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' 1 .MQW mi WW a 0 449 . ' x. Nil f C5132 Oriflamme OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND NINETEEN be riflamme OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND NINETEEN PUBLISHED BY THE JUNIOR CLASS OF FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE if' VOLUME XXXV LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA 1 9 I 8 ll I TO Rrnfessur EI. aaehin Schaeffer A SCI-IOLAR AND A MAN --WE RESPECTFULLY DEDICATE THIS VOLUME oazmqmmi SWF? gsfmkfw 6lCP,,5C0kyn5' fb If wwf? md CTL.i55' GREETINGS .29 O the patrons and alumni of Franklin and Marshall College, to the men in the service, who deserve a far higher tribute than this, to our professors and instructors, schoolmates and friends who have helped to make possible this bookg and to the chance reader, who may seek a moment's pastime herein, we extend our greetings. WITH misgivings we send ourfrugal little volume into the world, hoping against hope that you may find some good therein, and trusting that you will look with tolerance upon our work, which, though it is our best, is none too good. THE happiest of our happy moments we have tried to present to you. The follies and foibles -- and the more serious side as well, though veiled in levity--of our schoolmates and companions we have tried to portray in all good faith, yet, when all is said and done, it is only the feeble attempt of a novice to make vivid scenes and incidents which would puzzle even a master hand. AN D so into the world to-day, black with war and blood- shed, comes this snow-white little volume--a harbinger, we hope, of better days to come. And to your tender mercies, reader, we entrust it, begging that, though you may find fault, you will not judge too harshly. THE STAFF 8 THE 1919 URIFLAMME Franklin College 1787 Marshall College 1806 Franklin and Marshall College 1853 J' Officers and Committees of the Board of Trustees Pmvidezzi ......................... B. F. FACKENTIIAL, JR., SC. D. Vim-Pwsidmts 'Q C. SCHA1zFF15R, D. D., LL. D. Q ............ E. H. RENINlllfR, ESQ. Sccrcmry ........... .. ..... Tl'6l1.YHI't?l' ..... A. C. KEPLER ...... JOHN A. NAUMAN .... Board of Trustees Elected by the Board XSAAC H. NV1-:AVER ......... CHARLES G. BAKER, ESQ.. . . . JAMES S1I.xNn .... ...... C1r.xRL12S .l", NIILLIER ....... I. W. B. BAUSMAN, ESQ.. . ,. VV11.1.m:x1 H. I IAGER . . . . .................... . . . . . . Nl1L'I'0N F. RARINGICR ........,............................ Elected by the Eastern Synod E1m'.xRn H. IQINGINGER .......,......................... Rlav. S. C. SEITZ, D. D.. HARRY J. SHLNK ....,..... . Col.. IlARRY C. CFREXLER. . .. S. R. ZIMMERMAN, ESQ. ...... . 'N1I.L1M1 NIQVIN APPEL, ESQ. ....... . L. S. VRLIL ............................ REV. N. C. SCIIAEFFER, D. D., LL. D. .... . .GEORGE If. MULL, A. M., LITT. D. CHARLES A. SAUIHER. . . . .LZIUCZISICIZ . . . .Lzmc:1stc1', . . . Lancaster, . . . .Lancaster .. . .Lancaster . .. .l-ill1C1lSfCl' . . . .Lancastexx . . . .LzmcnStcr, ... . .NVyncotc . . .Allentown , . .Allentown . ., ..Leb:1uon . . ..'XllCIltOWll . . . .Lzmczlstcr . . . .Lancaster . . .Pottstown . . . .Lancaster r SAMUEL P. lilElLMAN, M. D.. ........ .. ..... Lebanon JUDGE GIQQRGE ICUNKELJ LL. D. ..,..... .... I 'I:u'risburg. B. F, FACKENTIIAI., JR., SC. D .... . .... Riegclsvillc. A. H. ROTHIQRMLI., ESQ. .................................. ..... R ending, Elected by the Synod of the Potoxnac XVILLIAM. I. Z.xCIIAR1AS, ESQ. .................................. Chambersburg, J. WV. XlVE'I'ZliI., ESQ. .... . REV, A, S. W1a1315R, D, D GEORGE D. Roms, ........ ROBER'F L. MOTTER ............... Rav. CH.xRL1zS W. LIQVAN, D. D. .... . ......Czu'liSle ...,Baltimore . . . . . .A1toona, ........York, . . .Alexandria Pu Pa Pu Pa Pa Pa Pal Pa Pa Pa P11 Pa Pa Pu Pu Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa. Pa. Pa Pu Md Pa Pa Pa FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE 9 Elected by the Pittsburgh Synod WM. R. BARNHARD .................................... IJREDERICK W. BIESECKER, I-ioN. JOHN M. JAHISON. W, E. Rl5N1NGER, NVILLIAAL N. APPEL, EsQ..... Standing Committees Finance and Endowment F. W. BHQSECKER, C. F. MILLER, . . . .Gi-eensburg, Pu . . . . Somerset, Pu . . . .Gx'censburg', Pu COL, IH. C. TRENLER, I. H . WEAVER. J. W. B. BAUSMAN, JAMES SHAND, GEO. D. ROBB, C. G. BAKER, .l'l0N. N. C. SCHAEFFER, M. F. BARINGER, A. S. XKVEBER, JOHN M. JAMISON, XV. H. l'lAGER, WILLIAM N. APPEL, F. W. BIESECKER, Discipline J. W. B, BAUSMAN, HON. GEORGE KUNIQEL, J. W. VVETZEL. Instruction and Degrees C. W. LEVAN, H. RENINGER, A. H. ROTHERAIEL. Library IION. GEOROE liUNKEL, JOHN A. NAUAIAN, COL. H. C. TIQEXLISIC, Grounds and Buildings S. P. llli1LMAN, C. F. lVIILLER, S. R. ZIMMERMAN, Wilhelm Estate WVILLIAA1 N. APPEL, C. F. MH.LER, HON. N. C. SCHAEFFER, GEORGE D. Rona, A. H. ROTHERMEL, A. 1-I. ROTHERMEL, I'lON. N. C. SC1-1A1cF1flzR, JAMES SHAND, I. H. WVEAVER, W. R. BARNHART, . JOHN M. JAMISON, C. W. LEVAN. . Observatory WV. J. ZACHARIAS, VV. R. BARNHART, E. S. FRETZ, ll0BERT L. M JAMES SHAND, C. G. BrXlClfR, A. C. l.iliI'LliR, M. F. BAR1NOER, S. R. Z1MA1ERMAN, C. G. BAKER, OTTER, l I. J. SHENK. Academy J. W. B. BAUSMAN, W. H. HAGER, S. R. ZIMMERMAN, Laboratory and Museum S. P. I-lE1LMAN, R. L. NIOTTIQRI, W. J. ZACHARIAS. Gymnasium and Athletics E. S. FRETZ, W. H. HIAGER, H. J. SHENN. F. C. SEITZ, A. S. XIVEBER, F. C. SEITZ, J. W. WETZEL, A. C. ZKEPLER, JOHN A. NAUMAN, The Faculty FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE 11 H Faculty l-lnxnv l'I.xlo:.xUc.:11 gXl'l'l.lC, A. M., D. D., LL. D., President of the College: Upon the George F. Bear Foundation. Ethics. Histlleties, Philosophy of History,- 44I College Ave. Ilatflfnlesox Ii. liialzsitmcit, l'11. D., Professor of li2lti'IClllZltlCS and Physics. 445 XV. Chestnut St. tnaonon FU1.x1121t Mum., A. M.. I.l'l"l', D., Professor of the Latin Language antl Literature, ' 431 XV. James St. :7:RIt'll.XRllCtJNR.XI1Sl'llll2l7'I', A. M.. fl'11. D.. SC. D., The ll. F. l"ackenthal, Jr., Professorship of Natural Science tlliology and Geologyb. 1043 Wrheatlanrl Ave. .-Xxslamt YINITI' fl I11f:s'1'1cn, A. M., SC. D., Professor of Political and Social Science. 320 Race Ave. L'l..xn1cNc'1f: X1-:vm .ll1c1.1.1in, A. M.. Professor of the Greek Language and Literature, 230 Lancaster Ave. HI-Ililllili'l' l'lu1:1cN1-11: iiliCK, .-X. C., Professor of CilCllllStl'j' and Mineralogy, ' Lititz, Pa. ii Tlloxrxs G. .Xl-1-1.12, A. M., Professor of Matlientaties and .xStl'Ol'lUlllj', ' 237 Lancaster Ave. Il. M. I. KLEIN, ,l,'11. D.. :Xuclenried Professor of History and Arelizeology, 548 XV. James St. 'f:Resignecl. Hliecl Ifeb1'11a1'y 6th, IQIS. 12 THE 1919 ORIFLAMME VIC'1'Oll WVILLIAII DIIIPILLL, P1-I. D., Professor of Modern Languages, IOIIN N1svIN SC1'IAE1?FlER, B. L1'r'r., Ox Professor of Classics, HOWARD BRISTOL GROSII, JR., A. M., Professor of the English Language a VVILLIAM EDWIN NVIQISGIIRBIIR, PI'I. M Chemistry and German, CHARLES EDWIN KIEYERS, A. M., Professor of English and German, ROBIIRI' E. I-Lmcis, M. A., PII. D., Instructor in Biological Department, PHINIQAS WV. WVHITING, M. S., PH. D. Instructor in Biological Department, :3:AR'1'I-IUR SLAYMAIUIII I-IIIRMAN, PI-I. B Professor of Physical Education, RQADELINE J. SCIIIIIDT, Librarian. 'flu the cOuntry's service. 563 W. Walnut St ON., 25 South NV. End Ave nd Literature, 351 W. Walnut St 'r 333 Nevin St Hamilton Apartments University of Penn ! University of Penn 'Q Chi Phi Fraternity FRANKLTN AND MARSHALL- COLLEGE 13 Officers and Committees of the Faculty J' President I'IlQXRY ll.x1u:.xUrs1-1 A1'1'l.1c,, A. N., D. D., LI.. D. Secretary GEORGE FULMIQN Mum., A. M., lJl'l"1'. D. Registrar .ANSI-ILM XJVINIYI' l'lVlliS'l'lER, A. M., SC. D. On Admission Plaorlassoks N ULL, .'Xl'l'l-li AND KLEIN. On Registration and Electives PRUFIQSSURS 'lfl'lus'r1a1:, Scurxzm' AND NULL. On Athletics Plaovlzssoks, M Um, AND DIl.'l'lif.I,. On Non-Athletic Organizations Pum-'lesson SL'lllliD'I', .l'llliS'I'liR, lll2l-l.liRv, .X1'I'l,l5,, KLIQIN Guosxc, Mmmzs. ScI1,x1z1f1f1aR 914 T1-1E 1919 GRIFLAMME College Calendari p 09 1918 Senior lixannnations ...............,........ ,... - Xpril 17-20 ,lxllI1lVCl'S2ll'j' of Gtetliean Literary Society .... ...April 12 :'11miversary of Diagnothian Literary Soeety. .. ..... X pril I4 Senior Vacation Begins ..................... .... . Xpril 20 junior Oratorical Contest at S P. ll.. .. .... May 4 Baccalaureate Sunday ................... ...May 5 Aclvisory Council of Alumni at 2 P. Rl .... .... A flay 6 l"l'ZltCl'l'IlIy anrl Class Reunions ........... .... K lay 7 l.iterary Society Reunions at lO A. M. ............. .... B 'lay 7 Meeting of tl1e Alumni Association, at ll :30 A. M. .... .... N lay 7 Meeting of the Board of 'l'rustees at 2 P. Nl. ......... .... R lay 7 Meeting of the Phi Beta Kappa l:l'ZltCl'lllQ' at 7 P. Rl.. .. .... Hay 6 Phi Beta Kappa Oration at 8 P. M. ................. . .... May 6 P1'esiclent's Reception at 9:30 P. M. .................. .... K lay 4 .liighty-second Annual Conimcncement at 9:30 A. M.. .. .... May S Alumni l.lll'lCl'lC0l1 at 12:30 P. M. ................... .... 1 'lay S Senior Prom ..................... .... X lay 7 Class Banquet ....................... .. . ...May 8 Summer Vacation of 'lll1ll't60ll Weeks. lixaminations for Entrance ......... .... S eptember Q-IO Registration ..................... .... S eptember ll "Make-up" Examinations ........... .... S eptember Il First Semester Begins at IO A. M. ...September I2 Tllanksgiving Day Recess ................ .... N ov. S-Dec. 2 Christmas Vacation Begins at 12:30 P. M. ....... Dec. 20 1919 l'Make-up" l2XZll1llllZlllOl'lS .................... ...January 6 College Exercises Begin at 8:10 A. Rl. ...... January 7 Semester lixzuninations ................. .... I anuary 23-29 Second Semester Begins .......... ..... 1 Tebruary 3 xVZlSl1ll1glOl'l'S Birthday-llolimlay .... February 22 llaster Recess ....................... . . .April 17-21 Eighty-tliirtl Annual Commenceinent .. .... June II "'On account of war conditions the calendar Semester, commencing Feb.. TQIS. will he moclilied for the Second FRANKLIN AND MARSH.-XLL COLLTCGE 15 College Directory .99 Yell XYz1l1-who-wzlhl lYal1-who-wzxlll IV. and M. Xcvoniu! XY:1l1-wlm-wall! YYz1l1-who-wzxh! I". :md Xl. Xcvonia! XYz1l1-wlmo-wzlh! XY2lll-Wllil-Wlllll lf. :mel KI. Xcvonia! Colors Stzlllclzml llluc :md XYl1itc. Faculty Du. H. lol. .Xl-vm: .... .......... .... l ' rvsia'rnf. DR. lj. lf. Mum. ..... .... .S 'm'rvta1'y. l'm1lf, C. N. llI'II.l.lCR . . . ....... . . .'l'rva.mrcr. Class Deana Du. .Y Y. ll11f:s'1'1e1e ...... .... .S lC'lIf01' Hass. l'Rolf. C. N. l'l1cl.I.l-11: ..... ...... J IH1l'0l' Clclss. llilllf. DI. X. Sc11.x1':1-'1fl4:1:. . . .... Saplmnzorc C'Iu.vs. lm. ii. .l-lL'I.l- ...... ......... .... I V rcwlzmun Class. Library Nllss Xl. -I. SCIIIICIYI' .... ............. . . .... L1'lJl'lU'I'l1ll, St. Stephen's Church ll. I I. .'Xl'l'lLIi, D. IJ., Ll-. D. ....... ... .. . . .1'u.vtar. Gymnaslum Xmllulz S. l-ll':lm.xN .................... .. .Dirm'f0r. Board of Governors IDN. Y. XY. lJll'l'lil.l., J. .-X. XAYUMAN, S. R. ZmMlilu1.xNv, 17. Ii. lf.xUs'1', '19, l'1:u1f..l. N. Sn'll.xl-11-wflcla, bl. R. STINIQ, '18, S. Y. llus'l'l-:1m.xN, .-X. R. CILIQSSNIQR, '18 Student Senate R. X. Kl.lcm1x11auz, 'IS .... ................ ............ I ' rvsidvzzt , , I. R. lloN.xxl.xN, I8 .... . . . . .Sf'l'l'!'flllil'-Tl'f'tl.YIll'C'I' 16 A THE 1919 ORTF LAM ME Foot Ball H. I. M.xRs11.xLL, '19 .... ......... .... C a ptain. C. S. H1LD1anR.xND', '19, . . ......... . . .Manager Basket Ball A. G. NEILL., '18. .. ........... ........... 1 Wanager M, A. SMITH. 'IQ .... . . .Assistant Manager. T. B. GARVLY, '17 .... ............ .......... C a ptain. Base Ball J. R. STINH, '18. . . ......... .... 1 Manager. Track R. R. ELDER, '18. .. ...... .... 1 Manager. Tennis R. J. RUFF, '18 . . . . . ........... .. .Manager Green Room Club E. G. GRlElEN.XXVAl.'1'4, '18 ..................... .... P resident. C. XV. l'IULLA, '18 ........ ................ .... 1 1 fmmlgef-. Glee and Mandolin Clubs R. A. LIVINGSTON, '18 ..... ............... .... P r esrident. R. R. El.1m11, '18 ..... ............. 1 Wanager. C. W. HUl.l,V, '18 .... . ...... Glee Club Leader. R. JE'l"l'E, '18 .... .................. M cmdolin Club Leader. Student Weekly T.. C. LIGI:ITN13R., '18. .. ............... ..... I iditor-in-Chief. C. I. Rams, '18 ...... ........... .... B 1 nsiness Manager. Oriflamme M. A. SMITH., 'IQ ..... ...... . .. ..... Editor-in-Chief. H. I. MARS1-I.XI.L4, 'IQ ............................. Business Manager. Goethean Literary Society -I. I. H0F1fM1xN, '18, . . ......... '. . . ....... ........ P l'L'S'l:dC7'lf. E., G. ICLINE, '20 ..... .... I f'iee-President. H. A. RUCIII-IIEI'l', '20 .... ..... S ecretary. P. L. SM1'r11, '20 ..... ...Treasurer FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE 17 D. E. FAUST, ,IQ .. R. F. BREYER, ,zo .... J. E. PIIILLIPPI, ,2O . VV. XV. XVEAVER, 'I8. .. R. F. MIQHL, ,IQ ..... I. A. E. ZIMMERMAN, R. -T15'r'1'E, '18 ...... PAUL M. LIMmau'1'. . . GROVER C. Ylmclzlz. .. PAUL F. IQEEFER ...... Rolmm' E. P. YODIEII. .. ALISRIQD G. NEILL .... Diagnothian Literary Society Porter Scientific Society ............... Y. M. C. A. Honor Court PIICNRY I. MARSHALL ......................... JOSEPH R. STINIQ .... Inter-Organization Council Romcwr F. FORSTUISRG .... LINX C. LIGILTNER .... IRA F. ITTONAMAN .... ..... Speaker. Vice-President. . . . . Secretary. . . .Tf'c'asm'cr. . . . .Presideut. . . . Secretary. . . .Treasm'cr. . . . . . . .Presidefnh Vice-Pres'idcn'f. . . . . . Secretary. . . . Treasurer. . . . .P1'c.s'idc'1zt. . . .Secrcfary. . . . .P-rcsidcvzt. Vice-Pyrcsidmzft. . . . Secretary. . . .Treas'1u'c1'. 18 THE 1919 QRIFLANIME The Senior Class J 1918 Colors Motto Blue and Gray. Labor Omnia Vincit Yell Aristotle! XVater Hottlc! Sun Yat Sen! 1918! lf. and M. Gay-Laussac! Applejack! K. C. N.! 1918! F.. and M. Officers Prcszdenf ........ ..... lfvll'C'-PFI?-Y'l'd6'I1f ..... Secretary. . , . . 7'1'ec1.v-1w'c1' .... H ixtorian .... . . . .PAUL Nl. LIMBIZRT . . . . . .l!:R1C R. JE'l"l'E , . . .IRA F. H0N,xM.xN H. CLAY ll3UR1c11or.n1z1x . . . . . .Rolzlcmf IQUPPIN R, 1' , XXQEX .. ". ul x x. . M i ,,-,-V-AJ W ....,... yy, -9117 is Q -A W Z f f -A , x M "-' ' If '- 'Flnw W .WANAV B if-N 'J , M 5 lghiuli , , , Lhyf . .h A , -vf ,N 5 ' x. Q g 'w x "fc N FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE 19 Senior Statistics 'A' l'l1cNuY CLAY BURKHOLIJICR ......................................... Lancaster, Pa. Marshall Club: Gtetheau: Chaplain, G. L. S. C3lQ Class 'l'reasurer CU: Glee Club Aceompanist 145: Prepared ,Franklin and Marshall Academy: A. B. Course. Lancaster, Pa, Ioux Al.llliR'l' l5L7'l'LIiR .............................................. QK2: Chairman Pin Committee CIJ: Class Basket Ball Clj, Czj, C3J, CU: Captain Class Basket Ball Czbg Class Base Ball CID: Poster Committee CU, Cej 3 'Varsity Basket Ball Prepared Lancaster Iligh School: B. A. Course. Ci1.uu.rcs l:RlillliRlCK lJll.l.liR .........................,............... Lancaster, Pa, Chess Club: Prepared Lancaster Ilighg A, B. Course. Lixxms DoN1ak ............................................ Lancaster, Pa., R. D. 4. A X A: Diagnothian: Class 'l'reasurer C3: XVinner of Junior-Sophomore l-lensel Critical lissay Prize CJD: Student Senate t4l: Prepared at West Lampeter lligh School: A. B, Course. lloiilcm' R.xLfc:u limuak ...................................... South Brownsville. Pa. QKE: Porter Seientilie Society: Assistant 'l'rack Mgr. C311 Assistant Mana- !-ICI' C5166 illld Mllllilvlill Cllllb C32 3 Manager Glee and Mandolin Club C47 : Biolo- gist Foot Ball Team 437: Class Foot .Ball C135 Green Room Club l3lg Pre- pared at South Brownsville High School: B. A. Course. XV1l.Lls S'roNlcu list-nc1.MAN ................................ Lancaster, Pa., R. D. .2. Marshall Club: lintered Senior, Prepared at Millersville State Normal School: A, B. Course. Diwm Iv.xN Guaiii ................................................. Columbia, Pa. Paradise Club: College Baud CQJ, C3D: Chemist Foot Ball Team Cjjl Junior Banquet Committee C3Q g Prepared at Columbia Iligh School: A. B. Course. AI.lllER'l' RALPH Gucssxick .................................. Slianksville. Pa.. R. D. 1 Paradise Club: Gmethean: Class Banquet Committee CID: Glee Club Cel. C3l. CU: lntereollegiate Debating Team C3D: Prepared at Franklin and Marshall Academy: A. B. Course, Extr:ksoN Gui' G1uc1aN.xu'.xI.'r ........................................ Lancaster, Pa. Class Secretary Cijg Green Room Club CU, CD, C333 Vice-President Green Room Club C3J: President-elect Green Room Club C452 Student-Weekly Staff CZJ. CSD. CU: Student Senate C3D, C4J: President Student Senate tresigneclb C4J: Prepared at Franklin and Marshall Academyg A. B. Course. 20 THE 1919 ORIFLAMME Glaoata-: RC5lllCR'l'S l'lli'l'RlCli ...... ............. ..,................. . . .Birdsboro, Pa. QKEQ Diagnothian: Class Leader C151 Class Base Ball CI51 'Varsity Base Ball C251 Assistant Foot Ball Manager C352 Foot 13,l11.M,m,,ger C251 Assistflllt Business Manager of Student-Weekly C351 Biologist Foot Ball Team C351 Secretary G. L. S.: Prepared at lfraulcliu and ltlarshall Academy: B. S. Course. A. Jmncs lavm l-lo1flfM.xN .............,.............................. Halifax, Pa. Marshall Club: Goethean: Secretary G. L. S. C351 President G. L. S. C451 Student Senate C45 1 Porter Scientilic Society C45. IRA li1t.xN1cl.lN l'loN.xM.xN ..,...............,....,.... ............. I .ancaster, Pa. lfranlclin Club: Gostlhean: 'l'reasurer G. L. S. C351 President G. L. S. C353 Chess Club: Secretary Senior Class C351 Class Day Presentation Committeeg Treasurer lnter-Organization Council C451 Secretary-'l'reasurer Student Senate C451 Prepared at Lancaster High Schoolg B. S. Course. l-ltrolft lloovicu ...,..................................... ...Lancastetg Pa. Prepared at Lancaster High School: A. B. Course, CHA1u.lss XVlast.iiv Hum. .......................................... Millersville. Pa. cp K 2: Green Room Club C351 Glee Club C351 Leader Glee Club C451 Chair- man Class Banquet Committee C351 Captain Class Basket Ball Team C453 Pre- pared at Millersville High School and l5'lillersville State Normal SCllO0lI A. B. Course. Iiiuc R.XNllC5l.l'II jic'r'ric ....... , ................................... ...Lancaster. Pa. KIDKE1 Porter Seientihc Society C25. C351 C451 Treasurer Porter Scientific Society C45 1 Assistant Chemical Laboratory C35, C45 1 Banquet Committee C35 3 Seeretary-'l'reasurer of Student Senate CResigned5 C45: Prepared at Lancaster Night School: B, S. Course. Datos Ravxtoxn lililibllili ............................ ............. N lyerstown, Pa. Marshall Club: Gretheang Secretary G. L. S, C155 Class Historian C251 Ori- tlamme Staff C351 Board of Governors C451 Prepared at Bethel lligh School and Kutztown State Normal School: A, B. Course. CLAUIHQ C.xt.vlx IQISSINCIIER ..................,...................... Shamokin, Pa. Franklin Club: Goetheanz Vice-President G. L. S. C351 Glce Club Aecompanist C351 College Orchestra :Xccompanist C355 Student Senate C451 Honor Court C451 Class Banquet Committee C451 Prepared at Shamokin lligh 'Schoolg A. B. Course. Rolamp Nll'lil5l..XLiS lil.mtxllca ............................... ...New Holland, Pa. Class Secretary C255 Porter Scientific Society C451 President Student Senate C455 Prepared at Franklin and Marshall Academy: A. B. Course. FRANKUN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE 21 'l'HEoDoRIz NIILLI-IR LIQINISACI-I ......................................... Reading, Pa. QK2: Gwthean: Board of Control 113: Class Foot Ball 113, 123: Class Base Ball 1I3: Second Prize Gogthean Freshman Oratorieal Contest 1l3: Vice- President G. L. S. 123 : President G. L. S. 133 3 Scrub Foot Ball 123, 133, 143 : Assistant Basket Ball Manager 133: ,Varsity 'l'ennis 113, 1.23: Tennis Captain 133: Class Historian 133: Glee and Mandolin Clubs 1I3, 123, 133, 143: Stu- dent Senate 143: Basket Ball Manager 143: Leader Mandolin Club 143: Pre- pared at Reading High School: A. B. Course. LINN CICSSNA LIc:II'rNIcu ................................ . .......... Marysville, Pa. AXA: Gcethean: Class Foot Ball 113: Picture Committee 123: Associate News liditor of Student-Weekly 123: News Editor Student-NVeekly 133: Editor-in-Chiet' Student-NVeekly 143: liditor-in-Chief of Orillamme 133: Sec- retary lnter-Organization Council 143: Prepared at Marysville High School: A. B. Course. l.lliNRY S'rIxNI.IsY Rleklclvl' ......................................... Sellersville, Pa. QEK: Gtethean: Class ,Foot Ball 1l3, 123: Scrub Foot Ball 113, 1.23, 1-33, Class Vice-President 123: Manager Class Basket Ball Team 133: Secretary- Treasurer Chess Club 123 : Prepared at Sellersville High School: A. B. Course. Russia. Jaeous RUFIP ............,......,........................ New Oxford, Pa. AXA: Gu:tl1ean: Building CoIIIIIIittee 113, 133: Assistant Tennis Manager 133 : lntcr-Organization Council 143 : Prepared at Franklin and Marshall Acad- emy: A. B, Course. PAUL NlOYliR 1.InIIIaIz'r ..............,............................. Rebersburg, Pa. Marshall Club: Gtethean: Chaplain G. L. S. 113 : Secretary G, L. S. 113: Presi- dent G. L. S. 133: Merecrsburg Club :Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 123, 133: Y. M. C. A. President 1433 Class Track 113, 123: 'Varsity Track 123: Scrub Basket Ball 143: Class Basket Ball 143: Winner G. L. S. Sophomore Oratorical Con- test: First Orator G. L. S. Anniversary 133: Inter-Collegiate Debating Team test: Frst Orator G. L. S. Anniversary 133: lnter-Collegiate Debating 'FCIIII1 133 : Class Historian 113 : Class Poet 133 : Glee Club 123, 143 : Class President 143: Inter-Organization Council 143: Mantle Oration 133, 143: Gtethean Orator G. L. S. Anniversary 1439 Chairman lnter-Organization Dance Com- mittee 143: Prepared at Mercersburg Academy: A, B. Course. RICHARD ALVIN Ln'INI:s'I'oN ................ , .....,............. .. . .Laneaster, Pa. QK2: Goethcan: Glee and Mandolin Clubs 1l3. 1.13, 133, 143: Junior Hop Committee: Soccer Team 1I3, 123, 133: Assistant Tennis Manager 133: As- sistant Cheer Leader 133: Cheer Leader 143: Prepared at Franklin and Mar- shall Aeademy: B. S. Course. 22 THE 1919 ORTFLAMME VVALTER James MoUN'rz ............................................. Reading, Pa. QE K: Class President C153 Porter Scientilic Societyg 'Varsity Basket Ball C15, C353 Class Basket Ball CI5, C25, C353 Captain C353 Class Base Ball C153 Class Foot Ball CI5, C255 Captain Chemist Foot Ball Team C351 Prepared at Franklin and Marshall Academy: B. S. Course. ' ALFRIQH Glmcs Nlclu. .....,......................................... Elkins, W. Va. :DK xI13 Porter Scientilic Society3 Class Banquet Committee C253 Scrub Foot Ball C351 Class Vice-President C353 Student Senate C452 lnter-Organization Council C45: Scrub Foot Ball C452 Basket l-Rall Manager C453 Prepared at Kiskimentas Academy: B. S. Course. llIcNlzY KULP Omcu ............... .............. ............... E l izabethtown, Pa. Prepared at Elizabethtown College. Millersville State Normal School and University of Pennsylvania of Pennsylvania: A. B, Courscj CARL JOHN Ricics ............................ ' .................... Millersville, Pa. Paradise Club: Diagnothian: Oritlamme Stal? C353 lntcr-Collegiate Debating Team C35: College Band C35, C452 College Orchestra C355 Manager Student- Weckly C45: Reader Glee Club C452 Prepared at Millersville State Normal Schoolg A. B. Course. Romckr RUPPIN ....................................................... Akron, Pa. Franklin Club3 Gnctheang First Sergt. Military Co. A3 Alternate Inter-Col- legiate Debating Teamg Entered JLll'IlOl'Q Prepared at Akron High School and Pennsylvana Military Academyg A. B. Course. Illmux' Bucmau Scmuvrzu ..................................... Mechanicsburg, Pa. Paradise Club: Glee Club CI5, C453 Class Vice-President C153 Class Basket Ball CI53 Scrub Basket Ball C253 Class Track C153 Assistant Foot Ball Man- ager C353 Manager Class Athletics C453 Chairman Senior Dance Committee C453 Student Senate C453 Prepared at Mechanicsburg High Sehoolg A. B. Course. ARTH cu DliA'l'RlCK Smnrn. . ............................. . . . . . . . .Woodstock, Va. A X A: Dignothian: Chaplain D. L. S. C25: Treasurer ,Y, M. C. A. C353 Stu- dent Volunteers3 Fence Oration C453 Prepared at Massachusetts Academy: A B. Course. A Ioslslfu Ralflmlcl. S'r1N1c ...................................... ..Elizabethtown, Pa. Xcbz Assistant lflase Ball Manager C353 Base Ball Manager C453 Scrub Foot Ball C15, C253 Class Foot Ball C253 Student Senate C45: Senior Dance Com- mittee C-l5I Managing Editor Student-Weekly C45: Board of Governors C45: President lnter-Organization Council C453 Prepared at Franklin and Marshall Academy: A. B. Course. FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE .23 XA'1i.L1A1i'1 VVILEY Wmvlcu .......................................... Lancaster, Pa. Diagnothiang Prepared at George Scihool and .Flillliilill and Marshall Academyg A. B. Course. ' JACOB :Dl'lI'lART VVicN'1'z1c1. ................................... Stony Creek Mills, Pa. A X Ag Gtethean: Prepared at Schuylkill Seminaryg A. ll, Course. 1fAY STANLEY WITMIQR ................................................ Malta, Pa. Marshall Clubg Cane Committee C4Qj Preparetl at Dalmatia High Schoolg A. B. Course. Rox' Gkolflf WITMIQR .................,............................. Lancaster, Pa. AXA: Cieetheang Chaplain Ci. L S. Cay: Cijitie G. L. S. CSQQ Vice-President G. L. S. C355 Class Banquet Committee i353 Class Poet C232 Prepared at Lancaster lligh Schoolg A. B Course. A. liRNs1' ZIMMERMAN ............................................. Lancaster, Pa. Porter Scientihc Society C2l, 132. C49 g Secretary Porter Scientific Society C435 Social Committee Porter Scientific Society Czj, C431 Prepared at Lancaster Evening High Schoolg lfntered Special. 2-l THE 1919 ORIFLAMME Senior History .3 Ave! gl li anxious, eager-eyed youths, awaiting impatiently your feast ii ,,S,,'3' of Oritiamme literature, list unto 11'ly tale of woe! pig? "In the fall of the year 1914 two dire calamities fell . upon the world. One took the form of a great war, in- stigated by .Kaiser Willie, the other came in the shape of a sudden swarm of lusty, evil-intentioned beings, commonly known as Freshmen, rushing hither and yon in their wild search for knowledge and trouble. On, on they come, to the tune of "All Hail, the Conquer- ing Heroes Come!" The very foundations of the college were shaken by this terrible noise. ln a battle royal these fresh, unusually fresh Fresh- men vanquished the Sophomore aristocracy, drove them Hying from the Held and took upon themselves the rule of the institution. For four years has their regime been in powcrg for four years has the college been well and wisely governed. This long period of peace has been interrupted only once. ln the year 1915 QX. D. there was a revolt of a group of ultra-Freshmen, styling themselves the Class of 1919. The insurrection, not meeting with popular support, was promptly and efficiently quashed, and the Class of 1918 ruled 11'lO1'C securely and more gloriously than ever. In the year IQI7 the ranks of the class were broken and thinned to one- half their former nu1nbe1', but still the class reigns on. During this memorable period, which is now drawing to a close, many and the most important offices have been held by their representatives. Never has any party been in such complete control, and never have the aifairs of the college been so well administered. The class has been omnipresent in its activity and all the leaders have come from its ranks. And now, toward the end of this glorious reign, it labors night and day so to improve conditions that the college may be well governed even by those lesser worthics into whose hands the reins of government must passfit So says history and "history never lies."i We, the class of IQI8, tlixtract from "A Historical Resume of the Activities of the Class of I9IS.i, Ollicial documents, Vol. XXIII., pp. 96-100. 'l'Dr. H. M. 1. Klein. FRANKLlN AND MARSHALL CGLLEGE Z5 knowing that our college days are almost over, look back with just pride to the record just quoted and forward to the dictum of "Well done, good and faithful servants," which cannot but be bestowed upon us. llut to lay aside all levity, it is with a feeling of regret that we anticipate the closing of our college careers. Our old associations will soon be only memories and the fellows with whom we have labored side by side will no longer be our colleagues. Our classmates enlisted in the service of humanity, have already felt the pangs of parting, which we soon must feel. Our greetings to them and God-speed in conquering the enemy of mankind A feeling of sadness oppresses us when we anticipate the sundering of the ties which have bound us to our college, its faculty, our colleagues and to one another. As a class we partake of the gloom of the poet when he says: "Yet a few days and Thee, The all-beholding sun shall see no more In all this course." llut this feeling is relieved when we think that the spirit of the Class of IQIS will always live, and we look forward to some future time when we may once again meet in a grand reunion, when those of our Fighting brothers who have survived may join with us in talking of old times in the old spirit of fellowship. And now, members of the faculty and of the student body, we, in our last ofhcial utterance, with our fondest hopes for the future develop- ment of Franklin and Marshall, with a fond love for our Alma Mater, and with our highest regards and affections for yourselves, bid you farewell! VA L li ! THE 1919 ORIFLAM ME Junior Poem ff Facta non verba The world was full of lllgll-1Jl'CtCl1Clillg' words Four years ago: It seemed as if man's long'-lost l'aradise- Four years ago- Iflad been restored to bless with endless peace The centuries' How. Then crashed a shot through our heaven of stacked-up cards Each pretty word, A whitened sepulchre, showed forth its dead. The blithesome bird Of Song and Smiles fell fluttering' in the crash Of hopes absurd. And now the stage is set for valorous deeds To build anew , The fallen shrines of faith and hope and love. Let words be few, But let all men who speak by deeds Speak loud and true! They call us juniors, Seniors,-empty words! This day NYC.l'C one: The self-same purpose binds us all,- To sweep the Hun 'From OH the earth. Oh, comrades, tire not till The task is done! 'ul Pl' -1 1 x 1 O o,f'9r W., 749 9 pJf',L f :Qi nr 'N .nl- 1 F'-Zi" 345 as N J, .A E 'GU 'f' W! , 4 - wig- '. '3 3 ig57 3557? R pw 1g3."ff"' 'F w sax, X! y' Y fi- 'l VC-n I 4 ' q .12 r 4 ' ..-'W' K iw- ' 4 I " .t ' " " -::i ' -4 ' 5' V ' FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE 27 Junior Class of 1919 Colors Motto Brown and VVhite. Facta non Verba Yell President ...... Vice-Presidcnl Secretary ...... Treasurer . . H istorian. . . Poet ...... Chick! Zah! Zah! Ki! lie! Boom-er-ang! Bing! Hang! Iloom! XVal1! Hooray! 1919! Officers .RICILXRD WATSON BOMBERGER .. . . . . . .JUIIN L1zRoY SCIIULER . . . . . . . .GEORGE FRY LEE . . . . . .ARRAM Pla'1'1QRs FR,xN'rz . . . . . . .CARL NlULFORD TAUSIG .. .XVILLIAM DEHART VVENTZM. 28 THE 1919 ORIFLAMME Junior History J' ONE a1'e the days of pristine verdaney, gone are the days of 1 Sophomore frivolitv: the time now arrives wl1en tl1e sterner side of life is the more essential, and Xvltll tl1e vigor so , - . r 1 I . characteristic of the class of 1919 we have assumed the more 1nanly bearing and 111ore serious view of thought for which our country's crisis seen1s to call. life are no longer students alone, we are men, and like men have we answered to the call of duty and shown, not alone in the ranks of democracy at the front, but in the classroom as well, the spirit of the age. It was a beautiful September 1'l10I'l1 in the year 1915 that the Class of ,IQ was given birth on the college campus. The phrase, "Strangers in a strange land," might well explain the cause of our defeat in the annual tie-up, which was held only a few days after our registration. Yet we g'ave our antagonists a merry battle, and Illillly were tl1e physical reminders of tl1e fray which they carried away with them. llroader ex- perience and brute strength again had telling effect in the football game with our would-be instructors soon after, and although defeated by a surprisingly low score, we were tl1e moral victors in the bout. Such reverses served only to stimulate the spirit of Olll' class, a11d we came back with a vengeance. carrying olf the championship 011 the inter-class basket ball tourney, going through tl1e entire series without defeat and establishing a record for ourselves. At tl1e opening of our second year we found some familiar faces missing. X'Ve had by now settled ClOWll and were beginning to form col- legiate habits, as we were to set an example wl1ich the in-coming Fresh- man Class were to follow. Naturally they could by 110 means maintain our standard, though they tried hard to imitate. Uur second collegiate year was more or less uneventful, owing to the state of war, and with fine nobility did our choicest 1ne11 respond to the call to arms. Twenty lion-hearted brothers of the Class 'of 1919 are now in the service of their country, a11d one and all are 1naki11g excellent records for themselves and for their class. At the opening of this present year we found our numbers greatly di1ni11isl1ed, but with characteristic "never-say-die" spirit, we organized FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE Z9 again. Surrounded by seemingly insurmountable difficulties, the future looked black indeed. The question arose, "Shall we uphold tradition and publish an tlriflamme, or shall we let it go by default P" To a man the staunch ranks of the Class of 1919 responded, "Yes" From a band of green, inexperienced youths, which entered college two years ago, has arisen a class of men, scholastically and socially on a par witll any class before. Every man in the class is a scholar, and brilliant at that. Athletic- ally, we have made a name for ourselves, and few are the contests on gridiron, track or gym which did not own as their hero a 1919 man. The Junior hop, dainty, yet almost boisterous with pure enjoyment, was by far the most successful in the history of the college, and the commitee proved themselves worthy of their "steal.":if XVe have made a name for ourselves, and finally, when the Class of 1919 shall niatriculate into the school of life, we may tritely ask. and that without ewotism what better class has ever gone forth from Franklin Pc ! and Marshall? XYe have set a standard. can it be maintained? :f:Printer's error. V f 6- 1 '-"gf-'t"'8r i fag - - A, 0 , .,,,,.5,,, -. A ,A1 , f '52 I-in-fi' ' 15320 .f , xl: 'X 5' 'kf7"v1,,..-' yn. Sophomore Class FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE 31 X Sophomore Class PF l 920 Colors Green and XVhite. Yell llip! Rah! llas! Rah! ,l loom ! Ring! Rang! 1920! Iii!!! lloom! Hung! Officers Prfsidclzt .... ... .. . .. lvilfl?-Pl'C'.S'l'l1lC"lIf . . . Sec1'ctu1"v ....... Trc'asurm'... . . . . . H isforian .... Pom' ....... ..... . .. .. Nrrrli.-Un account of the illness of Mr, Downes. M1 ' Motto Ni! lDCS13CI'2ll'lll!.'llN W1Ll.1.xM S. RUIQDISR 'XRTIIUR D. tilmlzlflf ...HENRY lf. A'lX'lERS . . . !.'.xUl. I". Zllscsmalz .vlmmcs MQ. Dmvmis ..Mx'r.l1:s W. :XI.I!R!llII'l' . Zicglcr actor! :ls !1islo1'i:1n 32 THE 1919 ORIFLAMME Sophomore Class Roll B'lYLliS VVICSLEY ALRRlc:n'1'. .. NIILES NORMAN BAIR ........ REUIIIEN Hussain BARNI-lAR'l'. .. EARL VICTQJIQ BOHN ......... BYRON iXl.lEXANIllili BRANU. .. RALPH FREOERICIQ BREYER. .. PAUL NVERNER BRUSSMAN .... CLARENCE l-IOEMAN l3RUnARER... I'l0WARD AI.l.liN BUCI'llllEl'I'. .. .AXRTHUR CHARLES CALM . .. EDWIN RUSSELL lJANNl'IR. . . JAMES l2uwARn DOWNES .... . ASHTON xVAl,'l'lCR ECKl.L,7Nll .... JOHN IXIJFRICIJ .ICCRMAN ....... JAMES l:ARRl'2l.l. GARVEY.. IXRTHUR IJUNIKJRE GRAEEE. .. DAV111 XfVIl.l..XRll HARR .... . LLOYD CARl.'l'0N I-IERSHEY.. I-JONALIJ RIOORE l'lliAlllNGS.... jONA'r11.xN BIER'I'0l.Ii'l' l'lll.l.lCGAS NVILLIAM H liRUliR'1' l IOEFMAN. PAUL lfklilll-ZRICIQ Iqlililflili ...... JAMES ALIEXANIIICR KELLER .... R101-IARO H ENRY lfI.l'IlN. . . . IEARL Glilil-IART IQLINIC ..... ,HOWARD IXLBI-IR'l' KOSMAN. .. jon N GROVE K L' n N s .,.... ABRAM LEFEVRE ............. IVHENJAMIN BI-Illll.l'IR LEINRACI-1. LEWIS RICHMHNIW LUTZ ........ PAUL C.XMl'lilCI.l. AlCCLliMliNT. .. 'VVILLIAM CLIFEORU BlARllURGliR :HENRY FRANCIS Nl.YliRS, JR... GEORGE SHERER Noss ......... JOHN EI.l.SWOR'I'I'I PllIl.l.Il'l'I.. JOHN RANCIC .............. PAUL RAN' ..... , ...... ROBERT LIEIBLI-IY :RHEN ...... THOMAS XVILLIAM RHOADS. . . VJILLIAM SA MUEL ROIEIJICIK. . . .......l'lz1lifax, . . . . .l.zLncz1ste1', . . .Mt. Pleasant, . . .Lz1ncz1ster, . . .Lzmczzstcxy . . . .Bil.ltlll10l'C, . , .Womelsclo1'f. . . .Mount Joy, .. . . . . ..Lzu1czLster. Stony Creek Mills, .,..S1JI'll'lg Grove, . . . . . .Lzu1c:1stcr, .. . .CO:ltcsvillC. . . .StraslJ1.1rg, . . .Lxmcasten-, . . .ROlJesOni:l, ... . .Scllersvillt-, . . . . Penn Station, ...McAllistcrvillc, .. .Red Hill, ....S:1rlsbnryvillc, . . . . . .Sunbu1'y. ....Ccntre Hall, . . .L2lllC!lStCl', . . . .-Ioncstown, . . .C2lt2l.SIll.lCll.lZl, ...Mount Joy. ..,.,..Neffsville, Pa Pa. Pu. Pu. Pa. Mel. Pu. Pu. Pu. Pa. Pu. Pu. Pa. Pu. Pu. Pu. Pu. Pu. PR. Pu. Pu. Pu. Pu. Pa. Pa. Pu. PA. Pa. ....Cley, Pa., R. D. l. . . . . .Glen Rock, . . . .L:ltrObc, .. . .lJcnve1', .. .l.:mc:1ste1'. . . . . .L:n1c:1stcr, Pu. Pal. Pa. Pu. Pu. ...Lititz, Pa., R. O. .......LcOlu, ......Lititz. . , . .LclJz1non. . . .Rc:1n1stown, . . . .Glen Rock, Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE A 33 .ROBERT BARTIEL RUllX'. . . . . . PAUL ALF1u-:D ScH,xFFN1a1:. .. JOHN Commn Scmxnn .... jmnas WALTIQR SCHUTTIQ... ELVIN HAUPT Sun!-'Fs'r.x1.1.. .. ,PERRY LEON SMITH ....... S:nNlav SIIULTZ SMITH. .. NATHAN NVr:r.Li:R S1'uoU1'... ANDREW GEHR 'l'uuxAI. ..... Vs'1Li.iAM DIEHART WEN'rz+:i.. . . ENOS Env Wmsnan ........... W,u.I.Acl2 Bowm.xN NVmzwoon. .. AQUILLAS. LEVAN ZIQCHMAN... PAUL FRANCIS Z1 lcrzuan ..... . . . .I.zmc:1stcr, Pu. . . . .Omngevillm Pu. . . .Johnst0wn, Pu. . . . L2l.l'IC2l!-1t6l', Pa. ....,.....L:1nc:1ster, Pa. Kunklctown, Pal., R. D. l .........Litllcstown, Pu. . . . . .lilizabetly Pu. . . . . . . . . .Gl'C6l'ISblll'g', Pu. Stony Creek Mills, .T.zn1c:1ster, Pu., R. D, 6. . . . . .Sunnncytowm Pu. Pu. ...Sinking Spring. Pu. . . . . . .COilll1'IlJiZl, Pu. 3-l THE 1919 ORIFLAMME Sophomore History .5 S railroad trains irolled into the old historic station of Lan- lfgklxkff caster around Sept. 20, lQI6, bright and intelligent looking V individuals carrying suit cases and the like might have been E' seen dismounting and hustling over to the corner for a College Avenue car. Tl1is was the first step in the assem- bling of the greatest class that ever entered li. and M... the Class of 1920. L'nlike the proverbial Freshman we had neither rattles nor horns, and were far from green. XYe teemed with ambition and enthusiasm, en- thusiasm that would have made "Doug" Fairbanks look like a piker. Wie had known no masters and resolved to know none. l11 due time an organization was eifected, and we got a chance to let loose some of our long pent-up energy in the tie-up. The result of this scrap is history. XYe simply "knocked 'em cold," and crutches and canes were extremely popular for several weeks thereafter. Then came poster night. Here again our stock rose tremendously when, despite the efforts of the Lancaster police force andthe Sophomore class, we got our posters up, and the telegraph poles for miles looked as if they were on parade. So it went. Our basket ball team beat the best veteran organi- zations which our rival classes could place on the Hoor, and we easily walked away with the honor place with no defeats. Our men were active everywhere. Yarsity football, varsity basket- ball, soccer, Green Room Club, Glee Club, all came in for a share of the excellent material which 1920 offered, and our Freshman year ended in the same blaze of glory in which it had begun. ln the fall of 1917, when we again came back, quite a few of our number were missing'. XYar was already beginning to demand its toll from 1920. And where could it get better men? Although we feel their loss keenly, we are justly proud of all"our men in the SCl'ViCC of their country. These vacancies made little difference with us. The "old pep" was there and that counted a lot. i Wie had no sooner arrived than we noticed and were somewhat annoyed .by a strange looking lot of individuals, who had every appear- ance of just having escaped from their nurse. They couldn't be assigned FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL CGLLEGE 35 to any particular nationality, but looked like a cross between a prune and a Chinaman. After a few days they got exceedingly active, which re- sulted in several feeling the soft side of a railroad tie wielded by our powerful muscles, gained doing farm work the previous April and May. After being in school a few weeks they made a ludicrous attempt to put up their posters and failed miserably. ily outnumbering us three to one and after eighteen minutes of strenuous work these tai-lless "ones" man- aged to win the tic-up. Naturally they now thought they owned the col- lege. Accordingly they turned their attention to chasing "baby vampires" around the Colonial. This indiscreet action resulted in several eating their meals off of the mantelpiece for a few days. Our activities along all lilies this year have been as great. if not greater, than our Freshman year. A big snowstorm prevented us from walloping the Freshman in foot ball, so we had to be content to wait until the basket ball game, which we won handily, 29 to 25. This was accomplished in spite of the fact that the .Freshmen boasted of three varsity players. The end of the inter-class series again found us on the top of the list. XVe again placed men on all the college organizations. The varsity foot ball and basket ball teams were particularly strength- ened by our men. In short, 1920 leads them all. XVe have every reason to think that our leadership and prosperity will continue and voice itself in a better F. and lll., to which end we have dedicated our efforts. Our beloved friend, Dr. "Dickey" Schiedt. used to say, "Let your own light shine." This we have done in all things, and may our work successfully pass the censorship of public opinion. gf .f Freshman Class 1 f . W-W.-f,1,.,f . . FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE Prcxidc'11z' ....... I 'ice'-Prc.v1'df'11I ..... SE'CI'l'ftII'.X' ..... 7'l'C'CIJlH'l'7' .... I-1"istor1'a11 .... Freshman Class 1921 .X Colors Navy :mtl Stool. Officers .-....... .... . ,I X . I xu lLnlxxx1.1'l1 'Q I K' Yfll ml J .. . I I. la. NX 1-.,xx'11 . . . .N. C. 1-l.x1ex1 1 .38 THE 1919 ORTFLAMME Freshman Class HARRIS CLINTON ARNOLII ........ III-ZNRY ISRAEL fXUl.ENlIACl-I, JR... SAMUEL AUGUSTUS BASEHORE. .. CHARLES FRANIfIs BAUER .... . .RLMER CHARLES BINKI-ILE. .. JOI-IN IQEINERT BORNEAIAN .... ADAM ROYER BRENEAIAN. . . GEORGE BROWN, 213 ............ PAUL BERNARII BUCliWAl.'1'liR .... W'EIIILER ESHLEAIAN HURKHOLIIIER X-VILLIAM EIJWARII BUSIIONG, JR.. CI-IARLES JOSEPH CARROLL, JR.. .. I-IIIN H EI.LER CRAWN ........ JOHN N1AYER DECH.'XNT ........ . PAUL CLAYTON XVORST DEHAVEN... DUBOIs Dll.l.PIR ................. JUHN I-IOWARII 1isIIENsIIAIII-1... HAROLD PHARES FETTER ..... PAUL CHARLES GASI' ..... YVILLIAAI I-IAIIY GROEE. .. HAROLD LEON GROFE .......... NATI-IANII-:I. ELLAIARER HAIII-:R... NEVIN COWOER HARNER ..... . DAVIII PAUL HARNISH... GUY EIIIIAR HAR'rAIAN.... CARLTON PRICE H ERSH EY. .. RALIIH AAIIYAY l'IER'l'ZI.ER .... ERNEST IWORGAN HIESIER .... CHARLES EVANS HOSTER ...... VVILBUR LAURIN HUTCHISON... BURT ISZENNETH JONEs ...... W'ILLIAAI ROLI.IN IQHIZN ..... CERAYSON NIRIRR INZEFAUYIAIR. .. .LXRTHUR BILGICR LANIIIS... HAROLII IDAVIII LANTZ ..... . XVILLIAM FLE'rI'II ICR LU'rz ..... ,IOIIN TIIOAIAS RICGOVI-IRNV, JR.. .. EARL GI-:OROE JONAS MEST. . .. IEROAIE NIARTIN RIILLER .... HARRY I.l5FliVliR MOWRI-QR. . . .. . .l-IIIIcrIsteI', Pa ................ReIIcling, PII BlCCl'l2llliCSbl'lI'g, PII.. R. D. 5 .....SlZltil'lgl0I1, PII., R. D. 2 ...........LIIncIIsteI', PII ..........NOl'l'iStOXX'I1. PII . . . .LIIIIcIIstcr, PII., R. D. 3 .........3lOlll1t Joy, PII ...,.......LIII1c:Ister, PII ...I-3IIrevillc, PII., R. D, I . . . . . . .PlIcn1Iixville, PII .......L1lllC1lStCY, PII ....Mt. CI'2lXVf0l'd. VII ...... Hanover, PII . . .SIIlisbuI'y. PII . . . .LIIIIcIIs1cr, PII .. . . .RcIIIIIstowII, PII ...Lititz, PII., R. D, 3 .......LIIIIcIIsteI'. PII . . .SOmeI'set, PII . . . .L:IncIIster, PII . . ..L1lllCZlStCT, PII . . .Keedysville, Md . . . .LIIncIIster, PII . . .OrwigsbIIrg. PII . . .W'ellsbOrO, PII . . . .L1lI1C1lSfCl', PII . . . .LIIIIcIIstcI', PII ....LIIIIcIIsler, PII . ..HIIz1etOII, PII . . . .L2ll1CZlStCl', PII . . . . .ClIristiIIIIII, PII ....1IiclIlletowII, Md . . . PlImIIixville, PII . . . .LIIIIcIIsteI', PII ...Glen Rock, PII .. . .LIIIIcIIste1'. PII ...IXllClltOXVl'l, PII .. . . . . . . . . . . EphrIItII. PII ...LIIIIcIIstcI', PII.. R. D. 4 FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE 39 IIARRY NIULLEN, Jn. .......... ...Cl1risti:mu. Pu S'ruAR'r El.l.sw01:TH NIURPHY .... ....... Y 'ork. Pa JOHN I-l1sN1w Mussm ........ ..... I -1lll'llJCICl', Pa JXLIXIN Lllil.I.lliR NICVIN... .... Philudclplmizl. P11 I-.lnvmun jU1.1Us Rlcrc .... ,........ X 'ork, Pa PIQAIJQR ROSSMAN .............. ...Spring Mills, P11 HENRY 1X'1ClilZNTY R0'rHERx1lz1.... ..... Redding. Pa PAUL Clmwlfomm SCHEIRIQR ..... ...joncstowm Pu I.1iRox' Go11sHA1.1. Scnuclc.. ...Suurlertom Pa JOHN PAUL S1il.s.u1 ....... .... I Izurrisburg, Pa .IQHN HENRY Snfxv... .... Lancaster, Pa JOHN DUNLA1' Slulmzs... .... l.:mcz1stcr, Pu Iiuvoon CHMu.1as SMITH. . . . . .Lzmczwten-, Pu NEVIN J1cNN1N1:s SMITH. .. ...Johnstown, Pa lifuu, Iimzxs Smum. .......... ..... S l11llllfOxl,P2l .'xkl.YlN Pfwluau S'rAL7FF1iR, -In .... . . . l Ialgerstoxvuli Pu josrzvn IIHNRY S'r1zxN ....... ...Wilkes-Ban-rc, Pu RUSSEL1. W'l1.1.1.xx1 UIQICII .... ...... 1 leading, Pa I-loUs'ruN IExucRs0N W'r:,xx'laR .... .... L zmcastcr. Pa IDANIEI. VVISSLER Wnmzu... .... Mountvillc, P11 hm FREMIAN Yomzk ...... ...Alle11town. Pu. 40 THE 1919 ORIFLARIME Freshman Class History J 1f,,,v,, IS with no little trepidation that I take my pen in hand in X W the avowedly hopeless task of chronicling the brilliant f er n s' R I X , 1 I . . . . . Qyl . L25 I achievements of the Llass of IOZI. l'or what IS there in the V ,, J endless category of accomplishments to which we have not attained? .-Xnd yet I, a mere mortal, with the feeble means at my disposal, with a limited vocabulary of several hundred thousand words, presume to set down for the benefit of posterity a summary of the exploits of our class in this, its Iireshman year. llut. however vain and futile it may be, this is my sole aim and purpose. And now, gentle reader, g'ive ear to a few, a very few, modest asser- tions relative to our glorious history. In the tirst week of our existence as a class the Sophomores took it upon themselves to prescribe certain rules for our guidance. Kind of them, was it not? llut in our mag- nanimity we have forgiven them for that. .Xnd yet you may say did we not wear our Ifreshmen caps and perform other outward signs of sub- mission? True, gentle reader. llut our motive, one common to civilized man, was a sense of pity for those not so abundantly blessed as ourselves and a subsequent endeavor to humor them as far as possible without in- curring hardships upon ourselves. .Xnd this leads me to an important event in our history, the class scrap. 'llllCl'C is really nothing to tell about it. Of course, we won with the score of 32-2. The Sophomores had a round-trip ticket. 'l'heir course was a brief one. 'l'hey came in at their side and went out at ours. In fifteen minutes, like .-Xlexander the Great, we were wishing for more worlds to conquer. llo you ask where were the Sophomorcs? "They 'had folded their tents like the Arabs. And as silently stolen away. The lield and the triumph were ours. .Xnd now I am forced to admit that the Sophomores "have one over on us." They can truthfully say that we did not beat them in the inter- class football game. .lust a word of explanation lest a wrong impression be left in the reader's mind. lfrom their place of retreat the Sopho- mores beheld with sorrowful eyes the mighty strength of our football FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE 41 team, its mnnber of varsity and scrub men. Soon the wires connecting heaven and earth began to hum with doleful messages. lfr-om their seat on high Olympus the gods moved by compassion for our opponents, espoused their cause and interfered in their behalf. Thus it happened that on the appointed day the air was rent with hexangular crystals of frozen aqueous vapor, precipitated in profusion from the realms above. ln other words, it snowed. This circumstance precluded all possibilities of a game. and hence the ambiguous statement of the Sophomores. llut the greatest of our exploits has yet been untouched. The in- cidents of our history are arranged in perfect climactic order. The most brilliant remains to be related. Not so long ago the welcome news was transmitted to our venerable body that the Sophs were planning to hold their annual jubilee on such and such a night. Silently were our plans laid and swiftly were they executed. livents followed in rapid succession. The Sophomore president accepted the kind invitation of a few of our gallant .Freshmen to take an automobile ride out into the country-the garden spot of the United States. Who would not have felt honored at being favored thus? There under the watchful care of his hosts he was treated to a delightful supper and pleasantly entertained. About eight o'clock the happy party returned. Thence having been dressed in the latest fashion be declaimed in the central part -of the city to a large and appreciative audience on the glories of-the Freshmen. Wle sincerely regret that his presence was missed at the banquet. We should, perhaps, have had 'more forethought in selecting the time for entertaining our distinguished guest. lint this brings our history up to the present. The year has been one of development and triumph. ln every department of under-graduate activity we have played a prominent part. ln every phase of student life we have remained loyal to our Alma Mater. We are strengthened by a glorious past: we are invigorated by an active present: we are encouraged hy a hopeful future. Time alone will reveal our potential power. 42 THE 1919 ORIFLAMME Special Students CIIARLIQS .-XuuUsTUs .fXBlEl.lC.. H0141-: BAM: ............... Vxcrou JOHN BAl.U'l'A .......... . CuA1' VAl.r:N'rrN:c lSlNlc:.1cv.. 0T'ro JOSl'Il'H B1T'rNm: ......... CHARLIQS limvmun BuR.xs'1'oN. . . RAY ITIQHR Bomm ......... . Rolnelvr PAUL Bklccl-rr ...... W'H.l.1AA1 PENN HmN'ruN... jm'1N NVILLIAM Hmmx ...... . W1l.1,lAM 'l'Hox1As Buuxlmlclc... ,IUHN CI'1RlS'l'IAN Hucrncu. .. SAMUIQI. SMITJ-1 Clurvr ....... Iilrwmen SAMLHQI. CRos1.ANn. . . .. Wrrxuau Dklslfl-laklm 1jlFFliNIi.Xl'lllI. .. FRANK Mc1LAuum.1N Fo1:s'r1xL'Nc:. T1umAs'rH GARVI-:Y ..... . GIEURG!-I l'lvzNuv GRACE ........ L'1,AUma BUl.1.lck l'lraNn1cusuN .... R11:Ac:AN ls.xAc llncl-1 ......... Glfokmc xV.'XSl'llNG'l'0N JA AIISUN. . . Aman -IUHN .KLINIC ........... Jul-IN VlNClCN'F 1iOlII.ll.X.XS .... I.-IAVIII PAUL IfRlil'l'IiR ...... . FHA1u.las SAM1-50N l.ANms. . .. Glaoluna STI-:wAR'r McIi1N1.1cv... Gsoumc ZACHAIU.-xs AIINNICII... BYRON Iim:AR N1cum.suN .... joHN Cosrslmflf Pmc'1"rvA1.xN... VlC'flJIi ANHIQI. RA Mlluaz. . .. Griolcma llvass Rumn-is. .. CnA1u.1f:s EllWARll Rmm. .. CARL AIUIFORII 'I'Ausm. .. IRVIN CRrcsuN 'l'mmAs. .. C'HAlu.1f:s Juslcvu Tull-:R ........ IIDWARII BENJAMIN NV1cAvl-inc... MAH1.oN NV1f:Nc:lak VVICIXER .... . IJREIJICRICK V4KSHlNlllili XVORK. .. . . . lilizzlbctlnowmm, Pu ......l'l:1nove1', Pu ...ML Carmel. Pu . . .Ol'XVig'SIJlll'g. Pa . . . .C0lu111biz1, Pa .....MilIcrsville, Pu . . .VVCst Reading, Pu . . . . .L:u1c:1stex', Pal . . .L1ll1CZlStCl', Pu . . .Lzmcuster, Pu ...H:llti1mmre, Md . . . .Lchzmom Pu . . . Columbia, P11 . . . . . .Lititz. Pu .... . ..L:u1cz1stcr, Pu ...Memli:1, Pu., R. D. .2 .. . . . .Lzmcuster, Pu ...l5i11gl1mnto11, N. Y ... . . AIIIXIOXVII, P11 ...Glen Rock, P11 . . .Lzmczlstcxz Pu .........Llll1C1lStCl', Pu ...North Bl'2lfld0Ck, Pu ...........l.ititz,P:1 . . .LIIIICIISICIX Pu . . .LZXIICZISICIQ Pa ......... . . Ncffsvillc, Pu Mcyersdalc, Pu., R. D. I ........WiImington, Del Sam German. Porto Rico ,..........L:mcuste1', Pa . . . . . . . H oward, Pa ...l-:1ncz1ste1', R. D. 1 ...-Xclxuustown, Md ..'I'rcnton, N. I ..........L1lI1C1lStCl'. P11 . . . lillllliltll. Pu., R. D. 4 .........L:mc:1stcr, Pa FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE 43 Graduate Students .8 1i1.1.xs ll. U.x141a11, A, ll. 119165 ....... .. E11w1x1m1-114:N1u' 111211111511 IZ. S. 119155 .... N1-:VIN M. lllslcu, A. ll. 119145 ....... .. N11:v1N H1m',x111mC.x111., A. IE. 119085 ..... .. LEON S1'11.x1.1. 13111111 111i1.1.1a.11, A. lk. 119095 . . A1:11.x11.xm I.INCUI.N fi1Q11x1.xN, A. H. 1lQOQ5 .... .. 121511111112 NV. C,i1Q1s1a11, ju., A. U. 119125 ..... D9N.x1.11 A1:1.1-: G1z1s1c11, A. ll. 119155 ..... E.x111.1a RUss'14:1.1. H1f:111:11:11'1', A. IE. 119155 . . . AR.-x XfV11.1.1s K.x111f1fx1.xx, A. lk, 119045 .... 195151111 Inmxmzs I-.xu1f1f1a1c, A. ll. 119125 L129N.x111m Ll4:w14:1.1.YN L1c11, A. H. 119115 .. L,x11.xN MV1N1:1a11'1' Ll'II'l'lCR, A. Il. 119145. . . . AN1sUs.T.1cR9Y L11:11'1'N1a1z, A. ll. 1I15O.15. . . . . GRm'1z11 C1.1av151..xx11 Mxus, A. lk. 1 19125 . . .. 121111511111 121115111-:'1"1' MY1.1N, A. li. 119165 . . .. SAMUIQ1. Sunni Sumxs, l'1I. ll. 119155 VV1L1.1M1 A1.1.12N SUIII., A. li. 119125 ..... . R1x1.1'11 S'1'.xN1.1sY NV1i11.1z11, PII. IS. 1191.15 ... Emu, Iheuulqs Wu11'1'111x1:'1'9N, P11. IE. 119155 . 5 . l-1111caste1', ..........YOl'k .CUlNbCI'lZll1ll, . ..... I ,2lll11C1'tOl'l .SClill.S Grove .....l5cllville, . . . . . .I2z1sto11, . . .f1C1'l1l2ll1f1OXVl1 . . . . .Nanticoke .XVest Wfillow . .South liend . . . .l2111le11to11 lilizzxbethtown . . . . .Rez1ding', . . . .'l'z111eytow11, . . . .l.z1ncastcr, . . .Blarictta . . . .I.z111cz1stc1', . . . .T.:111cz1stc1', . . . .I.Z1I1CZlStCI' J Pu. , Va. Md. Pa. 3 ,lz1. 1.11. Pa. l.'.1. 1711. l':1. Pa. 13,1 K . Pa. PW Md. I Dil. Pa. Pa. I"'1 c . Pa. wrganigatinns -f ff ? , Uv,- FRANKLTN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE 47 I I Chl Phl Founded at Princeton L'niversity, 1824. of Colors Fraternity Organ Scarlet and Blue. Chalklett. Alpha . ......... .... L 'niversity of Virginia ........................ 1859 Beta . .... Massachusetts Institute of Technology.. .....l8Ql Gzunma . . .... Emory College ..................... 1869 Delta . .. .... Rutgers College .............. 1867 lipsilon . . .... Hampden Sidney College ....... 1867 Zeta . .... Franklin and Marshall College 1854 lata . .. .... University of Georgia ........... 1868 Theta . .. .... Rensselaer Polytechnic lnstitute 1878 Iota . .... University of Ohio .............. 1883 Lamhcla . .... University of California ......... 1875 Mu . .... .... S tevens Institute of Technology 1883 Nu . .. .... University of Texas .........,.. 1892 Xi . ...... .... C ornell University ............ 1868 Omicron . .. .... Yale University 1877 Rho . ...... .... L afayette College .... 1874 Phi . .. .... Amherst College .... 1873 Chi . .. .... Dartmouth College ......... 190.2 Psi . .... .... l .ehigh University ............ IS72 Omega . .. .... Georgia School of Technology IQO4 Alpha-Chi .... Ohio WVesleyan University .... 1911 Sigma . .. .... University of Illinois ..... 1912 Kappa . .. .... University of Wisconsin lQl6 Alumni Chapters Aleph . .. .... Baltimore . ..... ISSO Beth . .... New York City .. 1881 Gimel . .. .... Louisville . 1883 He . .... ...,. A tlanta . ..... 1882 Daleth . .. .... Philadelphia . .. 1883 Van . .... XVashington . .. 1883 Tl-I 13 1919 OR! FL.-X M M li Chi Phi Zeta Chapter, 1854 .3 Founders jus:-:ml lluxlev llumzs, XYll.l.l.XAl l.1-:.ul.xx, CALVIN M. Duxmx, .'XlIliL'S'I'llS Jnlras Covlan, jonx :XL'l.'l', jlcm-:m.xH Muuox Mxcuucx' :xl.FRl'IIJ lilcxbmxxlx Scmx'.xN'rz, XYl1.l.l.xxl SIIICARICR S'1'1aNmf1c. Fratres in Urbe Ilux. ,-Xxlaux ll, I'l.xssl.14:u, l1l4:'r.x, 'I'm-:mnuua II. .Xl-mal.. M. ll.. Gnovlc l.oCx-nik, I". S. S'rL',xu'1',J1:., Psi, C. Riel-:sr-: Ii.xnx', lisgg., J. l':llXY.XRll UlltllPIil.I., Ia. R, Annu, M. DAYIIISON, llowmn J. l.l7XYlCI.I., lisgg.. Ronlf:R'l' I. lixux Ns, GIQORHIQ M. lluuvlcu, M. D jxmis IQICNU l.m'1H-ik, Cncolual-1 5. I'R.XNIil.lN, PN, Il0R.Xl'I-I C. lxlxzl-zu, M. U., M.xu'rlN S. l'l.xm', joux A. l'Ill'l'r.lf:, I'.sg3,, .bXl.1.l-:N ll. XX.x1,1..wl-:, 7. '..., J. 1Rl'.ll. Slukl-.Ix, lJux.xl.n M. MYLIN, K. Dlavux jon xsux, I IC. lf. MYLIN, ,lull-.5 L. l.1-..xxl.xx, ,IUIIN II. lixxxxs, I-IL'c:u lf, Mc'f.i1:.xNx, Svxnxrau V. llos'rl-:lm.xN, lis I'I1f:Nl:x' XX. IlleL7l:.xl4l-Ile, NV. XYILSON lllilxrrsn, F. C. SL'll.xl-zlflfm, hV.Xl.'I'I-IR C. Zm KI lzmmx, W. linwrx Klalslfx-zu, C. ii. hY.X'l"l'. ID. XY. M,xusu.xl.l.,'l'H1':'1'.x, l'.xL'1.'l-:l.:,. .Xl:'1'uL'u Mvmx, .Xiu xl Z. Momma, .'Xu'1'ru'1: S. III-zluux, FRANKLIN AND MARSH.-XLL CGLLEGE ' 49 Fratrea in F acultate .-XRT1-1U1z S. l-I1s1m.xN, Fratres in Academia 1918. Joslsvu R.x1fH,x1c1. STINE, 1920. Joux CQNRAU Sc111111J. 19.21. JOHN DUNLA11 SK1L1:s, I l'lA11o1.n D.wm LANTZ, NVILBER LAURIN Hurcmxsux, HMQR1' EL1.swoR'rH MULLEN, JR., . N1sv1N J1sNN1N1:s S111T11. Q54- I X. Hx, fir frzigg ' E' Q-1 Y' 24- -I ll ...... X 'gb W .QQ M wi MMQ 1 Hb A. I llliqhl lYuhl. 1 nw, .q.,,.1..f.-,. 1 , , . . ER.-XNIQLIN ANI? MARSHALL COLLEGE 51 V I I Phi Kappa Slgma .X Ifountlecl at L'niversity of Pennsylvania, ISSO. Colors Fraternity Organ Black and Old Golcl. The Phi Kappa Sigma News l.etter. Chapter Roll .Xlpha , .. .... L'niversity of lJCllllSj'll'1lIllZl ........ .... I S50 Delta . .. .... lVashington and ,lellersnn College .. .... IS54 Iipsilon . . .... Dickinson College ................ .... I 854 Zeta . . .... Iiranklin and Marshall College .. .... IS54 Eta . .. .... L'nix'ersity of Virginia ........ .... I S55 Iota , . .... Columbia University .. .... 1858 Mu . .. .... Tulane University .... .... I 858 Rho , ,. .... L'niversity of Illinois .... .... I 89.2 'I'au . .... .... I ianclolph-Macon College .... IS7: Epsilon . . .... Northwestern L'niversity .... IS7: Phi . .... .... I Richmond College ......... .... I S73 Psi . ......... .... I Jennsylvania State College ...... .... I 890 Alplla-Alpha . .... lYZlSlllllg'lUll aucl Lee University .... IS94 .-Xlpha-Gamma .... L'niversity of West Virginia ..... .... I 896 Alpha-Delta . .. .... L'niversity of Maine ............ .... I S94 :Xlph I-Epsilon . .. ..... -X rumour Institute of Teellnology ... ... .1898 .-Xlpha-Zeta . .. .... L'niversity of Maryland ....... .... I S90 Alpha-Tlleta . .... University of Wisconsin .. .... IQOI Alpha-Iota . '.. .... Vanclerhilt University ... . . . . 190.2 Alpha-Kappa . .... L'nirersity of Jxlllllillllil . . . . . . . IQO3 Alpha-Lamhrla .... L'niversity of California ............... .... I 903 Alpha-Mu , .. .... Massachusetts Institute of Technology ....l903 Alpha-Nu . . .lleorgia Institute of Teellnology ........ .... I 904 Alpha-Xi . ..... .... I Durclne University ............ ... 1905 Alpha-Oniicron .... L'niversity of Michigan .. .... I905 Alpha-Pi . .... .... L 'niversity of Chicago . . . ... . IQOG Alpha-Rho . .. .... Cornell University ....... .,.. I 9II Alpha-Sigma . .... L'niversity of Minnesom ,,,,,,,,,,, .,,, I 915 .-Xlpha-Tau . .. .... l,elanIl Stanford junior L'niversity .... .... I 915 Alumni Chapters Pliilaclelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Riclnnoncl. llaltinxore. Evanston. Chicago. New Orleans. Detroit. New York, Southern California, San Francisco, Atlanta. THE 1919 ORIFLAMME Zeta Chapter Institutecl October 16, 1854. JOHN M. Rum, AIARK IQERNS, W11.L1.xM .-X. DUNCAN, 11.1.xx1 F. RlcNs'r121N, GRO, W. SILVIS, L'Rl.XII SANDT. ' Resident Members HON. CHM 1. L.xNms. CLARENCE O. I..1CII'1'Y-, NVM. H. K1-:L1.1':R, ESQ., BENJAMIN C. A'rI.1zE, ESQ., XVM. H. TIAGER, ALLIQN A. HERR, C. E., A1.maRT B. STr:1OuaRw.xLT, JOHN RENGIICR, IIERMAN D. Dnam., 'DAVIS D, DIETRICH, JOHN F. K1aLI.ER, ARTHUR B. DODGE, DTXNIIQI. C. LRF1ax'1aR1s, JOHN S. RENGIER, EDWARD T. HAOER, lfIERmaRT N. BRENEMAN, BIIELVIN P. MILLIQR, 1'lENRY B. COCHRANV, HON. EUOHNI: G. SMITH, ALFR1-:IJ H. IQAUMAN, JAMES F. MAOEE, ROBERT XV. STIEIGERWALT, Fr:RD1N.'xN rm H1-:lN1c, ROBERT L. GERHART, RALPH W. CUMMINGSI, CHARLES li. N1c'rscH12R, M. D.. JOHN S. COCHRAN, LEXVIS B. SPRECHIQR, JAMES T. LANE, JOHN C. I-l.xO1aR, JR., Jfxxuas F. Sums, ROLAND S. STYERV, CARL N. NRTSCHER, 12.-nu. B. GROSH. FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE. 53 Members in Faculty VICTOR WILLIAM D1PPELL, PH. D., THEODORE FREDERICK HERMAN, SEM. ROBERT J. PILGRAM, SEM. College 1918. GEORGE R, HETRICIC, JOHN A, BUTLER, CHARLES W. l'lULL, JOHN C. BUCHER, ABNER E. HENRY, JOHN C. PRETTYMAN, REUBEN H. BARN HART, 1919. 1920. RICHARD W. L1v1NcsTON, ROBERT R. ELDER, ERIC R. JETTE. GERALD D. GISE, ROBERT E, P. YODER. PAUL C. MCCLEMENT, JOHN RANCK. - JAMES F. GARVEY. WILLIAM P. BRINTON, NATHANIEL E. HAGER, B. KENNETH JONES, 1921. IRA F. C. YODER, CI-1ARI.Es E. Rona, JOHN P. SELSAM. X D.D A. 'fer W1 11 1 QW f EA .. E-.rg Q w mvmiw Hun H u N K 1 FQ, -H- if .Xu wg If .- ,, . A ..-. XM . - h 1.,,.- ,.,, , , , .' .' I . .' if Islsgw' 'sa' ,a:,::'1s,'se's' we '1 I I' if EE EE"EE"E ' WEE: gl. -H :e I 1-wasa Fx' - 11 'liiffg -"Q -' -' I I H N' -'K ,. ' 7 :' .f : ',T':',x, -' f : 3:33-sigsgzf. -' Q , ..... . . .. ' -' ' -F? 1' -24 .' : :m f M : ixf' ' ' ' ' 1 v :E'1EE.E:v':" -A55 L' -'- - U. I. A. ,N Q 1 ..1x:. l, . W, ff! ff -.' ,Q X,-:Q ,2fMl'Jlq - " M . wwf, Q.. ,iw Ay. , . FV I '.A . :M tam fun ,ml I: vw r FRANIQLIN .1-XNIJ Xl:XRSlrlALL COLLEGE 55 Color s i.,IlVCl1llCl' and Pink. Phi Kappa Psi l'1111111lecl at ,lL'ffCl'Fllll College. 1852. .29 Fraternity Organ "The Shield." Yell High! High! I I1gl1l Phi Kappa Psi! l.i1'e ever! Die never! Phi lillllllll Psi! Active Chapters and Alumni Associations New llampsliire--.-Xlpli New N ew N e w N ew Klassaeliusetts-.-Xlpha Rhmle lslaiicl-.AXl11l1:1 Yo1'k-:Xlplm . . . Yorke- lleta Yo1'k-Ci:1111111:1 .. Yfwlc-lfpsilimii . llosioii, Blass P1'o1'i1le11ee, l l l:11'1"11'cl. Yale l"Cll!'ISylY1llllIl l',CllllSj'lX'1llll1l PCllllSj'lVZllll2l l,Cl'lllSX'ylIll'llil l7CllllSj'lN'illllZl l7Cl1llSj'lX'Zllll1l PCllllSylX'2llllZl l'e1111sylx':111i:1 fillllllllll lfpsilzm Zeta .. lita Theta . Iota .. Kziiipa l.ZlllllJtl1l KI:11'yl:111cl-.fXJ11l1:1 .... wrlfgllllll-iAlDl'lZl .. Vi1'gi11i:1-lleta v 1l...... x. l. DISTRICT' l. lJ2ll'llllLllllll College .. .... 18911 ....'XlllllCl'Fl College .. .. M1895 ...l'il'0XX'll L'lllX'L'l'Sltj' .. .... I903 ...C111'11ell L'11i1'e1'sit1' . .... 1809 .. .Syraeiise L711i1'e1'sity .. .... 188-1 ...clllllllllilil lllllX'Cl'I'iltj' .. .... 1872 ...Cwlgate L'11i1'e1'sfty .. .... Alumni Associations I New York City, N. Y. Syracuse. N. Y. I Alumni Clubs Jxlllillly. N. Y. lilllglllllllllllll, N. Y. DISTRICT ll. ....lillClillCll L'11i1'e1'sity ., ,... . . ,. l"e1111s5'l1':111i:1 Cullege . ....... .... ....l7lClilllSllll College ....l:l'1llllilll'l :111cl Xlarsliall College .. .... ....l.:11:1yetteCollege ....L'11i1'e1'si1y of Pe1111syl1':111i:1 ... ... .. . .SW1ll'lllllll1l'L' College ........ ... l"6llZlSj'lX'1llllZl State College .. .... .....lllllllS Iwloplciiis Uiiiversity .. .... .... l'l1lYCl'Flfj' of Virginia ........... .... XY1lSllll1U'l0!l :1:1cl Lee L711i1'C1'sity ... .... 18S7 1855 1855 1859 lS6O 1869 .1877 1389 191.2 13711 1853 1855 56 THE 1919 ORIFLAMME Philadelphia, Pa. Sunbury, Pa. Jacksonville, Fla. Pennsylvania-Alpha . Pennsylvania-Beta .... . XfVest Virginia-Alpha ..... Oh io-Alpha .......... . Ohio-Beta ... -.... . Ohio-Delta .... . Ohio-lipsilon .... . Johnstown. Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. Springfield, O. Uniontown, Pa. Fairmont, XV. Va. Michigan-Alpha . . . . . . Indiana-Alpha .. . . . .. lncliana -Beta Indiana-Delta . . . . . . . 'Illinois-Alpha . . . . . . . Illinois-Beta ... .... Illinois-Delta ....... .... Tennessee-Delta . . . . . xVlFCOllSlll-Allillll .. . .. .. XVisconsin-Gannna .... .... Minnesota- Detroit, Mich. Anderson, Ind. Indianapolis, Ind. Marion, Ind. Blooniington, Ind. Chicago, Ill. Beta .... .... Alumni Associations Lancaster, Pa. XVashington, D. C. Baltimore, Md. Alumni Clubs Birmingham, Ala. DISTRICT III. W'ashington and jefferso Allegheny College ..... 