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Frazeysburg High School - Fra Hi An Yearbook (Frazeysburg, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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X I FR -HI-A published by the Jumor Class Frazeysburg Hugh School 1958 ALMA MATER To ihee we sung our pranses hugh Frazeysburg our Frazeysburg Our love for thee wull never dee Frazeysburg our Frazeysburg Faur and square well ever be Our Alma Mater gust for ihee The years wlll brmg sweet memornes Of Frazeysburg our Frazeysburg :IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIIllllllllllllllIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllll . of . E ' ' g, I ., :: , 4 'Q-1 ' E -,. KK ' -,, , : 1 A, - E '-1 'X f .Ju S . Q A ' . E , l nl 3 "Q" E e I, N 5 mc E Rai Lg il ' s . . . E xl ' i .5,, 1 2 fe: f ' E W r r 1 ' 5 h - I E I E . f E . . . I E f ' fu TABLE OF C0 TE ADMINISTRATION Board of Educarron County Supervrsors Faculty Admmrstratrve SENIORS Senlor Class Se n1or Data Semor Poem Class Hrstory Senror Days UNDERCLASSMEN Hrgh School Grade School ACTIVITIES Band Football Reserve Basketball Varsrty Basketball lndrvrdual Basketball Track Varsrty Cheerleaders Reserve Cheerleaders Y Teens Musrc Groups FFA Semor Play Homecomrng Dances Staff Scholarshrp of 1957 Snapshot Classroom Snaps Calendar Patrol Boys EXTRAS P T A Burldrng Begrns Schedules for next year A DVERTISING Our Frrends 2 Baseball.. ...... . .... . .... . . . . W E DEDIC FE O RYFARBOOK 'J' MR, RFX W WILSON He has always been lrllrng to advlse students when they need help to f1nd transportatron for students to events away from school and to do every thmg possrble for the good of the school and those close to rt Therefore Wllh respect and gratltude we the Junror Class of 1958 take great pleasure rn d8dlC8Ill'lg our volume of the Fra H1 An to our Super mtendent Mr Rex W WIISOH 3 E E E S S E E E t 2 , E E U V S , E E S .thi S S524 E l E - E S f' E is 3 E E E - :I E S E .. 2 E , - - 2 . . x . . . ' n . . - . . I I I I , . . - .- - . . . . Edrtor Assocrate Edrtor Assocrate Edrtor Proofreader Sports Agriculture benror Data FR HI AN STAFF EDITORIAL BUSINESS ABSISTANTS Iac! Boyce Peggy Tllton Marrlyn Coble D1x1e Farrall Connxe Bennett Gerald Howard Russell Sensrbaugh Patty Sterlrng Charlotte Bron k Jud Krng Donna Mrller Janet Shaw Busrness Manager Darlene Cannon Advertrslng Manager Rebecca Dolder Advertlsrng Edrtor Ellen Wrse CITCUIHIIOD Manager Elrzabeth Waggoner ASSISTANTS Florse Bay B111 Cooper Sandra Crawmer Ethel Dalzell Sandra Eddleblute hm Lentz Carol Llndell Barbara Moran Jatk Stokes Saundra Warner Larry Wollard Betty Wrrght ADVISFR Gladys D Seward FORE ORD Just twenty years ago the frrst volume of FRA HI AN was publrshed by a group of Frazeysburg students assrsted by therr faculty Each year srnce then except for war years when materral shortages were acute FRA HI AN has appeared for local students and thelr frlends A hrgh school yearbook can be a worthwhrle keepsake rt can be for IIS owner a cherished memento The staff of the 1958 volume has chosen "Happy B1rthday" as IIS theme for thrs twentreth year of publrca- tron Members of the staff and therr advrser hope therr Jornt efforts to producea good book w1ll please you now, and that you'l1 be proud to keep your FRA-HI-AN for all to see 4 1 - Agriculture. , , , , , , ,Richie Cohagen Ronnie Ardrey 'Q Y ' 1 Q - , ' : ' . ' . . THE BOARD OF EDUCATIO The school board holds a SCIIOUS posrtton rn the commumty Srnce the students are kept busy they forget to apprectate the servrce of the board The school board tnsptred by consrderauon and unselfrsh devouon spends much t1me and patrence makmg dec1s1ons The students of Frazeysburg Nashport School Drstnct wlsh to ex press therr gratrtude for all the thmgs the board makes posstble The board members of the Frazeysburg Nashport School DISUICI are from left to rxght Kenneth Fel Vroom Helena Cunrungham Clerk Gerald Unued and Robert Kmght A O TOM County Superrntendent B S 1n Educauon Muskmgum College M A Ohxo State Umversxty 6 umlee, Presidentg Damian Wise, Vice-President, Ralph n,3"? as , ,af . . , L KATHRYN GAULT KENNETH JOHNSON Marietta College, A. B. Ohio University Ohio State University, M. A. Ohio State University English, Latin, Library Supervisor B. S. in Agriculture Education GLADYS SEWARD Ohio State University B. S. in Education 1 Year Graduate Work Typing, Shorthand I and II, Book keeping I, Yearbook Adviser. ii Vocational Agriculture REX W, WILSON Superintendent .,T-a ..... ,xl 0 L V shi ,E ,f- GEORGE ADAMS Building Principal A. B. , Glenville State College M, A. , West Virginia University Math, Algebral and II, Chemistry Trigonometry, Baseball Coach F A. B. in Education Geneva College, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania Ohio University Branch, Ohio University Graduate School. American Government Speech RONALD MILLS Glenville State College, A. B. Miami University. Sociology Economics, Physical Education Civics, Business Law, Selling, Varsity Basketball Coach, Track, Football Coach , X' S f' 1 . X , A f . K xx 1 'Jn O ,E U' nf, 4 tx ii FRANCES ELVIRA SHORT Eastern Kentucky Teachers College Kentucky State University Ohio State University, B. S. Biology, Science, Math English BERNARD HICKMAN Glenville State College Ohio University Branch, Muskingum College Eighth Grade P v- ,V .412 -.A MARY BELL HAMILTON Muskingum College Ohio University Branch Seventh Grade FRAZEYSBURG nf? fl 151 KATHLEEN ROBERTS Eastern Kentucky State College Kent State University Cadet Certificate Sixth Grade KENNETH YOUNG CllARl.E5 BOYLAN Ol'llO SIBIC lllllX'Cl'SlIy Marictta Cgllete Otterbein College B, 5, in Higmry B. A. in Music Education Dension University Band, Vocal Music MAXINE McKEE Muskingum College Home Economics Ill, 'Nh' - 1 :il 5 P 'Q' If "?wD . , , ruwr -.,,--7,11 i Q .- i - a-- fgit ' abffwt -g- so . i J 1' . AD Cv g 1 haf If 'if 'ig 6.94 ra.. S' Social Studies, General Bus- iness, Reserve Basketball Coach, Ass't. Football Coach. S E Nl 0 3 R 1 V S 25' COLOR fi? CLASS CAROL AMENDE NORMA AYERS DIXIE BALL DON BARCUS BOB BARRICK GARY CRAGO GERTRUDE CRISWELL GLENN PAT DENMAN FRANK DUHS CUNNINGHAM DWIGHT DEEDS PAUL DUNFEE FLO ER Red Rose -qw--Q-ov, ,xo 39" -aff 'Wi ff TQ 2 'SW iaggw W 'xxgisi ' 13 'Q E IOR 125' N 1 X - . I N N ' 4 I i 1 If wad! iffff. A -7-G qw!! Ljv . f H 1. Y fs: A 'k?" F. ' T-Inf!! :fl K Q . 2 . ,sy ,, 1'4?g,i:gg,-'fy L ' 'S x -.J :xv ' ' ' A' uf' . W X5 'F . 5-If 55 5513 W 'fifrfsvsf .5-,.7,. H X 2' pf X, K is 'V 1" vim fi CLASS Forward Ever Backward Never J YQ' 14 JAMES EDDLEBLUTE WAYNE EDDLEBLUTE CATHARINE HANBY NITA LAWRENCE RA KNIGHT IEA NNE TTE IKEHORN X 1 ' ' 2 Q I- ' Y s 1 7 rf Ae A sq.. X VELVA MITCHELL DELLA MOORE JAMES RILEY E IOR TRIP Apnl 26 May 3 SANDRA SIDLE 'VX 'Cb DON Nc! SMITH LARRY Nun' STERLING -15- mar' IORS B CCALAUREATE May25 2ooP M AN TANNEHILL ROBERT THOMAS CLASS N-Q -16- GALE UNTIED JANE VANDENBARK UNDERWOOD LAWRENCE VENSIL CONHWE CE Iiff MARCIE WELSH May 25 8 P. M. MARLENE WELSH JERRY WHEELER E IORS CLASSINHUM Looking backward o er the years Afraid, yet conquering all our fears Learning to take it all in smde And lookrng toward success wxth youthful pride Relying greatly on our education We go into life with dedicauon And graciously accept a helping hand And when our diploma at last is won We'l1 feel our life has Just begun The future calls all past we ll excel To thee Alma Mater we bid farewell Velva Mitchell Dixie Ball 17 We'1l strive to do the best we can, SENIOR DATA CAROL ANNE AMENDE Ka Busmess Class Plays 3 4 Yearbook 3 Newspaper Club 1 2 Dramatrcs Club 1 Home Economrcs Club 2 Intramural Team 4 NORMA IEAN AYERS Busmess Class offrcer 1 2 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Glee Club 1 Class Plays 3 4 Yearbook 3 Cheerleader 2 3 4 Y Teens 3 4 Presrdent 4 Sem 2 Mllk Cash 1er 4 Intramural Team 4 DIXIE LEE BALL College Prep Class Off1cer 4 Scholarshrp Team Hxstory 2 3 Semor Scholarshrp Test 4 Class Play 4 Yearbook 3 Newspaper 2 DONALD KYLE BARCUS Don General FFA2 3 4 Off1cer4 4 H Presrdentl Glee Club 3 Class Play 4 Yearbook 3 Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Track 1 2 Baseball 2 Escort at Commencement 3 ROBERT DALE BARRICK o College Prep Class Play 4 Yearbook 