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,-' 'Q' Q vet H "Q 06 1 , EX LIBRI 1944 x e ? 1 13 K r 4 1 f 4 qi . ., xi 12 1 fi '33 if 4 I '1 i We 'Q '14 'e l i W i 9 J 1 W 4 1 Q E, E 5 ' 1 i V. 3 ,-,--""" ,,,ff""'d,v , ,vs f. :,?. - ' ,.1 A w fy l zg-.N ' ., ,. Y ,.k . K ,,..........- If J J I. 'Wm 1 Uur Old Main jim 1944 'ir WAR-TIME EDITION i. FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE LANCASTER PENNSYLVANIA 1944 ORIFLAMME STAFF MANAGING BOARD Editor-in-Chief ..... ..... R ICHARD F. BERNARD Managing Editor. .. ..... C. JAMES HERRICIQ Business Manager.. .... ROBERT F. HARTING Advertising Manager. . . ..... RICHARD H. WINTERS Photographic Editor .... ..... M ERVIN R. BECK ASSOCIATE EDITORS ALBERT J. FINGO WILLIAM A. HARTMAN HENRY M. HORWITZ JOHN J. SCOTT RUDISILI. AND SMITH CoMpANy.Prin,e,s LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA jlw Cfmfmfj... Dedication ...... '. . . 4, 5 Cold Star Alunmi ..... 6 Foreword ............. 7, 8 Familiar Campus Views .... .. 9-13 Naval Aviation Views .... .. 14,15 ln Memoriam, ......... .. 16, 17 The President ....... 18 The Administrators ................. 19 Commanding Officer, Navy V-12 Unit .... 20 Ships Company ..................... . 21 The Faculty ...... . . 22-25 The Staff ..... . . 26, 27 Alma Mater .... . 28 Class History ................. . . 29, 30 Senior Class of October 1943 ..... .. 31-35 Senior Class of February 1944 .... .. 36-43 Senior Class of June 1944 ..... . . 44-58 V-12 Platoons ............ . . . 59-66 "Dietz," V-12 Mascot ................................. 66 Civilian Classes of Oct. '44, Feb.-June '45 and Oct. '45 .... 67 Williamson Medal . . . ............................ . . 68 Organizations .... . . 69-80 The Fraternities . . . . . . 81-86 The Athletics .......... . . . 87-96 Candid Camera Shots .... .8 . . 97-100 Register of Students ..... .... 1 01-112 MITCHEL CARROLL s , ., .. eckcafiolfz With deepest respect for his ability, ' with highest regard for his judg- ment, with greatest admiration for his character, We dedicate The Ori- ilamme of 19441 to 1 MITCHEL CARROLL, Ph. D., scientist, teacher, counsellor, friend. " f ,' , - uld Star Zlumm fi Q P4-ig? W - R-DQS FX TI b - Al' X-Q X Q-Q, 'XX N' - ff' SP' ,X was 'xml l ' hose memories are now symbolized by We pay solemn tribute to those a umm w twenty-six gold stars. Their worth is measured not by words, but by the mmm' ment they leave. CAPT. HASTINGS H. JONES, ex-'25 U. S. ARMY Killed in automobile accident, Indiantown Gap, Pa., May 31, 1941. AVIATION CADET CALVIN R. SHAW, ex-'38 U. S. ARMY AIR CORPS Killed in plane crash, Maxwell Field, Ala., September 16, 1941. ENSICN LEE FOX, JR., ex-'43 - U. S. NAVY Killed in action, Pearl Harbor, T. H., Decem- ber 7, 1941. ENSIGN LEONARD S. SULKIS, '39 U. S. NAVY Killed in battle of Java on U. S. Destroyer Pillsbury, March, 1942. AVIATION CADET KENNETH W. McCORMICK, '41 U. S. NAVY Killed in plane collision, Pensacola, Fla., May 12, 1942. TECH. SGT. ERNEST W. URBAN, '37 U. S. ARMY AIR CORPS Killed in plane crash, Pine Camp, N. Y., May 31, 1942. AVIATION CADET JACOB H. NEFF, ex-'39 U. S. ARMY AIR CORPS Killed in plane crash, near Rayne, La., July U 6, 1942. PVT. WILLIAM C. BIRCHALL, ex-'45 U. S. ARMY Died of pneumonia, Denver, Col., January 9, 1943. FIRST LT. PAUL H. LEINBACH, '27 U. S. ARMY Died of pneumonia, Brooklyn, N. Y., January 14, 1943. AVIATION CADET HOWARD K. LUTZ, ex-'44. U. S. NAVY Killed on plane fiight over Gulf of Mexico, April 11, 1943. SGT. KENNETH K. TREDWAY, ex-'33 U. S. ARMY Killed in plane crash, near Lakeland, Fla., May SECOND LT. JOHN P. KEELAN, '42 U. S. ARMY AIR CORPS Killed in plane crash over Gulf of Mexico, June 25, 1943. LT. COL. ADAM G. HEILMAN, '08 U. S. ARMY Died, Walter Reed Hospital, Washington, D. C., August 12, 1943. SECOND LT. ALEXANDER D. HECKEL, '42 U. S. ARMY AIR CORPS Killed in plane crash, Wright Field, Dayton, O., August 13, 1943. SECOND LT. KENNETH F. GIBBS, ex-'43 1 U. S. ARMY AIR CORPS U. S. A. A. F. Bombardier, August 17, 1943. LT. DON S. VON DER HEYDE, ex-'44 U. S. ARMY AIR CORPS Killed in raid over Schweinfurt, Germany, August 17, 1943. JOSEPH C. HOENNINGER, '38 U. S. ARMY Killed accidentally, Camp Carson, Colo., Oc- tober 19, 1943. LT. J. WILLIAM BROWN, ex-'21 U. S. ARMY Died of pneumonia, Stillwater, Okla., Novem- ber 30, 1943. fJ.'G.J FREDERICK H. FOX, JR. '41 U. S. NAVY Killed in plane crash in Pacific area, Novem- ber 15, 1943. FIRST LT. WILLIAM H. HOYT, JR., '42 t U. S. MARINE CORPS Killed in action in Southwest Pacific, January 3, 1944. LT. CHARLES B. KORNS, '33 U. S. ARMY Drowned off Nassau, British West Indies, Jan- uary 23, 1944. LT. LT. LT. SAMUEL I. OGDEN, '35 U. S. NAVY Killed in action in South Pacific, March 6, 1944. LT. COL. LEON S. DRUMHELLER, '09 ' U. S. ARMY 21, 1943. Died of heart attack, Camp Kilmer, N. J., SECOND LT. HARRY L. BEVIS, '38 U. S. ARMY LT ?X1iJIlEg7b19g?i-ZA , .Killed in tank accident, Camp Campbell, Ky., ' ' RK'5X'g'2ARMY AIR FGRPS 2,1 . . . ' ' J' une 943 gillllegdllfn plane crash, Harris Field, Ga., April LT. COMDR. ROLAND N. KLEMMER, '18 I IQ, - , , U. S. NAVY x-:Ei gltifilolf heart attack in South Pacific area, May i ' ' - 6 ,ZS if ,figs .K I , x c - 6 R. 'L -ls.. 'X' st Y. I z S '15, ima' U1 ifugp, N. vqjd 5. .KRW WW. D. Q L '43 R UDRPQ L 113,104 'ms I vjugpg I Nu. eiogpg Yfmlny' 111111 lo, Of. ARMY gtlifm. NA VY 050111- IRP5 mary UI Y Jan- W ll 6. rl Y J.. 'S il 0148 bU0lf' i . F. 81 M. in the First and Second World Wars --A Comparison BY DB. H. M. J. KLEIN Students and alumni of Franklin and Marshall College have taken part in every war waged by the United States since the establishment of Franklin College and the adoption of the Federal Constitution in 1787. In the Civil War students were enlisted in both the Northern and Southern armies. In Spanish American War-days the students formed the college cadet group. After the first World War had been in progress two years, six months before America's entrance, in October, 1916, Lieutenant W. M. Chubb of the United States Army spoke to the college students on the importance of military training. Early in 1917 Congress passed a bill providing colleges with the services of a regu- lar officer of the U. S. Army. On March 10, 1917, the College Board, the Faculty and the Student Senate approved of military drill. Captain James Lightner of Lancaster, Co. K, 4th Regiment, spoke at a regular chapel period, challenged the men who wished to enter military training to place an X after their name. The list was posted outside of Old Main. Two hundred students signed and Com- panies A and B were organized. Military drill was voluntary and elective. War was declared on April 6, 1917 and by May 2 the first group, 54 men, one-fifth of the College, left to enlist in the service. By May 9, almost a hun- dred had enlisted. Each of three fraternities had fifteen men on the list. Stu- dents who were enlisted received credit for their college work. Many went to Ft. Niagara to enter officer training units in order to lead and instruct men who were to be drafted later on. Commencement was held early, J une 4, 1917. ' At the opening of college in September 1917, there were 211 students in at- tendance. They were permitted to choose between'military drill and physical training. Two companies were again organized, each electing its own officers. Each company also organized its own baseball team. By December 12, F. 81 M. had 216 enlisted men in the service, among them two Brigadier Generals, W. M. Black and H. D. Styer, and the youngest Captain in the U. S. Army, H. H. Worth- ington, aged 22. I When 1918 came, Old Main was closed down on account of a coal shortage. The classes were held in the old Science Building and in the Library. There were wheatless, wheatless, meatless, smokeless, Mondays on the College Campusf' and as one professor added ualso brainless Mondays." The sports program was abolished and War Saving Stamp Campaigns flourished. Commencement was held on May 8, 1918 with 34 graduates, 5 of whom were in the U. S. Armed Forces. Thirty-five men of the class in the service did not receive diplomas. During the summer of 1918 another U. S. Army unit was to be founded on the college campus, the U. S. Army Instrument Repair Branch, known as the Bowman Technical School, under military command. The old F. 81 M. Academy Building served as barracks. Two hundred and sixteen men were trained in fun- damental operations for instrument repair, from July 15 to December 12, 1918. The professors of the college lectured to these men on uWorld Crisis," and aWar Aims," throughout the summer. By September 1918 the S. A. T. C., Student Army Training Corps, was in full swing on the college campus. Lt. George L. Dernier, a West Point graduate, was in charge. Qld Main was turned into a barracks. All the students were ducted except a few under eighteen. A Military Band was organized, parades and reviews of the battalion were held on the campus and in the town. There were frequent scuflles between town and gown. The soldiers were not confined ' fffontinued next pagej E71 5 1 1 'f : W 1 U48 OZZAW, WM! jamigar aww 5 CQVLQZ5 cwding jlw Olbffi UAMM loloroac ing og rar? K , R 5 .. , ., i ' ' Q - ll ll ' . f ,L nfl., , V , - ll ll ' Q Qt W' V B Q s V ., X lj: ' 1 QV Ns A A A ' , , -'yv L 'N AMX :Nw ' . ' 1' 'ty f X . I X, Q XQX.----X--'--'A5x75'M' , i MX-NxnW"w --.- . .',. Y-y '2' 1 .Li A ..., ,X W M X... -X X X A ..A,- W - ,x .W ---5. ..5.?.,,,V.m r ,X vnKA.:w' -.,xXX 5 ,.,,1',n,?,wx--.- A., , 0 "' .-Q"".N f .':'l"sui51wLx'7:"'.""g,x"""'.. - P . 'X - -- ."""""..""-"""MsH-M-.4.n4-Q. -J., "Wm, A mmm" R M L10 NNA N ff 1 1 1 ! r ',. ,v. i'- t. ,. F II ,N . .1 1.1 'Wx i: L A x 1. lx. ,,-- 1 i. 511 pl. 'Q 'f lg Q4 5 I, if vfzgper .Wy Oggeraf .A P1515 gozifcfing f 1 1 iii? 25? .jj . fi P31 2 2 - , jc ' iff 'L ,,. .5 L41 ' ,id 1 ,- ,- 1. -4 ,Q if 5 'Z ,7' 55 9-4 N 59' . fl f ff ,f l ,J ,cz 'I -, 5 ll .4 LH' 'l . .- . 4 U' E111 We Off! 2 6ll'l'L,91ft15 01458 Ofooling j2warJ JQQW! JM! Laying .SQa!Lr .Af 12 768 Z-Qwlmffh-if O!1a40raIforie6 le .xdccwfemy Zgfaifofing f ff in f' x :.. ' N V E? .ui I I 5 1. V ' 1 I .5 X xx... xx Xxx -- X XX! i xx M ' .-NX xr- AJXQ Q' ' Jgffenfion. - U5 U51 ,Qld 8l0fL0lf'LOLWL Henry Harbaugh Apple, D.D., LL.D. The sixth president of Franklin and Marshall died May 19, 1943. Dr. Apple was graduated from Frank- lin and Marshall in 1889. He came back to his Alma Mater in 1909 as its president and for twenty-six years he guided its destiny. Under his administration nine new buildings and a new athletic field were added, earning for him the title of uthe builder president? Dr. Apple retired eight years ago because he .felt the need for younger blood to rule, but he retained an active interest in the College. He was a leader in the church and town, acting as president of both Classis and Synod. In the town he was president of the Chamber of Commerce and the first president of the Welf'a1'e Federation. Dr. Apple was devoted to the College during his life, and at his death he left the bulk of his fortune to the college. We can never forget his inspiring example nor his sterling qualities which made him one of the greatest of Franklin and Marshall's presidents. H Justln Roddy Sc.D., Ph.D. Dr. Roddy was born in Perry County in 1856. He attended Millersville State Normal School, received his Ph.D. from Kansas City University in 1906, and his Sc.D. from Franklin and Marshall in 1939. He taught at Millersville until he was retired at the age of seventy. Due to his preeminence in the field of the natural sciences he was immediately offered a position by both Princeton University and Franklin and Marshall. He came to the latter in 1906 as Pro- fessor of Geology and Curator of the Museum, which positions he held until he retired in 1942, when he was given emeritus ranking in both positions. His position in the field of natural history is matched by few in America, and he gained interna- tional fame for his researches and discoveries in Cam- brian Paleontology. He discovered twenty-five spe- cies of Paleozoic animals and seven trilobites and a hydroid have been named for him. His craftsman- ship, diligence, enthusiasm, and modesty won the ad- miration and affection of all of his associates and students here at Franklin and Marshall. E161 , .4 '77, I 1 I -1 ' iq? 2 . gi - ,. 1 i S , s 5 3 l 5 i i "4 emariam William Griswold Smith Mr. Smith was graduated from Cornell University in 1892. From 1905 to 1920 he was Associate Professor of Engineering at Armour Institute of Technology in Chicago. From 1920 until he retired in 1939 he was Professor of Engineering Drawing at Northwestern University, during which time he wrote three books. He returned to active work again after the war broke out in Europe. In June 1943, he came to Franklin and Marshall as an engineering drawing teacher. Un- til his death on Christmas Day, 1943, he maintained an active interest in his work and the activities of the College. His career ended as he would have wished, in his seventy-fifth year in the harness. During his short period here at Franklin and Mar- shall he won the respect of his colleagues and stu- dents alike. George W. Morrison Mr. Morrison came to Franklin and Marshall in 1912. Previous to this he had been employed by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company. He succeeded his father-in-law as head janitor of the college and held this position until the time of his death. His willingness and genial attitude made him a friend of his fellow-workers, the faculty members, and the.students, who affectionately called him "Smiley" aim !Q0e5ic!enLL D I S T LE R Theodore August Distler U. S. N. R., 1919 B.S., Cum Laude, New York University, 1922 M.A., New York University, 1932 LL.D., Muhlenberg College, 1942 Phi Beta Kappa Phi Delta Kappa Tau Kappa Alpha Scabbard and Blade Society Zeta Psi Pi Gamma Mu Alpha Delta Sigma Army Ordnance Association ' Faculty member, New York University, 1922-34 Dean of Lafayette College, 1934-41 1181 President, Franklin and Marslzall College, 1941' 1 I9Jlf lery, 1918-1919 1920. Appointed 1 931 jlte .xdafminb fm, ford DEAN RICHARD W. BOMBERGER Phi Kappa Psi, Alpha Delta Sigma, Pi Gamma Mu. U. S. Coast Artil- A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, A.M., University' of Virginia, 1926 Dean of the College J. SHOBER BARR HAROLD FISHER Delta Sigma Phi Phi Sigma Kappa , U' S' Navy' 1918-1919 l?3lSGaU1lillj Silste Universit A.B., Franklin and Marshall '1522 Y' College, 1924 . . . A.M., Columbia University, 1932 A'3560hl0 State University' Dilgector fri! 'admissions and Director of Personnel and ein 0 res men Coordinator of E. S. M. Appointed 1926 W, T, HERBERT B. ANSTAETT ROBERT M. Alpha Kappa Pi Kappa Phi Kappa B.S., Columbia University School of Library Service, 1927 M.S., Columbia University School of Library Service, 1932 College Librarian Appointed 1927 WADE Comptroller and Treasurer of the College. Appointed 1930 U91 Associate Professor of Eco- nomics and Business Afl- ministration Appointed 1928 Clarke Olney Lieutenant Commander, U. S. N. R. if 1 U. S. A. T. C., 1919 Ph.B., Denison University, 1922 A.M., University of Pittsburgh, 1926 Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, 1933 Kappa Sigma Faculty Member, University of Pittsburgh, 1924-1938 Facult M b U ' ' ' ' ' y em er, n1vers1tyofM1am1 fFlOI1d3D 1938-1941 Faculty Member, U. S. Naval Academy, 1941-1943 U. S. Naval Air Navigation School, Hollywood, Florida, 1943 Commanding Officer, Navy V-12 Unit F. A2 M., 1943 I 20 1 1 Q lien Umm 192 Rfsig All Regg Rem: 1942 EWU Um ff-mn ling First Row-Left to Right: Lieut. Commander OLNEY, Lieut. Commander BRACKBILL. Second Row-Left to Right: Lieut. DEHAVEN, Lieut. HACKE, Capt. SMITH. Third Row-Left to Right: Sgt. FERRANTINO, Sgt. GERNER, C. P. O. STEVENS, C. P. 0. NORTON. Fourth Row-Left to Right: Sgt. TURNER, Cpl. MOUNTZ, Cpl. MCCANN, Ph.M. 2fc COUNTS, Ph.M 2fc ANDERSON, Ph.M. 3fc LAWRENCE, C. P. O. MCCULLOUGH, C. P. 0. ROGALLA. Fifth Row-Left to Right: Yeo. 1fc KOEHLER, Yeo 2fc SUTPHIN, S. K. 2fc SAVAGE, Sp 2!c LASCH, S. K. lfc LEONHARDT. Q omlootny Lieut.-Commander A. R. Pierson, U.S.N.R. - Commission from U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, 1923 Resigned Commission-1924-Accepted position in Atlanta, Georgia Resigned Reserve Status, 1932 Reentered service Pearl Harbor Day, December 7, 1941 Executive Officer, Duke University, 1942, Lieut.- Commander Commanding Officer, Franklin and Marshall V-12 Unit, June, 1942 1211 IA, .,j4lCMH5Qf RICHARD CONRAD FRANCIS SCHIEDT Phi Kappa Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa Attended Universities of Jena, Erlangen, and Berlin, and the Zoological Station at Naples Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1899 Sc.D., Hon., Franklin and Marshall College, 1910 Emeritus Professor of Biology Appointed 1887 HERBERT HUEDENER BECK Tau Beta Pi, Delta Upsilon B.S., Lehigh University, 1896 Sc.D., Franklin and Marshall College, 1935 Ilead of the Department of Chemistry and Nlineralogy D" -t ' M . nec, 07 of useum Appointed 1901 HARRY MARTIN JOHN KLEIN Phi Beta Kappa, Tau Kappa Alpha, Phi ,Gamma Delta, Pi Gamma Mu A. B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1893 Ph.D., Franklin and Marshall College, 1907 Litt.D., Franklin and Marshall College, 1935 Head of the Department of History Audenried Professor of History and A '-I aeology H L , Appointed 1910 VICTOR WILLIAM DIPPELL Phi Kappa Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa A.B., University of Pennsylvania, 1895 PlI.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1899 United States Military Intelligence, 1918 Chairman, Speakers Committee, Office Civilian Defense, Lancaster, Pa., 1942- Professor of German I Appointed 1910 WILLIAM EDWIN WEISCERBER Phi Kappa Tau, Phi Beta Kappa B.S., Franklin and Marshall College, 1912 M.S., Franklin and Marshall College, 1913 M.S., University of Pennsylvania, 1928 Sc.D., Franklin and Marshall College, 1944 Professor of Chemistry Appointed 1912 NVILLIAM FRANKLIN LONG Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Pi A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1897 Sc.D. Chonoraryl, Franklin and Marshall Col- lege, 1942 Professor of Ivlathematies and Astronomy Director of the Observatory Appointed 1918 PETER MONROE HAREOLD Phi Beta Kappa Ph.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1904 A.M., Harvard University, 1905 Sc.D. Chonoraryb, Franklin and Marshall Col- lege, 1914 Head of the Department of Education ' Appointed 1919 MITCHEL CARROLL Sigma Xi, Lambda Chi Alpha B.S., University of Pennsylvania, 1906 Educationad Director, Camp Meade, 1918-1919 Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1919 Sc.D. Chonoraryj, Franklin and Marshall Col- lege, 1942 The B. F. Thackenthal, Jr., Professorship of Biology Appointed 1920 HORACE RICHARDS BARNES Phi Sigma Kappa, Delta Sigma Kappa, Pi Gamma Mu A.B., University of Pennsylvania, 1911 A.M., University of Pennsylvania., 1913 Asst. Food Administrator, Delaware County, 1917-1918 LL.D., Washington College, 1928 Chairman, Selective Service Board No. 2, Lancaster, Pa., 1940- Head of the Department of Economics and Business Administration Secretary, Board of Trustees Appointed 1921 PHILIP WARNER HARRY Lambda Chi Alpha A.B., Johns Hopkins University, 1898 Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1903 Yiglrfg. C. A. Secretary, French Army, 1917- Head of the Department of Romance Lan- guages 4 Appointed 1922 ARTHUR KING KUNKEL Phi Kappa Simga, Pi Gamma Mu A,B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1915 A.M., Franklin and Marshall College, 1920 Head of the Department of Political Science Appointed 1922 1 EDWARD LEE LANCASTER Delta Sigma Phi, Pi Gamma Mn U. S. Marine Corps, 1918 B.S. in Ec., University of Pennsylvania, 1921 M.S., Franklin and Marshall College, 1924 Professor of Economics and Business Aclnimistratzon Appointed 1922 E221 f Zgf r' Q R .ff 5 A 2 i an f, o f 5 E Q54 'fs V 1 2385 ' 61 5' fi' if .s 5 HWY f M ff ,v if s f 1 X A 'A X 3 1 K, tx . , , 1 1 ,Q X fl' N, V. , lg RNXNX N is N Q95 . X Yx ELIJAH EVERETT IQRESGE Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Upsilon Kappa A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1898 B.D., Theological Seminary, Lancaster, 1901 Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1913 Head of the Department of Philosophy Appointed 1923 CHARLES W. LIAYSER B.P.E., Arnold College, 1901 Graduate of New Haven Normal School, Gymnastics, 1901 Special NVork at Yale University, 1900-02 Professor of Physical Education Coach of Cross-Country and Wrestling Appointed 1923 SIVER1' NIELSON HAGEN Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma. Upsilon A.B., Luther College, 1896 Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1900 Head of the Department of English Appointed 1924 HOWARD MASSEY FRY Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Pi Sigma, Alpha. Delta Sigma, Alpha Tau Omega E.E., Lehigh University, 1910 M.S., Lehigh University, 1915 Head of the Department of Physics and Ap- plied Electricity Appointed 1925 ANSON FOWLER SHERMAN Lambda. Chi Alpha Litt.B., Rutgers University, 1918 Interpreter, U. S. Army, 1918-1919 A.M., Middlebury Graduate School of Spanish, 1928 Associate Professor of Romance Languages ' Appointed 1925 SAMUEL LooM1s MOHLER Phi Beta Kappa, Kappa Sigma. A.B., Dickinson College, 1914 A.M., Harvard University, 1918 U. S. N. R., 1918 Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1926 Head of the Department of Latin Appointed 1926 me ,Jlaca l MARTIN RAY ADAMS Phi Sigma