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WW' ff Viv' M ,mf 'Zigi J JV! 5 Yiliilx Q, 4 fb F! AJ.. I ,y df QE QM ,' 5 f M AUD is fC . NS X 'ij M, ' 5 E if o A4 kq.1T."'g JMIJ , fig WPT QS -5 if 6 Mm 1-,P 70 fb Mais-Qwntq 1 Q Q19 05 N Uvfflw few F 5 s 3 a S ii'lI2lY vii'J0!A?-'?l5S:Iw'5J1'4i- X3wLlWx'Hi1'XliFi:S3 .-'fd'E53ll'!1WE.i' "3 Y :mv 'rf' .1 ' 37' f'?'qSi':1'5f " 'U--.171 .J,ff'f3i nE'55"'.:5"a573: iM':"7.i' Y f L3 K 5 R R 5 5 5 5 n k 2 E 1 A r. ' Wi i' " ' ' SEKWXMEP' E" , 'E?'f-11. 65 P1 ,fn ,, , 94 Q 59 B RANIBLEIQ ay :ja QW? Q 69,5 -,552 U 5 PRINCIPAL Mr. Stanley L. Schook Ir. SECRETAPIIES Marion Rice, Lois Stehle ADMIN ISTIIATIUN C0-UP CU-UPIDINATUB Mr. Iohn Cain CUUNSELUR Mr. Iohn Brockschmidt chool Board Roland Davies Thomas Bergeson President William Van Zanen Trustee Mrs. Nan E. May Trustee Herbert Humbert Superintendent Secretary Lawrence Schoenherr Treasurer Dedication With the esteem gratitude of every Senior at Fraser High, we proudly dedicate this, the 1959 Rambler, to our class sponsor, Mr. Paul Donahue. Admired and well ,known to every student, Mr. Donahue is more than a teacher- he is a friend to everyone in the school. When not being engaged in one of his many jokes, he is found going out of his way to help someone. For these kind deeds, he will always be remembered by this, the graduating class' of '59. Mr. Donahue has taught at Fraser High School for three years. American history, American government, and economics are the teaching fields in which he is presently engaged. Mr. Donahue is a graduate of St. Joseph's High School in Detroit. Upon graduating, he entered the University of Detroit where he emerged the possessor of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education. We extend to you, Mr. Donahue, our sincere thanks for all you have accomplished and wish you future success and happiness in all which you may attempt. TUBE T CDU CIL First Row, left ro right: Larry House, Larry Wondero, Delberta Schomaker, Gary Witener George Figlioli, Dick House and Elaine Maesso. Second Row, left to right: Kathy Gerwin Sheila Baraks, Dick Riggen, Mr. Brockschmidt Cadvisorj, Joanne Rybicki, John Crawford, and Barbara Przybylski. Betty Greer Treasurer Delberta Schomaker Secretary if L Larry House Larry Wondero President Vice President HERTHA ADLER JOHN BROCKSCHMIDT University of Michigan, B.A. Central Michigan College, B.S. Muskegon Community College, Aguamas College, B.A. University of Michigan, B.A. University of Detroit, M.ED. Western Michigan Univ., M.A. "' F CULT VENUS BROWN JOHN CAIN Northern Michigan Col., B.A. N ' Waynesburg College, B.S. lf is KU! LJ'lbblNUl' PATR COSGROVI: LAWKbNbl1 Czxuoonn 1 nun- uvnzusul- Central Michigan College, B.S. Brockport Teachers Col., B.S. University of Detroit, B.S. University of Detroit, B.S University of Michigan, M.A. ARLENE EDDY RALPH ELLISON TATIANA GEDROVICS MARY ANN HAGLEY Waynesburg Teachers College, Central Michigan College, B.S. Western Michigan University, Alma College, B.A. B.S B.S., M.A. ' all U' fgzvl' L00 RICHARD HARTSIG Eastern Michigan College, B.S., M.A. MANERT KENNEDY Butler University, B.S. VINCENT Western F CULTY THOMAS LUSK. University, PAT HITE Purdue University, B.S MAUREEN MCLAUQHLI Detroit Hillsdale College, B.S., M.A, Western Mig' n U' y 3 1 Walt CAROLYN MCNUTT JAMES MILLER CLAYTON MODEN DONALD NELSO ' Ball State Teachers College. Western Michigan University, Ferris Institute, B.A., Central Michigan College, .S B.S. B.S. Detroit Business Institute, B.S. -we FACULTY SEYMOUR OKEN ANTHONY RUSSO Michigan State University, B.M. Eastern Michigan College, B.S. University of Michigan, M.M. ROBERT PATTENGALE ARCHIE STIRTON TED STRIEWSKI LEON SHILLING Western Michigan University, Central Michigan College, Wayne State University, B.S. Western Michigan University, B.M. University of Michigan, B.A. B.S. l l 8 E IDR OPEN THE DOOR . . find within new friends . . learn to know yourself . . and know those who, like you . have opened the door to learning GARY ANDERSON Studies first, if I have time I'rack 1,2,3,4g Football 1 3,43 Play 3g F-Club 3,4.' LICHARD BROWER 'll find a way or make one. 'ootball 2,3,4, All Bi-County i,4, Macomb County 4, All Ltate 2nd Team 4g Track 4g 7-Club 2,3,4g Student Council P,4g Choir 3. 0 CAROL BEIER Success to those who work. Girl's Service 2g Co-op 4. ROBERT BELTZ A hole is nothing at all, but you can break your neck in it. Industrial Arts lg Football Mgr. 2g Co-op 4. W 'Y' 1? riff' a.KG: i ' . 132- ffsg zef, S151 ROY BELTOWSKI Eat, drink, and be merry but a'on't overdo it for tomorrow you will regret it. P HENRY BROHL Here today, gone tomorrow. Library Club l,2,3,4g Projec- Iionist l,2,3,4. 56 REX BALCH Sleep and education don't mixg so drop education. Baseball l,2,3,4g Basketball l,2,3,4g Football l,2,4g F- Club 2,3,4g Student Council 3g Bowling 3. FAE BUMLER Love is the next best thing to heaven. Drama 1,29 Library lg School Spirit lg Choir l,2g Play 3,43 F.H.A. Pres. 45 Co- op 3,4g Student Council 4g G.A.A. 4. DNNIE BURTLE lot of smiles and a lot of ughs will get you a lot of iends. G.A.A. 3,43 School iirit 23 Drama 2g Co-op 4. LOBERT CLARK t's easy to be safe from a 'istance. Baseball lg Engineer- ng 2. DANIEL BUSS T here's no time like the pres- ent. Library 1. JOE CHRISTIANSEN it -'iq ., A . , 5 vs. A ,.--' . .. ' lltt 1 DEANNA CHAPMAN Parting is such sweet sorrow, but it is soothed by the tender- ness of reunion. Softball 2,3,4 Girls service 2g Newspaper 2 G.A.A. 35 Bowling 35 Choir 4f MICHAEL CLAERHOUT Long live Rock and Roll! Don't do today what you can Drama 2. put off until tomorrow. GEORGE BURTLE Greater men may have lived than I, but I doubt it. SHARON CONARD Why come to school today, therefs always to m o r ra w. Drama 1,23 Cheerleading lg Library lg Spanish lg School Spirit 2g G.A.A. 3. 11 TIMOTHY DeLISE A man among men, but mostly among women. Swim- ming 1,25 Science 1,25 Track 3,4g Play 45 Industrial Arts 4. DIANE FERDIG Her baby smiles are for boys to trip on. Choir 1,29 G.A.A. 4g Newspaper 4. 12 JANET DEMING Experience is the best teacher, but let the snake bite someone else. Band 1,23 Cheerleader lg Play 33 School Spirit 25 Drama 23 Choir 2,3,4g Co- op 4. I AMES DIEROLF Girls aren't everything, but they're way ahead of what ever is in second place. Li- brary- Clubg Chess 2g Indus- trial 4. f U, j J! 1 -flvvm fl' 'Aw' " . 4' is . W HL, riff' .. if v: if v Ifviul gl ROGER DeVOLDER If you're there before it's over, you're on time. Football l,2g Bowling 35 Play 3g Co- op 4. KAREN EHRESMAN To have a friend, you must be one. Library Club lg News- paper 45 Choir 4g Co-op Club 4g F.H.A. 4. DAVID DELLINGER I'm not afraid of work, I can sit right next to it. GEORGE FIGLIOLI Don't kill time if you are murdering opportunity. Science 23 Student Council 4g Moni- tor 4. ROLAND FILLMORE Don't take life so seriouslyg you can never get out of it alive. F-Club 2,3,45 Engineer- ing 25 Monitor 4. BARBARA GROSE Her tongue runs like a wheel, one spoke after another. Li- brary 2,35 Newspaper 3,45 G.A.A. 3,45 Play 45 Choir 45 Science 35 Student Court 3 Annual 4. KAREN GARWOOD Time is valuable when I don't have it. Library 2,35 G.A.A. 3,45 F.H.A. 45 Choir 45 An- nual 4. LARRY GIRLIN'G A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men. Baseball l,2,3,45 Stu- dent Council 2,35 Engineering 25 Annual 3, Editor 45 Vice President 45 F-Club 3, Sec- Treas. 45 Monitor 4. KATHLEEN GERWIN The task ahead is never as great as the power behind. G.A.A. 3,45 Library 25 News- paper 3,45 Engineering 3,45 Student Council 45 Annual 4. BETTY GREER 1t's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice. Spanish l5 Student Council 1, Treas. 