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-bv . Qui ' I. w 4 Class of '67 presenfs the firsi Qsrguz- iLm1',-rnmlm n FREDERICK COMMUNITY COLLEGE Frederick, Maryland 1 .A7'.!7'.A'f7.77'.77' .f.7J.7".A7".A7J' .AfA7'.A7J.7'.!.7'.!.7J7J.7'.A77' .!.VJ.7'.f.7'.A7'.A'f'.A'fA7J' .f.7'.4fA7J.7'..A'l'.!.7'.f7'.A'fJ.7'.A"!'.A7'J.7J77.7'.A7'.!:!'.A'fA'!'.l:fA'AA'!J7'.A'fA'!'.A'fA'f What does A115115 reolly mean? In Greek mythology, Argus, whose name means "vigi- lant guardian," was the son of Arestor. He was a giant of renowned strength. He had killed a bull which was ravaging Arcadia and had slain Echidna, daughter of Tartarus and Gaea. Argus had one hundred eyes. Fifty eyes remained open While the other fifty were closed in sleep. He was said to be "all seeing." Io the sister of Phoioneus was the goddess Hera. Zeus fell in love with Io. In 01 dei to quell his Wife Heia s suspi- cions Zeus changed Io into a White heifer. Heia pretended to be deceived and asked him for the heifer as a gift and placed the animal in the caie of A1 wus. Zeus ordei ed Helmes to set Io fi ee. Hermes with the sound of his flute lulled Argus to sleep and cut off his head. lo honor Argus who served her Hera distributed his eyes over the tail of her favorite bird the peacock. 1 ' N 1 1 u 1 , , . - .O . . . y , . 1 1 o v 1 I 7 .A'f'.!.7'.A'f'.CfCfZl'.f7Zf!?ffZfJZAf'.CfZff7ZfZf'.4f!?!?A!'.!7ffZf!Y DEDICATION This being the first, of what we hope to be a long line of yearbooks, We would like to dedicate "our book" to President Svveadner for his brilliant service as our college leader for the past ten years. We would like especially to recognize him for the y-ear past, 1966-'67, It kill l ll Duval W. Sweudner President A.B., M.Ed., Western Maryland College Duval W. Sweadner was appointed the first president of the Frederick Community College in the summer of 1957 - several months prior to the opening of the college in September and has continued in the position for the past ten years. Mr. Sweadner was born and reared in Frederick County and has served in the Frederick County public school system as teacher, principal, super- visor, and college administrator for thirty years. He holds both a A.B. and a M.Ed. degree from Weste1'n Maryland College and has had additional Work at The Johns Hopkins University and Teachers College, Columbia University. At the end of the current academic year, his resignation as President of the college will become effective and he will assume his new duties as Director of Admissions. Mr. Sweadner is married and lives in Libertytown. He and Mrs. Swead- ner are the parents of four children. DEDICATION l 1Wl,,llll l lily! X l mi lililwnr - ' -,. llimn . Dr. Dorothy Elliott Second, We of the ARGUS staff Wish to make a special dedication to a special person - Dr. Dorothy Elliott. Dr. Elliott, Who agreed to be the first faculty advisor of our Argus, has Won a special place in our hearts and in our thoughts. To us, she was the spark that lit the candle. She has fought many battles on behalf of the yearbook and its staff. We believe she was one responsible for keeping alive the book and stimulating student interest. To Dr. Elliott W-e owe our gratitude and faith. Gratitude for having given us the initiative to work hard for a success, and for being a responsible advisor. Our faith is for students who will follow, for We are sure they too will find Dr. Elliott a re- warding individual. We express our deep appreciation to you Dr. Elliott by the dedication of the first ARGUS, for having helped make possible its success. The 1966-'67 staff thank you from the bottom of our hearts. ADMINISTRATION II 'll Lewis W. Stephens Dean of Instruction B.S., M.Ed., The Johns Hopkins University Ed.D., University of Maryland Lewis W. Stephens assumed his duties as Dean of In- struction on July 1, 1966 and at the beginning of the 1967- 68 academic year he will succeed Mr. Sweadner who resigned as the chief administrator of the college. Dr. Stephens was born and reared in Baltimore County. I-Ie holds both a B.S. and a M.Ed. degree from the Johns Hopkins University and a D. Ed. from the University of Maryland. Before coming to Frederick Community College, Dr. Stephens was associated with lV1cDonogh School as a teacher, counselor, and administrator for a period of fifteen years. During World War II he served two years with the U. S. Air Force in the South Pacific. He has also served as a life in- surance underwriter in the sales field. Dr. Stephens, his wife, and two children live in Eastview. Charles L. Righfer Director of Student Personnel A.B , Fairmount State College M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers Ed.D., West Virginia University Emily A. Pu Registrar yne Mrs. Payne retired June 30 We'ZZ miss her! A.B., Hood College 6 w WMM H ', wil! , W ta rt i Q H r W M I Q 3 Q' PM it iftwitt '!M1,iiMm'i'l tti WL it r ti Harmmb m1iimi it iv mi H wi w wr W M w ,,,'H11"N,'l mi: MESH ,"' mil w,.' !M,"mi" NIV lwx it11iW'EEW'qimWx 1 mm" N W in W Hx WW W iiii Wifwiwrt HQMMYJWWWi WirGiVii1iiFitutinitWmVw 'l l, tw t i t it W it 1,"'1g'll w"" w x'Ug,"'m Wg" 1,Mv'mmm'.N ,CMWM1,"'m,i!N'NM' 1,.N tj",,Wm:x'HNm 1 H, WN, NM W, ,N ' W MW' j XE! f W Mm it 'V U i ' W W Mutt L lwitJMim HWHMWMMiWMMNMNNNWWH IH 'N will mimi! 'Www'i!!jlmlw Us A WWHM Mmiiu ll' lwwiiwnMHHINWxlmlimhl H 'MW Edward H. Pyles Bookkeeper Janet Rhoien Secretary to the President y Mmiuullmlx mm WW N Mary R. Nicodemus Secretary I I erll 114 UVIVUIN vwgmy 'y1WN'fwLxx w'j,w,wg,,w1":V H' W IH' 'H ,,'! uv 'w,"1,m'j,f"',x X r M N! , M my! , W i1'AH51JJiY'1'W'Nq W Y I ' wi Y 1 1' W' wiwmfvwliyff1":,1'i', M' ,,,"1 1 ,M M1 ' "'J:x"',y,1x' ","1w',,,"",N WM" W 'W 1"" , "'1 , ,'1, mx W 'Fff,N"Nmx1"lj1i: XM W!fWff'nW' an nnnn mrmefnvannewfmwmwwenM N er n + + + + v J e + 1MwwwW mf' 5 H ' wwwlwwwanpwmwwwlf1nnwwavmveafnw11wwwJ1+:lwwwwwc+':w we M15 WK, , ,w,, J! 1' HL, J N IF ' ' Ml -VI4 1 4yr11-v wmuwwummkwlminmi X X X wma! evfww H W Wx W H ww ww 1 'J I W W'W'WUWQWwillL ffQEfffElTUAWiWlwww xVVWWWANGWN' ' "l ' '1 X Y ,ll I o y 3 l w , W Ny 1" W N W Y n .L . U ,,.. , , KW W W N W ,N W Q a W JN "MAJ Rachael E. dfe Rosset Librarian B,A., Wilson College . M.A., Lehigh University Bonnie Webb Secretary 'll HW' W' MW'llW4Vi" V' fr L C r r 1 'U lf'W'WWf'ff1fll4fl't "+f'lllHerlm y gt l EW Wm!tltalliiillligmwjf ,I L' t I 'llWWWWUUHNHtllll N J MUN M.. u pu , N. , X 'llllm X UML H H llllllll Wlll ylw' "Sm I ll"ll'lli W 'Qyi,'1,H'i.,g, 'w,1g1wH,,1Q WlglwgpwlppwllWW, WWl3,r1,H, yy