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2 . ,fy bii"?gig2i???55T?5li E25 gig? 2, Q'-, ' F l A . . 2 i in if 2352 X Kiififwlgi 4 4.4 V C+ -, ' as gi E ' fo Q- if Q 2-Qfiiii 1 3 2 ggi? 22 S 7 Wg lil W Bal 2, O J 'A q Z:,N EDR 'Q P N N . '1' .Q M LJ A X4 ' LM -. f, ,9, . fy . PF .P xx ' ' 9 . L. ff Q 55 ' 21 J , Q69-. Q gig? T23 3? Lgfefip X1 2 1 6 53 -2 E' xijqi, reign 4.539 9' Nw Y WH, .bf Sega, 9? ki? Xqfkxkgie C 2 'V Yr QP: Zeyfzcg 'llcficy f 43 UZ! Q, 'Jz,g?0C 'iv Q Gi fi! fc? ig" C if . 3 ff U1 9 'Qc nyc I CT! RCD' C' t.. NPL Y' Tate JOHN F KENNEDY ...iiqf LW Q54 :fitfe Xa" ' ..... QL 4cjg,,f1CxC 'F mc, :Q:2:Qi:Sz212:21212:21212:25:Q:Q:2:f:2:f:2:f2:2:2:Zzf:2:2:f:f:2:f:f:f:f:2:Q: PTE, Qu X Lx 9' V M M-, A JS as . 5. ,Q 5 ,- 5 in g nl, . 1 , . ml ' . Y' 5j5kq.....4., .,... K d,,,,ff-W . 34.3 cfllgdfe .SZW gl'dllLt0ll- 3400! jramgfon, .gnahana vo! I5 s . 'iinnwnw-.fwfmq I N 1 , xx gg, T 1 we P- M, 91 f F7 2- uf A .1 1 - ., f, ,hx 1 K , u' A- ' lin.. ' A f rowing aind....iLaU!acAe:i unc! ryalolainefiri in ,6 It has been only five years since our building was completed and made ready for us, At that time, the halls looked endless. lt seemed impossible to think that we would ever need more room, Yet this year, when the enrol- lment jumped to nearly five hundred pupils, we have been infected with a disease sometimes called "Growing Pains", With more students comes an in- crease in the number of courses of- fered, greater competition, better equipment, more teachers, and, of course larger classes, Our organiza- tions are expanding in membership al- so, The Latin Club, Home Economics Club, Future Farmers of America, and nearly all the other clubs have the largest membership roll they have ever had, Our band and choir have been growing both in quantity and quality. Growing pains are the headaches and happiness of F, H, S, 's 1964 year, A 1 . v K - A :. V a ,t f , V fa :"XX Every hour, on the hour, mass migration hits F.H.S. Academics , , Organizations , . . Sports. . . . . Personalities. . . . Advertising . . Roster, , . Mr. Heniser has a busy schedule to keep up with 485 students. ,, ,t,, mmaai, t,,,,, il f,t,,,,,, I 3 l 8 Z0 42 54 98 ZZ ul' Queen all Aer gourf reigna in ,64 The Eaglite Queen this year was elected by the student body from a slate of candidates selected by a f committee of Senior boys, They se- lected four Senior girls to be voted , on. From this ballot, Ginger Knight was selected Queen, with Nila Huth and Jean Chambers as her princesses. The Queen and her court were announc ed at a convocation for the student body, Her Majesty, Ginger Knight, was crowned by Mr. Heniser. The queen, Ginger Knight, and princesses, Nila Huth and Jean Chambers, were escorted by I ohn I ohnson, Dan Swart, and Bob Anderson. E41 The annual Student Council Spring dance was held in April of 1963 at the Elks Lodge at Alexandria, A slate of candidates for the Queen was selected by the Senior Class and was voted on by the student body, The King candi- dates were voted on by penny votes that were put in the treasury for future use, The King selected was Mike Schuck and Queen was Vickie Beck, Everyone in attendance seemed to en- joy themselves, including the chap- erones. Mike Schuck and Vickie Beck, king and queen ofthe annual Student Council Spring Dance. agzufkern Charm . . f 963 .sparing ance get refreshments as Mr. Heniser helps pass them out. The dance band plays for the annual Spring dance. ISI Leonard Fesler, Diana Jack, and John Altherr .f -XJU"fYu' F - bf' " y x P' V ,jk ,f f r- 6 VI' LJ fi tZr.,J y'.j-ff"-jx' 'x"!'Jl V 'X WI X 'W M' J 1 JJ I 'ldv 'jf'l"d',k.f',JwA'.y J - U K I f 1 Y A ,LJ 'I-K J A3".,v .J 'xf1.l"'X-V JV: E' A I 4Q , , Y- , V' , , 1 . V I ' Hr' x X I J A Z T .fx . , 1 X, . J . .ky , 1 'K ' .X , 5 n v ' ff. , ' W V - J 1 J A .J '--J V' , ' v A J ,, ' 1 -,J . Y , w ' w " Y N , ,, , J. J 0- , I bf , ' f ' " X! ' u.J ' -. . 1 . ,MJ I '.A . . .4 . ' , U rv- I 4, U .J , V f y Q V I LJ N KJV' P 1' 'X Y , . .1 1 , -.1 . A-I ff " K' V 'I N! - ' ' I ,Q U , 1 , ls. '-J " " " r . ' P ,.. ...- A ! , J 4 , ..: ' gJ 1 L "9 a 'X-f 94' X -5 x A ' ' , . I NJ i" X ' V ' " J 4 X A Q - NJ , -'J J . X1 A " 'J ' Q ' . " 1 . .. . V 4 ,- .... . .,. .,,f., I A1 , - V' w Q Q . ' ,f .- J 'Ju 41 I f' J C710 Hom id fha crowning euenf 0 gl'al'lLf0I'l .SZAoof law. Everyone enjoyed the banquet held at Mangas Cafe- Dancing at the Prom was the wonder that made the teria. girls eyes sparkle on May 3, 1963. "With a song in my heart", a fitting dismissal by Carolyn Wright, Mistress me for a wonderful prom, The 1963 of ceremonies, the group proceeded unior Senior Prom was held in the down the main street of Elwood in a lks Lodge of Elwood on May 3, "A melodious atmosphere, prepared for ight to remember", was the comment a mystical evening of dancing and f those who enjoyed the evening's fes- parties, Her Royal Highness Jennie ivities, The banquet was held at the Frazier and attendants Nila Huth and angas' Cafeteria in a setting which Karen Jarvis, reigned over an evening arried out the musical theme, Upon Of moments to treasure f01'eVe1'- Queen, Jennie Frazier, escorted by Dick McCord, with her court, Nila Huth, escorted by John Johnson, and Karen Jarvis escorted by Stan Busby, reigned supreme in '63. QQ J J .f rffiszrlf- J if 8 Questions and answers, reports and essays, problems and experi- ments, these are the daily duties of a student of F, H, S, But it isn't all hard work, Ask the student who scared his lab partner half to death with his flaming test tube, or the boy in shop working on a fine lamp, or Trig, problems, This year we have added three new teachers to our staff, Miss Col- lier, Spanish and English, Mrs, Hover, Physical Education and Healt and Mr, Payne, English and Mathe- matics, jkfee new feafke Joyce Kerkhoff and Nick Waymire take advantage of our well stocked library during their study hall. l dtuJel'lf5 eXl90I'ieI'lCe gI'0lllillg l0diI'l5 fag? Studying isr1't the easiest thing to do. just ask Wanda Adams, Dennis Beck, Bob Dailey, or Eddie Alvey E91 7 x The young freshmen get a new ex perience in math with first year Alge bra, The sophomores got their first taste of geometry this year, Third-year math students got an advancement in their first year alge- bra course, Those who had braved the Winding way through three years of math went on to trigonometry and analytical geometry, From simple factoring to deter- minents, multiplication of fractions to cosines and cosecants, FHS stu- dents get it all, worth all the sweat and "burning of the midnight oil, " Chemistry isn't always as puz- zling as Tom Hervy must think, gufure Acienfirifd an mafAemaficianA orm goo Eager beavers, the new freshmen dig into Algebra I. Static electricity is being generated by two future physicists, John I. and John S. Larry Litsey and Gary Nash are stumped by a trig function being explained by Mr. Brown. Lunolafiond or a 6ri9Af Learning to distinguish the organs of a starfish Tim Heller. Future scientists and mathe- maticians struggled through many technical courses this year. It wasn't at all impossible to find some forty energetic chemists holding their noses while they tried to make an identification on some element, Any- one walking into physics class sixth period might have found himself shocked by 10, OOO volts of electricity or strangely awakened by a blinding streak of light from the strobe flash, Dissecting crayfish and frogs, fish and worms, kept the students busy working in the bio lab, With all these experiences, our students will have graduated with a wide knowledge of the various science fields, fufblfe . f,..1 fm xiwir T'-wx illl is a major study for Linda Roby and "You must know the parts of speech before you can write a logical sentence, " This is a familiar phrase around the F, H, S, language classes. We have a new language at Frankton this year, that is very interesting to many of our students, Toward the east end of the hall during the third period, you will be able to detect an air of Spain in the atmosphere, It no doubt will be Miss Kathleen Col- lier's Spanish class, Many of the students have realized the fact that taking a foreign language helps them understand the English language bet- ter. Miss Collier helps enunciate the vocabulary in begin- ning Spanish class. anguage fraining cleuealoa Jfualenfri. Joann Smith eagerly gives Mr. Smith the answer to his question in Sophomore English. Sharon Kleeburg has a puzzled expression as she listens to Mrs. Owens during second year Latin class. U21 Mr. Nash explains about the Cali- Leader while Jennie Frazier, Anita Cooper, Melissa Schuck, and Larry Waltermire listen intently. The two freshman English classes are taught by Mr, Tyrone Payne and Mrs, Cathyrn Lucas, The Sophomore classes are taught by Mr, Gene Smith and Mrs, Winifred Owens, Mrs, Ar fLe LUOPL of C0l'l'll'llll,l'llC6ltLl'lg U1 Lttblfe ie Cindy Cooper, left, and Rose Marie Drake seem to be agreeing with Mr. Payne on their English assign- ment. ego QQ. The horn section of our dance band is intensly blowing out another measure of swinging music. F. H.S. Choir FRONT ROW: Ginger Knight, Janet Whalen, Pam Smith, Sharon Fischer, Lynn Welborn, Joyce Graham, Rita Con Sally John, Jeannetta Legg, Janice Etchison, Becky Pad- dock, Barbara Heniser. SECOND ROW: Peggy Heath, Maribeth Whetsel, Penny Floyd, Luoresia Wells, Paula Starr, Ginger Welborn, Darlene Downing, Judy Hoover, Linda Staley, Patty Whetsel, Sue Fletcher, Jan Ehman, Mr. Barker. THIRD ROW: Linda Arehart, Sharon Kleebe Linda Roby, Sandra Hoover, Janie Shaw, Janet Chamber Teresa Welker, Bonnie Jackley, Susan Spoo, Suzanne Prewett, Jean Chambers, Connie Stroud, Kathy Lee. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Wright. Jennie Frazier, Karen Jarvis, Janice Fetz, Mary Shoulders, Cindy McCarty, Nila Huth, Marguerita Grzymala, Janet McCarty, Nancy Dietzer, Anita Cooper, Irma Moore, Leila Har- per, FIFTH ROW: Terry Bookout, Phil Horn, Steve Slater, Larry Bardonner, Basil Wisehart, Bill Baldwin, Doug Drake, Nick Waymire, Butch Condon, Jerry Waltermire, Larry Waltermire, gufure mod ana! loraew armonize wifk G l'l'l2L6b0ll,6 QLCL . . F.H, S. Band FIRST ROW: Dixie Heaton, Elaine Heaton, Susan Spoo, Cynthia McCarty, Ella Rigsby, Lelia Harper, Carolyn Wright, Teresa Welker, Carolyn Barker, Mary Shoulders, Barbara Heniser, Janet Whalen, Penny Floyd, Sherry Dellinger. SECOND ROW: Patty Whetsel, Diana Hunnicutt, Karenlarvis, Nancy Whitcomb, Janice Etchison, Suzanne Prewett, Larry Owens, Lydon Craig, Larry Land, Kathy Lee, Jeannie Allen, Jackie McCord, Karen Hood, Sandra Masters, Mike Holder, Mary Io Cox, Pam Smith, Maribeth Whetsel, Mike Jarvis. THIRD ROW: Eloise Rigsby, Dianne Dellinger, Candy Clinefelter, Joyce Neese, Marilyn Lucas, Steve Sumner, Dave Jack, Ronnie Buster, Terry Foust, Marsha Jarvis, David Burton, Bill Lane, Dave Robey, Lee Riegel, Jeff Kimmerling, Larry Bardonner. STANDING: Mr. Robert Barker, Terry Hiatt, Torn,Singer, David Lawson, Tom Elder, Eddie Hart, Robert Wallace, Steve Wilson, Rose Marie Drake. F151 Larry Bardonner, holding the newest position in our band, that of drum major, is strutting down main street, Frankton, Indiana. ai +-J teena., W Freshly baked cookies. hot from the oven, are being inspected by homemaker-to-be, Jackie Daugherty. gufure arfizifd, arfiaand, With 78 struggling young artists, Mrs, Catherine Lucas, our art teach- er, keeps F, H, S, well supplied with works that help beautify our school, Two classes are being taught this year, with the students having stud- ied various things ranging from ar- chitecture to still life drawings and three dimensional designs, Wham! Blam! Buzz! Whiz! What could it be, but the shop classes Mr, Billy J. French has 155 boys en- rolled in his five industrial arts courses this year, Drafting, elec- tronics, machine shop, forging and foundry are just a few of the areas being taught in the far end of the halls of F, H, S, Two vocational agriculture class- es keep 92 future farmers in close touch with their chosen profession, Mr, Gordon Kerkhoff instructs the boys in dairy, grasses, judging, and the use of the tools, in helping them to understand principles of producing food, ana! wAife co ar Mrs. Lucas is shown here with one of her art classes and they all appear to be very interested in what they are doing. Working