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?2ff f7fjJW wwf 957359 Way Wfm www? 'Ag g7QMT,5jf 315' pw f My 4 I' X4 1 . A 7 f J LM Aiwiylf 'G T , JM ' ZW 'fb fJ1f'p u' 'x S955-fy M . fi- 5' 5, 'Ikhxi ll ' fnifjvy lg'A' W wk M 93,50 by Q 1 S by j iw!! K' ,lb rf! QQ U9 W X f Y gf' 9135! FQ 1 0 f Q' Q gm 1 I 'T Ck 51 9 41 Ko Q- A? 2-1 'jg f 2 2 .Q- ffm. ., A . N NW1 N l 'j A W, ' " 9?!lf!!!5 W Q X N X X . E XR i :fm my i ixiffw kk , i . P -PM NW W , K .., LS 'LLL 2 ' - jlxkg sx kv Ng. , f ' I x,,. Y K A x E Y, ,,Q . . PRESENTING THE 1958 RAMBLER Q wig: ' SQ ' WN L f- . .- 5 if X xi ,fl A XO: W xi- Miavm is Y W X 4' 1 an uf RS Q S X ., Nyzf-. X.,-X5 ' " Nkwz Y Y 'I K J r F 5, ,ff '..,rh U., i mmmi 7 N X! 1 Z f K 5, n . Q9 WE DEDICATE We, the students of the 1958 Senior Class, proudly dedicate our annual to Miss Patricia Hite-tor her under- standing and success as a teacher of Home Economics and Girls Gym. We thank you, Miss Hite, for arousing a greater school spirit among the students during this past year, and for spending your time with us as Cheerleaders, and as sponsor of our Girls Athletic Association. We are also greatly honored in having you as sponsor of our Senior Class. Miss Hite graduated from Purdue University in 1954 with a major in Physical Education and Home Economics. 2 THIS BCDOK TCD: Mr. John Brockschmidt, Jr. We thank you, Mr. Brockschmidt, for your understanding as counselor and sponsor of our classy for the Times you've stopped to give us advice and suggestions concerning our future, and solutions to our present problems. Mr. Brockschmidt was born in Grand Rapids and attended Saint Alphasis School. In May, l95l, he graduated from Aqui- nas College with a Bachelor of Arts degree. The following Sep- tember he began teaching at Fraser High School. He acquired his Master of Arts degree from the University of Detroit in 1955. Q I ' w Miss Bonnie Hogeboom Marcy Osborne Secretary Secretary ADMINI Mr. John Cain J '-V" 1'-U' Mr. John Brocksmiclt Co-ordinalor - CO-OP Counselor Program Mr. Stanley L. Schook Jr. Principal A Above we see Mr. Humbert, Superin- tendent, and his secretaries, Mrs. Catherine Muselin and Mrs. Jenny Vicks. STRATICN sci-iooL BOARD Donald McMinn, Treasurer Thomas Bergeson, Trustee 5 William Van Zanen, President Darrell Hilton, Secretary Roland Davies, Trustee Z A , Our A l ,4,v'll49 l .,,W,,- ,Faculty f at N 'f' 'il' Jllvy Clayton Modon Ferris lnstitute, B.A., Detroit Business Institute, B.S. Commercial Tod Striewski Mary Lou Rust Seymour Okun Wayne State University, Fairmont State College, Michigan State University, B.S. Art A.B. Music Education B.M., University of Michigan, Paul Donahue ' F f' John Cain M'M' Band University ofbetroit, Waynesburg College, MMU' K9'1n0dY B.S. Education - B.S. Commercial Butler University, ,I my f B.S. Biological Science 1 Volorh Huffman University of Toledo, B.E., University of Michigan, M.A.B.E. Carolyn Mc Nutt Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana, B.S. Home Economics Donald 0'Connor University of Detroit, B.S.-Social Studies University of Detroit. M.A. ,rl CV' Patricia Hite Pu'due University, B.S., f Physical Education, Home Economics ,cfj,,XfZffM!! 6.7 .M Awiff f Anthony Russo Eastern Michigan College, B.S. Education John Brockschmldt Aquinas College, B.A,, University of Detroit, M. Ed. English, Latin Arlene Eddy Waynesburg Teachers College, B.S. Commercial Roy Chestnut Central Michigan College, B.fS,, Social Science Donald Nelson Central Michigan College, B.S. Science Thomas Lusk Hillsdale College, B.S., M.A. Physical Education J Beniamin Barrera Central Michigan College B.S. Spanish Venus Brown .lean Senlrln Northern Michigan College, University of Detroit, B.A. English B.S. Chemistry M.S. Science Ruth Elwell Richard Hartsig Ball State Teachers College, Eastern Michigan College, B.S. English-Speech B.S., M.A., Industrial Arts i 5 ,WK ,J XL i5 if f V U James Miller j t Western Michi , ' B.S. Patricia Cosgrove Brockport Teachers College, B.S. English, University of Michigan, M.A. English 'X K Joseph laige University of Detroit, A.B. Art M.S. Science L.L.D. Law s Titiana Gedrovics B.S. Library Science Western Michigan Univer- sity, M.A. Library Science L, Qi' 'ir i J i wwf Mike 0'Bryan Jo ce Schrade James Dobrei 454416679 os.. f' - . . y f .. uh, ,,, ' ' Mikalene Brys Q00-C ' , Seniorsl We are proud to add to our account a few "firsts". We are proud to be the first class to be graduating from the New Fraser High School and first to sponsor a Sadie Hawkin's week to be followed by a dance. This year we started the per- sonal account system, which included .the selling of magazines, Christmas cards, candy, and play tickets, and the conducting of a bake sale. We ,S 1' hold our iunior-senior prom as something to be remembered, the banquet and dance was held at the Hillcrest Country Club. From our sharing, as a class, friendship, sorrow, and happiness we've ex- perienced a bit of failure and success. Out of l5O freshman their ire 92 who have continued and are proud to hold the name of a Fraser High School Senior. Eugene All: School is iust like home, l'm never there. Basketball L26, Baseball 'l,2, Proiectionist Club 2,3, Library Clu 2,3, jjpif Sandra Andor Where there is no love put love, and you will find love. F.H.A. 4, Play 4. Leonard Bassett Greater men than l may have lived, but I doubt it. Bas tball 3,4, School Spirit Club, President 3, Play 4 GVVL , JJ, fiwgm M ,MAJ Barbara ut f lt's nice to be good, but if you can't be least be careful. School Spirit Club 2, Co-Op Carol Beaupre She's happy, clever, full of fun, and always wear- ing a smile. Bowling Club l, Drama Club l,2, School Spirit Club l,2, Girl's Basketball 2, Play 3,4, Softball 3, G.A.A. 4, Annual Staff 4. s .. Q C, x Donald Belisle The line forms to the right, girls. Football l,2,3,4, School Spirit Club l, Baseball 1, Class Vice President 2,3, F-Club 2,3, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Intramural Basketball 2,3, Student Co ncil Vice-P esident 4 ' .4 Wulf 'U ,Z-WZ? ag! V ' 0 Patricia Berger -'df You'Il never get a square deal out of life by run- ning around in circles. Basketball i,2, Band l,2,3,4, Future Teachers 2,3, Play 3,4, Library 4, S.L.A.A.M. 4. Jeanette Bond Should she live a thousand years, she would never be without humor. Dance Club l, School Spirit 2,3, Bowling Club 4, G.A.A. 4, Student Council 4. i . : Meng, sm . Ronald Bratz lf there is no way, l'll make one. Math Club 25 School Soirit 35 Play 45 School Paper 4. Marlorlo Brohl Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow there is school Dance Club l Girls Service 2 3 Michalono Brys There's no business like money business. Dramatics 2,3,45 Library Club 3, Treasurer 4, Vice-President 25 Debate 2,3,45 Basketball 2,35 G.A.A. 45 Play 3,45 Class Treasurer 3,45 Annual Staff 4. Michael Brzoska l am not going to settle down, and thereby fool nobody. Bovs Service Club 2. Ronald Burke l"ll find a way or make one. Baseball 2,3,45 F-Club 2,3, Vice-President 45 Basketball 3,45 Student Council 3, President 45 Football 45 Play 45 Annual Staff 45 Hot Rod ub 2 a2,fl2.WLs2J2. mw- vsLQmeAQW,s- Raymond Carlson KAW-' Beware, even yet l may do something sensational. Bowling Club I5 Hot Rod Club 25 Boys Service 35 Play 3,45 Boys Glee Club 4. ,za Bon Casady Better late than never. Eaffkj X514 ,Zee-5 Rosemary Corini Quiet to those who know her not5 iolly to those who do. Girls Service 25 Play 35 School Spirit 35 G.A.A. 45 Choir 45 Co-Op Club 4. ll Carl Christiansen There's still a chance for love. Library Club 2, Engi- neering Club 3, Play 3,4, Boys Choir 4. Raymond Chuhran The man who tries to do something and falls is definitely better than the man who tries to do nothing and succeeds. Football l,2,3,4, Baseball l,2, Track 2, Boys Service Club 3 WJ. .04 to dp pf Jw 4' 5, 1 James Dobrei X? A merry man is he, and a friend to you and me. Baseball l,2,3,4, Class President l,2,4, Bowling Club 1, Football 2,3, Captain 4, Basketball 2,3, Captain 4, Track 2,3,4, F-Club 2,3, President 4, School Spirit Club 2, Play 4. Gerald Dryer Silence never betrayed anyone. Baseball 2,3, School Spirit Club 2,3, Annual 3, Hockey Club 4. Donna Fletemeuer Restless as a windshield wiper. Dance Club l, F.H.A. l,2,3, Secretary 4, Choir 4. LJJJZ? jgxfl 6L,!S,1LcLZf , J 62,501 ' fjjifwiiiie meow? ffjgljgnoix J Jim Fordyce W There are other ways of getting up in the world than hitting the