3 Football 1 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Track 1 2 3 Mllk Machrne Operator 3 4 Escort Homecommg Football Game 2 GARY L CRAGO Charlre Business Glee Club 1 2 Class Play 3 Newspaper 2 Basketballl 2 Movxe ProjectorOperator 1 2 3 L1brar1an 2 Intramural Team 3 4 Dramattcs Club 2 Football Manager 4 GERTRUDE D D CRISWELL Busmess Class Play 4 Yearbook 3 Newspaper Club 1 2 Student Councrl 1 Dramatrcs Club 1 Home Ec Club 2 GLENN CUNNINGHAM General Class Off1cer 2 3 Glee Club 3 Yearbook 3 Basketball 1 2 3 L1brar1an 2 Movre Projector Op erator 4 DWIGHT DEEDS Vo Ag FFA1 2 3 4 Off1cer 3 Scho1arsh1pTea Scrence 1 Brology 2 Glee Club 3 Class Play Stag Manager 4 Basketball 1 2 Track 2 3 PATRICIA ANN DENMAN a General Y Teens2 3 4 Off1cer4 Sem 1 Schol arshrp Team Engllsh 1 2 Class Plays Prompter 3 Advertrsmg 4 L1brar1an 3 Yearbook 3 ALBERT FRANKLIN DUHS Frank Vo Ag Glee Club 3 Class Play 4 Pony Leagu Baseball 2 Track 3 Dlstrrct FFA Publrc Speakln Contest 4 PAUL DUNFEE Slug o Ag FFA 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 JAMES V EDDLEBLUTE Procedure Contest 4 Mrlk Machtne Operator 4 WAYNE C EDDLEBLUTE General Class Off1cer 2 FFA 1 2 3 4 Off1cer 3 FFA Queen Escort 3 Parlramentary Procedure Contes 3 4 Student Councll 2 Movre Projector Operator 2 CATHARINE LOUISE HANBY Busmess Club Officer 2 Glee Club 1 2 Class Play 3 4 Yearbook 3 Newspaper 1 2 Y Teens Attendan 3 Y Teens 2 3 4 Cafeterra Ard 1 2 3 4 IEANNETTE RUTH IKEHORN General Class Officer 1 3 Operetta 2 Class Play Yearbook 3 Homecomxng Football Queen 4 Y Tee 2 3 4 JOHN RAYMOND KNIGHT Ra Busmess Class Off1cer 3 4 Class Plays 3 4 Yea book3 Basketball 1 2 FootballManager 1 2 3 n tramural Team 3 4 Basketball Manager 3 Track " Y" . . - . . . 5 ' 2 ' .,P I.. - . . : ' : ' ' : V . . - . , . : . . . Vo. Ag. -Glee Club 33 FFA 1.2, 3,43 Parliamentary HB bl! . . 4, ' f F 1 1- . : : . z ' : . : ' ' . . .41 : ' . . : ' ' . . . . .. Y.. ' ' - I 2 : . : . . :I : . . : ' ' : ' ' ' . 1 : 1 . 3, - 18 - E IOR DATA l ANITA LOUISE LAWRENCE N1ta uslness Class Offrcer 1 2 3 Band 1 2 3 4 Con est 2 3 4 Operetta 2 Head MaJorette 4 Class Plays ,4g Yearbook 35 Snow Queen Attendant lg Home ommg Queen Attendant 2 Cheerleader 2 3 4 ELVA JUNE MITCHELL Mrtchy ustness Class Offrcer 3 Scholarshrp Team 3 Ma orette 1 2 3 Band 2 3 Class Play 4 Yearbook 3 ewspaper 2 Y Teens 2 3 Dramattcs Club 1 ELLA MARIE MOORE eneral Glee Club 1 2 Operetta 2 Class Play 4 earbook 3 Y Teens 2 3 4 Home Ec Club 1 AMES G RILEY Przon o Ag Class Offrcer 1 Glee Club 3 Class Plays 4 Yearbook 3 Basketball 1 2 3 Football 4 Stu ent Counctl 1 L1brar1an 2 Intramural Team 4 ANDRA JO SIDLE Sandy and 1 2 3 4 All County Band 2 3 4 Ohxo D1str1ct and Contest 2 3 4 Dxstrxct MUSIC Contest Solorst 4 Class Play 4 Yearbook 3 Y Teens 2 3 Home ursrng 4 Cafeterra Axd 1 2 3 4 ONALD LEE SMITH Bonnrvtlle o Ag Class Offrcer 2 Glee Club 3 Class Play Yearbook 3 Intramural Team 3 4 Student Coun I2 Ltbrarlan 3 Cuprd s Catch Escort 2 FFA 1 2 4 Photography Club 2 3 Mrlk Machme Operator RRY LEE STERLING toogre o Ag FFA1 2 3 4 Offrcer 3 Glee Club 3 Class ays 3 4 Yearbook 3 Escort I-lomecommg Football ame 3 Intramural Team 3 4 Photography Club 2 N EDWARD TANNEHILL llege Prep Crooksvrlle I-hgh 1 2 Class Offrcer 2 Scholarshrp Team Algebral 1 Bookkeepmg I 2 Yearbook 3 Basketballl 2 3 4 Baseball 3 Track 3 Escort Homecomrng Football Queen 4 Student Councxl 1 2 Offtcer Help 1 Mrlk Machme Operator ROBERT EUGENE THOMAS Bear Vo Ag FFA1 2 3 4 Offrcer 1 GleeClub 3 Year book 3 Class Plays 3 4 PAUL ED WARD UNDERWOOD Busmess Class Offrcer 2 Class Plays 3 4 Yearbook 3 Football Manager 1 2 Basketball 1 2 Intramural Team 3 4 Ltbrarran 2 Student Council 2 GALE BERNARD UNTIED FFA 1 2 3 4 Ass t V P 4 Glee Club 3 Class Play 4 Stage Manager 3 Yearbook 3 Basketballl 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Track 2 3 4 Escort I-Iomecomrng Football Queen 4 ELLEN JANE VANDENBARK Jane General Class Offrcer 3 4 Glee Club 2 Yearbook Queen 3 Mrlk Cashxer 4 LAWRENCE AUSTIN VENSIL L1ttle Austrn Vo Ag 4H1234Pres1dent3 FFA1234 Band 1 2 3 4 Contest 3 4 Class Plays 3 4 Yearbook 3 Football 2 3 4 MARLENE ANN WELSH General Class Offrcer 3 4 Class Play 3 Yearbook 3 Intramural Team 4 Mrlk Statrstrcran 4 Y Teens MARCELENE KAY WELSH Marcre General Class Offrcer 2 3 4 Class Play 3 Yearbook 3 Y Teens 2 3 Attendant 1 Milk Statrsticlan 4 In tramural Team 4 JERRY WHEELER Buck Vo Ag FFA 1 2 3 4 Offrcer 4 GleeClub 3 Class Play4 Yearbook 3 Basketball 1 2 Chauffeur Football I-lomecommg Game 4 . fi -: ,:,g' .:.'-'C' 1 ' zz' I ',,.'1 I: : uslncss. T- gepIoIScholarsh1p 'Testi .4g: Glee Clublj 3 Football Homecomrng Queeg Attendalit 3,'4g FFA I ,,:' 1- 'S I :.:',,: . .'- -: : , Sz: . . : ':: , Z- 3. ' 'T . : 1 : I . . iz - : I n 'gs A -I -wi ' 'zz : ,.,.,,.,,..-vw-Y Hs' ' REME BERT? In order to construct the start and the progress of this graduating class of 1958, the yearbook staff has done research wherever possible, and the facts are set forth for you, readers of Fra-Hi-An. Any prophecy as to the final achievements of individual class mem- bers is avoided - only past happenings and plans for the immediate future Cas scheduled at press timej may properly be included in this story. From the Fra-Hi-An of 1955, the faces of the Freshmen look forthg these are the newcomers to high- school life. They arrived on opening day and soon learned about schedules, makeup work, and extra- curricular activities. The class members were as follows: Robert Barrick, Dwight Deeds, and Jerry Wheeler from Perryton: Jane Vandenbark, Jeannette Ikehorn, Della Moore, Catharine Hanby, Sandra Jo Sidle, Norma Ayers, Dixie Ball, Gertrude Criswell, Paul Dunfee, Lawrence Vensil, Dick Kirkpatrick, James Eddleblute, Ed Underwood, Glenn Cunningham, Jim Jenkins, Robert Thomas, Wayne Eddleblute, and Don Barcus from Nashportg and Gale Untied, Lanita Lawrence, Marcelene Welsh, Franklin Duhs, Pat Den- man, Don Smith, Carol Lindell, Alice Stanford, Lar- ry McKee, Clara Fleming, Ray Knight, Jim Riley, Larry Sterling, Maxine Harmon, Janice McKee, and Marlene Welsh from Frazeysburg. Their home room advisers were Mr. Mills and Mrs. Conley, and their officers were: Jim Riley, President, Norma Ayers, Vice President, Lanita Law- rence, Secretary, and Jearmette Ikehorn, Treasurer. The following September, Mr. Loughrie was their new adviser, and the class had lost many students, the number decreased now to thirty-three. This year was a busy one. Severalof the boys were excellent ath- letes, many girls and boys made contributions to the vocal and band areas of music, and the class looked forward to that great year when they would be juniors. Their officers were: Wayne Eddleblute, Presi- dent, Norma Ayers, Vice President: Lanita Lawrence, Secretary, and Glenn Cunningham, Treasurer. In the fall of 1957 the juniors again numbered thirty-three, but two had left, and two new mem- bers were added to the class: Gary Crago, of Frazeys- burg, and Jan Tannehill, from Crooksville. H PPY DAYS! That junior year is always a busy one, and these folks had one to remember. They sold magazines, popcorn, published the yearbook, and served an alum- ni banquet to almost 300 guests. "The Monkey's Unc- le" directed by their adviser, Mr. Loughrie, was pre- sented in the spring to appreciative audiences. They entertained the seniors and faculty with a lovely banquet, using "Starlight" as the theme and Harold Harper's music. Officers this year were: Ray Knight, Presidentg Jane Vanderbark, Vice-President: Norma Ayers, Sec- retary: Glenn Cunningham, Treasurerg Nita Lawrence, Business Manager. Officers for their final year in high school were elected the preceding May, so in September they had already served three months. Ray Knight, President: Lawrence Vensil, Vice-Presidentg Norma Ayers, Sec- retary: Jane Vandenbark, Treasurerg and Dixie Ball, Business Manager, were the officers. The summer dances had gone well, and work to sell food at the football games as well as serving Lion Club's dinners kept them busy. The play presented in December, "Phantom ofthe High School" was directed by Mrs. Gault. Flu took its toll of both players and audience, but the show went on, after one postpone- ment. Early in January the class chose its colors fblack and whitejg its flower fred rosejg its motto fForward ever, backward neverj, so that the juniors could use the information in the yearbook. This year the class was the same as in May, but the home room teacher was Mr. Kenneth Johnson. Through the summer the class was assisted and guided by Mr. Ralph Howard, who, with his wife, will chap- erone on the senior trip to Washington, D. C. , and New York City, April 26 to May 3. Looking forward with great anticipation to gradu- ation, the seniors will be presented to the community on May 25, 1958, the seventieth class of Frazeysburg High School. ,gud ,img - in t Vim., 3 ,D aw- Q 93' L 2 , -- -we fsf 1' , is it -sv lnr...,,M A 1 'bu 'f , ,L 'WI -X I x Eli' ., fw- ,4 .N " 55. .,L. ig.. ad, 'vt-3' V mba if - L HLJJZ -s.