Frederick Douglass High School - Survey Yearbook (Baltimore, MD)

 - Class of 1950

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Frederick Douglass High School - Survey Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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I I I I I I I I I I I I I x I I I i 1 s WN 1 ' X me-wmxm A XNW QV , X wx si - 295591 1 V K2 Al Z 5. N .Aww X - X wwww--w-Q.......,A . NMmww..,...,,,,,,m N- A! E A - Ni 1 NX S an UQ- QS ,MGP -D :WSL X " '. S ..,. i:..:- . y X Mi 4 wagsm Q M53 ' ,u R ? 1 W' 5 f X X ' ' 1 S E ,, Q 5 Sw S5 N Q, il ra 2 ei! iw ,lb Sf 5 1 K 5? 5 A I x . X' T5 iv 115359 Q A 2 R Q 1 M 'X f vixvwfxf fwxx vi U' X . fu" lmil' X. wSXsQXk i,s-N v gww .Q -1 V NM bylaw-A if wf'wiL9 , f f52:2a::-:sa-aai lfw U. A Q . S' f M .w ' V I XXxM O SRIX X1 X x Q 3 1 1 if , ,u - f . 'N Q QAM .btw-S QVNNAW A x vw xwf- 5 U - x x x Q sig' V- Q gm M L A W Q x 2 X-.W-,www-www x, , :ff f .ft - M Q M3212 1 , :ar bwvi gdgiigfqgi NNSM wif k hi X- -1,3354 N pf , u , M T-53? K Q . X. mdk X N a. Q: W R'Qx+xNmM - M V N1 X , M24 Q Q, W wr NX . f - XS'1"EqgQQ fffifg X 51 nf, ,M ww 5- a ny-Mfx K' :wi Q Q f X " X 'Q A X -Q .4 w,,qgQNQgQx.kv,isXSN x: wg-.:.:.:, .... : QtNwf,,v Awxww KN C-Nw QggQ 4-wp v wggg bggpggq S f Y 'f ' 5 W, , .Vie ,A f f 5-Rfwifswif N A mi.. 'M 'L4XSIf'Tbff" 'i 5LslfYF'i'xlAwS-ax. Eff-:YE-mi?5ff1f R X Q 33611 ff H , 3, Q F L 7 .-I . Q ' ' ' ' W ' H Aw' W A-+"""' ' 1 IDIIUGLASS SURVEY February 1950 N X 1 5 IMIUGLASS HIGH SCll00L BALTIMCIBE, MABYLANB n 1 AIIMINISTRATIIIN MR. RALPH W. RECKLING Principal MISS H. E. WHARTON MR. H. R. PARKER Vice-Principal Vice-Principal WINS. MARY G. MAHSIIALI. lo Mrs. Wlury C. Mursllull wlm, for uly-six years was ll slwm-essful leuvlier ol English ul the F1'ecle1'ick Douglass lllgll S1'll00l. CUNGRATULATIUNS IVIH. DUUGLASS JOHNSON To lVlr. Douglass Johnson wlm, as coun- selor for fifteen years all Douglass, suc- cessfully guided lioys and girls in the sclecliou of their life's work. T INIUGLASS IIIGII SCIIO0L February 1950 ART Leroy Taylorg Head of Department Gwendolyn P. De Cecilio Constantia W. Jackson Louise C. Whittington COMMERCIAL Beatrice T. Butlerg Head of Department Mary M. Clayton Richard Cummings Claudine Dowdy Theresa M. Jackson W. DuBois Johnson Vera Killins Mamie B. Rideout Margaret E. Williams ENGLISH Bertha B. Andersong Head of Department Letitia B. Ashe Mae W. Downs May W. Fortune Mary W. Grifiin Ethel J. Hodges Ethel J. Hucles Thelma J. Lawrence Elva M. Quarles Valedia J. Sawyer Elaine D. Simons Josie Smith Alicia W. Williams Ethel E. Wise GUIDANCE Fannie W. Howard Earl Turner Marion Webb Waters HISTORY ' Edna O. Grayg Head of Department Rita T. Coe Bernard R. Briggs Allan W. Collick Mabel L. Frisby Naomi Y. Hardy Ethel B. Johnson Helen Lyles Catherine J. Mayo Edythe D. Myers Meta R. Young HOME ECONOMICS Inez Keyg Head of Department Ida B. Collick Patricia B. Page Alma V. Parker Melissa S. Perdue Marion F. Reid Mary D. Trotter INDUSTRIAL ARTS James A. B. Callisg Head of Department George L. Carter Lee A. Davis Alphonso Griliin James R. Lewis C. J. Riley LANGUAGE Thomas B. Nelsong Head of Department Thelma C. Ashe Lilla M. Barnum Nellie A. Buchanan Essie M. Hughes Aisley L. Lindsay Hilton E. PremDas Guinivere Spencer William Spencer Elizabeth White LIBRARIAN Elizabeth Anthony MATHEMATICS Cyrus W. Marshallg Head of Department Elaine C. Davis Evelyn Fax Beatrice Reesby Rosa O. Virgil Noel J. Wansel Dorothy R. Ward Dellaphine Warrington MUSIC Llewellyn W. Wilsong Head of Department Georgeanna Chester Gwendolyn Laissiter Stanley Williams PHYSICAL EDUCATION Leonard U. Gibsong Head of Department Dorothy Ganges Laura Jones Gertrude D. Macer Estellena Showes Melvin Cade William Payne SCIENCE Herbert M. Frisbyg Head of Department John Brown Robert P. Diggs Willie L. Harris Howard L. Hucles Wrenty E. Payne Constance Washington Perry D. G. Pennington Jessie M. Perkins Nelson M. Williams George Wood Wardelle Richardson 1105 "AL T F 10U"' A CENTURY SELF EXPBESSIUN 4 . Crip S 6. 5 11" vbs Us 9909 on S 09 1.9- sgix 00 IIECIIEATIQIN Senior Class Oflicers First row, left lo right: Bernice Johnson, Assistant Business Manager, Laura King, Assistant Treasurer' Naomi Boston, Assistant Secretary, Evelyn White, Secretary. Svcoml row: Tignor Douglass, Business Manager, Clarence Simms, President. Edna Lauretta Barnes To be a success Rehy Mae Baskerville To allenal Morgan Slate College Delores Louise Boyer To alienrl Howarrl Universily ,",'M,3f 'buf , f Donald Mareellas Abrams To allenrl College Freda Mae Alston To nllenfl College Douglas Garrett Anthony., Jr. To allenrl College Muriel Elsie Ayers To rlllenrl Hmnplon lnsliluln Thelma Louise Ball To ailenal Halnplon lnslilule Dorothy Ann Barher To tlllenll College Z,f1fdL, lf' f '7 2 Arthur George Bragg To nllenrl Morgan Slnle College Elsie Mae Brooks To nltenal fl0lllllIlllll Un1'versiIy Lorraine Francais Brown To allenrl Morgan Slate College 6 " 55::'h5f2::W .. . .. m e . ' s ...- :v'-:-:-:-'- I Peter Chester Brown ' L ' f ' To atlenrl Virginia State College ' ' 1 ' . , . Beverly Ann Bruce To IlNlfI'I-Flllllll' al Morgan Stale College Earl Carter To allenrl Uni11ers1'ly of Paris Betty Dear Coleman To fnrllier my ealncalion Ruth Elizabeth Collins To Allenrl Coppin Teavhers College Betty ,Ioan Conaway To niatriculale at Morgan Slate College 7 Bernice Darlene Copeland To become a success Lillian Greta Corprew To allenfl Morgan Slate College Consuella Joan Cox To allenrl Morgan Stale College Elva Louise Deshield To allenrl Morgan Sfate College Maurice Dorsey To enlisl in llze Navy Carl Downs To attend College Delores Bessie Green To attend Morgan Slate College Herbert Haywood Hall, Jr. To further my education Helen Lubinia Edwards To attend Morgan State College Barbara Constance Falline To attend Morgan State College Donald Faulkner To attend Springfelll Sylvia lola Fenwick To atlena' Morgan Stale College if Kb ,-., David Eugene Garlington UIQ Q M i B-an To matriculate al Springfeld Leon Sydney Gilmore To attend Coppin Teachers College To allenfl lfir inia Sl , C Carlese Ha ,J 03,w,,,gl,...0uD Warren Hayman To attend Temple University Roland C. Haywood To allenrl Coll e f Kathryn Henson To attend Morgan Stale College - Margaret Costella Holt To allelnl Morgan State College Blanche Unice Hudson To allenrl College an Q 'tu .11-Q, I t x Au I Joyce Lyn Jackson -. y K l 1 ,. . K, - ' ' lo fnrlller my erlueatlon K Ii ,f V .X ' j - K Ruby Elizabeth Jenkins To IIllIlI'l.l'lllIllf' at Morgan Slale College Bernice Marjorie Johnson To lIl!Ill'I.l'llllIll' al Morgan Slate College S O X I' t Daisy Elaine Johnson 5. To allenll Coppin 'l'eacl1,ers College . V C g KL- X. ' 5? Ui 'M 9 a. o Q we -5 :- :U 9- ..,.:, V on .pi ,,, , , FU at ,fr o B' 4, B , ,,, , O ,, :s T ,C To nzatricnlale at Morgan Slate College Mary Janet Kaintuck To atlenrl Hamplon Inslilute Margarie Marie Laboarfl To major in Mallzenzalies Clara Elizabeth Larkins To allenll lulliarzl School of Music el V, W fllleannette Lee W To allenll Coppin Teachers College 1 Us X Shirley Margaret Levi + 1 ' " , . . . .. XQX To rnalrzeulale at Howarrl Unwerszlw' s ' 2 ' ' ' 4 , 1. , .,.A., .,.,.,.,. .....,.,.,. , ....A.. ,....A, , .,, Delores Virginia Maith To lII,llll'l-Cllllllf? at Morgan Slale College Barbara lantha Mallory To major in MHllIl'IIlIIll't'.Y Frances Armetia Marlin To aflenrl Harnplon lnslilnle 46 la ne Mi lis To 7ll Ul or an . , 1 e Addie Jane Myrick ' ' ,' "' , To nltenfl Morgan Slate College I I, f- , 'f Howard Evans Nelson To allernl Morgan Slate College WW-M-lfv, -lay MCA-'vm -I-PO C-Juwvxk, Malvin Nicholson 5 , w l 'lo allenrl Morgan Male College - J lx ,M ll . NYNMa Mll,erry To qxven Qpppix Te ers College . JMX ' gwjlwbli 'X Q X .1 MJ" JH one C. flips TSW!!! fl llowaral Unive1'sily I M Charles Weslley Prettyman To furlller my education John McQueen To atlenrl Morgan Stale College Roslyn Alma Moody To matriculale al Morgan Stale College 10 JK: Eleanor Rose Queen -jp 'AL ,. . . . ..y3l1l?f Q 1 lu nmjor III Hl.YllJl'y A 7 f I . , - po ff, I Marjorie Randall Tn llvconle II Sl1c,'z'1'ss Miriam Althea Ray ,To allwul liluedelal Slnle Colkge w-.wut M- '7 George T. Reed . T H0111 ,olumlnia Ulziversily Edith Lee Ricks To allvml Co :pin 7'er1f'l1ers College Mildred Richardson alleml Morgan Stale College ll ,l flfvlg L Q' -,N s-167,44-'. f 4 Willi,an1 Lincoln Roberts, Jr. To allellrl Hamplon lnstilule Margaret, Roy To alleml llflorgan Stale College Margaret Lelia Satehell To allellll Carle: Peiers Business School ' J LHMQJ, , 719, Mfarfain, 'onne Seay I 79,JJ?Y'Ij0l' in Mallzenmlics Winifrecl Smith To atlvml Cnrzwr lfof-nlional Beverly Ann Snowden To llllfllll Morgan Slale College Beatrice Consuella Williams To attend Cop in 'I' achers College O WW Elsie Monterey Williams 0 attend Howard University J Sylvester Fleetwood Wise To lze a success Amy Avey Woolforcl To atlenrl Morgan State College Eliza Young ' To llllellll Morgan Slate College i, ll 5, ,Sr X , , W" '3 .- ,Y i -rv Shirl M. 'Qdella Young To attend Coppin Teachers College ff! l , ,,.. r ,,...o, .,.... l,,,.l...,. .,o,.. M' Clover Bernard Street, Jr. To attend Morgan Stale College Delores Patricia Turner To allenal The Baltimore lnsfilule of llflusieal Arls Bernardine Tyler To attend Bowie Slate Teachers College V Allyne Anna Walker L X, To altenll Coppin Tearlzers College ,I 'f fl .1 saw!" Juanita Adrian Watkins To attend Morgan Slate College Altomease Evelyn Williams To attend N. Y. C. C. I at f if e' 11 12 Garrett Ashley Bagley To continue my education Gilford Eugene Brown To attenrl M. l. T. Walter Conrad Brown To attend College 13 Ronald Leo Brooks To attend Hampton Institute James Donald Brown To attend College Vernon Lee Bulluck To attend University of Mexico Donald Chambers To attenrl Howard University Willianx Dickerson, Jr. To attenrl M. I. T. Elmo Tignor Douglass To further ny former erlucati n ' MM 4-1014.-.f fum. 'S SUT' John Brown Ferron I o rnatrzculate at Morgan State College Lennel Kenneth Johnson To attend U. C. L. A. Luther Allan Mathias To e, success 1' fi ff! ,, fff W7 f , I I. I., V1 'VA ff, fff 'fe f ft! if, W' " ., ? -, 4l"f V .V..,,, ' Reginald Nathaniel Tunstall To alleml Morgan Slate College Willialll P. Valentine To attcnrl John Hopkins University Robert Allen Willianls To further my education Frederick Maurice Wise To altenrl Howard University James Edward Woodson To further my education Jonathan Nelson To further my education Willianl Vernon Ross T07 further my educaQon 'ND . ll l Otto Antonio DIIVH M Vu +140 To be a success V Gilbert Stanley To attend Hampton Institute Ernest Carey Thornton To attend Art School Bernard Lee Tucker To attend Lincoln University A 1 XRS 14. , ---- e. ' -- Florence Pearl Ayers To ollenrl Ll.IIl'UllI Hospital Sliallie Rosalie Barrett To nllenal Linvoln lloxpilnl 4,9 Grave Delores Barnes S To allenrl N. Y. U. - W A I David Roy Bass l l'll1l llflorgnn Sizzle College r I Z Bw' , A' 1 , ' fo ' ,f Lf, ,fq 4.00 Naomi Byrd Boston' ' ' A - To ailenrl Sfnzlnons Colle To at! fl 1 l-fe 7'l a"7nv . Dorothy Mae Boyd end Morgan Slate College Vg Q Mae Boyd To atlenfl 1'll'CClllIlt?II,S Hospilul Ivory Gwendolyn Brown To lnolriculale al Morgan Slale College L 15 Eva Louise Bruce To attend Lincoln ll0SlIl'llll Lillian Clarctta Burgess To nllenrl llmnplon lnslilule Herbert Chase To slluly Lau' Jeanette Muriel Christmas L To ollenrl Fl't'3CllllIIl3ll,S Hospital 54 if e llglff E Ethel Beatrice Greene ' 'o study Nursing CQ W Adeline Elizabeth Hines To alleml Provident Hospital Annie Elizabeth Hurt To become a Nurse Jeanette Delores Jackson Bernice Cole To study Nursing Mildred Julia Conaway To be n success Dorothy Theressa Curtis To attend Howard University Xu, -45,49 X ' igizehenlngggfie Dafyis To ullenfl free1lrnel1's7lo,spiIal . 1 f Q i V I Lx,u.fQ Q - Doris Celeste Garnet X I To attend College -.Zfl ki! 'Jfjxw AJ J' AE ' sLB't,a Donald Ducane Goode To attend College To attend Harlem School of Nursing ' - :..r'1 Sf i N - 'i::"'- Zz, A l De. es Coste Johnson To be i ccess Lula Belle Jolly To attend Provident Hospital 16 N Doris Elizaheth Jones To allvml N. ll. U. lllarivv Loo To nllvrul l'll'l'f'llIIli'll..Y Hospilal To ullcml l"rf'v1lnmn'.v Hoslrilal Ruth Elvna McNeil To allvnrl Fl'L'f'lIIIll'lI-S I 5 C 5 ggi? '-1 --1-:EF ' X t liis:-:.: " -X :gy x -5 N ..., z : - A '- M Marjoriv Joyce Jones X To allvml Hnzunrfl Universily X 1 5 xxx X., Lurvna McKnight Ho.wp1'Ial Vivian Marie Moore To allend Provfdezzt Hospital E Earl Morton Alice Mae Norwood T 0 be SlLl,'CCSSfllI W3 17 Theressia Purvis To further N. Q, bc ...f ps To nltend Morgan Stale Collage Jack Noel my education Delores Marcella Pleasanls To attend Ff6EliI7l6lI,S Hospital . ff ,I To attend Fl'66f!IIl8ll,S Hospilnl ,N f' -, X , f Q, ff f ,- X If , f,fA'L" ' Mary Louise Ray To become a Nurse I I ff!! S bmw a .ff Agnes Rita Reese To attend F reedrnen's Hospital Charles Edward Robinson, II To attend University of Madrid Gertrude Salnpson To attend St. Paul Institute Marie Saunders To attencl Freezllnelfs Hospital Gloria Caleeta Short To attend Morgan State College Clarence Raye Simms To attend University of Madrid Suzanne Smith To atleml Temple University Gloria Evan Stewart To be a success Betty Mae Audrey Stith To rnatriculate at Morgan State College Earlar Rebecca Taylor To attend Provident Hospital Edna Mozella Thompson To further my education Thelma Lolita Watson To matriculate at Morgan State College 18 Al Betty Butler To further my education John F. M. Childs To altend fulliarrl School of Music 1 . J I Ernest Gordon BQ 3 0 To lrecolne a Cornlnercial Arlisl Ruth Zaccari Knox To alteml Morgan Slate College Cornelia Louise Miller To attend Morgan Siate College ' Alice Carole Moore ' To atlenfl Katherine Dunham School of Dancing . s 1a rthern 5 Q en Philadelphia School o Art ' l , 3.-QJJ . MVV5 ' L Charles Oliver Ross 19 To attend Art School Ronald James Thomas To attend Morgan Stale College James Valentine To become a Commercial Artist James Ewin Walker To be successful in' Music Angela Antoneia Webb To matriculate at Oberlin if 1 0 XF 515 George Nelson Parker, To further my erlucaiion Doris Geneva Rayforrl To be a success To be a success III To furlher my erlucration To be cz success ,,r1' Ula Mae Paschal Bernice Alma Rodgersq ' To alfgml Pratt lnstilute V ss. Gladys Regina Thompson To be a success Bertha Mae Anderson To alteml Hampton lnslilule Murl Eugene Goplin, jr. To allerul College Mary Catherine Cousins Louis Ann Diggs To he 11 szwcess Sophia Alverta Hollis Wistine Le Verne ,Iolmson To attend University of Paris 20 D Q . .,.,. -,,. . . ,... . .V.,.V.V,V.V.V. -,lf ",-'- --,,. .-.- . - -lf: ,--- Marlene Lucille Allen To be SIlCl'l'SSfltl Eloise Ruth Anderson To atleml Morgar: State College B Corinthia Julia Armstrong To be a success Adella Louisa Bland, II To Illfllllfltlllll' nl Hownrfl Uni11ers1'ly Erecilla Blue T attend Colle e r M,m,?0:-J K 1 Margaret Lee Boyd ' LZ, xggatteml C I9 - wt, ' 21 Charlotte Brown To become successful Edna Dorothy Brown To secure a gooa' position Essie Mae Burgess To attend Hampton Institute 5 Frances Louise Byrd To 11 emi Cortez Peters Bll.SilI8SS School owl fd Laura Veronica Contee To attend Bll'Sl.lI8SS School Jean Oretta Davis To attend College . 9 ' 4 .I ,l.J'.J -I ' z J. Blanche James To attend Hampton Institute dwrikw' .4 Lois Elizabeth James 7.0 attend Cortez Peters Bulinesmvogldlvn .A ki Alberta Johnson To ottenrl Cortez Peters Business School . J -5' 1 fx:-'LAL Alice Gretel Johnson To attend Cortez Peters Bus1?rtess'Sqliool , , I A X. I H,-L' V t Jule Mae Kelly To rnatriculate at Morgan State College Laura Bernice King To further my education . .7 Phylliss Elaine Fowlkes To become a Social Security Employee Constance Holloman Roberta Fuller To become sllcz-essful To become a Social Security lfrnployee Alice Sunita Jackson To attenrl Hampton Institute Doris Ethel Jackson To further my 6lillC0ll0lI 02156 15 To Q st I , 1 ,-fl, .:,-. f 64 JJ I lu, -v lr fu 1 14 - rw L57 Anna Lee James further my eflucation 22 kim-b ' .ff sccasmgass-cleans yi? iss sys 5 lslsss n is y 1,1-.Ji-in-1 Leatrice Macer 'f , I' ' "W S 'l"'--C.,-ical' -- To lH"COIIIf? a Civil Service Employee Carrie McFarland To attend Hampton Institute Delphine McKnight To attenrl Cortez Peters Business School Sadie Marie Moses To attencl Cortez Peters Business School Nancy Louise Murphy To attenrl College Alberta Gaclsie Nelson To attenzl Corte: Peters Business School ifllsffflf 23 Shirley Anita Newton To further my education f Rosetta ayne To further my education Jeanette Carolla Sherman To attend West Virginia State College Dorothy Smith To become a Civil Service Employee .f 5',:, . ,.. -Aff? - B' : 'rf 4-'ff-MCVQJ' 57? 1. ,uf 4, - Mable Lillian Sinith ' U To become a Civil Service Employee A Y Y Edna Taylor To matriculate at Cortez Peters Business School .. .' 4. 1 fig wt ffm. A ' f 35 I M F ' 1 Novvlla R1-lwvca Brown To attend N. l'. U. Lucy Odessa Harris To rnalrzfrulale al Morgan Stale College Uclessa Lucille Henry To allonal Morgan Slalv Collegv Mabel Marian Morris To lu' a success Leona Smith To IlItlfl'1'I7lllllll'7 at M organ Slate College Bonnie Lorean Wynn To nzalriculate at Morgan Slate College 1 Qfrga Marian Eugenia Thompson To f111'll1q'-lny qrlzuvzlifnz M' fblgcrkif qftg .ltllvk 37114--1,5 ' f , I :inn-s 'l'ilalon 66 ' L 'F To allrflifl Colzunbiu lf'1:l'nvrxl'ly at C AEM ,f 'jlfffkf ll Gloria Elizabeth West To lu' .9Ill'l'l'.YS!lll Evelyn Le-vin wlllilf' To III!IlI'll'llllIll' ol llarnplon lnxlilnlr' NA fl ile' C' ' , 1 if f , 70 al en: ,11rq1'gfP4'l1y'S lfll IIIFSS .Sf-llool ' lone Moilvllr Woxrclriqlge To lwconu' an Ujivo Worhvr 24- lwvunllnuuunu Riel1,ard Thomas Adams, Jr. To nllvnrl llflorgan Slale College Louise Thayer Anderson To furllmr my mlzurfllion A Pauline Lenora Brown To l'UIIllIll"ll' vourse al Apex Beanly College 1 ,Zaye Jane Chase To allenrl Morgan SI lc' College C,4'f6'fL-E, oO? Elaine Elizabeth Corbin '- To nllvlnl lvlhfgllllill Slalf' College Harry Davis To nuzlrirulale nl Morgan Stale College n WMV' 1.015 '7 V15 1,5 7 V Cassius Hoyette Evans Vjngffff ' if L 70 attend College fl ,ff ' Earl James Foster ,f To nllcnrl Howarrl University Ethel Fraling To allenll Carver lf'0cationnl Donald Glover To attend Morgan Stale College Leslie Winslow Gundy To allenrl College Edward Ivory Harris To rnalriculale at Lincoln University I' 20 4.3174-I 6011! JA Nathan Bernard Lee To ,end College Y sehebjoseph Morell To Embalming School M Richard Jeremiah Purdie To attend Morgan Slate College , ....... v,,.. . , rv v FF! ...... , v Earl Spencer Hayes, I To attend Coppin Teachers College James Elmer Hodges To attend Howard University Donald Williams Hughes To atteml Howard University Alexander Isabelle, Jr. To attend College Herman Leroy Jackson To matriculale at Eclrels Aaron Wilmer Jenkins To attend the University ll all Donald Matthews To allenzl Morgan State College Ralph Parr To attend Morgan State College George Sampson To attend College of Pennsylvania if YF 4-27' 1. I 0. A4 . l 'tk x by -5 K ff. 39 Q ip' 2Q 3 5 'X S V X YP K? . fg S ,XXV Q 5 , X '. -4 axxek, Pg f I f 27 X' .- L ,, .1 lf! ,fc ffl' 7' Randolph Gordon Taylor To alteml Morgan State College Charles Arthur Willi.amson To be successful To Elaine Constantla Y To atieml College lvlf -idx Lorenzo Dow Allen M attend Eclfel Co John Bishop Matriculating at Howard University Norma Jean Manns To join the W. A. F. Rose Marie Martin To .be a success A Leola Morri N H WML, To become a Nurs lv' A .P ' Mercedes Antoinette Riddick S To be successful r Burton Piuq Shields To atleml Photograph? School x Bernard Travis I To be successful fig! ! ILE L Evelyn Martha Was gton To be ccessful 5,1 Cv ss. -511171 l Artist Chnrlvs W'illiumson working on his mastorpic-ca-. Ulliva-rs. lzilllllllillvi' Cllalirnu-ll :mtl Sponsor., Mrs. Gray. of thv Douglass rhaptvr of tho Unitvcl Nations Youth Organization. whit-h is intl-rt-stt-ll in promoting bvttc-r understanding among thc' youth of all nations. 4,..vf fm' 28 HAH N x M w N r. li. 'l'urm-r lll'lll0llSll'illl'S lhv lnul c-ffvvls of nlvohol. Tha' zlllvlllivm- lislvm-rs ure- ullivc-rs nl' Ihr Allia-sl Youth Urgunizalliun. Mrs. Lawrence works with lhv 4-flilur:-s of lha- Fm-bruuny 1950 Survvy. fig ,I .W X ,f f f 1 15 29 N. .,g.Af, ,2 Uffivcrs of thc Managerial Stuff of lhc February l950 Survc-y. Officers of the Reportorial Stall' of the Februany 1950 Survey hw.. 5 I A xv" g ' .Q X Qwmw x e,wwWwM A Q, O' .www J':,2"3 Ns, www, Bvrnivc rvveives her reeeipl for Fifly Dollars from TTl'ZlSllfl'F Harris Sylvia and Edith far exceeded their quota in Survey sales. 