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A ' VV VAr )|[ py WTi S. ; Wi w k nwl nxi THE CANNON of FREDERICK MILITARY ACADEMY Portsmouth, Virginia First Edition Steve Brockman . . . Jeff Carpenter Vic Mauldin Woody Gay Maj. C. P. Mooring Editor . . Ass’t Editor Layout Editor . . . Art Editor Advisor orewor (inly two centuries ago, ' ' dorfoll ancf Portsmouth were two sfeepij port towns just beginning to eel t h e win ds oj cfissent foreshadow in j the 3 evolu- tion arj Titan Jlltlouyh the colonial capital of lit i Hi a ms bury was flourishing in a life of splendor , men of thought and action were u chafiny at the hit " because of ( Ire at dirt tain ’s unfair treatment of the colonies. 311 en of ideals envisioned an independent nation , separate from the mother country, less than twenty years later we were fee, marchiny toward our destiny — of be- coming the greatest nation on earth . 3 he land on which dredericl stands , once trod upon by 3) ritish red- coats , has yrown from Ho rid Dar 2 u prefab ' ' housiny for military depend- ents and a succession of other uses until today it is our home for nine months of the year. Jit ore than that, it is an experience we shall not easily foryet Jredericl beyan as a dream , and in eiyht short years it has yrown to be the modern proyressive school we Inow today. He who attend dredericl are members of a uniyue fraternity and share a common leyacy and yoal. do year passes easily or uneventfully y an d all of us have felt at one time or another the frustration of restriction , the pain of marchiny demerits , and even the horror of the day report cards reach home ahead of us. He he also In own the niyhts we were Jd.H.O.B., the wee lend of the JIT ilit ary dial! and Sunday afternoons on camgn s. (tie, the 1966 Cannon staff have attempted to convey in these payes the feeliny of these 262 days of the past year at Jredericl. | • Conscious of our heritaye from the past as well as our lope for the future, here is dredericl: Administration Faculty Senior Class . . Prep Class .... Military Features and Organizations Classes Sports Bapf jj 11 HI? , pH I m Hr J Hk s S ISSHtas r ( Here rests in honored glory General of the Army, Douglas MacArthur. The interior of Nor- folk’s century-old courthouse building was entire- ly refurbished for its transformation into the memorial. As a Virginian himself, whose parents were married in Norfolk, and whose mother came from a long line of Virginians, the General was honored that Norfolk, his “home by choice,” should build a memorial to his name. America’s most decorated officer, General MacArthur’s awards ranged from the Congressional Medal of Honor to the Philippine’s Medal of Valor, the French Croix de Guerre and Great Britain’s Knight Grand Cross of Bath. This man, perhaps more than any other, exemplifies the Frederick ideal of Knowledge, Truth, and Valor. Norfolk’s new Kirn Library. The tidewater area is one of the most pro- gressive sections in the country and can well boast of its accomplishments in the areas of urban renewal and of its wide variety of cultural and recreational facilities. The urban area has lifted itself out of the stagnation of the past and is on its way to becoming the great metropolis it has always been destined to be. Twilight view of down- town Norfolk and Ports- mouth. This monument on downtown Court Street was raised to commemorate Ports- mouth’s Civil War dead. Just behind it can be seen the historic old Court House. On Sunday morning, March 9, 1862, the squat U.S.S. Mon- itor engaged the C.S.S. Vir- ginia (formerly the Merri- mack), in battle in Hampton Roads. The Virginia had been converted to an ironclad at Gosport Navy Yard, now Nor- folk Naval Shipyard, Ports- mouth. 6 Pictured here is Norfolk’s historic Old St. Paul’s Church. The church was the only structure left standing after Nor- folk was bombarded and burned by Lord Dunmore’s fleet, anchored in the Eliza- beth River. Trinity Episcopal Church on High Street is on land donated by William Crawford, Found- er of Portsmouth. Its grave- yard contains the graves of many revolutionary war figures. View looking across the Elizabeth River. At left. Fort Norfolk: at right. Portsmouth Naval -Hospital. During the revolution, a chain was drawn, between these two points to keep British men o ' war from entering the harbor and shell- ing the two cities. Frederick is the fulfillment of a dream begun eighteen years ago in the mind of Mr. Fred W. Beazley. The school actual- ly began to function in 1958 as a com- bined junior college and high school and in 1961 it changed to a military academy exclusively. Frederick has come far in the eight years since its beginning and today means many things to many people. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to complete high school here look upon it as school, home, tyrant, task- master, “funland,” and many more things. On the following pages are a few highlights of our life at Frederick. Administration and Judge I’ Anson sur- vey the Seniors they are turning loose on the world, at Graduation May 29, 1965. 10 President and Mrs. Ins- coe pass under the sabers at the Military Ball, 1965. Junior-Senior, 1965. A night looked forward to all year by the school-weary cadets. Officers’ sponsors at Mothers’ Day festivities, 1965. Football games are the most exciting events of the year. Frederick hosts Columbia Prep. Again we tromped ’em, this time 13-0. The season’s results : eight won, two lost. Dedication Floyd H. West, Major, AUS (Retired), joined the staff of Frederick Military Acad- emy in 1960 and served as Associate Pro- fessor of Military Science for four years. For the past two years, he has served in the position of Commandant of Cadets ivith the school rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Col. West brought to F.M.A. thirty years of active service during which time he held many varied positions of command. He serv- ed ivith the 5th U. S. Army during World War II in North Africa and Italy, in- cluding the Anzio Campaign where he ivas aivarded the Bronze Star for Gallantry in Action. 14 Cftdininistration Col. Philip G. Inscoe President Wake Forest College, B.S. College of William and Mary, M.Ed. Lt. Col. Floyd H. West F.M.A. (AUS Ret.) Commandant Maj. C. Poe Mooring Director of Guidance East Carolina College, B.A. Graduate Study in Counseling, E.C.C. 16 Maj. Roy J. Ayres, Jr. Business Department Chairman Virginia Polytechnic Institute, B.S., M.Ed. Capt. George Bennett German Instructor Emory and Henry College, B.A. Post graduate study: Vanderbilt Divinity School University of Virginia College of William and Mary Lt. Wallace Coggins Chaplain Tennessee Temple College, B.A. Temple Baptist Theological Seminary, B.D. 18 Lt. Carl Colonna Instructor, History and Social Science Department Virginia Military Institute, B.B.A. Old Dominion College Lt. John R. Current Mathematics Instructor Appalachian Stat e Teachers College, B.S. Capt. Thomas Daughtrey, Jr. Science Instructor University of Richmond, B.A. Post graduate study: Old Dominion College Maj. Emory Davis Chairman, Health and Physical Education Department Bluefield College, B.S. V.P.I., Concord College Post graduate study: College of William and Mary Capt. Ben D. Eichelberger Chairman, Mathematics Department Virginia Polytechnic Institute, ' B.S. Radford College, M.Ed. College of William and Mary Capt. Thomas Garrett, Jr. Science and Math Instructor University of Mississippi, B.A. Post graduate study: Old Dominion College College of William and Mary Maj. George K. Gelbach Chairman, History and Social Science Department Gettysburg College, B.A. Duke University, M.A. Post graduate study: Western Maryland University of Baltimore 19 Lt. Thomas Glassburner Science Instructor Frederick College, B.S. Lt. Col. Lee Hargis, USAR Mathematics Instructor Virginia Polytechnic Institute, B.S., M.S. Post graduate study: Old Dominion College Lt. Wayne Head English Instructor Frederick College, B.A. 20 Maj. T. A. Jordan, Jr. Chairman, Foreign Language Department Wake Forest College, B.A. University of North Carolina, M. Ed. Post graduate study: University of Chattanooga University de Paris Old Dominion College Capt. Kendren A. Jukkola Instructor, Mathematics Department Virginia Polytechnic Institute, B.S. Post graduate study: Westminster College Old Dominion College University of North Dakota Mrs. Thomas Kent Librarian Madison College, B.S. Graduate study: College of William and Mary Columbia University R.P.I. University of Virginia Capt. Booster Tex Lindsey History and Social Science Instructor East Carolina College, B.A. East Carolina College, M.Ed. Capt. Rufua P. Outland Physical Education Instructor and Coach Atlantic Christian College, B.S. MHBHgnnM Capt. Ronald Patterson Chairman, English Department Lock Haven State College, B.S. Jamestown Community College, M.Ed. University of Delaware Lt. Col. Robert C. Plaine AUS (Ret.) Professor of Military Science 21 Capt. Wilbur Presson Chaplain Baylor University, B.A. Maj. David Reichenbacher AUS (Ret.) Associate Professor of Military Science Lt. Samuel Reynolds Mathematics Instructor Frederick College, B.S. 22 Lt. Brandt