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1' 1 ' Z' 1 f 11 fy l X lwf SCHOOL 1 CTIVITIES W Z Annual Staff EDITOR SPONSOR ASSISTANT EDITOR am D1G1allonardo Mxss Dorathy Srmmons Beverly Domemco SPORTS EDITOR Alfred Sedrllo Albert Rrvera BUSINESS MANAGER Phyllxs Buhr Shxrley Thompson ART EDITORS jnm DuFour Clrff Elliot Bob DuFour FEATURES EDITORS Edna Mae Stanske Phyllrs Fl0I'l ADVERTISING EDITOR jxm DuFour Deryl Collrcr ASSISTANT SPORTS ERITORS Paul Robleclo Gxlbert Hurtado Art Tafoya TYPISTS d I Marcella Cannez Rosle Mlklaucxc Bermce Sabados Stella 5311 OVH 23, S . . . X , . .,:3 . . ' Greetings We the annual staff of 1952 present another year of hrstory at the Frederick yunror senlor hrgh school under the regrme of a new superrntendent Mr Francls Dahm The year began wrth the follomng new faculty members Mr Chester Mrszlerel Nlrss Dorathy Srmmons 1nd Mr Robert Tursno New subyects were yournalxsm and leathereraft offered to gurls In yunror high home economrcs was taught The sehool board and superrntendent authorrzed the burlclrng and equrpprng of the nevy school burldrng yxhreh mused much hnred maehrne and manpover aetlvuty about the sehool grounds The eyent of homeeomme was ll'lfI'OLlLlCLLl as one of the mun new eyents of the year The follovyrng new clubs were organrzed the dance club sponsored by Mr Marcantonro and Mr Kusxele the dramatre elub sponsored by M155 Aebly and Mr Turano the scrence club sponsored by Mr Mrszkrel the photography clubs spon Srmmons A few new regulatrons and polreres were put xnto effect The follow mg serx ed as school board members Prendenl Sam D1Paolo Seffefffll A W Newcomb Trefzmrev I W Thompson Y Y ' V A A V' , v' v A 2 . - ' " - , l A. ' l ., 1 . ' r . V ' 1 V , 1 ' ' 1 , - , ' I ' ' ' y . V , ' , ' K , V ' - -V K- - ' - ' V - ' ' I . K Y . . . . V . . - ' y lk K- ' r . L - L ' , , V . x V' I V - V ' , : 1 Iv D , . 'Q " ' ' . Q T A . f ' g ' - sored by Mr. Tesone and Mr. Gary, and the creutive writers club sponsored by Miss Frederick High Schonl Faculty MR FRANCIS DAHM MR ALEXANDERJ TESONE Superznlendenl Math Prznczpal Coach K-nf' M155 HEI-11N F AEBLY MR ROBERT S TURANO Eflgflfb Englzsb A Aki! MR CHESTER P MISZKIEL MISS DORATHY L SIMMONS fzence 2 Zi? 1 S C Z MISS HANNAH C YANKE MR FRANK MARCANTONIO Home Economzcs Manual Arty MR- EARL G- GARY f i "UMR CARL P. KUSICK Muxic E y V Math Sk-X, ?2f?'f Na- . Kr ,f Q V ,X-I -' M Q f S Q I!! if AWG' wr .Q mom Ng M mv W Prerld ent SAM LEONARD DIGIALLONARDO Sammy the Semof Wolf had always been actrve sports of all types He had served rn an offrce durrng all of hrs hrgh school years and held posrtron of edrtor on the annual staff Sammy wrll be remembered as the lrfe of the class because he never farled to pop up wrth a funny yoke of some sort Secretary EDNA MAE 'STANSKE, "Eddy," was well lrked for her sweet ways and drsposrtron She went out for the play rn the 11th and 12th grades and held offrce durrng her 4 hrgh school years Thrs rndustrrous cutre was also feature wrrter on the annual MYRON LEROY BERTRON Mosqurto could well be named the Smrlrng Senror for Myron was always smrlrng and hrs gay laugh could be heard rn the study halls Myron never drd go out for many actrvrtres but hrs quret attrtude drdnt fool us because he had a lot of mrschrevous spunk rn hrm -.X Vue Prerzdent FRANKLIN CHARLES ZADEL Frnkre Dmk wrll PHYLLIS MARIE BUHR often called Pbnl was a swell person to know She enjoyed hrstory and a few other school actrvrtres Phyllrs wrll be remembered by all as a crty detectrve as she por trayed rn the yunror play R be remembered