31 www-14' :W ,NN ll. E. I' Uflivc-rs of lhv Douglass Safvly Patrol controlling corridor lrzllliv. rvm Das, though abs:-nl from thc- pix-ture., knows that Los Punanmria-mms alwnya work rliligx-ntly. Purloz-vous frum'ais?" This is an im-svapalrlo que-stion Mrs. Barnum and the llll'llllN'l'S of the' Frvnch Club ask. Mrs. Butlor presents class l2A7 in an typical class activity. IZOURIPIR NEWS Mrs. llux-I1-s prvsvnls the Couriur Staff and mcmbc-rs of hc-r Journalism class. ' ,,, Q , IH- Ml'lllbl'rS nf class l2AN prow' lo lhvir Ivacher, Miss Clayton, thai clerical work is lhvir fortv l2A' during an English period with Mrs. Anderson. Top: l2A2 in a Chemistry activity under the supervision of Mr. Willialnls. Bottom: Members of 12A4 are faced with many weighty problems which they hope their teachvr Mr. Marshall, will help them solve. 'Xp N- Q M 0 .X Class l2A7' delineating the various phases of making garments. Mesdamcs Keys and Purdue are pleased with the progress of the class. 3 7 rw-M-' Mc-mlwrs of l2A5' rluring a History discussion with Mrs. Young. Using lhv rurrl valalogue is a must for 1-vvry Senior. Choke Horrnatrm Be Secured www.. AIM-mlillg vhurch is u nlust for nmny nf tha- graduates. 12AU working on an activity in printing Q1 X N Q Q x s xx 3 9 SIHIIPII' lfmuwil: A svlf-govvrning burly of lhv school whivh vurrivs on a wvll-vunrclimllvd program 'wilh lhv favully for il In-tu-r Douglass. Mvlnlu-rs of Ihr' url I'lll'l'i1'llllllll giving lhv finishing lnllrhvs lo lhi-ir lllil5ll'l"lliI'l'l'S. Jw: sf tl 1 40 Mr. 'l'urm-r. ilu- llllizlzuwv Cnunsu-lor. 1-onfa-rs with an prnspvvlive- graullmlv nlmul hvr Colle-gn' vzlrvn-r. llvlnrn-s I'I1'als:lllls and xvilllvl' Brown g4 4:llid1llll'1' Cuu N if x. Y! XR "5X'7'r wfgl Y 1l.l 'Ming informalinn abou! ilu-ir fu lurv lll'l'llll1lli0Ili frnm I lsvlnr, Mrs. Marion VH-bln Whlvrs. ht The school bank officials diligently working on bank accounts with Miss Dowdy. HALF CENTURY- -WHAT NEXT? Bernice M. Johnson February 1950 marks the beginning of a new era for the members of the graduating class. It has been a most gratifying experience to be the fortunate students to spend the last three yn-urs in this institution of learning. Thus having embarked after three years of tedious trying to kccp up with the standards set by those who have prcceeded us, we find ourselves wondering as did our predecessors, about our immediate future. ls there any definite pattern to be followed? Have those who ventured before us, who have set our standards of learning, designated also a pattern or plan for living? We are at the half centuryg what next? There are those who will he doctors, lawyers, teachers and stenographers and yet by playing in life our small, large or proportioned parts. are we adding to the opportunities of humanity and mankind? After debating with ourselves, we realize that upon completion of a course at Douglass High School, whatever comes should include the developing of ourselves. so that we might add to that which has already been done. From this we are answered as to what is next, because we know that in this world there is some small duty for each of us to perform and by doing this we will accomplish what is to come next. 42 YOUTH 0F TUDAY--BUILDERS 0F TUMURBUW Addie Myrick The world of tomorrow will be what we, today's youth, make it. As citizens of tomorrow's world we must be ready to take upon ourselves grave responsibilities. Today, the world is in utter chaosg people are starving, fighting, mak- ing and breaking peace treaties, the greatest powers in the world are at each otheris throats. As builders of tomorrow, youth has to face these problems. How can today's youth untangle the world in the future? lt can do this great job by being loyal, reliable, courteous, regular, and refined citizens. Youth can start now to mold itself into citizens with such qualities that blend to make the world of tomorrow a happy, peaceful, and favourable place in which to live. If tomorrow's world is to be better than todayis, youth must prepare itself. For success in the future depends upon today's preparation. THE WVUBLD CHALLENGES YUUTH 0F TODAY Kalhryn Henson Wcmrld War ll has made the problems of youth even greater than those of any previous time. Delinquency and prosmiscuity are flourish- ing. The average youth of today is confronted with the seemingly alluring life of gangsters, harlots, bookies, and other easy livers. lt is increasingly diflicult for youth to live useful, wholesome lives when their environment depicts mental and moral degradation. The out- line of "do's" and "don'ts" which adults con- tinuously put before us is not the answer to our problems. lt is all too easy to influence young minds when they are not armed with facts and the inevitable results of their misdemeanors. Education and truth walk hand in hand as a solution to this problem of maladjustment in youth. lf our youth are given a well-rounded education, they will be able to reason out the desirability of building, not of destroying the future for themselves, as well as for succeeding generations. Not only education, but also truth is a Hmustf' Shame, whispers, and embarrass- ment are not good weapons. We must fortify our youth with the shining armor of truth. Thus we will enable them to meet the challenges of D today's world. A STEP INTO THE NEW WURLD Lula Belle Jolley Our growth from childhood to youth may be compared with that of a plant. As with the seedling, we are constantly nourished, but after an assortment of social and educational experi- ences, we have now become tightly filled buds, seeking to blossom forth into that all-important flower, ready for the first concrete utilization of the knowledge that we have learned. Though high school graduation may seem to some to be an end, it is not justly so, for it marks the very beginning of our adult education- al experiences, and from these will develop our final fruit, which will be realized in varied ways. 43 No matter what careers we may choose, we shall be held strictly accountable, not only to our school and to our parents, but to our commun- ity and to ourselves as well, for the most effec- tive use of the knowledge that we have gained. Let us not forget that though we have learned much during these twelve years, such knowledge alone will not provide us with all the keys necessary for unlocking the doors to suc- cess. But when we gain understanding and re- spect for others, we shall then possess a magic key which no lock will dare refuse. UDE T0 DUUGLASS joseph R. Johnson, fr. O, unheralded shrine of knowledge, O, uncrowned king whom we leave- Alas! Our loving paths must sever As our hearts break and we grieve. Yours is the way of inspiration, Although afar we chance to storm. To you, we return as homing pigeons, To gaze upon your stately form. Let us sing loud praises to thee, ln gratitude for knowledge learned- Through classroom work, in your sports, And through some extra honors earned. Faithfully we face the future. We feel we shall win in the end, So . . . steered by the power of right, Our indomitable will cannot bend. Thou canst not hide thy interest, Thou cherisheth the goals of youth. You carry on, with crusading zeal, A fight to champion our truth. As we approach the half-way mark, We cannot help but look behind- Upon the aid you've given us, Making life's ladder easier to climb. Hail, O mighty Douglass High! Greatest shrine of them all. Another fine class leaves you now In answering lifeis call. At last we're closer to our goal, And we owe it all to you- Hail, 0 mighty Douglass High Hail to the orange and blue. YOUTH IN A DEMUCBATIC WOBLD Portia Elaine Minnis Democracy means security, equality, justice, and humanity, regardless of race, creed, color, and religion. The young people of all races are desirous of world democracy. First, we desire brotherly love and a fellowship with Cod. Youth are fundamentally honest, sincere, and trust- worthy in dealing with their fellowmen. We are working toward making this world a strong and a democratic one. We have estab- lished recreation programs, and organizations of religious, civic, and social natures, which bring youth together to discuss current problems. Youth are trying very hard to avoid discrimina- tion among the various races. We are trying to eliminate harmful health and moral practices. Since it is the problem of young people to bring about a world democracy, we must be alert to important issues, and think independent- ly and constructively about ways to meet them. After thinking through these issues we must be concerned enough to take effective action toward their solution. Youth are trying to do their part in a de- mocracy, but we must receive encouragement from the older people. We must be given due credit for what we are doing and inspiration to go on to greater achievements. YOUTll FACES ADULT LIFE Leona Smith The class of February '50 sees the world as a sphere of boundless possibilities. We want to enter the life of that world as adults, fully cap- able of clarifying and solving the problems that affect our welfare. We dream of adventure, success, conquest, of greater satisfactions as we grow older. If our dreams are to become realities, we must prepare ourselves to overcome the difiiculties of life. We ask ourselves: "What will largely determine our success in life?l' lt will be determined partly by our attitudes toward our fellow men. It is essential that we understand the aims and aspirations of the per- sons around us, that we learn to live and work together as men should, and that, above all, we find a solution to the most baffling problem of human society, race prejudice. Secondly, our attitudes toward public affairs determine our success. There are problems in every community that concern the welfare of all, problems of government, education, health. and civic betterment in which we should actively participate and try to solve. The security of civilization rests upon the valiant struggles of men fighting for a well- organized society, where misunderstandings are less likely to arise and maladjustments can be easily rectified. As youth facing adult life, it should be our aim to acquire and maintain this security. 4-4- THE JOUBNEY INTO THE FUTURE Doris E. Jackson The complexities of our human society are frightening in their breadth! Through scientific development, this world has become smaller and more interrelated than it was in the past genera- tions. Complexities present problems, and prob- lems demand solving. Who will solve these prob- lems? The answer is, intelligent young people with initiative who, through education, can and will assume life's responsibilities. Although the tedious years in high school are finally completed, there lies the road ahead. The road is not smooth and level but rocky and hilly. At this stage, we cannot remain stable and glorify ourselves upon past achievements: be- cause the world is dynamic and everchanging. We must be alert to conform to these changes for the betterment of our family, community, and nation. Many of us are at present in a state of confusion. Such problems as a higher education, a well-paying job, and a secure future in any of our undertakings remain paramount in our daily thinking. Yes, we are at the half-way mark. If we ex- pect to eat the fruits of success, we must strive untiringly toward our goals. If the values of our education remain dormant in our minds, then these past years were worthless. The public school has done its share but now the burden rests entirely upon each individualls integrity and convictions. GLIMPSES INTO THE FUTURE Eleanor R. Queen One hundred and seventy students, a cross- section of the February 1950 class. were asked the question, 6'What do you expect to be doing twenty years hence?" From this poll it was es- tablished that the graduates were interestd in fourteen major fields. Twenty years from now, in the post atomic age, 1 prophesy that the mem- bers of the February graduating class of 1950 will have attained these places in the world: Teachers . . T hirtyg Nurses . . Twenty-one, Business Executives . . Nineteen, Fashion De- signers . . Sixteen, Stenographers . . Fifteen, Athletes . . Fourleeng Lawyers . . Twelve, Social Workers . . Eleven, Government Employees . . Ten, Doctors . . Eight, Detectives . . F ourg Sci- entists . . T wo, Accountants . . Two. IIIIMINANT FACTIIBS IN 0Ull IIIIPE FOIl THE FUTURE Betty Coleman How can youth. the hope of tomorrow's world. determine the answers to the problems, which will confront them? ln this era of changes, it is necessary that youth prepare itself for a successful future. This can only be done by re- viewing the factors, which have controlled the destiny of man since the beginning of time. The first factor of importance to manis suc- cess is the home. Here, the child is introduced to experiences. which will promote the develop- ment of his character traits. Some of these a1'e: good table manners. personal health habits, learn- ing to speak well. and learning how to get along with others. An outgrowth of the home is the commun- ity where essential experiences for group life are provided. Within the community are many ac- tivities, in which youth may engage. One social agency is the Young Men's and Young Women's Christian Association. Participation in its pro- gram is conducive to the development of effec- 45 tive citizenship. Here, youth finds a variety of civic, religious, and cultural activities. The school, the second main factor, is the fundamental source of knowledge. It prepares youth for all walks of life. It is called a labora- tory because experiences in school life prepare the student for what lies ahead. The third factor, the church, is a controlling moral agent in the destiny of youth. lt is based on the doctrine of the fatherhood of Cod and the brotherhood of man. It brings all kinds of peo- ple together for religious understanding and world friendship. If these three main factors, the home, the school, and the church become the dominant in- fluences, the lives of the youth of today are se- cure. With this thought in mind, the February 1950 graduating class of Frederick Douglass High School can accept the challenges of the future with hope for a better world. LO0KING FOBWARD D. Patricia Turner We, the youth of today, grew up in a world prepared for us by our elders. We were born at the beginning of the depression. By the time we reached our early childhood Pearl Harbor had been bombed. The beginning of a new epoch came with the dawn of our adolescence. This new epoch, the Atomic Age, brought with it the greatest discovery of any generation past. As we stand at the threshold of 1950, what factors do we now see on the horizon which are likely to have a powerful impact on youth? It is predicted that in the early 1950's a host of new products will be produced with less human effort than ever before in historyg that the amount of leisure will increaseg that the radio will develop in the direction of facsimile printing, thereby making the newsboy obsoles- cent. It is further predicted that the social sci- ences will win increasing recognitiong that the advance of science will continue at an unprece- dented rateg and that educational services will be provided over a wider range to more persons. As a result of these changes, we will find it necessary to remain in school longer and to pre- pare ourselves for jobs in such service fields as health, recreational, educational activities, the arts and sciences, and public service. Yv0RLD PEACE James Hodges The problem, peace, seems to be an enor- mous task, but let us associate the individual with this tremendous problem. The chemist, in order to solve a complex problem of chemical composition and combination, turns to the atom for his solution. We, likewise, should attempt to solve our problem by turning to the individual -the smallest part of our civilization. Yes! the responsibility of world peace rests on your shoulders. You may ask, "How can I, one person, be able even to help cure this chaotic world?" If each one would put aside all prejudice, malice, and ignorance and use the virtues of kindness, understanding, and respect as means of obtain- ing universal cooperation, we might obtain this one objective, world peace. We can overcome prejudice with understandingg for misunder- standing is the chief cause of prejudice. We hold the key to understanding victims of prejudice if we associate the origin and environment with his actions. Kindness is the way to win any one's well wishes. Kindness always has been and al- ways will be appropriate. Now, when our foreign friends need help, is an excellent time to be kind and charitable to them. We must always respect the ideals and convictions of others no matter how absurd or ridiculous they may seem to be. In this way we can easily solve our problem. ln comparing the problems of the youth of today with those of a century ago, I find them fundamentally the same. The main difference is that this is the Atomic Age and the problems are more complex. AMERICAN YOU'l'Il 0F 1850 vs AMERICAN YOU'l'll 0F 1950 E recilla Blue In l850, the nation was expanding in in- dustry. settlement. and politics. The question of whether slavery was to be confined within its existing southern boundaries or be allowed to spread over the country was acute. Then there was the problem of who was to govern the na- tiong the planting South or the industrial North. Boundaries of the new territories of the West were being disputed. Inventions and machines were causing an "industrial revolutionw through- out the nation. Today, one finds that the passing century has brought prosperity and dignity to American youth. Now, they face the problems of world affairs. Russiais system of Communism has per- meated the Orient and much of Europe. Atomic energy has caused a mild revolution in jobs for more people. The Civil Rights program has reached a point of national concern. Youth finds itself vitally needed as leaders to help solve these current problems. As graduates of 1950, we have the advan- tage of achieving leadership through free educa- tion. Such educators as Mary McCleod Bethune and Dwight O. W. Holmes are patterns of what we, too, may achieve. With our unlimited oppor- tunities, we should be able to meet successfully the challenges of today. 