Ross English Instructor Atlantic Christian College, B.S. Post graduate study: Clemson Union West Carolina College Old Dominion College Capt. Robert Ruiz Spanish Instructor San Diego Junior College, B.A. Long Beach Junior College San Diego State College Post graduate study: University of California University of Arizona California Western Los Angeles State College Capt. Wilton F. Sale, VIII English Instructor Roanoke College, B.A. Post graduate study: University of Virginia Old Dominion College Mrs. Janet Spanagel Mathematics Instructor Duke University, B.A. Maj. Hugh T. Stokes Chairman, Science Department Guilford College, B.S. East Carolina College, M.Ed. Charming? I certainly am! Mrs. Bertie Beaver Bookkeeper Mrs. J. H. Conway Dietitian Mr. Robert Doerr, USN (Ret.) Medical Assistant Mrs. J. Glynn Assistant to the Registrar Mrs. Ruth Hines Secretary to the Commandant Mrs. Ralph Jett Seamstress Mrs. Isabel Lawrence Manager of Canteen Mrs. A. P. McLean, Jr. Secretary to the Commandant Mrs. R. P. Outlar Secretary to the Director of Guidance Mrs. C. C. Ray Assistant Seamstress Mrs. F. B. Sherrill Assistant Librarian Mr. Carl Taylor Superintendent of Buildings Mrs. F. H. West Secretary to the President Mr. Fulton Wrigl USN (Ret.) Tailor Shop anc Supply Hall Manager ALLEN, R. WARREN Crack Platoon 10-11; C.S.U., Best All Around Company, 11; N.C.O., 11-12; Plainesman Rifle Pistol Club, Varsity Rifle Pistol Teams, 12. ALLEY, WAVERLY M. Best Company Drilled Platoon, 11; No Demerits, N.C.O., Armory Staff, 11-12. BERLIN, WILLIAM L. Top Mil. Average, ICC Rep., 9; Tidewater Scholastic Team, 9-10; Rifle Team, N.R.A., 9-11; Honor Cadet, 9-12; Best Squad Drilled Company, 10; N.C.O., 10-11; Key Club, 10-12; Most Outstanding Platoon Leader, Best Drilled Platoon, Best Com- pany, 11; Officer, 11-12; Company Com- mander, Distinguished Cadet, Drama Club, Class President, President Key Club Sabers, 12. BLASCHE, WILLIAM E. C.S.U., Cadet Chaplain Serv., Tennis, Best Drilled Co., 11; No Demerits, Spanish, Drama Varsity Clubs, 11-12; N.C.O., Varsity Rifle Team, 12. BOYCE, WILBUR L. Sect’y Freshman Class, Best Drilled Co., 9; Best Drilled Old Cadet, 10; Sgt. at Arms ICC Rep., Best Company and Drilled Crack Squad, N.C.O., Drama Club, 11; Officer, 11-12 BRIGHT, RICHARD T. Best All Around Company and Drilled Platoon, 11; French Club, 11-12; Rockers Club, N.C.O. I C Infirmary, 12. BROCKMAN, STEVEN H. Tidewater Scholastic Team, Most Improved Scholar, Best All Around Company, 10; Honor Cadet, 10-12; Best Drilled Company, 11; N.C.O. 11-12; Key Club, Distinguished Cadet, Hdqtrs. Exec. Off., Editor of Annu- al, 12. DANIELS, WILLIAM V. Best Drilled Company 9,10; No Demerits 9-12; Football Mgr. 10; C.S.U. 10-11; Var- sity Club 10-12; Key Club Award Good Citizenship, Spanish Club 11; Color Guard 11-12; Drama Club, N.R.A. 12. DENOF, RUSSEL A. Football, 11-12; N.C.O. 12. DICKSEY, JAMES H. Best Drilled Company Squad, 10; Tennis Team, 10-11; Basketball, 10-12; C.S.U. , Plainesman Rifle Pistol Team, 11; N.C.O., 11-12; Varsity Club, 12. E AGAN, EARLE T. Best Company, 11; N.C.O., 11-12; Drama Club, 12. ELLIOTT, JOSEPH A. C.S.U., Crack Platoon, Honor Cadet, 10; Glee Club, No Demerits, Crack Squad, 10- 11; Best Drill Company, Infirmary Worker, 11; Spanish Club, N.C.O., 11-12. EMORY, LLOYD H. Best Drilled Company, 9-10; Crack Platoon, 10; No Demerits, 10-11; N.C.O., Chevrons, Best All Around Company; Sabres, 12. GEORGE, GREGORY W. Annual Staff, Best Drilled Platoon, 10; C.S.U., Crack Platoon, 11; Best All Around Company, N.C.O., 10-12; Basketball, 11-12; Rockers, Key and Drama Clubs, Rifle Team, 12; N.C.O. I C Supply Hall, 10-12. GETTINGS, JAMES M. Best Drilled Company, Glee Club, Range Staff, 11; N.C.O. , 11-12; Plainesman Rifle Pistol Team, Pistol Team, Rockers Club, 12 . GILBERT, FOSTER I. Spanish Club, 10-11; Wrestling, 10-12; Best Drilled Company, 11; N.C.O., 11-12; No Demerits, 12. HAMILTON, LIN H. Drum Bugle Corps, No Demerits, 11; Honor Cadet, Tidewater Scholastic Team, 11-12; N.C.O., Key Club, 12. HAND, DANNY L. Golf Team, J.V. Football, 9; Tennis Team, Crack Squad, 9-10; Crack Platoon, 9-11; N.C.O., 10-12; Drama Club, 11-12. HARRELL, DENNIS E. Armory Staff, N.C.O., Rifle Team, 10-11; OIC Armory, Pistol Team, Sabers Club, 12. HETZEL, BRIAN R. Highest Mil. Average, 9; Tennis, 9-11; Spanish Club, 10-11; Crack Platoon, 10,12; N.C.O., 10-12; Wrestling, Rifle Team, N.C.O. I C Supply Hall, 11; Honor Cadet, President, Rockers Club, 12. HIGGINS, JACK W. Best Drilled Co., 10; Spanish Club, 10,11; Football, Track, 10-12; Glee Club, F.M.A. Folk Group Band, Best Company, 11; Drama Club, N.C.O. , 11,12; No Demerits, 12 . HUSKEY, JODY W. Drum Bugle Corps, J.V. Football, 9-10; N.C.O., 10-12; C.S.U., 11; Glee Club. 11-12; Key Club, Rockers Club, Drama Club, 12. JACOBS, FRANK L. Drum Bugle Corps, 11; Drama Club, No Demerits, 11-12; N.C.O., Saber Club, 12; Officer, 12. JAMES, THOMAS J. Best Drilled New Cadet, 10; Chow Hall, 10-12; Honor Cadet, Jr. N.R.A., 11; N.C.O. Crack Platoon, 11-12; Rockers Club, Span- ish Club, Senior N.R.A., 12. JANNEY, BRYAN H. Tennis, Best All Around Co., 10; Basket- ball, 10-12; Best Drilled Old Cadet, Best Drilled Squad, Best Drilled Company, 11; No Demerits, N.C.O., 11-12; Distinguished Cadet, Rockers Club, Varsity Club, Plaines- man Rifle Pistol Team, 12. JENNINGS, JOHNNY W. Drum Bugle Corps, Rifle Club, 11; Drama Club, Audio-visual Technician, 11-12; Battalion Staff, Sergeant Major, 12. KEENAN, MICHAEL Chevrons, Best Drilled Platoon, Best All Around Company, 11; Crack Platoon, N.C.O., Supply Hall, 11-12; Rockers Club, No Demerits, Busted! 12. KIMNACH, GARY C. Best Drill Squad, Best Drill Company, No Demerits, 10; N.C.O., 10-12; Chevrons, Rockers 11-12; Annual Staff, 12. LAU, IRVIN W. C.S.U., 10; N.C.O., Honor Cadet, 10,11; Drum Bugle Corps, 10-12; Drama Club, N.C.O. Club, Highest Mil. Average, 11; Sabers Club, Glee Club, 11-12. LITTLE, DEAN M. No Demerits, 10; N.C.O., Crack Platoon, Best Company, 10-11; No Demerits, 11; Officer, Drama Club, 12. LUBIN, STANLEY R. Honor Cadet, Drum Bugle Corps, 9-12; N.C.O., 10-12; Class Treasurer, No Demer- its, Varsity Rifle Team, Key Club, 11-12; Distinguished Cadet, Treasurer of Rockers Club, 12. McCOY, PAUL F. N.C.O., 11-12; N.C.O. I C Armory, Rockers Club, 12. MARTIN, DAVID C. J.V. Football, 10; Beta Club, 10-11; N.C.O. , 11-12; Athletic Staff, 12. MAULDIN, VICTOR S. Best Drilled Platoon, Best All Around Company, 11; N.C.O., Spanish Club, Key Club, 11-12; Drama Club, Annual Staff, Maud, 12. MIDGETTE, CHARLES O. Honor Cadet, Beta Club, 11; Tidewater Scholastic Team, Key Club, C.S.U., 11-12; Honor Cadet, Rockers Club, 12. MILES, RONALD E. Wrestling, Best Drilled Old Cadet, Best Drilled Company, 9-10; Best Drilled Old Cadet, 10; Glee Club, 10-12; Chevron Club, [ N.C.O., 11; No Demerits, Tennis, 11-12; Saber Club, Spanish Club, 12. MONTERAN, JACQUES P. No demerits, 11; Spanish Club, N.R.A., N.C.O., Best Drilled Company, 11-12; French Club, Varsity Rifle Pistol Teams, 12 . MOORE, MIKE L. Highest Military Average, Sharpshooter, 11; Crack Drill Team, Key Club, 11-12; Annual Staff, Spanish Club, Rockers Club, Sabers Club, Grundy, 12. MOSS, GREGORY D. Beta Club, 10-11; N.C.O., Drum Bugle Corps, 10-12; Spanish Club, 11-12. MYERS, THOMAS E.. Crack Platoon, 9; Chow Hall, 9-11; Span- ish Club, 10; N.C.O., 11-12; Varsity Wres- tling, 12. NEAL, WALLACE R. Rockers Club, 11; Basketball, Monogram Club, 10-12; N.C.O., Track Team, Most Outstanding Basketball Player, 11-12. O’TOOLE, DENNIS M. Spanish Club, 10-11; N.C.O., 10,12; Officer, 11 . PARNELL, JAMES Q. N.C.O., 11-12; 1st Place Lake Plaine Surf- ing Championship, 3rd Place East Coast Surfing Championship, 3rd Place Ocean City Surfing Championship. POCOCK, DUANE P. Best Drilled Company, Basketball, 10; Best Drilled Company, Crack Platoon, Cadet of the Week, 11; No Demerits, N.C.O., 11-12; Officer, 12. PRIDGEN, DENNIS B. N.C.O., Crack Squad, Crack Platoon, 11; Drama Club, 11-12; Officer, V.P. Senior Class, 12. RAGAN, GEORGE M. No Demerits, 11; N.C.O., Asst. 1st Sgt., Hawks Hall, 12. RAWLS, ASHBURN L. Crack Platoon, Golf Team, 11; Drama Club, Robert Hall, 11-12; N.C.O., Supply Hall, 12 . RIGGS, PHILLIP L. Spanish Club, Crack Platoon, 11; Drama Club, N.C.O., 11-12. ROBINSON, GEORGE T. Crack Platoon, Best Drilled Squad, Best Drilled Company, C.S.U., 11; N.C.O., 11-12; Track, 12. ROESCH, JOHN C. Best Drilled Platoon, Best All Around Company, C.S.U., Drama Club, 11; Rockers Club, 11-12. ROWE, RUSSELL H. C.S.U., 11; “C” Co., 11-12; N.C.O., Expert Rifleman, 12. SAWYER, FRED A. J.V. Football and Basketball, 9-10; Highest Military Average, President of Sophomore Class, 10; N.C.O., Best Drilled Company, 10-11; President of Junior Class, 11; Offi- cer, 11-12; Expert Rifl eman, Sabers Club, 12. SCHAPPERT, ROBERT J. Crack Squad, 9; Glee Club, 9-12; Spanish Club, Drum Bugle Corps, 10-11; N.C.O., 10-12; Track, Drum Major, Junior N.R.A., 11; Drama Club, 12. SHEALEY, HARVEY W. Chow Hall, 11-12. SHERARD, CHRISTOPHER W. Spanish Club, 11; Supply Hall, 11-121- Sharpshooter, N.C.O., 12. SMALL, JOHN F. Best Drilled Company, 10; Color Guard N.C.O., Rockers Club, 11; Key Club, N I