llfrlym L i Wtwwmwwwwwwvliit it 'l vwuwQltnWnmwwml W, mtl wi in in it in lllllwllll 'll l u 'ull ,- --w-1 ww ., , 1 "' ll wviillll llllu' , it L it tt im. tttt w w L it not n l fl 'M lllffltll'W1Wt,J,l1g3tU, W" it i i ltittt1' l ' Kenneth R. Bromfielcl Lecturer - Botany and Ecology ' 7: '1'Nx . ' ' , H ,. ' 1: blfl,W"'rw,'lu111wls.,"w..NWww 1 I Www... v. W l 1TltllWVWWPHTWNTLMLww , tiitiii -111, Xl' t M m ,N ,, , ', lu! w1""'1i5'1141-,:yq"f' UN H" l L L wx. f l i W 'f lr' "ll l llllll''l'wi'l'lmllwlflwl' 'l' 'WllWNNlllll4I U'lllw'll1xsl1w"'w:'l'Hl'Nu''ll W ll H wx N ,,, ,H HIM! 1 1, ,H ,,w!wM'm!1x H! lx 5 I W wx ,J W 5 all I w xl X Walter D. Foster Lecturer - Mathematics 8 FACULTY l'Nl'iwl'lwll ',w"' WM "" 'NWN ,NWN "'1" Wh "', N H ,-W' 'w"'wl'!w,,x:,'!1l"'i ,"",, UW,lQ'1x!,1l!xl32NW1 1 1- ' 'lwwwx w WW I Curl C. Emerick Assistant Prof. - Mathematics Gerald C. Llewellyn Lecturer - Biology Dorothy V. Elliott Dr. Elliott will be the new Director of Nursing B.S., M.S., Ohio University M.A., Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University llllllllllllllll W umm. , ml lx in W H. w 'M at l a l all mil " MMIII!! 'N' 'rl' 'N' tll "lv" ' m,.1:11'wq3:W NWN." ol W, zllilllx m 1 ,Qi1ll1F,,Lw,wrw.g!N!rWx! WWL1,,,w ,,,V W1 ,Q ,'1,. H llldlu t+lWW.iIlN1"i j'lWMfwyi1,M l'lllf!1llj'l'lWllllwllll3'lmu1'X Wx' l H ,yy Will JW' MlHlllwillWm:wuYHww1n twflE"Tl1vlWhww W iiiil lawlml Edith V. Mooney Lecturer - History FACULTY ' " 11 1' 11: vw" W ' """ v-:w yy gm X , W w X H W N WI u nr HI I W , .tt R R, J'Nx"' tthr WM t ,x M J' 1 Richard T. Nell Lecturer - Geography Ronald C. Remsburg Lecturer - Philosophy Y 'Nw " ' " ' ' 1 W" I"'1V'M c"y'U,::,'1 Robert A. Seidel Lecturer -- Economics wwf NN iuwlju 'H' Eihel W. Righfer Lecturer - Physical Education ru .M Martha W. Tabor Instructor - English James F. Zimmerman Lecturer - Physical Education 9 FREDERICK COMMUNITY COLLEGE OUR SEAL: M UN, 7' Q66 marqholllf O X 40620 'Ls g G Q 'P f 50 O ',, 1, QL I UJ dm nc 'G 0 u. , Q yi A LLL .30 I vp. 95 gf 5 '9 - f .-,Bs . 4:6 Fouwnso 957 05910 K M PPA OUR COLORS: GREEN and SILVER OUR MOTTO: "Go ever foward, upward, onward. 10 OUR FUTURE HOME: WW LWLQNixW xL W EH ,H Q1 , ' Lrg? Mw2wiq'LQ' 4,11,,W,: W1 LLLLJ3LWLLQ,N.Wm.,1N 2:uE2WwLY2uLTfLNEmu W1 xw'LLwULW' 1 W. www ' ' n N ww w ULN W LfHwk,L'1LWLILLLML 1LLLjlQi!Lg,i.,NL'.!Ll:N3 E ,1"'MN'1WNxUZl':.ll N , MW, MM ' gLLL"LwN,w ,JL ,,"LLL' Q, LLAWLLLLHMLL LL L ,w,AW,,y1L:ww vQw1,1,,ipW Y. ' M NL W W LLWWL LLL ,,,w,.ww 'M' 'Wmmm mm wmmmmmmmmm My4QR ,N QM, MIL H LJ M num M UH I l NNW N x M M mL UWM WMMMMN :M 'N EH L,kM,nLYL1:WN.mwyLN! M L, 1 X 'WLM LWlLLQLilQdLNxL N LLLLN NULL! M11WWQMM1J'L1UgLw1FyLg+g1 W L1 L L LLM LLLLLqHwLMLL1R LLLL LLL LL L J:PWM'gHwl11mUN'LHbws+Wxg,UWHL! MMHHU L WRkmwwiw11:MMM:E+gW ' WM ,,'wwL1M1yL'WN PLL' 'LLLLLLMQ 1. mx L' E- 1' L1LMMLWWNxrwWHuwMLULMMNLNLLLLlL'WLLL wwwwww+Lf2Wvw L L L ' WL!-"L1y'L "La, 4-fLLX1LVL:w'J'1:"4LLLewLNmLLN,:..mxa ' Wa' w vL"N W wwHuwvws1wv2WVLESvwwLwwwfuwww221wwwmmweMW MW ELL!WWWXQLNLNWLLLELLNNLL'1LWLNL''WWMLIFLLWWLL'W1LL'LwLLLLLNMNL' wLLLLLLLL5LLW XF E NMHLLLEML,ZLLL,,Q1LL?Lq'LRiLLiLLLMLLWQLLWLL1,LLLfhlLWULwLLL1m RRR, MJLHWLQLELLWLLLLMNJ L L LL LHLLQLLLNEWQL LRWLMQLLHLLLLLL I MLW W 'WLrlLLL LW 'L LL' LL'wwWL,LLw,MW" LL ,,LgfNLNLE,WW15LLvNiLL' LMWLHRLLLWRL'5QNZLLLEHFLLQNLLNM..LyM.Ns.Lf"' ML w WL+LuLLL3VlMW R NLHM LQNLL W+'LLNQM1N www LL LLL L' LLL'L--U' L R LL11:M L W L L LLLLLLLLLLLL'LLLLLWL LLLL LLL1va:xuxxzn Ll LMNLLL1LLLLL 'vw Lv, LLL LLL LL LLL L R,E, LL L M 1221 1 . L K hyxsusgwiwl WML E M I+ X E W LNX'1wLL1LLLLLLLw,LLwxLLL',.NLLLL'EWL' !'LL .XMI 1 ld H,,NLLNNL,N!LLLLNLLWL'1' mm ER! EM W W w-Wvuymwxt' wmgLLWL'Zw LW GNMHM EW .Lx L Lu LwL1N LL , V L WL WUELLXLHLLL M LWwww+WSEN4- LLL LL LLM w w uw Lhmu1fwmM1fRNWW WWWL N 15 NWWWW,M X w L LL "LWWLNXWNWSWNMXW ' KWRNkENiWL1MwwmH + ,il "" W," MJ LL.' ' 1 L, WLM mm . ,. MLLLW vwWL'L+ M L L ww M W1L-,W Ji H RL W ' L L Lwvwi Mil Ur, R L I M 1WLlMNLNwN .L 'LWLLLLLLL L M L LN R wvuw+1waLv+LL L w WQQW n M M LN- LL ll we!-2114wE E ,, E E MR MULLNLLA' LS FREDERICK COMMUNITY COLLEGE The Frederick Community College was founded in 1957. Temporary facilities for the first college were made available at the Frederick High School where college was conducted as an evening school. In the first year ninety-one students were enrolled. A total of nearly five hundred day and evening students were enrolled in the fall of 1966. At present the Frederick Community College is located in its own facility in downtown Frederick. This is another temporary expansion. A new campus is being planned on one hundred ten acres of land on the outskirts of the city. Present plans call for the opening date of this new plant not later than September 1970. It is believed that the future of our country rests upon the development of the capacities of its people, both for self-reali- zation and for the common good. As our modern American society becomes more complex and sophisticated, the need for education beyond the high school becomes a responsibility for the vast majority of the population. To meet this increasing educational need at the college level, the College, a community facility, gears its program to satisfy the demands for Frederick County residents. The College doors are open to everyone who aspires to any degree of college education if the entrance require- ments are met. Frederick Community College is an in- stitution where students can evaluate their ability and at the same time explore their Held of academic and occupational interest. To carry forth this state philosophy, the Frederick Community College aims to provide educational experiences which help students to: 1. appraise realistically their goals, achievements, and behavior. 2. expand their knowledge and un- derstanding of the world about them. 3. practice ethical behavior based on moral and spiritual values. 4. prepare for adult responsibilities as citizens and as members of family and community groups. 5. develop skills and techniques use- ful for further academic study, occupational proficiency, and more satisfying living. To attain these objectives the Fred- erick Community College provides three broad educational programs: 1. The Arts and Sciences and pre- professional education for students who intend to transfer to bacca- laureate programs in four-y-ear colleges and universities. 2. General and occupational educa- tion for students who wish to study at this level but who do not intend to continue their education beyond the two-year post-high school period. 