ceiling. Baseball 2, Basketball 3,4, Play 3,4, Debate 4, Basketball Manager 2, F-Club 2,3,4, Math Club l,2. Joyce Fuerst There are many ways in the world, one must be mine. Dance Club 1, Cheerleader 2, Spanish Club 2, Future Homemakers 3, Co-Op 4. .' af ' Bonnie Guir ' ' - Library Club 4. I2 Speaking is silver, silence is golden. Choir 2,3,4, Spanish Club 2, Commercial Club 3, Co-Op Club 4, F . L X.. -leak . NN X fit, :cf Den Gentz It's easy to be brave, from a safe distance. Boys Service 2, Hot Rod Club 3, Play 3,4, Proiectionist Club 4. Gloria Gould Love is what makes the world go around-my, but I :seem dizzy. F.H.A. l,2, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4, Choir 4. Patricia Haight Little, but, Oh my! School Spirit 2,3, Girls Service 3, Play 3,4, Choir 4, Co-Op 4, Bowling 4. Valerie Harvey I believe in quality, not quantity. Library Club 2,3, Choir 2,3,4, Play 3,4, Executive Board 3, G.A.A. 4, Bowling 4, Co-Op Club 4. A I-N2,c,,3 . Q 4 :bag-vc. . - 9 C Ot pnmf M. G ' Carol n Heemer l O Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Library 2,3. James Heemsoth Time is valuable when I don't have it. Industrial Arts 2 3 0-fieemfe Q-J, Wadewy Not the Kellogg variety, but she's full of pep. Softball l,2,3,4, Dance Club l, Girl's Basketball 2 3, School Spirit Club 2,3, Play 3,4, G.A.A. Vice President 4, Annual Staff ' , "W Ida Heussner 7 , 9 ve., , !mHiUL,j. Q 1 L X - 1 c cider- ifrfygw, , 1 7,.f.,vf JC Lf, v 64391 ' Carolyn Hier -P ff There is a sure way, to live by faith. Newspaper 2, Editor 3, Debate Team 3, Play 3,4, Annual Editor 4, Choir, President 4, Girls Service Club 2, Vice- President 3. 1 5 1 --,- Weavers-sw Jackie Holland Good words are worth much and cost little. Football ly Engineering Club 3,45 Play 45 Bowling Club 4. Sandra House Life is a wonderful thing if you have something to live for. Student Council lp Dance Club lp School Spigt Club 25 Play 3,45 Drama Club 35 G.A.A. 45 Co-Op Cu 4. Ronald Huetter Friendship is a great virtue. Basketball l,2,3,45 F- Club 2,3,4. Kathleen Ingram Work fascinates meg l could' sit and watch it for hours. Dance Club lj Class Vice-President lp Choir 2,35 Basketball 25 Girls Service 25 Softball 3,45 School Spirit 35 Play 3,45 Bowling 45 Co-Op Club 4. vg5,Vf,4,W fag fs. W, g - ff. ,ww Alvinkllasinbjl Friendship comes by being a friend. ngineering Club 35 Bowling Club 4. Marilyn Jennings So sweet even in her silence. Future Nurse's Club ly School Paper 35 Co-Op Club 4: Bow ing 45 Annual Staff 4. Library Staff lp Library Club : Girls Service Club 2,35 , I -l R , V . J . 'xt X A lx php l .u f L . ft calm M kltll ffm J .,5,, L Don d Johnson if Kd X x K He turns his back on irls a starts walkin back g I ' wards. Library Club 25 Play 35 School Spirit Club Vice-President 35 Football 4. Glen King N The task ahead is never as great as the power behind. Proiectionist Club l,2,3,45 Library Club 2,3,45 gibugary Staff 2,3,45 Spanish Club 25 Play 3,45 Annual ta 4. 'l4 Kathryn King Never serious, never downhearted, always ready for a good time. School Spirit Club 2,3, Choir 2,4, Play 3, Co-Op 4, G.A.A. 4, Newspaper 4, Bowling 4. ' aifocl lr ol . " Q A f tl Lonnie Kleino V 2,4165 "' It is what ou do ith what ou have at counts W cf ,bf l ' v Y - Baseball l,2,3,4, F-Club 2,3,4, Student Council 2,3,4, Track l,2,3,4, Basketball l,2,3,4, Football l,2,3,4. Gerald Koelzer l'm not afraid of work, I could lay down right next to it. Math Club 2, Boys Service 3, Play 3,4, Annual 4. ffuiufj is fn 'fl cl -1Lv ' Alf-i", .QQ s - golf iN-cfiwg, f7i""f-ff .ii c-'QM -1T,1C.,--J, IJ. ,Lf flxyk uc' secs A .-X L , . J If ,A In Beverly Kollmorgen Do all you can tomorrow, you've made enough mistakes today. Choir l,2,3, Commercial Club 2,3, Annual 3, Softball 3, Play 3,4, Co-Op Club 4, G.A.A. 4, Bowling Club 4. Harry Kunnath I never know what I am talking about, but if l did I would be right. Basketball l,2,3,4, Baseball l,2, Hot Rod Club 2, Boys Service Club 2, Play 3,4, F-Club 3,4, Student Council 4. Nancy lannoo Remember to drive carefully for the life you save may be your own, and traffic tickets cost money. Home Ec. Club 2, Girls Service Club 3, Basketball 3- G.A. . 4, hoir 4, Co-Op Club 4. 245.6032 .V 1 Gen Larson 6 i W Laugh now, for later today you may not feel like it. Library Club l,3, Girls Basketball 2, Play 3, Co-Op Club 4. Jerry lesniak School is a good thing, but why run a good thing to death. Play 3,4, Drama Club 3, Boys Choir 4. . tk f, ' I5 Sandra Lindgren Her good nature is like a sunny day. Future Home- makers 25 Commercial Club, Secretary 3j Co-Op, Sec- retary 4. Mariorie o e 'L ' N ng is ev' it's ll ' t e way you look at it F H 3 I' Club Willia L ss Each to his n concern. Ho Rod Club 2, School Spirit 3. . if . fl W ffgg My Nancy Malbouef Sometimes serious, Xsometimes downhearted, but always ready for a,good time. Dance Club lg School Spirit 2,3p'G'.A.Af'4p F:H.A. 4g Student Council 4. X 'l . , i Philip McNary ' Not always wrong, iust never right. Library Club 1,25 Bowling Club l,2,4g Baseball 27 F-Club 3,4g Baslgetball 3, Play 3,4, Track 35 Football 45 Boys Glee Cu 4. gfafiyza fly Nothing is r y work, unless you would rather be doing something else. Football 2,45 Boys Service Club Secretary 25 Basketball 2g F-Club 4. Bonnie Lee Miller Blushing is nice, but sometimes embarassing. Soft- ball l,2,3,4p Bowling l,4p Basketball l,2,3g Future Te chers Club 2j Girls Service 35 Play 3,45 G.A.A. 4. f og, Cffffwf 1 Pllll-Mlll8'I' gg ,, High aims form high character. Bowling ,47 Hot- Rod Club 25 Library 3. s.. Michael O'Bryan Hades is full of devil and so am I. Student Council I, Class Treasurer 2, School Spirit 2,3, Class President 3, Annual Staff 4, Class Vice-President 4. Pamela Pawlovich "Silence is golden," but who wants to be rich? Play 3,4, Library Club Treasurer 3, President 4, News- paper Staff 4, Annual Staff 4. Brenda Peterson If there's one thing I like more than fun, it's more fun. Dance Club I, School Spirit 2,3, G.A.A. 4. Ralph Plumb Eat, drink, and be merry, why worry about tomor- row, there's only school. Boys Choir 4, Play 4. Arlene Probst I always find room for laughter. Li rary Club 2,3,4, Choir 3, Play 4. .IW filly QI f ,IP If Lj Brenda Qualls The art of friendship is to be a friend. The rest y j will take care of itself. Library I, School Spirit 2,3, 'WN w Newspaper 3, Editor 4, Dance Club I, Girls Service 3, Annual 3,4, Play 3,4, Student Council, S ,Z . CsT Argerlene Reygaert Life is made to be e , Oh, do I knowl Library l,2,3. .7 F n J ,Qui-fQ if ' ,, 19 If GL! 5 L' ' V03-14-.ill OTE Q 'J jjj It ,S .AG Richard Rudzinski Someday I may fool everyone and settle down. Baseball 2, Debate 2,3, Math Club 2, Play 3,4, Engi- neering Club 3, Bowling Club 4. 17 Paul Schneider Don't do anything today that can wait until tomor- row. Baseball l,25 Boys Service 25 Spanish Club 25 Industrial Arts Club 35 Library 4. Joyce Schrade Being nice is easy when it comes so naturally. School Spirit 2,35 Class Secretary 3,45 Girls Service 35 Play 3,45 Newspaper 45 Annual 4. ne ' y ' here efore its over you're on time. Li- ar br I5 chool Spirit 2,35 Play 3,45 Drama I Bowl' Club 45 Annual 4. f .s. I Gloria Sheppard An innocent face, but you never can tell. Future Nurses Club 15 Dance Club lp School Spirit 2,35 Girls Service Club 3- News a er 3- Student Council treas- , P P 5 urer 45 G.A.A. 47 Play 45 Annual 4. M 1,621 GDZQJQ, , ,fbo caf Gerald Snow He's game for anything. Dance Club lp Hot Rod Club 25 Boys Service Club 3. Geraldine Snow If there's a way, l'll find. it. Dance Club lp School Spirit 2,35 Student Council 25 Basketball 35 G.AA.. President 45 Play 4. Leona Sonne Knowledge is more than equivalent to force. Band l,2,3,45 Library Staff lg Choir 25 Student Council 4, Secretary 25 Girl's Softball 25 Art Club 25 Play 3,45 Girl's Service, President 35 School Paper 35 Annual Staff 3,45 Library Club 4. Clifford Splatt High school days are such delights, but can't com- pare with high school niws. Hot-Rod Club 25 Basket- ball 2,35 Boys Service Cl 31 Annual Stiff 3,45 Play 45 School Papes 4. 5 K I Til ' I L4 'avrxfv lv J I ,rv .' x'4' ,ra V1 , - . l , 5 . 'S lr fr ra.-swf 1 5 Arlene Steffen: Her smile is like sunshine. Dance Club lg Choir 2,35 Softball 3,45 Play 3,45 Annual 3,45 Girls Service 25 School Spirit 35 Debate 45 G.fA.A. 45 Basketball 2,3. 