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3 F ' 'vw' ' - - -t - f ' . '- ' ' '- - -rizf ifli-'T' 3,21,-f1:51iif:2f5553-'5.jE9E.E:gggz.g'tjfrzgjg+j,.cf:f,,2g.551-,zczgggf -.iggigggf-:J-1,,y,.,, Liv, ., 4. , ,MAK , , Y, - ' R- . A .- , 2: 14 . qfif-,514-1 135, L:,':a-Q-QAf,q.:P-f1.5:,ew+y-53,1 .,g'szt:y-:,,Q.,,5:.1, 51112,-,ag -:L 4-..,-.f .M ., - f - ---V - Q - 0 - b . w-:Y-fp yw.y---,.g3g-,Q-:+g..,f-..s7-1:5-575-9,gg gr. . - r , V J. 926-ww' ,ff Q if 1 h 'ML 'f 3 1-L-My ,dcwl ,ALM ,f1, ,. ,4,. WML Z , ,Mk f,.5h..!., ,czech ,oourli ,Y M1 V . 'm6"'4f?t2f9fw-M1C'MAl0t71w.2c-,z:-,1sZQIL Jgqfw Af- 144 ,Za-ov fn-.,...,L ,...,..f.. LZ' ,d'L-Qzfzfd, +6444 MJLZA, jg 5, y A fam! 7 idx' 54446 fm ,141-1-faxul ZZ.. n 24fL1Z,, ,, Ahab 00,466 lfZ4,v..4., MM Au c4,,,,,L 4 E74-N xie X inf! ' 0f4,4g,,,,f 44,6 ,MAA-42 ,touc- fdw Gklnxx f pf M.4W,z, ff Mfffw ff M nfffffifwpf M W 6 bxnblgfi fl ? fmff Y ,I "' P12 I H 'A' ' ' "" " . D 1 I Ll, .- ' , gg.. ' rx .- 4 ' ' A ,, , . gi I :M ' J 'Q "Y --fff' ' 'f'Q!I1'!4:..-- , . S . .. I5 ,,. 914. ' ' I A :Z.-4 fy:-1,-,Q,,. . Y ' f' " 1242 MA v - f J ' ' " 4 X'ff"-ifligi L. y jf N Q 0 1 I ' fn 4 1 l Q I A-7 , qfqf 1 A 5 if , f , I 2 ' ,1 f' ' ' J ' f xg? '1 b W ' 1 'f' nf wr' ., M-' VK M L f j I I 'IW rg, , Ap, " , 4 R if ' Gigi ' 1 1 ' JI W JK - 4 . 4 fi ' - '14 :df 7' Q '1 A ' Q 'I , 4 Y ' wvlf kl -V 51 T, 'N . K I6 f E D ,i , ' V , '. -00 --A LLL - J 4.- f 5 T? ', ' ' Q Snark. Wagga ,gh l937 Mf0,, UNION FREE HIGH SCHOUI. FREDERIC , WISCGNSIN 5-x UBJECT Engli h hathmetics History Social Studies Science Commercial Agriculture Home Economics Manual Arts Physical Edu. 1967 COURSE OF STUDY ' I I O Frederic Wisconsin 9th Grade lOth Grade English English' Algebra Ancient and ledieval Citizenship General cience Biology Bookkeeping Plant Husbandry Animal Husband- Principles of Clothing Con- Sewing k Food struction R preparation food preser- vation Beginner's Shop Advanced Shop Physical Edu. Physical Edu. llth Grade Englls Geonetr Modern Geography Typing Farm Mechanics Farm Shop Home Management R Furnishings Food R Nutrition Clothing Con- struction Agric. Shop Physical Edu. l2th Grade English' American French Economic Q Soc Prob Physics Shorthand Rural Economy k Farm Manage- ment Children' Clothing k Food, Clothing Problems R Experiment Foods Physical Edu. Required subjects' Bookkeeping is offered in all years" A one year course in Music appreciation is offered in Grades 10, ll, and 12. English includes grammar, spelling, literature, composition, library lessons, public speaking, debating, and magazine and newspaper work. ACTIVITIES Football Future Farmers Basketball Home Economics Clubs Girl's Glee Club Photography Club Girl Scouts Orchestra Boy's Glee Club Band Debate Mixed Chorus G.A.A,. Declamatory Oratory Annual Staff Stock Judging Dramatics Hi-Y t SJ' I kt Nm, u .' P - 'TW I 'Y r zf .lf 33,154 -9 . tml, 'E 'iw Sa I wfg? him ' 2 'X ,i We ,..-Quang? Q W? 5 .,-W... , 1' " 1, 1 ' S' 7- , ' 5' '. -Z. f..z1. ,, f ' f .V 4? L Q' If . 1 b 4 V few- ,iw i- 0 "" x Z,-Q., F'-A Q -. - 1 4 ,x '- X 2 . ':.'-11 . ,..,,.. filifg 'hx 41- - -L, 5. figkffi x 1 k - I 'f 'SD-4Lof.J w.T'9"t Y.-f-WM -W-NX . 2,3 - oi... HX.-L " i i 'io Y.H.In.'fT.fl5 Kirgfwe - fun tk.. xcllhmvxi, Xfxcxkxakel x i. an fx-4 1-JLZQIC 'Le..:"F Q i C., 8, t.l,L.I! Tx to K ,qu Tqjxj., S , Friendships that wil' never leave our memories made in F H S Chattering students ev rywhere before 9.00 talking in the halls or trying to study in the study hall but iinding it difficult spring fever or Indian summer per haps a few voriied students trying to concentrate despite the noise meeting friends much to talk over not having een each other since yesterday dates tests 9:00 bell students unwilling to end conversation overtures to friendships borrowinv or lending supplies asking assivnments or problems Classes friendly rivalry between students jokes friends worxing together Study period reading whispering grabbing at the funnies giggles E L 's snapping fingers . silence. Noon...flying from class grand dash for the stairs ..... walking home... Afternoon hall .... working on annual.... debate...other activities... Classes again .... sleeping .... watching the clock...wish- ing the day would end ..... 4:00 .... rush for the door...groups left in hall .... buses.. .......J Extra 3CtlVltl9S ulee club games programs band practlce debate hard work but fun G A A sport lovlng girls basketball baseball tennls box1ng basketball football baseball track for boys Dram atics tryouts feellng foolish but not minding prac ticing Senior class nlay Junior class play pro rams for assembly rehearsal after rehearsal rewarded by an ap Annual staff working working counting words planning pages cutting pictures typing but enjoying every bit of it School parties classes sponsorlng them school tal ent revealing clever programs dancing ln the gym Basketball fans following all the games tournaments eating afterwards Junior prom gettlng a date buying formals Beauty Shoppe stiff waves but lovely that night dlnner dance out as late as possible High school days over seniors hating to leave never forgetting carefree times friendships teachers high school years. important chapter of our lives closed . lil ' Ill-' -x nasal F, Ill .... A .... - .... g preciative audience...Miss Shella happy over a success...... Y ' r Oli OQIICQI ' S H - tr Siiw Sh S8 O 6 O h igt In et for as mirat nest j ho t nd in ated Q Q C BH 1 ed e k lear, S f YP ti C ii QU U .- S 1 h t 1 P d AE a C .1 O t d e d e 1 M R B L it t : :ZS-:: E-as XJ -E :Ei Q- :EEE 2: S E: E-:E E -:E -E: -:S EE- E-:IE 3 iii S: EE--:-ESE-5:5 EE-:as :E 5:55:25-E-2: EEE E-:E S: 2 E EE: - - E E E: -E 5 .E EE-E-E-EEE :EE E EE: -Ez: E -:E -- -E : - E-EE:-:EE-E as -3 EE E ---EE. - E- EE - N Hmwmm ed Obrm mm. mmm, M R ' um M NW who can N M 3 mom mmmunmtv t r ns hm mmhw mg Ez-:-:::E:-::--:sz---E:-:EEEE--:-5-55:2--:Ez-E-:E----3: E: E l : E--E: t Z' 2 5: E- E: : Z: :E z Z: :Z - 5 S: S S ' gi -:EE - - I Q -2 - Z :L A' A' 5 E E C -E W EE: S S - -- :EEE :E - -I-2: Z - - F Z- E- :XJ U fit xy J ?N 7 GORDON EU ENE RUDELL Class of 1936 8 1 9 1 R T , O2 El Y Nm J d e i D 1936 November 14, ::: EEE E E 2 E E i 2 : E E 1 ::: E 2 2 2 5 E E E E E ::: In 2 2 2 1 1 2 EE 2 EE D E :EE-EEE:-:EEE -EEE -E---E E-E -E E-5: -E-E E-EE :E -E: E 3 iii -5 EE-EEEE-Esggg ----EE E- -E - E EEE-EE F- -E -EE 5 : -E 2 : - Z :E -:T - -E: - : - :E F- E : EEE: E E -- in : F : 2 - - E - I- - A--E: E- -:E -:EE A' HI an S: E: - - - :F 2 Y 2 - : E EE-zzz: 2 2 zz-2-EE A' Xt E:S-2:------555:55-:EE-EE:-E:---:sage:E-2:-E-EE-EE-:EE--::B:E:-:--SE:-E:---:EE-:Q-S----:EE z---------:E-E:--2-EE:S:5:-:S:::EE::':--::d-2---:za---::E::::-EEE-EE-E::EE5:-:-E:-ZEEEE2255:5:5553 I 1 r ' Q ' I , 1 ' 2, ., -'+V' AL.,-1. ,u,w m. - LLQQJI? A,,f-Mb xqijt ' J L C, ,4:q,z,4, cj A kJ r'. Q! , 4 jfl, 1,93 .4974 ,4',i,,l-.,,,,,', ,J 2:6 1- v,A.4- I.. ,Wi , , 4 ,, ,t ,L ,f-e.f '-4 f.,j,f 94,1f,,f 1' -'AM fy 6 1 .. . f ifT,,i f ff! " iff. 4.1 1 f 71' 71 fl' 'I A 'I K 'R Q! . I ' F g A f v , .K ,,,. , .. 1 vm, f 1 . 0---1 4' IA E? 4 4 1 , 'I K' fl U1 ,f ru-A..- 77 1, l ,fd , 1 f' 1 -a,,-1. ,. 1. . 4,4 , I' fi , l -if -, H f 4 ,gf A. ,,.,.,,- - ,,f?4c,fC,.,.V1.,-4..'g, ' rf, f If A -1 4, , p- 1, f , .ff 1- "' X " ' X ' N L f 'I A A I 0.4. ,A a 0 f ,,- ,lf 1 J v pg, i -X5 f YA .W , I ' ' ' I M ' i ' -"fix ww -17 fm fy fb 1 ' af..,l:,M -. 11 -Q .1 fm. 1 fy -' '3.,., ,, - x' ' . g,f fniff fl, ff.,-,, .fi 4.4! 4 f N LW-: I f , A.,,Q,fr,,L ... 3? 4 f - 16' fn -fy E' ,fp f' , ,Q rf 6 Q 1, f' ,- R -VJ I-,A ,' If--if-.f Q. V R 3, J - X, , ia 'MM' 7' I I,-It ' fr r -lr-, ff J! 44. ' fli. fav' fvfp-44-ia - A- V - f 1 ,P X A . , ,,,T,,.- 4-MLW MQ I " , ,f ff . 1 IQMAHK V, ', CA,,4,x-'N-+- K-.,.,,.a ' ,ff 'Lal' "lr, ,tw tw ala' f ' 1 ,V 61,1 ,. 1 lg-L -nf - 1, ., 1 .1 A y :.ff', , ,K -1 .A,.r'.. ML! ' ,1 J I .1 5 Q " g,- .. L ' ' - A4 'b I I . 1 .N 3 'te ,1 1 1' .. " - 'D -J, I 4 x 4.,,,,l -A - ' " A , Ty, Z1 - .3 1 ' 4 ' 1 H ,.. W Q,Mx, .V f M.. M ' ' f 1-,,y.:1' LJ , . A , x 1 XS , Q LL- 4 k1J'r Y uk, 'X -44.13- K. V, , .,-A - j K , Link ! 2 -VLAX,-,g-XC. sf-2, if-.img 3 X.-Leaf 1' I 2:3177 '-LL, 'qs D Miss O'Connor Miss Shella Miss Lee Miss Salay I Mr. Buske Mr. Braun Mr. Laursen Mr. Glynn ,L E5qLH4' '1-:QQ 'fawu . Hi ,Tasha I-A I-lll'l'1 f A 'FA LIY MISS MARGARET O'CCNNOH .... Our school's very capable vocal instructor, teaches future Jeanette McDonald's and Nelson Eddy's how to sing?? Never mind, Miss O'Connor. We Know through past experience that some of us never could learn to sing anyway. Teaches world History, Music Appreciation lard you really-appreci- ate good music after a year of ity besides giving vocal lessons to all Boys and Girls Glee Club members, as well as Mixed Chorus, all of which she directs, in addition to Trio and Solo work. B.S. from U. of Minn. LR. MORRIS BUSKE .... A brand new 1936-57 addition to the faculty in more ways, than one. Besides being the worst driver on the faculty Kwith Miss. O'Connor a close runner-upl he is one of the Northwest's finest debate coaches, as the re- cord of his team well signify. He coaches Extemporaneous Speaking, and Oratory and is the leader of the Hi-Y. Teaches English to the sophisticated Seniors and World History to Sophomores and Juniors, being a companion in misery to Miss O'Connor in that respect. And ---- he isn't IFiSh, in spite of his jovial, wise- cracking nature. B.S. from River Falls State Teachers College. MISS DORIS SHELLA .... A delightful teacher, who certainly proves that there are other things which can command respect besides strength and size. Teaches Eng- lish to a very interested Junior class besides being a very excellent play dir- ector, who can certainly show us how it should be done. 