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 - Class of 1959

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5 'mr Q lg "U wwf .r iw .ik ,. , ' "'fff7U'M--P ,gf fa? if R we . -Ll" ' . sm .-2 ,ig M Q W 'fu ,fs , , ff .ff 5 -' 3 ,r P , u.,, g."w' :fp . ff ff vw-ww-ma' ff' W: X " X-A-ffm---'-'ff we-2 if- , fl .A., 5 ,v x' F- 1' W , . .L ' "" 4e..w1Jk- " A W3 ,, A-.ffm-1m.,.1,.v-W 0' gym ? 1959 Presented by I-I THE SENIOR CLASS III FRANKTON HIGH SCHOOL Franldon Indiana AN OPEN HAND AN EASY SHOE AND The series of experiences which go to make up the life of F rankton High School might fall into four fields- Education, School- spirit, Social Life, and Athletics. As the stude nt s participate in these experiences, the y find that they, like the new pair of loafers they purchased before school began, fit into the picture better by having participated. It is the purpose of the 1959 Eaglite staff to present this picture as clearly as possible, and to provide you the reader with a gold min e of memories both now and for years to come . . . May you find that these experiences have like the shoe, worn well. CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION 5 FACULTY 7 SENIOR DIVISION 11 JUNIOR DIVISION 25 UNDERCLASSMEN DIVISION 33 GRADE FACULTY 46 GRADE DIVISION 47 ACTIVITIES DIVISION 55 EAGLITE 62 SPORTS DIVISION '71 ADVERTISEMENT DIVISION 83 A HOPE TO MAKE THE DAY GO THROUGH I' f 1, S' yo X "Diamonds are only chunks of coal That stuck to their jobs, you see: If they'd petered out, as most of us do, Where would the diamonds be? It isn't the fact of making a start, lt's the sticking that counts. I'll say It's the fellow that knows not the meaning of fall But hammers and hammers away. Whenever you think you've come to the end, And you're beaten as bad as can be, Remember that diamonds are chunks of coal, That stuck to their jobs, you see." ROBERT ED LEE Robert Ed Lee joinedthe faculty at Frank- ton High School inl930 and sincethat time had Frankton and the students in the school as his chief interest. In the fall of 1947, Mr. Lee assumed the role of principal, a position he held until the time of his passing, Sunday morning, December 21, 1958. Mr. Lee gave many long hours to his duties as principal. He was often found at work in the building in the wee hours of the morning. Truly the words of the poet who penned the lines above-he is a diamond. He stuck to his job. 4 7 TOWNSHIP BOARD OF EDUCATION The advisory board serves throughout the year as a council to the trustee. Their work is varied in nature and is invaluable to the trustee's office. Denver Mays, Dr. Fitzpatrick, and Charles Wells are pictured. Waldo Canaday first became trustee in the year 1942. He served fortwo four-year terms. Following this he was clerk for his wife, Millicent Canaday who served as trustee for two four-year terms. At spring ele ctio n time, the opposition did not put a c andidate into the field but gave full approval to Waldo as the p e r son for the job. Waldo Canaday began his third term as trustee of Pipecreek Town- ship in January of 1959. Millicent Canaday served the township well as trustee for eight years and it is with pride that we p r e s ent her here as clerk to the Trustee of Pipe- creek Township. 5 av. """'?' KENNETH R CONKLING Mr Conkhng was elevated to the pos1t1on as prmclpal on January 1 He came to Frankton ln the fall of 1947 to teach mathematxcs and to serve as ass1stant pr1nc1pal F H S stu dents have apprec1atedh1s contr1but1on to the school and w1sh h1m well 1n h1s new role X' OFFICE AND ADMINISTRATION fsffx MARGUERITE MILLER fl11S a spot 1n our school system that IS very lmportant. She 1S one of those persons who m1ght be sa1d to be 'everywhere at the same t1me ' , for she lS at the be ckon and call of the ent1re staff of more than twenty teachers and f1lls 1D at the off1ce of the trustee when needed In keepmg wlth the theme of the yearbook, we could say that she IS l1ke the 'old shoe'. she wears well FACULTY Practical Arts The sub'ects included in the Practical Arts division are J avery important part of the curriculum. They aid the stude nts not only in high school but after graduation some step into jobs with little or no further training. BILLY J. FRENCH received his A.A. from East Central Jr. College, his B. S. degree from Mississippi State, and has attended Ball State Teachers College. Mr. French teaches industrial arts and mathematics. He is freshman class sponsor. Billy Jo French Marilyn Bowers Inez McCoy Ted M. Harbit MARILYN BOWERS teaches home economics. She is cafeteria supervisor and senior class sponsor. Miss Bowers has her B.S. degree from Ball State Teachers College and is working on her Master's Degree at U. of Wisc. INEZ McCOY al so teaches home ec and science. She is sophomore class sponsor. Mrs. McCoy h a s her B.S. d e g r e e from Purdue University. TED M. HARBIT who teaches busine s s edu- cation clas se s is sponsor of the eighth grade class. Mr. Harbit obtained his B.S. degree from Ball State Teachers College and has attended Indiana State Teachers College. At present he is working on his Master's at Ball State Teachers College. 7 .1 'Q FACULTY Humanities Many of the subjects taught in high s chool are classed as Humanities. They are essentially for the selfimprove- ment of the student alone but would not provide employment after graduation. They are the subjects which provide the medium of expression and play an important part in helping to mold the character of the student and to better enable him to fit into the "shoe". Cathryn Lucas xt' 1 1719 Sterrett L. Nash Virginia Bykowski ,gg Mulford Davis lit' vi' 4 A ' ff, X ,X Q Em- Winiired L. Owens FACULTY VIRGINIA BYKOWSKI has her B.S. de gr e e from Purdue University. She also att e nde d Miami University and Ball St at e Teachers College. Mrs. Bykowski t e a c h e s social studies and girls physical education. She is dean of girls and pep club sponsor. MULFORD DAVIS has his A.B. and M.A. from the unive rsity of Kentucky. He is director of athletics andhead coach. Mr. Davis teaches driver training, history, and phy. ed., as well as sponsor of the sophomore class. CATHRYN LUCAS has her B.S. degree from Indiana State Teachers College. She teaches all the art in both high school and grades. Mrs. Lucas is freshman class sponsor. STERRETT L. NASH obtained his B.S. degree from Marion Colle ge and his M.S. from Indiana University. Mr. Nash teache s English, is director of dramatics, is advisor for Eaglite, is seventh grade sponsor, and faculty advisor for the Student Council and the Honor Society. WINIFRED OWENS received her A.B. from Indiana University. Mrs. Owens is teacher of sophomore English and all classes gin Latin. EMMA ALSPAUGH received he r A.B. degree from Taylor University and a B.S. in L.S. from the University of Denver. She is librarian, manager of the township bookstore, and teaches English nine. CHARLES McNEW is a graduate of Transylvania College where he received his A.B. He has Emma Alspaugh attended Marion College and Ball Stat e Teachers College. Mr. McNew teaches junior high English and social studies. He as s i ste d Mr. Nash with the senior class play and with the Eaglite. ROBERT BARKER has his A.B. from Tran- sylvania College. Mr. Barker teaches all grade and high s chool choral wo rk and is director of the Frankton High School band. Mr. Barker is spons o r of the eighth grade class. PAUL DAVIS obtaine d his B.S. degree from Ball State Teachers College. He teaches social studies, driver's education, and physical education. Mr. Davis is headbase- ball coach. Paul Davis Charles McNew :sax -unsav- 1.1 Robert Barker . 3 A 4 FACULTY Mathemat1cs and SCIENCES In thxs day of m1ss1les and sat111tes added lmportance 1Sb91I1g g1ven to the study of mathe mat1cs and sc1ence 1n hlgh school Capable students are encouraged to take advanced math and sc1ence courses to prepare themselves for Work 1n sc1ent1f1c research or engmeermg At Frankton H1gh School we have three teachers who ma1nly teach math or sc1ence GORDON KERKHOFF obtamed h1s B S A from Purdue Un1vers1ty Mr Kerkhoff IS the vocat1onal agmculture teacher He also teaches chem1stry and b1ology He IS Jun1or Class Sponsor LEO KENT POORE attendedWest Po1nt M1l1tary Academy and was graduated from Kansas State College, where he rece1ved h1s Bachelor of Sclence Degree Mr Poore Jomed our teachmg staff 1n January He teaches Jun1or H1gh math and the advanced classes m the h1gh school JAMES BALLINGER obta1ned h1s B S and M S from Ball State Teachers College He teaches phyS1CS and Jun1or hxgh sc1ence Poore 5 Kerkhoff Balhnger mvwaw l O 439 is -af- ,I ww ,fn ww EP? 5 NW V .-Gln., is H "v, ...V 'A' ',W,,,v 3, l W ' ' ..., --s-Y , tx lg .1-A. V .. 40" K a., X 'ttf GARY WRIGHT Ag Basketball 1-2-3-4 FFA Reporter 4 Track 2 Pep-Club 4 District Judging Team 3 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President . . . ..... Joe Mays Vice-Pres. . . . .Myron Etchison Secretary ...... Barbara Ousley Treasurer. . .... Judy Hill Business Mgr. . . David Shoulders Sponsors: Marilyn Bowers Kenneth R. Conkling I , SHARON WOLF Golden Eagle Staff 3 Chorus 4 Monitor 3-4 Pep-Club 2-3-4 SENIOR 1,4 'uqv-v-'gr' H411 WAYNE M. WHALEN Basketball 1 Monitor 3 Band 1-2-3-4- Chorus 4 Pep-Club 3-4 Golden Eagle 3 tl:-if --more Q-he ,Q .wr LINDA LOU WEBB Golden Eagle Staff 4 Chorus 2 Faculty Secretary 4 ADELINE KAY TURNER Pep Club 2-3 Class Play 3-4 Golden Eagle Staff 3-4 Faculty Secretary 4 Monitor 2-4 Cafeteria 2-3-4 'Y' i 'L 'QYY7 FRANK WAYMIRE Basketball 1-2-3 Track 1-2-3 Cross Country 1-2-3 Talon Club 1-2-3-4 CLASS CHARLES STIGALL Band 1 4-H Club 1 '5 9-4-'fir tn' 'bf . "' LANCE WARRINER Basketball 1-2-3-4 Baseball 1-2-3-4 Track 1-2-3-4 Talon Club 3-4 Cross Country 3 Vice-President 1 MARILYN STE VE NS Eaglite 4 Class Play 4 Safety Patrol 4 Monitor 4 Pep Club 1-2-3-4 Chorus 4 lo- 3 , 'Y' RONNIE SMITH Student COUDC11 4 Track 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 Eaghte 3 4 Cross Country l 2 3 A 2 3 LINDA KAY SILVE Y Golden Eagle Staff 4 Faculty Secretary 4 I. nv! 