3. Courses to assist students of all ages, iterests, and abilities to im- prove occupational skills or en- hancc personal development. A majority of the courses are offered at the College's temporary facilities located at 520 North Market Street in Frederick. This recently renovated building includes classrooms, administrative ofiices, library, student lounge and food center, and faculty lounge. Classes in business education, natural science, and physical education are held at the new Governor Thomas Johnson High School in Frederick. This facility, regard- ed as one of the largest and most mod-ern educational facilities in the state, is design- ed to accomodate the high level courses offered by the Community College. The College expects to occupy its new 110 acre campus before September 1970. 11 ' , X, 'X N mu: 'wwx Wl:x'lx:'s W in ll ll ll if ll T l T ll willWMJWVWww I ltllll ll ll tl l l HI!1l'WllmslNHqflNlmmU' MW W 'MIN' , yi X lll'lllllllwwl"lt'l1l"'uum..flm. 'WI 'N ,ll 1 l Ronald Lee Albaugh 'Ron' . . . "Thinks he is the school's tennis champ" . . . Spends much time on tennis counts and in the halls of F.C.C. 1 . . Believes F.C.C. needs a place for a fellow to go in his spare time . . . Needs better social life and athletic program . . . Tennis, Student Council, Vice President - Sophomore Class . . . Future - Towson and Bio- logical Research. Susan Elizabeth Dodd Susan . . . pretty hair . . . spends free time playing tennis . . ' Dislikes - poor teachers . . . Library Anns, Yearbook Bake Sale and Car Wash . . . Future - Towson 12 GRADUATING Stanley Cevario KNO photo availablej N ll it Sally Elaine Dodd Sally . . . Short and friendly . . . Spends free time with 'Gary' . . . Feels F.C.C. provides many opportu- nities for students and teachers . . . Pet Peeves - Honor system and lack of school spirit . . . Library Anns, Assistant Librarian, Newspa- per . . . Future - Towson State Col- lege. SOPHOMORES ffmwmw PmfiliwwwiwiiWill:wmutmx W X MM 'M . M Robert Gordon Fritz 'Bob' . . . Has a nasty habit but is well on his way to permanent cure . . . Spends most of time at home or halls of F.C.C .... Likes atmosphere of F.C.C. inter space . . . Student Council President, A11 social func- tions . . . Future - Biological Sci- ences. w M," John David Fox 'Dave' . . . Social Darwinist . . . Spends free time on scholarly pur- suits . . . likes the atmosphere of intellectuallist . . . plays chess . . . Future - Mt. St. Mary's V, w, 1 by Frederick Stanley Fuhrmon 'Freddy' . . . A lot of laughs . . . A 'barrel' of fun and 'beer' . . . 'Soul City's father . . . Pet Peeve - Cherry bombs . . . Future - who knows? 13 .Iohn Murray Goodman John . . . Has a pleasant egotistical air. . .enjoys rattling the administra- tion . . . Then there's the cute 'filly' . . . Newspaper staff . . . Future - Onward?? Mary Martha Hall Mary . . . red wax ring on left hand . . . Says F.C.C is "great" . . . Student Council, Sophomore Class Secretary, SCOPE, Library Anns . . , Future - Atlantic Christian and 2nd Grade Teacher - Cwe bet the altar comes firstl- 14 , ,wut H w.: , Merle Lee Guyton Merle . . . Calm and collected . . . Bike riding and Woodworking oc- cupies spare time . . . F.C.C. gives individual attention for students . . . Married, has two daughters, employ- ed by Potomac Edison . . . Future - Undecided. I t.. H pyppp y pypp M U W N p p p M it 4 Wim pi W 'H n ,,, ,N l , Multi ll WfW",!?+1 'QE""r! H W 1' will limb" M, Ni H 3 1 WH ww Penelope Susan Hoffman 'Penny' . . . Sweet blonde with match- ing personality . . . never stops talk- ing . . . found anywhere . . .F.C.C. provides an opportunity for students to see if they are college material without a lot of expense . . . Year- book . . . Future - U. of Md. Daniel Charles Hedges 'Chuck' . . . Friendly, sense of humor . . . What's the frown for Chuck? . . . Spends time in the library . . . the F.C.C. Building is bad . . . Sophomore Class Treasurer, Student Council . . . Future - U. of Md. iEconomicsJ. WH Raymond Miller Hummer Ill 'Ray' . . . Nice guy . . . Usually seen with a certain girl . . . Clorox factory . . . Likes F.C.C .... Future - Time will tell. 15 .loan Edna Kefauver 'Joariie' . . . Don Juan of the weaker sex . . . Then was none . . . Now there's Ray . . . Oh, yes! Never know where she is . . . Future - Ask Ray. ' ""' ' "if WHEN Shirley Linda Miller Shirley . . . Shy? but far from quiet . . . McCroy's . . . Pet peeve - little room on 2nd floor . . . "F.C.C. allows students to work and help pay for their education . . . Yearbook . . . Future - U. of Md. 16 Joyce Marie Martin Joyce . . . Cute kid . . . Broad smile . . . sually seen with a certain guy . . . Pet peeve - there's History and Biology . . . Future - Ask Joyce. ,mlm l- Nelson McGill Piifinger 'Mac' . . . Sense of humor . . . Straight Ace . . . Spends most of time at home Cunfortunatelyl . . . Vice President of Student Council - received all the honors on Com- mencement Day. Congrats Mac - from the Yearbook Staff . . . Future - Shepherd College .lohn Atwell Robertson John . . . Sense of humor . . . Friend- ly . . . Makes good use of U. S. Gov' ernment Printing Offxce . . . Future - Frostburg. nil J Thomas Richard Rollins 'Tom' . . . A11 that hair . . . Would you believe he's really a brain . . . Future - University of Maryland. 17 Robert Oliver Sharpe 'Bob' . . . Enjoys sports . . . Friendly . . . Good Personality . . . One of the Three Musketeers. Richard Edward Summers 18 WW dddddd dddl l l' Nl. ll?WEl' wi M if li ii ,iwwivXixXN mN wKi lqdmm'lifMllllllaxiG:1'wm"ll Carol Ann Sithens Carol . . . just full of pep . . . good personality, friend to all . . . usually home or window shopping . . . dis- likes insufficient work materials . . . Likes F.C.C.'s informal friendly at- mosphere . . . Served on many school functions . . . Future - R. N. and B.S. - American University. Elizabeth Walker KNO photo availablej Connie Priscilla Ward Connie . . . Likes Tennis, Modern Lit' erature, Classical Music . . . Dislikes rain . . . Freshman year - Secretary of Freshman Class, Scope Editor . . . Sopohornore Year - 'Secretary of Student Council, Scope staif . . . Future - Salisbury State Teachers College and Fred. Larry Wade Thompson Larry . . . An eye for the girls . . . Sense of 'humor . . . Library and office are where he can be found . . . Sophomore Class Representative to Student Council, Photographer for SCOPE, all school functions . . . Future - Towson Suzanne Lee Yanike Suzanne fSquawj . . . F.C.C.'s an- swer to the world of toys Cbaby dolls? . . I-Iails from Lincoln, Ne- braska . . . has a sparkling zest that is contagious . . . "Spas 41" . . . . . . Secretary of Student Council this year, Yearbook staff, SCOPE, Library Anns, Womenis Rec. Associ- ation . . . Future - U. of Md. CEle- mentary teacherl. 