'To Know her, is to love her.W B.Ed. from River Falls State Teachers College. MR. JOE BRAUN .... A teacher who probably appears somewhat austere, but who has under that guise, a true strong nature, and a heart of gold. Teaches Algebra and Geometry to the Sophomores and Juniors, who never cease to wonder at his Knowledge of the intricacies of Mathematics, and American History to the Seniors Coaches the Football, Basketball and Baseball teams besides other athletic act- ivities and does a mighty admirable job of it too. B.Ed. from River Falls State Teachers College. MISS ESTHER LEE .... The old adage,WPrecious things come in small packages,' cer- tainly holda true with Miss Lee. She is a very high-ranking Home Econamics teacher, and certainly gives her girls in Home Econamics all the necessary prin- ciples in the culinary art. She is also the Girl Scout troop leader and sponsor of the Junior Home Economics Club. B. S. from Stout Institute. MR. RICHARD LAURSEN .... Another new figure on this year's faculty is Mr.Laursen. As director of the band and instrumental work,he has done splendid work in guid- ing and developing the musical abilities of the students. He is classed with Miss O'Connor and Mr. Ludvigson as a noise-producer. Studied piano at McPhail, B.A. at Minnesota. f X me gif! Mi s Ingalls Miss Cleary K r Pederse r u vi n cZ,0'FAi,, WML Wffiwi W 37 Qs NV' R JOHN MILIN NM I C OL ON DIRELTOQ IREASUREV fggcxawwv 174' days ai C cmgixsrmsorx "l'iHi'ii'ii HEARD MISS LILY SALAY A teacher who certainly has the patlence of Job and needs it, with 21 typewriters all clicklng at the same t1me four hours a day Her teachlng posltion is probably one havlng the best vocational value to the stu dents, and she fulfills her posltion as commercial teacher with charming grace She's also the one who teaches the shorthand clas all those queer hieroelynhics She is Girls' Athletic Director,and a very capable one B E from Superior State Teacher's College LR RAY GLYNN One of the most brilliant and lnterestlng teachers, with whom we have ever come in contact His excellent managing ability has brought the present senior class successfullv through four long hard years He discuss es Social Problems and Economlcs with understandlng and tact, as well as teach ing Citlzenshlp to a group of Freshmen, who certalnly needed it at the beginning of the year not now, of course He also teaches bookkeeping and has charge of the school finances, as well as all school PUbllC8tlOHS B Ed from whitewater MISS GLADYS INGALLS Serene as she appears on the surface beneath is a fun loving, humorous nature She can even occupy her science students intexest with her very fascinating, different way of expounding learning Her biology class f1nds her equally as interesting, as well as the entire faculty, when she pre sides as hostess for their very frequent faculty meetings, called probably as much for the purpose of sampling her faultless cooking, as for discussing weighty school problems B S from Stout Institute MR PEDER PEDERSEN Our very intellectual teacher, who discourses by the hour about such subjects as agriculture, geography, and biology He is a very interesting teacher and one from whom one can gain much of practical knowledge He is leader of the Future Farmers Organization and has proved himself to be a very well versed agrarian M A from University of Wisconsin MISS ADELINE CLEARY Our school librarian, who with courteous ease presides over the library at all times Teaches English to freshmen and sophomores, and French to a very enthusiastic but small group of seniors Has charge of all de clamatory and extemporaneous readlng work and performs this job with creditable skill B Ed from Superior State Teachers College MR. JOHN LUDVIGSON.... The teacher who with hammer, ingeniously teaches Industrial Arts to boys from teaches science as well as being Assistant Coach in clever and enterprising teacher, whose students all from Stout Institute. nails, and other tools all four classes. H all athletics. He is a find him interesting. very also very 5 ' e . l , . . . sv' " . ' J l 9 -EQfL V uUL A4 v I-I LK . f i 5 J- .- jSiSv1I M . M . s o I 7 , ' ..4". Lf 0001 . A . I , l s A f . Q . 5 I I I rv I 1 I V ICO! , ' . 4... O I O 6 B A Johnson cricson Ivenild Matson Munxwitz Preeldent Vice Pre ident Secretary Treasurer Qenate 272, Lf 471411 Ujzl zf!n4 D9 2175, fLaf'4'AVL4 M f ffz7L, -I-I-J : :. 1u:.NJLI L 51. MOTTO Climbing Upward to Success FLCWER Lily of the Valley COLORS Blue and White Mr R P Glynn Mdss 0'Connor ill-eb j Mm .wr 'cll .!ML. fwfu fe 1962 I Ma QL -Il lj .- v1s2l,,.,L MM Annett Borth Chatleain Boe Brown Daellenbach I A-ifafi' il J 1 ffwfff Znlzffqffl 'af' VERNA ANNETT when debators want to be impressive they stand on their toes Verna doesn't have to She has also taken part in Band and Orchestra for four years and was a member of the photography club in her Junior year MARCELLA BOE For all her dignity, Marcella has been a good pal to many and a faithful member of the Glee Club We see her future in a typewriter WANDA BORTI-I A confused impression of noise and motion, Bee our best trout fisherman from Roosevelt High School will be a stenographer some day JAMES BROWN Jim has helght enough for basketball, feet enough for foot ball and brains enough for algebra He has been a member of the Future Farmers for four years LORRAINE CHATLEAIN 'Lorrie' is one of Siren's contributions to our high school and a quiet, pleasant glrl She enjoys playing the piano and sing ing in the Glee Club, and prefers typing to her other subjects GEORGE DAELLENBACH "Dinky the pilot of the Golden Chariot and the star in dramatics He likes nothing better than dates and was a member of the Glee Club for two years to learn to sing love songs xo ,y ' e Ld I, 4 - - 1 I pf I I . P , ay ,QA F' - K 9 ' JV ff ,V .t,e def . U KjQ!fV,dff'tLxV 2 K ' qj 1. D, I 'QLL4A! if Z I "xX' 1 AA V R??TJsL.' ' ,J ,vXL"" Viz! f A," j,,-' .f,Y" 'f " 'f,i1e" , fyf' l H-- . Danielson Engelhart ibhs Hansen Johnson Dolan Erickson A Holmgren Johnson we OJ K 'I '.I"'M 'L I HELEN DANELSON NSing. It's good for youu, is NDanny's motto, and div- ides her attention between Glee Club and Home Ec. Clubs. She'll be missed when next term comes around. ELJZABETP1 DOLAN ULizzieW to us and to you--with the personality that wins She loves hitch-hiking and skipping school. Twice attempted singing in the Glee Club. MARIE ENGLEHART' Who's that laughing? NRoanyn, of course. who hasn't heard her joyous laugh ringing through the halls? Besides laughing, Marie finds time for chewing gum. ELNft EHCKSON Behind her quietness, Elna is worth getting acquainted with. She has been a member of the Home Ee. Clubs and likes cooking. MARGER5f ERHSSON In her own quiet way, Margie has won the respect and ad- miration of her fellow students and teachers. Treasurer in '35, Vice Pres- ident in '56, she's been active in declam, debate and music, besides finding time to stand high in her studies. DOROTFDf EAHLAND Despite that smile, 'Dot' is a genuine 'fighting Irish- man', a lover of music, and an enthusiastic stamp collector. Her sincerity and honesty have won our love and respect. HOWARD CHBBS Howard needs no introduction to those who saw him as Ichabod, Good-natured and friendly, when he isn't singing in the Glee Club, he can be found studying physics. MARGEL GROSS Impartial in judgement and earnest in purpose, Margel has been a true member of the Home Ec. Clubs, and loves skiing and sliding. Johnson Jor ensen Tohnson Earl A-Ei-J LIP H J GLVY HANSEPJ One of the mo t enthusia tit athlete i chool, Cooe has played football, ba eball and basnetball Alvays dancinv, his AO k never 1 dome Junlor class Pre 'dent RJY +4OLMGREN Whv do Swedes grow so tallo M.yte that' nb t Roy xould like to know He like loxing and has high aspir t on a a iuture b seball tar ' ESTHER JOHNSON 'Es is a graciou and friendly .ner on who never vastes words ohe enjoys sing ng in the Glee Club when not occuaied wlth more stein dutie She has been a member of the Home fc Club EVELYNIJOPHWSON If left to herself, 'vle would probably it uown and, lon her VlO1iH3 fiddle life away Che's a inger a llond one at that, and the senlor alas artist MARION JOHNSON Advertise ments don't call lor dancizg terogzapher , but soreone will get one vhen 'Johnny' attains the height of her ambition Che was Freshman Class Pre ident ard Sophomore Pepresentative ROBERl'JOHNSON Bob i going to earn oney to get hls degree ln mini try by poll hing cu pidors Don't ever take hid too seriou ly dis wonderful personality eau ed him to be Senior Cl ss President Vwwx JORGENSEN As president of the Girl Qcouts, Viva sets a grand ample for the other scouts Though the desire to fall upstairs frequently pos e ees her, her smile i sti l genuine NORMA KARL Small, dark, vivecious no ore would suspect that Norna's chief hobby 13 hunting She likes athletics and wants to re a hair dresser bow, her goal 1S the Pacirio Coast . dm, ' 1 ,gy .7 Q n I - fl If 4 s s s n s y - l s " ' . J - - U' L V r s - .Y A . ... Sl . U . . s v ' S '.u v . . s : - . e i s 's eu s . I II 1 , . s Q s J - f C' 4 . . - ' I A A I - . . 4 S n : 1 L Q . nl -2 n , , S - , . o s , --' Q e - s . -- 1' . , . ' ... s . f' s . , I I . IA 1 5. A A A. 0 -' - s , . ' . , - ' v l 0 . s . . Q , , 1 5 - 5 . A. . s . . s - so . . U ex- , 6- lb l L - . s S s - l ' . -.- " ' . . - . 'Y , ' , ., ' J - K L n . A' l u I KTUHM f Lgrggnb -' fthe p f Ma l K 1 ld 1 p W r J Sf tthews McBane Munkwi tg ven W I yjfj, Larponp, l ifrgpjegdsa jf Matson McKenzie helson I V -I ' l'.I' , ' - V F fl F, dk ,. FJ .,a J if ir if . qi 15 I gJ ,X I J-1 ,ear . ,1 " " 1 'lx . . "I'HE. -f'E.1l1!.I'L EL PKRMAN KRUMNI If you want to argue, just look up Krumm. Physics class will probably remember him for the reputation he established there. Norman liked science and participated in athletics. He preferred tennis. SVERRE KVEMLD Sverre's chief ambition is to be a Diesel engineer and a good one. Some day he'll pilot the Zephyr down the rails. Although fond of his studies he'd be lost without dancing and girls. ARSEN Altho h quiet and unobtrusive, life might have something for EARL L ug Earl that the rest of us never know about. He intends to continue school. What profession he will take up, nobody knows. MARMPJ LARSON Treasurer in her Freshman yearg Vice President as a Junior, i ' smile has brightered many a dull day. She especially likes to ride Mar an s s . . elevators and hopes to make her fame as a globe-trotter soon. NRLISSN . RUSSELL LEE If you want your picture taken, just drop a hint to One of the more studious lads, he seems to specialize in Agriculture. He gained a great deal of knowledge in four years of school. DONALD LUNDEQLJAM "Red" was a wonderful football and basketball captaing the game he was always master of the situation. He is a genius at during mathematics, which probably accounts for his desire to be an engineer. Soph omore Class President. e of the serious side of High ESTHER MATTHEWS Cheerful and happily unawar .. School life, Esther studies only when there's nothing else to do. She's a faithful Home Economist. EUMCE NVUSON Eunice is a leader in scholarship and has played an eut- wi h 1 t of am- standing part in Declam. She has a wonderful personality t p en y bition. Senior Class Treasurer. J oyjew .1 N21 Ness Ixordqulst yy Newman IWUGTS 44 HV .... fl .