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A I gxaxx Q' fu S QX4 1 50, ,RW 4, ' Wav x V4 x x IIIIIMIII Q, X f Ulllffw 04' '11 Yo un-4 YOLLTH ww wr-no Tr-HNKS S!! O PLANS Gif! Clds S 2 ' 1 ll... 2 I Xi O S3 -1 I N Wm-4 Ast-:NSE oF I-ILLMORJ 4 ' , , 'O tn f X , Qeglq . . "f ,Q . 53? ! Xa rank ' 411- J :GM ' f ftcifzia "'if.'f.'5'! 'I ,f ' D Q v4i.Z?i-ziqggt '-.-545 3 N S 5 , V X ,2 . Q . X U 1 ' f 1 YOLLTH WQTI4 A YOLJLTH WHO WORKS ,Hll 111 f' lllllll RELXGOUS ATTITUDE ' nvesfmenis Q iv yom.L'l'l-I wi-lo VW 'N N5 T H R I F-'T Y M, Q-oLL.aE9g - X 93 an - K 1 1 ff 1 s X 1 lg lg , ' ood lg W 5,7 llll Q Q1 xw f N ,X f V Q X- xx 1 f X 'x ,Xa ,JE -Qu 'W Q 3'u.l!K-V? irq ' gf ' Q, fx , , E ,N M MLS. Mai." F RW" ' xuljm' H ,. T Z ."5"f"'-1f',?Ti':-. ' ' ff-ies x , ivwfwt' if A Q' AA':1zw"45i'iffa 1 R .- , g",':5"'. , 3? , ex ii W Q A 1 .,. ,,,n fn' fs M JT -M ,f : M Q5 , X 3, MR. HARRY T. PRATT-Principal L3 X iw ax. 4 ,, A i 1 , , "ff, P .. Q, .5 ,X V. i .mmmw .,-., Vice Prlnclpol Mn lradell B Williams helpmg pupils to meet some of fhelr needs through schedule adgustment Y Some members of the Febru- M ary 1945 Graduating Class en- tering Douglass. "" s"Q 2 gl 'FY sm... '55 1 !ffv"i"' Pres. Truman Smith, Vice Pres. Wm. Ames, Sec. Juanita Backer, Assistant X Sec. Zelda Rice, Treas. William Gra- ham, Bus. 'Mgr. Joe Cook. " if' . f .s Q .qty A '. . ar K , Q P"'Pils f o the Ailtelerqge Gr oup fr-ww-- ting" hom M "Honor Ro Students W ho Mointa ined an the 1 Ot h Through the 1 2th Grades EMPLOYMENT AS AN EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY lt has been said of education, "it is not a destina- tion but a continuous journey . . . always we are en- route." According to statistics of the Baltimore School Sys- fem, seventy-five per cent of the graduates of our high schools continue their educatonal journey informally via the route of permanent employment in business, in- dustry, and governmental occupations. Twenty-five per cent travel formally the way of institutions of higher learning. Usually from the latter group our leaders have developed, The size of the former group, how- ever, warrants a consideration of the place of employ- ment in the educational journey. The efforts of employers to meet the problems inci- dent to large employee staffs have resulted in personnel practices worthy of our attention. Keeping in mind the more famiilar experiences as demanded of and pro- vided by formal education, it will prove interesting to consider the practices and experiences encountered by a high school graduate of i944 in the initiation and pursuit of a career in employment. The graduate, having been interviewed, and coun- seled by vocational and placement counselors, is re- ferred to a job of his choice. Although the applicant is a high school graduate, the company must know about him in order to place him effectively in its pro- duction organization. Scholastic records, physical and health records are secured and studied after which the' individual is tested for mental and mechanical poten- tialities. These initial procedures furnish factual data for help in the assignment to suitable tasks. Everything EARL W. TURNER, Placement Counselor being favorable to this point, the graduate becomes an employee and is ready for induction into the life of the organization. A induction is facilitated by a period of training of a non-productive nature designed to supplement and adapt the skills and abilities of the worker to the meth- ods peculiar to the new situation. This period varies ac- cording to the complexity of the job to be done. During the induction, which corresponds to orientation week in organized education, the shock of transition from school to work is cushioned and the new worker is eased from the flexibility of the school environment and adjusted carefully to the regimentation of the work-a-day world. Pre-training having been successfully passed, the work- er is placed on the "fIoor" and his participation in pro- duction begins. Now prepared for contact with and manipulation of machinery, tools, and materials, he be- gins the series of adaptations and adjustments to fellow- workers, supervisors and others who have achieved ex- perience on the job. The impact of the new worker with a new and strange environment and varied person- alities gives rise to conflicts and problems. Satisfactory adjustment and solution of problems is vital in order that the worker be a strong and smooth cog in the pro-- ductive machinery. Personnel workers of experience and training stand by available to counsel toward adaptabil- ity and efficiency, Out of the solution of these problems, come suggestions and ideas for increasing production and improving supervisory methods for greater effici- ency. Here, in a sense, we have curriculum revision in the occupational world. lContinued on Page 467 4 i l 3 W1 Wan Win lt Bt" N, A-wi M Mr E W Turner, the Placement Counselor Interviews a Graduate W- -. Eff I qv- C 4- :MQ :Q.:'g..-"-:"" mu XR X M an Q .A A X Q S X H THE warming OF TOMORROW ff" 15 .std , XX1 ,5!U. I ' ,ll H' If I I L 'X 3 17 'X ,SLA W Q! if ax fl 5 36: COLEK YC U1 PLANNERS or -romonnow l"? - N ' 'fb iA , -' t . .. 1 N Q' t , . 'K T, ,x .SS - Alf h g ' W F N :-. ,- 1 J "1Q!, l W ff P j xi r ,f 4 , "wr . ' ' A 1 . 14 4, ' 1 2, -1 ' P . I , ' ,Vw I k V ' i ., x . ' , f ,Wy - -' ' .- ' , .' , A , f ff -' f? WNW- f N f " if ,.mwI'W' ' , 711, ' x- f- ' . LLL, X. x ij q , X 5 A '4 ,X ' I Mgykxx- ' X ' S X y g V '- X L- 2 .1 Q-"ie Y f X-X- NH 5 x K if f y 'X X.:-QE? Wx . -- 3 x,.X X i .f X gif-X .i 0.14-in g , ' I ' if ' x 1 X- K I, .6 ff ', , , If . -' K ' 5-ix. 151' ' F haej , ff , -, ' I Y ,:,"':g,,R U-2gfa'Q:,v5l' 1' , . if "4 ,lag 'wx ,f . ,IQ ,fbi ' 5 USU' 5 X fl W !1f'!'J"4' Af -1 'T' I lf' K .WE f riigzxhilszaf ,. ,I ,, Ly:E1je?il,, " "I an ' " -x, . y 1 gy! 1 A ' Qs 7 W Z, 0 , , - , X L n I 'THE WORLD TURNS TO YOUTH In the msdst of chaos and confusuon the hopes of a wretched, ravnshed world are focused on IIS youth Our elders have made a seemnngly hopeless tangle of natIon al and Internatuonal affaIrs It wIIl be up to us t straughten out thus tangle The old folks started a global war, and already mIllIons upon mIllIons of youngsters have sacrIfIced thelr Iuves and futures It IS the task of the rest of our generatnon to conclude the war and to estabIIsh and enforce an endurmg peace We must see that IUSIICC rather than vengeance IS practnced ID our post war treatment of the Axus natsons RacIal dIscrImInatIon wIll prove dlsastrous We must mp potenhal aggressors In the bud and we must stop future HItIers before they start We must advocate world brotherhood and peaceful arbatratnon of dnsputes We must maIntaIn a world poluce force to show that we mean busIness We must see that rIsIng natuons such as lndla, Chlna and the phlllpplnes get a good deal from theur snster countrues and that they learn the op EUGENIA WILLIAMS POFIUDIIICS whuch a true democracy offers Democracy? Perhaps an ImmedIate Iob wIll be to Improve the socnal, economnc, and moral lot of the Negro race, and to promote satlsfactory relateons wath the whute man We as Negroes are optImIstIc The blood of Whlfe and colored young Amencans IS mnngled on the gory altar of War Can such a bond be broken by petty preIudIce7 The ultra conservatives are stnll fnght Ing the CIvIl War It IS our pob to break up conserva tusm and to lIve pacIfIcally wnth ourselves and our whate nelghbors We have a tremendous task ahead of us lt IS our herntage In Chana we are the Students, who are makmg ChIna Into a powerful modern natnon ln Europe we are the savers of our natrve lands from the Nazss ln Germany we are the vuctnms of a brutal New Order In Ameruca we are such orgamzatnons as Amerucan Youth for Democracy The world turns to Youth and Youth ralhes to the call YOUTH FACES THE TASK IMPOSED BY THE WORLD As we the graduatIng class of February nlneteen hundred forty fIve approach the end of our publnc school lufe we realnze that we are about to Inhent a world of tumult, strnfe and dnsorder All the Intrlcate problems of todays world wIll become ours to solve lt wIlI be up to us together wnth the remaunder of our generatnon to cross the barrIers of natIonalIty race, and rellgnon to facIlItate the maIntenance of a har monIous world It wIlI be our duty to see that twenty years hence our chaldren wIll not march once more INTO the grIm fnelds of conflnct We must and the mass es of people to elevate themselves to that level of human dIgnIty to whIch everyone IS entntled To accomplnsh these thIngs wall requlre the utmost In polutlcal leadershIp Therefore, I shall attempt to prove that my generatIon IS fully equlpped to meet the challenge of the new world To substantiate thls Vlew let us take a glance at the preparatnons whuch tomar rows cItIzens are recenvung even now There have been many modes of IndoctrInatIon, but perhaps the most outstandnng have been the lessons learned In war, for here It was that cooperatuon was unvenled as the keynote to the future Our youngsters know that thus does not apply to Internatuonal relatnons The utmost cooperatuon must be shown between all con flnctmg Interests whether natnonal or Internatuonal In character ln an equally outstandung though less spectacular role we fund the natuon s schools Today s educatuonal InstItutIons not only seek to Increase the student s edu catnonal growth but also to supplement thIs growth JOHN GLOSTER wuth InItIatIve resourcefulness Independence economuc understandIng relIabIlIty, and respect These thang accomplIshed by such extra currIcular OCIIVIIIES as dra matIcs sports publlc speakmg school Iournahsm bank Ing and student government For our thurd and fInal glnmpse of youth s educatuon for the task let us look Into the communnty Knownng the value of expernence as a tutor our young people have not wanted for matunty to thrust upon them the dutIes of lIfe Instead they have asked for and ac cepted Important responsIbIlItIes In the communnty A home In churches yes even In the dIffIcult fleld of polItIcs youth has alded In the allevIatIon of commumty problems Who among us has not read of the feats of youth In partIally solvxng IIS own problem of Iuvennle delmquencyr' ComIng even closer to home we can poInt to the BaItImore Inter Hugh School Congress, whlch for the fIrst tIme crossed raclal and FEIIQIOUS barruers to become an outstandung commumty organnzatnon do Ing IIS utmost to see that youth does not Shlfk IIS duty to IIS country Doubtless too you have heard of the YMCA s Youth IN Government expernment I thls project Amerlcas youth sat In formal SESSION at state capltals enactmg statutes some of whuch were later presented to the offucual state legnslatave bodIes ln thus same manner, the youth of today wall soon step Into the shoes of the polItIcIans, statesmen, dnplo mats, and, most Important, the voters of today Wnth a background so full of preparatuon youth, of whnch our class IS an Inseparable part, wIIl march confudently Into the brIght new realm of the future I ll . 0 ' ' X , . . - - - - 11 11 1 " A , I T . ll Y ll 1 ' I I I - I I . J I ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 - . . I , 1 1 1 , - - I 1 . , ' 1 1 1 . 1 1 - ' I J . ' ' 1 1 . . . 1 11 - 11 . . . . . . I1 , . . . , . . - 1 1 I ' 1 . . 1 1 . . . , . , . YOUTH ACCEPTS THE CHALLENGE Modern youth us charged wuth a seruous and weughty responsubuluty lnto the hands of the younger genera tuon wull be placed the truals and trubulatuons of thus war torn world lt wull be the duty of youth to brung about order and uustuc from chaos and turmoul un order to establush a lastung peace In fact the fate of the world wull soon rest on the shoulders of the young er group The magnutude and seruousness of thus sutuotuon fulls youth wuth awe but they shall not be daunted because they have been prepared Thus preparatuon started by parents has contunued throughout theur en ture school lufe Each branch of educatuon has created and developed some desured characterustucs necessary for assumung responsubuluty Scuence for example Increases accuracy and care ful observatuon two qualutues whuch wull help youth to do a uob well Mathematucs plays uts part through em phasuzung quuck thunkung and Iogucal reasonung whuch wull be essentual an solvung and decudung complex prob lems Then too because of the development of the guages the task of post war reconstruction wull seem a trufle easuer Englush must also be remembered for uts contrubutuons toward the preparatuon of youth for ts uob Thus subject umpresses upon the mund of the stu J EAN N E PARROTT dent the proper manners of expressung oneself orally and on paper and un addutuon, teaches the correct procedures and conduct to be practuced at all tumes Thus unformatuon us vutal to the leaders of tomorrow Moreover, such extra currucular actuvutxes as Art MUSIC and Oral Englush do much for the cultural sude by de velopung apprecuatuon tor the better thungs Of life Such understandungs wull unspure youth to brung about a lastung peace Funally but probably most umportant of all are the habuts and qualutues uncovered by assocu atuon wuth others un the cafeterua and study halls Here cooperatuon and consuderatuon of the rughts of others are requusutes Therefore when carrued over unto every day lufe these qualutues wull make the younger genera tuon better cutuzens Because youth has been so well prepared and some wull be even better prepared when they have completed further unstructuons un educatuon, thus group feels con fudent that they wull be ready to take theur place un the world and do everythung un theur power to make ut a better place un whuch to Iuve Thus, we the gradu atung class of February 45 accept the challenge to the best of our opportunutues and to be ever alert for new and better udeas so that we may brung about uus tuce and equaluty and lastung peace un the postwar world AN OPEN LETTER TO THE ADULT WORLD Thus war of luberatuon un the century of the com mon man has brought all peoples together to fught for somethung un whuch they belueve However the mulluons of young men black and whute Jewush and gentule of all reluguous creeds socual envuronments natuonalutues and polutucal beluefs, who have been un ducted unto the armed forces from all sectuons of the globe and have fought sude by sude un foxholes and on battleshups wull not return to a status quo partucularly un Ameruca They have traveled the world over and have been broad ened by ut they have Deen thrust un wuth men of all types and varyung untellugence The mauoruty of them l belueve have duscovered how small the world actually us and they realuze the unterdependence of natuons and of man humself They wull want to return to a Iufe un whuch a man us esteemed because of the qualutues of hus character rather than hus color or reluguon The hugh school graduate of today who us cogmzant of the problems of the world realuzes some of the un adequate solutuons of age old duffucultues He us neuther duscouraged by the sutuatuon nor us he greatly enthusu astuc over some Utopuan scheme for abolutuon of those perplexutues He merely wants to have hus chance to solve these problems un hus own way wuthout undue obstructuon He us determuned, nevertheless, to pre vent the blunders of the past that have now become so glarungly apparent The world does not stand stull there are euther pro gressuve forces or reactuonary forces un command We are determuned that the reactuonarues wull be defeated and we wull move forward We may make mustakes but we wull profut from them We ask your undulgence and your help so that we the voters and leaders of tomorrow may contrubute our achuevements to the progress of the world Suncerely, FREDERICK SCOTT u U . . . - , ' ' ' . V u . . e - . - ' ' ' ' I ' I . , . . . . , I . . A A A I - I , ' . . - e - I I T . . I . . . . . - , . 