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THE ORIFLAMME-1917 'THE ORIFLAMME 1917 TIIE JUNIOR CLASS OF FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE VOLUME XXXIII I XX! ASH R IX lllf ig, -23-.Nu 1 O0 1 Integer vitae scclerisque purus Non egel Mauris iaculis nequc arcu Nec venenaiis gravida sagiltis, Fuscc, pharclra. The above lines fit our most highly respected and dearly beloved PROF. APPLE to whom we respectfully dedicate this volume. I' 'i ' 4' 4' 'F 5, ,.40..95.1 3? Jeata tt , g d'fm1wrur A Retrospect RUF. APPLE is an alumnus of Franklin and lVIarshall College of the class of '78, After graduation he continued his studies in the Tlieological Seminary. In 1880 he was asked to take charge of the depart- ment of natural science in Palatinate College of ltflycrstown, Pa., now Al- bright College. After three years teaching here, he was o1'dained as pastor of a charge in Bedford County, Pa., following which he served Grace lNIis- sio11 in lVashington, D. C., and congregations in Catawissa and in Bedford, Pa. Prof. Apple always felt a deep interest in the sciences, especially the mathematical. During his student. course, the mathematical department having become somewhat disorganized on account of changes taking place, he pursued l1is mathematical studies privately, and at one time took charge of a part of the mathematical instruction in the college. The study of astronomy early engaged his interest and was carried on as a recreation during the twenty-five years he served i11 the pastorate. During this time he was with the Franklin and Marshall eclipse expedition which Dr. J. E. Kershner headed in Centerville, Virginia, where he secured photographs of the total solar eclipse with an apparatus of his own construction. When, on account of its increasing development, the department of physics and astronomy was divided and the department of astronomy or- ganized in 1907, l.'rot. Apple was called to take charge of the latter and became director of the Daniel Scholl Observatory. In this position he has shared with Prof. Kcrshncr, his predecessor, the teaching of mathematics in the college. In the 1lClll1llllSlI'2ll.l0l1 of the observatory he has followed the policy of cultivating a limited field thoroughly rather than attempting a large work which limitations of time would prevent receiving adequate attention. The work of the observatory has been concentrated upon keeping a record -6- Q Tatfwl z f eitlrtllilm , ,. y ii.- '1 o o 7 K' - e s e W'- - ... J e s of 4 M. -'... .... of changes taking place upon the planet Jupiter, and also the measurement of double stars. The work of the observatory has received recognition in Europe, where special note of its observations and drawings has been taken in the Journal of the British Astronomical Association, of which Prof. Apple is a member. He is also a n1en1ber of the Anlerican Astronomical Society and a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He was married in 1884- to 1VIiss Ada Krebs, the daughter of Prof. VV. E. Krebs, formerly professor of mathematics in Franklin and Nlarsllall College. Mrs. Apple died in 1910. N il.- Greetings We're here to praise The evil we do lives after us, lcnd us your ears, RIENDS, non-hyphens, countrymen, F. and NI., not to blame her. lVe have interred our good parts in this book. T herefore, in scanning what is here set down, Judge kindly, Knowing our foremost wish to lic To please all readers and especially ye. - .,e, 8 A.-. Tn E STAF1- 4 x- l af' 4 'U .ly ,. 67' 'K C ' 1 'F' IMG,-.Ling , . . . ' Eff If ' ' f I ,- ...QI I 'J In ' "HW T I!