Frederick High School - Viking Yearbook (Frederick, SD)

 - Class of 1958

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:qgd-'gq 492- ...,, -17,-W -,J 'LLQQ4 . - ..,A,.g.,,4 . - ,441 ' ,, A 51- - .- '-- m-?"-kf,f--i--'- - -V "' ' "" NT- 1, -- we,-an SENIURS, PRESENT 9 FREDERICK L HIGH SCHIIHL FREDERICK 5 Unk I EDITORS: Ruth Tvelt lan Glover O O X 'J fy: l . . " - gt 0 R , l .X V. X V I l I X lv' fl J ' Ng. ,f f W 1 X K ' s 'fi 14 " R 1 Because of their zmtiring efforts toward the welfare of the students of Frederick, ve, the 1958 seniors, hereby dedi- cate our VIKING to the Lynn G1 Peterson American legion Post f273.Hc will alleys have happy l10l'108 of you as we 1'11ll1lC8 our school days. HB! you ao- cept this as c 'thank yum". Z I 4 S225 5? 'raw T l' Q ! 44" ,ff CLeft to r1ghtD Stanley B Baabe, Mary Ann Nelson, Roger Kendall, Bernice Rollo, Donovan Thorpe MAR! ANN NELSON C mmercIaI English Yearbook Advisor School Paper Advisor MB STANLEY B BAABE S erIntenE E American History Mathematics BERNICE BOLLO Home Economics Band Plays Vocal Music BOGFR KENDALL S Ience Social Science Declamation MR. DONOVAN THORPE Manual Training Science Social Science Coach -- i i 1 Vx ima, --lG-QEZJ-l--l--ll--i-' fig X' WLfT1B 15 -'III 'll TOP ROW Kleft to right! Morris Heinzen, Robert Campbell, Kay Erickson, Joyce Mikkonen, Bonnie Dosch, Myrna Rauma, Lyla Emery BOTTOM ROW Charles Taskerud, Marvin Ylitalo, editors Ruth Tveit and Alan Glover, Gary Anderson, Deanna Rexlnger 'bk N4 Larrie Heinzen, president-Alan Glover, Charles Taskerud, Toby Brown, Mike Glover, Priscilla Maunu. MarLooL jay .S,2uJen1f Cipunci 1 'H lull A ffj. t 1 4 Ln., ' 1, LP- 1 I K' -ull - eb' v 4 , ' ' - ' yr . U Ae 2 1 ' " ' ' '. b v 'W I H 1 , N ' 'Z 1 X P 1 'fo x A Z - J ' ' f 1 ,h M V ug W M U T ! Y 'i X I ,- AA I O f I W W... M Y , W' x re .Q x 1 Xxi B' X K l B M 5 we is , ' if '1 V I 1- A x :P Q 1- ,WV 'watch me go between those two motorcycles.' Can't you just see Bobby trying to? Like Gary, Bob has had four years of foot- ball fof which he was cap- tains, basketball,pepclub, and Letterman's club. He attendedboys'chorus,m1xed chorus, and track three '33 1 GARY ANDERSON 'Why should the devil have all the fu 2' Gary makes sure that he doesn't. Four years of Gary's high school career consisted of football, Kof which he' was captainl , basketball, pep club, and Letterman's club. He served on the student council and was a class officer his first year. He was on the track team threeyears, in class plays two years, and onthe newspaper and anmual staffs his sen- ior year.He also was a class officer his Ju ior and senior years. Gary plans to attend college in the fall. BONNIE DOSCH N years. He took part in the junior and senior class plays, and he was on the annual staff. Bob has made 3 j no definite plans as-yet. fly? -sl ROBERT CAMPBELL J1m's favorite saying 1s 'I never let studies interfere with my edu- cat1on.' How well everyone knows! Pep club was the only four year acti- vity that he participated ln while he took football, boys' chorus,mixed chorus, and Joined the Letterman's club for three years. He was on the newspaper staff one year, and on the track team two years. Jim is plan- lng to get married in the fall. JAMES DUMIRE Being the musical type, girls' chorus,m1xedchorus, Bonnie participated in 5,JQgfw?On and band for four years. She also belonged to the pep club four years, and she worked on the newspaper and was in class plays for ,Q 3 'if ,gifs gs' three years.She was active 1.59 s, fortwoyears in basketball and her last yearconsisted of being a m mber of the annual staff and in physi- cal educat1on.She was also duchess from Frederick. She was aclassofficer one year. Like everyone says, 'A letter a day keeps the wolves away.' Bonnie is planning to attend business college. 