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' 'aff ,I -,-,... 1 fun- . fi-Y . Aw. - ' fcgafgi' , ' 1, Q V-eg,-G: ' 'f f H31 .' I V- ,,,3,Qw'f:+'g3 , v., ,A 1 ' Y I Vfqm. I, Huff' . ' Q, 1 -, --ffqaffff1fMQ gifs-'f 1' , 1' .ff " Us -' ' ' "ft , tu, -.'r'lg?' '1- M , . . , . . A U ff' ,. AlJQf,f? V, . , M,+ 'If' - - ' ,,.-f wvnwf. 1,2-""' j, 51. V, , V "'1f".!. , .. ' - ,yum sg, ,,,,T,,. K 4 ' 1. rw ' nv f '-' A ,Jn 2 , I I . ,- 7 Efrflfis-1"' ,sniff X - D J- .-ae-'Q -M5 .JL-. QV 4-r : I 1,--' . . . 12 Y, H og.. , , rin yi. ' ' . ' , -' , K. , .-7' y . 1? 'wwf 4 ' 112 . ' l AQ" ' ' " ,-Y! U-xx' ' . . .7 , .. f- , ui ..K,i'5Tk K , " F' fiffa 5' A ' N ' f -1 . ,jg , ., 4.. -Pj, , V, AJ.. 3.-. ,.. -?"',- n I.-MS .' , ' Vx 4 ' ' we . , .1..., J-,""f'3: ' 5 . H ' ,f f ,. : x,5q,jfg 11--- ,,.,f ,, , ,., ,Av 4'9" ' ' " ga.ff?5T'4-Q K- ' - . P ,yy ,:fMa,f,b f, 1- .- , ,,--vu .. .. .. . 1, . - 1 1 f.1",.v-Z+.",." ' "WV'i-+'.J'57'7'f: , ,I '.f ',.',.'. .- f A 5 ,wi-.f",J ,A 1-g',J,I,-'Lg' .s' A 'vi -.-Ilgph 9 5 an ,M ,,, , - 425 fy iw gf 1 ' -2523 'g viii ,EIA-" A A gif L nh 7, infix my Nj Z, W -5 Y? ,, ., KW df gm W -, wk Q 1 Published by The Senior Class of Frankton High School Frankton, Indiana Volume 12 H EAGMTE 6 2 ,Q gi A g L, .L,. if .ma eg mls Sk' am 5935 .25 THESE ARE THE FACES OF '61 The faces of 360 students, 189 of which are boys and 171 are girls, take their place in the spotlight at F.H.S. On the first day of school in September, new schedules, calling for seventy minute periods, were issued. Our faces looked be- wildered as we tried to remember whether we were going to class "A" or "diagonal" Monday afternoon. Faces glowed as sophomores and juniors sported new rings and sweaters. Seniors busied themselves with exchanging pictures, ordering name cards and invitations. Anxiety filled the sports fan's faces as they attended the ballgames throughout the season, and those who attended the dances this spring saw dreamy faces gliding along the gym floor. Watch the student's faces as we view the realms of F.H.S. TABLE OF CONTENTS Schoollife 4 Activities 22 Sports 38 Personalities 52 Our Advertizers 90 FACES COME AND FACES GO, SOME 1 At 3:10 p. rn. students hurry homeg but why the rush, kids? When it's time to go home , the kids scramble to get to their cars or buses. In cloudy, winte ry weather it is still dark as late as 8:10 when school starts. Karen Humphrey and Gloria Cook, who are "hoofing it," act as if it might be cold Rinker and Floyd must beat the sun to get to school on time. walking. Gee, I wish I had a friend with a car to drive me to school! MOVE FAST, OTHERS SLOW Librarian Stettner helps Carolyn Hook during her own study hall. You don't think Miss Bowers will believe that, do you, Jim? Eleven librarians do many jobs such as shelving books, checking books in and out, and tidying up the library. After the s enior class play "So Very Young", Karel Crowley gave a party for the cast and their dates at her home. Keith Cooper and Lynnette Smith, student directors for the play, were responsible for the unseen necessities of the production. "Quietg pull the curtaing light the stageg you're on!" :Aa - 5 i Induction time is a serious time for Tri-Hi and Hi-Y kids. FRANKTON STUDENTS HAVE THEIR SAD November 7, 1960, marked the beginning of two new organizations at F.H.S. Tri-Hi- Y girls and Hi-Y boys gathered in the gym for their induction into these national or- ganizations. Although many of the people visiting the high s c h o ol ne v e r see the cooks, these ladies play a very important role in our active school days. Shown below is Mrs. Please heap those plates high, they're still growing girls. Wallace, Mrs. Waymir e , and Mrs. Huth serving one of the nearly 35,000 meals that they prepare each school year. While some students sit and talk or eat, the active boys manage to get their exer- cise. They take off their shoes, set up the nets, divide into teams, and they're ready to play volley-ball. Noon means volley-ball and much fun to many boys at Frankton. 1 This window was the means by which burglers If you buy that then you 11 need a house to go with it gained entrance. AND SERIOUS MOMENTS TOO Students were warned not to touch any- thing in the building when they came one day in October and found that there had been a break-in the night before. From the art room, the two men fwho were later caughtj ransacked other rooms, apparently looking for money. Some students go shopping in their spare time, but Wayne, Jim, and Bob just seem to be looking. They were caught looking at this weather vane in the local lumberyard. Yes, our students have varying heights and weights, but most of us come five days a week to learn and have fun. Jerry Hutson towers over Terry Heaton. It cantruly be said that this is the long and short of it. OUR GRADES AND RECORDS WILL BE Pardon me, Alma, but there is something white showing. Both students and teachers give mono- logues and skits. Here Alma Friend and Mary Sheward perform. The system of issuing of report cards was changed this year. Previously, students received one card which revealed all grades at one time. Now they are given an envelope containing report slips for each class, and their grades are put on the slips throughout There's often a bit of expression around report card time. the Wednesday f ollowing the close of the grading period. An educational aid added this year to the equipment of the health department is the vinyl plastic torso which shows the human muscles, nerves, organs, and some bones. Lornell Mock, girl's physical education and health teacher, shows open house visitors how she can use it in her classes. The open house visitors seem to enjoy Mrs. Mock's description of the newly added torso. REFERENCE FOR OUR FUTURE OCCUPATIONS The "Big Four" take time out for a pepsi at the Chum 'n Chew. Well, everyone has to eat, and our kids are no different. Pictured here is a group of boys at one of the local restaurants. Elaine Mauck, Sandra Conklin, Marilyn Bowers fthe home economics teacherj, and Nancy Fields were selected to model cloth- ing made from farm products at a county m e eting with other .girls from two other Sandra Conklin seems cold in the outfit she is wearing county schools. Before the final p r odu cti o n of a play, the cast must learn their lines although s o m et i m e s they just can't get out of the habit of crammingl Tension builds as each awaits his cue during the senior class play, "So Very Young", October 14, 1960. Please, get it clean, but, please, don't use scouring pads. F.H.S.ER'S STUDY FOR CREDITS, WCJRK Senior class m e mb e r s are scurrying ar ound to get this car clean, so they can rush on to the next one. This car wash was one of their money making projects of the year. If students don't have studies, they are free to browse through the library during their study hall. Here Ted McCord and Ted quit pushing! She probably was there first anyway. Charlie Stettner are using the card catalogue for references. Hall m o nit o r s are chosen from study halls for each period of the day. They have varied duties such as checking other stu- dents' passes, assisting visitors, and run- ning errands for teachers. Is there a date, the time, his destiny, or his name? 1 They're really not busy, they just hang around for cokes. FOR MONEY, AND Wayne Ousley, like many others, has a job after school. He w orks for a local grocer. Other students can be foimd work- ing on farms, atop houses, shoveling snow, babysitting, and for other merchants. Judy Blaylock and Doris Knight really don't have a job at the laundry, but since Judy is already at her fathe r' s place of business, Doris might as well come over and keep her company. For some extra c redit in his studies, Phil Rinker made this stag head and mounted it. It is made of cardboard and tape. After he put it together, he then gave it several coats of paint. The head was used as part of the set for a play. But, Phil, you don't even have ahammer, nails, or a hook ! A good fruit weigher shouldn't have heavy hands, Wayne. No, it's not a picture of our ancestorsg these people rehved the play She Stoops to Conquer". STUDENTS CCDMMUNICATE THROUGH As one of the many projects tackled by English Literature IV students, nine seniors, gave the short version of Oliver Goldsmith's "She Stoops to Conquer." They were direct- ed by Ly nnett e Smith, another literature student. The c ast included l. to r.-Janet Cain, Judy Blake, Keith Cooper, Darrell Brizendine, James Hays, Ronnie Swindell, Wayne Ousley. Seated- Helen Sayre and Karel Crowley. David Hahn was found this year driving around the building on a tractor while seed- ing and fertilizing the lawn. They began discing, spading, and working down the lawn as soon as the new building was opened and they have been diligently plugging away at it ever since. This project is just one of the many done by the agriculture boys. DavidHahnplus four sacks of fertilizer equals one thing--a lawn. Work fast girls. It's only three days until the paper comes out and you haven finished your work. LANGUAGE STUDY AND MACHINES Don't forget to blow away that mess. Mr. Harbit will get you! 13 The scope is a mechanical device to be found in the business education department. The girls taking office p ractic e use it to "cut" advertising and covers for the Golden Eagle. It is a small table structure with a light under the top. Whenthe light is turned on, it shines through a carbon on the top so that the girls can see each mark they make with the special pens they use. Max Hoppel is seen as he has made a mistake in his first year typing class. He shows the correct way to erase an error by sliding the mistake away from the typewriter so the erasure won't fall into its delicate mechanism. There are three c las s e s of first year typists this year. These students learn the place of each key, how to use the touch system, and then they work for accuracy and speed. 't I I r I As the scientist of today probe into the unknowns of zoology and analogy, so do we at F.H.S. examine many different forms of animal life and evaluate their importance in our plant and animal balanced world. Our newest educational aid in the health department is the vinyl plastic torso which can be taken apart for separate organ study and used in both the health classes. The back panel shows all the nerves and muscles that help hold our bodies together. Here Mrs. Mock, girl's physical edu- cation instructor, demonstrates to her class how they should take the lung from the body. "Look, kids, Itook off its chest and its lung came out' FACES TURN TO ANIMAL LIFE IN HEALTH Frog dissection seems to be fine and fun for Dallas Jent and the other boys, but most girls are like Marilyn Ryan. Either they hate to see the "poor little things" get hurt or they are afraid of them. Upperclassmen seem to regret the fact that they didn't get to do this in class parti- cipation as the facilities in the other building were quite limited. Dallas hurriedly dissects a frog as Marilyn looks on in silence. I I I4 Freshmen girls who are e n r 0 l le d in home economics learn the fundamentals of cooking, sewing, and serving. As each girl advances in her studies and takes other years of this course, she natur- ally learns to do different things such as home nursing, child care, interior decorat- ing, and advanced sewing and cooking. In this picture Frances Brizendine and Jennie Frazier show open house visitors some of the dishes in their unit of the home economics room. Does Jennie see abug or something in that clean UD glass ? BIOLOGY, HOME EC., AND AGRICULTURE Ben Richwine and Bob Jarrett are not really w atc hi ng girls. They're checking the rise and fall of the land after the ground in the area of the new parking lot had been disced. After Mr. Kerkhoff had taught the agriculture boys how to use the transit, he put them to the test by actually having them do the work. "No, Ben", says BobJarrett, "I mean the one in the bikini. Fractional distillation takes lots of equipment, time, and effort. Stick with it until it's done, girls! LEARNING TO USE MACHINERY IS FUN AND An interestingpart of the study of chem- . istry is the time when the students work in t the lab. At the beginning of the year each student deposits some money on his equip- ment. If he doesn't break anything, he gets his money back, but that'spretty hard to do. Students find it difficult to get into mis- chief--as if they would even consider it-- in the math classes. The new master Vu- graph makes teaching easier for Mrs. Waymire. She can face the