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1965 FREDERICK MILITARY ACADEMY ITUATED IN THE TANGLED METROPOLIS OF TIDEWATER, VIRGINIA, GROWING WITH PROGRESSIVE PORTSMOUTH, THERE LIVES A SCHOOL — A SCHOOL WHICH MEANS SOMETHING TO ALL OF US. FREDERICK MILITARY ACADEMY IS HERE AND WILL BE HERE LONG AFTER OUR FOOTSTEPS HAVE CEASED TO ECHO ON THE WELL WORN “COMPANY STREET.” BE- CAUSE WE WERE HERE, A PART OF THIS SCHOOL WILL JOURNEY WITH US TO THE HEIGHTS WHICH WE ARE SURE TO ATTAIN. RECALLING OUR EXPERIENCES HERE AT FMA IS SOMETHING WE WILL DO AGAIN AND AGAIN. SOME OF THEM WILL UNDOUBTEDLY BE UN- PLEASANT, BUT WHO CAN EVER FORGET THE COM- RADESHIP, THE TRIUMPHS, AND EVEN THOSE NIGHTS UNDER THE FENCE. THIS WAS OUR LIFE FOR A BRIEF SPAN OF TIME AND ALL THESE MEMORIES ENRICH OUR LIVES. WE OF THE ANNUAL STAFF HAVE TRIED TO CAP- TURE SOMETHING OF THE TRUE SPIRIT OF THE REAL CADET IN THE PAGES OF THIS, YOUR YEARBOOK. WE HOPE YOU LIKE THE RESULTS. MAY WE PRESENT . . . 2 3 CAMPUS LIFE ANEW EXPERIENCE ‘Follow me boys, and you’ll go far. ' . . . GETTING BA CK INTO THE GROOVE “The nasty ole Colonel said I had to cut it all off.” Guess who?! 5 WE GOT JAZZED ON THE MILITARY . . . Big man — little rifle II FMA wants YOU” Tve got a tiger in my tank. ' 6 “You didn’t need that ear anyway.” . . .AS USUAL “A little bubblegum and they’ll never know the difference.” “Give him some green ones.” Ready for Federal 7 ‘“The Righteous Brothers” ROCK-O UTS VILLE! . and if you step on my feet one more time, buster, I’m gonna belt you one.” “I get to take the flag down every night.” MRS. CONWAY WAS UNREMITTING IN HER BA TTLE A GAINST THE “SPOON BENDERS” ‘The big “G” stands for Goodness.” “Military Order” “uuulch!” “If you think this is bad, you should’ve seen what I found last night.” 1 1 ATHLETIC EVENTS CAME. . . 12 “Y’all get down ta Fosh Hall an getcha londry.” “The Chief and his peace-pipe” . . . AND WE WENT 13 MA Y SEEMED A LONG WA Y OLE “The big fat one must be the bus driver.” 15 The Colonel piles it on thick. RELUCTANTLY WE REP LA CED SA TURD A Y INSPECTIONS WITH CLASSES “Forget! Hell!” 16 Richard Crowder gently coaxes down distraught Delmar photographer from perilous perch when “Ole Bill” decided to end it all after viewing feeble efforts of Spartan Staff. . . . AND WE FINALLY FINISHED THE ANNUAL 18 20 22 24 29 40 60 70 78 110 116 124 192 199 WELL, WHAT A TIME IT WAS! WE LEAVE YOU TO RECALL THESE MEM- ORIES . . . AGAIN AND AGAIN, AND WE BID YOU FAREWELL AT THIS POINT. THE CONCLUSION OF THIS PUBLICA- TION IS RATHER DULL IN PART . . . BUT FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO LIKE TO SEE YOUR NAME IN PRINT, WE URGE YOU TO PROCEED. THE SUBJECTS COVER- ED ARE AS FOLLOWS: DEDICATION . . . BOARD OF TRUSTEES ADMINISTRATION FACULTY MILITARY ACTIVITIES CHRISTMAS ATHLETICS FACULTY PLAY JR.-SR. PROM CLASSES . . STUDENT DIRECTORY . THE VERY LAST WORD )9 DEDICA TION Out of the deepest awareness and appreciation of a dedicated man who has performed “above and beyond the call of duty”, the 1965 Spartan Staff has the honor of giving ' special recognition to Col. Robert C. Plaine. A man naturally endowed as a leader, a man of integrity and moral standards beyond question. Col. Plaine must be given personal credit as one of the guiding forces which has in eight short years seen Frederick Military Academy blossom as an institution of higher learning. As Frederick has distinguished itself academically, its military program also has received notable recognition. When Col. Plaine signed up as Professor of Military Science, the job of directing a cadet corps was a new experience, but the military way of life was something he had lived with for some twenty odd years. During those years, he was stationed on bases all over the U. S., including Hawaii and Alaska, and in such fore- ign countries as Burma and Korea. In 1954 he retired from the armed forces. Retired life must have been a little too lax for Col. Plaine though, because in 1959 he became the first P.M.S. at F.M.A. Those who have known the Colonel have found him to be a strong believ- er in self-discipline, and many are the cadets who have benefitted from his influence. For all this and much more, the Annual Staff takes this opportunity to express its deepest felt thanks from the Corps. 20 1 This Is Our Colonel Justice Lawrence W. I’ Anson BOARD OF TRUSTEES In December of 1948 Mr. Fred W. Beazley, Sr. chose the first Board of Trustees of the Beazley Foundation. He was looking for a way to improve this community, and this was the first step of a program which has grown far beyond anything Mr. Beazley orig- inally hoped for. All members of the Board were people who Mr. Beazley knew well and who were in sympathy with what he was trying to do. Mr. Beazley had been considering the open- ing of a private school for some time, and in 1950 a survey was made to determine wheth- er an institution of this type would be fea- sible. It was found that, indeed, there was a need for a private school in this area, and a combined military high school and junior college was thought to be the most practical. In 1958, through the joint efforts of Justice FAnson, Chairman of the Board, and Mr. Beazley, a dream was realized in the found- ing of what is today Frederick Military Academy. Since the Board was chosen seventeen years ago, it has not lost a single member through resignation. Vacancies have occur- red only through death. Succeeding members are chosen by the Board, itself. Among the members, and one of the founders was Fred W. Beazley, Jr., now deceased. Before his death on December 28, 1962, he was a very active member of the Board, and he gave much of his time and financial backing to the activities of the Beazley Foundation. We express our sincerest appreciation, re- membering that these members of the Board of Trustees are people who are taking upon themselves to help their fellow man. 22 FRED W. BEAZLEY, SR. FOUNDER 23 24 ADMINISTRA TION This school year, 1964-65, marks the fourth year of Frederick Military Academy as a separate institution from Frederick College. Our school has gone far in this short time, and we have every reason to believe it will go even farther in the future. We have met our share of growing pains and frustrations, but they are to be expected in any striving young school. The past year has been one of progress and development. With our new commandant. Col. West, the acquisition of a new as- sistant P.M.S., Capt. George Reynolds, and the procuring of ten new teachers, a spirit of vitality and growth has pervaded every aspect of life at Frederick. Certainly no one can help noticing this; indeed, it affects us all. New construction and renovation of our present physical plant is making Frederick a more com- fortable place in which to live and grow. This year has seen the full application of a wholly college preparatory program as our standards and entrance qualifica- tions have risen, offering every student a strong basis for a college education. Frederick seems at last to be fulfilling its destiny in all fields in a way that must surely please and astound friend and critic alike. COL. PHILIP G. INSCOE Col. Inscoe is a many-sided individual with a mammoth job which de- mands a talented, versatile person. He devotes all of his energies to pro- vide ample opportunities for the training of young men not only in the scholastics, athletics, and the social graces, but also in the military skills. Because he is a dynamic man of high standards and concern for his fel- low man, he is the leader that is so capably directing the advancement of Frederick Military Academy. He has inherited an ability to analyze in- dividuals and situations so that an intelligent solution to any problem arising is soon forthcoming from his office. We have seen him smile with an aching back, alert when directing the fire department, and stern when the situation demanded firmness. Frederick has been marked for success by the influence of this man. We pledge him our full support and alle- giance. 26 I LT. COL. FLOYD H. WEST From North Carolina to Anzio — from Private to Major — from Arizona State University to Frederick Military Academy — came Floyd H. West, who now leads the cadets of FMA from childhood to manhood and ma- turity. His integrity, fortitude, and righteousness of purpose has become an example for all at Frederick Military Academy to admire and follow. He has that rare ability to say “no” with firmness and understanding, and to listen and counsel intelligently. By his actions we know that he believes in the integrity and honor of each cadet ; moreover, he strives ever to develop our potentials to the fullest. We owe our commandant more than a few words of appreciation for his efforts — we owe our con- fidence and loyalty. f MAJ. CLARENCE P. MOORING Rare personalities are at a premium in any institution of learning, but this gift is choice when it is directed in the lines of Guidance and Counsel- ing. Frederick has profited from the three years of counseling that Major Mooring has conducted. In the group of four hundred boys, each cadet be- comes an individual when he needs counseling, if he needs to discuss a change of schedule, or just a chat to bolster the morale. Aside from having the personality and disposition to guide and direct. Major Mooring has the professional training gained through years of study and application. He maintains this high standard of professional- ism through keeping in close contact with current publications and lec- tures. Not only do the cadets profit from Major Mooring’s training and dedi- cated interest, but also the faculty has confidence in his ability and trust in his integrity. We marvel how order and production can come from the mountain of work piled high on his desk, but with his drive and dedication to everything that encompasses FMA, he manages to serve all of our needs. 