2715 ,Z ffyic - KL 'ff J - , , 4 f ., 4 51-12116 Kazan 4 if ,wgfzzf-6 ' 4 5 Z L Phyllis Steffens 4 I C Believe only half of what you see and half of what you hear. Cheerleading l,2,3, Captain 45 Dance Club lg School Spirit 2,35 Class Secretary 25 Play 45 G.A.A. 4. Susan Strong Work hard but always leave time for fun. Dance Club lg Girls Basketball l,25 Library Club 1,45 Girls Service 2, Treasurer 35 Future Homemakers 45 Play S.l..A.A.M. 4. . Gerald Taylor Why do today what can be put off until torvljfl Football l,2,3,45 F-Club 3,45 Hot Rod Club 25 ack Carl Terrasi To have a friend you must be one. Football 2,3, Captain 45 Play 45 Library Staff l. Rosemary Terzo Work hard and fun will follow. Student Council l, Library Club 2,45 Softball lg Commercial Club 35.Pl'ay 3,45 CofOp Club 4j Annual Staff 4. Gail Trambley Patience is a great virtue. Choir 2,35 Play 45 Library Staff 2,3,45 Spanish Club 25 Future Teachers 35 Photo- graphy Club 4: Annual Staff 4. Constance Tuzzolino Life is a wonderful thing if you have something worth while to live for. Library l,2,45 Play 3,45 Dance Club 1,25 Debate lg Baseball lp School Spirit 25 F.H.A. ...J . Judy Vandenabeele lt's nice to be important, but more important to be nice. Girls Service Club 2,3. g It- g K, 1 .1 b, o 'f J .. M 2 . .J I 0 If J' ' V1 - .,', 1 . .-, . ' 1 ,, , r e s f ' .- I I, V U ' v 1 - , ' e f , ,- . - Nancy Walczek A ' Though I'm anything but clever, I could talk like that forever. Debate Team l5 Drama Club 15 Spanish Club 25School SpiritClub 35 G.A.A. 45 Play 4. Sharon Lee Ward l don't say much, but I do a lot of thinking. Future Nurse's Club lg Girls' Basketball l,2,35 School Spirit Club 25 Future Homemakers 3,45 Play 45 G.A.A. 4. up-Kc' - cry stri- Cuvr Tx' -'- s --- 4'- . -. f 'la rn la . c, . ty yy H Lk 'YB "VCX ffl' 't Judith Weber Still water runs deep. Girls Service Club 25 Choir 2,35 Play 3,45 Future Teachers Club, Secretary 35 Debate 2,3,45 Annual Staff 45 School Paper 45 Library Club 4. Bette Wendzell There is nothing half so sweet in life as love. Drama Club 2,35 Library Club 45 Bowling Club 45 Play 4. Robert Westfall My theory is to enioy life, but some teachers are against it. Hot Rod Club 25 Drama Club 3. Margaret Wilson You can't demand respect, you must earn it. Student Council 25 F.H.A. 2,3,45 Play 45 Co-Op Club Vice- President 4. .Z'C41jtWk-gf -ZZO 5, ZACA, .fgjz-ffzdcxiydlfcz Zf'V""f-11x C!Afr4.4f -44- 'Z .. 1, ff Robert Wilson -74 fl LVL LL Many a night he's burned a candle, but not for study. Bas ball l,2,35 Baseball ly School Spirit Club 3' ,cfvn ,fic ' iffifl-0 ,fr i .- w LTL l . C55 Z-. gift. ,gg William Gunkloman Eat, sleep, and be pleasingly plump. Football 2,3,4, Boys Service Club 2, Play 3,4, Future Teachers 3. Frank Wohlfield Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Hot Rod Club 2, lntra-mural basketball 2,3, Boys Service Club Presi- dent 3. Margaret Young Silence is wisdom, maybe that's why she is silent. Class Treasurer 1, Art Club 2,3, Library Club 3, Student Cc-uncil 3, Annual Staff 4. class motto FORWARD EVER, BACKWARD NEVER. class colors ROYAL BLUE AND WHITE class llower WHITE CARNATIGN Ruth Zwlr Her laugh is contagious, her wit outrageous. F.H.A. 2, Commercial Club 3, Co-Op Club 4. is Quiefest Besl Looking and Carol Beaupre 77 25435 f, ga Cliff Splah Bill Lucas K and Bonnie Gair Most Athlefically The Cut-ups Jer Koelzer 'Y and Nancy Malbouef me Bonnie Miller and Lonnie Klieno Most Likely Longen 'nd to Succeed Shortest Hair I Rosemary Terzo NSN and Len Basset S , ullm ' an hifi? WM Sis? w 1 K ifqj .hm Dobrei and Joyce Schrade ff 'af . xi "rin nv SY 22 ,. .. 3 Y? Shortest and tallest Ron-Pat-Ray V D 0 Cgganova Qi Q WHO'S WI I Q Best Dancers Phyllis and Carl Hot Rods Cliff and Jerry 42 ribs fs- .l 3 D r 7 r v I '-no E - . I 0 , A 9 N K F Best Dressed Ron and Phyllis Most Devoted Couple Ron and Ar Always late Ida and Jim Z JL! 43 44. 45 46 1. 24 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. - L 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38 39. 40. 41. 42. - -v NAME Eugene Alli Sandra Andor Leonard Bassett Barbara Baut Carol Beaupre Donald Belisle Patricia Berger Jeannette Bond Ronald Bretz Margaret Brohl Michalene Brys Michael Brzoska Ronald Burke Raymond Carlson Benny Casady Rosemary Cerini Carl Christiansen Raymond Chuhran James Dobrei -4 Gerald Dryer Donna Fletemeier James Fordyce Joyce Fuerst Bonnie Gair Donald Gentz Gloria Gould William Gunkelman Patricia Haight Valerie Harvey - Carolyn Heemer James Heemsoth Ida Heussner Carolyn Hier Jackie Holland Sandra ljlouse Ronald Huetter Kathleen Ingram Alvin Jasin Marilyn Jennings Donald Johnson Glen King Kathryn King Lonnie Kleino Gerald Koelzer Beverly Kollmorgen Harry Kunnath IS Never in school Gay A hypnotist Dreaming Our homecoming queen Worrying Happily engaged Lively Friendly Shy Tall and fair Wrecking his car One of the boys Long The newest senior Talkative Artistic Hungry Senior President Shy Always skipping school Cool A co-op girl Quiet Easy to get along with Anything but shy , Hungry 1 Growing?? "" g 'iihliive Bashful Studious A scream Busy Conscientious Slim Very Tall An individualist Without a care Sweet Funny A lousy golfer Not Glen's sister Athletic Always on the go An alto Unpredictable FAVORITE EXPRESSION Nobody likes a smart alec For Pete's sake! l I'm a senior Oh! Gee! Honestly? That's life Gee-e-el What a grouchl Not really? How about that? Don't do it today, wait! Pay your dues! Get seriousl Ain't that clever? Yes sir, there! I don't know Now what did l do wrong? Ain't got none When do we eat? , Let's bug out Yeah? Now, coach! Manlike, wow! l Okay What the motel is going on here anyway? Why? Ain't How about that? Who do you think you are, anyhow? Rhubarb I know l'm late but - - - Oh, Myl ! l Oh, Well . . . Boy! was it fun. l don't know Everybody quiet! Here comes Mr. Cain Good Morning, Deanne, Baby Oh, well . . . Watch Judy for me Holy Toledo Nasty break Now, Coach, now . . . Hi I l l Hey, you kids Custom, Man l l 24 I, ll, WILL .. .... my fantastic speed to the milk machine to Jim Dieroff my loyal and loving N. Rockerfeller "Sniff Sniff" to Mary Tuzzolino. my false teeth to anyone who is rough and tough. my front seat on the bus to Louie Walczak. my pixie hair cut to Judly Tench. my body to the biology class. my sax to anyone who has the courage to pick it up. my dad's 57 Chrysler to Mr. Donahue. my pencil stubs to Sharon Trozak. my front seat of the bus to Joe Christiansen. my old Christmas card samples to Nancy LaCrosse. my car with all its fun to my undergrad buddies. my alertness to Rocky Roman. my basketball coordination to Rex Balch. my Mercury to anyone who can start it on a cold morning. my expert driving ability to Toni Yennor. my ability to keep away from smoking to Louie Walczak my one point in Varsity football to Paul LaCrosse. my ability to run the mile to Larry House. my old rhetoric book to anyone who wants it. my ability to skip school to Judy Groth and hope she has better luck than I did. my ability to debate to anyone who wants it. my ability to get along with Mr. Schook to my brother Dave. my quietness to anyone who doesn't need it. my iob in the audio-vision room to Henry Brohl. my natural red hair to Donna Horn. my crutches to the next senior-faculty game. my shortness to Nancy LaCrosse. my silly giggle to Fred Krage. my '57 Plymouth car keys to Toni Yennor. my good Mercury to any Chrysler of G.M. fan. my middle name to anyone who can spell it. my naturally curly hair to Myrna Redlawski. my ialopy car to a iurik man. my ability to have a blast at parties to Gary Anderson. my height to Alan Malbouef. Mr. Cain's file drawer to the next president of Trinsronnygomnett Club. my car to "bus boy" Bill Sommerville. my seat in shorthand to anyone who will take it. my ability to get into trouble to Darlene. my troubles with the movie proiector to Henry Brohl. my name to Kathi King. - my German helmet to Hans Bolinghus. my squeaky gumdrops to my sister Donna. my hook shot to Rollie Fillmore. NAME Nancy Lannoo Gena Larson Jerry Lesniak Sandra Lindgren Mariorie Love William Lucas Nancy Malbouef Philip McNary Carl Michayluk Bonnie Lee Miller Paul Miller Michael O'Bryan Pamela Pawlovich Brenda Peterson Ralph Plumb Arlene Probst Brenda Qualls Argerlene Reygaert Richard Rudzinski Paul Schneider Joyce Schrade Deanne Schurig Gloria Sheppard Gerald Snow Geraldine Snow Leona Sonne Clifford Splatt Arlene Steffens Phyllis Steffens Susan Strong Gerald Taylor Rosemary Terzo Gail Trambley Carl Terrasi Constance