- w"'f -1-s - ex Q, W A' W1 5411, 5 ' Ml Azkk.-,.J... GMM . M I KV V-I S W- Wffj ' 1 Miz J my mai N 37,510.4 ffMg4,O, , W .J 7? V X A j8n.mZ.f.fZ?-5,.,,,- ' gif! .ex V, 0? X ' M ,. , 'F 'li 11, 2. - T ' " N4 , " rig" '9 Z W f 5,55 2? W9 M :sz 1 4 fi. ,,,, "L W: X df N iq 4 5 aaa! 5 1 ' fyessxf-Q' ww, -, - A' ' P' ,. f.LLf' fd' l W, ,X , , A K ' X '--, P fi 4, X 'N 4' 'S I 15- Qi 1 J r fr x t l:. 5 -. fix f 4142 1 - A f. .1 -,- - .- V IHDRBRHN I7 QL 'N 1',..A: :J 1 55113, ,vf- - I P --Y . -xr '-- f- -Y--T 'ii ' ElI51mNLitI sIu w.l A mum r Qffieers and Committees of the Board of Trustees Prvsialcnl, ....... ....Il.I ". I"Al'KI1lN'I'IIAL, Jn., Sm-.IJ. I N. C. Sc1r.mFF1f:n, D.D., LL.lJ. Vive-I'rcsicIcnl,s . . .. ' ' ' I E. II. RENINGER, ESQ. R01-urcIiug Sccrclzwy ...... .... I I. S. WII.I.I.sMSON Cm'1'L-spnnmling Som-1'vl:u'y. .. .... GICOIIGIC F. MULL, AAI., I,l'r'r,D 'l'rvnsurcr ..... .......... .... C ' IIAHIIICS A. Ssunmz BOARD OF TRUSTEES I'1I,IfX7'l'lCIJ IIY TIIIC BOARD J. W, II.,sN, Iisq ,... ,......, .... ................... . W:1.1,l.m ll. llml-zu ...... Alxlxrux I". Ihlxlxczlvzlz .... A. C. Kl'2l'LlCIi ........... Jonx A., lisq .... llmxln' S. Wxl.l,1.msnN .,.. K'll.uu,l-is G. Ihluclc. Esq ..... .IAMIGS Smxn ..,.......... Cll.uu.1':H I". NIIl,1.l-:lc ..... , . . . ......,.... . . . . . . . . . . .Lil,I1CILSt0l', . . . .IAtllCll,SICI', Pa .... ,nu-as 0 , am. I n t r I' . . . .Wync-ole, Pu. . . .. IALlli'Il.SIL0l', Pal.. . . . .L:l.m'ust0l', Pu.. . . . .L:ulc:LsIor, I'u.. . , . .IAl.lll'IlSIOI', I':L. . . .. I.:uu':mstcr, Pu. Pu I'II.I'XT'l'I'1IJ BY 'I'III'I I'IAS'I'ICRN SYNOD II. I". I'IAK'KIGX'I'IIAI.. Jn.. Seal? .........., . . . .,.....,... . . . . A. II. Iln'l'lll-:m11':l., Iisq ....,. I'IllWAIIll II. IIICNINGI-Ill .... lh-sv. I". C. SIGITZ ....... I.. II. KI'III'I'III .,..... . Iln. S. l'. IIl4:n.x1,xx .... i'. V. I1I'IAI7I'III .,.,,,..... Wlx.l,l.xA1 X. .Al'l'I-III. ICHQ ....... IC. S. I"m-:'rz ......,,.....,..... Ilmv. N. V. S4-lmlfzl-'nfl-zur. I,I,.D ..,. . . . ,. I or.. II.xum' C . Il!liXI.ICli ....... .Iunulc GINIIIGIC KUNKIQL, I.I..D .... . ... . ,... Rim-gm-Isvillu, I':l. . . .. RL-zuling, Pu. . . ..AIIuntuwn, I':L. . . ..AIIcnLown, Pam. , . .. IAlIll'Il.HIl'I', Pu. . . . .I.cIm.non, Pam. . . . .SIl1LIll0IiIIl, Pam. . . ,. I1ILlll'1l.SI.0l', Pu.. . . . Pottstown, Pu. . , . .I,:u1c'amstcr, Pa. . . . .AIIcntown, Pu. . . . .I'Inrrisburg, Pu. 1 N fm , -I IQ. " V 5 . ij VI IILQIQI QIIIILIIIIIIQ ICI . ICCTI II'lI.I.I.IM J. ZAI'Il.IIlI.KH, ESQ J. W. IVI+1'I'ZI'II1, ESQ ........ Ihcv, A. S. II'1-:m':n, D.D .... I,IIUI". Glconcm D. Roms .... Rom-:n'1' I.. II'I0'I"I'I'III ...... . . Rlcv. CIIARLICH W. I.1cv.xN, D ICLIIC 7'I IIoN. Jonx M. J.xmrsoN ,...... ..... . .. .....................,, ,.,, WM. II. IIAIINIIIIIT ........ . I'I1iElII'1III1'K W. IIlI'IHI'Ii'KI'III, I ST 4' 1 U- wh? 'ICD IIY 'I'III'I SYNOD OI" 'I'IIIC I'0'I'0IIIMI f'n.rIisIe. Pu.. II1l.II.IllIOI'I'. MII. Alloonu, I'n. YI Alcxauulrizl. I':n.. DI'Ii,I,Zl'. .IJ .... . 'ICD IIY 'I'III'I I'I'I"I'SIll'RGII SYNOD G11-vl1sInll'g. I'u. GruensIm1'g. I'u. I Sonlerset, I al.. MQ ---- . AN DIN G C 'OIII III1'I'TICI'lS Amnm1Y-Jaunes SIm.n1I, J. IV. II. Iizulsmam, Wm. II. II:n.ger, IIoIn-rl. I.. Moller, III-v. I". If Seitz, Rev. A. S. IVvI1er. Henry S. IViIIiaI.mson. DISCIPLINE-George D. Rolmlm, Vlmrles II. Iiamker, J. W. II. IIILIISIIIILII, I.. II. Km-ipvr. Ilon George Kunkel, Clmrles I". NI III1-r, Rev. N. C. SuImeIIvl'. GYMNASIUM ANI: Awr.m'rc:-I-Ilcm-y S. Williamson, Fluu-les G. IIu.ker, IC. S. I"reI.z, W. Il Ilager, A. C. Kepler, C. F. Miller. J. A. Nzulnum. FINANCE AND ENnoIvMwN'1L-Ifl. II. Reninger, W. N. .Ippr-I, J. W. II. II:n.usmn.n, II. II. Iioipcr James Slmml, Col. II. C. 