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LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE ROGER C. THOMPSON editor in chief THOMAS R. MURRAY, JR business manager assistant editor 1964 ORIFLAMME With time, people, places, plans, and ideas change. The college campus becomes the .scene of social tragedy, intellectual revelation and human interplay. Although no one can accurately capture the personal feelings and emotions which flow through the mind of an undergraduate during his four years in Lancaster, between the covers of the 1964 ORIFLAMME we have attempted to render a representation of life at F and M, emphasizing those facets which are most familiar to us all. Perhaps no alumnus will notice an exact replica of his experience here, but we feel that all will derive a wistful nostalgia from perusing these pages now, and in the years to come. The Administration 49 The Senior Directory 117 The Seniors and Faculty 56 The Events rq., 'I -7"""' ""-'---.... ' 126 The Fraternities 192 The Societies 190 -N9 iv, my Fw- Dedication The words come easily in dedicating the 1964 Oriflamme to Dr. Charles Spotts. The word that comes most easily is integrity-the overwhelming integrity of the man. One instantly thinks of his warmth and good nature and boundless energiesg his interest in the min- utae of a thousand topics and devotion to the handful of great issues,' his love of students and dedication to the Collegeg his passion for lifeg his zest for a better life for all of us,' his vigorous sense of citizenship. His congregation has been his community and his community has had no boundaries. Over three decades of students recall his classroom probings, always the stimulating mixture of genuine scholarship and friendly wit. His colleagues over the years are better men for his wisdom, always available, but never im- posed. How often we have turned to him in mo- ments of crisis, whether the issue was the health of Franklin and Marshall or our private dilem- mas. Each time he has responded, with under- standing and affection. Would it be too much to say that we love this man because he preaches what he practices? We think not. In mid-September the freshman arrives to find the campus trimmed and polished to look its best. But the peace and quiet of his 17rst impression is soon disrupted by the hectic schedule of Orientation week. It is during this initiation to the rigors of academic life that he becomes acquainted with the many faces of Franklin and Marshall, the Office of the Dean of Students, dormitory life, athletic competition extra-curricular activities, the fraternity system, and Lancaster society. gn X .J ,gs 5 After a summer of rest and relaxation, the Upperclassman returns to the quiet, genteel atmosphere of Lancaster to find many facets Of his academic environment unchanged and traditional. However, there are various startling innovations dotting the familiar scene of his undergraduate days: classrooms have been renovated, new shrubbery planted, and a new dormitory begun. Perhaps the most perplexing manifestations of modern engineering ingenuity are the carefully contrived speed bumps in the college driveways. As he eases his automobile over the yellow islands in Hartman Oval, he Wi-Vfflllly considers the wonders wrought by modern science. W Although the sincere student seldom finds time away from his books to engage in social activities, the droves of young ladies who invade the campus each weekend furnish a welcome respite from the daily sight of his unshaven classmates. He finds his cultural perception broadened and tries at all times to present the picture of suave collegiate masculinity to "les girls." Wilson, Hood, Beaver and Goucher are the girls' schools most frequently represented in the bleachers of Williamson Field or the Mayser Gymnasium, but any student at F and M owes a debt of gratitude to the girls from Millersville and Lancaster who so loyally .support our social functions. ,. -ft. 55.55 Much of the learning which goes on at any 'vvl college occurs in the classroom. Here one can ' almost see the outward effects as new concepts Permeate the receptive mind of the ardent student. Contrary to popular opinion, not all knowledge is the result of rote memorization - - 'M ilf' ,iQ'Wiv??J at during the wee hours ofthe morning. .t -w Wf' ?1" l1b1f f- 'W ,, ,, o- WJ' v 'Aw N 0 E-v5,w,NQaam In the fall, the student returns to more than classrooms and studies. Varsity athletes arrive early for pre-season practiceg freshmen are introduced to the requirements of p.t.,' scholars leave the library to jill the stands of Williamson Field, or stand at the sidelines to watch the soccer games. Homecoming Weekend is the social pinnacle of the fall semester. Activity begins far in advance, as the fraternities struggle to construct their displays depicting various caricatures of Franklin and Marshall's gridiron opponents. Girls, parties and old grads provide the impetus to participate in a full schedule of planned activities culminating in the traditional game and the President's alumni reception. faq ."'q.qWf .I , WMM ww,-km W" lm ,,"Z,m.mqyM,,, Wi' 1 W ann my w 4- lllmfrzel . -on mx x.. KQV M: .-Q I .f yr-:X 'x' . 4 Bail' 'P- Not all change in the academic community is wrought within the classroom. Improvement of physical plant must keep pace with the necessary intellectual growth ofthe progressive liberal arts college. The daily sight of growing structures and the industrious individuals who labor to provide the facilities for higher education has become commonplace to the F and M student as he trudges back and forth to class. "V" "A""5F" i'Z'.. .f Lf! " ' '-, lil ,fi .,.,, 917, H255 5 ,g..,?l- A in Is.. . . V, . . 3.06, . A. K! .Mei . .VII ' , " f" 4, .. , xx. A ' 1 ii i ' 'a . . 132.1 ' ' NK,-'f:j'?, 7 .f : :D 4 t . The faculty is the mainstay of any liberal arts institution. F and M 's unusually high percentage of Ph.D.'s and their worthy associates stimulate much animated discussion in the classrooms, and provide the students with helpful individual guidance. Our outstanding faculty deserves the highest praise which we as students and alumni can bestow. id, .- HF ,MQ Q.. 'Ns 5 Long after the frenetic bustle preceding classes and hourlies has faded from his memory, the alumnus retains the immutable images of colon- naded halls and unforgettable faces. gf Il 7 I V P 1 5 Pre-medical students form a community of their own in the F ackenthal Laboratories, where the broad scope of the liberal arts is set aside in pursuit ofthe specifics of science. Biology majors develop "microscope-hunch," and anatomy students learn the intricacies of cat musculature, the ultimate goal being acceptance to medical school. 91- 1 'mx The appearance of our traditionally fine college marching band provides a welcome half-time relief from the rigors of physical contact. Following the presentation of several selections, the spectators rise to join in singing the college Alma Mater. 4. L I QLWWQ Although day-to-day life centers around the activities of the classroom, there are assorted diversions available to the college student. A best- seller from the bookshop, a cup of coffee in the Campus House, or a good workout in the new gym, all help to relieve the academic routine. ln:-n-..... 3-,A Y ,W S X ffk - .afg- Jr' l.l f 0 4 4 44 HHH x.. ,'Puv S , Q 1 . fgm 4' .sv Q'-242 x ' A 1 il. fc' ',Vi'L 1, If L WW' ' 1, ,, mf? .gp 'Eb ,A .f- .4 ,Mk fi xf,rf"l' 1,2 ,.P' V. , ,Irs rQ'f' gi w z .w- A N gf.: , ..1 1 . f . . 36 H .. A ls' Jim, , ,J - R: . PE 9 , J' 9' K if t , , Y I 0 .M i- . 'N' 1' -x x -T, A vs - ," la' QE 3 9 3" 'if' 5-3- ii i I "X Student contact with the faculty at Franklin and Marshall is not limited to the classroom. The student may attend organized Student-Faculty Forums, join any one of the many interest groups on campus, or chat casually with a professor over a between-class snack. ' f'1"" Q0 o 1 S . :J ' 3 . O - 1 0 "Q-ml. V, P I 2.30 H u.n get' 9 kg 0 s 5 NK Q' 'V-' u m-xfk 4 Y F' 'FOI 1 ,f jx .Y 5 X Despite the pressure of finals and the disruption l of Christmas holidays, winter athletics flourish. Frank dusts off the basketballs, the bleachers in Mayser gymnasium are rolled out, the steam room fills with wrestlers making weight, F ackenthal pool becomes the scene of new swimming records, and P.T. moves inside. In the spring, "The Pit" becomes a tangle of netting as baseball and lacrosse teams compete for space. The track team disturbs the new grass in Williamson Field, while shorts appear on the tennis courts, and the golf team leaves for Overlook. n ,, 1' Nun.. - fu ,wir W ' i e!' K mm M" 'f-Maj, 1' il' '- ,W ..,, , , ,MV "'Uilnsu.,....,,.,. 4, ,mzgryw 1 . X 1 When icy blasts whip across the campus and the befuddled Lancaster Street Department puzzles the removal of winter's residue, F and M men bundle against the cold, pelt each other with snowballs, or apply the principles of their new- found knowledge to the extrication of a trapped Volkswagen. ,ff-U Interfraternity Weekend proved a typical F and M extravaganza studded with beautiful girls, good music, wild parties, and fast cars. ,.,,, ,. An inevitable enigma which annually confronts the undergraduate is the advent of spring. As leaves turn green and flowers begin to bud, the student's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of water yights, softball, or whatever other forms of exhibitionism present themselves. -""f'Y79" . 'iw it I V 9? I l I . l"Y5Q , f 'Q xwvw Xa X 'QQ' 4... i lik 'wif 'H ,111 P- ' ,E i - .. , 5.5 4 ' "Qui " nw.-,Aqv - Ni 1 'i 'f 4: - v . . X x YA X .W K , Q . 13'- . - " "X WS.,-' J .J 'n f'-x ' 4 u 3151 'C . , .,,.,-,, ..,,,, ,. ,, , ,,,.,, ,-W,,'wmn- 'pw www' QTMM.-9, :9,',."'v,:.'w,uT-mm WT. Wl'V'.NG7M'TVt'-13,1M,.T5ZG'Wf,M, ,m,,W,0'wwMw'vw'5CW,: ,,,,4WW. ,vmw,Lg3g1,,,.' , V W ,f mn y W ,M 'irym ,uvh-N A .- 1-., ww- y -- -- MM," ,Jyn,,,.m.,,WY,-W, , W, ' 1, x,sw,wW M, ., , wg Q -1 , m. .. 'N ww u w. xx, w ,,:,PJw',Q-um WM ww, M,'u,f 1,1 QM, ,jwfu MM, Wiz MWA Nw ,A ' N. wC,N, E s wx: M155 my f,wwww'2,.nw w,"WWI', ',mf"'?w.fE,nw,wr N? mi,v'vs,w-,,w54'W,,,W, ,, NNNN ,-.5 gf F-1,,m1Mm wx, ,,,,3,HWiMf,,WVMI, MQ, ,W Lfypgw, W 4u2,,'1,,,Nfw ,gr ,MXN 'M , ,J fu W, A K Q . .v A MN .H W W Zhfw ,J'4G:wMMw,viQ P, 9 , K, "Y ww w:,,,,,,o'w,,H 1?'QfM4?"'!3j ,kg iV'W,'7K ,'f,,sWfvw"" QW'T'wW7u1,JKNQ ML,ww1w+wffWw,,1,',ww:,,wN,fwx JN ' ,ezufwswx 'f'W1,31v-3,wfii'm:,vQm1 Y ,:m1mwgwi,fvw,g,am,,w wr? vw ww T,-,,',E4w?m,,'--jQ'm4wsgpnywf4u,WM,f,-S,"iw-,ww A,,w',.,,,-,mrs-,W " N "" ,www 'wfuW': u , wg, ,gg M , 'L I ,W 42 lm nr imdb, 'X 5fm1'J,0W'M'W'CWn MM fvWiw nmf XuMz'v'6i 3V wma " " 'M X Y' W z M my Q, 4' M1-W WW ml, .. WM, 'f 4 ,593 ., ,W ,W N , :Sm w5gE'+W ,QQ3' W W A I : EM g'1w?,gWm1 W w Www H w vy f' AM ,Hwm',Q!'u M 1 U ' my ,3"M!a W 1:g::'Q,x,Qu w,,m.1,, HQQMLIWWW 1, W 'M,, ,, ,vrfgfh M ' zgmtw fw 'vm Q' if my 5 , ' k M1 MW e'u+?MWW F 1' vi 1 ,MIN lr Mu H ,,,, , r , ,E ,,w gmfrmv M WNW J. mw ah 'W - V,-:'ff '4 1m.'w mf w Wa,,w, , L,1W,,,f, 4, f m . A 2 , - , - Q - 1. u . g r H 'T' M' I A With the completion of "comps" the burden of four years is suddenly lifted from the senior,' only the traditions and ceremonies of commencement remain to put a Hnal seal on those years, culminating in the awarding of diplomas as concrete evidence of the intangibles lost and gained during the process of education. -U' ,,,, Ab n , ,N ' -,,,,,,,, Q "Wu, ' fly? wx , , N. X4 T , W , ,A mf 'X ' i""QfLiU -u 1 ,D M., ,r ,' H , X., ww, , 1 xxx, X' FN3 mm H ' is ,, . ,, ' WMSW ' 5, "I" , ',,V,,, ' N: l',,,x W4 -nm fi' ,,,,M,,, 12 N ,,,, ,,, ,N 1 , .Q J -1 J ,W--' ,,,, ,Q",,,,,,,5 V 1 W5'.,r"" ,, , ,,,, W , A ' N 2 'wwf'-U ,, ,,', ' M W m ' Wh 1 W 'M 1 ' ,-JV ' gm, Y N W ' y 1 u E, ,Wk I a 'W ,WMM v , , M, xx' ,MMN M M Y MQ, WMM M x J L xl, rl K ,mmm , W . Aw, , W, w V TA, , 1 ,wha r A v W , M u i, W ,, V fav GN b ' Wx' AA r WJ- N , ' 'bp N 1,1 ' , + ' WW 1 U Y Y L W hm 4 ,,,, , ,,,,, , 4 M Keith Spalding President of the College 1964 ORIFLAMME 51 ij In mid-April 1963, Keith D. Spalding assumed the oilice of President of Franklin and Marshall College upon the George F. Baer Foundation. He ascended this lofty office at the close of a period of administrative turmoil and his appointment by the College Board of Trustees was looked upon as the culmination of a nearly year-long search for a new and dynamic leader to asume the direction of a rapidly growing, academically progressive, liberal arts college. We, the members of the class of 1964, regarded his appointment with great anticipation as we were anxious that our alma mater should continue its significant advancements. President Spalding's congeniality, dedication, and enthusiasm have won from all of us our hearty support for his policies, and aspirations for Franklin and Marshall College. We enter upon alumni status with the greatest confidence that under his guidance the college will continue its progress toward unprecedented excellence in the world of liberal education I G. Wayne Glick Dean of the College IJ Www Richard H. Winters Assistant to the Dean 1964 ORIFLAMME 49.35-fq Hadley S. DePuy Dean of Students J s C. Doremus Asst to the Dean of Students Edward P. Hoffer Associate Director of Admissions dw Qywfrazwd- Bruce A. Westerdahl Director of A dmissions 1964 ORIFLAMME ,. , . 5 W--V . af wi' :wr f 1- 1 Wg -. 153'-.-.4r,1 Hz!" 32? F35-"1-f'f' Q ' .51 :'j1g3 -giggf 1 .1 .sp-5-A, - - , ,, ..N. ,, , , 'JUN' z R I. J ,, ,L , . 31 ,A-'Yana -a 1- si., F:g5vzgY,fw:x:s,.i-V , - Jn g. '..-' -k':'1X4 gif I W .-xv."-jf.,. . s gf., . MZ, 1 . r S" ' . . -A 113, Qu GQ. W Paul R. Linfield Nancy H. Rutter Business Manager Registrar , ,, V M Z if -' 'Mum ,ff-" 1 x 1 X , , WW H ' W , W N' "1Mm,Mq 'H' ' M' M mu, vw ww M A , H , ,N M WLN , N XW MMM , X ' M Mu" 'Wx MW 'WN' 'N W Y , w ma wx H "'W"' 'www' rw' W' M11 few: L' ,. , ' ,,,,W Q MM, The Senior and aculty IN MEMORIAM Elias H. Phillips teacher - humanitarian - man In passing, Elias has left a rich heritage: a friendly, warm, kindly man was he when gently encouraging his colleaguesg when subtly opening doors of appreciation to his friendsg when enthusiastically inspiring his studentsg or when unobtrusively fulfilling his many functions on the campus. Elias was a man of deep love-love for understanding, for learning, as well as for being. His inner faith made him a saintly soul with magnanimous courage and gentleness. These characteristics, blended with a sweet flow of humor, were interwoven into that unique fabric we all knew to be Eli. G. R. B., Jr. Q 'fix 5 . ' .-Er. TM'-1. W. lv: ' . 1- -.-1:1 . .- W. D. Shenk, H. K. Lane J, J. McDermott J. M. Bernard, A. W. Shively B no I og y JOHN M. BERNARD-Instructor of Biology, B.S., Univer- sity of Minnesota, Duluth, 1958, M.S., Rutgers University, 1960. 119623 JAMES MCCOWN DARLINGTON-Professor of Biology, B.S., Franklin and Marshall College, 1930, M.A., Brown University, 1933, Ph.D., Brown University, 1935, Pd.D., Franklin and Marshall College, 1961. 11937-1944, 19481 KENNETH RYDAL JOHN--Associate Professor of Biology, B.S., University of Wyoming, 1950, M.S., University of Wis- consin, 1952, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1954. 119563 HARRY KELLER LANE-Professor of Biology, B.S., Frank- lin and Marshall College, 1928, M.S., Cornell Universitty, 1935. 119491 l 964 ORIFLAMME J. M. Darlington JOHN J. McDERMOTT--Associate Professor of Biology, Chairman of the Department of Biology, B.S., Seton Hall University, 1949, M.S., Rutgers University, 1951, Ph.D. Rutgers University, 1954. 11958J WILBUR DAVID SHENK-Associate Professor of Biology, A.B., Goshen College, 1929, M.A., University of Michigan, 1937, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1952. 119521 ARTHUR WILLARD SHIVELY--B. F. Fackenthal, Jr. Pro- fessor of Biology, B.S., Juniata College, 1928, M.S., Uni- versity of Virginia, 1933, Ph.D., University of Virginia, 1939. 119467 ig . , ,, FQ n"-If' ffff f-Q , Egfwzw M if ilft ' "'.'.. Ralph C. Auchenback William H. Behringer George E. Biron Myerstown, Pa. Allentown, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Mitchell E. Blum John L. Bondi Yeadon, Pa. Abington, Pa. Robert P. Brinacombe Carl S. Burak Towson, Md. Elkins Park, Pa. Frank P. Castrina, Jr. Hazleton, Pa. Todd D. Clopper Louis M. Diemer Llewellyn M. Ehrhart, Jr Chatham, N.J. Philadelphia, Pa. Dallastown, Pa. William W. Frailey, Jr. John P. Galdieri Stephen G. Gelfand Richard A. Hahn Emmaus, Pa. 1964 ORIFLAMME Morristown, N.J. Malvernc, N.Y. Lancaster, Pa. Allan A. Horland Stuart L. Isler Gerald F. Kaplan Millburn, N.J. Livingston, N.J. Philadelphia, Pa. Lawrence Katz Dale C. Kistler Philadelphia, Pa. Kingston, Pa. David D. Klopp Frederick J. Koch Leonia, N.J. Jeannette, Pa. ' . G? . I ,:xv. ",A l h 5 Sa - ,V I 1 Thaddeus L. Kulpinski Robert S. Lake Robert I. Lewy Larry I . Lipshutz Philadelphia, Pa, Pitcairn, Pa. Brooklyn, N.Y. Philadelphia, Pa. Herbert S. Lustig Thomas J. Maxwell Eisuke Murono Harrisburg, Pa. Hazleton, Pa. Seabrook, N.J. 1964 ORIFLAMME l Irnest S. Oser Robert J. Parsons Washington, D.C. Brook Haven, Pa. Howard C. Passmore, Jr. John D. Polansky Walter T. Reed E. Creigh Reichard Wallingford, Pa. Glensidc, Pa. Lafayette, Calif. York, Pa. I Morton J. Roberts James A. Robin Merion, Pa, Drexel Hill, Pa. James T. Rothermel John C. Schantz Wyomissing, Pa. Ephrata, Pa. Malcolm H. Taylor Ross L. Wademan Roger B. Ward Annapolis, Md. Wyomissing, Pa. Wallingford, Pa Ronald L. Warren Joseph R. Wigmore Trenton, N.J. Rosemont, Pa. 4 Lee S. Wilkinson Leslie B. Zwirn Cleveland, Ohio Lancaster, Pa. 1964 ORIFLAMME s ff. 2 SEATED: A. L. Bell, W. E. Everett. STANDING: H. R. Jaenicke, L. R. Aberle, N. P. Laird, H. Fischer. Business Administration Donald S. Austin William L. Baber Tuckahoe, N.Y. Bethlehem, Pa. HENRY R. JAENICKE-Assistant Professor of Business Administrationg A.B., Dartmouth College, 19523 M.B.A., University of Pennsylvania, 1958. 119603 L. ROLAND ABERLE--Associate Professor of Business Administrationg B.S.C.B.A., University of Alabama, 19403 M.B.A., New York University, 19495 C.P.A. 1Alabama3 1943. 119583 NOEL P. LAIRD--Professor of Business Administration, B.B.A., Boston University, 19223 BLB.C., Temple University, 19233 M.A., University of Pennsylvania, 1927, M.B.A., Boston University, 1929, Ed.D., Rutgers University, 1934. 119253 HAROLD FISCHER-Professor of Business Administrationg B.S. in Business Administration, The Ohio State University, 1922, M.A., The Ohio State University, 1926. 119283 ALBERT L. BELL-Professor of Business Administration and Economics, Co-Chairman of the Department of Business Administrationg B.S. in Economics, Franklin and Marshall College, 1935, M.A., Pennsylvania State University, 19403 Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1951. 119463 WINTHROP E. EVERETT--Professor of Business Adminis- tration and Economics, Co-Chairman of the Department of Business Administrationg B.S. in Economics, Franklin and Marshall College, 1927, M.A:, University of Chicago, 1932: Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1951. 119463 William E. Bates Donald F. Davis John L. Finlayson Pittsburgh, Pa. Glcnside, Pa. Mcrchantville, N.J. Paul W. Gelpke Peter J. Hendcl Paul J. Hoffman Shawn, Mass- New London, Conn. Valhalla, N.Y. Allan N. Holbrook Thomas C. Ingegncri Robert B. Kilburn George N. Mackison Bethany, Conn. Mt. Kisco, N.Y. Pcnns Grove, N.J. York, Pa. 1964 ORIFLAMME '5u I 1. 'G Richard L. McEwan Wayne S. Mountz Thomas R. Murray Kenneth C. Reed Slingerlands, N.Y. Middletown, N.Y. Zelienople, Pa. Princeton, N.J. Q bv Michael T. Reese Lawrence R. Rutt Michael C. Shilipoti David C. Smith Lancaster, Pa. Harrisburg, Pa. Towaco, N.J. Lancaster, Pa. David R. Smith Herbert D. Smith Edward A. Stewart Arthur B. Stitzer, III Wayland, Mass. Dcmarest, N.J. Agawam, Mass. Wyncote, Pa. Accounting 1964 ORIFLAMME 'Suv-or E Richard J. Abbiati Robert B. Dubner Richard H. Gherst Glen Rock, N.J. Roslyn Heights, N.Y. Phoenixville, Pa. Steven P. Griebel Daniel W. Groff Stephen R, Hamlin Middletown, N.Y. Lancaster, Pa. Hillsdale, N.J. l Gary A. Herr Richard E. Hill Lancaster, Pa. Short Hills, N.J. Philip V. Halberton Richard C. Jung Summit, N.J. South Orange, N.J. R. Scott Klinger Horace M. Lowman, Jr. Michael L. Matthews Mechanicsburg, Pa. Baltimore, Md. Reading, Pa. Robert W. Mester Edward L. Mikell Lancaster, Pa. Baldwin, N.Y. Gerald H. Pfister John R. Rosenstengel Louis W. Sanders S. Paul Schmuck Woodstown, N.J. Lewistown, Pa. B1'00klyI1, N-Y- LBIHCHSICF, P21- Richard L. Spangler David K. Stone Lancaster, Pa. Skaneateles, N.Y. Roger C. Thompson Oradell, N.J. T964 ORIFLAMME F. H. Suydam E. D. Olsen, A. J. Rich, F. A. Snavely. R. P. Cross, R. W. Van Horn. I -. ,...........