45 Play 3,45.Drama 1,25 Bowl- ing 35 Secretary 35 Co-op 3,45 G.A.A. 3. SHARON FOLLAND Fun is the cheapest medicine, and the easiest to take. Choir l,2,3, Pres. 45 Softball 2,3545 Library 2,35 Play 3,45 G.A.A. 3,45 Newspaper 3,45 F.H.A. 45 Annual 45 Speech 4. JUDY GROTH To have a friend you must be one. Spanish 15 Drama 1,25 School Spirit 1,25 G.A.A. 45 Co-op 4. I3 SALLY HACK Silence is golden, but who wants to be rich. Library 29 Newspaper 4g Choir 43 Co-op 4g G.A.A. 4g Annual 4. BRAD JENNINGS My heart bleeds for you. Foot- ball 1,2,3,4g Student Council 4. 14 LARRY HOUSE Give me room-Here I come! Student Council Treas. l,2, Pres. 4g Vice President 33 Football 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,- 3,4g F-Club 1,2,3,4g Base- ball 1,2,4g B.A.A. 4. WILL HUMPHRIES It's not what you do, it's what you get away with that counts. Football l,2,3,4g Track l,2,- 3,4g F-Club 3,43 Play 3. RICHARD HOUSE If you want work well done, select a busy man, the other kind has no time. Student Council 1,43 Industrial Arts Pres. Zg Student Court 3g Track 3g Football 4g Play 4g Annual 4. VINCENT INCAMMISA High school days are such delights, but can't compare with high school nights. Latin lg Track 2,3,4g Engineering 2g Football 3g Bowling 3. DONNA HORN Each to his own concert Library 2g Co-op 43 Annu: 4g Choir 43 Newspaper 4. DARLENE JOHNSON 1t's nice to be good, buf you can't be good at least . careful. School Spirit 25 So: ball 2,33 Play 3g G.A.A. 3, Choir 4. GLORIA KOZDRON All that glitters is not gold. Band 15 School Spirit 25 G.A.A 3,45 Newspaper 35 F.H.A. 3,45 Choir 4. MARGE MANDZIARA If at first you don't succeed, forget about it. Drama 25 School Spirit 25 F.H.A. 35 Co- op 4. -ts 1 NANCY LaCROSS My theory is to enjoy life, but some teachers are against it. Cheerleading 1,25 Drama 1,25 Softball 2,3,45 School Spirit 25 Bowling 35 Play 3,45 G.A.A. 3,45 Treasurer 45 Co- op 45 Newspaper 4. MARILYN LEHMANN Quiet to those who know her not, jolly to those who do. Spanish I, Sec. 25 G.A.A. 3,45 Newspaper 3,45 Annual 4. SUE LAWSON I always find room for laugh- ter. School Spirit 25 Drama 2 F.H.A. Treas. 35 Co-op 3, Pres. 45 G.A.A. 4. RON MANCINI Did someone say study? Oh, well! Science Club 25 Bowling Club 35 B.A.A. 4. FRED KRAGE If not, why not? Science Club 4. . WILLIAM MATTHEWS He has an eye for color, es- pecially blonds, brunettes and redheads. Basketball 25 Track 2,35 Library Club 1,2,45 En- gineering 15 Football 45 Base- ball 4. I HEATHER MCCRACKEN Speech is silver, silence is golden. Spanish l,2g Bowling 3, Band l,2,3, Sec.-Treas. 4g G.A.A. 43 Play 4. o N Q it 'U S5-G GEORGE PROBST Where there's a will, there's a way. Science 2,3. l6 DOUGLAS MULLIN If a line ran straight, he would argue it crooked. Track l,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Class President 1,2,3,4g Li- brary Club l,2,3,4g Library Staff l,2g Projectionist l,2,3,4g Debate 23 Newspaper 3g Science Pres. 3, Treas. 49 En- gineering Treas. 3,49 F-Club 2,3,4g Play 3,43 Annual 3,43 Student Court 3. JAMES OLSEN I like work, I could sit and watch it all dayt DENNIS OLSEN Humor makes for a sunny day. JAMES PENNINGTON Time is valuable, when I don't have it. BEVERLY MORGAN Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you may not feel like it. Spanish lg Cheerleader lg Library lg Drama 25 School Spirit 25 Co-op 3,45 F.H.A. 3, G.A.A. 4, Bowling 3, Play 1- MYRNA REDLAWSKI The subject is too deep, but I need the sleep. Spanish lg Softball 2,4g School Spirit 2g G.A.A. 2,3. O WADE RIGGEN l often speak, but seldom say anything. Football Mgr. 1,2,- 3,4g Basketball Mgr. 1,2g Drama 1,2g F-Club 2,3,4g Li- brary 3, Choir 3,4. HAROLD SCHUTI' Since life is short, make it bright. Baseball 1,3. S JOANNE RYBICKI It is better to keep in step with yourself than the crowd. Softball 2,4g Band l,2,3, Pres. 45 Class Secretary lg Student Council 2,4g Cheerleader 2,3,4g Commercial 2,43 Annual 4. ,a-.1409-we Q-iff' '-"'f"E5Fg"' 'ff ' ELECTA SCHAEFER JOHN sci-:EER . . ikll Nothing ventured, nothing Be sure you're right, then go k l Q5 l A gained. ahead. Science Club 2. H i Vgkn A A :" 't. AUDREY SCHRADE Here's to a girl with a heart and a smile, who. makes the bubble of life worthwhile. Newspaper 2, 3,43 School Spirit 23 Annual 4g G.A.A. 4g Co-op Sec. 4. PATRICIA SCHURIG So little, yet so fierce. Soft- ball 2,3g Play 3,4g Debate 3 School Spirit 2, Student Coun: cil 2g Choir 3,4. KAY SIBLEY School is a good thing, but why run a good thing to death. F.H.A. 3g G.A.A. 3,43 Co-op 4. 17 WILLIAM SOMMERVILLE Have bag pipes, will travel. Spanish 15 Library Club 2,3,4g Library Staff 2,49 Projection- ist 2,3,4g F-Club 2,3,4g Track Mgr. 2,33 Football Mgr. 3, Tr. 4g Engineering 3,45 ROBERT WARNER Give me room, here I come. Football 1,43 Baseball 1,39 F- Club 4g Class Vice-Pres. 2. 18 - 1- new 'Helm If 5 - netsw ' 'L . , fs ' :ii Y -' ' f ' f'1" : i Ql?iTHTQ:' - JUDITH TENCH I am not going to settle down and thereby fool no one. Play 3,4g Commercial 2, Pres. 4, Annual 4. MARY TUZZOLINO Being nice is easy, when it comes so naturally. Drama 25 Commercial 2, Bowling 33 Play 43 Co-op 4. SHARON TROZAK Look for the silver lining. School Spirit 29 G.A.A. 3,49 F.H.A. 3,4g Newspaper 3. LOUIS WALCZAK I came, I saw, I am departing. Drama 23 Play 2,3,4g Track 2,3,4g Football 3,4. MORRIS SULLENS Work hard, but always leave time for fun. Chess Club 2. GAIL WERNER The best years of your life are ahead. School Spirit 25 Play 33 G.A.A. 3,43 Choir 4. DUANE WHITEAKER He's like the rooster, who thinks the sun rises in the morning just to hear him crow. Basketball l,2,3,45 Track 2,35 Football 2,3,45 F-Club 2,3, Pres. 45 Student Council 25 Play 3.4. TRUDY ZIEI-IMS Do all you can tomorrow, you've made enough mistakes today. Drama 25 School Spirit 25 F.H.A. 35 Co-op 4. .uu . .. 1' .. 5. 1 ff A , I , .. fig -l., in Vk.: . .K JOHN WHITTEBOLS It may not be the best way, but the easiest way takes less work. Library 1,45 Drafting 3. DENNIS WOOD There are other ways of get- ting up in the world besides hitting the ceiling. Baseball l,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Track 35 Library Club 1,25 Projectionist, 1,25 Engineering 2,3,45 F-Club 3,45 Play 3,45 Annual 45 Science 3,4. LARRY WONDERO He looks safe, but so does gunpowder. Engineering 1,25 F-Club 2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,45 Track 3,455 Play 45 B.A.A. 45 Student Council, Vice-Pres. 4. RENE WOJCIK I know a little about every- thing, but I don't know a lot about anything. Baseball l,2,- 3,45 Projectionist l,2,35 Bas- ketball l,2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Library 1,25 Engineering 2,3, Pres. 45 Debate 25 Science 3, Pres. 45 F-Club 2,3,45 Annual 3,45 Class Secretary 4. ALVIN WHITE Don't learn the tricks of the trade, learn the trade. Swim- ming 1,25 Football l,2. JAMES ZIONS Where there is a will,,there is a way. Engineering 25 Indus- trial Arts 4. 19 JUDY ZUPAN T 0 succeed in life you must first do something. Com- mercial 2g G.A.A. 2,3g Girls' Softball 3g Co-op 4. IOANNA LUSKIN The following years golden. School Spirit 2. Senior Class DOUG MULLIN PRESIDENT Officers RENE WOJCIK NANCY LACROSS SECRETARY TREASURER LARRY GIRLING VICE-PRES. Class Color . . . . White Class Flower . . . . Pied Prose Change your pleasures, but Class Motto. L . . never change your friends. 