- ..--- r-H! BERNICE MCBANE She studies a lot, and gets results, but "Bernie" still finds time to play her clarinet for Ba.nd,Orchestra, and her own amusementl?J Secretary Treasurer in her sophomore year RUSSELL MCKENZIE Russell came from Grantsburg in the middle of the first semester and soon found many friends He likes Bookkeeping and spends much time on it His intentions lean toward engineering EUGENE MUNKWITZ All schools have star athletes, but few like "Gene" His pass receiving in football and control of tipoff in basketball added much to the teams He was President of the Future Farmers and Senior Senator KENNETH NELSON S1ren's loss Freder1c's gain "Ken's" interests vary and include baseball, typing, and music He knows his lessons every day, too AGNES NE55The vikings were her ancestors and her blonde hair is proof e nough 'Aggie' is an all round good pal, who sings in the Glee Club and has domestic inclinations She's well liked by her classmates ALLEN NEWMAN A few books a day that's "Bud's" record, he'd rather read than anything else He played two years of football and was the school's heavy weight boxer He was also a member of the Glee Club RCVNORDQUISI' Here's a young man we don't know much about except that he's a Swede and the smallest senior boy in class. What Roy will do next is always a question. EDNA NYBERG Bubbling over with good spirits, and with a sly look in her eye, 'Eddie' just can't be quiet. She loves dancing and confesses that col- lecting rings is her hobby. Youill like her. mtered from Siren -1936. X I K K rf r I Y ' V A ff' .ff"7 xl in yy X 7 I I L, 1, 1 I i j .y E! f 1 Q II, I 1 1 f L fl 'N ,Q 477 0 H 0 f . Y, 11 I, f -X ' H, i 1 xx f JJ x J If A NA' P M X' X s J X ' i , fxb 4 :J KX I' ,I-If . N ,X 7 . J , in , X If If v .six K 5 I H I ,lb 1:1 E" xv :N ' 2 I U ht I y Q HDD ULL OBJ. H1015 Owens water on Pet rson wsgiiyqg gigp adnqnsen Stocklasa v---van AwAA.AxAvAvvAA J'vU'vLnJl-Ill I' UCL kill' xy C L71 Yi ' ' V A .. 's e Q. o Sk gwg' 3:yA . . n ' , f fb L1 jfk ,lf L LL- K 1 L ww' WM W X? A f far Vf' 'ff ' 9 , A 2 -gf Wy y- t -'J ' lf rf HI 'riff 1 1 'f L ' J L p X 1 A Q I . . I , K yy ki tb A J 1 V f' J' 4" INVJX IL, If V ' I' . M- Ig I I I . gf -- - T s s . ' s s ' ' ' , - - K Y YY' S A- N S ---- 2 ' A S Y' I - . . .. S ' Sn -"' . s ' . .S . S . M - U. ' U Y la .. 1 s - , . F' . - ,Lf ,V-c ,,af' VVNN 'KL mf RUSSE' L OLSON 'Rus' ha many arfbitions usic is one and the other under taking Reason no one can tal back to him His pleasing per onality will carry him far HAROLD OVEPB Jho's a typical of hi native land as Haroldq A lover of hor e , and a scrapaing football player, his good nature and humor are cov eted by many His greate t ambition is to be Dr Owens LUCLLE RALMERTON One of the most able wemter of the class Lucille was assistant editor of the 'Hilltop he would like to be a doctor and should make a good one EILEEN PETERSON By the hores of Gitchee Gumee, Peter' seeks her recre ation during the week ends Che is Editor in chief of our annual and was Vice President as a Qenior EVELYN PETERSON A storekeeper by profes ion, by 'narriaafe that's another question She proved a pood actor in Growing Pain RUBY PETERSON fdthough her hair is red, Im 1 n't Irish She Way have a temper but she also ra a good sense of humor Ruby especially enjoys read ing and swimming SYLVUK PETERSON A jolly and likahle girl who surely enjoys a good Joke, Sylvia u'll never let life worry her to death From her various pastimes, she select dish washing as her favorite ALICE PROTOSAVAGEI1' you can keep he away from a book long enough, you'll find that Alice is a worker at whatever she undertakes She likes basket ball Entered in her senior year LUCHLE QCASTRON1 Reserved, quiet, studious, Lucille has been a student who didn' make much of a fuss in school but will be missed next year attire, 61,-td YK ,QAJH-L H..-X 4? fx Streed Wallimvfor Thompson weihg W .HW fx www tm... W ggi-T: 'F' 91-W-sffbc, , fr-5,1 Awww 4' KM iff JM! -rI,4L4,4J uw M I IJ 0661 DORO1W4Y SHWONSEN Good natured, industrious, co operative she likes to ,la eat, ski, and make merry Wants to study nursing and travel 'Dot plans to jfi end up hunting wild animals in africa A 0024 r'ace BONNIE SKIDMORE A pleasant, happy go lucky sort of a girl, nonnie is afg 5 weakness for art , and spends uost of her spare time drawing pictures her L"7m' favorite color is Brown GEORGE STOKLASA 'Fishy, fishy in the brook' alway fascinates 'Georgie', and he finds it great sport trying to catch one His one awbition is not to be a farmer LEONE STREED A quiet, unobtrusive type of Der on who often surprises both her teachers and class nates with some of her responses She is per lstent to the highest degree Cheer leader and Wdltor of the benior class paper LITTELL THOMPSON although holding the national title for independability in spelling, Tommy' has proved that we may alwavs count on hin for a laugh He divides his leisure among dancing, football and petting into uischief RUTH VALLINGFORD Prim little 'Ruthie' seems to be such a quiet girl, but sometimes we wonder' Though very small, she's big in her studies, with a great desire to be a school teacher IRMA WEINZEIRL So quiet and reserved that she is understood by few, Irma has been an ardent student of Home Economics and plans to use her knowledge soon ohe likes swimming and skating HELEN VESTLUND Helen's favorite diversion is basketball and her least fav orite is studying She has a f-aculty for getting into mischief and going to classes unprepared She likes to dance and plans to studj beauty culture ' ' 3 , ff get , J , T , ' . V J, ' ' ,L 'H ? -a . 2 4 ' ' ' 5 . as X ? 5 1 'R ' . if -' hx, B x ,, a Y ft s ,. 5 a. -ED X x Jn I "jx H U Ip' x af, A -X ' JJ- - we , tgf ' G 4 ' J? ' JA- , 4' ,f Jul 'ilgibu ',u32! T , ' Q - - W 'day I Ag Ng. Q6 N 1 13 Ron Merten, Melin, Johnson, Oberg, llama, ,pea J 4- Cchallenberger, Engstrom, Chapman Xl 0 ,X End Rov Kar1,Wigdahl,hneuber, Ericeon, ohnfgo , Wig stro 1, Q N X J' crandan, Hindrwxf, Moslez LX , 3rd Row Beckmarh,Thompson,Berlgt3onR, Alderf tz,21Bengtj,or1 3 Z' ndell, Sumner-1, Sederlund E ,X 1717. 5 1 W Q x Front Row Bjorkmanjrabrih JI' orQ"O isxilarquett? Bgnso , ,ks Erick-won, Gustafson, Tpyl XO a 4 XO-Bfqfyxij N .f .4....aJ' We, the sixtv five membegp offjthe? or class of 3 nd '57, have suc ce sfully accoznpllshed the work two an e half yea S-Vllth the help of Miss Ingdll and Mr Ludvlg on We 1' te' o even bette en we become di if Senlor V W The outetdndirg events ln the life of a Junior glrl o b ,L e are, we belleve, the clas plays and the prom We have selec ,Vera t i' our Play, which s entltled vB1g Peart d F? o be syrmit to th hlic era MMM Ayn! Miss Ingaals Welsten Matz Wigdahl Wedin Mr Ludvigson Advisor President Vice Preeident Sec lreas Senator Advisgr ' - A S V : - 'bil from ' F' ' ' ' ' U' 8 u J X -2 f 0, X j r- . N .r , f lg X Q if , . ' : r K . - J ,L . ixyswlx xdx 5 A ff, v U J 2 ' ' 9 yi " . 17 Li ' L ' , 4 P, if .J , lgfu tjxlxivy ,fd XD :VX Q. mx 3 V 9 DN - 1 r v L . xo " K 3 v E, fxd' .J Dx ur .Y 'JJ' X YD rx Q I- Nr J , Q 4 , Q EL i if Q U 'VQU s l U . F l I 3 Q: Ji U F . K f J 'K ' J NX y Q 0 f-ww Q J V, VJ' ff ' YQ Cf' - u 'JL J ," 6013 , - .2 2 ,. , - fS . A ,U ., U ' X39 Lf. I UL ,, , l Q r A A . . I e ff i 0 -1 I . - A S A - H E A S n 95 X I' i 'ffl' 41, UWU ,V A J 'A N ' L, Q 4 -I-1 . ' S. 5 ' r x if. L 'CL ,J geeky , .'I8C11I1, Lurluqulsu, uv.:-aus. ,,,,,,,., s N - Qi-3, , 'lx and Row: Anderson, Hjort, McKee, Dickenson, Rudell, Soder- hw j fm-' 'Tl -r berg, Frederick, Hulteen. Q , 1, . - , 'fi' , Gi' xl 'H' 5rd Row: Gross,Brown, Kreutzain, Johnson, Beckmark, Hansen qw.-, .. cj Fortmann, Erickson, Tietz. do ,144 M Front Row: Walsten, Peterson, Burglund, Wullln, Lialinovskysj-5 M41 A MJ f L15 V, Y Jorgensen, Simonsen, Anderson. X WPLW6 ,W 5, X A J- ff ,, Q A Q r ll F i 1 U - r r sl x I I . V, u. g ., , , in a short while. The purpose of the play is to appropriate aoney for the ban- quet and the pron1,which will be given to the Seniors sometime near the close of the school term. with the combined efforts of' our class advisors, officers, end class mem- bers we aiu to do our best for the remainder of our school days with "Onward and fIpward"A as our motto,O1d Rose and Silver 85' o class jflors, and the Violet as our class flower. t 'V 61444 ' ,,4Mj,f1'k MJ common sz-:muff P..-enlfljfjffeje 7 3 Top Row: Ericson, Hansen, Weinzierl, Ditlefson, Lindquist, 'ZAJAAXI if Middle Row: Daellenbach, Gretzlock, Lowe, Fredericks, Lind- gfv4"'l AWOL field, Shull, Potter,Anderson, Lindh, Caldon, Englehart, Boe Bengtson, Hedlund, Pearson, Moberg, Lundquist, Nelson Z5T'!L I' httom Row: Carlson, Olson, Larsen,W1ckstrom, Egge, Johnson, Dahlbefg , Frederic kson , "f.HE'. ill?-'J-JLLWEJ'-!.'E'. The Sophomore class is the one class in school which hasn't any definite work to do. They spend their time studying and working in anticipation of their Junior and Senior years. The initiation of the Freshmen by the Sophomores took place early in the fall. The boys were hair ribbons and beads and the girls wore neckties, one I 00 t,L,Ovf" rj I . Miss leary Nalquist Mackie Streed Witucki Hansen Mr. Pedersen , President Vi President Treasurer Senate I 'ka In xA awffiiegfgsea Qgelwffwl First Row: Ackerman, Hunter, Christensen, Mattson, Dolan, Alden, Nelson, Anton, Jensen, Killberg, Lindh N Middle Row: Johnson, Ott, Anderson, Mackie, Dahlin, Merton, Fahland, Hansen, Walquist, Saros, Annett, Anderson Bottom Row: Erickson, Protosavage, Lindquist, Turnb , - ' W 1 derman, Bjornberg,Paulus, Witucki, Johnson, Sagmo, McK1nne 4 out M H EL.,-Xiii Ur anklet and one long stocking Later in the day they were all called to the gym for individual initiatlons Refreshments were served and the upper class men were invited to the dance which followed The Sophomore class is now very busy on a play, The Cardi an Kid This is under the ligfection of ss Cleary and will be given a an assembly program in April ,JlUL4,f as F, fffdfff E p 1 I "J ' .S ' ' ' A i'lUr'HUI'lUI :. J'....' JilT'FJiJx'9?Zi -' CU N 1IIRU1 Row Martin, Carl on Baker, ECOND Lindh Llndell xxx X Sprlngerz Flemlng , Eg TH RD tz, Chapman, NM QK QXX Oustofson, Peter CO1 C Ct Angelo KN pun-lulll .rf:'....l.rlJ ,J Although Jo y na exp ience, the freshman class is the largest cla s in the bred rio Fi 1:0 t enrollment of approximately eighty five This group was first o QBHIZBO I ember, l93o under the guidance of IHSS Lee and Mr Braun Lik os n the freshmen were inactive during the fall semester, but a re ent t us o og sm is under way for the sprlng term Jw The sophomore clas in 1 he freshmen to the gym late in September Each freshman toon a part in the program end refreshments were served after which Mlss Lee Berry Struck St Angelo Fleming Mr Braun Advisor Pre ident Vice President 'ec Trees Senator Advisor 2 I fr' J g I x I L ' 1. I l X Q A KN X Q 1 z ' . N , E lk L x T, - XXXL S 1 I I . .c it 2 ' b N Sv , y 9 ' .