students, do her writing on a cellophane plate, and project it on to a screen behind her while studying student reaction to the problem at hand. Thanks to Title IH Mrs. Waymire has an overhead projector. I6 Driver Ed. students learn to obey traffic laws as well as find out how machinery helps them adapt them- selves to the road. x Paul Davis is pictured with some of his other, a driver's judgement of distance. students and their modern equipment which Shirley Fletcher and Mr. Davis are using a helps in the classroom study. Penny Lea- scale of a road to show which car has the sure, Marilyn Ryan, Ludy J arrell, Susan Up- right of way. degraff, and Jill Peterson wait their turn to Bill Hartsock, Jim Waymire, and Dick use the two machines on the table. The one Bryan are drilling holes in this frame. The is to test students' "tunnel vision" and the shop classes under Bill French's supervi- REWARDING UNDER PROPER SUPERVISION Now Bill is apparently steadying the board, and Jim is drilling the hole. But what's Dick doing? I7 If Bennie laces those moccasins up correctly maybe Jerry will help by trying them on for him. CREATIVE THINKIN Jerry Hutson and Bennie D av i ds o n , seniors in the art class, are looking over the instructions for putting together Bennie's moccasins. Besides wo r k i n g in crafts, Cathryn Lucas's art students, learn to use different styles of lettering and lettering brushes for posters, charcoal and chalk in pictures, and all about famous artists. G AND ZEAL TO D0 Included in one of the many speeches given by the speech students was Doug Hood's demonstration of how to make pizza. Other requirements for the course were speeches of introduction, explanation and presentations of personal views. A little sauce, a little cheese, add some meat, bake twenty-five minutes and presto ---pizza! Tom Heady, a future voter, practices on the sample voting machine during November elections. GOCD WORK GO HAND IN HAND This school year being e l e c t i o n and inaugural year too, made it easier for upper classmen to understand their lessons on U. S. History and government. History and civics students learned how to use a voting machine and held a mock election. Mr. David Bartlow, the history teacher, took the civics students to Anderson where they saw the man who was to become the thirty-fifth President of the United States. Shownbelow are three of the "F" period civics students commenting on the charts made for local government study. They are Linda Nacoff, Kay Freeman, and Judy Shaw Cseatedl. Linda says, "Now this is the way it is done here, isn't it, Kay? Well, isn't it? Or is it?" THE MARCHING BAND AND ROBED CHOIR The members of the band are as follows: front row - Dixie Heaton, Elaine Floyd, Maribeth Whetsel, Teresa Welker, Mary Shoulders, Barbara Heniser, Janet Whalen, Penny Floyd, second row - Susan Spoo, Karen Jarvis, Patty Whetsel, Judy Blake, Elaine Heaton, Karen Hood, Sandra Masters, Kathy Lee, Linda Kallner, Jeannie Allen, Pam Smith, and Lynnette Smith, third row - Diane Hunni- cutt, France s Granger, Ann Todd, Jean Chambers, Doris Knight, Sharon McPhearson, Ginger Knight, Carolyn Wright, Bob Dellinger, Marlene Kirby, Dave Roby, John Hoppes, Lee Riegel, Jeffery Ki m m e r ling , and Larry Bardonnerg fourth row - Carol Mock, David Jack, Steve Summer, Delbert Burton, Marsha Jarvis, Ronnie Buster, Danny Swart, Terry Foust, Ella Rigsby, Danny Johnson, and Tom Singer, fifth row - Mr. Barker, Steve Cox, Terry Hiatt, Ed Hart, Steve Wilson, Terry Heaton, David Lawson, and Mike Jarvis. GAVE INSPIRATIONAL CHRISTMAS CONCERT The choir, band, and dramatics club of Frankton High School combined their efforts in the production ofthe annual Christmas pro- gram that- was presented in the school gym- nasium on Sunday, December 18, 1960. This year the program was a choral pageant called "This Is Christmas" pre ce de d by three numbers by the band. Mr. Robert Barker, Music teacher, directed the band and choir while Mr. Sterrett Nash coached the actors and actresses behind the set. After the mood was set for each scene by the narrator, Wayne Ousley, the choir sang carols with the accompainment of Jean Hutchi- son while the dramatics club members por- trayed the scenes in pantomine. For those who were unable to attend the Sunday afternoon performance, the choir and dramatics club presented their part of the program for the whole student body before Christmas vacation. , Pictured below are the robed choir at the program. Front row - Gloria Blair, Judy Shaw, Nancy Watkins, Carol Mock, Knight, and Bette Mitchell. Second row - Ruth Head, Gloria Hertle, Carol Shirley, Linda Nacoff, and Sue Fesler. Third row - Karen Humphrey, Judy Blaylock, Judy McElfresh, Mary Beth Hartley, Sarah Hiday, and Martha Johnson. Fourth row - Lorraine Bouslog, Anita Sigler, Kay Freeman, Joyce Voss, Pat Tinsley, De lbe rt Burton, Todd Ash, Bob Dellinger, Jim Hays, and Gary Nash. Back row - Wayne Von Heber, Charles Stottlemyer, Nancy Parker, Marlene Kirby, Kenneth Heller, David Huth, John Smith, and Tom Heady. Also in the picture are part of the dra- matics students. They are Barb Jack, the mother, Rhoda Fry, her daughtergRalph Hays and Larry Litsey, her daughter 3 Ralph Hays and Larry Litsey, her sons 5 Nancy Fields, the Virgin Mary, and Tom Singer, Joseph. w l N I 1 ,, , . ,,,,- H wmv ,,m.m,WM, Nffnm-ang .. K , ., 1 f 5 ACTIVITIES I - ww HIGH SCHOOLERS ENJOY MARDI GRAS BUT The court have just taken their places on the colorful platform after the coronation of King Rex of the 1960 Mardi Gras. , , Some students attend the Mardi Gras to King Rex Richwine and Queen Henderson beam after Watch the Coronation and enjoy the entertain- ment While others go to eat and dance. Whatever the re as on, most students dress in party attire and come all decked out in boutonniers and corsages. It is per- haps, the biggest event of the year for under- classmen. Coronation. The food really does look good, doesn't it, Mrs. Kerkhoff? 24 .IUNIORS AND SENIORS ATTEND PROM Accompained by Sarah Hiday, Elaine Mauck sings "Blue Hawaii". Sr. and Jr. Sponsors look"real gone Hawaiian" before scene. Of course, the Banquet-Prom includes eating by candle light. Juniors are the hosts for the Junior- Senior Banquet and Prom. They make re- servations for meals and the band, and pro- vide the entertainment and decorations. The 1960 Prom was held at the Top Hat near Muncie. Music for dancing was pro- vided by "The Vests" and the theme of the evening was centered around an Hawaiian atmosphere. Host Bob Mills greets guest Cook Mitchell with brilliant lei. At a meeting of the Student Council, the photographer caught President Craig presiding. Each year the Student Council sponsors the Mardi Gras in the spring. This year they also-sponsored the "Winter Wonderland Dance" that was held during the Christmas vacation. Of course, their main purpose is to help co-ordinate affairs between students and faculty. David Bartlow advises the group. Those in the picture are President Lee Craig, first row - Sis Heller, Mary Faye Richwine, Secretary-Treasurer, Barb Sig- ler, and Sandra Conklin. Second row - Bob Mills, Gary Nash, Ginger Welborn, Sandra Cunningham, and Nancy Hays. Back row - Ronnie S wi nd ell, Gary Crawford, Wayne Ke rkhoff, Vice-President, Ben Richwine, Stan Busby, Gary Benefiel, and Tom Sigler. STUDENT COUNCIL AND HONOR SOCIETY Senior boys formed a quartet to provide some enter- tainment. Mike Shipley's band from Anderson rendered the dance music. MEMBERS ARE TO Part of the Societies services to the school have been the coat check at ball games and ushering guests at school affairs. The fountain which sets in the front hall was purchased by the group. During the Christmas season the mem- l Honor Society members are all decked out in big blue ribbons. The members during the first semester are pic- tured above: Sue Fesler, Wayne Kerkhoff, Sandra Conklin, Ted McCord, Charlie Stettner, Carol Mock, Elaine Floyd, Lynette Smith, Alma Friend, Bob Mills, James Hays, Nancy Fields, Helen Sayre, and Linda Welborn. Officers assemble the coat check racks to use at a ballgame. BE EXEMPLARY bers were responsible for a tree and its dec- oration. At the fall induction there were four girls admitted into the society. Mr. Heniser was given an honorary membership. Fall inductees were Carol Mock, Alma Friend, Mr. Heniser, Lynnette Smith, and Sue Fesler. iw am: if Qnn'1mnm.awrw,uv-sxinmmzfsfs ,ma Q .wr S1wnaiwmwwami:m:m:mf4mnsuf meisz .'., ,, zfunmu new A description of these folk after their return from solicitingwouldbe exhausted, famished, weary, and maybe disgusted. ONE EAGLITE AND SIX GOLDEN EAGLES Picture placement in a yearbook can be a serious problem. A yearbook would not be possible if it weren't for those who spend many hours seeking advertising from 'business estab- lishments in this area. Their work begins in July or August. They meet some evening to learn how to approach an advertising manager and what to do with his ad when received. Those solicitors are Keith Cooper, Jim Hays, Gary Dalzell, Mike Jackson, Gary C r awf o r d , Ted McCord, Karel Crowley, Ruth Dalzell, Sherry Hoover, Pat Tinsley, Tonda Whitson, Lorraine Bouslog, Nancy Watkins, Sis Heller, Elaine Mauck, Elaine Floyd, Mary Baker, Charlie Stettner, Judy Blaylock, Nancy Parker, Ruth Head, Karen Humphr ey, Ginger Jackson, Sue Fesler, Nancy Hays, and Mary Beth Hartley. Long after the solicitors complete their work the staff is still going strong-working until March. The staff includes Karel Crowley, sub- cription manager, Ted McCord, junior edi- tor, Helen Sayer, editor, and Keith Cooper, business manager. Sterrett Nash sponsors the group. These seniors were responsible for getting the news to all the students. They were the editors. REPRESENT LGTS OF TIME 8K HARD WORK Proving the theory that experience is the best teacher, part of Mr. Ted Harbit's students put out six issues of the Golden Eagle with each issue showing improvement. Putting out a school newspaper to meet the needs of "wants" of a student body of some 360 pupils is no easy task. Ideas for news items must be thought out and then be written and many times rewritten before they are ready to be presented to a typist to put into dummy form. After a dummy is prepared, the material must then be put onto astencil and made ready for the duplicating of the paper. An advertising staff must solicit busi- nessmen for ads then the copy must be written and the ad cut on the mimeo-scope. After all stencils are cut and the pages duplicated, they must be put in order and stapled together. Distribution of copies to subscribers and to those who purchase sin- gle copies, no small task, requires much of a full period. Students who served as editors this year were Ginger Jackson, Max Moody, Linda Welborn, Wanda Prince, Carol King, and Barb Jack. A Gestetner is used to duplicate pages of the school paper. . 