with all kinds of machinery is fascinating to all boys, and Henri Teachnor is no exception, as he is shown here in shop class. F.H.S. l-li-Lites saleswomen, Sharon Fischer and lean Chambers sell one of their first copies to John Saulmon. wor era gef fraining in many hefclri. In the west end of the front hall at F.H.S. you may find mingled with the usually horrid odors of the chemistry and biology class some tantalizing aromas. The vocational homemaking classes, with 131 girls, being taught by Mrs. Marilyn B. Davis, may easily be found cooking up a storm. Cooking, nursing, child care, and sewing all are instilled in the mind of our housewives of tomorrow. The business courses are taught by Mr. Ted Harbit, Mr. David Bartlow, and Mrs. Francis Sigler. Future executives get their first taste of the business world in their freshman year with general business. Typing, bookkeeping, short hand and office practice give our secretaries and exec's-to-be a well rounded training to move into the business. This year's school paper, The F.H.S. Hi-Lites, was put out by the office practice class. The Editor, Janet McCarty, and her staff of some 25 classmates published 4 issues of the paper. Mr. Kerkhoff collects ag. fees from Phil Bott and John Johnson. "One, two, three, four, One, two, three, four," Dancing? No, It's our physical education class doing their exercises, With so much stress being put on physical fitness by the President our Phys, Ed, classes have become more important throughout the school year, This year our girls' physical edu- cation and health teacher is Mrs, Carol Sue Hover. Mrs, Hover has 168 girls enrolled in her four classes, Mr. Harbit and Mr. Mulford Davis have charge of the boys' physical edu- cation classes, Their major areas of study are individual sports, team sports and body building, Congressional proceedings in Senior Government class finds Larry Litsey, speaker of the House, and Dick McCord, parliamentarian, keeping strict order during meetings. railw an Mawr: cooloerafe fo Working to keep up with the President's fittness program are Max Wiesenauer, David Wihebrink and Dick Lugenbeal, as George Altherr looks on. ll8l Y , Y Eewellen, Becky Iohn, or Linda Roby. Kaul Hughes traces an excursion through the mid- Every person sometime or other in his life has had some type of social science and the students here are no dif- i ferent, Last year a new subject was add- 5 ed that presented new areas of learning to the students, Psychology, as taught by Mr, Paul Davis, gives the student more opportunity to understand himself and others better, Also, the Government, V V l History, and World Geography help many Y "rf ' pupils to learn more about our country V q w N l and people as well as other nations of the p up 'dp V I . me W 'lv World' i' Vlr. Davis instructs the Psychology class in recall- 2 ' 5 A fi E . . f 2, V 1-1. wwf . j .5 ' . -L -MQ, , if-gsgk f ing names and faces which they have Just seen 8,5 AZ f . . 'projected on the screen. You look puzzled, Tom! 6 - 1 pf ' e I0 Oul' 5 us en 5 ln lffle 0 C0l'l'I,e A f f cl f ' f' ll X m asketball isn't for bo s onlv. Just ask Part estern Unrted States for World Geography class. 45 . . -xg , ,,,,,, fixif' 1 g ilk, 1 1 6 3 g''ff-seq W .M , W.., fig MY: ta 5 Kifowing an going, our ADW 0116! C6166 malw This year, the year school reorganization took its hold on the adults, the students of F, H, S, spent many hours in club meetings, working on committees, and yelling at pep sessions, One new club was added to the list of activities this year, Under the direction of Miss Kathleen Collier, the Spanish Club became 'very active in its first year, ' Some of our "oldsters", the traditional clubs, Latin, F, F, A, and Talon Club saw new growths this year, The Pep Club with the addition of boys and a new ad- viser, Mrs, Sue Hover, turned out to be one of the best in the county, i On October 21, 1963 the Senior Class of F,I-1, S, presented its Class Play, N"Amazing Gracie," with a cast of 13 worked for six weeks at perfecting the play, ithat was put on with considerable success, W Mr. Robert Barker and assistants, Butch Condon and Phil Braving hot lights, memorizing of lines, and long hours i Horn, lead a yell at the pep rally for the County Tourney, of practice, the Senior class produced "Amazing Gracie iv n r1ma:m .m mu This year's members are Carolyn Wright, Ian Ehman, Ginger Welborn, Sandra Hart, Pam Smith, Kathy Lee, Lucreaia Wells, Mary Shoulders, Jennie Frazier, Janet McCarty, Gary Nash, Dennis Beck, Larry Litsey, Jerry Gordon, Dennis Pettigrew, Bob Dailey, and David Jack. Wafiona! .jwlonor .Szmiefg Skofaafic anclcifizend ip alafifuclea com ine wifk mora "I promise . . . " new and old members rake the oath The officers of the Chapter, Pam Smith, secretaryg of the NHUOHHI HOHOI SOCiBty. Larry Litsey, vice-presidentg and Gary Nash, president K I I L K. L I i E221 A student at Frankton High School has a great honor bestowed upon him when he or she is inducted into the Eureka Chapter of the National Honor Society, Any student, carrying an aver- age of a "B" or above of the upper three classes, is eligible for membership, From this percentage a committee composed of the faulty choose the new inductees, Besides scholarship, their selection is based upon character, leadership, and service, The Eureka Chapter is responsible for the coat check at home ball games and also serves as ushers for certain school activities, Our school building is gaily decorated during the Christmas season thanks to the Chapter, Serving as officers during the school year of 1963-1964 were Gary Nash, pre- sidentg Larry Litsey, vice-presidentg and Pam Smith, Secretary-treasurer, These student conduct the meetings whenever there is need to plan an ac- tivity, Because of limited membership to fifteen per cent of the senior class, ten per cent of the junior class, and five per cent of the sophomore class, the Chapter is not very large, Nevertheless, it always seems to be well-represented, Sterrett L Nash is Faculty advisor, NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY s M e g 62 ? 2:25 Kathy Lee and Mr. Nash recieve refreshments at the annual tea held by the organization. Betty Conklin, Ellaine Heaton, Shirley Morris, and Joyce Kerkhoff served as waitresses for the occasion. r x T231 .fd Aeffer ackoof fLrou9L Iafanning an wor tl ' ,xfvy J The Student Council members and Karla Ehman, Penny Floyd, Jackie Daugherty, Mary Canfield, Kathy Lee, Mary Hervey, Becky Wiggs, Bonnie Jackley, Joyce Kerkhoff, Shirley Morris, Jennie Frazier, Phil Davis, Bob Dailey, Steve Paddock, Dough Drake, Dick McCord, and Dennis Beck. The Frankton High School Student Council is not an introverted or motion- less organization. lt is connected with the State and National Student Council and pays organization fees regularly, The Student Council works, plans, and organizes to produce the best possi- ble relationship and functions for the school government and the student body, Their high p urpose and goal is to better the school morally and mentally, in ed- ucation and physical training of body function or athletics, The Student Coun- cil Association discusses all business of the school, such as school cleanup, They also sponsor and plan dances, homecoming organization, spring dances and this year they are introduc- ing the school policies by use of the intercom, i241 There are eighteen student mem- bers who meet every two weeks, The officers of the club are as follows: President, Kathy Leeg Vice-President Dennis Becky and Secretary-Treasur Joyce Kerkhoff, The se students work continuously, representing the other students, their opinions and ideas and co-ordinate them with the administration and sch policy to provide Frankton with a mor adequate school system, 0 our .giuclenf Kounci . uwzszfu-uiserauw taiwan Q,V.f6 f,,,,f rf' ' 4 Bob Dailey and Dick McCord, student council members, "Big problem, Karla?" Student Council meetings present escort Mr. Canaday on a tour of the bandroom during many problems for its members to discuss and solve. open house. The officers of the Student Council meet to discuss the business of the club. ss 3 E I251 Bowling is serious business for the boys of the Hi-Y Bowl- Sending bundles of clothes overseas was one of the Club ing League. projects, N O O O GOJ ad tkell' guide? jun ad thell' 900K an The goal of the Hi-Y Club is to The sixty members of the organ- create, maintain, and extend, through- ization Were led this year by Doug out the home, schgol, and Community, Drake, presidentg Jerry Waltermire, high standards of Christian character, Vice-president: Dennis Beck, secre- The club has as its activities a tary: Dick McCord, treasurer: and Hi-Y basketball game and bowling TOITI Hervey, hiStO1'iaI1. league, Mr, Billy Joe French is the advisor for the club, The planning of the Hi-Y program is a burden taken in stride by its officers. i261 "Create, maintain, extend" is sung, spoken and held high as the motto of the Frankton Tri-Hi-Y club, The purpose of the club is to encourage higher stan- dards and ideals of living for the girls, and encourage them to participate in projects for the betterment of their school and community, Meetings are conducted every other Tuesday during home room period to discuss business and interesting matters of 43 girls, such as dating, etiquette, dancing, parties, etc, Jennie Frazier, president, takes care of current business at a regular meeting. A orfamami ila aa Meir affifucle. v The officers of the Junior club are: president, Elaine Officers of the Senior Tri-Hi-Y are: president, Hennie Heatong vice-president, Marsha Rinkerg secretary, Frazierg vice-president, Nancy Whitcornbg secretary, Jane Clarkg treasurer, Becky Johng sgt.-at-arms, Linda Terri Alleyg Sgt.-at-arms, Leila Harper, chaplain, Pain Wellsg chaplain, Joyce Neese. Smithg historian, Susan Spoo. . n 5 i as I-171 Tired and relieved, the advertising agents for the Frankton Eaglite, rest long enough to pose for a picture. ncreaaing circufafion l0l'0UiL6 Laura o Rush! Rush! Meet that deadline! These words became very familiar to the students of the staff of the 1964 Eaglite, While other students of F, H, S, were out of school, Mr, Sterrett L, Nash, Faculty advisor: Jerry Gordon, editor-in-chiefg Irma Moore, junior ed- itorg John Hoppes, sophomore editor: Maribeth Whetsel and Janet Whalen, copywritersg Janet McCarty and Sandra Hart, typistsg Kathy Lee, activities rosterg Basil Wisehart, Business man- A highlight of the N. S, P, A. convention was the Friday noon banquet for the more than 1500 students in Chicago. agerg and Paula Starr, subscription manager, worked many hours in com- pleting the yearbook. Last summer, Gary Nash and Jerr Gordon, attended the yearbook work- shop at Indiana University, During Thanksgiving vacation, Bert Jarrett, Gary Nash, Jerry Gordon, Sharon Pruitt, and Irma Moore, attended the N, S, P, A, convention in Chicago, The Eaglite staff worked even during the brief vacation between semester. The F, H, S, Hi-Lites is a new or- ganization at Frankton this year, There are sixteen staff members of the paper who work on Tuesdays during office practice class and at various intervals on their own time, The editor of the paper is Janet McCarty, and the art editor is Clea Mathews, The goal and purpose of the paper is to provide practice in writing Xxx and typing for the office practice -c 1 class, A critical eye is given to one of the copies of the F. H.S Hi-Lites by Editor, Janet McCarty, and advisor Mr. Bartlow. LUOI' Al' gaggfe CULJ .M-olgfed .Sid ZS. Not only working on the paper but keeping up on their class work is the office practice class. HL , F. F. A. officers are shown posing in the 2 halls of F, H, S, ' Q o P I 0' Ang 0, jufure armera o fcun Ilffun Q 1 ,P RICA - f f N 13:32 QM agrzcu fura A i . V eoc rlogve , gt if bf 'D C -F TJ' Conductin business at the bi-weekl meetin s is just ,, 8 Y E ,579 ' egg one of the tasks ofa growing F.F. A. ' cf '?1""-to 5 ' X , ,C UL yn , ' i s s " The Frankton F, F, A, Chapter is composed of fifty-one members who hope to become future farmers or have some interest in agriculture. Its purpose is to practice brother- hood, honor rural opportunities and re- sponsibilities and develop those qualities of leadership which a Future Farmer should possess, The chapter also takes a trip to the International Livestock Show, conducts a Pest Drive contest, holds judging con- tests, sponsors a Father-Son banquet and also has a swimming party, The faculty advisor for the organ- ization is Mr, Gordon Kerkhoff, i301 lat' 2I'6 of fAe Klillfe The twelve members of the Future eachers of America are studying the cs of teaching as they develop a etter understanding of classroom in- truction, The club meets every two weeks on lub day and discusses regular business nd activities, Guest speakers are often nvited to talk to the club, The club lso holds a party at Christmas and a ea in the spring, The officers of the club are Presi- ent Lucresia Wellsg vice-president, erry Gordong and Sec, and Treas, , aula Starr, he officers of F. T. A, meet with their sponsor Mrs. ndrew and principal, Gene Heniser. Wells presides over a F.T.A. meeting where machines are examined and discussed. X ,.. Lanz new fecknicjuea .szwlenf ai ma e ggrarg more e hcienf. 