6 dw" Z. QI av" K-1 t .4 N 'ug X. Er Kay, being the valedic- torian, is the honor stu- dent of the class.She also received the honor of at- tending girls' state, and the honor of being the Future Homemaker of America lwhlch will comeixahandyl. Kay participated fouryears in basketball,m1xedchorus, girls' chorus,and pepclub. She was class officer, in physical education, and on the annual staff one yearg in declam and on the paper staff three yearsg and in class plays two years. She 1s considered a nG1rl of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrows.n Kay Q A M ,. fall. LYLA Ehssx vb Lyla is our D. A. B. represent- ative from the senior class. She is a fine typist and served as office secretary her senior year. Lyla was in band, basketball,paper staff, and pep club four years. She was in vo- cal music and in class plays three years. The annual staff, cheerlead- ing, and participating ln physical education became a part of her sen- lor year. She's reserved---but for no one in particular. Lyla is plan- ing to attend college. plans to get married this E KAY snlcxsou Alan likes the simple things in life--women for instance. He's never without one. Alan has participated in basketball Cbeing the captain his senior yearl,track, football,Letter- man's club, pep club, band, boys' chorus, and mixed chorus for four years. He was a class officer three years, and he participated in class plays three years.He was boys' state representative and duke. His senior ear was centered about studentcoum y - cil, newspaper staff, and editor of the yearbook. Alan also was co-sal- utatorian his senior year. He plans EVONNE GEBHARDT -I 'lsr' 5 x X 1 to attend college in the fall. As ourmostardent base- ball fan,Evonne has a hard time deciding between boys and baseball. We are all beginning to wonder just what the outcome will be. Girls' glee club and mixed chorus held her attention three yearsg while declam, paper staff, class play, and physical education in- cluded her one year acti- vities. Bvonne is plan- ning to start working in the o 7 ALAN GLOVER ssffriialeafwlf f 1 T-LKTQ5' Y K 'figq '?. X' . -J' N lftiff '-5 X 1 J nLove is too simple a game for a bralny man to in- dulge in." How well Morris knows, for all through his high school career, he was named the 'second Einstein." For four years he took part in boys' ohorus,m1xed cho- rus, band, track, and pep club. He participated in football three years, and in basketball and class plays two years. He served on the newspaper and annual staff his senior year. Morris in planning to be- come an engineer. fb i by 7 I-IQRBIS' HEINZ D1 Here is what is conslderedawestl ern man. All he thinks of is range land and cattle. However, he said, 'School 1sn't really bad, 1t's them women.' Activities weren't a part of Delbert's school life u til he went out for football his last year, and he wantedtoyday theentireyear. He was in the class play his senior year, and he joined the pep club one year. Delbert plans to go to Montana and start ranching. il I 33-T ' DEL?m.f5!