5, K, CREATE, MAINTAIN The members of the new Hi-Y Club pictured have been fairly active during the 60-61 school year. The six boys in the bot- tom of the "Y" formation were elected as officers at the beginning of the year after a constitution was accepted. As a service project the Hi-Y Club work- edwith Tri-Hi-Y Club in a bundle drive for clothes to send to needy persons in mountain regions. T0 CIGVGIOP a greater unity in the club and to take advantage of the schools facili- ties, and intramural sports system was or- ganized for the club members. Each month all the officers who can possibly make it go to the Y.M.C.A. in Anderson to a County Youth Council meeting. Here problems of this and other Y.M.C.A. affiliated clubs iron out their individual pro- blems. A debate on the topic of "going steady" Was held with the Tri-Hi-Y Club, and many points of logic were brought out in the dis- cussion. AND EXTEND HIGH Front row - Wayne Ousley, Vice-Presi- dentg and Gary Dazell, President. Second row - Ted McCord, Secretary, and Doug Hood, Chaplain. Third row - Max Hoppel, Historian, and Dallas Curtis, Sergeant at Arms. Fourth row - Bill French, the spon- sor is standing, Gary Benefiel, Dave Huth, Stan Busby, and Tom Sigler. Fifth row - Bill Lay, Dan Stigall, Tim Marsh, Fred Allender, Steve Horn, and Todd Ash. Sixth row - Tom Smith, Steve Sumner, Tim John- son, Steve Henry, Jeff Bauer, Steve Hudson, John Smith. Seventh row - Bob Jarrett, Ronnie Swindell, Dan Barmes, Tom Orbaugh, Merrill Shaw, Fred Bryan, Gary Nash, Dan Jackson, Ed Foley, and Larry Litsy. Eighth row - Keith Cooper, Mike Jackson, Phil Rinker, Jerry Hutson, Dick McCord, Jerry Gordon, David Wessler, and Ralph Hays. Back row - Delbert Burton, Bob Dellinger, Eddie Hart, Richard Turner, James Hays, Kent Elder, Don Gilchrist, Pete Spoo, Mike Lewellen, and Dan Buckner. STANDARDS OF CHRISTIAN CHARACTER The girls pictured below are the found- ing members of the Tri-Hi-Y Club which was just started this school year. After officers had been elected and a constitution accepted, these girls along with boys of the Hi-Y Club were inducted into their respective clubs. Helpinganeedy family at Christmas and abundle drive were among the service pro- jects which the group performed during its first year. Being an up-to-date club, the Tri-Hi-Y does such things as debating problems which arise in their social affairs like "going steady". A new thing for the Frankton students was the twirp week which the girls planned. The members pictured below are: Front row - Jennie Frazier, Historian, Carol Tommey, Secretary, Nila Huth, Chaplain, Mary Beth Hartley, Sergeant at Arms, Karel Crowley, President, Mrs. Marjorie Andrew, Advisor, Sandra Conklin, Vice-President, Gloria Hertle, Treasurer. Second row - Marilyn Samuels, Ginger Jackson, Helen Sayre, Betty Ashton, Nancy Fields, Janet Cain, Charlie Stettner, and Clara Sturbois. Third row - Barbara Jack, Joyce Voss , Nancy Hays, Mary Baker, Carol Swack- hamer, Elaine Mauck, Lorraine Bouslog, and Barb Sigler. Fourth row - Wanda Prince, Linda Welborn, Judy Blaylock, Penny Len- nis, Bette Mitchell, Nancy Parker, Pat Tinsley, Tonda Whitson, Temple Barnes, and Marilyn Harrison. Fifth row - Judy Daugherty, Sue Foley, Karen McE1fresh, Melanie Paddock, Ann Heath, Gloria Blair, Andrea Seely, Rhoda Fry, Sally John, and Sandra Cunningham. Sixth row - Joan Collier, Paula Starr, Brenda Pruett, Susan Beidelschies, Nancy Watkins, Jean Hutchi- son, C a r ol S hi rl e y , Gloria McRoberts, Marilyn Ryan, and Becky Hartsock. Seventh row - Kathy Prieshaff, Xeneclea Mathews, Janet McCarty, Kathy Brown, CarolynShep- hard, Gloria Cook, Carol Giselbach, Wanda Jones, Rugh Head, and Karen Humphery. Back row - Ginger Welborn, Melissa Shuck, Sandra Hart, Mary Lambertson, Shirley Fletcher, Kay Chism, Shirley Smith, and Mary Ann Wethington. A NEWLY FORMED HDRAMATIS PERSGNAEH Officers Wayne Ousley, Karel Crowley, and Helen Sayre set up scenery for an out- door set. The newly formed Dramatics Club is class will give plays to replace the junior made up of those taking and interested in class play in the spring. The Dramatics drarnatics. Club will provide props, scenery, etc. Therefore, the members of dramatics Junior Class Play Cast included Penny Lennis, Helen Sayre, Wayne Ousley, Mike Jackson, Gary Dalzell, Marlene Kirby, Bette Mitchell, Karel Crowley, Betty Ashton, Lynnette Smith, Marilyn Samuels, Gary Crawford, Jim Hays, Janet Cain, Linda Wil- born, and Phil Rinker. 2 32 HELP THOSE INTERESTED IN DRAMATICS "So Very Young", a three-act comedy, was presentedby the senior class on Friday, October 14, 1960, in the gymnasium . The "So Very Young" cast included Bette Mitchell, a very young bride, Helen Sayre, an old maid, Jim Hays, the kid next door, Wayne Ousley, the hero, and Mike Jackson, his millionaire uncle. They are pictured above. In the bottom picture is the Chambers family who were caught before the play which showed that the younger set aren't always as young as they are believed to be. Shown as Mr. Chambers is Gary Dalzell, his wife, Karel Crowley, their older daughter, Nancy Parker, his Aunt Kate, Janet Cain, and their "baby", Judy Blake. Even though junior class plays were dropped, the seniors continue to have theirs in the fall. i, '- wa- , V , "emu . nz-f-w'rseemMew1f'wmwfmmr , , K fr www- - ' Y V' K' -V--'wr EXTRACURRICULAR STUDY ADDS SPECIAL Thirteen hour days aren't uncommon for these two. Although the Bookworms, the ex-Library Anns, was onewof the new clubs organized this year, it does not meet on Tuesdays that' are set aside for club meetings. They meet at different times so that they may more fully carry out the purposes of the club which are to sponsor a greater interest among the stu- dents in the use of books and library service, to stimulate reading interest, and to imporve the library service of the school. The members are from left to right: Ralph Hays, Larry Litsey, Nancy Parker, Carole Sue Davis Wice-presidentj, Mary Jane Baker, Mary Faye Richwine, Dixie Heaton, Lorraine Bouslog, Bette Mitchell, Penny Lennis, and Nancy Fields lPresidentJ. Back row: Gloria Cook, Susan Beidelschies, Andre a Seely, Marsha Jarvis, Karen McElfresh, C a r ol Sarson, Maribeth Whetsel, Karla Ehman, and Kathy Lee. Those not pictured are Molly Brown, Joan Collier, Mary Lamberts on, Nancy Prewett, Mary Shipley, Charlie Stettner QSec- retary-treasurerl, and David Wessler. Another couple who help the students are Carl Henderson, Superintendent of Grounds, and his Wife, Lena, Matron. They are respon- sible for keeping paper off the floor, shoveling snow in the winter, mowing the lawn in the summer, and in general, keeping the building in good condition. Home Economics Club Officers use the only mantikinj in the department to learn how to fit a suit jacket. EMPHASIS TO COMMON, EVERYDAY STUDY The Home Economics Club is another one of the new clubs that was orgainzed this year. During the first semester, the club was divided into two interest groups. One was called the "Beauty Clinic" of which Karla Ehman was the chairlady. The other was the "Needle- craft", and Judy Blaylock was its chairlady. Each group did variousactivities, had films, speakers and demonstrations on their part- icular interest. Sometimes those in the "Beauty Clinic" practiced "making up each other". The sewing group made fancy pillow tops before Christmas. The officers are pictured above and are WandaJones, Treasurerg Karen Taylor, Sec- retary, Elaine Mauch, Sergeant at Arms Linda Welborn, President, and Karla Ehman, Vice-president. These girls are looking over a display which shows how to put an inter- facing in a jacket. The second semester the girls chose their own projects and worked on them dur- ing the meeting time. In the picture at the right Marilyn Bowers, Home Ec. Club sponsor, and Janet Jarrett, who was the Home Ec. stu- dent teacher the second semester, advise Carol King and Sheliah Atchison about the pro- ject that they should choose for the second semester. 35 Miss JanetJarrett and Miss Bowers discuss club pro- jects. The Latin Club Banquet is atime for students to dress as the Romans did in togas, stolas, pallas, and lots of jewelry. LANGUAGE CLUBS ENCOURAGE STUDY OF Each year the Latinus Socitas hold a Rom- an Banquet in the school cafeteria. This is the main event of the year, and is especially nice affair for the members. Not only do the mem- bers attend, but they invite the alumni who still attend Frankton. They usually serve atypical Roman dinner with grapes, olives, fresh fruits, :an d vegeta- bles. For entertainment they sell slaves and play games. In the picture above Sandra Conklin wears the outfit that she wore to last year's banquet. It has a border around it as a Roman senator would have worn many centuries ago. Al- though women and the people of the lower class weren't allowed to wear the bordered toga, it shows one of the different types of clothing worn in the days of the Roman Em- pire. Clara Sturbois models a typical Roman lady's attire. She has on the palla funder- garmentj with the draped stola around her. Charlie Stettner is wearing apalla with the braided trim. This year the group went to homes in the community and caroled in both Latin and Eng- lish. They sang"Silent Night", "Jingle Bells", "O Little Town of Beth1eham", "O Come All Ye Faithful", and "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" in the language that is commonly called dead. The members donated nuts, can- dies, and cookies that were put onto plates and left at the homes where they caroled. Officers of the club are Sarah Hiday, Pres- identg Susan Brown, Vice-president, and Mary Prince, Secretary-treasurer. 36 Awaiting other officers' 0. K. Bloria McRloberts holds the constitution that was adopted before the club's organization. COUNTRIES, CUSTOMS, AND HABITS This year was the first since 1956 and 1957 that another language besides Latin had been offered in the foreign language depart- ment. When something new shows up, there is always an urge 'to try it. So about sixty students enrolled in the two French classes. Seventeen of these students joined the new French Club which meets every other Tuesday or as the activity period allows. During these meetings, reports are given on the country of France and its people. Many of the members write to other boys and girls who live in France or its colonies. Their letters are sometimes discusses in the meet- ings. To add a little spark to the day, re- freshments were served at a few meetings. Because of the terrible weather around Christmas time, the club's Christmas party was cancelled. The members of the club ordered pins. They are oblong with gold lettering on black enamel. These have been standardized for this year and those following as the French Club pin of Frankton. Pictured above are the officers of the Les Petite Choux-Choux, the French name given to the club. They are Mary Faye Richwine, Sergeant at Armsg Ted McCord, Vice-presi- dent, James Hays, Presidentg Gloria Mc- Roberts, ,Secretary-treasurer, and Joyce Koehn, Sponsor. The F.F.A. officers are looking over information concerning new club jackets and other items available for club members. FUTURE FARMERS STUDY FCDWL AND FARMS Ag boys work in teams to prepare for poultry judging. .- -, 3 , 1 . ' my ztt g , The Future Farmers of America, a nat- ional organization for boys taking vocational agriculture in high school, holds its meetings bi-weekly in the agriculture room. These meetings usually contain the discussion of the club business. Second year members, re- quired to report on phases of farming, must read reports before club members during one of these meetings. Throughout the year the F.F.A. sold seve- ral items to raise funds for their activities. One of these is the Father-Son Banquet in the spring. This gives the fathers opportunity to observe some the activities of their sons dur- ing the year. The club profits are used for the annual trip to the Indianopolis Stock Yards, packing plants, and other points of interest in the -city. During the winter these future farmers try their hand at basketball. In competition with other F.F.A. clubs of the county, our boys al- ways seemyto come out on top--usually by a large margin. In the top picture are officers Dallas Curtis, Secretary, Ben Richwine, Vice-presi- dentg Terry Avery, reporter, Wayne Kerkhoff, Treasurer, Steve Whitcomb, Sentinel, and Gordon Kerkhoff, Sponsor. To the right is Dick Gross, Phil Bott, David McCord, and Doug Prewett. They are judging chickens. 3 SUE FESLER, QUEEN After thesoliciting of advertising, there came the big job of selling subscriptions to the 1961 Eaglite. The seniors set their sales goal at 600 copies. They fell short of this goal, but nevertheless, they picked a group of four girls to represent their class as can- didates for the 1961 yearbook queen. The system of selecting girls to run for queen was changed from last year in that all four girls were seniors instead of having one candidate from each class. Duringthe two week sales campaign, per- sons who brought the subscriptions to the book were entitled to vote for one of these girls as their pick for queen. Time and counting revealed that Sue Fesler had won the contest. The other candidates were Judy Shaw, Darlene Jarvis, and Judy Blake. Sue was crowned at the convocation which was held when the yearbooks arrived. The other girls were also given recognition. 