28 FACULTY Faculty Staff of Frederick Military Academy 1964-65 ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF: Colonel Philip G. Inscoe, President B.S. Wake Forest College, M. Ed., College of William and Mary Lt. Colonel Floyd H. West Commandant AUS, Retired Major C. Poe Mooring, Director of Guidance B.A. East Carolina College, Graduate Study in Guidance E.C.C. FACULTY: Bible: Captain George Bennett, Chaplain Lt. Wilbur Presson Chaplain Business: Major Roy J. Ayres, Jr Chairman B.S., M.Ed., Virginia Polytechnic Institute English: Captain Ronald Paterson Chairman B.S. Lock Haven State College, Jamestown Com- munity College, M.Ed., University of Delaware Captain Wilton F. Sale, III Instructor B.A. Roanoke College, Post graduate study: Uni- versity of Virginia, Old Dominion College Lt. Terry Browne Instructor State University of New York, Genesco, B.A. Col- lege of William Mary Lt. Brandt Ross Instructor B.S. Atlantic Christian, Post graduate study: Clemson College, West Carolina College Foreign Langauge: Major T. A. Jordan, Jr Chairman B.A. Wake Forest College, M.Ed., University of North Carolina, Post graduate study: University of Chattanooga, University de Paris, Old Do- minion Captain Robert Ruiz Instructor B.A. San Diego Junior College, Long Beach Jun- ior College, San Diego State College, Post grad- uate study: University of California, University of Arizona, California Western and Los Angeles State College Captain George Bennett German Instructor B.A. Emory Henry, Post graduate study: Van- derbilt Divinity School University of Virginia, College of William and Mary Health and Physical Education: Major Emory Davis Chairman B.S. Bluefield College, V.P.I., Concord College, Post graduate study: College of William and Mary Captain Rufus P. Outland B.S. Atlantic Christian College, Post Graduate study. East Carolina College History and Social Science: Major George K. Gelbach Chairman B.A. Gettysburg College, M.A. Duke University, Post graduate study: Western Maryland Univer- sity of Baltimore Captain Booster Tex Lindsey B.A. East Carolina College, M.Ed., East Carolina College Lt. Carl Colonna B.B.A. Virginia Military Institute, Old Dominion College Librarian : Mrs. Thomas J. Kent B.S. Madison College, Graduate study: College of William and Mary, Columbia University, R.P.I., University of Virginia Mathematics: Captain Ben Eichelberger . .Chairman and Instructor B.S. Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Radford Col- lege, Post graduate study: College of William and Mary Lt. Colonel Lee Hargis, USAR Instructor B.S., M.S. Virginia Polytechnic Captain Thomas L. Garrett Instructor B.A. University of Mississippi; Post graduate study: Old Dominion College Captain Kendren A. Jukkola Instructor B.S. Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Post gradu- ate study: Westminister College, Old Dominion College, University of North Dakota Lt. Samuel Reynolds Instructor B.S. Frederick College Mr. Arthur G. Reinke Instructor B.A. University of Arizona, M.A. University of Arizona, further study: Gymnasium in the Ha- gue, Netherlands, University of Heidelberg, Cor- nell University Mr. Rodney Hollowell Instructor Tutor in remedial algebra. Virginia Military In- stitute, Old Dominion College MILITARY SCIENCE: Lt. Colonel Robert C. Plaine, AUS (Ret.) Professor of Military Science Captain George Reynolds, AUS (Ret.) Assistant Professor of Military Science Science: Major Hugh T. Stokes Chairman B.S. Guilford College, M.A. East Carolina Col- lege Captain Thomas Daughtrey, Jr Instructor B.A. University of Richmond, Post graduate study: Old Dominion College Captain Thomas Garrett, Jr Instructor B.A. University of Mississippi, Post graduate study: Old Dominion College Lt. William C. Phelps Instructor B.S. Old Dominion College 29 Lt. Brown ENGLISH DEPARTMENT As usual, the vernacular was very popular among the students this year, but the English instructors did an excellent job of teaching cadets the use of more sophisticated terms of expression — at least in writing term papers. Since the ability to write what one wishes to say is import- ant to a person not only as a student but also for the rest of his life, the English department places a great deal of emphasis on theme writing and vocabulary study. 30 Ill MA THEM A TICS DEPARTMENT To the student seriously interested in a study of engineering or physics, one need not mention the importance of a good background in mathematics. Not only does the academic pro- gram offer the regular courses in algebra, geometry, and trig- onometry but also a course in calculus and analytical geometry is available to the exceptional student who wishes to further develop his scholastic potential. Capt. Eichelberger 1 % i i 1 , w 4 M m 1 1 4 SCIENCE DEPARTMENT We are living in exciting days of new discoveries in science and tech- nology. The rapid developments in nuclear physics, biochemistry, and other major areas have added immeasurably to the importance of science in our lives, in the curriculum, and to the drama of everyday life, as man truly reaches for the stars. The cadet is offered a complete science course, starting with general science, then through biology, chemistry, and finally culminating in physics. 32 SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT The Department of Social Studies at Frederick is one embracing all aspects of this subject and offers the student a comprehensive course in- cluding history, government, economics, and geography. Thus the cadet perceives all facets of the study of social relationships and the functions of society so that he may be better equipped to live in today and tomor- row’s world. FOREIGN LANGUA GE DEPARTMENT Any student interested in the pursuit of a liberal education must study a foreign language for at least several years. In an effort to give the individual more choice in this field, the Academy added Ger- man to its list of French and Spanish this year. Further evidence of the broadening of academic horizons can be seen in the addition of a third year course in Spanish. 34 COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT An ability to type and take notes well is of indispensable value to the successful college student, and the academic program offers these elective courses to any cadet wishing to take them. Also, the aspiring business major is offered a course in bookkeeping. Hence, the Commercial De- partment offers a complementary balance to the other courses. RELIGION DEPARTMENT Fredei ' ick is not only interested in the academic and physical develop- ment of every cadet, but in the spiritual betterment of himself as well. There is a course offered in Bible, which includes a study of both the Old and New Testament, and the faculty chaplains are available as advisors for any cadet wishing to consult them. Thus the third aspect of a young man’s development — that of the soul — is added to the mind and body. ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT Realizing that the well-rounded individual must be fit both physically and mentally, the Academy has taken steps to provide an athletic pro- gram in which all could participate. The intramural competition is keen, but cadets are encouraged to perfect their abilities in as many dif- ferent sports as possible. Facilities for tennis, basketball, football, track, softball, volleyball, and wrestling are available for the use of every ca- det. Besides the required intramural activities, all cadets must attend one hour of gym class a week. LIBRAR Y DEBAR TMENT The library is visited at least occasionally by every cadet. Its seven thousand volumes are available for research, required reading, or per- sonal entertainment. As a supplement to the necessary books, the library subscribes to approximately fifty magazines, newspapers, and other pe- riodicals. Since it is of utmost importance to the full development of the student, all efforts have been made to make the library both at- tractive and useful. 