Tuzzolino Judy Vandenabeele Nancy Walczak Sharon Lee Ward Judith Weber Betty Wendlzell Robert Westfall Margaret Wilson Robert Wilson Frank Wohlfield Margaret Young Ruth Zwar IS Riding a horse Sassy A character Finally working Friendly Always lifting barbells A comedian Always hungry In trouble in shop class Athletic A working boy Vice-president A blond? Sophisticated Talking with his hands Noizzee Looking for a good time Witty ? ? ? Having a good time Happy Verbose Running the bookstore A play boy Naturally blond Original A flirt Excitable Neat Radiant Tough Always helpful Conscientious Picking on Ray Writing letters Alive l958's ugliest girl Cshe thinksl Quiet Talkative Forgetful Over to Joanne's Engaged Tall enough Pumping gas Waiting Giggling FAVORITE EXPRESSION Be kind to animals What is the reason for your sudden outburst of emotions?? Oh, shoot l ! ! Oh, Gina l l ! Manlike, l don't care. I got other things to do. Don't ! ! ! Get serious. Sugar in the morning. You'll be up the creek without a paddle. Oh ! ! ! Gee, thanks. Boy, am I glad that is over. Oh, my goodness! Manlike, crazy. That's right, you know. Oh, my gosh. How about that, huh? So what? Watch out! Oh, really? Hey, you guys, Wait for me. Come on, you guys. l didn't do nothing. Well ! ? No! Let's have a party! Holy cow, where's Ron? Let's go have a Big Boy Thank Heavens! Grow upl Oh, Ruth I ! Oh, fudge! l wish girls would stop chasing me. Are you for real? Gee Do you know what? Honest to Pete. Oh, honestly! Smile l l ! Du diddly Don't tell me. What? If you're so smart, why aren't you rich? What? Guess who? Oh, Rosemary l ! 26. WILL BE IN '68 W Inventing a 1968 horse. gg, Recovering from Kathy's driving. 41 A successful failure First person to have a drink with Czar Czar Zhuhof. 5 ' Taking a trip around the world. 5- A strong man. .X .. Fat lady in the circus. 50' 'i -. Q' Working on my first million. 5, Still cruising around. 1. Still in Miss Hite's health class. sf' A bachelor sy. Hunting and skiing . .V A doctor's doctor .5 5, 0 Married with 2 kids . t Distillery owner I Helping Bonnie with her health class. 4. . Learning to keep my mouth shut. I. rf Having people spell my name correctly. 28 V, QI - L V- A game warden 57 A success 5 . Women's bowling champ b f Married with a dozen kids, dogs, cats, and a bird. 7,-A draftsman in my own plant. 71? ? 'P '.f,'1Working for my PH.D 7?1Living, loving, and still single. 7'7Wouldn't you like to know. 7:5 Married P'-f'Married and raising a family. 7'i'A wrestler 75, Happy and successful 79 Living in Arizona X0 Sleeping vt' I .Running a machine by looking at the keys 'S A success in everything I do .31 Eating all the pizza pie I want without worry. ZW Still living in Fraser S5 A teacher 34, Learning how to spell gf? Builder of the highest building S ' under ground if Married to Chuck 'Url A mortician 34 Still the same guy ily Watching Sputniks fly by. tl'3l A multi-millionaire's wife. 27 I, , WILL my traffic tickets and court summons to anyone who can afford it. my serious disposition to Lynn Schmitz. my dead dog to the biology class. my quietness to my sister Gail and hope she puts it to use. my long eyelashes to Sheila Baraks my locker to anyone who wants it my ability to get along with others to someone who can't. my drafting ability to Larry House my ability to get along with Miss McNutt to anyone in the 5th hour studyhall. my softball glove to Mary Ann my iob at Schott's to Bob Gleason. my apprenticeship to some other crazy kid. my brains to Janet Wendzell because she is going to need them. my mixed up economics notebook to Judy Zupan the-chip in my glasses to Phil La Crosse. my natural wavy hair to Shirlee Scripnek my big mouth to Bob so he can carry on the family tradition. my sociology book to anyone who wants it my quietness and ability to stay out of trouble to John Scheer. my physics book to Inky my dimple to Deanna Chapman my senior rhetoric book to anyone who thinks they can pass the course. the rest of my peroxide bottle to Electa Schaefer. my seat in art class to George Burtle my books to anyone who wants them my ability to make Mr. Crossen growl to any one who is tired of that pepsodent smile. my three eyed car to anybody who has the ambition to put a fourth one in it. my short hair to Sharon Kulychuk my ability to be a varsity cheerleader to Janet Wendzell. my rhetoric class to any deserving iunior my ability to get along without teachers to anyone who wants it. my long hair to Barb Grose my interest of American history to David my old pair of football shoes to Vic Accivati. 1 my writer's cramp to Fae Bumler my absent slips to Doug Mullin my brother Louie to all the teachers my physics class to any iunior my long hair to Sharon Folland for her graduation. my ability to spell to Elsie Larson because she doesn't need it. my car to anyone who wants it A happiness like mine to anyone unhappy my freckles to Roger Holtzman my car to anyone who will paint it nay bookkeeping books to anyone who wants T em. my dimples to Audrey Schrade JUNICDRS CLASS OFFFICERS Doug Mullin - President Janet Deming - Treasurer Mr. Donahue - Sponsor Larry House - Vice-President Miss Huffman - Sponsor Betty Greer - Secretary X S T X First Row, Iefi lo right: Beverly Morgan, Sharon Conard, Krage. Third Row: Dennis Wood, Gary Randall, Bob Clark, Dick Brower, George Burtle, Wade Riggen, Bob Warner, Dennis Dianne Ehresman, Gloria Kozdron, Kay Sibley, Joann Luskin, Joanne Rybicki, Heather McCracken. Second Row: Louis Walzcak, Dave Dillinger, Jim Dieroff, Olsen. Bob Beltz, Francis Roxy, Dick House, Morris Sullens, Fred First Row: left to right: Sue Lawson, Barbara Grose, Bonnie Werner, Judy Groth, Faye Bumler. Bl-'Vile' Kara? Ehfamanf P67 5ChUfl9f MYVM R-edlowsklf Third Row: Carol Beier, Donna Horn, Sally Hack,'Sharon Kafh Gerwin D Ch ' ' Y , 96006 apman, Mflfge Mafldlllafa- Folland, Audrey Schrade, Judy Tench, Mary Tuzzolino, Second Row: Diane Ferdig, Marilyn Lehman, Karen Gare- Trudy Ziehms, Judy Zupan. wood, Sharon Trozak, Betty Greer, Janet Deming, Gail 29 Row 'I: Rolland Fillmore, Gary Anderson, Vincent ln- Row 3: Roger DeVolder, Larry House, Bill Sommerville, cammisa, Larry Girling, James Pennington, James Delbert Schumacher, Henry Brohl, George Probst, John Olson, Harold Schutt, Roy Beltowski. Row 2: Joe Christiansen, Daniel Buss, George Figlioli, Ron Mancini, Rokeeb Ruman, Rex Balch, Rene Woicik, Wilbur Humphries. Scheer, Duane Whiteaker. ??WHO DUNlT?? The iunior play entitled "Who Dunit", by C. B, Gilford, was presented by the Junior Class on April 17 and IB. The play was a mystery and by the end of the play everyone has been suspected of - eliminating the star. Mr. Chestnut was the director and Mary Tuzzolino the student director. The members of the cast are as follows: at left: Dennis Wood, Sharon Folland, Pat Schurig, Betty Greer, Louie Walc- zak, Seated: Doug Mullin. Picture at upper left: Nancy Lae Crosse, Roger DeVolder, Louie Walczak, Darlene Johnson, Betty Greer, Fae Burnler, Seated: Doug Mullin, and Judy Tench. Upper right: Wilbur Humphries, Sharon Folland, Duane Whiteaker, Gail Warner, and Gary Anderson. .'--T SOPHCDMCDRES Above we see the class officers and sponsors of the sophomore class. Their names, from left fo right are Phil Jennings, President, Miss Cosgrove, sponsor, Pat Harris, Secretary, Mr. Kennedy, sponsor, Delberia Schomaker, Vice-President, and Phil LaCrosse, Treasurer. First Row, left to Right: Judy Cannon, Gisela Rotter, India Kollmorgen. Row 3: Dennis Horn, David O'Bryan, Christine Michalowicz, Joyce, Heemer, Pat Harris, Edward Byrne, George Clark, Richard Lesinski, Bob Bonnie Cox, Sue Markiewicz, Karin Rorig. Row 2: Janet Myers, James Nicolai, Fred Glass, Roger Heiser, John Smits, Daria Gunningham, Vickie Hill, Susie Schutt, Weber, Larry Strubel, Ken Whippie, Alien Webb, Nancy Skubick, Karen Armstrong, Sharon D'Hondt, John Vogler. First Row, loft to Right: Richard Stade, Ken Lucas, Ray Mike Foster, Doug Smith, Jim Albrecht, Phil Jennings, Kaufman, Dennis Fletemeier, Ed Polakowski. Row 2: Larry Jeffers, Robert Goetzinger. 