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 - Class of 1939

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Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. March March March ,March March April April April April April Anril April April Kay Nav Hay lay Vay l 'a y May Lia y May June 6 19 2? 30 7 12 17 21 22 27 28 1 4 14 15 18 6 9 14 16 19 22 13 20 24 27 27 7 10 14 17 18 7 20 30 31 3 6 11 12 18 27 28 29 2 4 10 12 16 EO 27 28 31 1 -l,,i.- Gal First day of School --------- Assembly Program-Glass Blowers ---- Freshmen Initiation --------- Football St. Croix There--- Osceola There ---- Killtown Here ---- Football Football Safety Talk ----------------- Amery Here ------- Football Homecoming ------------------ Assebbly Program Spooks ----- Football Amery Here --------- Football Grantsburg There- HF' Club Vaudville ---------- Bibliotek Tea --------------- Football Party -------------- Book Week Play ------------ --- Basketball Centuria Here-- Junior Class Play ----------- Style Show ------------------ Basketball Balsam Lake There French Party ---------------- Basketball Killtown Here ---- Basketball Grantsburg There Basketball Luck Here ------- Basketball St. Croix There Basketball Webster There-- Assembly Prorram Georpe Elia Basketball Grantsburg Here Basketball Osceola There-- Basketball Luck There ----- G.A.A. Valintine Dance ------ Basketball Webster There-- -----WPassez ve beurre s'il vous plait. -----Glad to be back. -Blasts of fun!! -----G-g-gosh, is this the way to welcome the Fresh? -----Opening game. Alas, no rain. -----Victory for Frederic ' -----Well, the weather was nice. -----Were Ua' Listening Walter? -----Snow! No game. -----Bad weatherg few Alumni -----We still believe in Spooks -----Oh, for a good excuse!! -----Revenge is SHEET -----We rival Vroadway. And where was Mr. Otis? The gridiron heroes like tea,too. Nice work, Marita. We did ln'tJ win. nThe Family Upstairs' We sew, we bake--what a cake!!! Victory hard fought, hard won. We lost. 'Huff said. Unlucky Friday the '15th. We revive--a little. -----Another defeat, or still? Whoops!!! We Won. -----We appreciate being WMen With A Countryn. Unlucky Friday the 'l3th. Ditto. More Ditto. We bare our heart to cupid's dart. -----Last interschool BB game--Whew! Debate Tournament Chippewau Falls--WE WIN--CSecond placel F.F.A. Basketball Milltown ------- Our farmers are good ballplayers. F.F.A. Basketball Tournament Boxing Bloomer Here ------ Grade School Program -------- Boxing Webster Here -------- 'Artists and Modelsn. Brown R Brown Assembly Program ----- -------Better luck next time, boys. Look out, Joe Louis. -------WA Tisket, A TasketY -------Can our boys punch, Ask Webster! Forensics School Contest-----------Proud self-conscious winners. Boxing Rebster There ------- Band Program ---------------- G.A.A. Annual Spring Dance- Baseball Luck There -------- Senior Class Play- ---------- Home Ec Trip to Kenonomie--- Baseball Siren Here ------- Baseball Siren There ------ Vueical --------------------- Baseball Webster Here ---- -- Baseball Luck Here ------ Prom ------------------------ Senior Picnic --------------- Baccalaurate ---------------- Class nipht ----------------- Graduation ------------------ -------Sock him again, Harvey. -------The jitterbugs sway to swing. he sprint in a print. No Luck at Luck. -------NThe Youngestu-A triumph! -------Stout plays host to Home Ee girls. -------Off to a fine start. ------- e fanned them out. -------Beethoven still thrills us. Highlight: Andy's Pitchinp. -------Frederic the NHome Run Kinrn We dance in an undersea cavern. -------Valdo got lost. Vere Fun!! -------HA few smiles, a few tearsn. -------We present: Our Till and Testament -------Climax of four 'ears hard work. A sober walk up an aislc of proud parents to a niheepskinn. N IGI Cup 4 'pt W yi 3 f AM AMLDTUVJN, 'mf YIHCNET EIJIII IIIJN ,W 4, 4, 1 f X With u genuine abil- ity for creating Hood sgortmunship,Coech Braun has patiently untangled the Knots in our athlet- - ic system and placed it D on the high pedestal it rests on today. He hue cheerfully lent 3 helping hand to the students and has 5tTiV9H to Knit tnem into gwod sportsmen. To him, the best of WKnitt5ngH instructors, we dedicate this boon of yarns, the Magnet of 1939. 