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Franklin and Marshall College - Oriflamme Yearbook (Lancaster, PA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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Y VW . -... .. . .,.,,,,,-- - -' - .-'41 2, - -- 5 1 6 1 as ....,.- . . , . ,.,.A, ..,.1'f'?'nIf"r:v""':'?"", f"J---T""l"--115114 -P. Arai- , . .. , f fl-,w vsr-fs-. -- 1 ff- - fv--Sv-W mf- - H- ,-. 1-, ,4-1 :vg4"'f-wr-f -v-wx'-W 'f' 1' " 1 5- ,K A ,-.,"""'7'T'j?i"'Z1 4,4 'L al ii"Lx 5 In N- MH ws H 1 . , ., ...1f,.n..,, f.,-1 .W --f14"5g,g'?i7'VH41r" , . . ,. - 1 . .n:11.vA-.1: 52,5."f-ww-1J.A'-' f-:iff "rf-.11 :v:'1g1'1f ,A ?f"1fQ!"3 -"in" -" 4- ' -' --.. . -1 X A w In 4 MVN' V. M2 0 -H N171 M1 Ji :i Pl L , . 'wsu ',b. ' Iig1P6Mr :g .. . .-, -,gafhw gvvydfff ,lx,',6,z, , Y Qx I1.,,x r n.. 1,1-. ,n 1654 vu, A un . , . f. 4 , .-gf-.r., 1-viaI-fggbmsgigesamai:g51:5L1g,an:1z:rf3Qaz if .4 bn . 3.5, u-my law 1. fvflh- A-'Sa-A 11 1-ffl-r H 'Q '- -' 4 Z -,A 4+-- - 1 1 W -iQhlN,Y1A'..',IxLg1.l:414g-.Q-n..L4h1-'H ' 'H-,' Q' 'L "A " ,W ,,,-5L,.Lg:.,,,...' .V A !--fr-b - -44 ' D O O5 Y r r I CONTENTS The Administration The Seniors and Faculty The Events The Societies The Fraternities l TI-IE NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY-FIVE ORIFLAMME I Wu' i Qs Imigi EDITOR E. Karl-Eric Strandberg PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR John P. Durbin 4- ,-0' 4 1 I' V. DE DICATION We, the Class of 1965, will return to this campus, one by one, during the long years ahead. The college will have changed, perhaps become unrecognizable. New buildings will rise, the great trees will grow greater still, a new breed of students will greet us-as different from us as we from our fathers. There will be only one aspect of our return that will touch us with a sense of familiarity. As we walk down the halls of those strange buildings, catching a phrase through an open classroom door, each of us will remember a professor who moved him-a professor who angered him, or cheered him, or advised him, or inspired him. Each of us will have an unspoken thought of remembrance for one of the men and women to whom this Oriflamme is dedicated. The kind of man who devotes his life to the instruction of youth never changes. He is the true creator, he is a dedicated and unselfish man. The men and women of the Faculty of Franklin and Marshall College will leave this campus as the future unfolds. But many years from now they will be here again each time any one of us returns. They will travel the world with us, in our work, our attitudes, our aspirations. To this Faculty, who have given us so much of themselves, we dedicate this yearbook. u , H Mun ' vm n M , P- eimeywy u J,-4 , 'LW .7f3":", 1 '11 -Q A,-'cv W lu A15 1' -A 1 -u ll 4 I 8 l 9 1 w 10 E - .4 3? Cm -, K H P' f . E .- . vy ' ,. Q . zilsb'-!' 6' 7. law . T.. fm 1 .iq no I :JL :RQ QW? it 'n S. . , M' 4 I , L' fl' bs' Q 16.3 6 ' 7 1. . l', M. ,Q ' Q ' U id! ' b ' 'L 1 ' at in 3 W MSM QW- .N z , U Q xy P 3, 9 ,V Amyx Vw .' Q M X4 J Ll! H r:..s-'iw' Ma. f W f" 'l1 ,U 9 Q fy ' fx 2" 1 W gi . , It H tb Q V v F' '4 5 -' " "' W, ,V I 'vm ll l .Al . ' " ' 5 'H ' '51 i V ' 44 U R S -ur ,g Q- K1 m, Vu, 1 U . A ., V "hy, " V" '11s 1 '. " P. ,J "1 gf fi 'x'Y -- q. ' N. -X 4, an v "1 S' .lS,,p,'N.! X1 2 j , x hp' ,iz ' 1 ' . 51-ffffff-P im-ff-' f N H' 'fQ3":- I w' A f W1 . " Q' f -ft, .- V. -,. f'.'- - f- . ' ' Z ' 'Q 4' ... ' -'if-, A ' R: 1 f' K U X K, F 'W I i-'N 4' .l 1 QQ, ' L X JV' 1 -' ' Q Aly-.14 , :"f.f-'wllgv ff 'ff N f 'f+T'f4' . . , , '. ' " ' V 'ff'- : ff N ' A . 4 I :Rl-.','gf WHA A 5x ,li . 1 , N D I Y. ,.n- .f"'5 Jffsv. '- NU. 112 .L :fr " Q2-"il: A- . 1, 'Q 541. p , . , -+-Of, ,W , 0 -- W" -ilu f .af .th in .kfgtvr N, r F I J 21 11 I 15 ,LZ iq 16 N, 5 ,,-f. , , 1-,.... :vii 'df 21 ' 1 X ',... oz... V' Z "f" M JZ- .F- X A fx 49, S- " 30 QA-L. 'ff f- A-1 'Q -5- Jig' 1-55' 45: -ek z 'A X ' 'NLXL'-. 'X r . , A .. --A 22 H ,lg r-"A - JT r ft U, .4 ? -J 1'.i. ff 1 fig'- Y 'f-ew ' 1r'gLq'A PK' ,U 'Q-lisa--ssu..,, QA ,f ,.-gm.. .,....,-ug . -'F ..,.14 1 ,. -2 ,'.AV .milkw - - ',V:.,. 55- g 'P 1 ' . y- ' V n .. ' .U D J " i lr .3 M i r , Q ! M ' , f . - V wil" ' ' L I 'K 1 Wx J .T if I H, 1 '1 f ' , , Q 1 93 3 'af LL' '3.-' X if-. 1 fyf .. A Na' x' f- -5 ' 1 K 1,.I.- H A-. j, . . ' ! 5: .. , , . g V AM I 1 1 -' fe ,VL wifi we -4. 41 . 'NWA v QR ri 'V xx' I , A I-113 5 ' . s X-S '-X X 1 I ' ' ' X . ' ' -wr, J-1. X . n 'y ' N X ,u V J ,,.,. , -, , U I .lf ..,.wgA- ' 4- ,. wn ' 1 LF M 1 , .1-31,wr, S1 M i 1" ' " . F I ' , , . Y'n:.' ' - 'NVQ 15, U 'L -:Q -ff' f I .1 ily- 4.4 V' I ,wg f H. J' , " - lv w M H N' ff' 'M ff -1:52111 . W H f w. ' 'Q .5-f . gui H1 In lil I 1 .. L- - L, J - JL" 31, 2 ,1 "WJ . . ' ' fllw 1 .V . ' if 1' Qt 'f-1l'q':'1Fff- An! 'wg 26 .dqwf n.'..-v-Fur' - x pf Q IC. ' , ling- 12191.- G M A x A V 'H I 1.34 - . X . '1,4S'. ,N -., . Y' ,W -., N. Xi -NL Fa E . 1 .. 1 WH .x-.1 . mm ,W JL H 41 ,xt-h M He... .1-...M-L,-s I' gi i' x -ss?-,, M hs' xi! 4- Z A 'L X. ...- xl , x R Sei- W Abu- "fl-5,-A., 3 A ilif 1 1--M 'HN .F xt 'N ,K ,X wr.. Y I , . 1 , V ' -.,., ' 'K xxx I . Ek? D 'I - A WH 71- If 55' 3. .-f . X - , 4 I L4- , X f' .. ff LK' ' , x ' vi ,i V. ty- A-,ab I A Alia-9 VW,- A x ,rv , ' 77-1 xi'--5' . ' r ' 14-I - f . Sv- ' ' ' - icy-"KX, f I f,f14Q -L1- f ' ' - v , . .' 1 v ., . Q ' ' " -'Q A of 1-ws+f-rAI2.i"K - ki - 'A if ' ' . -' ': 'NN ' is ' . 'xy .' 57' I ':pag'N5Q-5. 1-Ag' .Nb X gf --in-,Ji-Jw X'-'ff ' 2 ,v y if x 1 .LVL Q ggfgwmjfha 'em 1 " 'HV-iff - .x f5E'?'i?l Q :wg " ff" m:fx'ffsmf-f g , ' k -,.--mx-.'g UQ11. ' 6-1 X , ,' ' ' 'Y 1' 'v ' Qf N!f5.3.r" P " ' ' M f S k' ' M51 ' Q Hpzut. .' ., ff '-.,54 ' ' r' ,1 .igxriki 4 im , L 1 i I I n F rf! 4. vx '!m... T, 35 1-1 l , . P1 , t 4 , aa .., X . , fs , ,I fv . 1,1 A ' ri -i l Q A "lf-15117 .,,gJ ni gil Zfvfqiif - A 1 .V -mznr 5 4 . If-Eff ' 'lf ' Y' ,jg pf XX' ,P I..-, I- K' .vmg ' T z"':f . Miiff. . 4 ' -lj,rAg'C'. ' at A. 4 3. uv , , . .. .. V :xx ,L 1, H, , A H I LJ f,-,J - U ,X W V v -1,9 I Q X, f""V"1 Vg, ,f- I ' 'Y' . 79 , ., .- ..g ,J 114- . ., f 43: ffl., , .C JY! 4 ug' ' K u 2 .. ., J! 1 sf ' ,. A, H,V1.v. u x li," in ' 'H'.e ff. p A -- .,-M., 7 Q - 3 -4 - 2 :sz .1 -1 .' ,. gf. I I In "v: gk v 1- . ' I' .Z cv' N 'Il-r"x1 5..,.-4 5 ,i 5 '- 51 iv A,f'u ' .' , Q, ff.: ,, - Ai df-L Qs. ,, fl 0 n 01:1 ober 26, 1964 Nw l ' ' . mlcd States Government Qjwqed an dramatic new ?WQS1um honoring the wfvnklggx ' QSM xvglhellpilkfl? .W xmwiea , - F bf GU Y 1 .- QA , r'4 If , . ' X f- f . Q ' ' A, 0 fv,,Q Q1 , T, , '1 ' ' ' . ,4 -I 1 W ff 'hff Xl B4 ."' .mf Xi , N KA, fri- A -4.3 if -I . ..g.., 1-.. , -A..-. . , ..,-.....,.......,,,. .w 1. 5 . 1 , QR Wi if-,f'L..f4 - - ,M A . 1 A 4, s .fr fl ...JA q5,,44,l:5, n Ky. .. 1 'M ev an , If "i.HQi-i-if 1 '-.Y 'Q' F5 . bil?-:I 'WIN I A is V -1' Q- 1 .""1 l 39 I J 40 is -1 1 if M' of light as-415 -ii 7? I Q ,,-2 f-af I 1 v 44 45 v 46 47 u 1 ': ,H : " ,, 1-1 , X 1 4 ' 1 , M- L j ,M int , 4 . 2 48 THE ADMINISTRATION A U 1. .7 1 Vx KU . 'ri iw' 'lj 'Iva ' I if PEI ,gf 5 5 U : ""x 'M H V ',.L .M ,., df. W'-f 5" V L-. M 1.5 , vu! 1 . if' "1 ' ' - Q. r. -:J , -1 A' 4 lE?'l"' 3' X " 1 xv,-, ,, W A Keith Spalding President of the College Completing his second full year as Presi- dent of the College, Keith Spalding has welded together a progressive and eli- cient administration. He is responsible for several new titles and faces in East Hall, each contributing to the President's program of forward-looking education. The Presidency of the College is no longer a position of isolation, but rather is marked by a deep concern with the everyday affairs of the students. Keith D. Spalding assumed the Presi- dency of Franklin and Marshall College after nearly a year of turmoil and divi- sion among faculty and trustees. As ad- ministrative assistant to Milton Eisen- hower, as journalist and administrator in his own right, he arrived at the College eminently qualified to carry the multitude of presidential responsibilities. The con- fidence of all those who had a part in inviting President Spalding here has been rewarded. The Class of 1965 congratulates Presi- dent Spalding on his continuing and en- ergetic leadership in helping to establish Franklin and Marshall College as an in- stitution of academic excellence in the finest tradition of the liberal education. w ,W 1, wi. ii U. -R 7' G. Wayne Glick Dean of the College Richard H. Winters Assllstant to the Dean 3 Foster G. Ulrich, Jr. Assistant Dean of Students 53 Hadley S. DePuy Dean of Students James M. Darlington Associate Dean of the College 54 Leo E. Geier Secretary of the College 1 Bruce A. Westerdahl Charles W. Thompson Dlkector ofAo'ml1ss1ons Ass? to the Pres. For Development 55 E f eff xx- -ww. --..,,,.' M...-4" Paul Fl. Linfield Business Manager ive'- MHV . Qual Ronald W. Wertz Stanley E. Plummer Dlfector of Student Aid Dlkector of Residence Halls 56 l Nancy H. Rutter Registrar Clayton C. Blevins Supt of Bur7dings and Grounds 57 , . , V , . 1 . H1 ' - - -gj yu... " -J . ' :Iwi X 4' .ar Dr. James Z. Appel Yvonne E. Gibbel Dlfector of College Health Services l'79C0f0'9f 58 John H. Peifer, Jr. Alumni Secretary Roberta Z. Strickler Editor of Alumnus Publications 59 S. Woodrow Sponaugle Director of A thle tibs 5 , A TI-IE SENIORS AND FACULTY i We COLLEGE SCHOLARS Richard A. Kneedler Jack W. Shilling Ruifsdale, Pa. New Holland, Pa 62 BIOLOGY I. I . McDermott E. Ruber, K. R. John, W. D. Shenk A. W. Shively, I. N- Feif, H- K- I-HUC q63 for Robert C. Abel' Paul K, Adogli Easton, Pa. Kano, N. Nigeria Robert J. Bean Embreeville, Pa. Peter C. Bousum Coatesville, Pa. J. Keith Bateman Ronks, Pa. William R. Belzer Philadelphia, Pa. Thomas R. Brody Richard R. Brookman Harrisburg, Pa. Westfield, N- J- Mitchell I. Buchbinder New York, N. Y. David A. Cherrill Terry L. Couch Michael Davidson Forest Hills, N. Y. Middletown, Pa. Meadville, Pa. Eshleman, Jr. Harry A. Glassman Samuel D. Goldberg Richard N. Goldstein N. Y. Havertown, Pa. Baltimore, Md. Philadelphia, Pa. 65 Daniel C. Good Alan R. Henseler Kenneth I. Hunt Willow Street, Pa. North Bergen, N. J. Norwalk, Conn. Kenneth S. Hurst Brian A. Jones Queens Village, N. Y. Wind Gap, Pa. H' l, w :H ' 4. Felix L. Kaufman Gerald D. Kumin Baltimore, Md. Shaker Heights, Ohio 66 Edward R. Leibowitz Lebanon, Pa. Peter M. Levitin Joel P. Mascaro Alexander T. Massengale New Haven, Conn. Drexel Hill, Pa. Brooklawn, N. J. 0. John R. McCormick Carl A. Meese Ronald J. Orleans Westminster, Md. Suffern, N. Y. Silver Spring, Md. 67 Donald A. Patterson John M. Penta Richard D. Signer York, Pa. Reading, Pa. Great Neck, N. Y. Lawrence F. Smith Stephen C. Smith William I. Smulyan Oreland, Pa. Norwalk, Conn. Baltimore, Md. 68 1 Joseph R. Takats, III A. Robert Tessler Terry N. Trobec Kenmore, N. Y. Merion Station, Pa. Lake Bluff, Ill. R. Wagner Richard M. Weiss Mark Winograd Kenneth S. Zelinger Hill, Pa. Melrose Park, Pa. Woodbridge, N. J. Philadelphia, Pa. 69 N W. E. Everett A. L. Bell ii i Y nu H. R. Jaenicke, H. Fischer 70 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION I E. Charles, III Clinton E. Crane Jack D. Dudrick Cranford, N. I. Nanticoke, Pa. I I Robert H. Durna Edward E. Fischer Sea Girt, N. J. Sherborn, Mass. 71 Gary R. Haines Fullerton, Pa. I M ..Y, Lee A. Hulett Zane G. Nichols Katonah, N. Y. Williamsport, Pa. 1 1 S. Richard Snyder Arno S. Spina Alden, Pa. Wyomissing, Pa. Charles E. Swisher, III Peter H. Wendell Columbia, Pa. Lake Forest, Ill. 72 R. Kenneth Sweeney Lebanon, Pa. David A. Wurth Cranford, N. J. ACCOUNTING Ronald Ansel Christopher W. Baldwin John J. Bingenheimer Pa Cleveland, Ohio Lewiston, N. Y. C. Falkener H. Michael Gallagher Charles B. Henkart N. C. Philadelphia, Pa. Port Washington, N. Y L. Hogarth George F. Jefremov King T. Knox Richard K. McAllister Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. 73 Lee H. Newton Theodore T. Ousbach Janis Plakens Hartford, Conn. Lexington, Mass. Lancaster, Pa. Denning S. Post Charles R. Rudd, Jr. Tallman, N. Y. Andover, Mass. Douglas G. Rupp Lancaster, Pa. 74 Richard E. Schermerhorn North Tarrytown, N. Y. CHEMISTRY 1. . 14. . Q.. '-- - A K. , '15 Q. '. 0 R. W. Van Horn, R. P. Cross F. H. Suydam x H. A. Heller, D. W. Beistel, C. E. Fink, A. J. Rich William P. Cracas John A, Harman Ofadell, N. J. Red Bank, N. J. Robert L. Heller Frederick M. Johnson Lancaster, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. George A. Kaysen Neal R. Langerman Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. 76 A. Lerbscher Lawrence W. Long Walter J. Nicholson Wayne, Pa. Dover, Del. eil L. Sbar Richard C. Schoening Thomas A. Ulrich Michael B. Wood Iaddon Heights, N. J. Roselle Park, N. J. Palmyra, Pa. Sharon, Pa. 77 ECONOMICS N H. M. Kaufmann - . . bf. ' ' gy - . . , - 1 i-X ..- " "mQ'- - :eg-gQ , N. W. Taylor V. G. Treml, W. Lyons 78 C. Agle F. Jere Bates Ronald J. Bell Reading, Pa. Fairiield, Conn. L. Beyers David W. Binkley Dean S. Clark Texas Lemoyne, Pa. New York, N. Y. D. Coleman Henry W. Erisman Thomas L. Gipson William M. Haines Conn. Lancaster, Pa. Monticello, N. Y. Barnegat, N. J. 79 J. Stephen Harper John A. Imbriaeo R. Duggan Kinne David H. Kloiber Lancaster, Pa. Hillside, N. J. Kent, Conn. New Britain, Conn. Donald S. Mackie Robert C. Rose Jay S. Salkin Houston, Texas Bayonne, N. J. Haddon Heights, N. J. Wayne K. Van Dyke Jeffrey A. Williams V. Paul Znaniecki Westport, Conn. North Plainfield, N. J. Nanticoke, Pa. ENGLISH R. B. Rollin E. S. Brubaker, I. Grushow, G. E. Enscoe, S. J. P. Germain 81 Ronald M. Blagg Takoma Park, Md. J. V. Card, A. J. Leet Lawrence E. Bowman 7 f Huntington, N. Y. :Y 5 J ar. 3 34 . I g . ., . .,.. Y ,V 1 nf a ' ,f H. C. Evans, K. D. Longsdorf Bruce A. Brinser Lancaster, Pa. 82 James W. Bunting Montclair, N. J. James W. Dopp Caswell A. Evans, Jr. Rochester, Mich. New York, N. Y. Barry E. Fast Harold R. Fosnot, Jr. Port Chester, N. Y. Greenwich, Conn. 83 Louis A. Butcher Lancaster, Pa. 5. Richard T. Evans George School P.O., Pa Kenneth R. Galner Waban, Mass. James A. Garretson George A. Gilmour Lawrence T. Graham Hiflgham, M21SS- Philadelphia, Pa. Valley Stream, N. Y. Clark Groome H. Nicoll Hoppner Geoffrey B. Howard Philadelphia, Pa. Loudonville, N. Y. Lancaster, Pa. l Paul P. Martin, II Douglas L. Paul Lancaster, Pa. New York, N. Y. 84 N. Pedrick II Reginald F. Seidel, J r. Haven, Pa. Englewood, N. J. L. Shaw E. Karl-Eric Strandberg Stephen P. Waring Hartford, Conn. Glenside, Pa. Cambridge, Mass. P Welpton Samuel C. Welsh David W. Williams Conn. Margate City, N. J. Glen Rock, N. J. 85 F Fl E N C H C. J. G. Mayaud, H. L. Butler Robert C. Finch Short Beach, Conn. Donald B. Krummrich Massapequa, N. Y. R. A. Mazzara, A. Jeannet, D. E. Jeannet Robert G. Sinclair Wallingford, Conn. J. Freedman, S. A. Morse GEOLOGY I. H. Moss 1 D. U. Wise, D. F. Ritter, M. E. Kaufman Harold H. Banks, J r. Harvey E. Belkin Thomas C. Gilliard Danbury, Conn. Rockville, Md. Yonkers, N. Y. Richard C. Haefner Roger H. Hanscom Lancaster, Pa. Merrick, N. Y. Walter W. Herbst Robert G. Hirnisey Pelham, N. Y. Columbia, Pa. 88 Richard B. Johnson Levittown, Pa. Robert S. Kier William J. Minnick David W. Sipperly Glenshaw, Pa. Cheltenham, Pa. Tallman, N. Y. John H. Way, Jr. Yeadon, Pa. 89 GOVERNMENT S. Wise, R. F. Schier 90 . 1 u K -.- 1,1 I. lar? if in Ronald G. Brey Samuel J. Brown, Jr. Kenoza Lake, N. Y. Allentown, Pa. Ka..- S. Buchan Robert G. Croyle, Jr. Jan S. Dorman Kenneth M. Duberstein Haven, Conn. Houston, Texas Beechhurst, N. Y. Brooklyn, N. Y. uncombe Paul D. Eisenberg David S. Fishman Chester A. Frederick Harrisburg, Pa. Jamaica, N. Y. Scotch Plains, N. J. 91 .."'.'