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THE MAGNET DEDI TED TO Clarence Schallenberger Class of 1938 Born July 4, 1920 1 1 Died August 30, 1957 Laurine Louise Alden Class of 1958 Born April 17 , 1920 Died July 6, 1937 ORY OF Elaine Anderson Class of 1956 Born July 25, 1916 Died June 20, 1957 'Q 0 Vernon Ralph Hunter Born January 25, 1920 Died June 18, 1957 COURSE of STUDY Offered at UNION FREE HIGHSCHOOL Frederic, Wisconsin Freshmen Year Required: English I, Citizenship, Gen. Science Elective: Principles of Sewing and Food Prep- aration, Plant Husbandry, Shop I, Typing I. Sophomore Year Required: English II, World History, Biology Elective: Clothing Construction and Food Prep- aration, Animal Husbandry, Shop II, Advanced Typing, Algebra Junior Year Required: English III, American History Elective: Geography, Bookkeeping, Geometry, Chemistry, Farm Shop, Music Appre- ciation, Home Management and Fur- nishings, Food and Nutrition, Clothing Construction. Senior Year Required: English IV, Social Problems Elective: Physics, Shorthand, Rural Economics, Children's Clothing and Food, Clothing and Experiments Activities Football, Basketball, Girl's Glee Club, Boy's Glee Club, Girl Scouts, Debate, Declamatory, Oratory, Future Farmers, Home Economics Club, Photo- graphy Club, Band, Orchestra, Annual Staff, Stock Judging, Dramatios, Science C1ub,Extemporaneous Speaking and Reading,H1-Y,G.A.A., Mbed Chorus and Octet. We, the class of '38 have arrived at the point in our lives when we inevitably pause a moment to reflect on the past four short years, which for us are so full of memories. Getting acquainted with scores of new people was an early experience, the mem- ory of which we shall always cherish. Classes,study hours and extra-curricular activities are all an integral part of our memory. To insure the permanency of these incidents we hereby edit this year-book. Symbolic of our past and future aim is our motto 'Onward and Upwardh. As we look ahead the paths to our varied goals seem steep but that matters not, we have worlds to conquer and progress to make so we shall forge ahead always N0n ard and Upward'. 1 W. fri' A J-' ,..Q 3' W . x K. A., , . ., v 5 f ' if 11 . .52 I ' .x r'f H' 1, tiff 1: ' ,V - .Q ' 3 .. A ' lc gd. 4 F'- N N I . f-. gag V-A 'X X 'A :ia 1 , S 1, ,I .K 9? ' ' 4 Yi -rf: I N , X W' 1 vmuw' A INI TR TIO .13 MR. R. P. GLYNN PRINCIPAL HR. JOHN M LIN DIRECTOR MR. I. C. CLSON TREASURER MR. A. S. CHRISTENSON CLERK Miss Meyer Mr. L Miss Salay Mr. Buske udvigson Miss Lee Mr. Laursen Mr. Braun Viva Jorvensen School Secretary Miss Flick ' Mr Miss Cleary Mr. Otis Miss Christopherson . Olson Miss Shella .- - 1'-, .,- x , L X? qfgife' A ' 3 fiff'12 ' Ht 11.1-'1 al 1 W "Q 3 ' : 1 ' 5 -VC G. - ffl, .Q ws' ' - , Y , 1 ' ' ' ' , A 4 l , , -. .1 . . . ., r X H YK? M , - 'XM ' . .I , , . X 1 1.-Q 1,1-.1 ig.: uh . "' ggi ' L 3 ' ,Q 'Ill , ,. ,. "1 . A . , x . 9 f x . f I. T , "H S " r, .-4' 1 Sk ' ig, .J 1, X 5 5' Q' 524 g fS1 A' 13, . ,X , aff.-1 f '- ' .Lf x , i 4 l , KL' 'W ', . , ' B ,, X 'S . YN , Viv ' 'gi i ' 'w24'.- X C' I , ..u, MN J, 'Quik -fi ' . . ,mu 5' . . rf 4' J , ,' 5 gmc ',,g 1 - 4- 51, - . Vg, Q, 5 . A me - J - - V ,Hb .tie r . I-M E 2 Ai L15-afff 55 Ei Q ! IM 'ww 'J ,F ..., I r ,-111, 'La' -J 9" , J' J: ,E -5 X A Q , ul 4. . , X, gn, , . ,ww .5 :' 91,41- WW ,im ,Q ' 1 . . ,.,. . '1'vf ' ian ' " 1 V -.mar-",,"A ix Q- 2 1 ' .wwf 5 1 '4 .J-17' 'K ' ,zmL'-- x if , ' fefbrf fri.. .Q .- if 'V K Jnu.- ,,,,.g,, 'wx 51 w 4 ,..-..f..--f,4--Y-:Lvw-f6- N A K :N QI-. ig 1 .,. U- N D 4 . H, , , I' ,.-x1i+f-1+.ol,15.A,A?,NM x -a ug- .nf-fv.,.,.,,,N :-M--.,,,. - Q , ' , -x..... X. , , -' -.b -"T'2Y:':'-1-. M, . 1 1,-:wr , V '?x,,Q:'Z.- , A x.:ff-:--- -W...-,,-5,k.,'..','v v X .,,,,1..'.g I, . -' J., . A .H -1 H- ,-1 'QT' ' '- can ' f...,.,.-:35v'- U, Hgiivfmuw 1 A ,ivy-f!rfY,i?kifQg.g:j P0,52AiH., ,.....,k,kF,!-gray K - , .. .-4, . f- '- ,-,.- ' .'-" . ,,, 15 ,e 3, 4 ,. 'I :,- Hg, " 7 ff-12 , 1? f X, .Lg ' ,Lg f f , QQ: S11 4 ,7 l -, K 3, ' ' ' H151 ""'A Y-1 ' SQA! . ,.. ,xx xp, L,,.a . 1 will 'VMS xl . Q 75 ' 2 i . , H' Q! fr-f-wf.,,k CL 55125 IOR Class Motto: Onward and Upward Class Colors: Blue and Gold Class Flower: Lily of the Valley Mr. Ludvigson Miss Christopherson Eugene Wighdahl Florence Otis Lucille Walsten Lillian Fortmann A Kenneth Wedin F'- Helen Bengston Ruth Benson Pearl Brown Eleanor Burglund Robert Chapman Harry Crandall Charles Engstrom Jeanette Erickson Leon Ericson Leila Erickson Zylph Anderson Doris Beokmark Helen Beckmark Evelyn Bengston Dorothy Bjorkman Irene Brackin Hugo Frederick Lillian Fortmann Jean Gross Beatrice Gustafson Martha Hanson Robert Hinrich Dorothy Hulteen Lawrence Johnson Marie Johnson Scott Johnson Ardyce Jorgenson Warren Karl Dale Knauber Lorraine Kreutzian Irene Lindell Lyle Lundquiet Thoma Mary O'Donne11 Roy s McKee Gordon Melin Michael Merten Oscar Moslet Florence Otis Pearson Roy Peterson Raynes Peterson Norma Malinovsky Anne Marquette Gertrude Matz Harlan Oberg Leonard Ritchey Milton Rudell James Sohellien Gordon Seastrom Grace Sederlund John Smith Jeanne Moulette Junior Struck William Soderberg Ann Thompson Myrtle Summers Mabel Teitz Leslie Haskins Lucille Walsten Kenneth Wedin Leona Wallin Lloyd Hjort Vern Wikstrom Eugene Wigdahl Willis Williams Back Row: Moberg,- Pearson, Ditlefson, Smith, Hedlund, Trumble, Lundquist, Nelson, Anton, Alden. ---- Second Row: Bengston, Bjornberg, Johnson, Witucki, Lindquist, Biederman, Turnblom, Hanson, Glandier, Carlson, Larson. ---- Front Row: Johnson, Carlson, Erickson, Saros, Annett, Streed, Walquist, Protosavage, Frederickson, Merton. Back Row: Olson, Sederlund, Shull, Christensen, Lindh, Weinzierl, Grover, Jenson, Dahlberg, Matson, Funk. ---- Second Row: Fredericks, McKinney,Johnson, Friberg, Ott, Ackerman, Mackie, Dallenbaoh, Caldon, Boe, Engelhart, Tipton. Front Row: Lindh, Nelson, Anderson, Hanson, Nelan, Lindfield, Ott, Potter, Sederlund, Friberg. Class Motto ---- HSail on! Sail Onln Class Colors ---- Navy Blue and White Class Flowers----Carnation Senator ---- Alice Annett President ---- Bettie Walquist Vice-President ---- Marita Witucki Secretary-Treasurer ---- Lester Anton Alice Annett Lester Anton Ruth Ott Marita Witucki Bettie Walquist Mr. Otis Miss Cleary J IOR On a bright September morning, as nine bells sounded, the Captains shouted, N111 hands on deck,' and the call was responded to by the sixty-seven members of the crew of the nGood Ship Junior Class,n all set to launch out on a joyous cruise on the sea of Juniordom. First the crew elected as captain, Bettie Walquist. Marita Witucki was elected first mate KV1ce President! and Ruth Ott was elected second mate fTreasurer7. Lester Anton was elected Log Keeper CSecretaryJ. To Alice Annett went the position of Chief Steward lSenatorJ. Then, the crew set its course by the help of the guiding stars Kadvisors, Miss Cleary and Mr. Otisl and set anchors aweigh and spirits high and sailed enthusiastically out into a sea of adventure and experience. Taking the high waves along with the low waves, the Junior ship of state stirred up the High School Ocean by its unboundless enthusiasm at each port predomin- ated. Pom-poms were sold, and the school was made aware of the games by the de- corations