39 FRANKTON HIGH EAGLES ARE REQUIRED T0 FACE THE CHALLENGE 4 - H 'IN SPORTSMANSHIP With three games and the sectional yet to the Eagles have complied an overall record of 8-8. They havea conference record of 3-2. The season's schedule and scores follow. Frankton 55 Walnut Grove Frankton 42 Summitville Frankton 6 5 Highland Frankton 76 Vernon Twp. Frankton 59 Westfield Frankton 54 Jackson Central Frankton 75 Lapel Frankton 50 Windfall Frankton 69 Madison Heights Pendleton Tourney Frankton 36 Vernon Twp. Frankton 47 Markleville Frankton 53 Fairmount Madison County Tourney Frankton 50 Highland Frankton 63 Middletown Frankton 34 Alexandria 52 A ,Pendleton Yorktown St. Marys Front row: Managers, Bill Lay and Danny Stigall . Second row: Ben Richwine, Gary Dalzell, Coach Muff Davis, Max Hoppel, Jim Waltermire. Back David Huth, Steve Hudson, and Tom Heady. row: Dallas Curtis, Wayne Kerkhoff, John Smith , WHETHER THE EAGLES WIN OR LOSE- The members of the Pep Club that are pictured below are as follows: Front row: Mary Faye Richwine, Nancy Watkins, Sue Fesler, Nancy Hays, and Lornell Mock, spon- sor. Second row: Wanda Prince, Linda Wel- born, Linda Nacoff, Sis Heller, Nancy Parker, Penny Lennis, Judy Blaylock, Bette Mitchell, and Barb Sigler. Third row: Rhoda Fry, Sarah Hiday, Judy Palmer, Nancy Fields, Janet Cain, Betty Ashton, Sherry Hoover, Ruth Dalzell, and Judy McElfresh. Fourth row: Joyce Voss, Gloria Hertle, JudyShaw, Anita Sigler, Kay Freeman, Elaine Mauck, Pat Tin- sley, Tonda Witson, Mary Lambertson. Fifth row: Lorraine Bouslog, Andrea Seely, Gloria Blair, Ann Heath, Mary Baker, Carol Swack- hamer, Sandra Conklin, Charlie Stettner, and Jill Peterson. Sixth row: Maureen Curl, Jane Ritter, Donita Baldwin, Janet Thomas, Geraldine Davis, Mary Hartley, Jean Hutch- 42 ison, Carol Shirley, and Gloria McRoberts. Seventh row: Ernestine Kennedy, Sue Kennedy , Brenda Pruett, Susan Beidelschies, Carol Giselbach, Mary Shipley, Vickie Beck, Carol Tomey, and Melaine Paddock. Eighth row: Sheliah Atchison, Ludy Jarrell, Penny Lea- sure, BrendaStevens, Carolyn Shepard, Mary Prince, Susan Brown, Gloria Cook, and Shirley Fletcher. Ninth row: Darlene Henry, Paula Starr, Xeneclea Mathews, Karen McElfresh, Sue Foley, Sandra Hart, Kathy Brown, Clara Sturbois, and Martha Johnson. Tenth row: Lynn Welborn, Kathy Prieshoff, Ginger Wel- born, Karla Ehman, Janet McCarty, Sandra Hoover, Anita Cooper, Jennie Frazier, and Sherry Sowash. Top row: Mellisa Schuck, Nila Huth, Sandra Cunningham, Sally John, Judy Kinser, LucresiaWells, Sharon Fischer, Pat Delaplane, and Connie Cain. ENTHUSIASTIC FACES ARE CHEERING Cheerleaders Nancy Hays, Nancy Watkins, Alma Friend, and Sue Fesler lead yells when the varsity team is on the floor. From the vigorous times of leading the pep club and student body in the various yells to the times when they hush the cries of the disappointed spectators, these six girls often seem to do as much exercising as the ball players. Last summer the varsity cheerleading at- tendeda cheerleading camp at Syracuse, Ind- iana to learn more about cheerleading. The girls placed second in both daily and final competition. B-Team Cheerleading is taken over by Mary Faye Richwine and Carole Sue Davis. The Eagle B'team"S fine balanced Squad had Compiled Jim Allen, Muff Davis, coach, Stan Busby, Jeff Bauer arecord of Qwins and 6 losses with three games yet to Bill Jarrett, Front row: Bill Lay, manager Steve be played. Pictured above: Kent Ehman, Gary Benefirl, Sumner, Leon Ebert, and Dan Stigall, manager. B-TEAM SCHEDULE FRESHMAN SCHEDULE Frankton 30 Walnut Grove Frankton 34 Summitville Frankton 26 Summitville Frankton 54 Jackson Central Frankton 32 Highland Frankton 52 Alexandria Frankton 46 Vernon Twp. Frankton 54 Pendleton Frankton 43 Westfield Frankton, 41 Vernon Twp. Frankton 43 Jackson Central Fra.nkton 32 Middletown Frankton 42 Lapel Frankton Freshman Tourney Frankton 40 Windfall Frankton 51 Summitville Frankton 51 Madison Heights Frankton 59 Highland Pendleton B-team Tourney Frankton 44 Pendleton Frankton 30 Highland Frankton 49 Markleville Frankton 53 Markleville Frankton 50 Elwood Frankton 38 Fairmount Frankton 36 Madison Heights Madison County B-team Tourney Frankton 40 Lapel Frankton 31 Lapel Frankton 60 Fairmount Frankton 61 St. Mary's Frankton 43 Middletown Frankton 21 Alexandria ga 2 5 E2 S, E Q 2 2 E 2 2 5 S x gs f! Little Eagles finish a fine .season by only losing once in 15 games and winning the Frankton Freshman Tourney. The players in the picture above are the members of the squad that finished with a grand record. They are Coach Paul Davis, Butch Condon, Dennis Smith, Jerry Waltermire, Larry Waltermire, George Heady, and Danny Swart, manager. Front row: Bruce Stevens, Darrel Ryan, Gary Nash, Tom Mauck, and Frank Gos- nell. Frances Brizendine and Sandra Hart encourage the team. 45 This year a new mascot was brought to F.H.S. The Golden Eagle, now mounted in a cage on the north wall of the gym, was pre- sented to the school by Herschel Newton who killed the bird when it attacked his head of sheep. Mr. Newton formally presented the bird at a ballgame. Lee Craig, student council president, ac- cepted the bird from Mr. Newton for the school and in turn gave it to Mr. 'Heniser who promised Mr. Newton that it would be properly taken care of. E E Coach Davis, Tom Faucett, and Tom Heady admire the Freshman Tourney Championship Trophy which they won December 1 7. This didn't come true as the Frankton Birds defeated Gary Dalzell is ahead as he clears the second hurdle the Bu11dog's decisively by 12 points. in a track meet held last spring. 47 Steve Huds on tries to block a shot by Petty of the Vikings. Which pair of hands will wind up with the ball. Dallas Curtis scores two points as he goes in for a layup. 48 EAGLES TAKE SECOND IN CONFERENCE Front rowg left to right - Jim Waltermire, Gary Davis, Don Stevens, Gary Benefiel, Steve Henry. Second rowg Butch Jackman, Ben Richwine, John Smith, Coach Muff Davis, Tom Heady. EAGLES WIN I3 WHILE DROPPING II I Front row, left to right - Bill Jarrett,Steve Sumner, Butch Noble, Leon Ebert,J im Waltermire, Max Hoppel, Frank Gosnell. Second row, Larry Waltermire, Butch Condon, Tom Fawcett, Jerry Waltermire, Stan Busby, David Huth, Steve Hudson, Dallas Curtis, Gary Dalzell, Coach Paul Davis. 49 Clear the way! Here comes the Eagles' big Dallas Curtis around third and he's pushing for home. You tried, Butch, but it's plain that you're outl Undoubtedly, Stan will make it to third safely. 50 While the Bulldogs "warm-up", Coach Paul Davis gathers the team around him for their last minute instructions. OR SWIMMING, WHILE ATHLETES TRAIN Dalzell stops for a quick look around the diamond. Butch Noble doesn't make it to first this time. I I SI PERSONALITIES YOU CANNOT TEACH A MAN ANYTHING YOU CAN ONLY HELP HIM TO FIND I . IT WITHIN HIMSELF Mr. Heniser and Mr. Kerkhoff talk over the day's events as Mrs. Andrew tries to help Jim with his many problems. The Guidance department of F.H.S. consists of Gene Heniser, Principal, Mar- jorie Andrew, Dean of Girls, and Gorden Kerkhoff, Dean of Boys. This department has given many tests this year to bring their records up to date and have the results to help students with their problems. Some of these tests were to find hidden interests, discover ability, and search for personality traits that could be helped. Through these folk, juniors and seniors are able to receive information. from the colleges and scholarships for which they plan to apply. Pictured here from left to right are Mrs. Andrew, Jim Hays fstudentj, Mr. Kerkhoff, and Mr. Heniser. MARGUERITE MILLER, REGISTRAR Marguerite Miller, F. H. S. Registrar, has been working in the Pipe Creek Town- ship schools for 10 years. Her duties are many. She is responsible for the filing, typing and reporting handled through the office. WALDO CANADAY, TRUSTEE Waldo E. Canaday, trustee, has served Pipecreek Township either as trustee or clerk for 19 years. His work does not begin at 8:10 and end at 3:10, but he is called upon nearly all hours of the day and night. GENE HENISER, PRINCIPAL Having been junior high principal last summer when the position of high school principal was vacant, Gene Heniser was given the appointment. I He had very few days to get organized, but soon after school began, he managed to get himself, the faculty, and the student body into the full swing of things. Mr. Heniser resides at 405 East Plum Street with his wife Joan and their daughters Janet and Barbara. THEIR GOAL IS TO EMMA ALSPAUGH: English, Library Science, Library Club Sponsor, Taylor University A. B., University of Denver B. S. in L. S. MARJORIE ANDREW: Home economics, Dean of Girls, G ui d a n c e counselor, Cafeteria Supervisor, Tri-Hi-Y Sponsor, Ball State Teachers College M.A., Ball State Teachers College-graduate Work. Q .lr g. ,.., . I -. 1 " ' , ez,-.fa-----1 ' ul M :WAT W- W It V wt.. gm ' H w of I 2 E' i ll! nillfivi it Y Sw? i,c'- 'M ' gf ,Q -lzgf ., , 5,512-3 5, 'iiii K f"fi'ff3f. 9W"l'ff? 5 -.wifi-sv ,p 5 'wffzkff iii: iiifiiigl fxi?'wE5f2?5a2f t mess? 4 , l1,l.,..,,..., z.. - W. l22i:Z'fz3lSf21zf tl:':"f'9i2:Q:f ,, I s Q fi :fl 1 f i If-sii'?2-" ill 1 ell 2 V E. f MARILYN M. BOWERS: Vocational Home- rnaking, Homemaking Club, Senior Class Sponsor, Ball State-B.S., University of Wis- consin M. S. MULFORD DAVIS: Social Studies, Phy. Ed., Coach, Athletic Director, Senior Class Spon- sor, University of Kentucky A.B. and M.A. ROBERT C. BARKER: Music, Band and choir sponsor, Transylvania A.B., Ball State- Graduate work. DAVID L. BARTLOW: Civics, History, Book- keeping, Student Council Advisor, Freshman Class Sponsor, Ball State B. S. PAUL DAVIS: Social Studies, Driver Edu- cation, Baseball Coach, Ass't. Basketball Coach, junior Class Sponsor, Ball State B.S. and M. A. BILLY JOE FRENCH: Industrial Arts, Co- sponsor of Hi-Y, East Central Jr. College A. A., Mississippi State College B.S., Ball State-Graduate work. JOYCE KOEHN: French, English, French Club and Sophomore Class Sponsor, Anderson College A. B. CATHRYN LUCAS: Art, Indiana State College B. S. Ted Harbit, Principal Gene Heniser, "Muff" Davis, and Joyce Koehn have just settled down for their mid- day intake. Just as the students gather in groups to eat together, so do the teacher. They can always be iound at the table in the northwest corner of the cafe- eria. GIVE US A GOAL TED M.HARBIT: Business Education, School Accountant, Sophomore Class Sponsor, Ball State B. S., Ball State and Indiana State, Graduate work. GORDON F.KERKHOFF: Agriculture, Chem- istry, Guidance,Dean of Boys, F.F.A. Purdue B.S.A., Ball State, Graduate work. LORNELL MOCK: Girl's Phy. Ed., Health, U. S. History, Junior Class Sponsor, Pep Club Advisor, Cheerleader Advisor, Ball State, B. S. and M. S. STERRETT L. NASH: Biology, English, Speech, Honor Society, Dramatics Club and Eaglite Advisor, Marion College, B. S., Indiana University, M. S. Our new teachers are exploring the building so that they will become acquaint- ed with it. They are: Doris Waymire, Majorie Andrew, Joyce Koehn, and David Bartlow. Mrs. Waymire is the head of the math department. WINIFRED OWENS: Latin, English, Latin Club Advisor, Indiana University A.B., Butler and Ball State, Graduate work. FRANCES SIGLER: Business Education, Math, Ball State B.S. DORIS WAYMIRE: Math, Freshman Class Sponsor, Indiana University A.B., Purdue and Ba.ll State, Graduate work. Mrs. Andrewteaches a home economics course. Being the Dean of girls and director of the cafeteria keep her busy. Mrs. Koehn keeps juniors posted on English and literature, which she teaches . She is also the teacher of French and spon- sor of the French Club. Mr. Bartlow teaches U. S. History, U. S. Civics, a class of bookkeeping, and sponsors the student council. "LEARN AS THO YOU WERE TO LIVE FOREVER, LIVE AS THO YOU WERE TO DIE TOMORROW" The Senior Class officers appear to be studying the library's new books, but then we can't see behind the display sign! The officers of the Senior Class of 1961 are pictured above in the library. They are Elaine Floyd, Secretary, Linda Welborn, Vice-President5Sis Heller, Treasurer, and Phil Rinker, Business Manager. In the fall of 1957 students from Jackson and Lafayette Townships joined Pipe Creek Twp. students in the old building to begin their high school education. Nineteen fifty-nine marked the move- ment of high schoolers to the new building and this class took the honor of being the first juniors in this building. One distinction the seniors have is to have been the sponsor of the only class- sponsored semi-formal dance. Their Sweetheart Dance was held February 13, 1960, inthe cafeteria with the "Bubles" from Madison Heights providing the music. The 'guests were served punch and cookies during intermission. "Blue Hawaii" was the theme of the Junior Senior Prom given in honor of the 1960 graduating class by the class of 1961. The Top Hat near Muncie was decorated with cocoanut palms, typical Hawaiian back- drops, and leis were presented to the guests as they entered the door. The group danced to the music of the "Vests" from Muncie. The class chose Columbia blue and white as it's class colors, and the red carnation as its flower. On May 26, 1961, the class Know dwindled to eighty members? graduated from Frank- ton High School in fifth avenue gray robes with red and white tassels. The next morn- ing they left on busses for an eight day trip to