Frederick Douglass High School - Survey Yearbook (Baltimore, MD)

 - Class of 1947

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Frederick Douglass High School - Survey Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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swmg-QWEW sri DCUGLASS HIGH SCHOOL BALTIMORE MARYLAND 4 Q FUQG' IWW x ,M Presenting Thomas Jones as Ca Eddne and Pearl Sewell as Co Edna graduates typical of the l77 graduates of the February I947 Class NEARLY TWO THOUSAND years ago there was born a Great Teacher who desired that men should live more abundantly. This abun- dant life transcends self and stretches out into the broader realm of human relations where men live helpfully and joyously to- gether. This spirit of brotherly love and good- will did not die on the Cross, for men, down through the ages, have caught the import of the teachings of the lowly Nazarene and have striven arduously to effect that abun- dant life Education in alliance with religion science and industry is contributing its share toward the realization of this objective Educators are concerned with the development of a care fully integrated individual who will be an asset to himself and to the group of which he is a part Thus we as teachers aim to guide the in dividual into right channels when he thinks when he works and when he relaxes ln short our efforts are directed toward the develop ment of the pupil as a whole Perhaps dear reader if you follow the ac tivities of Co Edna and Co Eddie seniors typi cal of the one hundred and seventy seven Douglass graduates of February l947 you will see in operation the principle Enriched activ ities as they contribute to pupil development and worthy group membership 1 1 1 I 1 I - 1 ' 1 1 1 ' - - I I - 1 . . . . . ,, . . - ll Recd ng left to rght Jean Wse Asst T eas Wm Bea a T eas A thur Mu phy V P es Columb 5 Modl Pes Ra o a Schuyler Sec Jean Weaver Asst Sec Charles Tller Bus Mg KM ss g from pctue lrvun Cha les Asst Bus Mgr! Qde -l-o Douglass By JUANITA FRANCES BROWN Haul' Hall' to thee Douglass Blest be thy name, Let precepts and power Thy greatness proclaim Ah' soon we ll be parted Our work s nearly done, The race we once started ls now almost won Well mnss our klnd teachers Our lessons and class But by thus some way Others must pass ln leavlng thee Douglass, Our hearts glve a sigh Our days ot happiness Too swlftly gone by But at last, we must launch Upon lute s deep sea To the door of success Thou hast gzven the key Farewell' Farewell Douglass We bud thee adleu Wlth tear dlmmed eyes We take leave of you i i : i , . r .g . mn, r .5 r r , . r . u in, r .Q m n , .5 , , .5 i , . r. i in i r , ' r , . . . - ' I A I I ' I 1 . , , I l - 1 , . . . l ' 1 1 1 - 1 4 aj How They Work How Rey Qse How They Relax How Wrafe Q H Thglslgfb Off M QL1 I Q Qu Q, Q Q J ' f , v . U 010 . y , I M Faculty ol Douglass ART DEPARTMENT LeRoy Tayler Head of Depart ment Gwendolyn C cl Con tantra W J Cas n Laule C Wfhlttlngton COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Beatrrce T Butler Head of De partment Clementrne Bu tne Claudlne M Campbell Lourse B Deane Irene Edmunds Francls R Grlffr Margaret Holly MUSIC DEPARTMENT wel yn W Wlls n Hee Department Georg anna Chester ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Josre Smrth Head of Depart ment Letrtla B Ashe Alfred A Evelyn S ax May W Porturee .I E nel Hodg s Ethel J Huc es Thelma D Lawrence Mary G Marshall Ltlltan M Parrott Gertrude Stublefre d Ethel E Wrse D xoa FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPART MENT Thomas B Nelson Head of De partm nt Thelma Ashe Lrlla M Barnum Nellte Buchanan Esste M Hughes Ansley Lrndsay Hrlton Premdas Gurnryere Spencer Wrllram Spencer HISTORY DEPARTMENT Edna O Gray H ad of Depart ment Bernard R Bruggs L Leona Carter Allen W Callck Wrlmoth Darllngton Mary Grltfln NIO el I Fr: by Naoml Y Hardy Edythe Myers Catherrne J Mayo Meta R Young February l947 HOME ECONOMICS Melrssa Perdue Head of De partment M E Adams Carrre B Arnod Ida Brggers Ruth W Burgess Arretta Cooper Patrlcgra Page F Marlon Rerd Darts Trotter INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPART MENT James Callus Head of Depart ment Guy R Barley George Carter Lee A Davts James R Lewls Alphonso Grtfttn MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT C rt.s W Marshall Head of De Elatne C Davts Beatrtce B Reesby Rosa Vlrgll NoelJ Wansel Dorothy R Ward SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Herbert M Frrsby Head of partment Robert P Dtggs Wt I6 L Harris Howard L Hucles Wrenty E Payne Constance E Pegram Perry D G Pennrngton Jesste M Perkrns Nelson M Wtllrams PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Leonard E Grbson Head of partment Laura W Janes Gertrude Macer Wlllram M Payne Estelle-na Showes COUNSELORS W Douglass Johnson Fannre W Howard Marlon Webb LIBRARIAN Alma Cornrsh MEDICAL DEPARTMENT Dr N Berry Dr Lourse Y Howard Nurse Ada V Veney CLERKS Catherrne Roberts Eannre Paulson ENGINEERS Amos Talbott Carlton Dates James Compton CUSTODIAN Charles Grllrs DIETITIAN Celestrne Hacks s I' P. I bd' c ' I 's . . . . . . n - I Lle lf , , o - d of I I Bertha B, Anjerson Dellaphrnel Warrington I . . i . ' - De -. E . t- ' 'll' f A E 1 I . h . A HL - . ' - De I I by .. s r 6 Qwggrga FE RUACQW ff x v Lf' I ,E Ai, RALPH W RECKLI NG Prmclpal , IRADEL B WILLIAMS Vlce Prmclpal HARRY R PARKER Special Assistant ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Ill-I . M-'M FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT l T 15 22311 ilali HISTORY DEPARTMENT SCIENCE DEPARTMENT il--" HEALTH DEPARTMENT HX X a 4 X , E nk Q.. ...1-, ,R , 4 . , .v - W-1 -I. '-1'x V - ge-1 I 1 iz? , K, 'fry ,A Q? DSTRIBU IVE BVATEN ..- Ex +C JA n'L'4-ii R r 'W ADL Hr L4 :UMM f , 1 1 ' ,v -5 4 o I YHQNI OLHISY T 'HE 16 wl , L, J., . q f , 'X , X . Q. ' ' . as V ,I . ge ,4, . 1 . z ' A ., - J' , 0 Avfv 5- Sf-5' ' --.f' Efxkai fx, -.f FX . FG , 3-sae '+"- J" -v-4 ,f Y Je -N 1' 'ew A' f -.-AN ,TY'f-ff? ,Vg A 5 I f T J - . W ! CR,,j,.2S!Y Hp: Hlsrg-A-QL-4'-fgxf N' V-xQ'Yl S 1.1 'V . -1'--H 14- .l ,- ' "" 'H A l ga JA"x7fuN- ,Ji -. " K JN rf,-.51 'f.x:1:.: fm ,HL T-lc'-fn" 'MH fx L P fff' 'ser.S Dau: CXXI u'4,w4 1' E b f.f.5 .D ,J slr- T' , V .4 . I Lggni. f .Ay P X-f-1-KV11-MXN N, L 'R Q' ' Y 'ff "1 '. -:JT I1-L' ,E Cjfnv Jimmy jfbkf 1 5 will 1 Y K H illll ,ll , W ' H V xx if ' 1 , . A sv w - , 3 . 1 N by ' X , -xr X ,, 4 ,, X Q - L ., , N a .g . ,. 0-A ' w. S 8 ' ,f?5f'1f' , ff .., v W fx gl -, A , ,fr Q 2. , ff' 1 5 5 -2 ,g?.3,ifk,, " buf 1150 'ii lf .J . - " f nz- A ,gn . ,Q ,. -A Af-Q - D 'UM-ani" i -if 5 ul' Miss Lindsay allows a pupil to carry on a French class activity ll2A4l ,L ui Mrs. Anderson supervises l2A3 during an English period if 'if Class l2A2 doing Spanish exercises sans Miss Hughes M,..-v' 4 'Y J 'ff' 11 fa- 7751! -'ff If 5-Q9 Q -. Q3 tl Q3 H 'l 4 new H-"""""' ' 'A' 'W' 1 -x. L' 41... . 5 Q rs ' 1 51 .Q v 1, .f gm f ef 1. I Q qv..-gt Pupnl s Nome Motto Alice Abrams Hutch your wagon to a star Honesty To attend college Desnroble Trout Flossle Sandra Alexander Manners dont cost a penny Courtesy To be successful Luculle Geraldnne Alston Fanthfulness To attend Pratt lnstltute Rosalee Anderson No purchase ns better than steadfast frnend Neatness To major In Engllsh Ruth B Barksdale The great fear Man noweth fear Itself Fanthfulness To be happrly marrned 26 Ambmon Esther Mae Adams An honest fcnlure IS no dushonor lnutlatuve To attend college Ruth Allen Let all thy ways be establushed Sunceruty To be a success Ednth Ehzabeth Anderson To do thy duty whate er 1 s Charm To attend business school Edwma Frances Barkley Excelsnar' Onward Upward Neatness To attend college Wllllam Henry Beaman By t'heur trusts ye shall know them Frankness To attend Howard Umversrty . , . . . . U . H ,, . . . H i 11 1 11 H , H "Honesty is the best policy." " ' 't' . " 7 worth." ll ' G ll V ll I Il ' 1, k is ,, . . - f, H Horry Edgar Bennett, .lr Great oaks from luttle acorns grow Ambmon To contnnue my educatnon Ruby Menon Bevons Every man IS as good as neughbor Kmdness To attend Howard Umversnty Marcia Lorrame Boddle Ask not for pranse but strength to labor on Snncernty To mayor nn music Paul Otto Brooks Wen haracter ns lost all s os Dlgnlty To be 0 Cuvll Service Worker Juonnto Frances Brown Procrastlnatvon as the thlef of tlme Honesty To attend college ,v IDS Dons Cornello Besses A deed well done as a e d worthwhlle Kindness To attend college Marjorie Ann Blackwell When character ns I t a OST Modesty To attend college Ruth Josephine Bndgeford Today IS here use nt Frnendluness To attend Morgan College Herbert Edwo rd Brown To err as human to for uve divine Frlendlnness To attend Howard Unlversnty Vera Ben- tho Brown Heaven helps those who hep themselves Honesty To further my educataon Marian Davaes Bruce To thlnc wnselt be true Honesty To become o physlcxon Robert Benpamln Croxton Success us the clrmax of llfe Good sportsrnonshnp To be on electrlcol engnneer Wulluam R Culbreath After oll there IS but one roce humonnty Dxgnlty To attend Fisk Unlverslty Ruby Elma berth Davus The gentle mlnd by gentle deeds IS known Honesty To motnculote ot Julllord School of Musuc Robert Hardy Dnggs Make ,our vlctory secure Good sportsmanship To furthcr my cducotlon 0' 'QA vc " lrvm Thomas Charles Wlth courage ond determnnotlon the nmpossrble Con be done Determlnotron To attend the Pennsylvonlo Museum of Fnne Arts John Denzel Cook Thus obove oll to thxne ownself be true Honesty To attend college Margaret Mane Curhs Adelonte slempre odelonte Strolghtforwordness To ottend college Llllle Mae Demuel Whotever IS worth dolng o oll IS worth donng well Honesty To enter Cortez Peters Charles Thomas Dlxon To be humble to your equols IS courtesy Honesty To ottcnd college Ellen Loulse Dolvey How poor are they that have not patience Patience To attend college Marjorie Dowery The pnce of knowledge ns above that of rubues Determmatuon To attend busuness school Marjorie Harrlette Epps What costs nothnng as worth nothing Determlnatuon To attend college Theresa Kathleen Finney If one only belleves he can do cz thmg at us as good as done Determmatnon To further my education Glorno Dean Ford Strength and Characte keys to success Honesty To attend college r are the ul 'Ph 4 Ruth Willow Dorsey A hunt to the wise s suftncnent Personallty To go unto business Ruth Ellzabeth English Where theres a wnll there way Cooperatson To become a nurse Nancy Farr Look ahead for tomorrow Courtesy To deslgn hats Dolores Lrllnon Fleet Chrnstlan life consists of faxth and charlty An unpreyudnced mlnd To attend Morgan College Wllllam C Fox, Jr Genunne snmplxclty of heart ns a healing and cementlng prmclple Loyalty To attend college Dons Irene Freeland Wel done rs better than well sand Uprughtness To attend college Ophelra Frances Grbbs God helps those who hep themselves Cooperatron To attend college John Albert Green Fnre tests gold but mnsfortune and trouble test men Loyalty To attend Llncoln Unrversxty Lewls Talberl' Gwynn The pnce you must pay loyalty rs four dealnng Slnceruty To attend college Alfredo Aleillla Hall Knowledge us power Fronkness To become a nurse OI' Q"' 'Hr du Gwendolyn A Garrett The prlce you mast pay loyalty ns four deallng Dependablllty To attend busrness college Vrolo Auleen Gray Prude goeth before a fall Frankness To further my educatnon Alma Dons Grooms Learn of the past and b wrsely for the future Cleanlrness To attend busrness school Mary Ellen Gwynn The prrce you must pay loyalty as folr dealmg Srncerrty To attend college Adele Delores Hams Ol' ulld or Knowledge comes but wusdom llngers Fruendlrness To matnculate at Morgan State College Kahe Mae Horns The Lord loves a cheerful glver