and announcements. Similar activities took place at the winter port of UBasket Ba1l.N The HGood Ship Junior Class' docked and spread its pep spirit by decorating the gym with the schoo1's colors and also its opponent's and added to the interest of the crowd by distributing programs. On March 4th as the ship sailed out on to the full sea many of the crew had occasion to WRemember the Dayn. Valdo Uhristenson and Helen Protosavage led the ship to the port of success again, with the help of a good supporting crew. Soon afterward, the Junior Class dropped anchor, lowered its sails, and drifted on the calm sea. But ---- a storm came up, and in the excitement, those piratical Freshmen stole on board and captured five members of the crew. Undaunted, the captain sent out a life boat, reclaimed its members, and set out on a more dan- gerous C?J mission ---- the guest cruise for the Senior director CProm Chairmanl. He named Pearl Hansen, Marita Wituoki, Helen Protosavage, Elwood Pearson, stew- ards with a great cast of assistants. So ---- as a grand finale---the 'Good Ship Junior Classn, after a prosperous year, sailed into a port of rest before its 1958 Journey into the Land or Seniordom. Back How: Taylor, Shull, Jorgensen, Hallquist, Ruhn, Skow, Caragan, Barnnart, Reno, Carlson, Grimh, O'Donnell. Second Row: Martin, Amundson, Brown, Formell, Burgess, Chapman, Skow, Krumm, Eklof, Swanberg, Anderson, Fees. Front Row: Erickson, Hunter, Berquist, Westlund, Gjonnes, Harrison, Ness, Benson, Benson, Lundquist. Back Row: Thompson, Carlson, Peterson, Kreutsian, Scheffer, Berquist, Soderberg, Ahlgren, Fleming, Christensen, Pearson. Second Row: Chapman, Hulteen, Lee, Rasmussen, Lindell, Fortmann, Resell, Berry, Lundeen, Brandanger. Front Row: Olson, St.Angelo, Soderberg, Wedin, Simon, Fox, McFredridge, Beider- man, Gustafson, Struck, Matthew. Class Motto ---- nKeep a Go1n'N Class Colors ---- Blue and Silver Class Flower ---- Lily-of-the-Valley Senator ---- Clifton Anderson President ---- Leif Amundson Vice-President ---- Mildred Fleming Secretary-Treasurer ---- Lenore St. Angelo R Leif Amundson Clifton Anderson Lahore St. Angelo Mildred Fleming Miss Lee Mr. Braun P 012125 Two years have passed for the Sophomores under the kindly guidance of Miss.Lee and Mr. Braun, and this year finds them wiser, happier and more ambitious than last. They are Sophomores with a capital WSH. Leif Amundson has been given the honor of the presidential term of one year, and Mildred Fleming takes the position of vice-president. Very faithfully Lanore St. Angelo fulfills the responsible duties of both secretary and treasurer.Last, but not least, Clifton Anderson holds the position of class senator. Initiating the Freshmen was one of the Sophomore 'red letter' days although the former would be apt to dispute it. The two classes met in the high school gymnasium where the initiation took place and were later Joined by the upper classmen in an all-school dance. The great social event of the year was a pie social held in November in 1957. The girls brought the pies and the boys bought them. More blushes! Auctioneer on that memorable day was the class Wclownu, Alex Martin and our principal, Mr. Glynn. The sophomore class has been, and is well-represented in baseball, football and basketball. Most of the second team in basketball is made up of sophomores, and Reynold Westlund, is on the first team. The class was represented by Ambrose Berry, Max Lindh, Clifton Anderson and Bernice Fortmann in debate. We're looking forward to big things from them. Phyllis Burgess and Mertyce Christensen were out for forensics. We have several sophomores in the Girl Scout troop. Robert Fleming, Harvey Berquist, Leif Amundson, James Kreutzian, and Gerald 0'Donnell show promise of being good boxers. The sophomore class, we believe, has active members in every organization. The sophomore program to be given to the assembly on March 29 is called, WA Day On The Radion. The program tells about the trials and successes of the radio squad. With it the sophomores hope to win the prize for the best assembly program. This will undoubtedly be the climax of the year and the sophomores will be off for their vacation. Back Row: Hinrich, Daeffler, Ruhn, Goodell, Van Hollen, Dickenson, Coburn, Sten- borg, Larson, Sullivan, Drake ---- Second Row: Neuman, Jonnson, Hutton, Olson Hanson, Karl, Carlson, Dahlin, Daeffler, Hutton, Moody ---- Front Row: Anderson O'Donnell, Neuman, Johnson, Fenton, Sederlund, Knauber, Friberg, William, Sahr Larson. Back Row: Elfstrom, Brabac, Nolan, Brown, Jones, Mielke, Bengston, Jeffrey, Lundquist, Olson, Matson ---- Second Row: Hallquist, Casperson, Pearson, Lindh, Hanson, Nelson, Holmgren, Olson, Erickson, Danielson, Nelson ---- Front Row: Jorgensen, Mayou, Sater, Weinzierl, Marten, Kirk, Otis, Hedlund, Fahland, Paulson, Danielson. Class Motto: NSuccess is the Reward of Toiln Class Colors: Purple and Gold Class Flower: Iris Senator: Norma Lindh President: Georgia Coburn Vice-President: LeRoy Elfstrom Secretary: Marilyn Johnson Treasurer: Edna Paulson Georgia Coburn Vivian Wirtzfeld Edna Paulsen Norma Lindh Marilyn Johnson Miss Salay Mr. Olson LeRoy Elfstrom FRESH N Untrue to tradition the Freshmen class did not remain Wuneduoatedn very long, but responded favorable in less than a month to the change in their environment. On September 25, they took first place for nGoin' To Town,' their float in the Community Fair Parade. It exemplefied a family of nine who were making their first adventure from the country to the city. Sam Jones, as the mother, and Ernest Brabec, as the father, with Harold Olson, as the baby sat in the gront seat of an old car. Lillian Williams, and Betty Larsen, the twins, were being cared for by Norma Lindh in the rumble seat. Gerald Knauber and Earl Karl rode on the fenders taking care of the chickens, which were in a crate. The car was laden with egg crates, sacks of grain, and melons. The formal welcome was given the Freshmen by the Sophomores at the initiation in October. The Freshmen returned a party in November. The boys and girls were divided into four groups of schoolsg they chose the following namesg The Canary High School, The Greenapple High, The Strawberry High School, and the Baby Blue High School. Each school chose students to compete in various contests, which were Judged by three Judges. The inter-class basketball tournament was not wholly unsuccessful. They lost to the Sophomores, but defeated the Juniors. Our President, Vivian Wirtzfeld, moved to Dallas, the second semester, the vacancy was filled by Georgia Coburn. In accordance with the season, an Easter theme was chosen for the annual assembly program, which was givenfapril 14, the day before Easter vacation. The members of the committee in charge of the presentation were Norma Lindh, Georgia Coburn, Marilyn Johnson, LeRoy Elfstrom, and Edna Paulson. Some Freshmen gained recognition their first year in high school. We have LeRoy Elfstrom, Harold Olson, Raymond Jeffrey, and Lawerence Hansen in Boxing, Elaine Casperson in deolamg Marilyn Johnson, alternate in debateg Ernest Brabec, as a tenor soloistg Velva Hansen as cheerleader: Georgia Coburn in tunblingg Iary Dickenson as a poetg Lloyd Brown and Lawerence Swanson as future basketball e ars. nf' 's .M 4 " N z I 'we ., f JY, ' A . A , i , , , 1 a 6? ga A, ff. . . y 5 -4 K , 1 , g A251 fl . fx .. AV if J Ni Q.