-Q , ' "J ?f,Xl g ' 'Lies " urs' f ini T VA '. vvv f' Sri.. - - ' l 5 x v M M ' ' K, f 4 L . r K ' . V . . - .- - fwgibklv' :S ' f a-MP9 ,M Q4 .L-, I up ... f iffy . i gk 1 xl UL 1 A f WR ' K .A -., X ' ' ..,, f , . x ' S' 1. M, -21 - , J If X uf ? up 3 3 W.,-' Nl . ' : , 1 5 . f . ,I fax I f f il K f X Q 1- - A55 , ' if 1 5 ZZ x N , '1 - Q i .- at-,ay 1' 1 7 . fm , ff: x , E 0' 3. v, Q fs,, R vw- xml -.X f -I.. V Qk' s.,A- x. r, 1 ii' W sk-X Cf' J, 2 1. 'M S. A 1 4 JUNIORS ? Qs.- , KX. -24- wi' Qs R1 .ff X . "" f Xb'- 'N lx u X .. . ,und :gf ,gf 1 3 I f QM 'aw 'L' X, 'cf' ' wg- UV "I BU Y JUNIOR ARE GOOD SALE Class electrons were held at the end of the 1956 57 school year and the Junior Class elected the following Connie Bennett President Darlene Cannon Vice Pres rdent Patty Sterling Secretary Elizabeth Waggoner Treasurer Jrm Lentz Busmess Manager and Marrlyn Coble News Reporter They received their class rings rn September fwhrch were ordered last sprxngj and this event made them feel more like Jumors This year the Juniors have proved to be very able with Frazeysburg Red Raiders on them and popcorn at the ball games Now that the FRA HI AN ts nearly done the pub lrshers fthe Junrorsj look forward to their class play to the banquet to honor the graduating class and to the alumnr banquet wluch was revived last year WHO S AT WORK? Each Junior had h1s duties The winning smiles on the opposite page belong to these personable people TOP ROW Ronnie Ardrey Connie Bennett President Charlotte Brock Jack Boyce Darlene Carmon Vice President Marilyn Coble News Reporter SECOND ROW Richie Cohagen Bill Cooper Sandra Crawmer Ethel Dalzell Rebecca Dolder Sand ra Eddleblute THIRD ROW Dixie Fairall Gerald How ard Judy King Brlly Knkpamck hm Lentz Business Manager Carol Lindell FOURTH ROW Donna Miller Faith Miller, Barbara Moran, Russell Sensrbaugh, Janet Shaw, Patty Sterling, Secretary FIFTH ROW: Jack Stokes, Peggy Trlton, Keith Turner, Elizabeth Waggon er, Treasurer, Saundra Warner, Ellen Wise SIXTH ROW- Miss Short, Adviser, Larry Wollard, Betty Wr1ght, John Zrgo 25 . , . I . . - u 9. 3 . I f - : . ' . 3 . . A A I ' L. . Q . '41, I ,f c3xg1L25A,' salesmen by selling magazines, desk sets, sweat shirts 7 V . .. . ., fi, W , Hunts Q - I , - . , . . , I lr, : : ' , ' . ' : . . . ' ' : ' . . : . . ' . . 1 u l ' . : . . . ' - , . ' . . . , . D . 3 ' . : ' , rx S Q 1 in, at 2 tl ! ' 5 swf., Q-,x wif 1 J W-y X J ' f fi!-p-lj! SW! l ' 1' , . . 1 4 . 1 ' ' 2, X . w :Q 5 Dv, A ' n., VV , I J to 'S E-Q l . ,ct E K.. W "J A Ka . if " me ' if X ax, Lt, Ks- at J , 2 'R Q1 tv TOP ROW Frank Ardrey Elorse Bay Kay Beard Earl Boylan M1Ck8Y Conner Gene Danner Ronme Drllon Sue Dlllon SECOND ROW Gary Doyle Wayne Doyle Kay Elekes Paulette Falrall Ronn1eFa1rall Beth Ann Eraz1er Beth Ann Freshwater Ralph Hanby THIRD ROW Nancy Hansel Cheryl Hardesty, Judy Hew 1tt Evelyn Hunkrns Russell Krrkbrrde KVICE Presrdenty Bob Kmght Sue Lawrence Carolyn Lrttle Not Prctured Annabelle Bmkley Larry Longfellow OPHOMORE These students were d1v1ded rnto two home room secuons w1th Mrs Seward and Mrs Gault as the sponsors TOP ROW Russell Llvrngston Hugh Madden Nancy McLaughl1n Joaqlun M1ller Phxl Moore Sherry Nethers Anne Newcome Sharon Patterson SECO Powell fSecreta.ryj Charles Pr1est Ph1l R1ley Sharon Ross Glor1a Schellenbarg Wanda Scott ROW Jeffrey Settles fPI'6S1dEIlIJ, Dav1d Smlth James Tanneh1llfTreasurerJ Carl Tumble Donald Unued Conme Sue Varner Veromca Vensll Nonna Walpole ND ROW Marllyn Patton Marcella Powell Phylhs THIRD s.. in Vf Wa, X In N yt sl Qs 'LN 95- Yr' Ns cg' tx f ,Q w'- I 26 v 4 x- W. 1 J J J GLS ,, J l L we 5 X Q k X A .L x ,I X A ' hr . J ... 'S ' 4 2 A ' jx ,. ' V iff" ,, jf If-vi '4 I .. ff f Y Q ' y., J 4 'itat inet N! xl ' -A T J ' J S at 2-J' sf ' Rx, h 'w Vee ...X . H" f g, , 4 J , J -P f E V - -x-M ' . , J yy! - vc m ra V. H at N N S l T' 121.-. n. . 'xr as 1, I 'Y , I r it- I " f -,N 1 N . Q.. FS- + 5:7 2 H' X a il s-Iii 1. , p p L iv- ,I . . s . 'K Q - , v we-yi O, 1. 1, I, , 1:..:f, , 3, " 4 js' . V XX A .,-- 1 A ' 4 '-- . is SIM I I Ll I X 'vw ' IF! iff c- 455 1 , fi F' . I-ir X I i'i' VA 'I kk t ' . .-1, Q? .t U 'if Q FIRST ROW: Stanley Amende, Charles Bell, Christian Bell, Don Boylan, John Cannon, Rod Cohagen, Keith Denman, Willard Dunham. SECOND ROW: Roy Dunfee, Charles Elekes fPresidentQ, John Flinn, Bill Harper fVice-Presidentj, Jerry Hart, Jim Hindel, Fred Ikehorn, Ernest Jenkins. THIRD ROW: Tom Jenkins, Dale Johnson, Gene Kirkpatrick, Ivan Kirkpatrick, Larry Levingston, Lowell McKee, Charles McNaught, LeRoy Newsom. FOURTH ROW: Norris Pieper, Lee Sheppard, Jim Somers, David Stokes, David Waggoner, Ken- neth Young, Jr. No Pictures for Dale Powell, Tom Underwood. Home room adviser, Mr. Boylan. FIRST ROW: Sandra Ashcraft, Ruth Ayers fTreasurerJ, Barbara Bishop, Nancy Doyle. SECOND ROW: Sylvia Eby, Shirley Evans, Esther Hitchcock Qsecretaryy, Beverly Holmes, Judith Hunkins, Phyllis Norris, Maureen O'Flaherty, Levonda Painter. THIRD ROW: Robin Shook, Janet Shryock, Sue Shryock, Carol Squires, Kay Swope, Lea Mae Wells, Roberta Williams, Suellen Wilson, Home room adviser, Mrs. McKee. iii ,g. - Fw... - -i FRE HME ff a S . 2 5. M Rs I N an -.K ' f 3' 8 in gf, . J f ,555 ,azxjw uv f fs I 'C , L4 E .0 :c HN "" 1 6' ' 'Q' 433' ky fi ' . sy , I AEI' K , Nr -27- Psp' 5' FIRST ROW: Garnet Dennis, Gaye Howard, Ernestine Hickman, Christine Hickman, Maybelle Eby, Helen Saxton, Sandra Moran, Carol Wolford. SECOND ROW: Mr. Bernard Hickman, Ronald Hardesty, Donny Ridenour, Paul Sheppard, Linda Wolford, Jan- ice Acord, Kay Lawrence, Carolyn Rickeart, Carol Lea Bebout, Vernon Johnson, John Dillon. THIRD ROW: John Trimble, Rich- ard Trimble, Frederick Bennett, Dean McKee. James Priest, Richard Nethers, Wallace McLaughlin, William Flinn, Tyrone Kirk, John Harmon, Eddy Wise. FIRST ROW: Helen Ashcraft, Sylvia Sheppard, Susan Smith, Patty Clark, Barbara Hendershot, Alice Hunkins, Sharon Scott, Kathy Miller. SECOND ROW: Miss Mary Hamilton, Ralph Howard, John Saxton, Robert Fairley, Bobby Williams, Nicky Madden. THIRD ROW: David Power, Charles Mason, Danny Somers, Billy Wolford, Leroy Sheppard, Tommy Thomas. s ' Sv pw 1 'fgjfkz ' 3 ni!Ul-" Qu -1 'S . , ' .Nw 4. FIRST ROW: Sandra Stidham, Sally Adams, Don Lawrence, Donna Wolford, Carole Johnston, Mary Rine, Mary Squires, Patty Leas, Hinda Lauer, SEC- OND ROW: Miss Roberts, Buddy Wagner, Gene Robinson, Jimmy Le Marr, Donna Bebout, Dorothy Untied, Carole Sue Boylan, Patty Vickers, Mike Wise- carver. THIRD ROW: Wayne Clark, Tommy Miller, Nancy Shryock, Martha Sheppard, Susan Dolder, Carolyn Frazier, Gary Dillon. FIRST ROW: Barbara Squires, Patty McLaughlin, Carla Priest, Loretta Sheppard Linda Roberts, Joyce Fitzgerald, Sue Ellen Freshwater, Janice Miller, Bonnie Ash- craft, Bonny Wise. SECOND ROW: Patricia Kirk, Judy Holrnes,Trisha Nethers, Julie McDevitt, Beth Ann Riley, Susan Crawford, Susan Hassett, Mickey Warner, Marie Comer, Mary McCutcheon, Betsy Tilton, Barbara Cameron. THIRD ROW: Linda Hardesty, Linda Moore, Larry Knight, Buddy Moss, Joseph Wright, Phillip Flinn, Larry Moore, Leon Lauer, Jeffrey Norris, Steven Riley, David Baughman, Billy Minnich, Chester Hart, Douglas Cronin, Mrs, Pickins, kj QQ-J 'N ,, cz: I L. 'hue ,ini K b D -. .. -- ' i . Q , .