Demerits, 11-12; Treasurer Saber Clutl H.Q. Commander, Captain of Swimmini Team, 12. SMITH, LESLIE R. Wrestling, Crack Platoon, 11; N.C.O., Chevrons, Chow Hall Staff, 12. SMITH, SCOTT S. Basketball, Armory Staff; 11; N.C.O. (Ret.), Rockers, C.S.U., Marksman, 12. SPIVEY, RONALD A. Track, 11; Spanish Club, N.C.O., Rifle Range N.C.O. , 12. STANDING, GUY A. Color Guard, N.C.O., 11-12; Marksman, 12 . STANFORD, SAM R. anish Club, Treasurer of Key Club, 11- ; Chow Hall, N.C.O., 12. STILLMAN, GREG ?y Club, 11; V.P. Key Club, 12; Glee Club, C.O., 11-12. TEBBS, CHARLES B. Crack Platoon, C.S.U., 10; Spanish Club, 10- 11; N.C.O., 10-12; Varsity Pistol Team, 11- 12; Plainesman Rifle Pistol Club, 12. TENBUSCH, WILLIAM D. Glee Club, Wrestling Mgr., No Demerits, Marksman, 11; Varsity Club, 11-12; Foot- ball Mgr., Secretary Athletic Department, Drama Club, 12. TOLAN, DELMA R. leta Club, Glee Club, Honor Cadet, 11; l.C.O. 11-12. TOWNE, WILLIAM H. lest Drilled Company, Best Drilled Squad, Irack Platoon, No Demerits, 11; Drama Hub, Chow Hall N.C.O. I C, 12. TRIPLETT, EDDY E. Best Drilled Company, Crack Squad, 9; No Demerits, 9-12; Track, 10; N.C.O., 10-11; Chevron Club, Junior N.R.A., 11; Saber Club, 12. WILKINSON, THOMAS L. Crack Platoon, Best Drilled Company, 10; Glee Club, Best Drilled Company, 11; No Demerits, N.C.O., 11-12; Rock- ers Drama Club, 12. WILLIAMSON, ALTON L. Spanish Club, Chevrons, Battaliof Staff N.C.O., Senior NRA High Marks man, 11; N.C.O., Class Officer, Pista Team, Rifle Team, Plainesman Rifle d Pistol Team, Expert Rifleman, Office i 11 - 12 . U SALE, WILTON F. Tidewater Regional Knitting Championship First Prize. Member, Charles B. Tebbs Fan Club. Three-time Winner, Ted Mack Orginal Amateur Hour. All Star Wrestling, Channel 27. Stratford Shakespeare Festival, Critic’s Choice, 1832. Pillsbury Bake-Off, First Prize, Ready-Made Mix Division. Varsity Football, 1962-66. President and Charter Member, Batman Fan Club, F.M.A. Chapter. B.C., 1966-67. 36 SHB VSM Girls on campus ? Not me, sir. What! ? Us gamble! ? Military cut please 6.28 x 10 3 more hours and I get out. Yes, Tony, That’s a girl. 37 This is McCoy ' s Guidon Hello Mat Ayres How do you spell that? Fox Hall strongarm 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! 38 Two campus lovelies Today, Frederick. Tomorrow, the world! Take my picture, or I’ll kill ya’! Mrs. Conway — you gotta’ be kiddin’! double “R”-I, “S”-“0”-“N”. Good Lord, a six foot- long cock- roach! I’ve got to get organized. Next week. Xa xvc o e ifiov E ' JTt ' jredo f vepo YloWoi CX r]v £X W eanaropiov, p a oL x a l xvc0 L l 10V BiruireSo IlXXoi CWtjv fx w Aoi C t)v x w so’TLaropiOV, ot x a M 1 CL e t-iiov ettitteSo XOtp(p(DV(o IlXXot CWtiv fc ' x w fj 7 n 7 0 P YOpgOV( vepo x p p ovw l ■ _ S m f W 1 | I 1966 Bast mtr Being of Sound Body and Mind, I . . . . “Duck” Allen leave all my wise quacks to the Maj. and all my tail feathers to the Col. to rest his weary bones. Waverly Alley leave my famous suitcase and laundry bag to Paul McCoy. Private Berlin leave to “Unkie” one copy of my best selling novel, Don’t Trust Your Relatives. Eddie Blasche leave to any Junior my ability to not wear any brass for 72 days and not get caught. LaRue “Yogi” Boyce leave F.M.A. after 4 years my record for being A.W.O.L., getting busted, and ordering beer over the guard- shack phone to anyone who wishes to catch Hell. Brock Man leave the weekend of March 11- 13 to Jeff Carpenter, and the keys to the mobile to Maud. Tom Tom leave to anyone that can use them, one well worn pair of No Demerit tabs. Jimmie Dicksey leave Capt. Ruiz the book entitled How to Improve Your Bull- shooting. Earle Eagan leave F.M.A. with hopes of never returning. Joseph A. Elliot leave F.M.A. a laundry bag and one ole holey sock. Lloyd Emory leave to Col. Plaine and Col. West my respects and warmest thanks for helping me through the various difficult times.. Jim Gettings leave to Col. Plaine his sand- box full of .22 shells and cigarette butts. Danny Hand finally leave with hopes that F.M.A. will someday become a world re- nowned, plush, pre-fabricated co-ed school with penthouse dorms. Brian Hetzel leave to John Small what he never received on his birthday. I’ll mail it to you wrapped real pretty, John. Jack Higgins leave to Capt. Sale one spilled bucket of paint, and to J. W. Huskey an “ayr” proof A.W.O.L. bag. Frank Jacobs, Jr. leave one battlescarred guidon to the returning inhabitants of this cockroach-infested place. Thomas James leave F.M.A. 1 bar of soap for Pvt. Fitzgerald. Bryan Janney leave Frederick a joke, like I found it. Johnny Jennings leave to Capt. Harrison one fully-equipped microphone, less the speaker. Mike Keenan leave Capt. Ju-kola one used broom to sweep up all the empty coke cans. Gary Kimnach leave to F.M.A. my lifetime membership to the Mickey Mouse Club. Sonny Lau leave F.M.A. the same way I came, Speechless. Stan Lubin leave the Jr. Sr. Class, and Rockers treasuries to an aspiring young Jewish Freshman. Paul McCoy leave the Military Department one “personalized” guidon. Maud leave my ability to drive the — mobile on the weekend of March 11-13 to Steve Brockman and his cohorts. Ronnie Miles leave the dust and mud of the Drill Field. 46 an cf Ues lament “Frenehy” Monteran leave my great room- mates Allen, Fitzgerald and Hamilton. Mike Moore leave to Capt. Garrett my ori- ginal quotation and to NWH some spoiled cheese. Greg Moss leave for good ! Tom Myers leave four years of my life be- hind. Richard Neal leave to Capt. Sale his mother, who would not let him come out and play with me. Dennis O’Toole leave my position in “Tom- Tom’s” Color Guard to Cadet James Obadiah Nunley Fitzgerald, IV. Jimmy Parnell leave Frederick for Viet Nam. George Ragan leave F.M.A. the absence of a military genius. Sonny Riggs leave to those poor unfor- tunate souls coming back next year, my comb and Mac’s clippers. G. T. Robinson leave to Col. Plaine one “B” jacket (without stripes) and an empty laun- dry bag to Mr. Wright. Rutty Rowe leave to Col. Plaine my great military attitude. Fred Sawyer leave a book entitled, 1001 Ways to Obtain Leave, . . . Revised. Harvey Shealey leave to Col. Plaine one dirty, greasey, grimy, oily, crusty, rifle for some poor soul next year. John Small leave the F.M.A. Woman’s Cen- tral Intelligence Association to the next fellow who falls into my place. Les Smith leave to Maj. Reichenbacher my ability to be military, and my Mickey Mouse ears to Col. Plaine. Scott Smith leave Lt. Carl Colonna a degree in “B.S.”. Ronnie Spivey leave Maj. Gelbach “PAW”! I found him in the White House. “HAW, HAW, HAW”! Guy A. Standing LEAVE!!! My best wishes for future success and hap- piness to Mac. He’ll need it! Charley Tebbs leave Capt. Sale one volume of Das Kapital. Bill Tenbusch leave to next year’s secretary of the Athletic Dept, the keys to Maj. Davis’ car. Del Tolan do not leave anything to any- body. Bill Towne leave next year’s Chow Hall N.C.O. Mrs. Conway, all those dirty dishes, and the keys to the Ptomaine Tavern. Eddy Triplett leave to Col. West the keys to the old Ford, and to Col. Plaine an old raggedy Sam Brown. Tom Wilkinson leave to “Dew Drop” Evans some leadership, so his hall won’t overrun him. Tony Williamson leave to Rick Williams and Tim Marshall anything at F.M.A. their little hearts desire. Ronnie Isbel do not leave, yet. Chris Sherard leave Mr. Doerr one “Dar- ling Dottie Nurse Kit” with matching apron and gloves and easy to follow instructions. 47 David Martin did not submit a LAST WILL and therefore is assumed to be immortal. Glass 1965 66 AMES, ROBERT A. Pennsauken, New Jersey ANTONELLO, RALPH W. Carteret, N. J. — Football BAKER, PAUL W. Norfolk, Va. — Football Wrestling BERGER, GLENN E. Haddonfield, N. J. — Football BIELLI, THOMAS F. Philadelphia, Pa. — Football BONO, ERNEST P. Philadelphia, Pa. — Football BOZMAN, VAUGHN P. Crewe, Va. — Football BROOK, JOSEPH R. Pennsauken, N. J. — Football BULICZ, CHARLES J. Philadelphia, Pa. — Football BURKE, EDWARD F. Wilkes-Barre, Pa. — Football CASPER, ROBERT C. CASTONE, WILLIAM Chesapeake, Va.— Football Hammonton, N. J. — Football Basketball CLEMENTS, DAVID W. Virginia Beach, Va. — Basketball CLARK, ROBERT I. Inwood, N. Y. — Football COLADONATO, ROBERT J. Philadelphia, Pa. — Football CONNI, DENNIS S. Excelsior, Pa. — Football COOPER, JACK D. Roanoke, Va. — Football CREMINS, ROBERT J. New York, N. Y. — Basketball Track DAVIDSON, THOMAS C. Marlton, N. J. — Football DECKER, DENNIS M. Norfolk, Va. — Basketball Track DIEHL, STEVEN L. Roanoke, Va. — Football Basketball DI ORIO, JOSEPH M. Newark. N. J. — Football Wrestling DRISCOLL, DENNIS M. Hammonton, New Jersey EVANS, JACK S. Fredericksburg, Va. Football EVERETT, ERIC C. Raleigh, N. C. — Football FOGLEMAN, HERSHEL P. Newport News, Virginia FOTA, STANLEY A. Philadelphia, Pa. — Football GATTUSO, ANDREW Gibbstown, N. J. — Football GIZZI, THOMAS Philadelphia, Pa. — Football GILMORE, DOUGLAS H. Hialeah, Fla. — Basketball GRAY, RICHARD E. Virginia Beach, Virginia GRIFFIN, RALPH J. Portsmouth, Va. — Football GOGUL, JOHN J. Lanham, Maryland HARKINS, GEORGE V. New Brunswick, N. J. — Football HARRELSON, GERALD D. New Bern, N. C. — Football HARRISON, NATHANIEL W. Grafton, Virginia HOF, JULIUS R. Berkeley Heights, N. J. Football HOF, PHILIP A. Berkeley Heights, N. J. Wrestling HYSONG, CHARLES E. Hendersonville, N. C. Basketball IMMEL, HARRY D. Langley A. F. B.