-fiinflm Delia was warmly welcomed to our class the Junior year.She had trans- ferred from Westport and she increased our class to nineteen. Delia d1dn't take part in too many activities as she was more the scholastic type. Her only activities were girls' cho- rus for two years. and mixed chorus and class play one year. She re- ceived the honor of being co-salutat- or-lan of the graduating class. As she says, 'They like to hear me talk, so I guess I'll say someth1ng."Del1a is planning to work after graduation. OBLAND KBUSE 'bt xv' fxlmnlf' 'work has killed marry a man, so I'll live a long time." This is a true statement if there ever was one. with three years of pep club and two years of football,m1xed chorus, and boys' glee club behind him, Orland will graduate a high and mighty senior. He's planning to work in the fall . DELIA HOWE f.-fix 5? adv Q "Q"46?Zg aw., 5?-. . 3 ,332 ' :WL w - v ,V . Mmma 1s'Hdlof hm and m1sch1ef, too---doing things she shouldn't do.n She's a grand gal to know. Myrna has participated in basketballandpep club for four years,has been on the paperstafffor threeyears, and participated in declam and class plays two years. She took part in girls' chorus, mixed chorus, and physical education herlast year,and shewasart editor of the annual. Myrna plans to become a teacher after graduation. gi so f.. I ff",l',f' JOYCE MIKKONEN nJust because I've made my choice is no reason why you boys should be d1scouraged.n we hold this to be true of Joyce.Joyce has participated in basketball, pep club, girls' glee club, andmlxedchorus forfouryears. She has faithfully played her trom- bone in band for four years. During her Ju ior year she was on the paper staff, and in the class plays. Acti- vities during her senior year con- sisted of physical education, class play, paper staff, and annual staff. Joyce plans to become a telephone M BNA RAUMA 'How ya gonna keep'em down on the farm?u Shirley, for some reason, had no reply.For four years the teachers faithfully saw Shirley attending girls' chorus and mixed chorus. She was on the paper staff her last year and she took part in thejuniorplay. Physical education also drew her attention her last year. Shirley lans to attend business colle e and operator. DEANNA REXINGER 42" 1 P S become a secretary. Being the only redhead in the class posed quite a problem for Deanna but she eventually overcame it. As she always says,nI'11never marry---until someone asks me.' Pep club and basket- ball became her main acti- vities as she participated in them for four years. Girls' chorus and declam held her attention three yearsg and mixed chorus, newspaper staff, and C1888 plays whirled her around two years. She was on the annual staff her senior year. Deanna plans to be- come a math teacher. 9 SHIRLEY SCHLOSSER f lf? 'ss SJ CHARLES TASKERUD This jolly senior has what is considered a weakness for women, but like he says, who wants to be strongl' Forfourfaithful years Charlie has attended the Letterman's club, mixed chorus, boys' chorus, and track was a class officer one year, in football and basketball two years, and in class plays two years He was a mem ber of the pep club three years, and his last year found him busy with the annual staff andstudentcoun cil Charlie plans to become a minister, and serve the Lutheran Church CLASS COLORS Royal Blue and White CLASS MOTTO Climb far, Your goal the sky, Your aim the star American Beauty Rose A little lipstick now and then is relished by the best of men Here we have our 1957 58 Homecoming Mar shall Being sports mind ed, Marvin participated in basketball,football,track, and Letterman's club four -' years He was captain of the 1958 track team took part in mixed chorus, boys' chorus, and band