Frederick Military Academy - Cannon Yearbook (Portsmouth, VA)

 - Class of 1964

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Text from Pages 1 - 208 of the 1964 volume:

0 SsmS sBk} f9i liTT m . ' " ' mH i ii A 4rM - ’ r S’ » V y j b- V T L 2 Sk. .-m. » ■ THE 1964 ANNUAL FREDERICK MILITARY ACADEMY PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Table of Contents 88-89 Company C 2-3 Dedication, 1964 Annual 90 Drum and Buble Corps 4 Fred W. Beazley, Sr., Founder 91 Color Guard and Range Staff 92 Armory and Supply Staffs 5 Justice Lawrence W. I’ Anson, Chairman, Board of Trustees 93 Kitchen and Infirmary Staffs 6 President’s Message 94 Clubs 95 Inter-Club Council and Chris- 7 President Philip G. Inscoe tian Student Union 8 The Administrative. Department 96 Key and Beta Clubs 9 The Military Department 97 Glee Club 10 Faculty Roster 98 Spanish Club and Honor Court 11 Department of English 99 Varsity Club 12 Department of Social Studies 100 Frederick Riflemen and Varsity Rifle Team 13 Department of Science 101 Plainsmen Rifle and Pistol Club 14 Deartment of Mathematics 102 Annual Staff Informals 15 Department of Foreign Langu- ages 103 Annual Staff 16 Department of Religion 104-111 Parades and Inspections 17 Departmentof Physical Educa- 112-127 Football tion 128-135 Basketball 18 Library Staff 136-140 Wrestling 19 The Beazley Foundation 141 Swimming at Y.M.C.A. 20-21 Non- Academic Staff 142-144 Faculty Informals 22-23 Senior Class Officers 145 Daily Bulletin 24-45 Seniors and Preps 146-147 New Gymnasium Facilities 46-53 Senior and Prep Informals 148-151 Christmas at F.M.A. 54-55 Junior Class Officers 152-170 Cadet Life Informals 56-67 Juniors 171 “The Beatles” 68-69 Sophomore Class Officers 172-173 Profiles : Colonel Plaine and Ma- 70-75 Sophomores jor West 76-77 Freshman Class Officers 174-175 The Pistol Team at West Point 78-80 Freshmen 176-177 The Ollerup Gymnastic Team of 81 Cadets entering mid-year Denmark 82 Battalion Staff 178-185 The Military Ball of 1963-1964 83 Roster of Officers and Senior 186-189 Parents’ Day 1963 Non-Commissioned Officers 190-191 Graduation 1963 84-85 Company A 192-193 The Last Will Testament 1964 86-87 Company B 194-200 Directory of Cadet Addresses A MODERN PIONEER The door of the C-47 slid back, revealing a uniformed figure in full combat pack. At a signal, the form plunged earthward, jerking suddenly as the folds of the parachute billow- ed white and puffy against the pale blue sky. Swaying gently, maneuvering the lines, the figure dropped unerringly into the painted circle, tumbled and came to rest, on target. “Nice jump, Helen,” said the lieutenant. Did he say, HELEN ? Sure, Helen Conway has always been a pio- neer. Take the first time, back in the early 1930’s. In those days commercial flying was new; no “Coffee, tea or milk” and certainly no hot meals served by pretty stewardesses. In fact, the planes would land only on pass- enger call or if they had to refuel. Lunch was literally a “pick-up” affair. The plane would cruise low over the airfield, drop a hook, and snag a bundle of box lunches. At least, that’s how American Airlines did it at Preston Glen Airport, Lynchburg. And guess who packed those lunches ? Right. And guess who got some free rides in those old “Tin Gooses” and “DC- 2’s?” Right again. Of course, women in the air was not unusu- al ; those were the days of Amelia Earhart, and the days of the “Powder Puff Derby,” in which housewives used to tear around pylons and race cross country in Ryan’s and Stin- son’s, usually open cockpit. But a woman JUMPING out of a plane ; that was different. Helen Conway joined up in 1944 and was sent to W.A.C. (Women’s Army Corps) medi- cal training center at Camp Gordon, Georgia. She learned the basics of battlefield medicine there, and when somebody got the idea that corpsmen should jump with the rest of the troopers, she volunteered, and became one of the first paramedics. The most recent example of her pioneering is, of course, Frederick. Married during the war to Joseph Conway, she had settled down to be a wife and mother; but after her son Ronald was in school she decided simply run- ning a house was a little too quiet. Food service had been Mrs. Conway’s princi- pal interest even before her days with Amer- ican Airlines. At E.C. Glass High School, in Lynchburg, she had majored in Home Eco- nomics; later she worked in the dining facili- ties at Randolph-Macon College for Women, and took courses in Nutrition and Dietetics at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Mrs. Conway was working in the Norfolk County School Lunch system when she first heard of the new college that was going to open in Portsmouth. So, ever the pioneer, she was on the doorstep of the cafeteria the day they moved in the kitchen equipment ; and that was only two days before the first registration. Helen Conway no longer jumps out of of planes (although we understand that Wash- ington is dickering with her about being the first American Woman Astronaut) ; her activ- ities instead are reserved to the perhaps less exciting but more rewarding work of her church. Highland Baptist, where for several years she and her husband have been involved in youth work, notably Cub and Boy Scouting. So, “Connie,” eve nthough we complain once in awhile and sometimes have to run for cover when we get you angry, we still love you ; and like so many of the “old boys,” we’d like to come back for coffee once in awhile and kind of just reminisce. 3 FRED W. BEAZLEY, SR. Founder Frederick Military Academy 4 LAWRENCE W. I’ANSON Justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia Chairman, Board of Trustees Foundation Boys’ Academy, Inc. 5 Ifrebertck ilttarg cakeraw |Iorl£HtttuttI|, Virginia PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE On September 3, 1963 Frederick Military Academy opened its doors for its third successful year of operation as a secondary school. We were proud of our two beginning years in spite of the many heartaches, frustrations and adjustments that were faced. We realized that all of these problems and others, just as trying, were necessarily a part of a new school. Even as we faced the new year, 1963-64, we realized that we were still quite young when compared with most independent schools. We knew that similar problems of adjustment, frustra- tions and disappointments would meet us along the way. With- out the support and cooperation of the cadet corps, the faculty and the staff we knew that our school would not prosper to its fullest potential. Now as we stand at the end of the year looking back, we can say that our successes were largely due to the spirit, enthusiasm and hard work of the cadets. They proved to be the heart of the program; the majority of them prospered. It is true that we lost some cadets along the way because o their inability to cope with the entire program and their unwi ingness to abide by the regulations, but the vast majority o cadets proved to be worthy of our faith and trust. Surely many of the young men who have passed our way t year as graduates will be our leaders of tomorrow. Their pnde in accomplishment, spiritual strength, sense of fair , ay an moral integrity will take them far. We all wish for them very best in life. May they reap their just reward. PHILIP G. INSCOE, President raberick Pnrtsmo«ll|, trgtnta COLONEL PHILIP G INSCOE, President BS Wake Forest Col Grad Stud Univ North Carolina, Col William Mary LIEUTENANT COLONEL HENRY H CHURCH, Commandant BS Univ Tampa LIEUTENANT COLONEL 0 LEE HARGIS JR, Supervisor of Instruction BS, MS Virginia Polytechnic Inst LIEUTENANT COLONEL ROBERT C PLAINE, Professor of Military Science Armed Forces Staff Command Col MAJOR ROY J AYRES JR, Chairman - Mathematics Business BS, MS Virginia Polytechnic Inst MAJOR EMORY L DAVIS, Chairman - Physical Education BS Concord Col Grad Stud Col William Mary MAJOR GEORGE K GELBACH, Chairman - Social Studies AB Gettysburg Col AM Duke Univ MAJOR IRELONNIE A JORDAN JR, Chairman - Foreign Languages BA Wake Forest Col M Ed Univ North Carolina Grad Stud La Sorbonne, Univ de Paris MRS NELL A KENT, Librarian BS Madison Col BA Col William Mary Grad Stud Univ Virginia, Columbia Univ MAJOR CLARENCE P MOORING, Guidance BS 6t Grad Study East Carolina Col MAJOR JERRY D MORTON, Chairman - English BA Emory Henry Col Grad Stud Union Theo Sem (NY), Univ Tennessee MAJOR T LEE RICHARDSON, Chairman - Religion AB Lynchburg Col, Th M Southern Theo Sem MAJOR HUGH S STOKES, Chairman - Science AB Guilford Col MA East Carolina Col MAJOR FLOYD H l EST, Associate Professor of Military Science Arizona State Col CAPTAIN GEORGE S BENNETT, English A3 Emory Henry Col Grad Stud Vanderbilt Univ CAPTAIN DAVIS B CASSELL, Physics Geometry BS Roanoke Col CAPTAIN W THOMS DAUGHTREY, Biology BA Univ Richmond CAPTAIN KENDRSD A JUKKOLA, Geometry 6e Mechanical Drawing BS Virginia Polytechnic Inst CAPTAIN BOOSTER T LINDSAY, History Problems of Democracy AB, M East Carolina Col CAPTAIN ROBERT E MAHONEY, Govenrment BS Indiana Univ Grad Stud Purdue Univ CAPTAIN ROBERT P NESBIT, Biology History BA Univ South Grad Study Peabody Col CAPTAIN THOMS L GARRETT, Algebra Geometry BS Univ Mississippi CAPTAIN RUFUS P OUTLAND, Physical Education BS Atlantic Christian Col Grad Stud Univ North Carolina CAPTAIN E THOMS ROBERTS, Religion BA Wake Forest Col BD New Orleans Sem CAPTAIN D EDWARD RAMSEY, English BA Emory Henry Col CAPTAIN ROBERT S RUIZ, Spanish BA San Diego State Col Grad Stud UCLA, Univ Arizona, Calif Western Univ CAPTAIN WILTON F SALE, English BA Roanoke Col Grad Stud Univ Virginia Morton Ramsey Bennett Gelbach Mahonev Lindsay 1 ' ll- V “SSr; d v- y Stokes Daughtrey Cassell Nesbit Jukkola Garrett I 1 Davis Francii Mw 1 ' ' ' ' the beazley foundation gruided to return portions of th ‘ favors have been Men like Carnegie, Cd Roeketn " " " benefit trusts during their lifet es; trusts ' dedflteHo ' Th ' ' ' communities have so ofteL retule“d tT " f ■ " ‘ ' ’eir own libraries and hospitals, establisheri n i On such a basis was the Beasley ' nds. a lasting and useful memorial to ;r " n ' ' T 1948; - W. Bearie. and - - to ?hl “ " ofStJuL dollars Frederick College and Frederick Militrv r’ f’ ‘o administered by Foundation Boys’ Academr r ' ' " ' ' ' lished in 1958, and has been ;„a ““emy, Inc., was estab- 1961. Lawrence W. I’Anson a ins " college since Virginia, is Chairman of the ' R Supreme Court of college and the acadimv are named ' n " h Beazley, father of the principal founder. T. Mr. Jett SUPERVISORS Mrs. Helen Conway Cafeteria Mr. Ralph Jett Maintenance Mr. Fulton Wright Supply ADMINISTRATIVE Mrs. Bertie Beaver Bursar Mrs. Jett Mr. McKinney SECRETARIES Mrs. Alice West To President Mrs. Margaret Glynn To Supvr — Instr Mrs. Sally Daughtrey To Miltry Dept Miss Sharon Dupree To Guid Dept Mrs. Janice Outland General Mr. Irwin McKinney Barber Mrs. Isabell Lawrence Canteen Mrs. Beatrice Jett Tailor Shop Mrs. Hazel Ray Tailor Shop Mrs. Lawrence, Miss Dupree, Mrs. Glynn, Mrs. Beaver, Mrs. West I Mrs. Conway Mrs. Daughtrey Mr. Wright Mrs. Ray 21 MYERS RUSSELL BROWN CLASS OFFICERS C. J. Brown President R. M. Challoner Vice President S. L. Russell Secretary G. E. Myers Treasurer J. M. Habel I.C.C. Representative 22 CHALLONER HABEL MEMORANDUM FROM THE DAILY BUL- LETIN : “Seniors who have failed a final ex- am may take a re-test before graduation cer- emonies.” Oh, the gates swing in And the gates swing out Freshmen pass in And Senior pass out But Daddy and Momma I done spliced a comma So here I am to stay Oh, my buddies they went My best wishes I sent I’m a soldierly gent But my brain is a vent I get no diploma I’m still in a coma So here I am to stay Oh, here it is June College starts pretty soon I feel like a loon A despicable goon I try. I’m a crammer But I still can’t pass grammar So here I am to stay Oh, I want to go home To the Ocean’s white foam The beaches I’d roam And I’d dance at the Dome But its all wishful thinking (The verb was not linking) So here I am to stay Oh, all hope has faded My paper he’s graded On thin ice I’ve skated My doom is post-dated I know I have failed My ship it has sailed So here I am . . . But wait, folks, let’s see HURRAY, MOM, I’m FREE ! I passed Senior English WITH A BIG SEVENTY-THREE ! 23 ALBERT, WILLIAM L. Granby HS, Norfolk Va 9 — FMA 10, 11, 12 — Best Drid Crack Sqd 10 — JV Basketball 10 — • Baseball 10, 11 — Track 11 — Basketball 11, 12 — Foot- ball 10, 11, 12 — Cafeteria 11, 12 — Sgt Arms Junior Cl 11 — Vars Club 11, 12 (Pres 12) — NCO 12 ALPHIN, THOMAS W. FMA 9, 10, 11, 12 — Best Co 9 — Best Drid Co 9 — CSU 9 — No Demerits 9, 10, 11, 12 — Top 15 Military 10 — Top 15 Academic 11 — NCO 10 — Officer 11 , 12 ANDERSON, JR. ROBERT J. Hampton HS, Hampton Va 9, 10 — FMA 11, 12 — Best Drid Co 11 — Plainsmen Rifle Pistol Club 11, 12 ANDREWS, KEITH A. Colonial Hghts HS, Colonial Hgts Va 9, 10 — FMA 11, 12 — Best Co 11 — Good Conduct 11 BALLANCE, HENRY C. Wilson HS, Portsmouth Va 9, 10 — FMA 11, 12 — No Demerits 11 — Best Drid Pltn 11 — Best Co 11 — Crack Pltn 12 — NCO 11 — Officer 12 BARTOS, JOSEPH M. Ponce De Leon HS, Coral Gables Fla 9 — FMA 10, 11, 12 — Best AA Co 10, 11 — Beta Club 10 — Fox Hall 10 — Cafeteria 12 — NCO 10, 11 BAXTER, OSCAR F. Maury HS, Norfolk Va 9, 10 — FMA 11, 12 — Best AA Co 11 — Drum Bugle 11 — Plainsmen Rifle Pistol Club 11, 12 — Vars Rifle 12 — Vars Pistol 12 BOWMAN, JEFFREY M. Virg Beach HS, Virg Beach Va 9 — FMA 10, 11, 12 — Vars Pistol 10, 11, 12 — Vars Rifle 10, 11, 12 — Honor Court 11 — No Demerits 10, 11, 12 — Jr NRA 10, 11 — Senior NRA 12 — NCO 10, 11 — Officer 12 BRAY, MAURICE M. Suffolk HS, Suffolk Va 9 — FMA 10, 11, 12 — Good Conduct 11 — Best Drid Co 10, 11 — Spanish Club 11 — Foot- ball 10 — NCO 10, 11, 12 BROOKS, GROVER E. Fayetteville HS, Fayetteville W Va 9 — Suffolk HS, Suffolk Va 10 — FMA 11, - 2 — JV Football 11 — JV Basketball 11 — Fox Hall 11 — NCO 12 BROWN, CHARLES J. Cape Charles HS 9 — FMA 10, 11, 12 — NCO 10, 11, 12 — ICC 11 — Good Conduct 11 — Best Co 11 — Crack Sqd 11 — Class Officer 12 BUCHANAN, THOMAS M. Hampton Roads Acad, Newport Nev s Va 9, 10 — Scholastic Team 11 — An- nual 11 — Newspaper 12 — Best AA I Co 11 — Best Drid Pltn 11 — Top 10 ! Military 11 — Top 10 Academic 11 — Honor Roll 11, 12 — No Demerits 11 — j Football 11, 12 — Swimming (Co-Capt) I 11, 12 — Glee Club 11 — Vars Club 11, 12 — ICC 12 — Key 11, 12 — Beta 11, 12 — NCO 12 CHALLONER. RAYMOND M. [Of Warick HS, Newport News Va 9 — fee FMA 10, 11, 12 — Swimming Team 10 [)!