-fl" Q., "' A' " ' A ' " ' Fggptr , -, 'L -'7' . v'Q . I -i r J" . A A-,,,, Y, .. , , V 1 ff- . , . i - ' 'wal 4 i ,- FOURTH Ruth Rickeart, Shirley Ann Erlenbach, Carolyn Wil- cox, Patty Varner, Connie Holmes, Joyce Evans, Leonard Rine, Steven Trego, Allen Minnich, Dudley Brown. SECOND ROW: Barbara McNemer, Cheryl Sheppard, Annie Laurie Duhs, Peggy Vickers, Shelia Warner, Rose Wolford, Connie Fitzgerald, Janice Seward, Laura Jean Young, Sue Holt, Timothy Miller, Eddie Dennis, Roy Preston. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Shaw, Donald Lucas, Steven Roberts, Richard McKee, Joe Watson, James Rickeart, Stephen Moran, Edward Wag- ner, Kenneth Stokes, Mike Somers, Barry Tumplin. , .f 4 A A Y ...Q FIRST ROW: Bonnie Fairall, Dennise Wolford, Diane Williams, Teddy Lacy, Candace Gault, Carolyn Lud- wig, Susan Stubbs, Rebecca Wise, Phyllis Moran, Beverly Untied, Theresa Hickman. SECOND ROW: Mrs. McCann, Donald Trimble, Larry Minnich, Sha- ron Kirker, Marlene Slaughter, Rebecca Ashcraft, Ruth Miller, Russell Hardesty, Steven Whyde, Andrew Walcutt, Daniel Kennedy, Cody Clark, THIRD ROW: StevenCochran, Mickey Shryock, John Ridgway, Wil- liam Dennis, Richard Cullins, Jessie Wolford, Richard Yingling, Donald Ashcraft, ABSENT: Linda Fairall, Cinda Johnston, THIRD .,' N ML A C I I vu - rl E ,H . s 445 YJEY f'gf5Hp2: Q WG 'I OOL 4ND Band personnel reading across both pages, from left, are: FIRST ROW: Evelyn Hunkins, Patty Sterling, Shelia Powell, Patty Vickers, Peggy Tilton, Cheryl Hardesty, Phyllis Powell, Janice Acord, Martha Powell, Kenneth Young Jr. , Mary Rine, Patsy Clark, Sharon Ross. SECOND ROW: Lanita Lawrence, Barbara Cameron, Sylvia Sheppard, Sue Dillon, Norma Walpole, Nancy Hansel, Sandra Sidle, Charles Bell, Paulette Fairall, Veronica Vensil, Jack Boyce, Beth Ann Frazier, Elizabeth Waggoner, Norma Ayers. THIRD ROW: Lawrence Vensil, Janet Shaw, Hugh Madden, Carolyn Rickeart, Robin Shook, Rebecca Dolder, Lowell McKee, Anne Newcome, Sue Lawrence, Maureen O'Flaherry, Connie Varner, Mr. Young, Director. FOURTH ROW: Jean Hansel, Hazel Sterling, Esther Hitchcock, Carol Sue Be- bout, Sue Ellen Wilson, Connie Bennett, Marcella Powell, Carolyn Little, Kay Beard, Shirley Evans, David Baughman, Carolyn Frazier, Susan Dolder. Absent: Dale Powell, Sharon Patterson. THE BAND GROW BEGINNING BAND fElementaryJ: Martha Ewine, Margaret Frazier, Marilyn Dunfee, Carolyn Lacy, Trisha Hickman, Terry Lacy, Sue Freshwater, Judy Holmes, Beth Anne Riley, Diana Cooper, Donna Riley, Keith Young, Pat Shook, Fred Sterling, Bonny Fairall, Susan Stubbs. INTERMEDIATE BAND: Carolyn Ludwig, Candy Gault, ' David Baughman, Betsy Tilton, Stephen Ri- ley, Michael Wisecarver, Terry Dayton, ' Barbara Cameron, Martha Shepperd, " Susan Dolder, ' Mary Rine, ' Patty Vickers, Sue Sensibaugh, Carolyn Shipley. JUNIOR HIGH BAND: Ruth Hanby, Sharon Chapman, Mary Vensil, Harvey Howard, " Martha Powell, 'Jean Hansel, ' Hazel Sterling, ' Sheila Powell, "' Ernestine Hickman, " Christine Hickman, ' Carol Bebout, ' Janice Acord, ' Sylvia Shepperd, ' Carolyn Rickeart. ' Also in high school band. -34- X ' arf . SPECIAL EVENTS FOR THE BAND County Festival -- Philo -- March 15 District No. 9 Band Contest -- Martins Ferry -- March 28 State No. 9 Band Contest -- Ashland College -- April '26 District No. 9 -- Solo and Ensemble Contest -- Muskingum College -- March 8 State No. 9 Solo and Ensemble Contest -- Bexley High School, Columbus, Ohio -- April 12 PERFORMS FOR ALL STUDENTS AND ALTERNATES FOR ALL-COUNTY BAND JUNIOR HIGH: Janice Acord, Carolyn Little, Robin Shook, Lowell McKee, Hazel Sterling, Kenny Young Jr. , Carolyn Rickeart, Ernestine Hichman, Christine Hickman. SENIOR HIGH: Marcella Powell, Veronica Vensil, Evelyn Hunkins, Cheryl Hardesty, Sandra Sidle, Norma Walpole, Beth Frazier, Lanita Lawrence, Paulette Fairall, Connie Bennett, Phyllis Powell, Rebecca Dolder, Peggy Tilton, Lawrence Vensil. SOLO CONTESTANTS Rebecca Dolder, Phyllis Powell, Janice Acord, Norma Walpole, Peggy Tilton, Marcella Powell, Paulette Fairall, Veronica Vensil, Sandra Sidle. MIXED CLARINET ENSEMBLE Lanita Lawrence, Connie Bennett, Evelyn Hunkins, Hazel Sterling. - 335 - FINALE FOR FIVE F'B RG PL YER Pictured at top left are Co-Captains Bob Barrick, Number 34, and Don Barcus, Number 35, with Coach Ron Mills in the center. Bob, pictured at left in the center pictures, has played the halfback position the last three years, and was center his first year. This 4-year letterman was placed on the 1957 All- Tri-County Second Team. Don Barcus, end position, shown center below. This 4-year letterman was elected to the 1957 First Team of the All-Tri-County league. back. County Second Team. earning a letter each year. f -H 1 3' v0P'2.i1mvif , mi,-nw.-mu. ' Jim Riley, lower left, a 1-year let- terman, played at the position of half- Lawrence Vensil, lower center, has playedthe position of center for the last three years. He placed on the All-Tri- Iack Stokes, lower right, has played the end position for the last three years, S, . , - . A fav' lub-iw' rv fl FIRST ROW: Managers - John Flinn, George Smith, Players - Jim Riley, Don Barcus, Bob Barrick, Law- Manager Gary Crago. SECOND ROW: LeRoy Newsom, Gene Danner, Bill Cooper, Chuck Priest, Richie Collagen, Gerald Howard, Ronnie Ardrey, THIRD ROW: Coach Charles Boylan, David Stokes, Bill Harper, Chuck Elekes, Phil Riley, Frank Ardey, Ralph Hanby, Coach Ron Mills. FOURTH ROW: Norris Pieper, Gene Kirkpatrick, Gary Doyle, Robert Saxton, Lee Sheppard, Dale Powell, Kenny Young, Rodney Cohagen, John Cannon. rence Vensil, Jack Stokes, At left, lined up for action is the first offensive team: Don Bar- cus, Jim Riley, Phil Riley, Richie Cohagen, Lawrence Vensil, and Jack Stokes. This, the seventh year that Frazeysburg has had six-man foot- ball, is also the last. Next year has been scheduled for eleven man football. . ry t X, ,' I, . , - Z -5 .55 ,. -1 M 'U-it-J-ffzfnnxet "Mff'f"fv:.Fn-.tlgrg W.. 2.1 -. Below, the first defensive team is shown. Players are: Phil Riley, Frank Ardrey, Lawrence Vensil, Bob Barrick, Richie Cohagen, and Don Barcus, SEA 0 ' RECORD fHome games are starredj , v Opponents They We ' f, ' I ,- I. , 1. - A A ,,, -, in Sept. 7 Iacktown' Preview 18 6 if .....a.......5.a, If 5 .H ' f 9' A wg, S 1 ft. . g. 1-ev--' '- Q ' L-,, R , " "2 13 Homer' 0 14 W 1 ' - V A-'J-'IW' - , -gf 20 Alexandria 12 0 1 , f-f , Ad 1 . .. f tv, 1 s we-W - ,M , , -1" P 'Y pf' A 27 Hanover-Toboso 12 6 l'iEf5g:m, m - - 1- -ffW"- f . R -'ii 1 1 f slar ev. f c. ,fafff f , . , C ,M mi s fit 'F " ' V .1 ' ,fr iffy-',:?rsiaa,, ' " A im Oct. 4 Gambier .32 6 5,4313-' ,livin Ay in.. , , Q b 5 4 M . W., I. ,INT frg . Dlflfif ' yu., , "A - , ,A f 4 jf . 11 Newark St. Francis' 16 O af s aga. 1-rf' "iff ,gf V, , ' -4- -f':9-sf-ks, 1545.4 - . I if ' ' - '-8.4: '--"W-2,11 rl V W I 'fr ' 'lf F'-mf' if?-- 18 South Lanesville' 20 12 ' 1 , L 1' ,'g,g,QZ2g, f L- r'.wSf55'L,1z',,q,:gj rl 5 , . , . - f f',545,ff'gif+Q-,y4- . f -'t' - , L., "1 '4' , 1 . ' '- 25 St. Aloysius' 12 O ui5':"'4't-' .' gl f 'f kg , if ' ' Fife!-n'.,. -ff' P-1, 5 K -. . .. " ,' 1 ' 'P ' ffsfwfu -37- RE ER E BASKETBALL STANDING at left Manager Hugh Madden Coach Charles Boylan PLAYERS FIRST ROW Gene Dan ner Bob Knrght Davrd Stokes Chuck Elekes LeRoy Newsom Ph1l Moore SECOND ROW Eredlkehorn, hm Tannelull Larry Wollard Ralph Hanby hm Somers Earl Boylan THIRD ROW Charles Bell Davrd Waggoner Mrckey Conner Russell Krrkbrrde Chandlersvrlle ' Phrlo ' Maysvrlle Dresden Rosecrans Adamsvrll Hopewell Hanover Toboso ' THEY ' denotes away games 38 Newark St Francrs Maysvrlle ' Dresden New Concord R0sev111e Homer Adamsvrlle Hopewell RESERVE BASKETBALL SCORES WE WE 31 Union I5 45 Chandlersville 59 ' 32 32 - ' 35 ' 22 40 ' 32 ' 41 41 44 ' 42 50 18 27 50 ' 48 ' e ' 52 40 54 48 51 ' 50 - 18 52 VAR ITYB KETBALL Left to rrght Bob Barrlck Jeff Settles Dav1d Stokes Jack Stokes Phrl Rrley Gale Untred Phll Moore 11m Tannehrll Don Barcus Ian Tannehrll Frank Ardrey and Manager Gerald Howard Un1on P11110 ' Maysvllle Dresden ' Rosecrans Adamsvrll Hopewell Hanover Toboso ' THEY ' denotes away games 39 Chardlersvrlle Maysvrlle Dresden New Concord Rosevrlle Horner ' Adamsvrlle Hopewell ' Dresden fT0urnamentj VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES WE WE 60 ' 51 57 ' 43 Chandlersville ' 61 53 Newark St. Francis 37 ' 32 56 ' ' 46 ' 54 52 49 61 61 45 71 41 ' 70 ' e ' 62 52 62 69 67 ' 60 - 45 52 50 Frank Ardrey, Sophomore 2 - Year Letterman Forward Jack