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THE I 962 EAGLITE Presented by the Senior Class of Frankton, High Frankton, Ind. I. THIS IS YOUR '62 EAGLITE: A MEMORY BRACELET IN BOOK FORM Nw' IEIE' ERE 'A The events at Frankton High during the school year 1961 -'62 will no doubt be treasured memories to those who were associated with the many phases of the schoo1's life. In order to recall memories of the past, a memory brace- let is sometimes worn. Because this book serves the same purpose as the bracelet, the theme of this yearbook describes the 1962 Eaglite as "A Mem- ory Bracelet in Book Form." px fi W J Ill 06124, . .B 0716 . AULITE A CONTENTS A L1 3 SCHCDOL LIFE It Was the Heart Haven't you heard about that before, Kathy. Whatever Bonnie is doing must be funny. I wonder what she will illustrate for you tomorrow at noon. Routine events which happen from day to day are the least noticed when they happen at present but the best remembered when they are looked back upon in the future. The small talk in the gym at noon, the mad dash for the lunch line, the crowded lockers during breaks, and other common happenings are taken for granted but these events Will be held physically in this book as well as mentally in your minds for years to come. After going through this book for enjoyment, come back and study the people, because they are the ones who made the memories possible. That's right Dave, we must stay in line to get our lunch from now on. of Frankton High Y "In you go, horn in hand. " It's going to be another Did you drop something Bert, or are you going to hot day, but you seem to be enjoying the morning sit on the floor to get your books out of you: locker sunshine. Some were happy and some were sad, but the time came when we had to come to school. Cheer up, some of the teachers didn't look happy either. 4 It just has to be the Eagles winning because this Eagle sure looks in shape for this task. The basketball boys seem to have a lot to talk about at noon in the athletic office. Everyone seems to be happy about leaving school. It must be the favorite time of day. Daily Events Are It appears that Doug and John are hard at work finishing their "windows" for art class. Remembered Best The afternoon journey to class is being accepted by these students as they walk down the hall to after- noon classes . . . There's nothing like being physically fit to get the girls to notice you, boys! Is that the new dance, Sally, or are you catching flies in gym class . . . Watch out, Wayne 3 it might bite you. Ted seemed L to know how to make it do everything else . . . Q P Skill and patience are required to turn out uniform designs on the wood lathe. Jerry Moss and Larry Bardonner seem to be involved in their work. 1 Tom Singer and Jerry Gordon can usually be found in the science room observing specimen pertaining to biology. Miss Bowers knows what she's doing in this class. While Alma is busy planning where either to decrease or increase the waist, Jean is pinning her pattern on the material. Best of luck in getting your garments to fit, girls. 8 Participation in daily events covers a wide variety of school functions . Besides the pencil and paper work of English, history, bookkeeping, etc., there are classes in which students combine knowledge with manual skill such as the shop lathe work, home ec. dress making and biology observations . ln order that others can climb to the heights of knowledge, librarians are sometimes required to climb to the heights of a book shelf. By setting up an apparatus that controls chemical actions, students may observe and prove facts learned in text books. "Now is the time . . ." is a very good exercise, Jennie. Limber your fingers so you can type your lesson. P a 3lli1erix':Is,tx'i:Iarrett and Hurh compare 'known with Clare found it for you this time. Ben, are you still looking for that book? Maybe X . l in School Activities Many things happen during activity period. We have special guests and programs to help the students Widen their horizons . Are you Seniors really recording the Thanksgiving program, Sandra? It's Rah, rah, rah, for our team on the day we have a basketball game. The school really has the spirit. 10 Congressman Roush talks to F.H.S. students about his experiences in the House of Representatives. Man! What cool music Mr. Louis Goustslo made on his piano, November 28. .sf W I962 EAGLITE QUEEN Barbara June Sigler Barbara has been active in a number of organi- zations since the begin- ning of her high school career . . . including Student Council, Pep Club, Tri -Hi-Y, Future Teachers of America, Latin Club, Home Ec. Club, etc. The Eaglite Staff is happy to be able to crown her as student choice for the 1962 Eaglite Queen . . . ATT EN DANTS Runners-up in the student voting were Nancy Wat- kins and jackie Clark. jackie came to us from Hancock Central where she was active in affairs there and has continued to show much of her same zealous spirit since arriving on the Frankton SCGIIE . Since coming to Frankton jackie has become a mem- ber of Tri -Hi-Y, Future Teachers of America, Eaglettes, and is a twirler with the Frankton High School Band. Nancy Watkins has spent all of her years in the Frankton schools. She has been a cheer -leader for four years, has par- ticipated in class plays, is a member of Tri-Hi-Y and has served in numerous other posts of responsi- bility . . . Jackie Clark 11 REMEMBER THE ORGANIZATIONS AND SPECIAL EVENTS OF '62 The organizing of a group for a specific purpose and the activities that are planned by the group will very likely develop into treasured memories. fx 91 .if ff H l II JM n H1 ARDI-C-IRAS I96I King "Rex" Gary Dalzell, King of the 1961 Mardi Gras, is all smiles as he poses with Queen Ginger Jaclson on the right arm and the crown on his head. Presenting the crown is Principal Gene Heniser who congrat- ulates the two after he does the honors. 4 ' Ea lf 5 E 537' fi: :S Y Junior Princess Nancy Watkins, Junior Prince Ben Richwine, Freshman Princess Sandra Cunningham, and Freshman Prince Bruce Stevens await the show which is to come . . . The 1961 Mardi Gras, which is sponsored by the Student Council, was held in the grade school gym Following the crowning of the King, a Variety program was presented with a "roaring twen- ties" theme. Refreshments were served after which those who desired were able to dance to the music of a live band. 1 I Senior Prince Wayne Ousley, Senior Princess Judy Blake, Q1 Sophomore Prince Dave Huth, and Sophomore Princess Mary 51 Faye Richwine pose formally for the photographer . . . 1 LL 14 l96I PRC NU DH? THE MAGNOLIAS Gloria Blair sang a very pretty song at the prom, we wish you would sing more often. Butch Noble are you telling jokes or are you dancing a soft shoe! Ben, you look very diplomatic giving your speech. if The Frankton High School Junior -Senior Prom was held May 13, 1961, at the Spencer Hotel, in Marion, Indiana. There was an evening meal, entertainment and dancing. Everyone had a nice time. This is just a few of the people who were dancing and having a good time. SPECIAL EVENTS Nancy isrx't wasting the smile. It goes well with the lovely frock she is wearing at the Fa1l-Semi- Formal Dance sponsored by the Tri-I-li-Y when all of the girls have a chance to put on their prettiest dress . . . When school pictures were taken, it was necessary that the Walter- mire twins--Jerry and Larry be designated as such. Never-the-less Jerry . . . or is it Larry . . . gives the photographer a big smile . . . Hand holding among the boys is not regular fare except on the day the Sophomore Class receives their rings. Lee Riegel looks admiringly at Fran.kie's ring as other class members look on . . . 16 SENIGR CLASS PLAY "BlLL'S NIGHT OUT" was selected for pre- sentation by the members of the senior , class . . . as their final production. Early in the year the cast was selected and work was begun on the production. Steve Davison, jack Smothers, and jack Huffman assisted Mr. Sterrett L. Nash, director, with the construction of the stage set and Kevin Crawford acted as stage manager. Following the production of the play, mem- bers ofthe cast, the director and family, the persons responsible for sale of tickets and ushering spent a very enjoyable evening at the home of Andrea Seely. A "blue -note" night be sounded with regard to the rehearsals. The "flu bug" hit the school during the week of try-out and there was scarcely one night until the final week of dress rehearsals that a full cast reported to practice. In spite of circumstances, the play was a success. A nicely constructed storage balcony pro- vides place for stage hands to get the set in readiness. Looking over the loot found in the stolen car are John Smith, Alma Friend, and Carol Mock seated on floor. Other cast members left to iight are Charlie Stettner, Doug Hood, Ted McCord, Nancy Watkins,.Andrea Seely, Douglass Waltermire, Clara Sturbois, Steve Horn, Karen Taylor, Nancy Hays, and Steve Hudson. 17 HO OR SOCIETY First semester members of the Honor Society were l. to r. Vickie Beck, Carol Tommy, Nancy Hays, Carole Davis, Kathy Lee, Stan Busby, Wayne Kerkhoff, Ted McCord fPresidentj, Alma Friend, Sandra Conklin, Carol Mock, Jackie Clark, on floor: Ben Richwine, Larry Litsey, and Tom Sigler fSecretaryj. Honor Society Sponsor Mr. Sterrett Nash pins a flower on member Barbara Sigler before open house activities begin. The Eureka Chapter of the National Honor Society at Frankton High was an active group during the 1961-62 school year. Ushering and acting as the hosts at the annual open house, plus the customary coat check which was operated at all home basketball games were the two main func- tions of the organization. One induction was held each semester of the school year with Carole Davis, Vickie Beck, Carrol Tommy, Stan Busby, Kathy Lee, and Larry Litsey being inducted in the fall and john Smith, james Allen, Susan Brown, Jennie Frazier, jerry Gordon, and Gary Nash in the spring induction. An attempt is made to keep the members constantly aware of their responsibility to live up to the standards of the Honor Society to which they have been elected. 