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 - Class of 1964

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? E sf as E 5 E 5' 25 Q 2 5 5 5 I i + 1 w 1 i 1 1 i 'N J . xyk W , XJ J wif! WJ l 1 1 fN 1 v 1 xg? XC M VX m " . Q, .pf if QU W M L X l M HMM? f:fLWLWALAL WQZZZKWMMJ W , HE MA LAST WORD W 1964 LATSEW L ff WEETESWWA . ,LJ f1f'i,f5 Spa awww 1909 'QQWJJMJ fy ,WW GU f H6 Vffffff J 2 MW WDA S 1 ' X WM ,W QMS W WW GW x Egwmillfywm JSMVFWQMC Wwwiuw MM H',5ANd'fZU17L'iiJ ,VM cwek UUA Wax UIQ, Jfwcb C ,emo 'Ayn AMS HILLQLU, Fc fm QM MMM Wwwvx WV UWVIBRESENTED BY 55+ THE STUDENT BODY OF' FEEDERIC HIGH SCHOOL FREDERICK, MARYLAND MQW iw MZXCWWW M Q WW9'X W3 52 Ww? MW Www? wd,Qjg3,Q M W Z fff?ffZi igwffgiafw wgify ff ff? M W ff f 3 - x x x fd ,, VV K X357 , , 'if I .lax xr. y . , ,, w ' X 'V X . . . Therefore when we build, let us think that We build forever. Let it not be for present delight, nor for present use alone, let it be such Work as our descendants will thank us for, and let us think, as we lay stone on stone, that a time is to come when these stones will be held sacred because our hands have touched them, and that men will say as they look upon the labor and rought substance of them, "See1 This our fathers did for us." Ruskin -!'The Lamp of Memory" The unpolished stones by which we build today are the many little challenges We accept in our daily lives. With these stepping stones We are fabricating a strong founda- tion for the future. We trust that every stone will be articulate in expressing our strength of purpose, foreshadowing our dreams. We hope that those who follow us at Frederick High School may see the Wisdom of our plan and the beauty of our pattern, that they, too, may take courage to build their lives to even greater heights. These are our thoughts today: May future classes employ these stepping stones upon which we structured our future lives. May future students of our alma mater be edified and inspired to a more noble purpose, that we, the departing Class of l964, may feel our time spent in Frederick High School has been productive of lofty dreams and better tomorrows. 3 ' I The stepping stones she helped us fashion are the runqs by which We'll climb the ladder ci success. We, the class of l954, feel our lives enormously enriched tor having known her. We proudly dedicate this LAST WORD in sincerest appreciation to Mrs. Cctavia Zimmerman. 4 'I -Ifli. ff' , 'XY I .x, 1 'zz mx' f, A'-5 .V 5 jgf. L Q ff FA l ' f'f,,',I,5I:jIisI -,, 1 I K Nf9f7 I 1-Ml fy JUN IORS SCPHGMORES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS DMINISTRATION PRINCIPAL lr l I l W ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS MR. CHARLES E. HENSON MR. PAUL B. STROUP l To the Graduating Class of 1964: Confucius, the celebrated Chinese philosopher, said, "The rule of life is to be found within the Graduating Class of Frederick High School, leave our yourself." Thus, as you, the members of , halls of learning, We hope your rule of life will serve you Well. Ask yourself constantly, "What is the right thing to do?" Make an honest effort to live in peace rather than in bitterness and in strife. Believe your fellow men rather than distrust them. Be considerate of their feelings and their property. Consideration for others is a basis of a good life and of a good society. I lf you have not already done so, decide now upon your rule of life. We hope it will guide you l into a life of service to humanity and in so doing help you find satisfaction and happiness. y We have been proud of you as students of Frederick High School. We are proud of you as graduates. Our best wishes go with you as you embark upon your chosen careers. Sincerely yours, Warren C. Smith Principal 7 SMILE! YOU'RE ON CANDHD CAMERA A fi 52 X S lg Q 1 ss ff QE I 552 8 EP x 'H if ENGLISH 10TH GRADE Mrs. Anna Ford Mrs. Marjorie Happ Miss Mary Romano Mrs, Patricia Th ' n 5, 5.2.22 ' wiki fi? wa ENGLISH 11TH GRADE Miss Barbara Berry Mr. Darl Hinkle Mrs. Irene Iacobs ENGLISH 12TH GRADE f'?'155 22: fffsiwi' I' 'f. ffl. ,. ,... -,,Z,.,: , , Mrs. Frances Ashbury Miss Carol ine Le-Chiara Mr. Ronald Lennox Mrs. Ada Poole ',25'ff.'?,efm,' , SOCIAL STUDIES Miss Katharine Biehl Mr. Iames Kelly Mr. Viiiie Merrimi Mr. Euqene Roach Mrs. Octavia Zimmerman W A 4? ' SGCIAL STUDIES WY . 354 1: :bl W ,4e X E 5 , i I , V 5 , " 1 ':'-' A ,. J ,. V M3 ,X ills ' EQ' :V Mr. Leroy Fleming Mr. Harry Cornpropst Miss Mary Willard Mr. Iohn Charity Mr. Michael Zlotnicki wx., SCIENCE n : Mrs. Audrey Pressler Mr, Marvin Blickenstafi Mr. Iohn Wilson Mr, James Reed ggpwu----V SCIENCE Mr. Charles Rice Miss Perry Damer Mrs. Anna May Hughes Mr. Ivan Shanholtz Mins 75 R ffm? w-"" ATHEM TICS Mrs. Phyllis Bohr-er Miss Zelma Smith Miss Louise Weaqiy x AGRICULT RE Mr. Harry T. Miller f rf , sm. lf ., rf.y.fwQ- ' 1 ww ,J H .W 1 NQMM, 4 ,Q 54155 5 TW Q T .5 'L VJ qfkizi gr 4 ,- NGUAGE Miss Avis Fischer i Mr. Roger Holloman r M . I, Wakefield McGill .J f-ff BUSINESS EDUCATIO 'I ,-.,,A, , , , .-. ..,.,., ., .,.,, .,,, ,,,.,,.,.,,,,,, 4 A W H . W . V,-y:-tv' L jggi dp, 32. V ...,,. H ,. "' .. ' :g:,,ai'E:5.Er'2'-, ' A W ':',:' , 3132? Sf' . If '-2'fI, ' f- ' E W 'W' W2 5:22 21: 2 -lrff 4 if :EIS ' ' - .12.1f-, . " z -V:-if Wim., Q lv V ,.,f5' ijt " 2 " W 'I , iw 'A 22 , .fy ""' "" . 251' I V. P .lf .. sg ,S ,. .. f W e M . Mr. Kenneth Palmer Mr. Tex Harvey Miss Erma Stull Mr. Ronald Neff Mrs. Mildred Will Q WN 1 BUSINESS EDUCATIO 5915 1",. S.,-Q '.', , 'A.2, 321- , Q li , wf Mr. Clarence Haught Mr. Donald Mclntire Mr. Cornelius Turner Mr. Wilfred Roberts INDUSTRIAL RTS Mr. William Lynch Mr. H. lack Slimmer Mr. Dale While HOME ECGNOMICS Mrs Linda Achenbach Mrs Grace Enqelbrechi Mrs Alice Olson ART D MUSIC Mrs. Virginia Baldwin Mrs, Betty Ri ner Mr. Heisley B. Coruri Mr. Robert Doster 44 PHYSICAL EDUCATIO Mr. Homer Brooks Mr. Iohn Molesworth Mr. Harold Moser Mr. Iames Zimmerman Miss Alice Love Mrs. Hilda Roelke GUIDANCE COUNSELLORS Mr. Donald Sulhvan Mlss Mary Rhoads Mr. Henry Groff Mr. Robert Fe LIBRARIANS SECRETARIES Mrs. Shirley Lakel Mrs. Katherine McKinney Mrs. Iune Wiles Mrs. Shirley Crarnpton School Secretary School Secretary School Secretary Library Secretary CUSTODIANS Left to right: Mr. Overs, Mr. Dorsey, Mr. Tobery, Mr. Bowers, Mr. and Mrs. Toth, Mr. Spurrier, and Mr. DeGranqe. CAFETERIA STAFF First row: Mrs. Ahalt, Mrs. Eizler, Mrs. Blumenauer, Mrs. Markle, Mrs. Kaufman, manaqer, Mrs. Harrison, Mrs. Stroup. Seccnd row: Mrs. Howard, Mrs, Black, Mrs. Gordon, Mrs. Linion, Mrs. Holland, Mrs. Foqle, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Devil- biss, Mrs. Breiqhner, Mrs. Corbett, and Mrs. Holland. 7-4 ,M Q'-'wwf V f If :nm 'ZZZI HLEE A , M ' ' ' W H f 1'fiE'?iZSw5 .3 mm, ':' Nik ,133 as Z3 xx Et, , :I fzya . Hamm 3 M' W 34 W L :"",g A K z":Z, :iifgjz n I 'X 1, f f-vwewzf ' 'ff -, ' f KESEQQEKQ Q , if ' . 'W3Tf?fE??13' '19 w 4 ww " . -' .slii-. .. . M. 1 . .52 A . f I a 1 ff 1 1, 5.43 - -W " 3 525-xg! ' -. . K I 5 if 5. ., ,- '- . , 5?QVf.,g- 15,5 I V I:1E"':':": .,,,g,: ,, Q - ' ,,f::' ,,::2 i K 2, x.-fy-721' ': .,.: . , .Lzf- ff, ' ..,.. s ' M' . 453' ,,-'f':: A f --'- . .A - W M321 . x 4 . M XV u .X W !pj,9'V'JY,f U y jf , 53 74 W9 9 V yfkyjf Qjovy v fl f ,. . f ku X J N 'H gb 1 X N xr SL- fb ,www Q f . L f 'xfxfk ki ' ,fl kb' - X K. f ' L 1 f X WU L m L A., U xif' F1 1, Q" X x,-XJ! "1 xv- " I , .f1f'5' x LA. ,f 1 ' Q 1 X ,N L xf X Y x 7 If ,Jw F x R V Y "1" X ' ' X ' Ijx ' x . x . X ff 5 ' - . 4 fvfv X ci-'J QLX X K mx , Y M QNLJV 'Q V L F ,. X L 1 jf-I J , K , 19' . f .YV . A f K x , wx, ' Y. KF' A If-Y ,XY MX iwk, r ' M, K I fx vb' - Y' P A . .xx f . i x N V , h L gf' fb.:- 1 f-gx . -X , NM T- ' L' ,. T 1 f N. K X. X , W . x ' , K' fx -,, QXNV, :M A ,. xx. L.. 12w,. Q 5 :Six , M WL W A SENIQRS if XA A W Q 1 ' ' YL 'A QW ff U ., V iQ.2'MXAmX!4i. Mfwifx A L R R, kd' 3 ,IW Q LL - r pl' iw 2' Q 1 , f x Q , 1 '7-M54 M' fy V v fb W . Mya ANL ff MU I SE IOR EXEC TIV E CGM ITTEE Seated left to right: Duran Harris, Roberta Bradbury, Ian Eisman, Dick Clapp, Lynne Howard, lack Hart, Iennie Brewer Miss Weagly, Treva Stedling, Bonnie Penn, Standing: Lois Brubaker, Connie Billy, Kay Knight, Lisa Olson, Rick Alt Norman Mason, Pete Thomas, Mike Hess, Greg Cox, Calvin Rice, Iohn George, David Stockman, Anna Mae Young Sandy Burdette, Peggy Hoffman. OEEICERS Lett to right: Dick Clapp, president, Lynne Howard, vice president: lack Hart, treasurer, Ierinie Brewer, secretary. 18 NORMAN E. ABRECHT, JR. "Boots" . . . a garnblin' man, but a nice guy . . . IV Football: lunior Executive Committee: Golf Team . . . Future-Restaurant and Food Management-"It's money" SUE CAROL ADAMS "Sue" . . . her charm and wit win the friendship of everyone: whirlwind of semi-confusion . . . Honor Society, Secretary: FTA: Tri-Hi-Y Beta, Treasurer: Rec. Council: Band: M. Y. F.: 4-H: Student Council: Basketball . . . Future-College HERBERT AKERS "Herby" . . . loads of laughs: everybody's friend: keeps an eagle eye on the opposite sex . . . Rec. Council: Varsity Base- ball . . . Pet peeve-homework . . . FutureA"WiId Blue Yonder" IUDITH AIRD "Iudy" . . . 1,000-track mind, but finally made it up: eat toodl: kill the gray mare! . . . Tri-Hi-Y Beta: Inspirational Committee: FTA: Band: Librarian: llth Grade Executive Committee: Luther League, vice-president . . . Future -College DAVID RICHARD ALLEN "Schoolman" . . . hey man, al- rightylg Walking the dog: fond of the female sex: loves to work out: leaves basketball ability to FHS especially to I. CS I .... All-Star Basketball League . . . Future-No one knows for sure SE IORS 7-9 ERROL NATHANIEL ALLEN "Abner" . . . "Let you tell it: sound better" . , . St. Iames A. M. E. Choir . . . Future- Army GARY TYRONE ALLEN "Hot Dog" . . . "the little fat man with four eyes": likes to have fun: "Make it my way and I'll make my play" . . . Future- Navy RICHARD SCOTT ALT "Rick" . . . the nice, guiet guy from Ohio: a boost for the basket- ball team: a big help in English . . . Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Varsity Baseball 3, 4: Recff un- cil: Senior Class Executi e ri ft, mittee: FTA: Me swf fill' If lohn's Catholi ' a I eCollege 5" .73 ff' :A 'fx I 5249! f V' I ' . I I . ' . fl 2931, liar, I V V BEVERLY D I' NE AMBUSH "Shortie" . . . always smiling and ready for a laugh: loves to go to Montgomery County: "Hey, Nick, do you have any gum?" . . . M. Y. F. and Iunior Choir of Pleasant View Methodist Church . . . Future-Unknown ERNEST A. AMBUSH, IR. "Ernie" . . . loves life and every female in it: enjoys weekends: never seems to show up for school on Mondays . . . Thes- pians . . . Pet peevee-Absentee slips . . . Future-Art teacher or artist SANDRA MAY AMBUSH "Sandy" . . . always found laughing, quiet until you get to know her: vivacious personailty: willing to lend a helping hand . . . FNA: Sunnyside Methodist Church: Church Choir . . . Fu- ture-Nursing WILLIAM FRANKLIN AMICK "Bill" . . . Usually seen driving a mean Tempest . . . Band: Order ot DeMolay Fu ur C J-Q2 .. M if no Life ft wt rt llfttltj' it All fa it Q51 RICHARD IAMES ASHTON "Richard" . . . the quiet type until the right time: has an answer for the majority: likes to "mess" around . . . Pet peeve- homework . . . Future-College LINDA ANN ATKINS "Linda" . . . cute girl: always smiling and ready for a good time . . . FNA: member of St. Paul's Lutheran Church at Utica . . . Future-Medical Secretary IANICE LOUISE AUSHERMAN "lanice" . . . a cute blonde: full of fun: great to have around . . . Glee Club: Future Nurses: Rec- reational Council: member of Church of the Brethren . . . Pet peeve-red roses . . . Future- College '- get- ' :"tE:,-. ,ISM-Z' SE IOR 30 LARRY BRENT AUSHERMAN "Larry" . . . "Even," is that right? Wide open spaces are for me . . . Pet peeve-Fords and overpowering girls . . . Future- College CAROL ANN BAKER "Carol" . . . known for her long fingernails-until typing class: always smiling and ready to hear a joke: buzzes around in a black Chevy: wild about pizza: Phyllis' other half . . . FTA: Library Club: member of St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Luther League . . . Pet peeve-people who insist on us- ing her middle name . . . Future -only time will tell, for Carol won't ROBERT GARFIELD BAKER "Tinker" . . . known for his great sense of humor: a real nut: usually seen with a senior girl . . . l. V. and Varsity Football . . . Pet Peeve-Art . . . Future -Navy ROSEMARY BAKER "Rosie" . . . sweet gal: a friend to everyone: always seen with that certain someone . . . Mem- ber of the Edgewood Church ot God . . . Pet Peeve-conceited people and school . . . Future- left hand "third" finger SHARON ANN BAKER "Sharon" . . . sweet girl with a great personality: a special interest in Brunswick . . . Thes- pians: Pep Club: Member of United Church ot Christ, Jefferson . . . Future-time will tell SUSAN LYNN BAKER "Sue" . . . cute and short gal from Urbana: known tor her quiet laugh: eyes tor a certain guy . . . Glee Club: Hyattstown Fire Company "Marching Unit:" Wesley Chapel: MYF . . . Future -Community College and NIH PATRICIA ANN BANNON "Pat" . . . always found with Phyliss: keeps up with the styles: always ready to have a good time: has a weakness for the name McHenry . . . 4-H Club , . . Future-Beautician and wedding bells MICHAEL LEE BASGRE "Mike" . . . "Never rnind:" al- ways ready for a good time . . . Student Council: IV Track: FTA: Order of DeMolay: Evangelical Lutheran Church , . . Future- who knows? DONNA BAUMGARDNER "Donna" . . . sparkling per- sonality: those brown eyes al- ways have a smile for someone: knack tor getting her homework done . . . Honor Society: Ke- fauver Chapter ot FTA, secretary: HIGH FLIER, page 3 editor: In- spirational Committee: Luther League . . . Future-Hagerstown Business College GENE BEACHLEY "Gene" . . . "IO-4 over and out:" has a word for everyone: "Any- one for a drag?" . , . FFA: Doubs Lutheran Church: Doubs Baseball Club . . . Pet peeve- Chevrolets . . . Future-urs decided CLASS OF '64 31 CAROLYN ANN BEALL "Carolyn" . . , friendly gal with a smile tor everyone: crazy about Damascus: usually seer. with Marilyn . . . Basketball team: Youth for Christ Club: Brown- ingsville MYF . . . Pet peeve- people who always gripe . . . Future-Asbury Correge, Wil- more, Kentucky BARBARA ELIZABETH BENDER "Barb" . . . petite and vivacious: the settled one: great student of French customs . . . Thespians: Tri-Hi-Y Beta, vice-president: Honor Society . . . Future- College and Hawaii CATHERINE REBECCA BEST "Kitten" . . . a cute girl with a bubbling personality: hasn't passed her driving test: doesn't understand jokes but loves ani- mals, ice cream, and surprises: crazy over a tall blond . . . Thespians: Dramatics II: Iob's Daughters: Girl Scouts: YMCA Swimming Team: MYF . . . Future - Secretarial Business School RICHARD EMORY BEST "Reb" . . . "Thats a deep sub- ject:" two-tone blue or two-tone green? . . . IV and Varsity Base- ball: Glee Club: United Church of Christ: Youth Fellowship, president . . . Future-College LOIS IEAN BIGGS "Lois" . . . cute brunette with devilish brown eyes and per- sonality to match , . . one of a threesome . . . Bank: South End Baptist Church . . . Pet Peeve- Conceited people . . . Future- Only time will tell CONSTANCE LARUE BILLY "Connie" , . . a cute girl with a 'swell personality: quiet until you get to know her: loved those morning lectures QI: Won't tell us who that certain someone ist! . . . FTA: Tri-Hi-Y, treasurer: Honor Society: Rec. Council: Basketball: Executive Committee: Concert and March- ing Band . . . Futureeflollege and then a hula skirt. ROBERT COBLENTZ BISER "Bob" . . . a great guy with an even greater personality: good- looking and always well-dressed: known by all for his care-free attitude: a true, sincere friend . . . Carroll Manor 4-H: Frede- rick County 4-H Older Youth: United Church of 'Christ and United Church Youth, Adams- town . . . Pet peeve-conceited girls . . . Future-College DIANA MAE BLANK "Diana" . . . Cute little girl: hails from Rocky Springs: always laughing about something: a friend to all . . . Pet peeve- People who say things they do not mean . . . Future-Beautician and then . . . ELIZABETH MAE BLANK "Susie" . . . A cute red head from Rocky Springs: always ready for a good time . . . Hockey 2, 3 . . . Pet peevea School . . . Future-ask Susie RODNEY BARTON BLANK "Rod" . . . tall, sleek guy: can be seen above the crowd: al- ways has a psychological ques- tion: remember those Latin classes . . . Home Room Year- book Representative: Assembly of God, President CA, Church quartet: Future-eCollege SENIORS 32 CHARLES RICHARD BOKESCH "Charlie" . . . hard worker but never sacrifices a good time for study: attached to a certain cute brunette . . . Student Council: Student Standards: Inspirational Committee: Executive Committee: Science Club, vice president: Science Seminar: Thespians: Boys' State . . . Pet peeveerough math problems . . . Future e College CATHERINE LOUISE BOWERS "Cathy" . . . "I guess so:" a cute brunette: likes skating: al- ways seen with that special someone in a '62 red Chevy . . . FNA: Buckeystown Meth- odist Church . . . Pet peeve- snobbish people . . . Future- the business world BEVERLY BOWIE "Bev" . . . Cute little gal with a smile for everyone: crazy about Thunderbirds: usually found roaming around the halls looking for devilment: Ou Wee! What's to it papa? . . . Tri-Hi-Y Alpha: Pep Club: Basketball team: St. ,Iames A.M,E. Church: Asbury Youth Fellowship . , , Pet peeve - Tomatoes . . . Future - Secretary IOANNE BOWIE "Joanne" . . , friendly girl: easy to get along with: can be found in homeroom putting that final touch on her P,O.D. homework . . . Pet peeve-non conformists . . . Future4College? THURSTON OWEN BOWIE "Pee Wee" . . . lives for the wild, way-out week ends: us- ually seen with his big-time friends . . . Pet peeve-deceitful people . . . Future-Air Force MARY BARBARA BOWINS "Cookie" . . . quiet kid: friend to all who need help: always says, "Oh for days" . . . Ap- prentice Thespians: Ushers . , . Future-??? GALE UNA BOWMAN "Gale" . . . cute gal: a friend to all: blue eyes and brown hair: has a smile for all: likes to write "Dear Iohn" letters, better yet receiving Iohn's letters . . . Recreation Council: Student Standards . . . Pet Peeve - Homework on weekends . . . Future-Time will tell DAVID NUDHAM BOYD "Dave" . . . noted for his timely injuries during football season: always a friend to those who need one: always has an answer for a wise-crack . . . Recreational Council: Hi-Y: Football team: Track team . . . Future-College KENNETH WAYNE BOYER "Kenny" . . . holy terror from Feagaville: really a nice guy: incessant grinner: Ford man from Way back . . . member of St. Luke's Church: Luther League . . . FuturefUndecided LINDA KAY BOYER "Linda" . . . poise personified: wears her past around her wrist: usually found seeking advice about the male: so many shoes . . . Thespians: FTA: Executive Committee . . . Future-College CLASS OF '64 33 ROBERTA SARAH BRADBURY "Bobbie" . . . cute, petite, viva- cious girl: always on the go: runs around with little "D": favorite initials are L. W .... Varsity Cheerleading, captain: Student Council: Student Stand- ards: Tri-l-li-Y: Executive Commit- tee . . . Future-College CHARLES F. BRANDENBURG "Frank" . . . cool, quiet type: usually seen driving a sick '62 Chevy: out to have fun . . . F. H. S. Band 2, 3: Bethany M. Y. F.: Pep Club . . . Future- Air Force or Marines COLLEEN BRANTON "Colleen" . . . known for her long blonde hair and crazy laugh: usually seen with a cer- tain someone irom Yellow Springs . . . Pet peeve-History and waiting . . . Future-Office work and a long walk down the aisle lOYCE BRENDA BRECKENRIDGE "Susie Que" . . . nice girl with a great personality: always ready to give a helping hand . . . Pet peeve-People who think they're better than everyone else . . . Member of Calvary Methodist Church: M. Y. F .... Future- Undecided PRUDENCE IANE BREWER "Jennie" . . . heart's at Md.: small but mighty individualist . . . Tri-Hi-Y Alpha: Executive Committee, secretary: Student Council: Rec. Council, secretary: Hockey l, Z, 3: Thespians, scribe . . . Future-College PATRICIA G. BRIGI-ITFUL "Pat" . . . "Keep cool," nice quiet girl, a friend to everyone, can be found making that Trig hustle . . . Pet Peeve-P. O. D. . . . Future-College FREDERICK WARD BROADRUP "Fred" . . . blonde-haired charmer with unique sense of humor, known for his casual way and attraction for the opposite sex . . . Hi-Y, Band . . . Future - College CAROL LOUISE BROWN "Louise" . . . nice, quiet girl from Braddock, 5' Z", blue eyes and dark brown hair, known for her crazy smile that makes everyone haPPYi "Aw, you don't say." . . . Saint Iohn'5 'Catholic Church . . . Pet Peeve-people who think they're something they aren't . . . Future-not quite sure yet LEWIS RICHARD BROWN "Richie" . . . "What's happen- ing?" . . . Future-Government work or college LEWIS WAYNE BRUCHEY "Lou" . . . dark and athletic, good looking guy, usually found thinking about sports or a cer- tain blonde . . . I.V. Football, Varsity Football, I.V. Basketball, Varsity Basketball, I.V. Track, Varsity Track, Rec. Council 3 and 4, Hi-Y . . . Pet Peeve-Girls who think they're it . . . Future-Cob lege SENIORS 34 NANCY LEONA BRIGI-ITWELL "Nancy" . . . Quiet, bashful girl with a blushing face and coy smile, willing to lend a helping homework paper, middle name is Norman . . . FI-IA, Glee Club . . . Pet Peeve-Calm people . . . Futureeltflarriage IAMES ROBERT BROOKS "lap" . . . "I'll let you tell it." . . . Young People's Division of Churches, Choir . . . Pet Peeve- English classes and metal shop . . . Future-Animal caretaker Cl-IARLENE DOROTI-IEA BROWN "Penny" . . . the tall girl, known by everyone, always can be found laughing, never depressed, always in a gay amusing mood, enjoys all things that are fun . . . Pep Club, M.Y.F. Asbury Methodist Church, Young Adult Choir . . . Future-College LOIS SEEGER BRUBAKER "Lois" . . . friendly, energetic, and full of fun, spends her eve- nings doing homework for two . . . Senior Executive Committee, Library Club secretary, Hockey l . . . Future-I. and I. BARBARA ANN BRUNK "Barbara" . . . petite whirlwind of enthusiasm, passion for pop- sicles: utterly sentimental, in love With life, unpredictable, speaks with her eyes . . . Glee Club . . . Future-Schoolmann VIOLET VIRGINIA BUCHANAN "Violet" . . . A smile for every- one: once a friend, always a friend: loves to ride in a green and white '55 Pontiac with a spe- cial someone . . . Attends Urbana Methodist Church . . . Pet peeve -Conceited people . . . Future -lt's up to Nelson IAMES WILLIAM BURDETTE "lim" . . . Tall, friendly guy: always laughing: spends his time making other people happy: usually seen with Mark and David , . . Member of 10th grade Executive Committee: 4-H: Forrest Grove Methodist Church . . . Pet Peeve-Hillbilly music and typing . . . Future-Business College SANDRA IANE BURDETTE "Shug" . , . One of Frederick High's friendliest girls: known for her auburn fmost of the timel hair: one of Damion's most loyal fans , . . FTA: FNA: Tri-Hi-Y Beta . . . Future-Beautician SANDRA IEAN BURDETTE "Sandy" . . . Cute gal with a unique personality: sincere, has a smile for everyone: friend to the friendless: has a mania for olives . . . Executive Committee 2, 3, 4: Student Council 2, 3, 4: Social Committee: Thespians 2, 3, 4: Inspirational Club: FFA Chapter Sweetheart: 4-H Older Youth: Luther League . . . Future -Secretary SHEILA DAWN BURKE "Sheila" . . . An imported snow- man from Alaska: a cute kid with pretty, long hair: has one lunior problem: usually ready for a laugh: always wearing a smile . . . Tri-Hi-Y Beta: FTA: GAA: Red Cross: Sophomore Class Of- ficer: Pep Club: Spanish Club: Girls' Club Conference: Letter Girls . . . Future-College CLASS OF ,64 4 35 RAY MARSH BUSSARD "Buzz" . . , Drives a blue Cor- vair . . . Future-Navy DENNIS MICHAEL BUTTS "Denny" . . . Known for driving a bad '63 Olds: always found at the bowling lanes . . . Future- College NANCY ELAINE CALLOWAY "Elaine" . . . North Carolinas contribution to FHS: typical "southern belle": always on the go: hates to stay in one place: "Hey Beth, let's go tothe bowling alley" . . . Latin Club, secretary: FTA . . . Future-University of Maryland SUSAN MARY CALPIN "Susan" , . . Never understands jokes: quiet until you get to know her: usually seen with a certain half-miler in track . . . St. Ignatius Loyola Church: Thes- pians: Hockey: Basketball . . . Future-Navy wife BILLIE IOE CAMPBELL "Billie" . . . blue-eyed brunette with a sweet personality and a true friend: always lending a helping hand: usually seen driv- ing that '63 Ford . . . Future- Business school IERRY WAYNE CAMPBELL "Ierry" . . . usually seen at Village Lanes, when he's not with Donna . . . IV Baseball l, 2: Varsity Baseball l . . . Future -Business College MARY CYNTHIA CANNON "Cindy" . . . cute blackhaired gal with a sweet personality: always a true friend . . . member of Brook Hill Methodist Church: MYF: Thespians . . . Pet Peeve- Psychology . . . Future-Business College, then ask Delton! ROBERT WILLIAM CAREY, IR. "Bob" . . . likes chess, archery, and reading: Civil War "buft": always ready to tell a corny joke . . . Church of the Brethren . . . Future-College KATHLEEN GLORIA CARNEY "Kathleen" . . . hails from Ala- bama: great sense of humor with a personality to match: always ready for fun: "Village" is home away from home: has an infec- tious laugh: bombs around with Carole and Linda . . . FTA: For- eign Language Club: Pep Club: Tri-Hi-Y Beta . . . Future-College in Alabama ANITA YVONNE CARROLL "Anita" . , . "Never look up the ladder of success, but climb it.": always seen with that special someone in a green '57 Pontiac: noted for her late hours and her pleasant smile: seen six periods a day loafing in the halls . . . Pet Peeve-Late hours . . . Future- Undecided SENIORS 36 STEPHEN STUART CARTER "Crash" . . . determined but lazy: has a terrible habit of being reckless . . . IV Football: Inspira- tional Committee: Science Semi- nar: Social Studies Seminar . . . Pet Peeve - A certain short blonde . . . Future-Thiel College GARY WAYNE CASTLE "Gary" . . . something cool from Highs: drives a mean '59 Ford: a true friend: easy to get along with: hangs around with the band room gang: "Well, you can't win them all." . . . March- ing, Concert, and Varsity Bands . . . Pet Peeve-ePsychology and getting up in the morning . . . FutureiAnchors away or Busi- ness College CAROLE FRANCIS CASTO "Carole" . . . hails from Cuba: a cute blonde always on the go: runs around in circles: likes a wild time: has a smile for every- one: can usually be found at "Village" with Kathleen and Linda: drives a little red fire engine . . . Tri-Hi-Y Beta: Thes- pians: Ushers: Pep Club: FNA . . , Future-St. Mary's RICHARD ALAN CECIL "Speedy" . . . "Go ahead with it" . . . Church of the Brethren: CBYF . . , Future--School for Test Drivers CAROL LYNN CHEEKS "Carol" . . . cute gal with a great personality and sense oi humor: fond of the name of Larry . . . member of the United Church of Christ . . . Pet Peeve - Late telephone calls . . . Future-It's up to Larry! STEPHANIE ELAN CHERRY "Stef" . . . "la vie est vainef' un peu de toutes les choses: one of the Bobbsey Twins: tyrant of page two . . . High Flier: Thes- pians: Humanities and Science Seminars . . . Future-College RICHARD THOMAS CLAPP "Dick" , . . jack of all trades and master of most: fabulous per- sonality with sincere and under- standing attitude: always ready to lend a helping hand . . . President of Senior Class: Na- tional Honor Society: Inspirational Club: Band: Social Studies Seminar: Sophomore Executive Committee . . . Future-College BARBARA LYNN CLARK "Chubbie" . . . tall country gal always laughing: true friend to those who understand her: us- ually with that certain guy: known for her height and per- sonality . . . F. N. A.: F. H. A.: Thespians: Bethany Church: President of M. Y. F .... Pet Peeve-People who try to be something they aren't . . . Fu- ture-Beautician HERBERT DAVID CLARK "Dave" . . . allergic to telephone poles: always doing his work at the last minute . . . Favorite Saying-"How about that!" . . . Inspirational Club: lunior Execu- tive Committee: Science Seminar: Science Club: Humanities Semi- nar: Library Club . . . Future- College PAMELA ANN CLEMENTS "Pam" . . . our traveling flower- ing ambassador frorn "kangaroo land": cute, bubbly, and adorable . . . Tri-Hi-Y Beta: Student Coun- cil: A. F. S.: Yearbook repre- sentattve: F. T, A., Rhodes Chapter . . . Future-University of Sydney, then teaching CLASS OF '64 hp. 37 MA RIORIE MAE CLEVENGER "Margie" . . . little gal from Point of Rocks: always seen with that someone special . . . Pet Peeve - Conceited people and homework . . . Saint Luke Luth- eran Church . . . Future- Beautician CHARLES EDWARD COLE "Eddie" . . . Favorite Saying- "Get serious" . . . Trinity Meth- odist M. Y. F .... Future-Air Force or business school THELMA VIRGINIA COLE "Thelma" . . . a brunette with hazel eyes: cheerful personality: tendency to spread laughter wherever she goes . . . Member of Bartholow's Pentecostal Church . . . Pet Peeve-Conceited people . . . Future-Security SUSAN COLLIFLOWER "Spook" . . . a pretty blond, blue- eyed girl who is a friend to all: usually found at Village Lanes Bowling Alley: known to all by her nickname and hair: seen a lot lately in a '55 blue Chevy . . . Future-Beautician"?" CAROLINE VIRGINIA COLLINS "Poochie" . . . noted for being one of the most friendly girls: usually out to have a good time . . . Favorite Saying-'It's not the hours you put in, but what you put into the hours" . . . Pet Peeve-Short week ends . . . Thespians: Usher: M. Y. F.: Iunior choir . . . Future-WACS CHARLES WILLIAM COMES "Bill" . . . likes to do nothing . . . Pet Peeve-People in a hurry . . . Future-Mechanical engineer in U.S. Army GARY DAVID COMPHER "Gary" . . . usually seen in a mean green machine . . , Saint Matthews Lutheran Church: Older Youth, 4-H: Band 2, 3, 4: Pet Peeve - Homework and twelve bells . . . Future-Further education, then ask loann DOROTHY EDITH COOK "Dotty" . . . a real cute brunette: a true friend to everyone: usually seen with Iudy . . . Favorite say- ing-"Oh sugar" . . . Pet Peeve -Homework . . . Calvary Meth- odist Church . . . Future - Receptionist IOHN EDWARD CORDYACK "lohn" . . . tall and quiet: search- ing for a solution: almost there -where? . . . Honor Society: Varsity and I. V. Football: Stu- dent Council: Sigma Nu Hi-Y . . . Future-College LORNA IEAN COVELL "leanie" . . . a sweet girl with a swell personality: a smile for everyone, especially Charlie . . . Member of Hyattstown Volun- teer Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary: Flint Hill M. Y. F. . . . Pet Peeve-Some people . . . Future-Ask Charlie SENIOR 38 GREGORY ROBERT COX "Greg" . . . an avid guitarist: nice guy with a swell person- ality: sharp dresser and has a certain way: always has a smile for everyone and likes all the sports . . , I. V, Football: Sigma Nu Hi-Y: lefferson United Church of Christ: Football team statis- tician: High Flier Sports editor: Science Seminar: Senior Execu- tive Committee . . . Future-l'll never tell! CAROL JEAN CRAMER "Ieanne" . . . bubbling over with contagious happiness: loves a good time: zest for life: 50-track mind: possessor of a piercing off-key siren: yen for red ele- phants , . . Tri-Hi-Y Alpha: Thes- pians: Pep Club . . . Future- Campus tramper ROSEMARY CRAMER "Rosemary" . . . light brown hair and blue eyes: usually quiet around school: has special inter- est in Norfolk, Virginia, and the Navy . . . Future-Ask 'Gene MARY LYNNE CRAWFORD "Mary" . . . a lively girl with a glowing personality: ready to laugh at a good joke: knows how to have loads ot fun . . . Science Seminar ll, l2: Recreation Council l2: Evangelical Lutheran Church . . . Favorite saying - "Molds" . . . Pet Peeve-Home work , . . Future-College ALLAN RICHARD CREAGER "Allan" . . . friendly guy with a pleasing personality: interested in everything: drives a bad Mopar . . . Science Seminar: Sci- ence Club: DeMolay: Social Studies Seminar: Student Council: Honor Society . . . Future - College BRENDA SUE CRESWELL "Sue" . . . Tall, cute, blonde lassie with an A-l personalityp always seen wearing a smiley a friend to all: can't make up her mind between civilians and the Air Forcey can usually be found at the swimming pool . . , Tri- Hi-Y . . . Pet Peeve-Elroy . . . Future-More school IEROME JOSEPH CREWE, IR. "I. I." . . . tall, sleek guy with a joke for everyone: loves those psychology classes: Did you pass that test? . . . Future-Technical Training BONNIE MARIE CROMWELL "Bonnie" . . . a petite brunette with hazel eyes: has a sweet smile and is a friend to all: al- ways happy . . . Future -- Un- decided MILTON CLAY CRUTCHLEY "Milt" . . . Always ready to lend a helping hand to his friends: usually seen in '63 Dodge Dart . . . Library Club . . . Pet Peeve -Slow drivers . . . Future-U.S. Air Force NANCY TRAPNELL CUTSAIL "Nancy" . . . a cute brunette with a bubbling personality and a score of friends: sweet and true with a helping hand for all . . . Band 2, 3, 47 FTA 2, 3, 45 Ushers 35 Youth Fellowship, treasurer . . . 'Pet Peeve-Busy-bodies . . . Future-Nursing SUZANNE MARIE DAKIN "Suzanne" . . . a sweet blue- eyed petite gal who enjoys traveling and meeting new peoa ple: a great sense of humor and a sympathetic friend to all . . . Student Council: Tri-Hi-Y Betag Glee Clubg PNA . . . Future- Nursing HELEN MAY DARKIS "Helen" . . . Brown-haired, brown-eyed nut: somewhat shy: friendly personality . . . member of Evangelical Reformed Churchg active member of Independent Hose Company Ladies Auxiliary . . . Pet Peeve-People who think they are better than any- one else . . . Future-Beautician DORINDA LARUE DAVIS "Dee" . . . one of the many who wears a rock on her finger: has a special liking for Marines . . . Future-Perhaps modeling school and definitely marriage IAY PAUL DELPHEY "Feather Merchant" . . . nice guy with a wonderful personality: al- ways seen with a smile and "?"7 likes water sports . . . Band 2, 3, 45 YMCA Swim Team . . . Pet Peeve-Stuck-up people Future-Frederick Merchant PAUL RICHARD DERR "Rick" . . . Well-mannered guy, always ready to help a friend in needy slick crewcutg likes guns, girls, and horsesg Let's have a party . . . St. Luke's Luther League, vice president: Library Clubg member of St. Luke's Lutheran Church . . . Pet Peeve- sarcasm . . . Future-C. P. A. SANDRA FAYE DERR "Sandra" . . . a sweet girl with a charming personality: easy to get along with: a friend to every- one . . . Honor Society: LAST WORD Staff 3, 4, editor in chief 4: FTA 2, 3, 4, vice-president 4: Girls' State: Student Council 4: Sophomore Executive Committee, Yearbook homeroom representa- tive 3: Moments Oi Inspiration 2, 3, 4: Youth Fellowship: 4-I-I . . . Future-College BETTY ELIZABETH DIGGS "Betty" . . . "You can bet that" . . . Future-Beautician CALVIN MAURICE DIGGS "Tonkie" . . . nice guy: friend of all . . . I. V. Football: . . . Hope- hill Methodist Church, Choir: NAACP . . . Future-Undecided DELORES VIRGINIA DIGGS "Larsie" . . . "Happiness is not having what you want: but wanting what you have, there- fore: your life will be what you make it." . . . Thespians: MYF: Ushers, Iunior Choir . , . Future -Beautician SYLVIA LORRAINE DIGGS "Tweedles" . . . Hopehill Ir. Choir, secretary: Methodist Youth Fellowship . . . Future - Un- decided SENIORS 40 ROBERT OSBORNE DRISH "Bob" . . . a quiet conservative guy: likes sports and electronics: very conscientious worker . . . Future-Armed Forces, then??? IOI-IN WAYNE DRONEBURG "Maxwell I-louse" . . . "C" in the South Mountain Seven: has a sweet tooth for "Candy": "Mr. Splits" at the dances: part owner in a 265 driven Anglia Sedan: "Hear you tell it" . , . I.V. Track: Varisty Track and Football . . Future-Undecided THERESA P. DRONENBURG "Theresa" . . . a sweet girl with a bubbling personality: usually seen with Mike, in a black-and- white Chevy . . . Member of the Good Shephard Lutheran Church . . . Pet Peeve-Homework and POD . . . Future-Wedding Bells and Mike IUNE REBECCA DUDROW "Iune" . . . a sweet kid to have as a friend: one of Rec. Council's stars . . . 4-H Clubs: Hockey: Basketball: Volleyball: Softball: EUB Church of Walkersville: Dairy Club . . . Future-College THOMAS ORMOND DUTROW "Dutty" . .. great sense of humor: gets a big kick out of Ken and Wat: usually seen with Icy: drives a '55 Mercury . . . Cadet, Concert, and Special Band: IV and Varsity Baseball: DeMolay . . . Future-College SUSAN CAROL EASTON "Susan" . . . cute gal: personality plus: the individualist: impulsive: "Is there a dance this week end?" . . . Student Council 2, 3: Pep Club: Rec. Council: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: member of First Baptist Church . . . Pet Peeve- Small towns and slow type- writers . . . Future-Secretarial work MYRA BEATTIE EIKER "Penny" , . . a smile for every- one and friend of all . , . F.T.A. l: Rhoads 'Chapter 2, vice presi- dent: member of Mount Carmel Methodist Church: Methodist Youth Fellowship: Iob's Daugh- ters . . . Future-Data processing, Washington, D.C. CHRISTINE EMILIA ESPELAND "Chris" . . . tall, green-eyed blonde: friendly and helpful: part-time fleuriste: great FHS bulletin-board artist . . . FTA secretary: Student Council: Honor Society: LAST WORD picture editor: Social Studies Seminar . . . Future+College GERRY STEPHEN ETZLER "Gerry" . . . Typist tor Year- book: member Frederick Congre- gation of lehovah's Witnesses . . . Future-The Ministry DONNA LEE EYLER "Donna" . . . blue-eyed blonde: always with a smile and full ot fun: everything is "tremendous" to her . . . Glee Club 2, 3: Pep Club 2, 3: Iunior Executive Com- mittee . . . Pet Peeve-English . . . Future-Government work. then ask Sonny CLASS tt I , I , , -v . : I f EYL ll , Q i itll :ll W W' Milli W " Mi' .Pe SUSA NNE CHRISTINE EYLER "Sue" . . . always ready for a good joke: loves that new Tan Dodge . . . member of First Bap- tist Church: Tri-Hi-Y Alpha 2, 3 . . . Pet Peeve-Slow cars . . . Future-Ask Lynn BETTY YVONNE FEAGA "Bonnie" . . . cute girl with a pleasant personality: one of Woolworth's little helpers . . . member of lunior Civitans: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church . . . Pet PeevefTypir1g . . . Future- Beautician REBECCA FIFER "Becky" . . . greatest girl in the world: usually seen with one of the halves or in a black and white "SB" Ford with that spe- cial someone , . . Rec. Council: F.N.A.: Glee Club I, 2: C.B.Y.F.: member of Church of Brethren . . . Pet Peeve-"Rachel?" Future-Ben Casey's helper PATRICIA DIANN FISHER "Pat" . . . a cute brown eyed gal with a wonderful personality: lull ol jokes and fun: always has a smile for everyone: usually seen with that certain guy . . . Pet Peeve-Snobs . . . Future- Secretary, then wedding bells CALVIN RICLER FLAUTT "Calvin" . . . from 5th Avenue: the New Yorker: "Yeah, yeah1": coolest ot the cool: has an artist's touch: unique sense oi humor . . . Pet Peeve-Fickle females . . . Future-College HAROLD ROMSBERG FOGLE "Sonny" . . . A ci P Grocery Store employee . . . Trinity Meth- odist Church M. Y. F .... likes hunting . . . Future - United States Air Force or Business School CAROL IEAN FOLAND "Carol" . . . a cute girl with a swell personality: crazy over a joke . . . Brookhill Methodist Church . . . Pat PeeveiSticking typewriter keys . , . Future- Only time will tell ft' A IWW' w A 2. ,pw U '5 ,XJ W 1 cl, View 1 'A 1' , J-, ' yu U l ' i W rf 'tt u v EJ! Xl ,J TW C STEPHEN ALAN FORTUNE "Steve" . , . Favorite saying - "Why put oil until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow?" . . . Student Stand- ards Committee: Iunior Varsity track . . . Future-College CURTIS DEAN FOSTER "Curt" , . . co-pilot ot Ty's '37 Buick: always has something corny to say . . . HiAY: Rec. Council: Manager Varsity Foot- ball ancl Track . . . Future-? SENIORS 47. REBECCA ELIZABETH FOUCHE "Becky" . . . great gal with a personality to match: always talking: usually seen with a cer- tain crowd . . . Future Home- makers of America, parliamen- tarian: Mt. Carmel Methodist Church . . . Pet Peeve-English literature . . . Future-Office worker in the big city DONALD RAY FOX "Foxy" . . . great lover oi HQO sports, hydroplanes, and cars: red, a dominating color in his lite . . . DeMolay: Hi'Y: M. Y. F.: Thespians . . . Pet Peeve-So- phisticated girls and homework . . . Future-College and ?? IOHN DAVID FOX "Dave" . . . seen with "Grubs" . . . Favorite saying-"ls every- thing all right?" . . . Thespians . . . Pet Peeve-Greeks . . . Future-Sporting goods store PENNY RAE FOX "Penny" . . . petite ebony-haired gal: hails from Buckeystown: partial to a certain campus: roamer and sports car driver . . . F, N. A.: Bank . . . Future- Beautician ROBERT LANDIS FOX "Bob" . . . a great personality: always ready to have a good tirne: usually seen with the "Fish": pretty good shape until hunting season opened . . . Varsity Football: track manager: Crewsome Foursome , . . Pet Peeve-Certain girl . . . Future- Who knows? 