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 - Class of 1957

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Franklin and Marshall College - Oriflamme Yearbook (Lancaster, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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W , , gf Wa: - i 'A ' , .s r' K ' at -e I va . - . , -, g.Q.'k5,w. -Q ,., 4- ' 4,1 . .' Q 4- , , gr 1' J 5 f, 4 I 3 A , N - ..,,,px L' A-.::::4.W A, W fW'r::f if 4 3 Y? " ns. ,, .,F'.,A,, 3 14 Q 2 38 '15-Www , .sg '75-Www wywkim Wm , .Y W ,,,.M.,:,Wz., ,W W L 1 W '5'W':w?.4:. ,W 1 Mlh ,M ,si ,MJWWWWQ F 'Q Q -5? Q . my-. ,.WM.M,,,,W, it . www, Ex ,MI f .ff 1 , Www .. gwxy, W, ,,,,.li,?, qiwiw M ,Wm an 1 A 5' in L 2 1 g Q-W,g:-fq..., A f,,MQ.,,..x,,,,,.,,m,h,,f. v .,wwivMw1a X55-P ---W WNW ae , ,,, f,-we f my . fwvfff, .. ,rf Ns X 4,5 -2, , 5, .:,.w.,.N A mm. , - , , J., :..., -P ,,,,,..h.,,,.w-- 2- iz " M 1 Q I 1 ,Ei 1 .,..:.,,: ,4 :,: , , ,,:::,.g K , Ji 3 ,-,:,:-. :-- ',.. :1.a,.1 1g'-'- ig at sg N4 ik 5 5 S if if Q .rf N 5 5 fi , if 1 5 Z 5 sais? ,HIS 3 ....,.., , -a ....:v:..' - -B' f""5f' S 'arf Q A2 Q'1Qg::?fg:1'.i ,A., - M,A.W -Mwwb-3-ffn Aww Y""'NJ Miwii .. 5 Q, 3v1fP' i' in QYQQU ' 9' Q . iwgz 4 , ' , F 'es 5, r, N x 'la Wt. 532 , ,W ,... 'g .,.. : 2 f -::---' ,,--- K " f " A x :,. ,.......: 'I , Wgigxfgx 2 gi W A y ill ' g 2 ' ' fy "' 2 .., ' sh fwe I P 9 3 5 Q Ry 5 M- ff? 'mis E Kai? j Q., Y z e k- uv- sm H 1 via. 'hun 4, 1 31 'E ' 1-1 6, QM ,S :i',,5 WW LAN NIA RICHARD M GELHARD Ed I Chief E. ROBERT LOLLO Business Mana THIS 1957 EDITION OF THE ORIFLAMME is DEDICATED TO DR. JAMES M. DARLINGTON, DEAN OF THE COLLEGE, as a token of the esteem and affection with which he is held by all persons associated with Franklin and Marshall. Dr. Darlington commands the highest regard as a teacher and as an administrator. As a teacher he has the happy faculty of organiz- ing subject matter so that it is worthy of the attention of the student and the student is eager to master the subject matter. As an adminis- trator he has Won the confidence of students and the admiration of his colleagues through his forthrightness and sincerity, clear understanding and patient industry. His genial manner, his high standards, his profound knowledge, his high regard for persons make him an ideal teacher. His respect for his subject, his zeal to pursue learning, his intellectual honesty, mark him as a distinguished scholar. His academic statesmanship and educational philosophy, his sense of order and efficiency mark him as a successful administrator. In honoring Dr. Darlington with this dedication, the Editors are paying their respects to a man who represents the highest ideals of their Alma Mater. 22 Dzcafzm JA z .,:.. 1' 3 E' L , if i", w wi ., QW ' 'Y "" .mv W -M , 751 'A 3 in Q f .wg KM? fwff '23 gum .,-: :-v- , -W5 Q af may IRAQ Jfiiemgss' tif b'3'yw'9e 1 ,M , v 'W f 1 v. WA ,, kan 5 " 'H QQ' .. ,.- ,K ,aw A 3 ,QM v:,, . ' .- Q8 Ee-'H X .1 .N 3,23 f" if -2' ' ii Q53 M ""' QW W l if ' : , N 1 5 ' , ww' 3 :3 I qi N if Nw wi ws, ni sl in tzialuta RICHARD MARTIN FOOSE Richard Martin Foose, "Pete" to his friends and colleagues, is leaving Franklin and Marshall after eleven years of active leadership. The seventy-seven geology graduates since then, forty-live of Whom continued in graduate schools, rightly fill his heart with pride. Most of these look back on their days at Franklin and Marshall with appreciation for his ine teaching skill as well as his outstanding ad- ministrative ability. "Pete's" absence from the campus will be noticed and regretted by his friends and colleagues. For him the phrase "it might have been" does not apply, for he is an accomplisher in his Held. If his future is half as successful as his past, he will be a tremen- dous success. Good luck, "Pete," and thanks! campus scenes Cdfllflllf KCQIZQS' CdI7Z12llS' FCQIZCZS' X 1 Cdlflfltlf YCQIZQS' ,K 2 Q I D 3 w y N X 4 4 f Quo VADIS PRESIDENT AND MRS. FREDERICK DEWOLFE BOLMAN Richard H. Winters DEAN OF STUDENTS James M. Darlington DEAN op THE COLLEGE TREASURER OF THE COLLEGE Donald Mylin TREASURER,S OFFICE SWITCHBOARD Mary Groff, Fern McComsey, Violet Behrens Edirh Geist, Joan Kilheffer PRESIDENT,S SECRETARY ALUMNI SECRETARY Myrtle Dgngf Walter Myers I SECRETARY TO DEAN DARLINGTON Miss Lucretia Hammond SECRETARY TO DEAN WINTERS SECRETARY 'ro DEAN WINTERS Mrs. Jean Miller Miss Barbara Hollinger ADMISSION,S OFFICE Shirley Bechtel, Fredine Gehman Helen Koth, George F. Broske Richard V. Showers REGISTRAR,S OFFICER Pat Young, Mrs. Nancy Rutter RECORDEIUS OFFICE Mrs. Yvonne Gibbel, Mrs. Elizabeth Newkirk Mrs. Mildred Sultzbach, Mrs. Mirion Harper COLLEGE DEVELOPMENT OFFICE PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICE Mrs. Dwight Ashbey Dolores Schlott, Rhoda McSparren CHEMISTRY SECRETARY ATHLETIC OFFICE SECRETARY Helen Brown Mrs. Ardis Cramer 56' Yiwu-Q LIBRARY STAFF First Row: Dorothy Neprash, Herbert B. Anstaett, Marian Heister. Second Row: George Bordner, Elizabeth Black, Mrs. Frederick Mattfield Helen Bush, Charles Ebersole. Left to right: Bessie Hamilton, Natalija Lukins, Arthur Lukins, Julia Stauter, Thora Holman, Cecelia Hall, Marie Kellenberger. Mrs. Ruth Siegler Mervin Ressel, William Suydam MUSEUM STAFF First Row, left to right: J. W. Price, Mrs. M. E. Groff, Dr. Herbert Beck, Kandace Kready, H. L. Feather, J. M. Cavanaugh. Second Row: L. J. Duersmith, Dr. R. M. Foose, Harry E. Ranck, John Weaver, Richard Haefner, Timothy Saylor. ' BUILDING AND GROUNDS OFFICE Walter Doner, George Fritch azawall a9Dzes.s' To THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 195 7 : As you leave Franklin and Marshall College you go with the very good wishes of all of us here. To receive your bachelor's degree marks a milestone in your career, and all of us at the College truly hope that the value of your experience at this institution will multiply many times as you go on to ever greater attainments. As I look back on my college days I feel that two things happened to me during those four years. In the first place intellectually my sights were lifted and I learned a great deal about the world of letters and the world of men. While you may have been forgetful on examination day, you will find it amazing how much you will remember from your course later on in life! And also you will, I believe, discover that in many ways your future careers were conditioned by what you learned in college. Secondly, I believe that association with my peers in college played as important a role in what I was to do as the academic training itself. College friendships can and should be life- long. Bull sessions have influenced you more than you know! I hope that your years at Franklin and Marshall College have meant at least these two forces in your life. Return to us when you can and always let us know where you are, what you are doing in life, and also as an almnus let us know how we may develop this College for future gen- erations to the very forefront of American higher education. We need your counsel and we shall always value most highly your friendship. Good luck to all! FREDERICK DEW. BOLMAN, JR. .. .i..,.,,.,i,.w., 4: Q , 55 -1:1: 5,55 ..4-. I ..x. x IF YOU FELLOWS ARE FORMING A CLUB. I WANT T0 BE PRESIDENT. FRANKLY, PM UNDECIDED VINCENT H. HAAG Faculty Advisor g an u nc . Left to rightg Richard Rogers: Art Evans, Wylie Overly St D d 1: class' oddicazs 7957 FRESI-IMAN OFFICERS President ............ Charles R. Zweizig, Jr. Vice President .... R. Barry Montgomery Secretary ................ Roderick J. Wagner Treasurer ....... ......... A rthur B. Evans JUNIOR OFFICERS President ....,,,......... Stanley Dudrick Vice President ............ Arthur B. Evans Secretary ............ Lawrence S. Young, jr. Treasurer ...........,........ Robert L. Graeff SOPHOMORE OFFICERS President .................... John H. Backman Vice President .... R. Barry Montgomery Secretary ............ Lawrence S. Young, jr. Treasurer ...... .......... A rthur B. Evans SENIOR OFFICERS President ................ Stanley J. Dudrick Vice President ...... Richard W. Rodgers Secretary ...................,.. Wylie L. Overly Treasurer ...... ....... A rthur B. Evans l l l First Row: Albert L. Bell: Winthrop E. Everett. Second Row: David E. Carney, Frederic R. Mattfield, Noel P. Laird, Harold Fischer. ' economics' and 6us'i1zes's' administration The Department of Business Administration aims to provide a broad program designed to familiarize the student with the general field of business. It provides the student with the basic tools and knowledge Qfor example in economics, accounting, statistics, industrial management, marketing, finance and business lawj and shows him how to use them in actual business sit- uations. In addition to the broad training and educa- tion, the program allows the student in the junior and senior years to concentrate in one of the following fields: accounting, distribution Cmarketingj, finance, or industrial management. This year there are fifteen seniors majoring in accounting. Some of these will go into public ac- counting, others will take positions in private account- ing in industry, while still others will enter government service as accountants. Most of the seven men majoring in distribution will enter the field of sales either as representatives of man- ufacturers and wholesalers or as trainees for managerial positions in retail stores and retail chains. Of the four men majoring in finance, one will enter the field of insurance, one may enter graduate school, one will probably enter law school and the fourth will enter the United States Air Force upon graduation. Industrial Management, with twenty-six majors, is the largest area of concentration within the Business Department. Some of these men will enter private industry in some type of training program in produc- tion management and production planning. Others will enter a variety of fields closely connected with production such as personnel management, inventory control and cost control. HENRY P. ANSTADT B.S. in Economics Chi Phi, Steward: Alpha Delta Sigma: Freshman Wrestling: Assistant Trainer: Accounting Club, Secretary J. ARNOLD BAIR A.B. in Eronnmir: Pi Gamma Mu: Finance Club RONALD A. BROWN B.S. in Economic: Phi Kappa Psi: Soccer: Baseball: Man- agement Club: Marshall Club: Finance Club JAMES ARCHBALD Ill A.B. in Economics Sigma Pi, Treasurer: Management Club: Finance Club BRUCE J. BISHOFF A.B. in Economic: Delta Sigma Phi, Secretary: Radio Club: Green Room: Diagnothian Literary So- ciety, Secretary-Treasurer: Black Pyramid: Calumet Club: Student Weekly J. SCOTT BAILY, Jr. B.S. in Economics Management Monitor, Editor: Manage- ment Club, Director: Mr. 8: Mrs. Club. Secretary RONALD T. BLACK A,B. in Economics Lambda Chi Alpha, President: Finance Club: Green Room: Glee Club: Oriflamme JOSEPH S. COLLENTRO B.S. in Economics Phi Sigma Kappa: Baseball: Football: Newman Club, President: Oriflamme, Hullabaloo: Management Club THOMAS P. COLLINS B.S. in EC0ll!HlliL'S Management Club l ,.l.,,F..v V ,. ,Au was "I ' ' ,L , ., ,f.'.5g1-N . 2.1.1553 ma-1-an PAUL R. CORMAN B.S. ill Evmlumicx Chi Phi, House Manager: Vice-Presidentg S.A.M. C. ROGERS DOMAN B.S, in Ermlonrifx Delta Sigma Phig Swimming: Accounting Clubg Veterans Club ..l. R. TYLER COMPTON B.S. in Economics Lambda Chi Alphag Soccer, Managerg Management Club: Student Weeklyg Oriflammc JACOB E. DAUBERT B.S. in Economics Alpha Delta Sigmag S.A.M.g Veterans Club FRED S. CONOVER, Jr. B.S. in Economic: Phi Kappa Psig Alpha Delta Sigma, Chap- laing Phi Alpha Thetag Green Roomg I.R.C. EDWARD L DOBIN B.S. in Et'0ll0IlliL'S Zeta Beta Tau, Treasurerg Accounting Clubg Marshall Clubg A.A.A.S. JERE R. DUKE B.S. in Economics Lambda Chi Alphag Accounting Club RONALD E. ENGELKE B.S. in Economics Lambda Chi Alphag Glee Clubg Green Roomg Arnold Air Societyg S.A.M. DAVID S. FOERY B.S. in Economics Phi Kappa Psi: Freshman Wrestlingg Foot- ballg Trackg S.A.M.g Accounting Club DALE A. GEORGE B.S. in Eronomicx Kappa Sigmag S.A.M. DANIEL G. FICKES B.S. in Economics Chi Phig Soccerg Baseballg Glee Club: S.A.M. MARK GARDNER B.S. in Economics Pi Lambda Phig S.A.M.g Marshall Club: Young Democrats RONALD E. FLEMMING B.S. in livunomics Chi Phig Football: Wrcsrling, Captain: S.A.M. SAMUEL GARRE Ill A.B. in EL'0ll0lllil'S Chi Phi: Football, Mgr.g Basketball Man- agerg Management Clubg Finance Club DAVID G. GINBERG B.S. in Economics Pi Lambda Phi: Porter Scientific Socicryg A.A.A.S.: Diagnothian Literary Socielyg Arnold Air Sucicty, Trcasurcr: Oriflammcg Accounting Clubg Ncvoninn Literary Mag- azine, Business lidimr C. RICHARD GRIFFITH B.S. in El'0ll0llLiL'X S.A.M.g Finance Club, Sccrccaryg Vet- erans Club, Vice-President ERIC N. HELD B.S. in Iirouomirx Chi Phi, House Managcrg S.A.M.: Finance Club: Porter Scientific Society: A.A.A.S. JAMES W. HOUGHTON, Jr. 13.8. in Economics Delta Sigma Phi: Alpha Delta Sigma, Secretaryg S.A.M. LLOYD R. HAMBRIGHT B.S. in Economics Accounting Club, Vice-Presidentg Glee Club MICHAEL K. HETTLEMAN A.B. in Et'ormmic's Pi Lambda Phig Tennisg Green Roomg Radio Clubg Hullabnloog Oriflamme, Fea- tures Edirorg Finance Club, Secretary THOMAS E. HAMMER B.S. in Et'0IIUIlIf1'X S.A.M. GAIL HOKE A.B. in Economics ROBERT B. HUNTER B.S. in Economics Chi Phig Alpha Delta Sigma PAUL H. HUZZARD B.S. in Economics C. DAVID LAMBERSON B.S. in Ecmmmirx Accounting Club: Finance Club, Treas- urcrg Mr. BL Mrs. Club, Presidentg Vet- erans Club EARL R. LOLLO, Jr. B.S. in Eronomirx Kappa Sigma, Treasurcrg Oriflammeg Mar- shall Club, President: Finance Club WILLIAM J. JOHNSON B.S. in Economic: Delta Sigma Phig Alpha Delta Sigma, Treasurer: S.A.M., Vice-President: Green Room JOHN T. JORDAN B.S. in Eronomir: Accounting Club: S.A.M. ROBERT A. LEHR B.S. in Economic: DOYLE W. LENKER B.S. in Economics Accounting Clubg Finance Clubg S.A.M.: Veterans Club FRANKLIN J. LOOSE B.S. in Economic: S.A.M.: Mr. 81 Mrs. Club DONALD E. MARTIN B.S. in lirouumirr Lambda Clii Alplmg Track, Captain: Soccer: S.A.M. GERALD J. MOORE B.S. in l2r'0unmir'x Phi Kappa Taug Alpha Delta Sigma: Ar- nold Air Society: S.A.M. MICHAEL A. PAPARO, Jr. B.S. in .El'f!ll0Illit'X Accounting Club, Chaplain-President ,.,, 1 , ,,m.,v . . N, Q. 4 .1 Qi i , " ii J.. 'u -2 THOMAS F. MEEKINS B.S. in Economics Delta Sigma Phi: Freshman Soccerg S.A.M. WILLIAM R. MOYER, Jr. B.S. in Eronomics ARNOLD S. MINOFF B.S. in Economic: Pi Lambda Phig Freshman Basketball: Baseballg S.A.M.g Student Weeklyg Mar- shall 'Clubg Hullabaloo HENRY G. MULLE B.S. in Economics Sigma Pig Freshman Wrestlingg S.A.M.g Arnold Air Society ROBERT H. PARKER B.S. in Economics Phi Sigma Kappag Soccerg Lacrosseg Glee Club, Presidentg Conestogiesg Chapel Choir CHARLES HENRY PORTSER, III B.S. in Economics Swimming: Track: Accounting Club: S.A.M. RICHARD A. ROSE B.S. in Economic: Sigma Pi, President: Black Pyramid: Pi Gamma Mu: I. F. Council, Vice-President: S.A.M., Director: Post Prandial Club WILLIAM D. SCAFF B.S. in Economics Lambda Chi Alpha: Student Union Board, Treasurer: Arnold Air Society: Account- ing Club JOSEPH R. PREPERATO B.S. in Economics Accounting Club: Newman Club: S.A.M. VERNON M. RINGLER B.S. in Economics Chi Phi, Treasurer: Soccer: Baseball, Cap- tain: Student Union Board: Green Room: S.A.M., Treasurer RICHARD E. SAMUELS B.S. in Economics Sigma Pig Alpha Delta Sigma: Wrestling JAMES J. RYAN, Jr. B.S. in Economics Accounting Club, President: Pi Gamma Mu, President Arnold Air Society: Newman Club, Treas urer: Accounting Club: S.A.M. FREDERICK SHAND B.S. in Ecormmict S. E. A. JOSEPH D. WEISS B,S. in Iivonomim Phi Kappa Tau. Prusidenr: Newman Clubg S.A.M. Q., 1-'MLA 42 li 11' , ' ,a.::rr7F x ,1:'ei... ,- . N, 1 - :vi.,,,. 5-gg DUANE F. WHITE B.S. in Evonamim Accounting Club, Trcasurcrg Mr. 8: Mrs. Club, Vice-President C. JAMES WHEELER A.B. in Economirs ROBERT 0. WELSH B.S. in Eronomicx Alpha Delta Sigma, Vice-Presidentg S.A.M. HAROLD L. WIGGINS B.S. in Ecbnumir: Accounting Club RUSSELL F. WELSH B.S. in Economics ROBERT B. WILLIAMS B.S. in Economirs Phi Kappa Psig Alpha Delta Sigmag S.A.M Veterans Clubg Mr. BL Mrs. Club LAWRENCE S. YOUNG, Jr. B.S. in Economirs Left to Right: Kenneth R. john: Wilbur D. Shenkg Arthur W. Shively, Head of Department: Harry K. Lane: William C. Blight: Albert W. King. The Department of Biology has served more students during this year than ever before in its history. It is' fortunate indeed that Profes- sors Carroll and Foster made sure of adequate facilities at the time when planning for the "new,' wing Was in progress. Dean Gibson then said that we would "rattle around like peas in a podl' when the building was completed. We are not crowded, but it takes some careful planning to provide space for all aspects of the work. The uncompleted top floor offers a solution for problems which may arise in the future. Fifty-five students will graduate this year with a major in biology. Of these, five, Lawr- ence J. Cohn, Stanley J. Dudrick, Saul Mendels- sohn, Lee P. Rosky and Arthur G. Goldstein, have done honors work in addition to their reg- ular courses. Research activities have increased during 1956-57. Encouragement from the College Administration and outside money have made this possible. Next year promises to show even greater success along this line. Professor Lane af ziialogq continues his work under a grant from the Smith, Kline and French Foundation, Dr. John continues his summer research under a grant from the National Science Foundation, and Dr. Shenk has begun work under a grant from the United States Public Health Service. Arnold in the student weekly deplores the fact that some faculty members spend so much time on research that they do not have time to do their duty by the students. We are glad that the Arnold strip is an Associated Press feature and that the protest did not have its origin here where, We feel, the sentiment would not be justi- fied. Our research program involves both fac- ulty and students and serves as a spur, we feel, toward improvement in other academic activi- ties including the class lectures. l w l SAMUEL H. ADAMS B.S. in Biology Phi Sigma Kappa: Porter Scientific S0- cictyg Radio Club: I.R.C.g L.S.A.g L:- Crossc Club HEBER W. BECKER, Jr. B.S. in Biology Swimming: Green Room Club: Canter- bury Club DAVID A. BRAUW B.S. in Biology l..S.A.g Student Weeklcyg Porter Scientific Society, A.A.A.S. V, L., I V . i , i for mg, if We . THEODORE B. APPEL lll B.S. in Biology Chi Phi, Secretary, Porter Scientific So- ciety, Vice-President: Marching Band: Politics Club, Football, Swimming, La- Crosse JOSEPH B. BRAY B.S. in Biology Chi Phi: Swimming, Co-Captain, Porter Scientific Society: Politics Club JAY S. BARNHART, Jr. B.S. in Biology Sigma Pig College Bands, Porter Scientific Society DONALD J. BROWN B.S. in Biology Pi Lambda Phi: Phi Beta Kappag Swim- mingg Student Council, A.A.A.S.g Porter Scientific Society ALBERT B. CAREY, Jr. B.S. in Biology Lambda Chi Alpha, Porter Scientific Societyg A.A.A.S. EDWARD C. CASTIGLIA B.S. in Biology LAWRENCE J. COHN B.S. in Biology Phi Beta Kappa GARY A. FLEMING B.S. in Biology Chi Phi: Porter Scientific Society LARRY CERINO B.S. in Biology Phi Kappa Psig I. F. Councilg Tennis Team, Co-captaing Porter Scientific Society i 4 JEROME J. COHEN B.S. in Biology Pi Lambda Phig Phi Beta Kappag Mu Upsilon Sigma: Wrestling Managerg Bands: Porter Scientific Society 1 STEPHEN J. ELLEN B.S. in Biology Pi Lambda Phig A.A.A.S.g Porter Scientific Society DOUGLAS C. FOGG B.S. in Biology Phi Kappa Psig Swimming, Co-captaing Porter Scientific Society STANLEY J. DUDRICK B.S. in Biology Chi Phi, Presiclentg Phi Beta Kappag Black Pyramidg Student Council, Presidentg Stu- dent Union, Presidentg junior and Senior Class Presidency Student Weeklyg Ori- flammeg Newman Club, Secretaryg Post Prandialg Porter Scientific Societyg Diag- nothian Literary Socieryg Dorm Proctor LEONARD A. FRANK B.S. in Biology Pi Lambda Phi, Presidcntg Black Pyramid, Treasurer: Student Councilg Student Un- ion, Secretaryg Diagnothian Literary So- ciety, Monitorg Post Prandial Club A.A.A.S. ARTHUR G. GOLDSTEIN B.S. in Biology Pi Lambda Phig Diagnothean Literary Societyg Porter Scientific Society CHARLES HARTMAN B.S. in Biology HARRY M. FRIEDLAND B.S. ni Biology Zeta Beta Taug Phi Beta Kappag I.R.C.g Porter Scientific Societyg A.A.A.S.g Goeth- ian Literary Society ROBERT L. GRAEFF B.S. in Biology Chi Phig Student Councilg Student Union Boardg junior Class Secretary: Porter Scientific Societyg L.S.A.g Soccerg Track RAYMOND E. GOEPFRICH B.S. in Biology PAUL A. HAEFNER B.S. in Biology Phi Kappa Tau, Vice-Prcsidentg Porter Scientific Society: Swimming RICHARD W. HARTZELL B.S. in Biology Sigma Pig Glec Club: Porrcr Scientific Society JOHN V. HERTZLER B.S. in Biology Delta Sigma Phi FREDERIC R. KEIFER B.S. in Biology Chi Phig Freshman Swimmingg Porter Scientific Society, Treasurcrg A.C.S.g Politics Club MELVIN D. KOPILNICK B.S. in Biology Pi Lambda Phig LaCrosse, Captaing Fresh- man Soccerg Porter Scientific Societyg Nevonian Literary Magazine, Associate Business Manager DAVID E. HORNER B.S. in Biology Phi Sigma Kappag Wrestling, Co-capraing Student Weeklyg Oriflammeg I... S. A.g Porter Scien cific Society ARNOLD N. KATZOFF B.S. in Biology Phi Beta Kappa ALAN R. KLEINGINNA B.S. in Biology JOHN E. MAIER B.S. in Biology Delta Sigma Pl-rig Trackg Bandg Porter Scientific Society: A.A.A.S. ' MEARL A. KILLMORE B.S. in Biology 1-fy., -3. RICHARD B. MARANOFF B.S. in Biology Pi Lambda Phl RICHARD B. MONTGOMERY B.S. in Biology Phi Sigma Kappa: Wrestling: Freshman and Sophomore Class, Vice President: L.S.A.: Porter Scientific Society ROBERT G. PEDRICK B.S. in Biology Canterbury Club: Porter Scientific Society: Student Weekly: A.A.A.S. i W. Xi' .vig ' A ' s- ' RALPH T. MARRONE B.S. in Biology Chi Phi: Arnold Air Society: Porter Scientific Society SAUL MENDELSSOHN B.S. in Biology Zeta Beta Tau, Vice-President: Phi Beta Kappa: Student Council: I.F. Council Glee Club: Calumet Club: Student Week ly: Post Prandial: Porter Scientiic So ciety: I.R.C.: Radio Club JEROME S. NITZBERG B.S. in Biology Pi Lambda Phi: Phi Beta Kappa: A.A.A.S.: Diagnothean Literary Society J V' A ' if-ff' xi . q' ' t155j35L"TZi'?:.'9' .ic ,. i .. i N- wffgwf 1 M - X ,e..:- 'giww 'V ,Emi-" 51 ' 3,111 4-if I 'I Sv3gfg,,4sfem:,3,f.g,- ,-1 zen- 2 -i:,.x:n1-0' 1 ,,yWqfh:,-to-,4m.,2 A , , 2-,wi -v-, :A i .. E2:,,k,,:g:eig5a uigflgglf. . . ., LYS' El ,, sg 5:5-:g::agigia:::5:5g"-225, Hx :-,','f1,:,3j - - .. i ' " ' "'-v i " 1- V - '- -V . ' 513 42-, A is 5-5 gif?-zq'fW'Y ' 1:-'-5 :iv1:e:a:ss::f-:::1:1- SWBLQ,-f-f p .- f g, .:, 11:5 .H q v .q,y,,3i5,:.g,,si www ',-- I g. - tea," --,ws Tsifspzrs f A V . iw art" A , 1:-'.'f'ffj.:g,: wg,-.-:,,.g, ,::g:y.-sgmggft .::,,. ,. .5.5,-g,1,.,::-i,':figs.,:sz5:a,5:,'g:4xq' . ifqg-:fiig-1-,J:L-'faire - ,iv . " -- - ' 11" --fj:-532 5j:g'1g-give' WYLIE L. OVERLY B.S. in Biology Phi Sigma Kappa: Black Pyramid: Senior Class, Secretary: Bands: Mu Upsilon Sigma, President: Porter Scientific Society: Stu- dent Weekly: Oriflamme BRUCE M. RODENBERGER B.S. in Biology Phi Sigma Kappa: Basketball: I.R.C.: Campus Chest: Radio Club: Porter Scien- rific Societv: Oriflamme DONALD K. ROEDER B.S. in Biology Phi Sigma Kappa: Mu Upsilon Sigma: Bands: Radio Club: L.S.A.: Porter Scien- tific Society S. BARRY SAKULSKY 13.8. in liiolog-y Pi Lambda Phi: Tennis: Porter Scientific Society WILLIAM M. SHUE B.S. in Biology Phi Sigma Kappa, Vice-President: l.R.C.: Porter Scientiiic Society ABRAM ROSENTHAL B.S. in Biology Zeta Beta Tau: A.A.A.S.g Porter Scientific Society: Oriflamme ROBERT B. SAUTER B.S. in Biology Kappa Sigma, Vice-President: I.F. Coun- cil: Bands: Black Pyramid: Campus Christian Fellowship: Oriflamme: Cross Country LEE P. ROSKY 13.5. in Biology Pi Lambda Phi: Phi Beta Kappa: Tennis, Co-captain: Porter Scientific Society: Dingnothcan Literary Society RALPH H. SCOTT B.S. in Biology Delta Sigma Phi: 'Phi Beta Kappa: Bands: Mu Upsilon Sigma-9 Porter Scientific Society ROBERT J. SMITH, Jr. 13.8. in Biology Chi Phi: Wrestling: Baseball: Porter Scientific Society RONALD L. SPIELMAN B.S. in Biology Pi Lambda Phi: Tennisg Porter Scientific Sociecyg A.A.A.S. ROBERT WEISS B.S. in Biology Zeta Beta Taug Phi Bet: Kappag Green Room: A.C.S. Radio Clubg Porter Scien- riiic Society DAVID SNYDER B.S. in Biology Phi Kappa Taug I.R.C.g Porter Scientific Society ALAN E. VAN SANT B.S. in Biology Chi Phi, Secreraryg Porter Scientific S0- ciety, Secreraryg Golfg Student Wnkly JAMES R. SMOLKO B.S. in Biology ROBERT B. TESH B.S. in Biology Chi Phig Swimmingg Porter Scientific Society, Presidenrg Politics Club, Vice- Presidenr: Radio Clubg Canterbury Club First Row fl. to rj: Robert P. Cross, Head of Department: Bety Cuibbins: Ruth Van Horn: Hugh A. Heller. Second Row: Frederick H. Suydam: Carl F. Sievert: Fred A. Snavely: Earl H. Hess. This year was a year of change within the chemistry department. Drs. Cross and Snavely conducted a newly re-instituted large scale lecture course in general chemistry. These lectures were coupled with smaller recitation groups to handle the course as efficiently as possible. Much the same proce- dure was used in sophomore analytical chemistry and Dr. Gibbins held all her lectures on the third floor of Stahr Hall. In keeping with the changes, Dr. Ruth Van Horn returned to the depart- ment to renew a position which she left in 1954. We regret to add that 1956- 57 also witnessed the resignations of Drs. Carl Sievert, to chair the Depart- ment of Chemistry at Catawba College, and Dr. Earl Hess, to direct research at the General Cigar Company. Unprecedented history was made this year when Dr. Heller gave out three A grades in first semester physical chemistry and Dr. Suydam finally laid down the law on Ch. 48 lab reports. Of the nine seniors, four will go to graduate school and one to medical school, three will pursue careers in industry and one in farming. A look at the graduating majors brings to mind some interesting happen- ings over the past four years. How could we ever forget Socrates' advice to future chem majors, E. L. G.'s ether explosion, Burly Bob's vice-like grip, the days of the Shaft! We'll remember too that Hasty Helen hasn't changed a bit, how Buddha Beyer got a new assistant and our two expectant fathers. We learned that cylcohexanone and bromobenzene are constant-boiling and we recall how "Big jack" made points on the basketball court while losing them in the quant lab. When Pletch almost got oxidized by his enzyme, we only needed to call in Korol to make some C. P. reagentsg he did it so well in Ch. 26. And to top it all off, we couldn't forget the Snake Pit, where so many an- ions and cations were flying about that even C. G. Clarke was confused. chamistzq CHARLES G. CLARK B.S. in Clsumixirpy Phi Sigma Kappa, Secretary: Phi Beta Kappag Cross Country, Captaing Track: Black Pyrnmidg Glue Club: Chapel Choirg Concstogiesg Campus Chest, Oriflamme, Proctor GORDON L. GALLOWAY B.S. in Clsvmixlry Delta Sigma Pl1ig Phi Beta Kappa: Black Pyramid: A. C. S., Prcsidentg Student Weeklyg Calumet Club: Post Prandialg Proctor ' pl, xiii its 4 .113 1 ,Q 1: ,n f EMIL B. KOROL B.S. in Chemistry JACK B. ZIEGLER B.S. in Cbcmishy Black Pyramidg Student Councilg Basket- ball, Captaing Golfg A.C.S.g Student Weeklyg Oriflamme, Sports Editorg Chess Club: Dormitory Counselor EUGENE L. GRUBB B.S. in Chemistry Phi Beta Kappa: A.C.S.g Young G.O.P. JAMES F. FLETCHER B.S. in Chemistry REID KELLOGG B.S. in Chemistry Delta Sigma Phi, Treasurerg Phi Beta Kappag A.C.S., Vice-Presidentg Oriflammeg Student Weeklyg Diagnothean Literary Societyg Dormitory Counselor ELLWOOD C. WILLIARD B.S. in Chemistry A.C.S.g Porter Scientific Sacietyg L.S.A.: OriHamme First Row: S. E.. Munson, Head of Department: Dorothy W. Lefevreg Leonard C. Grove. Second Row: Howard L. Kloppg Virginia Ellen Abbott: Helen C. Plmiloon: Esther Winters. ducation JAMES E. CUSHMAN LEON E. KAUFFMAN A.B. in Education A.B. in Edncution Lambda Chi Alphag Arnold Air Society: Lambda Chi Alphag S.E.A.g A.A.A.S.g S.E.A. Geological Society CARROLL C. LUCKENBAUGH A.B, in Erluruiion Delta Sigma Phi: Swimming, Managerg Baseball, Manager, Green Roomg S.E.A., Secretary and Trcasurcrg Student Weekly . ,lwea . ' mn 19" ' 1' as A' 4- .gy 't- 3221.1 I jf? ' ff- 1 . QXLLA ti iii il E591-bl -A 'll . - .7 'Q RICHARD A. POHNER A.B. in Education Phi Sigma Kappa: Football, Basketball, Track: S.E.A. ROBERT SOLSKY A.B. in Edmruiian Swimming, Mrmngcnmcnr Club, S.E.A.: Veterans Club JOHN S. MOWBRAY, Jr. A.B. in Ealucution Phi Kappa Sigma, Treasurer and President, LF. Councilg S.E.A., Secretary-Treasurer and President, Radio Club, Secretary: Amateur Radio Club CHARLES R. MEKEEL A.B. in Education S. E. A. CHARLES W. SHUCK A.B. in Erlucation Phi Kappa Psi, Baseball, S.E.A. JOSEPH B. SIMONELLI A.B. in Enluration Phi Alpha Theta, S.E.A. Left to Right: Edward S. Brubaker: Richard W. Bomberger: Richard Stbriesiferg M. Ray Adams, Head of Department: Kenneth B. Longsdorf. It is not often that men-We do not speak of Women-mention their ages with pride. But We do openly prize the mature mind, which only time and experience bring. Since members of the regular staff of the Department of English average fifteen years of teaching experience, We have presumably achieved a sense of maturity at least comparable to that of the average senior. However, it is in connection with the fresh- men rather than the seniors that We think this matter has peculiar significance. There is per- haps as much immature teaching of college freshmen in this country as there is of high school freshmen. The large universities have long been notorious for relegating the teaching of freshmen English to young and inexperienced amateurs. One Eastern university of the first rank has all its courses for freshmen in English taught by graduate students. In contrast every English teacher at Franklin and Marshall Col- lege has shared in this fundamental training. In fact, no member of the Department proper has ever graduated from the teaching of freshman English. english ELIAS H. PHILLIPS We believe that this is good educational practice and that our students have benefited much by it. But we would be less than human if we did not hope that the pictures which this little article accompanies do not too obviously confirm the above selves. observations concerning our- JOHN M. CALIFF A.B. in English C.C.F., President, Secretary-Treasurer Student Christian Association ARTHUR B. EVANS A.B. in English Phi Kappa Psi, Vice-Presidentg Track, Co Captain: Student Council, Treasurer: Stu dent Weekly: Oriflamme, Features Editor Hullabaloog junior Class Vice-President Class Treasurer 3 years P. WILLIAM HUTCHINSON, Jr. A.B. in English GEORGE J. SAWYER, lll A.B. in English Lambda Chi Alpha: I.F. Council, Treas- urer: Young G.O.P., Vice-President: Calumet Club: Canterbury Club: LaCrosse Club: Glce Club CHARLES R. ZWEIZIG, Jr. A.B. in English Phi Sigma Kappa: Black Pyramid: Fresh- man Class President: Student Council: Glee Club: Chapel Choir: Conestogies: Calumet Club: Dormitory Counselor GEORGE F. MATT A.B. in English JACOB O. YERAMIAN A.B. in English Phi Beta Kappa: Green Room: Calumet Club JOHN M. TYLER A.B. in English Phi Sigma Kappa: Mu Upsilon Sigma, Treasurer and Secretary: Freshman Wrestl- ing: Calumet Club: Bands Left to Right: Mrs. Regina B. Engler, Secretary: Howard R. Cramer: jacob Freedman: john H. Moss: Richard M. Foose, Head of Department geology Good education must be based upon a sound phil- osophy. The philosophy that has served as a guide to developing the curricular program of the De- partment of Geology embodies the following desir- able goals: flj Enrichment of the cultural background of students who are primarily interested in the humanities by teaching them the scientific method and by acquainting them with those aspects of major geologic problems that will best help them achieve an appreciation of the earth and its features. Q22 Training of young men so that they may assume an effective and respected position in the scientific profession. A major aspect of our educational philosophy is the firm con- viction that the best citizen-scientist is the one who receives a broad and thorough edu- cational background in the liberal arts as welluas in the sciences, one who can write and speak lucidly and effectively, and one who possesses other, non-scientific interests in addition to his chosen field. OJ Effective ,teaching at all levels by the use of modern tools, techniques and facilities and in an environment conducive to stimulat- ing maximum achievement and the spirit of research. At Franklin and Marshall College these goals have been implemented by: C15 C29 43? An unusually versatile and well-rounded staff. Every staff member has had a broad background of professional experience in the field of his specialty and all are actively engaged in geologic research, much of which has already been published in geologic jour- nals and bulletins. Excellent physical facilities and equipment for teaching and training students in the classroom, laboratory and field. Few insti- tutions of any size can equally compare their own facilities for the training of un- dergraduate students. The fortuiry of geographic location in a spot where an unusual variety of geologic features may be observed and geologic feat- ures may be observed and geologic princi- ples demonstrated in the field. Dr. Richard M. Foose, Chairman , , , S . ,,.....A , 5 1'-., - asf . , - 1, JOHN M. AARON B.S. in Grology Phi Sigma Kappzig Geological Societyg Radio Club: A.A.A.S.g I.R.C. 5 ,.,. , ,,.,.,,i,., ,1!,,.W,EQj.,.mg5Lm fa ' ' s'f7'?4.:fw '. I Eg 3 f , i . l ' 'f 'Wie , j:r,,.5, ., ' Lf'- ,jg , fl MARTIN BOOTH B.S. in Gvologjf RENE L. HERBST B.S. in Gralugy Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice-President: Foot- ballg Bascballg Geological Societyg Arnold Air Society RICHARD C. BATZER B.S. in Geology Kappa Sigma, Secretaryg Geological Society THOMAS- J. DEERY B.S. in Geology Geological Society SHELDON E. BERTZ B.S. in Geology ROBERT S. FRIEDENBERG B.S. in Geology Zeta Beta Taug LF. Councilg Geological Sociecyg Porter Scienriic Sociecyg A.A.A.S. WILLARD L. MILLER B.S. in Geology Phi Sigma Kappag Geological Societyg LR.C.g A.A.A.S. RICHARD A. SCHMIDT B.S. in Geology Phi Sigma Kappag Glee Clubg Geological Society, Secretaryg Radio Club H. LAWRENCE McKAGUE l ' B.S. in Geology Phi Sigma Kappag Geological Society, President and Treasurer DONALD M. SKEAN B.S. in Geology Lambda Chi Alpha, House Managerg Basketball, Managerg Baseball, Managetg Geological Society ROBERT B. KISTLER B.S. in Gvology Sigma Pig Geological Society, Vice Presidentg Glec Clubg C.C.F. M. WAYNE PHILLIPS B.S. in Grology Delta Sigma Phig Geological Society gazman 'A' WARREN H. ERB A.B. in German Green Room, Prcsidentg Arnold Society .,,., . 