1 - I , - , , , . memory and concentrative powers through foreign lan- Continue fo grow and increase our knowledge: to mqke , - A ' ' ' 5 - . , . A i , , , , - u U , ,, . . ,, , ,, . . . . . . . I . . . . .- I I I . . U . -fu , I . . ' ' - I I , . , . , l , . 9 EDITORIAL STAFF Edutors n Chnef JEANNE PARROTT EUGENIA WILLIAMS Assocnate Editors ELAINE MATTHEWS FRED SCOTT Luterary Edutors ELIZABETH DODSON DELORES DOUGLASS JOHN GLOSTER JAMES WALTERS Assustants VERNICE FERGUSON RALPH MATTHEWS VERNA BELLE MILLER Speclal Features DONALD BROWN GEORGINE NEWMAN SARA COPELAND SARAH ROBINSON Assnstants WILLIAM AMES MARGARET COLEMAN HELEN DILWORTH WILLIAM GRAHAM JEAN HILLEN LORRAINE ERSKINE LOIS STRICKLAND Sports Edxtor JOSEPH COOK Assxstants FRANCES HACK FANNIE MINOR Humor Edutors BERNICE BEARD BERNADINE BERRY FLORIED SMITH IDELLA THOMPSON MARGARET WALLACE Reporters BEATRICE BROWN SHIRLEY COATES JUDITH EDWARDS MABEL HILL KATE DAWSON DORIS HOPE ANNA STAFFORD Managnng Edutors ELAINE MATTHEWS HARRIET PAGE Asslstant Managmg Edvtors SARA COPELAND JUDITH EDWARDS FANNIE MINOR Advnser MISS ESSIE MEADE HUGHES MANAGERIAL STAFF Busmess Managers KATHLEEN WALLACE DONALD BROWN ARTHUR SCRIBNER Assistants SHIRLEY COATES LORRAINE ERSKINE PINKIE WEBSTER Patron Managers HAZEL BURKE FRANCES HACK JUDITH EDWARDS DELORES DOUGLASS DORIS HOPE JEANNE PARROTT KATHERINE STITH ATHLEA JOHNSON DOUGLASS DORIS HOPE JEANNE PARROTT KATHERINE STITH ALTHEA JOHNSON Secretarnes EMMA JOHNSON EFFIE MCLEAN JOYCE LYNTON RUTH PHILLIPS BERNICE MATTHEWS MARGARET WALLACE FANNIE MINOR Advertnsmg Managers JOHN GLOSTER JOE COOK WM GRAHAM JAMES WALTERS Assnstants BEVERLY BUTLER LULU HUDSON JOHN REEDER FLORIED SMITH FRED SCOTT Treasurers JOE COOK WILLIAM GRAHAM Members of Staff BERNICE BEARD BERNICE BROWN BERNADINE BERRY KATE DAWSON ELIZABETH DODSON MARTHA COLE MARGARET COLEMAN LORETTA CRYOR ALFREDA CHEATHAM HELEN DILWORTH MARIAN DAVIS, HAZEL GRAY, KATHERINE FREEMAN, SHIRLEY HENRY, CATHERINE MANNING, MARY JAMES, DORIS LEVI, VERNA BELLE MILLER, SARAH ROBINSON, LOIS STRICKLAND, TOMMAE POAG, WILLIAM AMES IO 1 A -I - ' W , Y YY,,, W , Y ,W . ,,,,,, ,,,,.,, .... . ..,, , ,,,,.. . . ,.,, ' , H , W ,, ,L,,, ., , , 1 I I I ' K , ,. ,,,, , , , 1 I H Y ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 Artist ,, . , , . , ..,, , ,..,,., ,, ,,,,, ,L , CHARLES COLLIER A -- ,,,-- A A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . ..,,,,,,,, ,,,, , 1 1 1 I ' I I I '----' -- Y V f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A ' I I I I 1 1 I A Y 1 1 ' 1 I - f Y 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I Students Who Are Specializing In Art Editorial and Business Staffs of The "Survey ll THINK THIS OVER Let us remember why our country was ever made It was made for freedom s sake that here all men rnaght lave together an peace and mutual allowance for each Others beang We here an Ameraca have no more an common wath each other than the peoples of contenta ous Europe We have nothang an common at all except the adea whach as our country the belaef that we want and must have freedom as an atmosphere an whach to :ve Only where dafference can exast wathout persecu taon can there be real freedom An antroductaon by Pearl S Buck an Ameracan Coun terpoant by Alexander Alland Many Ameracans are outspoken advocates of a lab JAMES WALTERS Clayton Powell Jr Harold lckes Edwan Embree Mar shall Faeld and others whose utterances wratten or vocal are respected by all Ameracans Thear democratac leanangs foster nataonal and ofttames anternataonal re percussaons To follow up thear conceptaon of democracy todays youth tomorrows leaders must renterate Conservatave anstatutaons must go' lConservatave as another word for r actaonaryl Laberal reforms socaal polatacal and economac must come' Many adealastac reforms have been advanced only a few have been successful Democra y must be one of the few democracy wall be one of the few YOUTH FACES THE DAWN OF A NEW DAY As the curtaan falls on the last act of our hugh school career of what are the pupals of the l2A classes thankangil Of course groduataon After thas we really cant say All of us we know wall have to began a new and a dull phase of lafe and began to take on new responsabalataes Our class as fully equapped and prepared through the help of our teachers to assume the oblagataons whach adulthood amposes We wall fand a new road to clamb We shall select thas road because at leads to greater heaghts What preparataons we have made and are about to make wall determane the lamats of our ascent l2As examane yourselves' Have you mode these preparataons7 We WILLIAM AMES Ill are beang graduated anto a war stracken world and some of us wall have to make sacrafaces endure hard shaps and some even death Thas world also offers us work rn the varaous andustraes anductaon an the armed forces hagher educataon and marraed lafe Douglass has taught us to meet them and overcome them We can overcome them l thank f we have an andomatable wall and ancredable courage Our part an the worlo of tomorrow as to help make at dafferent from today We must see that austace peace and fraend shap prevaal among all men To realaze the task w must work dalageratly contanuously and successfully Yes thas as what the youth of Amerlca wall have to do to morrow ,a V A ' I 'I I I I - , . . , , , , f , . t . . . . I , r - I 1 1 I. 1 . . . - S I ' ,, . I . I .. I . H . . - 2 A r eral America. Among these are such defenders of democracy as Henry A. Wallace, Pearl S. Buck, Adam I . ' I . . D A I . . .I . I r , - , , , . , . D i - , , . - . . . . I e . , , I . I I . , - 12 DEAD END There us no tanguble sugn or warnung pountmg out the barruer whuch us the dead end of many youths who are graduated from senuor hugh school Nevertheless the dead end us there a barruer so hgh that t s almost insurmountable so made on euther sude and a yawnung cavuty so deep un the earth that ut us unevutable defeat for those who attempt to descend uts depths and try once more to scale uts heughts Yes there us a dead end for the graduate who us so spuneless that hus convuctuons are changed by the ma lucuous and butter crutncusm of an everwautung world for a certaun type of graduate Such a graduate has schooled humself for twelve lengthy years only to emerge as one who lacks the courage and untuatuve to put unto practuce the knowledge he has acquured un school Malevolent elements of the world awaut the graduate who us shrftless urresponsuble and laggardly who slupped through hus enture school years scarcely makung the grade and who un the same careless man YOUTH FACES are suddenly seuzed wuth the realuzatuon that we must enter upon extensuve and rough roads Thus fact has never assumed so great proportuons as nom However we the members of the graduatung class have not been totally unaware of the tasks that lue ahead thus we have made our plans Joan, typucal of many wull pursue courses un college Her ambutuon ns to be a socual worker After gradua tuon she, luke others wull realuze her obuectuve un a world where there us such a great demand for socual economuc and moral aduustment Then there us Johnny, the boy who suts across from me un the hustory class room When asked about hus untentuons after graduatuon he looks somewhat aston ushed You see, Johnny was uust eughteen last month and he knows that the answer us only too obvuous us not that he us less patruotuc or less desurous to brung about vuctory It us just that hus lute s dream wull have SARA ROBINSON ner passed through hugh schood umpervuous to the op portunutues offered by hus Alma Mater True such graduates receuved duplomas but what urony There us another sude of the pucture There are some graduates who do not fall un the aforementuoned cate gorues For you grads the dead end holds no dangers uf you are courageous and forbearung enough to endure the cruel lash of butter publuc opunuons lf you stuck to hngh morals uf you set up such morals yourself there us no putfall There us no barruer for you uf every skull ever acquured us practuced every good habut formed us observed and the knowledge learned us exercused un lufe uf you have done your best on every occasuon There us no such hundrance as a dead end for the graduate who has a pu pose and who fughts to further uts devlopment Instead there us a wude and beauteous hughway whuch wull eventually lead to the sunlut heughts of Success SEVERAL ROADS ELAI N E MATTH EWS Johnny wanted to enter law school yet he should not abandon hus plans for there IS always tomorrow The defense undustrues wull be summonung more help un order to keep the machunes of productuon rollung for our fughtung forces Mary and Dorus wull help keep em rollung They had other plans too but they know that war supplues must be produced uf we wush a speedy homecomung for our brothers relatuves and fruends who are and wull be fughtung un numerous corners of the globe Yes there wull be mulluons of Doruses and Marys fughtung on the home front, speedung up the productuon lune for the Johnnues who wull be fughtung to preserve the four freedoms lrrespectuve of the road the Janes the Marys and the Johnnues each un hus respectuve fueld, wull render unestumable servuce un succorung the needed and un re establushung the world on a fruendly tolerant and peace ful basus . . ' ' , ' l ' , ' i i i . . . , . . I , . h U - . . . . , , . u , . t . . . . . u . - . ' r , ' . . , . . I I . D . . , , - . Now that commencement is around the corner, we to remain in the dream stage until victory is won. . . . . J , I I , rl , . . . , I I - - - , , . . - . I . . A I ' I . U l I . . V I A - U I I . . . . I . . . . l It . . . . . . - I . l3 Theq Too ill .L ad -'Lol Q.. Q, I 1+-v Q. -4-'Lax .Leurwcluf Bu-own S 351+ f3-gvon Jon.. ner- . Q -s 11 AMS DOHJ nf Brown W xv". NVQ ' F mica I oi H150 Kidvv, lgjfu 1 S00 4f":...3 xx :X 'Y ' iw ff ..- , L vvrk lj'.'ffi?.lL ' u l Tv? Edw.T3ueIeIcv2 CQYX1'3xIIe,CI Eg' P-fc. John Vxl, Holwweg' Sara- COPCIQW M5 I ff 373.52 W!kVi2"'n 551354 x M' 59 i Fi 7 BH When QII tm world 5 ot poo kmww what sho I II puck my trunks and bug QIIIQ II I7 or WI C I Au than III go obmocI To sue om lcum obout the That even Ivofuks Qcmt III TIL wI Lrx An XID If c II IIIIJLI I N I X IIII II LVL MY POST WAR PLANS 0 ogwn ond take F L or IO Ol CII Cl I 7 L ELIZABETH DODSON AMI wlwu rm tour I9Iwt Iwerc QI IWOIIIL I V 5JII rob E CCI I I VVIIIIO IT Pmtu x I I I I In X ICHIWO Lx MO 9 4' I II ODE TO DOUGLASS 'WX VV I 5 mg vI ITIV Q V11 C Ivw 'IIIL Ox dn 5 WIIIN ww, 5 L C' CCY hy CIII ren Wh QI1 I QIIAQI LISJ NL III YI 9 ICI I-L um ST vm tm: wars Ir an Duq II nor IIILQ' I6 III: I C DONALD G BROWN ' - w ' C V' I I I I II I ,- ' I I ' I II do. I. vu, III not " ' , 'y-, IIII IIIIIIIII uc J thi 5 , O VISIT A I sl Img TIII t J. I,Iz.II Inc 'ut IOII. I'lI Iruxcl IH my Imntry fII5t, III 30 II LISIJ, , U gol, I I - ' ' In Ijcrwc, II1.tOIyg I I " I tI1Ir:g5 'A,I1I.i If Qgiu: , ' , ' L' ' In d -XI' IIILI-I ICE I 5' II Mes. I - ImI1 I III IUIIJLI, 'IIII fI.I, .IA IIT: II Sw "Lund, I'II wah III I.-I ICII IIII, I- II I III-I 1. III-,I I Frfwiu, PIII -. IUIII, CIIUIIII C,1I',IIII III 'I ICI lf V' CIII ' I'fI'. II N III- fuCIII1.:'. IIIIII 5, IIIIIII 'III I wnl sII,.II, I -I I I.I In IIIQIIII OL fi. 'I LIIIL102, IILIIILIHIQS, I.Ia', A vI'III . TI III III' III, I.:I . fIIIgIuII.f, I'IIIIt pt.-.I.g III E ' I QIIIII, AIIII I 'ISII NN ,IIIQLIIIISV IIIII III 3 tmw' I I .I . fI -I I" JIII ' I I' NIIII III1fIII'.C,f 'II I I III If 1 ' I I VC' i.tw1I' f' III. -II IVII 7 ' I ' ' I XIII' I. - ' 'II ,-I IIII I ' I ' I-I.II f- IIIII :I II Il I . ' I I . I III .vIcI' I I- Ii: 'I I-, I ' tl: ' I Ir. 1 .IIII III -:'I7t.!-.' DI I ' fbi II: III t"IfIL , 3 DI nj gs ' I ' III! I f 'tI. :aww .II . Isv 'Aff It I5 'L.'1IiIX-I I' ,I I 1II'Ix:C I 'IQ II:IwII I'cII 'III , t"1:IL 15' Im I'IcI ,I I- III .. I :ut III'IIcg I all MII I :I III III' I: II:1-It www II'-I III XVIII 'II IEJINIIC IM' AI" I F co .2 nut f-I.tI'I QILI1 'Iwt 'urn In III. A I atc: ICI? B Icro on I 6 cp III -I I f ' I I V:.Ie ,II Q Y -In tw 'II' of goII,I SIIG I2-QCII, , dgI ' ' OI 'I ' I d I , dec. 'I I LQ loss, I . G' A ci I 1 I , WRX Weir Xmas-udtxs ZX h W Q93 ug fxf X! KJ 'Rf , X Il ' b 0 .gif , A -' f . 5 W+Y7 4 X XXXBCW 7 Wi ' X My , N X S f Vx Nm 7 NX f f W 1 ' E Q N ' N 2 1 L i' N 'N ' I 'DL X xx J 4 kk WK 7 1 I WA- JZ- 'nf-',.ri.'7' ..:-:'-",Zflf1- H MB 'I. Name 2. Quality of a Leader 3. Secret Ambition 4. Immediate or Future Plans SAMUEL H EN RY ADAMS Loyalty To become a historian To enter the Armed Forces JUANITA BACKERS Tolerance To shake hands with Leno Horne To attend business college BERN ICE LAN DORA BEARD Dependability To travel extensively To attend business college MILDRED MARY BLOUNT Ambition To be a stenographer To attend N Y business school LOUIS EDWARD BOONE Good Sportsmanship To be a leader of men To enter the Armed Forces li 9 , , 4-golf' . f ,Q I. ld I . ns :I 5-'ufvr S an ,. 