-.Q C. E. Fink Chemistry ROBERT P. CROSS-Professor of Chemistry, B.S., Wash- ington and Jefferson College, 1940, M.S., Washington and Jefferson College, 1942, Ph.D., Carnegie Institute of Tech- nology, 1947. H9471 COLIN E. FINK-Associate Professor of Chemistry, B.S., Pennsylvania State University, 1932, M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1933, Ph.D., Columbia University, 1944. 119571 HUGH A. HELLER-Professor of Chemistry, B.S., Rutgers University, 1930, M.S., Rutgers University, 1932, Ph.D., University of Maryland, 1938. 119421 EUGENE K. OLSEN-Assistant Professor of Chemistry, B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1955, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1960. 119601 AUSTIN J. RICH-Assistant Professor of Chemistry, B.S., Bates College, 1952, M.S., Purdue University, 1955, Ph.D., Purdue University, 1960. C19571 FRED A. SNAVELY-Associate Professor of Chemistry, B.S., Franklin and Marshall College, 1949, Ph.D., Pennsyl- vania State University, 1952. 119521 FREDERICK H. SUYDAM-Professor of Chemistry, Chair- man of the Department of Chemistry, 'B.S., Franklin and Marshall College, 1941, Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1950. C1946-1947, 19521 RUTH W. VAN HORN-Associate Professor of Chemistry, B.A., University of California at Los Angeles, 1939, M.A., University of California at Los Angeles, 1940, Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, 1944. C1949-1954, 19561 i Martin P. Albert Damitar D. Ciganovic Alfred J. Cossari Newark, N.J. 1964 ORIFLAMME Youngwood, Pa. W. Hemstead, N.Y. Charles H. Faust, Jr. Thomas E. Fielding Fullerton, Pa. Corning, N.Y. Gerald J. Frankel Eugene P. Mazzola North Bergen, N.J. Verona, N.J. Dale W. Oller Robert J. Ott Lancaster, Pa. Reading, Pa. Robert C. Shaler Jay D. Shenk Harold R. Sobel Pittsburgh, Pa. Manheim, Pa. Lancaster, P 21- Aristides Terzis Henry N. Vansant Edward J. Walsh Robert R. Windolph Salonika, Greece Salisbury, Md. Madison, N .J . Phoenixville, Pa. W. Lyons V. G. Treml N. W. Taylor l 964 ORIFLAMME ..,-nf' . L? .. .w . 1 'US " USSR Economies WILL LYONS-Associate Professor Economics, Chairman of the Department of Economicsg B.S., Bucknell University, l939g Ph.D., Harvard University, 1963. 119601 NORMAN W. TAYLOR-Associate Professor of Economics, B.Sc. 1Econ.J, London University, l950g M.A., Yale Univer- sity, 1954g Ph.D., Yale University, 1958. 119623 V VLADIMIR G. TREML-Associate Professor of Economics, B.A., Brooklyn College, 1955g M.A., Columbia University, 19565 Ph.D., University of North Carolina, 1963. 119615 Paul K. Becker Peter Benenson Verona, N.J. Silver Spring, Md. O. Lavelle Bond Edward J. Bristow Richard T. Friedmann David M. Kamani Norfolk, Va. Port Chester, N.Y. Wyomissing, Pa. Gatamayu, Kenya Alan C. Klein John P. Latimer Albany, N.Y. Calais, Vt. G. Richard Mahland John B. Mair Harry H. Mather, Jr. Robert M. Moser Wantagh, N.Y. Pittsburgh, Pa. Haddonfield, N.J. Pittsburgh, Pa. Donald L. Moyer Bernard J. Rose, lll Richard G. Wallace Fred M. Zcbrak Mt. Penn, Pa. Woodmcrc, N.Y. Orange, Conn. Valley Stream, N.Y 1964 ORIFLAMME XA H. C. Evans, R. B. Rollin I Grushow English GEORGE R. BRITTINGHAM, JR.-Instructor of Speech, A.B., San Diego State College, 1957, M.S., University of Oregon, 1959. 119611 EDWARD S. BRUBAKER-Associate Professor of English, Director of the Green Room Theatre, A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1949, M.A., University of Pennsylvania, 1950. 119521 JOHN A. CAMPBELL, JR.-Assistant Professor of Speech, B.S.B.A., University of Florida, 1954, M.A., University of Florida, 1959. 119591 GERALD E. ENSCOE-Assistant Professor of English, B.A., University of Washington, 1952, Ph.D., University of Washington, 1962. 119601 HUGH C. EVANS-Instructor of English, B.S., Wisconsin State College, 1956, M.A., Stanford University, 1957. 119621 IRA GRUSHOW-Assistant Professor of English, A.B., Col- lege of the City of New York, 1950, M.A., Yale University, 1957, Ph.D., Yale University, 1963. 119621 ALBERT J. LEET-Instructor of English, A.B., Boston Uni- versity, 1953, M.A., Trinity College, 1959. 119631 KENNETH D. LONGSDORF-Associate Professor of Eng- lish, A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1927, M.A., Har- vard University, 1935. 119461 ELIAS H. PHILLIPS-Professor of English, Chairman of the Department of English, A.B., Franklin--and Marshall Col- lege, 1930, M.A., University of North Carolina, 1931, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1949. 119461 ROGER B. ROLLIN-Assistant Professor of English, Direc- tor of the College Scholar Program, A.B., Washington and Jefferson College, 1952, Ph.D., Yale University, 1960. 119591 ROBERT W. RUSSELL-Associate Professor of English, B.A., Yale University, 1945, M.A., Yale University, 1946, B.Litt., Oxford University, 1951, D.Litt., Hamilton College, 1963. 119551 1964 ORIFLAMME Edward C. Boulanger Lancaster, Pa. Henry E. Dunn, III Donald P. Cochrane Charles F. Echelmeier Essex, Conn. Riverton, N.J. Margate, N.J. S. Bartlett Eddy Robert A. F ortescue Northboro, Mass. Mt. Ephraim, N.J. S- George E. Gillespie Arthur B. Glickman Steven C. Glogger Cincinnati, Ohio New York, N.Y. Ridgefield Park, N.J Harold F. Hafer M. Jeffrey Hoaster James F. Huber Lancaster, Pa. Lititz, Pa. Westfield, NJ. Arthur W. Hughes F. Wayne Jarvis Dan B. Jones Marblehead, Mass. Philadelphia, Pa. Arlington, Va. Stephen W. Jones -Iasbrouck Heights, N.J. Craig G. Loupassakis South Plainfield, N.J. David A. Orman Hatboro, Pa. 1964 ORIFLAMME Gavin D. Lee John G. Lee New York, N.Y. Malvern, Pa. Daniel F. Marsteller Peter R. Mason Emmaus, Pa. Troy, N.Y. Frederic H. Orner Richard K. Priebe Brookline, Mass. Fair Haven, N.J. Charles J. Reylek Charles E. Scribner Princeton, N.J. Lexington, Mass. Jeffrey A. Slavin J. Thomas Stephens Matthijs J. VanBlaaderen Robert Watchorn, III New York, N.Y. Brookville, Pa. Brooklyn, N.Y. Hollidaysburg, Pa. Stephen L. Whitmore Wayne E. Yeager Walden, N.Y. Huntingdon Valley, Pa . ,. ii "1 ri 51336995 -.....-.. ....V ----. Z'?"v- ' snr D. E. Jeannet, A. D. Jeannet. C- J- G- Mayaud I964 ORIFLAMME J. J. Francy French HARRY L. BUTLER-Associate Professor of French, Chair- man of the Department of Romance Languages, A.B., Ham- line University, 19425 M.A., University of Minnesota, 1949g Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1956. 119573 JOSETFE J. FRANCY-Adjunct Faculty. 119623 ANGELA D. JEANNET-Instructor of French, Ph.D., Uni- versity of Florence. 119633 DONALD E. JEANNET-Instructor of French, A.B., Univer- sity of Oklahoma, 1952, M.A., Middlebury College, 1955. 119633 CHARLES J. G. MAYAUD-Associate Professor of French, B.S. in Science, de Bilda, France, 19393 P.C.B., University of Algiers, 19425 M.A., Princeton University, 1950. 119503 RICHARD A. MAZZARA-Associate Professor of French, A.B., Queens College, 19485 M.A., Johns Hopkins Univer- sity, 19493 Ph.D., University of Kansas, 1959. 119573 William D. J aymes Mt. Union, Pa. Robert T. Piper Stamford, Conn. 1964 ORIFLAMME If J. H. Moss M. E. Kauffman, J. Freedman. D. U. Wise, S. A. Morse. Geology JACOB FREEDMAN-Professor of Geologyg B.S., University of New Hampshire, 19385 M.A., Harvard University, 1940g Ph.D., Harvard University, 1948. 119471 MARVIN E. KAUFFMAN-Assistant Professor of Geology, B.S., Franklin and Marshall College, 19555 M.S., Northwestern University, 19573 Ph.D., Princeton University, 1959. 119593 STEARNS A. MORSE-Assistant Professor of Geology: A.B., Dartmouth College, 19523 M.Sc., McGill University, l958g Ph.D., McGill University, 1962. 119621 JOHN H. MOSS-Professor of Geologyg Chairman of the Department of Geologyg A.B., Princeton University, 19413 M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Techno10gY. 19433 Ph.D., Harvard University, 1949. 119481 DONALD U. WISE-Associate Professor of Geology, B.S., Franklin and Marshall College, 19535 M.S., California Institute of Technology, 1955, Ph.D., Princeton University. 1957. 119571 ' - ' David E. Drake Th Ph1l1p B. Austm I ?Nng2iiI:gt2x:,dli:On Yorktown Heights, N.Y. Levlttown, Pa- ! . Arthur H. Hohl Jgfn 1?aHi,upt Glyoi I-Elvis Baldwin, N.Y. em' 6' a' ' ' David E. Landau Scott S. Marshall Pittsburgh, Pa. Naperville, Ill. David B. Matz Boiling Springs, Pa. Wayne L. Newell Alan C. Samuelson Gary L. Sutherland Robert J. Vincent Hopewell, N.J. Palmerton, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Wellesley, Mass. R. F. Schier 1964 ORIFLAMME 11 Government RICHARD F. SCHIER-Associate Professor of Government, ' Chairman of the Department of Government, A.B., Univer- sity of Iowa, l946g M.A., University of Iowa, 1947, Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles, 1951. 119535 JOHN H. VANDERZELL-Associate Professor of Govern- ment: A.B., Miami University, l946g Ph.D., Syracuse Uni- versity, 1954. Ql952J SIDNEY WISE-Associate Professor of Government, A.B., Harvard College, I948g Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles, I952. 119525 J. H. Vandcrzell, S. Wise. Erving F. Albright Valdis Baidins Collins C. Brown Coxsackie, N.Y. Manchester, Pa. Clarks Summit, Pa. Robert W. Brown George E. Burgess Steven M. Dubner John W, Ellwood West Catasauqua, Pa. Elizabethtown, Pa. Roslyn Heights, N.Y. New York, N.Y. Douglas C. Fairhurst Martin W. Ferrante Charles A. Ferrell A Norman W. Fesmire Scarsdale, N-Y- Audubon, N.J. Clayton, N.J. Huntingdon Valley, Pa fi Ronald P. Garrett Michael E. Herr Roger L. Hildebcidel James M. Hoffer Lancaster, Pa. Arlington, Va. Allentown, Pa. York. Pa. Christian L. Juliard Richard E. Keister Robert T. Lasky Curl A. Miner Bryn Mawr, Pa. Madison, NJ. Philadelphia, Pa. Lemoyne, Pa. Samuel A. Morrison Michael A. Powers Robert L. Twentey Ringwood, N.J. Manchester, Vt. Frederick, Md. 'I964 ORIFLAMME N. P. Zacour History NORMAN P. ZACOUR-Associate Professor of History, Chairman of the Department of History, B.A., University of Manitoba, 1950, M.A., Columbia University, 1951, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1955. 119591 JOHN B. JOSEPH-Assistant Professor of History, B.A., Franklin and Marshall College, 1950, M.A., Princeton Uni- versity, 1953, Ph.D., Princeton University, 1957. 119611 SOLOMON WANK-Assistant Professor of History, B.A., New York University, 1951, M.A., Columbia University, 1952, Ph.D., Columbia University, 1961. 119611 THURMAN E. PHILOON-Assistant Professor of History, A.B., Bowdoin College, 1936, M.A., Harvard University, 1941, Ph.D., Yale University, 1950. 119531 MARK E. BLUM-Assistant Professor of History, B.A., Franklin and Marshall College, 1959, M.A., University of Pennsylvania, 1962. 119631 FREDERIC S. KLEIN-Professor of History, A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1923, M.A., Columbia University, 1927. 119281 GLENN E. MILLER, JR.-Associate Professor of History, A.B., Swarthmore College, 1941, M.A., University of Penn- sylvania, 1942. 119501 J. B. Joseph, S. Wank, T. E. Philoon, M. E. Blum. F. S. Klein, P. Livingston, Secretary, G. E. Miller, Jr. H. Lance Barclay Thomas C. Beaumont Harold C- Bickford Robert J- Borbe Brooklyn, N,Y, Kearny, NNI, Oakland, N.J. Palmcrton, Pa. 1964 ORIFLAMME Roy W. Brillhart Richard G. Compson Stephen W. Darlington Kansas City, Kan. Clinton, N.Y. Lancaster, Pa. Howard W. Easton Richard C. Fagan Frank W. Gadbois Norristown, Pa. Mahwah, N.J. Quincy, Mass. l l R. Bruce Goodrich Lance R. Knauth J- Bray LeBrocq Simsbury, Conn. Beach Haven, N.J. Philadelphia, PH- Charles E. Marter James E. Matthews Robert J. Nicola Union, N.J. Chester Springs, Pa. Fairfield, Conn. David R. Nowicki Ray S. Oberholtzer Norman W. Schultze Gettysburg, Pa. Landisville, Pa. Norwalk, Conn. Neil W. Sheridan Robert B. Sims Hartsdale, N.Y. Mt. Kisco, N.Y. r' 'I i 1 Granville D. Smythe, Jr. David J- Staff Lancaster, Pa. Belmont, MHSS- B. Marvin Thomas Peter R. Wilmot Bruce W. Yeager John N. Zercher Baltimore, Md. Bethlehem, Pa. Wyoming, Ohio Columbia, Pa. I964 ORIFLAMME P. E. Bedient, V. H. Haag, C. A. Haynie. D. W. Western Mathematics PHILLIP E. BEDIENT-Associate Professor of Mathemat- ics, A.B., Park College, 1943, M.A., University of Michigan, 1947, Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1959. 119591 VINCENT H. HAAG--Professor of Mathematics, B.S., Ca- tawba College, 1939, M.A., Duke University, 1942, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, 1952. 119491 CHARLES A. HAYNIE-Instructor of Mathematics, B.S., Cornell University, 1958. 119631 DONALD W. WESTERN--Professor of Mathematics, Chair- man of the Department of Mathematics and Astronomy, A.B., Denison University, 1937, M.A., Michigan State Col- lege, 19393 Ph.D., Brown University, 1946. 119481 WALTER H. LESER--Associate Professor of Mathematics, A.B., Swarthmore College, 1949: M.A., University of Penn- sylvania, 1950. 119541 BERNARD JACOBSON-Associate Professor of Mathemat- ics, B.S., Western Reserve University, 1951, M.A., Michi- gan State University, 1952, Ph.D., Michigan State Univer- sity, 1956. 119561 JOSEPH R. HOLZINGER-Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy, Director of the Daniel Scholl Observatory, B.S., Franklin and Marshall College, 1935, M.S., Cornell Univer- sity, 1948. 119481 W. H. Leser, B. Jacobson, J. R. Holzinger. i Erwin M. Atzinger Thomas F. Bolk Howard E- Evans Lancaster, Pa. Syosset, N.Y. Ashland, P21- Terry B. Fasolt John D. Fraivillig George A. Gray Lancaster, Pa. Bethlehem, Pa. WilITliI1gt0H, P8- 1 Richard C. Henny Glen M. Irwin Kenneth P. Johnson Paul H. Knappenberger Lancaster, Pa. New York, N.Y. Jamestown, N.Y. Lancaster, Pa. 1964 ORIFLAMME 5' Donald R. Mcngel Jay L. Novello Joel E. Schneider Leesport, Pa. Harrisburg, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. John C, Stevenson Timothy J. Stewart Evanston, Ill. Springfield, N.J. K Richard Tannor Robert M. Tenery, Jr. Robert W. Yeagy BaYSidC, N-Y- W21X2lhaChiC, TSX- Harrisburg, Pa. S. W. Sponaugle Physical Education S. WOODROW SPONAUGLE - Associate Professor of Physical Educationg Director of Intercollegiate Athleticsg A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1937. 119481 GEORGE G. MCGINNESS - Associate Pro- fessor of Physical Educationg Chairman of the Department of Physical Educationg B.S. in Physical Education, West Chester State Teachers College, 1936. 119451 ROBERT M. GETCHELL - Instructor in Physical Education, B.S., Springfield College, 1957. 119611 WILLIAM J. IANNICELLI -- Assistant Pro- fessor of Physical Educationg B.S., Franklin and Marshall College, 1948. 119491 WILLIS R. PHILLIPS - Associate Professor of Physical Educationg B.S., Franklin and Marshall College, 1934. 119491 G. CHARLES WINSOR - Assistant Profes- sor of Physical Educationg B.S., Minnesota State College, 1957g M.A., University of Iowa, 1958119631 MICHAEL A. LEWIS - Associate Professor of Physical Educationg B.S., Franklin and Marshall College, 19283 M.Litt., University of Pittsburgh, 1940. 119431 GEORGE H. STORCK - Assistant Professor of Physical Educationg B.S., U. S. Military Academy, 19543 M.A., Teachers College of Columbia University, 1960. 119631 CHARLES W. TAYLOR - Assistant Profes- sor of Physical Educationg B.S., Iowa State College, 1950. 119551 1964 ORIFLAMME G. G. McHinness R. M. Gctchell, W. J. Iannicelli, W. R. Phillips. G. C. Winsor, M. A. Lewis, G. H. Storck, C. W. Taylor Philosophy LUTHER J. BINKLEY-Elijah E. Kresge Chair of Philos- ophy and Ethics, endowed by The Kresge Foundationg Head Dormitory Faculty Residentg Chairman of the Department of Philosophyg A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1945g B.D., Lancaster Theological Seminary, 19473 Ph.D., Harvard University, 1950. 119493 RICHARD J. HALL-Assistant Professor of Philosophyg A.B., Oberlin College, 19593 Ph.D., Princeton University, 1963. H9623 EARL E. LEWIS-Associate Professor of Philosophyg B.A., Dalhousie University, l932g M.A., Dalhousie University, 1933g Ph.D., University of Toronto, 1939. fl947J L. I. Binkley E. E. Lewis, R. J. Hall 1964 ORIFLAMME I Q George S. Greenberg Richard L. Killmer T. Richard Smith Baltimore, Md. Woodbridge, N.J. Wilmington, Del. Robert S. Tragesser, Jr. Winnetka, Ill. William J. Wegge, Jr. Ocean Grove, N.J. Physics PHILLIP W. ALLEY-Assistant Professor of Physicsg B.S., Lawrence College, 19533 Ph.D., Rutgers University, 1958. 119583 LEONARD V. CHERRY-Assistant Professor of Physics, B.S., City College of New York, 19473 Ph.D., Duke Uni- versity, 1953.11961J FRANK D. ENCK-Associate Professor of Physics, Chair- man of the Department of Physics, B.S., Franklin and Mar- shall College, 1950, M.S., University of Maryland, 1952, Ph.D., University of Maryland, 1957. 119545 RICHARD F. HOOD-Assistant Professor of Physicsg B.S., University of Kentucky, 19525 M.S., University of Kentucky, 1957. 119639 RICHARD I. WELLER- Professor of Physics, B.E.E., Col- lege of the City of New York, 1944, B.S., Union College, 1948g M.S., Fordam University, 1950, Ph.D., Fordham Uni- versity, 1953g P.E. 1Registered Professional Engineerl. 119573 ,-- .. ' . - 'T t, A ref' N ! H I ' -"?..- . ' 'A' 'r,' 'I' . Z t I ,f- I F. D. Enck David M. Close Plainfield, N.J. Russell J . Robinson Olof H . Scott, J r. Richmond, Va. Haddon Heights, N.J P. W. Alley, R. I. Weller, L. V. Cherry, F. D. Enck, R. F. Hood. + R. William Dilley Eric B. Erickson James A. Heimbach Robert B. Lauer Lancaster, Pa. Hagerstown, Md. Altoona, Pa. York, Pa. 5 l l D0Uglas G. Smith Richard R. Stottlemyer Jere A. Zimmerman Lancaster, Pa. Thurmont, Md. Columbia, Pa. 1964 ORIFLAMME K. H. Brookshire . , v .1'vWAd-Nd! lil Psychology KENNETH H. BROOKSHIRE - Assistant Professor of Psych0l0gy: Chairman of the Department of Psychologyg A.B., Stanford University, 1954, M.S., University of Ore- gon, 1956, Ph.D., University of Oregon, 1958. 119591 IRVING B. GULLER - Assistant Professor of Psychologyl Clinical Psychologist of the Collegeg A.B., College of the City of New York, 1954, M.S. in Ed., C.C.N.Y., 1958g Ph.D., New York University, 1962. 119631 CHARLES N. STEWART - Assistant Pro- fessor of Psychologyg A.B., Seattle Pacific College, 1953g M.A., University of Oregon, 19565 Ph.D., University of Oregon, 1962. 119621 EUGENE R. WIST - Assistant Professor of Psychologyg B.S., Northwestern University, 19543 M.A., University of Missouri, 19573 Ph.D., University of Missouri, 1960. 119631 C. N. Stewart, I. B. Guller, E. R. Wist. J964 ORIFLAMME John A. Brendel W. Keith Douglas Suffern, N.Y. Harrisburg, Pa. John K. Eisenhart Alastair V. Harris Orville C. Hognander Media, Pa. Waynesboro, Pa. Minneapolis, Minn. Joseph R. Kurdock J0hI1 A- SChI10rr Glen Rock, N.J. Wafltagh, N-Y- T. I. Hopkins, R. G. Mickey. Religion THOMAS J. HOPKINS-Assistant Professor of Religiong B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 19535 B.S., Col- lege of William and Mary, 1953g M.A., Yale University, 19595 Ph.D., Yale University, 1962. 119613 ROBERT G. MICKEY-Associate Professor of Religiong A.B., University of Denver, 19395 B.D., Pacific School of Religion, 1942. 119505 CHARLES D. SPOTTS-Professor of Religion, Chairman of C. D. Spotts the Department of Religiong A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1922, B.D., Lancaster Theological Seminary, 19253 M.A., University of Pennsylvania, 19335 D.D., Catawba College, 1948. 419313 William H. Ackerman John B. Kramer Alfred K, Schwerdt Bethlehem, Pa. Harrisburg, Pa. West Lawn, Pa. P- P. Martin, W. Von Wernsdorff, K. M. Kally. I- P' Sefidle- P- S- Seadle. 1964 ORIFLAMME J. W. Frey Russian and German JOHN W. FREY-Professor of German and Russiang Chair- man of thc Department of Russian and Germang A.B., Dick- gil inson College, 19373 M.A., University of Illinois, 1939: Ph.D., University of Illinois, 1941. 119442 KONSTANTIN M. KALLY-Assistant Professor of Russian, B.A., Pedagogical Institute, Ufa, U.S.S.R.. 1941: M.A., Indiana University. 1961. 119611 PAUL PLETCHER MARTIN-Associate Professor of Ger- man, A.B., Franklin and Marshall College. 19373 M.A., Uni- versity of Pennsylvania, 1942. 119461 IRENE P. SEADLE-Instructor of Germang A.B., Wayne University, 19343 M.A., University of Chicago. 