Washington D. C. and New York City. OUR FOUR YEAR SCHOOLING JOURNEY DAVID HAHN: F.F.A.g Usher. DONNA JONES: Bimdg Monitor. GILBERT ALEXANDER MARSHALL ARBUCKLE BETTY ASHTON: Class Playg Dramatics Clubg Pep Clubg Tri-Hi-Y Club. JUDY BLAKE: Bandg MajorettegCheer1eaderg Class Playg Eagletteg Pep Bandg' Tri-Hi-Y Club. 60 MARDELLA BOWERS: Faculty Secretaryg Golden Eagle. DARRELL BRIZENDINE: Hi-Y Club, Treas- urer. KEITH COOPER: Cafeteriag Choirg Class Plays 3 Eaglite Staffg Hi-Y Clubg .Latin Clubg Pep Club. LEE CRAIG: Student Council, President. ENDED MAY 26, 1961 JUDY BLAYLOCK: Choirg Eagletteg Faculty Secretaryg Home Ec. ClubgMonitorg Pep Clubg Tri-Hi-Y. SHARRON BROCKMAN: Choir g Faculty Secre- taryg Golden Eagleg Monitorg Pep Club. DICK BRYON JANET CAIN: Che ss Clubg Class Playsg Dramatics Clubg Latin Clubg Pep Clubg Tri- Hi-Y Club. l KAREL CROWLEY: Class Plays, Dramatic Clubg Vice-President, Eaglite Staff, Future Nurses Club, Monitor, Latin Club, Tri-I-Ii-Y Club, President. EMMA CURTIS BENNIE DAVIDSON: B a s k e tb all, Cross Country, Talon Club, Track. CAROLYN DIET Z: Faculty Secretary, Moni- torg Tri-Hi-Y Club. WE WANT WEALTH GARY CRAWFORD: Baseball, Basketball, Honor Society, President, Student Council, Talon Club. ARTHUR CRESS GARY DALZE LL: Baseballg Basketball, Class plays, Hi-Y Club, President, Talon Club, President g Track. RUTH DALZELL: Eaglite Staff, Faculty Secretary, Golden Eagle, Monitor, Pep Club. 62 - FAME, AND FCRTUNE JON EDMONSON: Basketball, Cross Countryg Hi-Y Clubg M Clubg Student Council. KENT ELDER ELAINE FLOYD: Band, Lieutenantg Class Officer, Secretary and Vice-Presidentg Honor Societyg Latin Club, Secretaryg Student Coun- cilg Tri-Hi-Y Club. KAY FREEMAN: Choirg Eagletteg Faculty .Secretaryg Golden Eagleg Pep Club. LYNDA SUE FESLER: Choir, Secretary- Treasurerg Faculty Secretaryg French Clubg Golden Eagleg Honor Societyg Pep Clubg Varsity Cheerleader. NANCY FIELDS: Chess Club 3 Dramatics Clubg Honor Societyg Latin Clubg Library Clubg Pep Clubg Tri-Hi-Y Club. RHODA FRY: Dramatics Clubg Monitorg Pep Clubg Tri-Hi-Y Club. HAROLD GARRET 63 EACH RECALLS TH E BILL HARTSOCK: Projection Club. JIM HAYS: Class Plays, Class Officer, Treas- urer and Business Manager, French Club, President, Hi-Y Club, Honor Society, Hoosier Boy's State, Pep Club, Treasurer. SHERRY HOOVER: Eaglite Staff, Faculty Secretary, Golden Eagle Staff, Pep Club. KERMIT HOUSE: Baseball, Basketball, Track. DONIECE HELLER: Choir, Class Treasurer, Monitor, Pep Club. Vice-President, Student Council. SARAH HIDAY: Choir, Latin Club, President, Pep Club. JERRY HUTSON: Basketball, Track. BARBARA JACK: Dramatics Club, Faculty Secretary, Golden Eagle Staff, Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y Club. DARLENE JARVIS: Dramatics Club, Pep Club. MARTHA JOHNSON: Choir, Home Ec. Club, Pep Club. MARLENE KIRBY: Band, Secretary and Treasurer, Choir, Class Play, State Choral Festival, Tri-Hi-Y Club. PENNY LENNIS: Class Play, Color Guard, Eaglette, Librarian, Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y Club. 65 THRILLING MOMENTS GINGER JACKSON: Eaglite Staff , Faculty Secretary, Golden Eagle, Monitor, Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y Club. MIKE JACKSON: Class Plays, Eaglite Staff, Hi-Y Club. MARGARET KILLIAN: Eaglite Staff, Faculty Secretary, Golden Eagle, Home Ec. Club, Monitor. CAROL KING: F aculty Secretary, Golden Eagle, Home Ec. Club, Librarian. WE HAVE WCRKED ELAINE MAUCK: Cafeteria, Choir, Eaglette, SHARON LUTTRELL: Choir MIKE LUYET Home Ec. Club, Monitor, Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y. JUDY MCELFRESH: Choir, Latin Club, Moni- tor, Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y Club. MAX MOODY LINDANACOFF: Choir,Dramatics Club, Pep Club, Senior Representative to the Pep Club. 66 BOB MILLS: Class President, F.F.A., Honor Society, Student Council. BETTE MITCHELL: Bu s in e s s Manager, Choir, Class Play, Eaglette, Librarian, Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y Club. FCR OUR DIPLOMAS EMMETT NASELROAD WAYNE OUSLEY:' Basketball, Class Plays Class Vic e - Pr e sident , Dramatics Club, President, Hi-Y Club, Vice-President, Moni- tor , Student Council. MARY PRICE: Pep Club. WANDA PRINCE: Business Manager, Cafe- teria, Pep Club. JUDY PALMER: Dramatics Club, Pep Club, Y-Teens. NANCY PARKER: Choir , Class Secretary, Class Play, Eaglettes, Librarian, Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y Club. MARILYN SAMUELS: Class Play, French Club, Latin Club, Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y Club. PHIL RINKER: Business Manager, Class Play, Hi-Y Club, Monitor. WE ARE SEEKING HELEN SAYRE: Class Plays, Dramatics Club, Secretary-Treasurer, Eaglite Staff, Honor Society, Secretary, Latin Club, Student Coun- cil, Tri-Hi-Y Club. JUDY SHAW: Choir,FacultySecretary, Gold- en Eagle Staff, Pep Club. ARLENE SI Z E L OV E: Faculty Secretary, French Club, Monitor, Tri-Hi-Club. LYNETTE SMITH: Band, Majorette, Class Plays, Dramatics Club, Honor Society, Pep Club, Pep Band, Tri-Hi-Y Club. 68 MERRIL SHAW: Monitor, Hi-Y Club. ANITA SIGLER: Choir, Pep Club, Tri-Hi Y Club. JOYCE SUTTON RONNIE SWINDELL: Pep Club, Student Coun- cil, English Class Play. CAROL WAYMIRE: Home Ec. Club. RICHARD WEAVER TOM WHETSEL TONDA WI-HTSON: E agl ite Staff , Faculty Secretary, Golden Eagle, Monitor, Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y Club. 69 JGBS AND CGLLEGES PATRICIA TINSLEY: Choir, Eaglite Staff, Faculty Secretary, Golden Eagle, Monitor, Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y Club. LARRY VARNER GARY WELBORN: F.F.A. LINDA WELBORN: Class Play, Class Vice- President, Home Ec. Club, Honor Society, Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y Club. JUNIOR Ted M c C o r d instructs Charlotte Holman , Vickie Gardner, Don Goodman, Larry Brashear, Terry Avery and Mike Holtsclaw how to pose for his picture. a r ,QQ it L fsgrf, ' 4135 -J' 555:53 ,Wh i5g,g::,,.,.,.:f,:j, Junior Class Officers, Doris Knight, Carol Sue Davis, Mary Baker, Carol Swackhamer, and President Ben Richwine, look happy as they pose for the photographer. Todd Ash i 4 .1 UZ' sg ' v W 5 :F "' W , .5 it X 1 it 'S . , .a.?Qs,f.::,:.i1 3-, , W' fi 7 '5f5aQE:li"'e3z1is- , ':, , ' aiu, i islgiizxgpi-2554igijigmzgigjjwf gf - .gr kgflr lvwgigi John Anderson f-"1 gaiswfxfiefa'giifza, 'f ,sniff we I w ygwggi 'C' gl ui f' Q -sf'-im, i 1 i 3 Mayhew W if KM s K, -if M fs in ff f ' Fw s 1f,2'wv6 ' W, , g gr J 1 siila sr 5,13 vi I 32, K X 2 1 xv . if s, K? 'wif ww ,V f fi ,ya 'mi 5, A i7-:kL. E ,1,"kf1 till? B A ,5 X vi K ,ti B19 NN, - 5, ,, an in S 6 sl? ff si ggi? S Sheliah Atchison Mary Baker Donita Baldwin Danny Barmes Gloria Blair Lorraine Bouslog Delbert Burton Sandra Conklin Marilyn Coy Maureen Curl ,ii,.,,i,,. 'iw Q 'EGM M. We if New sz q,igW'5g'.y,ggVIy 955, , Q Y ,E Hilti 55' Eiigw ri V M.. , . Jfifq Y' mtg? Tw f X Mgjfiifili Hifi? X 'W 3 ,L 1 . W f a JE N' if 5 wr . X L 5 w 1 , 5436 J K' , Zia' 1 v lag Fw 5 5 5 0 M395 32551 f A I ps 2 ' Q.ffWas ,, .. f..,,.,,,,,,. ,V A , gg' ,1 gmt as fun ez-wg.1,.f, - ,, . at . mi, f- W: fvxa,,f,.y . ,,,. , - ' , vi- 5s5gii'!5??5,y . .W 3,1 is, was new its Hq'fMAi7'1s5 -. frm.'v.'w,f+'-i 3, ' ' V at .5 3.5 5, 1. . vw,f.,,.,,.,, ff .1 Q T g if U . ',':,yag5 Vfmeelgig, .X if.-: -: vzww- n .za . X, , ,.:.,,,k. 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Charlie Stettner Charles Stottlemyer Clara Sturbois Carol Swackhamer 72 Karen Taylor Don Thomas Janet Thomas Nelma Tranbarger Richard Turner Joyce Voss Jim Waltermire Nancy Watkins Jim Waymire Steve Whitcomb Steve Wright SOPHOMORES Apparently the sophomores, Vickie Beck, Rama Whitson, Dallas Jent, a.nd Jeff Bauer, think those pennies they threw into the fountain't going to bring them luck. Class Officers: Stan Busby, Shirley Fletcher, Sue Foley, Molly Brown, and Susan Brown. f. ' ' mf-1. e .M 'y--.Mf,-'f.w:m-V t B N 5 j. 1 ' 5it'2'25Li5f9FQf5f1fzlfv'31-'fe' 4 is , .t,,. - J 2-H165 Allen 2 Fred Allender Y, n 'f' J 01111 Alfhefl' " 'l'QfTf"h A S r n f ' Kent Arbuckle li - - 5' hz - : tg' ,, - f f,-fy - f 3 ngr q gfiv my , . x . :?Sw 1ff f',,s.3- wif S' 1 92' ,ls, , . y J' L,:yf9ss ll! , 1 1 1 l y it . 2 f S' t 73 ' H H m v , H iii' T5 .4 I f1iii'i'4ff' FC '-. -f,-- ' wif'-Li-l ,sw-Q.-. on , ups - was e 'WW ,r L, , ggfg - - f, V ,gtzLf-w,w- . 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' ' 5 -fi: ,mf ,:ai" ' f5 " ' Z , i fn '3e.gs2,g.fg ai' -1 it - "is, A , 'fi fy ggi 1 bf' 4 W K Q A mask 44 1 Q K f lik M ye? 3 R Q . K Q 5 . lark! am I 5 ,lvdfq , 11 3 4 fs x li. J if 1 . i Q, of ix 1 , 9, M my - 1' ., "?:' 1- ,sw f if , ,ff X,--X H l 3 lu lg Q Q ,J in, , Wi- V. 41.2 41 ,f-will M' 35,5 ' -, mf: gil", ,mn .lm - 4, 1 -L-- I , , 22 1 , 't if -' sail. " fi 5311 za. , E-Q, W . ' Ti-Si7ffE,if, : fi'-ff -' 4 42 ' - E 1'fi':'i-'liiliikf I ' f V, 1Jfzifhiw:5f7'QfP"s, 'Z 'iii S519 CWM' 5 if ,,-1-251,-sw 5511 1 ,,x..,,-ifffgzf-.fy7-gffpmf 2 ,f fan'-5. 4 ' 'gffe wevf"'Effff+MW 'Al eww' ,wilifiis ',-431-me-M1521ge.5??ZsafEEef2a225a2, , tililk A- f 22 'A 5'!IS1i,, vY5'V iM,5ig7iiiELEWEEZJQQEXZ3 5 f,sww,H3wf5wf3gQ2ftgsws'ig.lf,1Q - ' - - K ' A f g SSH as aww ,Ag ' - Wi 1 , W M . . - X Y! Kxgk ,. vfwffvi 7 L- 5 5, 93 it ,gi I My . ,, gf Q M. Aga -1 Q' gains 1 A H M-'Q-in 5 galglk 3 Q ii WQ"aWW'f' ' zo s a,-5 af,-mt. lwifi ,Q W its?-5 wi?" - SOPHOMORE Temple Barnes Susan Biedelschies Gary Benefiel Allen Berg Mike Blessinger Stan Busby Mollie Brown Susan Brown Dan Buckner Connie Cain Joan Collier Gloria Cook Ernest Crowder Judy Daugherty Gary Davidson Pat Delaplane Leon Ebert Howard Edwards Kent Ehman Shirley Fletcher Sue Foley Paul Gammon Don Gilchrist Carol Giselbach Paul Glotzbach Dick Gross Jeff Harper Eddie Hart Rebecca Hartsock Dixie Heaton CLASS Kenneth Heller Darlene Henry Steve Henry Charles Hobbs John Humphrey David Huth Robert Jackman Ludy J arrell Bill Jarrett Marsha Jarvis Mike Jarvis Bill Johnson Wanda Jones Ernestine Kennedy Sue Kennedy Mike King Mary Lambertson Bill Lay Penny Leasure Phil Lehman Mike LeWel1en Nick Luyet Tim Marsh David McCord Jerry McCord Raymond McCord Richard McCord Karen McElfresh Sylvia Morris Melanie Paddock I,-,11,ni.fs gg 9. I , . ,A Q , ,wx ,4., X. 1 my -:iw V Q K M K SV , GW 2 -255 ' 3FfE"f14 2 2' X 39 . , E 5 ff A , , .Q-fqmvffgf . A K k , ,,,::fQ3f1f 'gin Q 940 N ri if rw . , N641 4 i mxfkww, 4 Nia in XNILX 1, 25 an 4 Q fix We f f' eg 1 ga Y W fi K I sfii W ' 1534 ., - , ,,., , -vv fa, I .,., , ,:,, '4 W. ,M in ,.,.,, f L fl . , si u ,K K 5 4 , in Y T S WP Q Sw U W my K: wfni .5232 Q 9 X ,, .33 y , XFN ,, f il Q s us 7 A 1' "'f'ff? 2' K fi! is H 211215: ,v-WL 'nik Eg if x. Km? in Q, 4 Q V Xt iff? -Jff ifg., ' -, -w,,iags'f5,,, ' ' 'M 72,521,453 s":i,gggxy55331,w .I ,. Ag , A A an e, was :L we f, ,m f-fezw,'2fiifvf. 1 'ey 'S A wr an. ' HQ - 1 ' 525f?2aeEim2ff., ,+2ffQ'if333' 5 Q'-sur ,,gfV..1!,f,55f fs' ,L i 5, ziffqff .gl":f: ilu, - ' fx 233519 'll' - cv gui-in nyrv , cm S 5 X Q Q ,X A. if .,,, xp A I 4 ,,,,.. . ,, ,..,S N' ' 'Z' vm Aj P n fy 2 f J ,AA X W Q5 , W W - fill? H, 'emi rrkrve - Q .e,... fl, , , , X 4 " , , ,QM nv, ., ,. 37:1 ' -fi' 'V Ii-g : ' 4' L' -1 my . , - , . 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W f f, X, ' -J w,f'i','f.:wL , Q, Va vga" -w'f'1L3f: 'Ui ,k fnkiiiaafiifehs,'frff:,',wf4 xfmvizimzsitaiffkfiif i iff.. f ' x f , - fir- K x " gijy' ,yjg , , P L. ,-.l34f,f1f?fii'35 3 ,,,,v,f3l'2f MPP' 'J' ,- 5f,2f:,fff1 f ??"'f M' ' - W" ,f whswj 1, ,, n,L 5,s,rL,.y f 5 , f', s,., 1 , ., "wr .w-fSf'11,- 'Q 1 " .i f 1, '1,f+Z6i,, 3,5 "1 , 'zw'fw,fHs5 ,L S 1 ,441 E1,,,g , ,, "W isHf,wz,fz,fPg?4,e,:,5f,5 .png .6 fwfr ,-Hu, , 2, ' .. W, r J J if 17 , ' f ' ' R45 ' f'45i'I ' -f -1 f' . ' -'iii . ' slbigslks , ,fic 4 ,K x 'ng 'S 1 , ,f ' Q ' X K 1 ,ESEQQ C w,i,3'2 s1,f,g- if 1 f , A 1, - , 7 w. Q 75 3 , eg. .5533 , f v,,,,,nj, g M, , on 1 1 'K .M 1 X as in f M if ms We K MJQYUQ, R 0 , f fi 1 1 W fr ,mg ,n K5 ' if My ' 12, 1 ff . I 'fb +w'f41f'f'-:gf sff, wh , ,ff h..e,. . .H W Q3-L,-la,-ff---gi iff!f, , ,2292,f'r r K fi ,. Hang-,, ,. Q .r -.,-.:,,fe,5,, vw ,s2vavzQW,,.f,25 QM - ' -A ,, ,",i':Y-??lf5i', ' ' ,' g"t'.iS'?Vl' ' , . ' hvv,jQffjQE A 5: ...ra , ,' .- . 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Q RQ me li 1 - fi' f If .fri in ,. f, get -1 .kwffgsi ' M i I ' . A . r.. L. A A wi 9' Pin I 1 rl w we ff- MQ W i 'HWY H- E 'p-sfggfv ' A ,mWf1,:fiffw- . f' f:il5vf?iii1f.1E?'5-4,5 'X ' - . 'rgsilvffjiyqxi , ,Q',1.Q V :??l,f.g.i3gg:r g"" '- 1, tiff :3 "'9'?f1a t ' :af f fog .H V , 'V I , U -'ff 1.2 A . WV 'ie-. 'L I Esta Q 'F f v M YFSQSQE I I" - .5 J if .,,. . . ...,...,. .5 :,. ,- , V he he ,,,,,.. . , ., ,K .. .. 