18 S A 5 Qt Student Council Secretary Kathy Lee, Sponsor Mr. David Bartlow, and President Sandra Conklin look over decorations to be used in the 1962 Mardi Gras. The Student Council was socially active on several projects, one of which was the 1962 Mardi Gras. Decorating cars at sectional time, organizing noon games, and spon- soring the Halloween Festival were some of the main projects of the group. STUDENT COUNCIL Members Kathy Lee, Cynthia McCarthy, Jeanette Legg, and Jennie Frazier ponder an idea presented to the council. Many student problems and projects are discussed and re- flected upon during meetings. Although many of the Student Coun- cil's accomplishments were direct services to the school, most of its work was in representing the con- sensus of the student body, and in discussing school problems and possible improvements. Mary Faye Richwine cooly states her opinion in a Student Council meeting. If 19 EAC-I LITE Ted McCord, editor-in-chief, and Tom Sigler, junior editor, pose with Russ and Nell Forkner, official school photographer, at a fall "editor and sponsor banquet." The school bell rings, and hand in hand, We annual staffers take the stand, Layout editors Dixie Heaton, Larry Litsey, Gary Nash, Jerry Gordon, Mary Baker, Barb Sigler, and Clara Sturbois, and art editor Lorraine Bouslog check ideas with editor. The advertising staff was responsible for securing the largest amount of advertising we have ever secured. Dough Hood gave a period every day to his duties as business manager. Steve Horn was the official student photographer with much assistance . . . To meet the tasks that before us lie Of preserving memories of Frankton High. The editor, his assistants, advisor, and all Get busy as bees at a beehive ball. There are layouts to make and captions to write, Gotta get senior's biographies, and make sure they're right. Gotta get names 'n dates, clubs and games, Teams and queens, and teachers' names. Gotta ads to sell and publishers to meet, Sketches to draw and deadlines to beat, Photographers to call and typists to see. Gotta rewrite and correct, gotta hurry 'n run-- Then before we know it, our job is done. All too quickly, it seems, amid our fears, The day arrives when our book appears. We hold our breath, then let out a cheer, When "the critics" say, "It's the 'most' this year. JFP Distribution of school papers--THE GOLDEN EAGLE--is an exciting but serious time even though the faces of our subjects would not suggest that. Pictured are Carol Davis, Barbara Shirley, Mary Hartley, Nancy Watkins, Sandra Conklin, John Smith, and Barbara Sigler. Students who write the copy are largely responsible for preparation of stencils for duplication. Typing are Mary Beth Hartley, Maureen Curl, Jack Huffman, Nelma Tranbarger, and Carol Sue Davis. Local businessmen cooperate with their advertising to make the publication of the GOLDEN EAGLE possible. Mr. Harbit generally assumes the responsibility for du- plicating the copy. Often this is done in the wee hours long after his students 'should be in bed.' 21 GOLDE EAGLE The GOLDEN EAGLE is a periodic publication issued some six times during the school year. Members of the office practice class taught by Mr. Ted Harbit is responsible for collecting the facts, writ- ing the copy, editing, typing stencils, etc. Officers of the Tri-Hi-Y are Gloria Hertle, Carol Tomey, Melanie Paddock, Alma Friend, Carol Mock fPresidentj Kathy Lee, and Jennie Frazier. The principles of the Tri -Hi-Y Club The Autumn Leaves semi-formal dance being pure thoughts, works, and deeds, went over well in that a large number the members practiced these traits in attended and the dancing and refreshments their service activities to the school and were well organized. On one December community. Working with the Hi-Y in the evening the group sponsored a record hop fall on the bundle drive was their main in order to raise money to help a needy project for the beginning of the school family at Christmas. year. Clean Living: Purpose of Tri-Hi-Y Well, Mary Faye, who is right, Sandra or Linda? At club meetings debates were held and plans were made to sponsor another Twirp Dance at which the girls would pay the tab instead of the boys. Mrs. Marjorie Andrew and Mrs. Francis Sigler sponsors of the Tri -Hi -Y seem to have been rather busy keeping up with the club members. It looks as if Sandra Conklin has the say-so in this group discussion. 'Fw Marv- .y fl V ' V, - .L MIS, yr. V, ',,:jp-::,- I, I .Q Wg. l, ,. 5: 2 p 'Ira ' 55 .-if sig' .f fl In B, ' 'ref . ' - if " i gslilg, L. W W I j --" . I - ' .,,a:-- 5-egg!!-' 1 ifpzflsggf gf-rs' A Y, Qu: - . V 5 , .. 1 . I-Ii-Y officers "parlay" over club activities for the school year. They are Todd Ash, secretary, Dallas Curtis, president, Max Hoppel, treasurer, Bill Lay, historian, Stan Busby, vice-president, Jeff Bauer, Sergeant-at-arms, and Doug Hood, chaplain. The goal of the Hi -Y Club is to create, maintain, and extend high standards of Chris tian character. The members of the club participated in and enjoyed the "bundle day drive which has become an annual service project. The bundle drive is for the pur- pose of collecting used clothing to send to the needy in mountainous regions. and Hi-Y Clubs at Frankton For recreation the club organized an intramural sports activity. Four teams were chosen for competition. Various committees were named to per- form the activities regularly assigned to those committeesg service comm.g program committeeg social committeeg public relationsg and worship commit- tee. Mr. French and Mr. Bartlow shared the responsibilities of sponsors 23 Future Teachers of America officers look over their charter. They are Gloria Blairg John Smith, Presidentg Mary Bakerg and Kent Ehman. "Ten little babes got lost in the woods" but it wasn't the ten F.H.S. students comprising the membership in the Future Teachers of America group in our school. They each know Where they are going--straight to college and then into a classroom as teacher. The members have spent much time observing and teaching in classes of the junior- High and Elementary School. Those not pictured on this page are Carol Mock and Lorraine Bouslog. Jackie Clark conducts a fifth grade reading class. Karen Taylor teaches "Tom and Betty" to second graders. Barbara Sigler conducts a third grade group while Steve Hudson teaches math to junior high students. 24 Katherine Strunk Home Economics Rhon Rittenhouse Commercial fi Each year some faculty members are given a slight rest and students, a change of teachers when college students desir- ing to become teachers practice in F. H. S. classes. Miss Katherine Strunk taught at our high school in Miss Marilyn Bowers' Home Ec. classes to practice what she had been taught in college. Mr. Rhon Rittenhouse worked in Mr. Ted Harbit's commercial classes during his stay here . Seq STLIDE T TEACHERS PRACTICE Gene Smith English I Mr. Gene Smith who is a former student of F.H.S. himself returned in the role of a teacher to practice in Mr. Sterrett Nash's freshman English class. It is generally felt that regular students and teachers profit as much as the student teachers under this program. U HERS' CLUB WORKS AT GAMES The Ushers' Club under the sponsor ship of Mr. David Bartlow provided the supervision needed at ball- games. By holding up the ropes at half time, passing out programs, clean- ing up spilled popcorn, etc., the - . t boys were kept busy at the home basketball games. The ushers no , doubt stood out among the best in their devotion to public service. Members of the club are Dave Lazenby, Dave Shetterly, Jim Cloud, Eddie Foley, Larry Litsey, John Miller, Dan Buchner, and Don Thomas. in 25 AT F.H. . F.F.A. officers pose for the "shutter man" during a regular club meeting. The Sentinel, Ben Richwineg Reporter, Steve Wrightg Vice -president, Steve Horny Pres., Daniel Jacksong Secretary, Bob Jarrett, and Treasurer, Dallas Curtis. The Future Farmers of America, a national organization for boys enrolled in vocational ag, attempts to conduct regular meetings during the summer and school year. The F. F.A. sold wrenches, light bulbs, and seeds to raise the funds needed to pay ex- penses of the annual Father-Son Banquet each spring, the trip to the Indianapolis stock- yards and packing plants, etc. Activities during the school year include participation in judging contests soils, dairy, poultry, grain, and beef. The Frankton F.F.A. teams in the soil and crop judging placed third in the county, with the poultry team placing sixth. Gordon Kerkhoff, vocational ag teacher, is sponsor of the Frankton FFA Chapter. "just fer fun" the F. F.A. has organized a basketball team. This year as in the past they have challenged other teams to games--or should we say, "braw1s. " In spite of the lively playing, the boys enjoy playing immensely. Tom Sigler, Ben Richwine, and Dick Gross "bone-up" in preparation for a contest. Xafr' 4 2 .V . gm li ff J if 7 l J Ny X 1 ,XA 26 Sponsor Bowers and students Friend and Hutchison fit a pattern . . . while Jan Etchison and Dot Goldsberry plan flowers for the table. HOME EC. CLLI B Molly Brown gives a demonstration on how to pin and press a pleat using one of her own creations for the demonstration. The Home EC Club was organized last year to give opportunity for the girls to learn in an informal club atrnostphere. Outside speakers are invited in to aid the girls in the fine art of make-up, carriage, etc. ' Home Ec. Club officers investigate the automatic washer-dryer. They are Peach Giselbach, Wanda Jones, Carole Shirley, and Janet McCarty. 27 LATI CLUB K- - Tis The officers of the F.H.S. Latin Club look over a model of a Roman shield and spear. They are President, Lucresia Wells, Sec'y-Treas.g Mary Faye Richwineg Historian Gary Benefielg Vice-president Kathy Gregoryg and Sponsor Mrs. Winifred Owens MMIII i ll N .gala E gigs. The F.l-I. S. Latina Societus sponsored by Mrs. Owens has been very busy this year. As an outside project, the club has been selling coffee, sandwiches, and cookies at several of the home basketball games. They also sponsored a record hop after one of the games. The club meets during the activity periods at which time they learn by means of special reports of Roman customs, buildings, clothing, and amusements. The club has two evening meetings each school year. The first of these is a Christmas party at which time the group goes caroling. The group sings in Latin and then present plates of "Christmas goodies" to the people for whom they sing . . . usually shut-ins. The second party is the Spring Banquet where they have a full course meal. The club mem- bers dress in costumes which they have made, eat with "Roman silver--the hands" and sit on the floor. The club boasts fifty members. The Latin Club Spring Banquet was messy but fun. The club members dressed in the Roman dress, ate their food with their fingers, as one can see, and sat on the floor. 28 FRENCH CLUB "LES PETIT CHOLIXCHOUXH Joyce Graham, and Carla and Jan Ehman appear to be more interested in the refreshments than in Leona Whit- son's report. The French Club consists of French l and II students who like to get together and converse on topics related to France and the French people. French was sometimes spoken and reports were often given by the members pertaining to France. An informal party which was held at the home of Sandra I-lart during February in- creased the interest in the club. During the first semester Mrs. Joyce Kohen the sponsor arranged a trip to the French department of Anderson College for the Second year French Students ' Gloria McRoberts and Max Hoppel study facts about Paris in the library. French Club officers Sandra Hart, Secretaryg Jennie Frazier, Sergeant-at-armsg Mrs. Joyce Koehn, Sponsorg Ted McCord, Presidentg and Clara Sturbois, Vice -president , look through a book about France. 29 "'S cientific M inded A mateurs' C lub Officers of S.M.A.C. pictured at left are Dan Johnson, Vice-president, Jenny Frazier, Treasurer, Frances Brizeh dine, Secretary, and Tom Singer, President. The S.M. A. C. is a new club just formed this year in the Frankton High School Science Department. The motto chosen for the club is "Knowledge through Research. " The club is rather busy throughout the year with regularly scheduled meetings held every second and fourth Thursday evening of the month. Membership in the organization is limited to 15 members. At the present time the membership numbers 12. The constitution limits membership to members of the Class of 1964. No one is to be taken into membership who is a member of a class earlier than 1964. The club meetings are held in the F.l-l. S. science room with Sterrett L. Nash, department chairman, as sponsor. Program activities this past year have been limited to study of Fresh Water animals. Pictured are club members dis- secting crayfish at a regularly scheduled meeting. Jerry Gordon, Jenny Frazier, Kathy Lee, Ralph Hays, Frances Brizendine, and Bob Anderson. Pictured below are members Joyce Graham, Tom Singer, Karla Ehman and Dan Johnson. Maribeth Whet- sel and Kathy Brown were absent when the picture was taken. 