for four years He was a class officer and in class plays two years, and he was on the annual and newspaper staffs one year He parti cipated in pep club three years Marvin is planning to attend college 1 -.X MARVIN YLITALO ME? gl RUTH TVEIT Boys are bothersome but I like to be bot hered ' Whenever you see her,she'sbothered Ruth has participated in basketball,pe1mclub, and band four years Shewasa class officer three years, and she took part in declam three years Class plays and newspaper staff were enjoyed two A years, while physical education and editor of the annual were one year Ruth was al so honored by being 'M1ssFreder1ckof1958 She plans to attend college and take Jour- nalism in the fall af-'J' 0-nf' urf'7' shui" Q4 .J4anua!.5QqgV EDITORS Ruth Tveit and Alan Glover ART EDITOR Myrna Rauma SPORTS EDITORS Marvin Ylitalo and Gary Anderson BUSINESS MANAGERS Robert Campbell and Morris Heinzen FEATURE EDITORS Kay Erickson, Joyce Mikkonen, and Bonnie Dosch CLASS EDITORS: Dean a Rexlnger and Lyla Emery PHOTOGRAPHER: Charles Taskerud CLASS FLOWER 10 QW, as 1, wwf' 'L XJ 'fr -X, TOP ROW Kleft to rlghtbs Sharon Borden, Dennis Geranen, Michael Glover, Mardella Gunther MIDDLE ROW Myrna Larson, Priscilla Maunu, Judy Nixon, Arlene Raisanen BOTTOM ROW Leslie Strand, Lila Suur-meyer, Carol Ylitalo Not pictured Sandra Keator 0 Mfl'LL0l"5 I g . . I M 'Y . if -I 1. . , a D fx J ,I ' ' or '- A . Y , A , Q, X 1 ' W , . X - , . f . xx ,, M v 1, , f I ' ' V' f - JIMQPJ W 2' . 'Qggla' . V wr, I 1 y- iff, 3. A J' "' " f. , 5 -. . Q E ,P , 1 L X , ,, A. I In 'V . we V 3 ,f W4 ' . 1 , f 2 ,r .K I I W Q f f' ls W ' . , 1 1 A ' he Ei 'X if 4 , ' fig A ' N " Q' YI 1 f I 5 3 1 . O I J 'v f , XLR be i f ,-.- - . v 1 V LQ, X W- I V, 333 If iw Jn'-Pax ik. . Q . X XX V it 'riV., X 'X lx lc iff? ' i I " K I! , M , X12 n N . Nz. , A K 5 O if A ' 1 , I fgiJYwTff'- TOP ROW Cleft to right? Richard Brown, Wallace Eichelberg, Dale Groom, Jane Groop MIDDLE ROW Larry Heinzen, Paula Kotlla, Allan Layton, Joyce Scnlosser BOTTOM ROW Martna Sturm, Marcia Taskerud, Stephen wlltala if 4 -Q- -I W 1 z Q ,f Y' . . . ' R 1 c, X? Z 0620 Q Q. AQJ , v 2 K W x i-"' 4 X--' AU? if i -13-w 45' K' mg' 4 WR av -iff i'vv wi E W. fs Q' '27 TOP ROW Kleft to right! Ronald Dosoh, Arthur Erickson, Donald Glover, Delores Kopetsky MIDDLE ROW Gaylen Larson, Leila Larsen, Dennis Maunu, Ronald Nlva BOTTOM BOW Marjorie Belsdorph, Irene Storm, Sandra Thorpe, Sharon Wolff 5.7 'O 14 A 'ffl in N L' A-ff 4 f LQ, Qi,am z 1i!L'Tv?,i?g M- N I 76,75 hx . jgi ,, M ,, W' A , ,gn ,+o 4 Jigga i1 ' I W zfjf?,'Hf' A l,' I frat VA f.H ,affil K wb , fi 5 ,, .1 - ,, .E we-v. I I X "' j. QW fa W Q D W X ' . f lgguenffz ' pa Q5 SZ lgxfh 0 ,FCOM 'M TOP ROv Cleft to rightb Mickey Thorpe, Matt Mikkonen, Allan Hoffman, Marlen Golnltz, Gregg Wiitala, William Str nd, Roger Nixon, Jan Raabe MIDDLE ROW Dennis Fischer, Mary Schlosser, Lorraine Schlosser, Patsy Glarum, Janice Suurmeyer, Patsy Peldo, Lucy Howe, Thomas Dosch BOTTOM ROW Jeannie Glover, Jeannie Kangas, Adeline Raisanen, Kathy Smith, JoAnn Braa, Carol Strand, Lila Maunu, Mrs Wlederrich Not pictured Richard Ralsanen, Royalyn Rollo TOP ROW Kleft to rlghtl William Schlosser, Gary Mlkkonen, Ralph Maunu, Marc wiitala, Gary Nelson, Billy Gustafson, Richard Smith MIDDLE ROW: Sandra Hoss, Dana Maunu, Loel Larsen, Kerry Nixon, Ricky Willey, Sherry Dosch, Carol Geranen. BOTTOM ROW: Cynthia Rollo, Linda Gustafson, Alice Ralsanen, Cheryl Willey, Cheryl Suurmeyer, Susan Glarum, Mrs. Voegell. Not pictured: James Peldo. 