'X XX V, i:?"? ' ' V 1 E E ,-Gif! Clea Mathews presides over one of the bi-weekly meets of the Magliabecchi. L32 Composed of seventeen student as- sistants in the library, the Maglia- becchi's are led by Clea Mathews, pre identg Larry Litsey, vice-presidentg and Sandra Hart, secretary-treasurer The library is used Very much and the purpose of the club is fulfilled with every book that is checked or magazine that is read, It is mainly to sponsor a greater interest among the students in the use of books and librar service, to stirnulate reading interests and to improve the library service of the school, ln the spring the Magliabecchi's plan special activities for National Library Week, Miss Emma Alspaugh is faculty advisor, Clerical work is a very large part of a library as the club's officers soon find out. I Olnelha efd, CUQJ pfepafe v fl y, The Home Economics Club is primarily an interest group that works toward the promotion of better home- making, The club meets regularly to discuss the building and planning of a home, Demonstrations and movies are often part of their curricular, They also sponsored a Christmas season sock hop, Speakers to the club have been Mrs Bailey, home economist from the gas company and Mrs, Karen Smith, the assistant count h agent, y ome demonstration Officers of the club are: president, Ginger Welborn, vice-president, Carolyn Wrightg secretary, Janis Fetzg treasurer, Sharon Wilsong news reporters, Shirley Smith and Dianna I-lunnicutt and Hostess-Linda Way- mire, The fine art of cooking can be the subject of a very interesting lecture as the Home EC. Club found out. l33l ci9U6!eI'ltff aC?uU'2 Latin club officersg Ella Kay Rigsby, Pam Smith, Susan Spoo, Cynthia McCarty, and Larry Lisseyg inspect a shield made by a former member of the club. Lette? llI'l6!2l'5tal'l6Lllg 0 Under the leadership of Ella Kay Rigsby, presidentg Larry Litsey, vice presidentg Pam Smith, secretaryg Cynthia McCarty, treasurerg and Susa Spoo, historian, the F, H, S, Latin Club has been very active, They have sold sandwiches, cookie and coffee at home basketball games a a project, They also go Christmas caroling to shut-ins and in the spring the club is served a full course meal in Roman style, The purpose of the club, to create interest and promote scholarship, to gain additional knowledge of Roman life and customs, is acknowledged at club meetings, The Latin Club is guided by Mrs, Winifred Owens, During a meeting of the Latin club, members practice Christmas songs for their caroling party. i341 anguage fkrough Jafin The Spanish Club is working to promote a friendly attitude toward other peoples and to cultivate a healthy interest in them and their in- terests, At the meetings students learn more about the Spanish speaking people through special reports, games, music, etc, ana! .gpoanirih v The club also had a Christmas party where Pinata, tacos, and tor- tillas were served, The officers are: president, John Hoppes, vice-president, Cheryl Bar- nett, treasurer, Roxanna Likens, secretary, Joyce Kerkhoffg publicity manager, Leila Harper, xi 9 5 Spanish Club officers Joyce Kerkhoff, Rox anna Likens, Leila Harper, Judy Thomas, Cheryl Barnett, Iohn Hoppes, and Mike Rastetter look over pamphlets of Central America. The question of club pins comes before the Spanish Club as John Hoppes presides at a current meeting. I The Boys Booster Association is an organized group of boys that work to promote school spirit and a Whole- some aid to sportsmanship's code, They have aided Mrs, Hover with skits and cheering which has caused the trend to spread throughtout various groups of boys at F, H, S, Members include Larry Bardonner Terry Hiatt, Terry George, Larry Storm, Tom True, Lee Riegal, Tom Singer, Jack Kirnrnerling, Eddie Folie, Jerry Gordon, and Bob Ander- son, o loroui e Sruice, gnfduriiadm, ana! .Sairif i361 The Ushers club is one that has been of real importance and assistanc to Frankton High School, Their pur- pose is to work at home basketball games by showing the visiting team their dressing room, cleaning the floor at both halves and between the games, They also assist the coaches and officials by keeping people off the floor and by doing errands or odd jobs asked of them, The president of the Ushers club i Ricky Elliot and vice-president is Bas il Wisehart, l v 4 I- DANCE BAND SEATED: Jeannie Allen, Sandy Masters, Kathy Lee, Maribeth Whetsel and Pam Smith. STANDING: Lee Riegel, Jeff Kimmerling, Larry Bardonner, Terry Foust, David lack and Tom Elder. ygkgmm, , mr ana! jun v EAGLETTES FRONT ROW: Cheryle Barnett, Carolyn Wright, and Judy Thomas. BACK ROW: Mary Canfield, Leila Harper, Vicki Porter, Sheila Duncan, Ella Kay Rigsby, Linda Roby, and Patty Lewellen. if Eg? F371 ep laroui ed M600 Alairif ana! fun FRONT ROW: Kathy Brown, Diana Fouse, Becky Paddock, Jan Ehman, Bobbie Heniser, Melissa Schuck, Mrs. Hover, Rana Trick, Shirley Morris, ,Marsha Rinker, and Nila Huth, president. SECOND ROW: Clea Mathews, Paula Starr, Maribeth Whetsel, Sally John, Jennie Frazier, Sandy Hart, Kathy Prieshoff, Jean Chambers, Anita Cooper, Carolyn Wright and Sharon Fischer. THIRD ROW Ginger Welborn, Mary Ann Wethington, Shirley Smith, Teresa Pedro, Lynn Welborn, Sharon Wilson, Janet Chambers, Darlene Downing, Leila Harper, Ella Kay Rigsby, Pam Smith and Penny Floyd. FOURTH ROW: Sue Fletcher, Pam Hodson, Kathy Orbaugh, Sharon Way- mire, Jeannetta Legg, Connie Fry, Irma Moore, Linda Staley, Jeannie Allen, Janice Etchison and Sherry Del- linger. FIFTH ROW: Joyce Graham, Debbie Voss, Nancy Dietzer, Peggy Heath, Bonnie Jackley, Kay Line, Re- gina Ritter, Teresa Welker, Patty Whetsel, Susan Spoo, Cynthia McCarty, and Joyce Ann Neese. SIXTH ROW: Sharon Allender, Linda Wells, Sharon Kleeburg, Kathy Jackson, Margaret Prieshoff, Kathy Hancher, Brenda Freeman, Joan Smith, Becky John, Elaine Heaton, Karen Pennington, Gloria Thornbury, Cindy Hertle, l38l SEVENTH ROW: Deborah Foster, Linda Arehart, Joyce Kerkhoff, Vickie Morgan, Linda Wilhoite, Carol Caw- thorne, Cheryle Wisehart, Diana Jack, Judy Nash, Phyllis Sedwick, Diana Hunnicutt, Jackie McCord, Peggy Johnson. EIGHTH ROW: Sheela Duncan, Cindy Cooper, Trudy Westrick, Linda Roby, Ann Todd, Teresa Thompson, Dixie Fetty, Marsha Swart, Toni Waymire, Ella Kaiser, Mary Fulton, Rose Marie Drake Jackie Daugherty, Carolyn Barker. NINTH ROW: Mary Canfield, Mary Jane Hervy, Judy Thomas, Pam Smith, Wilda Tinsley, June Borum, Connie Robinett, Terry McShurley, Stephanie Richardson, Bobby Wiggs, Lucill Shelton, Sharon Morgan, Betty Conklin, Susan Cramer, Linda Swan. TENTH ROW: Judy Davenport, Karen Dra Judy Smith, Janice Lee, Toni Di Ruzza, Pam Cox, Nancy Busby, Debie Shively, Becky Wiggs, Theresa McCord, Linda Vestal, Connie Bush, Kathy Jones, Bar- bara Caldwell, Jeanette Thornburg, Wanda Baldwin, Debbie Miller. K ' ana! fkdfic .fdcluancemenf v .SQOIJJHQQHJ Ll!! .fd Talon Club officers Dennis Beck, Tom Singer, Doug Drake, and Dick McCord discuss current business at club meeting. "To promote interest in athletics and to develop clean sportsmanship" is the purpose of the F, H, S, Talon Club, The club is composed of fifteen mem- bers who have earned a letter in any certain sport, Each year they make plans for the annual sale of basketball photos and purchase Talon Club jackets, The money from these sales is used to buy trophies or sponsor a project such as a trip to a college basketball game, The officers this year were Dick McCord, presidentg Tom Singer, vice-presidentg Doug Drake, secretaryg and Dennis Beck, treasurer, Talon Club members View a movie by an Olympic decathalon star on sports. i391 sf, Nick Wayrnire starts for the basket in one of the team's numerous away games. ... afkgfea grow an reac auf in me A winning season in baseball helps get the year off to a good start, as F. H. S, 's new coach Tyrone Payne soon found out. E401 Two new coaches and a lot of desire helped make a good year of sports at F. I-LS. Mr. Tyrone Payne and Mr. Bill Brown took over the helm of sports this year and ended up with a couple of fine winning seasons. This year the sports accomlaga menfzi. Q rl 4' , of F. H.S. took the form of basketball, baseball, track, cross country, and golf. A summit conference is sometimes needed before a base- ball game begins. Mr. Brown gives Larry Nash's leg some needed attention I C,l1gLe6 Pale high 6th'l0l'lg Leaww Of Couruy wuu Inu: Standing: Nich Waymire, Jerry Waltermire, Larry Waltermire, Larry Nash. Phil Davis, Doug Drake, Phil Horn, Dennis Beck. Jerry Cunningham. Kneeling: Managers, Dan Swart and Dave Shetterly, Assistant Coach B111 Brown and Coach Tyrone Payne 1 Q' Vind ana! few Added The Frankton Eagles under the watchful eye of Coach Tyrone Payne enjoyed the season with more wins than losses. Two senior boys will be missing next year. ! SCHEDULE F.H.S. 92 Walnut Grove 57 F.H. S. '77 Summitville 53 F.H.S. 99 Mt. Vernon 68 F.H.S. 98 Highland 83 F.H. S. 83 Jackson Central 65 F.H.S. 58 Lapel '75 F.H.S. 83 Windfall 0 80 F. H. S. 76 Hagerstown 92 Pendleton Tourney F.H.S. 62 Markleville '71 F.H.S. 80 Middletown 79 F.H.S. 68 Markleville 66 County Tourney F. H. S. 56 Markleville 80 F.H. S. 61 Middletown 59 F.H. S. '73 Alexandria 55 F.H. S. 68 Pendletown '71 F.H. S. Yorktown F.H. S. Fairmount F.H. S. Madison Heights F.H.S. St. Mary's U -V SECTIONAL VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Jan Ehman, Becky Paddock, Melissa Schuck Bobbie Heniser STANDING: Manager Dave Shetterly, Randy Ashton, Jim Wethington, Phil Davis, Coach Bill Brown, Mike Ryan Jerry Cunningham, Mick McClain, Manager Dan Swart. KNEELING: Frank Stansberry, Mike Hannah, Dick 3 Ronnie Miller, Dave Lawson, Steve Holt, Dave Wihebrink, Bob Johnson .xdcfuaf gxperience rouicled gl'0ul'LJl,UOI'L jar gl SCHEDULE F, H, S, 45 Walnut Grove F, H, S, 32 Summitville F, H, S, 19 Vernon Twp, F, H, S, 39 Highland F, H, S, 39 Jacks on Central F. H. S. 39 Lapel F, H, S, 40 Windfall F, H, S, 40 Hagerstown Pendleton Tourney F, H, S, 49 Markleville F, H, S, 44 Middletown F, H, S, 46 Markleville F, H, S, 41 Middletown F, H, S, 33 Alexandria F, H, S, 36 Pendleton Yorktown Fairmount Madis on Heights St, Mary' s B TEAM CHEERLEADERS Marsha Rinker, Shirley Morris, Rana Trick SCHEDULE F1-ankton Lapel Frankton Sumrnitville Frankton St, Mary's Frankton Highland Frankton Pendleton Frankton Markleville Frankton Lapel Cheerleaders Becky Wrggs, Cindy Hertle, Bobbie Wrggs fxfv ij!! J , ,n Aff? X f -' m reallman gale a eam6 E2 ,L Q STANDING Manager Eddre Alvey Mrke Krrby Gary Harrison, Randy Ashton, Frank Stansberry Jrm Wethrngton Bob Johnson Coach B111 Brown FRONT: Steve Sigler, Tommy Leonard, Doug Bouslog Mrke Q2 231, 3 I 5- if Q A 5 ,tli VV 1. A . Z 'Y "i f ME, if g , j 5? W CGHAJ 6A52'uP5 Coach Payne leaves the bench to shout some encouragement and instructions to his charges while Larry Nash, Doug Drake Cdoubtful as to the final resultj, Jerry Cunningham, and Phil Davis view the outcome .............. O-o-o-ps, that one is gone for good . right off the page. Nick Waymire trys to block a pass in the Highland game while Butch Condon and Larry Walter- mire keep their men out of the action ' ,aj lub! , J if ' "" TVQTQK -J Coach Payne sets up his strategy in the huddle while Assistant Coach Brown gives the boys some encouragement. . . . . . l pt 7 X , '-,L , - ' Hr 04 . z Ui X? , 0, . -,gm . RX! QA' ff gl ff STANDING: Doug Drake, Butch Condon, Jerry Waltermire, Nick Wayrnire, .Larry Waltermire, Phil Davis. kBi11 A1335 Coach Tyrone Payne. KNEELING: Manager Dave Shetterly, Dennis Beck, Mike Hannah, Eddie Foley, Mic Craw or . Dave McIlwain, Dave Lawson, Dick Lugenbal. I2 Wu euen OM eadon fo 'Min 'IXUIQCQ jig Apr gaaegaf Wen SCHEDULE 'N SCORES Frankton 1 EIWOOC1 Frankton 8 Pendleton Frankton 5 Yorktown F1-ankton 9 Summitville Frankton 4 St. N13-1'Y'S Frankton 8 Lapel Frankton 6 Markleville This was a strange year for baseball Frankton 3 Middletown as the Dodgers upset the Yankees in the Frankton 4 Pend1et01'1 World Series in four games, Around Frankton 6 Highland Frankton, the Eagles had a 12-7 record Frankton 5 Highland to win the White River Conference title, Frankton 4 Windfall The team lost five games by one-run Frankton 1 Yorktown margins and Jerry Waltermire had the Frankton 14 Summitville misfortune of losing all of them as Frankton 3 St. Mary'S Frankton just couldn't get him any runs, Frankton O Lapel Following the regular season of Frankton 5 Markleville play, members of the team named .Terry Frankton 4 Middletown Waltermire as the Most Valuable Player, Frankton 2 Elwood Phil Davis slides in home as he scores on a wild pitch during the St Mary's game. . 