38 STAFF Mr. Ralph Jett Maintenance Mr. Fulton Wright Supply Mrs. Joseph Conway Cafeteria Mrs. Floyd West Secretary to President Mrs. Francis Glynn Assistant to the Registrar Mrs. Rufus Outland Secretary to Guidance Director Mrs. Isabell Lawrence Canteen Mrs. C. C. Ray 39 Mrs. Ralph Jett Tailor Shop Tailor Shop Mrs. Bertie Beaver Bursar Mrs. Ruth Hines Secretary to Military Dept. Mr. Irwin McKinney Barber ’65 MILITARY REVIEW In its few short years, the Corps of Cadets has established a record of which the school can be proud. Under the direction of Col. Robert C. Plaine, the cadets have won the distinction of N.D.C.C. Honor School every year since the Academy was founded in 1958. In such annual events as the Oyster Bowl, the Armed Forces Day, and the Azalea Fes- tival parades, the sharp-stepping cadets of F.M.A. have been recognized time and time again for their marching efficiency. The military is much more than just ceremonies and parades, though. All students are required to attend two hours of classroom instruction in military science aside from the many hours of time spent on the drill field. For the true cadet, his military bearing is something which he takes with him into the dormitory and into the classroom, and through the constant training in leadership and self-discipline, the cadet grows into a stronger individual. PROFESSOR OF MILITARY SCIENCE BATTALION STAFF DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS WrS - jasW afe!»cNTgg«Bg tJ COMPANY A COMPANY COMPANY B COMPANY C COLOR GUARD HENRY CHURCH RIFLES a 52 Passing in Review 53 Leading a dog’s life -xaixi Back to Back 55 COLLEGE DA Y m ' 111 " i;s M -■ .1 i- ! ' , ; 1 i i|! On Monday, November 9, 1964, Fred- erick had its first college day. Repre- sentatives of several colleges and univ- ersities came to Frederick to help the prospective collegians choose a school. This will be an annual event at Freder- ick and is sure to be even better in the future. ARMORY STAFF Mahoney, W. C., Harrell, D. E., Alley, W. M., Hurd, H. L., McCoy, J. T., McCoy, P. F., Garcia, R. 0. RANGE STAFF Gettings, J. M., Williamson, A. L., Douglas, W. A. SUPPLY STAFF CHOW HALL STAFF Denny, J. E., Lockhart, J., Knight, E. C., Taylor, A. H., Robinson, C. A., Spruill, R. W., Penecale, F. M., Thomas, L. H., Harris, M. W. Spindel, R. F., Kneas, J. E., Archbell, S. B., Keenan, M., Sherard, C. W. Crowder, C. N., F. O. Wright, (Supervisor), Hetzel, B. R. PLAINSMAN PISTOL AND RIFLE TEAM STANDING: Hogg, G. F., Hetzel, B. R., Jacobson, R. G., Heller, W. T., Williamson, A. L., Campbell, J. L., Maurer, H. H., Hill, P., Clarke, H., Dicksey, J. H., Dutrow, R. W. SITTING: Gregory, T. L., Zimmer, M. E., Anderson, R. J., Bunge, W. W., McCoy, P. F. KNEELING: Chandler, G. W., Stand- in, S. G., Ihlenburg, R. W., Stewart, H. T. — Coach: Col. Plaine. PISTOL TEAM Captain: Anderson, R. J. — Coach: Col. Plaine — 1st ROW: Dewey, E. W., Tebbs, C. B., Stewart, H. T., Williamson, A. L., Ihlenburg, R. W. 2nd ROW: Hogg, G. F., Standin, S. G., Garnett, R. J., Maurer, H. H., Dutrow, R. W. VARSITY RIFLE TEAM KNEELING: Anderson, R. J., Berlin, W. L., Maurer, free, S. H., Ihlenburg, J. R., Jacobson, R. G., Wuensch, H. H., McCaddon, M. P., Ihlenburpr, R. W. STAND- L. W., Williamson, A. L., Lubin, S. R. ING: Capt. Reynolds, (Coach), Hogg, G. F., Win- JUNIOR N.R.A. KNEELING: Koch, H. G., Smith, F. L., Lubin, S. R., Reynolds, (Coach), Wuensch, L. W., Berlin, W. L., Kidwell, D. R., Thompson, M. F. SITTING: James, Ihlenbui ' K, T. R., Jenninp-s, J. W., Hudgins, L. M., Ma- T. J., McCoy, J. T., Harrell, D. E., Triplett, F. F., honev, W. C. Handel, M. 0., Prevatt, G. L. STANDING: Capt. KEY CLUB STANDING: Dutrow, R. W., Archbell, S. B., Rogers, D. B., Glenn, J. D., Jacobson, R. G., Bray, J. R., Avery, J. S., SITTING: Maurer, H. H., Berlin, W. L., Weisel, F. S., Standin, S. G. STANDING: Gregory, T L., Daniels, W. V., Smith, P. T., Hurst, E. G. SITTING: Campbell, J. L., Stone, D. L., Glenn, J. D., Roethke, C. A. SPANISH CLUB KNEELING: Clarke, H., Gray, R. E., Chandler, G. W., Capt. Ruiz (Sponsor), Schappert, R. J., Craige, A. M., Daniels, W. V., STANDING, 2nd ROW: Blasche, W. E., Tebbs, C. B., Hancock, R. M., Bag- ley, M. F., Lubin, S. R., Douglas, W. A., Weisel, F. S., Davis, C. W., Staples, J. G., 3rd ROW, Glenn, J. D., Standin, S. G., Campbell, J. L., Williamson, A. L., Hoppe, E. L., Jacobson, R. G., 4th ROW: Roesch, J., Goolsby, A. W., Abercrombie, T. J., Win- free, S. H. HONOR COURT SITTING: Col. Hargis (faculty advisor). Holt, T. E., Garnett, R. J., Chandler, G. W,, Campbell, J. L., 65 Rogers, D. B., Crowder, R. F., STANDING: Standin, S. G., Wuensch, L. W., Maurer, H. H., Jacobson, R. G. STUDENT CHAPLAIN SERVICE SITTING: Blasche, W. E., Carr, R. E., Bowden, C. E., Moss, G. D. STANDING: Wood- ward, L. P., Markham, C. H., Riley, E. M., Bessent, R. G. GLEE CLUB 1st ROW: Davis, C. L., Wrenn, R. L., Schappert, R. J., Powell, J. H., Elliott, J. A., Divine, M. D., Davis, C. W., Spindel, R. F., Allsbrook, J. M. 2nd ROW: Maggio, N. D., Huskey, J. W., Johnson, J. B., Theakston, P. G., Hinch, J. M., Wilkerson, W. E., Robey, D. L., Pearson, C. J., Gettings, J. M., Merz, D. M. 3rd ROW: Steverson, H. B., Pond, J. G., Sochor, J. M., Hill, P., Hood, H. P., Lau, I. W., Stillman, G. N., Tillman, G. S., Blanchard, A. W., Kello, G. B. DRAMA CLUB SITTING: Weisel, F. S., Lowry, J. P., Glenn, J. D., Campbell, J. L., Jacobson, R. G., Chandler, G. W. STANDING: Bray, J. R., Boyce, W. L., Davis, R. G., Goolsby, A. W., Rogers, D. B., Bell, T. A., Roethke, C. A., Rawls, A. L., Lawrence, R. C., Riggs, P. L., Read, F. C. ROCKET CLUB KNEELING: Stewart, C. W., McCoy, J. T., O’Toole, D. M., Harrell, D. E., Standin, S. G., STANDING: Maj. Stokes (Sponsor), Peltier, R. N., Eagan, E. T., Stevenson, T., Williams, D. G., Smith, D. H., Web- ster, J. D., Crute, E. D., Archbell, S. B., Emory, L. H., Homey, W. J., Mahoney, W. C. £ ' r ■J on o ri 4 ) aj M CiJ M S.-; rS “.SJ « ‘Wp Q ;a ' -» r • c ” . «W 2« w r.r _rOtf ges - a •Si a c« o ||d y 5 O 1-5 ' w +3 r [ 3 . -So S • rt rW -O ' -, , o sTS O H d Q Ph - " “ 1 62 • r c “Ph Sd § .o E „- o „ w . 01 4 J- Q « g| p S t: rpQ «! .O w Ph , w|oT« j S ' 2 ai " -►2? o g -aP 5 ■S §«6 ? .PS gj-M r . |««S O tH “a to . S a; 68 i 1 Schokirs Future Engineering, Draw FMA T earn i Front, left to right, Michael ’ Coleman. Richard Davis, i Richard Crowder, Steven ! Thaxton. Back, Charles Mid- PORTSMOUTH — Engineer- ing and math are the chief in- terests of the boys who com- prise the scholastic achievem t team at Frederick Military Aca- demy this semester. Only three of the young men plan to follow these interests at military in- stitutions — the others will shed uniforms wh«i they graduate from Frederick. The eight stu- dents, two from ' each of the four high school grades, were named to the scho- lastic team cm the basis of high academic records this semester. One of them will be the Frede- rick representative on the Tide- water Scholastic Achievement Team, to be announced at the end of the semester, Twenty-one students serve on this area team — the top stu- dent from each of the 21 high schools in Tidewater with an en- rollment of at least 300 pupils. Both the school and area teams are sponsored each semester by the Ledger-Star as vehicles for recognizing and congratulating scholastic accomplishments in local schools. Frederick Military team members are: Robert Jefferson Garnett, 17, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Gar- nett of 208 Parkway Drive, Newport News. On the team twice, this senior would like to attend the University of Rich- mond and make a career in law. Richard Frederick Crowder, 18, a veteran of four school teams. Interested in industrial math studies at the College of William and Mary, this senior is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John P. Crowder Jr. of Mechanicsville. Richard Gordon Davis, who plans to study engineering at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. This 17-year old junior has nev- er been on the team before. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. Rich- ard A. Davis of Chuckatuck. Charles Ottis Midgette, 16- year-old junior also new to the team. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Midgette of Belha- ven, N.C., Charles would like to attend North Carolina State and study electronic engineering. Q. John Tamift Jr., 15, son of Mr. and Mrs. Quinn Tamm of Kensington, Md. Another team newcomer, John is aiming for a military career after Virginia Military Institute. He is a sophomore. Ronald Paige Isbel, 16-year- old sophomore. Making his first team appearance, he would like to study engineering at Virginia Military Institute. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Isbel, 2 Vacation Lane, Chesapeake. Steven Franklin Tliaxton, a freshman whose future plans call for math studies at Duke University. This 14-year-old team newpomer is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Thax- ton, 3912 King St., Portsmouth. Michael Benson Coleman, 14, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Cole- man, Moyock, N.C. Michael would like to attend the U.S. Naval Academy and become a marine biologist. He is a fresh- man and new to the team. gette, John Tamm, Robert II • 4 - ■ •• ; A . 4 ' :y ’ k i ; ; ■ . I V : ' v i ll i ' - llj T i 1 tif. ■.’ ■;- ' 7 ■ Pi 1 j ■ ( 1 i 1 ' :?i- ‘ v| fj 1 ' 1 i ffl ' 1 ' ' ■ 1 ’ ' I ■ li- 3 ' 7A ; i ' l If 1 ;j 1 |i f 1 B ‘ ! i 1 lf 1 !f f 5 ' ' ■ j ! ■ ' ll 1 1 i i t ! ■ ■ ! ' 1 i: ■ I ' " li : , ■ j i 1 ‘ i 1 |j. J 1 1 i i Ff 1 ' i f ' 9 l| if i |:| |if : i jljHi m 1 1 : 72 “How about a little applause boys.” 73 75 BATTALION SWEETHEART Miss Jean Jennings Virginia Beach, Virginia I ‘‘What do you mean you’ve already got a ride home?” “My mommy won’t let me smoke.” The Beauty and the Beast L SEASON RESULTS F.M.A 14 GUILFORD COLLEGE FROSH 0 F.M.A 36 AUGUSTA MILITARY ACADEMY 0 F.M.A 6 FREDERICK COLLEGE FROSH 20 F.M.A 12 BULLIS PREP 6 F.M.A 6 EAST CAROLINA FROSH 19 F.M.A 14 NEWPORT NEWS APPRENTICE 0 F.M.A 14 FORK UNION MILITARY 6 F.M.A 24 COLUMBIAN PREP 0 F.M.A 6 HARGRAVE MILITARY 0 F.M.A 21 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY FROSH 12 F.M.A 25 V. P. I. FROSH 6 TOTAL 178 69 80 OFFENSIVE UNIT Three years ago Emory Davis left his job as Freshman Football Coach at the College of William and Mary to fill the position of Director of Ath- letics and Head Football Coach at Frederick Military Academy. In the years that have followed, Frederick has had one of the finest teams short of college varsity on the East Coast. The reason for this is quite simple. Coach Davis believes as did Mohammed — if the mountain won’t come to you, then you go to the mountain. Such an array of talent as was our football team this year just doesn’t happen to get together by coincidence; there must be an outside force. Coach Davis was this force. A combina- tion of administrative ability and a vast knowledge of football, coupled with a desire to produce a great team, has aided him in coaching Fred- erick teams to a three year record of 23 wins, 5 losses, 1 tie, and an un- defeated season. As one local sports writer commented, the FMA football team is one which tried suicide and lived. The Cubs completed an eleven game sched- ule that ranks with the strongest ever attempted by a prep school. This year the “military eleven’’ conquered such crack squads as Bullis Prep, Fork Union Military Academy, the varsity team of the Newport News Apprentice School, Columbian Prep, and the freshman teams of V.P.I. and Temple University. Despite this array of man-eaters, Emory Davis brought Frederick his third winning season in as many tries. 82 This year’s team did an outstanding job both offensively and defen- sively. In one game the defense held our opponents to -4 yards (yes, that’s a minus) rushing, while the offense grinded out 238 yards. For the sea- son, the Cubs piled up 2800 yards total offense while the defense gave up only 1441. Some of those players which helped to make such a winning season possible were: Most passes completed Fella Rhodes 30-69 Most yards gained passing John Tutino 431 Most passes received Rus Denof 16 Most yards gained receiving passes Ron Davidson 177 Most tackles-defensive lineman Gerald Kent 112 Most tackles-linebacker Dave Richards 142 Most tackles-defensive halfback Buddy Smith 104 Most tackles-safety Ron Davidson 141 Longest punt Ron Davidson 73 Most yards-kickoff returns Ronnie Spruill 92 Most yards-punt returns John Watts 240 Most passes intercepted John Watts 4 DEFENSIVE UNIT COACHING STAFF Emory Davis, Head Coach; Tom Dauprhtrey, Line Coach; Irving McKinney, Interior Line Coach; Rod Hollowell, Backfield Coach. 84 1964 RECORD 9 WINS 2 LOSSES TEAM STATISTICS FREDERICK OPPONENTS FIRST DOWNS 145 79 PASSING 35 32 RUSHING 101 39 PENALTY 9 8 RUSHING YARDS 1,985 707 PASSING ATTEMPTS 154 205 COMPLETIONS 64 78 YARDS GAINED 815 734 INTERCEPTED BY 14 13 PUNTS 49 65 AVG. YDS. 46.2 40.3 FUMBLES 39 37 LOST BY 17 19 REC. BY 22 18 YARDS PENALIZED 810 461 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Linda Sylvia Ann Bishop Santos Hagert (Co-Captain) (Captain) Carole Wendy Ellen Starr Brenda Gayle Davis Wilson Barnes Strickland Casper Dunn Pete Keeley 6’2” Chatham, N. J. Forward Frank Holland 6’1” Providence, R. I. Forward Bill Butler 6’0” Archbald, Pa. Forward Tl [ Joe Honzo 6’4” Palmerton, Pa. Forward Richard Neal 6’5” Virginia Beach, Va. Center Ron Davidson 5’10” Taunton Lakes, N. J. Guard VARSITY BA SKE TBA LL TEA M James Meyer 6’3” Brooklyn, N. Y. Guard Rufus P. Outland Coach “Neal at the start!” “Hey Diddle Diddle . . . . . . the cow jumped over the moon!” Frederick Military Academy Frederick Military Academy Frederick Military Academy Frederick Military Academy Frederick Military Academy Frederick Military Academy Frederick Military Academy Frederick Military Academy Frederick Military Academy Frederick Military Academy Frederick Military Academy Frederick Military Academy Frederick Military Academy Frederick Military Academy Frederick Military Academy Frederick Military Academy Frederick Military Academy Frederick Military Academy Frederick Military Academy 78 Portsmouth Catholics 53 N. N. Apprentice School 67 Smithdeal Massey Bus. School 69 The College of the Albemarle 64 Staunton Military Academy 93 Old Dominion Freshman 72 Frederick College Freshman 73 Norfolk Catholic 50 Smithdeal Massey Bus. School 56 Old Dominion Freshman Ill Frederick College Freshman 77 The College of the Albemarle 87 Bullis Prep School 90 N. N. Apprentice School 67 Univ. of Richmond Freshman 86 Barry Robinson 66 Bullis Prep School 100 Bainbridge Naval Training 77 Norfolk Catholic 56 STATISTICAL RECORD 72 74 111 89 69 70 93 80 96 79 67 115 69 50 66 67 91 84 3390 3341 1964-65 Record (13-8) CHAMPIONS OF FMA INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT OFFENSIVE AVERAGE FOR THE YEAR 82.6 DEFENSIVE AVERAGE FOR THE YEAR 72.4 REBOUNDS AVERAGE FOR THE YEAR 50 SHOOTING PERCENTAGE 42 FREE THROWS PERCENTAGE 67 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Left to Right: Jack Kress, Larry Mialik, Bill Hayes, Dave Ariail, Bryan Janney, Gregg George, Jim Hook, Herb Hood, Jim Dicksey. Coach Tom Daughtry. j MA TMEN AT WORK r 1 ’ I A 1 111 VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM KNEELING: Finder, D. M., Miskill, T. G., Behrman, B. S., Stone, D. L., Folkes, W. F., Kneas, J. E., Het- zel, B. R., Stephens, P. M., Williams, C. E., Hopkins, A. L., Peresta, R. A., Ulissi, F. L. STANDING: Ma- jor Ayres — Coach, Martin, D. C., Carrithers, C. R., Tenbusch, W. D. — Managers. THE RECORD FMA OPP. FMA vs Norfolk Catholic 45 9 FMA vs Craddock 9 29 FMA vs Norfolk Academy 22 26 FMA vs Deep Creek 25 19 FMA vs Norfolk Catholic 40 7 FMA vs Churchland 21 29 FMA vs Wilson 13 31 FMA vs Great Bridge 6 38 FMA vs Colonial Heights 25 16 FMA vs Kecoughtan 31 23 FMA INVITATIONAL WRESTLING TOURNAMENT Augusta Military Academy 83 Frederick Military Academy 82 Norfolk Academy 76 Hargrave Military Academy 70 ‘We shall overcome . . u Coach Ayres puts evil eye on the boys as Bud (the Greaser) Williams bites lip apprehensively. I 1 I ' I i f JUNIOR VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM KNEELING: Wrenn, R. L., Koch, H. G., Hirshman, M. N., Corcoran, J. B., Sutherland, J. D., Morris, R. W., Prevatt, G. L, Gilbert, F. L, Stevens, W. C., Pruden, J. B., Fitz- gerald, D. E. STANDING: Tenbusch, W D. — Manager, Lt. Ross — Coach. 105 INTRAMURALS SM idn 1 t I 1 ' j( J ACUl TY ANGEL STREET IhP!? • 1 ' 7, " TM Bf ' . ' 9 f Ij 3 INFIRMARY STAFF STANDING: Epstein, S. B., Sawicki, W. F., Weisel, F. S., Holland, M. R„ Mrs. Ruiz, Mr. Doerr. SITTING: Dr. Lindsay. 113 I ANNUAL STAFF SITTING: Captain “Dick” — in charge of horse whips and stirring invectives. J. R. — in charge of satirical works and humorless jokes. Jim Bryson — in charge of? (He only came to one meeting.) J. Bunn — chief draftsman cartoonist; vice-pres. of S.P.D. promo- tion dept. “Brock” — in charge of mud-slinging and slicing department. STANDING: “Sweep” Thaxton — cleanup man in charge of cobwebs and elbow grease. “Flash” Pocock — in charge of Brownies Inc. (A div. of Kodak Company). “Turtle” Gray — president of self-promotion dept. Maj. C. P. Mooring — Sponsor (the ultimate censor) Due to unfortunate circumstances Larry Wuensch wasn’t present for the photographing. Larry is in charge of all the pages you don’t like. 115 1 On JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM 1 16 l djfe ■ w • bH F ' . wl THE LONG-A WA ITED BY ALL, WITH I 1 NIGHT ARRIVED: A GOOD TIME WAS HAD THE LA FA YETTE SURVIVING WITH A MODICUM OF DAMAGE l-Z-3 J ANC£ A NATIVE OF SUFFOLK, VA, GEORGE STANDIN ENTERED FREDERICK MILI- TARY ACADEMY IN THE FALL OF 1962. IN THE YEARS FOLLOWING, HE HAS NOT ONLY DISTINGUISHED HI MSELF ACADEMICALLY BUT HAS ALSO EARN- ED THE RESPECT OF THE ENTIRE CORPS OF CADETS FOR HIS ABILITY AS A LEADER. THE JOB OF BATTALION COMMANDER IS NOT AN EASY ONE, BUT HIS PERFORMANCE OF DUTIES CANNOT BE TOO HIGHLY COMMENDED. UPON GRADUATION THIS MAY, HE HOPES TO ENTER THE U. S. MILITARY ACADEMY FOR A MAJOR IN CIVIL EN- GINEERING. WE OF THE CADET CORPS WISH GEORGE ALL THE SUCCESS IN HIS FUTURE ENDEAVORS, AND WE ALL REALIZE THAT HIS DEPARTURE WILL BE A GREAT LOSS TO F.M.A. LAST WILL Being of Sound Mind and Body, I . . . Chip Maurer leave to FMA a set of Falcon keys and 45 days of restriction. Allan Hopkins leave to R.C.P. stripes, pips, etc. Mark Ci ' aige leave to Hodges Hall 20 empty shaving cream cans. “Dickyburger” leave my ability to spoof the military dept, to next year’s Battalion Exec. Rick Jacobson leave after four years of havoc. Howell Steverson leave to R.P. a used gir- dle. Sam Stokes leave to Col. West my blonde hair and red car. Larry Abbott leave to Nat Harrison one box of cheese. James Pell leave to Captain Ruiz fifty cents to buy FMA. Frank Weisel leave to any junior 346 tales of lurid women, written in Yiddish. Carl Roethke leave Col. Plaine one used bugle to play with. Thomas Holt leave to this school and the military office 14 