4 IIIJINITEIXITE Yzfmtlny ow Jzmzw 71 ' ' Own if -WM 'M mr 395' ? Y 1? in , . bb 5- 2 3.5 me 5055, D v2""lvl,,A421 ,. ., 1 fa Y L A ,2,, V 1' -4 , f,-qw, 1 f K , . , f,4 A , V' ' w " ' -Q .. ., V rn. AUS' A 7751 j',:4,1df'f ' ff,1,972?:gP zggwqg , wifi: A 'Mgyy 4- ,Q , wi, 4. .1uJ7"Q'h5ffQ3.KY3 'xiwazz IJIJDEE 5 um! Reguired Elective English I Shop Y fBoysl General Science Agriculture I Citizenship Home Economics Girls' Shop SOPHOMORE YEAR COM ERCIAL HOME MAKING AGRICULTURE ACADEM C COURSE" COURSE COURSE COURSE 1 . . Re uired Re uired Re uired Re uired English II English II English II English II Biology Jorld History Norld History Biology Typewriting Home Ec. II Agriculture II World History Elective Elective Elective Elective Home Ec. III Typewriting Biology Typewrltl Agriculture II Biology Typewritlng Agriculture Shop I or II Shop fGirlsJ Shop Home Ec Algebra Algebra Algebra Shop Girls' Shop Algebra JUNIOR YEAR Re uired Re uired Re uired Reguired ET16SI1Sh III English III English III Eng. IIT Bookkeeping Home Ec. Agriculture Am. History Am. History Am. History Am. History Geometry Elective Elective Elective Elective Geography Geography Geography Geography Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Geometry Geometry Geometry Agriculture Agriculture Bookkeeping Bookkeeping Home Bc. Home Ee. Bookkeeping SENIOR YEAR Re uired Re uired Reguired Re uired English IV Eng. IV Ag. IV Soc. Froh. Shorthand Home Ec. IV Soc. Prob. Eng. IV Elective Elective Elective Elective Physics Bhysics Physics Home Ec. Ag. IV Shorthand Shorthand Ag. IV Home EC. Soc. Prob. Eng. IV Shorthand Soc. Prob. Girls' Shop Gen. Shop Physics ACTIVITIES Photography Club Stock Judging Bibliotek Club Girl Scouts Dramatics Home We Club Octet Glee Club Band Swing Band Forensics Debate ATTILFTICS Football Basketball Boxing Baseball Girls' Athletics Badminton -'Q x , To have a well-Knit organization one must have competent leaders. Frederic High School is most fortunate in having this invaluable requisite. Mr. Glynn I principle for the past tvo years, has been a friend to every student, and a guide whose clear, honest judgment has been a helping hand to all. The active and distinguishable admin- istration of the school board,Mr. Olsen, Tr Christensen and Fr Nelin ha' me t A- Q Q N. e Q P for the Frederic High School,the high place it holds today. These members de- serve the thanks of every citizen. To these, the lenders of our school, the 1938-59 class pays tribute. ag' if ,Ji MMM Jw! 494.41 ,avi-Q Q2fMMM9.Zz 1 M1 x ff am- 5 -an- X I Qf ffm Qm4Q 43WM,EmO,Q,., Smxb Gluawsmqnm U7 5 7 Mffwmfwbmu ,wg M563 fm! 4, gwmggk MQW .1111- 5Enlu AMW ffzw bw-WW KWH? f XJW fm W W 21 aww! of h 9 aww wg X f421222f,V q""s '62-,426 55 Pk-4Q..,,Q QZWLJMJ ""'-nf' X Z .ii- a,Lwf""'W ,Jim QW QM' X M W WL ,W,,,,w5!JfTJ' 71 UM W5 HMM 9724'- 4487 2154? Z' LHE E' wma! Qin M0J,,,cb4,3r gpm f '1'1-.9 I Back Row: Lindh,Berry, Ness,West1und,Grimn,Peterson,Anderson,Reno Murphy,A.Benson,J.Benson. Center Row: Berquist,Fleming,Brandanger Lindell,Ditlefsen,Christensen,Car1son,Thompson,McFetridge,Fortmann Lundquist,StrucK, Front Row: Simon,StAngelo,Resel1,Fleming,Hulteen Lundeen,Olson,Soderberg,Gustufson,Fox,Peterson. uJlJlXIl0 Back Row: Erickson, Amundson, Barnharu, Jorgensen, Ruhn, Hallquist Skow, Taylor, Fees, McChene, winger. Center Row: Formell, Brown Burgess, O'Donne1l, Caragan, Shull, Pautsrh, Carlson, Chapman, Skov Krumn. Front Row: Swanberg, Peterson, Soderberg, Eklof, Ahlgren Gjonnes, Dalhin, Scheffer, Amundson, Smith, Lee. ' 1 X Back row: Weinzierl, Aokland, Mack, Johansen, Jeffery, Knutson, Bayou, O'Donnell, Sater, Karl. Back center: Coburn, Dickenson, Pautsch, Paul- sen, Daeffler, Stenborg, Danielson, Sullivan, Hinrick, Sederlund Front center: Moody, Swanson, Hutton, Dahlin, Carlson, Olson, Johnson, Han- sen, Knauber, Olsen. Front: Fenton, Hutton, Williams, Anderson, Drake, Sahr, Neumann, Larsen, Johnson, Peterson. EU EE Back Row: E1fstrom,EricKson,Hrahec,Nolan,Nelson,Rrown,MielKe,Jones, Corty,Nelson. Center Row: Olson,Holmgren,Mattson,Bengtson,Lundouist, Casperson,Hansen,Nclson,Lindh, Danielson, Front Row: Goodell,Root, Ferguson,Hallquist,Pearson,Otis,Hedlund,Larson,Fan1and,Ruhn. Back Row: Carlson, Malinovsky, Coburn, Fleming, Harnnert, Anderson Carlson, Potter, Hunt, Iielke, Ssros. Center Row: Knutson, Jenson Lindrotn, Jacoby, Jikstrum, Johnson, Springer, Chapman, Begin, Mayou Clson. Front Row: Drake, Saunders, Johnson, Gwin, Hane, Reno, Oberg Chapman, Shull, Fischer, Broun. llllifllilvl Back Row: Elfstrom, Turnblom, Soderherg, McCnane, Lundgren, Thompson Taylor, Anderson, Duncan, Alden, Murguw. Center Row: Larson, AcKland Gross, Almquist, Lindquist, Mack, Dserfler, Jixsmrom, Johnson, Hedlund Moody. Front Row: Peterson, Cook, risk, Olson, Hunter, Brsbec