•■ — Football 10, 11, 12 — Basketball 10, , Jl; 11, 12 — Varsity Club 10, 11, 12 — ' Util (Vice-Pres 12) — Class Officer 11, 12 i — NCO 11, 12 — Track 11 CHISMAN, WILLIAM B. Hampton HS, Hampton Va 10 — FMA : CO 10, 11, 12 — JV Basketball 10 — Track 10 — Swimming 10 — JV Football 10, ® 12 - — Best Drid Sqd 10 — Best Drid Co 10 — NCO 12 CLARK, GEORGE T. Ferguson HS, Newport News Va 9 — FMA 10, 11, 12 — JV Basketball 10 — Football 10, 11 — Varsity Club 10, 11, 12 — Good Conduct 11 — NCO 11, 12 CLARKE, DAVID W. Wilson HS, Portsmouth Va 9 — FMA 10, 11, 12 — Crusaders 10 — No Demerits 10 — Beta Club 10, 11, 12, (Pres 12) — Honor Cadet 10, 11, 12 — Glee Club 11 — Good Conduct 11 — NCO 11, 12 — Newspaper Staff 12 de: k " B1 n; Bt: Of: H 1(1 CLARKE, THOMAS W. Ferguson HS, Newport News Va 9, 10 FMA 11, 12 — Cadet Of The Week 11 — Best Drilled Co 11 — Cafeteria 11, 12 — No Demerits 11, 12 COBB, STEPHEN H. Maury HS, Norfolk Va 9 — NCO 10 — Best Co 10, 11 — No Demerits 10, 11 — Pistol Team 10, 11, 12 — Officer 11 , 12 :OKER, MICHAEL D. ' rincess Ann HS, Va Beach Va 9 - — ' MA 10, 11, 12 — Crack Pit 10 — Jr IRA 10 — No Demerits 10 — Best rid Co 10 — Best Co 10, 11 — Class Ifficer 11 — Good Conduct 11, 12 — ICO 11, 12 — Officer 12 — Retired ifficers Club 12 CORBI, LOUIS T. Olney HS, Phila. Pa 9, 10, 11 — FMA 12 — Football 12 — Track 12 )EPUTY, JOHN G. ames Madison HS, Vienna Va 9, 10 — MA 11, 12 — Football 11, 12. JOUGHTY, LEONARD C. TMA 9, 10, 11, 12 — Crack Pit 9 — Best Hall 9 — Best Company 9 — Class Dfficer 9, 10 — Best Drid Co 9, 10, 11 — Best Drid Pit 10 — Best Drid Sqd 10 — NCO 10, 11, 12 — Best Drid Ca- iet 11 — Annual Staff 12 DUNGAN, JAMES E. Princess Anne HS, Va Beach Va 9 — FMA 10, 11, 12 — Baseball 10 — Vars Rifle 10, 11 — Drum Bugle 10, 11, 12 — NCO 10, 11, 12 — NRA 10, 12 — iGlee Club 11 — Swimming Team 11 IDUNCAN, DANNY F. : Brunswick HS, Lawreceville, Va 9 10 — FMA 11, 12 — Football 11 — NCO 12 — Track — Varsity Club 12 EARLY, J. G. C Aulander HS, Aulander N C 9 — FMA D 10, 11, 12 —Baseball 10, 11 — Track li 10, 11 — Good Conduct 11 — No Deme- rits 10 — Best Drid Co 11 FLEMING, EDWARD B. P Grifton HS, Grifton N C 9 — FMA 10, R 11, 12 — Top 15 Military 11 — Best Co B 11 — Track 11 — Fox Hall 11 — NCO 11, 12 — Crack Sqd 11 ,12 Gl P( FORD, HENRY S. r. Seaboard HS, Seaboard N C 9 — FMA 10, 11, 12 —Fox Hall 10, 11 — No De- merits 10, 11 — • NCO 11 — Officer 12 G’ ; ,V 11 GABRIEL, ROBERT A. n Granby HS, Norfolk Va 9, 10 — FMA 11, 12 — NCO 11, Officer 12 — Rifle Team 11, 12, Pistol Team 12 — Annual Staff 11 — Track 11 — No Demerits 11, 12 — Spanish Club 11 — Plainsmen 11, 12 GILBERT, MARK R. e. Churchland HS, Chesapeake Va 9 — . ' Co FMA 10, 11, 12 — Newspaper Staff 10 i If — Crack Pit 10 — Class Officer 10 — 1 U Annual Staff 11 — Student Editor 12 -12 — Best Co 11 — ■ Best Drilled Pit 11 — Crack Sqd 10, 11 — NCO 12 GILMORE, JAMES L. Wilson HS, Portsmouth Va 9 — FMA ; 1 10, 11, 12 — Football 10 — Officer 11, ; - 12 : ' f i :| III GODWIN, JOHN M. ' iDunn HS, Dunn N C 9, 10, 11 — FMA |[;i2 — Supply Hall 12 — Basketball 12 : GOODELL, RONALD N. i;i Princess Anne HS, Va Beach Va 9, 10 fMA 11, 12 — Best Drid Pit 11 — JBest Co 11 — Top 15 Military 11 — ijBasketball 11, 12 — NCO 12 i)ii -I GRIEBEL, H. B. iPocquoson HS, Pocquoson Va 9, 10 — IFMA 11, 12 — NCO 12 ' GWYN, DUANE D. jAyden HS, Ayden N C 9, 10 — FMA 11, 12 — Football 11, 12 — Basketball . 11 , 12 IhABEL, JAMES M. Suffolk HS, Suffolk Va 9 — FMA 10, 11, 12 — Good Conduct 10 — Best Drid Co 10 — NCO 11 — Glee Club 11 — Track 11 — Fox Hall 11 — No Demerits 11 — Frederick Riflemen 11, 12 — ICC 12 — Plainsmen Rifle Pistol Team 12 — Officer 12 HALBROOK, CRAIG L. Hampton HS, Hampton Va 10 — FMA U, 12 — NCO 11 — Jr NRA 11 — Glee plub 11 — No Demerits 11 — Top 15 Military 11 — Key Club 11, 12 — Beta 31ub 11, 12 — Plainesmen Rifle Pistol 12 — Officer 12 HALBROOK, RICHARD S. Hampton HS, Hampton Va 10 — FMA 11, 12 — Best Crack Sqd 11 — Glee Club 11 — CDT WK 11 — Honor Ct 11 Beta Club 11, 12 — Swimming Team 11, 12 (Capt 12) — Key Club 11, 12, Officer 12 HORTON, ROBERT E. Hampton HS, Hampton Va 10 — FMA 11, 12 — Football 11 — Crack Sqd 11 Spanish Club 11, 12 HOZIER, ROBERT C. Chuckatuck HS, Chuckatuck Va 10, 11, 12 — FMA 10, 11, 12 — Top 15 Shots In Trainfire 10 — Good Conduct 11 — Pistol Team 11 — Crack Sqd 11 — NCO 11, 12 — No Demerits 12 — Crack Pit 12 HUNDLEY, DONALD L. Wilson HS, Portsmouth Va 9 — FMA 10, 11, 12 — JV Basketball 10 — Base- ball 10, 11, 12 — Basketball 11, 12 — Football 11 — Outstanding Athlete 11 — Varsity Club 11, 12 (Officer 12) — NCO 12 HUMPHRIES, RAY L. Nantucket HS, Nantucket Island Mass 9 — FMA 10, 11, 12 — Best Drid Co 10 — Football 11 — Armory Staff 11 — Best Co 11 — Pistol Team 12 lANNAZZO, DENNIS J. Princess Anne HS, Va Beach Va 10 — FMA 11, 12 — Best Drid Cadet 11 — Crack Sqd 11 — Cadet Of The Week 11 — Wrestling 11, 12 — Beta Club 11, 12 — Varsity Club 11, 12 — No Deme- rits 11, 12 — NCO 12 I IVEY, THOMAS E. IFMA 10, 11, 12 — Football 10 — Best Drid Co 10 — Wrestling 11 — Baseball !10, 11 — Best Co 11 — NCO 11, 12 JAMES, WILLIAM A. Maury HS, Norfolk Va 9, 10 — FMA 11, 12 — Wrestling 11, 12 — Varsity IClub 11, 12 — No Demerits 11, 12 — iBest Co 11 — NCO 12 JOHNSON, DOUGLAS W. Fork Union Ma, Fork Union Va 9 — FMA 10, 11, 12 — Best Co 10, 11 NCO 11 — High Marksmanship 11 — No Demerits 11 — Best Hall 11 — Best Drid Cadet 11 — Crack Pit 11, 12 — Plainsmen Rifle Pistol Club 11, 12 -- Officer 12 JOHNSON, RICHARD W. York HS, Yorktown, Va 9, 10 — Armo- ry 11 — Best Drilled Co 11 — Rifle Team 11, 12 — Glee Club 12 — NCO 11 , 12 JONES, ELLIS M. Granby HS, Norfolk Va 9, 10 — • FMA 11, 12 — Crack Sqd 11 — NCO 12 JONES, FRANKLIN V. Warwick HS, Newport News Va 9, 10 — FMA 11, 12 — Best Co 11 — NCO 11, 12 — Drum Bugle 11, 12 — No Demerits 12 JONES, LEONARD M. Tidewater Academy, Norfolk Va 9 • - FMA 10, 11, 12 — Top 15 Military 10 — Scholastic Achievement 10 — Best Co 10, 11 — ■ Good Conduct 10 — No De- merits 11, 12 — Beta Club 10, 11, 12 — NCO 10, 11, 12 — ICC 11 — Crack Pit 11 — Honor Cadet 11 JORDAN, JAMES A. Pincess Anne HS, Lynnhaven Va 9, 10 — FMA 11, 12 — Track Team 11 — NCO 11 — Plainsmen Rifle Pistol Team 11, 12 — Pictol Team 11, 12 — ICC Pres 12 — Officer 12 — Retired Officers Club 12 ( ' P ■T s c ) 5 s KELLY, PAUL N. Granby HS, Norfolk Va 9 — FMA 10, 11, 12 — Best Drid Co 10 — Good Con- duct 10 — Supply Hall 11 — Baseball Week 11 — NCO 11, 12 LANE, JAIMES T. Henderson HS, Henderson N C 9, 10 — FMA 11, 12 — Best Co 11 — Glee Club 11, 12 — Wrestling 11, 12 — Tennis 11, 12 — Varsity Club 11, 12 I ! 1 1 1 1 LANKFORD, ROBERT L. Granby HS, Norfolk Va 9, 10 — FMA 11, 12 — No Demerits 11 — Officer 12 1 i ( 1 LESCURE, GEORGE T. Petersburg HS, Petersburg Va 9, 10, 11 — FMA 12 — Armory Staff 12 , McCAUSLAND, BRUCE N. Princess Ann HS, Va Beach Va 9, 10 — ’ FMA 11, 12 — Glee Club 11, 12 — ■ Track 11 — Beta Club 11, 12 — Drum Bugle 11, 12 — No Demerits 11, 12 — NCO 11, 12 — Radio Club 12 — Key Club 12 — Honor Court 12 McKAY, HENRY A, Maury HS, Norfolk Va 9, 10, 11 — FM A 12 — Football 12 — • Track 12 — Var- sity Club 12 MARTIN, B. E. Virginia Beach HS 9, 10, 11 — FMA 12 — Wrestling 12 MARTIN, GEORGE E. Holland HS, Holland Va 9, 10, 11 — FMA 12 — Beta Club 11, 12 — Glee Club 12 — Crack Pit 12 MATTHEWS, DANIEL L. Churchland HS, Portsmouth Va 9 — FMA 10, 11, 12 — Sunday School Coun- cil 10 — Crusaders 10 — No Demerits 10 — Best Drid Co 10 — CSU 10, 11 — Best Drid Pit 10, 11 — NCO 10, 11 — Glee Club 10, 11, 12 — Crack Sqd 10, 11, 12 — Crack Pit 10, 11, 12 — Best Co 11 MATHEWS, RICHARD E. FMA 9, 10, 11, 12 — Class Officer 9 — Crack Pit 9 — Good Conduct 9 — Best I Co 9 — Rifle Team 9, 10 — Crack Sqd 9, 10, 11 — Best Drid Co 9, 10, 11 — Best Drid Pit 10 — NCO 10, 11 — 16 Highest Marksman 11 — Football 11 — Track 11 — Glee Club 12 — Officer 12 MAYER, RALPH J. Maury HS, Norfolk Va 9 — FMA 10, 11, 12 — No Demerits 10 — Best Dric! Sqd 10 — Best Drid Pit 10 — Scholastic Achievement Team 10 — Honor Cadet 10, 11 — Best Drid Co 10, 11 — Highest Academic Average 10, 11 — Honor Court 11 — Key Club 10, 11, 12 — Beta Club 10, 11, 12 — ICC 11, 12 — NCO 12 MIRMELSTEIN, JOHNNY H. Hampton Roads Academy, Newport News Va 9, 10 — ■ FMA 11, 12 — Ten- nis 11 — Honor Cadet 11 — Varsity Club 11, 12 — Crack Pit 11 — NCO 12 MOORE, OLDEN L. FMA 10, 11, 12 — No Demerits 10 — Best Drid Co 10, 11 — Cadet Of The Week 11 — NCO 1, 12 MORRIS, DANNY A. Wakefield HS, Arlington Va 9 — FMA 10, 11, 12 — Faculty Play 10 — Best Drilled Platoon 10 — Best Drilled Squad 10 — Best Drilled Company 10, 11 — Cadet Of The Week 11 — Glee Club 11 — 1964 Spartan 12 — The Cadence 12 — Non-Com 11, 12 — Good Conduct 11 f MULKEY, RAYMOND L. Dunn HS, Dunn N C 11 — FMA 12 — Armory Staff 12 — NCO 12 MYERS, GROVER E. Fork Union Ma, Fork Union Va 9 — ■ FMA 10, 11, 12 — No Demerits 10 — NCO 10, 11 — Class Officer 10, 11, 12 — Drum Bugle 10, 11, 12 -- ICC 10, 11, 12 — ICC 10, 11, 12 — Honor Roll 11 — Good Conduct 11 — Glee Club 11 — Plainsmen Rifle Pistol Club 12 — Officers 12 1 I 1 n NEWTON, JOHN R. Norfolk Academy, Norfolk Va. 9 — FMA 10, 11, 12 — Crack Pit 10 — Best Co 10 — Good Conduct 10 — NCO 11, 12 . NOLTING, JAMES L. Huguenot HS, Richmond Va 10 — FMA 11, 12 — Cadet Of The Week 11 — ' NCO 11, 12 — Drum Bugle Corps 11, 12 — Newspaper Staff 12 — Drum ( Major 12 I I ODEN, HERBERT L. Cape Hatteras HS, Hatteras N C 9, 10 — FMA 11, 12 — Best Drid Co 11 O’SULLIVAN, JAMES G. Warwick HS, Newport News Va 9 — FMA 10, 11, 12 — Restricted Study Hall 10, 11, 12 — Best Drid Co 11 — NCO 11 1 2 — Crack Platoon 11, 12 PARKER, GORDON E. Suffolk HS, Suffolk Va 9, 10 — FMA 11, 12 — Best Drid Co 11 — Best Drid ' Pit 11 — Good Conduct 11 — Supply i Hall 11 — Crack Pit 11, 12 — Track 1 11, 12 — NCO 11, 12 PARSONS, WILLIAM A. FMA 10, 11, 12 — No Demerits 10 — Best Drid Co 10, 11 — Best Drid Sqd 11 — Supply Hall 11 — Crack Pit 11 — JV Football 11 — NCO 11, 12 — Newspaper Staff 12 POWELL, WILBUR K. Park View HS, South Hill Va 9, 10 — FMA 11, 12 — Best Drid Co 11 — Track 11, 12 — Frederick Riflemen 11, 12 — Varsity Club 11, 12 — Football 12 PLESSLER, EDWARD J. Maury HS, Norfolk Va 9, 10 — FMA 11, 12 — Best Drid Pit 11 — Best Co 11 — Good Conduct 11 RADER, JAMES D. York HS, Yorktown Va 10 — FMA 11 12 — Best Drid Co 11 ROSE, FRANKLIN J. Granby HS, Norfolk Va 10 — FMA 11, 12 — Best Hall 11 — NCO 11 — Officer 12 — Battalion Commander 12 ROSENBURGER, HERBERT P. Warwick HS, Newport News Va 11 — FMA 12 RUSSELL, STEPHEN L. Fishburne MA, Waynesboro Va 9, 10, 11 — FMA 12 — Class Officer 12 — NCO 12 — Varsity Club 12 — Coloi Guard 12 !i SCHROEDER, GARY B. I Tallwood, Fairfax Va 9 — FMA 10, 11, ]i 12 — Best Drid Co 10 — Best Co 11 • — I Offocer 12 II SHAWN, WALTER L. Carlton Oaks, Norfolk Va 9 — FMA 10, 11, 12 — JV Basketball 10 — Best Drid Co 10, 11 — No Demerits 10, 11 — Track 11 — Crack Pit 11 — NCO 11, 12 SIMS, JOHN D. Maury HS, Norfolk Va 9, 10 — FMA 11, 12 — Best Co 11 — Track 11, 12 — Football 12 — Basketball 12 — Varsity Club 12 SMITH, GARY L. Valley Central HS, Maybrook N Y 9, 10 — FMA 11, 12 — No Demerits 11 — NCO 11, 12 SMITH, GLENN F. Valley Brook HS, Maybrook N Y 9 — FMA 10, 11, 12 — Golf 10 — Best Co 10, 11 — Good Conduct 11, 12 — NCO 11 , 12 SPINDEL, SAM G. FMA 9, 10, 11, 12 — Crack Pit 9 — Best Hall 9 — NCO 9 — Class Officer 9 — Fox Hall 10, 11 — Good Conduct 9, 10, 11 — Best Drid Co 11 — Officer 10, 11, 12 — Glee Club 12 STALLINGS, FREDERICK C. Fike HS, Wilson N C 10 — FMA 11, 12 — Best Drid Co 11 — Football 11 — No Demerits 11 — NCO 11, 12 — Color Guard 12 STANCIL, JAMES H. Princess Anne HS, Va Beach Va 9, 10 11 — FMA 12 STEVENS, RONALD K. Churchland HS, Chesapeak Va 9, 10 — FMA 11, 12 — Top 15 Scholastic 11 — Best Drid Co 11 — Baseball 11 Basket- ball 11, 12 — Beta Club 11, 12 — Varsi- ty Club 11, 12 — Cafeteria 12 STIRLING, ANDREW B. Dunn HS, Dunn N C 9, 10, 11 — FMA 12 — Basketball 12 THOMPSON, MICHAEL E. Pallotti Catholic HS, Laurel Md 10 — FMA 10, 11, 12 — Crck Pit 10 — Good Conduct 10 — Basketball 10 — NCO 10, 11, 12 — Spanish Club 11 — Track 11 — Best Drid Co 11 VIDAL, WILLIAM CORNELL Granby HS, Norfolk Va 9 — FMA — 12 — Tennis 11, 12 — Wrestling 12 — Beta Club 12 — Varsity Club 12 VIDAL, WILLIAM GERALD Granby HS, Norfolk, Va. 9 — FMA — 10, 11, 12 — NCO 10, 11, 12 — Wrest- ling — 10, 11, 12 — Glee Club 11, 12 — Tennis — 11, 12 — Varsity Club 12 VIDAL, WILLIAM WADE Granby H, Norfolk Va. 9, 10, 11 — FMA 12— Glee Ciub 12 WALKER, DONALD L. Kempsville Jr. H 9 — FMA 10, 11, 12 — Good Conduct 10 — Crck Pit 10, 11 Football 11 — No Demerits 11 — Best Co 11 — NCO 12 Football 11 WATERS, JAMES R. Great Bridge HS, Cbesapeak Va 9 — FMA 10, 11, 12 — Crck Syd 10, 11 — Baseball 11 — JV Basketball 11 — JV Football 11 WEISE, MICHAEL M. Montgomery Hills HS, Silver Spring Md 9 — Class Officer 10 — NCO 10, 11, 12 — ICC 11 WEISE, HARVEY A. Wilson HS, Portsmouth Va. 9, 10 — FM 11, 12 — No dermits 11 — Color Gaurd 12 WHIPPLE, RONALD J. Kempsville HS, Va Beach Va 9 — FMA 10, 11, 12 — Drum Bugle 10, 11, 12 — Beta Club 10, 11, 12 — Honor Society 10, 11, 12 — Rifle Team 11 — Top 15 Marksmen 11 — Swimming Team 11, 12 — NCO 11, 12 — Football 12 WILLIAMSON, ARTHUR E. Norview HS, Norfolk Va 9, 10 — FMA 