1 A "3 233 WILLIAM LEE AMES, III lngenuity To go to France To attend college LEONA VASHTI BARNES Honesty To visit the beaches of France To attend Cortez Peters BERNADINE ELIZABETH BERRY Sincerity To be a second Clara Barton To attend Freedmens BARTON LYCURGUS BOND Alertness To study music To enter college MARTIN BERNARD BOOTH Ambition To become a trombonist To study medicine ELLEN BEATRICE BOWEN Reliability To design hair styles To attend beautician school ALICE BEATRICE BROWN Altruism To travel To major in sewing JULIA CELESTE BH OWN Perseverance To be an aviatrix To become a doctor BEVERLY NORMA BUTLER Tolerance To become a nurse To attend Hampton HELEN AUDREY CARTER Determination To travel abroad To attend Cortez Peter ROGER WAINRIGHT BOWIE Mutual respect To become a Mason To be a pressman DONALD Gl LLES BROWN Fair-mindedness To enter the Navy To become a first class- printer HAZELMAE GERTRUDE BURKE Honesty To become Q nurse To attend Hampton RUTH LORRAINE CALAMAN Self respect To be a famous designer To take an advanced sew ing course PEARL ELDINE CARTER Understanding To be a doctor To attend business school DELORES JEAN ETTE CASTER Rel lablllty To travel To attend Vurgnnna State College ROBERT LEE CHASE lnltlatlve To become a surgeon To enter the Armed Forces EDNA SHIRLEY COATES Personalnty To travel To enter busnness school EARL COLEMAN Irnpartlallty To be an Army otfncer To study mathematics WILLIAM OWEN COLLIC Self relnance To teach shoe repalrnng To enlnst In the Merchant Marnnes SYLVIA ELIZABETH CHAPMAN Cooperation To have dnnner wlth Tur han Bey To attend Hampton lnstn tute ALFREDIA B CH EATHAM Frlendlnness To vlsrt South Amerrca To attend busnness school MARTHA ELIZABETH COLE Sportsmanshsp To study musuc To attend Morgan MARGARET ESTELLE COLEMAN Determination To travel abroad To attend Cortez Peters CHARLES SAMU EL COLLI ER Foresnght To be a doctor To study art JOSEPH RICHARD COOK Integrity To be a politician To enter the Armed Forces LEONARD R COPELAND Vision To become an expert printer To attend college FRED COTTMAN Punctuallty To be a lawyer To enter the Armed Forces MARIAN DAVIS A sense of humor To interview Jon Hall To attend Cortez Peters HELEN MAE DILWORTH High ideals To travel To attend Cortez Peters ZELMA VIRGINIA COOK Sincerity To become a mortician To secure a creditable Edu- cation SARA ELAINE COPELAND Personality To kiss Joe Louis To go to Cortez Peters LORETTA LaVERN E CRYOR Efficiency To be an orator To attend business college KATE SOFRONIA DAWSON Imagination To visit Lena Horne To attend Cortez Peters ELIZABETH AMAN DA DODSON Broad mindedness To trav I To attend college DOLORES ZETA DOUGLASS Benevolence To be a pharmacologist To attend Howard Univer- sity DORIS CHRISTINE DOWELL Honesty To meet a famous dress designer To major in sewing FRANCES LORRAINE ERSKINE Tact To specialize in drafting and dress designing To attend Hampton lnsti tute VERNICE DORIS FERGUSON Tact To become a competent nurse To enter Fisk University KATHERINE RAY FREEMAN lngenuity To travel extensively To attend College in New York -ag! STUART O'N EIL DOUGLASS lnitiative To be a commercial pilot To enter the Army Air Corps JUDITH A EDWARDS Ability To step in Lena Horne s shoes To attend a business college T ROOSEVELT EVANS Determination To be a Physical Education instructor To enter the Army ELEANORA REBECCA FRANKLIN Stick to it iveness teach algebra To attend college CECILIA GILES Honesty To visit Berlin To attend Morgan I JOHN GAIN ES GLOSTER Dependability To further the program of the Negro Race To attend college HAZEL RUTH GRAY Poise To become a well known character To attend business college JOHN C HARRIS Sportsmanship To travel To go to work SHIRLEY ELIZABETH HENRY Diligence To become a famous sec retary To attend business college JEAN EVELYN HILLEN Frankness To Interview Sabu To become a business ecutlve 'l 'C fume fi WILLIAM ALPHONZO GRAHAM Precise thinking To pursue a military career through the A. S. T. P. To enter college FRANCES LOUISE HACK Dignity To be a dress designer To attend Pratt Institute MARY HORTENSE HAYNES Dependobiliry To travel To teach MABLE DORIS HILL Sense of humor To learn to dance To becoma a modlste DORIS MARY HOPE Loyalty To become o secretary To attend college LULA MAE HUDSON Self control To become a successfu nurse To attend co lege ANDREW A JACKSON Resourcefulness To be orlgnnal To attend Northern Paclflc Unlverslty MARY MAE JAMES Self Confldence To become a stenographer To attend college ALTHEA ROMAUNE JOHNSON Determrnatlon To become o stenographer To attend college BERTHA G JOHNSON Perslstence To be a nurse To attend college HELEN HUGHES Ambition To achueve my goal To become Q seamstress GEORGE EMORY JACKSON Honesty To be an athlete To attend Hampton ALONZO JETER Rellablluty To study meducme To enter college BERNICE JOHNSON Thoughtfulness To work nn an offlce To further my educatxon DORIS JOHNSON lndustry To be a successful stenog rapher To attend college ELIZABETH C JOHNSON Courage To be a social worker To attend college VALERA ANN JOHNSON Self respect To travel to California To attend college MARY JONES Honesty To travel To enter college JOYCE SHYRLEE LYNTON Honesty To travel To get a ,ob in New York BERNICE ELLA MATTHEWS Character To trovel To enter college EMMA ROSETTA JOHNSON Initiative To become a great chemist To attend Lincoln Hospital CECILIA L JONES Determination To be a psychiatrist To attend college DORIS JEAN LEVI Dependability To be a learned individual To attend Morgan College CATHERIN E V MAN NING Neatness To become a typist To attend business school ELAINE CLARICE MATTHEWS Broad-mindedness To become a Juvenile Pro- bation Officer To enter college RALPH DAWSON MATTH EWS Foresight To become a great Saxa phonvst To study journalism EFFIE OLCEFINIA McLEAN Preparedness To joln Xavuar Cugats Orchestra To enter Morgan College EDWIN NATHANIEL MINNIS Cooperatuon To study medncane To enter Armed Forces DAVID WINSTON MITCHELL Good character To become a research phar maclst To enter Armed Forces CATHERINE ANNE NEWMAN Character To become a commercnal artist To enter college ZETTA LEE McCALLUM Cooperatron To travel To become a nurse VERNA BELLE MILLER Perseverance To be a lawyer To attend Cornell Umversuty FANNIE GWENDOLYN MINOR Rellabnllty To learn the art of dress design To enter college WILLIAM CORBIN MOORE .IR Thrlft To travel To enter U S L A GEORGINE MAZIE NEWMAN Self relnance To vnsnt France To attend Hampton ALEXANDER MACABEE ODUM Foresight To become a lawyer To attend Hampton DOROTH EA PARKER To attend college Foresight To be a Cadet Nurse HARRIET MARGERIE PHILLIPS Initiative To collect gewelry from foreign countries To attend Bay Path Institute O LILLIAN POE Initiative To be a musician To study medicine VIVIAN RANDALL Responsibility To become a great singer To attend Cortez Peters HAR RIET ELLEN PAGE Self confidence To be a business executive To attend Cortez Peters JEANNE LOUISE PARROTT Ingenulty To be a pediatrician To attend college TOMMAE PATSY POAG Self control To travel To attend college THEODORE BOULDIN PRESS Fair play To work in o post office To be inducted in the service GERALDINE REDMOND lmpartiality To live in New York To attend business school JOHN WILLIAM REEDER Inutrotnve mojor nn hnstory To enter Army Arr Corps BERTHA MAE RICHARDSON Stobnlnty To become o business womon To attend Boy Poth Instntute SARAH RUTH ROBINSON Dependobnhty To be o good stenogropher To attend busnness school ARTHUR GERALD SCRIBNER Personolnty To become 0 doctor To enter Armed Forces SHIRLEY PAGE SEWELL Perseveronce To travel To study musnc ZELDA MAE RICE Sernousness To go to Fronce ond Afraco To study to be o nurse MAMIE ESTELLE ROBINSON Courtesy To be o business womon To attend New York college FREDERICK ISADORE SCOTT Vnsnon ToottendU S M M C C To be on ngmeer EVELYN FRANCES SELLMAN Dependoblluty To be o secretory To further my educotlon IRVIN BURLIN SHERROD Honesty To vocotnon an Chncogo To become o nexpert mason ELIZABETH MAEBELLE SKINNER Prlde To become an efflcnent sec retary To attend Hampton FLORIED SMITH Stamnna To be a caterer To attend college THADDEUS LUTHER SMITH Reliability To become a band leader To enter Howard Unnversnty TH ELMA DORIS SMOTHERS Sympathy To travel To become a nurse MARGARET ADELE SPRIGGS Self respect To travel To attend busnness college EMILY JANE SMITH Capobullty To be a good home maker To major In trlgonometry LEONARD JOSEPH SMITH Lnberallty To be an engnneer To attend englneerlng school TRUMAN BU RTS SMITH lngenulty To go to France To study aeronautlcs WILLIAM SNOW Honesty To be happnly marraed To be an army officer AN NA MI LDR ED STAFFORD Charm To be a movue star s private secretary To attend Hampton Inst: tute KATHERINE ELIZABETH STITH Sportsmanship To be a Physical Educa tion Teacher To attend Hampton lnstl tute MARGARET SULLIVAN Cooperation To become a nurse To get a war job GEORGE W THOMPSON Personality To do social work To enter the navy JAMES WESLEY THOMPSON lmpartiality To pass the Air Cadet test To attend Hampton LUCY MAE TROWER Determination To travel To become a nurse LOIS C STRICKLAND Initiative To teach English To attend business school RUTH VIVIAN TAYLOR Honesty To become a typist To be a seamstress IDELLA RUTH THOMPSON lngenuity To teach in elementary school To attend Cheyney SILVIN E ANNETTE THOMPSON Culture To be a biology teacher To attend Howard GLADYS ELIZABETH TURPIN Broad-mindedness To be a journalist To attend Coppin KATHLEEN AMELIA WALLACE Broad nmndedness To travel To become cz nurse JAMES HENRY WALTERS Broad mundedness To enjoy all of an Amer: can cutnzen s pruvnleges To be an officer nn the AVS GERALDIN E WATKINS e respect To teach nn elementary school To attend Cortez Peters LILLIE MAE WHALEY Loyalty To teach Physucal Educotuon To attend Morgan EUGENIA MAE WILLIAMS Magnetism To be a wrnter or a Mrs To attend Howard Unlver sn MARGARET E WALLACE Tact To become a socnal worker To attend Hampton Inst: tute RUTH ALMA WARNER Relsaballty To be a raduo singer To attend Coppnn PINKIE LOUISE WEBSTER Dependabnlnty To be a child hygnennst To be a teacher RUTH EUGENIA WILKES Sportsmanshup To become a novelsst To mayor nn literature GERALDINE WILLIAMS Dependabnlnty To be a teacher To attend Morgan JAMES SAMUEL WILLIAMS Personallty To be an athlete To attend Morgan Ambltnon To own a busmess To attend college CONQUISTADORES Presrdent Tmman Smith Vice Presndent Treasurer Wullnam Graham Secretary Athletnc Dnrector Earl Coleman Secretary of Admlssuon Ralph Matthews J Orngnnally we were all members of a class composed predomnnantly of boys In order to cooperate fully and become closer fnends we umted to form a sem: social c ub Our fsrst meetmg took place In the mnddle of March I944 wlth thvrteen onglnal members and several hon orary members who were formerly members of the class but who are now an the armed forces thenr names and the branch of servnce into whlch they were nnducted ore as follows Edward Bnggers U S Army Cleoth Grant U S Army Wnlluam B Jones U S Navy James Robunson U S Navy WILLIAM GRAHAM Wallace Johnson U S Army Ralph Buchanan U S Army John Watkms U S Army Luther Blackwell U S Navy Robert Wall U S Army Functnonung throughout the school year the Con quvstadores have presented to the school a number of nts outstandnng characters who have gxven freely of thenr tnme and who have represented the school an nu merous actuvutues such as Student Councul Safety Pa trol Athletncs Mask and Wug Club and vanous com munity achvltles As o result of the clubs orgamzatuon we have suc ceeded an maknng the boys feel so at home that we have come to be practucally brothers The needs of the armed forces have hat us pretty hard smce nt resulted an the loss of many of our tal ented members ln order to bring our membershlp quota up to full strength select applncatnons were con sndered for membershlp Upon bemg accepted and after goang through a perlod of unutlatnon the follow ERNEST DAVIS YOUNG Earl Dougherty U S Army Samuel Adams Earl Coleman Joseph Cook Charles Collner Stuart Douglass mg boys are now bonafnde Conqunstadores Present Roster Wnlluam Graham James Grey Ralph Matthews Jr Davnd Mutchell Wnlllam Moore Alexander Odum Frederuck Scott Arthur Scrubner Truman Smith Wnlluarn Young 32 I' my . LSC. . . H u u ' . - wiv-F H H--W---A-wsu, ' ' I - . u - . . A , . . . - - Robert Robinson, U. S. Navy. ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, I'. - , , . . . , . . . . I ' I - I . . . . . . . . I . . . I I ,I - , I U l l - I l I ' I I - . . 