'kg v ' 1 his-4 ' ' A f-'M - tfck Lugenbeal heads for first in an attempt for an ield hit. fly QI? . Q I l 5 up Mike Hannah scoops up the ground ball and fires to Bill Adams for the putout. an A l. k k 1,2 1' If ,, ,mth , i - .'1.f,-M f, my , s V 4 . .,ses3, I.. ., ,.x,X ff .T5 'N :KW QQ qs 4? ' v f A if Xt F491 A3 Zips ,Ms fr naw S N. ff 4,-J FIRST ROW: Tom Foland, Doug Drake, Dick Lugenbeal. STANDING: Dick McCord, Larry Waltennire, Coach Bill Brown, Torn Singer, Jerry Waltermire. gagL Larriem rac up wimi The Eagle harriers under Coach Bill Brown had one of the best sea- sons in many as they defeated 22 teams and lost to 8 opponents, Freshman Tom Foland finished fourth in the White River Conference meet. I501 Included in this total was a first in the Fishers' Invitational, a third in the Conference meet, and a third in the Daleville Invitational, Doug Drake puts all he has into it as he approaches the finish line. Bill I arrett leads the pack IH the 440 yard dash wluch he won 1n the regmnal meet in 50 3 ZGCL feam 5COI'Q5 we Pendleton Lapel 27 112 Highland Elwood St. Mary's 9 Vernon Twp. 5'7 25 Jackson Cent. 29 66 42 59 43 U2 21 '70 56 F. H. S. 57 Vernon Twp F. H. S. '78 Pendleton Markleville Lapel Middletown Yorktown St. Mary's Summitville F. H. S. 56 Alexandna Phil Davis heaves the shot in spite of an injury received during the basketball season. Dennis Beck flies through the air to place in the broad jump during a spring meet on the F H S field 3116 lflell H1042 tAe I'l'l06f 0 5ea50l'l Dick McCord, a senior, checks with the F.H. S. timer as he puts on the steam for the last lap of the race. , mx J 1 l52l Frankton's golf team coached by Ted Harbit and composed of Dick Gross, Tom Sigler, Mike Lewellen, Mike Hannah, Tom Hervey, and Tony Jackson won three of twelve meets, Following are the scores of the meets F.H. S. 12 Lapel 3 F.H.S. 3 1X2 Pendleton 11 1!2 F.H.S. 5 Vernon Twp. 13 F.H.S. 1 1X2 St. Mary's 16 lf2 F.l-I. S. 8 Alexandria 10 F . H . S . 12 Middletown 6 F.H.s. 2 1f2 Highland 12 1X2 F.H.S. 3 112 Muncie South 11 112 F.H. S. 0 Pendleton 15 F.H.S. 10 Vernon Twp. 8 F.H.S. 6 Middletown 9 F.H. S. 6 Elwood 9 Mike Hannah strokes a long putt which go eff, C0 6C0l'e5 Tom Hervey decides to play his he Tony I ackson lines up his putt instead of take a penalty stroke as the Pendleton Reformatory looks on invitingly. Mrs. Doris Waymire, math teacher, discusses the grades of a student with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Beck, at the annual open house. Pausing long enough for a picture, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Henderson, custodians, are two very busy people at F. H. S. Tasty meals are prepared in our cafeteria by Mrs Selma Huth, Waymire. r l54l 9429 Mrs. Alberta Land, and Mrs. Edith Students, students, and rnore students, Students, students, students! That must have been what the faculty of F, H, S, rnust have thought when the students first started pouring in to school that first day, There have never been so many students in this school before, Some of our classes show the increase in students, Take psychology for instance, there are about 90 students enrolled in the two classes that are taught, The faculty at F, H, S, has been increased this year also, We have one new position filled by Mr, Payne, and two new teachers filling vacant posi- tions, Mrs, Hover, and Miss Collier, The Faulstich triplets, Jim, David, and Charles, Dick McCord, Karla Ehman, Lee Riegel, and give Doyle Fox, photographer, triple trouble. Ginger Welborn discuss serious matters in the front hall at noon. l55l Mr. Waldo E. Canady 57412 jacudg an .xdclminirifrafion Hguizlea ant! Laclem Ar our ur yeard of AigA 5cLoo!, , The Frankton High School Adminis- tration is both able and competent in serving our students, Our trustee, Mr, Waldo E, Canaday, has duties that are many and varied, but it isn't unusual to see him taking time out to visit our school and our students. Mr, Heniser, our principal, works day and night to make our school one of the best in the county, Mr, McNew is one of our busy administrators, As principal of the Elementary and Junior High School, he helps pave the way to the halls of F, H, S, Mr. Gene Heniser Mr. Charles McNew l56l GORDON KERKHOFF: Dean of Men and Assistant Principal, Agriculture, Chemistry. Pur- due B. S. A. , Ball State M.S. guidance ourwe om af JJ. The students of F, H, S, are for- tunate to have Mrs, Marjorie Andrew and Mr, Gordon Kerkhoff as well trained guidance counselors, Through their efforts the graduates of F, H, S, attain high goals, MRS. MARIORIE ANDREW: Dean of Girls and Guidance. Ball State Teachers College A. B. , M. A. MRS. MARGUERITE MILLER: Registrar and Office Clerk EMMA ALSPAUGH: Librarian, Book Store Manager. Taylor University A. B. , University of Denver B.S. in L.S. l57l ,ff ,f Ie , . 7 MULFORD DAVIS: U. S. History. P. E. and Health Head Athletic De artment P University of Kentucky A. B., M.A. ROBERT C. BARKER: Music, Band, and choir sponsor: Transylvania A. B. , Ball State, Graduate Work. WILLIAM E. BROWN: Trig, Physics, Geometry, General Math, Coach-Track, Cross- Country, Assist. Basketball Coach, Ball State Teachers College B. S. KATHLEEN COLLIER: Junior English, Spanish I: Asbury B. A. MARILYN B. DAVIS: Homemaking 9-11: Ball State B.S., ersity of Wisconsin M. S. PAUL DAVIS: Government, Psychology, World Geogra- phy, Ball State B.S. , M.A.: Claremont, Calif., Graduate. l581 BILLY I OE FRENCH: Arts and Shop 9-12: East tra1I.C., A.A. State B.S., Ball State M. S TED M. HARBIT: Physical Ed and Bookkeepings Ball State B. S. , M.A. , Indiana State. CAROL SUE HOVER: Physical Ed and Health, Pep Club sponsor. Franklin College B. A. ERRETT L. NASH: Biology, FRANCES SIGLER: Typing, lish, Eaglite Advisor Marion Shorthand, General Busi- .lege B.S. , Indiana University ness, Tri-Hi-Y Sponsor, . , Occidental College Grad- Ball State B.S. Study. 'Q f 2 32 ' 5 TYRON PAYNE: Freshmen English, Basketball Coach, Baseball CATHERINE LUCAS: Art: Indiana State Teachers College B. S. , Ball State Graduate Work. Coach. Ball State Teachers College B. S. DORIS WAYMIRE: Algebral and Algebra Il, General Math. Indiana University A. B. , Ball State M. A. , Purdue G.E. Fellowship . i591 SENIOR CLASS EXECUTIVES Carolyn Hook, Business Manager: Karla Ehman, Treasurer: BACK ROW: Dick President. eniorri e.4faLA5A Li9A goazd kr FORWARD, FORWARD, the class of '64 is always pushing forward, Septemb prom iaing ufu FRONT ROW: Jennie Frazier, Secretary: McCord, President: Jerry Gordon, Vice- u I' el of 1960 saw them entering a new school with many strange faces to greet them, Tl they were striving to get to know one another and to make a place for themselves this new world, Upon entering their sophomore year they began to settle down an get to work, Then came the excitement of choosing class rings, The sophomore year went by in a flury and they soon found themselves as juniors. First, came great day when they got their class sweaters and jackets, Then came the Prom a all of the excitement of planning and working together to prepare for the great ev tl' F er Now they are seniors! The years have gone much too fast, Facing graduation and the future, they have a mixture of emotions - happiness and sadness. As they st into a new world, we hope it holds success and adventure for them. Our Class Sponsors MRS. WINIFRED OWENS: Latin and English: Indiana University A. B. , Ball State M. A. , Butler Graduate Work. DAVID L. BARTLOW: Typing, Bookkeeping, and World Geogra Hi-Lite Sponsor: Ball State Teachers College B. S. , Graduate work. phy . I601 el KATHRYN SUE BROWN FRED BRYAN KATHRYN SUE BROWN: Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Tri-Hi-Y 9.10, 12, Library Club 11, 12, Latin Club 9, 10, Home Ec. Club 12, Hi-Lite Reporter 12. . .FRED BRYAN: Hi-Y Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Choir 11, 12. . .IEAN CHAMBERS: Choir 12, GAA 11, Pep Club 10, 11, 12, Home Ec. Club 10, 11, 12, Tri-Hi-Y 11, 12, Hi-Lite Reporter 12. . . CATHERINE KAY CHISM: Pep Club 9, 10.11, 12, Home Ec. Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 12, Hi-Lite Reporter 12. IEAN CHAMBERS CATHERINE KAY CHISM I 6 TERRI ALLEY ROBERT N. ANDERSON TERRI ALLEY: Student Council, 9, 10, Tri-Hi-Y 11, 12, Secretary 12, Pep Club 11, 12, Debate 9, 10, Home Ec. . .ROBERT N. ANDERSON: Business Manager Eaglite 11, Junior Class Play 11, Senior Class Play, Choir 10-12, FTA 12, I-li-Lite Reporter 12. . .LARRY E. BARDONNER: Drum Major 12, Band 9-12, Dance Band 9-12, Pep Band 9-12, Choir 10-12, Hi-Y 10-12. PHIL BOTT: FFA 9-12, FFA Basketball 9-12, 4-H 9-12. LARRY E. BARDONNER PHIL BOTT MICHAEL LEE CLARKSON JAMES LEE CLOUD MICHAEL LEE CLARKSON. . .I AMES LEE CLOUD: 4-H 9,1O, 11, 12, President 62-63: Pep Club 10, 11: Photography Club 11: Chess Club 10: Hi-Y 12: Usher 10, 11. . BUTCH CONDON: Baseball 9, 10,11, 12: Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12: Track 9, 10, 12: Choir 11, 12. . .ANITA COOPER: Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12: Tri-Hi-Y 11: G.A. A. 11. 12: Eaglite Staff 10: Hi-Lite 12: Choir 11, 12. . . BUTCH CONDON A NI TA COOPER l62 STEVE COX DAVE CUNNINGHAM STEVE COX: 4-H 9,10,11,12: Hi-Y 12: F.F.A. 10, 11, 12: Band 9. . .LARRY DAVIS: Cross-country, 9, 10, 11, 12: Track 9, 10, 11,12. . . KARIA ANN EHMAN F. T. A. 11, 12: Student Council 10, 11, 12: Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12: Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12: Class Treasurer 12: Eaglite 10. 