Falthtulness To take a busrness course Cathenne Hayes Love ye one another Smcenty To attend Cortez Peters Loulsa Mae Hull Constant frustful work tells Perseverance To attend Cortez Peters Rose Rebecca Hullery Only fools despise wlsdorn and Instruction Cooperative splrlt To study medxcnne Edward Saxton Holley Confldence rules the world Smcenty To attend college Robert Palmer Hams Opporunuty knocks but once Fruendlmess To attend Engnneernng School Lela Mae Heath Thus above all to thlne ownself be true Altrulsm To become a nurse Vera Marne Hull A good name as better than preclous olntrnent Truthfulness To attend Coppln College Rosle Holland Do unto others as you would have them do unto you Honesty To attend college Jean Romana Horsey Mlghty oaks from llttle acorns grow Honesty To become a nurse Wllllam Hunt Stupsdlty can be overlooked but Ignorance cant be forqlven Tact To study psychuatry Ruth Jean Jackson l-latred stnrreth up stnte but love covereth all suns Truthfulness To attend Traphagcn Deslgnung School N Y Wulham McClellan Jessups Jr Wisdom wlthout understanding IS luke a well wrthout water Devotuon To be on ortust Betty Ann Johnson T e gentle mmd by gentle deeds IS known Honesty To attend Coppnn Dalsy Lee Johnson Two words of cheer are free and clear. Personality To attend buslness school Lorraune Jackson Hope sprrngs eternal an the human breast Personalrty To become a socsal worker Estelle Armeno Joynes If at fnrst you dont succeed, r try again Smcernty To attend Freedman s Hosprtal Mane Ellodne Johns God helps those who hep themselves A cooperotuve spnrlt To attend college Carson Carl Johnson To each hrs own Good sportsmanshlp To be an obstetrlclon Emma Julla Johnson Always know what to remember and what to forget. Mutual Respect To attend Freedman s Hospital James Johnson A rnind unemployed is mind unenioyed Honesty To be a civil service worker Margaret Sylvla Johnson nt put off until orrow that which you can do today Dependability To attend business school Wendell Leo Johnson High purposes spur mankind to struggle with destiny Good sportsmanship To be a physical education teacher Charlee Lillian Jones In God we trust Poise To attend N Y U Retail School Elmer Justine Jones I am a man I count not ing human foreign to m. Friendship To become a commercial artist Lau retta Delores Johnson The gentle mind by gentle deeds is known Perseverance To attend college Milton Matthews Johnson Advancing in life we learn the limit of our abilities Sincerity To play professional football Alnse Jones Eternal vigilance is the price liberty Honesty To attend business school Dolores Cl menhne Jones We have just begun to fight A cooperative spirit To become a successful singer Thomas Burton Jones l. e 's a fairy tale written by the finger of God. Honesty To be an architect Roslyn Beatrlce Kearney The gentle mnnd by gentle deeds as known Persustence Ta further my educatnon Freda Lorranne Kelly Better too credulous than oo skeptxcal Frankness To be successful Barbara Ann Kuah What you a Gods gnft to you Sense of Humor To go unto business Aznlee Dorothy Knox When the outlook ns good r the uplook Fronkness To be a success Catherine Elizabeth Loving A quiet tongue and an active mind will always Carry you on. Punctuality To further my education fi 'Q Ernest Randy Keene Awake' Aruse' or be ever fall n Faith To be a busuness man Glona Juamta Keyes Honesty ns the best polucy Frankness To become a nurse Dorothy Kulchen lt takes a long tnme to rung excellence to matunty Charm To further my educotuon Audrey Man.. Lattnmore The frunt of performance sotlsfactnon lnntvatlve To attend busnness school Nanme P Lloyd "Thou art my master but l om not thy slave. Honesty To attend N. C. State Jean Thelma Madden There is nothing to tear but tear itself Honesty To become a success Annabel Mason Love thyself as Unselfishness To attend college Mane Matthews Honesty is the best policy Sincerity To attend college Nancy Miller The well bred man of the world is the quiet person Honesty To attend Cortez Peters Vera Gladys Monahan Reading maketl' the full man. Reliability To be a success cf" nr f--4 Maxine Helen Manning Knowledge is more than equivalent to force Personality To attend business school Edna Elmira Mason Books should to one of these four things conduce For wisdom pity delight or use Patience To attend college Wnllnam Edward Meades God helps those who help themselves Friendliness To enter U S Army Columbus Antonia Modlnn Only the fittest survive Dependability To matriculate at Univ f Mich Janice Money Honest failure is no dishonor. Honesty To attend Apex School of Beauty Gertrude Katherme Morrell Reach for a hngher goal Honesty To further my educatuon Arthur Grant Murphy J A good name as better an good face lnltxatxve To study pharmacy James Briscoe Newton A man as never defeated untl he admits It lnltxatlve To attend Lincoln Unlversxty Molly Loulse Nncks He who laughs at others woes has few frnends and many oes Understanding To attend busuness school Catherine Owens Do unto others as you would have them do unto you Fauthfulness To become an office worker Y 1- N1 Y Ji Hezekiah Albert Moms Tnme wasted IS exnstence used ln e Tolerance To be a success Nora Elnzabeth Murphy A man wnthout a purpose lake a shnp wnthout a rudder Fndelnty To matruculate at Hampton lnstutute Lewls Edward Nichols W at IS well learned ns not forgotten Fanrness To attend college Naoml Elizabeth Oluver Lsfe rs what you make Smcernty To become a success Clarence Eugene Parker Education lS o necessuty of Helpfulness To attend college 6 Sarah Frances Pollack s human o forglve dlvlne Polnteness To attend Morgan Ada Delores Powell Get wlsdom and with all thy gettnng get understandnng Loyalty To attend college John C Pullen Too much and too luttle educa non hnnders the mind Readuness To attend college Mervm Leonard Randall A man who breaks hrs word must pay what vt costs to fe OIF l Honesty To study pharmacy Van Lear Alexander Redmond Be preoared at all tlmes Farr play To attend Hampton 1' Marne Roxne Poole Hold fast to unstructlon Honesty To enter college Lawrence Pratt Look well unto the present for there as where the future us being molded Self relnance To attend Yale Wllllam Thaddeus Quarles Wath rnalnce toward none charnty for all Suncerlty To attend Pratt lnstltute Louuse Rebecca Ray The gentle mund by gentle deeds IS known Perseverance To attend college Vera Yvonne Read No man dnd or can do great work alone Leadership To matrlculate at college Beverly Joyce Reynolds Whoso loveth nnstructuon loveth knowledge lntegnty To attend college Arthur Wnlluom Rmgold Do unto others as you would have them do unto you Good sportsmanshnp To be a physucal educatson Instructor Dons Delores Rollnns Be patnent for the world broad and wade Sense of humor To further my educatuon Ramona Mary Schuyler Knowledge ns mans crown of drstmctuon Punctuallty To attend college Audrey Veronica Sharp The trust of the nghteous us the tree of lxfe Suncenty To attend Coppln 1- Wllbert Franklun Rnchardson Free soul free speech free reluguon free labor for all our ploy To matnculate at U C L A Arthur Brown Roone Honest failure as no dushonor lnrtlatlve o attend college Vnrgmla Dorothy Ross Practuce what you preach Frankness To enter college Pearl Evelyn Sewell Apply thnne heart unto nnstructlon thine ears to knowledge Smcenty To attend Phlladelphua Art School Warren Albert Sheffey Happuness ns the touchstone of 4 e Cheerfulness To attend college Bernard Edward Shorter No man as a farlure untll he gnves up Honesty To be an archutect Carolyn Owens Smith Frlends are glfts of God an only he can unute them Slncernty To attend college Garnelle Mattle Smlth Tomorrow wnll come prepare fo It Srncernty To attend Morgan Zelma Irene Spaulding Lnve and let lnve Frankness To attend Howard Beverly Ann Stephens Eternal vtgrlance as the prnce of peace Reliability To be o History Teacher Ollle Mae Slngleton To err ns human to forguve dnvnne Ambntxon To enter college Marlon Poulme Smlth Lafe IS what you make lnutuatlve To attend bus ness school Lorrome Smith Avoud a questnoner for h s also a tattler Loyalty To attend college Frances Stennett The well bred man ns the quuet person Frnendllness To be successful Anna Mae Stevens The only thnng we have to ear IS fear ntself Relnobullty To enter Cortez Peters Lucrlle Jeanette Stevens Gratitude is a duty none can be excused from Frankness To become a nurse Clarence R Stewart, Jr Reading maketh a full man Sense of humor To attend college Basrl Edward Stlth Effort and success are twins Fair play To study dentistry Dorothy Elizabeth Taylor The only way to have a friend is to be one Understanding To major in Physical Education Gloria Ruth Taylor "An honest man's the noblest work of God." Honesty To be a social worker Charles Marshall Stokes What has been done cannot be undone Courtesy To study music Donald Wallace Stewart After all there is but one race humanity Determination To study dentistry Ellen Elizabeth Tavares 'ru Feeling is deeper than all yu thought Sincerity To teach Ellen Taylor A clear conscience a sure card Understanding To attend college Robert Leon Thornton "Our toils, rny friends are crowned with sure success." Perseverance To becorne an aeronautical designer Munel Oscarette Thomas Success ns ambntnon and falthfulness Frankness To become a Physical Educatuon teacher Peggy Elnabefh Tilghman Pralse loudly blame soundly Rellabnlnty To become a R N Otella Dorothy Tounlm Above all to thme ownself be l'l'U8 Loyalty To be o secretary Vlrgmla Trultt A happy genius ns the gut nature Honesty To attend W Vargnnna State Ann Elizabeth Venture From each accordlng t hs abllrty to each accordmg t has needs Self reluance To become a forelgn language Instructor 4' 9 hi il Nelda Lavonne Thompson To thme ownse be true Truthfulness To study meducune Charles Lewm Taller Prepare today tomorrow comnng Justlce To study at Wentworth lnstltute Susne Mae Travus Dlshono us the grave of future credlt Cooperahon To attend Cortez Peters Lonme Ralengh Valenhne He who travels alone travels faster Frnendllness To attend N C State College Bermce Louise Wade They are never alone that are accompanued Smcenty To attend college l l lrene Gertrude Washington Strive not to equal but to excel. Honesty To become a casmetologist Ruth Evelynne Washington Peace nf possible but truth any rate Veracity To matruculate at Hampton Harriette Jeanne Weaver Common sense is instinct an enough at it is genius Dependabillty To become a Physrcal Educatnon Teacher John Lewis Wells .lr The well bred man is the quiet one Personality To enter college Marion Mn ne Whitfield Speech as silver sllence is god Frankness To attend college Marian Annette Washington 'Dlshonor is the grave of future credit. Determination To be a civil service worker Thomas Waters To have a friend be one Honesty To be a pharmacist Monte: Dorothea Webster lndustry is the parent of Success Hurnlllty To matruculate at Hampton Lorene Mildred West To thine ownself be true Faithfulness To become a private secretary Hugh Hampton Williams Defer no time delays have dangerous endrngs Trustworthlness To attend Phuladelphra Art School Mary Madellne Wllllams er tnre s love tere s oOd also Humor To be successful Theodore Teddy Wllharns fli- Enthr josm moves rnen and mounto '15 Slncerlty To be successful ln buslness Lulhan Woolford No man should profit by hls own decert Matthew Wulhams FG ornltx lCV 9 Klnaness To enter Luncoln Jean Harper Wise By knowledge do we learn ourselves to know Frankness To attend Echols Embalmjng School Albert Donald Young "' Success IS the color o e Tho roughness A cooperatnve splrlt To become a secretary Ta attend Lsncoln Zemora Young Try to please everyone and you succeed an pleasmg nobody Self contndence To attend college IN ABSENTIA DORIS BEssEs Jessie Carolyn Brocklngton was a stu dent of our class but her Illness has pre vented her from benng present wvth us at thus particular ltme She was both cultured and jntellectual Englush was her major subject one ln whsch she showed promnse Kjndness, conslderatlon, cooperation, and polnteness are just some at her char acterustlcs She was very frnendly and everyone loved her pleaslng personality Jessle was an efflclent secretary of our class from junior high school until her lll ness She was an active member of the Mask and Wng Club and an offucual ofthe bank staff of Douglass Hugh School Although Jessle will not be wlth us ln person she wnll be In our hearts and mjnds at graduation tame The February Craduatlng Class of "47" extends :ts hearty wishes to her for a speedy recovery 0 ,, . , " Il j jc fe W, If-f 1 pl fl", Wh e e 2 h I ' l J ' 'Q " Q f' ,jf l. QL. rf W . ' A - " N ,, 1 L' " I w QS. . . 