11, 12 — Drum Bugle 11, 12 — NCO 12 WOODRUFF, JAMES J. Maury HS, Norfolk Va 10 — FMA 11, ( 12 — Best Co 11 — Wrestling 11 — i Track 11, 12 — Spanish Club 12 — NCO 12 [ J i YAGEN, WOLFGANG G. Oscar Smith HS, Chesapeake Va 9, 10 — FMA 11, 12 — Best Co 11 — Honor Roll 11 — Top 15 Scholastic 11 — Plainsmen Rifle Pistol 11, 12 — Radio Club 11, 12 — Newspaper Staff 11, 12 — Beta Club 11, 12 — Key Club 11, 12 — ICC 12 ZARN, ROBERT A. Granby HS, Norfolk Va 9, 10 — FMA i 11, 12 — Track 11 — JV Football 11 ! I ZINSER, ROY F. Hampton HS, Hampton Va 10 — FMA 11, 12 — Honor Roll 11 — Jr NRA 11 — Glee Club 11 — Top 15 Military 11 — No Demerits 11 — Crack Sqd 11 — Beta Club 11, 12 — Swimming Team 11, Officer 12 ZONGOLOWICZ, CALVIN J. Norview HS, Norfolk Va 9, 10, 11 — FMA 12 — Football 12 — Track 12 AMICK, JAMES C. Chapin SC — Football ANSWINI, LEROY Wilkes Barre Pa — Football BARBER, RICHARD S. West Hazelton Pa — Football, Basketball 41 BOURNE, CHARLES H. Bluefield Va — Football BRONG, ERVIN C. Blakely Pa — Football BUSH III, JACK Camden N J — Football, Track FORESTA, RONALD J. Brooklyn NY — Football, Wrestling COX, ROBERT F. FMA 11, 12 — NCO 11, 12, Prep CANNON, RUDOLPH S. Ayden N C — Football GREENE, HARRY E. Kannapolis N C — Football (Co-Capt) 42 HAYES, ROGER D. Travelers Rest SC — Football i KOZLOWSKI, DENNIS S. Hazelton Pa — Football, Basketball LEVIN, MARC W. Philadelphia Pa — Football McALEER, FRANCIS J. 43 Haddon Heights N J — Football, Track KENNEDY, JACK Portsmouth Va — Football, Wrestling HECKARD, DAVID S. Mechanicsburg Pa — Football LINGO, ROBERT C. Wyncote Pa — Football MILLER, EDWARD D. Jr. Erwin N C — Basketball MIZELLE, WALTER E. Windsor N C — Football NYE, HARRY C. Harrisburg- Pa — Football OLIVER, EUGENE Bluefield W Va — Football PARKER, ROBERT H. Norfolk Va — Football RICHARD, RAY P. West Wyoming Pa — Football Basketball SANDERS, JOHN C. St. Clair Pa — Football 44 TELLIE, NICK D. Dunmore Pa — Football (Co-Capt ) EINFALT, LEWIS E. Allentown Pa — Football WALKER, WILLIAM F. Alexandria Va — Football I DOBRANCIN, JAMES E. East Brady Pa — Football But he said go fly a kite Pepsi — Sir! ! Saturday Night Memories Darn Right I Think I’m Rough The Lover ' ' JFORMflL In any cycle there is a recognizable period of ascendency, of crest, of decline. If we view the high school cycle in terms of drive and ambition, it is the junior year in which the student arrives at his peak. To be sure, the senior reaps the reivards, and justly so. But for the senior, his high school career is in decline and his energies are directed to the approaching cycle of higher education. It remains for the junior to make his mark, to gather the momentum that will establish him in the senior world next year. All eyes are thus on the junior: After all, toho will be Valedictorian? Battalion Commander? It is the junior ivho rides the crest: it is he who must find hiynself in the midst of the turbulence. The junior year is, in a sense, the moment of truth. I ■l JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS MAURER, H. H President ROGERS, D. B Vice President HOPKINS, A. L Secretary ROETKE, C. A Treasurer ROLLINS, R. R. . . ICC Representative Rogers Rollins ABBOTT, L. W. ABERCROMBIE, T. J. ADC OCK, R. ANDERSON, R. J. AVERY, J. S. BAGLEY, M. F. BRAY, J. R. BLANCHARD, W. T. BELL, T. A. 56 BRIGGS, J. M. BRYSON, J. P. BUNGE, W. W. BUNN, J. C. CAMBELL, J. L. CATON. D. D. CHANDLER, G. W. COBB, P. W. COOK, R. I). 57 CHANNEL, J. W. CROWDER, R. F. CUDWORTH, G. D. CULLIPHER, T. L. DAVIS, G. L. DEWEY, R .W. DUTROW. R. W. DYER, J. E. 58 ELLIS, J. W. FINCH, C. M. FOLKES, W. F. FRYE, D. P. CxARNETT, R. J. 59 GLENN, J. D. GOOLSBY, A. W. GRAY, R. E. HANDEL, M. O. HARRISON, N. W. HELLER, W. T. HENRIKSON, B. W. HOGG, G. F. HOPKINS, A. L. HOLLEY, T. D. HOLT, T. E. 60 HOPPE, E. L. HOWARD. N. R. HOWARD, J. R. HUFFMAN, M. S. HURD, H. L. ILENBURG, T. R. INGE, H. D. JACOBSON, R. G. IHLENBURG, R. W. 61 KEETER, R. E. KNIGHT, E. C. KRESS, I. LAWRENCE, R. C. LEWIS, J. C. LINDSEY, R. D. LOWRY, J. P. McCADDON, M. P. 62 McCauley, t. j. MINGA, M. S. NEAL, W. R. NEILL, M. A. PALMER, F. J. 63 FARKERSON, J. H. PIERCE, M. W. POWELL, J. H. PRICE, G. E. REED, D. T. POND, R. W. PORTER, J. W. POND, J. G. ROESCH, J. C. ROETHKE, C. A. 64 ROGERS, D. B. RUSSELL, R. J. STANDIN, S. G. ROLLINS, R. R. SPINDEL, R. F. STEWART, H. T. 65 ROGER, P. D. RUSSELL, A. J. STALNAKER, R. H, STILLSON, 1). F. THACHER. R. A. THAXTON, W. H. TOWLE, R. H. VICKREY. W. C. WAIT, J. L. WARD, W. E. 66 WILLIAMS, D. T. WEISEL, F. S. ZEDD, J. C WUENSCH, L. W, WINFREE, S. H 67 f The sophomore is already an “old cadet.” He has sur- vived his military basic, his academic baptism. He is wise {some say, TOO wise). A little either way of sixteen, his beard is recognizable in a strong light; his voice no longer wavers but remains in the limbo of adolescent nasality. He is possibly a corporal, or even a buck sergeant, and more than likely his verbal offerings carry overtones of a mega- lomania common to the neivly arrived. He has probably flunked at least one subject for one grading period and now knows the terrors of academic lapse; likewise, he has probably achieved the roll of honor on a similar occasion and has experienced the joys of academic success. Having touched the poles, thus, he makes strong claim to cadet maturity. i I Benford Hetzel Q pkm re$ SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS SAWYER, F. A President BEDFORD, R. E Vice President HETZEL, B. R Secretary TRIPLETT, E. F Treasurer BERLIN, W. L. . . . ICC Representative Triplett Sawyer Berlin ALLEN, W. R. BAILEY, N. C. BARBOUR, J. S. BEDFORD, R. E. BENGE, N. H. BERLIN, W. L. BOYCE, W. L. BRAMBLE, J. C. BROCKMAN, S. H. CARRITHERS, C. R. CHAPMAN, R. M. CHEATHAM, J. B. CHILDRESS, J. L. CLARK, R. W. COOK, W. O. COVINGTON, K. VV. COWLING, A. N. DANIELS, W. V. DAVIS, C. L. DEAL, J. M. DENHAM ,W .T. DICKSEY, J. H. EDWARDS, R. C. ELLIOTT, J. A. FARRANCE, J. E. GREGORY, T. L. HAISLIP, J. D. HANCOCK, R. M. HAND, D. L. HARRELL, D. E. HAWKINS, B. D. HETZEL, B. R. HIGGINS, J. W. HORNEY, W. J. HARRIS, J. E. 71 HUMPHREYS, L. E. HUSKEY, J. W. JAMES, T. J. JANNEY, B. H. JENKINS, L. S. JENNETTE, L. M. JOHNSON, C. B. JONES, D. E. KIMNACH, G. C. KIRSCH, C. W. LANGE. H. M. LANHAM, J. F. LAU, I. W. LITTLE, D. M. LUBIN, S. R. McALARY, R. W. McCOY, P. E. MARSHALL, H. T. MARTIN, U. C. MILES, R .E. 72 MORITZ, M. MORRIS, J. V. MORSE, R. L. MOSS, R. L. MOORE, J. L. PAULSEN, J. C. PEARSON, C. J. PICKARD, J. E. POCOCK, D. P. MYERS, T. F. RUIZ, R. E. SARGEANT, J. SAWICKI, W. F. SAWYER, F. A. SCHAPPERT, R. J. SHEALEY, H. W. SHINN, W. M. SHIRLEY, G. R. SMALL, J. F. SOMERVOLD, M. R. 73 TAYLOR, J. D. TEBBS, C. B. TILLIMAN, G. S. TRIPLETTE, E .F. TURNER, C. N UMPHLETT, R. L. WARE, W. W. WEBER, A. M. WHITEHORNE, S. G. WIATT, G. C, WILKINSON, T. L. WILLIAMS, C. E. WILLIS, H. M. 74 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Archbell Grubbs Jennette Each fall they descend on the campus like a plague; iveird mixtures each of boy scout and vandal. For a fetv it is the kindergarten trauma all over again; new faces, new surroundings, new fears; hut for most it is another on the list of grand experiments — another “first” to be met with the same anticipation and excitement of the first date or the first time behind the wheel. Of course, the freshman year is the faltering year; the “man” is quite literally “fresh.” He is new to the system; the system is new to him — but as the year goes, the hoy grows, and for many the transition from led to leader is unmistakeable. By June the apprenticeship has been served. There are no longer any “netv” cadets, only young ones. They are now journeymen; they are vet- erans. They have survived. BARFIELD, T. C. CARROLL, M. D. COWIE, G. M. CRETE, E. D. CULLIPHER, L. W. DAVIS, M. E. DIVINE, M. D. EBERWINE, V. G. EVANS, D. L. i DAUGHTREY, P. F. WYATT, S. C. GEROCK, W. E. GOLEMBIEWSKI, M. R. GRUBBS, W. D. HARRELL, G. W. 78 KOCH, H. G. McConnell, j. d. McCoy, j. t. MAHONEY, W. C. MARR, E. L. MARSHALL, T. E. MERZ, D. M. MILLER, K. E. NEAL, C. W. PETERSON, B. A. PORTER, M. W. POWELL, C. E. PREVATT, G. L. SMITH, D. H. SMITH, F. L. 79 SMITH, J. G. SMITH, P. T. SMOOT, B. E. SOCHOR, J. M. STEVENSON. T. Classroom Is Called Curse Of Education kT crv ■J jt x££ neiC xm- dcfiooC ' Vv Jl Api££yrut fyut -in.dc t r • juAM- ' au UnM ioir ' MriM rvyC ja ia A MAJl£. ridC.fyu An. di r •JlMfii i ndCypna Jnj jOc l roA •A juaM not -acAao MnM noC,f ta Mr A AotrA, A AMou)t fyta Am, .icAorrC , JI uaM. nitjfrta An HK, 80 Nm Cad£ts CADETS ENTERING OR RE-ENTERING MID-YEAR Top Row; Lindquist, F. W.; Stevenson, H. B.; Whaley, M. L.; Tolbert, B. T.; Craige, A. M.; Harrell, J. M. Third Row: Atkins, C. L.; Mahler, G. H.; Nohavo, C. R.; Sims, D. L.; Livesay, J. G.; Second Row: Hirshman, M. N.; Phillips, W. M.; Evans, P. W.; Mauldin, V. S.; Alley, W. M.; Bottom Row: Smith, P. M.; O’Toole, D. M.; Pell, J. A.; Harris, M. W.; Payne, D. W.; Absent: Fucci, K C.; Culpepper, S. F.; Casper, R. C. 81 yojUalbn Sfa f FREDERICK MILITARY ACADEMY 1963-1964 Standing: SFC P. N. Kelly, NCOIC, Supply; 1st Lt. L. S. Stokes, OIC, Armory; 1st Lt. G. E. Myers, OIC, Drum Bugle Corps; Capt. T. W. Alphin, Adjutant; Capt. J. L. Gilmore, Training; S Sgt. S. K. Foster, Armory; Sgt. Maj. H. L. Hurd. Seated: Maj. D. W. Johnson, Exec. Off. ; Lt. Col. F. J. Rose, Cmdg. Maj. Johnson appointed Executive Officer, January 1964; change in assignment made too late to alter Batallion Roster which appears on page 83. 82 ReJeriak MAjv (kadmi BATTALION COMMANDER Lt Col F J Rose EXECUTIVE OFFICER Maj S G Spindel ADJUTANT Capt T W Alphin STAFF OFFICERS NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Capt J L Gilmore, Training Sgt Maj H L Hurd 1st Lt L S Stokes, Armory M Sgt P N Kelly, Supply S Sgt E G Knight, Mess Hall S Sgt H B Griebel, A-Sgt Maj S Sgt W C Vidal, Infirmary A Capt S H Cobb COMPANY COMMANDERS B Capt H C Ballance C Capt D W Johnson 1st Lt H S Ford 1st Lt R L Lankford, 1st 1st Lt G B Schroeder, 2nd 1st Lt R S Mathews, 3rd Ist Sgt M. S Coker EXECUTIVE OFFICERS 1st Lt A L Hopkins PLATOON LEADERS 1st Lt J M Bowman, 1st 1st Lt C L Halbrook, 2nd 1st Lt J M Habel, 3rd 1st Lt G E Myers, Drum Bugle Corps Cdr FIRST SERGEANTS 1st Sgt R F Cox 1st Lt R F Zinser 1st Lt R G Gabriel, 1st 1st Lt H H Maurer, 2nd 1st Lt R S Halbrook, 3rd Ist Sgt G T Clark SFC W A Parsons, 1st SFC R M Challoner, 2nd SFC J R Newton, 3rd PLATOON SERGEANTS SFC G W Chandler, 1st SFC R F Crowder, 2nd SFC T E Ivey, 3rd SFC C A Roethke, Drum Bugle Corps SFC W L Shawn, 1st SFC R C Hozier, 2nd SFC G E Parker, 3rd S Sgt M E Thompson, 1st S Sgt 0 L Moore, 2nd S Sgt D B Rogers, 3rd PLATOON GUIDES S Sgt R H Towle, 1st S Sgt D L Stone, 2nd S Sgt R D Cook, 3rd S Sgt J L Nolting, Drum Major S Sgt J H Parkerson, 1st S Sgt R G Jacobson, 2nd S Sgt D J lannazzo, 3rd 83 Compamf U Standing: 1st Lt. H. S. Ford, 3rd Pltn; 1st Lt. G. B. Schroeder, 2nd Pltn; 1st Lt. R. L. Lankford, 1st Pltn; Seated: 1st Lt. R. E. Mathews, Exec. Off.; Capt. S. H. Cobb, Comdg; Standing: M. D. Coker, 1st Sgt. 1 First Row: Moritz, M .N.; Cobb, P. W.; Sawicki, W. E.; Goodell, R. N.; JanneyT— R. H.; Epstein, S. B.; Stewart, N. A. Second Row: Paulsen, J. C.; Johnson, C. B.; Walker, D. L; Debnam, W. T.; Baxter, 0. F.; Carrol, M. D.; Stillson, D. F. Third Row: Hoffman, H. S.; Lowry, J. P.; Flemming, E. B.; Powell, J. H.; Pressler, E. J.; Bunn, J. G.; Cul- lipher L. W. Fourth Row: Abbott, L. W.; Johnson, R. W.; Williams, G. A.; Wait, J. L.; Small, J. F.; Warley, M. E.; Cowie, G. M. Thompson, M. E. Pltn. Guide FIRST PLATOON Parsons, W. A. Pltn. Sgt. V i Q ■ ■ ' m li ttJw P 1 X - SECOND PLATOON Challoner, R. M. First Row: Mahoney, W. C.; Kress, L; Wuensch, L. W.; Oden, H. L.; Howard, J. R.; Pltn. Sfft. Marshall, H. T.; Morris, J. V. Second Row: Davis, M. E.; Wilkinson, T. L.; Stewart, C. W.; Abercrombie, T. J.; Clark, G. W. ; Harrell, G. W.; Little, D. M. Third Row: Neill, M. A.; Andrews, K. E.; Cowling, A. N.; Ward, W. E.; Lane, J. T.; Childress, J. L.; Fourth Row: Szabo, J. L.; Linsay, R. D.; Taylor, A. H.; Bailey, N. C.; Barber, R. S.; Garcie, R.O.; Cook, W. 0. Moore, O. L. Pltn. Guide Rogers, D. B. Pltn. Guide THIRD PLATOON Newton, J. W. Pltn. Sgt. First Row: Willis, H. M.; Vaughan, R. T.; James, W. A.; Vickery, W. C.; McCauley, T. J.; Hudgins, L. M. Second Row: Harrell, D. E.; Holt, T. E.; Pocock, D. P.; Roesch, J. C.; Harrison, M. W.; Yagen, W. G.; Glenn, J. D. Third Row: Chapman, R. M.; Weisel, F. S.; Hogg, G. F.; Collingsworth, L. N.; Stumpf, C. A.; Prevatt, G. L.; Taylor, J. D. Fourth Row: Humphries, R. L.; McCaddon, M. P.; Gray, R. E.; Russell, A. J.; Boockholdt, J.; Ihlenburg, T. R.; Humphries, L. E. Standing; 1st Lt. C. L. Halbrook, 3rd Pltn; 1st Lt. J. M. Habel, 2nd Pltn; 1st Lt. J. M. Bowman, 1st Pltn; R. F. Cox, 1st Sgt. Seated: 1st Lt. A. L. Hopkins, Exec. Off.; Capt. H. B. Ballance, Cmdg. ■ ' w fY ' V J yy G. C. Chandler Pit. Sgt. First ' Plcdoon First Row: Spindel, R. F.; Berlin, W. L.; Price, G. E.; Horton, R. E.; Dutrovv, R. W.; Watkinson, R. E.; Dewey, E. W. Second Row: Barfield, T. C.; Dicksey, J. H.; Clarke, D. W.; Lescure, G. T.; Bunge, W. W.; Wyatt, S. C.; Divine, M. D. Third Row: Palmer, F. J.; Ware, W. W.; Somervold, M. R.; Allen, W R.; Evans, D. L.; Kimnach, G. C.; Smith, F. L. Fourth Row: McCoy, P. F.; Myers, T. F.; Smith, G. L.; Morse, R. L. Jones, L. M.; Adkins, R. L. ; McConnell, J. D. D. L. Stone Pit. Guide Crowder, R. F. Pit. Sgt. 2nd Platoon, Co. ‘B’ Stone, D. L. Pit. Guide Bottom Row: Ferebe, E.; Gilbert, F.; Reed, D.; Homey, W.; Flemming, R.; Tillman, G.; Nunnery, T. Second row: Weaver, W.; Taylor, J.; Sawyer, F.; Wilbourne, J.; Dyer, J.; Bilbro, D,; Jenkins, L.; Koch, H. Third Row: Crute, E.; Clarke, T; Brooks, G.; Zarn, R.; Smith, G. ; Early, J.; Gregory, T.; Wiatt, G. Fourth row: Smith, D.; Rogers, P.; Blanchard, T.; Stancil, J.; Henrikson, B.; Standin, G. ; Tebbs, C.; Hurst, E. Cook, W. O Pit. Guide 3rd Platoon, Co. ‘B i Jl Bottom row: Woodruff, J.; Jennette, L.; Sargant, J.; Stirling, B.; Thacker, R.; Moss, G. econd row: Howard, R.; Ihlenberg, R.; Waters, J.; Jones, E.; Golembiewski, M.; Bagley, M. Third row: Inge, H.; Ruiz, R. Hoppe, E.; Jones, D.; Stringfield, W.; Haislip, J. Gerock, W. Fourth row: Williams, R.; Kirsh, C.; Martin, B.; Por- ter, J.; Cook, W.; Emory, L.; Bartos, J. standing: 1st Lt. R. S. Halbrook, 3rd Pltn; 1st Lt. H. H. Maurer, 2nd Pltn; 1st Lt. R. A. Gabriel, 1st Pltn; G. T. Clark, 1st Sgt. Seated: 1st Lt. R. F. Zinser, Exec. Off.; Capt. S. G. Spindel, Cmdg. n .