Kappa A.B., Roanoke College, 1912 U. S. Navy, 1918-1919 A.M., Princeton University, 1923 Ph.D., Princeton University, 1927 Professor of English Appointed 1927 FREDERICK SONGSTER FOSTER Nu Sigma. Nu, Kappa Phi Kappa B.S., Lafayette College, 1923 Associate Professor of Biology ' Appointed 1927 DARRELL DENTON LARSEN Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Upsilon, American Dramatist Guild U. S. Army, 1918 A.B., University of Oregon, 1924 Assistant Professor of English and Public Speaking Appointed 1927 JOHN BOYER Noss Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Upsilon Kappa, Sigma Pi A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1916 B.D., Theological Seminary, Lancaster, 1922 Ph.D., Edinburgh University, Scotland, 1928 Head of the Department of Religion Appointed 1928 JERRY ALVIN NEPRASH Chi Phi, Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Gamma Mu A.B., Coe College, 1925 A.M., Columbia University, 1926 Ph.D., Columbia University, 1932 Head of the Department of Sociology Appointed 1928 HARRY ALBERT ALTENDEREER Phi Kappa Tau A.B., Ursinus College, 1922 Assistant Professor of Chemistry Appointed 1929 l23l 2,8 ECM fjg- tg? ff A :t1g.f'Y ' XIX WALTER RUE MURRAY Sigma Chi B.S., Colgate University, 1929 M.S., Cornell University, 1932 Associate Professor of MathematiCS Appointed 1929 FREDERIC SHRIVER KLEIN Phi Kappa. Psi, Pi Gamma Mu A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1923 A.M., Columbia University, 1926 Associate Professor of History Director of Aeronautics Appointed 1929 CARL HARTZELL Beta Theta Pi PlI.B., Dickinson College, 1913 U. S. Army, 1918 Diplome de Hautes Etudes, University of Grenoble, 1926 A.M., University of Pennsylvania., 1933 Assistant Professor of French Appointed 1929 PAUL LEROY WHITELY Sigma Xi, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pi Gamma lVIu A.B., Earlham College, 1920 A.M., University of Chicago, 1923 Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1927 I Heart of the Department of Psychology Appointed 1930 CHARLES DEWEY SPoTTs Phi Kappa Tau, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Kappa, Pi Gamma. Mu, Phi 'Upsilon Kappa . A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1922 B.D., Tlieological Seminary, Lancaster, 1925 A.M., University of Pennsylvania., 1931 Associate Professor of Relzyion Appointed 1931 LYMAN HENRY BUTTERFIELD Phi Beta Kappa A.B., Harvard University, 1930 A-M-, Harvard University, 1934 Assistant Professor of English A Appointed 1937 I JESSE EMMER1' IKENBERRY Sigma Xi, Tau Kappa Alpha A.B., Bridgewater College, 1928 V A.M., Cornell University, 1932 Ph.D., Cornell University, 1937 Assistant Professor of Mathematics Appointed 1937 JAMES McCowN DARLINGTON Kappa Sigma, Sigma Xi B.S., Franklin and Marshall College, 1930 A.M., Brown University, 1933 PlI.D., Brown University, 1935 Assistant Professor of Biology Appointed 1937 CLIFFORD MARBURGER Phi Kappa Tau A,M., Franklin and Marshall College, 1921 Instructor in Blathematics Appointed 1938 RICHARD DANIEL ALTICK Phi Beta Kappa A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1936 Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1941 Instructor of English Appointed 1941 HERBERT RICHARD HERINCTON Sigma. Pi, Pi Gamma Mu A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1937 M.A., University of Pennsylvania, 1938 Instructor in History and Aeronautics Appointed 1941 HUGH ANDREWS HELLER Phi Beta. Kappa, Sigma. Xi, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Alpha Chi Sigma B.S., Rutgers University, 1930 M.S., Rutgers University, 1932 Ph.D., University of Maryland, 1938 Instructor in Chemistry A Appointed 1942 243 I l I l V 3' A ,. 332 X M Q S ' L f 4 Q r, is iff-X fi itz? X 1 . fs 2 Q 122 13-A .- W' K S l 5. 1" 1 ' 5, Q . If 1, I J sr 553 ji jf ,gg -ra fri: ' 25 S ' r' eil? '- i IS' 1 S 522 1- '5' ,, K Qsflfbi: II:?g?:i si:i5 3?-1,532 . ,6,M..,,, 412551995 file: -'Tillie ""'f1 -. . :-3.1.11 . ,,,i,-33551,'f.-:g.a5.g5xr- - ' v"5fPQ' gS.sgfsY?lQf 'Q 3 5 9 ,LZ ' " "isg,'?n:fi5yQ5 ' 5' - "f e - 1 Qisawh Z 49" 1 Ag XS! X Q? f f 4 A If A XX it 5 X 1 ., ,. . xg-Q, be ,Yr - 'x 5 A Q 1 Q. x v ' Q Af 3 4 1 RICHARD WILLIAM BARKER Phi Kappa Psi B.S., Iowa. State College, 1921 M.A., University of Iowa, 1937 Assistant Professor of Physical Education Coach of Football Appointed 1942 ANDREXV E. BRYANS B.S., New York University, 1914 M.S., Pennsylvania State College, 1916 Assistant Professor in Engineering Drawing Appointed 1943 SAMUEL O. GRIMM A.B., Lebanon Valley College, 1912 M.A., Lebanon Valley College, 1916 Sc.D., Lebanon Valley College, 1942 Visz't1'ny Professor of Physics Appointed 1943 MICHAEL ALBERT LEWIS B.S., Franklin and Marshall College, 1928 Litt.M., University of Pittsburgh, 1940 Instructor in Physics Appointed 1943 jhe ILCJ-Zach lg CHARLES S. SHIVELY B.S.D., McPherson College, 1903 A.B., McPherson College, 1907 A.M., University of Denver, 1910 Ph.D., University of Denver, 1919 Visiting Professor of Physics Appointed 1943 I JOSEPH JAMES SHUSTER A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1943 Instructor in Illathematics Appointed 1943 IRWIN WTLADAVER A.B., City College of N. Y., 1926 Instructor in. Engineering Drawing Appointed 1943 CHARLES H. SCI-IUMANN C.E., Columbia University, 1915 Professor of Engineering Drawing Appoint-ed 1944 JOHN SECRIST OLLER J. JOK SING Ph.B., Lafayette College, 1916 A.B., Columbia College, 1937 M.A., Franklin and Marshall College, 1925 I,,StTu,.t0,. in Engineering Drawing Visiting Instructor in Physics Appointed 1944 Appointed 1943 1 . 3 " " '--fvfirf-gm " -fb:-.:::J-2 'Wm , ig! K ' 1 f A 4 ' af' fl 1' , f25 l li our MYRTI.E M. DONER Executive Secretary to the President Appointed 1919 RORER1 JAMES PILGRAM Phi Kappa Sigma. Phi Upsilon Kappa Alpha Delti Sigma A.B. Franklin and Marshall College 1898 B.D. lheological Seminary Lancaster 1901 Alumni ,Secretary Appointed 1924 ELIzAuE1H IQIEFFER A.B. Goucher College 1921 Reference librarian Faclrenthal Library JoHN H. PEIFER, JR. Lambda Chi Alpha B.S. in Ec., Franklin and Marshall College, 1936 Director Instrumental Music Appointed 1936 LUCILE BRACKBILL Certicate Library School N. Y. Public Library Cataloger of the Fackenthal Library Appointed 1937 MRS LURA L SHIPLEY School Dietitian College Campus House . mg. if 4 ' 4 ' , 1 y 4 C I 1 r r , I H , J 1 1 . P X f . - ' . P- "' .1 I I 7 1 1 ix 0 ,E a ADD01Hf9d 1928 Appointed 1938 I, xxx ,E X as -qi, XQ Q", . if C! MARIAN A. HIESTER A.B., Hook College, 1925 B.El.2gu IAS., Drexel Institute of Technology, Circulation Librarian, Fackenthal Library Appointed 1928 THOMAS FLOYD Trainer and Coach of Track and Basketball Appointed 1935 HARRY A. SYKES Mus.D., Muhlenberg College, 1929 Fellow of American Guild of Organistg, 1910 Fellowship Westminster Choir College, 1938 Director of the Glee Club , Appointed 1936 JOHN WILLIAM PRICE Acting Curator of Jlluseum Appointed 1940 GRACE M. T1MM1Ns Secretary to Treasurer Appointed 1941 HOWARD LAPE FEATHER B.S., Franklin and Marshall College, 1924 .Museum Associate Appointed 1942 l26l 'Wx X N sv w g ,Q XNN x XQQQ 4 wrogg-Q3 '3 9 Zu Ai S24 PX Q , fbi MKS '-qgzgvg N N fx Qxfffk N www w X 131 QQ X NN Q Qx wkvkikw QS X xnxx? N l x? wig N M f'1ff 571 -Y.1vTS,i:-E' ?"ES:3ffE???Q?Q 7-i' 93.-, V v' Q awk V f i- - --QQ? 1 Q ' 9 A - 2345 . L 1,1 ge. -:..'W-w:.:,. q. X ,M 1 X .:Q, i is :x ei L 55:3 110515 MARY PAINTER Sl'!'7'8f1l'l',lj of the Aviation Department Appointed 1942 Rerorder of College MRS. BIARGUERITE Sef'1'r'lm'y and Bookkeeper 4Wf11'G!797' Bvvk S1101? Maxxum E. BIILLER 'I'1'eas:n'er's Ojfire 1 M DONALD MITCHELL MYLIN Pl1.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1914 Assisfavwf Treasurer Appointed 1944 E271 UA Mas. ALICE F. ANSTAETT B. Hooxc -SW ' V --- 5 .V .,,,M,i, ., .. . .. www fwfr:-v ' 5 ' ,.f'3-UI'-",2f' ,'0,?'f:'.-fc?" 'v?'I2g,'eyz?T"I Z' .',,5"-,j-,iii -I 'vi,1f:.1-'1'22w:'12' mine puny.-145440, , . . M3yw,.f.1.fmg, 1.4 vii ,4:,:4,,f A' 95 '14-f-v f, V '- f- .ff-, 5' lf' . "f'2'v2 3 5 , 2,44 :' u"'f'W 6 -:CY , w , 4 f I E E ,N E V 1 ! s 1 I I I 4 Q 1 Y ie N 1 V I El V! fi lf 1: K ti 5 1 Q 4 1 i 3 F . -9 I i r 1 v f f Y 11 1 .1 L, 1 na Q For of US blue 0' furthe place servlce we are left an In S F. 81 M of the other g less in year bo for the totals about who lla as '44's Into come a who wt leges, a com lis the gig and Ma bers in llle glni ing the We OPI in k1SSll1n P0in1 In Wllile C4655 skfdfor BY HENRY HORWITZ February 15, 1944 For us, the classes .of 1944, to bid farewell to our Alma Mater is far from easy. Most gf us are leaving already in uniform, and almost all the rest of us who are graduating as civilians are soo11 to don the khaki and the blue or are to enter into the war effort by further preparation at graduate schools or by placements i11 war industry Zllld government service. 111 the deepest sense of the word, we are a war class. The present conflict has left an indelible impress on our college days. In September four hundred of us entered F, 81 M., enthusiastic and expectant members of the class of June 1944. A year later an- other group of exhuberyant frosh, a hundred less in number than their predecessors of the year before, put on blue dinks and green ties for the Hrst time. A tenth of the combined totals of the original classes of '44 and ,45 is about the number of men from those classes who have been able to graduate from F. 81 M. as '44's. Into our decimated class, however, we wel- come a number of Navy and Marine trainees who were transferred here from other col- leges, and by virtue of the work they have ac- complished at F. 81 M. this year have earned the right to be called members of Franklin and Marshall Class of ,44. We salute mem- bers in spirit of F. 81 M. '44 and ,45 all over the globe, who are already engaged in bring- ing the ever-increasing fury of attack to the shores of the enemy. members of the class of '44 to be the last class subject to the of the Druids. In our first week of when we were busy taking place- learning to tell Diag Hall from and memorizing the Alma Mater, became aware of the ubig brothers" to prove so uhelpfuln in reminding . having our trousers rolled three llmes and keeping off the streets after 10 P. M. We were also the last to run the gauntlet of uPPQrclassmen, on a night that will stand lflflfllll our memories for the time we had plsslng the errant Lancaster lassies at the 01 Ist of a paddle. W. October We saw a mighty Blue and D hlte eleven sweep on to a 23-21 victory over artmo h UI , surprising everyone but the STU- RENT WEEKLY sports writers. We went anglggll 8 hectic week of fraternity rushing, Oulld H pin on our coat lapels before we f29 knew a Gr k 1 f . whirl of footllieall 2251. from a. cosme' The g es, raternlty dances d freshman activities 9 an was so fast th ' for so at lt was not me Saks after, that we realized there was studying to be done too , . In November we saw HMargin For Error," our first Green Boom show, which proved to be the first of a long line of hit productions durlng our stay here In th t - a same month welsaw our dreams of an unbeaten football season smashed as the Diplomats went down before strong Carnegie Tech and NYU teams. After six weeks of disciplinin th D 0 g, e ruid wlere Sbgllshed by the faculty, later to be res a P C113 uy the Lictores, who were organized just 1n t1me to supervlse the freshman activi- t1es of our younger half, the '45s. f That winter our wrestlers completed their o t ' ' ur consecutive year undefeated 1n dual matches. The basketball team romped through to the Conference championshi un- Pa dlefeated.. As our freshman year drew to a c ose, we listened to the Harvard Symphony and Jose Iturbi, renowned pianist. We danced to Charlie Barnet at the Junior Prom, Raymond Scott at the I-F Ball, and Will Brad- ley at the Senior Prom. Our freshman year also saw the institution of a united Religious Fellowship, which was intended to integrate and facilitate all religious activity on the cam us. Btift in April of 1941 we sustained a deep loss, with the passing of our devoted Presi- dent John Ahlum Schaeffer. During the summer Dr. Meyers of the English Depart- ment died. In the fall of 1941 we were shocked as four more men who had been asso- ciated with the college over a long period of years passed away. Dr. F ackenthal, generous benefactor of the College and President of the Board of Trustees, died in a tragic accldent. Dr. John Nevin Schaeffer, professor of Greek, and Professor Rollin Charles of the PhyS1CS Department, and Mr. Louis A. Meyran, of the Board gf Trustees, were lost to the College. The '45 Wing of our class will especlally 1'6- member the wild rowbottom staged ln the autumn of '41 to protest the calling off of. the Pajama Parade. We remember the6sca1P1Hfif given to a group of brave souls who lnvadtid the G-Burg campus the night before olur lg ame. We almost laughed ourselves 0a1'S6 g h thleves who stole hen we heard about t 6 , W ' ' h use one night, but 3557 from the Phi PS1 0 add .yfddforg Kgonftnueclfj who came back later to return several.pa11'S of pants, apparently partially conscience- stricken. We wondered when a group. of Ilille and ambitious students lnvaded enterprising , fraternity row to set up a Cooperatlve HOUSE- which they proposed to maintain by opelsft- ing 100W with their own manpowelf. C thrilled as a fighting Diplomat eleven swept through to another championship season, losing but one game, and having to come from behind to win every contest but two. On the first of December 1941, F. Sl M. WHS again with a President, Dr. Theodore A. Dist- ler, Dean of Lafayette College, having been elected to take over the position which had been filled very capably in the interim by Dr. Klein. The President's first demonstrate his cool administrative ability and seasoned yet friendly counsel came with Pearl Harbor, and the War crises that soon enveloped us all. Almost overnight we were startled out of a carefree complacency, and into a real earnestness, as at last our country went to war. After the first case of war jit- ters was dispelled We saw that our immediate duty was to stick to our jobs at school, until the government determined where our skills could be best utilized. ln response to student requests a cadet corps company was formed, and a consultation committee headed by Pro- fessor Anstaett was set up by the college to aid students in enlisting in the various service programs. On the heels of the initial excitement came several important changes. Comprehensive examinations were abolished for the duration, and an accelerated program with fco-edl summer school was announced by the admin- istration. New courses were added to the curriculum to meet the wartime emergency problems. However, we carried on with as much of the old spirit as was possible under the cir- cumstances. We danced to Will Osborne and Hal Maclntyre at the big Proms, heard Al and Lee Reiser, duo-pianists, and Elie Siev- master and the American Ballad Singers, on tl1e Arts Activities Series. Uncle. Charleyis grapplers swept through to their fifth straight undefeated season, while a game basketball Fam, plucky but undermanned, brought the .onference championship cup home to F, 81 M. for the third year in a row. In the fall of '42 we returned to the campus to find a WTS Naval Aviation School and a commando obstacle course in the making on our doorstep. We were somewhat sobered EEESEFEEHFSHGCH Tat all, ready to.assume pgsi- Hes as msg CIF lip in extra-curricular activi- , y o t e older men were departing. E301 Under the tutelage of Coach Richard Bark who had replaced Al Holman after clever, years of football coaching at F, 31 M., the v:Il sity gridders struggled through a disappoinlt- ing season, hit hard by injuries and lack Ol experienced material. However, the year was marked by the Open. ing of the new infirmary, and the remodeled Campus House, which served as a mess hall for the Aviation Cadets. Johnny Warrington and Alex Bartha played for the big dances and Count Carlo Sforza came to the campug for a two weeks' visit to lecture and meet with students and faculty to discuss international problems, on a grant from the Carnegie Foun. dation. A war conscious student body re. sponded generously to the WSSF appeal, and provided over a 351 per capita contribution, higher than ever before in F. 81 M. history. As our 'cseniorn year was ushered in, we saw a lot of changes in F. Sz M. landmarks. The Academy, after 156 years of operation, was shut dow11 to make room for the V-12 unit to arrive on July first. Fraternity houses were converted, and other changes made to meet the demands of the new situation. Un- der the V-12 system we practically saw a whole new college program spring up before our eyes. With the emphasis on the military, college life resumed in July 1943, after a six weeks, inter-session. With morale bolstered by the Navy and Marine trainees we sent one of the best grid teams in F. 81 M. history to the field in 143. Undefeated down to the final Bucknell game, it will always be remembered for the spunk it displayed all throughout the season. A swing band was reinstituted, and the WEEK- LY revived after a short vacation. Thorough- ly occupied with accelerated schedules, most members of '44 had little time for extra-cur- ricular activities, but We did get to the All- College Military Prom, with 500 coupl6S, making it the largest ever, and Bobby Shef- wood's rising young orchestra sparking the music. J ust within recent months we lost two more beloved friends of the college-Dr. APPIB' president emeritus, and Dr. Roddy,.emer1tuE Drofessor of geology. We have been Stfhlc hard by the lengthening casualty lists 001111113 in from every theater of war, some Of tljem bringing news of the deaths of our OWU Ori, mer classmates. But though, 011 rlwseve or our departure, the world is ublack Mzltll Wae and bloodshedf, we, the classes Of 44, are firm in our belief that a new difwn of Reag- is at hand, and that the good tlmes, frlegfe ships. joys and normal American college will be relived soon again. A PVP Philad Semen ls 29 3 li 29 3, LER05. Somers -liilman Fllrce. i llsirkerg elelfn the Vklr. pP0in1. lack of 'Q OPPI1- modeled hall innilion llilllte-5, Wlllpus fel with ialional 0 Foun. Od? re Fill- and llllliign, history-, ill. tie ilmarkg, eration, ie 1112 f houses nade to Il. saw a r before nilitarv, er a sir ivy and est gud in '43. l game, -f spuuli on. A 'WEEK- Jrough- 5, 111051 tra-cur- he All- more strufk them eve Of th waf i , are Peace fiend' ge life anime Cha 0 i 0Cf048lf' 7 9-43 PVT. JOHN PATRICK BRADLEY B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. Economics September 26, 1921. La Salle College. Class Pres. 1, 2, 3g Varsity Sports, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3. LEROY W. COFFROTH B.S. Somerset, Pa. Chemistry January 30, 1922. Ensign, U. S. N. R. Amphibious Force. 31 EARL CHADWICK CARVER A.B. i Marietta, Pa. Philosophy September 2, 1920. Band 2, 3g Symphony Orch. 1. PVT. EDWARD LEO CONLEY, JR. B.S. in Ee. Jenkintown, Pa. Economics Se tember 16 1922. La Salle Colle e. Debatin I3 a g g Team 2, 3, Varsity Sports, Football 1, 2, 4, Intra- mural Sports 1, 2, 3. Photograph DOI available at time of publication. enior 5 a NELSON VIN CENT DAVIS A.B. Somerset, Pa. ' English PHI BETA KAPPA June 12, 1921. Eastman School of Music. Student Weekly 43 Blue Kev, Calumet Club, Phi Beta Kappa: Who's Who Among Am. College Students 1943, Glee Club 43 Green Room Club 3, 4, Pres. 4. LEONARD DAVID COLDRING B.S. in Ec. Lancaster, Pa. Economics March 14, 1924. Intramural Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4, 32 641,55 PAUL CLAIR EISEMAN, JB. A13- En lzsh Latrobe, Pa. g KAPPA SIGMA November 12,1922. Blue Iieyg 0ri5fl?1g?2Z Student Weekly 2 , Fraternity l ICS . Club 43 Varsity Sports, Fencing 2, 3, Swlmmmg' Asst. Man. 23 Intramural Sports 1, 2: 3- B.S. NE ROBERT GEORGE GREE Biology Newark, N. J. KAPPA PHI BETA TAU OMEGA b 3 4 Phi Beta November 13 1924 Calumet Clll v2 ELM Inna. Kappa 4g A. A. Porter Sci. Soc. , mural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. W' Oclfoger 7 Q55 A.B. nglish 1 n taff 21 Room nllllllgs B.S. i0l0EJ' PA i Beta Intra- N 1 A K M43 ENS. NATHANIEL E. HAGER, JR. B.S. Lancaster, Pa. Physics SIGMA PI PHI BETA KAPPA SIGMA PI SIGMA June 3, 1922. Student Weelcly 1, 2, 3, Oriflamme Staff 3, Phi Beta Kappa, Special Instructor at F. 81 M., May 1943-Jan. 1944, Varsity Sports, Tennis 1, 2, 3, Intramural Sports 2, 3. Now Ensign, U. S. N. R. i . PAUL PEARSON HARPLE B.S. Lancaster, Pa. Chemistry February 24, 1922. Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Porter Sci. Soc. 3, 4, A. A. A. S. 4, Lab. Asst. 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. PETER KLEIN HONAMAN B.S. PVT. ROBERT EDWARD HUMPHREVILLE B.S. Lancaster, Pa. Political Science Lancaster, Pa, Chemistry SIGMA PI . PHI SIGMA KAPPA July 9, 1923. Varsity Club, Varsity Sports, Tennis March 9, 1922. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. 1, 2, Asst. Mgr. Football 1, 2, Attended George- Glee Club 2, 3, Intramural Sports 3, town U., graduated School of Foreign Service, March 3, 1944. 33 enior CL... I 1 JOHN GULICK JONES, AXS B.S. Sunbury, Pa. Biology SIGMA PI July 15, 1923. Hershey Jr. College. Green Room Club 4g Porter Sci. Soc. 3g Intramural Sports 3, 4. CARL EMIL LEVAN, JR. AB, Altoona, Pa. Spanish SIGMA PI , May 2, 1923. Green Room 1, 2, 33 'Glee Club 1, 2. 34. 