9 , ff - A . ' ,Q " ' flif ." . H , U I - - I . , C 'lllvwnt we .dfllfdff vn 01411.23 Jay? UQCYIM 0 Manx, 4,51 ffm, oG,,,,,w ,QL flfdzw lf1XLw+0'W4,2Z fwfwfw nf fam! Q1 LLM-flg,6'cAfAf f4'm4ff'40 Gwddwffwwffdwscz 1' WY4 1 I o 12 ag: ' 'lr 1 U c X 671 rn 'QA CY' ' cf 0- Afrr1Af . ge is l r 6 Lx'r'5l,'L'f!'bQ! fffI?W-,MAQQ N Y". 5 ,n ' v Cir 9 QAIIJILA- , I 7 1 nr, Q11-a IU J K 4 .V Irv, If? d'U-4: N Wapzygiefaw 'Q 157 ? Y X X 2,0 kk 1 f Q f 7 I H K N, A . .M ti' 5 -Nxlf' 'f ry 0' I Q 'ffl 4' ag Q.. , Y - , 0 TI-if l '5 'v ' 5.50, Q K U S" :""' 5 ' :U"' Q! 0 X 's'I . i -. .q.f'j.-ff-:y.:Y.!,u . V. 'JiI'f fl- T 5 ' l, ls pf?-'I fl' L'' -U alfa '. Q u u x I Qx K - ,. lv - 8 , A X 5 1. g 4 , . .. E, A L , .,., v 4 Q - ,-v-"""""' Ao ',T'E'..I'yfU'?gs,, ' ig Stars of the cmder path mpngnssllvlllllw i II ffaxi. vn " xx ,S 'WB' fl, , ,-fi'f,? xx :- ,ff 'fave - X f ,4, 'S-,. G Wotch thot Service, Mrs. Showes might be looking! S l "We've got o team," Ruth ond Adele ore obout to yell Wotch your form! T is lr lx. I-1 p T1 pq Q rf if N 3 V , ' 2 A A 'sw 0 Pfiflk N25 Q' ml W M 1 fl N . x S . . l, -1- f,' wif V 'E A 2 Y- f Q ll , ,..- . , 1 5 322 FU! IO ZDPZE- O dl 0 '1 alba Kiki vii Bess: c rg b L, f' If 11 A1 fo all W B 1. l cval U1 1 Q1 YY 1 H neil dl 0- jxmauc mules 50 fi-ax' 'Nu i ' 2. lc i 'Yi--Y 1? , :. J N 'f ' . " Q. . ,f 2- f -1 Q 2 . L I 2 xy ' ' al' ' I f X! M 1 A , 5 fB 11 'A ,Qc L Cn I C Nil! Pc sclrnf 1 I 59 H if?" QLQM uu.px fL. Haw:-fi Hcliw ku k F-Q -on X J L.,mQx-tk VVYVLV- Aff? x LIN, Q gg xwyl H-. Wxlimxd ,flax 1, INL.1xC..4 Iqyifi-'Q hfllk-KibIixAlll.: ,v!,1xiL,rx luie Cixgflxw 'Suu Jim..-, M4 xx's,uix1Hx,-1KflxaX-- ,L,4v' I...nX..4.5C1L. ll KL K -'QQ M1 ' N' M u: , 'ls "N 'UU' P., cv! Q1-Qih 4-L10-fp P Ox A A L 1.4151 R QSL L Anxbci Mgsqn el L SNK 14, U A xx o mx 14, A LJ Q a.rkXQ K PK IO, X Did O Q1 5 XQQ W Doi, A limi: ,,-Lxciqramxl mal hfdm 4. rx. L Q rl 4 vs 51 A 7, V z f 'R " . ' . is , , vw , I Rnxziic A1 P' 'Sl' .. 'Z' -S. t' ' I A I , ' . If ' '-3 D J, Q A ,- .gf fs 1: Q ' ' : Q R 'In' Y Q 'Ru x vi-xA ycxk, IU " wiht Av xx Z U A 'J' U A -LK S2 ab Wcxv 0 ,Si '-X y mxig 3 l Y R , A an B 1 NR111: cw x- L - X. i QD GLX 1 i l-U, lx -,Elm ZF' -ff sf Us . K D ' . ff- , Ellen Tavares in a Chinese role Barbara Kiah, president of Mask and Wig Club puts the Club in a jovial mood as it awaits its sponsor, Miss Buchanan Some ballerinas of the Mask and Wig Ruth Jackson ond Robert Croxton who were selected by the Seniors to be Queen ond King of the Ccirnivol The toll ond short of the closs Little Women ond their Taller Sisters f EVERYDAY HUMOR if lkvma T CHARLES lx f - .1 y K Tome on LET s G0 dvsn fume BEFORE THEY smnf Tmuucf ABOUT US f WHAT .S YOUR NUMBER P I ulmvr fo CALL YOU UP ff SURE,I fl-INT IS HERE T0 HAVE A A E000 TIIHE you SEE asm. you DANCE Ano MIKE A MTE IS wRonew1rH nmr Bur f I fgejvf 9' 1 f 'f 5 fr 4 WAS xx , ffffff .. .fr f N, aff? 41. 6 Hfz I 1 M it , W3 79 E Eff - , X X f 'P 4 -??Q Q kg X, , ' ' sv + --V ' N. 4 ' J I f f XA Y 2 - V f X f Z X 6 Q ' Y Vu - bfi b K I Y ,xxx E X Y - 27, I ' x MT 1 A ,V ..-, , ,Q H ' , N45 , 1 in h Y j Y lv WA an , V - ' V ' it ,i - 9f?r:?YE- i V - x M gd " Y V I 1- I' 5 . H I .K 4,7 Z VV mf M -if .. f' f Y Y ' ' 1' ' s ,,, , Yf V -M ,Q fn' , a M ,M f ?fl QW? i1'QWf ' 'i 9.1 6 I '.' I . :g If V 4 f 1? ff-if + +1.11 .1 , 'VCQY1 A 57? 14 f 1' f.. ' 'W ...:- L6 ' " l,,3s , ya: . - , , ' - fi KI hif' E' kw6!i5- LROy f , ' V - nf .L --- ,, I f X Wt Vi xy- X f A2 I Q!-Y ,Vg af: ' f N ,, - , 7 5 ' L Vw. ' . , ' 1 if ' ', ?:-f'."'.f.i . Qf -' uwwwmv: - - , . ww'fwa W ' , N- f- -f --4, ?l g H W X 1 -. 9 Q ! - 7 nf 170 , 0 f 7- X-. 4 - ,, ., f. -A ' , ' f, --,, - - -I , K ,, f ' , ' ' 5 K, - 7 1 1 ,, ' . ' f ' -3 Y Y 55 SNAPSHOTS B I .icfim-0111. 56 5 5NAP5HoT5'5, 1,159.1 c..n,.....u... ASTHEXMTE Ikvlas :HAR 5 S Q lr t L ,RIBERT .UIGSS Ww- 01' 5a I 5 5 L Q 1 A In 5 Y , -A-1 H 1 'V B ? lr ,MI R .4 . r ,I a EEF -ff' if 1 ' NIA nf vc u ffm 59 A TRIBUTE PHYLLIS ANN Let us roll back the calendar to the year of l938' In that year Phyllls Anna Wallace presldent of the Negro Hlstory Club worked hard to make the student body better acquamted with the rlch contrlbu tnon made by the Negro to American and AWALLACE world cnvsllzatuon and culture In adds tnon she maintained the qualnty of schol arshlp which resulted In her beung vale dnctoruan of her class served as a rankmg offlclal of the Student Council was sec retary of the class of 38 worked as chairman of the Class Day commlttee was elected president of the Junlor League and belonged to the Mask and Wag Club and to various athletic teams She was truly an all around student After her graduatnon from Douglass she enrolled at New York Unlversuty where she earned electnon to Phu Beta Kappa and from which she recenved her AB degree Her outstanding scholarship won recogmtnon In the form of several fellow shnps whuch enabled her to do graduate study at Yale Unlverslty from whach she received the MA and Ph D degrees Re search maternal for her doctorate In the field of Economncs was gathered durlng a years work wlth the Unnted States Gov ernment In Washington All of thus achlevement before the age of twenty flvel Members of the class of l947 I gve you Phyllis Anna Wallace as your model for emulation VIRGINIA TRUITT President Negro History Club 'I947 PREPARED FOR THE FUTURE ROMONA sc:-IUYLER There IS no state of llfe that ns not pre ceded by a period of preparatnon The construction of a bunldang the organlznng of a football team calls flrst for thorough and pamstakmg preparatory work It IS for thus and thus alone that we have day by day devoted ourselves In our studues carefully selecting wnth the and of our teachers those studies that would best fnt us for the duties that awalt We are by thus means Prepared for the Future We have kept our eyes stead fastly flxed upon the goal of the future and pushed by every effort wuthun our power perseverungly toward that one ob ect Every slngle act of our dally llves s leavmg nts mark elther for good or bad for strength or weakness upon the char acter that we are forming Every vuctory we galn over ourselves makes us that much stronger and makes the next job that much slmpler to master We are glad we are prepared for the future and grateful beyond our power of expressaon to feel that we have been pre parnng ourselves In these years of trannlng but realuzung also that Ilfe Itself ns but a school of preparatlon for the road that Ines ahead of us We now step forth Into advanced fields of preparatory work and so clnmb on and on untll our flnal goal of perfect attaln ment ns reached I - 1 I - 11 11, 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 1 . . , as , I 1 ' I 1 , . - 1 , . , . 1 I - US. , ,, . . . , . 1 1 11 ' I . 01,41 fate 'Q QW 'illllwsvm "Visas, ""i.,,,u YN, "'Y9m-, EDITORIAL STAFF Edltor In Chief Ramona Schuyler Assoclate Editors Margaret Curtrs Dons Freeland Literary Edltors Pearl Sewell Carolyn Smlth Montez Webster Assistants Marcna Boddue Juanita Brown Elmura Mason Special Features Editors Edwuna Barkley Marjone Epps Adele Harris Malzle Johns Lawrence Pratt Beverly Reynolds Anne Venture Assistants Dons Besses Ruby Bevans Marjorie Blackwell Ellen Dol vey Theresa Finney Alfreda Hall Edward Holley Thomas Jones Nora Murphy Audrey Lattnmore Sports Editors Columbus Modlun Ruth Washlngton Humor Editors Lauretta Johnson Freda Kelly Aznlee Knox Peggy Trlghman LaVonne Thompson Artists lrvln Charles Thaddeus Quarles Photographers lrvln Charles Wlllnam Culbreath Robert Dnggs Gloria Ford Elmer Jones Dorothy Kitchen Reporters Lucllle Alston Wllllam Beaman Ruth Brldgeford Marlon Bruce Lela Heath Jean Horsey Ruby Davus Marne Mat thews Marne Poole Ada Powell Ollie Snngleton Dorothy Taylor Mary Wllluams Jean Wase Esther Adams Thomas Jones MANAGERIAL STAFF Managing Edltors Marjorle Epps Barbara Knah Ada Powell Associate Managing Editors Ruby Bevans Ellen Tavares Patron Managers Esther Adams Marjorie Blackwell Margaret Curtis Ellen Dolvey Dons Freeland Dorothy Taylor Assistants Wulllam Beaman Juannta Brown John Cook Ruth English Theresa Flnney Delores Fleet Alfredo Hall Louisa Hull Jean If-lvorsey Carolyn Smath Peggy Tnlghman Vnrgunla Trultt Jean use Busuness Managers Robert Dzggs Edward Holley Charlee Jones Beverly Reynolds Asslstants Ruby Davis Loulsa Hall Betty Johnson Otella Tomlin Advertlslng Managers lrvln Charles Loretta Johnson Mary Wnllnams Clrculatlon Managers Carson Johnson VanLear Redmond Treasurers Columbus Modlln Arthur Murphy Secretaries Edwlna Barkley Charlee Jones Gertrude Morrell Nora Murphy Vera Reld Ramona Schuyler Pearl Sewell BUSINESS STAFF Lucslle Alston Mauzue Johns La Vonne Thompson Dons Besses Frela Kelly Montel Webster Ruth Brldgeford Dorothy Kitchen John Cook Azllee Knox Gloria Ford Marne Poole Zemoro Young Ruby Davis Lawrence Pratt BC'5'l SMP Jean Horsey Audrey Sharp Audrey Lattamore Hugh Wnlllams 62 . . V rggwg -grg I I Argr grgggg RP ggbgt g g V . I . . . mg Ygrgg ggggg g I . I . Qgrgrggg K Ygrgv -pgr N . . I . I . I ' I I I ' ViYiY-i- xiri ' I I ' ' I - I I I I I l I , A . . , I . I , . l i YYiYfvYfY,---A-YAiYv--V Vrrirrir irrrri Fbliriririr Y V - YYY WWWY . I Assistants ,.su... John Cook, William Jessups, Ellen TaVares, Hugh Williams . I . . p I , I . , I I . 1 1 I I I I ' I I I I . - I I . . I . I I I . . I . I I I I . . . . I . I I , I . I , I I . . I I I . I . I . . . . I . Fl . I I I H eYeeV.Ve A reree cuersr V , ,Y,.