19 i U 1 I HMI Hill Mary Marie Zimmerman Mary . . . Sunny personality . . . always ready to help . . . friendly to everyone . . . "to a world of my own" . . . Likes general atmosphere at F.C.C. - student-teacher relation- ships . . . Dislikes hours of class . . . Library Ann, President of Luther League of Mt. Zion Church, Member of Senior Choirs . . . Future - Un- decided but we want to hear Phi1's side of it. NON- GRADUATING SOPHOMORES X Robert Sheridan Barber Margaret Elizabeth Biser 20 pil 'x M ,. U Billie Elizabeth Bowers Terry Eugene Boose 'Booze' . . . Likes Art CSculptureJ . . Usually seen in a cut-off sweater . . Found eating at the bowling alley . . Money . . . Skiing, Golf, Soceer, Swimming, Spilonking . . . Future - U. of Md. flilducationb. Michael Leon Blickenstaff 'Blick' . . . "Hard-Working" . . . Sports all the way . . .Free-time??? . . .F.C.C. Basketball team, Yearbook, Track . . . Future - Could go three ways: U. of Md. or Tenn. Tech. or State Police. Mary Catherine Brookey Mary . . . Nice kid . . . Has a look- a-1ike?? . . . Future - ??? 21 L Tommy Lee Brown Tommy . . . Friendly . . . always iirst with Hi! . . . Usually found at sing out practice choir, lounge, or home On the subject of FCC don't dislike anything but I do think we need more social activities "Love that job" . . . Church Choir, Sing-out Frederick, Teachers Aid . . . Future - U. S. Air Force and Edu- cation. 1 Hazel Mintz Bryant . . . a top student . . . a hard Worker . . . A Yearbook pusher - enjoys seeing progress made by a Progress- ing College . . . Says "We need more student interest and participation not activities" . . . Future - F.C.C. Nursing Program. 22 Karl Mark Brusf 'Butch' . . . Usually seen with a cer- tain someone . . . Friendly . . . F.C.C. Basketball, Yearbood car wash and bake sale . . . Future -Ask Karen. Mi! Nw HN' wx U 'ymw1y!'1wH'1wr'HHwi!"wN"ww"'wW'iw vl"'1w"'ww "H W W u 'N ,. wi r , r , , nv L 3 'MJWM L iw James William Burdette 'Jimmy' . . . We11?? . . . HoW's Sue?? . . . Hard working . . . Pleasing per- Arlene Anne Campbell sonality . . . Future - Economics- Business. Arlene . . . Party-time folks . . then there he was . . . Jim Who?? . . . Likes F.C.C .... Salisbury transferee . . . Future - Ring finger, left hand?? Patsy Ann Clark 'Patty' . . . Long blonde hair . . . Found over at Dickey's . . . Likes F.C.C. students . . . Dislikes F.C,C. lack of spirit . . . too many tests . . . Yearbook, Library Anns . . . Future - F.C.C. Nursing Program. 23 r . X V Ralph William Dufrow 'Dutty' . . . Nice guy . . . Usually seen cracking the books . . . Future - Army has him. Eunice Fay Grimes Eunice . . . Known for her laugh . . . a smile for everyone . . . Found any- place the Brethren Church will let her . . . "Noisy library 'cuz Eunice is thereg dirty lounge 'cuz Eunice isn't there . . . SCOPE, CBYF, Directs Children's Choir . . . Future - Salis- bury State. 24 Eric Lee Gafrell Eric . . . He's married and has a little girl . . . No free time . . Likes everyone's friendliness . . . Varsity Basketball '65 to '67 for F.C.C .... Future - U. of Md. wx. v , QQ U!! 1 g' ' ' ' N James Joseph Karl 'Jim' . . . ooh, that blonde hair . . . then there wasfis Arlene . . State Farm . . . Future - Maybe we should ask a certain girl. Carolyn Loretta Grossnickel . . . Has a pleasing personality . . . Always smiling . . . Aldon, I believe . . . Texas . . . Bridgewater transferee Future - Bridgewater and then A1- don. Dennis Richard Kuhn r Denny' . . . that beard . . .????? . . Need we say more . . . Future - To iinish school. r 25 Q' W 11 X 1 W W X 1 vii!1H"U1WxH"wNlNNw"w wm.1i1U1N.,u., ,1 w , 11 1 C mul. W, Q, M,1u,mN, Wm 1u M 1 1 y. 11 ,. H, m1 , H my Wi, M,,,,vm1,,,!,,,9 Paul Milhouse Mclnfyre "Mac-'Y'-Boy" . . . Kind of dumb but a nice guy . . . Joe's Plumbing 8z Heating Warehouse . . . Future - Wedding bells and good times may- be? ,, , I W ,V W, '11' '111,,'1 1'1 '1 N 1 11 ' 1 1 1 1w.. 11' ,gi 1. ,w:,,gmm,11l Mariorie Kathleen Murphy Margie . . . Towson - ugh!! . . . Mur- phy's Plumbing . . . Mike . . . parties ... Mike ...Then there was . .. Future - Towson? 26 Gary Lee Miller Gary . . . Nice guy . . . There's the library . . . likes F.C.C. and what F.C.C. contains . . . Future - Ask Gary. llU11111i1111H 1'11N11' 1 111 '111111l111111111ji1!11 111111ll1111111M1111111111115 11111111i1111111 li 111111111'1111111111111W111111 Mary Louise Phillips Mary f'Chief'j . . . Always smiling . . . willing to help with anything . . 1 Big-hearted . . . aifl of the big 3 . . . Usually found around school or at home . . . "Distinguished Scholar"??? . . . Hard working and always striv- ing for the top . . . Says "F.C.C. stu- dents need more spirit not more ac- tivities" . . . Likes closeness of stu- dents to teachers . . . Co-Editor of Yearbook, Pres. of Women's Rec. Assoc., Jack 'n Jill Day Nursery cKifl' dergarten teacherl, Captain F.C.C. Girls Basketball . . 1 Future - U. of Md. iPhysica1 Educationl. l111"'l ' 1' "" 1' 1 1 '11' '11 ii'- ll 1 111111 1 111 t 1 1 1 l1111jl11ll111,1l1jj11l1Jl1'jjf1j1jC'W' 'W li! f111lll 1 lil 'iii 1 1l lx dhlllmwuflrlnw 1 1 1 1 1 .1 1- 1 . 11,1 .11 . 1 1"lI'11 1 11 1 1 1 1.11" 1 1 Margaret Elizabeth Myers 'Libby fBrcwej' . . . 432 of 3 Mus- keteers of F.C.C .... always trying . . . usually in a mess . . 1 wants to help . . . Free time, huh?? . . . Likes Psych and Hygiene . . . History is the limit . . . F.C.C. V. Pres. of WRA, Yearbook, Social functions . . . Fu- ture - F.C.C. Nursing Program. N S1 1111111 M11 F11 '1 1 ' l 11"111wl1l3111 l L' lil ll ' 11"i11 l1l111111l ll1ll11l1l1111U1 l ' li Y W lp Y 11 H' 1 1 1 fl! 1 111 'll 111ll11gQ11'111l i 11 1111111- 111 H M' l1Yl1111111l1111111i ll ll ii 1 lw 'll-ll '11' 1 111l1111lll' 1 'tml 11l'1111v11111l1 1.ll1i 111 1 ll 11x 11 Y- 1 1: 1 1 111 'pl' ' 11 1 ' I 1: 11Jw111111iPll'l " WI ' wil 11 Judith Sell Rice Judy . . . Nice girl . . . Married to a former F. C. C. grad . . . Future - Talk to her! 27 Richard Charles Rippeon 'Rich' . . .One of F.C.C.'s Soul City men . . . Lounge . . . Convertible . . , Future - ??? Mx, by ll Ml V lv li Q ww Hx W ,ll UH ' ll ll 2,1 :N X X X X uW1,'.1 null. V , hill, M! A I M WHulllmwlllhllllllWx li ll ll 'fumliitllyyyil gil33Mfll1E:'Y i Mlm it it ,jul NTI . l,!",,,v1,1"'M1' N X' 1 ,W 4WQ'll'nT1'lll Q 'l llc ' e l eenn "Mm1!ll1lll3yWg,Wmlg My llNllmlllwwuun in W ly ifW',4g1,,ql.W nn myylWmlmjalllrlplfi Fl 1 xsulmilln.. ll it lin n N mln ., Joseph Issac Smariga 'Joe or 49' . . . Found lounge or bar . . . dislikes "certain faculty mem- bers and my over powering schedule . . . likes having "Building of Own" . . . Future - Saigon University. 