-X QNX X1 Bl x Y . M - Xe uQQ-?H- 1- t ' ' ' 'X 4 ' xx 1 x N xv ' .MQ KN . 1 f - wx- at , g - x N '- X W " - to -. Rx NS I K X I A tw L . e X Q 1 I1 . in -:rs 'A xg? S .. Q. 'b 'ai' 1. . A: . 6 , ' A T, N. :, T.,i I . qah, 3 First Row Erickson, Ness,Fees, Roese,Skow, Jorgensen, Reno Qaylor, Grimh, Shull Second Row Brandonger, Hunter,Hunter, Resell, Carlson, Dit lefeon, Peterson, O'Donnell, Petersen, Berry Third Row Christenson, Soderberg, Peterson, Lundeen, Soder berg, Smith, Olson, Wedin, McFetridge Gjonnes, Seastrom, Nelson, Carlson illl 'umm '- ......f .J .r' the entlre school was 1nv1ted to attend the dance The freshmen in return gave a party for the Sophomores Gane were played and refreshment were served lhe whole school was invlted for the dance With the help of the advl ors and officers, the freshman clas is workin for the senior goal The class colors are blue and silver, the motto Keep goin" and flower, the Lily of the Valley argl E P'I!Eiiil1'LUJ JJJJA IJ YHJ N1 ll fiifdu 5-f ,abr gl ii!! : ' YI 1'-fl, ' J ,,, J, xA,, if Y. g L - 'Messy Egg QU'. V ' 1 vin' Ak' .2 , f , : - sz 'ffv A' ' ' 'Y A Bottom Row: Engell, Ahlgren, Lowe, Thompson, Formell, Brown, , ...a , Y Ig " x S . fl X a . M S l . .S S Ll! 8 ! 1 I N I ' I f .r J tT!ae'. I 1. hifi, ...Q . V -'tra ls. ' N 1' '- , 5 ' ,um . , ' 2 V W W vt- 'A' f' Y 2 U .. ,, Q.. K fp- Q 5. - 'QA .L ,g,ff,.5g'ipj'w gy ! 'n,,, ww 61,02 ,ffn 5-fa L 3 lvmwjwxl Kami fiiiyfifw if '3fQQv? Wlfif' ,rezffj z.wNi1AL 3 mfr I -I!! ' 'f'I '52 : 0 in mv - 1 QD! Mae' mf .ff ,ff fl MMM Mifwd fd Baca Row McKinney Springer Hunt Elstrom McBane Benson Flem ing +2-s Front Row Neilson Swanson Ackerman Berry Elstrom Don Mood Erling Moody iii L Si'.l'JijT'S BUY' Siilifi' The Girl Scouts organization has accomplished a great deal this year under the helpful guidance of Miss Lee. There are twenty-four girls, who have formed three patrols, the Badgers, the Red Wings and the third which has not as yet been named. At this time all the girls are registered Girl Scouts, have passed their Tender foot test, and are all getting uniforms. One of the outstanding events of the year was the Christmas party given for twenty four small children, with a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, peanuts and all. Each child received several gifts, both new and used toys that the Girl Scouts had collected and repaired. In 1927 a Boy Scout troop was star ted in Frederic,and lasted for two years Nine years later, they started another one. They started 28 boys. In a few weeks this number cut down considerably and the troop was going downhill. In the fall of 1936 it began increasing. At present there are 18 active members and the organization is going better than ever before. The scouts and scout- masters are very proud of their troop. Committee members:Messrs. Herb Hunt Willard west, and C.W.V. Peterson. Pat- rol leaders: Panther Patrol, Ambrose Ber ryg Wolf Patrol, Richard Springer, and Lion Patrol, Robert Fleming. The scout- master is Mr. William Powell. s' .'. JJ lessee . Jiwvd S s W 'ffl gif , by" 21 M pry, ' ,Q T ' J 'K I 'Y 3 ,'0! I JM M F C fp a-Bb U, . l rf ew? c ll lxz, AbLtj1Lj9N,S' V few M fm A4 Vvf Vai, MJ " Back Row Earnhardt, S1m3U en, Lundqul t, Dltlefson, Omer , Nelson, bhull 444 Jrd Few dulteen De'ersod, Krumn, Benson, Phauman, BJorn be g John on 4,4 and Pow Danlelsor, MCB ne mall U1 t, Erl son, Johnson, Soderberv, O'Donnell, Mo let, soderoer ll, ront non M Richard Laur en, Dlre tor, Ben ston, Bjorkmal, Jonn OH. Marquette. Burgess, L1ndf1eld Hulteen, Sederlund, John on Baca Row Hallquist, Barnhardt, Uoerg, Nelson, Shull, Bjornberg sod eroerg fff 3rd Row Bengt on, Johnson, Johnsor, Chapman, Eric on, o derberg, Lundquist, Moslet 444 and Pow Bgoxxman, Johnson, Ma quette, Bensor, Danielson, McBane, Annett Burgess, Hulteen, Mis O'Conxor, director +44 Front Row bederlund, Johnson, Bengt on, Fortmann, Danl berg, Fulteen Formell Jorgensen, Baker ITALIIW BAND The band rehearsed every Tuesday an Thursday from 1 15 until 9 OO Under the able leadership of hr Laursen, t has shown much improvement this year The band furnlshed mu ic for th armistice Day program Band members of the high school, together with members from the grade school took part in a musical pro gram in the high school, March J l"ll Il I ll'I"l'l"lA LII-v'Ll"'1l:3 HA The orche tra plays classlcal and popular NURIC he e mu,1c1ans really make one ine nusic, for the length of time they have nracticed Ar Taursen organlved lt durlnv the second semester and under hls good leadership lt has 1m nroved ranldly M Laur en has thlnned out the group considerably as lt was formerly too large jf t J f X A ,' . .V f K f . JV . . X 1 J f ' ' ,x', , 'pf' , . of ff if ,,,1-1. lf. " pLn,f4'g - - ,. '- ' '. ' -v g I s a 5 ' - 1 H , ' ,- V f ' .. . . ,.,. o A -- V . ' A - , " Y. ' 'f-. r , S L : A Q , 1 5 W - Q 3 -, g 2 1 . r. f- 5 ' Q - g' . 1 . 5 ' , 1 ' ' , - 1 5 . wX 'iii H 1 " Q ' - Y . sv : s . - T s S - A U ' - v vp . . . A , S 1 : ' s - . -. ' I L a . d 3 . -. " "" Q n' ' . N. . . a, . l .a . . A F 1 u 1 ' S 4' 1 5 v , . 1 . . . A . . . P ' . S S . H I U - . . B . - O 1 1 V . ' I. - , . 1r. s , ' - Q 9 0 r 5 . . Back Row: Fox, Engells, Bjorkman, Dahlberg, Boe, Chapman, Peterson, Danielson, Ness, Streed, Carlson, Peterson ,,, 2nd Row: Fortmann, Wedin, Lee, Peterson, Frederick, Sagmo, Hasmussen, Jorgensen, Lindell Johnson, Summers ,,, Front Row: Johnson, Scheffer, Malinovsky, Fah- land, Ericson, Simonsen, Johnson. Hulteen, Bjornberg, Skow. Back Row: Soderbcrg, nrlmm, Nyoerg, Skidmore, Biederman, Fleming, MBFVOH. Smith. Thompson, St. Angelo ,nl 2nd how: Hulteen, Tietz, Simon, Ahlgren, Chetleain, Chapman, Anderson, Lundeen, Chapman, Beck- mark, soderberg was Front Row: Benson, Marquette, Berth, Swanberg, Johnson, Miss O'Connor, dir., Annett, Johnson, Preierickson, Peterson IIIRB Biff 'ii' ' 4 special feature of the work done in music includes the individual try outs held for the purpose of testing the voices of all the girls, to determine more accurately the range and quality of each one's voice, in order that they may sing the part which if most suited to their voice. Group training in the correct methods of singing is given to all members of the Glee Clubs by Miss O' Connor, during free class periods in half hour intervals. This is a very helpful feature, as well as one which is the cause of much amusement to the aspiring stars and Miss O'Connor. The importance of correct posture, breath- ing, tone formation, quality of tone, and how to recognize good quality are only a few of the very interesting things that the glee club members are taught. Credit in the academic field is given for membership in the Glee Club, as well as a letter for music, which is awarded to anyone who earns a total of 1000 points, for participation in the various musical groups. The officers of the Glee Club are: Margery Ericson, president, and Evelyn Johnson, secretary The Glee Club is to participate in the District Music Meet, which is to be held at Rice Lake in April, and is also plan- ning to put on a musical program. Wnlways B naturaln is a phrase that is seldom made use of in the Girls'Glee Club, among the numerous flats, and sharps. In spite of this fact, the Glee Club under the very capable direction of Miss O'Connor has been making remarkable progress in the very fine art of expres- sing one's self through singing. Ba K Row Anton sch1e1len Nel on Daellenb ch Newman Llnd qulst Chapman Poe e Merton Eri on lg, 2nd How Acxerman Peterson Jensen H llqulst boderoerg 0'Donnell Fees Heln rich Anderson Struca aaa rront Row One: Johnson Kvenlld wedln Mlss O'Connor Ol on John on ulbos Back Row Erlc on Clbbs John on Nel on Oberg 01 On KVen1lf Merton Hallqulst 44+ 4nd Row Llndell Soderoerg Freder ckson Swanoerg W1tuck1 Chalmen Chapman Hulteen Dahlberg Lee Q44 Front Row Hulteen rox Slmon St Angelo John on M153 O'Connor Johnson Peterson Frlberg Formell lAllll'l"1 l'l ll1l"llIl' I'll'l'l"Illl1 LIIJS The group of singers who make up this organization, is composed of mem bers of both Glee Clubs This is the first year that extensive training has been devoted to a group of this nature, but it has proved to be very interesting and is gaining in popularity, both among its members themselves, and the per sons who comprise an appreciative audi ence during the time given to singing This organization is very popular with everyone in High School,possibly because it is composed of members of both the fair and the strong sex, which renders it more interesting to the rest of the boys than the Boys' Glee Club alone, and vice versa Of course, practices in this department are made more difficult because of this distinction, but it is making very rapid progress toward being a very successful musical organization- lliillllllillll The Boys' Glee Club, also under the direction of Liss O'Connor is another feature of our musical organizations This is the second year that a Boys Glee Club has been organized at Frederic High School The first one was organized last year by Mr Charles Harmon who has slnce left here All of the boys in the Glee Club also took part in the operetta'Ich abod Crane', which was presented by them together with the other musical organ izations This musical organization will also compete in the District Music Meet which will be held at Rice Lake in April and will give additional numbers on mus ical programs to be held during the re mainder of the year Academic credit and credit toward a letter is given to all participants in this musical organ ization. The officers of the Boys' Glee Club are: President, George Daellenbach, and Secretary, Russell Olson. , f- - ,, , . , C - 1 1 -D 1 U 1 ' 1 ' ' 1 1 - S 1 ' 1 CS 3 1 . 