5.-Q Left to Right: Mrs. Peter Seadleg Peter Seadle: William Frey, Head of Departmentg Paul P. Martin. RICHARD A. KIPPHORN, Jr. MERRILL RESSLER A.B. in German A.B. in German Air Phi Kappa Tzug S.E.A.g Mr. Bi Mrs. Phi Beta Kappa Clubg Newman Clubg Sociology Club "1 ny,-E I N 'SQ ,'i'f?10?3i " tx '12 . ' gui Q 115 .Iwi . ff' Left to Right: John Vanderzellg Sidney Wise, Head of Department: Richard F. Schier. govezrzmarzt RICHARD M. GELHARD A.B. in Government Pi Gamma Mug Oriflamme, Editor-im Chiefg Marshall Club The Government Department has decided that its hero is not Organization Man, but Ren- aissance Man. Indeed, the three shifty incum- bents ofthe Department, who have been bludg- eoning their seniors this year with something called the "theory-hypothesis-data pattern," have humbly asserted that history, psychology, philosophy and sociology are valid disciplines only insofar as they relate to the study of gov- ernment. The worst fears of the seniors were realized when they discovered that the Comprehensives consisted of only one question: "Describe the World and give two examples." Terror was struck into the hearts of all un- derclassmen in early 195 7 with the announce- ment that all three members of the Government "team" were promoted to a rank which car- ried tenure. Ridiculous odds notwithstanding, Alfred Zuck elected to do honors work and surprisingly enough met the exacting standards of the De- partment. By the combined use of an teleolog- ical epistornology and some shady statistics, Mr. Zuck's honors thesis took the plunge and con- ceptually hypothesized that the next President of the United States would have a cabinet. The possibility of Government teachers and students falling into the Guidance Center was made even more remote with Mr. Doner's deci- sion to supply Old Main 21 with a floor. CHARLES NED HORNER A.B. in Government Phi Sigma Kappa: Wrestling: S.E..A.g L.S.A. LARRY P. GOLDSTEIN A.B. in Government ROBERT P. MENZEL A.B. in Government Delta Sigma Phig Phi Upsilon Kappa: Diagnothian Literary Societyg Marshall Club ALFRED M. ZUCK A.B. in Gowrruucnl Kappa Sigma, Presidcntg Phi Beta Kappa: Pi Gamma Mu, Vice-President: Black Pyramid, Vice-President: Post Prandial Club, President: Oriflamme, Fraternity Editorg Marshall Club WILLIAM F. MCCARTNEY A.B. in Government Marshall Club, Secretary ALLAN W. YORK A.B. in Government Chi Phig Black Pyramidg Porter Scientific Societyg Bandsg Marshall Club, Parlia- mentariang Student Council, Vice-Pres- identg Student Union Board, Secretary: Oriflamme RODERICK J. WAGNER A.B. in Government Black Pyramidg Student Weekly, Editor- in-Chiefg Student Council, Treasurerg Post Prandial Clubg Calumet Clubg Frqshman Class Secretaryg Dormitory Counselor Left to Right: Glenn E. Miller: William Toth, Head of Department: Frederic S. Klein: Thurman E.. Philoon. histozq Over nine hundred students have been enrolled in' the Department this year in fourteen different courses. The fields covered were ancient history, medieval and renaissance, modern European, United States, England, Far East, Near East, American Foreign Relations, Re- search Methods, the Civil War, Contemporary World History, and the Senior Seminar. The current graduat- ing class has given thirty-two majors to the Depart- ment, they are entering such fields as law, business, theology, the teaching profession, and the military service. Four regular members of the faculty have handled the load. Professor F. S. Klein Went on sabbatical leave during the second semester and devoted his time to the collection and classification of historical documents relating to the frontier contacts of Maryland and Penn- sylvania in the colonial period for the Maryland His- torical Society. Professor G. E. Miller has been working on his doctoral dissertation in the field of Latin-Amer- ican History, Dr. T. E. Philoon has been translating Luther material for publication, and Dr. William Toth has continued researching and writing on the history of the old Reformed Church of the United States. All members of the Department have appeared frequently before TV, radio, civic and service organizations in the city and county to discuss a variety of pertinent sub- jects. Professor Miller has undertaken to coach the tennis team, Professors Philoon and Toth have taken an active part in the guidance of the affairs of the Kappa Sigma fraternity. During the sabbatical of Pro- fessor Klein, his place has been ably filled by Mrs. Viv- ian Darlington. Phi Alpha Theta, the honorary history fraternity, has been functioning with its accustomed zest during the year. Twelve students and five professors are on the active list. Discussion gatherings at the homes of the professors, field trips and several banquets have comprised the program. John W. Smith represented our Beta-Theta Chapter at the annual convention in St. Louis during the Christmas holiday. The members are Claire L. Wagner, Jr., John W. Smith, Fred S. Conover, Jr., James A. Moran, Ronald L. Buckwalter, Charles O. Zuver, Joseph B. Simonelli, james R. Smolko, William E. Brown, Jr., Richard F. Kauffman, Richard R. Rose, Alan Shank, and David H. Knoebel, with Professor Miller as advisor to the group. For the second consecutive time the Department has been honored by having among its majors the Phi Beta Kappa Scholar of the year, this year in the person of John W. Smith. JOHN R. ACI-ITERMANN A.B. in History Delta' Sigma Phig Wrestling, Managerg Swimmingg Dingnothian Literary Society: Student Weeklyg Student Union Boardg Geological Socictyg A.C.S. i 1 1 I Z I i JOHN C. DUBBS A.B. in History Phi Kappa Psig Veterans Clubg Marshall Club: Young G.O.P., President RICHARD E. HAMILTON A.B. in History Footballg Basketball JAMES A. ACKERLY A.B. in History Phi Kappa Psi, Presidentg Newman Clubg I.R.C.5 Young G.O.P.g Marshall Club RICHARD M. DUNN A.B. in History Basketball, Captaing Golfg Newman Club: Marshall Club: Veterans Club, Secretaryg Young G.O.P., Treasurer DANIEL R. CREATO, .Ir. A.B. in History Phi Kappa Psig Football: Arnold Air Society JAMES R. EVANS, Jr. A.B. in Hislory Phi Kappa Tau, Secretaryg I.F. Council: Amateur Radio Club ROBERT B. HERSHEY A.B. in History Delta Sigma Phig Freshman Swimming Management Club ROBERT G. HILL A.B. in History Chi Phig S.E.A., Vice-President DALE GROFF A.B. in History RICHARD LeCI'IARD A.B. in History Phi Sigma Kappag Swimmingg LaCrosse Clubg Marshall Clubg Canterbury Club: Arnold Air Society, Secretaryg A.A.A.S. ROBERT HITCHINGS A.B. in History Phi Sigma Kappa, Prcsidentg l.F. Council, Presidencg Soccer, Co-Captain 'SS and Captain 'f6g Student Council DAVID C. KAPP A.B. in History Sigma Pig Baseballg Glee Clubg Chapel Choirg Hullabaloog S.E.A. FLOYD B. HOENSTINE A.B. in iHi.rtary Lambda Chi Alpha, House Managerg Ar- nold Air Society, Executive Oificerg Vet- erans Clubg Band RUDOLPH D. KOENIG A.B. in History JUSTIN J. MARIANI A.B. in History Phi Kappa Psig Foocballg Baseballg Basket ballg Oriflammeg Hullabaloo i N RAYMOND V. O'BRlEN, Jr. A.B. in Hixlnry Footballg Baseballg Glec Club: Newman Club: Young G.O.P. BARRY C. PLUM A.B. in Hixlory Phi Kappa Psig Trackg Baskctballg Hulla- baloog Arnold Air Society, Presidcntg Glce Clubg Oriflammc JOHN V. RORABAUGH, Jr. A.B. in Hixlory Chi Phig Glec Club: Young G.O.P., Sec- retaryg Veterans Club . 2 ,. JJ ik.. FRANCIS J. PAPSO A.B. in History Phi Kappa Psi JAY R. POWELL RICHARD M. PATTERSON A.B. in History ERNEST B. RACZ A.B. in History Oriilammeg Glee Club WILLIAM L. SANDOE A.B. in History Phi Kappa Psi, Treasurerg Alpha Delta Sigmag Footballg Basketballg Baseballg Management Clubg Young G.O.P. Av J :if A.B. in Hixiory Chi Phig I. F. Codncilg Football, Co- Captaing Student Councilg Porter Scien- rific Society WAYNE L. SMITH A.B. in History Delta Sigma Phi, Vice-Presidentg Phi Up- silon Kappa, Presidentg I. F. Councilg Student Weekly, Sports Editor and Man- aging Editor CHARLES O. ZUVER A.B. in History Phi Kappa Psig Phi Alpha Theta, Vice- Presidentg Green Roomg I.R.C.g Young G.O.P.g Newman Clubg Marshall Club JOHN W. SMITH A.B. in History Phi Beta Kappag Phi Alpha Theta, Sec- retary-Treasurerg Pi Gamma Mug Student Weekly, Sports Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Radio Club, Sports Directorg Black Pyra- mid, Calumet Club, Student-Faculty Com- mittee on Athleticsg Debating Team: C.C.F., Secretary-Treasurerg I.R.C.g Cam- pus Chest C. ROBERT WITWER A.B. in History Delta Sigma Phig Radio Club, Student Weekly JOHN A. SMEAD, Jr. A.B. in History Kappa Sigma: I.F. Council: Oriflammeg Porter Scientific Society: Marshall Club CLAIR L. WAGNER, Jr. A.B. in Hislory Phi Alpha Theta, President, Pi Gamma Mu g. . 'N vi , Left to Right: S. L. Mohler: Donald W. Prakken. classics' GEORGE J. STADTLER, lll A.B. in Slmzlixfa Lambda Chi Alphag Glcc Clubg Conesto- gicsg Marshall Club: Canterbury Clubg Young G.O.P.g Hullabaloo zamafzca language: ' DONALD H. STEIN A.B. in Latin Pi Lambda Phig Phi Beta Kappag Sociology Clubg Porter Scientific Sociexcyg Diagno- thean Literary Societyg Marshall Club Left to Right: Charles G. Nlayaudg Luis Navascues. First Row, fl. to LJ: Vincent H. Haag: Donald W. Western. Head of Department: Joseph R. Holzinger. Second Row: Bernard Jacobson: Clifford Nlarburgerg Walter H. Leser. mathematics The staff of the department was augmented for the year 1956-195 7 by the appointment of Dr. Bernard Jacobson as an assistant professor of mathematics. Dr. Jacobson hails from the midwest, having done his graduate work at Michigan State University. Even with the in- crease of six staff members, the department has been busy with the instruction of over S00 reg- istrations in mathematics courses. Much thought and work has gone into the planning of organi- zation and content of the introductory courses. The presence of Dr. Tucker from Princeton to give lectures for two days on some modern trends in mathematics brought fresh impulse to the reconsideration of undergraduate emphasis in mathematics. During the second semester of this year Professor Marburger is on sabbatical leave for continuation of his studies in analysis. Two evening courses during the year and three offerings in the summer program take up any slack that the regular teaching commitments might possibly provide. Professor Holzinger has taught a course in calculus at M.S.T.C. during the second semester to help them out. JOHN H. BACKMAN B.S. in Malbrmufirs Phi Sigma Kappng Phi Beta Kappag Black Pyramid: Post Prandinl Club: Calumet Club JOSEPH W. GROSH, Jr. B.S. in Mathematics JOSEPH R. MOLZ B.S. in Mnflucmatics il GLENN L. BROSIUS B.S. in Malbcmatics WALTER R. GUYER B.S. in Muthfmalirs Lambda Chi Alpha, Treasurer: A.A.A.S.g Politics Club DALLAS E. GEORGE . B.S. in MtlffIl'llldfil'S Sigma Pi Sigmag Mu Upsilon Sigma, Treasurerg Band ROBERT M. MILLER B.S. in Mullsmnatics 'fr Left to Right: Luther Binkley: John B. Noss, Heacl of Department: Earl E.. Lewii. 19: ALAN H. REIDER A.B. in Philosophy Delta Sigma Phi, Presidentg Phi Upsilon Kappag Student Weekly, Associate Ed- itorg Swimming, Manager philosophy STANLEY SCHIFF A.B. in Philosophy Pi Lambda Phi, Secretaryg Porter Scientific Socieryg Nevonian, Assisranr Edirorg Mar- shall Clubg Baskerballg Track The department of psychology still re- sides in the upper atmosphere of Franklin and Marshall College, where the air is pure, motivations likewise, and thoughts are lofty. One of our major students, C. E. Feehrer, who combines motor dexterity and intellec- tual acumen, has fabricated during the year two useful pieces of apparatus,--an eye-lid conditioning apparatus and a reaction-time apparatus. R. L. Fraser and C. H. Williams, jr. are engaged in honors projects on the appetitive demands of the lowly rodent, an interest which is consonant with that of their supervisor, Dr. Harriman. The direc- tor of the animal laboratory reports that the rat population remains constant, but there is no suggestion of collusion with the Society of Planned Parenthood. While re- search projects center about the rodent, it is recognized that such studies are only phy- logenetic approaches to the human, and that our major interests still converge in an at- tempt to understand the behavior and men- tal organization of homo sapiens. psychology Left to Right: Paul L. Whitely, Head of Department: Arthur E. Harriman ROGER A. CUTT A.B. in Pxyrbology Phi Sigma Kappa: Band, Green Room Left to Right: George Lane: Frank D. Enckg R. W. Van Name jr., Head of Department. physics The most "outstanding" thing that happened this year was the unfortunate loss of the head of the Department, Dr. F. W. Van Name, who left to take over as head of the Physics Department at the University of Delaware. The Department was, however, fortunate to obtain a capable replace- ment for "Van" in Dr. Richard I. Weller, who came to us from the Brookhaven National Labora- tory. We also lost our General Laboratory Instruc- tor, Mr. Robert Schoff. The Department is lucky to have a strong "bench', in Mike Lewis, who returned to the fold of science this year. There are eight Physics majors in this year's class. Mr. F. H. Pollak and Mr. W. F. Tyndall are doing honor thesis work on nuclear magnetic resonance under guidance of Professors F. W. Van Name and F. D. Enck. All of our graduates have had excel- lent offers from various graduate schools and in- dustries. Sigma Pi Sigma, the Physics honor society, has had a busy year, having several excellent talks and a joint meeting with the local Sigma Xi Club. Things we will long remember: Van's send-off party-WOW!! Enck "burning the midnight oil" reviewing for his final Ph.D. oral-yah! even the faculty have to study C he passed ity. Fred and Bill's oscillator-blind leading the blind? Trying to get on paper what Van had in his head. Fabulous offers from graduate schools and industries - are they worth it? Cigars from Clark-boy. Heagy quiz- zing the "boys" in Seminar. General Lab. Final exam-,twas good to see the sophomores working in the lab for a change. To the moon with Pollak and Herr, and we won't forget Dick's transition from industry Cresearchj to academic life - nor will Dick. Good luck "boys," you're the guys that make teaching worthwhile. ALEXANDER H. CLARK B.S. in Physics Kappa Sigmag Marshall Club: Mr. H Mrs. Club L' .k -.v FRED H. POLLAK B.S. in Physics Zeta Beta Tau, Prcsidcntg Phi Beta Kappag Sigma Pi Sigma, Prcsidentg Black Pyramid: Calumet Club: Student Wccklyg Ori- flammcg Green Roomg Radio Clubg A.C.S. LLOYD F. WALLACE B.S. in Physics 1. ,, iw, JOHN F. HEAGY, Jr. B.S. in Physics Phi Beta Kappag Sigma Pi. Sigmag A.A.A.S. WILLIAM F. TYNDALL B.S. in Physics Phi Beta Kappag Sigma Pi Sigma, Sec- retary RICHARD B. HERR B.S. in Physics , Radio Clubg Diagnothian Literary Society Astronomy Clubg A.A.A.S. ALBERT L. WERNER B.S. in Pbysirs Mu Upsilon Sigma, Presidentg Bandsg Green Roomg S.E.A.g I.R.C. Left to right: lvan W. Lelrevre, Head of Department: Charles H. Holzinger: Robert F. Eshelman. sociology The primary function of the department of so- ciology is to acquaint the student With the basic ideas of sociology-the language and knowledge of sociologists, and an understanding of the major so- cial institutions and social problems of American society to-day. For all our students We aim to dem- onstrate that sociologyhas come of age as an analy- ical science with theories and technique as sound as those of other social sciences and fully as useful for understanding' our complex culture. Aside from an emphirical description of social phenomena, the department presents through the different course offerings a modified structural functional approach to explain the principles which govern the social life of man. The observable facts of human "togetherness" is regarded as central to any comprehension of why human beings act as they do in their various groups and associations. All the concepts of sociology, anthropology, and psychology essential to understanding social behav- ior are systematically explored and integrated in a synthesis of the social sciences. Thus the student is taught how to assess the concrete social situations in which he finds himself, and in which he observes other people from day to day. Sociology Held trips included visits to a federal penitentiary, the Lancaster County Home and Hos- pital, local social agencies, Bethany Orphan's Home, museums and the Indian burial site at Washington Boro. WILLIAM T. BAILEY A.B. in Sociology Lambda Chi Alphag Sociology Clubg Geology Society FRANCIS R. DIEGO A.B. in Sociology Veterans Club, Presidcntg Newman Clubg Sociology Club WALTER S. HENGEN A.B. ln Sociology Phi Upsilon Kappa: Glee Clubg Sociology Clubg Mr. BL Mrs. Club i . 17 S I Ti. i s GREGORY J. CELIA, Jr. A.B. in Sociology Sigma Pig Varsity Swimmingg Sociology Club: Newman Club JOHN E. DUNICELBERGER A.B. in Sociology Delta Sigma Phig Tennis: Sociology Clubg Green Roomg John Marshall Law Club JEROME B. DEWING A.B. in Sociology Sigma Pi, Vice-Presidentg Golfg Assistant Freshman Football Coachg Veterans Club, Treasurerg Canterbury Club, President: Student Councilg Sociology Clubg Bandg Student Weekly EARL D. EBERSOLE A.B. in Sofiology Phi Kappa Psig Footballg Baseballg So- ciology Clubg I.R.C. WILLIAM B. HUNSBERGER A.B. in Sociology Sociology Club, Vice-President RONALD K. PARTRIDGE A.B. in Sociology Phi Sigma Kap a- Baseball Glee Clubg P 1 i Canterbury Clubg Sociology Club MERCER H. JOHNSON A.B. in Sociology Phi Kappa Taug Footballg Golf: Sociology Club, Secretary-Treasurerg Canterbury Clubg Veterans Club GEORGE l. RABENOLD A.B. in Sociology Lambda Chi Alphag Veterans Club: Sociology Club ROBERT A. SAPORITO A.B. in Sociology , Phi Kappa Psig Sociology Club: Newman Club-g Porter Scientific Society RICHARD W. ROGERS A.B. in Sociology Pi Lambda Phi: Trackg Cross Countryg Student Councilg Black Pyramidg Post Prandial Club, Secretnryg Sociology Club, Presidentg Marshall Law and Politics Clubg Chapel Committee JAMES O. RIMMEL A.B. in Sociology Sigma Pig American Chemical Societyg Green Room: Sociology Club acultq ROTC STAFF RELIGIOUS DEPARTMENT Charles Spotts. Head of Department: Robert Mickey: Q Q Q Wayne Glick. First Row: W. lannicellig George Mccinneasg M. Lewis Second Row: C. Taylorg W. Sponaugleg R. Phillips. JOHN MUSSER A.B. in Rrligion L1 1' 3, .W K 5,251 If , zifkf- Qffgz w 5 331 Img, 55. ., 355' W CMI ,. 1 k L nit WHAT DOES WILSON HAVE THAT WE DON'T? First row: R. Tesh, R. Tancredi, H. Anstadt, P. Corman, S. Dudrick, V. Ringler, E. Held, Prof. Lane, W. Brundage. Second row: L. Bossert, Clark, B. Koeneke, R. Daubenspeck, R. Remling, Bray, Stuart, A. D'Anca, Corman, W. Nlarchio, W. Kirkpatrick, H. Stewart, M. McGill, T. Strine. N565 Z' ffw chi Zeta Chapter of Chi Phi, now in its one hundred and first year of continuous ex- istence, returned to school in L 44? gn! the fall with forty-eight bro- ' l .asking f thers and four pledges. 1gsfji2f"y'- K, Sggisiidfiglfqif .- 'L 1: . , , '- 'f yas- fr 5 sf, .?1.f'5:,,--. , , ---- ' " '1' . - ,z -- -. . I . .9 , V QI , I V .si M 22 ,.,g5:g:,as 9 , ,fy we ,Sv 1, W 4 . X K l,,H.,.:V. Kgs?-neg' f N. - g,.sf,w, xg, . '. , , 1, 3, ., ' I ,f 1 1 1 . . .sf 4-Q WL-H . . Nationally, the Chi Phi Fraternity was founded in M... .,,f-t Q fffi 32' W-1gfvQ,?"' ' , gf, .' , .Q-f -. IV w.,,5!.1.J-x,f??o.1-4::f5fZ::',-1,w.'f' .Jw fr- ' f- ' t 1 1824 at Princeton University, and is the oldest college social fraternity. In 1854, Zeta Chapter was organized at F. 81 M., and, with the ban- ning of fraternities at Princeton, Zeta became the old- est chapter of the oldest college fraternity. Zeta occu- pied several houses in Lancaster before the present "Dubbsheim" was built in 1931. Among brothers participating in varsity football Third row: D. Spangler, R. Flemming, Buchanan, H. Radey, G. Glontz, G. Fleming, F. Keifer, A. Van Sant. H. Rohland, A. York, L. Ferucci, S. Romeo, Nolt, M. Paules, P. Kirchner. Fourth row: C. Deininger, D. Held, W. Sowers, T. Nlarrone, R. Weaver, Nlusser, F. Nlellot, S. Carre, R. Burtner, R. Renza, Z. Robbins, A. Blackburn, C. Wagner, Hoeschele. R. Savage. phi were: Jay Powell, 195 6 co-captain, Roger Bogert, Ted Appel, and Dick Wright, co-captain tor the 1957 squad. On the soccer team were: Bob Graeff, Vern Ringler, Dan Fickes, Joe Nolt, and next year's co-cap- tain, Jim Stuart. Len Ferucci was our only representa- tive on the basketball team. Swimmers included co- captain Joe Bray, Bob Tesh, and John Musser. Among the wrestlers were jim Clark, and co-captain Ron Flem- ming. John Buchanan represented Chi Phi on the cross-country team. In intramurals, Zeta started out with a 6-3 record in football. However, a first place in the swimming meet and a second in wrestling put us once again in the run- ing for the All-Sports Trophy. Socially, the fall semester started off with Home- coming. Our display, based on a Ben Franklin theme, took second place for the fourth year running. Among alumni welcomed back that Saturday night were re- cent graduates Lee Haacker, Bob Pfannebecker, Jack Hepler, Dick Mackey, Bob Thompson, and Tom Phil- lips. Later in the semester we had two rushing parties with alumni-brother Hal DeHaven and his band pro- viding entertainment at the first one. Parent's Day in early November capped the fall season's activities with the brotherhood holding a buffet dinner for their par- ents following the football game. Winter Weekend's All College Dance was held on campus for the first time in many years, with Freddy Martin's band making its first appearance on the F. 86 M. campus. That Saturday afternoon, after the intramural wrestling match, brothers of Zeta and their dates entertained some of Lancaster's underprivileged children as " guests of honor" at a "Night Before Christ- mas" party. That night, Christmas tree, pine boughs and fire on the hearth provided atmosphere for an in- formal record dance at the house. u Zeta's seniors this year are: Jay Powell, Stan Dud- rick, Vern Ringler, Gary Flemming, Bob Hunter, Ted Appel, Al VanSant, Al York, Dan Fickes Andy And- stadt, Paul Corman, Joe Bray, Fred Keifer, Sam Garre, Eric Held, Bob Tesh, Joe Grosh, Jack Rorabaugh Buzz Hill, Bob Graeff, and Bob Smith. Opmcizas First Semester Second Semester President ..,.......,........... Stan Dudrick ......................,. Stan Dudrick Vice President .............. Paul Corman ............................ Allan York Secretary .,.....,..,..... Theodore Appel ...,........ William Kirkpatrick Treasurer ...,............ Vernon Ringler ......,............. Conrad Wagner Historian ..,............. Robert Tancredi ........ ...... R obert Tancredi House Manager ................ Eric Held ....,... ............... J ohn Iliff First row: D. Tenney, R. Kuhn, C. Luckenbaugh, W. Smith, A. Reider, R. Kellogg, B. Bishoff, G. Calloway. Second row: R. Nlertz, R. Brooks, W. Ahlgren, Achtermann, D. Fromm, R. Doman, R. Buckwalter, R. Nlenzel, D. Baker, W. Martin. R. Witwer, R. Wigham. Third row: R. Hershey, N. Burkholder, C. Schultz. Maier. D. Meves, R. Kraft, E.. Caum, W. Phillips. Dunkelberger, L. Nonemaker. H. Buss. W. Weibrecht, Shellenberger. Fourth row: R. Wurst, T. Lawson, T. Meekins. K. Noph, D. Grannell, G. Good, R. Scott, R. Holman. Kemman. Hertzler. delta sigma phi Delta Sigma Phi at Frank- . lin and Marshall had its orig- in on campus as the Franco Club in 1911. In 1915 the Franco Club became Upsilon Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi. Since that time, over 40 years, Delta Sig has had an active 1 and successful history at Franklin and Marshall, contributing in those spheres of college and student life that have been made avail- able to college fraternities. Through the years Delta Sig has always contributed her share to the on-going activities of the college and the year 1956-S 7 was no exception to that tradition. Members of the fraternity attended the big Weekends in full force. And as usual we held our parties follow- ing the big dances. Our Winter Weekend affair at the C. C. C. and the annual Carnation Ball were two of the highlights of our social program. We entered the '56-'57 year with an active mem- bership of forty-seven brothers and three pledges. These men participated in such college activities as the Green Room, The Student Weekly, the band, athletics, and the various clubs and societies on campus, and even the Lancaster Symphony Concert numbered a Delta Sig in its membership. In varsity sports we were rep- resented in football, soccer, track, swimming, and la- crosse. Our intra-mural football team was successful in winning six games, but the other intra-mural sports we participated in were not as successful for Delta Sig. All in all our sports program was adequate despite our not too impressive record. This was a year of decoration and improvement for our'house at 437 College Avenue. The entire living room went through a face-lifting with a paint job and new wall paper. In addition to this renovation we bought new furniture and as a result the appearance of the 'living room was improved greatly. -During our renovation period it was necessary to move our anti- quated piano to the basement. This necessitated a dis- mantling of the piano, the result was a musical mon- strosity somewhat, but not quite resembling a piano. One of the saddening thoughts in looking back over the past year is the realization that one of the most active classes and one that has contributed a great deal to Delta Sig will be departing in June. It is with both admiration and regret that we bid a farewell to our eighteen graduating seniors. Those leaving' Delta Sig and Franklin and Marshall are John Achtermann, Bruce Bishoff, Roger Doman, John Dunkelberger, Gordon Galloway, Robert Hershey, John Hertzler, James Houghton, Reid Kellogg, Carroll Luckenbaugh, john Maier, Thomas Meeking, Robert Menzel, Wayne Phil- lips, Alan Reider, Ralph Scott, Wayne Smith, and Rob- ert Witwer. OFFICERS Presideli-I ....,.......... ....,.......,..... ....i....... I A lan Reider Vice Presidcfmf ...... ........................... W ayne Smith Secretary ..........,... .....................,,.,,.,,,,,. B ruce Bishoff C0-Treasurcrs .................. Reid Kellogg, Rodman Kulp Sergemft-af-arms ......., ..,.................... R aymond Kuhn First row: Dr. Darlington, R. Batzer, R. Sauter, A. Zuck, Second row: D- George. T. Beachley. F- Wissler. W. Vessels. E. R. Lollo, Smead, Dr. Philoon. Dr. Toth, E. Hoffer, R. Wyand, T. Lindsley, N. Senft, A. Clark. y gg kappa .vi gina Kappa Sigma Fraternity was founded nationally at the University of Virginia in 1869. The Delta Rho Chap- ter at Franklin and Marshall College was organized on June 1, 1928, when fifty- two members of the Para- , dise Club were initiated. Through the years we have held a position of respect and honor on the campus, and through good times .and bad, the binding spirit and fraternalism of a true fra- ternity has prevailed and is now the highest it has been. The past year has been an eventful year for Delta Rho. The chapter's initiative and accomplishments were recognized twice by our national organization. Our chapter received the distinction of having made the greatest scholastic improvement of any of the one hundred twenty-eight chapters of our national fra- ternity between the years of 1954-1955 and 1955-1956. By acquiring this great distinction, the local chapter was awarded 51000. This money will be used to provide kitchen and dining room facilities for our new house. The national organization also rewarded us for the many improvements which we made at the house by also presenting theiBoyd House Prize to Delta Rho. This prize is awarded to the chapter that has made the greatest improvement in the physical structure of the house. Never before in the history of Kappa Sigma has one chapter received these awards in the same year. In addition we also won the Neprash Award for the second time over a period of three semesters and ranked second scholastically among the fraternities on campus. Another great accomplishment was realized at the end of Rush Week-a well qualified pledge class. Six young men pledged us after a successful rushing season. During rushing, we had one stag smoker and two dances for the rushees. Then during Rush Week We held two dinners at the house and this had never been done in the preceding five years. Our pledge class in- cluded Marvin Bunch, Sam Castranova, Jim Kintzel, Al Long, Clyde Mumma, and John Yunginger. These pledges plus the upperclassmen acquired during the semester, Nelson Denlinger, Larry Kauffman, Art Kling, and Bob Wyand, and all the Brothers put in much hard work to make many improvements on the house. We also worked on our basement and made a combined party and chapter room. After the commencement of the Class of 1957 on June 10, we lost many good men. It was these Kappa Sigmas Whose hard Work placed Delta Rho in the posi- tion of highest respect on campus. These Brothers were: Dick Batzer, Buzz Clark, Dale George, Bob Lollo, Bob Sauter, Sam Smead, Fred Wissler, and Al Zuck. OFFICERS i Grand Master ........,. ................... ........ A l fred Zuck Grand Procurator ................... ........ R obert Sauter Grand Master of Ceremonies ..,,,,. ,,..,.,. J ohn Smead Grand Treasurer ..................... .......... R obert Lollo Grazia' Scribe ,....... ......... R ichard Batzer First row: P. Weimer, K. Wentzel, M. McGee, R. Herbst, R. Black, W. Guyer, R. Fraser, D. Martin, D. Skean, F. Hoenstine. Second' row: W. Scaff, Harsh, Leaman, B. Baird, W. Kile, R. Fine, L. Achenbach, T. Compton, L. Kauffman, P. Nissley, R. O'Connel, D. Russ, T. Lotruglio, R. Scuderi, R. Keyel, G. Sawyer. --.- ..:-M. 7... .. - .. . - . 041111624 The Alpha-Theta chapter -F 2 '. Kmfln- 2 as , ' of Lambda Chi Alpha Fra- h e 'lf ternity has been in existence at "1-,af -1 'nv' ag T--13 vp' " 71211 c' f' i 'f v 3 ' 1 L . '5f':.1' X r r " X - ' . my -1 at F. 85 M. since 1917 when a local fraternity, the Har- if 55- " - 1 1 baugh Club, made the move ug.. ii l 2 1 ' xi .ra U its 1 Lf x ,H sr x 9 , . Ej!., gfgq,,-1 V to join what is now the larg- ,,. ., A' -f ' . - -'Hz' Aes' mm, , .