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ORIFLAMME FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE, 1966 ,L , A , F ' 1 ' ' nh ,, Y in . a X Q it ' 5 iff? 'Z 4 ' ., W .,,, u o . F i 'fn o A. K " , H , 46' , D. ' - 2 .N A ' 5' ' 1 , ' V ' in ' HH X NP FJFFK. . N ' x Q, dy? G g A424 A ,iii . , ,H A -V N X X t , - J. ' X 4 K Ml - ,M xffvm M ' M , ' ' ' . 9 . .vit ' ' ar -,xfibl Q s 'L 'es 'lb ez . ax H 'mg W V, f .za ' ' ' f - .Q ' ,, A "f , hw .,,, , . Q .Q ,qt 'z' . ,A us N xii' . , . 0 Q . X 5 K' -N5 ts Q ' 5 l . 1 ,f L-,N 1- -S i ,av mmm-.4 uh . Alxx 5 4' 1 .,, My A, Q f 1, ' F'I , . 'r' M ' X 4 Th' J 1 'lv' -N' "A"-'v'f7 'SLYXXX 1 f . f ww an X Q Q' lixm 'wig lf!! ' Q I j 'N g Q .X A 1. L J '- , ,xx .Q .r f Y ' W' r W . 1 A F , s ' S NL?-x , 4. 'P+' QB ., -Q -I l cf h ff V ' ' -,4.It',.,sq Q ' b I Q , l""' ' - ' . . l if X -I QV , 4 ' Q 'V Q 1 V : AQQQQ? 3 W ,g,.i 9 'fi A A ' 5 . Q' 4 an ' 1 , K A f ' 'kgs' A q- 1 -gm i ' 0 ' 3 .., 5 r , AL . Q 4. ' , N f- , ' , 'WW 4 4 f w ' b n 4.3 g as . Q N! A w 5 .1 s ' 1 uw 9 -an Q . . A ,Q 1 ' 1 Q ff- Ii ' an K K W Q 1 :Q : I v ' " ' "" Q' 1 ' A A mx . ' ' A Qt' :-.Iv ' Q In u .5 . ADMINISTRATION 48 FACULTY 60 SENIORS 88 SENIOR DIRECTORY 122 EVENTS 132 FRATERNITIES 188 ORGANIZATIONS 212 3 :W N -. F" v a'5 Hz ' Y V X A w , 4 1 Ml , . TK , E... f ,Q-'ily Ii' 6 x 1' hun., "HW'W'iWfinlWfT'F!'MEW1i!?l'!l!l!! f Mfvwggj , w A H mf, .97 4 Rf'- N 714' P' .K,.J, 4- ,, wt Annu V , -df' if ff' 59- l sin . , wfl I f -4 .I Ff- ju, , ,. ,.,,...lJ.Z' 4- 'la ,. '3'FQ .u ' , 0 I .-.--.-.rg f' "' , .fog-A... .' '-iw, ,. W Asp ' Q 'Qi' ks' ' ' v' V - -. - s - -' A ' H . , - ,. Q, ., iw ' --I . 1 A ,.-. , W " . A, ' ,"' L - A vid. f yi - V, -X ,gig QW? l r Y W? gf a N' ii 2 16 ,1 .21 AM CU 19 -W9 W -in T 14, i. up 20 Ln-.,, 21 22 my MH' gi? if , , -5. at 1 '. QM as-f 'W , ,,,, M . 'ABQ' A-34:1 9 E N nl. 5" Yagyff.. ' ' ' 6 ' ' 11' 1' . ,, 5 .1 K f Q . .:Q'5"f ,m JW whims- ' 4.1 91"-'U 1 Z .' I, " .' 0 is fa V 'TW r' ' 3 ' -- ' 'T 1- . ff'--aw 0 ,M is X 1 , Y, J ,' 1 . . 1 a ff -' - 1 2 u 1" I "-1 " Ab Q. 3 5. X. I. f"+, P' v 5 1 , 1f -., , Aa n'- 9 I :B 1 ,J-me t ev, ' lg 'Q ' I ., 'W s o 1 i . '- ' . ' 7' " , x A Q ' f ' - A 1 1 nk , .-. - ' ' .. I. A. u U X , u J A 7' 1 xx, tm i 1 a N Y 3 I m,5 a q . o Q n , i P shin, Q S Q 1-. 9 , 1 Q v .1 ' 1. 'Tl ' 3 nhl' TU 1 4 I! ,X 5, 1 . h fgmu.. I Wm: Q , ' 4 sfgn, ii, ' ins- 4 is 5 ' , t :it Q L 3 46 ' i gl 131 XY! 'I 1 fm 'W ' Vx 1 YQ tm '15 iff L U if ' M Q 4' . g.-up , M , j, 2 ' .4.b - u 1 f If V AA VI S, X I I .l.' 5. , K I si R ' Q 'QI ., A gg, - g , Q. X, ,1 . 4, ..."" ' .w M . .x "' Va rs s. V' I J va. 1 . 4. A .K ,L Q 0 4 26 ww- 11 n-1, 'YL .41 ,vi Q... ,, af' 1-, ' ' , 4 . -fri-h," h. 11, V J, 27 If ,X L I 28 ri .. va 1. ,, ,-.' --. -.4 .X- g ,.,,.. -af Q .nf '- ur rw- MX we-. ' 'Q Ku N. Q a, f an T2' T'-'ft A "5 of 2, 1-,V 'fllmw I , W' , . ,V A ,. '3,..n-qv. - 1 'U - K 's 6.4. pe". , W. .,, J' " fm' '4 . lv W1-K , 'kgQ,5ImKy , L ,J H .QQJNI Yip- if , ... A A , 29 30 Y W l 31 Q - 33 QS 9 f 2 . V., Ll NS Ri. vqx' 5 Lp i , N K nm M 1 gf Q11 Ff'v9"5yF"'f- 33.5 . .-., xX . .5 A'x' LQ ' J I .. ,4 ' r 1. ' , - .fl- Y S 40 ""' .J It-. I ""x. Q' Qu, , .3 Y, . ,B on IH-f "-. Q 1.-pg :,1J""" N My ...rf 'Me' Www 4 ,J For., t n I Z V. X 9- ,. - i '.. ,JIV771 "w '?C-'z w:"? -F' 1 ky' gw A 3, W 'Y Ni 4 lb I 5- ' U Ar' J, 0' fl-.w N wk 1" '.1 NMS- 'v k "'ilf' W. ' 2 'Q 7 IF. ' fd? -'A' R ,. 3' . . -217.1- N. .Q l 4JiAH0:..f,6sq,6,k1i- V' jpg ,Si Ex I Sv, 1' 'V i1'f!"" A' 355: 'WX 'if' "' ,539 9 '5' ':.?'3A'?-giilff -. Ai' 4 ': ,"'-" ' . . , . 3" """" W A In lf,-'la I " M :di f f S. X , .MF-+1 'X A , '- GA? '..-ft-uf, 5' 4 11' :th H L I ,,-51, :QJ',.l'f?+'4- it u r jg'-Q lf Q, 341 Q, HM 'win W Sa .. .f 15 - -- N' ' 1 .Wah A -':?'vij "" k . p .M . 11. 46 0 I0 :L 'Q b A U . 1 . I 'gh '- JET ' E 'Q ', .' 1" ' . '9 .- x 4 A ' naw? , "V 1 1 4 0 , 'S ' ' 4 'vfc . 1 l ' 1 ' i Wxiik? f -.HTIQ nf ' Ifr' , D , . J-' ,Q , , s . UA ' 1 , 'a f . I n ' an f ,'..ff4',' ' Xgqa ff, A 4 ,.. - , 2. ,. .1 ,. .. ,UQ F A. V num . -4 f 4- -""'-I at ' 4-9-N P qx ' 3 .A- ils-' nf" ADMINISTRATION KEITH SPALDING, PRESIDENT To the Class of 1966 Gentlemen: I am pleased to have this opportunity to express, on behalf of the College, our hope that in the years ahead your ambitions may be realized and that the qualities of mind and character you developed here may serve you and your community well. As a result of having demonstrated your intellectual competence and your capacity for disciplined work, you now take your place in the growing community of Franklin and Marshall graduates whose number and influence is worldwide. That association is one of the valuable consequences of your college education, and I hope you will have occasion often to experience with your fellow alumni the pleasure of the shared memory, and the rewards of common identification with this institution. During your years here, you have witnessed and often participated in concerted efforts to improve the quality of a Franklin and Marshall education. We pledge ourselves to continue those efforts, so that you may continue to take pride in the institution. With regard and good wishes, Sincerely, asa 51 Assistant to the Dean of the College Joseph J. Gallagher 1 Associate Dean of the College James M. Darlington Dean of Students O. W. Lacy 515' X Nh'-'M Foster G. Ulrich. Jr. Assistant to the Dean of Students 53 A d w Secretary of the College Leo E. Geier HEX J. Larry Mench, Donald E. Martin, Bruce A. Westerdahl. Admissions Staff 54 James O. Avison, Joseph J. Iannoli. Theodore R. Lindsley, Jr. . Z Development Office Assistant To The President For Development Charles W. Thompson 55 .Iii .4 Business Manager l l 7 5 i 1 .X 3 I Paul R. Linfield in IH ,,.1 1? gp.:- Clayton C. Blevins Stanley E- Plummer Superintendent of Buildings Director of Residences and Grounds 56 Ronald W. Wertz Director, Student Aid and Placement Registrar , V '.,'," l 'A l ', Nancy H. Rutter Assistant to the Secretary Roberta Z. Strikler Alumni Secretary John H. Peifer, Jr. 58 g 1' ,. V M-'F c Recorder John P. O'l-Iaren Data Processing Manager 59 Information Officer Yvonne E. Gibbel David P. Wood AIR FORCE R.O.T.C MAJOR GORDEN E. CRANFORD. Professor of Aerospace Sludies B.G.E., University of Omaha. l96l. H9623 TXSGT. FRANK FORD. JR.. lnslrrzctor of Aerospace Studies H9625 TXSGT. CHARLES M. TANKERSLEY, Il1.s'truc!or of Aerospace Studies H9603 SXSGT. HERBERT G. VARCOE. Instructor of Aeroxpuee Sruzlies 09633 CAPT. PHILIP A. WEAVER, A.s'.vi.x'lul1l Professor of Aerospace Studies B.S., East Carolina College, l956. H9643 CAPT. WILLIAM YANCHEK, Assislzlrzl Professor of Aerospace Studies B.S., University of Pennsylvania, 1951. Cl96lJ I l F. Ford. Mitchell P. A. Weaver, G. E. Cranford ANTHROPOLOGY C. Holzingcr, R. J. Preston III JOHN MATTHEW CAVANAUGH, Profesxm' of Engineering Drawing and Art and Chair- zu re ar u m 10 Tl De Imfzt B.S., Kutztown State Teachers College, 19323 M.A., Columbia University. 1936. 119513 CHARLES H. HOLZINGER, Ax.vuc'if1tc' Prufmvm' of Ar1tl1r'opology and Avling Clmirmrui of the IJU17tll'llllt'I1f M.A.. University of Chicago, 1949. 119491 RICHARD J. PRESTON, Ill. A.1'Sl'.Yl!lHf Pmfcmvm' of Alzthropology B.A., University of North Carolina. 1961 MA., University of North Carolina, 1964 119651 ART J. Cavunaugh gl .V CB nk R , v11 ,AQ K. R. John, A. W. Shively, D. B. King BIOLOGY 1. N. Feit, J. J. McDermott, W. D. Shenk JAMES MCCOWN DARLINGTON, I'rofv.v,vo1' of Biology B.S., Franklin and Marshall College, 19303 M.A., Brown Univer- sity, 19331 Ph.D., Brown University, 19351 Pd.D., Franklin and Marshall College, 1961.11937-443 19481 IRA N. FEIT, lll.S'll'll!'l0I' of Biology Brooklyn College, 19603 M.A.. Princeton University, 1964. 119641 KENNETH RYDAI, JOHN, A.s'.vor'i11Iz' I'1'oj'4'.s'.x'of' of Biology B.S., University of Wyoming, 1950: M.S., University of Wisconsin, 19521 Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1954. 119561 DAVID B. KING, A.s'.x'i.s'lanI Pl'of4'.s'.s'o1' of Biology B.S., University of Massachusetts, 1959: M.A., University of Mass- achusetts, 1961g Indiana University, 1961-62. 119651 HARRY KELLER LANE. I'1'ofa'.v.vo1' of Biology B.S., Franklin and Marshall College, 19283 Cornell Univer- sity, 1935.119491 PHILIP C. LARIS. A.v.x'oc,'ialz' I'l'ofz'.s'.vor of Biology B.S.. Rutgers University, 1952: M.A.. Princeton University, 1954 Ph.D., Princeton University. 1956. 119651 JOHN J. MCDERMOTT, A.i'.voz'iolz' l'r'ofv.i'.ro1' of Biology mul Cllairnmn of ilu' IJvp11rtn1w1t B.S., Seton Hall University, 1949: M.S., Rutgers University, 1951 Ph.D., Rutgers University, 1954119581 WILBUR DAVID SH EN K, Profvmror of Biology A.B., Goshen College, 19293 M.A., University of Michigan, 1937 Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania. 1952. 119521 ARTHUR WILLARD SHIVELY, B. F. I5'ac'kc'nllml, Jr. Pl'ofz'.s'sor' of Biology B.S., Juniata College, 1928: M.S., University of Virginia, 1933 Ph.D., University of Virginia, 1939.119-161 mg! ,. .. 'ra I. ru. 1" 5, 'S A. L. Bell, Nandola, H. Fischer ' 1115111112 'Ii H. R. Jaenicke, H. Wolpers BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ALBERT LAVERN BELL, Professor of B11.x'ir1c'.v.x' Adniiltislratiorz and Economicxr and C0-Clmirmruz of the Dvprwtmcfnl B.S. in Ee., Franklin and Marshall College, l935g M.A., Pennsyl- vania State University, 1940, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1951. 119461 WINTH ROP EDWARD EVERETT, Pr0fc'.s'sor of Bll.YfIll'.1'A' Adll1iI1fA'fI'I1ff0lI mul Economics and C0-Clmirnmn of the Depart- inert! B.S. in Ec., Franklin and Marshall College, 1927: M.A., University of Chicago. 1932g Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania. 1951. 119461 HAROLD FISCHER. Pr0f0s.s'0r of Bltxizzzfss AllI71fIliXfI'!lIi0I1 B.S. in Bus. Adm.. The Ohio State University, 19221 M.A., The Ohio State University, 1926. 119281 JOHN 1. HARTMAN, Lcclurcfr in BIl.Vflll'A'.S' LIIW' 1NdfIlIICI1 A.B., Princeton University, 19413 LL.B., University of Pennsyl- vania, 1948. 119491 HENRY R. J AENIC KE. Asxnrirzlc' Pr0fz'.s'.s'or of BIl.1'iIll'.S'A' Admini.rtmti0n A.B., Dartmouth College, 1956: M.B.A., University of Pennsyl vania, 19581 Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1963: C.P.A. 1District of Columbia1, 1964. 119601 BRUCE P. RYDER, Lcfciurw' in BIl.S'fl1l'SS Law 1!IlI'flll11.'U A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1946: LL.B., Harvard Uni versity, 1948. 119561 HANS W. WOLPERS, 1ll.S'fl'llCf0l' in Bll.S'I'llC'.S'.S' f1llHlfl1f.1'fI'fIIf0l1 B.S., Kansas State College, 1962: M.B.A., University of Massa chusetts, 1965. 119651 65 CHEMISTRY 3 1 A. J. Rich. F. H. Suydam, H. A. Heller. J. J. Farrel, R. P. Cross. R. W. Van Horn. C. E. Fink, F. A. Snavely. DONALD W. BEISTEL, Assistant Professor of Clicfnlixtry B.S Bucknell Universit 19583 Ph.D., University of Delaware, 1963. - ' y, 119641 ROBERT PERSHING CROSS, Projc'.r.ror of Cl1t'lHfA'fl',V ' B.S., Washington and Jefferson College, 1940, M.S., Washington and Jefferson College, 19421 Ph.D., Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1947. 119471 JOHN JOSEPH FARRELL Assistant Pro essor 0 Cllellzistl , f f 'y B.S., Baldwin-Wallace College, 19603 Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, 1964. 119651 COLIN ETHELBERT FINK, Associate Professor of Clll'l11i.T1l'y B.S., Pennsylvania State University, 19325 M.S., Massachusetts Insti- tute of Technology, 19333 Ph.D., Columbia University, 1944. 119571 HUGH ANDREWS HELLER, Professor of Clicntistry B.S., Rutgers University, 1930: M.S., Rutgers University, 19323 Ph.D,, University of Maryland, 1938. 119421 FRED ALLEN SNAVELY, Professor of Chemistry B.S., Franklin and Marshall College, 1949: Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, 1952. 119521 FREDERICK HENRY SUYDAM, Profz's.s'or of Chemistry and Clmimzan of the Departmwtt B.S., Franklin and Marshall College, 1946: Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1950. 11946-473 19521 RUTH WARNER VAN HORN, Professor of Chemistry BPA., University of California at Los Angeles, 19393 M.A., Univer- sity of California at Los Angeles, 1940: Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, 1944. 11949-543 19561 AUSTIN JULIUS RICH, Associate Professor of Chemistry B.S., Bates College, 19523 M.S. Purdue University, 1955, Ph.D., Purdue University, 1960. 119571 J. J. Farber Q . 8, R. J. Barnett, Jr., J. R. Carpenter xii, CLASSICS Wi ROBERT J. BARNETT, JR., f'iA'Sf.Yfllllf I'r0fv.x'.v0r of Cl11.vsic.v A.B., Roanoke College, 19581 Ph.D., University of North Carolina, 1964. 119633 JAMES R. CARPENTER, Adjunct lr1.vIl'uc'tar of Cla.v.vic'.v rmrl A rclwology B.A., University of Missouri, I960. H9653 J. JOEL FARBER, Associate Pmfvxwr of Clzlssirs 11ml ClIllfl'lIl!llI of tliz' Dvpru'tn1z'l1t A.B., University of Chicago, 19521 M.A., University of Chicago, l954g Ph.D., Yale University, l959. H9631 67 ?guimnnuuu gunning -lltmwk is i . .Q, 11:11 V. Trcml, W. Whitcscll. N. Taylor, H. Kaufmann, L. Robbins ECONOMICS HUGO M. KAUFMANN, A.V.YfSlllIlI Professor of Ecrmomics University of Basel, 1951-54. H9641 WILL LYONS, A.i'.s'0c'iutz' Pmfvssor of Ec'1m0mic'.s' B.S., Bucknell University, 1939: Ph.D., Harvard University, 1963. 119603 LEE PERRY ROBBINS, A.v.s'ist1u1! Profzwsor of Ec'0110n1ics A.B., Harvard University, 19603 M.A., University of Pennsylvania, 1961.C1965J Dorothy W. LeFevrc f'9. QL'-F' NORMAN WILLIAM TAYLOR, A.vs0ciafc Prufc's.wr' of Economics and Clmirnmli nj flu' Department B.Sc. fEcon.l London University, 1950: M.A., Yale University 1954: Ph.D., Yale University, 1958. 119621 VLADIMIR GUY TREML, As.v01'iutv Professor of Economics' B.A., Brooklyn College, 1955: M.A., Columbia University, 1956 Ph.D., University of North Carolina, 1963. H9617 WILLIAM ELI WHITESELL. As.s'i.s'r11nt Pr'r1fz'smr of ECOIIOIIZICS' B.A., Davidson College, 1960: Ph.D., University of Texas, 1963 119651 EDUCATION A DOROTHY W. LeFEVRE, Professor of Education and Acting Clmirmrm of Ihr' Department B.S., Temple University, 1934: M.Ed., Temple Uni- versity EDWARD STEHMAN BRUBAKER, Associate Professor of English, Director of the Green Room Theatre A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 19493 M-A-, Uf1iV6fSifY of Pennsylvania, 1950. 119521 JAMES VAN DYCK CARD, Visiting Assistant Professor of English B.A., Rutgers University, 19533 M.A., Columbia University, 1957g Ph.D., Columbia University, 1964. 119641 GERALD E. ENSCOE, Associate Professor of English B.A., University of Washington, 1952g Ph.D., University of Wash- ington, 1962. 119601 HUGH CHARLES EVANS, Assistant Professor of English B.S., Wisconsin State College, 1956: M.A., Stanford University, l957g Ph.D., Stanford University, 1963. 119621 SUMNER J. GERMAIN, Assistant Professor of English B.A., Harvard College, 1953, M.A., Harvard University, 1957. 119641 IRA GRUSHOW, Assistant Professor of English A.B., College of the City of New York, 1954, M.A., Yale University, 1957, Ph.D., Yale University, 1963. 119621 ENGLISH K. Longsdorf, A. Leet I. Grushow, H. Evans, R. Russell ALBERT J. LEET, Assistant Professor of English A.B., Boston University, 19533 M.A., Trinity College, 1959. 119631 KENNETH DWIGHT LONGSDORF, Associate Professor of English A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1927, M.A., Harvard Uni- versity, l935. 119461 ROBERT MEZEY, Instructor of English B.A., University of Iowa, 1959. 119651 ROGER BEST ROLLIN, Associate Professor of English A.B., Washington and Jefferson College, 19525 Ph.D., Yale Uni- versity, 1960. 119591 ROBERT WILLIAM RUSSELL, Associate Professor of English and Acting Chairman of the Department B.A., Yale University, 19459 M.A., Yale University, 1946g B. Litt., Oxford University, l95lg D. Litt., Hamilton College, 1963. 119551 69 at - D, 3? A C ' 1 " 1. ""r' I A IIQQQ-v S. Germain, E. Brubaker, J. V. D. Card N. D. Jeannet, M. Feit DCA H. L. Butler, A. Jeannet, R. A. Mazzara H A ARRY L. BUTLER, A.s'.v0c'iatv Prnfexmr of Frenclz mid Cliairmali of rlw Departnwnr A.B., Hamline University, 1942: M.A., University of Minnesota, 19491 Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1956. 