7 QQ NNS79 Library Ann officers Carol Sue Davis, Mary Jane Baker, and Lorraine Bouslog prepare a bulletin board display. Miss Emma Alspaugh is shown discussing an item of business with her group of student assistants in the large picture below. A very helpful organization in the Frankton High School is the LI- BRARY ANNS. At an early date officers were elected with Carol Sue Davis elected president, Mary jane Baker, vice-president, and Lorraine Bouslog, secretary-treasurer. Club members act as student li- brarians during their study hall periods, assist with receiving and cataloging books, prepare bulletin board displays, etc .... iw! EAG LETTES An organization working with the Frank- ton High School Band but not a part of it is the Eaglettes. Students who are in- terested in being a member of the group appear in tryouts early in the school year for purpose of screening. After a final screening, the corps begins to drill in preparation for the various appearances they shall make during the school year. Marina Harper Cox, a F.H.S. graduate and a former majorette, was selected to train the girls for their duties. The group consisting of Gloria Hertle, Melanie Paddock, Kathy Lee, Dorothy Goldsberry, Leila Harper, Ella Kay Rigsby, Geraldine Davis, Carolyn Wright, Mary Beth Hartley, Karen Jarvis, jackie Clark, and Linda Kallner has done an excellent job this year. The Dance Band is in its second year at F.H.S. The group is composed of 12 students from the four grades. The band was organized to provide "pep' music for various in-school and out-of- school activities. The band gives the students an opportunity to develop their abilities in the field of music. Participa- tion in the band gives the members a great deal of personal satisfaction. Any money earned by the band is turned over to the music department, which fur- nishes the music and a part of the equip- ment for the band. We hope the band receives in the years to come the same generous support it has received during the two years past. Robert Barker, our music man, is in charge of the group. v DANCE BAND F.H.s. CHOIR Choir activities include participation in many events. The group practices daily under the capable direction of Mr. Robert C. Barker shown with choir president Todd Ash and band president Robert Dellinger. FRONT ROW: Linda Kallner, Connie Whitson, Ginger Knight, Joyce Voss, Lorainne Bouslog, Mary Beth Hartley, Clara Sturbois, Carol Jean Mock, Director Robert C. Barker. SECOND ROW: Connie Fry, Nancy Watkins, Gloria Blair, Nancy Hays, Carol Davis, Carol Shirley, Pat Delaplain, Carol Swackharner, Gloria Hertle, Pam Pierce. THIRD ROW: Karen Taylor, Sue Kennedy, Dianne Faulkner, Jean Hutchison, Steve Wilson, Norman Graham, Tom l-Ieady, Charles Stottlernyer, Don Stephens, Sandra Conklin, Ernestine Kennedy, Melanie Paddock, Leila Harper. TOP ROW: Steve Hudson, Dallas Curtis, Dave Huth, John Smith, Bob Jarrett, Bob Dellinger, Todd Ash, Steve Horn, Dan Buckner, John Miller, Robert Anderson, Gary Nash. 33 F.H.S. BA D ROW 1: Carolyn Wright, Kathy Lee, Nancy Whitcomb, Linda Lallner, Karen Jarvis, Sandra Masters, Marsha Jar- vis. ROW 2: Robert Wallace, Terry Jeaton, Steve Wilson, Eddie Hart, David Lawson, Tom Elder, Rose Marie Srake. ROW 3: Mike Holder, Pam Smith, Allan Floyd, Janice Etchinon, Dixie Heaton, Cindy Asbury, Frances Granger, Patty Whetsel, Suzanne Pruett, Susan Spoo, Maribeth W'hetsel, Bobbie Heaton, Pat LeWellen. ROW 4: Leila Harper, Ella Kay Rigsby, Cynthia McCarthy, Jackie McCord, Karen Hood, Mary Shoulders, Carolyn Barker, Terry Welker, Janet Whalen, Bobbie Heniser, Sherry Dellinger, Penny Floyd. ROW 5: Larry Owen, Carol Mock, Jeffry Kimmerling, Dave Roby, Terry Stansberry, Danny Johnson, Jeanne Allen, Bob Dellinger, Dave Jack, Danny Cox, Mike Jarvis, Steve Sumner, Delbert Burton. BACK ROW: Terry Hiatt, Director Robert Barker, Tom Singer Band members put on a half- time show at the first basketball game. 34 At the beginning of the varsity games, the color guard enters and displays the United States and Frankton High flags. Members of the color guard are Melanie Pad- dock, Gloria Hertle, Joyce Voss, and Mary Beth Heartly. Howard Bouslog president of the Lions Club presents a check to the band for the purchasing of new uniforms. Director Robert Barker and Linda Kallner the secretary accept the check with thanks. 'ea During the half time and be- tween games the F.H.S. Band plays rousing pep songs for the enjoyment ofthe crowd. The band is to be com- mended on their fine expres- sion of school spirit which it shows musically at ball games F.H.S. PEP CLUB During the year Frankton High School's spirit has been great because we have such a fine Pep Club. ROW 1: David Shetterly, Jerry Gordon, Mary Baker, Carole Davis, Sandra Conklin, Carol Swackhamer, Clara Sturbois, Lorraine Bouslog, Mary Hartley, Jackie Clark, Karen Taylor, Barbara Sigler. ROW 2: Larry Litsey, Eddie Foley, Janet Thomas, Donita Baldwin, Jane Ritter, Carole Shirley, Jean Hutison, Gloria McRoberts, Gloria Hertle, Joyce Voss, Andrea Seely, Ann Heath. ROW 3: Bill Baldwin, Terry George, Shirley Fletcher, Sue Foley, Susan Brown, Sue Kennedy, Urnestine Kennedy, Gloris Cook, Geraldine Davis, Sheliah Atchison, Charlotte Holman, Maureen Curl. ROW 4: Jim Cloud, Richard Jones, Carol Giselbach, Mary Prince, Vicki Beck, Carol Tomey, Melanie Paddock, Mary Richwine, Connie Cain, Pat Delaplane, Karen Humphrey. ROW 5: Ronnie Fisher, Nick Waymire, Sandra Hart, Jennie Frazier, Janet McCarty, Ginger Welborn, Kathy Brown, Joyce Graham, Karla Eh- man, Kay Chism, Zeneclea Marhews, Ginger Knight. ROW 6: Cynthia McCarty, Ralph Hays, Sherrie Hueston, Phyllis Storm, Dorthy Osenbaugh, Sharon Fischer, Lucresia Wells, Paula Starr, Lyne Welborn, Debbie Banker, Becky Noble. ROW 7: Dixie Heaton, Bobbie Heniser, Kathy Priesholf, Nila Huth, Sandra Cunningham, Sally John, Anita Cooper, Sandra Hoover, Jean Chambers, Janet Chambers, Jane Shaw, Judy Hoober. ROW 8: Nancy Whitcomb, Linda Arehart, Jeanetta Legg, Nancy Dietzer, Kathy Gregory, Debbie Voss, Bonnie Jackley, Becky Paddock, Jan Ehman, Peggy Heath, Kathy Orbaugh. ROW 9: Marilyn Harrison, Judy Kinser, Kay Line, Karen Pennington, Linda Staley, Barbara Harper, Joan Abplanalp, Sue Fletcher, Sue Cawthorn, Kathy Giselbach. ROW 10: Joann Jordan, Regina Ritter, Gloria Thornbury, Connie Fry, Imma Moore, Patty Whetsel, Susan Spoo, Mari- beth Whetsel, Leila Harper, Elle Kay Rigsby. 36 TALON CLUB Talon Club members discuss their club activities for the year as Chief Eagle Wayne Kerkhoff keeps the meeting in hand . . . The Talon Club is com- posed of boys who have been or are actively en- gaged in some sport. No one sport is required for membership in this "lettermen's" group. The group each year spon- sors the sale of basketball individual and team pic- tures. The proceeds from these sales is used to de- fray the expenses of the club. Each year the boys attempt to sponsor a pro- ject. It may be a college basketball tourney trip or something close at hand, such as the purchase of the track trophy or rec- ords case. Club members look over some pictures of the members REMEMBER THE SPCRTS OF '62 The Sports events at Frankton High include CIOSS-Country, track, baseball, basket- ball, and the past year the addition of golf. Our baseball activities run through the summer, giving those who wish opportunity to be busy in sports the entire year. ,fx V- S GP' BASEBALL 1-I i I .. Y' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM CHARMS Team Managers: Bill Lay, Danny Stigall, Dan Swart. Team members: Jim Waltermire, Max Hoppel, Ben Rich- Dallas Steve Hudson, Kerkhoff David Huth, John Smith Coach Mulford Davis "mf-. F.H.S. IN SEASON PLAY Seven senior boys and one junior thought and fought together as a team to make the 1961 -62 basket- ball year a memorable one. Their successes far surrnounted their losses as this copy went to press. SCHEDULE F .H.S. 75 Walnut Grove 26 F .H .S . 77 Summitville 56 F .H .S . 70 Highland 57 F.H.S. 64 Vernon Twp. 81 F .H .S. 64 Jackson Cent. 47 F .H .S . 70 Lapel 36 F .H . S . 80 Windfall 47 F.H.S. 72 MadisonHghts. 51 Pendleton Tourney 73 Vernon Twp. 57 66 Markleville 68 F .H.S. 58 Markleville 53 County Tourney 43 Pendleton 53 Middletown Alexandria Pendleton Yorktown Fairmount St . Marys Westfield Varsity Cheer- Leaders 1 Nancy Watkins Nancy Hays Gloria Blair Alma Friend l , ., Fe 'X ,K 'fl Eagles Photograph The season of basketball play came to a close with a very good record of 14 wins and 5 losses--or should we say 7 losses as seven senior boys will be missing from the picture when the net season opens at F.H.S. next fall . . . they are the "Big D" Curtis . . . Max Hoppel . . . Steve Hudson . . . V Kerkhoff . . . Ben Richwine . . Smith . . . and jim Waltermire . . We hope to find some of the group hit- ting the nets in college play . . . Picturewise . . . Dal Curtis seems puzzled as to what to do in this situa- tion in the game with the Pirates fwe Wonj . . . Bill Jarrett makes a lay-up . . . it was good . . . as Condon and his opponent jump for the ball . . . jerry Waltermire reaches for the ball while "little brother" Larry and Fr Gosnell look on . . . The pep-club boasting some 100 mem- bers had a good season too . . . U and Play Well le leadership of Mrs. Jeanette Ingrim ie group worked in a very cooperative ianner with the club officers and the heerleaders . . . resplendent in ieir red vests, the group was the envy f many other pep-club sponsors . . . en Richwine was on the receiving end 'hen he was fouled by a Vernon Trojan , . jumping john Smith made the asket . . . however, the luck was with the Irish in the game . . . Dave luth got the tip in the opening game with Jalnut Grove . . . attendance at all lome games was very good with a apacity house at the Alex-Frankton 'ame here. Lectional pairings placed us in the first game with Alexandria . . . the boys played a good game . . . but the men n the striped shirts didn't go along with he team and fans . . . Alexandria von by a small margin . . Cheerleaders: Frances Brizendine, Melissa Schuck. B-TEAM SCHEDULE B-TEA BRINGS HO ETRQPHY Captain Bill Jarrett cuts dowm net following B-Team Toumey . . . Team members: Frank Gosnell, Larry Waltermire, Butch Condon, Jeff Bauer, Coach Mulford Davis, Dick McCord, Stan Busby, Jerry Waltermire, Bill Jarrett. Team managers: Bill Lay, Dan Stigall, Dan Swart. F.H.S. F.H.S. F.H.S. F.H.S. F.H.S. F.H.S F.H.S F.H.S 75 - -Walnut Grove 53 - -Summitville 37 - -Highland 50- -Vemon Twp. 46 - -Jackson C entral 47 - -Lapel 53 - -Windfall 41 - -Madison Hgts. Pendleton Tourney F.H.S. 54--Markleville 44 F.H.S. 49--Pendleton 28 F.H.S. 46--Markleville 35 Middletown Alexandria Pendleton Yorktown Fairmount St. Marys Westfield 44- FROSH TEAM CHALK E PERIENCE EAGLE stands guard over each home game Team members: STANDING: Bill Adams, Larry Stephens, Nick Wayrnire, Dexter Cloud, Jerry Cmmningham, Coach Paul Davis. KNEELING: Ronnie McCord, Doug Drake, Larry Nash, Dennis Beck, Phil Horn. Summitville jackson Central Alexandria , Pendleton Vernon Township Middletown Tourney - -Highland 45 Cheerleaders: Becky Paddock, Kathy Orbaugh, Barbara Heniser. FRESHMAN SCHEDULE Elwood Highland Markleville Madison Heights Lapel Fairmount Saint Marys A WINNING TEAM ADDS TO OUR CHAIN Coach Paul Davis, Dallas Curtis, Larry Waltermire, Herbert Condon, Steve Hudson Stan Busby Jerry Waltermire Ass t Coach Mulford Davis. KNEELING: Kent Arbuckle, Jim Waltermire, Steve Sumner B111 Jarrett Max Hoppel Leon Ebert, Grinnie Gosnell. A 26 win--4 loss season which included both summer and fall play is an enviable record for any team. The Eagles won both of the tourneys in which they participated The schedule and scores follow: F.H.S. Scores to left of column- Highland l l jackson Centr - -7 Windfall 0 Highland l Windfall 7 Pendleton 7 Middletown 4 Lapel 3 Madison Hgts Markleville O Elwood 2 Highland 8 Pendleton l Elwood 4 Middleton 5 . 