'Vg ev' 4""S Y' 346' 4 , 5 ' 'Yr 9 e-av PAUL SMITH Cafeter1a 3 SENIOR DAVID SHOULDERS Honor Soclety Presldent 4 Busmess Manager 4 Eaglxte AdV9I't1S1I'lg Manager 4 All State Chorus 3 4 Class Play 3 4 Chorus 2 3 4 3 p' 4!'.','.x 1 D li o0"". 3' TE RRY SINGER Audlo V1sual1 2 Chorus 1 2 3 4 Art Club 2 Concess1on Club 2 WILMA JEAN SAYRE G1r1 s Chorus 1 FR 71, S I y no f' 4 ff AL:2'u it: 5' 1 ' 1 -31 y F - - -4 F.F. . - -4 1 K ,, W' If . wx Q , N Vo I . V ., I Q, 1 Y A'F.'lff-mat" 1' glx ,mfr 4v"'YP MAX ROACH Student Council 1-2 Vice-President 3 Eaglite Editor 4 4-H Club 1-2-3-4 Judging Team 1-2-3-4 F. F.A. 2-3 Secretary 4 Class Play 3 BE TTY JANE PORTE R Pep Club 3-4 Monitor 3 Chorus 4 Golden Eagle Staff 4 Faculty Secretary 4 Safety Patrol 4 S' E17 JACKLYN RITTE R Faculty Secretary 4 Golden Eagle Staff 4 Pep Club 2-4 CLASS FREDDIE PARTLOW Basketball Manager 1-2 Cross Country Manager 1-2 Track Manager 1-2 X2 ai,- LUCY RILEY Honor Society 3-4 Student Council 4 Class Play 3-4 Class Officer 2-3 Eaglite 3-4 Golden Eagle Editor 3 BARBARA OUSLEY Varsity Cheerleader 3-4 Class Officer 3-4 Honor Society 3-4 Class Play 3-4 Journalism Conference 3 Eaglite 3-4 41 11N I X-Q yd Ngx NANCY LEE MILLS Chorus 3-4 Pep Club 2-3-4 4-H Club 1-2-3-4 Monitor 1 Cafeteria 1 LINDA MCCARTY Pep Club 1-2-3-4 Chorus 4 Faculty Secretary 4 Safety Patrol 4 Golden Eagle Staff 4 Monitor 4 'Q 'FYI' MARY KATHERINE MILLE R Pep Club 1-2-3-4 Golden Eagle Staff 4 Chorus 4 Librarian 4 Faculty Secretary 4 SENIOR JOE MAYS Track 1-2-3-4 Class President 2-4 Student Council 2-4 Talon Club 2-3-4 F.F.A. Officer 3-4 Ag. Basketball 1-2-3-4 E-off' Nl 'I-ffjif , 1 'ff a ,, 37:4 b. SHARON HELLER Pep Club 1-4 Chorus 4 Faculty Secretary 4 Golden Eagle Staff 4 Monitor 4 CLASS MARTIN HANSON Monitor 1 Golden Eagle 3 Math Contest 1-2-3 Student Council 3 1 ,Q q-QQ . , ,I '15 BOB HARTSOCK Cross Country 3-4 Track 4 Monitor 3-4 Cafeteria 2 Pep Club 4 SAUNDRA LOU HAMPTON Faculty Secretary 4 Golden Eagle Staff 4 Chorus 4 Pep Club 1-2 1,0 4""'7 '-Q.-f W CHARLIE GRAHAM Baseball 1-3-4 Basketball 1 Track 1 Talon Club 3 HELEN Y. GARRETT Eaglite Staff 4 Golden Eagle Staff 3-4 Class Play 3-4 Monitor 1-3 Librarian 3-4 Pep Club 3 'ES' W Q' JOHN ROBERT GOLDSBE RRY 4-H Club 1-2-3-4 F.F.A. 2-3-4 Pep Club 2-3-4 Cafeteria 3 District Judging Team 3 SENIOR TOM FRIEND Baseball 1-2-3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Track 1-2-3-4 Class President 1-3 Student Council 1-3 Honor Society 4 I J, DIANE E. GILLESPIE Librarian 3-4 Class Play 3-4 Golden Eagle Staff 3-4 Eaglite 4 Monitor 1-3-4 Pep Club 3 LINDA LOU FOLAND Cheerleader 1-2-3-4 Honor Society 3-4 Class Play 3-4 Safety Patrol 4 Eaglite 4 Chorus 2-3-4 rig "1" T735 X of 4 A, f -3 MYRON ETCHISON Class V1ce Presldent 4 Bus1ness Manager Ag Basketballl 2 3 4 Chorus 2 3 4 Class Play 3 All State Chorus 3 4 JOYCE CURTIS Student Counc1l 1 Pep Club 1 Cafeter1a 1 MOH1tOT 1 3 4 Golden Eagle Staff 1 fi one 'ZS 'buff If KATHLEEN DIETZER Golden Eagle Staff 4 Pep Club 1 2 Faculty Secretary 4 CLASS JON CUNNINGHAM 4 H Club 2 3 Pep Club 4 Judgmg Team 1 Q' QF' 7 JE RRY DAVIS Chorus 4 Pep Club 3 4 F F A 3 4 Ag Basketball 3 NANCY CARLENE COOK Blu Tr1 1 Pep Club 1 2 3 Future Nurses of Amer1ca Sunsh1ne Soc1ety 2 3 Chorus 1 Class Reporter 1 ,Q 4--3,65 f4"' 1-J' N LARRY CONDON Basketball 1-2-3-4 Baseball 1-2-3-4 Track 1-2-3-4 Cross Country 3-4 Class Play 3-4 Monitor 3-4 LINDA CAMPBELL Varsity Cheerleader Student Council 3-4 Class Play 3-4 Chorus 2-3-4 Golden Eagle Staff 3 Monitor 3-4 AEN X NANCY SUE CLE VENGER Cheerleader 1-2-3-4 Student Council President 4 Honor Society 3-4 Safety Patrol 4 Class Play 3-4 Eaglite 4 SENIOR EDGAR F. BURCHE TT F. F. A. 2 - 3 - 4 Ag. Basketball 1 - 2 . IU MIKE CARPENTER Safety Patrol 4 Chorus 4 Class Play 3-4 Pep Club 3-4 Golden Eagle Staff 3 Student Council 4 LELAND WAYNE BROCKMAN Ag. Judging Team 1 2 'R' z':'?"' W - E ff,f?f.r Q Y 15 ,M aff ag f-Of" ....-.5 JOE BEIDELSCHIES Dramat1cs Club 1 Thesp1an Soclety 1 Class Play 3 Eaghte 3 4 REGINA SUE ASHTON Honor Soc1ety 4 Golden Eagle Staff 3 Class Play 3 4 Pep Club 1 2 3 Faculty Secretary 4 Ca.feter1a 1 2 4 TE RRY BE EMAN Student Counc1l 4 Honor Soclety 3 4 Golden Eagle Staff 3 Eaghte 4 Pep Club 4 CLASS LARRY ALLEN ABBOTT Band 2 3 4 Chorus 2 3 4 Pep Club 3 4 A 2 3 Ag Basketball 3 4 S ff! 38. 'ld' ima L 'X i' IVIICHAEL BANKE R Ag Basketball 1 2 F F A 3 4 D AND FOREWiEPREc:IAT'0N We the Sen1or Class w1sh to present to you e 9 Eagllte Thls year s book IS presented wlth mzxed em ot1ons s1nce our class w1ll be the last to graduate from th1s school We would l1ke to express our thanks and apprec1at1on to the faculty and to our parents wlthout whom graduauon would not have been posslble and to our sponsors Mar1lyn Bowers and Kenneth Conklmg who played a most lmportant role ln helpmg us to achlere our goal wh1 ch seemed almost unposslble At last 1t IS no longer a dream we have attalned our goa Wlth In any more goals and auns for the future we leax e Fra nkton Hlgh School Jumor Hgh and Grade School To Mr Nash ene 1esourc-efulness unfazlzng, nd devotlon we thc Ezglzte staff would l1Ac to express a Kmg SlZC THANK YOU He has played the ID ijor rolc that 171 alle s h s cdltlon one that we are proud topz c sc t . . th H5 vr ' - 1 - - ' 1 ' f l. ' I .' ' ' ' tothe ' 'J' . whose ' , ' ' ' ray-2 A , Q 2 f' ' ' r ' 1 I' 1 ' vm 1 41 aff 1 1 1 13A ill. I r 'If-sw 1.1. A-em-lv m"s-,af-ff nf' ,km :YA lx x ,ifxk X N T, CLASS OFFICERS President ..... Tom Benefiel Vice-Pres . . Corrine Mitchell Secretary ..... Barbara Todd Treasurer . . . Sharon Wright Business Mgr. . . Phil Bouslog Sponsors ...... Linda Fox Gordon Kerkhoff '33 IL -rf' qt. '23 N... ig:-1' JUNIOR Sharon Wright Loretta Sue Wright Roger Witeher David Wilson Sandra Waymire Judy Waymire Diane Waymire Terry Ware Joyce Waltermire CLASS Barbara Todd Karen Thomas Dav1d Taylor Paul Sw1nde11 Morr1s St1ga11 Dlane Stevens Lorna Sprague Charles Sowash Ronme Joe Sm1th Betty Smxth Barbara Sh1r1ey Mar11yn Schuck Y7 ,L- 'R"tf Nc-4' 7' X F fi 1' xl' 3" X Jn Q 74 K JUNICR Sharon Ryan B111 Rlchwme Davld Peterson av1d Penmngton Peggy Nudmg Janmce Nash ,y-r-'O' ff MX X in AQ-ggx 'IL' 'FF B111 Montcastle Cormne M1tche11 Clemmy Merltt Gary McDan1e1 Neva McCord Ronme Mauck CLASS Kay Lew1s Dav1d Lehman Joyce Legg Pam Lawrence Barbara K1111an Benny Kennedy Vern Jones Carolyn Johnson Carole Johnson Kenny Jarrett Marie Huth Dixie Hueston QW i Q5 QV '42 ,- 4'3" 1--" -cv QW 5+ ii Qui-- ,Q -YN QR 1' X 'E' as in V- ,Jg Nun-as JUNIOR Dor1s Hudson Sandra Hobbs Danny Hobbs Myrna Hester Jane Henderson Bob Heady Dor1s Hartley Jamce Harper Bob Hall Jamce Gray Larry Gosnell Judy Gardner CLASS Donme Foust Ronme Foland Joe Fesler Janet Edwards Harms Ebert Dav1d Dletzer Bonme Curus Kexth Condon Randall Compton Phnnp Cole A Ph11 Bouslog Anne Bott ,f"ll. AV" G-ff avi I-Q. 11' Dk QM' 'miie f X x m 35 "i ,Jr ax' W dbx" fi k Janice Beshear Qf Carol Benham Tom Benefiel Q' In ,eg X X r f U, g-,H f f I f g, I . 19:1 John Beck Max Bailey V , 4 . My Don Bailey LORNA SPRAGUE found time to assist the 4-H leader with prep for the annual exhibit-At the same fair MARIE HUTH was chosen queen with bouncing DORIS HARTLEY as the princess. The style show at the annual Fall Festival was a 'howling success' with such models as MME ROBERTO HALL leading the parade. DIANA STEVENS and J ANNICE NASH find time to pose for the camerawhile doing a little journalism. PAUL SWINDELL prepares Bessy or is it Bossy for the show ring? Careful JOE FESLER, the camera caught you with that watermelon. Wi A JUNIGRS 7' SOPHOMORE 'Q 54' .2 as T F- . .-, M- C.. - " Q19 , ,., X ., C V 1 I 1 If .5 . X Q 1 xx ur ,V A 14 ZS- " 'Zi . 9. t. i.. . 3 f,,,,1,, ii .L 'N' . Sv 1 5 g gr tkkixi tx -'aired' l-A . - S 491 ! gi, K Y Q, Linda Welborn Gary Welborn Richard Weaver Carol Waymire Patricia Tinsley Mildred Thomason Dee Taylor Ronnie Swindell William Smith Lynnette Smith James Smith Donnie Sizelove Arlene Sizelove Anita Sigler Merril Shaw Judy Shaw Helen Sayre Richard Samuels Marilyn Samuels Peggy Sallee Phil Rinker Barbara Riegal Carl Reed Wanda Prince ff' it . X ii I Q 1 Q! . 5 U 7-ii I 5 M. , I. Q . K, w 8, ,A s ,W 5,915 u...,2-' ,: - 4- f 5- ,fi 3 X 1 in ,V V ry ,,:, . , gt -W . A . I s- :C :X KXV7-ax " lm I . . 4 N A 5 ' L last, ' Q ' " -: ag ,' X N 54263 322 Y 7 1 Z,Kc. 1.15 7- ' tx I Fx President . . . . . . Bob Mills Vice-President Linda Welborn Secretary . . . . Elaine Floyd Treasurer. . . . .James Hays Business Mgr . Bette Mitchell Sponsors . . . Mulford Davis an Inez McCoy Mary Pr1ce Rosalle Porter Nancy Parker Lxnda Nacoff Max Moody Bette M1tchell Bobby M1115 Jack Mlller Dave McPhearson Judy McElfresh CLASS ,- p A f T5 ,h Q.,- fs qv nl- 1 by 5' 2 3-' " gl A "A J J J l 1 .J A t t- , .f ,I My , lv r ., , , W . ,Y M vm ' , N , V I ,V ' 'Win Qs .V 4 0- H 2 'R' fr ' L J , ' --X r A " , J x A J 'J - A , , X K qhxt is Q' REQ 'rv I 'al t XX Q ,. x V I' NW' 'RX A thx 1 ' fl A . 