1 0404... M43 RICHARD HENRY KLINE .B-S' Camp Hill, Pa. Chemistry LAMBDA CHI ALPHA September 7, 1923. Diag. Lit. Soc.S Porter Sci' Soo., Student Christian Ass., Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Lab' Asst. 3, 4. ALDEN WESTON SHULTZ A-,B' Collingswood, N. J. EC0"0""CS PHI KAPPA TAU ALPHA DELTA SIGMA November 7, 1921. Oriflamme 43 Ffaternigygggi' 4, Tres. 2, 3, 4:, Green Room Club 1, 2, 3,83 na 4: Director 4, Vice Pres. 3, 43 Alpha Delft' lgl l I i I for L55 'QP B.S. nistry r Sci. Lab. A.B. 7mlC5 Pres. Tech. ua 4. 1 f RAY THADDEUS SMITH, JR. B.S. WILLIAM DAVID SUTTER B.S. in Ec Long Island,'N. Y. Biology Brentwood, Pa. Accounting SIGMA PI LAMBDA CHI ALPHA September 15, 1922. Blue Key 4, Sec. 43 Varsity January 15, 1922. Blue Keyflg Accounting Club 3 Club 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, Varsity Sports, Swim- Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. ming 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2. y ' WILLIAM ANDRAE SOULIER A.B. Q A Lancaster, Pa. Economics Cfdriri A May 1, 1923. Newman Club 1, 2, 3, Camera Club 1, 23 Intramural Sports 1, 2. 'k 1943. At the time of publication no pictures or addi- tional information had been received from the following graduates of October 1943 : GEORGE GOLDMAN ' B.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. Mathematics June 30, 1922. f HENRY MATTHEW MAJKA A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. Economics September 20, 1922. WINFIELD AUGUSTINE PETERSON, JR. B.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. Biology May 5, 1921. 35 JAMES JOSEPH NEWELL Philadelphia, Pa. January 18, 1923. B.S. in Ec. Business Ad. EARL WAYNE SMITH, JR. A.B. Pottstown, Pa. Economics April 3, 1921. LAWRENCE WALTER SZAKALUN B.S. Colwin, Pa. Chemistry May 22, 1921. PVT. GEORGE BENEDICT, .lR. Ph.B. FRANK Z. BEVEZ, Afs B. IIS' Philadelphia, Pa. Social Science West Allis, Wis. lo ogy ALPHA CHI RHO SIGMA NU Pl GAMMA MU TAU KAPPA ALPHA November 10, 1919. Butler U. Sphinx S00-3 Var' .lanuary 6, 1922. Dickinson. Horn Book, Micro- sity Spgrts, Swimming 1, 2, Golf 1, 2. cosm, Debate Club 1, 2, 3, Spanish 1, 2, 3, Union Philosophical Society 3, Belles Lettres Lit. Soc. 1, 2, 3, Pres. 3, Tau Kappa Alpha, Pi Gamma Mu, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. Degree conferred by Dickinson College. RICHARD FRANK BERNARD, AXS A.B. Islip, N. Y. History SIGMA PI June 14, 1923. Student Weekly 3, 4, Oriflamme 4, Editor-in-Chief, Diag. Lit. Soc. 1, 2, Monitor 2, Green Room Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, Fraternity Vice-Pres. 3, 4, Religious Fellowship 1, Military Prom Comm., Varsity Sports, Golf 1, Track 1, In- tramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. PVT. MALCOLM CAMPBELL BINDON A.B. Arlington, N. J. History THETA CHI .lanuary 13, 1922. Ohio State U., Washington Sz Lee U. Calyx, Southern Collegian, Sundial, R. O. T. C. 1, Varsity Sports, Softball 3, Wrestling 2, Trick 1, Cross Country 1, Intramural Sports 1, 2, I 3 , PVT. JEPTHA JEFFERSON CARRELL I - -I f Philadelphia, Pa. P"'l050p"9 DELTA UPSILON 1 Auffust 29 1923. Book and Key: Class PICS- v rs 9 ,N . t , . 5 t Treas. 2, Student Council 2, 3 ,N Men S1 52333:- Gov't Chairman 3 ' War Bond Comm. , ' a . i 9 K . I 2. man 2, Varsity Sports, Baseball 1. 3, 39 sown GEORGE WILLIAM BURNS, AXS A.B. Montpelier, Vt. English May 12, 1920. St. Micl1ael's College. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. Transferred prior to graduation, T361 PVT. JOSEPH MICHAEL CASALE B.S. Williamsport, Pa. Social Studies March 19, 1922. Mansfield S. T. C. QM" Club, Treas. 2, 3: Varsity Sports, Basketball 1, Football 1, 2, 3, Softball 1, 2, 3, Wrestling 1. Degree con- ferred by Mansfield S. T. C. PVT. ROBERT NEWTON DIPPY, JR. A.B. Wendover, Utah English KAPPA SIGMA April 5, 1922. Swarthmore, U. of Pa. Sailing Team 1, 2, Varsity Sports, Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4, Capt. 3, Lacrosse 2, 3, Intramural Sports 2, 3. PVT. JAMES H. DIEFFENDERFER A.B. Easton, Pa. Sociology PHI KAPPA SIGMA March 16, 1923. Dickinson. Fraternity Sec. 3, Varsity Sports, Football 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. PVT. DUANE JOHN DOTY A.B. PVT. WILLIAM P. FISHER A.B. State College, Pa. History Parris Island, S. Carolina A Psychology LAMBDA CHI ALPHA February 21, 1924. Queens College. May 8, 1922. Interfraternity Council 3, Fraternity Pres. 3, Varsity Club, Cadet Corps 2, Varsity Sports, Track 2, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. ALBERT JAMES FINGO, AXS B.S. Bridgeport, Pa. Chemistry KAPPA SIGMA May 24, 1922. Student Weekly 4, Oriflamme Staff 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, Newman Club 1, 2, Varsity Sports, Basketball 1, 2, Golf 1, 2, 3, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. E371 w CHARLES GEORGE FRANCOS, AXS B.S. GEORGE EUGENE GARDNER, AXS .BS- Lancaster, Pa. Chemistry Harrisburg, Pa. Chemistry ALPHA KAPPA PI PHI BETA KAPPA D I H 19111 IEPIICA SIGMA ASSE Bus Mgr , - - r , . IC Inson. . . -, 9353-PCELlgl4l, I5lt'p?,?cBi1a4,KEg3glZln 3, Mtigsiicflgm 1, 2, Band 1, 2, Orchestra 1, 23 Fra. ternity Sec. 2, Varsity Sports, Track 1, 2, Intra- mural Sports 1, 2. PVT. MILTON HOWARD FUSSELL B.S. in Ee. Swarthmore, Pa. ' Economics PHI KAPPA PSI April 20, 1923. Dickinson. lntramural Sports 1, 2, 3. Transferred prior to graduation. LEIGHTON RICKENBAUGH GERHART A.B. PVT. ANDREW IGNATIUS HICKEY A-B' Lancaster, Pa. English Chevy Chase, Md. History KAPPA SIGMA October 26, 1922. Catholic U. of America. 5011001 September 3, 1921. Student Weelcly 1, 2, 3, 4, Edi- Paper, Varsity Sports, Baseball 3, Intramural tor-in-Chief 4, Goethean Lit. Soc. 4. Sports 1, 2, 3. PVT. JEROME A. HERGENROTHER AB. Lancaster, Pa. History October 13, 1922. Newman Club 1, 2, 3. Trans- ferred prior to graduation. g ISSJ I HENRY M. HORWITZ A.B. New York, N. Y. Philosophy PI GAMMA MU PHI BETA KAPPA January 15, 1926. Student Weekly 2, 3, 4, Ori- flamme 4, Pi Gamma Mu 4, Blue Key 3, 4, Calu- met 3, 4, Debating Team 1, Religious Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4, Council, Vice-Pres. 3, Green Room Club 4, Chairman, W. S. S. F. 1942-43, Chairman, Mili- tary Prom 4, A. V. Hiester Prize 2, Lanious B. l THOMAS RODGERS JENKINS, JR., AXS B.S. Hagerstown, Md. Chemistry SIGMA PI August 17, 1923. School Paper, Fraternity Sec. 3, 4, Intramural Sports 2, 3. Keiper Prize 2. GEORGE LYMAN JACKSON, AIS B.S. West Collingswood, N. J. Chemistry SIGMA PI PHI BETA KAPPA December 17, 1923. Fraternity Herald 3, 4, Pledge Trainer 3, 4, Cadet Corps, Concert Band 1, 2, Marching Band 1, 2, Symphony Orchestra 1. In- tramural Sports 1, 2. PVT. KINGSTON JOHNS, JR. B.A. Chatham, N. J. English December 19 1921. Guilford College. Monogram Club' Studeiit Gov't, Vice-Pres., Varsity Sports, l mMMHL3JhmMHL3J wMH3 DAVID KATZ, AXS B,S, Chicago, Ill. Zoology November 5, 1923. Herzl Jr. College, Central Y. M. C. A. College. School Paper 2, Delta Phi Epsilon, Men's Club 3, Intramural Sports 2. PVT. CLIFFORD A. JOSEPHSON A.B. N Y Psychology Corona, . . July, 23, 1922. Queens College. Psychology Club 2, 3 ,l Ski Club 2, 3, Pres. 3. E391 WILLIAM HENRY CLAY KEEN, AXS Ph.B. Lykens, Pa. Philosophy PHI KAPPA SIGMA September 26, 1923. Dickinson. Intramural Sports. Degree conferred by Dickinson College. FRANK LINDEMAN, JR., AXS A-B. West Orange, N. J. EC0ll0miCS PI LAMBDA PHI March 26, 1923. Lafayette College. R. O. T..C.g Varsity Sports, Baseball 1, Swinnning 1, Tennis 2, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. Transferred prior to graduation. L. LYMAN LANCASTER, AfS B.S. Greensburg, Pa. July 31, 1923. Diag. Lit. Soc. 1. PVT. ROBERT WILLIAM LONG Ph.B. Ashland, Pa. History PHI KAPPA SIGMA March 23, 1923. Dickinson. School Paper 2, 3g Inter-fraternity Council 3, Glee Club 1, Varsity Sports, Swimming, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. De- gree conferred by Dickinson College. EARL W. LOUCKS, JR. Camden, N. J. Biology PVT. RALPH EUGENE LOWER Ph..B. Williailisburg, Pa. Economlcs October 1, 1921. Dickinson College. COIIIIIIOIIS Club, Sec. 2, Pres. 3, Band 1, 3, Foreign RCIHUOUS 2, Glee Club 2, Spanish 23 Intramural Sp0rIS 1, 2, 3. Degree conferred by Dickinson College. B.S. Ch enlistry LAMBDA CHI ALPHA January 26,1922. Porter Sc'. S :. 2 ' A. A A S 3 ' A. C. S. 3, Fraternity Treasl 3,0Presl. 4. l 3 l I 4.0 sg -xirtgq, " X '- V. A , ., , , PVT. DONALD V. MATTHEWS A.B. Long Island, N. Y. Philosophy November 18, 1922. Queens College. Newman Club, Beach Combers, Class Pres. 3, Phi Eta Chi, Varsity Sports, Football 4, Intramural Sports l, 2, 3. Transferred prior to graduation. GEORGE SCHAFFER MITCHELL B.S. Wayne, Pa. Chemistry PHI KAPPA SIGMA June 15, 1922. Student Senate 3, Interfraternity Council 3, Fraternity Pres. 3, Pledge Master 2, Dormitory Council 2, Varsity Sports, Fencing 1, 2, 3, Tennis 1, Intramural Sports 2, 3. PVT. THOMAS JOSEPH MELCHER B.S. in Ec. Philadelphia, Pa. Economics July 2, 1923. St. Joseph's College. School Paper 1, 2, Crimson 81 Gray 1, 2, Vigilance Committee, Varsity Sports, Track 1, 2, Captain 2, Cross Coun- try 1, 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2. CLARENCE C. NEWCOMER, AXS A.B. Mt. Joy, Pa. English SIGMA PI January 18, 1923- Student Weekly 1, 2, 3, 4, Man. Ed. 2, 3, Ed.-in-Chief 4, OriHamme 1, Blue Key 3, 4, John Marshall Law Club 1, 2, Class Sec. 2, Interfraternity Council 3, Fraternity Pres. 3, 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Debating Team 1, Varsity Sports, Soccer l, 2, Tennis, 1. PVT. WILLIAM SCHLOMER RHOADS A.B. Harrisburg, Pa. Chemistry PHI GAMMA DELTA April 2, 1922. Gettysburg. School Paper, Adv. Mgr., The Spectrum, Skeptical Chymists Soc., R. O. T. C. 1, 2, Varsity Sports, Soccer 1, 2, 3, Mgr. Swimming 1, 2, 3, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. De- gree conferred by Gettysburg College. PVT. ROBERT A. REYNOLDS B.S. in Ec. Philadelphia, Pa. Economics November 26, 1922. St. Joseph's College. School Paper 1, 2, Riding Club 1, 2, Freshman, Sopho- more Dance Committees 1, 2, Vigilance Comm. 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. ' H11 1 , 1 1 I l I I l i 3 ' 1 . I I I WALTER GEORGE SAWCHAK B.S. CLESTER WISE SMITH .BS- Trenton, N. .I. Biology Red Lion, Pa' Chemlstry A ALPHA KAPPA PI PHI KAPPA TAU February 22, 1923. Goethean Lit. Soc. 2, 3, A. A. July 27, 1923. Porter Sci. Soc. 2, A. S- 43 Ffa' A. S. 2, Porter Sci. Soc. 2, Interfraternity Council ternity Treas. 4, Interfraternlty Council. 3, Fraternity Pres. 3, Chaplain 2, Intramural Sports A 1, 2. CARLEDWARDSHKINTHALER AB. Baltimore, Md. Sociology l December 11, 1923. Diag. Lit. Soc. 1, 2, 3, Speaker 3, Calumet 3, Blue Key 3, Phi Upsilon Kappa 1, 2, 3, Co-op House 2, 3, Treas. 3, Clee Club 1, 2, 3, Religious Fellowship 1, 2, 3, Pres. 3, Varsity Sports, Track 2, Cross Country 1, 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2. PVT. LAWRENCE VINCENT SNYDER, JR. A.B. PVT. SYDNEY D. TOLLIN A-B' f Long Island, N. Y. Politics Chester, Pa. Psychology PHI OMEGA ALPHA ZETA BETA TAU X April 28, 1923. Queens College, Manhattan Col- August 22, 1923- SCh00l Paper? Dance 0rch'3 In' A lege. Crown 2, 3, Newman Club 1, 2, 3, Foreign Uallmral SPONS 1, 2, 3- Affairs Comm. 2, 3, Varsity Sports, Colf 1, 2, 3, Swimming 1, 2, 3, Track 1, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. WILLIAM MOORE STOKES B.S. , Lancaster, Pa. Chelnistry 4 PHI BETA KAPPA A Septembcf-irl18, 1921. Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Pi 1 I I I gma, .a umet Club 2, 3, 4, Porter Sci. Soc. 1, Goeth. Lit. Soc 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, Pres. 4. i421 B.S. in Ec. Economics PVT. GEORGE H. WALTERS Cobleskill, N. Y. ALPHA TAU OMEGA February 28, 1922. U. of Mississippi. R. O. T. C. CARL A. WIKER, AXS B.S. in Ec. Lancaster, Pa. Bus. Administration PI GAMMA MU December 24, 1923. Student Weekly 2, Pi Gamma Mug Goeth. Lit. Soc., Cadet Corps 2, Intramural Sports 2, 3. , B.S. Chemistry ARTHUR HOWARD YALE, AIS New Haven, Conn. TAU OMEGA May 11, 1923. Tau Omega, Pres. 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2. SAMUEL MORTON ZULICK, AXS B.S. Orwigsburg, Pa. Biology ALPHA KAPPA PI April 19, 1923. Glee Club 3, Fraternity Treas. 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. E431 , EDWIN MYERS ALCORN A-3- Manchester, Maryland Sociology PI GAMMA MU November 24, 1924. Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Religious Fellowship 2, 3, 4, Council 3, Regional Rep. 4, Diag. Lit. Soc. 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, Vice-Speaker 3, Speaker 4, Pi Gamma Mu 4, Phi Upsilon Kappa 2, 3, 4, Co-op. House 3, 4, intramural Sports 3. EDGAR R. BARNES, .lR. A.B. Lancaster, Pa. P01550-9 PHI KAPPA PSI December 26, 1924. Diag. Lit. Soc. 1, 2, Fraternity Pres. 4, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, 1944. PVT. JOSEPH VINCENT ALESSANDRO B.S. Social Studies Lock Haven S. T. C. School Paper 1, 2, Varsity Sports, Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 1, 2, Swimming 1, 2, Cross Country 1, 2, Tumbling 1, 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2. PVT JOHN A BARRY B.A. Pittsfield, Mass. Spanish LAMBDA CHI ALPHA ' August 3, 1921. Toronto U., Mass. State, St. Bona- venture. Newman Club 1, 2, Debate 1, 2, Spanish 1, 2, Riding, F. M. 1. A., Green Room 4, School Paper 2, 4, R. O. T. C. 1, Chairman Winter Car- nival 1, K. of B., Varsity Sports, Basketball 1 2 JOHN D. BEALER, AJS ' ' Coopersburg, Pa. Biology PHI SIGMA KAPPA November 28, 1923. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4- Football 1, 2, 4, Baseball 1, 2, Intramural Spcirtsi 1, 2, 3 4. PVT. RICHARD BARTLEBAUGH B.S. in Ec. Sprin field Oh' S , 10 Business Administration. BETA THETA PI PI GAMMA MU PHI ETA SIGMA SIGMA DELTA CHI .gjiiiralgaliy 53,F1924. Washington 81 Lee U. Debate u 0, 3 orensic Union 1, Troubadours 1, 2, Christian Council 1,. School Paper 1, 2, Associate Ed- 25 Washington Lit. Soc., Intramural Sports 1, 2. H41 MERVIN REAMER BECK New Providence Pa. Physics SIGMA PI SIGMA .lanuary 4, 1925. Sigma Pi Sigma, Student Weekly 4, Orifiamme Staff 3, 4, Camera Club 1, 2, A. A. A. S. 3, 4, Porter Scientific Society 3, Lab- oratory Ass't. 2, 3, 4. GERALD MYERS BRENEMAN AIS Wlllow Street P Chemistry July 11, 1924. Porter Sci. Soc. 1, 2, A. A. A. S. 1, 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2. PVT. EDWIN C. BRANDENBURG A.B. Manhasset, Mass. Spanish PHI KAPPA SIGMA October 20, 1921. Intramural Sports 1, 2. BERNARD FRANCIS BROMINSKI, AJS. Ph.B. Swoyerville, Pa. Philosophy PHI DELTA THETA October 4, 1922. Dickinson. Skull 81 Key Award, Yarsity Sports, Football 2, Basketball 1, Baseball , 2. JOHN ROLAND BUCHER A.B. Woodstock, Va. Philosophy PI GAMMA MU October 6, 1923. Calumet 3, 4, Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4, Phi Upsilon Kappa, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Goeth. Lit. Soc. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 2, 4, Critic 3, Pres. 3. ELLSWORTH R. BROWNELLER, AXS B.S. Williamsport, Pa. Chemistry PHI KAPPA SIGMA April 18, 1923. Dickinson. School Paper 2, Col- lege Band 1, 2, 3, Symphony Orch. 1, 2, Choir 1, 2, Intramural Sports. 45 f PVT. JOHN T. CASEY B.S. in Ec. Philadelphia, Pa. Economics April 24, 1922. St. Joseph's College. School Paper 2, Class Sec. l, Class Treas. 3, Varsity Sports, Basketball l, 2, Softball 1, 2, Track 2, In- tramural Sports 1, 2. LESLIE ROBERT DAHLBERG. JR., AJS B.S. Chicago, Ill. September 24, 1922. Morgan Park Jr. College. Camera Club 1, 2, Pres. 2, Equestrians 1, 2, Sec. 1, Pres. 2, Pre-Med Club 1, 2, Pres. 2, Varsity Sports, Tennis 1, 2, Intramural Sports l, 2. PVT. TRUMAN DAVID COWLES, JR. B.S. Hartford, Conn. Economics PHI KAPPA OMEGA April 2, 1923. Catholic U. of America. Shahan Debating Society l, 2, Varsity Sports, Baseball 2, Track 1, 2, Cross Country 1, 2, Boxing 2, Intra- mural Sports l, 2. PVT. WILLIAM DEVLIN A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. Educatign January 17, 1921. La Salle College. Varsity Sports, Basketball 3, Football l, 2, Track 1. ROBERT A. DODDS, AXS n Kittanning, Pa. Bwlogv June 16, 1921. Grove City College. Webster Lit- Soc. 1, Glee Club 1, Varsity Sports, Basketball 1, Zi Football 2, Softball 1, 2, Golf 1, Intramura Sports 1, 2. PVT. WILLIAM JOSEPH DIAMOND B.S. in Ec. Philadelphia, Pa- Economics August 11, 1923. St. Joseplfs College. School 1 aper, .Crimson and Gray, Creatonion, Glee Club 1, 2, Vigilance Comm., Varsity Sports, Basketball 1, Svflball 1, 2, Track 1, 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2. E461 B.S. PAUL WARNER ENSMINGER, AIS Lancaster, Pa. Chemistry LAMBDA CHI ALPHA December 17, 1923. Fraternity Vice-Pres. 33 Glee Club 1, 2g Intramural Sports 1, 2. FRANCIS JAMES FACCIOLO, AIS B.S. Ba 'onne N. J. Chemistry 5 a March 8, 1924. Goeth. Lit. Soc. 2, 3, 43 Green Room Club 2, 3, 43 Cadet Corps 1. PVT. JAMES WARREN ESHLEMAN A.B. Mt. Joy, Pa. Spanish PHI KAPPA SIGMA July 22, 1923. Varsity Sports, Basketball 1, Soccer 1, 23 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. B.S. CHARLES HENRY FERNALD, AIS Lancaster, Pa. Biology KAPPA SIGMA August 22, 1923. U. of Arkansas. Glee Club3 R. O. T. C.3 Varsity Sports, Tennisg Intramural Sports Las. Sports 1, 2. WILLIAM AUGUSTUS FISHER, AIS B.S. Lykens, Pa. Chemistry PI TAU BETA July 3, 1923. Albright. Alchemist Club3 College Band 1, 2g Class Vice-Pres. 2g Varsity Sports, Football 1, 2g Intramural Sports. SETH MYKS FISHER, AIS B.S. Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Chemistry PHI SIGMA KAPPA April 12, 1925. Green Room Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Fraternity Sec. 3, 43 Intramural E471 JOHN LEWIS GETZ, JR., AXS B.S. PVT. DONALD CLIFFORD HANLEY AB- York, Pa. Chemistry AIIOOIIH, PH- History SIGMA PI November 27, 1921. Catawba Monogram Club43 May 15, 1923. Green Room Club 3, 4, Varsity Varsity SDOTIS, Basketball 5, F00llJ3ll l, 2, 3, 2, Sports, Swimming 4. Baseball 1, 2, 3, Softball 3, Intramural Sports 1, - PVT. DAVID IVES GILCHRIST A.B. Stratford, Pa. Politics January 31, 1924. Swartlnnore College. PAUL BLACK HARRIS, AXS B.S. WILLIAM A. HARTMAN . AB' Camp Hill, Pa. Chemistry Lancaster, Pa. Phllosophy . BETA THETA PI October 26, 1915. Oriflamme Staff 43 Glwl Rao? April 23, 1923. Dickinson. German Club, Beta Club 2, 3, 4, See. 3, 4, Religious Fel1oWSll1P 2v ,Alf Omicrong Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. Council, Vice-Pres. 43 Phi Upsilon Kappa 2, 3, 9 Diag. Lit. Soc. 2, 3, 4, Speaker A. A. Airs- ner Jr. Oratorical Contest 3, Histofb' PUR ' tramural Sports 2. ROBERT FREDERICK HARTINC A.B. Adamstown, Pa. Philosopliy PHI KAPPA Psi August 4, 1923. Oriiiamme 4, Bus. Mgr., Clve Llulf l, 2, 3, 4, Ass,l. Bus. Mgr. 4, l'hi Upsilon Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3, Bantl 2, 3, 4, Lll't'lll'Sll'll 1,23 Religious Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4, Count-il:, Ding. Llt- SOC- l, 2, 3, 4, Vitfe-Speaker 2, Green Room Club 4, Intramural Sports 2. t 11-8 1 DEAN EDWARD HOPPES, AXS A.B. Anderson, Indiana SIGMA NU November 11, 1922. Indiana U., Butler U. R. O. T. C., Varsity Sports, Baseball 3, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. PVT. RICHARD DAVIDSON HUMPHREYS A.B. Pittsburgh, Pa. English March 13, 1924. Dickinson College, Penn State. School Paper 1, D. C. R. A., R. O. T. C., Varsity Sports, Basketball 1, 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. DONALD C. HUBBARD, AXS B.S. in Ee. Maumee, Ohio Economics November 27, 1923. Taylor U. Thalos, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. PVT. THOMAS FRED ISAF B.A. Cortland, N. Y. History June 21, 1923. St. Bonaventure. School Paper 1, 2: Iota Delta Alpha, R. O. T. C., Intramural Sports 1, 2. .X U PVT. DAVID JACOBS RICHARD EDDY KEISTER, AXS B.S. Harrisburg, Pa. Physics PHI KAPPA TAU August 16, 1923. Fraternity Vice-Pres. 2, Student Council 1, Varsity Sports, Track 1, Cross Country 1, 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2. A.B. Lyndhurst, N. J. Spanish KAPPA SIGMA April 14, 1919. Fraternity Pres. 3, Blue Key 2, 3, Vars'ty Club 2, Varsity Sports, Football 2, 3, Intramural Sports 2, 3. '49 If 1 DONALD HAROLD KIDD, AXS B S Winamac, Ind. Chemistry November 4, 1921. LaGrange Jr. College, Man- chester College, Logansport Business College. Lincoln Adelphia, Masonic Lodge, Science Club, Varsity Sports, Football 1, 2, Softball 1, 2, 3, Fenc- ing 1, 2, 'Tennis 1, 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2. MORRIS LE VAN KRAMER, AXS A.B. Carlisle, Pa. Philosophy SIGMA CHI May 30, 1922. Dickinson. Debate Team 3, Creek Club, Ministerial Association, Varsity Sports, Football 1, Softball 1, 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. PVT. EDWARD H. KOHLSCHREIBER A.B. N arberth, Pa. Economics January 20, 1923. St. Joseph's College. School Paper 2, 3, Varsity Sports, Basketball 3, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. PVT. ERNEST A. KRAUS B.A. HARRY DONALD LYKENS B.S. 12110113 Island, N. Y. Sociology Martinsbur Pa a 18 Baryd 1,,21923. Queens College. Chemistry Club, g, , Chemistry ALPHA KAPPA PI September 18, 1922. Goeth. Lit. Soc. 2, Fraternity Chaplain 2, Treas. 3, John Marshall Law Club 1, 2, 3, Student Senate 3, Inter-fraternity C0llI1Cl1 3- PVT. JOHN MALSTED LOUGHRIDGE A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. History PHI DELTA THETA July 18, 1922. Davidson C ll . V 't Cl b' R. o. T. C., varsit s 0 age. am' Y u ' y ports, Baseball 1, 2. L50 I . 1 1 PVT. HAROLD JAMES MACKIN, JR. A.B. Upper Darby, Pa. History LAMBDA CHI ALPHA March 18, 1922. Varsity Club, Varsity Sports, Praskgtball 1, 2, 3, 4, Capt. 3: Intramural Sports JOSEPH ALVIN MATHEWS, AIS A,B, Cold Spring Harbor, N. Y. Spanish DELTA KAPPA EPSILON May 28, 1922. Bowdoin. Varsity Sports, Baseball 1, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. B.S. JOSEPH MARESSA, AXS Camden, N. J. Biology October 17, 1923. Temple U. Varsity Sports, Wrestling 3, Fencing 1, 2, Intramural Sports. PVT. DANIEL JOHN McCARTHY B.A. PVT. JOHN LEIGHTON MERRICK A.