28 Geoffrey Wayne Shisler Jef . . . Nice guy . . . Worries too much about the opposite sex . . . Rexal1's . . . President of Freshman Class 1966, President of Sophomore Class 1967, Student Council, Other organizations . . . Future - Towson - Ron Richard Lee Stone 'Rick' . . . What can We say . . . Just look at him . . . Future - We don't know. wl eil 11 ,gi l Y r mil w VW Wi i f s 1 4 X Carlotta Louise Smith Carlotta . . . Where's the party?? . . . Kathy's . . . One of the 'action cre- ators of F.C.C .... Actually a very nice girl . . Future - Ask her about that 1 1 L it Sandra Louise Summers Sandra . . . She's around school . . . Working . . . Future - ?? 29 John Carlisle Thompson John . . . Where's the booze! . . . What conscience . . . "you're going to think I'm terrible, but" . . . always around F.C.C .... Cave exploring - Ron . . . Future - Towson the hopesl. Herman Carl Twinning Herman . . . Married and has a cute little girl . . . Yearbook bookkeeper, Student Council Treasurer, Student Council 1965-'66 . . . Future - Ask his wife. 30 M' ,l ll I ' all will Il. ll l , T llllfmiif il, lgflg ll lil ll willllllllwwlllI 'lllllll ll lil ' www W if' iw ', , wi l it ll ll l lfff ' llll will in T i ii 'lr' 1' lli' llllllll 'llllll "Willa W itlwillit l5Wll HM l l T' lil i l it it llllwl'lll' llllVl llill ll llllu, li li l lllll T l 'll u. i t Beverly Anne Tipton 'Bev' . . . Philosophy . . . What hap pened to your car . . . Steve . . Future - ?? L Lindsay Shropshire Wyaff Lindsay . . . Let's have a party "I'm out of it man . . . Soul City victim . . . Future - Talk to him about it. W,iyl'f,1W XNN' Mimi f:'llj,xlllJ1,fww,alll,wmlw1l'Ni3llWfix!.Ui ,1,': X1W,1:,1wlwwW'mN'M"'lgwlwm William Robert Willard Bob . . . What happened the night of Kathy's party . . . Nice fellow . . . tall . . . Future - Ask Bob. Dwight Levine Yingling . . . Usually seen at the Inn . . . in a crowd . . . his car?? . . . Future - ?? 31 What has the year consisfed of? i in We began our first year of full time operation with a Fall Mixer. Following close on the heels of that, we held Freshman and Sophomore elections. Scope, the school news- paper, acquired some new people and the Yearbook was born. We named it Argus - Vigilant Guardian. During the Thanksgiving holiday, the college helped a needy family and thereby made the season a more meaningful one. At Christmas We trimmed a tree in the hall and in the Student Lounge. Some people even came to the Noel - the Christ- mas Dance. Several more dances were held, a swimming party at the Y.M.C.A., bake sales and car washes helped boost funds for the new, and first Yearbook. We held open house for visitors and enjoyed a Spring Picnic. In school, a philosophy forum was begun as was a Drama Club and a Basketball team. Much more is planned for the future. Our people were busy too. One got married, one got a Mas- ter's degree, We acquired a new president and lost a registrar. This was a good year - The next one will be better. M!! in M461 l l l llwlilllillil "" l,l'wllwll'h"' 'rllwll'l""llllu'll,l1'l.,f'll,,'1..'iliwUlliwy.l"ll"y,'1wlqy11,WC'ull','mWmlQ1'3s'Ql'mty...'g..l'i.1Ng'.ll,wll'LgilENg'..lg1wy:'Mlgxlll U4 will mw'2'llffli Mwill ll pl will ll fl yiMywil All T iiii . it i. lgzlufl.plQ,mw:,gil., 5 T T . l,lllllflrflup N, 'Mt M' rl . lull? 'llllllllwlr X , it - iili it T A , l U H. fl. , VISITATION NIGHT Who said if couldn'f be done . . . . . maybe if wasn'f nly the visito s . . . ughf only visitors supposed fo eat 33 ' QUwwi6WMWNwWhLm THE QH is 'fi 0' NOEL ,Q wc u M V25 Ch f T 1 E Q ' X ,W Q Y',! F ..mmuununnnuuiN yVwyWWMWp QwWmQ VMW H , HW - M ,U 'uk x A mx wmwwwmwh MWWL I W M N Mww M X' V, M 'WWM'U WWWW M T f ' ' 'L 'Wm Hwqf M M 1 I 4 HU q fi H MwmWK WV W W' Wu? H JL lm W my fn HN MMMMWMI H W Wm 1 A N I LMNm,u WW . ... n ,- u , ' 1 ' v ,Q , N ,. ' 1 WJ , 1 7 Y ' '- V' ' ll-N WH" Y ILIY' UL-I ., H N , M IM Uhwirx ,Fix N N l ' ml ,M 1 W, M, ,M ,M M IIMJ M IIIIHIIIIIMI x ' 1 Hu IIHNIMI HL! Im mlm llllln -lf-M M M'NlWNWW1Wi1lH4EMElV1NMW25IH?WllH14HlH?MlNlHN1lN14WAIIH1N1JIN4U1HIM4IPH1MlINHIPHNIM4PH1W0PTNHD1IPWIWI NMVW7DH1IMMMMNWIWWWll7llWMWMWWPIWWWMM 4 M V J- ,- X H ll X ll... .- A f W W ld h 4 Am-'M - - Juju yulm d d II gm WWEWMM 1 M -- I'-' -5'--1.. .lr WH' --1-'-' ... -.lln,mV- WMI.,-I -p-- In-L - - H., Iillm lm.. ' nu' -- Y -- ,N - mm! 'M v-11-1 -lr-'ul I I lim' w -,,l H MV' ' '1 wVJwV H m MM 34 WN D W K aw SOCIOLOGICAL SURVEYS . . . Now there's that street I I . . . the group?? ntft'wuwvww t 1 , ,' , IL' U! W" N 1" 11 44 I W MV W V, , X i ,E wx 1 . 4 M! dl In : 1, ' ,.,- Q I yn W - MQ, 5 -,IJ..f , 1 H ,, W ,: ,,,, xx- N w ' r Wlmnmf ", N' .V . 1 W HMMt 'wry-4. I E lf' 'W--...flw W IML1 ?'mm t , M wU!UmllUmnNlWVNlll 'w' Wy!-1 -EWU. 11 X-I jill mm M JU, U 1 WI JI Flw ww fn L a t twf M M n' wM N, J: Nw Jw WW ,P gl W, ,YH . 'll' ' 'Il , vv 1 g 'V , waxy, V ,UM 1 um ,Vw , fm, Um WW+wwvw W1 Y V1 1. ww 'JU WWI MMM M M t ' ,NI , W HWWX 5 1 ++ ' ++ + M ++ P t tf,,' Vo, ' , WT mum, N, .V H y V 'ff I H t t HW n I M INN W M -M55 Mist fn U t t W. WW Ml' I'N X lmmm,.Mx.WIWIQIW W ,, ,W W ,ww u,,,PWlI..t W 'H V1 M1 ww HU M WW V' ' 'M' IllHNIIImIIIHWIIIHIIIUUIIIINIIIUIIIII . . . Turn left magic marke U W1 F at the next r point. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS ll ll il A l President Geoffrey Shisler Treasurer Chuck Hedges 36 'I "nf l V. Pres. Ronald Albaugh Secretary Mary Hall Soph. Class Representative Larry Thompson STUDENT GOVERNMENT OFFICERS TW NMWM ITHWWMMVTT , V TTT fi 'TTT E 'M VWWwWNT'NyW1NvTfi NNTT I ww T+'TT WM TTTT W, T T++ W M M E' W WV l++ WWfwwfwki 'N l+TT W TTT, ,NNW IIIINW MMH Tm' mf T+T+ MWww TTT ww TTT+T,++ , ' WW MWWWWMWWWWWWMQTJWWWU TNNN NNNNNTN TT' NTTNN TTT JQTTTT rTTTT If 1 +T+f JW T+++ V. P. Nelson McGill Pittin FRESHMEN WN., iwiil 1 , ii M:i.ii'1' ' wi iiiiiwwia.iiiu4ii'4+W ii ,Wi i Vlckl Angel mx Abiba Aguilarcl W vi i. i .Iohn I-SYOY i Best Blumenauer ii xi. iii 3 i. ii ii M. , ill 1 'i i, i H, ' ii i 1 ii i mm i W ' i HI UI i uni. M r i N ii-i-iiiiiiiii'i ,iii X Hmm pw!! T M iw i i H 'Wi ' William i viii, William l 'iw ll' WE' A i Caldwell wi' iiii' wi Chrisf Wil ' F' ' 3 i ll ,iw ii, "'iiulikli"1""i I , iw i' i. li i l W. , i i ' , ' u i ' 4 i :xi i ii HIINWIH X H N , i, M Vonclu Kendu My ii. Fa un Garber W N WW'l 'l i g W MNH,1HMig,,' H vi, 'W' 1 , Wf i1wi Wi W iilliiil'l l ll 'if l ' i Vw W41irtiiiiiiii1l WM Wm . i ii W Wi ggigff 3 5 iii ii i M 1 il A in '!!'1 '-ilw iii wx V i 'MH ii M N W Wifi can W in "W , John. i ,4 W NJN I,M W Harbaugh Harrls NM UNfIruWW in Allie QW M WNW W N ii W MiiiiiiiiM ii i H i wi iii. iiiwW 4Wm!iHl1M'iii,g i wiivii ii Wifi i i , iiiiii -' ' 'i i i, ,Ni ,ix Wliiviii MWiiwiiilliliWi ii H vi N HH Wi N iihw Ui N W i ii i ii i Paul Barr Linda Bromfield Donna Esworthy Rosalie Keyser Gclrver Karen Gilbert ul Hawkins FRESHMEN Hedy X Geraldine Hirsch H0d9e B"""Y lm 'limi iiii Jw Jumes Iliff 'll ll ilil i Kelly Louls XX Fred Lanier l-C'5h90l"l Jeqn ,XXXXvXXXvXXXl Audie Munshour NlUl'Pl1Y y y y,XXuX ll,X,Xi XX 'Xml ,,NN XifX'XXX ,X Frank WX lull ill Darlene Samoviski " Wi i X Srhildf W il il W X ii will ll W if N ii i lwww in llll in l li fl iw i Xi H iii Richard il "'ii ,N l-0ll'l'Y Shankle if i Sfru be li M' X ifllil"-X. X iililihil i fl " will, U ll i , ll Jw in lm 1 w 1 ., W i i X lu XX ,il X ,,X l will i ii lu in i g i A i li l ll 'lei i,. iii i llll llll XX llllllllllllllll li llllll i ll ' i M l Jw 'wi' il im i M X , Bill Hueting Connie LaBrush Lois Meyer William Russell William Shanholfz Gloria Thompson Wg, W, ,Q ,,,,A Karen , W, 'W ' WWW, W,WWWW,, 'WWW ,,,,WW , , ' WW WWWWW WWWWW WWW , WW WWWWWW WWW , WWWWW ,W ,W ,W,,WWW,,,,,,,,, W, , ,W,WW,, W'WWWW,,,,WWWWj,,,,,,WWWWWWWW'W WWW ,WWW,, Tipton WW',,W"WWWW'WWWWW.WWWW ,,,W,,WW,,,,WWWWW:W,,,,, ,WWWWW WW WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW WWW, WWWWWWW' .WW, ,WWWWWWWW WW WWWWWWWWWWWW ,WW3, W WW W W WW W WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW,WW,W,WWW WWWWW , W WWW W WW WF , WWWWWWWWWWWWj,, WWW WWWWWW W W W WWW M W, WWW,W,WWW , .W WW, On , W W I W , WW WWWWWWWWWWWW WW WW WWWWWWW WWW WWWWWWW J ,, W WW W WW , W W,, W,,WW,, W,WW WWW WWWWWWWW WWW Larry Trout Mary W, WW WW WW WWW ,W,, WWWWW WWWW WWWW WWWWW W Carl Urban ,, , Lewis W, , ,, WW, WWW ' ,,,W Wilson WHSOI1 , Wiser N - . 0 Edward Pzcture P I Available oo e W ,W ww" W 'W WW WW 'W , W WW' W W,W W,W 'WW,W,W' WWWWW, "-1 WW WWW W- W, ,W, WW W, WW WWW' WWWW,WW WW WW-' W WW ,W WW WW W WWW W ,, ,W,,,,, ,W Yxxx W,, ,,W,, W, ,,,,,,W,,,,,,,W,,,,,,W,, ,, W, ,,,,,,,, ,,, 1, ,,,,W,,WWW,,,,'W, ,,,,WW,,WW,, ,, ,,,,,,W,,,, ,,,,,W,,,,WWW,,W,,W,,,,WW,,,,,,,W,,W,,,,,,,,W, ,, ,W ,WW WWW W ,W W WWW WWWWW,,W WW, ,WW WW,WWWW,WW'WWW,WWWW,WWWWWWWWWW , WW WW 'WWW WWWM, ,WWW,'WWWWW,W'WWWWWWW,jWWWW,WWWWWWWWWWWWWW,1WWWWW,WWW, WWWWWWWW, WWWWWWW, W,W,,,WWW,WW,WWWW,,,,WWW,,,,'WW,WWWWW W,W,WW, W,,WWWW ,,WWWW,,WW,W WW W W W ,,W W, ,, , WW WW WWW WW, WW WWW WQWWWWWW, 'WW WWW,,WWWWWWWW WW,,W,WW W,WW WWW WWW, W" WW WWW WWW WW,WW W WW,,W,WWW,,WWW,,WWW,,,W,,,WW,,WWWWWW,WWWW,,WW'W,WWWW,W,WWWWWWW,,,,W,WWWWWWW,W,,WW,WWWW,,WWWWW,WWW,WWW,,,,WW,,,WW,WWWW,WWW ,,W,,,WWW,,W,,WWW,WW, WW W, ,WW W W, WW W, ,W WWW W,'W W,WW WW WWW,WWW,WW,WWW,,WW,W,WW ,WI W, ,, W,WWW,W,W,,W , WW,WW,,WWW,,,WWW,,WWWWWW,,, ,,WW,,,WWW W,W,,WW, ,, W,jW,WW, WW,,,,,,WWW,,,WW,,,,1WW,,,WW,WWW,W,,,'W,W,,,WW,,,,,,,,,,,,WW,,WW, ,W,, W, ,, , W, , W WW" W' 'W , ,, W ,W , WW ,W ,,, W W W, ,W W W,,W WW,,,W,,,,,,WW,WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW W , WW W W WW WW WW WWWWW W , ,W ,W WWW,WW"WWWWWW-WWWW,,WW,,'WW' WWWWW WWW, , W WW ,WWWW,WWW,,.,WWWWWWWIWWWIWWW,.,,., , , W 40 1 WOMEN'S RECREATIONAL ASSOCIATION Officers for 'I967-'68 ','1 VHi'luNNW?3!llimiilim'liiNw.. H 1 M 1 il l O ,Au it OAAAAO Awww vi M l'1wYlll.Ui'Mllll wm""W :Maw A uh wwyl WJ ' wx wr in w. ,,.x ,sr www. Mums 'H WN W "' "U ,H 'vw N v, ,w,,,. mmm w x Mu. w if li W 'Mrumm' "" ' 1 ' H ' N Mary Phillips Libby Myers Suzanne Yanike Jean Munshour President Vice President Secretary President YEARBOOK ,.H lu 11 wi!! WH, H, it M-N Www ul. W 'qu 1 1 N W M P W W W N N M M n W i Mu Ml W' W X Y rx ' w, N '1 , , t X , , , W., M' VW" ,uni I in X -.Mmm ' ' V H I l: 1 ' w Mary Phillips Co-Editor Bob Gary Co-Editor Staff u lil 1 H i A ii Owl A ll . xl N "" "'lml,'l , 'Hi WNW. A , vnyn n +'i. w ww , Wh 1 M N' , M ln' will Suzanne Yanike Libby Myers Patsy Clark Penny Hoffman Shirley Miller Vicki Abiba f Vicki Abiba Vice President Susan Dodd Karen Gilbert NEWLY-ELECTED STUDENT GOVERNMENT OFFICERS Bab Gary, President A ,N ,wi U 1, R R X "u'llW"""llH4r, , X TW U y Y M" Hal Hawkins, Vice Pres. Mary Wilson, Secretary .lean Munshour, Treas. LIBRARY R ANNS R ,R WM" l Mn Susan Dodd Sally Dodd Patsy Clark Mary Hall ',Mw W5WWwNWmmWWWfvwMwD fWjWWHMNwfwnffJN dl ldlwln innn.,in QQRNNH lMfQn4Jf f X! u l Wfxs nmmgwyj ,,! ' "X " llfi!WJ,N ' MH N www Vff!Vilm l"""r14jw:1 N iw Mi ' W W Mil! "M'lHl4!Nf'qf vw D' V" 'E' ' WJWmllW1W'la'NNN ' J Wx' 1' N ,, ll Wwllwwwwwd wd Wm 'M W Suzanne Yanike Margaref Biser Eunice Grimes :Mary Zimmerman Libby Myers f' fy!" "MNH W Minn fl . w an W1nWHd uuuu R D' Wm! IH ! WM Mwwwllyklulyfm SCOPE Mrs. Tabor, Advisor Bunny Iliff, Editor Mary Hall, John Goodman Bob Wickless, Roberf Fritz Mary Gayle Eaton, Suzanne Yanike Geoffrey Shisler 44 FCC BASKETBALL wpww Wmw ww + i + w "ii vi ii" i"iii"iiii" i i"iiii' iii'ii i f i 4 i i"' mv l '11 ii" 'iiiii www M Mbikmmswmwfgwh "" ,.,,,. H ""' bxbmb XV! N b X W WWW"b ?F?i'i' 1.3?5 X5 wi b W W J ' ' ' ' ' ml! hbvm! 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W 1 L i 1 Defective vision - Oh these late hou Physical and mental nutrition ..- l YS B Honest lniun FCC is great f 1 ' V W ww.. ,W , Xu -u-ldll Silence is golden The teacher is fired Bricks and mortar asleep ALHIIIHE!U,UHllUJlIUll!!IH11Illh11lrMnllmflluuswmuurrrwfaiwwmhu++wfMwww "ll WIN, W Look! Don'l' be so stubborn The 10 minute break 49 I 'IIHNIIIHIIIHWVHNIIHIIHU CANDID SHOTS OF CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES .,,1.,.wN M , ' M W Wu M M W UM w MMHMI M 'H 11' , , W, w. '4- I-.1 , H HN N NU M HIM!! H N HHH WW www 50 I 1 JHNVWHM ,uw I M x U M Www MM ml 'w I will V I Ifl1:WuMWuMHl wmv ,,.I,IM M .A'!'.A'f'.A'fJ.V'.f.77.7'.4'f'.A7'.f.7'.A'f'.f.7'.A'!'KfZf.!?.6!'.AfJ7ZfZfZfZfA'fZfAf'.ffZf'J7Kf.ffCf.!7.l?Zf!7f CUR ADVERTISERS J.VJ..7".f.7'.A"!'.AfJ.7'.A'f'.A'!'.A'!'.A7'.f.7'.A'l'.A'f'.4'!'.Cf.Cf.A'f.A'f.Cf.Cf.4f!.7.A'f.A'fJ.7J.'f'.A'!'J77?'J.7.Cf.!.7 !.Z'f'.!.7'.f' 51 .Cf!7J7A'f.6fffA'f'.6fJ7Z'f4f!7J7Af6!'