-,,Y.YYY,.,- H, ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, H, Y, . I I I I l ' THE SPIRIT OF "47" MARCARU MARE cuRTis As we, the seniors of the class of Feb- ruary l947 embark on the threshold of life we have only one thought and that is the future How shall we face t7 What does it hold for us? Our only answer is this we shall go forward This is not an age of stability but an age in which men must move constantly and rapidly This is a time when stu dents must compete with fast moving planes and trains ln this era we realize that we must move swiftly yet surely to keep pace with such great scientific dis coveries as the atomic bomb This is an age when we must move together in close harmony with all races and nations Step by step we shall move carrying with us all the knowledge power and force that we have stored up during our X years of schooling. Our science will aid us in understanding great scientific dis- coveries our Spanish and French will help us to be better acquainted with our for eign neighbors our history will enlighten our future by interpreting to use import ant acts of the past The time has come for us to endeavor to the utmost of our ability to give to the world the best that we have We dedicate ourselves in our small way to help make America a better place in which to live This can be done only through tolerance faith understanding and the desire to go on With the above thoughts in mind the class of February 47 moves forward This is our spirit This is our destiny We shall not fail THE INEVITABLE BENEFITS CAROLYN owsrsis sMiTH Upon entering Douglass High School new students automatically wonder whether they will derive anything of value from the school As a former student of Douglass l can say with pride that they will get many things that will be useful to them in community life First there are the benefits that are afforded by the assembly programs held in the school auditorium and which are given for the specific purpose of teaching assembly manners ln the assemblies the student learns to be courteous to the speaker to applaud correctly and at the right time to share his talents and to ap preciate the talents of others practices that will serve him well in community i e Then there are the clubs which also tend to develop the student into a good citizen They offer opportunities for par 63 ticipating in the club activities for shar ing experiences and for working together for the good of the group all of which are worthwhile benefits The pleasant teacher pupil relationship and the pupil pupil relationship found the various class rooms provide interesting experiences in getting along with others ln addition to the benefits already men tioned the school library with its full time librarian offers training that helps the pupil to use more wisely the library facilities in the community lt is in th library that he gets a chance to read and to think independently Yes Douglass Senior Junior High School has many benefits to offer to its students but students must be wide awake and alert if they are to profit by what the school offers 1 1 1 1 1 . I. ' - 1 , . ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 , . , . - 1 , . , , . . 1 1 ' 1 I 1 1 - I - In I . , . . . . . .. . I I ' I . , . . . , . I I - . . 1 I - lf. , 1 BALLET ooRis FREELAND Ballet is often thought of as a pleasure- some act, but it is truly an art. Ballet has existed over 2,000 years and has never lost its popularity, but instead, it has steadily gained in favor. Perhaps the most simple definition of ballet is a series of solo and concerted dances with the mimetic actions accompanied by music and scenic accessories, telling a story. Ballet began in England in the early l9th century but was elaborated upon by the Russians in l850 The new form combined romanticism and realism and appealed to the imaginations of the gen eral public Texas has staked her claim X to ballet and has taken first place in the ballet world. The most important qualifications of ballet artists are: accuracy, exactness, co- ordination, perseverance and patience. Some ballet artists who have gained in- ternational acclaim are: Anna Pavlova and Nijinsky of earlier times, and Alicia Markova and Sono Osato of the present. Among the most popular ballets are' Les Sylphides Carnival Swan Lake Giselle and Pas De Quatre These ballets were made famous by the excellent roles which were played by the stars HOW STUDY OF ART DEVELOPS CHARACTER PEARL SEWELL Art is not merely drawing it is anything made or done by man that affects one so that he feels or sees beauty in it A education is valuable to students for t helps them to enjoy more completely the world in which they are a part and to use art intelligently in their surroundings In order to understand the functions of art one should become acquainted with the artist whose emotions and experience highly sensitive he is more receptive to impressions and is eager to express him self by putting his ideas in a permanent form One of the best ways the general public can understand his experiences and possibly share his feelings in through the artists productions Because the artist has a joyful reaction to nature when painting a landscape he tries to capture and reflect his experience with nature 64 the emotional level There are many heroes celebrated in art and their noble virtues can influence our own character Among the wide range of pictures presented by art for study are subjects from mythology history and scenes from the Bible church history and literature Also greater appreciation for beauty may be developed from a special ized picture study As the noted author Albert Edward Bailey said What is the use of all this aesthetic thrilling this philosophical un derstonding this broadening of experience vicariously through imagery unless it en hances life as a whole Personally my two years experience in the Art Major Course has supplied me with knowledge of expression and appreciation that w ll serve me well in my prospective vocation . I . - . .A . ' A ' - I I I , . A ' . rt . . . A ' i f . , . A ' I 1 greatly affect his creations. Since he is ' . , I . . , . j, . I . - I ' 1 I - , I "on ' A . THE EFFECTS OF MUSIC IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF CHARACTER MARcuA LoRRAuNE BODDIE Character us what person us wuthun hum self Musuc then wuth uts umagunatuve and emotuonal appeal us certaunly cap able of playung a great part un the de velopment of character To begun wuth an abuluty to apprecuate thus art us a defunute asset un character de velopment lt transforms and heughtens the drab and ordunary curcumstances of lufe by luftung one out of hus present sut uatuons ln other words ut becomes a substutute for realuty so that one tran scends all bonds of tume and space I causes one to desure the more beautuful aspects of lufe Next musuc us the unuversal language of and fellowshup peoples of all ages ton gues and creeds Through ut human ex peruences and udeals are expressed from X VIOIIOFI to FIOTIOVI FOCE to FOCG ClI'lCl re luguon to reluguon runally musuc tween man and the great songs every reluguous fauth fund common expres suon un theur most profound conceptuons of Cod and man When earnestly and heartuly partucupated un they guve ruse to that feelung of awe whuch makes man conscuous of God s presence ln the words of Shakespeare The man that hath no musuc un humself Nor us not moved wuth concord of sweet sounds I5 fut for treasons stratagems and spouls us a defunute bond be hus Creator ln sungung of the church men of The motuons of hus spurut are dull s nught And hus affectuons dark as Erebus DESIRABLE TRAITS TOWARD SELF DEVELOPMENT NORA MURPHY Twelve years of hard work have gone by and we the graduates of Douglass Hugh School feel that we are capable of facung the hardshups of lufe Before we leave Douglass ut would be a good udea to develop some standards that wull aud us un self development Furst we must be accurate un every thung we do for beung accurate always guves us a feelung of securuty Secondly we must have ambutuon There us more room aut the top than the bottom and we shall always struve hard to reach the top Thurdly, punctualuty us very umportant Today, the world us movung at a hugh speed, and we must be on tume un order to keep up wuth ut 65 Fourthly we must be quuck thunkung and adrout There are many problems that wull confront us and we must be able to solve them untellugently Fufthly unuatuve IS a good qualuty Lufe us very complucated therefore we must be able to adjust ourselves to curcum stances These are a few trauts that wull aud us un self development The best of all trauts us to do the best we can and un the end we shall see our results and be proud of them Wufh these trauts an our munds and a luttle encouragement from our par ents, teachers and fruends, we expect to be an asset to the world and our alma mater , . . . . - . I V. I I - I . I ' . . A . I . - I I - . ., . V I , - . . . , ' l . ' . f ,, I . . . . I . , I I I ' A 1 the world. lt bunds together un oneness I ' , , , ' ' a . I - . I ' - I , , - - ll t I . . . -I I - ' I - - . I . I . - - . - . . - . ' I . I . l . - , , I I . I I AS WE STEP FORWARD MARJoRiE EPPS Craduation is thought by a few as the end of education, but many of us realize that it is only the beginning ofa life full of experiences which will continue to teach Graduation marks the end of the period of earlv adolescence and the beginning f our matured life This adult life signifies the acceptance of new responsibilities and problems and the end of our carefree liv in ln assuming our respective roles tnere is a greater need for independent think ing This thinking viill be necessary in the selection of the occupation for which we are best suited and which we will enjoy X Each graduate must set a goal and strive to the best of his ability to reach 'L ln charting his goal flexibility must be developed to enable him ti change with the changing times Moreover he graduate is given tn op portunitx to exercise tor good in his com munity all the results of twelve years of public education The graduate can d much to influence the young and the older members of his race to conduct themselves properly to vote intelligently and to im prove their habits of personal cleanliness and appearance The graduate who does his best to en rich the lives of others will in return en joy a most happy and useful life ACTIVITY VS INACTIVITY ELLEN L DoLvEv To be or not to be to be active or not to be active that is the question Probably one of the most important fea tures of the present day American educa tional system is its emphasis on extra curricula activities and this feature today is experiencing an ever expanding growth l past decades when our country was younger few educators saw the necessity for going beyond the three Rs in school program Today however the reverse is true What then can we attribute to this about face in our educational thinking? ls it because of our countrys growth to its position as a world economic industrial and social giant or has this transformation come about in spite of our progress in material and tangible wealth? Many who are in a position to know take the latter view They point out that the study of 66 human nature though lagging behind in dustnal and scientific wealth has fostered this new emphasis on the individual per sonality They now question the value of a formal education especially on a sec ondary level which does not include the opportunity of the development of the hu man personality They see in extra cur ricula activities an avenue through which can be developed skills and aptitudes not discoverable in a curriculum of the bare three R s We think we have little difficulty in agreeing that extra curricula activities in many instances tend to make studies which are generally boring and dry much more palatable There is little doubt to day that such activities can and ultimately do broaden our visions and enable us to comprehend and enjoy th fr its of a highly technical and industrial society it , l fs J A us, ' 2 . ty O , . ,Q v , . .c L I' I l V C f ' If ' r , f ' ' T ' . o g, ' ' ' 1 X ' A i I, , , I u 11 - - - - - I - , . n ' . ' - - ' I ' . , I l I . , . I I I ' I . 