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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1978 volume:

- mmm v. If " " " ' ! J y USS FREDERICK LST-1184 USS FREDERICK ( LST-1 184) was named for the city and county of Frederick, Maryland, located in the West central portion of the state, which was first settled by the Germans in 1 733. It was named in honor of Frederick Calvert, Third Baron of Baltimore. Propraetor of the colony of Maryland. Frederick has featured significantly in American history. In 1755, it was the staging point for General Braddock ' s disastrous expedition against the French at Fort Duquesne. During the revolution, the city was an active center for the patriotic cause. Held alternately by Union and Confederate forces during the Civil War, the city became famous through John Greenleaf Whittier ' s poem, " Barber Frietchie " . Many famous people are associated with the city of Frederick. Francis Scott Key. author of the " Star Spangled Banner " , written in 1814 during the war with the British, was born a few miles north of Frederick. Barbara Frietchie, immortalized by the poet Whittier, is also remembered through the restoration of her historic home and glove shop. William Tyler Page, author of the " American ' s Creed " also was born in Frederick. Winfield Scott Schley, Commodore of the American Fleet which successfully destroyed the Spanish Fleet at Santiago Bay, Cuba on July 4, 1898, is another well- remembered son of Frederick. Roger Brook Taney, the fifth Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court lived in Frederick for over twenty-two years during which time he practiced law at the County Court House. He is most famous for his decision in the Dred Scott case in 1 857. The insignia (page 1 ) of USS FREDERICK is composed of distinguishable symbols of the sea, the amphibious fleet, and the sponsoring city and county. The Danforth anchor, since the origin of the LST ship, has been the symbol of this type, because of its use as a stern anchor during beaching operations. We have included the anchor in our insignia to signify the LST mission. The parted waves give a nautical theme and attempt to illustrate the bow wake caused by the new shape of this hull, and to stress the increased speed of our " SUPER LST " . The eagle encircled by a partial circle of stars is the seal of the city of Frederick. Diagonally opposite the eagle are the famed " Clustered spires " of the city. The remainder of the crest is a portion of the coat of arms of the Third Baron of Baltimore. This design is part of the Maryland State Seal and is incorporated into the Maryland State Flag. USS FREDERICK was built at National Steel and Shipbuilding Company, San Diego, California. Her keel was laid April 13, 1968. Launched on March 8, 1969, she was commissioned April 1 1, 1970 at Long Beach Naval Shipyard, California. FREDERICK is the sixth of the new class of fast Tank Landing Ships and represents a complete departure from the previous concept of Amphibious Tank Landing Ships. The traditional bow doors, which have characterized LST construction since the first vessels of this type were built during World War II, have been replaced by a 40-ton bow ramp supported by two distinctive derrick arms. The conventional fiat bottom hull has been redesigned to include a destroyer-type bow enabling FREDERICK to attain speeds in excess of 20 knots. This feature enables her to operate with modern high-speed amphibious forces. The ship ' s mission is to load and transport cargo, vehicles of all types, and troops to a combat area. It can launch amphibious vehicles via the gate at the stern, land vehicles on a beach or causeway over the bow ramp, operate