20 VN :swf MOST POPULAR AND ATHLETICALLY INCLINED Larry and Joanne MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Doug and Kathy .Q MOST DEVOTED COUPLE TALKATIVE Bob and Sharon Inky and Mary NEATEST AND BEST LOOKING BEST ALL-AROUND Bill, Betty and Larry Rene and Audrey 21 Karen Ehresman Diane Ferdig George Figlioli Roland Fillmore Sharon Folland Karen Garwood Kathleen Gerwin Larry Girling Betty Greer Barbara Grose Judith Groth Sally Hack Donna Horn Larry House Richard House Vincent Incammisa Bradley Jennings Gloria Kozdron Nancy LaCross Sue Lawson Marilyn Lehmann Joanne Luskin Ronald Mancini Marge Mandziara Heather McCracken Beverly Morgan Douglas Mullin Dennis Olsen James Olsen Joanne Rybicki Rex Balch Carol Beier Roy Beltowski Robert Beltz Bonnie Burtle George Burtle Deanna Chapman Micheal Clearhout Timothy DeLise David Dellinger Janet Deming Roger DeVolder Neal Dierolf Rene Wojcik Larry Wondero Dennis Wood Trudy Ziehms Judith Zupan 'Jhu ' John Scheer Audrey Schrade Patricia Schurig Kay Sibley William Sommerville Morris Sullens Sharon Trozak Mary Tuzzolino Robert Warner Gail Wemer Alphonse White Name Gary Anderson Rex Balch Carol Beier Roy Beltowski Robert Beltz Henry Brohl Richard Brower Fae Bumler Bonnie Burtle George Burtle Daniel Buss Deanna Chapman Joseph Christiansen Micheal Claerhout Robert Clark Sharon Conard Timothy DeLise David Dellinger Janet Deming Roger DeVolder Neal Dierolf Karen Ehresman Diane Ferdig George Figlioli Roland Fillmore Sharon Folland Karen Garwood Kathleen Gerwin Larry Girling Betty Greer Barbara Grose Judith Groth Sally Hack Donna Horn Larry House Richard House Wilbur Humphries Vincentjlncammisa Bradley Jennings Darlene Johnson Gloria Kozdron. I Will- my football shoes to Allen Webb. my little black book to Bob Myers. my noisy typewriter to Bonnie Opie. my blonde messy hair to anyone who can take care of it. my ability to attend a summer school to Philip LaCrosse. Good luck to him. everything to myself. my five low hurdles to the school board of Fraser. my ability to be true to one guy to Janet Wendzell. my nickname, "Bouncy" to Judy Coon. my rope climbing experience to John Schober. my shotrod to anyone, and flowers to anyone who takes it. my Economics book CNo. 135 to Donna Kollmorgen and hope that she has better luck with it than I did. my ability to have long vacations to Darla Gunningham. my succulent tidbits of profound and esteemed knowledge that I treasure from Fraser High School to the underclassmen most urgently needing it. my gym shorts to F. A. my sense of humor to the poor soul that doesn't have one. all my jokes to Mr. Schilling and Mr. Crossen. my interest in sociology to anyone who wants it. my place in the quartet to Delberta Schomaker. Milton Whiteaker his brother's smelt dipping nets because they aren't good for-smelt. my coffee cup and spoon from physics class and my cleaning rag from drafting to Jim Carter. my giggly disposition to Joanne Torregrossa. my black hair to Carol LeBeau. my ability to dance to Arthur Murray. my ability to play first base to Phil Jennings. all my sweat shirts to Cheryl Bloomer. the green hornet to India Kollmorgen. all of my homework to anyone who wants it. what I haven't got to someone who doesn't want it. my tardy slips to Judy Coon. my'car to Pat Harris and hope she has better luck with it than I did. my natural curly hair to Carol Spearman. my cat eyes to any mousey junior. my driving ability to my brother Dennis. my hot do track shoes to anyone able to run the mile in 4:20. my goatee to anyone who wants it. my football ability to Evan Winkelman. my scholastic ability to anyone who will make better use of it than I did. my laugh to Judy MacArthur "the Big M". my seat in Mr. Donahue's Government class to any poor soul that has to take it. my typing letters to Linda Carter. What you will be in '69 All star for the Detroit Lions. Cwaterboyj Known the world over as the No. 1 playboy. Older and maybe smarter. Nursery man. Still a hot rod. A hall guard in the United Nations Building. Playing football. President of the Board of Education. President of the Men's Club of Fraser. Teaching monkeys in the Detroit Zoo. Accountant Air Line Stewardess. A high school principal. Alive. In Missouri. Buying safety pins. Beachcomber. Happily unmarried. Singing in the Metro. Vagrant-full time. Mechanicg tightening the nuts in peanut brittle for Sanders. Desperate. A mother. Winning dance contests. A barber. An old maid school teacher. Married. Chemist. Working on my second million. Mrs. Dean Hollifield. One inch taller. tl hopel First woman sheriff of Macomb County. Owner of the horse that just won the Kentucky Derby. Secretary to G. A. B. Beating Olympic records. Growing a beard full time. A biology teacher. Mechanical draftsman. In Alaska moving a mountain. Working in Kresge. Home Ec. teacher. Name I Will- Frederic Krage Nancy LaCross Sue Lawson Marilyn Lehmann Joanne Luskin Ronald Mancini Marge Mandziara William Matthews Heather McCracken Beverly Morgan Douglas Mullin Dennis Olsen James Olsen James Pennington George Probst Myrna Redlawski Victor. Riggen Joanne Rybicki Electa Schaeffer John Scheer Audrey Schrade Patricia Schurig Harold Schutt Kay Sibley William Sommerville Morris Sullens Judith Tench Sharon Trozak Mary Tuzzolino Louis Walczak Robert Warner Gail Werner Alphonse White Duane Whiteaker John Wittebols Rene Wojcik Larry Wondero Dennis Wood Trudy Ziehms Jim Zions Judith Zupan my lost sleep to the benefit of my homework and the knowledge gained thereby to my next of kin. my ability to flirt to any junior in need. my natural black hair to Carol Wallison. my typing ability to Nancy Trammel. my 17 inch hair to Mark Krage. my pencil stubs to Janet Smits. my worn-out typing eraser to Carol Spearman. leaves himself to any lonely girl at F.H.S. my ability to sell magazine subscriptions ' to all my undergrad buddies. my ability to talk constantly to Chris Landy. my height and build to Warren Lind. my Economics Class to who ever wants to learn how to save money. my ability to get out of work as much as I can, to any over-worked Junior. my quietness to John Weber, who needs it. my swimming fins to Ken Lucas. my ability to sit on Mr. Cain's desk to anyone who can get away with it. my head manager's job to Ralph Adkins. my ability to be a varsity cheerleader to the person who will take my place. my bottle of peroxide to Joyce Heemer. my dancing ability to any junior who wants it. my artistic ability to Marilyn Gerwin. my baby sitting job to Liz Mack. my perfect non-attendance record to Joe Morgan. my American Government notes to whoever wants them. my bag pipes to that fine Scotsman Mr. Donahue. my car to my mother when I go in the Air Force. my sweaters to Gloria DeMarzio. my ability to sew to Juanita Sutton. my gift to gab to Karen Armstrong. my acting ability to anyone who is crazy enough to take it. my '49 Merc to Al Kepsal. my seat in choir back to the birds. my ability to carry a tune to Richard Stade. my chemistry book to Miss Senkin tif she returnsj. ' all my money, what there is of it. to a blond. She usually gets it anyhow. my ability to play basketball to Mr. Schilling. "Who needs it." my government book back to the government. this advice to all juniors, have good clean fun in your last year at Fraser High, but don't forget why you are there. my everlasting youth to the freshmen girls. my ability to catch up on sleep in school to Bobo. my ability to get along with Mr. Pattengale to Kathi King. What you will bein '69 Growing the shortest hair in Fraser. Rich and travelling through Europe. Secretary to President CFae Bumblerj of the Board of Education. Secretary in a Life Insurance Company. An Artist. A daddy. In a vine covered cottage trying to raise about 6 kids. No. 1 best dressed man in America. Nervous wreck. I'll never tell. President of the U.S. Operating a chain of gas stations. Mr. Atlas of '69. Car hop at Mighions. Enjoying himself. Vice-President of General Motors. City Mayor. ' First girl student at West Point. A housewife. Farmer. Decorating movie stars' homes. Married and trying to contend with a stubborn husband. Still a grease monkey. Waiting for the right man. Selling Fraser booster buttons. 