4 . T . I I 4 ' ' ' e u' PERSONALITIES OF THE SENIORS RUBY Bevfxtsis Personality is a quality that accentuates individuality, lt distinguishes an individ- ual from all others, and it makes him out- standing. Some personalities are by far more positive than others. They stamp a lasting impression in one's mind. There- fore, how can the February class of i947 ever forget such forceful personalities as: Marcia Boddie so talented Margaret Curtis so lady like Theodore Williams so gentlemanly Jeanne Weaver so ioviai Ellen Tavares so parliamentary Thomas Jones so gallant X dramatic so agreeable scholarly understanding so infantile Barbara Kiah so Peggy Tilghman Ann Venture so Ellen Dolvey so Carson Johnson Wendell Johnson so unassuming Ramona Schuyler so studious Ruth Jackson so modest We trust that these forceful personali- ties will live on and on in the years that lie ahead of us and that they wii add spice to the life of the world just as they have to Douglass SURVEYING THE GRADS Morsitsz weisssteia The old proverb A book cannot be iudged by its cover applies to the grad uates of February l947 Encountering the members of the class daily one would never know the latent talents that exist among them Numerous among the grads are song sters Those who have appeared on vari ous occasions and possess melodious voices are Jean Weaver Elmira Mason Doris Besses Ellen Tavares John Cook Ollie Singleton John Wells Naomi Oliver and William Culbreath Playing the piano is a masterful art which some graduates have achieved The skilled pianists of the group are Ell ri Dolvey Maizie Johns Doris Freeland and Marcia Boddie The latter has been the accompanist for most of the auditorium programs as well as the opera The Pied Piper Previous graduates have excelled in this field and have inspired some of 67 us to become renown Among the remaining talents and skills of the class may be noted an acrobat an orator a dancer artists and seamstresses Barbara Kiah the class orator has won two declamation contests during her stay at Douglass Students who may de desig noted as the artists are Pearl Sewell Wil liam Jessups Irving Charles and Thad deus Quarles Works of these students connection with various activities and some have won art contests Thaddeus uarles is also a ballet dancer and Wil liom Jessups is an acrobat The class seamstresses Gertrude Morrel and Lucille Alston have been observed often because of the very becoming and stylish garments they have worn lt is evident that the talents and skills of the graduates will enable us in the future to become great assets to our race . ii - - i l I II ' ' Il 4 . . I . A . I . I A I - I I ' I I I . . . 4- . I . I A T , . I I T I I ' , , , have been displayed around the school in I I I I I 4 A 5 I Q It 1 A ' i ' - A l - e 1 I I ' I ,, . . , I . . ll 4 I I I ' I TRAVELED THAT ROAD EDWINA BARKLEY Whule un Booker T Washungton Junuor Hugh School not so long ago I well member how wuth hugh hopes I looked forward to the tume when I would go to Douglass Hugh School After seemungly endless tume I fnnally achueved that goal Thus marked the passung of one mulestone on thus umportant road hugh school edu catuon whuch we should all travel The Academuc and Commercual Courses un Douglas Hngh offer many opportunu tues for the ambutuous boy or gurl I chose the General Clerucal course Thus course offers excellent practuce and traun ung for prospective offuce and clerucal workers One two and three years have nearly passed and durung th t tume I have found that road mostly runnung up hull rather than on a level surface May I guve a word of advnce here? If you fund the termunatuon In the freshman year there are many delughtful events to remember I t or oughly enjoyed partucupatung un the many actuvutues whuch the Mask and Wug Club presented and the thrullung swummung club Tume passed on and thus year came to a close thus markung another mulestone on thus umportant road As tume went on studyung become more strenuous untul un the last year the burn ung of mudnught Iughts became necessary The pot of gold was sughted gradua tuon The teachers were a wonderful help along thus road but you must learn to gaon knowledge by keepung your eyes open and seeung what us constantly takung place around you readung books and carryung out home study I feel that Douglass Hugh School s achuevung uts purpose for many of uts stu dents contunue theur educatuon after Ieav awakens un one a desure to further hus educatuon ut has achueved a worthwhule purpose I know for I traveled that road READING MAKETH A FULL MAN MARIAN D BRUCE The man who reads frequently us usually the man who makes the best conversa tuonalust the most charmung guest the most untellectual person and the most hughly respected cutuzen of hus communuty The man who reads can always loan un a conversatuon or :J debate on polutucs and guve sound advuce to those un dustress be cause he can usually reason out problems tactfully wuth the knowledge he has gaun ed from readung Hus untegruty us respect ed by all who know hum A well read man learns a luttle about polutucs agrucul ture operas world hustory sports and socual ussues Readung defunutely develops a mans character by broadenung hus vuew pount and thus uncreasung hus tolerance for other unduvuduals groups races and natuons For unstance there are people who suffer from lack of abuluty to succeed un Iufe but a man who reads can tugure out a way to and people wuth such a handucap There are people who belong to certaun rellguous groups that are perhaps scorned by many A man who understands these people and theur attutudes can become theur fruend and stull hold hus own relug uous beluef Race tolerance can be at tauned by the man who has read about the varuous races and theur customs and habuts Therefore the man who reads us able to understand the customs and habuts of varuous classes of people He feels at home t all tum Why? READING MAKETH A FULL MAN' . I re- . , . . , . I I I ' - . . . I . . I - I - I . . A vi H ' ' ', - 11 ' ' , . I I I A I , U w . I O I I A I ' I I . V - I I ' road to success slippery, use grit and de- ing its hall of study. Whenever a school I . h - . , . I . . . - , I 1 I I I I . , . I - . . I I I I . , . . , ' A ' ' ' cu ' es. , . I ' I I I A ' ' 68 WHAT IS YOUTH S OBLIGATION ELMIRA MASON Each day we Ameracas youth leam more of our Inescapable destIny As the future adults of Amerlca we fand that we have an oblagataon not only to ourselves but to the future generatIons We are oblugated to learn to be Independent orag anal cooperatIve and optImIstIc Through contanued practace of these characterastacs we wall become resourceful and worth whale cItIzens World War Il has Impressed upon our mInds the fact that the next generataon must be better than the present genera taon It wall be our task to help rad the world of race and reIIgIous dascord and polItIcal dasagreement O that a lastIng peace wall be Inevatable An admIrable begannang has been made towards our goal of p ace Nevertheless w the y uth of today stIll have our share to do It IS essentIal to us as to morrows CITIZENS to be aware of every Important satuataon In the world today Our only alternatave If we are to succeed IS to make the best possIble use of the opportunItIes before us Accordang to the proverb Opportunaty knocks but once we must be alert for every knock We the graduatang class of February l947 upon leavIng Douglass Hagh School wall enter the farst phase of our adult laves The Impendang test wall expose our Oblllfy to meet our oblagataon WHAT THE ESQUIRES DID FOR ME THOMAS JONES O July I4 l946 I arrIved In Gfl more a CITY whIch was wholly unfamalaar to me I had no fraends but I was de stIned to gaan many For the farst few weeks a cloud of lonelaness hung over me as I had nothang to do but go to a movae or pound the pavements The dog days of summer dragged themselves out as the hour for the tollIng of the school bell came closer and closer I often wondered what a BaItImore school would be lIke Then the bIg day arraved I was placed In class IIA3 when I met an Esquare lrvIn Charles As tIme went on I became acquaanted wath all the members of the club I notIced a certaan qualaty In each s uare I met It seems as If t ear presence alone demanded attentIan and respect MeanwhIle the seed of frIendshIp de veloped between lrvan and me l was cer taan that he held the key to my entrance Into the club I dascussed the club wIth Irvan untal I thought the tame was rape to sprIng the questaon of becomang a mem ber Later he told me to get my entrance fee and come to a club meetIng on a Wednesday On February IO I946 l went to the clubhouse where I was anstructed to waat untIl my name was called Each manute seemed an hour as I waIted wIth rIsang ImpatIence Then I heard my name called and I went downstaIrs to the club cellar A I came before the ten members I flashed a bIg smIle but what greeted me wasnt what I flashed After fIve manutes of nerve wrackIng sIIence I heard the deep bellowang VOICE of Malton Reaves the presIdent say I hereby announce the commencement of the InItIatIon of DOC JONES I arraved home late that naght wIth no desIre to sat down and no appe tate That folIowIng mornang I arose and put on my earrIng packed up my brack and my sagn sayang My name IS DOC JONES the newest ESQUIV9 Slowly I trudged to school I met several garls through the halls that day but I could only look at them wath sad eyes The InItIatIon lasted a week durIng whIch tame I gaaned many fraends I was Influenced by the many prom Inent and well known members of the club to partIcIpate In scholastac affaIrs loaned the track team the student councIl the school paper and many other extra curracular actavataes because I was an Es quIre and an EsquIre always does hIs best I wash to pay trabute to the ESQUIVGS for all they have done for me and fluenced me to do I feel that In payang rabute I should work dIIIgently to raase the EsquIres hugh among the summIts of recognItIon untal no other organazataon In Baltumore as able to surpass them I . , . . . 1 1 I . 3 . , . . P , e, .J I I I - ' . , , . , ' . I I ' I I 4 - V 11 - 11 . , x I - I ' 1 ' ' 1 1 S ll ll n , , . B I - . S , 1 . b - 1 . I - I ' I 1 ll ll ' ll 4 1 1 - - - - Il . ll ' ' ' I ' ll ' II ' ' ll ' - I I H . , - - I If ' ll ' ' A E q . h A I D I A . I I V I I I . . 4 . . . . . II - :I 11 - 11 - ' ' Il ' ll ln- 1 I , 4 y. .. . . I . . , . 11 4 11 - 4 STUDENT GOVERNMENT OF DOUGLASS HIGH SCHOOL LAWRENCE PRATT The Student Councul us an organuzatuon whuch has a constututuon set up by the students for the students and of the stu dents of the Frederuck Douglass Senuor Junuor Hugh School Thus constututuon provudes for duscuplune un the halls cafe terua and assemblues also a student court to take care of petty duscuplune cases Tnus organuzatuon has frequent meetungs of offucers and representatuves Its pro grams are guven semu annually to wel come newcomers to thus unstututuon en courage a hugh standard of cutuzenshup and culture wuthun the school A recent effectuve project whuch has done a great deal to umprove the appear ance of the cafeterua has uncluded the MY TRIBUTE oLu.uE M Douglass our Alma Mater holds unuque posutuon un the affectuons of her sons and daughters Always her gradu ates pay her due honor Her name un the tuon years after we have left her shelter ung walls to enter wuder fuelds of actuvuty What us the secret of thus hold that our school exerts upon us? Why do the stu dents of years ago lusten wuth bated breath for news of the doungs of the school of theur youth? The very name conjures up fond mem orues of the pleasant tumes we have spent wuthun the halls of learnung There are placung of draperues and flowers at wun dows Also a new floor cover ng has been laud As a result of these umprovements the cafeterua more nearly resembles a dun ung room where everyone can enjoy hus lunch Student Day at Frederuck Douglass Hugh School us a very seruous one for pupuls At thus tume the students have a chance to show theur abultty as capable leaders From the student body the prun cupal has assustants and teachers are se Iected to conduct the dauly actuvutues The effect thus organuzatuon has on the student body us commendable because of the traunung of students for partucupatuon un cuvuc affaurs in later years TO DOUGLASS suNcLEToN the classmates wuth whom we have shared so many carefree hours There are the teachers to whom we owe so much for guudance and patuence paunstakung help control There are the admunustrators who so wullungly gave us theur counsel to steer us arught ls there any wonder then that the very name Douglass makes our hearts beat hugh? Can we do less than pause at thus our moment of leave takung to ren der our hearty thanks to acknowledge the many kundnesses done us to vouce our undyung gratutude to Douglass our Alma Mater? AFTER TWELVE YEARS WHO AM I? MAuzuE uoHNs Thus may be a confusung questuon at furst glance but after readung the answer l am sure ut wull be claruf ed Sunce my earluest days un school l have been unterested un becomung a senuor hugh school teacher specualuzung un commercual subjects l observed the clerks through out school No l25 and was nspured by theur achuevements un the busuness fueld Upon reachung Booker T Washungton Junuor Hugh School my unterest was stull un the busuness world I chose the com mercual course un the nunth grade and went to Douglass Hugh School After reachung Douglass my heart was at ease because l had chosen the course that I thought would enable me to be an asset to the busuness world Whule un Douglass I dud the work to the best of rry abuluty l partucupated un programs whuch provuded me wuth tne qualutues of a teacher My work un Doug lass l am sure has auded me very much After twelve years of schoolung my am butuon us stull too contunue to aum hugh and accomplush the goal that l have set for myself I Q . A . - - I 11 11 - I . . . . . . ' 1 1 ' ' f . . ' . '. , ' ' 1 T 1 ' u I- . . .I G I S paper will evoke our interest and atten- along the paths of educatuon and self- - 1 1 ' ' I I ' . 