9-z,'2'tf:0W?t WAYNE FRANCIS FOX "Wayne" . . . a good looking guy with a smile for everyone: likes to be on the go: drives a '56 Chevy: can be found at Village Lanes or punching keys at the Acme . . . Ir. Civitans: Bowling Leagues . . . Pet Peeve -Blondes and homework . . . Future-IBM School and then??? SUSAN PARSONS FRASER "Susan" . . . sweet n' cute gal from Middletown: always busy, but never too busy for a friend: has a contagious laugh . . . Honor Society: Recreational Council: Hockey: Basketball: Volleyball: Softball: Student Council: Presby- terian Church . . . Future- College and then teaching IOHN VICTOR FREDLUND, IR. "Vic" . . . transfer from France . . . Varsity Soccer: Varsity Golf: Fort Detrick Rifle Club, Presi- dent: DeMolay . , . Future - College CHARLOTTE SUZANNE FREE "Suzie" . . . cute girl with a great personality: always full of fun and energy: "Oh! those shoes": "Is it true that blondes have more fun?" , . . Tri-Hi-Y: FNA: Thespians: Student Coun- cil: Pep -Club 2: Yearbook Rep- resentative . . . Future-Florence Nightingale SUSAN LYNN GAITH "Susan" . . . "Ohl rgatro' " . . . MYF: Calv tho Church Choir . . ut tor College ? X. 03 Tqldfavp J' CLASS OF '64 2154 '-rbqfdilt - 43 lwefqpr CHRISTOPHER T. GANLEY "Chris" . . . cool, conservative. sharp fella: "Let's go some- where!": bombs around in a mean "6": POD jester . . . Rec- reational Council . . . Pet Peeve -A dead town . . . Future- College IAMES ROSS GARMAN "lim" . . . always wide awake and ready to go home: Pontiac blood in a '57 Ford: hates to stay home on Friday nights . . . De- Molay: Iunior Class Executive Committee: Band 2, 3, Special Band 3: Pep Club 4 . . , Pet Peeve-Second gear . . . Future -Undecided RONALD LEWIS GARRETT "Ron" . . . knows that every- body can't be perfect . , . Band: Evangelical Reformed Church: Rhoads Chapter FTA . . . Future -College IOI-IN CHRISTOPHER GEORGE "Iohn" . . , "Hitch your wagon to a star." . . . Thespians Troop IZ77, president: Rhoads Chapter FTA, president: County Council FTA, treasurer: Science Club, treasurer: Student Council Exec- utive Committee: Senior Class Executive Committee: Science Seminar: National Honor Society: Franklin and Marshall Alumni Award . . . Future--College RONALD CLARK GIBSON "Ronnie" , . . a wonderful guy with a zany personality . . . IV and Varsity Baseball: Track . . . Future-College DORSEY BROCKLEY GILBERT "Bunk" . . . nice guy: always on the move: usually seen on Elm Street in the BAD "409": great lover of all water sports . . . Band: DeMolay: Evangelical Lutheran Church . . . Future- Any Sugge'stions??? IAMES PHILLIP GILBERT "lim" . . . always ready to accept a helping hand: keeps an eye on the girls of F.I-I.S.: found in the most unexpected places: "You do your Trig?": "Due to the simple tact that . . . . . Hi-Y: Stu- dent Council: Senior Executive Committee: Bon-Fire Committee: Varsity Football: Varsity Track: Powder Putt Cheerleader . . . Pet Peeve-Happy teachers . . . Future-Homework IANICE MARIE GORDON "Ianice" . . . a friend to all: likes the boys and a good time: wonderful sense ot humor . . . Band 2, 3: Marvin Chapeland Prospect Charge MYF: Pet Peeve -Conceited teachers . . . Future -Undecided CRAIG CARLTON GOSSARD "Craig" . . . Electronic Club . . . Future-Electronic Expert LARRY MILFORD GOSSARD "Larry" . . . "Penny for your thoughts" . . . Future-To make money SENIORS 44 LLOYD KENNETH GRABILL, II "Kenny" . . . likes all sports, and food: can usually be seen walk- ing somewhere with a certain Senior . . , IV Football . . . Pet Peeve-Homework . . . Future- College and a promise to keep IAMES FLOYD GREEN "lim" . . . "Stay calm.": "Lite is futile without purpose" . . . Science Club: Humanities Semi- nar: Inspirational Committee: Stu- dent Standards Committee: Glee Club: Honor Society: DeMolay . . . Future-Medicine MARK WILLIAM GRIMES "Mark" . . . loves cars and girls: a nice guy: always has a stick of gum . . . IV and Varsity Foot- ball: Band: I-li-Y . . . Futureg Community College and ? ? ? ROSLYN KAY GROSS "Rossie" . . . a cute girl with brown hair and eyes: never a dull moment: known for her crazy laugh . . . FHA: 4-H Club . . . Pet Peeve-People who don't like to have a good time . . . Future-Beautician IOYCE KAY GROVE "toy" . . . cute blonde with a nice personality: easy to get along with: sincere: friendly: dependable . . . Inspirational Committee: High Flier: Frederick City 4-H Club: Episcopal Church . . . Future-Secretary MARILYN LOUISE GROVE "Marilyn" . . . a cute little bru- nette with a pleasing smileg "Why for?" . . . Member of the Church oi the Nazarene . . , Future-Ask Ronnie IOSEPH THOMAS GRUMBINE "Ioe" . . . usually seen riding his blue motor scooter . . . Fu- ture-Training at Radio and Tele- vision School DAVID MORRIS GUGGENHEIM "Dave" . . . a swell guy with a nice personality: a friend to ally devoted to science and math: en- joys 'sportsg "Breaks my heart!" . , . Science Club: Thespiansg ETAg Inspirational Committeeg Science Serninarg Student Ro- tarian . . . Future-Colleqe MARY CHRISTINE HAGAN "Chris" . . . Frederick High's answer to top personalityy loves poetry and a good time: has a sensational touch on the pianog can never stop being nice . . . Banolg State Band: Inspirational Committee, co-chairman: FTA, secretaryg Tri-I-Ii-Y Beta . . . Fu- ture-College IUNE DOREEN HAGELIN "Iune" . . . little blue-eyed blonde with a big personality: full ol fun: always ready for a good joke: likes members of the op- posite sex . . . St. Iohn's Cath- olic Church . . . Pet Peevel Housework . . . Future-A work- ing girl in this big world CLASS OF ,64 45 EDWARD CHARLES HALL, IR. "Toad" . . . Varsity Football 2, 3, 45 Concert Bandp Hi-Y . . . Future-??? JAMES THOMAS HALL "lim" . . . "I'm there" . . . IV and Varsity Basketballg Footbally IV and Varsity Trackg MYFg As- bury Church: Red Cross Council . . . Future-College KENNETH E. HANSON, IR. "Ken" , . . likes sports . . . Varsity Footballg HiAY7 Templars . . . Future-College BERNARD EUGENE HARGETT "Bernie" . . . drives a bad '55 Eordg "Too bad" . . . FFA . . Pet Peeve-Chevys . . . Future- Farmer CHARLOTTE YVONNE HARGETT "Snookie" . . . a cute, sweet, petite gal with big brown eyes: ilirts with trouble and the oppo- site sexg always happy and laughing: usually found at Ken- nedy's Studio or searching for that someone . . . Future- Modelinq and then '?? DURAN HARRIS "Duran" . . . a cute blonde with a sparkling personality: has a tendency to like intelligent peo- ple: usually gets her way with the opposite sex: has a passion for pizzas and shooting 22 rifles . . . Senior Executive Committee . . . Pet Peeve-Inconsiderate people and takes . . . Future- X-Ray and Laboratory technician FAYE LILLIAN HARRIS "Faye" . . . always ready for a good joke: "You better believe it!" . . . Thespians: Ushers . . . Pet Peeve-Loud-mouth people . . . Future-Physical Education teacher MARGARET E. HARRISON "Margaret" . . , "Oh ratsl": a real crazy person . . . FNA: All Saints' Episcopal Church . . . Pet Feeve-Inconsiderate people . . . Future-Nursing IOHN BENIAMIN HART, IR. "lack" . . . personality plus: usually surrounded by girls . . . Honor Society, president: Hi-Y, vice-president: County FTA, vice- president: Rhoades FTA, treas- urer: knior Class, treasurer: Varsity Football . . . Future- College LINDA ROSE HART "Linda" . . . always found in a '59 white Ford with a special someone . . . 4-H Club . . . Future-Only lerry knows for sure SENIORS M, "Indy" ... L- gi with a veheme pe o 't : c - up for what she i:.-- J- oves sports and band , . .-- ing and Concert Ban 2, 3, I Rec- reational Council 3, 4: FT resi- dent: Student Standards: Basket- ball: Hockey: Volleyball: Softball: Honor Society: Social Studies Seminar: Frederick City 4-H Club: Senior Scout: Episcopal Young Churchmen, president . . . Future-College and Physical Education teacher RICHARD EUGENE HAWES "Sonny" . . . easy going and care tree: easy to get along with: likes members of the opposite sex . . . Recreational Council . . . Future-Navy HAROLD FRANKLIN HAWKINS "Harold" . . . always has a smile for everyone . . . "It's a Ford!!i" . . . member of the Urbana Methodist Church . . . Pet Peeve -Homework and Fords . . . Future-College and Engineering NORMA IEAN HEATHERLY "Ieanie" . . . an attractive little southern gal with sparkling eyes that talk: well known by the op- posite sex: always smiling: known for her long black hair: usually seen with Audrey and Penny . . . Pet Peeve-A date that is late . . . Future-You'd better ask Ieanie IANE MARGARET I-IELLMANN "lame" . . . a sweet girl with deep-brown, devilsh eyes: quiet until you get to know her . . . Glee Club I, 2: Student Council I, 2: Tri-Hi-Y, 3: Pep Club, 3: Science Club, 3: Science Semi- nar, 3, 4: Recreational Council, 3: Hockey, 3, 4: Basketball, 3, 4: Tennis Club, 4: FHA: AFS: All Saints' Episcopal Youth Group, secretary . . . Future-Associate of Arts in Secretarial Administra- tion and then, Germany here she comes! RUTH HENDERSON "Ruthie" . . . "Be that waY": sweet, charming girl who's us- ually laughing . . . Iob's Daugh- ters . , . Future-Uncertain D. HUNT I-IENDRICKSON "Hunt" . . . "lust a tad bit": either eating iire or burning . . . Band, wind ensemble: Sigma Nu I-Ii-Y, chaplain: County Council, chaplain: Cross-Country: Social Studies Seminar . . . Future- College TREVA ESTELLE HENGST "Treva" . . . look out world, here she comes-"The pitter of little ieet has passed down the hall" chuckles at anything: impulsive, lives with pen in hand: will this big wide world ever stop for me . . . Tri-Hi-Y Beta: Band: Clari- net Choir: Wind Ensemble: Stu- dent Standards: Moments of In- spiration: FTA . . . Future- College IAMES MICHAEL HESS "Mike" ...' strong, silent type, if you don't know him: organizer, efficiency expert: a real French- man at heart: petite sizes, any- one? . . . Student Council: Execu- tive Committee: FTA: Thespians: AFS Committee . . . Future- College DOROTHY REBECCA HICKS "Dottie" . . . happy-go-lucky kid: usually seen in a little Volks- wagon with her special guy: "Ii you could be so lucky" . . . Pet Peeve-Waiting around for peo- ple . . . Future-Wedding bells CLASS OF '64 47 BEATRICE E. I-IILDEBRAND "Be" . . . cute brunette with brown eyes: always ready for a good laugh: usually seen traveling in a '60 Corvair . . . Pet Peeve-People who think they're better than others . . . Future-I'll handle the problem DAVID EUGENE HILDEBRAND "Dave" . . . a nice guy always ready for a laugh: likes hunting: a great art student: "If you could be so lucky" . . . Pet Peeve- Homework and conceited peole . . . Future-Business world MAXINE MARIE HILDEBRAND "Maxine" . . . nice girl with a sparkling personality: always smiling, cheerful, and willing to help: seen at the Bar-H . . . Future-Beautician RONALD E. HILDEBRAND "Ronnie" . . . bashiul around girls: likes antique cars and swimming: drives a sick Ford . . . FHS Concert and Marching Bands: Buckeystown Methodist Church: M. Y. F., treasurer . . . Future-College NANCY LYNN HILKE "Nancy" . . . "clothes-horse": often mistaken for AMY: likes little Red Ramblers and pen-pals . . . Thespians, scribe: Tri-Hi-Y Beta: FTA . , . Pet Peeve - Insincerity . . . Future-College and the Peace Corps ROBERT THOMAS HILTNER "Wabbit" . . . "Hey, Punt": drives a hot and shot '59 Ply- mouth: terrorist oi Clover Hill: always talking to the opposite sex: usually seen with Wag or Gary: laughing boy oi FHS . . . IV Baseball . . . Future-Maybe a barber EMILY MORRIS HINDERER "Emily" . . . unique and comical personality: known for having a big "Hart": is known for her great dramatization . . . Thes- pians, vice-president: FTA . . . Future-College EVELYN VIRGINIA HOES "Stumpie" . . . nice girl with an easy-going personality: lends a helping hand when needed . . . Pep Club . . . Pet Peeve- Going to math . . . Future- Singer DARLENE FRANCES HOFFMAN "Darlene" . . . short, tlirtatious brunette: friend to all, especially the opposite sex . . . Pet Peeve -No letters . . . Future - Undecided MARION THOMAS HOFFMAN "Tommy" . . . can be seen at the local AGP grinding coffee: drives a bad '56 Chevy: usually seen in Brunswick with that cer- tain girl . . . Band: Doubs MYF: Ballenger Boys 4-H . . . Future- Can't say now SENIORS 48 PEGGY MARIE HOFFMAN "Peggy" . . . Ieesh: all those "burgers": high hopes: what would school be without ath- letics?: honorary member of the "knitter's gild" . . . Honor Society: Executive Committee, treasurer: Student Standards: Band, librarian: Special Band: Tri-Hi-Y Beta: Yearbook repre- sentative . . . Future-College ETHEL LEE HOFFMEISTER "Ethel" . . . always looking for time to do homework . . . Band: Science Club: Humanities Seminar: 4-H Club: Arabian Horse Club . . . Pet Peeve-Long school hours, short vacations, and smiles galore when one returns . . . Future-University of Maryland EDWARD FRANCIS I-IOUFF "Eddie" . . . in and out oi every- thing: "Pin a rose:" the real collegiate: has a true poet's heart: head and shoulders above the crowd . . . Student Council, vice-president: Sigma Nu Hi-Y, president: Band, drum major: Honor Society: Sophomore and Iunior Executive Committees: Boys' State: member of Children's Aid Society . . . Future-College LYNNE FAITH HOWARD "Lynne" . . . rare combination of honesty, sincerity, and loyalty: excels in everything: generosity and intelligence matched by no one: an extrovert well liked by everyone . . . Senior Class, vice- president: Rec. Council, twelfth- grade manager: Basketball: Soft- ball: Volleyball: Hockey: FTA, secretary: Honor Society, vice- president: Tri-Hi-Y Alpha: 4-H: member of St. Luke's Lutheran Church . . . Future-College MARY FRANCIS l-IURST "Mary" . , . 5'2", eyes oi blue: known tor her flowing conversa- tion: all roads closed to Bruns- wick: usually seen in the bath- room brushing her teeth , . . Tri-Hi-Y Beta 2, 3, 4: Thespians 3, 4: Bank 2: All-County Chorus 3, 4: . . . Future-Iunior College, business world, and then! - --W KATHLEEN ELIZABETH IDOINE "Kathy" . . . make way for con- fusion: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em: Every road leads to Fourth Street-where else? . . . honorary member of the "Knitters' Guild:" Honor Society: Band: Executive Committee: Tri-I-Ii-Y Alpha: Basketball: Rec. Council . . . Future-College GARY LEE IACKSON "Gary" . . . individualist: resents exclamation marks: makes fre- quent trips to Araby . . . Varsity Cross-Country 2: Indoor and Spring Track 3: Sigma Nu Hi-Y: County Council, vice-president: Frederick Church of the Brethren . . . Future-College and Navy life RITA ROMAINE IACKSON "Rita" . . . an easy going girl, nice when you get to know her: likes everyone . . . Thespians: Pep Club: Y.P.D., president . . . Pet Peeve'Report cards . . . Future-Undecided PAUL BOWEN IENKINS "Paul" . . . that far-away look: co-pilot of a mean '57 Ford: quiet, shy, reads a lot . . , Pet Peeve- conformity . . . Future-Navy MARTHA MURRAY IESSUP "Marti" . . . always has a smile for everyone: constantly on the go . . . Tri-Hi-Y Beta, president: National Honor Society: Student Council: Cheerleaders: Thes- pians: Student Standards: Glee Club . . . Future--College CLASS OF '64 49 PENELGPE SUSAN IEWELL "Penny" . . . tall, blue-eyed transfer from New York: always ready with a smile for one more friend: Favorite saying: "you're kidding!" . . . Active member of Thespians . . . Future-New York's greatest tree lance writer, of course: and then marriage and fourteen children SUE ANN IOHNSON "Minnie" . . . a natural beauty: has a sense oi humor all her own: FHS's big mystery: has a passion for horses, plantations, and males-not necessarily in that order: Favorite saying: "we-'re not allowed to print it" . . . FTA: Thespians: Tri-Hi-Y: Student Council . . . Pet peeve -flirts . . . Future-The farmer takes a wife RICHARD ALAN IONES "Ionesy" . . . a sweet golf nut: "Where did my ball go" . . . Member of Red Cross Council: Civil Defense Rescue Squad, Post 266: Explorers . . . Future-Navy, maybe college, and then settle down as a golf pro. IOAN EDNA KEFAUVER "Ioan" . . . a sweet girl: true friend: quiet personality: always there when you need her: takes lite seriously . . . Rhoads FTA: Pep Club: member of First Baptist Church . . . Pet Peeve-Short week ends . . . Future-College ROBERT ALLAN KENNEDY "Brick" . . . "cool rnan:" another gamblin' man . . . Varsity Golf: Basketball: ,Iunior Varsity Basket- ball, Football, and Baseball . . . Pet Peeve-Tell us a story, Mr. Roach . . . Future4Ma1-ines Qi aww SAMMY KAYE KEYSER "Sam" . . . quiet type, sometimesg always on the move, especially with Marilyn: loves Corvettes and show cars . . . Pet Feeve-School and work . . . Future-Air Force and family STANLEY RALPH KEYSER "Stan" . , . likes all sports: highly competitive . . . Football, Base- ball, Student Councilg Honor Societyg Boys' State . . . Future- Certified Public Accountant HELEN GRACE KING "Helen" . . . a cute gal with a pleasant smile for everyone, a true friend to all, has eyes for a guy named lim: usually seen palling around with Ieanne and Dottie . . . Pet Peeve-Snobs . . Future-Marriage ,if BARBARA ANN KLEIN "Barb" . . . a red-headed lass with infectious laugh: inquisitive, distinct individual: always ready to go, clothes horse . . . F.T.A., F.N.A.p Tri-Hi-Y Alpha . . . Future-College IOSEPH MARTIN KLINE, IR, "Marty" . . . Favorite Saying- "I like to hunt them crows" . . . Varsity Basketball '63, '64 . . Future-College SENIORS 50 SAMUEL H, KLINE "Sam" . . . Favorite Saying- "What do ya say dirt?" . . . Sigma Nu Chapter of Hi-Y, De- Molayg I. V. Football . . . Future -College DONALD LE ROY KLINGLER "Donald" . . . a nice, quiet boy: always seen driving a Falcon Sprint . . . Favorite Saying- "Sprints-They do run, run" . . . Future-Community College and then? KAY ARDELLE KNIGHT "Kay" . . . if easily confused, keep your distance: talks in circles, wild sense of humor . . . Favorite Saying-"Positive think- ing is positively tor the "birds" . . . Banky Executive 'Committee l2y Iob's Daughters, Honor Society . . . Future-College ix F NKLIN KOEHL F.TA.7 Science . . Future-College IERRY WAYNE KOOGLE "lerry" . . . a swell guy: tall and good looking: always ready tor a good time . . . I. V. Base- ballg I, V. Basketball . . . Pet Peeve-Art and girls that are stuck up . . . Future-Air Force FLEET EUGENE KORRELL "Feet" . . . Favorite Saying- "Too bad" . . . F.F.A. . . , Pet Peeve-Bad Chevy's Future- Grease monkey BEN L. LaGARDE II "Ben" . . . can be seen driving that green and yellow pickupg a real gun nut . . . Vice President of Glee Clubg Honor Society: Boys' Stateg Treasurer of Student Standardsg Co-chairman of Inspira- tional Committee . . . Pet Peeve -Girls over 5'-8" . . . Future -College LEROY L. LAMBERT "Peanut" . . . small, quiet, but lots of fun, easy to get along withg likes all sports . . . Point oi Rocks Baseball Club, Member of Lutheran Church . . . Pet PeevevFords . . . Future-Time will tell, he won'tl PHILIP ANTHONY LARKIN "Phil" . . . nice guyy likes to go to the Village: hangs around with "Beak" West and the rest of the guys . . . St. lohn's Catholic Churchg Track 2 . . . Pet Peeve-A certain lady south of the library . . . Future-Uncle Sam's Air Force IERRY WALTER LEE "Ierry" . . . nice guy with a quiet personality: drives '63 Chevy: likes to look ahead to the future . . . I-Iopehill Methodist Church: Church School: Metho- dist Youth Fellowship, Iunior Choir: N.A.A.C.P .... Pet Peeve -Disorganization . . . Future- Bowie State College CLASS OF 964 51 BERNARD CALVIN LENHART "Bernard" . . . nice guyg interes- ted in cars and sportsg likes toot- ball, swimming, and farming . . . F.F.A .... Future-Unknown IOHN COOPER LEWIS "Iohn" . . . great sense of humorg likes a good jokeg known for his strong political convictions . . . DeMolayf First Baptist Church . . . Future-College WILLIAM HARVEY LEWIS "Bill" . . . always going to court about accidents he's- ing gets in trouble in P.O.D .... Titans . . . Pet Peeve-School with a capital S .... Future-A Navy WAYNE DOUGLAS LOWE "Tweety" . . . a cute quy: easy to get along with: shy at tirnes, but always wearing a smile . . . Member ot St. Timothy's Episco- pal Church . . , Pet Peeve-A certain girl . . . Future-Navy, then only time will tell KAREN ANN LUNDWALL "Karen" . . . an import from Ohiog friend to all: one of the bandroom gang: . . . Favorite Saying-"Any letters today?" . . . Bandy Special Bandp LAST WORD staff: Science Seminary National Honor Society . . . Fu- ture-Ohio University ,f- I NANCY MARIE MACKLEY "Nancy" . . . good things come in small packages: usually seen around Grant Place: likes "out- standing Chevys" especially her '56: stays at Village Lanes on week ends . . . Member of First Baptist Church . . . Future-Beau- tician or secretary , my gt :M ' W t . ,lof Q CHARLES WESLEY MAIN "Pete" . . , cool trig student . . . Varsity Baseball, manager: Elev- enth Grade Executive Committee . . . Pet Peeve-Vfolf! . . . Eu- ture-College CAROL ANN MARMAN "Carol" . . . neat kid: "Riiiight" . . . FTA: Student Standards: Social Studies Seminar . . . Eu- ture-College IANET LAVENIA MARSH "Ianet" . . . cute: big, brown eyes and loads of fun: always seen laughing with the crowd: "I guarantee you." . . . Thes- pians: Science Club: Inspirational Club: Ushers: PNA, treasurer . . . Future-Nurses training KAREN LINDA MARTZ "Karen" . . . sincere: shy but friendly: likes typing and pop- corn: poetic: Matthew B:l9-21 . . . Future-A lite that is pleas- mg SENIORS 52. MARILYN CAROLE MASON "Marilyn" . . . great sense of humor: always good for an argu- ment about anything . . . Na- tional Honor Society: Student Standards: Student Council: FTA: FHA, secretary: Pep Club: Ush- ers: Iob's Daughters, Honored Queen . . . Future-Towson State College NORMAN MASON "Norman" . . . one of those level-headed individualists you seldom meet: friendly person- ality: usually seen driving a big Ford in winter, a "Satan" boat in summer . . . Executive Com- mittee 2, 3, 4: Student Council 4: Iunior class vice-president: Honor Society: Thespians 3, 4 . . . Future-Oceanography LILLIAN IEAN MASSER "Ieanne" . . . brown hair and eyes: likes music . . . Member of the Church oi God: Church Choir: Youth Temperance Coun- cil: FHS Bands: Wind Ensemble: State Band . . . Future-College and music teacher VICKI MARDELLE MASSER "Vicki" . . . sweet gal with a great personality: always ready with a warm smile or a wriggled nose: likes long jokes . . . Pet Peeve-Snobs . . . Futurekcleri- cal work ALLEN RAY MASSIE "Ray" . . . known as K3RZR . . . Frederick Amateur Radio Club: DeMolay: Grange: Civil Defense- Communications . . . Pet Reeve -Lectures . . . Future-College BETTY IEAN MATHEWS i'leannie" . . . cute, blue-eyed blonde with a bubbling person- ality: a friend to all: one of a threesome . . . member of the Grace United Church of Christ . . . Pet Peeve-Smith-Corono . . . Future-Ask Iimmy BEVERLY ANN MAUPIN "Peanut" . . . known for those changeable eyes: has a smile for everyone: one of four-Pat, Fran, and Sandy: usually found in a blue Chevy . . . All Saints' Episcopal Church . . . Pet Peeve -Homework and short week ends . . . Future-Marriage and beautician DARLENE ANN MAY "Darlene" . . . a cute petite blonde with a wonderful person- ality: pals around with Glenda, Susie, and Peg: co-pilot of a "56" green and white Chevy: crazy about dragstrips: "Mutt" . , . Head Majorette: member of St. Barnabas' Chapel . . . Pet Peeve -Ford buyers . . . Future! Beautician KIRBY LEE MAYBUSH "Kirby" . . . always ready to cheer someone up with his jokes: drives "55" Ford: likes farming . , . Future Farmers ot America . . . Pet Peeve-Homework . . . Future-Farming DOREENE FRANCES McCUE "Doreene" . . . always on the go: twenty-track mind: vivacious: special interest at Blue Ridge: school fan on Saturday . . . Tri- l-li-Y Beta: Thespians, F.N.A.: Pep Club . . . Pet Peeve-People who gossip . . . Future--Com- munity College CLASS OF '64 53 WAYNE EUGENE MCKENZIE "Wayne" . . . a nice guy with great sense of humor: gets along well with other people: likes all sports . . . Concert Band: March- ing Band: First Baptist Church . . . Future-College and govern- ment work NANCY LEE McKNlGl-IT "Mikki" . . . a nice girl with a great personality: "Did you see that sharp looking guy that was working at King's during Christ- mas?" . . . Tri-Hi-Y Alpha: Ushers 2: Thespians . . . Pet Peeve- Moody people . . . Future-Secre- tary GLENDA ANN MEELY "Glenda" . . . cute gal with long brown hair: pals around with Penny and Darlene: usually seen with a "twin at night . . . Fu- ture Nurses . . . Pet Peeve- Ford lovers . . . Future-Beau- tician and keeping that certain "twin" happy IEAN LOUISE MESSER "Ieanne" , . . vivacious girl with a knack for corny jokes: zest for work: accident prone . . . Student Council, president: secretary of Junior Class: Cheerleaders, l. V. captain: Thespians, corresponding secretary: Tri-l'li-Y: FNA . . . Future-College SANDRA LEE METZ "Smetz" . . . friendly, petite senior: likes to bowl and run around: a real nut: one of the tour-Pat, Beverly, and Fran . . . Softball Team: Luther League: Braddock Lutheran Church, assis- tant secretary . . . Pet Peeve- Snobbish people . . . Future- Beautician LOUISE BARBARA MILLBERRY "Wessie" . . . nice girl: lots of fun to be with . . . Pet Peeve- Business law . . . Future-Nurs- ing MERHL ADRAIN MILLBERRY "Ditty Bites" . . . known for his smart remarks and his ability to act: crazy personality: always walking a different ace to class . . . Thespians . . . Pet Peeve -Physical science and P.O.D. . . . Future-Live a while then become a barber DONALD LEIGH MILLER "Don" . . . light brown-haired: blue-eyed boy: usually late for class because oi that special girl . . . Pet Peeve-lust can't seem to 'stay in school . . . Future- Settling down with that special girl IO ELLEN MILLER "Io" . . . cute blonde with a sharp personality: always ready for a good time . . . Majorettes 2: Tri-Hi-Y Alpha 3: member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church . . . Pet Peeve-Conceited people . . . Future-Beautician or IBM secretary and then . . . SHARON KATHLEEN MILLER "Sharon" . . . Elle parle 'tout le temps en Francais . . . French Club: Student Standards . , . Future-College, then darkest Africa SENIORS 54 SIDNEY LEE MILLER "Sid" . . . Huckleberry Finn II: a bridge "professional:" the man behind the scenes: does enough living for everybody: has his own definite ideas: 'someone you can talk to: great sense of humor . . . Class President, 2, 3: Senior Executive Committee: Band, president: Wind Ensemble: IV and Varsity Football . . . Future -College FAITH HILLARD MILLI-IOUSE "Faith" . . . usually seen in a little red bug: great sense of humor: possessor of a contagious laugh: always has something to say: a bubble of activity: "Oh, those parties" . . , FNA: FTA: Thespians: Tri-Hi-Y Beta . . Future-College MARY ELIZABETH MOLESWORTI-I "Beth" . . . guiet blonde: shy 'til you get to know her: always lending a sympathetic ear . . . Honor Society: Thespians: FTA . . . Pet Peeve-Hot lunches . . . Future-Muhlenberg College WANDA LARUE MOORE "Wy" ...- s weet girl, iull of nonsense . . . Tri-Hi-Y Alpha, vice-president: MYF: Asbury lunior Choir: Pep Club: FHA . . . Pet Peeve-Going steady . . . Future-College and secre- tarial work PATRICIA ANN MORGAN "Pat" . . . a swell girl with a terrific personality: always lend- ing a helping hand to anyone who needs one . . . Bethal Lu- theran Church . . . Pet Peeve- Homework . . . Future-Undecid- ed TERRENCE LEE MORGAN "Terry" . . . tall, dark, and hand- some: an All-American guy with a roving eye: a great pretender who brightens up the dullest day: attracts the opposite sex and loves arguments: can be found at Terrace Lanes . . . Varsity Football: Varsity Basket- ball . . , Futuref"Time will tell" TERRY PAULETTE MOSS "Terry" . . . always ready to help a friend in need . . . FNA: Glee Club 3, 4: member of Parkway Church of God . . . Pet Peeve-Conceited people . . . FuturefNursing DONNA MARIE MURRAY "Murray" . . . an effervescent brunette with devilish blue eyes: known for short skirts and a warm personality: flirts with all the boys but keeps that certain one to herself . . . Dramatics 3, 4: Mt. Zion Lutheran Church , . . Pet Peeve-Tears . . . Future' Secretary, then hoping for that big question NELSON WALKER MYERS III "Buster" . . . a great person to know and be with: a smile for everyone: drives a green and white '55 Pontiac . . . Varsity Baseball: New Market Baseball: member of ljamsville Methodist Church: Ijamsville Bowling Team . . . Pet Peeve-Slow drivers . . . FuturefOr1ly Violet knows VIRGINIA LEE NEFF "Ginni" . , . has the sensitive touch in art work: always sure of herself: takes a lively interest in everyones problems . . . FNA, secretary: French club: Y. P. F. of the Presbyterian Church . . . Pet Peeve-not being satisfied with a painting . . . Future-Art teacher CLASS OF '64 55 CHARLES ALAN NICHOLS "Al" . . . tall, blonde-haired guy: crazy about football: unique per- sonality . . . IV Football: IV Track: Varsity Football . . . Pet Peeve-Homework . . . Future- University of Maryland CHARLES MAURICE NICKENS "Nickie" . . . always ready to have fun: likes to be seen with that special someone: pushes a mean '49 Plymouth: is hard to understand . . . FFA . . . Pet PeeveADon luans . . . Futuree- Uncle Sam's boy SHARON ANN NIKIRK "Sharon" . . . small girl with a big smile . . . FNA: Pep Club: Glee Club: Red Cross Council, Chairman: Detrick Players: junior Grayladies: Luther League . . . Future4Nursing THOMAS CLAUDE NIKIRK "Torn" . . . unclerstudy for Shel- ley Berman: a true artist: "Hello, who am I speaking to, pIease?:" the dramatic touch: suede, snap tabs, and just plain cool: strictly Volkswagen: lives in a blue streak . . . Apprentice Thespians, vice-president: Thespians: Stu- dent Council , . . Future-College PHYLISS CAROL NININGER "Phyliss" . . . Pat's other half: usually seen riding in or driving a certain '57 Ford with Frosty: loves to go to the stock car races . . . LAST WORD Staff: Member of First Methodist Youth Fellow- ship . . . Future-Wedding bells and secretarial work ROBERT WARNER NUSBAUM "Bob" . . . Favorite Saying- "Say man" . . . Golf team: Band: VFW Country Club . . . Future -Navy or accountant WILLIAM ALAN NUSZ "Bill" . . . a great guy with G swell personality and wonderful sense of humor: usually seen in a mud-covered Oldsmobile: has a certain style with girls . . . Favorite Saying-"You're out of your mind" . . . Member of CRESAP Rifle Club: YMCA . . . Future-College L Dj se? , I 5 fb Cb isydsf F9 af eyxjyfsgecc ' LLrSi?i'Jo2s'RBiIs X7 ' 'UE11 T ile erY- 'Nf Cjgk ev ys ii ', htgy-Feb I ewes 4, "Xl th .,., .LF , HA: M er ihxlor racebpfri 1 Churc . . Pet fi ,Bee Bott ' sq . . Fu- 9'tu rQgiXn ! A iff af if DQ:-SCJS5 L4,f LINDA IANE O'BRYON "Linda" . . . tall brunette known for her sense of humor: seen a lot with . . . : loves swimming, skiing, and Christmas trees . . . Science Seminar: Band 2: Mem- ber of the Presbyterian Church . . . Pet Reeve-People who do things to go along with the crowd . . , FuturewCollege BEAUFORD SCOTT ODEN "Scotty" . . . a friendly guy: sharp dresser: likes those "out- standing Chevy's:" usually seen under the wheel or under the hood . . . I-Iomeroom Yearbook representative: Member of the Evangelical United Brethren Church . , . Future-College SENIORS BRUCE -DAVID O'I-IARA "Dave" . . . a big fellow with an even bigger sense of humor: has everything under control: gets a good laugh out of every- thing . . . Favorite Saying-"Hey buddy . . " . . . DeMolay: Stu- dent Council l2: Band tMarcl'1ing and Concertt IO-12: Calvary Methodist Church . . . Pet Peeve -Guys that bum weeds . . . Future-College, CPA LISA WICKS OLSON "Lise" . . . cynic of the senior class: always holds open house: accident prone, but . . . what fun! , . . Executive Committee: Thespians: Varsity Cheerleaders: High Flier: Student Council: Honor Society: Humanities Sem- inar . - . FutureeCollege EMOGENE OWENS "Emogene" . . . 5'2" gray-eyed brunette who always has a smile for that certain someone: likes swimming, parties, and dancing: good sense of humor: sincere . . . Pet Peeve-Short week ends . . . Majorettes: HIGH FLIER typist: Library Club . . . Future -Secretary KATHLEEN OWENS "Kathy" . . . petite brunette with a looksa-like always with her: sincere and understanding: good sense of humor: pleasing smile for exeryone: likes horseback riding, swimming, and dancing . . . Majorette: Student Standards: HIGH FLIER typist: Library Club . . . Pet Fe e-People with -short memorieq, . .JFuture- Secretary Q, YV of ttti Nxt, 'H Wt Xt Xt: it RP vt' Kttflil Us tt N it' CPQALES, LL ALM 'Bo " . . QF te Tying- "You t 'em y" . . I. V. Bas : Var as all . . . rut -Un idqd-lUntil the riqh Qi R6gl1Q t t nf lt' t JS i I XQS 56 DEBORAH ROSE PEARL "Deb" . . . Frederick I:ligh's answer to Picasso: "Have I got- ten a letter from Media?" . . . Rhoads FTA: Tri-Hi-Y Alpha: Senior Class Executive Commit- tee: Layout Editor for LAST WORD: Y.P.F. of All Saints' Church . . . Pet Peeve-Not being what I want to be . . . Future-Art Colleqe IUDITI-I LEE PEASE "ludy" . . . quiet, vivacious, and sweet: a true friend with personality plus . . . Band: FTA: Student Council, corresponding secretary: Student Standards: Tri-Hi-Y Beta: Member of the Evangelical Reformed United Church of Christ Youth Fellow- ship . . . Pet Peeve-People who don't tell the truth . . . Future-Elementary school teach- ing GEORGEANN PENN "Bonnie" . . . a controversial conservative - Goldwater any- one-?: great to be with in any mood-especially at those slum- ber partiesl: Hearts desire-Con- tactsl . . . Student Council Executive: Senior Executive Com- mittee: Thespians: Tri-I-li-Y Beta: Iob's Daughters . . . Future- Life on a small South Pacific island with an armfull of good books SANDRA ANN PERRY "Sandy" . . . noted for that wide- spread smile and a "bubbling" personality: can be seen every other night behind the counter at Peoples . . . Future I-Iome- makers of America, president: Homeroom Yearbook Representa- tive . . . Future-Business School in Norfolk-And Sonny TRUDY IRENE PI-IELPS "Trudy" . . . particular, tall blue- eyed blonde: hard to make friends with, but a good one once you know her: a home- body, likes cooking, sewing, and homernaking . . . Future-Urr decided CLASS OF '64 57 LEOPALDO PIZARRO "Lee" . . . Columbian casanovia: shamely shy: Oh, that srnilel: "You don't need a chaperone!:" look out warm climates . . . Roman Catholic Church: Student Council, AFS . . . Future- Mechanical Engineer MARY LOUISE PHILLIPS "Mary" . . . Favorite saying- That's the way it goes . . . Girls' Rec. Council: Basketball: Volley- ball: Softball: Horseshoes: Thes- pians: Iunior Civitan Club, FNA and Red Cross Council . . . Pet Peeve-POD . . . Future-College and then teaching LARRY FAUN PLEMMONS "Larry-son" . . . cute southern boy from North Carolina: a real doll: "No, it is" . . . Pet Peeve -Work . . . Future-Navy Y GERRY LEE "Gerry" . . . llo-w with lot of charm and s it, usually seen in 's ish W or in Don's Spri and all animals . . . utur Force ' angie HENRY ELGIN PONT "Pete" . . . great sense of humor: just loves those Yankees . . . Rec. Council . . . Pet Peeve- "Know-it-ails" . . . Future-Wild Blue Yonder IUDITH MARIE POOLE "Peanut" . . . noted for her cute smile and witty sense of humor . . . FNAJ Student Councily FHA, vice president: Pep Club . . . Future - Nursing school and then??? SANDRA LOUISE POOLE "Sandy" . . . cute brown-eyed brunettep quiet and shy until you get to know her . . . Pet Peeve-School and hillbilly music . . . Future-Clerical work DORIS IEAN PREVOST "Doris" . . . sweet, cute gal with a smile for ally always seen in the blue bomb at Gibson's with other half . . . Pet Peeve- Snobbish people . . . Future- Any suqgestions??? BERNARD THOMAS PRICE "Tommy" . . . a friendly guy: always ready to help a friendy likes Grand Prix cars . . . mem- ber of C.Y.F ..,. Pet Peeve- Homework and tests . . . Future -Draftsman and maybe the Navy KATHRYN MARIE PUTMAN "Kathy" . . . good friend, good student, succeeds in everything: likes "sugar and spicef' "Good grief Ginni!!" . . . Honor Society: Student Standardsg Kefauver FTA: FNAp Executive Committee oi Science Club: French Cluby Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and Choir . . . Pet Peeve-People who clon't like cats . . . Future -College SENIORS if ww 58 A LARRY LEON PUTMAN "Putty" . . . loves to use that eraser: likes to drive a '64 Chevy . . . LAST WORD Start . . . Pet Peeve-Slow typewriters . . . Future-Air Force RONNIE EDWARD PUTMAN "Putty" . . . drives a mean '63 Comet . . . FFA, secretary . . . Pet Peeve-School and home- work . . . Future-Farmer tl-ij W, wi if F I E--II? l ER O YNN ' nice main 1 gif?-A f .y". . ' 7 ' ' e in ol ars . . Bandy lub: Av ll 1- . . FuturefCollege LINDA RABSTEIN "Rabbit" , . . other halt of the Bobbsey twins: "Hey Stef, your ends are splitg" Pas de grade chose: Corecto-truo! . . . High Flier: Tri-Hi-Y Beta, Senior Exec- utive Committee: Humanities Seminar . . . Future-College BONNIE CHRISTINE RAMSBURG "Bonnie" . . . friendly person- ality, pleasant smile: always willing to help a triendp seen with a certain guy in a Ford Galaxie . . . Thespiansg Tri-Hi-Y Alpha: Youth Temperance Coun- cilg Edgewood Church of God . . . Future-Guess??? hue IACOUALYN ANN REIDER "Iackie" . . . Moody and stub- born: always changing her mind: Loves to read . . . LAST WORD Staff: Library Club, secretary . . . Pet Peeve-Homework . . . Future - College - Then ask Kenny W M L REN Mike e heard et Peeve Gif Unk , even to i N. "' s - ' g, "l care l s.:" Y WI? .HPV CAROLINE ORR REYNOLDS "Caroline" . . . looks quiet- looks are often deceiving: un- predictable: weird sense of humor: "Read any good books lately?" . . . Ushers, Dramatics 2: Library Club 2, 3 . . . Pet Peeve-l-lomework . . . Future- College IRVING LEROY RHODERICK "Ike" . . . nice guy with a great sense of humor: IV Baseball, Basketball, and Football: Varsity Baseball, Basketball, and Foot- ball . . . Pet PeevewPeople who think they are better than they really are . . . Future-? ? ? MAI-ILON EDWARD Rl-IODERICK "Rhoddy" . . . nice guy with a great personality: known for his great sense of humor: Favorite saying: Things are "tuff" all around . . . member of the golf team . . . Pet Peeve-Homework . . . Future-? 7 ? CLASS OF '64 59 College IRA CALVIN RICE, IR. "Calvin" . . . clean Cut and handsome with a great sense of humor: drives a mean '57 Ford: keeps an eye on the opposite sex: a good friend to have . . . Hi-Y: Glee Club, presi- dent and accompanist: Member of Methodist Church: Executive Committee . . . Pet Peevef Women drivers . . . Future- : W twfrwlftr rry . nice guy e you t to know him: n for s e hair cl rosity: alw S fwilling en a helpi nd' who as sports Pe arm s d e t to k it: es . I 6- ceited p e . uure- 1 ' th . . ? .QQ STEPHEN RICHARD RICE "Steve" , . . nice guy, keeps an eye on the female gender . . . member of the First Baptist Church . . . Future-Junior Col- lege FREDERICK LOUIS RIDGWAY "Fred" . . . has curly blonde hair: always a smile: presently occupied with a Certain someone from Linganore: just loves home- work from l3.O.D .... Pet Peeve fl-toaches . . . Future-U. S. Army Reserve-Then work in father's liquor store IAMES ROBERT RINEHART "Doc" . . . a funny rnan with a wonderful sense of humor . . . Pet Peeve-Ruthe-rford's punch lines , . . Future-Navy-lf they will have me CAROL ANNE RODERICK "Cookie" . . . quiet personality: big brown eyes which are some- times deceiving: one oi the few from Urbana: fond of a certain blond-headed guy . Bush Creek Church of the Brethren: Dramatics ll, I2 . . . Future- Martinsburg, West Virginia NANCY LOUISE RODERICK "Nancy" . . . a quiet, sweet girl with long eyelashes . . . Member of the Bush Creek Church of the Brethren: Drama- tics . . . Pet Peeve-Short week ends . . . Future-Oiiice work BONNIE LYNN ROHRBAUGH "Bon" . . . likes squeaky power steering: "Who can get the car?" . . . Tri-Hi-Y Alpha: FNA: FTA: Ushers: Pep Club . . . Pet Peeve -Boys who lie . . . Future- University Hospital PAUL LEROY ROMSBURG "P. W." . . . drives a light green monster: a nice guy once you get to know him . . . lunior Civitans: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Var- sity Football: 4-H . . . Pet Peeve -Homework . . . Future-College SHERRY LEE ROUTZAHN "Sherry" . . . seen driving a green Opel which is filled to capacity: cute kid with an un- beatable personality . . . Tri-Hi-Y Beta: FNA. . , . Pet Peeve-Boys who need haircuts . . . Future- X-ray technician and then SENIOR 60 PATRICIA LYNN ROYER "Pat" . . . cute, vivacious gal: always ready to lend a helping hand: lives and dies for Friday nights . . . FNA: FHA, treasurer . . . Future-Frostburg State Teachers' College RICHARD SAMUEL ROYER "Rich" . . . a real nut: can be found at the Safeway . . . Pet Peeve-Nosy people . . . Future -Navy DEAN ELLIS RUNKLE "Stimie" . . . always being told to get a haircut: loves those overnight trips to the Ponderosa: lives for weekends . . . Pet Peeve-White socks . . . Future -Let There Be Drums-Forever LEONARD LEON RUTHERFORD "Lenny" . . . respects the oppo- site sex: friend of all . . . St. Luke's Lutheran Church . . . Future-Maryland State Police MICHAEL EDWARD SCHADEN "Mike" . . . nice guy: friendly and sincere: drives a small, red streak: usually seen with the better halt . , . Student Council: DeMolay: member ot the United Presbyterian Church . . . Pet Peeve-Tricky maneuvers . . . Future-Surgeon EDWARD IOSEPH SCHANTZ "Ed" . . . a nice guy . . . Track . . . Future-College RICHARD ALLEN SCHELL "Rick" . . . usually seen operat- ing a blue '54 Ford: gets along well with people: has a smile for everyone . . . FFA, president . . . Pet Peeve-Mo Pars and homework . . . Future-College and then ? ? ? IAMES WALTER SCHMIDT "Iirnmy" . . . a swell guy to know: usually found at the Frederick Roller Rink on Friday nights . . . Pet Reeve-Home work . . . Future-Clerical work CHRISTINE ELIZABETH SCHMITT "Chris" . . . likes all kinds of music: loves being alive . . . Future I-Iomemakers, program chairman: St. Iohn's Catholic Church . . . Future-College and then ? ? ? MILDRED CATHERINE SEWARD "Milly" . . . a petite, brownaeyed girl: usually seen in a '58 blue- and-white 'Chevy with the gang . . . FHA . . . Pet Peeve-Short weekends and broken fingers . . . Future-Pete and ? ? ? CLASS OF '64 61 RODNEY MILTON SEWELL "Se" . . . "Maintain your cool- ness" . . . Recreation Council: IV Football: IV Basketball: IV Track: Varsity Football: Varsity Basketball: Varsity Track . . . Future-Undecided DONALD EUGENE SEYMOUR, IR. "Don" . . . likes all kinds of sports: usually seen around the Fort Detrick gym: always telling jokes . . . Pet Peeve-Bad Iokes . . . Future-Clerical work IANICE RENE SHAFF "Ianice" . . . "Be seen without my hairbow? Never!!!": short gal with matching dimples and long brown hair: blushes easily . . . Tri-Hi-Y Beta: Member of St. Luke's Church: Luther league: Feagaville Girls' Softball team: FNA . . . Future-Undecided RICHARD EUGENE SHAFF "Dick" . . . friendly personality: always willing to lend a helping hand: ready for anything: usually seen with the better half . . . DeMolay: High Flier. business manager: Band, 2: Member oi Grace United Church of Christ Youth Fellowship: Order of the Arrow . . . Pet Peeve-Tricky maneuvers . . . Future-College DANIEL ROBERT SHAFFER "Danny" . . . "Forget it!" . . . Track Team: Boy Scout Leader , . . Future-Undecided SHARONLEA SHANK "Sherri" . . . a true friend to everyone: always wears her hair in a pony tail . . . Library Club: Red Cross Council: member of All Saints' Episcopal Church . . . Pet Peeve-Boys and P.O.D ..., Future-Practical Nursing DAVID LEE SHANKLE "Hoggie" . . . nice guy: friendly type . . . M.Y.F.- IV Football . . . Future-Ar YUKW' Juli' ww ONROE SHANELE Giang:- tti' if " nnie" . . Drives a c '64 9' Ord Galaxie: . ally en with fit nited Chur n I 's . , . e Peeve-Eng - . . Future- a rtain gal' - iest" . . . 