1 . , - ' . . , , v I h I . . . - 1 - - - l . . , ' , , , , . . . .. . I - I ' D I . . . , . PREDICTIONS OF THE GRADUATING CLASS OF FEBRUARY 1945 VERNICE FERGUSON Crystals, of course, are the accepted means of look- ing into the future. However, many predictions have come true without the aid of crystals and similar de- vices. Such is the nature of the following: M059 Likely fq Succeed Mostly Luke To Become Angels of Mercy Jeanne Parrott Beverly Butler Frederick Scott Eugenia Williams Doris Dowell Juanita Backers Robert Chase Elizabeth Dodson William Graham Jean Hillen Most Likely To Be The Nation s Number One Negro Dress Desugner Frances Hack Most Lukely To Be The Nation s Greatest Negra Artist Charles Collier Most Likely To Get Married Idella Thompson Katherine Stith Mary Jones Cecelia Jones Ruth Warner Emily Smith Mostly Likely To Be Greot Leaders Kathleen Wallace Lucy Trower Vernice Ferguson Hazelle Burke Dorothea Parker Most Likely To Be The Educators of Tomorrow Lillie Whaley Elenora Franklin Geraldine Williams Bernice Matthews Most Likely To Be Successful in the Business World Bernice Johnson Jean Hillen Harriet Page Mar garet Walllace Martha Cole Bernice Brown Helen Dilworth Most Likely To Be Outstanding in the Crvic World William Ames Verna Bell Miller Joseph Cook Frederick Scott Elaine Matthews Most Likely To Be The Future Military Leaders Stuart Douglass Earl Coleman William Graham John Gloster Bernard Booth Truman Smith Joseph M059 L'kelY To Be The Tme Leadefs of T9m9"'9W Cook Lois Strickland The February Graduating Class of l945 CLASS WILL ln view of the fact that we the February graduating class of 45 must soon bid farewell to Douglass we do now with honor and dignity put down in documentary form this our last will and testament We bequeath To our Alma Mater Our best wishes for a bigger and better institution each year guidance and encouragement To the Juniors Our hopes that they w ll strive for higher and better standards To Mary Brooks Doris Dowell s athletic ability To Horace Reed and John Faulkner Truman Smiths and James Williams skill on the gridiron To Bernard Frederick William Graham s ond Bernard Booth s suavity To Edith Howard and Thomas Joynes Elaine Mot thews John Glosters and James Walters oratorical ability To lda Westbrook and Jeon Davis Harriet Phillips and Bertha Richardsons endearing companionship Cynthia Camper Fannie Minors fame as dan seuse Andrew King and Helen Schuyler Andrew Jack son s and Althea Johnson s dancing talent To Douglass Camper Joseph Cooks height To the Boys of the Future Vocational Technical Classes The excellent mechanical talents of the pres cnt boys of that class To Blanche Hillen and Hortense G Taylor Mabel Hill s and Lucy Trowers winsomeness Helen Hughes Margaret Wallace s and Shirley Sewell s diminutiveness To Albert Byrd Charles Colliers artistic ability To Elsie Humphries Dorothy Stanley Betty Scott and Minna Ann Williams Frederick Scotts Vernice Fer guson s and Robert Chase s scholastic attainments To Annette Harris Beverlx Butlers excellent ways To Bernadine Powell Dorothy Sheffey and Consuello Smothers Effie McLean s Lorraine Erskines and Tom mae Poag s fashionable tendencies To the Future Commercial Classes Juanita Backers and Marian Davis typing dexterity We do solemnly declare this to be our last will and testament and thereby affix our signatures this six teenth day of February one thousand nine hundred forty five HARRIET PAGE Executrix . - ., H- I I I I I I A r Y I Y 1 I I I I ' I I I I 4 I . . , f . n I ' . I I I A I M , , i ' ' 1 1 1 1 I I A I I I I . . . - I I I W , 1 , 1 I - I To the Faculty: Our sincere appreciation for their To June Gwynn, Fern Turner, GIOHO jenkins and . I I 4 . , . A A . I - I . I . I, . . : I - . - J , . ' I 1 I l 1 . V A I ' F F , . To ' : ' ' ' - ' ' . To ' : - - ' . - , 33 lk j I' I 17 , ' f .v. 1 Q XXX X NX v I5 I 5 1 r A 4 N Lf Jpg Z . Q w Q'-x V wc? kits.. 5 X Q44 5 L ,W' Q M N x ! 6 x K pf 0, Wx Q gv W J N 4 -ll. W Q W - 2 e gf ' ' 1: . J 0 'Q -al, V .,, , 522 '- Q , . 3 fill Y X -M ' 'bv ye sgygzl -f ' 1 Ill! I F? A x '2 X 'M WM ff Q71 i i, , 1:35 r 2:04 J I Wifi ll , 6 I y ' QPR? fr" X 7 4 N fl 'WM ' 1 ! . I5 A . - I rf! rfqf Ami ' j Yau! ' V 212 1 0 - 'L ATHLETICS AS A FOUNDATION FOR CITIZENSHIP We the class of February 45 have fInally completed another lnk n our chaIn of lfe Be Ind us lIes t e patIence the gundance and the uplIftIng handed us by our teachers We are eauIppcd wIth our greatest and most Induspensable ally our CClL,lCUTIOI'l whIch lS reIn forced by our athletIc tIaInIng We are prepared to meet the future and to command our ClCSflVWlCS As we approach lIfes greatest IntcrsectIon we shall enter our respectIve lanes Some hold a desIre for pro fesston others dream of domestIcs whereas others pos sess a busIness talent Regardless of where our choIce lIes we shall face It wnth a determInatIon that has grown durIng our many years In school We shall be aIded through the constant vIgIlance of our parents and teachers We shall suddenly exIt from the role of students and enter INTO the more realIstIc role of cItIzens Problems wIll arIse for unerrIng solutIons Here sItuatIons wll be forever arIsIng Therefore we take much prIde In statIng that we are defInItely prepared to meet such sItuatIons squarely ThIs statement casts much re flectIon on our athletIc traInIng Our athletIc traInIng has strengthened our mInds even more so than our bodIes lt has sharpened our wIt prolonged our patIence and gIven us a vIvId pIc JOE COOK ture of leadershIp lt has created a greater sense of loyalty wIthIn us as well as It has taught us the true and human meanmg of honesty and faIrness lt has shown us the advantages of courage and DFOQYBSSIVG uses of skIll endurance and determInatIon Through the real sIgnIfIcance of athletIcs we have learned to overcome our fears our weaknesses and our InferIOr lflCS and to understand sympathIze and aId others who are thus afflIcted lt showed why we must respect a mans honest effort and I'lLlICLll9 hts Ill gotten gaIns and boasts lt taught us to advIse when we could and to heed the advIce of our leaders We were taught to solve porblems through thought, and to evaluate both sIdes of an Issue before makIng our decIsIons Last and wIthout relaxIng Importance It helped us to per ceIve and to stress the uses and the meanIng of com mon sense We are wholly SOflSfI d to declare that our educa ples of lf We are confIdent that our future w ll not be hIndered due to any slack on our part We en deavor to pursue our InevItable destInIes and use our talents and powers In promotung a world that wIll be far more progressIve far more fraternal and far more unauestIonabIv eaual than the present one YOUTH SETTLES DOWN TIme really goes by lt was just three years ago when we entered the Fredenck Douglass SenIor l-lrgh School Amazed by the SIZE of the buIldIng and per plexed by the many halls and steps we never dreamed of makIng our way through It alone WhIle passIng from room to room we sornetImes en countered trouble but we never let It get us down The next day we would tart on a new path and try to stay there In our sophomore days we had fun but not the land we had In our Iumor days These were the days when we went to all of the games and followed all the school actIvItIes DurIng thIs tIme we made new frIends, some of them are to be graduated wIth us HELEN DILSWORTH Then as senIors we realIzed that a greater future was ahead of us We realIzed that we were the cItIzens of tomorrow We began to prepare ourselves for thIs great task We learned the rules of good cItIzenshIp and carrIed them out to the best of our Gblllly We began to face problems whIch were constantly confront Ing us The many opportunItIes that were offered us were Selled and used to great advantages We became more regular In atteidmg school and lateness decreased notIceably Yes we gradually setled down, for we realIzed that we were about to enter a war torn world where grIef and sorrow mIngle as we'l as love and happIness LIke wIse we realIzed that whatever challenge presented Itself we were equIpped to meet It wIth fortItude ll ll I h , , . V I i I , h' ' ' h ' I ' I I I r l - I -1 I H ' f ' I I I 1 - I ' I ' A , , T ' ' ' - ' , ' I 'Q - ' ' , , ' tlon Is substantIated by these simple but durable prin- ' ' ' ' ci I C. ' I , . . , , . I I V . ' I l , I . . , 1 . , . 35 A PEEP INTO YOUTH TOWN Just lmaglne that we were all In a theatre waltung patiently for the I944 sensatlon entitled A Peep Into Youth Town to begun One movue goer remarks to another, lt should be a great pncture Certamly was the reply for nt portrays a great town run com pletely by youth We are somewhat puzzled because we never stopped before to consnder what a town would be luke wlth youth as Its leaders Smce a town judged by tts cvtnzens could thus one be classufned as a model town? Well thus and many other questlons arlsung nn our munds wall be answered soon The cur ta n ns slowly rrsung and each guest adjusts hnmself so that he will not mlss a snngle :tem that goes to make youth town such a great town The pncture begms and we see what would naturally be gazed upon furst nn any towns nts houses They represent more than houses for they are homes homes whnch house those falthful hard worknng and buoyant youth Boys and gurls work dullngently together prac txcally managung the home completely for theur par ents are probably holdnng some vntal pasltnon whuch calls them away Thus IS no blacktng stone for the youth of thus town can be depended upon to marntaun the standards of the home On the corner of one of the attractuve streets a tall red brnck bunldnng stands Yes ut ns that old famtluar :ng for at IS the dolly rendezvous of hundreds of en thussastuc pupuls who are preparlng themselves for re sponsnble tasks The school rs practucally run by the youth for they set up thenr own rules and regulataons and enforce them through theur student government They also have defnnute organlzatlons whuch plan and execute the necessary school actlvltles In the school the able puplls assume the role of teacher and help theur school mates to overcome duffucultles Thus ges ture of good wlll as characterxstlc sunce youth has always shared unformatuon wuth one another Each stu DOLORES DOUGLASS dent as a model and an excellent one at that Never as the buuldvng an dnsorder or the corndors and class rooms llttered wlth rubbish There as an evndent oppre cnatlon of the school as an unstututnon of learnlng and as one which lends dlgnuty to any community Strange as It may seem the young people remember thelr Creator and thus they play a deflnlte and vltal role In the Church They all have a specufsc part an the servuce whnch they perform very efflcuently Each Sun day new members are brought especnally lnttle chlldren The youth make brnngmg nn new members thenr well formulated obgectuve for they realnze that the spuntuol traunnng and development must be begun early and that the advancement of the Church depends upon nts young people who wnll become :ts leaders Town clubs dnves and dances are all sponsored by the youth They know what they want and go after It wuth determunatlon always strnvnng to succeed Wuth that spunt they cannot fall for each has hutched hrs wagon to a star Even more each one luke the st has pledged hlmself to be as a shlnrng light to all those lrvnng ln darkness As the curtann slowly closes at the end of the last scene not a sound can be heard In the auduence A Peep Into Youth Town was the sublect they had once and hughly tmpractlcal They a great pncture ut was a consudered unconceuvable left the theatre wnth the determnnatnon to gtve theur youth a chance to let them have a defnnlte part In the work of theur town to help them develop the standards and qualltues necessary for a leader to make them unto desurable cntlzens They realuze that the youth of today wull be the leaders of tomorrow and that the peace and four freedoms of tomorrow can be truly realnzed when the youth of today are gwen opportunutles to become efflclent partlclpants and worthwhule cutuzens of that tomorrow YOUTH S CREED I belneve an God and In manklnd and In a country where men are free to pursue the course of the Good Lrfe where the dngnnty of a human bemg far exceeds earthly possessuons that youth lS not only a mentally alert vndlvudual but also a physncally strong person who wall contlnue to faght for a more vntenstve and extensnvc health and socaal program l belneve nn a world concelved as one glgantuc nenghborhood where man IS not a stranger to human crres needs and sufferungs whether they come from LOIS STRICKLAND the mouths and hearts of the black man the brown man the whnte man the red man or the yellow man There can and should be love love for humanity that transcends the barruers of raclal hate and untalerance l belaeve un a world wude peace characteruzed by gustuce tolerance understandnng appreclatron and co operation l further belneve rn the powers of youth everywhere to blaze new trolls and to carry the torch of clvlllzatuon to the four corners of the earth AMONG US In revealnng some of the unterestlng facts concernmg the Solnd Technacnans fnrst I must tell you who they are Class l2Al consusts of twelve glrls and nnne boys Here are some secrets about Its members whuch I shall now reveal l Helen Hughes Wulluam Colllc Thomas Jones cre ate nonse an nearly every class 2 Mabel Hull guves the class sunshme wnth her wmnmg smule DORIS HOPE 3 George Jackson and Lauus Boone are most prom usxng athletes Dons Dowell Ellen Bowen and Ruth Calaman lead e class nn scholarshnp James Thompson lrvnn Sherrod Edward Copeland and Ruth Wrlkes have a keen sense of humor Beatrnce Brown and Zelma Cook are the dngnufued co eds 7 Pearl Carter Donald Brown and yours truly are the socnalutes of the class u U . ' ' II . . . . . . . ll - ll ll - ll . . . . . - , H . . . . . , ' . ,, . , . us . . . . . , I , l . . . . . . . , , - , . . I . l I . , , , , , . . , . . ' I , . . . ,, . I . school house, This too, represents more than a build- great town, and rt left each movie goer wondering on , Q . , . 