as the boy wrth the red Nash He could be seen sportrng around he school at noon rn hrs car or flyrng down the hrghway at nrght Franklrn was always busy on the farm and never drd go out for many school actrvrtres but he drd have a part rn the rumor and senror P al' Treasurer STELLA SANDOVAL, alras "Stell," was another of our cute senror grrls Stella loved all school actrvrtres and as a result played on the volley ball team and held an rmport ant role rn the junror class play Every one enjoyed see rng Stella around the school and all envred her long, beau trful, brown harr in-fs. 'K' MARCELLA LORRAINE CAN IVEZ, Marcy was known for bemg very qulet She was hked by all people that she had met or come ln contact wxth Thls pretty blue eyed xrl had never cared much or school actxvntnes but she drd go out for the play m her jumor year as 555 DERYL EDWARD COLLIER Buggy gave all the teachers a bad txme wxth hrs long legs It seemed that Deryl just couldnt walk qul etly Deryl went out for the play xn both the 11th and 12th rades but Deryl wlll always e remembered mostly for his teasmg dxsposxtxon RICHARD CHAVEZ Ab rabarn was one of the more quxet boys of the class n school that IS Thxs dark haxred boy went out for foot ball m the 10th and 11th grades and held honors as be mg one of the gentlemen of the class BEVERLY JEAN DOMENICO known to her many frlends as 'Bev Thns attractnve semor gxrl rergned as Homecommg Queen m her semor year and was assrstant edntor on the annual She also held offrces dunng the first three years of high school Bev wnll always be remem bered by her frxends for her fnendly dlsposmon and sunny smxle CLIFFTON THOMAS ELLIOTT JR otherwxse known as Cliff was the class s youngest grandfather This curly headed lad was qulte a joker It seemed he could thmk of somethmg no one else could Clrff when he felt ambltxous dld a good deal of drawmg for the paper and annual JAMES LEE DUFOUR Mooney," wzll be remem bered as the semor Romeo Jlm had hrs greatest pleasure rr! thxs fneld He had always taken part nn the school actxvx txes and so recexved a part m the yumor play On the an nual staff jxm was the art ed :tor and on the paper the as sxstant art edltor PHYLLIS LOUISE FIORI Flurry or another nickname could be Smiles for this pretty senior was always smil mg She had participated in all the high school activities and all shall remember her performance as Granny 4, from ,gwgzf . Q LEO JOE MARTINEZ, "The Lone lVolf," was the senior class's second "Bing Crosby." Although it did take a little coaxing to get Leo to perform, he did sing at the Junior and Senior Prom in his junior year. Leo expressed his hobby as dancing and liking to "cut a rug." FERDINAND ANTHONY MARCANTONIO Nona, was the strapping six foot senior boy of this class This husky lad said the only activ ity he had participated in dur ing his high school days was glee club in the ninth grade Freddie excelled in turning out many fine products in shop ALBERT J. RIVERA Hawk junior was one of our "al- ways smiling senior boys. ' Al- though Albert was a good 'student he did not care for any out of school activities and as a result he was never on any of the sport teams. Al- bert made many friends in the years of his schooling and was well liked. FRANK ROCCO LUCCI JR Gooch was known as the senior tease No matter where Frankie happened to be he loved to tease the students around him particularly the girls Frankie enjoyed sports a good deal and was on the football and basketball teams ' 1 ROSALIE MARIE MIKLAUCIC, otherwise known as "Chick," joined the class this year. Rosalie