15 ' . 1 1 .1 "l, .. NX Ze I .4 -'wily .. H H 'ag 1 T3 '- ' D U n 1 Q T 4 5, , P' 4 5 , , li, .w.1,.g,--3-v i A 1 11.-'I " , .lv : 3 1 I I O Q . . , , - ' - - ,, - - ' ' A-lr , ' in -- 'M " -. 54 !I 2 Q wird " jourfln Gu Q5 EPM " icon ,OP .3 TOP ROW Cleft to rlghtl Bruce Hart, Clayton Fischer, Jimmy Gustafson, Kenny Olson, Donald Gunther, Darrell Golnitz, Russell Eichelberg MIDDLE ROW Jon Ochsner, Patty Suurmeyer, Victoria Eissinger, Roy Glover, Jeffrey Thorpe, Stanley Mikkonen, Robert Schlenker BOTTOM ROW Coralie Anderson, Barbara Hart, Gayle Maunu, Maxine Taskerud, Geraldine Bain, Kathy Willey, Mrs Kroll Not pictured Steven Post if -A h. lu.. TOP BOW Cleft to rightl Bruce Anderson, David Golnitz, Jimmy Bain, Terry Ochsner, Donnie Maunu, Scott Post, Joel Elssinger, Keith Schlenker, Danny Dosch MIDDLE BOW Edith DeMarce, Stephanie Smith, Vickie Borden, Alice Barr, Marcia Willey, Patsy Hoss, Robert Glover BOTTOM ROW Connie Johnson, Betty Jo Glarum, Suzanne Raabe, Karen Dean, Joann Senger, Rita Willey, Mrs Raabe Not pictured Brian Witte 16 -- 5 V ' O -1 i A I . . ,.., 4 H V . ul Q p A 1 . Q Q - 0 . . I . Q C Q g I .1 v . H, ! K , , ' S ,. - o ' ,H ' .1 ' . ' n 1 . , k ' an . . ,Q , ,. , V . .r ,A 553524 :fs v,.I-- . ,V ,-ann? . "guna, ' -., fxuv.j..4, , ' X X Martel? ,f, 41- -' , -9 .'.y,'Q1?1.'g. .Q . . I - . I f . . Q o 0 0 A A P ,Il 4 N k Q .o' 'W 5 SP v A04 Alan Glover Duke In 4 I Q if . 522--,, ' if 4,54 ' S .,.g,,,K. V , ,4 . '.'.-if-fi , -Q.'-.iw A ' . '7' at 2 'L Q gewqf !-' I hi . , X uri, -. Q-K w. ' 'Lk ., '1 12' Q? 'W-kv-, -4 'u 4 Q . . f 0lflfLQCOWLLlfLg y , ,..,. . ff" 7 QSDEIP, as--fd' 12 if 'S ' ,z!Q2? 9 wf ,A ffff' I 1 51-154 '- - ' "g..f:5"737: 'FI P 'N wif" ' we I ""'J "1 ,, ,'vY!'f",1"' Afla ? 1 ' 32.4-,fi.0,, "f Emery, Mike Glover, Richard Smith, Larrie Heinzen, Arthur Erickson Dale Groop, Kerry Nixon, Morris Heinzen, Roger Nixon, Joyce Mikkone Alan Glover, Sandra Thorpe, Thomas Dosch, Sherry Dosch. MIDDLE ROW: Leila Larsen, Judy Nixon, Kathy Smith, Donald Glover, Marvin Ylitalo, Priscilla Maunu, Delores Kopetsky, Jeannie Glover, Kay Erickson. FRONT ROW: Patsy Glarum, Wallace Eichelberg, Sharon Borden, Bonnie Dosch, Susan Glarum, Sharon Wolff. Not pictured: Leslie Strand, bass horn Standing-Mr. Kendall, director. BACK ROW Cleft to rightlz Ruth Tveit, Carol Ylitalo, Cynthea Rollo, Lyla i n HUB CITY IBON STORE Your Center for Automotive Parts Call Baldwin 50720 Aberdeen, South Dakota F 20 uimuii 1 fl., Y I BACK ROW Cleft to rightlz Gregg wiltala, Matt Mik konen, Dennis Maunu, Mickey Thorpe, Ronald Dosch, Mr. Kendall. FRONT BOW: Gary Mikkonen, Billy Gustafson, Loel Larsen, Linda Gustaf- son, Carol Strand. l. of -v n 5 i 4 , . nj, Q G, gn ,X , 3 Q , , I , . ,U ni- 1 , , .. Z 2' , A . ' ,.f VV l ..' . Gq . M .A A, - .g , . 1 , bf , I , ga! il 'Q 3 Q Q? 14 bfgc? ,LM N. ffl:-frvifqvq ldap ,eip f r . 1 ff, 1 "le I Y , 4 i , Q ,'PWiWl3 24151 X B Q ' Y Eg' hi If R my it ' X ' i " al. . i x,, , , , 1 .5f. , 5 i"?f L on ' ' r 5 3 :, n D Mfg if f C 33 3 Wig s lg' " ' 5 ' lf L 1 y 41 'P-gg . J , If ' K A Q 1 ' L, .2 , 2 3 , J' 1 V 1 ' 'A' Z on V E s 'un y, ,G W WL ,fv- ii. Al BACK BOW Kleft to rightl Dale Groop, Charles Taskerud, Hike Glover, Toby Brown, Alan Glover, Arthur Erickson, Larrie Helnzen, Stephen Wiitala THIRD BOW: Dennis Maunu, Donald Glover, Dennis Geranen, Horris Heinzen, Marvin Ylitalo, Bonnie Dosch, Wallace Elchelberg, director Mr Kendall SECOND BOW Myrna Larson, Shirley Schlosser, Mardella Gunther, Lila Suurmeyer Jane Groop, Judy