1935. PETER S. SEADLE--Associate Professor of Germang A.B., Wayne University, 1947g M.A.. Wayne University, 1949. 119531 WOLFF VON WERNSDORFF-Associate Professor of Ger- man: A.B., University of California at Los Angeles, 1931, M.A.. University of Michigan, 1932. 119519 .3 105 James R. Kneip Lancaster, Pa. A. G. Jacob G. H. Engeman, Jr., A. H. Pianca. Spanish HARRY L. BUTLER-Associate Professor of French: Chair- man of the Department of Romance Languages, A.B., Ham- line University, 1942, M.A., University of Minnesota, 1949, Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1956. 119573 GEORGE H. ENGEMAN, JR.-Assistant Professor of Ro- mance Languagesg A.B., University of Virginia, l95lg M.A., Middlebury College, 1960g Ph.D., Universidad Central de Madrid, 1962. 119629 ALFRED B. JACOB-Associate Professor of Spanish, BA., Exeter College, Oxford University, 1941, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1956. 119585 ALVIN H. PIANCA-Assistant Professor of Romance Lan- guages, A.B., Dartmouth College, 1955, M.A., Middlebury College, 1956, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1961. 119621 William J. Calvano Edward H. Fitzpatrick Cranford, N.J. Newburgh, N.Y R. F. Eshleman J. Sprey C. H. Holzinger 1964 ORIFLAMME Sociology and Anthropology ROBERT F. ESHLEMAN-Professor of Sociology and An- thropologyg Chairman of the Department of Sociology and Anthropol0gy5 B.S., Elizabethtown College, 19393 M.S., Uni- versity of Illinois, 19445 B.D., Bethany Biblical Seminary, 1945, Ph.D., Cornell University, 1948. 09553 CHARLES H. HOLZINGER-Associate Professor of Soci- ology and Anthropologyg M.A., University of Chicago, 1949, Harvard University, 1953, 1958. 119491 JETSE SPREY-Assistant Professor of Sociology and An- thropol0gYS A.B., University of Amsterdam, 1953g M.A., University of Amsterdam, 19553 M.A., Yale University, 19573 Ph.D., Yale University, 1960. 119591 107 Donald F. Anspach Donald L. Beale Harrisburg, Pa. Lemoyne, Pa. John W. Bedell Alfred F. Behrendt Robert G, Benko FlOI'al Park, N.Y. Philadelphia, Pa. New Cumberland, Pa James W. Bishop Robert H. Cameron Baltimore, Md. Ridgewood, N.J. 1964 ORIFLAMME Richard J. Doremus Joseph P. Emmi Suffern, N.J. Lancaster, Pa. Wallace M. Gilroy, Jr. F. Bruce Heimbach Media, Pa. East Greenville, Pa. Robert I. Hood, Jr. David E. Johnson Corning, N.Y. Warwick, R.I. John N. Kreider Larry M. Neff Leacock, Pa. Slatington, Pa. Brent C. O'Brien Robert M. Ramsay, Jr. Fox Chapel, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Andrew S. Rosenthal Philip A. Styles Robert F, Willner Woodmere, N. Y. East Petersburg, Pa. Union, N, J, 1964 ORIFLAMME J. J. Farber Classics ROBERT J. BARNETT--Instructor in Classicsg B.A., Roanoke College, 19589 Ph.D., University of North Carolina, to be conferred June 1964. 1. JOEL FARBER-Associate Professor of Classicsg Chairman of the Department of Classicsg B.A., University of Chicago, 19523 M.A., University of Chicago, 1954g Ph.D., Yale University, 1959. John C. Shelton Salisbury, Md. Air Force R.O.T.C. MAJOR GORDEN D. CRANFORD-Professor of Air Sci- ence: B.G.E., University of Omaha, 1961. 119621 TXSGT. FRANK FORD, JR.-Instructor of Air Science. 119621 CAPT. ROBERT E. FREANEY-Assistant Professor of Air Scienceg A.B., Temple University, 1952. 119601 TXSGT. CHARLES M. TANKERSLEY-Instructor of Air Science. 119601 SXSGT. HERBERT G. VARCOE-Instructor of Air Science. 119631 CAPT. WILLIAM YANCHEK--Assistant Professor of Air Scicnceg B.S., University of Pennsylvania, 1951. 119611 f"N G. E. Cranford i . "Wi F. Ford, Jr.g R. E. Freaney, C. M. Tankersley, H. G. Varcoe. .4--"' Music HUGH A. GAULT--Associate Professor Musicg Chairman of the Department of Musicg B.S. in Ed., Southeast Missouri State Teachers College, l940g M.M., Eastman School of Music, 1950. 119501 Art JQHN M. CAVANAUGH-Associate Professor of Engineer- ing Drawing and Artg Chairman of the Department of Artg B-S., Kutztown State Teachers College, 19323 M.A., Colum- bia University, 1936. Cl951J 1964 ORIFLAMME H. A. Gault J. M. Cavanaugh Black Pyramid Senior Honor Society I 4 ROW ONE: William David Jaymes Donald Philip Cochrane David Allen Orman Roger Charles Thompson Alfred James Cossari ROW TWO: Dale Cordell Kistler Jeffrey Alan Slavin Robert Wayne Brown Alan Charles Klein William Hayman Behringer ROW THREE: Eisuke Murono Robert Tobin Lasky John Leslie Bondi Collins Charles Brown ROW FOUR: Donald Richard Mengel Dmitar Denny Ciganovic Stephen Wilson Jones MISSING: Thomas Howard Anderson lj The Black Pyramid Senior Honor So- ciety is composed of eighteen seniors, elected annually on the basis of their scholastic achievement and extra-curricu- lar participation, who work together to provide various services to the college community throughout the year. We seek no praise for our servicesg we want no honor nor glory, the members of the soci- ety hold an underlying belief that the ed- ucation and experiences which they have received at Franklin and Marshall have been so beneficial that no amount of com- pensation would be suliicient. Therefore we are proud to be able to serve our college in whatever way possible. A few of the services which the Black Pyramid provide throughout the course of the year are ushering at all formal college functions, planning and directing of Par- ent's Day, and sponsoring of an intermu- ral wrestling tournament. Also through the sale of used books and the operation of concession stands, the society provides scholarships for two worthy seniors. The Black Pyramid Society of 1964 has had a rewarding and active year. We are happy to have been able to perform some services for our college. We are con- fident that the Black Pyramid Society will continue to be the greatest honor to which a student can be tapped I Phi Beta Kappa Faculty Members Emeriti Adams, M. R. Bomberger, R. W. Dippel, V. W. Hagen, S. N. Klein, H. M. J. Larsen, D. D. Mohler, S. L. Noss, J. B. Active Anstaett, H. B. Binkley, L. J. Egeland, Miss J. A. Enscoe, G. E. Frey, J. W. Grushow, 1. Hall, R. J. Heller, H. A. Hopkins, T. J. Jaenicke, H. R. John, K. R. Joseph, J . J . Longsdorf, K. D. Philoon, T. E. Pianca, A. H. Rollin, R. B. Seadle, I. P. Snavely, F. A. Spalding, K. Spotts, C. D. Suydam, F. H. Treml, V. G. Vanderzell, J . H. Western, D. W. Wise, D. U. Student Members Class of 1964 Lipschutz, L. I. Celected 19633 Albert, M. P. Auchenbach, R C Bristow, E. J . Cochrane, D. P Ehrhart, L. M. Evans, H. E. Hildebeidel, R. L Jaymes, W. D. Johnson, K. P. Lasky, R. T. Lewy, R. I . Shelton, J . C. Sobel, H. R. Twentey, R. L. Warren, R. L. Yeagy, R. W. Class of 1965 Balls, M. S. Featherman, D Harad, G. J . Kneedler, A. R 9 '-T.. 1 ' N .U ,. 4- - Q? 4h .3 '-L 3' . X w . Q . Q, Q 'ap 4. 1. N I x x " tal lx ,... X N 04 1 K 1 L 1'!9'f""" W "sf 4.5, fi t X '1 w f . -.'. arf x ,gun Q sv 1' .Q . if-f A --rj' L ' , f ?'4hm?'i..I 'x 'vddtnr' ' ABBIATI, RICHARD-Glen Rock, N. J., A.B. Accounting, Kappa Sigma, Ritualist, Accounting and Finance Club, Basketball and Football Statistician. - ACKERMAN, WILLIAM H.-Bethlehem, Pa., A.B. Religion, Phi- losophy Club, Student Weekly, Honors List. ALBRIGHT, ERVING F.-Coxsackie, N. Y., A.B. Government, Phi Sigma Kappa, Track, Government Club. ANDERSON, THOMAS H.-Washington, Pa., A.B. Geology, Phi Kappa Psi, President, Black Pyramid Senior Honor Society, Geo- logical Society, Football, Lacrosse, Wrestling. ANSPACH, FRED-Harrisburg, Pa., A.B. Sociology, Phi Kappa Sigma, Sociology Club. ATZINGER, ERWIN-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Mathematics, Math Club, Newman Club. AUCHENBACH, RALPH C.-Myerstown, Pa., A.B. Biology. AUSTIN, DONALD S.-Tuckahoe, N. Y., A.B. Business Adminis- tration, Marching Band, Concert Band, Mu Upsilon Sigma, Swim- ming, Accounting Club, S. A. M. AUSTIN, PHILIP B.-Yorktown Heights, N. Y., A.B. Geology, Delta Sigma Phi, Geological Society, Ice Hockey, Glee Club. BABER, WILLIAM L.-Bethlehem, Pa., A.B. Business Administra- tion, Chi Phi, Rush Chairman, Basketball, Student Council, S. A. M. BARCLAY, HAROLD L.-Brooklyn, N. Y., A.B. History, Pi Lamb- da Phi, President, Committee for Social Action, Student Weekly, Debate Society, International Relations Club. BATES, WILLIAM E.-Pittsburgh, Pa., A.B. Business Administra- tion, Phi Kappa Psi, S. A. M. BEALE, DONALD-Lemoyne, Pa., A.B. Sociology, Phi Kappa Sig- ma, R. O. T. C. Drill Team. BEAUMONT, THOMAS G.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. History, Delta Sigma Phi, Porter Scientific Society, History Club. BECKER, PAUL K.-Vernona, N. J., A.B. Economics, Phi Kappa Sigma, Steward, Treasurer, Accounting and Finance Club, Eco- nomics Club, President. BEDELL, JOHN W.--Floral Park, N. Y., A.B. Sociology, Phi Kappa Sigma, Corresponding Secretary, Student Weekly, Sociology Club, Dean's List, Young Republican Club. BEHRENDT, ALFRED F., JR.-Philadelphia, Pa., A.B. Sociology, Residence Halls Council, President, Young Republican Club, Vice President, Sociology Club, President, Lambda Chi Alpha, House Manager. BEHRINGER, WILLIAM H.-Allentown, Pa., A.B. Biology, Lamb- da Chi Alpha, Secretary, Freshman Class, Secretary, Sophomore Class, Secretary, Senior Class, Secretary, Residence Halls Council, Secretary, Student Union Board, Vice President, Student Union Board, President, Black Pyramid Senior Honor Society, Dorm Counselor, Porter Scientific Society. BENENSON, PETER-Silver Springs, Md., A.B. Economics, Pi Gamma Mu, President, Football, Economics Club, Vice President. BENKO, ROBERT-New Cumberland, Pa., A.B. Sociology, Delta Sigma Phi, Historian, Senior Representative, Sociology Club, Sec- retary-Treasurer, Dean's List. BICKFORD, HAROLD C.-Oakland, N. J., Band, Cross Country, Lacrosse, Geological Society, Chess Club, History Club. BIRON, GEORGE-Philadelphia, Pa., A.B. Biology, Zeta Beta Tau, Porter Scientific Society, Cheerleader, Economics Club. BISHOP, JAMES W.-Balto, Md., A.B. Sociology, Sociology Club. BLUM, MITCHELL-Yeadon, Pa., A.B. Biology, Pi Lambda Phi, Social Chairman, Porter Scientific Society. BORBE, ROBERT-Palmerton, Pa., A.B. History, Sigma Pi, History Club, Porter Scientific Society. BOLK, THOMAS F.-Syosset, N. Y., A.B. Mathematics, Lambda Chi Alpha, Athletic Chairman, Ritual Chairman, Football, Base- ball, Math Club. BOND, LAVELLE-Norfolk, Va., A.B. Economics, Glee Club, Basketball, Economics Club, Football, Manager. BONDI, JOHN L.-Abington, Pa., A.B. Biology? Delta Sigma Phi, President, Black Pyramid Senior Honor Society, Orientation Coun- selor, Porter Scientific Society, Baseball, Co-Captain. BOULANGER, EDWARD--Lancaster, Pa., A.B. English, Sigma Pi, Glee Club, Chapel Choir. BRENDEL, JOHN A.-Suffern, N. Y., A.B. Psychology, Band, Psychology Club, Wrestling. BRILLHART, ROY W., JR.-Kansas City, Kansas, A.B. History, Sigma Pi, History Club. BRINACOMBE, ROBERT-Towson, Md., A.B. Biology, Porter Sci- entific Society, Lacrosse, Captain. ,,,, Y H.7"Hl5, BRISTOW, EDWARD--Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Economics, Pi Lambda Phi, Student Weekly, Dean's List, Honor's List, Pi Gamma Mu, Vice President, Economics Club, Committee for Social Action. BROWN, COLLINS-Clarks Summit, Pa., A.B. Government, Phi Kappa Tau, Vice President, Orientation Group Leader, Black Pyramid Honor Society, Government Club, Secretary. BROWN, ROBERT W.-West Catasauqua, Pa., A.B. Government, Black Pyramid Honor Society, Student Weekly, Government Club, Student Council, Head Dorm Counselor, Debate Club, Student Judicial Board, Literary Society. BURAK, CARL S.-Elkins Park, Pa., A.B. Biology, Zeta Beta Tau, Student Council, Porter Scientific Society, Treasurer and President, Freshman Orientation Counselor, Dean's List, Student Weekly. BURGESS, GEORGE E.-Elizabethtown, Pa., A.B. Government, Glee Club, Green Room. CALVANO, WILLIAM J.-Cranford, N. J., A.B. Spanish, Newman Club, Education Society. CAMERON, ROBERT H.-Ridgewood, N. J., A.B. Sociology, Sig- ma Pi, Sociology Club, Porter Scientific Society, History Club. CIGANOVIC, DMITAR D.-Youngwood, Pa., A.B. Chemistry, Delta Sigma Phi, Dorm Counselor, Football, Student Council, American Chemical Society. CLOPPER, TODD D.-Chatham, N. J., A.B. Biology, Delta Sigma Phi, Porter Scientific Society, Dean's List. COCHRANE, DONALD P.-Riverton, N. J ., A.B. English, Phi Sigma Kappa, English Club, Green Room, Prolog. Editor, Black Pyramid Honor Society. CASTRINA, FRANK-Hazleton, Pa., A.B. Biology, Sigma Pi, Por- ter Scientific Society, History Club, Orientation Counselor. CLOSE, DAVID-Plainfield, N. J., A.B. Physics, American Insti- tute of Physics, Young Republican Club. COMPSON, RICHARD G.-Clinton, N. Y., A.B. History, Lambda Chi Alpha, Historian, History Club, Young Republican Club, Hockey, Glee Club. COSSARI, ALFRED J.-West Hempstead, N. Y., A.B. Chemistry, Delta Sigma Phi, Student, Council, President, Senior Class, Vice President, Junior Class, Vice President, Black Pyramid Honor Society, American Chemical Society, Orientation Group Leader. DARLINGTON, STEPHEN w.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. History, Kap- Pa Sigma, Secretary, Track, Manager. DAVIS, DONALD F., JR.-Glenside Gardens, Pa., A.B. Business Administration, S. A. M., Accounting Club. DIEMER, Louis M., 111-Philadelphia, Pa., A.B. Biology: sigma Pl? Glee Club, Chapel Choir, Tennis. DIFLEY, RAYMOND W.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Physics, Chi Phi, American Institute of Physics. DOREMUS, RICHARD J.-Suffern, N. Y., A.B. Sociology, Lambda Qhi Alpha, Steward, Sociology Club, Physics Club, Young Repub- lican Club, Baseball, 1964 Orifiamme, Senior Editor. - 1964 ORIFLAMME DOUGLASS, KEITH-Harrisburg, Pa., A.B. Psychology, Phi Sig- ma Kappa, Psychology Club, Vice President. DRAKE, DAVID E.-Levittown, Pa., A.B. GeologY3 Lambda Chi Alpha, Dean's List, Geological Society. DUBNER, ROBERT B.--Roslyn Heights, N. Y., A.B. Accounting, History Club, Accounting Club, Wrestling. DUBNER, STEVEN-'Roslyn Heights, N. Y., A.B. Government, Government Club, Student Council, Freshman Class, Treasurer, Wrestling, Track. DUNN, HENRY E., III-Essex, Conn., A.B. English, Lambda Chi Alpha, English Club. EASTON, HOWARD W.-Norristown, Pa., A.B. History, Veterans' Club, History Club. ECHELMEIER, CHARLES F.-Margate City, N. J., A.B. English, Kappa Sigma, Green Room. EDDY, STURGES B.-Northboro, Mass., A.B. English, Delta Sig- ma Phi, Canterbury Club, Young Republican Club, Green Room, English Club. EHRHART, LLEWELLYN M., JR.-Dallastown, Pa., A.B. Biology, Porter Scientific Society, Dean's List. EISENHART, JOHN K.-Media, Pa., A.B. Psychology, Lambda Chi Alpha, Lacrosse, Student Council, Sophomore Class, Treas- urer, Junior Class, Treasurer, Senior Class, Treasurer, Psychology Club, Secretary. ELLWOOD, JOHN W.-New York, N. Y., A.B. Government, Stu- dent Weekly, Associate Editor, Catalog-Humor Magazine, Editor, Government Club, Literary Society. EMMI, JOSEPH P.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Sociology, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pledge Trainer, Sociology Club, Government Club. ERICKSON, ERIC-Hagerstown, Maryland, A.B. Physics. EVANS, HOWARD E.-Ashland, Pa., A.B. Mathematics, Pi Mu Epsilon, Math Club, Physics Club. FAGAN, RICHARD-Mahwah, N. J., A.B. History, History Club, Lutheran Student Association. FAIRHURST, DOUGLAS-Scarsdale, N. Y., A.B. Govemment, Student Weekly, Government Club, Treasurer, Humor Magazine, Literary Society. FASOLT, TERRY B.--Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Mathematics, Physics Club, Math Club. FAUST, CHARLES H., JR.-Fullerton, Pa., A.B. Chemistry, Phi Kappa Psi, American Chemical Society. FERRANTE, MARTIN-Audubon, N. J., A.B. Government, Sigma Pi, Cheerleading Squad, Captain, Govemment Club, WWFM. FERRELL, CHARLES A.-Clayton, N. J., A.B. Government, Bas- ketball, Government Club, WWFM. 119 FESMIRE, NORMAN W.-Huntingdon Valley, Pa., A.B. Govern- ment, Delta Sigma Phi, Social Chairman, Student Council, Secre- tary, Orientation, Chairman, Government Club. FIELDING, THOMAS E.-Corning, N. Y., A.B. Chemistry, Phi Kappa Tau, American Chemical Society. FINLEYSON, JOHN L.--Merchantville, N. J., A.B. Accounting, ' Phi Kappa Sigma, Treasurer, Accounting and Finance Club, Gov- ernment Club, Newman Club, President. FITZPATRICK, EDWARD-Newburgh, N. Y., A.B. Spanish, Phi Sigma Kappa, Football, Swimming. FORTESCUE, ROBERT-Mt. Ephraim, N. J., Basketball, English Club, Dormitory Counselor. FRAILEY, WILLIAM W., JR.-Emmaus, Pa., A.B. Biologyl Amer- ican Institute of Physics, Porter Scientific Society, Philosophy Club, Secretary, Treasurer. FRAIVILLIG, JOHN D.-Bethlehem, Pa., A.B. Sociology, Kappa Sigma, Sociology Club. FRANKEL, GERALD-North Bergen, N. J., A.B. Chemistry, Pi Lambda Phi, Phi Alpha Theta, President. FRIEDMANN, RICHARD T.-Wyomissing, Pa., A.B. Economics, Lambda Chi Alpha, Economics Club, 1964 Orillamme, Senior Editor. GADBOIS, FRANK W.-Quincy, Mass., A.B. History, History Club, Student Education Association, Government Club. GALDIERI, JOHN P.-Morristown, N. J., A.B. Biologyl Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice President. GELPKE, PAUL--Sharon, Mass., A.B. Business Administration, S. A. M. GHERST, RICHARD H., II-Phoenixville, Pa., A.B. Accounting, Kappa Sigma, House Manager, Treasurer, Pledge Master, Account- ing and Finance Club, Secretary, Dean's List. GILLESPIE, GEORGE E.-Cincinnati, Ohio, A.B. English, Lambda Chi Alpha, English Club, Sophomore Class, Secretary, 1964 Ori- Hamme, Sports Editor. GILROY, WALLACE M.-Media, Pa., A.B. Sociology, Sigma Pi, Baseball, Sociology Club. GLICKMAN, ARTHUR B.-New York, N. Y., A.B. English, Pi Lambda Phi, Catalog, Co-Editor, Student Weekly, English Club. GLOGGER, STEVEN C.-Ridgefield Park, N. J., A.B. English, Dean's List, English Club. GOODRICH, R. BRUCE-Simsbury, Conn., A.B. History, Lambda Chi Alpha, President, Rush Chairman, Soccer, Co-Captain, Bas- ketball, Baseball, Glee Club. GREENBERG, GEORGE S.-Baltimore, Md., A.B. Philosophy, Student Weekly, Dean's List, Philosophy Club, Vice President, Porter Scientihc Society, Committee of Social Action, Catalog. GRIEBEL, STEVEN-Staten Island, N. Y., A.B. Accounting. GROFF, DANIEL W., JR.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Accounting, Sigma Pi, Accounting and Finance Club, Vice President, Dean's List. GUNN, JONATHAN P.-New York, N. Y., A.B. Sociology, Soci- ology Club, R. O. T. C., Band. HAFER, HAROLD F.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. English, Chi Phi, English Club. HALEN, RICHARD A.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Biology, Band, Dorm Counselor, Student Education Association, President. HAMLIN, STEPHEN R.-Hillsdale, N. J., A.B. Accounting, Phi Kappa Sigma, Steward, S. A. M., Accounting and Finance Club, Alpha Delta Sigma, Treasurer. HARRIS, ALASTAIR-Waynesboro, Pa., A.B. Psychology, Dean's List. HEIMBACH, BRUCE-Greenville, Pa., A.B. Sociology, Sociology Club. HEIMBACH, JAMES A.-Altoona, Pa., A.B. Physics, Kappa Sig- ma, American Institute of Physics, Band. HENDEL, PETER-New London, Conn., A.B. Business Adminis- tration, Phi Sigma Kappa, S. A. M., Accounting and Finance Club! Baseball. HENNY, RICHARD C.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Mathematics, Chi Phi, Oriflamme. HERE, 'GARY A.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Accounting, National AS- soclation of Accountants. HERB, MICHAEL-Arlington, Va., A.B. Government, Delta Sigma Phi, Secretary, Rush Chairman, Honors List, Dean's List, Inter- national Relations Club, American Institute of Physics, Treasurer. HILDEBEIDEL, ROGER L.-Allentown, Pa., A.B. Government, Pi Gamma Mu, Government Club. HILL, RICHARD E.-Short Hills, N. J., A.B. Accounting, Phi Kappa Tau, President, Social Chairman, Accounting and Finance Club, Band. HOFFER, JAMES M.-York, Pa., A.B. Government. HOFFMAN, PAUL-Valhalla, N. Y., A.B. Business Administration, Kappa Sigma, Band, Mu Upsilon Sigma. HOGNANDER, ORVILLE C., JR.-Minneapolis, Minnesota, A.B. Psychology, Chi Phi, Psychology Club, S. A. M., Hockey. I-IOHL, ARTHUR-Baldwin, N. Y., A.B. Geology, WWFM, Geo- logical Society, President. HOLBERTON, PHILIP V.-Summit, N. J., A.B. Accounting, Chi Phi, Steward, Treasurer, Accounting and Finance Club, President, Orientation Counselor, Society for Advancement of Management, Vice President. HOLBROOK, ALLAN--Bethany, Conn., A.B. Business Adminis- tration, Lambda Chi Alpha, Swimming, Young Republican Club, S. A. M. HOOD, ROBERT I., JR.