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 ' l I " . - ' 1 - 1 1 ' Z1 1 1 1 5 1 5 1 0 F . r i, 1 .K L, , , -, X, I I ,M A 2 ' L3 , 1 , S , S 1 1 5 1 it . - - ,, : . 1 - 1 A : 1 ' " ' - - , .- 1 , 1 1 L 1 1 I Y .Y . C, ' . 3 1 1 1 I 1 -I 1 1 1 1 ' 1 O I . 1 1 . 1 Q b I L - I .- o , ' -1 bf W ii Hw 5"'Sf XJ Q2 V 6 8: r' 'H' 'Q I U. . f fwff 55" 1 li n r 'fx + "-""' 'Li 1... Baca Row G1b0S Nelson Johnson Kvenild Munkwitz Wedln sch llenberger Olson Anton Er1c on ,as 2nd Row Wedln summers Dh1161SOH Skidmore :ees Frederickson Lindell Iunkwitz kort mann +44 Front Row Hulteen, rahland b he'fer Cnapm n Benson Paulus Dahlberg Nyberg Rasmussen 2 Back Row Heinrich, O'Donnell Chapman, Lundquist, Oberg Johnson, Schiellen, Merton, Reese ass 2nd Row Fleming, Tietz Hulteen So derberg, Lee, Jorgensen, bt An elo, Streed bimon, Struck 'lvl-E Front Row lerton, Ericson, Johnson Protosavage, Fleming Chatleain, Slanberg, Protosavage, Sagmo UFEFJET7 The oneretta, 'Ichabod Cranen, was given December ll, in the high school auditorium Mr Laur en and friends fur nished the orchestra for musical accomn animent Miss O'Connor and Miss Shella did a very fine Job ln C08Ch1Hg the mus ical play Thls was the first oneretta given in high school 1n the last four or five years It was a new experlence for those who took part 1D lt Howard Gibbs,who played the leading part, made a good nedagogue as Master Ichebod The part of Patr1na wa Dlayed well by Blanche Paulu kenneth Nelson did well a 'tough Bron Bone Other leadin Darts were nlajei by Ie ter An ton, Anne Dahlberv, Ruth Benson, and La erence Tohr on The re t of the SlHg ln was done by the mixed chorus, Bron's chorus and the school chlldren' A mln uet was danced by a vroup of girls The nresentation of th1s ope etta showed that we do have some song birds in school Maybe they are not nlghting ales or canarias, but they really do well for humans W ' D 1 1 1 1 1 Q 1 1 1 'S 'I , ' , I 1 1 1 1 1 1 - Q, . - ' Q v- f " ' 1 4 , lx. ' 1 C - 1 U 1 1 xi . - 1 . , , , . z f f' 3 1 h 1 - - - 1 1 . 1 a g , 3 1 1 - ' 1 . S Y ff 7 M. . 1 ll , . S - S ' ll S. ,- s . . ' X J S - . Q , . . . . - W 0 G . - 11 n ln . .1 ' if ' Q . 11 ' 1 ' - . . Q f - - , l A A I' L I V - - ' - A n Back How Peter on Dltlex on smith Wiekstrom Plen1ng Burpe s B30 nberg Formell Annett Carlson Chapman, Simon use LEG how Fortmsnn soderberg Lun dean Ander on drumm Larson St Angelo, Ahlgren Peter on hngell Gret lock MCF6LYldg8 Boe 444 Front How Borth L1ndqu1 t Englehart Gu taf on Mi s Lee Fahland, Anderson, John on bwanoexg Tietz Back How Daellenbach Mackie Lowe Seestrom, btreed Chapman Rasmussen Erick on, kesell Llndell Johnson Frederlckson +44 2nd How Johnson Chap man Caldon Lee VUDKWILZ soderberg Olson Llndell Lowe Chlistenson, Tip ton 444 Front Pow Pottel B19GfTmhH Merton Bengston Turnblom, Brown, D h l1n, Thompson Funk, Eklof il HIM H hui? The Junior Home Economics Club has a membership f seventy girls, all taking either the first or second years in Home Economics They are all active, interested members Our club was organized during the early part of the school year, so we would have more time ahead of us to get our ship ready to sail for some ports of entertainment and fun. Q We have, with the help of Miss Lee, our advisor, organized and given the Nebster and Grantsburg clubs a pro gram Courtesy Week and a style review will be sponsored by our club this spring The style show will feature the garments made by the girls of all the Home Economics classes. It will be given especially for the mothers, to show the work that has been accomplished by the Home Economics classes. We are anxiously looking forward to this crowning event of the year for the Home Economics clubs. ' : 5 1 S 1 x 1 H ' 1 I '1 .v 5'-1 I' 1 " ' ' - " v ,- 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' . ' . f, 1 - 1 5 1 1 1 ' 1 1' 1 1 H , : , s , . S S , S 1 5 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 ' 1 3 1 '- ' I 1 Y 1 ' A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 N- 1 1 1 1 ' - . ' ' .. gi - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . V i O u I Q 0 I Back Row sederlund, Matr, Taylor, uaniel on, Taylor Bengtson Front Pow Malinovsky w8ll1U, slmonsen MISS Ingalls Brotosev H Walsten John on Back Row Alden Erickson Anderson Erica on, Byorkman wa1l1ng1ord, Tletz 44+ Front Pow Benson, Marquette Jorgen on, uro s Brown Kxe utzien Peterson 'il Him 'ii IL' 'B This year, our Home Economics Club invited the Grantsburg Home conomics Club to a Christmas party which both clubs enjoyed to a great extent we gave a program for them and then served refre shments, after which both clubs became acquainted by playing games and dancing This semester we have had more mem bers added to our list of about twenty members We hope to accomplish more with the addition of more members and more ambition The third year of Home Economics finds us belonging to the Senior Home Economics Club This year the f1rst thing we did, of course, was to select our officers for the year Our president is Jean Gross, our vice presldent i Gertrude Matz, our secretary is Ruth Benson, and our treasurer is Pearl Brown Our money raislng methods are simi lar to those of other OTgdHlZ8tiOHS We sell candy and ice cream, but as yet have not had many sales However, we plan to in the near future . 0 , , C I Q ' ' -' r 1 - ' 9 , . . ' , ' - 5591 a 5 1 ' I I r S , ' ' . ' ' ' . 1 1 - . ' ' 1 -. :- , , - . , , 1 -- L . , 0 1 1 . n 1 O n ' L . . ' - we . Q - . rv! in fr A Qhkpwa W J Wm WMWJ, f-' ,jeu B cx Bow Lundeou m, barnhart John on Becbe mltf Daellen bacb Jerton McK1n1ey Anauber Eric on Erlckson +44 and Bow K rl Anderson, Jen en Anton, truck Crandall Martln Nelson Heznrlcn Llrdh Peter on +++ Front bow Dltlef on, Wedln Lee Brown Munknitz Mr Pedersen Fan en Qea trom chlellen, Melin STI' 'iJUEi"i'. AN FUTURE HI"-3i'El'RJ'S Our Future Farmers OTg5H1Z8tlOH has developed so we nov have the largest en rollment ever attalned Our chapter has an enrollment of 51 members For th1s we can thank Mr Pederson and the active work of the officers The Future Farmer Chapter partlci pated again this year, for the seventh consecutive year, ln the annual stock Judging contest Joe mcKinney, our local Chapter re porter and Leon rlcson as delegates from Frederic attended the annual conven tion of the Future Farmers Association held at Madison at the tlme of the Stock Judging conte t The Chapter has won first place w1th their booth at the community fair for the past two years we hope we will have as good or better a booth next year Basketball and bOX1Dg are our main activities Donald lundequam is S6TV1Hg s coach of the basketball team John Smith, Harry Crandall, allen Newman, and Lester Anton have been the main partici pants 1D boxing matche at several bask etball games We hope many of our members will enter the public speaking contest to be held in the spring an even larger and more successful Chapter is expected next year Xf xx x ls e f f I ' ,df ' lf !l! J! ,ff CV . 1 ,gk , I ,rs ' J: ff VA!" llib YJ I 2 ,M ' PQ L 5 Q A 3 . lb x V, 1 3 9 ' 1 5 . 1: "' , L , .. A . it . , . ' -1 9 1 9 Q -J x - L . S . S . ' , ' ' . ' . . . I . A , S -A : . S . l ' , ' , . ' , . s ,. s , 5 ' V I- 1 - D 1 . - V . . . . - a . I - ,Q 5 rv - . - . 1 Q - A O 5' .-, - C r es bjrifxiygi Www Beck Pow Ericson Artor UIDD Oberb Pear or Thorp or nelL enberber hewmen Menlnney 444 Front Row John or John on Bu ke Olsor Vunxw1t Ncnee Q to ff j if Back Row Ditlez on Lee Brown O'Donnell l organize n of fifteen boys with Mr Mo ris Buske as their advisor and lead er forms our Hi Y Club It's purpose is to serve nd to offer mutual helpfulness on personal problems and on Christian development in the ehool and the community It assists in provid ing opportunity and help for individual adjustment The ritual of our club, initiation, banquets, and trlps are all very fascina ting memories in the minds of our members Ne believe that our Hi Y Club is the be ginning of a wonderful organization and we look forward to a larger membership in the future Thompson Daellenbach Owen Meninny Hallqul t Qrull -' ' "' 'UTEW' YHUE The Photography Club 1S sponsored by Mr W L Brown It is made up of a group of boys who are interested in improving upon their natural ability to take snap shots They also learn the art of devel oping fllms and although the club has not had many meetings as yet, some wonderful results are expected Officers include Pre ident, harold Owens, Vlce Pre ident, Eugene Munkwitz, Secretary, Russell Olson, Treasurer, Joe MoKlnny li V qi wk' . . is Qfgz C ' ' 'K .. We Q, Y , Q 4 J - . . A m 4 x Y' X , . , l A 1 ' I , - f y ' , an , , ,t1- FSUFQLP t K - 4 i I . , ':': l,w 3, h, ': 45 II: l,n :dis Sf Mr? A ,iT T i " N NW V .. x X ,r 4 , ' 4 J - F Af -' ey: Q :X xfy A ' y L: lf - f yy Q' -,N z 'vogf Ok' f 'VCV "M M9 . of Y .'P1.- Y " J J fd . xl X - ' N. X Wg! yu Rx h A- ,XLN yt x!W'? 1 N Q5 ci Q JA LV A562 XF , 92? 5 1 455 1 v 1 Y ,' I, fx xg' 0 , JJ! 