helicopters from the helicopter deck, handle cargo with two ten-ton booms into boats or on to a pier, and carry over 350 combat troops and their equipment. The ship was built to include a modern gaily to prepare over 1 ,700 meals per day, roomy crew ' s berthing areas, a library, lounge, and sickbay. It is air- conditioned throughout. We carry the latest in radar and electronic navigation equipment. Modern, automatic engine and rudder controls are available on the bridge. FREDERICK is a unit of the Surface Forces, U.S. Pacific Fleet, and is attached to Amphibious Squadron THREE, homeported in San Diego, California. ' -- •; ' •--?• -r §$lillt mmlt m$Mk fe ? 028W pSSjp i PREFACE Every deployment is a unique exper- ience unto itself. The ship, the people, the year, the season, those left behind, the new found friends, the weather, the good times, and the not-so good times are but a few of the contributing factors in making a cruise singular and distinctive. As we recall the cruise from its various moods and perspec- tives, let us remember that as individuals we all played a role in the total experience of WESTPAC ' 78. We departed San Diego on 17 March 1978 and returned on 5 October 1978. This cruise book is an attempt to capture in print some of the contributing factors from that span of time that made this cruise unique. The Editor lips A ;:-y m ml SEPTO , »■■« SKHB ill PHI? •?ni.-. $%$ tj f:i .pUS-AK IE B O V tff St «. t JAW t ' C fr v p ?• - ■ I WESTPAC 78 STATISTICS MARCH 17, 1978 203 DAYS OUT OF SAN DIEGO UNDERWAY 70% OF THE TIME DECK CARGO CARRIED USMC TROOPS CARRIED TOILET PAPER PURCHASED HAZE GRAY PURCHASED BOW RAMP EXTENDED BOW RAMP RETRACTED AMMO ROUNDS FIRED 2,829 TONS 1,237 TROOPS 27 CASES 224 GALLONS 16 TIMES 16 TIMES 128 3 INCH 50 OPERATIONS 8,000 MAN-HOURS 2,000,000 SHEETS 7,000 HOURS ON WATCH IN RADIO PAPER USED TELETYPES USED WORDS OF GUIDANCE RECEIVED BY MESSAGE 600,000 WORDS MARS CALLS MADE 428 CALLS TELETYPE RIBBON USED OVER 3 MILES ENGINEERING SPENT AT UNDERWAY OPERATIONS (MAIN ENGINES) 2;558 SPENT ON AUXILLIARY OPERATIONS (generators, boilers, etc.) TOTAL JP-5 DIESEL FUEL BURNED COLD IRON WATCHES STOOD LUBE OIL USED FRESH WATER DISTILLED FROM SEA WATER ELECTRICITY GENERATED (about) LIGHT BULBS USED 5) 2 ; 558 HOURS 893 HOURS 1,573,293 GALLONS 1,497 HOURS 21,331 GALLONS 2,098,523 GALLONS 4,000,000 KILOWATTS 1,008 BULBS SUPPLY MEALS SERVED 65,167 BREAD LOAVES CONSUMED 7,309 APPLES EATEN 13,612 EGGS USED 75,000 MILK CONSUMED 3,432 GALLONS ORANGES EATEN 18,956 COST OF FOOD CONSUMED $154,133.31 MONEY PAID TO CREW BY DISBURSING OFFICER $504,133.52 (above does not include allotments) ADMINISTRATION INK PENS USED 288 PAPER CLIPS USED 6,000 STAPLES USED 30,000 LINED TABLETS USED 72 ADVANCEMENTS 80 BAGS OF OUTGOING MAIL 900 NAVIGATION NAVIGATED 26,950 MILES FINALLY FOUND SAN DIEGO OCTOBER 5, 1978 MISSION ACCOMPLISHED DEPARTURE CHANGE COMMANDER YOUNG Commander Stephen G. YOUNG is a native of Ontario, California. He graduated from Chaffey Mr. College, Etiwanda, California in 1957; the University of Southern California in 1961; and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, in 1967. He received his commission through the NROTC program at the University of Southern California. Commander Young served his first tour as Gunnery officer aboard the USS PAUL REVERE (LPA-248) from June 1961 to March 1963. He was Executive Officer for Assault Craft DIV 13 from April 1 963 to August 1 964, followed by a tour as a weapons instructor, N ROTC Rensselaer Polytech- nic Institute, from August 1964 to February 1967. Following a brief period of broken service during 1967 as a management trainee for General Electric he served aboard USS BRISTOL (DD-857), as