'I'rcxIer, Henry S. II'IIIIu.mson. GuoUxosANo Ilulnmxo 1.-II'm. II. Ihmpger, Wm. Appel. Dr. S. I'. IIeIIm:n.u. I 7Im.l-Ivs I". Ilillur A. II. Il0I.IICI'lI1CI, James Slmml, II:-nry S. IViIIiaImson. INs'ruUe'rIoN AND IJIGGIIIGIGS-IIl'I'. N. C. SuIuwII'e.-r, III. I". IIa.:-Ingm-, Rev. V. W. I.ov:m, IC II. Ilcninger, George IJ. Ilolrlm, A. II. IlUI.IIOI'Il1CI, J. IV. IVeI,m-I. I..xnouA'rouY AND IVIUSIQUIII-.'I. C. Kepler, III. I". Iiawingm-r, I". W. IIII-sec-In-r. Dr. S. I'. IIvIIm:m John A. NZLIIIIIILH, John IV. IVelzeI, IV. J. ZzIeI1:u'I:I.s. l.IlmAlcY-Ilev. A. 9. IVeIJer, JoIm II. Jaunison, Ilon. George Kunlwl, III-v. C. IV. I.1-ram IICV. N. C.Sr:I1ueI'I'e1', Rev. IV. C. Seitz, Col. II. C. 'I'rexIc-r. , 0lxslclcxux'1'onY-IV. J. Zau-I1:u'i2IH, IV' R- I5Ill'l1IHll'l. Ii. S. I"ruI.z. ff. C. 'I.ezuIer. II.. I.. Moller IVu.n1-:md I'Is'r.x'l'Ia-IV. W. Iiiesc-vIcol', IV. N. Appel, W. II. BlI,I'IIIl2I.l'I, J. II. Jauuison, C. C Louder. --11 -w f'IIILIIIIN'I'KIbIlI'f,I. I'u 4, yf A NVQ, 'S J. , TH Fl FACL' LTY if rlniii.-GMI. , e ererrtiiriirg j - e ee 1 .,, ., g' -A f ef -. .. Faculty HENRY IIARBAUGII APPLE, A.M., lJ.D., LIAD., President of the College upon the George F. .Baer Foundation, Residence, 4411 College Avenue. JEFFERSON E. ICERSIINICR, Plijll., Professor of Mathematics and Physics, Residence, 4-4-5 XV. Chestnut Street. GEORGE FULME11 MULL, A.lVl., I.i'Lt.D., Professor of the Latin Language and Literature, Residence, 431 YV. James Street. RICHARD CONRAD SUlIlIClJ'l', A.M., Ph.D., Sc.D., The B. F. Fackentlial, Jr., Professor of Natural Science Qlliology and Geologyjg Residence, 1043 vVllC2ll.l2llld Avenue. ANSELM V1NE'r HIEs'rEn, A.lVl., Sc.D., Professor of Political and Social Science, Residence, 320 Race Avenue. CLARENCE NI'1W'IN IIELLEE, A.M., Professor of Greek, Residence, Q30 Lancaster Avenue. IIERBERT IIUEBENER BECK, A.C., Proiessor of Chemistry and Mineralogy, Residence, Y. BT. C. A. Building. A. THOMAS G. APPLE, A.M., Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy, Residence, Q37 Lancaster Avenue. . H. M. J. ICLIGIN, Pli.D., Audenried Professor of History and Archaeology, Residence, 548 W. James Slreel.. VICTOR WILLIAM IDIPPICLL, PILD., Professor of Modern Languages, Resi- dence, 563 XV. xvitlllllll Street. eleirml JOIIN NEVIN Sclm1+:11'1"1-ZR, B.l,i1t., Oxon.. Professor of Classics' Residence 9 Q5 S. West End Avenue. IIOWARD BRISTOL GROSE, Jr., A.M., Professor of Englishg'Residence 351 W. lValnut Street. CHARLES EDYVARD BIEYERS, A.M., Professor ol' English and German Residence, Hamilton Apartments. TREO. F. IJERMAN, A.M., D.D., Psychology: Residenee,4-4-0 College Avenue W ILLIAM EDWIN VVEISGERBER, Pl1.M., Assistant in the Chemistry Depart lllCIl'tQ Residence, 383 Nevin Street. GEORGE HERBERT ZELLERS, A.B., Assistant in the Biological Department Residence, 14-3 E. James Street. lCmv.xRn IIENRY Bl-IRGER, BS., Assistant in the Biological Department Residence. 526 YV. Frederick Street. - M ... -1. ! 9 Un Non-A L1 BR ' V1 5 mx U I Zi Q I R M ' "il Af O R Ai Hiccrs and C , A OKHFLAMW Ommitt ees Of' the Taculty President HENRY I'IARI3AUGll AI'l'lAl'l, A Secretary GRO ' ' RG R 1' Umm: Rc egistwii' ANSRLM V INET H1Es'rIcR, A On Admission PR011'EssO ' Rb MULL A i 1 , 111.m, AND On Athletics PRO1"1f:s ' ' sons BECK A ihleliu X ARX , PRO f ' .M.. D.D. Q MULL, A.lN' .llg , LLD. I., Litt.D. I., Sc.D. Km-:IN ND MULL 1 c'tivi'l.ies 1 . IIlf,I.LRRg L " -' ' IILRARY 5 Or'1lf:'r1l-'s P .. , ROR. KL P11 l' -- O' 12 ,M IJ lL1lll0llS ROIf1f:ssORs NIEYERS, SCIIAEFFER, A Glee and lllundolin Clubs PROFESSOR GROSE Green Room Club PROFESSOR SCIMEFFER Debating Tennis 1'ROFRssOR IIIICSTIGIQ Fraternities and Clubs PRO1-'RssOR SVIIUCD ,P X. lll. C. A. :incl Nevin Club PROI-'msson A. 