An education is a goal of all students. Frederick Military Academy is an education in itself, putting aside the academic point of view. No cadet enters the main gate knowing what he is to encounter. As the year goes by, he lives through an experience which will remain in his memories always. We of the Cannon staff present here, to you, our view of this experience, which will be some- thing to bring back many memories. As you look through the pages, you will be reminded of: the instructors under whom you made “A’s” (and the other ones), the close friends you made in nine months of working together, the cold morning formations and other such military functions we try to forget, the teammates with whom you experienced victory and defeat, the clubs and various other organizations to which you might have belonged and worked to make them progressive and independent, the dramatic productions, the various annual events like the Junior-Senior Prom. All of these things will be for- ever in your mind and are shown here to refresh your memory. —The Cannon Staff 4 Above: Junior-Senior Prom 1967, a date to be remem- bered by many a Cadet. (A few in particular) Left: Another annual event looked forward to by all Ca- dets— the Mihtary Ball, 1966. Above: A picture of our unforgettable touchdowns from the 1966 season. This was in the game against Staunton Military Academy. Left: A scene from Frederick’s first musi- cal “The Fantasticks.” Anne Connel as Louise weeps because Matt has gone away. I )1. Inscoe acted as master of ceremonies ler this annua! event. Among the honor- guests were the former Commandant RCadets, Lt. Col. Henry H. Church, jdtXe. Company and Detachment Spon- C ominislraiion an The Committee interviews a prospective student Admissions. I, l ' CBoarcf urusiees Mr. Fred W. Beazley Portsmouth, Va. Mr. Paul G. Blanford Portsmouth, Va. Mr. Joseph J. Quadros, Jr. Portsmouth, Va. Mr. Malcom F. Beazley, Jr. Portsmouth, Va. oun About 1948 Fred W. Beazley con- ceived the establishment of a school dedicated to the fulfillment of the educative and spiritual needs of worthy young men. In 1958 his dream be- came reality, for Frederick College, a junior college and high school, was established upon these present pre- mises. Here the school remained for three short years until the college was moved to a new location in Nanse- mond County. This moving was in- strumental in that it allowed for the establishment of a neW institution, Frederick Military Academy. Since its innovation, Frederick Military Acade- my has grown into the progressive school of today. The establishment of these educative institutions are indi- cative of the progressive mood of Fred W. Beazley, our founder. The president of any institution demands a many faceted personality. Such an individual is hard to find. We can count ourselves among the fortunate, for we have such an individual in the person of Col. Philip G. Inscoe. His talents range from his stage endeavors, to his personal contact with the cadets and faculty, to his church work, to his home and family. His job is not an easy one considering the fact that he is called upon to be judge, counselor, friend and ally. Perhaps Thomas Huxley summed up the philosophy of Col. Inscoe in his work not only with the faculty but also with the cadets. Huxley said, “Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the things you have to do, when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not; it is the first lesson that ought to be learned; and however early a man’s training be- gins, it is probably the last lesson that he learns thoroughly.” During his six short years as president. Col. Inscoe has done his administrative, executive, and directive job quite well and effectively; he is held in high esteem by the cadets as well as the faculty. I )3 i As Guidance Counselor of Frederick Military Academy, Major Clarence P. Mooring has established a department dedicated to the collegiate preparatory system. Major Mooring acts as the formal liaison between the individual cadets and the various colleges. With such an important task, Major Mooring acknowledges the need for accurate and wise advisement; and to this need he fully responds in avid study of the newest techniques in counseling and in study of the ever changing collegiate re- quirements. Consequently, Major Mooring has become Frederick’s guidance mentor and is directly responsible in many cases to the collegiate education enjoyed by many of Frederick’s alumni. In addition to his counseling duty. Major Mooring sponsors Frederick’s yearbook, “The Cannon.’’ To this avocation, the Major sacrifices much of his spare time in earnest travail. M Gommanoani As Commandant of Frederick Military Academy, Colonel Floyd H. West is unsurpassed by his precedents regarding his diplomacy and jurisdiction over the Corps of Cadets. Unquestionably. Colonel West holds the most difficult and exasperating duty in the entire administration. He is the judge, liberator, and at times parental guardian over the corps. With his duties. Colonel West is con- stantly in direct contact with individual cadets and must, therefore, put himself on their level in order to properly interpret and to act upon the issues placed before him. So that he may keep up with the flood of insistant request for liberation from confinement, explanatory notes of “He did it.” not I,” and of the many crimes which demand instantaneous solutions. Colonel West uses his keen mind, his astute awareness of reality, and his knowledge of personal reactions to various situations to formulate a defense. With such auspicious attributes, it is to no ones surprise that Colonel West regularly comes up with a just solution. (To this most cadets, at one time or another, can certainly bear witness.) Colonel West performs his job well and is to be praised for such loyalty in service to the school. 15 It is better to have a lion at the head of an army of sheep, than a sheep at the head of an army of lions. —Daniel Defoe JKaj. T)aoicf TJ. ' J eicJiSacJiery ssocia e T rofessor of JlCifi ary c5 cience A duty dodged is like a debt unpaid; it is only deferred, and we must come back and settle the account at last. —Joseph Fort Newton 16 JlCrs. foycf y£ ls)es JKrs. CPJiiUp S SJnscoe Secretary to President , ' jrr ry? . rry Secretary to Commandant Jlirs. Jjertie Jjeauer Bursar JKrs. J7 ynn Registrar Jitrs. CRuJus Ouifancf Secretary to Guidance Director CTliJifeiic T)e parim en GSS9 mory 2) auis Head Athletic Department The right kind of recreation is almost as essential to success as the right kind of education. — B. C. Forbes Assistant Head of Athletic Department As manpower is replaced by other sources of energy the entire conception of athletic shifts. What we do with these new strenuous hours will determine the value of your culture. —Morris L. Ernst I !J3 us in ess l)eparim eni Department Head Typing, Business, Government Good teachers cost more, but poor teachers cost most. —Henry Brooks Adams 19 a a a s ¥| aj. O onafcf CPaiierson Department Head Prep English “Reading maketh a full man,” wrote Bacon, but he should have added that what he reads will determine whether he will be fuU of wisdom or nonsense. —Dr. Samuel Johnson Gapi. ls)i ion Sa e Senior English Poetry is the record of the best and happiest moments of the happiest and best minds. Poetry redeems from decay the visitations of divinity in man. —Percy Bysshe SheUey T)eparimeni Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior English One thing that’s hard to keep under your hat is a big “Head”. —Franklin P. Jones IdL i 3er ' JTCorrjson Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior English The world seldom notices who teachers are; but civilization depends on what they do. — Lindley J. Stiles oreiqn ujanqua es Cap . Ceor e C enne German Department Head In human relations a little language goes farther than a little of almost anything else. Whereas one language now often makes a wall, two can make a gate. —Walter V. Kaulfers. C . Oscar O ocfri uez Spanish As the sun is best seen at his rising and set- ting, so men’s native dispositions are the clearest seen when they are children, and when they are dying. —Robert Boyle OlCrs. Garofpn G. Ooocfivin French Happiness is taking French at Frederick Military Academy. —The Annual Staff oiBraru 1 ■I JlTrs. Thomas Di eni Head Librarian Books are teachers. Good books go right on instructing in odd moments when the teachers and parents are not on duty. —Lord Chesterfield JlCrs. C 3. 