— Football JARONCZYK, ROBERT J. Norfolk, Va. — Football JONES, RICHARD B. Norfolk, Va. — Football KIMBALL, ALAN H. Virginia Beach, Virginia KOPENHAVER, ROBERT Paxinos, Pa.— Football Wrestling KWESELL, DAVID F. Brockton, Mass. — Football LARMOUR, GREGORY Virginia Beach, Virginia LE DOYEN, DAVID R. Chesapeake, Va. — Football LOOBY, JOSEPH M. Cherry Hill, N. J. — Football LUPTON, ELMO G. Oriental, North Carolina McCauley, david a. Norfolk, Va. — Football MATYIKO, JERRY B. Virginia Beach, Va. — Football Wrestling MELE, JOSEPH F. Jersey City, N. J. — Football MOON, WILLIAM L. Roanoke, Va. — Football MURPHY, EUGENE M. Whippany, N. J. — Wrestling ODLAND, EDWARD O. Brooklyn, New York PATTON, FRANK A. Hopewell, Virginia POTTER, MARVIN R. Chesapeake, Va. — Football RAYNOR, KEITH M. Raleigh, N. C. — Football REED, DEEN T. Portsmouth, Virginia ROBINSON, THOMAS G. Norfolk, Virginia ROGERS, JIMMY L. Fayetteville, North Carolina ROLLER, DONALD T. Norfolk, Virginia RUSSO, MICHAEL L. Brooklyn, New York SANTANIELLO, NICHOLAS J. Lancaster, Pa. — Football SAPP, STANLEY B. Chapin, South Carolina SCHEINFELD, DAVID J. Philadelphia, Pa. — Football Basketball SHUSTER, GARY K. Willingboro, N. J. — Football SIPES, DAVID L. Portsmouth, Virginia SOLONOSKI, ANDREW S. Hazelton, Pa. — Football SPECKMANN, GUY B. Pennsauken, N. J. — Basketball THOMPSON, MICHAEL B. Alexandria, Virginia THOMPSON, PRINCE A. Cape Charles, Virginia TYBURCZY, JOHN Garfield, N. J. — Football VERNON, DONALD E. Virginia Beach, Va. — Football WALLER, WILLIAM R. Virginia Beach, Virginia WARREN, GLENN Q. Conway, N. C. — Basketball WHITLEY, CHARLES O. Smithfield, North Carolina WILLIAMS, ROBERT E. Colonial Heights, Va. Football YATES, ROBERT R. Absecon, N. J. — Football Wrestling 1 Colonel Plaine sits on “his chair” as he coaches one of the rifle teams. Possessing a critical eye and ready for the slightest infraction of range ■V ' ; fire-safety, Col. knows his job and does it well. jt « . r 4 r . i 1 F L W 1 f ■I k v I WA00BB! P ' _- • » _ m 1 i Major Reichenbacher drills those cadets unfortunate enough to be march- ing demerits, this time, in platoon formation with rifles. Major is un- equalled in his ability as a drill instructor, as any cadet who’s been under his command knows. Lt. Evans, D. A, Sgt. Maj. Jennings, J. W. Capt. Pridgen, D. B. Capt. Berlin, W. L. 1st Capt. Harrison, N. W. i £ as 1 «. v ; ni 1 - - 9 1 j ■ Capt. Lau, I. W. Go or Guard drum and Giup e Gorp: S.F.C. Daniels, W. V Jfeacfc uarters Detachm ent I0.i£ CPfaioon Staff Lt. Harrell, D.E. Sgt. Lustig. B.H. Artillery D etachm en TIME r O ouarter down yds to go Pi Ife Vjw r»» ■ SSTSotn rS ' iiOl ■ ’ 1 :U | _ | r wTf m m I It • isA Lt. Archbell, S. B., Capt. Gray, R. E., 1st Sgt. Kinnach, G. W, oon Lt. Casper, R. C. Lt. Moore, M. L. „ — 2nd Jdatoon 3 ref 7 fa toon Lt. Little, D. M. Capt. Boyce, W. L. 1st Sgt. Schappert, R. Lt. Emory, L. H. 3 ref fPfatoon Lt. Szabo, J. L. w — Lt. Hirchmann, M. N., Capt. Little, D. M., 1st Sgt. Roesch, J. C. ' atoon 1 Lt. Triplett, E. F. 3 ref CPfatoon 2ncf CPfatoon Lt. Small, J. F. 7 J ain e smcin J istof an cf iRiJTe ufeam Standing: Col. R. C. Plaine— Coach, H. S. Jones, J. R. Watkins, B. H. Janney, W. R. Allen, J. M. Gettings, W. C. Mahoney. Kneeling: M. N. Hirschman, T. J. James, G. W. George, S. R. Lubin, W. V. Daniels, R. A. Peterson, A. L. Williamson. ( Varsity J J isto 7 earn Standing: Col. R. C. Plaine — Coa«_h, J. P. Monteran, D. E. Harrell, C. B. Tebbs, J. M. Gettings, A. L. Williamson. Kneeling: D. B. MacLean, C. S. Hickman, W. R. Allen. ' w TJarsity Tvif e 0 earn Kneeling: B. H. Feldman, H. S. Jones, S. R. Lubin, S. A. Fota, D. J. Anthony, W. B. Blasche. Standing: D. B. MacLean, G. W. Howell. N. D. Maggio, J. P. Monteran, W. H. Jones, W. R. Allen, R. W. Morris, Coach: Ma.j. Reichenbacher. Junior Kneeling: M. B. Coleman, H. S. Jones, S. E. Firestone, W. C. Riddick, R. C. Thomas, C. S. Hickman, D. A. Evans, J. W. Carpenter. Standing: Coach: Ma.j. Reichenbacher, D. B. MacLean, C. T. Williford, N. D. Maggio, R. W. Little, J. Wells, P. L. Daniels, D. F. Bundick. 7)atia i ion Sir, I can’t find my Platoon. Sin Action He thinks I’m going to salute him. Bull session at drill. Light the fuse now!! The color guard. Did Mrs. Conway really start like this ? The Military IV Class saw their chance and took appropriate action. Lube! You gotta be kiddin! JlCi iiar ij IV Ualzes Alynshduse But ■ Colonel, Oh Colonel; please stop x Ouil ' dav t o jv i rM de trh ' buF? " C • i BENNER S HILL O’ Colpt l, Our Colondl, recall our second yet GULP ' S hilV We (thought ive chpldfget out of things,% , tj Wifh you D yxg r jshf lfjLAiave known. p| | ORCHARD ' it O’ Colonel! Our C AieT r ‘p ' riwhiphant noiv Il ' r stin ted hfYV z £ litti bgye roiUe u . ' k " ) We ji w) emiergej ' d manf T A , § WeiKer ' Timbers ' V ■•iv, si -od s% as - eF ’i Si Herr avern ' : i K y; i V V’ A „ ; ; y 5 ' v£ 3 Our iGoJojk jfy$% Jw Colonel, Our Cftonel, oiu- bton ed task in donS - 0 Four Years ' see’ ve -spent f $V In Trouble every dye! | ul % TJite ' Pijr te calls , ,at . Ux-tif te t, forhations,- sn§w of m r We’IAi ni arched] demerits, bejkn chewed out That Is fyoxv fi %awi£l tygur fame. On. A (lay Ho jump 0’ Colonel hur Cblonel jefaOh Just ffieshpi n ksi o w in g n $C ha n i l A All officers vef feared. ' These water fights latejjk Those intramirals irC tHe Ajjfn. — build Here CoUrfhel, OurJcM ifl! that was ' You jiiyst admit now, e were bacl, Fo C ' t$tfn you toldfnshso. ' -McMillan D. Benner Most its back as ii plmmores, now, “We% jexperts nojuC} upt sneered! A n tv gym built, a p ' ov§)dlT - ' field, PlaincA £$ce Of Attacks by seagulls -pip he corps, that $ n 9 %g ° w pAL Put Colonel! Row fcolc g£!to somk ytftt gjjav$ u M$Jtrari ' « R You yelled afrus, so very much, as vie modelled from fla n k to flank. -•S ' ? A n Meade sHq • 0’ Colonel, OhrrColonel, our juniof year ' ’had ' p ancle, A And some ofpffe grew up that yfkr, Ar d still hem iots of fun! . ..... That first long day with alf. jme " ram, endurance! wds ' our trial And mosf pf us, •with sftnpefaon sleeves hioived ' p f’Ailr three year stAfe! 1 1 HerC CrA nel, ' On Cjncbiel, look upland see iwe’ve dWtftM’. T , !i- L •. ' V. w Pit 2er Pjit;« r j School And aL your class , upon ouK maps, ice f4fL „ „ ahe(hir leC ershipf y mb, stressed at ns, yoyr vo AH§ noire always heard! f ' ' JE i(t Colonel! Noiv Colonel 7 remember, li h tfiyou’d say, iM ll ijoe UettsiOB icmlfitpllow usi - 1 nk v % | z Rj: ' ' p. ;; 5 • JdJii t ' % i. .£t ! J M r -“a j | f M AROUND top Federal Infantry C 1947-1965 1947-1966 Irmory S taJjf and CRanye Staff J. M. Gettings, R. W. Morris, R. A. Spivey. Left to Right: M. E. Bishop, S. D. Pointer, S. M. Traynor, R. W. Little, P. F. McCoy, D. E. Harrell, W. C. Mahoney, W. M. Alley. Left to Right: R. L. Oaten, R. P. Phillips, T. A. Rawls, C. W. Sher- ard, F. 0. (Steam- boat) Wright — Manager, C. 0. Midgette. Top to Bottom, Left to Right: H. B. Killam, A. R. Jennings, H. W Shealey, D. B. Jez- equel, Mrs. Con- way. J. W. Hug- gett, S. R. Stan- ford, W. K. Meyer, J. C. Hudgins, A. R. Harvey, E. C. Everett, J. F. Mele, 0. K. Bell, J. C. L e w i n , W. H. Towne. c Student G iapfain Service Seated: Capt. Presson, Sponsor. First Row: N. T. Poarch, D. L. DuVal, C. G. Gregory, J. G. Richardson. Second Row: E. M. Riley, T. H. Brady, K. R. Blow, R. H. Boynton, A. H. Gwaltney. Seated: Dr. Lindsay, Mr. Doerr. Standing: T. E. Gorden, R. T. Bright, J. C. English. 7 )arsiiy C) uS Standing, Top: D. M. Finder, C. J. Corbett. W. D. Ten- busch, T. E. Barry, J. B. Pruden, J. A. Ward, D. W. Ariail, R. E. Miles, Q. J. Tamm, L. S. Barden, L. B. Linkous, J. S. Block, J. L. Szabo. Seated: J. D. Suther- land, E. M. Murphy, J. S. Evans, R. E. Williams, D. E Vernon, J. F. Bowman. First Row: J. B. Johnston, E. D. Crute. D. M. Finder. Second Row: J. A. Ward. L. B. Linkous, J. L. Szabo, R. A. Spivey, R. E. Miles, J. M. Hinch. Third Row: W. R. Cupp, M. G. Batson, T. E. Barry, M. W. Orkin, J. R. Glaser, E. L. Ruiz — Sponsor, J. D. Sutherland, R. W. Antonello, J. S. Evans, M. L. Moore, D. W. Evans, G. A. Macklin. Drama GIuS Sitting: R. G. Bessent, F. L. Jacobs, R. J. Schappert, W. L. Berlin, F. A. Sawyer. Standing: W. V. Daniels, J. H. Dicksey, Coach W. F. Sale, J. W. Huskey, E. T. Eagan. DD ee G u£ Lt. R. J. Reynolds — Director, H. L. Carter, A. W. Blanchard, J. G. Richardson. Second Row: M. B. Cole- man, J. B. Stanley, R. C. Thomas, R. J. Schappert, G. D. Moss, N. T. Poarch. Third Row: D. R. Watson, R. E. Miles, H. A. Kimball, H. W. Gay, J. M. Sochor, G. N. Stillman, I. W. Lau. 3J£e 3a6ers Sitting: Col. Robert C. Plaine — Sponsor, R. E. Gray, D. B. Pridgen, F. A. Sawyer, W. L. Berlin, N. W. Harrison. Standing: L. H. Emory, D. M. Little, D. T. Reed, S. B. Archbell, M. L. Moore, D. E. Harrell, R. E. Miles, D. W. Evans, J. F. Small, E. F. Triplett, R. P. Isbel, I. W. Lau, A. L. Williamson, J. L. Szabo. Bottom Row: S. R. Lubin, B. R. Hetzel, Ma.i. David R. Reichenbacher, J. W. Jen- nings, J. E. Kneas. Second Row: J. W. Huskey, R. A. Peterson, C. B. Tebbs, G. C. Kimnach, J. Q. Parnell, F. L. Jacobs. K. B. Nuckols, C. 0. Midgette, W. D. Shealey. Third Row: G. W. George, T. J. James, S. H. Brockman, W. V. Daniels, W. C. Mahoney, W. H. Towne, M. F. Thompson, T. A. Hazelwood, A. W. Blanchard, D. H. Smith, W. M. Alley. Fourth Row: J. H. Dicksey, B. H. Janney, D. L. Hand, M. Keenan, G. R. Bain, D. G. Williams, T. L. Wilkinson, T. Stevenson, V. S. Mauldin, E. D. Crute, R. T. Bright. Uhe Ttocfzers Dedication of the school’s new flag-pole, given by the Key Club. This year, the Key Club again distinguished itself as the most outstand- ing (if not the only) service organization on campus. Activities included selling of bow-ties and flowers for the Military Ball, tree planting, new ping-pong table s for the canteen, slave sale, and book sale. Mistaken for a tree, Lt. Collonna is buried alive by the Key Club. 78 D. H. Smith C. O. Midgette R. P. Isbcl M. L. Moore J. F. Small S. H. Brockman J. W. Carpenter M. B. Coleman G. W. George L. H. Hamilton J. W. Huskey S. A. Fota N. D. Maggio A. L. Rawls A. O. McIntyre J. G. Richardson Brockman’s reaction upon realizing that annual is W 2 . months and 157 pages behind. Lascivious picture? Yo u bet! I’m keeping it for myself! Maud’s drawing obscene pictures again. The Annual Staff hardly at work “Hey! Mauldin’s passed out on the floor.” “I’ve got it. A toilet paper annual!” 80 This picture has no caption. Maj. Clarence P. Mooring, Sponsor Maj. Mooring has been a great help this year to the Annual Staff and has put up with all our un-met deadlines and hare-brained ideas. He has been our link with the administration and faculty and has served us well in this capacity. The “Maj.” has been responsible for popcorn, pizza, coffee, cokes, apple turnovers, and in gen- eral, all the refreshments consumed by the starving annual staff. Jim Kneas furtively watches as Vic Mauldin sabotages still another page, while Steve Brockman (BROCK MAN) looks in disbelief at Woody Gay’s latest (Ugh!) masterpiece (?). At right Jeff Carperter (efficiency expert) slowly gets sick over the entire scene. You’ll get used to it after a while. Blleeecch!! All right Harrison! All right! We heard it twice already. Let’s see, only 262 more days and they’ll be gone, thank goodness. Two days and already it’s broken. We’re nothin’ but military Mrs. Conway didn’t . . . ? 84 What are James Janney up to now? Cjacfeis an cf CParenis The unemployment office is down town, gentlemen. So nice to meet you ... so nice to meet you ... so nice to meet you ... so nice to meet you . . . how do you do ? ... how do you do ? What do you say we just sneak off? 85 Spirit at 7 TIC. r A. Goooooooooo! Frederick!!!!! Mel wants to talk to ya. I can’t jump. cS o nps Jemp » 7e mn e! Russ Denof — Most Outstanding Player Award The Corps marches at half-time. Henry H. Church Rifles Conni intercepts pass. 87 Rip ’em up, tear ’em up . . .! Uarietu The FMA Folk Group. After six weeks any thing looks good. I told you, we shouldn’t have eaten those prunes. And now for my next number. ance Ua en ines I would like for you to meet . . . Help! Qjhristmas Room “tench-hut”! Hey! We ought to do this more often! Who took this picture? Wake up Rick, “Batman” was just here. Look! Polka dots ... A nut in each group I.Q. .05 Hurry up and take the picture we’re hungry. 91 Miss Nancy Mauldin, Battalion Sweetheart, crowns Miss Anne Dunlop, Queen of the Military Ball. 08JT 196.5 Wait until you ta The Swingers 94 A good A busy night at the Suburban Country Club. te what I put in it! Wlnnuaf " Wrestling Wo a mam ent Look at the pretty trophies. Winners from FMA. Coach Davis and Coach Jones present awards at the tournament. (Right) dhagpo e dedication UAe new ffagpo e, given io iredericd Sy the dCey ( ) uB, is dedicated with dt i wants ( dufj representatives , hi (jofonnp and administration officiating. “It’s too big!” “Let me down, fellas, please!” NOAH. “Drought’s drought — and a dream’s a dream.” JIM. “Holy mackerel, Noah — them eggs is raw!” JIM. “You don’t?! Don’t you like spit in the Ocean ? !” Directed by Wilton F. Sale Cast H. C. Curry . . . Noah Curry . . . Jim Curry .... Lizzie Curry . . . File Sheriff Thomas Bill Starbuck . . Jack Higgins Jody Higgins Danny Hand . Anne Inscoe Philip Inscoe . . Bill Berlin . Brandt Ross H.C. “For you, Lizzie? I don’t think he knows who you are! I think he dreamed you up in his head.” NOAH. “You told her nothin’ but lies! She’s the smartest girl in the world! She’s beautiful! And that’s the worst lie of all! Be- cause you know she’s not beautiful. She’s plain!!” Why, Phil Mackie! — how goodie-good-look- in’ you are! LIZZIE. “I came out to thank you for what you said to Noah.” JIM. “Holy mackerel, Pop, your face is all over white- wash.” O.K. you guys, we got the Another 100 in English, money let’s blow this joint. Let’s see only 157 more rehearsals and we will be ready. »w ww 5 senior C) ass J deserts S a a Directed by Idi ion 77. Safe aa 17 77 y Dona cf Jjeoan and C cfmund 7f rzcinsTzi STOSH. “Stop talking like a broken-down virgin and dance.” “When he told me it was about a P.O.W. Camp I figured it would be a natural!” “Have you any last words before I throw the switch?” STOSH: “What a build! . . . Boy, is your girlfriend going to be dis- appointed!” HERB: “You guys think you’re funny but you’re not ... let me have my towel.” 101 Boot? Out TjeacAj Uhe Cj au after hosts the 1966 ffunlor 7fere We Cjome! ! Senior ; with iAe Adrians Change of Commancf 1966 What’s the rush ? fB it . uVjfyfj iijl mu i f il L lySF f a Jt l ) If • 4 1 | - HtC If ft ' 4 ii Wl ! ' fM vl 1 ' ,««4 fl j , 1 ! iRt iV5 t fjT 5 Hr if , I didn’t think we could have the same Battalion commander two years in a row JlCotjfi . er s The cadets enjoy another “every day” “run of the mill” Sunday lunch. Just one? 106 Oat 1966 ’4 r ! 9 • ■ pr i t Jk sV ' A ' y J i ■ fV • • n V i jl The Four Seasons? Look at the fancy ice cream men. Gee whiz! Graduation is at 2 A.M. on the 29. It’s broken! Don’t drop it coach. When are you going to learn how to dress your- self! Mine’s smaller than the others. W? ' T. BACCALAUREATE SERMON FREDERICK MILITARY ACADEMY AUDITORIUM Sunday, May 29. 1966 11:00 A. M. GRADUATION EXERCISES FREDERICK MILITARY ACADEMY AUDITORIUM Sunday, May 29. 1966 Processional — " P omp and Circumstance " . . Elgar Prayer Chaplain Wallace Coggins Salutatorian Address Cadet David C. Martin Special Mt ' sic — “America the Beautiful” .Ward Processional — “Rigaudon” Andre ' Campra Hymn — “0 God Our Help in Ages Past” Wattsandroft Announcements Colonel Philip G. Inscoe Scripture Reaping Chaplain Wallace Coggins Morning Prayer Chaplain Wallace Coggins Special MUSIC Cadet Sgt. Michael Coleman Special Ml ' siC — America the Beautiful Academy Glee Club Address — “Making A Living or A Life” Dr. T. A. Russell Portsmouth, Va. PRESENTATION OF Awards Colonel Philip G. Inscoe Valfjuctorian Address Cadet M Sgt Charles 0. Midgette Presentation of Diplomas . Colonel Philip G. Inscoe Major C. Poe Mooring Recessional Sermon — “T he Foundations of Life Chaplain Wilber C. Presson Frederick Military Academy. Portsmouth. Virginia Benediction Chaplain Wilber C. Presson Recessional — “T riumphal March” .Verdi Lieutenant Sam Reynolds Mrs. Sam Reynolds Seerttary A. L. Williamson mmrn Jl uni or Gfa ass icers Easier, F. M. Edwards, R. S English, J. C. Cully, P. A. Daniels, P. L. Downing, P. W Evans, D. A. Evans, D. W. Fitzgerald, J. O. BB, — r. ,1 [ tv i aL .Av V Whitney, A. W. Williams, D. G. Starstud 65-66 Author of “Ross, Plain English Handbook II” 2nd Place pencil chewing contest 66-67 Helicopter Pilot 66-67 Founder of the “Fifties” Club 66-67 124 v f r Op l( o no re Gfa ass 126 Boaz, K. E. Bowden, C. E. Blanchard, A. W. Block, J. S. Bowman, J. F. Addenbrook, J. V. Brady, T. H. 127 Broadwell, M. E. Bryant, W. R. 128 Finder, D. M. Firestone, S. E. Fletcher, J. G. Fletcher, W. S. Gaupp, G. T. Gay, W. H. Germain, D. E, Gordon, T. E. Gradus, P. A. 129 130 Leite, H. W. Little, R. W. Lowe, R. W. 131 NeSmith, M. J. Oaten, R. L. Patrick, T. A. 132 133 Jreshman Abdian, A. G. Adams, T. J. Anthony, D. J. Bell, 0. K. Bertrand, R. W. Bishop, M. E. Blow, K. R. Bobb, J. H. Boynton, R. H. Carter, H. L. Collins, T. P. Conklin, K. W. Corbett, C. L. Cowles, R. C. Daniel, B. L. Daniels, M. B. Davis, J. E. DuVal, D. L. Fridley, F. W Greene, P. R. Gfc ass Greene, R. A. Gregory, G. G. Gwaltney, A. H. Hall, R. L. Hamilton, J. G. Harvey, A. R. Hawkins, J. R. Holland, E. E. Hume, R. W. Jacobs, M. A. Jenkins, S. G. Johnson, M. K, Keller, S. W. Kissel, P. Krenzer, W. S. Lee, S. W. Leonard, J. R. Lewis, D. K. McIntyre, A. 0. Mohler, J. V. Ober, M. V. Orkin, M. W. Parker, R. A. Parson, J. R. Payne, L. P. Poarch, N. T. Perry, H. D. Phillips, R. P. Pickard, R. T. Pointer, S. D. Powers, R. M. Prevatt, T. H. Price, J. G. Richardson, J. G. Riddick, W. C. Roesch, J. E. Rosenblatt, C. M. Rountree, P. L. Ruud, T. Saunders, T. A. 136 1969 Savage, K. E. Scott, W. L. Shrieves, D. Silverman, R. B. Smith, H. N. Stallings, W. F. Starke, E. R. Stell, R. E. Strelein, K. E. Thomas, R. C. Traynor, S. M. Tugman, T. 