'l'. G. AvvI.R -15... ND G Rosle II College Calendar 1916 Senior examinations ......................... . . .May 1-5 Anniversary of Goetliean Literary Society .... .... M ay5 Senior vacation begins ..................... .... M ay 8 Anniversary of 1,lilgI10tlllIlIl Literary Society. . . . . .lVIay 12 Ascension Day--Holiday ................... .... J une 1 Junior Oratorieal Contest at 7:30 p. m... .... June 3 Baccalaureate Sunday ................. .... . Tune 4 Advisory Council of Alumni at 10 a. ni.. . .. Meeting of the Board of Trustees at Q p. m.. . Class Day exercises at 3 p. m. ........ . Fraternity and Class Reunions ........ Literary Society Reunions at 10 a. ln... Meeting of the Alumni Association at 11 :30 a. m.. Alumni Luncheon, Campus, at 12:30 p. Annual baseball game, Athletic Field, at Nfeeting of the Phi Beta Kappa Fraternity at 6:4-5 Phi Beta Kappa Oration at 7:30 p. m. ......... . Alumni Banquet at 9 p. m. ................ . Eiglitietli Annual Commeucement at 0 a. m.. .. Summer vacation ol' thirteen weeks. 1'lxaminations for entrance .......... Registration ................... "lVIake-up" examinations ....... . . First semester begins at 10 a. m. ...... . Thanksgiving Day recess .............. Christmas vacation begins at 12:30 p. m.. . . ..... . . . . . 1917 "Make-up" examinations . .,....... . . . College exercises begin at 8:10 a. m.. . . Semester examinations .............. Second semester begin ........... 1vi1Sll1l1g1.0IliS Dirtbday-Jloliday. . . Easter recess ....................... Eighty-first Annual Cfommencement. . . - 16 - L . . . .June 6 . . . .June 6 . . .... June 6 . . . .June 6 . .... June 7 . . .... June 7 . .... June 7 m. ..... . ....June7 3 p. ni... p. n1.... . . . .June 7 ....June7 . .,.. June 7 ..........June8 . . . .September 11-IQ . . . .September 13 . . .September 13 . . .September 14 . . . .November 30--December Q . December 20 . . . . . .January 2 . . . .January 3 . . . .January 18-Q4 . . ,January Q9 . . . .February 22 . . .April 5-S . . .June 14 Xiu cm Ecu K 2 V ill lBilEf.19i ORlr1tAilM .. .. .. College Directory YELL Wah-Who-Wah! Wah-Who-Wah! F. and M. Nevonia! Wah-Who-VVal1! Wah-Wllo-Wazhl F. and BI. N evonial Wah-Who-Wah! Wah-Who-Wah! F. and M. Nevonia! COLORS Standard Blue and VVhite FACULTY DR. H. H. APPLE .... ............. DR. G. F. MULL ....... ........... PROP. C. N. IIELLER ..... .............. CLASS IDEANS DR. A. V. IHIESTER ..... ............. PROP. C. N. I-IELLER ..... PROP. J. N. SCHAEFFER.. . . DR. G. F. MULL ...... ......... LIBRARY Miss M. J. SOHIED1' ........................ ST. STEPIIEN.S CHURCH H. H. APPLE, D.D., LL.D. ...................... . GYMNASIUM JOHN B. REED ..... ............... President Secretary f 1 11-easurer Senior Class Junior Class Sophomore Class Freshman Class Librarian . Pastor Director iibfmmmmi iimm u p PROF. II. H. IXECK Mn. F. C. Gmuwoon W. II. IIAGE11 ...,.. . Du. V. W. IBIPPICLL. , . II. K. I'Ior.s'roN, '16 .... R. E. McvCI.1-:I.1..xN, '16, .. I. B. Wmcmu, '17 E. E. BIYLIN, '16 .... F. C. Cuousn, '16 ..,.. D. H. F1mN'1'z, '17 ,,.. RI. YV. JONES, '16 . . . D. H. KUNKEL, '16 .... 'l'. 13. L0n.wn, '17 ..... A. S. II1clm.xN, '16 .... M. D. Sc'llAi-'1"Nlcn.'16. J. A. Sxwrn, '16 . .... . BOARD ov Gov!-:lzN0ns Bo.-mn ol-' CoN'rnoI. STUDENT SENATE Foo'rn.u.L B.