4-6 YHUTH SHALL LEAD THE WAY Vivian Moore We, the youth of today are the potential leaders of tomorrow. ln the years to come, we shall hold the fate of our country in our hands. We must assume the responsibility for the solution of Americais many problems. Always, we must aim toward a truer democracy, a de- mocracy in which rights and privileges are as- sured to all persons, regardless of their race, color, or creed. We must realize that friendship is the first step toward wholesome international relation- ships, hence, ours will be responsibility to fight segregation, discrimination and persecution which degrade friendship. Ours will be the task of finding means of preserving good group re- lationships in order to have the world work to- gether in unity. These are but a few of the many problems that we must encounter as the leaders of tomor- row. Our success will rest largely upon our courage and our ability to meet the responsibili- ties of leadership. T0 WHHM WE ARE GRATEFUL Marion, Seay As we, the 1950 February graduating class, prepare to make our exit from high school, we recall our school days from their inception and we think about the many people who have helped to 'make these school days pleasant and profit- able. We think of those people to whom we owe our most exalted esteem. To our teachers, we are grateful for the patience, kindness, and instruction which they have given us in order that we may be well in- tegrated mentally and socially. To our officials, we give deep gratitude for their untiring efforts to discipline us justly and correctly. To our counselors, who have guided us in the proper selection of courses and working ca- pacities, we give our devoted thanks. To our parents, we give our love and great- est appreciation for they have done their utmost to guide us, understand us, and make us well- rounded human beings. It is they who would give most anything for our happiness and pros- perity. To these people and many others we give unlimited and sincere thanks for their efforts to uplift us during twelve memorable years. THE VALUE 0F THE LIBRARY T0 THE HIGH SCHO0L GRADUATE Sylvia Fenwick Every student needs to use books frequently and usually spends several weeks gathering ma- terial from many sources when preparing a term paper or the like. Being familiar with the avail- able material in one's library enables one to gather information on any given subject. Business service in public libraries is one method through which the value of the library may be demonstrated. The library is a store house which enables anyone to find questions pertinent to selling his product, prices involved, what fluctuation in the industrial or financial market may arise, and how best to organize and promote his business. The adult will invariably go to the library when he will not or cannot go to school. Most 4-7 libraries issue reading lists on many vocations. All of the information on a vocation cannot be obtained from books, but the fundamental facts enables one to get a foundation for the practical side of his vocation. Newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, year- books, almanacs and other duplicable materials meet the demands for current information. ln books, there has been preserved all the great things that men have thought, dreamed and hoped. One can travel wherever one may wish to go and further enrich his mind and personal- ity through exposure to the great personalities that he may never see, but come to know through literature. HIGH SCll00L ATHLETICS AND THE COMMUNlTY William Roberts All too often, significance of the high school athletic program has been underestimated. It is a fact that each year thousands of high school students participate both directly and indirectly in interscholastic and intramural contests, there- by indicating that athletics rank high in the list of extra-curricular activities. One of the major outcomes of the sports program in the high school is its carryover value in the community. It can be pointed out that the community is aided in many ways. Those students who actually participate in the activities. develop many desirable social and physical characteristics, for example, coopera- tion, which comes through team work, good sportsmanship and fair play, good health habits, keener mental and physical coordination, and in- terest, which is stimulated by close competition. These same students, who have developed these desirable attitudes and characteristics in high school. later enter the community as well- rounded citizens. On the other hand, when the community furnishes the means for wholesomer recreation and diversion it thereby lessens the chances for juvenile delinquency. Moreover the members of the community actually enjoy the contests from the spectatoris point-of-view. Thus the construction of more modern and better equipped gymnasiums and playgrounds for high schools by the community, will result in greater molding of many finer personalities who will assume the responsibility for the continued development of our young people. A PRUGBAM FUR T0DAY9S YOUTlI Thelma L. Watson ln a world such as ours, we, the youth of the world, must develop a program of survival. This program must be adequate to meet the changes of a complex civilization. Three es- sential factors to be included in such a program are: the need for education, the need for toler- ance, and the need for faith. In the process of education, the completion of high school is merely the first step toward obtaining higher education. We must not stop here. We must continue our studies until we are able to meet the challenge of the world on a sound educational basis. ln addition to education, tolerance is a vital need in the world of today. The amalgama- tion of radial, national, and religious groups has brought on situations in which tolerance of view points is of paramount importance. The youth of today must, therefore, be prepared to live with and understand the people of the world. Finally, faith is the strengthening factor of this program-faith in others, faith in ourselves, and faith in Cod. Thus we, the youth of today, can express our sentiments in the language of the former hymn: Faith of our fathers! living still ln spite of dungeon fire and sword: O how our hearts beat high with joy, Whenier we hear that glorious word: Faith of our fathers holy faith! We will be true to thee till death. THE NECESSITY FOIl BELIGIUUS EDUCATIQJN Helen Edwards Religious education is a necessity in the world today. It can help bring about peace not only between nations, but also in the hearts of men. Peace can be attained only when people practice their religious instruction and love their neighbors as themselves. Nations need to do un- to others as they would have others do unto them. Churches in the communities are making everylopportunity to provide religious training for todayis youth. Members of the class of 1950 have served as Sunday School Teachers, oliicers of religious organizations. and delegates to youth meetings of the church. The teachings instilled in these persons by their religious affiliations can help them to carry the banner for more religious education in the next half century. 48 CLASS lllSTOBY Freda Alston We, the 1950 February Class of Douglass High School, began our career in 194-7 with a great deal of expectation. During our first year, we participated in the "Junior Red Cross Drive,', "The Opera, Car- men,," "The United Nations Youth Organiza- tion," and the annual musical festival, "Douglass On Paradef' ln the latter production Ruth Col- lins was crowned "Miss Douglassf, As our second year began, we showed an exceptional amount of initiative and spirit. Most of our ability was exhibited in athletics. Many of our boys helped to make the Douglass Ducks achieve success on the football field. Some out- standing players were: Donald Goode, William Valentine, Roland Haywood, Donald Faulkner, Ernest Thornton, Arthur Bragg, and Douglass Anthony. The tumbling team star was David Carlington. Excelling in track were: Clover Street, Harry Davis, Archell Morrell, Carl Downes, Edward Harris, and Murl Coplin. Our wrestlers were Earl Morton and John McQueen. Mention should be made of Charles Williamson I- and Peter Brown for their contributions in box- ing. Donald Abrams. Herbert Hall, and Tignor Douglass ranked high in basketball. Always at the game to cheer the boys on were: Betty But- ler, Daisy Johnson, Delores Pleasants, and Ruth Collins. Eleanor Queen, a member of Toussaint L, Ouverture Debating Club, helped to defeat the City College Debating Team during this year. At the beginning of the last semester in Douglass, our record of achievements continued to soar. Joseph Johnson was elected president of the Student Council. Earl Foster was made presi- dent of the "Hi-YH Club. Leslie Gundy was chosen "Courier', editor. Delores Maith was crowned "Miss Follies of 194-9." Now, as our senior year draws to a close, we are reminded of our theme: "Youth at the Half-Century Markf' We look forward to the future with hopeful and prayerful hearts. We trust that every member of our class will realize his highest ambition. With the help of the Al- mighty, we cannot fail. A CLASS BEUNIQJN FIFTY YEARS IIENCE Alice johnson and Ethel F ruling Time: 2000 A. D. Place: Douglass High School Characters: Douglass grads of February, 1950 Occasion: Class re-union Setting: The boys' gym decorated, is filling with former graduates. While nosing through the crowd, Alice Johnson and Ethel Fraling. co-authors: Observe Leona Smith and Marion Seay, fashionably-dressed old ladies, reminiscing with Margaret Roy, Jeanette Lee and Winifred Smith. Edith appears quite stunning with her long white hair. Can it be that Delores's dancing through the years has resulted in permanent use of her cane? , 49 Notice Elsie Brooks, wrinkled but glamor- ous, trying to get in a word with Lois James, retired Mathematics Supervisor and Ruth Mc- Neil, Superintendent of Nurses. The latter two are discussing Addie Myrick's slim 125 pounds. Chuckle at George Reed, who, with the aid of two pairs of eye glasses, is characteristically glancing over his newspaper while Peter Brown, still chewing gum, discusses the events of the day with him. Now with the soulful strains of "Good-night, Sweetheartfi we Douglass grads of yester-year must part once again-sadder, perhaps, but surely wiser, and it is our most fervent prayer that we see those whom we love so much. THE IMPIIBTANCE 0F CIDMPLETING IIIGII SCll00L T0 A STUDENT Donald Matthews There are innumerable reasons why students should aim to complete high school. Getting a job is definitely the primary objective of those who do not plan to continue their education. When twelve years of school have been com- pleted, one finds himself in position to find a job much easier. Upon attaining this goal, one can continue his development through practical experience in the field of his interest. When a student considers college, he is altogther aware of the fact that he must have a high school di- ploma. Students would understand their lack of discretion in dropping out of school if they would only make a survey of those who have done so and notice their predicaments today. If all students would aspire to such an ideal as completing high school. they would be able to attain some stature in life. 0UB PET PEEVES Beatrice Williams Personally, I detest constant dissappoint- ments. Upon expressing my point of view to some classmates l was greeted with astonishment. but after further inquiry I found that there are other students who have similiar peeves. What do you think of these: Florence Ayers . . . 'gSilly boys" Adella Bland "Pessimistic peoplev Herbert Chase . "Frivolous girls Adeline Hines . "Egotistic people Margaret Holt . . "Nosey peopleu John McQueen . . . "Silly girls ss as as Arschel Morell "Petting in public" Leola Morris . "Talkative people" Alice Norwood "jokes that aren't funny Marjorie Randall "Malicious gossip we as George Reed 'gllisagreeable people" Marion Thompson "Boisterous girls 99 ss Thelma Wlatson . "Prevar1'cafors Gloria West "People who pop chewing gum we IN MEMURIAM Naomi Boston ln the midst of our joyful preparation, we, the February '50 graduation class. pause in re- membrance of one who is no longer with us. Though she is gone. she is not forgotten. We knew her as Ella Spady. Ella did not participate in extra-curricular activities, but she made up for this lack of par- ticipation by her scholastic achievement. She was friendly and well loved by both her teachers and her classmates. Ella was very active in the Shiloh Baptist Church where she was a member of the Sunday School, the Junior Choir, and the Usher Board. To our beloved classmate we dedicate these verses from s'There is No Death" by J. L. McCeery: '5There is no death! Although we grieve When beautiful, familiar forms That we have learned to love are torn From our embracing arms. They are not dead! They have but passed Beyond the mists that blind us here Into the new and larger life Of that serener sphere." 50 . Gypsy Rose Lee AS THEY SEEM T0 ME Clara E. Larkins In my opinion some of these students men- tioned below have certain characteristics that resemble the famous personalities of stage, screen, and radio, although they do not neces- sarily resemble them in appearance. Delores Maith .... Lena Horne Le'lie Gund Frank Sinatra Winifred Smith . . . Betty Hutton Naomi Boston . . . Lauren Bacall Bernard Travis . Fuzzy McKnight Earl Hayes ..... limmy F idler Wistine Johnson, Katherine Dunham George Reed .... Fred Astaire Dais Johnson s y . . . Lorenzo Allen ..... Bob Hope Charles Prettyman . Bing Crosby Betty Conaway . . Rita Hayworth Consuella Cox . John Childs . Aaron Jenkins . Florence Ayers . Delores Pleasants Addie Myrick . . James Woodson Janet Kaintuck . . Hazel Scott . . . .lose Iturbi . Clark Gable . . Gracie Allen Maria Montez . . . . Beulah . . Rochester . Billie Burke y . Frances Martin Donald Goode . Nancy Murphy Arschel Morrell . . . Meg Randall Charles Laughton . . . lane Russell . . Clifton Webb Margaret Roy . . . Ava Gardner Shirley Levi . Betty Butler . Barbara Falline Miriam Ray . Evelyn White Roslyn Moody Wll0'S WHO Shirley Levi and Winifred Smith . . . Eve Arden . . . fudy Canova . . Claire Trevor . . . . .loan Davis . . Marjorie Main My Friend Irma Best Singers: Norma Manns, Ruth Collins, Clara Larkins, Charles Prettyman, Joseph John- son, Cassius Evans, Arschel Morrell. Best Poets: Lucy Harris, Altomease Will- iams, Joseph Johnson. Best Athletes: Arthur Bragg, Donald Faulk- ner, Nathan Lee, Clover Street, Harry Davis, Maurice Dorsey, William Valentine, Edward Harris, Roland Haywood, David Garlington, Douglass Anthony, Edith Ricks, Ethel Fraling, Charles Williamson, Edna Barnes, Mary Ray. Best Musicians: John Childs, Ruth Knox, Margaret Holt, Shirley Levi, Consuella Cox, Tignor Douglass, Monterey Williams. Best Orators: Delores Maith, Odessa Henry, Portia Minnis, Elenore Queen. Best Dancers: Wistine Johnson, George Reed,,Daisy Johnson, Ruby Jenkins, Ruth Col- lins, Thelma Watson. Most Popular: Donald Goode, Herbert Hall, Delores Maith, Earl Foster, Ruby Jenkins, Eliza- beth Davis, Roslyn Moody, Randolph Taylor, Jackie Noel, Mildred Richardson. Most Studious: James Tildon, Naomi Bos- ton, Edward Harris, Kathryn Henson, Leslie Candy, Beatrice Williams, George Reed, George Sampson, Monterey Williams. Most Attractive: Betty Conaway, Nancy Murphy, David Bass, Margaret Roy, John Mc- Queen, Bonnie Wynn, James Brown, Clarence 51 Simms, Alice Jackson, Leon Gilmore, Francis Martin, Jeanette Lee. Most Humorous: Aaron Jenkins, Lorenzo Allen, Alice Johnson, Mable Morris, Ethel Fra- ling, Addie Myrick, Ralph Parr, Freda Alston, Juanita Watkins, Ola Mae Paschal, Earl Foster, Miriam Ray, Rosetta Payne, Elaine Young, Warren Hayman. Most Fashionable: Leona Smith, Doris Ray- ford, Marian Seay, Donald Clover, Vernon Bul- luck, Bernice Cole, Jeannette Christmas, Alex- ander Isabelle, Elsie Brooks, Richard Adams, Nathan Lee, Donald Matthews, Roberta Fuller. Tallest Students: Novella Brown, Eliza Young, Adella Bland, Tignor Douglass, Mabel Smith, Charles Robinson, Grace Barnes, Donald Hughes, Alberta Nelson. Shortest Students: Bernice Rogers, Edna Taylor, Lois James, James Hodges, Adeline Hines, Betty Butler, Delores Wooldridge, Doris Jackson, Richard Adams, Joyce Jackson, Anna James. Neatest Students: Jane Chase, Irene Phillips, Jean Davis, Barbara Mallory, Delores Green, Earl Hayes, Murl Coplin. Fattest Students: Addie Myrick, Dorothy Smith, Dorothy Curtis, Lillian Corprew, Suzanne Smith, Sylvia Fenwick, Edna Thompson, Berna- dine Tyler. SENICIR SUPERLATIVES Bernice C ole FASHIONABLE: Jeannette Christmas, Alexander Isabelle, Jane Chase, Marion Seay, Leona Smith. ENIGMATIC: James Northern, Donald Abrams. BEST LOOKING! Jeannette Lee, Nancy Murphy, Betty Conaway, Elva Deshields, David Bass. REI.IABLP3: Florence Ayers, Bonnie Wynn, Bernice Johnson. UNASSIIMING: Earl Carter, Mariam Ray, Earl Morton. ATIILETIC: William Valentine, Ernest Thorn- ton, Donald Goode, Donald Faulkner, Clo- ver Street, Douglass Anthony. RETICENT: Lois James, Murl Coplin, Margarie Laboard, Anna James. E OUTHFUL: "February Class of ,507 COOPERATIVE! Ruth McNeil, Sylvia Fenwick, Archel Morrell, Daisy Johnson, Mary Kain- tuck, Lula Jolly. IJOYAL: Clara Larkins, Freda Alston, Naomi Boston. ARGUMENTATIVE: Doris Garnett, Edith Ricks, Eleanor Queen. SHORT: Betty Butler, Joyce Jackson, Norma Manns, Consuella Cox. SERIOUS: John McQueen, Roland Haywood, Leon Gilmore. FRIENDLIEST: Margaret Roy, Louise Anderson, Mildred Richardson. INTELLIGENT: George Reed, Marion Thompson, William Valentine, Tignor Douglass. FUNNIEST: Lorenzo Allen, Earl Foster, Evelyn White, Ola May Paschal. TALKATIVE: Jean Davis, Ethel Fraling, Odessa Henry, Bernice Rogers. YAMMERISH: Ethel Greene, Rosalind Moody, Betty Coleman. SIAMESE TWINS AND TRIPLETS 5 Mildred Anita Richardson ln reminiscing about the activities through the halls. one may recall many inseparable friends of the '50 Graduating Class of Douglass High School. Can you remember ever seeing George Sampson without Leslie Gundy or Joseph John- son? They are either members of the Student Council, Douglass Courier, or the Hi-Y. lnseparable would be the word for Eliza Young and Roslyn Moody. From beginning to end like Alpha and Omega, Odessa L. Henry and Ola Mae Paschal will forever be friends. Without Alberta Johnson and Leatrice Macer, Mary Ray is simply lost. "Like two peas in a poda' would describe Amy Woolford and Reby Baskerville. Have you ever seen a jollier three than Bernadine Tyler, Gloria Short, and Jeanette Christmas? "Till death do us part" seems to depict that inseparable pair, Bonnie Wynn and Bernice Johnson. These and many other friendships that exist among us are so deep that they will be extended through Our advanced school career and adult life, 52 INSEPABABLES Lois E. James There are in every graduating class mem- bers who are inseparable friends. This wonder- ful February 1950 graduating class is no excep- tion. Walking along the corridors of Douglass, these friends were always found: The Fashionable Five-Leona Smith, Doris Rayford, Elizabeth Davis, lvory Brown, Alto- mease Williams. The Three Musketeers-Donald Goode, Earl Morton, Roland Haywood. The Faithful Friendsililsie Brooks, Lois James, Alice Johnson, Ethel Fraling. The funior Misses'-Marlene Allen, Evelyn White, Mildred Conaway, Marian Thompson, Gloria West. The .lolly Cents-Leslie Gundy, George Sampson, Aaron Jenkins, Joseph Johnson, Gilbert Stanley. The Glamour CirlsfDaisy Johnson, Ruby Jenkins, Ruth Collins, Betty Conaway. ' The Charrnettes-Margaret Roy, Jane Chase, Jeannette Lee. The Everlasting Pals-Warren Hayman, Maurice Dorsey, Ralph Parr, Peter Brown. The Popular Two-Charles Robinson, Clar- ence Simms. The Buddies of 12146-Richard Purdie, Vernon Bullock, Gilford Brown. The Friendly Dubs-Winifred Smith, Irene Phillips. Les Frais Deux-Randolph Taylor, Donald Matthews. Let us hope that these friendships which exist among the members of the graduating class will continue far into life. WOULD IT BE THEY IF . . . Elizabeth Davis and Edna Thompson 1. Dorothy Curtis. Thelma Ball, and Shir- ley Newton came to school on time? 2. Leona Smith, Richard Adams, Pauline Brown, Daisy Johnson, Otto Silva, and Leon Gilmore weren't fashionable? 3. Joseph Johnson wasnil president of the Student Council? 4-. Elizabeth Davis, Leona Smith, Alto- mease Willianls, and lvory Brown weren't to- gether? 5. 12A2 wasn't a "sharp" and most coop- erative class? 6. Lorenzo Allen, Adella Bland, and Earl Foster acted sensibly? 7. Donald Faulkner, William Roberts, and William Valentine werenlt good football players? 8. Addie Myrick and Edna Thompson were thin? 9. Peter Brown and Dorothy Curtis stopped chewing gum? 10. Monterey Williams, Marion Wright, and Nancy Murphy were noisy? 11. John Childs wasrft playing the piano? 53 12. The "Big Four" of 12Al were quiet, namely, Elsie Brooks, Lois James, Ethel Fraling, and Alice .lohnson? 13. Shirley Levi, Delores Maith, and Portia Minnis were quiet? 14. Betty Butler and Eliza Young stopped laughing? 15. Elva DeShields, Bernice Cole, Doris Garnett, and Jean Davis were not talking about boys? 16. Evelyn White was very quiet and de- mure? 17. Earl Foster, Donald Hughes, and James Tildon were not play boys? 18. Consuella Cox was tall? 19. Clarice Lee wasnit the only girl in a class of boys? 20. Clara Larkins and Norma Manns could not sing? 21. Bertha Anderson and lone Woodridge weren't active? 