11. . . LARRY DAVIS KARLA ANN EHMAN I MEMBERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS DISCUSS POSSIBLE SENIOR TRIP. Fred Bryan, Kathy Brown, Bud Elliott, from Miller Tours, Joyce Graham, and Terry George. LEONARD FESLER SHARON ANNE FISCHER LEONARD FESLER: F.F.A., 11,Hi-Y, 11, Cafete- ria worker, 11,12, Cross Country, 11, Track, 11, 12. . . SHARON ANNE FISCHER: Pep Club, 9, 10, 12, Tri-Hi-Y, 11,12, Choir, 11,12, All-State Choral Festival, 12, Take lt Easy, 11, Newspaper Staff, 12 EDWARD FOLEY: Hi-Y, 10,11,12, Baseball, 12, Usher, 10, Class Play, 10. . . DIANNA FOUSE: Science Club 9, Majorette, 11, Pep Club, 10,12, Home Ec. Club, 9,12,Latin Club, 11, Tri-Hi-Y, 9. EDWARD FOLEY DIANNA FOUSE I63 IENNIE ROSE FRAZIER TERRY L. GEORGE JENNIE ROSE FRAZIER: Honor Society, 10, 11, 12, Secretary, 11, Student Council, 1O,11,12, Tri-Hi-Y, 9, 10, 11, 12, President 12, Pep Club, 9, 10, ll, 12, Secretary, 10, Class Plays, 10, 11, 12, Class Officer, 12, Secretary. . . TERRY L. GEORGE: Hi-Y, 10, 11, 12, Boys Pep Club, 10, 11, 4-H, 9, 10, 11, 12. . .JEROME E. GORDON: Honor Society, 10,11,12, Eaglite, 10, 11,12, Editor, 12, Class Officer, Vice-President, 9,10,12, Golden Eagle, Editor, 11, Class Plays, 10, 11, 12, Hi-Y, 9, 10, 11, 12, Chaplain, 11. . .JOYCE ANN GRAHAM: Pep Club, 10,11,12, Tri-Hi-Y, 10, 11,12, Choir, 11,12, Class Plays, 1O,11,12, Eaglite Staff, 12, Take It Easy, 11 -.. JEROME E. GORDON JOYCE ANN GRAHAM I64 MARILYN HARRISON SANDRA HART MARILYN HARRISON. . . SANDRA HART: Pep Club, 9, 10, 11, 12, Cheerleader, 9, 11, Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10, 11 12, French Club, 9, 10, 11, Home Ec. Club, 12, Honor Society, 11, 12. . . GEORGE D. HEADY: Basketball, 9, Track, 9, Hi-Y, 11, Choir, 11,12.,. TERRY HEATON: F. F. A. , 9, 10, 11, 12, Hi-Y, 12, Ag. Basketball, 9, 1O,11,l2, 4-H, 9, 10, 11, 12, Band, 9, 10. GEORGE D. HEADY TERRY HEATON I SANDRA KAY HOOV ER NI LA HU TH SANDRA KAY HOOVER: Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 123 Tri-Hi-Y 11: Choir 12: G.A.A. 11, 12: Hi-Lite Reporter 12. . .NILA HUTH: Pep Club 9, 10, 11, President 12: Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 12: Choir 11, Secretary 85 Treasurer 12: Eaglite Staff 11, 122 F.H. S. Hi-Lite 12: Yearbook Princess 12. . . DENNIS HUTSON: F.F. A. 9, 10, 11, President 12: 4-H 9, 10, 11, 12: Hi-Y 12. . . KAREN IARVIS Band 9, 10, 11, 12: Drum Majorette 11: Eaglettes 9, 11: Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12: F. T. A. 11 .... DENNIS HUTSON KAREN IARVIS SARAH ANN JOHN JOHN D. JOHNSON SARAH ANN JOHN: Pep Club 9, 10, 11,125 Tri-Hi-Y 9,1O,11,l2Q Choir 11,1231-Ii-Lites 12. . .JOHN D. JOHNSON: Hi-Y l0,11, Sgt. at Arms 125 Junior Class Play 11: Senior Class Play 12: Eaglite Staff 12: F.F. A. 12. . .JACK KIMMERLINGL. .GINGER LEE KNIGHT: Choir 10, 11, 12: "Take It Easy" 11: Class Play 12: Tri-Hi-Y 10, ll, 12: Central Indiana Vocal Contest 11: Yearbook Queen 12 .... JACK KIMMERLING GINGER LEE KNIGHT l66l These students seem to be working quite hard on the decorations for the Senior Class play "Amazing Gracie. " Janet McCarty, Jennie Frazier. DICK MCCORD PEGGY MANNING DICK MCCORD: Cross Country 10,11,12, Track 9,1O,11,12, Hi-Y 9, 1O,11, 12, Talon Club 10, 11, 12, Class Treasurer 11, Class President 12, Student Council 12. . . PEGGY MANNING: Home Ec. Club 9,11, 12, Hi-Lite Reporter 12.... XENECLEA MATHEWS: Pep Club 9,1O,11,12, Latin Club 9,10, Tri-Hi-Y 9,1O, 11, 12, Mag- liabecchi10,11, 12, President 12, 4-H 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Hi-Lite Reporter 12. . .TOM MAUCK: FFA 9,10,11,12, Vice-President 12, Hi-Y 12, Track 12, Cross Country 12, 4-H 6, 7, 8, 9,10, 11,12. XENEC LEA MATHEWS TOM MAUCK DARRELL KENT LANE KATHY JANE LEE DARRELL KENT LANE: Hi-Y 10. . .KATHY IANE LEE: Honor Society 1O,11,12, Student Council 9,1O,11,12, Band 9,1O,11,12, Choir 11,12, Eaglite Staff 10,11, 12, Class Plays 11,12. . .LARRY LITSEY: Honor Soci- ety 10,11,12, Latin Club 1O,11,12, Drama Club Plays 9, 1O,11,12, Hi-Y 9,10,11,12, Math Contests 9, 1O,11, Class President 10. . .JANET LYNN MCCARTY Honor Society 11,12, Pep Club 9, 1O,11,12, Tri-Hi- Y 9,10,11,12, Choir 11,12, Eaglite Staff 11,12, Class Plays 11,12. LARRY LITSEY JANET LYNN MCCARTY BUTCH MITTENDORF GARY LEE NASH BUTCH MITTENDORF: F. F. A. Basketball, 9,10,11, 12, Pep Club, 11. . .GARY LEE NASH: Honor Society, 10,11,12, President, 12, Basketball, 9, Eaglite Pho- tographer, 10,11,12, Newspaper Staff, 10,11,12, Choir, 9,1O,11,12, Hi-Y, 9,1O,11, 12. . .TERESA PEDRO: Home EC. Club, 9, 10, 11, 12, Pep Club, 12, Newspaper Staff, 12. . .KATHY PRIESHOFF: Tri- Hi-Y, 9, 1O,11, 12, Treasurer 11, Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Glee Club, 12, Choir, 11, Home Ec. Club 12. TERESA PEDRO KATHY PRIESHOFF LEE RIEGEL DAVE L. ROBY LEE RIEGEL: Band, 9,1O, 11, 12, Dance Band, 11, 12, Take It Easy, 11, Pep Club, 10,11,12, Hi-Y, Basket ball, 12, Pep Band, 11,12...DAVE L. ROBY: Band, 9,1O,11,12, Pep Club, 10,11, Band Basketball, 10, 11, Track, 9. . .DARRELL L. RYAN: Basketball, 9, Track, 9. . .IOHN W. SAULMON: Latin Club, 9, 10, Science Club, 9. DARRELL L. RYAN JOHN W . SAULMON , wer 5. MELISSA SCHUCK TOM SINGER -N' H 1 -If-leerifcg ' -, 5 BARBARA SLACK SHIRLEY ANN SMITH W' PAULA SUE STARR LARRY K. STORM get 'A . . 1691 MELISSA SCHUCK: Pep Club 95 Cheerleader 10,11, 125 Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10, 11,125 F. H.S. Hi-Lites 12... TOM SINGER: Band 9,10,11, 125 Honor Society 11, 125 Class President 115 Hoosier Boy's Stateg Math Contests 9,1O,11,12. . .BARBARA SLACK: . . . . . SHIRLEY ANN SMITH: Tri-Hi-Y 95 Home EC. Club 9,1O,11, 125 Pep Club 125 F.H.S. Hi-Lites 12... PAULA SUE STARR: Pep Club 9,1O,11, 125 Tri-Hi-Y 9,1O,11,125 Magliabecchi 11,125 Eaglite Staff 11,125 F.T.A. Secretary 8L Treasurer 125 Choir 11,12. . . LARRY K. STORM: Basketball 95 Hi-Y 95 Pep Club 11 X. -I fs 4' Q .sy . . r -I ' C2 5 K CONNIE STROUD DANIEL LEE SWART CONNIE STROUD: Choir 11,125 Home EC. Club 125 Junior Prom Committee ll. . . DANIEL LEE SWART: Basketball Manager 9, 10, 11, 125 Hi-Y 9, 10,11, 125 Track Manager 10, 11,125 Talent Club 11,125 Band 9. . .THOMAS D. TRUE: Hi-Y 125 Key Clubg Latin Clubg Football. . .WAYNE VON HIEBER: Hi-Y 11, 125 Choir 9,10,11. THOMAS D. TRUE WAYNE VON HIEBER JERRY WALTERMIRE LARRY WALTERMIRE JERRY WALTERMIRE: Baseball 9, 10, 11,125 Basket ball 10,11,125 Track 10, 11, 125 Cross Country 125 Talon Club 9, 10, 11, 125 Hi-Y 11, 12. . .LARRY WALTERMIRE: Basketball 10,11, 125 Track 10, ll, 125 Baseball 9,10,11,125 Choir 11,125 Hi-Lites 125 Hi-Y 11,12. . .DICK wAYM1R.E:. . .IARREL ROBERT WAYMIRE: Hi-Y 10. DICK WAYMIRE JERREL ROBERT WAYMIRE l70l IANET WHALEN MARIBETH WHETSEL JANET WHALEN: Band, 9,1O,11,12, Choir, 11, 12, Tri-Hi-Y, 1O,11,12, Class Plays, 10,11, Eaglite, 10,11, State Music Contests, 12. . . MARIBETH WHETSEL: Band, 9,10,11,12, Choir, 12, Class Plays, 10,11,12, Eaglite Staff, 12 F.T.A. 12, Magliabecchi, 12. . . HARROLD DEAN WHITE: F.F.A., 9,10,11, Baseball, 9, F.F.A., Reporter, 12, Monitor, 12, Choir, 9...CAROLYN KAY WRIGHT: Band, 9,10,11,12, Class Play, 12, Eaglettes, 1O,11,12, Tri-Hi-Y, 1O,11,12, Home EC. Club, 9,10,11,12, Choir, 12. HARROLD DEAN WHITE CAROLYN KAY WRIGHT 7 GINGER LEE WELBORN DIANA LYNN WELBORN GINGER LEE WELBORN: Student Council, 9, Honor Society, 11,12, Pep Club, 9,l0,11,12, Choir, 11, 12, Home Ec. Club, 10,11,12, President, 12, Tri- Hi-Y, 9,10,11,12. . .DIANA LYNN WELBORN: Tri- Hi-Y, 1O,11,12, Pep Club, 9,10,11,12, French Club, 1O,11, Sergeant-at-arms, F.T.A., 12, Eaglite staff, 12, Home Ec. Club, 9...LUCRESlA WELLS: Latin Club, 9,1O, President, 10, Pep Club, 9,12, F.T.A., 11,12, President, 12, Eaglite Staff, 12, Tri-Hi-Y, 1O,12, Choir, 11,12 .... MARY ANN WETHINGTON: Tri-Hi-Y, 9,1O,11,12, Latin Club, 10, Girls' State, 11, Class Play, 11,Pep Club, 11,12, F.T.A., 12. LUCRESIA WELLS MARY ANN WETHINGTON Bill Adams Wanda Adams Jeannie Allen Officers Dennis Beck, Dennis Pettigrew, Bobby Heniser, Sue Fletcher, and Linda Aerhart look over a BSTC yearbook. unwrd 5tl'lU2 t0lll6ll'6! ina! l72 felllal' 5 Linda Aerhart Nancy Argabright Tom Ashby Robert Ashton Ken Barnett Dennis Beck Ronnie Bledsoe Terry Bookout Russell Brashear Janet Chambers Dus ty Clarkson Dexter Cloud Joan Abplanalp look an art exhibit. Rodney Compton Rita Couch Virginia Coy Mickey Crawford Jerry Cunningham Robert Curl Bob Dailey Sherry Dellimger Nancy Dietzer Darlene Downing Doug Drake Randy Duncan Ian Ehman Janice Etchison Janis Fetz Sue Fletcher Penny Floyd Connie Fry Russell Garrison Catherine Giselbach Voss Bill Baldwin E731 Tom Hervey Pam Hodson Karen Hood Iudy Hoover Phil Horn Judy Ingle David Jack Bonnie Iackley Tony Jackson Bert Jarrett Thelma Jent Joann Jordan i741 Dottie Goldsberry David Granger Roger Gray Linda Hallstein Barbara Harper Leila Harper Peggy Heath Bobbie Heniser X.. V K Dale McCord Ronnie McCord Sandra Masters Jerry Mathews Mike Miller Irma Moore Terry Morris Kenneth Naselroad Larry Nash Kathy Orbaugh Becky Paddock Karen Pennington Regina Ritter Don Shaw Janie Shaw David Shetterly Mary Shoulders Linda Slack Stephen Slater Nettie Smith Pam Smith Mary Spears Susan Spoo Linda Staley we Dennis Pettigrew Steve Phillips Suzanne Prewett Margee Prieshoff Sharon Pruitt Terry Pruitt Neva Reed Ella Kay Rigsby John Stansberry Terry Stansberry Larry Stottlemyer Phyllis Strong Terry Swaim John Thomas Gloria Thornbury Jon Truex , 1 'ff Robert Wallace Sallye Watkins Linda Waymire Nick Waymire Sharon Wayrnire Steve Weaver Terry Welker Patty Whersel Nancy Whircomb Danny Williams Sharon Wilson Basil Wisehart Jackie Alexander George Altherr Bill Anderson Judy Argabright Cheryl Barnett Raymond Beach Keith Benzenbauer Ed Bookout June Borum Dick Bousman Doris Braddick Danny Brown Keith Brown David Burton Debora Carrol Carol Cawthorne Jane Clark Alberta Collier Betty Conklin The more we get together the happier, say Jeff Kimmerling, Brenda Freeman, Phil Davis, Ann Todd as they look over the shoulders of Betty Conklin Eunice Stanley, a Junior, and Pat Tischler, Jeff Brenda, Phil, and Betty are officers of the class xS20l9A.0l'l'l0I'06 l'09l'e55 jLI'0U,9 781 Sophomores had charge of candy, and ice-cream concessions during the year. Jerry Smothers took his place in the role of purchaser as upper classmeu stood behind the counter as sales people ..... W , ,f K, AF. ,. ,afgwmcxs " 'Q ,f asus J I ., - E ,Hifi J I 4 ' ,, A ...nd ,MM 3400! gjxlaeriencea Danny Cox Judy Cox Mary Io Cox Cheryle Cummings 3 Q .,,n f , 5 Q in f was is . ' 3 . X W x . i gi '31 32' 5 A, MQHEQI , V 1' - 12:5 5,3 ng: nt f . '. '. ,- J -3 ' K Egfr? i791 Alden Cunningham Phil Davis Janice Drake Nancy East Elden Ebert Tom Elder Charles Faulstick David Faulstick Jim Faulstick Dixie Fetty I im Fletcher Terry Foust Brenda Freeman Mary Fulton Larry Goodman Steve Holt Mike Hopper John Hoppes Ronnie Horn Richard Howard Leslie Hueston Diana Hunnicutt Diana Jack Glenn Hall Kathy Hancher Mike Hannah Carolyn Hare Ken Hartley Elaine Heaton Tim Heller Kathy Hendrick .P E N, ' 1 '?E,'Y'E-' ' mil.: rx: s -'f.e:,j3'jk:Wg as l,t' t 5 f J 'P' Cathy Jackson Wilma Jent Becky John John D. Johnson Vickie Johnson Bessie Jones Ronnie Jones Ella' Kaiser Paul Kemper Joyce Kerkhoff Jeff Kimmerling Victor Kinser Sharon Kleeberg Candy Klinefelter Bill Lane David Lawson it-fr STL' . 6 Vickie Morgan Shirley Morris Mike Murray Steve Nance Judy Nash Joyce Neese Roxy Nicely Patty Norris ffikafsiiai - .' , igaggi. Patty Lewellen Dick Lugenbeal Mick McClain Beverly McCord Carol McCord Glenn McCord David Mcllwain Terry Michael ,- G . ' fy ' " 95 5 . ,Y h , ww-,,. L- D mr , X, kv X Yer -.L Larry Owen Steve Paddock Gary Pierce Vickie Porter Dave Pruitt Mike Rastetter Marsha Rinker Linda Roby Mike Ryan Becky Schmiedel Phyllis Sedwick Steve Shetterly leave ,WL , y S 2 r Diana Smith Ioan Smith Pam Smith Ronnie Smith Jerry Smothers Phil Storm Judy Stottlemyer Donnie Strong l82l Sophomore editors were Ann Todd and Freeman -eff-i. HI U' K I ,am , . . .1 2 - af. - .1 W E 1 ve H 5 1 W -.QS - Max Wiesenauer David Wihebrink Linda Wilhoit Amanda Wisehart Cheryle Wisehart Georgia Yarber Mary Lou West Trudy Westrick 'Ni Nancy Sumner Marcia Swart Henri Teachnor Judy Thomas Teresa Thompson Wilda Tinsley Rana Trick Ellen VonHeiber Butch Waltermire Robert Watkins Toni Waymire Linda Wells l831 is Jerry Abplanalp Kathy Adams F Dave Wilson, Pam Willett, and Bill Painter pose for the EAGLITE photographer in front of the Art Class display. P06 H1211 eC0l'l'le we Uel'J2 Vg. S I 841 Brenda Addison Hilda Alexander Sharon Allender Eddie Alvey Randy Ashton Robert Back Wanda Baldwin Carolyn Barker Sherry Bear James Beck Carolyn Bell Ronnie Benefiel Charles Blake Pam Bollinger Judy Borum Doug Bouslog Larry Brobst Jed Brown Oscar Brown Linda Daily Freshmen officers Linda Daily, Wanda Baldwin and Juanita Burche Mary Canfield feel that having arrived as freshmen Nancy Busby they are really "On The Way Up." C0111115 Bush Barbara Caldwell I Mary Canfield Roy Chaffin David Cloud Steven Cobble Cindy Cooper Paul Couch Ronald Covington Larry Cox Parn Cox Susan Cramer Terry Crull Shelia Cummings earning Geneva Burche tt S.,- 5' Wie-as "W Jackie Daugherty Mark Daugherty Judy Davenport Roger Davis Robert Delaplane Toni Di Ruzza iff! , iq mfg E 'f d 'diff' it 5. . -,..,,, Q as -555, 445 ,.,, up ..... V W 1 ., V ,fmsw ' , .5 N . If if : - if-'ef ff W N753 -H: ,t 5 1 if Karen Drake Rose Marie Drake Sheela Duncan Jay Elliott Ricky Elliott Patrick Fetz Alan Floyd Torn Poland - v,- Top Row: Deborah Foster, Eugene Friend, Flora Frye, Jim Frye, Lola Garner, Dennis Gray Second Row: Mark Greene, Doug Hare, Clinton Harrison, Gary Harrison, Tommy Heath, Cynthia Hertle Bottom Row: Mary Jane Hervy, Mike Holder, Johny Hood, Gail Howell, Nancy Hueston, Paul Hughes 1,34 A. ,. X ny ,Ai , 2 X l86l e f: v t Y . f , " 1 fffiil , - 9?:?r2i5:?" if "' S ' fl save if: fr f X- i . - 5.13312 - 3 1 fd A: W H it Y Teresa Hutson Eric lmel " Monica Jamison Perry Jarvis v-H 'PS vga Charles Jehlen Susan Jester jim Iohnson Peggy Johnson Top Row: Robert Johnson, Kathy Jones, Ian Kendall, Connie Kirnrnerling, Mike Kirby, Pat Knauer ' L nd Marline Lane Iackie Lee Ianice Lee Tommy Leonard, David Luyet Second Row: Iirn a , , , , Bottom Row: Sidney Lynch, Jackie McCord, Theresa McCord, Terry McShurley, Charles Miller, Debbie Miller tv 'mf 'nv-r 5, .J xx sin i871 Ronnie Miller William Miller Lynda Mills Shirely Millspaugh Sharon Morgan Fay Morrison Ronnie Murdock Tom Naselroad Top Row: Michael Nash, Larry Nighbert, Larry Painter, Clifford Pierce, Steven Poe, Terry Prince Second Row: Paul Quinton, Bill Retherford, Stephanie Richardson, Connie Robinett, Jo Armo Rogers Deborah Schmiedel Bottom Row: Lucille Shelton, Bill Shepler, Debbie Shively, Steve Sigler, Steve Singer, Larry Sizelove las 'Q Judith Smith Jackie McCord, typing, and Linda Vestal were Lester Smith Freshmen editors for the 1964 EAGLITE Carl Teachnor Jeanette Thornburg Charles Turner Vickie Vest Linda Vestal Donna Wable Jim Wethington Mike Wheat Becky Wiggs Bobby Wiggs Christine Wisehart Bob Witcher Steve Woodruff Ricky Young Ralph Zerbe Frank Stansberry Steve Storm Betty Sullivan Linda Swan 1' .zsL"'Qg3? 