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T%1 1 ' I L ® TRt G ' M i- - , N .:, TREKELCLAY m5Qj ' t«7 fim ' C ' imt mc t The Frederick Douglass Book Of Philosophy Introduction 2 Academics . . Chapter I 5 Classes Chapter II 79 Student Life Chapter III 155 Conclusion 219 Ads Chapter IV 225 Since 1928 1983 Polaris Frederick Douglass HS 225 Hightower Road Atlanta, Georgia 30381 BeCT7-T?! sa t?ef Title Page 1 Introduction The planet Earth is an everchanging sphere and one of the greatest changes ever to occur is the change that we are in the process of experienc- ing with high technology. For the, first time in the history of mankind, the computer was declared " Man of-ithe Year. " This announcement made by Time magazine in its January Srdissue leads one to the conclusion that a working knowledge of high techriiology is imperative. This need leads to the theme of our book, the philosophy of Frederick Douglass. Frederick Douglass, a firm believer in universal suffrage, women ' s rights, and world peace was emphatic about his concern for education. He believed that a complete and comprehensive education was the means to meet the challenges of the future. His philosophy on education is perhaps more relevant now than ever. Classes must be taken more seriously. Novels must be read weekly and newspapers studied daily. At a time like this, the initiative must be taken by the student himself. At a time like this, students must realize that no one owes nor gives one anything. At a time like this, students must realize that one must learn, grow, and change with the rest of the world. And . . 7 and we, the iifniiltors of Frederick Do| legacy, must catch that fire, challenge our owhprioTl- ties, and prepare for a future so different that we can scarcely imagine it. Introduction ' ' — 4 Chapter I Academics " Students And Faculty Expressing What They Have Learned ' I. Dedication 6 II. Administrators 8 III. Staff 10 IV. 8th Grade 12 V. 9th Grade 24 VI. 10th Grade 36 VII. 11th Grade 48 VIII. 12th Grade 60 Academic Chapter I — 5 Once a happy-go-lucky biology teacher at Douglass, Mr. Fortson must sometimes wonder how he lost the frogs and found the paper. Consider that in the eleven years in which he has served as Assistant Principal, his office has processed approximately 24,200 lunch card applications and evaluated each of them, assigned approximately 24,200 lockers and (repaired many of them), filed approximately 24,200 attendance cards, and verified formal enrollment for six days at the beginning of each school year, for approximately seventy-three homerooms a year (that is verified approximately 52,998 enrollment reports.) Students are aware of his role as a disaplinarian, but many way not realize that he spends every other Saturday (approximately 200 over the eleven years) participating in Douglass ' s unique Saturday work program which serves as an alternative to suspension for many students. As a member of the administrative team, his attendance at and supervision of countless athletic events helps make these activities possible, Further in addition to his supervision of the basement and first floors, having moved his office from the familiar second floor location this year. His is one of those tough, demanding jobs that requires dedication, commitment and tremendous investment of time. It doesn ' t have much glory, but it is essential to the smooth functioning of the school. It is therefore, with sincere appreciation that we dedicate this 1983 edition of the Polaris to Mr. Carver Fortson. We thank you for your investment in us. 6 —— Dec! ication Dedication: Mr. Carver Fortson Dedication Mr. Fortson 7 Administrators Mr. Richard E. Raymer, President of the Board of Education Dr. Alonzo Crim, Superintendent of Atlanta Public School Dr. Moses Norman, Superintendent of Area I © ™» ' = Academics Administration Our Administrators The Administrative team supervises a game. The new face on this page is the face of Mrs. V. Lockett. While we have known her for many years as the English Department chairper- son, this year, with the departure of Mrs. J. Daniel to Walter White Elementary, Mrs. Lockett gave leadership to the Magnet Program committee and assisted with many supervisory tasks. Mrs. Lockett recommended Tales of Shakespeare By Charles and Mary Lamb to students to read. The significance of the book to her was that it was a wonderful opportuni- ty for the very young to become acquainted with and enjoy Shake- speare ' s plays which are told in simple, easy to read fairy tale — like stories. Mrs. V. Lockett, Magnet Program Coordinator Academics Administrators — 9 Registrar And Secretaries How to Read a Book by Mor- timer J. Adier Adier ' s How To Read a Book is perhaps the best book on the market in teaching one how to read a book. IN his own words Adier says, " the art of reading analytically, interpretivelly, and critically is indispensible only for the kind of reading by which the mind passes from a state of un- derstanding more, and for read- ing the few books that are capa- ble of being read with increasing profit over and over again. " This book is highly recommended for high school seniors. Mrs. Mclver, Registrar Mrs. Mclver checks the computer roster. R. Johnson, Lead Secretary Academics Staff Cafeteria Staff I- mI L. King, Dietician L. Alphabet M. Caldwell L. Edward B. Ferguson L. Garntt 0. Griffin M. Hodges C. Hughley F. Jacobs G. McKinnie W. Munday T. Russell A. Smith V. White Environmental Service Engineers — Front row — M. Willingham, J. Parham, S. Collins. Back row — R. Crochan, Engineer. T. Bradford, T. Gleaton. E. Bland, Nurse Academics Staff 11 6 . " % Sub-Freshmen Right, Charlie Harris knows he has this question Center. Martricia Wright uses the card catalog to find a book on her favor- ite subject Below Mrs. Wilder tells a student what she expects to be done Lower right Anthony Glover listens intensely to what Mrs. Lawhorn has to say Far right Danielle Williams tries to whip up a creative composition ,- 1 r ' " --- iQ . il jity Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Rage of Angels by Sidney Sheldon It was a great novel for es- capism which promoted ap- preciation for one ' s own lifes- tyle. No comment. E. Adger Business Education R. Anderson Home Economics L. Arnold Mathematics Academics Sub-Freshmen Sub-Freshmen A Class Of Strong-Minded Individuals The members of the class of nineteen-hundred eighty-seven was so enlightened that it was not surprising that they all chose to be a part of the Frederick Douglass High School family. From observation, one can come to the conclusion that this class has a wide range of knowledge (savior-faire), and that they had much insight into what was going on around them. This was most likely a result of their conscious- ness, perception, and compre- hension of the things that they saw, heard, and read. " There is no defense or securi- ty for any of us except in the highest intelligence and devel- opment of all. " According to counselor, H. Bi- gelow, the class of nineteen-hun- dred eighty-seven, " has a broader base of information and was exposed to more than many classes preceding it. " The great span of knowledge which has been digested by the sub-fresh- men class has caused it to devel- op a great desire to learn. This year there was a greater demand to take advanced classes than there were slots for. This shows that the incentive to learn was very great this year. Even more thrilling was the new observation that the advanced classes were more evenly distribu ;ed between boys and girls. This may be a trend that more males were tak- ing more of an interest in their academic courses. From a sub-freshman ' s point of view, one may find that the usual English and mathematics classes were the most challeng- ing. But newly arriving on the scene of challenging classes was the PECE course. Some sub- freshmen found that literature and composition were mind-bog- gling. Trying to say and attempt- ing to write on particular subjects in a specified form was antago- nizing. In mathematics. Algebra I, was a new concept which for some sub-freshmen which takes some time to comprehend. Along with the Algebra I class some sub-freshmen were exposed to computers, which was also a challenge. The PECE class was a course that primarily gave exper- ience in different aspects of pur- suing a career. Also, from a sub-freshman ' s point of view, Band, Chorus, and Science were among the most enjoyable classes. Band, Chorus, and Science were classes which most sub-freshmen found to be rigorous and fun. " If you teach him how to read, he ' ll want to know how to write, and this accomplished, he ' ll be running away with himself. " Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty A Japanese Fairy Tate I feel every high school student should read it if he or she wishes to become a total in- dividual. All of Victoria Holfs Novels They are books that the whole family can read. They are interesting and enjoy- able. O. Askew Chairperson. Home Economics Everything You Always Want- ed to Know about Nutrition by David Reuben, M.D. This book was concerned with a physiological need that must be satisfied before other needs can be met. Academics Sub-Freshmen — 13 Sub-Freshmen Right. Ms. Thompkins watches Alfred and Ronald ' s progress while they listen to a casette tape. Below, Lamont McGhee, " Man. do you know where Afghanistan is? " Bottom Center. " Mrs. Terry, I know the answer! " Bottom right, Sandy Cofleld smiles because she has almost completed her assign- ment. Far right. Catrina Walton tries to work a diffi- cult math problem. Top right. Sullivan, Mark, and Ronald listen while Ms Thurman explains a new mathematical conce[jJ. Middle ight. Mekael Daniels, " Math. math, and more math. " Bottom right. William Pitts, " I ' m depressed It ' s time for midquarter reports " Bottom far right. Mrs. Terry, gives instructions to her class on oral language. ulty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty The Hiding Place by Corrie Tenboom This book was writ- ten to show how one ' s indi- vidual faith gave her sub- staining power during the Nazi invasion of Holland. The Thornblrds by Colleen McCullough This book was very interesting. Although it was long, it holds your inter- est until the end. 14 ™ " Academics Sub-Freshmen Sub-Freshmen New Requirements The Atlanta Board of Education has changed the requirennents for the entering eighth grade high school students. Now, in- stead of the eighth grade count- ing towards graduation, it shall be counted separately. The new requirements now demand that an eighth grader pass at least thirteen classes, all of which are specified classes. These classes, include three quarters of English, Math, two quarters of Social Sci- ence, and one quarter of Sci- ence, Physical Education, Health, PECE, and an elective. The Mathematics Department offers the courses of Laboratory Mathematics, Fundamentals of Mathematics and Elementary Al- gebra to eighth graders. Labora- tory Mathematics deals with the study of the development of the decimal system, expanded nota- tion, and the study of conditional and compound sentences. Fun- damentals of Mathematics deals with metric and non-metric ge- ometry, the national number sys- tem and operations with rational numbers. Finally, Elementary Al- gebra involves the study of the foundation of algebra, graphing, and simple quadratic equations. ilty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty The Grapes of Wrath It dem- onstrated the mortality and vunerabillty of man. Yet, it also showed very vividly how the human spirit can endure tremendous hardships. Don Quijote by Miguel de Cervantes and Shogun by James Clavell The first was the testimony to be different in spite of ridicule. The sec- ond is the best " can ' t put it down " book I ever read. K. Blaydes Foreign Language Charles M. Sheldon ' s In Sheldon ' s In His Steps This was a fictional account of what happened in the lives of Church people who took their Christian commitment to heart for a year as a test. Academics Sub-Freshmen — 15 Sub-Freshmen Top left Mrs. Wilder gives notes on the for- mation of tine universe. Top center Julia Bond reads a novel during health. Top right Mr. A. Turpeau, speaks to a PECE class during last spring. Top far right Frederick Hill and Johnny Harris take a break from their PVT assign- ments. Middle far right Sonja Tanner listens to a lecture on the founding of Georgia. Bottom far left Dwayne Hill, looks up to Frederick Douglass. Bottom left Allen Winston plans his design in drafting. Bottom center Jerome Dewberry learns math skills through a casette tape. Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty The Lessons of History By Will Durant It was a clear, concise pre- spective of the development of civilization. It helped me to look at all facets of life with hope and understanding. The Greatest Miracle In the World It was a very inspiring book that made me glad I read it. Ltc. W. Boyle ROTC Department C. Brannon Mathematics R. Braswell Mathematics Academics Sub-Freshmen Sub-Freshmen The Science Department of- fers the courses of Weather and Climate, Changing Earth, and Earth In Space. Weather and Cli- mate is a detailed study of the structure and changes in the at- mosphere and hydrosphere, the use of weather instruments, weather patterns and prediction, and causes and varieties of cli- mates. Changing Earth is a de- tailed study of the planet earth, its matter, composition and lay- ers, hydrosphere, weathering and movements. The geologic time scale is also pursued. Earth In Space is a study of the earth in relation to space, especially the solar system and universe. Also taken into consideration is mo- tion, gravitation, seasons, time, and space travel. The English Department offers a variety of courses according to the student ' s reading level. The courses offered are Reading Dev- lopment. Literature for Everyday Living. Reading Development is a sequenced skills course for stu- dents in grades eight through twelve who show particular weaknesses in vocabulary, com- prehension, and study skills de- velopment. Literature for Mod- ern Man is an examination of genre which represent ideas and values typical of and important to our times. This course is de- signed to proved more exper- ience with good literature to stu- dents who need to continue de- veloping language skills. Compo- sition for Everyday Living is a lan- guage experience approach to composition instruction which will allow students to explore the fluency and fun of language through games, oral discussion, drills and various group pro- cesses. Emphasis is also be placed on practical and function- al writing experiences. Defitirtion .Mathematics — Math-e-mat-ics :, V Webster ' s definition — npl: the scieii i of numbers and tiieir operations. | Pur definition — a form of torture Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Flowers in the Attic, Petals on the Wind, if There be Thorns by V.C. Andrews Enjoyment. I Ain ' t Much, But I ' m All I ' ve Got by Jess Lair This book helped the reader get in touch with his inner self and recognize the strengths he possessed. The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz Many people have negative thought patterns; they are not successful. This book will assist them in changing their thinking patterns and achieve. E. Brothers Business Education B. Busby Science Academics, Sub-Freshmen — 17 « J Sub-Freshmen To Lett — The ladder of success leads to the heavens. Top Center — Sandals worn by people from the royal family (Adrinka Design). Right — Portrait of Alma Simmons in the Art Gallery. Bottom Lett — The Art Gallery is renamed for a former Douglass teacher. Bottom center — The masai war- rior of Ken ya. East Africa, and an Old Man of the Village, from Central Africa. iiiiumimimtiisaMiulMiSMiil i TEr ' . ALMA SIMMONS MEMORIAL GALLERY ATLANTA PUBLIC SCHOOLS AREA .1 Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Dusk of Dawn by W.E.B. Du- Bois As a scholar, sociologist, his- torian, writer, and militant, black genius. Dr. DuBois dedicates his brilliant talents to dispelling the myth of black inferiority. D. Carr Home Economics Photo Not Available M. Carruthers Paraprofessional Catherine Cool son ' s Trilogy I chose this trilogy which fol- lowed a family through three generations of love and hate because its author ' s ability to solidify one ' s belief in predes- tination. A. Cleveland Art Academics Sub-Freshmen Sub-Freshmen l »l W II I !liM|iliii . i The Social Studies Department requires that one take Georgia History and Georgia Culture. Georgia History is a course that deals with the socio-economic and political forces that shape values, beliefs, and roles of eth- nic groups are examined in se- lected periods of Georgia and United States History. Georgia Culture is a study of the popula- tion, of Georgia, both past and present, their cultural character- istics, and of how social, political, economic, and environmental changes have effected changing values and changing cultures. The Physical Education De- partment offers two basic courses. Introduction to Physical Education and Teamgame. Intro- duction to Physical Education is an introductory course of basic skills, basic movement, and indi- vidual activities. In Team games the student gets basic rules, skills, history, etc., of games thcit require teams. Lead-up games are taught prior to playing a real game so as to create interest, competition, and team spirit. Definition Science — Sci-ence I Webster ' s definition — a RfipW,.v covering general truths or the ope tion of general laws. |, ,„ Our definition — a class where not oriiy ' ' do you learn about electricity, but the assignments also give you arj-electric- shock, i Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faci Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevski The morals showed regard- less how insignifant you think a person is, they have the right to live and do the things that they please. 1984 and Brave New World The books epitomize the re- sults of a capitalistic and a socialistic society. They showed in vivid details what happens to a society having lost its individuality. Scarlet Letter It affords the student an op- portunity to evaluate the moral society In which we live today in comparison to the moral society of yester- year. Academics Sub-Freshmen — 19 « .« Sub-Freshmen Left Kevin Rogers works on his English in the library. Center Ms. Thurmond, shows students a new math techique. Right Torey Burse listens to another stu- dent ' s answer in class. Bottom left Students listen and take notes from guest speaker. Bottom center Mrs. Perkins explains her test grade to her students. Bottom right Or. B.E. Mays, autographs book for Vicent Gideon. Bottom far right Student does a backward rollover showing off new skills. u WHDRREMDJ Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene It was the story of a Mexican Catholic priest ' s self strug- gle. It is significant because it presents a subtle under- standing of personal values. Living Loving and Learning by Leo Buscaglio Informally written, this stresses loving, understand- ing and appreciating yourself as a prerequisite of becoming truly successful in life and sharing it with others. M. Creecy Home Economics 20 Academics Sub-Freshmen Sub-Freshmen The Physical Education De- partment also teaches the Health course. Health is a basic course of human relationships, reproduction, veneral diseases, contraceptives, and puberty. The purpose is to make teenages aware of these concepts, and to stress the need to be healthy both physically and mentally. The PECE class, (Program of Education and Career Explora- tion), involves student participa- tion in hands — on work exper- iences in each of the six broad occupational categories in var- ious community settings for short periods of time. The pro- gram is exploratory in nature and is not designed to train or pre- pare students for specific occu- pations. Nor, is the PECE curricu- lum designed to encourage stu- dents to make specific vocational choices. The program involves work exploration, group guid- ance, and related learning. The activities include tours, small group discussions, task assign- ments, surveys of students inter- ests, group and individual use of printed and audio-visual career information resourses, and group and or individual projects. Webster ' s definition — np(: a studi Ion a lower level having chiefly first l |year standing. J |Our definition — a group at Dou l " that seems to increase by: " " " « ' ten each year. -p acuity Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Facul Clothes and Your Appear- ance It will introduce you to all areas of personal grooming, clothing, textiles, and related arts. The focus of the was on you as an individual. Russian Stories and Legends by Leo Tolstoy I recommend it because (1) despite what is purported to be, within Rus- sia the idea of brotherly love does exist; (2) you will glean a new prespective about Rus- J. Dansby Mathematics Roots by Alex Haley This book will help the stu- dent gain knowledge of black history and heighten their awareness of the trails and triumphs of black people. Academics Sub-Freshmen — 21 Scholastic Astros Attend Mitzi Appling Attended her second year at Ptillllps Academy. Andover. Massachusetts, in the (MS) Program. Zinethia Clemmons Attended Clark College ' s Sci- ence, Engineering, and Math- ematics Institute. Charia Hill Attended her first year at Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts, in the (MS) Program. Participated in the MITE Pro- gram at Tuskegee Institute. Sonya Bacote Attended Clark College ' s Sci- ence, Engineering, and Math- ematics Insitute. Benita Daniel Participated in the LEAD Pro- gram at Columbia University, in New York City. Participated in the Emory University Summer Scholars Program. What is the probability of the United States having a nuclear war in the next five years? What is a half turn and a rotation? How do you build a bridge? How do you deter- mine the fracture point of an object? What is an ecological system? What is the best way to interpret analogies? How does the political policy of South Afica affect U.S. policy towards South Africa? Artistine Mann Attended Clark College ' s Sci- ence, Engineering, and Math- ematics Institute. Kevin Richardson Graduated from, the (MS) Program at Phillips Acade- my, Andover, Massachu- setts. Aaron Turpeau Participated in the C-Map Program at Carnegie-Mellon University. 22 " ■ " ■ Academics Summer Programs Stephanie Boyd Attended Emory University ' s Medical Research Program. Grady Dunn Participated in the C-Map Program at Carnegie-Mellon University. Alva Campbell Attended the " Introduction to Engineering and Computer Science " workshop at Ten- nessee Technological Insti- tute. Michelle Easley Attended Clemson University for a career workshop. Meishawn Carney Participated in the MITE Pro- gram at Tuskegee Institute. Kerven Hardnett Attended the " Introduction to Engineering and Computer Science " workshop at Ten- nessee Technological Insti- tute. These are the type ques- tions that many Douglass students asked their instruc- tors this summer. Many stu- dents attended summer pro- grams: the purpose of which was to introduce engineering areas and concepts to high school students. Other sum- mer programs exposed the students to college level courses in mathematics, computer science. English, and science. Beth Montgomery Participated in the " Intro- duction to Engineering and Computer Science " work- shop at Tennessee Techno- logical Institute. Lovell Twyman Attended the " Introduction to Engineering and Computer Science " workshop at Ten- nessee Technological Insti- tute. Archie Mollis Attended the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and the MITE Program at Georgia Tech. Joanna Parker Attended the engineering program at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Latonya Warner Participated in a summer program at Saint Augustine ' s College in Raleigh, North Carolina. Richtina Jinks Participated in the summer program at the Medical Col- lege of Georgia. Participated in the Emory University Summer Scholars Program. Geary Woolfolk Attended the (MS) Program at Phillips Academy, An- dover, Massachusetts, for a second year. Academics 23 Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Afrocentricity: A theory of Social Change by Moleifi Ashanti It was a book that expresses what it means to be an Afro American by exploring Black Culture. No comment. I. Davidson English D. Dollar Driver ' s Education S. Ellison Social Studies 24 Academics Freshmen Freshmen A Bright New Attraction In The Counseling Center Note: this quiz will not affect your grade! Name one of the brightest new attractions in the counseling center this year. Hav- ing a hard time? Well here is a hint. It was not a new airplance, not a swimming pool nor a Pac- inian set. The new attraction in the FDA counseling center was the addition of new counselor, Mrs. J. Connors. Mrs. Connors came to Doug- lass from R.J. Bunche Middle School. She had only been here a few months when the Polaris Staff decided to interview her. Mrs. Connors showed a strong commitment to her students. " Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agi- tation, are men who want rain without thunder and lightning. " Her first goal was to see to their academic and emotional poten- tial was reached. Mrs. Connors commented " I want to help stu- dents develop a sense of self worth. " In order to achieve her goal Mrs. Connors set up an in- terview with every last freshman to discuss his future plans and dreams. However, Mrs. Connors stated that she tried to discour- age students from unattainable goals. She said, wistfully, that " not every student can be a Doc- tor ' J ' , (as though she wished that those who wished to, could). Mrs. Connors had one major point she wanted to make before she had to get back to her busy schedule. She stated " When you ' re down and out remember, there ' s always a light at the end of the tunnel. " " I prefer the substance to the shadow. " Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty His Eye Is on the Sparrow The book points out that one can do whatever he chooses, with a little faith, hope, cour- age, and determination. THE Game of Life by Cather- ine Ponder I chose this book because it gave an interpretation of life based on the laws of nature. From Slavery to Freedom by John Franklin This book paints an accurate historical picture of black people in America. A. Epps Science J. Eure Social Studies Academic Freshmen — 25 Freshmen J5 Left Lisa Momon, looks at Andrew Young with Interest. Center April Anderson, performs for her French Class. Right A student, does her health assign- ment in class. Bottom left Summer Fannin contemplates her recent victory. Bottom center A student, thinks hard on her prob- lem for Mrs. Long. Bottom right Donna Davis looks on with interest. Bottom far right Ping Pong is a breeze for Patrick Battle Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty You Can If You Think You Can by Norman Peale A positive overall self-con- cept was essential in setting and attaining realistic goals throughout life. This book se- lection taught and reinforced many principles of self-image building. Before the Mayflower by Ler- one Bennett It was a historical primer that depicts the rich heritage and straggle of Black people. B. Fannin Social Studies A. Fields Youth Challenge J Fields English Academic Freshman — — 26 Freshmen From a Freshman ' s Point of View The Polaris staff randomly in- terviewed one of the 400 ninth graders in the freshman class. We chose Anthony Wilson of homeroom (9-2) Ms. Stone. Anthony stated that he en- joyed many of the activities that other freshmen did. For exam- ple, he played the trumpet in the school band, and he enjoyed sports. Anthony said that he was glad to be a freshman. He said that " subs get put down, " and now that does not happen any- more. Also, like many ninth graders, Anthony had some initial prob- lems with the understanding of the new requirements. They in- terfered with his class schedul- ing. He wished to take a comput- er course but he had " to many new requirements to fit in. " Definition PECE — PECE 1 Webster ' s definition — n; progra» ploration for career education, definition — pre-vocational educa Ichock full of exciting information, j Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty The Power of Positive Think- ing by Norman Peale Life is beautiful but often de- manding; ttie mental stamina to persist with agility was presented by Dr. Peale for tfiose diligent enough to fol- low his advice. Thursday ' s Child It tells of seventeen year old young man, who, inspite of a rare heart disease, sought to pursue his educational goals. Don Quijote by Miguel de Cervantes No se puede considerar cultia una persona que No ha leido esta gran pieza de la li- teratura espanola. o algo comparable de otra cultura. L. Fitzpatrick English A. Ford Foreign Language Academics Freshmen ■ — 27 i Freshmen Center Robin Kinght, Kelly Fereon speak while walking to class. Right Janee Carter get ready It Is time to warm up In gym. Bottom left Timmy Brown In after school tutori- al. Bottom center Daniel Williams Is trying very hard with not much success. Bottom right Salina Allen awaits an answer from the teacher. Bottom far right Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty No comment. The Greatest Secret In the World by 0. Mandino I find Mandlno ' s books to be not only interesting and ex- citing reading but inspiration- al and a great resource for positive growth In my per- sonal relationships. L. Fowlks Physical Education H. Franklin Mathematics D. Freeman English 28 Academics Freshmen Freshmen Freshman, do you recognize these few itenns? If you do not, take heed. Did you know the freshmen class must have at- tended school a compulsory 180 days a year? They also had to have twenty-one carnegie units (or 315 quarter hours) in order to graduate. They must success- fully pass the Georgia Basic Skills Test (BST) and demonstrate life coping skills. If you did not know these things read on. This year the Georgia Board of Education set down a new set of requirements for the ninth grade class. Some of the competancies the freshmen class must suc- cessfully pass are, Health and Safety, Leisure time Activities, Civil Rights, and Responsibilities and many more. These compe- tencies can be fulfilled by suc- cessfully completing courses such as physical education, cho- rus, Horticulture, drawing, and painting. The student must also have completed, before graduat- ing, classes which demonstrate the student ' s knowledge of " the basic structure and function of the American system of govern- ment, " and classes which define citizens rights and responsibil- ities. With these rigorous require- ments ahead, the class of eighty- six had a demanding four years ahead. L ' YearlMMk — Year-book- ' ' - " Webster ' s definition — n: a school, lication recording the history and _. tivlties of a graduating class. Our definition — a publication oozing with tears and sweat produced yearly to be accepted or rejected by the stu- , d»:it body, , Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee The book was entertaining as well as significance. The style was captivating, and the characters are realistic; I ' ve read it more than once and I never tire of it. Creating from Remnants Gives ideas and direction on items which can be served for your own use or to give as gifts to others; it gives me a lift from everyday routines. Lord the People Have Driven Me Own by Benjamin E. Mays The book gave needed living incentives to help us contin- ue to strive for higher goals in spite of adversities. B. Frost English Chairperson Academics Freshmen — 29 . Freshmen Top Left Fred Latimore and Rodriguez Mar- tin: Take my picture, can ' t you see I ' m doing my work? Left A student listens attentivily in class. Center Left A student takes a break from her hard class. Bottom Left Patricia Norman could you repeat the answer to number sixteen? Center Darryi Hoiiiman does home Eco- nomics home work. Top Right Of course P.E. is academic! Kevin Haughabrol(s. Bottom Right Jolinny Watson uses one of the many machines in the shop area. Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty B. Fuse Social Studies The Education of tlie Negro in the American Social Order by Horace Mann Bond This book ' s worth is found in its full and concise record of the development of Black education in the United States. 30 " Academics Freshmen Mister God, This is Anna This book inabled on to real- ize the importance of appre- ciating the special talents of others as well as your own. Graham Mathematics S. Gray English Freshmen Who was the president of the Freshman class at Douglass dur- ing the 1982-83 school year? It was not Billy Carter, nor Richard Prior. The president for the 1982-83 school year was none other than Jeffry Bond. Jeffry had three major goals for the school year: to increase school spirit, to increase atten- dance at all games, and to in- crease counseling sessions. The latter, he felt, was vital to the understanding of the new re- quirements and the switch to the semester system. Jeffry went into office with the drive and de- termination to accomplish some- thing for his class. He felt it was his " duty " to get the job done. Jeffry ' s word of advice for his classmates was to " Have some one to look up to so you can see how hard they tried. " Jeffry hoped to run for future offices and eventually become a major factor in the student body government. Definition Student Government Associatloii Stu-dent Gov-em-ment As-so-ci-a-tion Webster ' s definition — n: the organiza- tion and nnanagement of student life. activities, or discipline by various stu- dent organizations in school or college. Our definition — that organization with Douglass High School which gives us such exciting events like, the Thanks- giving program, school spirit week,; - the spirit express but to games. ; Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Fact Jonathon Livingston Seagull The author uses the seagull as a symbol to show how an individual can achieve his her goal, through perse- verance, courage, and deter- mination. A. Green Music Walden Thoreau, by Henry David The significance of Walden is in the fact that I learned to be a individual. Being different is an important aspect of grow- ing up and reaching maturity. Academics Freshmen 31 v Freshmen Top left I can do my work without using my hands. Center Tericha Days and Caria Owens dis- cuss answers after class. Bottom Left Nicole Evans listens attentatively and takes notes Bottom Center Wendy Stroud and Latitia Smith look to see who else is in their class. Far right So you have the right answer? Jay Johnson Right Center John Crowder and Traci Jenkins, what do we do know? Top right Yes I understand Raquel Tillman Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth During these perplexmg times we are ail searching tor a real hope — a real goal. This book helped me to find that hope and that goal. Future Shock by Alvin Stoffler This book focuses on the great shock and frustration that human beings exper- ience. M. Hardy Mathematics G. Hathaway Social Studies 32 Academics Freshmen Freshmen Who was the president of the Freshman class at Douglass dur- ing the 1982- ' 83 school year? It was not Billy Carter nor Richard Pryor. The president for the 82- 83 school year was none other than Jeffry Bond. Jeffry had three major goals for the school year: to increase school spirit, to increase atten- dance at games, and to increase counseling sessions. The latter, he felt was vital to the understanding of the new re- quirements and the switch to the semester system. Jeffry went into office with the drive and de- termination to accomplish some- thing for his class. He felt that it was his " duty " to get the job done. Jeffry ' s word of advice for his classmates was to " have some- one to look up to so you can see how hard they tried. " Jeffry hopes to run for future offices and eventually become a major factor in the student body gov- ernment. : Definition JFreshman — Fresln-.,,a,i .:,;,: sp IWebster ' s definition — n: Novlc| istudent in his first year. ' | |Our definition — a group of studi Iglad they are not " subs " anymor Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty No comment. I Wonder as I Wander by Langston Hughes I chose this bool because I enjoy reading about people and their experiences. Occupational Outlook Hand- book This bool enables the stu- dents to chose a career area in which jobs will be available in the future. R. Heard Business Education Academics Freshmen — 33 Spring Productions At Last Spring, the Douglass High School Chorus and Drama De- partment displayed their usual excellence in the performing arts. Their " Cabaret " was an overnight success, with such fa- miliar tunes as " For Once in My Life, " and All That Jazz, " and of course, " Come to the Caberet. " The show, which consisted of dance routines and rousing ren- ditions, was the story of a young man ' s travels to New York. Cassandra Grier, Kimberle Walthall and Treece Whitfield rouse the crowd with " The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy . . , " Right Sonya Maddox sings at the Cabaret Bottom Left Melenle Few discusses a newspaper article with her friends. Center Left Donya Green leads the chorus. 0 t Academics Feature Douglass Are Real Show Stoppers Top Left An " Up With People " player tells us to exercise our minds as well as our bodies. Top Right A dazzling duo. Center Right " Surfing U.S.A. " Bottom " This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius! " Also, this Spring, Douglass was treated to a production by the " Up With People " troop. This menagerie of college students from all over the world sang and danced their way into our hearts. Their positive songs and vivid costumes served to add more to our enjoyment. We were treated to songs from " Hair, " the Su- premes, and a Beach Boy med- ley. Since the group travels world wide, it was an honor and a privi- ledge to have them. Academics Feature 35 v Sophomores Center Cara Williamson in the JETS Assem- bly. Rigtit Haroldeen Johnson looks at her American History book in dismay. Bottom left Kim Greene and Charia Hill and group participate in Social Studies activity. Bottom center Horace Weems listens to Mr. Hill about his behavior. Bottom right Edward Mencer is doing his work diligently. Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Fa Born to Rebel by Benjamin Mays I chose it because vie don ' t have to accept this universal struggle. We educate our youth to detect the wrongs in society and implement posi- tive changes. R. Hetlin English D. Henderson Science H. Henderson P.V.T. Academics Sophomore Sophomore A Look At Sophomore Requirements The class of 1985 has new re- quirements that have to be met before they can graduate. This class is the first to have to meet these requirements. College bound sophomores were expected to take these classes for three quarters: Geometry Biology American History Foreign Language Health Home Economics There are also other require- ments that must be met before " The black man is linked to his brother by indissoluble ties. The one cannot be truly free while the other is a slave. " graduation. They are: Health Safety Career Planning U.S. History Economic Free Enterprise Busi- ness Citizenship Personal Finance Students who wished to gra- duate in 1985 must take the Ba- sic Skills Test (BST), in addition to meeting the academic re- quirements. If one did not pass this test, he she would be given the opportunity to take if five more times in order to pass it once. The portion of the test, (Math Reading), that was not passed would have to be made up in a Remediation Course. No credit would be earned in these remediation courses, so he she might have to take courses in summer school, in order to ad- vance with his her class. The class of 1985 had a great challenge before it which they prepared to meet with the best of their abilities. " America cannot always sit as a queen in peace and repose prouder and stronger govern- ments than this have been shat- tered by the bolts of a just God. " Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Fa The Churchill Wit by Bill Ad- ler This book provided me with some very enjoyable mo- ments and another side of a very brilliant and famous per- son. No comment. All the President ' s Men by Woodwfard and Bernstein It is about the bold misuse or power of so-called men of im- portance in our political sys- tem, students must be aware of this in order to prevent such actions in the future. Academics Sophomore — 37 Sophomore Left Hugh Lethas to close his eyes to think. Center Nash Alexander, Bill Avery, and other sophomores applaud after the speech by Andrew Young. Right Terr! Barber sings her solo in the assembly. Bottom left French class participates in their game. Bottom center Mrs. Jenkins counsels Janice Murray about dance. Bottom right Marial Ellis read a leaflet in the Assembly Room. Bottom far right Seniors and sophomores become members of FBLA and DECA. Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Footprints in the Mind This book was a collection of poems dealing with friend- ship. R. Jackson Business Education G. Jenkins Art and P.V.T. Chairperson 38 — Academics Sophomores M. Jenkins Physical Education Sophomore Sophomore Views The tenth graders interviewed said the BST was only a common sense test. Roni Sullivan, 10-13, said, " All in all I think that the BST was an overall good test that the Public School system administered. And the class of ' 85 ' s test scores should encourage others to strive higher. Jonathan Aaron, 10-1 said, " The BST is a good test for us to take, because some of the stu- dents have forgotten the Basics, and they need to be reminded that they ' re going to have to know them, nat only to graduate, but to function in the outside world. Phoebe Smith — 10-12 said, " When I found out that I had to take the BST, I was very ner- vous. " She felt that most of her classmates felt the way she did. ROTC — ROTC Webster ' s definition — n: Reserve Offi- cers Training Corp. :| Our definition — A rare organizat| i talented cadets. ; » fi Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty No comment The Tongue: A Creative Force by C. Capp The book was very exciting. E. Jordan Industrial Art Money Dynamics for the 80 ' s We are constantly bombard- ed with all types of saving and investment strategies. This book discussed pros and cons of all of them. Academics Sophomore 39 v ' e Sophomores Left Meshawn Doanes speaks to the au- dience. Top center A group of students listens to the candidates for Miss Tenth Grade. Right Melissa Horn reads the lastest book review. Bottom left Kimberly Bradley and Barbara Hall talk about Art. Bottom center A student shows that he can be a Pioneer. Bottom right Terri Robinson takes a break on her way to class. Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty When Bad Things Happen to Good People by Harold Kusher It ' s very inspirational in that it showed how to deal with difficult situations using a positive approach. M. Kendall Social Studies 40 H. Kennedy Physical Education, Chairperson E. K ing Mathematics Academics Sophomore Sophomores Being a sophomore not only nneant that you were in the tenth grade, it also meant that you had two more years until you could sit on the floor of the boy ' s gym- nasium, and one more year until you ordered class rings. But be- ing a sophomore also meant more than those material things that seemed so important to us. It also meant that you were a year older and a bit more ma- ture. You were given greater re- sponsibilities, and you were ex- pected to carry them out to the best of your abilities. You were expected to be well behaved without supervision. You were given more and better opportuni- ties to improve your attitude to- ward life. So, being a sophomore prepared you to go to another grade and it prepared you to be- come a better person. Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Facing Turbulent Times I chose this book because it described the persons God used to bring deliverance to a hurting people and fearful so- ciety. Lord the People Have Driven Me On by Benjamin Mays The bool is inspiring, infor- mative, and captivating, The Mature Mind by Harry Overstreet It keeps one on an even keel, it helps one know himself, un- derstand the behavior of oth- ers, and realize how all this fits into life. D. Lampkin English P. Lawhorn English Academics Sophomore — — 41 f ' Sophomores Angela Cummings studying hard. Ryan Shropshire, Larry Bryant, Cheryl Johnson, Kevin Brady sing- ing the song together. Sophomores have fun in class. Sophomore guys listen to candi- dates for Miss Tenth Grade Mr. Green leads the combined choruses and orchestra Minka Hutchings chats with Quinn Head. Mrs. Carr ' s class ready to cook. Roger Williams finishing math homework. Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty No comment. Strength to Love by Martin L. King Jr. Though wrote in 1963, this book gave timely messages for discipline, strength and a caring attitude needed for achieving happiness and suc- cess in today ' s world. J. Lipscomb Industrial Arts J. Long Mathematics J. Malcolm Physical Education 42 ■ " — Academics Sophomore Sophomores Some tenth grades were inter- viewed to find our their favorite subjects: Nash Alexander — 10-1 I like Math because it ' s like magic; there ' s always an answer. It in- trigues me. April Odum — 10-8, Spanish because I like to experience a dif- ferent language. Later in life. I plan to become an interpreter. I like Biology because I like to learn about different things about the body and what makes it function and how other living things function. Jessica Bryant — 10-2, Eng- lish, because I like to write and in college, I plan to major in journal- ism. Adrianne Mack — 10-12 Sci- ence, because I ' ve always liked it. And I especially enjoy the peo- ple that make it interesting Crystal Sims — 10-12 Math, because it is easy to understand. All the students interviewed did not appear, but most stu- dents interviewed chose Math or Science as their favorite. : Definition Band — Band Webster ' s definition n; a group musicians organized for playing ia§ er. ■Our definition — the group of students ■at Douglass that " high step " and " boo- Kgte down " at the pep session and the igames while playing such songs as r ' Perspire Until You Get Wet " . Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty A Thousand Days — John F. Kennedy in the White House by Arthur Schlesinger Jr. It is an outstanding publica- tion depicting : triumph and tragedy, passion and wit, lit- erature and the arts, history and politics, black struggles, new beginnings and adminis- tration initiative. Mythology by Edith Hamilton Great stories from Greel , Roman, and Norse mytho- logy. The stories are retold in a way that preserves the fla- vor and excitement of the original. L. May Mathematics M. McCullough Science Academics Sophomores 43 V o . ; Kerry Howard introduces herself to her sophomore classmates. Alex Jones researches the respira- tory system. Sophomores clown around. Mrs. Arnold and her chorus sings melodiously. Marshall Johnson and Kimberle Jones are amused by their teacher. Keiser Benton sings Holy Night. Angle Jones accompanies audience in Christmas Carols. Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty No Photo Available M. McGhee Mathematics Let ' s Eat Right to Keep Fit by Adelle Davis was a pioneer in the field of nutrition but was put down as a faddist and health nut. Her book has now gained popularity and ac- claim. No comment. M. McMillan Physical Education E. Merkerson Library Media 44 ■ — Academics Sophomores Sophomores " Challenge " is the word that sophomores used to describe the graduation requirements they had to complete. One of these require- ments is the Basic Skills Test (BST). Clifford Strong, president of the Sophomore Class, said that the un- derclassmen were more privileged than the upperclassmen because they were taking this test. " By Tak- ing this test, " He said " we are able to increase our academic level in test taking. " He felt that the test was very easy and that a high per- centage of his tenth grade class- mates would pass. He also said, " This test is actually preparing us for college because, college will not teach us the basics. We will have to know them when we get there. " Spefinition | §:Sophomore — Soph-o-nriorei : iWebster ' s definition — n: a s| cond year at college ort,. iooi. ..:::;: ii W definition — students too old t i pdies with 8th and 9th graders butf Benough to be chummy with juniors| Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty No comment. Self Love by R.H. Schuller If you don ' t like yourself you should read Self Love and learn how this positive force can help you to change your life. No comment. G tvlrller English V. Miller English Academics Sophomores 45 R.O.T.C. When a person says, " R.O.T.C " , one would think of students dressed in so called " Monkey Suits " . But R.O.T.C. is much more than that. The R.O.T.C. Depart- ment dealt with basic mili- tary subjects. In R.O.T.C, one got to experience lead- ership abilities, and patrio- tism, as well as practicing discipline. R.O.T.C. was a class that required much work and patience. But the work was not in vain. For those cadets that walked the extra mile, a well de- s erved award was given. Front Row: Bernard Hodore, Larry Bryant, Paul Tucker Back Row: Reggie Gresham, Joseph Evans Rifle Team Front Row: Freddie Hightower, Cabaris Kemp Back Row: Timothy Copeland, Frank Lightner, Keith Biackman 46 Academics ROTC Drill Team Front Row: Eric Farmer, Herbert Sanders, Jr., Jerry Stevenson, Elliot Alphabet, Greg Frazier, Carlos Mitchell Second Row: Richard Trammell, Tyron Varner, Dawn Dedeaux, Horace Carney Back Row: Patrick Olive, Avery Sims, Leonard Wyatt, Arundel Jones R.O.T.C. Front Row Sponsors: Terri Daniel, Virginia Earl, Delita Cobb, Sonja Gilmore, April Banks, Sherall Wingfield, Stephanie Boyd, Renita Pope, Latanya Warner, Melshawn Carney, Gwen Brown, Traci Smith, April Porter, Valeria Moss, Felecia Parker, Donna Turner, Annie McNabb, Angela Hill, Gwinette Barnes, Phylis Carter, Debra Jones, Beth Bolden, Karia Woods Back Row Officers: Wallace Smith, Kerven Hardnett, Freddie Hightower, Mario Evans, Joel Davis, Mrs. J. Conner (Advisor), David Booker, Robert Wilder, Norman Smith, Scott Lucier, Alexander Quaynor, Wayne Taylor, Grady D. Dunn, Richard Norton, Eric Farmer, Paul Tucker, Larry Bryant, Ms. B.J. Woolfolk (Advisor), Errol Johnson, Reginald Edwards, Alfred McDonald, Sherman Ezzard, Michael E. Doctor, LTC William P. Boyd Cadets at attention. (Joseph Evans, Larry Bryant, Paul Tucker, Ber- nard Hordore) Color Guard showing off their flags. 