119577 NGELA MARIA JEANNET, Assistant Profasmr of Ronmncv Lmigzmgcw Maturita Classica, Liceo Classico "Dante Alighierif' Florence, Italy, 19483 Diplome de Langue et litterature francaises, University of Lille, France, 1953: Ph.D., Universita degli Studi, Florence, Italy, 1954. 119631 FRENCH DONALD EUGENE JEANNET, Instructor of French A.B., University of Oklahoma, 1952: M.A., Middlebury College 1955. 119635 CHARLES JEAN GABRIEL MAYAUD, As.r0c'iut0 Profcsxor of French B.S. in Science, de Bilda, France, 1939: P.C.B., University of Al giers, 1942: M.A., Princeton University, 1950. 119503 RICHARD ALFRED MAZZARA, Axsociuic Professor of Romnucc' LIll1gll!l,Ql'.1' A.B., Queens College, 1948: M.A., Johns Hopkins University 19495 Ph.D., University of Kansas, 1959.11957J J. Freedman, J. H. Moss 5 lr. GEOLOGY D. F. Ritter, S. A. Morse, D. U. Wise JACOB FREEDMAN, Professor of Geology B.S., University of New Hampshire, 1938: M.A., Harvard Univer- Sity, 19403 Ph.D., Harvard University, 1948. 119479 MARVIN EARL KAUFFMAN, A.s'.s'i.vmnt Profz'.t'.t'or of Geology B.S., Franklin and Marshall College, 1955: M.S., Northwestern University, 1957: Ph.D., Princeton University, 1959. 119591 STEARNS ANTHONY MORSE, A.Y.l'lSllll1I Profesmr of Geology A.B., Dartmouth College, 19523 M.Sc., McGill University, 19583 Ph.D., McGill University, 1962. 119625 JOHN HALL MOSS, Professor of Geology and Clmirnmn of tlic' Department A.B., Princeton University, 19411 M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 19431 M.A., Harvard University, 19481 Ph.D., Har- vard University, 1949. 119489 DALE FRANKLIN RITTER, Amvismnt Profvs.vor of Geology A.B., Franklin and Marshall, 19553 B.S., Franklin and Marshall College, 19591 M.A., Princeton University, 19633 Ph.D., Princeton University, 1964. 119613 DONALD UN DERKOFFER WISE, Axsociatc' Profz'.t'.s'or of Geology B.S., Franklin and Marshall College, 1953: M.S., California Insti- tute of Technology, 19555 Ph.D., Princeton University, 1957. 119571 John W. Frey, Konstantin M. Kally Peter S. Seadle, Irene P. Seadle GERMAN AND RUSSIAN Paul P. Martin JOHN WILLIAM FREY, Professor of German and Russian and Chairman of the Department A.B., Dickinson College, 19373 M.A., Uni- versity of Illinois, 1939: Ph.D., University of Illinois, 1941. t1944J KONSTANTIN M. KALLY, Assistant Professor of R ussizuz B.A., Pedagogical Institute, Ufa, U.S.S.R., 19411 M.A., Indiana University, 1961. 119615 PAUL PLETCI-IER MARTIN, Associate Professor of German A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 19371 M.A., University of Pennsylvania, 1942. 119461 IRENE POPPEN SEADLE, Assistant Professor of German A.B., Wayne University, 1934, M.A., Uni- versity of Chicago, 1935. 619551 PETER STEFAN SEADLE, Associrlfe Professor of German A.B., Wayne University, 19473 M.A., Wayne University, 19493 Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 1964. 119531 WOLFF VON WERNSDORFF, Associate Professor of German A.B., University of California at Los An- geles, 1931: M.A., University of Michigan, 1932. 619515 72 uqg, ll -X John H. Vanderzell, John C. Pittenger, Victor C. Falkenheim SIDNEY WISE, Professor of Government and Chairman of the Department A.B., Harvard College, 19483 Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles, 1952. 619529 RICHARD FRANCIS SCHIER, Professor of Government A.B., University of Iowa, 19463 M.A., University of Iowa, 19473 Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles, 1951. 119531 JOHN HOWARD VANDERZELL, Professor of Government A.B., Miami University, 1946g Ph.D., Syracuse University, 1954. 119523 VICTOR CARL FALKENHEIM, Instructor in Government A.B., Princeton University, 1961, 119641 JOHN CHAPMAN PITTENGER, Lecturer in Government ffidjunctj A.B., Harvard College, 19513 LL.B., Harvard Law School, 1958. 119642 GOVERNMENT TE' - . Sidney Wise, Richard F. Schier 73 HISTORY N Zacour, F. Klein, J. Joseph, L. Athey GLENN EARLE MILLER, JR., Associate Professor of History A.B., Swarthmore College, l941g M.A., Uni- versity of Pennsylvania, 1942. 119503 TI-IURMAN EVERETT PHILOON, Associate Professor of History A.B., Bowdoin College, l936g M.A., Harvard University, 1941, Ph.D., Yale University, 1950. 119533 WILLIAM F. STEIRER, JR. Instructor of History B.A., Gettysburg College, 1959, M.A., Uni- versity of Pennsylvania, 1962. 119643 SOLOMON WANK, Assistant Professor of History B.A., New York University, 19513 M.A., Co- lumbia University, 19523 Ph.D., Columbia Uni- versity, 1961. 119613 NORMAN P. ZACOUR, Professor of History and Chairman of the Department B.A., University of Manitoba, 1950, M.A., Columbia University, 195lg Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1955. 119593 W . .LS S. 'G .K 'tg' , 5 Allen SAMUEL E. ALLEN, Assistant Professor of History B.A.. Morehouse College, 19583 M.A., Clark University, 1959. 119643 LOUIS L. ATHEY, Assistant Professor of History B.A., Trenton State College, 19603 Ph.D., Uni- versity of Delaware, 1965. 119633 JOHN JOSEPH, Associate Professor of History A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1950g M.A., Princeton University. 1953, Ph.D., Prince- ton University, 1957. 119613 FREDERIC SHRIVER KLEIN, Audenried Professor of History and Archaeology A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 19231 M.A., Columbia University, 1927. 119283 B. Powers, W. Steirer. S. Wank, G. Miller HUMANITIES MARCIA MILLER, ln.vtr11ct01' of I1llHlllIlfffl'.S' A.B., Vassar College 1944: Ph.D., U. of Pennsylvania, 1950. HUGH ALAN GAULT, Associate Pr0fc.vsor of Music and Chair num of the Departmwit B.S. in Ed., Southeast Missouri State Teachers Collcgc, 1940: M.M Eastman School of Music, 1950. 119503 M. Miller l H. Gaull 75 MATHEMATICS li 1 J. R. Holzinger, W. F. Tyndall, J. J. Tattersall 4 as or i. ' ,tif ei I - , I"- ."' 1 .. -Q ...A 11 Q -..J B. Jacobson, W. H. Leser, D. W. Western, C. A. Haynie 76 .ek PHILLIP E. BEDIENT, Associate Professor of Matltematics A.B., Park College. 19433 M.A., University of Michigan, 19473 Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1959. 119595 VINCENT HAROLD HAAG, Professor of Mathematics B.S., Catawba College, 19393 M.A., Duke University, 19425 Ph.D., University of Pitts- burgh, 1952. 119499 CHARLES A. HAYNIE, Instructor of Muthenmtics B.S. in Eng. Phys.. Cornell University, 1958. 119631 JOSEPH ROSE HOLZINGER, Professor of Matlienmtics and Astronomy and Director of the Daniel Scholl Observatory B.S., Franklin and Marshall College, 1935: M.S., Cornell University, 1948. 119481 BERNARD JACOBSON, Associate Professor of Matliematics B.S., Western Reserve University, 19513 M.A., Michigan State University, 19523 Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1956. 119561 WALTER HESS LESER, Associate Professor of Mlttlienmtics A.B., Swarthmore College, 19491 M.A., Uni- versity of Pennsylvania, 1950. 119541 JAMES JOSEPH TATTERSALL, Instructor of Matlienmtics B.A., University of Virginia, 19631 M.A., University of Massachusetts, 1965. 119653 WILLIAM F. TYNDALL, Assistant Professor of Malltenmlics B.S., Franklin and Marshall College, 1957: Ph.D., Brown University, 1963. 119642 DONALD WARD WESTERN, Professor of Mathematics and Chairman of the Depart- ment A.B., Denison University, 19371 M.A., Mich- igan State College, 1939, Ph.D.. Brown University, 1946. 119483 LUTHER JOHN BINKLEY, Elijull If. Kr'a'.vyc' Pr0f1'.s'.wr of Pl1il11.wpliy and Elllifxv, c'lnl0wz'rl by The KI'l'.V4L'l' Ffllllllllllifill, mul Cvflllfflllflll of the Dclmrtmwzl A.B.. Franklin :md Marshall College, 1945: B.D., Lztnezxstei Theological Seminary, 19471 Ph.D., Harvard University 1950. 119493 LEON GALIS, A.V.l'fA'lllllf P1'vfc'.v.wr of PlIfl0.l'Uf7,ly A.B., University of Georgia, 1961. 119651 RICHARD JOHN HALL, A.t'A'i.vt1II1I I'l'of4'.v.vor of Pl1ilo.wpl:y A.B., Oberlin College, 1959: Ph.D.. Princeton University. 1963. 119621 EARL ERRINGTON LEWIS, A.i'.wc'iut4' Pl'Uf1'.S'A'lIl' of Pllilosoplly B.A., Dalhousie University, 1932: lvl.A., Dalhousie Univer- sity, 1933: Ph.D., University of Toronto, 1939119475 RICHARD J. WOOD, ASXLVIIIIII Pl'0f!'.l'.l'1N' of PlIfl0.Y0l7fl4V A.B., Duke University, 19591 BD., Union Theological Sem- inary, 19623 M.A.. Yale University, 1964. 119655 PHILOS OPHY t , 1 Y 1 J. A. Zimmerman, R. I. Weller, C. A. Bruns I I PHYSICS C. ALAN BRUNS, Assi.i'r1ui1 Profzmwor of Physics RICHARD F. HOOD, Asvislmit Pmfwsor' of Pliyxics B.S., Tufts University, 1952: Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, B.S., University of Kentucky, 1952, M.S., University of Kentucky, 1961. 119647 1957119635 LEONARD V. CHERRY, A.vs0c'iz1tz' Professor of Pl1y.viz'.s' PHILIP H. SUTTER. Assislzllir Pr0fc'.s'sor of Plzysics B.S., City College of New York, 1947: Ph.D., Duke University, B.S., Yale University, 1952: M.S., Yale University, 19543 Ph.D., 1953119619 Yale University, 1959119643 FRANK DU RRELL ENCK, As.v0c'ir1t0 Prnfmwr of Pl1y.s'ics and RICHARD IRWIN WELLER, Profzmvm' of Physics Clmirman of the lJvpnrlnw11t B.E.E., College of the City of New York, 19443 B.S., Union Col- B.S., Franklin and Marshall College, 19503 M.S., University of lege, 1948: M.S., Fordham University, 19503 Ph.D., Fordham Maryland, 1952: Ph.D., University of Maryland, 1957. 119543 University. 19533 P.E. fRegistered Professional Enginecrj. fl957J L. V. Cherry, F. D. Enck, P. H. Sutter. Seated: R. F. Hood 78 ROBERT MARTIN GETC H ELL, Amrislnnl Pr0fz'.r.s'm' of Pliysical Erlllrwlimi B.S., Springfield College, 1957. 119611 WILLIAM JAMES IANNICELLI, A.vs0c'iarv Professor of Pliysicnl Ifrlucatimz ILS., Franklin and Marshall College, 1948. 119491 MICHAEL ALBERT LEWIS, A.v.s'0cin1e Pmfvmvm' of Physical Edumliorz B.S., Franklin and Marshall College. 1928g M. Litt.. University of Pittsburgh, 1940. 119433 GEORGE GRANT MCGINNESS, Aawociale Projexsor and Director of Pliyxical Educziliwi B.S. in P.E.. West Chester State Teachers College. 1936. 119453 WILLIS ROY PHILLIPS, Asxocizitv Pr0fc.r.wr of Pliysicnl Edllcatimi B.S., Franklin and Marshall College, 1934119491 H 1 lf""' W. R. Phillips, G. G. McGinness, S. W. Sponaugle, M. A. Lewis, C. W. Taylor PHYSICAL EDUCATION S. WOODROW SPONAUGLE, A.v.t'm-iulz' Prvfaxvsnr of Pliyxilvll EtI'1lc'llIiUlI and Dir1'c'lor of Ir1r0rc'ollc'giuIv A tlilcflicx A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1937. 119481 GEORGE H. STORCK, A.YA'f.l'1lIllI Profv.s'.vm' of Pliy.riz'al Ezlucnlimi B.S.. U. S. Military Academy. 1954: M.A., Teachers College of Columbia University, 1960. 119637 CHARLES WIMBERT TAYLOR, AS.l'I.S'f!IlIf Profwxwl' of Pllysical EIIIKYIIIOII B.S., lowa State College, 1950: M.A., University of Maryland, 1962. 119551 G. CHARLES WINSOR, A.v.x'isrn11t Pmfamrm' of Pllysicnl Edllmtioli B.S., Minnesota State College, 19571 M.A., University of Iowa, 1958. 11963J G. C. Winsor, R. M. Getchell, G. 1-1. Storek, W. J. lannicelli -,fr-be--r-Ei.. .,. mx w. 14 V 'lf r V i ..-gr .1 1. J rim C. R. Puff, E. R. Wist, D. A. Leach, O. W. Lacy PSYCHOLOGY R. S. Lehman l ll ' . -1 1. B. Guller, C. N. Stewart KENNETH HAROLD BROOKSHIRE, Associate Professor of Psychology mid Clmirmruz of the Depzlrrnzerlt A.B., Stanford University, 1954g M.S., University of Oregon, 1956 Ph.D., University of Oregon, 1958.119593 IRVING B. GULLER, A.s'.Yi.s'mn! Pr0fe.s'.r0r of Psychology and Clinical P.s'yz'lmIogi.vt of the College A.B., College of the City of New York, 1954: M.S. in Ed., Col- lege of the City of New York, 1958: Ph.D., New York University 1962. 119633 DAVID ARTHUR LEACH, Instructor of Psyclzology B.S., Tufts University, 1961. 119653 RICHARD S. LEHMAN, A.rsi.s'tmlt Pr0fv.vsor of Psychology B.A., University of Redlands, 19603 M.A., University of Colorado 1963. 119653 C. RICHARD PUFF, Axsixtarzl Professor of Psycllology B.A., Lafayette College, 19601 M.A., University of Connecticut 19613 Ph.D., University of Connecticut, 1964. 119653 CHARLES N. STEWART, Assistant Professor of Psycllology and Acting Chairman of the Departmenf A.B., Seattle Pacific College, 19533 M.A., University of Oregon 1956: Ph.D., University of Oregon, 1962. 119623 EUGENE R. WIST, Asxistarxt Professor of P.rycl1ol0gy B.S., Northwestern University, 1954g M.A., University of Missouri 1957, Ph.D., University of Missouri, 1960. 119633 80 i l Q 1' ,251 G. R. Brittingham, Jr. R. G. Mickey BRADLEY R. DEWEY, A.Y.1'i.1'fflllf Pr0,fz'.i's0r of Religion A.B., University of Michigan, 1957: B.D.. Yale University. 1960: M.A., Yale University, 1961: Ph.D., Yale University, 1964. 119643 G. WAYNE GLICK. Professor of Religion A.B., Bridgewater College. 19413 B.D., Bethany Biblical Semin- ary. 1946: A.M.. University of Chicago. 19493 Ph.D.. University of Chicago. 1957. 119553 THOMAS J. HOPKINS, A.vsi.vtal1t Pr'of0s.i'0r of Religion B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 19533 B.S., College of William and Mary, 1953: M.A.. Yale University. 19591 Ph.D., Yale University, 1962. 119613 ROBERT GEORGE MICKEY, Associate Profzfssor of Religion and Acting Chuirnmrz of the Dcfparlment A.B., University of Denver, 19391 BD.. Pacific School of Religion. 1942. 119503 PUBLIC ADDRESS GEORGE R. BRITTINGH AM, JR.,'1anr Profc.i'sor of Spa-N11 A.B.. San Diego State College. 1957: M.S., University of Oregon. 1959.1l96l3 JOHN AI.TON CAMPBELL. JR., A.v.s'i.s'tanl Pruftnvsor of Speed: and Acting Clmirmfuz nf the DL'l?lII'IlIIl'IlI B.S.B.A., University of Florida, 1954: M.A., University of Florida. 1959.119593 RE LI GI ON T. J. Hopkins, B. R. Dewey 'HRW ff MICHAEL CUTSUMBIS, Assistllni Profzhvsof' of Sociology B.A., Ohio State University, 1957: M.A., Ohio State University, 1960. 119645 ROBERT F. ESHLEMAN, Professor of Sociology and Clmirmzm of the Departmenl B.S., Elizabethtown College, 1939: M,A., University of Illinois, 1944: Ph.D., Cornell University, 1948. 119555 S O C I O L O GY L M. Cutsumbis j R. F. Eshlemwn 1 f X 82 X SPANISH -,,,,..---"""f- A - Y..-4,-,,. i rv Mrs. Tames. A. H. Pianca HUMBERTO ARRATIA, lrzxtructor of Spurzixli "Profcsor de Ingles" from Universidad de Chile. 119655 GEORGE H. ENGEMAN, JR.,'t1n1t Prnfe.v.v0r' of Spanixlz A.B., University of Virginia, 1951: M.A., Middlebury College 1960, Ph.D., Universidad Central dc Madrid, 1962. 119621 SYDNEY JAMES MUIRDEN, As.t'i.s'lal1t Profcavxor of Spanish B.A., William Jewell College, 1954: M.A., Yule University, 1956 M.R.E., Yale University Divinity School, 1957. 119649 ALVIN H. PIANCA, Pr0fz'.v.x'or of Spallisli A.B., Dartmouth College, 1955: M.A., Middlebury College, 1956 Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1961. 119629 l X lf, 1 t ,lvt Ex H. Arratia, G. H. Engeman, Jr. 83 I . L .Lu LIBRARY STAFF D. Neprash, R. Fox, B. Maurer, C. Todd, P. Rittenhouse 84 S. Gz1lc,J. Fulton, I. Rice ' ,A "- CHAPLAIN lr gil hi :sill , Q., 5' 1191: if, 3' H Q 4 ' f -r QM. ' .1354 D. Haas NORTH MUSEUM Nu. J. Price, F. Kinsey W- FRED KINSEY, III, Director of the North Musezun and Assist- JOHN W. PRICE, SR., Curator Emeritus and Curator of Paleontol ant Professor, College Faculty . 1 UID' , A-B., Columbia College, 19513 M.A., Columbia University, 1953. Sc.D., Franklin and Marshall College, 1949. 85 1 ,El ig . 1 'l 4 Q :Q is James Z. Appel . , l ...-XX 'S-. nv""" Irving Guller JAMES Z. APPEL, M.D., Dirvclm' A.l3., Franklin and Marshall College, 19283 M.D.. University of Pennsylvania Medical School, 1932. 119343 ROBERT KRISSINGER, M.D., A.s'.x'i.i'tar1t Chief, Ml'lll'L'lIl Divisiwz University of Pittsburgh: M.D., Temple University Medical School, 1957.119643 FRED HOLT, M.D., I'.s'ycliiaIri.x'l and Clinical Director A.B., University of Pennsylvania, 19365 M.D., University of Penn- sylvania Medical School, 1940. 119623 DOROTHY W. LeFEVRE. Coordinator, C0llIlSl'lfll,Q .S'01'i'ice.v Temple University, 19341 M. Ed., Temple University. 1941. 119453 IRVING B. GULLER, Clinic'nl P.i'ycImlogi.vl BA., College of the City of New York, 1954g M.S, in Ed., Col- lege of the City of New York, 19583 Ph.D., New York University, 1962. 119633 LEONARD C. GROVE, Career Comixalor B.S. in Ec.. Franklin and Marshall College, 19243 M. Ed., Harvard University, 1932. 