7 ll est Virginia University Ohio lVestcrn University XVittenberg lfniversity . Ohio State University . Case School of Applied Alumni Associations ll College Seicnce.... Cincinnati. O. Cleveland, O. Columbus. O. Newark. O. Toledo, O. ' DISTRICT IV. University of Michigan De Paw University . . .. indiana University .... . Purdue University .... . Northxvestern University University of Chicago.. University of Illinois .Vanderbilt University .. University of VVisconsin Beloit College ......... Universty of Minnesota Alumni Associations Springfield,l Ill. Peoria, lll. Memphis, Tenn. Milwaukee, Wis, Minneapolis. Minn. Dulutl Alumni Club Edgar County Ill. 1, Minn. 1852 .1855 1890 .1861 1866 1 880 1906 1816 1865 1869 1901 1864 1865 I904 1901 I375 1881 1888 FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE 57 Iowa--Alplla . . Iowa-Beta ..,... Missouri--,'Xlpha . . . 'l'cxas-Alpha . . . Kansas-Alplia .... Nebraska-Alplia . . Cfoloraclo-Alpha ..... XVashington-Alpha . . . California-Beta .... C"alifomia-Gamlna. . .. Kansas. Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Tacoina, XVIISII. Omaha, Nelm. Denver. Colo. DISTRICT V. L.'l1lVCl'Silj' of Iowa .... Iowa State College ...,. L'nive1'sity of Missouri .... L'l'IlX'Cl'Sll1j' of Texas .... lfnivcrsity of Kansas l.'nix'c1'sity of Nebraska L'niversity of Colorado ..... LiIllYCl'Slty of W'ashington ...... Leland Stanford, Jr., University .. L'nivc1'sity of California ....... Alumni Associations Los Angeles. Cal. Salt Lake City, Utah. Portland, Ore. Seattle, Wash. Spokane, VVasl1. San Francisco, Cal. ?P 1867 1867 1869 i904 1876 1895 1914 1914 1891 1899 58 'VH 13 1919 ORIFL.:XRlM1.f Pennsylvania Eta Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi lfoumlcml :lt l'ql'1llllillI1 :md hlill'Sl1Illl in INUO. Hux. A. L.. liIilNUl'lll Du, J.xmlz U 1 r . R' Founders ., Rlav. ID. C. Sn'uxx'.x14'1'z, D. D., . KNIVI' lmaN.xl-:L's SIl.Xl.'I'liR, ling., Nr-zv. J. C.. hmx xnxx, IJ IJ Jusl-:vu Ii. lkmvx. Fl. INN, mm W. .xI'l'IiI,, I'.sgg,, J. lI.xmn.n Wu'1u4:lzs1l.xm, Wll.l.l.xxl I. Hum wx, Fw XX'll.l.I.XAl X. .-Xvvl-.1., Iam., lV1'xwc'l4 I7 If 9m'lfmm'l11fle x., xV.XI.'I'l-IR S. XVl':1.1'll.x Ns. Clms. T. XV li. Il.xm-Zu, 1l.suN llumzs Illcxm' II. .'XI'I', IJ. IJ., CIIAS Su D'I"I' , . l':NIURY Lum W. HA li 1-114. 'y Nl':w'rux Ia, liI'l'Zl'IR, .Xl. D.. v Rl-iv.Il.Il.W.lll1:r.ux1.xx,IJ.IJ, Local Alumni W. KI. l',UR'l'l'fNlfIIil.ll, JR., J. lI,xmn.n S'r1c1N, Ilmmv Ii, HRIQNNIQR, l.1cx'l R. llllli, I'.xl71. R. Soumilx, Il, Jeux Illmllsxz, Ii. G. STI-ZIN, Xl. D., lfIiNNIi'l'II lf. .'XI'I'IiI., P. l'iRANIi Snoclc, lilwrlfs R. Cimnm-:N, xYII,I.l.XRl Xl. l'l1:L'n.x141c1c, R1c'll.xluv KI. S'l'UK'K'I'UN, Jeux II. Ii1sslNc:1sl:,J1c., J. W. I-Suuwx, R1-iv, R, I.. Clnxluq, Ihr. llxxll-11. l"1.lcls111-ik, jeux S. fi.xL:1:r, jeux R. llmxlxllcn, P. l.1aux.xm1 I-1:.l.x1.x1uau, Cilcumzx-3 Gluc1s'1', Wu.l.1.xM S. R.-xun, W. .-X. Ill-zrrsifiu, JHSIil'll W. Rlcllxlws, Cxus. L. Ml1.1.1cR, 'l'u.r:llx1.xx S. Illcluc, I'l, li.XRl.l-I lJIfll.XVliN, Klvxmx W. Juxlcs, JIHIN A. X.Xl'Rl.XN, lzsu Kim' I., l7llf1flcNl:.xl'c:ll, JAAHCS A. SMITH, CIIAS. G, l!.xl4l-in, ling., ILIQNJ, W. SHAUIZ, fllCUR1il'1 T. ll.XNlIlRIGl-l'l', CIIAS, M. Kllfsslcxe, fi. JXNIIRICW lfle.xN'rz, I'.x1'1. G, KI1'mc.u', lflmvmalu L. lislll-:1.m.xN, Jmlx I..XV.xRF1c1,, W. 'I'. Nl4':Xl.I.IS'1'l'IR., S. R. Zulxllclemxxp, Iisqy., Il.'x1uw l., RAL'n:,J1e.. ID, II. lfluxrz, 'l'. RllIlliR'l'S :Xl'l'lil., ESQ., PAL71. Ii. liv.xNs, Il. W. l.l7'l"I'l-INlllililil-IR. Members in Faculty l'I1cNlw llANIl.'XlI1ili -X1-1', 17. lb., Jmlx C.u.x'lx l'iHWAI.XN, D. D., SEM Members in Seminary CLAIUQ NX". 1ilc1.l.1-:1c, Penn., lipsilon Active Chapter IQ I 8. :X1.1f1:14:1n G. Nmu.. XV, ll..Klcnu4:1mL's1-:, M. D FRANKLIN .-XXII MARSHALL COLLEGE 59 1919, llxxrlcl. M, Sc:-1.xIf1fx1a1:, lhcxm' J. MAxesH,xI.I., .-Xlzluxl P. Fr:.xN'rz, Dxvm li. F.-xUs'r, RIUHARII W. Hmllsl-lxnlxn, 1920. 'XNIIRIEW G. Tuuxxl., R1c'll.x1un H. IQLIEIN P.-wx, A. SCIIAFFNIER, C11.xm.1zs J. 'l'1urcR, jmllcs XV. SClIUT'I'l' PAUL F. Zr1zuI.1aR. 1921, jonx T. NcGux'nc1eN, jk., C.XRI.Ii'I'HN P. Iflrxeinlzv, li1m'.xun J. RICE, Clus. 15, lIos'rli1:, joux A. KLINIE JOHN Il. MUSSER BS9f!'Ja:iK,.-!5l14- gg! NIQS' I K o V5 . Qi A K FR.-XN1iLlN AND MARS.lfl.-XLL COLLEGE 61 Phi Sigma Kappa Founded at Massachusetts Agricultural College, 1873. ,st Colors Fraternity Organ Magenta and Silver. "Tl1C Signet." Chapter Roll Alpha . . ........ Xl1lSS1lCllllSClIS Agricultural College, Bum , ,, , ...Union University. Gamma . .. ...Cornell University. Delta , .. ...University of lVest Virginia. Epsilon . .. ...Yale University. Zeta . ...College of the City of New York. Eta . . ., ...University of Maryland. Theta , . ...Columbia University. Iota , ,, ...Stevens Institute of Technology. Ifglppgl , . ...Pennsylvania State College. Lglmbflgl . U ...George hV1lSlllllgtOll University. Mu . Nu . Xi . .... . Omicron , Pi . .... . Rho . .. Sigma . . Tau . . . . Upsilon . .. Phi . .... Chi . . Psi . Omega . ...... , Alpha-Deuteron . . Beta-Deuteron , . . . Gamma-Deuteron Delta-Deuteron . Epsilon-Deuteron Zeta-Deuteron . Eta-Deuteron . , New York Boston, Chicago, Albany. . . .University of Pennsylvania. . . .Lehigh University. ...St. Lawrence University. .. .Massachusetts Institute of Technology ...liranklin and Marshall College. ...Qut-en's University. Q . ..St. John's College. . . . Dartniontli College. . . .Brown University. . . .Swarthmore College. ...hVllllIll1'IS College. ...University of Virginia. ...University of California. ...University of Illinois. ...University of Minnesota. . . . Iowa State College. ...University of Michigan. ...Worcester Polyclinic lnsttute. ... University of lVisconsin. ..........L'niversity of Nevada. Alumni Chapters New Haven, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, XVashington, Philadelphia, Morgantown. Seattle. 69 THE 1919 ORIFLANIME I. I-IocH. S. C1+11z1sTM1xN, C. O1'1.1Nc11s11, S. Y1:.xG1c1z, M, I-I1-:.x111Nc:s, W. H 111111, J. A L'1.1cx11.xc11, Pi Chapter T11stit11ted April 18, IQO3. .8 1918. 1919 1920. 19:1 Ii. RU111i11o1.1m1zu, M. Fo11sT1s1:1:G, I". S. C11os1..xx1J, G. S 11.1 A1 1:11 UGH B. SHA x11s.xUc:H, , A. Kos NI AN. I-I. B11L'11.x1c1cR. L. lX'low1:1c11, . L. GROFF. .7 "" ' 'F W .I v fx . ' " Q A . 5 I N -HW X Ag J M wi W1 '- I -Qu ,t W VW 'fy 324' s it 1 V, ass 3 , 1 7 1 I' 4- 1 1 W: li Furs' MN Jw yu 'f Na I QW ' -WN I E L 1 nf QA ,I I my W, 02? 9 hx , 0 rx, J ,CNR U ,X my I H MW if fm 'WL' L n,.v-..n,.- ,V A 4, H.: x U Mr... .Hu-ru V FRANKLIN AND MARSIWIALL COLLEGE 65 Lambda Chi Alpha Founded at Boston University, IQOQ. .3 Colors Fraternity Organs Purple, Green and Gold. "'l'l1e Purlmle, Green and Gold" and "The Cross And Crescent." Zeta Roll Alpha . .. Gamma . .. Epsilon . .. Zeta . Iota . . . . . Lainhcla . .. Beta . .. Sigma . . Phi . Delta . . Pi . .... . Omicron . . Mu . Tau . Iita . 'I"heta . .. Lpsilon . .. Xi . .... Chi . Omega . . Kappa . . Nu . Rho . ...... . Psi . ........ . .-Xlplta-Alpha . :Xlpha-Gzuntna .Xlpha-Ifpsilon Alpha-Zeta . .. .-Xlpha-Iota . . .-Xlpha-Latnhrla Alpha-Beta . . .-Xlpha-Sigma . .. ......IIoston University. . . . lllassachnsetts Agricultural College. ...University of Pennsylvania. ... Pennsylvania State College. ... Ilrown University. ...Massachusetts Institute of Technology. . University of Maine. ... University of Michigan. . . . Rutgers College. .... Iluclcnell L'niversity. . . . .Worcester Polyclinic Institute. . . . .Cornell University. ...University of California. .. . . W'ashington State College. . . . .Rhode Island State College. ... Ilartmouth College. ....L0nisiana State Univ. and A. X M. Coll. . . . . DePauw University. ....I.fniversity of Illinois. ....-Xlabaina Polytechnic Institute. , . . Ilnox College. ... . University of Georgia. . ...Union College. . . . . Ptn'clne University. ...llntler College. ....LTnivcrsity of South Dakota. ... Ilarvard University. ... .Colgate University. . . . . Northwestern University. ...Oregon State College. .University of VVisconsin, .. . . Cumherland University. A FRANKLIN AND Kl:XRS.i'l:XLL COLLICGIC 65 Xlplm-Plii . .... LYl1iX'Cl'Silj' of .-Xlulmzuuzl. Xlplm-Della . . .... Klissuuri Sclmul uf Klincs. Xlphzl-Pi . ..... .... L Tnix'c1':4ity of Ik-11x'c1'. -Xlpluzl-Omicrun . . .... l.vlliX'L'l'Sftj' of Imlizmal. -Xlph zu-Mu . .... . Xlplm- I :lu Xlllhll-i'.l2l Xlplm-'l'I1ct:1 . ... -Xlplm-Upsilmu . . XIDIIII-Xl , .-Xlbzmy, N. Y. .'Xtl:mt:1 Gu. iiiJlltil11Ul'C Mml. l'iil'l1lillgh1lIl1, .'Xl:1. llostml. Mass, Chicago. Ill. Denver, Colo. ....Ll11x'c1's1lyuf I cxzls. .,,- . ....lmx':x Slnlv L,llHL,K. ....l7lxl.1l1m11.1 .X. .mul XI, Lnllcgc. .I-rzulklm :mel .Xlmslmll Cullcgc. ....Sy1':lc11Sc U11ix'L'1'sily. .............Xcw I iIllll1J5i1lI'L' Stun: Uvllcgc. Alumni Associations llctruit. Mich. ll:nrtfm'rI, Conn, lllliilllllllllnii, Incl. Ins Angeles, Cal. Xii!1llC2llJOliS. Minn. Ni-xv Orluzms. La. New York City, N. Y I'l1il:1rlclpI1i:1, Pal. l,illSillII'gl1. Pu. l'm'tI:mrl, Mc. I'rm'imlcncc, R. T. Rochcslcly N. Y. ht. Louis. No. Szm i:l'Zll1CiSCO, Cal. SL-zllllc. XXWIFIT. WG-im Z.-55" THE 1919 ORIFLAMME Lambda Chi Alpha Founded December 22. 1917. L. C. LIGHTNIER, A. D. SMITH, J. D. W1:N1'z1:1., I-I. D. ALT1-10115 E, A. C. CALM, L. R. LUTZ, C. F. BAUER, H. C. ARNOLD, W. F. LUTZ, .3 Chapter Roll 1918. 1919. 1920. A. D. GR.x1s1fF. 1921. R. J. RUFF, R. G. VVITMER, L. DoN1zR. C. S. PIILDEBRANIJ W. D. XVENTZEI.. I. A. KELLER, S. E. MURP1-112x', P. Rossxmx, I, C. T1-1oL1As. Am FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE 67 Paradise Club Founded April 1. 1896. .99 Founders Rlzv. XV. S'1'U.xu1' Cmxllcla, Rlav. l2.XRNICS'l' N. EVANS, JOHN LENZINGERH, Rncv. Rmsncm' L. liulz, CL.1x1u2NCls N. I-I1Q1.1.1c11, REV. GL7s'1'.xV R. P013'1"1'ER. Gu' S. R1cn1c11'1', Rm: Coxlmn A. Housmz, Members in Faculty C. N. IIELLERV, A. M.. C. E. AlliYERS, A. M., I. N. Sc11.x1s1-'1f12R, L1'r'1'. U. QOXUNJ. Member in Academy Faculty I'lOXllCR F. RlCIllili'l'. Active Chapter 1918. D. IVAN GLEIM, CARL j. RISIESA, AI.l!lEli'I' G1.14:ssN1-111, Hlaxux' ll. SIIRIVIER. . 1919. I. N. GARNER. 1920. C11.x1'1c1.1.1z Y. lL31N1q1.m', I--llama' F. AIEYERS, IR., 'I-EYRON R1z.xN19., I. E. 1'1111.1.11'1'1. 1921. JOHN K. EnuN1iM.xN. Ak'r11UR R, LANDISV, Guy H.XIl'l'BI.XN,, ,IOSEP11 H. S'r121N, ERNEST M. HIIQSTER. 1 Awwuuw-4M sw-u-1 FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE 62 Franklin Club Chartered March 7, 1908. J' Motto Colors Virtus Semper viridis. Red and Whlte Member in Faculty I-I. M. I. ICLEIN, PII. D. Resident Members R. M. LELLMAN, W. IE. Sour., H. A. SM1'r1-1, W. T. Romxsox. Chapter Roll 1918. Ronalsm' R. RUl'l3IN,l Cmulns C. IQISSINGER Im F. 1'IoN.xm..xN. 1919. J. D.xNucr. lqOCHER', SIDNEY S. SMITI1, 1920. A JON.X'l'I'IAN R. I'lIl.Ll Dunms DILLER, NEXVIN J. I-I.xRNm1, 1921. C11.xRLlss S. LANDIS, MAX I. Wmm. l.l.UYI3 C. H.xRs1115Y, scsrxs. NN-'Il1.lQ,lA M H. Guolfv, jlaucmus M. M1Lr.1zu, Russlcr, W. UIQICI-I. V! Ann 4-mn 4 1-1. fn FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE 71 Marshall Club Founded March, 1909. at Motto Colors lisse quam viclelii. Maroon and XVI1ite Member in Faculty l'I. H. BECK, A. C. Member of Academy Faculty M. W. W1'1'M1zR, A. B. Seminary 1 9 1 S. J. HOl.f.IENR4XCII, V. A. RUTH. 1919. ll. C. BIESSNER. 1920. W. C. NUGEN1'., W. D. M121l1'R1.1Nc. FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE H. C. .HUR1i1101.n1au, XV. S. Es11Lla1xf1.xN, J. I. HuF1fA1,xN, M. A. SM1'r11, M. W. iXI.I!RIGIl'l' I-I. A. l'iUC1I151'1', , i XV. E. ECIQLUNH, L. L. KEIEFER. G. N. Kmmuvlzlz, College fe 1918. D. R. IQEENER, P. M. L.IRIUER'l', K. S. VVITMIER. 1919. J. L. SCHULIQR, C. M. TAUSIG. 1920. E. G. ICLINE, ll. 'IL L1s1Nn.xc11, XV. C. IWARBURGIQR, XV. S. RQDEIDEIQ, VV. B. VV muvooh. 1921. P. C. Sc111:11zIzR, E. E. SMULL. 74 THE 1919 ORIFLAMME Motto FENEEGJSZ 111123 President . . . . . Vice-Prcsidcnl . Secretary . Censor . Clmplailz . Trcasurvf' . Critif . .. Crfffc' . Goethean Literary Society 1 835-191 8 Officers FIRST TERM. R. RUPPIN ...... C. C. K1ss1NGER. . ..NV. S. ROEDERU.. M, A. SMITH .... l-l. A. BUcHHE1'r. .. I. R. HONAMAN . H. D. ALTHOUSIQ. D. R. KEENER. .. Colors Old Gold and White SECOND TERM. 'rumen T1-nm. ....J. I. HOFFMAN. . . . . .R, E. P. Yomau. ... G, 1qLINE.........:X. D. GRAHFIP. H. BUCHHEU .... W. li. NVouwomm. S. Noss..........J. L. Scnuuau. .VV. 12. BUSHUNL: ..... S. E. MURPHY. L. SMITIl........P. L. SMITH. D. xVliNTZEI.......M. A. SM1'rH. H. D. .-XLT1-musle. FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE H. D. :XL'l'HOUSE, H. A. BUCHHEIT, W. E. BUSIIONG, C. S. BAUER, H. C. BURKHOLDER, J. K. ,l:loRN1zMAN, A. D. LERAEFF, E. N. I'IIIES'l'ER, I. R. ILIoN.xM.xN,, J. I. HOFFMAN, E. G. liLINl5, G. N. IQEFAUVER, I. G. KUHNZ, P. M. LIMBIERT, S. E. MURPHY, Members G. S. Noss, I. N. RANCH, C. M. Roms, P. ROSSMAN, R. RUPPIN, W. S. Romulan, J. L. SCI-IULERI, M. A. SMITH, P. L. SMITII, P. C. SCHEIRER, I. D. VV1zN'rz1zL, W. B. VVORNVOOD, R. E. P. YODER, R. NV. URICH, I. H. STEIN. 76 THE 1919 GRIFLAMME Diagnothian Literary Society Motto ETEKDEI TIMQNTAE APETH .Sf'z'1IfCz'I' . ......... . l'ivc-l'rv.via'ca1t . . . .. .S'vv1'ela1'y . ..... Treasurer . . . . . . . . Clmplaiur . . .... . C Hin' ..... ..... .1!UHif0I' . . I JU Officers F1ns'r TERM. SECOND TERM. J. Ruins .......... D. E. FAUs'r... XV, Bmllzvvzuul-:N .... R. lf. BREYIQR ........ G. luuxm. ....... J, E. 191,111.11-1'r.. C. Y mczlalz ........ XV. XV. XVIQAVIQR. B. Lmxmcu .,... . NV. XVIQAVER ...... C. J. IQICICS ...... F, Rlelcvlarc ....... R, F. Bmcwcu... F. H. JOHNSTON ..... Colors Blue :md Gold 'rnmn TIQRM. R. F. Burfvliu. P. G. ScHAF1fNxcu. R. H. KLEIN. VV. W. VVIQAVIQR. S. S. SMITH. D. E. FAUST. R. F. Rlucvscn. FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE LAXNDIS DONICR, A. D. Smrru, XV. W. W lsfxvliu, C. j. Rlalzs, A. P. FRANTZ, R. W. liomluzkulile, P. A. Suu.-x1f1fN1-zu, S. S. Smrru, P. F. Iilfzlslflaui, B. 135, L151N1:.xc11, I. E. P111r.L1PP1, F. V. WORK, A. E. FIISNRY, E. J. Rlclz, I L. G. Scuocrc, C. P. I-Ilzlesl-nav, G. F. LEE, Members N. C. ZHARNER, D. M. Sc11A1f1fx1i1z, G. S. Ymmiu, W1 C. M.xRlsURu1z1:, R. 1-I. IQLEIN, A. G. TRUXAL, F.. E. VV1'm11sR, L. C. l'LxRs111cY, 1. D. LANDIS, A. F. .l51z1zv1au, Ill. A. IJRAND, D. Ii. F.xUs'r, J. P. Sl2Ls.xM, E. I. NEST, H. M. Ro'r1-IIERMIQL, A. P. S'1'.xU1f1f1:1z, JR. M. L. I.A51P1z. Junior Bnasts llwmcx' llxxn-zu. .'Xl.'I'lltll'Sli, Womelstlorf A X A 1 thetlieztuz lfreslnnun fJl'1ll0l'lC?ll Cou- test, G, l.. S. tl J 3 Class Vice-Pres. tsl I Soph- omore Ol-gttoriezll Contest, G. l.. S. R295 Asst Business Klnnztgei' Sltzrivrll-ll'vvlcly 1371 Crititi ' tu G, I., S, 135: f,RIIfl.AMAlI'2 Stuff 131: Lrep: :tt xV0l1lClSIlUl'l, lligh School: A. ll, Course This young prodigy hails from the crzulle of l,'ennsylv:tni:i Dutch trzlclnions, NVonielsmlort. Ile is Il personihczttion of sztuer krinit, wlencrs, Illlfl limhurger cheese. lle ezlnle to us f this hzlckwoocls town tlrcssecl in huttei clothes, hut since in our niiclst has inztcle won- tlerful progress in the social world. llc ciclecl to nttencl the Junior llop. XVhen :ll ll2lVll1Q.f gnlluses ot' his own, he set out 1 voyage of discovery, :Incl eventually foun pair in XVentzel's room, which he :tpprop1'i:1terl. 'l'h:1t night Wentzel remztinecl :lt home. , P: to leave he clist'ove1'erl that it is neeessztry to wezu' suspenclers with :1 tull clress suit. Not an il l3liN.l.XMlN l'iltANIil.lN .'Xn.xx1s, l.:1ne:1ste1'. Pa "l3liN.', Porter Scientilie Society: Clztss Picture Conl- mittee til: Student Senator from non-o1'- gzmizetl men 1355 llonor Court tgj 3 P1'ep:n'ecl :tt l"x':tnlcln1 :xnfl 3l2ll'Sll1lll Aczulemyg B. S. Course. XVe never he:n'tl ll word :thout tired, smiling Hen in our lfreslnnznn year, hut lately, though we l1:n'en't lieznwl much more :thout him, he hats nizttle us ztwztre hy his :lehievenients that he is of us. llc never zlppeznrs in puhlie without his sniile, which would he :t sure go with the femmes if he rleigneml to use it. Une never sees hint zthont, :tnrl his pztrtieulzn' eztve is the chem- istry lah, second lloor I'C1ll'. Some clay he will open :1 seentilie eztncly shop on Duke street if . Y sonic "sweetie mlont get hnn tn'st :incl ruin his nlzins. l. l" l'llIll 'llllt cle- mout rl xt -- so - RICIIARIJ XY.x'rsox lloxinlilaal-zlc, lloonshoro, Mil. "Senator." "llonnny." 'lf K tl'7 llia-rnothian: lJlZl'YllllIlll'lll llfilltll. ll l.. S. .'xlllllYCFSlll'j' tsl 3 Seeietaryill. lf S. lt3l 1 Vice-President ll. l.. S t3l: Class l'resitlent 4.33- 'l'his small, hut important looking intliviclnal arrivetl two years ago from the wiltls of Klart'- lantl. Since that time he has heeoine so eap- tiratecl hy the white lights of eivilization that his sojonrns in lloonslmoro are very liniitetl. His father owns this little town, antl one time a certain fair teacher in the town high school fonnrl herself out of a "ltllJllL'C1lllSC Rieharil clicl not like her. llnring the last two years "l3onnny" has lmeen vainly attempting to tignre ont how to pass otl' a eertain eonclition wthont working for it. After two years of archions lalmor :intl research the Senator has tliseovereil intl he has now transferrecl his energies to chemistry. that he was not horn to he a biologist, : Curtin.:-.s llonm: llowicics, l.aneaster, Pa, "llowers," "I loznerf' linterecl junior: Preparerl at Millersville State Normal Sehoolg .-X. ll, Course. This innocent young inan left his home antl parents far too soon, lle ealne to eollege in initl-course. as it were, antl alreafly fortitietl with a wife. hut he's :L young 'un with the rest of ns. Some clay he shall write, "l'1owers, Thesaurus on the origin of llowers," antl then incleefl shall we know that this man is wortliy uf the nznne lloiner. lle is giftecl with a rare poetry of expression, that of the sea, resonnaling antl gigantic. hnt wliieh has heeoine snlliefl by this fast atmosphere into the clroning elaelcety- elaelc of a inaehine gun. Some rlay he shall own a college of his own--he anal his spouse. Sl- XY .xi.'ri:a .X1.oysn's Roizicms l3t'eitit's. l.aneastei', .l-'a. "War," "l'at." l'1'epa1ul tt lm '- : .1 easter lligh School anml N. jonx Ctnusnxx ltwili-tic, ja., Lehanou, Pa. "jonNNnc," "l!t't'n." . ,. . . , 'lflx -1 Class l'oot llall til, 1.23: Class llasehall 1.:l: 'Vraelc 'l'eam 1 I l: Varsity Ifoot- liall 133: Inter-1Jrganization Council 13l: Chairman Class l'ipe Committee 1.27 1 1'i'epai'ecl it Lebanon Iligh Sehool: A. li. Course. One look at the angelie countenance of this eheruh makes one feel that this worltl is not ueh a hacl plaee alter all. lle may he hig, hut tlon't worry, he's perfeetly harmless. .Xslc some of the lfreshmen allout that. .-Xs a mem- hei- ot' the football team his virile strength matle quite an impression. hoth in the op- ponents' line and on the sitleliues. lle was xery haclly rlisappointecl in love-hut no niore must he saicl of that oi' there will be one less memher of the Stall. lloweyer, we expect gveat llllllQ'S ot' llueh, for he has a great future -hehiurl him. L'niyei'sity ol l'ennsylt'ania: JN. ll. Course. l.oolc at his front initials antl you will see why they call lmn "XVai'." l.oolc at lns face vou will tlnnlc you see. hut look beneath ani you tv' s t-. V., - . U i ill hntl httlt thut to just ty it foi lit ls all hlulf, anrl that, though it may put up ll good ol lmellie ittllx his nothing tt tll Show l - ."Cl'Cl1Cj'. 'iz -' :Q ' y: to tlo with the it tl ' ": stuff, you know. Pat's type o his shell inns at of hull consists of adjusting 5 - -" 5 an mtelhgent angle. aclclressing hi: ' s ptof as 4 Doetoi' Professor So-and-so in a voiee like tl suhmat'ine slcimier. ancl then, when he has seeuretl the attention of his helovecl prof, in shooting' out some ehilrlishly simple question thinking' it profound. Recently he naicl a guy 35.00 to show him how tu extraet square root. -- gg, .XR'I'lll'R Cn.uu.l-is CALM, Stony Creek. Pu. "SllOl'lQj'-,I "Cal:un." AXA: Porter Scientific Society: Cilee Club 135: Kllllltllillll Club t-31: Prepared :tt Schuyl- kill Seminzzryz lintered juniorg B. S. Course. "Shorty's'l stature is well described by his nicknztme, but in spite of his height. or rather luck of it, one of the fair dzlmsels from "Cub- bztpge Hill" had the nerve to cull him :L "brazen youth." Ile claims to have the honor of being "'l'ut'fy's" fztvoritc. "Shorty" almost worships ' Ur, Kershnerl Ile has :L sweet voice :md :t E most :uninble disposition. :md these qunlites, together with his "grunt-box,'y make him popu- lzu' with the ladies. Ask him about it. lilnxuxulm S.xx1t'1-il. CRUSIMXNII. Lititz, Pa, "lid," "Red" fb .E Kg Student Senate U91 lXlember Inter- CJI'g1llllZ1llQllJl1 Council f35: Glee Club fzjg C392 Leader College Hand 125, t3Jg Prepared at NVinston. Sztlcm lligh School, N. C.g A. B. Special. This lnztn is distinctive neither in his stature nor in his good looks. for he h:1su't much of either, but the way he pulls oil' the Romeo stunt is enough to stampede Il h:n'dw:u'e store. llmv he does it is :L mystery, but it must be those "come to us" eyes of his :md the soft southern drzlwl which he imported from "C:n'o- linzl." Ile has the zlppezlrzmce of perpetually blushing zmd, perhaps because he is conscious of this :md of the ctlcct it produces, tries to l speak in Il deep, zuitlioritattiye tone. llc smokes Z1 pipe, chews occztsionzdly, but never has been known to get reztl "rough," liven such fl mam is "Red," -- 83- .Xlnxrox Woon lJlilSl.liY, Lancaster, Pa "Milt," "Deis." Porter Scientific Society: Preparctl at Lan- caster High School: li. S. Course. This alarming progeny of the eternal femi- nine came to us a sail and succinct youth with a face like Mona Lisa minus the smile. As hc ripenefl and grew mature with us his waist line increased, anal now. alas! his Iigure is ruined. NVhen one sees him hehinml his hurettes in the chemical lah ahsorheml with lxeaker antl test- tuhc hc looks alarmingly scientiiie: that is until you walk hehincl the tahlc :mtl see the ricliculous hulk of him pcrehcml atop a spinclly stool. Last year tof all thingsj he was seen at the .Xumlitorium with a girl. so perhaps he is human after all. Klilt's ploclmling earnestness and his Pierce Arrows and electrics are at least a few excuses for his lacing. J l'lpXRHl.ll 3l.XYIlLIItY l,llWXlCSv, Lancaster, Ia. "'l'ipper." "l lal." Glee Cluh tzj, tglg Preparerl at Lancaster lligh School: A. B. Course. This is "some guy." Someone said that his father is a minister, but you can't prove it on "Tipper.' lle hasn't even got the regular the- ological hull, hut shovels a type all his own. One never secs him at the gym, yet his voice souncls healthy enough. XVhcre he spencls his evenings is a mystery, though hy reason of one or two hints he has dropped we could easily suspect that he is lady-houncl. lt must he his curly hair: or coulcl it he his face. He has a winning smile ancl an alarming laugh, like a llarnegat life-guarcl's. Nothing is so alluring to thc shemales of his native burg as "them eyes" he makes at them over his pipe-bowl as he passes. -S4 - .. . . . 