5 ierri He who loveth a book will never want a faithful friend, a wholesome counsellor, a cheerful companion, or an effectual com- forter. —Isaac Barrow inemalics TItaj. y3en 2 ). ic£e 5er er Algebra I, II; Mechanical Drawing Department Head A straight line is the shortest in morals as in mathematics. —Maria Edgeworth ' y iomas arreii Physics, Trigonometry, Calculus Technique is really personality. That is why the artist cannot teach it, why the pupil can- not learn it, and the aesthetic critic can under- stand it. —Oscar Wilde Cap . Camuef C epnofc s Algebra I, II Science helps us to understand many phases of the material and dynamic sides of life, but the highest reaches of music come thrillingly close to the central core and es- sence of life itself. —Leopold Stokowski I T)eparim eni Si. oJin Current Algebra II, Geometry The game of golf is very simple. All you do is take a baU that is P i inches in diameter and place it on another ball which is 8000 miles in diameter. The object is to strike the little one without hitting the big one. —Author Unknown Jitrs. y ane ipana e Geometry The teacher has the greatest profession, for through the hands of our instructors pass all members of every profession. —Jesse Stuart dL S eor e jH CT isseiie Algebra I, II A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. —Henry Brooks Adams Department Head Bible Religion is the first thing and the last thing, and until a man has found God, and been found by God, he begins at no beginning, he works to no end. —Herbert George Wells Cl Wa ace Coy ns Bible Religion without morality is a tree without fruits; moraUty without religion is a tree without roots. -Rev. Harold W. Ruopp j (Science T)eparimeni iiiaj. ' U. Stores Chemistry Give a scientist an inch and he will take 2.54 centimeters. —Franklin P. Jones I I Uii. i)auq iieriA iJr. o nas JJau ntery Biology (Prep) While science has been able to make an easier world, it cannot by itself make a happier world. — Luella B. Cook I3L Hiiomas UfassSi arner Biology Before I heard the doctors tell The dangers of a kiss, I had considered kissing you The nearest thing to bliss. But now I know Biology And sit and sigh and moan. Six million mad bacteria— And I th ought we were alone. —Author Unknown ociaf S uc es T eparim eni yrCaj- eor e C. e Sac i History Department Head To be ignorant of the past is to remain a child. —Cicero (Jap . (JJ arf (Jjo onna Government Government is not a substitute for people, but simply the instrument through which they act . . . In the last analysis, our only freedom is the freedom to discipline our- selves. —Bernard Baruch 1 { •OL Gap . JUoos er Gex S ncfsetj History, Geography We review the past, not in order to return to it but that we may find in what direction it points to the future. —Calvin Coolidge I Mr. Carl Taylor Superintendent of Buildings Mrs. Ralph Jett Seamstress Mr. Fulton Wright U.S.N. (Ret.) Supply Hall Manager Mrs. C. C. Ray Assistant Seamstress Not Pictured 29 Mr. Irwin (Mack) McKinney— Barber Mrs. Isabell Lawrence— Canteen Mrs. Joseph Conway— Dietician 30 Seniors iFi imi n fTnii mn Friendliest Tom Hazelwood Most Athletic Bill Hayes Most Intelligent Dave Smith Most Typical Senior Jim Ward 32 Most Likely To Succeed Jeff Carpenter Wittiest Danny Conrad pen z a i loes Best Apple Polisher Best Attitude Best Barber Jimmy Smith Ronnie Isbel Joe Romano Larry Hudgins Biggest Kibitzer Brooks Archbell Don Juan Bob Bessent Most Military Most Sincere Dewey Evans Ringo Harrel 33 Simpliest Tom Rawls Ariail, D. W. President 3£e 1967 enior Gfa ass Thompson, M. F. Treasurer Jfenry Jil). Jlmes Hampton, Virginia Mil. II, Crack Platoon, Best drilled squad. Track, Intramural Football, ! 1 ; N.C.O., Spanish Club, Color guard. Drama Club, Varsity Club, Sharpshooter, - 12 . Samuef CB. rc iSeff Chesapeake, Virginia Mil. IV, Key CIub-9, 10, 11, 12; Sec.— 1 1 , Vice Pres.— 12; National Honor Society— 11, 12; Honor Cadet— 10, 11, 12; N.C.O.-IO; Officer-ll, 12; No Demerits— 10, 11, 12; Sabers Club— 1 1 ; 15 Highest Academic Averages- 10; Freshman Class President; Annual Staff — 12; Supply Hall— 10, 12; Battalion Staff— 11; J.V. Football-9; Distin- guished Cadet 12, Treas. of National Honor Society 12. ' Dauicf Is). CBrzaf Fayetteville, N. C. Mil. Ill, Honor Cadet, Best Drilled Company 10; H.S. Basketball, Varsity Club— 10, 11, 12; Jr. Class Vice-Presi- dent, Best Company,— ! 1, H.S. Football, Team Capt. of H.S. Basketball, Senior Class President, Nat. Honor Society, Sec. Nat. Honor Society, Key Club, Officer— 12. 35 1 1 ] eac e C 3efoie Eastville, Virginia Mil. II, Highest Mil. 1 Average, Track Team, Crack Pla toon, Best Co.-l 1, Var- sity Club- 11, 12, Plainsman Rifle and Pistol Team, N.C.O., Sharpshooter— 12. CRoSeri S SRessen , RJr. Greensboro, N. C. Mil. lll-Cadet Chaplain Service, Chris- tain Student Union, Junior N.R.A., Drama Club, N.C.O., Best Drilled Co.— 1 1 , Varsity Pistol Team, Officer,— 1 2. I R icAarcf Ri. Williamsburg, Virginia Mil. Ill— Expert Rifleman, Swimming Team, Cadet of the Week— 11; Honor Cadet, N.C.O.-ll, 12, Marksman Drama Club— 12. 36 Alexandria, Virginia Mil. Ill— Best Co., Best Drilled Platoon — 10, Assistant Editor of ‘66 Annual, N.C.O., Junior N.R.A., No Demerits, Rockers Club, Honor Cadet, Distin- guished Cadet— 11, Key Club, Officer, Expert Rifleman— 11, 12, Drama Club, Sgt. at Arms of Key Club, National Honor Society, Editor of ‘67 Annual- 12 . CPauf CR. Case Hampton, Virginia Mil. Ill-Best Drilled Co.,- 10; No De- merits-10, 11, 12, N.C.O., Rockers Club, Best Co. - 1 1 , Officer- 1 2. oAn cS. Coffey Norfolk, Virginia Mil. Ill-Best Co.- 10, Glee Club- 10, 11, Best Drilled Co.-ll, N.C.O.-ll, 12, Drama Club Vice President, Annual Staff, Key Club. 37 1 ‘Daniaf Gonracf Virginia Beach, Virginia Mil. II— Best Co., Distinguished Cadet- 11, Scholastic Team, Key Club, N.C.O. — 11, 12, Honor Society, Secretary of Drama— 1 2. Gcfwarcf 2 ). Cru e West Point, Virginia Mil. IV— Best Co. 9, 10; Best Drilled Co. — 11; No Demerits 11, 12, N.C.O.— 10, 11, 12; Rockers Club— 11; Spanish Club— 11, 12; Rocket Club— 10; Drama Club- 12. G a r c 13. 3) an 1 e s Tabb, Virginia Mil. Ill-Best Drilled Platoon— 10; Best Company— 10; Best Drilled Company— 11; Jr. N.R.A.-ll; N.C.O.-ll, Drama Club- 12. 1 38 " Perrt TnJ. T) owning Surry, Virginia Mil. Ill; Best Drilled Platoon, Best All- around Co. -10. y j c iarcf c5. cfwarcfs Seaboard, North Carolina Mil.-III; Best Drilled Company- 10; Best All-around Company-11; No Demerits- ll;N.C.O.-12. T)aui f ylri iur oans Parksley, Virginia Mil.-III; Officer-11,12; Spanish Club-1 1, 12; Best Drilled Company-11; Best All- around Company- 10; Platoon Leader- 11 ; No Demerits- 1 1 ; ‘B’ Company Com- mander-12; 15 Highest Military Avera- ge-1 1 ; Junior N.R.A.-l 1 ; Senior N.R.A. 12; Best Kept Dormitory-1 1 ; N.C.O.-IO; 11; Expert Rifleman-10,11,12. 39 2 ) ewe To). uans Mil. I, No Denierits-9, 10, 11, 12; N.C.O. 10; Spanish Club 11, 12; Pistol Team-12; Sr. N.R.A. 12; Best Drilled Co. 1 1 ; Battalion Commander- 12; Offi- cer— 11, 12; Plainsman Rifle Pistol Qub-12. j o£n U. Portsmouth, Virginia Mil, III, N.C.O.-12; Best Co.-lO; Best drilled Co. 11; Intramural Basketball— 12 . CR. aser Norfolk, Virginia Mil. Ill, Drum Bugle Corps— 10,1 1,12; N.C.O.- 11, 12; No Demerits— 11, 12; Spanish Club— 10, 11; Drama Club— 12; Honor Cadet— 10; Marksman 1 1 ; Sharp- shooter-12; Best Drummer Award— 11; Drum Bugle 1st Sgt.— 12. 40 ary 3. 3i aruey Hampton, Virginia Mil. II, N.C.O.— 12; Soccer Team— 11; Football- 12; Expert Rifleman- 12; No Demerits- 1 1,12. lQ)i Iiam C. Dixiyes Waverly, Virginia Mil. Ill, N.C.O.-ll, 12; Varsity Club- 10, 11, 12; Football— 10; Prep Football -11, 12; C.S.U.-IO; Basketball-10, 11; Track- 10, 11, 12; Best Company— 10; Best Drilled Platoon— 10; Annual Staff — 12; Intramural Basketball Champs— 12; Intramural Softball— 10, 11, 12; Expert Rifleman— 12. 41 : 7 ' lomas D azefivoocf Chuckatuck, Virginia Mil. Ill, Drum Bugle Corps- 10, 11; No Demerits- 10, 11; N.C.O.-ll; Of- ficer— 12; Varsity Rifle Team— 1 1 ; Plains- men Rifle Pistol Team- 12; Rockers Club- 1 1 ; Adjutant— 1 2. ames CR. 3 0 oR Ardmore, Pennsylvania Mil. Ill, Varsity Basketball- 10, 11, 12; Varsity Club— 11, 12; Key Club— 12, Plainsman Rifle Pistol Teams— 12; Spanish Club— 11, 12; Color Guard- 12; N.C. 0.-12, 11; Expert Rifleman -12; Best Drilled Company 10; Best All Around Company- 1 1 ; Honor Cadet- 10, 12; 1st Place Intramural Volleyball Team— 1 1; Marksman— 1 1; Track— 12. 3aines 13. 3fowef Newport News, Virginia Mil. Ill, H.S. Football-12; Officer- 12; N.C.O.-l 1 ; Key Club-11, 12. 42 iBawrence BK. BBfucf ins Norfolk, Virginia Mil. IV, Cadet of the week— 9; Best All Around Company— 9, 10; Best Drilled Platoon 10; Rifle Club 10; Basketball -10, 11; N.C.O.- 10, 11, 12; Rockers Club— 11; Junior Class Secretary— 1 1 ; Spanish Club— 11, 12; Key Club— 12; Officer— 12; Company Commander— 1 2; Battalion Staff— 12; Annual Staff— 12; No Demerits- 12; Drama Club (Treas- urer)— 12; Senior Class Secretary— 12; Crack Platoon-9, 10; Varsity Club— 10; 11, 12; Expert Rifleman— 1 2. 9def Chesapeake, Virginia Mil. IV, Junior Class President- 1 1 ; Var- sity Club— 12; Expert Rifleman— 11, 12; Color Guard-11, 12; Best Company- 10; Scholastic Team- 10; Wrestling Team 12; Key Club— 10, 11, 12; Beta Club- 10. BJames B roo£s BJ oh ns ion Kilmarnock, Virginia Mil. Ill, High School Football- 12; Var- sity Track— 10; Varsity Club- 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club— 11, 12; Plainsman Rifle and Pistol Club— 12; Senior N.R.A. — 12; Varsity Tennis— 12; Best Drilled Company— 11; Glee Club- 10; N.C.O. 11,12; Intramural Football— 1 1 . 43 J enry c5. ones, J7r. Cape Charles, Virginia Mil. II, Honor Cadet, Distinguished Cadet, Marskman, Best Company— II; Rifle Team, Pistol Team, Senior N.R.A., N.C.O.- 1 1 , 1 2; Expert Rifleman, N.R. A. Expert— 12. J osep 2 Cj. jBew p r. Portsmouth, Virginia Mil. II, Scholastic Team, Distinguished Cadet— 11; Honor Cadet, Track Team, Varsity Club, Best Co., No Demerits— 11, 12; N.C.O. in charge of Chow Hall, Crack Pit., C.S.U.- 12. CRocfericj li). IBowerp Emporia, Virginia Mil. II, Best Drilled Co.— 11; No De- merits— 12; N.C.O. —12. 44 K orman T)onafcf JlCa io Bel Air, Maryland Mil. Ill, N.C.O.-ll, 12; Pistol Team- 11; N.R.A.-ll; Varsity Track-11, 12; Honor Cadet— 10; Best Company— 10, 1 1 ; Best Drilled Squad- 1 1 ; Glee Club- 10; No Demerits— 10; Key Club-1 1. Thomas Cj. JlTarsJiaff r. NJewport News, Virginia dil. IV, Best Drilled Company— 9; .C.O.