119453 GLADYS BRUBAKER, I'.s'yclmmc'Iri.s'! B.S. in Elem. Ed., Millersville State College, 1939. 119623 Dorothy W. LeFcvre 1 COLLEGE as P H f Fred Holt HEALTH SERVICES Gladys Brubaker lconard C Grove 87 SENIORS RONALD ABRAMS PHILIP K. ADAMS HENRY G. ALBERICH JEFFREY W. ALLEN Government Economics Sociology Economics ROBERT L. AMADUCCI TIMOTHY D. ARMBRUSTER PETER M. ASHE RICHARD N. ASHLEY Business Government Sociology Biology R. REEVE ASKEW Biology 90 FRANCIS P. BADAMO Biology X " 'L H tall Xi. DEXTER M. BAILEY LEE A. BAIR PETER W. BAMBEY DOUGLAS J. BARTEL Government Economics Economics Geology JOHN A. BAXTER STEPHEN L. BAYER MICHAEL BEEBE Biology History History 91 5- '-9" ""' L. NELSON BEHMER ANTHONY J. BENEVENTO ROBERT BERNHEIMER FRANCIS H. BEST Mathematics Accounting Economics English JOHN D. BINGHAM Chemistry WILLIAM M. BOEHM ROBERT A. BOOS Biology Accounting 92 I x. LAWRENCE S. BOROW PAUL E. BRAINARD Biology Sociology ROBERT J. BROOKS ROBERT R. BROWN Mathematics History JOHN G. BREHM Chemistry ROBERT V. BRUNDAGE History Biology HARRIS C. BRUSTEIN 'S 'V' 'lgxp RICHARD E. BURT JOHN K. BURY History Business 93 GEORGE M. BUSH II JAMES C. BUSH ANDREW A. CEAVATTA, JR. ROBERT W. CHARLES, JR Bi0l08Y Accounting Biology History LEO C- CHRISTOPHER JR- EDWARD CHUTE JOHN R. COLLINS RUSSi2ll1 Business Geology f Y i PETER A. COLMAN DENIS CORTESE TERRY V. DAGEN Government Biology Business 94 PETER DAVIS RONALD T. DAVIS HUIBERT R. DEMEESTER Economics Biology Physics PHILIP D. DICKINSON History ,, THEODORE C. DILLINGHAM THOMAS J. DIMARCO I GEORGE R. DOCHAT JR. ALLEN A, DOLLBERG Economics Sociology Physics Biology 95 WILLIAM R. DRAKE RONALD M. DRUKER Government English I x45 'vw-vig ii CHARLES A. DUNN JR. ROBERT L. EDDY JR. DENNIS B. EMORY JOHN L. EVERHART JR Business Sociology Business Economics A -.. I, ADEN D. EYSTER HOWARD K. FEIN MARC S. FELLER Physics Biology Mathematics 96 PETER A. FOLDES Economics DEAN G. FRABLE Biology K. nr" N NORMAN B. FERGUSON JR. PETER L- FINKELSTEIN Psychology PhYSiCS CHARLES E. FORBES Chemistry JAMES L. FREUND JOHN A. FRITCHEY III DAVID T- FRITZ Economics Government Accounting 97 FRANKLIN FRUCHTMAN DAVID R. GALE PAUL D. GANDOLA Government History English 1 HENRY P. GARDSTEIN JR. FRANK T. GAUL JR. GEORGE A, GILMOUR Biology English English MARK A. GOLDMAN ALAN I. GOLDSTEIN Economics Biology 98 'if MICHAEL O. GORDON ROBERT D. GOZZARD RICHARD I. GRAUCH Biology Spanish GCOIOSY NICHOLAS D. GREEN JOHN W. HALL Business Anthropology WILLIAM C. HAMILTON FREDERICK E. HAMPF JR. SAMUEL HANDSMAN JR. RICHARD H. HARRIS Government Biology Mathematics Biology 99 FRANCIS E. HARRISON II History WALTER J. HENDERSON JR. Chemistry MELVILLE F. HEATH II THOMAS P. HEBERLING KENNETH J. HEIM French Chemistry Economics JAMES E. HENNEFIELD EDWARD D. HERRICK A- RICHARD HOERSCH Biology English Phil0S0PhY JAMES M. HOFFMAN Biology 100 .. ,"', JEFFREY M. HOFFMAN College Scholar JOHN D. HOFFMAN English 'VX JOHN T. HOFFMANN Sociology JOSEPH D. HOGG JR. Mathematics DAVID W. HOLLINGTON Government fsgx GEORGE W. HOLZ ARTHUR W. HOOPER JR. DONALD L. HOSTETTER GOVCFDHWCM Government Accounting 101 JOHN F. HOWER LORIN P. HUNT ALLEN E. HYE RICHARD C- JACOBS Chemistry History German Business 'X--1 JEFFREY H. JACOBY GEORGE I. JEFFERSON Sociology Accounting -Q-nr DANIEL H. JENKINS III NEIL E. JOHNSON JR. Classics Business 102 THEODQRE W, JOHNSQN MICHAEL R. JONES JOHN R. KANE English-Spanish Bi0l0sy English JOSEPH 5, KAR1: MICHAEL J, KARP RONALD KARTZINEL PETER VAN CORT KEERS College Scholar English Bi0l0gY History ARTHUR N- KING KEITH A. KLINEDINST Sociology College Scholar 103 0 l WILLIAM L. KOLEZAR JR. HAROLD F. KOONS JR. PETER M. KRANZ ANTHONY I. KREISEL Phil0S0PhY Psychology GCOIOEY Economics D "wif i EDWARD M. KREPS DURT W. KRUGER DAVID G. KUHN Biology Economics Business noi' JOSEPH J. KURTZ LEE W. KUSTERER BARRY S- LACHMAN Mathematics Economics Biology 104 f JEFFREY A. LAMJA JAMES R. LAMORGESE JR. KENNETH J. LASKA Government Chemistry M2llhCl11ZlliCS BURTON M. LEIBERT History ag? K , ROY P. LESSY JR. ROBERT Y. LEUEEEN JEFFREY L. LEVIN GERALD D, LEVINE Sociology Business Philosophy Government 105 GEORGE E. LEVYA Economics EDWARD LICHTENSTEIN English ROGER P. LEWIS Government l . . . WILLIAM R. LIPPE HOWARD R. LODGE ROBERT N. MACKINNON College Scholar Psychology Russian GENE E. MALE RICHARD L. MALEN W. W. MANSON Government College Scholar Government 106 GERALD E. MARCUS MICHAEL S- MARCUS Government Government ' -.22 "Wm 'vb' , R. ROBERT J. MARKOWITZ JAMES GRIER MARKS III DAVID J. MARTINDALE Biology Business Accounting HAROLD C. MATHEWS Mathematics JQSEPH H- MATHIOT DAMIAN A. MAUREIRA CHARLES P. MAzzA BIOIOBY Biology Biology 107 ROBERT V. MCGLADE Economics H. R. MCILVAINE JR. English MICHAEL L. MEISELMAN History GEORGE E. MEAGHER III Business RICHARD w. MELLINGER DONALD H' MERSHON Biology PSYCIWOIOEY THOMAS F. MICHELS GEORGE K. MIHALYKA Economics English 108 JOHN A. MOORE SEIKI MURONO CLIFFORD G. NEEDHAM JR. Business Business Business ANGELO F, OKUMA JAMES P. o'NElLL JR. Geology Biology JOHN C. PAINTER MAXWELL s. PALMER JR. BRIAN A. PARENT DAVID F, PARSE Sociology History Economics Economics 109 ROBERT B. PATTON RICHARD H. PENLEY ROBERT A. PENNEY Accounting History Economics STEPHEN H. PINSKY ROBERT W. PITT LAWRENCE C. POLLOCK History Psychology Sociology SIDNEY PORTNOY Psychology 110 BRUCE D. POU LTERER Business WALTER S. POYCK Sociology -4"""?' Q' H-uni JAMES M. PRATT BRUCE W. PUERLING Business Mathematics JEFFREY Economics S. RAMER ROBERT C. RAU JR. Sociology 1 l 1 GEOFFREY RADOFF Biology MICHAEL M. RAVITCH Biology RICHARD H. REUPER JAMES J. RICHTER PETER E. RICHER RANDOLPH L. RILL Mathematics Biology Government Chemistry PETER G. ROBELEN JAMES L. ROBERTS Geology Government DONALD B. ROBINSON CHRISTOPHER A. ROGERS History Government 112 EDWARD M. ROGINSKI MARTIN J. ROSENBERG English Chemistry 'vs 415 NEIL ROSS History JEROME S. ROTHENBERG GARY E. ROYLE Government History SHAH RIAR S. SAFAVI Chemistry WHITNEY C. RUSSELL JR. STANLEY M- SACKS History Government FRANK T. SANDSTROM JR. JAMES J- SANTANIELLO Biology Accounting 113 BRIAN LEE SAYER GEORGE H. SCHAEFFER BARRY I. SCHLOSS WILLIAM L. SCI-INEIDERMAN Biology Business Accounting Biology "vs GEORGE H. SCHNYDER DAVID A. SCHOLL Spanish English X., --1 ,lf LANE D. SCHULTZ BRUCE H. SHELTON RICHARD H. SHEREFF Geology Biology Biology II4 l l SAUL A. SI-IIMANSKY .IOI-IN E. SHIRE SAMUEL A. SHOLI. Accounting Accounting BIOIOSY JOHN M. SHRADER EDGAR A. SHROM Physics Business MARC SILBERT WILLIAM P. SIMONS III ROBERT C. SIVERLING JOHN D. SMITH Government Sociology English English 115 JUSTIN H. SMITH JR. JERRY A. SNYDER Sociology Government i , CLARK C. SORENSEN JR. GEORGE H. SPARKS JAY A. SPRINGER PAUL F. STEIN Sociology German Sociology Biology l i J. M, STUCKART THOMAS H. SUNDAY JAMES L. SUNDHEIM History Government Biology 116 Q MICHAEL E. SUSSMAN ALLEN V. SWEIGART Biology Muthcmutics GEORGE TCHIRKOW MICHAEL S. TERRY Chemistry Mathematics MELVIN C. THOMAS JR. DAVID W. THOME NEIL O. THOMPSON WILLIAM C. TOMPSON Accounting History Biology Business 117 I I WILLIAM H. TONER JR. JAY E. TOOLE ANGELO J. TRAPASSO History Sociology Business WILLIAM A. TUFFIASH JOHN W. TURNER JR. THOMAS C. VARNEY Biology Biology History RICHARD J. VASSOS GEORGE P. VOGT JR. Business English 118 l l l WILLIAM A, WADE PETER G. WALDO RICHARD J. WEBB History Geology BllSiI1eSS RICHARD H. WEBER DONALD J. WEINSTEIN Philosophy Psychology PHILIP W. WEISS JR. JOEL M. WEISSMAN K FRED E. WERT J. TODD WHITE English-History Biology History Government 119 -.9 PHILIP R. WIEST Economics S. JEFFREY WILKERSON Anthropology CHARLES E. WILLIAMS Government PETER YOCOM German STEPHEN YANKLOWITZ ROBERT S. YEAPLE Business History LAWRENCE ZAWATZKY Biology 120 THE SENIOR DIRECTORY 121 BLACK PYRAMID SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY 3-ng:--.-A 1-fmz.,-' yr-.W . . , . J-' -' , wg. - - .Q ' '-aff' ' ' 1.' ,' "" ,gb ' , , I J, :. .' 3 ' '- 'ffniisf M V 1 l ,"' ff' fi' . 'B H '.4L."" ."' ' " b. ' A A , 'Ql'.mN.2.'.1gJ-e1k- 'J' S FRONT ROW: G. Levine. K. Hcim, M. Silbcrt, S. Kurtz. S. Murono, P. Kecrs, N. Thompson BACK ROW: A. Hooper. J. Lamia, D. Thomc. J. Santaniello. J. Hoffman, C. Williams. J. Springer. 122 PHI BETA KAPPA PHILIP ADAMS TIMOTHY D. ARMBRUSTER FRANCIS P. BADAMO JOSEPH S. KARP KEITH A. KLINEDINST GERALD D. LEVINE WILLIAM R. LIPPE RICHARD L. MALEN BRUCE W. PUERLING EDWARD M. ROGINSKI DAVID A. SCHOLL MARC M. SILBERT ALLEN V. SWEIGART MELVIN C. THOMAS DAVID W. THOME LAWRENCE S. ZAWATSKY ABRAMS, RONALD-Havertown, Pa., A.B. Government, Lacrosse, Tutorial Project, Young Democrats, Young Re- publicans, Government Club, Pi Lambda Phi, treasurer. athletic chairman. ADAMS, PHILIP KENNETH-Hagerstown, Md., A.B. Economics, Dean's List, Band, Economics Club, Account- ing and Finance Club, Pi Gamma Mu: Phi Kappa Tau, treasurer, house manager. ALBERICH, HENRY GLENN--Hasbrouck Heights, N.J., A.B. Sociology, Sociology Club, Phi Sigma Kappa. ALLEN, JEFFREY W.-Binghamton, N.Y., A.B. Econom- ics, WWFM, Economics Club, Intramurals. AMADUCCI, ROBERT LOUIS-Boonton, N.J., A.B. Business, Alpha Delta Sigma Outstanding Service Key, Alpha Delta Sigma, president, Glee Club, Wrestling, Lambda Chi Alpha, steward, treasurer. ARMBRUSTER, TIMOTHY DEEGAN-Montoursville, Pa., A.B. Government, Honors' List, Dean's List, Black Pyramid, Student Council, IFC, Pi Gamma Mu, Govern- ment Club, IF Basketball, Delta Sigma Phi. ASHE, PETER M.-Westport, Conn., A.B. Sociology, So- ciology Club, president, Sigma Pi, English Club, Spanish Club, R.O.T.C. ASHLEY, RICHARD N.-Brooklyn, N.Y., A.B. Biology, Porter Scientific Society, Zeta Beta Tau. ASKEW, R. REEVE-Phoenix, Md., A.B. Biology! Glee Club, Newman Club. BADAMO, FRANCIS PATRICK-Brooklyn, N.Y., A.B. Biology. BAILEY, DEXTER M.-Evanston, Ill., A.B. Government, Glee Club. BAIR, LEE ALLEN-New Holland Pa., A.B. Economics, Marching and Concert Bands, M.U.S., Kappa Sigma. BAMBEY, PETER WILLIAM-Locust Valley, N.Y., A.B. Economics, Football, Economics Club, Student Conduct Committee. BARTEL, DOUGLAS J.-Katonah, N.Y., A.B. Geology, Lambda Chi Alpha, president, IFC, IFC Judiciary Board, Varsity Soccer. BAXTER, JOHN ARTHUR-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Biol- ogy, Dean's List, Anthropology Seminar. BAYER, STEPHEN L.--McKeesport, Pa., A.B. History, Pi Lambda Phi. BEEBE, MICHAEL-New York, N.Y., A.B. History, Phi Sigma Kappa, president, History Club, Government Club, Ski Club, Glee Club, IFC. BEHMER, L. NELSON-Ephrata, Pa., A.B. Mathematics, Mathematics Club. BENEVENTO, ANTHONY J.-Mt. Ephraim, N.J., A.B. Accounting, Accounting and Finance Club. BERNHEIMER, ROBERT--Newton. Mass., A.B. Eco- nomics, Soccer, Dean's List, Zeta Beta Tau, vice presi- dent. BEST, FRANCIS HAWKES-York, Maine, A.B. English, Geology Society, Green Room, Varsity Lacross, Lambda Chi Alpha, A.D.S., Orillamme. BINGNAM, JOHN D.-Pittsburgh, Pa., A.B. Chemistry, Green Room Club. American Chemical Society. BLAGG, RONALD M.-Washington, D.C., A.B. Mathe- matics, Chess Club, Mathematics Club. BOEHM, WILLIAM M.-Cropseyville, N.Y., A.B. Biol- ogy, Track, Dean's List. BOOS, ROBERT A.-Clark, J.J., A.B. Accounting, Band, Accounting and Finance Club, Government Club. BOROW, LAWRENCE STEPHEN-Merion, Pa., A.B. Bi- ology, Porter Scientific Society, Debate Society, Dean's List, Zeta Beta Tau. BRAINARD, PAUL EVERIT--Scotch Plains, N.J., A.B. Sociology, WWFM, IFC, Social Chairman, Sociology Club, College Reporter, Phi Kappa Sigma. BREHM JOHN G.-Levitown, Pa., A.B. Chemistry, Phi Kappa Tau, Dorm Counselor, College Reporter, Ameri- can Chemical Society, IFC. BROOKS, ROBERT JOHN-Wenonah, N.J., A.B. Mathe- matics, Tennis, Mathematics Club, College Reporter, cir- culation manager, Phi Kappa Sigma, pledge master, cor- responding secretary, athletic chairman. BROWN, ROBERT RUSSELL-Mossopcgus, N.Y., A.B. History. BRUNDAGE, ROBERT VERNIER JR.-Conestoga, Pa., A.B. History, Delta Sigma Phi, History Club, IF intramu- rals, Track, Freshman Swimming. BRUSTEIN, HARRIS CHARLES-Brooklyn, N.Y., A.B. Biology, Dean's List, Mathematics Honor List, Porter Sci- entific Society, WWFM, College Reporter, Zeta Beta Tau. BURT, RICHARD EVARTS-West Hartford, Conn., A.B. History, Sigma Pi, History Club, WWFM, Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Alpha Theta. BURY, JOHN KISTLER-Allentown, Pa., A.B. Business Management, Student Union Board, College Reporter, Phi Kappa Sigma, Cheerleading Squad. BUSH, GEORGE M. II-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Biology. BUSH, JAMES CHAMBERS-Intercourse, Pa., A.B. Ac- counting, Dean's List, Pi Gamma Mu. CEAVATTA, ANDREW ANTHONY JR.--Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Biology, Kappa Sigma, Porter Scientific, Dean's List. CHARLES, ROBERT W.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. History, Soccer. CHRISTOPHER, LEO CHARLES JR.-Weston, Mass., A.B. Russian, A.D.S., vice president. ' COLLINS, JOHN RANDOLPH-Cincinnati, O., A.B. Geology, Football, Track, Most Improved Sophomore. COLMAN, PETER AMES--Binghamton, N.Y., A.B. Gov- ernment, Glee Club, Government Club. DAGEN, TERRY VINCENT--Lititz, Pa., A.B. Business Administration, Alpha Delta Sigma, treasurer, Society For The Advancement Of Management, Lutheran Student As- sociation. CORTESE, DENIS A.-Cheltenham, Pa., A.B. Biology, Delta Sigma Phi, president, treasurer, IFC, Black Pyra- mid, Dean's List. DAVIS, PETER-Hamden, Conn., A.B. Economics, Math- ematics Club, Dormitory Counselor, Economics Club, president, lntramural Football, Basketball, Squash, Dean's List. DAVIS, RONALD TICKELL-Westfield, N.J., A.B. Biol- ogy, Porter Scientific Society, lntramural Track, Geology Club, Deanis List, Honor's List, Biology Research Proj- ect. DAVIS, JOHN WHARTON JR.-Bethlehem, Pa., A.B. Government, Phi Sigma Kappa, Oriilamme, associate edi- tor, Alpha Delta Sigma, Government Club, Young Re- publicans Club, Spanish Club. DEMEESTER, HUIBERT RICHARD-Cornwells Heights, Pa., A.B. Physics, Sigma Pi Sigma, president, A.I.P., vice president. DICKINSON, PHILIP DOUGLAS-Millburn, N.J., A.B. History, Swimming. DILLINGHAM, THEODORE C.--Honolulu, Hawaii, A.B. Economics, Economics Club, Chi Phi, rush chairman, Student Council, Class Vice President, Class President, Oriilamme, Lacrosse. DIMARCO, THOMAS J.-Pelham Manor, N.Y., A.B. So- ciology, Sociology Club, Lambda Chi Alpha. DOCHAT, GEORGE RONALD JR.-Akron, O., A.B. Physics, A.I.P., president, Football, Sigma Pi, vice presi- dent. DOLLBERG, ALLEN ADOLF-Cedar Grove, N.J., A.B. Biology, Phi Kappa Sigma, vice president, recording sec- retary, steward, College Reporter, assistant circulation ed- itor, Porter Scientiiic Society, Dean's List. DRAKE, WILLIAM ROGER-Succasunna, N.J, A.B. Government, Kappa Sigma, secretary, IF Football, Bas- ketball, Baseball, WWFM, Dean's List, Government Club, Arnold Air Society, treasurer. DRUKER, RONALD MARSHALL--Chestnut Hill, Mass., A.B. English, Soccer, Baseball, Chi Phi, English Club. DUNN, CHARLES A. JR.-Upper Saddle River, N.J., A.B. Business, Hockey, Squash Club, Chi Phi, house manager, SAM, Baseball. EDDY, ROBERT L. JR.-West Hartford, Conn., A.B. So- ciology, Kappa Sigma, Sociology Club, vice president, Arnold Air Society, commander, R.O.T.C., Reserve Offi- cer Association Award, Chicago Tribune Award. EMORY, DENNIS BATES--Basking Ridge, N.J., A.B. Business Management, Society For The Advancement Of Management, Accounting and Finance Club, WWFM, Spanish Club. EVERI-IART, JOHN L. JR.-Westfield, N.J., A.B. Eco- nomics, Economics Club, Phi Kappa Sigma, College Re- porter, Dean's List. EYSTER, ADEN DANIEL-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Physics, Dcan's List. FEIN, HOWARD KENNETH-Cynwyd, Pa., A.B. Biol- ogy, Intramural Basketball, Football, IAESTE, Dean's List. FELLER, MARC STEVEN-Brooklyn, N.Y., A.B. Math- ematics, Math Club, Physics Club, Pi Mu Epsilon, Col- lege Reporter. FERGUSON, NORMAN BOSS JR.