- H .J ' "5 7- V , 11 J-- William R. Friedlaender Michael J. Garofalo John C. F. Geib, III Steven D. Greiner Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. Ridgefield, N. J. Orange, Conn. Bethesda, Md. S, Meyer S. Grinberg George J. Harad David L. Harrison Pittsburgh, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Wilkes-Barre, Pa. l Peter G. I-Iartjens William H. Jahn, III George W. R. Kalule Washington, D. C. Bowie, Md- Mukonfb Uganda 92 J. Lamont W. Roehrer Montclair, N. J. S. Sirulnik Meadow, Mass. John A. McAdams Alan D. Plotts Cheltenham, Pa. Wallingford, Pa. Jay R. Rose Gerard T. Sciorilli James S. Sheaifer Hawley, Pa. Upper Darby, Pa. Carlisle, Pa. Lee M. Smith Hugo C. A. Weber, Jr. Michael E. Yaggy Summit, N. J. Fleetwood, Pa. Chapel Hill, N. C. 93 HISTORY 1-". S. Klein T. E. Philoon, L. L. Athey I ,,wr- V- ml" " ,. .1 ' - 'L . .' b l l' , .V V MII 1 VL K , up ' X l G. E. Miller I. B. Joseph, W. F. Steirer, S. E. Allen 94 ll W. Hardt N. J. Calvin H. Baker Brooklyn, N. Y. Gary M. Hull Southampton, N. Y. Lawrence H. Bank George W. Brandt, Jr Brooklyn, N. Y. New York, N- Y- Warren P. Humphreys Calvin B. Kurimai Frank J. Loos Middleboro, Mass. Norwalk, Conn. Richland, Pa. 95 J 061 H- Mustin Thomas W. Parker CYIIWYC1, Pa- North Reading, Mass. Alfred H. Sandt John A. Scaiidi Easton, Pa. Elkins Park, Pa. John H. Snyder Gerald R. Spall Michael O. Stick Frenchtown, N, J, Absecon, N. J. York, Pa. 96 MATHEMATICS D. W. Western w 1 1 R- A- HOW121I1d, W- F- Tyndall, C- A- Hayflie V. H. Haag, P. E. Bedient, J. R. Holzinger I 97 LGOH W- BOHIICI, JT- Allen R. Breithaupt Waldo P. Caponecchi NOFIUHL Alabama Upper Montclair, N. J. Coraopolis, Pa. Joseph S. Doherty John P. Durbin Latrobe, Pa. Winnetka, Ill. ., - X I . l' Y ' - 1 ' V ' i . X - , ."' v ' ' V. . i 1-1" ' . ' ll -r' , p l - .a 'l l is Stephen T. Forbes Gary M. Franklin George B. Gordon Frank A. Higgins Cleveland, Ohio Baltimore, Md. West Grove, Pa. Flourtown, Pa. 98 S. King N. Y. D. Mumma M. Stern, III N. Y. Winston G. Lawrence Lawrence A. Mond Chestertown, Md. Danbury, Conn. James S. Park Howard E. Rockette, Jr New Hope, Pa. Baltimore, Md. if 1 Richard S. Tosh Robert D. Wilkinson LaVale, Md. Wernersville, Pa. 99 L. J. Binkley E. E. Lewis, R. J. Hall PHILOSOPHY Joseph A. Haverstick O. Dale Schnetzer M. Jenab J. Tutunji Glen E. Yocurn Lancaster, Pa. Livingston, N. J. Amman, Jordan Hershey, Pa. 100 f R. F. Hood, F. D. Enck C. A. Bruns, L. V. Cherry R, L Weller 101 PHYSICS P. H. Sutter Jan P. Rapalski Warren W. Schadt Conrad L. Wright Arlington, Va. Allentown, Pa. Camp Hill, Pa. 102 C. N. Stewart, E. R. Wist PSYCHOLOGY K. H. Brookshire I. B. Guller, P. L. Whitely 103 Howard C. Berthold, Jr. Cheverly, Md. George C. Fago Warren, Pa. Sanford P. Hyson Hellam, Pa. 104 Peter D. Crown Langhorne, Pa. Y Joseph R. Faranda Lancaster, Pa. Alan I. Leshner David B. Liberman Haddonfield, N. J . Brooklyn, N. Y. E. Ruof Bruce E. Sandler Yorktown Heights, N. Y. Eric J. Summons West Reading, Pa. Richard L. Ontell Thomas C. Rieser North Arlington, N. J. North Kingston, R. I. Alan H. Smith Donald E. Steinbrenner Bardonia, N. Y. Elmont, N. Y. Ronald E. Zieler Huntington Station, N. Y. 105 RELIGION .u , , . A "F 1 V . ' 11 zz' n .V . W .. , ' W, . ' ,X B. R. Dewey, T. J. Hopkins R. G. Mickey Kenneth P. Bieber Harry F. Mansell Kutztown, Pa. South Orange, N. J 106 I. P. Seadle, P. S. Seadle K. M. Kally, P. P. Martin RUSSIAN AN D GERMAN W. Von Wernsdorff L I, l 1 Lawrence R. Raithaus Allentown, Pa. J. W. Frey Michael H. Ries Syosset, N. Y. SOCIOLOGY AN D ANTHROPOLOGY R. F. Eshleman C. Lamberg-Karlovsky, C. H. Holzinger, M. Cutsumbis Henry Eagle, III David L. Featherman Stephen J. Hall Aylett, Va. Reading, Pa. Basking Ridge, N. J. 108 Antony L. Mahn Larry G. Mertikas Cambridge, Mass. Ocean Grove, N. J. A., fx w I , Vance P. Packard Russell G. Rice, Jr. Edgartown, Mass. Hackensack, N. J. Ronald H. Shaljian Raymond C. Shivelhood C. Christian Stockel Hasbrouck Heights, N. J. Wayne, Pa. Woodbridge, N. J. 109 ! SPANISH A. H. Pianca, G. H. Engeman, S. J. Muirden A. Jon Frere Roger C. Lark Francis B. Mutti Summit, N. J. Sunbury, Pa. Melrose, Mass. 110 CLASSICS R. I. Barnett, T. V. Sullivan I. J. Farber Robert A. Rea Bruce C. Rooney Belleville, Ill. Bloomfield, N. J. 111 AFROTC ,. V, W. Yanchek, P. A. Weaver, G. E. Cranford 55 'fhaE.lEihS 11 J ' S! if H. G. Varcoe, C. M. Tankersley, F. Ford. 112 ART CHAPLAIN J. M. Cavanaugh v ,,.,.....-gg FX!- R. N. Taylor 113 COLLEGE H EALTH SE RVICES SEATED: J. Z. Appel, D. W. LeFevre, R. Krissinger. STANDING: L. C. Grove, R. N. Taylor, F. Holt, I. B. Guller. EDUCATION HUMANITIES D. W. LeFevre 114 M. K. Miller FACKENTHAL LIBRARY S. Shilling, H. B. Anstaett. A. Guiler, M. Fox, H. Bush, E. Lyons, D. Graves, M. Hoover. L. Sayles, D. Neprash, B. Maurer, P. Rittenhouse, C. Ebersole, J. Phillips, H. Wiggins. I. Rice, F. Mello 115 MUSEUM J. W. Price PHYSCAL EDUCAWON MUSE H. A. Gault G. H. Storck, R. M. Getchell, S. W. Sponaugle, C. W. Taylor, W. R. Phillips 116 PHYSICAL EDUCATION G. C. Winsor, W. J. Iarmicelli, G. G. McGinniss. M. A. Lewis. Round 1 z au IA IA U an ll ll ll vz ,N zu IA 13,1 ,, , I ur J. A. Campbell SPEECH G. R. Brittingham BLACK PYRAMID SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY ROW ONE: G. Sciorilli, C. Baldwin, secretaryg J. Plakens, Breithaupt, R. Zieler, W. Smulyan, G. Harald, A. Frere, J presidentg W. Cracas, vice-presidentg R. Aber. ROW TWO: L. Shilling. Raithaus, J. Penta, D. Featherman, K. Galner, A. Kneedler, A. 118 A Through the years, the guiding credo of the Black Pyramid Senior Honor Society has been to promote the best interests of Franklin and Marshall through service to the college. The Society achieves its aims by awarding annual scholarships to several seniors from a fund established by it, and replenished by profits from used-book sales and concession stands. Membership in the Society is limited to eighteen seniors, selected each spring from the junior class on the basis of academic excellence and extra- curricular participation. Election to Black Pyramid affords its members a unique opportunity to enrich their own lives while giving benefit to other students and to the College. PHI BETA KAPPA FACULTY M EM BERS Active Anstaett, H. B. Binkley, L. J. Bruns, C. A. Enscoe, G. E. Feit, I. N. Frey, J. W. Germain, S. J. P. Grushow, I. Hall, R. J. Heller, H. A. Hopkins, T. J. Jaenicke, H. R. John, K. R. Joseph, J. J. Longsdorf, K. D. Philoon, T. E. Pianca, A. H. Rollin, R. B. Seadle, I. P. Snavely, F. A. Spalding, K. Suydam, F. H. Taylor, R. N. Treml, V. G. Tyndall, W. F. Vanderzell, J. H. Western, D. W. Wise, D. U. STUDENT MEMBERS Class of 1965 Brody, T. B. Ewing, L. E. Featherman, D. L Celected 19643 Galner, K. R. I-Iarad, G. J. Celected 19643 Kaysen, G. A. Kneedler, A. R. felected 19641 Levitin, P. M. Plakans, J. Sbar, N. L. Schnetzer, O. D. Shilling, J. W. Waring, S. P. Yocum, G. E. Class of 1966 Lippe, W. R. Puerling, B. W. Roginski, E. M. Sweigert, A. V. TI-IE SENIOR, DIRECTORY ABER, ROBERT C.-Easton, Pa., A.B. Biology, Phi Kappa Psi, Dormitory Counselor, Deanis List, Soccer, Lacrosse, co-captain, Black Pyramid. ADOGLI, PAUL KOSHIE-Kano, N. Nigeria, A.B. Biology, Soc- cer, co-captain, Track, Lambda Chi Alpha. AGLE, KENNETH CASSARD-Princeton, New Jersey, A.B. Eco- nomics, Student Judiciary Board, College Committee on Student Conduct. ANSEL, STUART RONALD-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Accounting, Math Club, Dean's List, Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment, Accounting and Finance Club. BAKER, CALVIN HENRY-Brooklyn, New York, A.B. History, Freshman Track, Committee for Social Action, College Reporter. BALDWIN, CHRISTOPHER W.-Cleveland Heights, Ohio, A.B. Accounting, Chi Phi, ORIFLAMME, Sports editor, Black Pyramid Society, secretary, Student Council, Student Union Board, Dorm Counselor, Accounting and Finance Club, Society for the Ad- vancement of Management, Soccer, Dean's List. BANK, LAWRENCE HENRY-Brooklyn, New York, A.B. History, WWFM, Porter Scientific Society, American Institute of Physics, Philosophy Club, College Reporter, History Club. BANKS, HAROLD HOYT, JR.-Danbury, Conn., A.B. Geology, Geological Society, president, secretary-treasurer. BATEMAN, J. KEITH-Ronks, Pa., A.B. Biology, Marching Band, Concert Band, Mu Upsilon Sigma, president, secretary, Campus Christian Fellowship, secretary, vice-president, Track, Young Re- publicans Club, Porter Scientihc Society. BATES, F. JERE-Reading, Pa., A.B. Economics, Phi Kappa Tau, house manager, social chairman, secretary, Economics Club, His- tory Club, International Relations Club, Sigma Alpha Mu. BEAN, ROBERT I., JR.-Embreeville, Pa., A.B. Biology, Porter Scientific Society, Chi Phi, steward, Baseball. BELL, RONALD J.-Fairfield, Conn., A.B. Economics, Freshman Basketball, Sigma Pi. BELKIN, HARVEY E.-Rockville, Md., A.B. Geology? Geological Society, vice-president, Outing Club. BELZER, WILLIAM J.-Philadelphia, Pa., A.B. Biology, Freshman Track, Cross Country. BERTHOLD, HOWARD C., JR.-Cheverly, Md., A.B. Psychology, Psychology Club, president, Campus Christian Fellowship, secre- tary-treasurer, vice-president, president, WWFM, Dorm Counselor. BEYERS, ARTHUR L.-Dallas, Texas, A.B. Economics, Economics Club, treasurer, Dean's List, Sigma Alpha Mu. BIEBER, KENNETH P.-Kutztown, Pa., A.B. Religion, Concert Band, Phi Upsilon Kappa, Edward Hand Tutorial, Dorm Counse- lor, Chapel Choir. BINGENHEIMER, JOHN J.-Lewiston, New York, A.B. Account- ing, Accounting and Finance Club, president. BINKLEY, DAVID W.-Lemoyne, Pa., A.B. Economics, Econom- ics Club, Spanish Club, Dean's List. BLAGG, RONALD M.-Takoma Park, Md., A.B. Mathematics, Chess Club, Math Club. BOUCHER, DAVID GILLEN-Poughkeepsie, New York, A.B. Spanish, Varsity Baseball, ORIFLAMME, senior editor, Freshman Basketball, Lambda Chi Alpha, treasurer, Spanish Club, Carol Club, Planned Parenthood, president. BOWMAN, LAWRENCE E.-Huntington, New York, A.B. English, College Reporter, English Club, Society for the Advancement of Management. BRANDT, GEORGE W., JR.-New York, New York, A.B. History, Residence Hall Council, WWFM, Debate Society, Green Room Club, Soccer, manager. . A 1 .XA BREITHAUPT, ALLAN R.-Upper Montclair, New Jersey, A.B. Mathematics, Black Pyramid Society, 1-F Council, treasurer, Dorm Counselor, Student Judiciary Board, Committee on Student Conduct, Delta Sigma Phi, secretary, rush chairman, Pi Mu Epsi- lon, Math Club, Dean's List, Mathematics Honors. BREY, RONALD G.-Kenoza Lake, New York, A.B. Government, Debate Society, president, International Relations Club, Young Democrats, Government Club. BRINSER, BRUCE ALLAN-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. English, English Club. BRODY, THOMAS B.-Harrisburg, Pa., A.B. Biology, Honors, .Dean's List, Porter Scientific Society. BROOKMAN, RICHARD R.-Westheld, New Jersey, A.B. Biology, Glee Club, accompanist, Chapel Choir, Porter Scientific Society. BROWN, J. SAMUEL, JR.-Allentown, Pa., A.B. Government, Kappa Sigma, president, Government Club, Band, Mu Upsilon Sigma, vice-president, Interfraternity Council. BUCHAN, DENNIS S.-North Haven, Conn., A.B. Government, Chi Phi, president, secretary of the Junior Class, Student Council, Orientation Counselor. BUCHBINDER, MITCHELL IVAN-New York, New York, A.B. Biology, Zeta Beta Tau, Porter Scientific Society, vice-president, College Reporter, WWFM. BUNTING, JAMES W.-Montclair, New Jersey, A.B. English, Soc- cer, co-captain, Basketball, Golf, Chi Phi, rush chairman, presi- dent. BUTCHER, LOUIS A., JR.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. English, Football, Band, Freshman Basketball, Freshman Track. CAPONECCHI, WALDO P.,-Coraopolis, Pa., A.B. Mathematics, Mathematics Club, president, vice-president, Pi Mu Epsilon, Col- lege Marching Band, Dean's List. CHARLES, JACOB E.-York, Pa., A.B. General Business, Basket- ball, S.A.M., Chi Phi. CHERRILL, DAVID ALLAN-Forest Hills, N. Y., A.B. Biology, WWFM, Zeta Beta Tau, Pi Gamma Mu, vice-president, Dean's List, Honors. COLEMAN, WILLIAM D.-Ridgefield, Conn., A.B. Economics, Economics Club, Lambda Chi Alpha. COOPER, JOHN HENRY-Lansford, Pa., A.B. Chemistry. COUCH, TERRY LEE-Middletown, Pa., A.B. Biology, Phi Kappa Psi CRACAS, WILLIAM P.-Oradell, N. J., A.B. Chemistry, Sigma Pi, rush chairman, president, I.F.J.B., Green Room, Orientation Counselor, Black Pyramid, vice-president. CRANE, CLINTON E.-Cranford, N. J., A.B. General Business, Chi Phi, S.A.M., Ice Hockey Club, Lacrosse. CROWN, PETER DAVID-Langhorne, Pa., A.B. Psychology, Col- lege Reporter, Ad Hoc Committee on Social Regulations, Dorm Counselor, Psychology Club, English Club, Porter Scientific Soci- ety. CROYLE, ROBERT G., JR.-Houston, Texas, A.B. Govemment, Government Club, Kappa Sigma, Dorm Counselor. DAVIDSON, MICHAEL-Meadville, Pa., A.B. Biology: College Reporter, Student Union Board, Porter Scientific Society. DOHERTY, JOSEPH STEELE-Latrobe, Pa., A.B. Mathematics, Kappa Sigma, treasurer, Golf, Dorm Counselor, Pi Gamma Mu, Mathematics Club. DOPP, JAMES-Rochester, Michigan, A.B. English, WWFM, Eng- lish Club. DORMAN, JAN STEPHEN-Beechhurst, N. Y., A.B. Government, Student Weekly, Residence Halls Council, Government Club, Pro- log, Young Democrats, College Tutor Program. DUBERSTEIN, KENNETH MARC-Brooklyn, N. Y., A.B. Gov- ernment, Porter Scientific Society, Government Club, president, Young Democrats, president, secretary, Senior Class, Zeta Beta Tau, historian. DUDRICK, JOHN D.-Nanticoke, Pa., A.B. General Business, Chi Phi, secretary, S.A.M. DUNCOMBE, RAYNOR B.-Washington, D. C., A.B. Government, WWFM, R.O.T.C., Government Club, Phi Kappa Tau, Dean's List. DURBIN, JOHN P.-Winnetka, Ill., A.B. Mathematics, Mathemat- ics Club, 1965 ORIFLAMME, photography editor, Barbara Club, president. DURNA, ROBERT HENRY-Sea Girt, N. J., A.B. General Busi- ness, Phi Kappa Psi, treasurer, historian, Alpha Delta Sigma, Sigma Alpha Mu, Accounting and Finance Club, WWFM, Eco- nomics Club, Spanish Club. EAGLE, HENRY, III-Aylett, Virginia, A.B. Sociology! Phi Sigma Kappa, inductor, Basketball, Football, Baseball, R,O.T.C. EISENBERG, PAUL DAVID-Harrisburg, Pa., A.B. Government, Student Weekly, WWFM, Student Council, Dorm Counselor, Government Club, A.I.P. ERISMAN, HENRY W.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Economics, Track, Economics Club. ESHLEMAN, ENOS GRANT, JR.-Buffalo, N. Y., A.B. Biology, WWFM, Porter Scientific Society, Swimming, College Reporter, International Relations Club. EVANS, CASWELL A., JR.-New York, N. Y., A.B. English, Pi Lambda Phi, Committee for Social Action. EVANS, RICHARD TURNER-George School P.O., Pa., A.B. English, English Club. EWING, LARRY EUGENE-McClure, Pa., A.B. Mathematics, Dean's List, Honors, Baseball. manager, Pi Mu Epsilon, Mathe- matics Club, Student Education Association. FAGO, GEORGE C.-Warren, Pa., A.B. Psychology, Dean's List, Psychology Club, vice-president. FALKENER. WALDO C. JR.-Greensboro, N. C., A.B. Account- ing, Pi Lambda Phi, treasurer, Dean's List, Accounting and Fi- nance Club. FARANDA, JOSEPH R.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Psychology, Psy- chology Club. FAST. BARRY E.-Port Chester, N. Y., A.B. English, English Club, Lacrosse, Lambda Chi Alpha, 1965 ORIFLAMME, copy editor, Planned Parenthood, secretary-treasurer, Carol Club. FEATHERMAN, DAVID L.-Reading, Pa., A.B. Sociologyl Dorm Counselor, Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Upsilon Kappa, president, Glee Club, Chapel Choir, Presidenfs Committee on Student Life. FINCH, ROBERT C.-Short Beach. Conn., A.B. French, Marching Band, Concert Band, Mu Upsilon Sigma, French Club, vice-presi- dent. FISCHER, EDWARD E.-Sherborn, Mass., A.B. General Business, WWFM, station manager, Alpha Delta Sigma, Sigma Alpha Mu, Dean's List. FISHMAN, DAVID S.-Jamaica, New York, A.B. Government, Government Club, Phyllis Club, Planned Parenthood, sergeant-at- arms. FORBES, STEPHEN T.-Cleveland, Ohio, A.B. Mathematics, R.O.T.C., Mathematics Club, Freshman Lacrosse. FOSNOT, HAROLD R., JR.