-Qt, xxt . , W g4r""' W. ,495 J, A . 4' f 1' fn , an . nw- ! S ' :ai , 1 C , f I H: 'FJ -Q' 5 y X I' ' 3 5 ' fx ' 3 ". 1 - x .5 5 pg 55. .5 J' ,rt ' l- x , x ,' V, L , ORC N ZATIO Back Row: Stenborg, Oberg, Erickson, Chapman, Bjornberg, Hunt, Lundquist, Soderberg, Hallquist, Moslet, Director Laursen, Swanson, Christensen. Zrd Row: Johnson, Casperson, Coburn, Brown, Coburn, Johnson, Jensen, Jenning, Friberg, Hulteen,1LindfeldL, Seifert, Elfstrom. 2nd Row: Amundson, Jorgensen, Soderberg, Walquist, Brethorst, Hunter, Goodell, Front Row: Moody, Peterson, Moody, Elfstrom. Back Row: Moslet, Soderberg, Lundquist, Director Laursen, Walquist, Moody, Sten- borg, Oberg, Witucki, Jensen, Johnson. Second Row: Hulteen, Dahlberg, Pearson, Erickson, Bjornberg, Chapman ---- Front Row: Hulteen, Formell, Christensen, Hallquist, Coburn. BAND ORC ESTR The band, rehearsing every day from 2:10 to 2:50, has been steadily progressing this year, due to the very competant direction of Richard Laursen. Members at this writing, are looking forward to the district music meet to be held at Rice Lake in April, while at the same time they are busy preparing for the musical program which they will present jointly with the Graded School, on March 18. Perhaps the most active members are the group which comprise the 'PepN band that has enlivened our basket ball games. Since a number of the band members are from the graded school and are already players of some merit, we are looking forward to having a first class organization in the future. The Orchestra has demonstrated its ability at several of our school functions. It is directed by Mr. Laursen. Back Row: Lindell, Peterson, St. Angelo, Simon, Miss Meyer---Front Row: Witucki, Benson, Marquette, Formell, Fleming. s Back Row: Dahlberg, Marquette, Witucki, Bjornberg, Benson, Matson, Biederman. 3rd Row: Neuman, Hallquist, Nelson, Bjorkman, Skow, Peterson, St. Angelo 2nd Row: Drake, Fleming, Pearson, Johnson, Lundquist, Carlson, Hulteen, Miss Meyer. Front Row: Tietz, Lindell, Hulteen, Johnson, Formell, Soderberg, Simon, Fox. OCTET GIRLS' CLEE CLUB The Octet is a new vocal group introduced into Frederic this year under the dir- ection of Miss Meyer. The main purpose of this group is to sing at school functions when it is impossible for a large group to be present. They have also sung at several other schools and churches. There are eight girls who belong to this organization. Two sopranos, two second sopranos and four altos. The Glee Club, under the direction of Miss Meyer, has been working hard this year. The club is smaller this year than previously and is composed largely of Sophomores and Juniors with a few Freshmen and Seniors for variety. The club, at this writing, is looking forward with great anticipation to the music contest, which is to be held at Rice Lake, May 6-7. They hope to improve over their B ranking of last year to one of A this year. Back Row: Brabac, Johnson, Hallquist, Wedin, Oberg, Erickson---Second Row: Miss Meyer, St. Angelo, Simon, Peterson, Fleming, Hulteen, Dahlberg, Daeffler, Fox, Lindell---Front Row: Formell, Johnson, Hulteen, Marquette, Benson, Wituoki, Johnson, Bjornberg, Soderberg. Back Row: Swenson, Chapman, Hallquist, Casperson ------ Front Row: Lundquist, Soderberg, Walquist, Moody, Oberg, Christensen, Coburn, Johnson. IXEDC UR 5 PEP BAN This is yet a very young organization, having started at the beginning of the second semester. The lusicale, on larch 18th, gave them their first opportunity to sing before the public. On larch 26th, the Chorus had a pleasant trip to Superior where they sang under the direction of Ashanbrenner. The Mixed Chorus is going to the distrio contest which will be held at Rice Lake this year. This is the first time the Chorus has been entered. The membership of this organization numbers twenty-four. Seven of them will be graduating this year. The number of Freshmen that Joined looks very PI'0U1i51n8- The Pep Band is an organization which has enlivened our basketball games this year and helped to give us a little more school spirit. This little band is a group selected from the regular band and is always on hand to entertain. There are twelve members, four of which are still in Grade School. Back Row: Miss Christopherson, Bengston, Erickson, O'Donnell, Turnblom, Walsten, Jorgenson, Sederlund. Front How: Sederlund, Thompson, Bjorkman, Brackin, Gross, Bee, Summer. Back Row: Olson, Matson, Bengston, Brown, Skow, Chapman, Eklof, Ahlgren, Krumm, Soderberg, Fahland. Second Row: lies Lee, Friberg, Sederlund, Ditlefson, Daeffler, Ruhn, Chapman, Rasmussen, Lindell, Fortmann, Resell. Front Row: Larson, Hutton, Lee, Hedlund, Formell, Smith, Hanson, Nelson, Holm- gren, Sullivan, McFredr1dge. H0 E ECO UNIES CL BS The Senior Home Economics Club is composed of Junior and Senior Girls taking Home Economics. Kiss Flick was the advisor for the first semester and Miss Christopherson the second. The chief purpose of the organization is to promote further interest in Home Ec- onomics and to provide social activities for the members. At the meetings which are held the first and third Mondays in the month, the time has been devoted to discussions, a party, and a tea. The Junior Home Economics Club is for all girls taking first or second year Home Economics. The primary purpose of the club is to provide social activity for the girls. This past year the group Joined with the other Home Economics Clubs of the county to form a county organization of which Alice Formell is President. The outstanding activities of the year were, the Christmas luncheon, a St. Patricks Tea for the girls in school, the faculty also were invited, the Style Show and the Home Economics Club Rally at Ionomonie, Wisconsin which the club attends. Back Row: Simon, Rasmussen, Soderberg, Burgess, Casperson, Christensen, Fleming, Lindh, St. Angelo. Front Row: Drake, Coburn, Witucki, Miss Lee, Walquist, Peterson, Johnson. Back Row: Swenson, hunt, Jones, Scoutmaster Amundson, Anderson, Ditlefson, Benson, Coburn. Front Row: Moody, Christenson, Nielson, Swanson, Seifert, Fossum, Hoody, Turnblom, Elfstrom, Goodell, Hunt. GIRL SCOUTS BUY SCOUT The Girl Scouts have been stressing scout activities during the past year and every girl must become a registered second class scout. The Girl Scouts used several new ways of making money this year. They conducted a stew sale on the day of the dog derby. The same day was the occasion of the annual debate tournament and they served a luncheon for the debatere attending from the various schools. In the beginning of the year the Future Farmers cooperated in the presentation of a play 'Hurdered A11ve'. The Boy Scouts have been very active this year. They have given several public demonstrations on scout work. Hikes and social activities have periodically varied the program. Tne scouts, at present, are diligently practicing for the annual Spring Round-Up when they will compete in the 'fire by frictionn and 'wig-wag' signalling con es . S Van Hollen, Benson, Smith, Erickson, Brackin, Seastrom, Johansen, Johnson, Engstrom, Skow, Pearson, Ditlefson, Nolan. A