Iverson, Summers, Amundson, Wallingford. lIll:Il5E UF 333 Pres. Bettie Jalquist 1fOttO1 V. Pres. Willard Alden Colors: Sec-Treas. Ruth Ott 1 Blower: Senator Marita Witucxi Advisors: Pres. Leonard Hallquist Uottol V. Pres. Leif Anundson Colors: Sec-Tress.hildred Fleming Flower: Senator Clifton Anderson Advisors lIlflI'JE IJ Pres. Velva Hansen Motto: V. Pres. Kelvin Eater Colors: Sec-Trees. Lyle Nelson Senator Gerald Knauber IZLIZIEE NRowing not Driftingu Blue and Silver Carnation Miss Soderstrom Miss Shells Mr. Otis HSuccess is the Reward of Toilw Red and Nhite Iris Kiss Salay Kr. Olson NKeep-a-Goinu. Elue and Silver Flowerzlily of the Valley Advisors: Lrs. Barber LQI' . Braun Ill: 42 nOnwurd Uith Knowledgeu Green and White Flower: Four Leaf Clover Cree. Wallace Elfstrom Lotto: V. Wres. Susan Begin Colors: Sec-Trees. Donald Moody Senator Ruth Msyou Advisors: Mr. Dyxstra Mrs. Phelan Miss Flick fv I Musical Activities of Frederic High School are under the capable direction of Miss Meyer an d Mr. Laursen. Miss Meyer has charge of the vocal groups and Mr. Laursen of the instrumental units. The band this year has progress- ed quite rapidly under the compet- ent leadership of Mr. Laursen, and is looking forwardtoniusic contests at Osceola and the regional meet at Rice Lake. Along with the band, Mr. Laursen has introduced a n ew 1Q i1JlQ2fggiLAAMbn! 224f??lpn4f7?fma feature to Frederic, in presenting a NSwing Bandn. This group has furnished music for the school dances, and appears to be a permanent part of Frederic High. In tie vocal field we have the girls glee club, and the girls octet. Both groups have worked very hard and have had a successful season. The glee club again hopes to attend the music contest at Rice Lake. , The mUSiCHl STOUQS gave their annual program at the high school , HPP11 12, and it was termed a success for both participants and audience. EN lfifl w Mr. Laursen,Stenherg, Erickson, Casperson,Uitucki, St. Angelo, Thomsen Coburn, Swenson, Johnson, Halquist, Puls, Moody, Swanson. Back Row: Soderherg, Jennings, Peterson, Johnson, Coburn, Erickson Bjornberg, Hunt, Thomsen, Hulteen, Lindfieln. Center Row: Kr. Laursen Hallquist, Lundquist, Coburn, Casperson, Hallouist, ?u1s, Snenhorg Walquist, Friberg, Hunter, Hlfstron, Swanson. Front Row: Sonernerg Jorgensen,Amundson, filliams,Jensen, Hoody, Goodell, ElfStrom,?wonson Johnson, Springer, Peterson, Seifert, Moody, Goouell. FIINIU - IBLEE Ill Back Row: Biederman, Skov, J. Johnson, B. Johnson, Jitucki, Burgess Bengtson, Formell, Matson, Ssgmo, Lindroth. Center Row: Reno, Hul- teen,Linde1l, Oberg, Nelson, Swanberg, Begin, Dahlberg, Fahland, John- son, Dueffler. Front Row: Neumann, Drake, Guin, Fleming, St. Angelo, Miss Meyer, Simon, Soderberg, Sederlund, Fox, Peterson. IJIIXII IT Vitucki, Begin, Fleming, Swunberg, Simon. Back Row: Soderberg, Olson, Brown, Ahlgren, Feterson, Smith, Lindh Nelson,Thompson, Carlson, Hedlund, Johnson, Knutsen,Back Center: Paul- son, Lindell, Ditlefson, Fortmann, Chapman, Reno, Ressell, Olson, Sed- erlund, Gretzlock, Johnson, Larsen, Front, Center: Brsbec, Gibbs Larsen, Lindquist, Sederlund, Ruhn, Summers, Fisk, Iverson, Neuman Englehsrdt, Hoe, Nallinrforn. Front Row: Fahland, Iolmgren, Matson Johnson, Formell, Brown, Bengsten, Jensen, Fisher, Oberg, Hane. Hlllvlli EIS Cl Fifty busy future homemakers, all engaged in the pursuit of hap- piness inhomemaking, mane the Frederic Home Economics Club Q busy one. Their ambition? To combine Home Ee with home appro- ciation. It's a worthy ideal. . ,fe K ,, 56: . 4 5' W'xM - Casperson, Johnson, Annett, Berry, Anderson, Spr'ggs, Mayou, Anderson, Puls, Fees, Mr. DyKStT8. IJEI3 TE Resolved: That the United States form an alliance with Great Britian, The 1938-39 debate activities were conducted under the cafable instruction of Hr. Dykstra who Quided his team t f ' c ' D ' 'v , R o a very successful sea on. six out of ten students took a very active part. l The first affirmative team consisted of Alice Annett and 'Pearl anderson, the first negative team consisted of Clifton Anderson and Fritz Duls. Elayne Casperson and Karilvn Johnson were alternates. Schedule: Oct. 29, Barron Speech Institute' Nov New Richmond, Debate, Nov. 12, Amery, tri-school tourna- l ment, Nov. l3, River Falls, Dec. 9-lO, New Richmond, Dec. 14, Spooner, practice debate, Jan. l4,1pooner tournament, Jan. 28, Hudson, Feb. 4, St Croix, Feb. 17-19, Chippewa Falls. At the end of the searon Frederic had participated in a total of eighty-five debates. Thirty-tnree of then were decision