weapons officer, from September 1967 to April 1969. Commander YOUNG was assigned as Execu- tive Officer aboard USS WEXFORD COUNTY (LST-1168) from May 1969 to May 1971. From June 1971 to July 1974 he was ship manning document coordinator with the OPNAV. He then reported to the destroyer school for a one month PXO course, after which he served as Executive Officer aboard the USS MCKEAN (DD-784) from September 1974 to February 1976. Commander YOUNG ' s last assignment prior to assuming command of the USS FREDERICK was the prospective commanding officer course at the Naval Surface Warfare School, Coronado, California, from April to May 1976. Commander YOUNG is married to the former Irene Alba of Ontario, California. The YOUNG ' s have three children, Mark Stephen, Jeffrey Victor, and Christine Robin. OF COMMAND CDR YOUNG WAS RELIEVED BY CDR LOMBARDO 6 JULY WHILE 1NPORT SASEBO. JAPAN ENCS OTTO Presents CDR YOUNG Commissioning Pennant COMMANDER LOMBARDO Commander Stephen W. LOMBARDO is a native of Hartford Connecticut. He enlisted in the Navy in 1952. During his first enlistment he served on the USS JENKINS (DDE-447) in the engineering department. Upon reenlistment he was assigned to the Navy Nuclear Power Training Unit at Idaho Falls, Idaho and later to the USS LONG BEACH (CGN-9) as a chief reactor operator. Commander Lom- bardo received his commission via the integration program attending OCS at New- port, Rhode Island in 1962. He graduated from California Orange Coast Jr. College in 1968 and received a BA at the Navy Post Graduate School at Monterey in 1972. Commander LOMBARDO ' s commissioned service includes: USS JOHN PAUL JONES (DDG-32) as an Engineering officer, the USS CAPE (MSI-2) as OIC, the USS WORDEN (CG-18) where he served initially as Engineer Officer and later as Executive Officer, and the USS HAROLD E. HOLT (FF-1074) where he served as Executive Officer. His shore duty includes OIC of the Mine Warfare Training Center at Long Beach, advisor to Coastal Group 36 Republic of Vietnam, and most recently as Material Officer for Commander Naval Surface Group MID Pacific. Commander LOMBARDO has two sons, Joseph and John. Both are presently residing in the San Diego area. WESTPAC OPERATIONS 3 PRII 4 PRII 12 APRII 26 APRIL 30 PRIL I- 2 MAY in-i i i u 15 i v 26 MAY I JUNE s JUNE 15-20 J I NE 10 JL LY 14 II LY 17 JULY 20 JULY 21 JULY 24 JL LY 12 SEPTEMBER 17 SEPTEMBER 19 SEPTEMBER k UALEIN ATOLL (arrive in compan) PHIBRON III) ENEWETOK ATOLL (offload causeways equipment) KIN RED. OKINAWA (offload equipment) NUMAZU, JAPAN (onload Marines equipment) KIN RED. OKINAWA (offload onload Marines equipment) WHITE BEACH, OKI WA (I VT ops) KIN RED. OKIN WA (LVT ops) NUMAZU, JAPAN (offload Marines equipment) KIN RED, OKINAWA (onload Marines equipment) INCHON. KOREA (offload Marines equipment) NUMAZU, JAPAN (onload Marines equipment) POHANG. KOREA (BLTEX 2-78) INCHON, KOREA (onload Marines equipment) KIN RED. OKINAWA (offload Marines equipment) POHANG. KOREA (onload Marines equipment) KIN RED. OKINAWA (offload onload Marines equipment) KIN RED, OKINAWA (LVT ops) NUMAZl . J P N (offload Marines equipment) YOKOSL KA. J PAN (onload two LCM-S equipment) GUAM (onload private vehicles equipment) ENEWETOK ATOLL (PHIBRON III outchops 7th Eleet) SPECIAL EDITORS NOTE In 1978, the US Navy celebrated its two hundred and third birthday. Throughout the last two hundred and three years, one of the many areas of change in the US Navy has been in the Naval Uniform. With the cooperation of San Diego Custome Company, most of the different uniforms worn throughout US Naval history are worn by FRED- ERICK crewmembers in the posed photographs of this book. Crewmembers were given the freedom to