-Corning, N. Y., A.B. Sociology, Soci- ology Club, WWFM, Arnold Air Society, R. O. T. C. Drill Team, Band, Glee Club, Chapel Choir. HORLAND, ALLAN A.--Millburn, N. J., A.B. Biology, Pi Lambda Phi, Rush Chairman, Student Weekly, Dean's List. HOUPT, JOHN R.-Glenside, Pa., A.B. Geology, Delta Sigma Phi, Spanish Club, Soccer, Geological Society. HOVIS, GUY L.-York, Pa., A.B. Geology, Geological Society, Vice President, National Science Foundation Undergraduate Re- search Grant. HUBER, JAMES F.-Westfield, N. J., A.B. English, Phi Kappa Tau, Prologue, English Club, Young Republican Club. HUGHES, ARTHUR-Marblehead, Mass., A.B. English, Kappa Sigma, Vice President, Swimming, English Club. INGEGNERI, THOMAS C.-Mount Kisco, N. Y., A.B. Business Administration, Accounting Club, S. A. M., Band, R. O. T. C. IRWIN, GLEN M.-New York, N. Y., A.B. Math, Delta Sigma Phi, Math Club, Physics Club, Swimming. ISLER, STUART L.-Livingston, N. J., A.B. Biology, Zeta Beta Tall! WWFM, Porter Scientific Society. JARVIS, WAYNE, JR.-Philadelphia, Pa., A.B. English, Delta Sig- ma Phi, Young Republican Club, Green Room, English Club, Cross Country. JAYMES, WILLIAM D.-Mount Union, Pa., A.B. French, Band, Black Pyramid Senior Honor Society, Student Judiciary Board. JOHNSON, DAVID E.-warwiok, R. I., A.B. sociology, Della Sigma Phi, Sociology Club. JOHNSON, KENNETH P.-Jamestown, N. Y., A.B. Mathematics, Sigma Pi Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Mathematics Club. 4 '96-1 ORIFLAMME JONES, DAN B.--Arlington, Va., A.B. English, Kappa Sigma, Base- ball, Orientation Counselor, Student Education Association. JONES, STEPHEN-Hasbrouck Heights, N. J., A.B. English, Base- ball, Orientation Counselor, Phi Sigma Kappa, President, Ralph J . Krensky Memorial Award, Black Pyramid Senior Honor Society. JULIARD, CRISTIAN L.-Bryn Mawr, Pa., A.B. Government, Delta Sigma Phi, Student Council, Soccer, Government Club, International Relations Club, Vice President, Orientation, Group Leader. JUNG, RICHARD C.-S. Orange, N. J., A.B. Accounting, Account- ing and Finance Club, Phi Kappa Psi. KAPLAN, GERALD-Philadelphia, Pa., A.B. Biology: Student Weekly, Porter Scientific Society. KATZ, LAWRENCE--Melrose Park, Pa., A.B. Biology, Zeta Beta Tau, Porter Scientific Society. KEISTER, RICHARD--Madison, N. J., A.B. Government, Delta Sigma Phi, Government Club, Swimming. KILBURN, BRUCE--Penn's Grove, N. J., A.B. Business Adminis- tration, Chi Phi, Society for Advancement of Management. KILLMER, RICHARD--Woodbridge, N. J., A.B. Philosophy, Phi Upsilon Kappa, Philosophy Club, Glee Club, Band. KIMANI, DAVID-Matathia Gatamayu, Kenya, A.B. Economics, Economics Club, International Relations Club. KISTLER, DALE C.-Kingston, Pa., A.B. Biology, Lambda Chi Alpha, Wrestling, President, Class of 1964, Dorm Counselor. KLEIN, ALAN C.-Albany, N. Y., A.B. Economics, Zeta Beta Tau, President, Black Pyramid Senior Honor Society, Student Council, WWFM, Business Manager, Economics Club, Secretary, Dean's List, Government Club. KLINGER, SCOTT-Mechanicsburg, Pa., A.B. Accounting, Foot- ball, Phi Sigma Kappa, Accounting and Finance Club. KLOPP, DAVID D.-Leonia, N. J., A.B. Biology, Chi Phi, Porter Scientific Society. KNAPPENBERGER, PAUL H., JR.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Math- ematics, Pi Mu Epsilon, Secretary, Treasurer, Math Club, Treas- urer, Phi Kappa Sigma. KNAUTH, LANCE R.-Metuchen, N. J., A.B. History, Soccer, Tennis. KNEIP, JAMES R.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Russian. KRAMER, BARRY-Harrisburg, Pa., A.B. Religion, Phi Upsilon Kappa, Dean's List. ' KREIDER, JOHN N.-Witmer, Pa., A.B. Sociology, Kappa Sigma, Sociology Club. KULPINSKI, THADDEUS-Philadelphia, Pa., A.B. Biology: Porter Scientific Society. KURDOCK, JOSEPH-Glen Rock, N. J., A.B. Psychology, Psy- chology Club. 121 LAKE, ROBERT-Pitcairn, Pa., A.B. Biology? Lambda Chi Alpha, Track. LANDAU, DAVID-Pittsburgh, Pa., A.B. GeoloSYL Dean's List, WWFM, Geological Society. LASKY, ROBERT T.-Philadelphia, Pa., A.B. Government, Editor- in-Chief, Student Weekly, Dorm Counselor, Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Beta Kappa, Zeta Beta Tau, Treasurer, Government Club, Student Tutors, Originator. LATIMER, JOHN P.-Calais, Vt., A.B. Economics, Interfraternity Council, Economics Club, Phi Kappa Sigma, Vice President, Pres- ident. LAUER, ROBERT B.-York, Pa., A.B. Physics, American Institute of Physics, Mr. 8L Mrs. Club. LEBROCQ, JULIAN B., JR.-Philadelphia, Pa., A.B. History, His- tory Club. LEE, JOHN-Malvern, Pa., A.B. English, Glee Club, Student Week- ly, Phi Kappa Sigma, Scholastic Chairman, English Club. LEE, GAVIN-New York, N. Y., A.B. English, Chi Phi, English Club, Debating Club, Green Room, Dean's List. LEWY, ROBERT-Brooklyn, N. Y., A.B. Biology? Pi Lambda Phi, Executive Council, Secretary, Committee for Social Action, Presi- dent, Porter Scientific Society, Dean's List, Honors List, Roberts Prize in Biology. LIPSHUTZ, LARRY-Philadelphia, Pa., A.B. Biology, Student Council, Cheerleader, Porter Scientific Society, Phi Beta Kappa, Orientation Counselor. LOUPASSAKIS, CRAIG-South Plainfield, N. J., A.B. English, Football, Student Weekly, Student Council, Phi Kappa Psi, Vice President, Baseball. LOWMAN, HORACE M., JR.--Baltimore, Md., A.B. Accounting, Accounting and Finance Club. LUSTIG, HERBERT S.-Harrisburg, Pa., A.B. Biol0gY3 Glee Club, Porter Scientific Society, Student Weekly, Zeta Beta Tau, Dean's List. MACKISON, GEORGE N.-York, Pa., A.B. Business Administra- tion, Phi Kappa Psi, S.A.M. MAHLAND, G. RICHARD-Wantagh, N. Y., A.B. Economics, Economics Club, Basketball, Phi Sigma Kappa. MAIR, JOHN B.-Forest Hills, Pa., A.B. Economics, Phi Kappa Psi, International Relations Club, Soccer, Young Republican Club. MARSHALL, SCOTT S.-Naperville, Ill., A.B. GeoloEY3 Football, Swimming, Phi Sigma Kappa, Geological Society, '63 ORI- FLAMME, Senior Editor, '64 ORIFLAMME, Fraternity Editor, Young Republican Club. MARSTELLER, DANIEL F.-Emmaus, Pa., A.B. English, English Club, Lambda Chi Alpha, Prolog, ORIFLAMME, Band, Dorm Counselor. MARTER, CHARLES E., IV-Union, N. J., A.B. History, Wres- tling, Lacrosse, Phi Kappa Psi, History Club, Young Republican Club. MASON, PETER R.-Troy, N. Y., A.B. English, Phi Sigma Kappa, Secretary, Hockey, 1963 ORIFLAMME, 1964 ORIFLAMME. MATHER, HARRY H., JR.-Haddonfield, N. J., A.B. Economics, Sigma Pi, Rush Chairman, Corresponding Secretary, Economics Club, S. A. M., Alpha Delta Sigma, Student Weekly. MATTHEWS, JAMES E.-Chester Springs, Pa., A.B. History, Marching and Concert Band, Philosophy Club, President, Secre- tary-Treasurer. MATTHEWS, MICHAEL L.-Reading, Pa., A.B. Accounting, S. A. M., Treasurer, Chi Phi, Accounting and Finance Club. MAZZOLA, GENE P.-Verona, N. J., A.B. Chemistry, National Science Foundation Grant, American Chemical Society, President. McEWAN, RICHARD L.-Slingerlands, N. Y., A.B. Business Ad- ministration, S. A. M., Chi Phi. MENGEL, DONALD R.-Leesport, Pa., A.B. Mathematics, Delta Sigma Phi, Co-Treasurer, Cross Country, Co-Captain, Track, Co- Captain, Pi Mu Epsilon, Math Club, Dorm Counselor, Black Pyramid Honor Society, Treasurer. MESTER, ROBERT W.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Accounting, Account- ing and Finance Club, Treasurer. MIKELL, EDWARD L.-Baldwin, N. Y., A.B. Accounting, Cross Country, Track, Co-Captain, Student Council, Accounting and Finance Club, Lambda Chi Alpha, Rush Chairman. MINER, CARL A.-Lemoyne, Pa., A.B. Government, Kappa Sigma, Government Club. MORRISON, SAMUEL A.--Ringwood, N. J., A.B. Government, Glee Club, Government Club. MOSER, ROBERT-Pittsburgh, Pa., A.B. Economics, WWFM, Gen- eral Manager, Promotion Director, Program Director, Student Weekly, Debate Society, Economics Club, Zeta Beta Tau. MOUNTZ, WAYNE-Middletown, N. Y., A.B. Business Adminis- tration, S.A.M. MOYER, DONALD-Mt. Penn, Pa., A.B. Economics, Concert Band, Marching Band, Mu Upsilon Sigma, Lutheran Student Association, Economics Club. MURON0, EISUKE-Seabrook, N. Y., A.B. Biology, Football, Dormitory Counselor, Black Pyramid Senior Honor Society, Stu- dent Council. MURRAY, THOMAS R.-Zelienople, Pa., A.B. Business Adminis- tration, ORIFLAMME, Business Manager, Assistant Editor, Lambda Chi Alpha, President, Treasurer, Alpha Delta Sigma, Vice President, Young Republican Club, 907 Literary Society. NEFF, LARRY M.-Slatington, Pa., A.B. Sociology, Campus Chris- tian Fellowship, Lutheran Student Association, Phi Kappa Psi. NFZWELL, WAYNE-Hopewell, N. J., A.B. Geology, Geological ociety. NICOLA, ROBERT J.-Fairfield, Conn., A.B. History, Sigma Pi, Herald, Steward, History Club, President, Treasurer, Dean's List. NOVELLO, JAY L.fHarrisburg, Pa., A.B. Mathematics, Pi Mu EPSUOHQ Mathematics Club, Mathematics Honors List, Dean's List. NOWICKI, DAVID R.-Gettysburg, Pa.: A.B. History: Kappa Sig- ma: Band: Mu Upsilon Sigma: History Club. OBERHOLTZER, RAY S.-Landisville, Pa.: A.B. History: Chi Phi, President: Football: Glee Club: Green Room: History Club: Stu- dent Education Association. O'BRIEN, BRENT-Fox Chapel, Pa.: A.B. Sociology: Kappa Sigma: Mu Upsilon Sigma: AFROTC, Commander: Arnold Air Society: Band. OLLER, DALE W.-Lancaster, Pa.: A.B. Chemistry: American Chemical Society: Baseball: Chess Club. ORMAN, DAVID A.-Hatboro, Pa.: A.B. English: Golf: Student Weekly, Sports Editor: Black Pryamid Senior Honor Society: Green Room: English Club: Student Council: Sports Press Bureau: Zeta Beta Tau. ORNER, FREDRIC H.-Brookline, Mass.: B.A. English: Green Room: English Club: Committee for Social Action. OSER, IRNEST S.-Washington, D. C.: A.B. Biology: Government Club: Economics Club: Dormitory Counselor: Porter Scientific Society: Zeta Beta Tau: WWFM: Student Weekly. OTT, ROBERT J.-Reading, Pa.: A.B. Chemistry: Chess Club, President: American Chemical Society, Vice President. PARSONS, ROBERT J.--Brookhaven, Pa.: A.B. Biology: Phi Kappa Psi: Biology Club: Green Room. PASSMORE, HOWARD-Wallingford, Pa.: A.B. Biology! Phi Kappa Sigma: Porter Scientific Society: Green Room. PFISTER, GERALD-Woodstown, N. J.: A.B. Accounting: Lambda Chi Alpha: Accounting and Finance Club: Young Republican Club? ORIFLAMME. PIPER, ROBERT T.-Stamford, Conn.: A.B. French: Sigma Pi: Cross Country: Track. POLANSKY, JOHN D.-Glenside, Pa.: A.B. Biology: Lambda Chi Alpha: Dormitory Counselor: Dean's List: Porter Scientific Society. POWERS, MICHAEL A.-Manchester, Vt.: A.B. Government: Stu- dent Judiciary Board, Chairman: Government Club, President: Delta Sigma Phi, Secretary, Vice President: Dean's List: Young Republi- can Club. PRIEBE, RICHARD K.-Fair Haven, N. J.: A.B. English: Phi Kappa Psi: Lacrosse: English Club: Green Room. RAMSAY, ROBERT M., JR.-Lancaster, Po.: A.B. Sociology: sigma Pl: Football: Sociology Club. REED, KENNETH C.-Princeton, N. J.: A.B. Business Adminis- lration: Sigma, Pi. REED, WALTER T.-Lafayette, Calif.: A.B. Biology: Phi Kappa Tau, Treasurer, Secretary: Porter Scientific Society. REESE, MICHAEL-Lancaster, Pa.: A.B. Business Administration: F00tball, Co-Captain: Track: Sociology Club: Phi Sigma Kappa. REICHARD, E. CREIGH-York, Pa.: A.B. Biology: Dormitory C0Unselor: Porter Scientific Society. . 1964 ORIFLAMME REYLEK, CHARLES J.-Princeton, N. J.: A.B. English: Glee Club: WWFM: English Club: Cross Country: Porter Scientific Society. ROBERT'S, MORTON JAY-Merion Station, Pa.: A.B. Biology: Lacrosse, Manager: Debate Society: Porter Scientific Society: Dean's List. ROBIN, JAMES A.-Drexel Hill, Pa.: A.B. Biology: Pi Lambda Phi: Student Weekly: Porter Scientific Society, Treasurer. ROBINSON, RUSSELL J.-Richmond, Va.: A.B. Physics. ROSE, BERNARD J., III-Woodmere, N. Y.: A.B. Economics: Pi Lambda Phi: Debate Society: Economics Club: The Catalog. ROSENSTENGEL, JOHN R.-Lewistown, Pa.: A.B. Accounting: Accounting and Finance Club: Baseball, Co-Captain. ROSENTHAL, ANDREW-Woodmere, N. Y.: A.B. Sociology: Pi Lambda Phi: Swimming: Dean's List: Track: Sociology Club: Psy- chology Club: Prolog. ROTHERMEL, JAMES T.-Wyomissing, Pa.: A.B. Biology: Lambda Chi Alpha: Tennis: Married Couple Club, President: Porter Scien- tific Society: Young Republican Club. RUTT, LAURENCE R.-Harrisburg, Pa.: A.B. Business Adminis- tration: Lambda Chi Alpha: WWFM. SAMUELSON, ALAN C.-Palmerton, Pa.: A.B. Geology: Sigma Pi: Geological Society: American Institute of Physics. SANDERS, LOUIS W.-Brooklyn, N. Y.: A.B. Accounting: Ac- counting and Finance Club: Catalog, Business Manager: Pi Lambda Phi. SCHANTZ, JOHN C.-Ephrata, Pa.: A.B. Biology: Lambda Chi Alpha: Porter Scientific Society. ,. N 1 ioim ii0lW' SCHMUCK, S. PAUL-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Accounting, Account- ing and Finance Club. SCHNEIDER, JOEL E.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Mathematics, Pi Mu Epsilon, Vice President, Mathematics Club, Secretary, Band. SCHNORR, JOHN A.-South Wantagh, N. Y., A.B. Psychology, Psychology Club, President, Dean's List, Humor Magazine. SCHULTZE, NORMAN W.-Norwalk, Conn., A.B. History, Stu- dent Education Association, Government Club, History Club, Stu- dent Weekly, WWFM. SCHWERDT, ALFRED-West Lawn, Pa., A.B. Religion, Glee Club, Chapel Choir, Phi Upsilon Kappa, Dorm Counselor. SCILIPOTI, MICHAEL C.--Towaco, N. J., A.B. Business Adminis- tration, Delta Sigma Phi, S. A. M. SCOTT, OLOF H., JR.--Haddon Heights, N. J., A.B. Physics, Delta Sigma Phi, American Institute of Physics, President, Young Republican Club, Dean's List. SCRIBNER, CHARLES E.--Lexington, Mass., A.B. English, Lamb- da Chi Alpha, English Club. SHALER, ROBERT C.-Pittsburg, Pa., A.B. Chemistry. SHELTON, JOHN C.-Salisbury, Md., A.B. Latin, Student Educa- tion Association, Secretary, Treasurer, Foreign Relations Club, African Forum, Honors List. SHENK, JAY D.--Manheim, Pa., A.B. Chemistry, Baseball. SHERIDAN, NEIL W.-Hartsdale, N. Y., A.B. History, Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Delta Sigma, President, Young Republican Club, President, Green Room Playbill, Editor, History Club, ORI- FLAMME. SIMS, ROBERT B.-Mount Kisco, N. Y., A.B. Biology, Zeta Beta Tau, Porter Scientific Society, Student Weekly, History Club. SLAVIN, JEFFREY A.-Bronx, N. Y., A.B. English, Interfrater- nity Council, President, Treasurer, Black Pyramid Senior Honor Society, Vice President, Zeta Beta Tau, Vice President, Student Judiciary Board, Baseball, English Club. SMITH, DAVID C.--Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Business Administration, Alpha Delta Sigma, Publicity Director, Lambda Chi Alpha, S.A.M. SMITH, DAVID R.-Wayland, Mass., A.B. Business Administra- tion, Wrestling, Golf, Chi Phi, S.A.M. SMITH, DOUGLAS G.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Physics, American Institute of Physics. SMITH, HERBERT D.-Demarest, N. J., A.B. Business Adminis- tration, Delta Sigma Phi, S.A.M. SMITH, T. RICHARD-Wilmington, Dela., A.B. Philosophy, Eng- lish Club, Philosophy Club, International Relations Club. SMYTHE, GRANVILLE D., JR.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. History, Phi Upsilon Kappa. SOBEL, HAROLD R.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Chemistry, American Chemical Society. SPANGLER, RICHARD-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Accounting, Base- ball, Accounting and Finance Club, Sigma Pi. STARR, DAVID J.-Belmont, Mass., A.B. History, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society. STEPHENS, JOHN T.-Brookville, Pa., A.B. English, Chi Phi, English Club, Green Room, Young Republican Club, Football, WWFM. STEVENSON, JOHN-Evanston, Ill., A.B. Mathematics, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pu Mu Epsilon. STEWART, EDWARD A.-Agawam, Mass., A.B. Business Admin- istration, S. A. M., Sigma Pi. STEWART, TIMOTHY J.-Springfield, N. J., A.B. Mathematics, Dormitory Counselor, Delta Sigma Phi, Pi Mu Epsilon, Mathe- matics Club, President, I.A.E.S.T.R., Chapel Committee. STITZER, ARTHUR B. III-Wyncote, Pa., A.B. Business Adminis- tration, S.A.M., Young Republican Club. STONE, DAVID K.-Skaneateles, N. Y., A.B. Accounting, Band, Young Republican Club, S.A.M., Accounting and Finance Club. STOTTLEMYER, RICHARD-Thurmont, Md., A.B. Physics, Phi Kappa Tau, American Institute of Physics. STYLES, PHILIP A.-East Petersburg, Pa., A.B. Sociology, Kappa Sigma, Sociology Club, Dean's List, Honors List. SUTHERLAND, GARY L.-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Geology, Geo- logical Society, Student Education Association. TANNOR, RICHARD-Bayside, N. Y., A.B. Mathematics, Zeta Beta Tau, Treasurer, Porter Scientific Society. TAYLOR, MALCOLM H.--Annapolis, Md., A.B. Biology? Porter Scientific Society, Phi Sigma Kappa, Green Room Club. TENERY, ROBERT-Waxahachie, Texas, A.B. Mathematics, Sigma Pi. TERZIS, ARISTIDES-Salonika, Greece, A.B. Chemistry, American Chemical Society. THOMAS, B. MARVIN-Baltimore, Md., A.B. History, Student Education Association, Swimming. THOMPSON, ROGER C.-Oradell, N. J., A.B. Accounting, R.O.T.C. Drill Team, Arnold Air Society, Football, Lacrosse, Alpha Delta Sigma, Secretary, Phi Sigma Kappa, Vice President, Rush Chairman, Black Pyramid Senior Honor Society, Dean's List, 1963 ORIFLAMME, Managing Editor, 1964 ORIFLAMME, Editor-in-Chief, Interfraternity Council, Interfraternity Judiciary Board, Young Republican Club. TRAJESSER, ROBERT S., JR.-Winnetka, Ill., A.B. Philosophy, Philosophy Club. TWENTEY, ROBERT L.-Frederiek, Md., A.B. Government, stu- dent Weekly, Government Club, Pi Gamma Mu, Catalog, 907 Literary Society. VAN BLAADEREN, MATTHIJS-Brooklyn, N. Y-L A-B- Eflgllshi Prolog, Assistant Editor. '964 ORIFLAMME VANSANT, H. NELSON--Salisbury, Md., A.B. Biology, Delta Sig- ma Phi, Glee Club, President, Chapel Choir. VINCENT, ROBERT J.-Wellesley, Mass., A.B. Geology. WADEMAN, ROSS-Wyomissing, Pa., A.B. Biology! Glee Club, Lambda Chi Alpha, Chapel Choir. WALLACE, RICHARD G.-Orange, Conn., A.B. Economics, Swimming, Captain, Lambda Chi Alpha, Young Republican Club. WALSH, EDWARD J.-Madison, N. J., A.B. Chemistry, Delta Sigma Phi, American Chemical Society. WARD, ROGER B.-Walling Ford, Pa., A.B. Biology? Glee Club, Cross Country, Porter Scientific Society. WARREN, RONALD-Trenton, N. J., A.B. Biology, Pi Lambda Phi, Porter Scientific Society, Dormitory Counselor, Student Food Committee. WATCI-IORN, ROBERT, III-Hollidaysburg, Pa., A.B. English, Glee Club, Chi Phi, English Club. WEGGE, WILLIAM J., JR.-Ocean Grove, N. J., A.B. Philosophy, Sigma Pi, Social Chairman, Executive Council, Rush Committee, Fire Warden, Philosophy Club. WHITMORE, STEPHEN-Walden, N. Y., A.B. English, English Club, Phi Kappa Psi. WIGMORE, JOSEPH R.-Rosemont, Pa., A.B. Biology, Sigma Pi, Porter Scientific Society. WILKINSON, LEE S.-Cleveland, Ohio, A.B. Biology, Phi Kappa Psi, Wrestling, Lacrosse. WILLNER, ROBERT F.-Union, N. J., A.B. Sociolo2l'3 Sociology Club, Vice President, Phi Kappa Tau, Rush Chairman, Chapel Committee, Arnold Air Society. WILMOT, PETER R.-Bethlehem, Pa., A.B. History, Football, Phi Sigma Kappa, Rush Chairman, "Five Year Club." WINDOLPH, ROBERT R.-Phoenixville, Pa., A.B. Chemistry, Kappa Sigma, President, American Chemical Society, Treasurer, Concert and Marching Bands. YEAGER, BRUCE W.-Wyoming, Ohio, A.B. History, Delta Sigma Phi, Social Chairman, Young Republican Club, History Club. YEAGER, WAYNE E.-Huntingdon Valley, Pa., A.B. English, Kappa Sigma, Secretary, Alpha Delta Sigma, Chaplain, Phi Upsilon Kappa, English Club, Chapel Committee. YEAGY, ROBERT W.-Harrisburg, Pa., A.B. Mathematics, Phi Kappa Sigma. ZEBRAK, FRED M.-Valley Stream, N. Y., A.B. Economics, Zeta Beta Tau, Economics Club. ZERCHER, JOHN N.-Columbia, Pe., A.B. History, Treek. ZIMMERMAN, JERE A.-Columbia, Pa., A.B. Physics, American Institute of Physics. ZWIRN, LESLIE-Lancaster, Pa., A.B. Biology, Pi Lambda Phi, Treasurer, Student Weekly. 125 f -5 i' 7- . ,"W'f 3-A f i' . 4-Q' I' R . 4X f ... "3-I' A 2 Af" - . 4 f. A- , , -., g , x 'N' L "'-- l L.. ,, . N 3 .4. 1 ,- o-xx Q :- F L ,.s ' ,fg 'tr irq. r S X T I I 5 - I It 4 x Y . f . "'x+W. as - ' if ali' I jf . L - ' , ,, 1 . M -'ICO-1 X- 5 1.2.5. A ' I '.' I X, 4. "':ll"'-. .- - -1. ' Y.. .1 """""' ' KK i 1 x i J v , . I 2 o ll'NN'An.