-Greenwich, Conn., A.B. English, Col- lege Reporter, Prolog, English Club, Humor Magazine, editor. FRANKLIN, GARY M.-Baltimore, Md., A.B. Mathematics, Freshman Lacrosse, Lacrosse, Student Union Board. FREDERICK, CHESTER ALAN-Scotch Plains, New Jersey, A.B. Government, Marching Band, Concert Band, Kappa Sigma, Gov- ernment Club. FRERE, A. JON-Summit, New Jersey, A.B. Spanish, Chi Phi. vice- president, Black Pyramid Society, Football, Lacrosse, captain, Dean's List, Certificado de Merito en Espanol, 1965 ORI- FLAMME. fraternity editor. FRIEDLAENDER, WILLIAM R.-Dobbs Ferry, New York, A.B. Government, Phi Kappa Sigma, Glee'Club. GALLAGHER, H. MICHAEL-Philadelphia. Pa., A.B. Accounting, Accounting and Finance Club, WWFM, business manager, Dean's List. GALNER, KENNETH RALPH-Waban, Mass., A.B. English, Freshman Basketball, Freshman Tennis, Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Alpha Theta, English Club, Dean's List, Honors, Meyers Scholar- ship, Black Pyramid. GAROFALO, MICHAEL J.-Ridgefield, New Jersey, A.B. Govern- ment, Phi Sigma Kappa, Government Club, Sociology Club. GARRETSON, JAMES A.-Hingham, Mass., A.B. English, English Club, Phi Kappa Sigma, scholastic chairman, vice-president, presi- dent. GEIB, JOHN CHARLES FREMONT, III-Orange, Conn., A.B. Government, Residence Halls Council, Inter-Fraternity Council, Government Club, Young Republicans Club, Delta Sigma Phi, secretary, vice-president. GEIB, RANDALL RYAN-Manheim, Pa., A.B. Physics. GILLIARD, THOMAS CHAPMAN-Yonkers, New York, A.B. Geology. L v . . GILMOUR, GEORGE A.-Philadelphia, Pa.: A.B. English: English Club: Lacrosse: Phi Kappa Psi. GIPSON, THOMAS L.-Monticello, New York: A.B. Economics: Marching Band: Concert Band: Interfraternity Council: Interfra- ternity Judiciary Board, secretary: Economics Club, vice-president: Phi Kappa Sigma: Alpha Delta Sigma: College Reporter. GLASSMAN, HARRY ALAN-Havertown, Pa.: A.B. Biology. GOLDBERG, SAMUEL D.-Baltimore, Md.: A.B. Biology: Zeta Beta Tau: Porter Scientific Society. GOLDSTEIN, RICHARD NEAL-Philadelphia. Pa.: A.B. Biology: Zeta Beta Tau: Student Union Board: WWFM: Soccer: Porter Scientihc Society: Government Club: College Reporter: Interna- tional Relations Club. GOOD, DANIEL CHARLES-Willow Street, Pa.: A.B. Biology: Lambda Chi Alpha. pledge trainer: Interfraternity Council: Dean's List. GORDON, GEORGE B.-West Grove. Pa.: A.B. Mathematics: Math Club. GORDON, MICHAEL E.-Mt. Vernon, New York: A.B. Physics: Physics Club: Sigma Pi Sigma: Math Club: Pi Mu Epsilon. GRABAREK. RICHARD D.-Pottsville, Pa.: A.B. Biology. GRAHAM. LAWRENCE T.-Valley Stream. New York: A.B. Enfz- lish: Football: Baseball: Freshman Track: College Reporter: Eng- lish Club: Phi Sigma Kappa. GREINER, STEPHEN D.-Bethesda. Md.: A.B. Government: Delta Sigma Phi. rush chairman: Freshman Football: Track: Govern- ment Club, treasurer. GRINBERG. MEYER STEWART-Pittsburgh, Pa.: A.B. Govern- ment: Pi Lambda Phi. president, treasurer: Government Club: Economics Club: Dean's List: Humor Magazine: Young Demo- crats. GROOME, CLARK-Philadelphia, Pa.: A.B. English: Glee Club: WWFM: Young Republicans Club. secretary: Government Club: English Club: Geology Society. HAEFNER, RICHARD CHARLES-Lancaster, Pa.: A.B. Geology: Geology Society: North Museum Staff. HAINES, GARY ROYCE-Fullerton. Pa.: A.B. General Business. HAINES. WILLIAM MYERS-Barnegat, N. J.: A.B. Economics Student Weekly. circulation editor: Economics Club, president treasurer: Alpha Delta Sigma, treasurer. HAKE. DONALD LEE-York. Pa.: A.B. General Business. HALL, STEPHEN JEREMY-Basking Ridge. N. J.: A.B. Sociology Phi Kappa Sigma: Sociology Club: Track: Soccer: Football. HANSCOM, ROGER HERBERT-Merrick. N. Y.: A.B. Geology. HARAD, GEORGE J.-Philadelphia, Pa.: A.B. Government: Fresh- man Basketball: Baseball: Pi Gamma Mu: Dean's List: Phi Beta Kappa: Government Club: Bowling Club: Zeta Beta Tau. HARDT. FREDERICK W.-Beverly. N. J.: A.B. History: Football: History Club: Young Democrats. HARMAN, JOHN ARTHUR-Red Bank, N. J.: A.B. Chemistry: Phi Kappa Tau. president, rush-chairman. social chairman: Green Room. HARPER, JOSEPH STEPHEN-Lancaster, Pa.: A.B. Economics: WWFM: Glee Club: Chapel Choir: Economics Club: S.A.M.: Dean's List: Phi Kappa Tau. alumni secretary. HARRISON, DAVID L.-Wilkes-Barre. Pa.: A.B. Government: Stu- dent Weekly, co-editor: Government Club: Phi Kappa Sigma. HARTJENS, PETER GARRETT-Washington, D. C.: A.B. Gov- ernment: Dorm Counselor: Government Club: Young Democrats: Committee for Social Action: Ski Club: Debate Society. HAVERSTICK, JOSEPH ANTHONY-Lancaster, Pa.: A.B. Philos- ophy: Philosophy Club: Dean's List. HELLER, ROBERT LANDIS--Lancaster, Pa.: A.B. Chemistry. HENKART. CHARLES B.-Port Washington, N. Y.: A.B. Ac- counting: Lambda Chi Alpha: Lacrosse: Accounting and Finance Club: High-Guys Club. HENSELER, ROY ALAN-North Bergen, N. J.: A.B. Biology: Freshman Basketball. HERBST, WALTER W.-Pelham, N. Y.: A.B. Geology: Track: Ge- ology Society. HIGGINS, FRANK A.-Flourtown, Pa.: A.B. Mathematics: Phi Kappa Tau, pledge-master, sergeant-at-arms: Math Club: American Institute of Physics. HIRNISEY, ROBERT GENE-Columbia, Pa.: A.B. Geology. HOFFER. JAMES M.-York. Pa.: A.B. Sociology. HOGARTH, DOUGLAS LEE-Lancaster, Pa.: A.B. Accounting: Accounting and Finance Club: Baseball: Dean's List. HOPPNER, H. NICOLL-Loudonville, N. Y.: A.B. English: Swim- ming, co-captain: Student Council: S.U.B., vice-president: Green Room. HOWARD, GEOFFREY B.-Lancaster, Pa.: A.B. English: Young Democrats: English Club: Lancaster Tutorial Project. HULETT, LEE A.-Katonah, N. Y.: A.B. General Business: Sigma Pi, sergeant-at-arms: Dean's List. HULL, GARY MYRON-Southampton, N. Y.: A.B. History: Phi Kappa Psi, president: Golf: Lacrosse. HUMPHREYS, WARREN PRESCOTI'-Middleboro, Mass.: A.B. History: R.O.T.C.: Band: History Club: Government Club: Chi Phi, scholarship chairman: Pi Gamma Mu. HUNT, KENNETH I.-Norwalk, Conn.: A.B. Biology: S.U.B., sec- retary: Phi Kappa Sigma, vice-president: Dorm Counselor. HYSON, SANFORD P.-Hellam, Pa.: A.B. Psychology: Dean's List: Pi Lambda Phi, historian, rush-chairman: Young Democrats: Psy- chology Club, treasurer: Orientation Counselor. IMBRIACO, JOHN A.-Hillside, N. J.: A.B. Economics: Zeta Beta Tau: Porter Scientific Society: Young Democrats: Economics Club: Freshman Track. JAHN, WILLIAM H., III-Bowie, Md.: A.B. Government: P.S.E.A.: International Relations Club: Outing Club, president: Lacrosse: Government Club: Young Democrats: Christian Science Organiza- tion, president. JEFREMOV, GEORGE SIMON-Lancaster, Pa.: A.B. Accounting. JOHNSON, FREDERICK MICHAEL-Pittsburgh, Pa.: A.B. Chem- istry: American Chemical Society: Young Republicans: IAESTE: Porter Scientific Society. JOHNSON. RICHARD B.-Levittown. N. J.: A.B. Geology: Foot- ball: Phi Sigma Kappa. JONES. BRIAN A.-Wind Gap. Pa.: A.B. Biologyl Lambda Chi Alpha. corresponding secretary, scholarship chairman. KALULE. GEORGE WILSON ROSS-Mukono, Uganda: A.B. Government: Soccer: Government Club. KAUFMAN. FELIX L.-Baltimore, Md.: A.B. Biology: Soccer: Track: WWFM: news director, general manager: Porter Scientific Society. KAYSEN, GEORGE ALAN-Philadelphia. Pa.: A.B. Chemistry: Freshman Swimming: Pi Mu Epsilon: IAESTE: American Chem- ical Society: Porter Scientific Society. KIER, ROBERT S.-Glenshaw. Pa.: A.B. Geology: Cross Country: Phi Kappa Sigma: Geology Society. KING, HENRY STEPHEN-Flushing, N. Y.: A.B. Mathematics: Mathematics Club: Dean's List: 1964 ORIFLAMME. photography editor: Golf: 1965 ORIFLAMME, photography consultant. KINNE, R. DUGGAN-Kent. Conn.: A.B. Economics. KLINGER, ROBERT SCOTT-Mechanicsburg. Pa.: A.B. Account- ing: Football: Phi Sigma Kappa. KLOIBER, DAVID H.-New Britain, Conn.: A.B. Economics: Freshman Football: Ice Hockey Club: Kappa Sigma: Economics Club. KNEEDLER, A. RICHARD-Rutfsdale, Pa.: A.B. College Scholar: College Reporter, co-editor: Dorm Counselor: Black Pyramid: Phi Kappa Tau: Ad Hoc Committee on Extra-Curricular Life. KNOX, KING TOWNSEND-Lancaster. Pa.: A.B. Accounting: Sigma Pi: Golf, captain: Accounting and Finance Club. KREIDER. JOHN ROTE-Lancaster, Pa.: A.B. General Business. KRUMMRICH, DONALD BENNETT-Massapequa. N. Y.: A.B. French: Mathematics Club: Philosophy Club: French Club. presi- dent: Spanish Club: International Relations Club: S.E.A. KUMIN, GERALD DAVID-Shaker Heights, Ohio: A.B. Biology. KURIMAI, CALVIN BARTFAY-Norwalk, Conn.: A.B. History: Dean's List: Delta Sigma Phi, pledgemaster: History Club: Sociol- ogy Club: Young Republicans. LAMONT, JOSEPH-Yeadon. Pa.: A.B. Government: Student Weekly: Young Republicans: Young Democrats: WWFM: Sigma Pi: Government Club. LANGERMAN. NEAL RICHARD-Philadelphia. Pa.: A.B. Chem- istry: Zeta Beta Tau: Green Room: Dorm Counselor: American Chemical Society. LARK, ROGER CHARLES-Sunbury, Pa.: A.B. Spanish: WWFM1 Young Republicans: A.P. Club. LAWRENCE, DAVID CHARLES-Lancaster, Pa.: A.B. Account- ing. LAWRENCE. WINSTON G.-Lancaster, Pa.: A.B. Mathematics: Lambda chi Alpha. LEIBOWITZ, EDWARD RAYMOND-Lebanon, Pa.: A.B. Biology: Green Room: WWFM, sports director: Porter Scientific Society: Student Union Board, treasurer: Dormitory Counselor. LERBSCHER, JOHN AUGUST-Lancaster, Pa.: A.B. Chemistry: Freshman Football: American Chemical Society. LESHNER, ALAN IRVIN-Haddonfield, N. J., A.B. Psychology, Band, Zeta Beta Tau, rush chairman, Porter Scientific Society. Psychology Club, Dean's List, Psychology Honors, IAESTE ex- change trainee. LEVITIN, PETER MARK-New Haven. Conn., A.B. Biology. LIEBERMAN, DAVID BRUCE-Brooklyn, N. Y., A.B. Psychol- ogy, Committee for Social Action, Psychology Club, secretary. LONG, LAWRENCE WILLIAM-Wayne, Pa., A.B. Chemistry. LOOS, FRANK JOSEPH-Richland, Pa., A.B. History, Delta Sigma Phi, History Club. LYONS, KARL JAY-Cressona, Pa., A.B. Economics, WWFM, Delta Sigma Phi, Government Club, Young Republicans Club, treasurer, Economics Club, Ski Club. MAHN, ANTONY LEROY-Cambridge, Mass., A.B. Sociology, Sociology Club, Pi Lambda Phi, steward. social chairman, pledge- master, Committee for Social Action. MANSELL, HARRY FRANK-South Orange, N. J., A.B. Religion, Phi Upsilon Kappa, secretary, Dorm Counselor, Glee Club, Chapel Choir. MANUEL, JEFFREY PAUL-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Sociology, Delta Sigma Phi. MARTIN, PAUL PLETCHER, II-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. English, Freshman Football, Soccer, Wrestling, Planned Parenthood, social chairman, Lambda Chi Alpha. MASCARO, JOEL PETER-Drexel Hill, Pa., A.B. Biology. MASSENGALE, ALEXANDER TAYLOR-Brooklawn, N. J., A.B. Biology, WWFM, Student Weekly. MASTROIANNI, FRANK MICHAEL-Hillside, N. J., A.B. Bi- ology, Dean's List, Zeta Beta Tau, historian, Porter Scientific Soci- ety. MCADAMS, JOHN ALBERT-Cheltenham. Pa., A.B. Government. MCALLISTER, RICHARD KENNETH-Pittsburgh, Pa., A.B. Ac- counting, Accounting and Finance Club. vice-president, Dean's List, Honors. McCORMICK, JOHN RICHARDS-Westminster, Md., A.B. Bi- ology, Student Weekly, WWFM, H.W. Prentis Prize, Porter Sci- entific Society. McEWAN, RICHARD LAUDER-Slingerlands, N. Y., A.B. Gen- eral Business. MEESE, CARL ALAN-Suffern, N. Y., A.B. Biology. MERTIKAS. ELEUTHERIOS CONSTANTINE-Ocean Grove, N. J., A.B. Sociology, Sociology Club, Bowling Club. MILLER, RICHARD LAWRENCE-Patchogue, N. J., A.B. Biology. ogy. MINNICK, WILLIAM JOHN-Cheltenham, Pa.-A.B. Geology, Dean's List, Math Club, Gov't. Club. MITCHELL, ALEXANDER GEORGE-Columbia, Pa., A.B. Math- ematics. MOND, LAWRENCE ANTHONY-Danbury, Conn., A.B. Mather matics, Math Club, Pi Mu Epsilon. MUMMA, JACQUES DUANE-Lancaster. Pa., A.B. Mathematics, Math Club. MUSTIN, JOEL HARRIS-Cynwyd, Pa., A.B. History, Pi Lambda Phi, Lacrosse, Freshman Soccer. MUTTI, FRANCIS BERNARDINO-Melrose, Mass., A.B. Spanish, Ice Hockey Club, Lambda Chi Alpha. NEWTON, LEE HEISE-Hartford, Conn., A.B. Accounting, Col- lege Reporter, Accounting and Finance Club, Swimming Team, manager, Dean's List. NICHOLS, ZANE GRAY-Williamsport, Pa., A.B. General Busi- ness, Phi Kappa Psi, secretary, Student Union Board, secretary, Alpha Delta Sigma, chaplain, Society for Advancement of Man- agement, Young Republicans Club, Accounting and Finance Club. NICHOLSON, WALTER JOSEPH, JR.-Dover, Del., A.B. Chemis- try, American Chemical Society. ONTELL, RICHARD LEE-North Arlington, N, J., A.B. Psychol- ogy, Psychology Club, Phi Kappa Psi, Lacrosse, International Re- lations Club. ORLEANS, RONALD JULIAN-Silver Spring, Md., A.B. Biology, Porter Scientific Society, Dormitory Counselor, Zeta Beta Tau, Lacrosse, manager, Orientation Counselor, Chess Club. OUSBACK, THERDORE DONALD-Lexington, Mass., A.B. Ac- counting, Accounting and Finance Club. PACKARD, VANCE PHILIP-Edgartown, Mass., A.B. Sociology and Anthropology, Committee for Social Action, Sociology Club, Phi Kappa Tau. PARK, JAMES SYDENHAM-New Hope, Pa., A.B. Mathematics, Black Pyramid Senior Honor Society, Chi Phi, vice-president, Ice Hockey Club, president. PARKER, THOMAS WENDELL-North Reading, Mass., A.B. His- tory, History Club, College Reporter, Young Republicans Club, Student Education Association, president, Campus Christian Fel- lowship. PATTERSON, DONALD ALLEN-York, Pa., A.B. Biology, Porter Scientific Society, Dean's List, Research Lab Asst. PAUL, DOUGLAS LITGOW-New York, N. Y., A.B. English, English Club, president, Green Room Club, president, French Club, Glee Club, Chapel Choir, Tennis, Prolog. PEDRICK. JOSEPH NELSON, II-Lock Haven, Pa., A.B. English. PENTA, JOHN MICHAEL-Reading, Pa., A.B. Biology, Sigma Pi, secretary, president, Student Council, corresponding secretary, Black Pyramid Senior Honor Society, Dean's List. PETROSKY, VICTOR ERNEST-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Physics. PLAKANS, JANIS-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Accounting, Dorm Coun- selor, Black Pyramid Senior Honor Society, president, Tennis, captain, College Committee on Student Conduct, Ad-Hoc Com- mittee on Student Life, Pi Gamma Mu, president. PLOTTS, ALAN DONALD-Wallingford, Pa., A.B. Government, Chi Phi, steward, athletic coordinator, Accounting and Finance Club, Society for Advancement of Management. POST. DENNING SPENCER-Tallman, N. Y., A.B. Accounting. RABENOLD, BRUCE DAVID-Wind Gap. Pa., A.B. History. RAITHAUS, LAWRENCE RALPH-Allentown, Pa., A.B. Russian Area. RALPH, DAVID SCOTT-York, Pa., A.B. General Business. RAPALSKI, JAN PETER-Arlington, Va., A.B. Physics, American Institute of Physics, Arnold Air Society, commander. REA, ROBERT ALLEN-Belleville, Ill., A.B. Classics, Phi Upsilon Kappa, Dean's List. RESSLER, RODNEY LAMAR-Akron, Pa., A.B. Accounting. RICE, RUSSEL GORDON, JR.-Hackensack, N. J., A.B. Sociology, Baseball, Football, Phi Sigma Kappa, Psychology Club, Sociology Club. RIES, MICHAEL HARRY-Syosset, N. Y., A.B. German, Pi Lambda Phi, vice president. RIESER, THOMAS CREASDALE-North Kingstown, R. I., A.B Psychology. ...g ,. "'7"..3i?i'.'S:?"' a1E9A-namnw'f,m,g 51 'esfi 3 , .-': 19191185 1: ppm ROCKETTE, HOWARD EARL, JR.-Baltimore, Md.g A.B. Mathe- maticsg Phi Kappa Psig Tennisg Math Clubg A.l.P.: Philosophy Club: Pi Mu Epsilong Sigma Pi Sigmag Dean's List. ROEHRER, CHRISTOPHER VOIGT-Upper Montclair, N. J.: A.B. Government. ROONEY, BRUCE CHARLES-Bloomfield, N. J.g A.B. Classics: Lacrosse. ROSE, JAY RUSSELL-Hawley, Pa.g A.B. Governmentg Phi Kappa Sigma, social chairman, vice-president, scholastic chairmang Pi Gamma Mug Deans Listg Government Clubg Young Republican Club, College Reporter. Assistant Distribution Editor. ROSE, ROBERT CHARLES-Bayonne, N. J.g A.B. Economics: Economics Clubg Bowlingg Chessg Math Clubg Zeta Beta Tau. RUDD, CHARLES ROBERT, JR.-Andover, Mass.g A.B. Account- ingg Phi Sigma Kappag Freshman Basketballg Freshman Tennisg Alpha Delta Sigma, Accounting and Finance Clubg Society for the Advancement of Management. RUOF, RUSSELL EDMUND-Lancaster, Pa.: A.B. Psychologyg Psychology Club. RUPP, DOUGLAS GORDON-Lancaster, Pa.: A.B. Accounting: Accounting and Finance Club. SALKIN, JAY S.