1 l 1 ' I ' j I I I o I I I . . . R . . I I I . , . 4 I 4 . . . ' ' I 1 1 A ' 1 1 ' 70 DEMOCRACY IN ACTION ANNE VENTURE Representatwes from the varIous gov ernments have met In London New York PorIs and FlushIng Wlfh the avowed Intent to make thIs a more democratIc world There has been constant bIckerIng and yockeyIng for advantage One power fears that the other wIll brIng too many smaller natIons Into Its orbIt of Influence As a result of these polItIcal maneuvers and a complete lack of the Splflf of gIve and take nothIng has been accornphshed ThIs IS Indeed dIffICUlf to understand to the average lndlVldUOl At these meet Ings are representatnves who possess some of the worlds best mInds men traIned In statecraft dIplomats and ambassadors Wlfh theIr hordes of secretarnes clerks and fIunkIes They are all pursuIng or so we are told thIs seemIngIy elusIve some thIng Democracy One has merely to look closely at our own Douglass In order to dIscern a con crete example beIng actually put to work There are students of all types varyIng In cultural backgrounds temperaments and economIc status All have a common goal no favors are asked or gIven Com e ItIon IS keen but It IS frIendly Douglass the students respect each oth ers abIlIty They nexther envy IndIvIdual accomplIshments nor do they derlde them They respect relIgIous VICWS AntI socIal conduct IS attrIbuted to socnal and eco nomIc background rather than to just plaIn cussedness lt IS a puty that these students who have been educated under a hlgh degree of democratIc prIncIples have to face a world that IS for the most part hostIle THE GROUP I LIVE WITH ESTHER ADAMS Ever SINCE the nInth grade l have been wIth the same group of students lt all started when Mrs B C Myers was our homeroom teacher She was cheerful all the tame DurIng the home room perIods In the mornlng and after noons she would entertaIn us by sIngIng At fIrst we dId not know she could sIng but later she proved to use that she could sIng lIke a blrd In February of 1944 we were graduated together and went to the Senuor Depart ment of the Douglass l'lIgh School Our homeroom teacher was constantly encour aglng us on to higher heIghts Although some of us became trIflIng and wanted to stop but wIth the helpful guldance of our homeroom teacher we made the grade Now that we are sennors of Douglass we have attaIned a large responsIbIlIty We are examples for the lower grades and If we want them to look up to us we must set a good model for them to follow Our present homeroom teacher M Howard L Hucles IS the nIcest of all homeroom teachers We are forever brmg Ing to hIm our problems and troubles to ask for hIs advIce SometImes he does not feel luke beIng bothered but stIll he helps Hucles After graduatIon many students In the class plan to further theIr STUdIGS In some other educatIonal INSTITUTE If they carry wIth them the same character traats l m sure they wIll be successful Thus you can plaInly see that the group l have lIved Wlfh was certaInly an asset to Doug ass THE WILL TO GO ON MARY TONI WILLIAMS Llfe IS not mereIy a state of exIstence lt IS a battle from the day a man IS born to the day he dIes FaIlure does not EXIST for one who refuses to admIt faIlure and stnves on toward hIs goal A well de veloped mInd and healthy body does not mean that he has acquIred enough to be successful ln tIme they are both taken away bv the strann of lIfe Tnere IS some thIng we can and must have to lrve a weIl rounded lIfe and that lS the wIll to go on l.Ife cannot be taken or granted lt so one wIll EXIST sumply because he IS healthy or IntellIgent Sooner or later tnals ap pear whIch test the very root of hIs SDIFIT Nevertheless there IS one TOFTITICOTIOH agamst such the Wlll to go on Not be cause of success but because there s somethIng wIthIn hIm greater than the powers of darkness NOTICE a chnld takIng hIs fIrst step lhe hnld unaware of taIlIng strlves heed lessly to walk and when ne stumbles he gets up and trIes agaIn Let ds so step torth cautIouslv and be able to take the counts and stIll push 'forward For our survIval depends on our beIng able to arry on when thIngs seem dark Upon leovrng Douglass let us add one more thIng to our 'Ist the wIll to go on meet Ing the dIffIcultIes of an everchangIng world . A . I I I - l I - , . ' 1 I t A . . I D . . - . p t , . ln I - . . ,, . , .. . . . . H . . . I . I. . . . I . . I ' . ' . A ' U I . I l . . I . Il ' ll ' S - . Q I . - I I - I . . ' - , r. . . . , , I 0 . 4 . I ' , , . . ' us with a smlle. We are grateful to Mr. I ' I , . I , I O ' I , . I - . . ,. t I I II II . . , . . I . . . I I i I " I I ,I ' I . . I I 1 , ' I . ' V , I 1 ', I f , I . ' f . , c ' . ' ' I 'V I l I ' 7l SENIOR CELEBRITIES BEVERLY REYNOLDS In every organuzatuon there are always some outstandung and unforgettable per sonalutues The February 47 Class of Douglass offers such a contrubutuon The followung categorues have a specual mean ung for each member of the senuor class The art of beung a scholar us desured by everyone but mastered by few Among those few we have Pearl Sewell and Ar thur Murphy Throughout our hugh school years they have meruted the prause of teachers and students for outstandung work Orchuds to Dorus Freeland Ellen Tav ares Glorua Ford Januce Money and Vera Reud for most unusual attractuveness More orchuds to Juanuta Brown Anna Ven ture Freeda Kelly and Rosalee Anderson for beung so very cute We must not overlook Wulluam Beaman Margaret Curtus Thomas Jones and Dorothy Kutchen for theur popularuty Cardenuas to those who are always well groomed and fashuonable as Ruth Jack son Robert Croxton Albert Green Ruby Bevans Ramona Schuyler Lauretta John son and Arthur Runggold We deruve much pleasure un seeung Jeanne Weaver and Columbus Modlun dance and hearung Audrey Sharp Marcua Boddue and Ellen Dolvey Aluce Abrams and Jean Horsey play the puano I cannot faul to mentuon those stalwart athletes that make all the gurls sugh We have Wendell Johnson Donald Young Wulluam Jessups Elmer Jones and Wulluam Hunt We preduct a great future for them It takes all suzes of folks to make thus world but I wonder how Louus Nuchols would look wuth Beverly Stephens or bet ter stull sux foot Hugh Wulluams and four foot Alease Jones These are not all the personalutues of Class 47 but at least thus vuew us a peep unto the lookung glass for you' THE SHINING HOUR RUBY oAvus On enterung Douglass Hugh School three years ago the members of the class were aware of the fact that by I947 they should show evudence of hovung developed qualutues that would enable them to face of students who are beung graduated t appears that they wull be able to meet these challenges courageously Craduatung from hugh school us an old routune yet ut us cu moment that wull lunger wuth us for years to come How can we forget the uoys and sorrows of departung joy because we have successfully com pleted our course sorrow because class mates separate to take theur places un the The shunung hour of our luves us here but wull ut fade unto meanungless obluvuon or wull ut brughten because of the servuce rendered humanuty the Graduates of l9477 Only you can guve the answer' THE VALUE OF TECHNICAL TRAINING EDWARD u-uou.LEY As the graduate goes out to face the world he may wonder whether to ga unto a professuon or a trade Ameruca today requures a more hughly skulled mechanuc than ever before Thus us an undustrual aae therefore we need skulled workers to produce and mauntaun fumshed products Electrucal wurung cab unet makung and pruntung are excellent examples of skulled labor Of the thousands of young men grad uatung from our school annually a large portuon seems to have one ambutuon to sut at a desk wuth a telephone and type wruter Luttle do they realuze that uf ut were not for the mechanuc they would not exust The Amerucan standard of luvung depends more on the skull of our mechan ucs than any other class or factor Those un professuons wull have a better apprecua tuon of the craftsmen uf they possess skulled hands as well as a trauned mund Success un technucal work requures more abulutues than are usually consudered by many Same jobs unvolve mental work almost enturely whule others requure struct applucatuon of mund to manual operatuons Jobs unvolvung both mental and manual work range from enguneerung to farmung Technucal workers wull always be needed for our untrucate system of communucatuon and transportatuon We the buulders of the future must take advantage of the opportunutues whuch are at hand to prepare ourselves for tech nucal labor or we wull be at a loss un the comung undustrual age ll ll . - I I I - - III II ' I I 1 I 1 ' I ' I I . . . I . . I . , I . . I - A I I I I I ' I 1 I I ' ' I I I I I I . . . ,, ,, . . . . - 1 I . I I U I I I I - . I I , the perplexitues of life and from the type world. . I I . . . . . I I l . . - l U .. I 1 ' ' I . l . . h A I I l 1 72 PROGNOSTICATIONS THERESA PINNEY WhIle walkIng on Adventure Avenue to ward Adventure Theatre one sees that Futurama a selected short sublect s beIng shown featurIng the February Grad uates of 1947 One stops to VIEW It as It should prove InterestIng ThIs IS SprIngfIeld In l957 a beautIful and modernlzed town where many of the February Graduates of l947 have settled Here at the hospItal one sees famIlIar faces luke Doctor Albert Green Nurse Jean Horsey and many others Across the street IS an Adventure Pharmacy wIth MervIn Randall as pharmacIst Ihe modern hIgh school and IunIor col lege ombIned have a faculty you would probably recognIze There s MaIsIe Johns a commercIal teacher VIFQIHIO TruItt one of the mathematIcs teachers Pearl Sewell an art teacher Robert DIggs nd Dorothy Taylor physIcal educatIon teachers At Concert Hall recItals are gIven by the musIcIan Ada Powell and concert sInger Ruby DavIs The large buIldIng Wlfh many well known shops Include Esther Adams the DSGUTICIOF and Ruth Jackson the fashIon desIgner Close by SocIal Worker Do lores Fleet Executxve Lawrence Pratt and LOWYGI' Lorene West have OffIC6S After 5 P M Margaret Johnson and DphelIa GIbbs stenographers LOUIS6 Ray secre tary OllIe SIngleton typIst Gwendolyn Garrett clerk and others can be seen leavIng busnness buIldIngs Farther down the street Jean VVISG s