1 lJ.wui .-X. luxL's'r, Mereeisbuig, Pa. "Knut," "Cave Nan." ' lb K 'P 5 Class Pres. 1U : D. l.. S. 1.31 I Mock Trial 135 : Speaker D. l-. S. 131 : Porter Seien- tilie Society 131: Class lfoot llall 1lVl:. 12l: Class Basketball 119, 1:,l, 1393 Captain 13l: Scrub lioothall 13l1 Varsity 13l: Scrub lilasketball 129, 13l: Green Room Club 13l1 llouor Court 1Il: lloarcl ol' Athletic Gor- ernors 135: Mereersbnrg Clnhq Preparefl at Klereersburg .'Xeanleiuy: .X, ll. Course. Fellows, looks are cleeeiring! :Xeeorrling to statistics he eouies from Klereersburg. but why blame this hamlet? lle was a meek aurl humble freshman but he quickly outgrew this eoumli- tion. To look at him you would searely sus- pect that he was a heart-breaker. but in his own words: "'l'he girls all fall for me." lle hacl an exeelleut chance of making the Glue Club: in fact. the only clrawbaek was his voiee. lle's something of a linguistic euss. and rumors have it that he has clesigus on Dr. Dippell's ehau' as professor of the French language. lle is an able exponent of the limburger sancl- wich. 3 .-Xiiiuu Piariza l'iR.XN'l'Z, Lancaster, Ia. "Pete," mittee 111, 1.2l3 ,S'f11dc11I-ll"relcly Staff Cll, 1.2l, 131: Glee aucl hlaumlolin Clubs 1:13 Class 'Vreasurer 13,l: Onlifiuxxixlifz Staff: Prepareml at lirankliu anal Marshall :Xeaclemyg A. B. Course. The last aucl worst of that horde of Frantz's that have passed through the halls of lf. and M. To the uuinitiatetl he appears as a deep thinker, but. alas! this is only a delusion. Ile is a man of few faults. llis faithful pipe seems to be the only vile habit that he has con- traeterl siuee joining us. "Pete', has an uu- eanuy laugh and generally "giggles" at the most iuopportuue moment. l-le and "'l'ublJy" agree that it would be "most shameful" if the Kiel Canal shoulcl go clry. l-le lacks his brother's "line," but usually gets away with things on his reputation. ill K 'lf 3 Diaguothiaug Chairman Poster Coni- ll 0 uuw h:lx'c with us um- ul thc wmirlcrs ut thu class, Jliclgiug lmui thc luuuhci' :un til-:u,xl.11 Ill-iu:l':l:'r lilSl-I, l.:mu:1slcr, Pu. nJCI'l'j'.' 11' li I 1 V:u'siiy 'll-uuis ill: ,illllillf llup Clmuuitlco ml: l'i'up:lrccl :ll l.:mc:1stc1' Il vlmolg QX, Il, Coursc. unlui' of his vusts. The critic wuulrl surmise that lin-rnlcl wus imc of thc wealthy un-mlmcrs ul' thu class, hut if hc is :lskcml tn suhscrihc lu thc .S'l1lclv1ll-ll'vi'L'l ' 0' n 1: ' : ' 1 ss -" ' llll l the JUIIN XICVIN li.XICNl'Il4, lim-mlmiial, Pu. "Jlll'lll.y' l':u':ulisc Cluhg .'XSSllClIllC limlilm- nf lhc Olul-'1..xAlxllf:: l'rcpzu'ucl:1t Ilnyton Normal lu- stilulc: liutcrcml junior fmiu 'l'hicl Culln-gc: .sX. ll. Course. 'I'his :mgclic yuulh c:uuc lu us :is :L ji ' frmn 'l'hicl Liiiiu-i'sity. llc is slow, hut usually gots thcrc. john lnvcs thc lzulius, zu lczist hc tulzl Duc lsilciu :nlnnu curtniu "h:1lvy huns" unc llllll'lllllQ' iu psyclmlugy :liter thu night lm-fm'c. XYL' prcrlicl :i ln'illi:u1t future fm' this lllOiiL'l'll Ilcruulcs :ls :l call: rli'ix'c1', :uul wish him :ill success. igh il it Ilj mln lLx5. thu lucy will he :ms sc:u'cc :is the stumlcuts in lu ulcluum tu llls 'l'l1ffy" KCl'SilllL'l"S classes. 1 ' ' mwiussiug :1 l'2lX'lSllllljl zlffcctirnl fm' Clmpilfs wultzcs hc has lczuwicml tu rccuguizc thc vnluc of thi ilu six mhuiu,., his stvjlllllll mt l'i lxliu ' I ' .",' ' "' .' .' ' 1' "HH mrl .XiJll'Sll1lll. l.:lst summci' 1lui'iug.5 the ii iuissiuus :ll ilu' Rocky Springs rluucc llum' hc uwulcl hc sccu ti'u:xliup.5 llvc lu' six nf his l lricmls lu SU4lIl5. itcr lest 86- lllllll' .-Xnxiilt lils.xAi.xN lll'..NNY, tireenshurg. PII- ".'XlJe," "All," 'I' li E: Iiiagnothiang IJ, l.. S. Mock 'I'rial tit, ln: tilt-e Club til. tn. ml: Prcsifleiit tilee Chili 133 3 Class I-Sanquet Committee 135: l'1'epared at Greensburg lligh Sehoolg A. ll. Course. This is one of our quiet lllL'll1llL'l'S, as is espe- cially the ease when there are any girls present. During his tirst year at eollege he would not even look at the fair sex, hut he has partly overeonie this weakness through the assistance of Ilueher. Alle is quite an artist on the mandolin, and he ean use this aeecnnnlishinent to great advantage when he visits the one he left hehind him in tireensliurg. Ilenry is one of the ltieky few who have mastet'ed the art of reciting sueeessfully in Prof lliester's econom- ies, although Tausig is running him a Close seeond. Claim-1 S'l'l-'textile llll.llI'II!R.-XXII, Glen Rock, l'a. "Doe," .X X A g College Band Crj, 435: College Or- ehestra t I J 3 Manager Class llaskethall t I J 5 Associate News liditor .hifllllfllf-Ii'vf'L'klj' 1332 Assistant llusiness Manager Oicllflaxxlxtl-11 Class Ilaskethall t3DZ Prepared at York Col- legiate lnstitute: :X. ll. Course. This guy we almost forgot. lle keeps so quiet that if it hadn't heen for the good work he has done we would have forgotten hiin, lle is in a class all his own when it comes to the ladies, and when he tucks a smiling one under his arin and smiles down at her like a proud father, he's got 'ein all going. "Doe" is one of these fellows tlike Smith and Marshalll who work so hard they don't have time to go to classes, lint he's there with the dope when he gets to one. Ile gets more cigarette smoke into his arguments than any nian in the class. hut that only adds to their weight. llis very words seein to smonlfler. oux l7XNlll IXUQIHR Xllcntown Pa. til-:omni hVASlllNG'I'ON juiisoxv, Lancaster, Pa. "Bud," "jammie." Porter Seientilic Society: Prepared at Lan- caster High School: ll. S. Course. llc is not God's masterpiece, but is a pretty fair specimen of rosy-checked, dove-eyed men who can wind themselves into a female heart. lle is said to be a typical peroxide, but the method he uses in retaining his beauty is one all his own and will not be revealed. l'le has a grim determination and a pleasing person- ality which have won for him a. place among his associates. lle carries a good name and we hope that he will ever live up to it. Iianldm Club Banquet Comnnttcc ilill College Band 423. C353 Mandolin Club 1.37. C375 Glec Club C333 Assistant Manager Glee and Mandolin Clubs C355 Green Room Club CD, 135 1 Assistant Manager Green Room 135 1 Junior Hop Committee t3J: lnter-Organiza- tion Council t3lZ Prepared at Northampton High Schoolg A. B. Course 'l'his, dearest reader, is the proud possessor of half a dozen silk dress suits, and his little red book is taxed to the utmost to contain the names of his numerous acquaintances and otherwise. lle has acquired "Tubby's" rapid tire method of conversation but not his "tenicle" pronunciation. Probably you're not aware that he hails from Lehigh county, but, George, we want to be honest in this matter. Pink teas, bow ties and tripping the light fan- tastic are his specialty. -88 RlHN'l'll01lliRY l.lcwls l..xxil-I-1, l.:me:lstei'. Pu. "KIuntie." "l.mnnpsie." l7i:if-'nuthizmg l'i'ep:n'ecl :lt lAJlllCJl5lk'l' ll I Sehmi: A. lk. Course. This innrveent-lurmlqing nut with the lmhy stare has only one clrztwhztels. Ile lqnuws too nmeh fm- the en1n'frn't of the fztenlty, nncl, us :1 ill hut it in lm hun" to ennseqnencc. they : " : 'x i' i ' such :ln extent that none uf tlwm will, l11NlC1' :mv eii'euinst:1nees. give hnn inure thzm :L ten. Ile :affects elznssie fluneing :tt Cl1:n1'ley's. ships llneehns with his mmlern :Xi'i:ulne :tt I llnhhv .'Xntes', :mil fm' sunie l'l'lyStCl'llll1S pose or his uwn einpluys the in'cl1n:1i'y novel puqfg type ul hrlll'-Cttl. ".llUllllL'. X011 VC :L devil." igh XYUl'- pin'- clinic CZ:-Loman-2 lfmcv l.l-iii. l.:tti'nhe. Pa. "lil'lll,llCl'.U llizlgnntliizmz lJi:ngnnthi:m Kluelc Trial ffibi Senzltm' frrmi Nun-Orgzniizerl Men l3l: Class SCCl'L'l!ll'j' 431: Class Hnslcethzlll lX'lIlIlZlQCl' 133. This ezmie tu ns frmn the wilcl west in the baggage efn' :mcl with :1 hlne tug zittztchcfl, inurlcing lns flQStlllIltlUll. lly smne mistake the lmgguge muster put hnn oft here, :incl he l11lSllil. yet cliseuvererl the rlifferenee. lint Germrfzc has . mmle some pi'rwg'x'ess in the "eiTetc lC:1st.' llc is nn lungei' :t hzlelcwumls selmnl tezleher. hut hy his own efforts :mtl the eroding effects of his environment has hurl :ull his rough edges :mal corners worn clown to the smoothness of the :u'el':1g'e college num. Perliups, tlinngh, he will never outgrow his zehru wzlllc :incl his stove-pipe overeozlt. 89- lllcxnx' JAXIICS, l.zuteastci', l.'a. "Cat llirmlf' "llL'llCl'.., 'I' K 'l' g Class lfntmtlrztll tll, 1.251 Varsity litllllllilll tjll Class llaskethall til, lil. l,3l3 Varsity llaslcetball til. t3l: Class Baseball t I l 3 Varsity lraeli t I 7 3 l'nt'ter Seientilie Su- eiety t-gl 3 lloarcl of Control tll 1 Green lititllll L'luh til, tal: lilee Cluh Lil: llnnot' Cnurt 4333 llanquet Cum. t I l 1 llusiness Manager of Ottttft..xx1x1l-2: l'repzn'erl at l.aneaster lligh Selnmlg .-X, ll. Course. lutrnclueing the lleau llrummel nf the class! Nu nther than llen Xlarshall. :XlltJIllCl' nf Wlllllll it can truthfully he sairl "They gn wiltl, simply wiltl over me." ls uncleeiclecl whether to take his degree at l". :unl Sl. or at llevrrn hlaunr. lle helieves that lessons shuultl give preeetlenee lu things nf more iniportanee. .Xlways late fur class: in fact, llr. Klein never marks the roll until the Cat Bird has taken his seat. The expression, "hard nose." is traeerl tn Nlarshall. .Xt une time he had a "cl1'ag," hut this yeat' he has heen fureecl to relinquish the lnmm' to Gise. Our all-muncl atlilete-fur further particulars consult the ,VNU lfffl. t -- Rolncttt' l"1t.vtNl4l.1N Allilll., l.ancaste1', l'a. untill," l'urte1' Scientilic Society: .-Xrt lfrlittn' nf the Ultllflatxlmllzl l'i'esiclent l'm'ter Seientille Su- eiety tjl 3 .'Xssistant. Chemical l.alnn'atory ljlg l't'epat'ecl at l.aneastet' lligh Sclttmlg ll. S. Cmtrse, lle is ltanflsmneg he is witty: he is pnlishetl: he is reliuecl: his smile has a charm fm' his nwn sex as for the nther: he is graceful anrl, they say, he is intelligent. Hut withal he is a haclcslicler. lle came to us a monument of Chastity. hut in less than a year his spotless garment heeame sulliecl with the mire of cir- cumstances. lle stays out late, has "dates," speaks the "futher language" nf gentlemen, auml even llnnlcs in class occasionally. Nlay his sins he t'm'given him. jonzv Fi.l4:'l'e1liaic MY:-ins. l.aneaster. Pil- "jolmnie." Porter Scientiiie Society til. 1,352 ,f,4yy,M,5 Smffg Prepared at Lancaster lligh School: li. S. Course. llns noble youth may not have hrains, hut he is generally in a good humor, at any XVorrv is unknown to him. Ile is an ardent admirer of the fair sex from the side lines.. but hardly ever appears on the lield. llc Is .L chemist of no mean ahility, and his favorite diversion is experimenting with poisonous gases in the hope that he may some day dis- cover one that will asphyxiate the whole man army. 'lihen shall he say, "l, John Myers, have done this thing," and the world sh: plaud with :L great joy and a jealous ar ion. So it is. tll ap- lnnra- RI- l'1lIC. Ger- l,ANlIil. Mn.'roN Sc'l1.fxlflfNlfu, Orangeville, Pa. "Schat'f," "lDan." ill K il' 5 Diagnothian: Class lfoothall kll, till Scrub lfoothall tsl, 135: Varsity Traelc Squad tllg Soccer til, 1.273 Chairman I'in Committee lljg lloard of Control t.z,rg Han- quet Committee 1392 :Xssociate liditor Um- lfluxxlml-: 433: Prepared at l"ranklin and .Xlar- shall :Xeademyg A. ll. Course. "Schutt" is one ol the hard xvorking, mem- hers of the class. and it seems iimnaterial to him whether his lalmors are rewarded or not. lle says he is headed for the Seminary, hut if you would see him headed out Janies St. on a darl: night you would het dollars to doughnuts that he is a liurns deteetive in search of fier- man spies. "SchaFf" has always been one of the regulars on the seruh foothall team and claims to have caused "Hill" X'Villianls more trouhle than any other memher of the squad. lJan is an advocate of the eonservation of energy in "'l'uhhy" lliester's classes. and is noted for his "speechless" reeitations in lfeonomies. 91 -- "johnnie." "Chan." Marshall Cluh: Khethean: Class Vice-Presi' mlent 131: ljreparecl at lfasl Greenville Iligh School: .-X. li, Course. that his mother might reall it we would tell the truth ahont him. Ile knows three "wimmen" hut makes splenfliml use of them. 'l'wo mlates a night, four parties a week, eight classes a month is his usual scherlule. lle claims a Phi lleta Kappa key on the grouncl of his previous knowleclge, hut judging from his enormous slrirles of rlevelopment he never haml much of that. Sings "The Vilml. Vilml Vimmen" in twelve keys--at once. "l'm llutch, hut l'm industrious." ' Al.XR'l'lX ,-XI.i:lin'r SMITH, ll., Pen Argyl, Pa. "Steve," "Sn1itty." Marshall Cluh: fiietheang Salutatorian G. L. S. .Xnniversary 131: Class Constitution Com- mittee ll! : Assistant Manager Basketball 132: Glee anrl lllanclolin Cluhs C331 lntcr-Or- ganization Council 13? 1 Prepared at Pen :Xrgyl lligh School: A. IT. Course. lle's one of the numerous Smiths on the rolls at lf. and M., hut like the aclvertisement. "there's a flilference with a distinction." "Smitty" has one ht-setting sin-he's so all- llrecl lazy. lf he hail his way classes would not hegin until IZAZO. As it is he and Schuler alternate in attenclineg classes, the one being on mleck one clay while the other peacefully slum- hers until noon. and vice versa the next. On account of his office as liditor-in-Chief of the flRIFl.AMMl-I he has "Dippy" "eating out of his hand." lly tracle "Smitty" is a printer, and Pen Argyl continually writhes uncler the lash of his pen. Of late his frequent visits to the paternal hamlet leacl one to suspect that some- thing more alluring than il newspaper oflice calls him from our midst. jonx lacleor Sc'lll'l.lcn, liast Greenville, Pa. The Pennsylvania llutch llean llrummel from lzast fil'L'L'llYlllL' over. It it woulrln't he Cxm. KlL'l.l-'okn 'l'.wsln, l.aneaster, Pa. "'l'owser," "Rat." Marshall Club: College llancl tsl. t3l, Class Ilistory 4335 Assistant, Chemical l.ah oratory l3lQ Pl'C1l1ll'CCl at Lancaster lligh School: ll, Course. In the words of "Rtnnn1y" XVitmer, "Some frats have hullmlogs, some have monkeys-we have 'l'ausig." Lancaster may be the garcle spot of the worltl, hut this is a poor attempt "l'owser" is a pieeolo artist, but like the man ot' inte-fritv that he is clisclains to use that h teeomplislnnent to siren the fair ones his way. lle gets them in clroves, hut tiocl alone knows tow. lt ean't he his personality. Someone taught him a egoorl line of hull when he was vonng, but he has sneh trouhle getting it past his teeth that it tloesn't eount for much-hut he means well. f MA cle' Il x1xl1l.l.l.xN joslarn XVICIILX, Iirninsville, Pa "Max" liranklin Clulmg linteretl junior: Prepareml at liutztown State Normal Sehoolg A. B. Course. l'his guy misserl his calling. Ile shouhl have heen a wiltl man. lfor original, outspoken "cu"' " h'ts " ' ' - - ss -emlness lte ., exetvtlnne atouncl here stopped for speed. lle is so thick that he never knew his own name until he was twelve ancl even now he goes so far as to forget the way home occasionally, Ile has a peeullar way with the laches--tnighty peculiar, but he generally Iinrls a new one somewhere. llis rasping lluteh aeeent will carry six hloeks on a ar rlay, hut it clot-sn't speak for much, llt can play haskethall, though. -93- Wl1.i.mxt llicllwiri' kVliN'l'Zlil., Stony Creek, Pa. "Bill," A X Ag Porter Scientitic Society: Class Poet Cjl: Prepared at Schulykill Seminary: lin- tercd Junior: ll, S. Course. This pure, innocent looking youth from the hills of Berks completes a triumvirate of Wfeutzels. llis chief ahility lies in speaking harsh words and calling his friends "poor, in- nocent pups." Chemistry is "Bills's" chief holmby. Alas! poor hoy. some fair damsel hack home has stolen his heart and he is compelled to spend his week-ends with his "lady-love." lf he is asked why he goes home his laconic reply is, "To work," hut we douht it. lllilllil-fR'I' RM' XYtPI'IRNl'Ili, Lancaster, Pa. "Dutch," Porter Scientific Society: Class liasketlmall CI5, C.2J. C331 Scrub llaskethall C251 Clas- lfootlmall C351 Chemical Foothall Team C251 College Orchestra lili. llll College Tlaud CIE, Czl, C352 Mandolin Club CID, C251 Knockcr Committee CH: Board of Control C35 1 Prepared at Lancaster lligh School: R, Course. "Step aside, lmoys, and let me pass." "Dutch" is a product of this metropolis, and is thor- oughly imhued with pride of his native town. Ilis accomplishments as to music are maui' and he doesu't hesitate to tell anyone as to how much hc knows. lf he keeps that up it may some day reach the ears of one who can stand that stuff, and will place him on thc musical platform, Ile is a stern advocate of gracefulness, and to further it, he frequents nCllIl.l'llCS.H where his dreams are 1nat'eriali.ced. llc is quite popular among' the fair sex, and let us hope he will remain so. -94- RtDl!lfR'I' lixllfm' P.x'1'l-:lasox Yom-llc, .-Xll.-ntown. Pa. "l'lolJ." 'l' K 3 1 Gtcthean: Secretary G. L. S. KID: Class 'I-iI'C1lSll1'0l' lil: Class Knockcr Connnit- tcc CI J 1 Varsity Track Squad 1 IJ 1 Class Foot- ball til. lily: Class llanquct Committee fzjg Varsity Soccer Tcam 427: Varsity Football C33 1 Glce Cluh C35 1 Prepared at Franklin anal Nlarslmll Academy: A. R. Course. NVhat-fcr a hoy have wc herc? Oh, yes! "Bop" comcs from hehincl Reading ancl is the reproduction of a Pennsylvania Dutchman whose personality is pcculiarly impressive. He is cspucially foncl of "clam chooclcr' and "plock steaks." llc smokes a vilc-smelling pipe and thinks he looks well hchincl a cigar. "Bop" usually spends thc wcck-cnrl out of town in a nice little liamlct-Rothsvillc, perhaps, and he says that hc may cvcntnally settle down thcrei ,95- 96 THE 1919 ORlFLAMBl.E Freshman Roasts 09 :XRXUI.ll-GI'C2llI6l' 1nen than 1 have lived, but you gotta show me. .-XUi.isxn.xc1i-He has a bad habit of going home to Reading very often. XVonder why! ,LS.xU1sR-Stiff as a stick and expressive as a stone, but what can one expect from Lehigh county. lgllxkialnc-'l'l1e brushing blide. l3oRN.xn.xx-A youth constantly touring the wilcls of Millersville. Iollucxisxnxx--.-X speed king who loves the Lancaster police force. lluckw.x1.'r1ak-Cowboy foreman of the lQ2l Ranch. .liURliI1ULlJliR-I'1C claims the world owes him a living, and he surely is collecting it. llusnoxu-"Delicious verdancy! Unbounded cheek! Unquestion- ably nature's strangest freak." C.XRRlll.-l'lC admits that nobody knows as much as he does. Dil.l.l5k-Tlie only freshman who has "brass" enough to smoke a cigar. ESllliNSll.XlJI5-Hvl1lS remarkable that they talk most who have the least to say." F15'r'rlcR-"XVhy did my parents send me to college." li.XS'I'-lllStl'L1CtO1' of "modern" French pronunciation. "Dippy's" only rival. Gieoifif, XV. l-l.-"Willie" His only trouble is that he hasn't time enough to study. Guoifif, H. I..-"W'omen, wine and 'dogsf " Which does he like the best? ll.XGIiR-Hflll, what a delightful thing aid is." lrl.xnNl':R-'l'l1is brilliant youth has mastered all professions from tend- ing bar to nursing babies. ll.XR'I'M.'XN-gh tall blonde youth who likes to walk from llird-in- Hand occasionally. l'lliRSllliY-"l don't know much, but I talk a whole lot." Hiau'l'zr.iQR-"Gee, I wish I were a big fellerf' I'lIlSS'l'liR-TOO slow to catch a cold. FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE 97 I-Ios'1'1ik-Prefers age to beauty. l'lU'l'ClIINSON-fx doctor of great renown, now doing extensive re- search work with red and white eyed flies. joxns-Tlie "all-round" Freshman football, basketball, etc., etc. Not, however. a star. Kniaxtwnu-'l'l1e animated horse from Marylandg his intelligence is almost human. LANDIS--lll0WS ,rings like a ringer from his corn cob. ll.AN'I'Z1N'3tL1I'C has framed strange fellows in her time. LUTZ-A new course at F. and M.: one major in letter writing, two minors in week-end visits. MCGOVERN-A quiet, slow-going Fresh. I-Iasn't benefited the world as yet. MILLILR-Tlie fellow whose mother packs his grip when he goes on a football trip-except shoes. llICIqINI.IiY-Allll1lStCI', student and a jolly good fellow. lXlOXVl5RER-lv hen it comes to having rosy cheeks he has it over any actress. And they are natural, too! ! lXflUl.LEN-'lVl1OSC main thoughts are of Christiana girls and of basketball. ll'l:UR1'IiY-HPZILH A public nuisance. Looking green is easy. Mussisu-A lazy fellow. I-las so much gas that he blew up the lung testing inachine. Nnvix--"l.