loved all school activities. In other schools, she was in the pep club, volley ball team, and also had a role in the junior play. This cute senior lass was well liked by all. During her senior year she held a position on the school paper. Kwai fir PAUL ROBLEDO JR , Crazy could be seen sport ing around in his blue Chev trimmed in gold with such expressions as Dont laugh lady your daughter may be in this car Paul will be remem bered as one of the quiet boys of the class ALFRED SEDILLO known as Al will always be re membered as the boy with the 36 Ford He was never in terested in school activities but he did serve on the annual staff during his senior year BERNICE SABADOS Ber ny, to her many friends will be famed for her ability to play volley ball and the justice she did to her suit This pretty lass was popular in all school activities and gained a part in the junior play and was voted the first girl to be married in this class SYNOPSIS OF THE SENIOR YEAR, 1952 In September the senior class organized electing Sam DiGial1onardo as president Franklin Zadel as vice president Edna Mae Stanske as secretary and Stella Sandoval as treasurer. In October the group finding the skating rinks closed in Boulder and Longmont attended the movie Rhubarb at the Fox Theatre in Longmont. In February the seniors enjoyed a party of games and dancing. The boys served a snack of tuna fish sandwiches potato chips olives chocolate cake and pop. March was the month that the seniors began practicing for their play a mystery-comedy called Mur- der Mansionf' It was an extremely funny play and the entire cast enjoyed helping in the production. On Thursday, April 17th, they presented the matinee, and the evening performance on Friday, April 18th. In early May the seniors were guests at the junior-senior prom given by the juniors and at the PTA reception sponsored by the organization. On Sunday, May 18th, the baccalaureate exercises were held and the following Wednesday, May 21st, the seniors received their diplomas at 'commencement and became alumni. m b 4 I lkxy Q55 191471 Q x as C5 It The junior Class Class Offxcers Prendent Colleen Dler Vice Prefzdent Helen PIHOUI Secretary Dolores Cowan THE CRAZY SMITH FAMILY Q , I Class O fzcers Gllbert Tafoya President Eleanor Mangus Sefrelury Rose Flgurelll Vzce Preszdenl Mr Earl Gary Sponsor Freshmen Class O fxcers Bxll Newcomb Vlfe Prafltfellf Dgffgll Rgmy Tygdjfner 'wir Robert Turano Spfrzssr f . f . Mary Alvarado ,,,..... President Neal Ciochetti ......... Secrelary Eighth Grade Class Offzcers Gus Mlfqgg Prendenl Lorene Dufour Serretary Freddle Guadagnoh Vzce P1 efldenl M155 Hannah Yanke Spomor Seventh Grade Emxho DeSant1s P1 efzdeuf johnny Dahm Serretary Kenneth Onorato Vzfe Pfefzdenl joe D1G1a11onardo Treafmer Mr Frank Marcantonxo 512011101 Class Officers X Achvlhes ,W ,UMW sf! K W--,,,,-a, Z x "' L u 1 n + I ,M . f , U , - ,i f f , 4 'Qqxxta , V Q 1 ,0 N ' , - A f f X X f f 5 V fs : sqft' W 1 ' ,fi :Q '- ' ll JJ V fl' f K fr 4- A K X I X my E X f X wx It -: :ITN I I, Q., QE 3. I -Q L u ,bv s' mv I 1 Ao 4 1 .. K I I 'ss-s ...Q 1 Jff ffl' ,X Frederick Band H Pmom M Honstem E Taghente L Gamboa E DeGesualdo D rhoutrxdes B Newcomb B Palmer V Seclxllo C Stugart D Fer nandez Dxrector Gary A Sarmxento S Me1kle M Alvarado S Thompson D Cowan M Valm E Valm M Domemco N Phoutrxdes jackson R Luque D Warembourg Y Perez E DeC1no B Stepp 1 Abeyta E Mangus D jackson G Montez J Patterson M Fxgurelh G Sarmxento R Stepp V Lee BATON TWIRLERS Elsxe Taghente Lupe Gamboa Despma Phoutndes Evelyn DeGesuald0 Manlyn Honstem