32 First Row, Left fo Right: Charlotte Reedi, Linda Thomp- maker, Joann Oehmke Carol Rybicki Joan Walerych son, Shirley Scripnek, Bonnie Ooie, Janet Wencizell, and Joanne Torregrossa Third Row Derryll Ramanlz Kathie King, Karen Meier, Carol Garbe, Carol Saul, Phil LaCrosse, Ron Heig Joe Morgan Richard May and Nancy Wade. Second Row: Sheila Baraks, Judy Bob Scott, Francis Rox Jim R an Jim Cram r cl Coon, Carol Balch, Charlene Bi lips, Delberta Scho- Bill Crum. SCHOOL SONG Fraser High School, we'll be loyal To our colors true, For your honor we'll defend you, Good old Gold and Blue. On the field in all your glory, You will bring us fame, We're behind you with school spirit, So defend our name. FIGHT SONG Fight for old gold and blue Fight all the way. Cheer for old gold and blue We'll win this game today, Hail to our fighting men, We're right back of you, Fight, fight, fight, fight, Once again- For good old gold and blue COLORS BLUE AND GOLD ! FRESHMEN Above we see the officers and sponsors of the Freshmen class. Reading from left to right are: Sharon Kulychuk, Secretaryp Doug Dobrei, Presidentp Miss Elwell, sponsorp Mr. Harfsig, sponsorp Nancy Sossi, Treasurer: and Ron Rybicki, Vice-President. ri First Row, loft to right: Barbara Collins, Myra Lesinski, morgen, Virginia Powers, Carol Le Beau, Nancy Sossi, Beverly Webb, Vickie Klein, Judy MacArthur, Kathy Elaine Morberg. Third Row: Bill Garrison, Danny Korchen- Kramp, Elsie Larson, Gloria DiMarzo. Second Row: Donna ko, Darryll Matthews, Christy Landy, Lyle Roberts, Bob Woloson, Linda Carter, Sharon Kulychuk, Donna Koll- Hinz, Bob Grunow, Bill Huyge. First Row, left to right: Barbara Przybylski, Lolly Manthei, Victor Accivatti, Ron Rybicki. Third Row: Janice Wood, Nancy Trammel, Sandy Wise, Joyce Gould, Bonnie Mil- Pat Hayes, Sandra Randall, Betty Scott, Carol Wallison, ler, Betty Malicke, Geraldine French, Irene Hudaski. June Haist, Barbara Markham, Joyce Soltman, Mary Second Row: Danny Brazelton, Rudy Grauert, Roy Preihs, Lou Pallaschke. Bob Scheer, Paul LaCrosse, Bob Scott, John Schober 35 Row 1: Richard Champlne Shirley Wlndhorst Lorraine Tom Frank Tom DeVoogd James Leone David Brohl Genz, Sandra Michayluk Leslie Brakevell Cheryl Tom Dlervva Dean Schoen Gilbert Glassford Larry Bloomer, Marian Zwar Gall Lrndgren Ken Engleberi Sheradan Dennis Kollmorgen Lowell Steffens Row 2: Richard Nicolav Norman Schnelder Jerry Row 4 DOUQ Dobrel JOB Gallall Rlihard RIQQGH BVGZGHOH, Mark Krage Hans Borllnghus Wayne Full Bull Cleghorn Bob Qualls Ed Schultz Dennis Trozak more, Donald Burns, Roger Holrzman Gary Whltener Row 3: Tom Mikula Q INTEI NQgARY ACTIVITI 5 5 33 1 Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Business Manager Make Up . Photography Art . . Design Ads . Sports Advisor . STAFF OF '58 i N Q, Qu r rug , Sr in ,, if ,"'. 5 M X ' . " - wx Q uve , ff Carolyn Hier Arlene Steffens Judy Weber Mike O'Bryan Jerry Koelzer Carolyn Hier Glen King Gail Trambley Carl Christiansen Brenda Qualls Arlene Steffens Gloria Sheppard Carol Beaupre Ron Burke Jim Dobrei Rene Woicik Larry Girling Doug Mullin Mrs. Brown ZS Mrs, Venus Brown Advisor 38 Student Council The Student Council officers this year are as follows: President, Ron Burke, Vice President, Don Belisle, Secre- tary, Brenda Qualls, and Treasurer, Gloria Sheppard. The representatives are: Richard Brower, Harry Kunnath, Carol Saul, Jeannette Bond, Larry Girling, Lonny Kleino, Leona Sonne, Kenneth Englebert, Nancy Malbouef, Gail Lindgren, Pat Schurig, Jim Albrecht and Donna Woloson. The first big event of the Student Council was the Annual Homecoming. We had a wonderful turn out this year due to the hard work and the amount of time put into it. Some of the other projects the Student Council has worked on are the revising of the Constitution, the procuring of a milk machine seen at the right, and a television for the school. . 4,4 Lisgiz - fes m Seated, left to right: Vickie Hill, Karen Rorig, Karen Clark, Sally Davis, Frances VanThomme, David O'Bryan, Janet Smits, Pearl Forster, Carol Kollmorgen. Standing, left to right: Nancy Skubick, Julie King, Pat Ver- mander, Elaine Maesso, Kathy King, Mr. Striewski, Sponsor, Pat Turner. Besides painting large banners, the club also takes trips of interest dealing with various phases of art. RAMBLER'S PRESS STAFF The "Rambler's Press", with Brenda Qualls as Editor, and Miss Cosgrove and Mr. Moden as aclvisors, has sponsored many interesting and unusual activities during the past year, one of which was a sock day where the students wore unusual and different socks. The winner was awarded two free copies of the paper. Members of the staff left to right are: Lynn Schmitz, Kath Gerwin, Sharon Trozak, Ron Bretz, Brenda Quallls, Sharon Folland, Doug Mullin, Audrey Schrade, Marilyn Lehman, Kathy King, Pat Harris, Joyce Schrade, Miss Cosgrove, Spon- sor, John Weber, Cliff Splatt, Gloria Kozdron, Janet Smits, Kathy King, and Carol Balch. LT HIM TO MAQTZXD LLUQ Novi Left io right: Mr. Cros sen, Sponsorp Gail Tram- bleyp Richard Riggen Cheryl Bloomerg Dennis Kollm-orgeng and Tom DeVoogd. PROJECTIONIST CLUB Left to right: Richard Stadeg Wade Riggeng Henry Brohlg Dan B - D M Il' P l uss, oug u ing au Schneiderg Glen Kingg Edmund Polakowskig Ray Carlsonp Bill Maithewsg and Bill Sommer- ville. CAMERA CLUB The purpose of the "F" Club has been to promote good sportsmanship within Fraser High School. The members are all past varsity letter winners. The "F" Club with Jim Dobrei as president, Ron Burke vice-president, and Don Belisle secretary-treasurer, have sponsored a dance this past March, and other activities to raise money to buy varsity iackets with Fraser emblems. The remaining members of the "F" Club Snow, president. First Row, Loft to right: Shirley Scripnek, Marilyn Lehmann. Second Row: Bonnie Miller, Kathy Gerwin, Jeannette Bond, Lolly Manthei. Third Row: Carol Beaupre, Nancy Walzcak, Sharon Kulychuk, Nancy LaCrosse. Fourth Row: Arlene Stef- fens, Brenda Peterson, Nancy Malbouef, Phyllis Steffens, Donna Kollmorgen. Fifth Row: Nancy Trammel, Rosemary Cerini, Nancy Lannoo, Valerie Harvey. The remaining mem- bers are as follows: Kathy King, Pam Pawlovick, Gloria Sheppard, Deanna Chapman, Myrna Redlawski, Gloria Kozdron, Karen Meier, Karen Armstrong, Bonnie Cox, Sheila Baraks, Delberta Schomaker, Lynn Schmitz, Joann Torre- grossa, Donna Woloson, June Haist, Linda Carter. GIRLS ATHLETIC Above we see the officers of G.A.A. From left to right: Carol Rybicki, treasurer, Ida Huessner, vice-president, Miss Hite, sponsor: Pat Haight, secretary, and Gerry CLUB are as follows: Lonnie Kleino, Carl Terrasi, Ron Huetter, Harry Kunnath, Jim Fordyce, Jerry Taylor, Len Bassett, Bob Wilson, Phil McNary, Ray Chuhran, Duane Whiteaker, Dick Brower, Larry House, Rex Balch, Wade Riggen, Dennis Wood, Bill Sommerville, Jim Albrecht, Phil La- Crosse, Doug Mullin, Rene Woicik, Rolland Fillmore, and Ralph Adkins. ASSCCIATION First Row, left to right: Barbara Grose, Barbara Pryzbylski, Karen Garwood. Second Row: Mary Ann Markiewiz, Darlene Johnson, Betty Greer, Betty Scott. Third Row: Kay Sibley, Judy Zupan, Charlene Billips, Joan Walerch. Sena Larson -ss: i K, ya. andra House .Q X is Rosemary Terzo Mr. J.N. Cain Kathy Ingram President S Public Relations Co-operative Beverly Kollmorgen CO0I'Clln6T0f CO-OP Treasurer Beverly Morgan Bonnie Burtle Kay Sibley Janet Deming Valerie Harvey JUNIOR CO-OP MEMBERS ,ii-it Margaret Wilson Sandra Lindgren Vice-President Secretary Diane Ehresman Betty Greer Sue Lawson Fae Bumler Kathy King Pat Haight nkgl l 'T ' VOCATIONAL CO-OPERATIVE PROGRAM ,L 6 1 ps! Mr--iii---QM it Q There are three areas of Thhre aqiimxseveral members of the pro- vocational co-operative progrxmg 'limam"thuVihatiQe not yet been placed. How- retailing, and trade anW"ll'tudmNtrw:l l"" llfiiaserm ,nearly ill of the members have ex- Hiqh School has been 'iiactive 1Qieitt!iairrjMone"i-fort' wo interviews. The stu- X office area with comm cial,,,!-NW , nts--niet thalwl-N, ere ni laced, as well as ., L . wil" WY- i all lli-ii . ,ti p 'M - the past two years.,lt--is'ourmllary litowewr, w r intearesx W stradents took the Steno- rilyn Jennings to introduce retailing Wilelevefnvrh ' + ' hic Qvicmmiimt with the hopes Barbara Baut grade level next W imgvceiviin' Makflw Qfil Ser ice classification it possible, if stgiimentsli-M'xhalwimm r w " Wortx after graduation. 'o expand our program to includiffhe Wtailiriw HA' , Q 'ii membel -iw i' th program are kept very busy with - i--i ii- ,,-.