28 years old. Fashion designer in Paris. Mrs. America. Married to a millionaire. Official cueball shiner at Lou's. Working on my '53 Merc. X-ray technician State cop. Loafing. Still going with Pat. Studying rocks tdiamondsj. A Hollywood photographer. A working man. Arthur Murray's partner. Working at Wrigleys. In Texas with my oil wells. CLASS CUT-UPS Louie and Judy QUIETEST Carol and John 7 X Dick and Janet ALWAYS LATE FLIRT AND CASSANOVA 4 .,.A 'JA,. . .,,J JJA, ZJJ A JJA, A , Nancy and Tim TALLEST AND SHORTEST Sue and Duane LONGEST AND BEST DANCERS SHORTEST HAIR Trudy and Fig Fred and Pat U DERCLASSM N with people who share your interests . . . fmd many friends to share these years . . and find in these halls a home away from home . . . ACUUAINT YOURSELF . . SUPHOMUPIE President-Ken Engelbert Vice Pres.-Tom Nicolai Secretary-Jill Stewart Treasurer-June Haist FRESHMEN President-Virginia Sonne Vice Pres.-I im Folkman Cunphotographedl Secretary-Sharon Bretz T reasurer-Elaine Maesso IUNIOB President-Jim Albrecht Vice Pres.--Doug Smith Secretary-Carol Saul Treasurer-Janet Wendzell IU IDR First Row, left to right: Mary Buchs, Mary Lou Allen, Louise Allen, Sheila Baraks, Judy Coon, Pat Dixon, Judy Cannon, Bonnie Cox. Second Row: Charlene Billips, Carol Balch, Sharon D'Hondt, Karen Armstrong, Fred Bauer, Bill Crum, Ed Byrne, Fred Adani. Third Row: Ted Arvant, Ed Beaupre, Paul Dattolo, Mike Foster, Jim Albrecht, Tom Dierwa, Jim Carter, George Clark. First Row, left to right: Joyce Heemer, India Kollmorgen, Kathie King, Darla Gunningham, Mary Ann Markiewicz, Karen Meier, Pat Harris, Bonnie Opie. Second Row: Allen Malbouef, Phil LaCross, Richard May, Joe Morgan, David O'Bryan, Ken Lucas, Bob Goetzinger, Roger Heiser. Third Row: Christie Landy, Joanne Oehmke, Phil Jennings, Bob Myers, Jim Harris, Jim Nicolai, Dennis Horn, Ruth Ann Oplinger. First Row, left to right: Mrs. Eddy, sponsor, Charlotte Reed, Shirley Scripnek, Carol Saul, Janet Wendzell, Janet Smits, Jim Pilat, Lynn Schmitz, Mr. Miller, sponsor. Second Row: Linda Thomsen, Nancy Skubick, Karen Rorig, Charlotte Thomas, Sandy Scopel, Dan Zalewski. Third Kow: Jim Turner, Bob Scott, Carol Rybicki, Gary Randall, Daryl Romatz, Jim Ryan, Juanita Sutton, Joann Torregrossa, Joan Walerych, Mary Ellen Van Thomme. Fourth Row: John Weber, Richard Stade, Ken Whipple, Mike Rock, Allen Webb, Larry Strubel, Doug Smith, Tom VandeSteene, Ed Polakowski. UPHUMURE First Row, left to right: Dale DeCoster, Jerry Brazelton, Ken Engelbert, Doug Dobrei. Third Row: Leslie Braekevelt, Karen Clark, Linda Carter, Barbara Collins, Gloria Di- Don Burns, Tom Frank, Tom DeVoogd, Bill Cleghorn, Tom Marzo, Joyce Gould. Second Row: Cheryl Bloomer, Richard Clark, Hans Borlinghaus, Vic Accivatti. Champine, Ralph Adkins, David Brohl, Wayne Fillmore, 30 First Row, left to right: Lolly Manthei, Pat Neda, Pat Hays, Barbara Markham, Vicki Klein, Judy MacArthur, Bonnie Miller, John Kivela, Irene Hudaski. Second Row: Kathy Kramp, Betty Malicke, Myra Lesinski, Elsie Larson, Barbara Kusnery, Linda Lienau, Carol LeBeau, Gail Linoren, Donna Kollmorgen. Third Row: Mike Naso, Paul LaCross, Bob Hinz, Roger Holtzman, Tom Mikula, Bob Grunow, Daryll Matthews, Mark Krage, Gilbert Glassford, June Haist. Fourth Row: Lorraine Gentz, Bob Gleason, Tom Nicolai, Joe Galiati, Dennis Kollmorgen, Jim Leone, Bill Huyge, Sandra Michayluk, Elaine Morberg, Anna Naso. First Row, left to right: Mr. Striewski, sponsor, Fred Smith, Lyle Roberts, John Schober, Geraldine Pastalewicz, Joyce Barbara Przybylski, Carol Wallison, Donna Woloson, Jill Soltman, Marion Zwar, Richard Riggen, Victor Selewski. Stewart, Janice Wood, Sandra Wise, Miss Cosgrove, Fourth Row: Bob Qualls, Dennis Trozak, Gary Whitener, sponsor. Second Row: Carol Spearman, Betty Scott, Beverly Lowell Steffens, Dean Schoen, Don Vanier, Dean Witt, Webb, Roy Pries, Sandra Randall, Virginia Powers, Nancy Norman Schneider, Ron Rybicki,-' Shirley Windhorst. Sossi, Suzanne Perkins. Third Row: Jerry Slota, Ron Wilson, FRE MN First Row, left to right: Carol Boettcher, Gordon Arbitter, Dennis DeCoster, Danny Brazelton, Shirley Beveridge, Marilyn Gerwin, Karen Dellinger. Second Row: Carol Brzoska, Dennis Buss, Beverly Gahlau, Betty Glass, Fay Fournier, Mary Ann Bryzclak, Joan Bolton. Third Row: Judy Galiati, Sally Davis, Carol Baker, Peggy Fordyce, Wanda Champine, Wendy Campbell, Gay Chandler, Sharon Bretz. Fourth Row: Carol Gares, Arthur Bond, Gilbert Foster, Ken Dablestein, David Buss, Darryl Bostow, Dennis Daly, John Crawford, Judy Glass. First Row, left to right: Kay Neven, Liz Mack, Kay Keczmer, Julie King, Linda Nesje, Linda Kollmorgen, Kathy Niemczyk, Warren Lind. Second Row: Mary Laney, Sheila Lehr, Suzanne Markiewicz, Lorraine Nieman, Margaret Leone, Dick Heemer, Jerry Hilliker. Third Row: Bill Michaels, Allen Kepsel, George Karsten, Pat Neilson, Elaine Maesso, Judy Larson, Andrew Johnston, Louis Johnston. Fourth Row: George Leonard, Tom King, Roger Jennings, Gerald Horn, Bob Lesnau, Allen Heier, Jim Oehmke, Danny Keczmer, Doug Moore, Wayne Kusnery. First Row, left to right: Mr. Kennedy, sponsor, Linda Westphal, Paula Studebaker, Diane Skowronek, Sandra Stade, Linda Stroup, Darlene Scheer, Ruth Querbach, Miss McNutt, sponsor. Second Row: Bob Rewoldt, Bob Vandenabeele, Virginia Sonne, Pat Turner, Bob Walker, Ronald Sauer, Bill Rogers, Karen Stovel, Carmen Tuz- zolino, Paul Probst. Third Row: Joe Warner, Joe Torregrossa, Mary Lou Pallaschke, Rosemary Perry, Phil Stabile, Erlyn Upleger, Jim Walker, Richard Plumb, Mike Tozer. Fourth Row: Ron Watson, Bill Vande- Veegaete, Pat Vermander, Evan Winkleman, Dave Trambly, Tom Sayer, Sharon Wilson, Frances Van Thomme, Tyler Upleger, Chuck Rock. WELCOME TO DAWGPATCH Snap shots of the annual Sadie Hawkins dance given by the Juniors on November 14. i , ff' L. ffm Y: 4 7 nf :Qi4l'hs I s 'W' ,Y MY 'T-35 HR 4, A 4 A Kwai 1" i ctivities ENIUY YOURSELF . . . participate in extra-curricular activities . dance . . . cheer the team on to victory . . . have fun. . provide your own entertainment . . . enjoy what is offered relax . . . and learn that the time after classes is also a time for learning . . 35 RT DD CLUB The Art Ad Club composed of Junior High students, is one of the busiest clubs in our school. By painting advertisements and making posters for various school activities they obtained money to sponsor club trips. Left to Right: Sandra Moore, Mary Zupan, Mr. Striewski, Sponsorg Pat Turner, Donna Heig, Jim Scott, Pam Steffens, Pat Dixon, Sheila Hays, Bob West. The Jets Club was formed to stimulate interest in engineering among high school stu- dents. For those who have at least a fair apti- tude for mathematical subjects, it offers oppor- tunities to prepare for an engineering c a r e e r. It promotes and encourages good scholarships and proficiency in high school subjects as pre- requisites for college en- gineering courses. IET CLUB Left to Right: Rene Wojcik, Dennis Wood, Tom Mikula, Doug Mullin, Mr. Crossen, advisor, Bill Sommerville, and Kathy Gerwin. NNUAL TFP Staff Heads planning fm- as lay out of future yearbook First row, left to right: Audrey Schrade, Dick House, Art Editor, Larry Girling, Editor, Mr. Bredin, Sponsor, Doug Mullin, Business Man- ager, Sharon Folland, Barbara Grose. Second Row: Sally Hack, Joyce Solt- man, Joanne Torregrossa, Timothy DeLise, Bill Sommerville, Juanita Sut- ton,. Carol Rybicki, Nancy Sossi, Sheila Baraks. Third Row: Lynne Schmitz, Nancy Trammel, Marilyn Lehmann. Donna Woloson, Dennis Wood, Elsie Larson, Kay Keczmer, Kathy Gerwin. Here we see the business committee busy at work planning the financing of the yearbook. LIBP1 RY CLUB f:.:f"'F""", Ist Row: Henry Brohl, Marion Zwar, Elsie Larson, Doug Mullin, Bill Sommerville, Jill Stewart, Mrs. Gedrovics, Sponsor, Tom Van de Steen. 2nd Row: Victor Selewski, Bob Beveridge, Karen Clark, Pat Neda, Judy Larson, Barbara Markham, Nancy Skubick, Gail Lindgren, Sandy Johnston. 