debates,and twenty- three of then were won by' Frederic. Nov. 2, River Falls, ,oxfordN, ti Back Row: Perry, Biedermsn, Turnblom, Puls, iasperson, Fees, Anderson, Jones, Lindfield, Anderson, Johnson, Front Row: Burgess, 3ummers,Christ- enson, Begin, Witucki, Ualquist, Spriggs, FIJITIIEN III Aspiring Frederic elocutionists Knit their speeches under the cwpable direc- on of two excellent coaches, Mr. Dykstra and Miss Soderstrom. A lot of the credit for Frederic's success this year goes to these coaches for their most untir inf efforts. de di This year uns nmonz the most successful season in the history of Frederic's clam. Every Vrederic participant placed among the top three at the Milltown strict contest. Marita Witucki won first place at Hilltown with her humorous declam, qVidsurner's Nights Drenmn. Ne will never forget Vuritn peering through her two fingers and louldly calling for nThisbe-Sweet Thisben. Elayne Casperson received 'second place with her non-humorous declam, uThe Pefect BHCKQfOURdu. In or- story Xurthn Spriggs won third place with her oration WPortreit of a Murderern. At the school contest Narita won first place, and Elayne second in ex- QWDPTSNGWUS reading. Towever, winners in other events cunnot psrticipute in more than one entry.3o third olace winner, Harold Fees iarticiputed in the district meet and recieved second place. In extenporanous speaking Fritz Puls recieved first place in the district contest and Pearl Anderson second. Jhey were just reversed in the school t. All in all it has a grand year. Next more veterans will be bacn,and we hope l9dO will see Frederic again victorious been year -,...N,,,.- wmum ffwdwcfum Joe Heller, the father Ray Carlson Emma Heller, the mother Phyllis Burgess Louise Heller, the elder slster, mertyce Chrls tenson. Willie Heller, the Annabell, the baby Charles Grant ..... Mrs. Grant ........ Herbert .... ... Miss Calahan... . V, an W9 Charlotte Winslow... Oliver Vinslow ........ Mark Ninslow ......... . Augusta Jinslow Martin Martha lMuffJ Winslow. Richard Jinslow ...... . Nancy Blake ........... Katie ........... ii ...Marita Witucki ...Virgil Grover ...Willard Alden .....Pear1 Hansen ..Bettie Nalquist .......Fritz Puls Helen Protosavage .........Ruth Ott X Cf' f.a . Y 5 A rp ?1'f6,Lu,Lv55 ' We never Knew we had so many singers, tumblers, tap dancers, actors and actresses in our school until we saw the F Club's vaudeville. Why, land Marvin Grimh will testify to thisb we even can boast of some amate r . . 1 ,u surgeons in our school Highlights of the roduction. m e G. A. A. girls machine....The Club's produc- comedy as any , . p .lh in a glltterlng musical comedy .... The Photo Club's youth Future Farmer's Hindu fortune teller .... All in all, the F tion was as fine a collection of humor, drama, and musical Broadway show. That's our opinion anyway. -yun- SFqvtefmlww17,1955 Nolan, Rasmussen, Murphy, Caragan, Mattson, Smith, Olson, Acherman,Hed- lund, Sederlund, Lindh, Mackie, Alden, Alden. l1lJ Cl Hanta have your picture tanen?-- Jant to or not,the Photo Club members will snap it anyway. Mr. Dyxstra with nis feet on tae desk, Jimmy scowling at lrene,-- Mr. Glynn scratching nis head,--no one is safe from tnese photo maniacs. Snapping, developing, printing, the photo members are Kept busy. Vincent Mattson, the chief member of the club, spends post of his time be- hind the camera fwatch the birdiej or in the darkroom develop- ing his snaps. Kenny Ditlefsen,the nest amitious member of the club, Kwhen he's not too busyb has acquired a fine collection of the G. A. A. menbers.All in all, the nPicture Takinan Hobby has recieved a lot of publicity as a result of the interesting pictures the Photo members have snapped. Seriously though, Mr. Otis has turned out a fine group of amateur photographers. Their field trips have resulted in a fine collect ion of-nature snaps and their candid camera snaps of the faculty,off guard,are the finest in the country. KMr. Dykstra why is your face so red?J Many of the fine pictures in our annual can be credited to the advisor, Mr. Otis. l 1 Back Row: Fleming, Mayen, Begin,Swanberg, Hansen, Uitucdi, St. Angelo Front Row: Miss Flicn, Jalquist, Dickenson, Coburn, Streed, Simon Drake, Peterson, Johnson, Mrs. Barber. UI ECO Betty Yalquist, Lieutenant. Mildred Fleming, Sec.