and thexr captam Helen Pmom J. Sekich, L. Thompson, J. Dahm, M. Kirkmeyer, M. Rossetti, A. Villani, T. Melick, R. Stepp, G. Cowan, J. Phoutrides, G. Tagliente, B Glrls Glee Club Bark Rou E DeCmo M Honstem E DeGesualdo S Menkle S Law N Bernardon F Melkle V Sedxllo L Thompson M Knowskl Dlrector Earl G1ry Middle Rou L Delnere A Vxllam T Melxck R Fxgurellx -I Patterson E Tagllente C Stugart V Lee S Stanske Y Perez Fror1tRou D jackson E Marcantomo D Lee N Hager C Dxer D Dawes S Thompson D Cowan H Pmonl Glrls' Sexlet T Melxck 1: Marcantomo E DeGesualdo M Honstenn H Pxnom C Stugart Glrls Trlo E DcCxno D jackson D Cowan 1 , , . .. '.', ,. ,. ,. ,. .,. ,. ,.,. ,. . ,.' ,.,. ,.,. ,. ,. ,. . 1 .-,A 1- , . 1' i' ' 1 Q I . ,.',,.'. ' ' asketball Team Bark Rau jrm Petroff joe Mayor Alex Moculeskr Gabe Vrdal Coach Alex Tesone Fmnz Row Gllbert Hurtado Don Remy Neal Cnocchettr G1lbertM0ntez Pasquale Cercone asketball Team Bark Rau Neal Cnochettr Pasquale Cercone Alex Moculeskr Gxlbert Montez Coach Alex Tesone Fmnl Roz: Gllbert Hurtado Grlbert Tafoya Rudy Fernandez john Alvarado Darrell Remy K1 KK !f "junior High Basketball Team" Bark Raw john Mcllvaney Bill Newcomb Frank Major Joe DOFZZIO Bob Palmer junior High Coach Frank Marcantonio Front Rau Don Warembourg Robert Robledo Roger Trujillo Leslie Salazar Steve Edgmgton Frederick High Basketball Coach Al Tesone s team had a disappointing season this year Having only one senior Tournament Frederick lost two games and failed to wm any Next year Coach Tesone will lose only one man Frankie Luccn Sophomores and juniors will be experienced and he is expected to have a good team The B team saw a good season as they won almost every game The junior high team coached by Mr Frank Marcantomo won the trophy champion ship at the tournament held in Hudson and four juniors on his team, they won three games and lost thirteen. In the Ft. Collins Frederick Hugh School Football Team The Freder1ck football team played SIX man football 1n the Platte Valley League th1s CHI' Frcdcnck had a d1sasterous season hav1ng played frve games and 1os1ng f1ve due to the fact that Frederxck had been p1ay1ng football only two years and the team was compr1sed of freshmen and sophomores The Platte Valley cons1sted of SIX teams W1gg1ns Hudson Prospect Weldona Kccncsburg and lrcderlck Weldona won the lcaguc champ1onsh1p The fo11ow1ng compr1sed the team Chff El11ot joe Major Franklm Zadel Donald Remy Frank Major Rudy Fernandez Patsy Cercone Sam D1G1a11onardo 11m Petroff Darrell Remy G1lbert Montez B111y Newcomb Manager DATE September 21 September 28 October 5 October 12 Ben Sabados FOOTBALL SCHEDULE V1ctor C1ccare1l1 TEAMS WHERE Weldona Keenesburg W ggIHS Hudson Here There Here There aseball Coach A1 Tesone started baseball on Monday March 10 Most of the players go1ng out were veterans of last year The names are as follows Tony C1care111 Leo MHILIHCZ Alec Moculeskx Sam D1GlH11OH3fdO Apr11 4 Apr11 11 Apfll 18 Apr11 25 May Leroy S1mm0ns Ben Sabados Don Remy G11 Hurtado G11 Montez G11 Tafoya Darrell Remy Patsy Cercone BASEBALL SCHEDULE Hudson W1gg1ns Keenesburg Weldona Prospect joe Malor 1m Petroff B111 Petras B111 Duran Home Home Home Away Away I I Y - October 19 ........................ Prospect ......................... There 2 ........................... ......,.................. X 1952 was a memorable year for not only the seniors but also the whole school for thxs was the frrst Homecommg Day held rn F H S Weeks before hand the students could be seen hurriedly buyrng crepe paper gatherrng wrre and rushrng to some secluded spot to decorate the floats At last the brg day was here and the floats lrned up rn front of the schoolhouse for final prepara tron and then moxed through the downtown area of Frederrck where they were judged The senior float was decorated ln soft pastel colors of pmk whxte yellow and green The queen who wore a whxte gown rode at the head of the float surrounded by her attendants Phyllrs Buhr Marcella Cam vez Phyllrs Flon Rosalle Mrklaucrc Bernrce Sabados Stella Sandoy al and Edna Mae Stanske who wore pastel colored formals The freshman float whrch carried out the theme Warriors complete wrth Indrans tepee and eyen a peace plpe took the frrst prize of fue dollars The senior float took second prrze of three dollars and thlrd prlze of one dollar went to the frfth grade That afternoon a football game was played wrth Wrggrns At the end of the game the score stood at a low ebb but not even defeat could dampen the spxrrts of the students who cheered for the players all through the game That ew enrng an all school socxal hour was held ln honor of the eyent V . v , . .. " . Y . . . s a v .. ' v x a ' v a v ' h. 1 a s s s a y , . y 1 1 . V -. . . .Y 1 a a ' x , . Semor Homecommg Float second pnze Q ses X49 'B x0"' Q I 000' '9'o,.e,, 9 Franklm Zadel Flag Bearer x Rear Vxew Sophomore Float .KK Trix: 11 6,517 P. . 4' . e .wc - b Q y Q S 'M oe WAFS' l' Cheaper by the Dozen 49 '10 Sreppin' Pretty f eat fo 67 'Tr Operetia Page THE BIG DAY OPERETTA CAST DARLENE JACKSON SHIRLEY LAW JOAN PATTERSON Mff Dfsmjlb? lb? saflelj lad, THERESA LIELICK YOLAINDA PEREZ Kfng and Queen Darwen at line Mardi Gras i 4' 'Ptiga 6 956 COLLEEIN DIER DARLEINE DAVIES ELIZABETH DeCINO ROSE FIGURELLI Skelemn dmfg'5 L1 116 :be dmfnzg Fnnrh mmd NU? lffflf 140"74Vl ,, Diapers to Diplomas 'J l Let us journey rnto the past wrth the class of 52 Prcture rf you can ls- these toothless lrttle demons on the frrst day of school The lrttle grrls with therr rrbbons and prgtarls squrrmrng excrtedly rn therr seats And look at the lrttle boys they have come all prepared for the frrst day of school with bubble gum slrng shots and marbles And what was that hoppmg up the 315167 Why rt was none other than Deryl s pet frog that somehow escaped from under hrs hat Mrss Hudner was gettrng ready to start the class IH Frederlck and srttmg before her smrlmg rnnocently was Frankre Luccr Deryl Collrer Sammy DrG1allonardo Freddre Marcantonlo and Beverly Domenrco Mrss Rose McM1llen was the guardran Cthese lrttle monsters need guardmgl rn Dacono for Bermce Sabados Alfred Sedrllos Stella Sandoval Rrchard Chavez and Edna Mae Stanske In Frrestone Mrss Byuke was proudly surveyrng her srx lrttle charges Albert Rrvera Paul Robledo Franklrn Zadel Cllff Ellrott Myron Bertron and Marcella Canrvez Thus was a total of 15 lrttle headaches for the years of 1940 through 1943 This class remained the same wrth the ex ceptron of the thrrd grade when jrm DuFour jomed the class To the delrght of the students and sorrow of Mrs Lucrlle Mossonx the students from the tr1 towns were unrted 10 Fred errck rn the srxth grade They passed through junror hrgh school wrth flyrng colors whrle lookmg forward to the day when they would be wel comed mto the happy crowd of hugh school scholars Inrtratronl Thrs was the word that brought dread mto the hearts of the freshmen for they were about to be rnrtrated rnto the hugh school The eyes of the sophomores were all agleam as they planned the fate of the unsuspectrng freshmen Imtra tron Day dawned brrght and as each freshman entered the school they were met by a sophomore