3rd Row: Bob Meyers, Allan Webb, Phil Jennings, Dennis Kollmorgen, Frances Van Thomme, David Patterson. Ufficer Doug Mullin-Vice President Bill Sommerville- President Jill Stewart-Secretary Elsie Larson--Treasurer 38 The Fraser High School Library Club, under the sponsorship of Mrs.'Tatiana Gedrovics, has been very busy planning many worthwhile activities this school year. To start the year off, the club partook in a hayride. For Thanksgiving, all the members contributed food and the club was able to take two large baskets of food to needy families in this area. The same project was undertaken for Christmas and a Christmas party was added to the events. The club had a successful year due to the fact that the purpose of the club is to bring happiness to others while enjoying themselves at the same time. HAMBLE PRESS First row, left to right: Barbara Grose, Bonnie Opie, Karen Ehresman, Shirlee Scripnek, Kathy Gerwin, Miss Cosgrove, Sponsor. Second row: Charlotte Reed, Sharon Folland, Elsie Larson, Charlotte Thomas, Sally Hack, Patricia Harris, Marilyn Lehman. Third row: Audrey Schrade, Judith Tench, Virginia Powers, Joane Torregrossa, Mary Ann Markewicz, Janet Smits, Diane Ferdig. C0-editors Left to right: Audrey Schrade, i Sharon Folland, Pat Harris, Miss Cosgrove, Marilyn Lehman. First Row, Left to Right: Myrna Redlawski, Deanna Chap- man, Judy Groth,' Bonnie Burtle, Chris Michalowicz, Sue Lawson, Second Row: Audrey Schrade, Mary Tuzzolino, Donna Horn, Janet Deming, Betty Greer, Marilyn Lehmann, Karen Ehresman, Carol Beier. Third Row: Marge Mand- ziara, Fae Bumler, Charlene Billips, Ruth Ann Oplinger, Kay Sibley, Nancy LaCross, Beverley Morgen, Judy Zupan, Sally Hack. Fourth Row: Brad Jennings, Bob Beltz, Paul Dattolo, Roger Devolder, Jim Harris, Phil LaCross, Allen Malbouef. Trin Ronny Gomnett The Cooperative Club of Fraser High School consists of those persons who have been granted work stations and those who have qualified for this program and for whom placement and work stations have not yet been obtained. These students attend school and also obtain valuable experiences in working at various occupations through- out the community and Metropolitan Detroit. There are three components to the cooperative program: office, retailing, trade and industry. At present, we do not have a trade and industry program, but plans are being made to initiate this program for those students who are interested and qualified. This year is the first year that we have had retailing students as members of our program and our club. These students are assigned to pre-retailing class and if they qualify and so desire, they will continue into an advanced retailing class next year which will include instruction and practice in advertising, merchandise, fashions and color line and design. The members of the pre-retailing class have invaluable experience of running a school store in which they sell a limited line of jewelry, school supplies, class pins, emblems and clothing. The students of the class do all of their own buying, selling, advertising, and bookkeeping for the store. It pleases us to announce that all of last years members of the cooperative club were placed on jobs by the end of September at the beginning of this school year. Although not all of our present members are placed, we have a good per cent of our club obtaining experiences in the following type of work training stations: Principals office, Cady Ele- mentary School, Board of Education office, Fraser Ele- mentary School, Library office, Fraser High School, Na- tional Bank of Detroit, Commercial State Bank of Roseville, Matthew, Nank and Bruff, Attorneys, Food Fair Super Market, Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, Frozen Food Company of Utica, Kresge Store, Fraser Super Market, Steelson Tool and Die. All of our students who are inter- ested will have the opportunity to earn their rating on the United States Civil Service clerical and stenographic test given at the high school. Despite the seemingly full schedule not counting their working assignments our members manage to find time to contribute to their school through activity in other organizations as well. The students who have not been placed thus far, have been most beneficial in help the administration and staff with the multitude of paper work that comes over their desks each day. The members also are able to keep the cooperative club an active, educational and social instrument. Several of our members attend the Delegates Congress at St. Mary's Lake, at which Fae Bumler and Bob Beltz were candidates for state offices. The entire group of 37 is looking forward to attending the Annual Convention at Western Michigan College at Kalamazoo. The membership had the pleasure of touring Michigan State University's Business Educational depart- ment. We are in the process of planning for our Annual Banquet at which we host our employers and express our appreciation to them for the opportunities they have pro- vided for us. We are achieving the means for the banquet, held in the spring of each year by various bake sales, a variety show, and a small profit from the school store. C0-Up Office Practice C0-Up Retail First Row, left to right: Pat Schurig, Barbara Grose, Sharon Folland, Sally Hack, Gloria Kozdron, Marilyn Lehmann, Donna Horn. Second Row: Karen Ehresman, Sharon Trozak, Miss McNutt, Sponsor, Karen Garwood, Gail Werner. Third Row: Fay Fournier, Sandra Randall, Jill Stewart, Peggy Fordyce, Judy MacArthur, Carol Spearman, Barbara Przybylski, Lynne Schmitz. Fourth Row: Sheila Baraks, Linda Carter, Nancy Sossi, Louise Allen, Shirley Beveridge. Fiflh Row: Carol Balch, Elaine Morberg, Joann Torregrossa, Cheryl Bloomer. CIE CE CLUB . 4 ,, g , , AQ .... .. Standing, left to right: Mike Tozer, Bill Michael, Nancy Skubick, Secretary, Christy Landy, Charlotte Thomas, Darrel Bostow, Pat Turner, Richard Plumb, Karin Rorig, Darla Gunningham, Mr. Kennedy, Advisor, Rene Wojcik President, Dennis Wood, Vice-President, Doug Mullin a s 42 Treasurer, Carol Gares, Fred Krage, Judy Larson, Mark Krage, Tom Nicolai. Sitting? John Schober, Karen Clark Shirley Beveridge, Kathy Kramp, Mary Ellen VanThomme Gay Chandler, Liz Mack, Pat Neda, Elsie Larson. PEECH CLUB First Row, left to right: Karen Clark, India Kollmorgen, Pat Dixon. Second Row: Sharon Folland, Mr. LaPointe. Advisor, Elaine Maesso. Third Row: Jim Pilat, Allen Webb. The Speech Club is one of the newly formed clubs of our school. It is com- posed of those students who are inter- ested in furthering their interests in public speaking. Girl ' Athletic Association Girls' Athletic Association, under the sponsorship of Miss Patricia Hite, has two main purposes: having fun and encouraging good sportsmanship. The girls meet weekly to participate in various sports and activities. During the course of the year, the girls sold Christmas corsages to raise money for future needs. Many awards were given according to the interest shown in the club by members. First Row, Left to Right: Karen Garwood, Barbara Grose, Kathy Gerwin, Marilyn Lehmann, Sally Hack, Julie King, Karen Dellinger, Shirlee Scripnekg Kathi King, Joyce Heemerg Bonnie Cox, Carol Spearman. Second Row: Lynne Schmitz. Darlene Johnson, Sharon Trozak, Gail Werner, Judy Galiati, Mary Ann Bryzelak, Kay Keczmer, Wanda Champine, Wendy Campbell, Joan Bolton, Pat Hays, Sharon Folland. Third Row: Karen Meier, Cheryl Bloomer, India Kollmorgen, June Haist, Joyce Soltman, Mary Ellen Van Thommeg Barbara Przybylski, Judy MacArthur, Elaine Morberg, Carol Balch, Kathleen Kramp. Fourth Row: Janet Wendzell, Janet Smits, Linda Thomsen, Donna Kollmorgen, Shirley Beveridge, Margaret Leone, Myra Lesinski, Sharon Bretz, Dale DeCoster, Betty Malicke, Barbara Markham, Linda Lienau, Carol Le Beau, Diane Ferdig, Barbara Collins, Virginia Powers. Fifth Row: Donna Woloson, Christie Landy, Carol Brzoska, Janice Wood, Betty Scott, Dolly Manthei, Sandra Wise, Mary Lou Pallaschke. Sixth Row: Sheila