■ m f J. H. Parkerson, III FIRST PLATOON W. L. Shawn Pit. Guide First Row: Smith, J. G.; Morris, D. A.; Williams, D. T.; Miller, E. D.; McDerrnott, F. C.- Knight, E. C.; Brockman, S. H. Second Row: McCoy, J. T.; Minga, M. S.; George, G. W.; Bray, M. M.; Anderson, R. J.; Evans, W. B.; Peterson, R. A. Third Row: Porter, M. Wm.; Anderson, R. J.; Powell, J. H.; Garner, A. J.; Foster, S. R.; Deal, J M • Howard, N. R. Fourth Row: Umphlett, R. L.; Rader, J. D.; Williams, G. A., Kley- steub’er, W. R.; Wise, J. E.; Isbel, R. P.; Merz, D. M. Fifth Row: Stumpf, C. A.; Foikes, W. F.; Zimmer, M. E.; Marshall, T. E. SECOND PLATOON R. C. Hozier Pltn. Sgt. First Row: Hetzel, B. R.; Miles, R. E.; Rollins, R. R.; Shirley, G. R.; Daughtrey, P. F.; Boyce, W. L.; James, J. T. Second Row: Benge, N. H.; Cullipher, T. L.; Pond, R. W.- Vidal, W. C.; Bain, G. R.; Vidal, W. G.; Mayer, R. J. Third Row: Mangum, D. D.; R. G. Jacobson Archbell, S. B.; Caton, D. D.; Edwards, R. C.; Stevens, R. K.; Gilbert, M. R.; Heller’, Pltn. Guide W. T.; Fourth Row: Denyes, E. S.; Grubbs, W. D.; Martin, D. C.; Bedford, R. E.; Vidal, W. W.; Pond, J. G.; Eberwine, V G. Fifth Row: Davis, C L.; Stevenson, T.; Lange H. L.- Weber, R.; Pickard, J. E.; Triplett, R.; Thompson, M F. ’ ’ THIRD PLATOON 1 A i j ' 7 r j " ' 1- 1 r r " 1 ' . v-t 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 r l|j d D. J. lannazzo First Row: Matthews, D. L.; Mirmeistein, J. H.; Crannell, J. W.; Mulkey, R. L • Pltn. Guide Williams, D. G.; Sochor, J. M.; Briggs, J. M. Second Row: Shinn, w! M.; Ellis, j ' . A.; Avery, J. S.; O’Sullivan, J. G.; Holley, T. D.; Godwin, J. M.; Shealy, H. W. Third Row: Bray, J. M.; Thaxton, W. H.; Harris, J. E.; Lawrence, R. C.; Hand, D. L.- Wmfree, S. H.; Adcock, R. Fourth Row: Martin, G. E.; Barbour, J. S.; Farrance, J. E.’ Chisman, W B.; Keeter, R. E.; Frye, D. P. Fifth Row: McAlary, R. W.: Cudworth’ G. D.; Rosenberger, H. P.; Carrithers, C. R.; Hancock, R. M.; Zedd j. C G. E. Parker Pltn. Sgt. I FIRST SQUAD— Goolsby, A. W.; Tarkington, W. S.; Pearson, C. J.; Smith, P. T.; Lewis, J. C. SECOND SUAD— Williamson, A. E.; Miller, K. C.; Schappert, R. J.; Huskey, J. W.; Turner, C. N.; Lubin, THIRD SQUAD— Whipple, R. J.; Bell, T. A.; Lanham, J F.; Pierce, M. W.; Lau, I. W.; Handel, M. 0. FOURTH SQUAD— Dungan, J. E.; (Drum Section Leader); Smoot, B. E.; McCausland, B. N.; Jones, F. V.; (Jarnet, R. J.; Whitehorne, S. G. Left To Right: S. L. Russell — S Sgt. C. J. Brown, Color Sgt. — F. C. Stallings — H. A. Weise — G. F. Hogg L.,ft To Right: R. J. Anderson — M .T. Stewart — R. W. Ihlenburg — S Sgt. R. F. Spindel, NCOIC 91 Left To Right: S. K. Foster — R. L. Mulkey — 1st Lt. L. S. Stokes, OIC T. J. McCauley — D. E. Harrell — T. R. Ihlenburg — R. C. Garcia Left To Right: J. D. Taylor — F. I. Gilbert B. R. Hetzel — J. M. Deal — J. C. Bunn — Kelly, NCOIC J. M. Godwin — J. D. Haislip — W. George. Seated: M Sgt. P. N, i Stevens, R. K.; Gregory, T. L. (front); Vidal, W. W. (middle); Knight, E. C. (with hat) Taylor, A. H.; Lane, J. L. (top); McAlary, R. W.; Caton, D. D.; Myers, T. F. NCOIC Kitchen: Sgt. E .C. Knight 1 W r - « Ju mmm [ ' i 1 1 u S» " Se Ct m bSU r 3 t ' L .1 Academy Nurse: Mrs. T. J. Sawyer, R. N. NCOIC Tnfirmary : Sgt. W. G. Vidal 93 Mm drms Standing; Jones, L. M.; Crowder, R. F.; Howard, J. R.; Adkins, R. L.; Berlin, W. L.; Yagen, W. G.; Rogers, D. B.; Campbell, J. L.; Maurer, H. H.; Rollins, R. R.; Mayer, R. J.; McCausland, B. N.; Kneeling; Gray, R. E.; Habel, J. M.; Myers, G. E.; Jordan, J. A.; Halbrook, R. S. L-R; Umphlett, R. L.; Lau, I. W.; Daniels, W. V.; Neal, C. W.; Stewart, C. W.; Howard, J. R.; Moss, G. D. 95 standing: Amick, J. C.; Dewey, E. W.; erlin, W. L.; Clarke, D. W.; Howard, J. R.; McCausland, B. N.; Bray, J. R.; Jacobson, R. G.; Weisel, F. S.; Mayer, R. J.; Garnett, R. J.; Sitting: Ballance, H. C.; Hopkins, A. L.; Maurer, H. H.; Yagen, W. G.; Rogers, D. B.; Halbrook, C. L.; Bedford, R. E.; Standin, S. G.; Zinser, R. F.; Archbell, S. B.; Taylor, J. D.; Jones, F. V.; Halbrook, R. S. Standing: Martin, D. C.; Moss, G. D.; Schappert, R. J.; Halbrook, C. L.; Williamson, A. E.| Window: Yagen, W. G.; McCausland, B. N.; Crowder, R. F.; Middle: Mayer, R. J.; Maurer, H. H.; Zinser, R. F.; Halbrook, R. S.; Garnett, R. J.; Sitting Front: Jones, L. M.; Clarke, D. W.; Martin, G. E.; Jones, F. V.; Lange, H. M. (Jke Club Top: Martin, G. E.; Coker, M. D.; Elliott, J. A.; Miles, R. E.; Schappert, R. J.; Mathews, R. E.; Johnson, R. W.; Huffman, M. S.; Wasley, M. D. Middle: Grubbs, W. D.; Minga, M. S.; Answine, L.; Vidal, W. W.; Hozier, R. E.; Cobb, S. H.; Debman, W. T.; Smoot, B. E.; Matthews, D. L. Bottom: Whitehorne, S G.; Lane, J. T.; Harrell, D. E.; Vidal, W. G.; McAlary, R. W.; McCausland, B. N.; Spindel, S. G.; Vidal, W. C.; Caton, D. D.; Bush, J. J. I 97 Background: Williams, C. E.; Captain Ruiz; Amick, J. C.; Stone, D. L.; Tebbs, C. B.; Jacobson, R. G.; Jordan, J. A.; Hetzel, B. R.; Haylor, J. D.; Humphreys, L. E.; Middle: Gray, R. E.; Stokes, L.. S.; Hopkins, A. L.; Campbell, J. L.; Glenn, J. D.; Foreground: Minga, M. S.; Rollins, R. R.; Myers, T. F.; Schappert, R. J.; O’Sullivan, J. G. First Row Chairs: Taylor, J. D.; McCausland, B N.; Martin, G. E.; Yagen, W. G.; Second Row Chairs: Crowder, R. F.; Halbrook, R. S.; Thaxton, W. H.; Holley, T. D. Third Row Chairs: Mayer, R. J.; Rogers, D. Glenn, J. D.; Standing; Clarke, D. W.; Alphin, T. W.; Table: Jones, F. V.; Garnett, R. J. First Row: lannazzo, D. J.; Hundley, D. L.; Albert, W. L.; Challoner, R. M.; Camp- bell, J. L.; James, W. A.; Second: Roethke, C. A.; Bush, J. J.; Brong, E.; Einfalt, L. E.; Miller. E. D.; Powell, W. K.; Youmans, A.; Third: Cannon, R. S.; Clark, G. T.; n Sanders, J. C.; Greene, H. E.; Kennedy, J. W. ; Woodall, F. A.; Gywn, D. D.; Fourth: Oliver, P. E.; Smith, G. F.; Vidal, W. G.; Stallings, F. C.; Foresta, R. J.; Walker, W. F.; Boume, C. H.; Fifth: Nye, H. C.; Stevens, R. K.; Koslowski, D. S.; Deputy, J. G.; Mc- Kay, H. A.; Parker, R. H.; Sixth: Daniels, W. V.; Stone, D. L.; Williams, C. E.; Stalnaker, R. H.; McAleer, F. J. 99 VARSITY RIFLE TEAM Rear: Major West; Maurer, H. H.; Bowman, J. M.; Berlin, W. L.; Habel, J. M.; Stewart, H. T.; Anderson, R. J.; Front; Dutrow, R. W.; Standin, S. G.; Chandler, G. W. ; Wuensch, L. W.; Jacobson, R. G. FREDERICK RIFLEMEN Rear; Major West; McConnell, J. D.; Szabo, J. L.; Stewart, C. W.; Wuensch, L. W.; Dungan, J. E.; Maurer, H. H.; Cowie, G. M.; Front; Mahoney, W. C.; Humphreys, L. E.;Heller, W. T.; Handel, M. 0.; Berlin, W .L.; Jacobson, R. G. )00 PLAINSMEN RIFLE AND PISTOL CLUB Background: Jordan, J. A.; Dutrow, R. W.; Standin, S. G.; Yagen, W. G.; Baxter, 0. F.; Foreground: Walker, D. L.; Bowman, J. M.; Colonel Plaine; Gabriel, R. A.; Stewart, H. T.; Myers, G. E. PISTOL TEAM ii Standing: Dewey, E. W.; Anderson, R. J.; Ihlenburg, R. W.; Zinser, R. F.; Cobb, S. H.; Col. Plaine; Kneeling: Gabriel, R. A.; Dutrow, R. W.; Standin, S. G.; Baxter, 0. F.; Humphries, R. L. joi 1964 (hmud Siaff Seated at table in foreground: DANNY MORRIS, in charge of cynical comments, faulty judgements and paper clip storage. Seated around table in middle: GREGORY GEORGE, in charge of sarcasm, lost pages and filling the ice cube trays; WARNER BUNGE, in charge of obscure comments and looking out the window; BUD DOUGHTY, in charge of typing errors, measuring errors and most other errors; BILL WARD, in charge of miscalculations, lost pictures and coke bottle filing. Standing foreground: BRUCE Mc- CAUSLAND, in charge of blurred images, double ex- posures and blank negatives. Seated at desk in rear: CAPTAIN MAHONEY, weary zookeeper; MARK GIL- BERT, in charge of the whole mess (blame him). 103 Column right, IIAKCM! 104 Present ARMS! PARADES AND INSPECTIONS 105 107 Somebody back there’s got a rusty drum, Jim Has she got a sister? There’s dust on your left contact lens So what do you think of the situation in Cyprus, Omar ? Got these medals for wrestling, Sir; care to try me? PERSONAL INSPECTION 1 10 1 1 1 Tie not spit-shined Well, we thought you’d be tired of looking at cadets (that’s a Chinese “F”) Frederick Turns Back Fork Fumble Sets Up 7th Win — ■ i I Trederick Blanks Augusta by 14-0 fnion, 12-0 “The question is,” remarked somebody at the be- ginning of the season, “how can you get all these so- called superstars to play together. I mean, these boys are competing for college bids ; how can you keep them from cutting each other’s throat?” The question seemed reasonable enough ; after all, when two or three all-division, all-league or all-area stars compete for the same position there is bound to be fireworks. However, one thing the observer failed to consider: with kids, football is still a game and the concept of “teamwork” still has meaning. The fire- works were probably there, but when the starting line- up was named for the day, the “team” took over ; indi- vidual competition was left on the practice field — at gametime it was one unit, THE BIG RED, and pity the other side! By the end of the fourth game they were calling it the DREAM TEAM, and it shall be known foi ' ever thus in the annals of FMA sport. The answer, as New York Yankee fans have always known, is a strong bench. Depth, the Pros call it; having that good man in reserve against the time when your first choice fades or is injured, or simply needs a rest. The Cubs had depth. At every position there was a good man on the ready line ; often it was a toss of the coin as to which was the better : the man on the field or the man on the bench. It didn’t make a whole lot of difference, though; they all played. And how they played! Somebody else said, “Well, with scores like that their schedule was probably a pushover.” Well, the East Carolina College Freshmen were hardly Little League, and Fork Union was the scourge of the Mili- tary School League ; and it is a well known fact that Columbia Prep is a farm team for the U. S. Naval Academy. No, it was not a soft schedule. The scores are well known, but the real figures are in the statistics. Look at them ; they appear on pages 122-23. The “stix” of the Frederick Military Academy Cubs of 1963 drew in clear detail a profile of a team that can only be called “great!” As for the coaching — - well, it is one thing to have talent to draw from, quite another to know what to do with it. The coaches stand on the record. n-AitoHr ' ii 2nd Half; biis 20.6 ' ' ’»»• «nes f„ ' ' ' ' ' « o ' ° sons " ““aSy f„ ' Vs " ' oy c 00 cfe, af i e and s n e njore nail iH ' ' ' ' f In “ sea. ' ani niic ' se Hcj o ' " ’ " 6e , ™pus. w. “■ort " ™ » ' e hi : aCV ' - " " Cl : 7 ■ ®ani u,,- a if ,, one u 3« 1 ore °“«d ' % file -a, ' nis HsZ,;, ° " er’’,i°°“’‘‘ " play, jnaug . « be dfu] it ' ” ' es enoug j need n_ Sea, " " 5: is 7 . . 7 ,. • riien Aeij first ■ »se Cas.,?:- «; iass i nch. to y ar bein ned. studies as Fi snisi] as iV( ■s«e, 7sa,n,„,-„o,n -..e f. ' »vV ' " s »o»,e «■ V? Parade are bas eJ ay iAe 0 n iotv ' ' ere e c„i: d ?7 ' e. and 0 f indeed °n es a p® , “ -O, „, »«- ee « iijoi an. ' ‘ Shts vers aboet it ea ° a ces v ® oo fag , ' ' ay J b offieeX d ' orm ■77i, ti; Worj ms nni- " p Por an af , . i 3fWefe lere ® fPec a and . a nof One ,« e s7 Won " " » f Oo s ; you Oavis " But __ IS i is ;5 « reef • ”°f restru thej out S Voi; -. • " ’ ' Vs teao7«, ” dis- ood ' . boyj any things. , ! should ipiine fit ars ' avis ,s I ootba Q ' 11. too that t-tavis ' f ' ourse foct „ Otball ral ' snalZ ' l by are h ' - Ki ’ a. Di . - ' avi t , ' bey p, tL ' b ' l f bind ca 0- cov« 3 hunT °i oJif be7,;fd eseJ slin. - Da, Frederick College Band i (ireeii Ruins Greenbrier Cubs Win, Too, 28-12 Ft. ' DEFIANCE - Freder . Military Academy of Poi mouth broke through for t fourth quarter touchdowns S urday to d e f e a t Augusta N itary Academy, 14-0. It was the second strai;! victory for the unbeaten Cu] who a week ago knocked Carolina Military, 38-0. After beating back conti ous Augusta threats, Freder broke p the scoreless ba with an 80-yard march early the final period. Ronald Foresta scored TD on a 13-yard run, and la| Austol Youam racked up other touchdown on a 10-yj gallop. The powerful Cubs piled j 414 yards on the for Augusta, rederick had several scoring Jortunities in the first half, ving inside the Augusta 10 r fumbled the chances away, ' ' orest led the first touch- „vn drive with runs of 22 and yards before he lugged the 1 across. fouam was the spearhead of ; second scoring drive, bresta had 77 yards in five j r r i e s, quarterback Roger ' yes 32 in five attempts and I rry Green 41 yards in seven ■ Ties to spark the Cubs. downs ling yardage ing yardage as es intercepted by The Statistict Frederick Augusta Dies lost Is penalized rick i Aa ista 0 0 3 SO 0 0 3-3 0 0 lA-14 0 0 0—0 j erjek — Foresta 13 run (Youam run) failed) Frederick Regulars Showing off Musciv Frederick Wallops COACHING STAFF E. L. Davis W. T. Daughtrey B. T. Lindsay . . . I. W. McKinney W. C. Jones . . . . ..... Head Coach Interior Linemen Ends Centers Backs v. k,,- ; . LEWISBURG, W.Va. (Special) iv-x " ' - . i— Harry Green from Kannopolis, , T ; ‘ N.C. scored three touchdowns • ’Saturday afternoon as Frederick r ,y} I m jp Military Academy remained un- defeated after five games with a 28-12 victory over the host Greenbrier Military Academy. Green, a 5-1], 180-pound half - back, scored twice from two yards out and once on a 15- yarder. ' Greenbrier scored first on a 40yard touchdown pass from Rob Frame to Brian Rader in the opening quarter. Rut Green scored in both of the opening quarters to pul the gained 128 yards in 15 carries. Ronnie Foresta of Brooklyn, N.Y. scored the other Freder- ick touchdown on a nine-yard run in the third period. The 5-9, 165-pound halfback carried 14 times for 94 yards. GMA 195 30 1-5 FM 1 35 7. 