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. History Concord, Mass. Politics June 10, 1922. St. Francis College. History Club, KAPPA ALPHA Intramural SPOFIS 1, 2- September 21, 1922. William 81 Mary College. I School Paper, "l3" Club, Pres. 3, Varsity Sports, Swimming 1, 2, Track 1, 2, 3, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. PVT. A. J. McKIERNAN A.B. Long Island, N. Y. History November 18, 1921. St. Francis College. History Club, Religion Club, Varsity Sports, Basketball 1, 2, 3. l511 LAWRENCE MILLER, AIS B.S. in Ec. Far Rockaway, N. Y. EC0ll0miCS ZETA BETA TAU May 26, 1923. Va. Polytechnic Institute. Student Council, Dance Comm. 4, Fraternity Historian, R. O. T. C., Varsity Sports, Basketball 1, 2, Swim- WARREN GEORGE MORGAN, AIS Ph.B. Pl outh P ym , 3, History PHI KAPPA PSI December 3, 1923. Dickinson College School Paper, Year Book 2, Fraternity Sec. 2, Varsity Sports, Tra k 1 F b ' c , oot all, Mgr. 2 , Intramural Sports ming 1, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3. PVT. JOHN ROSS MILLS B.S. Glen Cove, N. Y. Geology KAPPA SIGMA September 23, 1922. Swarthmore, U. of Pa. Rifle Club, Little Theatre, Green Room. Princeton U. Geological Trip, Black Hills 1942, Varsity Sports, Football 1, Softball 1, 2, 3, Wrestling 2, Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, Intramural Sports. PVT. ROBERT .l. MURPHY B.S. in Ec. ROBERT NACE A-B- It Jenkintown, Pa. Economics Portland, Oregon Phil0S0Ph3' March 15, 1923. St. Joseph,s College. Varsity April 27, 1923. Reed College. Sports, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. PAUL E. MYERS, AIS B,S, Lancaster, Pa. Biology N b ovem er 6, 1923. Manchester College. Fresh- man Publication 1' Y. M C. A 1 2' C ll , - . , , 0 ege Choir 1, 2, Llterary Society 1, 2 Pr . 2 V ' , es ' arslty Sports CFOSS Countrv 1, 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2. , T521 - x ROBERT LOWELL PARR, Af S B.S. Indianapolis, Ind. PHI DELTA THETA Chemistry PHI ETA SIGMA October 16, 1922. Butler U. Yearbook 1, 2, Utes Club 2, Sphinx Club 3, Intramural Sports I, 2. JON HENRY ROUCH, AXS Noblesville, Ind. WILLIAM JACQUE REMO, AXS B.S. Chicago, Ill. I Biology March 29, 1924. Morgan Park. Chemistry Club 1, 2, French Club 1, 2, Pre-Med Club 1, 2, Varsity Sports, Tennis, I, 2, Tumbling 1, 2. PVT. LENNART A. PETERSON A.B. Woodside, L. I., N. Y. History 1922 St Francis College History August 7, . . . Club, German Club, Pres., Varsity Sports, Basket- ball 3, 4. A.B. PHI ETA SIGMA December 21, 1924. Butler U. Fraternity Pres. 1, Utes Club 2, Band I, 2, 3. PVT. SAMUEL M. SANZOTTO B.S. Shamokin, Pa. Social Studies June 11, 1922. Lock Haven S. T. C., Villanova. Varsity Sports, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. LEON CARTER RUDY, AXS B.S. Reading, Pa. Chemistry Porter Sci. Soc. I, 2' Student Senate 2, Varsity Sports, Basketball 1, Track 1, 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2. L53 PVT. SAMUEL JAMES SARDO 'B.S. in Ec. Johnstown, Pa. EC0Yl0miCS KAPPA SIGMA May 12, 1921. Newman Club 1, 2, 3, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Fraternity Pres. 2, 3, Interfraternity Council 3, 4, Varsity Sports, Football 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. JACK VERNON SCHEMM, AIS B.S. LaGrange, Ill. Chemistry January 3, 1924. Lyons Twp. Jr. College. Glee Club 2 M C , gr., amera Club l, Drama 1, 2, German 1, 2, Psychology 2, Varsity Sports, Basketball 1, 2, Golf 2, Track 1, 2, 3, Capt. 2. PVT. WIILLIAM FRANCIS SCHEERER A.B. Virginia Beach, Va. History PHI GAMMA DELTA January 12, 1922. U. of Richmond School Paper 2, 3, Varsity Sports, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Football 1. 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. PVT. JULIAN A. SCHWARTZ B.S. GEORGE S. SELTZER, Jr., AXS B.S. in Ee. New York, N. Y. Ind. Arts Philadelphia, Pa. Advertising September 17, 1923. C. C. N. Y., Oswego S. T. C. June 3, 1922. Diag. Lit. Soc. 1, 2. R. O. T. C., Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Mgr. Baseball 3, Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4. JOHN JULIAN SCOTT B,S, Freeport, N. Y. Ch ' emlstry KAPPA SIGMA April 16 1923 StudentW kl , - ee y 3, 4, O 'fl 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Green Room 2, 3, 141, ISZICIIIPTI-3. ternlty 2, Master Ceremonies Freshman Dance, Cadet Corps 1, 2, Intramural Sports 2, 3. 1541 ALEXANDER M. SLOAN, AXS B.S. JAMES ARCHER SMITH, JR. A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. Chemistry Lancaster, Pa. Economics PHI KAPPA Psi October 31, 1918. Lafayette. School Paper 1, School Defense Comm., Varsity Sports, Football 1, 2, Track 1, 2g Intramural Sports 1, 2. PHI SIGMA KAPPA December 22, 1923. U. of Pa. Green Room 43 Varsity Sports, Soccer 1, 2. GEORGE AARON SMITH, AIS A.B. Quarryville, Pa. English July 13, 1923. Intramural Sports 2, 3. SCOTT M. SMITH B.S. WALTER JACK STEHMAN B.S. Cochranton, Pa. Biology Larchmont, N. Y. Biology November 28, 1923. Grove City College. French PHI SIGMA KAPPA Club 13 Band 13 Fl'3iel'iiiiY Treas- 23 Varsity July 17, 1920. Fraternity Pres. 4, Am. Chemical SPONS3 Swimming 23 inifamlifai SP0i'i5 is 2- Soc. 3, 4, Porter Sci. Soc. 1, 2, 3, A. A. A. S. 1, 2, 3, 4, Dormitory Council 2. PVT. RICHARD A. SPROWLS B.S. McKeesport, Pa. EdUCl1ii0Il December 20, 1920. Slippery Rock S. T. C. School Paper 1, Trigalana Club, Vice-Pres., Y. M. C. A., Psychology Club, Dormitory Council, Treas.g Varsity Sports, Football 1, Baseball 1, Rifle lg In- . tramural Sports 1, 2. I 55 1 r--,Y E 1 I i PVT. MATTHEW STANLEIGH STOLARZ A.B. Walliiigton, N. J. Psychology KAPPA SIGMA March 15, 1924. Newman Club 1, 2 3' Varsit PVT. NEIL JAMES SULLIVAN B.S. in Ec. Long Island, N. Y. September 26, 1923. St. Bonaventure School Economics , , y Magazine, Beta Beta Chi, Intramural Spiorts 2, 3. Sports, Football 1, 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2. RICHARD CHARLES STORK, AIS A.B. Lancaster, Pa. p Economics ' .Iuly 18, 1923. FREDERICK HENRY SUYDAM, AXS B.S. FRANCIS CHARLES TAYLOR, AXS A.B. Lancaster, Pa. Chemistry Hartford, Conn. English PHI BETA KAPPA May 23, 1923. Lehigh U. Phi Upsilon Kappa 3g July 30, 1923. Phi Beta Kappa, Coeth. Lit. Soc. Eta Sigma Phi 2g Glee Club, Accompanist lg R. 0. 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 2, Sec. 3, Band 1, 2, Intramural T. C. 1,23 Intramural Sports 1, 2. Sports 1, 2, 3. A PVT. eEoRGE R. SWOYER B.S. in EC. Philadelphia, Pa. Econgmics .Ianuary 8 1922 La Salle Colle V , - ge. arsity Sports, Track 1, 2. E561 PVT. JOSEPH T. TOMCHO B.S. in Ec. Freeland, Pa. Accounting LAMBDA CHI ALPHA .Iune 21, 1921. Newman Club 1, 2, 3, Varsity Club 2, 3, Interfraternity Council, Varsity Sports, Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Co-Capt. 4, Intra- mural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. DAVID W. TORRY, AXS Lancaster, Pa. PVT. DONALD M. WAITE A.B. Dallas, TCXZIS Economics November 8, 1922. Haverford College. School Paper 1, 2, International Relations Club 2, Langu- age House Club 2, Chairman Soph. Dance Comm. 2, Varsity Sports, Football 1, Tennis 1, 2, 3, Intra- mural Sports 1, 2, 3. B.S. in Ec. Accountin 8 KAPPA SIGMA April 24, 1923. Wheaton. Wheaton Cadet Corps. PHILIP E. WILLIAMS A.B. Weatherly, Pa. English .Iune 3, 1923. Phi Upsilon Kappa 1, 2, Glee Club 1, 2, Calumet Club, Diag. Lit. Soc. 1, 2, Religious Fellowship 1, 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2, Co-op. House. Withdrew March 1, 1944, U. S. Army. PVT. BENJAMIN F. WOLVERTON A.B. Cedar Rapids, Iowa English DELTA UPSILON October 2, 1922. Swarthmore College. School Pa- per, Yearbook, Varsity Sports, Track 1, 2, Swim- ming 1, Wrestling 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. RICHARD HONODEL WINTERS A.B. Smithsburg, Md. Philosophy PI GAMMA MU May 24, 1922. Oriflamme 4, Blue Key 3, Pres. 4, Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Upsilon Kappa 1, 2, 3, 43 Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities 3, Diag. Lit. Soc. 1, 2, Clee Club 1, 2, 3, Mgr- 4, Quartet 2, Post Prandial 3, Class Treas. 1, 2, Stu- dent Senate, Vice-Pres. 3, Varsity Sports, Soccer 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2. E571 JUNE'I944 l ,, , JOHN ODELL ZECHMAN A.B. REYNOLD KIMBER ZIEGLER A.B. ' Elizabethville, Pa. History Friedensburg, Pa. Sociglggy September 3, 1923. Religious Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4, February 20, 1920. Religious Fellowship 4, Co-op. Phi Upsilon Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4, Herald 3, Pres 4, House 1, Goeth. Lit. Soc. 4. Diag. Lit. Soc. 1, Sem. Dorm. Student Council PVT. VICTOR ALFRED ZODDA A.B. l Spring Valley, N. Y. History U ALPHA PHI DELTA July 23, 1921. Elon College, N. C. School Paper, "E" Men,s Club, Varsity Sports, Basketball 1, 2, Football 1, 3, Baseball 1, 2, Intramural Sports, Di- rector 2. p Z 1531 1 W, ,- ,.:-,-ww 2 ., ' ,o,.- 5-:fr-"f2:!:::j?Sp. ,,.:-,g,:5,-ge,1-.3Q1:?Z,y:Ei:,5y,z-ff - - :,.3-3.1:-wvmf. X O MN W . N . ,f. .1 L.:..,, 1 Y X X 5 5 NX I I, 5 R x X f 3 U 7' 'W sw Q STUDENT ...... fi ,,,,, 7 , ,,,, ,,,, ,, V W ,,,,,, ,,,, Y ,,,,Y, Y ,,,,,, YW NW, ,AAA, ,W M- ,,,, ,,,,,,,,, Y ..-WW ,I--V-V ' . W ' W 1 Y Gd 15, wg fb , ,X QQ N Q naval ,fag 1 , W W f WMMMW W . . ,M-,. .. . . , ,,,,,..,',,,., 44,4q4 .. ,ggZQ4,vM,9.. .Aff -,,.. NV? kiwi AW 3 QNX kk! XX' 1 1 "W" x X coMP, I HRS' , A104 First Ra RHOAD Second H s1x,S. . Third R0 Pmoz, F0llTII1 Rc C. FEED QQMPANY FIRST PLATOON First Row-Left to Right: H. F. TRUXTON, S. T. FOGLIANI, J. A. WILSON, H. E. PETERS, J. W. BUECKER, H. E. SMYSER, D. H. GRANT, D. M. WAITE, J. F. PENROSE, C. COOK, A. WATERER. Second Row-Left to Right: T. J. TOMCHO, A. F. VAN HOTTEN, T. D. CALHOUN, M. S. STOLARZ I. SANDLER, R. A. SPROWLS, M. H. FUSSEL, L. V. SNYDER, R. E. CHAMBLIN. Third Row-Left to Right: H. R. SHETTER, J. J. WYLIE, J. L. PERSCHY, G. H. WALTERS, G. R. SWOYER, S. D. TOLLIN, J. A. SCHWARTZ, D. I. GILCHRIST, B. F. WOLVERTON, J. R. BECLY, F. J WEENEY. - Fourth Row-Left to Right: E. M. CUNNINGHAM, F. A. MCCARTHY, J. O. SCHMIDT, C. D. TULLEY, H. T. MILLER, S. D. SCHLUTER, S. J. GORMAN, C. J. SULLIVAN, J. R. MILLS, J. A. SMITH J. H. SWOPE, R. J. BUEL. First Row-Left to Right: R. N. DIPPY, R. A. REYNOLDS, W. P. FISHER, K. M. RHOADS, W. S. RHOADS, K. R. SNYDER, R. A. DATH, W. DEVLIN, W. F. SCHEEVER. Second Row-Le t to Ri ht: W. . DIAMOND J. W. ESHLEMAN F. S. PIERCE, J. E. RICE, L. J. RU- f g J , , BIN, S. M. SANZOTTO, S. J. SARDO, J. P. CONWELL, V. A. ZODIJA. Third Row-Left to Right: R. T. TAKACH, P. M. STOW, E. G. STEINMARK, J. W. ZEITLER, T. M PEARCE W. F HORNFCH R T. MURPHY, T. T. CASEY, F. B. PONS, F. M. DENNIS. Fourth R,ow-Left to Right: .D. T. DOTY, R. W. YAGIELLO, R. L. TAYLOR, J. H. DIEFENDEREER, S. C. FERRARO, L. A. PETERSON, M. J. CASALE, H. O. STRATTON, C. I. CHAMBERLAIN, T. D. COWLES COMPANY SECOND PLATOON E591 X 54, 4 .6 . IGXX - X www Axx, . Mfg, Q iw O 45 ,gm 4 .XXXXXX . - 2 X V yr X -, If ,,.. .aff ,xg - ' Q " xiii: v h"'9f"'A-W . gv XX' , N, KN L. X, E i X E X . . ,, ' mf .71 'Sf 3 X 11: I Q., 5 X : N X X ..,,..-wsu -Q.: Nxi se y XX, XX: be - x X 3 3 K L wx- X , gg, lk wif X QXI VRS x qv - X uf A - .gf ,X ., X Q X ,X Xaxff' N- ' , X S N x ii Y Y 2 X X E 1' , v NS VXX X1 Kg IL ANXSFQS' ' ' Yr - ,, S A l- ' ' 'I V X X. M if ze X, X.. 2 if. X Q 1 V. +2 55 XX ,,,. XX, A X 575 , ' - 2'2::':' Xv. new ., QJQ EQ NV 5 f y y f qv, mv I .X ,Z L 1 mw- mam: X, 'is '- f W. X 4 s 4 V , s VP' U, 4 ws' X w , Vw 9, by 'QLQZZX . .XJ ,Af :QS wx X X x 1 , "1 ff 7 a r w ,Wf , ,X ' ' ' 1 lf, X X XXX! i Xw Q X Q Q, ,.,,, A ' 5 -' a X XXXXX X X X NA Q X X X ,ff 1 ' .P , ,K X X A 4 X Q. ,QXQKXXQQ3 Q X. X XKXX X NN X5 X First Rott'-Left to Right: J S. F. DIPSON, G. T. FARLEY Second Rott'-Left to Right SHONK, JR., B. WJINTON, JR . I+. Fox, A. VITALE, JR., J. F. WWWALI., J. A. WY!-IICKSEL, T. B. TIIOMINON , JR., J. S. TURNER, A. A. SILESKI. : J. A. PLLITT, JR., J. E. TAYLOR, G. D. VINK, W. G. RODGERS W H ., R. PROOPS, M. W. WADE. Third Row-Left to Right: J. M. REED, J. R. SHAND, R. K. WYOLFE, W. PETLOW, H. E WINIR A. A. SCXNLON, E. G. WERMLWND, JR., F. C. TAYLOR. Fourth Row-Left to Right: J. R. SCHMITT, J. W. SHELLY, F. C. WILLIAMS, W. E. ALSNAUER R S. WOLFE, R. T. WOLEE, R. A. WOLTJEN, J. P. PHILLIPS, JR. ..... R .... XD df T' ' EE ei: WIHUIAI N 4 AB Ftrst Row-Left to Right: M. E. PRISCKETT, J. T. CLEARY, R. T. DARCY, C. S. SELTZER, JR., H. L DE VANNEY, F. J. DE NIARCY, JR., J. C. DONOVAN, G. T. DELLISANTI. Second Row-Left to Right: J. E. NORIIIS, S. SCOTT, P. W. CARR!-IT, B. LANG, F. H. SUYDAM, T. E FITZGERALD, J. A. NYl4I. Third Row-Left to Right: D. H. SEIILIMACHER, J. E. SXVINTI-IK, R. J. FRAEREI., L. J. COSTAS, J. FOLAN R. H. VTATZ, T. J. CRONIN, T. J. DOYLI-I. Fourth Rott'-Left to Right: D. W. TORREY, G. DAVI SON. N. FLEISLER, C. A. WWJIKI-IR. F t Row-Left to Right-J. H. SIIALLEY, H. ll. TANI 1 . W. CLIRRAN, P. FERNALD, J. L. NORTON. E. WINNER, E. H. DEXTER, A. li. DEXTER, J. A. SIIAEEER, W. R. SAUSSI-IH, W. H. LJNGER, R. CRES- J. COMPANY FIRST PLATGON L62 First Row-Left to Right: R. C. STEVENS, R. L. HODGSON, JR., R. J. JUNCOSA, C. E. IQANE, E. H. GRONER, P. D. GUICNET, R. L. HOWETT. Second Row-Left to Right: E. C. GOEBELER, R. L. HEWITT, W. HARPER, L. C. RUDY, C. A. SMITH R. C. STORK. Third Row-Left to Right: H. L. MANNING, K. W. MACKENZIE, E. P. STRICKLER, E. C. ROBINSON, J. J. HAYES, J. W. STAUFFER, J. T. GIBAS. Fourth Row-Left to Right: R. J. STEINER, J. A. IQLINGENSMITH, S. IQARMEL, R. M. HENDRICKS, C. F. HAUSER, G. H. HAGOPIAN. Fifth Row-Left to Right: F. W. MAGUIRE, E. H. CLANCY, N. T. GRETZLER, R. C. WILLIS, E. C. RHUDY, V. KEENAN, JR., D. H. HEIR. fbi ,Li lllllllfgl COMPANY co THIRD PLAIooN p First Row-Left to Right: D. C. HUBBARD, R. C. CLARK, JR., F. W. ARTUSION, F. D. ATKINS, A. H. ABRAMSEN, E. D. ANDRESIAN, W. H. LOWITZ, R. E. JOHNSON, J. TEREFENKE. Second Row-Left to Right: R. C. HOLI,ENBACH, W. F. MALONE, C. E. ICRESS, L. MILLER, F. G. HOCHFELDER, F. M. HOWARD, JR., E. H. ABRAHAMSEN, E. S. ACKFR. Third Row-Left to Right: C. R. MARTIN, W. R. HOOD, J. D. HUNTER, H. J. CORTES, JR., C. AN- DERSON, H. E. WORELL, JR., J. P. ARCHIBALD, JR. Fourth Row-Left to Right: R. S. BLOOM, W. C. BECHTOLD, F. X. BRADY, JR., S. J. ABRAMSON, W. G. MORGAN, B. F. BROMINSKI, R. E. KEISTER. Fifth Row-Left to Right: R. W. LAROE, F. N. JAMES, W. J. ILVENTO, C. C. NEWCOMER, R. L. AN- DERSON, J. A. HILL, R. J. HEENEY, JR. CDMPANY SECOND PLATOON First Ron--Left to Right: M. W. KOCH, H. BURLINGTON, D. R. LABARRERA, C. L. SMITH, H RJCIQINLEY. Second Row-Left to Right: S. M. SORENSON, L. SILVERSTEIN, J. W. LYNN, M. J. CARROLL, G. H BORK, L. P. MOOSE, C. E. ANDRI-HTS. Third Row-Left to Right: O. E. KRINICE, C. K. BRANDT, W. O. RAUBENHEIMER, D. V. KERN, H W. IQAVASH, J. J. MCMACKIN. Fourth Row-Left to Right: J. M. ROBINSON, JR., J. A. RJATHEWS, E. F. BUSCHMANN, J. LIGHTER S. T. RICCORMICK, D. L. NEWMAN, B. M. MOIIRIS. Fifth Row-Left to Right: M. J. IQELLNER, J. M. MCLARNON, JR., L. L. MOSES W. E. R , OHLAND, F. A. POYVELL, JR., F. LINDEMAN, J. W. MULL. Sixth Rou'jLeft to Right: J. R. QAM!-IRON, J. R. ST. CLAIR, J. F. X. NESRIT, J. S. MATHEWS, R. M LLTZ, H. P. LAMBERTON, R. W. IXINDT. First Row-Left to Right: F. BEREZ, P. C. ALEXANDER, M. SPIRA, J. D. CUNNINGHAM, P. B. HAR- RIS, D. J. MCDONALD, E. V. EMERICK, C. E. G.ARDNER. Second Row-Left to Right: R. L. PARR, G. R. FIELD, E. R. BROWNELLER, C. R. FERNALD, K. M. COVERDALE, S. M. FISHER, C. G. FRANCOS, E. R. EISEMAN. Third Rou--Left to Right: P. W. ENSMINGER, C. H. JARDINE, A. E. DANZIGER, R. A. DODDS, R. B. BLAINE, J. H. EVANS, JR., P. W. EDWARDS. Fourth Row-Left to Right: D. A. BALT2, H. E. TAYLOR, L. E. RAMSEY, A. M. SEDAN, J. A. Sm- TEL, W. A. FISHER. COMPANY FIRST PLATOON I oss I COMPANY THIRD PLATOON First Row-Left to Right: G. W. STOLLEII, R. J. PEOPLES, A. C. HUFFER, R. G. BIANCHI, A. A. CAIRO, A. DALLY, A. J. FINGO. Second Row-Left to Right: R. H. ALLEN, J. MARESSA, F. C. DUNNE, W. J. REMO, R. S. BOSSART, L. R. DAIILBERG, JR., T. R. JENKINS, C. F. OVERHOLT. Third Row-Left to Right: R. A. SLEPECKY, J. H. ROUCH, C. E. BULL, R. A. BAXTER, J. M. ZULICK, F. J. FACCIOLO, C. M. CARMELLA. Fourth RowvLeft to Right: G. L. JACKSON, W. T. STRAHAN, J. L. HARRIS, J. E. LADD, H. J. TUE- EEN, D. P. MORGAN, A. C. LONG, JR. 3 XJ First Row-Left to Right: P. L. HERMANY, R. L. IJOLLOCK, R. H. BOWMAN, R. M. HASSINGER, L BACHMAN, J. W. SNOKE. Second Row-Left to Right: D. P. BUTCIIER, G. H. SWARTZ, W. G. BRALEY, M. D. BERKOW, L. L LANCASTER, J. A. IQIRKPATRICK, D. KATZ. Third Row-Left to Right: H. R. DAVIS, JR., W. R. CATHER, H. S. CASKEY, W. W. DAVIDSON, .I D. LYNCH, R. L. IQIRK. Fourth Row-Left to Right: E. W. DITTO, III, G. M. BRENEMAN, B. N. PARK, II, W. W. BAKER H. L. LEVENSON, R. H. Xvlll'l'l-I. Fifth Rowiheft to Right: A. E. 0RI.IIIr:If:, M. E. SIvII'I'II, JR., T. D. MICIIAI-:L, E. M. ALDERSON, J B. Hll.I., J. YOUNG, G. I.. NllIlIl.AS, M. NY . BAKER. .R 3.515 COMPANY C0 SECOND PLA OON PII ! MPINI COMPANY COND FIRST lT0oI PLATOON First Rott--Left to Right: C. N. EIIRIIMT, R. E. EASII, P. K. BUYER S. E. R , ERLIN, H. K. BRIGGS, A. NI. BLACIQ, D. T. BOWIIIQN. Second Rovu'-Left to Right: A. M. ARNOLII, M. D. RI' ' H. H. A FL, RNDT, D. L. BRENIQMAN, C. IJIT- TRICH, NX . H. BRIGGS. Third Rott'-Left to Right: Y. H. B,AIIM, A. J. B.IR'rON, E. S. CANNON, D. D. ESINHART, F. C. l.ALFIEI.n. H. R. BRETT, DR1'1'RI:Y, R. A. Fourth Rott--Left to Right: F. G. EIsI.m', D. T. BRURAKER, R. I. EVANS, H. N. BOSCH!-IRT, R. T. BLCRER, JR., T. LOPELANII, R. F. BRRNRRII. Fifth Rott'-Left to Right: J. L. CARR, D, M. DICMPSTER, JR., R. L. DE GROOT, R. M. CASEY, G. C. ROEIINER. I - . I First Rott--Left to Right: R. K. KLEPPINGER, F. O. RITTER, E. A. GILBERT, P. L. GOLIISROROLIGII W. F. JOHNSON, E. L. Fox, J. J. MCMAHON. Second Rott--Left to Right: R. O. SVVAN, H. M. HAMRLRTON, J. E. LI-:RO, JR., C. H. WlLI.lS, D. H Kmn, R. TURCEON, R. W. GALEN. Third Rott--Left to Right: C. T. SNIIIZ, B. F. S'I',IRKwI:.I1'IIIaR, R. YOUNG, J. P. MCNALLY, C. E HOLLINGSWORTII, L. A. STILO. Fourth Row-Left to Right: C. K. TIASTIE, J. R. L,xNIIIs, E. P. HLIGIII-is, E. L. OTRY, W. C. SPII LANE, F. R. All-IZI-Q. Fifth Rott--Left to Right: R. J. AAJICIR, L. A. TI'F'rs, C. C. LIRRIQN, A. H. Y.Al.F1, R. E. ROR, H. J THOMAS. l 1 COMPANY SECOND PLATOON IIISI COMPANY THIRD PLATOON First Row-Left to Right: Z. G. ICAUFMAN, E. F. HESS, E. T. ELLIS, R. C. GERHARD, L. S. EVANS, B. J. MURPHY. Second Row-Left to Right: W. H. GREEN, G. M. HINDERER, J. J. GRIER, R. W. COAKLEY, L. W. MUSE, W. G. SHOEMAKER. Third Row-Left to Right: J. E. MAGEE, J. T. LOFINK, C. E. MCCORMACK, JR., W. K. KREIDER, P. K. GEHRINC, D. V. F1N0ccH1o. Fourth Row-Left to Right: B. S. FREER, E. R. CERVERIS, M. L. KRAMER, R. C. LAYNOR, D. J. HUYETT, H. H. HARTMAN. Fifth Row-Left to Right: W. T. DILLON, W. R. GILLILAND, H. F. HERR, J. A. GRAFFIUS, D. E. LUTZ, S. G. IQNOBLAUCH. ,ll It 4.2 RWE T661 iddirtg in ,fdclfion ' ' D I ETZ" Official F. 8: M. V-12 Mascot Guigan Kfowded of Qclf. 214, ana! yoane 21 Guigan Cfcwdea of Oclf. Z-5, WWC! June ZZ i671 W!5am50n Weafaf N the year 1922, Mrs. H. S. Williamson pre- sented the Franklin and Marshall College a sum Of money to be used for the improvement of the Williamson Athletic Field, which had been given by her husband, the late H. S. Williamson. Mr. Owen J. Moon, a relative Of the Willi- amsons, expressed a desire to honor in some way the kindness and service Mr. Williamson had rendered in his lifetime. Mr. Moon sug- gested that a gold medal be struck in honor of Mr. Williamson and each year be given to that member of the Senior Class who, in his four years, has had the finest record of character, leadership, and scholarship. The plan was well received by the College, and the Out- standing Senior Of the next graduating class, that of 1923, was selected. The plan was car- ried Out, and On Commencement Day, 1923, the first Williamson Medal was presented. The award is considered today to be the greatest' honor a student at Franklin and Marshall College can be granted. Mr. MOOn's suggestion and generosity in creating the Wil- liamson Medal deserves praise. He was Busi- ness Manager Of the Trenton Evening Times, resides at Upway Farms, Woodstock, Ver- mont, and is actively interested in the College. , It is traditional that the recipient of the Williamson Medal carry the torch in the torch ceremony at graduation and pass it to the assembled Seniors. The torch which is used was presented to the College by the Class Of 1904. Dr. John A. Schaeffer, late president of the College, was a member Of this class. It is fitting that the Williamson medalist should have an important part in this ceremony. 1923 1930 4 1938 JOHN LIGHT ATLEE, JR- ELIAS HLESTER PHILLIPS KENNETH INGVARD GREISEN 1924 1931 1939 ROBERT CUMMINGS ZECHER WILLIAM GORDON LANDRETH EDGAR SMITH ROSE, JR. - 1925 1932 1940 -JOHN CALVIN TRUXAL JOHN GORMAN WALSH CHARLES HENRY LECRONE 1926 1933 1941 PAUL AUGUSTUS KUNKEL, JR. WILLIAM GIBNEY DIFEENDERFER RICHARD PREDMORE VAUGHAN 1927 1934 A 1942 HAROLD JAY BUDD JOHN NEVIN SCHAEFFER, JR. EMORY COBLENTZ SWANIQ 1928 1935 1943 -JAMES ZEIGLLR APPEL JOHN NEAL BETHUNE JOSEPH MICHAEL DOUGHTY 1929 I 1936 1944 CHARLES RUSSEL ZWEIZIG JOSEPH NUNZIO CASCIO NATHANIEL ELLMAKER HAGER JR I 1937 , FRED GIRVIN HOCKING I 68 J ' 'k Q l , 'V 'K Campus Orgcmizati umm' Back Row-Left to Right: J. J. S , R. C. G. D R. P MAN, M. R. BECK, W. L. STEINEISIQTE. C. HOLLENQXCZ. OMERANTZ, N' T' PATINOS' R' A' HAY' Frp15Ii:AEll3,ogaEgeliI'tmtp Rorl-1, R. F. BERNARD, L. R. GERHART, C. C. NEWCOMER, J. E. jg MANAGING BOARD Editor-in-Chief .................. CLARENCE C. NEWCOMER News Editor ...... ............ N ICK PATINOS Managing Editor .... ........... J AMES IMLER Associate Editor .... ..... L EICHTON GERHART Feature Editor .... ........ G EORCE ROTH Sports Editor ...... ..... S EYMOUR LERNER Business Manager. .. ..... DONALD BABCOCK Photographer ..... ...... M ERVIN BECK The STUDENT WEEICLY in its fifth decade of service to the students, faculty and alumni of Franklin and Marshall College continues the policy with which it began, namely, to gather and present the news of A college hill in an un- biased fashion, to formulate and express student opinion, and to inaugurate necessary reforms. I 59 l Back Row-Left to Right: G. L. ROTH, H. Honwirz, A. F1Nco, M. BECK, R. H. WINTERS. Front Row-Left to Right: W. A. HARTMAN, R. F. HARTING, R. F. BERNARD, C. J. HERRICIQ, J. J. Scorr. OWL! GLWLIWLZ HE 1944 ORIFLAMME, the 58th class- record book to be published at Franklin and Marshall, is truly a wartime edition. lts compilation, editing, and publishing have all been subject to the whims of fate and Uncle Sam, and few are the plans which were origi- nally made for it that have been carried through without some interruption. The first prospects of having a yearbook at all this year were very gloomy. Certain members of the faculty who were approached last fall for ad- vice termed such an undertaking uimpracticalw and aimpossiblef' However, senior William Hartman, to whom much credit is due for see- ing this war baby through its embryonic stages, went boldly ahead and organized a tentative Yearbook Committee, composed chiefly of the last vanguard of civilians from the Mold daysf, Meetings were held, a permanent staff was named, and the 1944 OriHamme was underway! At times, the yearbook did almost seem an 70 impossibility. As with last yearfs staH leader, so our Editor-in-Chief, Richard Bernard, was called away before he could see his job through. With his departure, and that of one of the editorial assistants, Henry Horwitz, the staE was left woe- fully undermanned. However, without the aid of a faculty adviser but supported enthusiastically by Prexy Distler and Dr. H. M. J. Klein, who called the Ori- flamme a unecessary college recordf' the staff went ahead and uput the job togetherf, For the first time, group photographs were taken by a staff photographer, Mervin Beck. The staff held frantic meetings at odd hours and in odd places. Reams of paper were tossed to and fro, type- writers clicked, flash bulbs flashed, and the war baby grew. At last, we present herewith this latest in H long line of illustrious yearbooks, hoping that it fills the bill of being a fairly accurate picture of F. and M. at war. Sift! Wemtm MANAGING BOARD L I RICHARD F. BERNARD C. JAMES HERRICK ROBERT F. HARTINC Ediivf-lll'Chl9f Managing Editor Business Manager RICHARD H. WINTERS MERVIN R. BECK ALBERT J. FING04 Advertising Manager Photographic Editor Associate Editor I ,,...., . 1 WILLIAM A. HARTMAN HENRY M. HORWITZ JOHN J- ?Z'?TT Associate Editor Associate Editor ASSOCWW 'tor E711 Front Row-Left to Right: L. J. BINKLEY, N. H. FEATHER, R. F. ROEHNER, J. F. LEB0, P. K. BOYER, C. G. FRANCOS, J. M. BEVAN, G. E. HOLLINGSWORTH, R. F. HARTING. Back Row-Left to Right: R. H. WINTERS, J. A. WEICKSEL, A. F. VAN HAUTEN, G. L. ROTH, P. T. FERNARD, E. M. ALCORN, W. G. GASSMAN, C. K. MARIQS, P. K. GEHRING, J. J. Scorr. jae 8 Though War conditions have greatly reduced the personnel of the Glee Club and have limited the number of out-of-town concerts, the Club, in devoting much of its time to campus appearances, has remained as active as in previous years. Among its out-of-town apearances were concerts at Philadelphia with the Mati- nee Music Society and at Beaver College. OFFICERS Director .... .......... H ARRY A. SYKES, Mus.D. Manager ...... ............. R . H. WINTERS Accompanist .... ..... P . K. GEHRING MEMBERS E. M. Alcorn C. Cf. Francos R. F. Roehner J. M. Bevan W. G. GHSSIIIHII G. L. Roth L. J. Binkley P. K. Cehring J. J. Scott P. K. Boyer R. F. Harting A. F. Van Hauten N. H. Feather G. E. Hollingsworth J. A. Weicksel P. T. Fernald J. F. Lebo R. H. Winters C. K. Marks DR. HARRY SYKES Director E721 W . Front Row-Left to Right: D. F. BRURAKER, J. J. SCOTT, R. F. BERNARD, E. J. TICHE, S. M FISHER, PROF. DARREL LARSEN, W. A. HARTMAN, J. W. SHELLEY, P. W. lWURRAY, A. P. lx'lYLIN, JR Back Row-Left to Right: R. F. HARTING, S. SWERDLICK, J. J. GORMLEY, R. E. BOOTHMAN, H. W. ZIMMERMAN, H. M. HORWITZ, A. H. ABRAMSEN, D. L. BRENEMAN, J. L. GETZ, JR., A. M. SLOAN J. A. WEICKSEL, M. E. PRISCKETT, W. G. BRALEY, W. G. SIMERAL, B. HOLLAND, W. S. GASSMAN H. C. MOYER, L. WINTER, JR., J. L. PERSCHY. jte 9880 OOWL OFFICERS President ....... Vice-President .... Secretary ........... Technical Directory. . . Business Manager. . . Stage Manager ..... A. H. Abramsen R. F. Bernard R. E. Boothman XV. G. Braley D. L. Breneman D. F. Brubaker S. M. Fisher W. S. Gassman J. L. Getz, Jr. PROF. DARREL D. LARSEN Director E731 ............... . .S. M. FISHER J. TIGHE .W. A. HARTMAN . . .J. W. SHELLEY A. P. MYLIN, JR. G. BRALEY MEMBERS J. J. Gormley R. F. Harting W. A. Hartman B. Holland H. M. Horwitz H. C. Moyer P. W. Murray A. P. Mylin, Jr. J. L. Perschy. M. E. Prisckett CContinued on next page? I 9 J. J. Scott J. W. Shelley W. G. Simeral A. M. Sloan S. Swerdlick E. J. Tighe J. L. Weicksel L. Winter, Jr. H. W. Zimmerman jfte green corn fContinuedJ ESPITE the intensified scholastic pro- gram inaugurated by the coming of the Navy to the F. 81 M. campus, The Green Room Club has' kept pace with the times in present- ing two first-rate plays in the past two semes- ters. Naval and Marine trainees, new to the college, accepted the call to utry out," and, as a result, a great deal of the sparkle in the last two plays may be credited to them. Many of them also did faithful work in the Business and Back-stage Department, work which is all too often without recompense. To counterbalance the air of warlike activ- ity which enshrouded the campus, the Club this year turned to two carefree prewar plays, BROTHER RAT and ARSENIC AND OLD LACE. The former, a rollicking piece about V. M. I., and the latter, a ghastly farce, were handsomely received by. enthusiastic audi- ences. Particular laud must be paid Mrs. Alicia Rush for her polished performances in both plays. In Arsenic and Old Lace it was she who portrayed the kindly old murderess, Aunt Abby, who, in league with her sister Martha, succeeds in aphilanthropingn thir- teen old men to death. For the first time in Green Room history, male Lancaster citizens were allowed to par- ticipate in the plays. Because of this unique step on the part of the club, several fine per- formances were registered by Edward Hoff- man and Murray Stewart of this city. Apprentice Seaman David Brubaker was probably the Mind" of the season among the naval trainees. Handling long parts in both plays, he was particularly effective as the Kar- loffian Jonathan Brewster in Arsenic and Old Lace. 74 BROTHER RAT A BY JOHN MONKS, JR. and FRED R. FINKLEHOFFE September 28 to October 2, IL943 Set Designer ...... .............. P vt. H. W. Begeal Construction Supervisor ......... Alden Shultz Lighting Supervisor ............ . .Seth M. Fisher, AIS I CAST OF CHARACTERS . . . . . . . . .Lillian Geisler Kauffman ..........Edith Ann Lingle . . . . . .Gloria Boone Mrs. Brooks ...... .loyce Winfree .... .lenny .............. . . . .... ....... A licla Rush . . . .Edwin Tighe . ..... David F. Brubaker, AIS . .......... Edward Hoffman Claire Ramm ..... Harley Harrington ..... .......... Bing Edwards ..... Billy Randolph. . . Kate Rice ........ Dan Crawford .... A. Furman Townsend, Ir. ............. Clayton Moyer "Newsreel" Scott ................. Robert Ravel, AIS "Tripod" Andrews .......... Douglas Breneman, AIS "Mistol', Bottome ...... .... P vt. Kenneth Rhoads ..............Betty Cooper .........Charles McCormack, AIS Slim ............................. John L. Getz, AIS Lieutenant "Lace Drawersn Rogers, William Duncan, AIS Colonel Ramm .................... Harold H. Finkel Members of the Guard, James MacMahon, AIS, J. J. Barton, AIS, Irvin Mohler l PT Bftal Sllullz er, A 5 man nglt none lush ghe A15 llall CI' it 5 Cl' fS fS ds 15 fS el I' he Qieeelft 00m flgontinuedj ARSENIC AND OLD LACE BY JOSEPH KESSELRING Ianuary 26 to February 1, 19-I4 Set Designer ...................... Pvt. ll, NV. Bcgeal Construction Supervisors Jack Shelley, AXS, 1nd J. F. 'Wall Lighting Supervisor .............. Seth M. Fisher, AXS CAST OF CHARAC PERS Abby Brewster ....... .... - Alicia Rush The Rev. Dr. Harper ...................... John Scott Teddy Brewster ..... . . Ufficer Brophy ......... Officer Klein ..... Martha Brewster. . Elaine Harper .... Mortimer Brewster .... Mr. Gibbs ........ Jonathan Brewster. DT. Einstein .,,,,, Officer O'Hara .... Lieutenant Rooney MT- Witherspoon ..... . . .Pvt. Clifford Chamberlain .Charles F. McCormack, A!S . . . . .Pvt. Lawrence V. Snyder . . .... Lillie Ann Werner Samuels ...............Dorothy Lutz . . . .Murray Stewart .. . . .John L. Getz, AJS . . . .David Brubaker, A, S . . . . .Alvan Abramsen, A, S . . . . . .Edward Hoffman . . . .William Hartmann . . . . .Clayton Moyer E751 Front Row-Left to Right: R. F. HARTINC, V. H. BAUM, L. R. BATZLER, E. M. ALCORN, J. W. AR- NoLo, J. M. BEVAN, C. J. HERRICIC, W. A. HARTMAN. Back Row-Left to Right: H. L. MANNING, C. K. MARKS, T. M. SNYDER, H. L. REIGHARD, R. J. STEINER. ictglftofdivtlft Ogferciry ,Sbcielfy OFFICERS President ........ ............. ..... E . M. ALCORN Vice-President ..... .... J . W. ARNOLD Secretary ........ ..... .l . M. BEVAN Treasurer. . ..... L. R. BATZLER - MEMBERS E. M. Alcorn J. M. Bevan C. K. Marks J. W. Arnold R. F. Harting H. L. Reighard L. R. Batzler W. A. Hartman T. M. Snyder V. H. Baum C. J. Herrick R. J. Steiner H. L. Manning The Diagnothian Literary Society was founded at York, Pennsylvania, in 1835. As Franklin and Marshall College grew in prestige and magnitude, so did the Diagnothian Society, until it is today an organization of great campus influ- ence. The Society gives its members a training in parliamentary practice and debate, and in platform and extemporaneous speaking. This year, with its mem- bership cut to thirteen men, Diagnothian has nevertheless staunchly maintained its high standards in the face of all opposition. U61 Q8 IiA,86LlfL ogtefdf Nov.-Feb. 1943-1944 W. M. STOKES .... .. C. G. FIIANCOS F. R. SUYDAM J. R. BUCHEII. R. A. SMITH.. R. C. G. DAVIS J. R. Bucher J. L. Carr R. C. G. Davis OFFICERS . . . . . .President. . Vice-President. ....Treasurer.. Chaplain .... . .. ......Critic........ MEMBERS F. F. Facciolo C. G. Francos L. R. Gerhart Secretary .... . . ghcief March-June 1944 ..J. L. CARR .J. E. IMLER . .R. A. SMITH R. C. G. DAVIS .F. F. FACCIOLO .J. R. BUCI-IEII R. A. Smith W. M. Stokes F. R. Suydam J. E. Imler Named after Wllhe Most Universal Mind of Modern Times," Johann Wolf- gang von Goethe, the Goethean Literary Society was founded in 1835 and is the oldest Goethean society in the world. The Society meets weekly in its own hall, and has as its motto uLet There Be Light? Its honorary members include sci- entists, presidents, statesmen, scholars and authors. Goethean maintains its friendly rivalry with the Diagnothian Society as of old, despite the war and at- tendant difficulties. Left to Right: R. C. G. DAVIS, L. R. GERHART, J. L. CARR, W. M. STOKES, C. G. FRANCOS, J. E. IMLER, J. R. BUCHER. 1771 Front Row-Left to Right: T. M. SNYDER, J. M. BEVAN, R. F. HARTING, H. M. HORWITZ, E. M. ALCORN, PROF. C. D. SPOTTS, W. A. HARTMAN, V. H. BAUM, J. W. ARNOLD, C. J. HERRICK. Back Row-Left to Right: C. A. PRICE, C. J. GEHRON, R. F. ROEHNER, H. L. MANNINC, J. H. MIL- LER, C. K. MARIQS, C. R. BATZLER, J. O. ZECHMAN, F. C. TAYLOR, N. H. FEATHER, R. A. SMITH, L. J. BINKLEY. Q 5950145 ,CJZKAWAALP OFFICERS President ........ ...................... E . M. ALCORN Vice-President ..... .................. W . A. HARTMAN Secretary ...... ..... C . R. BATZLER Treasurer.. ............................. C. K. MARKS FACULTY ADVISCRS DR. J. B. Noss PROF. C. D. Sporrs MEMBERS E. M. Alcorn J. W. Arnold C. R. Batzler V. W. Baum J. M. Bevan L. J. Binkley N. H. Feather C. J. Cehron R. F. Harting W. A. Hartman C. J. Herrick H. M. Horwitz H. L. Manning C. K. Marks J. H. Miller C. A. Price R. F. Roehner R. A. Smith T. M. Snyder F. C. Taylor J. 0. Zechman The Franklin and Marshall College Religious Fellowship was organized 111 the spring of 1941 to consolidate the religious work on the campus into one inter- faith group. 1t succeeded the Student Christian Association, which in 1932 had taken the place of the college Y. M. C. A. Affiliated with the World Student Christian Movement, it is in turn composed of smaller constituent bodies, includ- ing Phi Upsilon Kappa, The Social Action Committee, the Deputation Team and the Sunday School Group. 1731 President .... WA! 06055411 .jctloloa OFFICERS ..-. .........-..- Vice-President ..... Secretary. . . . . Corres. Sec.. . Q... .. .... J. O. ZECHMAN . . . . .N. H. FEATHER J. W. ARNOLD .C. K. MARKS E M. Alcorn MEMBERS C. J. H. Cehron R. F. Roehner J. W. Arnold V. H. Baum J. M. Bevan L. J. Binkley J. R. Bucher N. H. Feather R. F. Harting W. A. Hartman H. L. Mannin C. K. Marks J. H. Miller H. C. Moyer C. A. Price . A. Smith M. Snyder . J. Steiner C. Taylor . H. Wi-Tlnzrs J. 0. Zechnmn Phi Upsilon Kappa was organized to foster interest in college work It ap peals especially to those students planning to enter Christian servlce Before lt received its charter in the National Fraternity, Phi Upsilon Kappa was known as tl1e Nevin Club. Front Row-Left to Right: T. M. SNYDER, J. M. BEVAN, R. F. HARTING, R- J- STEINER PROP C D SPOTTS, J. O. ZECHMAN, F. C. TAYLOR, V. H. BAUM, J. W. ARNOLD, H- L- MANNING Back Row-Left to Right: W. A. HARTMAN, C. A. PRICE, C. J. H- GEHR0N,If-E IE Rwfigfgifug S MILLER, R. H. WINTERS, E. M. ALCORN, C. K. MARICSs J- R- BUCHER, FEATHER, R. A. SMITH, L. J. BINKLEY. - L79 Front Row-Left to Right: G. BENEDICT, JR., C. A. WIKER, R. H. WINTERS, PROF. J. A. NEPRASH, R. E. LOWER. Back Row-Left to Right: H. M. HORWITZ, E. M. ALCORN, J. R. BUCHER. IQ otmmot tt OFFICERS y President ..................... R. H. WINTERS Vice-President ..... . . .C. A. WIKER Secretary-Treasurer .... . . .,l. A. NEPRASH MEMBERS E: M. Alcorn .l. R. Bucher C. A. Wiker G. Benedict, Jr. H. M. Horwitz R. H. Winters R. E. Lower U The Pennsylvania Mu Chapter of Pi Gamma Mu, national honorary social science fraternity, was established at Franklin and Marshall College in 1937. Its primary aims are the stimulation of scholarship and interest in the social sciences, the application of scientific knowledge and methods to the solution of practical social problems, and the promotion of cooperation among the many branches of the social sciences. Outstanding students majoring in the social sciences are eli- gible f or membership. A l30l W I I x OFFICERS C715 WA Fratre in Facultate President ..... .............. R . C. SEAMAN PROP. J. A. NEPRASH Vice-President. .. ,,,, A, P, MYLIN F ratres in Collegio Secretary ..... W. G. SIMERAL J. A. Garcia A. P. Mylin, Jr . ,R, W, If R- L- Gregg J. D. Paul Treasul el INZER R. W. Kinzer R. C. Seaman Custodzan. .. . . .J . A. GARCIA W. G. simeral Pledges H. R. Brett J. R. Cameron J. H. Jandl C. A. Callis D. M. Good W. V. Hoak T. D. Michael The first chapter was founded in 1824 at Princeton. It was thirty years later that the second chapter, Zeta, was founded, to become the second fraternity on the F. 81 M. campus by a few months. There were eight charter members and meetings were held in rented rooms or in the office of some member. When the College had assumed a friendlier attitude than its previous one of intolerance, Chi Phi opened one of the first fraternity houses at the school, at 612 North Duke Street, later moving closer to the campus on James Street, and finally to its own house on the campus. The national fraternity headquarters of Chi Phi were originally in Lancaster and were later moved to Atlanta, Georgia. The chapter house is now being used as the College Infirmary. A N ' . . M s Front Row-Left to Right: J. D. PAUL, D- M- GOOD, W' G- SIMERALA R' C" ShAMAN' A P YUN J. A. GARCIA, R. L. GRECG, R. W. IQINZER. J R. Back Row-Left to Right: PROF. J. A. NEPRASH, c. A. CALLIS, W- V- HOAK' H- R- BRETT' ' CAMERON, J. H. JANDL, T. D. MICHAEL, D. M. MYLIN, E- E- MYLIN' L81J l , Front Row-Left to Right: DEAN R. W. BOMBERCER, P. W. MURRAY E. R. B BARKER , ARNES, R. A. SLE- PECKY, PROF. R. W. BARKER. Back Row-Left to Right: R. F. HARTING, J. H. SWOPE, L. W. LATHRU-M, R. H. BAXTER, G. E. LUDLAM, R. I. EVANS, W. N. BRIGGS. wt kappa JL OFFICERS F ratres in F acultate PT6Sid8Ilt ............................. BARNES DEAN BQMBERGER PROF- V ice-President ..... ..... P . W. MURRAY Secretary ........ .... R . A. SLEPECKY Pledge Treasurer.. ..... R. L. POLLACK J. LADD Chaplain ..... .... R . W. CHARLES F ratres in Collegio E. R. Barnes R. Deck L. W. Lathrum R. H. Slepecky R. H. Baxter R. 1. Evans C. E. Ludlam J. H. Swope J. C. Berry R. F. Harting P. W. Murray C. Watson W. N. Briggs J. E. Humphreys R. L. Pollack A. T. Waterer R. W. Charles C. Larsen C. Seachrist Pennsylvania Eta Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi was first organized at Franklin and Marshall Colle e a Ph' B ' ' ' g S 1 eta Tau, a local f raternlty, and at that time enjoyed the distinction of heing the only local fraternity at the college. In 1860 the local chapter joined forces with the Phi Kappa Psi national which' had been estab- lished in 1852 at Jefferson Colle C h ge, annons urg, Pennsylvania. The Psi's be- came the first fraternity to have a house in which to live and eat, when they rented at 536 W. James Street ' 1896 ' 1n . ,They were also the first to buy the1r own house, accomplishing this in 1907. 1821 plti agfgma QLIOIQUL UFFICERS Fratres in Facultate President ........................... W. J. STI-:HMAN DR. HORACE R. BARNES DEAN J. SHOBER BARR Vice-President ..... ..... A . M- SWAN DR. M. RAY ADAMS Secretary .-.. lil, ..... S . M. FISHER Treasurer '... .... E . S. Mover: Pledges Inductor ..... .... J . W. SHELLEY S. D. BABcocK J. B. Mlsrzclzn Sentinel D... h .... G. R. FIELD Fratres in Collegio R. E. Boothmau S. M. Fisher W. E. Peterson T. Thatcher G. Brett J- J- GOFIUICY .l- O- SChl1lidt, Jr. WV. Thatcher B. C. G. Davis R, M, Helm J. W. Shelley J. A. Weicksel 11. W, Edwards E. S. Moyer A. M. Sloan A. L. Zulick G. R. Field G. Murdock W. J. Stehman Originally the Pi Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa was known as the Nevonia Club, a local organization which was founded in 1896. The Nevonia Club formed a close friendship with the chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa at the Univer- sity of Pennsylvania. This played an important part in the formation of Pi Chapter as the initiation of the Nevonians into the national fraternity was con- ducted by the University of Pennsylvania Chapter. The charter members of the Pi Chapter are Charles E. Boehm, Dr. Edwin M. Hartman, last Headmaster of Franklin a11d Marshall Academy, the Hon. Oliver S. Schaeffer, William Shand, John B. Lentz, Dr. Charles P. Stahr, and Jacob B. Landis. , - '- - , A. M. Front Row-Left to Right: J. O. SCI-IMIDT, JR., J. W. SHELLEY, G. R. FIELD, W. J. SUAHMAN SLOAN, S. M. FISHER E. S. MOYER, J. A. WEICICSEL. f J. B. METZGER, P. W. Back Ro -L ft t R ht: S. D. BABCOCK, W, E, PETERSON, R- M- HELM, Enwfmiis, J.eJ. C?oR1vliEY, W. THATCHER, T. THATCHER, R- E- BOOTHMAN' A' L' ZULICK' ISSJ OFFICERS 1 Front Row-Left to Right: PROF. W. F. LONG H HAMBLETON R IQLEPPINGER T D D , , , . , . Arz, .BIR RELL, H. SMYSER, J. GETZ, PROF. H. R. HERINGTON. Back Row-Left to Right: W. BINKLEY, F. RITTER, R. BERNARD, D. BRENEMAN, J. HATZ, E., DITTO, W. JOHNSON, J. LANDIS, C. NEWCOMER, G. JACKSON, F. PIERCE, T. JENKINS, J. TIGHE, E. OVER- HOLT, C. SCHWARTZ, D. BRUBAKER, J. T AYLOR, P. HERMANNY, K. RHOADS, J. LAWRENCE. ignftct Z President ...... . ................... T. A. E. DATZ V ice-President .... .,..... J . L. GETZ Treasurer ...... ..... D . G. BIRRELL Secretary ......... ........ H . E. SMYSER Sergeant-at-arms .... ..... R . K. ICLEPPINGEH Herald ......... ..... H . M. HAMBLETON F ratres in F acultate PROF. HERBERT R. HERINTON DR. ELIJAH E. KRESGE PROF. WILLIAM F. LONG DR. JOHN B. NOSS F ratres in Collegio R. F. Bernard E. W. Ditto 111 W. O. Binkley J. L. Getz, Jr. D. C. Birrell D. L. Breneman f H. M. Hambleton J. W. Hatz D. Brubaker P. Hermany T. A. E. Datz G. L. Jackson T. R. Jenkins, Jr. W. F. Johnson R. K. Kleppinger J. R. Landis J. L. Lawrence C. C. Newcomer E. Overholt F. Pierce' K. Rhoads F. O. Ritter C. Schwartz H. S. Smyser J. E. Taylor E. J. Tighe The Nu Chapter of Sigma Pi has its antecedents in a dining club, the Mixed Pickles, which was established in 1893. In 1897, the club added sleeping accom- modations and changed its name to the Franklin Club, after the College's foun- der. The club increased its membership rapidly, but remained aloof from na- tional fraternities of any sort. Finally, in 1917, the members of the Franklin Club decided to affiliate with the Sigma Pi National Fraternity. A petition was submitted to the Grand Chapter on February 4, 1918, and the Nu Chapter was instituted on April 27, 1918. E841 Ofamdafa OFFICERS F W ratres in F acultate president ...... ........ ............ E . W. Louclcs MR THOMAS FLOYD D J . President ,,,, .... 