— 11; Officer— 12; No Demerits— 12; Good Conduct— 10; Bolo Rifleman -9, 10, 11, 12; Honor Cadet- 10, 12. Jiomas eor e Huntington, Long Island, N. Y. Mil. Ill, Wrestling, Varsity Club— 10, 1 1, 12; Honor Cadet— 10; N.C.O.-ll; Best Drilled Company— 1 1 ; Wrestling Tourna- ment Champion— 10, 12. 45 yCennel i J ruce OCuc ofs Holland, Virginia Mil. IV, Senior Class Vice-President; N.C.O.— 11, 10; Rockers— 11; Annual Staff-10; Officer-11, 12; Pistol Team — 12; Plainsman Rifle and Pistol Club — 11; Best Drilled Company— 10; Best All-Around Company— 1 1; No Demerits — 11, 1 2; Honor Cadet— 9. o£n JKicJiaef 0’’Gonnor Durham, North Carolina Mil. IV, Varsity Wrestling— 1 1, 12; N.C.O.-IO, 11, 12; Officer-1 2; Wres- tling Tournament Champion 145 lbs. — 12; No Demerits— 12; Varsity Club — 11, 12; Rockers Club— 1 1 . lQ)iffiam ZI. arsons Suffolk, Virginia Mil. Ill, No Demerits— 10; Best Company — 10; Wrestling— 10; N.C.O.— 1 1 ; Termis - 10 , 11 . 46 CRoSeri CR. T eierson Chesapeake, Virginia Mil. Ill, Golf Team-10; N.C.O.-IO, 11; Rockers Club— 11; Best Drilled Old Cadet— 11; Best All-Around Company- 11; Best Drilled Squad— 10; Crack Pla- toon-10, 11; Drum and Bugle Corps- 12 . James Cjrnesi CPicRarJ Portsmouth, Virginia Mil. Ill, Drum and Bugle Corps— 10, 1 1, 12; N.C.O.— 1 1, 12; Honor Cadet— 12. Jo£n CBrooRe CPrucfen Jacksonville, Florida Mil. Ill, Best Company— 10; N.C.O.- 11 , 12 . 47 r omas iRacufs Newport News, Virginia Mil. Ill, Golf Team- 10; Key Club-11, 12; N.C.O.-ll, 12; Best Drilled Co.- 10; Best Co.— 10; No Demerits— 11, 12; Distinguished Cadet— 11,12; Supply Hall - 11 . cfwarcf Hit. H i ey Williamsburg, Virginia Mil. Ill, N.C.O.-ll, 12; Student Chap- lain Service— 10, 11; No Demerits— 12; Honor Cadet— 10, 11. Close p i I3. CJIomano Philadelphia, Pa. Mil. II, N.C.O.-ll, 12; Best Co.-ll; Best Drilled New Cadet— 11; Intramural Football Team— 11; Intramural Pistol Team— 12; Varsity Football— 12; Varsity Club— 12; V.D.M.— 11; Expert Rifleman -12; No Demerits— 12. 48 Not Pictured loJi I a n 2 ). S leafy Enfield, North Carolina Z) aoi cfJf. S n i Mil. Ill, Tidewater Scholastic Team— 1 2; F.M.A. Scholastic Team— 9; 12; Key Club- 10, 11, 12; National Honor So- ciety— 11, 12; Annual Staff— 12; N.C.O. —10, 11, 12; Rocket Club— 10; Crack Platoon— 10; Top 15 Academic Averages —9; Best Drilled Squad- 10; Best Drilled Co.— 9, 10; Honor Cadet— 11; Tennis Team— 11; No ' demerits— 1 1 ; Distin- guished Cadet— 11, 12; Rockers Club- 11; Chevrons— 10; Golf Team— 10; Bolo Rifleman— 9, 10, 11, 12; Pres, of Key Club— 12; Vice Pres, of National Honor Society— 12. ames ff. Siniif Chuckatuck, Virginia Mil. IV, Best Co. -9; Best Drilled Sqd. — 11; No Demerits— 1 1 ; N.C.O.— 1 1 ; Of- ficer-12; V.P. Freshman Class, C.S.U. - 10 , 11 . 49 j acA JlTic iaef Soc n ' 2 or Norfolk, Virginia Mil. IV, Crack Platoon-9, 10; No De- merits— 11, 12; N.C.O.— 11, 12; Glee Club 10, 11, 12; 10th Platoon N.C.O. 11 . Mil. IV, N.C.O. 9, 10, 11, 12; Tennis Team— 11, 12; Best Drilled Squad— 11; Best Drilled Platoon— 10; Best Drilled Company— 10; Rockers Club— 1 1. n awrence S o arsAi Williamsburg, Virginia Mil. II, N.C.O.— 12; Marksman— 12. 50 J oseph B. SzaSo Chesapeake, Virginia Mil. IV, N.C.O.-IO; National Honor So- ciety, Officer-11, 12; Wrestling-9; Track, Varsity Club-11, 12; Honor Cadet— 9, 10. a Dunn, North Carolina Mil. II, N.C.O.-II; Officer- 12; Bat- talion N.C.O. Staff-11; No Demerits - 11 , 12 . BTC ic i a ef CT. TJBompson Ayden, North Carolina Mil. IV, Drum Bugle Corps— 9, 10, 11, 12, Commander— 12; Drum Major -10, 11; N.C.O.-IO, 11; Officer-12; Class Treasurer— 1 1, 12; No Demerits — 10, 11, 12; Tennis Team, Swimming Team-11, 12; N.R.A.-9, 10; Varsity Rifle Team— 1 1 ; Rockers Club— 1 1 ; Var- sity Club, Drama Club, Expert Rifle- man. 51 TDi Eer jBee Bl iompson Virginia Beach, Virginia Mil. II, National Honor Society, Key Club 12; Scholastic Team— 1 1,12; Bas- ketball Manager— 11; 15 Highest Aca- demic Averages, Honor Cadet-11, 12; Infirma ry Staff— 11, 12; N.C.O.— 1 1, 12. BJames BBl. " Warcf Norfolk, Virginia Mil. Ill, Key Club- 12; Honor Cadet- 10, 11, 12;Officer-12;N.C.O.-ll; No Demerits- 10, 12; Crack Platoon- 10; Varstiy Club- 11, 12; Best Drilled Com- pany-10; Best Company, Best Drilled hatoon-11; 15 Highest Averages- 10; Spanish Club, Tennis Team— 11; Wres- tling-10, 11. JKich aef Id. lQ)h a fe y Virginia Beach, Virginia Mil. IV, Best Drilled Company— 11; Best Company— 9, 10; Crack Platoon, Swimming Team— 10, 11; High School Football- 1 2; N.C.O.- 10, 11, 12. 52 CTlfc en 7n). l OJiUn ey Virginia Beach, Virginia Mil. Ill, Range Staff, Supply Hall, Best Drilled Squad, Best Drilled Comapny, Crack Platoon, Best Company— 10; N.C.O.-ll, 12. ou fas S ln)i iams Newport News, Virginia Mil. IV, N.C.O.-IO, 11, 12; N.C.O.’s Club— 10, 11; Color Guard— 11, 12; Best Company-9, 10; Crack Squad 9; Best Drilled Squad— 10; No Demerits - 10 , 11 . CRicAarcf OC. T ))iffiams Newport News, Virginia Mil. II, Drum and Bugle Corps— 11; High School Football, High School Bas- ketball, Officer- 12; Honor Cadet— 11; No Demerits- 12. 53 54 Being of Sound Body and Mind, 1 . . . Kirby Biggs, leave, to Chip Whitney, the night of Dec. 20, 1965, 10:40 p.m. and my Volks. Brooke Pruden, leave to Col. West 100 cans, a bicycle at midnight, and a dream to see it all in. Wilbur Lee Thompson, leave to the infirmary my travail and my hopes that it will remain the best job on campus; and to Rick, Dan, Jeff, Ronnie, etc. the avowed knowledge that this Senior Class is “Senior.” Larry (Goldie) Hudgins, leave relinquishing my secret of four years — summer blonde. Only my hairdresser knew. Jim Ward, came with a sound mind and sound body; I leave with a sound body. Brooks Archbell, being of no mind and great physical strength leave to an upcoming Junior Officer my ability to act and think later in military and all other matters. Joe Romano, leave to the next, “Joe the Barber”, the ability to cut a cadet’s hair so that he can pass Major Rick’s haircut inspection. Moose Lowry, leave Coyote Ames one Moose Call and one broken guitar string to Lee Thompson. David Evans, leave memories of the services of “Peter- kin’s Company”. To Jack Wells I leave “Peterkin’s Company” for the on-coming year. Tom Stevenson, leave F.M.A. the same way I found it - A great school . . . (They said these could be funny). H. W. Ames, leave to Maj. Stokes my E.S.P. ability and to any underclassmen the ability to get into the Color Guard and into trouble. Mike Whaley, leave many lonely nights to this Academy and one cold telephone booth for the use each morn- ing before class. (Big) Dan Conrad, leave to Capt. Garrett my wonder- ful “sense of humor”. Tom Parsons, leave. Steve Edwards, leave Maj. Stokes (Hugo) one copy of “Working for My Baby” and two lab manuals. Don Maggio, leave my great ability to get the best girl for the Military Ball. Brooks Johnston, leave Baylor Hall. Tom Gilliam, leave Frederick with hopes of never returning. Chip Whitney, leave FINALLY, wondering why I ever came. Jim Hook, leave to Col. West a roundtrip trolley car ticket to Philadelphia and 20 demerits for returning to campus late from leave. Jack Glaser, leave CoL Evans 2 dozen pair of green and blue socks, and inches of long black hair. David AriaU, leave to any Mil. Ill Cadet my tremendous map reading ability so he can get lost on the football field too. Pat Daniels, leave a case of battle fatigue and assorted stripes to Col. Plaine. Miles Riley, leave F.M.A. , for higher education. Larry Stolarski, leave of unsound body and of un- sound mind. Tom Hazelwood, leave my deepest respect to Col. Plaine, Col. West, and the rest of the faculty at F.M.A. Ronnie Isbel, leave Frederick all the respect and esteem I once held for it. Tom Rawls, leave Coach Daughtry a free golf lesson. 56 Dave Crute, leave for a bottle of P.J. as F.M.A. loses a military genius. Jack Sochor, leave to anyone who has two free periods all the work in Mrs. West’s office. David Smith, leave to Capt. Sale my surly and deathly stares, of which he knows so well. Jim Pickard, leave Frederick more learned than when I came. Scott Coffey, leave to Maj. Gelback a box of crayolas, a life size portrait of the Frederick “Zip-Code,” a hand- ful of thumb tacks, and one “Likely Story”. Pete Peterson, leave four of the greatest and most rewarding years of my life . . . and my warped sense of humor. Bob Bessent, leave to Col. Plaine one “Smothers Brothers” album and 20 hours of extra duty. Jimmy Smith, leave Higgins Hall to all the 200 to 250 lbs murders that I had to live with all year, and to Mike Diamond one broken chair. Steve Woolley, leave one copy of “Working for my Baby” to Maj. Stokes. Hank Jones, leave to Joe Ferbe my position in Peater- kin’s Army as Executive Vice Grand Dragon. Mike Thompson, leave to Col. Plaine a burnt training film, the ability to operate a movie projector, and a broken window shade in the Military Classroom. Reade Belote, leave my position in “Peaterkin Army” to anyone willing to uphold it. Gary Harvey, leave Capt. Sale the pictures on my cast and to Mark Jones a book on how to go with three girls at once. Tom Miskill, leave to Jack Sutherland, John Cropper, and Jeff McVey the rememberances of all the good times we had together. Joe Lewin, leave F.M.A. knowing that I have accom- plished my goal in life, graduation from H.S. and my gratitude to Col. Inscoe, Col. West and the rest of the F.M.A. staff Bill Hayes, leave to Coach Head a book entitled, “How to Get a ‘Head’ in life”. Ricky Tart, leave to Eddie Weidler and Bill Wideman a coat hanger plus a set of pipes which