3 2-30 1 10 First downs Rushing yardage Passing yardage Passes Passes intercepted by Punts Fumbles lost Yards penalired Greenbrier 6 0 0 6 — 1 Frederick 6 6 6 8— G — Rader, 60 pass from Frame (kl tailed) F— Green. 2 run (Kick tailed) F— Green, 2 run (AnswinI run) F— Foresta, 9 run (pass from Wooda to Answini) Routs Hargrave, 64-0 ' 1 F rederick M ilitary Rolls to 9th Win Coffee Break Passing Blonde BRACE, MISTER ■Frederick, quarterback A1 Woodall is confronted by Cadet ler. Woodall stands 6-5, 1st Lt. Schroeder 5-6. (Staff Photo ' Gs y Schroeder. FMA. . 38 FMA. . 14 FMA. . 7 FMA. . 20 FMA. . 28 FMA. . 42 FMA. . 12 FMA. . 53 FMA. . 64 FMA. . 14 by Bob Yingling) By GEORGE MCCLELLAND Virsinian-Pilot Sports Writer PORTSMOUTH - When a V ginian living in the flatlands e: of Richmond thinks of a m tary academy he summons a picture of the tradition a carefully-manicured grounds a buildings of an Augusta or Staunton. That is, he did ui recently. Now Frederick con to mind and the school est. lished five years ago on the i of a wartime housing devel ment. scarcely fits into the sa frame. ‘ The campus is not a she place, and in five school ye only the beginnings of tradit are possible. But all the other things a fi class military academy sho| be, Frederick is. The files | grey-garbed cadets move fr class to classt in perfect st ' stern academic standards h.- been laid dow n by the presidt Col. Philip G. Inscoe, and pi ent is the small supervised cl which is the backbone, of pi school excellence. THE RECORD Carolina MA 0 Augusta MA 0 Nroviotv 0 Columbia Prep 8 Greenbrier MA 8 East Carolina Freshmen 6 Fork Union MA 0 Benedictine 0 Hargrave MA 0 Staunton Ma 7 FINEST SQUAD The enrollment is 404 cadi 1 36 of whom form the finest f ' | ball squad assembled in VirgJ this side of the college varl The Virginian-Pilot, Thursday, Nov. 14, 1963 49 Cubs Near Perfect Season rick: King of Preps [il. On Saturday this detach- nt closes its season by meet- I Staunton here, and a victory |l mean a perfect season, jo overwhelming has been the |cess of this Cub eleven that j- ' derick has scored 278 points inine games, an average of just lunder 31 a game, while yielding only 22. On the last two weekends, these young hus- kies in red and white have buried Benedictirie, 53-0, and Hargrave Military, 64-0. “I have never,” Coach Ertiory Davis admits, “been associated with a team like this one. If I were choosing a team right now I don’t see how I could do bet- ter, This group has perfect bal- ance. They are outstanding on defense, and on attack we can throw the ball or run with power and with speed.” 14-7 Thriller Cubs Nip Staunton For lOtli Straight PORTSMOUTH - Unbeaten I Fredericlc Military Academy ; had its biggest scare of the sea- son Saturday before it snatched ■ a thrilling 14-7 victory from a strong Staunton Military Acad- emy in the final 36 seconds of ■ pldy. With the Cubs trailing 7-6, halfback Calvin Zongolowicz The Statistics Stauton Frederick First downs 9 17 Rushing yardage 133 S35 Passing yardage 9 75 Passes 2-6 8-15 Passes intercepted by 1 2 Punts ' 5-33 3-41 ! Fumbles lost 1 3 Yards penalized 20 20 Staunton Mil. 0 0 0 7—7 Frederick Mil. 6 0 0 8—14 :FM— Zongolowicz 3 run (run failed) SM— Sykes 3 ruri (Jones kick) FM— Zongoolwicz 40 run (Woodat to Challoner) took a screen pass from quarter- back A1 Wooilall and raced 40 yards for the touchdown that brought the Cubs back from the brink of defeat. Woodall then passed to Mike Challoner for a two-point conversion that was anti-climatic. The victory sent Frederick home with a perfect record of 10 straight wins. TAKES LEAD Staunton had taken the lead four minutes into the fourth period when quarterback Lar- ry ■ Sykes plunged three yards for a touchdown and Fred Jones kicked the extra point. This score wiped out a 6-0 margin that Frederick had fashioned in the first period on a three-yard smash by Zongolo wicz. A run for the extra point failed. There were but 36 seconds left when the screen play on a third- and-eight situation, brought the Cubs the victory. Frederick piled up 335 yards on the ground, but Staunton was tough when it counted. The Cubs also led in first downs, 13-9. Davis, a 36-year-old father of four, had been a high school ; coach for 12 years before spend- ing a year at William and Mary to work on his masters- 1 degree. This is his second year [ as football coach and athletic I director, and in this time the sch(X)l has taken great strides j in this area. Not only is the i varsity program booming but I Davis has installed an intra- ! mural program for the entire school. Some athletes here needed to bolster class standing, others to improve college board scores. All have study halls and special | classes to prepare them for col- j lege. ' COLLEGE MATERIAL “We have at least two full ; teams of boys who can play college football on varying I levels,” Davis says. Half a dozen players are here from Norfolk and Portsmouth schools. “I’ve never been on a team like this one,” says Jack Ken- nedy, former Cradock co-cap- tain. “We have All-Staters sit- ting on the bench.” Kennedy, who hopes to at- tend the University of Arkan- sas, has boosted his average to an 89; The special study hall, he says, has made all the dif- ference. John Sims from Maury has hiked his academic average to 87, Calvin Zongolowicz of Nor- view is up to 81. On the football field Frederick is most impressive, even in practice gear. Harry Greene, a fullback from Kannapolis, N.C., leads the team in scoring with 62 points. Ron Foresta has 48 and Zongolowicz 32. Greene has rushed for 657 yards, Foresta 603, and Zongo 517. A1 Woodall, a giant quarterback, has com- pleted 47 of 79 passes for 748 yards and six touchdowns. Ken- nedy leads the team in tackles with 67. As a team, the Cubs have gained more than two miles on offense, 3,694 yards to be exact. m POINTS 292 FIRST DOWNS 151 YARDS RUSHING 3152 YARDS PASSING 952 PASS COMPLETIONS 67-128 PUNTING AVERAGE 46.7 124 33 64 880 426 29-99 36.9 WON 10 LOST 0 Varsity Coaches — McKinney, Davis, Daughtrey FM A .... 28 Kempsville . . . . 6 FMA. . . . 21 Hampton . . . . 7 FMA 0 Hampton . . . . 6 FMA . . . . . . . . 6 Norfolk Academy . . . . . . .18 FMA. . . . 14 Churchland . . . . 7 two games were cancelled I Coach Lindsay JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM Top Row: Sawicki, W. F.; Bedford, R. E.; Adkins, R. L.; Avery, J. S.; Dyer, J. E. Thacker, R. A. Fourth Row: McCoy, P. F.; Barbour, J. S.; Morris, J. V.; Martin, D. C. Cheatham, J. B.; Third Row: Mangum, D. L.; Chisman, W. B.; Campbell, J. L. Harris, J. E.; Lowry, J. P.; Second Row: Pickard, J. E.; Ellis, J. M.; Taylor, A. H. Davis, M. E.; Hancock, R. M.; Bottom Row: Sommervold, M. R.; Sawyer, F. A. Higgins, J. W. ; Whipple, R. J.; Rosenberger, H. P. 127 i FMA. .69 FMA. .71 FMA. .69 FMA. .66 FMA . . 63 FMA. .56 FMA . . 54 FMA . . 75 FMA. .91 FMA. .59 FMA. .52 FMA. .95 FMA. .97 FMA. .69 FMA. .84 FMA. .84 FMA. .50 FMA . . 67 FMA . . 67 SEASON RECORD St. Paul 44 Old Dominion Frosh...76 Oscar Smith 37 Bullis Prep 87 Norfolk Catholic 37 Princess Anne 37 U Richmond Frosh . .89 Old Dominion Frosh. .69 Smithdeal-Massey . . .58 Barry-Robinson 52 St. Paul 40 Bainbridge N.T.S. ...67 Smithdeal-Massey ... .36 Norfolk Catholic 55 U ' Richmond Frosh . .98 St. Joseph 49 Barry-Robinson 63 Staunton Military .... 88 Fork Union Military. .65 Offensive Average 70.4 Defensive Average 60.4 Average Rebounds Per Game 45 Average Shooting Percentage ... .43% Free Throw Percentage 58% VARSITY SCORING AVERAGE Neal 12.7 Woodall 18.2 Koslowski 16.6 Miller 9.2 Gwgn 3.8 AVERAGE REBOUNDS Neal 10.0 Woodall 13.4 Koslowski 5.0 Miller 3.2 Gwyn 6.4 128 Left to Right Austol Youmans Ronald Goodell Denny Kozlowski Nat Miller A1 Woodall Richard Neal Baxter Sterling Duane Gwyn Donald Hundley Richard Barber Coach Outland T. L. Gregoi ' y, Mgr. 129 Richard Neal fig:hts for a rebound against Bullis. Nat Miller goes in for a lay-up. Richard Neal jumps to start another game. As the team looks on. )30 Denny Kozlowski tries for 2. Richard Neal shoots as Gwyn moves to cover the boards Gwyn and Koslowski fight for position as A1 Wood- all signals a passing car. Frederick Tops Smith PORTSMOUTH - Frederick Military Academy put four scor- ers in double figures Tuesday night and swamped Oscar Smith, 69-37, in the basketball opener for the losers. Last year Fred- erick won by ond point on a last-second field goal by Donald Hundley. This time Hundley tal- lied 14 points to pace the Cubs. Richard Neal and A1 Woodall each had 13 points, Dennis Koslowski 11 for the Cubs who led, 6-5, after one period and 32-24 at the half. After inter- mission, Frederick pulled steadi- ly away. Binky Inman led Smith With 14 points. Herman Perry addcnl nine. i OSCAR SMITH FREDERICK G F T G F T J. Inman 1 0-0 3 Neal 6 M 13 Parker 0 0-0 0 Goodall 1 2-2 4 Perry 3 3-4 9 Woodall 4 5-5 13 Paper 1 0-0 2 Stevens 0 0-2 0 B. Inman i 2-5 14 Gwynn 1 0-0 2 Sawyer 1 0-0 2 Miller 4 0-0 8 Hall 0 0-0 0 Hundley 5 4-5 14 Forsen 0 0-0 0 Youmans 1 1-2 3 Phelps 1 0-0 2 Koslowski 5 1-4 11 Birdzell 1 4-8 6 Barber 0 1-1 •1 Totals 14 »-7 37 Totals 27 15-23 4 3scar Smith 5 19 7 4—37 Frederick U U 19 13-49 That magic touch Aw! come on down 132 Frederick MA Victor, 97-36 ' MA Blasts it. Pauls CENSORED, OOPS! Basketball Team??? CAPTAIN W. T. DAUGHTREY— COACH Left To Right: Dicksey, J. H. ; Sawyer, F. A.; Pocock, D. P. ; Sawick, W. F. ; Janney, B. H. ; Henrikson, B. W. ; Tarkington, W. S. ; Taylor, A. H. ; Ellis, J. A. ; Bain, G . R. ; Somervold, M. R. ; Paulsen, J. C. ; Kneeling: Ware, W. W. ; Pickard, J. E. ; Coach Daughtrey; Kleystever, W. R. 135 i UJrestliJW MAJOR ROY J. AYERS, JR. Coach MATCH RECORD FMA 39 Colonial Heights 15 FMA 19 Craddock 27 FMA 36 Warwick 20 FMA 8 Granby 36 FMA 29 Norfolk Academy 16 FMA 19 Norfolk Catholic 31 FMA 11 Cox 33 FMA 27 Kellam 22 FMA 21 Norfolk Academy 26 FMA 39 Ch urchland 13 FMA 33 KELLAM 23 FMA 33 Virginia Beach 20 FMA 40 Deep Creek 16 Totals 354 TOTALS 298 Home Matches Jack Kennedy, Unlimited Weight Class, had a record of 11 pins, 1 Decision, 1 Forfeit, 0 losses 1 Stillson, D. F. (120 lbs.) Absent from picture A c Injury VIDAL G 133 JAMES 120 lANNAZZO 112 GLENN 103 McALARY 95 KENNEDY Unlimited Undefeated 138 MARTIN 138 VIDAL C. 145 WILLIAMS 16 5 WATERS 154 LINGO 180 139 Standing: Gilbert, F. I.; Benge, N. H.; Weise, M. M.; Lane, J. T.; Carrithers, C. R. Kneeling: Miles, R. E.; Bryson, J. P. ; Doughty, L. C. Captain D. Bryon Cassell, Coach I fc. !»• Coach Davis calls a press conference. Agent 0071-2 quietly surveys the suspicious crowd, his 9 mm. Beretta always at the ready inside his trenchcoat. “But what do you use it for” “I’m a Wheaties man myself.” 143 Major Bunny-Rabbit Let’s see, 1200 lbs. of dog food, 3 tons of seaweed . . . The Judge Well, isn’t Rock McKinney your favorite movie star? No autographs, please Watching the Miss America contest X2 f 1715 hours Guard Mount 0FFIC3R OF THB DAY Sergeant of the Guard Privates of the Guard liusioians of the Guard Lt, Gregory, T.L, Sgt. IJcAleer, F.J. (-who?) Pvts • Rains ey. Sue Cassell, Sharon Out land , J an i c e Nash it, Hyrna Guitar ‘‘ ' vCpanish) Bonnett, G.S. Autoharp (what?) Morton, J.D. Castanets (with Chili) Ruiz, R.S. FACULTY OFFICHK OF TliE DAY CAPT STEAiBOAT V RIGHT ALTERRATS lADY LA ' .UISRCB (OF AR U3IA?) MEASLES ARE NOT PART OF THE Ul ' IIFORIi A1 ;D WILL NOT BE DISPLAYED. CA DETS HAVING MEASLES ARB RBQ’JESTED TO HIDS IN THEIR CLDSETS. (Colonel Church) THE PROPER HAIRCUT IS AS FOLIOV S: l Sth inch above ears; sideburns not bolov; top of wax; no more than 1 inches, not less than 2 inches boyond eyebrows at side; 1- inches overlap forehead to face. NO EXCEPTIONS. EXTREMES SUCH AS ’ ' BSATIE " OR " YUL BRYNWER " HAIR STYLES WILL BE PIJinSHABLE BY 3 DAYS ON THE RACK. (Capt McKinney) CADETS ARE REMINDED THAT THE MOVIE CHARACTER, " TOM JONES, " LIVED IN THE IST L CENTURY, AW THAT BEHAVIOR OP THE TYPE SHOHN IN THE MOVIE IS NO LONGER COl®0NHD IN POLITE SOCIETY. (Major Gelbach, Historian) LrEISSRS OP THE SPANISH CLJB ARE NOT PBRTv’TTTED TO EAT THEIR TiU ALES AND TORTILI uS OUTSIDE OF T IEIR DOEIITORIBS UNLESS TEARING THE CEREMONIAL BIAdJKET AND SOMBRERO. (E1 Supremo Ruiz) THE NAinr HYMN WILL BE SUNG AT ALL AS 3BI ' 3 LIES. UNIFORM FOR ASSEIHIY: " Kiddie Blouses " (Lt Col Rose) FORMER NAVY OFFICERS PRESENTLY ON THE FACULTY WILL PLEASE CfJRTAIL THEIR CRITICISM- OF THE ARf iY; TURTLE KECK SWEATEFS ARB NOT PART OF THE ARI.iY HJIPORU. (Ensign Insooe) THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: " Girls " Y ■order OF ' GENERAL GOIJFUSION i 148 Interior desifjn class begins with high level conference between faculty workers. Cadets look on, uncertain how to take all this. Captain Ramsey nails his hand to the floor as Mrs. Ramsey looks on holding stapler (just to make sure?). Major Morton bites tongue in empathy; Captain Mahoney tries to suppress smile. Captain Sale, oblivious to the whole thing, fans himself with a spray of greenery. DUE TO A RATHER UNFORGIVABLE OVERSIGHT, THE WINNER OF THE HALL COMPETITION FOR BEST DE- CORATION, ALLYN HALL, IS NOT PICTURED HERE. CAPTAIN RAM- SEY, OBVIOUSLY JEALOUS BE- CAUSE HIS HALL, BROWN, DID NOT WIN, “LOST” THE PICTURE (AT LEAST THAT IS WHAT HE CLAIMS). Casual, unposed study of Stevens’ crew Ramsey’s Brownies Morris Construction Co ViKblNlA Mrs. Ramsey looks pensive as cadets man- icure greenery. V ELTON Oast prepares The Reindeer scene at Welton 20th CENTURY FREDERICK FLICKS PRESENT: LIFE BEHIND THE PYR AC ANTH A or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Live with the FENCE ! A GRIPPING SPECTACULAR IN LIMITEDSCOPE AND ABSENTCOLOR! THE RAW TRUTH OF LIFE AT MILITARY SCHOOL TOLD FOR THE FIRST TIME THROUGH THE UNCOMPROMISING EYE OF THE CAN- DID CAMERA. WITH A CAST OF HUNDREDS (MOST OF THEM STILL IN THEIR CASTS). THEY SAID IT COULDN’T BE DONE! . . . But Listen to the Critics : “There hasn’t been a shocker like this since Son of Flubber!” — Victor Vaseline, Pungo Patriot — Observer “More horrible than Snow White. Keep the kiddies home!” — Cora Commasplice, Hatteras Hot-Line “The first honest unveiling of life behind the Algebra Curtain.” — Quentin Quadrangle, Chuckatuck Chucker “Those tortured faces of boys on restriction. The tragic scenes of those penalty tours. When will mankind ever learn?” — Barrett Demerit, Nags Head Nugget 152 “THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM” SCENES FROM OTHER FAMOUS 20TH CENTURY FREDERICK FLICKS FILMS “WHO’S BEEN SLEEPING IN MY BED?” “BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S” “OF HUMAN BONDAGE” 153 ... Thm “Now remember to say Yes, Sir and No, Sir, and for Pete’s sake don’t wad your gum in his ashtray!” 