1 9. W. ENSMINGER ' R' IHILIP HARRY Vlce' H N DR. MITCHEL CARROLL DR, PAUL WHITELY Secretary. .... ..... . J. THOMAB J L HAIN PROF. ANSON SHERMAN Treasurer. H ...... . . . Fratres in Collegio R. Abl'3llHlll Fultl R. N. R, F, Rgehner D. H. Aitcheson W. G. Gassman J. A. Klingensmith H. J. Thomas J. A. Barry R. Croh E. W. Loucks J. T. Tomcho J. D. Doty J. L. Hain H. J. Mackin, Jr. H. W. Zimmerman P, W. EllSllllllgCI' Alpha Theta Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha had as its immediate predecessor the Harbaugh Club, an incorporated organization founded in 1905, and an off- shoot of the Mixed Pickles Club which traces its founding back to 1893. In 1917 a group of active Harbaugh men petitioned the Lambda Chi Alpha frater- nity for a local chapter. The petition granted, the fraternity moved into its first quarters at 536 West James Street, and in 1930 the chapter moved into its newly constructed home at 637 College Avenue. Since its establishment, Alpha Theta has had the honor to install chapters of Lambda Chi Alpha on the cam- puses of three other leading colleges and universities of the state. . L. H , P- W- F,-ont Row-Left to Right: MR. T. J. FLOYD, H- J- THOMAS, E- W- LOUCKS' J AIN ENSMINCER, H. J. MACKIN, JR. , W. Back Row-Left to Right: J. A. BARRY, D. H. AITCHESON, R- N- HULL, J' A' KLINGENSMITH G. GASSMAN, C. T. FULTZ, R. F. ROEHNER, J. T. TOMCHO- I 35 1 Front Row-Left to Right: R. J. POMERANTZ, C. TQAHN, M. CANTER. Back Row-Left to Right: E. F. BRAVERMAN, R. A. HAYMAN, S. TOLLIN, G. GREENBERG. L 6L 370111, OFFICERS President ........ ............. ......... C . ICAHN Vice-President ...... .... A . S. SNYDER Rec. Secretary ...... .......... D . LEVITT Corres. Secretary ..... ..... R . J. POMERANTZ Treasurer ................................ M. CANTER F ratres in Collegio M. Canter C. Hahn R. J. Pomerantz C. 'Greenberg D. Levitt A. S. Snyder F. Hochfelder L. Miller S. Tollin Pledge E. Braverman Alpha Tau Chapter of Zeta Beta Tau is an outgrowth of the Towers Club, which was a local organization. The club itself was relatively young when it was first investigated by the national fraternity, intent on expansion. The local club was receptive to the idea and at once petitioned the national organization for membership. The petition was acted on favorably, and on April 14, 1931, Alpha Tau Chapter was installed. ln 1938 the chapter bought its own house located at 632 West Chestnut Street, but war condition necessitated its closing this year. E361 ,,,v'H 1 ,- 1. ., W 2 11 ,,,,N1ww1 , f XX x 11 11 111 :M .-1 X11f1'41 sk -1 W .1 .' 1' ..:n'-- -44-1 - 41,,v' 1 .f N 1 1 1 1 .X 1Ys11NXYQXTf-M1311 11 x11Xf. 1:S1 'W 1,131 nw- fi' ,A 10'-4'-1 W , a Q 11 1. 1 1 X 1 1 -1 -, 1 N 3 X X ff- 1 1 X wx . 1 1 XX 1-S .1 ' ' ' """ 1 -wwf 1 X X X 1 1111: N181 11 g -311-2111.-.1 ' --1 -,Ma 1 1 11 X 1111 11 1, 111-11-98 S1 1- 11 5 1- SN' 1. f'f'- .1 -111,-1--41 -1 61? if 1 1 -f . KN X Q -1 XX 1 . 1 1 AN 115 ,1 11 195' 1 11 11 1 11 '1 3 3-Qi-1-1tn.y.-11, - 11 5 11447, -.1--14.1 1.1 '-1111: '-5,-1. -.1 1:1 X 1 .1 . 1 1 1,1 ,11 ,,,N, 1 1 1 . 1 .1 -3.11, 11-I "" :Q:1gx,H , 15 . . 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For out on that practice field, because of the new V-12 Naval Program, some fine football men, here from some of the best colleges in the country, were performing. Besides the splendid playing material, F. and M. acquired two excellent assistants for Head Coach Richard W. Barker, Chief Petty Officers Hugh McCullough and John Rogalla. The former had been a backfield star at Oklahoma University, and later for the Chicago Cardinals. Rogalla starred at Scranton University and later played for the New York Giants. Both contributed invaluable aid in guiding the team through a successful season. Starting with a pre-season practice game against the Curtis Bay Coast Guard Cutters, f 87 the F. and M. team came through with a 12-10 victory. We gained a welcomed tri- umph, true, but we lost the services of an exceptionally fine backfield player. Tom Nichols received a broken collarbone dur- ing the game, which was to keep him out for the rest of the season. As for the game itself, a forward passing combination, Doug Rehor to Bill Iannicelli, came into the lime- light for the first time, but which continued to spark F. and M. for the rest of the sea- son. In this game it accountedfor both touchdowns. Our football team opened officially its 1943 football season with a 16-12 triumph over a fighting Swarthmore eleven. Dis- playing a powerful offensive and a strong line, the Diplomats dominated the play throughout. The first touchdown, a pass from Rehor to Steimer culminated a 41- yard jaunt. Midway in the second quar- fffontinued on page 891 5 a Q.. fQ43..J00fit.!! SWWZ Front Row-Left to Right MICHAUX, A. L., SWEENEY F. J. Y , , AGIELLO, R. W., QUEMORE, W. J., MILLICAN, B., DOTY, J. D., BRADLEY, J., JONES, E. J., ROEHL, J. F. Second Row-Left to Right: DOUGHERTY, W. F., CROUCH, R. T., KARL, K. E., ZODDA, V., BARRY, J. A., STEIMER, M. B., TOMCHO, J., IANNICELLI, W. J., HANLEY, D. C. Third Row-Left to Right: VOLOUPOS, P. S., 0,BRIEN, T., HILDEBRAND, B., REILEY, C. J., CONLEY, E. L., SCHEERER, W. F., NICHOLS, T. W., SANZOTTE, S. M. Fourth Row-Left to Right: REHOR, D. C., CALHOUN, J., STEEN, J., PEARSON, W. W., NICHLOS, G., THOMPSON, W., LOFINK, J., GINDA, J. Fifth Row-Left to Right: Mgrs. RITTER, J., BOWDEN, D. T., TRAINER, FLOYD, T., Asst. Coaches, ROGALLA, J. F. MCCULLOUCH, H. W., Coach, BARKER, R. W., Mgrs., SWARTZ H. C., BARR, F., MCNAMARA, S. -- -,A ....,.. , . .,, gg- 'r- '- .-. F ,X ,-v , F'-0 ,,, 1:7-1 f-Q f,. bn. . -, L' : .-. 1: FTM- 5- :F 'SM ::- 2 .-.' 'L' 'T' Cn ff- gr, .... ,.. ,. . .. n-11 ' - - -Q '. IJ . I ' - W' - -- , . . 'r-A .- ' 9 ' nu-me ,. ter Hanley blocked a kick, and We recov- ered. Shortly afterwards, Steimer bucked the ball across the goal line, after Hanley had caught one of Rehor's passes on the five yard line. In the third quarter Ianni- celli recovered a punt, blocked by John Bradley, for a safety. The score to here, 16-0. Late in the fourth quarter however, Swarthmore tallied twice. The first one found McC1osky catching a long pass in the end zone from Kachadurian. With less than three minutes to go, lVIcClosky scored again by virtue of a nice cut-back to the weak side. The final score read, 16-12. The following week despite the unex- pected ineligibility of nine members of the Squad, the Diplomats struck savagely on the ground and in the air to defeat a game but outclassed Ursinus eleven, 21-0. After H punting duel early in the game, the Dips took over on the Bears 41 and advanced to the 2, via two passes, Rehor, to Steimer and t0 Iannicelli, Karl went over for the first score. Soon afterwards the Dips got roll- ing again, and after a series of completed passes from the excellent arm of Doug Re- hol'-, our boys found themselves on the one Yard line. Rehor took it over. Early in the second half Roehl ran back a punt from their 4-O to their 15-yard line. A pass from Y m.l1 Rehor to Sweeney gave us our third score. The conversions were scored by Karl and Scheerer, the former connecting for two. In continuing its undefeated pace, F. and M. played one of its best games of the sea- son, by defeating the Bisons of Bucknell University at the Memorial Stadium in Lewisburg. The score turned out to be 12-6. Doug Rehor, by completing seven out of eleven passes spearheaded a Diplo- mat attack which rolled up 90 yards through the air. The first F. and lVI. score came late in the first quarter when Ianni- celli, with two Bucknell players hanging on him, leaped high in the end zone to pull down one of Rehoris long ones. On the de- fense, led by that stalwart Buck J ones, the line repeatedly threw the Bison runners for losses. A passing attack, with Rehor throwing them to Hanley, Steimer, Ginda and Iannicelli, brought us up to the 4-yard line, from where Steimer circled his own right end for the score. Bucknell scored late in the fourth quarter. After a series of passes, Leftkandinos to Hewson fsix- foot-six pass-catching endj , Bucknell scored when Hoffman went over from the 2-yard line. ' The Diplomats struck through the air Q Continued on next pagej and on the ground to win their fourth game, against Muhlenberg in Allentown, 20-0. In the second quarter Rehor passed 50 yards to Iannicelli, who leaped in the air to catch the ball and ran 5 yards to score. Later, Muhlenberg fumbled on its 8-yard line, and Michaux recovered. Then Yagi- ello bucked four plays for a touchdown. Toward the end of the third period, Zodda intercepted a pass and brought the ball to our 44. This set the scene for the second touchdown, it being followed by long runs featuring Ginda and Yagiello, the latter going over. In the final period Zodda in- tercepted another pass and ran 23 yards for our last touchdown. Karl made the extra point. In its return engagement at Williamson Field the Diplomats again overwhelmed the Mules, 28-6. It was the fifth straight for F. and M. Yagiello made the first touchdown in the first period, and Muhlen- berg retaliated in quick order, when Loll caught a pass from Demcavage and raced 74 yards for a touchdown. From here on, however, it was all F. and M. In the sec- ond quarter, Rehor passed 29 yards to Sweeney to the Mules' I0-yard line and 90 again to Sweeney for the touchdown. The third touchdown came when Rehor passed to Hanley over the goal line. The last touchdown was made in the fourth quarter, after Roehl intercepted a pass, and when Rehor, from Muhlenberg's 40, shot a touch- down pass to Iannicelli. Karl kicked two of the extra points and Scheerer, the other two. The Diplomats held their place among the nation's unbeaten and untied teams by a narrow margin when it won from Swarth- more 7-6. It was due to Iannicelli that we won, for he broke through the Swarthmore line to block Perotty's kick' for the point which would have tied the score in the closing moments of the game. The Diplo- mats did not score until the third quarter when Yagiello heaved a left-handed 40- yard pass to Zodda, who took it to Swarth- moreis ll. Karl got I0, and then Yagiello went over. Zodda converted the point that was to prove to be the margin of victory, for shortly afterwards, the Garnetmen marched 84 yards for their touchdown. This was the first game that we played without the services of a number of play- fContinued on next pagej b -C 'u. The fr passed lihe last quarter, 1d when a touch- ked two 'le other among eams by Swarth- thatwe tl1m0fC .9 p0lI1i in the Diplo- Huaflel' ed 40' warth- giello tthai 'ctofyf etmen d0WI1- layed play' ers who were transferred November 1 to other points of tl1e Navy. The greatest loss to us among these were Buck J ones, and Doug Rehor, probably the best guard and passer, respectively, who ever played for F. and M. Forced to come from behind for the first time this season, tl1e Diplomats rose magni- ficently to the occasion, and scored twice in the second half, to overcome a strongrAt- lantic City Naval Air Station team, and ex- tended their winning streak to seven straight games. Trailing 7-6 midway in the third quarter, the Barker-men struck on land and through the air, to push over two quick touchdowns, and emerge victori- ous, 20-7. Zodda faded way back and threw a long pass to Iannicelli, who caught the ball in the end zone for the game's ini- tial tally. The half-time score was 6-0. In the third quarter, an attempted pass, Scheerer to Ginda, was intercepted by Johnson who ran 15 yards to score for the Cadets. Veteri kicked their extra point. After a beautiful run-back of an enemy punt by Ginda, Sweeney threw a long pass which was snagged by Iannicelli in our end zone. Zodda converted. Yagiello termi- nated a 74-yard jaunt by scoring our final touchdown. Zodda again converted tl1e extra point. In the final game of the season, before an overflow ,crowd of 10,000, tl1e Thunder- ing Herd of Bucknell brought an end to the undefeated season and Bowl-bid dreams of Franklin and Marshall College. Scoring twice in the opening two minutes of play, the Bisons rolled up a lead the Diplomats were unable to recover. The crowd had hardly settled in their seats, when Gene Hubka, Bucknell's flashy half back, took the opening kick-off on his own ten-yard line, and ran 90 yards to score. Then before two plays went by, F. and M. fumbled and Bucknell recovered. On the very next play Leftkandinos romped around his right end for another tally. The score, 14-0. After numerous F. and M. thrusts were repulsed, Hubka, from our 31, cut back after slicing through right tackle, and outran the Diplo- mat secondary to make the score, 21-0. The remainder of the game was all F. and M., but the odds to overcome were just too fC0ntinued on next pagel l91l great. After a sustained drive, F. and M. scored when Bud Hornfeck raced over from the 7-yard line. Zodda made the try for the extra point. Having been brought back to life, the Dips quickly scored again. Sweeney took a Zodda-pass away from three Bison-men and then raced on for the final score. Bucknell 21, F. and M. 13. Remaining up to the last game of the season as the only undefeated, untied team in the East, Franklin and Marshall College gained prestige and recognition which sur- passed even that which followed the im- mortal F. and M. triumph over Dartmouth in 1940. Our team didn"t receive a Bowl- bid, true, but some of our players acquired individual national honors. Buck Jones and Bill Iannicelli received recognition for their brilliant play by being selected on the Collegiate All-American fHonorable Men- tionl. Also these two, along with Doug Rehor, were selected for the A. P. All- I 92 Pennsylvania first team. Buck and Bill made, in addition, the second team on the All-Eastern Collegiate team picked by the same Associated Press. Franklin and Marshall College is proud of the coaches and the players who made this season a successful one, and on behalf of the College, the' faculty and the stu- dent body, we extend our heartiest congra- tulations to them. SCHEDULE Opp. F. 62: M. Swarthmore ............ 12 16 Ursinus ..... . . . 0 21 Bucknell ..... . . . 6 12 Muhlenberg .... . . . 0 20 Muhlenberg .... . . . 6 28 Swarthmore .... . . . 6 7 Atlantic City .... . . . 7 20 Bucknell ..... . . . 21 13 58 137 d Bill on the by the proud made behalf e stu- ungra- '. ci M. 16 21 12 20 28 7 20 13 3? f First Row-Left to Right: J. D. CALHOUN, MGR., R M CASEY W F SCI-IEERER J R BEGLY R T. MURPHY, A. J. MACKIERNAN, J. J. TOMCHO W DEVLIN D T BOWDEN MGR Second Row-Left to Right: TOM FLOYD, COACH, H J MACKIN J W ZEITLER J W REDFIELD S. C. FERRARO, G. C. BOEHNER, J. E. RICE, L. A PETERsON F 0 RITTER MGR gaalefd K TARTING the season on December 11 at home, the 1943-44 basketball five won its first game from Lehigh by eleven points, in spite of a ragged attack, and the Marines came through in the last minute the next week to defeat a strong Blooms- burg team by one point. The latter game was a real thriller and climaxed a triple- bill of sports events on the same day. At this point it looked as if F. and M. had an- other championship team, but the team lost to Temple the following week. Later the boys came back to beat Ursinus in two con- secutive games, but soon afterwards the team dropped two straight to Villanova and then embarked on a seven-game losing Streak, dropping tilts to Albright, Buck- nell, Swarthmore, and Bainbridge Navy. Coming out of their rut, the Floydmen won the next game from Lehigh by one point. 111 the final game Coach Floyd took his team to Allentown, where they suffered a nlneteen point defeat at the hands of a strong Muhlenberg outfit. D6Spite the fact that the season ended fContinu.ed on next pagel 93 gaolefgaff CC0ntinuedD with five wins against eleven loses, the courtmen showed a fighting spirit and they never gave up. We will remember our V-12 basketball team not for its court rec- ord, but for the spirit that it showed in de- feat and for the true F. and M. attitude that it possessed. 1t was not a great team, but it was one that has written another chapter in the history of our school. The fine playing of such men as lVIcKier- nan, Ferraro, Mackin, Begly, Tomcho, Zeitler, Redfield, Boehner, and Peterson was impressive in spite of the won and lost record that stands in the record book. THE SCHEDULE Score Date Opponent They-We Dec. 11 Lehigh ..... Dec. 18 Bloomsburg Dec. 22 Temple .... Ian. 8 Ursinus .... Jan. 10 Ursinus .... Jan. 15 Villanova . . Jan. 18 Villanova . . Jan. 22 Albright. . . Jan. 25 Bucknell. . . Jan. 29 Swarthmore Feb. 3 Bainbridge. Feb 5 Swarthmore Feb 12 Bucknell. . . Feb 14 Albright. . . Feb 16 Lehigh ..... Feb 19 Muhlenberg 94.1 the hey .Our ICQ. 1 de. llde am, 11161- iier. tho, rson lost ii1.T 1 l First Row-Left to Right: R. J. TACKACH, R. E. HIGGINS, L. BACHMAN, R. E. EASH. R V NTON, JR., J. MORESSA, R. T. BUXTON, Second Row-Left to Right: A. L. MICHAUX, JR., . 1 PROP. CHARLES W. MAYSER, COACH. Wfedfdng FTER a one season lay-off F and M's wresthng team once more returned to the mats Coached by Uncle Charley Mayser, the D1pS won two and 1ost two 111 a four meet Schedule One of the proudest colleglate Sportlng records ever attalned the 53 con Secllilve wresthng v1ctor1es of F and M ex tendlng over a perlod of five years came to 311 end when UISIHHS defeated our grapplers H1 the second meet of the season The Diplomat matmen opened their 1943- 44 season wlth a 26-8 trlumph over Blooms hurg State Teachers College, but then lost to UIS111l1S 1n a close match 19 13 Uncle Charle s boys were defeated 1n the next con Y test by Swarthmore 21 9 Showlng the best form that they had exhlhlted a11 season, F and M closed thelr season by trouncmg Muh lenherg, 25 5 THE SCHEDULE Date Score We They Opponent an Ursmus an Swarthmore an Muhlenberg Total I 95 - , I 0 . C4 97 - . . J Q i ' ' I 0 7 7' ' . . ' ' - l Dec. 18-Bloomsburg ........ ..... 2 6 8 .1 . 15- ' ........ . . ..... 13 19 .1 . 22- . .. .... .... . 9 21 L J . 29- .... . ..... 25 5 ........73 53 - 1 First Row-Left to Right: J. W. LYNN, R. N. DIPPY, J. M. ROBINSON, JR., P. W. EDWARDS, III, J. L. 'GETZ, JR., E. C. BITNER, W. S. RUMP, J. D. LYNCH. Second Row-Left to Right: J. L. MERRICIQ, MGR., B. F. WOLVERTON, R. L. KIRK, J. W. MULL, J. D.f BEALER, A. E. DANZIGER, R. H. ALLEN, R. C. STEVENS, O. E. KRINICE, C. P. O. JOHN STEPHANS, COACH. p winfilfning OACHED by Chief Petty Officer John Stephens, the Franklin and Marshall College Swimming Team once more had a suc- cessful season. Playing a curtailed schedule of only three meets, the Diplomat tankmen Qnished the season with two wins and one loss, for an average of .667. In the first meet, led by Ed Bitner and Bob Dippy, the Dips defeated Bloomsburg State Teachers College 59-I6. F. and M. took Iirsts in every event. Our mermen went down to their only defeat against Princeton at the latter's pool. The score was 54-21. Bob Dippy and Otto Krinke contributed most of the Dips score with first places in the 440 free- style and diving respectively. Concluding the season in winning style, our team defeated a game, but outclassed, Swarthmore squad, 46-29. Capturing firsts in seven out of nine events, the Diplomats secured an early lead and maintained it throughout the contest. THE SCHEDULE Date Opponent Des. I8-Bloomsburg ..... Jan. 8-Princeton ..... Jan. 22-Swarthmore. Total ....... I96l Score We-They 59 16 21 54 46 29 .....l26 89 ,, as . . A 1, ,. ,, :X ,. we . .,,,,A, wx ww S . I I n at the 11. Bob most of 440 free- Jcluding defeated 2 squad, of nine fly lead 'LCSL W I i A ' ff. 4 4 3110111 Civvies to Skivvies F 6 M July 1 1943 I 1 4 e - ...W ----.-.,,,m, 971 . V 1 i 2' wif, Fx fe -Q! l99l Je. 1.-,,.4.f J.. 11001 4 4 A A A A A A t fm Fu ir Ate Aix 5.3. Fail Erie' iii: Bi: Fri: , . 3.1 :...L UL..Q 2-.' ' .r-.Lfi 'K D535 'N 3:l-vw. -..- 2- A -' -f-'lifi N . "'- --. -L-l., 2 ,-.. , -ml, N . Jae: N Q , Dil: ' -. , " , -:ugh . , . -N -ax V, , . 543: 5323 - . J- fc 552: .. R: Rn! jg., ' s. - ' asm., X I N xv' JNNX .x ' xxN..g K. 5-H x M, N-It lx. ,m ,A lx .xx NN xg' ,. 35. Q' X 'il m, x mx. :QS rf ' 'lf L ..' M l, ls, . '-'lc - x x QT- w N5. . 1, "4 A . . XX. L X .xx ,,, - .L XxN7xm X' X .Q x .L xxx Abraham, Robert Auman Abrahamsen, Edwin Howard Abramsen, Alvan Hugo Abramson, Samuel Irving Acker, Edward Stellwagen Aitcheson, David Harold Albarelli, Joseph Eugene Alcorn, Edwin Myers Alderson, Euclid Maxfield Alessandro, Joseph Vincent Alexander, Perry Charles Allen, Earl Judson, Jr. Allen, Richard Horace Allison, William Frederick Alsnauer, William Edmund Anderson, Gordon Albert Anderson, Roy Albert Andreasian, Edgar Diran Andrews, Carlton Eugene Andrews, Ernest Frederick Archibald, James Powderly, Jr. Arndt, Harold Harry Arnold, John William Artusio, Francis Warren Aten, John Eugene, Jr. Atkins, Floyd Dewey, Jr. Austin, Warren Harding Babcock, Samuel Donald, Jr. Bachman, Leonard Bailey, Barry Osborn Bailey, George Murray ' Baker, Milton Werner Baker, Walter Wolf Baltz, Davis Aloysius Banzhoff, Gordon Kearsley Barkley, Earl Leroy Barnes, Edgar Roscoe, Jr. Barry, John Aloysius Bartlebaugh, Richard Edwin Bartlett, Marsom Innes Barton, Alexander James Bassett, Donald Richard Batzler. Louis Richard Bauder, Earl Secord, Jr. Baum, Vernon Herbert Baxter, Robert Henry Bealer, John Daniel Bechtold, William George Beck, Harry McKeever Beck, Mervin Reamer Becker, Robert Bear Becker, Robert Louis, Jr. Begeal, Herman Willis Begly, John Rowe Benedict, George, Jr. Benning, Edward Theodore Berkow, Morton Donald Berlin, Stanley Elmore Bernard, Richard Frank Berrian, Howard Alexander Berry, William Harvey, III Bevan, John Morgan W BQVCZ, Frank Louis Bianchi, Robert George Biemesderfer, Charles Daniel Biesenkamp, Jack Stephen T? 