Baraks, Joanne Rybicki, Nancy Skubick, Sandra Michayluk, Joan Walerych, Kay Sibley, Gloria Kozdron, Louise Allen, Juanita Sutton, Peggy Fordyce, Bonnie Burtle, Pat Turner. Seventh Row: Judy Coon, Joyce Gould, Delberta Schomaker, Heather McCracken, Linda Carter, Nancy Sossi, Joanne Torregrossa, Carol Rybicki, Darla Gunningham, Karin Rorig, Sandra Scopel, Pat Dixon. Ruth Ann Oplinger, Judy Groth, Sandra Randall. PBUIECTIU I T CLUB The projectionist club is an active club in which the responsibility of showing movies is taken off the teachers and given to the students. The students are, in one way, furthering their knowledge and in another way helping the school. Kneeling: Dennis Wood, David Patterson. Standing: Dennis Koll- morgen, Rene Wojcik, Henry Brohl, Bob Beveridge, Doug Mullin, David O'Bryan, Vic Selewski, John Schober, Bill Sommerville, Bob Myers, Allen Webb, Tom Dierwa, Phil Jennings. AN I H CLUB ?Como esta usted? is often heard while walking down the halls of Fraser. These words are uttered by the members of the Pan American Club who are studying and enjoying the ways of the Southern Spanish speaking coun- tries. They went on many field trips and had many enjoyable club functions. First Row, left to right: Elaine Maesso, Pat Dixon, Carol Gares, Cheryl Bloomer. Second Row: Jim Folkman, Louis Johnston, Evan Winkleman, Larry Hilton. Third Row: Liz Mack, Karen Clark, Nancy Skubick, Kathleen Kramp, Virginia Sonne. 44 Members of the band: Joanne Rybicki, Presidentg Tom Mikula, Vice-Presidentg Heather McCracken, Secretary- Treasurerg Kathy Heemer, Junior High Representativeg Sandra Napior, Junior High Representativeg Cheryl Farmer, Janet Storks, Joanne Van Thomme, Gorden Arbitter, Carol Brzoska, Sally Hartley, David Patterson, Richard Plumb, Ronald Rybicki, Toni Schmitz, Gary Schoeny, Tim Skubick, Pat Turner, Marion Zwar, Susan Koppin, Ronald Adams, FRA R HIGH Marjorie Oehmke, Virginia Sonne, Walter Burke, Edwin Beaupre, Ted Arvant, Richard Heemer, David McAdams, Allan Malbouef, Howard May, Michael West, Dan Kecz- mer, Tom King, ,Paul Kozdron, David Lykens, John Craw- ford, John Foster, Kenneth Leonard, Ronald Brink, Tom Dierwa, Robert Dyer, James Turner, Robert Gleason, Mike Markiewicz, Shirley Windhorst. CHUUL BA D The band is one of the busiest organizations in the school. This year they played at many of our football games. They gave a pan- cake supper to raise money for uniforms and succeeded in this effort. They also gave two con- certs for the enjoyment of the students and parents of Fraser. However, it was not all work. For their enjoyment they took time out to attend the Detroit Symphony. 45 CHUPALEEB Above we see the school quartet: Left to right, Sharon Folland, Pat Schurig, Janet Deming and Nancy Skubick. First Row, Left to Right: Mr. Pattengale, Director, Nancy Skubick, Joanne Torregrossa, Bonnie Miller, Karen Meier, Judy MacArthur, Cheryl Bloomer, Judy Coon, Delberta Schomaker, Donna Woloson, Barbara Markham, Karen Ehresman, Ruth Oplinger, Bob Gru- now, Richard Riggen, Pat Schurig, Lynne Schmitz, Sharon Folland, Linda Lienau. Second Roiv: Mary Ellen Van Thomme, Karin Rorig, Linda Nesje, Barb Grose, India Kollmorgen, Judy Cannon, Marge Mand- ziara, Gail Werner, Gloria DiMarzo, Sheila Baraks, 46 Gay Chandler, Kathy Niemczyk, Kathy King, Darrel Bostow, John Weber, Joyce Heemer, Shirley Scripnek, Pat Hayes, Darlene Johnson. Third Row: Frances Van Thomme, Betty Malicke, Karen Garwood, Pat Neda, Judy Groth, Bonnie Opie, Charlene Billips, Geraldine Pastalewicz, Joan Walerych, Gloria Kozdron, Carol Rybicki, Sally Hack, Darla Gunningham, Carol Balch, Lowell Steffens, Duane Whiteaker, Wilbur Humphries, Donna Kollmorgen, Deanna Chapman, Anna Naso. COMMERCIAL CLUB Sitting, left to right: Judy Tench, Marion Zwar, India Kollmorgen, Joyce Soltman, Janet Wendzell, Joanne Rybicki, Pat Neda. Standing: Nancy Trammel, Carol-Rybicki, Ruth Ann Oplinger. I DU TRIAL ART CLUB Above we see the members of the Industrial Arts Club. First Row, left to right: Rex Balch, Tom DeVoogd, Mr. Hartsig. Advisor, Ken Whipple, Bill Sommerville. Second Row: Jim Carter, Tim DeLise, Gary Anderson, Jim Zions, Bob Qualls. Third Row: Bill Crum, Louis Walczak, and Jim Dierolf. This club gives the students a better understanding of industry and its functions, an opportunity to see the different jobs available, and the training necessary for jobs in industry. Oh great ZUGLEBUB! ARF - ARF Give us our duly deserved applause, Ladies and Gentlemen. nr ,V K- eeee M Thursday night cast: Judy Tench, Doug Mullin, Fae Bumler, Dennis Wood, Bev Morgan, Larry Wondero,-Dick House, Mary Tuzzolino, Pat Schurig, Heather McCracken. HER Friday night cast: Nancy LaCross, Tim DeLise, Fae Bumler, Heather McCracken, Duane Whiteaker, Bev Morgan, Lou Walczak, Dick House, Betty Greer, Sharon Folland. "Mrs. Aldrich ! ! Why, she has fainted! You are a Dog! Sponsored by Mr. E1- "F" CLUB First Row, left to right: Paul LaCross, Roland Fillmore, Phil LaCross, Dennis Wood, Larry Wondero, Fred Adani. Ken Lucas, Ralph Adkins, Mr. Lusk, Advisor. Second Row: Brad Jennings, Bill Sommerville, Phil Jennings, Bob Myers, Ken Whipple. Doug Dobrei, Jim Albrecht, Doug Smith, Rene Wojcik, Lary House, Vice-President, Doug Mullin. Third Row: Dick Brower. Larry Girling, Sec.-Treas., Bill Huyge, Gary Ander- son, Rex Balch, Tom DeVoogd, Larry Strubel, Wilbur Humphries. Duane Whiteaker, President, Richard Riggen, Wayne Fillmore, Victor Accivatti, Bob Warner, Louis Walczak. BUY CLUB The purpose of the "F" Club is to promote sports and good sports- manship in Fraser High School. Any boy who has earned a varsity letter is eligible for membership in the club. The club sponsored their annual WPA dance, and as usual it was a great success. lison, the Boyas Club is in its first year. It uses the gym and its facilities for athletic purposes and it gives all boys, who might not otherwise have the opportunity to do so, a chance to work out in the gym. Among the club's activities were a car wash and a dance. 50 First Row, left to right: Mike Naso, Larry Wondero, Harold Rak, Danny Keczmer, Lyle Roberts, Mike Tozer, Vic Accivatti, Louis Walczak, Roy Preihs. Second Row: Bob Grunow, Fred Adani, David O'Bryan, Wayne Fillmore, Richard Riggen, Vince Incammisa, Bob Gleason, Tom Nicolai, Bob Qualls, Chuck Rock. Third Row: Bill Matthews, Bob Goetzinger, Roland Fillmore, Mike Rock. Wilbur Humphries, Larry House, Doug Smith, Bob Meyers, Phil Jennings, Rex Balch, Gary Anderson, Lowell Steffens, Tom Sayer. HU ECUMING The 1958-59 Homecoming game between Fraser and Utica took place at Mt. Clemens Stadium on October 24. Our Ramblers were held to a 7-7 tie on a wet and soggy field. The downpour of rain postponed the selec- tion of our queen until after the game, when in our new gym Joanne Rybicki was crowned queen by co-captains Dick Brower and Larry House. Joanne and her court reigned over the dance. IHTTY CHEEHLE D R Donna Ioan Jan ,f 205i Sheila Del Judy oALUTE lYOUl E7 Joanne Rybicki Sheila Baraks Delberta Schomaker Janet Wendzell Judy Coon Donna Woloson gen PRESENTING THE Barb Przybylski IUNIUR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS 53 Iunior Class Pla 45 Sitting, Front: Delberta Schomaker, Student Director, Joan Torregrossa, Ed Byrne, Jim Turner, Ed Beaupre. Dan Zalewski, Carol Balch. Sitting, Back: Jim Albrecht, Dick Stade, Allen Webb, Doug Smith. Standing, left to right: Kathi King, Nancy Skubick, Karen Meier, Louise Allen, Phil Jennings, India Kollmorgen, John Weber, Janet Wendzell, Bob Myers. Karen Andre-Pat Dixon Dr. Kirkland-Jim Albrecht , Mrs. John Hutchins-Nancy Skubick Homer Van F leet-Dan Zelewski Elmer Sweeney-Doug Smith Nancy Lee Faulkner-Louise Allen, Karen Meiers Magda Svewson-Sheila Baraks John Graham Whitfield-Phil Jennings Jane Chandler-Chris Landy Sigurd Junquist-John Weber Larry