- - it ,i-Qi IJ -xi ', ly- ii -' i . ,- W, it , . , ,chool year i959-60, For the fflrst semester'--M--ltwlwilyealtw N,-il l tgyf ilx robs allltw x dixg, liiw x they still find time to take 'he related instruction course fOff'lmieQ-Pdxticei had Af enrolllxx M ML LFW e-'Mitra-cu icular activities. Several of our nent of seventeen Senior membetsftllr 't ' Ji ' ,f lllll ry,ittlli3'll , 'i iiifllflifl i , the ool plays and most of our mem- . .... X,-, .X ll Wi-il -in iw it-in --W , Q-it -- ,, W i ii ,i . . . and COHYIIWUOUS It'1lEFVIeW, ID Splvxiifulbili -tif! ! W g xixta . ii! Qi? ,ty . Wg it , ne t other QlUb5 and if pgggiblef Choir, f - -t - ' -- -- 1- ' " wiiwi l' 1 -his area,' we placed students irtyvthe'-Q-W i g ht oillgo -Wclub 'attended the Delegates Con. nent positions: four with the Mitthwanl-lgx ell eep owne om- 'lgiigress at St. M arys Lake and the entire club :any as Information Operatorsg three the iiltiiaxttxende S te i --oper'tive Convention at the University af Detroit, two of whom were Senior ,pllyvlic ww he group's pleasure to tour the Jookkeeping work assignment dtpsitionStigixxanctttliitwtillksigwlt o ge's campus and sponsor a bake lunior member placed in a proofllllimmchi'l'X fl Wm at lunch time. The Co-operative . . . -i i - ' 'A ilu' i- tiyt.ii',i llgit i, - . assignment positiong one at the Statei Bay, of iraser as A' b R ett has been active throu hout the - A 4 ' intl- . it it i- 'L on iilltill-' i' i-i-i i,..v . i clerk typistg one in the superintewt-dentsllllltgffiw of 'W Mr a mate its year at a formal dinner and school district as a clerk typistg one iihiwtwhwwwlxibwmiaipffice 'bf' entation ofigts club's pins to its members. he high school as secretary to the librip'll"lbElW dne at ho llW jw .:Q accomplish IOQOQ placement, We i i iii- -- W, ',-5 ' --A -if -- writ, ii slank 8- Bruff, Attorney at Law as M ix iw ili-al l a very successful year, We have irst male member of our program wim QWW X v i-Nl -law ? it N be even more so in the near future, an a work experience placement, M lil -' -it-lil li efforts of our Coordinator, My, ,ti-iwr X-Wiiwiiiiii-iwx ,"-lttitilllllitilliilw -iii-iii. N 'ltllm lil Wil--will--lil it-Wi-tl it w liii ti 'l -- , -Mi-i, ' - T t -ir -iiiiii-it1williiiiiiii-iiii-iii-iliiiiw-iiiii---i ' i-iiillllliiiiiiiililiiititir-iiiiizr-iiiiiiiniiiiiiiitiiiiitifitiiitiniiiiiiiiiriiiiitiiiiiii 'll Joyce Feurst Nancy Lannoo Rosemary Cerini Carl Michayluk Bonnie Gair Ruth Zwar - ' .gl ig 4-5 an 4 'N 1. jlfff ' Q I w e : Q Q -:K , Above are the girls of the Fraser High School Choraleers. Reading from left to right, Row l, Donna Fletemeir, Gloria Gould, Donna Woloson, Cheryl Bloomer, Gloria DeMarzo, Sheila Baraks, Nancy Skubick, Darla Gunningham, Judy Cannon, Christie Landy, Sharan Folland, Delberta Schomaker Secretary-Treasurer, and Carol Hier President. Row 2, Mary Ellen Van Thomme, Ruth Ann Oplinger, Lynn Schmitz, Pat Hays, June Haist, Judy MacArthur, Barbara Radloff, Janet Deming-Vice President, and Nancy Walczak. Director, Miss Rust is at the piano. The unphotographed members are: Valerie Harvey, Pat Haight, Kathy King, Rosemary Cerini, Nancy Lannoo, Pat Schurig, Charlotte Thomas, Toni Yennor, and Nancv Malbouef. ine girls have attended several productions, one of which was Amahl and the Night Visitors with Miss Rust as an alto in the cast, also Janet Deming, Sharon Folland, Carolyn Hier, and Miss Rust attended an all day choral session under the direction of Mr. Don Craig at Wayne University. BOYS CHOIR THE CHORALEERS The members of the boys choir are as follows: Jim Al- brecht, Harry Kunnath, Ray Carlson, Dick House, Roger Holtz- man, Jim Fordyce, Jerry Lesniak, Wilber Humphries, Len Bassett, Dick Brower, Carl Christiansen, George Clark, Wade Riggen, John Weber, Ralph Plumb, Gary Anderson, and Phil McNary. The boys' choir, also under the direction of Miss Rust, is a first at Fraser High School this year. They have partici- pated together with the Choraleers, in the annual spring concert. FRASER HIGH SCHGOL BAND the members of the Fraser High School Rybicki, Heather McCracken, Leona Sonne, Karen Stovel, Kathy Fletemeier, Carol Skubick, Gilbert Glassford, Pat Turner, , David Patterson, Richard Plumb, Kathy Heemer, Colin McCracken, Pat Berger. Edwin Beaupre, Above are Band. Joanne Marion Zwar, Brzoska, Tim Sally Hartley gc ,,,.l,. f Richard Heemer, Allan Malbouef, Ted Arvant, Tom King, Alfred Harris, Howard May, Richard Mickalowicz, Tom Dierwa, David Napior, Jim Turner, John Foster, Virginia Sonne, Shirley Windhorst, Tom Mikula,.John Crawford, Alen Clovic. ,. , g- K ,F,.a- z?x 'Qs . - . - gfiex ' ' if- fs fagif - 'si s X 16" gf"ef Lrg! 5 X 'L+-'-2. - 1' Throughout the school year the Fraser High School Librar Club has been en a ed in lannin and artici a Y , H 9 9 pf 9 ' P P - ting in various activities. Under the able guidance and sponsorship of our librarian, Mrs. Tatiana Gedrovics, the club has enioyed the friendliness and fellowship of work- ing together on these projects. The Library Club's successful hayride in October was enjoyed by all who participated. At Thanksgiving time the club members shared their many blessings by giving a talent show at the Macomb County Infirmary. Among the December activities was a Foreign Pastry Party which gave the parents of the club members a chance to visit the new library and to become better acquainted. The many foreign delicacies, prepared by the club members, added a very festive holid'ay note. On December twenty- third the Library Club took their Christmas Spirit and the singing of many hymns and carols to the Martha T. Beery Hospital. After caroling all returned to the high school for the club's annual Christmas party. All in all the Library Club has had a very successful and rewarding year. This has been due to the fact that the club and its members are not solely a social organiza- ticiqn but one whose purpose is to bring happiness to ot ers. Above are the members of the Library. Row I: Judy Weber, Secretary, Bill Sommerville, Vice-President, Mrs. Gedrovics, Sponsor, Pamela Pawlovich, President, Micha- Iene Brys, Treasurer. Row 2: Karen Garwood, Pat Hayes, Arlene Probst, Bill Mathews, Henry Brohl, Doug Mullin, Glen King, Leona Sonne, Cheryl Bloomer, Carolyn Heemer, Barbara Grose, Wade Riggen, Pat Berger, Dick Stade, Sue Strong, Sharon Folland, Barbara Markham, Judy Cannon, Bonnie Miller, June Haist, and Joyce Heemer, LIBRARY deg CLUB 4 . I 5 3 is JUNIOR HIGH Row 'l, Janet Patlong Sharon Balchg Pat Dixonp Sandra Mooreg Karen Schmitzg Cheryl McCormickg Jane Pattong Diane Michel. Row 2, Rachael Riggeng Stephanie Hartsigg Donna Heigg Karen Turnerp Pamela Sleffensg Joanne Craineg Janet Markhoffg Carol Neiporteg Barbara Neiporteg Christine, Philthautg Diane Steffens. SENIOR HIGH I Row I: Sharon Wardp Kay Sibley, Gloria Kozdrong Donna Flelemeierg and Gloria Gould. Row 2: Sue Strong, Sharon Trozakg Marge Mandizarap Marge Wilson, Con- nie Tuzzolinop Sue Lawsong and Miss McNutt, sponsor. A6 Bowling Club First Row left to Right: Carol Wallison, Janet Deming, Deanna Chapman, Bonnie Miller, Gisela Rotter, Nancy Trammel, Valerie Harvey, Pat Haight, Donna Kollmorgan. Second Row: Kathy King, Sandy House, Mary Tuzzolino, Beverly Kollmorgan, Danny Korchenko, Ed Byrne, Bob Hintz, Colin McCracken, Deanne Schurig, Darlene John- son, Charlene Billips. Third Row: Sandy Andor, Heather McCracken, Francis Roxy, Ed Polawski, Rex Balch, Bill Sommerville, Al Jasin, Jack Holland, Roger DeVolder, Ron Mancini, Dick Rudzin- ski, Morris Sullens, Mr. Donahue, Sponsor. The aims of the Science Club are to make known its various fields, and to create an interest in science within our scnool. Among the club activities were field trips to Cran- brook Institute and to the Museum of Natural History in Ann Arbor. Highlighting the activi- ties were the many entries from Fraser at the State Science Fair. 47 Science Club The officers of the Science Club are as follows: President-Doug Mullin, Vice President-Ed Schultz, and Secretary-Rudy Grauert. Mr. Kennedy is sponsor. ,I ,I A I 1 Above we see the members of Fraser's Dramatic Club. From left to right, in upper left picture are: Row 1. Darla Gunningham, Shirley Scripnek, Janice Wood, Barb Pryzbylski, and Betty Scott. In the second row: Dennis Crosse. DRAMATIC CLUB ln picture at right: Row i: Nancy Trammel, Laurel Manthei, Kathleen Kramp, and Betty Malicke. Miss Elwell, sponsor, Sheila Baraks, June Haist, Barbara Markham, Joyce Solt- man, and Mr. Chestnut, sponsor. PAN-AMERICAN CLUB The Pan-American Club, or Spanish Club, have spon- sored an all Spanish food dinner this past March. All club members and class members were invited to attend the dinner. Above are the members from left to right, Row 1. Karen Clark, Sandra Wise, June Haist, Pat Hays, COMMERCIAL CLUB 1,--e Karin Rorig, Kathleen Kramp, Barbara Markham. Row 2. Bob Qualls, Shirley Windhurst, Ed Beaupre, Bonnie Opie, Ted Shultz, Bob Myers, Kathi King, David Brohl, Nancy Skubick, Ruth Ann Oplinger, Darla Gunningham, and Darrvll Matthews. The officers of the Commercial Club are as follows: President, Gail Lind- gren, Vice-President, Marion Zwar, Sec- retary, Donna Kollmorgen, Treasurer, Nancy Trammel, Sponsor, Miss Huff- man. This club helps to familiarize its members with the various types of of- fice atmospheres, a knowledge of the types of equipment, and the responsi- bilities of a competent office worker. They have combined learning with fun by going on tours, having parties and seeing films. P52 .AM XX X 'vw' i W ,,...