0 Highland l Madison Hghts. 2 Lapel 1 Jackson Centr. l Elwood 2 Vernon Twp . 2 Hancock Centr. 8 Shirley 2 Middletown 2 Lapel 7 Sumrnitville 2 Walnut Grove 0 Saint Marys 0 Pendleton ll Markleville l Pendleton 3 46 OF MEMGRY AS WE PLAY BASEBALL Frankie Gosnell slides ln to a safe thlrd base ln the game with the Pirates . . . Fan SNAPS REVIVE MEMORY The 'slugging' Eagles have many happy memories of the fruitful baseball season. The "Bulldog" watches to see whether Curtis touches the base. He did. There seems to be some doubt as to the whereabouts of that ball. .L ' OUCH! ! That hurt! Wi Coaches check a point with the official Don Stephens, a senior, makes Coach "Muff" Davis happy as he makes record time in the mile run. Ben Richwine is trailing by an "elbow"--that, note . . . The Markleville boy fell just short of the finish line. l Leaping Larry Waltermire, a sophomore, flies over the bar L in one of the spring meets. TRACK SNAPS Frankton's track men made a showing for themselves placing second in the W-R Conference Track and Field Meet Dick McCord, a sophomore, is leading his opponent in the 880. Stan Busby, a junior, senior Steve Hudson spring m e et. and make a perfect pass of the baton in a Shot putter, big D. Curtis, gives the steel ball a mighty heave to rack up a first for the Frankton team in this event. 50 Bill Jarrett--alias Marvin the 2nd--mis ses the bar inches to make 12 feet in a spring meet. CROSS-COUNTRY TEA The Cross -Country Team finished second in the W-R Conference meet and took a 12th in the Sectional meet after winning five of nine regularly scheduled meets. The team placed second in three of the meets. FRONT ROW--l. to r.--Stephens, Henry, D. Davis, Coach Davis. STANDING--Benefiel, Richwine, McCord, Smith. Kent Ehman, a junior, literally flies through the air. h""""'W -A-4.,,4'l Jerry Waltermire, a sophomore, is doing some high W stepping as he clears the hurdle. 3 3 ., av- ' : 15. -' if 51 REMEMBER THE PERSONALITIES OF '62 The personalities on the following pages have had their individual roles to play in the events of 1962, and each played his part well. These links in the memory bracelet will have great meaning to all who were connected in any Way with Frankton High School during this school year. ZX if A ka l fi 0 M ADMINISTRATION "Education makes people easy to lead, but difficult to driveg easy to govern, but impossible to enslave." Waldo Canaday Trustee Mr. Gene Heniser who has been the prin- cipal at Frankton High for two years has had the task of keeping the whole school in good running order. Although his job usually requires that he should go about it in a business-like manner, Mr. Heniser is still able to put a personal touch in his association with all students, faculty and school visitors. Mr. Heniser has shown his deep concern in school life scholasti- cally, athletically and socially by the way he executes the duties of his office. - Lord Brougham. Mr. Waldo E. Canaday, the trustee of Pipe Creek Township, and his wife Milli- cent Canaday have been serving Frankton High School for 20 years. Their untiring efforts during these past years have helped greatly to develope F.H. S. into one of the outstanding high schools of Madison County. Although students and patrons of the school may not fully realize the work he has accomplished, Mr. Canaday's job increases in size and responsibility each year. From those whom you serve, we say "Thank you, " Mr. Canaday. Gene Heniser Principal I 54- Marguerite Miller Registrar Gordon Kerkhoff Dean of Boys Mrs. Marguerite Miller the Registrar at F.H. S. has served faithfully as the secre- tary to the other administrators as well as helped any student who needs a make- up slip, program ticket, grade transcript, pencil, appointment with a dean, etc. Mrs. Miller has made a very good clearing house for organizing the business of stu- dents and faculty. Mr. Gordon Kerkhoff and Mrs. Marjorie Andrew are the Dean of Boys and Dean of Girls respectively. Because their job requires that they help each student with his academic and personal problems, they must get to know all students well. The numerous tests which are given to students throughout their school years provide much information for the deans to go by in their dealings with the students. By guiding juniors and seniors in the selection of a college, in the finding of a job, the influence of our deans extends even fur- ther than the bounds of Frankton High School. In addition to his work as a dean Mr. Kerk- hoff teaches two classes of agriculture and one class of Chemistry, and sponsors the F . F . A. Mrs. Andrew has the responsibility of planning the good meals which are served at noon and any other business concerning the cafeteria. Marjorie Andrew Dean of Girls EMMA ALSPAUGH: English, Library Science, Library Club Sponsor, Taylor University A.B., MULFORD DAVIS: Social Studies, Phy. Ed., Coach, Ath- letic Director, University of Kentucky A.B. and M.A. ROBERT C. BARKER: Music, Band and choir sponsor, Tran- sylvania A.B., Ball State Graduate work. PAUL DAVIS: Social Studies, Driver Ed., Baseball Coach, Ass't. Basketball Coach, Senior Class Sponsor, Ball State B.S. and M.A. P 1 BILLY JOE FRENCH: Industrial Arts, Sponsor of I-Ii-Y, East Central Jr. College A.A., Mis- sissippi State College B.S., Ball State Graduate work. DAVID L. BARTLOW: Civics, History, Student Council Advisor, Sopho- more Class Sponsor, Ball State B.S. MARILYN M. BOWERS: Vocational I-lomemakingg I-Iomemaking Club, Senior Class Sponsor, Ball State B.S., University of Wisconsin M.S. TED M. HARBIT: Business Education, School Accountant, Junior Class Sponsor, Ball State B.S. and M.S., Indiana State, Graduate work. 56 University of Denver B.S. in L.S. JEANETTE INGRIM: Girls' Health and Physical Education, Pep Club sponsor and Physical Education Jr. Hi. FRANCES SIGLER: Business Education, Math, Co-sponsor Tri-Hi-Y, Ball State B.S. JOYCE KOEHN: French, Englisl French Club and Junior Class Sponsor, Anderson College A,B. DORIS WAYMIRE: Math, Indi- ana University A.B., Purdue and Ball State, Graduate work. CATHRYN LUCAS: Art, Indiana State College B.S. 1 :eg WINIFRED OWENS: Latin, English, Latin Club Advisor, Indiana University A.B., Butler, Ball State B.S. STERRETT L. NASH: Science, English, Honor Society, Eaglite Advisor, Marion College, B.S., Indiana University, M,S., Post graduate Occidental College. 57 Y CUSTODIANS .eg at II. VK . in K Txwrv., ,V - 5 h . I VAA t, ' K Mirah V . 3 as, , T. J:-,f 2-fix . LZ " ' Y ' R Mr. Carl Henderson A Mr. and Mrs . Henderson can be found working at the school building all year round, because the building itself requires this continuous attention. Mr. Hen- S derson's job during the summer consists mainly of keeping the large lawns on the school grounds in good 4? 'EL condition. This was a very difficult job until mid summer when the small push type lawn mower was as s replaced by the tractor mower which Mr . Henderson is operating in the picture above. Mrs. Henderson's job would probably be the same as keeping house for 100 families who live in one house. The Hendersons are to be commended on their attentive attitude toward the needs of the school building during the past three years that they have worked at F .H .S . COOKS Alberta Land, Selma Huth and Edith Waymire are the three lady chefs at F.H.S. who prepare the food that helps the students get through the school day. These ladies have to be able to put a mother's touch into all of their meals so that all students eating in the cafeteria will enjoy the lunch, and apparently the job is done well. The work of the student helpers is organized very well by these cooks. Mrs. Lena Henderson ti' 5 in -fi' I x if . 'i gf' .. rf Q .2 - I K 58 l U ,A Our sponsors aiding us this year were Mr. Paul Davis and Miss Marilyn Bowers. It appears as though the photographer has caught the Senior Class Officersg Carol Davis--Business Manager, Mary Jane Baker--Secretary-Treasurer, Barbara Sigler Vice President, and Ben Richwine--President, reading a comical magazine. 59 John Anderson Todd Ash Sheliah Atchison Terry Avery 15 Cross-Country--1 . . . TODD ASH--Band--1-25 Choir --1-2-3-45 President--45 Hi-Y--3-45 Prom--3 . . . Sl-IELIAH ATCHISON--Y-Teens--19 F.H.A.--15 I-I. Ee. Club--3-45 Pep Club--1-3-4 , . . TERRY AVERY-- F.F.A.--1 2-3-45 Ag. Basketball--1-2 -3-45 Hi-Y--3-45 . . . MARY BAKER--Librarian--2 -3-45 Pep Club--1-2- 3-45 H. Ec. Club--35 F.T.A.--45 Class Sec.-Treas.--2- 3-45 Monitor . . . DONITA BALDWIN--Pep Club--2-3- Y--3-4 . . . GLORIA BLAIR--Dramatics Club--33 Cheer leader--1-45 Choir--3-49 Tri-I-li-Y--3-45 Pep Club--1- 2-3-4 . . . Charles Stottlemyer tries to launch a wire over a ceiling fixture so that the prom decorations commit- tee can begin its work . . . Mary Baker Donita Baldwin Dan Barmes Gloria Blair 60 JOHN ANDERSON--Baseball--15 Basketball--15 Track-- 4gT1'i-Hi-Y--4 . . , DAN BARMES--Cafe--1 2-3-45 Hi- Lorraine Bouslog Larry Brashear LORRAINE BOUSLOG--Pep Club--2-3-43 Choir--2-3-4g Home Ec. Club--35 Tri-I-Ii-Y--3-45 Eaglite Staff 3,45 Librarian--2-3-4 . . . LARRY BRASHEAR--Cross Country --15 Hi-Y--45 Basketball--1 . . , DELBERT BURTON-- Band--1-2-3-4, Hi-Y--3-4 .... JACKIE CLARK--Tri- Hi-Y--43 Honor Society--2-3--lg Pep Club--2-3-43 Majorette--1-2-35 Girls' State--35 Junior Class Play . . . SANDRA CONKLIN--Girls' State--35 Pep Club--1-2-3- 45 Tri-I-li-Y--3-43 Vice-Pres.--35 Student council-- 1-2-3-45 Pres.--45 Honor Society--2-3-45 Sec.-Treas.-- 2 . . . MARILYN COY--Pep Club--1 . . . MAUREEN CURL--Pep Club--3-43 Tri-Hi-Y--45 Home Ec.--3- 4 . . . DALLAS CURTIS--Baseballn1-2-3-45 Basketball --1-2-3-43 Track--1-2-3-4-Talon Club--1-2-3-45 I-li-Y--3-45 Pres.--3-43 F.F.A.--1-2, Sec.--35 Treas.-- 4 .... Sandra Conklin Marilyn Coy Delbert Burton Jackie Clark "Now, if we just had 1-1 nice juicy Steak yeah big," exclaimed W. Kerkhoff after a few hours work pre- paratory to the prom. Maureen Curl Dallas Curtis Carole Davis Geraldine Davis Steve Davison Bob Dellinger CAROLE DAVIS--Bus. Mgr.--1-2 -3-43 Tri-1-li-Y--3-4g Library Arms--2-3-43 Vice Pres.3 Golden Staff--49 B- Team Cheerleader--2-35 Pep Club--1-2-3-4 . . . GERALDINE DAVIS--Pep Club--2-3-43 Home Ec. Club . . . STEVE DAVISON--Spanish Club--2-35 Usher--39 Hi-Yg Stage Mgr.--4 . . . BOB DELLI.NGER--Band-1-2- 3-45Pres.--45F.F.A.--1-2-3-43 Ag. Basketball--1-2-IL 43 Hi-Y--3-45 . . . ALMA FRIEND--Cheerleader--1-2- 3-45 Tri-Hi-Y--3-45 Dramatics Club--35 Honor Society --3-43 Monitor--35 Class Play--4 . . . GORDON FULLER ' ' --Hi-Y--4 . . . VICKIE GARDNER--Home Ec. Club-- E 4. . . LARRY c1LLEsP1E--Hi-Y--4 . . . C Oh really? That's not what the menu says. Alma Friend Cordon Fuller Vickie Gardner Larry Gillespie 62 ' Don Goodman Bill Gordon Jean tells Butch to put the hub cap back on the car. Norm an Graham Frances Granger DON GOODMAN--F.F.A.