mrtrator Durmg therr sophomore year a party was held at whrch the grrls attempted to fry hamburgers for the weaker members of the class Results? Scorched hamburgers and drsgusted cooks More fun tho' Phyllrs Buhr became a member of the class rn thrs year She had formerly attended school rn Cheyenne Wells Colorado It was also a great honor for the sophomore grrls who were allowed to serve at the junror and Senror Prom that year Oh Kaye was the rollrckmg play presented by the class rn therr junror year whrch gave them the money for the prom Earlrer rn the year the Junrors could be seen polrshrng therr sales talks practrcrng rmgrng doorbells and oh yes even the best methods of gettmg therr foot rn the doors You guessed rt' It was magazme sellrng txme agam All the students were anxrously awarimg the twenty nrnth of Aprrl for thrs was the date of the unror Senror Prom Out of town proms had been drscussed many trmes wrthrn the halls of F H S but thrs was the frrst trme rt was possrble The site was the Sky Room of the Park Lane Hotel at Denver As Mrke DrSalles orchestra played the students request happy couples waltzed around the dance floor The gxrls made hrstory for themselves by bemg the frrst grrls rn F H S to take a course rn leathercraft rn shop Contrary to many of the boys pre drctxons there wasnt even one casualty No wonder the grrls were proud of themselves Tmy Rosalre Mrklaucrc jomed the class rn her semor year from Walsenburg Colorado And now to the delrght of both students and teachers they fmally made rt and became proud and happy seniors But we see that the class decreased srnce that memorable frrst day for they ended wrth erght grrls and thrrteen boys who marched proudly down the arsle adorned rn whrte and blue gowns to L6 recerve therr drplomas I 1 5 0 'E l K Q, . . . ,, ,, . . IJ x , - 1 1 9 ' 7 b . f n . , 1 s 1 . . l X f a ' 1 - ' Y can X . . . . .. 1 , .. . , . ., - , , x a ' ' - ' Y ' Y Y l 7 ' . , . . . . -H . , , - , - x 1 ' . , ' , I i . ., .- . . - , . ' 1 Y Y ' . . . , . . , . Y .Y . , . - . , . . . . . , . . . . A , , , , - . ., . J - - - . . . ., . , . 1 -'S . . , , l . , . , , CQ ' 1 Y ' , ' ' , 1 Baby Pictures Frankne xn the age of innocence +1 69 Q fo 1 1? O6 Q, fa' 00 Q, df 60: PP? K. A25 A 9 we Which one has the tom Bernxce or Benny? Cliff wants hxs mama Franklm and hxs Nash Paul s mama s lxttle darlmg I Phyllxs asks to be or not to be? 6 S Deryl I amt os Marcella wants to play 41 0 -s 511 03 P 0 gonna tell be 'G 16113. 1' Freddxe says I m tough' E593 9 5 bgi B3 0 sxee Beverly s gazmg 1nto the future 5203K mag LA 5. N 171110 Its not easy owes .gl 0056 Snaps we 0' W fs F W1 r' 009 Gixox fa,-S U Our 6763 Dry bones Whxch IS wh1ch2 Mgb 'J' Cas fy Some Pep' V ' PETE'S Barber Shop 'X Halrcufs by Appomfmenf 2252 09 -K DALY'S BILL and PANCO Frederick Colorado Notary Public Emma Kleln Ph 243 J E A N S RED and WHITE Cash Grocery Modern Self Service Shp WIIC fd 2171 Phon 24 af ' ' Ge r e Tulos 'K I 34 4' F f Colorado , 954 4' 0 it on i ence one 2 FIRESTCNE FARMER Repair 8m Servlce BFI MIN ER Melba and Bull Your Home Town Paper P 2 43 2271 G E N E S When You Need AUTO SUPPLIES Insurance Protection a n d When You Have SALVAGE YARD An Insurance C lalm ESTABLISHED Phone 2545 I 926 Buyers of Metals and Scrap Iron 4' Fort Lupton, Colorado Phone 54 ROMEO T. JACOVETTA Auto, Fire, Insurance . wi- a . . d DEC Firestone, Colorado 4? Sc ll Il 4 .1008 2 Phgne I -K TRI TOWN GAS 8. EQUIPMENT Butane and Propane Gas and Electrlcal AppIIances Hardware P 2051 K u s I c k Insurance Agency Ire Auto I e DACONO SERVICE