demerits. Fred McDermott leave this school 2 long years of my short life. Neil Howard leave my monogrammed desk to Col. Plaine and classroom “N”. Jesse Zedd leave my dirty rifle for Col. Plaine to clean. Jon Lewis leave my ability to talk my way out of demerits to anyone who ever needs it. Mike Zimmer leave my sympathy to anyone who comes between Capt. Sale and his Drama Club. Benn Fleming leave FMA with no regret. Rick Gray leave the ability to smuggle a civilian into ranks, and get away with it. George Mahler leave my best to Henry T. Haines. Rick Lawrence leave my height to the fu- ture Ist sgt. of “C” Comp. William Heller leave the broken windows in Boyce Lumber Company to Col. Plaine. Thomas Bell leave one Eichel “BURGER” with onions. Trip Goolsby leave my spastic arms to Captain Sale. Walt Thaxton leave my warped sense of hu- mor and persecution complex to Capt. Gar- rett. Jim Briggs leave the night of Sept. 26, 1964 to the Alligator Wrestler. Red Avery leave for better years in the “Cambridge Folk Music Society.” Randy Bray leave 5 teeth from first gear on Frank Weisel’s Morris Minor to poster- ity. Johnny Bunn leave my ability not to get drafted to E. Carey Knight. Arthur Russell leave my troubles to John Hinch. Bob Anderson leave sixty demerits seven months restriction, and four stripes to FMA. 122 Jack Crannell leave my talent for getting girls at the wrong time to “Happy” Jim. AND TESTAMENT Ronald Spindel leave my sickening luck with the opposite sex to anyone who wants it. Robert Tolbert leave to FMA “The Pack” — the first organized AWOL team. Ivan Ki ' ess leave 12 tons of “good ole” Suf- folk peanuts to the hungry boys next year. Larry Wuensch leave a confused guard mount to next year’s adjutant. E. Carey Knight leave a set of keys to all of the food lockers. Davis Stillson leave Higgens Hall to any- one who can use it. Jon Lowry leave one crushed turtle to Rick Gray. John Powell leave to Nat Harrison my abil- ity to sleep to 6:15. Ray Ihlenburg leave FMA as it is — a mell of a hess. Tom Winters leave Steve Thaxton to any new senior. George Chandler leaves. Stan Epstein leave 1 syringe and 5 slightly used bottles of morphine. Mike Harris leave a pair of Col. Plaine’s pants, which didn’t fit. G. F. Hogg leave the Colors to Little John and Tom-Tom. Bill Vickrey leave Mrs Hines to Bill Ward. Wayne Dewey leave my ability to graduate to Carey Knight. Melvin Bagley leave all the hair that was clipped from my head in the form of a tou- pee for Col. West. Walt Sawicki leave my ability to sneak into a senior Last Will and Testament sheet to any junior as smart as me. Jim Campbell leave a set of Buick keys and 45 days restriction to Col. West. Harry Hurd leave to anyone who can drink 2 cases of beer the key to the trunk of my car. Jerry Rushford leave my explosive power to a lucky cadet next year. Thomas Gregory leave the ability to brown nose and not get rank. Mac Minga leave next year’s Battalion Exec, the guard duty roster. Randy Lindsay leave Frederick after 4 years, with a thankful heart and a big smile. Warner Bunge leave next year’s Drama Club to FMA. Bill Evans leave to Capt. Sale one bottle of Nair. “Tee” Taylor leave to Dean Little some of my spare tire. He hasn’t reached 100 lb. yet. Good luck. Dean. Nat Harrison leave to “Sleepy” a bottle of NO-DOZ and a case of METRECAL. Barry Henrikson leave my height to little Thaxton. Eddie Hoppe leave Capt. Jukkola to next year’s mechanical drawing class. Clyde Davis leave some 1st Lt. pips to Doc Twiford. 123 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Chip Maurer, President; Dave Rogers, Vice-President; Dick Crowder, Secretary; Carl Roethke, Treasurer. SENIOR CLASS 124 ABBOTT, LARRY W. Best Drilled Company, 11; Crack Pla- toon, 11, 12; N.C.O., 11, 12; No Demerits, 12; C.S.U., 12. ABERCROMBIE, THEODORE J. No Demerits, 11; Best Company, 11; Glee Club, 12; Secretary of Sunday School, 12; N.C.O., 12; Busted, 12. ADCOCK, ROGER Frederick Riflemen, 11; Good Conduct, 11; N.C.O., 12; Swimming Team, 11. ANDERSON, ROBERT J. Best Drilled Platoon, 11; Frederick Rifle- men, 11; Varsity Pistol Team, 11, 12; Varsity Rifle Team, 11, 12; Plainesman Pistol and Rifle Club, 12; N.C.O., 11, 12. AVERY, JAMES S. Football, 11; Key Club, 11, 12; No De- merits, 11, 12; N.C.O., 12. BAGLEY, MELVIN F. No Demerits, 11; Best Drilled Company, 11; Top 15 Military Science Average, 11; Spanish Club, 11, 12. BEHRMAN, BARRY S. Wrestling, 11, 12; Co-Capt. Wrestling Team, 12; Varsity Club, 12; Track, 12. BELL, THOMAS A. Spanish Club, 11, 12; Drum and Bugle Corps, 11, 12; Drama Club, 12; No De- merits, 12; N.C.O., 12. BRAY, JERRY R. Good Conduct, 11; Best Company, 11; Honor Cadet, 11, 12; Key Club, 11, 12; No Demerits, 12; Annual Staff, 12; Drama Club, 12; Color Guard, 12; N.C.O., BRIGGS, JAMES M. Equestrian Team, 11; Fencing Team, 11; Color Guard, 12; N.C.O., 12. BRYSON, JAMES P. Wrestling Team, 11, 12; N.C.O., 12. BUNGE, WARNER W. Best Drilled Company, 11; Best Drilled Squad, 11; Annual Staff, 11; Crack Pla- toon, 12; Drama Club, 12; Plainesman Rifle and Pistol Club, 12; N.C.O., 12. T I BUNN, JOHNNY G. Best Company, 11; Basketball, 11; N.C.O., , 11, 12; No Demerits, 11, 12; Annual Staff, ] 11, 12; Spanish Club, 11, 12; Crack Pla- i toon, 12; Drama Club, 12. CAMPBELL, JAMES L. Football, 11; Inter-Club Council, 11; No Demerits, 11; Varsity Club, 11, 12; Span- ish Club, 11, 12; Honor Court, 11, 12; Crack Platoon, 12; Drama Club, 12; Key Club, 12; Officer, 12; Plainesman Pistol and Rifle Team. CASPER, ROBERT C. Track, 11; Best Company, 11; Football, 11, 12; Co-Capt. Football, 12; Wrestling, 11, 12; Co-Capt. Wrestling, 12; Chorus, 11, 12; Glee Club, 12; All-State, All- Tidewater, All-Eastern, All-Metropolitan Football; N.C.O., 12. CHANDLER, GEORGE W. Best Drilled Company, 11; Varsity Rifle Team, 11; Plainesman Rifle and Pistol Team, 11, 12; No Demerits, 11, 12; Spanish Club, 12; Officer, 12; Honor Court, 12; Drama Club. CRAIGE, MARK A. Best Drilled Company, 11; Crack Platoon, 12; Spanish Club, 12; N.C.O., 12. CRANNELL, JACK W. Best Company, 11; Color Guard, 12; Wrestling, 11; Ballet Team, 11; Honor Cadet, 11,12; N.C.O., 12; A.A.U. Alliga- tor Wrestling, 12; Vocal Audition on Ted Mack Show (3 time winner), 12. CROWDER, RICHARD F. FMA Scholastic Team, 11, 12; Secretary, Inter-Club Council, 11; Beta Club, 11, 12; Officer, 11, 12; Editor of Annual, 12; Tidewater Scholastic Team, 12; Honor Council, 12. CULLIPHER, THOMAS L. N.C.O., 11; Track, 11; Spanish Club, 11; Officer, 12. DAVIS, CL YDE L. Armory, 11; N.C.O., 11, 12; Glee Club, 11, 12; Crack Platoon, 11, 12; Infirmary, 12; F.M.A. Folk Singing Group, 12; Of- ficer, 12. DEWEY, E. WAYNE Good Conduct, 11; Best Drilled Company, 11; Best Drilled Squad, 11; Key Club, 11, 12; Spanish Club, 11, 12; Pistol Team, 11, 12; No Demerits, 12; Color Guard, 12; N.C.O., 12. DUNCAN, DANNY F. Good Conduct, 11; Best Drilled Platoon, 11; Football, 11, 12; Varsity Club, 11, 12; N.C.O., 11, 12; No Demerits, 12. J DUTROW, RONALD W. Best Drilled Squad, 11; Best Drilled Company, 11; Plainesman Pistol and Rifle Club, 11, 12; Key Club, 11, 12; Pistol Team, 11, 12; Rifle Team, 12; N.C.O., 12. EPSTEIN, STANLEY B. Best Company, 11; Infirmary, 12; N.C.O., 12; N.C.O. Staff, 12. EVANS, WILLIAM B. Football, 11; Best Drilled Platoon, 11; N.C.O., 11, 12; No Demerits, 12. FINCH, CHARLES M. Color Guard, 12; N.C.O., 12. FLEMING, EDWARD B. Best Company, 11; Top 15 Military Sci- ence Grades, 11; N.C.O. , 11; Track, 11; Crack Squad, 11, 12; C.S.U., 12; Officer, 12; Battalion Staff, 12. FOLKES, WILLIAM F. Best Drilled Platoon, 11; No Demerits, 11, 12; N.C.O., 12; Wrestling, 12; Drama Club, 12. FUCCI, KENNETH C. Football, 11, 12; Varsity Club, 12; Wrestling, 11; N.C.O., 12. GARNETT, ROBERT J. Honor Cadet, 11, 12; N.C.O., 12 . GLENN, JOE D. Cadet of Week, 11; Honor Court, 11; Highest Military Average, 11; Best Company, 11; Key Club, 11, 12; Varsity Club, 11, 12; Spanish Club, 11, 12; Wrest- ling, 11, 12; Drama Club, 12; No De- merits, 12; N.C.O., 12. GOOLSBY, ARTHUR W. Drum and Bugle Corps, 11, 12; N.C.O., 11, 12; Spanish Club, 12; Drama Club, 12; Drum Section Leader, 12; No De- merits. GRAY, RICHARD E. Crack Squad, 11; Inter-Club Council Treasurer, 11; Good Conduct, 11; Best Company, 11; Spanish Club, 11, 12; N.C.O., 11, 12; Annual Staff, 12; C.S.U., 12 . GREGORY, THOMAS L. Basketball Manager, 11; N.C.O., 11, 12; Mail Room Orderly, 11, 12; Plainesman Rifle and Pistol Club, 12; No Demerits, 12 . 