'N J ,, gy, ai -ei if J ff, AQ 'N wr , A l, X Q J ' ' Q t ' ' ' tax X Vin of . z 7 V. . x -X F- l , f X 1- ' :' . L Q' ffl 2' ' ' V f f y J .f , J ' rg ,f , 4 '55 'B 'X' 'Q 4 J 2' aft ,-, or .f ' ' ' I TH- ,,-,, ' 1 4 gf 'J , ' , Q, f .lv-A ' 'x as it 45 :Ai my .1 A " Q' 9 " V fi . A . , , Q , " 'A ' ' . .K rf , y . as . I 1 N-, A, H Elame Mauck Esther Martln Carolyn Luzadder Mxke Luyet Penelope Lenms Marlene Klrby Margaret Kxlllan Darlene Jarvxs Mlke Jackson G1nger Jackson Barbara Jack Jerry Hutson Kerm1t House Cynthxa Henry Domece Heller Phxl Heaton James Hayes Judy Harless Daud Hahn Mametta Gobble dr ix CX Q1 'ev 35 'C' 'N 'US T' h e ll 48 AN SOPHOMORES +1 4,- 'Vlary G1selbach Harold Garrett Rhoda Fry Kay Freeman Elame Floyd Nancy Flelds Lynda Fesler Kent Elder B1ll Drummond Bob Decker Brady Deckard D1ane Davldson Benny Dax 1dson Gary Dalzell Emma Curt1s ln fx x rs ,. 3 5 xri ? if u U 15 lbxx 1' K' W X Q ,RS- Gary Crawford Lee Cralg Ke1th Cooper G1or1a Collxer Larry Cochran Janet Cam Dxck Bryan Sharon Brockman Darrell Brxrendme R1chard Brashear Mardella Bow ers Conme Beals Betty Ashton Marshall Arbuckle Gxlbert Alexander 1, :U la i. X ' ,, 1' "I XX ,f V I ,V A ' W ,N x X U V - ' ' ftiv I 5 is 31" , 4 'gf 7 ' A 1- 2 ' Q K, X ' NX xi x CN 4 ' I4 V 5 V ,-. , yi - 112 W' . . ""5' AI Af C' t. 'M ff . 1 ,f xt X is Xue h 'ff A. I 5 K ,tx Lf f 'C' Q C ttly to 54 I L V ' ' ll ' 1 E 'N ' to if fl at ' 5 4 1 .C gg: a A 1, 1 L e L 1. is r if 4 M f VV . ' 4 I J l ' X N A , .NMS A 45 'x f "' ' , V " 'xx A ' Q. 4 I 1 ' 5 fe Y ' '- ' ' nu-A K , , . fly f I Q- 1 i psi' 'mf' . .J - 'l f , tml- 'X 1' - . 7-N .. af K ix Y-jf . A . ' 3"- ' ' 'f ' A it 'i-V. '. ,, rx ' N "A ' 1 2 , as If ,030 :Y 'Iii-" fix? F' 6 ,M , . Ili, A Y v-3 if , Q V - V h - XI L 0- L, Vw 6' 'L 'X 'args U1 V Q ,,., A - lf- ,A ,S mls., . it T T FRESHMAN CLASS Stephen Wright Rita Wright Raymond Witcher John Wimer Tonda Whitson Steve Whticomb Tom Whetsel Jim Waymire Nancy Watkins Kathy Ware Jim Waltermire Joyce Voss Richard Turner Nelma Tranbarger Janet Thomas Donald Thomas Karen Taylor Darla Sue Taylor Carol Swackhamer CLASS O FFICERS President .... Vice-President . . Secretary ..... Treasurer .... Business Manager Sponsors . . . . . . Charles Stottlemeyer . . Carol Jean Mock . . . . . Rita Wright . . Carol Sue Davis Billy Joe French, Catheryn Lucas . . .Wayne Kerkhoff ff- I1 NJ FRESHMAN T' R kv-' Q11 T 'Q- fn cl 'Q ,. 'U 'gf -rn sr 13 ar f' at F w- 1' fs wr L 'VN ax' uf, A 5 3 1 3 1 Clara Sturbms Charles Stottlemyer Arletta Stevens Char11e Stettner Jack Smothers Mlke Smlth John Smlth Barbara S1g1er Carole Shxrley An1ta Shallenberger Karl R1tter Jane Rltter Ben RlChW1H9 Robert Reveal Douglas Prewett Dan Phxlhps Tommy Orbaugh Larry Noble Carol Mock James M1tt9hd0Tf Llnda McPhearson Ted McCord Sharon Luttrell Robert Lovell Ph1ll1p Lehman Raymond Leever Dor1s Kmght Wayne Kerkhoff Bertha Kennedy Lmda Kallner Donna Jones Txm Johnson Martha Johnson Bob Jarrett Danny Jackson Robert Jackman Ja an Hutchlson Karen Humphrey Jack Huffman Stephen Hudson Stephen Horn L fn I -- a V g . 5 1 7' 'V J 2 li J L , 'F' 'Q ' qi ' 'cr ' ' , 14, W: ' , .- . . J fx U A U .t . X x l X , . 5' 1 ' A l ix - " I Q , A . 5 , " t 1 ' r fr , V L Q V . it . L A f- 0 Q 42 A 'A VV hx A A I 1 mx " - J' 'S J 4" " , hy C az ,H sp A lg 4 v X , . 3 3 , f CQ- , ' ' 'rf v .: . -f M X p .C - , 4 ff 55 5 tx ,. lx X R' I N I ff ti: H I .v,,k As, , XX X i Xt g Lv 6. If z :Nt , A Y! ' A ' ,': Q. at A. Q' George Marcum '::f. if D x x fx K QT ' I I ii N t 1 ' ' A 'F' ' , Q r ,, ki- ,US A A - I ' ig U' ' 'A Y y ' W - r' , ' Wi , X , C of Hg if ". n xr" 1' "Y " 4 --Q ,' Lf 3 'S ' Q A ,L 3 , , ' '- kv ' r X ' i N' 1 , U? I .f- ' - a A ' ' A Z' f 'J it A' 'A N4 ' K KA V, -W 'T ' 3 , C N N. N , 1 I 445, K . 'S' F h t I Sherry Hoover Douglas Hood Charlotte Holman Glorla Hertle Way ne Hendrlek Ann Heath Tom Heady Ruth Head Naney Hays B111 Hartsock Mary Hartley Franees Granger Norman Graham B111 Gordon Larry G1llesp1e V1ck1e Gardner Gordon Fuller Alma Frxend James Foland Arthur Eversole W C Eden Gaxl Eatherly Bob Delhnger Gera1d1ne Davls Carole Davls Ruth Dalzell Dallas Curt1s Arthur Cress Sandra Conk11n Delbert Burton Larry Brown Ph11l1p Brashear Larry Brashear Lorrame Bouslog Judy Blaylock Roselyn Basey Danny Barmes Domta Ba1dw1n Mary Baker Terry Avery Todd Ash if CLASS Q A "3 ,. 1 'N 'Q 49 Qs!! 3 ii K 39 tix fax -.S J' K' ?"' in 'wg -1 . V ,,,,4.v-H""'6 gi, , K M -1 , uit ,s- 1' f 'S Y- -r X fi 'D' QR-1 f"'xQ B pk 'Q Q' 51' EIGHTH 5? ls Xen. lf" ir- T' T37 I l ll -Q56 Q4 ew " Y 'C' x wg-r G5 .. Nt x 1 A9 13 x. B. Emu Steve Wxlson M1ke Whetsel Tommy Wavm1re Rlchard Waymxre Stephen Sumner Danny Stlgall Brenda Stevens Rex Stansberry Pete Spoo Ph11l1p Spears Tommy Slgler Mary Sh1pley Stanley Sallee Marllyn Ryan Mary R1chw1ne Mary Prxnce Fred Pennock T1m Orbaught Sy1v1a Morrxs M1ke Moore Karen McElfresh Rxchard McCord Dav1d McCord M1chael Lewellen Mary Lambertson B111 Johnson B111 Jarrett Gordon Jackman Davxd Huth Charles Hobbs Stephen Henry Darlene Henry Kenneth Heller DIXIE Heaton Jeffrey Harper .-F 5, 1 x - Q S 1 "X ' 4' ' 'J -' ' 4 gt G A .T Q . ' . 4 A A 1 H K f fl 'M V l S 'J - -' mx' 1 l -vi 1 4: 5 N V F V 'fr qx If 1 lk , 1 . bisllixxi 'fo I' 3 ' -:Q X - Y f' 3- 1 L. '- lt. .I 4 r ....- fg "'L- , we-A ' ' Q ' J'v4v,.,,., ix 4 1 Y 4 KA ya- . , O ' 5 ' A' lf' " Q9-l3'f f- , X' fx ' 1 ' 1 QNX W Xt. ?ll'l.ll.Xv ff till-1' 'fill 1 . - 91' l fr fi A - l M' ' 954 , 3 " . I . . L.. v ' X. '. I - , . . A lt f f 1 ' ' M - I A f xl mi X X xlsul l X 13553 X 4 me f x H ' . fn- ' - ,r f ' I , 1 ' . ' 1 " ' "' ' .- v M A S . ,' 4 Y t , . 5 , ,. in - Nick Luyet .-fff we ' - 1 1-1 1 . to i , xi . - K xx , I . Q -Q, , l' 1,1 my, 63 V - A . A X- t...! v"' gg . A, f 1, : . at 5 V, V K 1 5. ,y ' lf' . X ' K 1 .x'R 1 .1 I xy ' T gl ly . 1 J ' GI :J ,. ' 5, A 5,3 ' " lx - Q VV . . ' V - , .Ji , F Y X ,I - N "i i I, ,X K If ' F hy l I ,l A riz .. , -'ui' 'L-Mfngg y , f 1 1 ' Q .X , X ,, A f X . - ,f eng.: - : - 4: xflk.' GRADE 1 QQ Q, 'eff' CLASS OFFICERS President ........ .... T ommy Sigler Secretary-Treasurer ......... Shirley Fletcher Business Manager ............. Pete Spoo Sponsors ..... . . Robert Barker, Ted Harbit wg- Q . ' I fs '. 1 x gi ' U 5? M , ht J C' Y: f A Dick Gross Don Gooding Paul Glotzbaugh Carol Giselbach Tommy Frye Sue Foley Shirley Fletcher Leon Ebert Judy Daugherty Arthur Cress Joan Collier Connie Cain Susan Brown Molly Brown Muriel Brook Janice Boyd Gary Benefiel Susan Beidelschies Temple Barnes John Althe rr 43 g-Q E R . is iw-. U1 ',g. :Je 11: :alll gt tl l 1 x l N .a,,i.IE'.fY , ygiwl' ,f . " 9 gy f . 4 ' . I! ann 5 vs , .X Y'-rg :L I , DS 9 S , M . 'M . , r lx K l s x fn it l fx 411 ' QQ' ' t ,AY h :ai , S M S 1- - YA ' " ,V 1 .,, , J' S' Wt 'Y ' A than . ' X rig AWWWSAQ S 6' gy I.. " sl N 1 g' S' 'fl S 'tl ' Q Q lfffffzi SEVENTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS President .... Vice-President. . Secretary. . . Treasurer . . Bus. Mgr . . Larry Litsey . Gary Nash . Kathy Lee Tom Singer Ralph Hays Carolyn Wright Robe rt Wilson Mike Wilhoite Maribeth Whetsel Janet Whalen Mary Wethington Ginger Welborn Jarrell Waymire Larry Waltermire Jerry Waltermire Gregory Tunis Danny Swart Bruce Stevens Dennis Smith Stephen Slater Thomas Singer Charles Shrock Sharon Shaw Darrell Ryan David Roby Lee Riegel Dorothy Ozenbaugh Gary Nash John Montcastle Thomas Mitchell Beverly Lugenbeal Larry Litsey Kathy Lee Arthur Lee Ginger Knight l ll'i,Ill s ill Ill I Barbara Knight Danny Johnson Karen Jarvis Nila Huth Danny Hughes Sherrie Hueston Joe Hueston Sandra Hoover Carolyn Hook Gary Hobbs Terry Hiatt Terry Heaton Ralph Hays Marilyn Harrison Herschell Harrison Frankie Gosnell Jerome Gordon Jackie Goodwin Linda Goodman Gene Gobble Edward Foley Donna Downing Larry Davis Sandra Cunningham Albert Cunningham Stephen Cox Anita Cooper Herbert Condon Kay Chism Jean Chambers Fred Bryan Kathy Brown Phillip Bott Kenneth Barnett Tommy Ashby Billy Adams ia' 6. It-1 A. R I ff?" .CA ltvu div-fx ligrrgbnhb wx ,.'.lole I . ' 'A ..., J at . Qqf., yu gg l X y' . -an - . tn ol '7 w . , ff-1 1' G A l ff " f v . g tx. A, SEVENTH GRADE 'SSX ,Uv-Q r X w -'I Q Q l,Vg by vw , if dxf' "- Q J 37 I n '63 ty xx lsgei 0 32 nie' o ' 9' -' I I I x I W Q,, .V F. ir, F Q- X3--f-'iffffrfi' C' ' -C, GRADE T FACULTY LQSHA WRIGHT ALMEDA RAWLINGS Sixth Grade Fifth Grade Valparaiso U.: Ball State Anderson College B-S-5 Ball State Teachers College M.A. MILDRED KIMMERLING LINDA FOX Fourth Grade Third Grade Te2lCh9I'S COHQEG Of IHdiaH3P01iS Ball State Teachers College B.S. Terre Haute Normal Ball State Teachers College OPAL HUGHES First Grade GRACE NASH CHARLOTTE FLOYD Teachers College lndianapolisg FiI'St Grade Second Grade Butler University M31'i0H Colleee B-S-S Ball State Teachers College B.S. Ball State Teachers College B.S. Ball State Teachers College M.A if V SIXTH GRADE FRONT ROW Cl. to r.l Teressa Welker, Penny Floyd, Sherry Dellinger, Connie Fry, David Granger, Mickey Crawford, Vaugh Welches, Terry Swaim, Ted Singer, David Smith. SECOND ROW tl. to r.l Joe Lynch, Jane Shaw, Buddy Goodman, Stephen Winkler, Linda Staley, Janice Mitchell, Joan Jordan, Joan Abplanalp, Berdena Goodman, Steven Weaver, Russell Brashear, Ronnie Cain. THIRD ROW 11. to r.l Patty Whetsel, Gregory Fennimore, Dale McCord, Donnie Shaw, Bert Jarrett, Eldon Ebert, Jerry Cunningham, Ronald McCord, Harold Remington, Barbara Harper, Janice Hickman, Peggy Heath, Janet Chambers. FOURTH ROW ll. to r.l Ella Kay Rigsby, Nancy Whitcomb, Dianne Kirby, Ronnie Pennycuif, Loretta Hosier, Becky Noble, Susan Spoo, Lelia Harper, Karen Pennington, Judy Hoover. FIFTH ROW fl. to r.l Mrs. Wright, Russell Garrison, Nicky Waymire, Kathy Orbaugh, Cynthia McCarty, Shirley Owens, Dottie Goldsberry, Maryann Spears, Jeannetta Legg, Gerogia Kirby, FIFTH GRADE FRONT ROW fl. to r.J Jeffrey Kimmerling, Terry Foust, Butch