-Ridley Part, Pa., A.B. Psychology, Psychology Club, Intramural Basketball, Dean's List, Honor's List. FINKELSTEIN, PETER L.-Vestal, N.Y., A.B. Physics, American Institute Of Physics, Sigma Pi Sigma, Pi Lambda Phi, Curriculum Evaluation Committee, Lancas- ter Committee For A Negotiated Peace In Vietnam, Stu- dents For Direct Action. FOLDES, PETER A.-Hazleton, Pa., A.B. Economics, Economics Club, Outing Club, Physics Club, College Re- porter, Society For The Advancement Of Management, Golf, Curriculum Evaluation Committee, lntramural Ath- letics. FORBES, CHARLES EDWARD-Reisterstown, Md., A.B. Chemistry, American Chemical Society, Dean's List, Honor's List. FRABLE, DEAN G.--Lehighton, Pa., A.B. Biology, Porter Scientiiic Society, Dean's List. FREUND, JAMES LAWRENCE-Colonia, N.J., A.B. Economies, Economies Club, Marching Band, Concert Band, Dormitory Counselor. FRITCHEY, JOHN AUGUSTUS III--Harrisburg, Pa., A.B. Government, Ski Club, Government Club, Archery, Young Republicans, Ice Hockey. FRITZ, DAVID T.--Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Accounting, Ac- counting And Finance Club, treasurer. FRUCHTMAN, FRANKLIN-West Hartford, Conn., A.B. Government, Accounting Club, Young Democrats Club, History Club, Government Club, Dean's List. GALE, DAVID RICHARD--Chatham, N.J., A.B. History, Golf, Chi Phi. GANDOLA, PAUL DAVIDSON-Rocky River, O., A.B. English, Government Club, Lambda Chi Alpha, secretary, Basketball, Oriiiamme, editor-in-chief. GOLDSTEIN, ALAN ISAAC-Huntingdon Valley, Pa., A.B. Biology, Mathematics Honors List, Porter Scientific Society, secretary, Zeta Beta Tau. GARDSTEIN, HENRY F. JR.-Brooklyn, N.Y., A.B. Bi- ol0gy, Glee Club, Orientation Leader, Zeta Beta Tau, treasurer, Porter Scientific Society, IF Football, Softball. GAUL, FRANK T. JR.-Cherry Hill, N.J., A.B. English, Green Room Club, Prolog. GILMOUR, GEORGE A.-Philadelphia, Pa., A.B. Eng- lish, Phi Kappa Tau, Lacrosse, IFC. GOLDMAN, MARK A.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Economics, Wrestling, Economics Club, Chess Club, Dean's List. GORDON, MICHAEL O.-Chevy Chase, Md., A.B. Biol- ogy, Honor's List, Dean's List, Porter Scientific Society, Zeta Beta Tau. GOZZARD, ROBERT DENNIS-Hellertown, Pa., A.B. Spanish, Certificate of Merit In Spanish, Dean's List, Spanish Club, vice president, Glee Club. GRAUCH, RICHARD I.-Delray Beach, Fla., A.B. Geol- ogy, Phi Kappa Tau, Geology Society. GREEN, NICHOLAS DUDLEY--Dalton, Pa., A.B. Busi- ness, Society For Advancement Of Management, Ori- iiamme, advertising manager, IFC, Chi Phi, secretary. HALL, JOHN W.-Hanover, N.J., A.B. Anthropology, Green Room Club, Sociology Club, Anthropology Club, Band, Mu Upsilon Sigma. HAMILTON, W I L L I A M CHRISTOPHER-Simsbury, Conn., A.B. Government, Mathematics Club, Porter Sci- entific Society, Government Club, International Relations Club, Young Republicans Club. HANDSMAN, SAMUEL JR.-Monticello, N.Y., A.B. Mathematics, Soccer, Basketball, Sigma Pi, president. HAMPF, FREDERICK E. JR.-Springfield, Pa., A.B. Bi- ology, Dean's List, Marching Band, Concert Band, IAESTE, Mu Upsilon Sigma. HARRIS, RICHARD HENRY-Philadelphia, Pa., A.B. Biology, Dean's List, Porter Scientific Society, vice presi- dent, College Reporter, Intramural Sports, Zeta Beta Tau. HARRISON, FRANCIS EUGENE II-Reedville, Va., A.B. History, Chi Phi, vice president, Swimming, History Club. HEATH, MELVILLE FRENCH II-Marion, Mass., A.B. French, Lacrosse, Football, Dean's List, French Club, president. HEBERLING, THOMAS PAUL-Lebanon, Pa., A.B. Chemistry, American Chemical Society, American Insti- tute Of Physics, Green Room Theater. HEIM, KENNETH J.-Manhasset, N.Y., A.B. Economics, Economics Club, Chi Phi, treasurer, Soccer, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Black Pyramid, vice president. HENDERSON, WALTER JOHN JR.-Cheltenham, Pa., A.B. Chemistry, Kappa Sigma, WWFM, IFC, American Chemical Society. HENNEFIELD, JAMES EMMET-Brooklyn, N.Y., A.B. Biology, Dean's List, Porter Scientific Society. HERRIC, EDWARD DAVENPORT-Weston, Mass., A.B. English, Chi Phi, Football, English Club. HOERSCH, A. RICHARD-Honey Brook, Pa., A.B. Phi- losophy, Dean's List, Porter Scientific Society, Philosophy Club, College Reporter. HOFFMAN, JAMES MICHAEL-Hagerstown, Md., A.B. Biology, Porter Scientific Society, Dean's List. HOFFMAN, JEFFREY MORSE-Philadelphia, Pa., A.B. College Scholar, Honor's List, Pi Lambda Phi, Porter Sci- entific Society, Philosophy Club. HOFFMAN, JOHN DEAN-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. English, Black Pyramid, Swimming, English Club, Book Shop. HOFFMANN, JOHN T.-West Orange, N.J., A.B. Sociol- ogy, Football, WWFM, Kappa Sigma, Arnold Air Society, executive ofiicer, ROTC Cadet Corps, commander, Re- serve Ofiicer Association Award. HOGG, JOSEPH DAVIS JR.-West Grove, Pa., A.B. Mathematics, Concert Band, IAESTE, Mathematics Club, president, Dean's List, Honor's List, Pi Mu Epsilon. HOLLINGTON, DAVID WILLIAM-Cleveland, O., A.B. English, Soccer, English Club, Green Room Club, IFC, Chi Phi, vice president, Student Council. HOLZ, GEORGE WILLIAM-Annville, Pa., A.B. Gov- ernment, WWFM, Lacrosse. HOOPER, ARTHUR W. JR.-Demarest, N.J., A.B. Gov- ernment, Swimming, Black Pyramid, Young Democrats, vice president, Green Room Club, Government Club, Chi Phi, Student Council. HOSTETTER, DONALD LEE-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Ac- counting. HOWER, JOHN FRANKLIN JR.-Slatington, Pa., A.B. Chemistry, American Chemical Society, Geological Soci- ety, Intramural Basketball. HUNT, LORIN P. III-Wilmington, Del., A.B. History, Pi Lambda Phi, vice president, Glee Club, History Club. HYE, ALLEN EDWARD-Tenafiy, N.J., A.B. German, Soccer, Baseball, French Club, Chapel Committee. JACOBS, RICHARD CHARLES-Bound Brook, N.J., A.B. Business Management, Accounting and Finance Club, Alpha Delta Sigma, secretary. JACOBY, JEFFREY I-I.-Furlong, Pa., A.B. Sociology, IFC, IFCJB, Young Republican Club, Sociology Club, Dorm Counselor, Kappa Sigma. JEFFERSON, GEORGE J.-Ft. Washington, Pa., A.B. Accounting, Accounting and Finance Club. JENKINS, DANIEL HENRY III-Scranton, Pa., A.B. Classics, Chi Phi, Wrestling. JOHNSON, NEIL EZRA JR.-Navesink, N.J., A.B. Busi- ness, S.A.M., Economics Club, Delta Sigma. JOHNSON, THEODORE WILLIAM-Pottsville, Pa., A.B. English, Spanish, Marching Band, Concert Band, Green Room Club, Spanish Club, English Club, Exchange Stu- dent to Puerto Rico, Deanis List, Chapel Committee. JONES, MICHAEL RICHARD-Cherry Hill, N.J., A.B. Biology, Porter Scientific Society, WWFM. KANE, JOHN RANDOLPH-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Eng- lish, Green Room Club, Marching Band. KARP, JOSEPH SAMUEL-Woodbury, N.J., A.B. College Scholar, Porter Scientific Society, secretary, Zeta Beta Tau, American Chemical Society. KARP, MICHAEL JEFFREY--Brunswick, Maine, A.B. English, Soccer, Prolog, Pi Lambda Phi, WWFM, Com- mittee For Social Action, English Club. KARTZINEL, RONALD-Eastchester, N.Y., A.B. Biol- ogy, Soccer, manager, Porter Scientific Society, Dean's List. KEERS, PETER VAN OORT-Woodbury, N.Y., A.B. History, College Reporter, sports Editor, Student Council, Dormitory Counselor, Lambda Chi Alpha, Harbaugh Edi- tor, Young Republicans, History Club, Black Pyramid, Dean's List. KING, ARTHUR N.-Weston, Mass., A.B. Sociology, Chi Phi, Basketball, Baseball, Sociology Club. KLINEDINST, KEITH A.-York, Pa., A.B. College Scholar, Glee Club, Chapel Choir, American Chemical Society, American Institute of Physics, Phi Kappa Tau, chaplain, Young Republicans Club. KOLEZAR, WILLIAM LOUIS JR.-Fairfield, Conn., A.B. Philosophy, Football, Philosophy Club, president, IFC, vice president, IFCJB. KOONS, HAROLD FREDERICK JR.-Muncy, Pa., A.B. Psychology, Psychology Club, WWFM, Porter Scientific Society, Concert Band. KRANZ, PETER MICHAEL-West Hempstead, N.Y., A.B. Geology, Chess Club, president, Geology Society, Green Room Club, WWFM, College Reporter. KREISEL, ANTHONY IRVING-Philadelphia, Pa., A.B. Economics, Delta Sigma Phi, Soccer, manager. ADS, Economics Club. KREPS, EDWARD MICHAEL-New York, N.Y., A.B. Biology, Dean's List, Spanish Club, president, Porter Sci- entific Society, Green Room Club, WWFM. KRUGER, DURT WILLIAM--Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Eco- nomics, Phi Gamma Mu, Economics Club. KUHN, DAVID GEORGE-Norwalk, Conn., A.B. Busi- ness Management, Society For Advancement of Manage- ment, Economics Club, Archery, Honor's List, Dean's List. KORTZ, JOSEPH J.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Mathematics, Mathematics Club. KUSTERER, LEE W.-Hamden, Conn., A.B. Economics. LACHMAN, BARRY STEPHEN-Chester, Pa., A.B. Biol- ogy, IAESTE, president, Class Treasurer, Cross Country, Zeta Beta Tau, Porter Scientific Society, Debate Club, Chess Club, Dean's List, IAESTE Exchange Student, Young Republicans, secretary. LAMIA, JEFFREY A.-Brighton, Mass., A. B. Govern- ment, IFC, president, secretary, Phi Kappa Psi, treasurer, Government Club, Young Democrats, IFCJB: Committee On Student Life, Black Pyramid. LAMORGESA, JAMES ROBERT JR.-South Orange, N.J., A.B. Chemistry, American Chemical Society, Track, Phi Kappa Psi, Dean's List. LASKA, KENNETH JOHN-Plainville, Conn., A.B. Math- ematics, Alpha Delta Sigma, chaplin, Lambda Chi Alpha, house manager, corresponding secretary, historian. LEIBERT, BURTON M.--Brooklyn, N.Y., A.B. History, Zeta Beta Tau, Dean's List, History Club, secretary, Gov- ernment Club, College Reporter, Porter Scientific Society. LESSY, ROY P. JR.-Chester, Pa., A.B. Sociology and An- thropology, Sociology Club, Government Club, Porter Scientific Society, Dean's List, Zeta Beta Tau. LEUFFEN, ROBERT Y.--Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Business, Soccer, Tennis, SAM, Chi Phi. LEVINE, GERALD DAVID-Meriden, Conn., A.B. Gov- ernment, Debate Team, Young Democrats, Government Club, Pi Gamma Mu, University of Freiburg, exchange student, Black Pyramid, Zeta Beta Tau, Dormitory Coun- selor. LEVIN, JEFFREY LOUIS-Baltimore, Md., A.B. Philoso- phy, Lacrosse, University of Puerto Rico, exchange stu- dent, International House, Dean's List, Honor's List, Pi Lambda Phi, Philosophy Club. LEVYA, GEORGE E.-Durham, Conn., A.B. Economics, Philosophy Club, Economies Club. LEWIS, ROGER PECK-Hamden, Conn., A.B. Govern- ment, Government Club. LICHTENSTEIN, EDWARD-Hamden, Conn., W. B. English, WWFM, station manager, Dorm Counselor, Lan- caster Tutorial Project. LIPPE, WILLIAM ROY-Great Neck, N.Y., A.B. College Scholar, Psychology Club, Philosophy Club, Phi Beta Kappa. LODGE, HOWARD R.-Rosemont, Pa., A.B. Psychology, Pi Lambda Phi, Swimming, Track, Dean's List, Honor's List, Psychology Club, president. MACKINNON, ROBERT NAIRN-Tenafiy, N.J., A.B. Russian Area, Phi Kappa Sigma, Cross Country. MALE, GENE EDMUND-Rexford, N.Y., A.B. Govern- ment. MALEN, RICHARD LEWIS-Philadelphia, Pa., A.B. Col- lege Scholar, Committee For Social Action, Porter Scien- tific Society, Oriliamme, College Reporter, Philosophy Club, American Chemical Society. MANSON, W. WAYNE-Locust Valley, N.Y., A.B. Gov- ernment, Delta Sigma Phi, sergeant at arms, recording secretary, Government Club, secretary, Student Council, Junior Class, vice president, Football, Track. MARCUS, GERALD EDWARD-New Haven, Conn., A.B. Government, Young Democrats, president, WWFM, financial editor, Society For Advancement of Manage- ment, College Reporter, International Relations, Govern- ment Club, Cheerleading, captain, Dean's List, Oriliamme. MARCUS, MICHAEL S.-Trenton, N.J., A.B. Govern- ment, Dean's List. MARKOWITZ, ROBERT JAY-Brooklyn, N.Y., A.B. Bi- ology, Dean's List, Honor's List, Pi Gamma Mu. MARTINDALE, DAVID JAMES-Newtown Square, Pa., A.B. Accounting, Soccer, Accounting and Finance Club, Campus Christian Fellowship, Dean's List. MATHEWS, HAROLD CHARLES-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Mathematics, Baseball, Football, Pi Mu Epsilon, Ameri- can Mathematical Society, Dorm Counselor. MATHIOT, JOSEPH HENRY-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Biol- ogy, Porter Scientific Society. MAUREIRA, DAMIAN A.-Pasadena, Cal., A.B. Biology, Tennis, IAESTE. MAZZA, CHARLES P.-Easton, Pa., A.B. Biology, Green Room Club, Porter Scientific Society, Newman Club. McGLADE, ROBERT VAUGHAN-Wayne, Pa., A.B. Economics, Phi Kappa Sigma, treasurer, Cross Country, Economies Club, College Reporter, distribution editor, Young Republicans, Intramural Athletics. MCILVAINE, H. R. JR.-Philadelphia, Pa., A.B. English, Green Room Club, English Club, Fine Arts Club, Dean's List. MEAGHER, GEORGE E. III-Prospectville, Pa., A.B. Business, Chi Phi, Cheerleader. MEISELMAN, MICHAEL LAWRENCE-New York, N.Y., A.B. History, History Club, Government Club, Porter Scientific Society, College Reporter, Zeta Beta Tau. MELLINGER, RICHARD W.-Leola, Pa., A.B. Biology, Kappa Sigma, Green Room Club. MERSHON, DONALD H.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Psychol- ogy, Pyschology Club, Dean's List, Honor's List. MICHELS, THOMAS FREDERICH-New Rochelle, N.Y., A.B. Economics, Society For The Advancement of Management, vice president, IFC, Phi Sigma Kappa, Young Republicans, American Chemical Society, Dean's List. MIHALYKA, GEORGE KRISTOFER-Eastville, Va., A.B. English, Spanish Club, English Club, Young Repub- licans Club. MOORE, JOHN A.-Iselin, N.J., A.B. Business, Dean's List, SAM, Swimming, assistant manager. MURONO, SEIKI-Seabrook, N.J., A.B. Business Manage- ment, Black Pyramid, president, Football, Baseball, co- eaptain, SAM. NERDHAM, CLIFFORD GEORGE JR.--Washington, D.C., A.B. Business Management, Society For The Ad- vancement Of Management, Chi Phi, president. OKUMA, ANGELO F.-Arua, Uganda, A.B. Geology, Geology Club. OiNEILL, JAMES P. JR.-Doylestown, Pa., A.B. Biology, Arnold Air Society, Kappa Sigma, Porter Scientific So- ciety. PAINTER, JOHN C.-New Cumberland, Pa., A.B. Sociol- ogy, Delta Sigma Phi, Sociology Club. PALMER, MAXWELL SHERIDAN JR.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. History, Chi Phi. PARENT, BRIAN A.-Millville, N.J., A.B. Economics, Phi Kappa Psi, corresponding secretary, social chairman. Economics Club, Dean's List. PARSE, DAVID F.-Washington, N.J., A.B. Economics, Economies Club, Alpha Delta Sigma, Young Republican Club, Wrestling, Delta Sigma Phi. PATTON, ROBERT BENJAMIN-Pottsville, Pa., A.B. Accounting, Accounting and Finance Club, Young Re- publicans Club. PEDERSEN, ARTHUR CHRIS-Linden, N.J., A.B. Reli- gion, Glee Club, Phi Upsilon Kappa, president, Holiday House Tutorial Project, Lutheran Student Association, Dean's List. PENLEY, RICHARD H.-Paris, Maine, A.B. History, Hockey Club, History Club, Math Club, Delta Sigma Phi, rush chairman, vice president. PENNEY, ROBERT ALLEN--Newington, Conn., A.B. Economics, Soccer, co-captain, Basketball, Baseball, Eco- nomics Club, Lambda Chi Alpha, rush chairman. PINE, MARTIN SAUL-Holliswoods, N.Y., A.B. Biology, Dean's List, Chaplain's Tutorial Program, Student War on Poverty, Porter Scientific Society, Chi Phi. PINSKY, STEPHEN HOWARD-Riverdale, N.Y., A.B. History, Green Room Club, secretary, History Club, vice president, Spanish Club, secretary-treasurer, Track, Young Democrats, Phi Alpha Theta, president, Pi Gamma Mu. PITT, ROBERT W.-Newtown Square, Pa., A.B. Psychol- ogy, WWFM, Psychology Club, Porter Scientific Society. POLLOCK, LAWRENCE C.-Yardley, Pa., A. B. Sociol- ogy, Sociology Club, Kappa Sigma, Soccer, WWFM. PORTNOY, SIDNEY-Binghamton, N.Y., A.B. Psychol- ogy, Psychology Club, vice president. Student Council, Pi Lambda Phi, scribe, Dean's List, Ad Hoc Committee For Curriculum Evaluation. POULTERER, BRUCE DUANE-Drexel Hill, Pa., A.B. Business Administration, Soccer, manager, WWFM, li- brarian, Society For Advancement Of Management. POYCK, WALTER S.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Sociology, Chi Phi, Sociology Club, secretary treasurer. PRATT, JAMES M.-Nanuet, N.Y., A.B. Business Admin- istration, Phi Sigma Kappa, athletic chairman. PUERLING, BRUCE W.