154 “I’m sorry, my husband won’t allow me to date cadets.” “What do you mean you’ve already lost your key?” Vexi ! Je OiStfed “Would you prefer Madras or Seersucker?” “It may be uniform, but is it Ivy?’ “I’m sorry boys, Tropic of Cancer isn’t on the text- book list.” 155 UJeJiam Drill UJt Med lm Frimib ... “Our Gang” G dFeneur Old (liiijimi dems 156 “BAN takes the worry out of being close 1 “I don’t care what he told you, NOBODY needs 18, hamburgers for lunch!” “Now if the angle of incidence equals the square of coincidence, the opposite side is bona fide. Thus . . I ‘•R Pnoctmme “Wake up, what d’ya think this is, a classroom?” WtSmn To- Tah Orders “And make sure you never answer, ‘Whad ‘y’ want?”! 157 “Well, as far as I’m concerned, Mr. Clean is better than Ajax, anytime” 158 “Other times . . . ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK. 160 U e TaJit ' Prl k Our Qcutrkrs what we can’t clean . . . . . .we burn! 162 more! ThMjofui s Pay Up! ,! l mf ' Popular (Kthouph Thrir Mjdhork T)(r Hot ( IjoaifS Maef l Jitk ( emral Approval .. . Goodbye, squealer Please don’t nail down the lid! Sorry, Buddy; your horse ran last 163 PRE-CADET FATIGUES, here modeled by our Batallion Comman- der. Captain Spindel shows us the cold Weather cap, “Korean Crush” mod- el. Lieutenant Hopkins displays sleeve- less doublet, usually worn at bon- fires. Shine cloths are not strictly part of the uniform; however, varieties were in vogue this year. Sergeant Gwyn displays a fancy print. FOR THE SHOW- ER: Sergeant Man- gum models terry- cloth wrap, very popular this year in pastel colors. 165 well, somebody’s watching the game All Unstrung My Mother told me about men in uniform. Late afternoon date 166 ' For some it means bad news others find it hilarious, 167 ‘some, however, file it. " Sum 0. Vermcrojfiif Some Ure, T rioile llQed “There are those who work and those who don’t” “those who study . . . . . . and those who don’t” 168 ' t ‘ 1 a .: i LI lhJCr ' s fj e OJSL. cus AAA-ULLMf ' Sv,vx- ' r » CiRarette smokinR took a sharp downturn at Fred- erick this year. My group smoked 21 % more candy bars. 169 So I gave up cigai’ettes, switched to gum, and got stuck for chewing in class! Qjid t Dear ffe irfs, W T repcwe, Snd Our C ruM Troi ei aue, Of Frederick Mikiartf Fcudemi , (Jjhf Mm Fiftirt Fndlty Can We Offer Than For OnheJiaaeJjne? “Take charge of this post and guard all school prop- erty in view . . . Walk mv post in a military manner, ah . . . ah . . “You say you left your leave tag in your sweat socks, and your mother put them in the automatic washer, and now the automatic washer is in the re- pair shop and you need leave to get your leave tag from the repair shop. Now let’s go through that again, slowly.” I Don’t forget to salute the flag, boys! “Morris, D.A., Leave No. 250, Room No. Brown 4, Rifle No. 77886547, Social Security No. 551-26-1871, Telephone No. 776-8971, Area Code 387, Vaccination No.B-1478(88)7, Drivers’ License No. 3458, no 4358, wait a minute, now, ah please. Captain, let me go home!” Twenty years from now, when you are showing this annual to your own children, Barry Goldwater will have become but a dim memory, and the Beatles merely lost among all the other fads of your adolescence. But that haircut — that will never, never be forgotten. And to think they stole it from Prince Valiant ! Beatlemania We export Coca-Cola, jazz, slang, and westerns to the British Isles. The Beatles we get in return. May- be lukewarm beer will be the next thing to catch on in the States. The advent of Messrs. George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul Mc- Cartney, and Ringo Starr on these shores has been all that anyone could have hoped— or feared— the coming of The Beatles would be. Not since George Whitefield came over from England to touch off the Great Awakening in the Eighteenth Century have the natives been sent into such squealing transports of delight as Americans of a certain age and sex have been this week. Beatlemania, it seems, is an inter- national phenomenom. Back home. The Beatles have given a command performance and been presented to the members of Britain’s Royal Family. Blase Par- is was wowed when they crossed the Channel. America’s teenagers, who have been nourished on noth- ing stronger than Fabian and milk- shakes, had to be a pushover for the “Mersey sound.’’ But consideration of The Beatles as musicians may be beside the point. As MacLeish said A poem should not mean But be, The Bea- tles do not have to sing, they are. Let just one Beatle get out of a taxicab, or enter a hotel lobby, and it is sufficient to start a quivering and trembling among the populace, the emotional St. Vitus dance that marks Beatle progress. The posh Plaza Hotel, where The Beatles padded out in New York, may never be the same. The Deauville, their Miami Beach billet, is prepar- ing for The Beatles by hiring more policemen. The Beatles, Cassius Clay, Sonny Liston, and sunshine— what more could Miami Beach want? The Republic has survived Davy Crockett, hula hoops, McCarthy- ism, the twist, and zoot suits. It lived through the ages of Rudy Vallee, Frank Sinatra, and Elvis what’s-his-name and, we trust, it will survive The Beatles too. But if that raemop hair style . b ecomes the tonsorial vogue, we don’t know that the barbers of the nation will make it through the year. At This Point, It’s Worth a Try’ J . Col. C. ' PlcUne. ' Profiles LIEUTENANT COLONEL ROBERT C. PLAINE The biography, brief or long, of any professional soldier must necessarily read like a railroad timetable. Years are used instead of hours, and army camps instead of towns, but the overall effect is much the same: “Arr Camp X 4 Jun 40, dpt 16 Oct 42; Arr Fort Y 2 Nov 42, dpt 1 Jan 43, etc., etc.” And so it has been for Lieutenant Colonel Robert Plaine. The first stop on the Plaine timetable was the National Guard Armory at Norristown, Pa. The outfit was the 111th Infantry; the year 1928. The recruit was only 16, but Guard units were then as they are now; one evening a week, or perhaps Saturday, and camp in the summer with the regulars; no problem for a high school boy. It is likely that most of the cadre of the 111th were A.E.F. men, and that their tales of Chateau-Thierry, The Argonne, and Belleau Wood had some effect on the young private. In any event, not long after high school, Robert Plaine exchanged his N.G. serial num- ber for an R.A. and found himself a career. Early in his first enlistment Private Plaine took the first of many rides in an army transport; desti- nation; Schofield Barracks, Hawaii and duty with the 21st Infantry. In 1935, about the time he sewed on his first hashmark, he was ordered to Fort Meade, in Maryland, where he ran into a pair of veteran buck sergeants whose paths he would cross again many years and many tours later. You guessed it: Henry H. Church and Floyd H. West. It wasn’t a very big army in those days. With peacetime draft of 1940-41 the regulars be- came the nucleus of an army destined to expand many times over, and so the promotions began to open up. The roster of the 93rd Antitank Battalion at Meade included the name of T Sgt. Robert Plaine in those days. However, when the United States finally entered the war, the expansion was begun in earnest, and the army found itself critically short of experienced officers. Selected for Officer Candidate School, Sergeant Plaine was ordered to the Infantry School, Fort Benning, Ga. early in 1942. Commissioned in June of that year, he was detached to the Quarter- master Corps to help organize a truck regiment at Camp Knight, Oakland, California. Plaine stayed with that regiment throughout the war, commanding a training company, later as S-4, and ultimately as Regimental Executive Officer, with the rank of Major. During this tour he saw action in the North Burma and Burma-India campaigns, serv- ing under General Joseph “Vinegar Joe” Stilwell. The war over. Major Plaine settled down to the routine assignments that invariably come with peace- time duty. Two years at Philadelphia must have seemed nice after the rice paddies of China, but the Pentagon seems to have a “thing” about soldiers staying very long in one place, or for that matter one climate. Major Plaine suddenly found himself in Alaska. The Alaskan duty was different, however. In 1947 the Army Air Force was about to become a separate arm of the national military establishment, and Plaine was assigned to help in the transi- tion. Instead of a Battalion, however, he was given command of a Squadron (Do not color his uniform blue, however; he was just on loan to the Air Force). In 1950 Major Plaine left the tundra for civilization and Fort Lee, Va., where he trained ROTC cadets in summer camp and conducted marksmanship instructions for the regulars. The same year he was posted to Columbus, Ohio as Executive Officer of the General Depot there. Early in the Columbus tour he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and selected for advanced training at the Army Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kan. During the Columbus tour Colonel Plaine found himself busy expediting material for the war in Korea. Ultimately he followed that material himself, being posted to Korea with the 8th Army. In 1954 he returned, doffed his garri- son hat and retired. However, as we all know, the last step on the timetable is not always the end of the trip. There is sometimes quite a way to go after getting off the train. Colonel Plaine disembarked in 1954, took a walk around the park, had lunch, read a paper, and suddenly it was 1959, and a new military school had just opened and needed a man. That was five years ago, and as far as Colonel Plaine is concerned, this leg of the trip has just begun. Myof Fhxfd (dJesf MAJOR FLOYD H. WEST I Major West’s timetable starts a little earlier than , Colonel Plaine’s; he’s been on the road a little longer. Just after graduation from the high school at Ben- son, North Carolina, Floyd West signed up as a reg- I ular army man (a recruiting sergeant must have been lunking in the shadows at Commencement). His first post was Fort Eustis, Va., his outfit, the Infantry. (Do you wonder, gentlemen, why Colonel Plaine and Major West have so little sympathy when you com- plain about marching. Now, back in the old Infantry . . . ) In those days a man could re-enlist and expect f to stay put for awhile, so Floyd West stayed put for I seven years before the regiment itself was moved. Another factor in those years, not true today, was that a man earned his rank in an outfit but when he left the rank stayed ; thus voluntary transfers were not common. Floyd West had promoted through the grades from Private to Sergeant Major while still in the same Regiment. In 1940, with the buildup resulting from the Draft, I Sergeant West transferred to the Armored Forces, I moving to Fort Bragg, ' N. C., for combat training two years later. His was one of the first units to see I action in the European Theater, landing at Casa ' Blanca, French Morocco in 1942. That was the begin- ning of the famous North African campaign that re- sulted in the defeat of the armies led by the “Desert Fox,” the German Field Marshal, Rommel. Sergeant West’s North African timetable reads like the Medi- terranean Special: Rabat, Oran, Algiers, Kasserine Pass and Tunis. In May 1943 M Sgt Floyd H. West was awarded a field commission as First Lieutenant j and transferred to the 5th Army. Sometime later he commanded a Military Police Company and performed as Assistant Provost Marshal at 6th Army Corps. That relatively peacefull duty lasted only four months, however, because Cap- tain West was on the beach at Salerno by Sep- tember. Although the Italians had surrendered, the Germans were considerably more stubborn and German armies were entrenched all along the Italian coast. For Captain West that meant another landing, Anzio, January, 1944. While the Allies were planning their famous assault on the European mianland from Britain, many of the tired veterans of the Mediterranean campaigns were rotated home, among them Captain West, who assumed command of an M. P. company at Camp Butner, N. C. Peacetime duty included another tour at Fort Meade, where he served as Battalion Executive Offi- cer and later, in 1949, as Battalion Commander, with the rank of Major. However, Major West, as Colonel Plaine and every other soldier sooner or later learned to expect, has been in “one climate” too long. Next followed duty in the Philippines and Okinawa before another stateside assignment was offered. In 1953 Major West was assigned to the Southern California Military District at San Pedro, with suc- ceeding duty at Camp Cooke and 6th Army Head- quarters, from which he retired the following year. During one of those he purchased land and a home in the Napa Valley, where he and Mrs. West now spend their summers. Following retirement from the army. Major West spent three years with a bank in San Francisco. Later he attended Arizona State University near Phoenix, where he subsequently went into business for himself. However, early in 1960 an old army friend asked for help in operating the military program of a new school back east. Having served alongside Henry Church for most of his early career, and never having lost contact with him through the years, the idea sounded appealing. Thus, by fall 1960, the military office of Frederick Academy looked a little like a scene from a Fort Meade P. X. of 25 years before; only the belt sizes were different, the hair a little thinner or a little grayer. THE OLLERUP GYM TEACHERS I FROM THE OLLERUP ACADEMY OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION Touring the United States VNDER THE AUSPICES OF The Danish Ministry of Education ARNE MORTENSEN NIELS B. MADSEN Director Manager The cadets were thus treated to an awesome display of primitive gymnastics by the men of the Ollerup Academy, not to mention exercises in poise and balance by the ladies. The intramural period that day saw numerous brave if futile attempts at emulation, together with the resultant (and not unexpected) strains and bruises. The younger faculty, marched in age by the Danish performers, could only hide behind their own happiness. 