-,G 1 r - - - 4 '-' P S'--1j,1QgQ est national fraternity. It is 55G4Qf3'eQ1i'ii?1'.1 J 9"'W"' Kid? Aff? :::sA,'L-dill, V U Y W in I interesting to note that the father of our chapter's vice-president, Rene L. Herbst, was very active in this venture. The present chapter house was built in 1929, and it has adequately served the needs of Lambda Chi since then.. The house provides living accommodations for 25 men, and is one of the two houses at F. 86 M. specific- ally-built for fraternity use. Third row: B. Bailey, R. Bohn, K. Rainey, G. Marshall, W. Fuller, W. Cohn, E.. Campbell, G. Werntz, A. Carey, C-. Stadtler. J. Duke, Ci. Robenoldt, Borneman, A. Nauss. Zimmerman, G. Rabenold, E.. Dey. R. Harnish. Fourth row: W. Miller.. H. Fouse, E.. Zimmerman, A. Cap- ponechi, G. Equi, R. Burgoon, G. Busch, Miller, R. Engelke, K. Weaver, C. Lehman, R. -Miller, R. Mueller, Cushman, T. Eby, jfcubbage, L. Morgan. chi alpha Under the guidance of several very able officers, Lambda Chi enjoyed another prosperous year. Many new improvements were made around the house, such as the purchasing of a food freezer, a new stove, new dining room chairs, and notably the laying of new floors in the dining and living rooms. This year saw a return to the Steward system, the hiring of Edna, our new cook, alumni relations strengthened, Lambda Chis in many varsity and intramural sports, active partici- pation in college activities, a rash of pinnings,'the bar- racks as noisy as ever, and the food better than ever. Socially, things got off to a fast start with Home- coming and Parents' Weekends. Lambda Chi's Sweet- heart, Miss Toby Rowe, was named Queen of the AFROTC Ball held during Parents' Weekend. Of course our rush parties will not be forgotten, especially the time when Teddy Rich provided the entertain- ment. Winter Weekend was a grand success. We held our annual Christmas party for underprivileged chil- dren on Saturday afternoon, and that night was the never to be forgotten Christmas-in-Paris party. ' Rush Week was as hectic as ever, but we were well rewarded with another fine pledge class. Once again we re- turned to the Stone Barn where many a happy hour was spent. Between all this we still had time to make fre- quent trips to Hood and Wilson Colleges. March 22, our Founders Day, flew by and soon I. F. Weekend was upon us. Finally, Spring Weekend, the last big week- end and probably the best of all, was only a memorable thing of the past. Those to whom this year probably meant the most are our departing Seniors. Having shared many things together, the following men now join the ranks of the alumni: "Beetle" Bailey, Ron Black, Al Carey, Ty Compton, Jim Cushman, Jere Duke, Rol Engelke, Walt Guyer, Rene Herbst, "George" Hoenstine, Leon Kauffman, Don Martin, George Rabenold, George Sawyer, Bill Scaff, Don Skean, and George Stadtler. OFFICERS President .,,,,,..,,,,,., ,,.,.,.,.,,.,,,,,,v,..,,.,. R onald T. Black Vic'e4President ...... .....,,.. R ene L. Herbst Secretary .............,.. ....... R ichard L. Fraser Treasurer .................. ........ W alter R. Guyer Rushing Chairman ......, .,,..,,, M ichael D. McGee Social Chairman ....,.. ............ D onald E. Martin Rifualisf ................ ...,... K enneth L. Wentzel Plvdgc' Trainer ...... .......... F loyd B. Hoenstine House Manager ........ .......... D onald M. Skean Sfewrlrd .............. ......... P hilip G. W'eimer Qur social program was filled with a large and di- First row: C. Zuver, G. Shaffer, W. Dawson, W. Sandoe, Ackerly, A. Evans, C. Havens, P. Straitiff, Nl. Booth. Second row: L. Tyrrell, W. Culver Baker. L. Cerino, R. Harding, S. McCullough, R. Bostic, R. Sullivan, Lewis, Hannan, F. Faulkner. -'F " as A 1--af -' 5 . 1: L.. , 1 .:. :. ,.,. in - a 1 ff - e r iflaasv-+-fai ft T W' f . 2 Third row: Boyd, Pratt, Kirkpatrick, N. Battin, P. Cowles, C. C-orenberg, F. Papso, R. Saporito, D. Foery, E. Rosas, T. Walker, H. Habbart, P. Berkebile, P. Thompson. J. Nlariani. Fourth row: E. Ebersole, B. Mackey, B. Plum, R. Bonitz. C. Buchanan, D. Fairbanks, H. Bonyun, W. Panfil, Olson, lrwin, W. Pettigrew, D. Creato, R. Brown, F. Conover, C. Shuck, D. Fogg, C. Scott. phi kappa psi T h e Pennsylvania E t a Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity entered its ninety- seventh year as an active chapter on Franklin and Mar- shall's campus. Phi Kappa Psi appeared on the campus in 1860, and is the third old- est fraternity at F. 86 M. We are very proud of our fraternity and the many accom- plishments of the men in our brotherhood. In the realm of athletics, Phi Psi Was once again well represented. Seventeen of our men sparked the Dip- lomat football team to a successful record, lead by co- captain Robert Bostic. Charles W. Havens, III, second team selection for all-state guard, was elected next year's co-captain for the Blue and White gridders. Douglas Fogg served as co-captain of the swimming team, Art Evans, co-captain of the track team and Bob Bostic was the captain of the golf team. Jacques Baker was elected to the second team of the All-Middle Atlantic soccer team. Phi Psi was equally well repre- sented in all the other athletic programs at F. 81 M. The intramural program proved successful this year with Phi Psi going undefeated and Winning in the foot- ball league and placing third in the wrestling league. versified program again this year. Homecoming was a complete success and our display entitled "Trying the Lion" captured the first place trophy. A great number of our alumni returned for Homecoming and the celebration after the game was indeed a success. Winter Weekend was the traditional formal dinner dance held at the Quentin Riding Club. On Saturday the Christ- mas Party for underprivileged children was held. The usual events occurred on I-F Weekend with a decorat- ing party on Saturday afternoon. In the Spring was another formal dinner dance and an all-day picnic on Saturday. The Phi Psi players again gave the usual outstanding performances at all the social events. Our rushing program, under the chairmanship of Larry' Cerino, was quite successful and a fine group of men were pledged, thereby ensuring the everlasting success of the fraternity. The contribution of Phi Psi to the college has been a well-founded tradition of our fraternity, and justified in the quality of the leaders contributing to all of the college activities. We could go on and on for the year was full of anec- dotes and activities, but instead we will close by saying farewell to twenty-three of our finest men who are leaving us on June 10. While bidding them good-bye, we are looking forward to a successful year in 'S 7, and the front door of "Mother Etav is always open to her beloved sons. OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President .............. james A. Ackerly ...... .....,., A rthur B. Evans Vive-Prc'Side11t Arthur B. Evans ...... ........ G . Martin Booth Rea See. ...... Charles W. Havens, III ...... ......... G eorge Buchanan Cor. See. ..........,....... Paul T. Straitiff ...... .,.,, . .Paul T. Straitiff Historian ................ G. Martin Booth ........,.............,....,.. John Lewis Chaplain .....,...... Gilbert W. Shaffer ..,,,,,.,.,..... Gilbert W. Shaffer House Mgr. .... Wainwright Dawson ,........,.... Wainwright Dawson Sergearat-at-Arms, Charles O. Zuver .....,.....,.,.,.. James A. Aekerly Treasurer ............ William L. Sandoe ,,,,...,.,..,,,,,, William L. Sandoe Phi Kappa Sigma, with an average donation of over First row: Mohr, Moran, H. Weinlick. Maisch, Second row: F. Schappel, H. Shaw, G. Hilty, R. Clarke, F. Underwood, Fidler, Bermeister, C. lmmendorf, K. Hen- Fisher, Schiffer, A. Reeder, B. Dieffenbach, D. Spidel, R. ni,-,gel-, Mowbray, Burns, R. Huber, B. Ahearn. L. Kerr, Krevel. W. Bridges. -phi kappa sigma Over a century ago Phi f,fi,g at gy ,gag fs, if Kappa Sigma, one of the if .f fff"a 3 3251, L ives" is . W ,kgssfia , I Q oldest national fraternities, f 9 f " -ME' Ji 'Q 1.-ff ? .fiwflpsga ij -. V X if II . . established the first fraternity ,.f. 1 ." . Chapter at Franklin and '." ffff ' i' . ,uz if? .VVI Marshall College. However, A - the real Phi Kap story began 1" if ... f .., E' last year. Weakened by W ld W II Z h ' fzsfxzfi -... YK. -... 5. a-'.., QI' af , eta C aptef in September, 195 S., had been diminished to one brother. Under the direction of a group of alumni which includ- ed Dr. Cross, King Kunkle, and Bob Heilbron, Phi Kap succeeded in rushing and initiating eleven men in April. By january, 195 7, the total group had increased to eighteen. At the present time the chapter has no house, but has high hopes of obtaining one by Sept- ember. In the meantime most members are living together on the second floor of Marshall Hall. The chapter had two main social events during the first semester, a hayride Homecoming Weekend and an excursion to the Hershey Ice Follies on Winter Weekend. Four rush parties were held with the help of the alumni. This year marked the revival of par- ticipation in intramural sports, with football, basket- ball, and softball teams. two dollars, led all other fraternities in the Campus Chest drive. is represented in varsity sports by The chapter Fred Fisher in football, Bruce Dieffenbach in base- ball, and Jim Moran in cross country and track. There are also active representatives in the band, the glee club, the Green Room Club. and WWFM, the Franklin and Marshall campus radio station. How- ever, scholarship remains the chief aim of the fraternity. A large percentage of the brotherhood is on the Dean's List. Many have scholarships of some sort. Phi Kap is one of the highest fraternities scholas- tically on the campus and the second highest Phi Kap chapter nationally. Jack Mowbray was the sole senior, Who two years ago was alone in the fraternity. But now, thanks to the hard Work of Jack and many loyal alumni Phi Kappa Sigma has recovered to the point Where it is again recognized and is Well on its Way toward re- establishing its one-time position as the number one fraternity on the Franklin and Marshall campus. OFFICERS President ............................................ James Underwood Vice President and Rush Chairman .......... John Maisch Secretary ....................................... 1 ................ jere Fidler Treasurer ................,.,......... ........... J ohn Burmeister Corresponding Secretary ....... ....., I-I ermann Wfeinlick Scholarship Chairman ...... ................. J ames Moran Pledge Director ...........,. ...... C harles Immendorf Social Chairman ,....,, ..,..... K enneth I-Ienninger Sergeant-at-arms ....... .................... J ohn Mohr 1 . E , 'Y A ,,. 4 :75"Z'f-fy... ..... '13 A-W. H 1 af? 1. 5 .ww ' -'A'f .sf W, I w . j-.lic . XM- 55 ' U ,.-.,A.2, , 232 51: 13:1 f' 'wif "2-5Q5f1,Iv25?35 1 .-"1 -gp 9' H. , 2 ., f'Q.'Q 5'-: ,f..-g4f.,yf'-mffie .5 5: 11"12"f, Q ., Z 'Clff '.' iQ.fZ?"',-1-5' .2511-YQ1?3,fQ23i 1:-1154156350zQ:f?Q":f f 7f55,'3Qfw-wf'-, , . . -..-L M N- X, f f f' 1,.1y93..w4.Q.M 'W ,F .gwpf14-w.f- .. M .. .wr ,-fvf,f.:v,,.-wzwm mme qgy?wiQfg6qRf51yscfmffvvwy, . gm 1.,f-Q1-we: 7' , ga.. . f - , 5 gn.: f fn' H-4fQ"'1:..2.f5,72w ai:f.1,,1f::+1wa. .Q 4 If .1 fav :'2".,5- -4:4157 KNEW fwfkg..'w1 xgfffiwwff'f+22!?7'f-W.:-!f"1?f'.' ,if',Ff4sPw., 'mi -' ?.n!f'f'Jf 2 17,f"5,'f1 Q. .... X . N ,, . A . Q... ,f,. .gf .,..,f,,? ,. yr- ...,ff,w,, mf., .4,, . ,, ff...fff,, ,W s,, Miz, W, - n . ,f4w,.,--. M- , .M f ,. f, , ., , -- - -, , .- . 2 -1: mv ' yr -:ww-1f,,.f. fx lf MW nf- v-.4 1 Q' .A . .:3MwfZq ,, mv? 41. - ., V Q V: - f fx-,-.ff X f f 2 'ia -W g. ., ' -X 1. ' .. . ,, ,. ' 4, ' I 7 ' f - .- t k ' Y H , '- 'ai Mrs- ffieim Qam.. ,, 1 Q "ww5",W: ,.- ,Q - .. , . Q ,. 13 N. ix? ww.. Lf ' - ., 5-s , Qs- x,fZfJ"-?"'f'1-Milk-,fc. "2'f'f24,':. 'Xf.feM5+ wi 'f f'a'2wz1-w'21kW7vf-'- hwy- K.. -:Uwe f--L iv' . ,. 'W'-L1,'Z:-,a"...1' 'W'-'e-.W ,mf 11.1, .E ' , . , . ' 1 4 M x' . , AQ. I Mp- .Vu ., ,L ...Jf.R,f?,'f 3, ,g,fsw.f ffggfwv' N Q., .-g,1.f,a,rv'L 4 -mf... ' g fs 1-'W -V ami- H., '-:wzf- vw X' ga: L my x " Wffvy x-2 P9 ff 2-zp..ff,f6'?4fcQM-3.fum 1--' 1 'Wi xfwgdggcfu--ffs,'i' -'.me:'- ' ,, , , ..f M L, . yft- f, V nf, . x .xfffvm--W waxy.-iw.-Ufw. ,L-.J-' www .:-'zyf 1 W ,.m+'.A1: K. .f 51. ' f V , Y - -M . ' ' 1 - IQ - E7 , T 1 if ' ffflfy St: 'igw . 1 cwixi 'Q -- W A -. -we W ' - g X " as ' fi: b " V- A' gigs 2 L E fx: 5' ,W "..,,gf.:.'.-'-":' , EG ifgyifcz- .lfe sz. f 'fig -Q-,:j,f5,jf'1. ' 3- ' . + 1. fu .4 gr XE mag 2 9 'f 0 H K-2 , 1 , .21 , ffi- gl. L f-isrfglai. , ,.wgg.32.xgv4',, ., , . . ...A .M g , ., .5 , , ,, ,, wg ,,., , Q. . ,. K . , HJ... Q I . gag Qgjqlf .4,5.?., ' V- ig Q .Q .5 j vw 3 H w 'K M, W , '22 A' .. 1 1 J- Sv-1, XI, Y :f5"5,- "55: , V34 . 1. - ' P' ,555 -Y V ' V I, ' ' .4152 .ff . :' Ji' f ff 'f- Mft- rx , + 1:11 A 1-W .1-1 ' -4 i "Q - mfs-A: f xv . , ' 3 1. "f1'fw-- - ' . .f a K ff' 25.5-ff? .Q f f ' . iv! . :- I -Q '. 1 :M .ig .. ,,,.- - gf . - I 3 I gf: , V ' I ,Li f , 2: -f ' 2 '- " G ' " ' f . , X.. ' ff. 7 53 f 7 4 h E zz., n , xy 1 ,M Q Y' N 5 , f' 4 Q ' ,. + - 6 ,, I ::':5:::...-1' . M " f . f .1-.Aw W ..,. I ,, , , , Kw ai? A 1 "1 W 'K J A 'i. E' .S -'fp "'2ff"f "'fw.,.2.:,,:5'? '-,,":'Q,:,5 'Q 4 2 1 " , f f ' '91 1" "Vp 'E " y5vtV"" L-iff. :k :'Wf?qi.a'Q ' 5 V 'Isl' "JL ' ' '4.,'w'11'1mSfgw ' 'M 'K P9 qgzgfiglj f ' . :T ' 5 3 ,y +7 w,xx'- ' ' ""'- 'If Q 'I' .Vx w 'wif W , WW "WF ' f 22 fr . 11115: ygfb - A A ' Q, f N 5 .. W '71 .Ti ' ' ,, .-ifiii' ...W .iffi N 4 ' " ggi? I f S3151 fn b mia., ' f A N - :. ,N-fb cy '- -11 , 4, 1' . 5, v -Wfwfmw ,, V 2.9 M "-- 5 .f,217XfQ? W . ff 45.6, . . , ' , . hw., Q 3.3. ' KEY' A ' - iff? -f . wma, ' ' QW' if Q 1 3 . . my W Q ...ff - ,. . 2 gg 4, .gm . . , ,, in "ff 5 .5, I .W , f 3:2 N' 1 'f ,- ' -1 X . WW ' "ww f - -. f - My : was' 4 , , V. , NN.,-A, 47. ,WM , .. . k Hx, N ,, ga.. .. , A, , , J f , ' 1 b 9' 'F ' v' ,, . .1 W W, ,, . M lr ' f 6' 'ia an Q wh sk Q9 BM ' ,iw .. A. MW , 9 1, i '? 5... P' 1 o Our social season was by far the best on record, with exceptional Homecoming, Parent's and Winter Weekends. The newly organized Pi Thespians under the direction of Dick Peterson provided much enter- tainment. The only regrerful note was the loss of our Seniors: Dick Pohner, Bob Parker, Ned Horner, Roger Cutt, Dick Schmidt, Don Roeder Dick LeChard, Dave Horner, John Aaron, Joe Collentro, Ron Partridge, Barry Montgomery, Larry McKague, Chuck Zweizig, Sam Adams, Charles Clark, Sam Miller, Al Kleinginna, Bruce Rodenberger, Wylie Overly, John Backman and Bob Hitchings. OFFICERS First Semester Serond S611'L6Sl'6'1' Presidenf ...........,........ Bob Hirchings .....,. ....... W ylie Overly Vim President ,,....... Bill Shue ....... ....... C harles Smith Sefretary ,.,,,,, ,,,.,,.... C harles Clark Treasurer' .Wylie Overly Inductor ..... ......... R Oy Hankee Senfinel .,,,,,. ,,....... J erry Miller Gerry Husted . Jerry Miller . Bob Rudisill Dick Peterson First row: Dr. Shivley, Evans, S. Fekety, Weiss, F. Albright, C. Melbourne, G. Moore. Second row: P. Haefner, R. Clapp, R. Bruning, D. Snyder, N. Varner, O. Green. Third row: B. Havens, P. Morgan, R. Kipphorn, H. Romanski, J. Tomcavage, C-romada, D. Shipley. phi kappa tau The Xi chapter of Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity is now in its thirty-sixth year on the campus of Franklin and Mar- shall College. At first it was named the Pickles Club but, seeking a more dignified . name, became the Marshall l Club. Soon afterwards the club grew to a membership of nearly seventy members and applied for a charter to the national fraternity of Phi Kappa Tau, receiving this charter in the fall of 1921. The chapter was the fourteenth founded and now is one of the oldest active chapters of the seventy- two in the national organization. Dr. Charles Spotts, head of the Department of Religion, was one of the original founders and is now the national chaplain. Today, after moving many times, the chapter house is located on the corner of College Avenue and Fred- erick Street. The whole Phi Tau crew began the new scholastic year with a follow through on a precedent established last year-a three-day Work period before classes begin. This year the work consisted of repainting every study room in the house and a general clean-up. Between semesters the sleeping dorm was also completely renovated. The first week after school began, our doors were opened and the house bulged with a crowd of two hundred freshmen and girls. This was an "Anti- prohibitionn party and the only keg tapped was one of birch beer. Everyone lived it up and the house withstood the "blast" with ease. Homecoming was soon upon us and our display took third place under the direction of President Bruning. Parents and Frosh were our guests on Parents' Day and they all enjoyed the fine ham dinner. Another outstanding event that usually takes place in our social year at the house is the Orphans Party at Christmas time. This year, how- ever, they all came down with whooping cough, so we sent our presents to their home. Another year has ended and for many it 'Was their last at Franklin and Marshall. Leaving us are Joe Weiss, Paul I-Iaefner, Jerry Moore, Jake Yeramian, Howie Romanski, Dave Snyder, James Evans, Dick Kipphorn, and Frank Wallace. Phi Tau has several stand-bys that won't be leaving F. 81 M. for quite a while. They are: Professors Munson, Marburger, Spotts, and Shively, who is our chapter advisor. President ........... Vice President ..... Treasurer ....... Seerefary ,,.,,.,,,,. Pledge Master Sfewarf ............. House Manager ...... OFFICERS ........-Ioseph Weiss .....Steve Fekety ...Fred Albright ......James Evans Herb Melbourn ....Dave Snyder .....Neill Varner First Row: F. Wentzel. M. Much, R. Ulin, D. Pullen, L. Frank. E.. Rosenberg, L. Goldstein, S. Ellen, M. Kopilnick, A. Goldstein. Second Row: T. Katz, H. Leapman, D. Lane, Nitzberg, l. Weiden, A. Wilson, G. Mager, H. Levinsohn, L. Stept, Feder- man, B. Sakulsky, B. Benn, D. Mook. Third Row: D. Ginberg, B. Cunin, F. Reed, Cohen, L. Lef- 1. :Fl-355 Stix., gif 1 , 6 is 5... ,A kowitz, T. Lynch, S. Reed, T. Redmond, A. Katzoff, M. Zeldin, R. Hoffenberg, M. Goldstein, R. Maranoff, D. Albert. Fourth Row: S. Schiff, M. Glassman, M. Hettleman, A. Minoff, B. Strauss, H. Shick, B. Baskin, L. Rosky, S. Laiffer, R. Covell, M. Blum, P. Gish, B. Nocks, T. McGoon, F. Brody, Palmer, M. Weinerman, L. Solomon, R. Rogers. pi lamzi da phi Under the guidance of our Rex, Len Frank, we the .1x5f?if,3f-QQ Yiiii, - - if L brothers of P1 Lambda Phi Q - returned to school last fall A X .,A.q - Q determined to preserve our 'r 'P fraternitys traditional bal- ance and diversity of scholar- ""' P 'bf . . . ship, athletics, and social 1,1-'I,.2"' 'WT -' -. programs. Our outstanding social event this year, as always, was Homecoming Weekend-an affair which all of us will long remember. The brothers and their dates welcomed home a large number of returning alumni who helped round out the big social doings. The theme of the party realistically carried us back to the speak- easy days of the "Roaring 20,s." Of a less spectacular nature was the program of weekend social activities which we recently instituted with success. Our return to campus was also highlighted by the success of the fraternity football team which lost only two games, both by close margins. Our other athletic teams have shown marked success, so athletically this year we have been exceptional here at West End Ave- nue. The scholarship cup which we retired last year permanently graces our trophy case, and the brother- hood intends to add a companion to it in the near future. We of Pi Lambda Phi have always felt that academic accomplishment is a necessary supplement to the successful existence of any college fraternity along with an active athletic program and social life. This is why we are proud to have men belonging to Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Alpha Theta, and Black Pyramid. PILAMS also continue to gain recognition on campus as officers in college extra curricular organizations, members of inter-collegiate athletic teams, and leaders in student government activities. Pi Lambda Phi's continued progress will advance under the leadership of our newly elected omcersz Dick Ulin, presidentg Ellis Rosenberg, vice-presidentg George Mager, secretaryg Harvey Levinson, treasurer, and Fred Wentzel, marshall. Our ideals of non sectarianism and brotherhood will continue to serve as the fraternity's guiding principle In closing we Want to express our gratitude to Dr Suydam, faculty advisor to the fraternity President Vice President Treasurer Scribe Marshall House Manager Len Frank Dan Pullen Dick Ulm Ellis Rosenberg Larry Goldstein Fred Vfentzel First Row: R. Kistler, W. Young, P. Furman, Dewing, R. Rose, Clapham, R. Samuels, P. Roder, G. Celia. P. Hernandez, F. I. Profaci, P. Shaw, F. Baker, H. Zavalakes. Halsey. Second Row: G. Muse, R. Donohoe, Sherer, C. Weeks. F. Fourth Row: Balmer. E. Woest, Wheeler, R. Cattariua, D. Barranco, H. Mulle, G. Cavagnaro, R. Deemer, D. Steele. Witwer, D. Steventon, R. Hartzell, Barnhart, D. Ramuncla, Third Row: R. Morse, R. Montejo. K. Keasey, R. Bowen, A. P. Rogers, C. Houlihan, D. Kapp, Louchs. .fic ...N ...c- Signza gui - - Nu Chapter of Sigma Pi ff . ::'e .... - was chartered at Franklin Xi .v.. ll -I ,-, and Marshall Co ege, Apri ':': ,.,.,.. . 27, 1918, but the desire for brotherhood dates back to Q .... - . . zzz f the Mixed Pickles Club of ::: . . 1893, established to provide 5 students with eating and 1 ' sleeping facilities. Four years later, in 1897, one faction of the organization formed a second club, the Franklin Club, and it was this group, early in 1918, which petitioned the Grand Chapter of Sigma Pi for membership in the national fraternity. The doors of Nu Chapter have remained open through the years, despite the drain of manpower during World War I1 which forced many of the fra- ternities at Franklin and Marshall to become inactive for the duration of the War. The present Chapter House, located at SSO-5 52 West James Street, provides sleeping and study accommodations for twenty-four members, and dining and social facilities for the entire brotherhood of forty-five. The initiation of twenty-three sophomores at the tail-end of the '56 school year gave the house needed strength, and the pledging of five more at the beginning of this term adds appreciably to the brotherhood. Three successful rush-parties have given us great hopes for spring pledging. After Winning the College Intramural Softball Championship in the spring, Sigma Pi slipped to fifth place in the intramural football league, faltering after the good start, compiling a record of four Wins and ive losses. Homecoming and Winter weekends, the rush- parties and intramural have pushed off into a full year of good fellowship, high spirits and great expectations. Originality of theme was the feature of the chapter's Homecoming display, the first toilet-bowl in the history of the competition. Unfortunately, the more esthetic and timely values of Ben Franklin took the awards. With a large number of alumni returning, a buffet- dinner dance brought the Weekend to a happy conclusion. In anticipation of a profitable year, our only regret will be the loss of Hfteen brothers in June. Leaving are: jim Archbald, Jay Barnhart, Frank Barranco, Greg Celia, Jerry Dewing, Dick Hartzell, Dave Kapp, Bob Kistler, 'Hank Mulle, Dick Samuels, Dale Steventon, Dick Rose, Pete Shaw, Jim Wheeler, and Homer Zavalakes. OFFICERS Presidenf ........... .................. ..,.,.. R i chard Rose Vice P1'c'sic1c'11f .....,. ...,....... J ere Dewing Scrrefary .,.,..., ..,.,.... K enneth Keasey Trmsnrei' ........ ....,... P hilip Furman H vrald .............i........ .,..,........ P eter Shaw Sc'rgem1f-af-Arms ...... ,.,.,.,.. W illiam Young First Row: Linshaw, 5. Saltzman, D. Rosenthal, S. lVlenclels- sohn, F. Pollack, H. Friedland, H. Soller, D. Vartan, l. Butler. Second Row: P. Leventhal, K. Seeman, B. Snyder, M. Rosen- blum, R. Frieclenberg, R. Segal, l... Wurtele, R. Zuckerman, D. Kane. Third Row: L. Lefkowitz, R. Weiss,' M. Weiss, E.. Cahn. Levitt, W. Magen, H. Parnes, H. Dobkin, L.. Dameshek, A. Magilner. Fourth Row: A. Rosenthal, B. Webber. C. Shulman, M. Heller- Rmarghlf.. Eobin, Nl. Ruderman, R. Moss, L. Conchar. D. jellinek, . an . zata Iwata tau . 1 is UPon returning to 407 for another college year. the ' ""' :': . Zebes were once again off to a fine start. The social cal- endar of the school year began with Homecoming, a .,., ' truly great weekend. The two-story Diplomat which " zzz' decorated the front of the house will long live in the memory of the brotherhood. Meeting the technical difficulties of lofting the Dip- lomat was a problem within itself, but was soon solved. The party at the fraternity house Saturday night Was probably the best in a long time. With the house packed to its capacity, everyone had a Wonderful time. Winter weekend, I. F., and Spring weekend were equally successful. The Zebes made a ine showing in intramural ath- letics ranking fourth in football with a record of S Wins and 5 losses. We were also represented in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities including Sigma Pi Sigma, Green Room Club, Porter Scientific Society, Student Council, Marshall Club, Black Pyra- mid, AAAS, Radio Club, Varsity Wrestling, and Calumet Club. A fine job, of rushing was done by the house, as is shown by the high caliber of pledges this year. They have already done a great deal to the improve- ment of the house, and we are looking for much more from them in the future. With the close of this college year, We are losing seven of our finest brothers. Best of luck to Fred Pollak, Saul Mendelssohn, Ed Dobin, Abe Rosenthal, Bob Friedenberg, Harry Friedland, and Mark Ruderman. Preszd ent Vzce Preszdent Treasurer Secretary H zstorum OFFICERS Fred Pollak Saul Mendelssohn Ed Dobm Dave Rosenthal Herb Soller . ea.:.f.a.::-.z:..,::.::-mf- , Q w, , 3. 4 ..... , X ,,1, I .:.:..x 1 lz: :..::---- A' ,iv -'R'-'wg f ix ws 4 mmm ::a:a:1::f-f's:sa:a,, ' :J: "' A X xi, .v.-,. ,. ,-,- ,,-,,.-.-. , , j X V 5 , X y R A , 4 We-,gggiglz-gn-X SOME ARE WORTHWHILE AND SOME AREN'T First Row: R. Ford, A. York, Dr. Wise, S. Dudrick. A. Evans. Second Row: S. Saltzman, R. Brooks, R. Graeff. W. Stuart. L. Frank, L.. Ferucci. S. McCullough. R. Rogers, S. Mendelssohn. Third Row: C. Havens, F. Brightbill. S. Videon, R. Tancredi, Ziegler, N. Potter, E.. Dey, R. Hitchings, R. Wright. Inset: Clark. student council The Student Council of F. 86 M. Was established in 1912 as a means to satisfy the need for student government. Its purpose is to represent the student body before the Faculty and Administration, to provide a channel from the Faculty and Adminis- tration to the student body, and to initiate such ac- tion as is consistent with its delegated powers in all non-academic matters and in accordance with its constituency. Among the many activities conducted by the Council are: Allotment of funds received from the students' activities fee to campus organizationsg organizing campaigns such as the annual Campus Chest Drive, Hungarian Relief Clothing Drive, and the Gettysburg Pep Rallyg holding Wednesday night movies, serving on Student-Faculty commit- tees on Assemblies, Discipline, Publications, and Athletics, handling all class and campus elections, and aiding the college in it campus improvement and coordination programs. The membership of the Council consists of nine Seniors, seven juniors, five Sophomores, and three Freshmen who serve on the Council's thirteen major committees. Through its efforts to improve Stu- dent - Faculty - Administration relations and to strengthen coordination between itself and all campus organizations, the Council has gained rec- ognition for the student at F. 86 M. OFFICERS Prcsidcnf .,.,,...., ..... S . Dudrick Vice Prcfsidenf .... ...,,,. A . York Treasurer ,.,.., ...... A . Evans Secretary ..... ...... R . Ford First Row: Nl. Much. R. Rose, R. Hitchings. G. Sawyer. Second Row: S. Mendelssohn. S. Smead, J. Baker, L. Cerina. R. Buckwalter. Evans, T. Linclsley. E.. Cahn. .ilztaz-ffzate The Inter-Fraternity Council of Franklin and Marshall College is composed of two representatives from each of the eleven social fraternities at the college. This group of representatives meets regu- larly during the school year to coordinate and over- see all inter-fraternity affairs, and to generally in- tegrate the functions of the fraternities so that they may become and remain an important part of the college. One important task of the council was to govern and supervise the rushing, pledging and initiating of freshmen. From the beginning of the first se- mester, through Rush Week, the council coordinat- ed the activities of rushing and made many deci- sions on the general policy of fraternity rushing. R. Donohoe, Third Row: H. Melbourne, R. Frazer, Underwood, W. Sewers. Mowbray. W. Wiebrecht, Powell, L. Stept. may camera The council also sponsored the annual fraternity Greek Week, a Week of inter-fraternity competi- tion consisting of a bowling tournament, a bridge tournament, and the I-F Sing. The highlight of the week came on Friday, March 29th, when the Inter- Fraternity Ball was held at the Valencia Ballroom in York. Richard Maltby's orchestra provided the music for the dance, which is usually the largest social affair of the year. OFFICERS President ............ ...............,..... R obert I-Iitchings Vice President ..,.., ....... R ichard Rose Secreizzry .......... ...... M andell Much Treasurer .... ............... G eorge Sawyer Advisor .... ..... P rof. jacob Freedman First Row: l... Frank, A. Zuck. Backman, C. Galloway. Nl. Lewis. A. York, C. Clark, S. Dudrick. Third Row: B. Bishoff, R. Sauter, F. Pollack, Ziegler, Second Row: S. Mendelssohn, R. Wagner, R. Rogers. C. Zweizig. W. Smith, R. Rose. Mack pqzami9 Black Pyramid is the Senior honorary society at Franklin and Marshall College, composed of and limited in membership to eighteen members of the Senior class. New men are tapped into membership in the spring of their Junior year and are selected by the graduating Senior members on che basis of leadership, scholarship and extra-curricular activi- ties. This year, Black Pyramid saw the complete real- ization of a project on which the society had been working for a number of years: The first Black Pyramid Scholarship was awarded to a member of the class of 1960. The fund-raising in which the Black Pyramid engages is accomplished in many ways. Activities in- clude: complete cooperation with the Fine Arts Club which contributes heavily to the fundg spon- sorship of football concessionsg the purchase and re-sale of used books by semester book salesg and the sponsorship of all star games in inter-mural athletics as well as the IF wrestling tourney. All of the activities of the Black Pyramid are not spent in raising money. The group is at hand for service to the college whenever needed and serves as ushers for various college functions such as Glee Club concerts, special assemblies and Commence- ment and Baccalaureate Exercises. The Annual Parents' Day celebration is planned and undertaken completely by members of the society. Although the reputation of the group has been that of "Willingness to help," Pyramid history was surely "made" this year when four members found themselves dressed in costumes of Ben Franklin's time in connection with the celebration of Benja- min Franklin Day, 1956. OFFICERS Presicfeni .................,..,...,.....,,.,,, ,.,..,,,, J . Backman Vice President ,,.,...,,..,,,.,.,,,,,r.. ,..,..,,r,,, A . Zuck Treasurer .......,. ,,,,,,,,,.,.. L . Frank Secrefary ...... ....... G . Galloway Advisor ...... .,,,,,, M . Lewis First Row: B. Bishoff, Kemman, R. Orkin, G. Ball. Second Row: K. Seeman, R. Nlontejo, W. Gardner, Underwood. R. Wyand. R. Herr, W. Bridges, A. Braum. Third Row: B. Oliveri, Fidler, Kintzel, S. Adams, M. Bunch, C. Paton, R. Witwer, lVl. Abeshaus, R. Gross. Fourth Row: Kerr, P. Hernandez, R. Bolton, Weaver, F. Pollack, W. Hoffmeyer, G. Kinzer, Mowbray, B. Rodenberger, Smith. .mm nation After four years of radio broadcasting, WWFM, "The Radio Voice of Franklin and Marshall Col- lege," is slowly achieving its attempt to become an integral and useful part of the college. After a meager beginning a few short years ago, the station now broadcasts music and other useful programs from 6:00 p. m. to 1:00 a. m., Sunday through Fri- day, from its studios in Hartman Hall. WWFM is operated solely by students in the capacity of announcers, engineers, advertisers and copy men. Although the radio station is operated with the purpose of offering students the opportu- nity to gain experience in the various fields of radio broadcasting, its primary function is to be of serv- ice to the students of the college by providing for them music for entertainment and music by which to study. With the help of the Student Council funds, the year 195 6'-5 7 Was beyond a doubt the most progres- sive year in the history of the station. Besides the remodeling of the studios, the station is now receiv- ing records frorn five major recording companies. This year also saw the organization receive its mem- bership into the Intercollegiate Broadcasting Sys- tem. EXECUTIVE STAFF Station Manager .,...................,,......... Robert Orkin Station Director ..... ..... G eorge Ball Program. Director ...... ............ J ere Fidler Chief Engineer .,.,.,...,...................... James Kemman Business and Advertising Manager .... Bruce Bishoff student zuziofz The Student Union Board is the social center of the F. 85 M. Campus. The Board itself consists of sixteenimembers, five each from the Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes, and one appointed by the Student Council. A new election system has put the membership of the Board up to a campus-wide vote which we hope will vastly improve the func- tioning of the Board by selecting men for member- ship whom the whole campus thinks well of and who will do a good job. Hood, Wilson and Goucher. Both of these types of events have been very successful, a factor which may be attributed to the use of the cafeteria of the new Marshall-Buchanan Dormitory. It may be added at this point that the Student Union Board has been given charge of the finances of the recrea- tion facilities of this new dormitory. if if 'iff OFFICERS In addition to providing a place and equipment , . ,. . Presufelft ...... - ..... .................. ......... S . Dudrick for ping pong, checkers, cards and many other di- D In versions for the students' spare time, the Board pro- Vice President ""' """' R ' Dlpletro vides refreshments following each home football SeC"em"3' ------- ------- A - York game. Also, it carries out exchange dances with TWKISYL1'-91' ------- -....... W . SC2ff First Row: W. Scaff, S. Dudrick, R. Dipietro, A. York. Second Row: C. Snavely, R. Graaff, B. Tboma, C. Brody, R. Achtermann, R. Brook gzaerz zoom The evolution of draamatic activity on the carn- pus of Franklin and Marshall College began some sixty years ago, in 1897, with a small group of act- ors presenting a single play each year. Today's Green Room Club, with actors, technicians and business staff, provides three student productions each year, and over a period of thirty years under the direction of Dr. Darrell Larsen, has become one of the finest college dramatic groups in the nation. The 1956-5 7 season opened a few weeks earlier than usual, having cast the play before the summer recess, with Ben Franklin, presented in conjunction with the college's bicentennial celebration of Frank- lin's birth. The February production was a con- temporary drama, Time Limitl, posing the question as to Whether or not the Armed Forces' code of treason is applicable to men who succumbed to First Row: B. Bishoff, Cu. Mager, W. Erb, C. Havens C. Z uver. Second Row: Nolt, P. Weimer, Dunkleberger, T. Communist prisoner-of-war treatment during the Korean War. The last play of the season was the English translation of the French comedy, The Madwoman of Clauillot. As a medium of expression for interested students, Whether in acting, lighting, scenic design or set con- struction, the Green Room Club continues its tra- dition of presenting theater of the highest quality for student, faculty and community appreciation. OFFICERS President ........... ..,,...,.,........ .......,, W a rren Erb Vice President ..... ...... C harles Havens Secretary ............ ...... G eorge Mager Business-Manager .... ........... B ruce Bishoff Advisor .............,, ..... D r. Darrell Larsen Wohlson, S. McCullough, D. Tenney, R. Orkin. Third Row: H. Fouse, R. Engelke, R. Holman, R. Donnay, A. Werner, F. Conover, Kemman. ' " aziflamma Editor in Chief ,,... ........,.Richard M. Gelhard Mrwaging Editor ...,.,. ........ B ruce M. Rodenberger fr. Associate Editor ...,.. ,,.....,,, J ay P. Brenneman Assistant Editor ..... ,.,,.,. P hilip G, Holtzapple Business Manager ,,,.., ,4,A4,,A E , Robert Lollo Administratio11 Editor ,.,..,,... Michael K. Hettleman Orrggmjgqiigfyg Edifgr ...,- --,,,.,- R eid E, Kellogg Seniors and Fzzfzzlty Editor .... Ronald L. Buckwalter Sporty Editor ,,A.,. N,.-.A- J ack B, Ziegler Fratcwuities Editor ,........... ......,...... A lfred P. Zuck Features Editor ,,,.,,, ,,,,,v,, A fthuf B, Evans Plaotograplaer ...... ....... R obert C. O'Connell First Row: P. Holtzapple. B. Rodenberger. R. Celhard, Third Row: P. Brunning, N. Varner. R. Brooks, D. R. Lollo, Brenneman. Greene, D. Horner, C. Clark. Second Row: R. Buckwalter, R. Kellogg, M. Hettleman, bl. Ziegler. A. Zuck, S. Dudrick, R. O'Connell. Fourth Row: Collentro, Smead, E. Hoffer, H. Schick, F. Pollack, B. Nocks. Miller, E. Racz, T. Compton. if . irztazfzatiolzal zedatiorzs' At the International Relations Club's meetings, We featured guest speakers, debates, movies and re- gional gatherings, in order to acquaint ourselves with the basic characteristics of many foreign na- tions and in order to discover the influences of these traits on the foreign policies of these countries. Highlighting the club's program for the year was the trip to the Model United Nations General As- sembly held at Princeton, New Jersey. We were one of the sixty eastern colleges and universities that took part in this three-day event. The members also attended shorter meetings at John Hopkins University and Cedar Crest College. First Row: P. Patukas. Miller, Dr. Philoon, E. Rosas. Second Row: C. Han, Mangicvi. A. Kleinginna, P. Karpouzis, D. Snyder, S. Rhee, Yeramian, E. Korol. Third Row: W. Shue. A. Serlenitsos, S. Fekety, R. Dipietro, S. Adams, M. Belaval, Aaron. R. Strauss. In addition to these conclaves we had several in- teresting meetings of our own, at which we heard talks by professors and foreign students on Africa, Hungary, and Israel. 'Br 19: if OFFICERS President ........ ..... J . Miller Vice President ......... ....... P . Patukas Secretary-Treasurer ..... ....,... E . Rosas Advisor .... ....... D r. Philoon j. Meyer. Fourth Row: C. Zuver, E.. Ebersole, B. Rodenberger. H. Romanski, R. Dunn, H. Barnaby, F. Conover, Smith. H. Quigley. -,Sfk ,ae .22 Q f , 'ff 1-. :-::--, 1- y :.. W 2 gg. Us 52 f '1-:AA:. : 1.. , , ,- W Q Q Q Q f , , Q? W M J lg , , . : 1 : : E .: 7' if gm, my W 1f:f gb. ::: H ,HE1 5 546 VS ":' -1w W 1 2 ' i f Q 1 Y W f 'ii' S" 'Y :2: W "":' 5 :ZAEA 1 i g: if f f I I ,Z ,E,.,. ,,,, F 'i ' EE1' V IEVI k "'V ' ..,. , H: WW 'S' WI Y m f Q i' . ii. gf sw 1 1 5 5 ' is 4 M 0 awww 1 mov 'K Q rwtivwww WMMIIWI . , mm. X V I J Clldpda choiz First Row: Shellenberger, H. Eberle. Second Row: C. Clark. Miller, H. Sawyer. Third Row: R. Parker, C. Wagner, D. Kapp. W. Kulp. Fourth Row: Musser. T. Kanouse, C. Zweizig. T. johnson. S. Reed Q Q COH29f0gL2F Q Q First Row: C. Wagner, T. Kanouse, R. Parker, G. Murray, H. Elderly. I Second Row: Quinn. R. Tancredi. G. Husted, C. Zweizig, W. Dawson, T. Johnson. First Row: Dewing, R. Dunn, F. Diego, johnson, N. Laird. Third Row: W. Shirk, R. Doman, W. Peifer, Bell. C Griffith, R. Kreider, C. Deininger, Ldndis, K. Hopwood Second Row: R. Billig, D. Fein, C. Kiie, Lombardo, . - D . D. Strickler, Daubert, E. Leary, D. Lenker, R. Zurcher, L. Rogers. C- Schweiger. R- D0l'll'l3Yn N- Hxll. W- Ross C. Wardrop. President ....... Vice President Secretary Treasurer ..... Advisor .... Fourth Row: L. Moody Siegriat C. Rabenold R. Erb R. Schmidt, B. Oliveri, L. McAllister. Hess. 0 a t e zcuz 5' OFFICERS Diego Johnson Dunn Dewing .-...Dr. Laird 'Br 194' First Row: H. Buss, A. Reider, W. Smith, Mainzer, R. Stern. l Second Row: G. Galloway, H. Leapman, R. Buckwalter, I N. Varner, D. Bruaw, P. Leventhal. R. Brunning, R. Gross. Student The Student Weekly, F. 86 M.'s school newspaper, is published each Wednesday morning throughout the college year, except for vacations. In addition, two special issues-a Student Council election num- ber and an April Fool's Day edition--were pub- lished during the past term. The paper was founded in 1915, being the union of the College Student and the F. 86 M. Weekly, which were begun in 1881 and 1891 respectively. It has been published continuously since then, ex- cept for a short period during World War II. Total circulation is 1400. Aims of the Student Weekljf are to report ac- curately campus news, stimulate discussion on per- tinent topics, aid in formulating student opinion and provide an outlet for the journalistic interests of undergraduates. Third Row: R. Mertz, Asher, R.O'Connell, T. Compton, T. Beachley, D. Achey, H. Nlelbourn, R. Brooks, R. Wurst. Fourth Row: R. Burns, D. Yoder, E.. Dey, F. Pollaclf J. Ziegler, P. Lenz, R. Peclrick, C. Brody, Reich. wealzlq Operating without the aid of a faculty advisor, the paper is run entirely by students. Its motto- Student Edited, Student Advised-is much more than just a high-sounding platitude. Editorial pol- icy is determined by the editor-in-chief, upon the advice of the page editors. Departing seniors include Editor-in-Chief W. Smith and Associate Editor Al Reider. However, a good nucleus of underclassmen remains to insure another successful year. EDITORS Editor-in-Claief .....,.................... ....... J . W. Smith Associate ............. ........ A . Reider News ,,...,., ....... R. Stern Features ....,........... ...... F . H. Buss Sports ,.,..,....,,........... ........ R . Kulp Business Manager ...... ...... J . Mainzer mazsllall C0116 The Marshall Club of Law and Politics is making its initial appearance on the Franklin and Marshall Campus under this name. It is the result of a merger between two old and well established clubs -The John Marshall Law Club and the Politics Club. The club has two main purposes. The first is to acquaint the members with the various phases of law-criminal, civil, constitutional, and mili- tary. This is accomplished by inviting prominent persons in the fields of law and politics to speak at the monthly meetings. The second purpose is that of acquainting the members with parliamentary procedure and giv- ing them an opportunity to express themselves under Robert,s Rules of Order. The Inter-col- legiate Conference on Government, a state-wide student organization, fulfills this purpose. The First Row: E.. Rosenberg, R. Lollo. A. York, W. McCartney, Second Row: Linshaw, H. Levinsohn, L. Ward, F. Bar- ranco, Asher. T. Lindsley, Smead, C. Han, D. Stein. membership in this organization is held by politics clubs on most of the larger campuses in the Commonwealth. The members of our organization participate in a regional and a state convention which follows various model legislatures. The Marshall Club is starting rather new, since few of the members of the merged clubs are par- ticipating. This prohibits using the experience of the merged clubs to its fullest. However, the club is enjoying a rather active interest from its under- classmen which means it is building a good founda- tion for future years. OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,..... ........ R . Lollo Parliamentarian ............. A. York Treasurer .,....... ........... E . Rosenberg Secretary .... ....... W . McCartney Third Row: A. Shank, N. Denlinger, E.. Hoffer, Bren- neman, R. Kraft, R. Gelhard, R. Dunn, F. Wanamaker, C. Mantz. A. Zuck, D. jelinek. management The Managment Club of Franklin and Marshall is an officially sanctioned member of the University Chapter of the Society for the Advancement of Management. The Management Club endeavors to motivate in its members enthusiastic spirits and high ideals, and attempts to help them realize the nature of the members of the economic backbone of our nation. Through the association with dynamic person- alities from industrial management at monthly meetings, plant Visitations, and in the monthly issues of the S.A.M. publication, the members of this organization enjoy an extremely valuable relationship with the philosophical, economic and humane aspects of successful industrial manage- ment. First Row: H. Mulle. Sherer, H. Melbourn, R. Billig, D. Strickler. Second Row: R. Rose, V. Ringler, D. Martin, H. Fischer, R. Welsh, W. johnson, C. Griffith. . Third Row: F. Albright, D. Fehr, Pickle, R. Wigham. j. Baumer. T. Compton, E.. Myers, W. Shirk, S. Bailey. j. Hess, L. Slabach, Weiss, F. Loose. Fourth Row: R. Bair, D. Lenker. L. Young, L. Kauffman, Continued cooperation, incentive, and devoted application to the purposes of this organization has resulted in an increased membership, a monthly campus publication, and continued visits by local industrial leaders at its monthly meetings. To increase the social aspects of the club, dinner meetings have been started to replace the usual monthly gatherings. OFFICERS President .......... .................. ........... R . Welsh Vice President .... ........ W . Johnson Secretary ..,,,,,... ....... C . Griffith Treasurer ..t ...... V. Ringler Director ...... ......... R . Rose Advisor ,.,, ....... H . Fischer C. Royer, Collentro, Daubert, T. Wohlson, R. Flem- ming, P. Roder. Fifth Row: M. Goldstein, R. Samuels, A. Minoff, D. Kerek, F. Mellott, R. Bonitz, E. Woest, W. Pontz, F. Kirkpatrick, T. Meekins, W. Sandoe, P. Corman, P. Rogers. ' Sixth Row: R. Kreider, L. Conchar, Cu. Moore, E. Rosas, F. Conover, R. Engleke, T. Mion, Jordan, R. Brown, W. Ross, C. Schweiger, R. Erb, S. Carre, Houghton. First Row: D. Brauw, A. Kleinginna, D. Snyder, lVl. Weiss, D. Roeder, R. Weiss, K. Henninger, R. Bohn. Baker, S. Schimmel, D. Baker. D. Held, K. Seeman. Second Row'.I Clark D Kelse F Keifer T A el Dr. . . , . y, . , . pp , Shively, R. Tesh, W. Kirkpatrick. Third Row: Cunin, P. November, A. Van Sant, L. Stept, D. Horner, W. Shue, O. Smolk, lVl. Kopiliniclc, S. Adams. R. Kuhn, P. Haefner, T. Strine, D. Mohler, A. Braun, B. Snyder. poztez rfcient The Porter Scientific Society was founded in 1911 in memory or an eminent botany professor at F. 86 M., Dr. Thomas C. Porter. Many of the trees and bushes on our campus were chosen and planted by Dr. Porter. The purpose of the society is to develop and promote interest in current fields of biology, mem- bership being open to anyone interested in biology. At the present time, the organization gives the members an opportunity to hear and question learned men in various fields of biology. The members of the society were fortunate this year to be able to hear from men representing both the academic and industrial fields of biology. Dr. Emmett Robertson of the Eshelman Feed Company spoke on the importance of trace elements in the animals' diets. Dr. Samuel McCaun, professor of physiology at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, discussed the regula- Fourth Row: S. Romeo, l. Butler, B. Ahearn. W. Hershey. A. Lotuglio, L. Solomon, E.. Dech, F. Jenkins, G. Cnlontz, W. Ahlgren, H. Quigley, Lewis, W. Sowers. Fifth Row: Weinstein, E. Campbell, Parsons, R. Scuderi, Nl. Abeshaus, A. Rosenthal, Kintzel, B. Nocks, R. Bolton, C. Nlantz, R. Renza, Corman, D. Alberts, L. Frank, S. Dud- riclc, R. Burtner. Sixth Row: R. Burtner, Maier. B. Roclenberger, R. Scholes, D. Steventon, R. Scott, H. Becker, D. Pedriclc, Weinstein, D. Pullen, Rasmussen, Hertzler, H. Shicl-Q, H. Parnes. ific society tion of water metabolism in the body and showed movies on the subject, which he had taken while engaged in research work in Sweden. One of the most popular events this year Was the annual field trip to the artihcial breeding laboratories, which included several lectures on artihcial insemination. The society also heard from Dr. D. C. Boughton, of the DuPont Company, who spoke on preventive medicine for animals and humans, with special emphasis on preventive medicine of the future. 19: 'iff iff OFFICERS President ...,...... .,.....,......... ......, R o bert Tesh Vice President ..r. ,.........,..,.,,... T ed Appel Secretary ....... ..... W illiam Kirkpatrick Treasurer ...........,,.. Fred Keifer Advisor .... ..,,.. D r. Shively First Row: D. White, H. Anstaclt, Prof. Lancaster, Nl. Paparo, L. Hambright. jordan. Second Row: R. Marks, Lombardo, G. Ritchie, D. Lamberson, D. Cinberg, Ryan. R. Nestel, R. Noble. Third Row: A. Kling, R. Bruce, D. Kerek, Preperato, F. Albright, G. Huber. Balmer, D. Lenl-ner, H. Wiggins. Fourth Row: Yeats, L. Nlanshel, H. Fouse, Weber, 57 lgobgx, D. Overly, W. Labovich, R. Funke, O. Melton. . ca . accounting The Accounting Club Was founded for the purpose of supplementing classroom studies. During the year, outstanding persons in industry, trade, and the professional accounting field are invited to speak at regular dinner meetings. This year we have been fortunate to have an extremely varied and interesting list of speakers. The speaker at the first meeting was Mr. Willis Shenk, C.P.A. of WGAL-TV, who spoke on "The Profile of an Accountant." At our next meeting Mr. William Sullivan of the Internal Revenue Serv- ice spoke to us on "Career Opportunities with In- ternal Revenue." Mr. I. Wayne Keller, Controller of Armstrong Cork Company, was the speaker at our third meeting. Mr. Keller is the author of Man- agement Accounting for Profit Control. His topic for the evening was "The Direct Costing'Method." Mr. Alvin Pederson, C. P. A. of Arthur Anderson, and Mr. Harold Wolosin, C. P. A. of Price of Wat- erhouse, gave a joint talk on "Careers in Public Ac- counting." The annual picnic-meeting was held at the home of Professor Edward Lancaster and the speakers were Mr. John Groff of Hamilton Watch Com- pany, Who spoke on "Internal Auditing," and Mr. Jack Bowers of Ernst and Ernst, Who spoke on "Public Accounting." Both of these speakers were graduates of Franklin and Marshall, class of 1956. 'A' 'A' 'Br OFFICERS Presicienl' ,..,.,,.,,,, ,,,.,.,,,,.,.,., ,,..,,,., M . Papero Vice President ...... ...... L . Hambright Secretary ......... ........ H . Andstadt Treasurer .... ...,,,,,,,. D . White Chaplain .... ............. J . jordan Advisor- .... ...... P rof. Lancaster . :sl lv ' ' wg? V " .... ' 'I:::::I' . f "aff :Wi 5 ..:,. 1 . wr Tir 'Xg,'l,,QQ 2 , k,,,,, 5, x , if ' r g WT"-'Hfvf"N'.M 4 E V Q 4, I .6 1 . ' 'W'-Wm' :4..,... fn. z - ,, 1 'M ,a Q f ? 5 ,S . K X : - - f MNWB-wwf., .. I ' ' 5 Fifi , ,,,.,.,.,.,. ' Avi ima ggi -295:39 f H. ' f ' lf ' f "1 AA' , QQ , 5 Q E ,.,, . . l,., 5 Vi V , Y I . S ' i i i ? ' . 53 1? ' " 5 , ig - 2W'12Q- 4 ' W V1 .,... I . '12 ,A Ziy i M is J X ga: if -, 4315 I. ,ffyigffgzjli ' N. Iggy Q13 , . v. .50 af 53-'W Q1 If E ' Gif E-I-H. d H:f:ia1::a-... - 1 H f,. :Q f ,ff :..,5. iff. fs ' ' , , 121+ 1-1: . ,L N .1,::95zQ5r' ..., .1 3 ' L up-z ---' -,,'-W fr I s 'f.'5'.g" " """" .Q fy 3 : . v ,. mf g.. ' fiZ.!f1ff5g if "'.3fLi." ,gm 'ff f 'f'-'vw . - ' -jf liijygggg. ,JI Qi Lg, I, P , M haw Q1 g .K , 1' VT . ., i" .T"1'fib ' Q 5 5 ,. 34515, it ' ' ' 2' ff .m, .... .MT 531 ., fQZ?mTWwwwwwQwQ ,QVWN Q ,.: , EEE . , ' Mmm, . , W , , 'BWI I Q 1 ,f , X I 1 'xo 5 2 , 'Wi is f ia,-, .. New -'QSWPQVZ - c l , 3 , .5 ' I -' 4 ..,., 55: 2 5-at ff wif ' A :Q .- Y P A ,f-af' I , Q, K 5:5 .,., 0 Eflmi- ' ' 'Q Y f :Q f .p ' ,::5EE: A , . I . ..!L .::::5::11'.-,, 4 ' H: if 5 19 , . 5? Mmmiwwigiwgwi X ' :a:ef:':a2-IZXFP1 -Y 5-:::vQ.g,gz::g:,f'E.5:g:g:if255:a5a5s1..5s5sasasasi5"..:iz,.:5:::2:a: :mx hN,wwfa:Q,i w., 1',A'msfw,m4k,f, AQ In-': , --mnmswwa1...m :mL:fvw2:.:-rms? ., ..-, ,.:..:F C :-::4: E OFFICERS President .,......... ....... B . Dodge Vice President ,.... ...... R . Wilson Secrefary ........ ...,.... D . Green Treasurer ..... ...,.. ' Bridges The Amateur Radio Club Was organ- ized for the first time at Franklin and Marshall College in the early part of this academic year. Several of the members acquired their amateur licenses this year. At the present time the organization is trying to get a station call for the col- lege, since they have been operating on the call of one of the members. One of the main accomplishments of this year was the acquisition and construction of several pieces of equipment for the trans- mitter. First Row: Evans, B. Dodge. R. Wilson. Second Row: D. Farber, W. Bridges, R. Weis. C. Paton, R. Stier. D. Green. Third Row: Krevel. D. Bode, F. Brown, Mowbray, A. Caponecchi. Palmier. T. Sharpe. amczteuz Zadie 191' 'iff 'iff i mu ugzsilon Sigma First Row: John H. Peifer, jr.. C. Smith, D. Roeder. Tyler. E. C-eorge. Second Row: D. lVicCaa, F. Wentzel, T. Lynch, Cohen. W. Ahlgren, W. Overly, B. Cunin. Third Row: l. Butler. D. Bryan. F. Wanamaker, H. Snyder. R. Orkin. Weber. A. Warner, C. Feehrer, R. Scott. Mu Upsilon Sigma was organized in 1950, When several of the Franklin and Marshall bandsmen expressed a desire to form an honorary band fraternity, in order to give recognition to the upper- classmen of the band, and to act as "mid- dleman" between the band and Mr. John H. Peifer Jr., director of the bands. For these reasons, they chartered an honorary band fraternity, to be called Mu Upsilon Sigma, its abbreviation being MUS, the first three letters of the word MUSIC. Since then, another chapter was installed at Lafayette College. It is hoped that, ultimately, Franklin and Marshall Col- lege will become the headquarters of a nation-Wide Mu Upsilon Sigma. OFFICERS Presideul' ,A............ ...,...... l . Profaci Vice Presidenf ..... ,..... F . Barranco Secretary ........ ........ H . Weeks Treasurer ...,. ......... R . Samuels Advisor .,.,, ....... J . Cavanaugh The Newman Club, reorganized last year, initially grew from the desire of Catholic students to become better versed in spiritual learning and practice, in addition to the knowledge of material values which are to be gained in an in- stitution of higher learning. The club affords the opportunity to study Catholic culture and offers its members companionship and associations between students of the Catholic faith. In the future, it is hoped that from this nucleus of men, the club will continue to grow and develop into one of which the college community will be proud. First Row: R. Samuels, l. Profaci, Cavanaugh, F. Barranco. H. Weeks. Second Row: R. Bowen, R. Montejo, G. Cavagnaro. P. November, F. Thorpe, B. Ahearn, P. Hernandez. D. Kerelc. Third Row: D. Ramunda. R. Rose. R. Cattarius, R. Donnay. A. Caponecchi, C. Scaglione, W. Ryan. fldllllfldll 'A' sk 'A' Cdlnpllf' clzzistiarz ,fellowship First Row: W. Martin, Stuart, Prof. Cramer, Bell. Second Row: E. jefferis. R. Holman, Smith. L. van Horn. The Campus Christian Fellowship is affiliated with a world-Wide organiza- tion, the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students, known nationally as the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellow- ship. More than 200 colleges and univer- sities and over 15 countries are repre- sented in this fellowship. The aims of the Fellowship are to be a source of spiritual strength for those who desire it, and to be a group through which students who are seeking God may enter into a close and personal relation- ship with Him. The organization feels that there is a need in students for effi- cient, positive, and intelligent investiga- tion and discussion of the Bible and its relationship to everyday living. To meet this need, the fellowship holds weekly Bible study and prayer meetings in the chapel. OFFICERS President ................................ Jim Stuart Vice President .,.. ...... W illis Martin Secretary ....... . .. . ....... John Califfe Treasurer- .... ....................... J ohn Bell Advisor ..... ......., D r. Howard Cramer First Row: D. Roeder, D. Horner, C. Snavely. S. Adams. G. Robenolt. Second Row: R. Kauffman. Kintzel, D. Speidel, Burmeiater, W. Weibrecht, H. Hanimagi. W. Eyerly, D. Bruaw. Quthezan Student association OFFICERS President ................................ J. Dewing Vice President .,..., .....,, R . Smith Secretary ......... ....... M . McGee Treasurer ...... ..............,,, S . Gadd Advisor ...... ...... D r. Longsdorf The Canterbury Club of Franklin and Marshall College was organized for the mutual benefit of all Episcopal stu- dents at the college. The primary ob- ective of the club is to familiarize the new student with the location of the churches of Lancaster and to acquaint them with the respective clergymen. The club has held several corporate communion services, each followed by a breakfast and a speaker. Individual mem- bers of the club help at the local parishes, thus fulfilling one of the aims of the club-service. OFFICERS P1'6Side11l' ,....................... Charles Snavely Vice President ...., ,,.,,,,,,, N ed Benner Seeretary ......... .........,. C atharine Riggs Treasurer .,..,.,,,,,,.r.,,.,.,i,.,.,,.,,, Rod Kulp Advisors-Pastor Ray Evelan, Mr. Bay- ard Johnson. Mr. Arthur Horting. Organized in 195 3, the Lutheran Stu- dent Association has already grown con- siderably in size and significance on the F. 86 M. campus. The organization is composed of students who are interested in exploring and discussing Various phases of contemporary Christianity, though young adults not matriculating at F. 81 M. are also welcomed. The local association is affiliated with the Lutheran Student Association of America, a national organization. The L. S. A. meetings are very infor- mal so as to encourage all the members to participate in the discussions. An L. S. A. advisor is always present at the meetings to aid in directing the business of the club and also to serve as a moder- ator in the discussions. 19: 'ir 'ir cantez6uzq First Row: S. Gadd, Dewing, R. Smith. Second Row: V. Myers, P. Blaker, E.. Caum. C. Stadtler. W. Gardner, W. Ahlgren. Third Row: B. Mackey, Z. Robbins, R. Partridge, C. Sawyer, H. Bonyun, C. Pedrick. First Row: W. Tyndall, F. Pollak, E.. George. Second Row: Heagy, Prof. Lane, Prof. Enck. o o o 9 L g nz a 12 L 5' L gm a OFFICERS President .............................. Fred Pollak Vice President .................,.. Robert Shoff Secretary ......... ....... W illiam Tyndall Treasurer ...... ....,.. M r. George Lane Adviwr ....... ....... D r. Richard Weller Sigma Pi Sigma, the Physics Honor Society, as founded in 1921 by men who sensed a need for an organization which would bring those particularly interested in physics into closer association for their mutual benefitf Today Sigma Pi Sigma is well recognized by the leaders in physics for its effective accomplish- ments of its objectives. The Franklin and Marshall College Chapter of Sigma Pi Sigma was formally installed in May of 1938. Since that date the chapter has steadily developed and is now definitely established as an integral part of the Physics Department of this institution. it -if 'A' OFFICERS President .................................. L. Young Vice President ................,....... R. Welsh Secretary ........ ....... J . Houghton Treasurer ...,.... ...... W . Johnson Chaplain ..... ...... F . Conover Advisor ,,....,, ........ D . Laird The H. W. Prentis Jr. Chapter of Alpha Delta Sigma, the national profes- sional advertising fraternity, was in- stalled at Franklin and Marshall College in 1937. Initiation ceremonies are held twice each year for those students doing out- standing work in the field of distribu- tion, or in publicity work on the various college publications. Alpha Delta Sigma originated and has sponsored an annual variety show, bet- ter known as "Stunt Nite," in which the social fraternities and individual parti- cipants compete for trophies. This year's production is the sixteenth annual Stunt Nite. alpha delta sigma First Row: Houghton, W. johnson, Dr. Laird. L. Young. . W lah F. Co e . R e , nov r Second Row: W. Moyer, Daubert, H. Anstadt. R. Welsh. W. Sandoe, R. Samuels. OFFICERS President ................................ C. Wagner Vice President ........... ............ C . Zuver Secretary-Treasurer .................. J. Smith Historian ..,......,...........,.. R. Buckwalter The Beta-Theta Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, National Honorary History So- ciety, was chartered at Franklin 85 Mar- shall College April 27, 1948. Since then, it has been one of the most active honor societies on the campus. Because of its informal nature its meeting are held in the homes of the professors of the His- tory Department. Membership in the society is restricted to those students of outstanding ability in history. The activities of the society are guided by a dedication to a threefold object: to foster a better understanding of history and historical processes, to understand the relationship of history to other fields of learning, and to promote an understanding of the value of history to society and its members. student education association First Row: Simonelli. R. Hill. Mowbray. C. Luckenbaugh, C. Mekeel. Second Row: j. Mohler. R. Kipphorn, H. Klopp, Cushman. D. Sheffy. ow: H. Klopp, Smith. Dr. Toth. Dr. Philoon. Second Row: Simonelli, C. Zuver, F. Conover, R. Buck- ' It ,I Moran. phi alpha theta 'tr 'ik' 'ir OFFICERS President ....,...........,,..,,,,,,,,., Mowbray Vice President .......,...,,,,,..,,,,...,.... R. Hill Secretary-Treasurer .... C. Luckenbaugh Publicity Director ........,.. ' .,..,.. C. Mekeel Program Director ..... ........ J . Simonelli Advisor ...................... ........ H . Klopp The Future Teachers of America was reorganized in 1946 at Franklin and Marshall College, and this year became the Student Educational Association. Its purposes are advancing the professional attitude of those students interested in education, promoting teacher and stud- ent relationships, and upholding educa- tional standards. Now, under the sponsorship of How- ard Klopp, even greater strides have been made. The program has been ex- ceptionally rewarding this year, which included panel discussions, field trips and social gatherings. Phi Beta Kappa, one of the oldest so- cieties in this country dedicated to the honoring of high scholarship and the pursuit of knowledge, has existed for 179 years. Closely identified with the foundation of our Republic, Phi Beta Kappa membership has throughout the years been the most important honor that a college can bestow on an under- graduate. Theta Chapter of Pennsylvania was installed on the Franklin and Marshall Campus in 1908. Yearly, with but one exception, Theta Chapter has sponsored a scholarly oration as part of the celebra- tion of Commencement Week, bringing to the campus a succession of notable American scholars. First Row: Dr. Stonesifer. Dr. Bomberger, Dr. Longsdorf. Second Row: ,H. Klopp, Dr. Toth, Dr. Philoon. Third Row: W. Tyndal, F. Pollak, Smith. phibeta kappa 'Br 'ir 194' inanca First Row: C. Lamberson, W. Bagley, R. Griffith, D. Fehr. Second Row: Prof. Bell, H. Nlulle, A. Kling, R. Lollo, A. Bair. D. Lenker. Prof. Everett. OFFICERS President ................................ W. Bagley Vice Presidenz' ..... ......... R . Griffith Secrelary ,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,.., M. Hertleman Corresponding Secretary ...,...... D. Fehr Treasurer .......................... C. L2IT1bCrS0n First Row: C. lmmendorf, G. Galloway, R. Kellogg, H. Quigley. Third Row: E. Campbell, Morningstar, G. Grubb, l... Nonemaker, Ziegler, F. Pollak, R. Schmidt, B. Nocks, Second Row: R. Cross, P. Beck, R. Weiss, R. Heistant, H. Shiclt, W. Weibrecht. E.. Williard, R. jones, W. Martin, B. Snyder. american chemical society The Student Affiliate of the American Chemical Society, since its reorganization on the Franklin and Marshall campus in 1946, has attempted to present to interested students a varied program of lectures, panel discussions, and field trips. The program for 1956-S7 included discussions on opportunities in the chemical industry, a talk on a chemist-clergy- man's thoughts on the nature of Man in the uni- verse, and a demonstration lecture on unique chem- ical research being done by industries in the Lan- caster area. The most interesting of these was a demonstration of the various types of phophor- escence, which are being studied in the laboratories at the RCA plant here in Lancaster. In keeping with the trend toward student parti- cipation, all of the members served on one of the various committees that handled the organization's activities. One of the highlights of the year was a program on the relationship of chemistry to other sciences, presented by student representatives of the physics, mathematics and bacteriology depart- ments. The group, composed of chemistry majors and other interested students, rounded out the year's activities with the annual student-faculty picnic and banquet. OFFICERS President .,......, ..... ...... G o rdon Galloway Vice President ...... ....... R eid Kellogg Secretary .... ..... H erbert Quigley Treasurer ,.,,.. ..... C harles Immendorf First Row: R. Kistler, L .NlcKague, F. Mahan, Dr. Cramer. Second Row: R. Herbst, O. Bricker, R. Friedenberg, Meyers, W. Marchio, Remling. geological The Franklin and Marshall Geological Society was organized in 1949 to give interested students a chance to meet as a group and hear some of the lead- ing men in Geology speak. This year the Society had speakers from Prince- ton, Lehigh and Johns Hopkins Universities and the American Geological Institute as well as from our own school. The varied program gives the students a chance to meet and talk with men active in many different phases of Geology and creates the oppor- tunity for the students to share new ideas that are constantly being expressed by men actively engaged in the profession. The Society also is intended to interest new men in Geology and provides the chance to meet and be- Third Row: Aaron, W. Satterthwaite, D. Skean, R. Burtner, G. Robenolt, M. Booth, W. Miller. Meyer, W. Nlarchio. Remling. society come acquainted with other students. Many pro- grams feature student speakers who describe some of the interesting activities in which they engaged during summers and on special field trips. Each year the final program is a mixed picnic where everyone has the chance to enjoy himself outdoors. 