5 -N» nuitb R.O.T.C. marching to the song. St. Julien. Drill Team ready to perform. Academics R.O.T.C. — 47 y Juniors s S " Right Bradley Williams — How grody! Center Stephanie Boyd — Look girl! Bottom left Lisa Perrymon — When will this class be over? Bottom Center Robert Jennings — The lone sleep- er. Bottom Right Mitzi King — No, you didn ' t take my picture. Bottom far Right Zondra Mencer — The " teacher look " . Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Fa Mathematics 48 What Manner of Man by Ler- one Bennett It was a striking and moving account of the life and times of Martin Luther King Jr and the movement he led to ob- tain the civil rights of black people. No comment. W. Montgomery Physical Education V. Moody Music Academics Juniors Juniors The Curriculum States For the class of eighty-four, the curriculum is changing. The requirements are different from those for the class of eighty- three. The Eighth Grade does not count towards graduation for this class or the classes following it. Next year, quarters are to be- come semesters and quarter hours will become units. The science curriculum states that one must have taken 15 hours in physical science and 15 hours in biological science for a " Nothing but rigid training, long persisted in, can perfect the character of men and women. " total of 30. There is also an addi- tional 15 hours that one needs in science or math. The physical science classes include earth sci- ence, energy and measure- ments, and physics. Courses of- fered for the eleventh graders are human biology, horticulture, chemical structure, physics, and genetics. Mr. Woods stated that there are no required classes but that one needs 30 hours towards graduation. However usually stu- dents take math up to their sen- ior year. Usually one would be taking advanced algebra, ele- mentary functions, and trigo- nometry during their junior year if one had started taking algebra in their eighth grade year. Also like math, English has no required classes. One needed 60 quarter hours to graduate. There was a balance between writing and reading in these classes. Usually in the eleventh grade one would take U.S. Democracy, U.S. Reform, and Modern U.S. " Every hour sees the blacit man elbowed out of employ- ment by some newly arrived emigrant whose hunger and whose color are thought to give him a better title to the place. " provided that you have not taken the American History classes during the tenth grade. One also took U.S. Law as a citizenship course, which one had to have to graduate. Sociology and psychol- ogy classes usually were taken in the eleventh and twelfth grades if one wished to continue in social studies after completing the re- quired classes. f Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Fc No comment. No comment. Academ ics J uniors 49 Center Rhonda Hall — Can ' t you see that I ' m doing my homework. Top right James Fox works his body to the beat with the rest of the class. Lower left Catherine Porter and Elliot Allhabet have a nice conversation. Lower right Greg Frazier works hard in Spanish. Bottom left Todd Carter is " The Thinker. " Bottom center JETS Assembly. Bottom right Jacqueline Chester, studies math. Bottom far right Micheal Bond talks to his class. qif p rh Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty W. Nabrit Foreign Language The Gospel of Emerson by Newton Dillaway Provoking! Soul stirring! Emerson ' s quotations pro- vided richer illumination in understanding myself, my fellowman. and the " Inner Presence " which I believe pervades the universe. C. Parland Foreign Language, Chairperson 50 Academics Juniors Juniors The Million Dollar Test fou wer " ould you (JO Wi® 1,000,000 (one miilion d 5 rs)? " The most popul pswer given by the girlsk " ' X)0 — Bank it. | OO — Give to parent 00 — Buy a roorq house. || ) — Give it to a chl T __ ' y- 1 — Buy a condomij ium. ;;:l I — Have a swimm| pool built in. l 50 — Buy a car. P most popular answ6 ;iven by the boys are:; J BOO.OOO — Invest, a ' " ■ Invest. ,8 lO — Buy a front or sui mer house i Malibu. ,2500 — Buy an expensi sport car. 31250 — Give it to charitp 15625 — Be a foster par l or give it to th parents. | 7812. 5 — Give it to charitf WHAT WOULD YOU DO? | Definition {| industrial Art — In-dus-tri-al Art j| liyebster ' s definition — n: a subj| taugfit in elementary and seconda ' Ictiools that aim at developing man| Jkills and familiarity with tools and ri| i hines. ;| Our definition — the class in Dougl ' where one learns such useful skills| JbookshelfmaRififiiiaffd abstract I Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Candide by Voltaire La morale finale de Candide a plusieurs sens possibles. Le bien et le mal existent dans le monde, mais pour etre heur- eux, il ne faut pas essayer de comprendre leur raison. II vaut mieux vivre simple et obsur, et " cultiver votre jar- din. " I ' m Ok — You ' re Ok by Thomas Harris, WI.D. It was important because it dealt with human interaction, getting in touch with the real you, and understanding oth- ers. No comment. V. Perkins Social studies E. Pinkston Physical Education Academics Juniors — 51 Juniors r Top left Jana Bray interviews Summer Fan- nin. Top Center Chris Morris plays table tennis. Top right Victor Long works on the word pro- cessor. Lower left Tracie Ellis is paying attention. Lower right Malissa James participates in a French cooking activity. Bottom left Richard Trammell thinks this is really hard. Bottom center Spell bound. Bottom right Tamaril Coleman is silently waiting to sing her solo. Bottom far right Glenda Wallace is all wrapped up in her work. Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty No comment. L. Price Social Studies E. Redwine P.V.T. V. Renfoe Art Si2 " Academics Juni Juniors The junior year had finally come upon the class of eighty- four. Many couldn ' t believe the next to the last year was finally here but it was surely felt. The pressures from demanding classes and responsibilities and the realization of post secondary school careers were anticipated. It was the year of tests namely the PSAT and the ASVAB. The PSAT was the test which quali- fied students for National Achievement and Merit Scholar- ships competition and also pre- pared students to take the SAT. There were mixed feelings about the PSAT among the juniors " . . . it wasn ' t very hard but challeng- ing. " However, most agreed the ASVAB was " ... an unconven- tional method in testing your mental attitude and there was no way you could complete it. " Physical Education — Ph, ca-tion Webster ' s definition — n: f| the care and developmeni •ranging from simple claist y Cises to a course of study pr i. training in hygiene gymnastics, kOur definition — painful n: a clasS: takes to work off all of the tensio the day and sweat of excess calori " fiiiS-ln tho mnrninc : " ' ' ' Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Reading in Art Education by Eisner and Ecker This book was given to me by my professor. It is an excel- lent reference for any ques- tionable concerns in art. B. Robinson Physical Education Academics Juniors — 53 Juniors Left Harold Wright leads the Spanish Honor Society in their oath. Center Kimberly Freeman looks at the board to get her vocabulary words. Joi Bacote takes a short break after a test. Far right Maria Odom shows off her abilities in cooking. Bottom left Geary Woolfolk and Bill Avery per- form in a JETS assembly. Center Cary Sinclair works hard at Span- ish. Right Rodney Cohen works on his pro- ject. Far right Juniors get ready to act out their parts in Advanced Studies. iiSOLUTIOK Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Manchild in the Promise Land by Claude Brown This book I feel should be read by all students at Doug- lass because it describes how one ' s evironment doesn ' t al- ways have to influence his life. Sylvia Porter ' s Money Book It was an excellent guide ' in everyday money matter. A good reference for my work with students. P. Ross Social Studies 54 Academics Juniors B. Sain Business Educatic Chairperson B. Smith Counselor Lead Juniors ASVAB, an acronym given to Armed Service Vocational Apti- tude Battery is administered each year to juniors. The test measures specific skills or abili- ties that are helpful to one as ca- reer counseling for both civilian and military jobs. The California Achievement Test, CAT for short is a standard- ized achievement test given each spring for students enrolled in grades K-12. It measures one ' s achievement in prereading, read- ing, spelling, language, math- ematics, and reference skills. The CAT is administered to give teachers an outlook on how to plan instructional programs for their students. It also provides an objective basis for assessing the overall achievement level of stu- dents for evaluating the goals and the objectives of the school system. Definition Social Studies — So-cial Webster ' s definition — nptif eKest dealing witii human relationsliip the functions of society (as histol,™ vies, economics). Our definition — a class one takes to learn about countries like Nordaustlan- det. Ostrov Greem-Beel, and Pico all rising world super powers that will - «-- ' tly affect our future. Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty I recommend " If " , " Invic- tus " , " Life ' s Mirrors " , " A Psalm of Life " , and " Be the Best of Whatever You Are " . Just Between Us Blacks by Carl Rowan It was a very stimulating book and it is highly recom- mended. Mr, Rowan does ' t give up on black youth. Science and Human Behav- ior by B.F. Skinner I have found Skinner ' s ideas very useful in my teaching and in raising my children. W. Smith Social studies D. Stamm Science Academics Juniors 55 s . Top left (Leslie Epps) I can ' t drive a car. Top center I am thoroughly tired but I must read the book. Top right Monique Walker participates in a skit from Canterbury Tales. Middle left Cheryl Johnson has a friendly chat with a representative. Bottom left (Saladin Blackman) mediating the discussion in English. Bottom center Rena Harden is caught turning the other cheek. Bottom right Kim Wathall lights another stu- dent ' s candle in the Spanish Honor Society induction. Bottom far right (Daron Coates) To be or not to be is the question. Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty My Antonia by Wllla Gather and Works of T.S. Elliot and Nikki Giovanni My Antonia was the first book that I remember enjoying as a teenager. The Works of T.S. Elliot and Nikki Giovanni be- cause of their appeal to uni- versal emotion. No comment. 56 — — Academics J S. Tennyson English L. Terry English uniors Juniors i 0 mf i Eleventh grade president Mi- cheal Bond decided to run for of- fice because he felt he could do the job of President effectively. After being inaugrated, he came to realize the office of President was more strenuous than he imagined. But he expected " ev- ery junior to participate in most if not all junior activities. " Often outside reading can in- fluence one ' s character and val- ues Micheal said that the book A Tale of Two Cities enabled him " to acquire leadership necessary to become president. " This book influenced him because it dis- played the valor and sacrifices made by the characters. Micheal had no one in mind who had been an influence on him; however he did credit Student Government President Aaron Turpeau for set- ting an example " . . . because if anything he is a leader. " Definition Junior — Jun-ior Webster ' s definition — n: a STOt his next to last year before gradi Our definition — One more yeas Hallelujah!!! i Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Narrative Life of FrederJcii Douglass an American Slave by Frederick Douglass This book became my source of inspiration when we were laboring to open this school on schedule. No comment. J. Thompson ROTC Academics Juniors — — 57 Model U.N. This year at the Georgia State Model U.N. Frederick Douglass par- ticipants represented the country of India. They participated in a mo- del assembly forum focused on real life problems such as the Russian invason of Afghanistan. The partici- pants enjoyed it for many reasons; they had an opportunity to meet students from other schools and felt sincerely involved with its ac- tivities relevant to international re- lations. Students who expressed an inter- est in world affairs were asked to participate. Participants took extra steps in studying newspapers, mag- azines, and other periodicals, and paying close attention to network news. The Douglass students did exceptionally well. Jana Bray won a certificate for Most Outstanding Delegate, a first for Douglass. The Model U.S. was a broadin g success " I learned how the real U.N. operates; I also learned of many world issues that I did not know of before. " Model U.N. members: Leslie Meadows; Virginia Perdew; Richtina Jinks; Gary Sinclair Second Row: Jana Bray; Cheryl Johnson; Zondra Mencer; Karen Graham Back Row: Kevin Richardson; Joseph Coles Why are you laughing? " (Virginia Perdew; Leslie Meadows) Jana Bray receiving her certificate U.N. business is hard work! (Cheryl Johnson) 58 Academics Model U.N. Governor ' s Honor Paxton Marks Social Studies JoAnne Parker Science Editor ' s note This is only the local level of competition. Zondra Mencer Mathematics Kimberly Lindsey Spanish Academics Governor ' s Honor — 59 Seniors Left Now let me see . . Felechia Robin- son. Right No mistakes so far Teresa Billinger. Bottom left Lisa Watkins tells everyone she went to Probe. Center Karon Ammons studies for her dri- ver ' s education test. Right I did it, I didn ' t burn myself. (Jackie Price) Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty The Autobiography of Mal- colm X by Alex Haley After having read Roots, I wanted to read something else by Alex Haley. Freedom Fighter Every student should know how far we have come; job opportunities and segrega- tion. 60 J. Thornton Mathematics Academics Seniors H. Trimble Physical Education V. Tuggle Social Studies, Chairperson Seniors After Graduating Future Plans There was more to graduating than getting a diploma. There was the waiting also — like the waiting to hear from the college you most desperately wanted to attend. First, however, one had to contend with the require- ments that college demanded for admission. When looking for a college with very good academic standards. Some may have looked at the cost of room, board, and books, while others may have looked at social life they would have. Several students found that money would be a problem when " If you demand liberty to yourself, allow your neighbors the same right. " they went off to college, and looked into financial aid. Finan- cial Aid was a program designed to assist needy and academically qualified undergraduate students meet their educational expenses. Scholarships were awarded to the bright students. Most aca- demic scholarships were given to students according to the field in which they wanted to major. Sports and military scholarships were also given. These were for students who were outstanding in basketball, football, and ROTC. Looking back on the preparation for college, it wasn ' t so bad, it ' s just " The Way Things Were. " " Some of our numbers have fought for this country, and we only ask to be treated as well as those who fought against it . . . as well as the haters of it. " Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Pulling Your Own String For people who would like to be completely in charge of their own lives. It is for every- one desiring to be their own person. 100 Facts on Blacks by E. Rogers It revealed many facts that have not been published throughout the history of this republic. Many of the facts are not generally known by scholars of history. No Photo Available The Computer and the Brain by John Von Neumann It compare the functioning of the human brain with the op- eration of a computer. W. Turner Science W. Waters Mathematics Academics Seniors 61 Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Animal Farm This was a delightful satire which depicts man ' s greed, his prejudices, and his appre- ciation of power. American Caesar by William Manchester It was a biography of General Douglas MacArthur. It illus- trated the wisdom of civilian control of Armed Forces at high levels in our country. E, White Counselor H. Whitfield ROTC J Wilder Science 62 Academics Seniors Seniors It does not take as much time as the SAT to take even though it is taken in three sections. A College Requirement The SAT and the ACT are col- lege entrance tests. Every col- lege requires one or the other. Some accept both. The SAT is based on a person ' s Mathematical and English abili- ties. It takes approximately four hours to take the test. Out of a total score of 1600 the average score is 900. Most students think it is hard. Some students when asked their opinion said that the SAT was " unconsciously " bi- ased " . While others considered the test fair to all, they replied that it tests you on the level you are expected to be on by 12th grade. They don ' t expect you to make a perfect score. Most peo- ple said that from their exper- ience, when they studied, they made better scores. How does one study for the SAT? Among the suggestions was for one to study the dictio- nary for vocabulary, to do a lot of reading on various subjects, to look up all new words, and prac- tice using them in everyday life. The ACT test is not as popular. Mbnie Economics - Home Ec-o-nom- ics Webster ' s definition — n: the study of ttie various arts and skills involved in the care and management of a house- hold. Our definition — one of the few classes lOlferedoVi ere one can honestly claim, Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Animal Farm It was significant because it showed how life was run. When one rules it shows how one acts. The Poetry of the Negro by Langston Hughes A book of poems to stimulate an awareness of being a beautiful black person. Gone With the Wind by M Mitchell and Madame Bovary by Flaubert The first book is the only nov- el that I ' ve read more than once. I like Flaubert ' s writing style. I would love to write as he does. D. Williams English S. Williams Science Academics Seniors — — 63 Seniors UOCHTIQ Left John Ellis studies his Spanish. Center Valorie Freeman speaks on Voca- tional Installation. Right This is really interesting. (Rodney Phillips) Bottom left This is the right way to draw. (Rod- ney Patrick) Bottom center I need a break. (Arelishes Chap- man) Bottom right Anita Lofton asks William Tanner how this experiment goes. Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty The Incredible Journey by Shelia Burnford If you are an animal lover you will enjoy this incredible book a book about two dogs and a cat. It is full of humor. Overcoming Math Anxiety by Sheilia Qobias It provided suggestions for problems associated with math anxiety. It is good for people who claim " I just can ' t do math. " J. Woods Mathematics, Chairman B. Woolfolk Mathematics 64 - Academics Seniors Seniors . inSTHLLRTIO The Probe Fair was a gathering of a small number of college re- presentatives. The representa- tives had the necessary applica- tions and they were always ready to answer a question. The NSSFNS fair however was more extensive. This fair had more col- leges from all around. The col- leges were quick to win one over with little souvenirs they gave away. The fairs gave juniors a previews so that they could begin making their choices early. For the seniors, the fairs made deci- sion making a little bit easier. Short of touring a college cam- pus, Probe and NSSFNS were the next best thing to being there. Definition ,, Library — Li-brar-y ::Webster ' s definition — n: a place in ; which literary, musical, artistic, or ref- erence materials are kept for usesj s not for sale. Our definition — the only placie Douglass where one willingly ti books home. Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty I ' ve Got to Talk to Some- body, God If you have a problem read this book. You will find the best friend in the world to converse with and the most inspirational reading. Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Hurston Excellent entertainment for reading buffs. No comment. D. Wright English F. Wright P.V.T. Academics Senio r — 65 Seniors Alison Gibson tells everyone she is Barbara Hall ' s dentist. Center Seniors showed that Physics Is not that bad. Right Eh, what ' s up. (Joseph Coles) Bottom left Mr. Hill helps Richtina Jinks with her Calcu- lus. Bottom center Ana one, ana two . (Charles Locke) Bottom far right Kenneth Thomas and Michael Lewis work hard as Mrs. Sain ' s aides. Bottom Right Mr. Stamm demostrates an experiment with fire. Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty No comment. M. Wright Social Studies W. Miller English bo " Academics Seniors Seniors Before departing this great school, all seniors must have achieved the required quarter hours in Science, Mathematics, English, and Social Studies. In the science field, one might have found very demanding Physics on his schedule. Or if one was into knowing about the body Hu- man Biology was an order. Trigo- nometry, Calculus, and Logic were the main Mathematics courses being taken. After the re- quired sixty hours of English, Shakespeare, or Trends In Con- temporary Literature might have been taken. For those who didn ' t prefer Literature, Occupational English, or Argumentation were good courses. For seniors want- ing to know more about their own and other countries as well. World Studies could be taken. For students who wanted to know a little about countries and how they related to each other, they might have taken Interna- tional Relations. Definition 1 North Star — North Start Webster ' s definition — n: thg s. the northern hemisphere to ,, ] which the axis of the earth points| Our definition — The paper that re " sents students by providing enterj siSiont for them. ' S Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Rules for Teachers 1872 1. Teachers each day will fill lamps and clean chimneys. 2. Each teacher will bring a bucket of water and a scuttle of coal for the days session. 3. Make your pens carefully. You may whittle nibs to the individual taste of the pupils. 4. Men teachers may take one evening each week for counting if they go to church reg- ularly. 5. After ten hours in school, the teachers may spend the remaining time reading the Bible or other good books. 6. Women teachers who marry or engage in unseemly conduct will be dismissed. 7. Every teacher should lay aside from each pay a goodly sum arnn of his earnings for his benefit during his declining years, so that he will not become a burden on soci- ety. 8. Any teacher who smokes, uses liquor in any form, frequents pool or public halls, or gets shaved in a barber shop will give good reason to suspect his worth, intentions, integrity and honesty. 9. The teacher who performs his labor faith- fully and without fault for five years will be given an increase of twenty-five cents per week in his pay, providing the Board of Education approves. Academics Seniors 67 Seniors Left That really wasn ' t funny. (Margo Whatley) Center Curtis Davis explains the spinal col- umn. Right Biiiy Odom passes out Installation oath. Bottom left Tracey Smith looks at Randall Ream while explaining. Bottom center Tina McCormick watches in dis- may. Bottom right Delita Cobb speaks to the class on the topic of the day. Clubs Clubs Clubs Clubs Clubs Clubs Clubs Clubs Clubs Clubs Clubs Club 68 Art Club — Front Row — Alicia LaSane, Lisa Davis, Miriam Allen, Constance Carson, Second Row — Susan Lowe, Theresa Anderson, RaShelia Sherard, Sandie Blake, Mignon Jackson, Courtney Foster. Back Row — Arthur Wilson, Curtis Tanner, Rodney Johnson, Troy Kitchens. Audio Visual Club — Front Row — Mark Twiggs, Rodney Phillips, George Smith, Quinn Hood. Second Row — Mrs. Wilson, Torey Burst, Kimberlee Clark, Wanda Tanner, Curtis Tanner, Janine Mee- kins, Tina Flagg, April Anderson. Back Row — Jim Simpson, Robert Wilder, Grady Dunn, Michelle Hampton, William Tanner. Seniors Being the President of the United States is a very tough job, and being president of a senior class isn ' t easy either. Margo Whatley had one of the most dif- ficult jobs a student could have. She had to make decisions for seniors that no other person would like to make. Margo said that her duties required a great deal of determination, patience, and understanding. When asked w hy she wanted to be a part of the senior council Margo replied that she loved and respected the class of eighty-three. She also said that after being with the sen- iors for so long she felt she knew what they wanted and what they deserved. Margo said, " If I could change anything in the world it would have to be the teachers salaries. I would make them the highest paid individuals in the world. If it were not for the teachers, who lay the foundation of every hu- man being as far as learning is concerned, no other occupation would exist — someone has to teach " . Senior — Sen-ior j Webster ' s definition — n: b is of higher rank than anottlefll dent in his last year before grad ijfrom an educational instution. efinition — " What can we Mubs Clubs Clubs Clubs Clubs Clubs Clubs Clubs Clubs Clubs Clubs Clubs Computer Calculators — Front Row — Samuel Thompkins, Virginia Earl, Antoinette Baker, Meisliawn Carney, Kimberly George, Marvin Bryant, Derek Marks, Bennie Bridges. Back Row — Alfred Mc- Donald, Ralph Ball, Latonya Durrah, Karl Browning, Trent McMil- lan, Kimberly Green, April Anderson, Lamont McGhee, Mr. Woods, sponsor. D.R. Club — Front Row — Donald Turner, John Williams, Bradley Williams, Back Row — Frederick Gay, Mr. Hill, LeRoy Lockhart. Academics Seniors - 69 Top Ten And National Achievement Meishawn Carney Joseph Coles Grady Dunn Valerie Freeman Kim Harden RIchtlna Jinks • Benjamin Logan • Tliaddeus Lynn ♦ Caria Mann Virginia Perdew Editor ' s note: These were the top ten students as of senior con- tract night. This does not necessar- ily reflect the final class standing. Arcliie Hoiils Mr. Woods, Star Teacher KEY Top Ten National Achievennent Finalist and Semi-Finalist Top Ten National Achievement Daily World Monthly Winner Century 3 Winner Star Student National Achievement . Clubs LRTIC FBLA — Ront Row — Renita Pope, Sonya Hall, Jackie Price, Carmelita Weaver, Rhonda Freeman, Melissa Neal, Pamela Redmond, Angela Hill, Second Row — LaSheila Neal, An- drea Rucker, Seniqua Williams, Tonia Leslie, Sabrina Robinson, Gretta Gates, Lisa Brown, Damayata Thomas. Third Row — Retonia Fleetwood, Menasha Morrow, April Banks, Nezetta Young, Beth Bolden. Fourth Row — Grant Lipscomb, Wil- liam Odum, Reginald Bankston. Fifth Row — Ronald Maddox, Gerald Jen- nings, Jerome Hutchins. Back Row — Rodney Willis, Rodney Hubbard, Quenton Morgan. FHA — Front Row Mrs. Creecy, Se- lena Freeman, Kimberle Walthall, Tammy Benton, Demetria Nealey, Sheri Boddie, Barbara Moody, Her- bertyne Williams, Mrs. Askew. Sec- ond Row — Sonya Dean, Shelli Barnes, Karia Ware, Carmen Bar- bour, Caria Barbour, Valerie Free- man, Gerika LaMar. Third Row — Leslie Newsome, Theresa Tyer, Lisa Momon, Dorothy Sorrow, Traci Wil- liams, LaShawn Mack, Samantha TInch, Vicki Austell, Kellye Hauga- brook. Back Row — Melissa Boston, Kimberly Tenner, Denee Juhan, Ros- lyn Hawkins, Jaye Johnson. FLA — Front Row - Sonja Ellison, Wil- liam Tanner, MItzi King, Candise Needom, Patrick Zackery, Quentin Meriwether. Second Row — Marty Turpeau, April Ferrell, Kimberlee Clark. Back Row — Trennye Tomlin- son, Janice Murray, Pauline Warrior, Senta Johnson, Keith Blackmon, Ur- sula Dunn, Caca Wilcox, Dawnya Ward, Wanda Tanner. DECA — Front Row — Yolanda Hompton, Durand Finch, Jeffrey Briney, Gertha Stewart, Johnny Nolmes, Kelvin Slocumb, Mr. Jack- son. Second Row — Kim Jackson, Lorna Walker, Valencia Womble, Mar- cus Samples, Angela Richardson, Shannon Justers Tracey Jones, Fred- die, Porter. Third Row — Lisa Davis, Valeria Rutledge, Olivia Brown, Cree Beasley, Kimberly Gibson, Bridgette Smith, Charlene Grier, Albert Ander- son, Felix Finch. Back Row — Cheryl Harp Academics Clubs Clubs Girls Chorus — Front Row — Alicia Mor- gan, Laquita Gary, Wendie Stroud, Sa- brina Zackery, Rosalyn Sims, Felicia Zack- ery, Glennis Tillman, Lisa Mitchell, Bob- bie Sutton, Ontaria Nines. Second Row — Cecelia Walker, Angel Jones, Demetric Bell, Bridgette Williams, T ' Ericket Days, Artrisia Patterson, Teresa Pryor, Victoria Creecy, Adriane Williams, Ursula Stevens, Kieser Benson. Third Row — April Porter, Alicia Porter, Wendy Smith, Daphne Leon- aird, Cassandra Williams, Jerrita Bryant, Bridgette Andrews, Sheri Davis, Angela Gay. Back Row — Tracye Osby, Anita • Middlebrooks, Merly Nette Morris, Doro- thy Sorrows, Jaye Johnson, Gwendolyn Foster, Leslie Newsome. Boy ' s Chorus — Front Row — Marty Tur- ' ' 9 peau, Bobby Gates, Roderick Heard, Vin- cent Ross, Daryll Hardnett, Sammy Wilder. Second Row — Sherman Clark, Jamarcus Johnson, Tracey Porter, Daryll Redmon, Ralph Jones, Bobby Lester, Laurence Dillard. Third Row — Herman Clark, Stanley Mitchell, Edwin Greene, Winton Nunnally, Eric Farmer, Anthony Gray, Davey Thrash. Back Row — Robert Fields, Clifford Barrow, Zachery Grady, Artis Anderson, Maurice Manor, James Harris, Kerven Hardnett. Eighth Grade Chorus — Front Row — Corey Matone, Brody Meridy, Gerard Da- vis, Kevin Rogers, George Baker, Anthony Hammond, Dexter Magby, Xavier Collins, Julian Pleas, Reginald Mack. Second Row — Marcus Josey, Geoffrey Thorpe, Mar- cus Pitts, Erie Walker, Steven Jones, La- Relle Britt, Major Fields, Howard Bob, Pa- lae Cloud, Ronald White, Charlie Harris, Reginald Malcolm, Ronnie Nuckles, Har- old Williams. Third Row — Keith Jonew, Tiffony Lamar, Shoanetta Murphy, Che- veta Deabrooks, Sharon Coleman, Shunda Dennison, Jacqueline Keels, Traci McCormick, Pamela Days, Shanelle May- field, LaTonya Brown. Fourth Row — Car- reno Haynes, Bari Chavios, Traci Slaaughter, Yolanda Bailey, Lisa Fapley, Charlene Doughlas, Kellie Harris, Wy- lethia Williams, Tonja Moore, Evelyn Tay- lor, Sandy Coffield, Tia Brown, Tawanya Huiel, Sonya Tanner, Mishelle Bivens, Kanetha Coney, Antionette Cooksey. Back Row Kimberly Caldwell, Che Gore, Robin Jenkins, Regina Peavy, Paula Parks, Jen- nifer Boston, Darlene Clark, Ondra Keller, Helen Jackson, Juana Harris, Danielle Wil- liams, Tammy Williams, Angela Wither- poon, Tamara Ferguson, Carolyn Heath, Terri Reeves, Nikki Howard, Glenda Ward. 72 " — Academics Clubs Clubs Mass Communications — Front Row — Michael Doctor, Michael Bond, Aaron Tur- peau Second Row — Mona Tellis, Lisa Momon, Donya Green Back Row — Beth Bolden, Sherman Ezzard Math Club — Front Row — Ronald Brad- field, Mitzi Appling, Geary Woolflk, Joie Gibson. Second Row — Willard Nails, Glennis Tillman, Zandra Mencer, Clark Kelley, Edward Mencer, Lisa Momon, Lisa Davis, Antoinette Baker, Catherine Por- ter. Back Row — Harold Wright, Kimberly Freeman, Janice Murray, Carol Peek, Gregory Trammel, Paxton Marks, Kimber- ly Smith, Chrala Hill, Michelle Norton National Honor Society — Inductees — Front Row — Maria Odum, Kimberly Freeman, Donya Green, Andrea Boone, Laura Hughes, Mitzi Appling, Joanna Parker, Rolanda Blanding, Yolanda Mer- ritt. Second Row — Kimberlyn Brewer, Rena Harden, Andrea Freeman, Artistine Mann, Stephanie Boyd, Rosalyn Sims, Jana Bray, Zandra Mencer, Johnny Nun- nally, Victor Long. Third Row — Rhonda Hall, Angela Snead, Leslie Epps, Patrick Zachery, Joie Gibson, Judy Greenlea, Wil- lard Nails, Tracey Ellis, Dijon Washington. Fourth Row — Arthur Wilson, Mark Twiggs, Rita Braswell, Monique Walker, Cheryl Johnson, Cabarris Kemp, Beverly Cooper, Alva Campbell, Carey Johnson. Fifth Row — Rodney Cohen, Stanley Jones, Micholous Mclver, Sonya Bacote, Angela Brown, Carol Peek, Gary Sinclair. Sixth Row — Tamaril Coleman, Paxton Marks, Kimberly Smith, Ronald Pollock, Felicia Turner, James Fox, Sherri Hill, Mi- chelle Easley, Kimberly Lindsey. Seventh Row — Ricardo Myrick, Anthony Poin- dexter, Harold Wright, Althea Johnson, Kimberle Walthall. Back Row — Richard Trammell, Horace Carney, Ronald Carter, Timothy White, Geary Woolfolk, Robert Jennings. National Honor Society Members — Front Row — Sonja Houston, Beth Montgom- ery, Jacqueline Price, Gregory Cade, Ren- ita Pope, Charetta Beasley, Joseph Coles, Meishawn Carney, Eric Farmer, Margo Whatley, Tina McCormick, Christopher LaSane, Vickie Bell. Second Row — Caria Elder, Yolanda Travis, Valerie Phelps, Deborah Scandrett, Karia Mann, Karon Ammons, CarIa Johmson, Latonya Warner, Valerie Freeman, Beth Bolden, Joel Davis, TerrI Daniel, Norman Smith, Barbara Hall. Third Row — Robert Ste- venson, Robert Wilder, Adrianne McKen- nie, Kim Ridley, Delita Cobb, Marcia Gid- dings, Renita Reese, Kimberly Harden, Virginia Earl, KarIa Woods, Mia Redd, So- nja Gilmore, Mia Howard. Fourth Row — Charles Locke, Thaddeus Lynn, Cynthia Woodford, Pamela Hill, David Booker, Ali- son Gibson, Mary Blanding, Alane Sulli- van, Damita Pugh, Yolande Miner. Back Row — Joseph Jones, Juana Smith, Mi- chele Head, Grady Dunn, Kervin Hardnett, Aaron Turpeau, Kevin Richardson, Archie Hollis, Laticia Farmer, Monica Cooper, Yul Grier. Academics Clubs Clubs Gymnastics — Front Row — Amber Do- zier, Lauren Dillard, Latonya Warner, Coach Trimble (sponser). Back Row — James Fox, Thaddeus Long, George Wood- ford, Laurence Dillard. JETS — Front Row — Carlyle White, Shondra Hayward, Lisa Kilpatrick, Cara Williamson. Second Row — Samuel Thompkins, Rodney Phillips, Grady Dunn, Christopher LaSane. Back Row — Archie Mollis. SpeedreadingClub — Samuel Thompkins. Y-Teen — Front Row — Corna Walker, Stephanie Williams, Sabrina Zackery. Back Row — Mrs. Fitzpatrick (sponsor), Traci Williams, Meishawn Carney, There- sa Tyre. — Academics Clubs Clubs Science Club — Front Row — Pamela Hill, Wanda Tanner, Anthony Poindexter, Wanda Smith, Marcus Doctor, Mr. Stamm, Karen Graham, Alva Campbell, Rolanda Blanding, Judy Greenlea. Second Row — William Tanner, Yolanda Merritt, Keith Blackmon, Virginia Earl. Back Row — Quentin Meriwether, Randall Reams, Timothy White, Patrick Zachery, Carey Johnson, Rodney Cohen. Science Project Club — Front Row — Mrs. McCollough, Yolanda Milnor, Selena Freeman, Pamela Hill, Kim Green, Natar- cha Park, Sudanese Blackmon, Leslie Roberts, Ryan Shropshire. Back Row — Keith Blackmon, Patricia Robinson, Ve- ronica Daniel, Joanna Parker, Thaddeus Lynn, Judy Greenlea, Valene Freeman, Leslie Martin. Social Studies Club — Front Row — Mar- sha Wood, Toni Brown, Shannon Walker, Kari Browning. Second Row — Mrs. W. Smith (sponser), Dwight Hunter, Aaron Turpeau, Reginald Garmon, Michael Har- ris, Mrs. Fannin. Back Row — Clifford Strong, Kevin Richardson, Maurice Heard. Spanish Honor Society — Front Row — Trina Jackson, Cary Sinclair, Harold Wright, Virginia Perdew. Second Row — Valerie Freeman, Sherri Hill, Zondra Mencer, Bridgette Wyms, Meishawn Car- ney. Third Row — Michelle Easley, Anth- ony Poindexter, Karia Ware, Leslie Martin, Kim Walthall, Kimberle Lindsey. Fourth Row — Paxton Marks, Timothy White, Ke- vin Brady, Theresa Anderson, Althea Johnson. Back Row — Leslie Epps, Carol Peek, Damita Pugh, Adrianne McKennie, Carta Elder. Academics Clubs — Clubs North Star Staff — Front Row — Kimber- ly Smith, Donya Green, Sylvia McAfee, Angela Green. Second Row — Mrs. Stone (advisor), Karia Mann, Gary Sinclair, Mi- chael Bond, Scott Lucier, Maria Odum. Back Row — Curtis Davis, Vincent Rog- ers, Bernard Hodore, Saladin Blackmon. Orchestra — Front Row — Allen Winston, Maria Winston, Sheri Boddie, Courtney Johnson, Lianne Jamison, Rhonda Hen- ley. Second Row — Sandra Pitts, Traci Jenkins, Alisha Blackmon, Grace Dawson, Lisa Momon, Roslyn Hawkins. Back Row — Kathy Riley, Audra Reed, Carmen Rawls, Christy Clark. PECE Club — Front Row — Michael Todd, Melissa Horn, Lisa Flagg, Tameka Sain, Monica Peterson, Omar Morris. Second Row — Glenda Ward, Stuette Harris, Lisa Momon, Valerie Poindexter, Terreon Mat- tox. Third Row — Kimberly Smith, Kim- berlyn Sinkfield, Barbara Moody, Karen Cook, Maria Wells. Back Row — Damita Horn, Henry Phillips. Polyphony — Front Row — Kam Ridley, Donna Turner, Grace Dawson, Samuel Thompson, Deborah Clark, Angela Greathouse, Sonja Gilmore. Second Row — Ralph Jones, Robert Stevenson, Eric Farmer, Quentin Ware, Clifford Barrow, Christopher LaSane, Charles Locke. 76 - Academics Club Clubs Literary Club — Front Row — Saudia Roberts, Arlene Scott, Adrianne McKen- nie. Back Row — Anthony Poindexter, Tonya Merritt, Virginia Eari. Inductees Junior Honor Society — Front Row — Willie King, KImberly George, Lauren Dillard, Lisa Momon, Giennis Till- man, Tanya Jones, Miilicent Pleze, Ca- iethea Barbour, Tamilta Maddox, Frank Duncan, Tony Wliils, Stephanie Williams. Second Row — Monica Swanson, Sabrina Zackery, Sebrina Brown, Antoinette Ba- ker, Stacey Shepherd, Trenia Reid, Wen- die Stroud, Micole Mason, Traci Williams, Wende Flowers, Renee Humphries. Tinird Row — Jaye Johnson, Alethla Avery, Mar- lissa Jones, Derek Marks, Karen Smith, Kimberly Adkins, Traci Jenkins, Yolanda Holland, Runette Ware. Fourtin Row — Andrea Quick, Rhonda Wilson, Teresa Pryor, Aiiza Lawson, Carol Wiggins, Sherri Jones, Cindy Brooks, Daryl Hardnett, Phyllis Nottingham, Camilie Ivey. Fifth Row — Kimberly Boswell, Sabrina Stroud, Mario Merritt, Dedra Burford, Ro- berlyn Barnes, La ' Deria Bennett, Julie Hollis, Dawanna Williams, Spril Anderson, Tina Hill, Allsha Blackman, Jaca Wilcox. Sixth Row — Donna Stegall, Eric Brown, Tony Terrell, Trent McMillan, Thujural Weaver, Wendy Smith, Samantha Justers, Artrisia Patterson, Sophia Malcolm. Back Row — James Harris, Rodney Williams, Marvin Bryant, Charles Little, Samuel Wilder, Sean Gibson, Antonio Logan, Bri- an Mazyck, Marty Turpeau. Junior Honor Society members — Front Row — Randy Hudson, Terri Robinson, Michelle Williams, Masharn Doanes, James May, Nash Alexander, Emma Pres- ton, Chandra Kinsey. Second Row — Ron- ald Wheat, Bill Avery, Stephanie Johnson, LaTonya Nix, Terri Barber, Kerry Howard, ZInethia Clemmons, Charia Hill, Leslie Martin. Third Row — Dawnya Ward, Ursu- la Dunn, Pauline Warrior, Sonia Ellison, Cara Williamson, Shondra Hayward, Vonda Hayes, Vanessa Wilder, Jeri Norris, Lisa Long, Lynne Powell, Patricia Robin- son, Kimberly Green, Lisa Page, April Fer- rell, Pamela Oeramus, Carlyle White, Car- men Rawls, Barbara Dawson. Fifth Row — Stephanie Dukes, Tammy Benton, Lisa Latimer, Michael Jamison, Roni Sullivan, Dwight Hunter, Debbie Carter, Caryn Dukes, Marial Ellis, Jennifer Pleze. Sixth Row — Chris Brown, Cyrus Walton, Regi- nald Garmon, Lateefah Cabey, Crystal Sims, Klawana Landers, Janice Murray, Sharang Sullivan, Teresa King. Back Row — Edward Mencer, Harold Hastings, Juan Cottrell, Michael Harris, Angela Hollis, Mignon Jackson, Trina Jackson. Advanced Mixed Chorus — Rosemarle Mclntyre, La-Shung Torrence, LaTanya Collins, Emma Preston, Donna Burford, Veletrlous Fitzpatrick, Synethia Williams, Leiitia Johnson, Leslie J. Meadows — President, Sheila Culver, Kam Ridley, Kimberly Bradley, Donna Kemp, Donna Turner, Sonja Gilmore, Miranda Holt, Tanya Harp — Secretary. 2nd Row — Pickett Wise, Carol Davis, Runette Ware, Davina Mapp, Danna Woods, Laticia Farm- er, Sudanese Blackman, Joi Robinson, Mi- chelle Head, Melody Mitchell, Tonya Vir- gle, Lorraine Dozier, Angela Moss, Grace Dawson, Via Cameron, Cindy Brooks, Deb- orah Clark. Back Row — Greagory Cade, Randall Reams, Antonio Anderson, Jo- seph Tillman, Kenneth Brantley, Gerald Jennings, Clifford Barrow, Mervan Smith, Derek Nuckles, Michael Lewis Spanish Club — Front Row — Kimberle Lindsey, Mrs. A. Ford, (sponsor), Michelle Easley. Back Row — Paxton Marks, Cary Sinclair Academics Clubs — 77 Yearbook Christmas Witch . . . Daisy . . . Caria Jean . . . Miss Jane says, " There ' s only Puggy 1, 2, and 3. " . . . Hoodache . . . Jimmy ' s gone . . . " Go Puggy go; show us what you know " . . . Super Doug . . . Wallllthailll . . . Anybody going home? . . . donations for Kim . . . Miss Blaydes, the Hillbilly . . . Uhoh, here it come . . . Are your teeth cold? ... Who ' s going to the truck? ... Is it bake sale day? ... KK forgot what? . . . What time is it? ... International Pig ... I want to see feet . . . Stankball . . . The Mental Ward . . . Let ' s neaten up . . . signs by Boot . . . look around corna, what do I see? . . . Nikeeee . . . sing, sang, song ... $129.87? are you crazy? . . . Oooh, Den- eene . . . May I speak to that gu over there? . . . Quick, get the mop! . . . Would you please step out to the hall? . . . High class . . . Dumb-Dumb . . . Sloppy Moppy . . . Christian Jubilee . . . Smur- fette . . . boy Mud . . . Think be- fore you speak . . . You musta did it . . . Bubba 1 and 2 . . . When will I be loved . . . Left Right, Top Yearbook Staff — Front Row — Deneene Ar- nold, Virginia Earl, Quinn Hood, KImberle Wathall. Second Row — Boyce Mullins, Yo- landa Travis, Daryl Hardnett, Belinda Woo- dard. Third Row — Monique Walker, Carlyle White, Adrianne McKennie, Jana Bray. Fourth Row — Beth Montgomery, Mitzi Ap- pling, Kimberly Aaron, Karon Amons. Fifth Row — Pamela Hiil, Kim Simmons, Chan- drea Wright, Allan Favors. Back Row — Deb- orah Grimes, Ralph Jones, Caria Elder. Our Advisor. Ms. K. Blaydes, looks pleased. Right Deborah Grimes and Caria Elder are the 1982 — 1983 Editors. Bottom left Kimberly Aaron, Karon Ammons, Jana Bray, Deneene Arnold, and Deborah Grimes do the Yearbook dance. 