Stokes, Jumor 3 - Year Letterman Guard Davtd Stokes, Freshman 1 Year Letterman Guard Ian Tannehill, Senior 3 4 - Year Letterman Center Phil Riley, Sophomore 2-Year Letterman Guard Jim Tannehill, Sophomore 1-Year Letterman Forward - 40 Bob Barrtck Senror 4 Year Letterman Guard QR Don Barcus Sentor 4 Year Letterman Center Jeff Settles Sophomore 2 Year Letterman Guard Ron M11ls Coach Gerald Howard Juntor Manager 2 years Gale Untied Semor 2-Year Letterman Forward Phtl Moore, Sophomore 2 Year Letterman Forward - 41 ASEBALL 195 ' Lettermen Senxors Jerry Wr1ght "' S S O F Rudy Hunter ' 2nd Base Terry Settles O F Kenny Mmmch " lst Base Sam Rrggle Manager Juruors Jan Tanneh1ll ' 3rd Base Bobby Barrrck ' O F Gale Unned ' P O F Inf Sophomores Rrchre Cohagen P O F Inf Larry Wollard O F Freshmen Ph1l Rrley C J1m Tannelull ' lst Base O Jeff Settles ' 2nd Base Ph1l Moore O F Earl Boylan O F Ronme Farrall P O F DODGERS LITTLE LEAGUE CHAMPS RESUME OF SEA SON Teams Played Won Lost Warsaw South Zanesvllle Chandlersvrlle Plulo New Concord Hopewell Umon Rosecrans Record Won 6 Lost 7 Lost to Rosevllle 1D county tournament after play1ng to a 9 mmng tre the f1rst game Lookmg ahead to the sprmg acuvrty the edttor re cerved tlus statement from Coach George Adams W feel l1ke 1958 w1ll be our best year Our underclassmen who have been dotng a f1ne Job should be old enough tlns year to g1ve us that added strength we have lacked rn the past Two years of l1ttle league and pony league should begtn to pay d1v1dends th1s year The loss of our four semors last year shouldn t hurt us too badly because our underclassmen got to play a lot of ball as hrgh school players and pony league players About twenty boys are expected to be our for baseball and the plan 15 to play two games Wllh each of the follow 1ng teams Maysvtlle Chandlersvxlle Rosecrans Hope well Ph1lo Hanover Rosevrlle and Umon FRONT ROW BIICE Wagner, James Medley Tommy Thomas J1m Felumlee Bobby Hrtchcock Paul Ven s1l John Shook Wayne Clark BACK ROW Ralph Howard Manager John Saxton B111 Felumlee N1Ck1C Madden Spencer Montgomery Th1s team won the tournament for the second year. They had 11 w1ns and 1 loss for the season Over the two years, they won 22 and lost 2. PONY LEAGUE CHAMPS The DODGERS also won both utles The1r manager was Chnton Fawcett FARM LEAGUE WINNERS The INDIANS managed by Rudy Hunter took the most games for the season The DODGERS, managed by John Montgomery, won the tournament 42 ' 0 2 - ' 1 2 '-.. ' 1 1 .. n . 1 1 .,- 1 ' 1 .- . 1 '-.. 1 "'-, ' ' :"e YEA VARSITY ln our estimation, the Cheerleaders for Frazeysburg have been tops! This opinion has been expressed in the past by the yearbook staffs, and students, as well as patrons and friends of the school. This year, too, they're great! The student body is to be complimented for electing these two groups who are so full of the vim, vigor, and vitality necessary to keep the spectators backing the team. FRONT ROW Marilyn Coble Patty Sterling SECOND ROW Norma Ayers Nita Lawrence Ellen Wise These peppy girls did a fine Job of leading the cheers of the varsity team and helped the team s Norma and Nita seniors have been cheering for three years Patty Marilyn and Ellen Jun tors have been cheering 3 2 and 1 years respectively 43 spirit as well as the school's, F. H. S. is proud of them for their good work. YE RE ER E Suellen Wrlson Maureen O Flaherty Ruth Ayers Evelyn Hunk1ns Thrs year the reserve cheerleaders conslsted of a lone sophomore and three freshmen They worked hard and drd a flne Job Hur rah for Ralders Hur rah for Rarders We re from Frazeysburg and no one could be prouder Someone in the crowd said, "Hur-rah for Raiders. And if you don I belreve us we ll yell a lrttle louder . I Y 1 2 3 4 Whom you gorng to yell for9 Rarders that s who' We love you we lrke We suck to you trght But oh you Rarders Frghtl Flght' Frghtl 44 OU Y-TEENS ARE CTI E FIRST ROW Peggy Trlton Treasurer Patty Sterlrng Secretary Connre Bennett VICE Presrdcnt Norma Ayers Presrdent SECOND ROW Elrzabeth Waggoner Robrn Shook Lea Mae Wells Phyllrs Norrrs Marrlyn Coble Ruth Ayers Sue Ellen Wrlson Kay Elekes Beth Ann Freshwater Janet Shaw Anne Newcome THIRD ROW Donna Mrller Ellen Wrse Cheryl Hardesty Conme Sue Varner Rebecca Dolder Evelyn Hunkrns Beth Ann Frazrer Charlotte Brock Sue Lawrence Jeannette Ikehorn Della Moore Veronrca Vensrl Catharrne Hanby Glorra Schellenbarg FOURTH ROW Saundra Warner Sharon Ross Ethel Dalzell Slaron Patterson Sue D11 lon Norma Walpole Paulette Farrall Carolyn Lrttle Sherry Nethers Marrlyn Patton Nancy McLaughlrn Joaqurn Mlller Judy Krng ABSENT Nancy Doyle Judy Hewxtt Farth Mrller To welcome therr erght new members a Candlelrght Servrce was held November 21 The new members were Ruth Ayers Nancy Doyle Farth Mlller Joaqurn Mrller Phyllrs Norrrs Robrn Shook Lea Mae Wells and Sue Ellen Wrlson The Y Teens conducted the Chrrstmas Thanksgrvlng and Easter Chapels To make money they sold cup cakes They held a Mother and Daughter Banquet Aprrl 23 Therr dance the Shamrock Swrng was very successful They also sponsored a farewell party for the sen tor glrls who were rn Y Teens Mrs McKee IS advrser to the club whose membershrp thrs year totals 45 45 . ' . ' 1 ' ' - ' w . I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . I I w . - - ' 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - . , . - 1 1 0 1 1 Q ' .1 ' 11 - 1 1 0 ' . 1 4 GLEE CL B .-if FIRST ROW Connie Bennett Sharon Ross Janet Shaw Elrzabeth Waggener Peggy Tilton SECOND ROW Rebecca Dolder, Darlene Cannon Veromca VCIISI1 Evelyn Hunkrns Connie Sue Varner THIRD ROW Sue Lawrence Robin Shook Sharon Patterson Beth Ann Frazrer FOURTH ROW Sandra Eddleblute Ethel Dal zell Kay Elekes Shirley Evans Roberta Williams FIFTH ROW Nancy Hansel Marcella Powell Norma Walpole Sue Dillon SIXTH ROW Kay Beard Phyllis Powell Nancy Doyle Cheryl Hardesty IIIIUIlllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIICIIIlllllllllIUIIIIIIIIIIIIDIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIDIIIIIIIIIIIIDIIIIIIIIIIIICJIIIl Those girls who will be members or alternates of the All County Senior Girls Chorus are Connie Sue Varner, Evelyn Hunkins, Nancy Doyle, Marcella Powell, Phyllis Powell, Janet Shaw, Sharon Patterson, Sue Lawrence, Sharon Ross, Beth Frazier, Sandra Eddleblute, Ethel Dalzell, and Darlene Cannon IIIIIIIIDIllllllllllIUIIIIIIIIIIIIDIIIllIIIIIIIDIIIIIIIIIIIIDIlllllllllll Seventh and Eighth Grade County Festival Members and Alternates include the following Janice Acord Carolyn Rlckeart, Ernesune Hlckman, Carol Wolford, Gaye Howard, Babby Davidson, Ralph Howard, Bar bara Hendershot, Kathy Miller, Kay Lawrence, Patty Clark, Fred Bennett, David Power, Carol Sue Bebout, Sandra Moran, Garnet Dennis, Maybelle Eby, and Alice Hunkins. -46- CS hge Vista -xo 590 v94D Here are the band members who are graduating They are Sandra Sidle Lanita Lawrence Lawrence Vensil and Norma Ayers E IOR WELLM SS Sandra has been an outstandtng 'lenor Saxaphone player in the band during her entire high school years She has participated in many State Contests She with Mr Young at the piano have played many programs Lanita has been an outstanding Head Majorette How she can strut' She has been the outstanding first clarinet player in her entire period of high school band She too has participated in many State Contests Lawrence has been a very fine student playing his trombone This year he switched to the Sousa phone Smiling Norma certainly has done her part to cheer the band to success and does a fine Job play in cornet solos with Mr Young at the piano DMOTHER ORG NIZATIO Officers: Sarah Fairall, Presidentg Hazel Powell, Vice President: Eloise Tilton, Treasurer, Marie Madden, Secretary. Mothers whose children play in the band work diligently on their projects, in order to keep up with the need for uniforrns, This year they again had a home-made cookie sale, will work all spring on the calendar, and, when occasions require it, will serve banquets. -47- """'gs.f4 FIRST ROW: Mr. Johnson, Adviser, Dwight Deeds, Wayne Eddleblute, President, Lawrence Vensil Secretary, Russell Sensibaugh, Reporter, Richie Cohagen, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Ralph Hanby LeRoy Newsom, Rodney Cohagen, Jerry Wheeler, Charles Bell, Gary Dayton, George Smith, Ron- nie Fairall. THIRD ROW: Ronnie Dillon, Chuck Priest, Jim Eddleblute, Keith Denman, Bill Coo- per, Student Adviser, Roy Dunfee, Jim Hindel. FOURTH ROW: Jim Riley, Vice President, David Smith, Frank Duhs, Don Smith, Gale Untied, Larry Sterling, Paul Dunfee, Fred Ikchorn, Don Bar- cus, Sentinel, John Cannon, Dale Powell. LEARNING TO DO DOING TO LEARN EARNING TO LIVE LIVING TO SERVE lg Bud l-Iardesty receiving from Glenn Evans, President FLYING FARMERS, for Top in National Flying Farmer Cc GILT CHAIN BEGI Top left Wayne Eddleblute Russ Sensibaugh and Chuck Priest looking over prospective grlts Top rrght Chuck Prrest Lawrence Vensrl selecting grits to brd on Below Collecting brds on gilts CHAPTER AWARDS State Farmer .... . . . Star Beef Producer Star Hog Producer . Star Lamb Producer . . .... .... I erry Frazier . . ....Bi11Cooper . . . . .... . . Gary Doyle . ....RussSensibaugh Star Farmer ........ . . . ....... Jerry Frazier Public Speaking . . . .... . ......... Bill Duhs Presented at th 1957. e annual F. F. A. Banquet April 26, - 49 - PHANTOM OF THE HIGH CHOOL A Mystery in three acts by Anne Coulter Martens Presented November 8 1957 By THE SENIOR CLASS NZ The complete cast pictured Just after their matinee per formance FIRST ROW Frank Duhs Don Barcus Lawrence Vensrl Bob Barrick Larry Sterling, Wayne Eddleblute SEC OND ROW Catharine Hanby Velva Mitchell NormaAyers Nita Lawrence Jerry Wheeler THIRD ROW Sandra Stdle Gertrude Criswell Dixie Ball Della Moore Jeannette Ike Place Benson City in the Midwest Time The present ACT ONE The library conference room in Benson City High School About 4 00 P M on Friday afternoon ACT TWO Scene one Half an hour later Scene two About 5 30 ACT THREE A short time later CAST tndy who sees the Phantom ck who doubts her story l1e Rick s girl friend lan, his rival ndolph a young pest etty, a high school student ina, a high school student ue a high school student huck, a lugh school student iss Harker, the librarian iss Winslow, the history teacher r Gtbney the principal Norma Ayers Wayne Eddleblute Jeannette Ikehorn Larry Sterling Bob Barrick Dixie Ball Della Moore Carol Amende Frank Duhs Sandra Sidle Nita Lawrence Lawrence Vensrl iss Benson, a woman of importance Gertrude Criswell elyn Cole, her secretary ............. Velva Mitchell nny her nephew ............. ....... . Don Barcus arty Redmond, a reporter ......... . . . Jerry Wheeler orma Janeway, a visitor .......... . .Catharine Hanby t. Madrigan, a policeman ............. Gale Untied -51- horn Carol Amende Gale Untred PRODUCTION STAFF DIRECTOR Kathryn R Gault Master of Ceremomes Ray Knight Lighting Paul Dunfee Tickets Jane Vandenbark Programs Marlene Welsh Pat Denman Jan Tannehill Gary Crago Robert Thomas Prompter Scenery Sound Effects Ticket Sales Jane Vandenbark Marlene Welsh Pat Denman Stage Managers .James Eddleblute Dwrght Deeds Stage scenery painted by the Vo-Ag Class Music between acts High School Music Department Play produced by special arrangement with The Dramatic Publishing Company of Chicago HOMECOMI G FU ,A,,,...-n ,,,,,..-1' - - H ff a- 4,1 " 1' , X 4, . Jeannette Ikehorn, the queen, approached her crowning with her escort, Jan Tannehill. The 1957 Pontiac was furnish- ed by Swingle's, Zanesville, Ohio. Other cars which carried the attendants and their escorts were furnished by Bob Powell Motors, Newark, a 1957 Chevroletg Duane Hood, Frazeysburg, a 1957 Fordg and Claude Oldaker, Frazeysburg, a 1956 Pontiac. Wayne Eddleblute was Master of Ceremonies. The band prepared a fine half-time ceremony, including a heart, boat, and wagon formations. The Homecoming Dance, sponsored by the Senior Class, was held in the school gym after the ball game, with the Joby Lanning Orchestra from Newark furnishing the music. A good time was enjoyed by all. ANOTHER GAY TIME .L Q--Q f 2 The "Shamrock Swing, " sponsored by the Y-Teens, used the traditional green and white decor of St. Pat- rick's Day. Reigning over the festivities were the queen, Catharine Hanby, and her attendants: Jeannette Ikehorn, Sen- iorg Saundra Warner, Junior, Carolyn Little, Sophomoreg and Sue Ellen Wilson, Freshman. They have chosen their escorts in the order, as above: Escort to the queen, Harold Fawcett, Bob Barrick, Senior escort: Gale Un- tied, Junior escort: Jerry Wheeler, Sophomore escort, and Chuck Elekes, Freshman escort. Beginning with the modern trend in music, the dancers were switched to the Emerald Isle with all its quaint customs and music. Then after refreshments they were again switched back to America. -53- CHOLARSHIP TEAM Frazeysburg students are very proud of therr scholars Thrs scholarshrp team went to New Concord May 3 1957 After the fourteen students ftmshed thetr tests they were taken to lunch at the Zanesv1lleY M C A and to see the movte Guysand Dolls Mr Wrlson John Mont gomery and Bob Barrick drove the group to and from Zanesvrlle Plctured above are Sentor members Mlchael Power Sally Mad They took tests ln the followtng subjects D1x1e Lee Ball Engllsh Il Connre Bennett Englrsh I Russell Krrkbrrde Latrn I Peggy Trlton Senlor Socral Studies Ellen Kay Hunklns Amertcan Hrstory Drxxe Ball World Hrstory Falth Mrller Plane Geometry Bob Barrrck Algebra ll Michael Power Algebra I Hugh Madden Blology Marrlyn Coble General Scrence James Tannehrll Bookkeeplng I Janet Nethers Ellen Kay Hunkrns placed f1rst rn the county rn enror Soctal Studtes She was 4th rn the d1str1ct nd received Honorable Mentron rn the state 1v1s1on 3 .l Above are shown frrst row front Farth Mtller Connre Bennett Peggy TIIIOH and Marllyn Coble Sophomore members Standmg are James Tanne hxll Hugh Madden and Russell K1rkbr1de freshmen members SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP TEAM On Frrday January 10 frve senrors went to Muskrngum College at New Concord to take tests rn general scholarsh1p 1th other county sentors Jan Tannehrll was 25th tn the county and recetved Honorable Mentron Drxte Ball Norma yers Bob Barrrck and Sandra Srdle all drd favorably Four boys took the test rn agrrculture that same day. Dwrght Deeds Wayne Eddleblute, Frankltn Duhs and Lawrence ensil were the agriculture department's scholars. Results had not been received at press time. -55- Q , i . E 1, h IV S ul M dd n 1 den, Ellen Kay Hunkins, and Janet Nethers, seated in first row. Jun ng TS ' 3 y a, en ior members, second row, are Velva Mitchell, Robert Barrick and Englrsh III, Velva Mitchell . . ' . is rf' was I v , 'E l rt' ,I 1 ' ' , in U CHOOL CALE D SEPTEMBER Faculty Meeting Students arrlve at 10 O0 A M Electron of Cheerleaders Football Prevrew 6 School at F burg Football w1th Homer F F A attended World Plowmg Match Wrlbur Frsh the Bell Ringer Football wrth Hanover Open House OCTOBER Senior Prctures Prcture Day Indrvrdual Football at Gambrer Record Dance Senxors take O S E S Test Plctures for Yearbook Y Teen Formalmrtratron Boosters Club Football wrth Newark St Francls Football wrth Maysvrlle DISIIICI Teachers Meetrng No School NOVEMBER School Board Meetmg Senror Class Play Teachers Workshop Boosters Club Basketball Prevrew at Maysvllle Basketball at Chandlersvrlle Y Teen Chapel Thanksgrvrng Vacatron Drstrrct Teachers Meetmg No School DECEMBER School Board Meetrng Basketball at Plulo Three Days for Every Puprl Tests Basketball wrth Maysvllle Basketball at Dresden Boosters Club Basketball wrth Rosecrans School Drsmrssal for Chrrstmas Basketball at Adamsvrlle APRIL MAY Frnal Scholarshrp Tests School Board Meetrng Frazeysburg Band Concert Boosters Club FRA HI AN presented to F H S Ir Sr Banquet 8s Prom JANUARY Basketball wrth Hopewell School Board Meetrng IQ Test grven by Dr Whrte Basketball at Hanover Boosters Club PICIUICS for Yearbook Basketball w1th Chandlersvrlle Basketball wrth Newark St Francls Magrc Show Basketball wrth Maysvrlle Basketball wrth Dresden Y Teen Cup Cake Day Basketball Basketball Basketball Basketball wrth New Concord wrth Rosevrlle at Homer wrth Adamsvrlle FEBRUARY School Board Meetrng Basketball at Hopewell School Drsmrssal 10 OO A M Too Cold Boosters Club County Basketball Tournament Senror Dance Flrst of Three Days Vacatron Too Cold County Basketball Tournament MARCH School Board Meetrng Boosters Club Y Teen Dance All County Band Festrval at Phrlo Iunror Class Play All County Vocal at Munrcrpal Audrtorrum Three Days for Every Puprl Test Athletrc Banquet Senror Dance Two Days for Prelrmrnary Drstrrct State Scholarshrp Test Y Teen Chapel School Board Meetrng Boosters Club 8th Grade Test Y Teen Banquet Latrn Amerlcan Program Semors Leave for Washmgton Frazeysburg Baccalaureate at 2 00 P M Commencement at 8 O0 P M, School Prcnrc 58 3 . 