--1 . . . BILL GORDON--4-H --1-2 -3-49 F.F.A.--2-3-45 Basketball--15 Ag. Basket- ball--2-3-45 Track--1 . . . NORMAN GRAHAM--Choir --45 Hi-Y--4 . . . FRANCES GRANGER--Pep Club--15 Band--45 Tri-Hi-Y--3 . . . MARY BETH HARTLEY--Pep Club--1-2-3-43 Eaglettes--2 -3-43 Color-Guard--3-49 Tri-Hi-Y--3-45 Eaglite Staffg State Choral Festival--4 . . . NANCY HAYS--Honor Society--3-45 Cheerleader --1-2-3-45 Latin Club--1-25 Student Council--1-2-39 Class Play--3-45 Tri-Hi-Y--3-4 . . . TOM HEADY-- Cross Country--1-2-35 Basketball--1-2-35 Track--1-25 Baseball--1-25 Hi-Y--45 Talon Club--3 . . . ANN HEATH--Pep Club--1-2-3-43 Latin Club--29 Tri-Hi- Y--3-43 Monitor--2-3 . . . W Mary Beth Hartley Nancy Hays Tom Heady Ann Heath Gloria Hertle Charlotte Holman Doug Hood Max Hoppel GLORIA HERTLE--Tri-Hi-Y--treas.--3-43 Pep Club-- 1-2-3-43 H. Ec. Club--35 Golden Eagle--45 Eaglite--45 Color Guard--4 , . . CHARLOTTE I-IOLMAN--Pep Club --2-3-4 . . . DOUG HOOD--Band--1-25 Dramatics--3- 45 Hi-Y Chaplin--3-45 Eaglite--4 . . , MAX HOPPEL-- Talon Club--3-45 Hi-Y--3-43 Baseball--1-3-45 Latin Club--15 Basketball--1-3-45 Track--3-4 . . . STEVE tographer--3-49 Class Play--4 , , . STEVE HUDSON-- Basketball--1-2-3-4g Talon Club--2-3-45 Baseball--L 2-3-45 Track--1-2-3-45 Hi-Y--3-45 Golden Eagle--3 . . . JACK HUFFMAN--B.B. Mgr,--1-23 Hi-Y--4 . . . KAREN HUMPHREY--Pep Club--1-23 Tri-Hi-Y--3-45 H. Ec. Club--4.1 . A sophomore buys some ice cream and tries to feed Carole the money. Steve Horn Steve Hudson Jack Huffman Karen Humphrey 64 HORN--F.F.A.--1-2-3-49 Hi-Y--3-43 Monitor--33 Pho- Jean Hutchison Danny Jackson JEAN HUTCHISON--Pep-Club--1-2 -3-45 Tri-Hi-Y- 3-49 Latin Club--1-2-3-45 Eaglite--45 Choral Festival-- 3-4g Monitor . . . DANNY JACKSON--F.F.A.--45 Pres. --45 F.F.A. Basketball--2-3-45 Hi-Y--3-4 . . . ROBERT JACKMAN. . . BOB JARRETT--Basketball--19 F.F.A.-- 1-2-3-45 Hi-Y--3-45 Track--3 . . . TIM JOHNSON-- F.F.A.--1-2-3-4g Ag. Basketball--45 Hi-Y--3-4 . . . LINDA KALLNER--Tri-I-Ii-Y--3-49 Band--3-45 Majorette --3-45 Pep Club--1-29 Eaglettes--1-2-3-4 . . . WAYNE KERKHOFF--Honor Society--2-3-45 F. F. A.--1-2-3-45 Hi -Y--3-49 Student Council--1-2-35 V. Pres. 35 Class Pres.--1 . . . TED MCCORD--Honor Society--2 -3-45 Pres.--49 Eaglite Staff--3-45 Editor-in-chief--45 Class play--49 Student Council--2-45 Class Pres.--23 Hi-Y-- 3-4 . . . Tim Johnson Linda Kallner Robert Jackman Bob Ja-USU Actresses and Actors pose for a picture. Wayne Kerkhoff Ted McCord Gloria McRoberts Sharron Michael GLORIA McROBERTS--Tri-Hi-Y--3-45 French Club-- 3-45 Latin Club--1-25 Pep Club--1-2-3-45 Sunshine So- ciety--1. . . SHARRON MICHAEL--Tri-Hi-Y--15 Spanish Club--1-25 Concession Club--2-3' School News- 7 paper 2 f. . JOHN MILLER--choir--45 Hi-Y--4 . . . CAROL MOCK--Tri-Hi-Y--3-45 Pres.--45 Honor Soci- ety--3-4g Vice Pres.--43 Band--1-2-3-45 Dance and Pep Bandsg Class Play--45 Latin Club--1-2 . . . BUTCH NOBLE--Basketball--1-25 Track--1-23 Cross Country-- 1-23 Baseball--1-2 . . . TOM ORBAUGH--Basketballn 15 Track--15 Cross Country--Z3 Hi-Y--3-4 . . . HER- BERT OUSLEY--Basketball--13 Student Council--15 Hi-Y--3-43 . . . DOUG PREWETT--F.F.A.--35 Hi -Y--4 Cafe--1-3-4 . . . Butch Noble Tom Orbaugh John Miller Carol Mock The Big "D" slows down for a curve during the open- ing basketball game with Walnut Grove . . . Herbert Ousley Doug Prewett 66 Ben Richwine Jane Ritter Andrea Seely Carole Shirley A V BEN R1cHw1NE--Baskefba11--14-3-45 Track--1-2-3-45 Cross-Country--1-2-3-49 Class President--3-43 Honor So A , ' ff 'if A ciefy--3-45 Student Council--3-4 . , . JANE RITTER-- of A " Pep Club--1-2-3-45 1-1. Ec.--49 Tri-Hi-Y--4 . . . All 3: .S ---Hs-.f ' ANDREA SEELY--Sunshine Club--lg Pep Club--2-3-43 5 A Tri-I-li-Y--3-49 Class P1ay--4 . . . CAROLE SHIRLEY-- " H , Tri-Hi-Y--3-43 Pep Club--1-2-3-43 Latin Club--15 . I A A Eaglite--45 Golden Eagle--4 . . . BARBARA SIGLER-- Honor Society--3-45 Student Council--3-45 Vice-Pres. Q Class--49 Pep Club--2-3-45 Pres.--3-43 Tri-Hi-Y--3- Yearbook staff--4 . . . JOHN SMITH--Basketball--1-2- 3-43 Track--1-2-3-45 X-Country--1-2-3-49 Dramatics --3-45 Talon Club--2-3-491-li-Y--3-4 . . . JACK SMOTHERS--Monitor--2-35 French Club 4 . . . DON STEPHENS--Cross Country--3-45 Track--3-4 . . . Shun W ,Wkk gal.. Alma Friend takes over in the office as helper to Mrs. Miller at lunch time. . . Barbara Sigler John Smith Jack Smothers Don Stephens 43 67 Charles Stottlemyer Clara Sturbois Carol Swackhamer Karen Taylor CHARLES STOTTLEMYER--F.F.A.--1-2-39 Choir--3-49 Chess Club--2 -3 . . . CLARA STURBOIS--Pep Club--1- 2-3-43 Latin Club--29 Class Play--49 French Club--3-4 --Vice-Pres.--43 Tri-Hi-Y--3-49 Chess Club--2-3 . . . CAROL SWACKHAMER--Class Vice-President--2 -33 Pep Club--1-2-3-45 Latin Club--35 Home Ec. Club--3- 4, Tri-Hi-Y--3-4 . . . KAREN TAYLOR--Pep c1ub--1- 2-3-45 Home Ec. Club--Sec.--33 Latin Club--25 Tri- Hi-Y--3-4g Class Play , . . DON THOMAS . . . JANET THOMAS--Tri-Hi-Y--45 Pep Club--1-3-45 French Club --4 . . . NELMA TRANBARGER . . . RICHARD TURNER --F.F.A.--lg Hi-Y--3-45 Ag. Basketball--1 . . . Senior Class Officers look at several announcements. Don Thomas Janet Thomas Nelma Tranbarger Richard Turner 68 Joyce Voss Jim Walcermire Nancy Watkins Jim WaYmife , , I ,r',,.:nf,i JOYCE VOSS--Student Council--45 Pep Club--1-2-3-43 V Color Guard--45 Tri-Hi-Y--3-49 Monitor--39 Eaglite Staff--4 . . . JIM WALTERMIRE--Baseball--1-2-3-45 Basketball--1-2-3-43 Track--2-3-45 Talon Club--1-2- 3-45 Class Play--3-4. . . NANCY WATKINS--Tri-Hi-Y --3-45 Class Play--3-45 Dramatics Club--35 Tri-Hi-Yu 3-45 Cheerleader--1-2-3-45 Golden Eagle--4 . . . JIM WAYMIRE--Track--1-25 Cross-country--1-25 Baseball --19 Hi-Y--4 . . . STEVE WHITCOMB--F.F.A.--1-2-3 45 Ag. Basketball . . . RONNIE WILSON--F.F.A.--1-2- 33 Ag. Basketball--3 . . . JOHN WIMER--Usher--2-3 . . . STEVE WRIGHT--F.F.A.--1-2-3-4, Reporter--45 Hi-Y--43 Ag. Basketball--1-2 -3-4 . . . Look Alma! There's room for you too. Good Heav- ens! Twenty-seven and a half! Steve Whitcomb Ronnie Wilson John Wimer Steve Wright We started in 1958 as Freshman with 102 students. Our class officers were Presi- dent - -Wayne Kerkhoffg Vice -President - - Charles Stotlemyerg Secretary--Carol jean Mockg Treasurer--Rita Wrightg Busi- ness Manager--Carole Davis. Our sponsors were Mrs. Lucas and Mr.French. . We sold pop corn and potato chips. In our Sophomore year we purchased our class rings. Officers were President-- Ted McCordg Vice -President--Carol Swack hamerg Secretary--Mary jane Bakerg Treasurer--Rita Wrightg Business Manager --Carole Davis. Mrs. Mock and Mr. Paul Davis were our sponsors this year. As a project this year we sold candy. Our junior year we received our black and white class sweaters. We broke a record with our magazine sales by clearing S1056 Class officers were President--Ben Rich- wineg Vice -President-- Carol Swackhamerg Secretary--Mary jane Bakerg Treasurer-- Doris Knight. Business Manager--Carole Davis. Aiding us this year were Mrs. Seniors display their cords. 4 ,., ,X ,ax 2 4. 1 I I . .MU 1, Q I J 5 i We didn't swipe the caps and gowns, we just bor- rowed them. Mock and Mr. Paul Davis. Highlight of our Junior year was the prom. It was held at Marion and the theme was "Southern Rhap- sody. " And finally our Senior year, a year which we have all looked forward too. Eighteen students have gone all twelve years at Frankton. Class officers were President-- Ben Richwineg Vice -President - -Barbara Siglerg Secretary -Treasurer - -Mary Jane Bakerg Business Manager--Carole Davis. The class chose black and white as their class colors. We started the year off with a car wash in Sept. Our class play "Bill's Night Out, " was presented in Oct. The month of Nov. was very busy time for us as we sold sub- scriptions for the Eagliteg we also sold candy. On May 18, 1962, the class graduated from Frankton High School in fifth avenue gray robes with red and white tassels. The next morning we left on busses for an eight -day trip to Washington, D. C. and New York City. 70 The Junior Class Officersg Sue Foley, Business Manager, Susan Brown, Treasurerg Molly Brown, Secretary, Bill Jarrett, President, Jim Allen, Vice President, are apparently watching one of Frankton's Track meets on television. Standing in the tropical setting in the front hall at F. H. S. are Diana Faulkner, Jim Riddle, Bill Johnson, Tom Sigler, and Eddie Weaver. A i ".. , t- - W -5 .fl ff -ffrz., . im " ff - wwf ff Q-f 21-'?,-Hao? V- e f 4iY',fwf' A ' Mfg '- "-- 1 .5331 ,fag s v I if , , 'A y : ' wif' is Q if sf: ip, . pre: 1 r i , ' - f' J, has A' KM' Wfifv - 2 I .ai 1. 'v:l,.- 7 R Jim Allen Fred Allende: John Altherr 71 ,. Q, - , 'Lv ' . . s 1 il Q1 bd: lem ?l ,,A .gk :I :xx ,user 947 in K, 3 , 1 1 y Kent Arbuckle Jeff Bauer Vickie Beck Susan Beidelschies Gary Benefiel Allen Berg Molly Brown Susan Brown Dan Buckner Stan Busby Connie Cain Joan Collier Gloria Cook Ernest Crowder Judy Daughterty Gary Davidson Pat Delaplane Leon Ebert Sonny Edwards Kent Ehman Shirley Fletcher Sue Foley Don Gilchrist Carol Giselbach Dick Gross Jeff Harper Eddie Hart Dixie Heaten Kenneth Heller Darlene Henry Steve Henry Richard Horlander John Humphrey David Huth Ludy Jarrell Bill Jarrett Marsha Jarvis Mike Jarvis Dallas J ent Wanda Jones Ernestine Kennedy Mike King Mary Lambertson Bill Lay David Lazenby Penny Leasure Mike Lewellen Nick Luyet David McCord Jerry McCord Raymond McCord Richard McCord Karen Mclilfresh Tim Marsh Melanie Paddock Susan Painter Jill Peterson Pam Pierce Mary Prince Mary Richwine 'fr'-5 y. . W . 5231 gn 7',X M, :hr QW! ,f areas E ., 4 1 fi I " . a,.,n y,e L, - X ,f 'Nix GL . . 1 5 4 sg if in 'XI Q' i?..f a5iiiiEi?355f?. 'ife' M. J f?SgEs?5f! :gi5:5!'hJ' ' az' 573 r E Q "Yew 1 ., 1 65... I '- ity '76 1 73 'iwiirif' 3 .., ,,1,,,,, V, ' .14 V . Q ,,,,,q. ' f' S' t iw W I i 1:-, 2: S? :iw WisEiE!iwiii?E259q y.,-,4 'V 'az ill:-Ziff' A - f .11'L' t f f' lk 74 Q5 ,PUB z'35gfff Marilyn Ryan Stanley Sallee Mike Schuck Mary Shipley Mike Sigler Tom Smither Sherry Sowash Phil Spears Pete Spoo Rex Stansberry Danny Stigall Steve Sumners Carol Tomey Susan Updegraff Tom Waymire Mike Whetsel Connie Whitson Dianna Whitson Sue Whitson Steve Wilson The seven Juniors pictured sold over 5100.00 each in mag azine subscriptions to go over the goal, They are FRONT: Melanie Paddock, Susan Brown, Carol Tomey, Mary Rich- wine. BACK: Gary Benefiel, Stan Busby, and Pete Spoo. SOPHOMORES CLASS OFFICERS Jerry Gordon, Vice-presidentg Carolyn Wright, treasurerg Kathy Lee, business managerg and Sandra Cunningham, sec- retary, observe Larry Litsey fcenterj, president as he points out an idea for making the class party more interesting. Larry Bardonner Carl Barnes Phil Bott Frances Brizendine Kathy Brown Fred Bryan Jean Chambers Kay Chism Mike Clarkson James Cloud Butch Condon Anita Cooper Steve Cox Dave Cunningham i Sandra Cunningham ' N 75 - X 'Gr X-refs Sandra Hoover L ie- -1- ,K ,f ,ig-..