176 OLLERUP GYM TEACHERS GREETINGS: By Arne Mortensen GREETINGS FROM DENMARK — From our school i to vour school — Only a few months ago we performed j among the ruins of the ancient center of physical culture, | historically known as Hellas — Greece. Between ancient Hellas and contemporary Enited States lie 25 centuries of | Humanity’s struggle for freedom and democracy — but till i this day we accept the classic example of the Greeks as our I prototjpe. To us young Europeans the United States is i Democracy’s tower of strength, and its source of growth, j To us — • and to you — the preservation of democracy de- i pends upon individual vigilance, individual responsibility. To be vigilant one must be physically fit. We are here to show you our ways of attaining physical fitness. Our ideas about a sound mind in a sound body is to develop and equip the individual to the limits of his potential, physically, mentally and morally. When we go touring the world, it is not only because we wish to uphold the tradition established by the founder of our school, it is also because of our faith in Democracy, and our desire to make tlie virtues and values of physical education known and available to the youth of all nations. Once again; Greetings from Denmark! — .And from ancient Hellas! We salute the United States! Mrs. Conway provided daily bi’eakfast for the troup during the week they were in Portsmouth. The unacus- tomed presence of shapely blondes in the dining hall dis- rupted the usually orderly routine of military mess. VernnAer 9, 1963 L 179 ,v U ' e e Smith, dancing with Coloj d. Chinch, was escorted Idene Myers, in background. 186 I “That’s MY Son” i Frederick’s Four Hundred FATHER OF THE YEAR Colonel Church pins carnation on Mr. William V. Daniels, Sr. of Norfolk, Virginia, father of Cadet William V. Daniels, Jr. 188 MOTHER OF THE YEAR Justice PAnson pins corsage on Mrs. Mildred W. Vidal, of Norfolk, Virginia, mother of Cadets Wade, Gerald and Cornell Vidal. I 189 190 Jjisf l(Ji Being of Sound Mind and Body, I . . . . James Gilmore leave my height to next year’s center on the basketball team. Bob Gabriel leave Coach Davis three burnt dummies. Mark Gilbert leave the next editor of the an- nual, Big Mo. Henry Ford leave 476 used index cards. Lin Albert leave to anyone who can get be- tween Col. Plaine and Mrs. Conway, a new body. Bud Doughty leave to Capt. Ramsey one game he can’t win. John Godwin leave to Mrs. Conway a book en- titled: How to Prepare Gourmet Meals. James O’Sullivan leave restricted study hall. Gordon Parker leave Capt. Bennett one broken guitar. Maurice Bray leave to FMA all the military anyone can stand. Charlie Brown leave the color guard to Harvey Weise. Steve Cobb leave to any officer the ability to withstand hot air and salt water. George Martin leave to Dickie Crowder all of my cheat sheets. Keith Andrews leave my shattered nerves to anyone who can use them. Jim Rader leave my rifle to any cadet who thinks he will enjoy it more than I. Jim Dungan leave to Col. Plaine 400 toy soldi- ers and a sandbox. Mike Coker leave a three week beard to any one with religious inclinations. Lin Oden leave to Fireball Ayres a new car to replace the old wreck he now owns. Hank Ballance leave to Col. Plaine all the nice things I didn’t have time to say. Tom Alphin leave a book entitled: The Navy Wife. Jim Stancil leave FMA as I found it ... wrecked. Jeff Bowman leave Willet Hall to Maj. Moor- ing for ever, and ever, and ever . . . Paul Kelly leave the loose floorboards in Ogg 4. George Lescure leave all the hot air in my room to Hank Ballance. Frank Rose leave three Navy enlistment post- ers and the anchor from the USS Constitution. Grover Brooks leave a motor cycle and black leather jacket to Capt. Ramsey. John Newton leave for four years in the Navy in hopes that I might make it also. Jim Jordan leave Higgins Hall, with pleasure. John Mirmelstein leave a pair of cement shoes to Capt. Ramsey. Ronald Whipple leave the Administration a book : You and Your Mental Problems. Gene Myers leave Maupin Hall to Betty Rich- ardson. Bill Chisman leave with the hopes that FMA will erect some pre-fab, 20 year old buildings. Calvin Zongolowicz leave my Social Security to Carey Knight. Lee Shawn leave a love for military . . . reluct- antly. Butch Moore leave Mrs. Conway 400 CARE packages for next year. Roy Zinser leave for four more years at West Point. Harvey Weise leave one wet uniform to Maj. Gelbach. 192 Bill Parsons leave one well used mirror and my little brother. Ken Powell leave a dirty rifle to Col. Plaine. Ray Mulkey leave to the new cadets all of the fun we never had this year. Jim Nolting leave to Capt. Ramsey one large mouth with an even larger foot in it. Paul Rosenburger leave my brains, of which I have no further use for. Gary Schroeder leave Capt. Sale a new charge plate and check book. James Waters leave the ability to pass Mili- tary I. Jerry Yagen leave five pounds of broken guitar strings to Col. Hargis. David Clarke leave one broken violin to any culture lover at Frederick. Jim Hable leave my dimples to anyone who wants to look like Shirley Temple. Tommy Clarke leave one bottle of Miss Clairol to Steve Foster. Ralph Mayer leave Maj. Morton my diction- ary. Ronald Godell leave 10 demerits to Maj. Ayres. Donald Hundle leave Col. Plaine 204 demerits which I enjoyed marching. Dennis lannazzo leave the ‘V’ on Vass Hall. Tommy Clark leave the military department one can of shaving cream. Bill James leave Danny Mangum 5 bars of Ex-Lax. Don Walker leave to Mike Weise an open win- dow on a cold night. Craig Halbrook leave my sympathy to all re- turning cadets. Bob Horton leave an ark for crossing Lake Plaine. Jim Lane leave a small pillow to take to Chapel. Leonard Jones leave the nickname, “Baby Huey.” Rick Mathews leave my good looks to anyone who wants to scare babies. Sam Spindel leave half of the uniforms of Fox Hall to any returning cadet. Danny Duncan leave not knowing what grade I am in. Arthur Williamson leave all the hearts I broke this year. Ronald Stevens leave to any future basketball star one uniform with a well worn seat. Bob Zarn leave my ability to drag race to Bob Lankford, because I lost my licesne to the judge. Bob Lankford leave my drivers license to Bob Zam until his is returned. Danny Morris leave one of the silliest games I have ever seen in my life. WE THE SENIORS OF THE FOLLOWING HALLS BEING OF SOUND MIND AND BODY, LEAVE: GLENN HALL— MAJOR WEST THREE PAST DUE PENSION CHECKS. VASS HALL— AN EPIDEMIC OF THE MEASLES. DAVIS HALL— 500 GALLONS OF WATER FOR FIGHTS. BROWN HALL— CAPTAIN RAMSEY A DIRTY PAINT BRUSH AND A TORN CAN- VAS. FABIAN HALL— TWO TONS OF INSECTI- CIDE TO KILL THE TERMITES AND COCK- ROACHES IN THE INFIRMARY. 193 ABBOTT, L. W., Ill 179 Berkshire La., Va. Beach, Va. ABERCROMBIE, T. J„ JR. 105 John Silver Rd., Baylake Pines, Bayside, Va. ADCOCK, R., JR. 2726 Mayflower Rd., Charlotte 8, N. C. ADKINS, R. L., JR. 4505 Trestman Ave., Va. Beach, Va. ALBERT, W. L. 9400 Sturgis St., N orfolk, Va. ALLEN, W. R. 344 D. Galick Dr., Fort Monroe, Va. ALPHIN, T. W. 946 Virginia Beach Blvd., Va. Beach, Va. AMICK, J. C. BOOCKHOLDT, J. 8136 Ridgefield Dr., Norfolk 18, Va. BOURNE, C. H. Box 325, Bluefield, Va. BOWMAN, J. M. 1703 Homaker Ave., Princeton, W.Va. BOYCE, W. L., JR. 157 Cedar La., Lynnhaven, Va. BRAMBLE, J. L., JR. 305 North St., Portsmouth, Va. BRAY, J. R. 1020 Ohio St., West Chesapeake, Va. BRAY, M. M., JR. 708 Dumville Ave., Suffolk, Va. BRIGGS, J. M. Route No. 1, Chapin, S. C. ANDERSON, R. J. 7505 Young St., Fort Geo. G. Meade, Md. ANDERSON, R. J., JR. 105 LaSalle Ave., Hampton, Va. ANDREWS, K. E. 212 Ridge Rd., Colonial Heights, Va. ANSWINI, L. Route No. 2, Wilkes Barre, Pa. ANTHONY, J. T., Ill Route No. 1, Box 34-A, Chester, N. J. ARCHBELL, S. B. 100 Wingfield Ave., Chesapeake 19, Va. AVERY, J. S. 146 Hanover St., Hampton, Va. BAGLEY, M. F. 1010 Park Ave., Chesapeake, Va. BAILEY, N. C., Ill Box 573, Fredericksburg, Va. BAIN, G. R., Ill P. 0. Box 482, Jackson, N. C. BALLANCE, H. C., JR. 1803 Rodman Ave., Portsmouth, Va. BARBER, R. S. 318 North 5th St., West Hazleton, Pa. BARBOUR, J. S. 215 Maxwell Ave., Portsmouth, Va. BARFIELD, T. C. 239 Idlewood Ave., Portsmouth, Va. BARTOS, J. M. 1314 Mich. Ave., Alexandria, Va. BAXTER, O. F., V. 312 Kempsville Rd., Norfolk 2, Va. BEDFORD, R. E. 5616 Colfax Ave., Alexandria, Va. BELL, T. A. Drawer 838, Clinton, N. C. BENGE, N. H. Coast Guard Hdq. 2-3 1300 E. Street, N.W., Washington 25, D. C. BERLIN, W. L. 46 Charles St., Malverne, L. L, New York BLANCHARD, W. T. 2606 Thurloe Dr., Richmond 35, Va. 214 S. Penguin Cir., Birdneck Point, Va. Beach, Va, BROCKMAN, S. H. 7408 Rebel Rd., Norfolk, Va. 23505 BRONG, E. C. 919 Lincoln Ave., Olyphant, Pa. BROOKS, G. E. 133 Brewer Ave., Suffolk, Va. BROWN, C. J. 208 Bay Ave., Cape Charles, Va. BRYSON, J. P., JR. 811 Forest Hill Dr., South Hill, Va. BUCHANAN, T. M. 307-C 1st Division Rd., Ft. Benning, Ga. BUNGE, W. W., JR. 3525 Heutte Dr., Norfolk 18, Va. BUNN, J. C. 516 Second St., Clayton, N. C. BUSH, J., Ill 3210 Mitchell St., Camden 5, N. J. CAMPBELL, J. L. 129 East Collingwood Rd., Alexandria, Va. CANNON, R. S. Route 2, Box 150, Ayden, N. C. CARRITHERS, C. R. 37 Belmont Rd., Newport News, Va. CARROLL, M. D. Apt. 104, 4808 Kenmore Ave., Alexandria, Va. CATON, D. D. 427 Maycox Ave., Norfolk 5, Va. CHALLONE, R. M., Ill 597 Blount Point Rd., Newport News, Va. CHANDLER, G. W., Ill The Witchcroft, Route 1, Box 46A, Bayside, Va. CHAPMAN, R. M. 4108 Thoroughgood Dr., Va. Beach, Va. CHEATMAN, J. B. 160 Lynnhaven Dr., Lynnhaven, Va. Beach, Va. CHILDRESS, J. L., JR. 1808 Raywood Dr., Hampton, Va. CHISMAN, W. B. 22 Barron Dr., Hampton, Va. CLARK, G. T. 85 Henry Clay Rd., Newport News, Va. 194 CLARK, R. W., JR. 822 Whittington Dr., Bon Air 35, Va. CLARKE, D. W. 1515 Camden Ave., Portsmouth, Va. CLARKE, T. W. 109 Menchville Rd., Newport News, Va. COBB, P. W., JR. 7407 Granby St., Norfolk, Va. COBB, S. H. 1142 Lexan Ave., Norfolk, Va. COKER, M. D. P. 0. Box 717, Va. Beach, Va. COLLINGSWORTH, L. N. 2 Mary Ann Ct., Portsmouth, Va. COOK, R. D., JR. Route No. 3, Box 86, Franklin, Va. COOK, W. O. Route No. 3, Box 86, Franklin, Va. CORBI, L. T. 5207 Whitaker Ave., Philadelphia 24, Pa. COVINGTON, K. W. 200 Edinburgh Dr.,Va. Beach, Va. 23452 COWIE, G. M. 5957 Prince Ave., Norfolk 2, Va. COWLING, A. N. 112 Keith Rd., Newport News, Va. COX, R. F„ JR. 1812 Queen St., Portsmouth, Va. CRANNELL, J. W., JR. 1335 Indian River Ave., Titusville, Fla. CROWDER, R. F. Route No. 2, Ellerson, Va. CRETE, E. D. West Point, Va. CUDWORTH, G. D., Ill 7429 Rose Marie Ave., Aragona Vil., Va. Beach, Va. CULLIPHER, L. W. 801 N. Road St., Elizabeth City, N. C. CULLIPHER, T. L. Box 92, Colerain, N. C. DANIELS, W. V., JR. 308 West 37th St., Norfolk 8, Va. DAUGHERTY, P. F., JR. 1306 Beverly Dr., Richmond 29, Va. DAVIS, C. L., Ill P. 0. Box 3002, Norfolk 14, Va. DAVIS, C. L. 1154 Kings Dr., South, Charlotte, N. C. DAVIS, M. E. 1006 Broad St., Durham, N. C. DEAL, J. M. Apartado Aereo, 298 Cartagena, Colombia, S. A. DEBNAM, W. T. 542 Hyde Park Rd., Norfolk 3, Va. DENYES, E. S. 117 Westbrook Dr., Hampton, Va. DEPUTY, J. G., Ill 1418 DeSale St., Vienna, Va. DEWEY, E. W. 2610 Cromwell Rd., Bon Air, Va. DICKSEY, J. H. 903 Colley Ave., Norfolk, Va. DIVINE, M. D. 1929 Meadowlake Dr., Norfolk, Va. DOBRANCIN, J. E. East Brady, Pa. DOUGHTY, L. C., Ill 205 Duke Dr., Portsmouth, Va. DUNCAN, D. F. 217 6th Ave., Lawrenceville, Va. DUNGAN, J. E. 3284 Va. Beach Blvd., Lynnhaven, Va. Beach, Va, DUTROW, R. W. 17 Rosemont Dr., Gaithersburg, Md. DYER, J. E., JR. 6050 Newport Crescent, Norfolk 5, Va. EARLY, J. G., II South Broad St., Aulander, N. C. EBERWINE, V. C., Ill 401 Eberwine La., Suffolk, Va. EDWARDS, R. C. 44 Sweetbriar Dr., Newport News, Va. EINFALT, L. E. 1924 Greenleaf St., Allentown, Pa. ELLIOTT, J. A. 19 King St., Onancock, Va. ELLIS, J. W. Box 18, Little River, S. C. EMORY, L. H. Powersbridge Rd., Peterborough, N. H. EPSTEIN, S. B. 102 Randolph Dr., Portsmouth, Va. EVANS, D. L. 