'Elf l , . U s 'f gp gigggL l 'rj A I, jf to Ns .2 Back Row Anderson Jensen Annett Lindh, Hanson L1ndh, Ackerman Front How Matson Annett Errcson Mr Buske Walsten Fortm nn Anderson VGI'X1E:. Lucille The debate sea on be an on Seater ter 28 when ll people answe ed Coach Morrls Bu Ye' call for pealers this was the f1TSt year debate has been given in Frederic the pro pects were far from bright at the start Most of speech tralnlng By January, the teams had settled down 1nto thelr permanent lineun, with the affirmative team composed o' Pearl Anderson, L1ll1an Fortmann, and Margery Ericson, and on the negative, Alice Annett, Verna Annett, and Lucille Wal ten Max Eindh Clifton Ander on, and Margie Lindh were alternates In the Qnooner tournament,Frederic, with three team ente ed, had not yet reached ton form, and the regular affir mative dropped three and the negative lost two and won one debate Max, Clif ton and Margie who debated Superior East,set an all season record by winnlng As thls was the only debate in which the group was entered as a team, they fin ished with a pe centage of 1000 A1106 Lillian Mr Buske Pearl Margery In the Eau Clalre Freshman sophonore tournament February 6 Allce Annett and Marvle Llndh won two and lo t two while Pearl and Clifton Anderson we e winning three and losing one, to put Frederic ln a t1e for econl place Twenty four schools were entered 1n the conference tournament at Chippewa An aggres ive, alert sea oned Frederic squad won flV9 debates and lost one on Friday thus ente lnv the semi finals, with eight other chools, on Saturday Our affirmative net Ladysmith winning by a two to one decision, as the nega tive lost by the same vote to an exoeri enced Chlppewa squad The last contest was a remarkably clo e one, all the de ci ions were 100 to 99 In Verna Annett and Mar,ery Ericson Frederic 1S losing two brilliant debat ers who did much to make Frederic's re cord DOSS1bl8 School interest has grown in debate so it is likely that the com petition for DO91LiOHS will be keen e nough to insure Oood speakers in all six positions : 1 1 1 9 . ' 2 9 D C 1 1 ' W 1 ' Q 1 2 , . -, - ,QT 5 A if l 1 s 5 V u- - -U A ,, 'I w. f . U , . A , l t y S, s - s 1 . As D' ' S , . T I s ' ' D 4 f - ' s ' . the people who.cane out had but little . . ' ' S 1 5 D , , l , y' O u - . f s ' . 3 ' 1 s . , H S Z v ' u ' - . s - - -. s . 1 . - s r Q 'Y ' ' ' I u L 3 P 17 I' r . . , D E B A T E S C H E D U L E Oct 8---Amery Jan. 9- Oct 20---Frederic-Amery Jan-16- Nov 13 West Sweden 3311-35- Nov.l9---Glenwood City Feb- 5- Dec 4-5--New Richmond Feb-15' Dec l7---Amery Feb.l9- RESULTS: Won five, lost eleven at New Richmond Tournament W 1 two lc t F1 e at Spooner Tournament. Won five, lost three at Eau Claire onlrement N slv lost two at Chippewa Falls League. The rest were non-deci one IH HQ U'i1NSIU Forensics, which promotes the art of public speaking, has been studled here throu h the practice of e te por S aneous reading and speaking, oratory, and humorous and non humorous declam atory We have had some success ln prev 1ous years in placing contestants at River Falls and have or1ght prospects for the present conte t The first 6113 ination contest w1ll be held at Grant sburg on April elghth We have a larger group of partici pants 1n humorous declamatory than ever before, they number fourteen Practlc ally no work has been done here before in extemporaneous readlng and speaking, but now we have several partlcipants Since there is no local contest our participants will be sent to River Falls Miss Cleary has charge of extempora neous reading and declamatory while ora tory and extemporaneous speadlng are under the coaching of Mr Buske L. Donald Lundequam jCaptainJ Donald had the characteristics that go to make a captain, a fine fellow who never stops fighting even when the score is one ided and ir the opponents favor His most out tanding performance was in the Amery game when lis quick kick kept Amery on defense for the greater part of the game ttell THOIQSOH Center,and ore of the seniors whose pOSit1OH will be hard to fill He has had a few years of experience and was probably next to the captain ir talking and encouraging the fellows during the play of the game John Smith A veteran tackle of two year , who the l967 team John should be able to keep practically any of the teams from gaining on his side of the center Clarence Qchallenberger A fullback whose most outstanding feat was backing up the line Next year, Clarence, with three years of experience behind him, should undoubtedly be the best fullback irce Nealie Frlberg Harold Owens Another good ball player, but one who was ln Allen's class and had the bad fortune of not being able to play foot ball before he was a junlor Experience seems to give young fellows an 'athletic feeling' which turns average young men into winners Kenneth Wedin His game play and practice illus trates his strongest characteristics hard working and conscientious Kenneth is probably Frederic's best example of a boy who has the spirit to win and who will win ug ne Dolan Another sophomore who showed that with more experience he should become one of Frederic's better ball players Ellsworth Glandier Bud seems to have inherited some thing which is fight. Being one of th8 smaller boys on the squad d1dn't st0P him from tackling and blocking the big- ger and more experienced fellows. -s , . . S A . 1 . -. s Ll n A . : s should be one of the toughest boys on I Y s . . L . I 7 I V E he Vern Wikstrom A half back who has plenty of speed and ability, who could become one of the best backs that Frederic has had in re cent years gg ne hunkwltz Probably the steadiest player on the team, who alw'ys care through to the best of his abllity Eugene was probab ly our best pass receiver Allen Newman Allen is one of the graduating ball players who, although he dldn't have as much football experience as most of the fellows, was a very effective tackle With a few more years of experience he would have been classed, by our foes, as one of the best boys ln the conference verly Dickinson of experience and should make a place for himself on the 1937 football team rry Crandall Jun1or's running mate, a guard, who should make history on the football field Harry has two years of experience which were not wasted on the practice field Y PSTZSTSOII Roy played his best ball during the early part of the season before he in jured his hand His position as one of our best half backs was earned because of his defensive ability and the fact that he was the hardest running ball carrier that we had y Hansen Guy stepped in as a half back and held the position as a regular more be cause of hard work than for any physical characteristic Injury or hard knocks were equally futile in discouraging Guy Willis Williams Nillis was another who consistently took the bad breaks on the chin He has ability and should demonstrate it on the field next year Junior Struck Junior is one of the faster boys on the Frederic squad who plays a good game at running guard. He has what it takes both as a blocker and defensive man E e ' Be A fellow who has had a great deal Ha Ro Gu Back Row: Weinzeriel, Peterson, Pearson, Brown, Munkwitz, Thompson, Newman, Smith, Crandall, 2nd Fowl 0'Lonnell, Dickinson, Beebe, Ditlefson, Lindquist, Wikstrom, Ericson, Springer, 3rd Row: Coach Braun, Fleming, Berry, Caragan, Bergquist, Dolan, Erickson, Christensen, Bottom Row: Owens, Williams, Schallenberger, Lundequum, Struck, Wedin, Hansen, Coach Ludvigson FUUTE ' li, Frederic opened its gridiron season with the largest turnout of men in years and with a large number of freshmen who will be the stars in the next three years for Frederic. Also fourteen let- Amery closed our schedule for the termen returned from last season. The team was coached by Coach Braun who has been in Frederic the past three seasons and has turned out some fine teams, but this season, assistant Coach Ludvigson, from Stout, was a great help and a fine fellow. Frederic turned a onto the field to meet team. Both teams were the field as the heavy out the entire game. well drilled team the large Osceola quite helpless on rain fell through- Frederic scored early in the game on a blocked punt, but it was called back as both teams were offside. The game moved very slowly due to the wet field, as backs found it hard to stay on their feet. Frederic outplayed Osceola all day, but failed to score. Lundequam showed a large crowd that he was a great football player and a good captain, but the game ended in a tie. Then Frederic traveled to Somerset and came home on the short end of a 25-0 score. The veteran team of Frenchmen were held scoreless in the early part of the game, but soon opened their bag of tricks to overpower the Golden Streaks, and scored four touchdowns in the last three quarters of the game. Lundequam was Frederic's outstanding man of the day. The conference continued to do tricks and Milltown was pulling the most of them, as they defeated Amery 7-10. Osceola defeated Milltown 18-O and Mill- town defeated Somerset 6-O. The Golden Streaks had Milltown next on their list. Muller is the man that has pulled all Streaks out- the tricks. The Golden played Milltown, but Muller ran away on the second half kickoff, which later brought the lone score. Muller was stopped' most of the day by the Freder- ic line. 1936 football season. Six seniors were to play their last game for Frederic. They were: Captain Donald Lundequamg quarterback, Littell Thompson, Centerg Guy Hansen, halfbackg Eugene Munkwitz, endg Allen Newman and Harold Owens, tackles. Lundequam punting, kept Amery back most of the day. Red scored the last touchdown for his team in the sec- ond half, but Amery scored twice in the game. The final score was 13-6 in Am- ery's favor. The seniors of the '37W squad wish Frederic the best of luck, and with sev- eral letter men back next year, they should take the conference championship. Back Row Coach Braun Wigdahl Caragan Pearson hlxstrom Eric on coach LUGVIESOH Front How Brown Schallenberger Munkwitz Lundequam Wllliam Peterson Hansen ' 'Kl'fT'1All The Frederic b8Sk6tt9I16S met defeat in their opening game Dec Centuria by a score of 27 7th against The Golden Streaks next met and defeated Grantsburg 21 25 in a thrilling battle The teams played on even terms throughout the game In the first three games following the holidays, the team couldn't make their defense and offense function at the same time They were defeated by Luck 26 l7,Amery 50 l8,Grantsburg 53 21 Playing good ball against Centuria the team should have won but Not being accustomed to dodging stairways, stoves, and stages, the boys lost the game at Centuria by a close margin, 23 18 Frederic next met, and defeated Luck 24 21 The locals lead through out the entire game Luck threatened only in the closing minutes of the game The next game was lost to Milltown, both teams had difficulty hitting the basket The score ending 20 14 The next gam was played with the good St Croix team The boys threat ened in the last quarter with a des perate scouring attack, but St Croix's early lead gave them the victory 56 26 Although holding Webster to a lone field goal in the second half, the boys lost 21 18 on the free throw line Fred eric only