0. Volper, A. C. Waddington, M. Waller, R. T. Watkins, J. R. Watson, D. R. Waycastor, R. L. Weingart, G. K. Wood, J. T. SEASON’S RESULTS F.M.A 20 Carolina Military Academy 0 F.M.A 14 Fork Union Military Academy 7 F.M.A 33 East Carolina Freshman 0 F.M.A 28 Bullis Prep. School 14 F.M.A 13 Columbia Prep. School 0 F.M.A 21 Newport News Apprentice 6 F.M.A 14 Staunton Military Academy 19 F.M.A 12 Bainbridge Naval Training School 14 F.M.A 20 Hargrave Military Academy 14 F.M.A 21 Temple University Freshman 15 Total Points 196 89 137 1965 JooiSa I Season Team Statistics Frederick Opponent First Downs 147 72 Passing 35 18 Rushing 97 46 Penalty 15 9 Rushing Yardage 2249 1396 Punts 40 60 Average Yards 33.5 32.4 Passing Attempts 202 147 Completions 85 65 Interceptions 11 9 Yards Gained 1302 759 Fumbles 21 28 Own Recovered 11 8 Opponent Recovered 10 20 TOTAL FOR YEAR 8 Wins 2 Losses Some of the players that helped make such a winning year possible were: Most passes completed Name Phil Culley Attempted 201, Com. 79 Completed the most touchdown passes Phil Culley 10 touchdown passes Most passes received Russ Denof 30 passes received Dennis Connie 30 passes received Most yards gained receiving passes Russ Denof 432 yards gained Most tackles — defensive halfback Joe Mele 52 tackles Most tackles — defensive lineman Ralph Antenello 83 tackles Most tackles — safety (2 point score) Bobby Casper 1 Longest punt Dave LeDoyen 48 yards Most yards kickoff returns Russ Denof 99 yards Most passes intercepted Joe Mele 4 interceptions Most yards gained rushing Russ Denof 725 yards Leading scorer Russ Denof 76 points 138 Emory Davis — Head Football Coach, Tom Daughtrey — Offensive Backfield Coach, Mac McKinney — Interior Line Coach, Wayne Head — Defensive Backfield Coach, Brandt Ross — Head Water Boy. Missing: Tom Glassburncr — Defensive Line Coach. Coaching CiaJ ' J 139 erensiue Sine Standing: Manager — D. C. Martin. C. E. Brown, R. W. Antonello, R. K. Jaronczyk, D. A. McCauley, J. DiOrio, R. Kopenhaver. Kneeling: T. F. Bielli, W. L. Moon, D. J. Scheinfeld, R. C. Casper, Coach Glassburner. 140 Ojjensive Line Standing: R. J. Colodanato. G. K. Shuster, D. F. Kwesell. E. F. Burke. J. W. Higgens, N. T. Santaniello, J. M. Looby, W. Castone, Coach Daughtrey. Kneeling: R. Jaronczyt, D. S. Conni, J. R. Brook, R. I. Clark, R. B. Yates, C. J. Bulicz. 14) Standing: R. M. Raynor, R. J. Griffin, A. S. Solonaski, T. Gizzi, J. D. Cooper, W. D. Tenbusch, Manager. Kneeling: S. A. Fota, R. A. Denof, H. D. Immel, Coach Davis, P. A. Cully, P. W. Baker, J. Tyburczy. 142 Standing: E. C. Everette, R. B. Jones, A. Gattuso, G. E. Berger, J. F. Mele, S. R. Diehl, W. C. Hayes. Kneeling: Coach Head. 143 Standing: Manager D. L. Sipes, G. V. Harkins, J. R. Hof, J. S. Evans, D. E. Vernon, Coach “Mack” McKinney, D. R. Ledoyen. Kneeling: E. P. Bono, J. B. Matyiko, R. E. Williams, M. R. Potter. 144 Yes, Mom, I brushed my teeth. Yes, Mom, I am getting enough to eat. Yes, Mom, I’ll be good. Good-bye Mom! Not pictured: Danny Hand and Herchel Foglemar 0 9 ‘ j 1 » 1 1 ■■ Oar situ OBasJzetSalT if earn 1965 66 S. R. Diehl, E. L. Robinson, W. R. Warren, D. W. Clements, D. M. Decker, C. E. Hysong, W. R. Neal, D. J. Scheinfeld, R. C. Castone. R. J. Cremins, G. B. Speckman. Coach: Capt. R. P. Outland. J. G. Smith — Manager. u ■ I96J-66 7jasf?eif)a f Resufts RECORD 15-5 Offensive average for the year 80 Defensive average for the year 70 Shooting Percentage from floor 45 Free throws Percentage 68 Average Rebounds per game 46 Name No. Average Points Average Rebounds Cremins, Robert 25 17 8 Diehl, Steve 10 15 3 Neal, Richard 40 14 10 Scheinfeld, David 41 11 7 Decker, Dennis 35 10 10 Warren, Glenn 15 7 3 Hvsong, Charlie 43 5 4 Gilmore, Douglas 33 6 2 Clements, David 45 4 5 Speckman, Guy 14 2 1 Gizzi, Thomas 23 2 1 Castone, William 21 2 4 Robinson, Edgar 31 1 1 F.M.A 75 Bynum Finance 70 F.M.A 79 N. N. Apprentice School 69 F.M.A 69 Old Dominion College Frosh 95 F.M.A 96 Bullis Prep School 80 F.M.A 65 Staunton Military Academy 80 F.M.A 94 Barry Robinson 62 F.M.A 83 Univ. of Richmond Frosh 63 F.M.A 80 Fork Union Military Academy 76 F.M.A 84 Chowan College 72 F.M.A 83 Old Dominion College Frosh 65 F.M.A 87 College of Albemarle 74 F.M.A 72 Chowan College 61 F.M.A 83 Frederick College Frosh 65 F.M.A 86 Bainbridge Naval Training 70 F.M.A 76 Frederick College Frosh 74 F.M.A 66 N. N. Apprentice School 68 F.M.A 103 College of Albemarle 51 F.M.A 63 Staunton Military Academy 77 F.M.A 57 Bynum Finance 58 F.M.A 94 Bullis Prep School 82 152 Back Row: J. H. Dicksey, L. M. Hudgins, J. F. Bowman, T. P. Collins, M. E. Broadwell, L. S. Barden, A. R. Harvey, C. J. Corbett. Second Row: Coach: Capt. Tom Daughtrey. J. R. Hook, D. W. Ariail, J. Q. Tamm, B. H. Janney, P. A. Cully. JZ V. 7) as ietfja f 7eam 1 96 J- ' 66 196J-66 ‘ ‘ Jj Jeam C jasJiet 6af Jesuits RECORD 9 — 2 F.M.A .43 Newport News Apprentice “B” Team . . . . . . .50 F.M.A .62 Carlton Oaks . . . .47 F.M.A .69 Barry Robinson . . . .41 F.M.A .40 Beazley’s Boys Club . . . .28 F.M.A .44 Foundation Boys’ Club . . . .59 F.M.A .78 Carlton Oaks 62 F.M.A .47 Foundation Boys’ Club . . . .46 F.M.A .43 Newport News Apprentice “B” Team . . . . . . .41 F.M.A .52 Norfolk Academy Varsity 42 F.M.A .45 Beazley’s Boys Club . . . .38 F.M.A .36 Football Preps . . . .27 w f J m [ w iM m f J ZJarsi y liOrest incj Ueam Sitting: J. E. Pickard, M. N. Hirshman, J. D. Sutherland, E. M. Murphy, J. 0. Block. Standing: J. Diorio, R. R. Yates, R. Kopenhaven, P. W. Baker, F. I. Gilbert, P. A. Hof. We are deeply endebted to Lt. Head for the statistics which don’t appear on this page. 158 160 utiiiiititt ZJennis a. earn Standing: Coach Outland, T. Stevenson, L. S. Barden, J. Q. Tam, J. B. Pruden, M. F. Thompson, B. R. Hetzel. Bottom: T. F. Myers, H.W. Ames, E. D. Crute, D. H. Smith, W. C. Riddick. 1966 RECORD F.M.A 7 Granby “B” Team 2 F.M.A 5 Franklin H.S 4 F.M.A 6 Franklin H.S 2 F.M.A 5 Granby “B” Team 4 F.M.A 0 Norfolk Academy 9 F.M.A 2 Hampton Roads Acad 7 F.M.A 9 Carolton Oaks 0 F.M.A 0 Hampton Roads Acad 9 F.M.A 8 Carolton Oaks 1 Seasons Results: 6-3 166 Standing: D. M. Wiley, W. C. Hays, H. W. Ames, M. E. Broadwell, W. J. McVey, V. P. Bozman, J. L. Szabo, R. E. Jackson, W. H. Jones, T. H. Brady, P. W. Baker, K. E. Savage, Coach Glassburner. Kneeling: C. L. Shields, C. L. Corbett, A. S. Sol- onaski, J. P. Monteran, D. L. Sipes, R. H. Belote. 1966 RECORD F.M.A.. .52 Chowan Jr. College 88 F.M.A.. .76 Norfolk Acedemy 50 F.M.A.. .71 Christopher Newport College 69 F.M.A.. .69 Smithfield High School .... 53 F.M.A...25 Great Bridge High School.. 113 F.M.A.. .38 Newport News App. School 102 F.M.A...76 Christopher Newport College 71 Season’s Results: 4-3 167 econ cf Semester Cadet { s Front Row: M. P. Dunham, R. W. Branum, E. P. Rogers, W. R. Cupp. Second Row: G. L. Harvey, A. H. Brewer, R. P. Fields, S. G. Mercer, J. C. Shackleford, C. M. Rogers, L. A. Featherston, J. A. Wallace. Top Row: R. W. Sykes, V. S. Throckmorton, M. S. Jones, H. A. Morgan, M. D. Shumate, M. G. Batson, 0. F. Brown. Missing: G. H. Preller. I It is impossible to give credit to everyone who has participated in the making of this yearbook. There are a few people though, whom I would like to thank, for they did more than their share in helping to bring this book to the student body. Jeff Carpenter gave unstintingly of his time and energy and proved an unusually capable Assistant Editor, ready to continue when it seemed that we would have to start all over again. Vic Mauldin was unequalled in his work and loyalty to the staff, managing to squeeze in a job with the Drama Club between work on the annual and still do more than his share. Thanks to Woodie Gay for a job well done as artist, to photographers Gary Kimnach (chief bouncer) and Mike Moore. Extra thanks go to Ronnie Isbel and Guy Standin who worked over time to make it possible to finish the yearbook on schedule. Col. West, Col. Plaine, and Col. Inscoe deserve our gratitude for putting up with us and for special exemptions without which we would not have been able to complete our work. I need hardly mention Maj. Mooring, who was more than helpful as Sponsor and backed us up when the going got rough. I wish also to thank: Mrs. Glynn, Mrs. West, Mrs. Beaver, and especially Mrs. (Jutland who helped greatly; Bill Hash our chief photographer and Delmar rep resentative and advisor; Coach Davis, Lt. Colonna, Maj. Gelbach, and Capt. Sale; also Samuel French, Inc. and Dramatists Play Service, Inc. for permission to caption the “Rainmaker” and “Stalag 17” pictures. Lastly, both the Annual Staff and Col. Inscoe wish to express deepest grati- tude to those persons who responded so graciously to our request for additional funds, enabling us to carry out our plans for this, the first edition of the Frederick Military Academy CANNON. Thereby we were able to change our format and cover design. We sincerely hope that all who have turned these pages have been pleased by what they have seen. To those mentioned above and to anyone else whom I might have forgotten, my sincerest appreciation for helping to make this yearbook a