-Trees. Susan Werin Historian. Mrs. Barber, Captain. Miss Soderstrom, Assistant Captain. There is no place for tenderfeet in the Frederic Girl Scout Club. Softysuren't allowei. Each and every SQQUL that goes canuinr with the club this summer will be either a first or second class scout.All ten- derfeet stay home. But other things beside fun enter into a well- balanced scout schedule. The scouts provided a Christmas party, comglete with candy and Santa Claus, to a large number of grade school children, who otherwise wwuld have had little Christmas. This spring the girls enter- tained their mothers with a mother and daugnter banquet. Everyone enjoyed the pwrpy so much it will become an annual feature of the club. A true scout is happy, ambitious, cheerful, and useful. We are proud of our Virls in the Girl Scout club.Everyone is a true scout throuri and through. diss Soderstrum, Potter, Friberg,Fisx, Brown, Lindell, Lindfield,Proto savage, Thompson, Ott, Hedin, Ahlgren. Dllfill Elf The twelve members of the Frederic Bibliotek club have proved themselves versatile, charming and ambitious girls. Their efforts have not been confined to the library. November 15 to 19 they made the whole school Book JeeKConsciousvdth gay posters,pictures and slogans,depict1n5their national holiday on every bulletin and blackboard. The club entertained the high school and grade school faculty members, the Frederic library board and the high school board with a delicious luncheon on November 15. We've always wondered why the girls always had such high grades! The girls have shown a practical side also. Preeeeding a number of home basket ball games,the Bibliotek club served a hot soup luncheon to hungry students for the modest sum of a nickel. This netted them a fair profit. The library has been made a friendly place by the congenial Bibliotek members. One of them is always there ready to help 'ou. J The club has earned a reputation around school for leadership in both practical and Social matters. Just let any- one call them book- worms---if they dare! .ivml 1 A !AQ.Q..r'niLi ..l-ll ' Back Row: Carlson, N.Carlson, Ditlefsen, Brown, Smith, Hedlund,Erick- son, Shull,Psutseh, Taylor, Barnhsrt, Amundson. Center: Corty, Knutson Potter, Anderson, Berquist, Nelson, Benson, Johansen, Hack, Acklund Sater, Lindh. Front: Anderson, O'Donnell, Neinzierl, Jacoby, Halinowmy Vicxstrum, Mr. Olson, Duncan, Knauber, Lunuqulst, Hedlund, Acklund Dahlin. fl ri O The F. F. A. Club this year hus Knit together Agrominence in the rorld of sports, with grominence in the field of agriculture. The F. F. 1. bashet ball team entered in the district tournament at gilltovn. They played n fine game but Clear lane defeated them. This spring the boys are having a seed selling contest to earn money for the club. The members so far, have csnvassed the entire country side, and the seeds are selling like wildfire. The veteran members of the club initiated the new members at a party this winter. After giving each prosgective member the scare of his life, they treated the entire vroup to a Chili Concerns supper. This sprinr the Future Farmers entered two speakers in the oratory contest at Grsntsburg. The boys wrote their own sgeeches about any phase of agriculture that interested them KThey say one member attempted to compose a speech on HThe Correct Process of Get- ing out of 1ilKin5.WJ Clifton Ander- son recieved second place with his eration and Janes Bsrnhart fourth. The Future Farmers have had a busy season. We wonder if they are as food farmers as they are ball players, speak- ers and salesmen. 'Q ew Nr. in Q Q . ...I-"" -wk "'::"' OLGMQ lf.-fL.L'T7W,..z 77? 5 ZLL-J Zfwkiie Advisor Editor Advisor ffwgfdzfg ww, q,L...J ,Zm,,,,..w Q9,.,Ja.J,..d 62f7!0?5f:.,, if Finnr ce Assist mv. hditor Production yhotogru-my Ph L E by WZSLV 4 ffW4:'w-ff Qwzfrqffffv WZ 7-w:f6?,ff.W,,4 z3fM,Q,4,., fa... 14,L4..Q -Toducfwon :roduction at .rmiuctioxx production 1 77mm-5 711417 7 .gf jwvz f7!Z.xZf ' 00' f Hroduction Production Eroductiou Troduction fI'0KiUCTfi0H I H Y YYY' Y 77777 WYY W' ,.. ,,p4r"'9' v Qwf 3' Q , v 1115? 4' A .4 wwfffgxf 'af- P amy., Q Q Hal? 4755 1. -' , Q! gi m 5 if 2 1 W , f rf! ,M A 7 ' my 4 'X 5 " igwcgh 1 Mx 4 :Aly fx , ' 5 A f if as 1, 'KW v , , 'Qu 7 fa? if I K A 'im . ff' - rf 'igr , 'Q E . , ff Q, gif' f -.w x , ' - ""!' . Q k w ' K N.,-H J, , A, . . ,. 'Q' f .., , if x Ja' V- A f '. XVVX iw s' V .fiKx."f'.',A -ii XP, x, ' 3 NX N' 14 '. . 'A 'O , 1 V 4 1 Q , aWCf?Tj,T,,f,gM . , ,, x ,?,?5'-14,5-L' 9 hh . az, gg: ' ,f I, Y A3 ' "JJ V iff li RTE - Mr f 7 K, ,f 4, ,, -,4,5x,, KQYL' x ,Qi Q me ,Q ,mfg I ls , 5 fp, -f. 4 . X N A , Sf 'M -rf an Ji 'Vu k ,M ,M va , 1 Wayw- QQ if I , ,yn ta 1? K 5 3? '. 2 g m N., Q f-, m.j,Y,g 'ff , ff 'am -f 'vw ' ' . rf?