q Mayou, Jensen, Bjorkman, Bengston, Ness, Nelson, Ritchey, Jorgensen, Rudell, Lindh, Erickson, Mackie, Ackerman, Mattson, Brandanger. P OT0 CL B Amateur photography is a rapidly growing hobby in this school as well as in all other parts of the country. It holds a fascination for those who are willing tc run the full gauntlet of the many failures that come with learning a new technique. That satisfaction is realized when a creation all one's own suddenly appears out of the developer and the thrill that comes from seeing those finished pictures, personally nursed through all the stages of developing from the exposing to the squeegeeing, safely mounted in their rightful place in an album. Many of the members have found this hobby so interesting that they are building darkrooms in their own homes fwe'll bet many a mother will rue the mess they makel. It is hoped this work here in school may lega some to a lifetime hobby or even a vocation. An interesting phase of photography is that of enlarging small negatives or parts of negatives into large pictures. Unnoticed detail, new expressions, new emphases appear in the enlargements that are completely lost in the smaller prints. The club is looking forward to next year when it can launch a full program of camera hikes, picture contests, and dark room activities. Back Row: Karl, Crandall, Shull, Smith, Hedlund, Trumble, Ditlefson, Marten, Hinrich. Middle Row: Lindh, Berquist, Knauber, Barnhart, Johnson, Wedin, Melin, Ericson, Nelson, Olson, Knauber, Carlson. Front Row: Lundquist, Johnson, Sater, Weinzierl, Neuman, Anderson, Mr. Olson, Anton, Benson, Martin, O'Donnel1, Daeffler, Dahlin. J Back Row: Ericson, Coach Olson ----- Front Row: Johnson, Merton, Wedin, Knauber F STOCK JUDCI C ll I The Frederic Chapter participated in the annual Stock Judging Contest for the eighth consecutive year. The Stock Judgers were, Kenneth Wed1n,Dale Knauber and Michael Marten, while Lawrence Johnson and Leon Ericson took part in the Farm Facts Contest and represented the Chapter at the annual F. F. A. Convention. Much interest was shown in ping-pong and a tournament was held in which Bill Engstrom won the upper-classmen championship and Gerald Knauber the championship of the lower classmen. This year our chapter has a strong basketball team. We played our first game on the home floor with Webster and won with a score of 26 to 10. We returned the game at Webster where we were again victourous by score of 29 to 24. Grantsburg came down to meet our squad on our home floor, where we easily won the game, the final score being 26 to 15. We began the tournament by playing a game with Milltown but due to an unexpected change in rules through which we lost two of and with the absence of another player we lost the game by a score of 27 to 20, still have high hopes of winning the consolation cup. Back Row: O'Donnell, Smith, Peterson, Caragan, Weinzierl, Pearson, Coach Braun. Second Row: Nelson, Crandall, Berquist, Lundquist, Grimh, Martin, Westlund, Christensen. Front Row: Ferguson, Wikstrom, Struck, Pearson, Reno, Williams, Wedin, Glandier, Wigdahl. ' Back Row: Berry, 0'Donne11, Pearson, Mr. Buske, Melin, Johnson, Ericson, Ander- son, Ritchey, Smith, Hedlund, Trumble, Wedin, Oberg, McKee. "F " CL B LY The purpose of the CFU club is to sponsor better sportsmanship and good fellow- ship among the athletes. Every year they make arrangements and conduct the athletic banquet. At the present time they are advertising for the boxing matches. They will probably put on an annual vodvil every year from now on as an athletic benefit. The purpose of the H1-Y is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community the highest standards of Christian character. Inspired by this aim, and led by Hr. Buske and our officers, the Frederic H1-Y club has worked earnestly through its second year as an activity in this school. The club has had a very busy year. It has offered a varied program. Beginning with an outing at Spirit Lake last fall where the year's program was worked out, we held discussion groups on topics such as lar and Prohibition. le also had some interesting talks by Hr. Glynn and Dr. Arveson. March 21 we plan to have a banquet and, later in the spring, we will hold our first joint meeting with another H1-Y Club. We are planning a Picnic with the Webster High School group. l Yl"'l AF Back Row: Caldon, Sederlund, Lindfield, Miss Cleary, Friberg, Potter, Sederlund Front Row: Summers, Thompson, Protosavage, Brown, Ahlgren, Erickson, Beckmark BIBLIO EK CL B President ------ ----- Helen Protosavage Vice President-- ------- Hyrtle Summers Secretary-Treasurer ---- Leila Erickson The purpose of the Bibliotek Club, a newly formed girls' organization in school for those who work in the library and are interested in books, is to make the library a more cheerful place in high school, to promote the girls' interest in books, and to provide an opportunity for companionship among the girls. The first activity of the group was the Book Week celebration, for November 15th to the 20th. The library and the bulletin boards were decorated with book displays, and new books were put out for inspection. Contests were conducted to decide what students should have first chance at reading the new books. On Mon- day, November 15, the girls entertained the high school and grade school facul- ties, the village library board members, and the school board at the tea in the library. The two honorary members of the club, Mrs.Morr1s Buske and Miss Doris Shella, poured tea. The club officers and advisor Miss Cleary were in the re- ception line. At Christmas time, the girls decorated the library with seasonal designs, and gave hand-painted book marks to each student. In keeping with their interests in books, the girls gave a skit from Little Women as their part in the Vodvil, with Helen Protosavage taking the part of Jo Grace Sederlund the part of Meg, Myrtle Summers the part of Beth and Doris Beckmark the part of Amy. Throughout the year, work meetings were held, at which the girls mended books, took inventory, and learned about the many phases of library work. After sever- al of these meetings, supper parties were held. The Spring activities of the Biblioteks will be a trip to some of the large lib- raries in the vicinity. I 5 .al 'EF' 'fi' ' 1 r 2 pig A Qywxilxg L All 5 ll!!!!!! -'l! 