1 '- 1 . . I , I I V I I . I - , I 1 ' ff A - . H - - l , . . , th . . D : 5. , ' , I ' . . ' I A A ' ' 6. ' l' - - l-lazelle Burke Chunk Name Zetta McCallum O Lllltan oe Floned Smlth l-lortensc Haynes Gladys Turpln Scnbner Chase Arthur Robert Plnkuc Webster Shlrley Sewell Wtlllarn Graham Emma Johnson Kathleen Wallace Geraldine Redmond Dons Johnson Jo eph Cook Elaune Matthews Etfte McLean Eugenna Wnlllams Truman Smlth Ellzabeth Johnson Frances Hack Valera Johnson Beverley Butler Ellzabeth Dotson Ceculna Gales Earl Coleman lc H., ' Rl WW , ,fr l'!ll"lx 'li "" 1 I D , .h Y x, I Q, -41 .. ' Il K jl ,I f. X A M rf ,Aa ,- 1 xf--f l wwf! Q 409 H Tok, C. ff p.. WHAT S Nlckname Sknnny Wendy Reds Bunny Dlzzy Scrappy The Wolfman Malorette Sandy Foxy Puddm Kitty' Gerald Datsy Cookne Lany Freckles Gene Mae Tlppy Honey Dlmples Boots ev Betta Kntten Bag House 37 W K ,-4 4 ,, if? A NAME? O LILLIAN POE Reason Ayotrclupols Always an the Red haur Always bounc na around goes around ln crrcles ulck Jn th dctense Ch brother Member of Drum and Bugle Sandy haur Fax eyes Used to be plump Short Short CJ tl for Kathleen for Gcraldlne red of sayurg Dons Such a sweet lnl boy Short for Elalne Look tor yourself Short Runs for Eugenla Mae an hrs toes Corps Have ta call her Honey sugar s hard to get She has them Brother couldnt pronounce Valera Short for Beverly Short for Elnzabeth Always drlnkung mulk Width f 3' 4? S nf 4 W " 5' X .fi I I f A 'I ' 1 Y f:. lj ll l. S Q ' IN S" A P S A S f fffffffff 1 A QQ V W QM 1 Q X I l A ffff lf.Qflffffffff I' ff SSSS S SSSS Sf7f7f' "'S ff' smut eye ff QQ,QQQQQQf B SffQQQ ff fQfQg, 5 ROCKERY GLEN Rockery Glen us the outgrowth of a scuentufuc effort to put unto practuce some of the many theorues relatuve to plant growth and development The Glen us unuque un uts layout un that uts many terraces make possuble the growung of plants under varyung condutuons and advan tages Here condutuons are udeal for extensuve plantung ad untensuve studyung of flora and fauna Dry farmung, wet plantung plant adaptatuon and the development of new forms and types are closely followed and studued Rock garden enthusuasm took us by storm-but wuth varyung after effects-glustenung sparkle fragrant fresh ness, sheet of soft color harmony, wuth here and there a rugged rock of quuet tone to act both as foul and pro tectuon From early Sprung to kullung frost the Rock garden captuvates the fancy wuth uts galaxues of colors and types of floral patterns Flowers are my garden chul dren and I look forward to theur comung un early Sprung and part from them un the Fall wuth regret No one knows who has not done ut what satusfactuon ut us to be un the open I belueve ut satusfues an unstunct we have unheruted from our earluer ancestors My vuew of the matter us best descrubed un the words Guve me room lots of room My unterest un gardenung us of long standung l have always wushed for the tume when l could put unto prac tnce some of the theorues relatuve to floral cultuvatuon and plant propagatuon Rock garden gardenung offered me the greatest opportunuty to study nature at her best un that thus type of gardenung us most closely related wuth and to the condutuons plants wull be found en LEONARD B MULLEN uoyung un theur wuld state A pule of rocks the necessary sute and mental umagery wull produce wonders ln assemblung the soul lmateruell one has opportunutues to utuluze the varuous knowledges studued un the scuence classes Here chemustry, physucs and botany wull be employed as the occasuan demands Art and luterature wull play theur part-art un the style of arrangement of plants and luterature un the chouce of selectuon Lufe has been defuned as a serues of actuvutues ln the real garden lufe us ever comung of the furst plant wuth early Sprung puts un shup between thus early to behold unfoldung Shortly after the un the sprung, fauna assocuated uts appearance The relatuon floral and fauna us beautuful The garden provudes opportunuty for physucal devel opment un that much tume and effort must be spent un combattung nature s determunatuon to see that the futtest survuve The futtest are not always the most desarable so one us often called on to durect nature un her efforts to propagate and multuply Weeds because of the peculuar lay out of thus type of garden seem to sprung up overnught and as such call for specual attentuon Wuth the approach of Wunter and loss of color on both un garden the part of the garden beauty us stull present such plants that carry on and un the munds of ers for next years growth months a style The real rock gardener works and plans twelve to the year and for hus efforts us rewarded wuth of beauty that Heaven has occasuan to be proud L rw-'I xl 38 ' ' ' ' - ' of. , r. X N P' 14 u F 'FIS l l T u 4 A! , Q ,, HM' . ii , ni. K fffsx K W. n .. was 1 N U ,gf .x.. 2 N..-5 1 J A P kfj hm , Q n s Qt 'X Q .f 'f5l?".Q3:,w .. Q 'I 3 -ff ' .1'.v 1,.41f3'Qf'g s . 0 . vp, Q Q I ii AN. Q 0 , ... -,DPW rg 5 U .4 ' If b 4 ,Q ...M E w Y" ". ., ' , 9' "' 7 ' fn fro g f"yQ,,'l Q , , 4- X : 4 ' i if fi' . 'pk wi. B 5. I . .4 'b vs V x p ,r ' 1, A " Q 1 ' 3 "5v1!,,,"gs..f,y , fs 9, wg,-J' J? 4 ' 1 " ff 'fi 51" lin , . , '4' 1, ' ' -W - ' Q. 7. - K , QP' 4 v S G6 ' ' 4. V K , yfw 5' 'Eg ' Y ' - .. v J X .I V v . ,L M, in Q Q X! it: ., Dvgbi 1 5 ,H 5 1 . I w if gxftkbss , p ' . ah? ' L 32. aff. is 4' ?l" 'EEQEEFYE' i . 4 'UT 5 , , 1 9 3 :- 5 f r 1 I 5 -gqqqvnv-:www Q we Q9 I .mf ua- - , Leonard Smith. Waiting for the Pistol Shot-Members of the Douglass Track Team Batter up! Two ace players do a Iihle practice. ...r..A. em... M----+1-3, Douglass golfers- John Reeder, Fred Coffman, M ,,,,,'1gg .fungi - Q wma -- , M X A' Y Y "Y Ri , 1- W use, N .vi af- Lf M f 'W , 5 -, Q h . V V 71- he , ,4 , , V N - 'fs , , 3 '99 63' I - :rx 55' 1 A A 11, ' L ' 1 5 Q J AUP! Hwy: X X wx, ' X, Lf xx if Y n , -. bfi, - xg x 1 ,E 'S K 5 K ' ? , .4 Li , ,B L 'sfffsw . .. W t 1 ' ' 5' ' " 7 "I My ! K' fi, x ' ' ' r S . i Q R Er' ik , 5 .x ' . 'A' ,f,.. gigs-.,A, . fm L G ,gif was W ' wg 2: if Q 2, , eLxg9,:g+i , w . if-gm mf.. A mf A? a , D fi- Q, 'R R X pf, ,V G34 ' '..l-0 5 fg'fQ"'69k?9 , t. '55 f ' , N. 'i ' R3 'milf ' "M ' i' Tlx - .f,frfw.r+ra5:.f'- A 1 is 'il fx , - -aug 'yf.'-fgrfgwu :. ,, , ' Y nf, ae , 1 Y 1 wa, -ng 1 0 o 'Yzcpoxc 0 x of' C c. K xoxe G gxo R K .0 A sessnon of the Student Council Mrs L M Parrott IS adviser of QX VU' LW" Captain Stewart Douglass ond his Safety Patrol Staff. M 'Nw M WW 'Ile Pre 4 'P ff Mavis sev lo, C Grql I ,. luqicu 0 h lu Gr I The Bank Staff checks the receipts of the day. S o2""e 1 1- cxoizgnve ve ' of oh e M-' Tgougxogil 106' Prescnting Pinkie Webster ,the Maiorette of the Bugle Corps. A view of the February Class cn masse. 4 C10 9"ou s,. 1: 0 W6 I -fra 0,9 I de is his 41119 '27 O L 4, 're ds-oygcl, es Smoshed shins, the whack of shinny ball or hockey sticks, but they are happy for awards in excellence, technique, ability and sport. A goal--in improvised Field- ball. :Wu una N. whim ,are 1.6 THE IMPORTANCE OF BUSINESS EDUCATION Busuness us an umportant phase of our present cuvuluza tuon Yet our race has practically just begun its busu ness career lt us absolutely necessary therefore, for every Negro boy and gurl to grasp each opportunuty of fered to hum or to her for self improvement and ad vancement Today our Business Colleges and Schools offer com plete courses un typing fulung stenography bookkeep ing, accounting busuness Englush and other related sub jects In past years we dud not feel the great need of a busuness education and did not realize uts importance but today the number of busuness enterprises that we have un our race demands a thorough busuness traunung If we secure adequate traunung there us luttle doubt about securing a job The Negro IS opening all types of GEORGINE NEWMAN busuness enterprises that are meeting the highest de mands of busuness efficiency Our duty us to our race and its development along thus Iune There should be un every class that completes a hugh school education a reasonable number from the busuness department Today not only does our race need us ro take care of theur busuness but the opposite race calls upon us to help them We therefoue, must see and feel the um portance of such an education Thus being true, we should not stop after funushung hugh school, but we should seek a broader knowledge un the busuness fueld un all uts phases We are at present preparing ourselves to meet thus challenge Our motto should be Braun Knows No Su peruoruty Let us be up un doung and grasp these op portunutues for the future busuness of our race, and be ready for any demand that may be made upon us EMPLOYMENT AS AN EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY lContunued from Page Suxl One of the strukung developments un the attutudes of employers has been the concern for employee welfare beyond the boundarues of the assembly Iune Employers have learned that whule work and rest are essential they do not constitute a complete and adequate program for the effective worker What the worker does off the job us an umportant factor un the creatuon and maunten ance of mental physucal and emotuonal balance Con sequently group actuvutues ofa socual recreational oth letuc literary and cuvuc nature are encouraged and sponsored by progressuve personnel directors lnduvuduals thus have opportunutues to partucupate un and to develop their emotuonal urges and guve durectuon to theur several abulutues Through regular stumulatuon thruft and unvest ments for future securuty are fostered Cuvuc causes such as the war and communuty chest enjoy the full support of employees un organ zatuons of the better type As a consequence there us a steady development of normal and outstanding participants un extra work actuvutues and satisfaction of unduvudual unterests From the pount of view of purposes and mode of approach modern personnel practuces parallel the well organuzed extra curricular pro grams as found un the better hugh schools and colleges of today ln addutuon to the effects arusung from good person nel practice ut is common to fund labo organizations of voruous types beckoning the attentuon of the new worker to partucupate un and contrrbute to matters bearung d rectly on the welfare of workers generally Unuon partucu patuon lukewuse pounts the way to experuences of an in fluentual and educatuve nature For those endowed wuth the traut of unutuatuve and the urge to lead opportunutues abound Executuves wruters, speakers fund places to de velop their talents along such lunes ln addutuon to serv ung as avenues of outlet for unduvudual unterests and abul utues the personnel and labor publications serve as a co ordunatung force for workers and theur actuvutues A pride un belongung is a typucal outgrowth of partucupatuon un programs of the types mentuoned Thus un order to secure the best efforts from the worker progressive personnel managers have take! a page or two from the book of formal education Exten suve work and extra work actuvutues have resulted Out of these programs un many unstances elaborate un scope have emerged unduvuduals wuth desurable characteristics and superuor abuluty to warrant specual attentuon and oped unto leaders un productuon recreation athletucs journalism unuon affaurs cuvuc projects and even polu tucs Recognutuon comes to them un the form of promo tions un salary posutuon and other assugnments ur' Iune of peculuar unterests and abulutues Recognutuon on the job un many unstances leads to recognutuon un the communuty So for the graduates of the sevety fuve per cent group who wull enter ummeduately unto gainful employment un stead of continuing formal educatuon ut must be recog nuzed that there awaits them a valuable opportunuty con sustung of work and extra work actuvutues We need not dusmuss them from the group of possuble leaders of the future for out of the continuous adjustment and adapta tuon to new condutuons experuences and personalities can aruse an effucuent worker and a communuty leader Enthusuastuc effucuent and alert partucupatuon on the job and un the extra work personnel actuvutues do, un a more practical and attractuve way for the worker what the currucular and extra curricular programs do for the am butuous student in organuzed educatuonal institutions The udeal worker thus learns as well as earns and employment us a contunuatuon of hus educatuonal journey , , . - , , I l I I I I I ' ' . . . - I ' . . . . . ' ' ' 11 - . , - I . - , . . . . , . - , . I r ' A A - ' I ' . - I I ' I - . 1 I I ' ' , I . I , . I . . . I - , themselves in selected extra-work activities which relieve training for opportunities. Some as a result are devel- . . . . . . . . . I . , . I . , . , I . . . . K . , . I I - , N , 1 , . . . . i- . . I . , I . . . . . U I I ' A 1 ' ' ' D 1 1 46 COOPERATIVE TRAINING AT DOUGLASS HIGH Durung the last term of the Commercual Course offered at Douglass students who are eluguble are guven p portunutues to gaun offuce erperuence un real sutuatuons Thus work us known as Cooperatuve Traunung ut was started un the year of l94l and each year thereafter has proved a source of enruchment to the students who practuce un the varuous offuces of the cuty The amount of pupul growth us preducated more or less upon the amount of unutuatuve and competency wuth whuch the pupul meets the varyung challenges offered by the lab Yet there are certaun basuc knowledges and experuences necessary namely l Learnung how to overcome duffucultues 2 Becomung famuluar wuth dauly condutuons and prob lems of the offuce 3 Learnung how to meet people 4 Learnung how to make your work a pleasure un stead of a bore I do not want my readers to labor under any ullusuons un thunkung that everythung about offuce work us what the doctor ordered On the other hand there are some dus advantages although I was fortunate enough to escape ANNA STAFFORD them Yet other students dud encounter some setbacks ma be due to unfavorable sutuatuons such as Y l Cross supervusors 2 More than normal duffucultues and teduous work 3 Extra long hours Notwuthstandung the duffucultues that mught present themselves I thunk that Cooperatuve Traunung us such a splendud opportunuty that ut should cover a peruod of two months unstead of one ln thus way a student would have a chance to be changed from one practuce center to another thereby gaunung a wuder knowledge and greater enruchment Nevertheless my experuence un one montn enaoled me to fund the necessary achueve ments needed for busuness I found that when an of fuce force works wuth machune luke precusuon one funds humself workung extra hard and extra long but lukung t The very atmosphere lends utself to the uoy of work ung Can you umagune ut' My only wush us that more students select the Commercual Curruculum for there are attractuve posutuons at lucratuve salarues un the busu ness world A BIT OF INFORMATION The Vocatuonal Techmcal Curruculum IS looked upon by some as one for students wuth low mental abuluty What an erroneous udea for thus us a very umportant course requurung the coordunatuon of mund and hands The war has guven umpetus to the umportance of thus Course and the great role ut wull play un the post war world There us and wull contunue to be a great demand for skulled workers The basuc pruncuples learned un ACQUAINTING YOU WITH Offuce work may be your golden key to opportunuty' Clerucal workers of all kunds are necessary to keep the wheels of our busuness establushments runnung smoothly The jobs are numerous and varued They also offer the younger worker hus best chance to get started on a suc cessful busuness carreer The war has opened wude the door to opportunuty un offuce work Employers are eekung applucants and un experuenced workers who can show school records These applucants often enter better than begunnung uobs Hugh salarues and rapud promotuon reflect the strength of the demand for clerucal workers by pruvate busuness BEATRICE BROWN school wull serve as excellent background ln my opunuon a more untensuve and extensuve pro gram of studues should be uncluded un thus Curruculum Thus greater opportunutues and enruchment could be offered to such an extent that the Curruculum would sell utself to more students not only wuth hugh scholarshup but also wuth a desure to become profucuent un the varu ous trades and professuons SOME OFFICE OPPORTUNITIES MARGARET COLEMAN and the federal government Perhaps you would luke to know some of the charac terustucs that you would be judged on They are neat ness alertness untellugence dependabuluty and enthu suasm You wull be uudged also on your personaluty and attutude toward your work Offuce work us an excellent fueld for the student who us well trauned and whose unterest lues un thus durectuon You who are unterested un thus fueld of work should have a conference wuth your parents and your school counselor Then be sur to take advanuage of the op portunutues your school offers you f 1 1 1 O ' 1 - 1 1 r 1 1 . , , 1 1 ' I . . . , . . ' , - ' 1 i - . . - 1 . , ' ' I , . , A , . A 1 - 1 1 1 1 ' . r . . . - . . , . . . . , . .1 , . . S ' - u . 