they soon may need. Also to Greg Wallis and Ken Grassel 50 push-ups. Rick Williams, leave deep friendships such as Dan, Lee, Ronnie, Jeff, etc. with almost a tear. I also leave to Col. Plaine, Col. West, Col. Inscoe, and Maj. Mooring my deepest thanks. Dewy Evans, leave to next year’s B.C., Lt. Col. Wilton F. Sale, all 410 Cadets and 19 acres in hopes that he will rule with an iron hand. Doug Williams, leave 10 feet of rusty bridge rails on the James River Bridge to Charlie Shields, Steve Oman, and Rick Williams and hope that Col. Plaine finds his 2 lost flags. Tim Marshall, leave to Capt. Sale my ability to slouch down in my chair and to drive him to his analyst with my “cow chewing his cud” gum chewing. Mike O’Connor, leave to GUbert Morris, Chickin- chested Davis and Runt Richardson 396 man-eating cockroaches; to Hazelwood, a shattered window. Paul Case, leave eraser fights and “wet willies” to Captain Colonna. Larry Szabo, leave to Col. Inscoe the night of April 28, 1967 and; to Margaret A. a cold shower. Jeff Carpenter, leave all the troubles I had with the Administration because of the Annual and my thanks to Maj. Mooring for all his help. 57 JKifiiartJ I 59 Professor oj JlCi iiary Science As Professor of Military Science at Frederick Military Academy, Colonel Robert G. Plaine has established a military corps impeccable in general nature and constitution. He is considered by the corps as well as the faculty as the pinnacle of the instructive unit. No one deserves nor obtains the respect and attention as does the corps’ Colonel Plaine. His word is law, and his every movement made either on or off the drill field or in the classroom is observed with respectful contemplation Yet, within all of this superb and stringent militant manner lies that characteristic from which the corps and faculty draw their respectful attention his ability to understand and to side with those things which he convicts to be equitable. Cnssocia e During his two year tenure here as Associate Professor of Military Science, Major David W. Reichenbacher has established a reputation ad- vocating military perfection. His radical guise has ramified in numerous vicissitudes in the corps’ appearance and leadership machinery. His most notable advocate is that of the “haircut”. Anyone running afoul with the Major anent this can certainly bear witness to his stringent attitude. Albeit the stressing of such related trivialities ap- pear ludicrous to the average cadet, it must be avowed that such things are behooved in obtain- ing proper military order and appearance. Con- sequently, Major Reichenbacher through his mili- tant guise has enhanced the N. C. O.’s as well as the Average Cadet’s Efficiency and Military Bear- ing. ■K M sfl| Bi 1 ir.- 1 «9 Lt. B. H. Lustig Maj. T. A. Hazelwood Maj. J. L. Szabo Lt, Col. D. W. Evans Lt. VI. F. Thompson O ' u n Inc iu e Q)orp C )o or Juarcf S. F. CD. G. Williams Kinnon OeL Sgt. Maj. A. VV. Blanchard, SFC T. G. Miskill, Lt. R. N. Williams. Lt. S. B. Archbell Lt. R. D. Tart Lsi J aioon Lt. J. A. Ward ' ] ' ( J Iciloon Lt. D. B. Maclean 2 }cI ciioo l Lt. R. G. Bessent Zj r J ciioOtl Lt. G. W. Howell, Capt. R. A. Peterson, 1st Sgt. E. D. Crute. Company Lt. C. F. Williford .y jCaioOtl r l ' - Lt. J. G. Smith ' 2nd J ciiooil Lt. P. R. Case -7 r Jdaioon One for you, and one for you . . . only one! 72 You sure do have cold hands. May 29, 1967. I wish these rifles actually did fire. “Here is his toy, Where is he?” “Col. Dewey Evans, with a look of astute satisfaction, surveys his domain of 400 automatons and 19 acres of choice real 73 estate.” 75 77 78 u. earn 1966-67 First Row. F. J. Mu hy, W C Hayes, E. M. Vedral, J. W. Bolton, J. L. Burke, R. Matteson, B. W. Croll M. T. Haines T G D . Horello, H. M. Davenport, W. K. Ferguson, R. A. Jordon, F. Castigl’ia, F. Arcade H. R Crouthamel, R. A. Fuddy, R. A. Hipkins, B. J. Skladany, Third Row: R. J. Fully, R. W. Dinler G G Gottshalk C L Gillis G W O kirA R h ' ’h r ' ’’ heimer, J. W. Beale, M. Diamond, Fourth Row: (Managers) l? ; " neM“CWerFleOMr ' ’R“ »- ■ inney, Emory iavis, foj 79 1966 JooiSa f Season Team Statistics Frederick Opponent First Downs 92 99 Passing 35 30 Rushing 44 54 Penalty 13 13 Rushing Yardage 1190 1982 Punts 61 47 Average Yards Passing 36.7 38.2 Attempts 196 181 Completions 79 77 Interceptions 14 19 Yards Gained 989 933 Fumbles 16 20 Own Recovered 5 3 Opponent Recovered 11 17 TOTAL FOR YEAR 3 Wins 6 Losses 1 Tie Individual Statistics Most passes completed Name Jerry Scharnus Attempted 143, Com. 60 Most yards gained by passing Jerry Scharnus 748 yards Longest punt Tony Magilione 60 yards Longest punt return Tim Keeley 70 yards Longest kickoff return Bill Hayes 70 yards Most tackles-Defensive Lineman John Skladany 47 tackles Most tackles-Defensive Linebacker John Romano 1 1 5 tackles Most tackles-Defensive Halfback Bill Hayes 103 tackles Most assists-Defensive Linebacker John Romano 75 assists Most assists-Defensive Lineman John Skladany 39 assists Most assists-Defensive Halfback Bill Hayes 76 assists Most passes intercepted Marty Haines 4 interceptions Most passes received Tim Keeley 44 passes Most yards rushing Tim Keeley 361 yards 80 fi f ' 1 I Then strip, lads and to it, though sharp be the weather. and if, by mischance, you should happen to fall. There are worse things in life than a tumble on heather, 83 1966-67 First Row: C. A. Sabin, W. R. Cupp, S. M. Maggio, M. E. Bishop, J. B. Johnston, Second Row: C. E. McCuiston, T. C. Dix, M. W. Mattus, E. C. Gerloff, W. H. Jones, Third Row: M. L. Cothran, J. F. Walsh, D. W. Ariail, F. K. Lawford, W. J. McVey, R. N. Williams, Fourth Row: G. K. Weingart (Manager), J.D. Nealon, C. S. Hickman, L. T. Lawrence, G. W. Howell, J. L. Romano, Fifth Row: S. D. Barber (Manager), Carl Colonna, Tom Daughtrey, John Current, (Coaches) M. M. Tomlin (Manager). 84 85 3 rs TJarsi y ooiBalT eam in CBas£eiSaff Ueam 1 966 ' ‘ 67 L. T. Fiore, D. S. Maiorana, N. Pasturhok, S. L. Bryant, L. P. Dedmon, D. A. Holcomb, H. McMahon, R. A. Fuddy, T. E. Keeley, F. E. Exum, Managers; S. R. Carroll, W. K. Eerguson, Coach Capt. R. P. Outland. Not Pictured: W. M. Walsh, C. J. Effertz. 88 1966 67 T rep 73as£ei6aff O esufis Offensive average for the year 80 Defensive average for the year 72 Field Goal Percentage 52 Free Throws Percentage 71 Average Rebounds per Game 46 NAME CLASS HEIGHT POSITION AVERAGE POINTS AVERAGE REBOUNDS HOME TOWN Neil Pastushok . . . Prep 6’ 6” Forward 24 8 Roselle Park, N. J. Leroy Dedmon . . . Prep 6’ 10” Center 17 13 Baltimore, Md. Bill Walsh. . . . . Senior 6’ 0” Guard 17 3 Mamaroneck, N. Y. Chris Effertz . . Prep 6’ 1” Guard 14 2 Norwood, Mass. Don Holcomb . . . Junior 6’ 10” Center 7 11 Charleston, S. C. Steve Bryant . . Prep 6’4T2” Forward 8 7 Boykins, Va. Tim Keeley . . . . Prep 6’ 2” Guard 6 3 Chatham, N. J. Louis Fiore . . . . Prep 5’10” Guard 4 3 Hazleton, Pa. Hugh McMahon . . Senior 6’ 6” Forward 5 5 Brooklyn, N. Y. Doug Branson . . . Prep 6’ 2” Guard 3 1 Saltville, Va. Don Maiorana . . . Prep 6’ 1” Guard 2 2 Cheasapeake, Va. Frank Exum . . Prep 5’10” Guard 1 1 Raleigh, N. C. Richard Euddy . . Prep 6’ 2” Forward 2 0 Hazleton, Pa. Record 14—6 F.M.A. . . . 101 College of the Albemarle 65 F.M.A. ... 74 Newport News Apprentice 76 F.M.A. ... 96 Old Dominion College Frosh .... 84 F.M.A.. . . 81 North Carolina State Frosh 80 F.M.A. ... 96 Staunton Military Academy 80 F.M.A. ... 69 Duke University Frosh 70 F.M.A.. . . 71 University of North Carolina .... 91 F.M.A. ... 90 Fork Union Military Academy ... 87 F.M.A. ... 98 College of the Albemarle 83 F.M.A.. . . 110 William Mary Frosh 114 F.M.A 66 Campbell College Frosh 56 F.M.A.. . . 114 Bullis Prep 81 F.M.A.. . . 91 Bainbridge Naval Academy 69 F.M.A.. . . 85 Chowan College 60 F.M.A. ... 60 University of Richmond Frosh ... 74 F.M.A.. . . 81 Campbell College Frosh 59 F.M.A. ... 93 Newport News Apprentice 47 F.M.A.. . . 84 Old Dominion College Frosh .... 91 F.M.A.. . . 88 Chowan College 74 F.M.A.. . . -- Fork Union Military Academy ... F.M.A. ... 75 Staunton Military Academy .... 73 90 Uarsi y CSasj eiSaff earn 966-67 Left to Right; Hurst, L. W., Williams, R. N., Hook, J. R., Patrick, T. A., Walsh, J. F., Lawrence, L. T., Bennett, A., Fletcher, Kneeling: Co-captain Glover, H. F., Tom Daugh trey (Coach), Co-captain Ariail, D. W. 92 J WJ Hf 1 Jii Bfer ' 1 Ib o HR » K ngv; HP.- " ' " V V 94 junior TJarsi y Luas ei£air Ueam 1966-67 Kneeling: D. B. Hicks, T. Butler, C. L. Farris, T. Prevatt, M. L. Tomlin, Standing: G. G. Gottshalk (Coach), A. T. Barrington, C W. Gaupp, L. T. Hall, J. C. Williams, S. D. Barber. 96 CResufis 1966 1967 F.M.A. 32 Barry Robinson 45 F.M.A. 39 Portsmouth Catholic 34 F.M.A. 28 Peninsula Catholic 22 F.M.A. 37 Norfolk Christian 26 F.M.A. 44 Barry Robinson 51 F.M.A. 42 Portsmouth Catholic 45 F.M.A. 32 Norfolk Academy 31 F.M.A. 27 Norfolk Catholic 65 F.M.A. 41 Norfolk Catholic 49 F.M.A. 50 Indian River 44 F.M.A. 76 Albermarle Academy 22 F.M.A. 55 Peninsula Catholic 17 F.M.A. 67 Norfolk Christian 35 F.M.A. 39 Norfolk Academy 44 F.M.A. 60 Virginia Beach Junior High 52 F.M.A. 38 Barry Robinson 69 F.M.A. 49 Portsmouth Catholic 57 F.M.A. 79 Albermarle Academy 36 Total Average Offense and Defense F.M.A. 46.4% Opponent 41.3% Coach — derm CoHshafh The entire corps and the administration would like to express their deep- est appreciation to Glenn Gottshalk who served as the Junior-Varsity Basketball coach this year. Glenn was a devoted coach who gave unselfishly of his own time solely in the interest of the team. To the boys on the team, Glenn was more than a coach, but a fellow cadet who understood them and led them to a very successful season. 