214 Portview Ave., Norfolk 3, Va. EVANS, W. B. Box 549, Greenville, N. C. FARRANCE, J. E. 8710 Victoria Rd., W., Springfield, Va. FEREBEE, E. C., JR. 7711 Lambert PI., Norfolk, Va. FINCH, C. M. 333 Young Ave., Henderson, N. C. FLEMING, E. B. 502 Church St., Grifton, N. C. FLEMING, R. F. 1165 Duncan Dr., Williamsburg, Va. FOLKES, W. F. 200 John Silver Rd., Bayside, Va. FORD, H. S. Box 338, Seaboard, N. C. FORESTA, R. 2049 Mill Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. FOSTER, S. 1208 Avella St., Norfolk 19, Va. FRYE, D. P. 55 Decatur St., Portsmouth, Va. Shjbif GABRIEL, R. A. 506 Brackenridge Ave., Norfolk 5, Va. GARCIA, R. O. 1614 Kingsway Rd., Norfolk 18, Va. GARNER, A. J. 2208 Valley Cir, Alexandria, Va. GARNETT, R. J. 208 Parkway Dr., Newport News, Va. GEORGE, G. W. 142 Webster Ave., Portsmouth, Va. GEROCK, W. E. 412 Lansing St., Raleigh, N. C. GILBERT, F. L, JR. 7605 Atlantic Ave., Va. Beach, Va. GILBERT, M. R. 207 Lake Cir., Chesapeake, Va. GILMORE, J. L. 4203 Caroline Ave., Portsmouth, Va. GLENN, J. D., Ill 1210 Kempsville Rd., Norfolk 2, Va. GODWIN, J. M. 907 N. Orange Ave., Dunn, N. C. GOLEMBIEWSKI, M. R. 858 West Ocean View Ave., Norfolk, Va. GOODELL, R. N. 813 New Market Dr., Va. Beach, Va. GOLLSBY, A. W., Ill 101 Wythe Crescent Dr., Hampton, Va. GRAY, R. E. 128 Lynnhaven Dr., Lynnhaven, Va. Beach, Va. GREENE, H. E., JR. Route No. 2, Box 106, Kannapolis, N. C. GREGORY, T. L. 910 Apex St., Norfolk 3, Va. GRIEBEL, H. B., JR. 55 Bunting La., Poquoson, Va. GRUBBS, W. D. 204 Hedgerow La., Churchland Br., Chesapeake, GWYN, D. D. 413 Terrace Dr., Ayden, N. C. HABEL, J. M., Ill 726 Jones St., Suffolk, Va. HAISLIP, J. D. 4508 Kirkwood Dr., S.W., Roanoke, Va. HALBROOK, C. L. 137-A Juneau Ave., A.P.O. 949, Seattle, Wash. HALBROOK, R. S. 137-A Juneau Ave., A.P.O. 949, Seattle, Wash. HANCOCK, R. M. 8104 Halprin Dr., Norfolk, Va. HAND, D. L. 4108 Hamilton St., Chesapeake, Va. HANDEL, M. O. 736 Maury Ave., Norfolk, Va. HARRELL, D. E. 517-B Timothy Ave., Norfolk, Va. HARRELL, G. W., JR. 1215 Myrtle Ave., Norfolk 19, Va. HARRIS, J. E., JR. 8405 Blairton Rd., Springfield, Va. HARRISON, N. W., JR. Dare, Va. HAWKINS, B. D. 120 Semple Rd., Williamsburg, Va. HAYES, R. D. 2 Love Dr., Travelers Rest, S. C. HECKARD, D. S., JR. Route No. 2, Mechanicsburg, Pa. HELLER, W. T. 501 Leonard Rd., Norfolk 5, Va. HENRIKSON, B. W. 530 Hyde Park Rd., Norfolk 3, Va. HETZEL, B. R. Bermuda HIGGINS, J. W. 15 Buchanan Dr., Denbigh, Va. HOGG, G. F., JR. Eastville, Va. HOLLEY, T. D., JR. Colerain, N. C. HOLT, T. E., JR. 304 Hanbury Ave., Portsmouth, Va. HOPKINS, A. L. Route 2, Box 212, Columbia, N. C. HOPPE, E. L., JR. 1324 Bill St., Norfolk 18, Va. HORNEY, W. J. P. O. Box 406, Chapel Hill, N. C. HORTON, R. E. 15 Routten Rd., Hampton, Va. HOWARD, A. S. 523 21st St., Va. Beach, Va. HOWARD, J. R. 504 Battery Rd., Bayside, Va. HOWARD, N. R., JR. 96 Grattan St., Harrisonburg, Va. HOZIER, R. C., JR. 304 Country Club Dr., Suffolk, Va. HUDGINS, L. M. 3317 Creekwood Rd., Norfolk 18, Va. HUFFMAN, M. S. 109 Linden Ave., Hampton, Va. HUMPHREYS, L. E. 3849 Chatham Cir., Norfolk 13, Va. HUMPHRIES, R. L., JR. 6039 Old Phillips Rd., Norfolk, Va. HUNDLEY, D. L. 309 Camellia Dr., Portsmouth, Va. HURD, H. L. 1129 Bill St., Norfolk 18, Va. HURST, E. G. 1017 Manchester Ave., Norfolk, Va. HUSKEY, J. W. 202 Mistletoe Dr., Newport News, Va. lANNAZZO, D. J. 8264 Bayside Rd., Va. Beach, Va. 196 IHLENBURG, R. W. 107 Ben Gunn Rd., Va. Beach, Va. IHLENBURG, T. R. 107 Ben Gunn Rd., Va. Beach, Va. INGE, H. D. 546 Spotswood Ave., Norfolk 17, Va. ISBEL, R. P. 2 Vacation La., Churchland, Chesapeake, Va. IVEY, T. E. Route 3, Box 170, Lynnhaven, Va. Beach, Va. JACOBSON, R. G. 302 Lake Circle Dr., Portsmouth, Va. JAMES, T. J. 4620 So. 28th Rd., Apt. 2, Arlington, Va. JAMES, W. A., JR. 6063 Lake Terrace Cir., Norfolk, Va. JANNEY, B. H. 1052 Manchester Ave., Norfolk, Va. JENKINS, L. S. 2805 Shenandoah Ave., Durham, N. C. JENNETTE, L. M. Buxton, N. C. JOHNSON, C. B. P. 0. Box 1252, Suffolk, Va. JOHNSON, D. W. 917-A Suburban Parkway, Portsmouth, Va. JOHNSON, R. W. Dare Rd. R.F.D. No. 2, Yorktown, Va. JONES, D. E. 2961 Heutte Dr., Norfolk 18, Va. JONES, E. M., JR. 608 Burleigh Ave., Norfolk, Va. JONES, F. V. 12 Quillen Terrace, Newport News, Va. JONES, L. M., JR. 2312 Canton Ave., Norfolk 19, Va. JORDAN, J. A., Ill 4604 Hermitage Rd., Va. Beach, Va. 23455 KEETER, R. E. 221 Hawthorne La., Apt. 305, Charlotte, N. C. KELLY P N 8820 Old Ocean View Rd., Norfolk, Va. KENNEDY, J. 2724 Victory Blvd., Portsmouth, Va. KIMNACH, G. C. North Atlanton, Va. Beach, Va. KIRSCH, C. W., JR. 7350 Colonial Ave., Norfolk 5, Va. KLEYSTEUBER, W. R., Ill 4503 Westmoreland St., McLean, Va. KNIGHT, E. C. 1020 Creamer Rd., Norfolk 3, Va. KOCH, H. G. 37 Northampton Dr., Hampton, Va. KOZLOWSKI, D. S. 416 N. Union St., Wilmington, Del. KRESS, I. P. 0. Box 1001, Suffolk, Va. LANE, J. T. 510 Young St., Henderson, N. C. LANGE, H. M. P. 0. Box 156, Buxton, N. C. LANHAM, J. F., Ill 3103 Landria Dr., Richmond 25, Va. LANKFORD, R. L. 5400 Beckner St., Norfolk 9, Va. LAU, I. W. 1053 Georgetown Rd., Norfolk, Va. LAWRENCE, R. C. 605 Jefferson Bldg., Arlington Towers Arlington 9, Va. LESCURE, G. T. 1928 Berkeley Ave., Petersburg, Va. LEVIN, M. W. 4800 N. Marshall St., Philadelphia 20, Pa. LEWIS J. C. 204 North Shore Rd., Norfolk, Va. LINDSAY, R. D. 4124 Thoroughgood Dr., Va. Beach, Va. LINGO, R. C. 128 Parkview Rd., Cheltenham, Pa. LITTLE, D. M. 1503 Chesapeake Ave., Hampton, Va. LOUDER, B. E. 8839-A Pinedale Ave., Norfolk 3, Va. LOWRY, J. P. Box 826, Emporia, Va. LUBIN, S. R. 704 Dumville Ave., Suffolk, Va. McALARY, R. W. 1121 Arlington Blvd., Arlington 9, Va. McALEER, F. J., JR. 1545 Sycamore St., Haddon Heights, N. J. McCADDON, M. P. 7404 Van Noy Loop, Fort Meade, Md. McCAULEY, T. J. 1318 Glenmont Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. McCAUSLAND, B. N. 7724 Bottino La., Aragona Vil., Va. Beach, Va. McConnell, j. d. 909 Western Branch Blvd., Portsmouth, Va. McCOY, J. T. 9614 Marlena Ct., Norfolk 3, Va. McCOY, P. F. 9441 Phillip Ave., Norfolk 3, Va. McDERMOTT, F. C. 7044 Adele Dr., Norfolk, Va. McKAY, H. A. 2900 Cape Henry Ave., Norfolk 9, Va. MAHONEY, W. C. 263 S. Matanzas Blvd., St. Augustine, Fla. MANGUM, D. E. M S M Bn 4th, FSR, USMCR, MCRTC, USNB, Norfolk 11, Va. -MARR, E. L., II 303 Bobolink Dr., Bird Neck Point, Va. Beach, Va. MASHALL, H. T. 1518 Regina La., Bayside, Va. 197 MARSHALL, T. E., JR. 83 Huber Rd., Newport News, Va. MARTIN, B. E., JR. 307 20th St., Va. Beach., Va. MARTIN, D. C. 118 Northbrooke Ave., Suffolk, Va. MARTIN, G. E. 118 Northbrooke Ave., Suffolk, Va. MATHEWS, R. E. 500 Norman Rd., Portsmouth, Va. MATTHEWS, D. L., Ill 408 Kay Rd., Portsmouth, Va. .MAURER, H. H. 309 W.Collard St., Groveton, Alexandria, Va. MAYER, R. J. 742 Washington Park, Norfolk 17, Va. MERZ, D. M. Army Y.M.C.A., Fort Monroe, Va. MILES, R. E. 1805 Five Forks Rd., Va. Beach, Va. MILLER, E. D., JR. Route 1, Box 142, Erwin, N. C. MILLER, K. E. P. 0. Box 1079, Goldsboro, N. C. MINGA, M. S., JR. 4007 Chesapeake Ave., Hampton, Va. MIRMELSTEIN, J. H. 219 James River Dr., Newport News, Va. MIZELLE, W. E. Windsor, N. C. MOORE, J. L. 909 East Riverview Dr., Suffolk, Va. MOORE, O. L., JR. 119 O’Canoe Place, Hampton, Va. MORITZ, M., JR. 4630 Franklin Dr., Great Bridge, Chesapeake, Va. MORRIS, D. A. 5623 Dawes Ave., Alexandria, Va., 22311 MORRIS, J. V. Box 194, Colerain, N. C. MORSE, R. L. 1510 Finn Rd., Bayside, Va. MOSS, G. 1). 328 Rogers Ave., Norfolk 5, Va. MULKEY, R. L., JR. 204 W. Divine St., Dunn, N. C. MYERS, G. E., Ill 4015 Greenway Ct., Portsmouth, Va. MYERS, T. F. 2606 Aza lea Garden Rd., Norfolk 13, Va. NEAL, C. W. 300 North Davis Ave., Richmond 20, Va. NEAL, W. R. 306 341 2 St., Va. Beach, Va. NEILL, M. A. 2708 South 13th St., Arlington 4, Va. NEWTON, J. W. 147 Dover Cir., Norfolk 5, Va. NOLTING, J. L. 7833 Jahnke Rd., Richmond 35, Va. NYE, H. C., Ill 1025 Peiffers La., Harrisburg, Pa. ODEN, H. L., JR. Hatteras, N. C. OLIVER, E., JR. 2702 Clovis St., Bluefield, W.Va. O’SULLIVAN, J. G. 626 Hemlock Rd., Newport News, Va. PALMER, F. J. New Market Rd., Durham, N. H. PARKER, G. E. 723 Jones St., Suffolk, Va. PARKER, R. H., JR. 8448 Primrose St., Norfolk, Va. PARKERSON, J. H., Ill 4804 Sheldon Dr., Bayside St., Va. Beach, Va. PARSONS, W. A., Ill 3520 Loganview Dr., Baltimore 22, Md. PAULSEN, J. C. Airport Rd., Chapel Hill, N. C. PEARSON, C. J. 6027 9th St., North, Arlington 5, Va. PETERSON, R. A., JR. Box 264, Holland, Va. PICKARD, J. E., Ill 3705 Turrentine St., Durham, N. C. PIERCE, M. W., JR. 1319 Holland Rd., Suffolk, Va. POCOCK, D. P. 622 Colonial Ave., Colonial Heights, Va. POND, J. G. 724 Riverview Dr., Suffolk, Va. POND, R. W. 301 Grayson St., Portsmouth, Va. PORTER, J. W. 6 Conway Rd., Newport News, Va. PORTER, M. W. 6 Conway Rd., Newport News, Va. POWELL, C. E. 11-A Nealy Ave., Langley AFB, Va. POWELL, J. H., JR. Holland, Va. POWELL, W. K., JR. 226 E. Atlantic St., South Hill, Va. PRESSLER, E. J. 405 West 19th St., Norfolk, Va. PREVATT, G. L. 3436 Yardley Dr., Baltimore 22, Va. PRICE, G. E. 1413 Greystone Ave., Richmond 24, Va. RADER, J. D. 24 Beachwood Dr., Route 2, York County, Va. REED, D. T. 404 Bobby Jones Dr., Portsmouth, Va. RICHARD, R. P. 635 Avenue D., West Wyoming, Pa. 198 RICHARDS, D. K. 1410 Westwood Ave., Richmond 27, Va. ROESCH, J. C. 6 Rue Camou, Paris 7-E, France ROETHKE, C. A. 7713 Shirland Ave., Norfolk 5, Va. ROGERS, D. B. 1174 Jarrett Rd., Norfolk 2, Va. ROGERS,, P. D., JR. 526 Hyde Park Rd., Norfolk, Va. ROLLINS, R. R. 5753 Townley Ave., Norfolk 19, Va. ROSE, F. J. 147 Dover Cir., Norfolk, Va. ROSENBERGER, H. P., Ill 145 Henry Clay Rd., Newport News, Va. RUIZ, R. E., JR. Frederick Military Academy, Portsmouth, Va. RUSSELL, A. J., JR. Dare Post Office, York County, Va. RUSSELL, R. J. SMITH, P. T., JR. Box 419, Norfolk, Va. SMOOT, B. W. 102 Nelson Dr., Williamsburg, Va. SOCHOR, J. M. 1519 Holland Ave., Norfolk, Va. SOMERVOLD, M. R. 7402 Roanoke Ave., Newport News, Va. SPINDEL, R. F. 3216 Victory Blvd., Portsmouth, Va. SPINDEL, S. G. 3216 Victory Blvd., Portsmouth, Va. STALLINGS, F. C. 1505 W. Kenan St., Wilson, N. C. STALNAKER, R. H. 503 Windemere Rd., Newport News, Va. STANCIL, J. H. 1101 Aragona Blvd., Va. Beach, Va. STANDIN, S. G., JR. 914 Virginia Ave., Suffolk, Va. 142 Woodbridge St., Manchester, Conn. SANDERS, J. C. 709 N. Center St., Pottsville, Pa. SARGENT, J., JR. 8469 Benningfield Ct., Norfolk, Va. SAWICKI, W. F. 3918 Chamberlayne Ave., Richmond, Va. SAWYER, F. A. Belcross, N. C. SCHAPPERT, R. J., Ill 207 - 71st St., Va. Beach, Va. SCHROEDER, G. B . 5130 Iroquois Ave., Ewa Beach, Hawaii SHAWN, W. L., II 215 Blacksbeard Rd., Bayside, Va. SHEALEY, H. W. 839 15th St., Newport News, Va. SHINN, W. M., JR. Hayes, Va. SHIRLEY, G. R. P. 0. Box 1053, Portsmouth, Va. SIMS, J. D. 1119 East Ocean View Ave., Norfolk, Va. SMALL, J. F., Ill 1035 N. Lexan Crescent, Norfolk, Va. SMITH, D. H. 9326 Morwin St., Norfolk 3, Va. SMITH, F. L., JR. 205 Penguin Rd., Va. Beach, Va. SMITH, G. L. 207 Prospect Ave., Maybrook, N. Y. SMITH, G. F. 207 Prospect Ave., Maybrook, N. Y. SMITH, J. G. Hobson, Va. STEVENS, R. K. 909 Melvin Dr., Portsmouth, Va. STEVENSON, T., JR. 6900 Mornington Rd., Baltimore 22, Md. STEWART, C. W., JR. 107 Hardy PL, Portsmouth, Va. STEWART, H. T., JR. 2123 N. Mallory St., Hampton, Va. STILLSON, D. F. 605 B.W. Ehringhaus St., Elizabeth City, N. C STIRLING, A. B. P. 0. Box 174, Dunn, N. C. STOKES, F. L. 3602 Hollyberry St., Hampton, Va. STOKES, L. S. 1106 W. Church St., Elizabeth City, N. C. STONE, D. L. 2700 Westwell La., Bayside, Va. STRINGFIELD, W. J. Route 3, Box 297, Chester, Va. STUMPF, C. A. 1800 Longdale Dr., Norfolk 18, Va. SZABO, J. L. 217 Duke Dr., Chesapeake, Va. TARKINGTON, W. S. 213 Linden Ave., Suffolk, Va. 23434 TAYLOR, A, H., Ill 124 Linden Ave., Suffolk, Va. TAYLOR, J. D. 331 Dixie Ave., Harrisonburg, Va. TAYLOR, J. H. 1621 Claremont Ave., Richmond 27, Va. TEBBS, C, B., Ill 2434 Cottonwood Dr., Alexandria, Va. TELLIE, N. 310 Jones St., Dunmore, Pa. THACKER, R. A. 32 Middlesex Rd., Newport News, Va. RUSSELL, S. L. 5415 Studeley Ave., Norfolk, Va. 199 Qfumit Uir ntoni ROBERT C. CASPER 1104 Redstart Ave., Chesapeake, Va. AMOS M. CRAIGE P.O. Box 5202, Jacksonville 7, Fla. S. FRANK CULPEPPER 3907 N. Greenway Ct., Portsmouth, Va. DEWEY W. EVANS 21 South Terrace Dr., Poquoson, Va. JOHN M. HARRELL 1302 Westover Ave., Norfolk, Va. MICHAEL N. HIRSHMAN 922 11th St., Newport News, Va. FRANK W. LINQUIST, JR. 2409 Jasper Court, Norfolk 18, Va. JAMES G. LIVESAY, IV Onancock, Va. GEORGE H. MAHLER 1511 Newsome Circle, Virginia Beach, Va. VICTOR S. MAULDIN 8490 Lynn River Rd., Norfolk, Va. CHARLES R. NOHAVA 8516 Halprin Dr., Norfolk, Va. DENNIS M. O’TOOLE 2603 Davis Ave., Alexandria, Va. DONALD W. PAYNE 100 E. Burgess St., Elizabeth City, N.C. JAMES E. PELL 405 Kingsley Lane, Norfolk, Va. WILLIAM H. PHILLIPS 7005 Jahnke Rd., Richmond, Va. DAVID L. SIMS 310 Katherine St., Suffolk, Va. PAUL M. SMITH 6127 Merryfield Dr., Richmond, Va. HOWELL B. STEVERSON Box 5021, Virginia Beach, Va. WILLIAM T. TAYLOR 9 Fairway Lane, Newport News, Va. ROBERT T. TOLERT 4 Lynn Dr., Newport News, Va. MICHAIL L. WHALEY 3490 Gamage Dr., Norfolk, Va. WAVERLY M. ALLEY, JR. 206 Regent St., Hampton, Va. CAREY L. ATKINS 320 Paladin Dr., Virginia Beach, Va. KENNETH C. FUCCI 8533 Wayland St., Norfolk, Va. MICHAEL W. HARRIS 7337 Granby St., Norfolk, Va. WALTER H. THAXTON, II 3305 Hemlock St., Dover, Del. MICHAEL E. THOMPSON 2684 H. Macarthur Road, Fort Meade, Md. MICHAEL F. THOMPSON 602 Snow Hill St., Ayden, N. C. GLENN S. TILLMAN 12 Early Dr., Portsmouth, Va. ROBERT H. TOWLE 550 Bay Colony Dr., Virginia Beach, Va. EDDY F. TRIPLETT 2720 Overbrook Ave., Norfolk 13, Va. CHARLES N. TURNER c o Turners Dept. Store, Wallace, N. C. RONALD L. 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