1 HANDEL MAURY O. N.C.O., 11, 12; Good Conduct, 11, 12; Drum and Bugle Corps, 11; Frederick Rifleman, 11, 12; Best Bugler Award, 11, 12 . HARRIS, MICHAEL W. Best Drilled Platoon, 11; Good Conduct, 11; C.S.U., 12. HARRISON, NATHANIEL W. Best Company, 11; Good Conduct, 11; Best Intramural Volleyball Team, 12; N.C.O., 11, 12. HELLER, WILLIAM T. Crack Platoon, 11; Junior N.R.A., 11; No, Demerits, 11; Glee Club, 12; Crack Pla- toon, 12; Plainsmen Rifle and Pistol Team, 12; N.C.O., 12. HENRIKSON, BARRY W. No Demerits, 11; Best Drilled Company, 11; J.V. Basketball, 11; N.C.O., 12. HOGG, GRANVILLE F. Best Hall, 11; N.C.O., 11, 12; Color Guard, 11, 12; Plainsmen Rifle and Pistol Team, 12; Pistol Team, 12; Rifle Team, 12 . HOLT, THOMAS E. Good Conduct, 11; Crack Platoon, 11; Best Company, 11; N.C.O., 11, 12; Honor Court, 12; Spanish Club, 11, 12. HOPKINS, ALLAN L. Key Club, 11; Spanish Club, 11; Class Secretary, 11; Officer, 11, 12; Wrestling, 12 . HOPPE, EDWARD L. Crack Platoon, 11; Glee Club, 11; Drama Club, 12; Spanish Club, 11, 12; N.C.O., 12; Good Conduct, 11; No Demerits, 12. HOWARD, NEIL R. Crack Platoon, 11; Swimming, 11; Best Drilled Platoon, 11; Best Hall, 11; N.C.O., 12 . HURD, HARRY L. Sergeant Major, 11; Honor Council, 12. IHLENBURG, RAYMOND W. Best Drilled New Cadet, 11; No Demerits, 11; Honor Cadet, 11; Best Hall, 11; N.C.O., 11; Plainsman N.R.A., 11, 12; Officer, 12; Crack Platoon, 12; Pistol Team, 11, 12; Rifle Team, 11, 12. IHLENBURG, THOMAS R. Best Company, 11; Best Hall, 11; Honor Cadet, 11; Varsity Rifle Team, 12; Junior N.R.A., 12. JACOBSON, RICHARD G. Varsity Rifle Team, 11; Jr. -Sr. Prom Chairman, 11; Best Hall, 11; N.R.A., 11; Spanish Club, 11, 12; Key Club, 11, 12; Drama Club, 12; Honor Council, 12; Of- ficer, 12; Crack Platoon, 12; Plainesman Rifle and Pistol Club, 12. KNIGHT, E. CAREY Best Drilled Platoon, 11; No Demerits, 11; N.C.O., 11, 12; C.S.U., 12. KRESS, JACK I. Best Hall, 11; Best Company, 11; No Demerits, 11; Spanish Club, 11, 12; J.V. Basketball, 12; N.C.O., 12. LAWRENCE, RICHARD C. Projection Staff, 11, 12; N.C.O., 11, 12; Crack Platoon, 12; Drama Club, 12. LEWIS, JONATHAN C. Best Hall, 11; Best Drilled Company, 11; Track Team, 11, 12; Football, 12; Bas- ketball, 12; Director of Public Relations (Athletic Dept.), 12. LINDSAY, RANDALL D. Best Company, 11; Best Hall, 11; Varsity Track, 11, 12; N.C.O., 11, 12. LOWRY, JON P. Best Company, 11; Football, 11; Track, 11; Best Hall, 11; Drama Club, 12. McCADDON, MICHAEL P. Best Company, 11; Best Hall, 11; Spanish Club, 11; Crack Squad, 11; N.C.O., 12; Varsity Rifle Team, 12; N.R.A., 12; Span- ish Club, 12; No Demerits, 12. McDERMOTT, FREDERICK C. Best Company, 11; No Demerits, 11, 12; N.C.O., 12; C.S.U., 12. MANGUM, DANIEL E. N.C.O., 11, 12. MAURER, HENRY H. Junior N.R.A., 11; No Demerits, 11; F.M.A. Scholastic Team, 11; Crack Pla- toon, 11; Honor Cadet, 11, 12; Class President, 11, 12; Officer, 11, 12; Key Club, 11, 12; Beta Club, 11, 12; Rifle Team, 11, 12; Honor Court, 11, 12; Pistol Team, 12; Plainsman Rifle and Pistol Club, 12. MiNGA, McClellan s. Tennis Team, 11; Glee Club, 11; Spanish Club, 11; Best Drilled Platoon, 11; Best Drilled Company, 11; Varsity Club, 11; Officer, 12. MOODY, DAVID W. Basketball, 11, 12; Varsity Club, 12. PELL, JAMES A. Best Drilled Platoon, 11; Good Conduct, 11; Infirmary Worker, 12. POND, JEFFREY G. Cadet of the Week, 11; No Demerits, 11, 12; Glee Club, 12; N.C.O., 12. POWELL, JOHN H. Best Company, 11; No Demerits, 11; Top 15 Military Science Grades, 11; Glee Club, 12. I REED, DEEN T. N.R.A., 11; N.C.O., 12. 506 ” fiOETHKE ROETHKE, CARL A. Top 15 Military Science Grades, 11; Jr. Class Officer, 11; Bugle Section Leader, 11; Officer, 11, 12; Drum and Bugle Corps, 11, 12; No Demerits, 11, 12; Sr. Class Officer, 12; Drama Club, 12. ROGERS, DAVID B. N.C.O., 11; Honor Cadet, 11, 12; Top 15 Academic Averages, 11, 12; Key Club, 11, 12; Honor Court, 11, 12; The Misfits (band), 12; Drama Club, 12; Officer, 12. RUSHFORD, JERRY D. Varsity Soccer Team, 11; N.C.O., 12. SPINDEL, RONALD F. Frederick Riflemen, 11; Varsity Rifle Team, 11; Crack Platoon, 11, 12; Glee Club, 12; F.M.A. Folk Sinp inp: Group, 12. STALNAKER, ROBERT H. Varsity Football, 11, 12; Varsity Club, 11, 12; N.C.O., 11; Officer, 12. I STANDIN, SHELBY G. Plainesman Pistol and Rifle Club, 11, 12; Varsity Rifle Team, 11; Radio Club Pres., 11; N.C.O., 11; Best Citizen Award, 11; Top 15 Military Trainfire, 11; Best Drill- ed Company, li; Varsity Pistol Team, 11, 12; Key Club Sec. 11; Key Club Pres., 12; Battalion Commander, 12. STEVERSON, HOWELL B. Best Drilled Platoon, 11; S.C.A. Repre- sentative, 11, 12; No Demerits, 11, 12; N.C.O., 12; Glee Club, 12. STEWART, HARRY T. Best Company, 11; Range N.C.O., 11; Varsity Rifle Team, 11; Varsity Pistol Team, 11, 12; Plainesman Rifle and Pistol Club, 11, 12; No Demerits, 12; Officer, 12. STILLSON, DAVIS F. Best Company, 11; Best Drilled Old Cadet, 11; Wrestling, 11; Varsity Club, 11, 12; N.C.O., 11, 12; Crack Squad, 11; Drama Club, 12; Tennis Team, 12; Officer, 12. STOKES, LEVEN S. Spanish Club, 11; Crack Platoon, 11; Good Conduct, 11; N.C.O., 11; Officer, 11 , 12 . STONE, DAVIS L. Spanish Club, 11; Wrestling, 11, 12; Varsity Club, 11, 12. TAYLOR, ARTHUR H. Football, 11; Best Company, 11; Basket- ball, 11, 12; N.C.O., 12. THAXTON, WALTER H. No Demerits, 11; Honor Cadet, 11; Honor Court, 11; Varsity Rifle Team, 12; Plainesman N.R.A., 12; N.C.O., 12. TOLBERT, ROBERT T. Best Drilled Company, 11; Good Conduct, 11; N.C.O., 12. VICKREY, WILLIAM C. Crack Platoon, 11; No Demerits, 11; Best Company, 11; N.C.O., 11, 12; Best Com- pany, 12; Drama Club, 12. WARD, WILLIAM E. N.C.O., 11; Best Company, 11; Good Con- duct, 11; Annual Staff, 11; Officer, 12. WEISEL, FRANK S. Best Company, 11; Good Conduct, 11; Best Drilled Crack Squad, 11; Crack Squad Leader, 11; J.V. Wrestling, 11; Key Club, 11, 12; Spanish Club, 11, 12; Drama Club, 12; No Demerits, 12; N.C.O., 11, 12. WINFREE, SHURVIN H. Spanish Club, 11, 12; No Demerits, 11, 12; N.C.O., 12; Varsity Rifle Team, 12; Glee Club, 12; President of Sunday School, 12. WINTERS, THOMAS J. Best Hall, 11; Best Company, 11; Armory Staff, 11; Jr. Rifle Team, 11; Drama Club, 12 . WUENSCH, LAWRENCE W. Tennis Team, 11; Top 15 Rifle Marksmen, 11; N.C.O., 11, 12; Frederick Riflemen, (President), 11, 12; Honor Committee Chairman, 11, 12; Varsity Rifle Team, 11, 12; Officer, 12. ZEDD, JESSE C. Crack Platoon, 11, 12; Good Conduct, 11; Tennis Team, 12. 1 I i i ZIMMER, MICHAEL E. Best Drilled Platoon, 11; Crack Platoon, 11, 12; Officer, 12; Plainesman Rifle and Pistol Club, 12; Honor Council, 12; Drama Club, 12; Company Commander, 12. !l if 140 ‘But Sir?” ' " The Hustlers” ‘‘The Mafia” M2 You Didn’t Take That? “Geritol?” “Once A Semestei- Regardless.’’ . . . And After 3 Months” Pajama Party At F.M.A. “Valley Forge” 143 1 44 “Most Bi’ownie Points “Come on boys, we’re late!” “Mutiny in the Armory” “The Great Escape” “Broadside!” “A short briefing before the attack” . . then I used my magic sword!” Il a R|H[H|ti‘ Hi ' -- ' V]w ' p 1 PREPS STANDING: Tom Diksa, Vice-President; Ken Scheivert, Treasurer; SITTING: Whitey Boryczewski, Sergeant at Arms; Fella Rhodes, President; Joe Ellington, Secretary. 154 PREP CLASS ABDILL, CARL E. Millville, N. J.— Football ALAMPI, GERALD Philadelphia, Pa. — Football ATTARDI, THOMAS J. Bayonne, N. J. — Football 155 AUSTIN, HERBERT R. Portsmouth, Va. — Football BORYCZEWSKI, MICHAEL J. Clifton, N. J. — Football BROWN, ROBERT L. Virginia Beach, Va. — N.C.O. BULL, JAMES S. Parksley, Va. — Track BUTLER, WILLIAM J. Archbald, Pa. — Basketball CAPEZIO, JAMES C. Peckville, Pa. — Football i56 CERES, WARREN P. Belleville, N. J. — Football COAR, THOMAS M. Dunmore, Pa. CRAFT, WILFRED L. Cherry Hill, N. J. — Football CROWDER, CARL N. Danville, Va. — N.C.O. DAVIDSON, RONALD J. Taunton Lakes, N. J. Football, Basketball DENNY, JULIUS E. Chesapeake, Va. — Football 157 DIKSA, THOMAS F. Wilmington, Del. — Annual Staff I DI NENNA, JOHN J. Norristown, Pa. — Football EDWARDS, RONALD T, Roanoke, Va. — Football ELLINGTON, JOSEPH C. Swansboro, N. C. — Basketball FIORETTI, ROBERT J. Peckville, Pa. — Football FITZGERALD, DENNIS E. Brigantine, N. J. — Football 158 GARNER, RODNEY G. Southport, N. C. — Basketball GRAINGER, WILLIAM L. Tabor City, N. C. — Football GRIFFITH, HENRY S. W. Conshohocken, Pa. — Football HARRIS, DAVID G. Plymouth, Pa. — Football HOLLAND, MICHAEL R. Grundy, Va. — Football HONZO, JOSEPH E. Palmerton, Pa. — Basketball 159 HUMBLE, ARTHUR R. Inkerman, Pittston, Pa. — Football JOHNSON, RICHARD W. Yorktown, Va. — N.C.O. KANIPE, LLOYD A. Charlotte, N. C. — Football LEE, RICHARD C. Hampton, Va. — N.C.O. 160 LOCKHART, JOHN Brooklyn, N. Y. — Football LOEB, RICHARD W. Pennsville, N. J. — Football LONDON, DON K. Hampton, Va.. — Football McGHEE, THOMAS L. Virginia Beach, Va. McLaughlin, Robert e. Alexandria, Va. — Football MATTHEWS, GERALD E. Angier, N. C. — Football 161 MENICHIELLO, MARTIN A. Old Forge, Pa. MEYER, JAMES E. Brooklyn, N. Y. — Basketball NICKERSON, WILLIAM A. Norfolk, Va. — Football PERESTA, ROBERT A. Levittown, Pa. — Football, Wrestling 162 RALEIGH, JOSEPH E. Hampton, Va. — Football ROGERS, DEAN H. Bogalusa, Louisiana ROWLAND, JOHN M. Raleigh, N. C. — Football SCHMINCKE, PAUL J. Pennsauken, N. J. — Football 163 SCHEIVERT, KENNETH G. Chester, Pa. — Football SERINA, PAUL D. Boothwyn, Pa. — Football SMITH, JAMES W. Gates, N. C. — Basketball SMITH, WALTER R. Norfolk, Va. — Football, Basketball SPRUILL, RONALD W. Norfolk, Va. — Football, Basketball STEPHENS, PETER M. Alexandria, Va. — Wrestling 164 TARTAGLIONE, DANIEL J. Brooklyn, N. Y. — Football THOMAS, LYNN H. Kinston. N. C. — N.C.O. TUTINO, JOHN Brooklyn, N. Y. — Football TWIFORD, DOC T. Norfolk, Va. — Football ULISSI, FRANK L. Pennsville, N. J. — Football, Wrestling VAN VEEN, KARL A. New Castle, Del. — Annual Staff, N.C.O. 165 WAGENFELD, ROBERT W. Hampton, Va. — N.C.O. WATTS, JOHN P. Ashland, N. J. — Football WESTON, ROBERT W. Hopewell, Va. — Football WILKERSON, WAYNE E. Boothwyn, Pa. WOLFE, KENNETH R. Newport, Kentucky — Football 166 ' ' ' " ' ' K JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Eddie Triplett, Secretary; Steve Brockman, Vice-President; Fred Sawyer, President. 