having two chances, to Web ter's ten Traveling to Amery for the last game of the season, the squad played their best game of the year winnlng by a score 25 le, after holding a de cisive lead all the way The team was called on, week without practice, to take the St Croix tournament by the of River Falls High School Their first game was played Grantsburg in which they lost by of 18 20 It was a hard fought after a part in absence against a score battle, the first half Grantsburg out played the team, but they came back in the second half to tie the score But Grantsburg's drive took them to victory in the final minutes We then played Amery, losing by the score of 26 29 Amery took a lead in the first quarter and kept it the whole game The fellows came back strong the second half to check the nine point lead Amery had, but were unable to take them They enjoyed the tournament and good meals very much and saw a lot of good basketball . , 1 Q . ' D 1 n 1 9 si' u . - , ' v f n n f 5: n o -18. - , - S n U s l . e a f - - - . A e 4 - . - - 0 - n ' 0 ' Q . ' e l 1 I . e Q 0 " Q - . . G gr" Clarence Schallenberger Clarence was probably the most agg ressive basketball player On defense he was very good at tylng up his opponents and on the offense a real scrapper illis illiams Willis played about half the time as an alternate for Guy He has im proved very much since the beginning of the season and should be a scoring threat for next year Ellsworth Glandiers Ellsworth is about the quickest man on the squad and also has 'basketball sensen which is the immediate recog nition of a natural floor play or an opp ortunity to break for the basket y Peterson Roy is outstandingly strong on de fense which can be adopted to winning basketball games as well as good offen sive play nald Lundeguam The moral and a sportsmanlike atti tude is harder to preserve on a losing team than with a winning team, and al though Frederic did not have a success ful season, as far as winnlng games is concerned, Donald worked and captained the team with as much enthusiasm as if it were a champion team gene Lunkwitz The center on a basketball team is one of the most inportant and the hard est to fill Eugene did a good job of holding down the pivot position y Hansen Guy worked himself into a position on the first team by hard work He is a good passer and a good defensive man James Brown Jim was unlucky 83 TBI' HS Playing is concerned He was competing with BOMB good athletic ability and therefore did not play as a regular, but he should be given a great deal of credit for not dropping out when he could not make the first team E gene Wigdahl The smallest and cleverest man on the squad with a little growth Eugene should be one of the most effective of next year's prospects SFWNE Sl'-3"1iQ'i"S' Baseball became a major snort for the first time in many years Coach Braun lnquired as to the interest in baseball and found that there were many enthusiastlc fellovs who were intensely interested in the game Practices were called for every noon and after school within three weeks the fellows had the fundamentals down quite well Our first game was with Webster at Webster and although Bob Johnson pitched a steady game and allowed very few hits the team was beaten 4 Lack of batting and fly catchlng seemed to be the weak spots in the Frederic lineup Our second game was with Grantsburg on the local d1amond The boys played beautiful, steady ball through six 1nn ings with Vernon Ulick pitching nice ball if seemed as if we had the game in the bag The score was 5 2 in our favor as NB started the last innlng but with a few hits, a misnlay or two, coupled with a little wild streak by Ulick, Grants burg succeeded in pushing across four runs to win the game 6 5 the local grounds, with Bob Johnson and Vernon Ulick sharing the pitching duties and doing a fine job Frederic had little trouble in defeating them although the score was 5 4 Gene Munkwitz became the star of the game as he came through with a clean hit to break the tie and win the game Our last game was at Grantsburg where the home boys really took a beat ing The pitchers were hit hard all day, the fielding was terrible and to top it all, they were unable to even touch Grantsburg's pitcher,Fossum The final score was lB 5 in favor of Grantsburg The following nlne fellows won letters for baseball last year Eugene Munkwitz, Dewey Larson, Vernon Ulick, Guy Hansen, Raymond Nelson, Valdo Chris tenson, Vern Wikstrom, Richard Olson, and Bob Johnson Prospects fo thi spring are good There will be b ck from e first te titutes and new fel all ould reall become an in res g a popular s o aimed? we I, 3 9 -2. Our third game was with Webster on ' f o tn' W as o b JF' 1 Lx ' 1 MfFf3l ,LL qlvfvww W mf Back Row Edith McKinney, Vernice Peter on, Mertvce lone Krumm, Norma Karl, Xhbel Resell, Phyliss Burge s, Saros, Dorothy Pjorkman, Orma Ott, Beatxlce iustaf on, Ott 444 Front Row Mlldred laylor, Rayne Q Peterson, Taylor, Mi s Ingalls, La Lore St Angelo, Mildred Elem Ann Thomason, wT8HCO1S Soderberg wwf v The G A A was started by N133 Ingalls in the early part of the l9o6 1957 school term bince then, we stu dents have heard a great deal about the G A A and wondered what those three letters stood for besides Girls' Ath letic Associat1on This assoo4ation is a girls' club The three ma1n objectlves are sports manshin, co operatlon and teamwork, and health To become a member of this club each glrl must enter a certain sport such as h1k1ng, playlng kittenball, bas ketball,tennis, etc long enough to earn l5O points After she has obtalned her membershlp she works to earn lOOO pO1HtS to earr a letter or 500 points to earn a pin As the G A A is just a new aotiv ity ln our high school, the club has not yet flnlshed drawln up thelr consti tution, although they do have a good start There are Q3 members 1B the or ganization, whlch lS now under the dir ectlon of Miss Salay The President is Edlth Taylor, the Vlce President is La Nore St Angelo and the Secretary Trea surer is Vlldred Fleming The g1rls have glven ice ream sales durlhg the noon hour and hot dog sales and candy sales at the basket ball games They plan on having a ban quet early this spring, at which they will award the letters and pins The club has had many very enjoyable times together including a sleigh ride and kittenball games against girls from the various neighboring high schools The main purnose of thls organi zation is to try and 1nterest more girls in athletics and we hope more girls will come out for G A A next year and the years thereafter , J, ,l'. . xv , O x lr '7' hw ' N T . f t,,A 1? ,I H X :XX 2 ' - 2 S - E ,, N 1--'J ,I I , . 0 g -J, g t Z . H S , ., gf' Ali!! 0' T l fyLLJ, S .. ' ' . M ,- ,J M 5, !, .,.Jyi,, G. , . Y we M, ,f -- Q G ff' U I - I 0 . I , ' Christenson, Ardys Simon Edith Swanberg, Dorothy Charlotte Carlson, Ruth Violet Simonsen, Edith ing, Alice Protosavaee , W0 ff3fQf'1,, fb 0Jq2yJr,,9QP MAEAX orjJL "b' i?7f25?'3A!! gp Q. Q-f-53 jf, xffzivg 1, Us 'ov .if X Y k 5 , 4o , ' '-.ff f f rf ,f jf.. A J N , ., x n '1 . pf X x A Nl -f", 4 0 1?-Q' XJ ai' Bl lm 35 l' 'M 9 , ll Q - l . - . 1 ' ',' Y Y-. gl rv QR. Q +3 ff 1" x 'r I M553 . 'K 1 sf-lining. SUPERIOR l92 Q3n'A il 1 f. -' 1. T . S 1 5 W- ' 4, 2 X. A ,gy Q' ' 1 5 -A 4.' sf' i ' :- A-:L 4 ll IlV" A "lf' FEA Frederic met Somerset October sec ond at Somerset and being in the mood for a crashing victory, we backed the Ford CVB! out of the garage and pro ceeded to load the gang into the back and head for the metropolis The atmos phere of the Ford was filled with song as we bumpingly made our way over the new pavement Since we were on our way to win, our hlgh spirits got the best jokes The time passed quickly until we sighted the Somerset bridge Upon arriving at our destination, we unloaded the grocery string, scrap paper, pencil stubs, and candy wrappers out of our pockets, and replaced them with new candy bars and hamburger sand wiches On the way to the football field, we were kind enough to permit two of the members of the Somerset team to ride on the running board as far as the battlefield As usually is the case, we informed them that we knew who would win, extended our sympathy, patted our selves on the back, etc Frederic was not well represented at Somerset, due, probably to the dis tance from Frederic and the lack of cars We who were there, however, got right into the spirit of the thing and started making remarks about how white the team's legs were, wouldn't you think they'd get cold, isn't his hair cute, and what do you suppose his name is? We were all alone on one side of the field and we did our best at cheer ing, but since there were only about ten of us and the wind was against us, we didn't have much success not that we didn't try hard we looked the teams over and even to our prejudiced eyes the Somerset team 'd1dn't look so bad' They were short and stocky for the most part They looked land were! kind of powerful too, but that didn't discourage us at first The football field being next to a cornfield proved to be a ringside seat for witnessing the 'runaway' whichltook place while we were busy watching the struggle during the first quarter. ll I ll Ill IJ Htl We feel it necessary to remark about the good sportsmanship of the stu dents at Somerset It was noticeable because of their kindness to one of our members who was obliged to walk on crutches especially Slowly very slowly we began to realize that Somerset was too much for our team Standing on the s1del1ne e observed that the Frederic team had a hard time to hold them back he partic ularly noticed one Somerset man who dragged three of the Frederic fellows NW ibn- Qlllllnn over the goal l1ne Our hopes were still with us at the half, but after that, we real1zed that defeat was near and so lt proved Somerset was the vic tor by a score of Z5 0 After driving forty eight and six tenths miles, and, by the way, paying twenty cents to get in, we went down in defeat No songs issued forth on the way home We just d1dn't feel like it We realized that the team had tried hard, but the defeat was too pronounced to balance the fact One of our members started to sing, WTake Me Out to the Ball Game', but since none of us appre ciated it, she too lapsed into silence We arrived home with sore throats from cheering, headaches, minus twenty cents, and an inferiority complex Clarence 'What I want to know is am I a bass or a barltone?' Miss 0'Connor 'No, you're not ' The average g1rl's idea of intelli- gent driving is to stick a hand out each side of the car so she can turn either way she wants to. 0 . . S, W L ' - ,Jr . C ....