1 t F t Undecided SUE ELLEN SHATTO "Sue" . . . a cute blonde with loads of cheerleading "go," loves to laugh: always a smile for a triend . . . FTA: Varsity Cheer- leaders: Inspirational Club: Stu- dent Council: left guard on "Powder Putt Team" . . . Pet Peeve-Pessimisrn . . . Future- College IULIA MARY SHAW "Iulie" . , . Kindest and most conscientious senior at FHS: would do anything for anyone: loves animals, books, and music . . , 'Tri-Hi-Y Kappa, Rec. Council: Varsity Hockey: Basketball, man- ager . . . Future-College and missionary service abroad SE IORS 67. NANCY LEE SHECKLES "Nancy" . . . cute blonde with a great sense ot humor, matched with pleasing personality: usually seen in a '60 Olds . . . St. Tim- othy's Episcopal Church and Youth Fellowship . . . Pet Peeve -Fords and people who think they are something special . . . Future-Beautician SHARON LOUISE SHEFFIELD "Sharon" . . . Blue eyes, brown hair, and a spirited personality: friend to all who need one: always has car trouble: madly in love with F. M. H.: "Guess who hasn't done her homework?" . . . FTA 2, 3, 4: Band 3, 4: Devotional Club 2: Honor Soc- iety: Humanities Seminar: Fre- derick Church ot the Brethren . . . Pet Peeve-Wasted snow and no work . . . Future-College and who knows! BARBARA ANN Sl-IELHORSE "Smokie" . . . has an answer to everything about that blue car that just turned the corner . . . FNA: Calvary Methodist Church . . . Pet Peeve-Two- faced people . . . Future-Un- decided CONSTANCE ELAINE SHELTON "Connie" . . . a sweet little gal with a great personality and a friendly smile . . . Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Calvary Methodist Church . . . Future-Nursing TREVA DIANE SIEDLING "Cookie" . . . cute gal: has a personality that seldom crumbles: unmistakable laugh: loves spur- ot-the-moment ideas: takes annual trips to the ocean: "Oh, my heart!" . . . Tri-Hi-Y Alpha, presi- dent: FNA: FTA: Student Coun- cil: Executive Committee: LAST WORD. Copy editor . . . Future -Hagerstown Business College GLORIA IEAN SIER ",Ieanne" . . . Brown haired, blue eyed girl: can usually be seen driving a white '60 Impala with a special guy . . . Pet Peeve-Iust can't seem to get P.O.D. homework done . . . Eu- ture-Ask that special guy that lives on Teen Barnes Road DOROTHY MARIE SINK "Dottie Mae" . . . cute, natural blonde that hails from Doubs: Favorite saying-Babylou: can usually be seen palling around with Linda . . . Pet Peeve- Nosy people . . . Future-Clerk typist and who knows! BETTY IANE SMITH "Betty" ..,' sweet girl with a swell personality: a friend to all: likes good jokes . . . Pet Reeve-P.O.D .... Future-Ask Charles DANIEL LYNN SMITH "Smitty" . . . allergic to hedges in Mount Pleasant: likes Metal Shop . . . Iunior Civitan Club . . . Euturee-Undecided IOANN SMITH "Io" . . . neat gal: a smile never hurts anyone when Io's around . . . Bank: member of All Saints' Episcopal Church . . . Future- Hear 'dem bells? CLASS OF '64 63 LINDA IEAN SMITH "Linda" . . . swingin' and sin- cere gal with big dark eyes: loves fun, life, and good friends: easy to talk to: lives on Week ends . . . National Honor Society: Tri-Hi-Y Beta: Thespians: FTA: Glee Club . . . Future-Campus tramper and B. S. in nursing MILLARD WAYNE SMITH "Buck" . . . one of the Smith brothers: usually found at the bowling alley with the gang . . . member of Sf. Barnabas' Chapel and Youth Group . . . Pet Peeve-Cars that are slow . . . Future-Work and then the army and then ? ? ? PAMELA SUZANN SMITH "Pam" , . . known for her quiet- ness in typing and office practice: always ready for a good joke: usually seen with Mike in a Ford or Chevy: Favorite saying -What!!! . . . Pet Peeve- Certain people at W.H.S .... Pep Club 2, 3, treasurer: FHA. Chaplin: Utica United Church of Christ . . . Future-Marriage and West Virginia PATRICIA ANN SMITH "Pat" . . . a cute little girl with a nice personality: very shy until you get to know her . , . Glee Club 2, 3: Band 2, 3, 4 . . . EuturefCollege ROBERT EARL SMITH, IR. "Bob" . . . "Meet me at the hand room" , . . Band 2: Concert Band 3, 4: Marching Band 3, 4: Executive Board: Ir. Leader, Cub and Boy Scouts: Explorer Post 261, treasurer: member of Grace United Church of Christ . . . Future-Navy Medical Corps- Then who knows RAY CARMEN SNOOTS "Snootsie" . . . always saying "Big Duke:" usually found at lack Harris' Garage . . . Buckeys- town M.Y.F., vice president . . . Pet Peeve-Reading . . . Future -Undecided SHARON ANN SNYDER "Sherry" . . . cute and sweet gal from Martinsburg: always ready for a good joke: a friend to anyone who needs one: usually seen with a certain graduate from W. H. S.: Favorite saying-Holy mud . . . Future -Ask Ierry IUDITH ANN STACKHOU SE "Iudy" . . . "When is Gil coming home?:" always seen in Harley's, Working hard . . . Saint Iohn's C. Y. O .... Future-Marriage and secretarial work LARRY EDWARD STALEY "Larry" . . . nice guy to have around: sports a '55 Chevy: gets a kick out of DaVe's crazy remarks . . . IV Football . . . Pet Peeve-Nose injuries . . . Future-Air Force MARY MARGARET STALEY "Mary Margaret" . . . friendly gal: always in a good mood: usually seen with Ianice or Betty: Favorite saying-"I'll be dipped" . . . Grange: Grace United Church oi Christ . . . Pet Peeve -People who don't smile . . . FlZi1lT91T' ? ? SENIOR , wa fm. ami 64 MELINDA IEANNE STEPHENS "Melinda" . . . stylish blue-eyed blonde: has a smile for every- one: is a sincere, understanding friend: full of pep: loves all sports: "Oh, those wild football practices": has someone special in Chicago . . . FTA: Cheerlead- ers: Student Standards: Thes- pians: Rec. Council: Marlin Swim Club: Member of First Baptist Church: Powder Puff Team . . . Pet Peeve-Frederick . . . Future -Phys. Ed. Teacher CHARLES WILLIAM STEVENS "George" . . . Likes Iudy, pizza, Iudy, Chevys, and Iudy . . . FFA . . . Pet Feeve-Fords . . . Future -Farmer DONALD LEE STEVENS "Big Don" . . . found trying to knock down the pins at Village Lanes . . . Future-Undecided WARREN ELDRIDGE STEVENS "Wiener" . . , "I'm a ridin':" always ready for a joke . . . Ir. Civitans, Trinity Methodist Church . . . Future-? ? ? DONNA IRENE STINE "Donna" . . . usually seen lost in a book: sometimes lost under a huge pile of books . . . Na- tional Honor Society, Student Standards, president: Science Club, secretary: Science Seminar: French Club: Inspirational Club: FTA . . . Future-College-Then research RICHARD EUGENE STINE, IR. "Dickie" . . . a nice person to know . . . Flag Detail . . . Future -Navy BERNARD ELLIS STITELY "Bernie" . . . dark hair and blue eyes: likes music and sports . . . Band: IV Baseball: Varsity Tracky Chapel Lutheran Church: Luther League, president . . . Future-Business College ROBERT LEROY STITELY "Bob" . . . good-looking boy with dark hair and dark eyes: grand personality: has a heart of gold: usually seen with a cute brunette from Araby . . . Future -It all depends on Linda! DAVID LINNWOOD STOCKMAN "Linnie" . , . always has a joke to tell . . . Grace United Church ot Christ . . . Future-Won't know until then! DAVID SPENCER STOCKMAN "Dave" . . . has one of the best personalities in the school: always out for fun: a wild dancery can be found at SECA or driving his cool black Ford . . . Band . . . Future-Question able CLASS OF '64 l 65 KAREN MICI-IELE STOCKMAN "Karen" . . . short blonde with penetrating blue eyesg good friend: warm smile: quiet until you get to know her: usually seen with Ioan and Debbie . . . Grace United Church of Christg F'I'Ag Pep Club . . . Future- College SARAH CANDACE STOCKMAN "Candy" . . . "How Ya doing?g" cute, petite brunette with a bub- bling personalityg infectious laughterg shy until you get to know herg likes to do big things: yearns for resort areas . , . LAST WORD. typistp Grace United Church of Christ . . , Pet Peeve -No rnailt . . . Future-Secretary 'D 0- . ,J DENNIS MICHAEL STOGSDILL "Mike" . . . "Is there a dance tonight? Lets go!:3' usually seen with Dennie and Dewitty a real nut when it comes to everything Q . . Pet Reeve-Conceit and hate . . . Future-Forestry or Engineering DAVID FRED STOKES "David" . . . can be found in a bad '55 Mercury "Marauder" . . FFA . . . Pet Peeve-"Chevys . , Future-Mechanic CINDA LOU STONER "Cindy" . . . always willing to help anyone: odd sense of huinorg loves to oil paint . . . Pet Peeve-Shoes . . . Future! College and teaching SHIRLEY ANN STONESIEER "Shirley" . . . a Cute brunette with a sweet personality: a short one among tall ones: very fond of a guy named Dave . . . Member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church . . . Pet Reeve -Three-paqe business letters . . . Future-Only Dave knows RONALD LEE STOTTLEMYER "Ronnie" . . . a great guy with a swell personality and a special something that attracts a certain girl . . . Band: member of the Church of the Nazarene . . . Future-Ask Marilyn WANDA LEE STOTTLEMYER "Wanda" . . . cute: known for her pretty eyes and a smile she gives everyone: always seen with Tinker . . , Pet Reeve- Conceited people . . . Future- Ask Tinker MORRIS ALAN STRIDE "Marty" . . . usually found work- ing at Safeway or B and T Record Company, or else he's trying to get that '54 Ford running . . . I-'utureeBusiness LARRY RUSSELL STRUBE "Larry" , . . interested in every- thinq: likes to play guitar and organ . . . Pep Club! Science Club . . . Pet Peeve-Pretenders . . . Future-Cannot be foreseen SENIORS 66 LINCOLN ALLEN STULL "Lino" . , . tall, dark, and hand- some: the quiet type: "Did you have your fruit juice this morn- ing?" . . . Future-Service and college LINDA ANN STULL "L.A.S." . . . cool girl with a personality to match: good shoulder to cry on: sharp dresser . . . Tri-HifY Alpha: Thespians: Rec. Council Z, 3 . . . Pet Peeve eUndependable people . . . Eu- ture-Undecided PATSY ELIZABETH STULL "Pat" . . . cute, petite brunette: has a bubbling personality: usually seen with that certain someone from Bank . . . Member of the Calvary Methodist Church . . . Future-Only Pat knows for sure CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH STUP "Charlotte" . . . has a very good personality: friendly to everyone: likes to sew and cook . . , Future -Model or interior decorator HELEN RITA SUMMERS "Helen" . . . smiling gal with a personality to match: has a flair for fun: slings mean cash in the Bank . . . Bank, president: Mt. Carmel Methodist Church . . . Future-Ask Dick tie L 1 tat 'tb-A r' 1-f -V cr. f lv' , , -, '- ,L f f - ,V ' ' ' ' ' , A 1,. ,it if: tg? ,134 , ik- lj'cU'l- f xi, . -f DWIGHT THOMAS TAYMAN "Dewitt" . . . the quiet type: never speaks unless spoken to: likes girls, basketball, girls, foot- ball, and girls . . . Pet Peeve-- Physics , . . FutureACollege IOSEPH CHARLES THOMAS, III "Tommy" . . . cool, calm, and collected: nice guy but watch out for those big green eyes . . . Glee Club 2, 3: IV Baseball: Varsity Baseball 3, 4: Rec. Council: Adamstown Youth Fel- lowship . . . Pet Peeve-Women drivers . . . Future-College Base- ball PETER PITKIN THOMAS "Pete" . . . usually found with Marty and Link: wants that driver's license back . . . Senior Executive Committee: Track, manager . . . Future-Engineer ing at Duke SUSAN MARIE THOMAS "Susan" . , . comes directly from the pages of Seventeen: has that collegiate look: great personality and a good sense of humor: a big sister to all who can't get along in life . . . National Honor Society: Band, secretary, Student Standards, secretary: FTA, county secretary: Children's Aid Society Board: Humanities Seminar: Tri- Hi-Y Beta, historian . . , Future -College RONALD LAVERN THOMPSON "Barabbas" . . . likes nice girls . . . Member of N.A.A.C.P: Quinn A.M.E. Church . . . Future- Armed forces or college g A X, ,Luci CLASS OF '64 iii lOl-IN THORESEN "Iohn" . . . happiest student at FHS at 3:30 . . . Pet Peeve- School . . . Future - Military service a d schooling f fy . " if" , ' 't A 1 v-All STEPHEN EDWARD TI-IRASHER "Set" . . . a swingin' trumpet player: gets along with most people, even TEACHERS: wheels in either a '55 Ford or a '60 red bug: a neat dresser . . . I-Ii-Y ll, 12: Band 9, 10, ll, 12: Pep Club, president: Iunior Executive Committee: Social Studies Sem- inar . . . FuturehCollege DORIS LOUISE TOBERY "Doris" . . . likes everyone, especially ones who tell her jokes: usually seen with Bonnie . . . Favorite Saying-Oh! Oh! Oh! . , . Pet Peeve-Conceited people . . . Future-Work BRENDA IOYCE TODD "Brenda" . . . a red head that is full of fire: full of good jokes: pleasing personality . . . Thes- pians . . . Pet Peeve-Liars . . . FuturefAsk Brenda ROBERT TOTH "Bob" . . . drives a '63 Polara 500 Convertible: one track mind, but a variety of tastes: does a lot of skin diving, weight lifting, and karate: has his own philos- ophy of life . . . Science Club . . . Future-College fit' A ELIZABETH HUTTON TOWSON "Beth" . . . neat dresser who is always looking for a good time and usually finds it: lives for those week ends . . . Cheer- leaders: FTA: Rec. Council: Thespians: Tri-Hi-Y Alpha . . . Future+ColIege MARY ANN TRITTIPOE "Ann" . . . usually seen with other half-Anita: a smile for everyone and friend to all: very understanding . . . Iob's Daugh- ters: United Brethren Church, Youth Fellowship: Pep Club 2 . . . Pet Peeve-P. O. D. and homework . . . Future-Beauty Culture and then R. S. IAMES IAY TROUT "Fish" . . . eats, sleeps, and drinks baseball: one of Henry Groff's round-ballers: usually seen with Blick and Foxy and?? . Pet Peeve-Stuck-up people . . . Future-College, major lea- gue baseball PETER RIDGELY TWENTEY "Pete" . . . a good friend when you need one: always ready to have fun . . . Cadet Marching Band: Concert Band: FFA, reporter: member of Frederick Squadron Civil Air Patrol: C. B. Radio Operator . . . Future- Air Force LINDA ANN VANFOSSEN "Linda" . . . cute girl always ready for a good time: sharp dresser: math whiz: one "track" mind . , . Tri-Hi-Y Beta: rnern- ber of Evangelical Lutheran Church . . . Pet Pe-eve-People who borrow money but never return it . . . Future-Beautician and wedding bells SENIORS 68 EUGENE RAY WAHL "Gene" . . . a swell guy with a Cornish grin, forever after in the supply room: always ready for a laugh: Favorite sayingi Oh, gee! . . . Pet Peeve-Not enough girls in the bank . . . Future-Heating and Plumbing Contractor CATHERINE LYNNE WALSH "Lynne" . . . cute, blue-eyed brunette with a warm 'smile and personality: special interest lies in Braddock Heights: one of a threesome: Favorite sayingi"I'll say" . . . member of the Grace United Church of Christ , . . Pet Peeve-Monday mornings . . . Future-Secretary PATRICIA DIANE WARFIELD "Pat" . . . tall blonde: cute and sweet: always ready to share a joke with anyone: loads of fun to be with: easy-going person- ality: "Iiminey Crickets" . . . Pep Club 2: Bank 3: member of Cal- vary Methodist 'Church . . . Pet Peeve-Snobbish people . . . Fu- ture-Secretary-Look out world here comes Pat CARY KENNETH WEBB "Cary" . . . introvert with an extroverted personality: likes all sports: fond of a certain blue- eyed blonde . , . member of St. Luke's Lutheran Church: Band 2, 3: Library Club, vice-president . . . Pet Peeve - Conceited females . . Future-Air Force MARTHA IANE WEBB "Martha" . . . a sweet good- natured gal with a friendly word for everyone: Frederick High's lone string bass player , , , Concert Band: Wind Ensemble . . . Pet Peeve Narrow-minded people . . . Future-Undecided I I I 4 DONNA IEANNE WEDDLE "Donna" . . . cute blonde with sparkling green eyes: always smiling: 'sincere in her efforts: likes the unusual: lives for week ends . . . "New York here I come" . . . HIGH FLIER, page one editor: Executive Committee 2: Student Council 2, 4: Tri-Hi-Y Alpha . . , Pet Peeve-Room IU4 . . . Future-Medical Secretary DORIS IRENE WELTY "Little One" . , . cute blue-eyed shortie with a tall shadow: always has a ready smile: usually seen piloting a little bug . . . Cheerleaders: Tri-Hi-Y Beta parliamentarian: PTA: Thesp'ans: HIGH FLIER . . . Pet ve- "Shortie" . . . Futur usiness College :Qt Mt X AM I RKI G "No " . '. MN "- d ad: er'ck . 1' ns er to meo: on 'Q gr Q5 N c . :- week e s: W 5.1 5. 151. ts ace fast: en J llage" . . Pet - 'I'-1 ha Q . . . ma Hi- : ' nd Varsity e l . . U - IB IERRY WAYNE WEST "Ierry" . . . nice guy with a nice personality: loads of fun -when he wants to be: usually seen wherever his car takes him . . . Pet Peeve-People who drive a car like a crate of eggs . . . Future-Undecided WILLIAM ANTHONY WHITE "Bill" . . . likes to drag race with a Chevy . . . Favorite Say- ing-"You know" . . . Future- Undecided CLASS OF '64 69 MARY ANN WHITEHEAD "Mary Ann" . . . nice girl: wonderful friend: always ready to lend a helping hand: packs a great personality: enjoys sew- ing . . . Pet Peeve-School-- Future-Undecided PATRICIA ANN WILBOURNE "Pat" . . . a cute blonde, blue- eyed gal with a pleasing person- ality: always smiling . . . "Do you have to know?" . . . FHA: Thespians: First Baptist Church . . . Pet Peeve-People that think they are it . . . Future- Marriage paradise BARBARA ELIZABETH WILES "Bobby" . . . a sweet girl with greenish eyes and light brown hair: has a swell personality . . . Member of Middletown Lutheran Church . . . Pet Peeve -Homework and math . . . Pu- ture-Undecided BARRIE LEO WILES "Barrie" . . . tall blue-eyed blonde from England: pilots a '57 Starchief: likes all sports, especially bowling, baseball, and girl hunting . . . Favorite Saying -"You want to bet?" . . . Mem- ber of Evangelical Reformed Church of the United Church of 'Christ . . . Future--Army Warrant Officer flight training, and then only time can tell DIANE CAROL WILES "Diane" . . . cute gal with eyes of blue and brown hair: likes to have fun: usually found in a '63 Chevy with a certain fellow . . . Pep Club 2, 3: Bank 3 . . . Pet Peeve-Little boys . . . Future - Beautician or House- wife??? CHARLES ALBERT WILLARD, IR. "Charlie" . . . nice guy with a swell personality: iriend to all . . . Flying "A" Drag Team: St. Luke's Lutheran Church: Har- mony Concert Band . . . Pet Peeve-English . . . Future-Ask Ieannie IAN MARIUS WILLARD "Ian" . . . a cute guy with a wonderful personality and a great 'sense of humor: unpredictable: has a knack for putting people on the spot: "Whats new?" The-spians: FTA: Senior Executive Committee . . . Pet Peeve-In- considerate people . . . Future -College ANITA LOUISE WINPIGLER "Nealzie" . . . usually seen with Ann: has a smile for everyone: a friend to all . . . Pep Club, 2: Iob's Daughters: Trinity Metho- dist Church: MYF . . . Pet Peeve -POD . . . Future-Beauty Cul- ture CAROL LOUISE WILT "Carol" . . . a sweet blonde with that "go" look: loves to run around at late hours: hails from Adamstown: is interested in the opposite sex: usually seen with a boy named Bill , .. Dramatics, 3, 4 . . . Pet Peeve -Homework . . . FuturefOnly time will tell for Carol won'tI IU DITH ANN WITMER "Iudy" , . . cute, strawberry blonde with blue eyes: has a pleasing personality: kind to everyone: usually seen with Dorothy . . . Library Club . . . Pet Peeve-'Homework . . . Fu- ture-Orfice work, then to Model- ing School CLASS OF '64 70 ARLETTA ANN WOLFE "Arie-tta" . . . cute gal with bubbling personality: well liked by all: usually seen in a '52 grey Chevy . . . LAST WORD Staff: Inspirational Committee: Honor Society: Student Council , . . Future-Wish I knew HENRY LAURANCE WOLFE "Baby Bear" . . . always ready to give a few jokes: likes to clown around: a real nut . . . Pet Peeve-Art . . . Future- Undecided RICHARD HARRIS WOLFE "Richard" . . . "Not Not really" . . . Golf 'Team . . . Future- College VIRGINIA WOOD "Ginny" . . . "Why let it worry Ya!" . , . Member of Urbana Methodist Church: MYF, vice- president . . . Future-Secretary and then??? RAYMOND WUDARSKI "Ray" . . . wonderful personality: always ready for a joke . . . Flying "A" Drag Team . . . Fu! ture-One oi Uncle Sam's boys DON PHILLIP YELTON "Don" . . . friend to all: always around when needed to help . . . Pet Peeve-Finks and natural sevens . . . Hi-Y: Honor Society: Student Council: Science Club: Inspirational Committee: Science Seminar: Humanities Seminar . . . Future-M. U. ANNA MAE YOUNG "Amy" . , . everybody's friend: always mistaken for Nancy: loves to walk late at night: real live operator . . . Pet Peeve-Sleep ing . . . Treasurer of National Honor Society: HIGH FLIER: Copy and exchange editor: Exe- cutive Committee: F.T.A., vice president: Iob's Daughters: West- minster Fellowship, president . . . Future-College and the Peace Corps ANNA MARIE YOUNG "Slim" . . . tall, slender and full of fun . . . Favorite Sayinq -Gonna keep what l've qot 'til I get what I want . . . Pet Peeve -Playboys . . . Pleasantview Methodist Youth Fellowship . . . Future-Undecided F.H.S. was host to two Ameri- can Field Service students this year, Leopoldo Pizarro from Co- lombia, South America, and Pamela Clements from Sydney, Australia. Both brouqht with them from home dozens of slides which they showed to various classes and organizations. Naturally, Pam had no trouble with the lanquaqe, and Lee pick- ed up Enqlish quickly. In Feb- ruary they presented a delightful and informative A.F.S. assembly. Lee enjoyed staying with Mrs. Zimmerman, a member of our faculty, and Pam lived with the Messers, who made her feel welcome at their home. CLASS OF '64 DONNA IEANNE YOUNG "Donna" . . . cute little blonde with a friendly personality: has a smile for everyone: usually seen with that special someone . . . Sophomore Class secretary: Sophomore Class Executive Com- mittee: Student Council: Varsity Cheerleaders: F.T.A.: Thespians . . , Pet Peeve-Show-offs . , . Future-Lou ROSE MARIE YOUNG "Rose" . . . always seen with that special someone: usually travels in that "mean" '49 Ply+ mouth: always full of lauqhs and ready to have fun . . . Pet Peeve -School . . . Favorite Saying- "Talk me to death" . . . Future -Undecided TERESA ANN ZEIGLER "Terry" , , . hails from Frederick: has a smile for everyone . . . Favorite Sayinq-"Good night" . . . Pet Peeve-School . . . Future-Practical nurse, kinder- qarten or nursery school teacher K X ew Xl SN ES? TQ is X X X E53 ,,,..