-v -vrvvo-va-up --u-nn?i. The EVENT Frosh Orientation The class of '67, four hundred thirty strong, arrived September fifteenth. Thi were greeted by Norm Fesmire, Orientation Chairman, and his staff of counseloi who helped the Frosh fulfill the initial requirements of establishing residence ai completing registration. With the essential details taken care of, the newcomers we ready to take their first, few hesitant steps into their new surroundings. The first two days of the program were composed chiefly of informative meetin and assemblies. F and M's heritage, development, and future were presented l Professor Klein. The responsibilities and opportunities of student life were outlini by Dean DePuy. The day's activities were rounded out with a variety of spirit' athletic contests. Highlighting the program was the group discussion of one of the nation's mc pressing domestic problems: the Racial question. The Freshmen were asked to re: and study carefully pertinent material of a thought-provoking nature, after whit discussion was opened by a faculty panel moderated by Dr. Sidney Wise. The par provided an exciting stimulus for the follow-up discussions, conducted later in t' more personal atmosphere of many small groups, each under the direction of faculty member. By participating in the discussions, the new students were given i opportunity to experience an exciting and fruitful exchange of ideas with thi classmates. The Orientation Program provided a glimpse of the life and make-up of tf College. The activities were designed to provoke continuous personal cont: among the fresmen in both the academic and extra-curricular spheres of stude life. By attempting to given the student a comforting feeling of assurance while was shouldering new responsibilities, it was hoped that the men would correct start on firm footing, down the path leading to a successful career at Franklin ai Marshall College. .1- X' i i-K ., 1 1- ii..s.fff. .. i..., ,.,, -r mn .2 'N , 5'-. 'gk - r, . ' wwf'-50".5,,3gn -. ff,-. ,.-fg.,..,. -, . . , .A ,.,.-. ee.. .. i. . .. . . ...f .,,, .4--, ' 1" fy ' 3 if f f is -. V-in o V' Q3- 1-1? Lf' Inauguration The inauguration of Keith D. Spalding as the llth president of Franklin and Marshall College took place on September 26, I963. Two hundred and twelve rep- resentatives of various institutions of higher learning throughout the country were in attendance, including thirty eight college and university presidents. Greetings and salutations were extended to the new president by representatives of the Alumni Association, the faculty, the board of trustees, and the student body. Dr. Milton Eisenhower, president of Johns Hopkins University and a close associate of Mr. Spalding, deliv- ered the principal address. His topic was concerned with the challenge which the current configuration of Ameri- can society presents to higher education. President Spalding's topical and encouraging inaugu- ral address highlighted the ceremonies and expressed his dedication to those ideals of academic enlighten- ment for which Franklin and Marshall stands. 1964 ORHILAMME fx Founders Day lj The 177th Founder's Day Convocation assembled in Hensel Hall on October 10, 1963. Highlighting the ceremony was the address of the principal speaker of the day, Norman Cousins, editor of the Saturday Re- view of Literature. Mr. Cousins' remarks were timely pointed at the problem of nuclear power and Russo- American diplomacy. Three honorary doctorates, in addition to the 0116 awarded to Mr. Cousins, were conferred on this OC- casion. Walter E. Hoadley, Vice-President of Arm- strong Cork Company, received the degree of Doctor of Commercial Science, Roger L. Shinn, prominent Protestant theologian, Doctor of Divinity, George J- Willauer, Clinical Professor of Surgery at Jefferson Medical College, Doctor of Science. The crisp autumn weather and the colorful pO111P and pageantry of the academic procession provided 3 dignified preface to the gaiety and abandon of the ensuing Homecoming Weekend l + 1964 ORIFLAMME Homecoming lj Homecoming, the commencing social event of the year, saw the return of many alumni to the Franklin and Marshall campus. As customary, the sun shown brightly through the multi-colored au- tumn leaves and spirits were high, tin- gling with excitement in anticipation of the coming activities of the day. Fans crowded into Williamson Bowl to watch a spirited F and M team clash unsuccess- fully with a determined Swarthmore squad, Although the scoreboard regis- tered defeat for the Dips none of the 4500 present left until the final whistle, complimenting the great effort portrayed by the Big Blue. For most of the undergrads, post game activities were centered mainly around fraternities and their respective social events. Dave Brubeck provided students with an awesome display of musical gen- ius in the new Mayser Memorial Field- house. The old grads were seen returning briefly to the haze of their own college days with their attendance and participa- tion in these fraternity and school social events. Inevitably Sunday was the scene of hustle and bustle as students hurried their dates to the train station and alumni packed their trunks for the long trek home l P l3l GW I 'Q' , vu ' Q -vb ,Q T' L -Lx 1 4 '. ',.i 'I ' ' ,,.,fL'. AIA Iv: 2313- , r . l , VM ,4 -',, ,L X 1. , I, , , J.:- 1 ,I f , 7, - , , f . L, . . ' , fw 1 ' V '. J I '. ,- -I ' 'Mg 1964 ORIFLAMME Freshmen Parents Day lj A chilly autumn breeze whipped through the tree-studded campus as well over 1000 parents, the greatest number recorded in recent history, arrived at Franklin and Marshall to spend an idyllic fall day with their sons. The parents were treated to a special faculty panel presentation on "The Curriculum Demands of the Freshmen," prior to lunch served in the College dining halls. The hardy souls who braved a 30-mph wind to cheer on the Big Blue saw a powerful Washington 84 Lee eleven fight for every point as they handed F and M its fourth loss of the season. After the game, the parents hurried to the warmth and conviviality of the Prcsident's Reception in the Fackenthal Library. The collee and cookies served by the Faculty wives were welcome antidotes lor the numb lingers and frozen noses of the 800 fathers and mothers who took this opportunity to chat with their sons' professors and indulge in just a bit ot' sentimental reminiscence about their own college days. i The College Band closed the organized activities for the day with its traditional concert in Hensel Hall. Parents' Day IQ63. perhaps the most successful held at Franklin and Marshall, came to an end with the casual good-byes and the faithful promises to write more often exchanged between parents and students. The parents headed for home convinced that their sons would study harder and the stu- dents went back to their dorms nursing the quiet nostalgia that comes after the briefest touch with home l '96-1 ORIFLAMME X . A 1 O "J Cl ' 99 . A ' .4 9 HW' lfzkfz'-N 7 N Q , ax 1 X 3 4 j,,Q My .Q ff? fr, - I G5 1 x, . l 1964 ORIFLAMME F andM FandM Fand M Fand M FandM FandM FandM FandM John Hopkins 6 Swarthmore 14 Dickinson 35 Carnegie Tech 35 Washington and Lee 28 P.M.C. 21 Muhlenberg 34 Ursinus Cancelled 1 -- 6 lj Football at F and M underwent a number of changes this year. Most were a result of the new head coach, George Storck, who introduced a new and vital spirit to the team. A new student spirit was also evident at the mass pep rally the night before the opening game with Johns Hopkins. The enthusiasm carried over to the next afternoon when the season opener was won for the first time in seven years and a twelve game losing streak was broken. A week later an under- estimated Swarthmore team shattered the Diplomats' hopes for an undefeated season with a late touchdown. Despite the evidence of the win-loss column, the team was much improved under the guidance of Coach Storck, who has earned the respect of both players and students. Storck left a position as line coach at PMC to fill the post vacated by Woody Sponaugle, and was faced with the task of building a team composed largely of sophomores. The results of his efforts should appear in the future. F and M looks forward to win- ning seasons I Tl!! I .,., fr f .- nf- "'1 YM f1i"'-J 1' fl I -I .1 Vg. 1 V,YYY Y . .- , - ROW ONE: S. Hall, C. Loupassakis, E. Fitzpatrick, P Benenson, E. Murono, M. Reese, T. Anderson, S. Marshall S. Klinger, R. Johnson. ROW TWO: L. Butcher, B. Tompson D. Schnurr, G. Beaman, D. Sippcrly, J. Frcre, C. Eagle, L Graham, B. Healy, J. Santaniello. ROW THREE: J. Smith Student Urnon Board 1964 ORIFLAMME Weekends 4, X . x Y' ffm? 1 lm' ' r f-, ..,. m,. V' ' , 1 f I x 1 ' N JE-' "Jn I 964 ORIFLAMME lj The Student Union Board of Franklin and Marshall College performs one of the most ambitious functions of any or- ganization on the campus. It is the desire of this group of representatives from each of the four classes to provide much needed social diversion for the 1400 stu- dents who spend long hours slaving over their lessons during the week and reserve their weekends for relaxation and general change of pace. Bill Behringer, president of the S.U.B., was largely responsible for the varied representation from local women's col- leges which often aided the Diplomat un- dergrads in cheering on the Big Blue, the barbecues served by the Slater Food Serv- ice, and the lively entertainment which added to the casual nature of several fall weekends I new-' - V' A. pn. -.....,...,. .-- ..,,,,,f,7,,,.,,.?mW,,,-..--. , , -.7 - mg., , P. . - 1. . .Q - ' ' '. ...,.,,. A, - ,. ,..,4p-I---'v' - ' -,',1:'Tf"- , ,g,"""rSe ll, wy.,,M on "fl , 4 no ,,,...: " nv 'Q' E Soccer at F and M this year did not completely live up to pre-season expectations and in many respects was a disappointment. The team, on occasion, looked like the one that last year compiled an outstanding record, but at times they seemed unable to mesh and generate a strong attack. Paul Adogli, the MVP in the Middle Atlantic Conference, Southern Division, failed to receive the offensive support that was important in the success of the team last year. The defense re- ceived strong and steady help from co-captains, Lance Knauth, and Bruce Goodrich throughout most of the year and it is mainly because of this that the team was able to compile a 5-3-2 record. Coach Smith feels that a strong freshman team this year may help in a return to form in the future l 1964 ORIFLAMME Soccer l Za .,,, F and M F and M F and M F and M F and M F and M F and M F and M F and M F and M Muhlenberg Haverford Western Maryland Johns Hopkins Washington College Swarthmore Lafayette Gettysburg Delaware Ursinus 5-3-2 PNP ROW ONE: J. chimes, D. Hollington, P. Martin, D. Robinson. ROW TWO: B. Guibard, L. Rains, B. Simmons, L. Knauth P. Adogli, D. Bartel, B. Penney. ROW THREE: R. Hasp, J Bunting, B. Leuffen, S. Handsman, J. Goodhue, B. Poulter managerg R. Smith, coach. ROW FOUR: R. Druker, C. Bald win, C. Juliard, K. Heim, N. Thompson, N. Werthwein, G Kalule. 1964 ORIFLAMME Air Force R.O.T.C. lj The most conspicuous campus activities of the Air Force R.O.T.C. are the precise formations of the drill team, marching in the President's and Parent's Day reviews, and the annual Military Ball, sponsored by the honorary Arnold Air Society. ln addition, the R.O.T.C. program provides educational trips to other Air Force bases in the nation, gives flight training to qualified seniors, and participates in local parades l ll Kg A Nkllt Qgglti. ttggtli . ROW ONE: R. Abrams, J. Buddington, M. Kcndig. ROW TWO: B. Kier. R. Tosh, D. Mengel, captain: L. Rochafellow. ROW THREE: D. Thome, W. Belzer, R. McGlade. R. Ward. K. Powers. H. Passmore. R. Phillips, coach. l964 ORIFLAMME FandM FandM FandM FandM FandM FandM FandM FandM FandM FandM 46 31 28 31 22 22 15 40 26 21 Juniata Dickinson Haverford Johns Hopkins Albright Gettysburg Moravian Swarthmore Elizabethtown Muhlenburg 4-5-1 Cross Country Cl Even with a strong start the Franklin and Marshall Cross Country Team was unable to break even in the 1963 season. Undcfeated through the first four meets the team then dropped three straight and live out of the next six. Despite being below .500 it was a fine squad. This being a highly unpredictable sport, lopsided scores are not often the true measure of team spirit or attitude and this was the case this year. Don Mcngcl, the only graduating sen- ior, was the winner of the Dr. Morgan D. Person award and was an outstanding performer throughout the season. The hopes for a winning combination next year are well founded as almost the whole squad will be back. Expected to be up and coming and important to a successful record are the names of Dave Thome and Marty Kendig. Coach Philips expects great things I mm? .1 -al tm tb 12 , M EAW Green Room Theatre 151 l964 ORIFLAMME Gideon lj If one of the criteria for good drama is that it leave the theater with the audience, then the Green Room was justly commended for creating a dramatic experi- ence that lived longer off the stage than on it. For weeks before, during, and after the production heated arguments and thoughtful discussions abounded in the campus house, the corridor, and Hildy's over the cor- rect interpretation of Paddy Chayefsky's intention and the implications of the script. Gideon accepted the responsibility of being an in- strument and subject of God, only to later reject his servitude and deny God's existence when he feels that as a man he cannot meet the demands of fealty to a divine lord. The problem presented is the decision be- tween theocentricity and egoeentricity. The audience is left to make its own response and evaluation. Can a humanist accept religious dogmas and demands when he can find for them no rational justification that satis- fies his heart and human desires? Must man obey a God who denies his humanity to him? ls Gideon to be ad- mired as a sort of hero who has taken up the cause of humanity in his rejection of an inhuman tyranie deity? Or was Gideon a fool to deny an undeniable Truth? Did he lose a greater beauty and nobility when he shrank into the pitable self-delusions and fleshy limita- tions of the human posture? These intellectual stimuli could have only had their penetrating vitality if couched in a moving, aesthetically arresting milieu,--and our production of "Gideon" was exactly that I Wrestling l U ln every sport there is usually a standout performer that is often the center of Campus attention. Saul Shimansky is that performer and wrestling is the sport at Franklin and Marshall this year. Great things were expected of the 123 pound Winner of last ycar's Freshman Eastern Invitational Tournament and he responded with a fine ll-I-l season. The team itself dropped below .500 with a 4-5-l slate but this was a squad C0mposed mostly of sophomores and juniors and was a year of experience for many Of them. Dale Kistler, this year's captain, and Steve Dubner will be the only two Starting seniors not with the mat men next year. With the added experience it is the feeling of coach Phillips that next season could well be a winning one. The most successful up and coming men are Neil Thompson Cl37J, Dave Donovan Cl57J, John Taylor 11679, Bill Schneiderman CHeavyweightJ and of C0Urse Saul Shimansky. These are some of the elements that could return wrestling t0 prominence at F and M. We wish them good luck l 7964 ORIFLAMME --1 ... , . .M 9 ffiw- mum .-fm.. 4+ 4 'lx- F and M F and M F and M F and M F and M F and M F and M F and M F and M F and M F and M F and M F and M Columbia Brown Harvard Princeton Bucknell Springlield Gettysburg V.M.l. Washington 8a Ice Temple Lehigh Penn Dickinson . S--7-l KNEEUNG N Thompgon S Shrmansky G Schnydcr Amaducci, R. Dubner, D. Jenkins, T. McBcc. Duhner M Wood D Kistler captain P Martin D Parse J TIYIOF-R-PhilliPS-C0305 ... ,324 5 Q ...- Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Tournament lj The Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association Championships were held at the Charles W. Mayser Physical Education Center at Franklin and Marshall on March I3 and 14. lt was of course the biggest wrestling weekend, in the liast this year and was attended by upwards of 3200 fans. ln the two days of topfllight Wrestling there were some surprise finishes and several expected winners. Syracuse, last year's winner, who had been picked to win the team laurels was nosed out lay Pittsburg and surprise winner Lehigh. ln the talented l23 pound class Penn State's .lay Windfeldei' defeated lr" and M hopeful Saul Shimansky on his way to the individual title, while in the l30 and I37 pound classes the expected winners were respectfully Mike Johnson of Pittsburg and Wayne Hicks of Navy. ln the I47 class there was a mild upset as second seeded Doug Koch of Lehigh defeated favored Edwards of Penn State. From there it was Dick Slutzky ol' Syracuse at l57. Marty Strayer of Penn State at I67 and Gerry Franzen of Navy at I77, all favored winners. The winner in the l9l pound class was John Gladish of Lehigh in an upset victory over Steve Speers of Temple. Jim Nance of Syracuse, the talented and very fast heavyweight, extended his unbeaten string to 76 by winning his weight class with a show of power that impressed all observers. All in all it was an exciting weekend and gave many people in this area the Cxperience of seeing truly championship wrestling. Last year four of the nine NCAA individual titles went to winners in the liasterns and there is no reason to believe why this should not happen again in the IQ64 linals l l 'lm .R Kr. ,,,-p-- ..1gg5,.a BasketbaH lj The Franklin and Marshall basketball team won a single game this year and in that memorable contest scored ninety-six points, about thirty-four points above their regular scoring average. ln a season with twenty losses it is hard to pinpoint the weak spots. A lack of height led to inadequate rebounding which in turn led to poor defense, and so on to a mounting chain of consequences. As the losses began to pile up after the third game of the year the attitude of the students went down steadily. Strangely the morale ol' the team never seemed to drop and there seemed to be a feeling that every upcoming game might be the one that would break the string of defeats. Unfortunately this game has yet to come. ln several games, notably Johns Hopkins, Dickenson, and Muhlenberg, the team came within a point of victory, but their expectations were unrealized. lt is a well known fact that the pressure that builds up during a long losing streak is almost as great, if not greater, than that of a long winning skein. If in the l964-65 season the Dips could win an early game it would not be overly dangerous to predict a fairly good season. The team will be nearly intact, and with sharp passing Bob Penny and the marksmanship of George Nier, Fred Wert and .lack Charles, it is possible that a poor year may be followed by a successful one I Li, 1964 ORIFLAMME 'Wi' 'ii ,. Al ,vw ,J-v-""'l 3 ,,,,....-"-"" i' F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F and M and M and M and M and M and M and M and M and M and M and M and M and M and M and M and M and M and M and M and M and M Swarthmore 63 Juniata 76 Western Maryland 70 Delaware 74 Hobart 65 Hamilton 65 Ursinus 102 Moravian 92 Dickinson 99 Lehigh 78 Albright 71 Drexel 73 Johns Hopkins 65 Gettysburg 82 Washington 84 Jefferson 77 Dickinson 72 Haverford 76 Muhlenberg 66 Washington 103 Lebanon Valley 101 Gettysburg 73 1-20 FRONT: L. Baber, captain. BACK: R. Vassos, managerg L. Smith, A. King, B. Penney, G, Niler, J, Newlina D, Fa,-fell, J, Bunting, J. Charlcs, F. Wert, G. Schaeffer, C. Winsor, coach. 1964 ORIFLAMME Law. . - .