168 CLASS OF 1966 Berlin, W. L. Bessent, R. G. Blasche, W. E. Carrithers, C. R. Cook, W. 0. Brockman, S. H. Carr, R.E. Cheatam, J. B. Conrad, M. R. Corbett, S. M. Covert, B. L. Covert, B. R. Daniels, W. V Davis, R. G. Douglas, W. A. Garcia, R. 0. Gilbert, F. I. Hand, D. L. George, G. W. Hamilton, L. H. Harrell, D. E. Foster, S. K. Gettings, J. M. Hancock, R. M. Hawkins, B. D. Hetzel, B. R. Higgins, J. W. Hill, P. Hirshman, M. N. Huskey, J. W. Jacobs, F. L. Hood, H. P. James, T. J. Janney, B. H. Jennings, J. W. Jones, D. E. Keenan, M. Lau, I. W. Little, D. M. McCoy, P. F. r Martin, D. C. Mauldin, V. S. Midgette, C. 0. Miles, R. E. Moore, M. L. Neal, W. R. Moss, G. D. O’Toole, D. M. Myers, T. F. Parnell, J. Q. Payne, D. W. Pridgen, D. B. Read, F. C. Pickard, J. E. Ragan, G. M. Pocock, D. P. Riggan, W. H. Riggs, P. L. Roesch, J. C. Sawicki, W. T. Robey, D. L. Rowe, R. H. Sawyer, F. A. Schappert, R. J. Robinson, G. T, Sargent, J, I i Sharpe, J. O. Shealey, H. W. tiMtAARD Sherard, C. W. Small, J. F. Smith, L. R. Smith, S. S. Standing, G. A. Stanford, S. R. Tenbusch, W. D. Theakston, P. G. Tillman, G. S. Towne, W. H. Travis, C. H. Tolan, D. R. I Williams, C. E. Williamson, A. L. Triplett, E. F. Wilkinson, T. L. 180 ' i ' . ' k W vV ? i(KV ' ; 1. X 1 ‘ ' 5 • « ' I I ' l!M -7 FREDj.RICK MEITARY acadmy P ortsmouth, Virginia Saturday, 30 February 1965 Section 00? OFFICIAL!?) Vol. 69 1715 Lours Ouard Mount (, occasionally) 9FP5GSK OF THE BA¥ t . ... : V No. Sergeant tke Ouard OFFICLri OF THE DAY Sergeant of the Guard Privates of the Guard Buglers of the Guard old dorm old dorm new dorm -Oapt. Mepkins Lt. keesek Lt 0 ' ¥©ele 6apt, Stekes -Sgt. JaeebeeH, M. G. Lt, Jacobson, K.G, Sgt. Sargent, J, Pvts, O’Toole, D. Stokes, S. Roesch, J, Hopkins, A, Russell, R.J. (guitar) " Ringo " (drums) Daniels, W.V. (tom tom) Zedd, J. (Jew ' s harp) General Reinke mediocre dorm Faculty officer of the Day BURNED UP DEPT , All cadets participating in the marshmallow roast at the Recreation Center vrill turn themselves into the Commandant, imm- ediately, (Capt, Soupy) CLIP DEPT . All cadets are reminded that they are to follow the example of their Military Instructors on the question of regulation haircuts. But remember, if it don ' t grow, it don ' t gol (Capt, McKinnev, Batta.lion Butcher) STRAIN DEPT . Cadets are reminded that PHYSICAL FITNESS is an essential part of military life. Cadets unable to pass minimum standards (such as inability to do 1 push-up) vri.ll report to Lt, Golonna for torture, (Lt, Wuensch) SP vT DEPT , Cadets will NOT throw snovrballs, even in cases of self- defense against Faculty Officers children, (Maj, Ayres, Maj. Davis, Co , Hargis) DING DONG DEPT . Cadets are v arned for the LAST time against abusing telephone company property. Remember, this is the 37th LAST warning so we really mean it this time, (Capt. Alexander G. HeXl) ' WITHDRAVA L , Effective Hay 29, 1965, the SENIOR CLASS OP I965 ' Las withdravjn from scLool, Instructors, please report grades earned and Lope tLat you will get as great a bunch for next year, (CLASS OP Sgt, Jack Crannell (Battalion Alligator V restler) CLASS OF 1967 Sophomores take National Merit Tests 182 Allsbrook, J. M. Barry, T. E. Andrews, N. W. Biggs, R. K. Archbell, S. B. Breedlove, H. G. Ariail, D. W. Bryant, C. W. Bain, G. R. Carpenter, J. W. CLASS OF 1967 Edwards, R. S. English, J. C. Evans, D. L. Evans, D. W. Evans, D. A. Fletcher, W. S. Gilliam, J. T. Glaser, J. R. 1967 Gordon, S. J. Hanson, J. R. Harrell, G. F. Hayes, W. C. Hazelwood, T. A. Hinch, J. M. Hook, J. R. Homey, W. J. Howard, A. S. Hudgins, L. M. Hunt, T. R. Hurst, E. G. Isbel, R. P. Livesay, J. G. Johnston, J. B. Love, R. W. Kimnach, G. C. McCoy, J. T. Kneas, J. E. Maggio, N. D. Koch, H. G. Mahoney, W. C. 1967 Markhan, C. H. Morris, J. V. Marshall, T. E. Nuckols, K. B. Merz, D. M. Pearson, C. J. Miller, D. M. Peterson, R. A. Miskill, T. G. Prevatt, G. L. Not Pictured Pruden, J. B. Smith, F. L. Riley, E. M. Smith, J. G. Ruiz, R. E. Smith, P. T. Shealy, W. D. Sochor, J. M. Smith, D. H. Spencer, C. E. 1967 Stevens, W. C. Stevenson, T. Szabo, J. L. Tamm, Z. J. Taylor, J. E ' hompson, M. F. Venner, R. H. Ward, J. A. Webster, J. D. Weissman, L. Weston, A. G. Whitten, J. A. Whaley, M. L. Williams, D. G. Whitney, A. W. Woodard, L. P. 187 CLASS OF 1968 Bass, J. R. Cheatham, B. W. Blanchai’d, A. W. Coleman, M. B. Bowden, C. E. Corcoran, J. B. Bryant, W. R. Fessler, R. L. Cameron, G. H. Finder, D. M. J I Flavin, S. F. Jackson, R. E. Germain, D. E. Jennings, J. F. Golaszewski, J. C. Johnson, M. B. Haines, H. T. Jordon, M. D. Hale, J. I. Kello, G. B. 1968 Kidwell, D. R. Morris, R. W. Lambiotte, D. G. Peltier, R. N. MacLean, D. B. Pound, J. H. Macklin, G. A. Robinson, C. A. Mialik, L. G. Roesch, J. H. Snead, B. H. Turville, J. A. ! Wrenn, R. L. Young, J. S. Stanley, J. Wells, J. Strehlein, C. Whitehurst, L. B. Sutherland, J. D. Willard, J. E. Thaxton, S. F. Williford, C. F. 1968 190 NEW CADETS 1st ROW: Howell, G. W., Tart, R. D., Case, P. R., Sanders, C. J., Rawls, T. A., Fogleman, H. P. 2nd ROW: Parsons, W. J., Monteran, J. P., Crow, G. L., Spivey, R. A., Barden, L. S., Wilson, D. F. Missing from Picture: Belote, H. W., Brown, C. E., Brown, W. T., Coffey, J. S., Glass, D. B., Holland, F., How- ell, G. W„ Kelly, B. A., O’Connor, J. 19 ) STUDENT DIRECTOR Y LAURENCE W. ABBOTT, III 179 Coral Gables Ct., Virginia Beach, Va. CARL E. ABDILL, JR. 501 Whitall Ave., Millville, N. J. THEODORE J. ABERCROMBIE, JR. Staff Legal Officer, Naval Air St., Glenview, 111. ROGER ADCOCK, JR. 2726 Mayflower Rd., Charlotte 8, N. C. GERALD ALAMPI 3503 Bleigh Ave., Philadelphia 36, Pa. WARREN R. ALLEN 344 D. Gulick Dr., Ft. Monroe, Va. WAVERLY M. ALLEY, JR. 206 Regent St., Hampton, Va. JOSEPH M. ALLSBROOK 601 Roland Dr., Norfolk, Va. ROBERT J. ANDERSON 7505 Young St., Ft. Geo. G. Meade, Md. NORMAN W. ANDREWS 187 Haven Dr., Norfolk, Va. SAMUEL B. ARCHBELL, JR. 100 Wingfield Avenue, Norfolk, Va. DAVID W. ARIAIL, JR. 613 North Hampton Rd., Fayetteville, N. C. THOMAS J. ATTARDI 582 Broadway, Bayonne, N. J. HERBERT R. AUSTIN 115 Jacquelyn Drive, Portsmouth, Va. JAMES S. AVERY 146 Hanover Ave., Hampton, Va. MELVIN F. BAGLEY 1010 Park Ave., Chesapeake, Va. GEORGE R. BAIN, III P. 0. Box 482, Jackson, N. C. LYNN S. BARDEN 5208 Devonshire Rd., Richmond, Va. THOMAS E. BARRY 306 E. Gilpin Ave., Norfolk, Va. JOHN R. BASS c o Barr Bros., P. 0. Box 1498, Norfolk, Va. BARRY S. BEHRMAN 7414 Sparton Ave., Norfolk 18, Va. THOMAS A. BELL Route 1, Box 155, Faison, N. C. HARVEY W. BELOTE, III Cape Charles, Va. WILLIAM L. BERLIN 12401 Melody Turn, Bowie, Md. ROBERT G. BESSENT, JR. Rt. 5, Box 174-Dl, Greensboro, N. C. RICHARD K. BIGGS 5402 Richenbacher Ave., Alexandria, Va. ANGELO BISTOCCHI, JR. 1013 Wheeler Ave., Scranton, Pa. ALVA W. BLANCHARD 19 Early Dr., Portsmouth, Va. WILLIAM E. BLASCHE 55 Curtis Dr., Lee Hall, Va. MICHAEL J. BORYCZEWSKI 1 Homey Place, Clifton, N. J. C. EARL BOWDEN 3637 Sharpley Avenue, Norfolk 13, Va. WILBUR L. BOYCE, JR. 528 Cedar Lane, Virginia Beach, Va. JERRY R. BRAY 1020 Ohio St., Chesapeake, Va. HERMAN G. BREEDLOVE, JR. 817 Montgomery St., Henderson, N. C. JAMES M. BRIGGS 1332 Penguin Rd., Birdneck Pt. Virginia Beach, Va. RICHARD T. BRIGHT 2703 McKann Ave., Norfolk, Va. STEVEN H. BROCKMAN 7408 Rebel Rd., Norfolk, Va. CHARLES E. BROWN, III 307 Charlotte Dr., Portsmouth, Va. ROBERT L. BROWN 207 26th St., Virginia Beach, Va. WILLIAM T. BROWN 515 Burleigh Ave., Norfolk, Va. CHARLES W. BRYANT, JR. 516 Englewood Dr., Virginia Beach, Va. WILLIAM R. BRYANT 224 E. Chester St., Norfolk, Va. JAMES P. BRYSON, JR. 811 Forest Hill Drive, South Hill, Va. RAYMOND E. BULGER 301 Hamilton Ave., Scranton, Pa. JAMES S. BULL, JR. Box 21, Parksley, Va. WARNER W. BUNGE, JR. 3525 Heutte Dr., Norfolk, Va. JOHNNY C. BUNN 516 Second St., Clayton, N. C. WILLIAM J. BUTLER 506 Gilmartin St., Archbald, Pa. GORDON H. CAMERON 409 Duke Dr., Chesapeake, Va. JAMES L. CAMPBELL River House, Apt. A-1505, 1600 S. Joyce St, Arlington, Va. JAMES C. CAPEZIO 402 Hickory St., Peckville, Pa. JEFFREY W. CARPENTER Stu. Dent., USAWC, Carlisle Barracks, Pa. RALPH E. CARR 120 N. Lynnhaven Rd., Virginia Beach, Va. CHARLES R. CARRITHERS 37 Belmont Rd., Newport News, Va. PAUL R. CASE 358 Gulick Dr., Ft. Monroe, Va. ROBERT C. CASPER 1104 Redstart Ave., Chesapeake, Va. WARREN P. CERES 52 Celia Terrace, Belleville, N. J. GEORGE W. CHANDLER 3960 Richardson Rd., Virginia Beach, Va. BARRY W. CHEATHAM 4361 Lynnville Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va, JAMES B. CHEATHAM 4361 Lynnville Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va, JOHN L. CHILDRESS, JR. Route 1, Belpre, Ohio 192 HOWARD E. CLARKE, III 2640 Mohawk Dr., Bon Air, Va. THOMAS M. COAR 107 Andrew St., Dunmore, Pa. JOHN S. COFFEY 207 East 42nd St., Norfolk, Va. DONALD L. COLE 211 North 6th St., Hampton, Va. MICHAEL B. COLEMAN P. 0. Box 22, Moyock, N. C. MARK R. CONRAD 1816 N. Alanton Dr., Virginia Beach, Va. ROSCOE D. COOK, JR. Route 3, Box 86, Franklin, Va. WILLIAM