-v-vm fir 3' Q24 Sax? I -ON HK V, Ai' as MW F' M S x Q -as 'S A PAINT THE TGQWN This year the Senior class presented a three act comedy by Anne Martens entitled Paint the Town Pink. Everyone worked very hard and many compliments were received on the good performances, Mr. Chestnut was the director and lda Huessner was the student director, The members of the cast were as follows: Jerry Lesniak, Valerie Harvey, Sandra House, Jim Dobrei, Brenda Qualls, Carolyn Hier, Len Bassett, Mike O'Bryan, Arlene Steffens, Bev Kollmorgan, Deanne Schurig, Geraldine Snow, Ron Burke, Phyllis Steffens, Marilyn Jennings, Pat Haight, Margaret Wilson, Ron Bretz, Ray Carlson, Michalene Brys, Rose Terzo, Nancy Walczak, Carl Christiansen, .lack Holland, Glen King, Jim Fordyce, Ralph Plumb, Jerry Koelzer, Rich Rudzinski, Bill Gunkleman, Gloria Sheppard, Gail Trambley, and Leona Sonne. "Luck didn't have anything to do with it. You're our very best public speaker." "Tell my ex-secretary that l've been busy.-She says - 'So what.' " 'A "That great patriot, Samuel Shinbonel Yay, Sinbone!" 9 ,tab in "Spitballsl" 50 PINK "That's Yhe color you painted the conference room? Ye gads -- i shocking pink!" "You goofed on that 'no parking' sign. Admitted." "l'm so proud of these civic minded young people. You're proud of fhem!?" 51 "O-O-o-h!" RSITY CHEERLEADERS At the left we see our 1958 varsity cheerleaders cheering our boys on to another victory and eager to build a greater school spirit. At the far left is Phyllis Steffens, captaing next is Joanne Rybicki, Judy Coon, Donna Woloson, Sheila Baraks, and Delberta Schomaker. JUNIOR VARSITY Below are the iunior varsity cheer- leaders, also, as are the varsity cheer- leaders, under the direction of Miss Hite. Standing is Carol Garbe, captaing front row from left to right: Sharon Kulychuk, Linda Carter, Janet Wend- zell, Bonnie Opie, and Lynn Schmitz. wrt 6 52 rw- Ma wiv 4 BASEBALL 'SWK' Left to Right: Lonnie Kleino, Larry Girling, Jim Dobrei, Duane Whiteaker, Rene Woicik, Rolland Fillmore, Dennis Wood, Larry Wondero, Background: Tom Lusk, Coach. Unphotographed: Ron Burke. SOFTBALL PROSPECTS First Row, left to Right: Betty Scott, Deanne Chapman, Barb Pryzbylski, Barb Grose, Lynn Schmitz, Valerie Har- vey, Pat Haight. Second Row: Donna Woloson, Pat Schurig, India Kollmorgen, Pat Harris, Sharon Folland, Shirley Scripnek, Bonnie Miller, and Karen Meier. Third Row: Sheila Baraks, Judy Coon, Susie Schutt, Barb Collins, Joyce Soltman, and Darlene Johnson. Fourth Row: Cheryl Bloomer, Carol Rybicki, Joan Walerych, Mary Ellen Van- Thomme, Ruth Ann Oplinger, Delberta Schomaker Sharon Conrad, and Coach, Pat Hite. If TRACK TEAM TRACK HCJPEFULS RETU RNI Qing. el ERVICE MEN Froni Row, Lefi to Righh Lonnie Kleino, Louie Walczak, Bill Matthews, Dick Brower, Vince Incamisa, Bob Myers, Gary Anderson, Back Row, Left to Right: Jim Dobrei, Doug Smith, Wilbur Humphries, Doug Mullin, Duane Whiteaker, Jim Albricht, Larry House, and Coach Jim Miller. 54 MISS FRASER HIGH i958 I , Donna, Delberta, and Nancy, Valerie, Phyllis, and Carol. Carl, Carol, and Jim Co-Captains Carl Terrasi and Jim Queen Carol being inaugurated by Dobrei crowning Carol Beaupre, Carl and Jim. Queen of the Homecoming. Queen and her court. Left to Right: Donna Woloson, Delberta Schomaker, Nancy LaCrosse, Queen Carol Beaupre, Phyllis Steffens, and Valerie Harvey. The 1957-58 Fraser High Homecoming proved to be a great success. A pep rally and snake dance through town opened the homecoming. The homecoming game ended with tl'e Ramblers victorious over Lakeshore. The crowning of the Homecoming Queen, Carol Beaupre, highlighted the game. The annual dance was held after the game and was reigned over by Queen Carol. 55 THE T957-58 RAMBLERS Front Row, left to right, Ralph Adkins, mgr., Ray Chuhran, Lonnie Kleino, Richard Riggen, Louis Walczak, Paul LaCrosse, Jim Turner, Carl Terrasi, Phil LaCrosse, Dick Brower, Wayne Fillmore, Jim Dobrei. Second row, Wade Riggen, mgr., Don Johnson, Ed Schultz, Bob Myers, Rocky Rurnan, Vic Accivatti, Doug Dobrei, Bob Gleason, Jerry Taylor, Gary An- derson, Ted Arvant, Ed Beaupre, Larry Jeffers, Coach Jim Miller. Third rowp Bill Sommer- ville, mgr., Doug Smith, Phil Jennings, Ken Whipple, Phil McNary, Ron Burke, Duane Whiteaker, Carl Michayluk, Will Humphries, Jim Albrecht, Larry House, Don Belisle, Assistant Coach, Ken Kennedy. THE STARTING RAMBLERS FRASER ENTERS Bl.COUNTY Fraser had a winning year on me gridiron I winding up the season with a 4-3-l record. ln True" 40 "Ame Crewe Bi-County league competition, in which the Frngr 0 ,,,, M ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, W arren Ramblers made their debut a 2-3-l record was Fraser 40 Harper woods estibll-slled which secured a tie for fourth place wit a eview. F"""' 13 '-'4""'- 4-'--i"'-'---"" I' akevlew Scoring leaders for the Fraser Ramblers were- Fraser 6 ,.....,.,. l..l.,..., So uth lake Lonnie Kleino ll T.D., Jim Dobrei 5 T.D., Dick Fuser 21 Um. .lgloause LLED., Ron Burke l T.D., Phil LaCrosse 4 . ., an extra point. F""" 27 'i----'i'- ""i-iA-- l' 'ke Shore A debt of thanks is owed to Fraser's two ex- Fraser 7 ........ . ......,.,. Center Line cellent coaches, Jim Miller and Ken Kennedy. RAY X RON WILL CARL RAMBLER GRIDIRON bQUAD JERRY CARL CAPTAIN LARRY DICY I 957 58 DUANE 57 LONNIE PHIL PHIL LARRY JIM CAPTAIN 4- K' I S' L 'wif VARSITY left to Right: Front center, Lonnie Kleino. First row: Manager Ralph Adkins, Duane Whiteaker, Rex Balch, Larry House, Jim Dobrei, Ron Burke. Second Row: Mr. Lusk, coach, Rolland Fillmore, Doug Mullin, Rene Woicik Jim Fordyce, Harry Kunnath, Len Bassett. 1 Fraser Fraser 26 Harper Woods 76 51 Lakeshore 32 49 Romeo 47 42 Warren 73 39 Lakeview 68 57 Harper Woods 58 52 South Lake 40 49 Lakeview '63 AO Utica 56 52 South Lake 69 36 Center Line 56 57 Utica 56 qu-sr f 1,",' 11" Fraser 72 52 57 30 45 Romeo Center Line Lakeshore Warren New Haven JUNIOR VARSITY First Row, Left to Right: Mr. Nelson, coach. Wayne Fill- e Ski Dobrei Dennis Wood Ken Englebert, and Doug mor , p , , Smith. Second Row, left to Right: Phil Jennings, Paul Fraser 44 Harper Woods 43 34 Romeo 33 45 Lakeview 55 30 South Lake 33 34 Utica 41 42 Center Line 55 A6 Lakeshore 56 22 Warren 52 L osse Ed Schultz, Rich Riggen, Phil LaCrosse Tom acr , Devoogd, Manager, Larry Struble, Bob Goetzinger John Weber, Ken Whipple, and Bob Myers Fraser 59 Harper Woods 39 Lakeview 27 South Lake 25 Utica 51 Romeo 37 Center Line 25 Lakeshore 49 Warren 60 Build Your Home with Quality Materials PRescott 5-4000 STEFFENS COAL 8: LUMBER, Inc. Mill Work - Builders' Supplies - Paints - Hardware 16645-47 Utica Road Fraser, MiChigan TRIMLINE INDUSTRIES COMPLIMENTS OF VAN ZANEN AND SON, INC. "LUMBER IS OUR BUSINESS" FRASER, MICHIGAN Wm. Moors Concrete Products, Inc The State Bank of Fraser Always ready to serve all your needs Auto Loans Home Mortgages Modemization Loans Checking Accounts Savings Accounts Christmas Savings Clubs Vacation Savings Clubs Safety Deposit Boxes to Rent All Checking and Savings Accounts Insured Up To 310,000.00 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Fraser, Michigan Prescott 7-2700 There s a girl I really admire" 1 You'll hear that remark many times about telephone girls. Most people recognize that girls who work for Michigan Bell are not only attractive, but also smart and useful citizens. When ,lean started her job, she had no telephone experience. But she was trained with other begin- ners by friendly, understanding supervisors. Today she's proud of her work, enjoys a fine salary, va- cations with