97 Uarsi y dea n ' res Left to Right, Kneeling: B. K. Davidson, R. W. Heath, T. G. Miskill, J. E. Pickard, R. T. Pickard, Standing: J. A. Cropper, A. H. Brewer, D. W. Heath, J. D. Sutherland, W. J. McVey, R. L. Fernback, R. A. Berkheimer, Lt. Tom Glassburner (Coach). 99 1966 Uarsi y F.M.A F.M.A F.M.A F.M.A F.M.A F.M.A F.M.A F.M.A F.M.A F.M.A F.M.A Season’s Results 1 5 Great Bridge 25 13 Princess Anne 31 1 1 Wilson 32 26 Deep Creek 16 . 8 Cradock 39 22 Kecoughtan 27 25 Norfolk Academy 21 24 Newport News Apprentice 10 21 Norfolk Academy 24 16 Newport News Apprentice 17 15 Frist Colonial 25 196 267 Record 3 Win — 8 Lost Jim Pickard in action at the tournament. Boot” Berkheimer, undefeated. ' res. i in di earn Junior Varsity Wrestling Team: (from left to right) W. F. Stallings, J. C. Landon, D. A. Perfater, J. E. Ferebee, D. G. Humphries, R. P. Isbel, S. W. Portner, L. B. Tabb, G. C. Lerman. (kneeling) Coach Glassburner, T. 102 S. W. Harleman, P. G. Boudion, D. T. Morse, R. D. Boice, R. J. Parsons, D. G. Humphries, Manager F. L. Atkinson, Coach Lt. Thomas Glassburner. Record; Dual Meets: F.M.A. 46 Wilson 17 F.M.A. 43 Maury 18 F.M.A. 13 N. Christian 23 F.M.A. 27 S. Hampton 28 F.M.A. 27 N. Christian 30 F.M.A. 42 Churchland 16 F.M.A. 22 2 S. Hampton 321 2 F.M.A. 33 Chowan College 23 F.M.A. 29 Chowan College 30 F.M.A. 16 Cradock 41 F.M.A. 18 Christopher N. College 43 306 301 7 wins — 4 losses Triple Meets: 1st. place Norfolk Academy 23 2nd. place F.M.A. 47 3rd. place N. Christian 56 1st. place F.M.A. 34 2nd. place Hampton Roads Acad. 41 3rd. place Norfolk Acad. 49 Tidewater Championships: 1st. place Norfolk Acad. 27 2nd. place Hampton Roads Acad. 53 3rd. place F.M.A. 73 4th. place N. Christian 91 5th. place N. Catholic 1 1 1 103 1st row: J. L. Szabo, R. A. Berkheimer, M. L. Moorehead, F. Arcade, W. H. Jones, W. R. Cupp, R. L. Fernback, Coach Tom Glass- burner 2nd row: P. G. Boudion, S. W. Harleman, J. M. Jenkins, R. J. Parsons, K. Strehlein, S. M. Maggio, R. D. Boice, G. W. Mor- ris, B. J. Tornari, 3rd row: F. J. Dilsaver, T. C. Bulter, R. C. Altman, W. L. Glover, T. E. Keeley, J. E. Rhodes, P. A. Berghoff, L. L. Visbisky, R. A. Hipkins, 4th row: C. J. Effertz, B. J. Skladany, A. J. Norris, D. G. Humphries, R. Matteson. Season’s Results 8 wins 2 losses F.M.A. F.M.A. F.M.A. F.M.A. F.M.A. F.M.A. F.M.A. F.M.A. 92 Christopher Newport College 91 Knapp High School .... 56 Old Dominion College . . . 90 Norfolk Academy .... 65 Norfolk Catholic High School 92 Chowan College 49 Newport News Apprentice . 97 Smithfield High School . . Totals 632 42 14 78 40 59 35 91 11 382 104 earn Steven B. Oman Howard F. Barnes John H. Vinson Thomas A. Rawls 106 RESULTS F.M.A. . . 91 2 Cradock .... . 2 2 F.M.A. . . 101 2 Princess Ann . . . H 2 F.M.A. . . 9 Kellam . 3 F.M.A. . . 10 2 Hampton Roads . . 1 2 F.M.A. . . . 9 Hampton Roads . . 3 F.M.A. . . . 9 Maury . . . . . . 3 Undefeated! BUI Glover 107 Wilson Cocke ennis earn Mike Thompson It Frank Exum Jim Ward 108 1967 TENNIS Tennis is well on its way to becoming a major sport here at Frederick Military Acade- my. This year the team worked hard in particular Mr. Exum who won the award as the most outstanding tennis player. Coach Rufus P. Outland Riddick, W. C. Ill Adkins, G. W., Ill 109 . 1 , , J Oroanizaiions Left to Right: Ronnie Isbel our off and on worker, Jeff Carpenter the chief cook and bottle washer (Editor), Sandy Block our coordinator (Ass’t Editor), Pot pie Morton , WUbur Lee Thompson our penman. Not Pictured: Larry Hud- gins our selfpromotion artist. As sponsor of our annual. Major Clarence P. Mooring has motivated the annual staff through times when we almost gave up (es- pecially the last month of school). We thank him for the picnic at City Park, which added initiative to our will to work and a steak to our bellies. —The Annual Staff Maj. Mooring, our advisor, expressing his opinion of the quality of our work. 1 12 Our fearless leader . . . and editor. 15 minutes and 58 pages left in the school year. God’s gift to women? Even the Annual Staff gets into trouble. This is the 69th time you have been subjected to looking at this face r Pop-pie, our punching bag. The walking, talking thesaurus. D G a n n o n 7 )arsiiy J isiof eam Kneeling: R. A. Peterson, W. C. Riddick, T. E. Inman, T. P. Beasley, G. H. Preller, C. S. Hickman. Standing: R. G. Bessent, B. H. Feldman, D. W. Evans, D. B. MacLean, W. L. Scott, H. S. Jones, Coach Col. R. C. Plaine. J fain( 2 sinan T isiof ancf Ueam Kneeling: W. H. McClure, M. P. Dunham, F. M. Cox, K. L. Grassel, D. A. Evans, H. S. Jones. Standing: 1st Row: J. S. Win- field, T. A. Hazelwood, J. A. Ward, J. I. Coates, T. P. Beasley, J. R. Hook, R. H. Belote. 2nd Row: J. B. Jolmston, B. H. Feld- man, D. W. Evans, M. E. Broadwell, R. G. Bessent, W. L. Scott, Coach Col. R. C. Plaine. )arsiiy ijle Ueam Kneeling: W. G. Johnson, K. L. Grassel, H. S. Jones, D. R. Kidwell, B. H. Feldman, M. S. Brewer, J. Wells, W. C. Riddick. Standing; D. M. Currie, W. H. McClure, C. F. Williford, S. Firestone, T. E. Inman, J. M. Jenkins, G. H. Preller, Coach: Maj. D. W. Reichenbacher. Junior X.J.yi. Kneeling: 1st Row: R. C. Shield, J. D. Nealon, C. M. Mounie, G. H. Orkin, G. W. Adkins, S. E. Firestone, R. L. Scliidle, 2nd Row: H. D. Perry, G. A. Perez, D. B. Levinson. T. E. Inman, G. T. Goodwin, A. W. Cocke, W. C. Riddick. Standing: K. J. Mayo, K. C. Powell, W. H. Wideman, J. S. Block, J. L. Payne, G. H. Preller, C. F. Williford, J. Wells. Coach: Maj. D. W. Reichenbacher. ■’I UMIIK an e Siajj- D. R. Hall, T. P. Beasley, M. E. Broad- well, B. H. Feldman. STANDING: A. H. Brewer, J. A. Crop- per, L. T. Lawrence, D. B. MacLean. SEATED: J. S. Mardre, M. E. Bishop, R. W. Little, H. W. Carrier. ,1 Ghocu Jfaff Left to Right: A. R. Harvey, T. G. Valentine, A. T. Barrington, J. C. Williams,!. E. Keeley, L. G. Todd, C. A. Wynne, K. L. Grassel, J. C. Lewin (in charge), J. M. Jenkins, W. S. Bell, R. W. Pond, S. D. Barber, J. C. Landon, C. L. Farris, J. S. Coffey. Suppfy yfaff Left to Right: W. N. Minter, J. E. Davis, C. H. Eure, J. G. Nagler, H. S. Holsweig, F. 0. Wright, L. P. Payne, T. H. Brady, S. B. Archbell. ■■•• " gaaaisgi ssgsag! mMift •■■■■■SSSSSSsiiSSSSSSS!!! " ' imi ir liiir SSS Si .%!!!!!■ ' ’■ ■■■•■ei 91 lilt- ■ V . , .i»iv . ■■■11 .■■■ir ■■■■ ' ■■ii ■■Dl " laica -- - ' iinsi MIIBII ■■■■ I lari ■I V ■Ml ' ■■■■ ' !■■ ■■■■ (■■i ■■■■ !■■! •■■■ ' nil ■■■! IIBI ■«■■ irnmmm !■■! !«■« ■•«■■ IBBi •■«■ iBBI I«S1 I t IBBB ItM IBBB ■■91 H ■ IBBB ■■■■ - IBBBJBHIB 1 iBBB ' jB9«i ' ' IBBBBBl i inrn ■ -:a i HIIIIIIIBr jiiiiiiiiii !!!» ' ’! • •m III f ■ ■MP Pll ”H!SnslSS!HS!|S5|,. |;i KB C S! " ' k: JSit JKKKH nnkMS|l j|i|i|iii|i nctfXli ' S uden G iap ain c5 eroice Seated; R. C. Davis, J. S. Winfield, C. E. Twombly. Standing: A. W. Cocke, D. L. Duval, R. W. Little, W. L. Scott, Capt. Presson. I GnJ irman Staff K. J. Mayo, W. L. Thompson, T. E. Gordon, Mr. Doerr. Dr. Buchcannon tA. 1 1 f [ 1 1 1 j Left to Right: 1st Row: F. C. Cannon, A. C. McIntyre, W. A. Logue, H. F. Barnes, D. H. Sandidge, E. C. Snouffer, R. W. j Heath, D. W. Heath, J. Snell. 2nd Row: J. Stanley, H. L. Carter, E. R. Weidler, S. J. Mazzone, J. A. Wallace, G. L. Ennis, J. ; M. Sochor, H. M. Davenport, J. G. Richardson, D. M. Grover. 3rd Row: D. R. Watson, M. B. Coleman, W. L. Glover, R. L. I Schidle, J. A. Cherry, J. T. Stanley, M. G. Francis, D. B. Levinson, G. W. Adkins, R. L. Wright, Sponsors Capt. Mrs. I Reynolds. Seated: D. B. Jazequel, C. L. Shields, R. H. Belote, J. S. Block, J. R. Hook, J. B. Johnston, J. C. Lewin, J. L. Szabo. Standing: H. W. Ames, M. F. Thompson, J. G. Smith, W. R. Cupp, J. F. Walsh, L. M. Hudgins, R. N. Williams, J. A. Ward. M. E. Broadwell, W. C. Riddick, R. A. Peterson, D. W. Ariail, C. S. Hickman. JCey G uS Seated, Left to Right: Wade Heath, Jeff Carpenter (Sgt. at Arms), Mike Coleman (Treas.), Brooks Archbell (V.-Pres.), Dave Smith (Pres.), Dan Conrad. 2nd Row: Wayne Heath, Bruce Lustig, Sandy Block (Sec.), Larry Hudgins, Jim Ward, Tom Rawls, Jim Richardson, Pat Nealon, Cliff Pearson. 3rd Row: Brooks Johnston, A1 McIntyre, Jim Hook, Bob Peterson, Tony Bennett, Chuck Rosenblatt, John Walsh, Dennis Briggs, Yogi Graves, Steve Oman, Kevin Mayo, John Wood, Jack Wells, Cliff Williford. Not Pictured: Lee Thompson, Esq. 120 Next years leaders. 7 2 Aciion With Cadets of this caliber, just think of our future Key Club? The Globe-Trotters. The Key Club has entertained the corps this year with a Faculty-Key Club basketball game. Some of the Faculty “Stars” were: Ranger Rick, Cool Head, The Neck Glassburner, Rufus Alcindor Outland, Crazy Legs Davis, Long Tall Direct Current, Wally Coggins, and Sammy Reynolds. With Coach C. P. Mooring as chief extortionist the Faculty was destined to win. I don’t get to hold hands very often. Left to Right: Seated: D. W. Ariail (Sec.), D. H. Smith (V.-Pres.), S. B. Archbell (Treas.), J. L. Szabo (Pres.), Standing: S. E. Firestone, M. B. Coleman, C. F. Williford, J. Wells, J. G. Richardson, J. S. Block, B. H. Lustig, W. C. Riddick, D. A. Conrad, J. W. Carpenter, (Not Pictured: W. L. Thompson). 122 I Seated (left to right): T. A. Hazelwood, D. W. Evans, Col. R. C. Plaine, J. L. Szabo, S. B. Archbell. Standing, 1st Row: J. G. Smith, J. W. Carpenter, D. A. Evans, L. M. Hudgins, J. A. Ward, R. A. Peterson, R. G. Bessent, J. Wells, M. F. Thompson. ! ' 2nd Row: D. B. McClean, R. N. Williams, T. E. Marshall, R. D. Tart, C. F. Williford, B. H. Lustig, P. R. Case, D. W. Ariail. j (Not Pictured R. P. Isbell). eaiures )25 Gnrhimas Field Marshal Von Wilcox and cohorts with sponsor discuss tactics concerning a raid on the Nativity Scene of F.M.A. Rufus spices up the Xmas season with “Ole spice” and opens up the Festive season with an electric can opener. 