.!fJ74fJ7J7ffC!f.f.7'.f.7'.A'!J.7'.A'1'.l.7'.f.7'.A'f!.7'.A7'.fV"..A"f' J' Arcticaire Incorporated Locker Plants South Wisner St. Frederick, Maryland 663-3232 Ben's Watch Shop WATCH REPAIR VINTAGE WATCHES 216A West Patrick St. Frederick, Maryland 663-6216 Phone: MOnument 2-2670 Clay's Service Center GOODYEAR TIRES AUTO REPAIRS ALEMITE WHEEL BALANCING 1800 Rosemont Ave. James F. Clabaugh Frederick, Maryland Clover Leaf Shell Service Route 15 South Frederick, Maryland 663-9640 ORANGE BLOSSOM DIAMOND RINGS Compliments of Colonial Jewelry Co. Colonial Lounge 9 W. Patrick St. Frederick, Md. FRANCIS SCOTT KEY HOTEL 663-9640 Patrick 8. Court St. Frederick, Md. Colonial Music Shop EVERYTHING MUSICAL 14 East Patrick St. Frederick, Md. 663-5153 Robert E. Dailey, Sr. Robert E. Dailey, .Ir. Dailey's Funeral Home AIR CONDITIONED CHAPELS AMBULANCE SERVICE 1201 N. Market St. Frederick, Md. William H. Crist CONTRACTORS 1300 Taney Ave. Frederick, Maryland Delphey's Sport Store Home of SCHWINN BICYCLES and HARLEY-DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLES 140 West Patrick St. Frederick, Maryland 663-9271 .ff.!.V7.7'.A7'.A7'.A7'.A'!7.7Z7'.f.7'.f.V'.f.V'.!.7'J.7'.f.V'J.7'J.7'.A'fJ.7!.Z!7'J.7'.A'f.A'f'J7'.Cf.A'f.A'f'.A'fJ7'J7J.7JffJ7J7f 52 .A'l'.A'fJ.7.!:fJ7'J7'.fI'..!:f.A'f.l?'.!7'.A'f.!7'J7'J7'J.7Z'!'.f.7J7'J7'J.7.!?'.A'!'J7'.6f'.f.7J7.A'fJ7.A'!'J7'J.7J.7.ff.!:f'f Evergreen Point Gulf Station Tony Trapaso, Prop. Evergreen Point Frederick, Maryland 662-8937 Frederick Bottled Gas Co. Inc. 410 North Market Street Frederick, Maryland 662-1531 Frederick Brick Works Compliments and Best Wishes I I inc. Frederick Trading Co. 184 E. South St. Frederick, Maryland 225 E957 8th Street Phone M0 2-1152 Frederick, Maryland 662-2161 ' 1 Hamllton s Market, Inc. , PRODUCE, GROCERIES and FRESH MEATS S FISH and SEA FOODS 217 North Market St. 244 East Patrick St. Frederick, Maryland Frederick, Maryland 553-3341 Phone MO 3-3193 Hotel Frederick Barber Shop 237 North Market Street Frederick, Maryland H. Cilfford Kelly POULTRY DISTRIBUTOR Catering to institutions and Organizations 1505 Rosemont Ave. Frederick, Maryland 663-3517 Marvin E. Kennedy PLUMBING and HEATING CONTRACTOR 151 West Patrick St. Frederick, Maryland 663-6680 Key Chevrolet-Cadillac Sales Inc. 106 E. Patrick Street Frederick, Maryland .Af'.!.V'.f.V'.A'!'.A'f'.f7'.A7'.A'!'.A'f'.f.7'.!7'.l' .f.7"..A'!J7' .!.7'.A7'.!.7'.A7'.!' .A"f'.A'!Sf'J.7'J.V'J.V".f.7'..A'fJ.7'.A'f'J.7'.!2f'.A'f.A'fJ' J' 53 .A"!J.V'.A'fA'f'.4'!'.A"f'.A'f'.A'!'.4'!'.f.7'.A'!'.A'f'.l:l'.f.7'.f.VJ.VJ.7'J74!J7'.A'f'.ff4fJ7!7Z'l'.f7A'ff.7A'fA'fJ7'.4'f4f.6ff Compliments of Monocacy Oil Company Inc. Thomas E. Molesworth L.U.T.C. Company Representative 116A East Patrick St. Phone: 662-3343 3 N. Court Street Frederick, Maryland Res. 662-2838 Frederick, Maryland NATIONWIDE INSURANCE Physician's Exchange and Public Answering Service 128 West Church St. Frederick, Maryland 662-1 106 The Pizza Shop 1818 Rosemont Ave. Frederick, Maryland Morgan-Keller, Inc. Phone Myersville 293-2344 Rt. 1, Smithsburg, Maryland 21783 Residential and Commercial Construction Rice's Color Center PAINT - WALLPAPER - ART SUPPLIES 5th 8g Market St. Frederick, Maryland M0nument 2-3220 FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Southern Restaurant Edward H. Sharpe 8: Son 3,3 North Market sh FLORLSTS Frederick, Maryland sfeodx-fllflwtljruuned Mo 2-3232 6624641 Southern States c.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,. gf Cooperative, Inc. FREDERICK PETROLEUM slsnvlcs w3CIlt9r BI'01Il16l'S, 'IIC- P. o. Box 187 Frederick, Maryland M0 3-6168 Frederick, Maryland .f.7'..47'.A'!'.A7'.A'f'.A7'.!.VJ.7J.7'.A7".l.7'.A'!'.1'.7'.f7'.f!Z'fKffff7A'!A'!J7'.l7A'!'J7J7JZffJ7J7J7Zf.f7Z'fA'ff 54 A J:fJ.7J7A'ff.7'.f.7'.A'!J.77.V'.AfJ.7'.A'f'.!.7".A'!' f.ffA'fJ?J7Z'f!fJ7J7J7'.!?J?Z'ff7!J'.fZ'fJ7Af'.Cf'.Cf' DODGE - DART - JEEP Watkins-Burdette Motor Company DODGE TRUCKS 1820 Rosemont Ave. Frederick, Maryland Phone: 663-5136 Wayside Radio Service TELEVISION - STEREO - RADIO Sales with Service 423 E. Patrick St. 662-3671 Where TV is a Business Not a Side Line The Wellsmere Shop Whitesell 8: Bowen GIFTS - ANTIQUES - JEWELRY PHARMACY GREETING CARDS Francis Scott Key Hotel Frederick, Md. 238 N. Market St. Frederick, Maryland Phone: MO 2-4848 663-9357 Compliments of Congratulations and Best Wishes w d b s ' B k "om 00 S OTO alllll S all ' g Melvln H. Derr 8: Son Organized 1899 . representing Wvodsbvro, Maryland 21798 THE PENN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE co. Member F.D.I.C. Melvin H. Derr John W. Derr Radio Dispatched Trucks N. E. "Bob" Waltz Plumbing 8: Heating, Inc. Free Estimates Remodeling Financing Air Conditioning Phone 662-3588 If no answer or in Emergencies 898-9404 x Prosperity Cleaners Walkersville, Maryland y FARMS DAIRY ,.,., ..f- . .. MAKERS OF EBERT'S ICE CREAM GRADE A DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone 662-5151 .f.7'.A7'.A'!'.A7'.lZ!fJ7Z!'JYJ7J7f?J?Af'.f7ZfZfCffZfJ7Z!'.4fAflYKfk!'Zf.!.7'.!:f'.A"!'.!.7'.A7'.A'ff.VJ.7' 55 .0f.!?Zf.!7'J?AfZf.fYZfJ?.6fZf.!Y.!7Zf'.!7'.!7KfZfZfCf..!.Zf'.A'f'.l7'J.7'..A'!'.A'!'.!3l'.A'f.A'l'.A"!'.A'!'.A'f.A'f'.A"!' DONALD C. LINTON C. P. A. 6 West Second St. Frederick, Maryland Phone 663-5752 Charles A. Fogle TXA CAPPELLO'S FOOD MARKET FRUITS - VEGETABLES - MEATS - GROCERIES FANCY PASTRY 200 N. Market St. 663-5173 CARMACK'S SU PERMARKET 331 North Market Street Frederick, Maryland CORNELL'S SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION Phone 845-4836 Woodsboro, Maryland CORNER CASH GROCERY Open Every Day - Every Night - Every Week E. 3rd 8. Chapel St. Frederick, Maryland Phone 662-8586 COLD BEER TO GO ..A'f'.!.7'.A7'.!?f' .A'!'J.7'J.7"J.7'J.7'J.7'J.7'.!l'l'J.7'.d'f!.7'..A'fA'!'.A'f.f .!.7'.!.7'.!.7'.!.7'.l' J.7'..A'f.!.7".A'f.A'f.A'f'J.7'J.7'.A'!'.A'f'J.7 56 .Ef!Y!7Cf!7ZfZffJ'.f7ZfZfJ7'.4!J7J7Zf.f7AfZ'f'.f7.!Z'f.l.V'.A7'.A'fA'f'.A'fA'fJ7'.A'fA'fA'f.llf'.A'f'.A'fA'f Compliments of FREDERICK CO. EDUCATIONAL SECRETARIES FREDERICK TOOL 8: DIE COMPANY, INC. 519 E. Church St. Frederick, Maryland Phone M0 2-51357 2-5136 STAMPINGS - HAND SCREW MACHINES - DRILLING - TAPPING SPECIAL WORK H. Glenn Strine Charles C. Roberts MO 3-9495 473-8362 GOLDEN Q. RESTAURANT 609 N. Market St. Frederick, Maryland Phone 662-8936 BREAKFAST - LUNCH - DINNER Duke 8. Betty, Props. YOUR COMPLETE VENDING SERVICE KEY VENDING SERVICE, INC. Frederick, Maryland AUSTIN R. KEYSER, INC. WELL DRILLING Domestic - Commercial - Industrial M0 2-1949 Rt. 7, Frederick, Md. MO 2-1949 .A'f'.A"f'.A"!'