-X 4"-Q2 "9 :QQ 4 ,Q ,y VH .lit w. . E 15 'Q .X , 1 wufi' I as 'E ' ' 5 4 'I h ' .' if 1 , X f- ' . ,,g.. 4 Qx 3-J K, 3 :Q i 13 5 Y 1 iw Y W "'f" f- uflsg. M x ii ffr- x 1 . f 3-f1fE,i Z:fAV . Xia 5 Q' fi ix? iff ' .E Q, T mr 'V T -' ri -:rss A '. . JH A1 1 5 .Q ., , .1 f ' E. ks '- , , Q , U, Am ' Q'-' , V X 53. , .X 2 it YQ " f wear- QRQ I L, JSA 1 V ag v ig V mi' . ' 5? ':, 3 f5,Aeh h L V , .. . fc.:-h. fr ,L Q1 E 4 lv T I , I H lv dwg- Aff , A .4 235, I ' L kgs , 1 NF. .gif 4 B n of, I , 492 T5 l3flI'JlYEIl3fIl.l This year's basketball season, in spite of a lot of enthusiasm and interest from the student bod, was not more than moderately successful. Most of last year's team graduated, and a great deal of inexperience handicapped the team. Captain NBudH Glandiers, star of the squad, fell into a slump the latter half of the season which brought the playing of the entire squad below par. Winning all the games played is not the only facter in determining the success of a season. The enthusiam and interest displayed by students and players alike must be considered. Of course, nothing can Wexplainnthe defeat we suffered from Grantsburg-but we'll get those Gr ntsburq basketball toters yet. Just wait! Some excellent material developvd this year will help make next year's team a sucofssfu one. NEudn Uestlund and Leonard Hallquist should be real stars in N4O'. Tall Lloyd Brown and Freshman Richard Jpringer seen very promising too. Jimmy Caragan, Valdo Christensen and James Barniart proved themselves dependable under fire. The whole squad had all the qualities necessary for a winning team, coolness, enthusian and cooperation. IJIJTI3 ll. Although the '39 football season did not end in a blaze of glory,it did mark the beginning of the end of the jinx which has followed our squad the past few seasons. This year our boys won four games, dropped two, and tied one.The climax of the entire season was the defeat we gave our ancient rival, Grantsburg on their home field, the score 52-7 in our favor. Consid- ering the defeat Grantshurg gave Frederic last year, we felt we earned our triumph! The bitterest defeat the squad suffered came from another old rival, St. Croix, the score being Bl-O. Some of the players on our squad this year can be named among Fred- eric's most talented players. Captain UBudn Glandier's eff- ecient leadership and .cooperative playing has won the respect of the team and spectators alike. Ray Nelson, center, intercepted some beautiful passes which put yn, ,in Frederic in the lead more than once. D Marvin Grimh, both on the locker room en that with a little practice he will be a mountain of strength for next fall's team. Credit goes also to the dynamic ueinzierl . brothers, WVioN. and NQuintn. for bril- liant and coop- erative playing. ego , Q 'yi 7 I '--.M .un 'M-'KI scales and on the gridiron has prov- .,,.-Y..-.W Back Row: Elfstrom, Danielson, Barnhart, Martin, Jwanson, Erickson Front Row: B '.t f 1 G efqlllq , 51005.11 Lllndqlli-JD, Johnson, Coach Johnson. lJfllIl'l , lJl'IN IDN fn The second team has made very noticeable improvement during the 1938-59 season. The underclassmen have learned very thoroughly the fundamentals of basketball and the ability to apply them. With this basis and u genuine desire to win, they turned in a very enviable record. Those members who showed noticeable signs of ability were Ber- quist, Fleming, Swanson, Johnson, Lundquist, and D. Moody. Under the capable coaching of Coach Johnson, these players have developed very rapidly, and i.A.' e expect to see many of their faces on the first team next yeer. Back Row: Coach Braun, Fleming, Lundgren, Reno, Taylor, Nelson, Lundquist, Nelson, Brown, Johnson--Front Row: Uestlund, Nelson, Christensen, O'Donnell, Smith, Almquist, Nelson, Pearson, Lundquist. FIEEI3 I.l. With seven members of last year's 'first nine' returning, the 1958-59 baseball team had a very successful season. Besides the returning veterans, many new players took their places on the team. The boys played consistently fine ball under the capable management of Coach Braun. A The season opened on April 27 at Luck, and mas followed by games with Balsam Lake, Siren, and other teams of the surrounding territory. The pitching duties were divided between Nelson and Christensen. A fine infield, built around last year's veterans, Nelson and Westlund, turned in many fine plays. The outfield was nearly the same as last year and turned in consistently fine performances. The many underclassmen out for baseball this year gives every indication of assuring Frederic of a good team next year. 3...