78 " — Academics Yearbook Chapter II Classes ' ' Who We Are And What We Look Like! " L Seniors 80 n. Juniors 122 IIL Sophomores 132 IV. Freshmen 140 V. Sub-Freshmen 148 Classes Chapter II — 79 Miss Douglass Leslie Meadows The competition for Miss Doug- lass was a stiff one this year. Not only were there many candidates from which to choose but the pro- cedure for voting was slightly al- tered. The candidates were pre- sented and voted on in a primary election. The remaining ten candi- dates wrote essays. Of these ten girls, six of them were chosen to read their essays before the stu- dent body, and were asked an im- promtu question. The student body once again voted and the three winners were announced. Leslie Julianna Meadows was elected to become Miss Douglass. After hearing her name called over the intercom, it was hard for Leslie to find the words that ex- pressed her feelings she said, " I was shocked! Happy. " , she ad- ded, " I felt the sensation of float- ing on ' cloud nine ' without know- ing where I was. " Perhaps the overriding factor in Leslie ' s victory was her response to her inpromtu question. She was asked What animal she would like to be in George Orwell ' s, Animal Farm. She chose none of the ani- mals, for they were all corrupted by power. She said, " I would rath- er be myself. " Leslie ' s response gained her a standing ovation and the hearts of many Douglasson- ians. 80 ■— Classes And Attendants Beth Patrice Bolden Monica L. Cooper First Attendant to Miss Douglass, Beth Patrice Bolden attributed her success to her campaign managers and the exposure she received as a varsi- ty cheerleader. Many of her underclassmen votes, Beth said, " came from my friends from Waiter White Elementary School that are now Sub-freshmen. " Beth felt her presentation in the assembly helped, also. Here essay was entitled " The Effects of Rea- gonomics, on Young People, involving the registra- tion and draft and cut backs on welfare benefits. When asked if she had one wish other than to be Miss Douglass, What would it be?. She replied, " I would wish for peace around the world. " Aside from the obvious glory of being elected, Beth said she gained many friends and was able to participate in various activities such as Turner High ' s Royal Brunch. After three months Beth still couldn ' t believe she was First Attendent to Miss Douglass. The thing that brought it all down to reali- ty, Beth said, was the new friends she ' d made. When asked what advice she ' d give to those who would wish to run in the future, Beth said. " Stay the same, keep it to yourself and when you decide to do it, do it! " Monica Cooper was in Mr. Franklin ' s math class when she heard the news that she was Second At- tendent to Miss Douglass. When asked what her first reaction was, she replied, " Tears! Astonishment! I was really dumbfounded. " Monica was happy to have this title bestowed upon her. She doesn ' t plan to change in any way. Monica said, " I will continue in my friendly attitude and be warm to everyone — just be myself. " Achieving that goal has given Monica the incentive to try for bigger and better things, she said, " With this accomplishment I ' m more apt to excel in more of my endeavors. " Winning this position of Second Attendent has given Monica a positive outlook on many things in life. " I felt happy, nervous, jubilant and just over- whelmed. It was a real treat, and something to be proud of for a longtime. " This was Monica ' s descrip- tion of her walk down the gymnasium floor, after being introduced in the coronation. We salute Moni- ca and wish her much success and happiness. Classes ol Seniors Marcia Giddings and Joseph Jones wait for the game to start. (Beth Bolden, Monica Cooper, Benita Daniel Marcus Allen, Yoianda Travis) Some of our Ser ior Superlatives. m o2 — Classes (Curtis Davis) This class is boring. (Leigh Meriweather, Valorie Freeman) Helping students to balance in gymnastics. Seniors Kimberly Harden Struggles to complete A, P. homework. Classes 83 And % (Deborah Grimes, Gregory Cade) Hello there everybody. (Robin Hightower) Girl, let me tell you. 84 Classes Mr. Stamm ' s class looks attentively at the Camera (Barbara Hall, Brian Daniels, Benjamin Logan) Piggin ' out. More Seniors (Isaiah Spratley, Rodney Hubbard) I wish I had some lunch money. Classes — 85 It ' s Our The time has come for us to leave. The class of 1983 could hardly wait for the chance to grab the title, " Senior " . It seemed as though the twelth grade would never come. Now that the time is here, while some seniors are looking forward to June 12, others feel that it has come too quickly. We realize that we must leave Frederick Douglass High School, and we can not return. Taking senior pictures, ordering memory books, and getting fitted for cap and gowns, seemed to be some of the most important events of our lives. They seemed to symbolize seniorship. Senior Con- trol Day was good experience for the future workers of America. Awards were given on Senior Awards Day to reward the hard workers of the class, and to encourage underclassmen to press on. Douglass High School Graduating Class 1982 Kevin Brady portrays Frederick Douglass, the man. 86 Classes (Alvlncent Reid) Taking a short break. Turn Brian Daniels escorts Karen Graham at the basketball game. Margo Whatley and Farlinity IVIartin are two Senior Superlative Repre- sentatives. Classes 87 Seniors Class Of ' 83 Senior Class Officers Miss 12th Grade Yolanda Travis V. Pres., Estee Andrews, Bus Manager, April Banks, Sec. V. Pres., Margo Wlnatley President, Brian Daniel Parliamentarian, Karon Ammons Secretary, Robert Wilder Asst, Treasurer, Donna Johnson Asst. Secretary, Benjamin Logan Treasurer, Francenia Brooks Reporter Barbara Hall _ _ Patrick Alphabet OO " " " ■ Seniors Karon Ammons Albert Anderson Theresa Anderson Samuel Blake Vetress Blanch Mary Blanding Seniors — 89 90 Seni Larry Bryant Yolanda Buchanan Leslie Suggs Donna Burford Joseph Coles Berthenia Cooper Seniors 91 Carolyn Dowery 92 Seniors Lorraine Dozier Grady Dunn Virginia Earl Durand Finch Gwendolyn Fowler Seniors — 93 f M Dwight Green y — ■ Seniors Stanley Gresham Lethia Gnffin « Most Attractive Left: Most Attractive Best of the Best: Brian Cook, Barbara Hall Below: Most Attractive: Standing: Brian Cook, Barbara Hall, Robert Gordon, Glynis Elliott, Brenda Williams, Seated: Donna Bur- ford, Francenia Brooks, Valeria Moss, Cyn- thia Green, Melissa Hayes, Pickett Wise, Terri Hall Superlatives 95 Michele Head y© Seniors Freddie Hightower Robin Hightower Angela Mil Most Versatile Left: Most Versatile Best of the Best: Beth Bolden, Monica Cooper Below: Most Versatile: Standing: Beth Blend- ing, William Odum, Edmund Jackson, Cassan- dra Barnes, Leiitia Johnson, Seated: Beth Montgomery, Nedra Mahone, Moncia Coo- per, Beth Bolden, Terri Daniel Superlatives 97 Edmond Jackson 98 — Seniors Kim Jackson Mary James Gerald Jennings Most Cooperative Left: Most Cooperative Best of the Best: Adrianne McKennie, Gregory Cade, Deborah Grimes. Below: Most Cooperatie: Standing: Timothy Copeland, Sherri Lewis, Robert Stevenson, Angela Greathouse, Gregory Cade. Seated: Angelette Ladson, Tracie Jones, Deborah Grimes, Carolyn Jones, Adrianne McKennie, Sonja Houston ' U ' ' ' ? Superlatives 99 Yolanda Jones Seniors Derrick Jordan Shannon Justers Donna Kemp Best All Around Left: Best All Around Best of the Best: Yo- landa Travis, Benita Daniel, Marcus Allen Below: Best All Around: Marcus Allen, Benita Daniel, Kerven Hardnett, Candance Jackson, Mario Evans, Marcia Giddings, Yolanda Trav- is, Karon Ammons, Wanda Smith Superlatives 101 Sherry Lewis 102 — Seniors Grant Lipscomb Charles Locke Most Popular Left: Most Popular Best of the Best: April Banks, Estee Andrews Below: Most Popular: 1st Row: Shenique Wil- liams, Jacqueline Price, April Banks, Treece Clay, 2nd Row: Robert Wilder, Alane Sullivan, Estee Andrews, Larry Bryant, Top: Mia Redd Orlando Massey 104 - Seniors Bobby Mathis Darrell McClendon Tina McCormick Best Dressed Left: Best Dressed Best of the Best: Roland Lane, Kim Jackson Below: Best Dressed: Roland Lane, Alfred McDonald, Kim Jackson, David Brown La- Tonya Warner, Juana Smith, Quentin Meriwether Superlatives 1 05 Menasha Morrow 106 - Seniors Lorenzo Mosley Valeria Moss James Myers Most Athletic Left: Most Athletic Best of the Best: Kevin Brady, Farlinity Martin Below: Most Athletic: Kenneth Thomas, De- trius Hill, Kevin Brady, Donna Johnson, Far- linity Martin Lennyce Ponder lOo — Seniors Renita Pope April Porter Most Likely To Succeed Left: Most Likely to Succeed Best of the Best: Grady Dunn, Karia Mann, Benjamin Lo- gan Below: Most Likely to Succeed: Standing: Deborah Scandrett, KarIa Mann, Caria Elder, Vickie Bell, Robin Hightower, Seated: Grady Dunn, Michelle Head, Benjamin Logan Superlatives 109 Angela Richardson XXO " Seniors Kevin Richardson Thaddeus Richardson Tawayna Richardson Most Congenial Left: Most Congenial Best of the Best: Margo Whatley, Fonda Lanier Below: Most Congenial: Standing: Charetta Beasley, Lenita Madden, Margo Whatley, Tina McCormick, Leigh Meriweather, Seated: Quovadis Sterling, Wyndra Knowles, Valerie Phelps Superlatives 111 Calvin Simmons 112 —— Seniors Jim Simpson Most Talkative Left: Most Talkative Best of the Best: Angelia Gay, Alison Gibson Below: Most Talkative: Standing: Terri More- land, Thelesia Lowery, Chandra Wright, Eric Farmer, Seated: Fedora Brown, Angelia Gay, April Porter, Angela Hill, Alison Gibson, Front: Allan Favors Superlatives 113 Andre Slocum Kelvin Slocumb Brigitte Smith Chauncey Smith QuoVadis Sterling 1X4 Seniors Robert Stevenson Gertha Stewart Caprice Stinson Most Academic Left: Most Academic Best of the Best: Karen Graham, Meishawn Carney, Virginia Perdew Below: Most Academic: Damita Pugh, Virgin- ia Earl, Meishawn Carney, Renita Reese, Vir- ginia Perdew, Richtina Jinks, Delita Cobb, Ka- ren Graham Superlatives 115 116 — Marche Thompson Seniors Terry Thurmond (Beth Blanding) — Piggin ' Out Christopher Ward Quentin Ware (Kenneth Brantley) — Man I ' m hungry. Seniors — 117 Latonya Warner David Watkins Kenneth Willis Xlo " Seniors Carlos Wilson Sherall Wingfield Alesher Zeigler Nadreline Zellous Seniors — 119 Y e a r Treece Clay Joseph Coles Brian Cook Monica Cooper Timothy Copeland Angela Cotton Benita Daniel Brian Daniel Terri Daniel Yolanda Daniel Curtis Davis Donna Davis Lisa Davis Maurice Davis Grace Dawson Lorraine Dozier Grady Dunn Virginia Earl Reginald Edwards Kimberly Eubanks Anthony Hayes Rodney Hubbard Leiitia Johnson Michael Kennix Menasha Morrow Rodney Patrick Renita Resse Mrs. A.J. Gunn Mr. Miss Yearbook Kerven Hardnett and Yolanda Travis M r. Miss Yearbook 121 Juniors Karon Adams Mark Adkins Ramon Allen Antonio Anderson Artis Anderson Bridgette Andrews Deidre Anderson Vera Anderson Mitzi Appling Vandy Arnold Samuel Austin Joi Bacote James Banks Sidney Banks Gwinette Barnes Norris Barnes Roderick Barnes Willie Barnes Frederick Battle Felicia Baughi Marvin Bennett Angela Benton Lisa Berry William Bivins Kenneth Blackwell Rolanda Blanding Willie Blue Candace Bolton Debbie Bonner Michael Bond Andrea Boone Melissa Boston Cleopus Boyd Stephanie Boyd Rita Braswell Jana Bray Kimberlyn Brewer Audrey Brooklins Angela Brown Ellis Brown Gwendolyn Brown Kevin Brown Robert Brown Roxanne Bullock Robert Burks D ' Andria Burts Leslie Butler Jacqueline Byrd Alva Campbell Samuel Campbell Travis Carithers Horace Carney Kiven Carter Phyllis Carter Ronald Carter Arthur Chambliss 122 Juni Juniors Jacqueline Chester Anthony Childs Herman Clark Johnny Klark Sherman Clark Thaddeus Clark Undra Clark Daron Coates William CoTieia Rodney Cohen Tamaril Coleman Ramona Collins Beverly Cooper Cynthia Copeland Melissa Cullars Volinda Culpepper James Cummings Tonja Dabney Beverly Daniel Dana Davis Daw n Dedeaux Cassandra Dees Horace Denly Quynton Doanes Andy Dollar Cheryl Dooley Amber Dozier Emory Dukes Gerald Dukes Shelby Duncan Shelton Duncan Jessie Durr Michelle Easley Tracy Ellis Leslie Epps Joseph Evans Shaye Evans Lafayette Favors Marion Favors Retonia Fleetwood Charles Fletcher Darvin Finley Courtney Foster Gwendolyn Foster Keren Foster Rodney Fowler James Fox Derrick Frazier Gregory Frazier Andrea Freeman Kimberly Freeman Pamela Frye Valerie Fye Tracey Gardner Junior Class Officers ' Sonja Bacote 1st V Pres, Michelle Easley, Treasurer; Michael Bond, President; Sylvia McAfee, 2nd V. Pres; Angela Jones, Reporter; Stanley Jones, Sec; Rhonda Hall, Ass. Sec; Foster. Freeman, Parliamentarian Juniors " — 123 Juniors Corliss Gates Timmie Gates Carson Gibson Darren Gibson Joie Gibson Andre Gilbert Gerald Gilford Anita Gore Caria Grant Zachery Graddy Caroline Green Donya Green Howard Green Angela Greene Edwin Greene Robert Greene Judy Greenlea Reggie Gresham Charlene Grier Anthony Griffin Joi Griffin Tara Grimes Samuel Gulley Barney Gunn Angela Hall Rfionda Hall Sonya Hall Kim Hamilton Anthony Hammond Felecia Hammond George Hanford Deron Hardaway Rena Harden Cheryl Harp Tommy Harper Calvin Harris Derricl Harris Eric Harris Joseph Hatton Maurice Heard Douglass Hill Sherri Hill (Cheryl Johnson) — Ho Hum. 124 Juniors Juniors Michelle Holton Rodney Houston Lovelle Howard Randy Howard Laura Hughes Titus Hughes Felecia Hughley Darlene Hunter Monique Ivey Cheryl Jackson Kelvin Jackson Malissa James Tony James Robert Jennings Althea Johnson Carey Johnson Cheryl Johnson Jason Johnson Patricia Johnson Rodney Johnson Angel Jones Donna Jones Mechell Jones Pamela Jones Stanley Jones Timothy Jones Misty Joyner Cabarris Kemp Steven Kennedy Angela Keyes Cassandra King Mitzi King Troy Kitchen Leonard Ladson Angela Lason Craig Lee Michael Leslie Yolanda Lewis Frank Lightner Kimberly Lindsey Angela Littlejohn Anthony Lowe (Patrick Zachery) — Yes. I do know the answer. Juniors 125 Juniors In Action!! «ii (Zandra Mencer) This is so embarrassing. (MiUi King) Do you know how to do this ' (Kimberle Walthall) " Governor ' s Honors is fun (Yolanda Lewis, Samuel Gulley) Boy. my (Rita Braswell, George Smith, Tamerial Madison, Horace Car- (Rodney Johnson) Browsing through the feet are tired. ley) I am so glad these guys are holding us up. library books. (Ms. Williams, Undra Clark, Beverly Daniels) Guess what, she explaining this to me (Andy Dollar) I can not find that word. 126 — Classes Juniors Norris Long Tamerria Madison Cedric Malone Artistine Mann Brenda Mann Paxton Marks Avery Mathis Sylvia McAfee Dionne McDade Micholous Mclver Darryl McKenzie Sharron Merritt Terrence Merritt Yolanda Merritt Maria Middlebrooks Carlos Mitchell Lorenzo Mitchell Barbara Moody Tammy Moore Christopher Morris Sedgwick Morrow Florence Murry Ricardo Myrick Willard Nails Wanda Nance Melissa Neal Candise Needom Annette Nelson Clay Nelson Charlene Newell Valerie Nix Derek Nickers Johnny Nunnally Winston Nunnally Maria Odum Patrick Olive Felecia Parker Jennifer Parker Joanna Parker Teresa Parker Marque Payne Andre Peagler (Kim Smith) " I told him Classes — 127 Juniors Johnetta Pearson Carol Peek Johnny Peek When Kim Smith T ilks Evprvbodv listens Anthony Poindexter Ronald Pollock Alicia Porter Catherine Porter Tracy Porter Kenneth Powell Latonia Prather Willie Pullens Carol Ramsey Lisa Randall Jetta Redmond Pamela Redmond Shawana Reddy Debra Reese Kenneth Reynolds Eddie Ringfield Rachel Roberts Saudia Roberts Tammie Robinson Stacie Robinson Jacqueline Rogers Lashan Roman Timothy Ross Vincent Ross Andrea Rucker Mitzr Rutledge Herbert Sanders Willie Scandrick Sonja Schley Carmaine Shivers Avery Sims Rosalyn Sims Cary Sinclair Cotina Singleton Robert Slocoumb Aaron Smith (Robert Jennings) — Catching upon those Z ' s 128 Juniors Juniors Adrienne Smith Adrine Smith Eric Smith George Smith Kimberly Smith Noah Smith Angela Snead Sonjia Snelson Dorothy Sorrow Tonya Spanks Wilda Spence Leslie Spencer Rhonda Stargell Tracy Stephens Jerry Stevenson Sandy Strong Yolanda Stroud Regina Surratt Anthony Sutton J ' Kelvin Swinney Mona Tellis Dwight Thomas Michelle Thomas Theleniou Thomas Tyrone Thornton Michelle Thorpe Davey Thrash David Thrash Ernest Todd Tony Tolbert Lashunda Torrence Richard Trammell Brezen Tuggle Donald Turner Felecia Turner Mark Twiggs Lovell Twyman Cynthia Tyre Crystal Upkins Tyrone Varner Karen Veale Cecil Walker (Rachel Roberts, Jacqueline Chester) — Enjoying lunch period Juniors 129 Juniors Mark Walker Monlque Walker Regina Walker Sanford Walker Wanda Walker Glinda Wallace Kimberle Walthall Neda Walton Karia Ware Dijon Washington Gerald Watkin Lena Watson Terrie Weems Gerrold Westbrook Ivy White Quinn White Timothy White Tina White Yolanda Wilborn Ramunda Wilkes Bonita Williams Mitzi Williams Victor Williams Eddie Williamson Felicia Williamson David Willingham Anthony Willis Arthur Wilson Belinda Woodard Bonner Woodard Mark Woodford Anthony Woods Karl Woodward Geary Woolfolk Brian Wright Harold Wright Leonard Wyatt Patrick Zachery Felcia Zackery 130 " ■ " Juniors In Memory Of Clay Nelson God called you home at the twinkling of an eye There was no time to say goodbye A million times we have cried If loving you could have saved you, you never would have died Death is a heartache that no one can heal, Memories are something that no one can steal Others may forget that you are gone But we will remember no matter how long. The Douglass Family Classes In Memory — 131 Sophomores Johnathan Aaron Tyree Aaron Glenda Adams Nash Alexander Tabitha Alexander Kelvin Allen Mirian Allen Bridgett Anderson Sandra Andrews Kery Ashley Willie Atkins William Avery Frederick Bagger Pamela Baker Michael Ball Edward Banning Terri Barber Darrin Barnes Michael Barnwell Sonya Battle Cree Beasley Tammy Benton Tonya Bing Richie Bishop Bertram Bivens Keith Blackman Sudanese Blackman Sandie Blake Byron Bloodworth Yoland Bloodworth Brian Bolden Belinda Bolton Kimberly Bradley Kerry Brantley Andre Bridges Reginald Bronner Stacey Brooks Antonia Brown Christopher Brown Daniel Brown De Sonin Brown James Brown Tunisia Brown Angela Bryant Jessica Bryant Luria Bryant Tina Bullocks Darrell Burks James Burns Michael Burse Rolesia Butler Caria Byrdsong Lateetah Cabey Addie Callahan Valerie Carson Debbie Carter 132 Sophomores Sophomores Renard Carter Darren Castleberry Jeffrey Champion Edsel Chaney Stacey Chapman Jodie Chestnut Tracey Chestnut Bridgette Clark Toni Clark Dennis Clayton Zinethia Clemmons Demagio Clonts Reginald Clowers Tina Cobb Latanga Collins Edwin Cook Alvin Cooksey Juan Cottrell Spencer Croft Gabrielle Culbreath Shelia Culver Angela Cummings Christopher Cunningham Erica Daniel Robert Daniel Anthony Daniels Brian Davis Cherry Davis Cheryl Davis Cheryl Davis Craig Davis Barbara Dawson Audrea Denley Christopher Dennis Pamela Deramus Cecillia Dixon Lisa Dixon Patricia Dixon Aric Doanes Marcus Doctor Eric Dotson Tyrone Dowery Cassandra Doyle Janet Duffy Caryn Dukes Stephanie Dukes Kevin Dunlap Ursula Dunn LaTonya Durrah Paul Earl Marvin Edwards Stanely Edwards Marial Ellis Sonia Ellison ' Sophomore Council: Tres. Velica Fannin, Sect. Stephanie Dukes, Reporter Barbara Dawson Parliamentarian, Zinethia Clemmons Pres. Clifford Strong, Bus. Man. Janice Murray Sophomore — 133 Sophomores Wff I Adrian Epps Shoshannah Epps James Evans Serina Fannin Stacy Fannin Velicia Fannin Jernnie Favors Diane Fears April Ferrell Gina Few Rodney Finch Derrick Fitzgerald Veletrius Fitzpatrick Tina Flagg Regina Floyd Avery Frazier Reginald Gordon Arthur Gates Veronica Gay Kimberly Gibson James Gilbert Edgar Glass Isaiah Glaze Patrice Gordon Sebrina Gordon a Gray rrell Green Iph Green Kimberly Greene Vernan Greene Tabitha Griffin Eric Haines Chantra Hall Regina Hall Michelle Hampton Michelle Harden Cheryl Harris Derrick Harris Gerald Harris Kisha Harris Michael Harris Valerie Harris Harold Hastings " Vote for me as your Miss Tenth Grade ' (Terri Barber). 134 - Sophomores Sophomores Vonda Hayes Shondra Haywood Sonya Hester Clifford Hicks Adrienne Hill Charia Hill Darold Hill Leslie Hill Pamela Hilliary Carmela Holliman Angela Hollis Benita Horn Stanley Hornsby Debbie Norton Kerry Howard Lois Howard Wanda Howard William Howard Randy Hudson Dwight Hunter Minka Hutcfiings Minzer Ingram Charles Irvin Itanza Jackson Mignon Jackson Trina Jackson Sonja James Michael Jamison Michelle Jefferson Yolanda Jenkins Courtney Jinks Carlton Johnson Cherrice Johnson Haroldeen Johnson Ronald Johnson Stephanie Johnson Tony Johnson «. t f n Crystal Sims, Terri Barber, Kerry Howard, Kathy Riley, candidates for Miss Tenth Grade — 135 Sophomores Barbara Jones Belisha Jones Benny Jones Eli Jones Ernest Jones Shorman Jones Shawny Jordan Mario Josey Robert Josey James Keen Stephanie Kennedy Lisa Kilpatrick Samantlna Kilpatrick Barbara King Teresa King Cedric Kinsey Chandra Kinsey Kiawana Landers Alicia Lasane Lisa Latimer Charles Latimore Bridgette Lawrence Bobby Lester Anthony Lewis Mia Lewis Vincent Little Lynn Logan Anthony Lyons Adrianne Mack Chandra Mack Germaine Macklin Chiquita Maddox Tondrie Maddox Shawn Manns Davina Mapp Bertitta Marshall Leslie Martin Randall Martin James May Carlisa McGee 136 — Sophomores Sophomores Wanda McGee Vicky McGruder Ronald Mclver James McLeroy Gnetnc McMurray Elizabeth Meadows Tammie Meadows Janine Meekins Edward Mencer Kenneth Merritt Carmalith Merriwether Yolande Miller Melody Mitchell Stanley Mitchell Angela Mizell Henry Moody Lori Moses Angela Moss Willie Motes Janice Murray Keisha Murray Randy Murray Nicole Nesbit Latonya Nix Jeri Norris Larry Obie Aprile Odum Darryl Ogletree Charles Oliver Darrell Orr Rodney Owens Lisa Page Cordell Palmer Ernest Parker Lisa Parks Eric Pass Terrell Payne Gregory Peavy Alvin Person Jennifer Pleze Antonio Porter Benjamin Porter Andrea Powell Emma Preston Alphia Price Stephanie Puckett Mitchell Purdue Carmen Rawls Sophomores gather together Sophomores — 13 Sophomores Felipe Ray Darrell Redmond Audra Reed Wendell Redden lllya Reese Kenya Reese Stephanie Reese Veronica Reid Theron Reynolds Anthony Richardson Gary Richardson Vincent Richardson Kathy Riley Carliss Robinson Leslie Roberts Valerie Roberts Joi Robinson Patricia Robinson Reginald Robinson Terri Robinson Anthony Rogers Harold Rosemond Terrell Ross Cedric Rushen Keith Russell Sammy Russell Willie Russell Eddie Sarden Arlene Scott Alveo Seabrooks Edwardo Seldon St. Mary Shannell Dundee Sheppard RaSheila Sherrard Van Shepard Gregory Simmons Kimberly Simmons Robert Simmons Catina Sims Crystal Sims Tracy Slack Kenneth Slade Larry Sloan Marcus Smith Mozall Shelby Jimmy Smith Kimberly Smith Nevelle Smith Paula Smith Phoebe Smith Stacey Smith Tina Smith Derrick Sneed Dwight Sneed Sharon Snelson Rhonda Solomon Patricia Steverson Clifford Strong Jimmy Stroud Kim Studivant Roni Sullivan Sharang Sullivan Katrina Swanson Robert Swanson Rodney Swanson Felicia Talton Curtis Tanner Gregory Tarver Nearly Taylor Pamela Taylor Anthony Terrell Henrietta Thomas 138 ■ Sophomores Sophomores Pamela Thomas Gail Thompson Sonya Thompson Tony Thompson Velma Thornton Rufus Tillman Samantha Tinch Trennye Tomlinson Brent Trammell Sophia Turner Yolanda Underwood Rickey Upkins Reginald Usher Tonya Virgle Samantha Walden Alicia Walker Darlene Walker Demitrus Waller Cyrus Walton Dawanya Ward Ronald Ward Pauline Warrior Curtis Warthen John Waters Anthony Watkins James Watson Ricardo Weaver Thomas Webb Horace Weems Lawrence Weems Rodney Wells Ronald Wheat Carlyle White Harold White Lauralain White Karia Whitfield Robert Wilder Vanessa Wilder Angela Williams Boris Williams Kenneth Williams Modesty Williams Nicholas Williams Randall Williams Sonya Williams Synethia Williams Cara Williamson Angela Willis Anthony Willis Tony Wilson Quenton Wimby Marcia Wood Kevin Woodard George Woodford Donna Woods Adrian Woodward Pens ita Wright Yvonne Wright Vincent Wyche Bridgette Wyms Robert Young Timothy Zachery Corliss Zanders Sophomores — 139 Freshman David Adams Kimberly Adkins Stanley Alford Ricky Allen Robert Allen April Anderson Harold Andrews Jr Tony Andrews Evelyn Austin Alethia Avery Curtis Baitey Willie Baitey Ulysee Baker Christopher Banks Caielhea Barbour Derrick Barnes Leonard Barnes Roberlyn Barnes Patrick Battle Robert Battle Kevin Beddes Demetric Bell La ' Deria Bennett Keiser Benson Rich Benton Alisha Blackman Daryl Bledsoe Jeffrey Bond Bonita Boston Kimberly Boswell Timeka Boykin Eddie Brackins Ronald Bradfield Deidree Bradley Cary Bridges Sebrina Brock Cindy Brooks Tammie Brooks Dennis Brown Eric Brown Lolita Brown Melissa Brown Olivia Brown Pamela Brown Sebrina Brown Jerita Bryant Marvin Bryant Tyrone Bryant Dedra Burford Scottie Burke Glenda Burks Virginia Burney Rosalind Burns Charlie Burron Kevin Butts Emmanuel Caldwell 140 - Freshmen Freshmen Marion Caldwell Dexter Carr Lawrence Carr Anthony Carter Tara Carter Tayla Castleberry Anthony Chandler Johnny Childs Dexter Church Elena Clanksdale Christy Clark Jonathan Clark Kimberlee Clark Dimako Clay Robert Cody Tammie Coleman Derrick Collier Daphne Collins Anthony Cook Karen Cook Sherry Copeland Gerald Cosby Victoria Creecy John Crowder Jerome Culpepper Nicole Daniel Frederick Daniels Mia Daniels Angela Davis Carol Davis Denita Davis Eric Davis Loni Davis Sherri Davis Tericka Days Michael Deans Derrick Dennison Lauren Dillard Lawrence Dillard Sherry Dillard Arthur Oillipree Natahsa Dodson James Drue Rondelric Drummer Emmerson Dudley Christopher Dukes Joseph Dukes Charles Duncan Frank Duncan Greory Dunlap Jacquelyn Durden Jerry Durden Annquenet Eagle Wanda Ector Ninth Grade Officers: Jeffrey Bond, President: Marty Turpeau, Vice Pre.; Tusha Smith, Assis- Sec: Sabrina Zachery, Parliamentarian; Teresa Pryor, Treasurer; Mario Merritt, Secre.: Audra Stone, Reporter- Freshman — 141 Freshman ■W- 8 f ' k..-, " ... Jeffrey Edward Tonya Elder Mia Elliott Maria Ellison Dennis Faison Summer Fannin Lisa Flagg Ronaldo Fletcher Wende Flowers Sabrina Floyd Valerie Fowler Kendal Freeman Kelly Furcrom Dwight Fye Cyprian Garnett Laquitta Gary Bobby Gates Darren Gates Larry Gates Tyler Gates Frederick Gay Kimberly George Gregory Gibson Sean Gibson Vincent Gideon Antonio Gieger Audrey Glaze Gerald Glaze Howard Golden John Goodlett Kenneth Goolsby Donne ll Gorden Anthony Gray John Gray Robert Green Sharlene Green Valencia Green Jeffrey Hall Jerome Hall Richard Hall Scottie Hammond Evette Hammond Rodney Hammond Daryl Hardnett Darren Hardy Yarman Hardy Yolanda Harley Andrew Harper Alonzo Harris Carlos Harris James Harris Rodney Harris Rolland Harris Stevette Harris Vincent Harris Vincent Harris Kevin Haugabrook Roslyn Hawkins Roderick Heard Eric Henderson 142 — — Freshman Freshmen Kenneth Hester Cassandra Hill Dwayne HIM Frederick Hill Tina Hill Yolanda Hollard Darryl Holliman Julie Hollis Tawana Holmes Miranda Holt Dennis Hooks Gary Hopkins Domita Home Melissa Horn Ronald Home Brandon Horton Justina Houston Christopher Hull Renee Humphries Aaron Hutcherson Camille Ivey Alfreda Jackson Hattlue Jackson Kevin Jackson Lachelle Jackson Ola Jackson Reginald Jackson Sandra Jackson Laine Jamison Kathy Jefferson Traci Jenkins Latoshia Jester Brian Johnson Gerald Johnson Jamarcus Johnson Jaye Johnson Kiesha Johnson Macids Johnson Senja Johnson Tanya Johnson Trecye Johnson Zenobia Johnson Annette Jones Antonio Jones James Jones Marlissa Jones Miranda Jones Sherry Jones Tanya Jones Tarra Jones Tavia Jones Averlyn Jordan Robert Josey Lamar Kelley Stacey Kemp Dionne King Willie King Contail Kitchens Vonzail Kitchens Robin Knight Do you like my pose? (Jamerson McCamey) Freshman — 143 Freshman Parthenia Lackey Andre Landers Dexter Laney Wendy Latimore Alicia Lawson Johnathan Lawson Grady Lawrence Brian Leaplnart Daplnne Leonard Bernard Lewis Derek Lewis Charles Little William Little Leroy Lockhart Antonio Logan Vonda Lowe Angela Lucas Bergenia Luckett Tracy Lundy Francine Lynn Tanya Mabra Lashawn Mack Tamika Maddox Thomas Maddox Shane Maeberry Johnette Mahone Sophia Malcolm Morrece Mangham Charles Manly Nelson Mann Elfert Manns Derek Marks Robert Martin Micole Mason Zonya Massey Tereon Mattox Cheryl Mayfield Sean Mayfield Brian Mazyck Dylanda Meadows Janet Meadows Mario Merritt Reginald Merritts Anita Middlebrooks Clara Miller Frenadise Miller Castonia Ming Carmen Mitchell f Hey look. I can walk down the halls (Zonya Massey) 144 Freshr Freshmen April McAdam Jamerson McCamey Sonja McDaniel Miranda McGuire Gustavus McMillan Lisa Momon Jay Moody Alicia Morgan Jerry Morgan Natalie Morgan Merlynett Morris Marcus Moses Alex Munn Tony Myers Sowanda Neal Stefanie Nelson Leslie Newsome Allan Newton Phyllis Nottingham Michael Oliver Caria Orme Tracey Osby Pricilla Owens Robert Owens Wayman Owens Stephen Pagie Darrell Parker Natarcha Parks Reginald Pasley Artrisia Patterson Curtis Perdue Christopher Peters Jerry Pettaway Ronald Pettaway Vernon Petty Christa Phillips Nedra Phillips Millicent Piece Terrance Porter Walker Prather Chinitia Procter Teresa Pryor Dale Pullins Andrea Quick Felicia Ramey Rodney Rankins George Redmond Ummm!! (Shelly Dillard) Freshman 145 Freshmen Trenia Reld Lisa Robblns Ruby Robertson Anthony Robinson Cheryl Robinson Dietra Robinson Roderic Ross Antonio Russell Renita Russell lllana Sanders Rodney Scandrett Stacey Sheperd Durward Sheppard Allyson Stropshire Byounist Shuler Miguel Simmons Pryncess Simmons Efrim Simms Adrianne Smith Alonza Smith Angela Smith Bobby Smith Bridget Smith Karen Smith Kim Smith Lawrence Smith Leiitha Smith Rodney Smith Shanna Smith Stanely Smith Tusha Smith Wendy Smith Sabrina Snead Arthur Solomon Edward Sparks Patricia Spratley Danielle Statham Donna Stegall Stephen Stephens Ursula Stevens Harry Stokley Audra Stone Sabrina Stroud Wendie Stroud Susan Suttles Robbie Sutton Tina Swain Monica Swanson Wanda Tanner Tony Tarver Chadell Taylor Yolanda Taylor Tony Terrell Connie Thomas Shei Thomas Hildred Thomason Commaleta Thorton Glennis Tillman Antonio Todd Michael Todd 146 " Freshman Freshmen Gary Tramell Helen Tramell Keith Trawick Caria Turner Teresa Turner Michel Turpeau Theresa Tyre Tracey Underwood Pannela Ursha Kelly Ursery Angela Walker Cecila Walker Felipe Walker Nancy Walker Reginald Walker Corona Wallace Runette Ware Kimbrelly Warthen Brenda Watkins Danny Watkins Cassandra Weaver Thujural Weaver Angela Webb Gladys Welch Patty Welch Derrick Westbrook Beverly White Dexter White George White Joseph White Kenneth White Carol Wiggns Lashawn Wiggins Charlie Wiggles Kimberly Wilburn Jaca Wilcox Samuel Wilder Adraine Williams Anthony Williams Bridgette Williams Dawanna Williams Eric Williams Kenneth Williams Mary Williams Raymond Williams Rodney Williams Sabrina Williams Stephanie Williams Traci Williams Amanda Willingham Gary Willingham Herbert Willingham Roosevelt Willis Tony Willis Anthony Wilson Rhonda Wilson Allen Winston Eddie Woodard Sabrina Zackery Freshman 147 Sub-Freshmen Cheryl Allen Sabrina Allen Sellna Allen Yolanda Allwood Andrea Anderson Glenda Anderson Kimberly Anthony Kelvin Atkins Vickie Austell Yolanda Bailey Angela Baity George Baker Gia Baker Charles Banks Gail Banks Caria Barbour Carmen Barbour Yvette Barlow Shelli Barnes Kennoris Bates Darryl Beadles Cajuana Beasley Christopher Beasley Lujuana Belt Portia Berry Vincent Biggs Michelle Bivins Norman Blosemgame Howard Bob Sheri Boddie Alfred Bolston Aaron Bolton Julia Bond Jennifer Boston Thelma Brackins Charletta Bradley Bennie Bridges Laurell Britt Chandra Brown Edward Brown Harold Brown Latonia Brown Stuart Brown Tamika Brown Tanya Brown Tia Brown Timmy Brown Kan Browning Jonathan Bryant Eugenia Buchanan Torey Burse Martin Butler Kashaka Byrdsong Kimberly Caldwell Darran Campbell Debbie Campbell 148 Sub-Freshmen Sub-Freshmen Lawathia Carreker Carlos Carson Paula Chambers Edward Chaney Michael Chaney Stephen Chatman Bari Chavies Joi Chestnut Antonia Clark Clarissa Clark Darlene Clark John Clark Tanu Clark Palae Cloud Jamerson Cobb Carey Cody Sandy Cofield Sharon Coleman Jason Collins Keisha Collins Ronda Collins Tanya Collins Xavier Collins Tonijia Colton Kanetha Coney Sharonda Cook Antoinette Cooksey Clara Copeland Kevin Copeland Richard Cox Marcus Crawford Darchelle Creech Jerome Crit Darryl Daniels Mekael Daniels Tabitha Daniels Vernika Daniels Veronica Daniels Donna Davis Gerrard Davis Harrison Davis Keith Davis Terry Davis Timothy Davis Pamela Days Sonya Dean Shunda Dennison Leroy Deramus Jamie Devalle PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Sub-Freshmen -149 Sub-Freshmen Franklin Dotts Jerome Dowberry Letitia Drake Christopher Dunlap Glentonia Dunlap Micah Earl Michael Easley Lavonda Edwards Monica Edwards Lisa Elliot William Epps Alisha Favors Tamara Ferguson Major Fields Rodney Fleetwood Sterling Flint Dedra Foster Karen Foster Keona Foster Broderick Fowler Monique Fox Jerry Freeman Selena Freeman Nicole French Joseph Frye Kim Fudge Kimberly Garrett Samia Giddings Corey Gilbert Brendolyn Gill Sanderlyn Gilstrap Soloman Givens Anthony Glovers Antonio Goodman Mellendy Gore Bruce Grant Regina Gray Mictunda Green Dexter Griffin Ken Griffin Carol Gross Anthony Gulley Todd Gulley Ashfrid Hall Toppell Hammilton (Donna Davis) — Boy, am I bored 150 — Sub Freshmen Sub-Freshmen Anthony Hammond Carlos Hann Orlandira Harden Alfreds Harris Charlie Harris Juandra Harris Kellie Harris Lewis Harris Marc Harris Trina Harris Reginald Hart Kelly Haugabrooks Carreno Haynes Roderick Heard Carolyn Heath Charles Henley Rhonda Henley Christy Hightower Mevis Hill Roslyn Hill Carolyn Hines Laquitha Hooks Carey Holloman Christopher Horn Deanna Horton Gregory Horton Nikki Howard Tawanya Huiel John Hunter Albert Huntly Jeddie Ison Helen Jackson Julius Jackson Karen Jackson Tammy Jackson April James Timothy James Robins Jenkins Sarah Jenkins Anzie Johnson Courtney Johnson Johnny Johnson Latrice Johnson Nina Johnson Stephen Johnson Terri Johnson Crystal Jones Keith Jones Mafia Jones Phillip Jones Reginald Jones Rekeita Jones Reuben Jones Romela Jones Steven Jones Marc Josey Marcus Josey Denjee Jultan Jacqueline Keels Ondra Keller Clark Kelly Sub-Freshmen 151 Sub-Freshmen Darius Kemp Fellow Knolton Sterling Kilpatrick Gerika Lamar Tiffany Lamar Kisha Lance Denise Laney Robert Lasane Freddie Latimore Clifford Lawrence Michael Lee Kirtrina Lemons Jerome Lester Sidney Lewis Tamekia Lindley Allen Little Michelle Littlejohn Darron Loften Derron Lovett Monica Lucas Reginald Mack Shaunta Madden William Maffet Dexter Magby Reginald Malcolm Rodricus Martin Lucinda Mathews Alex Matthews Shanelee Mayfield Phylesia McAlpine Rosalind McLeon Dina McCloudy Traci McCormick Tracey McCoy Sherri McCrary Lashandria McDaniel Clarence McGee Raleigh McKeever Sidney McKenzie James McWhorter Brandy Meridy Stacy Merkerson Tracy Merkerson Marvin Merrit Tabbatha Mobuary Tonja Moore Omar Morris Tilda Mosley Shoanetta Murphy Lisa Murray Tony Murray Clay Neal Demetria Nealy Toi Newman Kenneth Newton Patricia Norman David North Ronnie Nuckles Bobby Olive Andrea Owens 152 — Sub-Freshmen Sub-Freshmen Jason Owens Rena Owens Ronald Owens LaQuita Parks Paula Parks Yvette Patterson Regina Peary Timothy Peek Monica Peterson Robert Pitts Sandra Pitts William Pitts Julian Please Valerie Poindexter Bianca Ponder Rodney Prather Varicle Prior Sabnna Puckett Derrick Pugh Bobby Ramey Lisa Rapley Caria Reeves Terri Reeves John Richardson Mary Richardson Charles Riley Cassandra Roberts Maurice Robinson Renard Robinson Tracy Robinson Kevin Rogers Tammy Rogers Willie Rone Anton Rucker Kenneth Rucker Felecitas Ruffio Winston Rushin Tameka Sain Reginald Scandrett Cheveta Deabrllks Emory Searcy Jeffrey Searcy Brenda Sharpe Tamala Shaw Leiann Shropshire Ryan Shropshire Kimberly Sinkfield Traci Slaughter Antone Smith Curtis Smith Helen Smith Herdrick Smith Is there an eighth grader in the crowd? Sub Freshmen — 153 Sub-Freshmen Kimberly Smith Reginald Smith Sharon Smith Yarka Smith Rodney Starks Shannon Starks Caria Stocker Jesoundra Swlnney Sonja Tanner Evelyn Taylor Chiqulta Thomas Owen Thomas Lashon Thompson Frank Thorton Jeoffrey Thorpe Lonnie Thrash Lakeisha Tolen Royce Turner Pamela Underwood John Usher Natalie Veale Christian Waldon CarIa Walker Donnis Walker Eric Walker Robert Walker Shannon Walker Spencer Walker Yolanda Walker Contrina Walton Alfred Ward Glenda Ward Johnny Watson Angela Weatherspoon Antonio Webb Samuel Webb Kelvin Wellons Maria Wells Quinyonia Whatley Ronald White William Wilford Danielle D. Williams Danielle M. Williams Harold Williams Herbertyn Williams Sandra Williams Tammy Williams Wylethia Willians Eddie Willis Norman Willis Rosa Willis Gregory Wilson Willie Winfrey Bernadine Witts Maria Winston Lynette Wolfe Martrica Wright Reggie Wright Keith Young Mark Zellous 154 — Sub Freshmen Chapter Student Life " The Life And Times Of A Functioning Student In The Astro Society. " I. Band Auxilaries 158, 176, 178, 180, 182, 186. II. Clubs 198 III. Feature 156, 160, 162, 216. IV. Homecoming 168, 170, 172, 174. V. P.T.S.A 192, 194, 196. VI. Sports 164, 166, 184, 202, 204, 206, 208, 210, 212, 214, 218. VII. Student Government Association 188, 190, 200. Student Life Chapter III 155 156 " Student Life Seniors In Action Successful Activities This year ' s Senior Class meant action! The A stood for adventur- ous. The class attempted several new activities. Black and white pom-pons synonmous with class colors were bought for the senior pep-session and football game. The senior council started a cam- paign for recognizing underclass- men, setting aside appreciation days for them. To add to the excitement of the year, senior week was a huge success! Square Pegs Day start- ed it all off. Students were seen in wild and crazy costumes with the nurdy, preppy, and new wave looks. Many colleges and univer- sities were represented on Col- lege Jersey Day as students wore the jersey ' s of their choice. We were all taken back to the early 70 ' s with afro wigs and Dashee- kies representative of Soul Brother Day. One might have thought they were at Rich ' s Grand White Sale, when seniors walked the halls dressed in white sheets and sandals for Toga Day. It was a kaleidascope of colors on the last day of Senior Week — Stripe, Polka Dot, Plaid Day. Many students participated and enjoyed all the excitement. " I panted for action, and was glad when the day, at the close of which we were to start, dawned upon us. " Frederick Douglass 1 Delita Cobb and Robert Stevenson are homeroom King and Queen at Sen- ior Night at the Football game. 2. Dog! It ' s over already. Gerald Jen- nings and Sonja Gilmore 3. We are the soul sisters of the 70 ' s. April Banl(S and Angelia Gay Student Life Seniors — 157 Hardwork In 1. Auxilaries at summer camp. 2. Lutania Ju- han and Shirvica Ladson demonstrate a cou- ple of tennis swings. 3, Terrie Weems and Donya Green lead Neeka Jeter and Luria Bry- ant in some marching techniques. 4. Michelle Easley, Joi Bacote, and Kathy Riley take time out from camp activities to enjoy a snack, and a little clowning around. 158 Student Life Si The Hot Summer 1 Arnita Swanson and April Banks prac- tice marching. 2. Northstarette tryouts. 3. Karen Veale and Michelle Easley decide who ' s going to take the cooler. Preparing For A Good Year Many of us felt that it was sum- mer and time to rest our brains! Though school was out, some of us felt differently, and felt that we should continue to increase our knowledge, so we attended summer school. This year sum- mer school was held at our very own Douglass High from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Student took as many classes as they wanted, or as many as they needed, at twenty dollars per course. " We can work and by this means we can retrieve all our losses. " Frederick Douglass Some of the rules during sum- mer school were a little different because shorts were not allowed and if one was absent too often, one received no credit for the course ' . Inspite of the limitations of staying in line, the meeting of new friends took our minds off of everything. But besides school, others at- tended auxilary camp. For the first time the Flag Corps, Drum Majors, Majorettes and North- starettes attended the same camp. Marching Auxilaries of America at West Georgia College. The activities included. The Skit and Talent Night, Watermelon Feast, in which participants just ate watermelon and tripped out, and Individual Spirit Competi- tion, in which each school com- peted for the Spirit Baton by showing the most spirit. And last but not least, the girls learned new routines which would come in handy during Marching Sea- son. Student Life Summer 159 A Day In The Life Of An Astro There is a general feeling among the students of Douglass that the school is second to none in many areas. The mainstay of the school ' s success is the result of one very important element. That building block in our founda- tion is " togetherness " . The goals to better the quality of educa- tion, to maintain the quality of the learning environment, to pro- vide a good social environment and to prepare students for fu- ture endeavors are accom- plished by everyone working hand in hand daily. Dr. Butts, teacher, parents, secretarial staff, students, cafeteria staff, and custodial staff are all Astros, each representing a part of a whole — a family — striving to make every minute beneficial in a day in the life of an Astro. The major source of the school ' s power is Dr. Lester W. Butts. Continously reminding the students to be about the busi- ness of learning, he gives many of them that extra incentive to excel in their studies. Though al- ways apologetic for interrupting the learning process, it is not un- usual for an occasional reminder to go out over the intercom. He is the first to congratulate stu- dents that have achieved educa- tional rewards around and out- side of the school. During the Summer of ' 82 our principal ap- plied his own philosophy and ob- tained his Doctorate Degree. As a E.E.D., Dr. Butts has enhanced his own educational experience, while instilling the ambition in many students to do the same. The words of wisdom from Dr. Butts are often needed to help students through the trying schedule and rigorous academic program. Each day begins at 8:30 a.m. with homeroom. This is the place where all business is transacted. The morning an - nouncements are presented from station WFDA, students have an opportunity to study, and they have this time to pre- pare for the six classes that lie ahead. Classes from Physical Education and Typing to Foreign Languages and Computer Sci- ence are offered during the day. Classes begin at 8:45, each last- ing approximately 54 minutes. Three classes are held before a locker period is given. At this time students secure books for their remaining classes. Immedi- ately following, the fourth period class begins, during which stu- dents go to lunch that is divided into three periods — A, B, and C. A full course meal is offered. " The thing was to get the scholars and to have them thor- oughly imbued with the desire to learn. " — Frederick Douglass along with a salad bar. In addition to eating, students are then geared up and ready to attend the last two classes of the day, which ends at 3:15. At this time students prepare to leave for home. Some students walk, some are picked up by parents, other drive, and still others ride the " Cheese " (National Buses). One thing ' s for sure, they must all go home and prepare for the next school day. It has been said that the teach- ers of Douglass are the best in the business. This quality shines in them when they are seen working that extra hour to tutor students. Each department has a day after school that is set aside for students to receive help, make up work, or receive extra credit points. But, many teach- ers go beyond the call of duty and remain with students on days that aren ' t assigned to them. The short class period is not always enough time to ac- complish some of the things that need to be done in certain areas. In situations as this the " die- hard " teacher is certainly re- spected. Even more appreciated are those teachers who take the time to counsel students. Peer and social pressures are often more stressful than academic ones. An understanding teacher who has surpassed many an ob- stacle is always helpful to a stu- dent seeking counseling. Without the type of teacher an Astro ' s day just wouldn ' t be the same. It ' s funny how the people that have your name, address and other personal information, the ones that put your name on the roster when enrolling and the people that handle your most im- portant schedules and report cards are sometimes forgotten in the rush of the day. These V.I.P. ' s are none other than the members of the secretarial staff. Many of them are quite visible, because they greet visitors in the main office with their warm smiles and cooperative manner. However, some are not as visi- ble. They work under assistant principals or in the registar ' s of- fice. They contribute much to the Astro family, and should be recognized for the rough routine of the day ' s work. They must work with the principals, teach- ers, and students. These ladies are very much alive and active in the goings on at Douglass. 160 student Life A Day In The Life Of An Astro Did You Know . . . There are 4,374,000 seconds in one school year? ■aA Clockwise 1: Coach Brannon takes time out to aid Dawn Dedeaux in Geometry, after school. 2: Aaron Turpeau inspires the student body. 3: Mrs. Johnson cordially greets the day. 4: Mr. Hill, Alexander Quaynor, and Grady Dunn contemplate the answer to a problem. 5: The varsity football team says its chant in a pep session. 6: Nash Alexander works dilligently during class Student Life A Day In The Life Of An Astro — 161 " The day dawns — the morning star is bright upon the horizon! The iron gate of our prison stands half open. One gallant rush from the North will fling it wide open, while four millions of our borthers and sisters shall march out into Liber- ty. " Likewise, in many instances, our eyes were only half open. Yet, one gallant rush to beat the 8:30 a.m. bell would fling them wide open while some of our peers would march to the tardy line. " The day dawns — the morning star is bright upon the horizon! The iron gate of our prison stands half open. One gallant rush from the North will fling it wide open, while four millions of our brothers and sisters shall march out into Li- berty. " — Frederick Douglass That was the beginning of our routine, yet unique school day at Douglass, where strengthening loose threads and building sound foundations was an instinct. That was our purpose. Success was a natural creation at our school, the source of our cherished memories. It was here our day began. The Dawn Of A Successful Day JS HIGH SCHOOL ATLANTA, GEORGIA. y The Astros Face A " How ' Bout D ' em - Astros! " " How ' bout d ' em Dawgs " and " How ' bout d ' em Braves " were slogans used throughout the year to express appreciation to- ward teams for outstanding play and strong determination. So, it is only appropriate to include the slogan " How ' bout d ' em Astros " because the Astros, too, exhibit- ed fine play and determination when it came to football. The Astros had a rigorous schedule, playing several state ranked teams. In spite of the tough schedule, they had their moments, stunning their oppo- nents with their " plays of the century. " If it wasn ' t Stanley Jones handing the ball to Rodney Patrick to pass to Mervin Smith in the end zone, then it was Mi- chael Jones intercepting the ball and returning it for a touchdown. " I prefer living a life of activity . . . that I may hereafter exult in the victory, I know that victory is certain. " Frederick Douglass The Astros ' dedication showed that they " ... prefer living a life of activity ... " and their atti- tudes displayed a feeling of unity among them. " Victory is cer- tain " was an appropriate senti- ment, whether in the win column or in the personal growth result- i ng from working together for a common goal. The coaches looked for the " perfect play " that would win the game, and the fans were appreciative of each effort made that moved the As- tros closer to the goal posts. 1. Stanley Jones sprints around left end. 2. Reginald Castleberry breaks up a pass against George. 3. Rodney Patrick scores. 4. The Astros accept a penalty. 164 Student Life Varsity Football Challenging Schedule. .1 Did you know . . . That there are ap- proximately 487 steps in Frederick Douglass High School? lazzD 1. Elliott Alphabet and Reginald Castelberry watch the offense In action. 2. Kevin Brady records statistics. 3. The Offense, Front row: Joel Davis, Lovell Twyman, Darrell Redmond, William Avery, Kerven Hardnett, Timothy Ross. Second row: Frederick Pritchett, Rob- ert Jennings, Orlando Massey , Wallace Smith, Kevin Brady, Stanley Jones, Antonio Anderson. Back row: Norman Smith, Chris- topher Fortson, MIcholous Mclver, Eric Dot- son, Mervin Smith, Timothy White. 4. The Defense, Front row: Noah Smith, Eric Gib- son, Elliott Alphabet, Carlos Wilson, Michael Doctor, Patrick Thomas, Alexander Quaynor. Second row: Rodney Patrick, Lamottas Jack- son, Marcus Allen, William Cofleld, Jason Johnson, Scott Lucier, Brian White, James Myers, Ricardo Martin. Back row: Larry Har- ris, Aaron Smith, Carlos Bryant, Michael Jones, Sedgwick Morrow, Derrick Frazier, Brian Cook, Darren Gibson, Reginald Castle- berry, Arthur Chambliss. Student Life Varsity Football 165 The Football Season Is Always Colorful 166 Clockwise from top left: 1. Joel Davis dodges a Harper defender. 2. Stanley Jones breaks away. 3. Coach Brannon watches intently. 4. Rodney Patrick scores. 5. Tine band and fans jam at Grady Stadium. 6. St atistician Nedra Mahone cliecks the yardage on a play. 7. Rodney Patrick escapes a tackle. Student Life Football Clockwise from top left: 1. Tfie band com- pletes a band dance. 2. Virginia Perdew dances with the band. 3. The Flag Corps flashed the black and gold. 4. Craig Davis and Norris Long cool out at the game. 5. The award winning North Starettes perform at the Harper game. Student Life Football 167 V Homecoming Is A Night C A Festive Occasion. The Homecoming festivities for 1982-1983 were colorful and different from the previous thir- teen years. The student body voted in a primary election, se- lecting the top 50 per cent of the interested candidates for Miss Douglass to continue to the writ- ing phase of the competition. The subject was " A recent Crisis that should cause young people to take a more serious look at their future. " A panel of judges composed of teachers and par- ents evaluated the papers, and the top six were presented as speeches to the student body. " Among the multitude of plans proposed and opinions held, with reference to our cause and condition, we succeeded in having a mind of our own, har- monizing with all others as far as we could and differing where we must. " Frederick Douglass Still, the judging was not com- plete. Each candidate was then asked one question to be an- swered extemporaneously be- fore the student body. Monica Cooper remarked that if she were an insect, she would want to be a butterfly because it lives freely and without limitations. Beth Bolden wished for world peace as her one wish other than becoming Miss Douglass. Leslie Meadows stated that she would rather be herself than any animal in the book Animal Farm be- cause she realized that all of them were corrupt. Each re- sponse revealed an aspect of the corresponding candidate. The outcome was left up to the stu- dent body. The coronation deviated from the traditional black and gold set- ting. Instead, the queens glowed in festive multi colored gowns for their " Night on the Spanish Riv- iera. " 168 Student Life Homecoming 1. Rodney Patrick: " We want to win this game for you, Leslie. " 2. Leslie finds her election an unforgettable moment. 3. Monica Cooper ex- plains why she would be a butterfly. 4. Kevin Brady wishes Larry Harris would share. 5. Last minute prep- arations for the Royal Breakfast are busy. The Spanish Riviera. G Did you know . . . Our school ' s first homecoming activi- ties began approxi- mately 5040 days ago? Clockwise 1. Beth Bolden finds tal ing pic- tures can be tedious. 2. Phyllis Carter enjoys the Royal Breakfast. 3. Willie Pullen shows his school spirit. Student Life Homecoming ■ — 169 Lisa Murray, Miss Eighth Grade; Roni Sullivan, Miss Tenth Grade; Barbara Hall, Miss Twelfth Grade; Beth Bolden, 1st Attendant; Leslie Meadows, Miss Douglass; Monica Cooper, 2nd Atten- dant; Phyllis Carter, Miss Eleventh Grade; Summer Fannin, Miss Ninth Grade. Left, top to bottom: Leslie Meadows, Beth Bolden, Monica Cooper. At right: Front row: Lisa Murray, Phyllis Carter, Barbara Hall, Roni Sullivan, Summer Fannin. Back row: Escorts Eric Farmer, Robert Wilder, Larry Bryant, Timothy Copeland, Grady Dunn. Club Queens. Front row: LaShung Torrence, Patricia Robinson, Sharon Atkins, Lauren Dillard, Carmen Rawls, Latonya Warner, Karon Ammons, Virginia Earl, Theresa Anderson, Angelia Gay, Sonya Williams, Traci Jones, Angela Greene, Frencenia Brool(S, Kimberly Aaron, Margo Whately. Escorts, Back row: Geary Woolfolk, Craig Lee, Richard Trammell, Carson Gibson, Johnny Nunnally, Avery Sims, Marque Payne, Reginald Edwin, Arundel Jones, Frank Lightner, Herbert Sanders, Derrick Harris, David Booker, Paxton Marks. Club Queens, Front row: Darlene Hunter, Tamika Maddox, Joie Gibson, Tammy Benton, Rachel Roberts, Robin Hightower, Maria Odum, Alva Campbell, Michelle Easley, Gwendolyn Brown, Virginia Perdew, Judy Greenlea, Meishawn Carney, Renita Pope, Marchia Giddings. Escorts, Back row: Sherman Ezzard, Patrick Oliver, Horace Carney, Norris Long, Paul Tucker, Marvin Robinson, George Hanford, Titus Hughes, Norman Daniels, Lorenzo Mitchell, Rodney Fowler, Edwin Green. 1 9 8 3 R o y a I c o u r t E s c o r t s 171 We Celebrate As One Alumni Rap Is A A As Homecoming Week came to a close, Astros greeted Friday, dressing in black and gold as an expression of their love for Fred- erick Douglass High. The day started with the Royal Breakfast, and the festivities continued with the Royal Pep Session. At the call for the drummers, a tingle of an- ticipation was felt throughout the gym. The Royal Court was intro- duced by Master and Misstress of ceremonies Brian Daniel and Deborah Scandrett. Miss Doug- lass expressed words of grati- tude and a song was sung in her honor. The band treated its fans to the popular hit, " Alligator Woman " while our own " alligator woman " entertained us. The emotions were so strong that one might have described them as feelings when " Your whole soul is fire, every nerve strung — every faculty you possess ready to perform at a moments bigging. — Frederick Douglass The enthusiasm continued through the afternoon to the Alumni Rap. Graduates returned to discuss their accomplish- ments and the years they had spent at Douglass. The Good Buddy System which helped east the transition of students coming to Douglass from many schools was a topic of special recollec- tion. A special moment indicated the feeling graduates had for their Alma Mater as they stood as one big family and sang the school song. The main event of the day took place at Lakewood Stadium. High spirited fans filled the stands. Even the rain couldn ' t dampen the atmosphere. The team matched the feelings, scoring as soon as it got possession of the ball. However, late in the game, Washington matched the touch- down and went for two points to narrowly edge the Astros. The defense, with key interceptions by Rodney Patrick and Reginald Castleberry, kept fans hopeful until the final whistle. 172 Student Life Homecoming 1. Miss Douglass, Leslie Meadows, takes a royal walk around the gym as Astros wave their greetings. 2. The " Alligator Woman " en- joys her song. 3. Mrs. Gunn enjoys a moment during the busy week. 4. Alumnus Tracey Co- ley (1982) entertains at the Alumni Rap. Moving Experience Did you know . . . There were 22,899 books in the school library as of June, 1982? [ ) 1 . Seniors await the beginning of wiiat is to be a memorable Alumni Rap. 2. Tracey Coley responds to cries of " encore " as he sings " Lady " to Leslie Meadows. 