- A -'F'f h f , 6 . gr -f"- . A """N' f Q ' -,I - . 1 , A Y ' - 4'bf of us, and we saw fit to tell a few f "" ,.,afe A ,U fe, . 5 , 4, f A .an-f 5:21 1- I Q xi 14...- i qxffyf, nj, pf-f,z"' ' H W V V Q 1,5-172 R 'W' wg Y ' 0 'svffuf , , ., , .. , V f,,..... 1 "Lb,- 2 1" Q .. ' . 4' I 145. M 1 1254, .H Q 1 ll X!! a", .---.5 I ff L .v-- 1 'BT5' . A IJ I AM A SWEDE My temperature is pargmy pulse beat is normalgmy physical health, except fol a slight excess of avoirdupois, is what it should beg and I feel all right. Yet, with unfaltering speech and a slight brogue I repeat, I am a Swede. Maybe it's something I ate, but I am proud of the fact. Proud that my forefathers were tall, blonde, and good- looking. But don't consider my case symbolic of the race for there must be some impurities in my blood stream. At any rate, curves were added to the tallness and dishwater to the blonde hair with the last factor being portrayed not at all. - u They make fun of our big feet ---- mine rival Greta Garbo's But what of that? 'Tis all the easier to maintain your equilibrium ' It was the Irish immigrants who first made us Swedes of West Sweden conscious of our true worth Before their advent we considered green only as a color of grass but we have lived to learn why green is their symbol just as it is of the freshman If anyone tries to convince you that a Swede is a Norwegian with his brains knocked out, take it from me he is mis informed My little cousin Jim y has the right idea Just ask him what the pig says and he'll tell you, 'Norsk, Norsk" lui' And, back away from the front, two days after the Norwegians declared verbal truce you'1l find a Englishman in the throes of a hearty laugh A week be before he heard someone say, 'The Swedes and Dutch don't amount to much ' The humor in that prevarlcation has just dawned on him tho' a bit late A wave of pity sweeps o'er you and you may wish to help him but just walk slowly away there's nothing you can do for him, he's pretty far gone They say, 'The grass looks greener in someone else's pasture,' but that's not the .salt of the earth and we know it She hallow o'er our heads merely symbo lizes our goodness and purity AUEN COMMUNITY FAIR 'Peanuts, candy, hot dogs and 'Wig- dahll' was the cry I heard as I entered the high school on the day set for the fair. Certain resonant strains in that voice brought me back to the day before when we had reluctantly gathered in the English room ---- only it was a different cry we heard then. Q sf ' Q A' Q 4 Y. 1: ' W. - I I 3' u I , Carefully manoeuvering around the peanut vender, after comparing my Eng- lish grades and my bankrupt purse, I started below deck to view the style show. By the polite system of using God's gift to the late-getter-theres, ---my elbows--I managed to get a glimpse ---of the empty stage. Once there, fate defied me to keep my place until the program began. The person in front of me was restless, she must have been there longer than I. It was so crowded that we should have called out when we wanted to turn and used co operation After having my hat pushed dovn over my eyes, my feet, all regally turned out in new shoes, trod upon, and my ribs jabbed by the surrounding elbows I gave in I thought of the survival of the fittest we learn about in social problems and I knew then that I would never be a cave man I ascended the steps slowly to the tune of squeaks from my new shoes thought that was queer, because they had been paid for and they weren't cheap, so I decided that they must be in agony too As I walked down the hall I noticed the absence of beans behind the radia tors Well do I remember the good times we used to have on fair day shooting baked beans at each other They made grand ammunition' We couldn't have used the macaroni that way this year and besides we're getting grown up and dig nified I hope my second childhood comes soon When the score for the football game was announced as O 0 the crowd began to thin out Gradually the halls of the schoolhouse became deserted and silence settled down upon it As the wind howled around the cornices accom panied by the beat of rain upon the win dow panes, darkness descended upon the scene The curtain had fallen on another community fair ihsis -- CIQ- x xx x N Xa I QQX Xaxxxs ---- . " 0 J 0 ----- . O . I O I , Q . U O a .1 -- , - D 0 O L. r 'V L -N I . R 3 . -X S .x T . tN?Z2ff1:-fgafzzt-:za true in this case. We Swedes are N xx XNBX s -::::5:ag?-1:r- --- 4 x xg X xx 5 X g'L,5-.-'---Els, fa , X i X X gb E 1 E. . . X ' 1 I ll r-':" X 4' 1 yr A.: l x . J e J p L. , . s -Q -f' 'Sk' "EF X haw.-in nuL X 'E X N l "1 . -"ya - ff"-1i'3'?'il 9 1 wh Q ' .'.v:ft. F- g2'IlIIl l IAITI ll' ALJ I lllll-vV'xl-J"'I3 Mbmhsxz '2.7,Z4Ja,.,,.a.J7k4J,-4-1,4--f7"J4 "7,'-14f-.7l4M?M,06,M,A,,,,,7,,.,,4,,,f,,g, 'M'ff'2LZufff ' ZMMJL ,LJ ,J J Mama "4'f7?7L ,,,fj,,,7:,':7.7 :,!M.,fz4-M-465945 DZ-7,946-4fJMHMJ7"JZ'!4"'20'w4 6 af-M.bM-5-""7i' fu! QAM- 3212 OOLOUL, Ouzufnz. jf 7l,LL,1lBuw.o4Q4,Uy1fm4Jd.o-Cwfi-b fpiibbwl SLJJOUMWM J if 'MAAAQAQWW-091 71 WM?Q1f?f6'M9 Eg MW. in N104 0"""""'J 43 MI ,MAR x my Www 2,506j,1hm,fff'L" 'L -1v..f'-'ff' f J' W .ff 'QQWM ifffr-'lf'-f'N""'N"uy 48.e4:4f Qlfgf fgff-viz-6114 ff"-La-vg.,, I : '4'4"1 ,Ort-64-vpv ' I J Q 'Vx Y l Z I - s I - K I , 147 f . 19" 4""'aJ 0 -IV 'XAA4 I - 9 . yy' ' a ,f Cp I - J I ' . fy, Af 1 . . 'I 1 I ,-fi-wfxli, M ' ,, 1 f . bo u gm , - ill'-Q-R+'-1 44-A ' ' Q , - 'O 0017 ., P r ' , ' 'Nd' ' . 1' ' ' ' I 1 ' ' ' Afvfwwe AAALAAJK 1 I I ,Lk fx'kgAjJNlJ ' I 1 l WALK 'N T , J v, J ,. ' avi V , X 07 f V af, A I pfwwlw' 'WMA AtM,A'JktbiS7T'i3ll-!lA'mIIK" ALI IJ X-X GLAMJJKNMNAR J tyyxlfilfwaj V 3 ' 0' fvffvv M4 A y 'P,4jJvQ,,1Q..lA14Jl-AIR-4-7X 41-j ?aJJ.f'vKv'- fuuf-1 uf A AJ -QL'-f it ,JQXUJJ ,I'xJ+L4J ,541 R' ,LZ J 'M 43: .A-.fry fQM..,JLWfM4 IMJJU 'AW' LJIWVLL, XUU gqjlgvwxn im' RJ al 'U' 5 9 YV V 'cfgj jf' AA! f A11 HM .fvv N5 -!'4 Z J xfzL,AA,v,kJ who-up 'Llfgj mf L.,.f1u.,,, f7'bi'17i1,,,M ,L-,U ,CAXKO l Jbvvvd P ff-J X162 :avg Sw Jzxlffxi-f'g Qwufug L mi WNWMLKLQM-4 mLAfwTf,,f UMA. 71 J JLW 4.l.0xlfL05.MA-'-114.4 ,wg JJU14 f 4 ,Af fy X ffm 1 A 'W V ' A N V A. . 9 f " . 1 'SJ ' J VA . Q 7 , , - . , M 4 . 'n I - Aly- 'F le 41' Lx I Y .Q . V '-,l.4lf lt! 'Y' VAA4 A Qi' fx of I 7 H- V 1 1-11 f r -., ', f 4. 4 .N ' 4. . . f ' ' 'Y K - j rr Q 1,1 If lf' 5 j 'lj Lv d 1 AN .ML J ' "ZW , 6 . . . 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It is not easy to say good bye, now at the clo e of thls school year To you who w1ll he back next year, w IlSh a pleasant vacation An other busy school year wlll be tartlng ooner than we ant1c1pate It is e neclally hard to say ood bye to you seniors who w1ll not re turn to FIBQETIC Hlrh Cchool To you, we vish the Ureatest of success and hanplne s Your fr1endQh1p and loyalty means more to those you have worked with and played wlth for the past four years than you now realize Your ce s 1n life and your assumption of responsible, uprlght citlzenshlp and leadershlp 1n your community, wherever lt may be, means rore to your parent and teachers than you w1ll ever know Worklnv 1D these walls of Time some wlth masslve deed and are Some with ornaments of rhyme Nothlng useles 1s, or low Each th1ng 1U its place is best, And what seems but ldle how Ktrengthens and supports the re t For the structure that we raise Time 18 w1th materials fllled Our to days and yesterdays Are the blocks with which we bulld Truly shape and fash1on these, Leave no yawnlng gaps between, Thlnk not, because no man sees Such th1HgS will remain unseen Thus alone can we To those turrets, Gees the world as And one bolndless Bu1lders wrought with greatest care Each minute and unseen part, For the ,ods see everywhere Let us do our work as well Both the unseen and the seen, Make the house where Gods may dwell, Beautiful, entire, and clean Else our lives are incomplete, Standing in the e walls of Time Broken stairways, where the feet Stumble as they seek to climb Build to day, then, strong and sure, with a firm and annle base, And ascending and secure Shall to morrow flnd its place attain where the eye one vast plain, reach of sky Iongfellow i y r r - Q ' r , - . ' ' ' e W' - . - . , . S . S 1 . . . c ' rr - ' ' - H' . . D L - . Q U n v' O u fn ' s . ' . suc- S , 0 A . . . s ' ' . . All are architects of Fate, In the elder days of Art, t 9 J. S .J 5 J at, . , fi . , , ' c ' - . . K U Y Q .. ' 5 v - . 7 U ' S . . . . , v . 5 S 5 Q . D l . 1 H , I - l LJ I K . L ,Ng L If-I if if WW ff:Q9Zw,L Z Wwffzif g M1257 M Q A U 1, f J' K Mk J f ff " UQVLC- I ,X 1 A ' f , . J ' ,gy 'H O, - ,f j , f" ' xl Xkifwac, Q6 , M4 i f lf!! , j f , .4 lXf,,,, W I ' I Af Q-V ' , ffv '--I i t I ' fl ,Ll i 3' L 1 f X in M 5225 fwwwfgj ffffiij 'r I I E. f -.T 1:,5:, ,,,E ,14,5g:.i:11,45 A r5,,,i,,,, . i I V Jxwbfv vmfwhw H V V Lf 1' -:f.-'--' ,141 1, -1 611, 4: , 55 .Bac-: J 4'-.,,-vs--Q M, -W - -u4,.-v.- Q..-,-,V.5,:k5,:g. - ..-,,f:, 19,,g,::,y+, :gf-,.1,..3 -3. .,,,--,,1..,,,f,.,.,.-E . ,w?w,r .,,m .A m,w,,A Q, M, ..... ,, , , .. , .vm -k ' 4- lf-a'-..,f,. -,J L , -,qv My W" DW W 150 ff'f4M'fy" Mya gf fyyywwy VX fp flffsyrffyjfw ff M HW Mgyyfswjgwfqgfffggxfgjyglfgyv If A J Xjyjvyrmfqyfw Mfg? 3? WC' yfjwi Nqff Nffymj ada N iffy f MM V fx fifwifiw V Qiifflpfk 'Eff jf Wzffff WWW W My MMWWW vi? M553 WEN M ' lr J x ' fy ' jw " Q- 'A W . ' ' A2 ,, , I B 1 if if fi ' ' , C! Mi' ' ' ,LL Yi ff . ML 05,2 rr lf 5 K 1 V XJ an Q J , 9 J X ,I . f- 'ff Y ,Pl ' 5 f ' lf-A yfbr rug.-L .1 tl? fu I L, 'Q f Q ' , 1 xx' Z , ff dj - A! J 1: ' S4 I "T 19,14 - 1, fy f 1 ,ff ' ,,, X 1 V of' W - 1 ,, 'V 1 P N ff, V! ..-, M X ' P ,I ,x X' ' 1 - ,f'.'v' x ' X . .r,. I V . , Q HJ AJ X 1 jaaf - N . ' pl xi' 'fr XJ I 4 s , ' fr. , "' . ig, , V2.2 af 1. if .uv YK of 2. L m ,px . A ' . U ' H j 1M Q x? . 0 , fd I I 4 , 4 n v . 0 - 1 D ' . ary-SW ' ' ' , 7 S ' 1 , v ' r X X V A X 'Lf ,.-.,g,g r ,,,x-ffi.!,g. 'fili ij V H , ,,,, ,. , ,WT A . ws . . . u g. I :f . :fr '--as-re,.-,-1-Wai,i:55ii:fL:v1c:ig.z'iE.Z-1 .. fin

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