-letter late than never." RICE-501116 youngsters should bring their mammas along to college. Roni:-"Stretch," the mascot of the Freshman class. Rossxux-"1-le is a man of unbounded stomach." SCI'lEllilili-All he is good for is to write such rhymes as- "Mary had a willy goat, ' His beard was long and gray: .He stepped upon a blazing stick- .llill's beard was burnt away." And, incidentally, to pull averages of about 95."I was born with a smile on my face, and I expect to go to my grave with a grin Q but before l go I hope to enjoy one good meal. SHAY-+GOCl created him-therefore, we will call him 21 man, 98 THE 1919 ORIFLAMME S1c11.15s-"Really, professor, I could 11ot get to class yesterday, as Ii.. SMIT11, E. C.-One wl1o studies less and expects more tl1a11 a11y other 1112111 i11 college. SA11'rI1, N. I.-Solomon No. 2. Has brains but no intelligence. 5A1,U1.1.-Tliree letters a day from tl1e "Jane" at ho111e-tl1en deserts her for the o11e next door, and takes a four-day trip to Harrisburg' with tl1e new one. Too much, Archie! S'1uxU1f1f1cR-"My l1lOttO, I love the ladies!" S'l'INE-WOII the tin medal i11 "Billy" VVeisg'erbe1"s chemistry relay. UIUCII-SO green that the cows will make cuds of him before long. W1a.xv1s1a-I-las only o11e hobby, viz., to do tl1e Sophs. XVoul'd -rather miss a good lllg'lllQ'S sleep than miss a chance to get the best of them. XVITMICR--lDlSCl1Jll1lCCl inactivity. XIODER-:XII even dispositioned fapparentlyj lad. His future should be as bright as his present complexion is fair. Qrganigatiuns FRANKLIN :XXIJ M.-XRSI-IALL CULLEGI2 lOl The Inter-Organization Council ul. R. 5'l'INIi ....... 3 - Q lx. I'. I'cms'1'l:1'l'v I-. C I.lllll'I'Nl'l' I. IF. Ielux.-xi XC k1.l1,1. ..... . II -I AI.XRSlI.Xl.l..... IUC 1 1 me ..... C lx IAIIi'I'RlL'li... S'rrN1s .... Scum III .... I"cms'l'1:1cm:. . ,CRUSI..XNll, . .. I.u.l1 1 A 1-,lx .... RL I- 1- ....... I' M. l,1m:lcl:'I' .... NI X. 5Ml'I'll ..... D I Imam .... X I IAXNIJIS .... . 1-lox.xA1.xx .... l D IQUCIIICR. .. J Officers Members . . . . . . . . .l'rc'sifIv11t. I 'in'-Pa'vsidr'11t. . . . .Sf'CI'l'l't1I'j'. . . .'l'rr'u.mrvr. . . .I'hi Kappa I'si .....IIhi Kappa Ifsi . . I'hi Kappa Si'-'nm .........Cl1i ...........Chi ..I'hi Sigma li ..I'hi Sigma Ii B ..l'hi Kappa Sigma l'hi I'hi zlppa uppu .I.Zll'l'lIJiI2I. Chi Alpha .I.zuubcl:1 Chi .Xlphzl . . . . ..hIlll'SIlZ1II .. . .klzuwlizill . . . . Ilurzulisc . . . . I'zu'zlclise . , . . I'r:u1klm . . . .I:l'2lllIiIll'l Club Club Club Club Club Club FRANKLIN A ND MARSHALL COLLEGE 103 Student Senate President ........ Secretary-Treasurer ............ . . . .X1.1f1c1su G. NIQILL. . . Cilacmcsla R. I-I1c'1'1z1c1:. . . 'IUSIEPII R. STINJQ ....... linwmw S. CRosx..xND. . . . j. IRWIN I-Iolfmx .xx ..... I..xNn1s Daman ........ PIIEXRY' 13. Sclrulvlsu .... Im R. I-Ioxxxmx ....... Fro Romxn N. K1.1-:MM Glsouclz F. Liam, ol Officers . . . ........... ROLAND N. KLEMMER. .Im R. HoN.xM.xN. Members U .Plzi Kappa. Psi Phi Kappa- Sigma ...........Cll1fPlll . . . .Phi Sigma. Kappa . . .Marshall Club . . .Lamcla Clz-1' fllfvlza . . .Paradise Club . . .Franklin Club m the Non-Organized Men ER, BENJAMIN F. ADAMS, XVILLIAM W. W 1a.xv1zR. THE 1919 O RIFLA M M E Thos. C. Porter Scientific Society J' Officers Pl'CJI.d0lIf ...... ....... . . .1RUBER'i' F. Mmm.. lf'icc-Prc.s'idvnf. .. ............ JOHN F. RIVERS. Secretary ...... ..... J . A. ERNS1' Zlmnlalumx. Treasurer .... ....................... E Ric: R. Jli'I"l'l2. Members in Faculty DR. R. C. SC1I1lilJ'l', PROF. XV. li. Wls1sc:1':1zmaR, DR. J. E. IQIQRSIINER, PROF. H. H. BECK, 12. R. J1i'l"l'Ii,, . A. E. ZIMNIERM.-xx, R. N. IQLIEMMISR, R. F. Misiir.. R. VV. Bom IIERGIER, D. E. F.xUs'r, KI. WV. Dl1:Isr.1aY, P. T. ZIEGLER, NV. C. NIARBURGER, I. L. SC1-1UL1aR, E. C. SMITH, PROP. J. A. Ro'r111cRM1sL. Senior Members R. J. RUF1-'. Junior Members A. C. CALM, A. P. i.:RAN'l'Z, C. N. TAUSIGV, G. XV. jlmisox, Sophomore Members L. A. LUTZ, C. J. TRIER, W. H. I-Io1vm1.xN. Associate Members C. il. C.xRRoL, JR., D. M. i'iliDDINGS, C. R. IQlUcRw.xL'r1zR, lfl. j. M.xRs11.xr.r., J. C. SC11U'r'r1c. R. R. IELUER, C. F. DII.I.Iili, J. I. Ho1f1fM .Vx N, IZ. Ii. Alanis, I. F. R'iYliRS, 11. R. XVOERNER NV. D. XVIQNTZEI C. Y. ISINRLEY E. Y. Roux, R. ll. Rumj, J. B. Hn-I.1au.xs, J. .-X. licmi.-xx, FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COL-LEGT 10-a Y. M. C. A. Cabinet Prcsidvlzt .............. Clzairmau 13 iblc Studuv .... Clzairman Mcmberslzip ..... Chairman DE'Ul7fI'0lIl1l . .... . Clzairmmz Dcfvutatiolz Ilfork .... .... .S'c'crc'tary ................. Clltliflllllll Camp Work. .. . . . .l'. M. Llmslilu' G S. Ymclalz R. E. Youlilx .l'. F. .lilcmflile .li. G. ,li1-1N15 . . . ..'X. D. SAIIT1-1 -X. G. TRUXAL 106 THE 1919 ORIFLAMME Honor Court of To sit in all allcgvd violations of the Honor System. Officers Prcsidvnt .... ....... ...... . - X. G. NEILL. Shrrctary ..... .... I 'I. J. M.xlasu.xr.1,. Members A. G. Nmnr.. .. H. I. M'.x1zs11.x1.r 11, A. I3u.xNn. .. .-X. J. INLINE .... .IQ I. Hcnf1fsr.xN. C. C. Klsslxcncu .... IZ. F. :Xn.xms. .. . . . . . .Senior Class .......!nni0r Class . . . . .Soplz-amore Class . . . .lfrcslnnan Class . . .Stndmzt Senate . . ..S'tndc'nt Senate. . . .Student Senate FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE 107 Phi Beta Kappa Theta Chapter of Pennsylvania Chartered 1908 -3 Officers Prr.vi11'v111 ...... ...... .... L ' . N1-:wx lI1cx.l.lc1z. l'i4'4'-l'1'c'.v1'n'v11i ...... ...... I '. M. .l'l.XRl!Ul.I7. Sl'l'l'f'fUl'.V-T1'f'USIH'L'I' .... .... X Y. li. W1-zlsulcluzlalc. Members Initiated in June, 1917 From the Senior Class l',xL'1, liiuumux II.wlcs, l,l'Illl'Y S'I'.XNl.l'IY Fmwz, S.xm'1-:L SIIICNK llxltlm, ll.Xl.I'Il Iimvlx S'l1x1:R, .'XIi'l'Ill'R .Xlll.IiR SUNIllII'IlMliR. ilflllx hlxum Flicss, XYll.I.l.XNI lllaxm' S.xss.xx1.xx, I'.xL'l. 'i'm:r.xs Smxl-zsll-'lQ:1:. Annual Address NlxLlA lll-:NNY hmluxcas ............ .... N cw York, X. Y. was anh jlilanhulin Qiluhs FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE III Glee and Mandolin Clubs 11 fflllll gm' ......... .-ls.vistr111t Alamrgcr .... Lvacirl' ..... .-lz'Co111pa11i.vf. . . C. I'. II1-:11s1114:Y, '21 I. C. SL'IIXlIlYl', '20, X. J. SAll'I'Il, '21, J' Officers Members Glee Club I Holil' ...1 First Tenor Second Tenor 'D 'I ' 'H .. . . .Ix. lx. Iu1-111f:1e, 18 ..j. U. Iioc111a1:, '10 I,I.'XIR', '18 Qrcsigncclj C. IV. .I'.IUI.L,, '18 L,.l'I11111c11r11.111c11 18 '.. ,.'1 ,l.R.811m1-., 18, AI. .-X. 5XII'I'II, 19, 'l'. W. R11u111':s, '2o. Q -1 .'X. li. II1-:xmg '19, II. XI. llowxus, 19, XY. S. Rlllilllilll, '20, R. R. Ii1.111f:11, '18, A. C. C.x1.11, '19, C. Ii. Rmzn, '21, IE. S. L'1ms1..xx11, '19, IE. j. R1c11:, '2I. First Bass X. IQ. ii1.15ssN1c11, '18 I I. I.. Mo11'1:1-211, '.2l, .I'. M. I.m1111c11'1', '18, ,I. KI. lJIiCII.XN'I', '21, K. IE. I'. Yu111a11, '19, IS. Ii.jox1cs, '21, II. II. Sc11111v1c11, '18, L. tl. L'.XIiIi0I',', '21, ,I. '.I'. M1:lio1'1z11x, '21 A. I". .I?1:.xx'1'z,, '19, R IX. l..IX'IXli5'l'UX, '18. Second Bass ' C. XY. II1f1.1., '18, I. ID. KUQ111-311, '19, 'I'. KI, I.1a1N1:.x1:11, '18, IE. C, S111111, '20 Reader C. J. RICIESV, ' 18. 112 THE 1919 GRTFLAMME Mandolin Club .3 T. M. IJEINDACII, '18 Qresignedj. Leader ..... . . . Ii. R. JIi'1"1'E, '18 Cresignedj. W. S. ROIQDER, '2o. First Mandolin R. R. ELDIQR, J. D. liOCIIER, W. S. llfllilllili, -T. P. SELSAM Second Mandolin J. M. Dowxlcs, C. H. BRUIMKIQRA, P. F. ZIIQGLER. Guitar M. A. SMITH., A. C. CALM. - Cello E. R. .lli'l"I'li. FRANKLIN ANIJ MARSHALL COLLEGE 113 College Band .8 Director. ., ............ II. S. C1zos1,.xx11, '19, Cornets E. S. CRos1,.xN1g, 'IQ Csoloj, D. D1L1,14:R, ,2I, C. j'. Rams, '1S. Trombones C. S. l'lILlJICl!R,XNll', 'IQ Qsoloj, bl. I'. S14:1.s.xx1 , !2l, il, S. llo1'.1.1cx1:.xc'11, '16, Baritones G. N. Ii1':1f.xUv1-111, '21, W. lf, LU'rz, ,2l. Clarinets H. R. XVO1-:1m1f:11, '19 fsoloj, C. li. Roma, '21, Piccolo C, N. 'lf,xUs1u4, ,IQ, -IQ F. NlYl'lRS, 'lQ. I Drums J. D. li11c'111c1:,, llfj, R. lf. l3o1:1m,x, '20, Cymbals D. l'. K1:1c1'1'1i1:, '2I. Saxophone j. C, Sc11m111, !2O. Buhliratiuns RANIQLIN .-XNIJ MARSHALL CULLEGT The 1 91 9 Oriflamme .X Staff Editor-in-Chief M.. .X. 5x11'rl1. Business Manager H. tl. M.xr:s11.x1.L. Assistant Business Manager C. 5. llll.l:1-zlzluxlm. Associate Editors D. M. SCIl.Xl"FX1iR,, A. P. i:N.XN'l'Zv, I. D, lioulllsila, j. N. fi.XRXl'IR, tl. F. Mn-zus, F. H. 'I1lllNS'I'UN Qresignedj, H. IJ. .Xl.'1'11r1us15. Art Editor R. IF. Mmm.. 1 FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE 119 C Th Student Weekly 09 Editorial Staff Ediior-'in-Clzicf. ................. I.. C. L1uu'1'N1fu 18 jf!!-lllI.Q1'IlkQ' Editor .... ........ D I. R. Sum 1b L'z'fr'1'ag'yEciif0r. . .... li. Cl. G1u:lf:Nw.xr.1 18 .Yr-:cfs Jidifor ......... ..... Q X. P. FR.xN1f IQ C. S. 1d1LDlCl!li.XN .elssociadfv News lidilors. .. . A. G. 7I.'1:Ux.x1., '20 j. IC. Dowxlcs, X20 Business Staff liu.vi11csx lUtUlG'tg'UI' .......... ........... C . I. R151 s .'Issista11t B'lL.S'fIl0S.S' .1'lU7lG.Q'Cl' ...,.... HQ D. .AI.'l'I1OUhl ' Advisory Board SCl'l.Xli1-'1"IiR,, Ii. LI'I"l'. OXON., Y H. Il. Ciuusl lu K M C. E. BMCYERS, A. M. 20 'HIE 1919 OR11FL.fUf1M E Senior Dance Committee J' H. IZ. Sc11111v11:11, Clltlfflllllll. C. XV. lI1i1.1., l.,'xN111s Doxuu I. R. S'1'1x1-: .X. G. X1i11.1. Junior Hop Committee .29 llir111v11.:: .'I11d1't01'1'11111, l:C"f7l'llflI'VX' 5, IOIS. H. ul. M.x1:s11,x1,1., C'l111i1'1111111. Q1.D.li1s1s, LIC. ID. Iimf111 11 Inter-Organization Dance Committee ,gl ,,l't'Hlt'II.C --I11d1't111'1'11111, .-lfvril J, lvljlol. V. MQ I,,1x11:1-:1:'1', '18, C'l111i1'111c111, D. I. 111.1-:1x1, '18, -I. IJ. Iiou111c11, 'lQ. I"R.fXNIiLIN ANI? MARSHALL COLLICGI2 121 Eighty-first Annual Commencement of Franklin and Marshall College College Chapel, wednesday, June 6, 1917 3. Program MUSIC. IXYOC.-X'I'IOX. H XI.L"I'.-XTC JR Y-I Iumzmily I Iumzmizcd, .XNTII l'N .XIIIJCR 5HNIJlIl-IINIIZR I Ix -XX IiI,I X fJIQ.'X'I'II DX-.XIoIJiIizz11iun nf Ill'lIJIICfIlJllIIlJl1, Sul l'IiI. S11 lax 14 Ikxlm NI LISIC. NI XIQSII.-XI,I, I DR.-X'l'Il IN-'I'I1c I11tc1'cIc11c11cIcm'c of Nations, I'.xu1, iiuummx lllxwzs X XI.IiIJlL"l'OIQY .... ............. I '.xL71. Imzms 5'I'lJNi'ISll"liR MUSIC. XIKIICNCICXIIEYI' .VXIJIJRH55 ........... IIIEN-IAMIN XI. XILXII, Izsgg CC IN ITERIQIXKI IJICQIRICIQS. IIIQXIZIJICTIOX. 122 THE 1919 ORHTLAMME Diagnothian Mock Trial Diagnothian Hall, November 16, 1917 flfllgl' ..... ."laiu!z'if ....... llcfcndazzt, "Pc .8 J. R151-ISIC, .................... ....Nl1xN1-rr-:lm h'lL"I'l',Xl. Fnuf: lxs rri-ral F1111 O'B11II" ............................ P, .-X. Simi-'rxiau l. lxvllllllf Ln!! .... Vvrz' lf, Slmrp .... H 'nxfzizzgfnn fvf7vl'.m11 Gl'm'1v Clrrk ................. Prosecuting Attorneys fl, Kun N ...R. In 7 .v. Defendant! Attorneys ......B. A. Bulxun .. VV. W. NVEAVER, 1 Cmzrf c'l'ic'I' .... ..... J . P. Si:l.sAM N. li. lflmexlak, 21. I lp.sl41't'1'.x. .. .,.......................... .. E. RWE. ,MU Witnesses for Prosecution l. Ii. l.lmm'y .............,..........,........,....... ..... , l. li. PlllLl.Il'l'l, 'zo ll'ylHIl'llIl l.4ll,QL'l' liivr Van l'11'lIdClllllll'.Q .... ..... I il. ll. l4lCINll.Xl'l'l, '.z0. I. f1l'L'!l.Yl' 'lim Up ...................., ..... C ii, S. xyl'IuXGlCR, 'i9. Serge-aut C!1ar'Iv.v lisrvy O'l3r1'cn ...... .... l V. H. JUHNSTUN, 'l9. Sergeant O. U. Kidd .............. ..... S . S. SMITH, '20, llllllllj' Lap 'lim Up 171'v4'Iy .... .... D . lf. FAUST, ,IQ. I. Sling 'lim ....................................... .... C 2. F. Ling, '19. Witnesses for Defense Mmv Ilvnri MI a lican .... ......,.................... . . . H. M. Rornlslumr., YZI. Mr, Srlzflitscllxazzniz .... .... 1 E, 12. XVITMIER, '2o. John D. 1-lstol' ........ ...C. L. l'l.txRsHlcv, '2o. Miss Iona Ford. .. ,.............. ...C. P. l'lliRSHliY, ,2I. , Indictment XVHI-:Rl-IAS, The Manheim Mutual lfire Insurance Company has brought suit against Percival Full O'Bull, a student of Lancaster University, on a charge of arson. ln that Percival Full O'l3ull was accused malieiously setting fire to the grand- staud of aforesaid university on the night of December 5, 1916. 'l'herefore, the said Percival Full O'l!ull is summoned to appear to answer the ahove stated charge. Verdict The decision was: 'I'hat Percival Full O'l3ull is guilty in the iirst degree. That Percival Full O'Bull sliould receive a yearly pension of ten gallons of huttermilk to reimburse him for any part he may have played in starting the de- structive eontlagration. FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE 123 The Twenty-Sixth Annual Contest Pennsylvania Inter-Collegiate Oratorical Union Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pa., April 13, 1918 .8 Program -hwslf:l'1l S. Kl.l'1r'KNr:l:, Presiding Officer ....,....... .... Q XlL1l'llClllllIl'12f Music "The XN'm'lfl :mal the Mann" ....... ....,.. ........ I ' lflill Ii. lJllC'l'Z, Ursiuns "The United States of the World". .. ..... Rom-im' S. M11.r.1-zx, Geuyslmrg. ".Xmerie:1's W':11' Lesson" ......,... ..., ..... I ' 'l:l1:n. I. l'ilI-Illl.l-IR, KllllllCl1lJlll'Q' Music ".'XlllCl'lCll'S Policy" ......... ............. . -XLLAN ll. PIICRCIC, SXYZl.I'tl'll'l'l0l'C "The Triumplx of lClCZlllSlll.'. .. .... lCl.Xl'l. M. l.lMl:l-1l:'1', lirzmklin :md Klarslunll 'AMurcler LlI1IlX'CIlQCfl" ....., ........... C 1-1.xm.1cs IJ. Sxw:l.'rz1-zu, Lnfzlyette. Music Awarding of Prizes First Price.. ......... PAH, M. l.lMlIlER'l', l"r:mklin and Mzmrslmll. Sl't'0lltl l'1'i:v.. ........... Rouxcm' S. Nlll.I.I-ZR, Gettysburg. Tllira' Price. ....... ....'XI.l..XN Il. Primera, Swzu'thmm'e. Judges REV. JAM:-Ls Rmzlxsox, llethlehem, Pu. Du. J. H. I'l.xeli1cN1:L'u1:, Reading, Pa. Plilili. S xr I'l'l'l ISURNH AM, West Chester, Pa Puolf. Jeux Dm.x1.xN, JR., U. of P. Pmcsxm-:NT S1l..xs S.4N14:lf1f, Pliiluclelphia, Pa 4214 . -' ,' . 9. U A Q U W f 1: X . N 3, A, . if .,,-f"",T.'f-- -- 4 A 'J K jg FI K 47 A m'fHfLET'HCS --v.,.v v 'W'----b-A . FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE 127 Varsity Foot Ball Team -- 1917 .Ai .llfiruigvr ,... ...G. R. IIia'1'1111f14,, '18. I". II.jo11Ns'roN, 'i9. .'I.fsisIm1l .'IllIIIG,LfL'1'.Y .... . IT' fx' SWHWNER' 'IQ' I'.. Lf. I.XI.lNI-Z, '10, ' II. Miavicks, 20. The Team Captain, .... .,........, . ..lf. M. FURS'I'lIERGA, WS. Coavli ..... ..... 1 X. S. IIici1x11xN, '16. Luft End ...... .............. C . Ii. I'Ios'1'1ai1. Left 'Nickle ,,,,, ..... W . D. D1FF1aN11.xU1:1'1 Left Guglrql ,,,, ........ I I. S. R1cKlc11'1' Centre ......... ..... I . C. Sc1f1x1m'r Right Guurcl ..... ..... 1 9. M.. l51wM1xN. Right Tackle .... ..... I T. M. ITu11s'rn1cu1: Right End ...... ....... I 2. Youick Quzxrtcr Back .. ...... D. If. I'iAUS'I'. Left Ilalf Back .... '--- .I - M- DlfC11fNN'1' Right Half Back .... ..--- A. G. TRUXAL Full Back ......... ............. .... I I . J. M.xl1s1f1A1.1.. Substitutes C. G. 'I'iuici1, C. P. I-Iifizsuisy, I. C. BUCIIER, H. Ii. Wmvicizv, G. BROWN, II. K. JONES. Monogram Men 1918. X F. M. lfo1as'1'111ai11:, C'uptzm, Ifl. S. Rlciciiiw, F, M, Ifl1lm,xNJ If, G. R. IIli'l'R1CK. 1919. D. E. I?AUs'1', II. J. NIARS1'I.XI.I., R. E. Youiau, J. C. BUCIIER. 1920. A. G. Tiwx.-xi., J. C. Sc1u111rr, C. G. TRIER. 1921. C. Ii. I'IosT1a11, XV. D. D11fF15N111xUGHQ J. M. Diac11.xN'r, C. P. I'I1sIes111zx', l28 THE 1919 ORIFLAMME Football Resume Season l 9 l 7 ' .s ' IRKJM a victorious standpoint lfranklin and Marshall football season could hardly be called a success, yet in spite of the almost overwhelming odds which confronted us at the open- f l ing of the year we were represented by a team which, al- though out-fought and out-generaled, was never out-gained. Through graduation and through enlistments but one letter man returned to college. consequently Coach Herman was obliged to develop an entire team from green and not very promising material. To add to our misfortune Coach l'lerman was called to the colors about the middle of the season. This necessitated a change in the conduct of athletics and Weller was secured for the remainder of the season. l-le succeeded in rounding out a fairly balanced team, but he was handicapped by the lack of candidates and by extremely light material. We made a remarkable showing against Muhlenburg, and although we were defeated. the score does not-indicate how fiercely the game' was fought. Swarthmore, Carlisle Indians and Lfrsinus defeated us by large scores due, in the main, to more experience and to their superior weight. The contests with Dickinson and Haverford showed a decided improve- ment on the part of li. and M. The team seemed to be striking its stride and our hopes of winning the Thanksgiving contest were rosy. The annual contest with Gettysburg brought joy to the supporters of the lllue and White, and proved to be a happy climax for the previously disastrous season. Our ancient rivals came here expecting to avenge last year's defeat, but were unable to withstand the aggressive attack of our team. and the chapel bell pealed out the first victory of the season. For next season the outlook is more hopeful. Six of last year's varsity are lost through graduation and enlistments, but there remains a nucleus around which a successful team can be built. Franklin and Marshall suttered severely by enlistments, but those of us who returned to college stuck loyally to the team, and the old time spirit was manifest at all times. FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE 129 Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov Nov Nov. X ov a Foot Ball Record Season of 1917 .29 Op. 6th-lnclians at Lancaster ....... ..... 6 3 20th.-lX11.l'l1lGl1lJLl1'g' at Allentown. . . . . . . . l3 27tll-SWZ1l'tl1l1101'6 at Swartlunore .... .... ,L 6 3d -Haverford at Lancaster .... . . . I4 lotli. Dickinson at Carlisle ..... ...28 17tl1.-Ursinus at Lancaster ..... ..... K Sl 29Ll1.-Gettysburg at Lancaster .... . . . O Total . . . .. 195 in F. and M o 0 o o 6 o 7 T3 FRANKUN AND MARSHALL CO1 LLC T' 131 Basketball Record Season of 1918 Albright . . . .. . I5 'felnplc . . . I5 Gettysburg . . 27 Delaware . .. 28 Temple . .. . .. . 51 Ursinus . . .. . 33Q Gettysburg . . 42 U1'si11us. . . . . . . 32 Total . . ..... 2503 ' zmcl and 7 and 7 amd 7 and 7 and V :md and .Xl M Nl Nl M. M M M 132 THE 1919 ORTFLAMME Varsity Basketball Team .99 fG. F. M lL'll.XIiI., '18 1rcsig'11cdJ. .11UHcIgC'I' ......... .... 4 T. QXI. l.1-21x1:.x1'11, '18, 11'csig'11cclj. L A. LS. X1c11.1-V, '18. .'lSSI..YfUllf .1ft1lIUg'C'l' .... ...,.......... R 1. A. SA11'r1'1, '19 Cillffllfll .......... f.10lIL'1l .... . , Team Right I .oft 1:0l'XVZll'K1. Lfcntcr 1.1-ft f1lllll'l1. .. 1:OI'W2ll'i1. .. .. .. 7 fu 1 . B. Gxlwlax' ...11 D. W1a1.1.1-1z Rig'l1t Liuarcl ............ ..... . ... .. ....... The inclividuzml l'CCO1'C1S of the players follow: Field Plzzyw. Gamfs. Goals. li. f1Zll'VCy ........ .... S lj lf. 11Zll'YCj' ... .. 6 18 K12lI'S11Zl11 . . . . . S II l'los1c1' . . . .... S 12 We-11x'c1' . .. .... S 11 1:1111C1'. .. .. S 9 .Innes . .. 4 O 23101 ZIUCIIHJTCC1. +51 attempted. 11130 . . . . . . .li D. G,xRv1':x' . . . . I 11lS'1'liR, XVISAVICR .......KI.x11s11.x1.1. . . . .'l'. 11. 1i.x11v1cx' . . . 131V1'1.1'.11, joxlis lfouls. Pls. 571: 75 26? 62 13:53 35 o 24 0 18 0 4 0 0 uttemptccl. FRANKLIN .XNIJ MARSI-I.-XLL COLLEGE 133 Class Basketball Teams Seniors Won. 2: Lost, 2: .l'crccutagc, .5oo. ,IIlIll!I4Q'f'l' ....... ..... ........... I I . lk. Sclauuvl-in. fIf1f7Nlfll .... . . . ..... Lf. W. I-lun.. Team Right I:0l'XV2ll'CI ..., ...... . . . I'lL:1.1.. Left lforwarcl ........ lflorll. Center . ....... ........ I .m1:1i1:'1'. Right Guard .... .... I IU'l'1.1c1:, Il1lUX'l'IR. Loft flllllffl. .. .... lfoRs'1'l:1Qlu:, IILICIRI. Juniors Wbn, I: Lost, 1: lICl'CCIIt2iQ'C, .5oo. 1Ila11agrr ....... .. ........................ li. IT. I.I-312. ctllfffllfll ... ... .... IJ. IC. I:.Xl'S'I'. Team Right, l"urw:u'cl. . . ...... . . .If.xus'r, .XII-zlll.. Left I:0I'XYZlI'Kl .... ..... A I.xRsl1.x1.l.. Center . ...... . . . I Ill.m-:l:l:.xN1m. Right liuurrl .... ..... X YI-illxx. I.cft IILIZIYKI. .. .... li,xx1l:l-Qlq, 134 TI-IE 1919 ORIFLAMME Sophomores XVOII, 3: Lost, IQ Percentage, .75o. Alanagvr ......... .... .................... . - X. G. TRUXAL. Captain. .. .... J. F. Gxuvizv. Team Right Guard . . . ...... . . .K1L'Cl.liMliN'l' Left Ciuarrl .... ......... C i.XRVliY Center . ........ ......... 1 i1l.l.15m:.xs Right Iforwarcl .... .... R Axcflc, TRUx.xL Left Forwzu-cl. .. .. . ... .. .'l'l:ux.x1.,. Kosxmx Freshmen Won, og Lost, 2: 1'e1-ceiitage, .ooo. illalzagw' ......... ....... .......... C . P. Hnauslllsv. Cafvtaiu. .. ... ..... ll. K. jnxlis. Team Right iiuzircl .... ...... ............ v I uxl-zs. Left Cittarcl .... Center . ....... . Right l7o1'warcl. . . Left 1:0l'XVZl1'l1. . . . , . l-Iuswicu, XN"lC.XVlCR ........i'1.XR'l'XI.XN ....Kr.1Nl5 . . . .MILLIQR QBur jllilen in the Sverhine 130 THE 1919 ORIFLAMME Our Men in the Service v PON declaration of war by ,United States against imperial- - v m r , istie Germany, true to the spirit of Franklin and Mar- shall, many of her noble sons answered the call to the Colors. .-Xt present we boast of having two hundred and forty-six men on the roll of honor, a fact of which we are proud. Our "best wishes" and "hearty support" goes with our boys in their struggle to make the "world safe for Democracy." May they ever be faithful to their Hag and prove a credit to their Alma Mater. 1918. I'x"r. l:Rl'1llI'IRlCK Claavl-:le li.Xl.l7', l.ll2u'l'. lilioluzl-1 Dlollxsox lil..XCK, l'v'r. JUHN Mnxrox liowxmx, ,l'x"r. VVAIJHQR NILVIN IQBRENNIQR, l'v'r. Bllivl-:R Coux, Sl4:lu:'r. H .wmv Cum mxs,xw l'x"l'. RUllliR'I' R.wm:l1 lil.llliR, Com-. Hlxluzx' 1-hams Esc11l:,xc11', l.n4:U'r. ,lonN l'oN'rs lf1f:,xm.12y, l'v'r, PAUI. 