wear the uniforms that they preferred. OFFICERS LT Carl Weiscopf 1ST LT LT Jeff Greene Supply LT Mike Bahnmiller Chief Engineer LCDR Richard Eacolt Executive Officer LT Mark Klett Operations 12 LTJG Ed Trasoras MPA LTJG Steve Giorgio CIC LTJG Bruce Hougcsen DC A ENS Cliff Smith 1st Div. ENS Darrell S 2nd Div nith 1 n I I S Ja V alerreus COMM ENS Clark Hands ssislant CIC CW02 John Flinner Assistant MPA Ol I It I RS NOT PICTL RED I l)R John Athanson LT Drew Beasle) I I lames Hards Executive Officer Operations Chief Engineer 24 NOV 76-19 MAY 78 I DEC 76 -28 Jl 1. 78 30 MAY 76 - II JUN 78 13 14 : x X v •. v; ' : ' v:v: v. :•:•:•:.:.:•:■:■:.:• :• :•:-: fcVtV.V MX Xw •: • : S3 SN Anthony A Maxson BM I James Kincaid SN Dave Kirk SN Mark A Coleman FIRST DIVISION 16 ,l1 V SN Frank Esleves sn Mark I oremiak 17 ' • ' SN Bob Winkle SA Wendell Hampton BMSN Mark A Lang SN Kurt " Malignoid " Miller « - ' BM.1 Rick I Whitaker 18 R } Michael t Mazzacane SN lbcrt Jones 19 SN Richard A Puckclt SA Robert B Banks SN Joseph P Lavery 20 SN Stanley Y Ueshiro SECOND DIVISION SN kenns (i ard S f i .1 rv W Carter U II T MAM BOUY?? 21 SN William E L ' Huiliier SA Rudy Vejar SN Marlin McCiann 22 SN Pete Rivera SN David Rhoades SN Donnie H Brvanl u , 23 SN Melvin M Sharp SN Xavier Norona IT 9 SN Bob " All Nite Steam " Lucas BM.1 Robert R Rodd 24 SN iuluin (i Brooks SN John I kcssclring 25 SN Jimim Br cc jjjk . k. - a if V SN Rico Fulgham 26 GMGI Antonio P Campos (. 1(i ' nthon W Eilers THIRD DIVISION GMG2 kcnnclh 1 Rick (; 1(iS David R Vance 27 GMGSN Sieve Sieghold 28 £ ■■••v. . m w m ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT •W- %: :w •i»; Mm® 1 EN 2 Mark A Breese M A Division ENFN Curtis Butler FA Michael D. Fitzpalrick 30 ENI Rick Williams I N Wcslej J. Wieczorek I lames McQuislion I RoIilti Graves 31 EN2 Lloyd Rienhart MR I Dan Johnson EN FN Oscar B. Giron EN FN Ray Atkinson 32 B II Michael Thompson I V " Cackie Lackie " Stile EN2 Ron Bianchi I Michael (luidra EN I George Fiala 33 FN FA Andrew Vaccaro 1-N3 Rodnc D. Duncan F.N I Thomas I. Popanz 34 1 I N Howard French I N t I SaKalore l ( S I Pentecost 35 EMCS Tom Clark R E Division HTC Sammy Winstead 1 IC2 Raymond Gaines hNFN Randy Ware 36 IC3 Ricardo Yanez sS I M3 David R trench I M2 P.i t rick I ogan 37 HM3 John D. Barncll FN Robert A. Zulka 9 . ' 1 V ff FN Kevin Allen HMFN Patrick Wiltieh EM3 Gary Liban 38 I 1 ' I i)hn (iipc 39 IN Dennis L. Wellman FN Dale VV Craven EM2 Jeff Stamp HT3 Richard Parko 40 ( N Steve Paoleuo ( HT.1 Keilh Prest f IITI Dave Slreet HT2 William Bender 41 I IT I VV I) Leach V " f HTFN Randv Bone HT3 Bob Klapka IITI Arthur Reed 42 1 REQ DATE 1 2 DEFT NO I3 URGY U.RDD Is LOCATION SURVEY lEQUtST I L MV. $. AM A. FMM i - noun name or refsym |9. fpr ho apl,aelcio ■M KON SIM OD 7 ISSUE DATE IA REQN QTY B REQN NO 111 INV0TY12 IC.OBL AMT I POSTE D NIS N C I . I S RIREQNO SI WC 15 JSN 17 EQUIPCOSALSUPPTD, E URG MART □ a □ □ OPTAR LOG S RIISSUEI ALLOTMENT AUTHORi; I |4 MEMBER S SSN j f " 5 It ill I 1 1 1 I travel ORDERS (Paragraph, S. O. No., Imuing Hq. Date. Include amending orders.) 5 MEMBERS NAME .«S ' f ' RS ' M1DO1E INITIAL. I 16. PAY GRADE I 17 BR f ' SKC Bill Balais MS3 Rock A. Sundqimt 44 Li u l)k I Roger A 1 arosa SK ! Ir.i MSI Roger A Schmidt 45 SK3 Dave O Pagaduan SK3 Larry Washington 46 SK I lose Naanos MSCS Thoma Bingham 47 MS3 Robert V Johnson MSC Rene Moraleja SK3 Dennis D Dodd DM Ponciano R Balicao 48 MISS Ronald H Malcolm MS2 Pablo Dasalla SK3 Larrj E Elrod SHSN Chester A Klodnicki SH2 Roger Tims SHSN Steve Bemcnt 49 MS3 Rolando M Delacruz SHI Joseph W Jackson MSCS Thomas Bingham SH3 Bennev E Mitchell II EMI Jamie B Aromin MS3 Marcial P Vito SK2 Calixto E Deveza Besi pholo available-taken