O. COOK Route 3, Box 86, Fi-anklin, Va. CURTIS J. CORBETT 4 N. Summit Dr., Apt. 302, Gaithersburg, Md. STEPHEN M. CORBETT 4 N. Summit Dr., Apt. 302, Gaithersburg, Md. JOHN B. CORCORAN 509 Park Road, Suffolk, Va. BRENT L. COVERT 6559 Wolftree Lane, Sleepy Hollow Run, Annandale, Va. BRUCE R. COVERT 6559 Wolftree Lane, Sleepy Hollow Run, Annandale, Va. WILFRED L. CRAFT, JR. 1815 Berlin Rd., Cherry Hill, N. J. AMOS M. CRAIGE 1605 Brookside Circle, Jacksonville, Fla. JACK W. CRANNELL, JR. 1335 Indian River Ave., Titusville, Fla. GENE L. CROW, JR. 402 Stacy St., Raleigh, N. C. CARL N. CROWDER 1511 Myrtle Ave., Danville, Va. RICHARD F. CROWDER Route 2, Box 198, Mechanicsville, Va. EDWARD D. CRUTE West Point, Va. THOMAS L. CULLIPHER Box 92, Colerain, N. C. PATRICK L. DANIELS Tabb, Va. WILLIAM V. DANIELS, JR. 308 W. 37th St., Norfolk, Va. PAUL F. DAUGHERTY, JR. 1306 Beverly Dr., Richmond, Va. RONALD J. DAVIDSON Berlin Rd., Marlton P. 0. Box 124, Taunton Lakes, N. J. CHARLES W. DAVIS 1033 Manchester Ave., Norfolk, Va. CLYDE L. DAVIS, III P. 0. Box 3002, Norfolk 14, Va. RICHARD G. DAVIS Chuckatuck, Va. WAYNE J. DAVIS 114 S. Main St., Archbald, Pa. JULIUS E. DENNY, JR. 2324 Old Dr., Chesapeake, Va. RUSSELL A. DENOF 414 Lansdowne Ave., Camden, N. J. ERNEST W. DEWEY 2610 Cromwell Rd., Bon Air, Va. JAMES H. DICKSEY 903 Colley Ave., Norfolk, Va. THOMAS F. DIKSA 120 Median Dr., Wilmington, Del. JOHN J. DI NENNA 1650 Locust St., Norristown, Pa. MICHAEL D. DIVINE 1929 Meadowlake Dr., Norfolk, Va. WILLIAM A. DOUGLAS, III 9211 Fisk Rd., Richmond, Va. PERRY W. DOWNING P. O. Box 221, Surry, Va. DANIEL F. DUNCAN 217 Sixth Avenue, Lawrenceville, Va. RONALD W. DUTROW 17 Rosemont Dr., Gaithersburg, Md. EARL T. EAGAN, JR. 802 Elderbank Ct., Baltimore, Md. LESLIE R. EATON 2120 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. RICHARD S. EDWARDS Seaboard, N. C. RONALD L. EDWARDS 2306 Melrose Ave., Roanoke, Va. JOSEPH C. ELLINGTON, III P. 0. Box 334, Swansboro, N. C. JOSEPH A. ELLIOTT 19 King St., Onancock, Va. LLOYD H. EMORY Route 3, Gloucester, Va. JOHN C. ENGLISH 5764 Hargrove St., Norfolk, Va. STANLEY B. EPSTEIN 102 Randolph Dr., Portsmouth, Va. DALE L. EVANS 214 Portview Ave., Norfolk, Va. DAVID A. EVANS Parksley, Va. DEWEY W. EVANS 21 South Terrace Dr., Poquoson, Va. WILLIAM B. EVANS 113 Rotary Ave., Greenville, N. C. RICHARD L. FESSLER 1400 S. Joyce St., Arlington, Va. CHARLES M. FINCH 333 Young Avenue, Henderson, N. C. DAVID M. FINDER 339 Thole St., Norfolk, Va. ROBERT J. FIORETTI 615 James Court, Peckville, Pa. DENNIS E. FITZGERALD 227-39th St., So. Brigantine, N. J. STANLEY F. FLAVIN, JR. 2803 Harrell Ave., Norfolk, Va. EDWARD B. FLEMING 502 Church St., Grifton, N. C. 193 W. SCOTT FLETCHER Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk, N. C. HERSHEL P. FOGLEMAN, JR. 574 Dellwood Dr., Newport News, Va. WILLIAM F. FOLKES 4300 John Silver Rd., Virginia Beach, Va. STEPHEN K. FOSTER 712 Avella St., Virginia Beach, Virginia KENNETH C. FUCCI 8533 Wayland St., Nor folk, Va. RONALD 0. GARCIA 1614 Kingsway Rd., Norfolk, Va. RODNEY G. GARNER P. 0. Box 473, Southport, N. C. ROBERT J. GARNETT 208 Parkway Dr., Newport News, Va. GREGORY W. GEORGE 142 Webster Ave., Portsmouth, Va. DENNIS E. GERMAIN 2304 Lockwood Rd., Richmond 29, Va. JAMES M. GETTINGS 48 Ingalls Rd., Ft. Monroe, Va. FOSTER I. GILBERT, JR. 7605 Atlantic Ave., Virginia Beach, Va. JOHN T. GILLIAM 310 Hanbury Ave., Portsmouth, Va. JACK R. GLASER 7410 Colony Point Rd., Norfolk, Va. DAVID B. GLASS 336 Rosemont Rd., Virginia Beach, Va. JOE D. GLENN, III 1210 Kempsville Rd., Norfolk, Va. JOHN C. GOLASZEWSKI 6039 William Dr., Mechanicsburg, Pa. ARTHUR W. GOOLSBY, III 101 Wythe Crescent Dr., Hampton, Va. SAUL J. .GORDON 7231 Midfield St., Norfolk, Va. WILLIAM L. GRAINGER Tabor City, N. C. RICHARD E. GRAY 4329 Lynnville Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va. THOMAS L. GREGORY 7017 Azalea Garden Rd., Norfolk, Va. HENRY S. GRIFFITH 352 De Haven St., W. Conshohocken, Pa. HENRY T. HAINES, III 522 Broad St., Bloomfield, N. J. JAMES I. HALE 3840 Dare Circle, Norfolk, Virginia LIN H. HAMILTON Radford College, Radford, Va. ROBERT M. HANCOCK 8104 Halprin Dr., Norfolk, Va. DANIEL L. 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JACK D. WEBSTER, JR. Deal Island, Maryland FRANK S. WEISEL, III 7634 Newport Ave., Norfolk, Va. LOUIS A. WEISSMAN 412 Sycamore Rd., Portsmouth, Va. JACKSON WELLS 9 Morris St., Cradock, Portsmouth, Va. ALAN G. WESTON 2604 Pickett St., Hopewell, Va. ROBERT W. WESTON 2604 Pickett St., Hopewell, Va. MICHAEL L. WHALEY 3490 Gamage Drive, Norfolk, Va. LAWRENCE B. WHITEHURST, III 606 Burleigh Ave., Norfolk 5, Va. ALDEN W. WHITNEY, JR. 927 N. Van Dorn St., Apt. 301, Alexandria, Va. JONATHAN A. WHITTEN Union Level, Va. WAYNE E. WILKERSON 1523 Apple St., Boothwyn, Pa. THOMAS L. WILKINSON 106 62nd St., Virginia Beach, Va. JOE E. WILLARD, JR. 1217 Spratley St., Portsmouth, Va. CHARLES E. WILLIAMS 51-A Benedict Ave., Langley Air Force Base, Va. DOUGLAS G. WILLIAMS 120 Wythe Parkway, Hampton, Va. ALTON L. WILLIAMSON 79 Groome Rd., Newport News, Va. CLIFFORD F. WILLIFORD 1926 East Ocean View Ave., Norfolk 3, Va. DON F. WILSON Box 305, Dunn, N. C. SHURVIN H. WINFREE Route 4, Box 190, Powhatan, Va. THOMAS J. WINTERS 853 Glen Allen Dr., Baltimore, Md. KENNETH R. WOLFE Star Route 1, Newport, Kentucky LYNN P. WOODARD 15 Fiske St., Portsmouth, Va. ROBERT L. WRENN Route 2, Box 500, Showalter Rd., Yorktown, Va. LAWRENCE W. WUENSCH 7811 North Shore Road, Norfolk, Va. JOHN S. YOUNG 6 East Southampton Ave., Hampton, Va. JESSE C. ZEDD 1435 Westover Ave., Norfolk 7, Va. MICHAEL E. ZIMMER 8041 Kirbyhaigh Circle, Norfolk, Va. 198 THE VERY LAST WORD Well, this is it. Your 1965 SPARTAN. If you like it fine ... if you don’t, well you paid for it so you might as well try to enjoy it. Now that everyone has either been tremendously repulsed or greatly impressed by the Annual Staff’s fantasy; maybe you can revive yourself long enough to read this “Last Word” and be re- pulsed again and again. Our year at Frederick has been unique in many ways. Every- thing from recreation center bon fires to miscellaneous objects swinging from the flagpole. This year started with cadets arriving to see that the campus had sunk five feet and various creeks had overflowed their banks to stagnate around the “ole oak tree”. Registrar reported on one of his infrequent visits to registration lines that apparently thir- ty-nine hundred extra students had been granted admission. Only three missing, two lacerated, and one death due to starvation while standing in line . . . President stated vast modernization had begun during the summer. Cadets discovered extent on second floor. Coach Emory Davis revealed that seventy-five new football players, with lucrative expense accounts and unlimited liberty privileges, had been partying it up on campus since the middle of August . . . Mother Lawrence reported two of last year’s cadets found locked in canteen for duration of the summer. City Morgue was notified immediately . . . Cafeteria staff announced thirty- two different ways of naming Italian food and twenty-five ways of making it taste worse . . . Postmaster Gregory announced new and efficient ways of losing letters. Campus Barber McKinney regretfully informed the Corps that first shipment of barber shop 199 bowls to be extensively used for hair cutting this year were broken in transit. Sanitary Laundry announced the installation of a new $100,000 button-crushing machine . . . Rumor still per- sists that doughnuts served in the cafeteria on Sunday morning were rolled down High Street Saturday night. Local radio an- nouncer received commendation from FMA Staff as being the first to really organize the Corps for a worthwhile cause . . . Var- sity Club announced three for one stock split after successful merger with the Coca Cola Company. A, T T stock took unex- pected drop on 1st of September, 1964, due to major destruction of company equipment (taking plc ce in south-eastern Virginia) Capt. “Steamboat” Wright announced pi ' ..base of ten “B” green tricycles for use of supply hall workers. World record set by relay team of four speedy cadets when they performed the impossible feat of picking up a bundle of laundry and returning to dormi- tory room in less than one-half hour. Commandant squelches rumor that physical fitness is the most important thing an FMA cadet can concern himself with (Battalion Adjutant agrees) . . . Rumors persist that closet in Commandant’s office is filled with Middle Ages torture devices for interrogation of perspective de- merit marchers . . . FMA campus beauty greatly enhanced by the addition of a spacious veranda to the Hall Cafeteria. Hall Cafe- teria announced new midnight pick-up and delivery service. Also announced new modern education course titled, “How the Sav- ages Really Had It Better” (In one easy lesson; remove knives, forks, and spoons). Were you repulsed? GOOD. So when you wake up in the morn- ing, to make your day a little bit brighter, just roll over and scream at the top of your lungs I LOVE FREDERICK . . . don’t knock it unless you’ve tried it . . . RFC 200 wm% ■ • ’ 1 ■ ■•Ugml

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