Regan-Ed Beaupre Roberta Van Rensselaer-Joan Torregrossa, Kathi King Stenographer-Charlotte Thomas 54 Prison Matron-Carol Balch Bailiff-Jim Turner Judge Heath-Allen Webb D. A. Flint-Ed Brynes His Secretary-Janet Wendzell Defense Attorney Stevens-Bob Myers His Secretary-India Kollmorgen Athletics Compete .. on the gridiron . . . on the hardwood . . . on the diamond . . . on the cinders . . . or . . . iust sit in the stands and cheer for the team . . Rex Balch Larry House Bob Warner End Co-captain Tackle Halfback Will Humphries Tackle Rich Riggen Guard Jim Ryan Guard Bill Sommerville Trainer Rambler Gridiron Squad 1958 - 59 Dick , Brower Co-captain Guard This year Dick Brower, one of the greatest football players to attend Fraser High, brought fame and honor to our high school and himself by being selected on the All-State second team. This is the highest honor ever attained by a Fraser athlete. Some of Dick's other achievements were: All Bi- County two yearsg All Macomb County two yearsg and a varsity letter in football three years. We salute you, Dick Brower, athlete of the year. Wayne Fillmore Fu llback Doug Smith End Doug Dobrei Quarterback Paul LaCross Phil LaCross H alfback F ullback Wade Riggen Manager Fight for a rebound! Time out for a word of advice! Around and in for a lay-up! Watch out boys, here I come! IU IUP1 VAR ITY ET LL Front row left to right: Bill Vande Veegate, Wayne Fillmore, Dennis Kollmorgen, Doug Dobrei, Ronnie Rybicki, and Ken Englebert. Buck row, left to right: Paul La Crosse, Dan Keczmer, Norman Schneider, Tom DeVoogd, Dean Schoen, Nor- man McClennen, Ed Schultz, Richard Riggen, and Mr. Nelson, Coach. Duane Whiteaker Rene Wojclk Forward C 0-captam Doug Mullin Center arsit Basketball Forward Fraser 50 2' Fraser L'anse Creuse 43 Lakeview Fraser 43 Fraser Utica 67 South Lake Fraser 42 Fraser Center Line 61 Utica Fraser 42 Fraser Lake Shore 55 Center Line Fraser Fraser Lutheran East Lake Shore Fraser Fraser Algonac J Warren Fraser Fraser L'anse Creuse Lakeview Fraser Fraser Warren South Lake Larry House Rex Balch Co-captain Guard Guard Bi-County Record Season Record Won Lost Won Lost 5 11 2 10 60 AR ITY 'N Above we see our Varsity Basketball Team for the 58-59 season. Left to right: Dennis Wood, Rene Wojcik, Duane Whiteaker, Rolland Fillmore, Fred Adani, Rex Balch, Larry House, Phil Jennings, Bob Myers, Doug Mullin, Ken Whipple, Bill Huyge, Mgr., Dick House, Mgr., Lyle Roberts, Mgr. I hope that photographer takes that picture, soon. It must be there, I just saw it a minute ago. Baseball eterans Above are the returning veterans from the varsity of last year. The team this year is coached by Mr. Lusk. The boys are looking forward to a successful season in the Bi-County League. Sitting left to right: Doug Dobrei, Fred Adani, Roland Fillmore, Rene Wojcik, Rex Balch, Mr. Lusk, Coach. Standing: Joe Morgen, Mgr. Harold Schutt, Doug Smith, Larry Girling. Back Row: Wayne Fillmore, Larry Wondero, and Bob Warner. Track Veterans Above we see the boys who earned letters in track last year. Coach Jim Miller finds himself faced with a big rebuilding task after graduation took a large portion of the team. We are sure the boys will try their best to bring the track trophy to Fraser. Sitting left to right: Phil Jennings, Coach Jim Miller, Larry House. Second row, standing: Rene Wojcik, Doug Smith, Will Humphries, Bob Myers, Ken Whipple. Third row, standing: Paul Lacross, Ken Lucas, Phil Lacross. Veterans First Row, Left to Right: Pat Harris, Barbara Pyzybylski, Miss Hite, Coach, Janice Wood, Laurel Manthei. Second Row: Nancy Trammel, June Haist, Sharon Folland, Judy Coon, Donna Woloson, Pat Schurig. Third Row: Deanna Chapman, Nancy LaCross, Donna Kollmorgen, Judy Zupan, Sheila Baraks. Fourth Row: Joyce Soltman, Carol Rybicki, Joan Walerych. First Row: Wanda Champine, Janet Wendzell, Linda Carter. Second Row: Barbara Grose, Joyce Gould, Marilyn Gerwin, Pat Neda, Kathy Niemczyk, San- dra Wise, Lynn Schmitz. Third Row: Virginia Sonne, Julie King, Judy MacArthur, Bonnie Miller, Carol Spearman, Jill Stewart, Pat Turner. Fourth Row: Betty Ma- licke, Sandra Stade, Shirley Bev- eridge, Frances Van Thomme, Barbara Markham, Mary Ann Bryzelak, Shirley Scripnek. Fifth Row: Elaine Maesso, Margret Leone, Delberta Schomaker, Elaine Morberg, Judy Larson, Nancy Sossi, Carol Balch, Kathy King. Sixth Row: Juanita Sutton, Joanne Torregrossa, Kay Sibley, Sandra Michayluk, Joanne Ry- bicki, Carol Gares, Ruth Ann Oplinger. 64 Girl ' oftball Try-Outs if .W-,Y 'TN 1 af 5 rl in 0' -1, N qw.-f QI lg. IQ' NAME Gary Anderson Rex Balch Carol Beier Roy Beltowski Bob Beltz Henry Brohl Dan Buss Fae Bumler Bonnie Burtle Deanna Chapman Mike Claerhout Janet Deming Jim Dierolf David Dellinger Tim DeLise Roger DeVolder Karen Ehresman George Figlioli Dianne Ferdig Roland Fillmore Sharon Folland Karen Garwood Kathy Gerwin Larry Girling Betty Greer Judy Groth Barbara Grose Sally Hack Donna Horn Larry House Dick House Will Humphries Vince Incammisa Darlene Johnson Gloria Kozdron Fred Krage Nancy LaCross Sue Lawson enior ADDRESS 13801 33310 32515 14755 15227 16101 15715 20740 16470 19044 16350 33081 13467 16854 4028 16846 17955 19575 34130 31350 32805 33595 36235 32688 16474 14433 16821 38183 36325 33530 19232 25106 18684 33228 16925 16311 18956 33978 Frazho, Warren Klein, Fraser Beaconsfield, Roseville Frazho, Warren Callahan, Fraser 15 Mile, Fraser 15 Mile, Fraser Stafford, Mt. Clemens 14 Mile, Fraser 13 Mile, Roseville Millar, Fraser Garfield, Fraser Herbert, Warren Anita, Fraser Lamont, San Diego Park Lane, Fraser Masonic, Fraser Brandt, Roseville Utica, Fraser York, Fraser Garfield, Fraser Duncan, Fraser Moravian, Fraser Kelly, Roseville Masonic, Fraser River Road, Utica Josephine, Fraser Hayes, Utica Moravian, Fraser Otto, Fraser Brandt, Roseville Tecla, Warren Nunneley, Mt. Clemens Klein, Fraser Penrod, Mt. Clemens 14 Mile, Fraser Dixie, Mt. Clemens Louise, Fraser PHONE NO. PR 3-1635 PR 6-6021 PR 7-7165 PR 5-6137 HO 3-7291 HO 8-8624 HO 3-3491 PR 1-3582 PR 8-1632 HO 3-7820 PR 8-0537 SL 8-2833 PR 7-9652 PR 5-4712 PR 8-8059 HO 3-5294 PR 6-3832 PR 6-0388 PR 6-3771 HO 3-7372 PR 6-1323 PR 6-1822 PR 1-9251 HO 3-1138 PR 7-0468 PR 5-0692 HO 8-8274 HO 3-7885 PR 5-7357 HO 3-6590 HO 3-3475 NAME Marilyn Lehmann Joan Luskin Brad Jennings Ron Mancini Marge Mandziara Bill Matthews Heather McCracken Beverley Morgan Doug Mullin Dennis Olsen Jim Olsen Jim Pennington George Probst Myrna Redlawski Wade Riggen Joan Rybicki Audrey Schrade John Scheer Pat Schurig Harold Schutt Kay Sibley Bill Sommerville Morris Sullens Judy Tench Sharon Trozak Mary Tuzzolino Louis Walczak Bob Warner Gail Werner Duane Whiteaker Rene Wojcik Dennis Wood Larry Wondero John Wittebols Trudy Ziehms Jim Zions Judy Zupan Director 16544 14815 15221 36711 14246 31661 15900 31120 16554 15393 15393 33187 34700 32725 32485 31240 15677 33071 33231 17092 35648 34500 17124 31327 35860 33630 25828 16646 36100 19071 32240 31437 36130 35697 15365 36688 34795 Millar, Fraser Frazho, Warren Callahan, Fraser Moravian, Mt. Clemens 13 Mile, Warren York, Fraser 15 Mile, Fraser Fraser Dr., Fraser Admiral, Fraser 15 Mile, Fraser 15 Mile, Fraser Louise, Fraser Garfield. Fraser 1 Utica, Fraser Fraser Dr., Fraser York, Fraser Clinton River Rd., Mt. Garfield, Fraser Duncan, Fraser Masonic, Fraser Utica, Fraser Garfield, Fraser Penrod, Mt. Clemens Eveningside, Fraser Shangrila, Fraser Louise, Fraser Firwood, Fraser Admiral, Fraser Garfield, Fraser 14 Mile, Fraser Garfield, Fraser York, Fraser Moravian, Fraser Garfield, Fraser Callahan, Fraser Capper, Mt. Clemens Garfield, Fraser Clemens PHONE NO. HO 3-7905 PR 5-7478 PR 7-0593 HO 3-1424 PR 5-3118 HO 3-1212 PR 3-2850 PR 7-0728 HO 3-1757 HO 3-1757 HO 3-6988 PR 6-2793 PR 6-5084 PR 7-8144 HO 3-7021 PR 5-6915 PR 5-3432 PR 8-4713 HO 3-2800 HO 3-1737 PR 1-7129 HO 3-0171 HO 3-6617 PR 8-5833 PR 6-2724 HO 8-8421 PR 6-7265 PR 8-8166 PR 5-5926 HO 3-7964 HO 3-3839 PR 7-9628 HO 3-3209 67 ex e f 1' , , V J ?, L ,gg t, VV77 , I A K ,K , . . 