-.1 Danny Johnson and George Heady, who were absent the day pictures were taken, 'stand in' as class officers continue plans for the class party. Larry Davis Karla Ehman Tom Faucett Sharon Fischer Ronnie Fisher Eddie Foley Gary Fox Jennie Frazier Terry George Jerry Gordon Frank Gosnell Joyce Graham Marilyn Harrison Sandra Hart Ralph Hays Terry Heaton Charles Hiday Chuck Hobbs Gary Hobbs Carolyn Hook Danny Hughes Nila Huth Dennis Hutson Karen Jarvis Sally John John Johnson Richard Jones Gary Killian Jack Kimmerling Judy Kinser Barbara Knight Ginger Knight Kathy Lee Shirley Luttrell Janet McCarty Dick McCord Peggy Manning Xeneclea Matthews Tom Mauck George Mittendorf The Ring Committee: Litsey, Gordon, Jenny Frazier, Karla Eh- man, Lee, Cunningham, and Carolyn Wright . . . John Montc astl e Unphotographed: George Heady Larry Litsey Sondra McCorkle John Saulmon Carolyn Eright A committee composed of representatives to the Student Council and the class officers met with Steve Unger, ring salesman, to select a few samples before the class made the final decision. i " Q' 5 i ij., ' W an ff - H if if Es: ' ,.1 1 Y, I ,i ,g,x A ' L' A F .QV f x N-uf' gf. if ., 'Q X L. , , V ,,. WW' 'xr Y -ge Q 42 fl r 78 Jerry Moss Gary Nash Teresa Pedro Kathy Prieshoff Brenda Pruett Mary Riddle Lee Riegel Dave Roby Darrell Ryan Melissa Schuck Tom Singer Barbara Slack Dennis Smith Shirley Smith Paula Starr Larry Storm Phyllis Stottlemyer Connie Stroud Danny Swart Wayne VonHieber Jerry Waltermire Larry Waltermire Jarrell Waymire Richard Waymire Ginger Welborn Lynn Welborn Lucresia Wells Mary Wethington Janet Whalen Maribeth Whetsel 0- -49: 3 . l t, CLASS OFFICERS Barbara Fletcher, Vice Pres- ident, Penny Floyd, Treasurer, Linda Arehart, Secretary, Jeanetta Legg, President. S 4 ,Jug.xg , , -s ' 12, Q I g - B 4 I' . ,Z Er , g - . V. rt ' N fiifgtggy thai . ' "' L32 '- ':4: x 'f'FfT ' 'ff wifi' 5 1 , 'B , ta Vi I, W1 1 15 N Wil , ff I K A i t ze ,. 2, W S I J., .M fn: - ai . ff . F' , " t '7' - 5' " . '. ' 'Y .EI defy :,- A f,!53'7ff5. z: 10' fl if 1- .fl Ti fi .UE YEVW at S 2 , ' f ,E I .- ' - wi' v A 'E -' f f as Q, gf' " r ' Wifi-,, , , , , S S f ' , ' -553 . ' ,f,f"if,1 .xr f 5 A ,Q ' if X a ii' ff" 35 Zvi, t - X. L V w st.. -ffm -v -f f "'-ff, ggmgf -9 ' , f f. - fr Q gg ff- ' A W. fl - 1, .5 its 4-, f Y, Ar .17 ,- 2, .um :U pg if, ' Kr, f ff .. ,. S ",, Q., .. , f, ff' " 5 S ' iff -," 53, I A . ' Q f' ..L.,,. " A' ,ee -. it 1 - 1 . - n 'ree 5 f In K, - -- V, it 2 .t 1. v . iv. Y, A, Y Ni, ,. he S A A S ,tr M' '-fra-we A A if N 3 2 We-+'? or we f fx - ire 79 Absent on the day "muggs" were shot, Tom Sargent, Jim Scott, David Jack, and David Jack pose for the man with the little black box . . . Joan Abplanalp Bill Adams Wanda Adams Jeannie Allen Linda Arehart Nancy Argabright Cynthia Asbury Tommy Ashby Bobby Ashton Bill Baldwin Debbie Banker Kenneth Barnett Dennis Beck Earl Berkebile MLW J . ...ww Wm Terry Bookout Ricky Boyle Russell Brashear Patty Butler Ronnie Cain John Calloway Sue Cawthom Janet Chambers Garry Clark Dusty Clarkson Dexter Cloud Rodney Compton Rita Couch Janie Covington Jerry Cox Virginia Coy Mickey Crawford Jerry Cunningham Bob Curl Bob Dailey Robert DeHart Sherry Dellinger Terry Dietz Nancy Dietzer Darlene Downing Doug Drake Randy Duncan Jan El-Aman Janice Etchison Janis F eu Jeff Fetz Barbara Fletcher Penny Floyd Connie Fry Russell Garrison Kathryn Giselbach Dottie Goldsberry Linda Goodman David Granger Roger Gray Kathy Gregory Barbara Harper Leila Harper Peggy Heath Barbara Heniser Betty Henson Tom Hervey Terry Hiatt Janice Hickman Pamela Hodson Karen Hood Judy Hoover Phil Horn Loretta Hosier Sherrie Hueston Judy Ingle Bonnie Jackley Tony Jackson Bert Jarrett Thelma Jent Ronald Jones J oann Jordan Betty Kessinger Earl Kimmerling Diana Kirby Ceogia Kirby Darrell Lane J eannetta Legg Roxanna Likens Kay Line ww Joe Lynch Cynthia McCarty Dale McCord Ronnie McCord Janelle McCorkle Sharon McPhea.rson Becky Mariin Sandra Masters Jerry Mathews Terry Michael Janice Mitchell Tom Mitchell Irma Moore Terry Morris Kenneth Naselroad Larry Nash Cedric Niccum Becky Noble Kathy Orbaugh Dorothy Ozenbaugh Becky Paddock Karen Pennington Dennis Pettigrew Suzanne Prewett Sharon Pruitt Terry Pruitt Renee Rees Ella Kay Rigsby Regina Ritter Donnie Shaw Janie Shaw Sharon Shaw Mary Shoulders Melvin Shuler Linda Slack Stephen Slater Nettie Smith Pam Smith Ronnie Smith Mary Spears Susan Spoo Linda. Staley Eunice Stanley John Stansberry Terry Stansberry Larry Stephens Larry Stottlemyer Phillis Strong Terry Swaim Linda Taylor Ronnie Taylor John Thomas Gloria Thornbury Jon Truex Fred Ulery Debbie Voss Robert Wallace Sallye Watkins Linda Waymire Nick Waymire Sharon Waymire Charles Weasel Teresa Welker Patty Whetsel Nancy Whitcomb Leona Whitson Mike Wilhoite Danny Williams David Williams Sharon Wilson JUNIOR HIGH ELEME TARY ADMINISTRATIO Principal - - Charles McNew Clerk-- Mrs. Marjorie House JU IOR HIGH Grade 8 ROW 1, L. to R.: Keith Brown, Roger Dickinson Qteacherj, Debra Carroll, Carol Cawthorn, John Cawthorn, Alberta Collier, Eldon Ebert. ROW 2: David Faulstick, Charles Faulstick, James Faulstick, Dixie Fetty, Charles Frazier, Dianne French, Carolyn Hare. ROW 3: Tim Heller, Diana Jack, John Johnson, Joyce Kerkhoff, Sandy King, Victor Kinser, Don Strong, Bill Lane. ROW 4: Dick Lugenbeal, Pamela Manship, Peggy Mutt, Ernest Phelps, Linda Roby, Mike Ryan, Bill Sims, Jim Fletcher. ROW 5: Sharon Singer, Butch Waltermire, Linda Stephens, Toni Way- mire. Grade 8 GRADE 8, fsectjon onej: ROW 1: June Borum, Betty Conklin, Elaine Heaton, Judy Thomas, Diane Smith, Carol McCord, Linda Leever, Neal McCorkle, John l-loppes. ROW 2: Patty Lewellen, Diana Hunnicutt, Mary Fulton, Jeff Kimmerling, Paul Kemper, Neal Gwinn, Phil Luzadder, Joe Hueston, Micky McClain. ROW 3: Nancy East, Marcia Swart, Ella Kaiser, Jack Alexander, Shirley Morris, Brenda Freeman, David Lawson, Henri Teachnor, Tom Elder. ROW 4: Kathy Hancher, Patricia Miller, Larry Owen, Kenneth Hartley, Ray Beach, Ted Singer, Phil Davis. ROW 5: Terry Foust, Dan Cox, Ronald Buster, Jay C. McRoberts, Dave Burton, Mike Rastetter, George Altherr. STANDING: Rana Trick, Mrs. Rae Cannon fteacherj, Ann Todd, Bessie Jones. GRADE 7: ROW 1: Lola Garner, Bob Witcher, Tom Heath, Sydney Lynch. ROW 2: Mark Daugherty, Paul Hughes, Anita McPherson, Leila Hosier, JoAnn Rogers, Larry McCorkle, Pam Cox, Jim Land. ROW 3: Jeanette Thornburg, Becky Wiggs, Judy Borum, Bobby Wiggs, Teresa Hutson, Sherry Bear, Hilda Alexander, Wanda Baldwin. ROW 4: Barbara Calowell, Larry Brobst, John Hood, Mary Canfield, Debbie Miller, Judy Smith, Flora Frye, Mary Lindsay. ROW 5: Robert Johnson, Stephen Poe, Linda Dailey, Mark Green, Terry Crull, Mike Harrison, David Wilson. ROW 6: Mary Jane Hervey, Darrell Sizelove, Perry Jarvis, Terry Floyd, Jim Johnson, Steve Sigler, Pat FG11. STANDING: Jerry Ablanalp, Mr. Poore fteacherj. Grade 7 Grade Mrs. Inez McCoy Sponsor GRADE 7: ROW 1: Kathy Adams, Rondell Ashton, Carolyn Barker, Ronald Benefiel, Doug Bouslog, Jed Brown, Roy Chaffin, Carolyn Callier. ROW 2: Susan Creamer, Jacquiline Daugherty, Rose Marie Drake, Alan Floyd, Euge Friend, Charles Frye, James Frye, Doughlas Hare. ROW 3: Garry Harrison, Cynthia Hertle, Michael Holder, Cyn- thia I-Iueston, Ann lsom, Peggy Johnson, Kathy Jones, Frank Stansberry. ROW 4: Jacquline McCord, Jon McPhear- son, Glennis McRoherrs, David Luyet, Terry Prince, Gail Howell, Sheila Shuler. ROW 5: Vickie Vest, Carl Teachnor, James Wethington, Larry Sizelove, Cynthia Cooper, Robert Miller. STANDING: Dana Thompson, Linda Vestal, Mrs. McCoy fteacherj, Marline Lane, Harry Mitchell. Grade Mrs. Lucia Etchison Sponsor Grade Mrs. Almeda Hopper Teacher Grade Miss Deanna Cole GRADE 6: STANDING: Mary Beth Montcastle, Lucia Etchison, Thomas Derry, Michael Land. ROW 1: Marilyn Lucas, Connie Partlow, Becky Conklin, Victoria Hiatt, Debbie Carnelious, Joyce McCord. ROW 2: Marsha Kirby, Sandra Fisher, Diana Dellinger, Linda Blaylock, Norman Walker, Sherrie Albright, Bobbie Gordon, Carl Webb. ROW 3: Eloise Rigsby, Brenda Pennock, Larry Land, Ernie Witcher, James Mason, Robert Fulton, James Borum, Alan Howell. ROW 4: Annette Walder, Brenda Fry, James Burger, Lindon Craig, Mike Henson, Steve Davenport, Joe Merrit, Robert Thurnbury. ROW 5: Linda Cawtharn, Diane Wilson, Roger Moss, Robert Moss, Eddie Smith, Patrick Michael. GRADE 5: STANDING: Almeda Hopper, Steven Land. ROW 1: Janet Bradley, Mike Davenport, Ronald Frazier, David Hickman, Sam Kinser. ROW 2: Terry Lawson, Barbara Line, Judy Litsey, Terry McCord, Jane Mroz, Mary Murray. ROW 3: Gregory Poe, Tim Rasmussen, Robert Remington, Steven Remington, Candace Tobinson, Joan Staley, Gary Baldwin. ROW 4: Melvin Stowe, Melinda Swart, Gregory Thompson, Brenda Vestal, Dennis Waymire, Becky Phelps, Dianne Witcher. ROW 5: Vicki Waymire, Phil Webb, Sheila Whitten, Jerry Williams, Vicki Wise. GRADE 4a: ROW 1: Kemela Sims. ROW 2: Collette Atchison, Curtis Ashton, Sally Ashby, Ruth Altherr, Mike Albright ROW 3' Gene Cawthorn, Debbie Cannon, Diana Burris, Pe g Brovm, Larry Brook, James Brown Nancy . . g y , Henson. ROW 4: Clay Giselbach, Rhonda George, Debbie Frank, Rickie Flanagan, Kathy Jo Dickinson, Nancy Lee- man. ROW 5: Becky Land, Debbie Land, Janet Huffman, Gary Hosier, Ray Hickman, Cathy Hertle. ROW 6: Sandra Wilson, Sam McNamee, Tere Singer, Donna Lucas, Lanora Lehman. STANDING: Missy Davis, David Benefiel, Miss Cole fteacherj, Pat Cawthorn, GRADE 4b: ROW 1: Randy Thomas, Becky Wise, Mike Phelps, Janet Neewe, Dennis Trice. ROW 2: Cindy Rich- wine, John Poe, Jeannie Waymire, Danny Tharp, Linda Lynch, Max Sizelove. ROW 3: Myron Daugherty, Barbara Dellinger, Thomas Alexander, Pamela Mason, Terry Harrison, Kevin Crawford. ROW 4: Roberta Heaton, Kathleen Hanson, Kent Burris, Janet Heniser, Tony Abbott, Judy Chambers. ROW 5: Dallas Canfield, Peggy Henson, Wilford Alexander, Deborah Davis, Douglas Holder. Grade Mrs. Helen Hughes V we V ,, Q ,, ,K ima , , 'Q A H..-fp,,,,, Wing: L ? ii 'f'1izf?K I Lxf:'15f"?f 'Q Y ' 375' H'i"+ ,fa 4 my , w 'Q . ku! A . ,an tai? A 15 A42 '-5lfjf+b- -ximbe' by Q K ' A ""' HMM. . 1' ,V if 0 hm Q gt. GRADE 3: ROW 1: Vickie Marcum, Melvin Fry, Timmy Hickman, Buddy Tucker, Ben Singer. ROW 2: Larry Moss, Cathy Crull, Cheryl Crull, David Walker, Rhonda Idlewine, Cathy Vestal, Vickie Spurlock. ROW 3: Pam Todd, Christie Lambesis, Lou Ann Fisher, Roger Sprague, Jerry Alexander, Howard Sowers, Riley McCord. ROW 4: Debra Standridge, David Sizelove, Randy Kerkhoff, Beverly Cain, Terry Edwards, Nancy Morrow, Jeff Freeman. ROW 5: Danny Tucker, Linda Billingsley, Dale Blackford, Garry Cain, Robbie Jeffs, Ronnie Wright. ROW 6: Phil Alexander, Beverly Stowe, Tony Granger, Patricia Hester, Gary Gillespie, Cathy Trice. STANDING: Dale Bradley, Miss Linda Fox fteacherj, Dennis Rogers. GRADE 2: ROW 1: Danny Remington, Mary K. Alexander, Bobby Jarrell, Mike Arehart, ,Minona Rogers, Randy Dickinson, Ricky Webb, Janet Post. ROW 2: Vickie Hobbs, Ellen Line, Terry Frye, Anita Stansberry, Jane Gisel- bach, Nancy Cornelious, Pam Luzadder, Pam Davenport. ROW 3: Valerie Hosier, Pam Marley, Bobby Billingsley, Terry Lugenbeal, John McRoberts, Colleen Howell, Verlin Clark, Scott Woodsides, Greg Blades, Paul Hebner, Con- nie Spurlock. ROW 4: David Wise, Ronnie Land, Eddie Swink, Mike McNamee, Steve Singer, Linda Alexander, Danny Atchison--Mrs. Charlotte Floyd Qteacherj. GRADE la: ROW 1: Sandra Standridge, Tommy Henson, Ralph Lehman, Tommy Jeffs, Ronnie Hobbs. ROW 2: Robin Tharp, Sandra Burris, Susan McNamee, John Knotts, Cindy Hobbs, Rickie DeRue, Donita Blackford. ROW 3: Ralph Marcum, Harold Sizelove, Butch Mason, Gary Land, Terry Hosier, Mark Alexander, Randy Cawthorn. ROW 4: Danny Spurlock, Dennis Morgan, Connie LaShure, Trudy Hughes, Eary Eden, Jeff Cook. ROW 5: Vicky Sims, Becky Henson, Tommy Morrow, Rodney Lawson, Jone Jack. STANDING: Linda Granger, Teddy Hosier, Miss Helen Fox Qteacherj, Norman Jarvis, Mike Clark. GRADE 1b-2a: ROW 1: Peggy Pickering, Todd