-Bloomfield, N.J., A.B. Mathe- matics, College Scholar, Phi Beta Kappa, Dormitory Counselor, Basketball, manager, Mathematics Club. RADOFF, GEOFFREY-Livingston, N.J., A.B. Biology, Pi Lambda Phi. RAMER, JEFFREY STEPHEN-Great Neck, N.Y., A.B. Economics, Swimming, Treasurer, Economics Club, vice president, Delta Sigma Phi. RAU, ROBERT C. JR.-Glenside, Pa., A.B. Sociology, So- ciology Club, WWFM, Phi Kappa Sigma, social chairman. RAVITCH, MICHAEL MARK-Baltimore, Md., A.B. Bi- ology, Porter Scientihc Society, WWFM, Lancaster Tu- torial Project. REUPER, RICHARD HENRY-Garden City, N.J., A.B. Mathematics, Arnold Air Society, Track, Mathematics Club, treasurer, Physics Club. RICHTER, JAMES JOHN-New Britain, Conn., A.B. Bi- ology, Porter Scientific Society, Dormitory Counselor. RICHER, PETER EVANS-New Hope, Pa., A.B. Govern- ment, Young Republicans Club, secretary, Government Club. RILL, RANDOLPH L.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Chemistry, Phi Kappa Tau, treasurer, athletic chairman, American Chemical Society, vice president, president, Dean's List, Honor's List, Kauffman Scholarship. ROBELEN, PETER GIVSON-Wilmington, Del., A.B. Geology, Concert Band, Marching Band, Geological Soci- ety, vice president, MUS, president, Kappa Sigma. ROBERTS, JAMES LAWRENCE-Landing, N.J., A.B. Government, Kappa Sigma, social chairman, Intramural Softball, Intramural Basketball, Government Club. ROBINSON, DONALD BRUCE-Somerville, Mass., A.B. History, Soccer, History Club, vice president, Delta Sigma Phi, secretary, Green Room Club, Dean's List. ROGERS, CHRISTOPHER A.-Fayetteville, N.Y., A.B. Government, Government Club, Football, Baseball, Green Room Club. ROGINSKI, EDWARD MARTIN-Myerstown, Pa., A.B. English, Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Gamma Mu, Honor's List, English Club, president, Green Room Club, business man- ager, Meyers Scholar tEnglish Departmentl, Peart Foun- dation Scholar, Newman Club. ROSENBERG, MARTIN J.-Philadelphia, Pa., A.B. Chemistry, Swimming, Zeta Beta Tau, Ad Hoc Commit- tee For Curriculum Evaluation, American Society, Dean's List. ROSS, NEIL-Hartsdale, N.Y., A.B. History, Pi Lambda Phi,Tennis. ROTHENBERG, JEROME SAMUEL-Union, N.J., A.B. Government, Lacrosse, Pi Lambda Phi, vice president, Government Club, College Reporter. ROYLE, GARY EDWARD-Norristown, Pa., A.B. His- tory, History Club, Chi Phi. RUSSELL, WHITNEY C. JR.-Chatham, N.J., A.B. His- tory, Football, Lacrosse, Chi Phi , Class Officer. SACKS, STANLEY M.-Riverside, N.J., A.B. Govern- ment, Pi Lambda Phi, social chairman, Government Club, WWFM, Prolog. SANDSTROM, FRANK THEODORE JR.-Abington, Pa., A.B. Biology, Dean's List, Delta Sigma Phi, parliamentar- ian, Porter Scientific Society. SANTANIELLO, JAMES J.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Ac- counting, Football, co-captain, Track, Accounting and Fi- nance Club, president, Black Pyramid, treasurer, Newman Club. SCHAEFFER. GEORGE H.-West Lawn, Pa., A.B. Busi- ness Administration, Dean's List, Basketball, Student Council, Dormitory Counselor, SAM, Young Republican Club, German Club. SCHLOSS, BARRY IRA-Pikesville, Md., A.B. Account- ing, College Reporter, photographer, Student Union Board, Accounting and Finance Club, Phi Kappa Tau. SCHNEIDER, FRED W. III-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Geol- ogy, Geological Society. SCHNEIDERMAN, WILLIAM L.--White Plains, N.Y., A.B. Biology, Class Treasurer, Porter Scientihc Society, treasurer, president, Wrestling, captain, Zeta Beta Tau. SCHNYDER, GEORGE HENRY-Philadelphia, Pa., A.B. Spanish, Spanish Club, president, SAM, Wrestling, Phi Kappa Psi, president. SCHOLL, DAVID ALLEN--Hellertown, Pa., A.B. Eng- lish. SCHULTZ, LANE DONALD-Jacobus, Pa., A.B. Geol- ogy, IFC, Lambda Chi Alpha, Football, Wrestling, Geo- logical Society. SHELTON, BRUCE HOWARD-Sufiern, N.Y., A.B. Biol- ogy, College Reporter, photography editor, Pi Lambda Phi, Porter Scientific Society, Dean's List, Student Coun- cil. SHEREFF, RICHARD H.-Forest Hills, N.Y., A.B. Biol- ogy, Porter Scientific Society, Squash Club, Band, IAESTE, vice president, treasurer, Young Democrats Club. SHIMANSKY, SAUL ABBA-Amityville, N.Y., A.B. Ac- counting, Phi Sigma Kappa, Wrestling, co-captain. SHIRE, JOHN E.-New Rochelle, N.Y., A.B. Accounting, Soccer, Pi Lambda Phi, Accounting and Finance Club, secretary, Sociology and Anthropology Club. SHOLL, SAMUEL ASHBY-Bordentown, N.J., A.B. Biol- ogy, Porter Scientific Society, WWFM. SHRADER, JOHN MARK-Glenmoore, Pa., A.B. Physics, Mathematics Club, American Institute Of Physics, treas- urer, Sigma Pi Sigma. SHROM, EDGAR ALAN-Manheim, Pa., A.B. Business, Phi Sigma Kappa, SAM, Alpha Delta Sigma. SILBERT, MARC MAXWELL-Wilmington, Dela., A.B. Government, College Reporter, Co-editor-in-chief, Gov- ernment Club, Phi Lambda Phi, Black Pyramid, Pi Gamma Mu, vice president, Dorm Counselor, Dean's List, Honors List, A.V. Heister Memorial Prize in Government. SIMONS, W I L L I A M PEABODY III-Longmeadow. Mass., A.B. Sociology, Lacrosse, Soccer. SIVERLING, ROBERT C.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. English, College Reporter, features Editor, copy editor, co-editor- in-chief, Phi Kappa Tau, rush chairman, Pi Gamma Mu, English Club. SMITH, JOHN D.-Warren, Pa., A.B. English, Football, Lacrosse, English Club. SMITH, JUSTIN H. JR.-Bethany, Conn., A.B. Sociology, Lacrosse, WWFM, Sociology Club. SNYDER, JERRY ALLEN-Allentown, Pa., A.B. Govern- ment, Government Club, Young Republicans Club, Kappa Sigma, Dean's List. SORENSEN, CLARK C. JR.-Old Greewich, Conn., A.B. Sociology, Dormitory Intramural Director. SPARKS, GEORGE H.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. German. SPRINGER, JAY ALLAN-New York, N.Y., A.B. Sociol- ogy, Wrestling, Lacrossc, Young Republicans Club, vice president, president, Government Club, president, Zeta Beta Tau, secretary, president, Dean's List, Black Pyra- mid, IFCJ B. STEIN, PAUL FREDERICK-Whitestone, N.Y., Biology, Chess Club, Intramural Basketball. STUCKART, J. MICHAEL-Huntington, N.Y., A.B. His- tory, Phi Kappa Psi, social chairman, house manager, rush chairman, History Club. SUNDAY, THOMAS HARTMAN-York, Pa., A.B. Gov- ernment, Delta Sigma Phi, editor, social chairman, secre- tary, Pi Gamma Mu, Government Club, History Club, International Relations Club, Young Republicans Club, Dean's List, Honor's List, Tennis, Intramural Sports. SUNDHEIM, JAMES L.-Melrose Park, Pa., A.B. Biology, Honor's List, Dean's List, Porter Scientific Society, Dor- mitory Counsclor, Zeta Beta Tau, pledge master. SUSSMAN, MICHAEL ERK-Caldwell, N.J., A.B. Biol- ogy, Pi Lambda Phi, Porter Scientific Society, Dean's List. SWEIGART, ALLEN VICTOR-Ephrata, Pa., A.B. Mathematics, Phi Beta Kappa, Kershner Scholarship. TCHIRKOW, GEORGE-Pittsburgh, Pa., A.B. Chemistry, Delta Sigma Phi, Black Pyramid Society, secretary, Com- mittee On Student Conduct, Food Committee, Dormitory Counselor, Baseball, IF Football, Basketball, Dean's List. TERRY, MICHAEL STUART--Cranford, N.J., A.B. Mathematics, IFC, secretary, Chi Phi, historian, Baseball, Black Pyramid. THOMAS, MELVIN CARROLL JR.-Pasadena, Md., A.B. Accounting, Football, Lacrosse, Pi Gamma Mu, Ac- counting and Finance Club, WWFM, Honor's List, Dean's List, Jacob J. Miller Prize. THOME, DAVID WILLIAM-Wilmington, Del., A.B. History, Delta Sigma Phi, Black Pyramid, Dormitory Counselor, Track, co-captain, Pi Gamma Mu, pr6Sid611f3 Phi Alpha Theta, vice president, History Club, president, Government Club, Young Democrats Club. THOMPSON, NEIL OWEN-Collingswood, N.J., A.B. Bi- ology, Wrestling, Soccer, IAESTA, secretary, Campus Christian Fellowship, secretary, president, Black Pyramid, Dormitory Counselor. TOMPSON, WILLIAM C.-Convent Station, N.J., A.B. Business, Phi Sigma Kappa, Football, SAM. TONER, WILLIAM H. JR.-Philadelphia, Pa., A.B. His- tory, History Club, Deanls List. TOOLE, JAY E.-Tappahannoch, Va., A.B. Sociol08YS Chi Phi, Sociology Club. TRAPASSO, ANGELO JOSEPH--Verplanck, N.Y., A.B. Business, Phi Kappa Psi, Football. TUFFIASH, WILLIAM ALAN-Lincroft, N.J., A.B. Biol- ogy, Porter Scientific Society, Phi Kappa Tau, College Reporter, Dean's List. TURNER, JOHN WHITFIELD JR.-Moorestown, N.J., A.B. Biology, Sigma Pi, Glee Club, Dean's List, Honor's List. VARNEY, THOMAS CLARK-Rocky River, O., A.B. History, History Club, Young Republicans Club, vice president, Lambda Chi Alpha, Oriflamme. VASSOS, RICHARD J .-Yeadon, Pa., A.B. Business, Soci- ety For The Advancement Of Management, Football and Basketball Statistician. VOGT, GEORGE PETER JR.-Arlington, Va., A.B. Eng- lish, Dean's List, WWFM, Kappa Sigma, English Club, Green Room Club, president, Class Secretary, William Uhler Hensel Prize, Orientation Counselor, Dormitory Counselor. WADE, WILLIAM ALLISON-Stratford, Conn., A.B. History, History Club, Lacrosse, Phi Kappa Psi, Young Republicans Club. WALDO, PETER GERALD-Wenonah, N.J., A.B. Geol- Ogy, Phi Kappa Sigma, house manager, recording secre- tary, vice president, scholastic chairman, Geological Soci- ety, president, Dean's List, Allan M. Alboum Prize in Mineralogy and Petrology. WEBB, RICHARD JAMES-Susquehanna, Pa., A.B. Busi- ness, SAM, Young Republicans Club, English Club. WEBER, RICHARD HEMSTREET-Mt. Lakes, N.J ., A.B. Philosophy, Basketball, Philosophy Club, Delta Sigma Phi. WEINSTEIN, DONALD JAY-South Orange, N.J., A.B. Psychology, Psychology Club, Government Club, Zeta Beta Tau, Dean's List. WEISS, PHILIP WILLIAM JR.--Philadelphia, Pa., A.B. English-History, Dean's List, Squash Tournament, Green Room Club, Glee Club. WEISSMAN, JOEL MARVIN-Elkins Park, Pa., A.B. Bi- ology, Porter Scientific Society, College Reporter, business manager, Dean's List, Zeta Beta Tau. WERT, FRED E.-New Providence, Pa., A.B. History, Basketball, Baseball. WIEST, PHILIP R.-Wyomissing, Pa., A.B. Economics, Sigma Pi, Economics Club. WILKERSON, SAMUEL JEFFREY KEITH-Sparks, Md., A.B. Anthropology, Football, manager, Basketball, manager, Lacrosse, Sociology Club, Spanish Club, An- thropology Club, Exchange Student, Universidad Vara- cruzana, Deanls List. WILLIAMS, CHARLES ELLIAS III-Corona, N.Y., A.B.Government, Student Union Board, president, Stu- dent Council, Dormitory Counselor, Dean's List, Pi Lambda Phi, Government Club, Young Democrats Club, Spanish Club. YANKLOWITZ, STEPHEN M.-Glens Falls, N.J., A.B. Business Administration, Zeta Beta Tau, Student Council, Society For Advancement Of Management, president, In- tramural Bowling. TEAOKEM RIBERT SCITT-Sulfern, N.Y., A.B. History, Football, Lambda Chi Alpha, vice president, Society For The Advancement Of Management. YOCOM, PETER-Chester Springs, Pa., A.B. German, Kappa Sigma, Green Room Club. ZAWATZKY, LAWRENCE S.-Baltimore, Md., A.B. Biology, Phi Kappa Tau, president, IFC, Robert's Prize. 134 HOMECOMING Homecoming l965 was greeted with enthusiasm by students, alumni and the weather. The bright Autumn weather provided the ideal climate for the numerous festivities of the weekend. Starting the Homecoming entertainment, jazz musician Maynard Ferguson and his band provided the repertoire just right for any age and our beautiful queen led the following dancing. The brisk Saturday was warmed with a parade through Lancaster and the rising spirit that led all the way to Williamson Field. A delightful day, nostalgic alumni, and a gallant Diplomat eleven were not enough to bring home victory over the talented Dickinson competition. The simultaneous cross country run was led by the Alumni award winning John Buddington. Regardless of football woes, there was fun to be had, as Herbie Mann, the king of the bossa nova, provided the downbeat for the Saturday evening festivities. Numerous parties ended the day with alumni and fraternity men recalling the past and living vividly the present. Inevitable Sunday rolled around and with fond recollection of a fun-packed weekend, dates were bade farewell. 135 '. I' 41 fr-'VN ,of -K- 'K 136 -if M fr Wx. Q -..- "hgh mi.-H' I . . ,L 9... L un! X FALL CONVOCATION a Grim 'T Ai " : ii . . , J ' K V: .1 .3fe4"' Colorful regalia of the academic procession, hundreds of neatly dressed freshmen, and a spirited group of college friends and upperelassmen greeted Dean G. W. Glick as he presented the convocation address. It was a splendid day for setting a precedent that we hope will be long continued as a tradition forthe opening of the school. Perhaps it was the beautiful, late summer day or the enthusiastic young faces that made President Spalding's opening remark so cogent " . . .you will sit here once again four years from now and, thinking back, scarcely recognize the person you are now." Dean Glick offered the audience five guide-posts: beware of novelty and cherish what is good, do not be "seduced by success," be truthful, and be aware that everyone makes mistakes. "A liberal arts college is a place where you ought to learn what an 'open mind' means: not an empty one, or a cowardly one, but a sensitive and inquiring one." Finally, persevere for things that are excellent, they are diflicult to find. In essence Dean Glick was describing the reality of contemporary living: "Life in mid-1960 is not simple and there is no way that you can avoid, if you choose to be human, its complexity." With spirit and confidence we set forth on the difficult, but stimulating college year. 'I gf? , Q Us l in 138 PARENTS WEEKEND Perhaps one of the most revealing days for parents and freshmen alike is the annual Parents' Day sponsored by the college and the Black Pyramid Honor Society. Not only do the parents sample the extracurricular life at Franklin and Nlarshall, but they can also gain an insight into their son's academic activities by meeting with his professors. Beginning the day was a program for students and parents concerning the varied aspects ol' the student- faculty advisory system. With the program and lunch linished the scene shifted out ol' doors. The day was highlighted with athletic contests as our football, soccer, and cross country teams engaged in action. With the excitement concluded, the crowds ol' freshmen and parents moved to Fackenthal Library where a reception was held. Here President Spalding greeted each family and the parents were allorded the opportunity ol' meeting with the FLVLM faculty. That evening the day's activities were completed when the combined choruses ol' Chatham College and Franklin and Marshall entertained with an excellent concert. So ended another Parent's Day. 139 .4 I - , 1 ROW ONE: W. Munson, P. Bztmhcy, R. Dochztt, B. Tompson. Murono, J. Sttntatnicllo, J D. Smith, M. Thomas, M. Hcztth. T. McBcc. R. Collins. ROW TWO: S. Chcslock, J. Gucwu R. Dcprcz, I.. Zcmsky, J. Allclvorn, J. Smith, B. Glasser, J. Lnird. li. Schulman. R. Shcu Mztnugcr, H. Huztsc. ROW TH REE: B. Schneider, D. Bliss, W. Juchzttz, B. Niatrztkis, A Wcinruuh. P. Rullcr, J. Nchlscn, T. Grunowilz. W. Frzthn. I.. Sulumonc. R. Sunscvcrino Couch Iztnnicclli. ROW FOUR: B. Campbell, D. MllCJ.C2lH, J. Schultz, P. Gibbons-Nell, D Honcymun, R. Montague, R. Bockcnrocgcr. E. Gulluglicr, B. Cady, H. Bull, Couch Storck ROW FIVE: J. Davis, E. Barry, D. Krousc, J. Kaufman, D. Lcl1mz1n,P. Carver, D Stunislzxwczylt '- FQ1 at az it 'lint ilAiQiiVll51l'i sg JT 1844 lknaylxl 1501 u r,A 'lunwf '. , sfw.. , in L fl .