22. Clarence Simms W3STl,l so stately and our class president? CAN YOU IMAGINE ? Mildred Conaway Pauline Brown not getting into trouble by Marion Thompson keeping quiet in the something she said? commercial law class? Shirley Newton being satisfied with what Blanche .lam0S Wilhflllt her be b0PS? she does? Corinthia Armstrong not in a good mood? Laura Contee being unhappy? i it .leanegte Sherman without her corny voice , , . , , lml ations. Dorothy Curtis acting as lawyer in a Cflml' Delores Johnson talking nbont anybody ex- nal count? . . D I i cept Dice? so 113325 Jackson not Succeedmg after workmg Adella Bland eating a light lunch in the ' cafeteria? Mildred Conaway gemng angry? Alice Norwood not in the mood for arguing? Marlene Allen not being funny? Louise Bruce modeling? ' Gloria West without bangs and glasses? Antonia Webb in Sch,-,Ol on two gym days Evelyn White being calm and conservative? Straight? Delphine McKnight working in a large Sh ll' B t t t' ' l ? . a le arre no ea mg m C ass business firm as the successful secretary? Gloria Stewart getting as small as Shirley 7 Newton. Edna Brown being separated from Alberta Nelson? Essie Burgess not being able to score? Ethel Greene being on time? Laura King being as tall as Adella and as Freda Alston not wearing bangs? fat HS Gloria Stewart? Ruth McNeal enjoying the food in the Alice Jackson telling a joke that is funny? cafeteria? GIIAIIUATIVS BECUBD SHIIP .lanet Kaintuck If My Dreams Would Come True. Mule Train. Hoping to pass . . . Line in the cafeteria . . . Someday- Trust In Me. Looking forward to Graduation . . Passing in, late work I i i Fat Meat and Greens. Begin the Beguine Food in the cafeteria ' ' ' Practice for Gommencement Give My Heart A Break. W . M A L i ' ' ' Be lenient on the marks . . . Ute he etter' Fiesta In Old Mexico. W en you go away to school . . . cmdtamm Night . . . Teafdfvizs- The Nearness of You' Hating to leave the Alma Mater . . . Receiving the diploma . . . Alexander's Rag Time Band. September Song. Our school band . . . Reviewing the term . . . Tipping In. It Seems So Long Ago. Coming to school late . . . Since the 9th grade . . . is It ton Late? Candleglow- i , Making up work . . . ' Graduation parties . . Now is The Hour. Wlthg,'i1lZ"2.BZ3i:s Graduation Exercises . . Forgive and Forget. Once In A. Whlle' . Behavior in school . v . Scarcity of assemblies . . . Long After Hours. Buttons and Bows. The morning after Graduation . . . CUPS and Gowns - - - Am I Asking Too Much? Tomorrow Night. Getting a date for Graduation . . . Class Night Exercises . . . 54 BEMINISCING WITH SONGS Consuella loan Cox Changes in the style of music have accomp- panied man's development throughout the ages. The songs of our yesterdays no longer have the same emotional effect that they once had. Remember the year 194-7 when we were those all important 9A's? The most popular tunes were "Lullaby,,' "I Miss You So,', 'gThe Christmas Song" and "Golden Earrings." Then was the time when a cute singer would "send" us with his first note. Can't you see yourself, when you attended your first party and your current crush asked you to dance? Didn't you fall over your feet getting up!! Yes, we were very adolescent. The incidents that occurred then seem amusing now, but weren't then. A little later when we were 11th graders, "Nature Boy,', "Lost April," "The Pig Latin Song" and "Write Me A Letter" were the kinds of melodies that appealed to us. 194-9 was the year girls became a little more energetic and en- thusiastic about boys and sports. In 1949 we became sophisticated seniors and our musical appreciation changed again. It isn't swing any moreg now we like soft sweet strains, not only for our listening pleasure, but for dancing as well. These things only prove that as music changes, and as we grow older our tastes also undergo an evolution. MELODY Moons Jule Mae Kelly and Mary Ray Long After Hours ..... "Class After School" Farewell .......... "Graduates Leaving" Forgive and Forget "Caught Cheating on a Test" Lucky Ole Sun ...... "Going to Douglass Tell Me So ............ "Pass or Fail Oh! How I Need You . "Sixty In Every Subject I'll Wait ........ "Nos. 2 and 21 Trolleys I Miss You So ...... "Dear Douglass High Time Off My Hands ...... "Study Period? Night and Day ....... "Research Papers" Wrapped Up In A Dream ...... "Diploma,' Falling For You . . . "Girls Seeking an Escort? You're A Heartache To Me .... "Chemistry Last Crooked Mile .... "Going to Mr. Parker Time Out For Tears .... "Deficiency Cards A Kiss And A Rose . . . "Diploma and Escort" You're Heaven Sent ....... "Graduation U 77 Q9 99 73 79 79 7! 99 Red Boys At The Mardi Gras "Dances After Football Games Baby, lt's Cold Outside . . "After Dawn Dance" As Time Lingers On . . "Memories of Douglass" To Have And To Hold "Place in Cafeteria Line Save The Bones For Henry J ones "Sixth Cafeteria Period" Give My Heart A Break .... "Zeros in Class? Mule Train .... "Leaving for Football Game Making Believe ........ "Student's Day Last Mile Home ....... "After Graduation I Love You So ....... "Caps and Gowns All Year Round ...... "Walking the Halls? What Are You Doing New Yearls Eve "Class Night" And The Walls Came Tumbling Down "Test Coming Up? 93 99 97 99 93 S! WHAT WUULD HAPPEN . . . , Roslyn Moody If Ruby Jenkins became a fashion model? If Betty Butler would take Betty Hutton's stand as a comedian? lf Bonnie Wynn went to U.C.L.A.? If Nancy Murphy became Secretary of State? If James Tildon became producer of a Broadway stage play? If James Valentine became the second E. Simms Campbell? If Gilbert Stanley became a famous aviator? If Wistine Johnson became the top fashion designer? If Roslyn Moody became a Katherine Dun- ham? If John McQueen became a famous wrestler like "Mr. American? 55 If Leon Gilmore became a lecturer on politics? If George Reed became the Police Commis- sioner of our city? If Ola Mae Paschal became a professor at the University of Mexico? If Donald Goode became a second "Buddy Youngu? If John Childs became a 5'Jose lturbiw in the music field? If Barbara Mallory became the head of the Mathematics department of Douglass 'High School? If Consuella Cox became a Hazel Scott? If Evelyn White became business manager of the Cortez Peters Business School? David Bass . . . BY THESE NAMES TlIOU SIIALT KNOW THEM feannette Christmas "Even and Eliza "Slim,' Young You'll know them when you hear them called by such nicknames as "Shorty" or "Slim.', Nicknames are used to reveal a warmth of friendliness. NAME NICKNAME Betty Coleman . . . "Betty Cf, Louise Anderson . . . "0akie', .John Childs . . . . "Maestra" Ruby Jenkins . . . . . "Dutv Donald Good . . . . "Hump,, Richard Adams . Clarice Lee . . . Gladys Thompson Lois Diggs .... . . . "Rico . . . "J ell . . . "Dann 55 Lo-Lo Mary Kaintuck . . . . . . "Diz CC Marion Thompson Delores Green . . Gilford Brown . . Vicky . . "Genie . "Sonny Frances Martin ..... "Mickey 66 George Sampson . . . . Samba Mildred Richardson . . . "Ricky Donald Faulkner "Bashful Captain Nancy Murphy . . . . "Sweetie Ronald Thomas .... "Combo Roslyn Moody . . ....."Ros Leon Gilmore ...... "Sidney Juanita Watkins . . . "Penelope 99 75 99 99 99 99 sv 99 99 99 99 99 91 35 99 99 99 Miriam Ray . . . . "Sykes Charles Prettyman . . . "Heads Dorothy Barber ......"Dot Reby Baskerville .... "Re-Bop Leslie Gundy . . . . "Gum Drop" 7, Ola Mae Paschal. . "Knee-Knee Earl Carter . . . . . . . . "Curly" . . . "0 Henryv Arthur Bragg . . . . . "Beetle Elaine Corbin . Joseph Johnson Earlar Taylor . . Earl Hayes . . Herbert Hall . . . . . "Boo . . . . "lose . . "Dimples . . . . "Noisee . "Little Herbie" 39 Eleanor Queen. . . . . "Snookie Gloria Short . . . . . . . "Rusty Betty Butler ..... "Little Bits Bernadine Tyler Betty Conaway Amy Woolford . . . . "Bernie" 9, . . . . . "Reds . . . . "Smiley Cassius Evans . . . . . "Tank Corinthea Armst Bernice Johnson Bonnie Wynn . Gilbert Stanley Ruth Collins . . Aaron Jenkins . Jane Chase . . . rong . . "Kitty . . . . "Binky . . . . "Bunn Cf . . . . . "Bali" 99 . "Stonewall . . "Big Eyes Margaret Roy . . .... "Ret 19 Y Gil" FAMOUS SAYINGS Ruth McNeil and Clarice Lee Ethel Fraling-'LBelieve me. when I tell youln George Reed-'LNoo--joke" Suzanne Smith-"Go girli' Winifred Smith-"Good a plentyw Beatrice Williams-uSmoves me not" Adeline Hines-"To each his own" Vivian Moore-"Oh welll That's life!" Bernice Copeland-"Do telllw John Childs-'gReally?', Miriam Rays-"Look out!" Eliza Young-4'G0 to it, kid." Roslyn Moodyi"0o ya coo" Florence Ayers-"Don't question me be- cause I am always rightfi Ethel Greene-'4Shut up! You don't know enough to argue with mein Tignor Douglass-'4Ok kids, let,s get crazy." James Brown-4'How you're going champ?,' 99 Joyce Jackson-"You are nowhere. Doris Rayforda"Slow, but l'll know." always Walter Brown-"Drop dead twice." Marion Perryf"Are you happy?" Clarice Lee-"Will you know?" Gilford Brown-"Are you with the kick, kick?,, David Garlington-"Tough life. I'll tell youf' Rosetta Payne-"Heyl Girl, where are you?,, Alice Norwood-6'What are you talking about?" 56 Reuben Montgomery, we leave Arthur CLASS WILL Knowing that our stay in Douglass is draw- ing near, we, the graduating class of February '50 do hereby put in documentary form, our last will and testament. WE BEQUEATH: To our Alma Mater: Our pledge to carry forward the torch of culture and knowledge. To our faculty: Our sincerest wish that they will continue to train and assist the under graduates as they did us. To the Junior Class: Our belief that they will follow and achieve noblier honor. INDIVIDUAL BEQUESTS: To Robert Bennett, we leave Edward Har- ris', Delores Maithls scholastic attainments. To Betty McLemoreg we leave Ruth Collins, musical ability. To Mary Burgess, we leave Consuella Cox's diminutiveness. To Leo Brown, we leave David Carlingtonls acrobatic ability. A . To Alma Priceg we leave'Marlene Allenls, Miriam Ray's sense of humor. To Gloria Millinderg we leave Shallie Bar- retls, Doris Jackson's typing ability. To Mildred Brentg we leave Betty Cona- Wayls modeling ability. ' To John Giles, we leave Donald Faulkner's leadership on the gridiron. To worthy personsg we leave George Reed's, Lois James' mathematical ability. WE D0 HEREBY DECLARE: This to be our last will and testament. We affix our signature this tenth day of February, One Thousand, Nine Hundred and Fifty. To Braggls track ability. To V annie Caraway, we leave Jeanette Executrlxr Sherman's stenographic ability. Marlene L, Allen EDITIIIIIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief -Naomi Boston Assistants to Special Features --fe Reporters- Associate Editors- Carrie McFarland, Monterey Williams Literary Editors f -Lucy Harris, Blanche James Assistant Literary Editors - Carlese Hamlin, Bernice Johnson Special Features' 'Marlene Allen, Freda Alston, Leona Smith 57 Sylvia Fenwick, Shirley Levi, Addie Myrick Sports Editor-William Roberts Humor Editors-Ethel Fraling, Alice Johnson, Clara Larkins, Winifred Smith Artist-Charles Williamson Photographer --Herman Jackson Assistant Photographers- Ivory Brown, Elizabeth Davis, Altomease Williams Edna Barnes, Jeannette Christmas, Bernice Cole, Betty Coleman, Betty Conaway, Bernice Copeland,-Consw Blla Cox, Jean Davis, Elva DeShields, Doris Garnet, Ivory Harris, Cathryn Henson, Blanche Hudson, Alice Jackson, Doris Jackson, Lois James, Daisy Johnson, Wistine Johnson, Lula Belle Jolly, Marjorie Jones, Mary Kaintuck, Jule Mae Kelly. Clarice Lee, Leatrice Macer, Ruth McNeil, Delores Maith, Portia Min- nis, Roslyn Moody, Vivian Moore, Shirley Newton, Ola Pascal, Rosetta Payne, Delores Pleasants, Eleanor Queen, Mary Ray, Doris Rayford, Agnes Reese, Mildred Richardson, Edith Ricks, Jeannette Sherman, Edna Thompson, Patricia Turner, Bernadine Tyler, Thelma Watson. Beatrice Williams, Evelyn White, Eliza Young MANAGERIAL STAFF Managing Editors-Sylvia Fenwick, Edith Ricks Associate Managing Editorsf Bernice Cole, Alice Jackson Patron Managers-fMarlene Allen, Addie Myrick, Vivian Moore, Evelyn White Assistant Patron Managers- Carlese Hamlin, Blanche James, Clarice Lee, Carrie McFarland Business Managers-Rosalyn Moody, Eliza Young Assistant Business Managers- Doris Jackson, Jule Mae Kelly, Mary Ray. Marion Seay Advertising Managers- Erecilla Blue, Elizabeth Davis, Herman Jackson, Arschel Morrell, Leona Smith Treasurers!Edward Harris, Clarence Simms Circulation Managers- Garrett Bagley, Tignor Douglass, Walter Brown, Edward Harris Secretaries-Jfhelma Ball, Elsie Brooks, Phyllis Fowlkes. Delores Green, Delores Johnson, Clarice Lee, Shirley Levi Members of Business Stal? Dorothy Barber, Edna Barnes, Naomi Boston, Charlotte Brown, Jeanette Christmas, Betty Coleman, Betty Conaway, Bernice Copeland, Elaine Corbin, Jean Davis, Elva De Shields, Ethel Fraling, Doris Garnet, Leon Gilmore, Kathryn Henson, Margaret Holt, Blanche Hudson, Lois James, Alice Johnson, Daisy Johnson, Wis- tine Johnson, Lula Jolly, Marjorie Jones, Mary Kaintuck, Laura King, Clara Larkins, Leatrice Macer, De- lores Maith, Comelia Miller, Portia Minnis, Shirley Newton, Ola Pascal. Rosetta Payne, Delores Pleasants, Eleanor Queen, Doris Rayford, Agnes Reese, Mildred Richardson, William Roberts, Charles Robinson, Winifred Smith, Edna Thompson, Bernadine Tyler, Patricia Turner, Thelma Wat- son, Altomease Williams, Beatrice Williams, Charles Williamson, Bon- nie Wynn, Bernice Johnson. - - ACKNIIYVLEDGMENT - - At the half-century mark, the Editorial Staff of February Survey "SO" is especially grateful to the friends of Douglass who have made this twenty-second publication of the Survey a reality. Special thanks are given to the teachers of the English Department for their valuable co- operation, and to Charles Williamson who did all of the art work. SURVEY COMMITTEE Bertha B. Anderson . Jas. A. B. Callis . Claudine Dowdy . Essie M. Hughes . . Constantia W. Jackson . . Thelma J. Lawrence . Gertrude D. Macer . . Consultant - . Consultant . Finance . Co-ordinator . . . Art . . . . English . Physical Education 58 A fvw lllll5il'ill nmnu-nts with ti0IlSlll'IIZl, 5 "just like tv:-ll-agi-rs" is lhv dn-svriplinn Mrs. Mayo gives In this group ,luhn and Normal. 'fig 'ZZSAWEQQS g L F E, ,:,,.,,, blbbb Z ...,, .,.,.... wr, ,gf "'l'hn- play must go un!" Miss lllll'l"lZlIl1lll and sonw mmnlwrs of thc' Musk and Wwig say lhis with muvh gualo. I llonulll llugln-s and Cn-urgv SZIIIIIDSUII, :wlivo llll'llllN'l'S of lhv Ili-Y. gf-I an guml star! on lhvir trip In the- Ili-Y 1'ullfe-rc-:lcv in D4-Iawurv. 5 , fs OU my S, 'Q gag" v- S QE .::::..::,.':.::i-Q W , S if w....................N.....................5, Los Duvnos . . . u 4-lub vomposed of young men who initiated the tailoring vour-1 for bows ut Douglass si if if . Q? fi 3322- K ,f 1 F 4 ' s . Q Q .F H in u EL, K. ol +25 xg N Dolorvs Mailll, the Queen of the Douglass Follies 'M' f I f 2 Q Q , 3 5 J A CAVALCAIDE 0F SPURTS AS ENGAGED IN AT IHIUGLASS 64 aisle Q ix I R X ,ww ,C - ., 2' :sf Ye!! 'Q -1. 3 :Q W- - Q X 'Sw S4 ' 'R an 5 L y... 1 If 'Sw . , .... A ,limi-:-..:: .-.,. , . w , ,, , .V -" . ' W - , P' it - .. las f w ' 'V 'Qi' '54-4 Vw ,-www,wwSW4 Masq 6 SW , V42 X sz., MMM . : I " 1 ,... - . N..V2 , , .K ,L , X? 'kwa' I N .v XX an 5-4? in vs , ,YQ xl 'fl Sv ia ' v ici S 0- QQ4-in a.,,Q 'i-in Ulu.. ' K. 3 I Us , s XX A v vi-'Q in ,v H , I P - 11 Il me A Q if ' Ni sl SSE i ,X x x 23 A . mix Wk, x xr 5 A Q vi 9 A, 3 Q2 X' X x Pg . Q! R . ' ' ., :,-Cf-'K L a' 1 X x ., ,L x - , 5 n 1 x Nw. .4-1--"' . M15 2 vm .-1 :A 1 :. 5 .Z Ml 1 33 Aj S if? Q his fl fx fx: 3. ul 2 . xmgggl ,aww Q.,- X S s' iv ,, 5 Q fs Y, .ii Q52 W gs. QE 3: W si Eh ii Zi 25 we ,az sf' , if ,Z V6 EE ii if 113 ,Wi w I E5 xs S4 x ii 12 'J 3: Mi mf. Mr, FACULTY Miss Marjorie Adams Miss Elizabeth V. Anthony Mr. J. Sidney Brown Mrs. Beatrice T. Butler Mr. Melvin Cade Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Miss Miss Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Miss Miss Miss Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Miss Mrs. Mr. Miss Mr. Miss Miss Mrs. J. A. B. Callis Irene E. Carter Georgeanna Chester Mary Clayton Rita Coe Richard Cummings Elaine C. Davis Gwen. P. De Cecelio Robert P. Diggs M. Claudine Dowdy Evelyn Fax Dorothy Ganges Leonard Gibson Edna 0. Gray Alphonso Griflin Mary W. Griflin Ethel Hodges Sallie R. Horne Ethel I'Iucles Howard Hucles Essie M. Hughes W. Dubois Johnson Ethel Johnson Laura W. Jones Ines D. Keye Miss Vera L. Killins Mrs. Thelma Lawrence James R. Lewis Miss Helen Lyles Mr. Cyrus Marshall Mrs. Catherine J. Mayo Mrs. Alma V. Parker Mrs. Constance Washington Mr. Harry R. Parker Miss Jessie Perkins Mrs. Fannie Poulson Mr. Hilton E. PremDas Mrs. Elva Quarles Mr. Ralph W. Reckling Miss F. Marion Reid Mr. Charles Riley Mrs. K. Estellena Showes Mrs. Guinevere Spencer Mr. Leroy Taylor Mrs. Doris Trotter Mr. Earl W. Turner Mrs. Noel Wansel Mrs. Dorothy Ward Miss Mrs. Hermione Wharton Meta R. Young A Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Abrams Mrs. Emma Adams Miss Flonse Adams Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Adams Mrs. Lilly Adams Dr. Maurice Adams Mr. and Mrs. R. Adams, Sr. Mr. Leroy Addison Mr. Meredith Addison Mr. and Mrs. James Addison Mrs. Robert Adyellotte Mr. Mr. Mrs. Edward Ailor and Mrs. C. Alexander Elizabeth Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Alexander Mr. William Alexander Mrs. Willie Alexander Mrs. Osella Alford Mrs. Cora Allen Mrs. Edith Allen Mr. Jerome Austin Allen Mrs. Lena Allen Mrs. Lucinda Allen Mrs. Margaret Allen Miss Rosalind Allen PATBIJNS Mr. Willie Allen Mr. and Mrs. Irv. A. Allsup Miss Eva Alroyn Miss Agnes Alston Mrs. Elizabeth Alston Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Alston Mrs. Kathleen Alston Mr. Louis Alston Mr. Sterling Alston Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Alston Ames Mrs. Minnie Mr. and Mrs. T. Amphrey Mr. and Mrs. George Amy Mrs. Malvena Amy Mr. Bernard Anderson Mrs. Christina Anderson Mr. Harry Anderson Mr. Hebra Anderson Mrs. Helen Anderson Mr. I. W. Anderson Mrs. Lillian Anderson Miss Marcella Anderson Miss Mary Anderson Mr. and Mrs. O. Anderson 1Dr. and Mrs. T. W. Anderson Mrs. Pecola Anderson Miss Rebecca Anderson Mrs. Regina Anderson Miss Thelma Anderson Miss Virginia Anderson Mr. and Mrs. C. Andrews Mrs. W. C. Andson Miss Anna Anthony Mrs. Audrey Anthony Mr. David Anthony Mrs. Florence Anthony Miss Elizabeth Anthony Mr. and Mrs. Aquilla Mr. J. Aquillaid Mrs. Virginia Arby Miss Eugenia Archer Richard Archer Mr. Mr. Edward Armes Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong and Mrs. Charles H. Armstrong Leroy Armstrong Mr. William Armstrong Miss E'stelle Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mr. and Mrs. James Arthur Mr. Jesse Artiss Miss Otelia Arugunes Mr. Calvin Ashe Mr. Albert Atkins 'Rev. and Mrs. F. C. Atkins Miss Ida Atkins Mr. and Mrs. Earl Augustus Mr. and Mrs. W. Augustus Mrs. Ada Austin Mr. Edward Austin Mr. Eugene Austin Hudson Austin . John Wesley Avery Mr. Henry Ayers Mrs. Gertrude Ayers Mrs. Martha Ayers Mr. Sylvester Ayers Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr B Mr. Joseph Backess Mr. and Mrs. Backett Mr. and Mrs. Bagley Mr. Conrad Bailey Mr. Edward Bailey Mrs. Eleanor Bailey Mr. Elise Bailey Mrs. Florence Bailey Mr. Frederick Bailey, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Bailey, Jr. Mrs. Margaret Bailey Mrs. Mary Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bailey Mrs. Ruth Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bailey Mrs. Bainer Mrs. Baker Mr. Albert R. Baker Mr. and Mrs. G. Baker Mrs. Lena Baker Mr. and Mrs. S. Baldin Mr. Cicero Baldwin Mrs. Carrie Ball Miss Christine Ball Mr. Clarence R. Ball Mrs. Elise Ball Miss Helen Ball Mrs. Josephine Ball Mrs. Lei Esther Ball Mr. Albert Banks Mr. B. Banks Mrs. Cora L. Banks Mr. James Banks Mr. and Mrs. Charles Banks Mr. and Mrs. George Banks Miss Mary Banks Mr. Phillops Banks Mrs. Richard Banks Mr. Willie Banner Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Bannister Miss Bannister Mrs. Blanche Barnes Mrs. Catherine Barnes Mr. and Mrs. E. Barnes Miss Edna Barnes s. Esther Barnes Frank Barnes Mr Mr. Mr. George Barnes Mr. and Mrs. L. Barnes Mr. Matthew Barnes Mrs. Sophie Berleys Mrs. B. Bessick Mrs Beulah Berry Mr. and Mrs. E'rnest Berry Mr. Everett Berry Mrs. Florence Berry Mrs Grace Berry Mr. and Mrs. John Berry Mr. William E. Berry Mrs. Josephine Best Miss Martha Betts Miss Dorothy Bevard Mr. and Mrs. Tyson Beyu Mr. William Bigby 'ss Biggers Percy Barnes Miss Shirley Barnes Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Barber Mr. Vernon Barber Jeanette Barbour Mrs. s. Mr Olga Bardhart Mr. Curtis Barefoot Mr. Linwood Barefoot Mr. Morris Barefoot Mr. Barfield Mr. and Mrs. David Barker Miss Gloria Barland Mr. Joseph Barley Mrs. Ivy Barnhill Mr. and Mrs. Harry Barnum Mr. and Mrs. C. Barrett Miss Betty Barton Mrs. Mrs. Peggy Barton Noela Baskerville Mrs. Pattie Baskerville Mrs. Mr. Hattie Bates Battle Mrs. Emma Batts Mr. John Bill Mr. and Mrs. J. Billings Mr. Henry Bilton and Mrs. John Bing and Mrs. Carl Birdsong Mr. Mr. Mr. Cleveland Birdsong Mr. and Mrs. John Birdsong Warner Birdsong Mr. Mr. Theodore Bishop Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bivens D. P. Black Mrs. Mrs. Mary Black Mr. and Mrs. Rona Black Mr. Thomas Blackmon Miss Doretha Blackwell Mrs. Edna Blackwell Mr. and Mrs. H. Blackwell Mr. John Blackwell Miss Priscilla Blackwell Mr. Odell Blackwell Mr. Warren Blackwell Mrs. Bessie Blagman Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Blair Mr. and Mrs. Amos Blake Miss Audrey Blake Mrs. Roxry Blake Miss Ruth Blake Mrs. Ruth Blake Miss Delores Blanks Mr. and Mrs. D. Blanks Mr. and Mrs. Ira Blocker Miss Louise Blow Mr. and Mrs. John Blue Miss Pauline Blanchard Mr. and Mrs. C. Boardley Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Boardlcy Mr. Clifton Boardley Miss Jane Bockers Mr. and Mrs. Boddie Miss Wilnet Boggs Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Baylor Mrs. Rosetta Bazemore Miss Margaret Bazzle Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beach Mrs. Matilda Beard Ollie Beale Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Beasley Mr. and Mrs. Harry Beasley Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Beaman Mr. Irvin Bean Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Bean Mrs. Virginia Beane Mr. Harry Beard Mr. Wlliam Beard Mr. and Mrs. C. Beasley Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Beasley Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Beaseley Mr. George Beasley Miss Glenna Beasley Mrs. E. Mae Beaseley Mrs. Shirley Beckett Mr. and Mrs. R. Beechman Mrs. Liola Belin Mrs. Bessie Bell Mrs Blanche Bell Mrfnobert Bell Mr. Carlyl Benedict Mr. and Mrs. C. Bennett Mr. Edward Bennett Mr. Mr. Jessye Bennett and Mrs. R. Bennett, Sr. Miss Odessa Benthal Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Leroy Bogle James Bohanon Emily Boisseau Ida Bolar Edward Bolden Clayton Bolin Evelyn Bolin Samuel Bolin Mrs. Josephine Bond Mrs. Mary Bond Mr. Matt Bond Mrs. Elizabeth Booker Mrs. Ruth Booker Mr. and Mrs. Boone Mr. Earl Boone Mr. Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Boone Ethel Boone and Mrs. Louis Boone Mrs. Margaret Boone Mr. Samuel Booker Mrs. Carrie Booth Mrs. Pauline Boothe Mr. William Bornfleld Mrs. Evelyn Boston Mrs. Jeanette Boston Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Rev. Mrs. - Rev. M iss Martha Boston Mary Boston Maude Boston Naomi Boston Reginald Boston Stella Boston Timothy Boston Victoria Boston Mr. Robert Boulware Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bowen Mrs. Mrs. Mollie Bowen Miss Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Anne R. Bowers Randolph Bowie and Mrs. Eddie Bowser Aaron Boyd Florence Boyd James Boyd Mable Boyd Mary Boyd Mary Jane Boyd Matthew Boyd and Mrs. William Boyd Louise Boyer Miss Georgianna Boyer Mrs. Mary Boyer Belle Boykin Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Boykins Mr. Lindsay Boykins Dr. William Boykins Miss Allyne Boyle Mrs. Dora Braddy Mr. Spencer Bradford Mrs. Daisy Bradford Mr. and Mrs. Marian Bradley Miss Veronica Bradley Mr. and Mrs. W. Bradley Mr. Harrison Bradshaw Mrs. G. Brady Mr. Horace Brady Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bragg Mr. Edward Branch Mrs. Ira Branch Mr. Milton Branch Mrs. Lena Branford Mr. Howard Branson Mr. Elmer Braxton Miss Esther Braxton Mrs. Ora Braxton Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Braxton Miss Bertha Breadman Mrs. George Breckenridge Mr. and Mrs. D. Brewington Mr. Bennie Bridges Mrs. Lilly Bridges Mr. Richard Bridges Miss Bernice Bridley Mr. and Mrs. H. Briggers Miss Mary Briggs Miss Beatrice Bright Mrs. Lula Bright Mr. Marshall Bright Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bright Mrs. M iss M iss Miss M rs. Mr. Edith R. Briley Annie Briscoe Audrey Briscoe Dorothy Briscoe E. Briscoe and Mrs. James Briscoe Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Briscoe Mr. Alfred Brittain Mr. Edward C. Brittain Mr. William Broadnox Mr. and Mrs. James Brooker Mrs. Hortense Brookes Mr. Alfred Brooks Miss Bertie Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Bertie Brooks Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Clara Brooks E. Brooks and Mrs. George Brooks Hortense Brooks and Mrs. I. Brooks M rs. Jennie Brooks M rs. Lydia Brooks Mrs. Mary Brooks Mr. Milton Brooks Mrs. Patience Brooks Miss Rachel Brooks Mr. Richard Brooks Mr. S. Brooks Miss Vernell Brooks Mr. William Brooks Mr. Robert Brothers 'Rev. and Mrs. A. C. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Brown Mr. Alfred Brown, Jr. Miss Ann Brown Mrs. Annie Brown Mr. Alvin Brown Mr. Anthony Brown Mr. and Mrs. B. Brown Mrs. Bessie Brown Mrs. Blanche Brown Mr. and Mrs. C. Brown Mrs. Camilla Brown Mr. Carl Brown as Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Miss Miss Carroll Brown Brown Charles Brown Clara Brown Daniel Brown Edith Brown Edna Brown Edna D. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brown Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Miss Mrs. Mr. Miss Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Miss Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Emory Brown Ernest Brown Flora M. Brown Frank Brown Gladys Brown Helen Brown Helen Brown and Mrs. Henry Brown Hester Brown Hilda Brown Hortense Brown Howard Brown Isabelle Brown James Brown and Mrs. J. E. Brown and Mrs. Jessie Brown Lessie Brown Lillian Brown Lillie Brown Milton Brown John Sidney Brown and Mrs. Joseph Brown Laura Brown L. Brown Leo Brown Lillian Brown Mable Brown and Mrs. Mack Brown Marian Brown Mary Brown Matilda Brown Pearl Brown Pence Brown Mrs. Christiana Burruss Mrs. Bertha Burton Mr. Leonard Burton Mrs. Louise Burton Miss Aurelia Bush Mr. Jonathan Bush Miss Margerita Bush Mr. Butler Miss Ernestine Butler Mrs. Katie Butler Mrs. Grace Butler Mr. Jake Butler Mr. James Butler Miss June Butler Mr. and Mrs. L. Butler Mrs. Laura Butler Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Butler Mrs. Lucy Butler Miss Shirley Butler Mrs. Veneta Butler Mr. Wilbert Butler Mr. and Mrs. William Butler Mrs. Edith Bylther Mr. and Mrs. Bynum Mrs. Bertha Byrd Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Byrd Mrs. Jennings Byrd Miss Marie Byrd Miss Maude Byrd ' Maude I-I. Byrd Nathaniel Byrd Samuel Byrd Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Byrd Mr. William Byrd C Mrs. Cade Miss Rosamae Cade Mr. and Mrs. Hilburn Cade Mr. Cassius Caesley Mr. and Mrs. Henry Caimile Mr. Mrs. and Mrs. James Carroll Mildred Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Carroll Miss Miss Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Miss Mrs. Mrs. Miss Miss Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Bell Carter Dorothy Carter Mamie Carson Carter and Mrs. A. Carter Albert Carter Annabell Carter Annabell Carter Beatrice Carter Carrie Carter Celeste Casher and Mrs. Ellis Carter Emma Carter George L. Carter Hattie Carter Ida Carter and Mrs. J. G. Carter Leonard Carter Olivio Carter Paul Carter Miss Shirley Carter sDr. Simon Carter Mr. and Mrs. William Carter Mr. and Mrs. Wm. R. Carter and Mrs. Wm. T. Carter Mr. Peter C. Brown Mr. Robert Brown Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brown Mr. Roosevelt Brown Mrs. Sadie Brown Mr. and Mrs. Thelma Brown Mrs. Vastella Brown and Mrs. W. A. Brown and Mrs. Wm. Brown William Brown Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Miss M iss M rs. Mr. Mr. Mr. M rs. Mrs. M rs. Mrs. William Brown, Sr. Ella R. Browne Betty Brownley Floriene Broyden and Mrs. Robt. Broxton Bruce and Mrs. Collins Bruce Grace Bruce Lucy Bruce Myrtle Bruce Beulah Bryant and Mrs. Carey Bryant and Mrs. C. Bryant Mr. Mr. Miss Caldwell Mrs. C. W. Callahan Mrs. Doris Callia Mr. J. A. B. Callis Miss Mable Carver Mr. N. Cashner Mr. Gene Castle Miss Julia Causer Mrs. Flora Cazar Mrs. Julia Ceasar Mr. and Mrs. Cebrey Mrs. Alice W. Chalmers Mrs. Maggie Chambers Mrs. Hosea Chamblain "Pfc. Charles E. Chance Miss Phyliss Chandler Mrs. Besse Chapman Miss Elizabeth Chapman Mr. George Chapman Mr. James Chapman r. and Mrs. N. Chapman Mr. Phillip Chapman Mr. and Mrs. W. Chapman Mr. William Chapman Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Chapman Miss E. Charles Mr. Willy Charles Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Chase Mrs. Carrie Chase Mr. Eugene Chase Miss Frances Chase Mrs. Gertrude Chase Mr. James Cha e Mr. John Chase Mrs. Luenenia Chase Mrs. Mable T. Chase Mr. and Mrs. R. Chase Mr. Reason Chase Miss Shirley Chase Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bryant Rev. and Mrs. H. J. Bryant Miss Ruth Bryant Mr. Robert Buck Mr. and Mrs. William Buck Mrs. Katherine Budd Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Buefore Mr. Elmer Bullock Mr. Jimmie Bulluck Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Miss Miss Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Lucy Bulluck and Mrs. J. Bulluck and Mrs. Elmer Bulluck Pauline Bulter Marjorie Bumbray Edward Bunch and Mrs. E. R. Bunch Emolia Bunch Ethel Brundy Sarah Bundy Daisy Burgess Delphine Burke Janet Burke Robert Burkett Bernard Burley and Mrs. Florine Burle Evelyn Burnett Sallie Burnett Burrell Doris Burrell and Mrs. G. Burrell James Burrell Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Chatman and Mrs. James Cherry Bennett Chesly Charles Chesly- Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chester Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Chew Mrs. Edna Chieves 'Dr. Bernard N. Christmas 'Dr. B. N. Christmas, Jr. 0Dr. and Mrs. B. Christmas Christine Christmas Mrs. Mr. Lawrence Christmas Mr. Oscar R. Christmas Mrs. Edward Christopher Miss Sadie Christy Mr. P. McCallough Mr. Frank Calvins Mr. Alexander Cammon Mrs. Cora Cammon Mr. and Mrs. John Cammon Mr. and Mrs. Campbell Mr. Clarence Campbell Mr. and Mrs. E'dw. Campbell Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell Mr. and Mrs. H. Campbell Mrs. Howard Campbell Mr. and Mrs. J. Campbell Mrs. Pearcie Campbell Mr. William Campbell Mrs. Addie Camper Mr. and Mrs. Doug. Camper .Dr. J. E. T. Camper Miss G. Campher Miss Lillian Camphor Mr. Nickson Camphor Mrs. Edna M. Canty Mrs. Maude Capen Mrs. Eddie Caperton Miss Helen Carberry Mr. Joseph Carberry Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Cardwell Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Carey Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Carey Mrs. Loull Carey Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Carey Mr. and Mrs. John McCargo Mr. and Mrs. Cann Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Cannaan. Jr. Mr. Samuel Cannon Mr. James M. Capeheart Miss Dorothy Carnegie Mr. Harry Carpenter Mrs. Sadie Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. James Carr Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Carr Mr. Roland Carr Miss Betty Carrington Mr. Calvin Carrington Mr. Rolland Carrington Mrs. Cecelia Carrol Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Carroll Mr. Clark Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Clark Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Clark Mr. and Mrs. John Clark Mr and Mrs. Loyd A. Clark Mr. Nathaniel Clark Mr. Wordell Clark Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Clarke Mr. Leon Clask Mrs. Mattie Clash Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Clash Mr. and Mrs. R. Clayborne Mr. Charles Clayton Mrs. Mary Clayton Mr. and Mrs. R. Clayton Miss Ruth Clayton ,Rev. Wilbur L. Clayton Mr. and Mrs. Clegg Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clement Mrs. Caroline Clinkscale Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coates Mrs. Elsie Coates Mrs. Hilda Coates Mr. and Mrs. James Coates Mr. and Mrs. John Coates Mr. James Cobb Miss Jean Cobey Miss Merle Coburn Mrs. Myrtle Cockrell Mrs. Cockswell Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coel Mrs. Arden Colbert Mr. Robert Coeiield Mrs. Coglen Mr. David Colbert Mr. John Colbert Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Colbert Mrs. Agnes Cole Mrs. Bertha Cole Mr. George Cole Mr. Henry Cole Mr. James Cole Mrs. Janie Cole Miss Mable Cole Mrs. Sadie Cole Mr. Sylvester Cole Mr. and Mrs. A. Coleman Mr. Ahram Coleman Mrs. Annie Coleman Mr. and Mrs. C. Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Frank Coleman Mr. and Mrs. John Coleman Mrs. Lettie Coleman Miss Mary Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Moses Coleman Mr. R. R. Coleman Mrs. Sadie Coleman Mr. and Mrs. S. Coleman Miss Jean Coley Mr. Reuben Colley Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Collins Mrs. Era Collins Mr. and Mrs. H. Collins Miss Joneatha Collins Mrs. Lubretha Collins Miss Ruth Collins Mr. and Mrs. P. Compton Mr. and Mrs. B. Conaway, Sr. Miss Delores Conaway Miss Edith Conaway Mr. Edward Conaway Mrs. Emma Conaway Miss Gwendolyn Conaway Mrs. Helen Conaway Mr. and Mrs. H. Conaway Mr. Henry Conaway, Jr. Mrs. L. Conaway Mr. Louis Conaway Mr. Osceola Conaway. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Conaway Mr. Ernest Congress Miss Sarah Conish Mr. Ernest Connor Mrs. Julia Connor 'Dr. and Mrs. Miles Connor Mrs. Thelma Connor Mrs. Margaret Contee Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Conver Mrs. Ella Cook Miss Frances Cook Mrs. Mary Cook Mrs. Vivian Cook Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cook Mr. Wardell Cook Mr. William Cookes Mr. Albert Cooper Mrs. Amelia Cooper Mr. Benjamin Cooper Mr. Charles Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cooper Mrs. Elizabeth Cooper Mr. Foster Cooper Mrs. Frances Cooper Mr. Lewis Cooper Mrs. Louise Cooper Mrs. Sophia Cooper Miss Barbara Copeland Mr. Clyde Copeland Mr. Edward Copeland Mr. Isaac Corbett Mr. and Mrs. T. Corbett Mrs. Jennie Corbin Miss Sarah Cornish Mrs. Goldie Corprew Mr. and Mrs. Major Costan Mrs. Eliza Costin Mrs. Kate Cottman Mrs. Charles Cotton Mr. John C. Cotton Mr. Wyatt Cottonman Mrs. Bernice Counters Mr. George Coupling Mr. Alex Cousins Miss Alice Covington Mrs. Covington Mrs. Herlie Cowans Mr. Clen Cox Mrs. Ernestine Cox Mr. James Cox Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Cox Mrs. Mattie Cox Mrs. Rosie Cox Mr. Sylvester Cox Mrs. Ethelene Cozart Mr. James Cracket Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Craig Miss Lucy Crampton Mr. and Mrs. John Crawford Rev. and Mrs. G. A. Crawley Mrs. Mary Crawley Mr. Ronald Cravan Mr. and,Mrs. John Craven Mr. John Crawford Mr. Luther Crawley Mr. Joseph Creek Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Creek Mrs. Julia Mae Crocker ICrockette Family Mrs. Elizabeth Cropper Mr. Noah Cropper Mrs. Audrey Crosby Miss Martha Crosby Mr. and Mrs. James Cuify Mrs. Loretta Cumbo Mrs. Carrie Cummingham Miss Estelle Cummings Mr. Joseph Curran Mr. Curtis Miss Estelle Curtis Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Curtis Mr. James Curtis Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Curtis Mrs. Margaret Curtis Mrs. Viola Curtis Mrs. Custis Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Clark D Mr. Joseph Dabney Miss Lillie Dabney Mr. Walter Dabney Mrs. Evelyn Daily Mrs. Evelyn Dailey Mrs. Minnie Mae Dalton Mrs. Elenora Dandridge Mr. James Daniels Mr. Reginald Daniels Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Darby Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Dates Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dates Helen Daughrety Mrs. Miss Katherine Davenport Mrs. Dorothy Daves Mrs. C. N. Davidson Mr. Daniel Davidson Mr. Carlos Davila Mr. Alfred Davis Mrs. Bertha Davis Miss Betty Davis Mr. Booker Davis Mr. Carl Davis Mr. Daniel Davis Mr. Delmar Davis Mr. Fendell Earl Davis Mr. George Davis Mr. and Mrs. George Davis Mr. Horace Davis Mr. Howard Davis Mr. and Mrs. John Davis Mr. Kermit Davis Mr. L. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Lamsan Davis Mr. Lee Davis Mrs. Leola Davis Mr. and Mrs. Leverno Davis Miss Lillian Davis Miss Lucille Davis Mr. Lucius Davis Mrs. Davis Mrs. Maggie Davis Mrs. Margaret Davis Mrs. Mary Netts Davis Mr. and Mrs. Moses Davis Mrs. Naomi Davis Mrs. Oliver Davis Mr. and Mrs. Oswald Davis Mr. Paul Davis Miss Phyliss Davis Mr. Preston Davis Mr. Ralph Davis Mrs. Ruby Davis Mr. and Mrs. Summer Davis Mr. Theodore Davis Mr. Thomas Davis Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Davis, Jr. Mr. William Davis Mr. and Mrs. E. Dawson Miss Mary Day Miss Mildred Day Mr. Clarence Day Miss Alice Dean Mr. and Mrs. Archie Dean Mrs. Carrie Dean Mrs. Elizabeth Dean Mr. John Dean Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Dean Mr. and Mrs. Sirla Dean Miss Viola Dean Mr. Roland Deans Mr. Jerome Deas Mr. Ellis Decatur Mr. and Mrs. James Decorsey Mr. Sidney De Ford Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Mr. and Mrs. Carol Dennis Mrs. Mary Dennis Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Dent Mr. Melford Dent Mrs. Lillian Dentley Mr. and Mrs. G. De Lillye Mr. Denver De Shields Mrs. Edith De Shields Mr. Harold De Shields Mr. Joseph De Shields Mrs. Mamie De Shields Mr. Oscar De Shields Mr. and Mrs. Wilson M. De Shields Mr. Lafayette Dickens Mrs. Ruth Dickens 'Dr. and Mrs. E. Dickenson Mrs. Laura Dickenson Mrs. Laura Dickerson Mrs. Lena Dickerson Mrs. Susie Dickerson Wilson Dickerson Mrs. Alice Diggs Miss Corniela Diggs Mr. and Mrs. Henry Diggs Mr. Herbert Diggs Mr. James Diggs Mr. Lawrence Diggs Mrs. Odessa Diggs Mr. and Mrs. William Diggs Mrs. L. Dinkins Mrs. Margaret Dirton Mr. Albert Dixon Mr. Charles Dixon Mr. Elridge Dixon Mrs. Florence Dixon Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dixon Mrs. Irma Dixon Mr. John Dixon Mr. and Mrs. Leon Dixon Mrs. Mamie Dodd Mrs. Irene Dodson Mrs. Macus Doby 'Dr. Maurice Doles Mr. and Mrs. L. Dolvey Mrs. Lillian Donaldson Mr. and Mrs. Albert Dorsey Miss Annie Dorsey Mrs. Annie Dorsey Mr. and Mrs. C. Dorsey Miss Dorothy Dorsey Mrs. Edna Dorsey Mrs. Geraldine Dorsey Mr. James Dorsey Mr. James R. Dorsey Mr. Joseph Dorsey Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Dorsey Mrs. Lyda Dorsey Mrs. Pearl Dorsey Illziss Theresa Dorsey r and Mrs. Weaver Dorsey Mr. William A. Dorsey Mr. Jerry Doss Mr. Carlton Dotson Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dotson Mrs. Elenora Dotson Mr. John Dotson Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Douglass Mr Mr: Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Douglass and Mrs. James Douglass Joseph Douglass Mrs. Odella Douglass Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dowdy Mrs. Mary Dowell Mr. Mr. and Mrs. George Downie and Mrs. W. Downing Mrs. Beatrice Downs Mr. and Mrs. Edward Downs Mrs. Ethel Downs Miss Pearl Downs Mr. Leonard Doyle Mr. and Mrs. N. Dredden Mr. and Mrs. John Drew Mr. and Mrs. E. Drummond Mrs. Elizabeth Drummond Mr. and Mrs. J. Drummond Mr. and Mrs. N. Drummond Mr. Martin Dubose Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Dudley Mrs. George Dukes Mr. Samuel Dukes Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dumon Mr. and Mrs. Mancle Duncan Mr. Major Duncans Mr. Charles Dunlap Mr. Sylvester Dunlap Mr. Leroy Durham Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Dutton Miss Margaret Dutton Mrs. Lillie Dyer and Mrs. E. A. Dyson, Jr. M iss Myrtle Dyson E Mr. Jessie Ealam Miss Maxine Earley Miss Thetic Early Miss Anna Lee Easley Mr. Thomas Easton Mr. Thomas Eaton Mr. Vince Eberly Mr. and Mrs. Dave Echols Miss Doreatha Edmunds Mr. Robert Edmunds Mr. and Mrs. J. Edwards lRev. G. M. Edwards Mrs. Levina Edwards Mrs. Savannah Edwards Mr. Stephen Edwards Mr. Salmon Eldridge Mr. James Ellabee Mrs. F. Ellahurger Mrs. Julia Elliot Mrs. Ellen Ellison Mr. and Mrs. H. Ellison Mrs. Ella Elvirsa Mr. Gardner Elzie Mrs. Natalie Emis Miss Mildred Emory Mrs. Arabelle Ennis Mrs. Hilda Ennis Mr. and Mrs. H. Ennolls Mrs. Janie Epps Mr. and Mrs. Moers Epps Mr. and Mrs James Ervin Mr. and Mrs. Henry Etlen Mr. Charles B. Evans Mr. and Mrs. C. Evans Mr. Emmett Evans Mrs. Fannie Evans Mrs. Gertrude Evans Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Evans Mrs. Lorretta Evans 'Dr. Reginald Evelyn Mr. and Mrs. C. Everett Mr. Thomas H. Everett Mrs. Margaret Ewing Mr. Mr. Mr. F R. Fallin Rodney Falley and Mrs. James Fant Mr. and Mrs. MacFarmer Mrs. Miss Mary E. Framer Shirley Farrar M iss Delaphine Faucett Mrs. Mr. Miss Mr Mr Mr. Thelma Faulcon Allen Felton Brenda Felton George Felton . and Mrs. Irvin Fenwick and Mrs. John Fenwick Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Ferron Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Fesse Elizabeth Fields and Mrs. Irving Fields nd Mrs Irv H Fields Mr. a . . . Mr. and Mrs. James Fields Mr. Miss Miss Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Miss Mrs. Mr. Mrs Jimmy Fields Juanita Fields Juanita L. Fields Clarence Figueron Edna Finney Eliza A. Finney Robert W. Finney Viola Finwick and Mrs. Isom Fisher M. Fisher Andrew Fister Earl Fitchett Fitzbugh Fitzgerald Katie Fitzerarld Archie Fitzgerald and Mrs. Lucy Flagg and Mrs. Wendell Fleet Lucille Fleming and Mrs. C. Fletcher Bessie Fletcher Alice Fletcher Nellie Flint Ruth Flippin Isiah Flitcher W ester Flood . Y M iss Patricia Flowery Mrs. Mrs. Daphney Floyd Hester R. Floyd Mr. and Mrs. Lee Roy Floyd Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Thelma Floyd and Mrs. Flgn Lena Foggie Robert Foote Mr. George Forbes Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Forbes Mr. Daniel Ford Mrs. Ford Reverend Ford Mrs. Alice Ford Mrs. Carrie Ford Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ford Mrs. Marie J. Ford Mr. William Ford Mrs. Mattie Bell Forman Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Fossett Mr. Andrew Foster Mrs. Blanche Foster Mr. and Mrs. Frank Foster Mr. and Mrs. John Foster Mrs. N. B. Foulk Mr. and Mrs. Archie Fowlkes Mr. Jermis Fowlkes Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Fraling Mrs. Pearl Fraling Mr. and Mrs. J. Franklin Mrs. Shirley Franklin Mr. Ulysses Franklin Mr. William Franklin Miss Alma Franze Mrs. Louise Fraser Mrs. Josephine Frazier Mr. Freckles Mr. Paul Frederick Mr. and Mrs. W. Frederick Mrs. Lillian H. Freeman Mrs. Margaret French Mrs. Bernice Frishy Mr. J. Arnette Frishy Mrs. Catherine Frye Mr. John Fryer Mrs. Addie Fuller Mr. Andrew Fuller Mr. Freddie Fuller Mrs. Lucille Funn Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. M rs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Miss Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. 