126 Ranger “Rick” entertains Troops in Billet with old jokes. Major Ayres and Cadet Dempewolf check out the spiked punch at the Christmas Party. 127 ' res i lino ourn am eni RESULTS First Place Norfolk Catholic Second Place Frederick Military Third Place Fork Union Military Fourth Place Norfolk Academy Fernback was forced to take 2nd place because of a broken ankle. 128 Our “Boot” shows off his skill. First Place Winners. The Reviewing Stand was presented to the school on Parent’s Day. It has been the major project of the Key Club as was the Flag Pole of last year. Jfc om ecominq THE BELVEDERES THE COMMANDANT PRESENTS THE BATTALION SWEETHEART. 1966 Our hostess with the mostess. For the Alumni! Jie 1966 I U iis OCl hi wi r never Se forgot ien 5 , unjor cj enior 7 z rom o 1967 A good time was had by all this night ... or should we say “This is the best Junior-Senior yet, don’t you agree?” by almost all. “If you think you are having a good time now . . . wait an hour.” “See that girl all dressed in green ... she thinks she is real mean!” cS, anior (Lj enior 73 rom Would you like a drink? This year’s valedictorian, next year’s husband. 1 1966-1967 T ramaiic CProcfuciions Perhaps, the most inquisitive and certainly the most praiseworthy events of the entire school year were the dramatic productions. Under the direction, guidance, and occasional acting of Capt. W. F. Sale, these plays have acquired that touch of perfection formally associated with only those plays of the national scene. Captain Sale’s brilliance and success in histrionic events no doubt stems from his ability to be psychologically another person inwardly and express it outwardly and his ability to convey this occupational “must” to his actors and actresses. Consequently, these dramatic events are of superior quality to those associated to the ordinary high sch ool. These plays are held in high esteem by those audiences witnessing their performances. 137 3 fasiy J{eari Sy ,yoJ2n airic Cast Orderly Dave Crute Yank Col. Philip Inscoe Digger Ken Ordile Kiwi Scott Coffey Blossom Mike Thompson Tommy Fletcher Harrell Margaret Mrs. Philip Inscoe Colonel Maj. C. P. Mooring Lachlen Capt. W. F. Sale Directed by Capt. W. F. Sale Margaret — “Yank — if you’re not well — lie down. But please be civil.” Digger— “If Tommy snores again tonight our cut his bloody ears off.” Blossom— “Blos-som . . . Bak-sheesh.” Col.— “Nothing. We can’t give a man a new kid- ney. There’s nothing that surgery or medicine can help. Do you understand?” Lachie— “Then if she kissed a man of her own free will, it wuid mean that she meant tae— encourage him?” uhe JaniasiicR s Books and Lyrics . . . Tom Jones Music . . . Harvey Schmidt Cast Louise Louise’s Father . . . Matt Matt’s Father .... El Gallo Old Actor Indian Mute Pianist Directed by Anne Connel Scott Coffey Wade Heath Wayne Heath . Ed Patton Tommy Hall Woody Gay Dave Hinder Ken Lundie Wilton F. Sale Louise’s Father— “I’m her father and believe you me it is not easy.’’ Matt’s Father— “I’ve seen bog- wart bought and sold on the open market.’’ Louise— “I’d like to swim in a clear blue stream.’’ 140 U£e G Melody Lane Scott Coffey Red Wing Jim Hook Lucius Goodenough Bill Hayes Battle Axe Annie Joe Romano Windermere Hightower Paul Case Nellie Blythe Kirby Biggs Hiram Abernathy Dave Smith Muriel Atkins Bill Ames Sarah Abernathy Pat Daniels Aloysius Abernathy .... Chip Whitney Aurelia Abernathy Dave Crute Directed by Wilton F. Sale Aloysius— “My own dear little mother.” Hiram— “Aw, you know I was only foolin’, Ma. I wouldn’t trade you for anybody.” Redwing— “Ugh!” Lucius— “Why-er-I-I” 142 Windermere— “I shall keep you here until you accede to my demand. Come, Melody, what’s a mere kiss or two among friends.” “Our spotless heroine” Nellie— “She certainly did and she will probably freeze to death and it will serve her right if she does.” )43 Lucius— “Don’t call me a fool, you polecat. Take that!” 1967 CParenis Seven gentlemen with sponsors. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. Henry Church Rifles. I The Drum and Bugle Corps Staff, 1967 Best All-Around De- tachment, displays their streamer. Mike Coleman receives scholarship from Mrs. R. Paterson, of the FMA Woman’s Club. 145 G£anqe of Gommancf Another B.C. takes over. Seniors watch as the underclassmen pass in review. Capt. Garcia shows off his leadership. Seniors are relieved of their duties. BACCALAUREATE SERMON FREDERICK MILITARY ACADEMY AUDITORIUM Sunday, May 28, 1967 11:00 A. M. Processional — “March Pontificale” Jacques Lemmens Hymn — “0 God Our Help in Ages Past” Waitsandroft Announcements _ Colonel Philip G. Inscoe Solo — " He” - _ Jack Rickards Cadet Sgt. 1st Class Michael Coleman Scripture Reading „ Chaplain Wilber C. Presson Morning Prayer - - Chaplain Wilber C. Pr on Duet — “I Heard The Voice of Jesus Say” Cadet Sgts. D. W. and R. W. Heath Sermon — “Mountain Top Experiences”-- The Rev. C. Charles Vache ' Rector, Trinity Episcopal Church, Portsmouth, Va. Benediction Chaplain Wallace Coggins Recessional — “March of the Noble” Frederick Keats tS’ ir ? SENIOR class officers President Viee-Preeiftmt Secretary David W. Ariail, Jr. Robert A. Peterson Lawrence M. Hudgins Treasurer Michael F. Thompson GRADUATION EXERCISES FREDERICK MILITARY ACADEMY AUDITORIUM Sunday, May 28, 1967 2:00 P. M. Processional — “T riumphal March” Op. 66 Edward Grieg Prayer Chaplain Wallace Coggins Salutatorian Address Cadet 1st Lt. Samuel B. Archbell, Jr. Solo — “T he Exodus Song” : Ernest Gold Cadet Sgt. Donald W. Heath Address — “T he Intellectual Responsibilities of Citizenship of a Free Society” Ellerd Miner Hulbert Dean of Frederick College, Portsmouth, Va. Presentation of Awards Colonel Philip G. Inscoe Valedictorian Address - . . Cadet 1st Sgt. David H. Smith Presentation of Diplomas .. Colonel Philip G. Inscoe Major C. Poe Mooring Recessional — “Postlude” Op. 661 — .y. Carl W. Kem 66 GLEE CLUB DIRECTOR . . Captain Sam Reynolds ACCOMPANIST - __ Mrs. Sam Reynolds MARSHALLS (TOP ACADEMIC JUNIOBS) Michael B. Coleman, Chief Jon S. Black Dean Hulbert relaxes with Col. Inscoe before commencement. Dean Hulbert speaks to the J JIC CTlQrac uaies JJ The Rev. C. Charles Vache addresses the seniors, chal- David Smith, valedictorian, gives his farewell counsel to lenging them to pattern their life after that of Christ. tiis fellow seniors. 148 senior class concerning intellectual responsibilities. Col. Inscoe congratulates Cadet Jeff Carpenter, Editor Enternal leave, grant unto them, O, Lord! of THE CANNON, at graduation. )49 r-sT Lt. Col. Dewey W. Evans CSaiia ion G omm an c er Dewey W. Evans came to Frederick in January of 1964 as a freshman. Ever since then he has worked toward the goal, which he has achieved, “Bat- talion Commander”. Dewey has plans to attend Frederick College. Dewey and Lynn, the Battalion Sweetheart, at Homecoming. 150 No Smith! You can’t have any more rank. ! aiianon xecuiive icer Tom always has a friendly smile. Maj. Thomas A. Hazelwood Tom is considered by both the faculty and the Cadet Corps as a “Model Cadet”. He has the respect of everyone in the school. All this was shown when he won “Most Outstanding Officer.” Tom receives his well deserved hand shake. 151 Frederick Military Academy Disneyland on the Siist Coast Portsmouth, Virginia 28th of May 196? Vol. mx No. U812 24- 1 hours Guard Moiint 5 September, Tuesday OFFIG-CR OF TH3 DAY Sergeant of the Guard Privates of the Guard Buglers of the. Guard: 1. Fisher, B. J. 2. Lt. Forrest, B, N. Thompson, W. L. Pickard, J. E. Praden, J, B. Isbel, R. P. Carpenter, J . W. Szabo, J. L. Taylor, B. F. 3. Snell, N. B, S.FNIORS : There will be a " Post-Prom Blast " held for selected Seniors, The place will be divulged upon confirmation of your reservation (to avoid excessive publicity). The cost is $8,00 and is acceptable only prior to April 10, Crash proofing provided by the Jennette Detective Agency, B.Y.O.L. (Sgt. John Ehglish, F.M.A. Ret.) FRAUD : The person involved in passing bad checks around the city of Portsmouth will turn himself in to the Commandant immediately. (Portsmouth Police Dept,) F IREWORKS : Remember fireworks are hazardous to your health. Anyone having possession of any kinds of fireworks will dispose of them immediately. (Ringo Harrell) J UNIOR-SEI ' IOR PROM : Henceforth, Proms will be suspended due to the excessive smiling and joyous attitude noticed at the last Prom. Cadets will refrain from such unmilitant conduct. (Maj. J. L. Szabo, Ret.) C HOWHaLL : Mrs. Gomvay has recently lost her pet " Eagle " in the vicinity of the " Ptoraain Tavern " . Finder please return immediately since " Roast Eagle " is scheduled for Saturday night. Reward is offered— an extra glass of " real " milk. (Sgt. J, C, Lewin) CT lrnh 152 V 1 " i l: fe J ARCADE, F. Doylestown, Pa. Football AYERS, M. T. Roanoke, Va. BEALE, J. W. Suffolk, Va. Football BERKHEIMER; R. A. Middletown, Pa. Football, Wrestling BARNUM, D. F. Norfolk, Va. BERGHOFF, P. A. Wall Township, N. J. BOLTON, J. W. Norfolk, Va. Football BRADSHAW, C. C. Weldon, N. C. Football BISSEL, C. W. Columbus, Ohio G a ass BRANSON, W. D. Saltville, Va. Basketball BROWN, J. D. Virginia Beach, Va. BRYANT, S. L. Boykins, Va. Basketball