Waltermire, Charles Frye, Richard LaLone, Dixie Fetty, Carrol Cawthorn, Toni Waymire, Elaine Heaton, Mary Frances Fulton, Marcia Swart, June Borum. SECOND ROW Cl. to r.l Jackie Alexander, Duane Beam, Paul Kemper, Joyce Kerkhoff, Ella Louise Kaiser, Dick Lugenbeal, Betty Ann Conkling, Diane Hunnicutt, John Hoppes, Carol McCord, Darrell Sizelove. THIRD ROW Cl. to r.l Rana Trick, Rita Shaw, Paula McDaniel, Nancy East, Teresa Hutson, Debra Carroll, Mike Rastetter, John Johnson, David Winkler, Bobby Witcher. FOURTH ROW tl. to r.l Ann Todd, Donna Lindley, Diane Jack, Lana Wardwell, Danny Cox, Mike Ryan, Kathy Hancher, Carol Ann Conkling, Phil Davis, George Altherr, Mickey McClain, David Lawson, Miss Rawlings. Nancy Jean Eubanks. J -.J ,I de 435' 1 l h Ill - '-1 'lv .gag fm Gig:-my 11 l.e:aJ , L... -eg 'lliilx !?3Vi.5! UWISQQX at 5.551 5 Q - I I Q' YIM 'Y , , J ,am Qi'+f.f3--zfulj FOURTH GRADE FRONT ROW fl. to r.D Linda Vestal, Tommy Heath, Doug Bouslog, Steve Goodman, Rose Marie Drake, Paul Hughes, Becky Wiggs, Roberta Wiggs, Judy Bourm, Mike Harrison, Linda Day, Harry Mitchell. SECOND ROW ll. to r.Q Jerry Abplanalp, Mike Kirby, Cindy Hertle, Jeanette Thornburg, Danny Edwards, Debbie Miller, Deborah Miller, Peggy Johnson, Lelia Hosier, Mike Holder. THIRD ROW fl. to r.J Sidney Lynch, Perry Jarvis, Alan Floyd, Jimmy Frye, Ronnie Benefiel, Mark Daugherty, Terry Prince, Bobby Unroe, Jackie McCord, Carolyn Barker, Hilda Alexander. FOURTH ROW 11. to r,J Larry Sizelove, Robert Johnson, Steve Singer, Randy Ashton, Jimmy Johnson, Jimmy LaLone, Jimmy Wethington, Mrs. Kimmerling. THIRD GRADE FRONT ROW Cl. to r.J Joe Merritt, Sandra Fisher, Linda Cawthorn, Lindon Craig, Jimmy Borum, Mike Frye, Linda Blaylock, Larry Land, Bobby Gordon, Joyce McCord, Brenda Fry. SECOND ROW fl. to 1-.J Greg Wiggs, Ronnie Sigler, Brenda Pennock, Marsha Kirby, Buddy Wardwell, Diana Dellinger, Becky Conklin, Debbie Cornelious, Sherrie Albright, Eloise Rigsby, Mary Beth Mountcastle. THIRD ROW Cl. to r.J Larry Reason, Terry Lawson, Connie Partlow, Robert Fulton, John Smith, Roger Ashby, Jimmy Burger, Norman Walker, Annette Walker. FOURTH ROW fl. to r.l Kathy Boyd, Sandra East, Carl Webb, Ernie Witcher, Eddie Smith, Timmy Thomas, Jimmy Mason. lllll 1.71 'mf' l l w V SECOND GRADE FRONT ROW fl. to r.D Barbara Dellinger, Mark Wiggs, Judy Litsey, Jimmy Shively, Peggy Lindley, Kevin Crawford, Dianne Witcher, Rex Shively, Roberta Heaton, Myron Daugherty, Vickie Lynn Wise. SECOND ROW Cl. to r.lTommy Alexander,Wilford Alexander, Phil Webb, Randy Loser, Russell Hiatt, Bruce Singer, Shelia Whitten, Joyce Kennedy, Jimmy Reason, Joan Staley, Steve Remington, Ronnie Lalone, Debbie Swift. THIRD ROW Cl. to r.J Debby Davis, Toni Thomas, Trena Beam, Marilyn Naden, Jane Ann Mroz, Candy Robinson, Melinda Swart, Johnny Dwiggins, Nannette Kimmerling, Ginger Good- man, Douglas Holder, Julia Conkling, Brenda Vestal, Terry McCord. FOURTH ROW Cl. to r.J Judy Chambers, Shelia Boyd, Gregory Thompson, Kent Burris, David Hichman, Tony Abbot, Donald Fouch, Timmie Cook, Vickie S. Waymire, Alan Muey, Bobby Remington, Myron Etchison, Timmy Hobbs, Terry Harrison. FIRST GRADE 1B FRONT ROW Ql. to r.D. Michael Smith, Terry Hickman, Vicki Spurlock, Frank Goodman Russell Daugherty, Becky Lou Wise, Andrea Neese, Janet Neese. SECOND ROW Cl. to r.J Garry Cain, Tere Singer, David Benefiel, Rickie Flannagan, Jeannie Waymire, Trenna Boyd, Linda Lynch, Janet Huffman THIRD ROW il. to r.D Cathy Trice, Max Sizelove, Suzanne Day, Dennis Trice, Jimmy Blackfoid Michael Albright, Glendora Lindsy. I Ill Ill I I lll Ill l MII dll! l'T'Tl1lli'5' fl I 'LBJ ,fn-t1f'5 4 ' w--- A s 4 Q FRONT ROW fl to r D Kathy Jo Dickinson, Danny Frye C1ndyR1chw1ne Missy Davis Joan Walterrnire, Gene Cawthorn David Sizelove, Randy Thomas Danny Tucker SECOND ROW fl to r.J Larry Norris, Debbie Land Susie Remington Ruth Altherr Edna LaLone Jerry Fouch Donna Sartori, Sally Ashby, Gary Hosier THIRD ROW fl to rl Larry Brook Diana Burris, Lanora Lehman, Joyce Henson, Mrs. Hughes reads a 'good story' on a rainy day. "I'11 betthat you can't do it," says little Brooks. Prince is the winner in the noon number game. Third grade boys spend a rainy day noon hour 'just coloring'. 'Q-3 s X1 A W.. fi- f, ' 1 "-4. ' 'H ,.. 424, flimsy, ' -f 1-Mui rl , . ,. ff, . Q ' fe sz. L .,., '5gY gf NM' dint' V4 If 'wa-my ' 1 ...E V' f'i' iv Af .y 1: L3 R. M my KJ if if .s N" s -df' ""' l i V yi xiii ...--4 ,Y Y was ,Q x 3 4 ' exp' and TX, bm if THE CLASS OF 1959 has grown in more ways than one. Perhaps this picture will refresh your memory. PRINC. R.E. LEE gives words of wisdom at the Jr-Sr Prom. The Prom Quartette was right there when it came to good music. HELP! E! LANCE WARRINER has spunk--this proves it. Running and jumping got him in that condition so he wont give up. BENNY KENNEDY got over in spite of his weaker brother. 4-H'ERS rest a mightbetween showings. CALL ME DARLING was a success with all of the support we had from the pic- tured cast. xc -Q-----.....L, Ill Ill If Ill E, ll -ffl., ,, in ty xg 7' if 4 Kc "'. t MM-tilt? Joe Mays says, "Burnie, burnie! " at the Prom. . .Bouslog balances a plate at the Mardi Gras . . . as does his chum Taylor . . .Toast-masterBeeman has the attention of practically all ex- cept . . .Papa carries Grandma to the sofa after a false faint in the class play. .Principal Conkling cuts the rug with his favorite girlfriend, Mrs. Conkling . . .A Black cap. 1958. and memories of what may be the last commencement in F.H.S. Carolyn Hinds shows her friend Karen Lambertson the location of her home in Egypt. . .The food was excellent at the Junior- Senior . . Dalzell has serious business as he escorts Nancy Parker at the Mardi Gras. . .The Little Darlings as fifth graders . .recognize any?? Pam Lawrence finds that wearing shoes is not what it's cracked up to be ! I l D, Members the first semester includ- ed Terry Beeman, Sharon Jarrett, Regina Ashton, Barb Ousley, Tom Friend, Lorna Sprague, Myrna Hes- ter Dave Hoppes, Dave Shoulders, President. Nancy Clevenger, Lucy ' V Riley, and Lida Foland. Mr. Nash -. " is advisor. STUDENT COUNCIL 1. x S.. 5? Y Conklin, Bob Mills. Elections are conducted in late April or early May under the supervision of the Student Council. At these elections, members to Student Council are named. Later the elected members meet for their election of officers. The Council is responsible for the Monitor System in the school. This organization has been a boon to the school. The crowning event of the school year is the Mardi Gras held the first Friday night in May. This is the big social event of the year. On Monday, January 5, the first day following our Christmas holiday, the Student Council presented a memorial service for Robert Ed Lee, who had served faithfully as principal of Frankton School for eleven years. Student Council representatives from eachof the four high school classes, Mr. Muff Davis, Miss Alspaugh, Mr. Nash, Mr. Conkling, Mr. Canaday, and the Council president, Nancy Clevenger, participated. HONOR SOCIETY The Eureka Chapter of National Honor Society was formed at Frankton at the close of the 1958 school year. The organization was sponsored by the Student Council. The activities of the new organization have been limited thus far with only a Christmas program to their credit. Students with a B average are considered as candidates to N.H.S. and then a faculty committee is res- ponsible for the final selection on the basis of Service, Leadership, and Character. Elections to the organ- ization are held within three weeks after the opening of each semester and impressive induction services are conducted for new members. 3 5. ' N a . N, Y I xxx. Xl F. x XF , T. 1 l 3. The Student Council was organ ized under the direction of Mr Nash in 1953 at the popular request of the .slid student body. Since that time the organization has become a tradition at F.H.S. The elected members to the organization are pictured Stand ing: Mr. Nash, advisor, PaulSw1n dell, secretary, Joe Mays, Bill Rich wine, Tom Benefiel. Seated Lee CTM Craig, Terry Beeman, Gary Craw T' ford, Linda Campbell, Vice-Presi dent, Lorna Sprague, Nancy Cleven ger, President, Nancy Hays, Sandra MARDI GRAS The Mardi Gras is "the social event" ofthe year at F. H,S. Students in the high school look forward to the first Friday in May for a year at a time. Mike Ship- ley's band provided the music both this year and last. -Q ' r . 1 Four candidates were chosen by the girls of the senior class as likely prospects for KING REX: Larry Beals, Larry Fox, Garland Ant- rim, and Larry Tomey. Penny votes chose Beals to reign as Rex, King of the 1958 Mardi Gras. The boys of the class chose Connie Waymire to reign as Queen.Mr. Lee, principal, crowned the King. An hour long floor show is presented for the King and his court-Bowers and Antrim "chew the fat" for twenty minutes. I . 4, , ,. 5 afiffk ,X Food is a main feature Of Mardi Gras which means 'feast of the fatsf Charles Smock. the first F.H.S. Student Council president. is served. "" ' !li'3l' 4' .M va . ., --1, ,, Q . - , J . W .ff ,.' . f 1 1 Q Q ' 5' x Principal Lee gives parting words to seniors with the words "Duty is the sub- limest word in our language. Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more. You should never wish to do less." Lucy predicts th Q future of the group just before the meal comes to a close. Many of the guests sat on the side amd waited. They seemed to tear getting out on the floor to shuffle their feet. '!"f Seventeen members of the Class of 1959 participated in the Junior Class production FRESH AIR For many in the group this was their first stage appearance The cast pictured above included Barbara Ousley Joe Biedelschies Linda Campbell Mike Carpenter Judy Hill Diane Gillespie Myron Etchison, Lance Warriner and Ma.x Roach fPh1l Leonard served as understudy for Max, whowas ill at the time the picture was made Dave Hoppes David Shoulders, Lucy Riley Linda Foland, Thomas Friend Nancy Clevenger Addie Turner and Larry Condon Students assisting Mr Nash were Regina Ashton and Helen Garrett DRAMATICS A cast of twelve students was successful in producing "CALL ME DARLING," the Senior Class play. The success of the production could be attributedto the fact that the cast cooperated with the director, Mr. Nash, a.nd his assistant, Mr. McNew, from the word "go". Four students, Ed J0hn,Phil Leonard Marilyn Stevens and Helen Garrett, assisted with back-stage activities. The cast, pictured above, include Mike, Barb, Linda C., Dave, Nancy, Diana, Larry, Addie, Lucy, Linda F., David, a.nd Judy. 59 Front row- l. to r.: Kirby, Mock, Hutchison, Benham, Nash, Porter, Legg, Hester, Mitchell, Jarrett. Row two: D. Stevens, Todd, D. Waymire, Wolfe, M. Stevens, Mills, Watkins, Bott, Fields, Henderson, Lawrence, Sprague. Row three: Campbell, Hill, Foland, McCarty, Miller, Heller, Hartley, N. Johnson, C. Johnson, Hampton, Gray, Huth, S.Waymire, Hudson. Row four: Bouslog, Foland, Taylor, Carpenter, Shoulders, Whalen, Etchison, Todd Ash, Phil Leonard, Mays, Davis, Abbott, Hart. Robert Barker Director CHGRAL Q . 4 A Activities of the music department are varied through- out the years. No two years will find the group partici- pating in exactly the same activities. The State Choral Festival attracts the attention of the group as a limited number are selectedto participate each year. At Christ- mas time the group joined with the band to present one of the best musical programs to be presented in F.H.S. Groups within the group are chosen to form trios, quar- tettes, do solo work, etc. GC 'Qi t fe , gil if Yaiw, A gf 4. z 1 -' T P' 3 . ff . 4 'ff . .4 The band pictured above as it appeared at the Christmas program includes: Don Foust, Elaine Floyd, Robert Dellinger. Larry Hart, Todd Ash, Wayne Whalen. Steve Sumner. Tom Singer, Carolyn Wright, Judy Daugherty. Nancy Whitcomb, Steve Wilson, Janet Whalen, Delbert Burton. Larry Abbott, Lela Harper, Diane Kirby. Frances Granger, Danny Johnson, Karen Jarvis, Danny Swart, Ginger Knight, Patty Whetsel, Terry Heaton, Penny Floyd, Eloise Rigsby. Dough Hood, Loraine Bouslog, Dixie Heaton, Maribeth Whetsel, Steve Cox, Carol Mock, Mike Whetsel. BAND One of the most popular organizations in the school is the newly organized band. To get adequate practice, Mr. Barker has met the band during the noon hour the past year. An organization of Band Parents has been active during the school year sponsoring varied activities, including a New Year's Eve Dance, to raise money to provide new uni- forms for the band. Next year the band will be decked out in their new suits. :D MAJORETTES Doris Knight Lynette Smith --'M A Marlene Kirby is 1 Max Roach Editor in chief faculty consultant if .ai fo I f, 4,5 V. .. ' 3 Q ' ff , , n , EAGLITE The business staff of the 1959 EAGLITE was composed of the fol- lowing: Helen Garrett. Diane Gilles- pie. Joe Beidelschies, Toni Friend, Mike Carpenter. David Peterson, Terry Beeman, Adaline Turner, Lucy Riley, Linda Foland,Nancy Clevenger, Barbara Ousley. David Shoulders, Regina Ashton, Pam Lawrence, Ann Bott, Myrna Hester, Corrine Mitchell, and Jane Henderson. This group be- gan soliciting advertising in early August in order to have that item taken care of before the opening of school. Diane Gillespie served well as Business Manager. I ,M a ww' ' 'fini' N' f The editorial staff was small but'oh, so mighty, said advisor, Nash. The sports staff included David Hoppes, Ronnie Mauck, and Ronnie Smith. The Stevens girls, Marilyn and Diane, assisted with typing copy, and Doris Hartley and Jannice Nash worked as junior editors. Long hours and lots of hard work made the 1959 EAGLITE the book it is. The Secretamal Trammg Class under Ted Harb1t 1S m charge of publ1sh1ng the GOLDEN EAGLE The paper has been publxshed regularly throughout the year The staff pxctured above are Front row 1 to r Sharon Hobbs Add1e Turner Jame Porter Janmce Nash Second row Regma Ashton L1nda Foland Mary M1ller Sharon Heller Lucy Rlley Llnda McCarty Th1rd row Helen Garrett Mr Har b1t Dlafle Glllesple Saundra Hampton Jack1e R1tter Fourth row Lmda Sllvey Kathleen D1etzer Ed1tor Lucy Rlley checks a late lssue wxth adv1sor Harb1t Artxsts R1ta Wr1ght and Janmce Nash 1, if 63 . I , , , . I , a 1 1 1 ' I a ' ' 7 9 5 ' 2 7 ' 3 Y 7 ' f I I b X . fl' ' 1, , 4. Y W Y' I H gf, Y. - I ,fa ' ' , J A, . ,q5,i. ,,, ,ft n, V I' - in 'L A.. THE NEW FRANKTON HIGH SCHOOL FROM BELOW THE GROUND UP fi QE Q 3 M wi' Wx inn-Q-uw 'HT' 'B T' wi xwikwsmm xgjf '62-cl 'K Q-v""""':,, tn -:jff ,f ' -"" n Z,-ff' nf fl . 3 .ll 1 fs,-me 1 JW' 5,7 if Construct1on on the new bulldlng began early sprlng 1958 Trenches were prepared and footmg was poured whlle the ground was yet frozen It seemed ages to those on the sldelmes before the walls started to take shape Soon we could see the class room dn lS1OI1S The roof was la1d fn str1ps Thls was cox ered wfth p1tch Bleacher forms were set IH place and the concrete was poured Then came the ra1s1ng of the roof Thxs was hteral Large boom cranes were put mto use and soon the rafters were 1n place The palntmg of the raftersw1ll not soon be forgotten by many of the c1t1zens they got a pa1nt1ob too The w1nd carrxed the sllx er palnt all ox er town The pamt settled on cars w1ndows etc Roof was placed on the gym W1ndows were set ln place classrooms were fmlshed the gymfloor was laxd plumbmg was set tlle was la1d lxghts were turned on and neax the nuddle of February the contractors pulled out to allow the townshxp to complete the placlng of equupment Barl mg the unforseen August 1959 w1l1 see F H S in new quarters ' . It ' , H ,I ' - U' Q. an tt or he s fy f w A 'fa I ' if ijt- "' My W V,, 9 WZ! , ,h f ' " , I ,5 . If f f ' WI 'O I ff 3 -if li . ' 1 "':- f - - if ma- 1 be ' ' ' , M ,Hz 3 Q V - ' ,, x M .A j , 5 , ,. ,- " Z " ia ff . . , , -..- v , ,W . , I , Q 2 - at .I R up ,N 1 p I ' V , n ,ng T K ,M M ,hr ,, W , I E, If E f fffilif, ,M . 1 e , A I ,Gh ,., p N 1 ,, ,gf ' I , W ' ' 4, ,J '.., 1 X? f , . i K ' , -1-Aix ,ia l , ' Xi: V. , I . 1 .X r YI' s N II ILIXX ' 1 . .... w S-5' -f-1 LT' I hi' I , if M gy A ,,, H 9. , , , A gms? V X . .W 'w'.,fs.' la 13 ' '::4-1-.g'za'f-"M - A W I " 5' ,QT 4, W K . E. a Y . Wig' uf K g , I X V f .- A . .V N , X ' A - . - - f A -,rf 1 , . . ,W . 4 5 , . "M" x, v--' " - ' I, . .. ' .- ' r- ' A 'P " fr- -" -' :ie ' A 1 , I I N 1, A X fr . 4- 5., 9 'X 4 I -f , - ,.-, . ..- I -. .v ' K ' . X ' lv 1' f , I E Jn- 5 ' A' 'V -f- Av If A Aw .' -- X ' 1 ' I , I - 5 , LE . J , V f l l .-. -7--,rf .,---'L 1. - Wil. .3,.L '- 7' X ' I ggjw' V ' iff! ?c'f't7F?" 0- 3i'f1'Y2f!'fQ"", f'f.ffff"1'Z':f'-'-:ff si, .f -t Q' f.- '-as 1, 'If 4. , J, a -fa-:seg -V '11 , R 1-'.y, , -' - ge-, r 1, ..: V -I . . . Y . Y 4 . V. . . . . . ' , Y Q Y v' I w I 1 Y I I 1 I I 1 J I I o . . 1 7, Y I. . -- . , ' . , . Y . V Y I , 3 U , . . , . I Y V I 1 ' V I I V ' I I Y I ' ' - 1 v 1 v ' ' v - ' v V . I , - '. Y. kk E DEPARTMENTS Grade One students get 41 lesson IH draw1ng the human ammal Mrs 11 rounded course Lucas prox 1des a u e 1n art to all the grades Mxss Alspaugh checks w1th11bra.r1ans on proper procedure for checkmg out books 1n the F H S hbrary S. 0009000060 00" 00000000 Typmg 10 prov1des commerclal students vuth a good foundatxon for kkeepmg and the buslness world Boo secretarlal trammg round out the courses taught by youthful Ted Harb1t 15575517 jalx Gym gi DEPARTMENTS Home EC head Mar1lyn Bowers aSS1StS the young searnstresseb 1n know hom of gettlng A stralght the hemlme 'S Qi if to Shop students have opportunxty dabble 1n sev eral flelds before they S taught by Mr complete thur course French Lzury Abbott trlus h1s the lathe as Mlller and Alex hand at ...wwf I andel look on Hands up lS the command gn en by the leadnl ofthe crcvx Mrs Bykovlsln as the glrls gym glass gets a lesson lll hmberlng up DEPARTMENTS Per1od1cal1y Mr Kerkhoff Spolls thtngs for the entxre student body grades 1 12 he has h1s young chem lStS cook up a nest of rotten eggs or lS lt HZSO5 6YZ9 Dav1d Peterson and Corrme Mxtchell llsten carefully as Mr Conklmg ex plams to them how to use the shde rule' Phys1cs classes thoroughly enjoy the experunents w1th Prof Balhnger Classes wh1ch have conslsted of men only have femmme app e al as well th1s year ff' 7' M 7 F e 'ff fl 6 3 Q YW 41 'ali Don Waltermlre and Ph1l Harvey proved fa1thful as students and agam as caretakers of the bulldmg Phll makes the early mornmg sh1ft a project vxlnle Don comes ln at a later hour and stays to tuck the place ln at mght Two good boys domg one good Job Ig? SPECIAL SERVICES The Safety Patrol was a pet progect of the late Mr Lee The patrol was formed to asslst the smaller young sters m gettmg across the street en route to school M1ke Carpenter has ably performed the chore as Chxef th1s year The Safety Patrol IS com posed of Semors Four Falthful cooks prepare mld day lunches for more than 400 fam1shed students Dutxes begm long before the students arrxve that tasty meals rmght be ready on tune Head Momtor checks a pass carrled by her ass1stant Sharon Jarrett has served F H b as head momtor for the past two years as has her asslstant Ja.nn1ce Nash TALGN CLUB Letterrnen Ln Frankton Hxgh School athletlc department compose the Talon Club Offlcers of the 1958 59 Club are Tom Fr1end, Lance Warr1ner and Larry Condon Plctured above are Kneelmg Ronme Mauck Dave Hoppes, and J1m Waltermlre Standxng Jerry Mays, Paul Sw1nde11 Benn1e Kennedy R1chard Brashear Ronn1e Sm1th Bob Heady Harms Ebert, Dave McPhearson, Joe Mays V1c Kemper Dall1sCurt1s Lance Warrmer Tom Fr1end, and Larry Condon FFA The Frankton Chapter of F F A IS composed of th1rty seven vocatxonal agrlculture students Wayne Kerkhoff Don Foust Mr Kerkhoff D1ckSamuels GaryWr1ght,Jerxy Mays Joe Mays B111 Rlchwxne Max Roach, Dav1dPenn1ngton Ronn1e Joe Sm1th Second row John Goldsberry R1chard Turner Ben Rlchwxne, Steve Hudson Charles Stottlemeyer Bob Dellmger Steve Horn, Danny Jackson, Paul Swmdell Larry Abbott Max Balley Myron Etcluson Th1rd row Larry Cochran, Bob Jarrett Dallas Curtxs Gary Welborn Davxd Hahn Steve Wnght Steve Whxt c omb Terry Avery, Morrls St1ga1l Jerry Dav1s M1ke Banker Danny Hobbs , . . I . : . , . . g I : . ! . 