'ngnnsnns ,. i...,,,. ' ,J f Q R E J J-N 5 X My - --.. ,z 'HH Kgf-Q-4la.....,f, ,I ,Y W,L Q gy ,Q hr WWQM Back Row: Van Hollen, Merton, Merton, Frederickson, Saros, Anderson, Burgess Peterson, Mackie, Christensen, Lindh, Carlson. Front Row: McKinney, Soderberg, Nolan, Paulson, Miss Salay, Gustafson, Peterson, Simon, Sederlund, Larsen, Neuman. President: Dorothy Saros Vice President: Zylph Anderson Secretary: Ruth Ott Treasurer: Orma Ott Advisor: Miss Salay The Girls Athletic Association is composed of girls who are especially interest- ed in sports. They promote the real spirit of Wplay.n They let games be times of fun and happiness, rather than work and battle. To become a member of the organization a girl must earn one hundred points, by coming to gym regularly or in some individual sport. To remain an active member each member must earn fifty points a semester. Letters are awarded each year to girls who have merited one thousand points. It may take more than one year to get the required number of points. Points are given for the following activities: coming regularly to gym, hiking, skating, skiing, tobogganing, sleighing, ballroom dancing, tennis, bicycling, horseback riding, and ping-pongg the number of points given for each individual it ddit on- sport depends upon the strenuousity. Getting on the first team mer s a al fifty points, second team, twenty-five points. Twenty-six girls took part in FREDDIE HI CIRCUS, the vodvil act. It opened with Norma Lindh as balloon seller, and Ruth Ott, barkerg the chorus included Ellamae Frederickson, Irene Gustafson, Ruth Ott, Lorraine Mackie, Virginia Paulus, Myrtle Streed, Zylph Anderson, and Mertyce Christensen, the elephant was Phyllis Burgess and Raynes Peterson, the tigers, Charlotte Carlson, Edith McKinney, Phyllis Nolan, and Frances Soderbergg the monkeys, Marian Van Hollen, Evelyn Neuman, Elsie Anderson and Agnes Merton, the wild women, Ardyce Simon, Vernice Peterson, Orma Ott, and Margaret Sederlundg the cowboy on the wooden horse, Dorothy Merteng and the two tumblers and clowns, Georgia Coburn and Ione Krumm. The act ended with the song VThe Merry-go-round Broke Down.' The first post-Lenten dance was given on April 19. Lorraine Mackie was the gen- eral chairman. BASKETBALL--first Team--Dorothy Saros, Ruth Ott, Lorraine Mackie, Ellamae Fred- erickson, Raynes Peterson, Dorothy Merten, Ione Krumm, Edith McKinney. The seo- ond team--Phyllis Burgess, Delores Lee, Phyllis Nolan, Florence Soderberg, Dorothy Bjorkman, Eleanor Chapman, Viola Goodell, Agnes Mertan and Dorothy Larsen. YA 15- K? my 'dv -is sf v O Alice Annett AQ4,54 Eleanor Burglund Eleanor Burglund Lucille 'flalsten Lillian Fortmann ft Miss Cleary Mr. Buske s 'eee L ' ' 1 cg e' i Back Row: Mr. Buske, Fortmann, Anderson, Turnblom, Burglund, Fees, Wituckl, Casperson, Annett, Lindfield, Miss Cleary. Front Row: Lindh, Anderson, Jones, Walsten, Anderson, Burgess,Gross, Ott, FORK SIC S The development of the art of public speaking has been an activity carried on in the Frederic High School for a number of years. The four types of public speak- ing coached are: declamatory, oratory, extemporaneous reading and speaking. Christensen, Johnson. This year there has been a great deal of interest shown in this work, five for declamatory, five in extemporaneous reading, four in oratory, and three for extemporaneous speaking. At the intra-mural contest which took place March 29, Eleanor Burgland won first place in humorous and extemporaneous reading. Lillian Fortmann, another senior placed first in extemporaneous speaking, while Lucille Walsten won first in non- humorous. The seniors came out on top, good luck seniors, we need the merits. Last but not least, Alice Annett came out first on her oration, nThe Cocktail hour.N These winners will compete with six schools in the League Contest at Luck, April Sth, , X "lf 15' Mr Buske Lucille Walsten Alice Annett Pearl Anderson Lillian Fortmann Clifton Anderson Marilyn Johnson Back Row: Berry, Van Hollen, Elfstrom, Anderson, Casperson, Fortmann, Lindn, Fortmann, Johnson ----- Front Row: Fahland, Annett, Trumble, Mr. Buske, Walsten DEB TE Resolved: That the several states should adopt the unicameral system of legis- lation. Anderson. The 1957-1958 debate season opened with four speakers back from the first squad of last year. A total of twenty-four people went out for the debate team when the season started in the middle of October, and began work on the question uUnicamera1ism versus Bicameral1sm.N After two weeks of preparation, the squad was divided into two man teams which went through a schedule of debates with themselves. This was completed by November 20, when a banquet was held for the debators. Mr. Buske announced the first squad would be composed of Lucille Walsten, Lillian Fortmann, Pearl Anderson, Alice Annett, Ralph Trumble, Clifton Anderson, Elayne Casperson, and Marilyn Johnson. The entire squad, however, continued at work, and began debating outside schools by November 5. I The next two months were busy ones. The team played host to Amery, Spooner, and St. Croix here on November 5, and traveled to Amery, River Falls, New Richmond, Eau Claire, and St. Croix for debate. At a New Richmond tournament both Pearl and Lucille were on teams which went into the quarter-finals. Pearl lost, but Lucille was not eliminated until the semi-finals. One of the pleasantest and most profitable excursions of all was a trip to the Hill Library in St. Paul on December 22. By this time every person out for debate had been in at least one contest with another school. After Christmas, the teams had one tria gular meet here, and went to the Spooner tournament, January 22. The teams won three and lost three, showing the need of more study. All but the six going to Chippewa were excused from further work, and the squad put in two weeks of careful work at home. Then came the annual tournament at Frederic, on February 12, which was non decisional. By February 18, the teams were ready for the high point of the season-the trip to Chippewa Falls. The team enjoyed its stay at the Northern, and enjoyed still more repeating last year's performance of five victories and one defeat in the preliminary rounds. The 'negative defeated Bloomer, Rice Lake, and Baldwin, and the affirmative won from Augusta and Superior-Central, but lost to River Falls. In the semi-finals Frederic was eliminated by Eau Claire, winner of the tournament the past four years. Next year's prospects look good. At least ten experienced debators will regain. The team will, however, sorely miss Lillian Fortmann and Lucille Walsten. o were pillors of strength in the season. DEBATE SCHEDULE November 5 Here Amery, Spooner, St. Croix Non-decision November 15 Amery Amery, St. Croix Non-decision November 20 River Falls Tournament, 15 schools Won 7 lost 8 December 5-4 New Richmond Tournament, ll schools Above average December 8 Eau Claire Tournament, ll schools Above ayerage December 18 St. Croix St. Croix, Spooner Non-decision December 22 Hill Library January 18 Here St. Croix, Spooner Non-decision January 22 Spooner Tournament, 8 schools Won 5 lost 3 February 12 Here Tournament, 10 schools Non-decision February 1849 Chippewa Tournament, 27 schools Won 5 lost l ANNUAL STAY F a li .M ' Q 1 1 1 :Lal ...M "aw m A, ,L k , -an :W dy: wwf .1 J, " , A I 6 E ' Q 'SP X E , ,K my MP1 5 'J 3' Y 1 Al N l no ,s'f: A.,.- ,......-'avsfg W .XS ,J Mx I 71 v-1-v x p aggw. M- L. -is if -fl mv ' Wm mf' . J. M 1 ,f M" ce?" 4 -J U, M 5 if 5 Xp 1 A3513 LETICS Back Row: O'Donnell, Weinzierl, Erickson, Nelson, Kreutzian, Jeffery, Jones, Coach Braun, Coach Ludvigson, Grimh, Brown, Taylor, Elfstrom Melrose, Neuman. 