BURCHFIELD, R. A. Chesapeake, Va. BURKE, J. L. Wood Ridge, N. J. Football BYRD, P. R. Dunn, N. C. CARROL, S. R. Hampton, Va. CASTIGLIA, F. Fulton, N. Y. Football CHANCE, E. E. Dunn, N. C. Football COLE, J. G. Chesapeake, Va. Football COX, F. M. Washington, N. C. CRANE, W. A. Fayetteville, N. C. Gfo ass CROLL, B. W. Marlton, N. J. Football CROUTHAMEL, H. R. Buckingham, Pa. Football DAY, E. D. Kinston, N. C. Football DEDMON, L. P. Baltimore, Md. Basketball DIAMOND, M. Football DINGLER, R. W. Shadyside, Md. Football DUNCAN, J. B. Newport News, Va. EFFERTZ, C. J. Norwood, Mass. Basketball ENNIS, G. L. Dunn, N. C. EXUM, F. E. Raleigh, N. C. Basketball FERGUSON, W. K. Lynchburg, Va. Football FERNBACK, R. L. Royalton, Pa. Football, Wrestling Gfa ass FIORE, L. T. Hazelton, Pa. Basketball FUDDY, R. A. Hazelton, Pa. Football, Basketball GILLIS, C. L. Willingboro, Pa. Football GLOVER, H. F. Raleigh, N. C. Basketball Ipplil i GODWIN, J. A. Erwin, N. C. GOODMAN, D. L. Kilmarnock, Va. Football i I I I ] J » I f GOTTSHALK, G. G. Upper Darby, Pa. Football HAINES, M. T. Pemberton, N. J. Football HARRIS, D. M. Emporia, Va. HIPKINS, R. A. Boothwyn, Pa. Football HAWLEY, C. A. Dunn, N. C. Football HICKS, W. A. Highland Springs, Va. Gfa ass HOFFMAN, H. T. Feastervill, Pa. HOWARD, R. W. Wallins Creak, Ky. Football JORDAN, R. A. Alexandria, Va. Football KEELEY,T. E. Chatham, N. J. Football, Basketball KRAUCHEUNAS, P. P. Scranton, Pa. Football LAWSON, R. E. Virginia Beach, Va. Basketball LONGBARDI, M. L. Brooklyn, N. Y. Football McMAHON, J. J. Brooklyn, N. Y. Basketball MAGLIONE, A. T. Stirling, N. J. Football MAIORANA, D. S. Chesapeake, Va. Basketball MARTORELLO, J. F. Brooklyn, N. Y. Football MATTESON, R. E. Williamsville, N. Y. Football G a ass MINTER, W. N. Chesapeake, Va. MOOREHEAD, M. L. Doylestown, Pa. MURPHY, F. J. Elizabeth, N. J. Football NAGLER, J. G. Alexandria, Va. NORRIS, A. J. Dunn, N. C. o;brien, M. M. Key Biscayne, Fla. Football I i ORDILE, K. J. Haddonfield, N. J. PADLA, R. M. Ridgefield, N. J Football PARIS, W. M. Somerset, N. J. Football PASTUSHOK, N. Roselle, N. J. Basketball PEPE, E. J. Far Rock-Away, N. Y. F ootball PHIELDS, W. F. Chesapeake, Va. Gfo ass PULLEY, R. E. Philadelphia, Pa. Football RHODES, J. E. Fuquay-Varina, N. C. Football ROBERTS, R. O. Raleigh, N. C. ROMANO, J. S. SCHARNUS, G. J. SEMLER, E. G. Virginia Beach, Va. Newport News, Va. Newark, N. J. Football Football SKLADANY, B. J. Haverhill, Mass. Football STITES, R. C. Millville, N. J. TAGLIARENI, F. Iselin, N. J. VALENTINE, T. G. Richmond, Va. Football VEDRAL, E. M. Shamokin, Pa. Football VISBISKY, L. L. Bradford, Pa. Football G o ass WALSH, W. M. Mamaroneck, N. Y. Basketball WINFIELD, J. S. Pinetown, N. C. WRIGHT, R. L. McLean, Va. Blanchard, A. W. Block, J. S. Boaz, K. E. Brady, T. H. Broadwell, M. E. Briggs, D. L. Bryant, W. R Carr, W. R. Carrier, H. W, Cupp, W. R. Daley, E. J. Davis, J. J. Dunham, M. P. Feldman, B. H. Finder, D. M. S Coleman, M. B. ;; Collier, T. M. ' Cothran, M. L. 1 k ! ■4 f J U n o r s Firestone, S. E. Francis, M. G. Fletcher, J. G. Gaupp, G. W. Forrest, J. M. Gay, H. W. Gerloff, E. C. Glass, D. B. Glover, W. L. Heath, D. W. Heath, R. W. Hickman, C. S. Holcomb, D. A. Huggins, J. C. Inman, T. E. Jackson, R. E. Jenkins, J. M. Jennings, A. R. Jezequel, D. B. Jones, M. S. Jones, W. H. m f J 111 H ' w I W ■: Kidwell, D. R. Killiam, H. B. Lawford, F. K. Lustig, B. H. MacLean, D. B. Macklin, G. A. Mason, W. J. Mayo, K. J. McCarty, R. E. Lawrence, L. T. Lefavor, D. E. Little, R. W. i Preller, G. H. Rowe, R. H. Sabin, C. A. Schinto, G. Shields, C. L. Stanley, J. Todd, L. G. Wallace, J. A Wells, J. Sutherland, J. D. Swaney, M. L. Throckmorton, V. S WUliford, C. F Zeno, J. R. SooJic C ncf opnomore resnman Glasses 180 Adkins, G. W. Alcorn, R. C. Altmann, R. G. Anthony, D. J. Bennett, A. Gfa ass o. Brewer, M. S. Butler, T. Cannon, F. C. Carter, H. L. Cherry, J. A. Bishop, M. E. Boice, R. D. Boisseau, H. Boudion, P. G. Brewer, A. H. 1969 181 Coates, J. I. Cocke, A. W. Cropper, J. A. Currie, D. M. Daniel, B. L. c)onnomore Daniels, M. B. Davenport, H. M. Davis, J. E. Dilsaver, F. J. Dozier, J.W. GJass DuVal, D. L. Eagles, H. C. Edmonson, C. L. Ennis, M. R. Fanner, J.M. 182 Grassel, K. L. Grover, D. M. Hall, L. T. Hall, W. C. Harleman, S. W. 1969 Harvey, A. R. Hawkins, J.R. Hazelwood, E. B. Hill, T. W. Hume, R. W. 183 Lerman, G. C. Lewis, C. D. Lewis, D. K. Logue, W. A. Mardre, J.S. CYa ass McCall, M. E. McIntyre, A. C. Mattus, M. W. Morris, G. W. Morse, G. T. 184 Parker, R. A. Parsons, R. J. Payne, J. L. Payne, L. P. Perfater, D. A. 1969 Perry, H. D. Pickard, R. T. Portner, S. W. Powers, R. M. Prevatt, T. 185 Prince, E. Radogna, D. K. Richardson, J. G. Richardson, R. Riddick, W. C. c)onnomore Rosenblatt, C. N. Rountree, P. L. Rumpf, R. M. Sandidge, D. H. Savage, K. E. Schidle, R. L. Scott, W. L. Shield, R. C. Smith, R. N. Snell, J. )86 Tolson, W. L. Trask, M. L. Walsh, J. F. Watson, D. R. Weingart, G. K. 1969 Wilburn, C. A. Wilcox, W. M. WUliams, J.C. Wood,J.T. Wood, T. C. 187 Jreshinan Gfa ass Atherton, R. P. Atkinson, F. L. Barber, S. D. Barrington, A. T. Bell, W. S. Booth, R. E. Bottom, K. D. Brownlie, R. M. 188 A Bunch, W. L. Cuthriell, C. D. Davidson, B. K. Davis, R. C. Dempewolf, C. K. Dix,T. C. Doyle, H. D. Eure, C. H. Farris, C. L. Floyd, H. R. Flythe,J.E. Gale, S. R. Glassburner, P. A. Godsey, C. A. Goodwin, G. T. Grigg, C. B. Hagood, S. L. Hauger, C. P. Haynie, W. P. Hickman, C. M Hicks, D. B. Hoffman, J. A. Holsweig, H. S. Jackson, G. P. Justis, S. F. KJemow, N. N. Landon, J. C. Levinson, D. B. McCuiston, C. E. McCuiston, J. A. Maggio, S. M. Mandel, M. G. Marshall, G. P. Mazzone, S. J. Moore, J. M. Motley, H. L. Orkin, G. H. Owens, D. L. Perez, G. A. Ricucci, M. N 1970 Ritchie, J. S. Ross, M. W. Rouse, W. A. Salken, K. A. Selby, R. L. Snouffer, E. C. Stanley, J. T. Stone, B. L. Swennes, T. C. Tabb, L. B. Tomkinson, D. N. Tomlin, M. M. Tudder, J. M. Twombly, C. E Wallis, G. L. Weaver, B. L. Weidler, E. R. Wideman, W. H Wynne, C. A. Young, R. S. Seconcf 5emes er Gacfeh Kneeling, Left to Right: C. E. Grey, R. L. Reams, R. H. Thomson. Sitting: E. Lachman, B. J. Tornari, F. A. Haycox, C. Loizou, C. H. Venters. Standing: D. C. Smithwick, D. S. Campbell, L. W. Hurst, H. M. Gibson, S. L. Cook, J. J. Ring, M. L. Kahan, R. W. LeCount, G. C. Smith, D. Cox, L. D. Horman, C. J. Johnston. (Not pictured: D. 0. Hendrick). 192 So many people have contributed their efforts that I hardly know whom to begin with, but the annual staff has worked the longest and hardest. There- fore I wish to show my appreciation to; Sandy Block, who worked long and hard and still kept his grades up, Ronnie Isbel, who was my part time worker depending on his mood, Larry Hudgins, the selfpromotion artist of the staff, Wilbur Lee Thompson, the man with the words. Pot Pie Morton, who put up with a lot from the staff, Larry Szabo, a late comer to the staff. I would also like to thank David Smith for permission to print his graduation speech. Bill Hash, our Delmar representative, has worked very hard with us. 1 wish to give him his well deserved thanks. Maj. Mooring, our faculty adviser, has put up with a lot this year like: late deadlines, cutting out our cuts, etc. I thank you sir. Mrs. Outland has been a great help by keeping our spirits up. Col. Inscoe and Col. West deserve a hearty thanks for working with us when our plans and theirs did not coincide. I would like to thank Col. Plaine for working with us such as the aerial picture of the campus with the corps spelling CANNON. Mrs. Inscoe, Mrs. West, Mrs. Glynn and Mrs. Beaver de- serve our gratitude for working with us many times. I wish to thank Coach Davis and the rest of the coaches for helping us com- pile the sports section. Also I wish to thank Capt. Sale for helping on the captions of the dramatic section. Capt. Garrett deserves a thank you for putting up with me this past year. It is impossible to mention everyone, because almost everyone worked with us in some way. Anyway to all those who have helped, my deepest appreciation. Jeffrey W. Carpenter Editor 193 Siucfeni ireciora JOHN U. ADDI ' NBROOK, III 209 69th St. Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 GORDON W. ADKINS, III Nassaw addo.x, Va. 23413 ROBERT C. ALCORN 912 Mayflower Apts. Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 RICHARD G. ALTMAN 5426 Bavbcrry Rd. Norfolk, Va. 23502 HENRY W. AMES. JR. 7 Powhatan Parkway Hampton, Va. 23361 DAVID J. ANTHONY 5401 Count Turf Rd. Virginia Beach, Va. 23452 ERANK ARCADE 158 West State St. Doylestown, Pa. 18901 SAMUEL B. ARCHBELL, JR. 100 Wingfield Ave. Eiast Chesapeake, Va. 23519 DAVID W. ARIAIL, JR. 613 No. Hampton Rd. 1 aycttcville, N. C. 28303 ROBERT P. ATHERTON Box 243 Jarvisburg, N. C. 27947 ERANK V. ATKINSON, JR. 107 44th St. Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 JAMES T. ATKINSON 6429 Jahnke Rd. Richmond, Va. 23225 MICHAEL T. AYERS 4626 Delray St. Roanoke, Va. 24017 EDGAR A. BALL, 11 709 Pinckney Court Newport News, Va. 23601 STEPHEN D. BARBER 206 Circle Dr. Hopewell, Va. 23860 HOWARD E. BARNES, 111 518 Mt. Vernon Dr. Wilson, N.C. 27893 DAVID F. BARNUM 8466 Lynn River Rd. Norfolk, Va. 23503 ALVIS T. BARRINGTON, JR. 852 Hunterdale Rd. Franklin, Va. 23851 JOHNNY W. BEALE 205 Grace St. Suffolk, Va. 23434 TONY P. BEASLEY P. O. Box 867 Dunn, N.C. 28334 WILLIAM S. BELL 1530 Willow Ave. Chesapeake, Va. 23506 READE H. BELOTE R.E.D. Cape Charles, Va. 23310 ANTHONY BENNETT 1301 Ormcr Rd. Chesapeake, Va. 23519 PAUL R. 