3. All As- tros take part in " Kiddy Day. " 4. Support- ive Astros watch the Flag Corps twirl that " black and gold. " 5. David Carr, the first Douglass SGA president, reads his poem. 6. Clifford Barrow, Leietia Johnson, and Sonja Gllmore sing " There Never Be a Better. " Student Life Homecoming — 173 Clockwise: 1. Master and Mistress of Ceremonies, Kevin Richardson and Karen Graham introduce the Royal Court. 2. The Color Guard presents the colors to the Astro Family. 3. LaTonja Coilins and Nash Alexander sing " Born Again. " 4. The 1982-83 Club Queens. 5. Stu- dent Government Association Presi- dent Aaron Turpeau crowns Lesiie Meadows as Miss Douglass. 174 — Student Life Homecomi ng Leslie Meadows. Student Life Homecoming — 175 The 1983 Marching Astros Ik . C S " 1 1 t n ' Drum Majors Band Council: Carey Johnson, Horace Carney, Ortnand Oliver, Cheryl Virginia Perdew, Aaron Turpeau, Meishawn Carney. Johnson, Andrea Freeman. 176 — student Life Band Turpeau directs The drum majors lead the band. Band Announcers; Thelesia Lowery, Joseph Jones Mellophone: Wanda Tanner v;i. Meishawn Carney directs Aztec Fire. Flutes: Front Row: Alva Campbell — Asst. Sec. Lead., Monlque Walker — Sec. Lead., Rolanda Blanding — Sec. Lead., Francina Brooks — Asst. Sec. Lead; Barbara Hall Second Row: Shondra Haywood, Mechele Lavender, Lisa Kilpatrick, Carey Johnson, Judy Greenlea, Cherly Johnson, Tlnird Row: DaWanna Williams, Cara Williams, Angela Greathouse, Kimberly Aaron, Marlissa Jones, Mia Daniels, Angela Green Back Row: Althea Johnson, Lateefah Cabey, Caryn Duke, Julie Hollls, Toni Clark Bell: Sonya Schley, Damita Pugh — Sec. Lead., Sherall Wingfield Saxphones: Front Row: Dijon Washington, Rodney Cohen, Mitzi King — Sec. Lead, Renee Dodson, Lawrence Smith, Back Row: Boyce Mullins, Deron Hardaway, Kelvin Jackson, Rodney Williams, William Tanner A Season Of Changes This year there were a changes in the Marching Band. Many veterans stopped participat- ing because of their academic work load, but through the guidance of Mr. Moody, the director, the band survived the loss. There were also changes in the student leadership. Veteran drum majors Meishawn Carney and Aaron Turpeau were joined by Virginia Perdew. This was the first time the Marching Astros had two drum majorettes at the same time. Virginia said she had al- ways cared about the success of the band. She added that while her- " I had not then dreamed of the possibility of my becoming a pub- lic advocate of the cause so deeply imbedded in my heart. " — Frederick Douglass new position had its low moments, the experience of being drum ma- jorette was similar to those of Fred- erick Douglass when he said . . . The Marching Band spent many hours in the hot sun preparing for the football season, and the numer- ous other performances to which it was committed. Not only did it have the responsibility of keeping fans in good spirits during the foot- ball games and pep sessions, but it also participated in affairs of the At- lanta University Center such as Morris Brown College ' s Homecom- ing parade. The Marching Astro ' s performances at the Berkmer Fes- tival in Lilburn, Georgia earned ex- cellent ratings. The band participat- ing in the Fountain Music Festival on November 14, 1982 in Colum- bus, Georgia and received an out- standing ratings of superior for the second consecutive year. Ranking third in the overall quad A division, the Marching Astros had a success- ful season. Student Life Marching Band — 177 The Band Works Trumpets: Front Row: Thaddeus Long, Kevin Richardson, Robert Stevenson, Asst Sec Lead , Quentin Merlweather, Joseph Coles — Asst Sec Lead , Charles Locke — Sec Lead Second Row: Larry Sloan, Samuel Austin, Dwight Thomas, Ricardo Myrick, Edwin Wade Back Row: Dwight Hunter, Curtis Tanner, Reginald Garmon, Michael Harris Clarinets: Front Row: Andrea Freeman, Joanne Parker — Sec. Lead, Donna Johnson, Lisa Davis — Asst. Sec. The percussion section, led Lead.. Second Row: Angela Brown, Yolanda Stroud, Felicia Parker, Rhonda Hall, Stepheni Johnson, Courtney by Ormond Oliver, shows it is Jinks, Yolanda Minor Percussion: Front Row: Ormond Oliver — Sec Lead . Marcus Doctor, Reginald Scandrett, Richard Trammell — Asst Sec Second Row: Randy Hudson Paul Earl, Marque Payne, Paxton Marks, Sameul Gulley, Back Row: Ronald Wheat, Todd Carter, Geary Woolfolk, Bradley Williams, Shawn Mann X7o " Student Life Marching Band James Haynes, Maurice Da- vis, and Norris Long play and Overtime HOM Baritones: Craig Davis, Norris Long — Sec Lead . Dexter White Bass Horns; Front Row: Sylvan Watkins, James Haynes — Sec 1 Lead., Mario Evans Back Row: Dexter Phelps, Oliver Turner ' ready. " Bass Clarinets: Yolanda Travis — Sec Lead , Arundel Jones — Asst. Sec. Lead., Sophia Malcolm A Great Festival Season The work of the band does not end when the cheers of football come to a close. The first perfor- mance was at the school Christmas assembly. Following this, the con- cert band continued preparations for the upcoming major events. The concert band was invited to per- form at the Georgia Music Educa- tors Association State Convention in Columbus on January 21, 1983. The most important event of the year was the Fifth District Band Festival held on March fifth and sixth. The band has consistently earned a rating of superior in the past years. Many of the graduating seniors " Young, ardent, and hopeful, they entered upon this new life in the full gush of unsuspecting enth- usiams. " — Frederick Douglass were dedicated for four or five years in the concert and marching bands. Virginia Perdew and Quentin Ware were active members of the band since their eighth grade year. Charles Locke, another dedicated veteran, contributed to the band through his membership in the con- cert, marching, and stage bands, as a student conductor and in his own band arrangements. Early in their careers, each of these students were " Young, ardent, and hopeful, they entered upon this new life in the full gush of unsuspecting enthu- siasm. " ensemble of Ladies, " ' Sophisticated Trombones: Front Row: Christopher LaSane — Asst. Sec, Lead., Anthony Hammond Back Row: Thaddeus Lynn, Charles Little, Mau- rice Davis — Sec, Lead, (i Did you Know That the first musical instrument was the shepherd ' s pipe? VHZJ Student Life Marching Band — 179 Marching Astros 1 Maiorettes: Front Row: Leslie Mead- ows — Capt, Tracy Stephens — Co- Capt, Roni Sullivan, Stephanie Dukes, Marcia Giddings, Kim Ridley, Delita Cobb, Back Row: Vonda Hayes, Gwendolyn Brown, Rachel Roberts, Terri Daniels 2. Flag Corps: Front Row: Deneen Ar- nold — Capt, Tina McCormick — Co-Capt, Second Row: Angela Mol- lis, Pam Deramus, Andrea Boone, Tracy Ellis, Third Row: LaTonya Nix, Kim Brewer, Tabitha Alex- ander, Neda Walton, Back Row Be- verly Daniels, Zinethia Clemmons, Karon Ammons — Co-Capt, Kim- berly Smith, Yolanda Buchanan 3 Northstarettes: Front Row: Jessica Bryant, Maria Odum, Angela Little- john, Donya Green — Co-Capt. Ben- ita Daniel — Capt. Pamela Frye, Mia Reed, Terrie Weems, Second Row: LaTonya Warner, Felicia Turner, Mi- chelle Easley, Mitzi Appling, Wyndra Knowles, Arnita Swanson, Pamela Jones, Back Row: Karen Veale, Ton- jia Dabney, Kathy Riley, Kimberly Lindsey, April Banks, Joi Bacote, Phillis Carter, D ' Andria Burts. loU —■ Student Life Auxiliaries Auxiliaries v Did you know . . . That Deborah Grimes, Editor could not find a Did you know for this spot before the deadline? VJZZ) 1. Oops. I dropped my baton! (Marcia Gid- dings) 2. Deneen Arnold, Captain, exemplifies skill and grace in the Flag Corps routine. 3, Look at what I can do! (Maria Odum, Jessica Bryant, Angela Littlejohn) Those Amazing Astros Our auxiliary groups proved to be " hot stuff " this year. They siz- zled at football games, pep ses- sions, and even at practice. Their long hours and hard practices re- sulted in excellence said, Delita Cobb, a majorette for Douglass. The Northstarettes, Flag Corps and Majorettes added a dazzling touch to any halftime show. They surrounded the band in flashy black and gold uniforms thrilling the eyes of a spectator. " Time and strength are not equal to the task before me. " — Frederick Douglass When summer vacation was in progress, most students were studying relaxation, but not the shiningstar auxiliaries. They went to summer camp to polish up on their routines. " To me, camp was a chance to meet new peo- ple and learn new things, " said Co-Capt. of the flag corps Tina McCormick. Our Auxiliaries were surely " amazing Astros " striving to shine. Student Life Auxiliaries — 181 All That Glitter ' s Are You Ready? Astros: Who got the best team ? We got the best team! Who got the best team? We got the best team! Who? We! Who, who? We, we!! This was a cheer of ten heard by waiting Astro Fans. Our jubilant cheer- leaders and pep squads gladly conveyed the mes- sage of spirit to the crowd. Our variety of spir- it boosters ranged from sub-freshman to senior students. Are you ready over " There is no work that men are required to do. " — Frederick Douglass 1. Varsity Cheerleaders: Front Row: Michelle Hammonds, Ka- trina Boddie — Capt., Lynn Powell, Back Row: Angella Gay, Candise Needom, Caria John- son, Crystal Sims, Beth Bolden, Lisa Watl(ins 2. Varsity Pep Squad: Front Row: Darlene Hunter — Co-Capt, Le- litia Johnson, Second Row: So- nya Hall — Capt, Patrice Gor- don 3. Banner Carriers: Front Row: La- Deria Bennett, Angela Smith, Back Row: Kimberly Boswell, Sa- brina Stroud here to jam and cheer? Well if you weren ' t, our cheering Astros would surely try their best to make you. The crisp, ear- catching voices were usu- ally exhibiting excitement. Not only did we have a great cheering squad, but there was a group of spe- cial young ladies that held the name of our school in their hands. Yes, these were the banner carriers who displayed the big, bold, black and gold em- blem of Frederick Doug- lass High School. « Did You Know . . . The female mos- quito s are the only mosquitos that bite. V5ZZ) 5 C ' -4 .. . , H lo2 — Student Life Auxiliaries Who ' s Got 1 Eighth Grade Football Team; Front Row; Fred Latimore, Clay Neal, Alfred Ward, Royce D. Turner, Bobby Olive, John Clark, Richard Cox Second Row; Gerard Davis, Emony Searcy, Ronald Owens, Carlos Hann, Kieth Jones, Ju- lian Pleas, Spencer Walker, Curtis Smith, Third Row; Christopher Horn, John Hunter, Christopher Beasley, Bruce Grant, Carlos Campbell, Ken Griffin, Ronny Knuckles, Back Row; Ruben Jones, Gregory Willson, Marcus Crawford, Dexter Magby, Derrick Pugh, 2. The B-Team Defense lines up to stop a play 3 B-Team Football Mem- bers; Front Row; Anthony Williams, Walter Prather, Lawrence Dillard, Ber- tram Bivens, James May, Jamerson McCamey, Eward Sparks, Anthony Gray. Second Row; Jerry Morgan, Aar- on Hutcherson, Kirk Glass, Leory Maunce Lockhart, Cordell Palmer I Timothy Deleon Zackery. Third Row; Ricardo Weaver, Mr. Andrews, Cedric J. Eppinger, Mr. King Did you know . . . On October 7, 1916, when Georgia Tech played Cumber- land College, the final score was 222-0. Georgia Tech won the game? VI 1 184 student Life Football The Best Team 1 Beth Blanding tries to touch bases with reality. 2 " I hope she catches the ball! " (Via Cameron) 3 " It ' s a bird, a plane , , a foul ball! " (Donna John- son, Gala Hamilton) 5 Bonnie Praither attempts to catch a fly ball. 4 The 1982-1983 Softball Team. 1st Row — Angela Benton, Cheryl Doo- ley, Catina Sims, IVIonica Grant; 2nd Row — Via Cameron, Vanessa Kitchens, Donna Johnson, Farienity Martin, Cecillia Dixon; Not Pictured — Bonnie Praither, Gala Hamilton, Deborah Pat- terson. Every Team Has A Season Douglass ' Eighth Grade Foot- ball Team was in full bloom dur- ing the 1982-1983 season. The team ended the season with an impressive record of four wins, one tie and one loss with two shut out games of more than thirty points each. On the other- hand, the season was somewhat disappointing for the B-Team football players. Cedrick J. Ep- pinger, a B-Team linebacker, felt that much of the team ' s downfall was due to the lack of discipline among team members and the lack of experienced starters. However, the team felt that this year ' s record would help to moti- vate players for next season. ' Muscle is mighty but mind is mightier, and there is no field for the exercise ofmind other than than found in the cultivation of the soul. ' — Frederick Douglass For the Softball Team, the sea- son brought forth a second suc- cessful record of six wins and four losses. Donna Johnson a senior player, felt that the future looked bright for the Softball Team. Student Life Softball 185 Live At The " Astros Jam ' ' Drummers are you ready? " was the familiar phrase all await- ed from the M.C., which signified the summit of an Astro Jam. No true Douglass student would be able to say " Perhaps it was thought that 1 lacked the spirit or the ability to reply " at one of our pep sessions because that old Astro spirit was good enough for all to respond to. The spirit was evident in the Marching Band as they would jam to such tunes as " Aztec Fire, " " Pac Man Fever, " " Dance With Me " and " Knight Riders, " under the leadership of our dy- namic drum majors. The band " Perhaps it was thought that I lacked the spirit or the ability to reply. " — Frederick Douglass auxilaries added to the excite- ment with their warm smiles as they performed dazzling rou- tines. Our Varsity Cheerleaders would uplift spirits with stirring cheers and chants. Some on- lookers of this event would show their spirit in their own way, such as wearing masks or performing new wave feats. But no matter how our spirit was aroused or how we showed it, we knew that our love for Frederick Douglass High School and everything it stood for was the purpose of our celebration. We knew Douglass High would forever be " the jam. " 1. Our drummers are always ready! 2. Astros are smooth people. 3. Kathy Riley, Kim LIndsey and Joi cote anxiously await the starting sig lo6 " Student Life Pep Sessions Astro Gym 1. One , - two ... three ... four .... everybody MOJO!! 2. Varsity Cheerleaders uplift spirits. 3- We Got the beat! (Daron Coates, Za- chery Graddy) 4. Tina McCormick exhibits co-captain abilities- 5. This pep session is " the jam! " (Boyn- nye Prather, Renita Reese, Wyndra Knowles) 6. 12-3 exemplifies their spirit through their sign. ■yWj «S 1 mSti. ' Did You Know . . . That the " Home of the Astros " (Boy ' s Gym) holds 2,000 students? Student Life Pep Sessions J 187 student Government Assc 1. Aaron Turpeau Rallies for the presiden- tial office, 2. The 1982-83 Student Government As- sociation; Front Row; Ms. V. Tuggle — Adv.. Micheal Doctor — Vice Presi- dent, Courtney Johnson — 2nd Vice- pres., Mrs. M. Wright — Adv., Second Row; William Tanner — Bus. Manager, Pamela Hill — Sec , Malissa James — Ass. Seem Renita Reese — Treasurer, Terri Moreland — Ass., Treasurer, Ronald Pollock — Parliamentarian, Last Row; Mr. B. Fuse — Adv. Ron Sailor speak to the students dur- ing the S.G.A. inaugaration. The S.G.A. sponsors the election of our Miss Douglass. - Students Life Student Government Association iation Gets Things Done 1, Aaron Turpeau, accompanied by his mother, takes his oath of office. 2, Mi- cheal Doctor explains the guidelines for the election of Miss Douglass. 3. Steven Woodard, former President Association. Did You Know . . . That Douglass has 55 clubs and organi- zations to further de- velop the education of its students. ) Hard Work Opens Doors Hard Work is the key to suc- cess and President, Aaron Tur- peau along with Vice-president, Micheal Doctor unlocked some doors. They set out to lead the Student Government Association in a banner year. Turpeau worked dilligently to draw more students to after school meet- ings. The increased support from the students was to launch such projects as the Coronation Ball, Thanksgiving Basket Competi- tion and assembly, Spirit Express Bus to out of town games, and aid in the UNICEF Drive. The Association ' s efforts also focused on the engraving of a famous Frederick Douglass quote on the school ' s front. It also completed some programs started by the S.G.A. of the year 1981-1982, such as the Gym Restoration Program. It made possible the words, " Home of the Astos " on the boy ' s gymnasi- um. It can never be said that . . . " They assign us that place; they don ' t let us do it ourselves nor will they allow us a voice in the decision. They will not allow that we have a head to think, and a heart to feel, and a soul to ap- spire. " — Frederick Douglass In a little advancing of his own, Aaron was selected as the stu- dent ' s of Atlanta Public Schools representative in the Mayor ' s Task Force for education. It pre- sented a Dream Jamboree in May, where colleges, businesses, etc. advise students on future job opportunities. Student Life Student Government Association — 189 Thanksgiving Festivities 1. Beverly Daniel inspires the audience with the selection, " Let Us Break Bread Togeth- er " 2 Micheal Doctor, Aaron Turpeau, Rlch- tina Jinks, and Darius Kemp, stand with the audience in singing " Come, Ye Thankful Peo- ple, Come " . 3. Alumni, Lisa Turner, Rhonda Braswell, and Steven Woodard, return to judge the baskets of their alma mater. 4. Richtina Jinks recited the poem, " A Time of Thanksgiving " during the assembly. 5. Mrs. Morgan ' s homeroom 12-10 sails to victory with the winning basket. 190 Student Life Thanksgiving Were Overflowing 1. Darius Kemp emphasizes the meaning of Thanksgiving in an Inspirational reading. 2. The Thanksgiving baskets were beauti- fully decorated and filled to capacity. 3. Ms. S. Williams and IVIs. V. Tuggle work hard to prepare baskets for presentation. 4. Micheal Doctor shares the purpose of the assembly with the audience. 5. Home- room 11-8 provides a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu for a needy family. Douglass Feeds The Hungry Due to the state of economy some families weren ' t able to share in the festivities that ac- company the Holiday Season. The situation made the annual Thanksgiving Basket Contest one of much signifigance. This year ' s winner was Mrs. Morgan ' s home- room 12-10. Grade level winners were homerooms 8-2, 9-8, 10-8, 11-8, 12-10. These baskets and others contained breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods. They provided a healthy Thanksgiving meal for many needy families in and around the Atlanta area. " Hard work night and day, over a furnace hot enough to keep the metal running like wa- ter, was more favorable to action than thought. " — Frederick Douglas This occasion was only the be- ginning of the gala activities dur- ing Thanksgiving. All bulletin boards were decorated and car- ried familiar themes of Thanks- giving. The lunch menu also coin- cided with the theme. The tradi- tional turkey was served with its trimmings. Student Life Thanksgiving — 191 An Evening Of The PTSA Sponsors Show Evening of Talent " was pre- ' sented by the Parent, Teacher, Stu- dent, Association (P.T.S.A.) of Fred- erick Douglass High. Mrs. A. Gunn, Mr. A. Green, and Mr. C. Coleman coordinated the talent show and devoted much time to the auditions and rehearsals. The participants involved in the talent show included parents, teachers, students, and friends of Douglass. Talents ranged from sing- ing with Davina Mapp, to dancing with Francis and Anthony Hawkins. Mr. Stamm and Mr. Henderson, teachers at Douglass, participated in the talent show as well as Bar- bara Sullivann a supportive Doug- lass parent. Joseph Jones, M.C., kept the talent show crowd lively with his jokes and imitation of " This they would sing with other words of their own improvising — jargon to others, but full of mean- ing to themselves. " — Frederick Douglass " Prince " . Besides the extraordinary talent exhibited throughout the talent show, Mrs. Weems gave out door prizes to persons with the " lucky " numbers. The prizes ranged from tote bags to free haircuts from Mitchell Brothers. Choosing the talent show win- ners appeared to be a difficult task for the judges; however, the crowd ' s reaction proved that the judges made good choices. " Broken Arms and Crooked legs " , a group of young men from Brown High and Washington High received third place, Arelishes Chapman, a senior at Douglass received the second place position, and Tracey Coley and Kim Felton, graduates of Douglass received first place. The P.T.S.A. raised $800.00 which showed outstanding support by the Douglass High family. 1. Sherman Clark is " Truly " talented 2 Royce Tilman sings an original composi- tion. 3. Robert Daniel, wants to Rock With You " . 4. The M.C., Joseph Jones, is really a stand-up comedian. 5 Beauty and the Feast, Robert Daniel, Sonja Gilmore, Leietia Johnson and Clifford Barrow, sing " There ' ll Never Be " . 6. Broken Arms and Crooked Legs Shabadoo. Talent 1. Mr. Coleman, Mrs. Gunn and Mr. Green show coordinating can be very frustrating. 2. Anthony and Francis Hawkins are the Sha- doo Kids. 3. The judges relax between perfor- mances. 4. A visiting Mays High student sings " She ' s Out of My Life " . 5. Mr. Stamm and Joseph Jones our original " Ebony and Ivory " sing in harmony. 6. Billy Odum punks out on guitar. Student Life Talent Show — 193 [ student Life Talent Show 195 " A We Are Family The togetherness the Douglass family shares proves what can be attained when individuals band together in all effort to bring about progress. As one reflects over the activities on which the school has focused this year, it is evident that the Parent, Teach- er, Student Association made nu- merous contributions not only to the school, but to the communi- ty as well. As in past years, the PTSA responded financially and through personal contacts to several families whose homes were burned or who lost loved ones in death. A first time activity was the Student, Teacher, and Parent Talent Show which substi- tuted for the school ' s annual Fashion Spring Tea. Much of the hard work and dedication came from its officers: Effie P. Turner (President), Virginia Hawkins (Vice President), Mary Swanson (Secretary), Thelma Weems (Asst. Secretary), Charles Earl (Treasurer), Charles Little (Par- liamentarian). Thus, the organization ' s in- volvement has been a perfect ex- ample of how understanding kin- dles enthusiasm and strengthens commitment, therefore, yielding an excellent relationship be- tween the school and the home. We were generally a unit and moved together. — Frederick Douglass Some Douglass Parents took it upon themselves to give other types of contributions to Doug- lass. Mrs. Evelyn Walthall com- municated with parents in regard to their childs ' attendance. Ms. Constance Lee, a police officer, rendered services in relation to security at our home basketball games. Yet, whether service was rendered individually or as a group, all were working toward a common goal: the betterment of the educational opportunities for the students. Douglass Is A Home 1. Parents are attentive as president Effle Turner addresses them. 2. Dr. Butts gives his closing remarks. 3. Par- ents anxiously await the new mid-quar- ter reports. 4. The judges, Ms. Mallory, Mrs. McKennie and Mrs. Wathall, listen as the Thanksgiving basket winners are announced. 196 — ■ Student Life Parent Involvement Away From Home 1. Mrs. Dukes discusses Stephanie ' s midquarter report with Mrs. Lawhorn. 2. Mrs. Mary Swanson reviews min- utes. 3. Mrs. Epps and Mrs. Wright glance over ttie agenda. 4. Mr. Grimes is a very supportive par- ent of the yearbook staff. 5. Jacliie Pariis (Miss Douglass 1981- 1982) and Mrs. Cooper anxiously await the start of the cornation. Did You Know . . . that in 1897 the Na- tional Parent Teach- ers Association was organized and that as of 1982 it had 6,069,438 member? Student Life Parent Involvement — 197 JC i thei More Than Fun And Games The YAC, Key and Jr. Civitan Clubs accomplished most of their proposed goals for the year. Although these clubs served different purposes, they were alike in many ways. One of these ways was that they were a benefit to Douglass by getting students to participate in extra activities to aid themselves and the community. " The freedom from bodily tor- tue and unceasing labor, had given my mind an increased sen- sibility and imported it to great- er activity. " — Frederick Douglass The YAC club, Youth Advisory Council, had members from all grade levels. They had monthly meetings to discuss plans for fu- ture activities. Chanra Wright, a twelfth grade member of the YAC Club, said that being a member of it meant that " I ' m helping, along with other students, to cre- ate a better dining facility in our school for everyone. " The Key Club consisted of eager, anxious students " waiting to do good ba- sically for the fun of it " said one member of this club. Jr. Civitans was a smaller division of the na- tional service organization known as Civitans, serving the same purpose as the parent or- ganization for Douglass High. 1. YAC Club: Front Row: Tara Grimes; Rosa- lyn Sims; Yolanda Merit Second Row: Caria Elder; Annette Nelson; Angella Gay; Jenifer Parl(er; Chandrea Wright Back Row: James Fox; Winston Carter; Mrs. King — sponsor; Florence Murray 2. Key Club: Front Row: Lisa Page; Michelle Hardern; Keith Blacl(man; Dawanya Ward Second Row: William Tanner; Patricia Robinson; April Ferrell; Rasheila Sherard; Sonja Ellison; Carl; Byrdsong; Tren- nye Tomlinson Third Row: Wanda Tanner; Patricl( Zachery; Lawalain White Back Row: Yolanda Merritt; KImberly Freeman; Quentn Meriwether 198 student Life Clubs Outstanding Organizations Sh 1. The YAC club works hard to make the lunch experience a great exper- ience. (Astro Students) 2. Lorenzo Mitchell, Mr. King and Mitzi King plan a community activity. 3. Junior Civitan Club: Front Row: Lorenzo Mitchell, Mona Tellis, Cabarrls Kemp, Sonya Hall. Back Row: Robin Hightower, Mia Ingram, Corlis Gares, LaShung Tor- rence, Wlllard Nails. 6 Did you know . . . that there are 55 clubs and organiza- tions to further devel- op the education of the students at Fred- erick Douglass High School? .•s.ass!:«« U ' Student Life Clubs — 199 The Christmas Spirit 1. Mrs. Arnold accompanies and directs the choruses in the Christmas Assembly. 2. Adriane Williams plays Amahl, the leading character, along with Horace Weetns, playing Casper in the opera. " Amah and the Night Visitors. " 3. Horace Weems, Artis Anderson, Eric Farmer and Beverly Daniel entertain the audience as they sing of the newborn babe. 4. Seniors join in singing Christ- mas Carols during the Christmas assembly " Deck The Halls " Fa, la, la, la, laa, la, la, la, la, rang throughout the gym and halls dur- ing the annual Christmas assembly. Mr. Green and Mrs. Arnold led the choruses and audience as we sang the traditional Christmas carols. Everyone participated in the planned activities, which made for a joyout Christmas Celebration. " The year is ended, and we are now in the middle of the Christ- mas holidays, which are kept this year as last according to tlie general description previously given. " — Frederick Douglass The Christmas Door Contest was a huge success. The first floor came out on top of the oth- er floors this time and won for its theme and decor which was very well organized. Miss J. Mollis ' homeroom, 9-3, was the overall homeroom winner of the con- test. The Senior Council also got into the swing of things, and did some caroling of their own. Adopting the eighth grade class, members of the Senior Council sang their rendition of " We wish you a Merry Christ- mas " and passed out candy to the homerooms. The Christmas spirit surely made itself known this year. Student Life Christmas — 201 y Making A Rebound Our Varsity Boys Basketball team rebounded in more than one to claim a victorious season this year. Douglass managed to maintain a winning streak that greatly contrasted to last years ' fluctuating season. Senior player Rodney Patrick, felt that the team ' s success was due to hard work, talent, discipline, the unity of the team and its Coach, Don- ald Dollar, all of which combined, uniquely for a winning result. " They were every one of them, manly generous and brave, yes: I say they were brave and I will add fine looking " — Frederick Douglass Two members of this year ' s team were publically acknowl- edged for their athletic ability. The Atlanta Constitution rated Terry Martin as the number two senior high school basketball player in the state. Sharing the lane with him was Christopher Morris, the number three basket- ball player in the underclassmen category. One of Douglass ' most chal- lenging games of the season oc- curred the second time we took on Harper High School on their court. Several Douglass fans were disappointed because they were not able to witness the sec- ond defeat of our long time rival team due to the limited amount of space and the ticket sell out. However the lucky and spirited Astros in attendance cheered our team on. Victory for Doug- lass was evident from the begin- ning of the game when Christo- pher Morris slam dunked four times in the first quarter. As the game progressed tensions rose on the court and as expected, Douglass came out on top. For we, as members of Frederick Douglass High School, know that whether we win or lose, the out- come is not nearly as important as the character developed in the struggle. Astros Lay-Up An 1. Kenny Thomas takes it to the hoop against Harper. 2. Terry Martin slam dunks with ease. 3. Rodney John- son waves off defenders. 4. Hey, Artis your time is up!! (Rodney Stowers, Timothy White) 5. Gee, the adminis- trators are looking at me! (Rodney Stowers) 202 — Varsity Boys Basketball Student Life Unforgettable Season Thru ' the hoop 1. Rodney Patrick goes for " two " . 2. The " Ice Man " reaches his peak. (Christopher Morris) 3. Team Picture: Kneeling — Rodney John- son, Robert Young, Rodney Stowers. Second Row — Artis Anderson, Kenneth Thomas, Terry Martin, Timothy White, Rodney Pat- ricli. Back Row — Christopher Morris, Tom- my Harper, Tyrone Thornton. Varsity Boys Basketball Student Life — 203 Varsity Girls Take On A Successful Season When a group has worked to- gether as our Varsity Girls ' Bas- ketball Team has, it really under- stands the importance of team- work in order to come out on top. This year ' s team was prob- ably the most uniform of Doug- lass ' previous teams. And though the girls did not claim as many victories as last year, they pre- vailed in teamwork and unity. One of the best performances by the girls this season took place in our gymnasium when they took on Columbia High School. The event was practical- ly sold out by halftime. Douglass dominated the game, with sen- iors Farlenity Martin and Donna Johnson as the high scorers. ' We were confident, bold and determined at times; and again doubting, timid and wavering ' — Fredericit Douglass Unlike the 1982-83 team, next year ' s team will be a young one. Douglass will lose seven of its members and will only have three remaining sophomores to carry the ball. Sophomore mem- ber Geri Norris stated, " We have no choice but to work exception- ally hard and better discipline ourselves to maintain the team ' s respected record. 1. " Get a rope, a tree and hang the ... ! ' (Renee Dotson) 2. " Oops! " (Geri Norris, Re- nee Dotson) 3. " What did you say. Vanessa? ' (Coach Montgomery) 204 student Life Varsity Girls Basketball New Profile 1. Vanessa Kitchens takes it to the hoop . 2. Team members go over game plan. 3. Donna Johnson breaks the Raider ' s defense. 4. " What did you say Coach? " (Renee Dotson) 5. " Now here do you think you ' re going? " (Sonja Houston) Varsity Girls Team Picture: 1st Row — Farlenity Martin, Rlchtina Jinks, Donna Johnson, Yolanda Milier, Renee Dot- son. 2nd Row — Angeia Cummings, Sonja Houston, Geri Norris, Vanessa Kitchens, De- trius Hiii. Did You Know . . . n 1895, Clara Baer of Newcomb College, New Orleans, formu- lated the first code of rules for women ' s competition in bas- ketball? Student Life Varsity Girls Basketball 205 y5= Heading To The Top The B-team girls ' basketball team of 1982-83 was full of sur- prises. Although the team con- sisted of many inexperienced players, they showed a lot of tal- ent on the basketball count. With Yolanda Underwood dribbling down the court and passing the ball to Mia Daniels for the jump shots the Astros appeared to be dangerous to their opponents. The team ' s practices contri- buted greatly to their perfor- mances in the game. They prac- ticed diligently each day on bas- ketball skills, including jump shots, and free throws. Coach Fowlks ' coaching also contribut- ed to the success of the girls ' team. When former B-team bas- ketball players were asked to de- scribe Coach Fowlks ' , they con- sidered him to be one who is not interested so much in the win- ning the game, but how the team played the game. " The real distance was great enough, but the imagined dis- tance to our ignorance was greater " . — Fredericit Douglass The B-team boys ' basketball team exemplified extraordinary talent. Derrick Dennison, a ninth- grader, was awesome with his " slam dunks. " The majority of the boys played eighth grade basketball which provided them with the needed experience to play B-team. Coach Trimble coached the boys ' team and pro- vided them with a solid basket- ball background, so they would be prepared for the Varsity team in the coming years. 1. Yolanda Underwood protects the ball from the Eagles. 2. " We ' re number one and here is why ... ! " 3. Front Row Bridgette Williams, Yolanda Underwood Second Row Kimberly Brantley, Stephanie Beal, Ursula Steven, Au- dra Stone, Sowanda Neal Back Row Mia Dan- iels, St. Mary Shannel, NaTasha Dotson, Amanda Willingham, Pam Hilliary, Lateefa Cabey, Bergenia Luckett 4. Front Row: Dar- old Hill, Mario Josey, Jeramie Favors, Cedric Eppinger, Mildred Thomason, Charles Evans, Darren Gates Back Row Ricardo Weaver, Der- riclt Dennison, Buron Bloodworth, Adolphus Knight, Dwayne Hill, James Harris, Negel Simmons The Thrill Of Victory I .j nffli . ;Th ■ — " 1J.J. 206 — student Life B-Team Basketball Agony Of Defeat 1. " Statue of Liberty. " (Derrick Dennison) 2. " Get down. I ' m going to make these two! " (Cedric Epplnger) 3. " Jump ball . . . Get up! " 4. " I ' ve got to make it! " (St. Mary Shannell) 5. " Hey, get to the ball. " (Coach Fowlks) 6. " I know this is going in! " (James Harris) (J Did you know . . . the tallest male bas- ketball player is 7 feet 9 % inches tall and lives in China? ? ) Student Life B-Team Basketball — 207|J A Challenging Year S Did you know . . . the tallest female basketball player Is 7 feet 2 inches tall and lives in Russia? 1. " Move out the way — we need two points. " 2. " We are the mighty Astros!! " 3. Coach Pinkston coaches the eight grade boys. Coach Macmillan, (not pictured), coaches the eighth grade girls. 4. " Catch — here it comes! " 5. " Ohhhh . . . The big ' D ' . " 6. Front row: Valerie Poindexter, Alicia Fa- vors, Mictunda Green, Gloria Lemons, Tracy McCoy, Yvette Barlow Back Row: Tomelcia Lindley, Portia Berry, Carlotta Shiver, Phyle- sia McAlphine, Keisha Brown, Chandra Brown, Niki Howard 208 Student Life Eighth Grade Basketball For The Eighth- Graders Watch Out NBA; Here We Come The 1982-83 eighth-grade bas- ketball teams of Douglass High were " tough. " They kept their crowds enthused with their excit- ing offenses and their deter- mined defenses. The fans could always sit back and wait for at least one thrilling jump shot the girls or a grusome blocked shot by the boys. " The freedom from bodily tor- ture and unceasing labor had given my mind an Increased sen- sibility and imparted it to great- er activity. " — Frederick Douglass Coach Macmillan coached the girls this year. Each day, they worked on skills which some- times included running to keep in shape. Many of the girls were ex- perience in basketball playing, al- though their skills needed slight improvement. Coach Pinkston coached the eighth grade boys. The talent on the team ranged from jumpers to dribblers to shooters, all of which contributed greatly to their suc- cessful season. They practiced each day, improving their bas- ketball skills in preparation for the B-team next year. 1. ■R-E-D-Red, H-0-T-Hot . Red Hot!! " 2. " Out of my way — this one ' s mine. " 3. The eighth grade teams ' goal — the Varsi- ty! Student Life Eighth Grade Basketball — 209 A Season For Winning i r ■ Did you know . . . that there was only one girl on the 1982- 1983 Soccer Team. 1. Soccer Team: Front Row: Richard Trammell, Le Roy Lockhart, Roderick Ross, Aaron Hutchinson, Dwight Fye, Eric Gibson, Patrick Alphabet, Donald Turner, Herbert Daniel Back Row: Coach Hender- son, Lorenzo Mitchell, Calvin Slocum, An- dre Landers, Victor Rogers, James Drew, Alfred Quaynor, Scott Lucier, Saudia Rob- ert, Alexamder Quaynor, John Doe, Ar- chie Hollis, Alexander Haig, Sandie Strong, Chris Fortson 2. The Soccer Team Mozies down the field. 3. (Alexander Quaynor) " If I Can only make this shot! 4. Aaron Hutchinson and Dwight Fye stretch their muscles. 210 — student Life Soccer For Winning m- 1. The Three Soccerteers Archie Mollis; Eric Gibson; and Scott Lucier 2. (Alfred Quaynor) " Just one hard kick, and It will make it to the goal. " 3. Le ' Roy Lockhart warms up before a game. 4. (Eric Gibson) " Aye you guys. " Soccer Excitement Kicking, checking your opponent, controlling the ball, and scoring! This is soccer, Douglass Style. Soccer is a game in which the ball is propelled toward the opponent ' s goal by kicking or by striking the ball with the body or head, but nev- er with the hands. Although this a slow moving game, the Douglass soccer team made each game they played an exciting one. They did this by winning eight out of nine games they played, which was an improvement from last season. And although the team did not make the playoffs, they were still consid- ered tops in terms of unity. " The glory of success, and the shame and confusion of failure, could not be matters at indiffer- ence to me. " Fredericl( Douglass. Also this season, the Douglass High record for scoring the most goals was broken by Richard Tram- mell named Most Valuable Player. He scored a total of thirteen goals during the season. Richard attri- butes the teams ' success to hard work and says the teams ' future looks promising. Student Life Soccer — 211 The Ups And 1. Marcus Allen and Larry Harris race in practice. 2. Tennis Team: Front Row: La- sanna Peters; Willie Beeks; Chauncey Smith Back Row: RIcardo Myrick; Vandy Ar- nold; Anthony Polndexter 3. Eighth Grade Girls ' Track Team: Front Row: Donna Ste- gall; Ursula Stevens; Brld- gette Williams; De-Leon Lew- Is; Glennls Tillman Second Row: Cheryl Robinson; La- chelle Jackson; Caren Mitch- ell Back Row: Lauren Dlllard Did You Know . . . that Chris Evert won at Wimbledon in 1972. The prize was $50,000 but she could not collect it be- cause she was not yet 18 years old? :i; - ' ' ' sJ 212 - Student Life Track And Tennis 4. Girls Varsity Track Front Row Lorl Moses, Leslie Roberts, Vetress Blanch, Back Row: Katrlna Swanson, Crystal Sims, Vanessa Kitchens, Detrlus Hill. Downs Of Spring Sports 1. Eighth Grade Boys ' Track Team Front Row: LeRoy Lockhart; Law- rence Dlllard Back Row; Efren B. Sims; Antonio Russell 2. B-Team Boys ' Track: Front Row: Arthur Wil- son; Vincent Wyche; Ren- ard Carter; Thelenlous Thomas; Timothy Za- chery Back Row: Rodney Houston; Eric Smith; Aar- on Caldwell; Curtis Tan- ner; Ja Kelvin Swinney; Craig Lee 3. Boys ' Varsity Track; Marcus Allen; RIcardo Martin; Larry Harris Not Pictured: Edmond Jack- son; Kevin Brady; Terry Martin; Willie Pritchett; James Brown Graduates; Kenneth Wiggins; Doug- las White; Antonio Smith; Gerald Clark; Charlton Bl- vlns; Larry Scott Student Running In The Sun The spring athletic activities for the 1982 season had an inter- esting outcome. The younger track teams displayed exper- ience and talent while the varsity teams were stronger in their sup- port for each other within the in- dividual groups. Both Eighth Grade Track Teams were unde- feated in ail tri-meets at Lake- wood Stadium. The majority of the girls had run previously in elementary school or for com- munity organizations. Therefore, there was no problem in putting aside personal feelings and work- ing together. Bridgette Williams, a freshman this year, looked for- ward to running for B-Team. The boys team was equally as talent- ed and supportive. This year Douglass only had a B-Team Track for boys. The team ' s re- cord was 3-1-0 against schools such as North Fulton, Harper, and Therrell. " Hard work, night and day, over a furnace hot enough to keep the metal running like water, was more favorable to action than thought ... " — Frederick Douglass The Girls Varsity Track Team was not very successful in terms of wins and losses, because the girls were young and not very ex- perienced. At the beginning of the season many of them did not realize the work involved in run- ning track. They eventually dis- covered the way to make a bet- ter team was to work as one. They proved themselves later by placing ninth in the Atlanta Re- lays against more than 20 schools and sixth in the region. The Boys Varsity Track Team consisted of very experienced and talented guys. They were ac- customed to running together in previous years and ended the season with a good record. Cap- tain Ricardo Martin felt confident that the 1983 team would be as successful under the guidance of Coach Pinkston. Life Track And Tennis — 213 Favorite Did You Know . . Mona Lisa shaved off her eyebrows to be fashionable? 1. Kim Jackson wears her leather very well. 2. Robert Simmons " sports " that " New Wave " " preppy look " 3. Monique Wall(er wears corduroy bermuda shorts, to show off the argyle socks. 4. (Arnez Young) A look that never goes out of style, the Izod, 214 Student Life Fash! Fashions v 1 (Pickett Wise) The future business wom- an look. 2. Daron Coates looks very very nice in his corduroy. 3. Is it April, Sherri, Leslie, Pickett, or Sarah? 4. Vincent Gideon The " fade, " one of the many new haircuts worn by guys this year. 5. One of the most popular shoes, the short boots. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow For many years, we have seen a lot of fashions come and go. But as the school year 1982-83 came about, we were faced with many new fashions everyday. These fashions included cute mini-skirts, although some were worn not only in the summer, but for winter as well, and were the Oxford Shirts and sweater vests of all colors. When time went on, we started to see many guys in Saddle Oxfords of all sizes, and girls wearing the short boots. But this school year, it seemed as if everyone was either trying to be " Preppy " or talk and look like Moon Unit Zappa ' s Valley Girls. " The so called " Preppy " consist- ed of Ralph Lauren ' s Polo shirts, ties, and pants. The wearing of stripes, plaids, argyle sweaters and socks, suspenders and Seba- go shoes. The Valley Girl look just mostly consisted of the wearing of mini-skirts. But it wasn ' t really the look we were crazy about, it was the Valley Girl talk or lan- guage. This consisted of such phrases as " I mean like grody to the max man, " and " You know like gag me with a spoon. " " Every man here was held individually responsible for his own conduct. " — Frederick Douglass As far as jewelry went, the new fashion was the add-a-bead necklaces, ram head earrings, and the wearing of thousands of gold bangles on your arm. Although not everyone was into this new trend " here today, gone tomorrow, " we each had a special style of our own. Student Life Fashions 215 216 student Life Varsity Action Did You Know VARSITY FOOTBALL George H.irper b Therrell fa Archer 6 M.icon 9 6 W.ishriigton 8 6 Pe.ichtree ? S.W Dek.ilb 24 Colunibr.i 29 Henderson 2b VARSITY BOYS BASKETBALL VARSITY GIRLS BASKETBALL 67 29 N E. M.icon 65 62 Marrett.i 43 49 Therrell 43 53 S.W. Dek.ilb 39 49 Pe.ichtree 36 46 Therrell 26 63 Henderson 57 44 N E. M.icon 57 60 H.irper 45 49 Columbr.i 45 59 W.ishington 53 61 Pe.ichtree 77 52 Henderson 56 46 H.irper 24 48 S W Dek.ilb 52 61 Columbr.i 76 69 S W. M.icon 66 46 W.ishington 56 34 M.iriett.i = that the athletic Astros won more than half their games. B-TEAM FOOTBALL W.ishington 12 Therrell 12 Northslde 6 Brown 14 George 25 M.iys 2S 38 32 46 32 6 6 EIGHTH GRADE FOOTBALL Then ell Roosevelt W.ishington H.irper Fulton B-TEAM GIRLS BASKETBALL H.irper 19 George 30 West Fulton 25 Archer 36 W.ishrngton 33 H.irper 34 George 23 West Fulton IS Archer 36 Therrell 8th GRADE GIRLS BASKETBALL George Harper Therrell Turner Brown Carver N.E. Macon S.W. Macon Peachtree Washrrrgton Brown Therrell Carver Brown 87 78 28 89 5 8th Grade Boys B.isketb.ill 36 West Fulton 51 Archer 35 Therrell 22 Washrngtori 28 Harper 32 West Fulton 52 Archer 24 Therrell SOFTBALL 14 Northside 12 Washrngton 1 Waller George 1 Mays 19 Turner 5 Harper 2 Harper 6 Therrell 13 M.iys 1 B TEAM BOYS BASKETBALl VARSITY BOYS TRACK No Losses 4 Wins VARSITY GIRLS TRACK 3 Losses 3 Dual Heats 8th GRADE GIRLS TRACK 3 Wins 1 Loss TENNIS Murphy Washington East Atlanta Harper Northside 27 62 Harper 53 31 57 George 66 42 66 West Fulton 5.S 39 68 Archer 48 43 64 Washington 56 49 53 Harper 54 24 58 George 76 42 34 West Fulton 35 36 Archer SOCCER 42 2 Washington 3 1 West Fulton Bass 3 1 2 Archer 2 Grady 1 3 Harper 2 North Fulton 2 6 Turner 8th GRADE BOYS TRACK undefeated B-TEAM BASEBALL 6 Wrns 2 Losses J A Letter From The Editor Fellow Seniors and Astros, As you peruse the 1983 Polaris Yearbook, you will no doubt immediately observe that the underlying theme throughout this issue is " the philosophy of Frederick Douglass " . His philosophy was a system of values, beliefs, and convictions that are just as alive and meaningful for us today as they were for him during the barbarous era of slavery. Desire for freedom, strong character, sound spiritual and moral principles, personal dignity, and a sense of self-worth resound throughout the life, words, and deeds of this courageous man who championed the cause of his oppressed people. Another very fundamental element of his philosophy important to us as students was his recurring emphasis on the development of one ' s mind. Frederick Douglass understood that an educated man would never be content to be enslaved. Though we are not bound by the physical and psychological shackles of slavery, we must never be content with what we know but forever strive to expand and broaden our mental dimensions. As children of the " computer age, " we are accustomed to easier and faster ways of doing things. And yet, today ' s advanced technology has not leased to any degree the need for individual knowledge and personal development. A well-constructed computer will never replace a well-cultivated mind. Only the trained mind can build or operate a computer. So we must be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that continue to emerge out of the age of the computer. The production of a yearbook is an awesome task — one that could never have been completed witho ut a dedicated and talented staff and the guidance, support, and patience of administrators, faculty and, of course, the office secretaries. To all of you, I am eternally grateful. It was fun and hard work, and a personally rewarding experience for me as editor. There were times of laughter and tears, assurance and frustration, excitement and weariness, not to mention the long hours after school and on weekends. But the real satisfaction comes when the job is complete, which makes it all worthwhile. It is my hope that you will take pride and pleasure in our finished product — the 1982 Polaris. Now as we say good-bye and our lives go in many different directions, I wish each of you every opportunity to become all that you desire to be. And if your future, may you return often to the pages of this edition to remember old school days and to be inspired once again by the philosophy of Frederick Douglass. Deborah Renee Grimes Editor FREDERICK DOUGLASS HIC I SCHOOL GOALS 1982-BJ ZjolmmtAtlD CONTDIBU-E MEA ilNG ULLY iN TM£ gOClETY: !Ni ' VCLVtMENT IN ' TME TOTAL : " Al SPeCIPIC : ITO IMCQEASc pa; SCHOOL PCOGCAM 2T0INCG-A-E : EA:! iG CCCR£S ON T Q CAT 9Y A MINIMUM OF H PERCENT: MATW SCOPES 9Y A MlNKUM OF 3 PERCEMT 3.T0 COMUMICATE TUE GRAVE iMPQCTANCE OF THE B.9.T TO PARENTS AND DUPlLS H.TO IMPLEMCNT - WS c? : ._ . g p PUPILS VMGFAIL TM£ B£- iN k£:: . :::;nGPAMg S.TO Ukb TEST DATA A ALA3LE Tpc ctP ' ! A D WIC r A " - -c Ihat change is happening rapidly and that the future is difficult to jes not excuse us from preparing for it. It is now that we must make ■ jpsophy instilled within us, in order to succeed in all that we set iplisb iajdping so, each of us should ask of ourselves the question tftat Frederick Dougtass raised in his " What To The Slave Is The Fourth of July " speech — " How should I look today in the presence of Americans ? " That is, how do we as Americans, as a race and as individuals look in terms of being prepared for the future? Are we ready to rrteet the (demands of technological society? jdestiniji ; jl ' -sitand t the portals of a new life, a new world and a new , iC fen|e i inevltable. And both those who are ready to meet «Nns P ' f l y yet to cross its threshold, are called upon to prb vet ]|lf we y un nijpn and women who are ready to take on the cballengfe of chan| ' . v " t 219 — Condi Where Did Time Go? We wrapped up our fifth and final year at Frederick Douglass High in June of 1983. The time crept upon us in the midst of our many vigorous activities. The wait- ing was fun, though. And, how did it feel for a senior to leave? The emotions were mixed. We were only moving from one educational plan to another, but we had gained a sense of responsibility and inde- pendance. It all happened so fast. Where did the years go? It seems only yesterday we walked through those double doors f r the first it seems only yesterday upperclass- men were telling us that room 300 was on the fourth floor around the corner. It seems only yesterday we were yelling our heads off in a pep-assembly, when the cheerleaders called " Subs " . Finally, it seems only yesterday we were dreaming of becoming seniors and graduating. Well the dreams became reality. We had to take fhat walk across the stage and re- ceive bur diploma with a handshake and a smile. It was so hard to say goodbye to our Frederick Dou ass High School. " Is it not astonishing that while we are plowing, planting, and reaping, using all kinds of mechanical tools, erecting houses, constructing bridges, building ships, working in metals of brass, iron, copper, silver and gold; that while we are reading, writing and cyphering, acting as clerks, merchants and secretaries, having among us lawyers, doctors, ministers, poets, authors, editors, orators and teachers; that while we are engaged in all the enterprises common to the other men — digging gold in California, capturing the whale In the Pacific, feeding sheep and cattle on the hillside, living in families as husbands, wives and children, and above all, confessing and worshipping the Christian God, and looking hopefully for life and immorality beyond the grave — we are called upon to prove that we are men? " — Frederick Douglass J Chapter IV Ads I. Advertising 226 II. Patrons III. Senior Directory Ads Chapter IV — - 225 1 To My Loving Daughter Margo, LLove, 11 Often your tasks will be many, And more than you think you can do . . . Often your road will be rugged And the hills insurmountable, too . . . But always remember, the hills ahead Are never as steep as they seem, And with Faith in your heart Start upward And climb ' til you reach your dream. For nothing in life that is worthy Is ever too hard to achieve If you have the Faith to believe . . . For Faith is a force that is greater Than knowledge or power or skill And many defeats turn into triumph If you trust in God ' s wisdom and will . . . For Faith is a mover of mountains. There ' s nothing that God cannot do, So start out today With Faith in your heart And " Climb ' Til your Dream comes True " ! Helen Steiner Rice r ARA CHARTER BUSES BUSES FOR ALL OCCASIONS •NEW MODERN EQUIPMENT • PROFESSIONAL OPERATORS •44 THRU 89 PASSENGERS • SHOR LONG TERM LEASING •CHURCH GROUPS • SCOUT GROUPS • SPORTS EVENTS • CONVENTIONS • SHUTTLE SERVICE • SCHOOL BUS SERVICE •SCHOOL GROUPS • SENIOR CITIZENS • BUSES WITHOUT DRIVERS AVAILA BLE AIRPORT TRANSFERS INDUSTRIAL CONTRACTS MOST ECONOMICAL RATES GENERAL INFORMATION 378-6223 CHARTER INFORMATION 378-6220 ARA ARIZONA AV NE TRANSPORTATION (FORMERLY NATION TRANSPORTATION SERVICE) submitted by Lorraine Dozier Dear Margo, Not only live your life to the fullest, but be seen doing so. Love ya, Your Brother Rico ' Congratulations " To Kenneth Thomas Compliments Of THE MASTER PRINTERS 751 Chesnut Street Atlanta, Georgia Telephone Number: 892-0191 Congratulations Margo, Continue to strive for the best in all of your endeavors. Never take less than what is yours. This is only the beginning. Love Dear James =J ' ' Bottled Under Authority Of " THE COCA COLA COMPANY BY " THE ATLANTA COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Congratulations To Our Daughter Sweet Pea 6 Months L May you have much success in the future and reach your highest goal and may you always let God lead you. Your Loving Parents Congratulations To My Niece Traci Jones " CUSTOM IRON WORKS " • Burglar Doors • Burglar Windows • Dead Bolt Locks • Railings • Stairs • Columns • Welding John Roberts 768-5570 Congratulations And Much Success In The Future Caria Jean Elder From Mr. Mrs. F.R. Skipwith " a Congratulations To CarIa Elder A Nice, Sweet Young Lady I Wish You All The Best In The Future And Much Happiness. Love, Phil Phillips To Eric Farmer Keep The Faith In God And You Will Go Far In Life. Home For The Elder People Rev. Mrs. O.W. Burke, President Congratulations To Eric Farmer From: James D. Palmer, M.D. 970 Martain Luther King Jr. Dr. S.W. Suite 305 Atlanta, GA 30314 524-1721 To Loveable, Loyal, Dependable, And Beautiful Margo Whatley The Best Of Everything Always Lots Of Love, Your Godmother — Dorothy Owens (Mama Dot) And Godsister — Madge Owens J r Congratulations Eric Farmer From Rev. Lola A. Rucker Founder And Pastor Of SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE TEMPLE, 1871 County Line Road S.W. Atlanta, GA 30311 NC. To Eric Farmer Keep Climbing The Ladder To Success And You Will Make Something Of Yourself ALPHA AND OMEGA SOCIAL AND SAVINGS CLUB Best Wishes To A Good Friend Sonja Lave! IHouston From Thomas And Nick Congratulations To Gregory L. Cade From Jeanette Slack Family Congratulations Kenneth Thomas From LEWIS TEXTILES ' S FACTORY OUTLET STORE 4570 Commerce Circle S.W. Atlanta, Georgia Call 691-2666 We wish our daughter TrSCJ LYfin JOHSS the best and much success in the future she is so desperately awaiting to begin. From: Dad, Mom, And Brother L r ' 3845 Congratulations terri Alisa Daniel From CAMBELLTON AUTO SERVICE 3845 Cambellton Rd. S.W. ... . . □ 349-5856 Major Auto Repairs Body Fender Work, Brakes Tune-Up McKenzie (Bobo) Williams, Willie Jefferson Congratulations To Renita Reese In Memory Of Alumnus Gisselle (Ge-Ge) Lockhart Congratulations Miss Caria Elder ST. PAUL C.M.E. CHURCH Rt. 1 Grantville, GA Rev. Clar ence Ellison, Pastor " a Congratulations April I Know That You Will Be Successful. Always keep your positive attitude, your bright smile and your wonderful sense of humor. Love, La-La (Grandmother) Wishing Happiness And Success To L Congratulations To Eric Eugene Farmer From: Rev. Mrs. H.C. Fisher Congratulations To Mario A. Evans Compliments Of Melvin " Geter " Lee Former D.T. Howard, B.T. Washington And Clark College Football Player My Granddaughter Karon Ammons From Your Grandmother Mrs. Alien Turner J Congratulations May you achieve the best in life. From: Mom Brigette Best Wishes To Our Lovely Daughter And Sister Sonja LaVel Houston Hoping The Future Will Hold The Best For You. Good Luck Always, Mr. Mrs. James Houston, Sr. James Jr. And Patricia Robert And LaTarsha Martin e» Adrian, Darryl, Gerrald, Bobby, Jr. Congratulations Mia Andrace Redd Reach For Tine Stars! Love Ya, " P " 1 Best Wishes To Wanda G. Smith BANKHEAD TIRE COMPANY Why Pay More New, Used. Repairs Rims 2507 Bankhead Hwy. 799-6425 Atlanta, GA 30318; Amos Payne (Owner) Best Wishes And Much Success To Sonja LaVel Houston May You Have The Best Of Everything. From Mr. And Mrs. William Cloud Best Wishes To Marcia Yvette Giddings May You Reach Your Highest Goal Bishop H.I. Bearden Mrs. Lois Bearden Congratulations To Marcia Giddings Life witinout purpose is barren indeed. There can ' t be a harvest unless you plant a seed. Mable Mitchell Green est W ;en l@ r Congratulations To Our Elegant Daughter Donna Denise Burford May Your Future Days Be As Joyful As The Past. = From Mr. Mrs. Joseph Burford And Sister Dedra r T Congratulations And Best Wishes To Our Son Kenneth Andrew Thomas I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me. Love Always Mama Daddy Mike Nicole Grandmama Roy Montgomery L 792-723D Cdmmunicatidns Services Cd. TELEPHONE - INTERCDM PAGIN3 793 ALINE DRIVE JULIUS DuBDSE ATLANTA, GEORGIA 3D3ia Congratulations Marcia Yvette Giddings Keep Smiling Keep Your Head High There ' s No Limit But The Sky. Mr. Mrs. Lee Olivia DuBose Lawanda Anthony = Congratulations To Our Granddaughter And Niece Mia Redd From 2 Mama Sam L Best Wishes To Our Son Larry Jerome Bryant Love, Mom Dad r Congratulations Mia Redd From Members Of The M.L. King Middle School Staff Mrs. H. Axam Ms. F. Banks Mrs. P. Carter Mrs. C. Gillard Mrs. J. Gulley Mrs. L. Hughes Mrs. B. Jacobs Mr. J. Lawrence Mrs. E. Mallory Mrs. M. Price Mrs. 0. Samples Mrs. E. Turner Mrs. L. Redd Best Wishes " a Rev. Mrs. Daniel C. Johnson BELVIEW CIRCUT Rev. Oliver Saxby GREATER ST. PETER A.M.E. Rev. George Perkins NEW BETHAL METHODIST CHURCH Marcia Yvette Giddings Give All To God! Remember Yet That God Gave All To You Whatever You Are Or Have, The Debt To Him Is Justly Due. The Hope For Which You ' ve Learned To Live, The Friends For Whom You Pray, If God Should Ask, Oh, Gladly Give! And Trust Him To Repay Congratulations To Our Great Niece Renita M. Reese May God Bless You In Your Future Endeavors. With All Our Love, Mr. Mrs. Henry Gates And Mrs. Mamie Hall L " 8 Mr. Mrs. Rozier Brown, Sr Grandparents Mr. Mrs. Alonzo Waters, Uncle And Aunt Mr. Rozier Brown Jr. Uncle Mrs. Doris Brown Aunt Miss Patrice Brown Miss Natasha Brown Cousins Congratulations To Quentin Chevalier Meriwether L Congratulations To Delita Felecia Cobb May Your Life Be Filled With Golden Moments Of Peace, Love, Inspiration And Hope Love. Mr. N. Alford Mrs. Maggie Allen Mr. and Mrs. Tony Bulkena Mr. And Mrs. Jack Byrd Mr. Larry Callahan Ms. Lule Chappie Mrs. Nina Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Haywood Curry Mrs. Irena F. Evans Mrs. Helane Favors Mrs. Mildred Grant Mrs. Heath Mrs. Grace Jones Mr. William Jones Mrs. Millie Lee Mr. Steve Barr and Steve Losie Mr. Prince Martin Vicki Faulkes and Janet Moss Mr. Octavious O ' Neal Mrs. Bessie Mae Owens Mr. Paul Patrick, Jr. Mrs. Eleanor Rakestraw Cathy Gester and Cam Richardson Mrs. Vivan Patrick Mr. Raymond Rodriges Congratulations To Our Sweet God Daughter Mia A. Redd From Your Proud God Parents Dorothy And Rudolph Swann L J Congratulations Renita Best Wishes IVIr. Mrs. Elie Jones; Steve Elanna eese HI Congratulations And Best Wishes To Beth Ann Montgomery From Joseph Collins, Jr. Congratulations To Beth Montgomery " What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. " We Wish You The Best In Life. Mrs. Juanita C. Grier And Yolanda Miss Gloria Scott Congratulations Candace Jackson May Success Be Yours. From, Ms. Freidia Dinkins Congratulations To Grady Damon Dunn Our Son, Grandson, And Nephew L The Challenge Is To Grasp This Moment And Build A Vibrant A Successful Future! With Love, Daddy, Grandmama Dunn, Auntie Lois Congratulations Estee, I Love You Momma " a To Roland Congratulations Pickett Y. Wise Best Wishes And Much Success Mama, Johnny, Karen, Cheryl, Tibby, Sharon, Lance Grady Best Wishes We Love You! We Respect You! We Admire You! Sincerely, Uncle Macit; Auntie Pinkie, Jay Jay And Tracy Congratulations And Good Luck In Your Future Endeavors. We Love You From Mr. Willie Lane And Diane Smith Love, Congratulations And Best Wishes To Our Son Roland Lane, Jr. From Daddy, Mama, Angela, Jason And April Congratulations And Best Wishes To My Daughter Seniqua D. Williams Love Nathanial Williams To Beth Ann Montgomery Congratulations And Much Success From Great Grandaddy Lora Willingham Great Aunt Gladys Willingham Great Great Aunt Susanna Cason To My Lovely Daughter Jacqueline You have made me very proud through the years, Keep up your determination and you will be successful in anything you do. Love And Best Wishes To Our Great Great Granddaughter Beth Ann Montgomery From Mr. And Mrs. A.D. Wilson, Sr. Congratulations To My Baby Daughter Vat. P. L Love, Your Daddy Willie Phelps Congratulations With Our Love To Marcia Yvette Giddings 1 Be near her, Lord, each night and day And lead her with your light, O, keep her in your loving care. And guide her life aright. Forgive her every sin and fault For all the years gone past. The years ahead she ' ll give to you However long they last. She ' ll praise you for your goodness. Lord, Her heart she ' ll give to Thee, help her, Lord, to live for you Through all the years to be. Rev. Mrs. Samuel S. Giddings Samuel Samia Mrs. Essie Mitchell Mrs. Sadie Gullatt Mrs. Helen Trimble Ms. Crystal Giddings France Billie A. Gaither Gaither School Of Dance Mr. Mrs. David F. Daniel, Godparents Kenneth Cochran Roger Giddings J " a Congratulations To Our Lovely Daughter Francenia V, Brooks " Fran " Best Wishes For Continued Success. We Love You Very Much. May " God Bless You Through All Your Endeavors. " L Love Ya, Mom And Dad r To A Wonderful Grandson And Nephew Damon Keep the warm smile Glowing; continue your thirst For knowledge, and always be concerned for your fellowman! Love, Grandma Willis and Uncle George Best Wishes and Good Luck to Roland Lane Jr. From BIG BUY SUPERMARKET 470 Flat Shoals Ave., S.E. Atlanta, Georgia 30316 1 Best Wishes And Much Success In The Future. Valerie Phelps From: Annie Mae and Duke Pickett Yolanda Wise Congratulations To My Beautiful Loving Daughter Emily M. Wise J r Best Wishes And Continued Success In All Your Endeavors. To: Seniqua Williams James and Allene Compliments of HANLEY ' S BELL STREET FUNERAL HOME Mrs. Doris J. Hanley Miss Gladys Willingham Bishop C.E. White 659-1880 21 Bell St., N.E. Atlanta, GA 30303 to Beth Ann Montgomery Best Wishes To Roland Lane, Jr. From " a ALPHA POLYGRAPH SERVICES, INC. 1465 Northside Dr., N.W. Suite 12 Atlanta, Georgia 30318 ' ' Dedicated To The Protection Of The Innocent " Congratulations To Damayata Thomas L We Wish You Luck From; Family Friends J r Tina Louise iVIcCormicic " a To Our Dear, Sweet Daughter, And Sister. We Wish You Much Success In The Future. From, Your Loving Mother, And Sisters: Toni And Traci Congratulations To My Lovely Daughter Tina Louise McCormicIc l K Much Success In The Future. Your Loving Father, William L. McCormick J r Congratulations And Best Wishes Mario A. Evans = To a Wonderful Son and Brother. Love Parents Mr. Mrs. James Evans Brothers: Maestro and Maceso r 1 Congratulations To Robert William Gordon From Family And Friends Mr. Mrs. Dudley Toney, Sr. — Grandparents Mrs. Odessa Gordon — Grandmother Mr. Mrs. Dudley Toney, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Raymond Andrews Mr. Mrs. James Toney Attorney Mrs. Prince Chambliss Mr. Mrs. Raymond Chambliss Mrs. Willie Mae Toney Mr. Calvin Toney Miss Angela Toney Mr. Raymond Andrews, Jr. Miss Tracy Chambliss Miss Brandy Chambliss Mrs. Agnes Moore Attorney Mrs. Paul Oliver Dr. Joseph Moorehead Ms. Crystal Giddings Ms. Shirley Perry M. Agnes Jones Staff Alfonzo Jessie, Principal s. Virginia Hodo Mrs. Mary King Mrs. Gerald H. Dearing Mrs. Vera Morris Mrs. Betty Dykes Mrs. Kathryn P. Hood Mrs. Eleanor Poole Ms. L.K. Marks Mrs. Grace Stodghill Mrs. Betty J. Newton Mrs. Mildred Scrutchins Ms. Henrietta A. Jackson Ms. Myrtice Griffin Mrs. Theodosia B. Ross Mrs. Norma C. Boyd Mrs. Marjorie 0. Middlebrooks Mrs. Mary Louise Johnson Ms. Christine Love Ms. Geraldine Battle Mrs. Geroldine Wheeler Ms. Jo Freeman Mr. Mrs. David Jackson Mrs. Shirley Stone Mrs. J. Etheridge Coan Middle School Dr. Will Dancy, Principal Mrs. Phyllis Dean Mrs. Basil B. Hall Ms. Altheo W. Kevil Mrs. Mary E. Lee Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Days Mrs. Claudia Hop-Wah Mrs. Lolita V. Welch Mrs. Lessye M. Banks Mrs. Gwendolyn Ashmore Mrs. Brenda J. Lewis Mrs. Jessie H. Jackson Mrs. Majorie H. Smith Mrs. Beryl Mitchell Mrs. Veronica G. Scott Mrs. Janet Burdette Mr. Robert N. Smith Sr. Mrs. Janice G. Shaw Mr. Mrs. Robert Barns J r " a Bob Williams Frank Williams Doug Steele Henry Bruen Wishing Happiness And Success To Karia Mann AMERICAN MEDIA SERVICES 2945 Stone Hogan Connector Suite 215 Atlanta, Georgia 30331 Karin Wolfe Sylvia Williams Michael Humphry Bernice Stamps I ivirs. jy Mrs. En Mrs. Carol Barefield Ms. Joan Barnes Mrs. Agnes Batey Mrs. Ann Broughton Mrs. Loretha Buckner Mrs. Inez Burns Mrs. Helen Crockett Mrs. Janis Drake Mrs. Cynthia Evens Mrs. Retha Hawkins Mrs. Sarah Kirkesy-Haynes Mr. Daniel Howard Mrs. Jennie Jones Mrs. Ernestine Mann Mrs. Charlottes Styles Mrs. Marilyn Tilley Mrs. Audrey Watkins Mrs. Carolyn Whatley Mrs. Joyce White Congratulations To KarIa L. Mann from the Faculty Of L.O. Kimberly School Mrs. N.T. Shepherd, Principal Tracy Lynn Jones To My One And Only Granddaughter Life Has Its Ups And Downs. It ' s Independence And Stride. You Have That Within You And That ' s Why You will Succeed. Love Annie Jones Gregory L Cade To My Sister Yolanda (Yogi) I Wish You All The Happiness Of The World. Love, Cede Yolanda Yvette Daniel I Wish You Much Success And Happiness Thro ughout Your Efforts In Reaching Your Goals. Congratulations And Best Wishes Raymond B. Brittain Congratulations Margo You Have Made It This Far, Don ' t End The Struggle. Love, Whatley Interior Congratulations! May You Continue To Strive For The Best Life Has To Offer; And You Shall Obtain Your Goal. Inga Ray Durden Your Sister And Brother-ln-Law Congratulations And Continued Success To Farlenity (Icky) Martin Things about you. Much more than you ' d guess, And sending more wishes. Than words could express! Let ' s hope you will find, That it brightens the day, Just knowing you ' re always, remembered this way. Love Sis, Angela Grimes J r Congratulations To Beth Ann Montgomery From The Applings Congratulations To Seniqua D. Williams From Mr. W. Waters, 12-13 Congratulations Estee Andrews Love, Yosmim, Sharon, And Aja Andrews 1 Congratulations Damon From A Proud Mom I have long anticipated this day as any proud " Mother " would. Thanks for being the son you ' ve been!! Best Wishes To Our Granddaughter Beth Ann Montgomery e» Grandparents The John B. Willinghams Love From Your, Great Grandfather Lara Willinghar Great Grandmother Eva Dalton ifioston Mir. Itid Wlfs: «»iarew Hairston Mr. and Mrs Ernest Griffin Mr. and Mrs. George Smith Mr. and Mrs. Wiiiiam Morrell Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Carter Mr. and Mrs. James Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Lucius R. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Howell Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wood Mr. and Mrs. Charles Warrior Mr. and Mrs. Humphey May Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Agee Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCants Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Kennie Phillip Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Driskelt Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Strickland Mr. and Mrs. Homer C. Freeman Mr. and Mrs. David Dwelle Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Dargis Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Morelock Mr. and Mrs. Herman Spann Mr. and Mrs. James Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Willie Hollingsworth ; Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Smitii Mr. and Mrs. Romeo F oucii Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lawhorii Mr. and Mrs. Ronald SimpsOff™ Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wright i Mr. and Mrs. Randolph KendalK Mr. and Mrs. Clark Sharpe I; Mr. and Mrs. James Baker Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Davis Mr. and Mrs. Howard Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Beasley Jr. y Ms. Debra Kornbult | Mrs. Cornelia Grillyard Mrs. Scarlett Neal Ms. Nancy Linsey Mrs. Minnie White Mr. Frank Dennis Mr. Thomas Houston Mr. Harold Wardlaw Jr. Mrs. Bessie Mae Fleming Mr. N.K. Allen Mrs. Prince Ella Putman Mrs. Hazel Harris Ms. Catrina Hood Mrs. Teena Reed Mrs. Minnie Ingram Mrs. Ethel Montgomery Mrs. Mamie Thorpe J r To Glynis: Go placidly amid the noise and the haste Take kindly to the counsel of the years, gracefully surrender the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings You are a child of the universe. No less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here — Max Ehrmann Mr. And Mrs. W. Bolden Mrs. B. Glass Mrs. M.L. Crowder We Love You Mr. And Mrs. V. Scott And Miguel Scott Mrs. L. Ranee And Mrs. M.L. McFarlin Mr. And Mrs. J. Thomas And Vincent Thomas Mr. And Mrs. I.L. Jackson Congratulations Glynis Love your sister and brother-in-law Franca And Ron Sheehy (Bow-Wow: Buffy) L r You Are A Wonderful Daughter And Sister 1 Our one wish, as you pursue your life ' s goals, is that you remain dedicated to your family ' s legacy and commitment — Community Service. Carolyn Long Banks Council Woman-at-Large Atlanta City Council And James H. Banks Jr. Class Of 1984 — FDH L J r Best Wishes To April Banks In All Future Endeavors The Nunnaly Family Laura, Diane, Bryan My Congratulations To April Banks 1 Congratulations And Best Wishes To Our Granddaughter, Sonja LaVel Houston Love, Grandma And Grandpa J ' ' ' lfegbry ' f: ' ' C » May your continued years be as enjoyable and rewarding as your schoi ■ 1 p;:;.;:v:,, days have been, , j Is ;| Your brother, Jerome Cade Congratulations To My Daughter Carolyn Lutrell Jones You ' ve given me so much to be proud of. You ' ve grown to be everything a young lady should be, and more. The praise is never ending. Upon graduation, you will have taken the first step toward a successful and rewarding future. Please remember, never stop praying and reaching for the sky. Love Always, Your Mother J r Congratulations Eric Farmer Keep Up The Good Work! THORNTON MORTUARY Congratulations And Best Wishel In The Future | To I Terri Alisa Daniel | Mr. Mrs. Willie Cook j Sorayel Mekeya Cook | Mr. David Johnson | Mr. Mrs. Milton Hud| Milton A. Hudson | Mr. Eliah Pitts J n Wishes Larry Jerome Bryant Bonnie Grant, Aunt Ulysses Grant, Uncle Soloman, Cousin Chanel, Cousin Congratulations and Best Wishes to our Niece Caria Elder Love, Annette, Janette, Vita, And Frances Congratulations To My Baby Girl Valeria Moss God bless and keep you always. Keep your smile and personality, and keep God in your life and you ' ll always be successful. Love Always, Mama J r 1 Congratulations To Leiitia ' Lolita " Johnson With Love, Mom, Dad, Trecye, And Thaddeus L r L Congratulations And Best Wishes To Our Son, Grandson, And Godson Kevin Brady From Clinton Brady, Father Evelyn V. Brady, Mother Mr. Mrs. Waymon Brady, Grandparents Bobbie Frost, Godmother = =J Congratulations To ==1 Our Lovely, Daughter, Granddaughter, And Sister Deborah Renee Grimes Remember: There Is Only One Proof Of Ability — Results Love, Mr. Luther Virginia Grimes Jr. — Parents Mr. Luther Amelia Grimes Sr. — Grandparents Randall And Neil Grimes — Brothers L r Congratulations To 1 O ur Lovely Daughter Angela We Wish You Success And Lots Of Luck In The Future. May Your Goals Be Conquered And Your Goals Come True. Love, Mom Dad L J ►Uf Diarliirtfl ra ifitiqua Marti (Icky) Ivill Reach The TipiHEHi i i day, Ite ' re behind You All The Way, .ay God Bless You Everyday, Love Ya, I Mom And Pop Congratulations Estee! May God And Success Be With You Always. Love, Mitzi Williams Best Wishes To My Cousin Estee Andrews Upon His Graduation. Angelique Pullen To Miss Wanda S. From THE PALACE LOUNGE 2517 Bankhead Hwy We Wish You Good Luck. Robert Stevenson Success Can Be Your If You Strive Hard Enough To Achieve It. Congratulations From All Of Us. Aunt Geraldine — Grandparent r Congratulations To 1 Treece Lapaige Clay From Your Mother, Ms Phyllis Clay Your Sister, Shaton Clay Jackie Price Congratulations To Marcia Yvette Giddings Except Yourself As You Are So That You May Learn What You Can Become. Dr. Leslie Patman, Gyn. iwishes»;and»BruJGW Congratulations Marcia Yvette Giddings What You Are Is God Gift To The World What You Become Is Your Gift To God. Bishop F.H. Tolbot Dr. Sylvan ia Talbot Chief Pastor Episcopal Supervisor 6th Episcopal District 6th Episcopal District Congratulations To Our Daughter And Niece Cynthia Ann Green Well, you have finally come to the stage in life for which your family has been waiting. Your future happiness and success depend upon the task you take. Life can be beautiful; that is your decision to make. If a task is once begun, never leave it till it ' s done. Be the labor great or small do it well or not at all. And when you step, take God ' s hand and he will lead you to the promise land. Love Always, Mother And Father (Mr. Mrs. James Green) Aunt Mattie Aunt Juanita Aunt Louisa L J r 1 Congratulations And Best Wishes To Our Lovely Daughter And Sister Barbara Hall L We ' re Proud Of You And We Love You Mama, Daddy, And Candice Sherry Lewis Congratulations And Continued Success From Family Mother Father: Mr. Mrs. J. Battle Brothers: Lorenzo And Anthony Lewis Sister: Helen King Grandfather: Charlie Brown Aunt: Julian Walls Nephew: Lynn Tobias King Niece: Valencia Michelle King fl DJ UNISEX STYLING I 696-4247 | mmm im ■ ' BEAUTIFUL HAIR AND YOU ARE WHAT WE ' RE ABOUT " L " A BRAND NEW UN SEX CONCEPT " WEST RIDGE SHOPPING CENTER 3050-H Martin Luther King Jr. Drive Atlanta, Georgia PHONE: 696-4247 OPEN WEEKDAYS AND SATURDAYS " SALON OF THE 80 ' S " Solicited By: Juana Smith B To Our Lovable Younger Sister Monica aTJ For years you have been the baby of the family. Now you are an adult, ready to face hardships and good times In life. We hope with the love and understanding we have given you, you can conquer any foe, climb any mountain, and accomplish any goal. May much love and success come to you in the future. Love Forever, The Weatherspoons John, Janice, Jayla, And John Jr. m Another year to say Thank you God for staying around. When I was up or feeling down. Now Sherelle you can take your hopes for the years ahead. And make them a part of reality instead. And no matter what odds and end with which you cope. Remember God and I wish you the best of Hope. Love, Mom And Andre J Best Wishes N| Jacqueline Price From: William W. Anderson Proprietor Of Anderson ' s Old Fashion Bar-B-Q 1505 Gordon St. Atlanta, GA RUTH ' S BARBER SHOP 2521 Bankhead Hwy. Congratulations To Wanda Gail Smith From, Mama J r Much Success And Happiness To Our Granddaughters!! April Lynn Maria Banks ■ And Mary Elizabetli Blanding Mr. Mrs. Ralph A. Long Sr. 1 J r Congratulations To " 8 Marcus Lamar Allen Annie Ruth Warner Annie Allen Arthur Mae Anderson Jeffrie Kieth Anthony Allen Walter Snipes Vicki Young Taka Allen Vickie Snipes Robert Young William Allen III Al Zeigler Regis Young Stanley Allen Joan Allen r " a Dear Wyndra ' Took to this day! For yesterday is about a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision. But today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of Hope. " r Congratulations To My Daughter Monica " a Tlirough the years I have watched you turn into a beautiful young lady, who has the power and energy to conquer the world. You have continued to make me proud of you forever. May you have all the success, love, and blessings of God in your life. Love, Mom L r 1 Congratulations To Our Grandson And Nephew Robert Eugene Wilder ' This struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, or it may be both moral and physical, but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. " — Frederick Douglass e There are thousands to tell you it cannot be done. There are thousands to prophecy failure. There are thousands to point out to you one by one. The dangers that wait to assail you. But just buckle in with a bit of a grin. Just take off your coat and go at it. Just start to sing as you tackle the thing. That ' ' cannot be done " , and you ' ll do it. — E.A. Guest We Love You And Wish For You Much Success In Life. Mrs. Eloise D. Dennis And Mrs. Juanita L. Dennis Congratulations To Our Daughter And Sister Adrianne McKennie L Witli Love, Mom And Dad Randy And Ronny Congratulations To Virginia Natasha Perdew A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Its loveliness increases, It will never pass into nothingness. John Keats From Parents — John W. And Amanda B. Perdew Grandparents — Philip And Ruth Perdew Grandmother — Amanda Foster Brother — Glen Philip Perdew We Are Proud Of You. Congratulations to David Brown " a from Mom, Dad, Grandmother, Aunt Julia, Aunt Sarah, Rosa, Limmie, Cathline J r L Congratulations To A Wonderful Son And Brother Robert Stevenson Climb Till Your Dream Comes True All Our Love, Mom, Jerry, Michael =1 =J To My Daughter Vickie Yvonne Bell You have accomplished your first milestone from childhood to young adulthood. There are yet other goals awaiting you. Reach out and grasp all that tomorrow offers, with humility, Make your presence known and be ever thankful to God. I am proud of you. Love, Daddy L J Best Of Everything To My Daughter Damita Ann Pugh " Don ' t Quit " When things go wrong, as they sometimes will, When the road you ' re trudging seems all up hill. When the funds are low and the debts are high. And you want to smile, but you have to sigh. When care is pressing you down a bit. Rest, if you must — but don ' t you quit. Life is queer with its twists and turns. As everyone of us sometimes learns. And many a failure turns about When he might have won had he stuck it out; Don ' t give up, though the pace seems slow — You might succeed with another blow. Often the goal is nearer than It seems to a faint and faltering man, Often the struggler has given up When he might have captured the victor ' s cup. And he learned too late, when the night slipped down. How close he was to the golden crown. Success is failure turned inside out — The silver tine of the clouds of doubt — And you never can tell how close you are. It may be near when it seems afar; So stick to the fight when you ' re hardest hit — It ' s when things seem worst that you mustn ' t quit. — Unknown Love, Mother V - I Hi 1 hI Hl Congratulations To Alane Sullivan Our Lovely Daughter For Meeting Her Goals And Achieving Her Objectives We Wish You Much Luck In The Future. Love, Mommie And Daddy ' 1 r Congratulations Delita Cobb May Success Be with You. Friends Of The Family. 1 L Congratulations, Best Wishes, And Much Success I To Beth Ann Montgomery With Love IVIrs. Ines D. Ellis — Aunt Henry, Claudette And Martin Caldwell — Cousins Leon, Eva, Leon Jr., And Lyie Bridges — Cousins Reuben T. Ellis — Cousin Cherry And Kimberly Ellis — Cousins Find C. Ellis — Cousin J Congratulations To My Daughter Beth Ann Montgomery May success, happiness, peace, and Gods love follow you all the days of your life. Any goal you desire can be achieved through faith and persistence. Love, Mommie Joyce Montgomery Congratulations To Our Grandnephew Robert Eugene Wilder He who knows not and knows not that he knows is a fool shun him! He who knows not, and knows that he knows not is a child teach him He who knows, and knows not that he knows, is asleep, wake him He who knows, and knows that he knows, is wise follow him. Persian Proverb Mr. Mrs. Felton Eugene Irvin r Congratulations To Our Niece Detrius Renee Hill IVIr. And Mrs. Robert Longino Mr. And Mrs. Russell Sutton Mr. And Mrs. Emmanuel Green Mr. And Mrs. Dean Heard Mr. And Mrs. MIcheal Sutton Congratulations To Our Sister Detrius Renee Hill By Darold, Dwayne, Donnie, And Deuric ui r To Robert Eugene Wilder Robert, It ' s time to face your life To extend your education We hope we ' ve helped you through the hard times Your trials, your tribulations. It ' s time to leave this dear ole school To learn a little more About the world we live in To see what is in store. We have taught you all we could The best that we knew how It ' s time for you to face the world Remember — the beginning is just right now. We truly love you dearly And hate to see you leave But, keep with you this one last thought Believe in yourself — and you will succeed. Ingrid Best wishes for your future happiness. We love you and always wish for you much success in life. Amos, Jacquelyn, Ingrid, Arneethia =1 r Congratulations To Our Wonderful And Sweet Daughter Candace Ernine Jackson May You Be As Happy As You Have Made Us. From, Mr. Mrs. Ernest C. Jackson, Sr. Christa, Caree, Ernest Jr. L r Congratulations Seniqua Denise Williams 1 With Love That Cares A Heart That Shares And Prayers That Wish You Success And Complete Happiness In All Your Lifes Dreams. ' The Only Differences In Success Failure Is Giving Up. " We Are Very Proud Of You, L Allene Williams, Mother Arvilla Goss, Grandmother Evelyn Durham, Aunt r Congratulations Terri A. Daniel From SINGLETON ELECTRONICS L.T.D. Distributor Of " The Juicerator " By ACME Evenings 7-9 p.m. — 344-6988 Best Wishes And Much Success In The Future To A Talented Niece And Cousin 1 Thelesia Valencia Lowery Love Your, Uncle (Mr. Bernard B. Terrell, Jr.) Aunt (Mrs. Joeuita Terrell) Cousins (Bernard I. Shealin Terrell) Congratulations To Our Daughter " Treece " Love And Much Success, Dad And Step-Mom L Good Luck And Best Wishes To A Beautiful Niece Thelesia Valencia Lowery Love Your, Uncle Lyn Aunt Chris Porter Happiness And Success Always To My Lovely Granddaughter Thelesia Valencia Lowery Love, Granddaddy (Mr. Bernard B. Terrell, Sr.) J Best Wishes And Much Success Congratulations N To Our 1 Niece And Granddaughter To My Charming Granddaughter, Wyndra Novene Knowles Thelesia Valencia Lowery Love, Grandmother (Mrs. Thelma Terrell) Mrs. Evelyn Johnson (Aunt) Mrs. Evelyn Knowles (Grandmother) EVELYN FLORIST 607 Fair St. 577-3983 The Message Of A Flower Is Forever Congratulations J. Ramsey Best ' vlnshes C. Grogan Sam Pittman Johnny Walker Arthur C. Hardnett, Jr. r H Melvin Randolph Edward Griffin LaRH Billy Walker C. William I B ' ' H Willie Robinson P. Cameron 1 Winslow Sanders T. Penn H . C. Todd H.L. Walker C. Walton James B. Hall T Grri DdniGlS l Denson William E. Jackson Bobby Palmer John R. Green Earlie L. Jones Congratulations Thelesia Valencia Lowery Congratulations From BON-TON CLEANERS 3837 Campbellton Rd. S.W. 344-4685 Mia Redd Pants — 3 For $3.89 Shirts — Dry Cleaned Only If 5 Or More $1.10 Each Dresses — 2 For $6.90 (Third Free) Suits — 3 Pieced, 2 For 8.45 (Third Free) Sweaters — $1.00 Each If 3 Or More I Winter Specials • Overcoats (Plain) Women ' s Men $3.50 Each If You Bring In Two. Love And Kisses, Chris And Kisha K ' - - Congratulations To Our Granddaughter Virginia Joyce Earl 1 Much Success In The Future. Love, Mr. And Mrs. N.G. Garrett r 1 Congratulations To Our Wonderful Son Brian Lynn Cook May God For-Ever Bless And Keep You. Remember, You Can Do All Things Through Christ. L Love You Always, Mom And Dad Karen Graham c o n g r a t u I a t o n s Seek God in all your endeavors. Perceive what you want out of life. Believe it and you shall receive it. Because Today is yours — Live it. Love is strong — Give it. The past is gone — Forget it. Your work is here — Do it. The future is vast — Don ' t fear it. If faith is asleep — Awake it. Success is yours — Seize it. B e s t W s h e s With Love, Mom And Dad L J To Our Daughter, Nedra Mahone May Success Be At Your Feet With Each Step You Take. Love, Mom And Dad J r Congratulations And Best Wishes To Fonda C. Lanier " B L From, Mom, Chandra, James, Donnie, And Grandmama r Congratulations To William H. (Billy) Odum y M 1 L Whatever You Ardently Desire, Sincerely Believe In, Vividly Imagine And Enthusiastically Act Upon Must Inevitably Come To Pass. God Bless You Always, Mom, Dad, Maria J r Congratulations To Tiffany C. Benton I lew ound f- roductiond PRODUCTIONS WHEELER DRAYTON Speculator 2561 Lake Shore Driye (404) 763-3217 College Park, Ga. 30337 Congratulations To My Grand Niece Virginia Joyce Earl Love, MIrian Williams (Sister) Best Wishes To Eric Farmer B.K.A. " Popcorn " From Alonzo Doanes Congratulations To Damita Pugh Always Finish If a task is once begun Never leave it till it ' s done. Be the labor great or small, Do it well or not at all. Unknown Grandmama And Papa Rev. And Mrs. L.C. Malone To Juana " Deena " Smith Wishing You Success And Tlie Best In Your Endeavors. From Linda C. Guinn PARKWAY REGIONAL HOSPITAL Congratulations Juana Edeena Smith From Friends Helen Acree Ann Cox Jenny Delk PARKWAY REGIONAL HOSPITAL OR-RR Congratulations To Yolanda Travis To Pamela Hill L HEATING AND AIR INSTALLATION SERVICE Brant Chandler 344-7398 489-2649 Put your right foot forward in the wheel of success and strive to achieve your highest goals. From Mrs. R. Dozier Charles Lawrence Larry Hollinshed J r Congratulations To Angela R. Hill From, Eddie IVIarilyn Paige L Congratulations And B@st Wishes To Our Daughter, Sister And Granddaughter Angela Romona Hill With Love, Parent — Robert Shirley Brother Tyler Grandmother And Mrs Janie Hill J To Virginia Joyce Earl 1 Congratulations To A Most Deserving Niece. May God Continue To Bless You. Your Loving, Uncle And Aunt Gilchrist And Brenda Congratulations To Juana Smith ff Deena " From Your, God Parents r 1 Congratulations To Alison Michele Gibson Reach For The Stars " Set your goals high then strive with all your might to achieve them. Be the best you can be. " Best Wishes For Much Success And Happiness In The Future With All My Love, Mom Congratulations Cousin And Niece Deborah Scandrett UK JohnSr. Jacqueline John Jr. Brian Karen Karol Kim Keith Aunt Agnes est Wishes To My Dearest IMiece Candace Jackson lany Future Successful Ventures From Your Uncle, Ted Williams Ji r Congratulations To : Eric Eugene Farmer CAMPBELL CONSTRUCTION COMP All Growing And Landscaping 1 ; } aariti3;«ose Br:. S mm 6m WlMFiiEiel Lewis From LeroM EdithsRoziePs Angelia Gay We Will Always Love You Jackie And Jakita Congratulations To Micheal Bechone Lewis From Your Aunt Mrs. Aggie Derro Congratulations To Our Grandson Micheal Bechone Lewis IVIay The Grace Of God Be With You Always As You Continue To Climb The Ladder Of Success Grandmother And Pa-pa Congratulations To Deborah Scandett From Charles, Leona, And Mrs. Walton L Best Wishes And Much Success In Ail Your Endeavors April LaShannon Porter Mr. Ralph E. Brown r Congratulations To Our Daughter, Sister, Niece, Aunt, And Granddaughter Terri L. Moreland " a From Mr. Mrs. Harold Moreland Mr. Mrs. Lee E. Moreland Mr. Mrs. John A. Moreland Mr. Mrs. John Moreland, Sr. Mr. Eric Lee Moreland L r L To My Lovely Daughter Kim Jackson May You Have Much Success In The Future From: Mom, Dodie, Guy, Kecia, J.J, The Jackson Family " a J r Congratulations To Our Niece Barbara Hall 1 Wishing You Success In All Your Goals And May Your Dreams Be Fulfilled. Love You Always Your Aunts Doris Hall And Eleanor Allen Congratulations And Best Wishes To Monica Lashawn Peek From Family — City Of Atlanta Friends e» Ms. Frader Thornton Ms. Gwendolyn Clark Mrs. Kathy Evans Ms. Alice Fann Calvin And Quinton Peek Mr. And Mrs. Aaron Wheat Mr. And Mrs. Braxton Stephens Mr. And Mrs. Eugene Ushery Ms. Arlinda Sherrer Mr. Darryl Davis Mr. And Mrs. Willie C. Sherrer Ms. Lorretta Cabey Mr. And Mrs. Roland Dover Mr. And Mrs. William Fauntleroy Mr. And Mrs. Edward Harris Mr. And Mrs. Luther Dious Mr. And Mrs. Joseph Kirkland Ms. Betty Young Mr. And Mrs. Frank Harkness Mr. And Mrs. Robert Strong Mr. And Mrs. Oliver Twiss Surry Mr. Harold Surry Mr. Willie Surry Mr. Charlie Fann Mr. And Mrs. Miles E. King r To The Best Granddaughter Juana Edeena Smith " a I Would Like To Encourage You To Look Forward In Life. Never Backward. Grandma — Ruby Smith Congratulations To Kerven Hardnett We Wish You Much Success. L From, Charles, Dot, And Joi Wright Kerven May Success And Happiness Be Yours Always From Mrs C.E. Robinson Rev. And Mrs. Marvin Brown Mrs. Virginia Robinson Mr. And Mrs. Richard English Mrs. Hattie E. Bateman Mrs. Theresa Breazeal I a9 r To Lethia Griffin Congratulations and best wishes to you in the future. IVIay you succeed in all your endeavors and fulfill your dreams and goals. Mr. And Mrs. Percy Jones Jr. And Family Congratulations To Lethia Griffin Congratulations And Best Wishes To Andre From Grandmother And Auntee Best Wishes To Lethia Yvette Griffin L To Our Lovely Daughter And Grand-Daughter Love Mom And Grandmother To My Beautiful Daughter Love, Your Father, Rudolph Abbott Congratulations Lethia Y!°Griffin ' ' Reach Up To Success " Join Us In The " Shaklee Opportunity " For Information Call NELL SAM WILLIAMS JNC. 521-0441 OUR BETH " LITTLE MISS CHARM " 4-7 2 Ibntk!, Old " LITTLE MISS CHARM " CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES To Our Charming Niece BETH PATRICE BOLDEN Who has always been our " SPECIAL QUEEN " Love Always Auntie and Uncle " D " (Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Stamps) " MISS 8-TEAM CHEERLEADER " Eb Uonma ' Acadzmy -1974 Voaglcui High School 19B0-S ' I MORRIS BROWN COLLEGE Hormcom ' ing PoAadu 1974 »s r Congratulations To April Banks And To The 1983 Graduating Class Of Frederick Douglass High School Councilman James Howard City Of Atlanta Atlanta City Council " 8 L Council District 3 68 Mitchell Street S.W. Atlanta, Georgia 30337 (404) 658-6356 Congratulations To Kerven Bernard Hardnett From (Mama And Daddy Brown) Mr Mrs. Sylvester Brown Best Wishes To April Banks From Mr. Mrs. William Neely Best Wishes To Kerven Bernard Hardnett From A Special Friend Compliments From: HARDY ' S SUPERMARKET INC 516 Lee Street S.W. Phone 753-3473 Open 24 Hours 7 Days A Week Congratulations ' ' Via " We Wish You Much Success. Rlsrra«rrf3ii $t Mrs Arthur Heard p.ierven oernar I: rrs. Gladys Rosser A ' K.,,..,„,„ .„.,., „.,,,..„Do.r»aJ| Congratulations To A Wonderful Young Lady Yolanda Yvette Daniel Dayla Huston Family Horace Daniel Annie Laurie Hatley Mrs. Vivan Pippins Rev. Mrs. R.L. Darden Mr Mrs. Nathan E. Smith Arthur Williams Margret Mapp Marvin Stoud Mrs. Varnell Marshall Earnest Thompkins Rether Focort Frank Jenkin Congratulations To Lenita Josin Madden Success Can Be Yours If You Have Confidence Determination In Yourself And Always Have The Love For God. Best Wishes, From Mr. Rufus Turner Benita Daniel You Have True Character And Beauty. Stay Sweet From The Browns And Mclvers Best Wishes To Mario A. Evans From Your Play Sister Deloise Mitchell Congratulations To Gerald Xavier Jennings May You Have Much Success In The Future. Love Always " Dad " A long way you ' ve come! A longer way to go!! Just remember Pickett, we ' ll be with you now and forevermore. Love Always, Your Sisters And Brothers .jgh Meriwea. From: " Your Other Grandparents " Mr. Mrs. Winfred Denham And Love For All The Years. ngratulations And Much Si To Blythe Chenita Lawrence Johnnie Mae, Apkan And Alesha To: My Daughter Gretta May you be successful in the future. Congratulations Love Mom And Charlietta Marcia Giddings " Jesus Is The Way " Rev Mrs. Ben E. Gay Allen Temple A.M.E. Church Best Wishes, Good Luck And Much Success To Cristal Jones From The Harvey Family Congratulations To Lenita The road to success is a long and hard one to travel But if you remember to keep your faith in God you will always come on top. Love, Dad ICup Of Kindness, Mix It Well With Love, Add A Lot Of | :e And Faith In God Above, Sprinkle Very Generously Vlfl |i Thanks And Cheer And You ' ll Have Lots Of " Ang iTo Feast On All The Year. Love Always, r| ' I Ms. Ann Douglas | Much Success To Our Wonderful Friend Christal Jones From: Mr. Mrs. Robert Ferrell III ' Karia Woods May You Follow The Road To Success. From: Benita Allen, Ethel Halloway And Jean Gold Congratulations " a Freddie Always Remember No Hill Is Too Steep, No Mountain Is Too Tall, With Hope, Faith, And Determination, You Can Conquer All. From Your Mother And Brother Congratulations To April Banks From Mr. And Mrs. Tommy Barron Congratulations To Donna Johnson From Pay Location 206 At The Main Post Office IVIrs. Catherine Carmichael Mrs. Hazel Ringer Mrs. Georgia Gates Mrs. Patricia Young Mrs. Shirley Harris Mrs. Peggye Smith Mrs. Miriam Mapp Mrs. Miriam Nichols Congratulations To Donna Johnson Keep Up The Good Work. From OLD NATIONAL TAILORING CENTER 2250-B Flat Shoals College Park, GA 30349 996-2342 To My Niece Donna Johnson Wishing You Much Success And Happiness In .. The Coming Years. Your Aunt, Mrs. Rhoda Anderson To Donna Dyvette Johnson May You Have Much Success In Your Years To Come. Diane, Jennings Christine Jackson Congratulations To Lenita From Eveline Lacey L Best Wishes To Marcia from B.F. Robinson. Solicited by Marcia Griddings Best Wishes To Robert Eugene Wilder Continue To Achieve And Pursue Mr. And Mrs. Albert Thorpe J Congratulations To Our Daughter And Sister Sonja Yvette IHuston 1 Best Wishies And Mucii Success In The Future Love Mom, Dad, Veronica, And Rodney Congratulations To Dexter and Valerie Phelps May you have the best Mr. Robert Grier Sr. that life can offer. We wish you all the And success in the world. Love, Mr. Robert Grier Jr. Your Aunt Moma And Vickie Lila Nolan Congratulations To Lethia Y. Griffin In Memory Of r May God Be With You Now And Always Angela Good Luck And Congratulations Angela R. Hill Life Is A Struggle So Bear With It. 1 Uncles William Hill Charles Hill (Detroit, Michigan) Good Luck And Congratulations Angela May All Your Dreams Come True. Follow Your Rainbow Until You Reach The End. Uncle Robert (Bobby) N.J. Love, Aunt Dot And Family Happiness And Success Always To Our Goddaughter And Granddaughter — Angela Hill Mr. Mrs. J.H. Debham Mrs. Janie Hill J Best Wishes To Our Daughter Always Angela Hill Mr. Mrs. Robert Brown Congratulations To Kerven Hardnett May God Be With You And Guide You Into The Future Of Tomorrow. Mrs. Edith B. Green, Aunt Mr. Archie Thomas Berryhill Jr., Uncle Mr. Ronald Lenor Greene, Cousin In Memory Of The Late , Archie Thomas Berryhill Sr., (Grandfather) Mrs. Edith Eloise Berryhill (Grandmother) Samantha Hutchins " 3 Much Success In The Future Love, Ernestine Hutchins Bill 0. Butts Sheila Mayfield Kerry Caine Mildred Williams Myrtice Lee Mary Jackson Jean Smith Joe Hutchins Martha Fleeter V.J. Chandra Winfrey Benita, Let This Commencement Be The Beginning Of More And Bigger Academic And Personal Accomplishments. We ' re Proud Of You From Aunte And Aunt Marion r Congratulations And Best Wishes To Our Precious Daughter And Sister " i Cassandra Denise Barnes Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths. Yesterday is already a dream and tomorrow is only a vision; but today, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Proverbs 2:5 And 6 L Love Always: Dea. And Mrs Dad, Mom Brother Lyman Barnes And Everett Congratulations And Best Wishes To Our Lovely Niece And Granddaughter Brenda Williams ' May you succeed in life and cherish all the happiness that is brought to you. " Love Always, Corine Upshaw And Family L J r Congratulations To My Grandson Brian Lynn Cook There ' s no problem too big and no question too small. Just ask God in Faith and He ' ll answer them all — Not always at once, so be patient and wait, For " God never comes Too Soon or Too Late " — So Trust in His Wisdom and believe in His Word, For no prayers unanswered and no prayer unheard. Love Always, Grandmother Agnes Wilson Tracey L. Ezzard To my lovely daughter, may you reach every goal that you strive to achieve and may God and His Love Be With You. Love, Your Mom J r Congratulations To Our Daughter And Granddaughter Latonya Bonita Warner 1 Remember — The value of time The success of Perseverance The Pleasure of Working The dignity of simplicity The worth of character The powder of Kindness The influence of example The obligation of duty The wisdom of economy The virtue of Patience The improvement of talent The Joy of originality With Love From, Grandmother Daddy And Mrs Plyra Young Virginia Joyce Earl 1 When things go wrong as they sometimes will When the road you ' re trudging seems uphill When the funds are low and debts are high And you want to smile but have to sigh, When care is pressing you down a bit Rest, if you must — but don ' t you quit. Your Devoted Family, Mom, Dad, Peter, Paul And Micah L J r Donna Johnson " 3 Congratulations And Best Wishes To IVIy Favorite Niece In Her Chosen Profession. G. Gholston Congratulations To Our Niece Renita Maria Reese «p Love Always, Mr. Mrs. Stanly Brue Msgt. Mrs. Melvin Howard J r Congratulations And Best Wishes To IVIy Beautiful Daughter QuoVadis Sterling " a May the grace of God be with you always as you continue on the road to success. Be ever determined and good things will come to you. Remember: the race of life is not won by the swift, but by those who endureth to the end. Love You, Your Family Mrs. Alice Sterling Mr. William Walker Ms. Bridgitte Sterling Mr. Darryl Sterling Miss DaJuana Sterling (Yogi) Shameka Sterling (Mickey) L r Congratulations To My Nephew Brian L. Daniel Your Uncle Bob Martin Keep a brave spirit, and never despair. Good is victorious — " God " everywhere. Be not down-liearted, but vaiiant for right. Hope and press forward your face to the light. Much Success Mr. And Mrs. Baiter To Angela Gay May God ' s Blessings Follow You All The Days Of Your Life Love, Charlotte Debbs Congratulations To My Cousin Monica Lashawn Peek Our Blessings Are Always With You From THE LIBERTY INTERNATIONAL CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST 252 Georgia Avenue, SE Atlanta, Georgia Pastor: Gregory Lamar Fann Angela Gay Congratulations To Angela Gay May Success And Happiness Always Be Yours. From Mr. And Mrs. Rudolph R. Cohen, Sr. 1st Lt. Rudolph R. Cohen, Jr. And Rodney Cohen H R 11-3 Compliments To Mario Evans The Glenn A. Arnold Family Congratulations ' l= " Love, r Good Luck And Best Wishes To Christal Lavette Jones With Love, Betty And Bernard Rice Much Success To A Wonderful Cousin Monica Lashawn Peek From Teiola And Freddie Porch Best Wishes To IVIonica Lashawn Peek Graduation has you smiling . . . and you ' ve got a right to smile Cause you did all the hard work and you did it up in style But you can ' t dwell upon the past as this occasion is sure to become because the hardest work lies ahead of you and only you, Shawn, can get the work done. — A Friend Of The Family — Ed Johnson Congratulations Traci Jones It seems as if you just started, but it ' s truly over. You