'Vie as 'O W'-1 'tm 9:1 F? Sa FMU: 8,93 CDB ,.,sv ND S. 'HCI ga C+ :um 13.0- I3 W? OS Qtm EZ E5 ctgii v-177 F621 rv F1 4 rv ZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZZZZ gzzzzzz Z ZZZ Z ZZ ZZ ZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZZZ ZZ Z ggid fer Reading, Pa. South Ozone Park, N. Y. Yonkers, N. Y. Newark, N. J. New Oxford, Pa. Yonkers, N. Y. Asbury Park, N. J. Manchester, Md. Maywood, Ill. Curwensville, Pa. Chicago, Ill. Binghamton, N. Y. Wilmington, Del. Staten Island, N. Y. Farrell, Pa. Stockholm, Maine Staten Island, N. Y. Forest Hills, N. Y. York Harbor, Maine Northampton, Pa. Valhalla, N. Y. Elizabethtown, Pa. Millersburg, Pa. West New York, N. Canton, Ohio Strasburg, Pa. Boone, N. C. Bloomingdale, N. J. Baltimore, Md. Yonkers, N. Y. Millers, Md. Harrisburg, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Indianapolis, Ind. Mechanicsburg, Pa. Baltimore, Md. Lancaster, Pa. Pittsfield, Mass. Springfield, Ohio Great Neck, N. Y. Pittsburgh, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Baltimore, Md. Utica, N. Y. Hazleton, Pa. Western Springs, Ill. Coopersburg, Pa. Brooklyn, N. Y. Baden. Pa. New Providence, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Baltimore, Md. Deposit, N. Y. Hollis, N. Y. Philadelphia, Pa. Plainfield, N. J. Washington, D. C. Harrisburg, Pa. Islip, L. I., N. Y. Glen Burnie, Md. Camp Hill, Pa. Plains, Pa. West Allis, Wisconsin Chicago, Ill. Millersville, Pa. Morganza, Pa. O! cglfvwfenlfa Bindon, Malcolm Campbell Binkley, Luther John Binkley, William Owen Birrell, Donald George Bitner, Edward Curtin BitZ, Milton David Black, Alexander Miller Blaine, Raymond Bowman Blakley, John Bigler Blankman, Howard Milford Bloom, Robert Simon Blymire, William Ura, Jr. Boehner, George Charles Boothman, Richard Edward Bordner, Robert Simon Bork, George Henry, Jr. Boschert, Henry Martin Bossart, Robert Saxman Bowden, Daniel Trevarthean Bowman, Roger Holmes Boyer, Frank Conrad, Jr. Boyer, Philip Kurtz Bradley, John Patrick Brady, Francis Xavier, Jr. Braley, William Grant Brandenburg, Edwin Chamberlin J. Brandt, Carl Richard Braverman, Ephraim Franklin Breneman, Douglas LeRoy Breneman, Gerald Myers Brett, George William Brett, Henry Robert Briggs, Charles Wilmer, Jr. Briggs, Harley Theron Briggs, William Neal Brominski, Bernard Francis Brooks, Maynard Lamar - Brown, George Raymond, Jr. Brown, Richard John Browneller, Ellsworth Russell Brubaker, Carl Hess, Jr. Brubaker, David Frantz Brumbaugh, Lee Hayes Bryson, Richard Leon Bucher, John Rolland Buecker, Joseph Walter, Jr. Buel, Robert Jay Bull, George Emanuel, Jr. Bull, Robert Earl Burgess, Robert James Burlington, Harold Burnes, George William Burns, James Burns, Thomas Moore, Jr. Burns, Thomas Richard Buschmann, Ernest Fred Butcher, Dan Paul Buxton, Robert Thomas Cairo, Armon Anthony Calhoun, James Dean Callis, Charles Alten Cameron, James Ritchie Cannon, Edward Joseph Canter, Milton Caramela, Calvin Michael Carr, James Aloysius Carr, James Lyle Carrell, Jeptha Jefferson Carrico, George Louis limi Z Z Z ZZZZZ ZZ ZZZ ZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZ ZZZZZ ZZZZZZ ZZZZZ! ZZ N N N M N M N Arlington, N. J. Wernersville, Pa. Hagerstown, Md. Lancaster, Pa. Harrisburg, Pa. Stockertown, Pa. Clearfield, Pa. Kane, Pa. Grove City, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Fall River, Mass. Dallastown, Pa. Gettysburg, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Holyoke, Mass. Johnstown, Pa. Mt. Lebanon, Pa. Drexel Hill, Pa. Williamsport, Pa. Lebanon, Pa. Rural Valley, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Hanover, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. Manhasset, L. I., N York, Pa. Coatesville, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Willow Street, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Cumberland, Md. Neffsville, Pa. North East, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Swoyersville, Pa. Klingerstown, Pa. Morristown, N. J. Lebanon, Pa. Williamsport, Pa. Passaic, N. J. Lancaster, Pa. Steelton, Pa. Ephrata, Pa. Woodstock, Va. Philadelphia, Pa. Erie, Pa. Berwyn, Ill. Nescopeck, Pa. Oswego, N. Y. Yonkers, N. Y. Montpelier, Vt. Philadelphia, Pa. Waynesboro, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. West Englewood, N J Hinsdale, Ill. Grove City, Pa. Steelton, Pa. McKees Rocks, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Merion, Pa. Dunmore, Pa. Trenton, N. J. DuBois, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Anderson, Ind. Philadelphia, Pa. Indianapolis, Ind. Ihr EF. tmh HH. Bunk Shun Svtatinnvrg Cliigarritrn Kev ? W SL S Nntvhnnkz Efnhtirrn . lf, 'ggi - - , ,. lvl -ff 15 ar II n h 1' g QC 1 t 5 K .fa if r g. . -,Nil P. Vaal '. 15 I n 2 5 5I5QE1'I ifEElgpQ l5P11H BE. il ls l',l,?' nk'- "-' ' mhatrnrr nu Nrvh, Mhrnrurr 131111 Nvvh Eli. Elf mr Eurft 'Haus lit, Eli lllaw Gunn In mar Carroll, Michael James Carver, Earl Chadwick Casale, Michael joseph Casey, John Thomas, Jr. Casey, Robert Mayer Caskey, Harry Samuel Cather, William Russell Caufield, Francis Edward Celia, Nicholas Samuel Cerveris, Ernest Richard Chamberlain, Clifford Ivan Chamblin, Robert Edwin Charles, Richard Wise, jr. Charleston, John Francis Child, Russell Edward Clancy, Edward Harold Clark, Richard Clark, Russell Crosby, jr. Cleary, Joseph Thomas Climent, Louis John Coakley, Richard Walker Cohen, Bernard Sklar Cohen, Lynn Mayer Cohen, Robert Alan Conerly, Herbert joseph Conley, Edward Leo Connor, William Francis Conrad, Benjamin Franklin, III Conwell, joseph Peter ' Cook, Carl, Jr. Coombs, William Alderman Copeland, Theodore Herbert, jr., Cortes, Hector joseph, Jr. Costas, Leonard john Coverdale, Keith Merrill Cowles, Truman David, Jr. Crawford, Clyde N., Jr: M M N N N N N M M M N N M N N N M ZZZZZ ZZZZZZ l .l I E I al ,l l ! I l 'r REGISTER OF STUDENTS fContinuedJ N Forest Hills, L. I., N. Y. Crestani, Robert Marietta, Pa. Williamsport, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Drexel Park, Pa. Phelps, Wisconsin Ellwood City, Pa. Honesdale, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. Copenhagen, N. Y. Higginsville, Mo. Landisville, Pa. York, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Orono, Maine Easton, Maryland ' Staten Island, N. Y. Paterson, N. J. Lancaster, Pa. Havre de Grace, Md. Brooklyn, N. Y. Flushing, L. I., N. Y. Philadelphia, Pa. Fair Lawn, N. J. Jenkintown, Pa. Springfield, L. I., N. Y. Hagerstown, Md. Merchantville, N. J. Hurricane, W. Va. Salem, N. J. Lansdowne, Pa. Brooklyn, N. Y. Brooklyn, N. Y. Fort Wayne, Ind. Hartford, Conn. Philadelphia, Pa. Cronin, Timothy James Crouch, Robert Thomas Cunningham, Edwin Meier Cunningham, John David Curran, Charles William Curry, John Shenk Dahlberg, Leslie Robert Dally, Alfred Dandrea, Raymond Leonard Danziger, Arthur Edward Darcy, Robert Thomas Dath, Roy Alfred Datz, Thomas Arthur Estep Davidson, Norman William Davis, Howard Ryerson, Jr Davis, Nelson Vincent Davis, Richard Graham Dawson, james Andrew, Jr. Deck, Roy, Jr. Degroot, Robert Leon Delli Santi, George Thomas, DeLong, Richard Holtry Demarco, Frank Joseph, Jr. Dampster, Daniel Mortimer Denlinger, Everett Edwin Dennis, Franklin McVay Denney, john DeWitt, Jr. Dettrey, Richard Earl DeVanney, Harry Lester I Devlin, William john Dexter, Allen Kenyon Dexter, Everett Henry Diamond, William Joseph Dickey, Robert Earl Dickstein, Sidney Dieffenderfer, James Herbert 1 f102j N Freeport, Pa. N -Brooklyn, N. Y. N Rock Hall, Md. M Cincinnati, Ohio N Camp Hill, Pa. N New York City, N Hershey, Pa. N Chicago, Ill. N Pen Argyl, Pa. Patton, Pa. Freeport, N. Y. N N Long Island City, M Drexel Hill, Pa. Ebensburg, Pa. N Baltimore, Md. N Chicago, Ill. Somerset, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. N Newtown, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. N Harrisburg, Pa. N Hillside, N. J. Reading, Pa. N Worcester, Mass. N N. Y. N. Y. Willow Grove, Pa. Paradise, Pa. M Connellsville, Pa. Columbia, Pa. Frackville, Pa. Union, N. J. North Scituate, R. I. North Scituate, R. I. N N M Philadelphia, Pa. N N M Philadelphia, Pa. Berlin, Pa. New York, N. Y. M Easton, Pa. l 1 l E E E E1 Ei Fr Eel X REGISTER OF STUDENTS I F' -1 l'i"'fl'.fl V r .1 1 l S l 'a. N. Y. Md. , Ohio . Pa. City, N. Y. 'a if Pa. I. Y. l City, N. Y. , Pa. Pa. vid. 5. 'a. Pa. 'a Pa. J. Mass. ve, Pa. 51 PB.. 3. B.. Pa. ite, tea R' I' Pa. J. Y. Diller, Edward Schofield Lancaster, Pa. fContinued J Esinhart, Donald Duart Dillon, William Thomas, Jr. N Cumberland, Md. Ettlin er N Indianapolis' Ind' Dippy, Robert Newton M Philadelphia, Pa. Evans?Jar1l2ul'IEi:b'l:Irt Jr N Slew York' N' Y' DiStefano, Severo Italo N Brooklyn, N. Y. Evans, Lewis Sidney i D N Haw Holland' Pa' Ditto, Edward Wilson, III .S N Hagerstown, Md. Evans, Robert Ivan N Hogigstegafil, Pa. Dittrich, George AIOYSWS N Baltimore, Md. Facciolo, Francis James 'Jr N B a on 8 d' N' J' Dodds, Robert Arthur N Kittanning, Pa. Farley, George Thomas' Jr' N Pzlgogfii .l- Dole, Robert Snedden' M Clearfield, Pa. Feather, Nevin Hoy l . Iilmlsr ePa, ass- Dollin, Norman Francis Madison, N. J. Fernald, Charles Henry, Jr, N Idndstef pa DOUOUSIM Rflbeft John N Lebanon, PH- Fernald, Parker Torsey N Lancaster, pa' Donovan, John Gerard m N Lewiston, Maine Ferraro, Stephen Charles M Richmond Hill N Y Doty, Duane John . M State College, Pa. Fichthorn, William Dixon Adamstown Pa l Dougherty, William Francis M New Brunswick, N. J. Field, Gordon Robert N McKeesport, Pa. Doyle, Thomas Joseph N New York, N. Y. Fingo, Albert James N Bridgeport Pa I Dudgeon, Thomas Henry M Rushville, Ind. Fink, John Calvin Tyrone PS . Duff, Donald James M BrockpO1't, N. Y. Finkel, Harold I-Iirsh Philadelphia Pa Duncan, William N Philadelphia, PH- Finocchio, Dom Vincent N Jeannette Pa. l Dunne, Francis Clarence N Chicago, Ill. Fisher, Seth Myles N Wilkes BQUQ Pa- Durkin, Martin Bernard M Washington, D. C. Fisher, William Augustus N Lykens, Pa. l Dyson, Stanley Freeman, Jr. N Pocono Pines, Pa. Fisher, William Parr M Far Rockaway, N, Y, Eagleson, William Boal, Jr. Wyncote, Pa. Fitzgerald, Thomas Edward N New York, N. Y. Eakin, John McCurdy M Mechanicsburg, Pa. Fleisler, Norman N New York, N. Y, Eash, Robert Earl N Upper Darby, Pa. Fogliani, Salvatore Thomas M Cresshill, N. J. Eberly, Byron Thomas N Lancaster, Pa. Folan, John Joseph N Maspeth, L. I., N. Y Edwards, George Ervin N Annville, Pa. Foley, Francis James N Hyattsville, Md. Edwards, Paul Wilburn, III N Baltimore, Md. Foster, William Franklin N Lancaster, Pa. Ehehalt, Caron Noll N Red Lion, Pa. Foster, William Linwood N Salem, N. J. Eiseman, Paul Clair, Jr. Latrobe, Pa. Fowler, John James, Jr. Williamstown, Pa. Eisemann, William Russell N Lock Haven, Pa. Fox, Earl LeRoy N Southampton, Pa. Eisley, Frederick Glendinning, Jr. N Palmyra, N. J. Fox, John Fergus N Springfield, Mass. Elias, Nicholas Michael Lancaster, Pa. Fox, Valerian Edmund N Toledo Ohio Ellis, Edward Thomas N Westfield, N. J. Fraebel, Robert Joseph N Newark, N. J. Emrick, Edwin Vandergrift N Harrisburg, Pa. Frake, Joseph R. Stanhope, N. J. Engle, George Richard N Philadelphia, Pa. Francos, Charles George N Lancaster, Pa. Ensminger, Paul Warner N Lancaster, Pa. Frankenfield, Carl Calvin Ephrata, Pa. Errigo, Joseph Alfred M Curwensville, Pa. Fraser, Robert William M Havre, Montana Eshleman, James Warren M Mt. Joy, Pa. Freer, Barry Sullivan N Chevy Chase, Md. Pfwfvwldph willno This important milestone in your career deserves a true-to- Iife portrait that is really YOU . . . a remembrance that you will be proud to display. You'II get iust SUCH C Pl'l0f09"UPh in our studio. Studio Zndjlonlz HAGER 8- BRO. H031 WATCHES DIAMONDS ZooIr's Iewelry Store rrrrv NORTH QUEEN sr. TROPHIES ' MEDALS PENN DAIRIES Servmg You Wrfh Ice Cream Butter Cream Look for the Name , PENSUPREME REGISTER OF STUDENTS fContinuedJ Freiberg, Alan Frey, Charles Donald Fultz, Charles Thomas Furey, Donald Thayer Fussell, Milton Howard, III Galen, Ralph .Wallace Garcia, Julio Alberto, Jr. Gardner, George Eugene Gardner, George Karl Garrett, Paul Winslow, Jr. . Gassman, William Groh Gehring, Philip Klepfer Gehron, Carl John Henry Geiger, Joseph Raymond Geis, Peter Alan Gelhard, James Peter Gerhard, Robert Calvin Gerhart, Leighton Rickenbaugh Getz, john Lewis, jr. Gibas, john Thaddeus Gilbert, Edgar A., jr. Gilchrist, David Ives Gilliland, Willard Russell Ginda, john, jr. Goebler, Edward Charles Goldman, George Goldring, Leonard David Goldsborough, Phillips Lee, III Gollam, Robert Allen Good, Donald Maurice Gorgodian, Nelson Gorman, Edwin joseph Gorman, Sylvester John, III Gormley, Joseph james Graffius, john Albert Graham, Clifford Price, jr. Graham, jack Adelbert Graham, Paul Joseph Grant, David Howard Graves, Willard Milton Greenberg, Gordon Greene, Robert George Gregg, Robert Lee Gretzler, Norton Tillotson Griel, Frank Conrad, III Grier, john james Groah, William Harlan Groh, Robert Alexander Groh, William Groner, Edward Herbert Grosse, William Maurice, Jr. Guignet, Paul Dudding Hacke, Phillip William Hager, Nathaniel Ellmaker, Jr. Hagopian, Gregory Augustus Hain, John Lewis Hambleton, Henry Moore Hampilos, George Speros Hand, Edmund Donald Hanley, Donald Clifford Hanselman, Robert Riedesel Harding, Fred Leslie, jr. Harper, William Harple, Paul Pearson Harriman, Harold Arthur Harris, John Lee Harris, Paul Black Harting, Robert Frederick Hartman, Harold Hill Hartman, William Albert Hassinger, Robert Miles Hastie, George Kimpton Hatz, jack Walker Hauser, Charles Frederick Hayes, Jerome Joseph Hayman, Robert Allen Heeney, Raymond John, Jr. f1041 N N N M N N N N N N M M M N N N M M N N N N M N M N N N M N N N N N N Z ZZZZZ Z N M N New York, N. Y. Wrightsville, Pa. Bayonne, N. J. N Woodbury, N. J. M Swarthmore, Pa. Allison Park, Pa. Teaneck, N. J. Harrisburg, Pa. Harrisburg, Pa. White Plains, N. Y. Lancaster, Pa. Carlisle, Pa. Williamsport, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Saverna Park, Md. Lancaster, Pa. ' Wyncote, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. York. Pa. Hillside, N. j. Baltimore, Md. Strafford, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. Carteret, N. J. Tuckahoe, N. Y. Brooklyn, N. Y. Lancaster, Pa. Baltimore, Md. Lebanon, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Allentown, Pa. Belleville, N. J. Philadelphia, , Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Wilkinsburg, Pa. Lewistown, Pa. Scranton, Pa. Brooklyn, N. Y. Fulton, N. Y. Valparaiso, Ind. Trenton, N. J. Newark, N. J. Lancaster, Pa. New York, N. Y. Clearfield, Pa. Myerstown, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lebanon, Pa. Trenton, N. J. New York, N. Y. Wildwood, N. J. Allentown, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Ardsley, N. Y. Harrisburg, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Altoona, Pa. Paulsboro, N. J. Binghamton, N. Y. Indiana, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. North Adams, Mass. Pittsburgh, Pa. Camp Hill, Pa. Adamstown, Pa. Reading, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Harrisburg, Pa. Upland, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Yorkville, N. Y. Bellerose, L. I., N. Y. Woodmere, L. I., N. Y. Staten Island, N. Y. I I I H H I'I Hc Ha Ha Ha Har Hou How How HHH. Hubb Huzizi H1132 Hull, I Hulrm Hmnph Hunter, Him Hydra, I Umm, I I-THE, .Ig ky! w MTA: fan.. lima he ri. is H ssffff with G- aegis . V .. " E' H". , 3-.. sn-5,323 P EMS mfg lnll9dJ Nl- Y J. . , J. Pa. J Pa. J. da. da. J' N. Y. 5 Pa, . Md. d. a. J. . Y. Y. d. a. J. Pa. Pa. a. Y. d. . Y. 3. Y. J. Y. ass. .Y- NY r Heir, Donald Herbert Helm, Richard Martin Henderson, Claude Brooks Hendricks, Robert Milton Hergenrother, Jerome Augustine Hermany, Paul Lewis Herr, Howard Franklin Herrick, Curtis James Hershey, Jay HCDIY. Hess, Eugene Franklin Hewitt, Robert Lewis Hgyen, Aloys Diedrich I-Iibbard, Joseph Lourdes Hibner, Harry Joseph, Jr. Hickey, Andrew Ignatius, Jr. Higgins, Robert Emory Hildebrand, Blair Solomon Hill, John Bowen Hinderer, George Milton Hires, William Leland Hoak, Walker Van Hochfelder, Frederick Gordon Hodgson, Robert Lewis, Jr. Holl, Joseph Adolph Holland, Bert Hollenbach, Robert Charles Hollingsworth, Gerald Edgar Hood, William Robinson Hoppes, Dean Edward Hornfeck, William Frank Horwitz, Henry Moses Hovey, Justus Allan, Jr. Howard, Frank Melvin, Jr. Howell, Aubrey Somers, Jr. Howett, Robert Leslie Hrin, Walter Francis Hubbard, Donald Cecil Huffer, Alfred Calvin, Jr. Hughes, Eugene Patrick, Jr. Hull, Robert Mann Hulton, Richard Kelso Humphreys, Richard Davidson Hunter, John Douglas Huyett, Donald Luther Hydro, William Roland Iannicelli, William James Iliff, John Edmund Ilvento, William Joseph Imler, James Egbert Isaf, Thomas Fred Issing, Donald Clifford Jackson, George Lyman Jacobs, David, Jr. James, Frank Norman Jandl, James Harriman Jardine, Charles Howard Jenkins, Thomas Rodgers, Jr. Johns, Kingston, Jr. Johnson, Robert Ernest Johnson, Walter Francis Jones, Elmer John, Jr. Jones, John Gulick Josephson, Clilford Anthony Juncosa, Robert Joseph Kahn, Charles, Jr. Kane, George Eugene Kantner, John Henry Karl, Kenneth Edwin Karmel, Saul Katz, David Katzenbach, William Alan Kauffman, George Louis Kaufman, Zane Gray Kavash, Herbert William Keen, William Henry Clay Keenan, Robert Edward Keenan, Vernon, Jr. W F5 cn lil CD P-3 Fl so O '11 CD Pi ca E Zz Pi U3 'S O 5 so C CU .5 zzgz gzzgzzggzzz ZZZ gzzzz zzgzzzzzzzgzz ZZ zzzzzzzgzzgzgzgzzgzzzzgzgg ZZ Westwood, N. J. Laurel, Del. Elizabethtown, Pa. Palmerton, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Bowmanstown, Pa Lancaster, Pa. Drexel Hill, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Elizabethtown, Pa. Scranton, Pa. Lynbrook, N. Y. Philadelphia, Pa. Brooklyn, N. Y. Chevy Chase, Md. Madison, Pa. Johnstown, Pa. Moorestown, N. J. Tionesta, Pa. Berwyn, Pa. Harrisburg, Pa. Far Rockaway, N. Y. York, Pa. Jersey City, N. J. New York, N. Y. Shamokin, Pa. Harrisburg, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Anderson, Ind. Glassport, Pa. New York, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. Reading, Pa. Bridgeport, Conn. Kirkwood, Pa. DuBois, Pa. Maumee, Ohio Boonsboro, Md. Philadelphia, Pa. Scarsdale, N. Y. Latrobe, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. Hackensack, N. J. Birdsboro, Pa. Nesquehoning, Pa. Altoona, Pa. Stanhope, N. J. Staten Island, N. Y. Meyersdale, Pa. Cortland, N. Y. Brookline, Mass. . West Collingswood, N. J. Lyndhurst, N. J. Lincoln University, Pa. Racine, Wisc. Chicago, Ill. Hagerstown, Md. Chatham, N. J. Ephrata, Pa. Belleville, N. J. Buffalo, N. Y. Sunbury, Pa. New York, N. Y. Floral Park, N. Y. Melrose Park, Pa. York, Pa. Union City, Ind. Altoona, Pa. Linden, N. J. Chicago, Ill. Brookline, Pa. Lock Haven, Pa. Etters, Pa. Lansdale, Pa. Lykens, Pa. Allentown, Pa. Vanport, Pa. gmsl When you fhmk of Muslc fhmk of 16 1 8 West Kung St LANCASTER PA REBMAN S Holiday Sfore West Kung and Wafer Sts LANCASTER PA J A Muller 81 Co 56 NORTH QUEEN ST Lancasfer's Leading Drug Sfore MEN'S WEAR SAYRES. SCHEID 8- SWEETON LANCASTER, PENNA. Kirk, Johnson 81 Co. Music House Roll Call for Victory '6When the roll is called out yonder, they'll be there"-these gallant sons of F. Sz M. From the far flung atolls of the Marshalls to the fever-infested green-hell of New Guinea-from the deso- late sands of Africa to the grim beach head of Anzio, these boys have answered their Country,s call: Many of them received their military training here under Frank- lin 81 Marshall's V-5 and V-12 programs. All of them received a training in F. 81 M. class rooms and campus that has stood them in good stead under conditions that try menis souls. WE SALUTE F. 81 M. COLLEGE AND FACULTY for their line contribution to the War EH'ort! WE SALUTE F. Sa M.'S GRADUATES AND UNDER-GRADU- ATES who have answered America's roll-call for Victory! The Hager Store A Lancaster Institution for 123 years. 11061 .:r- '- 'S s,LQ - V Q. sim wt TF If .ek ,R- .MX 'xr 1 1 i I L I2 Ii La I.: La: Ig: L25 L: la: L... 'A .,., L, LQ Lab: Lee. L:-Ji Le Le . -.-4 5..- -. If-Q. h... AUC lisp: I .,. s...-.-X, by nl -b' in L11 : LQR li-IL 1 LJQ4 Um LJKPN . v 3.-..,1 I ffl R '--4 7. .K Q NCQ: 4L"?X v xtst fijilcc .J ,qs.v. N -. Vi' n A ' "N- Ki' NNY lx N . X HK . ll ,Gull :sh L M-QL was - ll K M .. 'X 'Xu IIA, N Nw. . Pw- M W, L L ..,, I-... N 'S 'N NN RTV- . -.N i REGISTER OF STUDENTS qconranuedy 'ster, ohn Shenk film, llichard Eddy Kelley, Eugene Daniel Kellner, Martin joseph Kelly, John J0SCPh Kendig, Robert Pontz, jr. mr, John Joseph. Jr. I Kern, Donald Vincent Kidd, Donald Harold I Kindt, Robert Weaver Kinzer, Reed Walmer I Kiracofe, Arthur Hiram, jr. Kirk, Rodney Lee Kirkpatrick, john Arthur, Jr. Klein, Frederic Milton Kleppinger, Richard Kutz Kline, Richard Henry . Klingensmith, john Allan Knoblauch, Sidney George Koch, Murray Walter Kohlschreiber, Edward Henry Kramer, Morris Levan Kraus, Ernest Adolph Krebs, Stephen Orne Kreider, William Kenneth Kress, Charles Edward, Jr. Krinke, Otto Emil La Barbera, Dominic Richard Ladd, James Evans Lambertson, Henry Francis Lancaster, Edward Lee, jr. Lancaster, Lloyd Lyman Landis, James Bard Landis, Phillip Sherwood Lang, Bickford Lang, Howard Winfield, jr. LaRoe, Robert Wilbur Larsen, Charles Conrad, Jr. Lathroum, Leo Wesley Lawrence, Joseph Leslie Laynor, Roger Clinton Leasure, Kenneth Emanuel Lebo, john Edward, jr. Lee, John Robert Lerner, Seymour Levenson, Howard Leonard Levitt, Donald Melvin Lewis, Robert Glenn Lichter, Jules Lifshutz, Milton Irving Lindeman, Frank, jr. Lingg, Carroll Abner Loiink, john joseph Long, Alfred Curtis, Jr. Long, Robert William Look, Arnold Evert, jr. Loomis, Charles Hepford Loucks, Earl Welsh, jr. Loughridge, John Halsted Lower, Ralph Eugene Lowitz, William Henry Lucas, William Ludlam, George Earl Lundholm, Robert Alvar Lutz, David Edward Lutz, Robert Morris I-YIKCHS. Harry Donald LYI1Ch, john Denis I-YOU, John Wendell McCarthy, Daniel John, Jr. McCarthy, Francis Ambrose l I 4 McCormack, Charles Edward, Jr. McCormick, Seth Thomas, jr. McCorry, Robert Clyde o McDermott, Joseph Patrick, Jr. McDonald, Donald Joseph McDonald, Maurice john l , 6 T i Shippensburg, Pa, 5 i'1?.i?'ii'iSl?i.'fg' Pa' 'a 6 p 'a, Pa. O N Pine Bush, N. Y. N Bohm, Pa. t Pictures Tell Your Story Lancaster, Pa. M Philadelphia, Pa. N Staten Island, N. Y, N Winamac, Ind. N Easton, Pa. I ancaster, Pa. T RY IN Hagerstown, Md. f STO lj ' .4-E N York, Pa. ,OO H, N Efayngboro, Pa. A I I 1 -i r ' 0 ew aven, Conn. O ' 1 " .