7 ' 3 n D 7 3 I . 7 ' 7 A l ! I 3 O C O supervised by Gordon Kerkhoff. The members of the club pictured are: Front row - 1. to r.: ! Y ' 3 D 7 ' Q y 7 I . . , . . , . . n I , . 7 D I 5 ! V ' 5 ' , , ' , ' - ' 2 7 ' Y ! I 3 4 ! ' Y I V ! . 7 I J ' Ronnle Sm1th keeps h1s eye on the ball Heady says a ball m the hand IS not exactly the same as a ball ln the basket Brashear, Condon, and Srmth take then' places 1n the tourney game agaxnst the Gobllns Eaghte are ded1cated to the memory of one who wasa sports man, mdeed Robert Ed Lee I-lls chlef xnterest m the extra curr1cular fleld was bas ketball He was a fan when the team was w1nn1ng andafan when they were behlnd To hlm, we ded1cate these P3865 . . . -U , H . - The pages which follow in this 1959 ,Mfaw Q Wm, November November November December 1-The season opened with a win over Lapel with a score of 79-71. Heady was top scorer with 36 points. 7-The Eagles traveled to Nobles- ville to meet Walnut Grove. The score was tied at the half, but the Wolves came back the second half to defeat the Eagles 73-68. 21-Summitville downed the un-in- spired Eagles 79-52. Tom Friend was high pointman for the Eagles with 15 points. 5-The Eagles defeated Fortville to end a two game losing streak. Ronn Smith was high point man with 17 points to his credit. Final score 68-71. FRANKTON EAGLES December December December January 12-Down two points at the half, the Eagles bounced back to win 60-52 over Jackson Central to continue their winning streak. 13-The high flying Eagles had their wings clipped Highland handed them a loss with a score of 55-67. 19-Getting back to their winning ways, the Eagles romped over Westfield 72-54. Condon was high scorer with 24 points, closely followed by Heady with 23. 3-The Eagles lost their 11th game of the season to Pendleton by a score of 45-55. K, "' Y' 1 l VARSITY TEAM January January 9-The Eagles againfmet Pendle- ton-this time in the Pendleton Invitational Tourney. The only bright spot for Frankton was Heady's 21 point performance. 17-Coach Davis came up with a new offense to stop the Fairmount Quakers 79-75. The Eagles show- ed a balanced offense with five men scoring in double figures. Madison County Tourney: January 22-Getting another chance at Summitville in the County Tourn- ey, the Eagles made good by up- setting the Goblins 48-47. Sf i isa, 9' , 1 an . time wa I anuary January .January February February February February February Sectional- 24- The Eagles played their second game in the tourney when they met the Madison Heights Pirates. The Eagles got in the Pirates' hair and gave them a scare but went down with a score of 53-56. Ronn Smith was again high point man with 20 points. 30-Again the Eagles and Pirates clashed. The outcome wasn't much different with the Pirates coming out on top by four points. Big Bob Heady was high scorer with 34 points. 31-The Eagles traveled to Alex to play the Tigers on their own cage floor. The Tigers proved to be too powerful as the Eagles lost 55-62. Heady was again high point with 24. Jim Waltermire, who was injured in the Madison Heights' game, didn't get to dress. 4-The Eagles, mixing fast breaks with a slow deliberate offense, slaughtered Windfall 60- 45. 6-The in-experienced Wilkinson group proved to be no match for the mighty Eagles. The Eagles, led by Bob I-Ieady's 32 points, downed the Bulldogs 76-57. 4 13-Yorktown--Eagles . . . They. . . 14-Markleville-Eagles . . . They 17-St. Mary's-Eagles . . . They. . . We...They... We...They... We...They... Standing: l. to r. -Jim Waltermire, Tom Friend, Dave McPhearson, Richard Brashear, Larry Condon, Jack McClain, Lance Waltermire, Bob Heady, Ronn Smith, Steve Hudson, Coach Davidgjglineelingz Gary Crawford, Jack Huffman, managers! .lg A 4 Standing l to r Ben Richwine David Taylor Gary Dalzell Keith Condon Wayne Kerkhoff Coach Davis Bill Drummond Ron Mauck Tom Heady John Smith Dallas Curtis Kneeling Gary Crawford and Jack Huffman Managers EAGLES B TEAM TEAMWORK IN BASKETBALL When a player gets to thinking He's too good to have to train' Fails to heed the rules of conduct All athletes are bid maintain' When he saunters out to practice Only when he feels just right And the ire of coach and teammate Makes him beam with keen delight When he shirks in all his studies, Thinks they have to let him passg Brags about his clever bluffing And his exploits while in class' When the indoor court's regarded As a place to strut and stroll And he bids the others feed him So that he may make a goalg Better he should play the showers Even though it cause defeat, More s at stake than winning, Other tests the team must meet. -Apologies . . . , vs f. gf 1 tandmg 1 to r Tom Orbaugh Ph11 Brashear Dallas Curt1s, John Sm1th Wayne Kerkhoff Bob Jarrett Ted McCord Larry Brashear M1ke Smxth B111 Gordon Kneehng Coach Paul Dav1s and Manager Steve Henry N-ur-"Ng FRESHMAN TEAM Schedule November Lapel December Lapel Tourney December Summ1tv1lle December Pendleton January Marklev111e February H1gh1and Cheer Leadex s, Nancy Watkms Alma Fuend Nancy Hays 'S lIk'I.!I, FI 4 Q Standmg L to R Butch Condon, Denn1s Smlth, Larry Wa1term1re Dav1d Huth, Coach Paul Davls, Blll Jarrett Jerry Walterm1re Gary Benef1el Dxck Gross Kneelmg Manager Steve Wllson Steve Slater Bruce Stevens Frank1e Gosnell Manager Gary Nash JUNIOR HIGH TEAM Schedule November Orestes November Lapel November Walnut Grove December Orestes December Lapel Tourney December Summitvllle December Pendleton January Leach January Leach February Hlghland Cheer Leaders Mary Fay R1chw1ne, D1x1e Heaton, Suean Broun Z.. , 77 XY i .N V , y f r I S , W -A 1 i' Ng K I I I v, i K . I x . , , I . I ' I I I I I. I if A , ' 'X Iv. , I ' ,II ' ,J I I g I X y II II 'I I . 'Q If I 'II' 2- I ' I we , 11 I 18 ' 25 I 4 , 6 x 9 . 16 . 6 27 Ng I A, I h 5 14 , L ' CLUB PEP -..,N,-mix 5- Sr Virginia Bykowski Sponsor Nancy Clevenger Linda Campbell cheer leader cheer leader CM F5 c 9 Y'f'hK Barbara Ousley cheer leader Linda Foland Cheer leader 3' 'I A 'K , .. A an oily ,' ,-" ' 1 ,,..,. .Au f 5 . . U 4 1 , 5 Q Y . Yi , i z x V V LJ. V . I, A r',5f'2-.W 1' ' . Q 5 M 3 tl z 'ill' ,V nl, ca V, J !' ev 1 5 3 kj -' 5 in ikhflff LSL' in 3 M Q1 M, by X , I B L .. K 8 1 i"'J l lr" S' W Q9 W A fl' 'W ff . l C f if ,lm ff GK ' A d.- y ' , 45 , l . C 1 K V' 1 In .M u' Y' 'wtf 6 Y . 1 H 1 if vt a uf A 4 5 y Front row-1. to r.: Harris Ebert, Tom Friend, Larry Gosnell, Dave Hoppes, Gary Crawford, Butch Noble, Jimwaltermire. Back row-1. to r.: Coach Paul Davis, Dave McPhearson, Steve Hudson, Larry Condon, Bob Heady, Bill Drummond, Paul Swindell, Dallas Curtis. Larry Gosnell Outfield , Outfield Paul Swindell Wi' Outfield K. .,-I 'MW A fin 233-an "1,, ' - " QTL, f .- T V wr-e :rr A' M V v , iiffv ' 4' ' 1 .- , L " ', my 1 .,, , -6- tu wi Y :gy .raw -vwwn , ,QW 4 A ff if 5, .l ffi we . ".,7" . 'lf H 4 1' ,, mat, ,V . Y L , , 'T ' . . 7 pb , " - it f ,,,5,,w, M, .f 5, i ax, L ,4.,Qm,, , .. , VA, ,q,,,,V JA, . V' f M if - ., " Q' Q A '-- , , y 4 .,f,Qff5gf t . ' -1 lf' fm f VFYMQ, " 1 ,, ' V' ' v- ' ' - 'J , 1 , ,, , , . . , , M , , , 'vi fs' M. ' ', -- ' '.'. 7 Z--' V ' ,I M, ,! Lf" J' 4.,"r, ,. sxtfsffi-16 5 W' t .f i it W in " - 9 .: 1 Q- f ffl ' - ' 11'-9-"'wE' V 'T 'NA -- - if . -J - . ' V " ' '- '. ' ' 5 f '5lx' f' f,ffQ-21?'- . . , , , , Q , .- .mm , . .- .r . , ,, , , Sa, , .. ,, A ,. , , .A ,,,,,,,,, D s' Jx' Um, 15 , wa? L, ' - -M 1 63, -,L,,.i f "- 5 . " ,- ,q,.' z la. A . 9- + ' ,. f . .. K 4. n LM Q M 54+ , - , 41,,g,,,' fl Lv. ,gg v. ,,,. ' . 5 3 ' ' K V sw? . ..'-' ', A, - .W ,. Y., Bill Drummond Outfield M Q M ,. I". 'we px, is .t 44 f V 5, lu' "' v J . vs ...LM . -.. I V ... . A I 4 qkgsw Tom Fr1end Infxcld Stex e Hudson Infleld M Qmkmf, . -.Q,',....-if 'uhm J Jlm Wa1term1re Inf1e1d BASEBALL Gary Cram ford Infleld 'T' 'V """35'l"'v ""'4l.23 SF! 'im gf' gy, Butch Noble Inf1e1d Dax e McPhearson Infleld Q 7 o kj o,. KN. 4... -Q Q .NM Nf Q Q.. S4 Q , - xkk , , . Q- v. ..y I , L, . Y 5.2 Q . Q Q, , I f- ' ' A'-X ,, o FM f SFIIMEQHEIBE , A - :- '-34.1, 1, -. " . .- f . . . 1 fm o - f- W I L ff 1 I 7 fs , , - ' -J . 3 o 3 43. .9 rl ' L 7111 u f . -Q-.......,... .,,,,-, , .. J 5'42Wf!.f' an M ,,"'i14lJ". I-im' Wu, . 9 ,-psf ' ,, " ig' '24-...E in-I ri is .ax .. I 8 r ,Ms-if b b QB e,, E . Larry Condon Pxtcher Bob Heady Harms Ebert Pxtcher Catcher BASEBALL Coach Paul Dav1s Dav1s wxth the trophxes Dallas Curt1s won by h1s team Outf1e1der A. S1 1,1 4 n5 hw M, 'Segw- qfiimxaa- P-Mig 5 raw.: ,K ,n u .. if 6:52 an Jim O +-Skis, 3 ' J i - 8 1 A, . V n X 2 1 . v .V 4, J, . I V 4 I U 4 V t - ' f -'- , 1 ' N ' H? J , A My X , ,, V ' 1 - h . at Q If ,ps ' " '.,,A . ' A , ' . - 'X ::"pi,,,-A . . ,ft . A. :xv ,-.