2nd Row: Williams, Ditlefson, Reno, Pearson, Wedin, Peterson, Smith, Weinzierl, Glandier, Ferguson, Martin. Front Row: Moody, Nelson, Struck, O'Donnell, Fleming, Wikstrom, Berquist, Ericson, Caragan, Kreutzian, Danielson. FO0TB LL The team met St. Croix Falls on Community Fair Day at Frederic for their first game of the season. St. Croix being one of our bitterest rivals made the boys more determined to win than ever. Although trailing on the short end of the score 6-O at the half the boys came out strong in the third quarter. Both teams were unable to score in the rest of the game and so the game ended in a tie by a score of 6-6. The team west after their first victory of the season when they journeyed to Osceola. Both teams played on even terms in the first half. But Frederic came out in the third quarter to score the only touchdown of the game. The score was in doubt until the final whistle and our team had a victory of 6-O. Seeking to get into the ruin column again the team faced the frenohmen from Somerset. The Somerset team though lighter than our boys put up a great fight but could not withstand the much stronger attack of Frederio's eleven. The final score was 12-0 in our favor. Frederic lost to Amery by a score of 18-O. This was a night game and the first one played by our team under the lights. It seemed very queer to play with a white ball and to see darkness outside the field. I don't think this affected the score any. With a little more drive and better defensive playing we could have made a good game out of it. The greatest defeat suffered by our team was with Grantsburg. Their excellent running attack and defense seemed too much for us so we bowed to them by a score of 61-O. This is one of the games we would have especially liked to win, but we didn't seem to have what it took to win. A new lineup was started at the beginning of the Shell Lake game. Many of the boys were playing their first game. Their lead of 21-O at the first half was not so great considering the inexperience of some of our team mates. In the second half the old lineup was started which worked together very well and also outplayed Shell Lake. We fell short of winning by one touchdown. If the game would have lasted a few minutes longer, I think we would have won. Frederic lost its last game of the season to Milltown. This was the last game for all the Seniors. We all tried hard to win it, but in spite of this we got beat 7-9. We can all look back on the games we have played together, but we oan't play them over much as we would like to. VERN WIKSTROM---Senior---He kicked and passed besides being a ball carrier, and COACH'S COMMENTS . ELLSWORTH GLANDIER---Junior---A shifty ball carrier who has plenty of ability to go places his senior year. KICTOR WEINZIERL---Junior---WVICN developed into a very fine football player by the end of the season. With continued improvement he should be one of Frederic's better athletes. GERALD O'DONNELL---Sophomore--Gerald is a new man who showed promise in kicking, passing, and ball running. HARVEY BERQUIST---Sophomore---Harvey seems to understand that football is a great game which should enjoy playing hard and clean. LEON ERICSON---Senior---Leon really loved football and had a very fine attitude. He tried to play to the fullest extent of his ability at all times, which is a trait that is necessary in all good athletes. WILLIS WILLIAMS---Senior---Frederic's ace catcher whose services, offensively, will be missed next year. GORDON RENO---Sophomore---Gordon plays tackle and should be a valuable man if he improves as much as he has during the past year. ROY PETERSEN---Senior---Co-Captain and a hard working athlete who will be missed for his blocking and defensive ability. JOHN SMITH---Senior---A senior and tackle who was most effective when slashing in on defense. Also a Co-Captain of the team. played a great game against St. K. DITLEFSON---Junior---Kenneth tion. His best work was on the ROY PEARSON---Senior---Roy had hard work was in the line-up by HARRY CRANDALL---Senior---Harry season. He was very capable in the line of scrimage. Croix Falls. did a good Job in taking care of the end posi- defense. less experience than most of the fellows but by the end of the year. was a guard who played consistent football all beating through and tackling a man from behind CHARLES FERGUSON---Sophomore---Charles played and was fairly successful and with a little more fight would be poison to Frederic's opponents. KENNETH WEDIN---Senior---A consistently hard worker who was always doing his best. JUNIOR STRUCK---Senior---A hard running ball carrier who was always a threat. RAYHOND NELSON---Junior---Ray played center and, for a new man, caught on to the game of football rather quickly. He has the physical qualities which are found in natural athletes. ALEX MARTIN---Sophomore---Alex saw enough action to show that, with a little polish, he could be an exceptional blocking back. MARVIN GRIHH---Sophomore---Marvin played the latter part of the game and gave a gina showing. With continued improvement he should be a good kicker and a full ack. Coach Braun is Co-Captain John Smith Coach Ludvigson Co-Captain Roy Petersen Back Row: Coach Ludvigson, Struck, Wikstrom, Caragan, Westlund, Coach Braun. Front Row: Wigdahl, Pearson, Wedin, Peterson, Williams, Glandier. B SKETB LL C O A C H ' S C O M M E N T S 0 N F I R S T T E A M ROY PETERSEN---Senior---Roy was the hard working captain of the basketball team. He was a true sportsman and a great fellow. ELLSWORTH GLANDIER---Junior---'BUDH was an all around ball player who, at times, showed promise of developing into one of Freder1c's outstanding basketball play- ers. EUGENE WIGDAHL---Senior---With few exceptions, Eugene could be considered Fred- eric's best ball handler for the 1937-1958 season. His success was probably due to mastering the fundamentals of basketball. JAMES CARAGAN---Sophomore---Jim is a new man, who showed great possibilities with increased effort. ROY PELRSON---Senior---Roy portrayed that fight which is necessary if an athlete is to do his best at all times. KENNETH WEDIN---Senior---Kenneth was a hard working basketball player with whom it was a pleasure to work. Frederic will loose one of its most cooperative athletes in Kenneth's graduation. WILLIS WILLIAMS---Senior---Willis was a consistent basketball player who was strong on defense as well as being an offensive threat. He played probably, his best in the final game of the season against Webster. REYNOLD WESTLUND---Sophomore---Reynold was a new addition to the club during the last few games and gave a fine account of himself. With continued improvement, Reynold should develop into one of Freder1c's smoothest basketball players. Back Row: Martin, Reno, Brown, Grimh, Coach Ludvigson ----- Front Row: Fleming, Berquist, Haylor, Barnhart, Erickson. SKETB LL C O A C H ' S C O M M E N T S O N S E C O N D T E A I LEONARD HALLQUIST---After a slow start at the beginning of the season, Leonard found himself and came through with some fine basketball in the final games. WILLIAM TAYLOR---Bill was one of the scrappiest players on the second team all season. He should make a good man for next year. HARVEY BERQUIST---Harvey displayed lots of drive and fight all season. He will be a much better player with each succeeding game. JAMES BARNHART---Jim was our best defensive player and most consistent man on the squad. Jim will be a big help next year. ROBERT FLEMING--QBob fitted in nicely at a forward position. He displayed lots of fight and pep. Bob lifted the team spirits up in spite of defeat. HERLE ERICKSON---Merle was a valuable utility man and showed some good basket ball when it was necessary. MARVIN GRIMH---Marvin proved to be a fine passer and defensive man. He is the coolest player under fire of the entire squad. LLOYD BROWN---Lloyd used his height to good advantage in the games he got in.. With more experience he should develop into a fine player. GORDON RENO---Gordon proved to be a dependable guard in several games. He has the ability to get in under the opponent's basket and come up with the ball. ALEX HARTIN---Alex should come through with some good basketball before he is through at Frederic High School. Coach Braun . W-..