-xsK1c'1'ls.x LL B.xsEn.xI.L ,l'K.AH'K -is-' Du. C. P. STAIIR . . . .President . . .Secretau-y-'1'rensurer . . . .President . . . .Seeretzlry . . .lilnnuger . . .Captain . . .BIl1IlIlgCl' . . .Assistant . . .Captain . . .Nlanager .Assistant . . .Captain . . .Manager Captain I I - I rezlsllrer Q f 'iw is 7 illjEHEQ191 QK1fmmgV gf. W R. A. MCCJLELLAN, '16, . . C. C. Mllldlllfl, '17 .,... D. II. IQUNKEL, '16 ..4, M. W. JONES, '16 ..,. J. G. MOYER, '16 .... W. F. PNIEN, '17 .... A mmm' so 'FENNIS GREEN Room CLUB - GLEE AND MANIDCJIAIN CLUBS H. K. R. HOLSTON, '16, .. M. W. JONES, '16 .,...... E. B. Guosu, '16 .... D. II. KUNKEI., '16 ,.., F. D. VVENTZEL, '16 .... M. D. SCIIAFFNER, '16 . . . STUDENT XVICEKLY ORIFLAMME A. W. LICK, '17 .....,.,... .,,........ li. W. LU'1"rEN1sERc':Eu, 'l7. . . GOETIIEAN L1'1'En.1xRY SOCIETY C. D. ROC'1iEL, '16 ..........,................ .... W. E. NIOORIIEAD, '18 . .. R. E. P. XYODER, '10 .... P. S. Fnrrz, '17 ..... Nlullamgel' ASSiSt2Lllt Captni ll President Nlaumgex' Assistant President Mzumgcr Glee Club Lender Nlalmlolin l.c:Lcle1' Editor-in-Chief Business Mn.n:Lgc1 Editor-in-Chief Business Mil.l18gGl . Speaker .Vice-prcsitlcnt . Secretary . . .rrl'C2l.Slll'Cl' A AIEHLQNHM WQ AU If C. S. BECK, '16 ....... D. H. FRANTZ, '17 .... W. H. SASSAMAN, '1'7. g fnnmmnr TTIAGNOTHIAN 1.11'mm1n' SOCIETY P. A. MUELLER, '18 ....,......................... T110 Speaker Vice-president Treasurer Secretary MAS C. PORTER Sc1I':N'rIFIc SOCIETY H. A. BARR, '16 ................................. H. E. HARING, '16 ....... M. D. SCIIAFFNER '16 C. D. ROCKEL, '16 .... Y. M. C. A. W. E. MOOIQIIEIKIJ, '18 .... P. M. LIMBERT, '18. .. M. D. ScHAFFNmz, '16 ..... -20- President Secretary Treasurer President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer w " ' " . , " A 1. nf- '. f',.R1-'.:."11 -1 - '.' - -, 'r .f..5a x ,. f-5 Wo' 5 ' " A W 4141 ., . N',x,4.:,v LE:-Exm.""f'M..1. ,f.' 'bw . :4-,fi .'g-t,wI!'.! 2 3 W7 !M"'j w ' f ' Lam-oy,,.'.g.254,15,L.ef4 ,L:4Qvi-ymza,-Mm.-.::.w . ,',n'Zawfm3211..mnfmseis.-entM!.3.4sv:.m1vaxzami-y,mbmsavmaxfrfx'Z 'ws'Q,a!m.':1,.'.- X, -'f:1.w K hg- Q X" f C4 AX - X N' ""' ,.-- : 7 .igi as Qmdm Q53 0 0 9, -.4 f f " f N, gil ' . ggi w lf, 7 w 0 if , Qrrrrml Senior Poem 'l' took the worm ten million years To wriggle up to mam, And mam has kept on NVl'lggllllj2,' up For years beyond my ken. Ile left in fossils marks ol' strife '.l'.lla1t moved the Valles to tears: And I um rielr with joys and liopes Since he lmruvecl pains :mtl fears. In four short years I've learned the lnl Of :ill that main lms wrought ln :ill tlle countless centuries Ile dared, and lmlecl. :incl fought. 'llllilt l'm the lleir ol' liim who tamed 'l'l1e terrors ol' the past Inllames my soul to be like liim A main unto tlle lust. So let me, Fl'CSlllll2lll, tell the tale Tlmt makes lllCll'S lives sublime: The kingly mam wlio rulerl the past- lVc ure, as he, divine. .. no - N, 0 crm X1 1 Q' 2 H 2 V 1" i i i . so A o -. e o o ii !!if!9i oii,iifi!i!!! Senior Class 1916 MoT'ro Conons Semper :Ld frontem Red and blue x7ELL President ..... Vice-president' .... Secretary ....... Treasurer .... Ilistorizm ..... Poet .... . . Rickcty! Rickcty! Rec! Sis! Boom! Rah! Rah! Rah! Co-ax! Big ax! X. Y. Z.! F. and NL! 1916! OFFICERS JAMES W. W1'r111c1cs1'ooN IQAYMOND A. MCTCLELLAN CHARLES D. ROCKEL CLAIQENCE E. SIIAPPELL IJRED D. XVENTZEI. Fmcn D. W1aN'rzE1. eglriaarri aaa it num Senior Statistics OSCAR CLAIR ALLSIIOUSE ............................ Avonmore, Pa. HAlt0I.D GUY K. CLAUDE Franklin Club: Goethean Censor G. L. S. CHQ Chairman Banquet Committee QSDQ Prepared at Avonmore High School and Elder's Ridge Academyg A.B. Course. AUGUSTUS BARR ......... . ........ . ........... Lancaster, Pa. CID E Kg Junior I-Iop Committee: Porter Scientific Societyg Senior Dance Committeeg Prepared at Millersville S. N. S.g B.S. Course. BARD ......................................... Denver, Pa. llarshall Clubg Debating Team C4-jg 'Varsity Football Sub. Mfg Leader of College Bandg Entered Seniorg Prepared at Millersville S. N. S.g A.B. Course. S. BECK ...................................... St. Clair, Pa. Marshall Clubg Diagnothiang Porter Scientific Societyg YVinner Junior Oratorical Contestg Linnean Societyg Speaker Diagnothian Anniversaryg Speaker Diagnothian C4-lg Entered Juniorg Prepared at Millersville S. N. S.g A.B. Course. JOHN ALRER1' BORGER ....................,........... Palmerton, Pa. Goetheang Chaplain G. L. S. Soccer Team C213 Prepared at Polytechnic Instituteg AB. Course. FRANKLIN ISRAUSKOP BRINKMAN .................... Lancaster, Pa. MARTIN 111 E Kg Class Treasurer CHQ Soccer Team CU, KQD, CSD, QDQ Soccer Captain CD, C413 Sub. 'Varsity Baseball: Class Baseball Q33 Sophomore Hat Committeeg Prepared at F. and M. Academyg Ph.B. Course. N. BROSSMAN ............................ Womelsdorf, Pa. Entered Senior from Albrightg Prepared at YVomelsdorf High Sehoolg B.S. Course. .... Q4 - ig p I iFlErl91l. it Qiiiriiiiiwje i..f. L C A FOSTER C. CROUSE .................................... Berwick, Pa. Harbaugh Club, Goetlieang Class Treasurer CSX Assistant Basket- ball Manager Basketball Manager QD, Prepared at Blooms- burg S. N. S.g A.B. Course. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN DAVIS ........................... Lancaster, Pa. Paradise Club 3 Student Senatcg Prepared at F. and M. Academyg A.B. Course. ALVIN FRANCIS DIPITZ .............................. Wind Gap, Pa. Franklin Club, Goetheang Cross-country Run CQDQ Class Track QD, Y. NI. C. A. Cabinet QQQ, GD, QD, "Student" Stall GD, Assistant Business Manager of 0IIIFLAMMEg Prepared at Lerch Preparatory School, A.B. Course. PAUL N. Fox ..............................,... New Bloomfield, Pa. I-Iarbaugh Clubg Goetbeang Critic G. L. S. CSD, Librarian G. L. S. QQD, C353 Class Secretary CD, Prepared at F. and M. Academy, A.B. Course. JAMES IQIMBER GRIMM ................................ Lancaster, Pa. Porter Scientific Socictyg Linncan Societyg Prepared at Millers- EAIIL BRANDT GEORGE ville S. N. S.g B.S. Course. Gnosn ................................ Lancaster, Pa. CD K2g Glee Club CU, CFD, CSD, Qtjg Leader QD, ,Varsity Quartet CQD, CSD, QD, Soloist CD, C-D, Vice-president Musical Clubs CD5 Junior Hop Committee, Cl1air111aI1 Senior Dance Committee, f:llCIl1iSiLiS Football Team CD, Prepared at F. and M. Academy, B.S. Course. TIIEEII I-IAMIIIIIGIIT .........................,.. Lancaster, Pa. 11114 llfg Diagnotliiang Class Football CD, QQX Scrub Football CED, C403 Class Track CD, CQD, CD, C405 Class Basketball QED, M55 Prepared at Lancaster High Sclioolg A.B. Course. -25- 5, -"" .A s -1 - - ig Ef fxfx' LC v sz-Q .. ., QliEQ2blRNKlL.l A Mt tt U. A r sr 0 - in u W11.1,r.u1 ALI.1f1N IIAMMOND ..,.....,...........,.,. New Holland, Pa, flf Z1 Kg Diagnotbian: Reviewer D. L. S. CQ5, CfDg Diagnothian Critic C35, C45g Class Historian C15g OItII"I1.KAIXIE Staffg Glee Club C453 College Quartet C452 Speaker D. L. S. C45g Board of Control C452 l'reparecl at F. and DI. Acaclenlyg A.l3. Course. Ilalun' V1sT.x I-lannixuoli ................... Buena Vista Springs, Pa. Franklin Club: Porter Scientific Societyg Class Football C15g Preparccl at lNIassanutten Acaclemyg ILS. Course. Ilonaczlc Eomcnr IIARINC: .......................,...... Lancaster, Pa. Porter Scientific Soeietyg Secretary Porter Scientific C4'5g Cross- country Run CQ5, CfDg Class Track Cl5, C355 'l'ennis Tournament CI5, CQ5, CfD. C4153 Chemist Football CIDg Assistant Chemist C45g Prepared at Lancaster High Sclioolg B.S. Course. 