3 . 3 ' : . , 6 ' 4 ' 6 ' . ' 7 ' - ' 7 13 ' 8 19 . . . ' 9 ' 27 . . y . 10 . . 27 ' 14 ' . ' 30 15 ' 17 ' ' ' 1 ' ' 21 ' 3 . - . . 22 - 4 ' 24 ' 4 25 ' ' 7 ' .... 28 8 ' 31 ' ' 9 - . .. . 9 3 ' 11 ' . ' 7 18 ' ' 10 ' ' : . .. 29 ' ' ' , 12 . 13 4 ' 14 ' 8 ' 17 A " ' 12 22 13 20 ' ' 3 ' 22 ' 12 27 - 14 - 28 " ' 15 - ' ' 29 ' ' ' , 21 ' . 22 - " ' ' 2 ' 26 ' 3 ' 28 ' 4 ' 28 ' 6 . . 10 1 . . . . 11 ' 17 ' 3 - 20 . . . 7 . 20 ' 9 18 23 - 25 ' ' 26 ' ' 3 . . 5 . 9 14 15 - - . . . 16 . . 25 : . . 26 ' ' Dr. Leonard B. White Guidance and Testing Mr. Arthur G. Hunt Attendance Officer Mr. William Graham Elementary Coordinator President ....... .... Do n Lucas Vice President .... ..,.. J ohn Gault Secretary .... . . . Idabell Lugwig Treasurer . . . ..... Jim Young Meetings are the third Thursday of each school month. HELP The biggest aim of the P T A is to raise enough money to buy lay round e ui ment They plan . . . p g q p . to build the fund now, and purchase the equipment when the area to be used is decided upon. The sale of Halloween candy was one project to help raise the money. PATROL BOYS FIRST ROW: Gary Dillon Leon Lauer Brice Wagner Mike Wisecarver, Lt Ralph Howard, Capt. James Lemarr, Sgt. Gene Robison Wayne Clark Larry Dillon SECOND ROW: Richard Leas Russell Hardesty Andy Walcutt Billy Dennis David Baughman Steve Riley Billy Minnich Mr. Adams W SCHOOL GRO 1 I As far back as 1954 the Board of Educanon consisting of Roger Dolder John Shaw, O O Cotmll J I Nethers and Gerald Unued foresaw the coming need of more school room Acting upon the request of the Board Rex Wilson Superintendent of Schools, summoned Charles Marr an architect of New Phll adelplua to come and investigate the need for more room When the Frazeysburg and Nashport Districts merged the new Board continued the work originated by the 1954-55 School Board The members of the merged Board were Ralph Vroom Joe McCann Ben Moore Gerald Untied and John Shaw After the community and other organizations worked hard to pass the School Bond Issue The Raeder Construction Company of Dover, Ohio, in September, 1957, undertook the job of building the new Fra- zeysburg Elementary School Building. The Board of Education who were chosen to complete the plans of the new school building are as fol- lows: Kenneth Felumlee, Robert Knight, Ralph Vroom, Damian Wise and Gerald Untied. -60- These adverusers are your fuends, and our fr1ends Please tell them so by patron saw therr ad m the FRA HI AN Honor is due to those who buy space in the FRA-Hl-AN! The staff must point this out, for these advertisers make it possible to print a yearbook as large as Frazeysburg's. izing them, and be sure to tell them you - 61 - Helen Vogelmerer LINGERIE SPORTSWEAR AND ACCESSORIES 10 Arcade Newark Ohio C omplzments of Interurban Shoe Repair 31 South Th d St eet Newa k Oh o MCM1ChQel Muslc Store 28 SOUTH THIRD ST vin um oHro Complete Muslcal Servlce THE NEW SELF SELECTION THE ADVOfATlf STURE 21 West Mann Street Newark Ohro Portralts DON POUND Must Satlsfy Cformerly Mueller Studloj NEWARK DEPARTMENT STORE 4 Ways to Buy CASH 'Y LAYAWAY Clothing for Men and Boys .I CHARGE .1 R 5he HUB West Srde of Square Newark Ohro I9 21 S Thrrd St Newark Ohio , by ll - ll Y . in 1 I A lr r r , I .- . . -:Q X li Il--f g Y. , f. I lr LR E .iii i 'S- . I . 1 . B A " 1 . . y . Marys Beauty Shop af' Annow VELVET Ice Cream HAPPY MINNICH BAUGHMAN Sr SGNS uns 'za Evcscfo 'za FfaZeYSbUf8 Dresden JOHNSONS MARKET SEE QuAurv d Fnozew FORREST A FAWCETT MEMS sooo F O eysb Q Cho Meats and Grocerles P one 3586 C ' r d V sm FOR Phone 3296 Frazeysburg, Ohio Life COINIPLILIEINTS OF Income Pro tectlon 'QE Hospital CONNER PRESS Insurance dOH2I72E'lCfQf ggrcirzfing Fmzsvsnvnc, Omo Woodman Accident 61 Life Co . Compliments of ..9 ll FRAZEYSBURC, 0 I CA Compliments of and Frazvyslmr , Ohio 7 Foo Value Q r z ur , i h ' 0 C Gam F uits an e bles In Memory of Our Good Friend H W NEWCOME SHINE General Insurance Ire Compllments of All Olher LIHGS CURTISS CANDY COMPANY Stanley Balnter Phone 1031 Frazeysburg phone 5 7318 Route 1 West Lafayette HANOVER FARMERS EXCHANGE INC 99 3831 HANOVER OHIO All roadx lead to Hanover BLIZZARDS SHAW s For AIRY VIEW ORCHARDS SOHIO PRODUCTS RED WING SHOFS Phone Fraz 3494 KEY WORK CLOTHING DI'GSd9I1 Oh1O Wheeler Drlllmg Company DIIIIIHQ Contractors Water Wells Drilled and Repalred hashport R F D 2 Tel Han Ex RO. 32030 01110 ' ' 4 c 9 9 , . Phone: - , V FEED, SEED, FERTILIZER, FENCE AND FARM SUPPLIES W Anonaivs emuw MUTUAL SALQN FEDERAL SAVINGS an Loan Association rf fs' QW fe H-9 INSURED ZANESVILLE OHIO Zanesvllle County Fan' om flmzanta o WHITE S Selllng Servicing Since fl HEVROLFU 191 End Y Bridge Phone GL 2 3611 ZANESVILLE Shopplng Center Frazeysburg Road GL 2 6543 Webers ZANESVILLE OHIO Cgongratulates the graduates of Frazeys burg H1gh School and wxsh them every success ln the1r future undertakmg U Qcamoncf 51-0 'ze RGBERTS Zanesville s Oldest Credit Jewelers M. D. NEWCOME GENERAL MERCHANDISE Natzonal Biands Store Trlnway, Oh1o Phone PL. 4 3662 7 I X. I .' '4- 0 0 lxf,Nv4 X V- ,Qs 'fu A 'Wx ' " . NNGSWI T J 7II HW X f or 9 3 . . ' . . . S. O ' il I l V . , . 56 99 ' POLLOCK S Znnosulle y Most Trusted' Jeuezu and Fleczrzc ,1p,,zwnCe Uealc rs Resldentxal Commercxal Industnal 9 O. D. HOLLAR SZ SON, INC PLUMBING and HEATING 6 WtCh hStr t Ph FA25841 N1-zwzmx Omo THE CAMERA SHOP 620 Market St Zanesvllle Ohlo For Everythlng Photographlc SAWYER MARKET Finest 1n Food FA 9 6211 393 E Mann Street NEWARK, OHIO 4: Say it with Flowers POUND'S FLORISTS Phone FA 50131 Newark, Ohio CANNONS BAKERY MARTIN DAIRY Kreme Krust Products C 0 M PA N Y Bakers of Bread Cakes Ro s Complete Llne Cookies Etc Weddmg and Decorated akes a Speczalty of Dany products Pl 4 Regular Milk Coffee Cream In Coshocton S1nce 1909 Buttermilk whlpplng Cream Ca rton S Chocolate Milk Orange Drmk 'M' 'U' ooo' """"' Cottage Cheese Footwear for the ohm. hmlly Produced from the Fmest Herds m Muskmg m County Compllments of .l C PENNEY C0 MAX E LAWRENCE In GRANGE INSURANCE COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE Always Flrst Quality Phone 236 Rt. 1, Coshocton, Ohio 341 Main Street, Coshocton, Ohio 9 Home of .. - ll . Phono Dresden . -2151 . . Homogemzed Mnlk Butter E-o r . . u I ' o o ' C. Com pl llll ents of Edmiston's Book Store Newark's 100 Year Old Book Store NILNVARK, omo Star Chocolat The Cl-ARY BROS Bloomer Candy Company Quin- Wlnrwts C Zanesvllle , Oh1o THE ROE EMERSON STORE ICLOTHFS HATS SHOES FURNISHINGS W The Lads Store As Well as Dads MUSKINGUM IMPLEMENT DEALERS ASSOCIATION ZANESVILLE OHIO 68 COOPERRIDER CHEVROLET CO 1916 FA 9 6 4 46 S 4th t k h THE TIIVIES RECORDER THE ZANESVILLE SIGNAL SUNDAY TIIVIES SIGNAL d hppgd I A- - I Chevrolet Since 11 S. est Side of Square T 1 - 611 ' NEWARK, omo 9 2- S 9 N O ' 4 Providing Southeastern Ohio with the latest and most news and pictures an the onlycompletes o in gui es ' to Zanesville stores. STEWART BROTHERS AND ALWARD COMPANY '3Q,,mL!!QN Everythlng for the Home fs? gg - 5' No Carrylng Charge Easy Terms 'hrmmxlffi Wm ig ,I A , Newark, Oh10 l 1 if aff -L. H'-"""6' C om plzments H L ART aw John J Carroll Store A Home Owned Store 5 t f d C AI Your Confzdence Built a 'S le ustomers Ways NEWARK OHIO NEWARK or-no fm LM sjuwfm M GEO HRENSBEBG PHARMACY Bgaufy f Q'-fomu sPEclAuzlNG PRESCRIPTIONS Congratulatlons to Frazeysburg Fgf Over Yeafg Graduates of thls and NEW ARK OHIO other years' C l ' I , Newark's Leading Sporting Goods Dealer H I' 1 C S nunvllm' West Main at Arcade Annex I' NEWARK, OHIC 29 31 w. Church sfreef .cflkwazgl qjlnsz guznifwcs A2015 Rawlings Macgregor Spalding 69 -ill 112- A V, I r . v- v , iiikgi .'. ' 31 1 X 'fLft'J"jw XNrw: , 7,4 Yrs, 0: ' ESC.. fl mf- 'lung-N' "Hain,-1, 1 ,"" 'H 'A . :, Q ll'-nW'm,,, f, ll.. ,M , '-'33 F H. l' ' I. ,gm ', xg 'Q ' Arcade Un1on Block if -L fiiff T JL I 'Allf,L2..!L'Y"i' f-Q , :ll N' fv izlg, A ' -'l:: 1 7,1T1' ,g 'jj N ,, ' lj- 'F 1 ,.'f.,E 'jr ' H s-E--r -.", "ig ,. 