propnetor of a mortIcIan establIshment doIng a flourIshIng busIness Last at the aurport a gIant clIpper has landed from a trans contInental flIght wIth Stewardess Theresa FInney THIS was only one short subgect tar rIng the February Graduates of l947 There wIll be others Dont mlss them' OUR GIRLS AND THEIR HOBBIES AUDREY LATTIMORE A hobby IS not merely a way of leIsure lt IS a vItal necessary outlet of self ex pressIon lt must be self chosen If It IS to brIng content also self creatIng may lead the IndIvIdual out Into socIal contacts or It may QIV6 the respIte and renewal whIch comes achIevement GollectIng whIch IS one of the 6GFll6Sf hobbIes can be SOId to be almost InstInc TIVS People of all classes crowned heads lIke KIng George a presldent lIke Frank lIn Roosevelt have been collectors es pecIally stamp collectors Gertrude Mor rell and DorIs Fre land In our class have taken up thIs famous hobby Many members of our group have dIs covered other fascInatIng ways of makIng collectIons TheIr Interests are many and varIed Nora Murphy who coIlects mugs and jugs started thus hobby when she re CelV6d a Iug from a frIend MusIcally In clIned MarIan WashIngton has a reper TOIFE of classIcal records FrIendly Mar IorIe Dowerys maIn Interest IS In acquIr Ing pIctures of her frIends and of babIes FancIers of tropIcal fIsh are Mary WII lIams and Theresa FInney Even the lowly from solItary safety pIn does not escape for NannIe Lloyd has 2987 500 of them Nor does the bobby pIn for Gwendolyn Garrett has a collectIon of such SurprIsIng to say she has the same number of bobby pIns that Nannle has of safety pIns A unIque assortment IS that of Adele HarrIs s mInIa ture dogs whIclc came about as a desIre to own a real one Among those who have CVSOYIVS hobbIes IS Ruth Jackson She heads our lIst n desIgnIng for she IS excellent In thIs art We fond Gathenne Lovzng and Ellen Tav ares possessIng the same talent lf you flnd your clothnng of I956 bearIng theIr labels dont be surprIsed The essence of desIgnIng IS to create somethIng that IS both beautlful and use ful ThIs fact has been dIscovered by MazIe Johns who after beIng Insplred by Beethovens MoonlIght Sonata started experImentIng wIth short musIfal com posItIons These gIrls have dIscovered InterestIng outlets of self expressIon Along wIth that vItal necessIty they have found ways to happIness and contentment ' 1 11 11 - I - - I , I I ' - ' 1 . I I . . . . . . , I - I . ' 1 I I . ' 1 1 1 ' I . . . 1 1 1 ' ' ' 1 1 .I . A - I .. I F , . . . . N- . . I I 1 1 ' I 1 - I . ,. . Ig ' 1 1 3 ' R . . . .I I . . , . . I . . .. , I 1 - A 1 1 ' . T I I , - . lt , , , . - - . ., .. I - . I I , . I - . . . ' . ' ' . I I I - . . . . . . I . I . . . , D . . M . . , . , I - . I . - I ' I . . I 1 .. ' I I I 1 11 - 11 - 1 . -'mis - " I 1 Football players many of whom will sung their Swan Song this year OF THEE WE SING COLUMBUS MODLIN When the leaves begun to fall and the days grow longer what do the students of Douglass and thousands of other schools begun thunknng of? I bet you that It IS football ln staduums everywhere may be heard songs and cheers of Alma Maters ln no school do the rah rahs rung out louder or more unrformly than IH dear old Doug lass Hugh Here at Douglass l have noticed that at games our teams seems to fund new fnghtnng splrnt and struves harder for vnc tory when elght or nlne hundred of thenr fellow students begun sungung Cave Me That Good Old Douglass Splrnt Whether they wln or lose the team al ways feels better when they know that the students are with them nn defeat as well as nn victory How do you thank a player would feel If after he has done hls best and no one cheers hum on or even glves hum a ward of congratulatnon7 The an swer to that questnon IS tough very tough A player deserves all the glory you can give hum whether the game as won or lost Victory or defeat gave me fnfteen rahs for our bug team The good old Douglass splrlt IS a won derful thing to have Why let lt go to waste? , . 1 I - I - 1 - I I ' - 11 - - f I ' - ll I . I ' . . . I . . . . . ,, . I . . . ,, I HEARD THEM SAY IT JEAN WISE Whule talkung to the chuldren un the graduatung class I found that most of them seemed to have a favorute answer for anythung saud to them Many of the sayungs were lever Some that umpressed me were those of Elmura Mason Say Kud Anabel Mason Got no sense at all LaVonne Thompson Aw Gone Ruth Brudgeford Where am I7 John Pullen How you doung Slum? Marcua Boddue Scrumgraneous Thomas Jones Boas Columbus Modlun Say peasant Katue Harrus Gotta nuckel Zelma Spauldung Nothung at all Garnelle Smuth Come an gurl Zemora Young Hey Lee Glorua Ford Check yourself Alma Grooms See ya Dorothy Kutchen Gee Jum Eduth Anderson O K fella Edwuna Barkley Shame on ya Ollue Sungleton Daggutt all Esther Adams Doggutt now Dorothy Taylor Fluchuous Robert Croxton Ill tell you lat Wendell Johnson Thats all rught Larnue Valentune Come here John Cook Oh I know HOLLYWOOD COMES TO DOUGLASS FREDA KELLY and LAURETTA JOHNSON Mr Ace Warren Sheffey Claudua and Davud Margaret Curtus and Wulluam Beaman Mr Lucky Robert Croxton Three Luttle Gurls un Blue Jean Wuse Dorus Rawlungs LaVonne Thompson The Dolly Susters Beverly Reynolds Audrey Sharp Our Gang Lauretta Johnson Freda Kelly Jean Weaver Ann Venture Dead End Kuds Herbert Brown Larnue Valentune Robert Harrus The Kullers James Johnson and Paul Brooks The Three Musketeers Matthew WI luams Elmer Jones Wulluam Hunt Last Crooked Mule On way to the offuce Breakfast un Hollywood Second Cafeterua peruod The Walls Cam Tumblung Down Defucuency Cards No Tume for Comedy Test comung up lf lm Lucky Suxty un every subuect All Thus and Heaven Too Duploma and escort Ive Always Loved You Dear Douglass Hugh Hold Back the Dawn Comung un after graduatuon Spellbound When called un Chemustry From thus Day Forward Memorues of Douglass Nught un Paraduse Graduatuon The lnvusuble Informer Cheatung Paper Jesse James Wulluam Culbreoth The Mark of Zorro Zeros rn class Days of Glory Chrustmas Holudays Hers to Hold Place un cafeterua lune Thus Love of Ours Columbus Modlun Pearl Sewell Carson Johnson Theodore Wulluams Gulda Ruth Washungton udnef Creerstreet he Outlaw S 'r' SWOON TIME PEGGY TILGHMAN and AzuLEE KNOX You re a Heart Ache to Me Cloemustry To Each Hus Own Duploma Tume On My Hands Study Peruod Nught and Day Research Papers So Long Graduates leavung Beware Brother Beware Gurls seekung an escort Thats the Groovey Thung Dances after the football games Please Dont Say No 60 After Hours Class after school How Hugh us the Moon After the dawn dance Just Because Your Conscuence Tells You So Goung to Mr Parker Gotta be Thus or That Pass or Faul Choo choo Boogue Nos 2 and 2l street cars Buzz Me Robert Croxton and Wendell Johnson durung a Spanush test I Know Anne Venture un Chemustry The Three Caballeros Jeanne Weaver Wulluam Culbreoth and Peggy Tulgh man I ll Luve True to You I wonder uf Laur etta Johnson and Ruby Bevans are? I Muss You So- Does Vurgunua Ross muss7?P I Dont Know Why Alfreda Hall and Glorua Taylor always talk about boys I Got a Rught to Cry Caught cheatung on an Englush test , . . . . ,, . 11 ' ' Il ' ll I L , II II - . - 11 11 . n II II f 1 C . . A 11 V 11 - II ' ll ' II II 11 11 - 11 11 11 11 - - 11 - 11 - 11 11 11 - 11 11 - - 11 11 - 11 4 - 11 II 11 1 ern 11 11 11 1 - 11 - 11 11 - - 11 11 1 I i - - 11 - 11 11 11 1 T 1 11 11 11 - 11 - ,, . . 11 11 1 11 - - - - - - 11 - 11 11 11 - II ' ' ' II ' II I II ' 1 1 11 - 11 11 11 1 11 11 11 11 - 1 ' 1 II ' II 1 1 11 - 11 - - 1 . - 11 - A - 11 V , --ff-------H 11 - 11 11 - - 11 - II Il ' ' II II ' If II ' I- , ,, . . . 11 11 - - I I V V ,, . 1, 11 11 V - - . ll ' II Il 4 II ' V' 1 . . ll ' Q Il A NJ u II ' ll If ll ' ' S --- u . . 11 - 11 - I II ' II . , - - i u 11 - 11 11 H - 11 - 11 11 - 11 . 11 . , H 11 - 11 11 . , H ll I 11 - - 11 . . . ' I - I ' II 11 11 1 E ,, , I II II II 11 11 - ' ' ' 11 . . . , H 11 11 1 1, A ' ' ' ' 11 11 - 11 . - 11 - 11 11 . , H CLASS WILL We the February 47 graduatlng class of Frederuck Douglass Sensor Hugh Scho being of sound and dlspostng mind and memorv ana not actlng under the men ace fraud or undue unfluence of any per sons whomsoever do make publlsh and declare thus our last w'l and testament In manne to wut We bequea h To our Alma Mater our wlshes for greater success ln preparung youth for the future To our teachers our apprecnatnon and thanks To the future I2A s our ablllty to excel lndnvudual bequests To Benny Hzll We leave the athletlc abllnty of Wendell Johnson and Robert Croxton To Blanche Dyson and Eva Lokeman are To Elizabeth Bond We leave Ruth Washangton s tltle of Reds To Kenneth James and Wllson Ducker son We leave Columbus Modllns and Robert Croxtons suavlty To Dorothy Torrence We leave Vera R I s title of Hula Hips To Mareda Canther and Shirley Brooks We leave Ruby Davns enchantnng volce To Lllluan Merrlt and Gertrude Edward W leave Maxzue Johns Zernora Youngs and Mary Wllluams athletn ablluty To Ama Weaver and Mildred Burke We leave Margaret Curtls and Dons Freelands wnnsome ways T E Hemmungway W I-lardv C Thompson S Carney A Page A Hal M C-ross and B Jayson We leave V Reid R Washington P Sewell J Wea ver A Venture R Jackson T Jones C Modlzn C Stewart W Hunt H Morris and Mervnn Randall the wrsterg tntle of The Nobullty To Audrey Archey and Ellzabeth Clem ents We leave Margaret Johnsons and Audrey Lattnmores creative abulltt, for dancmng To Lorranne Jackson We leave Adele Harrus happy go lucky ways To Cteorge Simms We leave Carson Johnson s two seats nn every room Wo do solemnly swear thus to be our last wnll and testament ln wltness there of we affux our sugnature thus month of February I9-47 Graduatmg class Feb 47 Adele Harris Executrlx YOU KNOW IT T007 Luclu.E ALsToN The February Craduatnng Class of 47 has quste a few short students 12AI ns the Vocational Technical Class In the school February Craduatnng Class of 47 IS well qualufled for the future Adele Harrls Ruth Washington and Columbus Modlln who are members of the graduating class of 47 were also members of the cheerlng sauad The gulls of l2A l made their class nlght dresses graduatlon slnps and gowns under the supervnslon of Mrs Perdue 6 Montez Webster formerly of the commercial class wall be ID the fu ture a great stenographer 7 Barbara Klah formerly of the com mercual class of 47 as the pres: dent of the Mask and Wng Club Ruth Jackson designs and makes her own clothes Wendell Johnson Q former member of the Ducks as also president of the Student Council IO Robert Dlggs formerly f l2A l Vocatlonol Technucal Class was prln cspal on student day II II ' r - ' , - s . . . Oil -a e . I ,I . . , , N , . , , .C ,1 - I I 1 . - I r 1 1 ' '- 1 1 I I l I ll 1 ' l . ' r ' 3 - 'T 4 o . , . If It - 1 ' 1 - 1 '1 . . - , - 1' . 1 - 1 ' 1 - ' 4 - - I ' ' I ' I ' 1 ' I ' I ' I ' I I . . , . , . . . 11 4' 11 .... A I T 4 , . . . I We leave Ruth Jackson's fashionable at- f ' I f' . ' ' I ' I-T II I ' I ' I . . I - , , ' . 1 - 1 - 11 ll ' ' ed - . , , . . - I . l , , , I . - . l I, ' . , II II ' . . . 2 - - . . . I I 3' r. ll 11 ' 4 h 1 H H V '- , . . I T 4, , A 8' . I ' II II . I . 9' I II II ' ' 5 ' I ' . I , . 4 Q 1 I A O in . 1 T 76 f X Z X MXN 7' X 7 Z Z X76 ? f f 20 X QW f W 7 . xf f f W KN 'gm W me rom: IN S ffffffwff w I ll I X If xvx f A WW A of 1 A X 7' yi 4934 X 'E Q-, 75 1 lf: TI-I 4 ff, E E f 2 5 5 X ,-:,.-F X if 2 2 2 E , S K 4? 4 iz 2 X f f 4 Z4 Q N X A 5 I gy 5 ee- : S X Q f 6 ' Q 3 S 6 S 5 S Z 2 Sf N 6 5 Q X - X G Sip? CSX , 1 X 55 X. ff Qxy. X - 7 Y Y V S .,-,.,,.. f - X7 X fl I ff K f X. 11" , F I '1 NX AM x I K: A f f AQ w 'N 4 QQ M ' ,J 'W , , X' Q' Mt. If ' I4 ' . 'Q Y, xp, y -jk 1... 2 Af ,- -'fa ..-I-L x K 1 -. Y' Q X4 I K 1 1 ,Vx n J f U f ' '1fn"f',,'M-Q " " 1' 'xl if f 1 :' " 51 in ,'..,'. r ,-lx Q-in I pf '-Lu ,.M:e.