5, xv, M K . . . ' 1- f It 'ku . 3' ' 1, 1. --ff Xa f i g Z ' ME: Y, , ,. . em. f vi gt.. ' Q 1 "5 in X Y' ' X' ii' 'J' i 5 . W K SOPHCMCRES ' ' ' -,, ' ,Q ' A-f3i?,."fSip?5?'e5 111 : , ,. . ., .mgffite y. QE , ' ',1jf,f ap .. ,ggini fi if , , -5 Ei... -In fl. A ' A ., -, wg A A 1 : Sf? ' Mfwlhs, - V .fjgf . f5Qf2'j.'? g-1,gg'F,24g- ,.Y,MA...,., mer ., -L-mf. 1.5 S ,, ,H , .,.....,,V,.-,f,, . --.. " z:3,q'1':iaf: f. . 3935? f,-J. .:f.W 'H"f31 YW, f ' f.ff'f.Mf55 , . N Le55if:121 I , - .-" if , Lhgr ,,,, V , in me Q w "HZ?'7Q1w's+:-J . 34,6 ,:f'fQ f1ff5i33'fli 1 wi? ,, .,.. jf ,,,, t. .. , ,M .,.,, wage 'pgxaefg ., I 'Hmyw,e.ff:fwQ. , , ,, , :- ' ,ef1g.5l-l,,4a,,z, ,9Ut.s,?E.i, s X, K, W 'I 1 qs' ,iv 1 1 M 3 , , NM f in Mi ,fl 5 , 5 it .ggi 59 Ks f , f mg? ,QQ 'a will i U i Wi zfiiiigt 13 of fills, . '16 Fred Pennock Jill Peterson Pam Pierce Mary Prince Brenda Pruett Mary Richwine Steve Robinson Marilyn Ryan Stanley Sallee Mike Schuck Carolyn Shepard Mary Shipley Tom Sigler Tom Smith Sherry Sowash Phillip Spears Pete Spoo Rex Stansberry Brenda Stevens Danny Stigall Steve Sumner Sue Taylor Carol Tomey Susan Updegraff Tom Waymire Eddie Weaver Mike Whetsel Connie Whitson Dia.nna Whitson Steve Wilson Freshmen Tommy Ashby ,John Montcastle and Kathy Lee admire the newly added water fountain in the front hall. The officers of the class of '64 pose at the front entrance of the building. They are Kathy Lee, business mana- gerg Sandra Cunningham, secretaryg Carolyn Wright, treasurerg Jerry Gorden, vice-presidentg Gary Nash, president. FRESHMAN CLASS Kathy Brown Fred Bryan Jean Chambers Kay Chism James Cloud Larry Bardonner Phil Bott Frances Brizendine FRESHMAIN Butch Condon Anita Cooper Steve Cox David Cunningham 'xg 'F 1 ii T rar: Sandra Cunningham Larry Davis Karla Ehman William Faucett Sharon Fischer Ronald Fisher Eddie Foley Gary Fox Jennie Frazier Tom Frye Terry George Jerry Gordon Frankie Gosnell Joyce Graham MM 'Qy ,Mm ,-f,. , .,.,.,... 5 , ,, if 7 . if J, H., Q , ,M C Roger Gray Marilyn Harrison Sandra Hart Ralph Hays George Heady Terry Heaton Terry Hiatt Q31 Ennis Charles Hiday Martha Hisle Gary Hobbs Carolyn Hook Sandra Hoover CLASS Sherrie Hueston Danny Hughes Nila Huth Hennis Hutson Gordon Jackman Sharon Jarvis Sarah John Danny Johnson Richard Jones Jack Kimmerling Gary Killian Judy Kinser Barbara Knight Ginger Knight Darrel Lane Larry Litsey Peggy Manning Xeneclea Matthews Tom Mauck Janet McCarty Dick McCord Janelle McCorkle Sondra McCork1e Sharon McPhearson Tom Mitchell George Mittendorf Gary Nash Teresa Pedro Nancy Prewett Mary Prieshoff 1 XX'-sXXssx,," XXX ,X . ,,.,, X XXX X X . , i,..i,.... , . ,X ,, X,L,,.,X,,.XX5,XX17 f-'XX'XfXXi:XXX , XXXXXXXXXMXX X X X XXXXXXXVX., XX-XXXXXXQX ,X 2X -ibm ' WM. kk, X -QEXXSX fi - Xgil. be ,if'l,:Xf, XX? 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A . ti AWE. ii' K , X : if mg,-E ' ., , -,hh SA 5 X FLV 4' Lee Riegel David Roby Darrel Rya.n Carol Sarson John Saulmon Melissa Schuck Tom Singer Dennis Smith Shirley Smith Paula Starr Bruce Stevens Larry Storn Phyllis Stottlemeyer Connie Stroud Danny Swart Linda Taylor Wayne Von Hieber Jerry Waltermire Larry Waltermire J arrel Waymire Richard Waymire Ginger Welborn Lynn Welborn Lucresia Wells David Wesseler Mary Wethington Janet Whalen Maribeth Whetsel Dave Williams Carolyn Wright 1301 Q ,M A.::i , in Mrs. Opal Hughes has guest in her kindergarten room. Mrs. Margorie House, Secretary , and Principal Charles McNew ar e visiting the morning group. JUNIOR HIGH Bottom Row: L. to R. - Jerry Cox, John Callaway, David Granger, Mickey raw o , , Stansberry, Joe Hueston, Dale McCord. Second Row: Penny Floyd, Sue Fletcher, Kay Line, Joann Jordan, Rita Riddle, Nettie Smith, Janice Mitchell, J eannetta Legg, Linda Arehart, Nancy Deitzer, Pam Smith, Mr. Poore. Third Row: Kenny Barnett, Ella Rigsby, Phyllis Strong, Karen Pennington,Tersa Welker, Janie Shaw, ' ' S an S oo Judy Hoover, Sandra Masters, Mary Shoulders, Patty Whetzel, Peggy Heath, David Jack. Top Row. us p , Lilia Harper, Karen Hood, Jeannie Allen, Linda Goodman, Dianne Kirby, Bert Jarrett, Russell Garrison, Donnie Shaw , Billy Adams . C f rd Ronnie Cain Terry .iwwnw F- - . is l . 81 Bottom L. to R: Russell Brashear, John Stansberry, Stephen Slates, Terry Morris, Ronnie Taylor, Joe Lynch, Danny Williams, Terry Swaim. Second Row: Janice Hickman, Judy Ingle, Linda Staley, Gloria Thornberry, Sherry Dilinger, Connie Fry, Dorthy Ozenbaugh, Ruthann Cronk, Regina Ritter, Sharon Wilson. Third Row: Sharon Waymire, Wanda Adams, Janet Chambers, Sharon Shaw, Joan Abplanalp, Nancy Whitcomb, Debbie Banker, Becky Noble, Georgia Kirby, Pama1aMansship. Fourth Row: Shirley Awens, Loretta Hosier, Barbara Harper, Kathy Crowley, Maryann Spears, Cynthia McCarty, Kathy Asbaugh, Kathern Giselbaugh, Linda Waymire, Dottie Goldsberry. Back: Ronnie McCord, Steven Phillips, Jack Shallenberger, Robert Curl, Mike Wilhoite, Nick Waymire, Ronnie Jones, Steve Mutt, Melvin Shuler, Jerry Cunningham. JUNIOR Bottom L. to R: Kenneth Hartley, Keith Brown, Charles Frye, Jack Alexander, Neal McCorkle, Terry Foust, William Sims, Paul Kemper. Second Row: Toni Waymire, Kathy Lewellen, Ella Kaiser, Marcia Swart, Raymond Beach, Elaine Heaton,Judy Thomas, Victor Kinser. Third Row: Mrs. Cannon, Brenda Shallenberger,Jay McRoberts,John Hoppes, Jeffery Kimmerling, Brenda Freeman, Charlene Robison, Carol McCord, Mike Rastetter, David Lawson. Back: Debbie Carroll, Arm Todd, Neal Gwinn, Ronald Buster, Shirley Morris, Kathy Hancher, Eldon Ebert, Phil Davis, Dianna French, Phillip Luzadder. 82 Bottom L. to R: Sidney Lynch, Tom Heath, Robert Johnson, Paul Hughes, Larry Sizelove, Douglas Bouslog,Jimmy Johnson, Perry Jarvis, Bobby Witcher, Jerry Abplanalp, Michael Kirby, James La.nd. Second Row: Carolyn Barker, Mary Canfield, Debbie Miller, Linda Day, Jeanette Thornburg, Marilyn Isom, Glennis McRoberts, Rose Marie Drake, Judy Borum, Lelia Hosier, Peggy Johnson, Linda Vestal. Third Row: Jackie McCord, Cindy Hertle, Susan Cramer, Hilda Alexander, Shelia Shuler, Jimmy Wetherington, Darrel Sizelove, Steven Poe, Michael Harrison. Top Row: Mrs. Etchison, Mark Daugherty, Terry Prince, Bobby Johns, Tommy Derry, Ronald Benefiel, Jimmy Frye, Michael Holder, Harry Mitchell, Terry Floyd, Alan Floyd. HIGH Bottom L. to R: Jon McPherson, Tim Heller, Henri Teachnor, Zennie Roberson, Tom Elder, Charles Fesler, Larry Owen, Charles Faulstich, Dave Faulstich, Jim Faulstich. Second Row: Nancy Hartsock, Mary Fulton, Lola Garner, Carol Cawthorn, Teresa Hutson, June Borum, Sharon Singer, Rana Trick, Betty Conk1in,Joyce Kerkhoff, Mrs. McCoy. Third Row: Diane Jack, Bessie Jones, Nancy East, Peggy Mutt, Linda Roby, Sandy King, Alberta Collier, Dixie Fetty, Carolyn, Don Strong, Dick Lugenbeal, Terry Sheppard. Top Row: Da.nny Cox, Milton Johns, Billy Lane, Dave Lewellen, Mike Ryan, Dave lleiurgonil Jim Fletcher, George Altherr, Johnny Johnson, Mickey McClain, Roger Woltermire, Larry c or e. 83 GRADE 5 Bottom L. to R: Mike Land, Larry Land, Donald Lane, James Mason, James Burger, Robert Thornbury, Steven Davenport, Larry Reason, Robert Fulton, John Sarson. Second Row: Marsha Kirby, Joyce Ann McCord, Linda Lou Blaylock, Linda Cawthorn, Mary Beth Montcastle, Becky Conklin, Diana Dellinger, Sandra Fisher, Shari Albright, Eloise Rigsby, Brenda Pennock. Third Row: James Borum, Lindon Craig, Robert Gordon, Joe Merritt, Brenda Fry, Ronald Sigler, Alice Ritenour, Roger Ashby, Ernie Witcher, Kathy Beach. Top Row: Kensy Ritenour, Connie Partlow, Norman Walker, Sandra East, Gregory Bradley, Eddie Smith, Carl Webb, Annette Walker, Debbie Cornelious, Mrs. Hopper. EZ!!! I I B622 L U l 2 -41'-.5 J: I O ' 'I ' u Knee-deep in books in "3 IL 84 GRADE A Bottom L. to R: Dallas Canfield, Kevin Crawford, Steve Land. Second Row: Roberta Heaton, Judy Litsey, Katy Hanson, Mrs. Kimmerling, Myron Daugherty, Jimmy Reason, Barbara Dellinger. Third Row: Patty Hartsock, Janie Mroz, Nanette Kimmerling, Stephenie Creamer, John Dwiggins, Wilford Alexander, Tommy Alexander, Janet Heniser. Back: Tony Abbott, Terry Harrison, Douglas Holder, Terry Lawson, Judy Chambers, Terry McCord, Kent Burris, Randy Loser, Debbie Davis. Bottom L. to R: Sharon Hobbs, Barbara Line, Dianne Witcher, Vicki Wise, Janet Bradley, Patsy Hisle, Candace Robinson, Greg Poe, Brenda Vestal. Second Row: Sheila Whitten, Greg Thompson, Dennis Waymire, Steve Remington, Joan Staley, Mary Murray, Keith Ritenour, Phil Webb, Michael Davenport, Bob Remington. Back: Melinda Swart, Vicki Waymire, David Hickman, Mrs. Helen Hughes Ricky Shuler, Jerry Williams, Myron Waymire. 85 GRADE3 Bottom Row: L. to R. - Ronnie Ritenour, Danny Romine, Randy Thomas, Terry Hickman, Tony Longerbone, Debbie Land, Danny Tharp, Becky Wise, Collette Etchison, Kathy Jo Dickerson. Second Row: Miss Fox, Cathy Hertle, Cindy Richwine, Larry Norris, Gary Hosier, John Poe, Lanora Lehman, Marla Creamer, Sally Ashby, Missy Davis, Connie Ritenour, Gene Cawthorn. Third Row: Rosette McCord, Debbie Lane, Becky Land, Janet Huffman, Rhonda George, Peggy Brown, Ruth Altherr, Mardene Overby, Jeannie Waymire, Janet Neese, Diana Burris. Top Row: Larry Brook, David Benefiel, Debbie Cannon, Debbie Frank, Max Sizelove, Dennis Trice, Nancy Leeman, Mike Albright, Clay Giselbaugh, Jimmy Blackford, Rickey Flanagan, Linda Lynch. -' 4' X I Like Recess Myself Q3 86 GRADE 2 Bottom L. to R: Mrs. Floyd, Vickie Hobbs, Patricia Hester, Cathy Vestal, Rhonda Idlewine, Pamela Todd, Vickie Spurlock, Susan Lane, Paula Parry. Second Row: Melvin Fry, Debra Standridge, Christy Lambesis, Terry Edwards, Beverly Cain, Lou Ann Fisher, Cathy Crull, Garry Cain. Third Row: David McCord, Tony Granger, Danny Tucker, Timmy Hickman, Ricky Beach, Randy Kerkhoff, Ronnie Price, Dale Blackford, Dale Bradley, Buddy Tucker. Top Row: Howard Sowers, Ronnie Owens, Riley McCord, Ronnie Wright, Jerry Alexander, Tommy Hartsock, Claren Johns, David Walker, Gary Gillespie, John McRoberts, Roger Sprague, Phil Alexander. . E 1 I Like Saturdays Best V I I 87 GRADE 1 Bottom: Dianna Parry, Pam Luzadder, Peggy Pickering, Terry Frye, Randy Dickinson, Pam Marley, Ronnie Land, Randy Romine. Second Row: David Wise, Ricky Price, Debby Atchison, Danny Atchison, Anita Stansberry, Randy Lane, Charlotte Ritenmour, Scott Woodsides. Back: Mary Kay Alexander, Janet Post, Nancy Cornelious, Bobby J arrell, Mike Arehart, Steve Kirby, Pam Davenport, Jane Giselbach. Teacher: Mrs. Nash Bottom: Connie Spurlock, Terry Lugenbeal, Roberta Shaw, Valerie Hosier, Cindy Hobbs, Joy Hacker. Second Row: David Harper, Danny Remington, Ellen Line, Linda Alexander, Alisa Adams, Christine Shuler. Third Row: Kenneth Lynch, Keith Hudson, Lanny Hays, Richard Webb, Jerry Parry, Edward Swink, Jolm Ritenour. Back: Stanley Leeman, Kirk Singer, Paul Hebner, Todd Ashby, Alan Hancher. Teacher: Mrs. Morgan Solicitors, Bette Mitchell, Nancy Parker, and Judy Blaylock plan their attack as the advertising campaign got under way early in August. ADVERTISING "We're bushed! "says Nancy Parker, shoe in hand, as the three high salesmen return from their two day campaign. Business manager Keith Cooper receives agree- ments, money, etc., from the tired, but happy three-some. . 89 DU KE'S GMC, INC. M. W. "Duke" Paugh - Manager Phone 3-6641 2202 West 25th Street 4 WS Anderson, Indiana S E ELWOOD FEDERAL SAVINGS 8. LOAN ASSN. Insured Savings to 310,000 Current Dividend 4fZg Elwood, Indiana ANDERSON LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS Fold Finishing Fabritonic Dry Cleaning Treatment For Modern Garments Sta-Fresh Shirt Service Anderson, Indiana ELWOOD PLUMBING 8. HEATING COMPANY, INC. HANLIN BROTHERS C. G. Hanlin - R. E. Hanlin Supplies- Contracting-Installations Repairs Phone FE 2-7389 1414 Main Street Elwood, Indiana Compliments of LEWIS FEED 81 SUPPLY Elwood, Indiana USFO HARDWARE Frankton, Indiana CLARENCE BILBREY CONTRACTOR PAYLESS SUPER Specializing in Digging and Laying MARKET Sewers Septic Tanks etc. Piione 64-2-867'I 0533122 Hauling W. Cross St. Excavating . Anderson, Indiana Anderson, Indiana ANN'S DAIRY BAR Short Orders-Country Dinners- Sandwiches-Homebaked Pastries 206 West Washington Alexandria, Indiana SUMMERS TV SALES Si SERVICE Motorola and Philco Guaranteed Repair on All Makes 104 N. Harrison-Call 4-4256 Alexandria, Indiana BROADWAY SALES CORPORATION Chrysler - Dodge Phone 7715 633 Broadway Anderson, Indiana KELLEY FURNITURE COMPANY Homes Furnished Complete Quality Furniture Since 1895 1129 Meridian Anderson, Indiana MRS. FRANK'S MEN'S WEAR Boys Too - From Two! Across From Both Banks Alexandria, Indiana MILLER BROS. PURE OIL "Friends to you and your car" 212 North Anderson St. Elwood, Indiana RAYMOND KING Your Local Insurance Agent Phone 3075 Frankton, Indiana HOOSIER HOME IMPROVEMENT Phone FE 2-7341 Elwood, Indiana MULLEN'S SHOE STORE "The New In Shoes" Alexandria, Indiana CENTRAL INDIANA GAS CO. Frankton can be proud of its fine school community. GAIL ORBAUGH Sz SONS INSURANCE Elwood, Indiana COOK BLOCK AND BRICK COMPANY Producers of Better Concrete Masonry Phone 2-0249 2013 Mounds Road Anderson, Indiana Compliments of GENE MITCHELL Sales Representative AL-JAX CHEMICAL COMPANY 1421 South "J" Street Elwood, Indiana YELTON TYPEWRITERS INC. 