-v Back Row: Coach Braun, Smith, Springer, Jeffrey, Carlson, Barnhart, Snow, Yeinzierl, Jorgensen, Barnnart, Amundson, Olson, Larsen. Front Row: Strucn, Knutson, O'Donnell, Johnson, Nelson, Berquist, O'Dcnnell, Weinzierl, Elfstrom, Duncan, Olson, Elfstrom. I3 Xl Joe Louis has nothing on the mighty leather swingers that compose the Frederic boxing squad. How our boys can take it-to say nothing of giving it out! Frederic has made a name for itself in a successful box- ing squad, and this year, was the most successful year in Frederic's history. Top honors for quick effective victories go to 'SluggerN Berquist and V- Weindierl-In fistic ability,too,they get top ranking. Quentin Weinzierl, Leif Amundson, Richard Springer, Gerald O'Donnel1, and LeRoy are others that complete the list of mighty sluggers. This year's remarkable success can be attributed to many reasons. One, of course, is the natural ability of the boys themselves, another is the whole-hearted enthusiasm they felt in the Dart itself. The coop- eration they recieved from the student body meant a great deal. John Smith, veteran of last year's squad, was invaluable as the squad's trainer. Bloomer... ...Won Amery... ...Won Webster... ...Won Webster... ...Won Amery anso 0 o 0 o Q QYNOH Milltown... ....Draw Milltown... ...Won 2 ig lf- my 5,13 I 1. f' 4' if I . R! D -4. wil" 59 E5 4 if 5 sa Back Row: Springer, Marten, Weinzierl, Caragan, Ditlefsen, Brown, Smith Pautch, Pearson. Center Row: Hansen, Lundquist, Nelson, Jones, Taylor O'Donnell, Reno, Westland, Weinzierl, Front Row: Elfstron, Berquist Nelson, Mr. Braun, Glandier, Christensen, Fleming, Grimh. fflziilzl- The 1958-39 athletic season of Frederic High School was on the whole quite successful, despite a few momentiry relapses. The football team started the season playing against two hard teams and met a decisive defeat at the hands of St. Croix, conference winner. All was forgiven, when the team, defeating Grantsburg on their own home field, gained sweet revenge for the student body by an overwhelming score. This victory made the season a virtual success. The final summary found Frederic with four victories, two losses, and one tie .... The basketball team had a season of ups and downs. It was down each time it met Grantsburg, and consequently we lost two games to our bitter rival. Frederic,however,defeated Webster, Milltown, Balsam Lake,and Amery. A one-point defeat at the hands of Amery prevented the locals from entering the St. Croix tournament...The seniors successfuly seiaed the inter-class basketball tournament from the other classes, by defeating the sophmores, and the juniors. A thirteen point handicap given by the juniors helped the seniors considerably in the finals...On the heels of the basketball season, the boxing team swung in- to action and has experienced a successful scason.The team is composed of some mighty good leather-swingers, who can punch and can take it ..... The success of the baseball season this spring can be attributed to the fine group of fellows who took an active part. With many experienced players back and some promising new additions, Frederic was destined to enjoy a successful season. The 1958-39 season has not only been one of win, lose, or draw but has been one marked by the omnipresence of the invaluable and enthusi- astic Frederic school spirit,which was an asset regardless of the outcome of the games. 'Bud Glandiers', the outstanding man in football and basketball,was awarded 'Honorary Captain of l939'. 'Budn has been the captain of foot- ball and basketball,and has shown leadership,and sportsmanship in always trying to lead his team to a victory. 'BudN will never be forgotten by his team or by the spectators. We all want to congratulate him on his earning the title of 'Honorary Captainn. He will be missed by the athletes of the future. ufa .X 19,if:4A,dHdf,tixAf President Ruth Ott Secretary Mertyce Christensen Treasurer Orma Ott The Girl's athletic Association consists of girls who are interested in sports. They learn fair play and sportsmanship. The organinution has been very active this year. Highlights of the year's events! gic- nics,initiations, Christmas party, sleigh ride-party, Valentine dance, vaudeville acts, sgrinp picnics and a spriny dance. Back Row: Lindh, Ferguson, Fisher, Morten, Krumn, Soderberg, DaHliQ Macxie, Fredrickson, Johnson, Root, Front Row: Lindh, Stenborg, Hack Gwin, Ott, Liss Salay, Christenson, Ott, Mc Kinney, Hunter, Peterson. si 4 THE FIRST HOLIECOIIITIG The snow had begun in the gleaming. And busily all the night Had been heaping fields and highway With a silence deep and white. IIlJI'IElIlJl'I lxl A Ackerman--You can't stop me from dreaming. Alden--Just as Wsavagen as ever. Anderson--And one was a saucy little redhead. Annett--I just told them exactly what I thought. Bengstonf-Wuthering Heights. Biederman--F.D.R. Jones. Bjornberg--I go to school, 'chieflyn for the morning ride. Boe--Altho' I'm not so very tall, I'd rather be short than not at all Carlson,E.