pay, regular wage in- creases, and many new friends. ,lean was delighted from the very first by the clean, pleasant surround- Q. - fl e ' , 4 , .lx :warg f ff..f1'g3fjel'?5" ' Lg. IQ ings, by the regularly scheduled mid- morning and midafternoon "breaks" for relaxing in comfortable lounge rooms. And she found the company thoughtful and considerate in so many ways, such as sending girls home in taxis when they worked the late evening shift. Telephone work offers many ad- vantages! Why not get in touch with us now? Find out more about the interesting jobs from which you can choose after graduation-customer representative, telephone operator, accounting and clerical work. MICHIGAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY A Good Pface fo Work There's satisfaction in meeting a challenge Working at Edison, there's challenge in the very air you breathe. It's logical. This is a growing company in a growing industry. And growth always creates problems. This is also a pioneering company, constantly challenging the accepted ways of doing things. Challenge, opportunity, progress . . . they're like steps. The steps that lead to a satisfactory career. And advancement within the company is the standard practice rather than the exception. We have heard it said that Edison is a good place to work. True! One of the reasons that makes it so-particularly for high school graduates entering the business worid for the iirst time-is that Edison people are friendly, sympathetic and helpful. If you reside in metropolitan Detroit, we invite you to visit our Employ- ment Department, 2000 Second Avenue. Elsewhere, job application forms are available at any Edison customer office. THE DETROIT EDISON COMPANY Scheuren MOK Lumber Co. "Where Customers Bring Their Friends" 24620 Schoenherr Road EAST DETROIT, MICHIGAN All New Lumber Interior Finish Millwork PRescott 5-1074 LAkeview 6-8900 Compliments of McKinley Aircraft Co. and McKinley School of Aviation McKinley Airport Fraser, Michigan Fraser Lanes Bowling Alley 33042 Garfield Open bowling Sat. 8- Sun. I p.m. Till For Lge. Information Call PRescott 5-9202 LARRY'S SHELL SERVICE "Service ls Our Business" Garfield at Penrod Compliments of KRAUSE CLEANERS 31 l S. Gratiot ' HO. 3-0024 I5 N. Gratiot ' HO. 3-1557 Compliments of ART-O-CRAFT STORE 1 N. Gratiot Ho. 3-4547 CHUTT' Super Market PRescott 5-9010 Department Store 16655 14 Mile Rd. PR. 5-7535 Headquarters for LN"fal kl.QS Kraatz Flowers and Gifts 101 Groesbeck Hwy. Mt. Clemens, Mich Remember Your Sweetheart With A Posey, We Have Them For Every Occasion. HOward 3-86823-3-8689 Jack F. Linenger Real Estate PR. 8-9013 32024 Utica Rd. lNext to P.0.l Phone PRescott 7-9155 FRASER OIL COMPANY Wholesale 8a Retail 31551 Groesbeck Highway Fraser, Michigan WOHLFIElD'S SERVICE 24 Hour Wrecker Service Road Aid Motor Tune-up Brake Service - Repairs 31800 Groesbeck PRescott 7-0143 Fraser, Michigan ERNST FRIENDLY SERVICE Compliments of ART KOLLMORGEN Comer Garfield 8: Utica Road Your Local Agent - Insurance and Bonds Fraser, Michigan 33033 Edgegrove Dru Fraser PR. 5-4822 PR. 5-9124 Garfield Garage Bump and Paint Shop Fraser, Michigan PRescott 8-8166 Steffens Garage 8. Service 14 Mile and Utica - Fraser, Michigan PR. 5-4511 LYN'S Ladies' Dresses and Childrens Wear Compliments of 32040 Utica Road Fraser, Michigan Edgar Beck WILL 81 SllllWAllZKOFF FUNERAL llllMll 233 N. Gratiot Compliments of .IIl5'l'EN'5 Fine Class Rings, Announcements Yearbooks, Awards ROBERT H. DEWSBURY 9336 Sioux Detroit 39, Michigan Mt. Clemens, Michigan KEnwood 5-3554 HOward 8-4509 Compliments of Compliments of Little Acres Hardware MIAMI DRIVE IN 36578 Morivan Dr. at Garfield 8 HOward 3-8373 15 Mile Road and Miami Drive Gas Q Tires Q Accessories 2- OTTO C. HEUSSNER Gears O Tools Fixwres . Gages STANIDARD STANDARD SERVICE 13608 9 Mile Rd. East Detroit, Michigan SUPREME T00l 8. GEAR CO. l9024 Florida Ave. I Roseville, Michigan PRescott 5-2124 Compliments of PLUM BROOK GOLF CLUB PRescotf 5-6325 Plum Brook Drive Utica, Michigan Compliments of RAMMLER GOLF CLUB 38180 Utica Road Warren, Michigan TULLY'S DRIVE IN Delicious Chicken Dinners and Fish and Chips To Go Tullyburgers 8K Hamburgers Fast service for the working man 35004 Moravian Fraser STAlIIi'S HX PHAHNIAIIY Prescriptions Norcross Greeting Cards 16671 14 Mile Road PRescott 7-1390 Fraser, Michigan ANGlE'S COFFEE SHOP 32943 Utica Road Fraser, Michigan C. J. REINDEL HDWE. CO. PLUMBING lid ELECTRICAL - SUPPLI Phono Pluto!! 6-IIN Friar Md! FRASER SWEET SHOP Milk Depot - Light Lunches Groceries - Ice Cream 33015 Utica Rd. Fraser PRescott 5-9681 E. C. BIELAWSKI, D.D.S. 32018 Utica Rd. Fraser, Michigan PRescott 3-1431 P. O. BOX 247 1fY""Re"" PR. 6-6530 Gha "FRASER'S HOME NEWSPAPER" "Advertising" W" 'TZ Wm wha' "Addressing" n Easel' That gets Read For mailings The wean DRUG co. Ben Franklin 5-1.00 Store 32967 Utica Road 32550 Garfield Ave. Fraser, Michigan PRescott 5-2504 Fraser, Michigan f I ' Win.. ,x Ni f,,. :V,'1:f' I. I. " 19-..-L' fs, If ', ..,,..L4 , .Af 5 -. , 4 4 'nj :WT VA 1. fr! V. Q I-., , .. . .1 msc W f NU.. . . A , 2 ff, , gy, ,A f .na 5 1 .151-h:"j.j.'1.g., xg.. '.-pw, ', -Q' Vw V.'Vk,.'. V ., ', .,m ja ,Q -Vj1 4 A. A-, V, V4 5 .2-.Y li' H A 'u K' , ' 'M ' ff. --..,' J :.'. 9123. Q21 1 Q A fw If K . 5 -rQ5,wjQ'g .Wy 'ff'-i'.3x-54. 'ff " ' ', ., ,' 1 ,. . .- -.V ,my Q it Q VV:-fam f.r,3..F1g 1 .-M1 M.-. ,-"1 X H.. .- Q, 'L 'Ea -vi Y' 9, - ' , .+ . Q x- ' 4x 'z ".'.i J LC"?'f1."'-'N -. 1 1 1 " AL ' ' ,J-.,I. is-55 'W3.,,,, i5.,.,.. wk., H. ,.g. . QV -J' ..-g, --...J yM,,,. A .,Vwr,uf VV . V V. .V E V, . .V .VI Q, V :VV YV .,,,.3-VVV.V,,gV1 1 , M X , .pg - 3 MJ- -V. ,F .1-Wg . .140 M" ' ', iv ' , ' ".-' ffgisiq' ' ,.v, ft . - ,g fx Vg.-,SVQVVM-f..V V 1 .V V .,ViA..Ax ,QVV Q. V: , . -'vi 1 ff- ff ff- .-f',f.' " f?'nd.f .. ffr:,V1 I 1, V . yxi M3 - zwm' M Lf- - Effie' -. . . V 5 S wf.f.f1::-'11 . - -1,.,,.. . , ".".-.- , f W 4 X, .W -14 '1 ' 1. ' ' 4" mf... ,' lg 'tvflf '-ff, ' 55,44-"f V QV V -K X , -- j N V -7, .V . V. . .-4 ., .- Q: D. ,. LW m.5,:...4. .N . . , ., ,. . .Q , . .ggV.Y- Vr,..,..,K, - ., V -V ,A 4 f V41 -. ,A VV .pil ww 1 .X N ,. V, 41- , , Hifi' ff 'H is . . ' 'Q' 7.'.r,, - '- -. . - AV 3 fjkmir. "- ' ' , P 4'V:,V'..V V...,VV. '."V .V p...3VV.:,VV 2526+-L ' ' f 'F' - ' . . ' .f 'lf lf -' f ' 5 " 1 ...RV VV Q ,V .WVVVV VV LV V V, LW-.. ,Pt 4 6' ,x .X "1 A , .. 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J " 'Af 1. 1'-I ..x iv H'-K ' Rv. "' ....z'- ' ,far " 4..1.,w-:I-,, Ei.-Qs.. -. .. 4 Xf'9iPi'?4.flv-i9IT.'? ruff: -32.4-wf' Q 1,-.s x .f xf !ae"vQ'1g'13f"?'f.J .'-6A + ff' ' ru.. -'21 ,- ' . Aug 1 -f .41 .fi 3 .1 Q s . if rp. '59 '- 5-ay. ' .fe Q-X nf' 4 gg .. ,ff " ,u g' A g- ,V . , xg V a - J., , X' WN .I-" 'Q ' K I ' -1 ' ' " W2 ' ' .L?VZ.,57ihyVx? Vw .V . N .VL ,V , ., VL . .V . VV ,I V Vg,Egf,Q2VSi5 VK. .VVKVV -, I .VV ,V V v X W- V 2 :Lira , VV, V V. ,VV '.1..'ii557rK7KM Any, Q V ' ' . "I 'X f' '-w ".' 4 -- v ' 1 V " . '- -," 1 ' S in Xif. " Rfb:-..y 'f "'xf'fff ' Q - W 'EVN H." . , 'VY C'-' f- .4 'I K fy ."2.'-if '5 k s. . -6. ,J 912'-V ' 'f..1,, 255 S' - -Q X15 If L- .B Q, 'V' I ' Vg. -M ' . "J T' .,4.. c.. Q ,w A., . y . , , . ,. .. .-..... 13. ., .. f -1 Y -F' ., ...vm .bw M v - , V- . .N , . X. ,Q-' . V-1 . 4,8 1 -:+I :3.j1'V-"fl . , x My wr ,gf .Q ,- . '- 1' + f r'ff1" - if 4 if if , 1VVx V, V -. . I VV ix VV V VK-Lax: VQV . -- ' .Lg ' M b ',- . i.'i'."'M . V 'u ' ' ' , ' f iV,.L'ffxfg5jf5A.. J.. VVVV ' uf. . I ' . ' y -, ! U4VVi.,a3i,g'ifQ,1,Q.,f,,A,Vf ., 4, Ti' X yr xv, -3 ' . L , ,sr,:2x?Bf553!Hf"'.,-ixifi.r-,..' H ' , ' .. . if 'Ffa 3 -H-1 . W -w-1: ,r 1 -. 'I -.ziigwfgy ., 'f .1 ' , w - A 'W Z3.Q1-1, N . 'L ' ' ' .-7 1 ,. , W L . - -4 -Y 'f- 'W-' dvALa5'.'- JH. MJ 'f , fl K, 1: ,N M", 'i Q N.. f .ff S 'N f' - ,AX fu.,.:J .I . 4 -x.. .,- V .x.,. My 1.5 N Q. r-5. 1,4 Q . qi.. .x .V,iVV. 1 YQ: X N-f . - , . 7 ' -1 J . .g. x Q- ... f. .x ,,1.,v wh J.. V..-N 1 vw ,, f- N.. v 1 x 4'- 1 , . VV , x,' VV x 1 K 1 'I' -+1 " .f . r , n.,w. .. V i f'.'a',,.lf-'-ff' IKM? "V 1 ,:.- -P: ' - " ,-na:.:if:9'5xmfa.El'.J5l3B'e35.l?-'f Q. f..,,g.. . if J' qkxsffw iff' RE? ? gfQQFf 535' , ff W wfmwwvx be +I' vyygf QP' W M L51 Q gf by . QQ CVMW7-I i r Agia! CTcVj,7Z,,,L, Q "'74. ' Jcjffpvff WL1 EAWZJG- gy ' ' , .. ,ff fx W ffl? A 6f W va??QPQ+ M

Suggestions in the Fraser High School - Rambler Yearbook (Fraser, MI) collection:

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