-Haddenfield, N. J., A.B. Economics: Pi Lambda Phi, marshallg Economics Clubg Soccer, manager. SALTZMAN, JAMES SAUL--Wyncote. Pa.: A.B. Economicsg Zeta Beta Tau. president. SANDLER, BRUCE ERIC-Yorktown Heights, N. Y.g A.B. Psy- chology, Zeta Beta Tau, social chairmang Interfraternity Council, presidentg Interfraternity Council Judiciary Board, secretaryg Psy- chology Clubg Dean's List. SANDT, ALFRED HARRY-Easton, Pa.g A.B. I-listoryg Porter Sci- entific Societyg Young Republicans Club. SBAR, NEIL LEONARD-Haddon Heights, N. J., A.B. Chemistry, Concert Band, Marching Band, American Chemical Society, Pi Lambda Phi. SCAFIDI, JOHN ANDREW-Elkins Park, Pa., A.B. History. SCHADT, WARREN WILLIAMS-Allentown, Pa., A.B. Physics, American Institute of Physics, secretary, Kappa Sigma. SCHERMERHORN, RICHARD EATON-North Tarrytown, N. Y., A.B. Accounting, Accounting and Finance Club, Society for Ad- vancement of Management. SCHNETZER, OTTO DALE-Livingston, N. J., A.B. Philosophy, Phi Kappa Tau, vice-president, treasurer, Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Alpha Theta, Philosophy Club, president, History Club, WWFM. SCHOENING, RICHARD CLARK-Roselle Park, N. J., A.B. Chemistry, American Chemical Society, Chapel Committee, Stu- dent Weekly. SCIORILLI, GERARD THOMAS-Upper Darby, Pa., A.B. Gov- ernment, Freshman Basketball, Dean's List, Student Council, Gov- ernment Club, secretary, International Relations Club, Orientation Counselor, Black Pyramid Senior Honor Society, Class Treasurer, Lambda Chi Alpha, social chairman. SEARS, HAYDEN ADRIANCE, Jr.-Carthage, N. C., A.B. Gen- eral Business. SEIDEL, REGINALD FREDERICK, Jr.-Englewood, N. J., A.B. English, Green Room Club, English Club. SELTZER, JERRY ALAN-Brooklyn, N. Y., A.B. Engineering. SHALJIAN, RONALD HAIG-Hasbrouck Heights, N. J., A.B. So- ciologyg Sociology Club, Phi Sigma Kappa, president, Inter-Fra- ternity Council. SHAW, DAVID L.-West Hartford, Conn., A.B. English, English Club, Green Room Club, Prolog, editor. SHEAFFER, JAMES S.-Carlisle, Pa., A.B. Government, Govern- ment Club, Young Republicans Club, Delta Sigma Phi. SHIELDS, HENRY SEWARD-Hagerstown, Md., A.B. History. SHILLING, JACK WALTHER-New Holland, Pa., A.B. College Scholar, Student Union Board, president, Kappa Sigma. SHIVELHOOD, RAYMOND CHARLES-Wayne, Pa., A.B. Sociol- ogy! Sociology Club, president, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society, Dorm Counselor, Track, Cross Country. SHOEMAKER, WILLIAM CARY-State College, Pa., A.B. His- tory. SIGNER, RICHARD DOUGLAS-Great'Neck, N. Y., A.B. Bi- ology: College Reporter, Porter Scientific Society, WWFM, Zeta Beta Tau. SINCLAIR, ROBERT G.-Wallingford, Conn., A.B. French, WWFM, SEA, International Relations Club, Geological Society, Young Republicans Club, French Club, secretary-treasurer. SIPPERLY, DAVID WILLIAM-Tallman, N. Y., A.B. Geology, Football, Lacrosse, Lambda Chi Alpha. SIRULNIK, ERIC SCOTT-Long Meadow, Mass., A.B. Govern- ment, WWFM, Government Club, History Club. SMITH, ALAN HARRINGTON-Bardonia, N. Y., A.B. Psychol- OEYS College Reporter, Psychology Club, Phi Kappa Sigma. SMITH, LAWRENCE FREDERICK-Oreland, Pa., A.B. Biology, Green Room Club, Porter Scientihc Society, International Rela- tions Club, Dorm Counselor, Glee Club, Dean's List. SMITH, LEE MOYER-Summit, N. J., A.B. Government, Dorm Counselor, Basketball, Chi Phi. SMITH, STEPHEN CRAIG-Norwalk, Conn., A.B. Biol0gYZ Delta Sigma Phi. SMULYAN, WILLIAM I.-Baltimore, Md., A.B. Biology, Student Council, Dormitory Counselor, Black Pyramid, IAESTE, Swim- ming, Zeta Beta Tau. SNYDER, JOHN HAROLD-Frenchtown, N. J., A.B. History, WWFM, SSS Automotive, ORIFLAMME, Football, Lambda Chi Alpha, house manager. SNYDER, RICHARD-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Business Administra- tion, Glee Club. SPALL, GERALD R.-Absecon, N. J., A.B. History, Student Weekly, Edward Hand Tutorial Project, History Club, Hockey Club, Chi Phi. SPINA, ARNO S.-Reading, Pa., A.B. Business Administration, Alpha Delta Sigma, Student Union Board, ORIFLAMME, busi- ness manager, Football, Lambda Chi Alpha. STEINBRENNER, DONALD ERNEST-Elmont, N. Y., A.B. Psy- chology, Psychology Club, Sociology Club, Phi Sigma Kappa. STERN, CHARLES M., III-Albany, N. Y., A.B. Mathematics, Math Club, Young Democrats Club, secretary. STICK, MICHAEL OLIVER-York, Pa., A.B. History. STOCKEL, C. CHRISTIAN, III-Woodbridge, N. J., A.B. Sociol- ogy, Sociology Clubg ORIFLAMME, secretary, Ski Clubg Dean's Listg Planned Parenthood, vice-president, Lambda Chi Alpha, sec- retary, vice-president. STRANDBERG, E. KARL-ERIC-Glenside, Pa.: A.B. English, Dean's List, 1964 ORIFLAMME, managing editorg 1965 ORI- FLAMME, editor-in-chiefg PAT Club, Glee Clubg Planned Par- enthood, founderg Alpha Delta Sigma, English Club: Lambda Chi Alpha, president. SUMMONS, ERIC JOEL-West Reading, Pa., A.B. Psychology, ROTC, Arnold Air Society, Chess Club, Psychology Club. SWEENEY, R. KENNETH-Lebanon, Pa., A.B. General Business. SWISHER, CHARLES EDWIN-Columbia, Pa., A.B. Accountingg Accounting and Finance Club, Jacob Miller Prizeg Award of the Pa. Institute of C.P.A.'sg Pi Gamma Mug Dean's List, Honors. TAKATS, JOSEPH RICHARD, III-Kenmore, N. Y., A.B. Biology, Porter Scientific Society, Soccer, Phi Kappa Psi. TANNOR, RICHARD-Bayside, N. Y., A.B. Mathematics. TESSLER, ALAN R.-Merion Station, Pa.g A.B. Biology. TOSH, RICHARD SCOTT-LaVale, Md., A.B. Mathematics. TROBEC, TERRY NED-Lake Bluff, Ill.g A.B. Biology? Wrestlingg Phi Kappa Psi. TUTUNJI, JENAB-Amman, Jordang A.B. Philosophy, Sigma Pi Sigmag Philosophy Club, Chess Club, International Relations Club. ULRICH, THOMAS ANDREW-Palmyra, Pa., A.B. Chemistryg American Chemical Societyg Student Weekly, Trackg Cross Coun- tryg Phi Kappa Sigma. WAGNER, TIMOTHY RONALD-Camp Hill, Pa., A.B. Biology, Student Union Boardg Orientation Counselor, Track, Cross Coun- try, Phi Sigma Kappa. WARING, STEPHEN PETER-Cambridge, Mass.g A.B. Englishg Green Room, Dean's List, Honors, Meyers Scholarship Award. WEBER, HUGO CARL ARNOLD, JR.-Fleetwood, Pa., A.B. Gov- ernmentg Government Club, Young Democratsg 1963 ORI- FLAMMEg Kappa Sigma. WEISS, RICHARD MELVIN-Melrose Park, Pa.g A.B. Biology, Porter Scientific Society, Student Weekly, Zeta Beta Tau. WELPTON, STEVEN PIERCE-Stamford, Conn., A.B. English, Lambda Chi Alpha. WELSH, SAMUEL-Margate City, N. J., A.B. English. WENDELL, PETER HIGGINSON-Lake Forest, Ill., A.B. General Businessg Society for Advancement of Management, presidentg Phi Sigma Kappa. WILKINSON, ROBERT DIENER-Wernersville, Pa., A.B. Mathe- matics, Pi Mu Epsilon. WILLIAMS, DAVID WENDELL-Glen Rock, N. J., A.B. Englishg English Club, Glee Clubg Committee for Social Action. WILLIAMS, JEFFREY ARTHUR-North Plainfield, N. J.g A.B. Economicsg International Relations Clubg Economics Clubg Hon- ors, Phi Kappa Sigma. WINOGRAD, MARK-Woodbridge, N. J., A.B. Biologyg Porter Scientific Society. WOOD, MICHAEL BRUCE-Sharon, Pa.g A.B. Chemistryg Black Pyramid, treasurerg Wrestling, Phi Sigma Kappa, vice-president. WRIGHT, CONRAD LLOYD-Camp Hill, Pa., A.B. Physics, A.I.P., treasurer, Sigma Pi Sigma. WURTH, DAVID ANTON-Cranford, N. J.g A.B. General Busi- ness. YAGGY, MICHAEL ESHER-Chapel Hill, N. C., A.B. Govern- mentg Student Council, vice-president, president, Class President, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior Classes, Student Judiciary Board, College Committee on Student Conductg College Reporterg Dean's Listg Government Clubg Thomas Gilmore Apple Prize, Chi Phi, rush chairman, vice-president. YOCUM, GLENN EARL-Hershey, Pa., A.B. Philosophy, Dorm Counselorg Philosophy Club: Exchange Student, Kappa Sigma. ZELINGER, KENNETH STEVEN-Philadelphia, Pa.g A.B. Bi- ology. ZIELER, RONALD EDWARD-Huntington Station, N. Y.g A.B. Psychology, Dorm Counselor, Wrestling. ZNANIECKI, VINCENT PAUL-Nanticoke, Pa.g A.B. Economics. TI-IE EVENTS J 1 FRESHMAN ORIENTATION The Class of 1968 arrived on the F and M Campus on September 13. The Black Pyramid Honor Society acted as ushers, porters, registrars, and shepherds in their handling of over 500 bewildered Freshmen. The first day of Orientation, Sunday, was devoted to helping the newcomers settle themselves in the dorms, a luncheon with faculty and clergy, a reception later in the afternoon with President Spalding, and an evening discussion by four faculty members, entitled "College: Means or Ends". On Monday the Freshmen were introduced to the Book Shop and library, the mainstays of the academic community. Informal athletics and meetings with vari- ous student leaders kept the Class of '68 busy all day, followed in the evening by another faculty discussion centered around "Three Reactions to the American Culture". Tuesday was the final day of Orientation, and the Freshmen witnessed a lecture in the morning by Professor Binkley on the question of "Why a Liberal Education". Dean DePuy spoke to the aspiring scholars about "The Student Community" and reminded them of their obligations to the college and to themselves. The Freshman Orientation program of 1964 differed from its previous counter- parts in that it was intellectually oriented. The beautifully mild weather was more than conducive to games and other outdoor activities, but the emphasis this year was placed on preparing the new students for the responsibility and demands that would be placed upon them in the years ahead. 134 A stately academic procession opened the 178th Founder's Day Convocation on October 22, 1964, gathering in Hensel Hall to hear the address delivered by Dr. Logan Wilson. Dr. Wilson, president of the American Council of Education, spoke to the assem- bled students, faculty, and guests on three major prob- lems facing colleges today: the goals of the college student, conduct and behavior of the student, and the high rate of student attrition. Will M. Kephart, president of F :YL M's Alumni Council, presented Dr. James Z. Appel and John Meyer with Alumni Citation Awards. Dr. Appel is presently in his thirtieth year at F 84 M and a member of the Class of 1928, Mr. Meyer is a prominent banker and a member of the Class of 1897. Honorary degrees were conferred upon four out- standing men by Fredric S. Klein, Secretary of the Faculty. The Doctor of Divinity Degree was presented to John Boyer Noss, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at F gl M, Adjunct Professor of World Religions and Christianity at Lancaster Theological Seminary, Lec- turer in World Religions at Union Theological Semi- nary, and author of Men's Religions. The second degree was conferred upon Richard Daniel Altick, Professor of English at Ohio State Uni- versity. He received a Doctor of Letters degree for his scholarly attainment in the field of Literature. A distinguished scientist was honored when a Doc- tor of Science degree was presented to Thomas Durant, head of the department of Medicine at Temple University Medical Center and President of the Ameri- can College of Physicians. The iinal honorary degree was conferred on Dr. Wilson, who is the author of The Academic Man, Twentieth-Century Sociology, and C0-author of Sgcig- logical A nalysis. The Convocation of Founder's Day at Hensel Hall opened the most extensive program of Homecoming events held at Franklin and Marshall in recent years. 135 FOUNDERS DAY HOMECOMING . .0-' r 5 Tscn ig .4 13, , ,. U W .,' k"'x r 1 "QW f -sg iw-3. i A 4. .. "' Aww if V 1 -J- 4-1 'wigx '-4.,:,, Q -.I -a., i pdl. L .5 137 'Shi .X ' L Homecoming 1964 arrived on the traditionally per- fect Autumn day we have come to expect. No one was disappointed in the weather, which combined with the blazing beauty of Fall leaves to send spirits soaring. For the first time in many years we were able to cele- brate Homecoming in victory as the Big Blue handed Carnegie Tech a stunning defeat. Those crowded stands, upon which has rested so much disappointment in the past, pulsated for two and a half hours with the roar of ecstatic students and alumni. The Diplomats' football triumph sparked enthusiasm which was evi- denced in many a late afternoon "sour hour", On Saturday evening we filled Mayser Gymnasium to capacity and thrilled to the artistry of Peter, Paul, and Mary. Afterwards undergraduates and alumni joined in the various fraternity parties. Notes of wistful nostalgia were recognizable in the old grads as they struggled to return to the carefree spirit of former days. Sunday was upon us, inevitably and all too soon. The hustle and bustle of departing girl friends and pin- mates was too hectic for emotion, but the twilight of evening brought sudden longing for those who had gone. A thrilling football victory and excep- tionally mild Fall weather made Parents Day a successful event. Well over 1000 parents spent a busy and informative day with their sons. A faculty discussion concerned itself with academic life of a Freshman at F and M. Luncheon was served, while sons tried vainly to explain to their parents that "the food is never this good". In the afternoon everyone crowded into Williamson Stadium to witness the Big Blue take a cliffhanger from PMC in the last 30 seconds of play. Soccer fans re- ceived an equal amount of excitement as the F and M booters defeated Delaware as the clock ticked off the last minute. President Spalding and members of the Faculty received parents and fresh- men in Fackenthal Library. Coffee was served by faculty wives as parents learned of the demands and pressures placed upon their sons. PARENTS' DAY The F and M College Band closed Parents' Day with a fine demonstration of musicianship. It was a successful day that benefited both Parents and Students. F l 1' -, . 'fa-7-sgmr : fb - V . ,,4l+ ',',nu..YL,7-g 4, l 139 ,.L-lf' FOOTBALL 8-O-O Described as a 'sfantasyn by Coach George Storck, this year's rags to riches football team delivered an undefeated season for the second time in F and Mis history. Before capacity crowds at Williamson field, and spurred on by a zealous school spirit, the "last minute" Blue and White displayed a team devoted to perfection, fortitude, and victory. Though many factors contributed to this out- standing record, co-captains Rich Johnson and Larry Graham deserve much praise for strengthening and unifying this team under the direction of Coach Storck and his coaching staff. The football squad owed much of its success to the performances of quarterback Seiki Murono, who scored thirty-six points himself. Regarded as one of F and M's best players, completing 108 out of 180 passes for 1021 yards, Seiki has received numerous awards, including Philadelphia's Maxwell Club Citation as Player of the Week, Third Team All-Pennsylvania, and the Lancaster Alumni Award as Most Valuable Player. Noted as the league's two best pass receivers were Larry Graham with twenty-four and Rich Johnson with twenty-One, who were ranked second and fourth respec- tively in the MAC southern division. They were followed by Jerry Beaman, who ranked eighth. Dave Slipperly, described as the best blocking back in the league, as well as Jon Frere and Steve Hall, proved to be important assets to his team. This year's football team will in future years come to be regarded as a squad created through diligence and hard work, representing the true F and M spirit. 