-, Qi .K Q N E 'M AQ? xxgl 1, x wx xl 5 , Y N LN W X Q X , K K . XAIOQ v 5 JUNIDRS IUNIGR EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OEEICERS Leif to right: Judy Robe-ris, treasurer: Gay Stup, president Mike Gerhold, vice-president and dy Tucker, secretary. 74 wx was ff' i Q A iliz 1. , rl 1 W 5 . Arnold Book Darlene Boone Donald Bonner Christine Bosler Billie Bowers Donald Bowers Ronald Bowers Alfreda Bowie Ruth Ann Bowie Thomas Bowie Peggy lean Bow Dennis Boyd Richard Boyd Atlee Boyer Bonita Boyer Larry Boyer' loan Bradshaw Sandra Branson Illfin is xr 'P K1 few ' Q, ,f an wiki v- -:, if V' gy..- 'Tir' ..., .,. Q gf . , . L ,. W N, 4 'S' A la:E.: .,. . 75 M CLASS QU 'if X ii? at X rv, wm- it -V ik fe .J H' EE' . 'Ei " " as 1 aug: he Yi? . ig' GF '65 Eugene Alexander Susanne Alexander Bonnie Ambrose Harriet Ambrosen Margaret Anders Frances Anderson Barbara Arvin Richard Ausherrnan Vtfayne Ausherman Diane Baker Joanne Baker Harriet Bare Ruth Bartqis Brenda Lee Bartlett Darlene Bauqher Gloria Baum Thomas Beall Virginia Bennett Mary Berdjis Earl Bere Bonnie Biddinqer Larry Biehl Daniel Biser Linda Brsonett Roxie Ann Black Gwen Blackburn Martin Blank Sherry Blank 1 H Q Q. in . 'E I an +1 iii Kg 5 Ee s as L ,B .NV wg? :,:.,: , , A' 'P' .. fi K ?!"" UNIURS Delton Briclchouse Martin Brookey Mary Brcokey Walter Brooks lames Brown Mary Brown Merle Brown Tornrny Brown David Bruchey Bobert Brunner Susan Buchanan Shirley Bunch Guy Martin Burdette Linda M. Burdette Charles Burgess Doris Burkholder Linda Burnett Bonnie Kay Burns Dennis Bussard Sally Ann Cain Michael Calpin Amanda Cannon Patsy Cannon Donna Carbauqh lanet Carloauqh Mary lane Carmack Deanna Carroll Shirley Carroll fr: ii-A zgvrm .. IVQ: I fw ,mo M 521 in WW yr 16' ,- ,tm J . SF, j:l:E. . :Egtgf ":f..,,i-3:5-f:g::g ta ft? Linda Castle Nancy Castle Robert Chapman Dennis Clark losie Clark Shirley Clark Mary Clemson Martha Ann Cline Charles Colbert Phylis Cole Patricia Collitlower Thomas Colliflower Minyon Cooper Daryl Corbin lohn D. Corun Gary Cosqrave Walter Cottrell Nona Mae Coulter im ..,1 im y ' Qty. 5 . T . ..,. Q ii i. ' in CLASS if . i y --L- .., '-..vI "Vl :sri 5 ,it " ,. 1 2:5-.A ,.,i,,, gg ' . . eff? 1 5 fi ... , S .,.., ,, is ,rr Y QQ " ",. on 3 ,gsm .- 3 -.1 :ffl F. Blanche Diggs Paul Diggs Sandra Kay Dixon Cinda Lee Dorsey Gregory Dorsey Robert Dorsey Doris Doriell Malcolm Douglas Mary Dove Bichard Drish Edith Duncan Ralph Vtfilliarn Dutrow Dewey Dykstra Guy Ernest Paula Ernest Charles Evans Anita Everhart Beth Extract ' " xii Q QW . ff Qff A if Q .A , A :L Wa -4 -' X ii .t,., . , 3 nl 77 M3 5 .5 P .-X ., an. .- ww rl OF '65 Charles Covell Margie Cramer Walter Cramer Zoanna Creager Norman Crouse Ronald Crum Sharon Mae Crum loann Crurnmit Gordon Culler Nancy Culler Harvey Cutsail Mary Dailey Susan Darne Connie Danner Dwight Davis Sterling Davis Tamara Davis William Davis Carl Deater Holley Decker Connie DeGrange Melvin DeGrange Iohn VV. Delaughter Paul Dennis Linda Despeaux William Devilbiss Albert Diggs Bernard Diggs ,, nr uf 2 . ,, I, tw ,. :IZ , IORS Brenda Eyler Dennis Eyler Donna Eyler ludith Eyler Susan Fawley Karla Federline Kathleen Fee lo Ann Finneyirock Ronald Fischer Donald Fisher Ronald Fisher David Foqle Ierry Foqle Lerry Fogle Barbara Foland Dorothy Foreman Richard Foreman Linda Fox Robbin Fox Robert Frank Raymond Parker Fre Kay Frances Fry Robert Garrett Charles Gearinqer Linda Gearinqer Patricia Geisbert Charles Gerhold Richard Gerwiq if w F l lt r F F i 2 4 "f' 1 'Elm -2 ---: : -V ' fi W Zgzi i ' Li v ii 2 if a y ' si , - P- 'llll S F 5? A ,,,. 2 t,.. V y 4 rig , 1 --'--- X 'X F' I . 2 In Ei ga- .I 4,.. K 1, X, .:- 3 nur A -:. gray 6 W' 1- , EW im gi 'VY F'ir af 5 rw xg ,f:a '., 1 , , uf- . Q-4 ,, f Q ex " as ,. ' ,lf . .,,. A .5 rw' L Q 'UN Y -0 as ,f 1 ? K! 'Ha DM-1. " ' T " a 78 1 4 Tania Gibbs lol-Xnn Gibson lames Giesler Leona Goines lohn Goodman Sylvia Gosnell Deborah Graham Paul Gray Charles Greene Iosephine Grefi Susan Gremillion Raymond Griffith Patricia Grossnickle Benjamin 'Grove Philip Grove Vickie Guariqlia Charles Hahn Galen Hahn CLASS ,t xi fi x, Us 'Ei 'y V if . ' 'V K ., W f.. Y ' vw X Y 5 " ' M ' la , Ra -V Mfr' I-"':' ' ' Stephan Hissey George Hoffman Larry Hotirnan Penelope Hoffman Barbara Holland Nettie Holland William Holton William R. Hood Wm. Stephen Hood Richard Hooper Linda Carol Hope Paul Houck Lance Howard Carol Huqhes Robert Hummer Cheryl Husnander Vicki Iackson Daniel Iacobs OF '65 Iohn Hahn Eugene Hale Bertha Hall Dotty Hammond Iames Hammond Sylvia lean Hanes Charles Hanshew Williarn Hardy Donna Lee Harqett Patsy Harqett Iarnes Harqis Willis Harper Claudia Harrington Paul Harris Sharron Harris Audrey Harrison Carol Ann Harsh Rickey Hartsock David Hawker Bettyjane Hawkins Bettyjean Hawkins Paul Haynesworth Harry Henderson Terry Henline Philip Hickman Linda Hildebrand Darlene Ann Hill Linda Ann Hill 'Q 79 U IOR Jennifer lacques Charles lenkins Linda lenkins Pairicia lenkins Sandra lenlcins Lorraine lessee Earl Iones Wanda lean lones Linda lohnson lames Karl Gary Keeney Brenda Kees Roberi Kefauver Carolyn Keqley Linda Keilholiz Phyllis lean Kelly Suzanne Kelly Ann Kemp Rodney Kernp Wanda Kemp Philip Keyser Linda Kilgore Bessie King Elsie King lo Ann Kinq Elaine Kinna lrvin Kinsey Linda Kaye Knill 'fm L .. A as is was " f fif- B, I ' is , , ' 'mfg W nav? W I " fe, ' ww ,X f in -v ' ..,,' V. 'W . 2 W I V p iiw. ' V lx A rw ...,, . , .. f 2 T an -We , rc.. lim ' fog . Y .i-iris ? air 5 H+., jj . , rf 2 M fx? 'f' ,r 'ik 'H ,... - , if wg Q., K 'Ki 3 K I ire L fu- E 2 ' X in ' .' Vilif' Q LV 5? f f 1' QL, 4 , rife ,.,' my W ' l l i l 'L -'f. - 1 v,,,, i Q 5,-157, Ioseph Knott N E fu: E 33- zngga f H Linda Marie Kooqle , J W fQQ5"' ylllv Susan Kraniz f f '.,V. f Iljgfr- Harriet Lalcel " ' Bruce Lamrn Charles Lawson Barbara Ann Lee f' M 5 -3 5-3 --:- - .5 David Lee fi I L iw 3' 'iz' ' ' '.': 1 - A '--. Mark Lee gf," Mary Lee :,i:, r,,,,. -r2- '.,. .-'f': Carl Lenhart files it ,. ,,. 'Wh 1 , . wig M , V may c . ,Q -:L ,. Lois Leopold Eleanor Lewis Bonnie Lou Lidie Brenda Lidie Pamela Lee Linion Patricia Linton fi l 4 W V f . L im I CLASS -1 -:: .a " i' '1--'- L 5' Q . Z: t , . .,,. V ,yi V r a fl W 3 " M. ,.: . .,,., "" - .L I - L" '. ,.., . :ii 1 bw - V --.,. h QVQV .,.,. A -, A.: ,--, r -. M A K -, ,- 4 I. Barry Melchinq Shirley Melvin Kathryn Merrell Susan Messer Norman Metz Ronald Miles Delbert Miller Shirley Miller Susan Miller Raymond Frank Mills Wanda Miskell Gary Mobley Reqinald Mock Carol Mohler Carlton Molesworth Saundra Molesworth Marian Monk Carol Mooney "'f1 -:-vv,,,.. , 'Q F' 'fi-2? .V,.- "Is-: ,,-. i Vluz J 1 81 CF '65 Walter Lipford Dee Ann Lodqe Gail Lombardi Harold Eugene Long Susan Long Michael Looker Roxann LosCalzo l. Kevin Loucks Charles Louqhry Gale Love Sharon Lowell Barlow Luhn Susan Lundwall Tom Lunn Darlene Mackenzie Sharon MacKenzie I. Scott Mackley Albert Main Lillian Malcolm William Mann Peter Markey Gary Markoe Alfred Mayne lerry McCauley Carolyn McDonough Sheena McGaha Georqe McNitt Terry Mehaiiie f-. I Y I 1 , , . IORS Ora Moore Cecillia Morgan Carol Murphy Marjorie Murphy Katherine Muzilc Ernest Myers Richard Myers Richard Naille Iacqueline Nasher Roger Naylor Nancy Ann Newman Ronald Nickens Frances Norris lohn Robert Null Charlotte Oden Arlene Oftutt Peqqy Ann O'Hara Dwight Oland Gary Olancl Russell Olden Charles Onley Helen Onley Iarnes Page Kenneth Page Kay Palm Betty lean Patterson Lorraine Patterson Robert Patterson if W, W? ,. 'Q to W af we ivy E Q -..v. W lune Pearl Lillian Perkins Carol Pettinqall Richard Pettit lames Phelps Linda Pickett lohn Plunkard Philip Powers David Pratt Susan Kay Putman Sandra Raines Barbara Randolph Roxann Randolph Sue Ann Ranneberqer Linda Redmond Sandra Reinmuth Alan Remsburq Frances Rentzell ii 9,1 A 'L' 'lzll '.,b ' -V,, V . "Ai E Iames V. Shah lames G. Shafi Myra Shari Barbara Shaffer Brenda Kay Shankle Harold Richard Shankle Pamela Shipley Larry Shober Nancy Shober Cathy Shook Terry Showe Clarence Shull Carolyn Shultz Kenneth Simmons Connie Simpson Blaine Smith Carol Ann Smith Charlette Smith if .Ja ...., . -ur I E. . . Q17 CLASS il ' s ' ' T' 9, Y if ququz 1:6 :..' ,H V 'El :-- -gf , ,.: ' - OF ,65 Michael Rhoades Craig Rhoderick lames Rhodes Alice Mae Rice Mary Sue Rice Sharon Lee Rice Philip Ridqely Donald Rilopeon ludy Roberts Kenneth Robinson Susan Roelke William Roessler Richard T. Rollins Roy Romsburg Katrina Rothenhoeier Mary Routzahn Gayle Rudy Lawrence Rudy Robert Russell Victor Russell Melissa Salisbury Charles Schatienberq Dinah Schoolman George Schrodel Sandra Scott Vicki Ann Scott Mark Serepca Cynthia Shafer UNIORS Dwight Smith lames L. Smith luanita Smith ludith K. Smith Robert F. Smith Virginia I. Smith Emma Snowden Clark Snyder Sharon Lee- Spahr Linda Spangler Lynn Spangler Nancy Spavin Marvin Spencer lanet Spurrier Harold Staley lohn Staley Sandra Staley Earl P. Starr Annette Stickney ,Tackie Stimmel Richard Stimmel Clark Stone loann Stone Richard Stone I. Marc Stonebraker ludy Stoner Norman Stonesiter Cynthia Gay Stup Merhl Sulcer Richard Summers Robert Summers Ronald Summers Ioseph Taylor Michael Taylor Gary Lee Thomas f V Y 'Ei 1 .,fQ.:1.i."'e 'QW 3 .a h lr W ,.:,, . 5, ' S4 I 5: f f Gertrude Thomas lon Thomas Charles Thompson Deborah Thompson Gloria Thompson lohn Thompson Larry Thompson Phyllis Thompson Sharon Titus Donald Tohery Carroll Toms Nancy Tean Tregoninq loseph Chris Trey ludy Troxell Patsy Ann Troxell Bonnie May Tucker ludith Tucker Mary Ann Tucker Iohn Wm. Turner Phil Vess Emory Virts CLASS OF '65 , '1 l f Y '3 Q or 'f--'A- A-2 ..,: ,A :, at ,Q ' 1- -, as W' . 1 E ,g on lame-s Windsor Nadine Winstead Larry Wise Roxie Wisner Shirley Wisner Nancy Witmer Ronald Witmer Gloria lo Witt Saxon Yonetz David Yontz Harvey Young lohnny Young Ioyce Young Maryland Young Ronald L. Young Ronald W. Young Thomas Zang David Lee Zigler Mary Zimmerman Phillip Zimmerman Thomas Zmudzinslci i W S. 3 Y' V ,- fn .. aw' fn ' 4 iw " C' U, . ..,,, 'ERE if 2 E 'E W 5ff i5ws 12-iw Ronald Virts lody Vona Cheryl Wachter Linda Walter lerry Walters Mary lane Walters David Waltz Gloria Warfield Kay Frances Warner Linda Warrenfeltz Charles Wars Edith Wars Edwin Waters Alvin Watkins Sandra Watkins George Weatherholt Kenneth Weddle Randy Weddle Carolyn Weedon Lynda Weedon Kim Weedy Danyce Weinberg Lewis Whipp Bonnie White Robert White Dennis Whittington Robert Wickless Brenda Wiles Thomas Wiles Robert Willard Patricia Wills Paul Wilson Thomas Wilson lane Wimrner Charlotte Windsor L ff I I Q 85 Pl-IGIVIGR SOPHOMORE EXECUTIVE CGMMITTEE UEEICERS Left to right: Ethan Book, president Ioan Trey, treasurer, Dottie Pease, secretary, and Barbara Vxfaqner, vice-president. 88 E I lo Ellen Adams Diana Adkins Kay Ahalt Randy Ahalt Robert Aird Steve Albaugh Vonnie Alexander William Allen Delores Ambush Elizabeth Ambush Eric Ambush Harry Ambush Ianice Ambush Stanley Ambush Diane Amorello Levona Anderson Margaret Anderson Vickie Anqleberqer Shirley Asbury Linda Atanasofi Connie Ausherman Mary Aylor Coralee Baer Richard Baer Boberi Baer Clyde Baker ludy Baker Lewis Baker Linda Baker Mildred Baker Steve Baker Glenn Baldwin Elaine Balm Larry Barqer Linda Barnard Sharon Barnard Leonard Barnes Paula Barnes Roberi Barnhouse Paul Barr Milce Barry Lana Bariqis Henry Bauqher Bruce Baumqardner Gerald Beacht Sandra Beall Kathy Bebee Kenneth Bell Boberi Bell Carl Bender lohn Bennett Gayle Blum Presion Best Bill Blank ww ..., . ., -- - Q at 'fi J L 1 2 ii fan: N SOPHOMORES , 'l".-.' 1' I .,:. K r r - 'M ff 'IV a Q. 4 .,..,. .:,, .. 'Y' U 4 , -5 E '-if ,QQ Y., ,, 112 SN' w gs . SK' i ,ir L A-,X niili :-. :-: :-2-r r " ' 'ea' lvl. ., kiwi, .Z ,S , ":' '-r..,.A Eg K Z5 A , t L V '-Si . : "'i -"t P sr A r.. r., 1 Z I rir ,.., .,,.,.:.:,.,......., ,..,.,.,.. , r . I 3, ,AR 4 an ww -2 :,, .., , , ., ,.., M 4. A B 1-:1-rr'-" 11' M 89 -Wi SOPHO QRES , .,,. 3 .... " , ff 21 t W4 " ,rw ' I . V .A.,A. E ,, "-' gr, '::::z:?- , ' ,,,, f ..,, , V ..,., z-.5 ,gi ,....,. . ., EE' ..,, 1? Q -:Ng:,.: ,...,,., 1 f 1 C g, , 1.23 . .,., .- in ' ..f: ?" 1' to ----- ., lfs ggg ' Q i i. A.,, . .,:.,.. , , . i 51 M- .' .,. V .ak LIZ- ll ,C - C 2 WS: E rlrl at .ii I l ' v, 1:2 ...,, .. lil! 1, . A -3:5 gy, Q if S . 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I ., I 92 Sharon Foqle Melvin Folk Linda Ford Francis Foreman Raymond Foreman Iohn Forney Susan Forney Tom Forney Brenda Forrest Hesbia Foster Sally Fouche Donald Fox Iohn Fox Ronnie Fox Scott Franklin Clara Frazier Margaret Frazier Rose Ann Fredericks Darrell Fritz Tana Fritz Wayne Fry Iearme Gaither lack Gaither Tim 'Ganley Lewis Gannon Kenda Garber leannette Garner Cindy Gary Earl Gastley Clifford Geisbert Lydia Geisbert Diane 'George Terry Gladhill Ernest Gladney Trudy Glass Mariana Glick Ril-:ki Gochenour Diane Goodman Iohn Goshorn Richard Graf lanthia Gray Iennifer Gray lerry Grossnickle Sally Grossnickle Donna Hatle George Hagelin Audrey Hahn Carol Hahn David Hahn Loretta Hahn Maxine Hale Arthur Hall Barbara Hall Ervin Hall Karen Hall Timmy Hall David Haller Linda Handley Sharon Handley Linda Harding Terry Harding Tom Harding Bernard Hargett Ioan Hargett Pat Hargett Patrick Hargett Sharon Hargett Linda Harmon Gideon Harne Susan Harner David Harris ludy Harris Rick Harris Susan Harris Ronnie Hart David Hartley Robert Hartman Philip Harvey Gene Hausler Vtfayne Hawes Larry Ahalt Hat Hawkins Shirley Haynesworth Sharon Heckert Steve Heftner Robert Heller William Heller Nancy Hemp Betty Henderson Gillian Herd CLASS OF 66 f it Q- S fi-1' iii ill, ' li f : a ft A f X if 'N' - .,,. , 1: -'-" V ---- We N 4 , .....1A:E:V,,.:.., ,,2.,.,::.:.: ,IEV ' S : I .....,.,. V- Q ,, ia ' if 'wi 'S 71? 'ZW- l le-tt ti i it X 'L " wail?" Q ,Lp ---- ' A, ' ., .. , . .. :,... ..--i ' ' A -r L.. ' if-ff ,uyai rll ar iilil Iillll I . T - A: f 3, I ..-f" 1 ,. It :,. ' .". get ' t Q, Q J, W. m y ,W , ii i .n i l ,wi in S I 1 A 93 -I Zifi X SCPHOMORES 1 , 1,.E . ' r be U l ,ra -+59 '- 1 1. .wifi id, .. 'i' , 'Z' At' i ,.,, ii , if H' if ,N I . ,. A , ""l: .,.AV Ar I - 51' f 7 -VQVV :ff Vzz A ----.: , WH .,. ' V -H -I ,-,. ,Q ,,: ii ' ' J f. Q if 5 "": ' Q , - 1 X K ' l gl : ' ,A 1 W ,.A,..A 5- x r H' 4 ' V1 ,, ,:V. 1 3 A ,E S, 5 f l ,. ' ' 1 is '31 K v f -. VAIZ V,,,,.,,' - r '-.., 1 1 Q s, V--' A ., ' "" A "1221- E fi:: E 12: gef iii, , "'3EQ W A2Q'E i? H g g I ,.': 5 . 1, ,-:. 12:.,, it I .: ,A - 5 .... ,A if rx 3' Dudley Hill Steve Hill Al Hirnes Stephen Hirnes Hedy Hirsch Greg Hiteshew Esion Hoffman Angela Holland Roberi Holland Lynn Holter Ierry Holton Anne Hooper Susan Hooper Dorothy Hopkins lenny Houii Frances Hough larnes Hueiing Doris Ingram Warren lackson Doris lacobs Michael lacques David Iames Ianet Ienkins Ianice Ienkins Ianis Ienkins Peggy lenkins Rose lenkins Doug Johnson Carol Iones Blessing Kaelzel Sid Kandel Cindy Kanode Clarence Kasch Terry Keefer Dianne Keeney William Keeney Barbara Kefauvei Donald Kefauver Edward Kefauvei Violet Kefauver Iames Kehne Pat Keller Marlene Kelly Bill Kennedy Sandy Keyser Charles Kidd Shirley King Twyla King Ann Kinsey David Kline lames Kline Allan Klipp Patsy Klipp Gary Knill Sharon Kolb Dan Kolsrud Terry Korrell Susan Krantz Kathy Kreitz Deborah Krenzer lohn Kutchak Pat LaCorte Truby LaGarcle Teena Lakel Brenda Lantz Glenn Lantz Nancy Lapole Darlene Lawson Lorraine Lawson Beverly Layer Thomas Leather Carol Lee Gary Lee Sharon Lee Bill Lee Gloria Leekinq lohn Lettire Anne Lewis Betty Lewis Diane Lewis Sam Lewis Dean Linton Vicki Little Carol Long Linda Long Lula Long Mary Lowe Janice Lurnan Allen Lunn Daniel Lyles gas "" ,- X ii 5 252 'K ,'.,., J iii. 5 95 W wi . ,V K ibm 4 f y yy , VIH 'J ' Q4 : ,v gg CLASS OF '66 'fn ,- in elf H em .I vase me w,:.,.f 1 V V ag Vw I ,. .,:.ix,,, 1 . .. 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A .EF lm, -H ,Y M zz, - 3 4 4 I! er A I Patricia Lyles Charles Main Gertrude Main Louis Maire Darlene Makel Garland Makel Lynn Markel Sandy Marks Linda Marsden Peqqy Marshall Laverna Martin Cindy Martz Gary Masser Sharila Masser Charles Massoqlia Roloeri May Torn McCanner Dennis McCauley Ianei McCarey Ted McCuichen Carol McDonald Darlene McKenzie Linda McKnight Richard McQuillen Eddie Meely Richard Melvin Grayson Mercer Linda Mercer Mike Mercer David Michael Sandra Michael Brenda Millberry Gary Milburn Diana Miller Larry Miller Rick Miller Susan Miller Donna Morgan Pai Morgan Dorothy Morris Richard Moss lean Munshour Audie Murphy Cindy Murray Glenda Murray Thais Myers David Naylor Denise Naylor Dixie Neel Mark Nelson Roger Nicodemus Franklin Norris Bonnie Oden Connie Oden lames Oden Linda Oden Ronnie Oden Charles Ofiutt Nils Olson ludy Ott Lavoyn Overs Maria Paleoloqos loyce Paie Dottie Pease Angelo Perkins Sally Phillips Elaine Plemmons Donna lean Plunkard Michael Ponton Carol Poole Gale Poole Hollace Poole Patty Poole Connie Popp Lynne Price Robert Putman Murray Quin Rudy Quynn Bruce Ramsburq Cindy Rarnsburq lan Rarnslourq lean Rarnsburq Iune Rarnsburq Maurice Ramsburq Betty Randolph Donna Ray Phyllis Ray , .3 fwtz W' I Kir ti? C A A M rn ff . up '9' G r 55? :lr i5'Er:Q., 1 84 x vi' 5 5 Iifrliz gs .:' :. :': : wif: L . ::: CLASS OF ,66 . In y X Q 5 M ftr 'ft' --,., I ,. - Eg 1 X15 fi ,.r- Q 1 i. w ' 'tim 'Q tl 1 .:V, " . f ' r ' .Fr S.. L gy 'WK iw Hx" ,Sa .. in .t. Q, Qg. 5 at 3 " . .f ' 1 5 v-5 Q 'lx A a A 1 loan Reed 5 .,,., Q 6, , A '21, Elizabeth Rernsberq H M H V. X Edward Reynolds "" rm ' "'- . A 97 SOPHOMORES 'fl . t .Q 'iff 5 ff ..., 1252 " " r 2, .,,, .- by I , 3. E' my ir- jr in is xy ,no 1 X Az., my gk is 2 nz . -fy 'Q at y r o r - "4:' . --':: K yrat K s, W.. be ,,, : . , t - if H W . , V 9 Q Q, L, 1: .ff ti. ' 14 -5.-. ' 1, -'21-3, Eg A-2: D .A . .W .. .,,, :Q . ,E if ww :fail -5 A Rf? Q ",V J , , , J Vw 1 W I , R ' .- ,:. 1 .t fi: . ., ,i rf' 4... f xt? 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' 'ZSEQQ-iii, ' We S Zi' z Swat 98 Lana Rhoderick Darrell Rhodes Gary Rhodes Bernard Rice Barry Richardson Marilyn Ridqley Fred Riley Kay Rinehart Craig Rippeon Donna Rippeon Rodney Rippeon lim Ritenour Don Roberts Ronald Roberts Carolyn Robinson Gary Roderick Robert Rollins Pat Rothenhoefer Lorna Rumpf Eddie Runion IoAnn Russell lacqueline Rutherford Fraser Ruwet Diana Saul Carol Saunders Gary Sawyers Kathy Shantz Barbara Schmersahl Vicki Schroeder Mickey Schultz Dale Schroyer Marcia Schultz Carl Seliqmann Don Senseniq Melvin Shafer Nancy Shafer Sue Shafer Barbara Shaff Lamar Shaffer Steve Shaffer Edward Shank Irv Shankle Kenny Shaw Terry Shaw Danny Shea Wilmer Sheckles Phyllis Shelton Scott Shipley Kent Shober Ralph Shoclcey Charles Shoemaker Lorraine Shorb Kathy Shreve Bernard Shultz Bonnie Sier Rebecca Simmons Dovey Simon Curtis Simpson Linda Simpson Nancy Smallwood Charles Smith Donna Smith Drew Smith Gordon Smith lulia Smith lune Smith Larry Smith Lamar Smith Martha Smith Marion Smith Mike Smith Richard Smith Sandra Smith Steve Smith Darlene Smith Vivian Smith Wanda Smith Patrick Snead Guy Snook Marlene Snowden Anna Snyder George Snyder lerome Snyder Ronald Spangler Debbie Spero Susan Sperry Doris Staley Karen Starr Sandra Slaqle Augustus Stevens 5 -1- W- f V ie , E 'Q' 1 if . , . , . it il .WW -H fy l uv E " WMS it iff, ...r gl '15 Ya , if y Hs! -vit Q, ti li. IN Ml' R nl kgiiirfa , it if ' 'ss if-f .Ji X, F? M,,xf:4, , K CLASS it ,, 7. .-,, ,Q-sg .5 -.: k M991 K OF '66 ' ":" arf 'f I Ei, i -t y ,.V'b , , , l'Qg .iylv 'Ax .V-E: y Q in ,-',. ., , 'gr .zz-flj. Y 3 ? Q . A ? x .4 .5221 - t :ga Q: hfgfi we -an on .- .1 I. 6. W 'RN if Qi ' ...An 1' it M. fe ,L A iw ,I Waifk 5:2 v.,. 4 - I. ff? E31 eww j '2"' iggeg :M gf? V351 jig . Hegmg :Ib .:,,, ..,,:. t ' t i t i fr f irt ' . 'aims 99 SOPHOMORES . s. A I X .. 1 "'- - A ,X . . qw? gf ' v wx gr as 2 W wfmvf r I Vlb l . Q -. P, , , .ay gi to - 0:3 'vw an 1: t 2 gr .... N , .tg ,:1.:5.tpm.,:1 by F Q. E 9 sr A 'ff X-may tw ., 1 es Y an ws' , B 4 I 'Yr ff s t .tv I W1-aw 1. in 1 if ,fil '.. .:. y . , -IVZ " . Q t T 1 ,. -' --1-,V ig " T A-'Q f ' X :'5 3 1-' X r s ' -.,. 2 :., : g-A X M .tu ., sp auf? S IOO Darryl Stevens Ianis Stitely Glenda Stine Robert Stokes Harold Stone Ioe Stone Rose Stone Richard Strawder Leslie Striblinq Thomas Stride Robert Studebaker Sharon Stup Lee Summers Stephen Summers Iames Swartz Anne Thomas Arnold Thomas Lelia Thomas Pat Thomas Richard Thomas Charles Thompson Kathryn Thompson Ruth Thompson Sheila Thompson William Thompson Iarnes Tinney Iames Titus Sonja Tobery Glenn Todd Ronald Tosten Ianie Treqoninq Ioan Trey Benjamin Tyeryar Larry Underwood Marvin Virts Paul VanFleet Frank Virts Barbara Waqner Barbara Walters Iackie Waltz Rebecca Warfield Claude Warner Connie Warrenfeltz Barbara Wars Eugene Wars Linda Watkins William Watkins William Watson Brenda Wean Darlene Webb Herman Wedge Iames Weedon Lewis Weedon Gary Weedy Aldan Weinberg Carol Welty Robert Welty Don Wenschhot Lee Wenzel Kenneth Wetzel Bonnie Whipp Myrna White Wanda lean White Shirley Whittington Mary Wickless ludy Wiles Lynn Wiles Patty Wiles Virginia Wiles Wayne Wiles Linda Willard Bernard Wills Mary Wilson Wayne Wilt Connie Wolfe Debora Wolfe Mary Lee Wood Karen Woodcock Robert Woodward Robert Woodworth Bonnie Reightler Dave Yinger Steven Yinqer Allen Young Ernest Young Raymond Young Nancy Zentner Connie Zimmerman Iohanna Zimmerman Robert Zimmerman wr-gag ' fi rr 6922, 'fs X at W W R 4 , Afgfow -:., , EN 'lm tl, M- :, A ' 'R nj ' 1 EJ kwa, ..:..a WW ,: is t :I- ,. Ziyi 4 A 1 .. QQ' S in C ASS OF '66 ZIE- -..,. ijt QL mv , ui , E :IIV .. HQAV :E -A 3- . N- 2 Ks sw la J Qi .1 4 ,Q IW me Sw 1 ' 2 gi? 4 ,N : A an J fn. ',.,,,.