STATIDN Frank Herb Ham Ph 2731 IOHN PGGGAS M I DI-ya .I IS 2732 'X 'X ' ' F' L'f 'X 'K Dacono, Colorado hone Frederick, Colo. Ph ones 2613 24-T I Groceries ea s oo s Schoo upplies 'K 4' Free Delivery 'X 4 one Phone Boulder Valley e coal Co Frlenclly Tavern h MINERS and WHOLESALERS Danc ng Prompf Truck Service SGW JGYS 0 d Sv d0YS FdkCld Phone 2061 Ph 2722 FIORI MERCANTILE CO 949494 GROCERIES MEATS DRY GOODS HARDWARE 949494 P ho n e 24 8 2 FIRESTONE COLORADO Prop. 4 Jo n Wammas q wir Fine Mixed D ks Q 0 I ' r n Q if eric , oo GREETINGS jim, 971045 Bgaufggul, en Buy, of dll' CONGRATULATIONS F eder ck H gh School s"""""'s Mabrey Chevrolet Co May You Future Be BRIGHT HAPPY PROSPEROUS FORT LUPTON STATE BANK 60' D Fort Lupton Colo ado THE BREWSTER MOTOR COMPANY Auihorrzed Sales and Service Producfs Fort Lupton Colorado a A, r i i r X inf enver Av Member Federal Deposit Phone 53 Insurance Corp. I, I Greetings and Congratulations Frederlck Hugh School Graduates of l952 ELLIOTT McWlLLIAMS Blocksmlthmg Welding Your Ferguson Dealer Truck Bodies Stock Racks 423 Mum Ave Ft Lupton Colo Shop at Deason s an SAVE' Prescrnptlons Cosmetics Photographic Supplies Veterinary Supplies DEASONS DRUG CO Walgreen Agency Phone 67 Fort Lupton COMMUNITY COLD STORAGE SIGUALDSON Gm NEIMAN Tonkwagon Salesmen Ol' Texas Oll Company L C I d Custom Butcherlng ongmont com 0 Meat Processmg Phone I5I J Phone 284 436 + Fort Lupton Colorado Boulder and weld Counties . ' I to . . d C O. . . Il Il ak + f 94 . ' + X Foster Lumber Co. BUILDING MATERIALS GLASS PAINT INSULATION ROOFING MATERIALS 63M A I Besf Wishes FIRST NATIONAL BANK Longmont, Colorado Member o F D I C Seed Besf wlfh Golden Wesf GOLDEN WEST MILLING CO It6Try PhoeI6I6 Log Clem s Tavern Beer Wmes H gh y 52 Liquors 'X il? 8 ain ve. II Fort Lup on, Colorado ' ' ' ' 0 I Prop. P14 Clem DuFour 'X 914 'K S er n On i wa n mont Dacono, Colorado MCNEIL COAL CCRPCRATION D E N V E R Meeker Auto Service E L E VAT O R lRp 4 'X Tune-up ' Genera e ai 4 Complefe Lubricafion A Ranchway feed for every need" 94 Phone 2 fomplbmnta, -K Fort Lupton Cannrng Company Pho e 30 Towne Tavern Sir Chorce Wrnes Lrquors Fo t L pto Colo d est KNUDSEN Implement Company ha 1005 D FtLpl' Cl d Lo des OLDSMOBILE Sales Servrce LAWSON MOTOR 527 M 1395 ' o . o X Sf? n r u n, ra 0 "Fin in Farm Machinery" . O 34 Farm nd Hydraulic a r CO. 32 4 . Longmont, Colorado enver Ave. ain or u on, oora o Phone LLOYD CARN EY GENERAL BUILDING CONTRACTOR Phone 2775 W G eeley Colo ado RALPH H COWAN General Cemenl and Brick Conlracfor We Sell Br cks Plu ce Blocks Cement Blocks -X Phone 905 W GREELEY COLORADO iff r , r ii? No Job Too Small or Too Large For Us -K i Greetmgs 81 Congratulat ons Preclslon FrederckHgh School Graduates of "l952" WRAY S JEWELRY Blacksmith Welding Manufacturing Watch o d Jewel y Repo r FrtLpt WHITNEYS MCC-ormlck lnfernahonal Tracfors Trucks Buick IIIIEZIEEIHI Machmery Aufomoblles NC FORT LU PTON ' COLORADO Phone 57 . . ' i to i i r n r i 4 94 o u on Colorado Phone 93"l Ft. Lupton, Colorado I . - 'i'v' - I . 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Suggestions in the Frederick High School - Warrior Yearbook (Frederick, CO) collection:

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Frederick High School - Warrior Yearbook (Frederick, CO) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 25

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Frederick High School - Warrior Yearbook (Frederick, CO) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 15

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