Nixon, Joyce Mlkkonen, Carol Ylitalo, Bonnie Dosch, Sandra Keator, Kay Erickson, Leila Larsen, Delia Howe BOTTOM BOW Priscilla Maunu, Paula Kotila, Evonne Gebhardt, Arlene Balsanen, Sharon Wolff, Sandra Thorpe, Sharon Borden, Delores Kopetsky, Myrna Rauma Deanna Bexinger Not pictured Leslie Strand ry I ' fa T V ZZ r' C 5 2 19 I 3 'i ' A - D- , p A Q i 'K gy 371 Q 'fi G ' L ,V 41 41 ' v- 2 :'- ni Qt '10 WZ". " ca, , " " . ax S X 3 1 I y 1 - ' . Xl L A l - 7 - . , Ji, ws 'B ff 4 ' 'ii ' 'F Q f ' 'fu -Y .9jf'uRiQf3,Q12 Q, W ad ' L A Q, B ea to B A 7 ' 5 ' - 6,1 , 11.1 ' 2 1 I ' C Y x . - O! . ' V X I s 5 . , ' , f ' f ' W , 2 ' nf Y h V f ,, 5 'Q f' K if gy' , I . a . - , , K ii vi my A vm ,, vmfgzw, ABERDEEN NEW CAB DEALERS rm' ,. , L , A 6 Q N 4 'W l ' ' ix ., I A, A f 1 fifffii , ' if .gp L I -5' ff x 'R if R43 , L , . ,I ew paper 3 ec amafion TOP ROW Cleft to right! Lila Suurmeyer, Mardella Gu ther, Judy Nixon, Evonne Gebhardt, Shirley Schlosser, James Dumlre, Joyce Mikkonen, Bonnie Dosch, Morris Helnzen, Myrna Rauma, Deanna Bexinger, Orland Kruse BOTTOM BOW Marvin Ylitalo, Alan Glover, Ruth Tveit, Kay Erickson, Lyla Emery, Gary Anderson AU TOP BOW Cleft to rlghtl Evonne Gebhardt, Myrna Rauma, Toby Brown, Wallace Elchelberg MIDDLE ROW Mrs Nelson, Priscilla Maunu, Arlene Baisanen, Dennis Maunu, Sharon Wolff Marcia Taskerud, Mardella Gunther, Mrs Rollo BOTTOM gewiiwinners Deanna Bexinger, Carol Ilitalo, Kay Erickson, Ruth e Z4 H va 2 Lyla Emery, Priscilla Maunu, Sharon Wolff W, KAQQPLRJQIY5 Sharon Borden, Sandra Thorpe, Carol Ylitalo CAQZPAQJQPJ liJL0fZLl!y IZlC nb Q P11311 3 TOP ROW Cleft to right? Gaylen Larson, Marvin Ylitalo, Charles Taskerud, Mike Glover, Toby Brown, Robert Campbell, Alan Glover, James Dumire MIDDLE BOW Arthur Erickson, Ronald Dosch, Dale Groop, Morris Heinzen, Larrie Helnzen, Orland Kruse, Dennis Geranen, Delbert Gunther, Mr Thorpe BOTTOM ROW Gregg Wiitala, Marlen Golnltz, Stephen Wiitala, Matt Mikkonen, Mickey Thorpe, Donald Glover, Leslie Strand, Richard Smith, not pictured Gary Anderson The Frederick Vikings proved to have a very successful year in the sport of football by having a seven win, one tie, and one loss record The entire season was played with an eleven , eight-, and six man schedule Robert Campbell and Gary Anderson were captains of the team The Vikings won from Edgeley 39 0 Kulm 39 6, Columbia 12 6, Forman 69 24, Barnard 43 12, Ashley 12 0, and Hecla 34 24 The homecoming game ended in a 6 6 tie with Columbia, and Frederick' only loss came from a strong Waubay eight 18 13 G00 TOP ROW lleft to rightlz Dennis Geranen, Charles Taskerud, Mike Glover, Alan Glover, James Dumire, Toby Brown, Morris Helnzen, Marvin Ylitalo, Arthur Erickson, Dale Groop, Gregg Wiitala. . BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Thorpe, Matt Mikkonen, Marlen Golnitz, Donald Glover, Larrle Heinzen, Allan Hoffman, Mickey Thorpe, Stephen Wiitala. Z6 -8.2 BACK ROM Cleft to rlghtl Donald Glover, Mike Glover, Gary Anderson Alan Glover, Toby Brown, Robert Campbell, Marvin Ylitalo, Larrie Heinzen, Dennis Geranen, Ronald Dosch FRONT RON Mickey Thorpe, Matt Mikkonen, Marlen Golnitz, Arthur Erickson Dale Groop, Stephen Wiitala FREDERICK OPPONENTS ao ofa 58 'Conference 'Westport 'Heola Ellendale fwestport 'Columbia Fullerton Amherst Kidder 'Aberdeen 'Barnard iAberdeen warner 'Barnard fLeola Ellendale 'Columbia 'Bath warner Andover fHec1a games FREDERICK OPPONENTS TEEN 2 O M 50 27 T'tE1 Polnts IZBU Field Goals U82 Free Throws Personal Fouls 7 INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT rna Columbia COH EBENCE TOURNAMENT o um a Bath Westport DISTRICT in TOURNAM NT 0 'Um a warner U8 51+ Bath ua raw QM Moda xx TOP ROW Cleft to right! Jeffrey Thorpe, Richard Sm1f1, lcxey Thorpe, Matt Ylitalo Mikkonen, Allan Hoffman, coaches- Alan Glover and Marvin Marlen Golnitz, Roger Nixon, Jan Raabe, James Peldo, Billy Gustafson Roy Glover BOTTOM ROW cheerleaders Linda Gustafson, Kathy smith, Patsy Glarun, Susan Glarum X TOP ROW Cleft o right? Mr Thorpe, Sharon Borden, Leila Larsen, Marcia Tasxerud, Deanna Bexinger, Patsy Glarum, Jeannie Glover MIDDLE ROW Mardella Gunther, Ruth Tvelt, Lyla Emery, Kay Erickson, Bonnie Mlkkonen Dosch, Priscilla Maunu, Joyce BOTTOM ROW Delores Kopetsky, Jane Grooo, Lila Suurmeyer, Sandra Thorpe, Carol Ylitalo 29 FCP .4 I2 J QP I4 pp cm 599 -'Z I1 f 1, JANITORS rs. Emil Nixon and "Kitty" L vi' .FK xJ 1-ri 'L CITY CAFE Snacks, Meals, Lunches L. H. Peldo, Proprietor Frederick, South Dakota U DANIELS' PHARMACY 'The Name You Can Trust' 14-Nth Ave., S. E., Aberdeen, South Dakota COAST T0 COAST STORES Everything for Farm, Home, 8 Auto Ellendale, North Dakota DUNPHY COMPANY A Hardware Store For ALL Your Needs Ellendale, North Dakota COLEMAN CLOTHING COMPANY Men's and Boys' Furnishings Ellendale, North Dakota Ph. EINAR MARKLUND well Drilling and Repairing All Work Guaranteed Member of the well Drillers Association of South Dakota 5101 Frederick, South Dakota CBABTHEE INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance at a Savings Ellendale North Dakota -ix 1 ELLENDALE BAKER! For Bread, Buns, A Bolls Call FI 9-3038 Ellendale, North Dakota lx. 122, 41 Compliments JO RICH'S Ladies' Apparel HERMAN EHBLICH Jeweler ward Hotel Bldg. Aberdeen, South Dakota KENDALL'S STANDARD SERVICE Car Washing Batteries Tires Dial FI 9-3188 Ellendale North Dakota 'CONGRATULATIONS' From the following independent clothing stores of Aberdeen. JORGENSON'S M NS SHOP MISTER'S M NS WEAR PLYMOUTH CLOTHING CO., INC. LEIBY DRUG STORE Drugs 8 Prescriptions General Electric Appliances Television Sets Ellendale, North Dakota K 8 S DRUG STORE we specialize in serums and veterinary supplies N. R. Glarum, Owner Ph. 5791 Frederick, South Dakota LEIM'S SPORTING GOODS Your Complete Sports Headquarters Harry Lelm, Owner Aberdeen, South Dakota KEE BROTHERS Ford Cars 8 Trucks Massey Harris Machinery Dial FI 9-3008 Ellendale, North Dakota LYRIC TH ATRE An Enjoyable Time Can Always Be Had At The Lyric Theatre, Your Entertainment Center. Ellendale North Dakota N-.1 1 PFEIFFER'S Coverings Furniture Paints J. T. Q Al. Pfeiffer erdeen South Dakota REID'S RED A WHITE STORE Groceries 8 Fresh Meats we Give Green Stamps Dial 5451 Frederick, South Dakota QUALITY CHEVROLET COMPANY For New 1958 Chevrolets See Us!! Ellendale, North Dakota BE-NE AUTO BODY SHOP Restoring of damaged cars regardless of make or shape Over-all Q Spot Painting Glass Replacing Dial FI 9-3293 Ellendale North Dakota BANDALL'S HEAD!-T0-WEAR STORE Merchandise Carefully Selected Ellendale, North Dakota BEXALL DRUG Sodas, Gifts, Q Sundries Fill Your Prescriptions Here Ellendale, North Dakota REDLIN IM LEM NT COMPANY Sales 6 Service International Harvester Allis Chalmers Pontiac Dial FI 9-3203 Ellendale, North Dakota BINGNECK RANCH Native Dakota Pheasants Russ 6 Miriam Owen, Owners Call 5141 Frederick, South Dakota in ,J VERN'S BARBER SHOP Come Here For A Professional Shave 6 Haircut Frederick, South Dakota Ng WALTER KANGAS, ACE MECHANIC Get Wally For The Best Possible Service For