made it in with flying colors and may God see you through the next phase of an enjoyable life. Your Second Brother " Jacques " To IVIarge R. Whatley Never will there be a treasure as precious as you; never a diamond as priceless as you. Remember that you are as special as no one else can be; You ' ll overcome every obstacle and Reach your destiny! Love, Mr. And Mrs. W.E. Jones Wow! Congratulations IVIarche From Barbara, Peaches, And Mike Boozer dbngratulatidris To hael Bechone L God Is Your Guide May Love And Happiness Be I With You Always. Love, 1 Mom And i pgui Best Wishes Marche We All Love You! Mom, Dad, Auntie And Uncle Charles r BIythe Chenita Lawrence Good Luck! 31 Sar IB Mr. and Mrs. Allen W. Strozier Larry Benton Clarence Phillips Marvin Sirmans W.J. Braughton W. Dorsey, Jr. Terry W. Puckett Betty Lee Luther J. Newton George Langley Phillip Ellison Gordon Howard Jim Brown Huel Ray David Arrick Bobby Mitchell Johnny Bankell C. McGhee Har Johnson Samuel L. Philpot Walter M. Moore A.H. Anderson A. Pearl Mitchell Charle Smith Sam Taylor Joe McDowell Rodney Dempsey Wayne Shelton John Robertson Jr. Riley Golden Jr. Fidel Malfabon Mr. Andre L. Lawrence George Bornes R. Culpepper A.C. King George Dixon Calvin Boone Robert L. Williams Ted A. Walston Eddie Hall Jr. R.E. Ellis W.C. Ferrell T.L. Ingram Earnest Rucker Edward Ales William G. Jones, Sr. James G. Wilkerson Columbus Daniel Runelle Lawrence Melvin Lawrence J Congratulations And Best Wishes To Timothy Marion Copeland Mary C. Copeland — Morris Copeland — Rachel Copeland (Mother) (Father) (Sister) Morris C. Copeland (Brother) Aunts and Uncles Rev. and Mrs. Dudley McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Richard Darby Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gray Mr. and Mrs. Roy Nollie, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Campbell Mrs. Mary Bowers Mrs. Mamie B. Campbell (Grandmother) Mrs. Berda Gilliam (God Mother) " Deceased August 8, 1981 L Miss Gloria Cooper — Tryphenia Jackson — Mr. and Mrs. James Gilliam (Cousins) Congratulations To Kervin Hardnett And The Astros Of ' 83 Attys. Gail And Gordon Joyner Congratulations To Lovely God-Daughter Renita Reese May Success And Happiness Be With You Always In All Of Your Endeavors. Love Always; Mrs. Wisteria Anthony Congratulations To My Great-Grandaughter " 8 Michele Denise Head Love Always Evangelist Hallie H. Jackson (Great Grandmother) Congratulations To Brian Daniel From Your Uncle And Family Donald, Valerie, Gene, Tony And Martin Congratulations To Mario A. Evans THE WIGMAS CLUB Pres. — Willie G. Arnold Sect. — Ronald Merritt Congratulations Ursula Love, Leon Coleman, Jr. J Congratulations To Our Son, Grandson, And Brother Edmond Jackson We wish you much success on your journey into the world. There will be hard times but we know you will reach the highest heights because you have our support. Love, Mom, Grandmother Alma, Eric =J r =1 Benita Lynn Daniel Our Love, Our Prayers Will Follow You All The Days Of Your Life. From The Daniel Family Mrs. Leon D. Zellars, Grandmother Mr. George Daniel and Michelle Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Daniel, Bernard and Terri Mr. and Mrs. Vanderbuilt Fears, Sr. and Van Mr. and Mrs. Leon Daniel, Corri and Riche L Congratulations To Our Granddaughter Detrius Renee Hill " Deets " Touch somebody ' s life with your goodness Touch somebody ' s life with your love Touch somebody ' s life with understanding For that ' s the only way to show God ' s love. Touch somebody ' s life as you pass them You may never pass that close again If not far, Reach out in love — And touch somebody. You ' ll be surprised how soon — That someone comes back to you. Love Always, Rev. And Mrs. A.B. Sutton (Papa And Granny) 1 Congratulations Andre, And Best Wishes! From Your Family Grandmother Grandfather Aunt Liz Uncle Grady Bennie L Yolanda Auntee Liz Mom Dad Kharissa J Marche " 8 " Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world. " Through all your strife to succeed in life, put God first in your plans. May the Lord God bless you and keep you. Love Always, Elliot and Lynette Best Wishes To Gertha Stewart L From: Family And Friends With Love J r To " 8 Terri Alisa Daniel Your Aims And Your Hopes Are Our Prayers And Love To You. From The Daniel Family Mrs. Leon D. Zellars, Grandmother Mr. and Mrs. Columbus Daniel and Benita Mr. George Daniel and Michelle Mr. and Mrs. Vanderbilt Fears, Sr., and Van Mr. and Mrs. Leon Daniel, Corri and Richie L J Renita Reese For All The Things We Meant To Say When All The Words Had Slipped Away Love Your Family, Daddy, Mother, Rene Mrs. Doris Fisher — Grandmother Mrs. M. Summerlin — Grandmother 1 J Congratulations To 1 Kerven Bernard Hardnett The secret of life Is not just to live, but to have something worthwhile to live for. Maryjane e„ Rev. And Mrs. James H. Wellman Ms. Laurie Caldwell Mrs. Ann Shipp Mrs. Rheba Doris Williams Mr. And Mrs. Greg Coons Mr. And Mrs. Milton L. Carter Mr. And Mrs. Calvin D. Ivey Mrs. Evelyn Hardy Mr. And Mrs. Rowland Evans Ms. Barbara Robinson Mrs. Janice Conner Mrs. A. Epps Mr. And Mrs. James Cranford Mr. And Mrs. John Goodlett Mr. And Mrs. Virlyn Burse Mr. And Mrs. F.E. Kite Mrs. Dorothy Long Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Cooper Mr. And Mrs. James Moreland Mr. And Mrs. Floyd Green Mr. And Mrs. James Brock Mr. Sam Scott Mr. And Mrs. W.F. Small Mr. And Mrs. Lloyd Creecy Mrs. Dorothy Goodlett Mrs. Leola Halls And Girls Neeka And Valerie Jeter Mrs. Lynell Chambers Mrs. Ramona Pettigrew Mr. And Mrs. Charles R. McNease Mr. And Mrs. Virgil Scott Mr. And Mrs. Williams McNease Mr. And Mrs. Faye Lee Hollingworth Mr. And Mrs. Jerry Spencer Mr. And Mrs. Bruce Mitchell Mrs. Mildred Hardnett Ms. Ludie Searcy Ms. Marilynn Jackson Dr. Carrie Lacey Mr. And Mrs. Nathaniel Shopshire Mr.Walter McComb Cleveland-Ford Families Mrs. Odessa B. Dupree Mr. Maxie Higgins Mrs. Jane Colson Mrs. Corrie Wingfield And Daughters Ms. Keisha Moreland Mrs. Mamie Thorpe Princess Hardnett Mrs. Theodosia Smith Mrs. Vinia Hall Mrs. Harriett Greene Mr. And Mrs. Andrew J. Webb Mr. And Mrs. Samuel Norris Mr. And Mrs. Cleveland Williams Mrs. Juanita Hindsman J Kerven Bernard Hardnett 1 " Passing Time " How Quicldy Pass The Days And Years. Time Never Waits For IVIan. Uncreasingly Tlie iVlinutes Fly To Fill A Waiting Span. How Happy He Who May Look Back, With Pleasure And Content, Upon The Years Forever Gone And Feel They Were Weil Spent; And Still Remember Present Time Will Only Shortly Last And Then Will Be, However Lived, A Memory Of The Past. Anges Davenport Bond Congratulations Mr. And Mrs. Oscar Hardnett, Sr., Grandparents Mr. And Mrs. Willie L. Hardnett And Sons Mr. And Mrs. Oscar Hardnett, Jr. And Ayana Mr. And Mrs. Guy De L ' Eveille And Tiffani Mrs. Mollie Hardnett Great-Grandmother J r Congratulations! Damon What We Are Is God ' s Gift To Us. What We Become Is Our Gift To God! Friend From Forsyth Georgia Congratulations To Yolanda Travis 12-11 To Tracey, You Have Brought Sunshine In My Life From the First Day That I Saw You. Much Success. Love Always, Your Father God Knows He Tends Your Silent Your Fragile Tears; His Care; He Hand Is Breathes For On Your You A Fears. Prayer. Angelia Gay To Tracy, Much Success Is To A Very Lovely Young Lady. May You Have The Best Of Everything Style Class Limosine Service Betty Brooks Mattie David Castena E. Kelly Douglas Hughley Carrie Terry Gail Walters Dorothy Collier Jean Hunter Mother Collier Brothers and Sisters Drake, Keith, Wise Joyce A. Dunn Rosemary Pullen To Tracy, Much Success In The Near Future. Love Your Brother, Darrell Move Of God Church Congratulations And Best Wishes To Our Brother Brian Lynn Cook Somebody loves you More than you know And will always be with you Wherever you go. " 3 Love ya, John Jr., Karen Karol, Keith And Kim CAMPBELLTON PLAZA AMOCO COOKS AMOCO J r Congratulations To Yolande Minor One of my favorite patients. Dr. O.W. Smith Congratulations To My Niece, Traci Jones 1 May Your Life Be As Successful In The Future As It Is Now. Aunt Bessie Congratulations And Best Wisiies To Our Cousin Donna Denise Turner Love Dr. And Mrs. William Harrison (Cousins) St. Louis, Missouri L Love And Best Wishes To Christal Jones May Your Future Be A Great Success. Sawyer And Emma Dudley Congratulations To My Favorite Teenager Karia Mann SHEAR MAGIC HAIR CARE CENTER 1783 Washington Ave. East Point, GA 767-2644 J r Congratulations To Donna Johnson A Very Gifted And Talented Person. Mrs. Mary Davis And Family Mrs. Emma (Bonnie) Dukes " a Donna Dyvette Johnson Much Success In Anything You Attempt To Do. Mrs. Wilma Elliot, Mrs. Sandra Grooms, And Mrs. Betty Carr Ray Congratulations Phyllis Bernice McElroy Maggie M. English Jeannette McElroy Lynnette McElroy Larcy " Pop " Crawford Juana Jennings Leon S. Jennings Nellie Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Thompson ivy Elaine Josey Lila Baker Minni Sheen Stargell Pauline Clayton Beatrice Starr Robert Starr Sharon Robinson Bennie Yarn Derrick R. McCollier Best Wishes And Success From All Of Us Gloria J. Miller Charlie Bryant Cherry L. Simmons Deatrice Grier Louise Comer Alma Philpot Helen Bryant Barbara Grimett Barbara Hughley Stella Woods Caldene Willis Charles McElroy Mr. Albart L. Stinn Sr. Mary Kitchens Levi Banks Miguel Larod Banks Octaus Jarmine Banks Derrell Banks Congratulations To Donna Johnson Much Luck And Success In Your Chosen Career. Mrs. Bernice Allen, Mrs. Janet Maxey Congratulations To Donna Johnson May You Have Success in Your Climb To Higher Goals. Miss Amie Jones Miss Verner Coats J r " 3 Congratulations To My Grandson Brian Lynn Cook J Congratulations To Juana Deena Smith On Your Graduation June Of 1983 L Wishing You Success For The Future. Your Mother Father Bettye S. Bell Bartow R. Bell Jr. Snagg J Congratulations And Best Wishes To Our Lovely Daughter Richtina Angela Jinks Love Always Mom And Dad T ' Erica Grace Jinks and Walter Richard Jinks L r Congratulations And Best Wishes To .« . ' Cliaretta Helayne Beasley IVIay The Lord Bless You In All Your Future Dreams. Love, Mom, Dad, Cree, and Cajuana Good Luck And Best Wishes To A Lovely Young Man, 1 Robert M. Stevenson From Mrs. Annie L. Carter Mr. John D. McKinney Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Enous Mr. John A. Cherry Mrs. Sharon W. Willis Mrs. Mary E. Green Mrs. Erma L. Matthews Mrs. L. W. Billups Mrs. Mae R. Quarterman Mrs. Dorie B. Williams Mrs. Imogene Echols Mrs. Ethel Milner Mrs. Mattie Howard Mrs. Ernestine Johnson Mrs. Margaret D. Jackson Mr. Annette M. Brown Mrs. Christine E. Smith Mrs. Barbara F. Troup Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Batten Mrs. Pauline Butts Mrs. C.J. Fullenwider Mrs. Hilda C. Lyman Mrs. Tyree J. Walters Mrs. Esteen Allen Mrs. Ann Callaway Mrs. Myrtle Thomas Congratulations Delita Felecia Cobb " Always Look Up, Not Down And We Are Sure You Can Achieve Any Goal You Try To Reach. " Love, Grandpa and Grandma Mr. and Mrs. James Phillips L r 1 Congratulations To Oliver C. Turner III Wishing you all life ' s happiest things and knowing that half of the joy you give to others comes back in return to you. Barbara P. Burress Congratulations To Our Nephew Oliver Turner 111 Jean And Charles Colbert, Owners Of CURLEE CLEANERS. 897 Bankhead Hwy. Atlanta, Georgia 875-1269 Dry Cleaning, Alterations To Adrianne Joyce McKennie e» " Seek Heavenly Things " The Reverend And Mrs. William C. McCullough Congratulations And Best Wishes To Laticia Y. Farmer Continue to strive for your goals In the future as you have In the past and success will be yours. Remembering you often reap what you sow in this life. I wish you the best and all the happiness and success in the future. To a friend from a friend that will always be more than a friend. Love, John F. Williams riend. i r Congratulations To Gladys Callaway May you always have what you want. " Love Always, Carlton ,us K. Lynn op E too long to the man wh| ■Hs deliberately and without J _ laste; and no honors are to m or the man who prepares | eH f or them with patience. I i)d Luck And Much Success ' ! Mr. And Mrs. William D. Bell Congratulations To Our Daughter Patricia Ann Ellison We Are Proud Of You And Love You More Than Words Can Say. May God Bless And Help You To Go Far In Life. Love Father, Mother, Sisters, and Brothers Mr. and Mrs. Willie J. Ellison James, Linda, Diane, Douglas and Maria L. J r Congratulations, Best Wishes, And IVIuch Luck In The Future Donna Dyvette Johnson 1 Our Daughter, Sister And Aunt Donald — Dad Prunella — Mom Derrick — Brother Bonita — Sister Damika — Sister Desrick — Nephew Nyshelle — Niece Conshundra — Niece L J r Congratulations To Patrick And Elliot Alphabet Lord give them tlie strengtii to strive Tlie courage to survive The {knowledge to Achieve The vision to see Give them pride in failure And humility in success Let them take their own steps Lord, but with their eyes On you always. 1 " a Congratulations And Best Wishes To Arnez B. Young From Your Family With Love, Mrs. Jacqueline G. Young — Mother Miss Sonya E. Young — Sister Mr. And Mrs. James E. Greene Sr. Grandparents Mrs. Patricia G. Murphy — Aunt Mrs. Barbara G. Arrington — Aunt Mr. James E. Greene Jr. — Uncle L r Parkway Plaza RGR MANAGEMENT CORP. 375 Ralph McGill Blvd. Suite 60 Atlanta, Georgia 30312 577-1277 Congratulations Leigh Ann Meriweather Office Staff Congratulations And Best Wishes To A Wonderful Son Dexter Earl Phelps Love, Mama J r Congratulations To Our Granddaughter And Cousin Leigh Ayn Meriweather 1 Best Wishes In All Your Endeavors. Mr. And Mrs. Harold Baugh And Ronald Best Wishes And Much Success To Our Daughter Christal Jones Be Ever Wonderful, Stay As You Are. Love, Mom, Dad, And Sean " 8 Congratulations Richard You have our best wishes for a successful future. You ' ve only just begun to climb the road of success, a road that is rough and tough. But, hang in there and with the help of God and your family, you will make it. Love, Great Great Grandmother — Mrs. Pearl Allen Great Grandmother — Mrs. Callie Williams Uncles — Roscoe, Irwin, And David Williams Congratulations And Best Wishes To Our Niece Lisa V. Mitchell Mr. And Mrs. Lewis A. Mitchell L J Congratulations To Patrick And Elliot Alphabet From, Douglass Cafeteria Staff Good Luck Compliments To Bayonne Ladson A chapter ends and you must think of happy times you ' ve l(now, the ways in which you ' ve grown. A chapter begins - and you must think of all you plan to do — Here ' s hope that you reach each goal and see each dream come true. Congratulations And Best Wishes Today And Always Love, Mr. And Mrs. William 0. Wilkey Congratulations To A Wonderful Young Man And Much Success. Thaddeus Lynn Mrs. Triby Colbert Mrs. Renee Walton Mrs. Cathy Tyler Mrs. Emile Whatley Mrs. Gayle Tyler Mrs. Mattie Jackson Mr. Willie F. Little Mrs. Shirley Rogers Mrs. L. Willingham Mrs. D. Hutchings Mrs. Susan Lewis Mrs. Bertha Tarvar Mrs. Derick Moses Mr. Anthony Walton Mr. Kenneth Green To Our Girl Deb! " a Wishing You A Future Filled With Success And Happiness. Love, Ken, Richard, Ed (Uncles) J r A Special Niece, Debbie Believe in God, and believe in yourself, and all of your dreams will come true. Love, Anne, Connie, Vivian (Aunts) Congratulations To 1 Rodney E. Stowers From Mr. And Mrs. Alfred Wyatt And Family commun chapel Good Luck Yolanda Travis L 183 Moreland Avenue, South East Atlanta, Georgia 30316 523-6381 Congratulations Deborah A. Scandrett Real Estate Sales and Management " Service Is First " 1077 Gordon Street, S.W. Atlanta, Georgia 303T0 Phone 753 - 7373 T. J. LOCKE, PRESIDE NT ,1 m iMiS ' M£TRO LISTING SERVICE Congratulations To My Daughter, Gail E. Varner Through sleepless nights and silent tears I ' ve watched you grow through all the years But still there is something that I must say That I ' ve looked forward to this very day. Love, Mom L J Congratualtions and Best Wishes to Benjamin F. Logan, Jr. tes Diamonettes Shirley Arnold Sylvia Duniap Brenda English Pearl Logan Barbara Parks Jackie Turman Patricia Whit« Best Wishes And Good Luck In The Future To Adrianne McKennie Love always, Mrs. Ellene Jackson Rev. and Mrs. Williams 1 Best Wishes To Our Loving Niece, Deborah L. Patterson From Aunt Christine And Uncle Bennle Congratulations To Frederick Sean Pritchett From Your Mom Congratulations To Our Brother, Kevin B. Hardnett Congratulations To Our Cousin, Monica Lashawn Peek Love, Charlene, Latiska, Washina, Lequinda, And Otis Best Wishes And Continued Success To Donna Delanda Roberts Love, Valerie And Dexter Crawford Twelve Years Of Perfect Attendance We Are Following In Your Footsteps: Darryl — 9 years perfect attendance Harold — 6 years perfect attendance Chenika — 3 years perfect attendance Congratulations To Mervan D. Smith We Wish You A Succession Of Successful Success. Carolyn And Chele English L M M PRODUCTS COMPANY Salutes Douglass High School Solicited By Charetta Beasley Congratulations and Best Wishes to Mervan DeVincent Smith from Mr. and Mrs. William Tucker and family Best Wishes To Mervan (Boon) Smith ' Good is Ok, But Best Is Better Mr. Henry (Pop) Geter J Congratulations To Our Daughter Alesher Deneen Zeigler The happiest of memories are of the special days we shared when you were quite small. We have proudly watched you grow. As your parents, we want you to know that our love is the best that God can give. Your Family, Charles Amy Partridge Tony, Valencia Congratulations To Lenita As you climb the ladder of success With determination do your best. It ' s a long way to climb But try very hard not to get behind. Only the Lord knows whats waiting ifor you So be the best at whatever you do. Love, Mrs. Bessie L " a Sherman, Wishing you lucl( and success in your future. Set your goals very liigh. Aim for tlie moon and if you miss you may land on a star. Either way you will be above the clouds which means you can end up pretty high — not a bad place to be. Your Parents, Roger A. Alma J. Ezzard v To You Richard With Love Dear God give him wisdom and strength so that he may grow to always be sincere In truth and you, God, master of everything, give him your grace to live for you. In Jesus ' name I pray. From, Riley, Lovetta, Pie And Uncle Richard L. J r " 8 Congratulations To Our Son Robert William Gordon Love, Mom And Dad Mrs. Shirley Ann Gordon Mr. Robert William Gordon Jr. L Brian L. Daniel " When I was a child I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. " I Corinthians 13:11 Brian: As you embark on this phase of your life, remember the teachings of your parents. Go forth in to the world as a man put away all childish things. Above all else to thine ownself be true. Love Always, Your Parents — Elizabeth And Lamar Daniel Sisters And Brothers — Maria Daniel Dixon, Erica Daniel, Darryl Daniel Fredericksburg, VA 10-3 8-3 Brother-ln-Law — Bob Dixon J r Congratulations And Best Wishes To Meishawn Anita Carney " 3 From Bishop And Mrs. Frederick Hilborn Talbot, Chief Pastor AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH Sixth Episcopal District TZJ Congratulations To Meishawn Anita Carney Mom, And Dad, Brother, And Grandparents Waymon, Horace Jr., And Horace III Lula Edge, Sallie, And Horace Sr. r Congratulations Quentin Chevalier Meriwether You should not quit until the battle ' s won; You should not quit until you hear the words, " Well donel " Though rough be the way, And hard be the fight. You should not quit the conflict and right! There ' s much to be gained. True choices to make Lord show him the path — Just the right one to take. From Mother And Father! Mr. And Mrs. Marvin R. Meriwether = Ji r: " B Congratulations To Quentin Chevalier Merriwether Mrs. Constance Porter Mrs. Gloria Locke Mr. Jimmy Askew Ms. Carolyn C. Beasley Mr. And Milton A. Byard Constance Craig Mrs. Juanita Davis Mrs. Mattie Few Mrs. Barbara Gaines Mrs. Ruth Griffitli Mr. And Mrs. U. Hollis, Sr. Willie P. Hunt Mrs. J.H. Jacobs Mrs. Saddle Jefferson Mr. and Mrs. Herman Johnson Mr. Otis Johnson Mrs. Sylvia Jones Mrs. Loyrene Mann Mrs. Mary Matthews Mrs. Anna Mary McCall Mrs. Mildred McClarin Jane McDonald Mrs. Carolyn McLemore Mrs. Lillie Meriwether Ms. Jane Minotto Ms. Betty Mitchell Mrs. Rubye Mitchell Mrs. Merlyne Schley Ms. Nettine Steed Catherine C. Terry Ms. Ann S. Watson Mrs. Louise Watson Mr. Cornelius Watts, Jr. Ms. Georgette White Mrs. Elise Wolfe Mrs. Earlene George Mrs. Mary Hambrick Mrs. Emma Raglin Mrs. Cleopatra Johnson L Four Things Four things a man must learn to do If he would make his record true: To think without confusion clearly; To love his fellow man sincerely; To act from honest motives purely; To trust in God and heaven securely. — Henry Van Dyke From Carter G. Woodson Elementary School Mrs. Margaret A. Jacobs, Principal J r Congratulations And Best Wishes To My Great Niece Delita Felicia Cobb A young lady who has successfully succeeded. Love, Anita Phillips Your Aunt Good Luck in Your Future Endeavors Yolanda Travis MUTUAL FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION " 8 Congratulations To A Dear Friend Quentin Chevalier Meriwether Love Shavnya C. Alford Best Wishes To A Promising Young Lady Delita Cobb From MARY MARTIN ' S BEAUTY SHOP Beauty Is Our Business 4051 2 Mary St. S.W. — 525-9134 — Atlanta, GA Congratulations To My Lovely Daughter And Sister Lisa Michell Fowler Joanne Steveson Ansley Clark Regina Griffin Shirley Rivers Sandra Nitchens Janice Hope Lisa Bowen Mike And Gloria Wright Indy Wright Patricia Copeland Vickie And Luther Mims Daisy Kitchers George McCullers Sr. George McCullers Jr. Evelyn Fowler Rever Snell George Snell Jeremiah Fowler Mother, Brother, Aunt Grandady And Big Mommy To Yolanda M. Travis " The Just is close to the peoples heart, but the Merciful is close to the heart of God. " — Kahlil Gibson Mr. Mrs. Aaron Easley And Family Congratulations To Yolanda Travis A.L. Doanes Family Good Luck Yolanda Travis MILES AMOCO SERVICE STATION 24 Hour Wrecker Service Complete Auto Service Alvin Miles 3255 M.L. King Owner 691-9072 Atlanta, GA 30331 Good Luck Yolanda Travis ' Bloom Where You Are Planted As You Have Always Done. " Love You, Carl Ji r Ufa luieh Congratulations Quentin We wish you success and happiness as you move up the educational ladder in pursuit of your dreams. Mr. Mrs. Isreal Taylor Myrna Shari Good Luck " Chundy " And Much Success Love, Your Cousins Ernestine And Tonya Durrah Congratulation And Much Success To Beth Montgomery Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. From The Thomases Aunt Edith, Celeste, And Lynn " a Best Wishes Chandrea Joyce And Valeria Arnold To Angela Turner May your years be rewarding and successful. Strive hard to conquer your goal. Congratulations And The Best Of Luck Mama, Daddy, Renee, And Kelvin Much Success In Your Endeavors " Chundy " Virginia, Betty, And Sheliah Congratulations To Kim And Kam We wish you much success in the future. From: Laura, Roosevelt And Belinda Woodard To A Very Sweet Young Lady Candace Ernine Jackson Congratulations And Best Wishes Mr. Mrs. Gerald Jones Congratulations To Candace Ernine Jackson Good Luck In Your Future Endeavors Mrs. Mary C. Ford r Congratulations To Marcus Samples From Aunt And Uncle Archie And Amanda Scott Brooklyn, NY Congratulations To Marcus L. Allen Doug Williams, Ken Franzo, Ted Truitt, Pam Portwood, Alicia Brown, Mike IHiett Dennis Abadie, Ernie Kennemor, Franit Austin From Mom And Dad Congratulations To Our Son Marcus Samples " a Congratulations And Good Luck To: Charmain Lawson From: Jean And Tanish Tyler Congratulations Maurice Ramon Davis Phone: 7v;9-6203, Day, Night and Sunday E. DAVIS All Types of Repairs and Remodeling To Allan Favors Success From Friends At G.M.H. Carpentry Sheet Rock Roofing Ceramic Tiling 2506 Ryne St., N.W. Painting Plastering Brick and Cement Work Atlanta, Ga. 30318 Mom And Dad Mrs. C. Parland Ramona Andrews Nora Gaston Virginia Famum Brenda Young Jeanette Lomax Graynelle Norris Doris Jenkins Dr. Michele Evan Jewel L. Harris OIlie Foston Stella Reese Brenda Reese Brendolyn Clayton Pauline Washington Billy Griggs Best Wishes To Allan D. Favors Congratulations And Best Wishes To Angela Turner Much Success In The Future. Love, Ms. M. Haynes Margaret Worthy (Aunt) Anita Worthy (Grandmother) J r Congratulations To Sonja L. Houston Set your goals high and reach for them. From Mr. Mrs. LaFayette Bradley Congratulations And Much Success To My Great-Niece. Sonja L. Houston From Aunt Jewell nj Best Wishes To Renita Reese From Your Neighbors: Mr. And Mrs. L. Dudley And Calvin Congratulations To Our Granddaughter Benita Daniel Mr. Mrs. James Shivers Allan Favors He is God ' s child. Only he can give what He has to give; only he can do what he has to do, only he can be himself. Love Sister And Brother, Kim And Calvin To Allan Favors From Gregory Stephens Victor Howard " Someone ' s praying. You are not alone. " Best Wishes, Congratulations, And Much Success To My Niece Beth Ann Montgomery " Be the best of whatever you are. " Congratulations To Kim And Kam Ridley Love Always, Your Uncle Michael Wllllngham L From Maxine And Herman L. Johnson Sr. Herman, Jr., Helaine And Harlan Wish You Much Success J Congratulations To Kerven Bernard Hardnett Our First Son ' Much success to you in the future. " Love, IVIame And Daddy (Mr. And IVIrs. Johnny B. Hardnett) J Korrtfl Pro m (Hallt t THE ACADEMIC PROGRAM Majors or minors may be pursued in the following: ACCOUNTING AFRO-AMERICAN STUDIES-);- ART BIOLOGY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BUSINESS EDUCATION CHEMISTRY CHILD DEVELOPMENT COMPUTER SCIENCE- " - CRIMINAL JUSTICE DRAMA-;;- DUAL DEGREE ENGINEERING ECONOMICS EDUCATION ENGLISH FAMILY STUDIES-X- FASHION AND DESIGN-;;- FOODS AND NUTRITION-;;- FRENCH GEOGRAPHY GERMAN-;;- HEALTH AND RECREATION HEALTH SCIENCE-;;- MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY MEDICAL ILLUSTRATION MEDICAL RECORD ADMINISTRATION CLINICAL DIETETICS HISTORY HOME ECONOMICS HOTEL MANAGEMENT MASS COMMUNICATIONS-;;- MATHEMATICS MUSIC NURSING OFFICE ADMINISTRATION PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION PHYSICAL THERAPY-;;- PHYSICS POUTICAL SCIENCE PSYCHOLOGY ROTO URBAN STUDIES RESTAURANT AND INSTITUTIONAL MANAGEMENT SOCIOLOGY SPANISH SPEECH COMMUNICATION THERAPEUTIC RECREATION UNDERGRADUATE WELFARE -;;- - Major Courses offered in Atlanta University Center " THE PAST WE INHERIT; THE FUTURE WE CREATE " MORRIS BROWN COLLEGE is a four year, co-educational, fully accredited, liberal arts College founded in 1 B81 by Wesley John Gaines and Steward Wylie in Big Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church. TODAY, it offers courses in academic areas in both day and evening classes, confers the B.A. and B.S. degree and has a student enrollment of approximately 1,700. It is NAMED FOR MORRIS BROWN, the second elected Bishop of the A.M.E. Church. THE SPECIAL PROGRAMS INCLUDE: University Year for Action, Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management, Job Placement, Upward Bound, ROTC, Cooperative Education, Human Resources in conjunction with Georgia Tech, Criminal Justice, Career Planning, Nursing in cooperation with Emory University and Georgia State University, Special Education and Adult and Continuing Education. A FULLY ACCREDITED INSTITUTION with the Georgia State Board of Education and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools since 1 942. The College holds membership with the Association of Private Colleges and Universities in Georgia, the American Council of Education, the American Association of Colleges, the United Negro College Fund and the National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education. The College is an EQUAL,: OPPORTUNITY AFFIRMATIVE ACTION EMPLOYER. For further information, write the Office of Public Relations, Morris Brown College, Atlanta, Georgia 30314 or call 404-525-7831 ext. 12B. — Dr. Robert Threatt, President 1881 — The Second Century — 1982 To Allan Congratulations Love And Success From: Shyvonne L. Smith Grandparents: Mr. And Mrs. Grover Favors To 12-4 From L. Arnold And Mr. And Mrs. Oscar Dillard To Sarah Bowen May Success Always Follow You Love, Rory, Ed, Thomas, Daddy Congratulations To Our Daughter And Sister Deborah Scandrett From Mr. And Mrs. Jesse Moore To Constance Carson Congratulations And Much Success In The Future. Reginald Marian Ryan Ramezia 3 Marlon Love, Dad And Valarie Best Wishes To Steve From, Mother Congratulations Thelesia Valencia Lowery And Much Success In The Future. Love, MAYFIELD ICE CREAM Employers Congratulations And Best Wishes To My God-daughter Barbara Hall S Love, Godmother Joann Yolanda Michelle Travis A Number 1 Grand-daughter, Niece Cousin Love, Grandma Dean Rickey, Patann, Eric, J And Erica Congratulations Phyllis And Ursula Love Aunt Poppy Uncle Marvin i Congratulations To Eric Eugene Farmer From Your Parents With Love, James And Lucile Farmer (Dad And Mom) L. And Mrs. Henry Farmer Franklin Wright Mack Wright Clyde David Jeffery Sharp Ovid Doanes William Nobles Fred Page Christine Bigby Mrs. Carlene McClendon Rev And Mrs. J.W. Wheat Cat ' s Jive Corner Rev. And Mrs. J.D. David Mrs. Arlene Sewell Mrs. Harriette Hill Mrs. Annie Mae Doster Mrs. Louise Dill Miss Pamela Underwood Miss Latressa Flanigan Mr. And Mrs. Clifford Camp Mr. And Mrs. William Anderson Mr. And Mrs. Levi Wilson Mr. And Mrs. Taurus Lindley Mr. And Mrs. Howard Clifton Mr. And Mrs. Robert Raines Mr. And Mrs. Willie F. Yancey, Jr. Miss Jeanette Bailey J r Congratulations To Quinn Hood From The Twiggs Best Wishes To The Graduate Meishawn Carney And Much Success With Love, Mable Green " 8 Congratulations To Our Granddaughter Angela Cotton Grandparents, Mr. And Mrs. Clinton Marie Cotton Congratulations To My Lovely Granddaughter Miss Angela Cotton From Your Grandma, Mrs. Mattie Jordon Congratulations Congratulations To Brian Lynn Cook From Your Brother, John Cook, Jr. 2 Down 2 To Go Brian Lamar Daniel Your Aunt And Cousin Lida And Lynn Character Congratulations To Patricia From Your Sister And Brother-ln-Law We wish you the best in your venture in life. Mr. And Mrs. Artee And Verdell Ponder Walter And Delia Love Youi Congratulations And Best Wishes To My Niece Treece LaPaige Clay From Your Uncle Leon Congratulations To My Grandson And God Bless You, Thaddeus K. Lynn Grandmother Congratulations To Lenita May the Grace of God be with you as proceed through the pathway of life. Love, Rook L Best Wishes And Good Luck To Mario Evans From Your Uncle And Aunt, Ruban And Precious Phillips To Our Nephew And Grandson Eric Eugene Farmer Keep up the good work and higher your education as far as you can. Love, Mr. and IVIrs. Harvey Farmer (Uncle, Aunt) IVIr. Arthur Father (Grandfather) r as you J Congratulations To Brian L Daniel Our Number One Grandson Love, Rev. And Mrs. W.J. Daniel, Sr. Mrs. M.D. Godbee — Aunt Mrs. D.D. Walker — Aunt Paul, Paula Wesley — Cousins Best Wishes To Renee Dotson And Homeroom Section 12-3 From Lucille And Andrea Seymour L Congratulations And Best Wishes To Lisa Yvette Davis From Mrs. Mattie M. Davis, Mother Mr. Zachary Davis, Brother Also: Jimmie Hames Barbara Hubbard Daniel J. Henry Angela Lejons Jenkins Ann Monroe Carlton Earnestine Russell Alvin Coleman Lonnie Parham r Congratulations To Benita " B Commencement Means The Beginning. This Is Your Beginning. May You Have Many Successful Years Ahead Of You. Chris, Deidra, Naomi, And Amos Beasley Good Luck Best Wishes To Our Grandson Nephew Mario A. Evans Mr L Mrs. Crawford Parks — Grandparents Mrs. Martha Parks — Aunt Mr. Mack A. Parks — Uncle Laticia Yvette Farmer Congratulations And Best Wishes Success is not bought, it is won. Tlie future is not a gift, it is an achievement. The grand essentials to happiness in this life are, Something to do, something to love and something to hope for. From IVIother and Tonya J i What it means I to come in first. At First Atlanta, it means everything. It means all our 117 years of helping Atlanta rebuild through Reconstruction to become the financial and cultural center of the Southeast. It means all the years of training and experi- ence of all 3,800 of our people. It often means short lunches and long hours. It means working longer and trying harder than the competition. But as a result, it means being the best at what we do. It means no other bank in Atlanta can offer its customers the reassurance, the resources and the resourcefulness that First Atlanta can. So that no matter what economic possibili- ties the Eighties may bring, we not only will have been there before, but will know the best way to take advantage of them. Yery simply, it means that because we come in First, our customers do, too. M Cop Ti En The First National Bank of Atlanta FIRSTATiANTA Kht 1982. The First National Bank of Atlanta. Member FDIC. r Congratulations And Best Wishes To Our Son Charles E. Locke, Jr. IVIr. And IVIrs. C.E. Locke Sr. Congratulations And Best Wishes To Thelesia Valencia Lowery L Love, The Bryant ' s Of BRYANT ' S TIRE SERVICE 349-0735 Congratulations To Mia 1 Gdrddn Street AMQCQ Station Congratulations To Alfred L. McDonald III Marvin S. Arrington President Atlanta City Council Congratulations And Best Wishes To Fonda Lanier From Jade Abercrombie r Congratulations And Best Wishes To Deborah Elaine Clark May God bess you as you reach your goal in life and may you have joy and much success throughout your life. Love Always, Betty J. Tolbert Congratulations And Best Wishes To Our Niece Gladys Callaway May you always get what you want. Love Always, Anita And Larry Hill Congratulations To Our Sweet And Lovely Cousin Candace Ernine Jackson 1 If you think you can, then you can. May God bless you in all your future endeavors. The Carter Family Congratulations To ' ' Sweet Candace " Congratulations Angela Gale Dennard For you have now made a giant step in society. With all of our blessings, may you have success in all you do. Love, Relatives And Friends On Your Graduation. Your Auntie Rosa Williams Brooklyn, NY To: Eric Eugene Farmer B.K.A. " Popcorn " Be All You Can Be. From: James Hill U.S. ARMY RECRUITING STATION 603 Ashby Street, S.W. Atlanta, GA 30310 753-1155 J r Congratulations To Our Beautiful Niece Candace Jackson Upon Her Graduation In June, 1983. Your Aunt And Uncle, Clarence And Mable Robertson Brooklyn, NY Best Wishes To Mario A. Evans " a ■ 7 ' Florrie Copeland — Manager Juanlta Johnson — Business Manager Congratulations To Valeria Denise Moss Love, Chris Congratulations To My Sister Cynthia Ann Green With Best Wishes And Much Success. Love Always, Glennis Best Wishes And Congratulations To A Very Sweet Young Lady Candace Ernine Jackson Congratulations To Michael Bechone Lewis Look to this day, for yesterday is but a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision, but today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Happy is he who trust in the Lord. Prov. 16-20 ta Keep Striving For The Top, The Sky Is Yours. The Batten Family Vera And Vicki IT Fron Brian Daniel From Your Uncle — Rev. E.B. Woods Brian, Remember swiftness alone does not determine the winner!! Endurance predetermination and perserverance are definite deciding factors in this race. The Race of Life!! " Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great cloud of witnessess let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us and let us run with patience the race that is set before us " Hebrews 12:1 ... Congratulations To Oliver C. Turner ill You Are Young, Gifted And Black. Take Advantage. From Bertha Oliver, Parents Sandra Andrew Blunt Aunt Uncle Ora William Grandmother Congratula tions And Best Wishes ' Donna Michelle Davis " ADORNE BEAUTY COLLEGE ' ' We Cherish The Idea Of Beauty " Bob Minter — Director Congratulations To Allan Favors Good Luck From Friends Ella Merritt Ola M. Geter Betty Brookings Evely Culbreath Stanley Patterson Shirley LIndsey Melva Quinn Rev. Mrs. Boddie Inez Mitchell Helen Gwendolyn Hall Lizzie Bridges Ruby Porter Mary Mapp Catherine Young Mr. Mrs. L. Bowie Charles Slade Bob Penny Jones Peggy Cooper Louis L To My Son Reginald Edwards Congratulations To Our Daughter Donna Delanda Roberts God Has Been Kind. Mom And Dad r Congratulations To My Niece Delita Felecia Cobb IVIay you find personal happiness and rich satisfaction in all of your future endeavors. Love, Your Uncle Leonard Phillips Congratulations To Delita Felecia Cobb A fine young woman. May all your dreams come true. You have reached your high point. But you still have a mountain to climb. Love Larry Phillips, Uncle Mary Phillips, Aunt Kimberly Phillips, Cousin Larry Phillips Jr. Cousin Congratulations And Best Wishes To Quinn Hood 1 THE GREAT LADIES SOCIAL AND SAVINGS CLUB Best Wishes Yolanda Travis From THOMAS TILE CO. All Types Tiles, Ceramics, Quarry Free Estimates — All Work Guaranteed Clarence Thomas Jr., Owner 915 Tuckwanna Dr. S.W. Atlanta, GA 696-1759 Good Luck In Your Future Endeavors Congratulations Paul!! May God continue blessing you in the coming years. Mrs. Carrie Parrott Grandmother e» April Banks Compliments Of Paschal ol r Congratulations To Leslie J. Meadows 1 Success Is Failure Turned Inside Out The silver tint of the clouds of doubt And you never can tell how close you are, It may be near when it seems a far; So, stick to the fight when you ' re hardest hit It ' s when things seem worst that you mustn ' t quit. L Don ' t Quit When things go wrong and they sometimes will. When the road you ' re trudging seems all up hill. When the funds are low and the debts are high. When care is pressing you down a bit. Rest if you must — but don ' t you quit. Love, Mom, Dad, Grandma Lillie, Aunt Gwen And Terry J r Congratulations And Best Wishes To Quentin Chevalier Meriwether From The church where there is a task for every member and a member for every task. BEULAH BAPTIST CHURCH 170 Griffin Street, N.W. Atlanta, Georgia 30314 W.L. Cottrell, Minister Congratulations To Yolanda M. Travis " a From UNION BAPTIST CHURCH 291 Hightower Rd. N.W. Dr. J.A. Wilborn, Pastor Good Luck In The Future Congratulations Nezetta Young Best Wishes And Success Betty Jean Stoldey John Carey Faculty And Friends L From Mom Mrs. Rhudine Crawford Mrs. Maxine Williams Mrs. Claudia Peppers Mrs. Bettye Harris Miss Florence Henderson Mrs. L.H. Tuggle Mrs. B. Woods Mrs. Gainel Hanley Mrs. Mae Freeman Mrs. Annie Hardmai Miss Mitty Duhart Mr. And Mrs. Berry Gray r Congratulations To 12-4 1 L. Arnold Mrs. L. Johnson Mrs. J. Long Mrs. B. Woolfolk Mrs. R. Braswell Mrs. L. Bailey Carl Speigner From John White J. Woods Ms. A. Thompson Mrs. J. Dansby Ms. T. Thornton Mrs. R. Freeman Jesse S. Hardeman Mrs. L. Hicks Mrs. F. Wright W. Andrews Mrs. B. Ross Mrs. M. Hardy Mr. R. Jackson Advanced Skill Training and $15,200 for College If you have what it takes, the Army has openings in hundreds of different sl ili categories. If you qualify, we ' ll give you expert training in one of these fields, or many others of your choice: • Telecommunications • Administration • Law Enforcement • Mechanics • Electronics Medical In addition to the technological training and the valuable job experience, you could also receive $1 5,200 for future schooling, whether college or technical or trade school, if approved by the Veterans Administration. This program is called The Army College Fund. If you participate the money you save for college is matched two for one by the govern- ment. Then, if you qualify, the Army will add up to $8,000 on top of that! THE ARMY COLLEGE BENEFITS You Save: Gov ' t Adds 2-)or-1: £4.800 $5.400 $5.400 Total: Army Adds: Total Benefits: $15,200 $20,100 $20,100 ' ' Maximum individual contribution in the program. ' •Certain 4-year enlistments can get you as much as $25. 100 for college. ARMY. BEALLYOUCANBE. J Congratulations To A Lovely Daughter, Sister And Great-Grand-Daughter 1 Thelesia Valencia Lowery With All Our Love, Your, Mother (Clem), Sister (Latashia) And Great-Grandmother (Adella) Best Wishes Thelesia Valencia Lowery L Mr. Leroy Rogers Mr. Bill Mrs. Wiladean Henderson Mrs. Yvonne Evans Mrs. M. Ponder Mr. Robert Neely Mr. Willard Kelly Miss Roni Sullivan Mr. Henry Moore Mr. Charles Murray Mr. Mrs. Lee Bray Miss Queenie Wilson Mrs. Willie Mae Smith Mr. Edward Pinltston Mrs. Shirley Lonley Mr. Darnell Holcomb Mrs. D.J. Holmes Mrs. A.M. Johnson Mrs. Geraldine Jackson Mrs. Dollie Lyon Mrs. Shirley Harris Miss Brenda Jackson Mr. Larry Holmes Mrs. Josephine Gartrell Mr. Anthony Ezzard Miss Kelly Fruckon Latashia Lowery J Best Wishes To Thaddeus K. Lynn We are proud studies. Keep the finish line. of you, Thaddeus. Good lucl( in your future going. Don ' t look back until you have reached We support you and we love you. Mom And Dad -m Congratulations Tn r . f Our Loving Daughter g Shirley Eliane Marks Much Success In The Future Your Parents, Mr. And Mrs. Velmon Marks L- i r " i Best Wishes To Quentin Chevalier Meriwether From MARVIN R. MERIWETHER REALTY COMPANY (404) 691-6958 Complete Real Estate Service Appraisal And Sales When You Care Enough To Consult The Best. 109 Mollis Terrace, N.W. Atlanta, GA 30311 Congratulations Angelia ' ' Mickey " Gay Your Friend Joi Robinson Congratulations Thelesia Lowery From MARK ' S UNLIMITED Congratulations Thelesia Valencia Lowery From Farmer ' s Gulf Service Center 1720 M.L.K. Jr. Dr. S.W. Atlanta, Ga. 30314 7 A.M.-IO P.M. 758-4021 Or 758-5222 L Thelesia Lowery May good luck follow you for the rest of your life. Love, Betty Albert Sturgis Valerie Hardy Blash Congratulations Donna Davis From STOREY ' S BEAUTY SUPPLY INC. Six Locations In Metro Area: 2062 Bankhead Hwy. N.W. 799-1088 2527 Gresham Rd. S.E. 241-4084 2463 Chapman Springs Rd. (College Park) 763- 3062 3715 Campbellton Rd., S.W. 344-0092 1606 Boulevard Dr. 371-0983 2718 Wesley Chapel Rd. 288-2927 r Best Wishes And Much Success In The Future. To Lisa V. Mitchell From: Friends And Relatives Mrs. Johnnie M. Rainey Mr. Joseph L. Wood Jr. Mr. Hamiliton Glover Mr. Mrs. Fletcher Coombs Mr. Mrs. James Sewell Mrs. Shirley Murphy Mr. Mrs. James Vortice Mr. Mrs. Joe Green Rev. Mrs. Richard Mitchell Mrs. Ozie Bussey Mr. James McLaghlin Mr. Tip Lakes Mrs. Catherine Mitchell Congratulations To Ralph Mays Jones To Kim And Kam Set your goal high and Strive for the best And Leave it to God and He ' ll do the rest. Love Mom, Dad, Andre Grandmother And Grandfather Woods In Memoriam My Grandmother Mrs. Julia Wortham who did not live to see my dreams fulfilled, passed October 14, 1982. Her love and inspiration will live on forever in my heart. Your loving granddaughter. Chandrea Rebette Wright J Congratulations To Marcus L. Allen " a From Mom And Dad Cheryl Lynn Kenneth Allen Wisteria Allen Mrs. Daisy Roan Michael Allen William Allen Best Wishes!!! Congratulations And Best Wishes To Samuel Edward Thompkins Mr. And Mrs. J.B. Blayton Mr. Hamilton Ingram Mrs. Gladys Draper Mrs. Bernice Fuller Mrs. Ellen Clark Mrs. Janet Spinkston Mrs. Anne Styles Ms. Joyce Jinks Mr. And Mrs. James Thomas Mr. Roy Ingram Mrs. C.J. Thompkins Mrs. Glinda Jackson Mrs. Patricia Ward Mrs. Meme Matthews Mrs. Beatrice Clemon Mrs. Lucile Neely Mrs. Doris Goodlette Mr. Carter Coleman Congratulations To Sandra Starks Mrs. Lillie Bell Mr. And Mrs. Carrie Williams Mrs. Louise Austin Mrs. Bescie C. Libson Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Petty Jr. Rev. Calvin Williams Quinn A. White Mr. And Mrs. Horace Brinkley Mrs. Gwendolyn Hgood Mr. And Mrs. Roy Williams Mr. Robert Wayne Rice Community Male C. Mrs. Jackie Carter Mr. And Mrs. Richard Daly Mr. And Mrs. James Bush Mr. And Mrs. James Hudson Mr. Cornelins McKnight Mr. and Mrs. Ulysses Lindsey For Her Completion Of High School To Lorna Walker You ' ve Come A Long Way L Much Success And Happiness In The Future. Love, Mom r Congratulations To Our Lovely Daughter Robin L. Hightower May Your Future Endeavors Be Successful. = From: Mom, Dad, And Brother Robert L r Congratulations And Best Wishes To = Melissa Nicole Hayes L From The Family With Love " a Congratulations Nezetta Young Love Always Mom, Dad And The Family L " On Being Me " God I give thanks for many things But most for being me — As well as I can tell myself Is what I am meant to be I might have been much more perhaps A wise man or a saint But ril not fret with vain regret I can ' t be what I ain ' t I might have been much more no doubt, But I am all I ' ve got So I ' ll give thanks for what I am And not for what I ' m not Myself is what I ' ll try to be Could I be this, no more, I think that I would be true To all God meant me for. J r 1 ' ' Rodney Dewall Phillips We wish you much " Love, Happiness, and Success " in your future and always remember that God is with you. Roberta — IVIom And James — Pop Chauncey — Brother And Christa — Sister Aunt Phoncee — Godmother ?7 =J Congratulations To My Daughter, Carolyn Renee Dowery From Your Mother With Love, Mrs. J. Chanta Smith, Aunt, And Friends Congratulations To Carolyn R Dowery From THE P.J. WOODS BUND CENTER Rev. J.E. Boone r -i Congratulations To Renita LaShan Pope Love Mama, Renee , Michael J r Edmond Jackson Jr. H Congratulations On Your Graduation From Your Family, Dad, Thelma, Ruth, MaDaisie, John III, Donald, Alice, Susie, Christopher, Jo, Barbara, Jacey, Christa J P J VJ Uk L Congratulations To A Charming Daughter Thelesia Lowery With Great Potential For The Future. Love, Rubin ' ' Gator " Lowery (Father) Homp Phone 344-4856 Flat Repair Service " Specializing in Fleet Service " 24 Hour Road Service 2430 Colorado Trail S W. Atlanta. Georgia 30331 Congratulations! We acknowledge the fact Angelia, that it has been a long journey through high school, but by the grace of God and our prayers you have made it and we are thankful. Though Angelia, this is just half the journey, we ask God to clothe you with his righteousness, that you wil be able to reach the end successfully. " a Angelia Gay E» We Love You, Father And Mother Everett And Roderick r To A Wonderful Young Man Derrick Van Jordan Whom we wish lots of hope, happiness, and success In life. We are proud of you. Continue to grow in Christ. Love, Father Ernest, Mother Caroline, and Sister Valerie J To Alfred L. McDonald You have always been special in my life. Words cannot express all of the joy you have provided me. I love and appreciate you. You r Loving Mother, Sandra Singleton McDonald L J Congratulations And Best Wishes To Our Lovely Daughter And Sister Chandrea Rebette Wright 1 Often Your Tasks Will Be Many And More Than You Think You Can Do Often The Road Will Rugged And The Hills In Surmountable, Too But Always Remember, The Hills Ahead Are Never As Steep As They Seem, And With Faith In Your Heart Start Upward And Climb ' Til You Reach Your Dream For Nothing In Life That Is Worthy Is Ever Too Hard To Achieve If You Have The Courage To Try It And You Have The Faith To Believe . . For Faith Is A Force That Is Greater Than Knowledge Or Power Or Skill And Many Defeats Turn To Triumph If You Trust In God ' s Wisdom And Will For Faith Is A Mover Of Mountains, There ' s Nothing That God Cannot Do, So Start Out Today With Faith In Your Heart And " Climb ' Til Your Dreams Come True! " Mom, Dad, And Camela A =J r Congratulations And Best Wishes To My Niece Lisa Michell Fowler " a L Vernice Steward Willie Simpson Meme Williams Robin J. Carlton Joann Carroll Gloria Carter Wilbur B. Lane Jr. Estelle Mines Jessie Wright Judith Perry Margaret A. Bradley James Card Zelda H. Kindell Sadie P. Peck Karen Wilson Mrs. Doris Wilson Bettye H. Johnson Earnest Brokenborough Agnes L. Tennison Cathy Humphries Prisciila Francis Ruby Nash Betty B. Walker Harriett E. Lindsey Cynthia Walker With Love Aunt Evelyn And Friends Thank You All Ruby Johnson Deborah Jackson June Hunter Dino Wesley Angela L. Thompson Chuck Perry Arthur C. Reid Jerry Jones Mattle Harris Laverne Jackson Rosalyn Goolsby Barbara Morton Alphonzo Cordy Robin Dilworth Joyce McDaniel Barbara Sims Sedell Griffin Lillie Wilson Joann Butler Gregory Butler Gregory Terrell Waldean Ross Lucille Martin Patty Miller Evelyn Fowler Mary Maxwell r Congratulations To Alfred L. McDonald I wish for your continued success in all of your endeavors. I am proud of all your accomplishments. Your Uncle Dr. Peter T. Singleton Jr. r 1 Congratulations And Best Wishes To Charles Ellis Harrison Jr. Mom, Dad And Lisbwaun J Joseph Coles III Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good worlds, and glorify your father which is in heaven. St. IVIatthew 5:16 Love Always, Daddy, Mommy, Ruble, Jocelyn And Majik L r May happiness, love, success, and everything you strive for come your way. Brigitte Preshea Smith " 1 Mrs. Cynthia Smith Mr. Eugene Smith Master Quentin Smith Mr. And Mrs. Earl Randall Mrs. Odessa Hall Mr. Earl Randall II Mrs. Claudia Crenshaw r y V Best Wishes To A Lovely Daughter Delita Felicia Cobb Continue to climb the ladder of success as you continue your education and I know you will be on top at the end. Love Always, Your Mother Mrs. Lillian Cobb r " a Congratulations And Best Wishes To IVIy Loving Grandson Grover D. Smith, Jr, From Ligis A. Daughtery L J r 1 Yolanda Travis " We May Change With The Seasons, But The Seasons May Not Change Us. " — Kahlil Gibran L We Love You Mom, Dad, Lisa, Robert, Coco, And Mayo r Mervan DeVincent Smith 1 " Foot Prints In The Sands Of Time Are Not Made Sitting Down " Mrs. Elsie Sims L Valorie Seales Verlyn Seales Benny Johnson Treva, Kerry Renee Mrs. Evelyn Hall, Mother Mrs. Burnell H. Scales Mrs. Marion Thomas Mrs. Joyce Askew J " a Congratulations To Our Precious Daughter Angela Gale Dennard May the good Lord bless you