141 , - .. - III W 142 l f-R 31, . FP- Wr ii X n ff YW F and M 21 21 6 18 14 17 29 20 Johns Hopkins Swarthmore Dickinson Carnegie Tech Haverford PMC Muhlenberg Ursinus 8-0-0 Opponent 6 1 2 5 14 6 15 22 6 captaing R. Johnson, co-captaing J. Frere, J. Beaman, R. Rice ROW TWO: J. D. Smith, M. Thomas, R. Dochat, R. Collins, S, Murono, J. Santaniello, W. Tompson, W. Manson, T. Mc- Bee. ROW THREE: K. Twiford, coach, G. Storck. coachg J 144 ROW ONE: L. Butcher, S. Hall, D. Sipperly, L. Graham, co- Laird, P. Bambey, J. Smith, B. Glasser, J. Alleborn, P. Ru- bino, E. Schulman, M. Heath, R. Shea, manager. ROW FOUR: P. Johnson, T. Moore. D. Kroll, J. Ellison, H. Mathews, C. Rogers, D. Pliner, R. Deprez, W. Iannicelli, coach. STUDENT UNION BOARD 145 Z' W W 146 Nearly every Friday night, and on sev- eral big weekends during the academic year, the Student Union Board provides for our pleasure hundreds of Lancaster Lovelies, or their more intellectual coun- terparts from Hood, Goucher and Wil- son. Bands play, athletic teams compete, Wood's skinny chickens are barbecued, and women flood the campus as another SUB weekend arrives. Jack Shilling, as President of the Student Union Board, has gone farther than ever before in leading the organization to its most effective year. With the future com- pletion of the proposed Student Union hall, the SUB can expect to be an even more vital aspect of F and M student life than it now is. SOCCER The 1964 Soccer Team will be remem- bered as one of the finest ever to perform for Franklin and Marshall. Coach No- well Hoover, in his first year, produced a team that came within forty-four minutes of completing an undefeated season. The most remarkable aspect of those victories was that all but one were thrillers in which F and M defeated its opponent by a single goal. The defense was sparked by the fine play of senior co-captain Jim Bunting in the goal, and of fullback Bob Penney. The offense was held together by the brilliant playing of co-captain and MVP Paul Adogli. George Kalule and Norm Werthwein directed a finely meshed and effective halfback line. High- lights of the season occurred during F 8: M's victory at Western Maryland on a goal by Tom Kim in the last twenty sec- ondsg and during the defeat of Delaware here in the last minute on a goal by P. P. Martin. Faced with a lack of depth and a heavy schedule, Nowell Hoover and the team deserve the highest praise for an out- standing soccer season. W J 4 149 and M Opponent Muhlenberg O Western Maryland I Haverford 3 Dickinson 5 Johns Hopkins 1 Swarthmore 3 Lafayette 0 Delaware 1 Gettysburg 1 Ursinus 4 ROW ONE: R. Druker, R. Snyder. R. Penney, I. Bunting, co captaing P. Adogli, co-captaing N. Werthwein, G. Kalule, D. Bartel. ROW TWO: J. Childe, D. Hollington, T. Kim, W. Fow- lie, J. Crawford, D. Hendler. S. Curran, G. Brandt. manager. ROW THREE: C. Baldwin, N. Thompson, A. Hye, R. Gui NCAA 1- At the end of the I964 season, the F and M soccer team received a bid from the NCAA to play in its post-season tourna- ment. The invitation was accepted, and plans were confidently made to travel to St. Louis, as visions of a championship team formed among the student body. The plans and the visions were shattered, however, by an inspired East Strouds- burg team in an unfortunate defeat that was in no way an accurate reflection of the Diplomats' ability. Despite this un- happy note at the end of the season, they deserve a salute for an otherwise excel- lent record. bord, L. Creedon, A. Lucarelli, D. Stuart, V. N. Hoover, coach. ROW FOUR: D. Martindale, I. U. Meyer, W. Simons, P. Remington, J. Koehneke, R. Leulfen. NOT PICTURED: P. P. Martin, K, Duberstein, P. Gilfillen. I . . 2-- ""',-, "' F l..."'E. l CROSS COU NTRY After losing some of his finest runners in the past few years, Coach Roy Phillips is once again building a strong squad. The Cross Country team ran for an even slate in its 1964 seasong six wins and six losses. Outstanding efforts were dis- played by co-captains Dave Thome and Richard Tosh, along with the number three man on the team, John Budding- ton. Coach Phillips' hopes for the future rest with sophomore Martin Kendig, who exhibited unusual promise this year, and with the winning spirit of hardworking young runners. F and M Opponent 30 Haverford 25 32 PMC 23 26 Gettysburg 31 32 Swarthmore 26 3 1 Dickinson 24 20 Juniata 37 18 Johns Hopkins 41 1 8 Moravian 40 36 Delaware Valley 20 30 Elizabethtown 25 21 Albright 36 l 8 Muhlenberg 41 6-6-0 ROW ONE: D. Thome, co-captaing R. Tosh. co-captain. ROW FOUR: R. Phillips, coachg P. Ware D Kissinger W Heint TWO: J. Parsons, J. Buddington, W. Waller, W, Belzer. ROW zelman, K. Powers, J. Gallagher, manager THREE: T. Hench, R. Kier, M. Kendig. D. Jaffe. ROW 152 - far, 'I 'Qi T T C C TT' 4 I'-1 'i -f.' ,,-' I H -.-.IN :M 431 AIR FORCE Fl.O.T.C. With but one year remaining as an inte- gral part of the Franklin and Marshall community, Air Force ROTC is still an active organization. The phasing out of ROTC began in 1962, and is part of a general economy drive directed toward the military by the government. Ten members of the Class of 1965 will don the Air Force blue after having re- ceived training in leadership, military strategy, flight instruction, and field drill. i i GREEN ROOM THEATRE ,Q x?':-'.u- ' - 'AA gky. , ' 2 ' ' Z- fW' RA: ,'Q'.4fQ.2'LV , ' K J, nf- 111, V ga Z T, V : K .1 J-'7 1 " ' ' 575. 21- 'tif 7'-" ' W 'Ni-is ' THIEVES' wr E X E F nl 154 CARNIVAL The Directoris vision of the play was the thing which bound all of us working in the Green Room together. Long before the production came into reality he had read the naked lines of the script and begun to form an image in his mind of what we were to reproduce. Then, as much as any man can, he told us about his vision. It was our job to take that vision from him and give it away. And so, we read our lines and read them again. We painted our sets and set our lamps. We pushed our prams over a thousand miles of stage. We practiced our lines. We taught our fingers to play the music we wrote. We buttoned our way through the costumes and painted our way through the make-up. We learned our lines and practiced our gestures. We played our music and dimmed our lamps and spoke our speech. And slowly, we began to shape a mood and a tone, a setting and an action: a vision. We whittled rough edges. We worked far into the night and, leaving, returned once again, alone, to look at hollow curtains and empty seats: for tomorrow they would be filled Cwe could never see who sat there but we could always hear theml. And then, when opening night came, we gave our vision to you. 155 WRESTLING sg .A 1'1- - fr 'div- XX, if S b 3 X -J The wrestling team again experienced a disap- pointing season, in spite of the addition of a fine freshman team. The success of the season hinged on the outcome of a few matches, one of which was the opener against Columbia, the unfortunate results of this match were a forewarning of things to come. The team slumped badly after a strong start, largely as a result of injuries to key per- formers. The leading individual records were turned in by P. P. Martin, who was 6-1-13 Saul Shimansky, 8- 3, Terry Hostetter, 5-3, Bill Schneiderman, 6-4-1, and Chuck Geddes, who was 3-2-1 for a half- season. Next year should see a vast improvement in wres- tling at F and M. With only Co-Captains Mike Wood and P. P. Martin graduating, and an unde- feated freshman team coming up to fill the ranks, F and M wrestling should be on the rise. 7-- v X, 157 F and M Opponent 1 4 Columbia 1 7 1 5 Harvard 1 4 fCancelledJ Princeton CCancelledJ 29 Bucknell 2 5 Springfield 20 14 Washington :SL Lee 13 2 3 V.M. I. 3 12 Gettysburg 12 3 Temple 2 8 2 Lehigh 3 0 9 Pennsylvania 22 2 1 Brown 8 H .-0,-,....,.-T F . I ROW ONE: W. Troop, L. Schultz, T. Hostetter, M. Wood, Co- Schnyder. ROW THREE: R. Phillips, coach, S. Cheslock, L captaing B. Brodsky, S. Shimansky. ROW TWO: P. Martin, co- Zemsky, W. Schneiderman, G. Corrneny, M. Clark, R. Baker captain, T. Raymond, T. McBee, H. Noon, C. Geddes, G. manager. 158 1 1 S. 159 l 'smit- gan-1 ,T t . ' X ll ay. f 1 D - X I , I L ' W . .f ' V ' -f ' '. , Y , - . ,' YQ 1 :gf Y?fQ31!?f 1 'Q' N ,4 .'?.l-y'x,,.'1-'13 M-T'F,f'X " A W , . YWVH , DC? n"x 'U o :'Tr9o4Q,Q' 'W-'ff . 9:3-gif. Q Q ' l - . 7 ' , H, il - I 'r !L4 HLBRIG N- SSH? .gf ' fS.f- 1 Q --I . 'AL Q1 . E i' ' A Q Q , .. N' .fa Q if 339 P sf ' A L 53 L4 s' , Lgl' ' ' ' ' i ' 'I' my - . :Q lx, .gif 2 1 A - , 1 ..+', - LF' The promise of seven returning lettermen and a strong sophomore nucleus was never realized in F and M bas- ketball this season. Though the season began on a win- ning note with a victory over Swarthmore, four losses quickly followed, including setbacks at Hamilton and Hobart on the newly initiated New York State trip. A 63-62 win over Ursinus boosted the record to 2-4, but the Diplomats then hit a long cold streak as they lost twelve games in a row, their fans, and much of their early-season fire. Washington College became F and M's third victim in the next to last game, but a loss to Gettysburg closed out the disappointing season at 3- 17. Coach Chuck Winsor had many problems this year, as the record would indicate. The lack of height, a weak defense, and the absence of winning momentum were deficiencies carried over from last yearg the loss of three men for academic difficulties was a new headache this year. Yet despite these weaknesses, a never-say-die spirit and top-flight performances were evident at every game. The shooting-eyes of Jack Charles and Art King, the ball-handling of Bill Hildebrand, the rebounding of Pete Gandola and Jim Bunting, and the 20.7 scoring average of Fred Wert made every game a possible vic- tory. Coach Winsor is optimistic about next year, and rightly so. He will have seven lettermen back and inherits an outstanding freshman team that compiled a 14-4 mark this year. With much talent to be heard from, it is probable that improvement will follow, and that a win- ning season will end the two year drought. Z,- F and M Opponent 6 5 Swarthmore 63 56 Juniata 87 64 Albright 68 60 Hamilton 79 63 Hobart 7 3 62 Ursinus 6 l 82 Western Maryland 99 35 Lehigh 74 8 3 Dickinson 9 7 5 6 Drexel 89 55 Gettysburg 78 60 Johns Hopkins 74 7 8 Lebanon Valley 92 8 5 Dickinson 1 14 70 Moravian 7 8 5 7 Haverford 69 67 Muhlenberg 70 90 Washington 8 3 5 9 Gettysburg 89 KNEELING: F. Wert, captain. STANDING: B. Puerling, Bunting, P. Gandola, C. Winsor, coachg J. Gucwa, J. Charles manager: A. King, M. Steele, R. Penney, S. Handsman, J. M. Sklarz, W. Hildebrand, L. Smith, H. Mathews, manager. 163 SWIMMING Under the spell of a uvictory psyche," the Franklin and Marshall mennen this year produced a record marked by three distinctive titles never before cap- tured in a single season. The combination of a 12-0-0 season, the Little Three title, and the MAC Champion- ship is indicative of the efforts of Coach George Mc- Ginnis and his swimmers. Among the many outstand- ing performers, Co-Captains Nick Hoppner and Bill Smulyan paced the way for the season. Nick, who earned the title Most Valuable Swimmer, set school rec- ords in the 200 yard backstroke and 200 yard individ- ual medley with times of 2:13.0 and 2:16.6 respec- tively. Maintaining these records, Nick placed second in both in the MAC's. Bill Smulyan gained recognition in the MAC's by placing first in the 100 and 200 yard Butterfly. Notables among the sophomores were Roger Garrison and Pete Eisenberg. Marking a 51.1 in the 100 yard freestyle, Roger broke both the school and pool records and went on to win this event in the MAC's. Pete's endurance earned him second in the MAC's 500 yard freestyle, and a school record. Junior John Hoffman, C0-Captain-Elect, succeeded in setting a school record in the 200 Breast stroke with a 2:31.9, and took a third in the MAC,s. Despite the loss of Senior Co-Captains Hoppner and Smulyan, the swimming team under the new leadership of Skip Hooper and John Hoffman, and with the addi- tion of ten freshmen, two of whom already hold pool records, should expect to repeat the outstanding achievements of the team of 1965. 164 49 51 70 66 61 56 73 103 F and M Opponent 56 39 Delaware Temple Lycoming Drexel Gettysburg Swarthmore Dickinson PMC MAC Championship 46 44 25 29 34 39 18 I.. I z , 'T ii, E l l L . I , , . "' 'G -"fl':i V '-. i q-f . ""'- N . --.D .Lge ' ' 1' 4' ROW ONE: J. Sherwin, T. Morse, N. Hoppner, co-captaing rod, G. McGinness, coach. ROW THREE: G. Hecht, J. Wol- W. Smulyan, ccycaptaing L. Ginsburg. ROW TWO: F. Mer- kov, P. Dickinson, W. Flower, J. Ramer, A. Hooper, R. Garri- curio, R. Stein, J. Hoffman, P. Eisenberg, P. Keller, P. Axel- son, L. Newton, manager. 165 HOCKEY H H 'M 4 'n. wwf 'Ai . P I F' - L' v is . 5 , .' 166 X 2 ROW ONE D Kloiber C Dunn R Dennis M Van Crane, co-captain, K. Heim, F. Mutti, J. Park, co-cap- Beuren J Buddington ROW TWO N Young C. tain, R. Owen, K. Smith, coach. The 1964-1965 ice hockey club ended a successful campaign with an 11 to 0 rout of Bucknell at the Hershey Arena. This victory gave the F and M skaters a 6 and 2 win-loss record in leagie competition, for a second place. The club's over-all record was 7 wins and 6 losses. Senior Fran Mutti, taking over in the cage for Neil Young, came on strong in the second half of the season to register two shutouts over Villanova and Bucknell. The first line, consisting of center, Clint Crane, right wing, Mike Van Beuren, and left wing, Jim Park com- bined to score most of the goals during the season. Veterans Skeets Dunn, Ken Heim and Dave Kloiber comprised the defensive unit for the club, while Ric Owen, Bob Dennis, and John Buddington made up the "fighting" second line, with Van Beuren scoring four goals, Park scoring three, Crane two, and Buddington and Owen one apiece. 167 TOPICS One of the most widely attended extra- curricular cultural events on the Franklin and Marshall campus is the Topics Lec- ture Series. Each year a number of out- standing guest lecturers impart to the stu- dent body their experiences and insights in a variety of subjects. In the past we have been visited by poets, musicians, senators, civil-rights leaders, sociologists, and foreign dignitaries. This year the Topics Lecture Series has maintained its standard of excellence across a wide range of vital, modern issues. The speakers included such notable ex- perts as Robert Strausz-Hupe fadvisor to the President on NATOJ, Alexandra Tolstoy fdaughter of Leo Tolstoyj, Henry C. Wallich Ceconomic advisor to President Kennedy on international tradej, Albert Wohlstetter Cmember of the International Council and one of the authors of the fail-safe systemj, Dwight MacDonald tliterary critic of The New York Timesj, Brooks Hays CCongress- man from Arkansasj, Kenneth E. Bould- ing Ca leading scholar on politics, phi- losophy and economicsb, and W. Willard Wirtz CUnited States Secretary of La- borj. Robert Strausz-Hupe Alexandra Tolstoy 168 Henry C. Wallich V Leslie Fiedler 4 1 r Albert Wohlstetter 169 'Will' GREEN ROOM THEATRE U 92 Nfl 5 2 U f 41 N. 11 INTER-FRATERNITY WEEKEND Yxix Q K- x . 172 After a bleak and uneventful winter, I-F weekend was welcomed with enthusiasm. The presence of females lifted spirits, and a contingent of top entertainers descended on the campus, insuring variety in the full schedule of events. The Kingsmen presided over an unusually crowded Friday-night dance, where Pat Garramore was crowned I-F Queen. The traditional sports-car rally was held uncomfortably early on Saturday morning, Jack Shilling's driving and odometer-reading skill rewarded him with the trophy. Later in the day, bleary-eyed celebrants were revived by the stirring voice of Nina Simone, who was followed by the charming Judy Collins and the ribald songs of Dave Van Ronk. Local bands rounded out the weekend as the fraternities tried desperately to compensate for six weeks of academic existence in a single Saturday night. S 173 f,:,M5',gg'g,,' . fi , ' Tl TRACK 4 Several outstanding individual per- f .1 1 I track season. Steve Hall tied the rec- l if .gilt --. formances highlighted the successful 10- if 1 f'iM ords in both the 100 yard and 200 yard 1-' ' T V dashes, and Co-captain Ed Mikell was ' ' again the high scorer for the team, con- tributing his outstanding performances in the broad and high jumps, and low and high hurdles. Don Mengel, the other Co- captain, handled the long distances, and was voted the Hamilton Watch Award in recognition of being the outstanding W senior athlete.The mile relay team of .T Tom Ulrich, Steve Hall, Tim Wagner, and l C V L 1. Bob Piper was timed in 49.2, a new rec- M N ord in the Pop Handleton Mile relay at' . y the Penn Relays. l 'T With freshmen who have broken col- C' lege records waiting to perform for the varsity, this year's track team should continue in the F and M winning tra- dition. 