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LANDON 113 Palm Beach PL, Apt 4 Virginia Beach, Va. 23452 FRANK K. LAWEORD, JR. 9516 Pin Oak Dr. Silver Spring, Md. 20910 GREGORY R. LAWRENCE 317 Baublits Dr., S. E. Pensacola. Fla. 32507 LARRY T. LAWRENCE 613 Dorsey Rd. Bel Air, Md. 21014 ROBERT E. LAWSON 1704 Birchwood Rd. Virginia Beach, Va. 23455 RICHARD W. LeCOUNT 217 Maymont Dr. Newport News, Va. 23606 DAVID E. LEI AVOR 437 E. Farmington Rd. Virginia Beach, Va. 23454 JAMES R. LEONARD 332 Caren Dr. Virginia Beach, Va. 23452 GARY S. LERMAN 14 Sparrow Lane Huntington, N. Y. 11743 DAVID B. LEVINSON 17 Warren Dr. Newport News, Va. 23602 JOSEPH C. LEWIN, JR. 180 Cambridge St. Portsmouth, Va. 23707 CHARLES D. LEWIS 5904 Shrubbery Hill Rd. Richmond, Va. 23227 DENNIS K. LEWIS 2328 Wharton Ct. Norfolk, Va. 23518 RICHARD W. LITTLE 1503 Chesapeake Ave. Hampton, Va. 23361 WARREN A. LOGUE 17 Norwood Ave. Manchester, Mass. 01944 CHRIS LOIZOU 618 Lee St. Hampton, Va. 23369 MICHAEL L. LONGABARDl 2266 E. 2nd Street Brooklyn, N. Y. 1 1223 RODERICK W. LOWRY Box 826 Emporia, Va. 23847 Stiuc eni T)irecioru BRUCE H. LUSTIG 1 1 Jordan Drive Newport News, Va. 23606 DOUGLAS B. MacLEAN 1603 Poling Ave., S. E. Washington, D. C. 20022 MICHAEL F. McCALL 4524 Larkin St. Norfolk, Va. 23513 RONALD E. McCARTY 1831 Broadfield Rd. Norfolk, Va. 23503 WILLIAM H. McCLURE, JR. 1001 Russell Rd. Alexandria, Va. 22301 CARLTON E. McCUISTON, JR. 131 Riverpoint Crescent Portsmouth, Va. 23707 JOHN A. McCUISTON 131 Riverpoint Crescent Portsmouth, Va. 23707 ALFRED C. MeINTYRE 2116 Harbor Lane Virginia Beach, Va. 23454 HUGH F. McMAHON 371 East 25th St. Brooklyn, N. Y. 11226 WILLIAM J. MeVEY C.O.U.S.S. Sylvania - AES —2 7rF.P.O. New York, N. Y. 09501 GILBERT A. MACKLIN 1 Crawford Parkway Portsmouth, Va. 23704 NORMAN D. MAGGIO 1402 Saratoga Drive Bel Air, Md. 21014 STEPHEN M. MAGGIO 1402 Saratoga Dr. Bel Air, Md. 21014 ANTONIO T. MAGLIONE 337 Main Ave. Stirling, N. J. 07980 DONALD S. MAIORANA 840 Wright Ave. Chesapeake, Va. 23702 MICHAEL G. 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Chesapeake, Va. 23703 DAVID T. MORSE 1128 Valmire Dr. Chesapeake, Va. 23320 JAMES D. MORTON, III 3120 Lorraine Ave. Norfolk, Va. 23509 HUGHES L. MOTLEY, JR. P. O. Box 1798 Richmond, Va. 23214 CHARLES M. MOUNIE 3833 Honey Tree Lane Virginia Beach, Va. 23452 FRANCIS J. MURPHY, JR. 714 South St. Elizabeth, N. J. 07202 JAMES G. NAGLER 3305 Battersea Lane Alexandria, Va. 22309 THOMAS E. NEALE, HI 206 Resent Rd. Norfolk, Va. 23505 JOSEPH P. NEALON 10 Plantation Dr. Hampton, Va. 23369 GEORGE B. NORMAN 126 Haven Drive Norfolk, Va. 23503 ALFRED J. NORRIS, JR. 307 N. McKay Ave. Dunn, N. C. 28334 KENNETH B. NUCKOLS 207 Garner Ave. Chesapeake, Va. 23703 MICHAEL V. OBI R 6409 Eleanor Ct. Norfolk, Va. 23508 MICHAEL M. O’BRIEN 400 1 ernwood Rd. Key Biscayne, Fla. 33149 JOHN M. O’CONNOR 802 Halifax Ave. Portsmouth, Va. 23707 STEVEN B. OMAN 148 Maxwell Lane Newport New s, Va. 23606 KENNETH J. ORDILI 1228 Wayne Rd. Haddonfield. N. J. 08033 GARRY H. ORKIN 175 N. Laurel St. Hazleton, Pa. 18201 Siucfeni U ireciora WAYNE M. ORKIN 175 N. Laurel St. Hazleton, Pa. 18201 DONALD L. OWENS 39 Warren Dr. Portsmouth, Va. 23701 ROBERT M. PADLA 534 Ray Ave. Ridgefield, N. J. 07657 WILLIAM M. PARIS Highwood, Easton Ave. Somerset, N. J. 08873 ROBERT A. PARKER 1018 Lambeth PL Suffolk, Va. 23434 RALPH J. PARSONS, JR 745 Dunedin Rd., Apt. G Portsmouth, Va. 23701 WILLIAM T. PARSONS 1002 Le Brun Dr. Jacksonville, Fla. 32201 NEIL PASTUSHOK 173 E. Webster Ave. RoseUe Park, N. J. 07204 THOMAS A. PATRICK 12301 Parker Lane Chester, Va. 23831 JERRY L. PAYNE 8128 Mona Ave. Norfolk, Va. 23518 LARRY P. PAYNE 100 E. Burgess St. Elizabeth City, N. C. 27909 CLIFFORD I. PEARSON 4743 River Shore Rd. Chesapeake, Va. 23703 JOHN G. PEARSON 627 Hilltop Dr. New Cumberland, Pa. 17070 ERNEST J. PEPE 2022 Cornago Ave. Far Rock-Away, N. Y. 11691 GUILLERMO A. PEREZ Box 4328 San Jose, Costa Rica, C. A. DOUGLAS A. PERI ATER 7401 Dunman Way Baltimore, Md. 21222 HENRY D. PERRY 30 Timberline Crescent Newport News, Va. 23606 ROBERT A. PETERSON, JR. Box 264 Holland, Va. 23391 WILLIAM H. PHIELDS 1424 Elm Ave. Chesapeake, Va. 23519 JAMES E. PICKARD, 111 3705 Turrentine St. Durham, N. C. 27704 ROBERT T. PICKARD 3705 Turrentine St. Durham, N.C. 27704 ROBERT W. POND, HI 9805 Holmhurst Rd. Bethesda, Md. 20034 STEPHEN W. PORTNER 72 Windsor Lane Willingboro, N. J. 08046 KENNETH C. POWELL 1616 Ara St. Norfolk, Va. 23503 RALPH M. POWERS, JR. Box 23 Moyock, N.C. 27958 GORDON H. PRELLER 32 Michele Dr. Hampton, Va. 23369 TIMOTHY H. PREVATT 3436 Y ardley Dr. Baltimore, Md. 21222 ROBERT N. PRINCE, JR. P. O. Box 34 Morehead City, N. C. 28557 JOHN B. PRUDEN, HI 701 N. Broad St. Suffolk, Va. 23434 RICHARD J. PULLEY 4410 Chesmire Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. 19136 DENNIS K. RADOGNA 1817 Broadfield Rd. Norfolk, Va. 23501 THOMAS A. RAWLS 14 Club Terrace Newport News, Va. 23606 RAYMOND L. REAMS, HI 212 Delaney Dr. Suffolk, Va. 23434 JAMES E. 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WRIGHT 1825 Barbee St. McLean, Va. 22101 CRAIG A. WYNNE West Shady Side Rd. Shady Side, Md. 20867 ROY S. YOUNG 3006 Claredon Dr. Bon Air, Va. 23235 JOHN R. ZENO 43 Pear Ave. Newport News, Va. 23607 199 Col. Inscoe, Honored Guests, Faculty and Staff, parents and members of the class of 1967. In Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay “Self-Reliance” he says .... “Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. Nothing can bring you peace but the triumphs of principles.” These principles must be your own. But who can say what principles are? One of the major conflicts being waged today is not between one country and another but between one generation and another. It is not a fight for supremacy but a fight over changing principles and ideals. Society is witnessing the gradual loss of its principles and who is to blame? The mass of the people or the individual? If society doesn’t allow the individual to reason and think for himself, how is he to blame? If the individual is not to blame, then it must be society, but how can we blame society for the individual who makes up the mass? This paradox brings me to a rather amusing quotation which is so often true, “In these matters the only certainty is that there is nothing certain.” So I feel that if this is true then the only certainty must be found in ourselves, our principles, our ideals. We must find our certainty in principles and ideals that are good and beneficial for us, right for us as individuals. If a person is given the power to reason and to think then why should he always follow? Are we not becoming mere machines in which our lives, like data cards, are punched and stamped, do not fold, do not spindle, do not mutilate. “Society never advances. It recedes as fast on one side as it gains on the other. It undergoes con- tinual changes, it is barbarous, it is civilized, it is christianized, it is rich, it is scientific; but this change is not amelioration. For everything that is given, something is taken. Society acquires new arts and loses old instincts.” George Bernard Shaw said in his play, Pygmalion, “Independence? That’s middle class blasphemy. We are all dependent on one another, every soul of us on earth.” There is some truth in this state- ment. For it is true that in our complex economic structure, we are all dependent upon one another. Yet does this imply dependency and surrender of the complete individual, must we ascribe to the principles and ideals of others as well as their thoughts? The answers to these questions is all too often - Yes. If this is true, is it good? Can we be expected to advance to that unknown quantity and quality if we do not express ourselves? The teenager like generations past and present is trying to find answers to these questions through mistakes and triumphs. The older generation thinks that it has answered these questions through experience and mistakes. Perhaps it has the answer (for it- self), but we need to find our own answers. Everyone is entitled to make mistakes. Why not us? In 20 years what we are fighting for today may be accepted as common place. The fight seems to be centered on finding o ur own identity and this war has been waged by every generation. It can only be won with truth not the old lies. The struggle will continue and we may not find the solution because we, like you, are afraid, “We are afraid of the truth, afraid of fortune, afraid of death and afraid of each other. We want men and women who shall renovate life and our social state. “Not just settle for mediocrity for discontent is the want of self. It is the infirmity of will. We are only human beings who must act on our own judgement because one will never find peace until he has found himself. We cannot rely on others who thinking themselves leaders only intending to destroy. These leaders often seem to be trusted friends but only generate discontent and harbor seeds of doubt and mistrust. We must trust ourselves and our own minds and bodies and souls. Perhaps this is what is wrong with the world today. The countries must stand together if there is to be peace and trust. Yet, the frightful thing is that they can-not really stand each other much less trust each other. If each individual would practice trust in himself; then with hope, we could find solutions to the insoluble. “Man is his own star, and the soul that can render an honest and a perfect man commands all light, all influence, all fate.” 200 - -r r

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