-u 1964 ORIFLAMME I l. E, 56. T f 2 :iv by . i. Topics Lectures lj Of the extra-curricular opportunities presented to the student at F and M, none is so eagerly attended by devotees of both the arts and sciences as the Topics Lecture Series. The highlight of the Topics Series, l964, was the address given by the Rev. Martin Luther King to a capacity crowd in the Mayser Gym. Dr. King held the audience in the palm of his hand as he spoke extempo- raneously on the many and varied problems posed by the current integration movement. Another salient speaker in the Topics program was the popular poet William D. Snodgrass. Mr. Snodgrass analyzed the modern trends in poetry and rendered readings from the works of the most prominent post- war poets. Among the most interesting were several poems of his own. Roscoe Drummond, noted political columnistg T. H. White, British novelistg Dr. Albert Burke, scientist. economist and television personalityg Kenneth Rexroth, Alistair Cook, Sir Julian Huxley, and Mario Amadeo also appeared on the Franklin and Marshall campus during the 1963-64 term l mule.. Swimming lj Swimming is traditionally a strong sport at F8tM, and this year was no exception as the team compiled a 6-3 record in dual meets. Co-captains Glen Irwin and Dick Wallace were mainstays in the freestyle and backstroke respectively. In the Middle Atlantics Nick Hoppner set a record and hnished first in the 200 yard backstroke leading the team to a 54 point total and a fourth place finish. Other specialists were Al Holbrook in the breast stroke, Dick Keister in diving, Bill Smulyan in the but- terfly and John Hoffman in the individual medley and freestyle. The outlook for next year is also good, as the fresh- man team won 4 and lost l and came within 1 point of an undefeated season. Peter Isenberg is particularly fast in the 500 yard freestyle, as he set a college record. The most encouraging aspect of next season is team bal- ance which should result in another successful record for coach McGinness l 165 F and M 40 Delaware 55 F and M 55 Temple 40 F and M 48 Lycoming 47 F and M 55 Drexel 38 F and M 41 Gettysburg 54 F and M 64 Haverford 31 F and M 62 P.M.C. 33 F and M 57 Swarthmore 38 F and M 36 Dickinson 59 6-3 ROW ONE: A. Rosenthal, G. Irwin, co-captaing R. Wallace. co- Ehrhart. ROW Tl-lREEg G. Mcginness' Coach. W, Flower' J. captaing R. Keister, A. Holbrook. ROW TWO: M. Thomas, H. Wibberly, J. Ramer. A. Hooper. P. Boltz. H. Funk, assistant Lodge, L. Raithaus, W. Smulyan, N. Hoppner, J. Hoffman, L. coach. '964 ORIFLAMME Hockey Q After an undefeated season last year, the F and M Ice Hockey team returned this season to post a medi- ocre record. The team got off to a poor start, but had a strong finish. Captain Jim Park anchors the high scor- ing linc of Clint Crane and Sandy Taft. Unlike last year, the defense has been lackluster, with poor cheek- ing and clearing. Freshman Neil Young has provided some loyal rooters with many a thrill with his remark- able saves in the goal. This year's schedule was made tougher with the addition of the Princeton J.V. and Rutgers Varsity. Some of the highlights of this season occurred when the team defeated Lehigh twice, the second time in front of an l.F. Weekend crowd. Also the team tied Lafayette in their second meeting up at Easton to tie them for the league championship. Captain Park was high scorer, closely followed by Clint Crane and Sandy Taft. Don Cleveland, a freshman, thrilled many a fan with his dazzling stick work and fast skating. Since there are only three seniors, forward .loc Hog- nander, and defensemen Doug Weidman and Dick Compson, who will be departing with graduation, the team next year can look forward to a strong returning nucleus. The club owes a debt of thanks to coach Ken Smith, an ex-pro, who has given up much of his time forthe handling and coaching of the club l 919 Q F F F F F F F F F and M and M and M and M and M and M and M and M and M "Withh- 4 5 2 3 3 3 Larenceville Lehigh Hill School Princeton Rutgers Lafayette Bucknell Lafayette Lehigh 3-5-l It 8 3 3 13 9 5 2 3 2 'H 4 1 'Q' 09: .A -. .- A , i , L-. g .FY 9 gf' Q SEATED: N. Young, D. Kloibcr, D. Pcnlcy, J. Budding- D. Cleveland, D. Dunno. S. Taft. D. Weidman C C'r'1nc ION. C. Dunn, J. Vibbarls, F. Mutli. STANDING: P. K. Smith, coach. Polovchik, J. Hognandcr, J. Park, captuing D. Compson. '964 ORIFLAMME Snowball Weekend U Despite the frosting which lightly covered the ground 011 February 14, the young ladies so necessary to the Success of any social endeavor treked to the F and M Campus much to the delight of their nearly frustrated dates. That evening the couples danced to the music of The Angels in the Mayser Gym before scattering to various motel and fraternity parties. Saturday afternoon, the collegians of both sexes were entertained by the Lettermen, a trio which has enjoyed eXCeptional recording success. An innovation to the Campus social scene was introduced Saturday evening. with the hours for girls being allowed in the dormito- ries extended to 12 midnight, Meyran Hall organized a dorm party complete with rented juke box. Those Dip- l0mats not so fortunate to inhibit that progressive build- Ing attended after-hours parties anywhere they could 5116 them, or settled for a cup of coffee at the nearest restaurant. 1 Besides sleeping late Sunday morning, most of the UIUC Spent by the socialites centered around the enigma of how to say, "Good-bye. I'll miss you." with I.F.C. Weekend only three weeks away l IQ yi 1964 ORIFLAMME The Winters Tale lj Breaking all the classical rules of drama,-the unities of timC, place, and action-, The Winter's Tale, under Hugh Evans' direction, also broke all the Green Room records of' attendance. The thing that occasioned remarks like, "the best Green Room theater in 38 yearS" and "the finest Shakespeare l have seen in America or Englandf' WHS its unity of performance. This was no unbalanced play,-every actOf, fromtthe walk ons to the leads, understood and realized the impor- tance of his role and played it convincingly and with finesse. Performed in commemoration of Shakespeare's 400th birthday, The Winterfs Tale demonstrated the eternal quality of great drama ifl its contemporary appeal after at least ten generations of perform- ances, Its style is tragicomic,-the prosperity, destruction, and regen- eration cycle with emphasis upon the rebirth and happiness after C100 penance, and its thesis is universal. Leontes' insane jealousy is the insanity of man when he constructs a false and mental world whiCh gets so far from reality and humanity that his delusions bring suffer- ing to others and finally cause his own downfall. Made aware of his fault, Leontes suffers in humility and penitence for l6 years until 21 rebirth of life and happiness through his daughter's love to PolixenCS' son reunites the court to the people, and reconciles the parted friendS and kingdoms. There were moments in this play that can almost be described 215 magical--moments when the actors and the audience were held fixed in a crystal of emotional intensity and hardly dared to breathe. Thfife were moments of agony and moments of involuntary laughter and comic relief. The experiences and brilliance of this play were dependent LIPOU four elements: the immortal artistry of the author, the fantastic CH' ergy and genius of Hugh Evans' directing, 'the sweat and dedication of the actors, the talented labor of the scenic designer and the competent devotion of the technical staff, and of course the willingness of the audience to put aside their personal lives and enter into the expGf1' ence of theater l '964 ORIFLAMME G3 3 cn cn :J :U cn . ca E3 -I :r cn na P+ 3 cn x ' Halas E N 7. -,-Q' 7 . ,Q l I . l , If ,. - x '.,.. 3' Q53 CD z E g 0 D ' " Emu MIGHT ' 3 Q: v5Q:,PUf1.Yf B. :W CjflE,LwES Q I ' S Y .G fVWffw mmymwmnmxxanx. - Lggwygqg ' fpfyllifclmwth-H8 P 58-Ami f"""'i lffff' -' l , lnqnggyqujgigy vb . v ff., f 3 gCMp'!!4,h... ,. ff' ,ff . , -m.m.n...1, zj-fx,-f' v ff fy Lf , k ' 'fri'-9Sa.9,-,..,-:MT .. -'g' "' -M! -X v I Y V romnggn V fl,-:V g+M,,V, L! , Goan '-YW'-I Jfvv www., vuufrz qfbbfhff-fly-if emnow Y Jil J, Qhuwill r' rlf-fvy MN Q, J, mf f f f f 'J J, lx, Rz Jjf if-7,4 Mffff! B -1415 SMI!!! il' Lxvxwiwaqqguz aa? 2 P ns.,-A-Q' nugf. S M if ,A 1: v ., ul ,,.. A bmamfqgi U' ffzmfg N M, A' avffhw 'T Y '335'7i'4'i""Z57?qWzru'VJ'x'423g:,nB Eh 'f',..wxS?i!if!. "5" 'f Wvygp sn ,vu ffuf Pwwwwf Q X6 f 'WMF Q I ., I 4. ,-,-V-,-,,s..u.7... '.'.. ., ,gN..,.,-,. 1 I. V f . b 2: V , , .. .1 ..... - .,.. ,. , ..... ... ., Q D ,. 73, ' ' ' '. , ' . 4. . . ,,. -' , 1 --. ' . A :..:....1.... -3 . -. ,,...,.--,., , , S '.,,,,,4 ' .. . ,,,-.-,...f,f."'-ff, H I, ' - J ff ,f MJ ' ' , " 1 , ' up - , 1 ,..i:,.,. .:.4...,.,....,,..- A .Q lr, 1 v xg, -.....4 M ..l., J...4.4.... ., ..g.,,,,... , -, H 'V , "1 , Fwy gf '-,,..Lf g y , Q1 I g, ' . , 45" A.4A ' . . ffl- .' ' L' " ' ' ' ' - 1 ! - ' V L ,,f -N . ul s - -V V , ':,, -- , -..ngggf TL . , ' 9 , I ' ,,,:v:V:'. fn , - ,h . ' ' X .w ,f- p -- 1 U - , I-21 ..-nf ,..' ' ..4! . .A . - M , X .Hz W, ' -' -"' -- X-'W .. . I "..J .e...J Jn gggij ' -L, IIT' ,' .gi , M. S Q. ,Q-4,,i.m. kg . .,, In , I- .I , 1 1: .- ..., , wa. 3 M ' 5 ' T, ' " if ' -- v 4499-! ff'-ww-5 ' . .',,' w:Ny1L' - A Q1 . -, ' . -.QNX-..f.:, 4? ' 2 - H "aw,-N -.1 - ., - - -- Y. , 'g.,',.f:' '-w k-LV-.j" ' .'.4:,' . ,' A3 Q ' ' I J ' ' 1 s 'ffl' ...H .. .5 ".-'ymnu - -1-'11 . - ,,. '- .. . .. , .. - . . ' ' , X 1,.+'.L "'-zf-ff '. .N I ' '- . . ' NV 'N -Wi w - A' - .N-'sw -QA 1- f- A., .V ,,.s W- .- X- Q' - i',T'Y'S, H-:V:51,5, .N jr -ff.: 4. .JI-5 Q Q., . , X 4 ', g N 4 -1 . . 1 1- l, 35?- Qhk .Lp-L Q ,-.W .... ,.:,w.m',R. .f- 6, 1,1 0,5852 W: t , A 4 4 ASQ., , rg.,-?i.v X W I .,5'Q5,3 I2 'gap --fr' 'f"'X-i'5'Y"7.Hggg.,' ' wi: mv. .1 my , ifig-.' 'rf' ff -nn, Ln -A fm, ' - - .. 1 fi.-wsu ,,c4.:wf1, .P - 'W ZW K1 ' "V"'W . iffy., nxgiikx, . 1 in A ' Ginn - : .X . I V, it K4 .L V I, F TQ- Je, , Y. - V hx.. I., R rm- nw . A , vm-.5 ,, - ,. . . . . -- 4 -f H A f ,.,.fH..., L. .2i4.L'31 , i2Tii'.-:iii-LTA 41 -' ' ' I 1 5-Q' ffl if Quay,-, ,V ' ,.. W . .. '- 1- - Inter-Fraternity Weekend El Unseasonably warm weather heralded the festivities of Inter-Fraternity Weekend, March 6, 7, and 8, 1964. Friday evening saw fraternity men and independents dancing to the melodic strains of Billy May's Orchestra in the Host Motel Ballroom, following which they re- paired to the various after-hours parties to enjoy addi- tional late-evening pleasures. Arising late Saturday morning, the undergrads and their dates hurried to the Mayser Gym in time to catch the excellent and varied concert presented by the Four Freshmen. The last organized activities of the weekend centered around the traditional house parties at the campuses' eleven fraternities l '96-1 ORIFLAMME vw 1 ' v4 .z 5 R u . n.,-.M 9' 4 Van' .4 M. -wif- 4w - Q . KJV- ld! , p I .1 Ndilzxi-k3X1.,,., .nf . U 7' "' . 1. " '1 r 1. www i"f"'f'1--1 ,,,..- ""'.-:'- ,P-'?',,., :- .. ' ' Mtn'-" L " it .. 4 L1-A" ' . fi. 1" '. , , fjstk w, -- ' 9' , 1 . 7 4.- :,,,,'37"?5 1 gi ln ! -4 A ,. " 'JL ' . ,'1f"f1 ,H 5. -, . V ..:,,'," 1. I 't-aa-C3 -yfv-,., - 'jQHr!s'z-"4- ' . ,.. ,gn . P- '-. - , ' sq I X 1 5 73 0- 3- an . -X . 4 A Q mu 4' . , , 1 sa ,itll F-.n.:2J ,mini 1b. ..:,A 1 H H . L .uk , K ' leg., .-- iff, , . r ,g sr Q ' , 'O K . ., , , in N , 1. J w x al . ' xt .s x 'A eu!! X L 1 . is ,M ,N . 1 r Lf 4,0 ' .X Ev' ' ' 1 x , . ' 2-ng jf" . 4 9 ,, 'I SV 'A 2 .. w "1-311' f' 4 U' 5 s -5 v .f x . , is -5. ,.. . f .J '- Rv " . I i ' K X . X , -' ' -:P . fl - . ' . It ., A .T ,K . I A, van . . im, t 6-3, i I ' lf' h - L, 9 -- , X, 1 , a,, ' , , .p Q tx 2 -. 1..,,g, 4 -'- L .3 WAUJKIZQV? . E .V 4 I , 1 QU, b. 9, 1 HJ.. if'A'1,-,Q -m . f ff" Y . . Q- A Qvfa N X15 1 u , -- .. - A "' ,,-. 'i ' ' ' . -. ' " 4. ' ' A - - . f H x . dr, ' wb- H- . , 1 K--N .. -1 , "H - .- - . - , L J., ,, -'g x- N . N, fnamfftx , ,g - , , f -.,, .,, ." ' X2 'D ': - - 'Q' ' .1 W TI. . Q ' X AA ' - 1 ' xi 1' ,Ola ' ,N , M- 'A - in A - X 5' ' A ' 'I "' fx L I , mul' A I 1-XXL ,f Nl X, 'QQ -ew . Sl -., - . In " A 's " ' ' --- r X .L 1? I f x I- , I , V - sv H Q' ,V v. 1 - ' N Q 1 , ,..f , .-:.. .m . ..,- - - ' -4: :A -- " '1 I ' -fm we -- ,f-4: ff ' w-if 4 1 2' 0 5 L, w 'K-,513 V: -g,,k':,3g,,,f7.:::f- ,.,,,,..-nv JZ- h 1 1 5 L A .,....-. ft ' qi w fl:-1' -, N A., ',"'.,p4h.,N a ., , " 1: , Y- - " . K - m 1 1 l A A -"w'JS39 f'k""' "NY" ' -V . ' '. - -- Q J. ' f "nf ' ' -- --- We TQ, -- 4- " M' 'QS '. 1. 4 M6'V" " , . "rl: " ... B -' " '7 iff, .' A .-'f-'1'-- ... N-.. . ' , - , . .""' 'J' ,... ' 1 Track U A successful 9-1 track season was highlighted by igveral line individual performances. Bob Healy broke h e l0Hg standing college record in the javelin with a fsiive of 210 ft. 7 in. and Ed Mikell was a high scorer lol' the team due to his 'outstanding efforts in high and d.W hurdles and the high jump. Paul Adogli was in- nlspensable in his work in pole vaulting and broad sllliiplng, but the key to the season was essentially the this rounded team effort. It is also important to note g . only a few seniors were lost due to graduation and 3,15 On this basis that hope rests for the coming sea- n I 1964 ORIFLAMME . I Q ?7VW'fua' . ,. - , vfign-. , , J - A ""' R- M., j' E' ?,,Qrm'q. - , ' R b Q--1. N- 31' f ,, ,Q p ' A . "Y Ri51"f9 F and M 82 Haverford 49 F and M 80 Johns Hopkins 51 F and M 83 Ursinus 48 F and M 51 Dickinson 22 Gettysburg 89 - F and M 75 Muhlenberg 56 F and M 91 Lebanon Valley 40 F and M 8016 Bucknell 4316 F and M Albright F and M 89 P.M.C. 9-l t X by I 6. -Qi E.. T1 "".l-n.-- ' 4.4. i.i 'u. ROW ONE: R. Shivelhood, K. O'Connor, J. Brophy, D. Mengel, Greiner. ROW THREE: C. Taylor, trainer, R. McEldowney, M P- Adogli, R. Kier, N. Stoller, E. Mikell. ROW TWO: S. Pinsky, R. Reese, S- Hall. C. Mcese, G. Rossi, R. Healy, T. Ulrich, R. Hogarth Piper. J. Bowman, R. Lake, J. Bateman, E. Herskcr, W. Herbst, S. W. Iannicelli,coach. 1964 ORIFLAMME ' ' :anne-V'-""'.," Q 'vin- J. Bunting, J. Scop, D. Smith, B. Sizemore, J. Doherty, K. Knox, Coach Trexler. Golf lj The highly successful record for the golf team was the result of an all-around effort, but special recogni- tion should be paid to King Knox as a steady performer who had an outstanding season. Besides being a most valuable team member, Knox won the MAC individual title, and the expectations for the future seem bright as he will be with the team for the next two years. Only a defeat in the last match with Dickinson kept this line team from an undefeated season, and this coming year Coach Trexler expects a great deal from the F and M linksmen l 1964 ORIFLAMME FandM FandM FandM FandM FandM FandM FandM FandM FandM FandM 15W 10 13W 10 18 14W 13 9M 15 8 Haverford 216 Lehigh 9 Albright 4M Johns Hopkins 8 Western Maryland 0 Moravian SW Swarthmore 5 Gettysburg SW Bucknell 3 Dickinson 10 9-1 FandM FandM FandM FandM FandM FandM FandM FandM FandM FandM FandM FandM Lebanon Valley Moravian P.M.C. Johns Hopkins Washington College Elizabethtown Muhlenberg Ursinus Gettysburg Dickinson Swarthmore Albright 6-6 Baseball lj The moderate success of the F and M Base- ball Team this year was mostly a story of pitch- ing. The fielding and hitting was spotty as they have always been, but at times there was hope from the mound in the persons of Dave Boucher and John Bondi who often were almost unbeat- able. Despite a 6-6 record, all of the games ex- cept three were close and exciting. In those three games with Johns Hopkins, Elizabethtown, and Ursinus, 31 runs were scored against F and M, just under half of the total for the entire 12 game season. In the other nine games of which F and M won six the E.R.A. for our pitchers was just over 3.5. Coach Wheaton feels that steady team play throughout this coming season and continued good pitching would produce a fine year. The hitting and fielding need some improvement, but this will hopefully come with experience. For his first year, Coach Wheaton had a .500 season and there is reason to believe that many winning years will follow l Eiilwmfa -in . . - . . u X ROW ONE: W. Wheaton, coachg T. Bolk, J. Rosenstengel, P. Hendel, D. Hogarth, J. Slavin, A. Caparro, L. Graham D. Ferris, P. Berkheimer, K. Spielfogel. ROW TWO: R. Rice, D. Boyd. R. Doremus, R. Bean, S. Jones, J. Hoaster. ROW THREE: f' L X k 1 L ,fmt Y mf. 1964 ORIFLAMME Tennis lj Led by captain Dave Barry the F and M tennis team rolled through its 13 matches unscathed. High- lighting the season was the victory at Dickinson, which snapped their long undefeated string. Other outstand- ing victories were those over Swarthmore, Haverford, and the second Dickinson match. On the merit of their undefeated season the team traveled to Lafayette to battle the Leopards for the MAC championship. Un- fortunately the Leopards stymied the netters with a 6-3 victory. Coach Glen Miller was the helpful key to success with his outstanding job of developing and manipulating the wealth of material at his disposal. With the loss of only Dave Barry, F and M can expect to have another just as successful season this year l F and M Lebanon Valley 0 F and M Albright 1 F and M Dickinson 3 F and M Gettysburg 2 F and M Swarthmore 4 F and M Drexel 0 F and M Johns Hopkins Rain F and M Moravian 1 F and M Ursinus 0 F and M Elizabethtown 1 F and M Muhlenberg 1 F and M Gettysburg 3 F and M Dickinson 4 F and M Haverford 3 1 3-0 ROW ONE: D. Barry, L. Knauth, H. Rockette ROW TWO G Miller coach J Plakans D Paul L Diemer A .t., 3 .. 3-4- I-' wh. l"Q"5rJ"?i--' Mr A vw . FWF- , lug- A Lacrosse Q For a sport that in the last several years has been experimental, Lacrosse has not been as much a failure as it would seem at first. Despite several losing seasons the spirit of the team always seems to run high. The beginning of a new sport is a building process and since Lacrosse has been at F and M for only four years, the results so far have been expected. Last year's record of three wins and eight losses should be im- proved upon this season with a stronger and more experienced team with special emphasis being placed on midfielders, Clint Crane, Dave Sipperly, and Gary Franklin. With the experience gained thus far there are hopes for a successful season and a position of higher regard for Lacrosse in the years to come l l964 ORIFLAMME ui- ,.... FandM FandM FandM FandM FandM FandM FandM FandM FandM FandM FandM , --v -iq--.1 3 Hobart Brown Lehigh Swarthmore Bucknell Dickinson Lafayette Villanova Drexel Delaware Dickinson 3-8 ROW ONE M Kirkwood, D. MacLean, J. Frere, B. Jahn P Harris T Anderson. ROW TWO: G. Danes, D. Schnurr L Heaver J Mustin, R. Gabel, P. Bassett, R. Priebe. ROW Ll. v . . . fiP'Lf"? 5 'U A g wk- '. 'A iff.. .- 1 'TQ W 5 qw! u. f - U, , . K '91 1964 ORIFLAMME 5 uv Q'." 4 0.1 ,l:g"i...,- 1-s,,,. A -r 185 Green Room Theatre lj The play, One Way Pendulum, was an experimental project, and there was some apprehension about how it would be received by the audiences of the Green Room. These doubts were erased after only one performance which the critics hailed one of the best and humorous plays here in quite a few years. Called by its author, N. F. Simpson, "a farce in a new dimension," it was truly this as the fascinating activities of Kirby Groomkirby and his weighing ma- chines entertained in a refreshing new way. Arthur Groomkirby, the father, was played by David Shaw and his wife Mabel by Joel Ervin with Gil Knier, Pat Herr, Joe Frey, and Ann Enscoe featured in supporting roles. Highlights of the play included a chorus of weighing machines and the erection of a court room on stage in which the trial was held with Edward Brubaker giving a fine performance as the judge. As people left the Green Room after each performance they felt they had seen a funny yet meaningful play and they talked about it later because it was hard in some respects to understand, yet for all its confusion it had been memorable and interesting l One Way Pendulum 4 1964 ORIFLAMME I ,M trffzb il Graduation and Alumni Weekend Cl The l76th Commencement of Franklin and Mar- shall College was perhaps the most momentous in the history of the school as political dignitaries on both the state and national level graced the occasion with their presence and their words. Mayser Physical Education Center was filled to ca- pacity by parents and friends of the Class of 1963. Many arrived early on graduation day eager to hear the commencement address of the Hon. William Scran- ton, Governor of Pennsylvania, and the impromptu remarks of Dwight D. Eisenhower, former president of the United States. In addition to Gov. Scranton and Gen. Eisenhower, Elmer Engstrom, executive of RCA, Rev. James Gilkey, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn, N. Y., and Roy Larsen, of the Time-Life Corporation, received honorary doctorates from the college. The impressive graduation ceremony and the stir- ring charges given by both speakers to the 1963 gradu- ates were felt by all who also witnessed an abrupt transformation foisted upon young men in mortar- boards and gowns, young men who passed in the space of a single hour from a cloistered community of schol- ars into the world at large, a world which would test their mettle in a new and different way. They were on their own now, and it was left to the college to pre- pare another class for the same sudden change in their lives which would become Graduation day 1964 l fA.... 1964 ORIFLAMME 'bw 'X' K,-Qmiuif j W " '?,.f QW M' A 1 L' .4 . ' 1+?:ErfzS? , ' man' ik- ' Y , , . ., . WJ' In 5 ,rf . ,W 5 f. 1-mf.