- m 14, lx ,,,f,,.:,.,. r ,A Xxx V 3 - - . W , ,M W ' l 31, , 4, XX L M A N , 1 - AQ-g Q.--Q --'Eli Sw, kwa . f L ff ,f - . ' ' Qi VW rQ , L 1' " ' 1 " A . - ff 5 ' Ts 5- 5 Q' . 'fvl fs V' V155-11 'f k we h .6 u,.4f f L ' . '- " if- h 5 M. A4 7 W 1 - F X Q 'Ax I., 4:5 - ': 1. if f ' ' ' ' - ' If I ', 1 ,'. ,ff Y, X :iQ ni A. 5 fl . .f - ..f'r e' 1 1 v',"f. XV ' ffm " xx V , . K, ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The Faculty Committee PATRONS FACULTY SPONSORS I 1 n, . , . Tj 4 , V X l'-' S1 Ari. I Mm E'hel xx 111.1-11. 11 1 Mn E xx M1311 E 11 vx1111a-1.11 c..-Orge xx.11111-111 1-1,101.5 xx. 11111 1 Hvmor xx111..11 11111 M11 1111.-111.11 1 .114 M11 111.11 xx 1211111111 xx11111m-1 12111 xx1111111111 101.11 11 vx1111.1111. .1111 Mr- 1111111111 vx11111.11.11 L Wxllxarnh LAO Wlllxlims Leon W Wlllxnlmx Lexus Vkxllmrns llllx Vhlllunn Ixxulse Vhllxanw I urns Wxllmmi Vllabel Wxlllmnn Ma nl? VNlll1a111.v Mnrv Wllllanu Msihf Wllhmlxn Mildred Wlllmln! Mr! M113 MP4 M111 Mrrx Mrll Mtsrx .mrs Vx. .mzn 11151 N xr r Vlri Nl 11 Vlrv Mrs Vin Mm .Ax 11 x .11 vm Fax 1 x P 1.11 1. 1 X51 AW .111 M111 Sa .11 .1 1x A 11 A1111 111 xx111 1 11.1 vx11 XSAVWQ W 1l1AmN xx1111111vx111.11 1 11.11111 vx11111.111 T71 1115.1 9111114 lffhli KK 1 xx. M bel N11 -. Vxxll 111-1.-. 1 xx1111.111 I x Wlli 1 ar. vx1-.. 11.1 H1111 1 1- x M141 l'l17.-1111111 N111 Mr Ell-qw rlh Vxrluxr PATRONS C 1,-1 1-1111 xx 5.1 1 1 H1111 x 1 .1 xx nn xx 1.111 1 xx 0 x 11-31111 vx 11 1.111x11x x15 1 11g xx. M1111 xx .111 111A sn xx 1 M11 xx 11 x .1 a-rs x11A 1 M111-1111.11 1 111: 11 x 1 .11 x 1141.1 M11 -111 xx 1.1 11 xx 11 11.1 1 1 11 -11 1 11 1 11111111-A vx1-11 N Mr'-. x11 1 1.11 V11 z 1 lMr'4 Ilml M as lmmlllv Vx 1 A xx sg P .1-11.1 1' 1x11 A 111 N141 L x r 111r 1 x 1 xx xx 11 x N111 1 x'1r.,L' rw If xx11 1 1 1111 1 1 rx 11 xx11 11 1 vlrx vx11 1 r f' 00.",,.,.fQ044".044-,,"',4-.,,4-.'A'0,4.,.'.,.'Q.f.4A,o,.,044' .,-.1-,400 '00,-Q., Holy Eucharnst Holy Eucharust Upper Church School Choral Euchanst flst ST JAMES EPISCOPAL CHURCH ARLINGTON AND LAFAYETTE AvENuEs BALTIMORE MARYLAND 3 rcl Sth Su hdaysl Mormng Prayer Zrxd 4th Sundays Lower Church School Vespers Young Peoples Fellowsh1p Holy Eucharlst Holy Euchonst WEDNESDAYS HOLY DAYS 6 6 OO OO M M M M M M M M PARlSH OFFICE 825 NORTH ARLINGTON AVENUE Lafayette A588 Fother Cedrlc M ls Rector x x 1 1 l x 1 x I x l x S Congrafulaflons EBENEZER CHURCH OF GOD IN 10 ,he CHRIST GRADUATING CLASS OF lSO5 BRADY AVENUE Farhela Vlorxlahd February' 1947 BEREAN BAPTIST CHURCH Elder James Parker, M1rx1ster Rey E A Brown! postor Q,,,,,,,-,,,,,, ,, .,"00,"",0",'.' 'lQ0044,'v',""'4-4-'QQ'0,04-00" W ff. ..o: , '1 1 M1 P x'.11.11n.5 1111 ' 1 '11 1. xv 1-311.151 xx1.11.1.11 x11 11. xx1 ff Rev n- . ' xx'111 .. M1 1. .. . ,fn 1, x ..:1 11.11 me 11 xx'115f1n 1111 1.11 111 xl ' 1 1-. - . M11 ,1 xx'.1..1n.1 M11 - 1 x'11-1.1 r.1,, , K.:-1 xx W .1.. . M1 ' ' Mrs 11111: ':1. .11 1111 11.1.1- 215111 111 z 1 .1 xx..-111 A.. SA., A, ,. M1 '11 . Mr .. . 5 11, 1 xx '.x'.111..1111 x11 ,111 mo: M1 1.1 1 5.1-, 1,1 .1311 xx' 11- ' ' ' Mr 1 . ' 111 x11 511111 xx'1'. 111 M1 ' 111. 1.5 1. 11 1.1.1 M 1 111.1111 xx 1 11-1 ., M, ,. A 1 '1' . M1 51 1-1.-x J xx..11 11.5 111, 1. x'11s1.n M11 M115 .1112 , ., , . 1. 'M M . - '1 1: Mr : n 1 ' ,11..s vm .- M1 1.-1111. xx'1,1:A.1 lf' - ' ' ' M1 ' . . M1 TR11 - 11 '1.a11,A x11 1 . . 1... '. -- xs- :'m,.1f: xx'11f1111.1 A-V M" 3'f"A My 1 ' .1 ,.- '. . . ' 211111. x1-- 51111.11 xx-.1 1'-11.1 ll -A ll" ' X -'l M, 1 1 M . . 1. 1. xx' 1 1 . .- .'-...111 '1+- 11- 11'1.5,1.1xx.11..1..:1. xr' Y L M, , - ' . , ' 1, 111 1.111 '111 - x :,..:- M. . 1 11 x x1 1 1-1..11..11 xr M, 1 Mr 1 1 ' 11.11.11 x1 w..1 1,11-1 M' 1,111.1 xx'1...11x1.1.1 v11 1-.11-11 1' 11-.- M, ' M1 13 -1 2111. x11 1:1 111. x'11111-1 11- 1' xx1...1.111. v11 11.1.1'. x' .11 M, - 1 . .,, 111111 '111-. 1111.111 , x 111. 1 M- 1- xx',1..1,1.1.11 xx 11 11. 1 1 x' M, 1 - . 1 - 111 Vlr 1.1.1. .- 11.1 1 1 1... 11,11 .. xx1..1:11.1 x11, 1. 11.11-1 , M- ' M1 1' 11 M-A 1-:xr- '.. 11.11 M1 111111. x 111111.11 Xl 1.. 1 1. .1 A 1 , , , 5 x11 . 11.11. xx'11..11. :x:1 1.11-1.11-11,1 x-.1..1f..11 x1... x1..f4..11- x' M1 . ' , Mr 11,11 ' v1., 1 1 xx'11.s11,1. M: A ' 111.1 x1. A x:.1. Y , , - 1-1. .1 .I '1, 11- 1 '.- 1x11 1.1.1. , ' .11 x1.11 11.1 111. x' .. 1 11 ' , 1-:111 ' .1 11- 1-11-11-15 xx..11 M. 111151 1 ' 1111 xx 1 r:.... 1 x .1.1 Y 1 , M1 311.11 x'11,..1 11. ' '1 111. 111. 1.111 Mra 11' 111 x11- 1111.11 x 1.1, . 1 ,, 1 1 - ...1. v11 1.1. xxx 1. xx... M 1.11: M .1 F1-1 1 1 x11 1:...11.-,1 x- .11 1 . . . .1 ' , 1. . 1. 11.11 1x1 1111.1 , , 1:1-1.111 ' ,111 11 ..11x11. 1..-. 1. x x l . 5 x 1 2 1 . . . 9130 A. x . , A , , 1 1 .oo A z ' , l l 100 A. z . . , . l l :OO A, 1 fff----f-f - -V. - ..----.. .. ...., .. .. . 3 P.M l ' - P M 5 1 1 l -f-f - ---.- ..... . 1 ,........ . . 8.00 A. x 1 1 .. . . 9,30 A 5 .- x z 11 , A 1 A.-:::::::::::::: :::::::::-:::::::::.-::::::::::::::::::::::::.-:Q "GIVE A GIFT - WITH A SCHOOL OR LODGE SEAL" YOUR SCHOOL RING The Ultimate In Perfection Featuring- The New Closed Bock Construction behind the stone. Tried ond Tested. Ask the Student who weors one obout its odvontoges. Adds Years of Wear . Double Locks the Seal Easy to Keep Clean Neuter Looking FREDERICK DOUGLASS RINGS AND PINS THE IIIHN TRUIIIIENBRUT 00 Estobl nshed 60 Years Manufacturers of FRATERNITY COLLEGE SCHOOL CLUB LODGE JEWELRY BUCKLES TROPHIES FOR ALL EVENTS BANQUET FAVORS BOWLING PRIZES DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RINGS WEDDING BANDS BIRTHSTONE RINGS MASONIC ELK K OF C RINGS BUTTONS AND GIFTS Watch and Jewelry Repairing Diamond Setting 310 NORTH PACA STREET near Saratoga Baltimore I Md VE rnon IO52 . I 1 I I 1 1 1 1 1 - - . . . . , . A A A A A A:.440::::::::::::::::: GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '47 I May you go through life with o song in your heart. When it comes to any other kind of music, please let us be the ones to give it to you. TH E HAZETTE RESTAURANT Grill and Fountain Specialties l5l6 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE The Hazette offers you an unsurpassed menu as well as deliclously prepared Sandwiches Salads and Snacks The Hazette is a must on your lust of Baltimores Hugh Spots MA duson 59Ol LA fayette 0988 THOMAS E KELSON Successor to Mr and Mrs James H Dennis Funeral Director and Embalmer l303 PRESSTMAN STREET POLITE ATTENTION ASSURED George Kelson Manager Baltimore Maryland Curtls Ol 34 M Roberts Beauty Shoppe 706 CHERRY HlLL ROAD Entrance in rear S Roberts Owner E Roberts Manager MU 5473 CARVER S A Center of Feminine Fashions Prices to sunt your purse Merclaanduse to suit your taste 520 522 N EUTAW STREET Compliments 0 Joseph and Mary Klein UNION WOOLEN MILLS 905 W NORTH AVENUE near Llnden Avenue Success to the Feb Class 47 Southern Life Ins Co of Baltimore Maryland Organlzed l906 lOO OO Pollcy holders Satlsfled l50 Negroes Employed W W Allen Presldent Congratulations Feb Class 47 MYER S CAFETERIA Wholesome Food Excellent Service Maryland Drydock Co Mrs C Myers Proprletress M J Myers Manager Compliments of the CORVETTS to Class 47 Moy you always travel ln the Pathway ot Success lrvlng Fltzgerald Pres Jesse Madden Sec LeRoy Scott Treos George Ford Sec . I ' . ,I ,, . . . . . 1 , . ,A - . f I o . , V . , ' . , . - . , ' . . 1 I I 1 I I C I . . - R-UAI ? ' I r. . ' ' ' . . , , - :::,-:e:::-::,::::::,:e,::,:--::::::::::::::,:::::,:::.- :::::::: A, 5' fI,'.:, I ,. Id, A M ..I. ,I-Hi'h- f - " . Pr umm wxnqif r rnrzo "Irv , Goodhma. Record Shop CLUB BAR B QUE Er Chalmers Houston M90 D II I and CHQ DECK uEDFORD -I H N I Orcmum Manda rd Food Marker GIQCIIIU vcgmbm M cf cm... SARGE S RESTAURANT nn Cho ce Grocermx and Mears MASTER TAILORS n x Su I: Hur v Gold u non DIon-. WILLIAMS Phan-I swam A WOODSON mm EIenr nun A1 V ,I . F- 5'fI"I-rfS Ihr' I-I I. 'I ' If I le -I L I I -.III 4531- Nj - 'II -,FL ' "' cIQn.IrI, I J' - N , It J W In -,VMI .,,.,. .,I, ' I I I , I o I I Inq Is I I H- I I Y W II. A "I ' IP 2 by , DII:.,II CL, van kwqmt Lt i X I I I I , I I I , I -, I I I' - I I I I , I - I . I , ' Hoffman Brmhcrs . X I - I . -- I, . , K- , ., - ' I rf .II . I I I , X I I I . l . I ' ' ' I I I I N , , ,,-.,,,,,,, , -1-f----- -I I 4.,v-..,-.--mn ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, , .,-.,, E , I I I I I 'I I ' W I I S 2 vw Q 'I v I F LIMS M4 vu ' Iv, Lu V I I I I ,I V ,. , ,. ,., ,, I I I DR. W. G. FOLK Phyxieian and Surgaan 1506 Pennevrvarna Avenue Congratulations To The Graduates DR. JAS. WALTERS Compltments of DRS. JOHN WOODLAND ROY JOHNSON Dentist: Comphrnents ot NORTHWESTERN Pharmacy HQr1erfI L Fremont Avenues SCHULTFS laltinonk Oldast Drugstore Wasrrnqtorr Bomevord und Fremont Avenue LA raverte A224 HARRIS RADIO Sales - Service - Runnin 545 , Wrlson Street 1124 Laurens Street NEW ART TAILORS cleaaaee, and Peeaean, Lonvole St 5 C nrrc i1torI Ave Wm Games, Proo Comohments ef r: frrend of THOMAS JONES Grad of '47 L. EHUDIN 'reeeaae for Mare Ima Drvrsron Street Comohments of Day's Employment Agency 406 Dolphm Street THE VALET SHOP Cleaners - Dyen 427 Laurens Street PROVIDENCE Tailors - Cleunen Dyan 564 Memeenen Sneer MA drson 0521-J YOUNG'S Cleaners and Dyer! 2200 Penn, Avenue Complrments ot COLVlN'S Tailor Shop 637 CurY1ber1cr'1d Street JIMMIE'S DINER Good Place 'ra :ar raoz rumen Avenue Comp! ments of KATIE WILLIAMS Funnel Home 321 23 Schroeder Street Ima, can CHAS G COOPER Mortuary new-eeae 512 N ceneman Avenue canrarunenre 1 HARRIS CLEANERS moo creeaaaeaue Avenue raunena Maryland YOUR HOME CLEANERS azr Maduson Avenue 1 Rgell rep MA aaan 5092 J G B RADIO CLINIC 1336 N Mount Street M, w J Srmrh UPHOLSTERER zum Pennevavame Avenue ALBERT RAKES Fam Clan Shoo lepamng 329 N Gnmor Street BOWEN S Eladne Shea Raparrmg 515 Presstmon Street Comphments o FREDERICK S Shan Sha Pennsylvanro Avenue LArevene 5557 NUTTERS JEWELRY STORE 1208 Pennevrvama Avenue P E N N Tallmg Madrna Ca Latest Records 1314 Pennevlvama Avenue ALPHA CAFETERIA J ggetts 1945 Permsylvama A enue HARLEM MOON RESTAURANT moo Mcflderry Street Robert waerunaran Prop Complrrnents ALPHA SHOE STORE 1810 Pennsylvonru Avenue MA drson 7212 RAYS BARBER SHOP Haueuntiag Siavmg Mvuafla 1800 Baker Street mn Anmonso lunn CONCERT VIOLINIST 4 N Glworz sr LA 1947 MA d son 5897 Comphmems of ROBERT TUTMAN 2122 Drud H11 Avenue Compl ments I CARSON lv CARSON TAILORS 1506 Chesapeake A enue Fc: II eld d lanky Calavay CATERER 2457 Mcculloh Street LA loverfe 2862 Comgl ments W MILLER Shoe Sl: 2000 O2 Mosher Street BR oodwav 6274 THE ORCHID SHOPPE Flovnt Cor-:ages Baskets 1334 E Monument Street YOST S FLOWERS ne-en For All oeeaaene aaa Pcnrr5y1vonc Avenue MA e een 5562 J SMITH S Fontan of Fun Coffee 1 Pernsy on a Avenue Comphmenrs DAVID JOHNSON S Restaurant Ch rrese Amer can Food 205 N Pm: Street ravene 2828 Elmer Lrepman lr Sirk QWIWY Pm sv unc Aertue BEAUTY CULTURE Mn Sarah L Johnson A P 4- Sv BABE S BEAUTY SALON LAKEN DRUGS Pnncrrptvon Experts A50 W Eddie Sm.-er erm D WYMAN M rar: Sm-cr WM COHEN Grocerrex Mean Sott Drunk: O1 Mosher Street SOPHIA S aeaurv sale. co1 A Preutmarr Street ROSEN S GROCERY B Mctfw A enae LA 5312 MAX FOOD MARKET 2140 uma mn A ene- M 6 7 SUNSET BODY AND FENDER WORKS 7 Bale Str er MARK MASON Auto Repamng Ganga E20 George Street 1 1 GI 0 f A . . ,P . e r I I 1 1B11'i of 1 ' R . - v 1 0 . n ' 1 ot T. . 01 09 v 1 1 r 1 1 , M I or LA , 1 I V ' Co. z 1 A , . C 1 . 1 ' 1 - 141 . 1v 1 1 , , 1705 e rv 1 1 v C u""' I ' . of I I 3224 Fn1rt.e'rx Hand ' I 151 r sermon 'em A K! . 308 flu' A men- B2 ' 1 5' ur- v ' v ' 56 . r , e

Suggestions in the Frederick Douglass High School - Survey Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) collection:

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