.l'f'.!3f.f.7'.A'!J.7'.A"fJ.V'J.7".!.V'.4'f' J7A'fJ74fA'f'J7Z'fdfA'f4f!YJ7CfffZfZfClJ7A'f'.CfJ?A'f' 57 .df.!7f?AfZ!'.4f'.ff!7CfJ7JYZf'J7ZfK!'.ffZf!7C!'JYf?!.Zf.l3f'.A"!'.A'fJ.7".!.7'.A'fA7'.A"!'.AfJ.V7.V'.A"l7.7' AUTO PAINTING LAWSON'S AUTO CRAFT COMPLETE BODY and PAINT SHOP Free Estimates 521 E. Church St. Frederick, Maryland Phone MO 2-3293 CHARLES F. MURPHY, INC. -PLUMBING - HEATING Oil and Gas Burners - Spouting - Pumps Sales and Service 529 W. South St. Frederick, Maryland Phone: MO 2-1759 lDayJ 2-3355 lNightl 3-4466 lNightl Compliments of LOUIS V. MYERS, .lR. LICENSE COMMISSIONER FOR FREDERICK COUNTY PORTER'S GRILL 137 N. Market St. Frederick, Maryland W. Patrick St. FOR THE BEST IN HAMBURGERS and HOMEMADE SOUPS REMSBERGFS JEWELRY STORE 4 Eqsf pai-rick Sf, Frederick, Maryland J.7'..A'f'.f.7'J.7'.f..7".!:l'.!.7'.A7'.!.7'.f'.7'.A7'.f.7'J.7'.f.7'.!.7'J.7'.A'!'.A'!'J.7'.A'!J7Z'!'.A'f.Kf.A'f'.A'!'.6!'J7'J7.A'fJZf7'.l.7'.I.ZA'ff 58 .!CfJ7'.dfl7ffdfJ7A'f'.l7!7J.74!'..6!'.CfffffAfJ7J!l7J7.l.VJ.7J.7'.4'fJ.Y'.A'fA7J.7'..A7'.A'!J.V".A'!'.A'f!.V' CONVENIENT . LOCATIONS ' if ROUTZAHN'S FURNITURE - TV - APPLIANCES 26 East Patrick St. if ROUTlAHN'S DEPARTMENT STORE "On the Square" 'If ROUTZANN'S BUDGET CENTER 75 South Market St. to serve you Best! H. c. SUMMERS 8. co. INTERNATIONAL MOTOR TRUCKS - FARM MACHINERY Jefferson, Maryland MEHRL F. WACHTER 8: SON MASTER PLUMBER Registered - Bonded - Insured Plumbing - Heating - Roofing - Spouting Sewer Work Drainage Field Installation ELECTRIC ROOTER SEWER SERVICE 419 North Market St. Frederick, Maryland Phone 662-3601 Member of National Association of Plumbing Contractors H. B. DUVALL, INC. YOUR INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER FARM MACHINERY and DELAVAL MILKING EQUIPMENT Frederick, Maryland WHITE VETERINARY SUPPLIES Charles Town, West Virginia SALES TO GRADUATE VETERINARIANS ONLY Fort Dodge, Eaton, Parke-Davis, Merck, Bauer and Block Wyeth, Becton-Dickinson and Pfizer Charles Town 304-725-7712 Frederick 301-662-4497 Paul E. Burr Barbara W. Barr .44!7Af'.4fJJ'.!f4f.4f!7CfZl'.f!'.!7ZfJ7J7'.4f'.A!'.l74'.7'.4f'J7'.A'!J.Z'fA'fJJfJ.7'.!7'.A'f!7'.f7'.4f.A'!'.A'fJ.7 59 .4!'lf'.I7!7KfZ!ZfZfZfA'!A'fJ7J7J7I7ZfCfZfZfC!Z'fZf.Cff .f.VJ.7'J.7'.!.7'.A'f!.7'.!.7'.f7'.A'fA'f'.l.V'.A7" R. W. WARNER, INC. 12 East Fifth St. Frederick, Maryland ' PLUMBING - HEATING - AIR CONDITIONING - WATER SYSETMS Phones: 662-5387 or 898-9526 QFrederick7 775-2524 fUnion Bridge! W. 8: W. POULTRY MARKET, INC. "BEST DRESSED BIRDS IN TOWN" FRESH EGGS 214 E. Patrick Street Frederick, Maryland MOnument 2-1392 Compliments of FOX'S SPORTS 8: BAIT STORE 501 S. Market St. Frederick, Maryland Phone MO 2-5227 IDEAL FARMS DAIRY, INC. North Market St. Ext. Frederick, Maryland Phone 662-5151 RICHARD F. KLINE, INC. HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION and PAVING 423-C East Patrick St. Frederick, Maryland Phone 662-8211 .A7".A'l'.A'7'.!.V'.f7'.Cf.Cf'JYA'!'.!7Zf.Cf'.Cf.C!'.!Y!7L'f'A'f.!7.CfJZI7.ffA'!'.!.7.4f.A'!'.A'!'.A'!'.A'f'.!'.Z'l'.l.V'.A7'.A'f'.A'!' 60 .!.7'.A'f'.A'l'.A'!'.A'f'.A"f'.A'f'.A"f'.A'f'.!' - , , .ff , , .17 , , - , - , , .A7'.A'f'.A7'.!:!'.!.7".A'fA7'.A'lJA'fA'!'.f.7'.A7' CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '67 KAPPA KAPPA IOTA ALPHA CHAPTER OF FREDERlCK,'MD. THE FREDERICKTOWNE CANASTA CLUB CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES Congratulations from CLINE'S FURNITURE STORE, INC. 10 South Market St. Phone 2-1175 8 East Patrick Sf, J7!7ZfZfZfZfZf'.f7Z!J7J?J7ZfZfCfJ7J7ZfZ!'.Cf.ffCfZf.Cl'.ffl'.Z'f'.!.7'.A"l'.4'!'.A"f'.f7'.f.7'.A'f'.f.7' 61 2 I1 n M0 3-3166 Phon - BITZER AND MOORE, INC. ALI. COIN OPERATED AMUSEMENT DEVICES Frederick, Maryland .lh lo hll d d VVANT MORE y QAN, v X7 it soLvE YOUR RODELEIVI WITH ELECTRIC HEAT Ihe Potomac Edison Co. Frederick, Mm. .1 421 East Patrick St. 66 STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES I o oRruNmEs 62 ' .A'fJf!.?A'f!.7f.7'.4'f!.7A'fJ.777'J7'.A'fA'!'.6f.ZA'f.l.7J7'.A'fA'f.!Af.!.7J.ZZ'!J?J7J.!J.7ffJ.7JY'.A'fJ7J7f BOOSTERS and PATRONS Maior Muriel E. Allan Mrs. Ora B. Althouse Mr. and Mrs. Harry Benton Barry J. Burkholder and Billie E. Bowers Mrs. Guy Cramer Gini Crist Pat Crist Mr. Carl Urban Ralph R. Putman Miss Vonda Fagan Mrs. Claude Favorite Mrs. Doris Gilbert Mrs. Merle L. Guyton Mr. John Harris Mr. and Mrs. Austin Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Wade Hussey Mrs. Myra Kelly Mrs. Contance LaBrush Mrs. Marianna LeGore Rev. John L. Lippold Anne Mossburg Mrs. Roberta Hahn Newman Mrs. Priscilla Roessler Dr. and Mrs. Charles Righter Mr. Paul Stitely M. and Mrs. George J. Stup Mr and Mrs. Louis Wiser Mrs. Agnes Zimmerman Mrs. Mooring, Craig and Joan Mooring Mrs. Grover C. Broadwater Mr. Karl Brust M. and Mrs. Isaac Sayler L. R. Stup 8. Sons Mrs. Best, Cannon Shoe Store 3 N. Market St. Mr. M. J. Croghan Hotel Frederick Mr. Houff, Wash-0-Clean 742 N. Market Mr. Guy Ramsburg Arcade Bowling Alley N. Market St. Mr. Schroeder Schroeder Men's Wear Patrick St. Mr. Stup, "The Fabric Shop" N. Market St. Mr. and Mrs. George Dorsey Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Dutrow Mr. and Mrs. Dvid Grimes Dr. 8. Mrs. Kenneth Bromfield Mr. and Mrs. Hallar Best Indian Springs Beauty Salon Rocky Springs Road Thatfs All Fo .IICS . .l7Zf!ZAf'.ffZ!'.fYJ7!?JYJ7!7A'!J7Z!Z'fffffZ!JYJYA'fJY .A'!'.4'f'.f.7'.!.7'.!.7'.!Sf'.A'!'.!.7'.f7'.A7'.A'!J.7' 63 .ur - g-us--eg 'A K' - vig-441 -V .,- . 1. nn.: fl' -- f. ". ,-fm-.4 ,.-- . .nr ., ., nn- 1 U , r, V . .Q -I

Suggestions in the Frederick Community College - Argus Yearbook (Frederick, MD) collection:

Frederick Community College - Argus Yearbook (Frederick, MD) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 45

1967, pg 45

Frederick Community College - Argus Yearbook (Frederick, MD) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 66

1967, pg 66

Frederick Community College - Argus Yearbook (Frederick, MD) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 23

1967, pg 23

Frederick Community College - Argus Yearbook (Frederick, MD) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 51

1967, pg 51

Frederick Community College - Argus Yearbook (Frederick, MD) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 69

1967, pg 69

Frederick Community College - Argus Yearbook (Frederick, MD) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 40

1967, pg 40

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