6 MAI ACTUALLY SURVEYING THINGS OVER What would happen if- William Ames Theodore Press and John Harris were not being sent to Mr. Nelson? ldella Thompson and Vernabelle Miller were not seen conversing about that most important subject-boys? Frances Hack was not heard cracking some corny joke? Vernice Ferguson and Beverly Butler were not com- peting with each other for top honors in class marks? Joseph Cook stopped flattering all the females? . Bernard Booth forgot his chemistry? Bertha Johnson remembered not to chew gum in the History Class? Sara Copeland and Judith Edwards became fat? IDELLA THOMPSON All the shorties of the l2A s would grow taller? Frederick Scott and Eugenia Williams stopped making the Distinction Roll? Sylvia Chapman and Mamie Robinson stopped walk- ing the halls hop-hazardly? John Gloster forgot to give those I-o-n-g speeches? Zelda Rice really remembered her schedule for a whole day? Katherine Stith let the day pass without having one of her laughing spells? Elizabeth Johnson would come to school five days a week? Fannie Minor failed to display her dancing talent? Eleanor Franklin took her time going to classes? Elizabeth Skinner would learn to master history? .542 W Q12 W .fxz f H' Ml! Kg -ff X ,u if X w f 1? X ff! 'jf EX f Y , J, 1 . N as X - Q 0 M . K6 Qs '- YOUTH ML! COMPLETE' THETASK F amous E xcellent B rave R esponsrble U nusual A ctrve R eluable Y oung apable aboruous A mbrtnous S elf relrant S errous FEBRUARY CLASS OF 1945 N oble I ndrvndual N eat E mlnent T actful E nthusrastlc E nlnghtened N atural ealthy nlted ove lgnlfxed eflned ngaglng D rlngent KATE DAWSON F arsrghted O bedlent R espectful T enacuous Y earnful F cvthful I ntellngent V uctorrous E arnest EX LIBRIS BERNARDINE BERRY Tntle Kung s Row Grapes of Wrath Don t Phone Mother Ruse to Follow Thunkmg on Your Feet Chrcken Every Sunday Gone Wlth The Wund- Excuse My Dust a I mg Appllcahon Front rows cent r ansle of the auditorium-l2A2 591 nn a sub ect Trouble rn the offnce Undergrads Glvrrg an unprepared report Thursdays when m at ns served rn the cafeterra 95 s Clearmg lockers of text books at the close of the semester Stormy Monday Blues -Gym 8 30 A M Mondays ve Heard That Song Before Late excuses Sweet Slumber History Ratuon Blues Lunch trme Until Tomorrow Relax Shout Sister Shout 3 I5 P M After Hours Remaxmng after school Dear Mom Defacrency cards And Her Tears Flowed Luke Wrne A students In lll Be Seerng You Summer school Always Homework My Buddy Thanks for your homework Hrp Hap Hooray Holndays Comrng an on a Wlng and a Prayer Barely Mak 60 Trtle There Go The Shnps Confrdentual Hungry Hull The Razors Edge- And Now to Lnve Whats on Your Mund- dnde Cover Applacohon Hugh marks floating by O ln examnnatlons Gomg from audntoruum cafetena the second half Cuttang IOO In half Graduates realrzmg how en nched therr hves have been mode through an acqursn tron of knowledge and habrts Commencement Cheatrng on a test MUSICAL MOOD FLORIED SMITH AND BERNICE anno Mass You A O What o Beautrful Mormng Saturday There S a Great Day Comung -Graduation Just Cant See for Lookung During a test Central Avenue Breakdown Dxsmxssal It Could Happen to You Gee Baby Aunt l Good to You 60 with a flounsh Dark Eyes Douglas vs Dunbar Alphabetical Jnve -Chemnstry Formulas Tame Wants for No One Notebooks due lts a Cryrn Shame Too much homework Down The Road Apsece Mrs Marshalls offrce Your Socks Dont Match -Gym unnform Gomg Out the Back Way -Cuttlng homeroom Don t Cry Baby Report card H- I C .-.- , . v I T ' ' - , . . . , V - , , ,I , ... S, I 7 ll ' rl - ' r 11 I f ll - rr . rr V " "L, ' ' ,, ,, , . ,, ,, 55 - - Q L , I g. . r 1 ' ' . I ' THEN CIVILIZATION CAN BE PROUD lmagnne there had never been a war no strnfe starvatnon no war torn cutnes but just the serenuty of a peace lovjng world Pretend our fathers sons sweet hearts and brothers are home snttnng peacefully nn thejr armchalrs or enjoynng campus thrllls for the flrst tame Then wall Cuvjljzatlon have Ideals of whnch to be proud When peaceful brooks can agajn flow toward thejr destnnatuons without belng hampered by the trampjng feet of haggard and bloody soldjers then Clvjlnzatjon can be justly proud When the stench of dead bodnes no longer fnlls the our and when the flow of blood us stopped an the streets then Cuvnluzatnon wjll have some thang of whrch to be proud When bombordments have VERNABELLE MILLER ceased and the screechnng whnstle of bombs have gjven wa to the soft street chjrpjng of blrds then wall Clvlllzatlon have somethlng of whlch to be proud When all men are agaln returned home free from the oppressuon and aggressnon of fanatnc war mongers then can Cuvaljzatuon be proud When fooljsh prejudjce and djscrnmjnatuon are no longer embedded nn the hearts of the ngnorant and the unjust Cjvjluzatuon can be rnghtly and justly proud When all the No Man Lands have become pjcnlc grounds for rolljckjng chjldren and when beautuful flowers blossom forth to add lustre to the scene then Cjvnljzatuon can be so proud that she can justly say A good job has been done PROVERBIALLY SPEAKING A penny earned as a penny saved Applyjng yourself an hugh school gnves you a foun datnon for college You can t eat your cake and have at too One foot as better than two crutches lt ns better to do half of your examnnatjon cor rectly than donng all of nt haphazardly A leap ln the dark Guessrng an answer He that once decenves IS ever suspected lf you are caught cheatmg un one examlnatlon you are under suspnclon from then on A barkjng dog never butes Dont try to bluff your teachers by gonng around beeflng but let what you say be meaningful Spare the rod and sponl the chnld Pupjls should be punnshed for breakung school rules When It ralns at pours Low marks ln one subject followed by low marks nn all subjects ln o sympathetlc fashnon Stull water runs deep A qunet student IS often a smart one LORRAINE ERSKINE Don t count your chjckens before they are hatched Tellrng everyone you made 80 an the mathe rnatncs test and djscoverlng you made 40 From lnttle acorns great oaks grow thought and accomplushments It js better to keep your mouth shut and be though ta fool than to open xt and remove all doubt Yellung out an class Bend the saplnng whale nts young Tram yourself early un correct habjts of thunk jng and actnng A hunt to the wjse us suffncnent Recenvmg a defjcnency card Better late than never Sljdjng an school after the bell has rung A settnng hen never gets fat You never accompljsh anythjng wnthout ambntuon and lndustry lf at furst you dont succeed try try agann Don t become dlscouraged at one fajlure An ounce of preventjon ns worth a pound of cure Keep up nn all your school work and youll have no fear of falling I . I no . . . , I - . . I . . Y I my . , . I . l, A 3 IO. ' ' 1 2. ' , ' 3 l l- A 3 Eating your lunch before ju,-,Ch time- Little facts learned well lead to vistas of greater 3. ' 1 ' . . . - l2. ' , 4- ' 3 '. . ' ' l3. ' ' ' 2 5. ' ' z ' ' ' - A I - l4. ' ' ' ' ' 1 6. ' ' 3 4 ' ' ' . I ' l5. 2 7. ' ' : l6. ' 1 8. I 4 I ' ' I ' 1 . . . . . I 18. U I : 9. ' : ' I ' 53 Mrs Lulla Barnum M J A B Callus Mr AllywGella5k Mrs Arretta Cooper Mrs Eluzabeth l Cotton Mr Robert P Duggs Mr Alfred Dnxon Muss Evelyn S Fax Mr L U Glbson Mrs Edna O Gray and Mrs Albert Aaron Wnlluam Ackwood Augustus Adams Floyd Adams and Mrs George Adams Mrs Gertrude Adams Mr Wullnam Adams Mass Elanne Addlson Mnss Helena Agent Mrs rs Muldred Aulor Sophroma Alexander Mae Allen and Mrs M C Allen and Mrs Norns Allen Mabel Agent Mrs Mrs Rev FACU LTY Mr Francss Gnffnn Mr Alphonso Gnffm M: Walhe Harns Mrs J Ethel Hodges Mrs Ethel J Hucles Mr Howard L Hucles Muss Essle M Hughes Mrs Constantna Jackson Mass Laura W Jones Mrs Thelma Lawrence SPONSORS Mrs Gertrude Macer Mr Cyrus Marshall Mary G Marshall Cothenne Mayo Geo W Mitchell Beatrnce C Myers Lllllan M Parrott Harry T Pratt Hrlton Premdos Mass F Marlon Road Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Meta A Young SPONSORS Pfc and Mrs John Battle Mr Seeney Bayles Mnss Alberta Baynard Mr Benjamnn Beane FS FS Mrs Mrs LeRoy Beane Ruby Beane Alexander Beard Matulda Beard and Mrs V Beaver James Beckett Hornet Beckwith and Mrs Amos e Mr and Mrs Duke L Bell Mrs Thelma Bell Mr Arthur Bellamy Mass Elsue Belle Cpl Allen L Brooks Mrs Althea Brooks Mass Cathenne Brooks Mr and Mrs Ernest Brooks Mrss Frances Brooks Mrs Hettue Brooks Mrs Lottre Brooks Mass Momue Brooks Mr Manor Brooks Mass Myrtle Brooks Mrs Myrtle Brooks Mnss Shnrley Brooks Mr and Mrs Theodore Brooks Mr and Mrs Wm Brooks Mr Albert Brown Miss Anna Brown Mr Mr Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mnss Mr Mrs Frank Sorrell Haywood Strothers Noel J Wansel Dellaphnne Warrington Marlon D Webb lradel B Wllllams W Llewellyn Wilson Andrew Woodson Mamle Woolford lda B Wroten Mary Byrd Rrchard Byrd Sallue Byrd Sara E Allen Alpha Herbert Alston Louns Alston rs Thelma Alston Mrs and Mrs Lee Ames Mnss Hattue Anderson Mrs Jean Anderson Mass E Lounse Anderson Mrs Mary Anderson Sam Anderson Bemto Angelus Mrs Annue Anthony Mr and Mrs Harold Aquulla Mr and Mrs John Armstead Mr Fred Bennett Muss Sadne Bentley Bernard Berry and Mrs John Berry Stewart Berry Walthall Berry Wulluam Berry and Mrs George Bevans James Beverly Mlss Myrtle Bras Mr and Mrs Bras Pvt Edward Blggers Mr and Mrs Rona Black Mr Elmer Blackwell Mr lrvm Blackwell Mr and Mrs Mnss Bermce Mrs Mrs Miss Mr Mrs Mr Mrs Brown and Mrs and Mrs Cattus Brown Dozler Brown Edgar C Brown Edxth Brown Edward Brown George Brown George Brown S Gertrude Brown Harold Brown Helen E Brown Mnss Hyla Brown Mr James Brown Augustus Brown Charles Brown Clarence Brown Mrs Margaret Armstrong Muss Ruth A Arnngton Mrs Lllly Arthur Mlss Mildred Ashbum Mr Samuel Ashby Mr Robert Ashley Mass Ruth Ashley Mrs Georgna Atknns Mr James Augusts Mass Muldred Ayers Mr and Mrs Preston Backers Mr Joseph Backers Mrs Hortense Bacon Mr Jerome Bacon Mr and Mrs Jacob Baggett rs Mrs Mrs Anna Bailey Reatha Barley Ruth Barley Mass Margaret Blagrnond Mrs Rheta Blake Mrs Mrs Mrs Thomas Blake and Mrs I Blocker and Mrs Ben, Blackshear and Mrs James Blount Sterlung Boardley and Mrs Arthur Bobbutt Wnlluam Bobbntt Melvnn R Bolden and Mrs Walter Bolung Josephme Bonnano Rosano Bonnano and Mrs John Bond Josephune Bond Nellue Mae Bond Mass Eleanor Booker Mr George Booker Mr George Booker Mr and Mrs Lacy Booker Mr and Mrs John G Brown Mr John H Brown S lfc Leander Brown Mrs Lottue Brown Mr and Mrs Lloyd Brown Mlss Margaret Brown Mrs Martha Brown Mxss Pearl Brown Mrs Rebecca Brown Mnss Rosa Brown Mnss Ruth Brown Mr Samuel Brown Mr and Mrs Samuel Brown Mrs Sarah Brown Mr and Mrs Thad Brown Mr and Mrs T Brown Mass Vera Brown Mr and Mrs Wm E Brown Msss Dons Bruce Albert Baker Emma Baker Vlola Baker r Wxlluam Baker Mrs Mrs and Mrs Wm Baldwm Mlss Emma Ball Rosano Bananno Louuse Banks rs Lydia Banks Nathanuel Banks Samuel Banks Isaac Barnster Mrs Rev and Mrs Isaac Banmster Msss Marzae Barbour Mlss Rachel Barby Mrs M Barco Mr Norris Barefoot Mr Henry Barksdale Mr Robert Barksdale Mrs Blanche Barnes Mr Calvm Barnes Mass Clemenza Barnes Mr John Barnes Mrs Helen Barney Mrs Margaret Barrett Mrs Elnzabeth Bartez Muss Ruth Baskervnlle Mrs Ruth Booker Mrs Ethel Boone Mass Ivy Boone Mr Louus Boone Mlss Gwendolyn Booth Mnss Dons Booth Mass Ellzabeth Booth and Mrs Lynn Bourne and Mrs Leray Bowen and Mrs Wm Bowman and Mrs Bernard Boyd Clarence Boyd Mass Leola Boyd Mrs Aamne Boyd Mrs Pernlllla Boyd Mr Bernard Bradley Mr Joseph Branch Mrs Grace Branch Mrss Charlotte Brent Mr Paul Brent Mr James Bruce Mrs Mmnre Bruce Mr Wesley Bruggs Mr Clarence Bnscoe Mrs Theresa Bnston' Mr Rufus Brody Mr and Mrs Brooks Mrs Mrs rs Mass Mlss rs Mary Bruner Luzzue Bryant Sadie Bryant Wlllle Bryant Mamie Bundy Emma Bull L Bullock Muss Ella Bunton Mass Mrs Mrs Alma Burbank and Mrs Harold Burke Lllllon Burke Franklrn Burns Mary Burrell Mnss Dorothy Caesar Mr Wulluam Cam Mr Roy Campanello Mr and Mrs and Son Mrss Bertuna Dr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Allen Campbell Campbell Charles Campbell James Campbell Joseph Campbell Mrs Mary Campbell Dr and Mrs J E Camper Mr and Mrs Medford Camper Mrs Eva Cannady Mrs Pearl Capehart Mass Helen Carper Mlss Frances Carpenter and Mrs J Carr r Russell Carrmgtan pl and Mrs Vernon Carroll Vnola Carroll and Mrs Albert Carter Armstead Carter Beatruce Carter r and Mrs Bennue Carter and Mrs Carter Mass Evelyn Carter Mr and Mrs Herbert Carter Mr James Carter Mrs Momne Carter Mrs Mrs Mrs Nanme Carter Mrs Pearl Carter Rolergh Carter and Mrs Wrlluam Carter and Mrs Lewas Casey Lloyd Caster Mamue Caster Glascoe Catlm Sammy Cattle and Mrs Walter Cfmntuon and Mrs Leonard Cephas and Mrs John Chambers Dr and Mrs Oluver Champuon Mrs Lucllle Chandler Mrs Marlon Chapman Mrs Norman Chapman Mr Phllllp Chapman Mvss Ettne Charles Mr and Mrs Clarence Chase Mass Dansy Chase Mrs Mabel Chase Mr and Mrs P M Chase Muss Regma Chase Mr and Mrs W Chase Mrs Mnss YS Ethel Cherry James Cherry Mary Cherry Sarah Cherry Mrs Fugenua Cheatham M Cheatham Mrs Mrs and Mrs Fred Burton Hottle Burton and Mrs George Butcher Alphonso Butler Channing Butler Mrs Mrs Muss Mrs Anna Chester Johnny Chrlstlan Bernard Clarke Ellzabeth Clarke Helen Clarke Mrs Mrs Mr s Mr Mr Mr Estelle Butler and Mrs George Butler Hazel Butler and Mrs Lloyd Butler and Mrs Nathamel Butler Rosa Butler