'fllll l I -'f f 1 w:f2'effxH1 I + -alia ' h-t.Q.. , hA 'Lfm' ' 1-'urn ' -' ' - ---- - ' --- - Qu ..-,. " ,,, we 1 v f 0 0 ' H4 ff' - B ' 51 - n O in A a Hff L JQWQlQPS 512 Main Street Zanesvllle, Ohlo B g t Te s dly Je e JEFFRIES SUPPLY CUMPANY Wholesale Tobaccos Candles and Restaurant Supplies Cor 5th and W Mann Sts Newark Ohlo OLDE TOWNE CLEANERS Two Locattons Shopping Center and 1953 Maple Ave GL 3 1212 GL 3 0313 YANEQXIILE OHHJ Pianos Radios Sheet 'Waste L ICKING COUNTY FARM BUREAU General Farm Supplxes Petroleum Delivery Servlce Gram Marketing Newark and Pataskala Anyone Can Buy at Farm Bureau PHE FRANK COOPER Je Welfy Store N 5th Zanesvllle Ohlo HUTUMUTIVE SUPPLIES INC 595 W Church Street Band and Orchestra Instruments NGWCYK 0l"0 Phone FA 2 9711 2 9721 Hammond Qrgans Complete Machine Shop LONGSHORE MUSIC STORE Stnce 1818 Parts Service Shop Servrce af' Phone GL 3 9211 Webfauranf 57 North Flfth Street Zanesvllle Ohlo Zaneevllle S Flnest 424 Market St 1 ,Ll C153 ' ' bidllloflili - - JECUEZYT-9 ud e rm - Your Frien w lers , , I Q . . -' , ' V I fum pliments of r L L. , . , . , 7 . St . ' , ' A L, I g - . x - A . I i7 Le ar ' -' H .no . , . '- a BARKER S ICE CREAM SHOES FOR THE FAMILY Luke Cther Darry Products Men s and Boys Ready To Wear ffi lb ffm 7151 1 Phone PL 4 2641 Dresden Ohlo Compllments of DRIVE IN DAIRY BAR CRANE KREIG FLCRY HARDWARE AND HOUSEWARES We Have Doubled Home womcsnor rooms Our Seaflng Capaclty No Il South Park Place Newark Ohio DRE-SDEN DAMIAN L WISE 81 SGNS THE MUD DOBBER S Ron Larry Ronnle C Wayne Contract Plastering Frazeysburg, Ohlo Tel. 3545 9 9 9 T ' - - - 6 A 1 n ' , I We make It everyday l. K DRIVE IN Open HQUIS fourtvsw 0 4th and Locust Newark Ohno Inq IZUPIAII UFQ OYTIPCIYIIJ l.AURA BEAUTY SH0l3 528 Market Street GL Phone 2 9467 ZANESVILLE OHIO 701 Mann Street Zanesville LAURA PATTERSON 0 LAUNDRY LAND THE IILIISSMIIII IIABIIWIIIIE CII QW If Self Service Regular Service Hardware and Sportlng Goods Prompt Shurt Servuce Dry Cleaning II ash II 11110 You Shop Phone FA 22891 7 A M 7 30 P M 50 North I'lth Street Newark Ohlo L1ve Better E1ectr1ca11y e Ohlo Power Company Slxth and Mam ZANESVILLE OHIO Varslty School Letter Zanesvllle Oh1o BUSINESS EQUIPMENT COMPANY 4th and Market St Zanesvnlle Ohlo Phone GL 2 9344 EVERYTHING FOR THE OFFICE Comp11ments of TOM S ICE CREAM BOWL ZANESVILLE OHIO PIIINEER NIUSIC Sll0P zo Noam FIFTH sr ZANESVILLE OHIO C II II 11 x DALLIE S BARBER SHOP ZANESVILLE OHIO ' I C - , wner I Qdyorlcrn - irirnf - 0 rncfagg .. . . , 4, Sweaters . - . .- : . . ' , ' in I . . . I . Th , o 7 9 lox 1 , A -1,'TS or , 9 J BIPLIIN ENTS OF NIUKNN INSURANCE AGENCY Q Auto Flre L1 e Hospltallzatlon Health and Accldent Comprehenslve L1ab1l1tV 5 Garage Llablllty Q County and Townshlp Equlpment CARL AND MAYBELLE MCKEE 120N h7th st Ph GL35757 ZANESVILLE QHID Co I i , . D 'f , . ' . . . . J ort reet one . - Grelner Dalry COMPLETE LINE OF GRADE A DAIRY PRODUCTS Zanesvllle Oh1o VALLEY AUTO PARTS East of Frazeysburg on Route Wrecker Servlce New and used auto parts Phone 102 R NETHERS TRUCKING Phone 3662 Frazeysburg Oh1o COINIPLILIENTS OF B E WELSH Heatlng and Plumbmg Phone 41 R Frazeysburg Compllments of Custom Coal and General Haullng MOSS TRUCKING CO Phone 1069 Frazeysburg Oh1o Congratulanons and Best Wlshes tor the Future Frazeysburg Bakery Props Mr and Mrs B K Ensley DOLDER'S FOUNTAIN SERVICE MAGAZINES CANDY PHONE 76R Frazeysbu g Oh o THE FIRST TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK ALL BANKING SERVICES H W Newcome MGR Dresden Oh1o . , . Compliments of , . r , i FINCH SHOES 23 S Park Newark Ohio Store 10 S 2nd t Newark Ohlo We De11ver Phone FA 3 3841 F mlaw Lumber Company Everything To Build A Home Phone GL 2 2791 1759 Maysville Ave Zanesville Ohio Compliments 0 Shoes for the Entire Family VARNER S GARAGE Parts and General Repairing Phone 3116 Frazeysburg Congratulations and Best lV1shes ANP' ERN LOTHIER NEWARK OHKJ SHUMAKER PONTIAC Pont1ac Sales and Servlce Nashport Ohlo Hydramatlc Overhauls We Speclallze ln Body Fender Work Expert Radlator Repalr Phone 3152 Frazeysburg Exchange F razeysburg Q 13 6 4 Builders' Supplies, Lumber 8: Millwork . f . . A1f:MAN's SPARKS CO. Furniture Store GIFTS-DRY GOODS I ---H 1 , . Plmm- S-.3003 rllvhtlvll. in Flne Furnlture at a prlce you can afford ee K E N N E T H H A S S DIAMONDS - WATCHES Dres den Daily cosuocrrox. OHIO Open 9:00 ADM. to 8:00 p,M, AND ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Shoes for the Famzly VISIT WEATHER BIRD VELVRT .STEP JARMAN - RED WING GOLDENS cunns sHoE sToRE when You Are DRESDEN OHIO In Coshocton Pl 4 5121 THE BOWERSTON SHALE COMPANY Box 98 Telephone RO 3 2851 HANOVER OHIO FAMOUS HANOVER REDS -'76- Compliments of Layman s TIRES - APPLIANCES PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Frazeysburg Ohio Phones 1043--3691 om,gnwnbcJ Insurance Servlce OFFICE MACHINES 8 SUPPLIES Dictating Machines Spirit Duplicators Addressing Machines Photocopy Machines Gestetner Stencil Duplicators Unlted Buslness Service 2787 W Broad St Columbus 4 Ohio Tax Service - Accounhng Hunhng and 'flihlng License W A DOLDER NOT my PUBLIC C C Garrett Frazeysburg Ohxo Phone 48R Rlttberger Bros Meats FRA" XPBURC' OHIO State and Willow Streets Phone 3071 ZANESVHLE Plant Phone GL 2 5427 Res Phone GL 3 9553 or CL 3 l936 C' p' - L A For R. B. Brand Amt - ram - um - Hands L Philco TV ancl Appliances Speed Queen Laundry Equipment Sales and Servuce SETTLES Nashport Phone Frazeysburg 3156 D1a1 Zanesvllle GL 2 7876 Congratulatxons to the Graduates of 1958 PHI' OHIO PLXSTII CONIPANX FliA7E1SBL nc omo A Clean Store C UIIIIJIIIIII 1118 of Betty Lee Beauty Salon Frazeysburg Oh1o Phone 3921 A N Davldson and Employees FRAZEYSBURG HIGH SCHOOL 1958 INTRAMURALS Monday February 28 Through Wednesday March o A Junrors ws Sophomores Grrls Monday Boys Tuesday Glrls Wednesday Boys Thursday C Freshmen Play Wmners of A Grrls Frlday Boys Monday FINALb Wrnners of C vs Wrnners of B Glrls Tuesday Boys Wednesday A Friendly Store WAT S O N S FOODTOWN BETTER FOODS CONTRIBUTE TO longer llfe and Crealer Happiness We QIIQCIUIIZQ' ln Quallty Meats and FTOFCTICS Courteous Servxce Free DCl1VCfy Phone 3426 Frazeysburg, Oh1o 7 C1111111Ii111c1zt.s' of I I O B. Seventh and Eighth Grades vs, Seniors 1' 1 A 1 1 1 ' , - ' D. E: ' 1 . l , n ' 1 9 I A A Y l - 78 - f ompliments 0 ""'1"""w"'s " FRED F CANNON FRED F CANNON and Employees John Cannon Curtls Mahon Hubert Johnson Eddle Lew1s Gene Blalr Puls Lune Cnnstrunhnn Industrlal Pole Hole Dlgglng Is Our Buslness Phones 1188 or 1241 Frazeysburg Oh1o rl!! "' Gene M1ller Edmund Pr1nce Myrle L1ndel1 REMINGTON CHAINSAWS Charles Parr Earl West Sales and Servlce ROPER 72 AUTOMATIC HOLE DIGGER WISCONSIN AIR COOLED MOTORS ELATERITE PROTECTIVE ROOF COATING Forms a Rubber L1ke Plastlc Cover 10 Year Replacement Guarantee Frazeysburg Ohio Buslness Phones Residence 1241 1188 Coshocton National Bank OFFICERS T L MONTGOMERY Chalrman of the Board ALVA L TAYLOR Vice President SEWARD D SCHOOLER H L J HOUGENDOBLER President Assistant V1ce President R Q BAKER, Jr FEROL C DRAKE Vice President Cashier Assistant Cashier ORVILLE FULLER, Mgr Installment Loan Dept KENNETH L ANDERSON, Teller Member Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporauon . ' 0 'Y IV . I I ' , 7 ffl"-if D. I ,T--' 'W ki- ,f it gi jiri!! V. 4 . f'5'?5Ff S i A 1 ', "BJ IF? Q ' g. .... .. ,. .3,'.1.r 4 U -We msizwse-im-!g' . i ..- - E1 -. 1 lg-an f-.-.- Un' . . . . Sept. Sept Sept Oct, Oct. Oct Oct CHED LE FORDUUCFYE R 1958 11 MAN FOOTBALL SQHEDULE 1958-59 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE New Lexington St. Aloysius Nov Union Maysville Killbuck Hanover Toboso Junction City Open Open Dec Gambier Dec Maysville Dec Dresden Dec. Hanover Toboso Dec Hopewell an Chandlersville 311 311. all an. all 3.11. 6 e . 6 Chandlersville H AUTOGR PH Maysville Open Open Adamsville Horner Hopewell Dresden 13 A . 25 H I . 9 . 19 H . 2 H I 13 . 26 H . 6 A I . 16 3 - A . 9 H I 23 Oct, 10 Howard H Dec, 12 Adamsville A Ian, 24 Roseville 17 ' A 16 - H I . 27 , 24 . 19 A J 30 , 31 I . 6 H F b. 3 F b I X

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