- A .M .y .z 4, , .' 3: V - , , 5 xg, .,-T W 5 V ' " ,IJ ., K "-",'x-KW , 'V'-wffffv' 'ff ff' 2. .. . .MM ,A H 'V .WT1 ' - fwggifz, on I 4 34' WQ WWA ,, ,dfa-f.,fv7 . " fgyvy' 'iff f b, we ive, xi..-Mg, e f' ' 7'4:5d. ' v.fA-QI: ' A N , . ' . 5-K ' - J-' . 41- '?'f".- "ei" ' 'Mi . TTS'-Q C gf!! 4 LfQZ0'1'?4f . i Plum ,.j!!: f fish' . 5- Heady takes off as co-sprinters look on---Heave, ho, R K Jock! I X 5,110 6, . H t - ,.- Zifmg """ "mf ' tr 'f 21. , fury, Jerry goes over the bar as Hoppy, Tommy Ray, and Jerry marvel at the 'impossible'---Coach Davis clocks sprinter Russ Kemper on the 22O--- CROSS - COUNTRY Standing-Condon, Kemper, Hartsock, McClain, Richwine, Dalzell. Kneeling- Smith, Kennedy. Seated- Brashear, Mays, Taylor, Bouslog, Davidson, Mauck. Coach Mulford Davis. '. -Q' "'-:.4f.kJ Q 1 ' , .-5.91. 118- ggi! ll- 'Q' , A N' -- '11- , -4 ,E-5f'f'Z: i fffm. 1:1-fi K , -5. fv',4 A Q. .' -I-'a,rT". ' ,f -'11 ' .gi , . - '- . ,A , ' , ,, 7' 4 .-4, 'N X ' v " he- g. , z I , , i l,J-le-NJN' Qi. f Q, . f .Q ga . A," . g NJ: , 3' ,A x-4, mv. ,K . V A , X ia -ga . 1 U ' 'WT A. - 3 I. 8 A", sp 5 9. 1, x X ' 5 n 5' ' Lf' F' W 1 ei, 53 Qin 4,71 ,y KW - D ' K' if ,f K f 1. ee 'Q 5 .f - ,ii K of , D D"-H: Q - fel' I: ' t - ' ' 1 i x , 3,156 3 V J, W . ,R ' ' ' Q1 N , ,V 1 ff , A .A fx, x, fi ,4 v ,gf I ' K D ' I FI 1 I r X - . ' . I , AA- N -- vu '. A . 1 - -1 inx,-4 ff- -,wx , n f 47 AUTOGRAPHS For the br st ln The EAGLITE staif takes th1s opportunrtx to think POUW CIUP5' LARRY BURWELL GEORGE WILLCH ani othn 1 s for QICEUFLS use thxougbhout thc EAGLITE Nlnnur Inch ani Comphments o ELITE STUDIO P rankton School Photogx .lphr 1 Commgrcxal And Portr ut Photographer Russ and Nell Fox kner Anderson In hana THE ASSOCIATED BUILDERS K mm., g'-'-3 f IMTRW Phone 6019 -X11 in I :MN T , . y ' L K ' 1 ' c 1 Q ' A -Hd 1 v' Q A ' " 2 2 2 ' , x r .. , . T ' 2' ,1 C. I N I l C l . I ---. JONSYIQIPX gil SY , T um ,vy Yi, f,, muon :lb 'HF 9 4-E 'T Z C if " G 17 1 .N " ', 5 'Rx 1 5 I X "Q 0" -.. ... A . x ' 'f 'WW ,K f y? Q f Q-'?f"f-w-.f.4" . Q, M 1 Q. A14 1944? imka mu simn.. mg, if BM ivfglvlfi W MASUNRY CUNSTRUCTIUN VERN RIGGINS 2811 Range Llne Road Anderson, Indxana 'H B..-J CENTRAL STATES BRIDGE AND STRUCTURAL COMPANY 601 Beecher St Indmnapohs 7 Ind1ana Fabmcators of structural steel for Bmdges and Bulldmgs Establlshed m 1903 P SVIIBIISIIC 1 1900 Hutzel Bu1Idmg Phone AT 8 9939 Munc1e Inchaua HUTZEL 81 COMPANY INC HEATING SANITARY ENGINEERING INDLSTRIAL PIPING POVVER HOLSE PIPINJG I V xi AW ' T ' M l .X .Q , xx Y ,... 4 ,. , ' I . - ,1,.1,wm.- "- N I Mann If .,. -W -4 ,l"' -Y 9,24 A. I " ' I I . R I I , ' 9 . 1 . I - , - , . . W .1 1 C I I - I F ' I I I I 1 I Y . . v . - . I 1 1 . L . . , ' I I 1 l I GMS FHQMI Lrillglj STARTING DELCU REMY .,.,,1-nw.-.., Now rnqurrrnu rnrnrts have turned spate ate touts etectrornes transrstors corrrputers to ground level motorrng rr trperrn mr 1 r rnatro rn mo t wr r ne v rrters from marry Genera Hutrrs rtrvrsr t v a neart the eteetrrcal system of tnrs new corrcept rn transportatron for tne future was desrgrred and bur L Remy en rneers Prem tne cf mpac' r vn ruxrlrary a C genera Ei,-X 1, 3 8 WAY, rverm ctors ttrn tne exuerrmenta! Frretrrrrt tll rs uma I v' r r ons rnsrst rrzed vultrue regulator to the 110- 1 ces on carrrrurrg trrps tletcu Remy s corrtrrbu e rrd enurnee g o re 4 nr s tu come rr ne rutornutrve eleetrrcal ecrurprnent rnuu Experrmentatt Yes Exceptronait No tor workrnv to develop rrnnrovernerrts rn tire fretd of automntrve electrrcal systems rs a permanent task here Ratne tnan wart for tne future ve Irke to step forward and meet rt . DELCO REMY DVIS ON OF LJLNERKL MOTO S ANDERSON INDHXNA IRANCP S BEALTY SHOPPE Phone 2765 Frankton Inchana Thc hnest 111 Ifloxu IS Ca11 THOMAS GREENHOUSE Phone 2865 Frankton In hana BLAYLOCK S LAU NDRY Frankton Inchana RAYMOIND KING Your Local Insurance Agent Phone 3075 Frankton Inchana TIP TOP BEAUTY SHOPPE Phone 4345 Frankton, Inchana Shampoo Sets Permanents Scalp Treatments Fac1a1s and Mamcures Please Make Appomtments Operator Margaret Beamer SMITTY 8. DUCKWORTH Phone 2845 Frankton Inchana Motor Tune-up Gasohne O11 Charles Duckworth Joe Snuth Lubr1cat1on Washm SPOO S GARAGE Phone 3015 Frankton Inchana SHETTERLY ALTO SERVICE St mdax ci O11 Pro iucts Comp1+.te Mt chamcal Struct anfl Wcldln Key Duphcauon Phone 3152 or 3456 24 hour AAA Seruce HENDRICK S DRIVE IN Ch1Cken ln Basket Short Orders S indxx 1ches Root Bt cr ani other dx 111115 Franlnon Ind1ana FREDDIE DAY S BARBER SHOP Frankton Ind1ana McCORD BROS LIVESTOCK TRUCKERS Phone 3875 Frankton Inthana LAMBESIS FOOD MART Cholce Meats Fresh Frults 8. Vegttablts Qu 111tx 15 our 'Motto Serum Wxth A Snulc . , ,, T V , 4 1 - v Y , '. .. ' , ' I 4 I - . 1. 11 , - 1 X N., 1 'W - D ,r ' ' C f v 7 ' 1 v' 4 XA, L .' V. 1 , 4 1 1 . 1 'f r ' , X 3 1 , 1 I . . L x 1 . , - ,' v 1' 1 A . . . ,.U ,xl . .l a 4 :I - LYMAN JACKSON Phone 4122 Bullder Decorator Frankton Indlana Comp! me ts of FARMERS GRAIN 8. COAL CO Dealers 1n Gram Coal, Feed Seed and Fert1l1zer Grmdmg and M1X1Hg Master Mm Feed and Supplement Phone 2025 Frankton STROUP INSURANCE AGENCY LIFE AUTO FIRE Phone 3394 Frankton, Ind1ana Auto F1re Casualty and L1fe DONALD GOODING INSURANCE AGENCY 107 Bond Street Phone 3383 Frankton Inchana Congratulahons HARPER S REPAIR SHOP Lawn Mon er and Small En:,1ne Seruce Frankton Ind1ana Comp! ments of WANN PACKING COMPANY Comp! ments of FRANKTON SAWMILL Frankton Ind1ana Comp! ments 0 CROWELL HARDWARE Hardware Plumbmg Heatmg Phone 2515 Frankton Inchana Well Pressed IS Well Dressed 4 hours Sp6C181 serv1ce FRANKTON CLEANERS Phone 2275 O A TAYLOR ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE Frankton Indlana Phone 2885 CARL H FRY Your Raw le1gh Dealer 601 Slgler Phone 4263 Frankton Inchana I 1 , I 1 n 1 I . - 1 2 7 , , Y Y Y ,,,, , , ,,, ,, ,iw - . - V- . v v v U-' 7' I . 1 1 PROGRESS results, more often, ii you follow a sound plan. Just about the soundest plan for making financial progress is to save systematically in a bank account. START SOON - WITH US, WE SUGGEST - AND KEEP GOING CHECKING ACCOUNTS COMMERCIAL LOANS SAVINGS ACCOUNTS PERSONAL LOANS CHRISTMAS SAVINGS AUTO LOANS CASHIER S CHECKS FARM LOANS BANK MONEY ORDERS MORTGAGE LOANS TRAVELERS CHECKS NIGHT DEPOSITORY SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FRANNTUN BRANCH ANIJERSUN BANKING BUMPANY Frankton Indiana MEMBER F DIC DEPOSITS INSLRED UP TO S10 OOO OO V 7 v . -1 . . , . - , . FLOWERS the added touch of perfecuon' R GOLDSBERRYS FLOWER SHOP 3 mlles west of Frankton on State Road 128 then one half m1le north Phone Elwood FE 2214 TURNER CONSTRUCTION l ALEXANDRIA RECORD AND FLOWER SHOP Records Players School and Offxce Supphes 202 N Harmson Phone 4 2223 COCKERHAM MOTORS Author1zed Sales 8a Serv1ce Bu1ck Rambler Alexandrla, Indlana Agncultural and Res1dent1a1 Bulldmg and Remodehng Frankton phone 3006 FRANKTON LUMBER CGMPANY Complete Bmldmg Materials Serv1ce Frankton Indiana Phone 2950 .ii l l Y I i a 1 ,, .. . .,, mp CHUM AND CHEW Frankton Inchani SAULMON S PACKAGE STORE Fountaln Serv1ce Toba cos Package Mechcmes Sundr1es Photo F1n1sh1ng Frankton Inchana WAYMIRE ELECTRIC E1ectr1ca1 Contractor BOB WAYMIRE Phone 3225 Frankton COUNTRY KITCHEN Short Orders S2'lI1dW1Ch9S Country Dmners at Noon Frankton Ind1ana SPRAGUE ALTO BODY Complete Auto Bodx and Rachator Seruce Phone 2475 Frankton Indnna WEBB GRAVEL COMPANY Phone 3350 Frankton p1 me GENE MITCHELL 1421 South J Street Elw ood, Inchana Sales Representatwe AL JAX CHEMICAL COMPANY METAL FABRICATORS Metal Stampmgs an Assembhes Shde Macluna Operatlonb Phonc FE 2 7161 304 So 28th Struct STEEL SLITTING C0 Co11 Shttmg 8. Warehousmg Phone FE 2 5611 304 So 28th Street EIV- 00d Inthana E111 ood Indlana Co lmenls 01 v . Y. 'A V C l Y y 'L , 1 Y C T 3 . N Com 1 nts of ' 1 1 1 1 1 11 1. ,W ,L , 1 ' 1 1 v . - 1 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , I , 1 1 1 1 o 1 1 1 INC 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 C1 1 1 . -1. ' 1 ' 1 ' f A 1 - 11 FRANKTUN CUMMUNITY Elwood Inchana Federal 2 7336 THE ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN MADISON COUNTY SERVING THE " "' CITIZENS BANK ly aa ,SLTQ Hu Hour Complete Banlung Servxces Servmg More People Everyday Member FDIC Q Phone FE 2 3367 COCA COLA BOTTLING CO Elm ood Inchana T H E at C my Y V if 55223 1 r I ' , Y JV W ' gf iii? 'YA V age I NX l X fe TH 1.7-. W C JVLHHIXJ lie e I X!-,xxx J sy ' C' X f .7 o ' .6 , I +5 ,fy Y V 1 e C Johnson Sea Horse Out Board Motors SALES AND SERVICE BOATS AIND ACCESSORIES OILS 8.2 GREASES LEATHERS BOAT HOUSE 1823 North A Street Elm ood Ind1ana Phone FE 2 5162 RIEGELS AUTO PARTS Complete Glass Servlce Auto Wmdovs Desk Tops Complete Muffler SEFVICG Free mstallatlon xx h1le you walt These mufflers are guaranteed uncondmonally for the lrfe of your car Phone FE 2 3703 Elwood Ind1ana CompI me ts 0 ELWOOD FEDERAL SAVINGS 8. LOAN ASSN Insured Savmgs to S10 000 Elu ood Ind1ana KLEIN S SHOE STORE Elwood Ind1ana Pont1ac St Btuck E M PETERSON MOTOR SALES 1421 Mam Street Elwood Ind1ana Phone FE 2 6861 ROY SMITH APPLIANCES GE SPEED QUEEN MAYTAG HOOVER Phone FE 2 6772 Elwood, Ind TAMS REXALL DRUGS Elwood Anderson BEST WISHES from HINSHAW'S F1rst of ALL A DRUG STORE Elwood Indiana If lt s toys See GRINNE LL S TOY STORE East of Elwood on 28 ALLEN S SHOE STORE Shoes for the ent1re fam1ly Elwood Ind1ana 'r I . Y . - I - I I - ' T - I n I . 