4 '31 it 3 " Z- gg, 4 f Q Q A.. . A ,Mt Y, , y A . g S A . purv- ? as.. I S i891 af a. wr ,ry 51 Q9 .3 . 4 u ff 2 , 8 .F . Q rs L 2 cjufufe ,S?ll6!0l'lf5 Meldafe or recide .silofaafic agigfg an ia gran? Hoof .sgairii v Front Row: Sandra McPearson, Fred Smith, Bill Davis, Lynn Widrneyer, Becky Conklin, Sandy Fisher, Allan Howell, Sandra East. Second Row: Greg Bradley, Mike Briles, Norman Walker, ,Tim Burger, Diana Del- linger, Eloise Rigsby, Suzanne Teachnor, Lew Baldwin, Leonard Jackson. Third Row: Kevin Wittkamper, Linda I 901 Qiade 62,0 - Blaylock, Dale Vancleave, Lindon Craig, Yolanda Gardner, Dorothy Hershey, Marilyn Lucas, Marlo Faulkner, Danny Callaway, Sandra Graves. Fourth Row Danny Owen, Mike Nacaff, Russell Sumner, Linda Cawthom, Melinda Marcrum, Jim Borum, Ron Sigler. gfa-Je 6194: . 2 ga Je 2 ellen ' I Q' Front Row: Carl Webb, Billy Waymire, Gary Green, Tim Vest, Steve Davenport, Mike Taylor, Second Row: Dale Sharp, Dale Phillips, Shirley Nudding, Lester Nicely, David Morrow, Joe Merritt, Joyce McCord. Third Row: Sandy Manship, Mike Land, Benny Jones, Kerry Hobbs, Gloria Hartley, Barbara Harrison, and Debbie Gunn. Fourth Row: Robert Fulton, Brenda Fry, Ricky Fem, Terra Emery, John Douglas, Tom Derry, Fifth Row: Debbie Comelioug, Diana Bush, Nick Butler, Carol Anderson, Robert Gordon, James Mason. Back Row: Robert Thornbury, Michael Simmons, Greg Wiggs, Cindy Shaw. Teacher: Mr. Hover K Xi 31 , XX! NA if' Front Row: Janet Bradley, Kent Burris, Dallas Ganfield, Theresa Chaffin, Judy Chambers, Charles Clark, Myron Daughertyg Second Row: Barbara Del- linger, David Dinsmore, Billy Gamer, Terry Harrison, Roberta Heaton, Susan Heaton, Janet Heniser, Third Row: Douglas Holder, Brenda Hutcheson, Nanette Kimmerling, Steven Land, Jerry Leever, Terry Mc- I9I Cord, Jane Mrozg Fourth Row: Stephen Remington Robert Seastrand, Toni Scott, David Lee Smith, David M. Smith, Joan Staley, Fifth Row: Brenda Vestal, Vickie Waymore, Steven Hobbs, Dennis Waymire, Mark Wiggs, Jarold Williams, Sixth Row: Deborah Davis, Gregory Poe, Tony Abott, Teacher: Mrs. McCoy Foregroundg First Row: Steve McGahe, Patricia Faulstich, John Deckard, Lynn Rittenhouse, Dan Teachnor, and Phil Webb. Second Row: Martha Fern, Terry Lawson, Diana Witkamper, Debra Small, Judy Litsey, and Gary Watson. Third Row: Nick Blackford, Sam Kinser, Gary Baldwin, Katy Hanson, Mike Davenport, John Dwiggens, and Candy Robbinson. Teacher: Mr. Gene Smith. QGJB ellen ' 2 Fourth Row: Melinda Swart, Wilford Alexander, Gloria Jones, Jerry Caldwell, Kevin Crawford, Shelia Whitten, and Myron Waymire. Fifth Row: Mike Klinefelter, Thomas Alexander, Charles Martin, Richard Shrock, Barbara Line. Sixth Row: Kevin Gardener, David Hickman, Steve Man- ship, Tom Masters, and Bob Remington. I ' 9 if 'Z as-, Teacher- Lucia Etchison Front Row Sall Ashb Kim- ela Simmsg Second Row: Linda Lynch, Mayrilyn Syinger, Collette Atchison, Debbie Frank, Diana Burris, Jo Ellen Hamilton, Third Row: Randy Thomas, Keith Painter, Rhonda George, Cathy Hertle, Ruth Altherr, Cindy Richwine, Becky Wise, Greg Hobbs, Nancy Leemang Fourth Row: Gene Cawthorn, John Poe, Janet Huffman, Jeannie Waymire, Julia Davenport, Barbara Davis, Sam McNamee, James Blackford, Fifth Row: Gary Hosier, Larry Norris, Larry Brook, David Benefiel, Becky Land, Dennis Trice, Ricky Flannagan, Max Sizeloveg Sixth Row: Curtis Ashton, Charles Adams, Marilyn Anderson, Peggy Brown, Lenora Lehman, Debbie Cannon, Trevia Johnson ra cle give ,ff Front Row: Dale Blackford, David Sizelove, Second Terry Edwards, Fourth Row: Danny Morgan, Roger Row: Pam Todd, Christy Lambesis, Myron Watson, Sprague, Kathy McGahey, Buddy Tucker, Ben Singer Ted Vancleave, Cheryl Crull, Howard Sowers, Randy Rhonda ldlewind, David Walker, Riley McCord, Fifth Hobbs, Ronnie Wright, Gary Gillespie, Third Row: Row, Dale Bradley, Randy Kerkhoff, Patricia Trick, Patty Brown, Cathy Crull, Tony Granger, Melvin Fry, Jeff Douglas, Standing, Cathy Vestal. Mrs. Almeda Phil Alexander, Jerry Alexander, Patricia Hester, Hopper, Jeff Freeman, Vickie Marcum l'aJe 3011! Back Row: Mike Arehart, Linda Alexander, Todd Ashby, Valerie Hosier, David Wise, Second Row: Colleen Howell, Sharon Norris, Lanny Hays, Linda Johnson, Danny Remington, Pamela Marley, Third Row: Pamela Davenport, Mike McNamee, Mary Alexander, Kenneth Lynch, Roberta Shaw, Danny Tucker, Fourth Row: Connie Spurlock, Edward Swink, Kathleen Dinsmore, Alan Hancher, Vickie Spurlock, Stephen Rasmussen, Joy Hacker, Fifth Row Stanley Leeman, Vicki Hobbs, Keith Hudson, Diana Allen, Terry Hayes, Dianna Mills, Charlene Davis, Teacher Mrs. Helen Hughes QGJE Front Row: Anita Stansberry, Martha Anderson. Second McNamee, Carol Klinefelter, Gary Eden, Stacey Dietze Row: Nancy Cornelious, Sammy Downing, Janet Post, Fifth Row: Charles McNew, Medinda McGahey, Trudy Scott Woodsides. Third Row: Donita Blackford, Ronnie Jo Hughes, Mark Alexander. Teacher, Miss Fox Hobbs, John Knotts, Keith Harrison. Fourth Row: Susan Back Row: Jone Jack, Cindy Hobbs, Resa Cunningham, Jim Brown, Second Row: Roger Douglas, Ralph Lehman, Nancy Mroz, Vicky Sims, Danny Atcheson, Third Row: Denise Bias, Dennis Morgan, Paula Painter, Kay John- son, Karen Whitehead, Fourth Row: Phil Powell, I94 Ryndee Skillman, Deborah Sprague, Loretta Harper, Kathie Flanagan, Fifth Row: Ralph Marcum, Christine Waymire, Jody Alexander, Myrna Cooper, Linda Grang Sixth Row: Jim Feight, Robin Martin, Ellen Line, Gena Canfield, Standing: Gary Land, Mrs. Colcord I Q-aJe ml' fat W0 if -af Grade 2 Teacher, Mrs. Gillum. Front Row: Danny Spur- lock, Iohn Blackford, Dean Etchison, Rhonda Dickinson and Curtis Harrison. Second Row: Mary Hudson, Curtis Q P,,, XM: i, we Davis, Pam DeRue, Dallas McCord and Rodney Lawson Third Row: Lorna McNew, Norman Jarvis, Cathy Hollowell, George Lambesis, and Randy Borum. gi-aale jwo hh. Second Grade Teacher: Mrs. Floyd. Circle-left to right, Donna Williams, Arthur Williams, Ricky DeRue, Kim Swink, Vickie Fuller, Jimmy Couch, Jeff Marcum, Kim Hebner, Randy Cawthorn, Kathy Allen, Connie i951 W v- X. La Shure, Debbie Welborn, Donald Walker, Julie Wood- sides, standing. Row-left to right, Pam Borum, Dolly Hosier, Steve Lawrence, Sandy Burris, Lora Wise, Garry Edwards, John Stroup. Standing: Gay Shively, Mike Downing, Mrs. Hughes, Row One: Keith Kerkhoff, Richey Tomlinson, Mark Ryan, Rita Alexander, Judy Crullg Row Two: Debra Swift, Connie Anderson, Michael Cooper, Jeffery Poe, Fred Massie, Mark Sullivan, Row Three: Keith Size- love, Darrel Couch, Jeffry Sizelove, Tobin Truex, grade OMD4 Monte Kemper, Joy Lynn Noble, Row Four: Connie Io Fisher, Cynthia Waymire, Eric Alexander, Timmy McNamee, Anita Adams, Shelly Davis, Row Five: Randy Lee Wasson, James Sauro, Linda Jean Smith, Jerry Granger, Teresa Borum Teacher, Mrs. Hughes Back Row: Greg Besser, Carolyn Singer, Mike Hobbs, Mike Scott, Second Row: Crysie Stevens, Nancy Thorn- bury, Joyce Davenport, Desiree Waymire, Steve Doug- las, Third Row: Billy Jo Hudson, Timmy Fuller, Kathy F' Share, Debbie Phipps, Randy Abbott, Fourth Row: i961 ga!! One-I? Billy Hickman, Teresa Williams, Steven Swift, Kim Lundy, Jeff Carroll, Fifth Row: Mark Sigler, Don Etchison, Lawanna Detrick, Mickey Cox, Linda Alexander, Sixth Row: Ceri Smith, Benny Kennedy, Gary Vancleavo, Terry Poole, Teacher, Mrs. Nash. QI! efgdftell ' On floor: Joyce Allen, Sue Campbell, Marcia Hood, Randy Major, Michael Anderson, and Cynthia McPear- song Table on left: Timothy Smith, Carl Hobbs, Jimmy Nichols, Irene Wasson, and Kim Robinson. Table in ront table: Randy Betz, Lorena Marcum, Gary Wil- iams, Diana McGuire, Sherry Silvey, and Teresa Alright, Table on left: Lori Hughes, Rachael Smith, Kathy Brown, and Kathi Flowers, Center back: Diana Lewis, Lisa Johnson, .To Ann Dwiggins, Ronda Etchison, rear: Wesley Martin, Timothy Detrick, Linda Borum, Roger Kinser and Le Ann Collis. Table on right: Roger Dickenson, Zane Kennedy, Brian Borum, Bobby Moore, Steve Hayes, and Timmy Roby. Teacher, Mrs. Hartley , 4, and Mark Cox, Rear Table: Kent Remington, Tina Par- men, Paul Hollowell, Ricky Hamilton, Dean Knotts, and Pamela Couch, Table on right: Judy Davis, Michael Whitehead, Robert Hook, Howard Durr, Rene Davis, and Nancy Alexander, Teacher, Mrs. Hartley mwfk exf. Downtown Elwood Oni EKLUOOJ jArougA gl'dllLt0l'l fo .!4l'lJ2l'50ll fFranktonj Our County Seat, Anderson ANDE room N + s t . . . . w L . . is Q , . . . ,, . .. , ' Q '.h'vfi'i3i1'4':'9 ' -' aw if','f+g'c'g+ 'M 'H' few!-1 ax so I . T, 5 , l,A , ., , 'sy 1 'i , , Nm, Karla, and sany Q' 5 - -f ' , enjoy an "extra faci1ity" ' , V ' offered by g wotr Maron count 'b l T K yyli ' ' ' sr. Rd 37 North - Elwood - I " wzzsif W ' Even the referee finds it hard to keep his eye on the ball when the uniforms are from the ANDERSON SPORTING if "EEE 'hare . mn Compliments of GENE MITCHELL Sales Representative AL-IAX CHEMICAL COMPANY 1421 South "J" Street Elwood Indiana GOODS, INC. Trophies - Basketballs Fishing Tackle Golf - Tennis - Archery Guns Phone 644-5828 1206 Meridian - Anderson ,rf , CVM' "IEW 1 SQ4t : yi: -.r, MQW 1401-29 N. CAPITOL AVENUE INDIANAPOLIS 7, INDIANA WORLD'S LARGEST MANUFACTURER OF HIGH SCHOOL CLASS JEWELRY PHIL BYERS Salas Representative Sophomores Rana Trick, Teresa Thompson, and Linda Roby find that one or more cartons of milk with their noon lunch makes the remainder of the day perfect. . . and especially if it is milk from Best Ever EAST SIDE DAIRY Anderson Indiana C , svsr Q, Y f '. K 'Q 2 When It s Top Quality Building You Want, See or Call ALLEN C. MCCORD Builder 706 Plum Dial 4275 Frankton for estimates and plans Fred Welker Ford Company, Inc. New and Used Cars and Trucks Ph. 642-0275 516 Meridian, Anderson Compliments of SALYER'S GOLDEN ACRES Anderson Indiana KELLY FURNITURE COMPANJY Homes Furnished Complete Quality Furniture Since 1895 1129 Meridian Anderson, Indiana Canvas Awnings, Tents, 85 Tarpaulins ANDERSON CANVAS PRODUCTS 12 W. Sth St.-Ph. 644-6916 - Anderson It is the friendly service that appeals to Kathy as she gasses up at the downtown STANDARD OIL Station. SHETTERLY AUTO SERVICE Complete mechanical service-welding Phone 9135 for 24 Hour AAA Service uf' Q1 :fl X 5 FARMERS GRAIN 8. COAL CO. Dealers in Grain, Coal, Feed, Seed and Fertilizer Grinding and Mixing Master Mix Feed and Supplement Phone 2025 Frankton, Indiana BARBER SHOP RAC Frankton Indiana Otto Stroup, lr. Your Home Town Insurance Agent Frankton Phone 3394 Elwood Phone FE. 2-6691 Nikki says, "It's what's under the hood that counts, and that is at- tended to at SP00'S FRANKTON GARAG where you get Motor Overhaul, Wheel balancing, Front End Alignment-PLUS SUNOCO 8L SUPER 98 Gas and Oils." 24 Hour Wrecker Service Phone 3012 - If no answer, try 3012 Frankton Indiana Compliments of PAINTER 81 SON Modern Shoe Repair Frankton Indiana 1,4 ' HENDRICK S DRIVE-IN x f Sandwiches f W Root Beer and Other Drinks , 3 Frankton Phone 3512 Indiana t , Chicken in Basket-Short Qrders Frankton ' Phone 3505 Indiana Y',' .VT Q 'V'Q Q Q ' ' V'9 Q Package Drugs Magazines-Film Service Greeting Cards WALKER S VARIETY STORE Q Frankton, Ind. 8 ' Q 9 go ,Q 6 no QQWQQS 3355 III0Y'o80,5oo8z w Q o ,Q 2 Q: 5' 4 5' 4 5' . Q' 5' Q' Po ' !o'N5VNVo'N5!o' 'VW' ' K BLAYLOCK'S LAUNDRY 8. LHUUDERETTEQ, EQ: Frankton Indiana Open 24 Hours Ianet McCarty can shop with compl confidence that she is getting the best when she does that shopping at Bauer's Frankton Superet where she can always get a complete line of Quality Groceries, Meats, and Produce. Phone 2315 Frankton Indiana CERDEN AND SON i M ANUF A C TUR ING FRANKTON SAWM ILL CONTRACTORS phgne 2015 Phone 3753 Frankton Indiana Frankton fl . . 