-' "r': :gig 'SL' 'gsm . EW I E A t 5,,...r 'Wit fi IOI pr Vw 'f 2 Q M -va' 5 rl fm K I' ll-' Jim IO Parents of initiates and the faculty were guests of the Society at a tea following the initiation ceremony. Cites scholastic success. cg f 104 Stanley Keyser, chairman of the Honor Roll Com mittee. discusses the honor roll with Susan Fraser This is a picture of the entire group taken immediately after the fall initiation. Sandra Derr escorts Arletta Wolfe to be initiated at the fall assembly. The Francis Scott Key Chapter of the National Honor Society was founded in l946 to honor those students who have demon- strated outstanding scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Membership in this organization is considered the highest honor any student may attain. This year the Honor Society, under the guidance of Mrs. Octavia Zimmerman, spon- sored two initiation ceremonies followed by teas, in addition to a Christmas tea for past members. The Society published the Honor Roll and sponsored three Honor Roll days in honor of all students who maintained "B" averages. The tutoring service was the most successful ever run by the Society. The officers of the Honor Society were, left to right, lack Hart, president: Lynne Howard, vice president: Mrs. Octavia Zimmerman. advisor: Anna Mae Younq. treasurer: Sue Carol Adams, secretary. IO Pictured at the right is a meeting oi the Council. Eddie Houfi was presiding and Mr. Ferguson, advisor. was talking to the group. IO' ST DE The officers, left to right, front row, were Kathy Idoine, recording secretary, Ieanne Messer, president, and Richard Brown, treasurer. Second row, Stan Keyser, parliamentariang Iohn Cordyack, chaplain, and Eddie Houff, Vice-president. N CIL The Student Council is Frederick High's student governing body. Representatives from each homeroom meet to discuss im- provements in the school, to encourage good school citizenship, and to maintain high standards among the students. The Student Council organized various student activities throughout the '63-'64 school year. A highlight of the tall season was the Homecoming Dance, held at Thanks- giving, to honor the football team. During School Spirit Week, the Council Worked to develop pride in our Special days were designated for types of clothing to be worn by the student body, including a dress-up day and a schoolf colors day. A pep rally was held on Friday as the grand finale. A student exchange program for next year has been planned with another state in which Iuniors and Seniors from Frederick High School will attend the exchange school for a Week and students from the exchange school will attend Frederick High School. school. special IO Ieanne Messer. Chris Trey. and Sandy Burdette as they prepared to leave for the State Convention in Bel Air. Mike Hess. Barbara Bender. and Connie Zimmerman. pre- pared a bulletin board for School Spirit Week. IN SPIRATION AL COM ITTEE ffl' .1 Pictured ahove are the co-chairmen, lei! to right. standing: Ben l..aGarde, Chris Hagan, Sandra Derr, and lohn George. Seated is Miss Mary Rhoads, advisor. The Inspirational Committee tunctions as an important group attiliated with our Student Council. lts purpose is to present a program which stimulates the student each morning and encourages responsibility in the school, the community, and the country. Leading this or- ganization were tour co-chairmen: lohn George, Sandra Derr, Ben LaCfarde, Christine Hagan, and Steve Carter, chief technician. The group ot more than thirty members has presented a Wide field of programing including guest speakers, varied musical selections, and special programs by school organizations. "Good morning! Our program . . IO 8 STI DE STANDARDS ina-........ Q K Student Standards strives to broaden leadership qualities among the students of FHS and to develop student responsibility in maintaining high standards. To meet these goals, this year the club decided to focus attention on cheating and increasing school spirit. The members also discussed activities in which students might participate during lunchtime. By achieving these goals, the club made FHS a better place for all. The officers were Donna Stine, president, Mac Douglas, vice-president, Susan Thomas, secretary, and Ben LaGarde, treasurer. IO The faculty committee, seated left to right were Mr. Wilson Mr. Holloman, Mrs. Poole, Mrs. Roelke, and Miss Willard Standing were Susan Thomas, Mac Douglas, Ben LaGarde and Donna Stine. Members ot the Clarinet Choir were, left to riqht: Amanda Cannon, Mel Folk Brenda E ler Cindy Gary A1 Young Lerry Fogle leffy V Y , f 1 1 Fogle, Treva Henqst, Scott Maclcley, Ronnie Fischer, Steve Hood. P. H. S. BA The Executive Board members were left to right, seated Iudy Pease, Susan Thomas, Sid Miller, Mac Douglas, and Chris Hagan. Standinq. Dick Clapp, Bill Amick, Robert Smith, Peggy Hotiman, Dorsey Gilbert, Treva Hengst, lay Delphy, Kay Knight, Doris Dorrell, Donna Hargett, lean Masser, Mandy Cannon, and Brenda Eyler. IIO All-State Band members were, left to right, Eddie Hall, lean Masser, Scott Mackley, and Chris Hagan. "AND THE BAND PLAYED ON " The F.H.S. Cadet Marching Band, led by Drum Major Ed Houff, was the backbone of spirit for the student body. The band supplied the half- time activities at all home football games. The highlight of this year's football season was the band's performance at the South High game at Hagerstown. The band participated in various local and neighboring events, including the Hagerstown Mummers' Parade. ln the spring the Cadets dili- gently practiced for the Apple Blossom Festival. The band is administered by an executive board, elected by the members. Officers included Sid Miller, president, Mac Douglas, vice-president, Christine Hagan and Susan Thomas, secretaries, Fred Broadrup, treasurer, PGQQIY Hoffman, Brenda Eyler, Donna Hargett, Mandy Cannon, librarians, III Bob Smith, band manager, Allen Creager and Bill Amick, representatives from the Black and Gold Band. With the help of the Band Boosters Club, the band sponsored the Second Annual Pancake Day, which was successful in raising 362,000 to complete the payment for the new uniforms. The Concert Band, selected by try-outs from the marching band and Black and Gold Band, performed at the District Adjudication on March 21 and the State Adjudication on April 24. The An- nual Spring Concert was given jointly with the Glee Club in April. A wind ensemble and clarinet choir, the only high school choir in Maryland, have been formed. ln addition, the concert band has been appointed District Band for the Maryland Band Directors' Association. A MAJORETTES "Une, two, three, four" is the most common sound running in an P. H. S.'s majorette's mind. This group has represented the school as a part of the F. H. S. Marching Band in parades, at football and basketball games, and in any other function in which the Marching Band participated. ln the l963-64 school year they strutted through the Hagerstown Mummers Parade, Frederick Left to right: Emogene Owens, Carolyn Shultz, Peggy O'Hara, Darlene May, Connie DeGrange, Vicki Scott, and Kathleen Owens. Halloween Parade, Cherry Blossom Parade in Washington, D. C., and the Apple Blossom Parade in Winchester, Virginia. Talent was also displayed by the majorettes during half time at the football games, where twirling fire batons was their specialty. Darlene May was the head majorette with Vicki Scott as assistant. mamai'af ...Q-.,.,. , .V ,V .. .,. . .,. ' 'ff' Wadi' -A -'M-MMM -'-ffw 15 ww as:s.msf,r1w:wexveBymaagff5yMw,gs,,.Nmw,,.Lcwgfaegwc. ,,.,v:fw.,.,:m,,,,,m.,,,.,,,,u,, - Your ol Frostlzlvfg Stale Teachers College reheurse lines. They will be at Freclerlclc High School on December 4 to give procluchon of Arthur Millefs play, "All My Sons" flrtlxttx Mlllens plug, "All Mx he pre-svczttell rn that l-liiili Student bong, New -l. This phil, will he Stat-cyl thc ffpccch anti Zlrnzzid llcmrl- lil wngtmccinzi -.-:ith The l ittlv tl ,fllplm ilu ll1neg1a,lwcl lJl"l3fS.ll'!lZ'kll10ll5 mf lfrust- smu 'l'eaclier's tfcllegxc. 'llw are presently about thirty on the council, headed President Robert W. Russell, and Vice-lfrcsiflent l-'lorence but any intera-fteli lfreslericlz resident can llcctmea mean- The Council, in its third year operation, is reaponsilnle for the t shows, art films, and the halls-t, l of which have appeared in lfrcfl- ick. ' Projects are started by thelfrecl- ick County Arts Council and then ned over to other organizations r further development and pres- ratinn. Two of these organizations e the Historical Society, which escntcu the National Ballet last Newsflash Friday, Decetnbor l3, is the hecluled dare for the annual llrefl- lck High School Holly Hop. This nce, is an annual event sponsored the Senior Class flxecutivefjorn- lt is one of the committees to raise money which will Stale Will Present To FHS Sfuclenl Body was sem to prison lvnr kc-ller ra- 'nalncvl lrcc, cxptxnllinf his tnrtv thriviny business. lnrry Keller, :in airplunc pilot reprtrtcll lll1S5elll.' linrim the war, .nil Ulmer, the trztprlsnnuli partner, llwsinute the action ot the play. lntertwineli arc- thc lnvc nlfulr of Cllirin Keller :mtl Ann llctivcr, and the hitter lffclinvn tation tn enrich the Culture antl brnenlen the scope of our enter- taimnent. Annual H Local Band Will Cm November 28, the annual Homecnnitngf 'Dance will be held in the lrcticfrick lliyh School gym- nasium from 3:30 to 11:30. "lla- mion and the Classic l-ive," awell- ltnown band in Frederick will pre. ville the music for the Dance. This dance, which will he held to honor the iontlmll beam, will be open to all lfreclerick High School students and their guests. The cost ol the tickets will be 52.00 per couple and 51.75 stay. Tickets- arc on sale at the school bank. Alumni of Frederick High School and outside gmeste are welcome to attend the :lance as guests ol FHS students. Their names must be rec- isteretl at the bank when the tickets are purchasetl. The gymnasium will be decorated to resemble A football field. FREDER71?CIg ' ll E7licr Vol N02 Frederick High School Maryland November 22, in their otvn performance nl liaclfs bt.. Matthew Passion: 35 well as munity Concert, perform nl FHS Nov. 23. Md. Stale Employment Agency Will Give Test December ll To Frederick High Studenls Tuesday, lteccrnber ll, all in- terested seniors who will lic seek- ing efuployncntifrzsnediatslg fnllfl f,l, N inc' graduation, will participate in thc Maryland l-.nploymeiit Service lgxazrtination. This test will give stullcnts an idea nl Lhei licltls in which their greatest abilities lie, thus enabling thexn to he able tm ob- tain the most profitable job possi- ble: after gralluatlon. A questionnaire will be required of each student vrlsliing to partici- pate before the date of testing. lr will consist of the following ques- tions: where the student would like to work, if he needs help in finding a Job, and where his interests lie. The examination will be admin- tcrity Lest, nslng peg and rivet lvoarlls, and a written exazninativn. After the tests have been given and analyzed, two men from thec employment office willcolne back to the school and review with the stutlcnts the results of their tests and advise them concerning the ixeltl for which they are best suited. The results of the tests will be kept on File in the employment office so that persons who have formerly taken the tests may refer to theln. l8 FHS Students Receive Awards School students Frederick 'I ak Left to right are: Anna Mae Young, copy editor, Miss The Business Staff, left to right are Kathleen Owens Romano, advisor, and Linda Rabstein, editor in chief, Emogene Owens, and Richard Shaft The High Flier Staff, advised by Miss Mary Gay Romano, reports school and com- munity activities to the student body through its monthly newspaper. A special feature of the High Flier is the senior issue, a supple- ment to the annual LAST WORD. which contains a picture listing of club officers for the following year. High Flier Staff members attended both the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Convention at Columbia University and the Maryland Scholastic Press Association Con- vention of American University. The entire staff is pictured at the left. On the opposite page at the top are Donna Weddle, page l editor, and Donna Baumgardner, page 3 editor. ln the center picture are Stephanie Cherry, page 2 editor: Cheryl Wachter, cartoonisty and Nils Olson, photographer. At the bottom of the page are Greg Cox, page 4 editor, and Ronnie Whitmore, reporter. F. H. S. GLEE CL B Harriet Ambrosen, member of All Stare Chorus, practices for a concert, accompanied by Mr. Corun. The officers are, from leii, front row: Margie Murphy: Harriet Am- hroseny Susanne Alexanderg and 'Caihy Shook. Back row: Iohn Goodman: Richard Bestp Ben LaGardeg and Calvin Rice, L...g HOUR SOUND OF MUSIC" The Frederick High School Glee Club, under the direction oi Mr. Heisley Corun, plays an im- portant role in teaching tundamentals ot music and in providing entertainment at school functions. This year many outstanding vocalists were selected tor participation in the All-County Chorus. ln addition, Harriet Ambrosen represented F. H. S. in the All- State Chorus in Baltimore. Students of F. H. S. were privileged to hear a 117 tine Christmas program ot selected carols. This year's Spring Concert, "Recent Broadway Hits" was a big success. The officers oi the Glee Club were Calvin Bice, president, Ben LaCfarde, viceepresidentg Harriet Ambrosen, recording secretary, Richard Best, cor- responding secretaryy Cathy Shook, treasurer, Marjorie Murphy, Kevin Loucks, and Susanne Alexander, librarians. Calvin Bice was also the accompanist tor the group. P. T. Left io righi. front row, Harriet Ambrosen, Iudy Harimarm, Lorraine lessee, and Mr. Hinkle. Back row, Sharon Sheffield, Beth Molesworth, Anna Mae Young, Lynne Howard, and Donna Baumgardner. Represeniaiives of both clubs met to plan for a lomi meeung MARCELE E KEFAU ER CLUB II All capable students who are interested in the teaching profession are invited into FTA tc become acquainted with the requirements and re- wards of a teaching career and to develop appre- ciation and respect for teachers. Frederick High has two Chapters of FTA, the Kefauver Chapter and the Rhoads Chapter. Officers of the Kefauver Chapter were ludy Hartmann, president, Harriet Ambrosen, vice-presi- dent, Lynne Howard, corresponding secretary, Donna Baumgardner, recording secretary, Mike Hess, treasurerg Beth Molesworth, assistant treas- urer, Sharon Sheffield, historian. Rhoads Chapter officers were lohn George, presi- dent, Sandra Derr, vice-president, Susan Roelke, second vice-president, Myra Shaft, third vice- presidentg Chris Hagan, corresponding secretary: Christine Espeland, recording secretary, lack Hart, Left to right, front row. Chris Hagan, Sandra Derr, lohn George, Chris Espeland, and lack Hart. Back row, Donna Lee Hargett, Miss Rhoads, Mandy Cannon, Susan Thomas, Susan Roelke, Myra Shaft, lenny lacques, and Susan Long. MARY RHOADS CLUB treasurer, Treva Siedling, historian. This year Pamela Clements, our exchange student from Australia, was made an honorary member. This year's schedule has been a busy one for both chapters. The Kefauver Chapter sponsored a tea for the faculty with the aid of Fthoads Chapter. During Christmas the members collected juice for Montevue. The advisor for the Kefauver Chapter is Mr. Hinkle. The Rhoads Chapter collected food for Monte- vue and made a donation to the old Folks' Home at Christmas. The custom of "an apple for the teacher" was followed during National Education Week. The chapter is guided by Miss Rhoads. The two chapters together attended the spring and fall conventions of the MAFTA. In February both groups heard Dean Murphy and other repre- sentatives of Towson State College lead a discus- sion considering opportunities in the teaching profession. 119 120 The officers and advisor pictured above are, left to right, front row: Vicki Scott, Marti Jessup, Ginni Neff. Back row: lanet Marsh, Miss Perry Darner, and Terry Moss. The purpose ot the Future Nurses ot America is to interest students in personal and community health and to encourage them to pursue the highly rewarding career of nursing. Members ot Frederick l-ligh's F. N. A. Executive Committee Were: Marti lessup, president: Vicki Scott and Terry Moss, vice-presidents, Ginni Neff, secretary, and lanet Marsh, treasurer. Miss Perry Darner was the advisor. This year the F. N. A. Club visited the Washington Hospital Center and assisted the county nurses in ad- ministering vision, audio-metric, and tuberculin tests. Left to right: Pam Smith, Christine Schmidt, Rebecca Pouche. Sandra Perry, Mrs. Achenbach, Iudy Peole, Marilyn Mason, Pat Royer, and 'Charlotte Stup, Providing clothes, food, and a helping hand are important jobs tor any mother in this day and age. Each girl realizes that she must learn these skills to build a healthy, happy home for her family, The Future l-lornemakers oi America at Frederick High hope to teach many girls the importance ot becoming good homemalcers. This year's initiation was the largest in the history oi the club at FHS. The year's highlights included field trips to the McCormack Tea Company, the Stieii Silver Company, and the Hagerstown School oi Beauty. The oiticers were Sandra Perry, presidentg Iudy Poole, vice-presidentg Marilyn Mason, secretary: Pat Boyer, treasurer, Pam Smith, chaplain: Christine Schmidt, program chairman: Charlotte Stup, news writer. Mrs. Linda Achenbach was the faculty adviser. KWH TS COOKINV' 17.1 F. F. A. orfcers, left to right. David Hawker, vice- presidentg Pete Twentey, reporter: Richard Schell, president, Mr. Miller, advisor, Ronald Putman, secretary, Gordon Culler, treasurery lack Harper, sentinel. The F. H. S. Chapter ot Future Farmers of America is a Worthy group, striving to promote leadership among vocational agricultural students. The titty-three members ot this group have accomplished such things as judging contests on local, state, and national levels, tractor driving contests, and public speaking contests. They are also interested in dairies, livestock, poultry, and land. The members enjoyed a trip to the State F. F. A. Convention in College Park. Sandy Burdette was chosen as the Chapter sweetheart. 12.2. SCIENCE CLUB Members of the Executive Committee were left to right. first row: lohn George, Dewey Dykstra, lame-s Green, and George Snyder. Second row: Donna Stine, Don VVenschhcf, and Galen Hahn. The Science Club was organized to enable capable and interested students to explore the various fields of science and to gain vocational in- formation. The many speakers throughout the year furthered these purposes. The year's activities included a lecture and a tour of the Frederick Planetarium and Space Laboratory, a trip to the National Science Fair in Baltimore, and the supervision of the Frederick l-liqh School Science Fair. The officers were: lim Green, presidentg Dewey Dykstra, vice-presidenty Donna Stine, secretary, and lohn George, treasurer. Members of the Club are shown planning for the annual Science Fair. 112 f PEP CLUB "lt shall be the purpose ot this club to promote good school spirit at school tunc- tions and to provide organized enthusiastic backing tor our athletic teams." Constitution ot the Pep Club -All here . . . lets cheer! This year's Pep Club, consisting ot approxi- mately l3O members under the leadership ot Miss Carolyn Lechiara, co-operated with our Cheer- leaders in backing our school teams. They attended all home games, and Whenever possible, sponsored buses tor games away from Frederick. The otticers tor the year were Steve Thrasher, presidentg Boxann Los Calzo, vice-president, Sandra Burdette, secretaryg Mary lane Carmack, treasurer: Bill Boessler, sergeant-at-arms. Left to right: Mary lane Carmack, Miss Lechiara, Sandy Burdette, Roxann Los Calzo, Steve Thrasher, and Bill Boessler. 12.4. The bank is one of the busiest spots in the entire school. Among its varied functions Were taking de- posits for accounts of student organizations, writing checks from these accounts, and keeping an accurate record of deposits and expenditures. School supplies and candy were sold throughout the year as Well as tickets for many school-sponsored ac- tivities. Handling other people's money showed the members of the bank staff the necessity of Working efficiently and accurately. The officers Were: Helen Summers, president, Lois Biggs, Vicepresident and secretary, Iudy Tucker, treas- urer, and Mr. Harvey, ad- visor. BAK Left to right: Penny Fox, loAnn Smith, Lois Biggs, ludy Tucker, Helen Summers, Gene Wahl, Mary Sue Rice, Mr, Harvey, Vicki lackson, ludy Roberts. LIBRARY lo nqht: Seated. Emogene Owens, lackie Reider, Kathleen Owens, Lillian Perkins, Lois Bru- r Cary Webb. Standing: Richard Denn, Mrs. Rohrer, Sharon Shank, Susan Gremillion, Milton chley Carolyn Reynolds, Carol Baker, Mrs. Holter, Judy Witmer, and David Clark. 