'l'o1'l.m' fi.XX'I"l', l.lIiL7'I'. XYl1.l.1.xxl lE.x1u. fiI.IiSS-NISR, l'v'r. lixncuson Gm' fiRlilCN.XW.Xl.'l', l.lliU'l'. WM. lrll-:Nm-:nsox lI.xu1sR, l..nfU'r. jxo, l'lliR'l'ZI.IiR llor.l.1xo1z1z l'r'r. C21-:omni lllllllilfl' lll-ITRICK, l'v'r. l'll':NRY N.x'ru.xx lilallulis, l.lliU'l'. llwm Kiarrn, l'v'r. llnwxmw -lonx lil-:ss1.1-zu, l'x"r. lixlu. Wmxr Kooxs, I'v'r. loJlc1..xs R.xx'A1oNn li1a1aN1c1z, SICRGT. lfluxcls ll, l,lilNlLXL'll, l'v'r. 'I'mconoRr: 3lll.l.IiR l.1c1x1:.xC11, Comm ll.xnol.n IE. l.12Rov, I.n':u'r, tilcoluzrs Flmxcls AllCll.X1fl., Coma XVll.l!IiR'l' llnu. hlUORliIIli.XlJ, l'v'r. XY.Xl.'I'liR jxmlzs Mouxrz, Lnctrr. Ilxul. A, M IiUl.l.ER,, SI5Rll'I'. I-l1clm.xN lluuo Nnas, l.ll-ILT'I'. filitllifllfl Irllcxm' Unmeon, l'v'r. H lixm' S'I'.XNI.liY RICK:-zur, l.IliU'l'. linwlx .-X. RUIIIERTS, Alma lrllixm' hlusrlx RUIJIDY, l.llil,"l'. Rlclnxlux Coxlmn Sfllll-ZD'I'., l.naU'r. ,lonx .'Xl.llIiR'l' Srnxmfx, l,'v'r. hl.XRSll.Xl.l. l21.1.xs SMITII, l'v'r. jlxeon TRUXAI., l'v'r. CILXS Enwlx XIANllliRSl.00'l', l'v'r. linwlx Ilonmcn Ylaxeu, PVT. Jol-IN CLINTON Y Ixusr. FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE 137 L11cU'1'. N!VIl.I.l.XM l!.fxR1.oxv, .I 'v'1' PVT I DV..- PVT PVT Pv'1'. PAUL K1a1.1.1a11 EVANS, -Iu11N L1auN.x1m G1c111f1N, 421211111212 W .x1.'1'151: G1z11cv1-: , jos1c1'11 'IVAN I'IIiR51'll2Y, W11.1.1AM Jo11N 1'IOOVlER., H1aN1zY l1U'ro li1z.Aw1111.1., L11cU'1'. R1c11.x1m DEH. NI.XYSliR, Pv'1'.j1111N F1z12111a1uc1c M121x1e1c 1'v'1' l 'v'1' 11'v'1' PVT 1'v'1' I IVV'- 1'v'1'. PVT PVT PVT C1111 PVT I mv... u JAMES MCC1.U1uc l1,x1:N15'1"1', VV11.1.1.xx1 S111N1av H.-XSSl-liRA, Rlav. C1-ms Iinw. l1o1z.xs'1'11N, Ii,x1.v Iiv.1NG'roN BOWEN, E1zN1es'1' .-X1.111a1e'1' llm'1iR, 11111155 .'XI.l.l-IN Iluowx, j1111N A1.1f1z1z11 IECKMAN, IIJIEN D.x1.111-:Y 1-I1s1.1.1a11, 121111111 -I1ms1-:1-11 H 11N'1'1sR, Glzrmclz H. I1u'1 N, . I21-wuo11 CIlIiS'l'IiR Kmrv, 1919. I'v'1' L71..x1115Nc1a T1zux1a1.1. MOYER, l'v'1' KA111, S.xN1fo11D CJRT, I"v'1' GLENN RU1Jo1.1'11 S1'.xNG1.15R, l'x"1' 110RAClC C1.11f1f111m S'r1mUP, l'v'1' I'1111.11' QUAY S'1'UM1'F, C011 . EDMUND RU1113 SYKES, l'v'1' CARI. A'fUl.l'ORD T.xUs1G, I'v'1' GROVIER S'1'15v1sNs Y 1s.xG12R, l'v'1' Ro1112R'1' Exilim' ll.-X'I"l'lERSON Ymmlcle. 1920. l'x'1' C1'1.x1e1.1as Kl11.1.1iu linlism-2, l'v'1' DAN1151. :XILXM liRUx11i111N1z, ljvvl. M PVT I 'v'1' l'v'1' 1w1- PVT IJVI. PV... I.1cw1N R1c:1'1M11N1J L1"1'z, U1.1v1z11 lJ1aw1cY M.x1zct14s. Emv.x1u1 jos121'11 Klcliuvlzlex, l'.x1J1, LA111-11121.1. MCL 1.1511 1aN'1', xVll.l.I.XM Il111N'1'oN A'fII.I.liR, I.1suN.x1:1m Muvlclz KIU1e1'11v, D.xv111 H12N11Y I'o11'1'1i111f11s1.11, Nl,AllI.0N RANK, Amos LICFIEVRIC S111i1e'1's, I'1"1'. GLEN OWEN Sx11'r11. 1921. jnux NYll.l.I.XBl lluoxvx, I'v'1'. C1..xU111a IlU1.1.1z11 LIIQNIDIQRSONA, jnux M.'xY1zR IDECHANT, PVT. X'IC'I'0R ANGEL R.xx11:1iz. Zin jflilemuriam ANDREW THOMAS GKLMORE APPLE, A. M FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE l-ll Qnhretn Giiiumas Qilmure pple, QI. . N 'l'l'lI'1 morning of the fifth of lfebruary, nineteen eighteen at ten minutes before nine o'clock died .Xndrew 'l'homas tiihnore Apple, a man loved by each one of us. llis death came as a distinct shock to the entire college community, all the more since it was unexpected. llc had been ill since soon after the opening of college, and his condition had been improving until he sultered an attack of angina pectoris, which brought on his death. Professor ,-Xpple, another of the grand old men -of lfranklin and Marshall. is no more. Yet with his death there has come to us who knew him as students a fuller realization of his greatness. llis spirit still dwells with us, and many are they who have gone and will go into the world better men and bigger men because of him. .-Xs a scholar and teacher, l'rofessor .-Xpple was respected by his pupils and by his col- leagues: as a man he was admired for his ability and uprightness, loved for his purity and gentleness. honored for his earnestness and his sanctity. l-lis unpretentious. godly life was a model of earnestness. and as a teacher his gentleness and dignity drew us about him rather as a circle of admir- ing friends than as a class of students. To have known l'rofessor .-Xpple is to have loved him, and those of us who have had that inestimable privilege cannot be too thankful. .-X thorough teacher, yet never seeming harsh, his personality exerted an in- Huence which shall never cease to be felt by those of us who have had the privilege of a personal acquaintance with him. Professor .Xpple's connection with lfranklin and Marshall College dates from the year 11107, since which time he had held he chair of math- ematics and astronomy. .Ns a mathematician he was known throughout the country. and as an astronomer his observations on jupiter in con- nection with the liritish .Xstronomical Society, of which he was a mem- ber, gained him recognition not only in .Xmeriea but in lfurope as well. 'l'hrough his untiring eltorts he has made the Daniel Scholl Ubservatory one of the best equipped in this part of the country, nd has placed the niatheniatics department on a par with that of any icollege or university in the li. and QXI. class. i l'rofessor .Xpple was born at llarrisburg, l'ennsylvania. on Klarch 5. 1859. lflis early education was received at t'larion Collegiate lnstitute. p1 42 K -1 THE 1919 GRIFLAMME lQill1ll1Cl'SlJll'1'Qf, l.'21., and at the tierinzuitown, Ohio, I-ligh School He was g'I'ZlClll2ltCCl from liranlclin ancl Klarsliall in the el21ss of 1878, and in 1883 gracluatecl from tl1e liastern 'l'heolog'ic21l Seniinary. During' the period from ISSO to 1883, while Zl stuclent at the Seminary, he was, as well, Pro- fessor of Natural Sciences 21t liilllllllllilttf College, Myerstown, lull. After his gimcluation from the Seminary he helcl successively pastorates Elf XV2lSllil'IQ,'tO11, D. C.: C21t21wiss21, l'21., and lleclforcl, lla., until 1907, when he accepted the chair of n121tl1e1n21ties at l:l'2ll1lilll'l and Nlarsliall. Ile was 21 lnember of the lJl2lg'l10lLl1lZlIl l.ltCl'2ll'y Society, Z1 nieniber of the l'hi Kappa l"si lfr21ternity, ancl Seeret211'y-'l're21surer of the Phi lieta Kappa lfraternity. For QI Et number of years he had charge of tl1e 21strono1nie21l alm21n21c of the Reforniecl Church, and was Z1 member of VZlI'l0l1S ZlStl'OI'l011llCZll societies, occasionally coiitributiiig' 2ll'l1iClCF1 to scien- tilic periodicals. :Xt one time he made ll very important correction to the L'nitecl States liovernnient .'Xll'l'l2lllZlC. llesicles attaining' proniinence in the world of 21st1'ono1ny llrofessor Apple was a clistinguisliecl scholar in other scientific lines, ancl as a min- ister of the Gospel he was El 1112111 of true piety, cleep thinking and earnest in his convictions: a true f.llll'iStilll1 gentleman, his life a sermon, his thoughts a philosophy, his cleecls 11 nionunient of good. v"w'71 guna, N-6 , . Q 'gh gg 4411, 104 V AVA 1 E :NX Imx ugh JP A .1 vo 5 2 I . x LANQI :Va it 7: lx ff gvq X3 Ik 1 ZR I I 503: I O! 2 1531 9 9 'AA 1,!.5.x., ,lt-gil, wwe' to fi 1195 Qvlxy 19457 ,www :va 1125?-5 ,SX 0 v 1 hx ,A , Ni V L 1 'v FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE 143 uhmzp intent Qngle T XVQXS with the deepest regret that we learned of the sad death of our schoolmate, Rodney Yincent .-Xngle, of the Class of Nineteen liighteenf Ile met death hy accident at a rail- road crossing at l'erth .-Xmhoy, X. il.. a few days hefo-re the opening of college. He was employed as a chemist in a copper plant at l'erth .Xmboy during his summer vacation, and it was on one of his last few days there, preparato1ry to entering college again, that he was killed. ' Rodney Yincent Angle was horn at SllllJjJCl1SlJl.ll'g', l'ennsylvania, on the seventh of july, 1896. lle prepared for college at tl1e Shippensburg lligh School, and entered- here as a lfreshman in tl1e Class of ltjlg in September, IQI4. :Ks a student he was an ardent and sincere worker. He took an active part in college affairs, was well liked and had many friends. Ile had a strength of character which no one could fail to recognize, and his cheerful smile and merry laughter will not soon he forgotten by those who knew him best. Xl'e may well follow the example set hy him while here with us, and carry his merry optimism on through life. l-l-l THE 1919 ORTFLAMME flliharles 'fiinhe Greulith NIC UF the heartrending' events of our summer vacation was the death of Charles Linde Cireulieh, of the class of Nineteen liighteen. lle met death 'by accident on .lnne IS, Ifjl7, while employed during' the summer vacation as a lmrakeman. Charles l.inde lireulich was horn at liast Greenville, Pennsylvania, en August 19, 1895. l-le prepared for college at l'CI'lil0l11Cll Seminary, and entered lfranldin and Nlai-shall in the fall of UJI4. He was a faithful student, a lovable companion, and a true friend. Ilis activities were numerous and far-reacliing. Un the athletie field he especially distinguislied himself, and exceedingly has his .Xlma .Xlater felt the loss of one who layed so many tmpliies at her feet. It is with heartfelt grief, indeed, that we, his fellow-students, who have known him and learned to love him, hear his loss. Deeply do we mourn the departure of one who will always be dca-r to our memories- Charles I.. tireulieh, student, companion, and friend. l"R.XX'liLlN AND MARSH.-XLL COLLEGE 145 Shakespeare As He Is Read By A. Junior Qzwstinn 1. What is the significance of the opening' scene of Jzzlius Caxrar? .'JllS'ZUL'l'. .lulius Czesar was the king' of Rome, and he wasn't liked very much. and so one day the soothsayers met hin1 on the street and talked to him and he told them beware of the ldes of March. ln this time his wife had ai dream that he was to be killed, and when the next Senate meeting was to be he did not go, but the soothsayers told him to come, and finally persuaded him. XVhen he was at the meeting' the conspirat-ors came up to him. He said the ldes of March have come, and they said but not passed. He was standing' in the middle when Casea stabbed him in the neck, and at a glance likewise all the others. There is where 'he brings in the llrutus Cyou too llrutusj. Ile said that be- cause he thought llrutus was one of his best friends. lle then wrapped himself in a cloth and died. llrutus and Cassius now lled the country. They, however, made speeches teach onej before they left, and later killed themselves. QIlC'SfI'UlI 2. Did llrutus reveal the conspirators' plot to Portia? tiive your reasons. .-l11s'zQ'rl'. Some of the reasons that llrutus told his wife may be that she wasn't astonished much when she heard of his death. and also that she didn't want him to go to the Senate. Qiwstioiz 3. Why is llrutus called an "idealist. i .-luszucr. .llrutus is called an idealist because he practically formed an the conspiracy himself and always new how to wo1'k things. He was a good instigator of things, and always accomplishedthem, He could be a good friend to Caesar and thus be a traito1'. Question, 4. Describe Caesars character as it is presented in the play. Aziszcivr. Caesar was a very 1'ude king: he did just what he pleasedg he did not take anybody else's advice. .Ks a l'L1lCl' at this time he showed fine ability. llut he was bold and would not bow to anyone. QlFF.Vfit7Il 5. Tell exactly how Mercutio was slain. 140 'r1A1E 1919 c1R11fLAm,1E .'fIlS'ZC'C'l'. Mercutio came over or met l'. on the way coming over, and so they began to quarrel, and i11 the end they began lighting, a11d klercutio was killed. QIH'Sff01l 6. XVhy did Macbeth hesitate to kill Duncan? 1-l11.rwc1'. Duncan, who was the old king of Denniark, takes a lo11g journey a11d sleeps at a11 i11n. Somehow or other Macbeth, who had heard about this king from some witches, desired to claim the throne a11d decided to kill l1im. When he came home a11d told it to his wife sl1e was more anxious to do it than he was, since she is rnder than he is. So they decided to kill the king that night when all was quiet. Macbeth got up a11d went over where the king was but when he came over l1e saw a sword all smeared with blood, and when he tried to grasp it there was none there. VVhen he gained enough courage he went to the bed and killed him. Qnvstioli 7. XVhy was Hamlet se11t o11 a voyage to lingland? .'flIJ'ZKVf'l'. Hamlet was sent away because he revealed the murder of his father by his father's brother. llc found this out a11d revealed the secret, and they thought he was going mad a11d so they wanted llilll sent to England. llut when they came out o11 tl1e sea they met a fishing yacht. and he jumped on tl1is boat a11d gave them a false name. So he came back to Denmark where the ffunerall procession of his sweetheart was ,going on. Question: 8. ln wl1at plays do the following appear, Laertes, lilavius, Friar l.awrence, Rlarullus, llenvolio, lloratio, Ciuildenstern, lfleance? .'fllS'Zkf!'l'. l.aertes was a character in il. Lfzesar. Klarullus " " " " ,l. Czesar. llenvolio " " Macbeth. lfleance " " " " llamlet. QIH'Sff01l' Q. XYhat is the significance of the "sleep-walking scene" in illaclmtlif .-Iusa'r'r. The sleep-walking scene reveals to us that after Duncan was killed Macbeth did 11ot have any rest any more. lfle, however, suc- ceeded i11 killing but did not have a life wo1'tl1 living after he had done this. XYhile he arose from sleep a11d killed the king he saw the devil instead of the angels, but as he did not care about it he killed him any- how. Of course. then he was worn dow11 by the spirit within hin1. His wife died tl1e11 and he was all 2ll0l'lC. He was then killed a11d the right fairs ca111e to the thrown. FRANKLIN ANU MARSHALL CULLICGIC 1-l7 XX n.i.n4: Rowman, 20 .... . ..................... . The Higher the Fewer A Comedy in Two Acts By Y. Didja Dewitt lJu.xn.x'rls l'l-:ksoN.1s. . . The President Four Masked Persons, unknown, of the Class of '2l. Une Young' Lady. lletty by name. Une Velie car. Yarious members of the student hody of Ifranklin and Marshall College, especially of the class of l1j2I 1 One uncle and a voice. ACI' Tl-Ili IFIRST. Sci-:Ni-3 l-Tins Lf.xA1i'us. lgllllilllll' I. Sitting' at the wheel of the Yelie car on College Avenue: illasqur 2, 3 and 4, behind the .-Xhram de I'eyster monn:nent.I linter wmie letmlct- I Right I. 3 Rolcpl-:lax 'l'onig'ht. .Xh, yes, tonight! Klethinks th' hour draws .l lllxtjlll' ,l faxqur' .l lasq ue .llasquc Romulan. nearer still when l, my class about me, lusty revellers, must make a goodly noise and speechify, as is the due of one so wise as l. lfor does not "'l'wenty" banquet e'en tonight? .Xnd am not l its president? l must, then, haste to yonder lihrary and get me hooks of humor wherewith l may scintillate, he witty and amuse my fellow-lianqueters. 2. Ssst! I-le comes! 3. Ii'en so. .Xrt ready with the hag? XVe must he quick. This matter must not fail. Do you two seize his feet and arms and l'll attend the rest. 4. Me for the feet. 3. Now! 'llackle low! There, we have him. Geeminy gods! Caugltt, like a trap in a rat! You damnahle scums, lay off! l'll --. yl-L8 'lllelli 1919 OR'll.7LfXllhlE Alllljllllf' 3, tiood, my men. Blake haste now, there is much to do ere this nights o'er. .lluxqzw 2. , To the car with 'im then. Ifarry body. trussed up and bagged, to waiting car.l .lfllStjlll' l. XYelcome comrades. .llaxqlw 4. Did we dew it? Jlaxqllc' 3. Come, make haste. Scum-1 ll.-Horne or M.xsQL'l2 2. lllcixquc 2. To the barn. This way with him. XYe'll keep him where by no chance of liate he may escape. his class revel. W'e have him and that's enough. ' .lfasf nv . Klarrv, he's a n'an not to crv. "enough," ere we are throu, li- l . . . - The Uuvlr Ccalling' from the housel: NYhat fools are you so to fro blundering' through my yard? Answer quick, l have a gun. .llasqiw 2. N0 need. "l'is only we. father. come with a prisoner, to tie him in the barn. Unrlv. Xlihat? Prisoner? Hcfly. lfllf. 2. .ll. .ll.1. M. 3. lixrl-:ic Yorxo I..xm', l1m"rv. Uh, uncle. do not let them. Qllethinlcs l know yon lad. 'Tis Roeder, it is not: lYillie, some call him, but l have known him Blanlier far than that. L'ncle. l beseech- Yes, yes. lletty, so 'twill be. llear me, Paul. Remove your pris'ner elsewhere. This lady's grace ls sore affronted by his plight. Gentle lady that she is, her tender heart is moved To pity and remorse, son, l'll have thee undersstand. This is no place for "prisoners," Find otherwhere 'l'o bind and gag' him. Never here! Xl'ell. if you'll have it so. so irust it be. l know a barn beside the creek. deserted long, where none will bother nor forbid. There be it. then. , Come, prisoner. FR.-XNKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE 149 Reeder. .lI. 3. Rue. .ll. 1. .ll. 1. .Il. 1. .ll. 3. .ll. 2. .ll'. 3. .l!. 2. Ie0t"ll'l7'l'. .Ill 3. .ll. 4. ll. 3. .ll. 1, 3 Roeder. Sclaxi-1 Ill.-.X IJ1cs1511'1'14:11 Il.x11N. ..Ye gods above, have ye no pity tl1at You drag me here to such a place. The air is chill. And l, alas! poor 111e, as if 'twere 11ot enough to be disgraced, Must suffer from tl1e elements. XVhat now? Spar you for pity or do you watch your Cll2llICCS that you may escape Zlllil seek to cozen us with lies? Neither, 111e11. My head aches sore. I fear it is neuralgia. l.lCl'l'l,Zl1JS he is' sincere: his counte11a11ce would so l1ave it. .lt is a chill place here and 'till we return l fear :twill be fair late. What. would'st suggest? 'Ifhere is El room, XVZIFITI and with bolted doors, above my pop's garage, There ,can we take tl1e lllllll a11d leave him without fear. l-et us, tl1e11. Make haste. llring' tl1e man? lfooll tif course. XYouldst leave hin1 l1e1'e XYith his neuralgia? XYe be 11ot beasts So to torture. Come, then, prisoner, follow 111e! , XYhat now? Silence! Never mind! ' Sci-:Nia IY.-Room 5kIIOVI'1 t.i.x1e.x1:1':. l'lere are cigarettes. Smoke now. 'Twill be a wl1ile lfre we return. You may as well be calm, For to attempt escape were foolish. flood-bye now. little one. .Xnd be not afraid. XYe would not harm tl1y precious self. flllfl -l- tiood-bye. limit .llasqzzvs 1, 2, 3 and 4. .-Xlas, alaek, such a predicament! Would .I were dead rather than be here. '.lfricked, cozened and beguiled by four fell lireslimen, .Xnd l a Soph, tl1e leader of my class! 150 'l'l-IE 1919 ORIFLAMME Fool that l was to venture out of doors On sueh a night. Could l not know That these-these pups would snap at any ehanee To get me from my banquet and my class? XVell, l"ve been tricked, but this is not the end. More will eome of it, far more than they can know. l'll get my worthy elass about me and lVith hand of iron and righteous wrath XVe'll sit so hard upon that Freshman Class That they, with sitting super-sat, will be tiladder not to sit than sit. 'l'hey'll rue this night. Souix:-: Y.-Sour: l,l..Xl'l'1, time llolnz l..X'l'lER. illu.vq11v.v 1, 2, 3 and 4. ilfaxqzw 3. How now, Roeder, art angiry to have waited long? We've pretty garments here for you, yes Such a garb as would grace any ass NVho thought him wise and was not. Don them quick. rll.2. Oh, such a panoply of hue,-red, green, yellow, white and bluel- P To top it off. ill. 4. The parasol, what of that? ill. l. - And a elown's hat XVill't not look dignilied with sueh a dress? .lf.3. Dignity? lle'll fairly eke it. Ho, ho, ho. Who is an artist here? .ll'. 2. An artist, why? .ll. 3. l have here various paints and pastes which when bedaubed upon his faee XYill make him yet more ludicrous, and l'd thought .X sign or two would be not bad, worded like this, perhaps: "Vin sorry that l'm late"-or some sueh thing. .lf. I. A line idea. tiive me the brush. l'll do them both. lrurdvr. My tiod, my God! Mortality can hear no more. FRANKLIN AND MARSIAIALL COLLEGE 151-1 ACT TH li SIQCC BND. Screw: l.-Nowrn QUIQIQN ST. f ll s llum J him out now, quick. Masque' 3. Ilere are our o owerx. 1 XYe must parade with such a specimen. ell. 4. Come, Wiillie, lively now: 'tis futile dope to balk , ...,l! llefore these people. bee hon they nate 1 The town itself must e'en have belehed its man' To beget such a crowd. .ll,2, .Xnd hear them laugh! Kovdcr. Yes, l hear! ! 'Tis you theyfre laughing' at., 2. R0vdc'1'. XVell, what of it. Say, am I to blame? Ho! lla, ha, you've us to compliment. For your appearance and your plight. Come, now, men. ss of Twenty-one shall hold high sway 1ll.3. Form a line, the Cla This night. XYhereas our friends, the Sophomores, llanquet without their president, we shall parade. And with him, too, honored by his company. ls all ready now: everyone in line? Then march! :Xnd cheer, men, cheer. This town Has seen no such a sight for many a year. T R0c'n'r'r Qasidej. Let them scott, let them jeer. l can bear it. , Let the crowd, the rabble of the streets, unlearned, Laugh. l've borne too much to care. :X clown's suit for a president! tlixit parade, marching up Queen St.j Sci-:Nic ll.-lhcromc 'rnnc Ilus Cl.Ln:. llffldljllf' 3. They're banqueting, by Zeus, without their president See in tl1Cl'C-t1l1l'Ol1g'l'I the window! here-how their heads bob Cheer, men, cheer. Goad on your tired lungs To one more ettort. Make more noise than chaos e'er en gendered. Perhaps n'e'll draw them out, the dogs, to try their steel' .-Xnd close a happy evening with a scrap. i Rnvdvr Lasidej. Such trumpeting l've never heard. They call it cheer ing, eh F THE 1919 ORIFLAMME 152 XVell to confess, 1've heard swine grunt, and 't sounds More like their grunting' than a cheer. The rats are hoarse from ribaldry, Making fools of themselves more than of me. VVell, let them yell, I've nought to say. I thought my class a better class than that Which sits in peace while roars this crowd without, And will not come to save their president. Clinter a voice, very feminine, from the doorwayj l Voice. What mean you by this clamor, fools? .