Ashby, James Feight, Melinda Davis, Keith Harrison. ROW 2: David Harper, Lanny Hays, Nancy Mroz, Connie Wright, Charles McNew, Jr., Susan Harper. ROW 3: Keith Hud- son, Roberta Shaw, Judy Alexander, Phillip Powell, Kathie Flanagan, Gena Canfield. ROW 4: Joy Hacker, Stan- ley Leeman, Resa Cunningham, Timmy Bott, Karen Whitehead, Marie Hook. ROW 5: Alan Hancher, Kenneth Lynch, Christina Waymire, Ryndie Skillman, Loretta Harper, Robin Martin. STANDING: Kirk Singer, Mrs. Sue Morgan fteacherj, Deborah Sprague. Kindergarten: TOP ROW of tables: Table 1: Ronald Stansberry, James Klingbiel, Mrs. Opal Hughes Qteacherj, Mitchell Smith, Donald Miller, Bobby Morrow, Dennis Hood. Table 2: Marty LaShure, Dean Etchison, Ronda Everest, Darcy Ann Stevens, Curtis Harrison. Table 3: Michael Henry, George Lambesis, Debbie Stevens, Marsha McNamee, Randy Cain, John Stroup. Table 4: Loralee Wise, Theresa Overdorf, Pamela DeRue, Rhonda Dickin- son, Linda Jo Blockson, Julie Woodsides, Sally Dwiggins, Tina Nichols. . . - Kindergarten - Mrs. O. Hughes - . . Right picture: Table 1: Robin Wilson, Tommy Williams, Lorna McNew, Jeffrey Weddell, Debbie Welborn, Dolly Hosier. Table 2: Mrs. Hughes, Gary Edwards, Jeffrey Riall, Kathy Lynn Strong, Curtis Whitson, Barrie Hayes. Table 3: Charles Best, Donald Walker, Pamela Borum, Patricia Wright, Randy Borum, Kathy Allen, David Conklin Table 4: Mary Ann Hudson, Vickie Fuller, Jimmy Hobbs, Kim Hebner, Timmy Major, Debbie Jo Fisher, Jimmy Lee Buckles. REMEMBER THE ADVERTISERS X Gem 5 Our advertisers, who have helped greatly to support the publication of this year's Eaglite, have information about their busi- nesses listed on the following pages in hope that they can further serve the readers of this book. 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EX-CELL-O CCDRPORATIO KELLY FURNITURE COMPANY I Homes Furnished Complete Quality Furniture Since 1895 1129 Meridian Anderson Indiana JENKINS WATCH SHOP ,jeweler-Watch Repairing Phone 644-5113 15 E. 12th Anderson Indiana HOOSIER AUTO SAL ES USED CARS AND TRUCKS CROUSE ABSTRACT CO., INC. Anderson Federal Building Ph. 642-0394 Pho. 643-1623 Anderson Indiana Anderson Indiana MADISON couNTY FARM BUREAU DIXON E'-ECTR'C COMPANY C0-OP ASS1N Wholesale Electrical Supplies Anderson-Elwood-Pendleton Residential, Commercial and Industrial Alexandria Nlarlcleville Lighting Fixtures Summitville 1502 Home Ave. -------- Anderson, Indiana KELSO SCHOOL SUPPLY 112 McCulloch Blvd. Muncie Indiana MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS STUDIO Cold Cream 81 Mira-col 81 Base -A Beautiful Complexion- Call 642-2448 Anderson Maggie Tobin Indiana GOLDENCRUST WHOLESALE BAKERS, INC. "Baked and Ate This Date" Serving the Restaurant and Grocery Industry for 36 Years Phone 642-6314 Anderson Indiana Kent and Carol take it easy at NORTHTOWN FURNITURE Jet. State Road 9 North and 109 Pho. 644-5833 Anderson Tops in style . . Tops in value. WIMER CLOTHING The largest variety of suits, sport coats and top coats Both at 1601 So. F. Street, Elwood lp YF r If ' fx 1 is . el I t s X V. gl I 404 Jackson Street, Anderson "Where quaIity counts." ,f-C PHONE S43 0636 Ill .mar-.. -39 if fl B and B Jewelry Store "V WATCH AND CLOCK REPAIRING COSTUME JEWELRY - GIFTS CLOTHING STORE :Ilen's, Womerfs Sc Chilflrerfs Wear DIAMONDS Phone 3-3216 ma E IOTH sr ANDERSON. mn 1125 Meridian Street Anderson Indiana Qwlffr ASK Fon Fufncgjhlng PARMER LuTz Reasonable PVLCES Furniture 5306 N. Highway 9 FINEST MEAT PRODUCTS Anderson Indiana KLEIN'S SHOE STORE Elwood, Indiana WOL F'S MOTOR COURT Elwood, Indiana HOOSIER HOME IMPROVEMENT Phone FE 2-7341 Elwood, Indiana Pontiac Q Buick E. M. PETERSON MOTOR SALES Phone FE 2-6861 1421 Main Street Elwood, Indiana fi LUCAS Western Auto Associate Store Elwood, Indiana FALVEYS MEN 8. BOYS Where your friends buy their clothes. Elwood, Indiana ELWOOD FEDERAL SAVINGS 8. LOAN ASSN. Insured Savings to 510,000 Current Dividend 4429 Elwood, Indiana JOHN W. MOORE CHEVROLET SALES Chevrolet - Oldsmobile - Cadillac Sales Sz Service Elwood, Indiana The Best Buy .,.. at the Why THE WHY STORE Martin Blumenthal Elwood, Indiana ROYAL GARMENT CLEANERS Elwood, Indiana If It's Wallpaper-paint-or any of the decorator needs-See KLUMPP'S 1533 So. A Elwood, Indiana ELWOOD SUPER SERVICE Dick Conwell 300 S. Anderson St. ABE'S AUTO SALES NEW S: LISED CARS 5: TRUCKS STATE READ 2E EAST AEE EEIURFF' EJWNER , ELWEICID, INDIANA FLOWERS... the added touch of perfection! GOLDSBERRY'S FLOWER SHOP 3 miles west of Frankton on State Road 128 then one-half mile north Phone Elwood FE-2214 Tai 81 Baker Furniture Store 1518-20 Main Street Elwood, Indiana GRlNNELL'S TOY STORE State Rd., 28 East Elwood Indiana Phone FE 2-3911 "If Its Toys You Want-We Have Them." RAY HOLLENSBE INSURANCE AGENCY 210 South 22nd Street Elwood 1nd1ana Compliments of THE CITIZENS BANK "Serving More People Every Day" COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE 3? INTEREST PAID ON SAVINGS MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Phone FE 2-3367 Corner A 8: South Anderson Elwood, Indiana 'W . , ,..,.,. ,. vi. 1-,GG'2f,:o gag...- , A ,,,, ,. A,. , ,.. , A .,,,, "iff 5Q11sfei'Q-'2 .wax M--Lsj': 'mxfgxy .-.fe,:. V- A ,.,'-ps s '- .. ,. 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'vt - :L 1:22. ay a- 5 -n '5,E':s-5' ' - 1 EE.:.. 51515 .5 ..,s:e5iNz1 W.-Q, 53 :f -.,:,:3-'-",1,:.:.::z:5sf:.,:,.':r:za-.::ss521:I,-,'af-:f:::z:':5:4mf .J ' a all .. -'zI1i1S:..,..insa42aazgzsezzrzzzi1522-E?5iSz:zi::::f25f1z -:is 'I''1Z5'5f5f5'EE3?5555.:55' 21E??Ei:':':"' 523. fxjjgi. :-I. I-E::ifZ'2E':'pEE:3fr1"'22:51.EEIZEQ-:':E::22:5EI3E2E?i' ''QI'1l?'22EiE5'51:1E1:"9 ':7' 'L ' 5'1'If2i2S:IEi':1Ef:25i.. " " if'F3?2:1:':m"15"'f"N" H ' ' - uw-33: .9 N7fE"'Q. .A V-,E "Z :,.: 1.-:f:,:52 . ...... . ' V .12 'Ie-fQ:.,-1-1.,: -,:r.-V:-':::v:Q::::Q:Qz2aa:::y.::f::r . ..4,::,:,:::-:-q:1:1:-:'-.151.5.11:-:1:::,:1:s::-:'e3sm:Qs4- 7 l ' ?1'w .4 151 jE5E5E3fQQ.,'1 x :2'f"3-' ' M Sir: ' . -'::?5IP?E25?,E2gE121255553 . 113' fi "iz , , 1 '- i ' f:5:3EI" r' --E -' -p5:E5'.E:?': 'fain-5:.'5.E:s221sEsR3:1M' qi ,zz z ,. . The Only National Bank in Serving the Madison County FRAN KTGN COMMU ITY Elwood Federal 2-7336 Indiana HAMMONS PLUMBING 8- SMITH'S APPLIANCES HEATING CO. 24 Hour Service Phone FE 2-6772 Phone FE 2-5701 EIwood Indiana Elwood Indiana "For rl Square Deal" XT TAM's DRUGS CONSUMER-McMINN com. co. Q51 2 Stores Phone FE 2-6711 Elwood Indiana 300 So. Anderson-EIwooCI 2308 N' h IA .-A d George McMinn, Owner IC 0 Ve H erson P I' East wishes L . , II ' QWWQW IYLEIIIQT' '-Il gh '. x fllil Coca-Cola Company 1202 So. "A" EIwood, Indiana we RELIABLE AUTOMOTIVE LIGHTING SYSTEMS Guide-Matic Power Headlight Control Safety Aim Headlamps GUIDE LAMP DIVISIGN GEXESSQSZISIZEIAZZRP' DANNER'S 54 8' 104 Compliments of Always Geefl Veluee COMMERCIAL BANK AND Open Friday and Saturday till 9 TRUST COMPANY Alexandria Indiana Alexandria Indiana ALEXANDRIA Compliments of RECORD 81 FLOWER SHOP BROYLE Home Furnishing 202 North Harrison Alexandria Indiana Alexandria Indiana FERMEN'S DONAHUE GAS., INC. Ladies' a Children's Ready-fmweqf Yeuf Pllllgee Dealer Heating, Cooking, Phone 724-74-I94 Water-Heating 203 North Harrison Street Anderson-AIexandria-Elwood Alexeflflfle Ph. 724-4173 JACK'S UNDERWO0D'S ICE CREAM GROCERY 8. BAKERY 51 SNACK BAR Phone FE 2-6553 2034 Main Street Alexandria Indiana Elwood Indiana VANS' Portrait Studio Get Clipped at ZIP'S Says "Good Luck, Kids" 154-0 South "A" Street Home Owned and Operated - - - Thelma Elwood Indiana FOLAND NURSERY ORNAMENTAL NURSERY STOCK State Road 28-East at Red Corner FE 2-6611 JACKL EY FUNERAL HOME Elwood Indiana AMBULANCE SERVICE Compliments of SCHIFF'S SHOES Your Family Shoe Store 110 So. Anderson Elwood Indiana FLOOR STOR E AWNINGS-FLOOR C OVERINGS 2122 Main Street Elwood Indiana BAXTER'S RECORD SHOP 2023 South "J" Street FE 2-3592 Elwood, Indiana Compliments of CO0K'S SHOE REPAIR 1538 South "A" El.wood, Ind. ACME AUTO BODY COMPLETE AUTO BODY AND RADIATOR SERVICE 224 No. 16th Elwood, Indiana C. G. EMLING CO. Institutional Food Specialties 2305 West Erie St. Chicago Illinois Compliments of THE D. H. GOBLE PRINTING COMPANY COMPLINIENTS Airiendi WHOSE PRIVILEGE IT HAS BEEN T0 SERVE YOU ON BEHALF OF JEWELRY S FINEST CRAFTSIVIEN Greenfield, Indiana YJ, K t f I Ylgiilrig-irigoglgo ATTLEBORO MASSACHUSETTS French Poodles-males-3100.00 fema1eS'3150'00 CLASS Rmas AND Pms - cLus INSIGNIA - MEDALS Stud Service 375.00 TRCIPHIES - Pumuss - nlPLoMAs - INVITATIONS R. 2-Box 5009 Anderson, Indiana ELWOOD PLUMBING AND HEATING COMPANY, INC. 4 HANLIN BROS. COPHER Supplies-Contracting -9:24 ,IIE Installations-Repairs I H' V35 1414 IVIain Street I Elwood PIIOIIC Indiana 0 - ' HOME W' HOME LUMBER COMPANY 1911 South B Street Phone FEderal 2-6821 Elwood Indiana Elwood Indiana Elwood EAST SIDE PARTS Wholesale Automotive Parts 31st gl Main Streets Fed. 2-3379 Compliments of GENE MITCHELL Sales Representative AL-JAX CHEMICAL COMPANY 14-21 South "J" Street Indiana Elwood Indiana VEST CLEANERS 1516 'VIa1n Street Elwood Indiana fohnson Sea-Horse Out Board Motors SALES AND SERVICE BOATS-TRAILERS AND ACCESSORIES OILS 81 GREASES LEATH ERS' BOAT HOUSE 1823 North A. Street Elwood Phone FE 2-5162 Indiana Phone FE 2-3131 WEBBER'S DELUXE CLEANERS DECKER5 18 East 13th 2225 Broadway Phone 642-6216 ANDERSON LAFAYETTE IVlEN'S FORMAL WEAR Phone 8569 Anderson Indiana FRANKLIN FINANCE COMPANY Anderson Loans and Financing Since 1921 Phone First-Fastest Service INDIANA BUSINESS COLLEGE Phone 644-8874 Anderson 1035 Main Street Indiana Sixtieth Year SEARS, ROEBUCK 81 COMPANY W K IMPLEMENT SERVICE "The Friendliest Store in Town" Good Quality for Less Since 1886 R R 2-Anderson Anderson Indiana Phone 743-2217 ANDERSON CAMERA SHOP BROADWAY SALES CORPORATION CHRYSLER-DODGE 12th gl Meridian Ph 7715 one 633 Broadway Camera Equipment and Party Goods Anderson Indiana PAYLESS SUPER MARKET OPEN 24 HOURS 29th 81 Main . Anderson Indiana TAYLOR REAL ESTATE 81 INSURANCE 1021 Jackson Phone 644-1236 Anderson Indiana Tom and Mary try bicycles for size at Nancy Watkins and Steve Horn rest after a hard day of soliciting at SMITH BICYCLE SHOP C A R R I C O Schwinn Sales Kc Service Furniture Mart Phone 642-6484 1213 Main Anderson, Indiana North Broadway Anderson, Ind ANDERSON LAUNDERS"- CLEANERS Q o Colonlal If -Eg Bread Fabritonic .wIn.. .....u.....,..,.,..,...,....,,,,...,...... ....., .W-I ....' Dry Cleaning Treatment Co, For Modern Garments azoo moons Sm-Fresh Shir: Service - MUNCIEI IND. Anderson Indiana I f down town Anderson--where friend meets friend and enjoys the S best in Hamburger delights. P ETTlGREW'S GROCERY Florida Station The Home of Courtesy Kindness Fresh Meat Kc Vegetables RUBY AND BILL KAISER AUTO PARTS 8. SUPPLY, INC. Formerly BROWN ELECTRIC CO. Pho. 642-0281 1219 Main Anderson MRS. LEMON'S RE-WEAVING SHOP Moth Holes-Rips-Tears K' ' or Burns Skillfully Q Rewoven in Any Fabric f i Ph. 642-0470 ' 9 V. 1714 Meridian Street fig. ,L ,: . inf. nn. L..Q. Qf' Anderson, Indiana SURBER 8. SON CHRlSTENSEN'S STUDIO TAII-ORS "For the Finest in Photography" POR TRAITS-WEDDINGS and School Over IVIcCroy's 8002 Jackson Street Anderson Indiana Anderson Pho. 643-5863 Indiana Solicitors take time for a. tasty lunch at the ALABI 1405 jackson St. . . . . . Anderson ANDERSON SPORTING GOODS, INC. TROPHIES Football-Basketball Fishing Tackle Colf-Cuns- Tennis-Archery Pho. 644--5828 1206 Meridian Anderson Illdiafla STEEL SLITTING CO. Coil Slitting Kc Warehousing Phone FE 2-5611 