- ...a ,. '-viffieh ' . - 1 5 'T A KA. .J - fr.: Q " . -'9"1'fn-. rs ' We ,533-5. FOOTBALL F8LM F8LM F8LM F8cM F8LM F8cM F8cM FSLM Johns Hopkins Swarthmore Dickinson Carnegie Haverford P M C Muhlenberg Ursinus 1 .,. Y 3 if 4 STUDENT UNION BOARD Student Union Board is the organization expressly dedicated to the betterment of social life on campus. This year has been no exception, as the S.U.B. has been dealing with the dillicult problem ol' providing an entertaining year for a secluded college. However. the frequent Friday night sub hops have proven to be an answer to the weekend woes. These dances give the guys a chance to socialize with girls from the neighboring areas and relax from the arduous week. These weekend socials supplement several special weekends. when the board provides the entertainment and arrangements forthe activities. lt is to their credit that in recent years, Franklin and Marshall has attracted some ol' the most popular recording stars and instrumentalists. The board also sets aside certain days lor mixers with several ol' the girl's schools that are within traveling distance lor the day. The S.U.B. Football day featured Woody Allen in Mayser. and with girls from Hood. Goucher, Beaver, Wilson and others combined with the comedy and gridiron clash, this day proved to be quite successful. The Coasters entertained during the similar Soccer Day, and there was band playing lilling the air. Organized college social allairs are the key to completing the life at Franklin and Marshall and this is well taken care ol' by the Student Union Board. ' 'Ill 2 if ROW ONF B Schloss S lcvinc Trcxs C' Willinms Pics D. Rill, Vice Pres.,J.Wolkov, Sec ROW TWO R l-hrmxn A Fi nnklin S hlkin lx lcvinc, N.C'hazin, E.J. Gallagher 145 Zh 146 L ' , , , 'Z -v'v f 1 - - MA 1 w --AA.. .2-A . .mrlxf - J. , 148 SCCCER FRONT ROW: Neil Thompson, Bill Hook. Co-Captain Norman Werthwein, Co-Captain Bob Penney, Don Wright, Bob Snyder. SECOND ROW: Jerry Rugel, Al Hyc, .lim Grant, Jared Rodgers, Stcve Glover, Lou Pollack, Chuck Peck. THIRD ROW: Doug Stuart, John Haas, Nathan Rosenblum, Manager, Steve Koenig, John Fleet. Billy Cornish, Rich Dwyer. FOURTH ROW: Coach V. Nowcll Hoover, Bob Charles, .lon Crawford, Don Hendler, Greg gotten Steve Remington, Uwe Meyer, Assistant Couch Goergc Engemcn, Bill Simons, Pete ilfillzxn. 149 F8LM F8LM F8LM F8LM F8cM F8LM F8cM F8LM F8cM F8cM Muhlenberg Haverford Dickinson Johns Hopkins Swarthmore Delaware Lafayette Gettysburg Western Maryland Ursinus ,"' w"'.' 4- -nn" , , "' 0 higgg . avwyg ' A faikaruna nm, rf qfwi' VV' W", . F 'iff " , .A 'wif' ,-gg-An' ' 7 E ish. 'f ,lg 5 . Am ht? I f I i 'Q qfiib. FRONT ROW: Martin Kendig, Bill Waller, Bill Heintzelman. Jerry Kuiper. MIDDLE ROW: Co-Captains Dave Thome, John Buddington. BACK ROW: Coach Roy Phillips, Bill Briggs. Chris Hunter, Alan Presby, Manager Alan Cohen. CROSS COUNTRY FSLM F8cM FSLM F8LlVl FSLM F8LM F8LM F8LM F8cM F8LM F8cM F8cM F8LM 152 P.M.C. Haverford Gettysburg Swarthmore Dickinson Juniata Johns Hopkins Moravian Delaware Valley Elizabethtown Lafayette Albright Muhlenberg -' , 153 FALL PLAY JULIUS CAESAR Opening the l965-66 season for the Green Room Club was Shakespeare's famous tragedy, fllflillh' Cuc'.vcir. Producing this play was no easy task, for there were numerous technical dilliculties. The restricted size ot' the Green Room was an especially formidable barrier tothe portrayal ofthe mob and battle scenes. But by opening night, all obstacles had been overcome. Making his Green Room debut in this play, Donald Berk played Caesarg the conspiring Cassius, the catalyst ofthe crime, was portrayed by Rob Mcllvaine, who became the center ot' attention in the opening scenes. Graham Clark, as Mark Antony, acted the dualistic role ol' both the avenging friend of Caesar and the ambitious opportunist at the downfall of Cassius and Brutus. Showing his versatility in all the dramatic arts, Peter Vogt took the leading role ofthe heroic and tragic Brutus. FLAVIUS .... A,.,, .A..... C l iristopher Rogers A CARPENTER , , . .... .lose Delgado MARULLUS . ,. L . ,. Fred Holl A COBBLER ....,. . JULIUS CAESAR A.., r . . . . John Ogden . , . . . Donald Berk CASCA L . . . , . ..,,. . Jonathan Baker CALPURNIA L . . i . Georgianna Ulrich MARK ANTONY . . A SOOTHSAYER , , , BRUTUS .A,.,,. CASSIUS . . . , . CICERO . . . CINNA 4r.,. , l . LUCIUS ,.,.,...,,., DECIUS BRUTUS . . METELLUS CIMBER . . TREBONIUS . . . . . PORTIA . . ,.,l... . . CAIUS LIGARIUS .,,., r SERVANT TO CAESAR . PUBLlUS.,.l .... ARTEMIDORUS ....,,, POPILIUS LENA .,..l... SERVANT TO OCTAVIUS CINNA THE POET ...,. OCTAVIUS CAESAR . , LEPIDUS .r.,.,,.,,. LUC1LlUS i l . A POET . . . TITINIUS . . . MESSALA , . VARRO r..,. CLAUDIUS . . PINDARUS l..l.. YOUNG CATO . . L CLITUS ........ DARDANIUS , VOLUMNIUS . STRATO ....,, , , Graham Clark , , . r John Gintoll' . , . r . Peter Vogt Robin Mcllvaine Richard Creeey . , Elliott Weinger , r , , . , Robert Davis George Herrmann . . . i , Charles Jones . . . Louis Hampton PatHerr . . . John Ogden . , , , . Lee Weinberg L . Theodore Rosen Leonard Rothberg , , , . Terence White Christopher Rogers SERVANT TO ANTONY .... . . . . , . Richard Tarnoll . . i . . Edgar Fatzinger ....,. Fred Hoil . . , Richard Tuck . , Elliott Weinger . . Robert Delaney . . A , .lose Delgado , . John Ogden ,... . .lack Flom . Edgar Fatzinger . . . Charles Jones . , . Richard Tarnoll JohnGill . . , , Philip Marks , . . Louis Hampton . , . Theodore Rosen ,495 Jag WRESTLING FRONT ROW: James Clair. Ncil Thompson, Steve Sinatra, James Kaufmann, Richard Johnson, Thomas Mclicc. BACK ROW: Manager Jamcs Miller, Coach Roy Phillips, Philip Marks, Co-Captain William Schnciderman, Co-Captain Saul Shimansky, David Lehman. Bruce Leonard, Carl Barletl, Manager Robert Baker. 157 i' F8cM F8cM F84M FSLM F8LM F8cM F8cM F8cM F8LM F8cM F8LM FSLM Columbia Harvard Univ. of Virginia Princeton Old Dominion Princeton Bucknell Springfield Gettysburg Temple Lehigh U. of Penn. , . . -Nr - Q ,',,,,. , L.. - . . , BASKETBALL SITTING: Kim Frankford, Lewis Myers, Captain Fred Wert, Michael Allehach. Arthur King. George Dreisbaeh. STANDING: Bruce Puerling. Manager. Robert Penney, Lawrence Pollans Gerald Reich. Edward Russell. lack Gucwa. Head Coach Charles Winsor, Assistant Coach Charles Taylor. 160 161 FSLM FSLM F8LM FSLM F8LM F8LM FSLM F8LM F8LM F8cM Swarthmore Juniata Western Maryland Muhlenberg Ursinus Lehigh Dickinson Baltimore Univ. Navy Drexel F8LM F8LM F8cM FXLM F8cM FSLM F8LM F8LM F8LM F8LM Gettysburg Johns Hopkins Lebanon Valley Dickinson Moravian Delaware Haverford Albright Washington Gettysburg ' 'U i M 1 4 TTT'-v7f"'.lN!A Q., ' , 3 ' Q., - Q' , - -nr .-.- '-- r L 1 I X ' . MU ,I :'reU'-'f- fm-wlm"l""'.'.L' ' 'In X .. 'W r g L3 431-', 14 f,g.1:t:v, gi Lx. f'w1 Qf-1 .l.,..Q-- f +3 'U 'f'- 'rm ""' "'-5, -, " ' . - Q""' 2' I I "KI ..,'.sf-: I ' -TL1. gif i f"fi""4 '- 'F' FRONT ROW: Coach George MeGinness R1ch'u tl Spe ii Robert Seiwcrt. Nathan Rosenblum, Rogei G'llllS0l1 SECOND ROW: Peter Keller, Jay Wolkov Geoffrey Heeht Arthur Hooper, Co-Captain. THIRD ROW Peter Be udsley Wilfred Hoyt, Peter Eisenberg, Timothy Morse John Stehman FOURTH ROW: Walter Tropp, Bardwell Jones Robeit Walton. NOT PICTURED: John Hoffm ln Co C lpt un F8LM F8LM F8cM F8LM F8LM F8cM F8LM F8LM F8LM F8cM FSLM Delaware Temple Lycoming Haverford Drexel Gettysburg Swarthmore Dickinson Elizabethtown Lafayette Johns Hopkins uf 9 5 A . , ' 9 V 1 Neff' v My . ' r. -MAN SQUASH CLUB as if my '-. ' , , 1 w ' F 8a M Faculty Hamilton Club Lancaster Y.M.C.A. Hill School Haverford School Win Loss Loss Loss Loss Princeton CJ.V.J Loss F 8L M Faculty Win Hamilton Club Loss St. Andrews School Win 167 '21, AMN' ' Q Ill WINTER WEEKEND Winter Weekend has been a sometimes thing at Franklin and Marshall, and this year spent its existence shakily, but well. After certain girl's schools cancelled their planned trips to campus, enterprising students who arranged dates on their own spent the time between photographically identical arrivals and departures pursuing the scheduled activities ofthe two days. Bo Diddley's eleventh hour cancellation of his Friday night concert resulted in the Orlons' having to come from Philadelphia to perform, but all went well Saturday, and the weekcndis official activities ended with an evening concert by Dionne Warwick, 4015 ' i RA '91 .Ar ' '95i!'9: . 'Nga wuts. "" 's "+- v ,w Q , -, ,. .Jxl 3. ' ihiaatm .5 s y 169 Wesley Fishcl Sanford Gottlieb Hugh Miller Roger Hilsmun Leslie Fiedler Alberto Llcras Camargo TOPICS LECTURES A lively debate on the Vietnam policy between Wesley Fishel, Far Eastern affairs authority and spokesman for United States policy and Sanford Gottlief, the political action director of the National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy and former editor of Laboris' Daily, opened this ycar's series. Hugh Miller, distinguished London actor and senior director of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art presented "Bare Boards and a Passion." Alberto Llevas Camargo, the former president of Colombia and adviser to the Alliance for Progress presented a lecture on inter-American Affairs. The recent Assistant Secretary of State for far eastern affairs, Roger Hilsman, spoke on Asia and its problems. Pierre Mendes-France, distinguished statesman and former premier of France was also our guest lecturer. Considered one of Europe's leading muralists, Vaquero Turcious was in residence for several days during an exhibition of his work. Noted poet and literary critic, Leslie Fiedler concluded the lecture series with a well-wrought discussion of "The Myth ofthe Negro andthe Indian in American Literature." Pierre Mendes-France Vaquero Turcios ' f 171 WINTER PLAY Tartufle, a French drawing room comedy written by Moliere, was the winter presentation of the Green Room. ln this farcical work, the folly of religious hypocrisy is manifest in the character of Tartulle, a lustful man who hides his "sinful" passions under a sacred cloak. Played excellently by Rob Mcllvaine, Tartulle is the con man of con men. Dorine, played by Mrs. .loel Ervin, remained firm in her judgment ol' the villain, and captured the heart ofthe audience with her excellent performance. Audience enthusiasm for both the play and the cast was abundant, as The Green Room's Tartujle, under the direction of Professor Bru- baker lengthened the list of consecutive Green Room successes. L LQ Tartulle A Orgon A Dorinc A A Mne. Pernelle Elmire ,, . Damis A Mariano A Valcre Clcante A A A M. Loyal A Police Ollie Flipote A Cl' TARTUFFE Robert Mcllvaine Fred L. Holl' AJoclErvin A Virginia 0. Campbell A A Emily Hollman A A A John Ogden A Cynthia Gill Richard Gourlcy A Louis Hampton Robert J. Bush A Terence White Sandra Van Dusan 174 Friday began the end ot a week of diverse fraternity activities under the sponsorship of the Inter-fraternity Council. Gary "U.S." Bonds performed for that evening's dance, at which Bonnie Byers, a Lycoming College senior, was chosen Inter-fraternity Queen. Individual house activities were interrupted Saturday night as the gym filled for James Brown's concert and the weckend's climax. INTER FRATERNITY WEEKEND u-QT-,Q al 25 ROW ON E: M. Kemlig, J. Bunldinglon. S. Hall, T. Wagner, R. Munk, J. Versuge. ROW TWO: W. Salamy, R. Shivelhood, R. Collins. J. Alleborn, T. Foster, S. Pinsky, Manager. ROW TH REE: Wm. Bochme, D. Thome, H. Erisman, Wm. Erclmun, P. MeCaskcy, J. Sanlanicllo. ROW FOUR: Asst. Coach Slorck, C. Taylor, Trainer. Head Coach Wm. lunnicelli rw FE? .wwf 8I 78 62 66Z 69 87 77 46 46 TRACK Lebanon Valley Muhlenberg Swarthmore Johns Hopkins Ursinus Bucknell Haverford Albright P M C Dickinson Gettysburg 45 52 68 32 64M 62 44 54 85 78 38 4 , 4 1 47 an I -we-"'.' . -O 0-my V I J I uhfqra.-slr' Aw ,a ,I 9 ' ' N 4-' f' 4 fi t r Q W .vl ' BASEBALL F8cM Opp. l Moravian 3 0 Lebanon Valley 3 T " 8 Elizabethtown 4 9 Johns Hopkins 0 2 Washington College l 4 Ursinus 5 2 Gettysburg l I 0 P M C 6 7 Western Maryland I0 6 Swarthmore 3 3 Muhlenberg 5 11' It f if if . -'Qtr v , -. :X-I. . ' ROW ONE: Coach W. Wheaton, F. Wert, R. Rice, J. Crawford. ROW TWO: M. Terry, D. Boucher, S. Murono, L. Cheerman, A. King, B. Penney. ROW TH REE: R. Owens, J. Meyers. J. Wexler, L. Graham, L. Ewing, manager 179 1 Drexel 0 Swarthmore 9 Elizabethtown 8 Albright 6 Western Maryland 6 Muhlenberg 8 Gettysburg 2 Dickinson 8 Lincoln University 8 Johns Hopkins TE NNIS F8cM Opp. 9 0 ROW ONE: J. Nixon, R. Leuffen, J. Plakans, co-captain. ROW TWO: G. Miller, Couch, D. Hendrickson, R. Campbell, B. Brody, J. Brand, D. Paul, co-captain. MISSING: H. Rockette i tif. -J ln 5 , ,rr ' 'IJ 1 - . ' H ahn ' 'Z' lam 'X v yy- ' ' ,1'.-' -- f. w ' ' - ' dy ' 'V Q '- ,, ... ,Hd 1 5.3. , . I Q QI, V ,'- , , 5.5 f, ,, Ah., . W ., ..,. ..,' X., , ' N V qi , . H ' 7 .3 ,. . . .-- . .1 -r-M-1 .1-pf'-1' rf'-2' -.'.'ve- 'dk-.,'1.,w-'.fLZQ', :fell Q , , 5,5 , .,,. ,xg Z 3 Vi.. tx. .,.,....,. . . ,-355, j., P., 1 wk.J.f., 1 ,. ! 2 - f 3 1.f.W...2.-.1-,V. ...-N w we ,gn "1,"1tA. -t , ,5 M' ,f x .MAL .' .1..f' a-4'.- ' I, .., N ' rl. -1 rj, , --M - -Vim., .4 A' .1111 . f F '. -1 K. -. ,gr -1 X 1 .-'X ,i. v X , 1 U H. . r .L 1 ' ,"' ', .' ' I -5, -we-gym ..1.1:f.r',,: 1 ' f :..,X1 - . gfv.,1.f-. .+y.5t"X'J L .lg H 'W , ' ' ..-.'.f,.-'-2,i..J-'gf '- -- 11V11g.,Q.1. My ., :.. wp 'et' , x. 'v,'ff1zm1x:..-, -7 ' ' ' ' ' A, ..f',..'A W ., ' 11' l " . .' 4. .'.'f..j"' ,v ff- HE? QHNK WMV! M .ff f i . 1, 1 f l . . A BJ I ,- f x.' i,.:f ,,... , 1 .. . ,. . , , 55, 4 .V 1,-. 4- 1' A' ' J .. " ff' ' .1 '. -. .9 nf--L ' f . . 5 I s' , 1 I a-,, X uf X xi , 7 s f u H. rw- 1' X , ' f ' y ' I 1 x 4 I 'f Y ed 1 f 1 ' "W V.: ", A0 ' ' ' f . ' 1 V If-H ur ,,f- 2-' f 1'f'1a" 4-C rf, 1 igf- V 1 'Q . 'I ff' ,Q ., a , " w 0' 'fat ' ' f ' I w , I ,Q M M., - , ,,.: I X 1 I F ' E f ' V 1 , 1- ,r IJ xv? 'K KW J "-r'1t,f,:tI?!'t,gv51?tt. 1-1. 1 'urge y..,,H.,,, 1,52-' A. t -V M' ,?!jz'..,,,, iff -'1 , . , J 1 ,,,,.ff.13f - 1 f 3 s x ,Q 4 w '32-1 -.1-1 frxwfg 1 ,, fi .4 ng. if -F. .f, ,'1 ' ' 7 1 ' -1 .-.,1,.,.c,'. s r ' -N . , , - ., , In.. V -',r.,,L,.-, ft' I Il 99" - ' B 4. Y. V . 1,V.w:!,l 1 .ir-1 ' 1. 'Palma U nk 'lg X J f3,v9.f.'5'fff 'V .wx v X, A, s, . - .N . 'hw .'r . '. . ni 1. Q..-. .. . s ,V ' I' 7 3' -l5f"5"m-'i""'iAf:' i-'ls' ""' " .' . . .A -,,.r - IA. 91' M . L. . .',:H4M,. ,air 1:A,.feV.vNQ!vq'sgS4,!w. .gig-fs! ' R-4' :f .2 v-'-:'-J, - ,. ,q wr ' .u-rea .-4l'.:.sf,-.-.sifxw Q-f,fY1f,, .giving K n '- -' ' '31 X- 112135 af-o ' Q' ' V -34 N "..h:L'2.-4.1 ' '.-.,-..ff.,..-- . '.... 7.1-1.'1f, YL S' ROW ONE: D. Hcndlcr. J. Bunting. ROW TWO: W. Trcxlcr, coach, J. Doherty, J. Kochnckc, R. Tosh, K. Knox, captain FSLM 8M l6W l6W I4 IO SM 7 9 14M 1616 GOLF Bucknell Wcstcrn Maryland Johns Hopkins Lehigh Lcbanon Valley Moravian Swarthmorc Gettysburg Albright Muhlenberg l8l Opp 916 n IA 4 8 910 ll 10 M in 'M 'Qi 3.3 . 'Nw N L Ani I '.-5 . A . V .fl if ,', , , ,-yfy 'rw' ig g 'ff-P, -Q' v , A 'fx' ' .y:f"Hl?':R'5ws' , 4 :iq ,I fy-g.f'f,,,,,k-13g1'!!V N41 v , Y - ' , A - ,. J, ,. ""1 f,.K'. s1,n, ' A Wav -- .1 -4...-Zn'-.P -. 'TW I 4 11" X ,.,f,. -A 1' W: 1.2. ,fm .u .1'.a-rdf'-1:-'- ,-X-' ' ' ' . i . . , f , 1 N ,gf ,U Qflf 182 144.44 ROW ONE: D. Sipperly, R. Onlell, J. Muslin, R. Abcr, J. Frere, G. Franklin, C. Crane. ROW TWO: C. Henkart, B. Hellman, R. Kaplan, B. Wade, J. Smith, M. Heath, T. Dillingham, B. Waller. ROW THREE: Coach T. Gilburg, G. Holz, A. Snoke, P. Rubino, N. Young, M. Steele, R. Abrams, S. Curran. ROW FOUR: B. Simons, K. Heim, H. Hirsch, C. Campbell, P. Gilhllan, T. Greimcr, M. Thomas I'- ,nad Miki YN XQGSMT "1 x 5 6 1 K, I 3-5-3' 1 ' J l at ll J mg I lxifiv N . - W' N lghvj, a.. t 1 4. .., S"."'-"". . - .ii M' -i'f.f""'i ' . 'JM imiwkhie "4-J.. A, 3,221 ' ,, ' . - if v' s ""-'i'rf",Q 443.43 . f xf1,'1.w.1.:'4' .- ' w .vi . ii: ',, -and 183 LACROSSE F8LM Opp. 12 Notre Dame 8 2 M I T I0 I2 Hartwick l 4 Swarthmore l l 9 Dickinson 7 10 Lafayette 7 3 Drexel 5 7 Delaware 6 2 Lehigh 9 9 Dickinson l 4 Villanova Club 10 16 Muhlenberg 9 SPRING PLAY The Green Rooin's spring, l965 production was The Alcl1em1'.x'I, an Elizabethan comedy by Ben Jonson. Skillfully directed by Professor Hugh Evans, the cast's superb acting introduced Lancaster audiences tothe Jonsonian wit. Ira Grushow portrayed Subtle ta mountebank posing as an alchcmistj and Stephen Waring was Face-the butler, army captain and laboratory assistant to Grushow. Dol Common, a prostitute who is their accomplice, was excellently done by Ann Enscoe, and the rest ofthe cast joined in typically line Green Room fashion. The play provides a near satire, as through the risque humor rises the still applicable admonition, caveat emptor. 