-K ,-as uw. U JM' 'Jim X. A, Q, 7".f,giQ,fE,'?!" 1 E-'fw"'w,.'Uu ' . -. .qw . x, , give' J' W-lv.1?: H' , . - Q ,:' ,. -W' .gn 1 r' 4 J r 1 r 1 1 , r r ff' 1' 53 A, N. f aff ,DAC Q ' 'J I If I , A7 he Societies S 1 x . ' ' Q ' ' 1 5 W ws'-,,,, 1 sl ua- V ' "' -Q .- .. , .J I+ ' h . . .ri 1 I I ,ax ll, 'LHB 4 H vb Q x 'Nsruq g..Q xv 'X' ck' K -w 'WNV- Q. .yy I w t ' I ,r .gn ' - -Q' w 1 . 'Y v . - .x , ' , . , I . x 's ' ' h . ,- s, u .' V-. I I A ' X, Q -P 'JV' x 5' v X "Y ' A i r l , - V-N ,,, -P L . U . U .. 9? I 0 I ' ., O 5' c Q , . f 1 I fa . 5 5 1 i . , t ' , '. H 1 'Q 0 x ' L' ' . ,-,gtkv . sg ' -Q .-. ' I K A 5 The raternities 4 4 A Inter-Fraternity Council l SEATED: T. L. Gipson, Phi Kappa Sigma, J. S. Brown, Jr., Keister. Delta Sigma Phi, W. P. Cracas, Sigma Pig R. H. Kappa Sigma: J. E. Shire, Pi Lambda Phig J. A. Slavin, presi- Gherst, vice president. Kappa Sigma, J. L. Truckenmiller, Sig- dent, Zeta Beta Taug C. C. Brown, treasurer, Phi Kappa Tau: ma Pi. MISSING: N. D. Green, secretary, Chi Phi, C. I-I. M. S. Terry, Chi Phig R. C. Thompson, Phi Sigma Kappa. Faust, Jr., Phi Kappa Psig C. A. Evans, Jr., Pi Lambda Phig D. STANDING: D. L. Harrison. Phi Kappa Sigma, A. R. Breit- J. Bartel. Lambda Chi Alphag L. D. Schultz, Lambda Chi haupt, Delta Sigma Phig R. E. Sandler, Zeta Beta Tau, J. A. Alpha. Lamia, Phi Kappa Psig J. W. Davis, Phi Sigma Kappa, R. E. Inter-Fraternity Judiciary Board SEATED: R. H. Gherst, chairman, Kappa Sigma, C. I-I. Faust, Jr., Phi Kappa Psi. STANDING: R. C. Thompson, Phi Sigma Kappa, R. E. Sandler, Zeta Beta Tau: N. D. Green, Chi Phi. 1964 ORIFLAMME i 193 ROW ONE: J. R. Rosenstengel, R. M. Druker, T. B. Podkul C. A. Dunn, D. H. Jenkins III, W. P. Humphreys. ROW TWO: C. W. Baldwin, K. J. Hein, F. E. Harrison, vice president, J. T. Ardito, R. B. Kilburn, S. I.. Hershey. ROW THREE: J. M. DeCew. A. D. Plotts, M. S. Terry, G. R. Spall, M. S. Palmer, T. C. Dillingham. ROW FOUR: G. E. Meagher, J. E. Charles, G. R. Nixon, W. L. Baber, J. D. Dudrick, D. S. Buchan, J. T Stcphcns. ROW FIVE: J. A. Kochneke. W. S. Poyck, J. W. Bunting, D. A. Stuart, J. T. Zusi, S. M. Pine, A. N. King. zeta chapter of the ROW SIX: R. J. Bean, R. W. Difley, J. S. Park, L. M. Smith, J. E. Laird, T. L. Hostetter, J. R. Collins. ROW SEVEN: D. W. Hollington, D. R. Gale, L. C. Christopher, J. Crawford, D. C. Hendrickson, W. C. Russell, Jr.: J. D. Smith. ROW EIGHT: M. L. Matthews, A. W. Hooper, R. Y. Leuffen, C. E. Crane, N. D. Green. D. D. Klopp, A. T. Taft, R. S. Oberholt- zcr, president. ROW NINE: G. D. Lee, J. J. Ryan, J. H. Ellison, R. E. Sawers, T. Morse, F. E. Kilgore, R. C. Henny. CHI PHI FRATERNITY . . established 1854 N. , , K., ...M--. ,- ' . vnu. K 31:3 7? 'i , Y -5 ' "" '.. -' "V ' ff' .. ', ,. ""' 1. ff. 1964 ORIFLAMME ll "' N ROW ONE: P. A. Kellcr, B. W. Yeager, R. G. Benko, L. M. Dicerbo, Cossuri, J. C. Geib, secretary: A. I. Kreisel, A. W. Fuller, S. D. D. B. Robinson, T. H. Irish. ROW TWO: B. A. Parent, J. C. Painter, Grcincr, S. C. Smith. ROW SEVEN: T. D. Armbruster, J. P. Mas- R. F. Johnson, R. S. Tosh, D. E. Johnson, D. F. Parse. ROW euro, L. D. Rockafellow, F. J. Loos, N. W. Fesmire, G. Tchirkow. THREE: H. D. Smith, O. H. Scott, F. T. Sandstrom, F. W. Jarvis, Jr., ROW EIGHT: W. W. Manson, M.A. Powers, vice president, A. J. C. L. Juliztrd, N. E. Johnson, Jr. ROW FOUR: J. S. Ramer, C. B. Cossnri, M. E. Herr, corresponding secretary: S. B. Eddy, R. H. Kurimui, J. R. Martin, R. E. Guibord, R. V. Brundage, T. H. Sunday. Spangler. ROW NINE: A. Breithaupt, R. Hedley. S. Techet, J. S. ROW FIVE: G. Crowthcr, D. W. Thome, J. Bondi, president: I-I. N. Shealfcr. G. T. Harris. VanSunt, T. G. Beaumont, J. S. H. Goodhue. ROW SIX: W. R. upsilon chapter of the , DELTA SIGMA PHI FRATERNITY established 1915 ' 1 .Af i 1964 ORIFLAMME jig' ' y ' vi Q 3 5 5 5 W8 ,9 W 33' gl, lg X1 9 ,X 4, W '25 M 'E' 'af Q' R. Xa! W M xg' Q 1 5 1 1 5 f 0 I nf,- 1 A 1 1 , 1 .Lx 1964 ORIFLAMME F1 I 3E 5 PE! PSI kj-------1 'J R ROW ONE: L. D, Schultz, N. H. Werthwein, G. T. Sciorilli, social chairman, T. F. Bolk, ritual chairman: W. H. Behringer. ROW TWO: D. J. Bartel, P. D. Gandola, R, G. Wallace, G. E. Gillespie, T. R. Murray, Jr., president. ROW THREE: A. N. Holbrook, T. J. Di- Marco, C. C. Stockel, secretary, A. Spina, R. G. Compson, historian. alpha theta chapter ofthe 1 N. W. Sheridan, P. V. Keers, J. H. Snyder. ROW FIVE: T. W. Holi'- man, T. C. Varney, T. Dunn, D. C. Smith, R. S. Lake. ROW SIX: P. P. Martin II, A. F. Behrendt, Jr., K. E. Strandberg, R. L. Ama- ROW FOUR: B. A. Jones, corresponding secretary: W. D. Coleman ducci, C. E. Scribner, D. F. Marsteller, J. D. Polansky. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA FRATERNITY . established 1917 MME ROW ONE: C. E. Marter, G. R. Haines, vice president: C. H. E. Rockette, Z. G. Nichols, recording secretaryg E. W. Sielski Faust, president: F. M. Stuckart. ROW TWO: D. A. Wurth, T. J. A. Lamina. ROW FIVE: G. A. Gilmour, G. N. Mackison, R N. Trobec, sgt. at arms, J. B. Mair, R. J. Permar. ROW K. Pricbe, C. G. Loupassakis, S. L. Whitmore. ROW SIX: R THREE: R. T. Greiner, W. S. Boykin, Jr.3 J. T. White, S. H. Durna, historiang R. A. Saul, T. H. Anderson, J. G. Smith Kessel, P. J. Moorman. ROW FOUR: G. F. Cormeny, Jrg H. G. Schnyder, chaplain, L. S. Wilkinson, treasurer. eta chapter of the e PHI KAPPA PSI FRATERNITY . established 1865 ROW ONE: T. R. Morris, R. E. Kraft, J. A. Garretson, vice president: C. I. Wohl, J. L. Evenhart. ROW TWO: D. L. Harrison, W. K. Beckwith, J. F. Bednarski, A. A. Dollberg, sgt. at arms: T. L. Gipson. ROW THREE: W. M. Haines, treasurer, P. T. Eskstrand, S. R. Hamlin, J. K. Bury, R. S. Kier. ROW FOUR: C. V. Roehrer, R. J. Brooks, J. L. Finlayson, corre- sponding secretaryg P. E. Brainard, J. E. Guerber. ROW FIVE: zeta chapter of the J. W. Bedell, recording secretary, W. R. Friedlaender, D. F Anspach, P. K. Becker, R. L. Jaeger. ROW SIX: A. H. Smith D. C. Wirth, W. C. Eves, Jr.: M. W. Kendig, H. C. Passmore ROW SEVEN: J. C. Whitten, E. E. Staudt III, J. R. Rose, P G. Waldo, S. J. Ludwig. ROW EIGHT: R. G. Delaney, R. C Rau. J. P. Latimer, president, J. A. Williams, D. L. Beale, R. V McGlade. PHI KAPPA SIGMA FRATERNITY f A . established 1854 5 . 1964 ORIFLAMME ROW ONE: P. K. Adams, J. L. Clark, W. T. Reed, secretary: R. treasurer: R. R. Stottlemyer, R. I. Grauch, T. E. Ficlding. ROW SIX: Siverling, R. L. Caine. ROW TWO: C. C. Brown, vice president: D. F. J. Bates, J. S. Harper, J. H. Booth, B. I. Schloss, T. C. Gilliard. W. Reeder, F. Higgins, K. A. Klinedinst, V. P. Packard. ROW ROW SEVEN: R. F. Willner, J. A. Harman, R. E. Hill, president: J. THREE: S. Rogers, B. D. Rabcnold, E. C. Loebl, R. L. Rill, L. S. F. Huber. MISSING: A. R. Kneedler, A. W. Snoke, R. C. Bonhag, J. Zuwatzky. ROW FOUR: R. B. Duncombc, H. S. Sheilds, S. S. Safavi, T. Parsons. W. A. Tufliash, J. Brehm. ROW FIVE: P. G. Carter, O. D. Schnetzer, xi chapter of the PHI KAPPA TAU FRATERNITY . . established 1922 I J 3 Y m Xa 5 11: 'f NEW ,gm 4 . V - F. 1 4 - ' 964 ORIFLAMME .-I , G ul...-....., g' Q ...E L 1 4 -, fa. z' , -aififfv V' pw ff: " . f -4 . .-f' N xt'-F' , a- v 1 -ul ,J -vi .-N, -u 207 ROW ONE: S. A. Shimansky, C. R. Chaney, E. F. Drake, M. I. Smith, R. H. Spector. ROW TWO: C. F. Cowan, T. S. Valleau, M. B. Wood, inductor: M. Beebe, N. R. G. Young. ROW THREE: E. H. Fitzpatrick, P. T. Logan, H. G. Alberich, H. Eagle III: J. Pratt. ROW FOUR: J. R. Hinkle, J. D. Hass, W. C. Tompson, T. C. Coale, J. G. Marks. ROW FIVE: T. F. Michels, P. R. Wilmot, S. S. Marshall, T R. Wagner, W. K. Douglass. ROW SIX: S. J. Hall, J. P. Master, L. T. Graham, R. L. Saelens, R. R. Wieland III. ROW SEVEN: G. C. pi chapter of the Putnam, E. A. Shrom, P. H. Wendell, M. J. Garofalo, G. R. Mahland. ROW EIGHT: P. J. Hendel, E. F. Albright, sentinel: S. W. Jones, president, R. S. Klinger, treasurer: P. R. Mason, secretary. ROW NINE: J. P. Alleborn, H. S. Noon, C. R. Rudd, Jr., R. G. Rice, Jr., R. H. Shaljian. ROW TEN: J. W. Davis, J. W. Beers, C. V. Bonin, D. E. Steinbrenner, R. C. Thompson, vice president. MISSING: R. W. Kasa, G. B. Rogers. PHI SIGMA KAPPA FRATERNITY l . esta bl ished 1903 1964 ORIFLAMME ROW ONE: N. J. Daiell, M. J. Karp, J. M. Hoffman, L. P. Hunt, marshall: S. M. Sacks. ROW TWO: P. Finkelstein, M. Tauger, J. A Newmark, B. H. Shelton, S. L. Bayer, historian. ROW THREE: M. S Grinberg, president: B. J. Rose III, S. P. Hyson, A. L. Mahn, K. E. Stahl. ROW FOUR: J. G. Goldblatt, D. L. Magidson, H. Feigen- baum, G. C. Clarke, S. Novom. ROW FIVE: P. H. Byrne, M. Ries, D. A. Ladd, B. Koleszar, J. A. Zimmerman. ROW SIX: N. Sbar, B Cooper, A. Horland, W. C. Falkener, Jr., J. M. Kaiser. ROW SEV tau omega chapter ofthe EN: L. Cheerman, S. Goldblatt, R. Kroll, G. A. Hecht, R. C Abrams. ROW EIGHT: F. C. Cogen, J. E. Fischgrund, M. E. Suss- man, C. A. Evans, H. L. Barclay, S. Sumberg. MISSING: G. Kumin M. Silbert, J. Roskind, N. Ross, M. Blum, J. Rothenberg, archong S Portnoy, scribe: J. Mustin, J. Levin, T. Werner, L. Hertz, A. Rosen- thal, H. Lodge, G. Radoff, M. Gillick, C. Williams, D. Post, J Wendkos, R. Leff, M. Silver, H. Goldberg, P. Axelrod, J. Brand. PI LAMBDA PHI FRATERNITY . .established 1947 4 I 1 N . .' K xx fl-J '- ' 1964 ORIFLAMME ROW ONE: R. N. Feinstein, J. A. Scafidi, J. M. Penta, secre- tary: D. B. Matz, vice president, R. J. Borbe. ROW TWO: R. L. Munk, R. W. Brillhart, Jr., R. F. Hoffmann, R. E. Burt, J. B Wexler II. ROW THREE: R. M. Tenery, J. P. Sajda, J. C. Ross., F. P. Castrina, president: L. M. Diemer, herald. ROW FOUR P. S. Remington, B. M. Bridge, L. Smith, A. C. Samuelson, A Foster. ROW FIVE: E. A. Stewart, K. T. Knox, L. A. Hulett nu chapter of the C. W. Voorhees, R. L. Spangler. ROW SIX: P. S. Polorchik M. W. Ferrante, R. T. Piper, V. P. Znaniecki, R. H. Cameron ROW SEVEN: P. R. Wiest, J. R. Wigmore, W. J. Wegge, Jr. sgt. at arms: P. M. Ashe, R. B. Born. ROW EIGHT: S Hanssman, R. Doehat, J. R. Becker, J. K. Kastle, R. J. Nicola R. J. Bell. SIGMA PI FRATERNITY. .established 1918 v r I 964 ORIFLAMME S xx 111. ,. QA '- . -.I N vw xgxffg' W .K +f'.5fW . Yr M". " vp: 4-if " f ,Q ' - -437 ,diff V X6 'Gy' Wa' X' ", ' , ' ' W' N W' N xv X ' XY A Nav' H 'gf gr, - . Xu, P1 mr! I N 11 ' xi f R 537335 322233 M2329 : P -LQ, f 1964 ORIFLAMME if -' x if .X .S-X5 "1 Alpha Delta Sigma professional advertising fraternity ROW ONE: R. H. Durna, T. L. Gipson, R. G Nichols. ROW TWO: Dr. N. P. Laird, Advisor N. W. Sheridan, President: J. H. Peifer, Jr ROW THREE: R. C. Thompson, Secretary, T R. Murray, Vice President. ROW FOUR: P. T. 1 Logan, C. R. Rudd, Jr., E. E. Fischer, R. L. Amaducci, D. C. Smith, Publicity Director: J. W. Davis, W. M. Haines, A. S. Spina, J. R. Harper, S. R. Hamlin, Treasurer. ., . ,.., ..,-,11i ROW ONE: R. W. Brown, J. A. Robin, M. E. Herr, L. I. Lipshutz. ROW TWO: Dr. J. Joseph, Dr. N. P. Laird, Dr. E. Biron, R. L. Hildebeidel, J. W. Ellwood, D. C. Fairhurst, R. L. Warren, R. L. Twentey, A. V. Harris, E. J. Bristow, A. L. Bell, Secretary-Treasurer: Dr. W. E. Everett, Dr. H. Vice President, J. Plakans, P. K. Becker, O. D. Schnetzer. R. Jaenicke. ROW THREE: G. J. Harad, K. R. Galner. G. W. D. Jaymes, R. T. Lasky. P I G a m m 3 M U honorary social science fraternifl' Row ONE: M. A. Powers, Vice President: G. J. Frankel, ponding Secretary: M. J. Straus, K. R. Galner, Dr. J. Joseph, Presidentg D. R. Nowicki, Secretary. ROW TWO: J. A. Slavin, Faculty Advisor. R. T. Lasky, H. S. Shields, Treasurerg O. D. Schnetzer, Corres- 1964 ORIFLAMME Mu Upsilon Sigma honorary band fraternity P h A i p ini 8 T h 3 honorary history fraternity SEATED: D. R. Nowicki, President: J. F. Peif- Bateman, Secretary: D. L. Moyer Vice Presi- er, Jr., Advisor. STANDING: J. S. Brown, dent. i Treasurerg D. S. Austin, R. R. Windolph, J. K, 217 , 7 rv N4 I 1 ' w ffm' ,Ni v, ' L: .- u 1 ,x ifziff 1 ig: f 562' f 45 0, . mf ' 'xi ,W 'qw V' iv z A 1 1 A , , S , ki 'a , f 5.3, 5 'a Q ' RFI' . 1 231554 ' ,Qi 31' 5- ' K .am aw-k5"f' ff ' M, ,ff .rv ng. 1 -AN K4 vegas a Il:- I -- ,7 I 3 -M1 -! Lf' . Ar x "EMI K i'.f. f?f""m:fefnf I Q "-. . . 5'f'af7'f 3 ' ' wi Q , 54 N 4 H .1 I m fwm T f 2, a ' 4 r" 311 I 3 , '1 1: ,Q 1 .w 1- 11, 5 ... f , ,Nm ,c f M il 1 ?', 1' V ' if gg I ' " - .,', ff I Ill X 3-1, xx x K l Q W 'EH ml' x, W X. If. V mi '-1- N-Y :-5 K., .M U, . - X. -v, sa. N ik :L , xl, I K 5 X ' 'I 'VQLA QW 4 'gf '-.-1 rm"w ' . L 'Wi l 1 JUNIOR CLASS-Ron Zieler, Treasurerg Dennis S. Buchan, Secretaryg Jack W. Shilling, Vice President: Michael Yaggy, President. Class Officers SOPHOMORE CLASS-Ted C. Dillingham, Vice Presidentg David H. Braun, Presidemg Whitney C. Russell, Jr., Secretaryg Jeff S. Ramer, Treasurer. '964 ORIFLAMME SENIIOR CLASS-William Behringer, Secretaryg Dale C. Kistler, Vice President: John K. Eisenhzirt, Treasurerg Alfred J. Cossari, President, 219 133:15 I' American Chemical Accounting and Finance Club li ROW ONE: D. W. Groff, Vice President, R. L. Spangler, Chaplain, R. W. Mester, Treasurer, P. V. Holberton, President W. E. Everett, Advisor: H. R. Jaenicke, Advisor, R. H. Gherst, Secretary. ROW TWO: R. H. Durna. C. E. Swisher, C. R Rudd, Jr., L. W. Sanders, R. C. Jung, A. B. Maddox, J. R Rosenstengel, S. R. Hamlin, J. L. Finlayson. ROW THREE: M L. Matthews, R. S. Klinger, P. J. Hendel, C. W. Baldwin, R. E Schermerhorn, J. J. Bingenheimer, D. S. Austin, K. T. Knox, S P. Schmuck. ROW FOUR: W. C. Falkener, Jr., R. J. Abbiati R. E. Hill, E. L. Mikell, D. L. Hogarth, J. Plakans, R. K McAllister. F. Fruchtman, H. M. Lowman, Jr., H. M Gallagher. Society gg ROW ONE: A. Terzis, R. J. Ott, Vice Presi- T. P. Heberling. ROW THREE: Dr. E. dent, E. J. Walsh, D. L. Schneider, D. W. Oller, Olsen, Advisorg M. P. All-ert, Secretary, D. K. A. Klinedinst. ROW TWO: H. R. Sobel, R. Ciganovic, Membership Co-Chairman, R. L. Rill, A. J. Cossari, T. F. Michels, T. E. Windolph, Treasurer, D. B. Langerman, R. Fielding, N. L. Sbar, E. P. Mazzola, President, Schoening, L. S. Pauling, J. Avrgadro. American Institute of Physics , ' ' ' .' . , JH' IFZITL LA..-2.1 .'... 1 v .-nv. .J . - SEATED: Dr. P. W. Alley, Chapter Advisory Dr. F. D. Enck Department Chairmang J. R. Robinson, Treasurerg O, H. Scott, JI'-, Presidentg J. W. Shilling, Vice Presidentg M. E. Gordon Secretary. STANDING: J. P. Rapalski, R. B. Lauer, W. W Arnold Air Society SEATED: H. S. Shield, B. C. O'Brien, R. H. Reuper, Comp- troller! R. C. Shivelhood, Commanderg J. P. Rapalski, H. A. Sears. STANDING: R. H. Harris, R. W. Thompson, S. A. Schadt, J. Zimmerman, H. Rockette, P. Eisenberg, R. Puskas D. M. Close, R. R. Stottlemyer, D. G. Smith, J. A. Heimback T. P. Heberling, D. L. Schneider, K. A. Klinedinst. Stier, B. Hertzler, R. L. Munk, J. P. Lucas, R. L. Eddy, W. R, Drake, G. W. Harkins, R. H. Staffeldt, R. F. Hoffmann, D. F. Minzner, A. J. Broosky, R. E. Kinsley, Jr. 1964 ORIFLAMME Band FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Moyer, Vice Presidentg F. Hampf, W. Freund, D. Busch, J. Hall, J. Schneider, R. Windolph, D. Austin, D Gold, R. Jaeger, H. Stump, J. Witmer, L. Smith, M. Silver, J. Peifer, Nowicki, Presidentg S. Segal, R. Finch, J. Brand, D. Gring, J. Broome Directorg L. Bair, T. Johnson, J. Elder, R. Falk, P. Robelen, T. S. Brown, Treasurer, A. Frederick, E. Ranck. Meyers, K. Bateman, Secretaryg J. Peoples, J. Heimbach, D. Baker, J. 1964 ORIFLAMME Campus Christian Fellowship SEATED: J. K. Bateman, secretary-treasurer: I.. M. Neff. president: H. C. Berthold, vice president. STANDING: N. O. Thompson, P. B. Hart, D. J. Martindale, R. L. Heller. Chess Club SEATED: B. E. Marcus, P. M. Kranz, president: B. W. Puerling. STANDING: P. F. Stein, P. D. Rich, R. Oberholtzer, R. B. Brown. Committee for Social Action SEATED: P, D. Eisenberg, R. I. Lewy, President. Greenberg, D. L. Shaw, H. L. Barclay, P. G. Hartjens, T. STANDING: K. Sheppard, D. W. Williams, G. S. M. Lang. I SEATED: R. B. Brown, R. W. Wood, W. H. Jahn, Acting President: A, Hohl, G. J. Evenwel. STANDING: H, E. Belkin, P. L. Dobo, R. C. Speck, H. F. Koons, W. L. Newell. Outing Club Dorm Counselors l Row ONE: D. R. Mengel, D. L. Featherman, C. W. Baldwin, Hunt, I. S. Oser, R. C. Aber, R. T. Lasky. ROW THREE: D. A- K. Schwerdt, R. W. Brown, C. Reichard, D. Kistler, P. G. W. Sipperly, N. R. Langermun, R. E. Zieler, J. Plakuns, R. A. Hartjens. ROW TWO: W. H. Behringer, E. R. Leibowitz, E. Fortesane, Secretary: D. D. Ciganovic, R. L. Warren, L. R. Murono, S. E. Asnis, D. F. Marsteller, T. J. Stewart, K. I. Raithaus. ..,...1:.1 min. , - . -mln. fl., - . Debate Society R. G. Brey, Presidentg G. E. Marcus, B. S Lachman, D. Braun, B. P. Fuhrman, A. W Snoke, J. A. Campbell, Faculty Advisor. SEATED: T. L. Gipson, W. Haines, Treasurerg W. Lyons, Binkley, J. Plakans, L. Bond, J. Williams, E. J. Bristow, J. Advisory P. Becker, President. STANDING: R. H. Durna, W. Bates, S. Harper, J. B. Mair, B. J. Rose, A. C. Klein, Secretary. C. Falkener, Jr., D. Moyer, A. L. Beyers, K. C. Agle, D. W. Economics Club ROW ONE: F. W. Jarvis, T. W. Johnson, L. Lenkowsky, D. F. Yeager, R. K. Priebe, P. D. Crown, C. R. Liniger, D. G. Clark, Marsteller. ROW TWO: S. C. Glogger, R. F. Seidel, D. L. D. L. Shaw, G. A. Gilmour, R. A. Fortescue, H. R. Mcllvaine, Paul, Vice President, M. Van Blaaderen, R. C. Wolfe, Presi- E. M. Roginski, J. W. Dopp, P. G. Waldo, J. T. Stephens. dent, D. P. Cochrane. ROW THREE: C. Groome, W. E. English Club D. Matz, G. Mills, A. Samuelson, H. H. Banks, R. R. Mull, P. Rogers, F. H. Best, Richard Haefner, T. H. Anderson, A. Hohl G. Waldo, R. W. Wood, P. M. Kranz, T. Morse, J. Freedman, President, R. H. Hanscom, D. U. Wise, C. Groome, M H. E. Belkin, R. S. Kier, G. L. Hovis, Vice President, W. L. Kauffman, W. W. Herbst, P. G. Carter, T. Gilliard, S. S Newell, D. E. Landau, G. L. Sutherland, R. J. Vincent, H. S. Marshall, Rock Picker. Geological Society SEATED: R. F. Seidel, D. L. Paul, Secretary, H. C. Echelmeier, F. H. Orner, R. C. Wolfe, D. L. Shaw, E. M. Evans, N. M. Roth, President, E. S. Brubaker, Director, Roginski, S. H. Pinsky, T. P. Heberling, T. W. Johnson, N. R. Langerman, Vice President, J. T. Stephens. K. F. Sheppard, H. N. Hoppner. STANDING: D. B. Robinson, G. W. Brandt, Jr., C. F. Green Room Clu b 1964 ORIFLAMME CHee CHub Chapel Chow PIANO: R. Brookman, J. Hay. ROW ONE: P. Dciro. J. Gill. S. Smith, R. Arends. P. Rubino, R. Hood. D. Mer- rill, J. Susman, R. Rosenhaft, A. Pedersen, K. Klinedinst. ROW TWO: D. Williams, K. Bromley. J. Rodollf, D. Bailey, P. Anderson. N. VanSant. prcsidcnt: G. Burgess, P. Weiss, L. Diemer. R. Muller. D. Pliner. ROW THREE: M. Slick, R. Puskas, Killmcr. R. Linnell. R. Wertz. urerq J. Sheaffer. J. Meyers. L. Schwerdt. vice president: D. W. Friedlaender, J. Ford, M. Groomc. R. Ward, P. Colman. D. Kimball, D. Diehl, R. S. Harper, secretary-treas- Killian. ROW FOUR: A. Featherman. W. M aloney. Bridge. M. Johnston, C. '14 Q -52' 1' 1? ROW ONE: A. Schwerdt, E. Boulanger, R. Brookman, per, D. Kimball, N. VanSant. ROW THREE: L. Diemer. R. Hood. J. Ford. ROW TWO: D. Featherman, S. Har- H. Mansell, R. Linnell. D. Bailey. If ROW ONE: M. J. Tauger, C. E. Marter. Jr.: R. S. Oberholtzer H. W. Easton, M. J. Straus. ROW TWO: T. C. Varney, W. P. Humphreys, T. W. Parker, N. W. Sheridan, R. B. Sims, vice president: R. J. Borbe, secre- tary-treasurerg Dr. J. Joseph, advisor: R. J. Nicola, presi- dcnt. ROW THREE: H. S. Shields, O. D. Schnetzer. V. P. Znaniecki. R. E. Burt, T. G. Beaumont. F. W. Gad- bois. F. W. Hardt, R. G. Compson. M. W. Ferrante, D. R. Nowicki, D. W. Thomc. N. W. Schultze. H. Pinsky, F. P. Castrina. History Club Math Club l 964 ROW ONE: A. R. Breithaupt, J. L. Novello. K. P. John son. J. S. Doherty. T. F. Michels, L. W. Bonner. R. S. Tosh, S. L. Keroes, G. A. Gray. ROW TWO: D. W. Western, faculty: V. H. Hagg, advisor: W. P. Caponccchi vice president: T. J. Stewart, president: J. E. Schneider, secretary: P. H. Knappenberger, Jr.. treasurer: J. R. Hol- zinger. faculty. ROW THREE: W. H. Lescr. faculty: ORIFLAMME J. D. Hogg, Jr.: L. Lenkowsky, R. B. Brown, F. A. Hig gins, C. N. Stern. E. M. Atzinger. H. E. Evans. J. M Shrader, R. C. Bonhag, H. E. Rockcttc. D. R. Mengcr T. F. Bolk. ROW FOUR: L. A. Mond. F. C. Stevenson T. B. Fasolt, J. P. Durbin, R. Abrams. S. T. Forbes, B, W Puerling. J. D. Mumma. Government Club ROW ONE: P. G. Hartjens, C. L. Juliard, R. W. Brown, D. Faifhurst, Treasurer: R. F. Schier, Advisor, M. A Powers, President: C. C. Brown, Secretary: M. E. Herr J. C. Geib. ROW TWO: B. J. Harad, K. M. Duberstein W. H. Jahn, D. L. Harrison, W. P. Humphreys, R. T 1 . THREE: P. D. M. DeCew, R. Grinberg, S. A. Fruchtman, M. W. Davis, C. A. Lasky, J. R. Rose, C. V. Roehrer, L. Bauer. ROW P. Emmi. Rich, M. W. Ferrante, S. D. Greiner, J. L. Hildebeidel, E. F. Albright, M. S. Rubinstein, J. S. Sheaffer, R. A. Boos, F. E. Yaggy, D. S. Buchan. ROW FOUR: J. Ferrell, R. L. Twentey, J. W. Ellwood, J. ROW ONE: R. D. Kendis, Secretary-treasurer: C. L. Juliard, Vice President: P G. Hartjens, President: R. J. Hall, Advisor. ROW TWO: M. J. Tutunji, G. D Levine, B. H. Brody, B. E. Mones, H. B. Goldman, M. J. Tauger, D. E. Saltz W. H. Jahn, R. G. Sinclair. ROW THREE: R. K. Owen, G. J. Evenwel, G. B Hoyer, L. F. Smith, R. W. Garrison. International Relations Club Q Porter Scientific Society ROW ONE: L. S. Borow, J. M. Weissman, R. N. Ashley, I S. Oser, K. S. Hursr, M. M. Ravitch, W. T. Reed, W. A Tuffiash. ROW TWO: J. J. McDermott, Advisor, L. Lip- shutz, Vice President, C. Burak, Presidentg J. A. Robin, Treasurerg W. H. Braverman, Secretary, M. H. Taylor, Lec- turer. ROW THREE: J. D. Polansky, G. E. Biron, H. F. Koons, A. I. Goldstein, S. E. Asnis, A. W. Schlesinger, L. M Ehrhart, R. M. Weiss, R. L. Hellman. ROW FOUR: W. L Schneiderman, M. O. Gordon, K. S. Zelinger, R. J. Orleans R. N. Goldstein, R. L. Warren, R. H. Harris, M. E. Suss: man. ROW FIVE: M. J. Roberts, W. W. Frailey, Jr., B. H Shelton, H. S. Lustig, E. M. Kreps, V. S. Dietz, E. R Ivanhoe, J. T. Rothermel, E. C. Feichard, L. H. Bank, G. S Greenberg. 