and Mrs Wm Butler Albert Byrd and Mrs Bernard Byrd Sr and Mrs Jessue B Clarke and Mrs John Clarke Leonard Clarke Lloyd Clarke Maggle Clarke and Mrs Martnn Clarke and Mrs Richard Clarke Clarence Claybarne Mr Herman Clqyborne Mrs Mrs I ' . . . Mr. . . ' . ' . I ' A ' . . ' ' . Mr. . ' ' . . ' Mr. . Mr. . . . ' ' . Mr, ' ' A . . . . ' Mr. . . - - 4 Mr. ' ' ' ' ' . ' Mr. . ' ' . . Mr. M . ' I C Mr. . M , . ' I Mr. , ' . ' ' ' ' ' ' Mr. . . V , ' . . ' Mr. ' M , ' ' Mr. . B ll ' ' . . Mr. . ' ' ' ' . . . . Mr. ' ' ' ' . Mr. Mr. Mr, . . Mr. A Mr, . Mr. , ' M . Mr. . ' ' Mr. . Cpl. . ' MY. . . ' ' Mr. ' ' Mr, . M , ' . Mr. . ' ' C . . ' . ' Mr, Mr. . ' . ' ' Mr. , Jr. MY. . Mr. , . ' . , r, MF. Mr. ' . ' . . ' . , ' . ' . . Mr. . Mr. E. A. Arundel Mr. Harry Bland Miss Juanita Brown Mr. ond Mrs. Mose Carter ' ' Mr. . . - ' . Mr, . '. . ' - . Mr. . . . ' MF- ' . Mr. . - Mr, U . , . ' ' Mr, . ' . MY. . ' . Mr. ' ' ' - Mr. A A Mr. ' . , - ' B Cpl, . ' . ' Mfr ' I I I ' Mr. , Mr. ' . MY- . ' . Mr. . . , MY. . I I ' I Mr. . Jr. E - . . . ' M . ' , ' . ' Mr ,..' A M. ' ' , ' Mr. ' ' . Mr. ' ' ' M . . . . . . ' Mr. , ' . - ' M , ' Mr. . ' ' ' . Mr. ' Mr. . . Mr. , M . . Mr. , l , ' ' Mr. Mr. V' Mr. Mr, ' , Mr. . ' ' . , ' ' ' , .' ' Mr. , . . A . , - . Mr. . . I I , Mr, I Mr. . ' . Mr. A ' , 4 Mr, ' , . ' . Mr. . ' . , , Mr, I Mr. , I ' I ' I Mr, ' , ' ' ' . I Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' , ' . . ' Mr . Mr. . ' I I ' I I I Mr. . ' Mrs Tryphane McRae Mr and Mrs Lloyd McShane and Mrs Lanwood Palmer Cpl r Mrs rs Mass Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mass Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs EV Mrs Rev and Mrs Charles Mears and Mrs Charles Mears Joseph Mebane Anna Melvan Pearl Melvan Inez Mero Bessae Nlerrack and Mrs Joseph Merratt Marlon Mackle Frank Maddleton Sarah Males Audrey Maller Beatrace Maller Chas L Maller Daasey Maller Fannae Maller Genevaeve Maller and Mrs John Maller Johnny Maller Louase Mtller Theodore Mtller Theresa Mallang Lallae Malls and Mrs Jack Manor Lucille Mannas Sallae Mannas Beatrace Matchell Florence Matchell James Matchell Jean Matchell Josephane Mttchell Ruth Matchell and Mrs Vernon Matchell and Mrs W P Matchell Nannae Mobrey and Mrs Nathanael Mondae Mr Columbus Mundy D Mr Vcnlear Redmond and Mrs Fred Scott Mrs Matalda Monroe Mrs lda Morton Roberts Mrs Mr Mr P Neal Monroe and Mrs Samuel Monroe Donald Montague Mass Nadane Montgomery Mrs 'Vlrs Mass Mrs Mass Mass Mass M Moody Albert Mooney Leon Mooney and Mrs Buddy Moore Dorothy Moore Helen Moore James Moore louase Moore Margaret Moore Mtnnae Moore Patsy Moore Sadae Moore and Mrs Wm C Moore Mrs Alace Morrell Mr and Mrs Clarence Morton Mass Delores Morton Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mass Pfc John Morton Doras Morras J Morras Laura Morrasan Nellae Mosby James Mase Anna Mosley Anna Belle Moss Jno Murdock Jr Mr and Mrs Arthur Murphy S Mass Carlata Murphy Mr and Mrs Ellas Murphy Sr Mr and Mrs Ernest Murphy Sr Mass Frances L Murphy Mass Frankae Murphy Mr I Murphy Mr and Mrs John Murray Mrs Dorothy Myers Mrs Nellae Nash Mass Catherane Naylor l' r Mrs Mr Mr and Mrs Paul Neal Charles Nelson and Mrs Gurney Nelson Harry Nelson Mary Nelson and Mrs Malbert Nelson Robert Nelson Peelay Nelson SPONSORS-Contanued Mr Peyton Newby Mass Bessae Newman Mrs C Newman Mass Della Newman Mrs Ethel Newman Mr George Newman Mr and Mrs Landsay Newton Mass Ncrene Newton Mr Benlarnan Nacholas Mass Gertrude Nacholson Mrs vlrs Mrs EV c Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mass Mass Mass Mrs Mrs Mass Mrs Mrs Mass Mass Mass Mrs Rebecca Naxon Wallae Noble and Mrs Xavaer Nolan and Mrs John Norton Mabel Odum Alace Offer John Oglesby L Ornage and Mrs Clarence Osborne Clarence Osley Bertha Others and Mrs Arlola Owens and Mrs Franklan Owens Inez Owens H Owens Mertana Owens Randolph Owens Mae Pack Addae Page Gladys Page Harrasan Page Vera Page and Mrs Ashton Palmer and Mrs Cornelaus Palmer and Mrs Golden Palmer Ace Parks James Parker Mae T Parrott Mae J Parrott Owen H Parrott Wm Parrott Sr Wm Parrott Jr Bertha Paraway Hattae Parran Lucy Parran James Parker Martha Parker Maggae Parker ldo Parrash Esther Parsons Mr and Mrs Claude Patterson Mass Esther Patterson Eaward Patterson and Mrs John Patterson Alonzo Patterson and Mrs John Payne Mass Pegana Payne Mrs Mrs Rev Rev Mrs Rey MasS Mr c Mrs Mass Mrs Mrs Mass D Clara Paul and Mrs Wm Paul Harry Peaker Harvey Pendleton and Mrs George Perkans Alberta Perry Erlw Pcary John Perry Julaa Perry and Mrs Lanwood Perran Frances Petat John Petty and Mrs George Pettus Bettye Phallaps Daras C Phallps and Mrs Harry Phallaps Phalpott I-larald Paerce lrvan Paerce Mattae Paerce Mabel Pa rce Betty Pagott and Mrs Frank Patts Thurman Pander and Mrs John Pnnkney and Mrs Louas Pankney and Mrs Louas Pankney Alexander Panner Mrs Mr Mrs Mr Ethel Plater and Mrs Wm Pollack John Poag Marlorte Poag and Mrs Ernest Pope Mr Shadrack Pope Mass Karane Porter Vlr and Mrs Marshall Poree Mrs Clara Powe Pvt and Mrs Charles Powell Mass Lessae Powell Mrs Margaret Robmson Mrs Martha Rachards Cpl and Mrs Robert Robmson Mr and Mrs Robert Robansan ass Susae Robmson Mr Vanard Robansan Mrs Emma Poulson Mr and Mrs Norwood Poulso Mr George Prtce Mrs Vaolet Prace Mass Frances Proctor Mrs Grace Proctor A Pye and Mrs P Purnell ard Mrs John Pyles Mrs Mrs Bernace Qualle Eugene Quarles r Fred Quarles fl Mrs 1 l' Mrs Mass Mr' Ltllaan Quarles and Mrs Wm Quarles Donald Queen George Queene and Mrs John Thomas Queen Elanor uack L Queen Doras Raaney Ulysses Ralph Mrs Mass Mass Mass Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs S S S Susae Roman Adele Ross Lallae Ross Norma Ross Wanfaeld Ross Clarence Roy Saphaa Rowland Thelma Roundtree Frances Russell Mary Russell Mamae Ruth lda Ryan Florence Sample and Mrs Henry Sampson and Mrs Wallaam SamuGlS Mary Sanders and Mrs Goldte Sanford and Mrs Harry Satterfaeld Charles Saunders Dorothy Savage Eunace Savage Alverta Savoy Mr and Mrs Orvalle Mr and Mrs Thomas Mass Chrastrne Ranson Mr and Mrs Garrett Mr and Mrs Wallaam Mrs Angelo Reason Ptc and Mrs Evelyn Mr John Redd Mass Eleanora Reddack Reason Randall Randall Rawlangs Rawlangs Mr and Mrs John Redmond and Mrs Benlaman Sav0Y Charles Savoy and Mrs Eugene Savoy Mary Saxton Abraham Scherr and Mrs Samuel Scherr Mrs Addae Scott Mass Bessae Scott Mass Betty Scott Mr Edward Scott Mrs Mass Elazabeth Reed Mrs Olavaa Reed Mr John F Reeder Mr John W Reeder Mrs Annae Retd Mass Ealeen Read Mass Martha Read Mass Ruth Read Clafton Race and Mrs John Race and Mrs James Race Archae Racks Charles Rachardson r and Mrs Earl Rachardson Msr Elase Rachardson and Mrs Rachardson Mrs Hararet Mr and Mrs James Rachardson Mass Mary Rachardson Mr and Mrs Ernest Rachardson Wallae Mass Eleanor Scott Gerald Scott James Scott and Mrs John Scott Mandella Scott Stanley Scott Stanley Scott Theodore Scott SS Walltam R Scott Ervan Scrabner S Eva Scrabner and Mrs James Scroggans Seaborne Samuel Seaborne Walford Seaborne Htatae Seamore and Mrs Baxter Seay Walltam Sessams Catherane Settles Eugene Sewell Kathryn Sewell Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Rachardson Dr and Mrs Mass Pearl A Mr and Mrs Barnet Rhetra Rhodes Raymond Rhanebottom Mrs Ernestane Ragle Mr Henry Raley Mass Bernace Ranggold Mrs Vargal Ranggald Mr' Granvalle Ragne Mr and Mrs Wall Raache Mass Gladys Roberts Mr and Mrs Francas Roberts SQ? Hardang Roberts Mr Henry Roberts Mr and Mrs Wanfaeld Mass Elsae M Rodgers Mr Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Archae Robansan Annae Robansan Berdana Robansan Bertha Robansan B Robansan Columbus Robansan Flossae Robansan Elazabeth Robansan Eva Robansan E Robansan Lydaa Robansan Henry Robansan M Robansan Mrs Mass Mass Mtss Mrs Mass D Mrs Mrs Msr Mass Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Margaret Sewell Navella Sewell Ollae Sewell Geraldane Sexton M Sexton Annae M Sharp and Mrs Francas Sharp Dorothy Shaw Pearl Shephard Rebecca Shephard Vavaen Sheradan and Mrs Arnold Charles Shapley Shapman and Mrs Lee Shapley Helen Shorter Janae Shorter Oscar Shorter Jr Myrtle Salvers and Mrs Arthur Sammons Agnes Sammons and Mrs Carlos Mass Bertha Slmmons Mrs Mary Samms Mass Vaola Samms Annae Sampson John Skanner Mrs Mr Sammons Mrs D Mass Mass Mrs Mass Mr Lewas Skanner Ruth Small Varaanaa Small Ida Smath Agnes Smath and Mrs Albert Smath Sgt I . I I I , Mr. . ' - ' . ' ' - Mr. ' ' . ' ' ML ' ' Mr. . Mr. ' . M,-I . A Mr. , ' . . I II ' . ' Mr. . Mr. . , . ' ' 0 Mr, a , , . . I l' . I Q I , ' R . Mr. . ' Mr. . M , S Mr, . ' Mr, I . I ' I Mr. ' Pf I Mr. , I ML I - I I - Mr- Mr. A A Mr. Mr. , Mr. 'A I Ml? - I M 4 - - Mr. 4 ' . A . Mr. A MrI I ' Mr. . ' MrI I . ' Q ' ML - I , A ' . .R Ma S . I I Mr. Mi S ' 4 P I Mi s I I 4 I - - 4 Cpl. . Mr. I ' I. I I . ML ' I Mr. . I . I I , . . MII MF. . Mr. . ' - Mr, . R . ...I Mr, . ' . . I ' . I Mr, . . ' ' Mr. . . I . C II . ' - - - I I ' Mr. J f . V - Mr. . . Dr. . V . MrI C I. Mr, . , . . , M,-I I ' ' Mr. I , . . ' ' Mi MV- ' 4 I I Mr. MV- J V I Mr, MV' - I I Mr, Mr. Arthur Moore Mr, and Mrs, Chas. Parker, Jr Mrs. Carrie Rettuce Mr, Tivety Scott MV- - CDI- MV' I I Mr. ' . . ' ' Mft , ' ' ' I r, , . , ' ' Mr, , ' Mr. ' ' Mr. ' ' Mr. A A J I - MV- I Mr. . I I P t. I ' MFI ' ' ' 1 I ' I Mr. ' Mr, ' MV. . I ' ' ' Mr. , M,-I I r, . . . Mr. . Mn . ' Mr. I - . I ' I. . ' X I M,-I . Mr. , , - , I Mr. Mr. . ' Mr, . . ' ' MF. . Mr. ' . ' Mr. I I . I ' y Q II I , r. Pt . . I . . as M.-I I ' - A , L I ' , ' a - 4 A Mr. . ' . . Mr. I ' l ' , . Mr. ' I ' . Mr I . ' MVI I I ' Mr, ' ' I ' . . , ' ' ' . Mp I ' - . . 'e - ' , Jr. , ' N Mr, I . ' ' ' ' I 4 C II . I . I . ' ' Mr, - I ' . . ' ' ' ' Mr. I y Mp I - ' Mr, ' I ' - M . Mr, , ' A , ' ' C II ' Mr. . Mr. , ' . ' ' ' CDL ' ' M , I . ' - Mr. . ' I , ' ' I ' ' . I ' ' Mr. ' - ' Mlss Mrs Edna Haywood Mr Alexander Hazel Mr Ernest Heggle MISS Annle Helgh Mr Thomas Hendershott Mr and Mrs Elmer Henderson Mrs OCfOVIO Henderson Mass Phyllss Hendrlcks Edna Johnson Vlrgunla Mannlng Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mlss Mlss Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs V Lula Henry Mlllard Henry Myrtle Henry Octavla Henry and Mrs Rtchard Henry Jessle Henrlcks Lottle Henson and Mrs Charles Herndon Dorothy Hackman Mary Hlckman Bernard Hlll Kate Hlll lrene Hull Mcmle Hull and Mrs Mathew Hlll Monroe Hlll Ruth Hlll and Mrs WIllIam Hlll Emma Hllsan and Mrs Clarence Hlnes Oglatha Hlnes and Mrs Ralph Hobbs Maggle Hodges Annle Holden and Mrs Wllllam Holllday Wllllam Hollawman A J Holloway lames Holloway Partle Holloway Calvln Holmes and Mrs Charles Holmes John Holmes Mlss Leola Holmes Mr and Mrs Oscar Holmes Mlss Pearl Holmes MISS Ruth Holmes Mr Wllllam A Halsey Mr and Mrs Wllllam Holton Mr Earl Hooks Mlss Anna Hope Mr and Mrs Lee Hope Mlss Margaret Hope Mrs Sallle Hope Mrs Theresa Happozollen Mlss Ethel Horde Mr and Msr A Horsey MISS Cynthla House Mrs Annle Houston Mrs Annle Howard Mr and Mrs Dewltt Howard Mlss Dorothy Howard Mlss Edlth Howard Mr Edward Hudglns Mlss Ethel Hudglns Mlss Llllle Hudglns Mr Arthur Hughes Mrs Helen Hughes Mlss Mary Hughes Mrs Inez Hunt Mrss Annle Hutchlnson Col Julsus Hutchlnson Mr and Mrs W Hutchlnson Mrs Myrtle lrby and Mrs Russell lrby r Benlamln lrvln Mlss Dalsy lsahelle and Mrs Randolph Jacobs Mary Jacks and Mrs Ben, Jackson Betty Jackson Charles Jackson Douglass Jackson and Mrs Eugene Jackson Gertrude Jackson and Mrs Herman Jackson and Mrs Leslle Jackson Mlss E Loulse Jackson Mlss Lucllle Jackson Mr and Mrs K A Jackson Mrs Mary Jackson MISS Murlel Jackson Mrs Sarah Jackson Mr and Mrs Sherman Jackson Mr and Mrs Samuel Jackson Mrs Rev Mrs Mrs SPONSORS-ContInued Mlss Pearl Jackson Mrs Wlllldm Jackson Mrs Velma Jackson Mlss VICYOFIO Jackson Mr and Mrs Albert James Mr and Mrs Edward James Mr Jesse James Mr Kang James Mlss Mary James MISS Masey James Mrs Irma James Mlss Rosle James Mrs Clara Janey Mr and Mrs S J Jeffrles Mlss Ellzabeth Jefferson Mlss Henrletta Jefferson Mr John Jefferson Mrs Trella Jefferson Mr and Mrs Wulfred Jefferson Mrs Ada K Jenklns Mlss Frances Jenklns MISS Glarla Jenklns Mrs LIllIan Jenklns Mrs Logan Jenklns Mlss Marlon Jenklns Mrs Mary E Jenklns Mr and Mrs Robert Jenklns Mr Thomas Jennlngs Mlss Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mr Mr Mlss Mlss MIS Mrs Mlss Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs T Mrs Mlss Mrs Mlss Mrs Y Mlss Mrs D I' Mrs Mrs Rev Mrs Mr Mr Mrs Elalne Jernlgan Blanche Jessup Jeter and Mrs Sager Jeter Evelyn Jlggetts Robert Johns Agnes Johnson Andrew Johnson Annle Johnson Arthur Johnson and Mrs Barreda Johnson Bcrtlna 'ohnsan Betty Johnson and Mrs Carl Johnson and Mrs Clarence Johnson and Mrs Davld Johnson Mlss Dehlla Johnson s E Francls Johnson and Mrs Edgar Johnson Francls Johnson and Mrs Edward Johnson Ellzabeth Johnson and Mrs Enos Johnson Estelle Johnson Ethel Johnosn Etta Johnson Hattle Johnson Glorla Johnson Harrlet Johnson and Mrs Herman Johnson Hester Johnson ldo Johnson Laura Johnson Leola Johnson and Mrs Levln LeRoy Johnson Lllllon Johnson Llnwood Johnson Laulse Johnson Mae Johnson Margaret Johnson Marlon Johnson MIHHIE Johnson and Mrs Oscar Johnson Poullne Johnson Pearl Johnson and Mrs Phu! Johnson and Mrs Ralph Johnson and Mrs Rlchard Johnson ROSI9 Johnson Stanley Johnson Susle Johnson Johnson W Johnson and Mrs Wllbert Johnson Arthur Johnston and Mrs Fred Johnston and Mrs A A Jones and Mrs Allen Jones and Mrs Albert Jones Benlamln Jones Calder Jones Charlle Janes Dorothy Jones ohnsan Mrs rs Mrs Mrs Edlth Jones Edw Jones Elmer Jones Elolse Jones Ennls Jones and Mrs Ealls Jones Etat Jones FranklIn E Jones and Mrs lrvln Llndsay and Mrs Wm Llndsay Florence Llpscomb LIDSEIZ and Mrs MaurIce Llsby and Mrs Llchter James Llttle Mattle Llttle Mrs and Mrs Fred Jones Geraldlne Jones Gertrude Jones Hazel Janes Mr and Mrs Herman Jones Mr and Mrs John Jones Mlss Mane Jones Mrs Maude Jones Mr Mllton S Jones Mrs Rena Jones Mrs Standola Jones Mr Talbert Jones Mr Thomas Janes Mrs Queen Jones Mr Walter Jones Mr Wm T Janes Cpl and Mrs Wm Jones MISS Allce Jordan Mr and Mrs Edw Jordan Mr Thomas Joynes Mr and Mrs L Joyner Mrs Clara Janey Mr and Mrs G L Judge Mr and Mrs George June Mrs rs Mlss Mr lsalah Kane Mlss Roslyn Kearney Mr and Mrs Jesse Keel Mrs Marle Kellan Mlss Anna Kelly Mr and Mrs