reality. Steven H. Brockman Editor 171 PATRONS Frederick Military Academy Board of Trustees. Mr. Waverly M. Alley Mr. Mrs. A. Garland Evans Mr. Mrs. Theodor Finder Mr. Mrs. W. Morton Scott Mr. Mrs. Irvin C. Blanchard Mr. DanieP 0. Thompson Mr. Mrs. Alvin Gaupp Mr. Mrs. William J. Leonard Mr. Mrs. N. Waldo Harrison Mr. Mrs. James J. Standing Mr. Mrs. Sam B. Archbell Mr. Mrs. Owen R. Bell Mr. Mrs. John B. Pruden Capt. Mrs. Alden W. Whitney Mr. Mrs. P. T. Dicksey Mr. Mrs. Richmond S. Pearson Mr. Mrs. John Charles Roesch Mr. Mrs. H. L. Daniels Major and Mrs. C. P Mooring Mr. Mrs. F. 0. Wright Mr. Mrs. S. B. Hazelwood, Sr. Major George K. Gelbach Mr. Mrs. Wheatley Watson Mr. Norman D. Smith Mr. Mrs. Michael E. Santaniello Mr. R. P. Bundick Mr. Mrs. James N. Triplett Mrs. W. M. Crute Lt. Col. P. A. Romano (Ret.) Mr. Mrs. Richard C. Biggs Mr. Mrs. Woodrow G. Howell Mr. Mrs. Thomas Stevenson Mr. Mrs. W. Floyd Thompson Mr. M. P. Lowry Mr. Mrs. A. J. Firestone Mr. Mrs. Joseph C. Brook Sanitary Laundry of Portsmouth, Inc. Mr. Mrs. R. L. Bryant Mrs. Opal Yost Mrs. Miriam Tuttle Mr. Mrs. Foster I. Gilbert Mr. Mrs. A. B Thompson Louis J. Leitner, Inc. Mr. Mrs. George S. Payne Mr. Mrs. Charles E. Midgette Mrs. Dorothy Boaz Mr. Mrs. Julius R. Hof Hopewell Florist Lt. Col. Clifford H. Pocock Mr. Mrs. Clyde D. Hall Mr. Mrs. Bernard Lubin Mr. Mrs. Harold L. Smith Mr. Mrs. David W. Ariail Dr. Mrs. Gordon F. Harrell Dr. T. Elmore Jones Coco-Cola Bottling Company Birtcherd Dairy, Inc. Mr. Mrs. L. Frank Little Mr. Mrs. Edgar J. Parker Mr. Mrs. Irvin W. McKinney Mr. Mrs. W. C. Riddick, Jr. Mr. W. G. Robinson Mr. Mrs. Eugene R. Hook Major Mrs. R. H. Preller Mr. Charles J. McDonald Mr. Mrs. Ralph M. Powers Mr. Mrs. John M. Hinch Mr. Mrs. R. B. Watkins Mr. Mrs. Julius M. Gay Mr. Mrs. David Coville Mrs. Evelyn R. Stallings Mr. Joseph Jezequel Mr. Mrs. W. V. Daniels Mrs. E. T. Davis Mr. Mrs. James L. Richardson Mr. Mrs. E. M. Riley Professional Footwear Mr. Mrs. Albert W. Price, Sr. Mr. Mrs. Thomas G. Miskill J. S. Bell, Jr. Company, Inc. Mr. Mrs. R. N. Fields Mr. Mrs. A. I. Waddington Mr. Mrs. J. Robert Addenbrook Capt. Mrs. H. S. Pearson Mr. Mrs. J. James Davis, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Ellis M. Martin Mr. Mrs. Donald H. Maggio Lt. Col. Mrs. John H. Reeder Mr. Mrs. William L. Berlin Mrs. Isabel L. Lawrence Mr. Mrs. Frank L. Jacobs Lt. Col. Mrs. Floyd H. West Mr. Wilbur L. Thompson, II Col. Mrs. Philip G. Inscoe Mr. Mrs. Clifford Williford Mr. Mrs. Mack G. Stolarski Mr. Mrs. Milton Jacobs Lt. Col. Mrs. R. C. Thomas Printcraft Press, Inc. Jacob Reed ' s Son ' s Mr. Mrs. Harold B. Killiam Mr. Mrs. Jack D. Webster Dr. Mrs. Vincent H. Ober Mrs. Helen Macklin Mrs. Pearl McCoy Mr. Mrs. Joseph R. Spivey Mr. Mrs. A. W. Fletcher Mr. Mrs. James E. Hayes Mr. Mrs. Joseph L. Szabo Mr. Mrs. L. M. Hudgins Mr. Mrs. T. C. Sawyer, Jr. Mr. Mrs. John A. Miller Major Mrs. T. A. Jordan Lcdr. Mrs. F. C. Sochor Mr. Mrs. Joe E. Willard Major Mrs. Hugh T. Stokes Lt. and Mrs. Samuel M. Reynolds Capt. Wilton F. Sale, III Mrs. Mary Lou Berger cS tucfent Directory ABDIAN, ALAN G. 5418 Richenbacher Ave., Alexandria, Va. ADAMS, THOMAS J. Box 206, Smithfield, Va. ADDENBROOK, JOHN U., Ill 209 69th St., Virginia Beach, Va. ALLEN, WARREN R. 2007 M. Street, Ord, Nebraska ALLEY, WAVERLY M., JR. 206 Regent St., Hampton, Va. 23369 AMES, HENRY W., JR. 7 Powhatan Parkway, Hampton, Va. 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HAMILTON, JAMES G. 70 Monroe Terrace, Radford, Va. 24141 HAMILTON, LYNN H. 70 Monroe Terrace, Radford, Va. 24141 HAND, DANIEL L. 4108 Hamilton St., Chesapeake, Va. 23506 HARKINS, GEORGE V., JR. 258 Redmond St., New Brunswick, N. J. HARRELL, DENNIS E. 318 W. Little Creek Rd., Norfolk, Va. 23505 HARRELL, GORDON F., JR. 5343 Studeley Ave., Norfolk, Va. 23508 HARRELSON, GERALD D. 308 Hoke St., New Bern, N. C. HARRISON, NATHANIEL W„ JR. P. O. Box 923, Grafton, Va. 23492 HARVEY, ALLEN R. 2831 Barclay Ave., Portsmouth, Va. HARVEY, GARY L. 504 Patrick St., Ft. Monroe, Va. 23351 HAWKINS, JAMES R. 29 Rexford Dr., Newport News, Va. 23602 HAYES, WILLIAM C. Waverly, Virginia HAZELWOOD, THOMAS A. Eclipse, Va. HETZEL, BRIAN R. Shenendoah, South Shore Rd., Smiths Parish, Bermuda HICKMAN, CHRISTOPHER S. P. O. Box 24, Nelsonia, Va. HIGGINS, JACK W. 15 Buchanan Drive, Denbigh, Va. HINCH, JOHN M., JR. 118 Church St., Staunton, Va. HIRSHMAN, MICHAEL N. 922 11th St., Newport News, Va. HOF, JULIUS R., JR. 25 Pine Grove Rd., Berkeley Heights, N. J. HOF, PHILIP A. 25 Pine Grove Rd., Berkeley Heights, N. J. HOLLAND, ERA E., JR. 7901 Hampton Blvd., Lot 88, Norfolk, Va. HOLLAND, FRANCIS V. 195 River Ave., Providence, R. I. HOOK, JAMES R. 315 Keithwood Rd., Wynnewood, Pa. HORNEY, WILLIAM J. P. O. Box 406, Chapel Hill, N. C. HOWELL, GAINES W. 7 Cottage Lane, Lee Hall, Va. Directory HUSKEY, JODY WAYNE 202 Mistletoe Drive, Newport News, Va. HUME, RODGER W„ JR. 1245 Laskin Rd., Apt. 16, Virginia Beach, Va. HUDGINS, LAWRENCE M. 3317 Creekwood Road, Norfolk, Va. 23518 HUGGINS, JESSE C., Ill 460 Greencastle Lane, Virginia Beach, Va. HUGGETT, JAMES W., JR. 20 South Terrace Dr., Poquoson, Va. HYSONG, CHARLES E. Route 5, Box 54, Hendersonville, N. C. 28739 IMMEL, HARRY D., Ill 40 N. Greenfield Ave., Hampton, Va. ISBEL, RONALD P. 2 Vacation Lane, Churchland, Chesapeake, Va. JACKSON, RAYMOND E. 4006 Greenway Ct., West, Portsmouth, Va. 23707 JACOBS, FRANK L„ JR. Box 165-A, Carrollton, Va. JACOBS, MARC A. 4220 Kingcrest Parkway, Richmond, Va. JANNEY, BRYAN H. 1052 Manchester Ave., Norfolk, Va. 23508 JAMES, THOMAS J. 1937 Hershner Dr., San Jose, Calif. 95124 JARONCZYK, ROBERT J. 265 E. 39th St., Norfolk, Va. JENKINS, STEPHEN G. 3125 Winchester Lane, Virginia Beach, Va. JENNINGS, ALLAN R. 6313 Merle Place, Alexandria, Va. JENNINGS, JOHN W. 12549 Richmond St., Chester, Va. JEZEQUEL, DAVID B. 57 Washington St., Lodi, N. J. 07644 JOHNSON, MICHAEL K. 6413 Crafford Ave., Norfolk, Va. 23518 JOHNSTON, JAMES B., Ill Mobjack, Va. JONES, HENRY S., JR. Box 289, Cape Charles, Va. JONES, MARK S. 3425 Lakeview Ave., South, St. Petersburg, Fla. JONES, RICHARD B. 4500 Kennebeck Ave., Norfolk, Va. JONES, WILLIAM H. 515 Craford Place, Portsmouth, Va. KEENAN, MICHAEL, JR. 444 Summer Drive, Newport News, Va. KELLER, STEPHEN W. 107 Raymond Drive, Hampton, Va. KILLAM, HAROLD B., JR. 3420 Llewellyn Ave., Norfolk, Va. 23504 KIMBALL, H. ALAN 5536 Southern Blvd., Virginia Beach, Va. 23452 KIMNACH, GARY C. 1612 Arnold Circle, N. Atlanton, Virginia Beach, Va. KISSEL, PAUL 3165 S. W. 25th St., Miami, Fla. 33133 KNEAS, JAMES E. 117 Byers Ave., Portsmouth, Va. KOPENHAVER, ROBERT Route 1, Box 66, Paxonis, Pa. KRENZER, WAYNE V. Wilson, Va. KWESELL, DAVID F. 474 No. Cary St., Brockton, Mass. 175 Student Directory LARMOUR, GREGORY 207 26th St., Virginia Beach, Va. LAU, IRVIN W. 1053 Georgetown Rd., Norfolk, Va. 23502 LE DOYEN, DAVID R. 1232 Bainbridge Ave., Chesapeake, Va. LEE, DOUGLAS H. 2424 Alycia Ave., Richmond, Va. 23228 LEE, SIGNAL W. 2212 Rodgers S., Chesapeake, Va. LE FAVOR, DAVID E. 437 E. Farmington Rd., Virginia Beach, Va. LEITE, HARRY W. 317 B. Bataan Rd., Fort Lee, Va. LEONARD. JAMES R. 332 Caren Dr., Virginia Beach, Va. LEWIN. JOSEPH C., JR. 180 Cambridge St., Portsmouth, Va. LEWIS, DENNIS K. 2328 Wharton Ct., Norfolk, Va. 23518 LINKOUS, LARRY R. 1200 Townley Rd., Richmond, Va. LITTLE, DEAN M. 1503 Chesapeake Avenue, Hampton, Va. LITTLE, RICHARD W. 1503 Chesapeake Ave., Hampton, Va. LOOBY, JOSEPH M., JR. 213 S. Brookfield Rd., Cherry Hill, N J. LOVE, ROBERT W., Ill 509 Birmingham Ave., Norfolk, Va. LOWE, ROBERT W., JR. 6902 5th St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 20012 LOWREY, STERLING W. 8201 Gwinnett Rd., Richmond, Va. LOWRY, RODERICK W. Box 826, Emporia, Va. LUBIN, STANLEY R. 704 Dumville Avenue, Suffolk, Va. LUPTON, ELMO G., JR. P. O. Box 8415, Oriental, N. C. LUSTIG, BRUCE H. 11 Jordan Drive, Newport News, Va. 23606 MAC LEAN, DOUGLAS B. 1603 Poling Ave., S. E., Washington, D. C. 20022 MCCAULEY, DAVID A. 536 Fishermans Rd., Norfolk, Va. 23503 MCCOY, PAUL F. 9441 Phillip Ave., Norfolk, Va. MCINTYRE, ALFRED C. 2116 Harbor Lane, Virginia Beach, Va. MCVEY, WILLIAM J., Ill 1505 Horseshoe Circle, Virginia Beach, Va. MACKLIN, GILBERT A. 114 Manor Ave., Cavalier Forrest, Chesapeake, Va. MAGGIO, NORMAN D. 1402 Saratoga Dr., Bel Air, Maryland MAHONEY, WILLIAM C., Ill 1612 Claud Lane, Norfolk, Va. MARSHALL, THOMAS E„ JR. 83 Huber Road, Newport News, Va. MARTIN, DAVID C. 118 Northbrooke Ave., Suffolk, Va. MATYIKO, JERRY B. Route 4, Box 49, Virginia Beach, Va. MAULDIN, VICTOR S., JR. 5052 C. Pemberton St., Virginia Beach, Va. 23455 MELE, JOSEPH F. 380 Baldwin Ave., Jersey City, N. J. MERCER, STUART G., JR. 1343 Brunswick Avenue, Norfolk, Va. 23508 MEYER, WILLIAM K. 464 Crowin Rd., Virginia Beach, Va. MIDGETTE, CHARLES O. 120 Tooley Street, Belhaven, N. C. MILES, RONALD E. 1521 Five Forks Road, Virginia Beach, Va. 23455 MISKILL, THOMAS G., Ill 9 Hardwick Dr., Huntington Station, N. Y. MOHLER, JESSE W„ III 4015 Turnpike Road, Portsmouth, Va. MONTERAN, J. PHILLIP 301 East 69th St., Apt. 11H, New York, N. Y. 10021 MOON, WILLIAM L. 3030 Oakland Blvd., N. W., Roanoke, Va. MOORE, MICHAEL