'Iypewriters - Adding Machines Sales - Service - Rentals Phone 2-1313 1137 Main Street Anderson, Indiana LEMON'S RE-WEAVING Girls! It's just wonderful to fit your feet and your SHOP pocketbook at the same time. INDIANA THRIFT STORES INC. 'T Phone 2-0470 421 s. Walnut N 1714 Meridian Street Muncie, Indiana Anderson, Indiana 8E 8th Street ,,,, Anderson, Indiana FARMERS GRAIN 8. COAL CO. Dealers in Grain, Coal, Feed, Seed and Fertilizer Grinding and Mixing Master Mix Feed and Supplement Phone 2025 Frankton, Indiana. FREE ESTIMATES WILHOITE 8. CHEATUM PLUMBING Phone 3-9947 - 3-0573 COTTERMAN FURNITURE CO. Furniture - Rugs - Bedding Phone 4-3457 Alexandria, Indiana ALEXANDRIA BANKING CO. BANK OF FRIENDLY SERVICE Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Phone 4-2491 Alexandria, Indiana DUNDEE STATION State Road 28 Sz Dundee Road LINWOOD GRAIN COMPANY Good-Rich Quality Feeds Phone Anderson 3-1838 or Enterprise 4400 Compliments WALKERS MARKET Perkinsville, Indiana WALKERS VARIETY STORE Frankton, Indiana LAMBESIS FOOD MART Choice Meats Fresh Fruits Ka Vegetables Quality is our "Motto" Service With A Smile RHODES JEWELRY Towle, Reed and Barton, Lunt, International Gorham, Wallace, Heirloom, and Alvin Sterling Fostoria, Imperial and Heisey Crystal Lennox, Castelton, Syracuse, Franciscan, Royal Jackson, Royal Doulton and Franconia China Eisenberg and Kramer Original Costume Jewelry Elwood - Alexandria - Tipton HAMMONS PLUMBING 8. HEATING CO. 24 hr. Service Phone FE 2-5701 Elwood, Indiana ANDERSON FEDERAL SAVINGS "The Oldest and Largest Federal Savings and Loan Association in Madison County" Jackson SL Eleventh Streets Anderson, Indiana Compliments of THE CITIZENS BANK COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE 3'Zp INTEREST PAID ON SAVINGS MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Phone FE 2-3367 Corner A Ka South Anderson Elwood, Indiana Hamlow ..,. PERMANENT WAVING Open Evenings By Appointment FRANKTON SAWMILL Frankton, Indiana HAIR REVELON cosME'rlcs STYUNG BRECK SHAMPOO by MARGARET STUDENTS - TEACHERS I, A Qlql, 1 E,,.n,, . FRANKTON SUMMER SHOWS HER COLORS A - in our great display of apparel ' ,-'ET ,Q Z " Dm' for men, women, girls and boys ' 9 'i,, Closed Mondays open a charge account 1, V in E BEAUTY LESSON'S IN ELwoon 'I' sl-lorrls Corner Plum 81 John - FRANKTON WIMER CLOTHING Best quality at lower prices The largest variety of suits, sport coats and top coats Both at 1601 SO. F. Street, Elwood Sz 404 Jackson Street, Anderson FLOWERS... the added touch of perfection! GOLDSBERRY'S FLOWER SHOP 3 miles west of Frankton on State Road 128 then one-half mile north Phone Elwood FE-2214 SMlTTY'S PURE OIL Motor Tune-up, Gasoline, Oil Lubrication, Washing Joe Smith Phone 2845 Frankton, Indiana STEEL SLITTING C0 Coil Slitting KL Warehousing Phone FE 2-5611 304 So. 28th Street Elwood, Indiana There's u "one and onIy" in refreshment, too ,gagymid BOT ELWOOD, INDIANA COCA COLA TLING CO "SAVE WHERE YOUR SAVINGS ARE SAFE" Security since 1888 mmm 0 mmm AN INSURED SAVINGS ASSOCIATION 33 West Tenth Street Anderson, Indiana CITY CREAMERY Ice Cream Sz Dairy Products Elwood, Indiana JOHN W. MOORE CHEVROLET SALES Chevrolet - Oldsmobile - Cadillac Sales 8z Service Elwood, Indiana The Best Buy . . . at the Why THE WHY STORE Martin Blumenthal Elwood, Indiana BE HOLSUM LOOK HOLSUM BUY HOLSUM DIETZEN'S BAKERIES, INC. 1451 South A Street Elwood, Indiana RIEGELS' AUTO PARTS Complete Glass Service Auto - Window - Desk Tops Complete Muffler Service Free installation while you wait These mufflers are guaranteed unconditionally for the life of your car Phone FE 2-3703 Elwood, Indiana COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE Savings Checking Loans Insurance Trust Services Safety Deposit Boxes Branch Banks Drive-in-Windows Walk-up-Windows Night Depository Bank-By-Mail Travelers' Checks Cashiers' Checks Bank Drafts United States Saving Bonds Christmas Club Savings ANDERSUN BANKING CUMPANY Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Ehzery Depositor Insured to 310,000 OFFICES TO SERVE YOU Main Office: 10th Sz Meridian South Branch: 15 East 29th Street West Branch: Edgewood Anderson, Indiana Frankton Branch Chesterfield Branch Frankton, Indiana Chesterfield, Indiana THE ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN MADISON COUNTY SERVING THE FRANKTUN CUMMUNITY Federal 2-7336 Elwood, Indiana DAVIS DAIRY FARMS Phone 8569 Anderson, Indiana FRANKLIN FINANCE COMPANY Loans and Financing Since 1921 Phone First - Fastest Service Phone 8874 1035 Main Street Anderson, Indiana Compliments of SATIS FACTORY - DEPENDABLE W I THE D H Gosua PRIN I FUN ' ' Co T NG Phone 2275 SI It . -' A . Mins Greenfield, Indiana I i Av: FOUR HOUR SPECIAL SERVICE FALVEYS MEN 81 BOYS Where your friends buy their clothes. Elwood, Indiana MANGAS CAFETERIA Elwood, Indiana LYMAN JACKSON -CUSTOM HOMES- Builder - Decorator Phone 3705 Frankton, Indiana Your Typewriter Headquarters in Anderson All makes of portables and rebuilt P , standard machines. We also rent Congratulatlonsf SENIORS typewriters with the option to buy and apply the rental to the purchase price. All machines fully guaran- teed. ANDERSON NEWSPAPERS, INC. "Everything for Ehrery Office" Ph 4404 The Anderson Daily Bulletin and 12120 eridian The Anderson Herald Anderson, Indiana MILLER HUGGINS, INC. D. H. MILLER 8. CO. Wallpaper Sz O'Brien Paints Art - Supplies - Framing EST. 1926 Successors to E. J. Miller KL Son Tel. 2-6169 25 W. 9th St. Anderson, Indiana HUNTER CHEVROLET Watch Chevy in '61 603 Meridian Anderson, Indiana into nnlcx mu Lunches - Dinners - Sandwiches Open 11 A. M. Daily 3 1X2 Mi. So. of Anderson on State Roads 9 gl 67 Pep si- Cola. 'l?eGeshes MANDY without MO'2'flf2?X'NG Hlling Phone 2-1119' Anderson, Indiana .igggl DRINK f" -A 9? 2 .Li 3 1- j- -s ' A 'I .Ei if -L' 'Wm E YESY- : ' W 'QV JL .ki F- -HS! 1: 4 ' 0 Tours and Cruises A11 Over The World FOR RESERVATIONS APPLY TO I N , M I ll E R T 0 U RS E- MILLER Walnut 5-3581 I TUURS 6 Marott Hotel Indianapolis 7, Indiana grade We Deliver In Frankton Phone 644-7781 - Anderson CLOTHING STORE Men's, Women's Sz Children's Wear Phone 3-3216 1125 Meridian Street Anderson, Indiana FRANKTON VETERINARY SUPPLY DON BLAKE, DVM Veterinarian Res. Phone 4374 Office Phone 3135 207 Washington Frankton, Indiana MADISON COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OP ASS'N., INC. Central Office and Farm Store 1520 Main - Phone 3-6639 Anderson Elevator 1515 Central - Phone 3-6637 Alexandria - Phone 4-2423 Elwood - Phone FE 2-7339 Pendleton - Phone 778-2125 Summitville - Phone 62291 Markleville - Phone 11 Patronize our Advertisers They Made your edition of THE 1961 EAGLITE Possible I Johnson Sea-Horse Out Board Motors SALES AND SERVICE BOATS TRAILERS Si ACCESSORIES OILS 8: GREASES LEATHERS' BOAT HOUSE Phone FE 2-5162 1823 North A. Street Elwood, Indiana SURBER AND SON TAILORS Over McCroy 's Anderson, Indiana HAMMONS QUALITY PLUMBING Radio Equipped Trucks Williams Hammons - Owner Phone 8876 736 Main Street Anderson, Indiana LUCAS WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Elwood, Indiana FRANKTON LUMBER COMPANY ,g-,v--- Phone 2950 . Frankton, Indiana Ss .5 313 i 7 1.25 ze tis- f - filiil' I + 4'ffx'CF-' ROGERS ELECTRIC COMPANY, INC. Electrical Contracting Electrical Sz Refrigeration Service In Anderson Since 1922 KENNY HUFFMAN Lawn Finishing Sand- - - Grav el- - - and Stone Phone 4254 Frankton, Indiana UWEN ICE CREAM 8. DAIRY Phone 2- 1466 1800 Lincoln Street Anderson, Indiana BAUER'S FRANKTON SUPERETTE Complete Line Quality Groceries - Meats Produce Phone 2315 Frankton, Indiana C. G. EMLING COMPANY INSTITUTIONAL FOOD SPECIALTIES 2305 West Erie Street Chicago 12, Illinois UNDERWOOD'S ICE CREAM Sz SNACK BAR Alexandria, Indiana ROCHELLE BEAUTY SALON Evening Appointments Accepted Pauline Brookshire Sue Spears Bev Stafford Cor. 8th Sz Meridian - Anderson TAFF Sz BAKER FURNITURE 1518-20 Main Street Elwood, Indiana PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS COMPANY 1510 South Main Anderson, Indiana GEORGE C. HARPER 8 SON COX SUPER MARKET Firth Carpeting- Frigidaire Appliances Where Price Tells And Quality Sens Seigler Heaters-Paints-Small Appliances Hoover Sweepers Fr ee Premiums Tipton And Kramer Living Room Suites "Your Cash Sure Ta1ks" Alexandria, Indiana Phone 3165 Frankton, Indiana Drive a 1961 Ford from FRED WELKER FORD, INC. 516 Meridian Phone 2-0275 Anderson, Indiana SMITH'S BICYCLE SHOP E GOLDEN CRUST WHOLESALE Sales and Service Phone 2-6484 1213 Main Anderson, Indiana Your Friends Sz Neighbors Will Tell You -It's Pleasant -It's Satisfying -It's Convenient -It's Economical TO SHOP HERE THE BANNER STORE Phone 6675 927 Meridian Street Anderson, Indiana BAKERS, INC. "Baked and ate this date Serving the Restaurant and Grocery Industry for 35 years Anderson, Indiana I Mosr RELIABLE NAME IN LIGHTS The Home of the Power Headlight Control Guide-Matic Sz T-3 SAFETY AIM HEADLAMPS GUIDE LAMP DIVISION GENERAL MOTORS CORP. Anderson, Indiana i lgmgrutulutiuns to the class of 1961 BASS HEATING AND SHEET METAL 00 BUY ECONOMY ACCURATE ENGINEERING SAFE COMFORT 24 HOUR SERVICE Anchor and Select-Aire Furnaces We Service A11 Makes Phone 2-5330 613 East 21st Street Anderson, Indiana JOHN E. BAKER Insurance PATRONIZE OUR Phone FE 2-3613 208 So. 16th ADVERTISERS Elwood, Indiana Compliments of If It's Wallpaper-paint-or any of the decorator needs-See KLUMPP'S A FRIEND 1533 So. A Elwood, Indiana MONTGOMERY WARD AND GO COMPANY le.. Q JJ Headquarters for SEAKING Sporting Goods and RIVERSIDE FRANKTON'S EAST END Auto Accessories Satisfaction Guaranteed Elwood, Indiana SERVICE STATION Kermit House - Manager ORCHIDS TO The CLASS of 1961 from RUSS AND NELL OF ELITE ST FORKNER UDIO X J, -y x Si ' cs. .. K5 XEQX ' Official Photographers -iz 'XS A -, is Inf. K, for the 1961 EAGLITE x an Phone 7016 5 ' , 1037 Meridian Street yi 64, I Anderson, Indiana GEORGE C. HARPER 8 SON COX SUPER MARKET Firth Carpeting- Frigidaire Appliances Where Price Tells And Quality Sens Seigler Heaters-Paints-Small Appliances Hoover Sweepers Free Premiums Tipton And Kramer Living Room Suites "Your Cash Sure Ta1ks" Alexandria, Indiana Phone 3165 Frankton, Indiana Drive a 1961 Ford from FRED WELKER Fosen, INC. 516 Meridian Phone 2-0275 Anderson, Indiana SMITH'S BICYCLE SHOP ' colon: cnusr wnousm Sales and Service Phone 2-6484 1 2 1 3 Main Anderson, Indiana Your Friends Sz Neighbors Will Tell You -It's Pleasant -It's Satisfying -It's Convenient -It's Economical TO SHOP HERE THE BANNER STORE Phone 6675 927 Meridian Street Anderson, Indiana BAKERS, INC. "Baked and ate this date Serving the Restaurant and Grocery Industry for 35 years Anderson, Indiana ' MOST RELIABLE NAME IN LIGHTS The Home of the Power Headlight Control Guide-Matic Sz T-3 SAFETY AIM HEADLAMPS GUIDE LAMP DIVISION GENERAL MOTORS CORP. Anderson, Indiana i Elngrutulutiuus to the class of 1961 BASS HEATING - AND SHEET METAL 00 BUY ECONOMY ACCURATE ENGINEERING SAFE COMFORT 24 HOUR SERVICE Anchor and Select-Aire Furnaces We Service A11 Makes Phone 2-5330 613 East 21st Street Anderson, Indiana JOHN E. BAKER Insurance PATRONIZE OUR Phone FE 2-3613 208 So. 16th ADVERTISERS Elwood, Indiana Compliments of A FRIEND If It's Wallpaper-paint-or any of the decorator needs-See KLUMPP'S 1533 So. A Elwood, Indiana MONTGOMERY WARD AND COMPANY Headquarters for SEAKING Sporting Goods and RIVERSIDE Auto Accessories G0 UT? E FRANKTON'S EAST END SERVICE STATION Satisfaction Guaranteed Elwood, Indiana Kermit House - Manager ORCHIDS TO The CLASS of 1961 from RUSS AND NELL FORKNER OF ELITE STUDIO - x "Q ' J 5 x Ii ' i- 3 x. All Q I V1 AQ, A Official Photographers ' ta: SN F' Y' W- I .1- f A, Q A gy' X, for the ' ix . . I S 1961 EAGLITE , do at if jf In I V, Phone 7016 5 A 1037 Meridian Street jx 43, I Anderson, Indiana OTTO STROUP JR. INSURANCE Frankton Phone 3394 Elwood Phone FE 2-6691 Alexandria's only Downtown Hotel MICADAH HOTEL