--.ui A ' x 'jf " ROY' li K 5 'cur-u.Y" ll JlP1P11'mKH Captain Roy Peterson JUNIOR view " KENNY ea Coach Ludvigson LJlCLG'f 1 4 -Mx , , 1.1, Manager Erlinz Moody LEON x " R'oLLAN0" 'N RAYP1 Bam GND Qs ff, L.,' .Q Q 'ig "'- itf ',L'. V' Wg 'K V LP gum, ' smoov " JUNIOR . N 6 ,.,,,,,,, V Q . ,, A 5 W . . f ' N" 4 14, - Q , ' 'A T :fm 42 . I .J ff 'S-ff -- Sw ,wk ' BUD " ' HARvf.Y" 1' 1 t ' . A z N . ' VaRN 'I JOHN X . ' GERALD" BOB VA LBO T fe 3 Back Row Jeffrey, Johnson, O'Donnell, Berquist, Crandell Coach nraun Front Row Hanson, Amundson, Weinzierl, Smith, Fleming, Olson. Boxing is a new sport in school and interest has been growing fast. The fellows started work in the winter under Coach Megna and Coach Braun. They worked hard to build up their boys out for box- ing and March 2nd they had a Intra- school bout. On March 12th the team went to St. Croix the results were quite good for a begin- ning match. Won 4, lost 5 and 2 draws. March 15th Webster came here. This was the first home match. The fellows made a good showing in front of a fair crowd. Won 6, lost 2 and 2 draws. March 25th the team went to Milltown. If they won these bouts they were to go to Superior to watch a match at the State Teachers College. This was as good or better than the St. Croix match with a lot of hard fighting. Won 4, lost 2 and 2 draws . March 29th the team went to Webster for a return match. Webster showed much improvement and made a good show. The boys won 4, and lost 4. The Schedule for the rest of the year is to include matches with St. Croix, Luck, Milltown and Amery. ' K, ,uf ww u 8 a ,nv f ,WI-.Qi S V515 , 3 IF 3. -F , li if , .. -1 fw-4 ' m ,n H uigfflh , - u ,f hlwg, .5- Eff S W. , . FE TURB Zylph Anderson ----- Helen Beckmark ------- Doris Beckmark ------- Helen Bengston ------ SENIOR CLOSE-UP ----------------She's taken for Grant-ed. 'And she walks like a girl of affa1rs.W I don't like to go with anybody steady. -----------------------Black eyed Susan. Evelyn Bengston ----- -------------- I prefer to work for Jews. Ruth Benson ---------- Dorothy Bjorkman ----- Irene Brackin ------ Pearl Brown ---------- Eleanor Burglund ----- Robert Chapman ------- Harry Crandall ------- Charles Engstrom ----- Jeanette Erickson ---- Leila Erickson ---- Leon Ericson ------ Lillian Fortman ------ -----------------------Are you with me? ------------------I like Clam Fall-ers. ------------------------Do it yourself. ----Hey! do you want to know somethin'. --------------Now ladies! Do be quiet. -------------------------Playin' again. --------Let's have a Boxer's Rebellion. -I'd like to know who invented English. ------------------I like Freshman Boys. -----------I'm all wrapped up in books. ------It s fun to argue with Mr. Buske. ---------------Wrong again----or still? Hugo Frederick ------ Don't hurry me, I'll get there sometime. Jean Gross -------- Beatrice Gustafson--- Martha Hanson ----- Robert Hinrich ------- Lloyd Hjort ---------- Dorothy Hulteen ------ Scott Johnson ----- Ardyce Jorgensen-- Warren Karl ------- Dale Knauber --------- Lorraine Kreutz1an--- Irene Lindell -------- Lyle Lundquist ------- Norma Malinovsky ----- --- ----------He loves me, he loves me not. ------------7---------Let'e play house. ----- ------------Sh, teacher's coming. -------------------I'm a future farmer. -------How many excuses have I overdue? --------Can I play my violin in heaven? -------I'd rather be right than wrong. ---W0hg where have you been Billy Boy?n --------I'm a big-little forest ranger. - -------- Dark eyes and hair, and oh! --------------Laugh, I thought I'd die. I didn't know the radiator was sagging. --------------------------Nuts, to you. -NLaugh and the class laughs with you.' Anne Marquette--- ------- ----I know a lot about nothing. Gertrude Matz ----------------------------- Town Hall tOHigDt! Gordgn Malin ---------------- --------------- Ain't life grand? Michael Merton ------ ---I have trouble with the bus driver. Oscar Moslet ----------- ----------- nWhistle while yOu w0rk.H Harlan Oberg ----- Florence Otis ---- Roy Peterson ----- Raynes Peterson-- Milton Rudell ---- James Sehellien-- ---------nI'll take you home again, Irene.H --------------Blue eyes, why are you black? ---- ----------now can I get in the movies? -- ----------- I'm going out for Gym to-day. -------------------Love me, love my camera. ------------------Keep still, I'm talking. Gordon Seastrom --------------------- I like to knock on wood. Grace Sederlund-- --------------Brown eyes, why are you blue? John Smith- -------------------- Wanted: a shave and hair-out. Willis Williams-- Leslie Hask1ns--- label Teitz ------ Marie Johnson ---- Thomas McKee ----- Jeanne Roulette-- Lawerence Johnson-- Roy Pearson ------ ----Why should I worry, the good die young. -------------What's our history for to-day? ------------------------Oh! that shorthand. --------------------Do you want some candy? ------------My ambition is to get a 'deer.H -----------------Don't cry over spilt milk. Lawerence, there's a Hi-Y meeting to-day. --------------------Tall, tan and terrific. Mary 0'Donnell ------------ ------- Please hang on to yourself. William Soderberg ------------- 'I have no use for the women.n Junior Struck ------ Myrtle Summers----- ---------HG1ve me my boots and breeches.n ------------------Shorthand gets me down. Ann Thompson ------------------------------ I'm awfully sorry. Leona Wallin --------- I will my quietness to Lucille Walsten. Lucille Walsten -------------- Will I come back from Chippewa? Kenneth Wedin ---- -What are you doing that for? For a while? Vern Wikstrom ----------- The station I like best is Maekie's. Eugene Wigdahl- ----------------- ------ Boy, can figures talk! mga' M49 S - Q ,, E S Ni fs X 1' if Xi -, E , , ,xr 2' -5 gif 5535 f 'QI -ev .f2i5?ff: f 55 if ..,:Qf-- z,,, Z R.. Sz 'vu ""Mq,.' n . ' ' ,5,w. ?s x v'1Fr X x is I . Q ,V , tj N Lck, f,.,,,,a-. ,F .ff ,. Q31 gffzf . fi, AA: A X if ww., 'x 64 .s'-'L-v X250 if g 752. ,A Q Jw . if MONKEY BUSINESS Jimmy S.: Do you believe in a here-after? English teacher: Yes, why? Jimmy S.: How about a good mark on my report card? That's what I'm here after. Bus driver: Oh: What a clutch! Voice from the rear: Say! You keep your eyes to the front. neon: Ralph S.: Do you serve shrimps? Waiter: Yes, we serve everyone. Arnold B.: Why do they have knots on the ocean instead of miles? Lloyd H.: Sap, how could they keep the ocean tide if they didn't have knots in it? Mr. Buske: What is Shoddy? Lorraine K.: Isn't it some kind of whiskey? Father: Is there anything worse than being old and bent? Son: Sure! Young and broke. een.: Mr. Buske: 0g?wh1ch island is Al Capone imprison- e Willis: Alka---Alka---Alka-Seltzer. canoe Bob: Isn't she temperamental though? Rob: Yahl. 95? temper and 55 mental. scene Pearl B.: G-eel The mosquitoes are biting something awful. Lillian F.: What, you? sense lr. R., touring Greece, sent back a picture postcard bearing this message: Dear Milton: On the other side you will see a picture of the rock'from which the Spartans used to throw their defective children: I wish you Dad were here. if v 1 ??A A RW' X V' W' v-.. Q. :M , .if ,A Y, -f - -,.f'ff1 9- ' A . " a'in.