43761. .' sgnlll.. ROW ONE: R. Kier, T. Ulrich, R. Reuper, D. Mengel, Co- ROW THREE: W. Iannicelli, Coachg C. Taylor, Trainer, R. Captaing R. Collins, S. Hall, A. Rosenthal. ROW TWO: S. Healy, E. Mikell. Co-Captaing J. Santaniello, P. Master, W. Pinsky, Manager, D. Thome, R. Shivelhood, R. Dochat, M. Boehme, R- Piper- Reese, T. Wagner, W. Herbst, G. Storck, Assistant Coach. 174 F an 77 95 63 63W 78 86 81 67 d Muhlenberg Swarthmore Johns Hopkins Ursinus Gettysburg Dickinson Lebanon Valley Haverford Bucknell Albright PMC IO-I OPP- f. 49 52 8 68 6l 37M 52 40 44 37 64 .4 Jr-, .An C A.'1 s ,, - . -fs , , x The success of the Baseball Team this year can be attributed to fine pitching and fielding, along with clutch hitting. The pitching was outstanding as it re- corded several fine games, including a shut out and a one-run game. The lead- ing moundsmen were Co-Captain John Bondi, and Dave Boucher, while Bob Penney came in often in late innings. The infield was bolstered tremendously by Fred Wert, short-stop, and Seiki Murono, second, both sophomores. Third was held down by Co-Captain John Rosenstengel, while Co-Captain- elect Chick Eagle played first. The out- field was centered on Co-Captain-elect Larry Graham, with Ron Druker, Mike Teriy, and Tom Bolk alternating in right and left. Russ Rice did the all important job of catching. A winning future seems assured with only two seniors on this year's squad and a host of promising freshmen coming up. ROW ONE: W. Wheaton, Coachg R. Druker, M. Terry, J. garth, R. Penny. G. Harad, G. Tchirkow. MISSING: D Rosenstengel, Co-Captaing J. Bondi, Co-Captain, A. Hye, S. Boucher. Murono. ROW TWO: R. Rice, F. Wert, L. Graham, D. Ho- 177 2111 Lebanon Valley Washington Johns Hopkins Albright Muhlenberg Ursinus Dickinson Swarthmore 4-3-1 Opp. 5 7 2 5 0 3 l 7 F and M 9 9 8 3M 5 9 4 8 2 4 TENNIS A mediocre record of 6-5 was the mark posted by the Diplomat netmen after an undefeated season in 1963. Although the squad had tive key lettermen re- turning, it wasn,t able to regain the momentum of the past year. Victories over Albright, Drexel, and Gettys- burg opened the campaign, but losses to talented Swarthmore and Johns Hopkins broke the string. A mark of 6-3 stood late in the season with two matches to go, only to be smudged by setbacks at the hands of arch-rival Dickinson and a solid Haverford club. Leading Coach Miller's team at first singles was John Plakens, with Doug Paul, Howie Rockette, Cap- tain Lance Knauth, Lou Diemer and Bob Born follow- ing on the ladder. With only Knauth and Diemer gone, there is every reason to believe that the team will play up to its tremendous potential and repeat 1962's per- formance. ROW ONE: J. Brand, Managerg R. Born, L. Knauth, Captaing T. Beaumont. ROW TWO: G. Miller, Coachg D. Paul. L. Diemer, J. Plakens, H. Rockette. a. M 'F ARSNALL CQLLEG! Opp. Q 0 Albright Drexel Gettysburg Johns Hopkins SW Moravian 4 Lincoln 0 Dickinson 5 Gettysburg 1 Dickinson 7 Haverford 5 6-5 v.,.-.. tn., it ..i,.-L. ..-. . Lgf-,QJJJZ Jijfm fill-A ' f' H., . -. . -f--.z:.-n-m-v1f'-f- 178 W. Trexler, Coachg J. Doherty, G. I-lull, J. Bunting D Smith K Knox Captain D Gale GOLF The Golf team had hopes of improving last year's fine 9-1 record this spring, but their hopes disappeared in their first match, when the team lost to Albright. The linksmen swept their next three opponents, but met defeat again at Bucknell, where the outcome was due more to the course than to the opposition. In a triangular meet, the team routed Haverford while it lost in overtime to Lehigh in one of the most exciting matches of the year. The team gained some measure of revenge in the last match when they defeated previ- ously unbeaten Dickinson, the only team to beat them the year before. With only Dave Smith lost, and a promising crop of freshmen coming up, the prospects for this year are encouraging. F and M Opp. 7M Albright IOM 14 Johns Hopkins 4 1 1 Moravian 7 16W Swarthmore IW 6M Bucknell l IW I5 W Haverford ZW 8 Lehigh 10 10 Dickinson 8 LACROSSE High hopes for Lacrosse were restored this past year when F and M hired new coach Tom Gilburg, but the fine coach- ing turned in by him went for nought during the season as first-half leads melted away in several games and the team finished winless. In spite of this year's unfortunate record, the future looks bright as there are only two seniors graduating, and the outstanding play of Dave Sipperly, Clint Crane, and Gary Franklin gives hope for the upcoming season. With some promising freshmen and all the returning veterans, this year should be much more fruitful for Coach Gilburg and Co-Captains-elect Jon Frere and Bob Aber. F and M Opp. 1 Lehigh 12 2 Swarthmore 14 5 Dickinson 8 6 Lafayette 9 7 Delaware 20 2 Drexel 18 2 Villanova 4 7 Dickinson 10 O-8 ROW ONE: W. Simons, F. Best, R. Brinacombe, Captaing W. ROW THREE M Heath T Anderson C Crane K Helm Rothenberg, W. Iahn. ROW TWO: T. Gilburg, Coachg J. R. Aber, D Sipperly C Henkart J Levin G Gilmour P Frere, J. Springer, J. Mustin, R. Preibe, G. Franklin, M. Blouke,J Smith Thomas, T. Dillingham, T. Gambino, R. Orleans, Manager. 180 181 GREEN ROOM THEATRE The final production of the Green Room's 1963-64 season was Biedermann and the Firebugs, an allegori- cal drama by Max Frische. Dealing with the problem of guilt, Firebugs tells the tale of a middle class man and his wife plagued by two firebugs who suddenly descend on them and make preparations to destroy their home. George Engeman playing the role of Biedermann and Joel Ervin as his wife face the troublesome forces of the two firebugs, portrayed by George Brandt and Douglas Paul, with a worried weakness that closely parallels that of Nazi Germany facing an increasingly powerful Hitler. It is the interplay between these four that creates the real power of the drama. Here are the two forces face to faceg the outcome-a house in flames and an epilog in Hell. 182 FIREBUGS F ' x 1, t. 1 W GRADUATION AND ALUMNI WEEKEND The 177th Commencement of Frank- lin and Marshall College took place June 2, 1964. Two well known men, outstand- ing in their field of news broadcasting and analysis, spoke to the gathering of seniors, parents, friends, and guests. Chet Huntley and David Brinkley re- ceived honorary degrees, and combined to give to the graduating class an unusu- ally fine speech. The commencement exercises marked the end of another fine Alumni Week, and the beginning of a new and exciting experience for the Class of 1964. Frank- lin and Marshall witnessed the departure of a group of traditionally well-prepared young men, and turned its attentions with pride on those who are yet to come. TI-IE SCDCJIETIES I T75- 'L' 1 an I! TI-IE FRATERNITIES lNTERFRATERNHW'COUNCH. IFCJB ROW ONE: R. Shaljian. vice-presidentg A. Breithaupt, treasurerg B. Sandler, presidentg J Lamia, secretary. ROW TWO: D. Barrel, W. Henderson, J. Jacoby, W. Koleszar, M. Terry, D Hollington, J. Brehm. ROW THREE: L. Schultz, P. Brainard, J. Newmark. E. Loebl, T. Gipson R. Saul. F.. r M i 1 , r r ,F . ' 1 w ' ' N ROW ONE: M. Terry, T. Gipson, secretaryg B. Sandler, chairman. ROW TWO: D. Bartel, J. Lamia. 189 CHI PHI , , X . ' w i l I, fc I i ROW ONE: J. Frere, C. Dunn, Jr., J. Ardito, P. Ruth, R Jarashow, T. Hostetter, L. Smith, R. McEwan, T. Podkul, Jr., C. Baldwin, F. Harrison, G. Meagher, R. Druker, A. King. ROW TWO: K. Heim, W. Poyck, M. Palmer, D. Shaffer, R Deprez, J. Stehman, D. Grayson, D. Hollington. T. Dillingham, R. Bean, D. Gale, D. Stuart, J. Clair. ROW THREE: D. Hendrickson, J. Ellison, B. Leonard, T. Morse, E. Herrick, C. Campbell, M. Terry, B. Jones, W. Humphreys, J. Park, J. Shultz, S. Surgner. ROW FOUR: F. Druck, J. DeCew, Jr., J. Koehneke, D. Buchan, P. Ricker, W. Russell, Ir., C. Christo- pher, Jr., J. Dudrick, M. Yaggy, J. Toole, J. Haass, R. Collins, F. Mesard. ROW FIVE: A. Michel, J. Bunting, A. Plotts, J. Charles, C. Needham, A. Hooper, J. Chittum, G. Nixon, S. Magee, J. Laird, Jr., G. Royle. DELTA SIGMA PHI nv, I fix, 'V ,LZ- ' v R in ' ' -. I I ' I : ' I ' T I I I I I . I I I I I . I I I I I . ' ,I 1 'I II' I , F ,.-... f...-Q ROW ONE: W. Nakajima, R. Krouse, J. Choney, R. Dennis R. Walton, L. Salamone, H. Cherashore, D. Parse, D. Robin- son, J. Geib. ROW TWO: R. Houser, R. Tosh, B. Rodeffer, T. Jones, N. Johnson, L. Pollack, P. Moore. S. Sedgwick, W Cossari, K. Stein, P. Keller. ROW THREE: A. Lucarelli, F. Sandstrom, D. Mackie, A. Breithaupt, J. Ramer, W. Manson 9 ' -I 11 I J I I I 1 R. Spangler, C. Kurimai, T. Sunday, A. Fingo, J. Shealfer. ROW FOUR: D. Thome, G. Crowther, D. Cortese, S. Techet T. Armbruster, president: R. Stern, P. Gibbons-Neff, K. Slick R. Wolf, J. Ogden. ROW FIVE: A. Kreisel, R. Brundage, W Cleaver, J. Goodhue, W. Hoyt, W. Doran, F. Loos, C. Caplan R. Femia. 193 1 1 1 1 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA pig Y V 1 , - J 'r -Y' Vw : :y v j ' 1" "r fr .ilf l li 1 i ,,,:' !' 1 'E g,, ,lg :V gill l I it .in - . . la J 1 , .' 1 . Q ' i I l l 'fylilfi 'M i " , g ,,'a'. l ' ' Ml , , .iii vrfyjljy l u ll gf l -1 X :lf l-fill Q: 4. .fl . Fl il ll + Wi..g 141-I -mal il. all lil s 1 ROW ONE: J. Smith. J. Nehlsen, W. Cornish, T. Shreeve, D. Stanislawczyk, J. Rodgers, S. Curran, L. Schultz, secretary: J. Schorr, D. Sleighter, R. Olaes. ROW TWO: D. Wright, J. Grant, R. Blair, D. Bartel, P. Gilfillan, L. Zemsky, S. Ches- lock, S. Sinatra, D. Good, W. Juchatz. ROW THREE: E. Schulman, E. Tobe, P. Martin, J. Snyder, F. Best, D. Sipperly, W. Niarakis, R. Johnson, G. Sciorilli, K. Strandberg, president. ROW FOUR: T. Varney, T. Zulick, A. Spina, T. DiMarco, C Henkart, S. Koenig, R. Boekenkroeger, R. Dwyer, F. Wert ROW FIVE: D. Hendler, P. Johnson, R. Amaducci, E. Gal- lagher, G. Nier, C. Meese, R. Penney, P. Gandola, J. Gucwa NOT PICTURED: D. Boucher, treasurer: C. Stockel, vice- presidentg T. Gambino, K. Laska, P. Bousum, F. Mutti. I L 196 I i ROW ONE: J. Corah, F. Saracino, D. Kloiber, J. Roberts, A Ceavutta, W. Shilling, S. Brown, president, J. Kazarick, S. Kurtz, J. Doherty, treasurer. ROW TWO: J. Gascie, L. Bair, J. Schrock, J. Peoples, D. McNamara, R. Brookman, A. Fred- erick, J. Corvasce, H. Weber. ROW THREE: W. Henderson vice-president: L. Pollock, R. Muller, J. Jacoby, R. O'Hem, G KAPPA SIGMA . I.. i 'I ,I 0 l l Q ru l 11 Herrmann, G. Yocum, J. Hoffman, R. Croyle. ROW FOUR: S. Levine, W. Hildebrand, D. Gring, R. Eddy, K. Eden, P. Vogt, E. Ranck, M. Yurconic. ROW FIVE: D. Eisler, P. Robelen, W. Drake, J. O'Neill, S. Smith, D. Shenkle, S. Thompson, R. Drake. PHI KAPPA PSI s l l F ROW ONES M- JOSCDY1- Z- Nichols, R- DUFUH, J- THKHIS, G- White, T. McBee, C. Johnston. ROW FOUR: T. Trobec, J. Haines, G- 5ChflYdeF- V- Cafafelli- P- BFHUSS- ROW TWO! D- Levinsky, R. Permar, J. Bell, P. Moorman, T. Couch. ROW Wurlh, B. Parent, C. Geddes, W. Crosswell, J. Cole, P. Marks. F1VEg T, McCloskey, J, Tryon, H, Rockette, J. Pfautz, J. ROW THREE: R. Saul, T. Sullivan, H. Haase, J. Lamia, T. Hefflel-,G,C0rmer1y,jr, 199 A -1 PHI v KAPPA SIGMA l'1,ll:l" ,I I , , 1 ,, .. 1 1 J i ROW ONE: J. Miller, J. Everhart, T. Morris, W. Beckwith, treasurer, R. Seiwert, R. Jaeger, D. Wirth. ROW TWO: T. Gipson, J. Garretson, president, A. Dollberg, secretary, J. Bednarski, W. Eves, Jr., J. Hiester, Jr., M. Kendig, R. Kier. ROW THREE: B. Tropp, J. Burg, D. Longacre, I. Raupp, J. Rose, P. Waldo, W. Haines, J. Whitten. ROW FOUR: P Eckstrand, E. Mather, B. Glassey, P. Brainard, R. Brooks, W Friedlaender, C. Roehrer. ROW FIVE: R. Rau, T. Lang, J Williams, G. Delaney, R. McGlade, C. Oblinger, L. Creedon K. Powers. 201 I 51 A xx-gp W I 202 1 W L PHI KAPPA TAU I., '4 Q. ' ' Q i ROW ONE: P. Feden, B. Fuhrman, R. Caine, L. Rockefeller, K. Klinedinst, R. Arends. ROW TWO: W. Waller, V, Packard E. Loebl. L. Zawatzky, R. Duncombe, S. Stier, G. Bigelow ROW THREE: H. Shields, L. Killian, P. Adams, J. Clark, K ,NM Saunders, W. Schneider. ROW FOUR: D. Schnetzer, F. Hig gins, A. Snoke, R. Yocum, J. Brehm, S. Safavi, R. Lauricella ROW FIVE: R. Hubert, S. Harper, M. Forbes, J. Harman president, T. Gilliard, J. Bates, R. Tuck. 203 I4 204 ,Q PHI SIGMA KAPPA I I I Ii I PI I S 1 . FI, mu 2' I I I II 3 I . !II , I I Q-I I If I I :I I I IJ. QI ii. ROW ONE: R. Shaljian, S. Shimansky, M. Wood, R. Spect C. Miller, P. Rudder, C. Barlett, C. Chaney, A. Gold, Smith, E. Drake. ROW TWO: A. Rosenfeld, T. Valleau, Rogers, C. Cowan, R. Kasa, J. Haas, J. Herrold, E. Gillers, Weinraub, W. Cornell. ROW THREE: J. Kaufman, Heintzelman, J. Pratt, K. Paul, C. Gaul, J. Beers, J. Stina, W Ream. J. Watson, M. Beelce, T. Michels. ROW FOUR: H. Eagle, C. Bonin, P. Logan, G. Marks, D. Steinbrenner, I-I. Alberich, R. Rice, Jr., C. Rudd, Jr., R. Wieland, II, J. Davis. ROW FIVE: S. Hall, G. Boyer, L. Graham, R. Saelens, T. Wagner, W. Tompson, M. Garofalo, D. Honeyman, J. Alle- born, E. Shrom, R. Prout. 205 X ,mmf A w V ' 4 J 206 Pl LAM BDA PHI for or :': Q , 'TT?.lQ'T'-7 'I' fi: 1 T' wris- .'I l . lj? ij if IE: iizli' I I 1 I. if it - il - i !i l 4 J il i Q 5 s N. Chazin, W. Feldman, L. Hunt, M. Altschuler, J. Diamond, N. Kappelman, G. Becker, A. Lieberman, S. Novom, H. Gold- berg. ROW TWO: R. Goldstein, W. Falkener, D. Pliner, V. Coen, J. Hoffman, S. Portnoy, H. Feigenbaum, B. Shelton, R. Ehrman, J. Rothenberg, S. Bayer, K. Wernick. ROW THREE: L. Weinberg, N. Nown, M. Silver, A. Soberman, D. Jaffe, J Newmark, P. Axelrod, S. Hyson, A. Siman, G. Clarke, D Ladd, H. Lodge. ROW FOUR: G. Hecht, R. Abrams, C Evans, S. Sumberg, D. Magidson, G. Radoff, J. Brand, C Williams, M. Grinberg, J. Levin, N. Sbar. ROW FIVE: J Zimmerman, J. Peters, S. Singer, R. Kroll, B. Miller, M. Suss- man, A. Mahn, S. Elkin, D. Bikoff, H. Martin III. ROW SIX: F. Cogen, B. Koleszar, S. Dubin, W. Rosenberger, R. Kalmano- Witz, D. Cohen, D. Cooper, N. Ross, R. Rivers. 207 IJ ,...aF'-""'3 SIGMA Pl - i s i l -. ill ll 1 Ti ll :Ii 1 sgl J 'l af. ,l l ROW ONE: R. Hoffmann, R. Shea, M. Stick, J. Delgado. W. ROW FOUR: M. Bridge, A. Foster, P. Deiro, J. Hauter, C. Greth, G. Suess, E. Zoble. ROW ONE: R. Van Dorn, W. Jones, C. Youmans, R. Owen, P. Wiest. ROW FIVE: R. Burt, Salamy, J. Penta, president, J. Truckenmiller, R. Munk, M. R. Feinstein, R. Dochat, R. Bell, W. Brubaker, E. Rubinstein, Shandler. ROW THREE: J. Wexler, L. Taplinger, E. Fisher, G, Greenbaum, K, Bitz, G. Ferguson, M. Burden, T. Kresge, W. Cracas, treasurer. 209 ZETA BETA TAU "Ur ,5. l' is .Liv 3 l ill. in 5 1 1' r l i ROW ONE: J. Burness, D. Spear, J. Specter, G. Rugel, B Brody, E. Schoenfeld, R. Ginsberg, S. Segal, T. Coblyn, A Goodman, K. Levine, R. Kagan, R. Miller, M. Laufer, R Braun, R. Bernheimer. ROW TWO: A. Greenspan, R. Groden S. Powell, R. Mones, J. Weissman, H. Hirsch, J. Susman, W Gold, J. Levine, P. Serber, B. Brodsky, D. Waldman, D Kamens. ROW THREE: R. Oser, R. Wertheimer, J. Springer S. Yanklowitz, C. Ganz, W. Smulyan, D. Bartos, M. Zamost H. Goldsweig. ROW FOUR: S. Schreiber, W. Wittlin, Pi 211 -Ae 9 A L ,I5. . il I i l l . W . t 1 v Raffer, A. Schlesinger, H. Lieberman, R. Stein, D. Riff, R. Derstine, M. Buchbinder, A. Denis. ROW FIVE: B. Winter, R. Fauer, D. Cherrill, C. Mainardi, A. Kaplan, R. Harris, E. Greif, M. Gordon, W. Levine, A. Goldstein, B. Lachman, M. Rosenberg. ROW SIX: J. Wolkov, R. Koerner, L. Forster, H. Brustein, P. Levitin, K. Zellinger, W. Schneiderman, J. Saltz- man, presidentg W. Erdman, M. Lefenfeld, G. I-larad, A. Cohen. - V - A ---f -ik 212 ,. .,,,.,..1B , 1 ff-.. 213 I 'X-- -4 ,N V .f . f 214 s , pi., N yy ,.,i ,L af: .5 rf ,,.