b Bod shafi phoiographer 50 BwWVJHflftpf S ilJ»j»Wflgff» « i88» W OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT BESy sffl RMC Richard Hawkins RM3 Edward McElyca SM2 Jerry Fcldpausch 52 RM3 James Gordon LTJG Klelt gets a work-out on ' Hire a Slave ' Day OS3 V H Mickcns OSC R A Eselhne OS3 Joel Johnson 53 MM3 Don.ild R Primer PC3 Ira Dean Grav " PC 54 OSSN Lawrence C I c«is SN Quinlin 1) Bibbs I TS Jeffrey Cowan QM2 lohn Ricketls 55 SM3 George L Maldonado ETN2 Jay B Henderson QM3 Dave Kelly 56 t7 F 1H : J ■ WIG ATINC, Till SHIUONOSIkl STRMT YN3 Ian M Moves 57 OS I Paul N Thomas SN Pete Rivera OS2 Joe Parro M OSSN John Van Berkum 58 J RMSN William Bodin III QMSN Todd Myers ETR3 Thomas Horner FTN2 William P Pawson I M2 Jeffrey R Stamp 59 QM3 Henry R Bell OSSN Darron W Lorenz QM.l Dennis D Dobbs 60 SN Jimmy Bryce BTFA Doyle E Smith ETN3 John Bush ETR2 Clifford L Guile) SM2 Ro D Meigs 61 MAI Earnest Garvin .lr YNSN Darron M Smith YN3 Lawrence L Lopez 62 26 APRIL 1978 k TT SANK LIKE A % !? $ ROCK " I ( l)R JOHN YNE ATHANSON 6? PORTS OF CALL 17 MARCH 25-26 MARCH 4 APRIL 15-24 APRIL 4- 7 MAY 16-22 MAY 31 MAY-4 JUNE 11-13 JUNE 22 JUNE-7 JULY 10 JULY 14 JULY 28-30 JULY 4-20 AUGUST 23-26 AUGUST 28-29 AUGUST 2 SEPTEMBER 5-12 SEPTEMBER 26-27 SEPTEMBER 5 OCTOBER DEPART SAN DIEGO PEARL HARBOR, HAWAII ENEWETOK ATOLL YOKOSUKA, JAPAN KAOSHIUNG, TAIWAN YOKOSUKA, JAPAN INCHON, KOREA PUSAN, KOREA SASEBO, JAPAN INCHON, KOREA i KIN RED, OKINAWA SASEBO, JAPAN (Typhoon haven) SUBIC BAY, PHILIPPINES HONG KONG (Typhoon interrupts HONG KONG P ° Ft V1Slt 2 days) KIN RED, OKINAWA YOKOSUKA, JAPAN PEARL HARBOR, HAWAII ARRIVE SAN DIEGO I u so 7 " • - ■■■■ ' -if?!L- « Ife 65 S .VM « ,« 66 67 in —■ mill ■- ! mam JIB Bki l - .- ■ •• " " - 1 ■ - ■ ■ " 68 jot a 69 70 tp§ f ' V.I , u . ' 71 i ■ v sU ■ " iJ i 9 ■» ■■■ v -— — " % 72 THE FREDDIE GONG SHOW lop: I TIG Klclt MC ' s center left A bil of KISS Ironi SN Kurl Miller center right: IT Wciscopf and liNS I) Smith .ire trying something bottom: I ' N Vaccaro proclaimed " MR FREDERICK " 74 MS3 Johnson Hexes lor MR I Kl l - l RK K contest center left: I N( S Otto is the official GONGer center right: QMSN Myers and ENFN Lea freak- out on their country harmonicas bottom left: KISS ' Malignoid ' Miller again bottom right: CHICKEN MAN OSSN T.I O ' Con- nor AROUND FREDDIE Q 2 tO A ±r°-n «m ix L -Mi HOMECOMING 77 78 79 EDITOR, MANAGER AND LEAD PHOTOGRAPHER It was my goal to make this book more than just a photo album that would be looked at and shelved along with other cruise books or high school yearbooks. It was to be a book that could be paged through 3, 4, 5, or 10 years from 1978 that could stimulate memories of FREDER- ICK ' S 1978 WESTPAC cruise. The old adage " a picture is worth a thousand words " was the underlying rule of the book for the pictures are not just mere photographs, but rather, stories, experiences and places visited in photograph format. This book was made possible through the help given by my assistants listed below and the understanding of my wife, Carrie, and family for the weekends and evenings given up while the book was in its final stages of production. ENS G R MERRY ' SCHAFER COVER DESIGN: SN DANILO A AMANO ASSISTANT MANAGER: ENS CLIFF SMITH PHOTOGRAPHY FN Salvatore FN Garza ETSN Cowan YN3 Lopez PC 3 Gray MS3 Sundquist OS3 Parrozzo ENS C Smith SHSN Klodnicki SK3 Pagaduan YN3 Bibbs EMI Aromin FN Rame FN Wieczorek YNSN D Smith OSSN Lorenz PN2 Johns LAYOUT PN2 Johns YN3 Bibbs PC 3 Gray SN Smail SN Schwier SN Ueshiro SMSN Lane ENS C Smith COPY TYPING Mrs. Susan Smith (ENS C Smiths wife) « ' SALES PN2 Johns SN Kirk ETN2 Henderson SN Puckett % - t _ hfc . ■ immmm m

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