304 So. 28th Street Elwood, Indiana CITY CREAMERY ICE CREAM 81 DAIRY PRODUCTS Elwood Indiana MANGAS CAFETERIA Elwood Indiana "A Pleasure to Treat . . . a Treat to Pleasure." BE HOLSUM LOOK HOLSUM BUY HOLSUM DlETZEN'S BAKERIES, INC. 1451 South A Street Elwood Indiana SEEGER AUTO SUPPLY Complete Iline of Auto Accessories Hollywood Mufflers Kc Dual Exhaust 1112 So. 16th St. Elwood, Ind. RALPH'S A 8. W ROOT BEER 2831 E. Main St. Elwogd Indiana 0RR'S TEXACO Road Service SMITH'S JEWELRY Diamonds Watches Teenage Accounts 218 So. Anderson Elwood, Ind. Elwood Indiana PI10- FE 2-9025 We Are Grateful for the Compliments of Opportunity tg Martin Jarvis and Don Perkins Serve the Ffankron School AIRPORT SHELL sERvlcE sTATloN and Its Community CENTRAL INDIANA GAS CO. Elwood Ph. FE 2-2733 GREEN MONUMENT WORKS I L ISPLA S MONT CE L0 D Y State Road 28 East Monticello Manufacturing Co. Elwood Elwood Indiana Pho. FE 2-2733 BU'-YS GARAGE cm. ORBAUGH at sons Automatic Transmission Service I 1830 So. "R" Street nsumnce Home Phone FE 2-5217 Pho. FE 2-3363 Elwood Indiana Elwood Indiana A 65 99 We Deliver In Frankton Phone 644-7781 - Anderson Tours and Cruises A11 Over The World FOR RESERVATIONS APPLY TO X N MILLER TOURS ap E MILLER ay Walnut 5-3581 TUURS Y Marott Hotel ' S Indianapolis '7, Indiana - + Y + FRAN KTON LUMBER COMPANY V V V Phone 2950 Frankton, Indiana ' ' Complete Building Materials Service" Jr l - lr Firestone-Westinghouse-Admiral We Sell More Because We Sell for Less We Sell for Less Because We Buy More WAYNE JONES 8. SONS, INC. 324 So. Anderson Street Phone FE 2-3533 BLAYLOCK'S LAUNDRY 8. LAUNDERETTE Open 6:30 A.M. Till 10:00 P.lVl Wash 204 6,5 3541 pr. Load Dry 10:2 for Ten Minutes Elwood Indiana Frankton lndlana HOOD SUPERETTE Your Neighborhood Croc. 1906 S R St. Elwood Phone FE 2-3202 BEST WISHES from HINSHAW'S First of ALL A DRUG STORE Anderson's Newest and Only Sportswear Shop Specializing in JUNIOR Sizes 5 to 15 and TEENS 6 to 14 .IOYCE'S 21 West 12th Alice Coehring, Owner Potato Chips SEYFERT DIST. INC. AT 4-6832 Muncie lf's Treat Time for the kids at OWEN ICE CREAM 8 DAIRY Phone 64-2-1466 1800 Lincoln Street Anderson Indiana CoroI's hopin' for o portable from MILLER HUGGINS, INC. "Everything for Every Office" Phone 4404 1212 Meridian Anderson Indiana ANDERSON FEDERAL SAVINGS "The Oldest and Largest Federal Savings and Loan Association in Madison County" Jackson 81 Eleventh Streets Anderson Indiana OPPORTUNITIES UNLIMITED FOR INQUIRING MINDS There has never been a time when researchers were not shaping the lives of men. The wheel, the lever, the automobile and the space ship were all equally dependent on the inquiring mind. Progress expands with research. I Here at Delco-Remy, for example, our research interest was largely concentrated on automotive applications a generation ago. We could have contented ourselves with just making better starting, lighting and ignition systems. l But what we wanted to do was provide electrical energy for the needs of motion-all kinds of motion. At our luncheon tables these days, the conversation is likely to swing from semiconductors and transistor ignition systems to new devices for missile control or electrical power supplies for outer space. l We have a new ultra-modern research and engineering building nearing completion. ln it, our scientists and engineers will find the most favorable environment possible for imaginative research. l What are the rewards of a scientific career? The opportunities are virtually un- limited. But there's something else equally important, we think. lt's the tremendous satisfaction to be derived from contributing to human progress. l If you have an inquiring mind, it's a career you should think about. Delco FROM Tl-l E HIGHWAY TO THE STARS : 9 Division of General Motors - Anderson, Indiana Joan Abplanalp 79 Wanda Adams 79 William Adams 44, 79 James Allen 71 Jeannie Allen 34,79 Fred Allender 71 John Altherr 71 Kent Arbuckle 46, 71 Linda Arehart 79 Nancy Argabright 79 Todd Ash 33, 34,60 Tommy Ashby 79 Bobby Ashton 79 Sheliah Atchison 60 Terry Avery 60 Mary Jane Baker 20, 25, 59, 60, 111 Bill Baldwin 79 Donita Baldwin 60 Debbie Banker 79 Larry Bardonner 8, 34, 75 Danny Barmes 60 Carl Barnes 75 Kenneth Barnett 79 Jeff Bauer 44,75, 22 Dennis Beck 44, 79 Vickie Beck 72 Susan Beidelschies 72 Gary Benefiel 51, 72, 74 Allen Berg 72 Gloria Blair 15, 25, 33, 41, 60 Earl Berkebile 79 Rickey Boyle 80 Phil Bott 75 Terry Bookout 80 Loraine Bouslog 20, 33,61 Larry Brashear 61 Russell Brashear 80 Frances Brizendine 44, 75 Kathy Brown 75 Molly Brown 72 Susan Brown 20, 71, 72, 74 Fred Bryan 75 Dan Buckner 25, 33, 72 Delbert Burton 34, 61 Stan Busby 22, 40, 44, 50, 72, 74 ROSTER Connie Cain 72 Ronnie Cain 80 John Calloway Sue Cawthorne Janet Chambers 80 Jean Chambers 75 Kay Chism 75 Gary Clark 80 Jackie Clark 11, 24, 61 Dusty Clarkson 80 Mike Clarkson 75 Dexter Cloud 44,80 Jim Cloud 25, 75 Joan Collier 72 Rodney Compton 80 Butch Condon 44, 46, 75 Sandra Conklin 10, 21, 33, 61 Anita Cooper 75 Gloria Cook 72 Rita Couch 80 Janie Covington 80 Jerry Cox 80 Steve Cox 75 Marilyn Coy 61 Virginis Coy 80 Mickey Crawford 80 Ernest Crowder 72 David Cunningham 75 Jerry Cunningham 44, 80 Sandra Cunningham 14, 75, 77 Bob Curl 80 Maureen Curl 21,61 Dallas Curtis 33, 40, 46, 50, 61, 66 Judy Daugherty 72 Bob Dailey 80 Carol Davis 21, 33, 59, 62 Geraldine Davis 20, 62 Larry Davis 51, 76 Gary Davidson 72 Stephen Davison 17, 62 Robert DeHart 80 Pat Delaplane 33, 742 Bob Dellinger 20, 33, 62 Sherry Dellinger 80 Terry Dietz 80 Nancy Dietzer 80 118 Darlene Downing 80 Doug Drake 44, 80 Randy Duncan 80 Leon Ebert 46, 72 Sonny Edwards 72 Jan Ehman 80 Kent Ehman 51, 72,101 Karla Ehman 76, 77 Janice Etchison 80 Tom Faucett 76 Diana Faulkner 33, 71 Janis Fetz 80 Jeff Fetz 80 Sharon Fischer 76 Ronnie Fisher 76 Barbara Fletcher 79, 80 Shirley Fletcher 20, 72 Penny Floyd 34, 79, 80 Eddie Foley 25, 76 Sue Foley 71, 72 Gary Fox 76 Jennie Frazier 9, 76, 77 Alma Friend 8, 41, 62, 67 Connie Fry 80 Gordon Fuller 62 Vickie Gardner 62 Russell Garrison 80 Terry George 76 Gillespie 62 Don Gilchrest 72 Carol Giselbach 72 Kathryn Giselbach 81 Dottie Goldsberry 81 Don Goodman 63 Linda Goodman 81 Bill Gordon 63 Jerry Gordon 8, 20, 75, 76 77 Frank Gosnell 14, 44, 46, 47, 76 I Norman Graham 33, 63 Joyce Graham 76 David Granger 81 Frances Granger 63 Roger Gray 81 Kathy Gregory 81 Dick Gross 72 Barbara Harper 81 Jeff Harper 72 Leila Harper 33, 81 Eddie Hart 34,72 Sandra Hart 76 Mary Beth Hartley 20, 21, 33, 34, 35, 63 Nancy Hays 17, 33, 41, 63 Ralph Hays 76 George Heady 76 Tom Heady 33, 64 Dixie Heaton 20, 34, 72 Terry Heaton 34, 76 Ann Heath 63 Peggy Heath 81 Barbara Heniser 44, 81 Darlene Henry 72 Steve Henry 51,73 Betty Henson 81 Gloria Hertle 20, 33, 35, 64 Tom Hervey 81 Terry Hiatt 34, 81 Janice Hickman 81 Charles Hiday 76 Charles Hobbs 76 Gary Hobbs 76 Pam Hodson 81 Charlotte Holman 64 Doug Hood 6,17, 64, 22 Karen Hood 81 Carolyn Hook 76 Judy Hoover 81 Sandra Hoover 76 Max Hoppel 40, 46, 47, 64, 22 Richard Horlander 73 Phil Horn 44, 81 Steve Horn 33, 64, 111 Loretta Hosier 81 Steve Hudson 24, 33, 40, 46, 50, 64 Sherrie Hueston 81 Danny Hughes 77 John Humphrey 6, 73 Karen Humphrey 64 Dave Huth 4, 9, 14, 33, 41, 73 Nila Huth 77 Jack Huffman 17, 24, 64 Jean Hutchison 20, 8, 33, 63, 65 Dennis Hutson 77 David Jack 79 Bonnie Jackley 81 Robert Jackman 65 Dan Jackson 65 Tony Jackson 81 Ludy Jarrell 73 Bert Jarrett 5, 81 Bill Jarrett 9, 44, 46, 50,7 73 Bob Jarrett 33, 65 Karen Jarvis 34, 77 Marsha Jarvis 34, 77 Mike Jarvis 34, 77 Dallas Jent 73 Thelma Jent 81 Sally John 77 Bill Johnson 71 Danny Johnson 34, 76 Tim Johnson 65 John Johnson 77 Richard Jones 77 Ronald Jones 81 Wanda Jones 73 Joann Jordon 81 Linda Kallner 20, 33, 34, 65 Ernestine Kennedy 33, 73 Sue Kennedy 33, 73 Wayne Kerkhoff 7, 40, 61, 65 Gary Killian 77 Earl Kimmerling 81 Jack Kimmerling 77 Mike King 73 Judy Kinser 77 Dianne Kirby 81 Georgia Kirby 81 Barbara Knight 77 Ginger Knight 33,77 Mary Lambertson 73 Bill Lay 40, 44, 73 Darrell Lane 81 David Lazenby 20, 73 Kathy Lee 20, 34, 75, 77 119 1, Mike Lewellen 73 Jeannetta Legg 79, 81 Roxanna Likens 81 Larry Litsey 20, 75 Shirley Luttrell 77 Nick Luyet 73 Kay Line 81 Joe Lynch 82 Cynthia McCarty 82 Janet McCarty 77 Dale McCord 82 David McCord 73 Dick McCord 44, 49, 51, 77 Jerry McCord 73 Ronnie McCord 44, 82 Ted McCord 20,65 Karen McElfresh 73 Janelle McCorkle 82 Sharon McPheasron 82 Gloria McRoberts 20, 66 Peggy Manning 77 Becky Martin 82 Tim Marsh 73 Sandra Masters 34,82 Jerry Mathews 82 Xeneclea Mathews 77 Tom Mauck 77 Terry Michael 82 Janice Mitchell 82 Tom Mitchell 82 Sharon Michael 66 John Miller 25, 33,66 Carol Jean Mock 25, 33, 34, 66, 101,116 John Montcastle 77 Irma Moore 82 Terry Morris 82 Kenneth Naselroad 82 Gary Nash 25, 33, 78 Larry Nash 44,82 Kathy Orbaugh 44, 82 Tom Orbaugh 66 Herbert Ousley 66 Dorothy Ozenbaugh 82 Becky Paddock 44, 82 Melanie Paddock 33, 35, 73, 74 Susan Painter 73 Teresa Pedro 78 jill Peterson 73 Karen Pennington 82 Dennis Pettigrew 82 Shirley Pettigrew 82 Doug Prewett 66 Suzanne Prewett 82 Kathy Prieshoff 78 Pam Pierce 33, 73 Mary Prince 73 Brenda Pruett 78 Sharon Pruitt 82 Terry Pruitt 82 Renee Rees 82 Ben Richwine 9, 14,40, 49, 51, 59, 67 Mary Faye Richwine 14, 20, 73, 74 jim Riddle 71 Mary Riddle 78 Lee Riegel 16, 34, 78 Ella Kay Rigsby 82 jane Ritter 67 Regina Ritter 82 David Roby 34, 78 Darrell Ryan 78 Marilyn Ryan 78 Stanley Sallee 74 Melissa Schuck 34, 78 Mike Schuck 74 jim Scott 79 Dan Sargent 79 jack Shallenberger 79 Donnie Shaw 82 Andrea Seely 17, 67 Janie Shaw 82 Sharon Shaw 82 David Shetterly 25,36 Mary Shoulders 82 Melvin Shuler 82 Carol Shirley 20, 21, 33, 67 Barbara Sigler 20, 24, 11, 59, 67 Tom Sigler 71, 111 Mike Sigler 74 Tom Singer 8, 34, 78 Dennis Smith 78 John Smith 24, 33, 41, 51, 67 Nettie Smith 83 Pam Smith 83 Ronnie Smith 83 Shirley Smith 78 Tom Smith 74 jack Smothers 17, 67 Sherry Sowash 74 Mary Spears 83 Phil Spears 74 Linda Slack 82 Barbara Slack 78 Stephen Slater 83 Pete Spoo 74 Susan Spoo 83 Linda Staley 83 Eunice Stanley 83 john Stansberry 83 Rex Stansberry 74 Terry Stansberry 83 Paula Starr 78 Don Stephens 33, 49, 51, 67 Larry Stephens 44, 83 Danny Stigall 40, 44, 74 Charles Stottlemyer 33, 60, 68 Larry Stottlemyer 83 Phyllis Stottlemyer 78 Phyllis Strong 83 Connie Stroud 78 Clara Sturbois 9, 20, 33, 68 Stephen Sumner 34, 46, 74 Carol Swackhamer 33,68 Terry Swaim 83 Danny Swart 40, 44, 78 Karen Taylor 17, 24, 33, 68 Linda Taylor 83 Ronnie Taylor 83 Don Thomas 25, 68 janet Thomas 68 john Thomas 83 Gloria Thornbury 83 Nelma Tranbarger 21, 68 120 jon Truex 83 Richard Turner 68 Carol Tomey 20,74 Fred Ulrey 83 Wayne VonHeiber 78 Debbie Voss 83 Joyce Voss 20, 33, 35, 69 Robert Wallace 83 Jerry Waltermire 16, 44, 46, 51, 70 jim Waltermire 33, 40, 46 69 Larry Waltermire 16, 44, 46, 49, 78 Nancy Watkins ll, 14, 20, 33, 41,69, 111 Sallye Watkins 83 jarrell Waymire 78 jim Waymire 69 Linda Waymire 83 Nick Waymire 44, 83 Richard Waymire 78 Tom Waymire 74 Sharon Waymire 83 Eddie Weaver 71, 74 Ginger Welborn 78 Lynn Welborn 78 Teresa Welker 83 Lucresia Wells 78 Mary Wethington 78 Janet Whalen 34, 78 Marybeth Whetsel 34, 78 Mike Whetsel 74 Patty Whetsel 83 Nancy Whitcomb 34, 83 Steve Whitcomb 69 Connie Whitson 33, 74 Dianna Whitson 44 Leona Whitson 83 Sue Whitson 74 Mike Wilhoite 83 Danny Williams 83 john Wimer 69 Steve Wilson 83, 34 Sharon Wilson 83 Carolyn Wright 34, 74, 75 Steve Wright 69 ee-35

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