4Dr. Mr. Mr. Miss Mr. Mrs. Miss Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. M rs. Miss Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mrs. M rs. Mrs. Mr. M rs. G Gaines and Mrs. Samuel Gaines William Gaines and Mrs. A. Gaither Glady Gaither James Gale Thelma Gale Gallagher Dorothy Gangers G. Gardland Florence Gardner and Mrs. H. Gardner Lucille Gardner and Mrs. M. Gardner and Mrs. Wm. Gardner and Mrs. Carter Garkins Ruth S. Garland and Mrs. William Garner Amos Garnet Branville Garnett Doris Garrett and Mrs. E. Garrett Elaine Garrett Gilda Garrett Venita Garrett William Garrett Elaine Gary Mary Gary and Mrs. Archie Gaskins and Mrs. C. Gaskins and Mrs. J. Gaskins Justine Gaskins Howard Gassoway Arkew Gatewood Hilda Gatewood Edna Gaynes and Mrs. Clement Gee Mattie Gee Virginia Gengles Irma V. George Arthur Gerlock Maggie Getting Helen Gholston Florence Gibbs Norman Gibbs and Mrs. Solo Gibbs Agnes Gibson Elizabeth Gibson Gertrude Gibson and Mrs. Leroy Gibson Genesta Gilbert and Mrs. Herman Giles Laura Giles E. A. Gilkes -Dr. Evans Gilkes Mr. and Mrs. Charles Giller Mr. Douglas Gilliam Miss Margaret Gillma Mr. and Mrs. Earl Gilmore and Daughter Mrs. Gettys Gilmore Mrs. Elaine Gilstrap Mi. and Mrs. G. Givens, Sr. M s. Irma Gladden Mrs. Valarie Gladden Mr. and Mrs. C. Glaskins Miss Lauretta Glasper and Mr . Paige L. Glaze Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Glover Mr. Samuel Glover Mr. Theodore Glover Bernard Goins Mr. Mrs. Golder Miss Marie Goldring Mrs. Ruth Goldsborough Mr. and Mrs. Goldsmith Miss Alease Gomez Mr. and Mrs. E. E2 Goodman and Mrs. Wm. Goodwin Gordon Catherine Gordan Clara Gordon Ernest Gordon Mr. -Dr. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gordon Mrs. Martha Gordon Mr. and Mrs. N. Gordon Mr. Ronald Gordon Miss Minnie Graham Mr. Charlie Grandy Mr. Franklin Grant -Dr. and Mrs. J. P. Grant Mrs. Richard L. Grant Mrs. Blanche Gray Mrs Mr. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs Mr. 'R.ev. Miss Miss Mrs Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr Mr Mr. 'Dr. Mrs Mrs Mr Mr. Mr Mr. Mr. Mr . Ethel Gray Francis Gray, Jr. and Mrs. George Gray . Hattie Gray and Mrs. Leo Grayson and Mrs. Green Alexander Green B. Green . Carrie Green and Mrs. C. A. Green and Mrs. Connie Green Delores Green Doris Green . Esther Green George Green . Georgianna Green James Green and Mrs. James Green Lloyd Green . Luvious Green . Maggie Green . Mary Green Melvin Green . Melva Green Robert Green and Mrs. Stanely Green Thomas Green Thomas E. Green William Green Beniamin Greene . Delaphine Greene . Dorothy Greene . Isaach Greene Isacoe Greene and Mrs. J. W. Greene and Mrs. W. L. Greene and Mrs. Jerry Greenhill and Mrs. Victor Gregg Fannie Gregory Mrs. Miss Virginia Grey Mr. Carter Grevious Mrs. Annie Griffin Mrs. Addie Griifm Mr. J. H. Grifiln Mr. John Griffin Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Griifin Mrs. Margaret Griliin Mrs. Edward Grimm Mr. and Mrs. S. Grinage Mr. Charles Groomes Mr. Anthony Gross Mr. Charles Gross Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gross Mr. Edward Gross Miss Isabelle Gross .Reverend Joseph A. Gross Miss Mar aret Gross Mr. Mrs Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr Mr. 'Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. 'I-tev. Z Raymond Gross . Ruby Gross . Ruth Gross Samuel Gross M. Grossman and Mrs. L. W. Gundy George Gunn John F. Gunn Hasker Gunthays James Gunther Vonza Gunther and Mrs. James Gustes William Gwalthney and Mrs. J. Gwattney and Mrs. George Gwens Joseph Gwyn Mr. Lewis T. Gwynn H Mrs. Hortense Hackett Mr. and Mrs. E. Hadden Mr. and Mrs. John Hagan Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mrs Mrs Mr. Mr Mi' Mr Mr Mr Walter Halbrook . Alice Hall Benjamin Hall Bernard Hall . Bessie Hall and Mrs. C. Hall . Dorothy Hall . Florence Hall and Mrs. James Hall Jerome Hall and Mrs. Lena Hall and Mrs. Leroy Hall Leslie Hall s. Lucy Hall QRev. and Mrs. R. P. Hall Mrs. Sarah Hall Mr. Stanley Hall Mrs. Theola Hall Mr. Victor Hall Mr. and Mrs. William Hall Mr. and Mrs. Wortham Hall Hamilton John Hamilton Hamilton Mr. Thomas Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Hamlet Miss E. Hamlin Mr. and Mrs. N. Hamlin Miss Selma Hamlin Miss Bertha Hammond Miss Lucy Hammond and Mrs. D. Hampton and Mrs. H. Hance Luge Handock Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Miss Mildren Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. John E. Handy Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Hankin Mr. and Mrs. S. Harcum Mr. Samuel Harcum, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. and Mrs. Ernest Hardy Eunice Hardy and Mrs. James Hardy Viola Hargrove Warner B. Hargrove Grace Harlay Mr. Manneld Harmony Mrs. Sidania Harriday ,,Rev. and Mrs. S. A. Harrington Mr. Albert Harris Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Harris Mr. William Harris Mrs. Barbara Harris Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harris Mr. Clarence Harris Mrs. Cornnice Harris Miss Daisy Harris Mr. and Mrs. David Harris Mrs. Florence Harris Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Harris and Mrs. George Harris James Harris John Harris and Mrs. John Harris and Mrs. Joseph Harris Mary E. Harris Paul Harris Roy C. Harris Sam Harris Venus Harris Georgia Harrison Goldie Harrison H. Harrison and Mrs. M. Harrison Sarah Harrod Thomas Harvard Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Elaine Harvey Mr. Harold T. Harvey Mr. John Harvey Mrs. Evelyn Haskins Mrs. Ruth Haskins Mrs. M. Hassue Mr. William Hassey Richard Hatcher Truly Hatchett Mr. Mr. Mrs. Cora Hawkins Mrs. Florence Hawkins "Rev. George A. Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hawkins and Mrs. H. Hawkins John Hawkins Lucille Hawkins Marie Hawkins Roy Hawkins Ruth Hawkins and Mrs. T. Hawkins Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Miss Mr. Mr. Leroy Hayden Miss Emma Hayes Mrs. Ida Hayes Mrs. Mary Hayes Mary Haynes Miss Mr. Robert Haynes Mr. and Mrs. N. Head. Sr. Mr. and Mrs. D. Heath Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Hecht Miss Shirley Henry Mrs. Estella G. Heggins Mr. and Mrs. Henderson Miss Catherine Henderson Mr. and Mrs. E. Henderson Mr. Otis Henderson Miss Marie Jackson Mr. William Henderson Mrs. Anna Henley Mrs. Alice E. Henry Mrs. Beatrice E. Henry Mr. and Mrs. L. Henry Mrs. Lorrna Henry Miss Anita Henson Miss Connie Henson Mr. James Henson Mr. John Henson Mr. and Mrs. John Henson Miss Mary Louise Henson Miss Mattie Henson Miss Shirley Henson Mrs. Olla Henson Miss Elizabeth Herbert Mrs. Gwendolyn Herbert Mr. Willie Herman Mr. Charles Herndon Mr. and Mrs. M. Hettleman and Mrs. W. Heyward Lt. Mr. Bernard Hickman Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hicks Mr. Earl Hicks Mrs. Hicks Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Clara Hicks Mr. Mrs. David Hicks Elsie Hicks Mrs. Emma Hicks Mr. Leonard Hicks Mr. Paul Hi hsmith U E. W. Hlgginbothom Mr' and Mrs' R' Jackson Mrs. Gertrude W. Johnson Mrs. Dorothy Higgins Mr. and Mrs. Hill Miss Anda Hill Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Hill and Mrs. Carey Hill Miss Dorothy Hill Mr Fred Hill Mr. and Mrs. James Hill Mr. Jerome Hill Mr. and Mrs. John Hill Mr. John O. Hill Mrs. Katherine Hill Mr. and Mrs. Lacy Hill. Jr. Mrs. Laura C. Hill Mrs. Maud Mr. Roderick Mr. William Hill Mr. Rudolph Hill Mr. and Mrs. William Hill Mrs. Zona Hill Mrs. Mary Hillard Mrs. Annie Hines Mrs. John Hines Mr. and Mrs. L. Hines Mrs. Mary Hines Mrs. Nonnie Hines Mr. Joseph Hinton Mrs. Lucy Hinton Mr. Ernest Hizzic Mr. and Mrs Bruce Hocker Mr. and Mrs. Eldridge Hodge Mrs. Genieva Hodges Mr. Mr. Mr. Edward Hodgins Donald Hoes Albert Holbrook Mr. J Mr. and Mrs. John Holbrood Mrs. Julia Holbrook Mrs. Alice Holland Mr. and Mrs. Charles Holland Mrs. Irene Holland Rev. James Holland Miss Jean Holland Mr. Randolph Holland Mrs. Rebecca Holland Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Holland Mrs. Mildred Holloway Miss Estella Hollaway Miss Pluma Holliday Mrs. Verle Holloway Mr. Willie Holloway Mr. Richard Holley Mrs. Alice Holly Miss Geraldine Holly Miss Maisie Holly Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Holmes Mrs. Callie Holmes Mrs. Cora Holmes Mrs. James Holmes Mr. Oliver Holmes Mrs. Mary Holmes Mrs. Nita Holmes Mr. Mrs. and Mrs. Fred Holt Hollie Holt Mrs. Mildred Holt Mr. and Mrs. Glen Hook Miss Maggie Hooper Mrs. Mamie Hooper Mr. Raymond Hooper Mr. Andrew Hopkins Miss Edna Hopkins Mr. Harry Ed. Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. L. Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. S. Hopper Mrs. Pauline Hopps Mr. Frederick E. Horne Miss Sallie R. Horne Miss D. Horsey Mr. and Mrs. Henry Horsey Mrs. Mabel Houghton Mrs. Beatrice House Mr. Calvin Howard Mrs. Dorothy Howard 'Major and Mrs. F. Howard F. Howard Mrs. Mrs. Elizabeth Howard Mrs. Estelle Howard Harrison Howard Mr. Mrs. Ruth Howard Mrs. Helen Howe and Mrs. Howell Mr. Mrs. Annie Howell Mr. Mr. Dan Howell Horald Howard Mrs. Mary Howard Mr. Carlos Huchtingson Mr. Howard Hucles R. Hudgins 'Rev. William C. Hudnall Mr. and Mrs. Miss Blanche C. Hudnell Hudson Mr. Charlmes Hudson Mr. and Mrs. F. Hudson Miss Gertie Mae Hudson Mr. and Mrs. James Hudson Miss Loune Hudson Mr. Hugh Price Hughes Mrs. Rosetta Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Hughes Mrs. Ella Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Elmo Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hughes nDr. and Mrs. H. P. Hughes aDr. and Mrs. S. B. Hughes imwyer and Mrs W. A. C. Hughes Mr. Herbert S. Hughlett Mrs. Leslie Hull Mrs. Emma Hunt Mrs. Inez Hunt Miss Jacqueline Hunt Mrs. Mildred Hurley Mrs. Natalie S. Hurtt Mrs. Hilda Hutchinson Mrs. Virginia Hutchinson Mr. and Mrs. W. Hutchinson Mrs. Huthe Mrs. Emma Hunter Miss Katie Hunter Mr. Lee Hurt Mrs. Lenora Hutton Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hyman Mr. Nathan Hyman Mr. and Mrs. C. Hynes Mrs. Lauretta Haynie Mr. Augusta Ingram Miss Velvo Ingram Mr. Charles Ireland Mrs. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. A. Jackson Miss Amelia Jackson Mrs. Ann Jackson Mr. and Mrs. A. Jackson Mrs. Barbara Jackson Mr. and Mrs. C. Jackson Mr. Calvin Jackson Miss Delores Jackson Mrs. Dorothy Jackson Mr. Edward Jackson Miss Ellen Jackson Mrs. Emma Jackson Mrs. Evelynn Jackson Mrs. Fannie Jackson Mr. Frank A. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. George Jackson Miss Gertrude Jackson Mrs. Grace Jackson Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. H. P. Jackson and Mrs. Harry Jackson and Mrs. H. Jackson Irene Jackson and Mrs. John Jackson and Mrs. J. G. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. J. Jackson Mr. Joseph Jackson Mr. and Mrs. L. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Leon Jackson Mrs. Leona Jackson Mrs. Louise Jackson Mr. and Mrs. L. Jackson Mrs. Mamie Jackson Mrs. Mrs. Miss Miss Mr. Mr. Marjorie Jackson Mary Jackson Mozella Jackson Muriel Jackson Napolean Jackson Paul Jackson 'Dr. Robert L. Jackson Mr. Carroll R. Johnson Miss Catherine Johnson Mr. Charles Johnson Mr. and Mrs. C. Johnson Mr. Clarence Johnson Mr. Cleveland Johnson Mr. Cornelius Johnson Miss Corrine Johnson Miss Daisy E. Johnson Mr. David Johnson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David Johnson Mrs. Dorothy Johnson Miss Dorothy M. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Doug. Johnson E. Johnson Mr. Mr. Ernest Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Earl Johnson Mr. Earl F. Johnson Mr. Edward Johnson Mr. and Mrs. E. Johnson Miss Eleanor Johnson Miss Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson Elizabeth Johnson Miss Emma Johnson Mr. Ernest Johnson Mrs. Estelle Johnson Miss Ethel Johnson Mr. Eugene Johnson Mrs. Evelyn Johnson Miss Evelyn V. Johnson Mr. Frumentius Johnson sDr. George Johnson Mrs. Susan Jackson 'Rev. T. Jackson Miss Teresa Jackson Mr. and Mrs. T. Jackson Mrs. Tone Jackson Mr. Vernon Jackson Miss Victoria Jackson Miss Viola Jackson Mrs. Virgin Jackson Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. W. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. W. Jackson Mr. Sydney Van Jackson Mrs. Agnes James Mr. and Mrs. Algier James Mrs. Beatrice James Mr. Bernard James Mr. Billy James Miss Dorothy James Mr. and Mrs. E'. James Miss Ella James Mr. Ernest James Mr. George James Mr. and Mrs. Jesse James Mr. Leroy James Mrs. Mary James Miss Peggy James Mrs. Mamie Jamerson Mr. Jarvis Mr. and Mrs. Jeiferson Mrs. Inez Jefferson Mr. Louis Jefferson Mr. Thomas Jefferson Mr. and Mrs. James Jeffles Mrs. Eunice Jeffress Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Adele Jeffries and Mrs. R. Jenerson Donald Harvey Jenifer Frances Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. John Jenkins Mr. Leroy Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Louis Jenkins Mr. Matthew Jenkins Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Oscar W. Jenkins Yale Jenkins and Mrs. S. Jennings James Jeter Mrs. Mr. Mr. Gladys Johnson and Mrs. H. Johnson and Mrs. H. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Harry Johnson Miss Mrs. Mr. Hazel Johnson Helen Johnson Henry Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Horace Johnson Mrs. Mr. Ida Johnson Jack Johnson Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson -Dr. Sgt. Mr. Mr. Miss Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Miss Miss Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Miss Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Miss Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. James J. Johnson Jesse Johnson John Johnson John A. Johnson Juanita Johnson Johnny Johnson Katherine Johnson and Mrs. K. Johnson L. Johnson Laura Johnson Lauretta Johnson Leonard Johnson and Mrs. Leroy Johnson and Mrs. Levin Johnson Lillie Johnson Lola Johnson Lolita Johnson and Mrs. Louis Johnson Lula Johnson Marie Johnson Mae Johnson Malcolm Johnson Margaret Johnson Marie Johnson Mary Johnson Mary Johnson Mildred Johnson Mildred E. Johnson Mollie Johnson Olious Johnson Otis Johnson Paul Johnson Percy Johnson Phillip Johnson Miss Rose Johnson Mr. and Mrs. R. Johnson Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. James Jiggetts Mr. and Mrs. Little John Clarence B. Johns, Jr. Glendi Johns Mr. Miss Maizie Johns Mr. and Mrs. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Allison Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Johnson Mrs. Annette Johnson Mr. Addison Johnson Miss Audrey Johnson Mr. Austin Johnson Mr. Barreda Johnson Miss Beatrice Johnson Miss Bernice Johnson Mr. Robert Johnson Mr. and Mrs. R. Johnson 'Dr. Roy C. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. T. Johnson Mr. Thomas Johnson Mr. Vernon Johnson Mrs. Vivian Johnson Mr. Wenver Johnson Mr. and Mrs. W. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Willie Johnson Mr. William Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Z. Johnson Mrs. Zelma Johnson Mr. and Mrs. A. Johnston Mr. Cecil Johnston Mr. and Mrs. F. Johnston Mr. Herbert Johnston Mrs. Lula Jolly Mr. William Johnson Mr. Jones Mrs. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Jones Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Jones Mrs. Agnes Jones Mr. Alfred Jones Mrs. Anna Jones sDr. and Mrs. Atwell Jones Mrs. Carrie Jones Miss Catherine Jones Mrs. Charity Jones Mrs. Clara Jones Mr. Clinton Jones Mr. Cornelius Jones Mr. Daniel Jones Mr. Dillie Jones Mr. Earl Jones Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mrs. Eloise Jones Mrs. Emma Jones Mr. Ernest Jones Mrs. Esther Jones Miss Ethel Jones Jones S Mrs. Louise Kennedy ,?Mr. Stanley Lee Mr. William Kenner-Jw' Z: 1 Miss Sussie Lee Mr. Norman Ke Mrs. Tusculum Lee Mr. William Ken y Mr. Baster Kermin Mrs. Beatrice Kerney Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kerr and Mrs. Judson Kerr Mrs. Bertha Kersey Mrs. Emma Key Mr. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mr. Mr. Mrs Mrs Mr. Mr. Mrs Mrs Mr. Mrs Mrs Mr. Mr. and Mrs. C. Keys . Minerva E. Kinard . Pansy M. Kiah . Alice King Calvin W. King and Mrs. Charles King . Emily R. King . Hilda King and Mrs. James King James E. King . Julia King . Laura King and Mrs. Thomas King Willard Kin - K . Charlotte Kinsey and Mrs. Bunyon Knight Clay Knight Mr. Frederick Jones Mrs. H. Jones Miss Helen Jones Mr. Leon Jones Mr . Joseph Jones Mr. James Jones Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Jones Mr. Joseph W. Jones Mrs. Louise Jones Mrs. Lucille Jones Miss Maggie Jones Miss Marion Jones Mrs. Mary Jones Mrs. Mary A. Jones Mr. Norman Jones Mr. Oliver Jones Mr. and Mrs. Odie Jones Mr. Leewood Macer Mr. Robert Jones Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones Mr. and Mrs. Squice Jones Mr. Thomas Jones Mr. Tom Jones NRev. T. L. Jones Mr. and Mrs. W. Jones Mr. William Jones and Mrs. Wm. Jones Mr. Mr. Willie Jones Mrs. Lelia Jonnings Mr. Rev. Julius J ontiil Edward Jordan M rs. Hermia Jordan Mrs. Jeanette Jordan Ruby Jordan William Jordan Mrs. Mr. Mr. Edward Joy Mr. Abram Joyner Mr. Earnest Joyner Mr. Edwin F. Joyner Mr. James H. Joyner Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Joyner Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. C. Joynes Mr. Robert Joynes Mr. and Mrs. George Jude Nllar. Emerson Julian I' Marrie Joyner . Jerome Julius K Mr. George Kaiser Mrs. Selby Keaser Mr. William Keck Mr. Ronald Keene Mr. Ray Keges Mr. Ernest Keith Mrs. Dorothy Kellum Mr. Robert Kellum Mr. and Mrs. R. Kelly, Jr. Mr. Oliver Kelly Miss Revera Kelly Mrs. Sally Kelly Mr. George Knight Mr. Emerson Knox Miss Kathryn Knox Mrs. Mamie Knox Mrs. Sylvia Knox Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Knox Mr. and Mrs. M. Kolman Miss Thelma Koger Mrs. Georgia Kolom Miss Mary Kyler L Mrs. Marie Laboard Mrs. Victor LaGrange Mr. Sidney Lake Miss Sadie Lambson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Landry Mr. and Mrs. William Lands Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Landy -:Lawyer and Mrs. E. Lane Mr. Earl E. Lane Mr. Edward Clifton Lane Mr. James Lane Mrs. Mary Lane Mrs. Corrine Laney Mrs. Lucill Langston Miss Katherine Lankford Mr. Lincoln Lansey Mrs. Anne Larkins Mr. A. W. Larkins Miss Annie Larkins Mrs. Clara Larkins Mr. and Mrs. H. Larkins Mr. Eubin Larry Mrs. Clarence Lassiter Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Law Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lawman Mrs. Alice Lawrence Mr. Jack Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. W. Lawrence Mrs. Frances Laws Murlll Laws 'Cpl. Ashford Lawson Miss Constance Lawson Mr. Winston Lawson, Jr. Mrs. Ada N. Layton Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Leak, Jr. -Rev. John Leary Mr. Stephen Lecraft Mrs. Amelia Lee Mr. George Lee Mr. and Mrs. Isiah Lee Mr. and Mrs. James Lee Mr. and Mrs. James Lee and Sons Mr. John Lee Mr. Joseph Lee Mrs. Laura Lee Miss Maggie Lee Mrs. Mary Lee Mr. Tom Kelly Mr. and Mrs. George Kelson r Mr. Mr . and Mrs. Wilson Kelson and Mrs. David Kendell . James Kennedy Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Paymers Lee and Mrs. R. E. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee Mr. Robert S. Lee Mrs. Ruth Lee Mrs. Viola Lee Mr. and Mrs. William Lee Mr. John Leighton Mr. and Mrs. C. Leir, Jr. Stanley L. Lenox Mr. Mr. Oscar Leonard Mr. and Mrs. E. LeRoy Mr. and Mrs. R. Lesane Mr. and Mrs. A. Lewis and Mrs. Arthur Lewis Mr. Mrs. Daisy Lewis Miss Dorothy Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Frazwell Lewis Mr. James R. Lewis Mr. Robert Lewis Mr. John William Lewis Mr. and Mrs. William Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lewis Miss Ruth Lewis Mr. Samuel Lewis Mr. Sherman Lewis Miss Alease Liiford Mrs. Annie Lightfoot Mr. and Mrs. J. Lightfoot Mr. and Mrs. Herman Ligon Miss Lelia Ligon Mr. James Lincoln Mr. and Mrs. Leon Lincoln Mrs. Tillie Lincoln Mrs. Gelita Leonard Mr. Hecton Linds Miss K. Lindsay Mrs. Pearl Lindsay Mr. Wallace Lindsay Mr. Zelma Lindsay Mr. James Linton Mr. and Mrs. R. Lipscomb Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Lies Mr. Howard Little Latha Little Mrs. Mrs. S. E. Lively Miss Netti Livers Mr. Steven Livers Miss Mary Livingston Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Lloyd Mr. Nelson Locket Mrs. Henrietta Locks ORev. and Mrs. E. L. Loften Miss Helen Lofton Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Logan Mrs .Estelle Logan Mr. Harry Logan Mrs. Mary Logan lRev. and Mrs. J. Logan James Lomax Mr. Mr. Thomas Lorick Mrs. Bernice Lottier Mrs. Charlotte Lottis Geneva Louis Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. James Louis Ferdia Love Mrs. Mrs. Catherine Loving Mr. and Mrs. C. Lowery and Mrs. Erbie Lowery Mr. Mr. and Mrs. H. Lowery Mrs Iona E. Lowery Mrs. Nettie Lucas Ulysses Lucas Mr. Mr. and Mrs. W. Lucas Mr. Washington Lucas Jerry C. Luck sDr. Mis Hazel Luffman Mr. Elijah Lyles Miss Helen Lyles Mr. and Mrs. John Lyles Mrs. Maggie Lyles Mrs. Mary B. Lyles Mr. William Lyles sRev. Willie Lyles lBravett Lynch Miss Esther Lynns Mrs. Alice Lytle M Miss Mabel MBCQIQ Mr. Ethel Macfadder Mrs. Pigeon Machson Mrs. Elizabeth Mack Mr. Lorenzo Mack Mrs. Lucy S. Mack Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mack Mrs. Cora Mackey Mr. and Mrs. George Maddox Mr. and Mrs. Leon Maddox Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Madison Lena Maiden Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Maith Mrs. Evelyn Maker Mr. and Mrs. John Maley Mr. and Mrs. T. Mallory, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. H. Mallory Miss Thalia Mallory Mrs. Mary C. Mallory Mr. Easter Malrly Miss Grace Manning Mrs. Gwendolyn Manning Mrs. Eleanor Manns Mr. Kenneth Manns Mr. and Mrs. Louis Manns Mrs. Mary Manokey Mr. and Mrs. Leon Mariano 51. M. Marshall Mr. Jacob Marshall Mrs. Joeam Marshall Mr. John Marshall Mrs. Sarah Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Martin Mr. Earl Martin Mr. and Mrs. Edward Martin Helen Martin Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Marton Mr. and Mrs. E. Marshall Marie Marshall Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Golden Maser Mr. J. W. Mask and Mrs. Mason Annie Mason Mr. Mrs. Miss Dorothy Mason Mr. Edward Mason Mrs. Louise Mason Mr. Robert Mason Mr. William Mason Mr. William Mason, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Massenburg Miss Geneva Massey Mr. William Massey Mrs. Blanche Mathias Mrs. Irma Mathias Miss Alma Mathias Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Mathias Mrs. Viola Mathews Mrs. Alice Matthews Miss Bette Matthews Mr. Charles Matthews Miss Elaine Matthews Miss Carolyn Matthews Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Matthews Mr. Harry Matthews Mr. Hillary Matthews Mr. Isaac Matthews Mrs. Marie Matthews Mrs. Mary Matthews Mr. and Mrs. M. Matthews Miss Orpha Matthews K Mrs. Pearl Matthews R. Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Levi Mavely Mr. and Mrs. J. Maxwell Miss Carolyn Mayfield Mr. Mayo Mr. William G. Mayo Mrs. Cora McAdory and Mrs. W. McAdory Mr. Mr. and Mr. J. H. McAllister Mr. Luther McArthur Mr. Jerome McCain Mrs. Mary McCain Mrs. Rebecca McCain Mr. James McCall Mr. Jeff McCallum Mrs. Thomas McCaurly Mr. Bennie McClay Mr. Elmo McCllan Mrs. Katie McCorkle Mr. James McCoy Mrs. Margaret McCoy Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. McCoy Mr. and Mrs. B. McCray Miss Davis McCrea Mrs. Roberta McCullough Mr. William McCutchen tDr. Edward McDaniels Miss Laura M. McDaniels Mr. Thaddeus McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Warren McGee McGlotten Mrs. Blanche McGray Mr. Isaac McGruder Rose McHoney Vincent McIntosh Estelle McKenzy Ma McKin Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. ry Miss Josephine McKinney Mr. Mr. and Mrs. S. McKinney and Mrs. A. McKnight Mrs. Grant C. McKnight Jeiferson McKnight Mr. Mrs. Triant C. McKnight Enos McLead Mr. Mr. Mack McLeod Mr. Taft McLeod Mrs. Enolia McMillan Mr. Joe McMorris John McNair and Mrs. Henry McNeil Mr. Mr. Mrs. Maxine McNeill Mr. Eligh McQueen 1Rev. and Mrs. T. McQueen Mrs. Mr. Blanche McRay John McVay Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Meade Mrs. Ernestine Means Mr. and Mrs. James Means Mrs. Charlotte Mebane Mrs. Alice Medley Mr. and Mrs. Frank Meekins Mrs. Charlotte Mendoza Miss Dorothy Mercer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Merritt Mrs. Shirley Merritt Mr. and Mrs. Robert Meyers James Michens M . MZ. T. Blair Middleton Mr. and Mrs. Roland Midley Rebecca T. Miels Mrs. Mr. William Milburn Claudia Miles Mrs. Mr. John Miles Mr. Francis Miller Mr. and Mrs. John Miller Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Miller Mrs. Katie Miller Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Miller -Rev. and Mrs. Levi Miller Margaret Miller Ralph Miller Mrs. Mr. Miss Sally Miller Mr. and Mrs. William Miller Mills Mrs. Mr. George Mills - Mrs. Jennie Mills Sadie Milton Mrs. Mrs. Blanche Mingo Mr. Frank Minion. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Minnis Mr. Edwin Minnis Mrs. Charity Minor Mr. and Mrs. E. Minser Mr. Arthur Minter Miss Ruth Minter Mr. and Mrs. C. Minter, Jr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Goldie Minter Willie Sue Minters Louise M. Minus and Mrs. L. Miriou and Mrs. C. Mitchell Brinnie Mitchell Mrs. Gertrude Mitchell Mr. J. N. Mitchell Mr. Joseph Mitchell Mr. Paul Mitchell Mr. Charles Mitchner Mrs. Alice Moarman Mr. Henry Moarman Mr. and Mrs. Albert Modary Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt Monk Mr. and Mrs. A. Monroe Monroe Mrs. Mrs. Blanche Montague Mr. Ernest Montague Miss Lula Montague Miss Georgia Moody Mr. Reginald Moody Mr. and Mrs. C. Mooney Mrs. Alverta Moore Miss Arnita Moore 'Rev. and Mrs. H. Moore Miss Jean Moore Mr. and Mrs. John Moore Mr. John H. Moore Mrs. Lillie Mae Moore Mrs. Margaret Moore Mr. Walter Moore Mr. and Mrs. William Moore Mrs. Mary Moran Mr. Howard Morgan Miss Loretta Morgan Mr. B. Morman Mr. and Mrs. B. Morman Mrs. Alice Morrell Miss Gertrude Morrell Charles Morris Mr. Mrs. Daisy Morris G. Morris Mrs. Mrs. Mary Morris Miss Virginia Morris Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Morris Mr. Allen Morse Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Morse Richard Mortan S. H. Morteman, Jr. Mr. Mrs. . Mr. James Mortimer Mrs. Martha Morton ' Mrs. Mary Morton Robert Morton Eloise Moseley , Mr. Miss 'Dr. and Mrs. H. L. Moseley Mr. John Moseley - Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Moses Mrs. Lillian Moulden Mr. Albert Muldrow Miss Bernice Mullins Miss Betty Mulphy Mrs. Elizabeth Mihnpord Mrs. Evelyn Munson Mr. and Mrs. E. Murphy, Sr. Mr. James L. Murphy, Jr. Miss Mary Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Murray Mr. and Mfs. Donald Murray Mrs. Evelyn Murray Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Murray F. Murray Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. George Murray James Murray Joe Murra Mr. Mr. y Mrs. Lucy Murray Mary A. Murray Mrs. Mr. Vance Murray James Murrell and Mrs. Mussender Mr. 'Dr. Mr. James Muter Mrs.,Anita Myers Mrs. Della Myers Doris Myers Mrs. Mrs. Dorothy Myers Mrs. Esther Myers Mr. Wayman P. Myers Miss Nellie Myrick Mrs. Rose Myrick N Mr. and Mrs. Nanu Mr. Arthur Nash Mr. John Neal Mr. Richard Neal Mrs. Richard Neal Mrs. Ruth Neal Miss Ann V. Nelson Mrl Charles D. Nelson Mrs. Emma Nelson Florence Nelson Frederick Nelson Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Louise Nelson Mrs. Nigara Nelson Mrs. Ruth Nelson and Mrs. S. Nelson Mr. Mr. and Mrs. P. Nesbit Mr. and Mrs. Russell Newby Charles Newman Mr. Mr. Ellsworth Newman Mrs. Jeanette Newman Mr. Harry Newton Mr. and Mrs. Howard P. Newton. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Newton Mr. and Mrs. James Newton Mrs. Mary Newton Mrs. Mildred Nichols Miss Vivian Nichols Mrs. Thelma Nickolson Mr. Soldem Nicholson I xx M r. 'Rev. William Nick and Mrs. J. C. Nickens Mr. Roosevelt Nixon Mr. Noah Mr. John Norfolk Mr. Norman Mr. Robert Norman Mr. and Mrs. Norris Mr. Leonard Northern Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Norwood Mrs. Mr. Mr. Vergie Norwood and Mrs. T. Nottage and Mrs. E. Nottingham Mr and Mrs. W Nugent Mr. Mrs. Mrs. C R. Nutter 0 Stanley Oglesby Pearl Ognew Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Oliver Mr. and Mrs. W. Oliver Mr. Alfred Olney Mr. Johnny 0'Marsh Mr. Mrs. Miss Mr. Mrs. Clarence O'Neal Cornelia 0'Neal Rosie Mae Only and Mrs. N. Opher Christine Orange Miss Dorothy Owens Mr. and Mrs. F. Owens Mr. Harrison Owens Mr. James Owens Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mamie Owens and Mrs. S. Owens Charles Owens and Mrs. C. R. Owens and Mrs. Earl Oulton Clara Overton Glascoe Owenings Eugene Page and Mrs. H. J. Page Daniel Palmer Mrs. Winonia Palmer Miss Ida E. Page Mr. George Parham Mr. and Mrs. James Parham Mr. Thomas Parham Mr. Parker Mr. Albert Parker Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Alton Parker Calvin Parker Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Parker Miss Mrs. Miss Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Delores Parker Esther Parker Gloria Parker Melverna Oflutt Harry Parker and Mrs. Henry Parker Louise Parker Bessie Obie Carrie Owens James Owings Mr. Samuel R. Owings Mr. and Mrs. Martin Parker Mrs. M. A. Parker P Mrs. Marie Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Palmer Mrs. Viola Pamilton Miss Maggie Parker Mrs. Mary Parker Mr. and Mrs. Percy Parker Mrs. Talioferro Parker Mr. Thomas Parker Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Parker Mrs. Hattie Parks Mr. Thomas Parr. Jr. Mrs. Geneva Parrish Miss Jean Parrott Mr. William Parrott Mrs. Lillian Parrott Mr. and Mrs. Russell Parrott Mr. Louis Parsons Mrs. Hazel Pase Mr. Afrndt Pate Mr. and Mrs. Fred K. Pate Mr. G. W. Patrick Mr. Patterson Miss Joan Patterson Mr. and Mrs. J. Patterson Mr. and Mrs. J. Patterson Mrs. Mary Patterson "Rev. and Mrs. Payne Mrs. Clara Payne Mr. Donald Payne Mr. and Mrs. Day Payne Mrs. Ellen Payne Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Payne Miss Eugenia Payne Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Payne Mr. and Mrs. Werley Payne Mrs. Alma Pazen Mr. and Mrs. Pearl N'Rev. and Mrs. C. B. Pearle Mrs. Maggie Pearson Mrs. B. Peat Miss Emily A. Peck Mrs. Mr. Mr. Pearl Pemberton Melvin Pennington Stewart Pennington 5Attorney Ernest Perkens Miss Jessie Perkins Mr. Benny Perry Mrs. Harriet Perry Mr. and Mrs. Oberlin Perry Mr. Thomas Pete Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Peters Mr. Charles Peters Mrs. Anne Pettiford Mr. Jeff Pettifcrd Mr. Leonard Pettiford Mr. Herman Pettigrew Mr. Eugene Petty Mrs. Bernice Phelps Mr. and Mrs. C. Phelps Mr. and Mrs. Phelps Mr. Arlington P. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. C. Phillips XDr. E. E. Phillips Miss Ethel L. Phillips 1vDr. Mr. Mr. 5 Dr. Franklin Phillips and Mrs. F. Phillips George Phillips and Mrs. G. F. Phillips Mrs. Julia Phillips Miss Marion Phillips Mr. Mr. Otis Phillips and Mrs. Roland Phillips Mrs. Nigaia Piguese Miss Agnes Pilgrim Mrs. Thomas Pinckney Mr. George E. Pinder, Jr. Mrs. Jeannette Pinder Mr. and Mrs. William Pinderhughes Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Pinkett Mrs. Elsie Pinkney Mrs. Elsie Pinkey Mrs. Eleanor Pinkney Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Howard Pinkney Irvin Pinkney John Pinkney and Mrs. John Pinkney Mrs. Marie Pinkney Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs Mrs Roland Pinkney Howard Pippig Dick Pitts and Mrs. Frank Pitts . Helen Pitts Josephine Pitts Mrs. . Queen E. Pitts Mrs. Rosie Pitts Miss Hermia Poere Mrs. Nettie Poge an Dr. M r. and Mrs. William Polk Paul Pollack Mrs. Eunice Pope Mrs. Lottie Poole Mr. and Mrs. Willie Porch Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Porter Mr. Robert Porter Mr. Thomas Porter Mrs. Vestillia Porter Mrs. Emma. E. Poulson Mr. and Mrs. L. Poulson Mr. and Mrs. Powell ORev. and Mrs. A. R. Powell Mrs. Blanche Powell Mrs. Ella Powell Mrs. Emma Powell Mrs. Fannie Powell Mr. and Mrs. J. Powell Mrs. Lelia Powell and Mrs. Walter Proute Mr. Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Roberts X Mr. and Mrs. R. Powell Mr. and Mrs. Ronie Powell Mr. and Mrs. Walter Powell Mr. and Mrs. Westry Powell Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Fleetle Poyner Ruth Praileau Elsie Pratt James Pratt and Mrs. E. Prettyman ME. and Mrs. T. Pressley Mrs. Virginia Preston Miss Peggy Pretlow Mr. Roland Previance Mrs. Bessie Price Miss Marcelene Price Mrs. Mary Reed Mrs. Sophie Reed ' Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Reese Mrs. Mary Reese Mrs. Gertrude Reid Mr. and Mrs. Grant Reid Mr. Mrs. gr. rs. 'Rev. Henry Reid Julia Reid and Mrs. Parran Reid Annie Reynolds L. G. Reynolds Miss Margaret Price Mr. and Mrs. Otis Price Mrs. Lena Reynolds tMr. and Mrs. 0. Reynolds Dr. B. Rhetta lDr. Barnett Rhetta, Jr. Miss Estella Rheubottom. Mr. and Mrs. T. Rhodes Mrs Mrs Mr. Mr. Pearl Price Mrs. . Edna Pridgeon . Jesse Privrus Elya Pugh Mrs. Doris Pullen Mr. William Pulley Mrs. Corneluis Punphiey Mrs. Dr. Dorothy Purdie and Mrs. Elmer Purnell Mrs. Mildred Purvey Mrs. Margaret Pyles Mr. Mrs. Q and Mrs. Quarles Ethel Quarles Mr. James Quarles Mr. William Quarles - Mr. and Mrs. Albert Queen Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Queen Daisy Queen George Queen Ruth Queen William Queen and Mrs. Allen Quille and Mrs. Wm. Quille Mrs. Susie Quinn R Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Rack Mr. and Mrs. E. Ragland Mr. George Raikes Mr. and Mrs. J. Ramson Mr Mrs. M rs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Randall Lottie Randal Lula Randal and Mrs. 0. Randall and Mrs. T. Randall , Mr. 5 Rev. M r. M r. and Mrs. W.Rhodes Elmer Rice Herbert Rice and Mrs. Milton Rice Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rice Mr. E. Rich Mr. Charles Richardson Mr. and Mrs. J. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. L. Richardson Miss Lula Richardson Miss Shirley Richardson Mr. William Richardson Mr. and Mrs. W. Richardson Mrs. Elise Riche Mrs. Gracie E. Ricks Mr. Theodore Ricks Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Ricks Mr. Wendell Ricks Mrs. A. Riddick Mary Riddick Mr. William Riddick, Jr. Mr. William Riddick. Sr. Mr. Murphy Ridges Mr. and Mrs. Earl Ridwell Mr. John Riley Martha Riley Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. James Ringer Miss Beatrice Ringgold Mr. Leon Ringgold Mr. and Mrs. Philip Rogers Mr. Thomas Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Rollins Mr. William Rollins Mr. Eugene Rone Mr. Michael Rooker Mr. S. Rook Mr. Clarence Rosborough. Mrs. Elizabeth Rose "-"" Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Rosedom Mrs. Beatrice Ross Mr. Clarence Ross Mrs. Edna Ross Mr. and Mrs. H. Ross Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Ross Mrs. Tennie Ross Mrs. Curlee Roundtree Mrs. Marie Rowland Mrs. Florence F. Roy Miss Delores Rudins Mrs. Shirley Ruff Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay Ruiiin Mr. and Mrs. Ernesto Ruiz Mrs. Lossie Ruse Mr. and Mrs. Prophet Rush Mrs. Katie Russ Mr. Russell Mr. and Mrs. A. Russell Mrs. Evelyn Russell Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Russell Miss Delores Rustina S Mr. Raymond Sachs Mr. I. B. Sacks - Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Saltus Mr. James Sammerville Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Sampson Mr. James Sampson, Jr. Miss Lola Sampson Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Samuels Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sanders Miss Miss Mrs. M rs. Helene Sellers Maggie Sellers Juanita Selph Ivory Senior 'lClifton E. Sessomes Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. M iss Mr. M r. Catherine Settles Lord Sevens Fannie Seward Clarence Sewell Florence Sewell Levi Sewell Mattie Sewell Qllie Sewell Lord Shank and Mrs. Durell Shannon Mr. Teddy Shannon, Jr. Mr. Arthur Sharps Miss Mrs. Miss Mazie Rivers Roach Dorothy Mae Roane Mrs. Lottie Roane Miss Mary Roane Mrs. Tarner Roberson Mr. and Mrs. H. Roberts Mrs. Esther Roberts Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. John Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Jack Robinette Miss A. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. A. Robinson Mrs. Arnita Robinson Miss Lucretia Sanders Mr. and Mrs. T. Sanders Mrs. Lerline Santos Mr. Vernon Sarvoy Mr. and Mrs. J. Satchell Mrs. Elizabeth Saunders Miss Josephine Saunders and Mrs. Thomas O. Randall. Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Randell Miss Delores Randolph Mr. Mr. Melvin Randolph Mr. and Mrs. T. Randolph Mr. and Mrs. Avon Rawlings .Dr. Garett F. Rawlings Mr. Caslise Ray Mr. and Mrs. George Ray Mr. Horace Ray Mrs. Horace Ray Mr. James Ray Mr. and Mrs. Louise Ray '. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Susie Ray and Mrs. William Ray and Mrs. J. P. Raye and Mrs. Arnold Rayford Miss Florence Rayford Dr. and Mrs. R. W. Reckling Mrs. Redd Mr. Eugene Redder M iss Doris Redmond Mr. and Mrs. R. Redmond Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Redmond Mrs. Ruth Redwine' Mr. A. Reed Mr. Daniel Reed Miss Dina Reed Mr. and Mrs. George Reed Mr. Gilbert Reed Mr. James Reed Mr. Leonard Reed Mrs. Bertha Robinson Mr. Carroll Robinson , Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Robinson lRev. and Mrs. D. Robinson Mr. David Robinson Mr. David Robnson, Sr. Mrs. Essie Robinson Miss Francis Robinson Mr. and Mrs. F. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Robinson Miss Jessie Lee Robinson Mr. John Robinson Mrs. Kaizeb Robinson Mr. and Mrs. K. Robinson Mrs. Mae Robinson Mrs. Margaret Robinson Miss Minnie Robinson Mrs. Naomi Robinson Mr. and Mrs. R. Robinson Miss Ruth Robinson Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Samuel Robinson and Mrs. W. Robinson Carrie Myers Rocolett and Mrs. C. Rodgers Thomas Rodgers Mrs. Isabelle Roe Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Rogers and Mrs. Charles Rogers Mrs. Elizabeth Rogers Mrs. Joseph Rogers Mrs. Maigie Rogers Mrs. Maude Rogers Mrs. Gertrude Rogers Mr. Oakley Saunders Mr. Robert Saunders Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Saunders Mr. and Mrs. Earl Savage Mrs. Jackqueline Savoy Mrs. Violet Scales Miss Helen Schuyler Mrs. Bessie F. Scott Miss Betty Scott Mr. C. Scott Mr. Carlton Scott Mr. Carlton Scott. Jr. Mr. Charles Scott Mr. Edward Scott Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Scott Mr. Frank Scott Mr. Gerald Scott Mrs. Geraldine Scott Mr. Jackson Scott Mr. James Scott Mr. Julius Scott Mrs. Marjorie Scott Mrs. Polly Scott Miss Rachel Scott Mr. Richard Scott Mrs. Vera Scott Mr. Paul Scraggins Mr. Calvin Scroggin Mr. and Mrs. T. Scroggins Mrs. Florence Scriber Mrs. Scribner Mr. Harold Seaborne Mrs. Mildred Seaborne Mrs. Sally R. Seaborne Mr. and Mrs. S. Seaborne Mr. Wesley Seabrooke Mr. and Mrs. John Seales Mrs. Albert Seay Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Seay Mr. and Mrs. L. Seay, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Mayor Seay Mr. William Sedgewick , Mrs. Sara Seeney Mary Shaw Miss Mr. Roy Shaw Mr. Wilbur Allen Shaw Mrs. Beatrice Sheffey Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Shell Mr. and Mrs. Horace Shelton Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. M rs. 'gDr. M rs. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. M iss Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. W Elde M rs. Mr. Wilford Shelton Charles Sheppard and Mrs. E. Sheppard Louise Sheppard Sarah Sheppard Walter Sherington Daisy M. Sherman Samuel Sherrill Levi Shields Rosa Shields Pearl Shipley Elaine Shoemaker and Mrs. G. Shoemaker Aleyina Short l and Mrs. Daniel Short and Mrs. Early Short Bernard Shorter r Winifred Showell Lillian Simmions Authur Simmon Mr. Leonard Simmons Mr. Clarence Simms. Sr. Mr. and Mrs. H. Simms, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. John Simms Mr. Leonard Simms Mrs. Margaret Simms Mr. and Mrs. Willie Simms Mr. and Mrs. Willie Simmons Mr Mr. Abraham Simpson and Mrs. C. Simpson Carroll Simpson Mr. Melvin Simpson Miss Mr. Ruth Simpson William Simpson Mr. William Sivels Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mrs. M rs. Mr s.A l S it Mrs. zaee mm-fm. Mr Mr. Mr. Mr Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Miss Mrs. Miss Mr. James Sklpwith Myrtle Skyles and Mrs. N. Smallwood and Mrs. Aaron Smith Ada Smith Alice Smith Alphonso Smith Amelia Smith and Mrs. Ambrose Smith Anderson Smith Annie Smith Arthur Smith Bertha Smith s. Betty Smith and Mrs. Bruce Smith Carroll Smith . Charles E. Smith Claiborne W. Smith Clarence Smith Cleadia Smith Elizabeth Smith Elizah Smith Emma Smith and Mrs. Ernest Smith George Smith Geraldine Smith Grace Smith Helen Smith Herbert Smith Mr. Howard Smith Mr. Howard R. Smith Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Smith Mr. and Mrs. James Smith Mr. James Smitlh. Mr. John Smith Mr. and Mrs. John Smith Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Smith ihtr Mrs. Josie Smith Mrs. Lena Smith Mrs. N. J. Louise Smith Miss Lucy Smith Mr. Marion Smith Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Martha Smith Mary I. Smith Muriel Smith Naomi Smith and Mrs. Norman Smith Oliver Smith Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Smith Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Percy Smith Mr. Robert Smith Mrs. Ruth Smith Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Smith Mr. Stewart Smith. Jr. Mrs. Sylvia Smith Mrs. Thelma Smith Mr, and Mrs. T. A. Smith Mr. and Mrs. T. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Ulysses Smith Miss Valaida Smith Mr. Walter Smith Mr. and Mrs. Walter Smith Mr. and Mrs. W. Smith, Sr. Mr. William Smith Mr. and Mrs. William J. Smith, Jr. Mr. Snead Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Snead Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Snow Miss Bettina Snowden Mr. and Mrs. H. Snowden Miss Kattie Snowden Mrs. Mary Snowden Qolomon's Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sorrell Mr. and Mrs. William Sorrell Mrs. Mary Southerland Mrs. Anabell Spain Mr. Archie Speaks Mrs. Juanita Speaks Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Speaks Mrs. Ada Spencer Mrs. Guinevere Spencer Mr. James Spencer Mr. and Mrs. J. Spencer Miss Betty Spriggs Miss Catherine Spriggs Mrs. L. Spriggs Miss Mary Spriggs Mr. Norman Spriggs Mrs. Carrie Springs Mr. and Mrs. Sprow Miss Audrey Spruill Mr. Joseph Spruill Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Mrs. Sarah Stafford Miss Jewell Stanley Mrs. Venus Stanley Mr. Marvin Stark Mrs. James Steele Mr. J. M. Stein Mr. and Mrs. D. Stainback .Q Spruille Mr. Mr. Adam Stanley Alvin Stanley Mr. Charles Stanley Mr. George Stanley Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Miss Mr. Mr. Naomi Stanley Louise Stansbury Jesse Stanley Robert Staples Deabroh Starett Dorsey Staton Miss Vernell Stepheny Mrs. Lucie Stephens Mr. Robert Sterling Miss Shirley Stephens Mr. and Mrs. T. Sterrelte Mr. and Mrs. C. Stevens Mrs. Alice Stevenson Mr. and Mrs. John Stevenson Mrs. Mrs. Lily Stevenson Roxie Stevenson Mrs. Bessie Stewart Mrs. Stewart - Mrs. Laura Stewart Mrs. Cora. Stewart Mr. Leonard Stewart Mrs. Nannie Stewart Mrs. Sadie Stewart Mr. Warren Stewart Mr. and Mrs. E. Stinson 1 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stith Mr. James Stitt O Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Miss Mr. Mr. Mrs. Miss Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Miss Mr. Mr. Mr. 'iRev. Mr. M r. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Miss Miss Mr. Albert Stokes Bernard Stokes and Mrs. Floyd Stokes and Mrs. Milton Stokes William Stokes Sylvia Stovall Vernon Stravis Oliver Strawn and Mrs. Clover Street Morris Street and Mrs. Wilton Street Navie Streeter Abraham Stroman, William D. Strong Evelyn Struart Tommie Mae Studstill Anne Suffore Samella Sullivan Cecil Sulton Summerville and Mrs. C. Summerville Lena Summerville and Mrs. George Sutton and Mrs. James Sutton and Mrs. Allen Sydnor and Mrs. Sydnor and Mrs. Herbert Sye Lawrence Sykes T Tabb Lenard Tailor and Mrs. D. Taliaferio Lorenzo Taliferro Hazel Tallboth . E'velyn Talley Robert S. Tanley and Mrs. Glenn Tarter C. Tasker and Mrs. Robert Tasker Valois Tates Adele Taylor Audrey Taylor Beatrice Taylor Catherine Taylor Dorothy Taylor Elbert Taylor Mrs. Emma Taylor Mr. Mr and Mrs. E. Taylor and Mrs F B Taylor Mrf and Mrsfrieldihg Taylor Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. George Taylor John G. Taylor, Sr. and Mrs. Joseph Taylor Mrs. Laura Taylor Miss Louise Taylor Mrs. Mamie Taylor Mrs. Maria Taylor Mr. and Mrs. M. Taylor Mr. Melvin Taylor Mrs. Mildred Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Ross Taylor Miss Mr. Mr. Mr. Miss Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Shirley Taylor Sylvester and Mrs. and Mrs. Rowena and Mrs. Agnes Thomas Aaron Thomas Albert Thomas Alice Thomas Almer J. Thomas Annie Thomas Taylor Wm. Taylor Robert Tazwello Thaxton A. J. Thomas Mrs. Aree G. Thomas Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Blanche Thomas C. Thomas and Mrs. C. Thomas Mrs. Coro Thomas Mrs. Dorothy Thomas Mrs. Edith Thomas Mrs. Edna Thomas Mrs. Elenore Thomas Mr. and Mrs. G. Thomas Mr. Gilbert Thomas Mr. H. W. Thomas Mr. James Thomas Mr. Joseph Thomas Miss Katie Thomas Mrs. Katie Thomas Mrs. L. Thomas Mr. Leroy Thomas Mrs. Lucy Thomas Mr. and Mrs. L. Thomas Mrs. Lillian Thomas Miss Lillie Mae Thomas Mr. and Mrs. L. Thomas Mrs. Lucille Thomas Mr. Montgomery Thomas Mr. and Mrs. R. Thomas Mrs. Sarah Thomas Mrs. Sylvia Thomas Mr. and Mrs. T. Thomas Mrs. Vertell Thomas Mr. Walter Thomas Mr. and Mrs. W. Thomas Mrs. Mr. Alice Thompson and Mrs. Arthur B. Thompson Mrs. Miss Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Delma Thompson Elizabeth Thompson Evelyn Thompson Geneva Thompson Harold Thompson Mr. and Mrs. H. Thompson Mrs. Ida Thompson Mr. James Thompson Mr. Joe N. Thompson Mr. Mervin Thompson Mr. Lloyd Thompson Mrs. Mary Thompson Mr. Rufus Thompson Miss Ruth Thompson Mrs. T. Thompson Mr. Thomas J. Thompson Mr. Warren Thompson Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Annie Thornhill Carl Thornton Claria Thornton Houston Thornton Miss Iris Thornton Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Thornton Mr. and Mrs. L. Thornton Mrs. Virginia Thornton Miss Zerita Thrower Miss Sarah Tibbs Mrs. Lida Tiles Mr. and Mrs. R. Tilghman Mrs. Estelle Tilghman Mrs. Sue Tilghman Mrs. Wynona Tillie Mr. Timberlake Mr. and Mrs. John C. Tinner Mrs. Sylvia Tisdale Mrs. Toades Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Mr. Richard A. Todd Mr. S. Tolivar Miss Phyllis Tollian Mr. and Mrs. Mclienlif Toms Mr. Ellsworth Toomey Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Tongue' Mrs. E. Towe Mrs. Doris Towns Miss Helen Travers Todd Mr. Rudolph Trent Mr. Vernon Trent Mr. and Mrs. J. Tripp Mr. and Mrs. Harold Trivin Mr. and Mrs. John Trottle Mr. Herbert Troxler Mr. Jerome C. Troy, Jr. Mrs. Edith Truman Mrs. Flordine Trustif. Mrs. Louise Tucker Mrs. Pearl Tucker Mr. Andrew Tuller Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Turner Mrs. Rena Turner Mr. and Mrs. S. Tunstable. Mrs. Mary Tunstall Mrs. Bessie Turner Mrs. Elizabeth Turner Mr. and Mrs. E. Turner Mrs. Emily Turner Mr. Ernest Turner Mrs. Eya Turner Miss Helen Turner Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Turner Mrs. Josephine Turner Miss Louise Turner Mr. Sidney Turner Miss Viola Tutman Mrs. Blanche Tyler Mr. and Mrs. C. 0. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. George Tyrell r. Tyler and Mrs. Newman Tyler Richardson Tyson C -. Mr. U and Mrs. T. Umphrey V Mrs. Helen Valentine Miss Forrest Valentine Mr. James Valentine Mrs. Mildred Valentine Mrs. Iona Vance Mr. Jodie Vance Mr. and Mrs. A. Vanderford Miss Geneva Vandervall Mr. and Mrs. W. Vandervall Mrs. Lorina Van Dyke Mrs. Edna Vaugh Miss Carrie Mae Veal Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Mrs. Eleanor Vessel Miss Virginia Vessel W Mrs. Irene Wactor and Mrs. T. Waddle and Mrs. J. Waddy Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Frances Wade Myrtle Wake Laura Wainwright Mr. iM. Walbus Mr.- Mr. Miss Mrs. Mr. Mrs Arthor Walker Bernard Walker Bernice Walker Catherine Walker Frank Walker Irene Walker Mi-.'J0rm Walker Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Louis Walker Louise Walker Oliver Walker Rachel Walker Ruth Walker Sam Walker Samuel Walker and Mrs. S. Walker Mr. William Walker Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Walker Mrs. Zeb Walker Mr. Abraham Wallace Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Dr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Clifton Wallace Fannie Wallace Gladys Wallace John P. Wallace Leroy Wallace Phyliss Wallace Stennella Wallace and Mrs. S. Wallace Thomas Wallace William Wallace Mr. Norman Walter Mrs. Noel Wansel Mr. Clarence Ward Mrs. Mr. Dorothy Ward and Mrs. Jackson Ward Mr. Jerome Ward Mrs. Lelia Ward Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Ward Miss Frances Warner Miss Dorothy Warren Mrs. Louise Warren Mrs. Rose Warren Mr. Washington Mrs. Delores Washington Mrs. Evelyn Washington Mr. and Mrs. G. Washington Mrs. Leona Washington Miss Marian Washington Mr. Melven Washington Mr. and Mrs. P. Washington Mr. Robert Washington Dr. William J. Washington Mr. Gabriel Washun Mrs. Waters Mr. Albert Waters Mrs. Blanche Waters Mr. Charles Waters Mr. and Mrs. David Waters Mrs. Marian Waters Mr. Mr. S S Miss Mary Waters Mr. McCoy Waters Mr. Preston Waters Mrs. Sadie Waters Mr. Thomas Waters Mrs. Virgil Waters Mr. William Waters Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Watkins and Mrs. J. Watkins and Mrs. M. Watkins Mr. Mrs. Mary Watkins Mr. and Mrs. Norse Watkins Mr. William Watkins Mr. Alexander Watson Mrs. Alma Watson Mrs. Bertha Watson Miss Evelyn Watson Mrs. Francis Watson Mrs. Hattie Watson Mr. Herman Watson Mr. and Mrs. James Watson Miss Lelia Ray Watson Miss Lucille Watson Mr. Melvin Watson Mr. William Watson Miss Margaret Watt Mrs. Agnes Watts Mrs. Annie Watts Dr. Charles Watts Mrs. Jacqueline Watts Mrs. Agnes White Miss Anna White Mr. and Mrs. Arthur White Miss Bertha White Mrs. Blanche White Mrs. Carrie White Mrs. Catherine White Mr. Corniluis White Mr. and Mrs. Darris White Mrs. Eva B. White Mrs. Estella White Mr. Jessie White Mr. and Mrs. John White Mr. and Mrs. Joseph White LDr. Juluis S. White ,Din and Mrs. Juluis White Miss Martina White Mr. Martin White Mrs. Mildred White Mr. and Mrs. Ottway White 'Rev. and Mrs. R. White Mr. and Mrs. Travis White Mr. Richard White Mrs. Veronica White Miss Audrey Whiting Mrs. L. Whiting Mr. and Mrs. J. Widgeon Mr. and Mrs. Albin Wiggins Alice and Perry Wiggins Mrs. Lusle R. Watts Mr. and Mrs. Reed Watts Mr. Ronald Watts Mrs. Thelma Weaver Mr. Burton Webb Mr. and Mrs. Delwitt Webb Mrs. Pinkie Webster Mr. William Webster Mrs. Mary Weegie Mrs. Miriana Welbourn Mr. and Mrs. J. Welbourne Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Wells Mr. Stephen Wells Mr. Allen West Mrs. Annie West Mr. Benton West Mr. and Mrs. Harrison West Mr. and Mrs. Louis West Miss Mary West Mrs. Rosa West Shelly West Mrs. Marie Wiggns M r. Mr. Willie Wiggins Thomas Wilder tReverend George Wilds Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Miss Mrs. Mr. Mrs. and Mrs. Isaac Wilds C. Wiley L. Wiley Ella Wilkins Lillie Wilkins Marie Wilkins Estellena Wilkinson Williams Alecia Williams Mr. and Mrs. Thomas West Mrs. Hattie Wesley Mrs. Heneretta Westly Mr. and Mrs. F. Whaley Mr. Thomas Wheaden, Jr. Mr. Arthur Wheeler Miss Earnestine Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wheeler Mrs. Fannie Weststone Mr. Ernest Whale Mr. Ernest Whaley Rev. and Mrs. E. V. Whims Miss Dorothy Whirley Mr. and Mrs. J. Whitaker Mr. and Mrs. M. Whitaker Mr. and Mrs. A. Williams Miss Annie Williams Mr. Arthur Williams Mrs. Avethia Williams Mr. Benny Williams Miss Bernadine Williams Mrs. Clara Williams Mr. and Mrs. C. Williams Miss Charlotte Williams Mr. and Mrs. C. Williams Miss Delores Williams Miss Doris Delano Wlliams Mr. Douglass Willams Mr. and Mrs. E. Williams Mr. Earl Williams Mr. Edward Williams Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Elizabeth Williams Elsie V. Williams Eva Williams Evelyn Williams G. Williams George Williams Hallie Williams Harry Williams Mrs. Ida Williams Mr. James Williams Mr. and Mrs. James Williams Mrs. James A. Williams Mr. James J . Williams Mrs. Jeanette Williams Mr. Kermit Williams Miss Louise Williams Mr. Mack Williams Mrs. Martha Williams Miss Mary Carol Williams Mr. Mather Williams Mr. N. Williams Mrs. Nellie Williams Mr. and Mrs. Noel Williams Mr. Norman Williams Miss Phyllis Williams Mr. Robert Williams Mr. Romona Williams Miss Sarah Williams Mr. and Mrs. S. Williams Mr. Stephen Williams Mrs. Susie Williams Mr. and Mrs. T. Williams Mr. and Mrs. T. Williamson Miss Velma Williamson Mr. Garfield Willie Beatrice Willis Mrs. Mr. Leo Wilmore Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Wilson Mrs. Anna Wilson Mrs. Catherine Wilson Mrs. Corlean Wilson Mrs. Edna Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilson Miss Gertrude Wilson Mr. Goals Wilson Mr. James Wilson Mr. John Wilson Mrs. Margaret Wilson Miss Mildred Wilson Miss Odessa Wilson Mr. Rowland Wilson Mr. S. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wilson Mrs. Vashti Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Wm. P. Wilson Mrs. Irene Winckler Mrs. M. Wind Mrs. Louise Wing and Mrs. P. Wingust Mr. Mrs. Irene Winkler Alice Wise Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Wise Mr. Floyd Wise Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Wise Mrs. Violetta Wise Miss Verdella Wolfer Mr. Robert Womack Mrs. Ella Wood Mr. George T. Wood Miss Georgie Wood Mr. and Mrs. F. Woodford ,,Dr. Charles F. Woodland Mr. James Wooten Mr. Charles Woodridge, Jr. Mr. George W. Woods Mr. Langston Woods Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Woolen Mr. and Mrs. J. Woolford Lena Woolford Mrs. Miss Louise Woolford Mr. and Mrs. G. Worsley Mrs. Georgia A. Wrier M iss Agnes Wright Mrs. Alma Wright Mrs. Ann Wright Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Charles Wright and Mrs. C. Wright Elmer Wright and Mrs. E. Wright, Jr. Essie Wright E. V. Wright and Mrs. G. A. Wright Harold Wright Irene Wright Julia Wright Lee D. Wright Margaret Wright and Mrs. M. Wright, Sr. Montee Wright and Mrs. Morris Wright and Mrs. John Wyche Mr. and Mrs. Lee Wynn Mr. Samuel Wyman Y O Mr. Alexander Yancey Mr. and Mr . Francis Yancey Mrs. Margaret Yancey Mrs. Sally Yancey Mr. Yorkman Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Young Mr. and Mrs. Ben Young Mrs. Bessie Young Mr. Calvert W. Young, Jr. Miss Clara Young Mr. and Mrs. C. Young Mrs. J. Clarence Young Mr. and Mrs. Clee Young Mr. Daniel Young Miss Edna Young Mrs. Gladys Young Mr. Hamilton Young Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Young Mr. Joseph Young Mrs. Lillian Young Miss Lois Young Mrs. Magnolia Young Mrs. Mildred Young Mr. Raymond A. C. Young Mr. and Mrs. R. Young Mr. Robert Young Mrs. Sophie Young Mr. and Mrs. William Young Mrs. William Young Mr. Harold Young CREATORS OF FINE PRINTERS The Maryland School of Printing Approved by The Veterans Administrat O Approved by The State Department of Educatio CLASSES 8.00 A. M. - 1.00 P. M. 6 00 P. M. - 11.00 P. M. 4 605-07-09 Smithson Street LAfayette 6186 -w . SAINT JAMES EPISCOPAL CHURCH Arlington and Lafayette Avenues Baltimore, Maryland Holy Lucharlst M,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,.,,.,.,.. ..., . ,. Choral Eucharist 11st, 3rd, 5th Sundaysj ,,,,,tt, Morning Prayer 12nd, 4th Sundays! ,,at7,,t,, Upper Church School Lower Church School Vespers , , W ., Young Peoples Fellowship rrrrrr . Holy Eucharist Y Holy Eucharist Parish Office: Eat ut- VENEY"S 501 N. Carrollton Ave. Balliniore 23, Md. J O E ' S Department Store General r'l'lerrhanrlise Druid Hill Avenue at Preston Street ,. 7:00 to 9:30 a. m. ,,,,,,,,,t,,t,,,11:00 a. m. , 11:00 a.m. , 9:30 a.3n ll:00 a. In - 6:00 13.111 . 6:00 p. in Wednesday , 8:00 p.m Holy Days , 7 7 ,. , ,, ,,,,, , , 9:30 a. in 825 N. Arlington Avenue LA. 4588 Compliments of KEYS M I L L E R 9 S Laken Drug 510112 DELICATESSEN sHoE REPAIR 437 Biddle Street MA 6956 C E Y L O N RESTAURANT Specializing in, Indian and Mexican Foods 1311 Penna. Ave. 1901 W. Mosher St. Baltimore 17. Md. D U K E 7 S Food Market 1800 Druid Hill Ave 1200M Mosher St. MA 1094- N U T T E H ' S Jewelry Store Watchmakers - Jewelers 1208 Penna. Ave. Mary F Burns WILLIAMS C A T H Y 1 S Congratulations ' ' PHOTO STUDIO Florin? F ' V I . MODEL SHOPPE to our Daughler .opymg mm' l',ll.lll'gl.fIg WISTINE 1816 Pemm. Ave. Aerzalenl .and Weflrlmg D,eSs,,,aki,,g Plffllfff-9 12011 L I W Mr. and Mrs, Edw. MA 2777 626 Mosher Street A anva e bt' JOHNSON V . Congratulations RAYMOND'S 1.tlIll1llHIIClIlS of Compliments of 7 to MEN'S SHOP , Mrs. katie Williams All H Bl d Sach's Seafood , e ll an 1731 Penna. Ave. 322 N. Schroeder St. 2100 W' Nonh Ave' MR. GEORGE PINDES MA 6481 Creentg Tailor Shop Cgnrplinzents of WILKENS Mrs. Sylvia Stuvau Repairing - Alleraiiorzs Mrs Samuel T DELICATESSEN 7 Curtin lIllll.'1lIlA'ill . 0 F0llll1flill Sffvife BAKE SHOP g g HEMSLEY ffleoning and Pressing I 2418 Pelllla- AVC- 1149 N gear I A 1701 Argyle Ave. 578 W. Biddle St. LA 6718 . remon ve . Compliments of Baile Sz Green ' - PENN'D0L i iy . . C0"Hff""1f"'0'w PHARMACY Dr. Bernard Super Service Station to 1200 Puma. Ave. CHRISTMAS Carey Sr Mosher Sts. Open 24 Hours Dentist Baltimore 17, Md. Sylvia Fenwick Weslern, Union Service 14-24 Penna. Ave. Compliments of a Friend DIRECT MILL SHIPPERS Lumber, Window Units, Doors, Hardwood Flooring WHOLESALE AND RETAIL ARROW LUMBER CO., INC. 1376-82 N. FREMONT AVE., BALTIMORE 17, MD. LA. 8178-7251-2-3 ARBUTUS MEMORIAL PARK "T he Park With Perpetual Care" "GREAT IS THE CHARITY THAT CASES SORROWH Our solieitnde for our friends, relatives and neighbors is expressed by the oft-repeated, sincerely kind, "Is there anything I can do to help?" ARBUTUS MIQIXIORIAL PARK service is offered to you with a "Before-hand" plan of reservation at low eosl prices as a dual plan of easing sorrow and distress and a means of minimizing the financial burden as our initial contribution of help-gfar in advance of need, we sincerely hope. The Need Is Certain. Select Today C""'P'i"'e"'s of ' Carolina Cleaners 8: Dyers Fuller Products Company 434 Druid Hill Avenue 1416 Pennsylvania Avenue LINWOOD BAREFOOT 8: SONS LA. 9613 VE- 3694 I I dl! lh T H S L x7 1.1 . 1.3 , 1, 1 Ag-.J . 5- - '. ' 1 - , 1 - if. . 1 - ,- 5. ., . 1. .1 . .. ' .+1.- 'A-1 .1 1: -:""' .11..,1---- 1. .Y1 1 1 J...-,.. -. 1." .' W A .-1' ' 2... -' N' - -- ,..,.. fx., ...-1.-...,,,'.1 1. I .VV x , A-'-' 1 " ' V ' ', 1... 3 1' 1'. f , 5 .,1.,.,,1..-..1, , -.14 . . . . . Q .2 .1 -A 131.,.l.., Z 11, ,bf 1, s V. X 11151,-Nw M ..,. .. 7 , .' 'sq' A , ' .111 x 1 ...N 3 Q11 -E'-11. 'jx...,-,f'1...g1k4- .1 -gy. 11:1 .,f. .. " '!11".'1 1. .. " ' -1 .- "1,f,'1g.-.f"1 1.. '. 1 1 +' '.1 , .1 1, 1 .:,"3- '. 1 1 . -'LK .W-.',g '- gf 3 .4-YAQ,.',...,-i w - 1 -. , 1 qi jgixfffggl .5111 . ,- 11143. gy P-.ig ',' 1" '11 - -. x 'flfffi '45 ixnffi ',,.-25 f 71. ' r." '12 L' 3 .R Q 5 "5'gAfy ff. -.V-'7'lj'.-1".'1' E 2.31-1' -.'.g'r1Q f 1-S, 'iii 'Lrg' 3.2, g- 1 11-11-.1,.. '1':.11"1'17."" 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Suggestions in the Frederick Douglass High School - Survey Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) collection:

Frederick Douglass High School - Survey Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Frederick Douglass High School - Survey Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Frederick Douglass High School - Survey Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Frederick Douglass High School - Survey Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Frederick Douglass High School - Survey Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Frederick Douglass High School - Survey Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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