7 East Side Standard w1"'g"' N fi SPRAGUE Auro BODY Complete .F E gi Complete Auto Body and Auto Repairing 85 Painting CL- 'X f yr ,iwiyi Radiator Service Don Brashear8LS C' I ' ' ' ,--I ' . Frankton Indiaxigls ' 6 X 'S Phone 2475 ., i 4 Frankton ar? I T? MILLER A' TOURS I En, Hx Tours and Cruises All Over The World FOR RESERVATIONS APPLY TO MILLER TOURS Walnut 5-3581 Marott Hotel Indianapolis 7, Indiana ,,,. .. ,..,,..., , Larry is proud to receive his uniform and prouder even to wear it, because it has that "luxury feel" which can come only from FRANKTON CLEANERS Phone 22 75 Frankton, Indiana -Af LAMBESIS FOOD MARKET "Where Quality Is Higher Than Prices." Choice Meats Fresh Fruits KL Vegetables Frankton, Indiana 'W-+ Ai I Students and patrons find the TIP TUP BEAUTY SHUPPE Corner of Plum and John Streets in Frankton an ideal place to get custom permanent waving - Dial 4345 Franklin Finance Company Loans and Financing Since 1921 Phone First-Fastest Service Phone 644-8874 1035 Main Anderson, Indiana Compliments of a Friend WH ,gig .Q- f 1 , 1 QNX 7 -A - J s . , fu. . 0,2 , . . . Asif.-1-1.215 :IQ-1-W:-QI 'th Q H 'Ib ' ' I Regardless of the Subject! I Official Photographers for Frankton High School RUSS and NELL FORKNER the "Mr, and Mrs, Elite" of ELITE STUDIO 1037 Meridian Anderson, Indiana or Phone 644-7016 for an appointment its COPPER SKILLETT Featuring Pancakes and Waffles 2 East 5th Street Ph. 644-9068 Anderson Indiana GI,ENN'S BARBER SHOP 2001 Broadway Anderson, Ind, Larry Bardonner seeks advice from Joe Smith, owner-manager, of the SMITTY'S PURE OIL where it is always possible to get a Motor Tune-up, Gasoline, Oil, Lubrication, Washing Frankton 's newest service station Corner Rd. 128 and Moss Island Rd. Phone 2845 HARDIN 81 SON Luggage 33 East 11th St. Anderson, Ind. T3yIOI' Real Estate 8: IIlSlII'3llOO Phone 644-1236 1021 Jackson Street Anderson, Ind. FREDDIE DAY'S BARBER SHOP COUNTRY KITCHEN ' Short Orders - Sandwiches Breakfast Starring at 5:00 AM X Old Fashioned 5 5 Country Dinners A . at Noon .X Don and Leora : G- ' , Frankton Indiana Ashton I Q THE FRANKTON PRESS X Q ' ' phone 3075 RAYMOND KING Publlcoflon Printers -Nm' Frankton .df Your LocaI Insurance Ageni Frankton Indiana iffZEZQIQQQHEIEEEEffffifEff555ff5252525E3S5252525E52EE5IfffE5if23EfEEif2fZf2 EE X XX ANNNQ HARRISON . X Compliments of II-IIA If WW cuesrv roons, mc. ' - Q M0052 f N 1. F,-ankton Indiana Im Potato Chips " Popcorn 'F FRAN KTON LLIMBER COMPANY V V V Phone 2950 Frankton, Indiana " Complete Building Materials Service" JV - - I I Jeanie Allen is quite certain that a portable Television from GEORGE C. HARPER 8: SONS Phone 3165 Frankton Indiana is the one item that would fill the bill. While shopping, she found that they also have Gulistan - Firth - Barwick Carpet Zenith Television gc Stereo Smith Brothers Sa Flex Steel Living Room Suites S W Paints and 2 'n 1 Soft Water Service Wh RELIABLE AUTOMOTIVE LIGHTING SYSTEMS Guide-Matic Power Headlight Control Safety Aim Headlamps GUIDE LAMP DIVISION GEXFSSESZISEEZIAIGQRP' Ut If you have to stretch your money 557' to pay your bills as far as Butch Condon has to stretch to glove the ball, you'd better visit THE FRANKTON BUILDING and LOAN ASSOCIATION Serving Madison County Since 1893 With Courteous Dependable Service Phone 2525 Frankton, Indiana There are A ' B ' C's in clothing too . . A lways be sure of style in your garments wh its for casual, street, or evening wear. B ther. C orefully select quality garments at budget p and you can't go wrong! 911 MERIDIAN STREET ANDERSON. INDIANA uy for quality so your clothing dollar goes ALIBI 1405 Jackson Street Anderson Phone 643-7154 ANDERSON INDIANA BUSINESS COLLEGE Tuf- 62nd Year Phone 644-7514 ether rices Compliments of PAUL RAVAGE Sheriff of Madison County I WON - STOP AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY Dick Montgomery, Mgr. 1219 Main Street Anderson, Ind Phone 642 - 0281 f When You Think of - f an i commsncm. BANK u g ZELEOEUWTUPEH Z must COMPANY Z YOUR GENEIVEAIS ELECTRIC DEALER++ 7 Alexandria Indiana Z coTTERmAN's Z 7 4 Z Z M Wghfilsigjfggiiexandfla Z nuunzr STATION Z X State Road 28 and 7 Dundee Road 7 f CENTRAL rms, mc. lm tc tl A d THE DERBY - Plzzfnm Y - b Y Y A e?'i'1gf?f" 10193511iT5C54'l5'5552i1ZnEZ1Tn ACE ADVERTISING COMPANY Completely Illuminated Plexilass and Neon Service 501 M S Ph 643 3494 A d D. H. GOBLE School Supplies-Printed Form G enfield Indi F d f iend and they go s g RYAN'S F h g-S mmmg-Boating C p g P' 'kg G1 Ig lvl ,Miller Huggins Ina "Everything for Ev y Typewriters Adding Machines Leather Goods Office Fumiture and Supplies Ph one 644-4404 1212 Meridian A d rson Indiana g I You are on the right track and are right on the tape when you follow the example of track man Dick McCord. Open a checking or savings account at the FRANKTON BRANCH of ANDERSON BANKING COMPANY Complete Banking Service Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Every Depositor Insured to 310, 000 Q' av ' m mf, AND FESLER 9 ' f .i x 4 G 1, U9 9'L -lv 7x FuNERAL ' O f L L: . . Q 'Y ' mg -9 . 1 I TAM? 2 Stores 300 So. Anderson-Elwood 2808 Nichol Ave.-Anderson HOME Z'-df' X - I JOHN W. MOORE CHEVROLET SALES Chevrolet - Oldsmobile - Cadillac , Sales Sz Service I Fl d I dh Elwood, Indiana SEEGER AUTO SUPPLY Complete Line of Auto Accessories Hollywood Mufflers 8: Dual Exhaust 1112 So. 16th St. Elwood, Ind. FLOWERS GOLDSBERRY'S of perfection' FLOWER SHOP the added todch 3 miles west of Frankton on State Road 128 then one-half mile north Phone Elwood FE-2214 Illllllll lllllllll lllllllll lllllllll lllllllll lllllllll Johnson Sea-Horse Out Board Motors - SALES AND SERVICE 5 BOATS-TRAILERS AND ACCESSORIES OILS 81 GREASES 5 LEATHERS' BOAT HOUSE : Elwood E 1823 North A. street 5 Phone FE 2-5162 IOHNSON'S APPAREL SHOP Elwood Indiana KLElN'S SHOE STORE Ph. FE 2-5271 So. Anderson Elwood, Ind. Funeral Home Serving Frankton and Surrounding Communities 24 Hour Ambulance Service Air Ambulance Service Phone Alex. 724-44Il Call Collect KARL M. KYLE I I FERMEN S ALEXANDRIA BANKING C0 Ladies' 81 ChilcIren's Ready to Wear BANK OF FRIENDLY Phone 724- 4194 SERVICF 203 North Harrison Street Alexandria We ALEXANDRIA RECORD 81 FLOWER SHOP Alexandria n 202 North Harrison Alexandria Indiana BROYLE Home F"""S""'9 DlCKEY'S QUE? SERVICE Indiana I 124 South Harnson St Always Good Values Alexandria Indiana Phone 724 135I Indiana 'AWS HENN's GARAGE a Any model, anything, anytime Phone FE 2-6553 210 South 23rd 2034 Main Street EIWOOCI Indiana can FE 2-9415 Elwood, Indiana NEW STYLES OF FINE The Best BUY - - - Eisenburg, Kramer, and Pakula at the Why Necks, Bracelets, and Pendants and Lariats. Latest Designs in Diamond Rings IlllllllllllllllllllllllIIlllllIIIIlllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIllIilllllIllIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll and Pearl Rings THE WHY STORE EARL G. RHODES, lewelry Martin Blumenthal 118 SOA Anderson Elwood Indiana Elwood, Indiana l Lucky Strike Lanes, Inc. FOLANO NURSERY OpEN Ornamental Nursery Stock ALL NITE FE 245611 FRIDAY State Rd. 28-East- Elwood, Indiana lill I ,fn 1 I ll GSXNHZ K or . 1 few' SHOE STORE State Road 13 So. -Elwood Florsheim Velvet Step Weatherbird ELWOOD MONUMENT WORKS 111 So. Anderson St. , Elwood, Ind. Phone FE- 2-2733 Phone FE. 2-3162 sr. Rd. 28 East - Elwood, Ind, Warren Zerbe' Manager W cALLAwAvs STANDARD SERVICE CONSUMER McMINN COAL CO - Gasoline - Oils - Accessories ab 301 SO. AHCISISOH Str - - ' George McMinn, Owner STANDARD Phone FE 2 6711 Elwood Indiana Ph. FE 2-9077 Elwood Indiana HOOSIER HOME IMPROVEMENT State Road 28-East Ph. FE 2-7341 Elwood Indiana BUD'S GARAGE Automatic Transmission Service Phone FE 2-2217 1830 So. "R" Street Elwood, Indiana FALVEYS MEN 81 BOYS Where your friends buy 'I -' their clothes. I 0111 THE . Bm .tg I Elwood, Indiana ' P' CENTRAL INDIANA GAS COMPANY Friendly Gas Service for Frankton and its community Taff 8. Baker Furniture Store 1518-20 Main Street Elwood, Indiana Ph. EE 2-6216 R. C. McDaniel Dry Goods, Footwear, Clothing Elwood, Indiana Get Clipped at 5 1540 South "A" Street Q ,' Elwood Indiana Z' A , . -Q :A ly ,gliktfla Gm, Ou, ' "41-I-4:71 EAST SIDE PARTS I. Wholesale A utomotive Parts 31st 81 Main Streets A EIW00 Fed. 2-3379 ROY SMITH APPLIANCES G. E. - Speed Queen - Maytag - l-loover 609 So. 22nd. Street Phone FE. 2-6772 Elwood, lnd. SENIORS OE ARMINGTON EARL DAUGHERTY ty Auditor County Recorder ELWOOD FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION Insured Savings to 510, OOO Current Dividend 47a Phone FE. 2-5055 Main at Anderson Elwood Branch in Alexandria Investing your savings with us is a duplicate experience of the photographer who takes the picture of Charles, David, and Jim Faulstick: one sees three and not just one or two. We pay 3070 interest on all savings, to say nothing of our complete banking service. Too, we are a member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. THE CITIZEN' BANK Phone Federal 2-3367 Corner "A" and South Anderson Elwood Indiana Compliments of Ralph Doan AIRPORT SHELL SERVICE STATION Ph. FE 2-2733 Junction 37-13 Elwood, Indiana VEST CLEANERS I Hour Service 1516 Main Street Phone FF 2-3131 EIwood Indiana Auto Associate Store LUCAS Western Elwood, Indiana GRINNELL'S TOY STORE State Rd., 28 East EIw00d Indiana Phone FE 2-3911 "If1Ls Toys You II'anL-We Have Them." BE HOLSUM LOOK HOLSUM . . -ff EDuzIf5anf5 302211265 Jncc 1451 South A Street Elwood, Indiana 46036 DRUEQ HINSHAW'S I VII First of ALL A DRUG STORE Elwood, Indiana EIW RALPH'S A 8. W ROOT BEER 2831 E. Main St. ood Indiana II nla....l HARDWARE ,D V 'V' Elwood I , CENTRAL EI " QX . . gn,-4 108 Sox. Anderson R .C W s 1 an-1 A Safe Place to Trade H U FF 'S 6444495 and Unpaid 2122 Main Street Elwood Indiana MANGAS CAFETERIA "A Pleasure to Treat . . a Treat to PIeasure.' Elwood Indiana H gg White River Baseball Champs sought shelter under the roof of the "dug-out. " Those who do their banking at 1St NATIONAL BANK of Elwood do not have to worry. They are protected from the beginning. The Only National Bank in Madison County Elwood Indiana Phone Federal 2-7336 Q., PHONE sas osse , V " .' rw-- Gm Q B and B Jewelry Store ,, WATCH AND Cl.ocK REPAIRING NX X! COSTUME JEWELRY - GIFTS R a d ' DIAMONDS I0 js- -N CLOCK REPAIR BY APFRENTICE WATCH KER W H B U ' 1240 GENE GRAHAM ra E. rom sT. ANDERSON, IND Best For Teen Age I Listening N "Cook's Tour 'Night Watch 'Saturday Session 'Record Date C B S In Central Indiana ' W-:,,:.gT' .EFFE- SURBER AND SON TAILORS Over Mc Croy's Anderson, Indiana HUNTER CHEVROLET Watch Chevy in '64 V SCHWINN Sa l es 603 Meridian SL Anderson, Indiana Se rv ic e C0 -It's Pleasant -It's Satisfying -It's Convenient -It's Economical TO SHOP HERE THE BANNER STORE -i Smith Kicycle Shaw Phone 642-6484 1213 Main Street 927 Meridian Street Andefgon Indlana Anderson, Indiana UJ 526 1234567891011121314151617181920212223242 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ "4 15 25 15 21 5141015 25 191512229147 161815 212 5131999 Sure you do. tYou just did.l You're curious. You have an inquiring mind. You're very fortunate. In- quiring minds have a lot more fun than it-it-was- good-enough-for-my-father-it's-good-enough-ton me-type minds. I Take a look at the young scien- tists at Delco-Remy's Research and Engineering Center in Anderson. They solve problems using everything from an electron microscope that can magnify the diameter ofa human hair to a width of 150 feet to an instrument that can cut an inch of material into a million parts. They work side by side with other scientists who are developing things like electronic ignition systems for cars and control devices for missiles and rockets. l Beginning to think research can be fun? You're right. If you en- joyed your high school science courses, perhaps you should think about making a career in research. Don't get the idea that it'll be a snap, though. You'll need to tackle a lot of preparatory study and hard work in college. But if you've got what it takes, maybe we can get together sometime and play around with a new discovery or two. Delco -Rerny Division ol General Motors o Anderson. Indiana D E C K E R S ANDERSON LAFAYETTE D. H. MILLER 8. CO. Wallpaper K O'Brien Paints Art-Supplies-Framing Est. 1926 Parking in Rear Tel. 642-6169 24 W. 8th St. Anderson, Indiana V' -' .T "E-25911 ff Tfffs-1 , 'f u . HP' K7'nf5',?ig .. gi . E ' T , H I ' A. E A givi n - 'Ir'-n. T , we ' 44223 me . A 652: I Wirxitqg- J--,if V I. X '51 . A nn ' M P 01 X. ,J a -1 I ,Q 'Q' W S . N In ' 'F I ,J 53 if . :usa , 'QQ x . W L ea ., ,s',. p ' 5 L Q- , I- . .. viii' I. l X Q gi Q iT, t 1 W .ms x 1 ,Q L. A y s yllnyp 'Ip' -. ..MXL hx g M tl: . I ,, K r- A we ' ' A x Eitiifsl Q ' 'QQ Q "it -E' Y .