-.-Nt. I -.1 .5-P. Q u K x r N SEATED: K. Galner, S. Allen, advisorg H. Shields, pres- advisor. STANDING: S. Pinsky, O. Schnetzer, corre- identg L. Athey, advisorg T. Philoon, advisorg J. Joseph. sponding secretary. l S SEATED: D. Featherman, presidentg K. Bieber, vice-president. STANDING: R. Rea, H. Mansell, secretary-treasurerg A. Moyer, A. Pedersen. 217 PHI ALPHA THETA honorary hlls' tory fraternity PHI UPSILON KAPPA pre- theologrbal fraternity PI GAM MA M U honorary social science fraternity l V SEATED: J. Joseph, advisor, D. Cherrill, vice-presidentg Winograd, K. Galner, D. Featherman, G. Levine, M. J. Plakans, president, A. Bell, secretary-treasurer, H. Thomas, Jr.. D. Thome, R. McAllister, J. Doherty, O. Jaenicke, advisor, L. Binkley, advisor. STANDING: P. Schnetzer. Adams, R. Burt, M. Silbert, L. Raithaus, H. Shields, M. SIGMA PI SIGMA honorary ,oh yslkrs fraternity SEATED: J. Shilling, M. Tutunji. STANDING: J. Shrader, V. Petrosky, M. Gordon, H Rockette, C. Wright, R. Hood, advisor. 218 CLASS OFFICERS SENIOR CLASS-J. Shilling, vice-presidentg L. Rait- JUNIOR CLASS--W. Manson. vice-presidentg W. Schnei- haus, PrCSidC1'1I: K- DUbCfSl6iH, SCCFCYGVY- Not pictured: derman, treasurerg W. Russell, secretaryg T. Dillingham, R. Zieler, treasurer. president. SOPHOMORE CLASS-J. Burness, presidentg R. Abrams, vice-president. Not pictured: D. Hendrickson, treasurerg W. Brightman, secretary. FRESHMAN CLASS-H. Lieberman, vice-presidentg A Fingo, treasurerg L. Melen, presidentg L. Salamone secretary. ROW ONE: W. Everett, advisor, D. Hogarth, treasurer: Schermerhorn, H. Theobald, Jr., J. Santaniello. ROW R. McAllister, vice-president: J. Bingenheimer, president: THREE: R. Kaplan, W. Falkener, Jr., C. Baldwin, D. A. Plotts, chaplain: H. Jaenicke, advisor. ROW TWO: Rupp, S. Ansel, Z. Nichols, G. Haines, R. Durna. M. Thomas, Jr., H. Gallagher, C. Rudd, Jr., D. Post, R. ACCOU NTING AN D FINANCE CLUB V-r ROW ONE: W. Cracas, G. Kaysen. secretary: N. Sbar, Lewis, L. Klein. ROW THREE: N. Nielsen, Jr., R. president, R. Rill, vice president: T. Ulrich. ROW TWO: Shamel. T. Heberling, N. Langerman. F. Johnson. W. Henderson, R. Campbell, J. Levy, K. Klinedinst, W. 220 AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY ROW ONE: Dr. F. Enck, advisor: W. Schadt, secretary: Rapalski, S. Merrill, H. Rockette, D. Burr, J. Shilling, T. C. Wright, treasurer: M. Gordon, president: V. Petrosky. Heberling. NOT PICTURED: Dr. P. Sutter. advisor. vice-president. ROW TWO: K. Klinedinst, J. Shrader. J. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY ROW ONE: R. Kinsley. Jr.. R. Shivelhood, executive TWO: R. Harris. D. Tomko. R. Moll. J. Parsons. G. oflicer: J. Rapalski. commander: H. Shields, administra- Herrmann, S. Forbes. R. Gelpke, R. Woolf, R. Eddy, H. tive oflicerg J. Hoffmann, operations omcer. ROW Sears. NOT PICTURED: Capt. P. Weaver. advisor. 221 BAN D CAMPUS CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP SEATED: R. Heller, R. Johnson, J. K. Bateman, vice-presidentg H. Berthold, presidentg N Thompson, secretaryg D. Martindale. STANDING: C. Lohse, J. Smart, T. Parker. 222 CHESS CLUB R. Blagg, vice-presidentg M. Bernstein, J. Smart, J. Tutunji, P. Kranz, president COMMITTEE FOR SOCIAL ACTION SEATED: L. Lenkowsky. J. Cotton, acting chairmang P. Hartjens. STAND- ING: C, Baker. J. Tutunji. COLLEGE REPORTER ROW ONE: G. Prager, features editor, P. Keers, sports edi- dler. E. Rubinstein, G. Marcus, S. Ahlberg, T. Morris, assistant torg R. Siverling, copy editorg D. Harrison. co-editor-in-chief, news editor, E. Mathez, R. Signer, assistant news editorg P. A. Kneedler, co-editor-in-chief, M. Silbert, news editor, B. Eisenberg. ROW THREE: R. Kaplan, J. Clark, R. Schrot, W. Shelton, photo editorg P. Levitin, business manager. ROW Maloney, D. Hendrickson, A. Siman, advertising editor, R. TWO: T. Parker, J. Weissman, L. Bank, E. Eshelman, assist- Brooks, circulation managerg R. Kraft, T. Gipson. ant photographic editorg R. Meirowitz, B. Schloss, M. Shan- 224 DORMITORY COU NSELORS ROW ONE: L. Smith, D. Featherman, J. Doherty, A. Brei- Puerling, G. Yocum, J. Brehm, C. Williams. ROW THREE: thaupt, D. Thome, R. Croyle, R. Orleans, R. Aber. ROW E. Leibowitz, R. Tobe, H. Mathews, A. Hye, P. Hartjens, J. TWO: K. Bieber, H. Mansell. A. Kneedler, M. Gittleman, L. Freund, P. Keers, R. Siverling, H. Berthold, G. Levine. Raithaus, P. Eisenberg, R. Zieler, P. Crown, N. Langerman, B. ECONOMICS CLUB ROW ONE: V. Treml, advisor: N. Taylor, advisor: T. liams, A. Kreisel, W. Binkley, W. Stadtlander. ROW Gipson, vice-president: W. Haines, president: A. Beyers, THREE: J. Freund, J. Everhont, J. Allen, B. Parent, P. treasurer: W. Lyons, advisor: H. Kaufmann, advisor. Adams, H. Gundrum, M. Goldman, J. Imbriaco. ROW TWO: D. Mackie, F. Bates. R. McGlade, J. Wil- I lg ig Q'-'lulnllls 5 5" I Q f V Nl XE! A I iff!! "" x W W' Q ' A x 4 Q . B, X fefit' fm it my? rf' u'1wJ ' ' -QEQX? W f ' nfl t ai. .,.l.....--'ZH ... X .,1 , D ' x A 4,9-iajllxf v 'W . Xa: trim . ' k. - , ' - 1 1...,, V5 g W. , . e . ln A ., , V ! 'll Q X , Ax 1 3. -.1-'1 i Q . 9 ' x x 'Zyl L .. P 1 IAESTE ROW ONE: F. Johnson, N. Thompson, secretary: M. man: M. Gordon, R. Shereff, vice-president. ROW Gittleman, president, B. Lachman, W. VonWerns- TWO: R. Meirowitz, S. Smith, R. Knobelman, D. dorff, advisor, R. Lustig, J. Greene, publicity chair- Maureira, F. Hampf, R. Weiner, M. Kranz. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB I ROW ONE: R. Garrison, presidentg P. Hartjens, vice-president. ROW TWO: W. Jahn, secretary-treasurer: S. Safavi, R. Skrabut, G. Marcus, E. Eshelman. ROW THREE: L. Smith, W. Bromley III, M. Tutunji, R. Sinclair, G. Levine, W. Caponecchi. I I ATHEMATICS CLUB ROW ONE: V. Haag, advisor: D. Western, advisor: L. Mond, J. Kurtz, S. Forbes, D. Burr, J. Durbin, R. Tosh, Bonner, Jr.. treasurer, J. Hogg, Jr.. vice-president: W. M. Gordon, L- Klein, J- Mumma, L- Ewing- ROW Caponecchi, president, C. Stern III, secretary: P. Bedi- THREE: J. Garihan, R- Reuper,'M- TUPPC13 B- Kisick- ent, advisor. ROW TWO: H. Rockette, J. Shrader, L. OUTING CLUB SEATED: W. Jahn, president: W. Bromley III. STANDING: R. Brown, secretary-treasurer: H. Shields, J. Cotton, J. Gari- han. NOT PICTURED: W. Hern, vice-president. PHILOSOPHY CLU B SEATED: Professor L. Binkley, advisor: O. D. Schnetzer, president. STANDING: D. Featherman, L. Klein, M. Tutunji, G. Yocum. ORIFLAMME SEATED: David G. Boucher, senior editor Christopher W. Baldwin, sports editor Barry E. Fast, copy editor Arno S. Spina, business manager E. Karl-Eric Strandberg, editor-in-chief John P. Durbin, photography editor A. Jon Frere, fraternity editor STANDING: Theodore C. Dillingham, faculty editor Norman H. Werthwein, activities editor Thomas C. Varney, activities assistant Arthur W. Hooper, managing editor Robert L. Amaducci, advertising editor Frank H. Best, secretarial assistant John H. Snyder, layout assistant C. Christian Stockel, secretary NOT PICTURED: Stephen M. Yanklowitz, associate editor Henry S. King, photography consultant William T. Beaman, copy assistant George Herrmann, photography assistant Robert Brown, photography assistant Paul D. Gandola, caption editor Douglas L. Paul, copy assistant Jonathan Crawford, sports assistant Daniel Good, photography assistant 4 ' 'ig Ar , Y I :V 1 IRD: J' ef , I I V E ,I 4 E-Ei-its ., J V 7.23. E A ff ' , 'mx '5 ,f'v-Lf , .5'4.f. fu L' . VV.. lg ' 3 ,W 'gl Lnfrzlizn- PORTER SCENTWHC SOCETY ROW ONE: D. Patterson, J. Bateman, F. Haufman, M. Buch- binder, vice-president, K. Hurst, president, W. Schneiderman treasurer, R. Oser. ROW TWO: C. Mazza, T. Coblyn, D. Grifliths, W. Lewis. R. Schrot, M. Jones, V. Dietz, J. Karp, J Sheaffer, R. Weiss, R. Hellman. ROW THREE: W. Tuffiash, P. Crown, C. Meese, R. Goldstein, J. Herrold, B. Lachman, D. Frable, A. Schlesinger, H. Brustein, R. Orleans. ROW FOUR: S. Sholl, W. Stout Jr., J. Hoffman, R. Kartzinel, R. Murray, R. Shereff, L. Klein, I. Weissman, R. Blankstein, R. Knobelman, B. Shelton, L. Borow, R. Ashley, S. Goldberg. X SEATED: D. L. Shaw, editor. STANDING D. Paul, B. Hertzler, M. Karp, J. Susman NOT PICTURED: N. Nielsen. PROLOG I 1 f, iiigg,gli5g,,'l 'E is x62 5' , 222112213 ' 1 "'f V1 v ff ' I Et! :wr gr new fa, g, qi, QI iq X I' kgs' Ne' K r . A JI A f ' N I 5 Rf? ,QM Q! of va, i E! 6 , in 'G 'S' v- H .Qs XM fv ff ,fag wax, Qgyy fr may , I . ' X -3- Y1 W vr vu! 13,7 i t-4 'K - ' if 2 : 4 9 ' . . W ' - if ,A 1 . A - . 4 my-7 , .,. QT! 5? if 624 5-,ggi 'wg 5 ' -- '-' Q- - --9, ul f- I A ,, dig. G gg i -Q wig' Q - - NJ 1 H M V P5 ll X 5' 3 rg, xg I 6 -V. ' XJ I , Q5 2 limi f QE' aff, I ff cf F, 3 C ' I If iq. ... 5 . V Ng? ii i 5 . V . l . kj 4 X Y W5 -Q Q xx X QS' JG '51 'If az " 535' '59 A , Q xy! VW' , fl, ' 'vi' ff., YE, .ef E, 5, ,E QS, ?g ff3 ,,g 2? KX mix - , 1 f,, '- X p ' - Q, , 1 I Q , Kia N! xxx M YGUNG ROW ONE: R. Goldstein, J. Lamont, C. Stern, sec- G. Levine. A. Brodsky, W. Jahn, L. Hunt. ROW retaryg K. Duberstein, president, A. Hooper, vice- THREE: J. Lamia, H. Klehr, G. Hoyer-Booth, V. president, G. Marcus, treasurer, S. Segal. ROW Williams, H. Martin III, F. Fruchtman, L. Myers, C. TWO: L. Forster, S. Goldberg, R. Kaplan, K. Stein, Williams. YOUNG REPUBLICANS ROW ONE: P. Snyder, G. Solt, D. Mackie, treasurer, T. R. Owen, J. Herrold, C. Oblinger, A. Sandt, F. Johnson, C. Varney, E. Fiedler, publicity directory R. Lark, president, P. Kurimai, J. Felix. ROW FOUR: D. Longacre, M. Pasternak, Ricker, secretary, A. Taft, H. Theobald, Jr. ROW TWO: J. R. Patton, R. Webb, S. Jackson, R. Gruenfelder, J. Jacoby, N. Bateman, R. Sinclair, W. Waller, J. Snyder, T. Jones, D. Parse, Nielsen Jr., K. Klinedinst, Z. Nichols, R. Yocum, D. Grifliths. R. Braun, T. Parker, R. Derstine. ROW THREE: B. Lachman, The Oriflamme regrets that an early press date has made it impossible to include all the names of our patrons. We gratefully acknowledge the generous contributions of those, both named and unnamed, whose assistance has made possible the production of the 1965 ORIFLAMME. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Raffer Dr. and Mrs. S. Zelinger Mr. John R. Bair Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Dicke Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Long, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Chester P. Frederick Mr. Andrew S. Sawers Mr. James C. Forbes Dr. J. H. Brubaker Mrs. Marjorie F. Miller Mr. Irving Forster Mrs. Rubin B. Perlman E. Thomas Gilliard Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Henkart Mr. and Mrs Charles A. Dunn Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Leonard Mr. and Mrs. Norman Silverman Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. . Daniel H. Terry Hyman B. Hendler Irving Levinsky F. J. Saracino Dr. E. V. Johnston Mr. David R. Bliss Mr. Carl Monk Mrs. Eugene H. Mateer Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. . L. John Minnick Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Valleau C. Christian Stockel, Jr. E. G. Tchirkow Hilton H. Hodges Mr. and Mrs Malcolm L. Donaldson Mr. and Mrs. . John L. Askew Mr. and Mrs. Julius Kaplan Mr. and Mrs . Paull S. Shields Alice Ruth Baxter Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Dr. Harry A. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. John Bambey Rudolph Skerlec Mr. and Mrs. . Frederick W. Parse Steve M. Parent Fei genbaum . Thomas H. Glassey . Philip D. Lookingbill . James L. Whitten . James A. Biddison . Abraham Cohen . Leo V. Stavenick Mrs. Yolande Moffett Mr. and Mrs. E. Meirowitz Lambda Chi Alpha Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Tau Zeta Beta Tau Phi Kappa Sigma Chi Phi Phi Sigma Kappa Pi Lambda Phi Phi Kappa Psi Delta Sigma Phi Sigma Pi Mr. Milton Feldman Miss Frieda Schlosberg Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Banks Robert M. Crane Philip L. King Peter Davidson Carl H. Gamer Joseph Tuffiash Raymond W. Musser Mr. Charles B. Tolin Dr. Morris Feller Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Mergentine, Jr. L. W. Wright George Brandt Harold Y. Smulyan Mr. Alan Clark Mrs. Mark K. Gass Mr. Douglas Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs J. K. Owen E. E. Cleaver M. A. Breithaupt Arthur E. Plotts . Stephen Rogers Michael Badamo Russell F. Stuart Hiram P. Ball Ben Spina Edwin P. Belzer Dr. Francis S. Weinstein Mr. and Mrs. Bernard C. Oser Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Spector Mrs. Walter P. Evans Mr. Isodore Rosenblum Mr. and Mrs . William T. Mond Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sciorilli Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs William F. Ochs Leonard Sonnenberg . John E. Lark Mr. Robert Spector Mr. and Mrs. Howard T. Lodge Mr. George R. Higinbotham Dr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Schlesinger Mr. John P. Corell Dr. Henry F. Gardstein Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs L. Charles Christopher Armand J. Blanchard Norman R. Smith Milton Tobin F. Lee H. Wendell Albert Sbar S. Tracy Roberts Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Arends Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs . Laurence H. Murdoch Lester E. Caplan PATRONS OF THE 1965 ORIFLAMIVIE Many of the campus fraternities serve tasty meals prepared with meat purchased from JACOB RIEKER, where quality and service come first. d ich and a drink college students gather Billiards is another form of entertainment offered at For a san w , LANCASTER LANES in addition to our modern throughout the school year at HILDY'S TAVERN, bowling Cgntgr, where the hospitality of Dan and Mary creates an especially warm atmosphere. 242 ,K-4. Qlbl J vw-f'J 2 THE BOOK SHOP offers the student a complete opportunity to fulfill his needs at a convenient location. 243 f ' S-. :- .,., --- e 4 EJ' gci?"?e5 7 -r- ive JiEfa'-ge Q 'llll1l1llH"W'i"'ff"'l"t" :Q - -.. , L, . ff 1 REL mg . - -EE: 4 .- -l r vu 'N-' I J- ' L ' -u1b'n':- When in need of a new pair of shoes or sneakers, F and M students usually go to SHAUB'S SHOE SHOP, With their complete line of hardware and sporting featuring Bass Weeluns- goods, REILLY BROTHERS AND RAUB is the cen- ter for all campus "Monday-morning quarterbacks" and "do-it-yourselfersf' Every clothes-conscious college man looks for a place where he can be sure to find the ultimate in masculine dress. JACKSON,S QUALITY MEN'S SHOP has long been a home of the latest styles for the well-dressed man. PR9F.BABBER8 Goosaegnnllen PRODUCBS AN INSTANTANEOUS LUXURIANT MOUSTACHE ON THR SMOOTHEST LIP. WW sQYWBET0E's ALL NIGHT! ALL DAY! SNAPPER SOUP A11 I-Iot. SHEEP S TONGUES AND ,GQQUSEUS LIVER i A11 Cold x All Telllperaments X Suited. 245 ' A 'ff M TW.: -l'f!l"f,,'2',j3 , ' . xxx . WMM .1 5'-. 467 ! 1 Q4 X XXNNX V I " lv I, lf 'U '4 -QR -1.6 J a my 'D f rf , , A I X- W i IKM x xxxx N-,QA , 'I x I furry! I 1 X R' D x in lx 5 -- A Lf-NS 1 gi x 'MPL XX Q ' ,Q-,::. ' x SRX, '43i.gQ.Ei3:f .f5'!1iE' a tl p X Ax xr . nuununrunn gi-:jiri QL, ,GQ , ggi ' 1 - H ,. l ' - X T ..... ' - 1 il? nngwiImuun:munasumsuuuusuxnamhlmr umrv I X A 'H ,All ,Z Y- tx JIT x'A. wif xx R. 4 f, 'ff' 'fy I 5 'I l ' .2 t 5' 1, ..f,1,: ' V .nf N KMA 5 v ,ghlyll R will 5.1 M -. Q i lf!l21LrlilHWHiirgg12kf'!b?1jf,?LM1 , x FORRY AND HACKER PRINTERS does a great deal f k o wor for Franklin and Marshall, a fact clearly evidenced by the semi-weekly printing of the F and M College Reporter. 246 . I , X 1 V X K . - ' E X . t f - S ' 1 Y .. 5 ,QF , 'TY' 'X x ' x I S it ,, x + S N x x A -X N4 Q ' sxx.g- '- 1 ' ' 1 '. lk I i i 4 YVOTECT-b 1 9 time , -L 2 X XX cu ff if x X X X ' I I EL . s ' ' iz, 4-,-1 ' Ei ' - ,,, E-,gig ' ,I ' 13-13 Tziijrf'-, 'ff 5 ' - L "li "' - X .1 jf,-3 2 si- J 40 1511 J be Mfffi- 5 5 -L' ZZ E, Alu? x I ' ' 5' 3 : ' Q1 nl, ll - RX A ' : LT "' 4 Q ithlx Rx ss Q - P 3 - N J ff 'SNK - 7 A xx , N f f ,M ,-. - XX V- xx K xy! ,lf '-JT, X of . r 2 ,rg ,- In , A .l, VLX , 1 ' P V K1 f A Q S ENGLE AND HAMBRIGHT, one of the largest real estate and insurance con- cerns in Lancaster, handles most of the insurance affairs of Franklin and Marshall College. "N f Q jj if" r 'ff A1 ,:. C Qf?i"LQ7f EV- r F3 '5 :pq ig J' l If-i li t 'K 4 C '- n la ' tv QI, r.,,g-5, g In TL 'lxu-1-. ,ff ff, 41,1 ,r n-ft s 'Q - "'QF.'TV l' rpg- L 32, 5 I X ,eu as 7- - ,W I A ! .V - : ---x .