-Xrt seeking for arrest that in a mob You ramp about my house? And know yet not This place? It is respectable, be sure. Now, get ye Ere 1 call down upon your heads the wrath of our police. gone .llasquc 3. lfardon, madame, but we have at hand a fine young man, 'president of that class 'l'hat's banqueting in there. And 'tis our wish To tu1'n him over. now we're done, to those To whom he rightfully belongs. XYe mean no harm, :Xml if you'll kindly call out one, or even more, lt matters not to us, who will conduct him to his seat At your board, we would be in your debt. Wilt do it? Voice. I should not, but I will. Which one would'st prefer? Masque 3. Leave that to them. Voice. I'll take him, Come, Willie. How they've decked you! XVhy, Methinks I fain would laugh myself at such a spectacle. Rovdvr. XVhatl Even you? This is the end! Alas! alaek! and I, fool that I was, .Expected to enjoy myself this night! XVell, this I know. litre I go out again I'll take a trusty bodyguard-by damn. And spare myself such insolence as this. Exit Rocdcr with Voice. 21! I ! Mob. Yea, Hooray, l'cc1-a-a-a, 1921, 1931, IQ Exit Mob. FIXIS. the then. FRANKLIN AND M.-XRSl'l.-XLL COLLEGE 153 A Freshman on Co-Education L.xNc.xs'rlzu, lg'.x., Sunday Evening. .lly Ural' .l!an1ma.' Not much has happened this week, so I don't have much news to tell you. Dr. Klein was away Iiriday and Saturday, so we had no classes under him, but we are so used to his being away that it seems unusual for him to be here. lluchanan jones-he is thc fellow in the next room to me whom I told you about-was awfully scared the other day because Dr, llippell told them in French class that some of them were going to "Hunk" tnot passj. Iilll so glad If don't have Dr. Dippell in anything. lle must be terrible. I'rof. Heller, the man I told you about that teaches Greek, was in a pretty good humor yesterday because we all recited. ,I always do anyway, but some of the fellows don't care or something. and aren't prepared sometimes. I think that is awful. Ile gets kind of mad then. ' llut what I wanted to tell you about mostly was what was in the papers. lferhaps you saw it, about their maybe having co-education here at Ii. and BI. I'm so worried that it made me quite homesick again last night, the first time in almost two weeks. XYhat worries me is that per- haps they'll have it next year, and I'll maybe come back and not know it. You know, mamma, I don't mind the girls sometimes, but it's different when they're all around you all the time and in class with you, and listen- ing to you. Oh, I don? want to come back next year if they have them. must I? I eouldn't work, really I eouldn't. I asked Dr. Apple if it was true and he said he didn't know anything about it, but it was in the papers all -right, so I guess, perhaps, they don't tell Dr. Apple everything. The boys are talking all the time about it, and a lot of them seem to like it. Une fellow said he was tired of the "lfIill" anyway, and wanted something new. I think he meant a part of the town they call "Cabbage IIill," where they keep most of the girls. I hope they don't get that kind, though, if they do have co-education here. Some of them are bad girls, and even Ilirt with college fellows. Of course, I don't think llr. .-Xpple would let any of that kind in College ' h i he is a nice man himself. Some of the fellows. the way thev talk, though, 154 THE 1919 ORHTLAMME would rather have that kind. Une said he bet they'd all be old maids or farmers' daughters, and that either a fellow couldn't have a decent "date" with them or wouldn't want to. t.-X "date," you know, is a college boy's name for calling on a girl.j I don't know quite what he meant, but 1 am sure there are some nice farmer girls--and old maids, too. Lou Sweeney, who is one of the classy students, says he wished "Dickey" was here yet to have some of the g'irls in his class with the boys. You know "Dickey" is what they call Dr. Sehiedt when he isn't around, -like they have names for all of them. They say he says almost anything in class, and even swears sometimes, so l suppose that is what l.ou meant. They said a lot of things about it, too, that 1 wouldn't repeat, not even to you. mamma: some about kissing, and, oh! everything. One fellow was nice, though. He said they should let them come, that any lf. and ll. man eoulcln't be anything but a gentleman, and that we would all be 'real ehivalrous to the girls. He said, of course, we would have to give them first choice for the. back seats tmost of the fellows run for them, though l don't know whyl, and that they couldn't chew in class or smoke in the buildings any more tsome of the badder students do that, toofl, but that in spite of all these things he thought it would be an uplift. lle talked grand, but they all laughed at him. Une of the fellows had an appointment to Wfest Point, and was going soon, but he said if they were going to have co-education he would stay here and give up his appointment. He seems to like it, but the-n he goes out with the girls pretty much, l guess, and is used to it. I heard yesterday that one of the fraternities fthose are those bad places I told you about where the fellows all live together alone with no one to watch themj that hasn't got many members this year offered to give the girls part of their house if they wanted it: that is, if they have girls next year. l think that was real nice of them. I don't know how the professors will like it to girls and fellows to teach. 1 guess some, like Dr. Dippell and Prof. Meyers. would like it pretty well : anyway the way they said Dr. Dippell rubbed his hands when they told him about it, but I don't believe Prof. Grose and Dr. Kershner would like it. Prof. Grose is too bashful, and Dr. Kershner too--well the other way. 1 guess it wouldn't matter much one way or the other to Dr. leliester, whie-h way it was. I do hope they don't have it, though, and when you answer please tell me if I will have to come back next year if they have it. l really eouldn't recite with a lot of girls be- FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE 155 hind me, looking' at me and everything'. espeically not for Professor Ileck -I g'ot mixed up for him anyway alone sometimes-so please, please. mamma, say I won't have to come back if they have g'irls here. I am anxious to hcar from you, and I will look for your letter every time the mail man comes. I am pretty well now, but exams come in about two months, so I am working' hard preparing' for them. l have so much to do that I had to stay up until quarter of ten last Tuesday night, study- ing: I won't do it again, though, unless I have to because I was awfully sleepy the next day and took a little nap in the afternoon. ,I will close now. wishing' and wishing' I was home. because I am really homesick. .Xnd with love. your son. I2.xiu.1f:v-I' P. S.--Don't forget that about co-education in your letter. I2.XRI.lEY. it f 11, Ai . cc gf ' if ........ ., ,..., , ,.s-Agana.. 4' 'lg 45' .f I? A 156 Tl-IE 1919 ORIFLARIME In Memoriam -A' lL'li unto death with the fatal malady of disinterest, failing slowly through long months of heartrending effort on the part of some few students to keep alive in it, at least, some . spark of life, there has passed away one whom we knew well, and, in the days of its strength and beauty, loved well-the Glee Club. lt has not definitely been ascertained yet whether the demise is really death or merely a trance, but the indications seem to point to the former. So obscure was its death that the exact date and time are not even known, and to some, perhaps, this news will come as a surprise, but cer- tain it is that at some time during this spring of l9l8, it "jes' nachly" ceased to be. .Its death cannot be attributed to old age, for though it was well up in the forties, that is no extreme age for a glee club, nor was it exactly due, as has been stated. to disinterest. There was carelessness somewhere, and all the more sad is it to think, "We might have saved it had we tried." .Xll the more pitiful is it to think that the poor glee club died without even being allowed the sacred privilege, accorded fron time immemorial, of appearing at the last in its native town. Ah! the pity of it all. The poor glee club, struggling to keep alive, gasping with its last feeble struggle for breath, was choked into oblivion by us who had the power, in even as great measure, to give it life again. Three outings we gave it-only three-l-an1peter, Millersville, .-Xkron, ah! thank goodness, there are four-and one at Columbia, and, though it behaved most admirably on every occasion. we fell down on our job and failed flatly to give it its just reward, the Lancaster concert. ls it possible that human beings-yes, intelligent, well-bred college students-could stiffer such a thing to occur? The glee club, which are forefathers originated, which our fathers helped on, and which every class to go out from lfranklin and Nlarshail has looked back to with pride and with pleasure-one might almost say every man of every class-- is that to go, through our negligence? XYe have a trust bequeathed upon us, we of the present-a dual trust. Those who have filled these halls before us bequeath us the tllee Club. and by' the very nature of that bequest we are on our honor to maintain it not alone because it has been FR.eXNliLlN AND MARSIWALL COl..L'lfGli 157 maintained so long, hut as well that posterity may he our successors in enjoying' it and passing' it on in their turn. Perhaps, after all. it is not dead. Let us hope it isnot. llut if there he some vestige of vitality there, it is for us, in this year which is to come to make it once more, at least. a semblance of what it was in "the old days." lint if it is really dead, liod rest its soul. lt has had a noble ex- istence, has done much good and given much pleasure, year after year. Such an one deserves honor and peace without end. So he it. 'fs fo-N F' ck 5,53 .M we 58 T1-IE 1919 O Rl FLA M M E Morte de Senate J 1-lark! '.l'hrough the troubled air there sounds a bell, Faint, yet deep-toned in its mellowness: it is the knell Of some departed soul, reborn in Paradise: Freed of its earthly chains, stripped of all worldly guise. W'hat! Can it be that some dear friend has died, One who'd have wished us at his side That he might bid farewell? Uh, no! No human friend Is this whose tocsin sounds: this whose life is spent, No, 'tis a friend who, though inanimate, has been A faithful servant to our every whim --The Student Senate, aye, has passed away- jiaded and much abused, into a better day. Ah, friend of many years, of many trials, thou art, Old Senate, though some would impart To thee that which was forthest from thy thoughts. llut heed them not-thy course was nobly fought. The time is past that thou hast been of aid. Yet, though thy deeds are past, they shall not fade In glory. ',l'hy task is done-then rest. The world may censure-thou hast done thy best. FRANKLIN AND IXIIARSI'-IALL COLLEGE 159 A Study in Economics J' Garner is reciting. .Xfter trying' all means to impress a point upon his intelligence, 'l'ulJlJy tries, as a. last resort, one of his famous examples. 'lIUl!llY.--I,OUl' a hosed o' wa'r in a lagk, wha'd happ'n. fi.XRNlCR.-l,O1.ll' a what, Doctor? 'l'.-lolosed o' wa'r in a lagk. G.-I don't know. What would happen? T. IanimatedlyJ-l3on't know wha'd happen if you'd pour a hosed o' wafr in a lagk? What's the matter? ti.-I don't know what you mean, professor. 'lf LdesperatelyIJ--lJon't know what I mean? Why that's plain enough. llosed of wa'r-hogsed, hogshead! Cl.-Uh! llogshead. I didn't understand what you said. T.-I said pour a hosed of wa'r in a lakg, wha'd happ'n? ti.-1 Jh! Qenlightenedly: then, somewhat clubiously.j What! a leg? '.l'.fc1I.-qle! I.-a-k-e! ! I lJon't you know what a lagk is? tl.-Uh! Lake! Why it would- 'lf-Spread out all over the lagk, wouldn't it? li.-Yes, sir. 'l'.-Now how'd you make that wa'r slay all in one place? Ci.-llliings hard.j lluclnck lprompting' fiarnerj.-lfrceze it. G.-Freeze it. T.-'l'hat'll do. Sit down, lofj THE 1919 ORIFLAMME What-Not Prof. Lirose, calling' roll, "Yocler." Yoder, awakening' from a dream, "Helloa." Wlarwood 'phones lfle is used to the old-fashioneil, hand-cranking' rural 'phone, and so he never thinks of looking' up the number he wishes to call. XVarwood lifts the receiver. Central says, "Number, please' XYarwo0d says, "Uh, hell!" Hang' up-and blushes. IJUNICIQ.-'dXVl1CI'CiS l1urkholder?" XYITBIICR. K. S.-"fllurkholder? I-lim? lle's never on time. Why even when he is on time l1e's late. bl. C. llucher announces to his friends and colleagues that it is his expectation to enlist, in the near future, as a tl'21CtOl'.-IYCWZUS Item. At the Inter-Organization dance. Smith, Rl. A., leads his little lady proudly across the floor, some- what late, spies a doorway, and thinking' it the ladies' cloak-room, shoves her in, folds his arms across his chest and waits, a la Napoleon. Two minutes later Smith hears her voice at his side, sweet with sarcasm, "My dear, that is the kitchen, not the cloak-room." flixit Smithj FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE l6l Odds and Ends J' . Abe Frantz is walking along with his nose in the clouds and a two toot grin across his face. Schaitner, meeing him and surprised at the unusual smile, stops him with, "VVhy the glad face, Abe P" Abe answers, giggling like a girl, "Oh, l just made two pe-rfect recitations this morning." The question is, what was Althouse doing around the reservoir when he got "pinched" Gisli,-"Hey, fella, got a cigarette or a nickel you can lend me ?" DR. liI,lElN Cin psychologyj.-"Now, Mr, Garner, when a chick comes out of the egg, what is the First thing it does ?" G.-xlzNick.--"XVl1y-wliy the baby chicken runs around." h'lARSllAl.l. Cin the gyml.--"XVho the h-1 went south with my pantsf' . SCHULICR tto waiter at llobbiesj.-"Give me a clover club." VV1'1'1xi.1au.-"De samef, VVARXVOOII.--Ulill take one, too." VVaiter brings them in. Wbxnwoon Clooking at the bally thingsj.-"Oh, are they something to drink. I thought it was a sandwich." ' Perhaps l"rettyman will remember the morning he went to market with his "fiancee" at 5 a. m. Now, the question is, when and where did he meet her? 162 THE 1919 ORIFAMME Un Qbur Brnthrrz mlm Arr Zlti the Svernirr nf qplll' Natinn anh nf iiumanitg ' .x lfriends of better days. you are gone! Your faces which not long since brightened our goings and our comings have faded-who knows but forever. And yet they have not faded, for memory brings them vivid again before us. Though you are no longer with us in ac- tuality, your spirit and the glory of your sacrifice is still ever with us: and though we are not beside you in your trenches, our hearts go out to you upon whom are centered our highest hopes and whose manliness has begotten within us a pride only too justifiable. You are thinking often these days, no doubt, of the happy life you left behind you: of the sober, earliest hours upon the campus or of the more boisterous, perhaps, but none the less happy titres oh' the campus. They were happy days, and-for all of us. llut the call has come and mere pleasure is already forgotten in Duty. Your going has saddened us, perhaps, but far more than that it has inspired us onward toward that Duty. You have sacrificed not in vain. Your all have you given and without a murmer-rather with pride and eagerly. Therefore you are men-men such as Franklin and Mar- shall has always been proud to call her sons. The anguish and blood- shed which you are to know shall no longer be a trial of valour: it is an honor-a hardship, indeed, but nevertheless an honor-which you in your manhood have proven yourselves worthy of and for which you have shown yourselves ready, - XYe know not the result which is to come, If victory is to us, the glory is yours more than ours: if you come back to us broken and wounded you shall know our pity and our pride in you-and even ntore your own overmastering joy that you have suffered for your country1- but if you die in the struggle-some must-your glory shall not be known alone among men. lt shall mount even to the skies. Dulri ei dvcorunz est fro pai:-ia mori! And so it is. Know you only that our hearts are'with you and that we are earnestly awaiting the time when we can iight side by side with you for our nation and the honor of our Alma Mater. NYC are FRANIQLWIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE 163 proud of you, even as your college is proud of you, and the little school on the hill no more r'.rff'rfs each one of you to do your duty-she knows you will. By Gods grace the victory shall be ours-but the glory and the honor? That shall be yours alone. And may that grand reunion which is to come after the Hght is over see us again a band of students, happy in the thought of a duty well done, eager once IHOYC to try new worlds 4- . 'a , ', . Q l'ntil then, God speed us on, over the top to vletoly. LQRV: 1 04, THE 1919 ORIFAMME Farewell, Old lslook, the last is done, F ull many a weary hour have you filled Since first begun, And yet-our task is sadder that we part, Old Book. The world you enter in may criticise, And many a stilted fault will have to find, ' But if we're wise NVe'll leave them chatter as they will, Old Book. NVe've done our best together, yet, alas! X1Ve could have wielded better still, it seems. -The time is past -W e'll send you forth just as you are, Old llook. And now farewell, old friends, old class. Ere yet another year will close these all' shall be One with the past. Yet, though these scenes and faces may recede, Old Book, VVe'll view them oft again in you, And mayhap gladden as we read, Because of you, Dear llook. The Business Management Of the Oriflamme for Nineteen Hun- dred and Nineteen desires to call your attention to the fact that the advertise- ments appearing in this publication have been the means which made this " War Edition " possible. We earnestly commend these adver- tisers to you, and suggest that you pat- ronize those who have patronized us. ,W ,., f ,if KN .gf If Q ee-:- - . vi ll, RRI' l l f"uNDe?. .I 817' O Q E FARMERS TRUST GUMPANY or LANcAs'rsn LANCASTER. PA. UNT I Plan ln IM! the ml! la umdly Mull 'un un-g an am. W ll ll J. THE SECOND BEST BOOK IN THE WORLD IS A BANK BOOK HA VE YOU ONE? 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The course in Science is especially adapted for students who desire to study medicine or enter upon commercial chemistry. Campus of fifty-two acres with complete athletic field. Modern Science Building, Library, Observa- tory and Gymnasium. Special care is given to the individual devel- opment of each student by a Faculty of able and experienced teachers. For full particulars ana' catalog, address HENRY HARBAUGH APPLE, D.D., LL. D., President GEO. F. MULL. Lirr. D., Secretary I. .I l F' u L The 1918 ORIFLAMME Comes to us this year, when our hearts are sad, owing to this great world war. This is doubly impressed on us by the word "ORlFl..AlVllVlE" which is the ancient Royal Standard of France, a red flag split at , one end and forming llamed shaped streamers. F. 8: M. College Boys have gone far over the top and are still going under their noble leader Dr. Henry H. Apple. Our College, in fact, has shown the world that it is one of the leading American institutions. Keep up the good worlc "Boys" and l count on us for all the help we are able to " - give you. MR. GEO. BRIENT NALL Keystone Realty Company GEO' DMEILHEEJNALL' Member of the Real Estate Board, Lancaster, Pa. Both Phones Automobile Service Opp. Woolworth Bldg. 20 North Queen St. Suits Made to Order Pressing and Repairing The William N' Rupp Crystal Restaurant Merchant Tailor and Lunch Room 606 W. Lemon St. Lancaster, Pa. 159 N0l'th Queen Stfeet DANCING B Copeland Dancing Academy Lancaster's Formost Authority on Dancing Assembly Dances every Tuesday and Saturday Evenings. Private Lessons by Appointment Member of Philadelphia and international Association Masters ol Dancing . ' . Special Rates for Classes :: Hall can be Rented 53 North Dulce Street TAKE Eravnoa Franklm and Marshall Academy A College Preparatory School For Boys Lancaster, Pennsylvania Edwin M. Hartman, A.M., Principal College Men Know The Value of Margins 111 They recognize that it means a great deal to be just a little ahead of any rival. Therefore, they in- variably appreciate the worth of our merchandise. They are fully aware that they cannot find any- thing quite so good as our stock in trade, whether measured by style or service. QI We feature STETSON and SCHOBLE Hats. Also HIGH ART and SUPERIOR Brand Clothes. We carry all lines of Young Men's wardrobe generously complete. S. M. MYERS 66 CO. No. I2 East King St. - Lancaster, Pa. The cur. ln This A N N UA L were Made By The Chestnut Street Engraving Co. 702 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, Penna.

Suggestions in the Franklin and Marshall College - Oriflamme Yearbook (Lancaster, PA) collection:

Franklin and Marshall College - Oriflamme Yearbook (Lancaster, PA) online yearbook collection, 1916 Edition, Page 1


Franklin and Marshall College - Oriflamme Yearbook (Lancaster, PA) online yearbook collection, 1917 Edition, Page 1


Franklin and Marshall College - Oriflamme Yearbook (Lancaster, PA) online yearbook collection, 1918 Edition, Page 1


Franklin and Marshall College - Oriflamme Yearbook (Lancaster, PA) online yearbook collection, 1920 Edition, Page 1


Franklin and Marshall College - Oriflamme Yearbook (Lancaster, PA) online yearbook collection, 1921 Edition, Page 1


Franklin and Marshall College - Oriflamme Yearbook (Lancaster, PA) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 1


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