- .-.Q -, iff'--"l n N Fleetwood, Pa. . f " 5 camp Hill, Pa. fx, ' f N New Castle, Pa. 940 N Reading, Pa. - 4lNQ N York, Pa. M Narberth, Pa. N Carlisle, Pa. M Astoria, L. I., N. Y. K N Illlagerstown, Md. ancaster, Pa. Conesfo . ' E L?nCEsm, Pa' ga Photo Engraving Co. P ain eld, N. J. E E1-eeport, Y' Ben Rowbothum ancaster, a. 336 W, K' N Staten Island, N. Y. 'ng Shea' Lancaster, Pa. LANCAST . N Greensburg, Pa. ER' PA N Lancaster, Pa. York, Pa. N Jackson Heights, N. Y. Telephone 24620 N Pitcairn, Pa. ' N Westfield, N. J. N Camden, N. J. N Baltimore, Md. , Delmar, N. Y. N Elkridge, Md. N North Manchester, Ind. N Elizabethtown, Pa. M Mt. Pleasant, P. E h. Brooklyn, N. Y. very' mg N Trenton, N. J. N Chicago, Ill. For the Home in M Duke Fenter, Pa. N Brook yn, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. Fine Furniture N West Orange, N. J. Hanover, Pa. N Pittsburgh, Pa. N Cadiz, Ohio M Ashland, Pg. P Newtown quare, a N West Chester, Pa. Catiflf' ls M Phi a e p ia, a. M Williamsburg, Pa. 8 N Purchase, N. Y. N Trafford, Pa. N Camden, N. J. North Wildwood, N. J. N Carlisle, Pa. N II3IIaci'lt,i1hlSb13g,Pa. 125 East King Street N TwohRivgs, Wis. N Hers ey, a. M Brooklyn, N. Y. LANCASTER, PENNA. M Madison Lake, Minn. N Union Grove, Wis. N Ridgewood, N. J. N Bruin, Pa. M Philadelphia, Pa. N Philadelphia, Pa. M Flushing, N. Y. f107fI McGinty, John Francis McGrew, Melvin Dawes McGuigan, john Robert McIntyre, Alexander Aloysius McKelvy, William Sheldon McKiernan, Arthur james McKinley, Hubert McLarnon, john Morrison, jr. McLean, Robert john McMackin, John james McMahon, james Joseph McMurtry, Robert Roy McNally, John Peter McNamara, Francis joseph MacKenzie, Kendall Woodman Mackin, Harold james, Jr. MacNamara, David Claude Magee, jack Edmunds Maguire, Francis William Maher, john Francis Majka, Henry Matthew Malone, William Francis Manifold, Robert Edward Manning, Harry LeRoy, jr. Maressa, Joseph Marks, Carl Kline Marks, john Eberly Martin, Clarence Robert Masters, Stanley Mathews, john Stokes, Jr. Mathews, Joseph Alvin Mathieu, john Pierre, III Matthews, Donald Vincent Matuzeski, Theodore Gerald Meade, Robert Edward Meade, Roger Bruce Meisenhelder, Samuel Faust REGISTER OF STUDENTS fContinuedj ZZZZ Philadelphia, Pa. Large, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Brooklyn, N. Y. N Pittsburgh, Pa. M Astoria, N. Y. N McKees Rocks, Pa. N Sharon Hill, Pa. M Somerton, Pa. N Brockway, Pa. N Smethport, Pa. N Indianapolis, Ind. N Philadelphia, Pa. M Philadelphia, Pa. N Syracuse, N. Y. M Upper Darby, Pa. M Philadelphia, Pa. N Oil City, Pa. N New York, N. Y. M Chestnut Hill, Pa. N Philadelphia, Pa. N Brooklyn, N. Y. N Philadelphia, Pa. N Hummelstown, Pa. N Camden, N. J. Washington, D. C. Ephrata, Pa. N Red Lion, Pa. jamaica, L. I., N. Y. N Collingswood, N. J. N Huntingdon, L. I., N. Y. Atlantic City, N. J. M St. Albans, N. Y. N Pittsburgh, Pa. M Clyde, N. Y. M Saranac Lake, N. Y. York, Pa. Melcher, Thomas Joseph Menz, Norman William Merrick, john Leighton Metzger, Jack Broome Meze, Frank Robert Michael, Thomas Dickson Michaux, Alexander Ludlam, Jr. Miller, Harold Taylor Miller, james Edward Miller, joseph Henry Miller, Lawrence Miller, Newton ' Miller, Richard Lawrence Milligan, Robert Bruce Mills, John Ross Mitchell, George Schaifner Mohler, Irvin Charles, Jr. Mohn, Robert Eberly Moose, Albert Peter Morgan, Donald Pryse Morgan, Warren George Morris, Bernard Matthew, Jr. Mortland, Bradford Richmond Moses, Arthur Leon Moshos, Arthur Nicholas Moyer, Clayton Henry, jr. Moyer, Earl Stanton Moyl, Seymour Aaron Muehe, Robert Emil Mull, John William Murdock, George Baum Murphy, Bernard john Murphy, Robert james Murray, Paul Walter Muse. Lee Waters Mustin, joseph Myers, Paul Eden Philadelphia, Pa. Jersey City, N. J. Mitchel Field, L. I., Lancaster, Pa. Lebanon, Pa. Baltimore, Md. Baltimore, Md. New Paltz, N. Y. Manheim, Pa. Womelsdorf. Pa. N. Y. Far Rockaway, N. Y. Jamaica, L. I., N. Y. Harrisburg, Pa. Manasquan, N. J. Glen Cove, N. Y. Wayne, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Ephrata. Pa. Baltimore, Md. Indianapolis, Ind. Plymouth, Pa. Brooklyn, N. Y. Ventnor City, N. Jamaica. L. I., N. Lancaster, Pa. Blooming Glen, Pa. Camp Hill, Pa. New York, N. Y. Stanley, N. Y. Jeanette, Pa. Churchville, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Jenkintown, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Loch Raven, Md. Philadelphia. Pa. Lancaster, Pa. J. Y. Jim NEW CANTEEN f108j ! l 5 I-V... 31555555 ii 5555555 ? 'Si 1 al Wim 33? fi W Own Mas., We 'Hsu 'su 'Mx Pa., M1114 PM 'Ns 53. st w ' . 'im jim 7944 0 ' IS A PRODUCT FROM OUR PRESSES Rumslu AND SMITH OMPANY Fi Prm ters RQQW 109 wrsr ci-irsmur smm .J LANCASTER, PA Telephone 3 3846 REGISTER OF STUDENTS fffontinuedj Mylin, Arthur Phenegar, jr. Nace, Robert Keifer Neff. Paul Heston Neidecker, john Frederick Neiman, Robert Charles Nesbit, john Francis Xavier Newcomer Clarence Charles Newell, james joseph Newman, David Alex Nicklas, Gilbert Lee Nichols. joseph Edward Nichols, Thomas William. jr. Nolan, james Patrick I Norris. joseph Esten Norton, john Louis, jr. Norton. Royce Edwin Nyeihjohn Alfred O BUCI1, Thomas Cecil Orlidge, Arthur Eugene Otey, Earl LeRoy, jr, Overholt. Edwin Lowell Owens. William Guy Park, Boyd Nelson, II Parker, Charles Robert Parker. Daniel Safford gary. Robert Lowell Patmos, Nicholas Thomas atterson. Charles Alan Patton, Lester Scott, jr, Paul- lohn Dollar, jr, game' Jacob Myers, jr. PHFSOH, William Whildey Penrose- James Frederick. jr. Pe0Ples, Robert john efkolup, Alfred JO eph Lancaster Pa. Portland, Oregon N Annapolis, Md. M Port Clinton, Ohio N York. Pa. N Pittsfield, Mass. N Mt. joy, Pa. M Philadelphia, Pa. N Brooklyn, N. Y. N Baltimore. Md. ' N Lebanon. Pa. M New Rochelle, N. Y. M Philadelphia, Pa. N Washington, D. C. N Annapolis, Md. Royal Oak. Michigan N Brooklyn, N. Y. M Rockaway Beach, N. Y. N Parkersburg, W. Va. N Indianapolis, Ind. N Oak Park, Ill. N Lancaster, Pa. N West Grove. Pa. N Greensburg, Indiana. M janesville. Wis. N Indianapolis, Ind. Lancaster. Pa. Boston, Pa. M Aliquippa, Pa. Harrisburg. Pa. M Bala-Cynwyd, Pa. M Philadelphia. Pa. M Wynnewood. Pa. N Wilmington, Del. M Philadelphia, Pa. Perschy, john Lee Peters, Edward Hargrave Peters, Harold Earl Peterson, Lennart Alvin . Peterson Winheld Au ustine, 1 2 Peterson, William Elmer Petlow, Walter Pfeifer, Sheldon Phillips. john Preston, jr. Pierce, Forrest Seton Pitts, Charles Robert Plutt, joseph Anthony, jr. Pollack, Robert Louis Pomerantz, Richard jacques Pons, Fernando Benjamin, jr. Powell, Frank Aloysius, jr. Powell, james Reid Price, Charles Allen Pricskett, Milton Edward Probst, Robert Arthur Pronio, Vincent Aldo Proops, Richard Puchalski. Leon Peter Pumphrey, Benjamin Franklin, Quemore, William james. Jr- Lincoln Frederick jr. Ramsey, - Raubenheimer, Wallace Otto Rave William Richard Ravel, Robert Litch Redheld. james Warren Reed, james Michael Rehor, Douglas Charles Reighard. Homer LeRoy Reiley, Christopher Reilly. john Thomas, jr. L109j J jr. zz zzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzz zzzzzzz zgggg McKees Rocks, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Woodside. L. I., N. Brooklyn. N. Y. York, Pa. New York, N. Y. Philadelphia, Pa. Yonkers, N. Y. Llanerch, Pa. Hurlock. Md. Pittsburgh, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Tuckerton, N. j. Collingswood, N. j Ben Avon, Pa. Hanover, Pa. Philadelphia. Pa. Clarendon. Pa. Hershey, Pa. East Orange, N. j. Easton, Pa. Severn. Md. Camden. N. j. Reading, Pa. Cranford, N. j. New York. N. Y. Reading. Pa. Woodside, N. Y. Great Bend, Pa. Lunenburg, Mass. Martinsburg, Pa. Waterbury, Conn. Lowell, Mass. The Village Restaurant "Where folks gather for good food" ' L B HERR 8- SON Statronery and Books 46 48 West King Street LANCASTER PA Colonial Theatre "The Showplac of Lancaster' Garden Spot Motor Co Ford and Lincoln Sales and Service 450 N PRINCE ST Reinhard, Glenn Bowman Reiter, Leonard Saul Remo, William Jacque Renne, Paul Adam- Reynolds, Robert Anthony Rhoads, Kenneth Myer, Jr. Rhoads, William Schlomer Rhudy, Earl Carson Rice, Edward Luff, Jr. Rice, Jack Earl Rice, William Edward Richman, Samuel Ritter, Franklin Owens Robbins, Roy Joseph, Jr. Robinson, Eugene Clyde Robinson, John Montanye Roche, John Joseph Rock, Eugene Victor Rodgers, William George Roe Robert Eugene Roehl, John Francis, Jr. Roehner, Roland Frederick Rohland, Wayne Ellsworth Romany, Jorge Francisco Rosenberg, Herbert Howard Rosenberg, Norman Richard Roshak, Stan Gregory Roth, George Leith Roth, Robert Browning Rouch, Jon Henry Rowley, Joel Martin Rubin, Lewis Jacob Rudy, Leon Carter Rumig, Louis Joseph Rump, William Sohngen Ryan, James Matthew Ryan, William James Sacheli, Frank Sandler, Irving Sanzotto, Samuel Michael Sardo, Samuel James Sausser, William Richard Sawchak, Walter George Scanlon, Andrew Augustine, Jr. Scarazzo, Arthur Roy Scheerer, William Francis Schemm, Jack Vernon Schleuter, Stuart Donald Schmidt, John Oliver, Jr. Schmitt, Joseph Richie Schneiderman, Robert Russell Schnelli, William Jacob Schultz, Howard Lester Schultz, Walter Rawl Schumacher, Daniel Henry Schwartz, julian Arthur Scott, John Julian Scott. Sidney, Jr. Scott, Winfield Grant, Jr. Seaman, Robert Clayton Seaver, Richard Turner Seavey, William Burnett Sebest, Frank Michael Selfon, Merle Seltzer, George Schofield, Jr. Shaffer, Henry Clinton Shainline, John William Shalley, John Henry, Jr. Shand, James Randall Shapiro, Robert Donald Sheetz, Gerald Roy Sheehan, Richard Edward Shelley. John Workman Sherman, Jerome Marvin Shertzer, Daniel Haines Shetter, Harold Russell 1 0 e S ' Fred. E. Forry, Mgr. Schneider, Richard I 110 J DU E11 C5 l1l cn l-5 H DU O 'U cn 1-3 Cl U U-1 Z H tn 3 o 5. 5. S' CD E: ZZZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZZZ Z ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ! ZZZZZZZZZZ Z York, Pa. Easton, Pa. . Chicago, Ill. Pittsburgh, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Harrisburg. Pa. Harrisburg, Pa. North East, Md. Chadd's Ford Junction, Pa. Chevy Chase, Md. York, Pa. g St. Albans, N. Y. Fleetwood, Pa. Collingdale, Pa. Newark, Del. Middletown, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. Waynesboro, Pa. Harrisburg, Pa. Chicago, Ill. Erie, Pa. Baltimore, Md. Annville, Pa. San Juan, Puerto Rico Newton Center, Mass. Bronx, New York Lancaster. Pa. Somerset, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Noblesville, Ind. Flossmoor, Ill. Brooklyn, N. Y. Reading, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Drexel Hill, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Overbrook, Pa. Albion, N. Y. Philadelphia, Pa. Shamokin, Pa. Johnstown, Pa. Burgettstown, Pa. Trenton, N. J. Scotch Plains, N. J. New Castle, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. LaGrange, Ill. Baltimore, Md. Wyomissing, Pa. West Newton, Pa. Drexel Hill, Pa. New York. N. Y. Lancaster, Pa. Brooklyn, N. Y. Brooklyn, N. Y. Wilmington, Del.. New York, N. Y. Freeport, L. I., N. Y. Wilmington, Del. Crafton. Pa. Rohrerstown, Pa. Crafton, Pa. Norristown, Pa. Cliffside. N. J. Lancaster, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Oakland, Md. Norristown, Pa. Lebanon, Pa. Bayport. N. Y. Pittsburgh, Pa. Mt. Joy, Pa. Jamestown, R. I. Camp Hill, Pa. Harrisburg, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. East Berlin, Pa. S Sl Sl Sl Si Si Sil Sil Sir Sir Sle Sle Slo Slo Snr Smi Smi Smi Smi Smi' Smii Smii Smii Smit Smit Smit Smit Smyf Snot Snoh Snyd Snydr Snydf Snyde Snyde Snyde Solezt Sirens Soulia Spark. MM 5m 1 Spinal Sprowi M Srariw Stine: R Cla Sm 3 Sifbner, Swine: Q Sfrinm Slim SIZYQB' Sit. Le Mm Swain! G K K S-Mg' RLT- 1 hiding ' has x Y: .lack ia- w it GQ . gf' r L REGISTER OF STUDENTS iConrinnedj Shoemaker, William Garrett Shonk, William Henry, jr. Shrum, Robert Francis Shultis, Lester Dunlap Shultz, Alden Weston Siegenthaler, Carl Edward Sileski, Albert August Silverstein, Lawrence U Simeral, William Goodrich Sirianni, George Slepecky, Ralph Andrew Slepin, Richard Sloan, Alexander Matthew Slosberg, David Kenneth Smith, Burgess Adam Smith, Clester Wise Smith, Curtis Latham Smith, Earle Wayne, jr. Smith, George Aaron, jr. Smith, Guy Roscoe. jr. Smith. james Archer Smith. Smith, Smith, Marshall Elias, jr. Ray Thaddeus, jr. Robert Anderson Smith. Robert Gill Smith, Robert Graeme Smith, Scott McDonald Smyser, Harry Emanuel, jr. Snee, Charles Thomas Snoke, john Walter Snyder, Snyder, Allen Stanley Kenneth Ray Snyder, Lawrence Vincent, jr. Snyder, Richard Henry Snyder, Theron McClure Snyder, Thomas john Solecki joseph Anthony jr. Sorenson, Stanley Marius Soulier, William Andrae Sparks, Charles Asplin, Ill Spillane, Walter Charles Spira, Melvin Spittel, john Allen, jr. Sprowls, Richard Addison Starbecker Stanle Nathan v Y Starkweather, Blaine Frederic Stauffer, james Woodrow St. Clair, james Robert Steen, james Corbett, jr. Stehman, Walter jack Steimer. Merle Benedict Steiner, Roger jacob Steinert, Willard Lester Steinmark. Edgar George Stevens, Ross Coe Stilo, Leonard Anthony Stokes. William Moore Stolarz, Matthew Stanleigh Stoler, George William, lII Stork, Richard Charles Stouffer, Henry Clair, jr. Stover, Henry Grove Stow, Paul Markley Strahan, William Theodore Stratton, Herbert Oliver Strauss, Abraham judah Strickler, Edward Peter Stull, jack Wellington Sullivan, Allen Edmund Sullivan, Cornelius james Sutter, William David SUYdam, Frederick Henry SWHU, Reyer Oscar Swartz, Curtis Harry Sweeney, Francis james Swerdlick, Stanley Swmfek, john Edward N Towsen, Md, N Plymouth, Pa. ESTABLISHED 1770 M Pernassus, Pa, N Reading, pa- The Oldest In America gicillingswood, N. j. , a timore, Md. E lglymouth. Pa. D U T H S ronx. New York, Lancaster, Pa. Tobacco shop M Ben Avon, Pa. M f N St. Clair' Pa- anu acturers of Golden Lion Cigars gi NPN' Clsurs, Tobacco and Accessories iadel hia, Pa. , gagburg, Pa' 1 14 East King Street e Lion, Pa. N New York, N. Y. LANCASTER' PA' Pottstown Pa. N Quarryville, Pa. M Unity. Pa. ' M Lancaster, Pa. N Lancaster, Pa. N Islip, L. l., N. Y. Greenville, Pa. B' B' Co' M mgsrstown. Md. e ia, Pa. INA gloclhranton, Pa. Lumber or , Pa. , N Massillon, Ohio M"'W9fk N Lemoyne, Pa. M Qtlargtic City, N. j. oys urg. Pa. .lame , M Astoria. L. l. N. Y. 5 and charlotte sts M Philadelphia, Pa. LANCASTER, PA. Hanover, Pa. M Allentown, Pa. M Philadelphia, Pa. N Woodbridge, N. j. M Lancaster, Pa. ' M Gladwyne, Pa. N jersey City, N. j. , N Chicago, Ill. N HILLS corner SHOPPE M McKeesport, Pa. r Margate City, N. j. PI'NE AND JAMES STREETS N PlainHeld. N. j. N Lancaster. Pa. N washington. D. c. Lvncheons- M Philadelphia. Pa. , Larchmont, N. Y. D'nner5" M Duquesne. Pa. , , N Loyal, Wisconsin Fountain Service- Bayonne. N. j. M Bellevue. Pa. .lA'NE LOGAN ICE CREAM N Lancaster. Pa. N South Plainfield. N j. V Lancaster. Pa. M Wallington, N. j. N Lancaster. Pa. N Lancaster. Pa. Lancaster Pa. Shrewsbury. Pa. ' ' ' M Moofestow... N. J. , Commercial Printing House N Catonsville, Md. M Ridley Park, Pa. v Lancaster. Pa. N Lebanon, Pa. . M Freeport, Pa. M Fairfield. Conn. DIAI- 3-3303 M College Pain? L. I., N. Y N Brentwoo , a. N Lancaster, Pa. MARKET s. GRANT stains LANcAst:n, PENNA N Lancaster. Pa. N Akron, Pa. M Philadelphia. Pa. Brooklyn, N. Y. N Latrobe, Pa. rum Compliments of Cooper and Company 23 West Chestnut Streef Wholesale CIGARS TOBACCO cANoY Swope, john Howard Swoyer. George Ryan Szakalun, Lawrence Walter Takach, Robert james Taylor, Francis Charles Taylor, Harry Edwin Taylor, jack Evan Taylor. Richard Leslie Terefenke. joseph Teufen, Henry john, jr. Thatcher, Thomas Thatcher, William Port Allegany, Pa. Thomas, Howard jones, jr. Thompson, Albert Edward Thompson, jordan Thompson Thomas Bolan Thompson Wallace Miller, jr Tighe, Edwin john jr. Tillett, Frederick Douglas U. Tollin, Sydney David Tomcho, joseph Thomas Torrey. David William Townsley. Robert Kutz Trapnell, Charles Frederick Truxton, Herbert Foster Tufts, Lawrence Ayers Tulley, Clarence Devere, jr. Turgeon, Robert Turner. john Stephen Unger, William Heyl Valentine. Robert George Van Houten, Albert Francis Vatz, Robert Herschel Vink, Gordon DeWitt Vinton. Benjamin, jr. Vitale, Angelo james Voulopos, Paul Stergos Wade, Mark Walter Wagner, jacob Baynard Waite, Donald McClure Walker, William Washington Wall, john Francis Walters, George Horner Waterer, Anthony, jr. Webb, William Clayton Weicksel. jacob Arndt Weir, Robert james, jr. Weiss, Morris David Wermund, Edmund Gerald, jr. White, Robert Hamilton Wiker, Carl Arthur Williams, Frederick Charles Williams, Harold Lee Williams. Owen Wingate Williams, Philip Eugene Willis, Charles Hampton W tri cn l'l CD is rn 'FU cs H1 CD is Cl U rn Z is CD 3 O 5 S. Z Cb 5 ZZ zzzzzzg KZ ZZ' ZZ ZZ ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ZZ ZZZ ZZ gzzzzz Z Lebanon, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Colwyn, Pa. Bethlehem, Pa. Hartford. Conn. Erie, Pa. Chicago. Ill. Lansdowne. Pa. Staten Island. N. Y. North Braddock, Pa. Perkasie, Pa. Perkasie, Pa. Greensburg, Pa. Collingdale, Pa. Reading, Pa. Gardner, Mass. Ben Avon. Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Harrisburg, Pa. Chester, Pa. Freeland, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. New Holland, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Linwood, Pa. Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Floral Park, N. Y. Kingston. Pa. Shamokin, Pa. Madison, Wis. Spring Valley, N. Y. York, Pa. Waynesboro, Pa. New Castle, Del. Meyersdale, Pa. Lancaster, Pa Chatham, Pa. Reading, Pa. Dallas, Texas Lancaster, Pa. Baltimore, Md. Cobleskill. N. Y. West Chester, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Takoma Park, Md. Lancaster, Pa. Port Chester Chester, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Baltimore. Md. Wiconisco, Pa. Chevy Chase, Md. Weatherly. Pa. Hurlock, Md. .N.Y. Willis, Robert Glenwood Wilson, joseph Andrew, jr. Winik, Herbert Edward Winner, Garrett Edward Winter. Leo. jr. Winters, Albert joseph Winters, Richard Honodel Witwer, William Clifford Wolf, Donald Elmer Wolf, Howard LeMar, jr. Wolfe, Robert Knisely Wolfe, Robert Samuel Wolfe, Russell Thomas Woltjen, Roger Allison Wolverton, Benjamin Franklin Woods, Robert William Worrell, Howard Edmund, jr. Wright. Richard Witmer Wylie, joseph john Yagiello, Raymond Walter Yale, Arthur Howard Yeaworth, Irvin Shortess, jr. Yetter, Edgar Stayer, jr. Yingling, james Mahaley Young, john Andrew Young, john David Young, Robert Zebrowski, Eugene Stanley Zechman, john Odell Zeiberg, Milton Samuel Zeitler. john William Ziegler, Reynold Kimber Zimmerman. Harold Webb Zinzow, William Alan, jr. Zodda, Victor Alfred Zulick, Alan Lewis Zulick Samuel Morton Pittsburgh, Pa, Philadelphia, Pa. Pelham, N. Y, New Salem, Pa, New York, N. Y. Glen Lyon, Pa, Smithsburg, Md, Bowmansville, Pa, Passaic, N. j, Lancaster, Pa. Altoona. Pa. Baltimore. Md. Baltimore, Md. Panther, Pa. Cedar Rapids, Iowa Altoona, Pa. Staten Island, N. Y. Christiana, Pa. Westbury, N. Y. Kearny, N. j. New Haven, Conn. Philadelphia, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Hanover, Pa. Des Moines. Iowa Manheim, Pa. Washington, D. C. Camden, N. j. Elizabethville, Pa. New York, N. Y. Brooklyn, N. Y. Friedensburg, Pa. Mount joy, Pa. Caldwell. N. j. Spring Valley, N. Y. Orwigsburg, Pa. Orwigsburg, Pa. 51123 Cb o a FRIEND r I 1 1 l I i i i 'l . .. l Q I i I ......-,..-............- 3. .d, Pa. Iowa N. Y. Y. N 101111. a. Jwa J. C. Pa. Y. E. Pa. L 'N. Y. 'a. 'a. """""' """A""' q - "'-i"' """'-"'f'w1v5'!"""""""' "+""-f'r'f"l'F'5"91'w2:'.'P:vf-- mm- A .ww ,, ,.,. , . , , . . ' , A ' g n vj- k , l Q, -w., f fo. " Q, "W l ,-, ,J g 1 W A -' I, A lr' V ,I ! , I - x!!!',V',F gy, gy gr, rf W, I .7,A,w4,V,, '---A K' " A :w..x,,.-.,. . N , f ,.. ,.,, g..1:---f:' , v f, w ' if: w Q 1 A Q 1 1 I" 4 ' :Saint Q -, , ,- !,'-I-if .- ... , , .f y, 1 V, .. 'C-K ,QA W- 1'- ': -9 . Slip ,iii YI ,fy .V M Ni' A Jw, . - 1 I Puff it 'ff' -1-'Wi L' .viii llilf 1111 if fx. . , :- 1184, ,',Q,14v A , Ri .-, .mffw 4' f .il 67: in-A 1: ' n w ,

Suggestions in the Franklin and Marshall College - Oriflamme Yearbook (Lancaster, PA) collection:

Franklin and Marshall College - Oriflamme Yearbook (Lancaster, PA) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


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Franklin and Marshall College - Oriflamme Yearbook (Lancaster, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Franklin and Marshall College - Oriflamme Yearbook (Lancaster, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Franklin and Marshall College - Oriflamme Yearbook (Lancaster, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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