'iff if 15: OFFICERS Presia'e11z' ..,...... ....... I .L. McKague Vice Presidenf ..,.. ...... R . Kistler Secrefary .,..., R. Schmidt Trezzszwer ,,,,., ....... F . Mahan Advisor ,.,.,, ...... D r. Cramer 6 The Franklin and Marshall Bands climaxed their twenty-first year with an appearance at the Penna. Band Masters' Convention in Sunbury in May. The concert band gave a concert for a massed group of high school bands, while the marching band was the band of honor in the parade. This was a fitting conclusion to a year marked by many successful ap- pearances and tours. Late in October the concert band played at several high schools in northern Vir- ginia. During the mid-term vacation the concert band gave fourteen concerts in northern New Jer- sey. And over the year the band donated its services in the Lancaster area at community and school functions. The success of the marching and concert bands has been attributed largely to the untiring efforts of Mr. John H. Peifer, Jr., who has given of his time and energy so unselfishly over the past twenty- one years. John has been called the spirit behind the dll 9 band. To be sure he has supplied much of the incentive and drive that has carried the bands on to the high repute they have attained. The high point of the 1956-57 season was the Spring Concert held on April 6th with Mr. Fred- rick Finell as guest conductor. Early in March the student body was treated with a guest appearance by Mr. Rafael Mendez, reputed to be one of the world's greatest trumpeters. The marching band maintained its rapid pace with the halftime football shows, an appearance at the Cherry Blossom Festival, parades in Lancaster, and R.O.T.C. reviews. With service to the school and the community as its ideal, the bands of Franklin and Marshall College move on, yearly expanding their activities and in- terests. -sociology The Sociology Club was organized in 1949 under the direction of the late Professor Jerry A. Neprash. It has since offered students of Franklin and Mar- shall an opportunity to become more familiar with topics of importance in sociology and related fields. The major purposes of the club are to arouse and de- velop the interest of students in the broader field of sociology, and to acquaint them with the nature and requirements of the Work in the practical and applied phases of this field. The regular monthly meetings usually feature an authority in the field of social science. First Row: C. Holzinger, R. Eshleman, R. Rogers, W. Hunsberger, l. LeFevre. Second Row: W. Bailey, G. Celia, H. Rohland, P. Weimer, J. Dunkleberger, R. Fine, L. Achenbach, W. Shearer. The Sociology Club provides an interesting and informative program to students who have a con- cern for this field. The group has been growing each year and it is hoped that this trend will be con- tinued by the many new sociology majors that ar- rive on campus each year. OFFICERS P1'8Sid 87115 ......... ..,.......,....,.,. ..,,,,,,,,,,. R . Rogers Vice President ......................,,.,..,..... W. Hunsberger Advisors ..... ...... P rof. Holzinger, Prof. Eshleman, Prof. LeFevre. D. Stein, Bonebreak. Third Row: Rimmel, G. Rabenolcl, R. Partridge, Dewing, R. Dunn, H. Bonyun, G. Toth, W. Fuller, R. Saporito. 5555 3525? il' 'ii . ag 1:-V WW' OFFICERS President ...... .............,.... ......, A . Zuck Secretary ..... ...... R . Rogers Post Prandial, an after-dinner speak- ing organization, as founded in 1919, by Dr. H. M. Klein, emeritus professor of History. During World War I the sale of liberty bonds had been expedited by banquets held all over the country at which prominent men spoke. At these banquets, Dr. Klein saw a need for train- ing after-dinner speaking among college graduates, and Post Prandial has as its purpose that training. Membership is achieved by appoint- ment and consists of eight juniors and eight seniors. Meetings are held monthly at one of the local restaurants. One mem- ber is selected to present a topic for dis- cussion and each of the members pre- sents his own views on the subject in a short speech. The organization is unique but is one of the most stimulating and enlightening organizations on campus in that it provides a forum for discussion of the many problems confronted by the college student as he seeks the answers to life in a complicated world. pi gamma mu First Row: Dr. Bomberger, Dr. Schier, Dr. Everett, Dr. Bell, J. Ryan. H. Klopp, Dr. Laird. Second Row: Bair, R. Rose. Smith, A. Zuclc, Brenneman. R. Celhard, R. Nestel. First Row: L. Frank, A. Zuck, R. Rogers, Beckman. Second Row: C. Snavely, R. Frazer, R. Ford, C. Havens, S. Mendelssohn, F. Wentzel. Third Row: C. Smith, R. Wagner, H. Quigley, R. Stern, R. Rose, G. Calloway. post Pldllalidd OFFICERS President ........... ....... J . Ryan Vice President ............. ....... A . Zuck Secretary-Treasurer ,,.,.. .,..... D r. Bell Pi Gamma Mu, the honorary social science fraternity, was founded nation- ally on December 1, 1924, and the Penn- sylvania Mu Chapter was founded at Franklin and Marshall College in the spring of 1937. The purpose of the or- ganization is tofinspire scholarship in the social sciences, to inspire service to hu- manity by an intelligent approach to the solution of social problems, and to pro- mote cooperation among the many branches of the social sciences. Membership is by election and the prerequisite for election is at least twen- ty semester hours of social science with an average grade of not less than B and an over-all college average of not less than B. New members are initiated at banquets held in December and May at which a well-known figure in the social sciences delivers a speech. By Couples: Mr. and Mrs. Brenneman, Mr. and Mrs. R. Nestel. and Mrs. S. Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. R. Cobel, Mr. and Mrs. D. White, Mr and Mrs. D. Lamberson, Mr. and Mrs. Freeseman, Mr. and Mrs. S Book, Mr. and Mrs. D. Oberly, Mr. and Mrs. S. Hengen, Mr. and M . Loose. Dr. Philoon. ffl Z . H ll 9 lil Z 5'. OFFICERS Commanding Officer ...... Barry C. Plum Operations Officer ...... Wm. D. Scaff Executive Officer .... Floyd B. Hoenstine Treasurer .,.............,.. Ellis H. Rosenberg Secretary ........................ Warren H. Erb Adjutant Recorder, Richard J. LeChard The Arnold Air Society originated in 1947 at the University of Cincinnati. They selected their name in honor of the late General H. H. Arnold. All mem- bers of the society wear a service ribbon and a blue and yellow fourragere. To be- come a member of the society, a person must be enrolled in advanced R. O. T. C. and must have a high degree of military aptitude. The squadron at Franklin and Mar- shall conceived the idea of the Military Ball which it has sponsored each year. The squadron has monthly meetings. OFFICERS President - Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Lamberson. Vice President - Mr. and Mrs. Duane White. Secretary ...... Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bailey Treasurer-Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nestel Advisors-Professor and Mrs. Thurman Philoon, Professor and Mrs. Vincent Haag. This year marks the second anniver- sary of the Mr. and Mrs. Club as a char- tered organization of Franklin and Mar- shall college. Our club now has members from each of the four classes of the col- lege and it is hoped that eventually all married students will be included in the membership. The purpose of the Mr. and Mrs. Club is to provide friendship and closer comradeship among married couples af- filiated with the college in a student capacity. The club is composed of mar- ried students and their Wives, with an emphasis placed on the family unit. Of- ficers are unique in that each position is filled by a married student and his Wife. aznow aiz society First Row: W. Erb. R. Lechard, B. Plum. C. Buhrman, F. Hoenstxn W. Scarf. Second Row: H. Mulle, H. Rohland, T. Marrone, R. Samuels, R. Cog R. Herbst. Third Row: E.. Rosenberg, Quinn. G. Moore, Cushman. R. Eng B. Webber. . ff , 4 A X 4 1 , f FIRST AND TEN I n Q FOURTH AND FOURTEEN First Row fl. to r.J: E.. Meyers, R. Bogert, S. Wallace, G. Dil- Darrah, W. Pettigrew, S. Robinson, T. Appel, N. Bell, K. g:Zj:1aI.Rl':?n?Dri. I5-Airl?raft,smlgdioshnitorQofl:gl:aE.lkg1logh:er' W- gfeziiolwgaivg. l3awso.nQl...tlVlorg1:ln, S. W. Sponaugle. head coachg Duasinger, Co-Captain, R. Bostic, Co-Captain, Powell. D. ' n es ' asus an coac ' . Pratt' H' Moriarity' TL Kirkup' R. Herbst' R- Wright' Fourth Row: D. Sheffy, manager, F. Diego, F. Reed, Bell. Third Row: C. Taylor, trainer: W. lannicelli, Freshman coach, D- Foery. R- O'Brien. R- Hhmilwn- R- Pohher. G- E-qui. P- Nl. Lewis, assistant Freshman coach. F. Fisher, F. Hesse, G. Thompson, C. Havens, E. Ebersole, H. Fouse, manager. foot 64102 Living up to preseason expectations the 1956 Franklin and- Marshall football team took on the appearances of a small college powerhouse before the campaign ended. BULLET BOUNCED Under the tutelage of head football coach, Woody Sponaugle, the team posted a season's log of live victories, two losses and one tie. Knocking off one opponent after the other, the Blue and White eleven was able to post a string of five straight wins before being upset by a plucky Muhlenberg crew. An aggressive backfield and a strong for- ward wall were the features which spelled success for the team. Two returning veterans, Wayne Dussinger and Pee Wee Johnston, along with George Darrah, up from the 1955 freshmen team, were the men who gave the backfield the added punch. Rounding out the backfield were jay Powell and Dick Wright, both returning lettermen. In the quarterback slot, Powell shared his duties with sophomore Fred Hesse. Bill Pettigrew, Bob Herring, Charlie Havens, George Dilliard, Herb Moriarity, John Olson and Dick Hamilton comprised the forward wall of the team. These men specialized in defense as can readily be seen PUNT IN THE RAIN. when one notices the small number of touchdowns scored against Franklin and Marshall during the year. Throughout the season it was observed that the Diplomat gridders played their best games at home, while they did not do so well on the road. The team got off to a slow start when they traveled to Baltimore on Sept. 29 to open the campaign. Al though dominating the game throughout, F. 86 M. had to settle for a 7-7 tie with a stubborn Johns Hopkins squad. At Carlisle the following Week, the Diplomats experienced their first success when they dumped the Dickinson eleven, 15-0. In their first home game an inspired Franklin and Marshall opposed an un- defeated Upsala team, which was ranked BULLSEYE TO PEE WEE. the best defensively in small college circles. Having no respect for rankings, F. 86 M. unleased a powerful attack which netted them 21 points before the Vikings were able to dent the scoring column. With Darrah, Dussinger,'Herring and Johnston all reaching pay dirt, the game ended 28-6. At Homecoming the Diplomat gridders thrilled the crowd by smashing Albright 20-6. George Darrah was the hero of the day as he passed to Pettigrew for one touch- down and scored another himself on a 38-yard jaunt. Going on the road again, the Blue and White footballers ran into some rugged weather and rugged opposition, but pre- vailed in the end, 12-6. Completely domin- ating the game the Diplomats, paced by ABOUT TO BE "HAD." GOING DOWN. BONES RECOVERS. Fred Hesse and Bob Souders, found that Western Maryland would not go down without a fight. Returning to Williamwn field on Nov. 3, Franklin and Marshall's gridders extended their undefeated skeinto six as they overpowered a Carnegie Tech crew, 21-0. With Pettigrew, Darrah, and Dussinger doing the scoring, the Nevonians had little trouble in taming the Skibos. An injury-riddled F. Sc M. squad met disaster at the hands of Muhlenberg College, 13-0, on Nov. 16. Playing their usual brand of ball in the first half, the Diplomats held the Mules to a 0-0 halftime score, but in the second half the Allentown boys made the Lancaster crew wish they had stayed home. Led by outstanding Frank Capitani, a SMOTHERED. crack Gettysburg team handed the Diplo- mats their second loss of the year, 21-0. Thus ended the 1956 season--the best since 1953. During the season Franklin and Marshall tallied 103 points While limiting the opposition to 59. The team will lose several good men through graduation this year. The list includes: Co-captains 'Jay Powell and Bob Bostic, Earl Ebersole, Mercer Johnston, Rene Herbst, Ray O'Brien, Dick Hamilton, Dave Forery, Dick Pohner, Larry Young and Ted Appel. However, most of the 1956 starting eleven will be back in 1957, and they will be bolstered by some fine players from this year's freshmen squad. Students and friends of Franklin and Marshall College can expect to see a great season turned in by the 1957 Diplomat gridders. ONLY 10 MORE, GEORGE. CLASH AND THE CROWD. SITUATION WELL IN HAND. WET "WO0TERS". SUMMARY F .81 M. Opponent 7 ,........ ...... J ohns Hopkins ........ .............. 7 1 5 ...... ...... D ickinson .,.,...... .... 0 2 8 .......,. ...... U psala .... .... 6 2 0 ......... .,.,.. A lbrighr ..................... .... 6 12 ......... ....... W estern Maryland ...... .... 6 21 ......... ....... C arnegie Tech ........ .... 0 0 ......... ....... M uhlenberg ..... ........ 1 3 0 ......... ................ G ettysburg .......................... ........ 2 1 Won-S Lost-2 Tied-1 TAKING TOSS FOR T-D. HE'S GOING NOWHERE IT TAKES THREE. LOOK OUT, GEORGE! PRACTICE CAN BE ROUGH. I GOOD TACKLE- i THE BEST ws MET. HAI-FFIME SHOW- First Row: E. Rummel, N. Senft, C. Clark. captain: D. Nlccaa. SUMMARY F. 8: M. 1 5 ...,..., Muhlenberg ....... 2 1 ...A.... Albright ..A.......... 42 ........ Swarthmore ......, 27 ,....... Johns Hopkins 15 ..,..,.. Elizabethtown 17 ..,,..., Juniata .........,..... M. A. S.--6th Place Won-S Lost-1 Second Row: Nlainzer. manager: Buchanan. Moran. R. Clapp, C. Walter, coach: Wilbur Shenk. The cross country team, coached by Dr. Wilbur Shenk, had an extremely successful season in '56 in posting a S-1 record. The team had more vic- tories this year than in the four previous years combined. Through vigorous training and excell- ent team spirit, the harriers were able to vanquish all opponents except a very formidable Swarthmore squad on .Swarthmore's mountainous course. The victories included Muhlenberg, Albright which had three good veteran runners, johns Hopkins in a deluge of rain, Elizabethtown at Parent's Day, and a previously undefeated Juniata team. They were a result of a well-balanced team. Charlie Clark, Dick Clapp, John Buchanan, Jim Moran, and Dave McCaa were consistently ahead of most of their opponents, Charlie Walters, Nate Senft, Ed Rum- mel, and Ronnie Heindel were able to place in several races. The placing of the latter .resulted in an F. 86 M. victory over John's Hopkins. In the Middle Atlantics, F. 86 M. harriers took sixth place behind St. Joseph's, West Chester, Lehigh, LaSalle, and Swarthmore. Clapp was fifteenth, Clark twenty-second, Buchanan thirty- fifth, Moran forty-fourth, Senft forty-ninth, McCaa fifty-Hrst, and Rummel fifty fifth out of seventy runners. Ross Emerick, a freshman, placed twenty seventh in the Freshmen Middle Atlantic Meet. With only the loss of Captain Charlie Clark, the harriers next year, who will be led by co- captains John Buchanan and Dick Clapp, are looking forward to another excellent season. E-TOWN START E-TOWN FINISH czoss courztzq KOCCQZ First Row: H. Bomberger, C. Robertson, Quinn. R. Hitchings, captain: V. Ringlet. J. Stuart, R. Brown. Second Row: Neil Hoover, assistant coachg Husted, D. Martin, Nolt, L. Achenbach, D. Ficlces. T. Compton, manager. Third Row: R. Parker, R. Paine, Baker, R. Graeff. Fourth Row: Head Coach Robert Smith, C. Hoover, F. Brown, L. Slough, F. Hall, S. Nolt. D. Achey, R. Hafer. The soccer season at F. 85 M. this year was a rather disappointing one. Having lost only three lettermen the year before, F. 81 M.'s chances looked very promising, but instead a record of 3 wins, 4 losses, and 2 ties was posted. Coached by Bob Smith, the Diplomats were led on the field by Captain Bob Hitchings. For their first game of the season, F. 86 M. traveled to Easton where they lost a heartbreaker to Lafayette in overtime. Herb Bomberger and Jim Stuart scored early for F. 86 M. but the Leopards kept pecking away, finally winning the game on a penalty shot. In two games against Muhlenberg and Delaware, the expected brilliance of the F. SL M. team was briefly shown as the Diplomats shut out these two opponents while amassing 13 points themselves. The Diplomats were poor hosts as they trounced Muhlenberg 6 to 0 in the first home game of the year. Goalie Don Martin registered his first shut- out of the season as Muhlenberg put up little resistance. As the result of goals by Vern Ringler and Joe Nolt, F. 86 M. had a 2 to 0 lead at halftime and in the second half a penalty shot by Bob Graeif, Nolt's second goal, and two goals by Jim Quinn put the game on ice. The Diplomats reached their peak against Delaware, showing championship form as they completely smothered the Blue Hens. The Diplo- mat booters made the Delaware goal look like a sieve as Graeff, Stuart, Gerry Husted and John Mongiovi scored single goals while Quinn pulled the "hat trick" by scoring three goals. While the Dips were firing away at the Delaware goal, Goalies Martin and Larry Achenbach adequately handled what few Delaware shots there were. The beginning of the end came for the Diplomats when they lost to Drexel 4 to 1 on Homecoming Day. Hoping to rebound from its defeat by Drexel, F. 81 M. ran into an inspired Western Maryland team and came out on the short end of a 5 to 2 count. Jim Quinn and Bob Graeff did the scoring for the Diplomats. HALF -TIME Without the services of three of its regular starters, F. 86 M. went down to a 2 to 0 defeat before a large Homecoming crowd at Haverford. The game was close all the way, but the F. 86 M. booters couldn't find the mark. Probably the sweetest victory for F. 86 M. all year was the 4 to 2 win over Gettysburg. Played on the battlefield in a teeming rain storm, the Dips managed to slop through two goals in the first half only to have the Bullets quickly tie it up in the third period, but a late show of strength put F. 86 M. ahead. The year before, Gettysburg shut out the Nevonians 2 to 0. Joe Nolt pulled the "hat trick," scoring the first three goals, and Jim Quinn finished up the F. 86 M. scoring. The last two games with Bucknell and Ursinus were overtime affairs in which neither team could come out on top. Although F. 86 M. played superior ball, the Bucknell game ended in a 1 to 1 tie. Many F. 86 M. shots went booming over the Bucknell goal, but only Bob Parker's bullet-like shot found the SUMMARY mark. This made F. 86 M.'s Middle Atlantic Con- ference record 2-2-1 for the season. Hoping for a win to break even on the over-all season, F. 86 M. had to be satisfied with a scoreles tie as they engaged Ursinus in their final game. F. 86 M. had plenty of shots again, but couldn't get that all-important goal. After the final game, Jim Stuart was voted next year's captain. High scoring honors this year went to Jim Quinn as he scored seven goals. Post-season honors went to Gerry Husted as he was given honorable mention on the All-American Soccer Team. Husted, Vern Ringler, Bob Parker and Jack Baker received recognition on the all-star team of the Southern division of the Middle Atlantic Conference. This year's Student Council Soccer Award went to Vern Ringler for his out- standing team play. Next year will be a rebuilding year for Coach Bob Smith as nine Seniors were on this year's team. F.86M. 2 ................., Lafayette ...... .... 6 ....... ........ M uhlenberg ..... .... 7 ....... .,...... D elaware ...... .... 1 ....... ........ D rexel ..,.......... .... 2 ....... ........ W . Maryland .......... 0 ....... ........ H averford ......, .... 4 ....... ........ G ettysburg ....... .... 1 ....... ........ B ucknell ....,.,, .... 0 ....... ........ U rsinus ..... .... First Row: W. Panl'-xl. R. Garbacik, Capt Ziegler, lrwin, R. Swetnam. Second Row: Coach W. Sponaugle, R. Souders, F. Current, R. Hamilton, R. Koenig. R. Pollock, R. Benner. Manager S. Wallace, Trainer C. Taylor. 6as'ket6aM Led by Captain Jack Ziegler, 6'7" center, the Blue and White courtmen waged one of their most successful cage campaigns in recent years by posting a 14-6 record with the Competent coaching of Woody Sponaugle, head mentor of the Dip quintet. Improving greatly over the mediocre 9-10 slate recorder by the previous team, the Nevonians, with three returning starters and two new sophomore stars, completed the first half of their schedule with nine victories in ten outings. Spearheaded by Dick Dunn, a veteran returning from a brief stint for Uncle Sam, and Ziegler, the F. 86 M. five lifted the lid off the 1956-57 season by downing Juniata, 79-69. Dunn tallied 27 points and Ziegler 20 in defeating the Indians at the Lan- caster Armory. In their next tilt against Western Maryland the Dips just missed the century mark by trouncing the Terrors, 99-69, with spitfire guard Bobby Souders sinking 28 counters. The Sponauglemen continued their winning ways against the Bears of Ursinus by hanging an 85-60 decision on the Collegeville five. One of the soph aces, Bob Swetnam, led the Dip scorers with 19 tallies. F. 86 M.'s cagemen made it four straight with an 88-78 win over Swarthmore. Again Dunn and Ziegler teamed to spark the Dip attack. Dunn hit for 23 counters, while the lanky Ziegler dunked in 20. The Blue and White stretched their win skein to five by blasting Johns Hopkins, 92-73, Balti- more. Big jack bore the brunt of the Dip-offense by canning 27 markers. At this point the locals ran into a bit of un- expected trouble by being upset by Lehigh, 68-58. The Packers displayed amazing accuracy from the floor in posting their streak-breaking triumph. Following this disappointing loss, the F. 81 M. five embarked upon a four-game string of conquests over Dickinson, 98-763 Lebanon Valley, 82-645 Muhlenberg, 70-68, and Gettysburg, 83-60. For the first time in several years tlx charges of Coach Sponaugle were able to master the court magic spun by Rinso Marquette's Flying Dutch- men, when they crushed the Valley quintet. It was a team victory, with five Dips cashing in for double figures. By edging the Mules the Nevonian dribblers pulled a surprising upset over the highly-touted Cardinal and Gray passers. Souders, who led the scorers with 21 points, canned a pair of free throws in the waning seconds of the debacle to ice the fray for the Blue and White Basketeers. Gettysburg, the erstwhile grid nemesis for Sponaugle, offered little resistance to the Dip cage onslaught. Big Zieg again led the Diplomats with 19 pointsagainst the Bullets. In their next clash the Albright Lions roared to an 84-67 victory over Sponaugle's proteges. After tabbing Susquehanna, 76-54, at the Armory, the Dips dropped an 86-65 contest to the Moravian Greyhounds and a 72-66 contest to the Navy Midshipmen. Senior Rudy Koenig, the fiery floorman, reached the pinnacle of his college basketball career in the next game by spark- ing the Dips to a 92-76 victory over the Dickinson Red Devils with 32 buckets. Another team effort proved to avenge an earlier defeat at the hands of Albright. Five Dips hit the double Hgures column in the 96-70 conquest. The Nevonians next made it two straight over Lebanon Valley by nipping the Dutchmen, 56-5 3, at Annville. Following this win the Dips dropped two tilts to Bucknell, 81-S 8, and Drexel, 82-64, before club- bing Gettysburg again in the season's finale on the hardwoods, 96-72. Bob Benner, the diminutive red-head, led the Dips in a losing cause against the Drexel Dragons in an NCAA playoff game. The sparkling soph pleased the crowd with his pin-point passing and lethal set-shooting from the floor before fouling out after gathering 18 points. Burly Dick Hamilton and Souders each garnered 22 counters for the Nevonians in leading the way against the hapless Bullets. Benner, Ziegler, and Koenig also hit in the double figures bracket in the G-burg fracas. Looking back over this past year's squad, one must admit that it was well-balanced with speed, height and scoring punch. Ziegler and Swetnam were the giants in grabbing off stray shots from the boards. F. 86 M.'s twin defensive stalwarts, Souders and Benner, constantly annoyed enemy hoopsters with their pass-intercepting and ball- stealing antics. In the scoring department no less than seven Dip courtmen were game individual scoring leaders: Ziegler, Souders, Benner, Koenig, Swetnam, Dunn and Hamilton. Next year the Dips will miss the services of Ziegler, who canned the most points this yearg Koenig, who inspired the Blue and White with take- charge fireg and Hamilton, the hard-fighting ani- ws mfwma- ,, s.,.:nm..-'."1rfwvxz i, mal. This stellar trio will be lost via the graduation route. However, Sponaugle has a good nucleus of re- turning veterans in captain-elect Souders, Benner, Swetnam and Bob Garbacik. Jim Weinstein, the ace of this year's frosh aggregation, should also aid in bringing another Winning cage season to the ever-smiling Sponaugle. SUMMARY F.8CM. 79 ........ Juniata ................ 99 ........ W. Maryland ...... 8 5 ........ Ursinus ................ 8 8 ........ Swarthmore ........ 921' ....... J. Hopkins .......... 5 8 ........ Lehigh ................ 9 8 ........ Dickinson ............ 82 ........ Lebanon Valley .. 70 ...,.... Muhlenberg ........ 8 3 ........ Gettysburg .......... 67 ........ Albright .....,........ 76 ........ Susquehanna ........ 65 ....,,.. Moravian .............. 66 ........ Navy .......... ....... 92 .,...... Dickinson ............ Won-14 Lost--6 96 ........ Albright .............. 56 ........ Lebanon Valley .... S 8 .,....,. Bucknell .............. 64 ,,,..... Drexel ........... .... 96 ........ Gettysburg .......... 3 . G ig I . . g . T yr q W.,. f .WM 'I fl ,. ,.-' VV I xg "F , .4 4 7 4. I f s QQ 09 I x Hi ' Nfitgfo' dll' In 1 I 4.40, 1 533.3 Q1 tw - L. X if - 456. QE'-, weg.4? 1 . ..... . ,Mu I H W, sm Ru if ,Q 4 .: .v 1, f-:Z-qw. , A11 231. . . 15W V-4 , 1 Q-' x., 5, S ' Y. 5... .' 1 ' '-'bf V ' E ,ff First Row: Clark, G. Muse, D. Horner, R. Flemming, Yeats, S. Saltzman. ' Second Row: Coach Phillips, R. Smith, R. Kottmeyer, C. Pfrommer, Hannan, Lin- shaw D. Kane manager Cohen, IIIBHBSCT Missihg when picture was taken: Charley Hefshey, Ned Horner, Barry Montgomery. wzastlifzg The Franklin and Marshall wrestling team had a very successful season, dropping only two matches. These were against the powerful Lehigh and Cornell squads. The Blue and White fans were not at all disappointed because these two matches provided many thrills. Following the strategy of Coach Roy Phillips, the matmen won the rest of their meets. The team had a very complimentary record of 8 wins and 2 losses. The Phillipsmen were under the able leadership of senior co-captains Dave Horner C157 lb. classj and Ron Flemming Q177 lb. classj. During the season the 123 lb. class was filled by Jim Clark, Charles Hershey, and Leo Tyrell, while the 130 lb. class was handled by Gordon Muse. Ned Horner and Steve .Saltzman alternated at the 137 lb. spot and Killer Joe Yeats manned the 147 lb. position. Irish John Hannan, although bothered by a shoulder injury, filled the 167 lb. class very effectively and massive Charlie Pfrommer was the Blue and White's respected heavyweight. Strong reserves were ready to perform when called upon. These were Jack Linshaw, Jack Kirkpatrick, Dick Wright and Bob Rudisill. Last but not least, versatile Bob Smith competed in the 147 lb., 157 lb., and 167 lb. classes. The first meet found the Dips crushing the University of Baltimore by the score of 28-6. Washington and Lee provided even less opposition and the Dips blanked them by a score of 34-0. The Phillipsmen then left Biesecker Gym and were handed their Hrst loss by Lehigh. Yeats and Santoro wrestled to a draw in the 147 lb. class that brought the crowd to their feet, cheering wildly for both men. Ron Flemming and Charlie Pfrommer both won their matches and John Hannan had to settle for a draw. Lehigh won by a score of 20-12. The Blue and White then traveled to the campus of West Virginia and handed them a very sub- stantial defeat-the final score standing at 26-10. The Dips attack was paced by falls by Muse, Yeats, Flemming and Pfrommer. Still on the road, the Nevonians journeyed to Gettysburg and defeated them by a score of 22-6. Smith, Horner and Rudisill all had exciting matches. The Diplomats then returned home to meet previously unbeaten Springfield. Jim Clark was decisioned by Amerantes, but put up a terrific tight and won the respect of all the spectators. Ned Horner and Bob Smith were decisioned- Smith by a man who outweighed him by 15 pounds. The rest of the Dip squad were all victories, giving them a 17-9 victory. The mid-term vacation proved harmful to the Blue and White, as Cornell handed them their sec- ond and final loss at Ithaca. Despite the loss, Yeats and Flemming both won to extend their undefeated streaks and Muse drew with Willis in the 130 lb. class. The mighty Dips then traveled to Syracuse and upset the powerful Orange and Black who previous- ly had defeated Cornell. The turning point in this meet came when Saltzman decisioned McDermott and Yeats threw Miranda. Flemming, F. and M.'s bull-necked terror, wrapped up the meet by hand- ing Bill White his first loss of the year. The University of Pennsylvania proved to be an easy foe as Clark won by forfeit, Saltzman deci- sioned Levy, Linshaw decisioned Hurley, Yeats pinned Kaiser, Hannan decisioned Captain Golden- berg, Flemming decisioned LaRouche, and Pfrom- mer wrapped it up by pinning Robb. The regular season drew to a close as the Dips trounced Temple 26-8. Yeats and Flemming re- mained undefea-ted, while I-Iannan, Muse, and Pfrommer lost only one match each. In the Easterns, The Blue and White faired very well by gaining a sixth place. All but two of the men survived their preliminary matches and Yeats and Pfrommer both placed fourth. Ron Flemming remained victorious and became champion in the 177 lb. class. Ron went on to gain further honors as he took second place in the Nationals, held at Pittsburgh. Dan Hodge, the man Ron lost to in the finals, was acclaimed the outstanding collegiate wrestler in the United States. When "Bozo" lost, he lost to the best. WRESTLING STATISTICS M Won Lost Tied Points Pin Dec Tl Pin Dec Tl Won Lost Clark ........ 8 Cforfeitsj 2 4 2 6 0 10 26 Hershey ..... 2 0 0 0 2 0 2 0 0 10 Tyrrell ...... 2 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 5 3 Muse ........ 7 2 3 5 0 1 1 1 19 3 Saltzman .... 5 0 3 4' 0 1 1 0 14 3 Horner, N. --- 5 0 2 2 0 3 3 0 6 9 Linshaw ..... 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 3 0 Yeats ....... 10 8 1 9 0 0 0 1 43 0 Smith ....... 3 0 2 2 0 1 1 0 6 3 Horner, D. .... 9 1 3 4 0 5 5 0 14 15 Hannan ..... 6 2 2 4 0 1 1 1 16 3 Kirkpatrick -- 2 1 1 2 0 0 0 0 8 0 Wright ...... 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 5 Rudisill ..... 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 3 Flemming ---10 4 6 10 0 0 0 0 38 0 Pfrommer --- 8 5 2 7 0 1 1 0 26 3 Totals 80 24 26 53 7 17 24 3 'Includes forfeit win. I i l i F.8cM. 28 ........ 34 ........ 12 ...,.... 26 ........ 22 ........ OPPONENT Baltxmore .............. W. and L. ............. . Lehi gh ,,,,..,......,.... West Virginia Gettysburg ..,.....,.,, Springfield Cornell ,.... Syracuse ...... Penn ......... Temple ........ Easterns- 6t First Row: C. Portser, R. Doman, D. Fogg, Bray, Wheeler, R. Tesh, G. Celia. Second Row: T. Lawson, P. Berkebile, C. Scott, E.. Kraft, E. Campbell, R. Buckwalter, j. Musser, W. Dawson, Coach G. lVlcGinness. Swimming Led by co-captains Doug Fogg and Joe Bray, and sparked by the return of two former captains, Rog Doman and Jim Wheeler, the 1956-57 swimming team compiled an admirable 6 won and 5 lost rec- ord. Only two heartbreaking defeats to Dickinson, once in a dual meet and once in the Little 3 affair, were considered blots on the record. Losses to Union, Lafayette, LaSalle and Navy were expected, since those schools put more emphasis on swimming than F. 86 M. The most gratifying win of the year was the tankmen's 56-30 romp over Gettysburg. This av- enged a 55-29 loss to the Bullets in the 1955-56 campaign. Prior to the G-burg meet, the swimmers had won only 1 out of 3 meets-the victory being over the Cadets of PMC and the losses coming at the hands of Lafayette and Union. With Phil Berkebile and Bob Tesh leading the way with 8 point per- formances, the Blue and White swimmers easily swamped the Bullets to even their record at 2-2. The Dip mermen followed up the Bullet victory with a 57-29 trouncing of Bucknell. Rog Doman and Berkebile took firsts in the breaststroke events, Charlie Portser took a first in backstroke, and free- stylers Tesh, Bray, and Ed Kraft took blue ribbons in the 50, 220, and 440 yard freestyle events re- spectively. Drexel and Delaware became victims number three and four in a row. The Dragons fell by a 56- 30 score with Doman, Berkebile, Buckwalter, Kraft and Fogg picking up first places. The Blue Hens of Delaware were then decisively beaten 57- 29. Buckwalter produced a first in the 440 and a second in the 220 to lead the individual scorers. Co- captains Bray and Fogg garnered firsts in their spe- cialties, while Berkebile and Doman continued to win the breaststroke events. Also in this meet, John mfr DUAL MEET Po1N1's Berkebile ............ ....... 6 0 Buckwalter ........ ....... 4 7 Doman ........... ....... 4 7 Fogg ,,,,, ....... 4 0 Tesh ..... .... 3 4 Bray ..... .... 3 0 Portser .... .... 