now, and in the future in everything you do. We wish you all the success in the world. We love you, Mom and Dad L r Congratulations " KK " You Did Your Best Keep Up The Good Work! We Bless You And We Appreciate You. From A Family That Loves You, Aunts Uncles B Delores Turner Lamar Turner H Alyce Turner Rev. Maceo Turner H Willie Belle Hill John Turner K Elizabeth Turner Cousins Linda Hall Candace And Bill Ushery J r " a Best Wishes To Rodney Stowers From Mom J r Congratulations To Herbert G. Lamar 1 L Best Wishes For Many Successful Years, We Love You! Mr. And Mrs. Herbert Lamar — Parents Mrs. Senior Price — Grandmother Mr. And Mrs. Elston Watters — Sister And Brother-ln-Law J Mario A. Evans General Motors Employees, (Doraville) WishYou All The Love, Happiness, And Success That Can Ever Be Granted. L Henry L. Harden Joann Young W.H. Wiggs Virgil Shepherd Robert Bivins John Thompson Thomas D. Austin George Morris Marie Head Birdie Harris W.C. Johnson June Bickers Thomas Johnson Judy King Larry Neal Robert Jackson Paul Tate Shirley Smalls Harold Byrd Robert Turner Sam Nuckles Ezell Walker Shirley McNeall Robert Sherperd Edith Hackney Julia Mapp Brenda Hackworth Thommy White Timothy Gholston Matthew Rosser Christine Daniels James Teagle Paul Ballew Arsie Fitzgerald Margerine Trimble Margaret Austin Hulit Colton Ruby Heard Deloise Mitchell Laura M. Evans Betty Griffin Mattie Atkins John Pullins James W. Evans Shaffer Heard James Turner Christen Mitchell Joyce Wright Jimmy Matthews Doris Strong =J Allan D. Favors The Light of God surrounds you; The Love of God enfolds you; The Power of God protects you; The Presence of God watches over you; Wherever you are, God is! Daddy And Mama Congratulations To Latonya Bonita Warner Remember the road to success is full of pitfalls and disappointments but in order for one to succeed, you must take the bitter with the sweet. For it is better to aim high and miss than to aim low and hit. Continue the good work! Love Always, Vance Darrin Robinson r Congratulations To Our Son Charlie Brown Jr. We Love You. You ' ve Come A Long Way. " a Mom And Dad Katherine And Charlie Brown Congratulations To Meishawn A. Carney This is your first " " 1 — step. Make every j HR L. step hereafter a J i ft bigger step until 1 1 " m you step toward 1 the success you 1 P " : ■™ ' »pPP deserve. L .A Always, ■ M Sheldon 1 J r Congratulations " B Donna Michelle Davis May happiness, prosperity, and success be yours always! Love, Mom And Dad Congratulations And Best Wishes To Anita Lofton Love Always Lizzie B. Lofton (Mother) Sister And Brother L Leon Bailey Bettie Boyd Rose A. Chappel Ruby Clay Joan Cobb Andre Collins Sarah Fields Alonzo Goss Beverlyn Grant Addie Harkness Peggy Hodges Mattie L. Hughey Maurice Jackson Gennette Jones Doris E. Jordan Barbar Martin Evander Owens Martha Patmon Darlene Perkins Bernice Pierce Mary Pittman Evelyn Rogers Tyrone Roland Bernice Snipes Pauline Willis J Congratulations To Our Brother Brian Lynn Cook " 8 May success follow you throughout the years with love and peace. Love Ya Your Sisters, Karen, Karol, Kimberlyn Love And Best Wishes To Our Daughter Lisa V. Mitchell From Mom And Dad M J From: Office Of 15th Floor Ms. Donnita Stephens The Trawicks Ms. Ellen Magby Mrs. Davis The Farmer Edwards Family Mrs. Darletta Kitchen Ms. Maxine Osborne Mickey Mclver Shenique Raines Best Wishes To Monica Peek We are very proud of you and hope that you continue to strive for the best. L From Edna Lockett And James Charlotte Davidson Karia May Happiness, Success And Love Continue To Surround You Love — Mother, Grandmother Billy And Jonathan r To My Lovely Daughter April Banks 1 I wish you much success in the future. IVlay ail of the goals that you strive for be achieved. One important note: I Love You. Dad Congratulations To Donna Johnson From THE MAIN POST OFFICE Pay Locations 205 And 207 Mrs. Adele Outler Mrs. Jean Thomas Mrs. Mary Knox Mrs. Dorothy Bady Mrs. Dorothy Young Mrs. Jean Thompson Mrs. Dollie Franklin Mrs. Frankie Broughan Mrs. Angelene Veal Mrs. Betty Myers Mrs. Carolyn Willis Mrs. Nadine Pope Mrs. Carolyn Anderson Mrs. Katherine Banks Mrs. Shirley Pugh Mrs. Laura Holt Mrs. Veronica Jackson Mrs. Joyce Bradshaw Mrs. Catherine Huff Mr. Bobby Wheeler L r Grady L. Brinkley Congratulations And Best Wishes In The Future To Our Son And Brother " B We Love You, From Barbara (Mother) Annette (Sister) Deborah (Sister) Donna You have come a long way. And I am proud of you. May you prosper and succeed in your future endeavors. L Love Always, Mrs. Alvle Thompkins J r Much Success To 1 Katrina Denise Boddie Success is speaking words of praise In cheering other people ' s ways In doing just the best you can, With every task and every plan Its silence when your speech would hurt Politeness when your neighbor ' s curt It ' s deafness when the scandal flows And sympathy with other ' s woes, It ' s loyalty when duty calls. It ' s courage when disaster falls. It ' s patience when the hours are long, It ' s found in laughter and in song. It ' s in the silent time of prayer. In happiness and in despair. In all of life and nothing less. We find the thing we call success From Your Family Mom, Dad Michael, Trece Rosa And Evelyn Grandparents The Nash ' s The Stewart ' s Congratulations Deborah Elaine Clark e» Issaih Callahan Avery Clark Brenda Clark Herman Clark, Sr. Larry Clark Mary Clark Dwain A. Clayton Irene Dykes Emma Edwards Beverly Etheridge Brian Etheridge Rev. Henry Etheridge Janie Etheride Minnie Etheridge We Wish You Much Success. Christine Williams Mark Heischman Gale Godfrey Jacquelyn Green Joyce Henderson Melva Hendley Rev. Thomas Holt Peggy Jackson Louise Jones Alexander Hillery Bertrum Malone Gregory Rhodes III Dorothy Spence Berta M. Martin Louise Strong r Congratulations And Best Wishes To Our Baby Daugliter Gladys Lavonia Callaway IVIay God bless you as you reach your goal in life and may you have joy and much success throughout your life Love, Mom And Dad Congratulations Gala Senetta Hamilton L From Your Family, Betty, Kim, Toppee, Terrell, Emmett And Eddie " ■ " ■x;,-v- ' r- m " B Best Wishes In The Future Carmelita M. Weaver With Love, Linda Robinson, Anthony Robinson, Eddie Robinson, J.R. Sims, Gregory Sims Congratulations And Best Wishes To Robert Fields On Your Graduation and Always If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew To serve your turn long after they are gone, And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except the will which says to them: " Hold on! " If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, I Or walk with kings — nor lose common touch, I If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you, I If all men count with you, but none too much; I If you can fill the unforgiving minute, I With sixty seconds ' worth of distance run, I Yours is the Earth and everything that ' s in it, I And — what is more — you ' ll be a man, my Son! L= — Rudyard Kippling With Love, Mother =J Congratulations To Our Lovely Daughter And My Little Sister, Audrey Lee Tuggle The time has come and we wish you well, So far things have been pretty swell. When you climb the ladder of success. We hope you will do your very best. Love Mom, James, And Sharon Congratulations To My Daughter Valerie Denise Rutledge As you prepare to take a giant step out into the world, may you always remember that knowledge is a great and wonderful tool, but it best benefits mankind when it is guided by the heart and heart is guided by God! With All My Love, Dorothy Rutledge J Congratulations Caria Elder Family Mrs. Beatrice Hunt Mr. Charles Norton Mr. William Eider Mr. Mrs. Charles Freeman Mrs. Annie S. Morton Mr. Mrs. Eugene Elder Mrs. Juanita Connally Mrs. Miriam Elder Mr. Carl Elder Angelia We Love You Family " a Friends Mr. Willie Colvin Mr. Mrs. Timberlake Mrs. Betty Turner Mr. Mrs. Charles Cary Robin Chaney Ms. Texanne Brown Mrs. Willie Mae Flowers Ms. Mary Owens Mr. And Mrs. Carl Elder Roderick Gay Everett Gay Mr. And Mrs. Walter Favors Willie Render Shirley Collins Betty Groom Paul Glass Jr. Mr. And Mrs. Paul Glass Sr. Sallie Woodard Lois Searles Eva Favors Lucy Rosser Charles Woodard Congratulations To Monica LaShawn Peck The most wonderful daughter any parent can ever have. You have made us so very proud. You are stepping in the right direction to success; so keep on stepping and you will make it. L Love, Your Mother And Step-father Congratulations To Deborah Grimes Much Success And Happiness In The Future! The Johnson Family J Congratulations And Best Wishes From: Josephine Jordan, N. Jamai, Walter Stovall Congratulations Latonya Bonita Warner For A Job Well Done!!! Jean Levette (Mother) Kimberly Levette Bertha Warner James Lowes Deborah Lovine Florence Ross Joyce Poole Lir Ann Brain Warner James Warner From Cornell Underwood METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE To Allan Favors There is nothing for you to fear, for the spirit of God in you is Greater than anything in the world. Shirley Harding Jesephine Cochran Mr. Mrs. Chas James Ellen Level Mr. Mrs. Arthur Tuggle Patricia Peyton Gracie McKennie Congratulations To My Lovely Daughter Sabrina Deloris Robinson We wish you the best of luck in the future. May God bless you and lead you the right way. Always keep God in your life and you ' re never go wrong. Love, Mom, Regina, Tammie And John Best Wishes To My Loving Niece Yolanda Travis 1 Charlie Dean Dean ' s Learning Center 2770 Headland Drive East Point, Georgia 30344 344-9708 Good Luck Michelle Yolanda Travis Photographic Assistance Corp. School Photographers L ' ' A Tree Grown In A Cage Does Not Bare Fruit. " • Kahil Gibran Mr. and Mrs. Samuel McLain 2400 Wendell Dr. S.W. Atlanta, GA 30336 Phone — 691-5173 Robert Spaulding — Rep. And Agent y r Best Wishes Ms. Travis Leach Sand And Gravel 766-8931 Best Wishes 1 Yolanda Travis Walter Murray Murray Floor Covering 753-2600 Best Wishes To A Very Serene Young Lady Yolanda IVIichelle Travis To Our Darling Niece Cousin Latonya Bonita Warner " Beauty is that which attracts the soul, And that which loves to give and not to receive. — Kahil Gibran The Williams ' — John Sr., Hattie, Lisa, Nicole, John Jr. You ' ve come a long way in such a short time. You have accomplished many things and have the potential to accomplish more. Keep up the good work! Helton, Ethel And Nicole Poole J r Congratulations To James (Tinkey) Alexander = Mr. And Mrs. Coleman Alexander Mrs. Gail M. Anthony Mr. William Allen Mrs. Mozella Banks Mr. And Mrs. David Askew Mr. And Mrs. Alfred Askew Jr. Mrs. Daisy Bohannan Mr. And Mrs. Robert Carter Jr. Mrs. Barbara Colzie Mr. And Mrs. John Delany Mr. Eugene Crockett Mr. J.C. Freeman Mrs. Elizabeth Hicks Mrs. Thelma Headspeth Mrs. Mary Johnson Mrs. Eddie Williams Mrs. Sandra Stills Mrs. Gloria Latimore Mr. Frank Panion Mr. James Rulledge Mrs. Gloria Houston Mrs. Barbara Gary Mrs. Yvonne Smith Mrs. Barbara Philpot Mr. Bobby Langford Mrs. Mary Wheeler Mr. Maurice Alexander Kevia Stills Mr. And Mrs. George Alexander Mr. Eugene Barnes Much Success In The Future! Love, Dad And Mom George And Betty Alexander To Phyllis M. Stokes You are all there is, has been, and will be. So, What you are to become and shall be is, through your love, what we are. L With Love, Your Sisters, Mother, And Grandparents r Congratulations And Best Wishes To Our Son And Brother = We Are Very Proud Of You! Love, Mom, Daddy, And Judy Joel Jaye Davis Congratulations And Best Wishes In The Future To Our Grandson Joel Jaye Davis Love, Grandmother And Grandfather Gabriel Grandmother Ruth Davis Best Wishes To A Lovely Young Lady Yolanda Travis Mr. Mrs. Fred Travis Mr. Myron C. Munday Mr. Mrs. Richard T. Colson Mr. Mrs. William Butts Mr. Mrs. Horace McKennie Ms. Tia Plunkett Mr. Mrs. Hogan Mr. Mrs. Kasser King Jr. Eddie J. Mayner C.J. O ' Neal B. Jones Jr. D.J. Durham N.J. Land Mrs. Eliza Dean Mr. Mrs. George Jinks Ms. Geraldine Ellison Mr. Mrs. Leo Davenport Mr. Mrs. Robert Bennett Sr. Mr. Zachery Mrs. E. Brightwell Mr. Mrs. Wm. Mitchell Jr. Family Bijus Barrett T.L. Latimore Charles Travis Esther J. Ellis Congratulations!!! Paul Thilenius Tucker We Wish You All The Love, Peace, Happiness And Success In The Future. Yours, Mrs. Earnestine McWhorter, Mother Mr. Anthony McWhorter, Brother =J Congratulations To Our Son Jim Simpson Jr From Mom And Dad " May Success Follow You Always " Mr. And Mrs. Jim Simpson Sr. To Maria Antionette Williamson It began in 1964 when we were blessed and God made you. We watched you carefully through out the years in happiness, joy, and in sorrows tears. Now we have come to see we ' re proud of the person you ' ve come to be. If you continue performing as you have before, you will exceed your highest goals and opportunity will be at your door. Love, Mom, Dad, Grandmother, And Sister Ji Best Wishes To Grandparents: Mrs. Annie Beasley Mr. J.C. Hinton Mrs. Carrie Hinton Cousins: Esther Earl Maria Earl Sherrie Culver Rahman Culver Carrie Culver Charetta A Loving Grand-Daughter, Niece And Cousin. Aunts: Esther Culver Janet Hinton Elizabeth Merkerson Juanita Robinson Margaret Ross Yolanda Brown Hattie Brown Dorothy Wolfe A Uncles: Jesse Hinton Jr. Sidney Culver J.L. Wolfe Special Aunts: Barbara Allen Evon Lawrence Mary Tarver Best Wishes For A Great Future To Our Wonderful Son Shango Michael Randall Kennix, From Parents Roy And Frankie Kennix Congratulations To A Son And Brother May Your Life Be Filled With Joy. Mario Evans Mr. And Mrs. James W. Evans And Sons Father, Mother, And Brothers Solicited By Donna Turner ONLY CAN brighten up your lifestyle THE SlffiKiHi e " - ftj-sss;.,. ' J I IBRONNeO BROS., 003 MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR., DR., ATLANTA, GA. 30314 CALL TOLL FREE 1-eOO-241-ei51 • GEORGIA COLLECT 1-404-377-4321 m m PKK{ ctivata i Best Wishes To W Yolande Minor " 8 Yogi keep your head high and remember, the sky is your limit whatever you undertake Put God first. I am proud of you. Love, Mama Congratulations To Rodney Patrick, A Wonderful Son. You ' re On Your Way, So Don ' t Stop Now. From Mom, Deltriss And Miranda Congratulations To Treece L. Clay From Uncle Aunt Handspike r Congratulations To Grady Damon Dunn Best Wishes For A Successful Future You Are Bound To Enter The Realms Of Success! We Love You, Arthur, Francis And Elfrem Jackson Much Success And Happiness To Donna Michelle Davis 1 ENDURANCE INTERIORS Carpet — Furniture — Drapes — Stereos Appliances — T.V. ' s — Radios Anything For The Home — CB ' s 2158 Cascade Rd. S.W. Phone 753-4433 Atlanta, Georgia 30311 Congratulations And Best Wishes To Our Daughter Lisa Congratulations Mia Andrace Redd From HUNTER HILL A.M.E. CHURCH Edmond T. Kemp (Pastor) E» Love Your Mom, Lucile Redd Friend Anthony Gates J 0 ' ' ' f £6 ' ut i raphs " a ' i A • 6l)M ?Y ' gi!MlJSBftRJ a Autographs j [Wa (U r Congratulations And Best Wishes To My Son Rickey Love, IVIom L Congratulations And Best Wishes To Our Lovely Daughter And Sister Beth Bolden We Love You! We Are Proud Of You! Mama And Brian THEODORE (TED) AKINS PUBLICATION CONSULTANT AND SPIRIT WEAR SPECIALIST 3395 Towanda Drive College Park, GA 30349 Phone: (404) 761-2599 te With The Help Of God All Things Are Possible a9 12-3 Homeroom Of The Year " Progress always involves risks. You can ' t steal second base and keep your foot on first. " Frederick B. Wilcox -m. ,. e u d . A t:£ fe Congratulations To Our Lovely Daughter And Sister " 3 April Lashanna Porter Mr. And Mrs. Admiral Porter Mrs. Anita L. Geter Mrs. Amia L. Davis Ms. Ava L. Porter Mr. And Mrs. Algia (Angela) Barnett Ms. Andrea L. Porter Ms. Alicia L. Porter L r fa ' » Mobile Service Scott Brothers Auto Salon " Tops In Auto Cleaning " 741 Bankhead Hwy. N W. Atlanta. Ga 30318 Solicited By Lenita Madden Smith Realty 1225 Oakcrest Dr., S.W. Atlanta. Georgia 30311 Manager: Walt Smith Phone: 524-9883 Solicited By Lenita Madden Henry ' s Tailor Specializing In 1 HR Cleaning Services Alterations Laundry Leather Suede Cleaned 51 Fairlee St. 523-4912 Solicited By Owner: Henry Davis Lenita Madden JOE ' S HAND CAR WASH Office Hours 9:00 AM To 6:00 PM 848 M. Liking Jr. Dr. Atlanta, GA 30314 Phone 524-9883 Solicited By Lenita Madden Solicited By Richmond Felton € Designer Ludy Owner FLAIR HAIR STIUIO Solicited By Carmelita Weaver PAINT gijj 1754 Cliflon Way ATLANTA, GA. 30316 Call 627-0423 FOR FREE ESTIMATE Solicited By Sherry Lewis Solicited By Eric Farmer Neal Son — ' " ' • Performance Shop Solicited By Lenita Madden Ellis Auto Service 2061 Simpson Rd.. N.W. Atlanta, GA. 30318 Mechanical Work Phone: 792-7103 ' Vinyl Top •Painting Solicited By Body Fender Lenita Madden C H Liquors 912 Simpson St., N.W. Atlanta, Georgia 30318 Owner: Clifford Hunter Solicited By Lenita Madden FRANK MIDDLEBROOKS REALTY 989 Cleveland Avenue East Point, GA 30344 Solicited By Home • 627-2609 Mario Evans Office • 767-3711 SIMPSON ROAD COIFFEURES Solicited By Lisa Fowler 5Kk ' g ' as i?w S8j, 0. Vi 2049 M L King Jr Of . N W 792-9261 Solicited By Richmond Felton Mrs. B. Drummond The Atlanta Newspapers Solicited By Denise Williams (404) 696-5991 SMITH REFRIGERATION, HEATING AND AIR COND., INC. NORMAN SMITH 2611 M.L. KING JR. DR. ATLANTA. GA 30311 Solicited By Eric Farmer ffjl SALON Of " BE, Solicited By Tracey Ezzard " The Hottest Night Spot In Town " Simpson Rd. V.F. 2066 Simpson Rd. Atlanta, Georgia 30318 Solicited By Owner: Len Jones Lenita Madden EUGENE WALLACE TANTUM TRUCK FOR HAULING FILL DIRT Home — 794-5209 Solicited By Office — 875-0326 Lenita Madden flji anta JAMES FREEMAN WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA 584 West Handy Dr. Atlanta, GA 30318 792-8519 Solicited By Caria Elder Children ' s Paradise Day Care Center 1924 SYLVAN ROAD, S.W. ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30310 M. SMITH DIRECTOR Solicited By (404) 758-1912 ' " n Favors CLOSE ENCOUNTER Video Games Daryl Dixon Ellis Dixon III Solicited By Richmond Felton dJi Solicited By Valerie Phelps Solicited By Detrius Hill COLVIN CONSTRUCTION INC. 452-7227 Solicited By Renita LaShan Pope SAM B. KINS Contractor Special Home Care 752-6198 Solicited By Wanda Smithi DR. C, MILES SMITH, D.D.S. Solicited By Yolanda Travis c ' ?„„,.„„Q( ' „„..,-7,„, Solicited By Gertha Stewart Solicited By Margo Whatley E Solicited By Sherry Lewis IBM Solicited By Deborah Scandrett PERFUME ORIGINALS, INC. 758-8509 Solicited By Deborah L Patter; Brand. Vaugh LUMBER Co.. Inc. Solicited By Kenneth Thonnas LAWSON AUTO CENTER INC. 2664 Banktiead Hwy. 8792-2011 Atlanta. Georgia 30318 Solicited By Wanda Smitti FLORIDA PRINTING AND PUBLISHING " PICK UP DELIVERY SERVICE " Eric Smith 752-7256 4079 Conley Dr. ■Conley, GA 30027 ■ 363-8133 Solicited By Yolanda Travis Solicited By Quentin Meriwether Solicited By April Porter CONGRATULATION MONICA LASHAWN PEEK FROM Grant Hallman City of Atlanta (BHPD) Solicited By Monica Peek Solicited By Mia Redd [B Solicited By Deborati L. Patterson MR. PASCOE ' S BODY AND REPAIR SHOP 2522 Banktiead Hwy. Solicited By Wanda G. Smitti EVELYN ' S BEAUTY SALON 434 Rockwell St. S.W. Bus. 523-5689 Beauty Is Our Business Mrs. Essie B. Pearson Solicited By Constance Carson Solicited By Yolanda Travis COLORAMA T.V. Solicited By Delita Cobb Prudential i Solicited By Marcia Giddings [Ln Siaulxi Ln Solicited By Monica Peek ANDREW OF NEW YORK HAIRSTYLIST Greenbrlar 344-6474 (5) Erskine (E.J.) Jones Solicited By Donna Johnson Edith and Lewis Linsey ' s Day Care Center , 3,4, Solicited By Herbert Lamar Solicited By Meishawn Carney SEAFOOD • KING MARKET RESTAURANT Serving A Wide Variety Of The Freshest Seafoods In Town Sandwiches. Dinners Take Out Orders 3685 Campbelton Rd. S W 349-5694 Solicited By Donna Johnson NORTH CAROLINA MUTUAL WALTER L.miTCHETT Solicited By Frederick Pritchett BIG BETHEL AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH AND BETHEL TOWERS Juanita Carney Solicited By Meishawn Carney THE HAIR GALLERY Maurice Nixon Latest Style Haircuts For Men Women 2292 Fairb urn Rd. S.W. 344-8213 Solicited By Donna Johnson VICKIE WHITE CITY OF ATLANTA SO. EAST NEIGHBORHOOD FACILITY Solicited By Monica LaShawn Peek TRO INTERNATIONAL, LTD. CITIZENS TRUST BANK Atlanta. Georgia 30303 Morns Finley Brokers Exporters Suppliers (404) 581-1938 Solicited By April Banks Specialized Cleaning Agents B.E.S. DISTRIBUTORS P.O. Box 467 Avondale Estates, GA Bill Stroud (404) 289-7850 Solicited By Lorraine Dozier St. Marys Overcoming Church of God 1 265 Gordon Street 375 Collier Ridge Drive Church I.W. 30318 Church 755-0188 Solicited By Angelia Gay IVEY WHITE ' S RANCY BELL, FLORIDA Solicited By Deborah Grimes JESSE B, BLAYTON, JR. Solicited By Samuel Thompkins L REID BROS. FINA SERVICE STATION inor Repairs Quick Road Servic 1739 M L King Jr Dr S,W. 758-0650 Solicited By Thelesia Lowery Solicited By Sarah Bowens FIFE CLEANERS " Fife For The Finest " Pick-Up And Delivery Service Call For Information 284-1363 2102 Candler Rd. Decatur. Georgia Solicited By Kerven Hardrett Solicited By Lorraine Dozier LILLIAN ' S FLOWER SHOP 1367 JONESBORO ROAD, S.E. ATLANTA. GEORGIA 30315 BUS. 525-3990 HOME 794-6744 Solicited by Angelia Gay ATLANTA Washington C Houston (404) 231-3669 Robert Pippins MINUTE MASTER MAINTENANCE Cleaning Service. Carpet Shampoo 3390 Peachtree Rd. N.E Suite 1622. Atlanta. Georgia 30326 Solicited by Rhonda Freeman 3eittiaM ComttucticM Cempan Solicited By Thelesia Lowery a Health Beauty 1; Solicited By Vanessa Kitchens 2860 Campbelton Rd. S.W. Kayrell Marvin Clark Proprietors Solicited By Karon Ammons Solicited By Kerven Hardnett I CLEANER WORLD 201 Solicited By Lisa Davis Canon SOUTHERN COPY MACHINES. INC. Solicited By Deborah Grimes Solicited By Alfred McDonald ROBERT HALL ' S 1258 Bankhead A™ . N W f - ' M ' Soliticed By Benjamin Logan ' ' " -fHt tlfi. ' H Solicited By BIythe Lawrence J r Congratulations To Angelette Bayonne Ladson May You Conquer The Future From — Ms. Shirley T. Ladson, John N. Ladson IV Leonard Shirvica Theodore Laqueta Ladson Congratulations " Bayonne " From Ralph Dorothy Jackson This is only a phase of your life which can never be repeated. As you gaze into the great " out yonder " a feeling of fear and apprehension will grip your being. But you and you alone must move forward to the unknown. In spite of these feelings I have enough confidence in you to believe that through the help of the Almighty, you will have the foresight to recognize your capabilities, the perseverance to pursue your opportunities, and the initiative to meet the qualifications that will be essential for success in reaching your specific goals. Congratulations And Best Wishes To Our Niece And Granddaughter Caria Michelle Johnson Grandparents — L.C. And Sherry McGrady And Uncles And Aunts L.C, Jr. Mamie McGrady Clyde Delphine McGrady And Curtis McGrady L Congratulations Deborah L. Patterson From Mom Rodney Bobby J Congratulations To Allan D. Favors Thanks For All The Years Of Love Grandmother Grandfather To My Momma, Daddy And My High Class Auntie Con, Thanks For All The Help Love, Debbie Academics Would Like To Thank The Faculty For Their Cooperation To My Friend Allan From Carlton Welch Dorothy Welch " a Good Luck To Allan DaWayne Favors Love Mr. Mrs. B. Sherman Best Wishes And Much Success In The Future To Lisa Michell Fowler From Hunter Hill A.M.E. Usher Board Thank You Very Much Curtis Davis Of The " North Star " Staff For The Scrolls From Deb-The-Ed To Mrs. Adger, Thanks For All The Help And Guidance During My Senior Year. Love, Deborah The Yearbook Staff Would Like To Thank The Secretaries For Their Help. r ■1 Marcus Alls Patrons Patrons Patrons Patrons Patrons Mr. Albert Marx Mrs. Mary McClendon Mr. Kerry McCray Ms. Geolesha Sales James C. Alexander Mr 1 Allei Mr, Eugene Barnes Mrs. Thelma Headspeth Mr Frank Panion Mrs. Barbara Philpot Karon Ammons Mr, Floyd Baxter Mr, and Mrs, Gregory Bennett Mrs, Delores Bradley Mrs, Daisy Bryant Mrs- Sarah Caldwell Mrs. Odessa Cummings Mr, and Mrs. Robert D. Dickens Mrs. Gloria Dixon Mr, Raleigh Durden Mrs, Clifford Floyd Mr, Herbert Flynn Mr, Frank Glover Glenn Coins Mrs, Mable Green Jumill Harden Mrs, Betty Hayes Mr, and Mrs. Jesse Hill Mrs, Willie Belle Hill Mildred W, Jackson Mrs, Wesley Jackson Mrs Sylvia Jones Mr Theodore R. Jones Mrs. Katherine Keith Rev, and Mrs. W,L. Langley Mr. Rufus Latimer Dr, and Mrs. Carson Lee Mrs. Adele Lisborn Mr. and Mrs. Truman McGuire Mr. and Mrs Joseph W, Robinson Mr. and Mrs Willie Saulsberry Mrs. Elexa Smith Mrs. Loretta Stone Mrs. Helen Strickland Mr. Norns Walters Mr. and Mrs. James Washburn Mrs. Tranda Watkins Mrs. AD. Williams Mrs. Billie Williams Mrs. Betty Wyatt Mr. and Mrs. Roland Young April Banks Mr. Maurice Heard Mrs. Katherine Long Dr. Dale Mason Greg Pridgeon Renita Ranson Linda Ward Mr, and Mrs. Roy Wolfe Cassandra Denlse Barnes Mr John H. Bolton Mrs. Ira Benton Cundiff Mr Raymond Davis Mr. Ulysses Holmes Miss Mary E, Jones Mr William H. Jowers Mrs. Martha D. Meadows Mr. Bill Milton Mr. Mary P Pitts Mr, George Reid Mr. Elliott Riley - and Mrs, Vernon Rowe - Everett E, Shelton , Emily H Sisk Charetta Beasley Mr, Albert Amey Mr, William Anderson Mrs, Helen Boddie Mr, Roy Bolton Ms, Karen Cole Ms. Marian Elbert Mr. Jerry Glen Mrs. Francis Glenn Mr. Lloyd Guest Mrs. Terry Harper Ms. Annie Henderson Ms. Livoria Hill Mrs. Dallas Hollis Mr. Melvin Hollis Mrs. Delorse Hooks Dr. Duane Jackson Mrs. Phyllis Jones Ms. Anita Kessington Ms, Shirlee Leggett Mr. William McCary Ms. Nellie Mitchell Mr. William Morrell Ms, Marta Saso Mr. Soloman Sears Ms, Regina Simmons Mr. Booker Simpson Mrs. Patricia Surratt Ms. Elizabeth Terry Dr. R. Thedford Mr. William Wade Mrs. Betty White TIfflny Benton Mr. and Mrs. Leon Crouch Mrs. Cathryn English Mrs. N.J. Gray Mrs. Mattie T. Thornton Mr. Rendar Winston Mrs, Hester Woodley Trina Boddie Mr. Kemp Arnold Mr. Melvin Burke Mr. and Mrs. Carl Goodman Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Goodman Mr. and Mrs. Emery Gresham Mr. and Mrs. James Rush Ms, Barbara Tracy Beth Patrice Bolden Sudanese Blackman Artistine Mann Candace Needom Pamela Redmond Mitzi Rutledge Karen Veale Wanda Walker Grady Brinkley Mrs James E. Barron John Biggs Mr. Grady Brinkley Sr. R. Freeman Sarah Howard Bruce Levette Julia Loud Mr. Willie Mason Lewis McMichel Mae Norman Doris Peek Drucille Peek Jeffrey Phillips Mrs. Mary Pitts Ms. Joann Swanson Annie Walker Denis White Charlie Brown Mr. and Mrs. George Allen Annie Burrell Ms. Amelia Corrog Debbie Daniel Mr. and Mrs Dave Eppinger Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Grady Mysetta J. Henderson Mrs. Florenc e Hogan Mr. and Mrs. Robert C Hughley Mr and Mrs. Charlie Humphrey Mrs, Louise Hutchinson Patricia and Consuelo Hutchinson Mr and Mrs. John Ivory Lucy Johnson Willie O. Johnson Mr and Mrs. Edd Kennedy Ms. Zenobia T. Leaks Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie McCall Mrs. Gerafdine McKinney Mary McLurkin Lilla Mitchell Maxine Mitchell Mrs. Bernice Norwood Beth Pendleton Lavonia Phillips Mr. and Mrs. James Pitts Donna Rieker Suzanne Roger Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Summers Catherine Turner Mr and Mrs. Turnipseed Susan Vinyard Geraldine Welborn lona Whitehead Norris Whitehead Mr. and Mrs, Errol C. Wilson Fedora Sherelle Brown Deacon Albritton Willie Andrews Ms. Brenda Banks Deacon Bell Mirian Brandon Ms. Lisa Deloris Brown Donna Crow Katherine Echols Beverly Findley Jan Ginnane F.H. Ernestine Hails Mrs Lucile Hatcher Martha Hatcher Ruth Mae Hatcher Edwina Hodges Deacon Johnson Ms. Diane Mack Karen Maxwell Mrs. Johnny McGill Mrs Louise Smith Mr. Larry Witherson Ruth Wood Larry Jerome Bryant Mrs. Annie Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Charles Boozer Mr and Mrs Chas E. Bulger Mr. and Mrs. Willie Byrd Mr Kenny Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cotton Mr. Fredric Dansby Mr. and Mrs. James C. Gilbert Mr. and Bernard D Lewis Mr and Mrs, Clarence McGhee Mrs Rosa Richardson Mr, and Mrs, J,P Sherwood Sr, Mr. and Mrs. AD. Wilson Mrs. JoAnn Smith Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie L. Wright Gregory Cade Ms. Brigette Cade Ms. Elizabeth Carter Mrs. Linda Fletcher Mr. Mrs. Garfield Jairrels Mr. Mrs Charles E. Jones Mr. Mrs Howard H. Long. Sr. Master Howard H. Long, III Miss Keedra E. Long Miss Priscilla N. Long Mr. Mrs. Stanford Marshall. Jr. Mr. Mrs, Dewitt Martin Ms Annette McKenzie Mr, Wade Miller Miss Edna Patterson Mr. Mrs. Hosea Peterson Mr Mrs Ralph Sarpong Miss Vickie White Via Cameron Mr. Curtis Beasley Ms. Jerlyn Bond Ms. Clara Broadnax Ms. Isabell Cameron Ms. Barbara S. Carada Mr Mrs. Joseph Edgerton Mr. Edward Mr John Franklin Mr Willie Franklin Mrs. Patricia Gay Mrs. Elaine Glenn Mr. Tommie Hindsman Ms Linda Jennings Ms. Sabrina Martin Mrs Patricia Parker Mrs. Pressley Mr Ralph Robertson Ms. Paulette Rome Mr Robert Rooker Ms. Peggy Scott Ms, Emma Stephens Mr. George Stephens Mr Roy Stephens Ms, Sandra Stephens Mr. Mrs. Willie Stephe Mr Kevin Taylor Mr John Walker Mr. Mrs, Rennie Williai Rev, E.B. Woods Andre V. Carson Mrs James Ford Constance Carson Thomas A. Beadles Israel Benefield. Jr. Ed Bowner Robert W Brown 1 Dean B ! Burr Genie Chambers P. Chambers Julius Childs Gale demons Bobby Cooper Monroe Cooper E. Crav ford Kerry L, Davis Barbara DeVega Roosevelt Evans Frank Ferwell Mays Garland Garfield Gist J.A. Graham Carlton Gray. Sr. Carl Hall Quinert Howard Richard Howes Franky Jackson Burke Johnson Jose Jones Adolphus Lester Clifford Lowe John Maddox Jesse Marble Gerald Mernweather R,L Miller Alfred L, Mottons Charlie A, McDonald, Jr, Mr A Payne J, J Phillips Betty J Reese Henry A. Reeves Jacques F, Ricks A, Rucker Walter Scott, Jr, W,J. Sims H,T. Smith Claude W. Strickland Tarsee Strong Marvin C. Swift Pierce Towns C.L, Watts Lola Bell Weaver Ken Welch Earnest L, White Roy Wiggs Mr T-A, Williams, II Mr Arthur Wilson. Sr Robert Winfrey F Wortherus Treece Clay Frances Cannida Lizzie Clay Ruby Clay Dorothy Jackson Mary Smith Bernice Sullivan Jeffrey Sullivan Dellta Cobb Mr. Clarence Smith Mrs. Sandra P. Smith Mr. Lee Storm Mr. Mrs. S.E. Tillman Mrs. Sadie Tucker Mrs. Enserline Turner Mr. Dario Wilson Mr. Harold Wright Angela Cotton W. Author Joseph Brown Obie Bryant Mr. E. Omis James Carey Hodo Carey Mr, Nathin Davis N. Denard Mr. Bobby Dickeron J.T. Elder Ulyses B. Elder Mr. Charles Ernest Charles E. Ferrell Robert Green. Jr, Mr, Mrs. Kenny Gridry Donald E. Grier Alfred L. Griffin Joseph S. Harrison Mr. Mrs, E. Harrison C.H. Harshaw Mr. Michael Henderson Willie Herlin Robert Houston MacArthur Hubbard Woddie Jarhoe, Jr Melshawn Anita Carney Mrs. Julia E, Brown Mr. Henry Joyner Al Wise Ms. Ophelia Wilson Lillian R. Wright Mrs. Joann Vickers Sarah Caldwell Mr. James A. Hayes Mrs. Ernestine M. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Percy E. Parks Mr. Addison W. Young Mr. and Mrs. Petty Matthew Roverse Mrs. Ruby Yarbrough Grady Yarbrough H.B. Johnson Mr, and Mrs, Thelba Brown Michael Muirhead Mattie Raines Thrasher Susie Chapman Yvonne Brown Mr James L Arnold Congressman Wyche Fowler Haroldeen McMullen Mr, and Mrs. Robert Mason Mrs. E. Proctor Mrs, Mary Ruth King Sergeant Cleophus Atwater Mr. Edward Stroud Mr. Walter Grier Ms, Sarah Hill Mr. D, Fitzgerald Mrs. R, Dennis Mrs, C, Sawyer Mr, Adams Mrs, Annie Ruth McDaniel Mr, Pete Sewell PVT Michael Stephens Ms Pamela Stephens Mrs. Geraldine P Stephens Miss Angela Byard Mr. Jesse Landers Ms, Rubye H Devlin Mrs, Roberta S. Harper Dawanna Williams James Magby Madryn Jackson Earlie Allen Smith Dexter Odum Mr, and Mrs. Wesley Jackson Drs. Jacob Adams Mr. and Mrs Jessie Hill. Jr. Mrs. Georgetta Dye Mr and Mrs, Wes Huggin Louise Ketchei J Paggy Bal En Mrs. Mildred Jackson Mrs Elise Connally Mr Albert Cannon Mrs. Ruth Flagg Mr and Mrs H.J Furlow Mr. Daphne Freeman Brother John C. Justice Martha Glenn Rev. A.R. Smith Ms. L. Graves Mr. Fred Benbow Mary Green Mr and Mrs. Roland Young Ms, Kim Harrell Rev. Ronnie E. Brailsford Cynthia Heard Lois Carpenter Mr. and Mrs, Len Jones Mr and Mrs Philip Enous Mrs. Louise Kimble Mrs Mary Robinson Louise Middlebrooks Arzula Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Felix Monroe Ernest King Martha J Parks Horace R Carney. Ill Mrs and Mrs Oscar Romans Lois E McCray Chernanda Starks Charles W Moore Ms. Danielle Stroud Mr and Mrs. Jack Moore Josephine Talton Amos McCrary Trellis Talton Mr and Mrs. Samuel Tanks Miss Deborah Watson Mr. and Mrs Fisher Kimble Mrs Joyce Wyatt Carolyn C Green Ms. Chrtstal Wynn Mr and Mrs Dennis Mr and Mrs Nehemiah Clark Sherman F. Ezzard MM Jones L.C Henderson Mr. Charlie A. Brown Mr and Mrs. Ralph A, Johnson Mr. Charlie L. Brown M L Gillon fylrs. Katherine Brown Rev and Mrs. Langley Mr. Arthur Bryan Raheggh Durd en Ms. Liz Chaney Mr. Harrison Mrs. Ola Everett Mr. Wiliim Lester Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Ezzard Mrs. Elease Gates Mr. Lemon Goddard Mr. George Williams Ms. Jenny Head Ms Mary Johnson Mr. Frank Lankford Ms Sara E. Wingfield Ms- Annie Mathews Samuel Wright Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Pinckney Larve Bailey Ms, Erma Smith Mrs. Mathew Wagner Lisa Yvette Davis Ms. Annie Zackery Alvin Coleman Tracey L. Ezzard Mattie Davis Zachary Davis Ruden Avery Jimmie Haynes Mrs. Davis Daniel J, Henry Darrell Ezzard Barbara Hubbard Matilda Ezzard Angela Lejons Jenkins Pauline Ezzard Lonnie Parham Wallace Ezzard Jackie Hudson Lorraine Dozler Lillie James Jean and Marilynn Ron Ayers Thomas Monfret Henry Bailey Kelly Walker J. Bailey Wilson Agronsky Macion Waike Robert Joe Barnes J. Basebeey Latlcia Y. Farmer Katherine Benton Richard Browing Mrs. Katharine Barner Olu Daniel Mr, and Mrs Roy Beasley Mr John L. Gruland Mrs. Margaret j ' Butler L Harris Mr, Roger S. Butler, Sr. Jouvois Mrs. Earnestine Dedeaux Velma Mason Mrs, Ruby Evans FJ Mikos Dennis and M Newton Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Farley Herbry Nickharn Carey Mr. and Mrs. James Franklin Oesterneels Mrs. Georgia A. Hardnett Jose R Rim Miss Gloria A. Hawkins Terry Tinney Ms. Pearline A James Alton Ruft Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Matthew Mr and Mrs. Marvin L. Strozier Miss Cynthia Patrick Angela Williams Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Se als Patricia Ellison Mr- Albert Smith Ms. Lula Mae Smith Mrs B. Braswell Ms. Daisy Snow Mrs Rubye Brown Ms- Dephenie Wilson Delia U Dallas Mr. James A. Wingfield Sr. Walter R Dalls Robert Elder Richmond Felton Mrs Maria Ellison Mrs Willie Ellison Mrs. Barbara A. Adkins Mr and Mrs. Gilbert Fulmore Mr And Mrs, P, Ashley Mrs Carmen Grace Mr. Charles M Billingslea Mr Richard Harris Mrs. Mamie Boykins Fay Heard Mr. And Mrs W F. Boykins Mr. Curtis Hudson Mrs. Delois Carter Lisa Pittman Miss Mamie Clark Mr EM Sanders Miss Brenda Davidson Benice Stringers Mr Ralph Davis Mr A L Tobin Bo Latonya Felton Mrs. Winforton Mr. and Mrs, Richmond Felton Mr James Winforton Miss LA. Gilbson Willie Zachery Mr John Grady Mr. and Mrs. A. Grier Mario A. Evans Mrs. Mamie R Grimes Mr. James Gunn Paggy Balton Miss Debra Hall Miss Sandie Horton Mrs. Lillia Jackson Mr. George Jinks Mrs. Catherine Johnson Mrs. Jerry McClendon Mr. Will Merritt Miss Cynthia Nixon Mr. R.D. Nowells Mr. and Mrs, C. Skyes Mr. Bobby Spencer Mrs. Mavis J Thomas Mrs. T. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. M.L. Willian- Mrs. Alice Wingfield Mrs Mary E. Zachary Mrs. Ronnie L. Zachary Robert J. Fields Ms Andrea Fields Mr Barry Fields Mr Stephen L, Fields Mr. and Mrs. E, Gay, Sr. Mrs. E. Keith Rhonda R. Freeman Mrs, Pnscilla Beasley Mr. Rickie Bennett Randy S Boyce Miss Evelyn E. Hearndon Mr. Willie M, Lewis Mr. John Parker David A, Pippins Joan F Pippins Mr. Harold Roberts Mr Kay Roberts Ms. Mattie Smith Mr Ernest Todd Mr. James Todd Mr. Larry E Todd Mrs. Mary A. Todd Mrs Odessa Todd Ms. Thelma Todd Spencer C. Turner Mrs. Carolyn Wrtight Mr. Harold Wright Gretta Yvonne Gates Mr. H, Bigelow Mr. Tom Bledsoe Mr. Paul Broughton Mr. Neil Dailey Mrs. Lintoma Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Corrie Evan Mr. Rodney Evans Mr Michael Freeman Charlietta Gates Mrs Mary Gates Mr George Hayes Mr. Clarence Herring Mrs. Lizzie Johnson Mrs. R.N, Johnson Mr. William Johnson Mrs. Dons Kinnon Mr William Maffett Mr Martin McFadder Mr Ernie McNar Mr Clifford Phillip Marcus Reid Mr. Marvin Reid Ms. Rosemary Reid Mrs. KeSanereield Mr. Loranzo Sinclair Mr. David Smith Ms. Susan E. Williams Angella Gay Dorothy Banks Betty Booker Juanita Booker Sharon Booker Willie Booker Shirley Gates Miss Elaine Gregory Susi Holmes Mr. and Mrs, Lewis Jean Mayes Angela Mouzon Katrina Powell Sarah and Nichole Trysor Mrs. Betty Walker Gale Wilcoxson Alison Gibson George and Roberta Barnes Rober and Carmen Barron Penny Bigham and Family Sherrell Booth Donerall and Linda Deadwyle Maedleine Diaz Sara Dorsey Carolyn Dupree Harriet Grant Stephanie Hadley The Jackson Family Donald E. Johnson Ms Melody Ligon Mary and Derrick Nelloms Shirley North Kay Pickelsimer Wendy Prater Neva G Pressley Georgia M Reid Georgia Samples Mary and Tryo Singleton Jacqueline W Wells Stephannie Williamson Mr. and Mrs. Ah Sulton and Marcla Giddlngs James Ellis Marurice Gullatt Nathaelle Gullatt Jr. Rev D W Jacobs, Sr Gladys Jones Cassandra Marcus Cheryl Nelms Daisy Respress Rev D S Saunders Rev, W A. Saunders Brian Spann Tony Swanson Cynthia Green Chris Adams Maureen Adams Watler Battle Bob Bohls Elouise Bryant Jan Burch Mr. and Mrs. L. Cowley Annie Craenickx Sharon Deaton Christie Dervales Silvester Durham Steve Elhs Joe Fitzpatrick Kevy Fitzpatrick Kit Fitzpatrick Juanita Green Raymond Green Mary Jenning Miss Tommie Sue Green Mr and Mrs Anthony Ki Mike Kipping Johnnie Salem Angela Greathouse Marguerite Adams Mrs- Rebecca Borders Jeronne Boyd Collier Heights T.V. Service D.W. Daniels Mrs. Angela M. Ellis Mrs. Dons Gibson and Family Mr. And Mrs, Winston Greathouse Mr. And Ms, Barkley Howard Mr. Charlie Jones Mrs. Betty Kieth and Family Or. and Mrs Clyde Lord Mr- and Mrs Leon Matthews Sheryl H Mayfield Mr. and Mrs Jerome McCrary Dr. Millard H Mewhorter Ms, Cornelia Ogletree Johnny Paschal and Family Ms. Judith Patterson Mr and Mrs. Shellor D. Pinkett William Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Threatt 1 Ike Turner Dorothy A. Warren Miss Brenda Webb Mrs. Lucille White and Fmily Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Wilson Sandra K. Williams Mrs. Ernestine Young and Family Lethia Yvette Griffin Althea S. Barnes Robert C. Barnes Ms. Bndgette Cade Mrs. Felicia Renee Chapman Emanuel S Gray Melissa Shiann Grier Mrs. Agnes Hill Mr Willie Hill Mrs. Ruby Johnson Grace Merriweather Mrs H Ross Betty J Smith Willie Ruth Smith Henry Thomas Leathia A. Barnes Thomas Mrs. Dorothy Turner Mrs. Erma Jean White Deborah Rene ' e Grimes Ms. Karen Blaydes Victor Baugh Miss Althea Evans Ms. Dee Evans Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lee Glover Barbara Henderson Dr. Joseph Hoffman Jr Gladyes and Tim Irby Helen Knight Elizabeth More Mr. and Mrs. Ben Oliver Family Mr and Mrs Carl Singleton Marcia Stafford Mr. Tony Watts Dorothy and Chuckie White Gala Hamilton Golden Allen Mrs. Hazel V Brown Miss Janie M. Canady Mr. and Mrs. Coleman Mr. Larry " Pop " Crawford Mrs. Tonnie Green Betty Jean Hamilton Eddie Lee Hamilton Kimberly Hamilton Toppell Hamilton Dadel Hell Sheila Huff Miss Audrey M. Johnson Miss Hohnnie Mae Kilpatnck Mrs. Mary Melton Kilpatnck Mrs, Jacquelyn Lightfoot Mary A. Louise Henry McCoy Tishune Miller Linda Morns Ms. Knsta Chantel Printup Atlanta R, Prop Mir I Robir Linda Smith Miss Rhonda Starcell Jessie James Stewart Vonda Towns Terrie H. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Micheal Whitehead Ken Willen Kimberly Harden Marzetta Clark Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Lee Evans Mr- Clarence Harden Kimberly Harden Mrs, Loyie Harden Mr and Mrs Lucious Harden Jr Mr, and Mrs Prince Harden and Rena Harden Mr. Roosevelt Harden Yvonne Hardy Nena Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Lawrence J Miss Cynthia Pollard Alice Pounds Calvin Rufi Mr. Car! Roberts Mr and Mrs Edmond Roberl Charles Harrison Mr Carmen Burson Mr. Charles Hummings Ms Andrea Midds Mr and Mrs. Gene Puritay Mrs Ann Sheperd Mrs. Gwendolyn Toliver Michelle Denlse Head Miss Karen Blaydes Marshall Dixon Mrs Raychele P Heard Renee and Justin Ross Kermit White Freddie Hlghtower Jr. Howard C Dunn Lillian Edwards Van Emerson James Gilmore Bobby Goosby James Harris Lillia Hlghtower James Hugley Jimmy Hunter Mr. Kirkpatrick Ben Lawson Horace Lawson Ruth Lawson Willie Lawson Cora Moss Dallas Moss Marilyn Moss Abe Ogletree Angela Hill Master Reginald Dawarie Andrews Mr. and Mrs Robert Brow Mr, Tyler Gates Mrs Mable Poythress Mrs Peggy Rogers Mrs. Brenda Smith Ms Kenneth Ware Mr and Mrs. Eugene Whit Detrlus Renee Hill Mrs Bessie Borders Mrs. Nellie Clonts Mrs Christine Cooper Mr Ernest Henderson Mrs Odie Ingram Mrs. Ardella Jennings Ms Latonya Mitchell Mrs. Veronica Smith Mrs. Marsha Strickland Qulnn Hood Mr; Fani • Bell Mr. and Mrs Brittian Mrs Hattie Hood Mr and Mrs Thomas Johnson Rev and Mrs. Harold Mathews Mrs Geraldine Smith Richard Horton Ms Johnnie M. Bell Ms. Carrie Calloway Mrs. Mary Ann Ellis Mrs Exie Goodwin Mrs. Ann Green Mrs Anne Haines Mrs Susie C. Harris Mrs Dorathy M. Hunter i John Long Mrs. Mildred T. Macier Mrs- Virginia Moore Mrs. Barbara Powers Mrs Ernestine Riley Sonja Houston Mr Paul Carpenter Ms. Mamie Chandler Mr. and Mrs. Acie Gleaton Mrs, Bettye and Anita Goodman Ms. Bertha Grubbs Bishop Hornsby Mrs, Kline Hornsby Mrs. Hattie Mae Imbers Mrs Myrtie Lovett Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Martin Canda ) E. Jackson Mrs Irma Barksdale P D Harris and B.J. Harris Mrs. Alma J Walker Gerald Jennings Mr and Mrs Willie Culver Jonathon Hutchins Josephine Jennings Johnny Johnson Mrs, Flonne Lewis Mr. Harry Lewis Lesia Lavette Lewis Mrs. Anita Mizell Donna Johnson Mr James Adams Mrs Sara Allen Mr. Prince Anderson Mr, Andrews Mr. Leonard Andrews Mr- and Mrs. Larry Austell Mrs. Gloria Bagwell Mr. John Bell Mrs. Alice Boykins Mr. Roy Brown Mr, Johnny Burse Mrs Charlene Carswell Mr. John Carter Mr Herman Chamblee Mr. Edward Clark Mrs. Vernon Cofield Mrs, George Cohen Miss Wanda Cohen Mr. C.P. Coles Mr, Roy Copeland Mrs Carolyn Daniels Mr James Davis Mrs. Vickie Davis Mr Thornton Dixon Mr. Stanley Durham Mrs. Gendolyn Ferguson Miss Ursula Ficklis Mr. Leroy Finch Mr. James Furgeson III Mr. Bobby Gresham Mr. Jesse Griffin Mrs. Thensa Harrison Mr. Richard Harvey Mr. D D Hicks Mr James Hinton Mr Sam Holley Miss Oebra Holt Mr. Tommy Hughes Mrs Mae Jackson Mrs, Gloria Spivey Johnson Mrs. Annie Doris Jones Mr Theodore Lay Mr. and Mrs Antonio Merrell Mr. Calvin Morton Mr Joyce Morton Mr Willie Morton Mr. A. A. Muhammed Mrs. Delphina Murry Mr Henry Murry Mr, Ronald Murry Mr. Ray Oliver Mr. Larry Parker Mr P M. Parker Mr Nigel Pearson Mrs. Agnes Pierce Mrs. Carol Pitts Mrs Faye Prince Mr Ralph Redding David C. Reese Mrs. Ann Rogers Mrs. Buenell Scales Mr. Charlie Scruggs Mr. Darry Sims Marie Sims Mr Wayne Smith Mr, Wayne Solomon Mr. Jim Sullivan Mrs. Thelma Suiter Mrs Martha Thompson Mr Fred Travis Mrs. Marva Tuff Mrs. Sarah Tyson Mr. Horace Walker Mr. James A. Walker Mr George Washington Mrs. Sandra Weaver Mrs. Gloria Whitehead Mr. Clemens Williams Mr. Calvin Wilson Mrs, Alice Woodward Mr. Aiphonsc Weight Mr. Lamoris Wright Mrs. Virginia Wright Leiltia Johnson Ann and James Brown Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Brown Mr. and Mrs Willie Bynes Kelvin Davis Leroy Hayes Mr. and Mrs Hope Mr. Arthur Huntley Mrs Doris C Johnson Lonme Johnson Jr Lonnie Johnson Sr, Trecye and Thadeus Johnson Mr and Mrs R J Keaton Annie K Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Amos Kimbroush Cherly Mack Ora Delle Mack Mrs. Contha Owens Dorothy Phillips Dr. Edward Bruce Phillips Mr. and Mrs Ozell Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Phillips Mrs. and Mr Lonza Seadnow Carolyn Lutrell Jones Mr Julius Carbin Mr J C. Carmicheal Mr W C Carter Mr Mark Croslyn Ms DeAudrey Ellington Mrs Ellie M. Ellington Ms Monica Ellington Mr. Robert Grier Sr. Mrs Gladys Jones Mr. Willie M. Jones Sr Ms Lornann Kimble Mr. David Ko Mr. C.L. Montford Mrs Gloria Parks Mr. Anthony Rhodes Mr Gerenda Rhodes Ms Patricia Rhodes Mr. Sam Rhodes Ms Mingon Robinson Mr Micheal Russell Ms Ellen Smith Trad Lynn Jones Claudette Monday Alford Ms. Joan Beekum Andrea Bohannan Gary Brooks Mr. and Mrs, Raymond B Brooks Sr Grady G.M Casller Ruth U, Clark Mrs Amelia Clinkscales Frances Cooper Hazel Dennis Thelma Dixon Mr Garnell Elder Susie Groom Larry Hampton Betty Hand Clara Henry John Higgins Mrs. Breedlove-Holcomb Mrs. Velouria Holloway Mrs, Sarah Hood Johnny Hutt Ms, Dorothy Idlett Mr. and Mrs. Auston Jackson Mr. Ed Jackson Mrs. Emma Jackson Paul N. Jackson C Jones Mrs Beneatha Kelly Erma Kilpatnck Mr. and Mrs, Rogers Lavert Maybel Lynch Mr and Mrs. Alford Martin Idol Monday Elliote Palmer Matthew Reeves Mrs, OH. Robinson Terry Robinson WD Robinson Mrs Alfred M. Rosemond Mr. John Sesburry Mrs. Carrie Smith Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith Roy Lee Smith Douglass Tushpseed Mrs. Annette Webb Nellie Willis Eula M Wilson Mr. Larey Wimbley Derrick Jordan Charlie Mae Adams Joseph Brooks Carolyn Champion Leroy Champion Mr Douglas L, Emory Mr and Mrs. Samuel Fadey Annie Pearl Israel Christine Jackson Jackie Jennings Mr and Mrs, Ralph King Walter Long Tracy Martin Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Scott Linda L. Shelton Geradine Sims Gary Smith Mr and Mrs Raymond Terry Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Warner Manan L Watkins Emma L. Youngblood Vanessa Kitchens Mr, and Mrs. Leo Brown Mrs C. Marie Kitchens Mr James Kitchens Mr Isreal Reese, Sr. Mr, and Mrs, Foster Carter Shelia H Dawson Mr. and Mrs Fremon Knolton Ms Deidre Williams Ms, Jean Williams Mrs Mary Williams Mr. and Mrs. Roy Williams Wyndra Knowles Mrs Ethel King Bickens Mr James Brownlee Mrs Melva Bryant Mrs Joyce Buford Ms Julie Castle Mr. Phillip Cates Mr. and Mrs Harry Clark Mr James Fraley Mr. Edward Games Mrs Janice Gresham Mr. and Mrs. Irvin L Knowles Mr Charles Luttery Mr and Mrs Will Mtndingall Mrs. Rosetta Mitchell Mr Bobby Pringie Ms Janett Ransom Mrs. Ann Shields Mr. Willie Tucker Mrs Mae Waters Mr Joseph Wynn Herbert G. Lamar . Anderson B Mrs. CynthiE I Hollingsworth Mrs Dorothy Price Mrs Daisy Troutman Christopher D. LaSane Ms, Shanya Alford Mrs Ruby C Daniel Mrs. Ruth Johnson Mrs Dorothy F Mack BIythe Chenlta Lawrence Mr. Robert Bell Felicia Bornes Mrs. Opal Brown Annie Ruth Bryant Anthony Bryant Bernice Bryant Judy Ann Bryant Zelmer Bulton Arnah Days Mr. Charles Griggs Brenda Harris Mrs Rochell e Harvey Mrs. and Mr. Lester Kimpson Donne King Clarence Nichols James Pritchard Jr, Charles Rucker Betty Underwood Demetrius Walker Carolyn Warner Calvin Wilson Charmaln Yvette Lawson Henry Hamms Mr, and Mrs. JC Jordon Mrs. Lawrence Mr. Bruce Lawrence Mrs. Ella M. Lawson Miss Katrina Lawson Mrs. Rosette Tyler Michael Bechone Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Jone Crawford Mr, and Mrs. Baron Farrar Mrs Annie Houston Mrs. Vera Pitts Mr. Joseph Ridley Uncle Red Ross Mrs. Lucile Stinson Mrs. Oddesa Woods Sherry Ann Lewis Mr. and Mrs Robert Bean Glenda Clark Jamal Graham Mrs, Graham Mr. and Mrs. Williams S Harris Mrs. Barbara Ingram Ms. Gloria Irby Helen L. King Yvoonne Lesile Rebecca Ousley Linda M Plummer Bonnie Searcy Gwen Williams Cynthia P. Willis Benjamin F. Logan, Jr. Ms. Linda Dewberry Mrs. Lynn-Louise Holland Ms, June E. Hollis Mr, and Mrs Pete Holman Mrs, G W Miller Mrs. Anna M, Morse Mrs V H Perkins Mrs Peggy W Ross Mrs. Dwynell Williams 1 S. Wilson Thaddeus Lynn Mr. Jermore Boger Mr. C,B. Fegan Mr EC, Moore Mr, Derrick Moss Mr. Vanester Pugh Mr. James Simpson r 1 Mr. Georg Mr. George Washington Lenita Jo la Madden Mr. Elliott Albutton Mr. Ernest Atwaters Mr. Edgar Blackwell Mr. Eula C. Blackship Mr. Bow Mr Don Brown Mr. William Brown Mr. Charles Calhoun Mr. Canfield Mr. Rocky Chee Mr Otis Chennault Mr. Robert Crane Mr, Harris Daniel Mr John Davenport Mr. Harrison R. Dennis Mr. John Favors Mr A Frazier Mr. James Gaines Mr George Grey Mr. James H. Harris Mr. Joe Harris Mrs. Lilla M. Hightower Mr. James Hixson Mr. Larry Holmes Mr. Clifford Hunter Mr. Willie Hunter Mr. Willie Jackson Mr. Eugene Lee Mr Charles Madden, Sr. Mr J C. Martin Mr Charlie McDanlel Mr W.L.R Moody Mr. Joseph V. Murdock Mr. Cecil Neal Ms. Veronica Outlaw Mr. Richard Phillips Jr. Mr. Rabbit Mr. Freddie Robinson Ms. Shirley Shanks Mr. JR. Simmons Mr. Elmo Simpson Mr. R.C. Sims Mr. Robert Smith Mr. Walter Smith Mr. and Mrs. Smith Mr. Wilson Spearman Mr. Alvin Spicy Mr. Charles Spiller Mr. Thomas T. Stephens Mr. Robert Tennishoe Mr Solomon Thomas Mrs Sally Trammell Mr Steve Trammell Mr Eugene Wallace Jr. Mr George Wallace Mr Leon Warner Mr. Jimmy Warner Mr Bob White Mr. Franki J, White Mr Don Williams Mr. Willie Wilmont Mr Johnny Lee Woods Farlenlty Martin Mr Andrews Mr Andrew Freeman Miss M, Jenkins Miss Sabrina Martin Mr Roy Martin Mrs. Rossie McNeal Mrs A Merriweather Mrs Sherry Sims Mrs Wanda Sutton Mr. Edward Watkins Adrlanne McKennle Mrs Carrie A, Hopps Mrs. Eloise McCoy Mrs Eloise Savage Mrs. Addie Smith Leigh Merlweather Mrs. Sandra Brown b Mrs. Sane Evelyn Butler Mr. and Mrs. Paul Chastain Gloria Walter Crook Benjamin Fielder Marion Flagg Jessie M- Foster Ms Jill Graddy Glenn Hall Sharon Hamilton Mary Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Mark Johnson Mr and Mrs, Louis E. Jones Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Knight Mrs Gerri Lackey Elizabeth Landers Janice M. Lovelle Bonnie Manning Mrs. Kathy McClenton Mabel Morns Mrs. J,B, Myers Mrs, Connie S- Owens Martha Reynolds Mrs. Audrey Stanford Mr, Perry J, Steiner Shirley Brandon Thomas Mr, and Mrs, Kenneth Thomas Mrs Georgia Townsend Cindy Walton Ms. Linda Watson Jandra K, Webb Theodosia Woodruff Bernadine Yorse Quflntin C. Meriwether Mrs Birdie Anderson Mr, and Mrs, Joseph Banks Ms Helen Bently Mrs. Mabel Benton Mr William Boyd Mrs Adiine Brown Mr and Mrs Clarence T, Brown Mrs. Clatle Coates Mrs Eula J Credell Mrs James Credell Mrs Pearline Davis Ms. Mae Bell Echols Mr and Mrs Govan Emerson Mrs, Annette Evans Ms. Doris Fuller Mr, Delray Green Mrs, Mildred Harris Mrs. Mary Hill Mrs. Gayle Holloman Mr and Mrs. Rake F. Hutchenson Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Jackson Mr. Jasper Jewell Marion Donna and Mrs. Dorothy Johnson Mr Evelyn F Jones Miss Renee Jones Mr Thomas F. Jones Mr. Oscar Leonard Mr. and Mrs. Arthur McClenton Mr. and Mrs Marvin R, Meriwether Mr Shared Meriwether Mr and Mrs. William Murry Mr and Mrs George Miller Gigi Mrs Christine Price Mrs Sharon L Pntchett Mrs Helen B. Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stokes Ms Ruby Stokes Mr and Mrs Clin Thompson Mr. Ralph Turner Mrs Naomi Ward Mr. John Zachery Beth Ann Montgomery Reverend Joseph Collins. Sr, Mr James S Dalton Or and Mrs, Frank Montgomery Mr. and Mrs Martin Releford Menasha Morrow Mrs Janice Alston Mrs Janice Douglass Mrs Eleanor Morrow Miss Eunice Morrow Mr Soloman Thomas Varerta Mou Andrew Ballard Theordore Bells Jack Broster Darcel P, Brown Mr and Mrs. Charles Bryant Marva Byrd Mr. and Mrs. Archie Byron Joe Byron S. Cheeley and J. Durr Claudette S. Cosby Brenda Curry Mr- and Mrs. David L, Dumas Miss Dorothy Ford Sharon Freeman Horce Green Mrs. Ethel Hambrick Miss Gail Hambrick Mattie Hardwick Geraldine Hawkin Allyson Haynes Denise Haynes Phyllis Haynes Otis Hight Portia Hightower Jake Hill Barney Hindsman Forter Hooper Belinda Hunt M. Johnson and B. Neely P Mabry and C. McLeroy Jennifer Norwood Eva Nurridin Lylah Person Mary Alice Rowe Reco S. Samuel Claud Sims Patricia A- Sims Monica Smith T.J. Watkins Kathryn Williams Deborah Patterson Mrs. Dora Anderson Mrs Clara B. Craig Mr William H. Craig Mrs, Carrie Dixon Mr and Mrs, Crary Jenkins Mr. Cravtrford Russell Mr. Alfred L, Smith Mrs, Dorothy Smith Miss Shiela L, Smith Valerie Phelp George L, Bell Georgia Bell Jean Bell Monte Bell Carolyn Bush Kenyatta Bush Charles Ferrel Ernest Gregory P J Humphrey Teddy Humphrey Al Jackson Alfonso Jackson A Morris Dean Phelps Margaret Phelps Vickie Phelps Mimi Saxton Penny Saxton Telera Saxton Bill Stinchcomb WW, Stinchcomb Jim Thompson Rennie Watson Mr. and Mrs, Charles Wilder Johnnie Wyde Renlta Pope Mrs. Janice H. Hill April LaSanna Porter Miss Debra Allen Ms. Belinda Bady Ms. Gala Bady Mr and Mrs, Craig Barksdate Mrs Christine Benton Mr, Lewis Bolton Ms Miriam Broughton Mr Earl Broughton Mr, Ernest Brown Mr, Darren E, Campbell Mrs, Lorine Collins Miss Barbara Corbin Mrs, Eunice Corbin Mr, and Mrs, Thomas Crowder Mr, Edward Crowder Ms. Brenda Culoutson Mr, and Mrs Butus Dewberry Mr and Mrs Edward Emory. Jr, Mr, Roland K, English Mr Oliver Gill, Jr. Mr, Hubert Green Ms. Katheryn Anita Green Rev, S.D, Gumby Mrs Cynthia Harris Mr, Gregory Henderson Ms. Janita Hodges Mrs. Dorothy Lankford Ms. Jeanne Mannings Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mitchell Mr. Alfred Montgomery Miss Alfreda Montgomery Mr. Stanley Moses Mrs. Carolyn Nephew Mr. Xavier Person Mrs. Mildred Reese Mr. Hubert Reid Mr. Oscar Roberts Mrs. Alma Scott Mr. W. Sheppard Mr, Chris Shernll Mrs, Alice Simmons Mrs Dorothy Ann Stevens Mr Harry Thornton Miss Victoria Thornton Miss Sandra LeVon Ward Mr and Mrs. James Weaver Mrs Maud Weaver Mr, Russell Weaver Mrs Jeanette B. Wilson Mr. LaBron Woodard Jacqueline Price Sonya Ferrell Mr. A,0. Kennedy Deborah Moore Frederick S. Prltchett Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Alston Mr, Thomas Barrett Mrs Frances Blackman Mr and Mrs, Frank F Donalson. Jr, Mr- and Mrs, Frank F Donalson, Sr, Mr. Percy Frazier Mr and Mrs, Ernest Gardner Mrs Wanda D, Mitchell Mr Wesley G. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Pntchett Mr Errol J. Pritchett Mr. Johnson Pritchett Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Pritchett Mrs. Nelle Pritchett Mr. and Mrs Robert E. Pntchett Mr and Mrs. Stanley J. Pritchett Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Pritchett Miss Beatnce Turner Ursula Pruitt Deanna Coleman Shenlque R. Raines Ms R Louise Ballard Francies Blair Mr. Calvin Bolden Buddy Bowden Mrs, Davis Mr and Mrs Echols Edwards and Farmer Family Marily Hagan Gayale Howard Felecia Hawkins Ode Daryl Kaplan Mrs. Claudette E Kirkland Mrs Darlethe Kitchens Ms. Bobbie Lowe Ms Ellen Magby Ms Gwendolyn J. Morgan Oila McCelland Hazel McFarland Mickey Mclver Mx. Mclver Ms. Maxine Osborne Mrs. Patricia Patterson Jesse B. Spears Ms. Donnita Stephens Mrs. Trawich Jerry Wyatt Mia Redd Mrs. Javonne Anderson Mrs. Pearl T. Mullins Ms. Sharon Riley Mrs. Carolyn Trammell Mr, and Mrs George Willis Renlta Reese Mrs, Pat Brady Mr. Bobby Butler Mrs. Doris J. Clark Mr. Robert Elder Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Farnez Mr. and Mrs. John Foster Mrs. Zelma Haynie Lis and Monique Hunt Mrs. Anne Johnson Ms. Jan Kendall Mrs ReVonna Mitchell Ms. Mamietta Pinnix Mr. Jimmie Rowe Mr. John Stroman Mrs Annie Willard Mrs. Louise Wimbush Kim and Kam Ridley Sabrina Robinson Thema Adams Sandra Baker Mr. and Mrs. Blackshear Gladys Bohann Alice L Carman Edna M, Carmicheal Mr and Mrs. Edwards J. Hamilton Cynthia Herbert A, Morris Ruby Robinson Gerald Sheppard Brenda Smith Willie Sterling Cynthia Young Marcus Samples Ms. D Brooks Mrs, Minnie Bryant Mr, and Mrs. J, Burks Mr and Mrs James Dixon Mrs, Jacquelyn Ellis Ms. C Gilliard Mr, and Mrs Wm, Gner Mrs M. Hill Ms. L Hughes Mrs, Rosa Hunter Mr. J. Lawrence Mrs. Johnnie McCoy Ms. R. Oliver Mrs. R. Peek Ms. M. Ragland Mrs. Lucile Redd Mrs Evelyn Samples Mr and Mrs, K. Samples Mr Robert Samples Miss Veronica Scott Mr and Mrs. W, ScotT Mr and Mrs, HE, Shelton Mr and Mrs, C, Simmons Mrs. A. Tate Mr. Charles Terrell Rev. and Mrs. M Vaughn Mr and Mrs. James Deborah Scandrett " a r " B Mr. Wesley Gregg Mr, and Mrs. Curtis Jenkins and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lovene and Family Mr and Mrs. Jesse Moore Ms. Judy Roberts Ms Olivia Scandrett Mr Richard Sidwell Mr and Mrs. Oscar Sims Mr, Harold Smith Mr and Mrs. Rickey Trotter and Mr and Mrs Woodhams Grover D. Smith, Jr. Mrs Ligis A. Daughtery Mervan DeVlncent Smith Mr. and Mrs. E. Alford Granita O. Allen Mr- and Mrs. M.T. Allen Mr, Leonard A. Andrews Mr. and Mrs. U. Arnold Mr and Mrs. Morgan Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Banks Mr. A.D. Beavers Mrs. Latisa D Boykin Mr. and Mrs. Eugune H. Bowens. Sr, Gene H Bowens. Jr. Kamia N. Bowens Lynn T. Bowens Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Brown Mr. Harvey L Butler Helen and Michael Byrom Mr. Ervin Chapman Mr. and Mrs James Davenport Mrs Carolyn J. Fields Martha Gaither Miss Ceclia Gates Mr. and Mrs, Robert J. Goodrum Mr and Mrs, Bobby Graham Mr. and Mrs, Arthur Green. Jr, Mr and Mrs, George G. Gresham Betty J, Hall Mr, and Mrs. Joseph Hand Mr, and Mrs. Hubert Harper Miss Barbara J Henderson Mr, and Mrs, Ben Henderson Mr Gilbert Hill. Jr. Mr and Mrs. F L Hollingsworth Miss Altha D. Holloman Mr. and Mrs. Claude House Miss Earnestine Huling Mr. Everett M. Ingram Mr, and Mrs, Charles N, Jackson Mr, and Mrs, Joseph Jackson Mrs Mary F, James Mr, and Mrs. Donald Johnson Mr Hiram Johnson Mr. Charles Jones Clara A Jones Miss Dianne M. Jones Mr. and Mrs. James F. Jones Mr. Willie J, Jones Mr- and Mrs, Raymond L- Lovell Mr- and Mrs Larry Lowe Mr. E Maloff Masudi Mariah Miss Sherlyna Mayes Ms Patricia McKay Mr. JO Miles Mr. and Mrs, Johnny A, Mitchell Mr, and Mrs. H, Morton Mr. and Mrs, Clarence Nichols Miss June Payne Mr, and Mrs. Ralph Pitts Mr, Hurbert E Porter Miss Andrea Lynn Powell Fay Prince Mr, and Mrs, R,C. Pritchett Mr, and Mrs, F,H. Quinn Ms, Dorothy H Redmond Miss Denise A, Reed Mr and Mrs, Ike Reese Mr. and Mrs. Bennie F. Richardson Mr T.J Rogers Mr, and Mrs Stanley A, Rowland I Miss Gloria Mr. L.A. Schell Patricia Shannon and Family Mr, G.W, Sharp Mr, and Mrs, L,C. Simmons Miss Mae Bell Slaughter Mr, and Mrs. A.L, Smith Ms. Marie Smith Mr and Mrs. Gus Steverson Louise Strickland Carmell Surrett Mr and Mrs C G Tookes Mr, and Mrs. Eddie L Veal Mr, and Mrs Roger H. Ward Miss Noris Welch Miss Corene C Wess Mr, and Mrs Joe Williams Mr. and Mrs. Robert L, Williamson Mr. and Mrs. William Wright Wanda Smith Hugh Akins Mrs, Joyce Byfon Rev, Freeman Charles E. Hutson Charles Matchman Rufus Ridley EInest Traget Steve Spearman Mrs. Lucile Freemar Mrs, Marva Gordon Ms. Angela Spearmi Ms. Lisa Spearman Mr, and Mrs. Terry Spi Mrs, Georgia Stockton Sandra Starks Mrs. Lillie Bell Mr, and Mrs. James Bush Mr, L, Davidson Bessie Gibson Mervin Todd Mr. Charles White Rev, Calvin Williams QuoVadls Sterling Mrs, Gwendolyn Chaney Mrs, Luta Duke Mr, and Mrs. Johnny Robertson Phyllis Stokes Gloria Cowan Mr. and Mrs. Keith Cowan Helen Crawley Leslie Gaslin Bo Harrison and Loum Harrison Gladys Hatzcia Johnny Smith Kenneth Thomas Render Almond Marvin Austern Betty Earner Mabel Beach Mattie Benton Elaine Brown Sadie Craig Martha Dennis Jacqueline Glisson Gloria Grice Dorothy Hall Michael D, James Jesse James Barbara Julks Caria Kinnel Thangee Limmerman Robert Lindley Mary Mapp Dee McCracken Rep. J.E. Billy McKinney Barbara Morris Trudy Ogden Betty Pass Ursula Shelton Alee Sheron Larry Sheron Mamie Sims Mrs Valerie Colton Mrs Luella Bailey May Smart Mrs, Louise Foster Mr, and Mrs, Albert Jackson Loris Sutton Mrs, Jones Mrs. Liz Johnson June Waddell Mr, Anthony McWhorter Mr, and Mrs. Walter Perry Rosette Wallace Ms. Carrie McWhorter Mr, and Mrs Albert Thorpe Mary Westmoreland Mrs, Carrie Parrott Mr, and Mrs. Bobby Wilkins Jull Wilburn Mr, Dondi Simmons Master Rashaad K. Wilkins Mildred Wilkerson Mrs, Viola Smith Deborah Williams Senlqua D. Williams George Young Audrey Lee Tuggle Mrs, Barnhart Marche Thompson Cheryl Brackery Mr, Brannon James and Ruth Copeland Tamaril Coleman Annette Adams Regina Y, Floyd Melissa Colors Susie Adams James Freeman Miss Stephanie Felts Edward Banning Carolyn Odom Gretta Gates Kay Cutter Lena Parham Mrs, Hammack Gail Edwards Gladys Stephens Levonia Ingram Mr- and Mrs. El, Gary. Sr, Joilanda Stephens Felicia Stephens Helen Demerit Griffin Clara Tuggle Monique Walker Helenda Jones Sharon Tuggle Reba Moore Sherall WIngfleld Juanita Richard Donna Turner Ann Thompson Ms. Vivian Caldwell Dorothy Tucker Mr. Abraham G. Blanch Miss Freda Latimore William Tucker Mrs, Carlotta K. Blanch Mrs, Beatrice Peterson Thelma Watkins Ms Fannie M, Clark Roosevelt Snead. Jr Mrs, Alice 0, Gierke Mr, Roosevelt Snead. Sr. Royce Lamar Tillman Mr, Antoine Holland Mrs, Willie Mae Snead Mrs Eloise Jackson Johnny Walker, Jr Charlajine Adams Mrs, Carrie B, Martin Mr, Derrick Wingfield Vacquelym Allen Mrs. Lottie Murphy Ms, Patricia Wingfield OIlie Cochcar Mr. Harold Treadwell Mary Coleman and Family Mr, Donald Turner Pickett Y. Wise Rossie C Davis Claudia Farmer Oliver Turner Miss Tanya Bell Verry L. Jones Friends Mr. and Mrs. Davis Neil Orrin Lloyd Luncheon Bertha Turner and Oliver Turner Mr, and Mrs. Hall Brenda Mann Mrs. Hatchet Ms Mann Family Gall Varner Mr, Hooper Venola Mann Gerald Render Julius C, Mathis and Family Barbara Brown Mrs. Birdie Smith Rev. Montford Juanita Cato Mr, and Mrs, Walter Maruy and Terrsa Montford Ella Clemons Mr Rdoerick A. Palmer and Len Hobbs Cynthta Woodford Family Judy Pierce Clifford Smith and Family Margaret Riser Mrs. Raylanda Anderson Clifford Smith and Family Deloris Roberts Mrs, Marion Reese Harry B, Smith Ronnie Stone Mr, and Mrs, Charles Smith Mary E, Turk Katrina Virgil Mrs, Jessie Thompson Perlean Tyrell Mildred Walker Mr, and Mrs. Clarence Woodford Virginia Usher Nelda F. Wallace and Family Latonya Warner Chandrea Wright Willis E. Weems. Jr Zachary and Brenda Young and J, Allen and T, Camp Mrs. Reba Arnold Son Cedora Brown Mrs. Vera Benton Mrs, Bobbie Bryant Ms. Eula Brannon Yolanda M. Travis P. Cannion and J, Parks Mrs. Mattie W. Carmeron Mr, and Mrs, Lewis Daniel Mrs. Jeanette Cochran Dorothy Alexander Mr, Elton and M Worthy Brian Hall Mrs, Avery Betty Banks Columbus Bennett John Evans Miss Mae Hall J Gibbs and D, Sanders Mrs. Johnnie M. Harris A. Harris and A. Key Mrs, Loretta Head Mrs. Brown T, Hill and Shirley Lewis Camela J Hixson Ralph B, Brown E. Chapman Lois Jones Mrs, Mildred Hixson Mrs, L, Jones and D Terry Mr. Jessie L. Hixson Larry Clark Michelle Leakous Mr, Lonnie Howard Lamar Clement Mr- and Mrs, Clift McKnight Lonnie Howard, Jr, Dianne H, Copeland Thurman Goolsby W, Merkerson and H, Wilson Mrs. Rebecca Howard Mr, and Mrs, Nathan Morgan Saundra Howard Mary L, Harper Gail Holloway Albert Nash Mr, William Johnson Bobbie Powell and Bertha Virgus Mrs, Earnestine Leigh Bobby Hudson Frankie Roberts Miss Dorothy Marcus Evelyn Idall Kathryn Jefferson Minnie Sanders Miss Alicia McKeever Johnnie Smith Mrs. Mabel L Morgan Alonza Jones Cathy Winters Mrs. Ernestine Neeley Annell R Leaks Mrs. Elizabeth Newsome Raymond Marbley Carmellta MIschelle Weaver Mr, Phil Phillips Harvey Newton Annie R, Pucker Larry Owens Ms, Marggree Allen Shantrina Rucker Peter Owens Mrs, Mary Allen Mr, John T Wortham Osadel Reaves Ms, Ruth Allen Mr, Ernest W, Wright E,W, Seay Ms, Margart Biggs Mr, Louis H. Wright E,S, Talley Mrs Linda L. Robinson Berneda Thompson Lisa and Robert Travis Margo Whatley Nadrellne Zellous Mary Wallace Mr and Mrs. Alfonso Bolton Mr. Clarence Dixon Ann Williams Mr. and Mrs, Harold Curry Mrs. M, Grimes and Family Laverne M. Williams Ms. Betty Neal Mr. Marcus S, Samples Mr. and Mrs, Ronald Williams Mrs Mary Hill and Sandy Mrs, Kathy Thornton and Family Mr and Mrs, Forest Sherman Mrs, Kathryn Zellous Paul Tucker Mrs. Mary Simmons Vanessa Chapman Robert Wilder m J 1983 Senior Directory Abbreviations Adv. — Advanced B ' — Boys ' B. — B-team Ban. Car. — Bannier Carrier Bnd. Ann. — Band Announcer Capt. — Captain Chrld. — Cheerleader Co. Capt. — Co-Captain Col. Grd. — Color Guard Comp. Cal. — Computer Calculator Con. — Concert Ftb ' ll — Football G ' — Girls ' Hon. — Honor JHS — Junior Honor Society Libry Med. — Library Media Mass Comm. — Mass Communications Mx. — Mixed NHS — National Honor Society Orch. — Orchestra Rep. — Reporter SDAHSS — Society of Distinguished High School Students SHS — Spanish Honor Society Stat. — Statistician Sqd. — Squad V. — Varsity W ' s Who — Who ' s Who YB — Polaris Staff YIP — Youth in Politics NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! The number after each entry indicates the total number of years the individual participated in that activity. Aaron, Kimberly M. 121 Ellendale Dr. 30318 799-5580 Hon. Bnd. 1; JHS 2; March Bnd. 3; NHS 2; YB 3; SDAHSS 3; Span. Clb. 1; W ' s Who 3 Alexander, James C. " Tinkey " 941 Ridge Ave. 30318 799-9433 Allen, Marcus " Fat Boy " 2812 Mango Cir. 30318 792-8621 B ' Chorus 3; B. ftb ' ll 1; V. ftb ' ll 2; JHS 2; NHS 2; SDAHSS 2; Track 2; W ' s Who 2 Alphabet, Elliott B. 2559 Elliott St. 30318 799-9733 B ' Chorus 3: V. ftb ' ll 2; PECE 1; ROTC 2: Track 1 Alphabet, Patrick B. " Pat " 2559 Elliott St. 30318 799-9733 Astro Mus. 2; V. ftb ' ll 1; JHS 1; YAC 2 Ammons, Karon " Kay-Kay " 2462 Colorado TrI. 30331 349-5396 Ban. Car. 2; Adv. Mx. Chorus 3; Flags 3; JHS 2; NHS 2; Mass. Comm. 4; YB 1; SDAHSS 1; Span. Clb. 1; W ' s Who 5; St. Gov. — Sec. 1 Anderson, Albert 439 Baker Cir. 30318 792-1448 DECA 2 Anderson, Theresa " Resa " 3154 Reeves Cir. 30311 691-8153 Art 1; JHS 1; PECE 1; B. pep sqd. 2 — Capt; SHS 1; Span. Clb. 1 Andrev s, Estee " Scu-Bo " 526 E. Anthony St. 30318 885-1016 JHS 1; Tennis 1; W ' s Who 1; Pres. 1; Bus. Man 1 Arnold, Deneene L. " Neene " 2554 Bellview Ave. 30318 792-0435 Flags 3 — Capt; YB 1 Atkins, Sharon " Redd " 3088 Middleton Rd. 2 696-5684 Adv. Mx. Chorus 2; YAC 1 — sec. Bailey, Torris B. " Todd " 2278 Kennedy Ct. 30318 794-3038 Ball, Ralph 3646 Ingeldale Dr. 30331 Sci. Clb. 2 Banks, April " A.P " 1275 Fair St. 30318 758-4482 N. Staret 1; JHS 2; Sci. Clb. 1; softb ' ll 2; St. Gov. 2; YIP 1; y- teen 2; 2nd Vice Pres. 1 Bankston, Reginald " Reggie " 249 Chalmers Dr. 30318 794-7153 FBLA 2 — Pres; Stage Bnd 3 Banning, Beverly R. 2971 Middleton Rd. 30331 696-7324 Span. Clb. 1 Barnes, Cassandra " San " 663 Church St. 30318 792-0694 Comp. Cal 1; Debate 1; YAC 2; Hon. Bnd. 2; March. Bnd. 1; Mass Comm. 1; PECE 1 Barrow, Clifford " Wayne " 1002 Walden St. 394 30318 792-0220 Astro Mus. 1; Adv. Mx. Chorus 4; Mus. Clb. 3; B. track 1; V. track Beasley, Charretta " Retta " 2245 Camp Ground Rd. 30331 344-1539 Chorus 1; JHS 2; NHS 2; W ' s Who 1; Y-teen 1; Dance 1 Bell, Vickie " Bonnie " 245 Wilbur Ave. 30316 524-5921 Comp. Cal 1; JHS 2; NHS 2; March. Bnd. 2 Beeks, Willie " Clif " 660 Skipper Dr. 30318 691-8651 Tennis Tm. 3 — Capt. Benton, Tiffany 3224 Kingston Rd. 30315 622-6302 A.V. 1; FBLA 1; FHA 3; Math Clb. 1; Y-teen 1 Billinger, Theresa A. " Re-Re " 863 Bevtell St. 30314 525-5435 Billups, Angela 121 Delmoor Dr. 30311 691-2763 FBLA 1 Blake. Samuel " Sam " 1078 Chivers St. 327 30318 799-3443 B. track 1 Blanch, Vetress 755 Caron Cir. 30318 792-0327 Blanding, Mary " Stick-a-Wood " 1837 King Charles Dr. 30331 349-1577 1 V. baskb ' ll 3; Comp. Cal. 1; JHS 2; NHS 2; SDAHSS 2; softb ' ll 2; W ' s Who 2; y-teen 1 Boddie, Katrina " Trina " 863 Harwell Rd. 30318 696-6865 B. chrld 2 — Co. capt; V. chrld 2 — Capt; JHS 2; Math Clb 1; Orch. 4 Bolden, Beth " Purple " 46 Arlington Dr. 30311 691-3940 B. chrld 2; V. chrld 2 — Capt; JHS 2; NHS 2; Mass. Comm, 1; SDAHSS 2; FBLA 1; Y-teen 1; Journalism 1; 1st Att. 1 Bond, Wendy 2876 Hedgewood Dr. 30311 696-7639 JETS 1 — treas; Sci. Clb. 1; S. Studies Clb. 1 Booker, David 2593 Hightower Ct. 30318 794-5455 B ' Chorus 3; JHS 2; NHS 2;R0TC 3; W ' s Who 2 Bowen, Sarah " Sweet Knees " 2181 Jones Rd. 696-6810 Chorus 1; JHS 2 Boyd, Reno 1694 Audrey PI. 30318 794-2060 Comp. Cal. 1; Debate Tm. 1; French Clb. 1 — Pres. Bradley, Timothy " Tim " 676 SouthGrand Ave. 30318 799-8119 Brady, Kevin " K.B. " 2991 Middleton Rd. 204 30311 691-9695 Baseb ' ll 3; B. bsktb ' ll 1; B.ftb ' ll 1; V.ftb ' ll 3 — Capt. Brantley, Kenneth " Kenny " 678 Commercial Ave. 30318 794-0026 A.V. clb. 2; Adv. Mx. chorus 3; V. track 1 Briney, Jeffrey 2800 M.L.K. Jr. Dr. G-21 30311 696-2978 DECA 1; PECE 1; ROTC 1; V. track 1 Brinkley, Grady " Junior " 544 Commercial Ave. 30318 799-1379 or 243-6349 B.bsketb ' ll 1; V.bsktb ' ll 1 Brooks, Francenia " Fran " 2784 Black Forest TrI. 30331 344-6615 Hon. March. Bnds. 4; Reporter 1 Brown, Charles " Polar Bear " 2545 Scottridge Dr. 794-4625 Astro Mus. 5; Hon. March. Ends. 3: Stage Bnd. 1 Brown, David 911 Oakland Dr. 30310 752-7272 Bown, Fedora 3909 Campbellton Rd. D-2 30331 344-0130 Art Clb. 1; PECE 1; Stat. 1; B. track 1 — Capt; V. track 4 Brown, Lisa " Boo " 2970 MIddleton Rd. 30311 691-8067 FBLA 1 Bryant, Carlos " Pee-Wee " 2635 Burton Rd. 30311 V. ftb ' ll 2 Bryant, Larry 2878 Eleanor Terr. 30318 799-0823 A.V. 2; Col. Grd. 3 — Comman.: JETS 2; Rifle Tm. 1; ROTC 3: Sci. Clb. 1 Buchanan, Yolanda " Yoki " 200 Peyton PI. 30311 691-1346 Adv. Mx. Chorus 2; Chorus 1; Debate Tm. 1; Flags 2; Math Clb. 1; B. pep sqd 1; V. pep sqd 1; Span. Clb. 1; Y-teen 1; Vice Pres. 1 Buggs, Leslie 255 Howell Terr. 30331 696-1095 Art Clb. 1; A.V. 1; Adv. Mx. Chorus 5; Mus. Clb. 3 Buford, Donna " Skee-Boo " 439 Larchmont Dr. 30318 691-9137 Adv. Mx. Chorus 3; Chorus 1 Butler, Michael " Mike " 2800 M.L.K. Jr. Dr. 691-7370 Adv. Mx. Chorus 2; Math Clb, 1; PECE 1; Track 1; Chorus 1 Cade, Gregory " Cade " 3049 Middleton Rd. 103 30311 696-4142 baseb ' ll 3: B.bsktb ' ll 1; JHS 2; NHS 2; ROTC 1; W ' s Who 1; Chorus 4 Callahan, Jacquelyn 600 Church St. 30318 799-9512 Callaway, Gladys " Pennie ' 924 Hightower Rd. 11 30318 794-7123 Cameron, Via " V.V. " 920 Hall St. 30318 799-7674 B.bsktb ' ll 2: Adv. Mx. Chorus 4; softb ' ll 2; Chorus 1 Carmichael, Terrance " Terry " 1225 Fairburn Rd. P-8 30331 349-7893 Rifle Tm. 1 Carney, Meishawn " Dimples " 489 University Ave. 30310 753-4245 Comp. Cal. 3 — Pres; Hon. Bnd. 1; JETS 3; JHS 2; NHS 2 — V. Pres; March. Bnd. 4 — Drum Maj; Math Clb. 2; SDAHSS 2; Span. Clb. 3; Y- teen 5 — Pres; W ' s Who 1; SHS 3 Carson, Andre 3684 Santa Barbara Dr. 30318 794-5952 Carson, Constance 302 Skipper PI. 15 30318 792-7766 Carter, Winston " Winnie " 4489 Bakers Ferry Rd. 691-3825 Adv. Mx. Chorus 1; Fut. Lawyers 1; ROTC 2; YAC 2 Castleberry, Reginald " Cass " 2555 Baker Rd. 30318 799-9412 Adv. Mx. Chorus 4; Debate Tm. 1; B. ftb ' ll 2; V.ftb ' ll 2; JHS 2; NHS 2; St. Gov. 3; W ' s Who 2; Pres. 1 Chapman, Arelishes " Lisa " 2655 Glenwood Ave. 289-7556 Adv. Mx. Chorus 1; Flags 2; JETS 3; Mass. Comm. 3 — Pres; PECE 1; ROTC 2; Sci. Clb. 1; track 3; dance clb. 2 Clark, Deborah " Peaches " 933 Ridge Ave. 30318 799-3494 Adv. Mx. Chorus 4; Chorus 1 OaXi Trefice. " Red " 690 Center Hill 30318 799-1025 FBLA 1 Cloud, Wayne 207 — Harwell Rd. 30318 794-2207 Cobb, Delita 695 Symphony Ln. 30318 753-1009 Chorus 1; JHS 2; NHS 2; SDAHSS 4; Math clb. 1; Majorettes 2 — treas; W ' s Who 2 Coles, Joseph 2780 Collier Dr. 30318 794-0096 Hon. Bnd. 4; JHS 2; NHS 2 — Pres; March. Bnd. 4; Span. Clb. 1; Stage Bnd. 2; W ' s Who 2; Soc. Studies 2; SDAHSS 1 Cook. Brian " Cook " 3173 Kingston Rd. 30318 696-9362 B.ftb ' ll 2; V.ftb ' ll 2, FBLA 1 Cooper, Berthenia " Peaches " 2542 Sa nta Barbara Dr. 30318 799-0514 Adv. Mx. Chorus 2 Cooper, Monica " Mon " 1006 Wilkes Cir. 529 30318 792-0404 JETS 3; JHS 2; NHS 2; W ' s Who 2; SDAHSS 2; 2nd Att. Copeland, Timothy 2199 Tiger Dr. 30314 794-7756 or 794-0361 Rifle Tm. 2 — Capt; ROTC 3; Soccer 2 Cotton, Angela " Angie " 939 Magna Carta Dr. 792-9645 Cullars, J.C. 2232 Verbena St. 30314 794-7030 Daniel, Benita 4392 Clement Dr. 30331 696-2579 JHS 2; NHS 2; SDAHSS 2; W ' s Who 1; N. Starret 3 — Capt. Daniel, Brian 1501 Monteel Dr. 30318 355-5335 B.ftb ' ll 2; V.ftb ' ll 1; NHS 2; track 1; W ' s Who 2 Daniel, Terri 4650 Santa Fe TrI. 30331 344-7607 JHS 2; NHS 2; Y-teen 1; Majorettes 2 Daniel, Yolanda " Yogi " 630 Center Hill Ave. 30318 794-2216 Adv. Chorus 3; JETS 1; Mass. Comm. 1; Tennis 1; Span. Clb. 1 Davis, Curtis 62 Harwell Rd. 30311 696-7815 N. Star Staff 2; Tennis Tm. 2 Davis, Donna " Dee-Dee " 809 Caron Cir. 30318 792-7036 B. chrld 1 — Co. Capt; Debate Tm. 1; Flags 1; JHS 1; Mass Comm 1 Davis, Joel 2224 Star Mist Dr. 30311 344-2139 Baseb ' ll Tm 3; Ftb ' ll 4; JHS 2; NHS 2; ROTC 3; track 4; W ' s Who Davis, Lisa " Le-Le " 2372 Cross St. 30318 799-8859 Art Clb. 1; Chorus 1; DECA 1 — V. Pres; Hon. Bnd. 1; March. Bnd. 3; Math Clb. 4 Davis, Maurice " Reese " 2506 Ryne St 799-6203 Hon., March., Stage Bnds. 4 Dawson, Grace 508 Collier Ridge Dr. 794-7061 JHS 1; Orch. 4 — treas; St. Gov. 1 — Parlia; Pres. 1 Dennard, Angela " Angie " 115 Dogwood Dr. apt. E 30318 794-3697 Adv. Mx. Chorus 1; Chorus 1 Doctor, Michael " Doc " 3614 Revere Rd. 349-1764 V.ftb ' ll 1; Mass Comm 2; NHS 2; ROTC 3; SDAHSS 4; St. Gov. 2 — V. Pres; W ' s Who 4 Dotson, Renee " Dot " 62 Harwell Rd. 691-5661 Hon. Bnd. 1; March. Bnd. 2; B. bsktb ' ll 2 — Capt; V. bsktb ' ll 3; softb ' ll 2 Dowery, Carolyn " Bo-leg " 3150 Middleton Rd. 202 30311 691-8165 ROTC 1; Tennis Team. 1; V. track 1 Dozier, Lorraine " Lo-Lo " 858 Ridge Ave. 799-0422 Adv. Mx. Chorus 4; Chorus 1 Dunn, Grady 3764 Leesburg Ct. 30331 691-2823 A.V. 2; Debate Tm. 4; Drill Tm 3; JETS 2; JHS 2; NHS 2; ROTC 3; Sci. Clb. 1; W ' s Who 2; Bus. Man 1 Earl, Virginia " Ginni " 2839 Baker Ridge Dr. 799-8426 Comp. Cal 2; Hon. Bnd. 3; JETS 3; JHS 2; NHS 2; March. Bnd 2; YB 1; Sci. Clb. 2; SDAHSS 2; W ' s Who 2 Edwards, Reginald " Red " 1042 Hightower Rd. 792-2560 B. bsktb ' ll 1; ROTC 3 Elder, Caria " Caria Jean " 526 Hightower Rd. 30318 792-8720 Chorus 1; JHS 2; NHS 2; YB 2; Slags 2; SDAHSS 3; Span. Clb. 3; W ' s Who 2; YAC 3; SHS 3 Elliot, Glynis 189 Hermer Cir. 30311 691-6098 Ellis, John T. " Johnny " 881 Ridge Ave. 30318 799-1174 Ellison, Patricia " Ann " 2606 Rockwood Ave. 3031S 792-2603 Ezzard, Tracey 975 Wilkes Cir. 567 30318 794-2518 FBLA 1; Dance Clb. 2 Evans, Hiram 2998 Middleton Rd. 103 30311 691-3459 Adv. Mx. Chorus 1 Evans, Mario " Chipmunk " 243 Hermer Cir. 30311 691-5724 Hon. Bnd. 3; March. Bnd. 5; ROTC 3; Tennis Tm 1 Eubanks, Kimberly DECA 1; ROTC 1 Ezzard, Sherman " Sherm " 2690 Burton Rd. 30311 696-8122 A.V. 2; Debate Tm. 1; Future Lawyers 1; ROTC 3; Mass Comm 1; Douglassonians 1 Farmer, Eric " Popcorn " 2936 Delmar Ln. 30311 691-7744 B ' Chorus 5; Drill Tm 3; JHS 2: NHS 2; ROTC 3; SDAHSS 2; Student Gov. 1; W ' s Who 2 Farmer, Laticia " Ticia " 308-B Skipper PI. 30318 794-9458 Bann. Carr. 1; Adv. Mx. Chorus 2; Chorus 1; JHS 2; NHS 2; W ' s Who 2 Favors, Allan 1308 Northwest Dr. 799-7038 Comp. Cal. 1; Debate Tm. 2; Fr. Clb. 1; Math Clb. 1; PECE 1; YB 1; ROTC 2; YAC T; Rep. 1 Favors, Milton " Shorty " 3010 Middleton Rd. Apt. 204 30311 696-6315 Felton, Richmond " Rickey " 336 Camfield 30310 696-0472 Baseb ' ll Tm. 2; B. ftb ' ll 1 Fields, Robert " Jeff " 960 Wilkes Cir. Apt. 505 792-1848 B ' Chorus 5; Sing. Astros 5; Key Clb 2; Pres. Finch, Durand " Nard " 3088 Peek Rd. 30318 792-0567 DECA 2 Finch, Felix 3088 Peek Rd 30318 792-0567 Baseb ' ll Tm. 1; DECA 2; PECE 1 Fowler, Gwendolyn " Gwen " 3020 Delmar Ln. 44 30311 696-1521 ROTC 1 Fowler, Lisa 860 Oak St. 30318 799-3835 Franklin, Gerald 3114 Hickman Dr. 101 30311 696-7543 B ' ftb ' ll 1 Freeman, Rhonda " Ronnie " 2909 Campbellton Rd. 35 A 344-7075 FHA 1 Freeman, Valerie " Val " 3154 Reeves Cir. 101 30311 696-3293 Chorus 1; FHA 1; JHS 2; NHS 2; ROTC 1; Span. Clb. 1; W ' s Who 3; SHS 2 Gates, Gretta G.G. 1847 Chivers St. 30318 794-1823 FBLA 1 Gay, Angelia " Mickey " 2916 Peek Rd. 30318 792-2530 B. Chrld. 2; Vars. Chrld. 2; Adv. Chorus (G) 1; YAC 2; Dance Clb 1; Lbry Med 2 Gay, Sheryl 281 Sewanee Ave. 30318 794-9445 JETS 2; Math Clb 1; PECE 1 Gibson, Alison " Li ' l Al " 310 Skipper PI. 794-6586 JHS 2; NHS 2: SDAHSS 2; St. Gov. 2 Gibson, Eric " Gib " 1471 Bankhead Hwy Bid. 5 12 794-2556 Vars. ftb ' ll 2; Soc. Tm 3 Giddings, Marcia 731 Aline Dr. 30318 794-1294 Adv. Mx. Chorus 2; Chorus 1; JHS 2; NHS 2 Gideon, James Gilmore. Sonja 1988 Plaza Lane 46 752-7303 Adv. Mx. Chorus 4; JHS 2; NHS; Pece 1; Miss 10th Grade Gordon, Robert 4658 Pueblo Dr. S.W. 349-3612 Art Clb. 1; JHS 2; Math Clb. 1 Graham, Karen " Kay-Kay " 2432 Tarian Dr. S.E. 241-4783 Vars. Chrld. capt. 3; JHS 2; NHS 2; Sci. Clb. 1; W ' s Who 3: Miss nth Grade Grant, Monica " Men " 2640 Whiting St. 30318 799-6843 B.bsktb ' ll 1; softb ' ll 1 Greathouse, Angela Green, Cynthia " Ceci " 2545 Oldknow Dr. 30318 799-9816 Drill Tm 2; FBLA 3 Green, Dwight 1140 Wilkes Cir. 203 30318 799-5613 ROTC 1 Gresham, Stanley " Bo-Bo " 794 Kings Grant Dr. 30318 794-0494 B.ftb ' ll 1 Grier, Yul " Lee " 3233 Mt. Gilead Rd 30311 Adv. Mx. Chorus 4; Chorus 1: JHS 2; NHS 2; SDAHSS 2; W ' s Who 2 Griffin, Lethia 739 Hightower Rd. 30318 799-7565 V.bsktb ' ll 1; softb ' ll 1; Tennis Tm. 1 Grimes, Deborah " Puggy " 718 LaVerne Dr. 30318 794-0564 FBLA 1; Math Clb. 2; YB 2 — editor; YAC 1 Gunn, Linda " Lynn " 2390 Hill St. 30318 794-1020 FBLA 1; V. Pep Sqcl. 2 Hall, Barbara 2938 Collier Dr. 30318 691-0897 Hon. Bnd. 3; JHS 2; NHS 2; March. Bnd. 4; W ' s Who 2; Miss 12th Grade Hall, Terry 2600 Baker Rd 30318 792-1691 Dance Clb. 1 Hamilton, Gala 2208 Verbena St. 20 30314 794-6561 Softb ' ll Tm 3 Hampton, Yolanda " Yo-Yo " 1015 Chivers St. 347 799-8365 Astro Mus. 4; B.bsktb ' ll 1; DECA 1; JHS 2; NHS 1; Math Clb. 4; PECE 1 — Pres; V. track 2; Dance 1 Harden, Kimberly 3136 M.L.K. Jr. Dr. Apt. A-6 30311, 691-4675 Sci. Clb 2; B.bsktb ' ll 2; JHS 2; NHS 2 Harndett, Kerven 2001 Blayton Cir. 30314 792-1869 B ' Chorus 5; B.ftb ' ll 2; V.ftb ' ll 2; JHS 2; NHS 2; Math Clb. 2; ROTC 3; Sci. Clb. 1; SDAHSS 1; W ' s Who 1; SHS 1; Singing Astros 5 Harp, Tonya 43 Delmar Dr. 30311 691-7424 Adv. Mx. Chorus 3 — sec. Harrison. Charles 2883 Renfro Dr. 30318 794-5910 B.bsktb ' ll 1; V. bsktb ' ll 1 Hawkins, Francis 2800 M.L.K. Jr. Dr. 30311 691-5924 Harris, Larry " Pookie " 2118 Cascade Rd. 30311 753-189 B.ftb ' ll 1: V.ftb ' ll 3; track 4 Hayes, Anthony 1023 Chivers St. 342 799-7926 Hayes, Melissa " Lissa " 294 Brownlee Rd ' B-l 691-3116 Adv. Chorus 1; FBLA 1 Haynes, James 838 Kings Grant Dr. 30318 792-1137 Hon. and March. Bnds. 3 Haynes, Jimmie " Gin-Gin " 2361 Hill St. 30318 794-1621 Art Clb 2; Comp. Cal. 1; Mass Comm 1; N. Star Staff 1 Head, Michele " Mikki " 794-0090 Adv. Mx. Chorus 4; JHS 2; NHS 2; SDAHSS 1; St. Gov. 4; Treas. 1 Hightower, Freddie " Stuff " 2680 Hedgewood Ln. 30311 NHS 2; Rifle Tm 3 — Capt; ROTC 3 — Cadet Major Hightower, Robin 2830 Allegro Dr. 30318 755-3385 JHS 2; Jr. Civitan 2; Libry Med. 1 Hill, Angela " Angle " 3021 Middleton Rd. 201 30311 696-0891 Chorus 1; FBLA 1; FHA 1 Hill, Detrius " Dee " 524 Waterford Rd. 30318 691-3394 B.bsktb ' ll 1; V.bsktb ' ll 3; V. track 4; Vica Clb. 1 Hill, Pamela " Pam " 1605 Olympian Cir. 30310 753-3273 Flags 1; Hon. Bnd. 1; JHS 2; NHS 2; Sci. Clb. 1; SDAHSS 3; St. Gov. 1 Hobbs. Timothy _ Hollis, Archie 2520 Jonesboro Rd. Lot 44 627-2041 B. Chorus 1; Comp. Cal. 1; Debate Tm 2; Drill Tm 3; JETS 2; JHS 2; NHS 2: ROTC 3: Ws Who 3: 2nd V. Pres 1; Soccer Team 2 Holmes, Johnny 3167 Oakclift Rd. 30311 691-9293 DECA 1 — V. Pres Holt, Thomas " Gleek " 2811 Mango Cir. 30318 799-5419 B.ftb ' ll 1 Horton. Richard 445 Fedora Way 30331 691-2941 Col. Grd. 1; PECE 1; ROTC 3; Tennis Tm 1; B. track 1 Hood. Quinn " Qube " 572 Commercial Ave. 30318 799-8685 A.V. Clb. 2; YB 1 Houston, Sonja 2220 Carey Dr. 30315 627-4276 V.bsktb ' ll 2; Adv. Mx. Chorus 1; Chorus 1; NHS 2 Houston, Sonja " Pig " 573 Commercial Ave. 30318 792-4033 FBLA 1; FHA 1; JHS 1 Howard, Mia 2440 Baker Rd. 30318 799-9151 JHS 2; NHS 2; Key Clb 2 Hubbard, Rodney 3071 Middleton Rd. 204 696-0579 FBLA 1 Huggins, Pamela Hutchins, Jerome " Wine " 2931 Middleton Rd 101 696-7229 FBLA 1 Hutchins, Samantha " Slack " 2948 Middleton Rd. 204 696-7294 ROTC 2 Jackson, Andrew " Butch " 2609 LogHaven Dr. 30318 792-2596 Jackson, Candace " Candy " 3770 Rockport PI. 30331 691-8231 FHA 1: Flags 2; Mass. Comm. 1; Sec. 1 Jackson, Edmund Jackson, Kim " Kimmie " 3210 Stetson PI. 30318 696-6799 Adv. Mx. Chorus 5; DECA 1 James, Mary 3207 Delmar Ln. 30311 691-6655 Adv. Mx. Chorus 4; JHS 2 Johnson, Donna " Sweet Dee " 656 Lyric Way 30318 792-2697 B.bsktb ' ll 2 — Capt; V. bsktb ' ll 3 Capt; Hon. Bnd. 3; JHS 1; March. Bnd. 3; softb ' ll 2; track 3 — Capt; Assist. Sec. 1 James, Michael 2542 Bellview Dr. 30318 794-9012 Baseb ' ll Tm 3; B.ftb ' ll 2; V.ftb ' ll 2 Jennings, Gerald 3170 Oak Cliff Rd. 30311 691-6699 Adv Mx. Chorus 5; Chorus 1; FBLA 1 Jinks, Ritchtina " Tina " 2120 Highview Rd. 30311 752-6537 B.bsktb ' ll 2; V.bsktb ' ll 2; Debate Tm 1; JHS 2; NHS 2; Math Clb. 2; W ' s Who 3; SDAHSS 3; Softb ' ll 3 Johnson, Caria " Chelly " 682 Gordon PI 30310 755-2904 V. chrld 3 — Co. Capt; Chorus 1; Debate Tm 2; JHS 2; Mass Comm 2; NHS 2; SDAHSS 2; St. Gov. 2; W ' s Who 1; Y-teen 2; Treas. 1 Johnson, Darrell " Dink " 176 Anderson Ave. apt. A-1 794-6403 Baseb ' ll Tm 3 Johnson, Errol " Pilgrim " 619 Church St. 794-4544 Drill Tm. 1; Span. Clb. 1; Stage Bnd. 1 Johnson, Leiitia " Lolita " 2225 Jones Rd. 30318 696-1961 Adv. Mx. Chorus 5 — treas; Chorus 1; V. Pep Sqd 3 Jones, Arundel Jones, Carolyn " Pinkey " 9890 Ridge Ave. 30318 794-9995 JHS 1; PECE 1; Chorus 1 Jones, Crystal " Vette " 2894 Narron Dr. 349-6487 Pep Sqd 2 — Co. Capt; Y- teens 1 Jones, Debra " Sweet Dee " 3060 Delmar Lane A-3 691-2947 Jones, James " Beanie " 3093 Aziee PI 794-6829 V.bsktb ' ll 2 Jones, Joseph " Jo-Jo " 505 Hightower Rd 794-6260 Astros Mus. 1; Bnd. Ann. 1; JHS 1; NHS 2; N. Star Staff 1 Orch. 1 Jones, Michael Jones, Ralph " Rif " 2771 Collier Dr. 792-2636 B. Chorus 5; NHS 2; YB 1 Jones, Towanda Jones, Tract " Spicy " 2511 Dale Creek Dr. 799-0836 B. chrld 1 — Co. Capt: Chorus 1; DECA 1; Tennis Tm 3 Jones, Yolanda 863 Capital View Ave. 30318 799-7449 Jordan, Derrick 2607 Baker Rd 30318 792-8204 PECE 1 Justers, Shannon " Shan " 529 Gary Rd. 30318 753-7923 DECA 1; B. Track 1 Kemp, Donna " Boo " 396 Collier Dr. 696-4027 Adv. Mx. Chorus 4; Chorus 1 Kennix, Michael " Go " 1751 S. Gordon 30310 758-1910 Kitchens, Vanessa " Ketchup " 646 Robert St. 30318 792-1314 V.bsktb ' ll 1; Math Clb. 1; PECE 1; Softb ' ll 3; Track 5; Sec. 1 Knight, Sheila " Faylonta " 1206 Wilkes Cir. 228 792-1130 Knolton, lllya " Yah " 2758 Crescendo Dr. 30318 792-2255 A.V. Clb. 1; Key Clb. 1 Knowles, Wyndra " Pokie " 931 Rose Cir. 30310 758-2082 JHS 2; NHS 2; N. Starret 2; SDAHSS 3; W ' s Who 2 Ladson, Angelette " Bayorme " 676 Ozburn Rd 30318 696-7827 Adv. Mx. Chorus 1; Chorus 1; Math Clb. 1; Sci. Clb. 1 Lamar. Herbert " Herb-B " 795 Duffield Dr. 30318 794-9734 V. bsktb ' ll 1; ROTC 2 Lane, Roland 3459 Revere Rd. 30331 349-2679 ROTC 2 Lanier. Fonda 2819 Handy Dr. 30318 794-8818 or 794-2558 JHS 2; Math Qb. 2; B. Pep Sqd. 1; W ' s Who 1 LaSane, Chris " Pee-Wee " 2328 Campbellton Rd. 30310 344-7158 A.V. 4 — Pres; Comp. Cal. 1; Hon. Bnd. 3; JETS 2 - Treas; JHS 2; March. Bnd. 4; NHS 2; Sci. Clb. 2; Slags 2; Stage Bnd. 3; W ' s Who 2; YAC 2; Gymas. 2 Lawrence, BIythe " Che-nita " 3088 Middleton Rd. 101 691-1333 Chorus 1; B. Pep Sqd. 1 Lawson, Charmain " Cha " 3020 Delmar Ln. 30311 691-1471 Adv. Mx. Chorus 1; Chorus 1 , Lavender, Michelle " Missy " 1705 Beechwood Blvd. 30311 758-1348 Hon. Bnd. 2; JETS 1; JHS 2; March. Bnd. 3; Math Clb. 2 Leslie, Carlton 2950 ML.K, Jr. Dr. Apt. F-1 691-9410 Leslie. Tonia 2400 Campbellton Rd. Apt F-8 346-3727 NHS 1 Lewis, Michael " Mikey " 2274 Glendale Dr. 30032 288-6372 Baseb ' ll 1; Adv. Mx. Chorus 4; Chorus 1 Lewis, Sherry " Poo " 2155 Baker Rd 792-0811 FHA 1; ROTC 1; Span. Clb. 1; trnr 1 Lipscomb, Grant 2595 Loghaven Dr. 755-7853 Baseb ' ll 1; ftb ' ll tm 2 Little, Donna 57 Harwell Rd. 30311 691-0387 Locke, Charles " Chuck " 2875 Valley Heart Dr. 696-1630 Astro Mus. 3 — V. Pres; Debate Tm 2; Hon. Bnd. 4 Lofton, Anita " Ne Ne " 2605 Clifton Springs Rd 30034 243-8366 Fr. Clb. 2: JHS 2; NHS 2: PECE 1; Math Clb 3 Long, Thaddeus " Tfiad " 138 Lamar Ave 17 792-0152 Logan, Benjamin " Bendo " 3481 Dale Ln. 30331 344-0800 Rep. 1; V. Pres. 1; Treas. 1 Lowe, Susan 681 Woods Dr. 522-5612 Art Clb. 1 Lowery, Tfielesia " Pebbles " 2430 Colorado TrI. 30331 344-5149 Ban. Car. 1; Bnd. Ann. 1; Chorus 1; JETS 1; Mass Comm 1; Span. Clb. 2; YIP 1; Dance Clb 2 Lucier, Scott 93 Stratford Dr. 30311 696-2365 Baseb ' ll tm 2; Drill tm 3; B.ftb ' ll 2; V.ftb ' ll 2; Sci. 3 Lynn, Thaddeus " Thad " 3825 Branch Dr. 30331 696-3158 A.V. Clb. 1; Fr. Clb. 1; Hon. Bnd. 3; JHS 2; NHS 2; March. Bnd. 4; Sci. Clb. 1; Stage Bnd. 3 Madden, Lenita " Bird " 2583 Hightower Ct. 30318 794-6519 B. chrld 1; V. chrld 1; Chorus 1; Comp. Cal. 1; Debate Tm 1; JHS 1; Ws Who 1 Maddox, Ronald 863 Oak St. 30318 794-1858 FBLA 1 Mahone. Nedra 16 Burbank Dr. 30314 758-1604 B. chrld 2; JETS 1; JHS 1; stat 2 Malone, Angela " Ann " 932 Wilkes Cir. 30318 799-9469 N. Star Staff 1; B. Pep Sqd 1; YAC 2 Mann, Karia 1709 Laurens Dr. 346-1328 Debate Tm 1: Hon. Bnd. 3; JHS 2; NHS 2; March. Bnd. 3; N. Star Staff 4; W ' s Who 2 Marks, Shirley 2746 Burton Rd. 30310 691-4632 Martin, Farlenity " Icky " 1016 Chivers St. 293 792-1433 B.Bsktb ' ll 1: V.Bsktb ' ll 4; Softb ' ll 4 Martin, Ricardo 746 Ayshire Cir. 30318 799-0873 B.ftb ' ll 2; V.ftb ' ll 2; Track 5 Martin, Terry " Skydog " 658 Kennesaw Ave. 30318 876-1383 B.bsktb ' ll 1; V.bsktb ' ll 3; B.ftb ' ll 1; Track 3 Massey, Orlando " Key-Key " 2983 Peek Rd. 30318 799-3048 B.ftb ' ll 2; V.ftb ' ll 2; Golf Tm 4 Mathis, Bobby " Bernard " 5776 Boat Rock Rd. 30331 344-5129 McClendon, Darrell " Bo Bo " 725 Symphony Ln. 30318 794-3354 Baseb ' ll Tm 2; Bsktb ' ll 1; B.ftb ' ll 1 McCormick, Tina " Tina Mac " 2876 Hedgewood Dr. 30311 696-7639 A.V. 1; Flags 2 — Co. Capt; JHS 2; NHS 2; Orch. 3; trnr 1 McDonald, Alfred " Al " 735 LaVerne Dr. 30318 799-7763 Comp. Cal. 1; Drill Tm. 3; JETS 1; ROTC 3 McElroy, Phillis " Phil " 2232 Verbena St. 30314 794-7996 B.bsktb ' ll 1; FHA 1; ROTC 2; Track 1 McKennie, Adrianne " Mouse " 839 Harwell Rd. 696-6349 JHS 2; NHS 2; Orch. 5; SDAHSS 2; YB 1; Span. Clb. 1; W ' s Who 1; SHS 3 — Treas. McLester, Felecia McNabb, Annie " Honey Bun " 1163 Northwest Dr. 794-1231 Adv. Mx. Chorus 1; Chorus 1; FHA 4; Y-teen 3 McWhorter, Darrell 846 Ridge Ave. 30318 525-7865 Meadows, Leslie 2446 Harvel Dr. 30318 794-2141 Ban. Car. 1; Adv. Mx. Chorus 3 — Pres. Chorus 1; Debate Tm 2; JHS 2 — Pres; Majorettes 3 — Co. Capt; NHS 2; Miss Douglass 1 Meriweather, Leigh A. " Lee- Lee " Kingston Rd. 30318 691-2360 Mass. Comm. 1 Meriwether, Quentin " Quent " 109 Hollis Terr. 30311 691-0243 Comp. Cal. 2; Debate Tm. 3; JETS 1; Fut. Lawyers 4 — Bus, Man; Hon. Bnd. 4; March. Bnd. 4; Mass. Comm. 3; Mus. Clb. 1; Sci. Clb. 1; YAC 3: Span. Clb. 1 Minor, Yolanda " Yogi " 2962 Middleton Rd. 1 30311 691-1666 Hon. Bnd. 3; JHS 2; NHS 2; DSAHSS 2; W ' s Who 1; Sci. Proj. Clb. 1 Mitchell, Lisa 1466 Pinehurst Dr. 30311 758-5148 Adv. G ' Chorus 1; Mass. Comm. 1; Math Clb. 1; Tennis 1; Dance 2 Mitchell, Roderick Mizell, Latricia " Vette " 3160 Oakcliff Rd. 30311 691-7316 PECE 1 Montford, Roshonda " Trina " 2603 Oldknow Dr. 30318 794-9039 Montgomery, Beth 2849 Eleanor Terr. 30318 691-0261 Hon. Bnd. 3; JHS 2; March. Bnd. 3; NHS 2; YB 1; YIP 2; W ' s Who 2; SDAHSS 3 Moreland, Terri 644 Larhmont Cir. 30318 691-5613 FHA 1; Parlia. 1; St. Gov. Rep 1 Morgan, Quinton " Quint " 485 Center Hill Ave. 794-6242 B.ftb ' ll 2; V.ftb ' ll 1 Morrow, Menasha " Minnie " 839 Magna Carta 753-6299 FBLA 2; YAC 1 Mosley, Lorenzo " Lernard " 70 Middleton Rd. Apt. 207 691-8390 Baseb ' ll Tm. 4 Moss, Valeria " Leria " 1267 Oakland Terr. 30310 753-4297 Adv. Chorus 1; Math Clb 1 Myers, James 3152 Spreading Oak Dr. 30318 Baseb ' ll Tm 2; B.ft ' ll 2 Neal, LaSheila 210 Simon Terr. 30318 799-3393 Oliver, Ormond " 0 " 1717 Centra Villa Apt. 1 794-8922 Hon. Bnd. 4; March. Bnd. 5 — Pres. Odum, William " Billy " 2811 Valley Heart Dr. 691-0136 Drill Tm 1; N. Star Staff 1; Stage Bnd. 3 Partridge, Gregory Patrick, Rodney 142 Hutton PI. 30318 792-0923 B.Bsktb ' ll 1; V.Bsktb ' ll 3; B.ftb ' ll 2; V.ftb ' ll 2 Patterson, Deborah " Pinky- Dink " 2699 Lincoln Ct. 794-2808 B.bsktb ' ll 1; Softb ' ll 1 Peavy, Darryl " Dump " 3233 Mt. Gilead Apt. 58-A 344-0515 Baseb ' ll Tm 3; Adv. Mx. Chorus 4; ROTC 1 Peek, Monica " Shawn " 924 Capital View Ave. 794-9869 Peek, Timothy " Tim " 82 Linkwood Rd. 30311 696-0183 Penix, Margie 1006 Wilkes Cir. 534 799-1749 Adv. G ' Chorus 1 Perdew, Virginia " Tasha " 2640 Hightwer Ct. 30318 799-7234 Debate Tm 3; Hon. Bnd. 5; JHS 2; St. Gov. 1; SDAHSS 2; March. Bnd. 5 — Drum Maj; Miss 8th Gr. Orchestra — 4 Peters, Lasanna 3063 Delmar Ln. 755-4208 Chorus 1; Tennis Tm 3 Phelps, Dexter " Deck " 2515 Hood Ave. 30318 792-3792 Hon. Bnd. 3; March Bnd. 5 Phelps, Valerie " Val " 2515 Hood Ave. 792-3792 Chorus 1; JHS 2; NHS 2; SDAHSS 3; W ' s Who 2 Phillips, Rodney " Yendar " 2253 Jones Rd. 30318 696-6554 Art Clb. 1; A.V. 3 — V. Pres; Comp Cal. 1; Math Clb 1; Sci. Clb. 3; Stage Bnd. 3 Ponder, Lennyce 941 Wilkes Cir. 605 30318 799-5509 Pope. Renita " Frisky " 220 Willis Mill Rd. 696-0867 B.Bsktb ' ll 1; Chorus 1; FBLA 2 — Pres; JHS 2; NHS 2; V. Pep Sqd. 1; SDAHSS 1; W ' s Who 1 Porter, April 3665 Melvin Dr. 346-3804 Adv. G ' Chorus 2 — V. Pres; Adv. Mx. Chorus 1; Flags 3; Math Clb 1; Fr. Clb. 2; Mus. Clb. 1; PECE 1: ROTC 2; St. Gov. 1 Porter, Brad Porter, David 2555 Santa Barbara Dr. 30318 794-1176 Porter, Freddie " Rodney " 2931 Middleton Rd. 203 696-4548 B.bsktb ' ll 1; DECA 1 Prather, Bondyne " Bonnie " 3748 Stamford Rd. 30331 691-0556 Softb ' ll Tm 2 Price. Jacquelyn " Jackie " 3071 Middleton Rd. 1 696-0815 FBLA 1; FHA 1; JHS 2; NHS 2; SDAHSS 1; Miss 9th Grade Pritchett, Frederick " Fred " 853 Kings Grant Dr. 794-8766 B.Bsktb ' ll 3; B.ftb ' ll 2; V. ftb ' ll 2; Y-teens 1 Pritchett, Willie 142 Fairburn Rd. 791-8376 B.ftb ' ll 1 — Capt; V.ftb ' ll 2; JHS 1; Sci. Clb. 1; Span. Clb. 1; Track 4 Pruitt, Ursula " Bussey " 3440 Boulder Park Dr A-11 691-0210 V. Track 1 Pugh, Damita " Mita " 2836 Crescendo Dr. 792-1382 Comp. Cal. 1; Debate Tm. 1; Hon. Bnd. 4; JHS 2; NHS 2: March. Bnd 4; YB 2; SDAHSS 3; Span. Clb. 2; Ws Who 2; SHS 3 Quaynor, Alexander 3004 Middleton Rd 346-1767 B.ftb ' ll 4; ROTC 3 Quayor, Alfred 3004 Middleton Rd 346-1767 Raines. Shenique " Neekie " 502 Woods Dr 794-8142 JHS 2; SDAHSS 3; Span. Clb. 1: B. track 1; Ws. Who 2 Reams. Randall " Randy " 2951 Peek Rd 792-2810 Adv. Mx. Chorus 4; Sci. Clb 2; Golf Tm. 5 Reese. Renita " Neese " 3845 King Edward TrI 30331 349-1259 JHS 1; NHS 2; YB 1: Y-teens 1; Stu. Gov. Trea. 1 Redd. Mia " Flu " 1971 Westwood Ave. 30310 755-2686 or 753-1310 JETS 2; JHS 2; March. Bnd. 3; NHS 2; N. Starette 1; SDAHSS 2; W ' s. Who 2 Reid, Alvincent Reynolds, Sylvester 2680 Mango Cir. 30318 792-2820 Richardson, Angela Richardson, Kevin A. 3546 Meadowridge Dr. 30331 349-4789 Comp. Cal. 1 — Pres. Deb. Tm 4: Hon. Bnd. 4: JETS 1: JHS 2; S. Studies 3; SDAHSS 3; Stage Bnd 3; St. Gov. 1; W ' s. Who 2 Richardson, Tawayna Richardson. Thaddus 953 Wilkes Cir. 577 799-1719 Ridley. Kam L. " Tviiin 1 " 2672 Lincoln Ct. 794-4093 Adv. G ' . Chorus 4 Ridley. Kim " Twin 2 " 2672 Lincoln Ct. 794-4093 JHS 2: NHS 2; Maj. 3 Roberts, Bernetta Roberts, Donna 2271 Kennedy Ct. 799-7545 Hon. Bnd. 2; JHS 2; March. Bnd 4; NHS 2; Ws Who 1 Roberts, Soldin " Sol " 650 Cedar Ave. 799-9811 B. track 1 Robinson, Felechia " Star " 1794 S. Gordon 758-8431 Chorus 1 Robinson. Marvin Robinson. Robin 238 Dupree St. 792-7005 Chorus 1; PECE 1; Sing. Astros 2 Robinson. Sabnna " Brina " 70 Allen Temple Ct. 104 696-8355 FBLA 1; St. Gov. 1 Rogers, Victor " Vic " 1355 Westview Dr. 752-8114 Baseb ' ll Tm. 3; Sci. Clb. 1; Soccer Tm. 4 Roger, Vincent " Buck Rogers " 1355 Westview Dr. 30310 Bnd. Ann. 1; Baseb ' ll 1; Adv. Mx. Chorus 1; JHS 1; N. Star Staff 2; Journalism 2 Rutledge, Valerie " Val " 623 Robert St. 799-5424 DECA 1 — Pres. Samples, Marcus " Polo " 3224 Kingston Rd. 758-2291 DECA 1; ROTC 2: Track 1 Scandrett, Deborah " Debbie " 1991 Delowe Dr. 03 30311 758-6124 Adv. G ' Chorus 2; JHS 3; NHS 2; SDAHSS 2: W ' s Who 2 Scott, Kendrick 195 Fairburn Rd. 30331 691-1706 Shivers, Precious " Red " 929 Wilkes Cir. 794-7139 FBLA 1 Simmons, Astrud Simmons. Calvin " Casual Cal " 2232 Verbena St. 30314 792-7858 or 799-3576 Simon, Ezra " Lynn " 3195 Kingston Rd. 696-5756 Baseb ' ll Tm 4; ROTC 2 Simpson. Jim " Jim-Bo " 743 Harwell Rd 30318 696-6327 A.V. Club 2; Comp. Cal. 1; PECE 1 Sims. James " Red " 3201 Stetson PI. 696-6328 Slocum. Andre " Dra " 785 Peyton Ave. 792-1108 Slocum. Kevin 795 Peyton Ave. 792-1108 DECA 1; Soccer Tm 4 Smith. Brigitte " Brit " 4660 Santa Fe TrI. 344-2070 B. chrld 2; JHS 2; Y-teens 2 Smith, Chauncey 2975 Linkwood PI. 691-9600 Baseb ' ll Tm 1; TennisTm 4 Smith, Grover 2333 Tiger Flowers Dr. 799-7298 or 792-2489 Smith. Juana " Deena " 3051 Delmar Ln. 691-6540 B. chrld 2; JHS 2; NHS 2 Smith, Mervan " Boon " 2488 Scott Ridge Dr. 30318 794-1152 B.bsktb ' ll 2; Adv. Mx. Chorus 4; B.ftb ' ll 1; V.ftb ' ll 3 Smith, Norman " Smitty " 2980 Delmar Ln. 30311 691-7233 A.V. 2; Drill Tm 3; B.ftb ' ll 2: V.ftb ' ll 2; JHS 2: NHS 2; ROTC 3; W ' s Who 1 Smith, Ricky 978 Walden St. 382 794-1738 Smith, Tracey " Tra-C " 3144 Reeves Cir. 2 696-8379 Adv. Mx. Chorus 4; Chorus 1; Flags 1; ROTC 2 Smith, Veronica " Ronnie " 928 Wilkes Cir. Apt. 475 794-7668 Smith, Wallace 585 West Handy Dr. 30318 794-7421 B.ftb ' ll 2; V.ftb ' ll 2; Math Clb 1; ROTC 3; Track 1 Smith, Wanda " Poochie " 2521 Bankhead DECA 1; JHS 1; PECE 1: Sci. Clb. 1; Softb ' ll 1; Tennis Tm 1; Dance Clb. 1 Spearman, Steve 1037 Chivers 339 794-4414 B.Bsktb ' ll 1 Spratley. Isaih " Pumpkin " 568 Commercial Ave. 794-9147 Starks, Sandra " Baba " 2775 Dale Creek 794-0922 PECE 1; ROTC 2: Dance Clb 1 Sterling, Quovadis Stevenson, Robert " Bob " 776 Skipper Dr. 691-8623 A.V. 1; Hon. Bnd. 3: JHS 2; March. Bnd. 4; Mus. Clb. 1; NHS 2; ROTC 1; Sci. Clb. 2 — Pres. Stage Bnd 3 Stewart, Gertha " Gee-Gee " 1498 Andrews St. 755-1263 B.bsktb ' ll 2; Adv. Mx. Chorus 1; Chorus 1: DECA 2 — Pres; PECE 1 Stinson, Caprice " Pre-see " 3042 MIddleton Rd. 20 691-0211 W ' s Who 1 Stokes, Phyllis " Diller " 3508 Adkins Rd. 691-3753 B. chrld 1; Chorus 1; JHS 1; NHS 2 Stokley, Betty 1059 Chivers 332 792-1105 or 752-7577 PECE 1 Stowers, Rodney Sullivan, Alane 1525 Austin Rd. 30331 349-1572 Chorus 1; JETS 3 — V. Pres; JHS 2; Mass. Comm. 3; MathClb. 1; NHS 2; Sci. Clb. 2; SDAHSS 1; V.ftb ' ll stat. 2 Swain, Cassandra Swanson, Arnita " Ne-Ne " 105 Allen Temple Ct. 2 691-5675 Hon. Bnd. 3; JETS 1; March. Bnd. 1; N. Starret 2 Swanson, Edward " Swann " 2500 Center St. 101-D 799-5176 Adv. Mx. Chorus 1; ROTC 1 Tanner, William Taylor, Wayne 400 Fairburn Rd. 224 696-0652 V.Bsktb ' ll 1; B.ftb ' ll 2; V. ftb ' ll 1; ROTC 3; Track 2 Terrell, Darryl " Juan " • 973. Lena St. •30314 758-0363 Terry, William " Bill " ' ' 195 Fairburn Rd. Apt F-12 696-4830 . f B.ftb ' ll 1. Thomas, Damayata " Mooney " 3150 ' Middleton Rd. 2 691 8746 B. chrld 2; Chorus 2; FBLA 1; PECE 1 Thomas, ' -Kenneth " Ken " 2764. Ocean Valley 30349 997-2794 B.Bsktb ' ll 1; V.Bsktb ' il 3; Track 1 Thomas, Patrick " Pat " 3020 Delmar Ln. 30311 691-3142 Baseb ' ll l;Adv. Mx. Chorus 3; Chorus 1; Comp. Cal. 1; C.ftb ' l ' 2; V.Ftb ' ll 2; Math Clb. 2 Thomas, Tuwanda 1856 Camellia Dr. 30032 371-1077 DECA 2; D.R. Clb. 1; PECE 1 Thompksin, Samuel " Sam " 2141 Beecher Cir. 30311 755-9613 Comp, Cal 1; Hon. Bnd. 4; JETS 1; March. Bnd. 4; Sci. Clb. 1: YAC 1 Thompson, Marche " Che " 343 Simpson Terr. 30314 792-8303 Thurmond, Terry Tillman, Royce 2574 Elliot St. 792-7041 JHS 1: NHS 1 Tolbert, Chris 1285 Northwest Dr. 30318 799-5060 Tolbert, Kim Towns, Phillip Trammell, Gregory " Here " 505 Hightower Rd. 30318 794-6260 JHS 1; Math Clb. 1 Travis, Yolanda " Boot " 2806 Chaucer Dr. 30311 691-4200 B.Bsktb ' ll 3; Vars. 2 — Mngr; Hon. Bnd. 3; JHS 2; NHS 2; YB 1: March. Bnd. 4; SDAHSS 3; W ' s Who 2; YIP 2; V. Pres. 1 Tucker, Paul 3014 Middleton, Rd. 203 696-3645 Col. Grd. 3; Orch. 1; ROTC 3 Tuggle, Audrey 925 Jackson Pkwy. 799-3017 Turner, Angela . i25 Dahilia Ave. 30314 794-1668 • Adv. M . Chorus 1; Mass. Comm. 1 Turner, Donna " Skeet " ♦ 755 ron Cir. 30318 , 794-6825 r Adv. Mx. Chorus 3; Chorus 1; PEC l Turiter, Oliver " Olive " ■450 E. Kildare 50318 691-0019 Astro Mus. ' 2; " Baseb ' ll 1; » Comp. Cal. 1; Hon. March. Bnds. 3; Stage . 3 • Turpeau, Aaron " Rip " 3450 Revere Rd. 30331 349-3662 Hon. Bnd. 2; JETS 1; JHS 2 — V. Pres; March. Bnd. 4 — Drum Maj; Mass. Comm. 2 — Pres: NHS 2; S. Stud. Clb. 3 — V. Pres; SDAHSS 4; St. Gov. 1 — Pres; W ' s Who 2; V. Pres. 1 Usher, RonadI " Bruce " 732 Hightower Rd. 794-1864 Sci. Clb. 3 Varner, Gail 45 Linkwood Rd. 696-2969 JHS 1; Sci. Clb. 1 Walker, Lorna Y. 1344 Northwest Dr. 792-3637 Comp. Cal 1; DECA 1; N. Starette 2 Ward, Christopher " Chris " 403 Westchester Blvd. 30314 792-8149 JHS 1; NHS 2 Ware, Quentin L. 2983 Baker Ridge Dr. 30318 696-5763 Astro Mus. Soc. 2; Hon. Bnd. 5; March. Bnd. 5; Stage Bnd. 5 Warner, Latonya B. " Tonya " 405 Oakside Dr. 30331 691-8838 FHA 1; Hon. Bnd. 4; JHS 2; March. Bnd. Math Clb. 8; NHS 2; N. Starette 2; Span. Clb. 2; W ' s Who 3; Gymas. Clb. 3 — Pres. Watkins, David " Reginald " 2542 Godfrey Dr. 755-4007 Art Clb. 3 Watkins, Lisa " Lisa-Boo " 4070 Doster St. 30331 696-7652 V. chrld 1; Sec. 1; Bus. Man. 1; Sci. Proj. 1; Jr. Civitan 1 Watkins, Sylvania 2542 Godfrey 799-9033 or 755-4007 Hon. Bnd. 4; March. Bnd. 4 Weaver, Carmelita 1355 Kimberly Way 195 344-2677 FBLA 1; JETS 1; Math Clb 1; St. Gov. 1 Whatley. Margo 2957 Eleanor Terr. 30318 Hon. Bnd. 2; JHS 2; March. Bnd. 3 Treas; NHS 2; YB 1; SDAHSS 2; T-teens 1 Pres; Sec. 1; Pres. 1 White, Gregory Wilder, Robert " Rob " 484 Peyton Rd. 755-7550 A.V. Club 2; Hon. Bnd. 2; NHS 2; March. Bnd. 3; Math Clb 1 Williams, Brenda " Bren " 3440 Roulder Park Dr. Apt. B 691-0546 Williams, Denise " Nise " 1064 Chivers St. 315 794-0818 B.Bkstb ' ll 1 Williams, Pamela " Pam " 2588 Santa Barbara 30318 794-1698 Chorus 1; PECE 1; Sci. Clb 1 Williams, Seniqua " Tat " 487 Larchmont Cir. 30318 696-0188 Chorus 1; FBLA 1; FHA 1; PECE 1 Williamson, Maria " Angel " 2946 Collier Dr. 30318 691-5995 Adv. Mx. Chorus 1; Chorus 1 Willis, Kenneth Willis. Rodney " Rod " 1200 Wilkes Cir. 222 792-9355 Wilson, Carlos " Low " 32 Arlington Dr. 30311 691-4676 Adv. Mx. Chorus 3; B.ftb ' ll 2; V.ftb ' ll 2 Wingfield, Sherral " Sherry " 1484 Northwest Dr. 799-9002 Fut. Lawyers 4; March. Bnd. 4 Wise, Pickette 2557 Hightower Ct. 30318 794-1749 V.Bsktb ' ll 1; B.Bsktb ' ll 3; Adv. Mx. Chorus 2; Fre. Clb. 2; JETS 3; Orch. 5 — Pres. Womble, Valencia Woodford, Cynthia " Cynt " 648 Hightower Rd. 794-6391 JHS 2; NHS 2 Woodruff, Vincent " Vince " 5724 Riversale Apt. A-14 996-0810 Woods, Karia 6685 BuckHurst Trail 964-6508 Hon. Bnd. 3; JHS 2; NHS 2; SDAHSS 2; March. Bnd. 3; W ' s Who 2 Wright, Chandrea " Chundy " 146 Stratford Dr. 691-1443 Chorus 1; Comp Cal 1; Debate Tm 2; Mass Comm 2 — Sec; YB 1; Slags 2 — Pres. YAC 2 Wright, Vanessa " Vendetta " 728 Aline Dr. 30318 799-6829 Adv. Mx. Chorus 2; Chorus 1 Young, Arnez ling, ' Nezetta " Zfetta " 1010 4th Street 793-9471 PECE 2; Y-teens 2 Zeigler, Alesher 3045 Middelton Rd 101 691-2844 DECA 1; Jr. Civitans 1 Zellous, Nadreline " Nagie " 1037 Chivers St. 337 794-2957 YAC 1 — Pres ■fjijut ' TPa " Citf- Z,jjilj n -uL J Ctr ' - i»ij v i. ty_p : . O-i ytK. Ljyi- - iTUre i ' ' ' ' -t ? .jjjLxA ' tydju .lay -M . ■ Ijcjvv ::io-vi i i t ' Ay y yJ ' XI ' MX X5wu Xl u-t _ ' i- -«.- - ' i ;a frr

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