--Stop beatin' 'round the mulberry 'BuschN. Carlson,C.--Is she sweet, Oh me,-Oh my! Daellanbach--NOh where is my wandering boy tonight?n Dahlberg--Never says too much nor thinks too little. Ditlefson--Kenny belongs to the F.F.A.g he raises Wcanen and alfalfa hay Engelhart--I'd rather be little and shine than big and cast a shadow Fahland--There's always time for a good laugh. Frederick--Words are cheap, even so, why waste 'em? Frederickson--True to one Wonen at a time. Friberg,E.--Silence is goldenn Friberg,M.--In art I have a good start. Funk--She is I-Mack-ulate. Glandier--He likes his work WBettieN than anything! Gretzlock--Silence never betrays you. Hansen--Did I stumble? No, I've Hedlund--I look down on everyone. Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Larsen--Pleasure is the business of my life. Lindfield--If I don't know whether or not to Lindquist--Altho' I don't say so much, I mean Lindh,M.--I chatter chatter as I go, and I go nFa1u-nn . E.--Si Si Si Qcccy. B.--WGone with the windn. J.--A modern modest miss. . V.--A little nonsense is relished by Lindh,V.--Everything comes to him the wisest. rgue, I always more. on.forever. xy hurry? Lundquist--If I only had words to express myself! Mackie--I will strum my guitar and yodel-adeehoo. Mattson--Enjoy life before 'tis fled,for when McKinney--Lief me alone. Merten--'Sports are my major attractionn. Nolan--Studious and ever striving. Olson--Like Chase and janborns always dated. you die you're argue a lone tina dead 0tt,O.--I'd make a good sailor, because I like the nC'sN. Ott,R.--If there's anything I like better than fun, it's more fun. Pearson--Not too serious, not too gay, but a rare good fellow. Erickson--Do I contradict myself? Allright then I contradict myself Potter--Whispering Hope. Protosavage--Just watch my Puls beat. Puls--There's a brand new picture in my picture frame. Sagmo--Some think the world is made for fun and frolic, and so do I Sederlund,F.--She made the world a friendly place by showinw it a iiiendly face Sederlund,M.--Lookie,Lookie,here comes Cookie Shull--The baker boy,the baker boy. Smith--Melancholy Baby. Spriggs--My idea of an agreeable person? One who agrees with me. Streed--Plat foot floodgy with the Floy-d Floy-d. Turnblom--K-K-Katy. Walquist--My Buddy,My Buddy. Wienzerel--The blush is beautiful but often inconvenient. Wickstrom--For he's a jolly good fellow. Witucki--I keep in Wtunen with the times. Nelson,R.--When I can't talk sense, I talk nonsense. Nelson,N.--Gee! I wish I'd been born rich instead of good looking Christensen--Are you with me? Allright,then let's go. Grover--My kingdom for a pair of scissorsg I love to cut up. !Q7ZQ,C,C0 lvlfl N fl Illflfi We, the Senior class of '59 wish to voice our sincere appreciation to the following merchants and business men. Their help has meant a great deal toward makinf possible the publication of our annual. Their cooperation and interest has helped make our annual what it is. We heartily thank them and we urge you to patronize their business places. Arveson-Andrews Clinic, Frederic Hospital Frederic Community Motor Co. Inc. Mrs. Nellie Tindus, Apparel Shop Larsmx R Hallquist Hdwe Store Mrs. Kissling The Beauty Spot Frederic Oil Service Station Thomson's 54 to 31.00 Store Consolidated Lbr. Co. Binford's Confectionery Frederic Beauty Parlor Frederic Super Service Frederic Motor Company Stokley Brothers k Co. Frederic Meat Market C. A. Carlson Hdwe. Farmer's State Bank Hagber5's Cash Store Frederic Hatchery Frederic Pharmacy Early Oil Company George Jorgenson Frederic Bakery Dr. H. E. Witte Sanitary market Recreation Hall Frederic Star Byrxa Cleaner Albert Exlof Olsen a Son Paris Cafe H. Gundlach Swanbe rg ' s V M V s- , rl ' I 5 ' : U 4 1? X .11 1? af 4 , r 1' , "5 ,fi- M , 'I , uf' 1 I , 5 5, , . 5 ' '-1, A' -J: "' 'E A 114 Q I.,- .. wi' , X, , L i gl ., W ' I, -1 f . HL Y v i ' ef'- N

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