2 7 Scott ........ ....... 2 4 Musser ...... ....... 2 1 Celia ..... .... 1 8 Kraft ........ .... 1 6 Wheeler ........ .... 1 2 Dawson ..... .... 6 Solsky ...... .... 6 Lawson .... .... 3 Musser scored the first "first" for F. 86 M. in diving competition for the season. LaSalle's classy tankmen, with a string of 30 straight wins, made F. 86 M. number 31 as they de- feated the Dips by a 55-31 margin. Bright spots in the defeat were Jim Wheeler, who took a first in his initial attempt at the 220 freestyle, and co-captain Fogg, who recorded his 5th blue ribbon in 8 races in the backstroke. The medley relay team also won for the 7th time in 8 meets. The Dip mermen hit the road after the LaSalle meet and met disaster at Carlisle. The Red Devils boasted an 8-1 record when they met F. 86 M. and were hard pressed to make it 9-1. A victory in the final relay gave them a well-deserved 45-41 victory over the Dips. 9 Against Swarthmore, the tankmen got back on the winning trail with a 5 2-34 victory. Buckwalter led the way with a pair of firsts in the 220 and 440 yard freestyle races. Other firsts for the Dips were recorded by Doman, Tesh, Portser, Celia and Mus- ser. The medley relay team, in winning its 8th race in 10 meets, established a new Swarthmore school and pool record. The team consisted of Fogg, Berk- ebile, Doman and Kraft. The Little 3 meet at Gettysburg saw F. 86 M. once again being squeezed out by Dickinson-this time by one point-62-61. Little 3 champions for F. 86 M. were the medley relay team of Doman, Fogg, and Berkebile. The swimmers closed out the year with a loss to Navy. Before the meet, Ron Buckwalter and Ed Kraft were elected co-captains for next year's squad. The outstanding swimmer award was presented to senior breaststroker Rog Doman at the sports ban- quet. 'A' RECORD F. 86. M. .... 30 Union ............ 56 F. 86 M. .... 5 4 PMC .............. 32 F. 86 M. .... 13 Lafayette ....,. 72 F. 86 M. .... 56 Gettysburg .... 30 F. 86 M. .... 57 Bucknell ........ 29 F. 86 M. .... 56 Drexel ............ 30 F. 86 M. .... 57 Delaware ........ 29 F. 86 M. .... 31 LaSalle .......... 5 5 F. 86 M. .... 41 Dickinson ...... 45 F. 86 M. .... 52 Swarthmore ..34 F. 86 M. .... 61 Dickinson ...... 62 I 86 G-burg ...... 26 Mid-Atlantics .............. 6th place F.86M. .... 10 Navy ......... ..... 7 6 First Row: H. Lamberson, D. Fickes, W. Eye-rly, Collentro, Third Row: F. Halsey, A. Nlinoff, W. Sancloe, Moffett, L. G. Trail, R. Pai , R. Smith. - Second Row: Allelfleinginna, manager: R. Pollock, Nlariani. Ache'-'back' F' Hesse' F' Current' R' Garbaclk' Coach Roy H. Bonyun, V. Ringler, R. Harnish, R. Hankee, R. Montgomery. Phillips. base MM Last year's baseball season was not a particularly successful one for the F. and M. squad which won only four while losing nine. However, the highlight of the season was a win over Moravian College, which had won sixteen in a row until beaten by F. and M. In addition the team beat county-rival Elizabethtown. The situation looks much brighter this year as a result of the large and impressive turn out for pre- season practice. The pitching, which has been a weak point in years gone by, should show a marked improvement. With letter-men George Trail and Earl Ebersole being backed up by veterans Jud Mariani and Harry Bonyun, F. and M. should im- prove over last year's record. In addition the team's pitching staff will be bolstered by Bob Montgom- ery, Herb Lamberson, Bob Garbacik and Wayne Fuller, all of whom have shown great promise. According to Coach Phillips, with the return of Capt. Vern Ringler, Joe Collentro, Dan Fickes, Arnie Minoff, Bob Smith, and Bill Sandoe, all let- termen, the outlook for this season is very encourag- ing. Of the six, only Collentro hit over .300, how- ever, the other five all hit .250 or better, which should add considerably to the team's offense. Other members of che squad include Larry Ach- enbach, catcherg Roy Hankee, Bill Eyerly, Bob Harnish, Fred Current, Ron Pollock and Ralph Paine, infieldersg and Dave Gockley, Jim Moffett and Charles Smith, ourfielders. lrl w A R J ll First Row: R. ClaPP. V. Myers, R. Fine. N. Senft, C. Clark, L. Reinhart, E. Rummel, R. Souders, F. Reed. Second Row: l... Morgan, P. Thompson, C. Wittlinger, lrwin, D. Martin, A. Evans, R. Pohner, E.. Kraft, D. Mccaa, M. Maier, manager. Third Row: Coach W. lannicelli, E.. Lieberman, P. Berkebile, Maier, R. Bonitz, R. Graeff. R. Portser, R. Wright, M. Weinerman, Coach M. Lewis. Looking stronger than a Franklin and Marshall track team has looked in years Qand there have been some good ones, , Coach Bill Iannicelli's thin clads are eagerly anticipating the 1957 season. Bol- stered by an array of returning lettermen, led by co-captains Don Martin and Art Evans, the Dips have a wealth of material which will lend the neces- sary depth to produce a fine year. Martin, Middle Atlantic high hurdle champion for the past two years and unbeaten in dual meet track competition over the same period, will be endeavor- ing to put a sweep together this Spring in dual and Middle Atlantic competition. In 1956, the Blue and White tracksters won three meets and-lost a like number while finishing sixth in the Middle Atlantics. Veteran pointmen returning from that squad are: Martin, Evans, Bob Graeff, Charles Clark, john Maier, jim Moran and Dave McCaa on the cinders and fieldmen Dick Pohner, Ed Kraft, Dave Foery and Bob Souders. First Row: Ziegler, R. Bostic. R. Burgoon. Second Row: Coach Freedman, R. Sullivan, Dewing, R. Spielman, Coach W. E, Trexler. 90440 The 195 7 Golf Team appears certain to fol- low in the long line of traditionally fine Frank- lin and Marshall golf squads and may even sur- pass the best of its predecessors. There are three reasons why such optimism is warranted. One reason is the assumption of the coaching duties by the Rev. Wilbur E. Trex- ler, whose knowledge and enthusiasm will be a definite asset to the team. Secondly, Dick Bur- goon, a sophomore who has won the Central Pennsylvania Amateur golf championship the last two years as well as other major amateur tournaments, is ready to start what should be an illustrious career of golf at F. and M. Finally, there are six returning lettermen from last year's team, led by Captain Bob Bostic and Out- standing Golfer Award winner Jack Ziegler. The other veterans, Jerry Dewing, Roger Bruce, Al VanSant and Pat Morgan, along with newcomers Glenn Guiles, Bob Sullivan and Ron Spielman form a solid nucleus of linksmen. Lacking nothing, the Dips have the manpower and experience to fare exceptionally well in the 1957 golf wars. First Row: C. Scott, Kirkpatrick, W. Dawson, A. Capon- ecchi, Smeltzer, D. Fairbanks. Second Row: Baumann, N. Caum, S. Babos, M. Kopil- nick, Stewart. Baker, G. Wernst. Third Row: B. Tsow, Federman, R. Edelman, W. Guialer, P. Cowles, C. Walters, A. Goldenberg. Qaczossa Lacrosse is the newest intercollegiate sport at F. and M. Founded in 1956, it is operating on a club basis and hopes to be recognized as a varsity sport next year. Mel Kopilnick, a senior who learned his lacrosse at Baltimore City College, is acting as player-coach for the season. The lacrosse team obtained funds from the Stu- dent Council and several fraternities to help in the purchasing of equipment and uniforms. A fine nucleus from last year's team has returned and the squad is being built around them. Mel Kopilnick will again be back in the goal. Last year's strong defense of Charlie Havens, Jack Kirkpatrick and Don Fairbanks returns intact. Returning midfielders from the 195 6 team are Craig Scott, Ned Caum, Jack Baker, Pete Cowles and Garner Werntz. Spear- leading the attack are two more veterans from last year's squad-Jim Stuart and Wain Daw- son. A number of newcomers to the team are making their presence felt and will have a great deal to do with the team's success. Fresh- man Sandy Babos at midfield is showing why he was an all-star prep school player in New Eng- land last year. Transfer student John Bauman from the University of Baltimore and freshman Bob Queler are welcome additions to the attack. Sophomore football star Bill Pettigrew will bols- ter the defense this season. There are a number of boys out for the team who have not had previous lacrosse experience. It is hoped that these players will be the future lacrosse stars at F. and M. The schedule calls for seven games, and it is anticipated that the won and loss record will be considerably better than the opening season record of one and six. talzfzis' The 195 7 edition of the Franklin and Marshall Tennis Team promises to turn in one of the best records ever achieved by a Blue and White Tennis squad. For the third straight year the coaching reins have changed hands. This year's mentor is pro- fessor Glenn E. Miller, a long-time standout in the tennis ranks around Lancaster. Coach Miller has devised a new type challenge system by which the six top-seeded men, on the day of any one match, will participate in that match. Last year the racketeers compiled a 7 and 5 record, which in some ways is misleading. After dropping five out of their first six matches, the Diplomats swept their last six in impressive fashion. There are no less than seven returning veterans from last year's squad, so great things are expected this year. The returning men are co-captains Larry Cerino and Lee Rosky, Mike Hettlemen, Joe Grosh, Bill Witmer, Bob Renza, and Norris Battin. Join- ing these stalwarts to complete the squad are Dave Mook, Don Spangler, Barry Thoma, Frank Mahan, and Abe Rosenthal. Undoubtedly, these men will add to what has already been a banner year in F. 86 M. athletics, as they prepare to tackle their tough 14 team schedule. OPPONENTS April 3 .......... Haverford 8 .......... Lafayette 1 1 .......... Pennsylvania 1 3 .......... Lehigh 2 6 .......... Gettysburg 3 0 .......... Swarthmore May 2 .......... Dickinson May 4 .......... Gettysburg 7 .......... Albright 1 3 .......... Delaware 1 5 .......... Dickinson 18 .......... Bucknell 2 1 .......... Moravian 2 3 .......,.... Ursinus T 1 1 i f , , , , , , , ,N, ,,,,,,,7,,,,, , , , ,, ,WWI v,"'.. r' ,, V 1. Q u XV This version of big-game hunting is practiced throughout the world by the young and the not-so-young. It is considered a surer way to success for those who can run faster than they can talk, who are better as a cave- man than conversationalist. Butterfly net is useful not only in snaring the prize, but as deception at home. This chap's wife still thinks the frilly pink things he goes after are butterflies. , . Reprintcrl From The Yule Refofd. WELCOME TO HARTMAN HALL rw man azienlfafion ,WK fwffnf 0I4fL6C0l4fLUfL WZBAEVL 956 The college and the Class of 1959 sponsored an outstanding Homecoming Weekend this year. Friday, October 19, 1956 was pro- claimed Benjamin Franklin Day by Mayor Bare of Lancaster to celebrate the 250th birthday anniversary of the founder of our college. The annual Founder's Day address was presented at the convocation on Friday by Dr. Leonard W. Labaree, the co-editor of the Papers of Benjamin Franklin, who discussed the topic, "Franklin and Educationf' The Green Room Club also participated in the celebration by producing the comedy Ben Franklin throughout the Week. Decorations for the dance that evening in this Moose Ballroom were centered around the Franklin theme, while Lester Lanin and his orchestra provided the music. The Homecoming Queen was Miss Paula Staples of Cedar Crest College Who was escorted by Jim Hoeschle. She and her court were further honored Saturday at the football game in which F. and M. triumphed over the-Albright Lions. Following the game, the Marshall-Buchanan dormitories were dedicated with President- elect Bolman on hand to receive the keys from the Board of Trustees. There were several excellent fraternity displays, many displaying the theme of Ben Franklin. Phi Kappa Psi Won first honors out of the ten participating fraternities with Chi Phi being second and Phi Kappa Tau receiving an honorable mention. 52454, l W r I t P V w L N r I 'C 0 1' C 5 Z Z ff Z 'C 6 VL If 49 W 6 6 6 F VL winfez wee en WINTER WEEKEND QUEEN - Miss BETTY BRICKER I. F' QUEEN Miss AUDRE'Y ESI-ILEMAN CDZK AXA cDKZ CIDKWIV CDKT imfez gmlfeznafy weaken! ZBT IIACD XII XCD KZ AZCD DR. HOUSTON PETERSON DR. HOMER L. DODGE MR. RICHARD TOBIN DR. RICHARD J. STONESIFER Chairman of Assembly Committee Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov Dec. Dec. Feb. Mar. Apr. Apr. May 13 13 ASSEMBLY SCHEDULE 19 S 6- S7 4--Dr. Houston Peterson, Professor of Phil- osophy, Rutgers Univ. Subject: "Manners and Morals." 19-Founder's Day. Address by Dr. Labaree of Yale Univ., editor of the Benjamin Franklin papers. 25-Helena Carroll and Dermot McNamara portraying "Curtain Up on Great Plays." 8-Mr. Richard Tobin, Radio and TV News Director of the New York Herald Tri- bune. Subject: "Washington Review." 29-Dr. Homer L. Dodge, former Director of the Office of Scientific Personnel of the National Research Council. Subject: "Soviet Education Today." -Dr. Henry Lee Smith, Dean of the School of Languages of the U.S. Depart- ment of State Foreign Service Institute. -Appel Lecturer Dr. Henry Lee Smith, Dean of the School of Languages of the U.S. Department of State Foreign Service Institute. Subjects: "Linguistic-s and Communication" and "Where Are You From?" -Mr. john Canaday, Chief of the Division of Education of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Subject: "Understanding Modern Art." 28-Mr. Norman G. Dyhrenfurth, the only American member of the 1952 Swiss Everest Expedition. Subject: Presentation of his highly awarded film "Solo Khumba, Land of the Sherpas of Nepal." 4-Mr. Constantine Bolydreff, Underground leader against Communism. 7-Spring Concert by the Franklin and Marshall College Band. 7-8-North Lecturer: Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, William O. Douglas. Subject: "The Bill of Rights." MISS HELENA CARROLL DR. HENRY LEE SMITH MR. RAWN SPEARMAN I JUSTICE WILLIAM O. DOUGLAS In 1939, age forced the retirement of Justice Louis Brandeis. William O. Douglas, member of the Securities and Exchange Commission and former professor of law at Columbia Law School, was appointed to the position vacated by Justice Brandeis. Justice Douglas, in the field of political and civil liberties, has contin- ued the Brandeis sensitivity to the commands of the Bill of Rights. His opinions on cases dealing with freedom of expression, religion and criminal procedures con- stitute an invaluable contribution to the literature in support of free democratic government. .Ei -N c J 5 'FT' ":I .I:'- -,I k ' A, . Q' 4 V. , ,.,,.,,:.,.. ,::,h .,.,.: , , , , ,N 4 . .:,. U ' .':'..7.'5.-:-2 .: -'1 wf?"'w ,gy f -1::gsga:a. . 6.1 W 6' if E '-i-j'?".- - :I, .,.. " vf 1 x . L , -'al ....f. if A. 1 9 fx - 1. . 2, Q- .X ,,v -, is ig: M Q : K I , ,Sl 1 'MA . If f A ' K. Qi, ' We , Q ,, Z f N UW' , ,HL , f- , ,,.. . ' X , , ,W .QQ :g5ga,5E.E55.:,: X , I ,P - : ' I I .- g ' ' ,u -If:,,'f :, ,,',!:f":,::5. X 'L ' , x f - - fy ':f. ', L nz:-Q::::5E5,..g.g, , 2, ' ww2' k ii 'V ., 2' 1 ,... Q ' -N' ,K 1 K . L K R 5- . ,3.5.g5.:- i 'Vg' I' fx: L - 1554: .3 t . -----' : x ,Q .. - lx - A ' g A V 2 f .U V imx WA I ., , A 1 A :::-1:2-.:,. .4 ,,34J I iifimg ,I I Jr : XA 5. Nia. JM -5 L by I-Lg' f ,M .1 Q X V - r :E . .m Q t ... . .... , ,, '," 7 f ff" 9. W"-1 '55 - ' ' . 4, ........,. 1 .V ' , 5, , A H ' - f 1 .- " 11 W?7""' K- is " ..... 5 wr figffm 2 41 . 2? vw ---' - Hg, - 4 '36 Qigg.. 3 1 , 55, ,- K -"' m5fa, ,455fg:. 1 31, E 'f wr- Q. ' -T Z? ff - .' g , , ,4 'f 5 f .3 L, 5 , A ...V ... . f . 4 .' ,M K k L, bw 1, E., - ,sgrgs 1 f. I - 5 -1- , 3 5 X Us if-L ?SL?3w,h .,,. . 'Sf gg., fl high f' Q1 .Q-if X ,. . , I if j 335,-i 335- f y xi' , V., A5214 V-i f , jfs--5:21. ,. :gy t ' :.:.: Mg Q if f ,M 5 . , W. W Q ' 1 -U2 ' 'M " in , 2... W' M M.. . W, .,... - u 1 5 A LW 2' "1 I H ' ' K, 'wl ff ' iff- :Au m 1 ,,, - , 9 ' h ' JZ' , A X f Ag .f X 'W .fx V," x k ' ff' if 'W-" ., '- 'A "ag ffifii: -'li wyf 1 'I '-we: ' '1 f YA ' fm fi H- 1 . . '- lg'-iaiifs-'2 K 'V Q- H , Q5 f' 31 Wm-1 ' ,. . f - if 51 ,jm..-'wb V736 5' -' refs.. fw , 3. 45415 -L-A W N: w- ' 2-' W f Q -- VW 1: V4.5 jr -31:24 a-as-'+f ..5:5::. WV -'c- 'T 'X aww fm 1 -- fi 52:51.24 ' fe f gafaageggaglg ww- M w .egg - ' . ,Q':EEE5E' .wffzww J' Sim. gm-22 5 if ,.g.g.g. . r' , , ,.,. I .122 -ff ' 'W 4 ff :l.gff9g.o'A, .mx 5-fesia W 4 - BV - A . 4' A I - M I 0 4, X .f H, -v- ,- :F i V -- M ' A -," -ww M 4-' M. .-, , jf, 1 , A H 4" 4 Ez 1 ' - I ., W, 1 'fiil-2-5' 5 1 ' 4 4 .J ..,. ,ost W- "1 ,Q -, I, Vi- Jig NW' f 6g5... Qf 2 'V 3 .V 5 A ,W g ,zy X X - , 2 ' 2 V ' - ww few' ,fy waffz-..,2!f W .5 .-nz' f -flfxfgff' .V 4 'f , H , -5:25 '-.ii , , f 5 1- 4 EY- . . '31 '- -555'-2:,:5EEE P' 3, f f ,,.. pi . vm . . ff fa.. -: ,Qi 3 2w1fi'f- G , wif , "' 955 , Pigzlg f, 7 H Q M, g f Q , gg. F? 5 'X' 5 Www- V ? ' W fm Q ew 2 xx ., V1 4' .Jr . .- ' ' 'L . . f wf'fii.?Q 90:5 v ' . H ww. 1 " 35 1 . . .. . wi' ,MA 'k'Wi-21s"1- . Q6 wg Wmfkgfyiig W? iw 'iw is L 1- - rw 'Q HM, . E ., .K 'V 5i3'13f52l5' ??ifif' 2531, ,fm . 1 QE Zz' I' ""' ' ' , H ' 'l' 'VU5' 'x,,13"x3YZZ':i1 U.,-.T ff- . ,.,. V L' .K ff. . . , , . . -W., -W H- Hwy- 5... A .V ff.-2 Aa ' 'J-1.-.-:Ja sg -'-'-' ----- 2 ""'3 L W.. .. ,.'2s.2ifLiE:.I?:'...f'. 1' " . 1 my I ' . .4',,,. .S .5 4 .' P .- 2 "fig Wing, ' ..:,,1, .. Q 1 1 M, it 1 ,.,.... ,.,A w-5, x ,Q-mgyy , . 2 X,-T'.2?i?vFTTE-LQKKG-S' ' r N If 1 5: . 1:-gy' N., , . 'SW fy ', ' wrt. 2-..,.,.f W-,.g. 1 lvl ', in X N' Q'X--Ugw -M' 1 5 Q3 gi if- X 11 Q' X':x G I ' is e A QJWH' gf .Q . mg, 1 ,f, 55 -if V f.:aeQ2I?' T ' i, f"5' :3:-:f. ll' if . t 37: V , QV 1 ,, ,J I W, 6? "'A f . Qfiifisiaeli , 1 4 ---, 'Q Q ' f ,I KJ gi S? 5 Q fa? Z? .' ff. -3 K 'Sf 'fi I ,:.,.,. ,. , 5,1 Y f- X Aggyg H r. ' "" A' gb M ig - f - W-A - asia ,W ,. -,N ..,. Vifrwf, gamma, ' . M4 Qsfwf v i ' 522 My 1 Q L F P v ' Eff: Q LL 2 V, , -e s 2 ' ., I 9, x JL, .39 3 2' ,fi u in 1. if Air -Q3 Lf? -2 fl ,,-. . "X- -- N . o Q 3 . ,- ll OD .. FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE .- - . 1 Vol, 40, No. 11 Lancaster, Pa., December 5, 1956 Si" ll' ' A. S HENK AWARD W m 2 'rr-is srunzm wsrnr. rnannm AND mans!-uu.L o Fred Hesse, sophomo' ' A terback from Leba Sh k EDI I2 IALL we Sveveegiirileie . 2 AMERICAS Iwo-RING CIRCUS . . . X dt 'The quadrennial period of madness lf' a political campaign is with.1,1s QHCC 98' - ed by the usual round of pra1ses, pl 4 garding 0119.8 Own party, plus -the cus A 'len' some commit sruvsnrs Aa: AN E PROFESSIONV N A t pi'-X gy-ggfu. :men JL Hmgm 0p8ll3lg H3222 Pla ftfc sew!!! Openpdn' the as fb . :Zhe1a,'Q,'L wa- aged 0 . ,Jas Plan Q 5 v nge 50 I N h ol my M3-,ty ET., ' 4' knows who W .-A5 KW? 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MQ c 'T I f ' ' ' .1 df: ,L L 'I . 5 lv ey, or on Gallowoy,'Paul Leventhal, Fred Pollak, Neill Varner. David Yoder. S003 r' Features Staff: Assistant Editor Richard P. Wurstg Farrell Brod' Wil mt A Y' ' liarn Hershey, John Shellenberger, James Reich, Michael Gottesman. Sports Stair: Assistant1Editor, Ronald Buckwalterg Daniel Mager, Robert Montgomery, John Ziegler. Z' Editorial Assistant' Donald Bruaw Cartoonlst' Preston Brunin Q- O 'Y X ee QQ., e GQ '5 . . . Q 0 .1 ? Photographers: Robert Gross, Robert 0'Connell. QQ- 'gy QS' Q 1, C K, . e fi' nvsrnrzss starr ,f06g?q 'G' 6601-,8'f'fsf GQ Q Business Hans e J Z If .... .. ........ . ................... John E MP94 QQ! 42 '90 'S' L29 J' ' .f +I- Q, 0 Sub crlptlons: Ru sell Mert , Manager: Dale Achey, Robert Bu ' 0 Qi' BPaul Lenz, Edgvard Scholfas. 'Q 60,00 J af 6' lol: 92 4 o Distribution Hanger: G. Robert Pedrlck. ' f U S m Advertising: Ronald Brooks, Theodore Beachley, Thomas Eb Will! 69 '50 Y, am Ryan, William Stauffer, He-" lffodt F ' this-wedding bells for DID CIIESS Mt th. Nobody but Marty A I -1' ?,?1o?53Q? 3 4 Z rue Franklin and Marshall c e 'W sr' 0 uuv X0 S' hawaii ll -u ,. 0 if CD gs -- G ' Q I ' ies 9' 21 15 4 , 'Ufzexps' 'DN9 I 54:99 K-00 l vsixmqofxqvqp We 64 K .N' go 159 '9' A .K 3-66 Q SQAQSD' 30306: H tgbaivw 54oQ'v'?Q V3 .KIQQQU xg? -3 Qwoob? bt 5 e.Nofzf'm-4.6 vb Q" 'F rf N Q Q 'D' 'S' 99 a 3 Q1 0: Q, 'O i A e eve O ev 9 - Q- 1095? Qs-.5 gags KV - , "FIDE B R. y H. Sports Editor Sponsored BY GR DMMNE NMS or ' AS yet no freshma 'h t - For Tom hi fd In a Q l5ean's office. The IFC u all freshmen t t ,rr Yy. Tm' in fslgned cards as sCoo:1yeasu:fQb,i6e 000 Tonight at Sf h 581001 ai as the deadline' is Ney f 2.51578 006 'Qyf' McCaskey H13 . Order to f3.C1ll e 5 49 F! 1? ' J' . za 1 3. Ruth Draper, y the dormitories. L70 9960! " ,qfno ' 'Yr vo, fun' ' freshmen. ,M fy, 66, 'fQ,Y1s?1f- is 011' 49.1- eam got off to a poor start year as they went down to de, in their first test. In the six dividual matches held, the Ursi checkerboard enthusiasts were to walk off with two victories, w "'i'-1'-mats were only able Freshmen Lose f s - H' 01111 ag 'Hgh rriu .un 8 n d M . 0 of. 5 J arsh No Food For Frosh i e ff? I '62 0 h tat , A ' . ,. . vaio 6 i e 1-,he Green Room Club members yvill circwffaz, 9- be 54 Q10 611 X -New K. wx I m um r 1, GQ' 19 faced th F e u hqi"GI" egg 2:03, at seas ii W eekend To W J crm-t 'f'.. Q?:5g'Q3i0fg 801' ' Martin an A dana 1 Q: bo f5'e,. nSic of dwinwf omg oi Ma '9-S' 'G' 46 01' G00 I n N e 6. his 0 'JJQVIG Geeja -fiweaaie. 1 weeken ni v., SZ'f'fz"r"a X Q J' 01' .. 1 tad by hh? malgsg-SQOHSOYQB rg01'ea'mOn Thxs 1 8 N GQSLQ .n JGQAQGDIQYX 025: v"s -ra r 1 n ' Q 5 ' ei !l ,, if-gf , L? im' ' 1 , . 3 if 1? 1 N JL ' F fl i teal enflf funn utczllfon HENRY J. MARSHALL AND DR. BOLMAN On Saturday, April 6, 1957, Dr. Frederick deWolfe Bolman, Jr. Was inaug- urated as the ninth President of Franklin and Marshall College. The ceremonies were held in Hensel Hall Where the formal installation of Dr' Bolman was made by William A. Schnader, president of the Board of Trustees, after Dr. Bolman had been presented by Henry J. Marshall. The main speaker for the program was Dr. Harry J., Carman, professor emeritus of Columbia University, Who was also one of the four recipients of honorary degrees conferred by the college. The other recipients of degrees were Dr. Arthur S. Adams, president of the American Council on Educationg Dr Sidney T. Hewes, president of the board of trustees of James- town Community Collegeg and Dr' Theodore A. Distler, former president of Frank- lin and Marshall. Dr. Bolman succeeds Dr. William Webster Hall as President of the college, and is the first man to be presented with a silver medallion bearing the seal of this institution. DEGREE RECIPIENTS SPEAKER'S TABLE DISTLER RECEIVING DEGREE ACADEMIC PROCESSION INAUGURATION BANQUET FACULTY A D ADMINISTRATIO ADAMS, M. Ray 582 School Lane, Lancaster, Pa. ASHBEY, Marianne 237 E. Orange Street Lancaster, Pa. ANSTAETT, Herbert B. 229 Race Avenue Lancaster, Pa. APPEL, Dr. James Z. 305 N. Duke Street, Lancaster, Pa. BAER. Tfsgt. Thomas William 1745 Stevens St., Box 527, East Petersburg, Pa. BARNES, Horace R. 1518 Clearview Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. BARR. J. Shober 704 N. President Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. BEASLEY, William D. Dorothea Park, R. D. .114 Lancaster, Pa. BECK, Herbert H. 515 N. President Avenue Lancaster, Pa. BELL, Albert L. 1537 Hollywood Drive, Lancaster, Pa. BINKLEY, Luther J. 600 Buchanan Hall, College Campus BLACK, Harold H. Carpenter St., P.O. Box 312 East Petersburg, Pa. BLICHT, William C. 1235 Elm Avenue Lancaster, Pa. BOMBERGER, Richard W. 440 College Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. BORDNER, George W. 1802 Conestoga Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. BROSKE, George F. 217 School Lane, Mt. Joy, Pa. BRUBAKER. Edward S. 137-A College Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. BUHRMAN, Carroll L. R. D. if 4 Dorothea Park Lancaster, Pa. BUSH. Helen R. R. D. 36 Lancaster, Pa. CARNEY. David E. 427 East Hall, College Campus CAMPBELL, Carl J. ZI17 Old Philadelphia Pike Lancaster, Pa. CAVANAUGH, John M. 32 Spencer Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. CORBETT, Kenneth B. 704 N. Pine Street, Lancaster, Pa. CRAMER, Howard R. 307 N. West End Avenue, Lancaster. Pa. CROSS, Robert P. 226 Lancaster Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. DARLINGTON, James M. 1414 Quarry Lane, Lancaster, Pa. DIPPELL, Victor W. 520 N. President Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. DONER, Myrtle M. 1063 Columbia Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. DONER, Walter H. 221 Race Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. DUCK. William N., Jr. 1717 Windsor Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. DUERSMITH, LEONARD J. 405 Poplar Street. Columbia, Pa. ENCK, Frank D. 203 Ruby Street, Lancaster, Pa. ESHLEMAN, Robert F. P. O. Box 275, Mt. Joy, Pa. EVANS. John E. 807 N. President Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. EVERETT, Winthrop 8 Girard Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. FEATHER, Howard L. 615 State Street, Lancaster, Pa. FEATHER, E. H. 615 State Street, Lancaster, Pa. FISCHER. Harold 731 State Street, Lancaster, Pa. FOOSE Richard M. Rohrerstown, Pa. FRANCIS, W. Nelson ZI3 N. West End Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. FREEMAN, Jacob 2414 Helena Road. Lancaster, Pa. FREY, J. William 644 W. Chestnut Lancaster, Pa. GAULT, Hugh Alan 542 W. James Street, Lancaster, Pa. GIBBEL, Yvonne E. 734 Lehigh Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. GIBBINS, Betty Jane Street, 536 W. James St., Apt. 5-C Lancaster, Pa. CLICK, G. Wayne I6 N. Pine Street, Lancaster, Pa. GRIFFIN, john A. 608 W. Lemon Street, Lancaster, Pa. GROFF, Miss Emma 108 Charles Road GROVE, Leonard C. Barbour Avenue - Willow Street, Pa. I-IAAG. Vincent H. 1712 Linwood Avenue, Lancaster. Pa. HAGEN, S. N. 558 W. Lemon Street, Lancaster, Pa. HARRIMAN, ARTHUR E. Sunglo Road, Blossom Hill, Lancaster, Pa. HARRY, Philip W. B28 Marietta Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. HARTMAN, John I., Jr. 520 Race Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. HARTZELL, Carl Box 26, Hughesville, Pa. HAVERSTICK, H. H., Jr. Lyndon, Pa. HIESTER, Marian A. 540 N. Duke Street, Lancaster, Pa. HELLER, Hugh A. 910 Pleasure Road Lancaster, Pa. HESS, Earl H. 2435 New Holland Pike, Lancaster, Pa. HOCH. George A. 721 N. Duke Street, Lancaster, Pa. HOLZINGER, Charles H. R. D. i,t'1, Columbia, Pa. HOLZINGER. Joseph R. Silver Spring Road, Landisville, Pa. IANNICELLI. William 311 Rider Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. JACOBSON. Bernard 575 W. Lemon Street, Lancaster, Pa. JOHN, Kenneth R. 831 Helen Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. KING, Albert W. 427 East Hall, College Campus KLEIN, Frederic S. 1059 Maple Avenue Lancaster, Pa. KLEIN. H. M. J. 359 N. West End Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. KLOPP, Howard L. 566 W. Lemon Street, Lancaster, Pa. KRESGE, E. E. 432 State Street, Lancaster, Pa. KUPAR. John SfSgt. 817 Rohrerstown Road, Rohrerstown, Pa. LAIRD, Noel P. 918 Buchanan Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. LANCASTER, Edward L. 1422 Quarry Lane, Lancaster, Pa. LANE, George H. R. D. itl, Holtwood, Pa. LANE, Harry K. 609 State Street, Lancaster, Pa. LARSEN. Darrell D. 1135 E. Orange Street, Lancaster, Pa. LeFEVRE, Dorothy W. 26 Race Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. LeFEVRE, Ivan W. 26 Race Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. LESER, Walter H. Ann Avenue, Landisville, Pa. LEWIS, Earl E. 700 Marshall Hall, College Campus LEWIS. Michael A. 646 N. President Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. LOFTIN, Ralph F. MfSgt. 1325 Meadowcreek Lane, Lancaster, Pa. LONGSDORF, Kenneth D. 347 N. West End Ave., Lancaster, Pa. MARBURGER, Clifford Denver. Pa. MARION, James J. MfSgt. 220 Hershey Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. MARTIN, Paul P. 932 Virginia Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. MATTFIELD. Frederic R. 739 N. Mary Street, Lancaster, Pa. MAYAUD, Charles J. G. R. D. 33, Lancaster, Pa. Mailing address, FHM Colle e MAYSER, Chajes W. 14 Glen Moore Circle, Lancaster, Pa. MCGINNESS, George C. 486 Manor Street, Columbia, Pa. McKAY, William O. SfSgt. 97 Hershey Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. MICKEY. Robert 617 W. Lemon Street, Lancaster, Pa. MILLER, Glenn E. 541 N. Lime Street, Lancaster, Pa. MOHLER, Samuel L. 520 State Street, Lancaster, Pa. MOSS, John H. R. D. 427, Box 619, Lancaster, Pa. MUNSON, S. E. 1319 Lititz Pike, R. D. H3, Lancaster, Pa. MYERS, Walter Rohrerstown, Pa. MYLIN, Donald M. R. D. Ml, Conestoga, Pa. NAVASCUES, Luis J. R. D. iii, Manheim, Pa. NEPRASH, Dorothy 1323 Clayton Road, Lancaster, Pa. NOSS, John B. 509 N. President Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. ORLOWSKI, Alfred C. Captain 421 W. James Street, Lancaster, Pa. PEIFER, John H., Jr. 220-A N. Duke Street, Lancaster, Pa. Home: Valley Road, R. D. 25, Lancaster, Pa. PHILLIPS, Elias H. 16 Edgehill Drive, Lancaster, Pa. PHILLIPS, W. Roy 816 Race Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. PHILOON. Thurman E. 1220 Hillcrest Road, Lancaster Pa PRAKKEN. Donald W. East Petersburg, Pa. PRICE, John W. 201 W. Chestnut Street, Lancaster, Pa. RANCK, Harry E. 919 Virginia Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. RUSSELL, Robert W. 916 State Street. Lancaster, Pa. RUSSELL. Mrs. Robert W. 916 State Street, Lancaster, Pa. RUTTER. Mrs. George 708 N. Marshall Street, Lancaster, Pa. SCHIER, Richard F. 213 Ruby Street, Lancaster, Pa. SCHULTZ, Anthony P. Capt. 2400 Chestnut View Drive Lancaster, Pa. SEADLE, Peter S. R. D. ru, Lititz, Pa. SEADLE. Mrs. Peter S. R. D. 114, Lititz, Pa. SHENK. Wilbur D. 1030 W. Clay Street, Lancaster, Pa. SHERMAN, Anson F. 528 State Street, Lancaster, Pa. SHIVELY. Arthur W. 607 State Street, Lancaster, Pa. SHOWERS, Richard V. College Campus SI-IUTT, George P. 420 State Street, Lancaster, Pa. SIEVERT, Carl F. 613 W. Lemon Street, Lancaster, Pa. SMITH. R. A. 49 N. Duke Street, Lancaster, Pa. SMITH. Dr. S. June 2916 Columbia Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. SNAVELY, Fred A. R. D. it3, Lititz, Pa. SPONAUGLE, S. Woodrow 1195 Elm Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. SPOTTS, Charles D. Smoketown, Pa. STAUFFER. Jacob L. Brownstown, Pa. STONESIFER, Richard J. 316 Perry Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. SUYDAM, Frederick H. Landisville, Pa. TAYLOR, Charles 431 East Hall, College Campus TOTH, William 2465 New Holland Lancaster, Pa. TROST. Rev. Theodore L., Jr VANDERZELL. John 802 Race Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. VAN HORN, Mrs. John A. 1726 Old Philadelphia Pike Lancaster, Pa. VAN NAME, Frederick W. Kendig Road, Willow Street, Pa. VON WERNSDORFF, Wolff Moore's Apple Orchards, R. D. 111, Lititz, Pa. WEBSTER, Arthur D. 241 Murry Hill Drive, Lancaster, Pa. WEEKS, Theodore G. 101 Circle Road, Blossom Hill, Lancaster, Pa. WELLER. Richard I. WESTERN, Donald 38 Girard Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. WHITELY, Paul L. 519 State Street, Lancaster, Pa. WINTERS, Richard I-I. College Campus, Lancaster, Pa. WISE, Sidney 433 College Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. Pike, if AARON, john Marshall lll R. D. 11' 2 Kennett Square. Pa, ABESHAUS, Merrill Marlin I822 W. Market Street, Pottsville, Pa. ACHENBACH, Joel Reuben 22 W. Pollsvillc Street, Pine Grove. Pa. ACHENBACH, Larry Simrell ZZIO Yale Avenue, Camp Hill, Pa. ACHEY, Dale Albert 524 S. Cheng Street, Mycrslown. a. ACHTERMANN, John Robert I7 Edge Hill Drive, Lancfxstcr, Pa. ACKERLY, james A. 204 Union Avenue, Clifton. N. j. ADAMS, Samuel Herbert, ll 5806 Elgin Avenue, Pittsburgh. Pa. ADAMS, Vernon Frank 224 Chcrr Ephmta. gn. AHEARN. Brian Kevin 399 Lincoln Avenue, Orange. NRJ. AHLGREN, E. arner H0 Market Street, Warrelm, Pa. ALBERT, Daniel M. Z4 Keer Avenue, Newark. N. j. ALBRIGHT. Frederick j. IOI6 XVoods Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. ALLEN. Williams F. IU54 Kelly Drive, York. Pa. ALLGOOD, Warren Cons R. D. 116 Lancaster, Pa. ANSTADT, Henry P. 236 S. Duke Street. York, Pa. ANTIOCO. Peter F. 800 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. APPEL, Theodore B., Ill 905 W. Hill Street, Champaign. lllinois ARCHBALD. james, Ill 57Il Nnsco Place, Baltimore IZ, Md. ARNER. Thonms M. Second Street. Pa-xrryville, Pa. ASHER, james Goldberg 380 Harding Drive, S. Orange. N. AUDENRIED, Ronud J. 44 N. Whilheld Street. Nazareth, Pa. - AUERHACH. Robert Erwin 302 Walnut Hill La. Havertown. Pu. AULTHOUSE. F. Dale Street, 2035 Old Philadelphia Pike, Lancaster, Pa. AUNGST, Robert W., jr. II9 W. Conestoga Street, New Holland, Pa. BABO5. Sandor 901 King's Highway. Bridgeport, Connl BACKMAN, john H. jeromu, Pa. BAER, Thomas W. 57 Sanborn Slreel.. Laconia, N. H. BACLEY, William N. l0l Lincoln Street, Sangre. Pa, BAHN R, George W, R. D. IH Dnlmatia. Pa. BAILEY. Wfilliam T. 260 Highland Avenue, Lipper Montclair, N. BAIL , joseph S., jr. 530 E. King Street, Lancaster, Pa. BAIR. J. Arnold 206 Wecaf Street, New Holland, Pa. BAIR. Rag' D. I55 -. Main Street, Ephralu. Pa. BAIRD, William Barry I5 Starr Road Harper Village. R. D. If! Aliquippa, Pa. BAKER, Frederick C. 226 Lincoln Avenue, Erie. Pa. BAKER, jacques T. P. O. Box 36l Easton, Md. BAKER, Lynn B. P. O. Box 36l Easton. Md. BAKER, Ray l-I. R. D. 113, Box 65l Lancaster, Pa. BALL, George L. R. D. W2 Valencia, Pa. STUDE BALMER, john E. 325 N. Pine Street., Lancaster, Pa. BARNABY, Henry 193-ll 45th Avenue, Flushing, N. Y. BARNHART, jay S., jr. 47 Delweiler Avenue, Mt. joy, Pa. x BARNHART, Kenneth L. l05 S. Arnold Street, Maytown, Pa. BARTON, William C. 4 Pleasanlview Avenue, Willow Street. Pa. BASKIN. Bennett R. ' 2223 Avenue M, Brooklyn IO. N. Y. BATTIN. Blake N. 9403 Stenton Avenue, Philadelphia IB, Pa. BATZER. Richard C. 2020 Landis Valley Road, Lancaster, Pa. BAUMANN, john C. 629 E. Fort Avenue, Baltimore 30. Md. BEACHLEY, Orville T., jr. H00 The Terrace, Ha erstown, Md. BECK, iaul E. 347 S. Prince Street, Lancaster, Pa. BECKER, Heber W., jr. 321 W. Chestnut Street, Lancaster, Pa. BEENSTOCK, Edward, jr. 6 Linford Road, Great Neck, N. Y. BELAVAL. Mario S. 6l2 Belaval Street Sanlurce. Puerto Rico BELL, john A. I37 Churchville Road, Feasterville, Pa. BELL. Norman J. 429 High Street, Lancasler, Pa. BELSER, Robert B. 208 E. High Street, Elizabethtown, Pa. BENNER, Edmond H. 3I3 Ruby Street. Lancaster, Pa. BENNER, Robert E. 528 Tilghman Street, Allentown, Pa. BERKBILE. Galen Philip II7 Westfield Avenue, Elizabeth, N. J. BERTZ, Sheldon E. 390 Lynn Avenue, Landisville, Pa. BETRONE. John W. 135 N. Seventh Street, Columbia, Pa. BIBERMAN. Robert M. 714 Ml. Airy Avenue, Philadelphia 19, Pa. BIEVENOUR, Robert J. l663 Crestlyn Road, York, Pa. BILLET, Frederick 52I W. King Street, Lancaster, Pa. BlLLlG, Richard I63 E. Calawissa Street, Nesquehoning. Pa. BINGHAM. Williani F. 22 E. Marshall Road, Lansdowne, Pa. BISHOFF, Bruce Judson 329 N. 27th Street, Allentown. Pa. d T BLACK, Ronal . 