'ii 4,6 4, Q1-wg L, Qigglfux 5 f ug' :kill Q-41513. ef, Il-Q-lnquuf N, .A xt.: 5' ,naturali- '.',,,..c,:, A' 4, E ,.,.,vs. l 6'fD - gg fb 55559353 ww PY LL ,, Maul , I 1ii.liM5 4 L.1 W J na? by N H V, ., w 1et:f ,f-, 7 V ' it nl , up M i -' , ag 1 ' 5 -Q 5' 'f an , 'A V If k W' g 'LF' A g' Mi' Y 55 ' A 1. , , ' if Z- , f-4 . . m M ."- X Y' mr QL W- . -'Y . - A f fi wx H Z Q , iw MMmw l f X ,MWw? .g,, ' M ,W . y W QwwL IQ Tho e ho ade it Possible To our patrons and friends who make such substantial contributions to our structure of education, we give our sincere thanks. It would be impossible to maintain our school and portray its many phases through The Rambler 1959 without their constant interest and support. ART KOLLMORGEN Your Local Agent INSURANCE AND BONDS 33033 Edgegrove Dr. Fraser Pr. 5-4822 BERNIE 8. NELSON'S MOBIL SERVICE Tune-Up - Brake Service Repairs - Tires Batteries - Accessories - Mufflers - Tail Pipes ROAD SERVICE PR. 3-0704 PR. I-6326 32971 GROESBECK - M97 FRASER, MICH. T- S W FRASER LUMBER C02 , - 'f t Television S Appliance " 5 ff , 31471 uma Road ' Phone PR' 79384 r 1. I' SALES AND SERVICE Fraser' Michigan A Mill My Records - AP!-Wliances Prescott 7-9300 - -IEEE: Fred Winkelman 28703 GRATIOT RosEvlLLE, Nucl-I. IIIIMMEIIIIII-ll. STATE BANK of Roseville Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Homestead Barber Shop 32901 Utica Road Fraser, Michigan Chuck Collins, Owner Yet Produce Wholesale FRUIT AND VEGETABLES Pr. 5-1887 Jasper Terzo "Have Produce Will Travel" Fraser Lanes Bowling Alley 33042 Garfield Open bowling Sat. 8: Sun. l p.m. Till For Lge. information Call PRescott 5-9202 lf You Read "FRASER'S HOME NEWSPAPER" You'II Know What's What In Fraser SCHOTT'S SUPER MARKET PRescott 5-9010 DEPARTMENT STORE 16655 I4 MILE RD. PR. 5-7535 Headquarters for Family Clothing and Shoes Fraser, Michigan TEFF LUMBER 8. BUILDERS Supplies ' Formica ' Custom Millwork ' Spred Satin Paint ' Electric Supplies ' Armstrong Ceiling Tile Insulation Skil Tools Wall Paneling Anderson Windows Custom Kitchen Cabinets PR. 5-4000 16647 I4 MILE ROAD - FRASER E N I Compliments of McKinley Aircraft Co Edgar Beck School of Aviation GARFIEI-D GARAGE Leonard Woicik BUMPING - PAINTING 32240 GARFIELD PR. 8-8166 Fraser Michigan Fraser, MlChi9af1 We Recommend DU PONT Body and Fender Repairs - Expert Refinishing ll I I ll ke to meet "live been Watching all evening how pleasant and charm- ing she is to everyone. l'm told her name is Betty, and she works for the telephone company." Yes, Betty, through her day-to-day training on her telephone job, has gained poise and confidence-real assets to an attractive, winning personality. When she started her job, Betty had no experience in telephone Work. But she was trained with other be- ginners by Michigan Bell's friendly, understanding super- visors. Today Betty's proud of her workg enjoys a fine salary, regular wage increases, and many new friends. What more could any girl ask in a job? Get in touch with us-perhaps you'll find there's one of those interesting telephone jobs for you. A Good Place to Work MICHIGAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY T O N Y 8. B O B'S Barber Shop "lf You Can't Stop, Smile As You Go By" 18296 E. 13 MILE ROAD Roseville, Michigan PR. 5-9214 ERNST FRIENDLY SERVICE Corner Garfield 81 Utica Road Fraser, Michigan PR. 5-9124 Macomb Machine Co. 31020 Utica Road Fraser "Tool Specialists Since 1934" 2444! 7mma! Www Roseville St. Clair Shores Fred H. Kaul - Roy J. Kaul Compliments of Compliments of A R T C O, Inc. ARTCO PLASTICS 31985 Groesbeck Highway 31985 Groesbegk Highway Fraser Michigan PR. 1-2400 Fraser, Michigan 15 - Garfield Gulf Service 34975 GARFIELD HO. 8-9232 Fraser, Michigan Compliments of Russell R. Browne Jr. Russ Browne Sign Service STZIEIYS HX PHIIHIVII-IIIY Prescriptions Norcross Greeting Cards 16649 14 Mile Road PRescott 7-1390 Fraser, Michigan WEBB DRUG CO. Ben Franklin 5-1.00 Store 32550 Garfield Ave. Fraser, Michigan WOHLFIELD'S SERVICE 24 Hour Wrecker Service Road Aid Motor Tune-up Brake Service - Repairs 31800 Groesbeck PRescott 7-0143 Fraser, Michigan SHEPPARD'S INN M-97 8a Utica Rd. Fraser, Michigan PR. 7-1818 Phone PRescott 7-9155 FRASER OIL COMPANY Wholesale 84 Retail 31551 Groesbeck Highway Fraser, Michigan LIJNEPELLUW SALES IIUHPUIIATIIIN 31795 Groesbeck Highway Manufacturer of Fishing Tackle Glass Rods Casting, Spinning, Trolling, Fly Reels Casting, Spinning Baits and Lures Mercury Minnow Wm. Moors Concrete Products, Inc 3 147 FRASER, MICH WILL 82 SCIIWAIIZKIIFF FUNERAL IIOME 233 N. Gratiot Mt. Clemens, Michigan HOward 8-4509 Horseback Riding Hayrides JACK'S RIDING STABLE Horses Boarded - Sold - Bought 13475 River Road Utica, Mich. C. W. Bennett, Realtor 34195 Utica Road, Fraser PR 6-1323 Best Wishes MITCHELL BUICK SALES 165 N. Gratiot RAMMLER GOLF CLUB 38180 ufica Road GOLF Mt. Clemens, Michigan HO. 8-4567 FINE FOOD COCKTAIL BAR TulIy's Drive-In Delicious Chicken Dinners and Fish and Chips To Go Tullyburgers 8: Hamburgers Fast service for the working man 35004 Moravian Fraser Compliments of Fred Reinhard, Plumbing Heating, Repairs, Alterations, and new work PR 1-3347 PR 74464 Compliments of Van Zanen and Son, Inc. "l.UMBER IS OUR BUSINESS" FRASER, MICHIGAN The State Bank of Fraser Always ready io serve all your needs All checking and Savings Accounts Insured Up To 510,000.00 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Fraser, Michigan Prescoh 7-2700 LARRY'Sy SHELL SERVICE "Service is Our Business" Garfield at Penrod 24 Hour Wrecker Service Compliments of Little Acres Hardware il Water Softeners and Salts 36578 Moravian Dr. at Garfield HOward 3-8373 C 8. C HEATING INC. Coal and Oil Air Conditioned Furnaces Sheet Metal Work 29440 Groesbeck Hwy. Roseville, Michigan Pkescott 6-3144 Steffens Garage 8. Service I4 Mile and Utica Fraser, Michigan PR. 5-4511 Compliments of TRIMLINE INDUSTRIES 35220 Groesbeck Mt. Clemens, Michigan Kraatz Flowers and Gifts Remember Your Sweetheart With A Posey, We Have Them For Every Occasion. IOI Groesbeck Hwy. Mt. Clemens, Mich. HOward 3-8688 - 3-8689 Compliments of FRASER SUPER MARKET Choice Meats, Groceries Fresh Fruits 81 Vegetables 32064 Utica Rd. Fraser, Mich. PR. 5-8142 llraimis Studios 2l ll WOODWARD AVE. WO. 3-4030 "Your official school photographers" Compliments of Congressman JAMES G. O'HARA District Office 32909 Utica Rd. Fraser, Michigan Compliments of ' .IUSTENS PR. 2-3440 Compliments of MILLER BROS. CO. Fine Class Rings, Announcements Yearbooks, Awards ROBERT H. DEWSBURY 9336 Sioux Detroit 39, Michigan KEnwood 5-3554 l' llll :llf:'.:t: 79 f NoRA's BEAUTY SHOP KARGOI- CLEANERS I . "Tops for Quality" 35327 Utica Road Fraser 32540 Utica Road Fraser HO' 8-8497 PR. 6-7665 I Dr. Edward C. Tews -IES-CAL C0- I I OPTOMETRIST ' ' ' l 16649 , 14 Mile Road Fraser '31 485 Groesbeck Fraser, Michigan I PR. 2-6198 PR- 7-4800 NOW ENTERING THE ERA OF All. - ELECTRIC LIVING Today's graduates are entering an exciting new era where they will live better electrically in every way . . .at home, at work, or at play. No matter which path you may choose, electricity will be there to lighten your load, brighten your way . . . help you live better. . . electrically. .. DETROIT EDISON A R35 Q T3 2 ff? Ri? K.. H +V. E523 if iii? ask Ei 12? f .xii Kp lx, XX' I I ? Q , 15' Xl 1 3 I f RW' x I 1 1 x x 'u ' , -. .5231 L 3' , .b xl X 5' MA .5 , 1 X- I I . XX' I I : .Af 0- 5 'V xx K x l V' ', N 2 1, M U QF,-5 xx fr. , fu' 2 -.J I 3 W2 , x J,- I J , X J , 1 a ' X I w 1 I r .-, L A p X N, ..

Suggestions in the Fraser High School - Rambler Yearbook (Fraser, MI) collection:

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