Your Car. Frederick, South Dakota WALLACE PRODUCE WALT'S CAFE 6 HOTEL Your Home Away From Home. Poultry Cream Eggs Delicious Foods Modern Rooms Hides Fur Wool Reasonable Rates Courteous Service Dial FI 9-3285 Walt E Lillian Schmierer, Props. Dial FI 9-3286 Ellendale North Dakota Ellendale North Dakota WEBB SHOE COMPANY Sporting Goods Luggage Shoes Aberdeen, South Dakota Congratulations On Your Fine Yearbook YLITALO H ATING Phone 5761 Frederick, South Dakota ELLENDALE DONOBS Kelsh's Electric Motor Repair Wes Electronic Service Ellendale Dry Cleaners Allen Crabtree, D.D.S. Att. J. B. Graham C. R. Anthony Co. Redmond Electric ABERDEEN DONORS Aberdeen First National Bank Taylor's Music Store Sherman Shoe Shop Blackhawk Cafe Weber Floral Pred's FREDERICK DONOBS Frederick Lumber Yard Martin Tvelt f-V' il Gomphmenff of The Slale Normal and lnduslrial College ELLENDALE, N. n. INDUSTRIAL AQTS PRE-PQOFESSIONAL TIZAINING TEACHER Tl2AlNlN6 BUSINESS EDUCATlON W l lllll ' E l 5 14' ' E T' 5: 755 I , 5' lll . CUNGRATULATIDNS TD DUR SIIHUUL SINCE 1332 WORKING HAND IN HAND WITH D fl BETTE TONOR OW NENBER FDIC FIRST NATIONAL BANK FREDERICK, 5. DAK. Ill! I I I b 1 srnoua R R . BROWN COUNTY NEWS Letterheads, Salesbooks, Auctions, Bills. Out of town printers pay no taxes here. ALLAN L. SHITH, OWNER FREDERICK EQUITY EXCHANGE Congratulations to the Seniors of 1958 Dial Phone whims . 5271 jbbl Dial Dial 5301 5331 or or 5382 7332 Clem Braa 5982 M. C. HOF N LIVESTOCK HAULING FMA STANDARD OIL BULK AGENT Anywhere Anytime Prompt service and delivery for your GIBB POST Frederick, South Dakota gas, oil, and fuel oil needs. 42 Best Wishes For Your Undeniable Success OHVE'S PLACE Frederick, South Dakota BOY 19 GUY LYNDE VAN DYKE STUDIO Proud To Have Been A Part Of Your Yearbook ELLENDALE, NORTH DAKOTA Chrysler Plymouth Ellendale, North Dakota ELLENDALE CLINIC Dr Ellis Oster Dr Earl Dagg Physicians 6 Surgeons Ellendale, North Dakota Homade foods 6 Pastries Dial 5301 44 NODAK CAFE If your wife can't cook, don't divorce her. Make a pet out of her: Eat at the NODAK CAFE. Prop. Ruth Q Leonard Hagen Ellendale, North Dakota I 1 E . F 4 A Yann. I, HOLTE FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Ellendale, North Dakota '59 DE MABCE STANDARD SERVICE Gas, Tires, and O11 Fram 6 A. C. O11 Filters Lubrication 6 Tire Repair George DeMarce, Owner Phone vww 1' FI 9-3266 Z' "'A Uf"",.f-' 'A., ,lirijih D181 5811 " X"' cvs M4451 . A ' My ,, ' -- FREDERICK co-oP OIL COMPANY See Us For All Your Needs If We Haven't Got It, We'l1 Get 11:1 Herman Hikkonen, Mgr. Frederick, South Dakota -r-vrgw X. ,..w- -'P rf--Mui' M L-.f , A " Y A Y,g.g.1" Q, ' .w-ri

Suggestions in the Frederick High School - Viking Yearbook (Frederick, SD) collection:

Frederick High School - Viking Yearbook (Frederick, SD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Frederick High School - Viking Yearbook (Frederick, SD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 23

1958, pg 23

Frederick High School - Viking Yearbook (Frederick, SD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 7

1958, pg 7

Frederick High School - Viking Yearbook (Frederick, SD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 44

1958, pg 44

Frederick High School - Viking Yearbook (Frederick, SD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 29

1958, pg 29

Frederick High School - Viking Yearbook (Frederick, SD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 30

1958, pg 30

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