1964 ORIFLAMME 1964 Oriflamme Staff Henry S. King, photography editor Thomas R. Murray, Jr., business manager Roger C. Thompson, editor-in-chief Dr. Noel P. Laird, advisor , Daniel F. Marsteller, copy editor STAN DING: Christopher W. Baldwin, sports co-editor Erwin R, Elber, photography assistant Scott S. Marshall, fraternity editor John W. Davis, associate editor George E. Gillespie, sports co-editor Neil W. Sheridan, advertising assistant Nicholas D. Green, advertising manager Stephen M. Yanklowitz, coordinating editor Charles R. Liniger, Jr., photography assistant Richard C. Henny, activities editor Richard J. Doremus, senior editor MISSING: E. Karl Strandberg, managing editor Gerard T. Sciorelli, copy assistant Richard Wolfe, copy assistant Peter R. Mason, copy assistant Charles Scribner, copy assistant l 1 i lg.- Q L ,rm - 9 Xi.. .39 . ,NV .0 D I .I Q A -""',J L Roger C. Thompson Dr.rNoel P. Laird Thomas R. Murray, Jr Henry S. King 1964 ORIFLAMME Orientation Counselors ROW ONE: J. A. Slavin, F. P. Castrina, C. C. Brown, M. E. Yaggy, N. W. Fesmire, Chairmang A. J. Cossari, M. E. Herr, K. M. Duberstein. ROW TWO: A. C. Klein, M. W. Ferrante, G. T. Sciorilli, C. E. Williams, D. B. Braun, S. W. Jones, M. Entmacher, B. Cracas, H. Gardstein, L. Lipshutz, H. Bondi, J. M. Penta. ROW THREE: P. D. Rich, R. E. Keister, C. S. Burak, S. D. Grciner, A. W. Fuller, M. S. Terry, S. P. Hyson, D. S. Buchan, H. N. Hoppner. SEATED: W. W. Frailey, Jr., Secretary-treasurer, G. S. Green- H. Bunk, J. A. Haverstick, R. G. Willner, W. H. Ackerman, R. berg, Vice President, Dr. L. J. Binkley, Advisorg J. E. Mat- S. Tragesser, R. L. Killmer, O. D. Schnetzer, S. A. Sholl, P. L. thews, President, T. R. Smith. STANDING: B. P. Fuhrman, L. Dobo. Philosophy Club Prolog SEATED: D. P. Cochrane, Editor-in-Chief, R. Orner, A. Rosenthal, M. Van Blaaderen, P. G C. Wolfe, D. L. Shaw. STANDING: F. H. Waldo, W. D. Jaymes. Psychology Club SEATED: A. V. Harris, J. R. Kurdock, O. C. Hognander, Jr., Liberman, G. C. Fago, R. E. Zieler, P. D. Crown, R. G. Rice, J. A. Schnorr, Presidentg W. K. Douglass, J. K. Eisenhart, J. A. Jr., E- J. SllmI110r1S. Brendel. STANDING: A. S. Rosenthal, H. C. Berthold, D. B. 1964 ORIFLAMME ,.4- SEATED: C. W. Baldwin, Senior Director, P. W. Gelpke, STANDING: P. J. Hendel, M. C. Scilipoti, R. L. McEwan, S. Secretaryg H. D. Smith, Presidentg O. C. Hognander, lst Vice R. Hamlin, D. C. Smith, W. S. Mountz, Senior Directorg C. E. President: P. V. Holberton, 2nd Vice Presidentg S. M. Yanklow- Crane, J. D. Dudrick, W. E. Bates, S. R. Snyder, D. S. Austin. itz, Publications Managerg M. L. Matthews, Treasurer Society for Advancement of Management Spanish Club SEATED: R. A. Adler, Dr. A. H. Pianca, Advisorg S. H. Stavenick, A. R. Sandman, R. R. Leif, B. H. Brody, P. A. Pinsky, Secretary-treasurerg E. M. Kreps, Presidentg J. K. Wilk- Moore, R. D. Gozzard, G. K. Mihalyka, W. J. Calvano, T. F. erson, Vice Presidentg Dr. A. B. Jacob. STANDING: E. C. Michels, C. E. Williams, J. K. Bury, J. Diamond. SEATED: T. W. Parker, Vice President: F. W. Gadbois, Secretary-treasurerg N. W. Schultze, Executive Olhcer. STANDING: G. L. Sutherland, R. G. Sinclair, L. E. Bowman, B. M. Thomas, D. P. Baker, R. B. Baker, R. S. Oberholtzer. Student Education Association Sociology Club SEATED: R. L. Caine, J. K. Wilkerson, J. N. Kreider, R. G. Anspach, R. J. Doremus, R. M. Ramsay, Jr., J. D. Fraivillig, J. Benko, Secretary-treasurerg A. F. Behrendt, Presidentg R. F. W. Bedell, A. S. Rosenthal, R. C. Shivelhood, D. E. Hohnson, Willner, Vice President. STANDING: C. C. Stockel, D. F. W. M. Gilroy, L. G. Mertikas, J. W. Bishop. I964 ORIFLAMME SEATED: D. S. Buchan, L. R. Raithaus, Corresponding Secretary: P. Fauer, D. D. Eisenberg, D. D. Ciganovic, E. L. Mikell, H. S. Silver- D. Rich, Recording Secretary, A. J. Cossari, President: M. E. Yuggy, man, D. H. Braun, P. K. Adogli, E. Murono, N. Hoppner, J. M. Vice President, A. C. Klein, Treasurer: D. A. Orman, N. W. Fesmire. Penta, J. W. Shilling, T. C. McBee, W. H. Behringer. STANDING: R. W. Brown, W. C. Eves, Jr.: M. R. Marx, R. B. Student Council ov' Student Judioiarl' Board SEATED: R. W. Brown, J. A. Slavin, M. A. Powers, Chairmang K. Agle, W. D. Jaymes. STANDING: A. R. Breithaupt. J. Pluknns, M. E. Yaggy. W pb W2 tk -LL.v:A.X- .AI , U ,I ll'-f1A..'.f.' ti, ua P! ROW ONE: H. S. Shields, Classics Directorg R. C. Burt, Promotion Director, J. L. Lorentz, Public Relations Direc- torg S. L. Kurtz, Program Director, R. M. Moser, General Managerg C. Groome, Production Manager, F. L. Kaufman, News Directorg E. W. Lishtenstein, Advertising Managerg A. R. Glickman, Jazz Director, A. C. Klein, Business Manager. ROW TWO: S. R. Hamlin, J. E. Guerber, W. C. Eves, Jr., F. Elfenbein, D. A. Cherrill, J. Diamond, R. Leff, C. Wohl, ' x . L . ... 1- ., .Q X vvvvrnvl r'...1'V I964 ORIFLAMME gb! 5 M4 41-X' sr 'PQ V? vofq. L6-P 'S+ - X 'it :. ' sq N R. L. Caine, G. A. Leviss, S. A. Stier, M. M. Bieler, L. H Kaminester, P. M. Kranz. ROW THREE: J. C. Peck, R. G Sinclair, D. Kimball, R. S. Oser, R. H. Reuper, E. R Leibowitz, Sports Director, C. E. Williams, L. Lenkowsky E. Drake, D. Shapo, G. Clark, S. A. Rubinstein, J. Allen, S Harper. ROW FOUR: B. J. Ramer, G. J. Greenbaum, B. D Poulterer, P. Eisenberg, R. N. Goldstein, H. Silverman, R Linnell, J. Booth, R. W. Little, J. Whitten, G. H. Booth. SEATED: A. D. Gold, G. M. Franklin, vice president, J. D. Vibberts, S. P. Levine, W. R. Scott, C. W. Baldin, T. W. Shilling, treasurerg W. H. Behringer, presidentg K. I. C. Zulick, H. S. Silverman, B. I. Schloss, R. N. Gold- Hunt, recording secretary, Z. G. Nichols, H. N. Hoppner, stein, M. Davidson, E. R. Leibowitz, J. K. Bury, C. E. corresponding Secretary. STANDING: G. Tarnowski, J. Williams, E. E. Staudt, W. D. Levine. N 'pf Student Union Board ROW ONE: W. M. Haines, circulation editor, P. V. Kcers, assistant sports editor, B. H. Shelton, assistan I photography editor, A. R. Kneedler, copy editor, R. T. Lasky, editor-in-chief, D. L. Harrison, news editorg A. Ameduri, photography editor, D. A. Orman, sports edi tor. ROW TWO: R. D. Signer, B. E. Mones, G. E. Marcus, J. L. Lorentz, L. Lenkowsky, G. Eshelman, B. Student Weekly M. Leibert, D. F. Marstcller, R. C. Siverling, features editor, T. L. Gipson, J. M. Weissman, H. S. Lustig, E. R. Ivanhoe. ROW THREE: P. D. Eisenberg, R. C. Schoen- ing, B. I. Schloss, W. R. Hearst, M. Davidson, R. L. Twcntey, R. M. Levitin, business manager, L. T. Gra- ham, R. H. Harris, A. R. Glickman, N. W. Schultze. I964 ORIFLAMME l 964 ORIFLAMME Acknowledgements The 1964 ORIFLAMME staff wishes to thank the following persons without whose valuable assistance this volume would not have been designed and pub- lished. Dr. Noel P. Laird, Faculty Advisor Mr. Edward P. Hoffer Professor George R. Brittingham Dr. Sidney Wise Mr. Marv Merin, Merin Studios, Inc. Mr. Jack O'Donnell, Merin Studios, Inc. Mr. Carl V. Peterson, Wm. J. Keller Inc. Mrs. Jewell M. Gates, Wm. J. Keller Inc. Mr. Dave Tan, Wm. J. Keller Inc. Mr. George N. Stewart, S. K. Smith Co. Mrs. Roberta Strickler, Alumni Ofiice Mr. Leo Gier, College Relations Office Corine Collier, Janet Murray, Margaret Myers, and Chris Hoeltzel ' The Geology Department Mr. H. Edward Lafferty Mr. John G. Gates II, Gates Studios Mr. Joseph Crilley Mr. Marrion Warren Parents and Alumni PATRGNS ofthe 1964 ORIFLAMIVIE Carl A. Wiker Peter K. Honaman W. Roger Simpson Mr. Alton E. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. John C. Heim Mrs. O. H. 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BREAD at The HOLSUM BAKERY has been preparing and delivering Holsum Bread to most of the college fraternities for many years. The fine flavor and freshness of their rolls are enjoyed by all those who have the opportunity to taste them. uuuun-an l1 The GREEN ROOM playbill and fraternity rush booklets are only two examples of the fine work which FELDSER PRINTING does for campus organizations. Their prompt and excellent service has gained the confidence and patronage of the College community. QV' Many of the campus fraternities serve tasty meals with meat purchased from JACOB RIEKIER, where service and quality come first. 'XVIUW ' 'U ' -wr -- is f l'k WE' 1964 ORIFLAMME W-.saw THE RENDEZVOUS STEAK SHOP caters to all tastes of the F and M undergraduates, whether in the line of spicy Italian food or a late evening snack. , iufgvwq MJ--J 'S 1 Our new and modern BOOK SHOP has everything from Shakespeare to shaving cream. With its comprehensive selection of paperback texts this shop is one of the main points of interest for visitors, friends, and alumni. Under the fine management of Mrs. Rutter, students are able to shop in a quick and friendly manner. In the Campus House and in the College Dining Halls PENSUPREME is synonymous with wholesome milk. delicious ice cream, and other fresh dairy products constantly being developed in their modern research S..- Do you want a good sandwich? There is no better place for a good hot corned beef or roast beef special than at GIVANT'S DELICATESSEN. Their new dining facilities provide a pleasant atmosphere for a good meal. laboratory. 249 Bowling is not the only form of recreation offered at LANCASTER LANES. Newly 1964 ORIFLAMME installed pool tables are the latest attraction to F and M college students. Many fraternity houses patronize the SANITARY FOOD MARKETS for they know that the choice beef, pork, and veal sold there is of the highest quality of freshness and cleanliness. RT " N- W Q ie5X'if7 Q - XXX-, i- --3 T HE B.B.MHRltl1 rn, LUMBER?-'LMILLWORK y For finely fashioned collegiate clothes and expert dry cleaning service FILLING'S MEN'S SHOP is at the top ofthe list. It is located near enough to campus for a quick afternoon shopping tri The task of constructing our Homecoming displays and Green Room sets would be impossible were it not kv. for the reliable service of the B.B. MARTIN CO. in V ' supplying lumber products. For weekend meals and weekly snacks you can't heat ZANGARVS PIZZERIA. You'll find a varied selection of pizzas and subs. 251 NICHOIQS DISCOUNT C'l'l'Y is frequented daily by F and M students. in search of anything from records to automobile supplies. Name hrands at incredibly low prices are to he found here. Renowned throughout the area for delicious steaks and sumptuous roast beef, ' F l - ' -'-f.. 5 l .M -q.. """" N.. 'sl' Q THE STOCK YARD INN features a pleasant atmosphere and handy location T964 ORIFLAMMF most attractive to college students. f . .apt sig Q With their complete line of hardware and sporting goods, REILLY BROTHERS AND RAUB is the center for all campus "Monday-morning quarterbacks," and "do-it-yourselfersf' 1 'B'-aQ,'ll rs:."f' i ' l I -A. K I - ai' Over the years STERLING SALT has added Havor to many college meals. The familiar Sterling salt containers are frequently seen in the kitchens of all our fraternities. JAFFAE CINEFOTO, with a prestige line of photo equipment, is prepared to serve your every photographic need. For a sandwich and a drink, college students gather at HILDY'S TAVERN throughout the school year. The hospitality of Dan and Mary create an especially warm atmosphere. 253 F. W. WOOLWORTH'S large variety of merchandise presents the student a place to Gnd everything from school supplies to Levis. EAGLE AND HAMBRIGHT, one of the largest real estate and insurance concerns in Lancaster, handles most of the insurance affairs of Franklin and Marshall College. CLOISTER DAIRIES delivers more milk to more campus fraternities than all other dairies combined. This fact alone speaks for the product. FORRY AND HACKER PRINTERS, one of the Iurges printers in Lancaster does n great deal of work for Franklin and Marshall. Putting out the STUDENT WEEKLY is perhaps their major job. '11 T 1964 ORIFLAMME .ififf Nt!" 41914 . Q, ,A - .,5. 'th 255 The bottled soda that F and M students consume daily by the case is supplied by the Lancaster COCA-COLA BOTTLING COM PANY. MOSEMANN'S COLLEGE SMOKESHOP is often patronized by F and M students who are in the need of pipes, tobacco, and other smoking accessories. This selection of smoking needs is hard to match. MARY MACINTOSH SERVICES offers the students complete personal laundry and dry cleaning services, also a student linen rental service which consists of bed linen, towels, blankets, bed spreads and pillows. Service center located on the campus. 1964 ORIFLAMME Every clothes conscious college man looks for a place where he can be sure to find the ultimate in masculine dress. JACKSON'S QUALITY MEN'S SHOP has long been a home of the latest styles for the well dressed man. The HOLIDAY INN, "located in the heart of the Amish country" is always prepared to offer comfortable and convenient accomodations to out-of-town visitors. When in need of a new pair of shoes or sneakers F and M students usually go to SHAUB'S SHOE STORE conveniently located in downtown Lancaster ,Web 'SQ THE ART PRINTING CO. INC. OF LANCASTER does Z1 great deal of Franklin and Marshall's printing. Excellent work and moderate prices are the product of these presses. ..- . A, rf 4 vi l ,J F5 win wi s'umss1suw,jg 3 L ' 44 bv l It v-QQWWQ .-,, 1 ,, ,.. 1 'rv-1"'1,9'ffF"'h!!," -A ,,,,,,..----- ,,,I,,,v1qv" - 1 rf ,,,f . ,AL V. ..-Q.x.-- ' X . ,, ,:r...---- -4 ' - ,- ,sus "tv -' ' " - . . V Y H ... f V ,, ,rf . I J:,'v:sQ,.7 I n J W I. i s-y i.. ., U ' i bn.. . -, xx? ,V or I ' 4. 4-.,, F r,..- " ' ' . :.-Lin. iw , ,,' ' M.. A V -.xi-if-ef "::- - Ix,wa"':-"ISN , - .- r.-.fx F443 ,LA ,J l I ,H 1, '. . , ,,iu.4.4,.,-w 54 ,,. mmf? .pr , pwz.iQ.fl pMw3LN A1 . .31 grm-P V,sA,,,,,.p4'.4yiw'4!4Hwfv,. X. ,.. , . 1 r- N rm. - .. 1 ' ,, -. 'J "1 . v' w' '- '- QM' ' ' I I ''i"H.'fT:l'?ff'f2f+1a,.ATsiJrSa5""' ' - 'ltixya'-,,'f",qt.omr'v'l"7f Pn""3ifa.W3mrw+-2"f'-t:5f5'r: L" 'I 7 . I it ' - I' 'f 4' .t-. ,, . L- .w-'f-" . ' - ' ' - ' Q, , . I . -.l .Aw A , ' ....s-.-v.4S'- ., .N ' ' THE STEAK COTTAGE is a favorite of F and M students, whether it is for a sub or a hot steak sandwich after a late night of study. T964 ORIFLAMME L.B, HERR 8L SONS, Lancastcr's largest bookstore, provides F and M students with a broad choice of pocket editions. Art supplies, stationery, and ofhce equipment can also be purchased here. DEMUTH'S TOBACCO SHOP, the oldest store in the country, carries every type of smoking accessory. If the student cannot find the right pipe here, it doesn't exist. 1964 ORIFLAMME For quality, lit, and service, College students go to SAYRES, SHEID 84 SWEETON, a store where the price is designed for everyman's budget. i QI nl" A The HOST MOTEL has been the unofficial headquarters for many college weekend fraternity parties. Many students also take advantage of the Host coffee shop for a late nite study break. The Host provides beautiful accomodation facilities for visiting parents. -P+- 'I ny., Q 4 7 t . Aw 1'u.4.i , l.1-.'.L"l'T?Z .. 261 good luck, Slater School and College Services wishes to thank the members of the graduating class for their patronage-to say farewell, good luck, and good health. Your school's administration realizes that classroom performance often depends on planned nutrition. Through ARA Slater, they have wisely invested in quality food, prepared and served in friendly style. We hope you have enjoyed Slater meals and service- that mealtime provided a pleasant social break in the day's busy routine. From all of us, good luck and good health in the years aheadl SLATER SCHOOL AND COLLEGE SERVICES PHILADELPHIA 46, PA. Slater Now Serves More Than 220 Schools In 32 States and Puerto Rico MILLER BROS. VENDING CO. offers complete vending service on and off campus. If Miller Bros. doesn't supply it, it's not sold in machines. The art of being a non-conformist or why many perceptive yearbook staffs prefer a very distinguished publishing house Retaining one's individuality is not easy in these days of mass production and stand- ardization. This is especially true of year- book publishing, in which mass production methods have the tendency to force one to buy just what the other fellow buys. Making of soap or soup or salad dress- ing by mass methods is one thing. But it is quite another to attempt to produce a creative yearbook by trying to squeeze it into some pre-conceived mold. It just can't be done that way. The Wm. J. Keller firm brings together highly trained craftsmen, the very finest papers and ink of superlative quality. Add to these a unique service plan built around the individual school, and, finally, produc- tion by the Velvatone process, which Keller perfected especially for the printing of yearbooks, and you have a truly distin- guished performance. Q a yearbook with singular character and individuality . . . we call it "THE LOOK OF THE BOOK." The yearbook you are presently leafing through is the product of the Keller custom program. If you would care to see other examples of "THE LOOK OF THE BOOK" as produced by Wm. J. Keller, get in touch with us now. WM. J. KELLER INC. Publishers of Finer Yearbooks Buffalo 15, N. Y. Carl V. Peterson 2130 Country Club Drive Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania Phone: OL 9-9410 Area Code: 215 lj And so the last line is drawn, the last picture cropped, and the last deadline met. As I look back to the very beginning it seems hard to believe that we started with nothing and have come to fill 264 pages with a year's activities. Sometimes I wondered if in reality the 1964 ORIFLAMME would ever be finished, and yet in the back of my mind I knew that sooner or later, come what may, we would finish and have the book published. I want to express my sincere thanks to all the mem- bers of my staffg some willingly worked by the hour, others had to be occasionally cajoled in order to get a particular assignment done, yet everyone finally did an excellent job. This is a volume not of one person's work and ideas but of many person's efforts. Now all that remains are the many varied impres- sions that will be conceived by our readers. I can only hope for success. At least I know that we have worked harder and more diligently on this book than I ever thought possible. It would be interesting to have kept track of the hours and hours of work that went into this 76th vol- ume, how much aggravation and enjoyment. Now that everything is done, it all seems well worth it l QKXQ r

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