241 W. James Street, Lancaster, Pu. BLACKBURN, Allen M. 224 Mill Street, Danville. Pa. BLAKER. Philip C. I26 Hackett Place, Rutherford, N. J. BLUM, Mark E. l030 Slelser Avenue, Yeadon, Pa, BODE. David C. 1934 Eddy Road. Wooster, Ohio BOCERT, Roger T., jr. I349 Lose Avenue, Williamsport, Pa. BOHN, Richard A. IIS W. 36th Street, Reading, Pa. BOLTON, Roger E.. R. D. .134 Dover, Pa. BOMBERCER. Herbert L. 20I E. Cumberland Street. Lebanon, Pa. BONITZ, Robert L. 508 Wood Street, Harrisburg, Pa. BONYUN, Harry A., Ill Glenmary Lane, Sl. Davids, Pa. BOOTH, George M., lll 38 Canterbury Lane, Westfield, N. J. T DIRECTORY BORN, Howard E.. 965 Helen Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. BORNEMAN, Joseph l., Jr. 6402 Woodcrest Avenue, Philadelphia 3I, Pa. BOSSERT, Lee A. H6 N. Brown Street., Lewistown, Pa. BOSTlC, Robert F., Jr. 7l6 State Street, Lemoyne. Pa. BOSWELL, Robert J. 62 Riverview Avenue, Short Beach, Conn. BOWEN. Reon Lee 1072 University Place Schenectady, N. Y. BOWENS, Marx G. 568.1 Grand Street, New York 2, N. Y. BOWES. Ronald'M. 746 Skyline Drive. Lancaster, Pa. BOYD. John A. 315 N. Bowman Avenue, Merion, Pa, BOYER. William C. I2ll Columbia Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. BRADLEY, Frank B. Box l66, Lampeter, Pa. BRAGG. Donald C. 2l4l Fruitville Pike, Lancaster, Pa. BRAUN, Alan Peter 224 State Street, Perth Amboy, N. J. BRAY. Joseph B. I37 Oaklyn Avenue, Norristown. Pa. BREITINGER, Harry H. Geigerlown. Pa. BRENNEMAN. Elvin E. 403 W. Walnut Street., Lancaster, Pa. BRENNEMAN. jay P. I7 E. Main Street, Mountville, Pa. BRICKER, Owen P. 402 N. President Avenue, Lancaster. Pa. . BRIDGES, Waller H. IIO West End Avenue, Westwood, N. J. BRIGHTBILL. Frederick S. BO! LaSell Drive, Champaigne, Illinois BRILL. Frank A. 73-64 260th Street, Glen Oaks, Long Island, N. Y. BRODY, Farrell S. l43 E. Vine Street, Lancaster, Pa. BROOKS. Ronald H. II6 S. llth Avenue, Coatesville, Pa. BROSIUS, Glen L. Rebuck, Pa. BROWN, Barry M. IOI N. Exeter Avenue, Margate, N. J. BROWN, Franklin A. 302 E. Leasure Avenue, New Castle, Pa. BROWN, Harvey P., Jr. I27 E. Ross Street, Lancaster, Pa, BROWN, Joseph H. 3725 Henry Hudson P'ky, Riverdale 63, N. Y, BROWN, Ronald A. 123 Mulberry Street, Kennett Square. Pa. BROWN, William E., Jr. R-. D. it! Pequea, Pa. BROZ, Vladimir R. 6ll Dorian Road, Wesl5eld, N. J. BRUAW, Donald A. 86 N. l7th Street, Harrisburg, Pa. BRUBAKER. Donald E. 25 Terrace Road, Baltimore Zl, Md. BRUCE. Roger R. , 649 E.. Frederick Street, Lancaster, Pa. BRUMBAUGH, DeForrest 740 S. Lime Street, Lancaster, Pa. BRUNINC. Richard P. 372 Wyoming Avenue, Millburn, N. ,I. BRYAN, Everett D. 230 American Avenue, Dover, Del. BUCHANAN, George D. l704 Sth Avenue, Folscm. Pa. BUCHANAN. John M. l0l2 Zlsl Avenue, Altoona. Pa. BUCKWALTER, Ronald L. 25 S. West End Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. BUNCH, Marvin E. 45 Central Avenue. Wellsboro, Pa. BURCH, H. Whistler 430I Wendover Road, Baltimore IB. Md. BURCOON, Richard R. 424 Walnut Street. Carlisle, Pa. BURKHOLDER, John Nicholas 504 State Street , Lancaster, Pa. BURMEISTER. John L. 412 Peter Street. Fountain Springs Ashland, Pa. BURNETT, William A., Jr. 302 Washington La. Fort Washington, Pa. BURNS, Robert E. 39 N. Alford Road, Springfield, Pa. BURR5, Edward W. ll2l Capital Street, Harrisburg, Pa. BURTNER, Roger L. 39 Elm Avenue, Hershey, Pa. BUSCH, Eugene M. I025 Woodland Way, Hagerstown. Md. BUSS, F. Howard IZUZ S. Main Street, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. BUTLER, Ivan Lewis 244 Harding Ct. York, Pa. BYERS. William S. Zll E. Irvin Avenue, Hagerstown, Md. CAHN. Edward L. 68 Oak Lane, Lancaster, Pa. CALDER. Vlfilliam H., Jr. 1227 Willow 'Street Pike. Lancaster, Pa. CALIFF. .lohn M. 515 E.. Roseville Road, Lancaster, Pa. CAMERON. James W. I7 Atkins Lancaster. CAMPBELL. Er 4603 IOLH Avenue, Pa. nest W. Avenue, Temnle, Pa. CAPONECC'-ll. August J. R. D. 1132. Box 79 Coraopolis. CARBONETTA, 925 Grand Lancaster, CAREY. Albert 240 Pine S Pa. Reno R., Jr. View Blvd. Pa. B., jr. treet, Audubon. N. J. CASTIGLIA. Fred C. 633 Schuyl Harrisburg, CAREY. David kill Slreel, Pa. T. 240 W. Pine Street. Audubon, N. J. CARL. Kenneth R. 230 E. Ross Street, Lancaster, Pa. CARLUCCI, Joseph C. Sonyea, New York CASSEL, Cleon S. R. D. 422 Hummelslown, Pa. CASTRANOVA, Samuel J. 1204 Princeton Avenue, Trenton. N. J. CAUM, Edward L. 408 Stockham Avenue, Morrisville, Pa. CAVAGNARO, George J. 64 Landis Avenue, Vinelqnd, N. ji CELIA, Gregory J., Jr. 117 N. Mary Street, Lancaster, CENTIN, Barry Pa. A. 404 S. Ann Street, Lancaster, CERINO. Larry Pa. E. 2862 W. 27th Street, Philadelphia. Pa. CESSNA, jere L. East Street. Bedford, Pa. CHAPIN, Franklin G., lll Weaver Street Greenwich, Conn. CHESNUTT, William A. Lancaster, Pa. CHOW, Bryant 4518 Arabia Avenue. Baltimore Md. CLAPP, Richard L. H4 Gordonhurst Avenue, Upper Montclair, N. j. CLARK, Alexander H. Trooper Road R. D. Jil, Norristown, Pa. CLARK, Charles E. 850 Fountain Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. CLARK, Charles G. 246 Eleventh Avenue, Bethlehem, Pa. Cl.AlEKbjames M. . . itl. Paxinos, Pa. CLARK, Merrell F. 850 Fountain Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. CLARKE, George E. 215 Thornden Street, S. Orange, N. J. CLEMENS, P. Blaine Soudersburg, Pa. COBLE, Robert D. 1513 Clearview Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. COGAN. Richard P. 17 Wayside Place, Montclair. Pa. COHEN, J. Jerome 122 Birch Avenue. Bala-Cynwyd, Pa. COHN, Barry L. 534 Prospect Street, Nutley, N. J. COHN, Lawrence J. 1206 E. 22nd Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. COLLENTRO, James P. 193 3 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale, Mass. COLLENTRO, Joseph S. 19 3 3 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale, Mass. COLLINS, Thomas P. 1100 W. Poplar Street, York. Pa. COMPTON, Leroy R. Cape May Court House New Jersey COMPTON, Raymond T., Jr. 8 Sussex Avenue, Chatham, N. J. CONOVER, Fred S., Jr. Gordon's Corner Road, Englishtown, N. J. CONOVITZ, Steven M. 169-06 45th Avenue, Flushing, New York COPPINGER, Norman 125 Northfield Avenue, W. Orange, N. J. CORMAN, James A. 214 N. Alleghany Street, Bellefonte, Pa. CORMAN, Paul R. 214 Alleghany Street, Bellefonte, Pa. COVELL, Robert Noel 389 Broadway, Lawrence, N. Y. COWLES, Peter F. 1524 Rahway Avenue. Westfield. N. J. CRAVER, Glenn P. Emeigh, Pa. CREATO, Daniel R., Jr. 312 Vlestmont Avenue, Haddonfield, N. J. CREPS, William R. Route 1, Everett. Pa. CRESWELL, Clifford J. 1468 Hollywood Drive, Lancaster, Pa. CROOKS, Harold R. Dutch Village Motel R. D. 215, York, Pa. CRYSTLE, Charles D. Rose Valley Road, Wallingford. Pa. CUBBAGE, James W. 14 Kings Highway Dover, Delaware CULVER, William E. 510 N. Duke Street Lancaster, Pa. CUMMINGS, Stephen J. 214 Pearl Street Lancaster, Pa. CUNIN, Burton M. 46 S. 18th Street Allentown, Pa. CURRENT, Frederick D. Newton Sparta Road Newton, N. J. CUSHMAN, James E. 533 Burrows Avenue Lancaster, Pa. CUTT, Roger A. 2383 New York Avenue Huntington Station Long Island, N. Y. DAMESHEK, H. Lee 2245 Green Street Harrisburg, Pa. DARRAH, George A. 508 Lafayette Street Lancaster, Pa. DAUB, Edwin Samuel 15 E. Main Street Frostburg, Maryland DAUBENSPECK, Richard C. Taylor Highlands Huntingdon, Pa. DAUBERT, Jacob Elsworth 219 E. Liberty Street Schuylkill Haven, Pa. DAVIDSON, Barry Alan 263 Bloomfield Avenue Bloomfield, New Jersey DAVIS, William Robert 1307 Highland Avenue Chester, Pa. DAWSON, Wainwright, Jr. Woodholme Avenue Pikesville. Md. STUDE T DIRECTORY DECH, Elmer Renner 309 W. Penn Avenue Robesonia, Pa. DEEG, George Sweney 210 Hellam Street Wrightsville, Pa. DEEMER, Robert Erwin, Jr. 321 Beaver Street' ' Sewickley, Pa. DEERY, Thomas Jeffreys 533 S. Lime Street Lancaster. Pa. DEININGER, Charles Jacob, Jr 308 S. Ilth Street Lebanon. Pa. DEITCH, Adrain Jay 23 S. Rhode lsland Atlantic City, N. J. DeLANEY, Page W. R. D. it 4, Bedford, Pa. DELLINGER, Michael Alan 900 Grand View Blvd. Lancaster, Pa. DELP, Richard Ulysses 43 E. Lemon Street Lititz. Pa. DENLINGER, Nelson C. R. D. Jil, Manheim, Pa. DETWILER, Guy M. 133 N. Pine Street Lancaster, Pa. DEWING, Jerome B. 125 Grove Street Wellesley, Mass. DEY, Elmer William 222 Commercial Avenue New Brunswick, N. J. DIEFENBACH, John Michael 195 Locust Avenue Rye, New York DIEFFENBACH, Bruce Moyer 2404 Chestnut Street Harrisburg, Pa. DIEGO, Francis P. 22 W. James Street Lancaster, Pa. DIENER, John Frederick 1434 Friedensburg Road S. C. M., Reading, Pa. DIETZ, Frederick R. 504 West Broadway Red Lion, Pa. DILLIARD. George Lawrence 1112 Main Street Emerald. Pa. h DiMAGNO, Eugene Pasquale 514 l-lackersville Road Hershey. Pa. DiPlETRO, Richard Ralph 146 W. Wilson Blvd. , Hagerstown, Md. DIXON, Frederick T. 3212 Knorr Street Philadelphia, Pa. DOBIN, Edward Israel 20 Colonial Avenue Trenton, N. J. DOBKIN, Harris J. L. 2630 Ocean Avenue Brooklyn 29, N. Y. DODGE, Burnham Bates 1065 Linwood Avenue Ridgewood, N. J. DOMAN, Carl Rogers 324 Lancaster Avenue Lancaster, Pa. DONNAY, Robert V. J. 3824 Ednor Road Baltimore 18, Md. DONOHOE, Richard John 136 Bayview Avenue Amityville, N. Y. DONOUGH, Neil Burton 941 N. Lime Street Lancaster, Pa. DRAKE. Raymond Walter, Jr. 8802 Patton Road Wyndmoor 18, Pa. DRUMHELLER, Mark David Rebuck, Pa. DUBBS, John Clark 340 N. Duke Street Lancaster, Pa. DUDRICK, Stanley John 336 E. Broad Street Nanticoke, Pa. DUGAN, Jonathan Vincent 1169 Farmington Avenue West Hartford, Conn. DUKE. Jere Ray 409 S. Shippen Street Lancaster, Pa. DUNKELBERGER, John E. 1096 Wolverton Street Sunbury, Pa. DUNN, Lawrence L. Main Street Harrisonville, N. J. DUNN, Richard M. 331 W. James Street Lancaster, Pa. DURHAM, Peter J. Margate, N. J. DUSSINGER, Richard Byrd 30124 Cottage Avenue Lancaster, Pa. DUSSINGER, Wayne Anthony 235 Jackson Avenue Lancaster, Pa. EBAUGH, Duane Wallace Charles Avenue Stewartstown, Pa. EBERLY, Henri Andre 326 E. New Street Lancaster, Pa. EBERSOLE, Earl Donald 553 Willow Street Highspire, Pa. EBRIGHT George W. Chadds Ford, Pa. EBY, Thomas Kain 1404 West View Drive Lancaster. Pa. EDELMAN, Robert P. 275 Central Park West New York 24, N. Y. EDWARDS. J. Stuart Main Street Sherborn, Mass. EHLEITER, John E., Jr. 1208 Fremont Street Lancaster, Pa. ELLEN, Stephen Joseph 5928 Warrington Avenue Philadelphia 43, Pa. ELTON, Alan Eugene 303 Summit Avenue Ft. Washington, Pa. EMRICK, Ross Hamilton Biltmore Avenue Oakdale, New York ENGELKE. Ronald Edwin 660 Notingham Place Westfield, N. J. EQUI, Glenn Carl 6138 Hasbrook Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. ERB. Rodney Bruce 5 Bausman Drive Lancaster, Pa. ERB, Warren Hess R. D. lil Conestoga, Pa. ESSICK. Ronald DeWitt 43 Wabank Road Millersville, Pa. ETTER. Kenneth Owen 715 E. Oranee Street Lancaster, Pa. ETTER, Theodore W. Conestoga, Pa. EVANS, Arthur Breese B04 Powder Mill Lane Peni-ield Downs Philadelphia 31, Pa. EVANS, James Russell,,Jr. 121 Yale Avenue Wheatland Hills Lancaster, Pa. EVANS, Larry Powl 128 N. Roberts Avenue New Holland. Pa. EVANS, Marvin R. Edgemont Road Lansford, Pa. EVEY, 'Henry H. 509 Logan Blvd. Altoona, Pa. EYERLY. William Charles 722 E. Third Street Berwick, Pa. FAIRBANKS, Donald Ramsay 22 N. Linden Avenue Hatboro, Pa. FALETTO, Donald F. 143 Mt. Pleasant Avenue West Orange, N. J. FARBER. Dennis Sherman Highland Drive So. Falkburg, N. Y. FARR, Walter John, Jr. 800 E. Crescent Avenue Ramsey, N. J. FAULKNOR, Allan D. 5 2 6 Troy-Schenectady Rd. Latham, N. Y. FEDERMAN, Jav Leonard 639 Green Briar Road Elkins Park, Pa. FEEHRER, Carl Edward 416 Beech Street Bethlehem, Pa. FEHR, Dennis Arthur Friedensburg, Pa. FEKETY, Stephen D. 272 Court Street Middletown, Conn. FERRAR, Forest Dale 267 E. Middle Street Gettysburg, Pa. FERUCCI, Leonard Daniel 32 Elm Avenue Hershey, Pa. FEY,- Donald I-Ienry 64 N. Millick Street Philadelphia 39, Pa. FICKES, Daniel Gene 603 N. President Avenue Lancaster, Pa. FIDLER, Jere Edward 1307 Hampden Blvd. Reading, Pa. FIKE, Louis Bruce 96 E. Berklev Street Uniontown, Pa. FINE, Richard Kenneth 809 Franklin Street Pottstown, Pa. FISHER, Frederick John 2312 Valley Road Harrisburg, Pa. FISHER. Richard Frederick 151 N. Broad Street Lancaster, Pa. FLANIGAN, Hugh Paul 218 N. 20th Street Pottsville, Pa. FLENIING. Cary Allan 1717 Linwood Avenue Lancaster, Pa. FLEMMING. Ronald Elsworth 1523 Center Street Bethlehem, Pa. FLUCK, Raymond Forrest, Jr. 257 Main Street East Greenville, Pa. FOERY, David S. 134 Brookline Blvd. Havertown, Pa. FOGG, C. Douglas B23 Hamilton Blvd. Hagerstown. Md. FORD. Robert William, 806 S. Park Avenue Glenshaw, Pa. FORD, William Schrack 2257 Lititz Pike Lancaster, Pa. FORTNA, Ira Curtis R. D. itl, Lancaster, Pa. FOSTER, W. Bruce 6908 Chew Street Philadelphia, Pa. FOULTZ, Clifford Alan 332 E. New Street Lancaster, Pa. FOUSE. Harry Slep 49 Midwood Street Brooklyn 25, N. Y. FOX, David Barwitz, Jr. 7158 N. 20th Street Philadelphia, Pa. FOY. Arnold Bob 288 Upper Gulph Road Radnor, Pa. FRANK, Leonard Arnold 431 66th Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. FRASER. Richard Lorne 37 E. Main Street Mountville, Pa. FREDA, ,Victor James 159 W. Westfield Avenue Roselle Park, N. J. FREESEMAN. .loe H. 212 Church Avenue Ephrata, Pa. FREY. Edward Clayton Leacock, Pa. FRIEDENBERG, Robert S. 901 Kerper Street Philadelphia, Pa. FRIEDLAND, I-larry Michael 67-46 Exeter Street Forest Hills, N. Y. FROEHLICH, Charles Orth 206 Harris Street Harrisburg, Pa. FROMM, Dan Gordon 34 N. State Street Dover, Delaware FULLER, Wayne Clyde 335 S. Cook Avenue Trenton, N. J. FULTON, Robert Harry Conestoga, Pa. FUNKE, Richard E. 461 Bow Street Elkton, Md. FURMAN, Philip J. R. D. Jil Middletown, Pa. GABEL. Donald Irvin 230 W. Chestnut Street Lancaster, Pa. CABLE, Thomas Brent 1013 Walnut Street Columbia, Pa. GADD. Albery Sydney Falls Road Cockevsville, Md. GALLOWAY, Gordon Lynn 336 Oak Street Pottstown. Pa. GARBACIK. Robert Joseph 516 West Green West Ilazelton, Pa. GARDNER. Charles T. 135 Riverside Avenue Lancaster. Pa. GARDNER. Wilford E., Jr. R. D. it! Jersey Shore, Pa. GARISON. Gary B. 534 S. Lime Street Lancaster, Pa. GARRE, Samuel. 111 -405 Cotswold Lane Wynnewood, Pa. GAWT1-IROP. Louis C. 1927 Park Avenue Baltimore, Md. GEISLER, William Martin, Jr. Taylor Highlands Huntingdon, Pa. GELI-IARD, Richard M. 128 E. New Street Lancaster, Pa. GEORGE, Dale A. 42I Main Street Egypt, Pa. GEORGE, Dallas Eugene IO2 S. Charlotte Street Manheim, Pa. GERBER, Lane Anthony 26 Blancoyd Road Marion, Pa. GERFIN, H. Richard 345 W. Lemon Street Lancaster, Pa. GILLER, Stanley Stuart 425 W. Diamond Avenue Hazleton, Pa. GINBERG, David G. I07 Hampton Way Merrick, N. Y. GIPPLE, Richard Lee I722 Cornell Road Camp Hill, Pa. GISH, Paul Harold Holtwood, Pa. GLASSMAN, Martin I39 Cedar Hill Avenue Belleville, N. j. GLEATAN, Harriet Elizabeth R. D. iii Wrightsville, Pa CLICK, George W., jr. 648 E. Frederick Street Lancaster, Pa. GLONTZ, Gary Edwin 8 Caldwell Street Brookville, Pa. GLOVER, james Wayne I700 Conestoga Avenue Lancaster, Pa. GOCKLEY, David Lee 734 Reservoir Street Lancaster, Pa. GOEPFRICH, Raymond E. R. D. itil, Marietta. Pa. GOHN. William Barry 305 Kurtz Avenue York. Pa. GOLDENBERG, Alan Lee 726 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, N. Y. GOLDSTEIN, Arthur Gerald II Surrey Road Melrose Park 26, Pa. GOLDSTEIN. Larry Paul 2039 Park Avenue Baltimore I7, Md. GOLDSTEIN, Mark II70 East 24th Street Brooklyn, N. Y. GONCHAR, Leonard Mayer 650 Gibson Avenue Kingston, Pa. GOOD. Glenn Elwood 6I7 S. Broad Street Lititz, Pa. GOOD. Ronald Lee II E. Lincoln Avenue Lititz, Pa. GORDON, Maitland Alexander P. O. Box 375 Sewickley, Pa. GORDON, Stanley M. IOI6 Grand View Blvd. New York, N. Y. GORENBERG, Charles Lloyd 68 Randall Avenue Vifoodlyn. Pa. GOTTESMAN, Michael j. 262 Central Park West New York, N. Y. GRAEFF, Robert Lee I533 Locust Street Reading, Pa. GRAHAM, Edmond K., jr. R. D. tl. Marietta, Pa. GRANNELL. Dana B. 302 S. West End Avenue Lancaster, Pa. GREEN, Oscar David 4506 Northwood Drive Baltimore IZ, Md. GREENAWAY, Stephen A. R. D. 37 Lancaster, Pa. GRIFFITH, C. Richard 627 Harrington Street Wilmington, Delaware GROENING, Donald lrvin 526 East King Street York, Pa. GROFF, Dale Robert 759 S. Lime Street Lancaster, Pa. GROFF, Williani H. Kinzers, Pa. GROMADA, jan Conrad Bridgeboro Road Moorestown, N. j. GROSH, joseph Walter, jr. 2 South Broad Street Lititz, Pa. GROSH, Paul R. Z South Broad Street Lititz, Pa. GROSS, Leslie Farrel 500 Rockwood Road Wilmington, Delaware GROSS, Robert Charles B601 Patton Road Chestnut Hill, Pa. ST DET GRUBB, Eugene Leander R. D. iii Hummelstown, Pa. GRUNOW, Robert jackson Central Ave., R iii Linwood, N. j. GUILES, Glenn Gordon 350 E. New Street Lancaster, Pa. GUNDEL, james Edward 92I Chestnut Street Columbia, Pa. GUYER, Walter Ralph II4 Lafayette Street Harrisburg, Pa. HABBART, Harry D., jr. II8 Milmont Avenue Milmont Park, Pa. HABEL, Vincent W. R. D. iii Columbia, Pa. HAEFNER, Paul A., jr. 422 State Street Lancaster, Pa. HAFER, Roth Michael 23 S. Troy Avenue Ventnor, N. j. HALDEMAN, Charles Thomas 4I9 Chestnut Street Columbia, Pa. HALL. Frank Washington, III 630 Madison Avenue Audubon, N. j. HALSEY, Frederick Prescott 20 Wood Avenue Amityville, N. Y. HAMBRIGHT. Lloyd R. 549 W. Orange Street Lancaster, Pa. HAMILTON, Richard E. 226 Cedar Avenue Holmes, Pa. HAMMER. Charles Robert 467 E. Main Street Lititz, Pa. HAMMER, Thomas Eugene 856 Martha Avenue Lancaster, Pa. HAMOR, Robert W. 236 W. King Street Lancaster, Pa. HAMPTON, Walter Emery, jr. I40 Harold Avenue Fanwood, N. j. HAN, Chung Sup 392-38 Ahyun-Dong Mapho'Ku Seoul. Korea HANIMAGI, Havo 820 Orchard Avenue Runnemede, N. HANKEE, Roy Henry 323 4th Street Slatington, Pa. HANNAN-, john R. 305 Park Avenue Merrick, N. Y. HARDING, Richard Charles 36 N. Lime Street Lancaster, Pa. HARDING. Roger Frederick SI6 E. 79th Street New York, N. Y. HARLESS, Roger Allan 872 Franco Avenue johnstown, Pa. HARNISH, james F. R. D. it' 6 Lancaster, Pa. HARNISH, Robert Brenneman 722 S. West End Avenue Lancaster, Pa, HARSH. john Franklin 2426 Columbia Avenue Lancaster, Pa. HART. Richard Brant ' 802 Fifth Street California. Pa. HARTMAN, Charles Emory I35 E. Main Street Dallastown, Pa. HARTSOE, Leonard Gordon R. D. it Cochranville. Pa. HARTZELL. Richard W jr. IO37 Linden Street Allentown, Pa. HAVENS. Bruce Thomas I7 Maple Avenue Lancaster, Pa. HAVENS, Charles William, lll 9 Park Avenue Westminster, Md. HAWS, Lowell Thomas R. D. it I Reinholds, Pa. HAYNES. Robert Meredith 347 S. Potomac Street Hagerstown, Md. HEAGY, john Franklin, II I02 S. Fulton Street Strasburg, Pa. HECHTER, Charles 4507 Arabia Avenue Baltimore, Md. HEEBNER, George Thomas l32 N. Grant Street Shamokin. Pa. HEHMANN, Horst W. 565 N. Queen Street Lancaster, Pa. DIRECTORY HEINDEL, Ronald E. II4 S. Pleasant Avenue Dallastown, Pa. HEISEY. Thomas Henry I86 W. Main Street Manheim, Pa. HEISSE, Robert Fred 6I5 Palisade Avenue Cliffside Park, N. j. HEISTAND, Landis Claude R. D. it 4 Manheim, Pa. HEISTAND, Robert N. 2318 Wood Street Rohrerstown, Pa. HELD. Douglas N. 35 Carol Court Lynbrook, N. Y. HELD. Eric N. 35 Carol Court Lynbrook, N. Y. HELSTROM, Carl Oscar, jr. 2I5 Pennsylvania Avenue Renova, Pa. HELLERMAN. Michael C. I38 Bulson Road Rockville Centre, N. Y. HEMLER. joseph K. 67I Hebrank Street Lancaster, Pa. HENGEN, Walter Scott, lll 435 College Avenue Lancaster, Pa. HENNINGER. 'Kenneth A. 82-I9 Chevy Chase Road jamaica 32, N. Y. HERBST, Rene LeFevre 409 N. State Street Dover, Delaware HERNANDEZ, Pedro jose Ave. Bouret if 504 Santurce. Puerto Rico HERR, Donald M. Refton, Pa. HERR, Lloyd Wallace. jr. 823 N. Shipnen Street Lancaster, Pa. HERR, Richard Baessler 3I0 Ryder Avenue Lancaster, Pa. HERRING,' Robert Lawrence 45 Washington Avenue Amityville, N. Y. HERSHEY, Charles Elwood 602 N. Plum Street Lancaster, Pa. HERSHEY, Robert B. I4 East Third Street Lititz,-Pa. HERSHEY, William W. II4 java Avenue Hershey, Pa. HERTZ, Daniel j. B35 St. joseph Street Lancaster, Pa. HERTZLER, john V., jr. 22 S. Hanover Street Carlisle, Pa. HESS. David Robert Shady Grove, Pa. HESS. james Daniel P. O. Box 57 Conestoga, Pa. HESSE. Fred D., jr. 42 W. Derry Road Hershey, Pa. HETTLEMAN, Michael Kalman 3700 Dorchester Road Baltimore I5, Md. HILL, james Harvey 1325 Hamilton Blvd. Hagerstown. Md. HILL. Nicholas Biddle 7350 Rural Lane Philadelphia, Pa. HILL, Robert Gerald III6 jubilee Street Emmaus, Pa. HILLARD, Ray L. Bareville, Pa. HILLMAN. Albert Stephen ZI44 Third Avenue North Merrick, N. Y. HILTY, George Eugene R. D. if 2 Murrysville, Pa. HINKLE, D. Robert I36 E. Fourth Street Shillington, Pa. I-IINKLE, Donald Richard R. D. J: 1 Linglestown. Pa. HITCHINGS, Robert, III 7723 Mill Road Elkins Park, Pa. HOENSTINE, Floyd Baird 4IB Montgomery Street Holidaysburg, Pa. HOESCHELE, james D. Milton Hershey School cfo Fosterleigh Hershey, Pa. HOFFENBERG. Robert A. 2407 Cross Country Blvd. Baltimore I5, Md. HOFFER, Edward Paul l3B W. Frederick Street Millersville, Pa. HOFFMEYER. William F. I26 Strathcona Rrive, S. York, Pa. HOKE, Gail H. I776 Woodland Avenue Lancaster, Pa. HOLlNGjAK, George joseph 45ll Kutztown Road Temple. Pa. HOLLANDER, Howard 323i Tibbett Avenue New York, N. Y. HOLMAN, Richard A. Arcola, Pa. HOLT. john Clarke I348 Bryant Street Rahway, N. j. HOLTZAPPLE, Philip Gordon Z4I3 Colmbuia Avenue Lancaster. Pa. HOMAN, john Michael II7 East Main Street Terre Hill, Pa. HOPPLE, Nace, jr. 5023 Larchwood Avenue Philadelphia 43, Pa. HORN, Robert A. R. D. if I Doylestown, Pa. HORNER, Charles Ned McDonogh School, Md. HORNER, David Ernest Mississippi Street Boswell, Pa. HOUGHTON, james William, jr. Bird-in Hand, Pa. HOULIHAN, Charles Robert I86 North Street Wallingford, Conn. HUBER. Glenn Allen 6I Spencer Avenue Lancaster, Pa. HUBER. Raymond james I9I6 Olive Street Reading, Pa. HUGHES, William C. E. Main Street New Freedom, Pa. HUNSBERGER, William B. 9th Avenue Collegeville, Pa. HUNSICKER. William C. lll 6I5 W. Hortter Street Philadelphia, Pa. HUNTER, Robert B. IOI Seminary Avenue Yonkers, N. Y. HUSTED, Gerald Wilson 203 Station Avenue Haddon Heights, N. HUSTON, james Thomas, lll I9 Lee Street Hanover, Pa. HUTCHINSON, P. William. jr. II7 S. Duks Street Lancaster, Pa. HUZZARD, Paul Herbert 363 E. Market Street York, Pa. HYMAN, Paul S. 295 S. River Street Wilkes-Barre, Pa. ILIFF, john L. I56 Main Street Newton, N. j. IMMENDORF. Charles Henry 29I4 High Street Camden, N. j. INGHAIVI. William H. R. D. it 4 Lititz, Pa. IRWIN. john Nagle 50 Short Street Harrisburg, Pa. ISRAEL, Robert Earl ZIZ East Orange Street Lancaster, Pa. lVlNS, Nelson j. 84I Lamberton Street Trenton, N. j. jACOBS, Robert H. I49 S. 6th Street Chambersburg, Pa. jEFFERIS. Earl S., jr. 3IB Westtown Road West Chester, Pa. jELLlNEK, Donald M. I4 Melman Terrace Maplewood, N. j. jENKlNS Felix W. Box lO08. Henderson, Texas jENKINS, Warren C. 766 Oatman Street York, Pa. jOHNSON, Ernest R. II2 W. Orange Street Lititz, Pa. jOHNSON,George T. 604 Haws Lane Oreland, Pa. jOHNSON, james H. 4I8 Lancaster Avenue Lancaster, Pa. JOHNSON. William J. 4I Hess Blvd. Lancaster, Pa. jOHNSON. H. Mercer I Oberlin Avenue Swarthmore, Pa. JONES, Donald L. 752 E. Madison Street Lancaster, Pa. JONES, Ronald N. 38 Broadway Jim Thorpe, Pa. JORDAN. John T. Mortonville, Pa. JORDAN, Richard W. 359 S. Broad Street Lancaster, Pa. JUDITH, Fredric R. 720 Fourth Street Lancaster, Pa. KAHLER, Herman E. 446 S. W. 22nd Terrace Fort Lauderdale, Florida KANDEL, Peter G., Jr. 13 Union Street Richlandtown, Pa. KANE, Donald L. 431 S. 48th Street Philadelphia, Pa. KANE, Thomas 532 N. Duke Street Lancaster, Pa. KANOUSE, Thomas J. 2 W. Centre Street Nesquehoning, Pa. KAPP. David C. i 570 Columbia Avenue Millville, N. J. KARPOUZIS. Paul D. Village Pyli-Kos Dodecanese Dodecanese Island, Greece KASSEES, Samir S. 717 N. Shippen Street Lancaster, Pa. KATZ, Theodore H. 4939 N. 12th Street Philadelohia. Pa. KATZOFF, Arnold N. 521 Commonwealth Ave. Bronx 72, New York KAUFFMAN, Larry E. 413 Bridge Street New Cumberland. Pa. KAUFFMAN. Leon E. 140 E. James Street Lancaster, Pa. KAUFFMAN, Richard F. R. D. ii' 1 Millerstown, Pa. KAUFHOLD. Herman Robert 210 Atkins Avenue Lancaster, Pa. KAYEL, Robert G. 572 Leonard Street Brooklvn 22, N. Y. KEASEY. Kenneth W. 410 East Julian Street Martinsburg, Pa. KEAYS, Howard S., Jr. 316 S. Christian Street Lancaster, Pa. KEIFER, Frederic R. 1301 Elm Street Lebanon, Pa. KELLER, Dean H. 15th Br Manor Streets Columbia, Pa. KELLER. Kenneth E. 164 E. Roseville Road Lancaster, Pa. KELLOGG. Reid E. 609 Tulio Avenue Stewart Manor, N. Y. KELSEY. David M. 46 N. llth Street Reading, Pa. KEMMAN. lames H. 539 Valley View Road Merion Station, Pa. KEREK. Dennis C. 1007 Lititz Avenue Lancaster, Pa. KERR. John S.. Il Pheasant Lane Albany 4, N. Y. KERR. Lynn A. 186 Crescent Avenue Leonia. N. J. KEYSER, Earl E., II 962 Edgemoor Court Lancaster, Pa. KILHEFNER, Kenneth Lee Eohrata, Pa. KILMORE, Mearl A. R. D. it 2 Dillsburg, Pa. KINTZEL. James E. 315 North 29th Allentown, Pa. KINZER. George R. 1815 Lititz Pike Lancaster, Pa. KIPPHORN, Richard A., Jr. 236 W. King Street Lancaster, Pa. KIRKPATRICK, Francis E. 316 W. Lemon Street Lancaster, Pa. KIRKPATRICK, Jack H. 244 Beech Hill Road Wynnwood, Pa. KIRKPATRICK, William F. 2125 Sampson Street Pittsburgh 35, Pa. Street STUDE T DIRECTORY KIRKUP, Thomas E. 1100 Stockton Road Linden, N. J. KISTLER, Robert B. 45 N. Grant Street Palmyra, Pa. KLAWANS, Robert E. Edificio Ambar Motors 9 23 No. 55 Vedado, Havana, Cuba KLEIN, Erwin C. 1940 Chatterton Avenue New York 72, N. Y. KLEINER, Norbert 77 S. Pearl Street Lancaster, Pa. KLEINGINNA, R. Allen 15 Lafayette Street Tamaqua, Pa. KLINE, John A. 52 South 9th Street Columbia, Pa. KLING, Arthur, Jr. 310 East Second Avenue Lititz, Pa. KNOEBEL, David H. 47 Market Street Tamaqua, Pa. KNOPF. Edwin R. 808 South Broad Street Trenton 10, N.J. KOCIATYN, Casimir A. 30 North Queen Street York, Pa. KOENEKE, Brook 1405 Central Avenue Wildwood, N.J. KEONIG, Rudolph D. 349 Oley Street Reading, Pa. KOPILNICK, Melvin D. 3722 Dolfield Avenue Baltimore 15, Md. KOROL, Emil B. 321 Juniata Street Lancaster, Pa. KOTTMEYER, Richard E. 2143 Fruitville Pike Lancaster, Pa. KOZART, David M. 1504 Surrey Lane Philadelphia 31, Pa. KRAFT, Edward C. 209 Ruby Street Lancaster, Pa. KRAFT, Ralph F. 409 Park Avenue Johnstown, Pa. KRALL, Donald B. 1210 Evergreen Road Morrisville, Pa. KRALL, Harold R. Marietta Avenue Mount Joy, Pa. KRATZERT, George H. 8 E. Petersburg Road Neffsville, Pa. KREBS, Samuel Warren 55 Jackson Drive Lancaster, Pa. KREIDER, Reuben W., Jr. 9 N. Charlotte Street Manheim, Pa. KREVEL, James L. Westover, Pa. KRUGER. Robert Lee 740 E. Fulton Street Lancaster, Pa. KUEHN, Francis A. 1016 Hewitt Street Hollidaysburg, Pa. KUGLE. Alan J. 307 E. Market Street Marietta, Pa. KU1-IN, Raymond E. Glenville, Pa. KULMAN, Harold V. 278 W. Market Street Marietta, Pa. KULP, Rodman H. Box 173 Schwenksville, Pa. KULP, William D. 106 Harrison Street Emmaus, Pa. LABOVICH, Walter M. 617 Hamilton Street Lancaster, Pa. LAI-IET, Lee R. 226 E. Main Street New Holland, Pa. LAIFER, Stephen R. 470 West End Avenue New York, N. Y. LAMBERSON, Clarence D. Box 27 Friedens, Pa. LAMBERSON, Herbert Box 27 Friedens, Pa. LANDIS, Frank S., Jr. 1246 Harrisburg Pike Lancaster, Pa. LANDIS, Jay L. R. D. QQ' 5 Lancaster, Pa. LANE, Charles D. Bowmansville, Pa. 07 LAROS, Sturges N. 435 Mary Avenue Stratford, Conn. LAURENSON, Andrew 14 West James Street Lancaster, Pa. LAWRENCE, Edward S., Ill 1232 Cornell Avenue Drexel Hill, Pa. LAWSON, Todd A. 170 Main Street Randolph, N. Y. LEAMAN, David M. R. D. it 4, Box 305 Lancaster, Pa. LEAMAN, Jack C. 1122 Maplecrest Circle Gladwyne, Pa. LEAPMAN, Herschel R. 320 Atkins Avenue Lancaster, Pa. LEARY, Edward J. 670 W. Chestnut Street Lancaster, Pa. LeCl-IARD, Richard J. 19 S. Melbourne Avenue Ventnor, N. J. LEFKOWITZ, Lawrence 160 Clarkson Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. LEHMAN, Paul C. 31 Ziegler Tract Penns Grove, N. J. LEHR, Robert A. R. D. it 1 East Berlin, Pa. LEIK, Donald E. 340 S. Albemarle Street York, Pa. LENKER, Doyle W. 1002 North Duke Street Lancaster, Pa. LENZ, Paul H. 248 Colonial Avenue Union, New Jersey LESSER. Michael S. 83-33 .Austin Street Kew Gardens, New York LEVENTHAL, Paul L. 173 Riverside Drive New York, N. Y. LEVINE, Jay D. 3015 Riverdale Avenue New York, N.Y. LEVINSOHN, 1-larvey J. 287 Heather Lane Hewlett Harbor, N.Y. LEVITT, Jay C. 186 Grandview Boulevard Yonkers, New York LEWIS, Barbara Ann 646 N. President Avenue Lancaster, Pa. LEWIS, Dallas R. 2127 Landis Valley Road Lancaster, Pa. LIEBERMAN, Edward W. 2510 Philadelphia Pike Claymont, Delaware LINDSLEY, Theodore R., Jr. 469 .Chenango Street Binghamton, N.Y. LINSHAW. Jack G. 8229 Forrest Avenue Elkins Park, Pa. LIPPI, Ralph F., Jr. 2126 North 4th Street Harrisburg, Pa. LOCKEY, Stephen D. 1911 Millersville Pike Lancaster, Pa. LOHIN, Charles, Jr. R. D. Jil, Box 313 Pottsville, Pa. LOLLO, Earl R., Jr. 240 E. Granada Avenue Hershey, Pa. LOMBARDO, Joseph J. R. D. lil, Box 514. Lancaster, Pa. LONG, Alan W., Jr. 209 Rockwell Terrace Frederick, Md. LONCENECKER, John L. 38 W. Summit Street Elizabethtown, Pa. LOOS. Lee Donald Park Street Richland, Pa. LOOSE, Franklin J. 1229 W. Main Street Ephrata, Pa. LOTRUGLIO, Anthony F. 970 Decatur Street Brooklyn 7. N.Y. LOUCKS, Jay P. 1201 N. Octagon Road Camden 4, N.J. LOVETT, Donald W. 61 Howard Avenue Lancaster, Pa. LUCAS, Paul, Jr. R. D. itl Columbia, Pa. LUCKENBAUCH, Carroll C. R. D. .112 Spring Grove, Pa. LYNCH, R. Thomas 161 N. Marshall Street Shamokin, Pa. MaclSAAC, William Willow Street, Pa. MacKlNDER, Robert Norman 1232 Edison Street York, Pa. MAGEN, Walter H. 14 Levering Circle Bala-Cynwyd, Pa. MAGER, Daniel G. 114 S. 8th Street Allentown, Pa. MAGER, George Cylde 5927 Christian Street Philadelphia, Pa. MAGILNER, Arthur D. 1746 E. Washington Lane Philadelphia, Pa. MAGOUN, Thatcher 215 Bridge Street Morton, Pa. MAHAN, Frank 29 School House Lane Broomall, Pa. MAHONEY, Dennis 1301 E. Market Street York, Pa. MAIER, John Eyman 1849 Lititz Pike Lancaster, Pa. MAIER, Martin Eugene 1349 Lititz Pike Lancaster, Pa. MAINZER, John Edward Taylor Highlands Huntingdon, Pa. MAISCH, John R. 102 Stanley Avenue Glenside, Pa. MANFRE, Richard J. 164 Marietta Avenue Passaic, N. J. MANTZ, Carl William 441 Normal Avenue Kutztown, Pa. MARANOFF, Richard B. 6136 Carpenter Street Philadelphia, Pa. MARCHIO, William Lee 4345 S. Franklin Street Hanover, Pa. MARIANI. Justin J. 141 Grant Street Ridgewood, N. J. MARKS, Richard Allen 334 Hawthorn Drive Lancaster, Pa. MARMAR, Joel 319 E. Roosevelt Blvd. Philadelphia, Pa. MARRONE, Ralph Thomas 9 E. Market Street Lewistown, Pa. MARSDEN, Robert M. 460 N. Union Street Middletown, Pa. MARSHALL, Geoffrey 57 Backman Avenue Westlield, N. Y. MARTIN, Donald E. 649 Hamilton Street Lancaster, Pa. MARTIN, Francis George, Jr. 627 5. Wlest End Avenue Lancaster, Pa. MARTIN, Willis Solomon, Jr 1704 Pennsylvania Avenue Hagerstown, Md. MARTY. James Robert 1205 E. Orange Street Lancaster, Pa. IVIASSAIVI. Ronald Albert 345 N. Newberry Street York, Pa. MATT, George F. 536 West Vine Street Lancaster, Pa. MAUGER, Richard Leroy 3526 North 18th Street Philadelphia 40, Pa. MAURER. Theodore Allen Hegins, Pa. MCALINDIN, Richard R. 1878 Portsmouth Way Union, N. J. MCALLISTER, Lawrence W Box 66 Leola, Pa. MCBRIDE, James David 1543 Elk Street Franklin, Pa. MCCAA, David J. 223 Harrison Avenue Glenside, Pa. MCCANN, Alvin N. Box 19 Glendale, Mass. MCCARTNEY, William F. 304 College Avenue Lancaster, Pa. McCLOSKEY, Lawrence Thad. 24 Handy Street New Brunswickh N. J. MCCLURE, George Richard 203 Reno Street New Cumberland, Pa. MCCULLOUGH, Samuel D. 29 East 23rd Street Chester, Pa. McELGlN, John Francis 1926 Lycoming Avenue Abington, Pa. MCGEE. Michael David 140 W. Boundary Avenue York, Pa. MCKAGUE, H. Lawrence 404 Allegheny Street I-lollidaysburg, Pa. MCKELLY, Charles Frank, Jr. 254 Elm Street Lancaster. Pa. McNElL, John Albert 43 Pine Street Brookville, Pa. MEANS. Eugene D. 516 Grant Street Re noldsville, Pa. MEEKINS, Thomas F. 46 Midland Avenue Glen Ridge, .N MEKEEL, Charles Ryerson 219 West James Street Lancaster, Pa. MELBOURN, C. Herbert, Jr. 5 Center Circle Woodbidge. N. J. MELIA, Robert S. 29 Hampshire Rd. Rockville Centre, N. Y. MELLOTT, Forrest R. MCCODDEIISDUH. Pa. MELTON, Oliver . 