- For weekend and weekly snacks, you can't beat ZANGARFS PIZZERIA, where you'11 find a varied selection of pizza and subs. 247 PRIPE MOSEMANN'S COLLEGE SMOKESHOP is often patronized by F and M students in need of pipes, to- bacco, or other smoking accessories. The selection of smoking needs is hard to match. ' :In I An: 5, F. W. WOOLWORTH'S has for many years been the first stop for the student in search of supplies. K THE DINING SERVICE extends sincere good wishes to the graduating class of 1965. 248 fh ,' XG' I-I LAC- F 212 5 1- -, 4 R S M -,Q,'.:'r R 3,574--jx, T Se F 7 i 'i3:.'Zf'?'fT'f'5-!?Q1-f,Xa2 " - Fenix Q Q ix lynsngflgius fis fn-:S Q ' , s, , 1 , -2 T Ng E - 1 3 jf: - F2 --av-.572 T ff:-'l"'2..'- ' ALPHA DELTA SIGMA Professional Advertising Fraternity is the exclusive advertising representative for the GREEN ROOM and the 1965 ORIFLAMME. A.D.S. continues to "Bridge-the-Gap" between the Professionals and the fields of advertising, sales, and marketing. cti? Hfxu The HOLSUM BAKERY has been preparing and delivering Holsum Bread to most of the college fraternities for many years. The fine Flavor and freshness of their rolls are enjoyed by all those who have had the opportunity to taste them. A- "v.Qf,6'Z"1 K ' RQSI . - 11- Q ff K Z: 'N 'Tx . D lj?-7 -'X 1 V1 R g, - b ghy. - A in ' ' 2 'ii' if ----V77 ,-.,, '-- , ' -is-5 ' 37.4 " fv - f " .---- . we i I F 1 I N , ---'ls W ' 'tl LR M I - I 6 L ' -' , T Ir CW t I I 1 Q fp I A as-fs-f f H 1, Qi A- e L 3 'f V 1' X -N f- I r . X f ' u'e " L The Green Room playbill and fratemity rush book- lets are only two examples of the line work done by FELDSER PRINTING for campus organizations. Their prompt and excellent service has gained the con- fidence and patronage of the college community. LANCASTER CUSTOM COLOR LABORATORY is Lancaster County's first and only color photo finishing lab specializing in Ektachrome and Ektacolor. L5 uv - 1... ' ' ' L 1 1 Q-Q T i f- 1 ' il- .' isW""'P1s'l , A ies-I . an y ARTISTIG TONSORIAL SALOON ,Z LJ .. -D - - ' 4, T 7 1 f 21' - ' 'JI I.:---l' :. ' g. l lil -'-'- lrnz. Il l af HAIR CUT PHVSIOLOGICALLY F and M students know THE WRIGHT BARBER SHOP for quality contour razor haircutting, hair styl- ing, shaving and scientific rest facials. -ng Fir FF: I 'R' 1 Mmm-,ghop For finely fashioned collegiate clothes and expert dry cleaning service, FILLINQS 'di-abixional ttloxhes MEN'S SHOP is at the top of the list. It is near enough to the campus for a quick afternoon shopping trip. Whig 5-'f-'ff'-'4f,mlIlUw-f , .ij-EV -5 jf, M-jg'-L1-,' fl bw-LL:-X' . if-E-..r"v x ll- l E 1 1 S i E ij- Yuivn : ELEDGEH U' A -, I mt' I IEA D Q ' 5 1lA,,?1r , 'Nbl ' - V ll" i Al n I' T" 1'f? in ' ZX f '-f i' ffl ff' 1 . II J,1lI'fl',' ' U + -X ' S A" i g, 1 55 V I ,r 1 1' 611 v-'A ' F' S -'Sis -TF .Ljzrmi 3? '-L41-JJ' " 'J 'J f 1.-N Q-jj-. '- , 5 - . ...- Y,. L. B. HERR 84 SONS, Lancaster's largest bookstore, provides F and M students with a broad selection, ranging from Bibles to Ledgers, as well as pocket editions, art supplies, stationery, and oliice equipment. 251 4 E 1 J Q N V. Y , ff"'J DEMUTH'S TOBACCO SHOP, the oldest store in the country, carries every type of smoking accessory. If the student cannot find the right pipe here, it doesn't exist. ' -- .",-'V - v-N iffudit. + .ULPBW Jw hal . T- or 'S Mid 'FWS smug A SNA HHH '-'JEIH -145, -4.4- ish,-ix Ein?-r QJ sl 4- it ' ' 5 Lt- 'Trl' if.-.-','. '. fic ',' L ' -'uygffti-W 'I-13' t F" ' li -L' 'I '7 b' . 'K -, hiii...-T.i'1Ti" 4 .HQ . ' 4 , . M 15 - E figigf-74' L ., ,- ff.-rf, . -. -"Ln - X I ' vW"f7'A' Z LK I it.,-. ge. - I if 3, "' . L, ki' A-J up i,,,,,' O i 155-.Q...:,. ' FA- J3i?i.'?! f if O'-if fir ,gg 5 Q , . -. ' flvwg. --,-, pf, 4 jf ,W 'W it 1, .- -1,4 1 ,- :iz Ju. F and M students have found the pleasant surround- ings and delicious pizzas and grinders a welcome serv ice in the recently opened HOUSE OF PIZZA. MARY MACINTOSH SERVICES offers the students complete personal laundry and dry cleaning services, and also a student linen rental service which consists of bed linen, towels, blankets, bed spreads and pillows. Service center is located on the campus. Yi PARTICULAR OTI Cl. PAT MCCABE is beautiful and unique, and has more fine qualities than any other. r' .al-' ll0PES AND BAGS, GUN N YBAGB. Love blows t-he Trumpet 4 of Fame I" ,Q 'I'lIAT'S SO! di Ano ruus me msn 'jg lnaunsr mucus I-'on Z" s our anon, PEWTER, ,ga lleail, COPPER, ,ffb fb 253 ..' X vF,.:ii1'v'L"-ygdm ll 1 , H -1 V M-it V -H Q: U H619 - p-- f ' " i V.: ii" Aj .4 --1 . I i LUMBERYARU -M52 -.T W',."l lu-, X25,,,,g......, ,f,4yAff, r-33,1 43 ' - .l ,T .,,- .v i 1 tr J ,1,. ,- - gait' Eg? yi ., w . -1 T ' L rg 5 tv 1-fs i r ?.S3s4lSg, ' lf? 1 if A ,E gifs . j--jg ,A AHQ95, Y 5 r " 'T' K .f'fi.a.e 1 STECKEL PRINTING COMPANY serves the college's The task of constructing our Homecoming displays and many printing needs with its offset letterpress printing. Green R ' ' ' oom sets would be impossible were it not for the reliable service of the B. B. MARTIN COMPANY in supplying lumber products. For beer in kegs, bottles, or cans the service of SERENA KIRCHNER, at 740 Poplar Street, can't be beat. Call 393-0343. INTENSE EXUITEMENTI SWEDES have more fun. ' fi " A X 'V Q 5 it-f.f,X M- QQ? NICHOL'S DISCOUNT CITY . M is frequented dally byfF ayiiing t in search 0 an t well as many naznzsbrands a incredibly 10W PUC ' fan' "" U - 14 , , A-Te-ix Q my LW' EWIHIPIIIAW' ,4 ousmg W HUM" ' Acres on tb Irv! wma Lora to each 85 SHED! M 01" novx bscllber de of the P 0011 OR BUILD In Um Pump . Bile ,Fifa 'mckgghk OH Q beplwed """P2tIz0 pl, ed huh 'g' 'lbe 'vm dm 4 - ' - loom, ' -vo , n . . h.,,,,,' vu 5"h"" h m1,,,,,'. -"Vu P'11'de,g,a th ' ' zu. V' In H and-, '.""Pl7rlreI'1,1. ' ' ow ,m In Q ' Iiflbspnscnmn muh K -UA or ' Q T, x- ? 9 , K C I 'QA 5 five H ll hen 0 UT 0 'one 0 e en Es' 'Il I- . ""AIupw, . V :ull have unix: Gul 1sln,d'Z"'Hh rein nh- I, M3121 'nc ml 0 I 0 d - ernmghx .7 vnu-r on 0lx,1,,, S "'W rn 1hll,,,I:,, I 'H llchf 'leur Ph ,,,,,,hc V "1 n no ,mm "' t e H 5,110 1 bg VI 'C 9!':rrl,,, 'Tye' '00 In c lhluznhabmm ' IIJ' n e "' 0 I u"'d"'A nm dl e nt nlalluhlg In 'In ,N - -l gk R '-P-S -7512 P A3 Q QQ V A - S QQ Q x x N ll 9:1349 l', v. ,- ' " ,f I 404 .lr 51-. dvr., , . -, . - -71'i- j 'Q 'J-far' G' ' J.. . ' .a-:-I V - ' . ' -..,- -- 4, S. -"- f - -af, -:--rd .X -,, -1'-"' A xxx ---" 4' ,i I I ,wifi I H . - ,V -'11:e'.i'1-iz:-1--,,g,,u,'4',,. me-5 .--- , I-,.. L-:.-:-,1'-- -'4xgG,f5X 'Q -1-' f-4,4 . .1-'s ' Q...Ii' .WWW Q ,L .lfgf N-5 -Y ...- S' ,fl'?q'af.y 'P' ,g-si' ,,a Y --lb 69 i V O Q Q- ' 4- --1 4 H - .1-Q -Pi 1 .sj1 . ' fl: -oi 6:11 XA' I ' 'mai' F -- ' 1- 71:13 '-ZFX' .1 " J 'V' - --'S'-"J" ' A2161 'f ,lr L n ',, '-'fs-' ' -rf 1 u f 1'-l"Z--Z... - X 1 I" l fa 'L' " ' .. .:-- ' 1 -. - , .-- ucv- 1? -' 14 .. g . -. --1, "' 5 1 I fl' I , Yin' Q, . bu ' . I N , -'I 'A MRI' if x xi ld. 1,-I A. 'ig H e 2.1 I. xi.. 323: 1' 1-' . ' . ' - . c N -n'.'f-1" J' ' 1 , ni l l "" '. - ll' 'N -X 1 in n il., 5. ' N .5 : ,. -"' " , .. 'ggllll . 5 ,' 7 , ,,F' 1-'If v --. 1 k . '.. II' ' 'L 5 5. ' Ly, 4 v I ., -I A ' Q A -, . ' I .-, L, - - - 5 . ' D -4-1 I. I' . ' "' I i E is Syl'l0ny" , . all PENSUPREM' s House and in the College Dlnlgill-land other fresh dairy products In the Cagllplfilolesome milk, delicious ICC CFC argh laboratoflf' ' w . - se being developed m the1r modern YC if I E! w A If ' N X ,.Q.- bg Qi , 1. 1- W ,. l'x Lf J . 7 - Q,4f jf F' ff 'f ix FET R ULEUMV If CUNCHIZTE Mag1cal Heal all and Do all Capital for Pocket Wouuncls Superb for lonwelenee Strains Delightful loimetic Super Fxeellent Dopllntory line llalr Tonll 'rent ln Chollc and Blu-umatlsm Splendid ln Gout. Put up in Convenient Packages. Fon SALE EVERYWHERE. . , -5 9 va li J ' ,, 1 tltfz ' x 5 F 6 . v ' .rw , l X 4 ..7,, r . 'ff ,s a. it O I 6-YD . Eff EM GJ GREASIES f f fx? 'T-le A' . J 1 E l ffl a,,.l -' --1 -1 xg" L S + 4 + In -al " g gi va . M-E E -"a-2 --. - - ' ga fi' W ' - " .4 , -A , I L ', Z-TJ ff' i . 9 X U 1' N. - , IV ' ' 1 Q3 5? ja? .'fff+f'a, f 'G ' N ' LJL9 .X,9,yEz:,-57, f qgf-21167 93 QA E v F515 ul L- Q' 256 Fffw, fi' CARBONlQUE'S PATENT I N 11' I1,k'l7 I NG POWDERS, svnsnlcrrv 1" -'-Q... ,..L-.--. - umnxvinxiu znirtiriikii QBOTJWY? flE1fl?llfl3S PIILE PULE 5363.13 SPOU'TWATEli.'S S 257 'Z ,. l 1 155 -571 : 02364111- " f' 2 11 . . x 3: , - g. '-ff ' 'f 'X-f "flair 'r- X - " V? -af X . - ' , V. fs ' ' s, . p I' :fu .V U ' I Q , 4. 1 cr f.-': 1 -Q -' " ,Ve ,lf " 1: " n 'Ig' it 3,--'Y'-1 T 0 I' ' ., p gl 4' , Bc: f v x A at A 1 Q ' ', li .I c9 - 'alf 1 ' s - QHEPF V E- .IQ 1 :,J -, . J- 'PI gf' MILLER BROS. 1 N- I V :Q Vendors, Inc. 1 E, .- 'iq' a subsidiary of Servomation Corporation I I 4 .. 4 , A. -:fs-fQ P Qaaaq E 9' 2 ' h ,h , gg 45 'Sr' Q X ' 'A?'x?:!'1?oCfDQfCQf 2.2 ,A A if H11-KR eff P7 it ig. 59 T A Complete vending and food service. We thank you for the privilege of sewing you through vending machines, and we wish to you, the Class of '65, the best in the future. fr , 4' ' ' ly? ff' c' ' ' Ld- - 4 ' ' A ' X - TX - ' 421 ig 2, E' .ss sis W 7 EQ- . 5' ' ,f , 'i'.".:.iA iff I' N QNX' - I .CHESTD , .,- 2 ' ' int-gf? ' lx 0 . v ' LETTERS PATENT Q 1 NEW-YORK . , 'l'l 258 H ! is ' Q W ' - , nw...-U 0 II 6 O YQ Q G 4-fii'-'L l,1f! , 1' ' hi planing- of ghis TAVERN I 4 pence a night for bed -H I 6 pence with potluck , 2 pence for housekeeping "5 No more than five 1 to sleep in one bed I : No boots to be worn in bed No razor grinders or ,I tinkers taken in No dogs allowed I Compliments ofNORWALK TRUCK LINES INC. ii, in the kitchen Orgen Grinders to sleep 5 in the wash house I, I I THE xosr Q Things go better with Coke supplied by the LAN- CASTER COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO., INC. lh -I l'lllH-llh I C 3 I In UI "Known for 34 years as qualify fabricafors and de- pendable erecfors of structural steel for building and bridge construction." HIGH WELDING COMPANY 'I9I'I OLD PHILA. PIKE P. O. BOX 'I526 Area Code 717 - 393-3657 Lancaster, Pa. CLOISTER DAI QUALITY RIES delivers more milk to more campus fraternities than all other dairies combined. This fact alone speaks for the product. 44' X Nl? Eol..Ex 4 I G t llllll a A. y X I ,U i- M or Amzmcfx ff' ,cat A llIlI'll M415 M' Q 'Qs HA SELBLAD 5 0-C MXUIIIIIII 'ji ft' Qc I'f!ffI'ff?2fQl4?12ffeX:f3 if n a ar . - F ' E' 1 1 X X -4 You'l1 find JAFFAE CINEFOTO CORP. supplying F and M with its photographic needs. vwitiHuf4,ml cm macttirg' THE HOLIDAY INN "1 , ocated in the heart of th Amish country" is al e , ways prepared to offer comforta- ble and convenient accommodations to out-of-town visitors. 260 dlllill' LAM: Errrurrlsr ir L UNAVILLIN IIUUSING ummrumrw X Five Hundred Acres o I1 the Sllnny Side of the Moon to each Subscnber. WIT-H LOTS OF ROCK FOR BUILDING PURPOSES! When one half the sleek is taken, an At: the emter oi' Popacntapetl to f ' will be plaved ci W. nosplzeric Engine will be erected in urmsll Defined air to the settlers, and zz Steam Sr u' n Goat Island to play water on the M0on, so tlz ' ill have always enoughxnever too much, mul the drouths and drenehings to wbi la Balloons also will b ' the ea I 111 nt the inhabitant.-f never foo little 5 thus avoiding c the enrnh Z-4 pefqzle are lin ble. e provided fo start daily from different nvniluhl rth. New IS THE Tum e points nn ro SUBSCRIBE! Tl 'X 'ff-1. ia. X Q.. g-' f-' ..---'- -4- banquet le Of a f c111t1QS uege S beef and C9213 aitracuve to co roast locatlo . - us steaksilere and han for dehclot atm0SP the area a pleasan Shout f atllfes d thfou INN e Ren0Wne KYARD TOC THE S 261 The art of being a non-contormist or why many perceptive yearbook staffs prefer a very distinguished publishing house Retaining one's individuality is not easy in these days of mass production and stand- ardization. This is especially true of year- book publishing, in which mass production methods have the tendency to force one to buy just what the other fellow buys. Making of soap or soup or salad dress- ing by mass methods is one thing. But it is quite another to attempt to produce a creative yearbook by trying to squeeze it into some pre-conceived mold. It just can't be done that way. The Wm. J. Keller firm brings together highly trained craftsmen, the very finest papers and ink of superlative quality. Add to these a unique service plan built around the individual school, and, finally, produc- tion by the Velvatone process, which Keller perfected especially for the printing of yearbooks, and you have a truly distin- guished performance. E a yearbook with singular character and individuality . . . we call it "THE LOOK OF THE BOOK." The yearbook you are presently leafing through is the product of the Keller custom program. lf you would care to see other examples of "THE LOOK OF THE BOOK" as produced by Wm. J. Keller, get in touch with us now. WM. J. KELLER INC. Publishers of Finer Yearbooks Buffalo 15, N. Y. Carl V. Peterson 2130 Country Club Drive Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania Phone: OL 9-9410 Area Code: 215 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The stalf of the 1965 ORIFLAMME wishes to thank the following persons, whose valuable assistance has made possible the design and publication of this 77th volume. Mr. Floyd Peck, Lancaster Custom Color Lab Mr. Carl V. Peterson, Wm. J. Keller Inc. Mrs. Jewell M. Gates, Wm. J. Keller Inc. Mr. David Tan, Wm. J. Keller Inc. Mr. Joseph Crilley Mr. Herbert Comess Mrs. Roberta Strickler Mr. Leo Geier Pat McCabe, Chris Hoelzel, and Joan Sweeten Mr. John G. Gates II, Gates Studios Mr. Charles W. Thompson Mr. George N. Stewart, S. K. Smith Co. Pat Garramore and Tom Gambino The College Reporter Mr. Marvin Merin, Merin Studios, Inc. Mr. I ack O'Donnell, Merin Studios, Inc. 263 In the spring of 1964, the editor of this book began with full confidence the task of creating a faithful and complete record of the year's events, a record that would capture all the memories of a year at Franklin and Marshall, and one that would also render on paper the spirit and flavor of the college. Now, a year later, we have come to realize that such an achievement is impossible. For a year we have cherished this book, and have scomed it, we have wrung out copy, and squeezed in pictures, and checked punctuation, we have gambled on a thousand decisions, and have fought the deadlines that seemed so comfortably far away. We have come to know the college well. And, in the end, We have received a great deal of satisfaction and reward. But Hnally, the year has taught us that a full and complete record is not to be achieved, and that the spirit of the campus is such that it cannot be captured in ink. This book, by its nature, can be no more than the reflection of a year. But it is meant to be an accurate reflection, and the 1965 Oriflamme is presented with the hope that it will preserve for the graduates of Franklin and Marshall a valid image of the year that has passed. 264 IJ. wr QAM- , H4 4 N3..W, Www n . ,,,,, ,J..1..,....' -4.1.1 J V ,Q ,- f,,,.-.4..-..a... f-L, ,..-.-.,..., .. .----...-...J..,........ T ' 'W ' R . if n , .wx A "Eff: 1125,-f". r -rw .' rr' 4 .. L :fi 1--" -' P'-' V '71-f2".""- af' v ' . W " .2-E 1' 4? T51 5 VQH- ' if. Q ., 1 ? ' 1 45' J N. f' 1 ' -'I 7 Zia

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Franklin and Marshall College - Oriflamme Yearbook (Lancaster, PA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


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