'Ii-. Wi Subtle the Alchemist Dapper Abel Drugger Kastril Ananias . Tribulation Wholesome Sir Epicure Mammon Face l . Lovewit Dol Common Dame Pliant . , , Dr. lra Grushow , Johh Goodhue l Douglas Paul . John Ogden . George Brandt H. R. Mcllvaine Edward Brubaker Stephen Waring , G. Peter Vogt l Ann Enscoe . . Charlotte Hollman K mix THE ALCHEMIST ff. x ' . vu h 1 .. x Q, N0 ,, gn r f ' 3 gg.,-'rg . .1 .1 ' J' ' I I ,IIMU 4D""., 1 .,,,' ff" ' X D C' 1 .,-f'?'- QM l l ll Y A 1'. Eli 187 On June 6, 1965, four leaders in the lields of music, the dance, theatre, and art received honorary degrees at the one hundred seventy-eighth commencement ol' the College. Degrees were awarded to: Sir Tyrone Guthrie, internationally-recognized theatrical director and founder of the Minneapolis Repertory Theatre--the commencement speaker. Robert Russell Bennett, the composer and conductor who arranged "My Fair Ladyi' and numerous Cole Porter, Jerome Kern. George Gershwin and Richard Rodgers musicals. Agnes de Mille, dancer and dance arranger for many important ballet and musical productions. Andrew Wyeth, one of America's best known painters. Tribute was paid these four artists with the intent, in President Spalding's words, "to allirm our belief that, as touchstones for the crucial issues of human experience, the line arts must play a vital part in any truly liberal education." COMMENCEMENT 1965 1 'wa A2 W' 1 WA? yi' TN FRATERNITIE5 'TN Walter S. Poyck M. Sheridan Palmer Timothy Morse Enzo M. DiMaio Bentley H ateh Michael S. Terry Joseph E. l.aird Jr. Dyke Hendrickson Hiran P. Ball Jr. John J. Myers Clillord Needham J Kenneth J. Helm Jonathan Crawford l Thomas T. Moore Harvey Matthews r, John R. Collins George Meagher lll Geolirey R. Nixon William P. Eckels gl Lee R. Gommer Nicholas D. G reen Theodore Dillingham James T. Ardilo Scott A. Surgner John G. Sundhorg 190 Martin S. Pine Douglas A. Stuart ,..-. i James P. Chittum Frederick Mcsard David C. Crikelair Arthur N. King J. Fred Druck James G. Shultz Kirk A. Briggs Dennis Moriarty Francis E. Harrison Ronald D. Dcprez Riehartl M. Femia Max Schnellhaugh Donald J. Korns Charles A. Dunn Arthur W. Hooper John R. Haass Frank De Genova John F. Mueller Gary E. Royle Robert E. Sawers David B. Grayson l Archie Alexander John D. Smith l Fred E. Kilgore Robert A. Mendel Alton D. Stone Ronald M. Druker John J. Ryan David J. Shaflcr Charles P. Harris 191 Charles Christopher John M. Ford Bardwell E. Jones l Michael Bernstein David Hollinglon Theodore Podkul l John N. Stehman ,av 4 Louis D. Sell Robert Y. Leullen James H. Ellison Stuart W. Magee Charles Minehart l Whitney C. Russell .I amcs Koehneke ... Richard Jarashow Jerome T. Roath CHI PHI 7 1 Frank Sandstrom Jr. Alton E. Hughes William Clcavcr Stephen Sedgwick Andrew Clauson Neil Johnson Jr. Robert H. Dennis George Drcishach Wilfred Hoyt Jr. Craig H. Allen Donald Robinson . Q , 4.4 ft , V .. r' X Charles A. Morris Albert J. Fingo Jr Lowell E. Fox John F. Barnoski Wayne MHUSOI1 Dennis Cortese Robert Guibord Carl H. Caplan Kim Frankford Steven A. Shaw Charles Hannah pl-h.q,.,l" , 5 ' Y 5 Richard Krouse Robert E. Walton Louis T. Bravakis .lcll R. Harllaub 192 Steven F. Tcchct Barry L. Campbell ,V 'A .l I R it ' i I .- ' It I nf.. ,L-.-A -l050Pl1 Voclkcr Clayton W. Gould David W. Thome Karl E. Slick Larry Pollans Thomas M. Burns Francis R. Tunney Barry L. Rodeller 1 i Louis Di Cerbo 4' 2' 5 Y' I Michael L. Allcbach l Charles Meehan Paul Harinsticn Anthony Kreiscl Lee Rockafellow William F. Doran l Robert A. Zunich Robert Campbell Robert Brundagc Jr. Peter Keller Wcslcy Nakajima Richard Killion Richard H. Penley Andrew Luearell Kenneth W. Stein l Harold E. Dunbar Richard H. Weber 3 Paul A. Moore Robert Copeland l Charles Mastrovich 193 Jcllrcy S. Ratner Robert Schenk 'eter Gibbons-Nell Gilbert Rcndlc J r. Thomas H. Sunday Robert S. Stern Robert C. Wolf Peter G. Moore John C. Painter. l Robert K. Houser .ouis Salamone Jr. Robert J. Marsh Frank J. Mercurio Harold Cherashore John C. Ogden Brooke Weisletler DELTA SIGMA PHI mn J 7 N .tk N .1-R -xx, lt A "W In re I I R -Q ,M N M.: ' 'H tl: lm ,Q 'env lv' Peter Yocom Edward M. Ranek Robert C. Muller Jerry A. Kuipcr John R. Duda Harry l.. Crouse "Six Lawrence C. Pollock Mark W. Clark Richard Gunning Jr. Jan P. Lookingbill Robert S, Israel Timothy J. Kelley 'Q ' ":' X Lee A. Bair Jerry A. Snyder Kenneth V. Eden Joseph M. Corvascc Ffilnklin Hunter Jr. Dennis A. Noll James P. O'Ncill James B. Peoples George S. Hermann Stewart Thompson Donald H. Scott Joseph A. Jaeovino 194 William R. Drake li U s .Xa Stewart L. Kurtz David M. Gring Richard W. Drake Robert E. Sullivan John M. Mola James L. Roberts G. Peter Vogt William K. Coulter John R. Kazariek Frank C. Mcssineo Richard Schwartz .lohn T. Holfmann Seth P. Levine David L. Shenkle Perrin Hughes l Bruce J. Croushorc Matthew E. Ochs Jellrey H. Jacoby Daniel R. Hodges Edward R. Russell Harrison Southworth Marshal A. Leber John C. D'Avella Andr'ew Ceavatta Jr. Charles R. White Jr Dennis McNamara John M. Cascio t Richard A. Gleeson Richard Mellinger William Hildebrand Timothy E. Corah Joseph A. Sehrock ,.... Daniel T. Ruth Robert L. Eddy George Tarnowski Mark W. Presley David C. Eisler Joseph B. Scull 195 Peter G. Roeblen i Michael Yurconic Philip B. Corell Albert D. Chcrvenak Wayne R. Flower Q . Walter Henderson Jr. Franklyn J. Saraeinu Stephen I-l. Smith John E. Fitzpatrick John W. Van Allen Robert H. Brookman Richard K. O'Hern John E. Gallagher David M. Smith Michael l.. Nieholl KAPPA SIGMA tx 'gall -,...,- Robert L. Amaducci Raymond Sanseverin Richard C. Johnson i Stephen T. Sinatra Jeilrey Byers 0 l Thomas J. DiMarco Joel H. Schorr Thomas L. Sh rceve Donald W. Wright i Alan M. Dubois Patil D. Gandola Edward Gallagher William Niarakis James L. Grant Eric A. Wienola i Thomas C. Varney Petcr W. Bcardsley Donald W. Mochel I J' V' 4' Dv -ily A . - 5 ,ggzzg : J'-'v ff'f"ft- ,.',,L3 ..:,:,g1:5 .E A A Thomas Granowltz Francis H. Best Richard B. Blair Jared D. Rodgers Mark N. Rivcst Stuart D. McGeorge David B. Cgrmgyn 196 l Kenneth J. Laska i Peter S. Giltillan Charles P. Peck Douglas L. Sleighter Paul S. Danielson Robert A. Penny Norman!Werthwein X I William J. Cornish Russell A. Olaes l Paul R. Gucwa Fred E. Wert Wayne W. Juchalz Gardner Bates Jon F. Nehlsen Andrew P. Sippcrly George C. Nier Stanley V. Cheslock Douglas J. Barlel David Stanislawczyk Russell Bockenkroeger Edward H. Tobe Charles E. Kramer Edgar W. Meiser Robert G. Storyk David L. Martin Lane D. Schultz Donald J. Hcndler Stephen K. Deny James P. Kendig ' l Stephen Curran Jr. Harold A. Cohen William F. Henry 3, . 1 , "li X 5.. A U ' e . . 'gg QA : I S5 "rw - 5 M V I Bruce A. Gilmore James R. Smith Edwin I. Schulman Richard N. Dwyer l Fred T. Legband John H. Gucwa Thomas Zulich IV l Peter R. Carver Peter H. Lederman LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 197 George A. Gilmour Tgmmy C. McBcc William C. Crosswcll Timothy ll. Grcincr .I, Todd White .lcllrey A. Lumin Richard A. Saul Arthur L. Sossin James M. Hcfllcr HCM! A- H0350 perm- J, Mggrmnn Graham C. Clark Philip D. Marks Slcphcn D. Jackson Michael P. Joseph Robert D, Glidden jr. Je,-fy B, Garrison Brian L. Wamslcy - Dime R. Dctrick Gilfy M- Hllll Bfliln A- Pilfcm William A. Wade Jannes R. LaM0rgese Joseph G. Smith Charles F. Johnston John W. Bcll Thomas H. Sullivan Max W. Baldwin Larry A. Keener James R. Tryon Michael A. Friedman WHFFCH S- Bwbc Dimicl N' Shemmm'-if John D. Hurlbut Lewis E. Jcllries Jim O. Cuslagncral PHI KAPPA PSI 1 Robert V. McGludc Peter G. Waldo James E- Gllcfbcf James F. Bednarski Delbert D. Crawshuw Robert T. Glassey ky David E- 1-Ongucre Rodney S. Benner James R. Burnell Ralph M, Bishop Robert C. Rau Thomas M. Lung Willinm D. Ferguson Jay D. Miller Frzink A. Thomas John L. Everhart Robert J. Brooks John K. Bury Paul E. Brainard Wayne K. Beckwith James C, Whitten -gf Henry Edclstein Edwin G. Fiedler John B. Hiester Bruce A. Meyer William E. Pitcher Daniel R. Joyce Robert A. Pnrmcntier Ronald A. Branch Ted F. Blucy Allen A. Dollberg Edwin E. Stand: Martin W. Kcndig William D. Bucll .uv James J. Butler John M. Snyllcf James P. Snyder Robert J. Teilelbaum Craig M. Staullcr Philip F, Eckslrand Lawrence J. Crecdon . Waller W. Tropp Jr. George B. Carr Sander Levin Thomas R. Morris lvan G. Raupp Edmond A. Malhez Ronald G. Burke Robert G. Delaney Raymond L. Jaeger Thomas L. Andersen Carl D. Ohlinger William C. Eves Jr. David B. Heinaman Donald B. Singer PHI KAPPA SIGMA .PTY " .XX VNQ5. Robert C. Sivcrling Edward C. Loebl David H. Markham Thurman R. Bullock Randolph L. Rill Barry I. Schloss Lee R. Phillips Steven C. Turkel S hahriar Shari Safavi Arthur W. Snokc Kevin W. Saunders Charles R. Greenslit Richard I. Grauch l Lawrence S. Zawatzky Preston D. Feden Curt H. Heinfelden 202 Keith A. Klinedinsl Philip K. Adams John M. Hays Stuart Sugarman John G. Brehm Richard P. Werlz Charles W. Lohse Blaine N. Garner William A. Tufhash Richard H. Tuck Charles M. Tufliash Thomas L. Maier l Gerald R. Young Gary E. Bigelow C. Barry Witmer Bruce S. Bleiman John L. Clark Robert A. Yocum Robert M. Esty Bradley P. Fuhrman Michael N. Forbes Bruce A. Kaduk ,fv- William E. Waller David E. l-lubcrt 1 Walter E. Pye Steven A. Stier William S. Schneidc Walter E. Newcomb Robert L. Caine r Sydney B. Saperstein Samuel F. Tumolo T J 2,..eJ"' if s Lance L. Rockerfeller Lawrence H. Soiefer l Michael R. Mumper Joel L. Greene Allen L. Presby Daniel J. Wolf Mark F. Wachter Jay A, Balzcr John N. Blcacher Luther E, Killian Jr. Edmund D. Barry Bruce L. Discnd Bradley H. Koizumi Richard H. Arends Stephen J. Bates Howard L. Blieden PHI KAPPA TAU xx' ' l James M. Pratt Peter T. Logan Michael Bcebe Henry G, Alber-ich Richard Dunne IU John W. Davis Jr. Jere D. Haas John C. Herrold 3 Charles F. Cowan Robe,-I T, P,-our Kenneth A, Paul Thomas J. Hench David S. Honeymzln Carl E. Bnrlcn Edward Watson Jr. Paul S, Rudder 204 Saul A. Shimansky Edward F. Drake Wayne A. Frahm Alan P. Wcinraub l Thomas S. Valleau Robert L. Saelens David B. Brewer Alan P. Zulich J. Grier Marks Ill John P. Alleborn William Heintzelman John F. oemig George F. Boyer Robert H. Spector Charles V. Bonin John W, Beers Peter D. Master W. John Davis Mike W. Stetter Richard Tompson Thomas F. Michcls William V. Glasser Charles A. Miller Richard Umbenhaucr Edgar A. Shrom Mark l. Smith Arnold B. Rosenfeld William C. Tompson Anthony D. Gold James Kaufmann PHI SIGMA KAPPA ,Y-. N. Ross i R. B. Abrams Sumberg A. R. Cooper N. B. Kappclman M. Mallin M. M. Silbcrt L. P. Hunt S. H. Goldblatt. S. W. Elkin D. L. Cohen R. W. Markcll G. P. Radoif H. Fcigcnbaum H. A. Goldberg J. M. Rcilly A. M. Lieberman D. D. Wrailll B. H. Shcllon G. C. Clarke J. E. Fischgrund W. W. Rosenbergcr D. M. Moscr A. J. Warncr 206 S. M. Sachs B. A. Miller M. J. Altschulcr S. E. Dubin P. R. Aiken A. Press S. L. Bayer J. G. Peters J. B. Brand R. V. Fisher it I.. D. F. Kanofsky K. Frumkin R. Vassos R. C. Abrams G. A. Hecht H. R. Marlin M. A. Friedman M. Horn M. E. Sussman J. L. Levin C. E. Williams S. Novom N. S. Chazin A. E. Siman J. Diamond B. Cooper L- H- Chccfmiln J. S. Rothenberg J. A. Zimmerman l D. P. Jalle M. J. Karp F. C. Cogen H, R, Lodge A. R. Soberman R. Kroll M, A, Silvgr V. A. Coen J. A. Newmark L. H. Hertz J. S. Shelby G. A. Becker R. Ehrman R, W, Knlmanowill W, W, Feldman S, J, Singer I.. H. Myers A. A. Mori N. J. Goodman P. F. Roger PI LAMBDA PHI I C R. H. Walluch 207 Richard Burl Jose Delgado Terry Kresge 1 1, f I Frank Schutzman Aki.. . George Mack EEL A James Truckemiller Tony Foster Jon Salony We rrr, 1 Hideo Komoda - 'ifikai -4, '11, Philip wicsr Gregory Suess Theodore Fournaris John Caswell S . Nair 1s5'f.N. N. John Hauter Ron Dochat Samuel Handsman ,Q ,, Edward Fisher Richard Feinstein Ronald Shea Charles Youmans Gordon Ferguson Charles Jones Andrew Tompos William Rickenbach Hugh Moore Richard Owen Q Terence White Richard Lougee 'RQ ig 1 E' f In Q A W.. -1+ 1 x V , I V A Warren Grerh Robert Born Gerald Beaman Gary Greenbaum Robert Hoffman -1 wad! William Salamy Peter Polovchik William Brubaker Dexter Stevens Amel Shandler , r J ai James Wexler Robert Van Dorn Donald Lgckard Kevin Bit, Robert Stock Gerald Reich Edward Rubenstein Robert Hunter SIGMA PI 209 l Barry S. Laehnian icnhen M. Yanklow Jay M. Wolkov l lloward M. Hirsch Michael D. Bell Cliarlex D. Bock Roy Goldman Laurenec M. Levin :U -4 Mike l., Mciselinan Richard N. Ashley Br! a n H. Brody U Q Peter M. Serlaer X I .4 llank F. liardslcin Richard ll. Harris i Bill IJ. Levine 'lu A Andrew M. Axler in 4,3 ...g v,. .' 'v x ,ffm-152 Michael O. Gordon , '5 Paul D. Rich I x Williain A. Iirdrnan Warren S. Gold , , Q Y I ' .l .W D Y l Donald R. Kamcns Richard M. Kagan Ronald l.. Blankslcin Stanford N. Sullurn Rieliaril G. Seliwarll Kenneth R. Fox a , v w ,av - ., - 1 i. 1 -f Alan M. Franklin Mil-:hell Toig paul 5, Simiia Richard I.. Siegel David L- Km! Nuil Novik llarris C. Llruslcin Y ai X. Steven A Segal I? .H gf I .laek D. Novik I Richard A. Moncx V A N Roger B. llerslein lf- Ilnnald J. Weinslein Roherl liernlwimer Brad J. Brodsky Sanford Schreiber William A. Willlin Peter T. Bidwell Joseph R. Siegclhanm i Jonathan Miller Roy W. Mers 210 Boh Speeior 5 1 ll? r . David C. Jallnw f X N Marlin J. Rosenberg Q '? Jay A. Springer . Q l Jcllrey ll. Susinnn Alan J, lleniw lirie A. Slioenleld Frank Lnceiola O 1 fe: , R l.arry Greenberg Roherl l'. Corman Lawrcnec S. lloiow Jerry IJ. Levine V Q Jim Weiner John F. Durnem l Ken l'. Hnllenherg Milehell L. Perluw Rnherl li. Block Thomas li. Field David C. Sickcl Stephen li. Pmvell Dennis S. Rill Rohcri J , Groden Stephen ll. 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Knerner Donaultl R. Iierk Andrew H. tirmrllnun l.:uwrenee D. Ifm-ner " . W u '4 Q ' fb is , o . I 4 , s Martin IE. I.uuler Riehautl I. Uimherg R0hL't'l M. Wertltetnvr Kc,mL-11, yu. Mm,k,,, gem 13, frnen 211 T .l fx fx lllllllll S fx fx --s --N fs fs -Q llllllll - 1 1, ORGANIZATIONS A C C 0 U N G d ROW ON E: W. Everctt, Advisor, D. Fritz, Treas., L. Kusterer, J. Santaniello, Pres., .l. Shire, Seey., D. Martindale, Vice Pres., H. Jaenicke, Advisor. ROW TWO: P. Adams, R. Yocum, T. Dagen, D. Hostetter, R. Boos, R. Patton, E. F I N C E C L Chute. ROW THREE: E. Drake, H. Thcohald, M. Thomas, B. Schloss, R. Amaducci, D. Smory, J. Herrold ROW ONE: I.. Christopher, Vice Pres., R. Amaducci, Pres., Dr. N. Laird, Ad ', R. Jz ' lx, S ' ,'l'. D: '- ,T'-1 ROW TWO: N. W 'th ' ,E. Shtghiilk Flciiyest, K. Tiisliczt It ls cl Wcm ,A L P H A D E L S I G' M A ROW ONE: N. Nielsen, J. Shock, R. Rill, Pres., J. Brehm, Vice Pres., C. Forbes, Trens.. W. Henderson. ROW TWO: N. Roscnblum, E. Fisher, R. E R, I C A N Shzlmel, R. Campbell, Shoenfclcl, E. Loebl, K. Klinedinsl, L. Klein. ROW TH REE: L. Killian, Jr., M. Kendig. R. Fulk, Jr., W. Bergman, R. Tuck, H. C H E M I C L S O C Caplan, M. Rosenberg. MISSING: F. Heberlxng, W. Heisenberg, I. Sehroedinger AMERICAN I N S 0 f ROW ON Ii: J. Shruder. Trczxs.. H. Delvleesler, Vice Pres., R. Doehzxl. Pres., Levin, Secy., P. Sutter, Advisor. ROW TWO: J. Mengel. S. Merrill, P. Y S I C S Finkelstein M. Robinson J Grille K Klincniinst MISSING D Fysler A PH l I I I I in : A N T H R O P O L O G Y C L UB 1383 RES? EfjZiiifl'f'Qf FZiif:in'f'STV'lfZQffg M. W. Vail. C. Holzingcr, Advisor. R. Preston, Advisor, D. Moyer ROW ONE: R. Obcrm1m,.lr.. J. Fritshcy, Pres.. D. Butler. R. Phillips. Advisor. ROW TWO: D. Kuhn. D. C ESI? 321.24.Z?.i'22?.i'.?'R'?',E::g.X.iC5...- C A M PU S C H R 1 S T 1 A N T as., . "', .'h 5 . WTWO: WI?IgcirlizcxmllfnlitR?S1Iyd2:ZpJS.ogn1Eg, B. F E L L O W S H I P Poultcrer, L. Kustcrcr, P. Luncustcr, H. Glusby, A. Wyndcr ROW ONE: R. Muller, Comptroller, R. Eddy, A R N O L D A I R .I r.. Commander. J. HoiTman. Fxcc. Omccr. Capt. Wcavcr, Advisor. ROW TWO: R. S Q C I E T Y Hz1rris,Jr.,J. Parsons, ll'1fOl'l1'l1lliOr1 Omccr. R. Lcuilcn. J. Oncrll C H A PE L C H 0 I R Rgllfflii li 5. 