125 The Library Club, under the guidance of Mrs. Mar- garet Rohrer and Mrs. Char- lotte S. Holter, worked to keep the library a smooth- running branch of the Frede- rick High School Educational System. The club especially enjoyed having Miss Am- porn Viravathana from Bang- kok, Thailand, work with them in the library for a month. This year a delegate was sent to the annual meeting of the Maryland Council of Student Library Clubs. Se- lection of an official club pin was another highlight. The officers were Carol Hughes, president, Cary Webb, vice-presidentg Lois Brubaker, secretary, and lackie Beider, treasurer. TRI-HI-Y TRI-Hr-Y ALPHA Throughout this year Tri-l-li-Y Alpha has helped with the Unicef drive, sold Christmas candy, donated Christmas and Easter baskets to a needy family, and participated in Christmas carolinq through the halls of PHS. TRI-HI-Y BETA Events which Tri-Hi-Y Beta participated in this year were trips to Montevue bake sales, the "Youth in Government" conferences in Annapolis and Wilminq ton, and Christmas carolinq in our school and city. 116 KAPPA TRI-HI-Y To achieve its goals Tri-Hi-Y Kappa has planned bake sales and visits to Montevue, held a bowling party, played a basketball game with Tri-Hi-Y Gamma, and visited the hospital during Easter. GAMMA TRI-HI-Y Tri'Hi-Y Gamma's achievements have been the selling ot Christmas cards for the benefit of the AFS., helping needy families during the holidays, and participating in a basketball game with Tri-Hi-Y Kappa. 127 L SIGMA NU - l The boys' "Y" Club, Sigma Nu Hi-Y has donated money to the Y.M.C.A. building fund, sent baskets of food to needy families at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and assisted the County Council in collecting for Unicef. TRI-HI-Y OFFICERS All Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y club members are Willing to give their time to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school, home, and community high standards of Christian character. The clubs strive to meet the needs and satisfy the interests of their individual members. The officers of All "Y" organizations pictured at the left Were, left to right. First row. Linda Rabstein, Iudy Pease, Marti Iessup, Doris Welty, Bobby Brad- bury, and Sue Carol Adams. Second row, Phyllis Kelly, Connie Billy, Shar- ron Harris, and Wanda Moore. Third row. Brenda Eyler and Zoanna Creager. Fourth row, Kay Palm, Suzanne Kelly, Doris Dorrell, Mary lane Carmack, and Ann Kemp. Fifth row, Eddie Houff, Hunt Hendrickson, Arnold Book, and Steve Thrasher. USHERS 2 B The Evening Ushers greet the public, escort them to their seats, and distribute programs. Pictured above are, left to right Mary Bowins, Rita Iackson, Carolyn Collins, Bonnie Boyer, and Delores Diggs. HTHIS WAY, PLEASE? The Day Ushers seat students at all school assemblies and at the end of the program excuse them in an orderly fashion. Pictured above, left to right. are Mary Hurst, Sharron Harris, Donna Murray, Carol Casto, Faye Harris, Barbara Klein, Pat Colliflower, Nancy McKnight, Lynda Hill, Marilyn Mason, and Linda Keilholtz. Both groups were directed by Mrs. Anna Mae Hughes. 17.9 The officers, seated left to right, were: Roberta Bradbury, Mrs. Hughes, advisor, and Iohn George. Standinq, Emily Hinderer, Lisa Olson, leanne Messer, lennie Brewer, Nancy Hilke, and Carol Hughes. THESPIANS Creative hands of the Thespians at work. "We came in our Volkswagen . . ." Members oi the cast of the Senior Class Play pictured left to right are: Tom Nikirk, Faye Harris, Bonnie Ramsburq, Catherine Best, and Pam Clements. "Are you in this Senior Class Play?" The purpose of this club is to acquaint its members more fully With all phases of the dra- matic arts by means of participation in plays, work shops, and field trips where these different aspects of theatre can be observed. This year F. H. S. Thespians were hosts for the Eleventh Annual Speech and Drama Clinic and formed committees to plan the day's activities, including an initiation ceremony. During Christmas vacation, Troupe l277 at- tended a performance of "The Nutcracker Ballet" at the Lyric Theatre in Baltimore, enacted by the Washington Ballet Troupe accompanied by the National Symphony Orchestra. Thespians were especially busy in the spring. They staged a special "Children's Theatre" spring play with the Dramatics Department and partici- pated in the Spring Festival of Plays at the Uni- 131 Now what do we do? versity of Maryland. The E. H. S. Troupe saw the opera "Carmen" at the new Baltimore Civic Center and traveled With the English Department to the National Theatre in Washington to see Shake- speare's "Comedy of Errors." ln May there was a special Thespian Week, headed by Emily Hinderer, vice-president. Money-making activities included the Annual Variety Show, a car Wash, and a bake sale. The highlight of the year is yet to come when the troupe will travel to the University of lndiana in lune for a Week-long National Dramatic Arts Conference. The officers Were: lohn George, presidentg Emily Hinderer, vice-president, Roberta Bradbury, recording secretary, Ieanne Messer, corresponding secretary: Lisa Olson, treasurer, Nancy Hilke and lennie Brewer, scribesg Carol Hughes, historian. APPRENTICE THESPIANS OFFICERS Sealed, left to right. Karen Starr, Mrs. Hughes, advisor, Nadine Winsteadg standing, Thomas Zang and Kathy Fee. 132, Through various activities, the Apprentice Thespians strive to accumulate the ten points necessary for initiation into Thespian Troupe 1277. In October they participated in the State Drama Clinic held here at F.I-l.S., and during the next month they Went to Hood College to see The Cocktail Party. They accompanied the Thespians to Washington to see the National Ballet Troupe's performance of "The Nutcracker Ballet," assisted the Thespians in presenting a Children's Theatre in the Spring, and made the trip to Indiana With that group for the ninth annual Dramatic Arts Conference. Officers of this organization Were: Nadine Winstead, president: Thomas Zang, vice- presidentg Kathy Fee, secretaryg Karen Starr, treasurer. LAST ORD HOME ROOM REPRESENTATIVES IU 10115 The Iunior representatives were, seated left to right, Mary Ann Tucker, Roxanne Los Calzo, Ienny Iacques, Harriet Ambrosen. Standing. Margie Murphy, Kathy Fee, Susan Long, Richard Shankle, Josephine Greff, Edith Duncan, and Sandra Watkins. SOPHOMORES The Sophomore representatives were, seated left to right, 'Connie Wolfe, Pat Carney, lanice McCrary, Mariana Glick, Ann Lee Thomas, Ianice lenkins. Standing, Ianice Carey, Kathy Beebee, Robert Aird, David Hartley, Aidan Weinberg, Susan Krantz, and Iulia Smith, I SENIORS The Senior representatives were, sealed left to right, Linda Smith, Peggy Hoffman, lennie Brewer, Rodney Blank. Standinq, Terry Moss, Scott Oden, and Sandra Perry. Sandra Derr, editor in chiei. and Mrs. Ashbury. advisor, conferred on the layout. THE The eleventh-qrade members of the staff struggled with identification oi pictures. LAST WORD Left to right. kneelinq, Treva Siedling, Chris Espeland, Debbie Pearl, Arletta Wolfe. Second row, Gerry Etzler, Karen Luridwall, Candy Stockmari, Phyliss Nininqer, Larry Putman, Third row, Mrs. Ashbury, advisor, Kathy Merrell, Harriet Amhroseri, Shirley Carroll, Susan Long, ludi Smith, Iacquie Nasher, Melissa Salisbury, Sandra Derr. 134 yy "Are all the senior write-ups finished, Sandra? Pictures! Pictures everywhere! Treva, do you have all the pictures identified? Does anybody know this boy's name? Ask Mrs. Lakel maybe she'll know. How many yearbooks have we sold? This account doesn't check out! Hurry up!! We've got to meet our deadline!" This is typical of conversation car- ried on throughout the year by the l964 LAST WORD Staff. Since the senior pictures were taken during the summer, the underclass and organization pictures were the first major undertaking of the staf'f. Homeroom Yearbook Representa- tives rendered capable assistance by selling underclass pictures, collecting senior write-ups, and taking orders during the subscription drive. Excellent cooperation by all mem- bers of the staff made identifying and distributing of underclass pictures a quick and accurate procedure. During the latter part of the year, the staff members were busy with the subscripf tion drive and typing and proofreading copy to meet the deadlines. Long hours Were combined with hard Work and a lot of fun to present to you our very best. Here it is f e your l964 LAST WORD. At the top of the page are the typists. Phyliss Nininger and Candy Stockrnan were dictating to Larry Putman and Gerry Etzler. ln the center of the page are Arlotta Wolfe, busi- ness manager, and Christine lfspeland, picture editor. ln the picture at the left are Debby Pearl, layout editor, and 'llreva Siedling, Ccpy editor. If mm ww-awww J M Mmfww an-pm: umm 'ff1:'Q,, AMX M Mwawmm- 4. Mm-ww Awww .nw mwlwm ,mv-www may-sum pawn www ww fmMwwm.ff'uM-mm wmwwvmhmwmn ...ummm-wma umpmnmmv an-ann anna- . .,... Ah 'W 137 CHEERLE DERS Left io right: Melinda Stephens, Sue Shallo, Mary Sue Rice, Roberta Bradbury, Sara Bradbury, and Doris Welty. And then there came a touchdown! I Bobbie Bradbury, varsity captain, Mrs. Achenbach advisor, Lisa Olson, junior varsiiy captain. . V CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Martha lessup Linda Weedon Gloria Thompson Gay Stup lean Messer Kathy Fee Kathy Merrell. The cheerleading squads of this year have enthusiastically backed our teams with yells of school and team spirit. They have organized pep assemblies before games, sponsored the Bonfire in the fall, and planned land played inll the annual "Powder Puff" football game against Glenelg. Behind the scenes, the girls have held practices each week to learn new cheers and to improve the old ones. Mrs. Linda Achen- bach is the faculty advisor. VARSITY FGOTB LL Frederick Frederick Frederick Frederick Frederick Frederick Frederick Frederick Frederick lr rederick SCHEDULE Boonsboro Waynesboro Wheaton . . . . . North Hagerstown Fort Hill .....,.. Andover ........ South Hagerstown Allegany. . ..., . . Martinsburg ,... 'Westminster . September, 1963, found a number of strong foot- ball teams creating high interest in the Cumberland Valley Tri-State area. Frederick High School, under the direction of Coach lack Molesworth, completed the season with a record of 4 wins, 4 losses and 2 ties. Co-captains were Lou Bruchey, who led the cadets on offense, and Ed Hall, winner of defensive honors. The season opened at Boonsboro with a l3-l3 tie. Victories followed over Waynesboro, North Hagers- town, Wheaton, and Andover. Frederick and South Hagerstown battled to a U-O tie. Losses were to Fort Hill, Westminster, Martinsburg, and Allegany: Fort Hill and Westminster finished the season undefeated. The highlight of the season was the victory over a strong Wheaton team. Led by the passing c. Bruchey, the rushing of Blaine Smith, and the fire defensive play of the Cadet line, Frederick defeat ed KA71..A-ti,-W, 'IO Q vv ii'cuLuii iv-U. 140 COACHES CAPTAIN S Left to right: Mr. Horner Brooks, Mr. lack Moles- Lefi io right: Ed Hall and Lou Bruchey. Worth, and Mr. Hal Moser. 141 x Congratulations to seniors Lou Bruchey, Ed Hall, lack Hart, Dave Boyd, Stan Keyser, Sid Miller, lohn Cordyack, Bob Fox, Richard Stirnmel, Terry Morgan, Alan Nichols, Rodney Sewell, lim Gilbert, and Paul Rornsberg for their contribution to football at Frederick High School. VARSITY BASKETBALL The varsity team this year was most fortunate in having iive last year's players return for this year's competition. Rodney Sewell was captain, and the team was coached by Mr. Homer Brooks. The Cadets oi l963-64 ended their season with a 6-win, 12-loss record. The seven luniors are the bright hopefuls tor next year's team. With some extra hard Work and a lot of school spirit, the team can be victorious. We Overlea 70 Albert Einstein 63 Westminster 67 Boonsboro 75 Bel Air 60 North High 49 South High 47 Martinsburg 7l Waynesboro 57 SCHEDULE They 63 Westminster Bl Gaithersburg 55 Andover 50 North High 45 Overlea 62 South High 64 Martinsburg 88 Waynesboro 72 We They 46 78 64 65 53 58 61 67 69 57 56 70 61 80 53 74 ARSITY BASEBALL Front row. left to right: lim Trout, Benny Grove, Tom Dutrow, Ike Rhoderick, Rick Alt. Second row: Merhl Millberry, Terry Boyer, Ronnie Hart, Eddie Reynolds, Iohnny Young, Gary Allen, Third row: Tornmy Thomas, Charles Palm, Stan Keyser, Nelson Myers, Ronnie Miles. APRIL 9 Francis Scott Key at Frederick 23 10 Martinsburg at Frederick 24 14 Frederick at So. Hagerstown 27 17 Frederick at Glenelg 30 21 Frederick at Francis Scott Key MAY 1 Frederick at Martinsburg 13 5 Sherwood at Frederick 18 7 Frederick at Howard County 19 8 Frederick at No. Hagerstown 22 12 Frederick at U. of Maryland Howard County at Frederick Frederick ai Sherwood Boonslooro at Frederick Frederick at Iohns Hopkins Frederick at Boonslnoro No. Hagerstown at Frederick Glenelg at Frederick So. Hagerstown at Frederick Nelson Myers waits for the perfect pitch. Ike Rhoderick lags Benny Grove as he slides inio base. , is , X1 4 1 if Crue, Vtzlfaw-4 L 65-,I one 0,6 " ' -"Z2i4ff""" C d ' 7 - f ' ,f ' 1' X 'f , vi., if ina-40 -, , LKACL 60760 cj ' , W ,- , K , ,JU r V ww-fff?f Q'MNf'TW" fg .. bagel V1 clit" 0'5" -f'i1"'kC ' 1- M R ,X M410 rx' lim Troui has hurled another sirikeoui Golf team left to riqht: First row, Norman Abrecht, Robert Nusbaum, Richard Wolfe, and Rick Best. Second row, Roddy Rhode-rick, Benny Gannon, and Earl Starr. Third row. Craig Rhoderick, and Mr. Brooks, coach. I CROSS COU TRY Left to right. front row: Phil Grove, Paul Harris, Roland Easterday, lim Colman, Terry Korrell, Bill Holton, Bob Heller. Back row: Gary lackson, Mike Gerhold, Hunt Hendrickson, Lance Howard, Eric Ambush, Larry Wise, Walt Cottrell, Mr. Moser. Coach Hal Moser's Cross Country team, led by Captain Gary lackson, raced to its most Victorious season in F. H. S. history. ln the Tri-State and C. V. A. L. Championship meets the Cadet two-milers finished third, losing to South Hagerstown and Martinsburg in looth meets. To climax the l963-64 season, the Harriers captured seventh place in the state meet. The Cadets' Bing Myers competes for top honors against four rival schools in the 600-yard run. Frederick placed lifth in the competition. 146 Donald Shattenberg races his opponent to the finish line to place fourth in the 600 yard run at the Baltimore 5th Regiment Armory. April April April April April May May May May May 7 ll l4 25 28 2 7 lZ l6 23 SCHEDULE Bethesda-Chevy Chase, Springain Blue Ridge Invitational Relays North Hagerstown, Westminster St. larnes Invitational Tri-State C.V.A.L. South Hagerstown Chambersburg District AA State AA I ' ARSITY TRACK The Cadets finished another successful season with impressive efforts throughout the ten-meet schedule this year. The Varsity track competes in the inter-scholastic sports program and develops a keen interest and understand- ing in track and field events. The co-captains were David Boyd and Gary Iackson. Kenneth Robinson takes the high juznp at the State lndcor Track Meet held lanuary 25, 1964. Frederick placed third in the overall competition. . V. BASKETBALL The lunior Varsity Basketball team Was or- ganized primarily for sophomore boys who wish to participate in interscholastic competition and Who demonstrate sufficient ability to become mem- bers of the varsity team. Under the guidance of Mr. Brooks, head coach, Mr. Groff, assistant coach, and Bonnie Hart, captain, the team Won over half their games after starting the season with a 40-32 victory over Overlea. 1. v. FGOTBALL The I. V. Football Team, coached by Mr. Homer Brooks and Mr. Bon Lennox, compiled a season record of 3 Wins and 3 losses. Since boys in Frederick have only a three-year program as com- pared to four-year programs at opponent schools, a great deal must be accomplished in one year to prepare the players for varsity football. Bonnie Hart and Mike Quinn directed the team at quarter- back and Franklin Virts and Terry Shaw performed well in the backfield. Outstanding line prospects were Terry Boyer, Don Fields, Ozz Lee, Craig Rippeon, Charles Grubbs, Richard Brown, and Nils Olson. W ....w...... -... Y,-- Y,...,,.,,.,... W.. ...V J... ,M M A. ..-,.,. ,.W..u-..... ..M.,...,.-,.....V.wn,i-I .. .... L . 1. V. TRACK First row. left to right. Bing Myers, Harold Long, Donnie Shattenberg, Robert Heller, James Coleman, Ralph Shockey, lackie Gaither, Eddie Meeley, and Ernest Young. Second row, Pete Thomas, Phil Schrodel, Walter Cottrell, Pete Markey, Robert Aird, Clyde Baker, Terry Shaw, Mr. Moser, coach. Coach Moser, hoping tor a better-than-ever track The I. V. baseball team competes With other team next year, will rely on three promising sophf school teams ot equal caliber. The boys on the omores: lim Coleman C880 yard runl, Bob Easterday team try to improve their skills tor next year's ll rnilel, and Clyde Baker Csprintsl. varsity team. Sportsmanship and unity are two excellent characteristics in the team's playing. . BASEBALL First row. leit to riqht. Rodney Bippeon, Henry Baugher, lerry Fogle, Ierome Snyder, Danny lacobs, and Bonnie Young. Second row, Tom Forney, Larry Biehl, Allan Wetzel, Bonnie Whitmore, Bicky McQuillen, Sidney Kandel. Third row. Bernard Hargett, Iohn Karl, Steve Hettner, and Charles Evans. BOYS' RECREATION COUNCIL The Boys' Recreation Council was formed to teach good sportsmanship and to acquaint members with the rules of various games as Well as methods oi officiating at athletic events. The Council also organized and con- ducted intramural tournaments in football, basketball, Wrestling, and tumbling. R WWWI, The officers of the Boys Recreation Council were Rodney Sewell secretary and treasurer, David Boyd, president, Mr. Moser, advisory and lack Hari, vice-president. ISO GIRLS' RECRE TIGN COUNCIL li you are a girl who is good at sports, then the Girls' Rec. Council is the place for you. The purpose ot this organization is to promote participation in sports tor all girls, with good sportsrnanship and personal etiort emphasized. The club's most noted achievernents for this year were being hosts for the Fall Hockey Sportsday, supporting an active girls' varsity basketball tearn, and participating in the Spring Sportsday and Volleyball Playday. Officers of the Ccfuncil were, left to right, first row. Mrs. Ptoelke advisory Susan Messer, vice-president lenny Brewer, secretary Kathy ldoine, treasurerg and Lynne Howard, president. 151 GIRLS' BASKETBALL Qur girls' basketball team, the Kadettes, has done an outstanding job this year. Under the capable guidance of Mrs. Boelke and the man- agers, Mary Lou Phillips, Linda Redmond, and Pat Geisbert, the team has compiled a record ot which they and their school can be proud. Through many hours ot practice the team mem- bers have learned to pool their talents and come up with a winning team. Frederick Frederick Frederick Frederick Frederick Frederick SCHEDULE Thurmcnt .....,.. Walkersville ..., Linganore . . Middletown . . Emmitsburg . . Brunswick . Left to right: First row: Mrs. Roelke, advisor, Carol Beall, Kattie Muzik, Lynne Howard, Susan Fraser, ludy Hartmann, Iune Dudrow, Susan Easton, Mary Phillips. Second row: Linda Redman, Donna Hatle, lean Munchour, Connie Billy, Sue Adams, Beverly Bowie, Becky Filer, Kathy ldoine, and Pat Geisbert, Third row: Barbara Cochran, Sandra Beall, Carol Hahn, Susan Hooper, Sue Calpin, and Cheryl Husnander. 15 'Z 25-17 30-27 23-17 21-32 41-20 27-21 HOCKEY HAS A FIELD DAY The captains and advisor are pictured above. FIOIII row, leh io right: Lynne Howard, Miss Love, Sue Calpin. Second row: Susan Hooper and Tune Dudrow. The girls' hockey team strives to promote the best interests of the game. lt enables more girls to participate in interscholastic competitive field hockey. Frederick High was the host for one of the county sports days and tied tor iirst place in this event. Lynne Howard and lune Dudrow were co-captains of Team I with Susan Calpin and Susan Hooper serving as co-captains oi Team ll. SOETBALL Each high school in Frederick County participated in a soft- ball tournament on May 12 as part of the Becreaiional Sports Day at Frederick High. Pictured at the lett were, iirst row. Mrs. Boelke, advisor, Susan Easton, Lynne Howard, ludy Hartmann, Iune Dudrow, Becky Fifer, and Cheryl Hus- nander, Sandy Beall. Second row, Donna Hatle, Ieane Mun- chour, Linda Redmond, Kathy ldoine, Iennie Brewer, Sue Adams, Pat Geisbert, and Susan Putman. Third row, Beverly Bowie, Susan Hooper, Barbara Cochran, Katy Muzik, Susan Calpin, Sue Fraser, and Carol Beall. TENNIS AND LOVE GO TOGETHER This is the second year F. H. S. has had a Tennis Club. Miss Love was coach, Melissa Salisbury was president, and Doris Dorrell was secretary. The club was open to stu- dents with previous experience as well as to beginners who wanted to learn the sport. All members played together to improve their skills. ln May they invited other schools here for a tennis play day. SPORTS DAY All the Frederick County High Schools met at minton, archery, horseshoes, deck tennis, shuffle- Frederick High on May 12. Tournaments in had- board, and tennis were heid. Miss Love and Mrs. Roeike were co-chairmen ot this event. 155 IN MEMORIAM BARBARA HELEN KEYSER August 9, l946ffDecember 22, l963 Lord, let me know my end, and what is the measure of my days: let me know how fleeting my life is! Psalm 39:4 n You did not wait the spring F or burgeoning But ere the first flowers broke out of sod You blossomed at the feet of God" CHARLES L. Q'DQNNEl.l.. 156

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