7 v ' ' 7 i - v I v 7 . ,i,,,,,, Y , ,W 7 ,, ' ' v 1 1 - V ' JOHN W MOORE CHEVROLET SALES Churolet Oldsmobllf Cad1llac Salts and Seruce ELWOOD INDIANA INLAND MARINE Evmrude motors boats Sportmg Goods Sale serv1ce Elxx ood Inchana Phone 2 2541 KLUMPP WALLPAPER AND PAINT STORE 1533 So A St Tel FE 2 2242 MONTGOMERY WARD Customer Sat1sfact1on Elvx ood Ind1ana The Best Buv at the Why THE WHY STORE Martm Blumenthal I lu ood Imhana BE HOLSUM LOOK HOLSUM BUY HOLSUM IT S DIETZEN S COHETHLULHLIOHS Semors V CLEANERS 1523 Mam St Elwood Indlana CONSUMERS McMINN COAL CO For A Square Deal Phone Fe 2 6711 Elwood Indlana George McM1nn Owner SEEGER AUTO SUPPLY 1112 So 16th St Elwood lndlana Complete hne of Auto Acctssorxes Hollvu ood Mufflers and Dual Exhaust A ' - I H - ' 7 S 1 Y. I I 7 - - ' T . . - ' , Elwood Indiana ' ,. ., v ' Y ' v I I CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS To be umversal, edueatlon must be free John Adams saxd the v. hole xulhng to bear the expense of mt EX CELL-0 CURPURATIUN people must take upon themselves the education of the whole people and be CENTRAL HARDW ARL A Safe Placf To Tr ldt 108 South Anderson St E lu ood Indmni ACME All TO BODH Complete Auto Bodx and Rod Seruce 224 N 16th St Elxx ood 1nd1ana Comp ROE AL CARVIENIT CLEANERS Elu ood Indlana R C 'VICDANTEL Clotlnng, Footu ear Dry Goods Elm ood Indlana SULLIVAN S Food of DISLLHCLIOH Elxn ood Ind1ana RHODES JEWELRY Best Wlshejnfor a Happy Tou le Reed and Barton, Lunt Intcrnauonal Gorham, Wallace Successful Future Hmrloom and Alun Sterlmg Fostor1a, Imperlal and Helsey Crvstal 8 Lgnngx Cagtgltgn Syragusg Fr illi15Clll Roval Jackson Royal Doulton and Franconxa Ch1na Ehscnberc and Kramer Or1g1na1 EN ood Ingham Costume Jewelry D Nl LUCAS WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Elwood Alexandna T1pton C n r of MANGAS CAFETERIA Flu ood Indmna Elv. ood Ind1ana A ' ' llments of A T Q x 7 ' , V L K . I T Y 7 v 7' A T v Y . Q . I 7 , d a 1 X A A , a Y 7. . 7 , , - - a : C ' ' ' 1 S 1 O. . 1 X T . . V I C . . Com ll ents of N ow I. en s J ' .' 2 ' , THE FRANKTON BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Frankton Indlana PHONE 25 25 Servmg Mad1son County S1nce 1893 WITH Courteous Dependable Servlce Do Busmess W1th Me and R1de Better For Less EARL COPHER A1exandr1a Indlana We sell and SCFVICC all types of trucks your local Chrysler Sz Plymouth dealer Compliments COMMERCIAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Alexandna Indlana HIATTS POULTRY MARKE T 112 East Washlngton Alexandna Phone 4 3296 Compl ments ol CHARLES H STARR 212 North Canal Alexandrla SKATELAND R0llER PALACE INDIANA S FINEST Skate to the mus1c of the worlds LARGEST roller rmk PIPE ORGAN Skatmg mghtly except Mondays Joe Mesalam ou ner - -'---1----- ' -- I l 2 i I of N 2 St. Rd. 28 W. - Alexandria . ' - 1 I DANNER S DC 810C A111315 C1001 X 111115 Open Fr1cia1 and Siturdax t111 9 AIexa11dr1a Indnn 1 R E MAY gl SON GENERAL INSURANCE Alexandma Inchana Phone 4 3136 ALEXANDRIA BANKING CO Alexandrm Indnna BANK OP FRIENDLY SERVICE Member Federal Depos1t Insurance Corporatwn YOUNG AGES Nat1o11aI11 Adxerused Brands Omen S 1nd Ch11drcn Apparel 220 N Harr1son St A1exandr1a mpl e P N HIRSCH gl CO A1exandr1a Inchana COTTERMAN FURNITURE CO Furmture Rugs Beddlng Phone 4 3457 Alexandma Inchana COX SUPER MARKET Where Pr1Ce Tc IIS And Quahtw Selle Fru Pre IIIILIIIIS Ale XRIICIYIB. 111011113 MADDY S DEPARTMENT STORE Phone 24:10 F1 mkton Hot Po1nt Apphances A1 mstrong, Floor Covermg Magee and Roxburv C'1rpct111L, IIISIAIIHIIOIIS ann Sermce ., , - v. A ' v 7 ' ."'c'z "W1'z '1. I .V C V' I 1 4 I Co 1m nts of I - . . . 1 . . .V Ac ll -f Y7f4Q -rv-'iw Q- -X . I , I 1 - ,Z , . X . V X . . I I ' ' ' I I C 1' r 3 . A-vc - A-1 I , I , A ,. E 1 Q I Compl ments 0 DUNDEE STATION State Road 28 and Dundee Road Comp! me ts o THE D H GOBLE PRINTING CO Greenf1e1d, Indxana L G BALFOUR COMPANY Attleboro, Massachusetts Class Rmgs Club Medals and Troph1es Graduatxon Announcements and Cards D1plornas Hugh School Yearbooks JESSE E GREENE State Representatlve P O Box No 5 Dalevllle, Ind1ana Phone 8 7422 LINWOOD GRAIN COMPANY Good R1ch Quahty Feeds Phone Anderson 31838 Enterprxse 4400 THE HOUSE OF HARTER GOSHEN INDIANA Ind1ana s Largest Wholesale Sportmg Goods D1str1butors MILLER TOURS Tours and Crluses All Over The World Marott Hotel Indlanapohs 7, Ind1ana WA1nut 5 9813 Congratulatmns 1959 Class CITY CREAMERY Elwood Ind Ice Cream Sz Dalry Products i f OI' I n f i 7 - 1 to , . Ask for .... We Dehver Frankton ,aye Phone 7781 Anderson EMGE PACKING COMPANY INC Ask For Emge s Quauty Sausage SL Luncheon Meats Anderson Ind1ana C G Hanhn R E Hanhn ELWOOD PLUMBING 8. HEATING CO HANLIN BROS cUPPLIES CONTRAC TING INSTALLATIONS RE PAIRS H 1414 Maun st Phone FE 2 7389 ANDERSON LQAN Elwood Ind1ana DeHORITY 8. SON AGENCY Bob DeHor1tv Com nerj Serung Insurance Needs of Machson County S1nce 1900 oppos1te Post Off1ce Elv. ood Indlana Phone Fe 2 3344 Secur1tw slnce 1888 Save xx here Vour I saungs are safe In g nr I. I 0 v ' 1- , . I I I I ., . I r E ' 73 mom 'I-,xg pw, "ICI ' I I H vw - , I ' I V' I .V I I I FATH S CLOTHING STORE Men's, Women s, and Chlldren s Wear Open a charge account 1125 Mer1d1an Anderson, Indlana ANDERSON SPORTING OLSEN SL EBANN JEWELRY CO Jewelers For 52 years 1031 Mer1d1an Street Anderson, Indlana Telephone 4439 Best Wlshes of Phone 5828 1028 Mam St PFAFF SEWING CENTER 1328 Merldlan st Phone 33560 TROPHIES Anderson, Ind1ana Diamonds Watche S Football Basketball COUSINS F1 sh1ng Tackle Golf Guns Tenms Archery The Store That Confldence Btult 10th SL Mer1d1an Anderson THE BRIGHTEST NAME IN LIGHTS The Home of the Automatlc Headhght Control AUTRONIC E YE and T 3 SAFETY AIM HEADLAMPS GUIDE LAMP DIVISION GENERAL MOTORS CORP. ANDERSON, INDIANA I I ' I , . . 1 0 1 . . VAL U DRESS SHOP Where Smart P eople Practlce Thmft 817 Mer1d1an St Anderson Phone 33416 Everythmg New for the Yotmg Man BING'S Anderson Ind1ana THE RAPP COMPANY Clothlng SL Shoes for the Farmly North S1de Square Anderson Ind1ana ENG S GREAT CHINA RESTAURANT Spec1ahz1ng 1n Cantonese and Amer1can CILISIUE We also prepare food to take out 1108 Maxn Street Indlana Everythlng for ever 1212 Mer1d1an St C TYPEWRITER MACHINE REPAIRS a Leather Goods Fotmtam Pens Fxreproof Home Chests MILLER HUGGI all Royal Remmgton orona Underwood Portables d ADDING nd RENTALS SAKW4 SNORKEL NS INC yOff1ce reet, Anderson, Ind1ana tr BURTON PRINTING N if .V comPANv We Spec1al1ze 1n WEDDING INVITATIONS Phone 6800 629 Ma1n Stre et Anderson, Ind1ana Compl ments o MORGAN'S MUSIC SHOP Your Headquarters for Musxc Servmg your Band Always 1240 Mer1d1an Street Phone 9471 Anderson, Indlana , t to L eer LL u I! - P9 LLL, Y , I . , Q I . .. . I ' , riff. lj? ,,4,M 'V' xfaf D 5 f?'e'1',5- Ijiifjlgf 4 f Et l 1 l I l - - I 1 I , MARSHALL JEWELRY 724 Mam SURBER and SON Watches and D1amonds Low Pr1ces Easy Terms TAILORS Anderson Indlana Over McCroy s Anderson nd GATES Complxments o Cathedral of Fash1on DOG N SUDS 813 Mer1d1an St 2615 Broadway Anderson Indxana Anderson, Indlana Wh11e 1n Anderson and not Comphme ts of I'I1U.Cht1IH8, Stop 1n Johrue's and get a qtuck shmel also LYNCH Anderson Laundry 81 Dry Cleanmg Sub Stat1on 5 sh1rts S1 40 In bv 8 30 out by 4 00 JOHNNYS SHINE PARLOR Corner 11th Mam St Anderson Indlana WIMER CLOTHING The largest var1ety of stuts, sport coats and top coats Both at 1601 So F Street, Elwood SL 404 Jackson Street, Anderson Best quahty at lower prices ' H- ,1. f YYYV 7 I . .. HOYT WRIGHT COMPANY THE WRIGHT STORE FOR YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN 907 917 Me-r1d1an Street Anderson, Ind1ana MADISON COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO OP ASS N INC Central Off1ce and Farm Store 1520 Ma.1n Phone 3 6637 Anderson Elevator 1515 Central Phone 3 6637 Elwood Phone Fe 2 7339 Pendleton Phone 400 Sl1II11'I11tV1uE Phone 62291 Your Frlends 81 Ne1ghbors W11l Tell You It's Pleasant It's Sat1sfy1ng It's Converuent It's Econonucal TO SHOP HERE THE BANNER STORE 927 Meridlan Street Phone 6675 Anderson Indlana STAR CHINA COMPANY 'Lf va orth havmg, WE have It 902 Mam Phone 7122 Anderson Indlana MRS WHEELER S CAFETERIA Fr1ed Chlcken Hot Rolls and Homemade P1es Made 1n our ovtn Kltchen OPEN DAILY 24 W E1ghth St Anderson, Ind C F EMLING Inst1tut1ona1 Food Spec1a1t1es 2305 W Er1e Street Cmcago 12, Ill1no1s I - - , ,I , - . . Alexandria-Phone 4-2423 RAILROAD SALVAGE STORE 701 Merxdlan Street Anderson, Indxana W BU 0 'THE STAR S ADDRESS ANDERSON INDIANA 'ARTHUR GODFREY 'ART LINKLETTER 'BING CROSBY 'JACK BENNY 'EDWARD R MURROW 'LOWE LL THOMAS ' ROBERT TROUT SEARS ROEBUCK SI COMPANY The Frlendhest Store 1n Tovxn ANDERSON INDIANA Good Quahty For Less S1nce 1886 PETTIGREVI S GROCERY Flor1da Stat1on The Home of Courtesy Klndness Fresh Meat and Vegetables Ruby and B111 Our Alm FALVEYS MEN Sz BOYS Please The f1nest people 1n the world walk through our doors COUR CUSTOMERSJ WAYNE JONES gl SONS INC F1restone Adnural Westln house R C A Elvu ood, Inchana For The Best In Quahty And SGFVICS KIGER 8. CO, INC 1830 West 16th Street Ind1anapol1s Indlana Arts and Craft Mater1als School Supplles School Eqtupment Educat1onal Plavthmgrs MILLERS NORTH TOWN FURNITURE Jct State Roads 9 8.1 109 And erso n Home of the world's most beautlful furnlture I I 1 I I 1 H I24 5 I I ' . N 5 l ' 1 -v ' ' ' , vv 7 To YY , . . - . - . U - I D . . . Y 7 - . . ' ' ' ' vw Compllments of I DAVIS DAIRY FARMS Phone 8569 Anderson In ha ma ANDERSON'S SMARTEST STORE Bsss Wsshss ss Us sssssss For Junior Sizes HAMMONS I Jumor Age Sportswear Moordale Sxuts PLUMBING 8. HEATING CO ROTH S SMART APPAREL Phone Fe 2 07101 24 hr SLTVICL 936 er1d1an Anderson Elvu ood Indla ma PEPSI COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Andc rsol 18th and Louise Street :Io dxa I LA 1 S ' 4 P s 2 1 Ill '

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