-v v, ...,, A , . ff 1-can 'QQ uf, J' wr '45 1.-QW--, r -4 I-f v Left to Right: Wikstrom, Smith, Witucki, Fleming, Ericson, Williams, Walquist, St. Angelo, Simon, Knauber, Walsten, Christensen. "" RDERED LIVE " Mrs. L1bby--- Arden Ryder-- THE CAST -------------Marita Witucki -----Bettie Walquist Warner Melton ---- ----- Willis Williams Tillie Meek-- Iris Alda ---- ---LaNore St. Angelo ---. ---- Mertyce Christensen Luverne Speed ------------- --Ardyce Simon Acton Chance- Stella Backus Frank Backus- Otis Marvin-- Arline Ivans- ---- ---------John Smith ---- ----Lucille Walsten ---- --------Dale Knauber ---------------Leon Ericson ------------Mildred Fleming The mysterious stranger ---- Vern Wikstrom uMurdered Aliven is a mystery comedy in three acts. The story centers aroun the solving of the murder of Marvin Ryder. In the first act, the people expecting to be mentioned in the will of Marvin Ryder have gathered at his home, NH11lcrestu to hear the will read. It was believed that Marvin Ryder was killed in the wreck his body was found in. From the lawyer they learn the astounding fact that Marvin Ryder was murdered with criminal intent. All this time, mysterious things have been happening at the Ryder home with queer noises and things disappearing. During the second act the strange things continue and Arden Ryder talks to her fiance, Warner Melton, whom her mother detests and distrusts. He informs Arden that he was the last one to talk to Marvin Ryder before he left on the trip and that they quarreled bitterly. Tillie Meek, the maid, overhears this conversa- tion and exposes this information and this points to Warner as the guilty one. The third act is climaxed when Marvin Ryder returns, apparently unhurt and explains everything. He and Warner Melton had been working on an invention to- gether and this explained the mysterious noises at 'H111crest.W Marvin had engaged a new chauffeur and they had only gone a few miles when the chauffeur held him up and left him unconcious. With money and clothes gone, he donned the chauffeur's clothes and lived as a hermit during these days in order to complete the invention. ' A K " e1fSibNf'--efwikw A f.. W' 5 . -. 1 Left to Right: Johnson, Benson, Walsten, Lundquist, Fortmann, Johnson, Soder- berg, Moulette, Rudell. "THE P TSW' THE CAST Bill HB1'1'1Il8'l70I1 ------------ Lyle Lundquist Mrs. Bill Harrington ------ Lucille Walsten Grace Harrington --------- Lillian Fortmann Patricia Harrington ------- Jeanne Moulette Billy Caldwell ---------- Lawerence Johnson Tony Anderson ---- ----- Milton Rudell Sadie Buchanan ---------------- Ruth Benson Francis Patrick O'F1aherty--Scott Johnson 'Tripn Buster ----------- William Soderberg Being the unimportant daughter of a socially minded mother who centered her efforts on her older and more attractive daughter, Grace, nThe Patsyn was left to devise her own way of attracting attention. Much to the confusion of the rest of the family, Patricia practiced on them wise and witty sayings, which she has memorized from a book she studied in secret. The one person HThe Patsyn wished to impress was Tony who was oblivious of her existance, because he was in love with Grace. Unsuspected support comes to nThe Patsyn when her hitherto meek father champions her cause and aids her in getting Tony to notice her, and forget Grace. Meanwhile, Grace after a quarrel with Billy, decides she wants Tony back, but her scheme to regain his affections fails. She finally patches matters up with Billy and Patricia gets Tony. Highlights of this three-act comedy were scenes such as the one where Tony coaches Patricia in the art of getting her man, when he didn't know that he was the potential victimg the scene where Patsy, after a life of submission dares to tell Grace 'That everything is a case of mind over matter dear1e.H Patsy doesn't mind because Grace doesn't matter. It is a pleasure to see domineer- ing Mrs. Harrington eventually subdued and the play ends happily. Left to Right: Witucki, Protosavage, Ott, Alden, Nelson, Jensen, Mattson Christ enson, Lindn, Streed. ' 'REMEMBER THE D Y" THE CAST Nora Trinell ----------- Helen Protosavage Dan Hopkins ---- ------ Willard Alden Dewey Roberts --.. ---Valdo Christensen Kate H111 ----- ------------ Ru th on Ellen Talbot--- -------- Margie Lindh Tom --------- Steve H1l1--- Edith Phelps- Charlie ------ Mr. Steele--- Miss Price--- Mr. Roberts-- Mrs. Roberts- Anna --------- Dorothy ----- Flower Girl-- lst Bell Boy- 2nd Bell Boy- Reporter ----- D. R. Roberts Edgar -------- ------Raymond Nelson - ---- Vincent Mattson -- ----- Pearl Hanson --- ---- Norman Nelson --------------Elmer Hedlund - ------------- Elsie Potter - ---- Virgil Grover -- ---Marita Witucki - ---- Bettie Walquist ----Myrtle Streed - ---- Lorraine Mackie -- ------- Lester Anton --- ----- Ellswcrth Glandier Victor Weinzierl ----------William Soderberg --------------Robert Jensen THE SENIOR CLASS WISHES TO THANK AND EXPRESS SINCERE APPRECIATION TO THE FOLLOWING MERCHANTS WHO HAVE SO WILLINGLY HELPED THE CLASS OF 1958 IN PUBLISHING THIS ANNUAL. WE URGE YOU TO PATRONIZE THEM H. GUNLACH PALACE CAFE OLSON 5 SON ALBERT EKLOF MRS. KISSLING V. F. STENBORG FREDERIC BAKERY DR. H. E. WITTE SANITARY MARKET GEORGE JORGENSEN FREDERIC CREAMERY FREDERIC HATCHERY FREDERIC PHARHACY EARLY OIL COMPANY A. S. LARSON HDWE. HRS. NELLIE WINDUS FARMER'S STATE BANK C. A. CARLSON HDWE. HAGBERGS CASH STORE FREDERIC HEAT IARKET CONSOLIDATED LBR. CO. FREDERIC BEAUTY PARLOR FREDERIC SUPER SERVICE FREDERIC KOTOR COMPANY BINFORD'S CONFECTIONERY ANDERSON AND FOSSUM BROS FREDERIC AUTO COMPANY INC MGDONALD 6 MEGNA, ATTORNEYS ARVERSON ANDREW CLINIC, FREDERIC HOSPITAL P. R. PETERSON, BARBER AND RECREATION HALL One by one the sands are flowing, One by one the moments fall, Some are coming, some are going, Do not strive to grasp them all. One by one thy duties wait thee, Let thy whole strength go to each, Let no future dreams elate thee, Learn thou first what these can teach One by one thy grief shall meet thee, Do not fear an armed band, One will fade as others greet thee, Shadows passing through the sand. Do not look at l1fe's long sorrow, See how small each moment's paing Help will come to thee tomorrow, So each day begin again. Every hour that fleets so slowly, Has its task to do or bear, Luminous the crown and holy, When each gem is set with care. Do not linger with regretting, Or for passing hours despondg Nor thy daily toil forgetting, Look too eagerly beyond. Adeline Anne Procten ', i H? - S? 3! 1 ' U ' ln,- Eg . 'W 4 qi, . 11 i I I V 1 1 in fi 5

Suggestions in the Frederic Union Free High School - Magnet Yearbook (Frederic, WI) collection:

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