Archle Kelly Mr and Mrs Henry Kelley Mr Jlrnmy Kelly Mrs Marle Kelly Mlss Zelda Kellum Mr and Mrs Thomas E Kelson Y Mlss Hannah Kerr Mrs Mr Mlss Mrs c Mrs Mrs Mrs Margaret Lloyd and Mrs E Lomax Mlldred Lockhart Jas Logan Sarah Logglns Henry Logan Sarah Logglns and Mrs E Lomax Ellzabeth Long Louls Long Marporle Lon Mlss Thelma Lawther Mr John Luffman Mr Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mlss Mlss Mlss Mrs Mlss Roland Lunn Eleanor Lyles MInnIe Lyler Esther Lyons Nannle Mabrey Elsle Macer Margaret Macer W G Mack Lucy Mack Leola Mackey Vlrglnla Mackey Catherlne Madden Ellzabeth Madden Geneva Madden Mlss Jean Madden Mr Joseph Madden Mlss Valerla Madden Mlss Hllda Madlson Mr Mr Mrs I' Mrs Leon Madlson and Mrs Mllton Mayor Nellle Mayor and Mrs Rome Makle Adam Mannung Mlss Loulse Kerr Mr Mrs Mrs Mrs Rev Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs MISS Mrs Mrs Mrs Edwln Kess and Mrs Eugene Keve John Key Pansy Klah and Mrs Clarence Kung Laura Kung Mamle Kung J I and Mrs Wm Klng Vance Knlght Bessue Knox Knox Hattle Lacy Marguerlte Lane Bernlce Larklns Sallle Lorklns Ada Laws and Mrs Wlnston and Mrs and Mrs Arnetta Paul Lawson Lawson Sr H Layton Walter Leach Le Cota Mrs Estella Lee Mlss Estella Lee Mlss Irene Lee Mr and Mrs lsalah Lee Mlss Marlan Lee Mr and Mrs Paymus Lee Rev and Mrs Samuel Lee Mr and Mrs Samuel Lee Jr Mr Thomas Lee Mlss Katherlne Leonard Mr and Mrs Rudolph Levy Mr and Mrs Arthur Lewls Mr Mus Mrs Mrs Rev Rev Mr A 2 Mr LeRoy Lewls Llllle Lewls Nettle Lewls Mlnnle B Lewls Robert Lewls and Mrs Ray Lewls and Mrs R W Lewls and Mrs Walter Lewls fc George R Llgglns Benlamln Llghtenlng Mlss Brenda Lewls s Wllllarn Mannlng and Mrs George Marks and Mrs Raymond Marshall Mlss Edlth Martln Mrs Loule Martln Mrs Lula Martln Mrs Ida Morton Mr James Mase Mlss Edlth Mason Mr Edward Mason Mlss Ellzabeth Mason Mr Herbert Mason Mr M Mason Mrs Martha Mason Mrs Mary Mason Mrs Allce Matthews Mlss Berteal Matthews Rev and Mrs Baxter Matthews Mrs Clorussa W Matthews Mr Howard Matthews Mr and Mrs lncle Matthews Mrs Marle Matthews Mrs Stephen Matthews Mr and Mrs Welllngton Mattnews Mr Wllbur Matthews Mr and Mrs W W Matthews Mr and Mrs Edmund Maxwell Mlss Cora McAdory Mrs Edna McAdory Mr Melvln McAdory Mlss Mahallle McCallum Mlss Clarlce McClaIn Pvt Percy O McLaln Mrs Mabel McCraw and Mrs J M McCulloh E telle McEwlng r Harry McGulre Otho McKay John McKInney and Mrs Henry McNeIl and Mrs McNeIl Atty and Mrs Robert P McGuInn Mrs Evelyn McRae Mrs Dr I , I , MIII I . . I . ' ' Mr. . Mr. . . ' I ' . Mr. . ' I I , . . . M I . MIII , . I I . . Mr. ' Mr. . ' I , . . Mr. . ' Mr, . ' I ' . . Mr. I ' I I 'J Mr.. . . . M, ' ' I ' I . . . . M . ' ' I ' ' ' ' Mr. . I Mr. , ' . . . . ML ' ' I. I . . . ' I. I . Pt . I Mp' I I ' ' . I Mr.. I . . 'I ' I, 4. V Mr.A ' Mr. - ' - - A I A I - ' A Q ML I ' . ' I ,A I. I Mff . . f ' ' 1 . . I ' Mr. . . . . . I ' Mr, , , , ' MII I I I I . I K . . . .I Mn ' ' Mr. I. ' I Mr, . . - . ML Mr, I . . ' Mr.. ' S -- ' ' . Mr. . I e - I ' I P t. ' - - I . ' ' I ' Mr. . ' I ' ' ' Mr. . . . . Mr, . I I ' MIss Delores Johnson Mr. Wm. lBilll Kenne Mrs, Margaret Manning I I Mr, . ' Mr, . ' Mr. Mr, , Mr, , I ' Mr. . Mr. I Mr.. Mr.. , ' I ' ' I ' Mr.'R. , K'ng Il - I Mr' f , . ' L . I I Mr,- J I ' ' I ' Mr. I . I . I . Mr . . M Mr. I , . . . . ' ' Mr. . , . I I l . ' M I ' ' M . ' J A 1 . . , Mr, . C l, . . . . I Mr. . , , MIII' MII' .' , .' , Mr. - . . ' ' Mr, I MY- . . ' . . ' I Mr . ' I Mr. I Mr. . . ' Mr. . . . Mr. . ' MV- ' ' . 5 , I , MII I I . M I , ' ' Mr. . . . . ' ' . ' Mr. , Mr. 4 Mr. , ' Mr. . ' Mrs Angelnne D Smlth Mr Arthur Smtth Mrs Beatrlce Smlth Mr and Mrs Briscoe Smith Mr and Mrs Charles Smrth Mrss Clemenza B Smnth Mrs Cora Smnth Mr and Mrs D Cllfton math Mrs Dorothy Smuth Mrs Elalne Smuth Mrs Emma Smlth Mr Frederrck Smrth Mrss rlelen Smrth Mr and Mrs Joseph Smlth Mrs Jasephlne Smnth Mrs Lrllre Smrth Mr Lloyd Smrth Mrss Loulse Smrth Mrs Mabel Smrth Mr Marlon Smrth Mr and Mrs Marshall Smlth Mrs Mary Smrth Mr and Mrs Mercer Smrth Mass Mlldred Smuth Mrs Mrs Mass Mrs Mr Mrs Mrs r M rs Mrss Miss Mrs Mass Mr Mrs Nathan Smuth Norman Smnth and Mrs Oscar Smrth Stanley Smrth W H Smith Walter Smrth and Mrs Walter Smrth Wrlfred Smith and Mrs Wnllram Smrth Vrrgrnra Smuth Consuello Smathers Danrel Smothers Emma Smothers Clarence Snowden Jestme Snowden and Mrs Lours Snowden Anna Sorrell Henry Sorrell Jessre Spam Margaret Speaks Mary Speaks Thelma Speaks Mary Speller Lourse Spence Lee Spencer Sarah Lee Spru el James Stacy James Stagg Arthur Stafford and Mrs Dewrtt Stallrngs and Mrs Charles Stanley Mass Leona Stanley Mrss Vlrgnnra Stansburg Mrss Hrlda Stewart Mrs Hazel Stewar Mrs cadre Stewart Olrver Stewart vt Wrllram Stewart and Mrs C Stevens Mnss Doroth Stevens r r Mrs r Mrs Mrss Mrs Mrs Mass Mrs Mrs Mrs Mr Y Harold Stevens James Stevens and Mrs Saylor Stevens Estella Stevenson George Stevenson Bessle Smrth and Mrs Joseph Stuh Russell Strth G'adys Stoker Horace Stoker and Mrs Lev: Stokes Sidney Stokes Paullne Stoney and Mrs Walter Strarten Bernrce Street Leslre Street Charles Strrckland and Mrs Cyrus Strrckland and Mrs Lrncoln Strothers Warren Stubbs W Suber and Mrs Melvrn Sudden Wullram Sulllvan and Mrs Percy Sykes Rebecca Symre and Mrs John Tabb SPONSORS-Co Jerry Talbott Earl Tarter George Tarter George Tasker and Mrs R obert Tasker Mass Agnes Taylor Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs s Mrs I' Mass Mrs Mrs Mrss Mrss Mrs Mrs F Mrs Mrs Rev Mrs Mrs Rev and Mrs Arnett Taylor Damel Taylor George Taylor and Mrs G S Taylor and Mrs James Taylor J L Taylor lda Taylor Laura Taylor and Mrs Lee Taylor and Mrs Roland Taylor Susre Taylor Wm Taylor Katie Edgar Edna Alma and Mrs Alvm Thomas Annle Annie Bertha Thomas Eduth Thomas Ethel Thcmas Htlda Thomas J Thomas and Mrs John Lloyd Thomas Mary Thomas and Mrs Robert Thomas Alrne Thompson and Mrs Thompson Charles Thompson Clara Thompson Clarence Thompson Hattre Thompson and Mrs Howard Tavares Temple Temple Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thompson Mr ev Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrss Mass Joe W Thompson Lrllran C Thompson J Thornton Mamie Tilghman Madeline Tllghman Susre Trlghman Mary Trllman Gladys Trllet Mr and Mrs Spuvey NC Mr James Trtus Mrs Carletta Spratley Mr S Tr us Mrss Lucrlle Sprmger M T T Tlnney Mass Theresa Trnney Mr and Mrs Caleb Tolson Mrs Ethel Tompkrns Mrss Frances Tolson Mr Samuel Tonkms Mr and Mrs A Townes Mass Dorrs Townsend Mrs Novella Townsend Mass Beulah Trapp rt and Mrs Howard Trapp Joseph Trapp and Mrs Jerry Trapp o and Mrs James Tr tman Mrs Bertha Trawer Muss Martha Trower Mr and Mrs lrvrn Trupp 'vtrss Alrce Truehart M 'l ucker Mrss Catherrne Tucker Mr Ernest Tucker Mr Rrley Turnage Mrss Catherine Turner Mr Davrd Turner Muss Mrss Mrss Mrs Mrss Mrs lsls Tutman Hattle Tyler Agnes Underwood Sarah Unterman Forrtest Va'entme Jessre Valentme Mr and Mrs Raymond Vanderberg and Mrs ONerl Vanstar Y r James Vaughn Rrchard Veney Mrs Frances Vessells Mrs Anna Vrnes Napoleon Vrnmng and Mrs W A Waddy Mrs Althea Wadley Mass Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs C Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrss nhnued Eugenra Walker Elorse Walker Jessle Walker Sarah Walker Flossne Worley Angelrna Wallace Archre Wallace Carroll Wallace Cora Wallace Eva Wallace Gertrude Wallace Joseph Wallace Phyllrs Wallace and Mrs S Wallace Albert Walters Docle Walters Donald Walters and Mrs JamesH Walters r James H Walters Mrs Ruth Walters Mtss Irene Ward Mrss Helen Ward Mr and Mrs John Ward Mass Kotre Ward Mass Lucrlle Ward Mr and Mrs Otis Warren M Arthur Washrngton Mass Azalre Washrngton Mr and Mrs Woshrngton Mrss Catherrne Washrngton Mr and Mrs Cosley Woshrngton Mrs Mary Washlngton Mr and Mrs George Washington Mr James Washrngton Mrs Kate Washrngtan Mrs lda Washrngton Mr LeRoy Washlngton Muss Thelma Washrngton Mrs Vlta Washington Mrs Ada Waters Mr Albert Waters Mrs Margaret Waters Mrs Prrscrlla Waters Mr Thomas Waters Mrs Vrrgre Waters Mr and Mrs Eugene Watkrns Mass Gertrude Watkms Mr and Mrs John Watkms Mr Ralph Watkins Mass R Watkins Mrss Etta Watson Dr and Mrs Chas E Watts Dr ar-d Mrs Wm H Watts Mr and Mrs W Watts Mrs Clarrce Weaver Mr Prnkney Webster Mrs Prnkre Webster Mass Alma Webb Mrs Estelle W bb Lt and Mrs R Webb Mrs Annre Wells Prt Charles Wells Mr and Mrs Lloyd Wells Mrss 'vlrss Mrs Mrs Rev Mrss Rev r Mass Mrs Mrs r Mrs Mrs Mary Wells Arthur Wellrngton and Mrs Malcolm Weems Robert Weems Charles H West and Mrs Wm West Ida Westbrook Flemmmg Whaley and Mrs Chas Whrtaker Chauncey Whrte Marte Whrte and Mrs Matthew Whrte Mrldred Whnte and Mrs James Whrte Mrs Eumce Willmott Mr Leonard Wrlmore Master Addlson Wulluams Mr Mr Mrs Mrs Mrs C Mrs Mrs Bernard Wrlltam S Donald Wolllams Beulah Wrllnams Darts Wrllrams Charlotte Wrllrams and Mrs Eugene Wllllams Fred Wrllrams Forrest Wrllnams James K Wlllrams and Mrs Geo Wrllrams and Mrs John Wrlluams Josephlne Wtllrams Lester Wrlllams Loleta Wrllrams and Mrs H Maceo rlltams Mrs Mrs Maceo Wtllrams J Marne Wrllrams Mary Wtllroms Mrsses Lourse and Nannne Mass Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mr Mrnna Anne Wulllams lllnams L Wnlllams Mattre Wrlluams O IS Wrlllams Robert Wrlllams Paulrne Wrllrams Samuel Wrllnams Theodore Wrllrams Bertha Wrllramson Damel Wrllramson Mrs Clone Wtlson Mrss Agnes Wrlson Mr and Mrs Wulson Mr and Mrs Elroy Wrlson Mr and Mrs Edw N Wrlson S lfc and Mrs Frank Wrlson Mr George Wulson Mrs Geraldrne Wulson M s K L Wu son Mr and Mrs Kenneth Wrlson Mr Mr M155 Mrss Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs J C Wtson Joyhazel Wrlson Odessa Wrlson Odessa Wrlson Ruth Wrlson Wendell Wrlson M Wunder Leah Wlnborn and Mrs Allen Wang Sadie Wang and Mrs Raymond Wrnkler Muss Lorrame Wnse Mass Dons Wood Mr George T Wood Mr Dallas Woodley M and Mrs Albert Wooden Mrs Beatrrce Wooden Mrs Anna Woodland Dr and Mrs Charles T W Mass MISS T Mrs M rs oodland Sarah Woodland Selma Woodland Walter Wcoltord C Woodford Dorothy Woods and Mrs Albert Wrlght Johnny Wrrght Franchetta Wrrght Thomas Wrrght and Mrs Wrllram Wrught and Mrs Vrctor Wright John Wyche Robert Whrte and Mrs Otns Whrte W and Mrs Wrllre Wrllram White F ank Whrtrng Esther Whyte N H Wicks Al Wrggrns Cornelua Wnlkes Mabel Wrlkes Nellre Wrlherght Joseph Wrlkrns Rozelle Wrlkrns Clarence Wlllus Estelle Wrllrs John Wrllrs hlte and Mrs Benlamrn Young and Mrs Wm Yancy Yerrell Bessre Young Clarence Young and Mrs Clarence L Young Mr Ernest Young Mrs lndrana Young Mrss Marqaret Young Mrs M F Young Mr and Mrs Montreal Young Mr and Mrs Otho Young Mr Robert Youna J M and Mrs R Alvm Young Mrs Maggre Young Mrs I ' , ' Mr. ' ' . ' 'I I ' Mr. . ' . I I ' ' Mr, A . ' . . ' Mr. . . ' - I 'I I ' Mr, , Pt, ' . ' ' ' I . . . ' S ' . Mr. ' Mr. . I ' MrI I Mr. . ' . ' ' Mr. . . . . MY- 4 I ' Mr. . . Pt . ' ' Mr, , . Mr. Mr, . ' ' ' ' ' I ' ' Mr . . I I ' , Sgt. . . Mr. I ' ' Mr, . Mr. I ' ' Mr. . Mr. ' MY I ' I Mr. ' ' ' Mr, . Dr. . Dr, . , . ' . ' M . W I ' MrI Mr. , r, 4 . AU. - Mr. ' . ' - W' Mr. ' - - Mr. , - Y M,-I ' . I Mr, t Mr. , . ' . MY' ML I M MrI ' Mr. MY. Mf- Mr, ' . . ' ' I Mr . , . I Mr , . . . . MrI ' . , r . , , I Mr A . . , . 'l ' h ' ' I I 'r I Mrs, Precious Wnnegan 1 r. . . . M, . . . . Mr. I. NlrI . . Y . . . . . , M,-I I ' I I , Mr. I , Mr. . ' - 4 I I I Mr. A - I I I f ' . . . r. . I - Mr , ' . ' ML P , . P 4 ' Mr . . , ' . . . MrI I I Mr . , , Mr, ' A MrI Mr. . ' M I . . Mr. Mr. M I I . Mr. . Sg , . I r ' Mr. . . M I , ' Mr. . ' 4 I M,-I ' Mr. ' MrI I . Mr, . . - 4 Mr. - ' MY- ' MV- ' ' I I I Mr, . ' ' ' I Mr. . ' MY . , ' A Mn I f ' I ' ' Mr. , ' U Mr. . ' Y ' ' ' I I ' Mr, . ' ' ML I ' . Mr, . ' ' Mr. , . I ' V Mr. . ' ' Mr. I I I , . , MII , . I . M,-I ' . ' ' Mr. r ' ' Mr. Mr I4'. . ' Mr, , . Mn Mr - ' ' M. ' ' Mr. . M A ' ' ' - A Mr. . ' MV- ' . ' I Mr, . - ' M . ' ' - A I Mr. ' ' ' . ' A . , W Mr. ' ' . I, r. T Mr. . . . . ' ' r. . . ' , , . Mr, ' ' . ' W M P H Y S I C I A N Physician Psycho therapist Offc s 'I 'II20 E M St M I E E qe St t B 3570 o B 8 8 R e 2124 M C Il gh St e t La 3447 THE METAL ARTS COMPANY INC ROCHESTER 5 N Y Jewelry and Stationery Craftsmen Deslgners and Manufacturers of g s K y e Is A ds T oph WM JACKSON Repe t t I833 ROSEWOOD AVE R h d V off Ph M 6009 Rs L 2910 UNIQN WQQLEN MII-L5 DR C F GLQSTER 905 West North Aven NEAR LINDEN AVE DENTIST 0 e E of e H 9 A M 9 p M LADIES lAND MENS SUITS 501 Dolphrn Street S18 50 Up HARLEM LENOX COMPLIMENTS OF UnIted Theatres Incorporated REGENT DIANE FRANKLIN JOE FEINS1-EIN FREDERICK GROCERIES CON.: Shoe RGPGII' Shops 4 W F H SCHOOL SUPPLIES 57' '- WE DELIVER 4 N C :inf P S 1212 P e 'I2I'I Rggs A P M 8651 I6 ss arg sf J. H. ALTERS, .D. i e : Hours 9 A. M.- I A. M. . onument reet 7 P. .-9 P. M. 443 . ag r ree - r. r r. 10 esid nce: c u ou r e - . l o I O I Rin s, Pin , e s, Chains, M da , whr , r ies, Favors I Commencement Invitations, Dance Programs, Calling Cards, Diplomas, Diploma Cases, Social and Business Stationery . , r sen a ive - ., ic mon , a. ice one u - e . a. . . . U9 I . - n venings- fic ours . .- . . ' I 0 Tailored to Order I 104 . mn in sr. ' " aurens Sf- 156 st aurens St. ' a ' ld . . Mes rs. Walter P. Ross 'ey L ennA Ave Wm. J. Hammond Co" Bake' sl' gnu' v ' Pro sa 0 -I I ve' ar o a . Blue Mlrror Dlnlllg Room ost Exclu P I BALT MOR' LH taIItIms 6 Pnnsl nn KEYSTONE PHARMACY North K. DruId HIII A s MUTUAL HELP BUILIIINGANI1 LOAN ASSOCIATION 135 E North Ave Cornphm nts Allener s Beauty Salon RAYMOND S MEN SHOP 1731 Pcnnsylvama Ave H ARRIS RADIO SALES 3. 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Suggestions in the Frederick Douglass High School - Survey Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) collection:

Frederick Douglass High School - Survey Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Frederick Douglass High School - Survey Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Frederick Douglass High School - Survey Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Frederick Douglass High School - Survey Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Frederick Douglass High School - Survey Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Frederick Douglass High School - Survey Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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