4205 LaSalle Ave. Baltimore 6, Md. MENDELSSOI-IN. Saul 25 S. Main St. Montgomery, Pa. MENZEL, Robert Paul 710 N. 2nd St. Emmaus, Pa. MERSKY, Edward 335 Jackson St. New' Holland, Pa. MERTZ, Russell F. 903 Race St. Sunbury, Pa. METZLER. Clyde B. 978 W. Main St. Ephrata. Pa. MEVES, David W. 5229 "C" Street Philadelphia, Pa. MEYER, Paul E. 837 E. Walnut St. Lancaster, Pa. MEYERS, David S. R. F. D. iii Linglestown, Pa. MICHAEL, Harold Charles Jr. 127 Rutherford Pl. Arlin ton, N. J. MILLER, Tlavid Ludwig 445 Nevin St. Lancaster. Pa. MILLER, Donald Eugene East Main St. Hcgins, Pa. MILLER, Jerome Petrikin 513 4th St. Huntingdon. Pa. MILLER, John David Jr. 622 Walnut St. Lebanon, Pa. MILLER, Joseph P. Jr. 51 Sackarackin Ave. Dover, Del. MILLER. Robert M. I2 W. Main St. Mt. Joy, Pa. MILLER, Willard L. 300 Vine St. Perkasie, Pa. MILLER, XVil1iam Jack, Jr. 60 N. Tremont St. York, Pa. MINOFF, Arnold S. 360 Irving Ave. S. Orange, N. J. MITTERER, Richard Max 616 Ocean Ave. Lancaster, Pa. MOHLER, J. David 1832 N. Holland Pike Box 566 Lancaster, Pa. MOI-IR, David Sherman 23 N. Jefferson St. Allentown, Pa. MOI-lR, John R. 5991 Main St. Fogelsville, Pa. MOLZ, Joseph Robert 22 Fairview Ave. Bausman, Pa. MONGIOVI. John 619 St. Joscaah St. Lancaster, a. MONTEIO. Raul A. Calle 70 1214-60 Bogota, Colombia MONTGOMERY, Charles R. 206 E. Lemon St. Lancaster, Pa. MONTGOMERY, Richard Barry West Chester Pike Edgemont, Pa. MOODY, Lewis F. III 1046 Hillside Ave. Plainfield, N. J. STUDENT MOOK, David N. 320 C. P. W. New York, New York MOORE, Gerald Jason 327 E. Second Ave. Lititz, Pa. MOORE, James Edwin Jr. 1121 Walnut St. Columbia, Pa. MOORE,PJohn F. 31 I erry St. Columbia, Pa. MOORE, Terry R. Broomall, Pa. MOORHEAD, Carroll Clemens 1912 Sterling Place Lancaster, a. MORAN, James Anderson 43 Linden Avenue Metuchen, N. J. MORGAN, Lloyd Arthur I9 Campbelltown Rd. Palmyra, Pa. MORGAN, Patrick J. Jr. I Heywood Rd. Pelham, N. Y. MORIARTY, W. Herbert 306 S. Fourth St. Columbia, Pa. NIORNINGSTAR, John F. Jr. 429 Lancaster Ave. Lancaster, Pa. MORRISON, Andrew David 79 Atwood Ave. Newtonville, Mass. MORRISON, James Daniel 27 Prince St. Millersville, Pa. MORROW, William James Jr. 20 Hillcrest Ave. Philadelphia 18, Pa. MORSE, Robert K. 19 Tiona Ave. Belleville 9, N. J. MOSS, Robert J. 1743 Mayland St. Philadelphia, Pa. MOWBRAY, David Keely R. F. D. .:1i'1 Center Valley, Pa. MOWBRAY, John S. Jr. R. F. D. ZITI Center Valley, Pa. MOYER, David George 501 E. Main St. Thurmont, Md. MOYER, William Robert, Jr. 60 N. Church St. Mohnton, Pa. MUCH. Mandell J. Idlewild Lane Media, Pa. MUELLER, Ralph Richard R. F. D. :tl Malvern, Pa. MULLE. Henry Gordon 1118 Park Ave. Collingswood 7, N. J. IVIULLER, Donald Charles 4 Cooper Ave. Roseland, N. J. MUMMA, Clyde Francis 606 West Goepp St. Bethlehem, Pa. MUMMA. H. Neil 43 Parkside Ave. Lancaster. Pa. MURPHY, John Huston Dodds Lane Gladwyne, Pa. MURRAY, Gilbert Ernest Jr. 313 Seneca Harrisburg, Pa. MURRAY, Thomas Kingsley 15 Norwood Ave. Summit, N. J, MUSE, Gordon A. 2611 Watta Blvd. Bellmore, N. Y. MUSSER, John Ralph Jr. 1043 E. Chestnut St. Sunbury, Pa. MUSSER. John Robert 434 E. Derry Rd. Hershey, Penna. MYERS, Edwin l. 1699 E. Market St. York, Pa. MYERS. Victor S. Jr. Box 225, R. iii Laurel, Md. NAGY, Robert Paul 135 N. Grant St. Waynesboro, Pa. NAUSS, Alan H. R. F. D. if! Wrightsville. Pa. NAVIKAS, John Frederick -1028 Wheatland Ave. Lancaster, Pa. NESTEL. Richard Clifford 904 Columbia Ave. Lancaster, Pa. NEWTON, William Allen 206 Forest Road Milford, Conn. NEWSWANGER, Lance Edward R. F. D. .116 Lancaster, Pa. DIRECTORY NICOLAZZO, Peter J. 757 Centerville Rd. Lancaster, Pa. NISSLEY, Simon Peter 228 E. Main St. Mount Joy, Pa. NITZBERG, Jerome S. 2417 Golf Road Philadelphia, Pa. NOCKS, Barry Neil 470 Barnard Ave. Cedarhurst, N. Y. NOLKN, J. Dennis 16 Briar Road Oreland, Pa. NOLPH, Karl David 352 Church St. Brookville, Pa. NOLT, Ira Gehman R. F. D. 1131 Ephrata, Pa. NOLT, Joseph P. 931 Virginia Ave. Lancaster, Pa. NOLT, Samuel Keiser 931 Virginia Ave. Lancaster, Pa. NOLTNER, Donald William 31 I0 Center Ave. Madison 4, Wisc. NONEMAKER, Larry Franklin Franklin St. New Freedom, Pa. NOVEMBER, Peter Charles 196 E. Shore Road Huntington, N. Y. NYDICK, M. Barry 21 l Shelley Ave. Elizabeth, N. J. O'BRlEN, Raymond Vincent, Jr. 701 Stone St. Osceola Mills, Pa. O'CONNELL, Robert C. 627 Bauman Ave. Baden, Pa. OLIVERI, Benedetto 3535 Boston Road Bronx, New York OLSON, John Stanley Geryville Pike Pennsburg, Pa. ORKIN, Robert S. 132 N. Ilth St. Sunbury, Pa. O'SHANC.HNESSY, Patrick R. St. Moses Lake Washington OVERLY, Donald R. 626 N. Marshall St. Lancaster, Pa. OVERLY, Wylie L. 115 S. Church St. Mt. Pleasant, Pa. PAGE, Robert C. 609 S. Lime St. Lancaster, Pa. PAENE, Ralph Hershey 161 N. Charlotte St. Manheim, Pa. PALMIER, Joseph Peter S. Mahon St. Brookville, Pa. PANFIL, Wayne Douglas 316 Fitzwatertown Road Willow Grove, Pa. PAPARO, Michael Anthony, Jr. 4I4M N. Queen St. 'Lancaster, Pa. PAPSO, Francis Joseph R. D. 32 Schuylkill Haven, Pa. PARK, Russell Martin 447 Martin Brookville, Pa. PARKER, Robert Harwood 12 Fairfax Terrace Chatham, N. J. PARNES, Herbert Milton 3631 N. 2nd St. Harrisburg, Pa. PARRY, George Gowen, lll 127 W. Springfield Ave. Philadelphia IB, Pa. PARSONS, James A. 39 E. Main St. Lititz, Pa. PARSONS, John Herbert 212 Kent Way West Reading, Pa. PARTRIDGE, Ronald K. 264 Mather Road Jenkintown, Pa. PATTERSON, Charles Roger Main St. Harrisonville, N. J. PATTERSON, Rich. Montgomery 7 English Village Wynnewood, Pa. PATUKAS, Peter C. 123 N. 4th Ave. Coatesville, Pa. PAUL, Richard Victor Box 457 Hopatcong, N. PAULES Michael Sechrist 296 Kurtz Avenue York, Pa. PAYTAS, Louis J. Lancaster, Pa. PECH, Arthur Knowlton Polo Lane Cedarhurst, L. l., N. Y. PEDRICK, George Robert 43 Delevan Lambertville, N. PEIFER, William K. Dornsife. Pa. PEREZOUS, Michael John 306 S. Beaver St. Lancaster, Pa. PETERSON, Richard Barry 1205 Rahway Ave. Westfield, N. J. PETTIGREW. William D. 3-A West Athens Ave. Ardmore, Pa. PFROMMER, Charles William 530 Park Ave. Lancaster, Pa. PHILLIPS, Milo Wayne R. D. 1722 Sinking Spring. Pa. PICKLE, Jacob Harry 643 Locust St. Columbia, Pa. PIERCE, Harry Nelson 409 - 18th St. Ocean City, N. J. PIKE, Larry R. 610 E. Philadelphia St. York, Pa. PINKERTON, Gerald Charles 832 E. Chestnut St. Lancaster, Pa. PINKERTON, Robert Bruce 44 Hiawatha Road Hi-Nella, N. J. PIRARO, James Charles 3516 Reisterstown Road Baltimore, Md. PLATT, Ronald Ira 2454 Tiegout Ave. New York, N. Y. PLETCHER, James Freeman 117 Roselawn Ave. Bausman, Pa. PLINER, Arthur Stephen 320 Cribbel Road Wyncote, Pa. PLUM, Barry Cameron 216 Zncl Ave. Haddon Heights, N. J. POHNER. Richard A. 880 High St. Enhaut, Pa. POLLAK, Fred Hugo 24 Dale Drive POLLOCK, Ronald Jay Park Ave. Edgewater Park, N. J. PONTZ. Robert George 39 N. Decatur St. Strasburg, Pa. PONTZ, William G., Jr. 80 Jackson Drive Lancaster, Pa. PORTNER, Barry 208 N. Jerome Ave. Margate, N. J. PORTSER. Charles H., lll 309 N. West End Ave. Lancaster, Pa. POTTER, Neil Harrison R. D. .125 Lebanon, Pa. POWELL. Jav Robert 208 S. Main St. Lewistown, Pa. POYCK, William Richard 1617 Wilson Ave. Lancaster, Pa. PRATT, John L. 525 Beaver Ave. Glenside, Pa. PRENTICE, Thaver Thomas 30 Hobson Place Bradford, Pa. PREPERATO, Joseph Richard I'49 Crest Ave. Lancaster, Pa. PRICE, Jon Friedly 309 W. 6th St. Waynesboro, Pa. PROFACI, I. Joseph 3801 Avenue P Brooklyn 34, N. Y. PULLEN, Dan Culver Trenton Ave. Belle Mead, N. J. PURCELL, Robert Joseph 1309 Mt. Hope Ave. Pottsville, Pa. QUELER, Melwyn Robert 36 Stadium Road Providence 6, R. I. QUIGLEY, Herbert J. 711 E. Orange St. Lancaster, Pa. RABENOLD, George I., Jr, 2032 Highland St. Allentown, Pa. RACZ, Ernest B. 60-42 Woodbine St. Brooklyn 27, N. Y. RADEY, Hugh Martin 708 Mt. Vernon Ave. Haddonfield, N. J. RAINEY, Kenneth Duncan 193 S. President Ave. Lancaster, Pa. . RASMUSSEN, John Hildreth 3 Hildreth Ave. Huntin-gton, N. Y. RATHGEB, Philip Schantz 2133 Woodlawn Ave. Glenside, Pa. RAUCH, Julius B., Ill Morris 6: Trumbauer Roads Lansdale 322, Pa. REDMOND, Thomas S. 1720 State St. Harrisburg, Pa. REED, Frederick Melanchton 939 9th St., N.W., Apt. 3 Washington. D. C. REED, Sheldon LeRoy 325 State Road West Fairview, Pa. REESE, Richard Martin 125 Conestoga Blvd. Lancaster, Pa. REICH, James Franklin 6712 Beacon St. Pittsburgh, Pa. REID, Kenneth Eugene, Jr. 328 Union Lehighton, Pa. REIDER, Alan Herman 130 S. Berne St. Schuylkill Haven, Pa. REINHART, Elwood Vincent 920 Fountain Ave. Lancaster, Pa. I REINHART, Lawrence E. 1000 Race St. Perkasie, Pa. REMLING, John Allen 2300 Mountain Avenue Scotch Plains, N. J. REMMEY, Francis Brehm 7446 Overhill Road Melrose Park, Pa. RENN, Thomas Warren 1011 Fountain Ave. Lancaster, Pa. RENZA, Robert A. 484 King Ave. Collingswood, 7, N. J. RESSLER, Kenneth L. R. D. if4 Lititz, Pa. RESSLER, Merrill Q. New Holland, Pa. RHEE, Sung Kun 516 Junnong-dong, Dongdai moon-ku, Seoul RIDDLE, Malcolm Elwood 144 Baltimore St. Hanover, Pa. RIDER, Ernest Garwood 37 Harrisburg Pike Dillsburg, Pa. RIEDEL, Warren Clinton Wilson Ave. Leacock, Pa. RIMMEL, James C. 655 N. Pine St. Lancaster, Pa. RINGLER, Vernon M. Maryland Ave. Oxford, Pa. RINKER, Victor Gilbert 7867 Michener Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. RITCHEY, George Oliver 524 S. Market St. Martinsburg, Pa. ROBBINS, Zebulon Stevens, Jr. Heldervale Sli-ngerlands, N. Y. ROBENOLT, Gary Larue R. D. .1953 Harrisburg, Pa. ROBERTS, John Van Sant 5751 Crittenden Ave. Indianapolis 20, lnd. ROBERTSON, Charles Andrew 324 Fieldbrook .Drive Pittsburgh 34, Pa. ROCCO, Frank Martin 405 S. Wayne St. Lewistown, Pa. RODENBERGER, Bruce Marshall 933 N. 28th St. Allentown, Pa. RODER, Paul William 30 Park View Terrace Summit, N. J. ROEDER. Alfred David 308 Columbia Ave. Palnierton, Pa. ROEDER, Donald Kistler 429 Sheridan Ave. Roselle Park, N. J. ROEPCKE, Frank Morton, Jr. 161-28 Grand Central Pkwy. Jamaica 32, N. Y. ROGERS, Lemuel Arsea, Jr. 226 E. Spruce St. Norristown, Pa. ROGERS, Pell Somers 326 Broadmoor Road Baltimore, Md. ROGERS, Richard Weston 226 E. Spruce St. Norristown, Pa. STUDE T DIRECTORY ROHLAND, Henry E. 235 Walnut St. Lebanon, Pa. ROHRBACK, Robert Lancaster 1013 St. Joseph St. Lancaster, Pa. ROHRMAN, John Gheen 1203 Birch Ave. Morrisville, Pa. ROMEO, Stephen G. 116 S. High St. Lock Haven, Pa. RORABAUGH, John V., Jr. 106 Osborn St. Philadelphia 28, Pa. ROSAS, Edwin V. 63 King's Court Santurce, Puerto Rico ROSE, Richard Alfred 453 E. Market St. Pottsville, Pa. ROSEMAN, Donald Kramer, Jr. 941 Pleasure Road Lancaster, Pa. ROSENBERG., Ellis H. 2204 Walnut St. Allentown, Pa. ROSENBERRY, Robert Lester Montgo Road Ambler, Pa. ROSENBLUM, Martin B. 1154 Ward Ave. New York 72, N. Y. ROSENTHAL, Abram 909 Sheridan Ave. New York, N. Y. ROSENTHAL. David E. 5724 N. 5th St. Philadelphia 20, Pa. ROSKY, Lee Paul 111 Lincoln Place Atlantic Citv, N. J. ROSS, William R. 1976 Park Plaza Lancaster, Pa. ROYER, Clayton E. 649 E. Main St. Lititz, Pa. RUDERMAN, Mark 1463 W. State St. Trenton, N.' J. RUDISILL, Robert Allen 815 N. Reservoir St. Lancaster, Pa. RUMMEL, Edward B. 6345 Overbrook Ave. Philadelphia 31, Pa. RUOSS, Ronald Nelson 73 Cedarhurst Lane Milford, Conn. RUSH, Kent Rodney 220 N. Ambler St. Quakertown, Pa. RUSS. R. David 101 Fairview Ave. Hatboro, Pa. RUSSELL, Charles Harner 331 Chestnut St. Columbia, Pa. RUTTENBERG, Alan Samuel 5719 Ogontz Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. RYAN, James J., Jr. 42 W. King St. Lancaster, Pa. RYAN, William John 576 Manor Lane Pelham, N. Y. SAKULSKY, S. Barry 1026 Manor Road New Kensington, Pa. SALTZMAN, Stevan 1616 Mohican St. Philadelphia, Pa. SAMUELS, Richard E. 52 Rose Blvd. Baldwin, N. Y. SANDOE. William L. 318 South St. Pottstown, Pa. SANDT, Donald G., Jr. Pond Road, R. Bethlehem, Pa. D.itl SAPORITO, Robert A. Rumson Road Rumson, N. J. SATTERTHWAITE, Walt. B., Jr. E. Shawmont Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. SAUTER, Robert B. 87 S. Main St. Gardner, Mass. SAWYER, George J., Ill 4808 Harford Road Baltimore 14, Md. SAWYER, Harold G., Jr. 2333 Woodwick Rd. Lancaster, Pa. SCAFF, William D. II 248 Edgewood Ave. Westfield, N. J. SCAGLIONE, Charles R. 97 Oliver Ave. Valley Stream, N. Y. SCHANTZ, Edward T. 430 N. Second St. Emmaus, Pa. SCHAPPELL, Frederick G. 37 Pottsville St. Cressona, Pa. SCHIFF, Stanley 732 E. Ugsal St. Philadelp ia, Pa. SCHIMMEL, Sanford 867 Queen Anne Rd. Teaneck, N. J. SCHMIDT, Richard Arthur 118 W. Second Ave. Roselle, N. J. SCHNEIDER, James Ralph 63 Woodland Ave. York, Pa. SCHOFF, Jay Forrest, Jr. 5 Woodward Rd. Moylan. Pa. SCHOFFSTALL, Allen Milton 319 Geary Ave. New Cumberland, Pa. SCHOLES, Edwin, Jr. 5901 Roosevelt Blvd. Philadelphia, Pa. SCHULMAN, Charles Lewis 1344 NVinslow Ave. Union. N. J. SCHWEIGER. Carl J. 464 S. Dorwart St. Lancaster, Pa. SCHWEIKARDT, Eric S. Highland Ave. Nvack, N. J. SCOTT, Craig C. Marple Road Haverford, Pa. SCOTT, John M. 4617 Hillside Rd. Harrisburg, Pa. SCOTT, Ralph Hyler Apt. DZ, Jenkintown Grdns. Jenkintown, Pa. SCOTT, Wvlmer Howard 71 Jackson Drive Lancaster, Pa. SCUDERI,. Richard Alfred 1014 Bushwick Ave. New York, N. Y. SEEMAN, Kenneth 1081 Jerome Ave. New York, N. Y. SEGAL, Richard 1647 S. 54th St. Philadelohia, Pa. SEIBEL. Richard J. 706 N. Marshall St. Lancaste r, Pa. SEIDERS, Victor Mann 728 S. Pershing Ave. Yor k, Pa. SEKOWSKI, Edwin Eugene 906 Hemlock Gallitzin, Pa. SENFT, Nathan James 30 N. Spring St. Everett, Pa. SERLEMlTSOS,.Aristides J. Port Vathy Samos, Greece SHAFFER, Gilbert W. 704 4th St. New Cumberland, Pa. SHAFFER, John C. 103 Charles St. Towanda, Pa. SHAND. Frederick 438 N. Duke St. Lancaster, Pa. SI-IANK, Alan 600 S. York Road Hatboro, Pa. SHARPE,' Theodore C. 32 Ridge Road Great Notch, N. J. SHAW, Henry E. 619 W. Second Ave. Derry, Pa. SHAW. Peter Van Cleve 401 Dean St. West Chester, Pa. SHEARER, William Anthony 213 E. Ross St. Lancaster, Pa. SHEDLESK1, Chester A. 30 Ebert's Lane York, Pa. SHEFFY, Donald Harry 26 E. Lemon St. Lititz, Pa. SHELLENBERGER. John, Jr. Old Rifle Camp Road Little Falls, N. J. SHEPHARD, Francis William 29 S. Pine St. York, Pa. SHERER, James R. 47 Avenue, C Schuylkill Haven, Pa. SHICK, Herbert Louis 5906 Ventnor Ave. Ventnor City, N. J. SHIFFER, Coover 22 E. Queen St. Ephrata, Pa. SHIFFER, James W. 650 Hizhldnd Ave. Meadville, Pa. SHIRK, Warren A. 215 S. Main St. Manheim, Pa. S1-IREINER, David Paul 220 N. Reservoir St. Lancaster, Pa. SHREINER. Galen L. Blue Ball. Pa. SHUCK, Charles William R. D. 112 Kennett Square, Pa. SHUE, William M. 48 S. Main St. Spring Grove, Pa. SHULTZ, Charles High and SHULTZ, Timothy D. 612 Grandview Blvd. Lancaster, Pa. SHURIG, Aaron Russel 305 Clearbrook Ave. Lansdowne, Pa. SIEGLER, Harry B. 536 Hamilton St. Lancaster, Pa. SIEGRIST. Jay M. 6190 Carpenter St. East Petersburg, Pa. SILVER, Lawrence 239 S. Front St. Steelton, Pa. SIMONELLI, Joseph B. 449 W. Chestnut Street Lancaster, Pa. SKEAN, Donald Minter 143 Beech Street Pottstown, Pa. SKRAMUSKY, John Franklin, Jr. 247 New Holland Avenue Lancaster, Pa. SLABACH, Lee Douglas 122 W. Main Street Terre Hill, Pa. , SMEAD, Jahn A., Jr. 1725 Malvin Court Williamsport, Pa. SMELTZER, John Philip 620 McClay Avenue Lewisburg, Pa. SMITH, Charles Franklin 455 Columbia Avenue Palmerton, Pa. SMITH, George H. Lancaster, Pa. SMITH, Jesse F. R. D. if 1 Mamfhester, Pa. SMITH, John W. 221 S. Second' Street St. Clair, Pa. SMITH, Robert Haple 759 S. Franklin Street Wilkes-Barre, Pa. SMITH, Robert J., Jr. 142 E. Chestnut Street Lancaster, Pa. SMITH, Wayne Lamarr 236 Church Street Lancaster, Pa. SMOCK, Robert W'ilIiam Terre Hill, Pa. SMOLKO, James Regis 303 Atkins Avenue Lancaster, Pa. SNAVELY, S. Charles 443 N. Union Street Middletown, Pa. SNYDER, Bernard M. 2409 N. 5th Street Harrisburg, Pa. SNYDER, David Eugene Box 23. Loysburg, Pa. SNYDER, Harry Allen 216 Princeton Avenue Palmerton, Pa. SOLLER, Herbert I. 124 E. Mable Street Hazelton, Pa. SOLOMON, Leslie B. 516 N. Duke Street Lancaster, Pa. SOLSKY, Robert 307 5. School Lane Lancaster, Pa. SOUDERS, Gerald L. 127 S. Marshall Street Lancaster, Pa. SOUDERS, Robert F. 662 Manor Street Lancaster, Pa. SOWERS, William H. 621 S. Albemarle Street York, Pa. SPANGLER, Donald Bruce 31 Millersville Road Lancaster, Pa. SPEIDEL, David Harold 15 Spruce Street Pine Grove, Pa. SPIELMAN, Ronald Leon 2 N. Swarthmore Avenue Ventnor, N. J. STADTLER, George James, lll 1114 W. Wynnewood Rd. Wynnewood, Pa. STANLEY, Elwood Charles, Jr 419 White Plains Road Trumbull 58, Conn. STANLEY, Norman Everett Deer Park Road Weatogue, .Conn. STARK, Alan Slay I600 W. th Street Brooklyn, N. Y. STAUBACI-I, john Walter R. D. ,gr I Hellman. Pa. STAUFFER,W iiliam Earl IZB4 Wheatland Avenue Lancaster, Pa. STEELE, David Logan St. James Place Pittsburgh I5, Pa. STEELE, John Russell, jr. Valley Road East Petersburg, Pa. STEI-IMAN, Paul Knotwell. jr 233 S. Market Street Ml. joy, Pa. STEIN, Donald H. II Orchard Road Lancaster, Pa. STEPT, Leonard Aaron I3I9 Menoher Blvd. Johnstown, Pa. STERLING, William A.. jr. 620 E. Chestnut Street Lancaster, Pa. STERN, Robert M. 3635 ,lohnson Avenue New York. N. Y. STERN, Seymour B. Watkins Acres - 7B Frederick, Md. STEVENTON, Dale Marshall I3 Catnwissn Street W. Nesquehoning, Pu. STEWART. Henry H., jr. I209 Cambria Avenue Windber, Pa. STIER, Russell john, jr. 543 Hillcrest Avenue Westfield, N. J. STONE, Martin B. 870 80th Street Miami Beach, Fla. STONE. Peter Everett I80 Granite Street Leominster, Mass. STOUFFER. ,loseph Edward I49 W. Maple Street York, Pa. STRAITIFF, Paul T. 454 College Avenue Indiana, Pa. STRAUS. Robert H. 30 Monroe Street New York 2, N. Y, STRAUSS, Robert Dixon 4l0 N. Easton Road Willow Grove, Pa. STRICKLER. Dale H. ZIZ E. Orange Street Lancaster, Pa. STRINE. Terry Albert R. D. ii' I York, Pa. STUART. William James BIB Kent Road Bala Cynwyd, Pa. STYER, Patrick Beck 84 Delp Road Lancaster, Pa. SULLIVAN, Robert Cole II5 E. Penn Street Bedford, Pa. SULLIVAN, Robert Matthew 804 Chclten Hills Drive Elkins Park, Pa. SWEENEY, Philip Edward 512 S. George Street York, Pa. SWETNAM, Robert W. 520 Third Street Belvidere. N. J. SWIGART, john Workman, jr IBIS Mifflin Street Huntingdon, Pa. TANCREDI, Robert Gustin 75 W. Granada Avenue Hershey, Pa. TAYLOR, Horace Furness I Winding Lane Media, Pa. TENNEY, David George Box 92 Stillwater, N. J. TESH, Robert B. 2708 Bnynnrd Blvd. Wilmington, Del. THATCI-IER, Wzilter L. 329 N. West End Avenue Lancaster, Pa. THOMA. john Burry 77 Parkridge Lane Pittsburgh, Pa. THOMAS, Barry G. I330 Hillcrest Road Lancaster, Pa. THOMAS, David Lee I406 W. South Avenue South Williaxnsport, Pa. THOMPSON, Peter A. I263 Wheatland Avenue Lancaster, Pa. THOMS, Edward R. 6l4 S. Ann Street Lancaster, Pa. STUDE T THORP, Frank S., Jr. I20 Rockaway Avenue Rockville Centre, N.' Y. TOMCAVAGE, joseph Richard 202 Lincoln Street Lancaster, Pa. TOMLINSON, Earl Scott 6I7 Coates Street Sharon Hill, Pa. TOTI-I, George Steven H52 E. Sixth Street Bethlehem, Pa. TRAHANOVSKY. Walter S. I20 Oak Street Conemaugh, Pa. TRAIL, George Arthur I3IB Edgar Avenue Chambersburg, Pa. TRAINOR, Robert Paul 735 First Street Lancaster, Pa. TREAT, Robert Edwin Manchester Depot, Vt. TREES, john E. 526 S. Plum Street Lancaster, Pa. TRENT, Douglas Ernest 33I N. Rosina Avenue Somerset, Pa. TURNER, Richard Burton 303 Decatur Street Philipsburg, Pa. TYLER, John Martin I05 W. Maple Avenue Bound Brook, N. J. TYNDALL, William Felker 302 N. Barbara Street Mount joy, Pa. TYRELL, Leo DeForest 655 Moreno Narberth, Pa. ULIN. Richard Irwin I53 Locustwood Blvd. Elmont, N. Y. UNDERWOOD, james Edward 300 Pennsylvania Avenue Irwin, Pa. VAN HORN. Lawrence Franklin II6 E. Stratford Avenue Lansdowne, Pa. VAN SANT, Alan Eugene l00 Roadside Avenue Waynesboro, Pa. VARNER, Neill Darwin 616 S. Grand Street Lewistown, Pa. VARTAN, Richard Roland I Livingston Avenue Kearny, N. J. VAUGHAN, Douglas Haas R. D. itz Glen Riddle Rd. Media, Pa. VENTIMIGLIA, Joseph William 705 West Broad Street Westfield, N. J. VERSTANIG, Lee L. I9 Filbert Street Hamden I4, Conn. VESSELS, William L. I07 King's- Highway Lewes, Delaware VIDEON, Spencer T., Ill 400 Shadeland Avenue Drexel Hill, Pa. VON NIEDA, Daniel S. Holtwood, Pa. WAGNER, Clair Leroy, Jr. Theatre A artments Mt. Joy. ga. WAGNER, Conrad David Route 2 Williamsport, Md. WAGNER, Roderick J. Route Z Williamsport, Md. WALKER, Donald Read 228 Shell Street Harrisburg, Pa. WALLACE. Lloyd Franklin Kings Highway, R. D. I Coatesville, Pa. WALLACE, Robert W., Jr. 57 Riverview Avenue Pittsburgh I4, Pa. WALLACE, Walter Scott 200 South Church Street Parkesburg, Pa. WALSH, William M. Poundrid e Road Bedford, Y WALTER, Charles Frederick 50 North Main Street Farmingdale, N. Y. WALTERS, Lawrence A. R. D. I York, Pa. WALTON, Robert C. Lancaster, Pa. WANAMAKER, Franklin Paul 336 Fourth Street Slalington, Pa. WARD, Leeman Richard Ronks, Pa. WARDROP, Clayton Scott, Jr. 433 West Walnut Street Lancaster, Pa. WARNER, William Christian, Jr. 454 New Dorwart Street Lancaster, Pa. WEAg..ASDi Charles William Ephrata, Pa. DIRECTORY WEAIIHSIRBY, joseph, Ill Harrisburg, Pa. WEAVER, John P. 624 North Pine Street Lancaster, Pa. WEAVER, John William Rebersburg, Pa. WEAVER, Kent Eby I5 I2 Esbenshade Road Lancaster, Pa. WEAVER, Richard Robert 2028 Willow St. Pike Lancaster, Pa. WEAVER, Vincent P. I9II Benmar Drive Lancaster, Pa. WEBER. ,Iohn W. 4I8 Mt. Vernon Street Lansdale, Pa. WEBER, Richard R. Paradise, Pa. WEE, Robert James St. joseph's Hospital Lancaster, Pa. WEEKS, Herman David, Jr. 48 McKee Avenue Hagerstown, Md. WEIRBRECHT, Walter E. 290 Potter Place Weehawken, N. J. WEIDEN, Ira W. I04-20 68th Drive Forest Hills, N.Y. WEIMER. Philip George 622 Haddonfield Road Merchantville, N. J. WEINERMAN, Marshall F. 237 Coudert Place South Orange. N.J. WEINLICK, Hermann I. IZI3 Lorain Avenue Bethlehem, Pa. WEINSTEIN, James David 6I56 Catharine Street Philadelphia 43, Pa. WEIS, F. Robert, Jr. 4 Lynton Lane Pittsburgh, Pa. WEISS, Joseph D. 222 Howard Avenue Lancaster. Pa. WEISS, Michael F. 65-45 Cromwell Crescent Forest Hills, N. Y. WEISS, Richard Alfred 40I Radnor Street Harrisburg, Pa. WELKOWITZ, Arthur 303 Beverly Road Brooklyn, N. Y. WELLES, Frank S. Shadyside Avenue Nyack, N. Y. WELSH, Robert O. 623 West Chestnut Street Lancaster, Pa. WELSH. Russell F. 405 South Queen Street Lancaster, Pa. WENTZ, Allen John R. D. I Laurel, Delaware WENTZEL. Fred Robert 223 Maclay Street Harrisburg, Pa. WENTZEL, Kenneth Lee 423I Seventh Avenue S. Temple, Pa. WERNER, Albert Lincoln, lll I08 North George Street Millersville, Pa. WERNER, Philip Michael I09 Mortimer Avenue Rutherford, N. J. WERNTZ, Herbert jay R. D. I Willow Street, Pa. WERNTZ, William G. I05 Spa Drive Annapolis, Md. WHEELER, Calvin James R. D. Z Butler, Pa. , WHIPPLE, Charles William 320 S. Kimberly Avenue Somerset, Pa. WHITE. Duane F. 6I8 East King Street Lancaster, Pa. WICGINS, Harold Lee 202 East Main Street Mountville, Pa. WIGHAM. Robert Gunning 5787 South Main Street East Petersburg, Pa. WILEMAN, George Norton, Jr. 4II Shortridge Drive Wynnewood, Pa. WILHELM, Willard Bell 318 Columbia Palmerton, Pa. WILLCOX, Michael t 76 Brompton Road Garden City, N. Y. WILLIAMS, Charles Hill, Jr. 342 East Frederick Street Lancaster, Pa. WILLIAMS, Robert Brown IB88 Lincoln Highway East Lancaster, Pa. WILLIARD, Elwood C. Klingerstown, Pa. WILSON, Neil I4 West Main Street Ephrata, Pa. WILSON, Robert A. 28 North Sixth Street Shamokin, Pa. WISSLER, Fred H. 436 West King Street Lancaster, Pa. WITMER, Daniel G. IOI Linden Avenue Greencastle, Pa. WITMER, William Frank 737 New Holland Avenue Lancaster, Pa. WITWER, Charles Robert 33 East Cedar Avenue Merchantville, N. J. WOEST, Edward K. IIB Loines Avenue Merrick, N. Y. WOHLSEN, Theodore O., jr. IS7 Hamilton Road Lancaster, Pa. WOLF, George C., jr. I653 Ralworth Road Baltimore, Md. WORK, james Leroy 509 North Lime Street Lancaster, Pa. WORST, Harry D. 230 Buch Avenue Lancaster, Pa. WRIGHT, Richard E. 485 East Derry Road Hershey, Pa. WURST, Richard Paul I034 Bristol Pike Andalusia, Pa. WURTELE, Lester H., Jr. 87l4 Forrest Avenue Elkins Park, Pa. WYAND, Robert Rice, II Keedysville, Md. YATES, Robert LaMar 425 East Penn Street Bedford, Pa. YEATS, joe Samuel, jr. II9 East Grant Avenue Roselle Park, N. J. YELAGOTES, George J. 609 West Chestnut Street Lancaster, Pa. YELOVICH, David George I006 Homeland Drive Lancaster, Pa. YELOVICH, Robert Raymond I730 Windsor Avenue Lancaster, Pa. YERAMIAN, jacob O. Orfali Street Baghdad. Iraq YODER, David Wurts 334 South Rolling Road Springfield, Pa. YODER, Harold E., jr. I65 Hostetter Lane Lancaster, Pa. YORK, Allan W., jr. 742 New Holland Avenue Lancaster, Pa. YOUNG, Lawrence S., jr. 2004 W. Cheltenham Avenue Philadelohia, Pa. YOUNG, William Werner I24 East Irvin Avenue Hagerstown. Md. YOUNGKIN, William Chester, jr. 206 North Ilth Street Easton, Pa. YUNGINGER, lohn Wallace 304 East Orange Street Lancaster, Pa. ZELDIN, Michael H. 268 Tomkenn Road Philadelphia 3 I, Pa. ZERVOS, Orestes 23 Alexandra Avenue Corfu. Greece ZIEGLER. ,luck Bernard 3307 Circle Avenue Reiffton. Reading, Pa. ZIMMERLY, David William I064 Terrace Avenue Wvomissinfz, Pa. ZIMMERMAN, Earl Abraham 300 North Madison Street Harrisburg, Pa. ZIMMERMAN, john H. 273 East Glen Avenue Ridgewood, N. J. ZIMMERMAN, Terry L. 224 Locust Street Milton, Pa. ZUCCA, Louis joseph 5I7 South East Aveiue Vineland, N. j. ZUCK, Alfred Miller 2I8I Hershey Avenue East Petersburg, Pa. ZUCKERMAN, S. Richard 35I3 North Third Street Harrisburg, Pa. ZURCHER. Richard j. 2I4 East Liberty Street Lancaster, Pa. ZUVER. Charles O'Malley 208 Newman Street Metuchen, N. j. ZWEIZIC. Charles Russell, jr. l6I8 Walnut Street' Allentown, Pa. NEW on the ourslnf. . . OLD on the INSIDE F.f?Nl.'Si uilciing und Campai I1 will complete an mo ernize talir Hall Stahl' Hall looks fine from College Avenue, but you should see the inside-old and hope- lessly outdated. The reason--insufficient funds after the last campaign to finish the job. A nation-wide campaign has been launched by F. Bc M. to raise SI,500,000- to fulfill present- day needs for improvement and expansion. With a successful fund-raising effort, a half- useful building will become one of the major educational centers on the campus. Scheduled improvements include: Greatly expanded facilities for the Geology Depart- ment, including a new laboratory, adequate facilities for the departments of Business Ad- ministration and Economics, Mathematics, Physics, and Psychologyg a large lecture hall: larger and better offices for the administration: a meteorological station and a seismograph. 5300.000 is needed to complete Stahr l-lall. The balance of the money will be allocated as follows: S480,000 for the Physical Education Center S400,000 for a Faculty Salary Endowment S200,000 for replacing the Annual Giving Fund for two years S120,000 for Faculty Salary Increases This campaign to develop the building and educational program of this fine old college deserves generous support from the alumni and friends of the college. agaz 51 Eze., nc. LANCASTER, PA. I , ,, ' U I 1 31:-.::,-V4.1 4,.- :. I..A, A. - 53 .P 1 SERVING THE BEST OF EVERY THING... 1,,l,3,4g, YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL CAMPUS AFFAIRS Banquet Facilities from 25 to 100 Q ggR.S.leryiE,uKingEandtrfsneef F R - 343.32 ,'-' -4 ,I ' , ' "."'4" '-Q "'- or eservation: .-,.E..lGnf1CffQlT, PG-A 13:2 1147 Lititz Pike C311 Jimmie EX 4-7975 Congratulations THE B. B. MARTIN Class of 'V' I 9 5 7 C0- l PRESTU PUBLISHING CD., INC. LUMBER SL MILLWGRK 134 NDRTH 7TH STREET, LEBANON, PA. I I James 8l Charlotte Sts. Lancaster, Pa. Q Dial EX 4-7277 E. I hen you want a photograph... you want a fine photograph and that's the only kind your official photographer takes! PHOTOGRAPH srumo 3RD Hook agez cf! Bzos. pol-IN M. STERBACK SUCCESSOR TO JOHN W. LeFEVRE l O40 Harrisburg Avenue LANCASTER, PA. . . . Phone Express 2-9495 lOOCX, Atlantic Products "Call for and deliver" GRAYBILL'S DAIRY LlTlTz,PA. O O C I O Processors of FINE DAIRY PRODUCTS Compliments of ROCKY SPRINGS PARK Lancaster's Most Complete Playground 32 Bowling Lanes - Air Conditioned for Your Comfort Open Year Round VISIT PENNSYLVANlA'S FINEST Roller Skating and Dancing Year Round INSURANCE REAL ESTATE ENGLE 8z HAMBRIGHT, INC. We sell all types of the best Insurance. 'A' 46 EAST ORANGE STREET Phone EX 4-5681 LANCASTER, PA. For Food ? That's ggZg2PRINTlNG and Fun ' ' ' Q nrrusf suvvufs 17-25 E. New St. Lancaster, Pa. , Milk 'A' Ice Cream Products of Phone EX 3-5241 PENN DAIRIES, INC. QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS Lancaster. Pa E 'r bI'shed 1770 . The SOTdeIst in America Congptlgrnents O S DEM UTH'S TOBACCO SHOP NEW MANAGEMENT Manufacturers of Golden Lion cigars Hgwqrd JQhn5Qn'5 Pipes 0 Cigars o Tobacco Accessories 114 East King Street Lancaster, Pa. C4 mi. east of Lancaster - Rt. 303 COMMERCIAL PRINTING HOUSE i' Printers and Publishers 'I' MARKET AND GRANT STS. LANCASTER, PENNA. Paul W. Felker, '28 Everything for the home . . . in fine furniture . . . floor coverings and draperies WESTENBERGER, MALEY G' MYERS 125 East King Street Lancaster, Pa. I l 1 Hearfiesf Congrafulafions . . . fo ihe Graduafes of 79-Y U95? ik fhe besf of luck and every good wish for your success and happiness from all of us af fhe . . . QDCIDIES SEND? dm. 4 zfeffef, yt., yum. INSURANCE SERVICE 'A' 220A North Duke Street Phone: Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster EX 2- 1242 L LT ' JACKSON'S QUALITY CLOTHES 'Hof Meals-Snacks 149 North Queen Street DINING Room AVAILABLE v 0 ' Fon PARTIES at BANQUETS "Wheffhgga11fI lf, higher Dinner Daily and Sunday: PYICC 12 a. m. to 7 . . . Store Hours: 7:30 a.rn. to 11 p. rn. FORMAL CLOTHES 59 Coffee Hour-10-11 a.m. FOR RENT Phone A Cor. Pine and James Sts. EX2-9551 I.., GOOD LUCK- CLASS OF '57 from an Q I RENDEZVOUS STEAK SHOP an I-m x 4 242 WEST KING STREET I ml,,., ' .4 ' "M In BEST IN STEAKS 8: SUB SANDWICHES "Beans" Caspari, Prop. RUDISILL and COMPANY, Inc. PRINTERS AND LITHOGRAPI-IERS ak' Phone EX7-81 7 6 109 West Chestnut St. Lancaster, Pa, Compliments Sayres 55 Scheid 55 Sweeton East King Street M E N ' S W E A R A M Compliments .gc of REILLY BROS. xv 8t RAUB - ld COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE FOR ALL Hospital--Surgical-Sickness--Accident Employees Payroll Protection LIFE INSURANCE Juvenile and Adult TEACHERS PROTECTIVE MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 116-118 N. Prince St. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster's FIRST Life Insurance Company James W. Schutte, '20 Compressed Gases - Oxygen - Acetylene - Hydrogen - Med. Oxygen - Carbonic IA Gas - Welding Equipment and Welders' Supplies - Paper Cups - Soda Cups - vu Straws - Electric Water Coolers - Spring Water 126 NORTH WATER STREET Dial EX2-7812 Compliments -if Of THE HUBLEY MFG. CO. 1+ If Ju 1+ F- W- W 0 0 'L W 0 R T H "KIDDIE" ToYs at CAP PISTOLS ll' 1+ 'l' mr 25 NORTH QUEEN STREET 'I' Lancaster, Pa. LANCASTER , PA. 1 in . CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF 1957 FROM MILLER 8: HARTMAN WHOLESALE GROCERS THE FRIENDLY HOTEL BRUNSWICK 4444444 Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. 'A' ESTABLISHED 1 8 6 8 'Five Air-Conditioned R 'Rooms with Radio Bl TV 'Six Private Function Rooms 'Pennsylvania Dutch Tours 243 West Lemon Street CAMPUS HOUSE FIRST FLOOR CAMPUS HOUSE OPEN FROM 7:00 a. m. to 10:00 p. m. DAILY 7:00 a. rn. to 1:00 p. m. SATURDAYS - Closed all day Sunday - 'fr FOR MEALS AND SNACKS HQ' rw MQW fm V will A AM f f f ma V, V ,. . Vw-AQWQSJQV, V . .. , A IQ fn -, V 'YQ ' 'Lg V Q . ia , V,....,,gm..,f 5. f N V Ss ' x -- Q , TW V W M V ' ' W V V.. ,. - ' -. w.'Tfr4-4fqw3,,, W M" MV- V ' U -j 'l, 541' gs., .. , , .V MVV 1 5' 'Va Y' ' 3-26 W' M. .ui ...V E 5,1 , Q 2 ' , -g x 1 ' " V- V ,L ,LL wh M -Q 1 ' -5? ww if .4 .4 .f :Qi , f .V .. 'Mg ' 5-3- 112-VV',1 -5- E' 5"?'2 f"f , " A 5,1 :V : .. K, I, - I I . . ' 1:-.-1-,Q -- . . .y ga, 1 9 iw J . .x V ,, . 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I H' f 'f - 1'-Of' + fV 'Y VV+'wn'i5V, 'fm 4, ' V V X V ' ' VHVVQV mg, 4-' m, .fl 'rv '.mf-93,5-6, M, 1 , . V .,VV , V L Q V V V K 1 ' W. I l,i ' r '- Il . 1 ,: .l' . .,"I .1- - V., Q L . J. ,p A, Y 4, ,.L. ..... , ,..,....,... .. ,M W-. ..,..A -,.,,,.,Y-..

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