Phone 4-7372 Washington at West St. Alexandria, Indiana Pontiac Ki Buick E. M. PETERSON MOTOR SALES Phone FE 2-6861 1421 Main Street Elwood, Indiana PETTIGREW'S GROCERY Florida Station The Home of Courtesy Kindness Fresh Meat and Vegetables Ruby and Bill HARPER'S REPAIR SHOP Lawn Mower, Small Engine, Ka Saw Service Frankton, Indiana MERLE NORMAN COSMETIC STUDIO Phone 2-2448 1330 Meridian St. Anderson, Indiana SCHOGER'S CARPETHOUSE Floor Coverings Carpet Sz Linoleum GATES Cathedral of Fashion Zlghgvnegffgi 813 Meridian Street Anderson, Indiana Anderson' Indlana' ALEXANDRIA RECORD Sz FLOWER SHOP 202 North Harrison Alexandria, Indiana RYBOLT'S SPORTING GOODS "Your Sporting Goods Center" Phone 4-2485 116 West Church Street Alexandria, Indiana BILL COCI-IRAN'S NORTH SIDE PHARMACY Store Hours: 8:30 A. M. to Midnite Phone 3-5751 - Phone 3-8116 1500 Broadway - Anderson FERMEN'S Ladies Sz Children's Ready to Wear Phone 4-4194 203 North Harrison Street L. G. BALFOUR CO. Attleboro, Massachussets Class Rings-Club Insignia-Medals St Trophies Graduation Cards Sz Announcements Diplomas Yearbooks-Taylor Publishing Co. Dallas, Texas Jesse E. Greene--Steve E. Unger P. O. Box 155, Chesterfield, Ind. BING'S The Store For Young Men Anderson, Indiana The Finest in Flowers DANNER'S 59 Sz 1052 Call THOMAS GREENHOUSE Always Good Values Phone 2865 Open Friday and Saturday till 9 Frankton, Indiana Alexandria, Indiana SPOO'S GARAGE Phone 3015 Frankton, Indiana COMMERCIAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Alexandr ia, Indiana SEARS ROEBUCK Sz COMPANY J ENIGNS WATCH SHOP JEWELER - WATCH REPAJRING "The Friendliest Store in Town" Phfme 5113 Good Quality For Less Since 1886 15 E- 12th St- Anderson, Indiana AHde1'S0H, Indiana FRANCES' BEAUTY SHOPPE Phone 3505 Frankton, Indiana Best Wishes of PFAFF SEWING CENTER 1328 Meridian St. - Phone 3-3560 Anderson, Indiana HEN'DRICK'S DRIVE-IN Sandwiches HARQIN gl SON Chicken in Basket - Short Orders uggage Root Beer and other drinks 33 E. nth Phone 3512 Anderson, Indiana Frankton, Indiana SPRAGUE AUTO BODY Complete Auto Body and Radiator Service Phone 2475 Frankton, Indiana CENTRAL HARDWARE A Safe Place To Trade 108 South Anderson St. Elwood., Indiana J OHNSON'S APPAREL SHOP Elwood, Indiana ROYAL GARMENT CLEANERS Elwood, Indiana ALLEN'S SHOE STORE Shoes for- the entire family Elwood, Indiana R. C. MCDANIEL Clothing - Footwear Dry Goods Elwood, Indiana FREDDIE DAY'S BARBER SHOP Frankton, Indiana J ACK'S GROCERY Sz BAKERY Phone FE 2-6553 2034 Main Street Elwood, Indiana COUNTRY KITCHEN F Short Orders Sandwiches Country Dinners at Noon Frankton, Indiana . W. WOOLWORTH CO 208 So. Anderson Elwood, Indiana SHETTERLY AUTO SERVICE Standard Oil Products If it's toys - See Complete Mechanical Service Sz Welding GRIN-NELL'S TOY STORE Key Duplication Phone 3152 or 3456-24 hour AAA Service East of Elwood on 28 WOLF'S MOTOR COURT KLEIN'S SHOE STORE Elwood, Indiana Elwood, Indiana THE FRANKTON BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATIO N Serving Madison County Since 1893 WITH Courteous Dependable Service Phone 2525 Frankton, Indiana BLAYLOCK'S LAUNDRY 81 .W:Z?,ffT't'7fi'EEl,Tf0P. M. Aumsou SPORTING Wash 201153593 pr. Load Dry 10? for Ten Minutes Frankton, Indiana TROPHIES Football - Basketball Fishing Tackle Golf - Guns - Tennis - Archery CERDEN AND SON MANUFACTURING CONTRACTORS Phone 5828 Frankton, Indiana 1206 Meridian St. JOE'S RECORD AND MUSIC SHOP Madison County's Headquarters for Music 1240 Meridian Street Anderson, Indiana L., AUTOGRAPHS SENIOR CLASS Gilbert Alexander 60 Marshall Arbuckle 60 Betty Ashton 31,32,42,60 Judy Blake 20,33,39,60 Judy Blaylock 21,28,31,42,61,89 Brockman Sharon 61 Mardella Bowers 61 Darrell Brizendine 61 Dick Bryan 61 Janet Cain 31,32,33,42,61 Keith Cooper 28,30,61,89 Lee Craig 26,61 Gary Crawford 26,28,32,62 Arthur Cress 62 Karel Crowley 28,31,32,33,62 Emma Curtis 62 Gary Dalzell 28,30,32,33,40,47,49,51,62 Ruth Dalzell 28,42,62 Bennie Davidson 18,62 Carolyn Dietz 62 Jon Edmonson 63 Kent Elder 30,63 Sue Fesler 21,27,28,39,42,43,63 Nancy Fields 21,27,31,34,42,63 Elain Floyd 20,27,28,59,63 Kay Freeman 19,21,42,63 Rhoda Fry 21,31,42,63 Harold Garrett 63 David Hahn 60 Bill Hartsock 64 James Hays 21,27,28,30,32,37,54,64 Doniece Heller 26,28,42,59,64 Sarah Hiday 21,25,42,64 Sherry Hoover 28,42,64 Kermit House 24,64 Jerry Hutson 18,30,64 Barbara Jack 21,27,31,64 Mike Jackson 28,3O,32,33,65 Ginger Jackson 24,28,31,65 Darlene Jarvis 39,65 Martha Johnson 21,42,65 Donna Jones 60 Margaret Killian 65 Joan King 29,35,65 Marlene Kirby 20,21,32,65 Penny Lennis 31,32,34,42,65 Kenny Jarrett Sharon Luttrell 66 Mike Luyet 66 Elaine Mauck 25,28,31,35,42,66 Judy McElfresh 21,42,66 Bob Mills 25,26,27,59,66 Bette Mitchell 21,31,32,33,34,42,66,89 Max Moody 29,66 Linda Nacoff 19,21,42,66 Emmett Naselroad 67 Wayne Ousley 3O,32,33,67 Judy Palmer 13,42,67 Nancy Parker 9,21,28,31,33,34,42,67,89 Mary Price 68 , Wanda Prince 29,31,42,67 Phil Rinker 4,11,30,32,59,67 Marilyn Samuels 31,32,67 Helen Sayre 12,27,28,31,32,33,6.8 INDEX Judy Shaw 19,21,39,42,68 Merril Shaw 30,68 Anita Sigler 8,21,42,68 Arlene Sizelove 68 Lynnette Smith 5, 12,20,27,32, 68 Joyce Sutton 68 Ronnie Swindell l2,26,30,68 Patricia Tinsley 21,28,31,42,69 Larry Varner 9,69 Carol Waymire 69 Richard Weaver 69 Gary Welborn 38,69 Linda Welborn 27,29,31,32,35,42, , Tom Whetsel 69 Tonda Whitson 28,31,42,69 JUNIOR CLASS John Anderson 80 Todd Ash 21,30,70 Sheliah Atchison 35,42,70 Terry Avery 38,70 Mary Baker 28,31,34,42,70 Donita Baldwin 42,70 Dan Barmes 30,70 Gloria Blair 21,31,42,70 Larry Brashear 70 Lorraine Bous1og,2 1,28, 31, 34, 42,70 Delbert Burton 20,21,30,70 Sandra Conklin 26,27,31,36,42,70 Marilyn Coy '70 Maureen Crul 42,70 Dallas Curtis 30,38,40,48, 50,71 Carole.Davis 34,43,70,71 Geraldine Davis 42,71 Bob Dellinger 20,21,3O Alma Friend 27 ,43,71 Gordon Fuller 71 Larry Gillespie 71 Mary Giselbach 71 Don Goodman 70,71 Bill Gordon 71 Norman Graham 71 Frances Granger 20,70,71 Mary B. Hartley 2l,28,31,42,71 Nancy Hays 24,26,28,31,42,43,7l Ruth Head 21,28,31,71 Tom Heady 19,21,40,49,71 Ann Heath 31,42,71 Gloria Hertle 21,31,42,71 Charlotte Holman 70 Dennis Hinkle Mike Holtsclaw 70 Doug Hood 18,30,71 Max Hopple 30,40,49,71 Steve Horn 30,71 Steve Hudson 3O,40,48,49,71 Jack Huffman 71 Karen Humphrey 18,21,31,71 Jean Hutchison 21,31,42,71 Danny Jackson 30,71 Bob Jarrett 30,71 Tim Johnson 30,71 Linda Kallner 20,71 Wayne Kerkhoff 26,27,38,40,71 Doris Knight 20,21,70,71 INDEX Ted McCord 27,28,3O,37,70 Gloria McRoberts 31,37,42,'72 Carol Mock 20,21,27,72 John Miller 72 Butch Noble 49, 5O,51,72 Tom Orbaugh 30,72 Herbert Ousley 72 Doug Prewett 72 Ben Richwine 24,26,38,40,49,70,72 Karl Ritter 72 Jane Ritter 42,72 Andrea Seely 31,34,42,72 Carole Shirley 21,31,42,72 Barbara Sigler 26,31,42,72 John Smith 21,30,40,49,72 Jack Smothers 72 Don Stephens 49 Charlie Stettner 27,28,31,36,42,72 Charles Stottlemyer 21,72 Clara Sturbois 31,36,42,72 Carol Swackhamer 31,42,70,72 Karen Taylor 35,72 Don Thomas 72 Janet Thomas 42,72 Nelma Tranbarger 72 Richard Turner 30,72 Joyce Voss 21,31,42,72 Jim Waltermire 40,48,49,72 Nancy Watkins 21,28,31,42,72 Jim Waymire 72 Steve Whitcomb 38,72 John Wimer Steve Wright 72 SOPHMORE CLASS James Allen 44,73 Fred Allender 30,73 John Altherr 73 Kent Arbuckle 73 Temple Barnes 31,74 Jeff Bauer 30,44,73 Vickie Beck 42,73 Susan Beidelschies 31,34,42,74 Gary Benefiel 26,3O,44,49,74 Allen Berg 74 Mike Blessinger 74 Stan Busby 26,30,44,49,50,73,74 Molly Brown 73,74 Susan Brown 42,73,74 Dan Buckner 30,74 Connie Cain 42,74 Joan Collier 31,74 Gloria Cook 4,31,34,42,74 Ernest Crowder 74 Judy Daugherty 31,74 Gary Davidson'74 Pat Delaplane 42,74 Leon Ebert 44,49,7 4 Howard Edwards 74 Kent Ehman 44,74 Shirley Fletcher 17,24,31,42,73,74 Sue Foley 31,42,73,74 Paul Gammon 74 Don Gilchrist 30,74 Carol Giselbach 31,42,74 Paul Glotzbach 74 1 I5 Dick Gross 38,74 Jeff Harper 74 Eddie Hart 20,3O,74 Becky Hartsock 31,74 Dixie Heaton 20,34,74 Kenny Heller 21,75 Darlene Henry 42,75 Steve Henry 30,49,75 Chuck Hobbs 75 John Humphrey 75 David Huth 21,30,40,48,49,75 Robert Jackman 75 Ludy Jarrell 17,42,75 Bill Jarrett 49,75 Marsha Jarvis 20,75 Mike Jarvis 20,75 Dallas Jent 14,73 Bill Johnson 75 Wanda Jones 31,35,75 Ernestine Kennedy 42,75 Sue Kennedy 42,75 Mike King 75 Mary Lambertson 31,42,75 Bill Lay 30,40,44,7 5 John Lazenby Penny Leasure 17,42,75 Phil Lehman 75 Mike Lewellen 30,75 Nick Luyet 75 Tim Marsh 30,75 David McCord 38,75 Jerry McCord 75 Raymond McCord 75 -. .. ali!-lv. i Karen McElfresh 31,34,42,75 Sylvia Morris 75 Melanie Paddock 31,34,42,75 Fred Pennock 76 Jill Peterson 17,42,76 Pam Pierce 76 Mary Prince 42,76 Brenda Pruett 31,42,76 Mary F. Richwine 26,34,37,4 Steve Robinson 76 Marilyn Ryan 14,17,31,76 Stanley Sallee 76 Mike Schuck 76 Carolyn Shepard 31,42,76 Mary Shipley 42,7 6 Tom Sigler 26,30,76 Tom Smith 24, 30,76 Sherry Sowash 42,76 Phillip Spears 76 Pete Spoo 30,76 Rex Stansberry 76 Brenda Stevens 10,42,76 Danny Stigall 30, 40, 44,76 Steve Sumner 20,30,44,49,76 Sue Taylor 76 Carol Tomey 31,42,76 Susan Updegraff 17,76 Tom Waymire 76 Eddie Weaver 76 Mike Whetsel 76 Connie Whitson 76 Dianna Whitson 76 Sue Whitson 73 2,4336 Steve Wilson 20,76 FRESHMAN CLASS Tommy Asby 77 Larry Bardonner 20,77 Phil Bott 77 Frances Brizendine 12,45,77 Kathy Brown 31,42,77 Fred Bryan 30,77 Jean Chambers 20,77 Kay Chism 31,77 James Cloud 77 Herbert Condon 45,49,78 Steve Cox 20,78 David Cunnin ham 78 INDEX 8 Sandra Cunningham 26,31,42,77,78 Larry Davis 49,78 Karla Ehman 34,35,42,78 Tom Faucett 47,49,78 Sharon Fischer 4, 42,78 Ronald Fisher 78 Eddie Foley 30,78 Gary Fox 78 Jennie Frazier 15,31,42,78 Tom Frye 78 Terry George 78 Jerry Gordon 30,77,78 Frankie Gosnell 45,49,78 Joyce Graham 78 Roger Gray 78 Marilyn Harrison 31,78 Sandra Hart 31,42,45,78 Ralph Hays 21,30,34,78 George Heady 45,47,78 Terry Heaton 7,20,78 Terry Hiatt 20,78 Charles Hiday 78 Martha Hisle 78 Gary Hobbs 78 Carolyn Hook 5,78 Sandra Hoover 42,78 Sherrie Hueston 79 Danny Hughes 79 Nila Huth 31,42,79 Dennis Hutson 79 Gordon 'Jackman 49 Karen Jarvis 20,79 Sarah John 31,42,79 Danny Johnson 20,79 Richard Jones 79 Jack Kimmerling 79 Gary Killian 79 Judy Kinser 42,79 Barbara Knight 79 Ginger Knight 20,79 Darrell Lane 79 Kathy Lee 3,20,34,77 Larry Litsey 10,21,30,34,79 Peggy Manning 79 Xeneclea Mathews 31,42,79 Tom Mauck 45,79 Janet McCarthy 31,42,79 Dick McCord 30,79 Janelle McCorkle 79 Sondra McCorkle 79 H6 Sharon McPhearson 20,79 Tom Mitchell 79 George Mittendorf 79 John Montcastle 77 Mike Moore Gary Nash 21,2e,so,45,'1'1,v9 Teresa Pedro 79 Nancy Prewett 79 Kathy Prieshoff 31,42,79 Lee Riegle 20,80 Dave Roby 20,80 Darrell Ryan 45,80 Carol Sarson 34,80 John Saulmon 80 Melissa Schuck 31,42,8O Tom Singer 20,21,80 Dennis Smith 45,80 Shirley Smith 31,80 Paula Starr 31,42,8O Bruce Stevens 45,80 Larry Strom 80 Phyllis Stottlemyer 80 Connie Stroud 80 Danny Swart 20,45,80 Linda Taylor 80 Wayne Von Hiebor 21,80 Jerry Waltermire 45,49,8O Larry Waltermire 45,49,8O Jarrel Waymire 80 Richard Waymire 80 Ginger Welborn 26, 31,42,8O Lynn Welborn 42,80 Lucresia Wells 42,80 David Wesseler 30,80 Mary Wethington 30,80 Janet Whalen 20,80 Maribeth Whetsel 20,34,80 Dave Williams 80 Carolyn Wright 20,77,80 FACULTY Emma Alspaugh 56 Marjorie Andrew 31, 54,56, 58 Robert Barker 2O,21,56 David Bartlow 56,58 Marilyn Bowers 25, 35, 56, 59 Mulford Davis 25, 40,44,49 ,56, 57 Pain Davis 1'1,45,47,49,51,5s Bill French 30,56 Ted Harbit 8,57 Gene Heniser 27,54,55,57 Gordon Kerkhoff 25,38,54, Joyce Koehn 37,57,58 Cathryn Lucas 57 Lornell Mock 8,14,42,57 Sterrett Nash 57 Winifred Owens 58 Frances Sigler 58 Doris Waymire 16,58 Carl Henderson 34 Lena Henderson 34 Marguerite Miller 55 57 7332929155 1 L e,L-T:-fi. 1 . if, . f, .7 ..-gf, fn , Q f, Wy' , 3 71.3311 we A Q , .Y me uf? 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Suggestions in the Frankton High School - Eaglite Yearbook (Frankton, IN) collection:

Frankton High School - Eaglite Yearbook (Frankton, IN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Frankton High School - Eaglite Yearbook (Frankton, IN) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Frankton High School - Eaglite Yearbook (Frankton, IN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Frankton High School - Eaglite Yearbook (Frankton, IN) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Frankton High School - Eaglite Yearbook (Frankton, IN) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Frankton High School - Eaglite Yearbook (Frankton, IN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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