L. 5141 Tyme Road, Richmond, Va. 23234 MORGAN, HENLEY A., JR. 46 St. Albans Dr., Hampton, Va. 23369 MORRIS, ROBERT W. 4417 Black Beard Rd., Virginia Beach, Va. 23455 MOSS, GREGORY D. S. 5410 Lloyd St., Route 3, Spokane, Wash. 99203 MURPHY, EUGENE M. 24 Crescent Dr., Whippany, N. J. MYERS, THOMAS F. 2606 Azalea Garden Road, Norfolk, Va. 23513 NEAL, W. RICHARD 306 34 Street, Virginia Beach, Va. NESMITH, MARION J., JR. 3635 Montgomery St., Norfolk, Va. NUCKOLS, KENNETH B. 207 Garner Ave., Chesapeake 3, Virginia OATEN, RONALD L. Route 2, Box 514, 15 Kitty Drive, Yorktown, Va. OBER, MICHAEL V. 6409 Eleanor Ct., Norfolk, Va. O’CONNOR, JOHN M. 802 Halifax Ave., Portsmouth, Va. ODLAND, EDWARD O. 4720 Fort Hamilton Parkway, Brooklyn 19, N. Y. ORKIN, WAYNE M. 175 N. Laurel St., Hazleton, Pa. O’TOOLE, DENNIS M. 2603 Davis Avenue, Alexandria, Va. 22302 PARKER, ROBERT A. 1018 Lambeth PL, Suffolk, Va. PARNELL, JAMES Q., Ill 716 Cavlier Dr., Virginia Beach, Va. PARSONS, RALPH J., JR. 745 Dunedin Road, Apt. G., Portsmouth, Va. PARSONS, WILLIAM T. 1002 Le Brun Dr., Jacksonville, Fla. PATRICK, THOMAS A. Route 3, Box 209-A, Chester, Va. PATTON, FRANK A. 2804 Norfolk St., Hopewell, Va. PAYNE, LARRY P. 100 E. Burgess St., Elizabeth City, N. C. PEARSON, CLIFFORD I. 4743 River Shore Road, Chesapeake, Va. 23703 PEARSON, JOHN G. 627 Hilltop Drive, New Cumberland, Pa. PERRY, HENRY D. 30 Timberline Crescent, Newport News, Va. PETERSON, ROBERT A., JR. Box 264, Holland, Va. 176 Student Directory PHILLIPS, ROBERT P. 37 Garfield Dr., Newport News, Va. 23602 PICKARD, JAMES E., Ill 3705 Turrentine St., Durham, N. C. PICKARD, ROBERT T. 3705 Turrentine St., Durham, N. C. POARCH, N. TUCKER, III 1344 White Marsh Road, Suffolk, Va. POCOCK, DUANE P. 622 Colonial Ave., Colonial Heights, Va. 23834 POINTER, STEVEN D. Gloucester, Va. POTTER, MARVIN R. 387 Admiral Roads, No. 6, Chesapeake, Va. POWERS, RALPH M., JR. Box 23, Moyock, N. C. PRELLER, GORDON H. 32 Michele Drive, Hampton, Va. PREVATT, TIMOTHY H. 3436 Yardley Dr., Baltimore, Maryland 21222 PRICE, ANTON W. 103 So. Fourth Ave., Hopewell, Va. 23860 PRICE, JAMES G., JR. 7409 Colony Point Road, Norfolk, Va. PRIDGEN, DENNIS B. 2 Ruckman Road, Fort Monroe, Va. PRUDEN, JOHN B„ III 701 N. Broad St., Suffolk, Va. RAGAN, GEORGE M. Box 8, Oriental, N. C. RAUP, PAUL M. 1016 Orleans Avenue, Hendersonville, N. C. RAWLS, ASHBURN L., JR. 14 Club Terrace, Newport News, Va. RAWLS, THOMAS A. 14 Club Terrace. Newport News, Va. RAYNOR, KEITH M. 3906 Vesta Drive, Raleigh, N. C. REED, DEEN T. 404 Bobby Jones Drive, Portsmouth, Va. REEDER, JOHN H., Ill 10- A Forsyth Ave., Fort Riley, Kansas 66442 RICHARDSON, JAMES G. 248 East McGinnis Circle, Norfolk, Va. RIDDICK, WALLACE C„ III 915 Virginia Avenue, Suffolk, Va. 23434 RIGGAN, WILLIAM H„ III Route 5, Box 44, Howell Mill Rd., Waynesville, N. C. 28786 RIGGS, PHILLIP L., JR. 901 Redstart Ave., Chesapeake, Va. 23506 RILEY, EDWARD M., JR. Greenhow-Repiton House, Williamsburg, Va. ROBINSON, EDGAR L. 620 9th Ave., Hendersonville, N. C. 28739 ROBINSON, G. THOMAS 138 Westmont Avenue, Norfolk, Va. ROESCH, JAMES E. 4312 Ferry Landing Rd., Mt. Vernon Grove, Alexandria, Va. ROESCH, JOHN C. 4312 Ferry Landing Rd., Mt. Vernon Grove, Alexandria, Va. ROGERS, CHARLES N. 212 Nina Drive, Chesapeake, Va ROGERS, EMERSON P., Ill 212 Nina Drive, Chesapeake, Va. ROGERS, JIMMY L. 721 West Mountain Dr., Fayetteville, N. C. ROLLER, DONALD T., JR. 1534 Longdale Dr., Norfolk, Va. 23518 ROMANO, JOSEPH L., JR. 706 Pinckney Court, Newport News, Va. 23601 ROSENBLATT, CHARLES M. 7412 Millbrook Rd., Norfolk, Va. ROUNTREE, PETER L. R.F.D. 4, Box 275, Suffolk, Va. ROWE, RUSSELL H., JR. 103 Westover Road, Newport News, Va. RUSSO, MICHAEL L„ III 4226 Manhattan Ave., Seagate, Brooklyn 24, New York RUUD, THOMAS 916 Armfield Circle, Norfolk, Va. 23505 SANTANIELI.O, NICHOLAS J. 1433 Holly Wood Drive, Lancaster, Pa. SAPP, STANLEY B. 811 Ashton St., Ravenswood, W. Va. SAUNDERS, TIMOTHY A. 200 Cypress Rd., Portsmouth, Va. SAVAGE, KEMP E., JR. 3958 Richardson Road, Virginia Beach, Va. 23455 SAWYER, FRED A. Belcross, North Carolina SCHAPPERT, ROBERT J„ III 9 Ashcroft Ct., Arnold, Md. 21012 SCHEINFELD, DAVID J. 2905 Fanshawe St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19149 SCHINTO, GEORGE A. 84 Milbank Ave., Greenwich, Conn. SCOTT, WILLIAM L. Box 9402, Raleigh, N. C. SEWARD, ROGER M., JR. Box 138, Route 1, Elberon, Va. SHACKLEFORD, JOHN C. 2612 Hilliard Road, Richmond, Va. 23228 SHEALEY, HARVEY W. 6219 East 11th Street, Tulsa, Okla. SHEALY, WILLIAM D. 319 Clement Ave., Enfield, N. C. SHERARD, CHRISTOPHER W. 409 Causey Ave., Suffolk, Va. SHIELDS, CHARLES L. 146 Sycamore Ave., Newport News, Va. SHRIEVES, DENNIS N. 22 Ferguson Lane, Newport News, Va. SHUMATE, MICHAEL D. 611 W. Laburnam Ave., Apt. 8, Richmond, Va. 23222 SHUSTER, GARY K. 190 Pageant Lane, Willingboro, N. J. SILVERMAN, RONALD B. 419 Hariton Court, Norfolk, Va. SIPES, DAVID L., JR. 123 Riverpoint Crescent, Lynn Shore, Portsmouth, Va. 23707 SMALL, JOHN F., Ill 1035 N. Lexan Crescent, Norfolk, Virginia SMITH, DAVID H. 9326 Morwin St., Norfolk, Va. 23503 SMITH, HAROLD N„ JR. 2417 Homeview Dr., Richmond, Va. 23229 SMITH, JAMES G. Hobson, Virginia SMITH, LESLIE R. Highway 158, Business, Kitty Hawk, N. C. 27949 SMITH, SCOTT S. 5109 Holmes Run Parkway, Alexandria, Va. 177 cS tucfent Directory SOCHOR, JACK M. 1519 Holland Ave., Norfolk, Va. SOLONOSKI, ANDREW S. 831 W. 10th St., Hazelton, Pa. SPECKMAN, GUY B. 1712 Hollinshed Ave., Pennsauken, N. J. 08110 SPIVEY, RONALD A. 103 Beale Ave., Smithfield, Va. STALLINGS, WALTER F. Route 1, Box 186, Kinston, N. C. 28501 STANDING, GUY A. 437 Goodspeed Rd., Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 STANFORD, SAM R., JR. Gloucester, Va. STANLEY, JAMES B. 724 Bayberry Lane, Norfolk, Va. STARKE, EDWARD D„ III 1321 Buckingham Avenue, Norfolk, Va. 23508 STELL, RICHARD E., JR. 68 Longwood Dr., Hampton, Va. STEVENSON, THOMAS, JR. 6900 Mornington Rd., Baltimore, Md. 21222 STEWART, CLYDE W., JR. 107 Hardy Place, Portsmouth, Va. 23707 STILLMAN, GREGORY N. 415 Kemp Lane, Chesapeake, Va. STOLARSKI, LAWRENCE P. 1022 Jamestown Rd., Williamsburg, Va. STREHLEIN, KEITH E. 825 Mildred Avenue, Baltimore, Md. SULLIVAN, MICHAEL A. 824 Wilbur Avenue, West Chesapeake, Va. 23506 SUTHERLAND, JACKSON D. 308 Robin Road, Portsmouth, Va. SYKES, RONALD W. 1114 Virginia Avenue, Chesapeake, Va. 23506 SZABO, J. LAWRENCE 217 Duke Drive, Chesapeake, Va. 23703 TAMM, Q. JOHN, JR. 3200 Wake Drive, Kensington, Md. TART, RICKEY D. P. O. Box 230, Dunn, N. C. TEBBS, CHARLES B. 891 Ridge Road, Wethersfield, Conn. TENBUSCH, WILLIAM D. Mobjack, Va. THOMAS, ROYCE C. 408 First Division Road, Fort Benning, Ga. 31905 THOMPSON, MICHAEL B. 2608 Schooley Drive, Alexandria, Va. THOMPSON, MICHAEL F. 602 Snow Hill St., Ayden, N. C. THOMPSON, PRINCE A. Cape Charles, Va. THOMPSON, WILBUR L., II 107 57th St., Virginia Beach, Va. THROCKMORTON, VICTOR S., Ill 12341 S. Winfree St., Chester, Va. 23831 TOLAN, DELMA R., JR. Route 2, Belhaven, N. C. TOWNE, WILLIAM H. 3302 W. Lewis Road, Hampton, Virginia TRAYNOR, STEPHEN M. 6220 Powhatan Avenue, Norfolk, Va. 23508 TRIPLETT, EDDY F. 2720 Overbrook Avenue, Norfolk, Va. 23513 TUGMAN, TOM O. 7 Bramston Drive, Hampton, Va. TURNER, PERRY E., JR. 904 Riverview Drive, Suffolk, Va. TYBURCZY, JOHN 14 Garfield Place, Garfield, N. J. VERNON, DONALD E. Holland Rd., Box 6171, Virginia Beach, Va. VOLPER, ALBERT C., Ill 716 Riverview Drive, Suffolk, Va. WADDINGTON, MICHAEL I. 9334 Ewing St, Norfolk, Virginia 23503 WALLACE, JOSEPH A. ‘Rose Hill’, Alanton, Virginia Beach, Va. WALLER, ROLAND T. 3320 Old Kirkwood Drive, Virginia Beach, Va. WALLER, WILLIAM R. 3320 Old Kirkwood Drive, Virginia Beach, Va. WARD, JAMES A. 1053 N. Lexan Crescent, Norfolk, Va. WARREN, GLENN Q. Box 404, Conway, N. C. WATKINS, JOSEPH R. 3106 Columbia St., Richmond, Va. 23234 WATSON, DAVID R. 224 North Main St., Chincoteague, Va. WAYCASTER, RONALD L. 4403 Portsmouth Blvd., Portsmouth, Va. WEBSTER, JACK D., JR. Deal Island, Maryland WEINGART, GARY K. 6102 Bremo Road, Richmond, Va. 23226 WELLS, JACKSON 2610 Harling Drive, Chesapeake, Virginia WHALEY, MICHAEL L. 2404 Lookout Court, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23455 WHITLEY, CHARLES O. Route 2, Smithfield, N. C. WHITNEY, ALDEN W., JR. 927 N. Van Dorn St., Apt. 301, Alexandria, Va. WILEY, DOUGLAS M. Route 2, Box 434, Grifton, N. C. WILKINSON, THOMAS L. 106 62nd St., Virginia Beach, Virginia WILLARD, JOE E., JR. 220 Elm Avenue, Portsmouth, Virginia WILLIAMS, DOUGLAS G. 120 Wythe Parkway, Hampton, Va. WILLIAMS, RICHARD N. 71 Arden Dr., Newport News, Va. WILLIAMS, ROBERT E. 308 Royal Oak Ave., Colonial Heights, Va. WILLIAMSON, ALTON L. 79 Groome Rd., Newport News, Va, WILLIFORD, CLIFFORD F. 1926 East Ocean View Avenue, Norfolk 3, Va. WOOD, JOHN T. Route 5, Petersburg, Va. WOOLLEY, STEVEN D. 825 N. W. 29th St., Wilton Manors, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. YATES, ROBERT R„ JR. 12 Hobart Ave., Absecon, N. J. YOBS, ROBERT E. 5802 Lee Avenue, Richmond, Va. ZENO, JOHN R. 43 Pear Avenue, Newport News, Virginia 178 — — • V

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