'Zl'l.T.if?Z?,' ff1gE'lliglQ,Cpfff 'fililffif 13 CHESS CLUB ROW ONE: D. E. Butler, R. Goldman, J. L. Ulanet, B. Kline. ROW TWO: M. Bernstein, D. Gruner. D. B. Cormun. ROW TWO: H. T. Stump, R. Berkey, J Ellsworth. M. W. Presley, K. Klinedinst, G. E. Bigelow ROW THREE: D. P. Baker. R. H. Tuck, L. H. Myers P. J. Gallery, B. W. Bollackcr C OLLE GE RE PORTER ROW.i1?.,'i2.?.EfJ.i52:.FS?252iI:'g,'2i?Z3?F.f::,?22,E2T3T'S:331552211 Co-editor-in-Chief, T. R. Morris, News Editor, .l. M. Weissman, Business Manager, B. H. Shelton, Photography Editor. ROW TWO: R. J. Schrot, S. Goldstein, R. J. Groden, S. E. Powell, H. H. Komoda, A. D. Cohen, R. Schubert. Features Editor, H. C. Burstcin. ROW THREE: D. Creecy, E. A. Towns, R. Goldman, R. Owen, E. Rubinstein. COMMITTEE FOR SOCIAL ACTION DORMITORY COUNSELORS ROW ONE: W. Evcs, Jr., J. Freund, D. Minzncr, J. Levine, J. Sundhcim, J. Brehm, T Morris. ROW TWO: N. Thompson, G. Tchirkow, M. Silberl, G. Young, J. Buddinglon, R Siverling, R. Arends. ROW THREE: C. Williams, P. Vogt, J. Jacoby, D. Gring, P. Anderson MISSING: R. Brundadge, D. Thomc, W. Hildebrand, A. Hye, B. Fuhrman, B. Puerling, J ECONOMICS CLUB Laird, P. Davis ROW ONE: Dr. N. Taylor, Advisor, J. Allen, J. Freund, P. Foldes, P. Adams. ROW TWO: S. Rothschild, W. Stadliundcr, A. Kreiscl, B. Kostinsky GOVERNMENT CLUB ROW ONE: W. Ochs, P. Coleman. T. Armbruster, Vice Pres., J. Springer, Pres., M. Weinheimer, Treas., H. Bleiden, D. Katz. ROW TWO: G. Marcus, J. Snyder, J. Roberts, P. Serber. R. Abrams, J. O'Ncal. B. Ramer, R. Boyce, P. Lewchncr, A. Goodman. ROW THREE: M. Seheininger, C. Williams, J. Fritchey, F. Fruchtman, T. Sunday, R. Stein, C. Ganz, L. Forstc r. GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY KNEELING: R. Bush, B. Kier, A. Okuma, J. Myers. P. Waldo. J. Garihan. STANDING: D. Lobdell, A. Judd, J. Chapel. D. Cuyler. L. Schultz, M. Bikle, R. Evarts. B. Parct. A. Courtney. Prof. J. Freedman, Advisor, G. Ford. Prof. D. Ritter, Advisor, P. Krantz, S. Bates, Prof. D. Wise, Advisor, S. Curran, J. Gucwa, D. Bartcl 221 ROW ONE: A. Hyc. Vicc Pres., M. Heath, Jr., Pres., A. Jczxnnct, D. Jezxnnct, Advisor. ROW TWO: R. Bloch, Sec.-Trcus., O. Jones, T. Kruntz, D. Eby, D. F N C H C L U B Arond, C. Mcrgcntimc. Mrs. N. Zacour, J. Zucour ROW ONE: S. Illcborg, E. Kuruhisc, R. Sciwurt, A. AI- Mishwl, G. Herrmann, R. Peres. ROW TWO: L. Lcnkowsky. H. Komodu, B. Koizumi, P. McC:1skcy, R. Blanchard. W. C L H 0 'U S E Drcschcr. D. Moyer. ROW THREE: C. Urbizo. R. Shnmcl, L. Pollak, G. Evcnwel 1 3 - ..A A l ROW ONE' G Clark S Pinsky Seey P Vo1,t Pres D OCM CLUB E N R Berk, D. Robinson, C. Mazza. ROW TWO: T. Heberling. B. Long, E. Roginski, F. Best, J. Ogden. ROW THREE: .l, Hull, P. Kranz, G. Herrmann, H. Glashy. MISSING: E. Brubaker, Director, H. Evans, Director. T. Johnson, D. Stephens, N. Monk, Vice Pres., C. Jones, H. Delgado ROW ONE: D. Robinson, Vice Pres., B. Leibert, Secy.. D. Thome, Pres., R. Burt, Trezis., S. Pinsky. ROW TWO: S. Goldstein, P. Cook, C. Mergentime, Prof. S. Allen, Advisor, A. Goodman, A. Gold. ROW THREE: C. Schneider, G. llzlolrgigll-. Waetzman, F. Fruchtman. MISSING: P. Kinsley. S T O R Y C L - Q - 2 4 7 I GLEE CLUB 3- L- ROW ONE: B. Bollacker, J. Hay, Accompanist, R. Askew, Manager, P. Anderson. Pres., D. Markham, So- cial Chairman, L. Pollak, G. Bigelow, M. Johnston. ROW TWO: J. Susman, D. Shaffer, D. Dietrich, R. Reis, D. Ruth. J. Ellsworth, J. Greene, L. Hunt. ROW THREE: T. Shelby, S. Michlovitz, M. Werner, G Shaffer. T. Maier, D. Blanchard, M. Forbes, R. Tuck ROW FOUR: P. Colman, P. Snyder, D. Moser, J Flctchcr, J. Biddison, D. Wolf, N. Klar, J. McMillan, B Younkin, I. Fischler MU EPSIIQON SIGMA ROW ONE: J. Peifcr, Jr., Advisor, D. Gring, Vice Pres., P. Robelen, Pres., E. Ranek, Treas., D. Baker, Sccy. ROW TWO: F. Hampf. J. Freund, M. Silver, R. Falk, Jr., .l. Hall, H. Stump, J. Brand. MISSING: S. Segal, J. Peoples MATH HONORARY SOCIETY ROW ONE: Wm. Tyndall, Advisor, R. Rcuper. Trcas., J. Hogg, Jr., Pres., R. Brown, Vice Pres., D. Western, Advisor. ROW TWO: R. Blagg. R. Stoltz, H. Caplan, D. Burr, J. Shradcr. J. Kurtz 225 L 0 S O Y C L ROW ONE: P. Andqiison, A. Vall-cntinc, R. Abrams, Dr. L. Binklcy, Ailvisor, R. Slmmcl. ROW IWO. D.Ch1ld5, K. Hu,lxm.nn, D. Shallu, S. Remington. ROW THREE: P. Kiccy, D. Kissinger, N. Pclrick, D. Mzlrkhum OXIMERON SOCIETY L. to R.: N. Monk, F. Padgett, Jr., Llama, C. Williams, P. Keers,Chz1nCcll0r, D. Bikofl, Ritual Chairman ?'.,'1l PHI ALPHA THETA WWRW N L. to R.: D. Thomc, Prof. S, Allen, Advisor, S. Pinsky, R. Burt OUTING CLUB ROW ONE: R. Moeller, F. Woltcr, Jr.. D. Cuyler, R. Brown, Pres. ROW TWO: R. Speck, K. Bromley, N. Pctrick, N. Nielsen, R. Purmcnlier 227 IAE STE ROW ONE: F. Humpf, Prof. Wolff Von Wcrnsdorlf. Hcctor. B. Luchmun, Pres., R. Shcrclf. Treas. ROW TWO: R. Faucr, R. Stoltz, R. Shumcl, D. Muurcira. PI GAMMA MU ROW ONE: J. Wexler, T. Sunday, T. Armbruster, Dr. A. Bell. M. Silbcrt. J. Sundheim, S. Kelton. ROW TWO: S. Pinsky. R. Kartzincl, P. Lcnchner, A. Brodsky, J. Karp, J. Freund, P Adams, M. Hoffman, F. Fruchlman, J. Buddington. ROW THREE: G. Male, F. Badamo, H Klehr, R. Fauer, E. Roginski, R. Burt, R. Brustcin, D. Huhn. MISSING: S. Wilkerson, M. Thomas. 228 GERMAN CLUB PORTER SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY 229 PROLOG ROW ONE: D. Moser, J. Susmun, Editor, D ShztfTcr, W. Evers. ROW TWO: R. Bloch, R. Kagan PSYCHOLOGY CLUB ROW ONE: R. Pitt, Treats., H. Lodge. Pres.. S. Portnuy. Vice Pres.. A. Sehlosbcrg, Sec, ROW TWO: D. Tomko, J. Williams. D. Landis. J. Booth, D. Mcrshon. D. Weinstein, N. Ferguson. 230 S. A. M. ROW ONE: J. G. Marks, Scc., H. Thcobuld, Jr.,Trcz1s., S. Yanklowitz, Prcs., R. S:1ul,Vicc Pres. ROW TWO: R. Vussos, H. Grundig. H. Gundrum, T. Dugcn, H. Thcrun. ROW THREE: B. Poultcrcr, D. Emory, R. Amzlducci, D. Kuhn SIGMA PI SIGMA ROW ONE: J. Shruder, H. DeMccstcr, Pres., R. Dochat, P. Finkelstein. ROW TWO: Prof. R I. Weller, Prof. R. F. Hood 231 SOCIOLOGY CLUB ROW ONE: J. Jacoby, P. Ashe, Pres., R. Eddy, Jr., Vice Pres., R. Caine. ROW TWO: Wm. Lynch, D. Baker. A. Gold s SPANISH CLUB ROW ONE: A. Pizlncn, Advisor. R. Ehrmnn, Sec., R. Groden, R. Kagan, E. Shoenfcld, Mrs Tnmes. ROW TWO: M. vun Bcuren, P. Rcsslcr, S. Sumberg. J. D'Avclln, A. Chervenzik, R. Jord:1n,Jr., J. Jucovino. ROW THREE: A. Hofrichler, R. Kaplan, R. Kooncy, G. Carr, D. Robinson. S. Turkel, H. Lovejoy, J. Pellegrino STUDENT COUNCIL ROW ONE: C. Williams, J. A1-dino, Corr. Sec., J. Burncss, Trcrw.. B. C0Or1Cr, Pres., W. Munson, D. Hollington. ROW TWO: J. Newmark, M. Tuuger, E. J. Gallagher, R. Fuuer, P. Gibbons-Neff, B. Croushorc, J. O'Nc:1l L 233 V STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION ROW ONE: D. Grimths, Sec.-Trens., Prof. Eshlcmzm, Advisor, D. Baker, Pres. ROW TWO: C. Schneider, C. Bodnar YOUNG REPUBLICANS ROW ONE: R. Putton, B. Lovejoy, J. Springer, Pres., J. Jacoby, J. Ulunet. ROW TWO: R. Boyce, .l. Petrie, P. Ressler, li. Luchmain, Sec., R. Abrams, N. Nielsen, Jr., G. Marcus S. W. O. P. ROW ONE: W. Drcscher, J. Newmark, L. Lenkowsky, Project Guide Chairman, R. Abrams, B. Poultercr. ROW TWO: H. Komoda, H. Lynch, G. Herrmann, S. Goldstein, R. Blanchard, M. Johnston, W. Evers. MISSING: G. Evenwel, S. llleborg, D. Arond 234 W. W. F. M. ROW ONE: M. Thomas, J. Haislip, J. Diamond, Lichtenstein, J. Silber, N. Romanoll. D. Childs. ROW TWO: G. Hoyer-Booth, B. Poultcrer, S. Moses, Wm. Hoflman, A. Chamberlain, Jr., R. Evarts, S. Wilkerson, H. Theran, J. Garner, N. Novik. J. Fralish, Jr. ROW THREE: J. McGuire, E. Lyman, R. Donahue, R. Long, J. Gehrig, M. lfriednman, R. Burt, R. Stoltz. MISSING: D. Bucher. M. liieler, S. Rubenstein, D. Korshin. A. Catullo, R. Umhenhaucr, G. Carpenter YOUNG DEMOCRATS ROW ONE: R. Shcrell, W. Dreseher, J. Levine, A. Hooper, Vice Pres., G. Marcus, Pres.. R. Stein, Treas.. H. Klehr, Sec., D. Katz. ROW TWO: J. O'NeaI. C. Williams. R. Hale, J. Springer, C. Ganz, A. Goodman. M. Wcinheimcr, A. Wynder, A. Brodsky, J. Borden, A. Franklin. ROW THREE: R. Abrams. B. Sanet, G. Hoycr-Booth, L. Waetzman. L. Forster, D. Boyer, B. Ramer, S. Rothschild 235 ORIFLAMM K' fm m,,,,,4 mm, mmm I mww 4 1..1 ,H .,....,.4,, , num, ,- 1-nun-u f unurn,-5 -' 1 xr-1 u ,N , v mr A.-4 ....,A.n, n ul un rlslv flX11n'bxHl 'X V, 3 W x 6 I wyn- fff T1 K . -'ir 2,861 Z ' , - , ' 'ff A? -if V 'tr Q -x ' Q . gif' A 3.355 fi Qt 4:4273 'Q I , f 'X' -. Copy X, K h .. ! -OP5 CCPY Arvo mcrunes snvmopg um num-un . u unx-.y IINIUUN l'X1'l Ill llllNY4NI nu: un nun wr u-n ru ms Hu: un rumen :Ill Hn unam- l...1...r,..,. ........ .,.u....v ,....: ,-........,.......- , luv: sm mnnxnurmnnun 1 nu...-...........-.............,.... .. .......-.................-...n.....,.......... WM. J. KElLfR INC. u 'ruwuwmul V nurumusm v - vmuvnnoou ., wan , ho.-401, is ss I ss's N. 1 x,s 'Q K , ig, X , s,- ci., 'S,q.3qx, , Lb -V . t ,U ,1', Q, V ' r , , 1 I- I fxsts' 1 1 ', ff' ,Q s.:x,,Q kay, ' - 1 -j iffy , ..-1, 5- . y, 1443 , .snw 1 N'-N ,L R H,u"r..f., A . . .K , 1 I' .sm 'W-Q, . . , , Ss- . 5 f 1 ' -f Q '55 . , . , ., , 1' , Q xt? .4 I ' 1 .-L " ' ' V ,, . 236 thx. Ja .tgiiii KL' .,.. ,,,, . 4 Paul D. Gandola Albert J. Leet Richard H. Arends Associate and Stephen Z.. Smith Gerald R. Young Robert L. Amaducci Edgar A. Shrom Robert J. Brooks David E. Longacre Norman H. Werthwein Thomas C, Varney Kenneth J. Laska 237 Editor-in-Chief Faculty Consultant Photography Editor Assistant Editor Assistant Editor Business Manager Advertising Editor A dvertising Advertising Activities Editor Activities Photography PATRONS OF THE 1966 ORIFLAMME Mr. 84 Mrs. W. A. Henry Mr. 84 Mrs. D. B. Tobe Mr. 84 Mrs. J. O. Bitz Mr. 84 Mrs. J. F. Buddington Mr. 84 Mrs. R. F. Stuart Dr. 84 Mrs. E. E. Cleaver Mr. 84 Mrs. H. T. Lodge, Jr. Dr. 84 Mrs. M. Markowitz Mr. 84 Mrs. M. C. Heim Mr. Joseph D. Hogg Mr. 84 Mrs. J. C. Gehrig Mr. 84 Mrs. R. Delgado Mr. 84 Mrs. S. Rogers Mrs. J. E. Voelrer Mr. 84 Mrs. G. F. Gruenfelder Mr. 84 Mrs. Herman Levine Mr. Cgl, Mrs. D. H. Campbell Mr. 84 Mrs. R. V. Brundage Mr. 84 Mrs. J. S. Russo Doris M. Horshin Mr. 84 Mrs. E. K. Green Mr. 84 Mrs. W. L. Rosenberger M. A. Cancelliere Mr. 84 Mrs. T. A. Hamm Mollye M. Cohen Dr. 84 Mrs. Joseph Tuffiash Mr. 84 Mrs. L. C. Christopher Mr. 84 Mrs. S. M. Sprafkin Mr. 84 Mrs. Robert E. Male Mr. 84 Mrs. Frank V. Gandola Annett K. Hollington Mr. 84 Mrs. Rubin Perlman Robert Specter Mr. 84 Mrs. W. W. Stetter Mr. 84 Mrs. N. B. L. Ferguson, Mr. 84 Mrs. C. J. Leuffen Mrs. John R. Hertzler Mr. 84 Mrs. Charles S. Spector Mr. 84 Mrs. Jake Kaplan Mollie Arking Mr. 84 Mrs. R. W. Musser Mr. 84 Mrs. Wallace W. Meyer Dr. H. B. Hendler Mr. 84 Mrs. C. A. Dunn Mr. 84 Mrs. Milton Warner S. Soiefeg Dr. Kgl, Mrs. A. R. Roth lsadore Rosenblum G. P. Keers Claire Siegel Mr. 84 Mrs. Philip Kamens Dr. 84 Mrs. Philip R. Weist Mr. 84 Mrs. C. E. Williams, Jr. Mr. 84 Mrs. Philip W. Weiss Mr. 84 Mrs. W. D. Blatz Mr. 84 Mrs. M. S. Palmer Minnie Barbagli Mr. 84 Mrs. Herman llvanhoe Mr. 84 Mrs. L. V. Stavenick Dr. 84 Mrs. Morton Hollenberg Mr. 84 Mrs. W. W. Greth Mr. 84 Mrs. W. G. Robelen Mr. 84 Mrs. G. L. Saelens Dr. Raymond R. Comess Mr. 84 Mrs. H. C. Reuper Russell F. Brown Mr. 84 Mrs. Wallace Blakey Mr. 84 Mrs. O. H. Jones Byron B. Rife Mr. 84 Mrs. J. R. Car Mr. 84 Mrs. Edward Wolitarsky Mr. 84 Mrs. R. Cooper Mr. 84 Mrs. L. E. Caplan John P. Corell Mr. 84 Mrs. G. E. Caswell, Jr. Mr. 84 Mrs. W. A. Moriarty Mr. 84 Mrs. R. I. Fleder Norman Silverman Dr. F. J. Saracino David R. Bliss Mr. 84 Mrs. W. J. Davis Mr. 84 Mrs. J. C. Haass Dr. Louis Koolple Mr. 84 Mrs. B. D. Lefrak Mr. 84 Mrs. F. W. Parse Mr. 84 Mrs. Leon Glazer Nestel Mr. 84 Mrs. Herman Mallin Mr. 84 Mrs. W. P. Michels Mr. 84 Mrs. J. P. Levine Mr. 84 Mrs. J. L. Whitten Mr. 84 Mrs Wm. C. Baldwin, Jr. Mr. 84 Mrs. D. C. Terry Mr. 84 Mrs. E. G. Tchirkow Mr. 84 Mrs R. V. Ritter Mr. 84 Mrs Mr. 84 Mrs . Arthur Kaduk I. A. Feden Dr. lrving Goldblatt Shirley L. Altschuler Mr. 84 Mrs. J. G. McLean Mr. 84 Mrs . Nathan Rosen Mr. 84 Mrs. Stanley Weissman Mr. 84 Mrs. A. J. Blanchard Mr. 84 Mrs. Wm. F. Ochs Dr. 84 Mrs. Francis S. Weinstein Dr. Morris Feller Mr. gl Mrs. J. A. Biddison, Jr. Mr. 84 Mrs. L. H. Sell Mr. 84 Mrs. Marvin A. Dietrich Mr. 84 Mrs. G. E. Long, Jr. Mr. 84 Mrs. T. H. Glassey Mr. 84 Mrs. R. D. Guibord Mr. 84 Mrs. John Morse Mr. 84 Mrs. H. D. Hurlbut, Jr. Mr. Louis Zawatzky Mr. 84 Mrs. Aaron Schreiber Mrs. Augustine Wilson Mr. 84 Mrs. E. H. Schweitzer Mr. 84 Mrs. Ben Waltuch Mr. 84 Mrs Warren Bullock Mr. 84 Mrs. Sol Kay Mr. 84 Mrs. F. J. Wolter Mr. 84 Mrs Kenneth R. . Joseph Stanislawczyk Archie Alexander Hiram P. Ball Milton Bleede Mr. 84 Mrs. Louis Schnyder Michael Badamo Mr. 84 Mrs. Howard B. Carpenter Mr. 84 Mrs. Philip Waldman Mr. 84 Mrs. Hilton H. Hodges Mr. 84 Mrs. W. P. Simons Mandel Lenkowsky Mr. 84 Mrs. Lee M. Maier Dr. Maurice Pine Sidney Hoffman Mr. 84 Mrs. Wm. A. Wragg Mrs. M. R. McCarthy Mr. 84 Mrs. D. C. Foord Mr. gl Mrs. H. D. Penley Mr. Carl L. Snook Mrs. Pearl Goldstein Mr. 84 Mrs. R. A. Shamel Mr. 84 Mrs. John Schmidt Mr. 84 Mrs. Sol Schneiderman Mr. 84 Mrs. S. A. Sholl Lambert D. Rockafellow Dr. 84 Mrs. Sydney S. Pollak Mr. 84 Mrs. F. G. Polster, Jr. Mr. 84 Mrs. C. A. Miller Mr. 84 Mrs. F. L. Hoff Dr. 84 Mrs. Mark M. Ravitch Raymond H. Hartlaub Mr. 84 Mrs. Seymour Zemsky Mr. 84 Mrs. J. W. Bambey Richard Weiner Mr. 84 Mrs. Sidney Groden Mr. 84 Mrs. J. J. Shrader Mr. 84 Mrs. Edward Hellum Mr. S. Arthur Hall Brian Parent Dr. Aaron Kivo Mr. 84 Mrs. J. E. Connor Mr. 84 Mrs. D. W. Brown Mr. 84 Mrs. Arthur B. Pedersen Mr. 84 Mrs. R. N. Boos Donald R. Hicks Theodore J. Bravakis Mr. 84 Mrs. F. C. Birkby Dr. gl Mrs. Clarence D. Davis Milton Feldman Al A. Lippe Malcom E. Gruber Mr. 84 Mrs. Mortimer Ehrman Mr. 84 Mrs. Saul Brustein WOOD'S FOOD SERVICE EXTENDS SINCERE GOOD WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1966 Lancaster's Hair Stylist For Men JIM WRIGHT at WRIGHT'S BARBER SHOP Mulberry and Walnut Streets DEMUTH TOBACCO SHOP For Your Smoking Needs 1 14 East King Street 240 FOR INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION TO YOUR PHOTO PROCESSING, FLOYD PECK LANCASTER CUSTOM COLOR 5 39 Lancaster Avenue ZW Blocks East of Campus LAB. Compliments of FILLING'S CLOTHING SHOP West Lemon Street Within easy walking distance from the college MARY Macl NTOSH LAUNDRY SERVICES on the campus ENJOY A DINNER at the famous STOCKYARD IN N Eleven Forty-Seven Lititz Pike CGMPLIMENTS OF FORRY and HACKER Producers of "The College Reporter" 248 East Liberty Street PRINTERS JACOB QUALITY MEATS from 832 North Queen Street RIEKER 242 Lancastefs Paperback Center REILLY BROS. and RAUB L. B. HERR and SONS -1- SPORTING GOODS 44 North Queen Street . I .., E154--,....,.,, , , 'Tl ww.. .. . , 'W ,tn 5 Hum F., , Q -,.. a mwah, - Arr. S 'A x .. -M., W 5. ' 7. 44-48 West King Street TRY THE B B MARTIN CO. HOLSUM BREAD ' ' For Lumber a product of GUNZENHAUSER BAKERY 351 WEST JAMES 37 West Clay ' 5 4, Y- ...-v- Q. l, nun-:mn 'e,,-,-m1-.,w.1t.1.,g,,,s-,..3,,,.,tt,.g-:.,t.,m-.'x.., r ,,...,, . 4 CU MILLWORK 'E nf THE F. and M. BOOKSTORE SERVING THE COLLEGE AND THE COMMUNITY On The Campus CLOSEST WITH THE BEST- THE HOUSE OF PIZZA 5 34 West James One block from campus 244 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The staff of the 1966 Oriflamme offers sincere thanks to those who lent their valuable assistance to the prep aration of this eighty-eighth volume. Mr. Floyd Peck, Lancaster Custom Color Lab Mr. John G. Gates, Il, Gates Studios Mr. David Tan, Wm. J. Keller Inc. Mr. Carl V. Peterson, Wm. J. Keller Inc. Mrs. Jewell M. Gates, Wm. J. Keller Inc. Dean Foster G. Ulrich, Jr. Professor Albert J. Leet Charles W. Thompson Mr. Joseph Crilley Mr. Herbert Comess Mr. Leo Geier Mr. John O'Haren Mr. George N. Stewart, S. The College Reporter K. Smith Company The objectivity one holds as a reader of yearbooks is quickly lost as the process of creating one begins. We have to deal with pieces and impressions, hoping that in their final assemblage they will strike familiar and pleasant images in the mind ofthe reader, and thus provide a recognizable account of the past academic year. I thank again those who have worked and learned with me-particularly Rich Arends and Jerry Young--for their efforts toward that end. 246

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