- i :Wg F' I , V s ' ami . -L - x I :H-x. x , I x' N G I I I ' Q my -4 X .1 ., -1 ,W Lucresia Wells finds that shopping for the family is a pleasure at the HOOSIER MARKET where you always find the Finest Meats and Groceries at Popular Prices .... Anderson Indiana CLOTHING STORE IIIen's, II'0men's Kc Childrerfs Wear Phone 3-3216 1125 Meridian Street I7 sl OITIIC I , I from CASTOR PAINT COMPANY A d I d' n erson n Ima 520 Main Street Anderson, Ind. ' "The Friendliest Store in Town" gm! 4g"M'447!u'I' mlm 55014 Good Quality For Less since 1886 Complete Auto Upholstering Rowuu ANNO Anderson, Indiana 225 EAST 9TH STREET ANDERSUN, INDIANA SEARS ROEBUCK Sz COMPANY JENKINS WATCH SHOP ' ANDERSON ,jeweler-Watch Repairing 1:15 fx W Phone 644-5113 A xg MH S CAMERA SHOP A d 15 E. im I dl , QYICQMIERA n erson n lana ' I X 12th sr Meridian Jerry Abplanalp 73, 84 Joan Abplanalp 73 Kathy Adams 84 Wanda Adams 9, 72 Bill Adams 48, 49, 72 Brenda Addison 84 Hilda Alexander 84 Jackie Alexander 78 Jeannie Allen 15, 37, 72, 108 Sharon Allender 84 Terri Alley 27, 61 Miss Emma Alspaugh 57 George Altherr 18, 78 Eddie Alvey 9, 45, 84 Bob Neil Anderson 4, 14, 61 William Anderson 78 Mrs. Marjorie Andrew 31, 57 Linda Arehart 72 Judy Argabright 78 Nancy Argabright 72 Tom Ashby 72 Robert Ashton 72 Randy Ashton 44, 45, 84 Robert Back 84 Bill Baldwin 17, 73 Wanda Baldwin 84, 85 Larry Bardonner14, 15, 37, 61, 105, 1 Carolyn Barker 15, 84 Mr. Robert C. Barker 15, 21, 58 Ken Bamett 72 Cheryle Barnette 35, 78 Mr. David Bartlow 17, 29, 60 Raymond Beach 78 Sherry Bear 84 Dennis Beck 9, 22, 24, 26, 39, 42, 46, 48, 52, 72 James Beck 84 Carolyn Bell 84 Ronnie Benefiel 84 Keith Benzenbauer 78 Charles Blake 84 Ronnie Bledsoe 72 Pam Bollinger 84 Edward Bookout 78 Terry Bookout 72 Judy Borum 84 June Borum 78 Phil Bott 17, 61 Doug Bouslog 45, 84 Dick Bousman 78 Doris Braddick 78 Russell Brashear 72 Larry Brobst 84 Danny Brown 78 Jed Brown 84 Kathy Brown 61, 63 Keith Brown Oscar Brown 84 Mr., Bill Brown 41, 42, 44, 45, 50, 58 lgoafer Fred Bryan 14, 61, 63 Geneva Burchett 85 Juanita Burchett 85 David Burton 15, 78 Nancy Busby 85 Connie Bush 85 Barbara Caldwell 85 John Calloway Mary Canfield 24, 37, 85 Debbie Carrol 78 Carol Cawthorne 78 Roy Chaffin 85 Janet Chambers 17, '72 Jean Chambers 4, 14, 17, 61 Jane Clark 27, 78 Dusty Clarkson 72 Mike Clarkson 62 David Cloud 85 Dexter Cloud 72 James Cloud 62 Steve Cobble 85 Alberta Collier 78 Miss Kathleen Collier 8, 12, 55, 58 Rodney Compton 73 Butch Condon 14, 21, 46, 48, 62 Betty Conklin 23, 78 Anita Cooper 13, 14, 62 Cynthia Cooper 85 Paul Couch 85 Rita Couch 73 Ronald Covington 85 Danny Cox 79 Judy Cox 79 Larry Cox 85 Mary Jo Cox 15, 79 Pam Cox 85 Steve Cox 62 Virginia Coy 73 Susan Creamer 85 Mickey Crawford 48, 73 Terry Crull 85 Cheryle Cummings 79 Shelia Cummings 85 Alden Cunningham 79 Jerry Cunningham 42, 44, 47, 73 Robert Curl 73 Bob Dailey 9, 22, 25, 73 Linda Dailey 85 Jackie Daugherty 16, 24, 85 Mark Daugherty 85 Judy Davenport 85 Larry Davis 14, 62 Mrs. Marilyn B. Davis 17, 58 Mr. Mulford Davis 58 Mr. Paul Davis 19, 58 Phn Davis 42, 44, 47, 48, 49, Roger Davis 85 Robert Delaplane 85 Sherry Dellinger 15, 73 52, '78, 79 Y Dietzer 73 DiRuzza 85 ie Downing 17, 73 Drake 17, 24, 26, 39, 42, 47, 48, 50, 73 . Drake 79 rake 86 D 4arie Drake 13, 15, 86 Duncan 73 1 Duncan 37, 86 East 79 Ebert 79 man 17, 22, 43, 73 Ehman 55, 60, 62, 100 lder 15, 37, 79 liott 86 Elliott 36, 86 Etchison 15, 73 iulstich 55, 79, 116 Faulstich 55, 79, 116 is Faulstich 55, 79, 116 'd Fesler 5, 63 'etz 73 t Fetz 86 Fetty 79 Fischer 14, 17, 63 etcher 79 :tcher 17, 72, 73 loyd 16, 86 , Floyd 14, 15, 24, 73 om Foland 50 ddie Foley 48, iana Fouse 63 eborah Foster 86 erry Foust 15, 37, 79 nnie Frazier 6, 7, 13, 14, 22, 60, 64, 66 enda Freeman 78, 79, 82 'll French 16, 58 gene Friend 86 onnie Fry 73 ora Frye 86 m Frye 86 ary Fulton 79 la Garner 86 ssell Garrison 73 erry George 63, 64 atherine Giselbach 73 ttie Goldsberry 74 rry Goodman 79 rry Gordon 20, 22, 36, 60, 64 yce Graham 14, 63, 64 vid Granger 74 nnis Gray 86 get Gray 74 ark Green 86 Ilenn Hall 80 nda Hallstien 74 athy Hancher 80 ike Hannah 44, 48, 49, 53, 80 Erolyn Hare 80 ug Hare S6 r. Ted M. Harbit 17, 53, 59 irbara Harper 74 , 86 63 Leila Harper 14, 15, 27, 35, 37, 74 Clinton Harrison 86 Gary Harrison 45, 86 Sandra Hart 22, 64 Ken Hartley 80 George Heady 14, 64 Peggy Heath 17, 74 Tommy Heath 86 Elaine Heaton 15, 16, 23, 27, 80 Terry Heaton 64 Tim Heller 11, 80 Mr. Carl Henderson 54 Mrs. Lena Henderson 54 Kathy Hendrick 80 Barbara Heniser 14, 15, 43, 72, 74 Mr. Gene Heniser 3, 4, 5, 27, 31 Cindy Hertle 45, 86 Mary Jane Hervey 24, 86 Tom Hervey 10, 53, 74 Terry Hiatt 15, 65 Charles Hiday 65 Gary Hobbs 65 Pam Hodson 74 Mike Holder 15, 45, 86 Steve Holt 16, 44, 46, 80 Johnny Hood 86 Karen Hood 15, 74 Carolyn Hook 60, 65 Judy Hoover 17, 74 Sandra Hoover 14, 65 Mike Hopper 80 John Hoppes 35, 80 Phil Horn 17, 21, 43, 74 Ronnie Horn 16, 80 Mrs. Sue Hover 8, 55, 59 Richard Howard 80 Gail Howell 86 Leslie Hueston 80 Nancy Hueston 86 Paul Hughes 19, 86 Diana Hunnicutt 15, 80 Teresa Huston 87 Nila Huth 4, 7, 14, 65, 1 Mrs. Selma Huth 54 Dennis Hutson 65 Erie lmel 87 Judy lngle 74 00 David Jack 5, 15, 22, 37, 74 Diana Jack 80 Bonnie Jackley 17, 24, 74 Cathy Jackson 80 Tony Jackson 53, 74 Monica Jamison 87 Bert Jarrett 74 Karen Jarvis 7, 14, 15, 65 Perry Javis 87 Charles Jahlen 87 Thelma Jent 74 Wilma Jent 80 Susan Jester 87 Becky John 19, 27, 80 Sally John 14, 66, 100 Jim Johnson 87 John Johnson fSeniorj 4, 7, 10, 17, 66 John D. Johnson 80 Peggy Johnson 87 Robert Johnson 44, 45, 87 Vickie Johnson 80 Bessie Jones 80 Kathy Jones 87 Ronnie Jones 80 Joan Jordon 74 Ella Kaiser 80 Paul Kemper 81 Jan Kendall 87 Mr. Gordon Kerkhoff16, 17, 57 Joyce Kerkhoff 8, 23, 24, 25, 81 Connie Kimmerling 87 Earl Kimmerling 75 Jack Kimmerling 66 JeffKimmerling 15, 37, 78, 81 Victor Kinser 81 Georgia Kirby 75 Mike Kirby 45, 87 Sharon Kleeberg 12, 81 Candy Klinefelter 15, 81 Pat Knauer 87 Ginger Knight 4, 14, 66 Nicole Knopp 75 Mrs. Alberta Land 54 Jim Land 87 Bill Lane 15, 81 Darrell Lane 67 Marline Lane 87 David Lawson 15, 44, 48, 81 Jackie Lee 87 Janice Lee 87 Kathy Lee 14, 15, 22, 24, 67, 101 Jeanetta Legg 17, 75 Tommy Leonard 45, 87 Patty Lewellen 16, 19, 37, 81 Roxanna Likens 35, 75 Kay Line 75 Larry Litsey 11, 20, 22, 34, 67 Mrs. Catherine Lucas 13, 16. 59 Dick Lugenbeal 18,44, 46, 38, 49, 50. 31 David Luyet 87 Joe Lynch 75 Sidney Lynch 87 Cynthia McCarty 14, 15, 34. 75 Janet McCarty 14, 17, 22, 29, 66. 57. 107 Mick Mcciain 44, or Beverly McCord 81 Carol McCord 81 Dale McCord 75 Dick McCord 7, 24, 50, 52, 60, 67, 111 Glenn McCord 81 Jackie McCord 15, 87, 89 Ronnie McCord 75 Theresa McCord 87 David Mcllwain 48, 81 Terry McShurley 87 Peggy Manning 55, 67 Sandra Masters 15, 75, 37 Jerry Mathews 75 Xeneclea Mathews 32, 67 Tom Mauck 67 Terry Michael 81 Charles Miller 87 Debbie Miller 87 Mrs. Marguerite Miller 57 Mike Miller 75 Ronnie Miller 44, 45, 88 William Miller 88 Linda Mills 88 Shirley Millspaugh 88 George Mittendorf 68 Irma Moore 17, 75 Sharon Morgan 88 Vickie Morgan 81 Shirley Morris 23, 24, Terry Morris 75 Fay Morrison 88 Ronnie Murdock 88 Mike Murray 81 Steve Nance 81 Kenneth Naselroad 75 Tom Naselroad 88 Gary Nash 11, 17, 20, Judy Nash 81 Larry Nash 41, 42, 75 Michael Nash 88 Mr. Sterrett L. Nash 13, 24, 59 Joyce Neese 15, 27, 81 Roxy Nicely 81 Larry Nighbert 88 Patty Norris 81 Kathy Orbaugh '75 Larry Owen 15, 82 Mrs. Winifred Owens 12, 13, 60 Becky Paddock 17, 43, 75 Steve Paddock 24, 82 Bill Painter 84 Larry Painter 88 Mr. Tyrone Payne 8,13,40,48, 5 Teresa Pedro 68 Karen Pennington 75 Dennis Pettigrew 22, '72, 76 Larry Phillips 76 Clifford Pierce 88 Gay Pierce 82 Steve Poe 88 Vickie Porter 16, 37, 82 Suzanne Prewett 14, 15, 76 Kathy Prieshoff 14, 68 Margaret Prieshoff 76 Terry Prince 88 David Pruitt 82 Sharon Pruitt 28, 76 Terry Pruitt 76 Paul Quinton 88 Mike Rastetter 35, 82 Neva Reed 76 Bill Retherford 8-8 Stephanie Richardson 88 Lee Riegel 15, 37, 55. 68 Ella Kay Rigsby 15, 34, 37, 76 Marsha Rinker 27, 82 44, si 22, as 5,59 Regina Ritter 76 Connie Robinett 88 Dave Roby 15, 68 Linda Rob ll 17, 19, 37, Y . Jo Ann Rogers 88 Darrell Ryan 68 Mike Ryan 44, 82 John Saulmon 10, 17, 68 Becky Scholmiedel 82 Deborah Schmiedel 88 Melissa Schuck 13, 43, 69 Phyllis Sedwick 82 Don Shaw 76 lane Shaw 17, 76 Lucille Shelton 88 82 David Shetterly 42, 44, 48, 76 Steve Shetterly 82 Millian Shelper 88 Debbie Shively 88 Mary Shoulders 14, 15, 22, 76 Mrs. Frances Sigler 17, 59 Steve Singer 88 Tom Singer 15, 22, 50, 69 Larry Sizelove 88 Barbara Slack 69 Linda Slack 76 Stephen Slater 17, 76 Diana Smith 82 Mr. Gene Smith 12, 13 Joan Smith 12, 82 Judith Smith 89 Lester Smith 89 Nettie Smith 76 Pam smith 14, 15, 22, 27, 34, 37, va Pamela K. Smith 82 Ronnie Smith 82 Shirley Smith 69 Jerry Smothers 79, 82 Mary Spears 76 Susan Spoo 14, 15, 27, 34, 76 Linda Staley 17, 76 Eunice Stanley 78 Frank Stansberry 44, John Stansberry 77 Terry Stansberry 77 Paula Starr 14, 69 Phil Storm 82 Larry Storm 69 Steve Storm 89 Judy Stottlemyer 82 Larry Stottlemyer 77 Donnie Strong 82 Phyllis Strong 77 Connie Stroud 14, 70 Betty Sullivan 89 Nancy Sumner 83 Terry Swaim 77 Marcia Swart 83 Linda Swan 89 45, 89 Danny Swart 4, 42, 44, 70 Carl Teachnor 89 Henri Teachnor 17, 83 John Thomas 77 Judy Thomas 37, 83 Teresa Thompson 83, 100 Jeanette Thornburg 89 Gloria Thornbury 77 Wilda Tinsley 83 Pam Tischler 78 Ann Todd 78, 82 Rana Trick 44, 83, 100 Tom True 70 Jon Truex 77 Charles Turner 89 Vickie Vest 89 Linda Vestal 89 Ellen Von Hieber 83 Debbie Voss 17, 73 Donna Wable 89 Robert Wallace 15, 77 Butch Waltermire 16, 83 Jerry Waltermire 14, 42, 46, 48, 50, 70 Larry Waltermire 13, 14, 42, 46, 50, 70 Robert Watkins 83 Sallye Watkins 77 Mrs. Doris Waymire 54, 59 Mrs. Edith Waymire 54 Jarrel Waymire 70 Linda Waymire 77 Nick Waymire 8, 17, 40, 42, 48, 77 Richard Waymire 70 Sharon Waymire 77 Toni Waymire 83 Steve Weaver 77 Ginger Welborn 14, 22, 55, 71 Lynn Welborn 14, 71 Teresa Welker 14, 15, 77 Linda Wells 27, 83 Lucresia Wells 14, 22, 31, 71, 121 Mary Lou West 83 Trudy Westrick 83 Jim Wethington 44, 89 Mary Ann Wethington 71 Janet Whalen 14, 15, 71 Mike Wheat 89 Maribeth Whetsel 14, 15, 37, 71 Patty Whetsel14, 15, 77 Nancy Whitcomb 15, 27, 77 Harold White 71 Max Wiesenauer 18, 83 Becky Wiggs 24, 45, 89 Bobbie Wiggs 45, 89 David Wihcbrink 18, 44, 83 Linda Wilhoite 83 Danny Williams 77 Dave Wilson 84 Sharon Wilson 77 Amanda Wisehart 83 Basil Wisehart 17, 36, 77 Cheryl Wisehart 83 Christine Wisehart 89 Bob Witcher 89 Steve Woodruff 89 Carolyn Wright 7, 14, Georgia Yarber 83 Ricky Young 89 Ralph Zerbe 89 15, 22, 37, 71 .:.,::g,-I ........,...,L.m:::4:: ...- - ----- J-fvf'-" ' 'f"' 4 1 dk! gfffiiiw Q V3 ff Wifiigifgf M NW W 9 MM 5212, M' gyoq' WF! fr' qwhq ef flu YJWMQ, aff Z 0LWffWPfU QW

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Frankton High School - Eaglite Yearbook (Frankton, IN) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Frankton High School - Eaglite Yearbook (Frankton, IN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Frankton High School - Eaglite Yearbook (Frankton, IN) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Frankton High School - Eaglite Yearbook (Frankton, IN) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Frankton High School - Eaglite Yearbook (Frankton, IN) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


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