1'll41RDINAND IIMINI4: ................................ .. Lancaster, Pa. cl: K Eg Diagnotliian: Class 'l'racli Team C153 Banquet Connnittee C353 l'reparecl at F. and M. Acadenlyg AJS. Course. AIITIIUR S. II1-:lm.xN .........,....,..................... Paraclise, Pa. Xrbg Varsity Football Cl5, C25, CfD, C4-5: 'Varsity Baseball CI5. C25, C4-5: Class Football C151 Class Baseball Cl5, C351 Student Senate C-l-55 Class President C25g Cane Connnittee C-1-5g Dance Committee C4-5g Preparecl at Yeatesg l3.S. Course. IRA RlSSl'Zlt Illcluc ...,...............,,.......,.... Elizabethtown, Pa. Y. RI. C. Ag Class Baseball CSD: Class Basketball C45: Prepared Elizabethtown Ieligll Sclioolg A.l3. Course. RAY R.n114'1-' Ilnnrzoo ...................................... Oley, Pa. CD11 Kg c:00'l.llCttIl1 Porter Scientific Societyg "Weekly" Staff C353 Debating Team CfDg Class Track C253 Soccer C85, C453 Prepared at Keystone S. N. S.g l3.S. Course. - 26 - Flrtlilatat ertlrl.iiill ' ' ' ' 'b.2 5'! -' ' H' , ...., .. ROY EDXVARD Houic .... ..........,...................Ilarrisburg.f. Pa Goetlicang Censor G. CL. S. CQDQ Preparecl at Lancaster Iligli School A.B. Course. II. K. Rmss IIoLs'roN ............,..4....,........... l'o'l:tstown, l'a. KD K Eg Class Basketball 'll0illl1 CU: Class Baseball CQJ. CSDQ 'Varsity Baseball Cljg Glee Club CU, CQQ, CfD, C-D5 'Varsity Quartet. CU, CfD, Csltjg Soloist Q ' ""' 1 ' ' ' C D, C4-J. l icsulcnt Clee ancl Mandolin Clubs C4-XY. M. C. A "' ' V ' - ' " S ' . Lalnnct C4-J. Pl0SltlClll Student Senate C1151 Pre- pared at, F. and Nl. Acacleniyg AB. Course. IIICIIARIJ Kaul, TIONAMAN ...........................,.. Lancaster, Pa. Porter Scientific Society: Linnean Society: Assistant. in Physics Departinentg 1'repa1'ccl al Lancaster Iligli Sclioolg ILS. Course. Rox' XYILSUN Il0NSIll'1ltGl'ZR ................,,....... ..1'll'0Ill0Il'l', l'a. 1"ranklin Club: Porter Scientific Society: 'Varsity Baseball CU, CED, CD5 Class Baseball CU, CRD, CfD: Scrub Basketball CU, 'Varsity Basketball CfDg Class Basketball CU, CQJ, CfD, CD5 Captain Class Basketball CQJ, CVD: Captain Scrub Football Tealn C-l-J: Perkioinen Clubg Prepared at: l,0l'lil0lIlCll Seminary: l'li.B. Course. Mvuou W11.1.I,m JoN1cs ...,..................,.. I-nu-'ister l'1 111 K l1"g Vice-president Class CU: Banquet, Coniniittee CUQC Class Football CD. Class Basketball CD, CQD, CfD, CQ: Class Baseball CU, CQJ, CD3 Captain Class Baseb " . . all lcani CfDg Scrub Football CU, CQQ, CfDg 'Varsity Football C-l-lg Glee Club CD, CQD, CfD, C-UQ Manager Glce Club Cljg Green Room Club CQD, CED, C-D: Stage Manager CfD: l'resicleut C-D: Assistant Clicer l.eacler CID: l'reparetl i at Lancaster Iligli Sclioolg B.S. Course. Davin SYlA'l'IS'1'I'Ili Ku lltl . 'IIDICR ...........,.. ,....... t ..... X 'ork, l'a. Paradise Club: Class Football C215 Scrub Football C251 Secretary Board of Control CSD: Nauav' ' C - " ' l" " ' 'U ,ei lass liamlt lcain Preparecl at York High Sclioolg B.S. Course. -- 427 - igaaurti use an If Aziz ALEXANDER IQOORIE ............................ Paterson, N. Y. DANIEL Diagnothiang Chaplain D. L. S. CID5 YVinner Freshman Oratorical Contest D. L. S.5 Winner Oratorieal Contest D. L. S. Prize Winner Inter-Society Oratorieal Contest CQD5 'Varsity Track Team CID, CQD5 Class Track Team CID, CQD5 Mock Trial CID, CQD, CSD5 Class Football CQD5 Secretary D. L. S. CQD5 Reviewer D. L. S. CQD5 Secretary Press Club CBD5 Chairman Debating Committee D. L. S. CSD5 Cap and Gown Committee CLLD5 Anniversary Commit- tee D. L. S. C4D5 Associate News Editor "Student VVeekly"5 Ger- hart Oration D. L. S. Anniversary CID5 Prepared at Franklin a11d lVIarshall Aeademyg A.l3. Course. HERE KIINKEL .............,................ Harrisburg, Pa. KID K 25 Diagnothian5 Diagnothian Anniversary C3D5 Speaker D. L. S. C4-D5 Class Football CQDg Class Baseball CQD5 Class Basket- ball C3D, C4-D5 lVIandolin Club CID, CQD, CSD, C4-D5 Leader CSD, C41D5 Glee Club C4-D5 Manager Baseball C4-D5 ,Varsity Tennis Team C3D, C4D5 Captain C4D5 Green Room Club C3D5 Junior Response to "Mantle Oration"5 ORIFLAMME Staffg Prepared at Harrisburg Academyg A.B. Course. I. J. KIIICIDER .................................... Lebanon, Pa... .. Entered Senior Yearg Y. Nl. C. A.5 Prepared Millersxfille S. N. S.5 A.B. Course. YVILLIAM GROVER NIARKEL ............................ Sunbury, Pa. Chemists' Football C4-D5 P1'epared at Sunbury High Sehoolg B.S. Course. CHRIST LONGENEQKEE DIARTIN .................... Elizabethtown, Pa. Diagnothiang Cabinet ltiember of Y. NI. C. A.5 lVinner Diagno- thian Sophomore Oratorieal Contestg YVinner Inter-Society Sophomore Oratorieal Contestg First Prize Prohibition Oratorieal Contestg Inter-Collegiate Orator CQD5 Prepared at Elizabeth Collegeg A.l3. Course. ...Q8... e. e L - L e f L ill IHEAPIII QKHQHLAMTTE TIIoMAs 5- 7 K' ANTHONY MARTONE ............................. Elkton, Md. fll K Eg Porter Scientific Societyg Vice-president Class C21g Ban- quet Committee C213 'Varsity Track Captain C41g Track C11, C21, C31, C4-1g Class Track Team C11, CQ1, C31, Captain Class Track C21g Relay Team C11, CQ1, C41g Chemists, Football Team C31g Prepared at Tome Institute g B.S. Course. RAYMOND AUSTIN MCCLELLAN ....................... Allentown, Pa. Diagnothiang Class Football Team C21g Scrub Football Team C31g Soccer CQ1, Manager Tennis Team C315 Mock Trial C41g Inter- Society Debating Team Diagnothian C41g Prepared at F. and M. Academyg A.l3. Course. JACOB CYRUS MESSNER ................................. Durlacli, Pa. Marshall Clubg Goetbeang Second Prize Freshman Oratorical Contest: Glee Club C21g Prepared at Millersville S. N. S.g A.B. Course. MAURICE TVILLIAM MILLE1t .......................... Summit I-Iill, Pa. JARRETT Goetlieang Goetllean Anniversary Committee CI1, C915 Glee Club Cl1, C21g Goetllean Anniversary Program C415 Porter Scientific Societyg ORIFLAMME Staffg Prepared at F. and M. Academyg A.B. Course. GOVER MOYER ............................ .... A shland, Pa. Franklin Clubg Class Football Cl1, CQ1g Class Basketball C21, C41g Scrub Baseball C113 Scrub Football CQ1g 'Varsity Football C31g Assistant 'Varsity Football Manager C31g Green Room Club C214 Assistant Manager Green Room Club C31g Glee and Mandolin Clubs C21, C313 Junior Hop Committee: Football Manager C41g Senior Dance Committee: Y. M. C. A. Cabinctg Manager Green Room Club C4-1: Student Senate C411g Prepared at Mereersburg Academyg A.B. Course. - 29 - i f i gftf 1 lffiiiiimg ifzllaiafal 5 il ,AQ .L+ - Y A dqlnmnvu S'l'.xNl.l':Y Nlssmcx' Mmlxm ..,..... ,,.., ............... T . andisvillc, Pa. fl' .Y lig Diagnotliianz Secretary 17. L. S. CQD3 Class Football Managrer CID: Hlanager Class llasketliall CD: Class President CD3 Speaker D. l.. S. C-D3 Prepared at F. and M.Ac-adelnyg AB. Course. l,Al'l. Gooo 1'll'ltRAY .............. ,,............... N Iountvillc, Pa. 1D K W3 Porter Scientific- Society: Class Basketlmall CD3 "Weckly,' Staff CQD. CSD: Class Banquet C0llllllll.lC0 C213 Biology Football Team C3j3 Senior Dance Connnitteeg Prepared at Lancaster Iligll Selioolg ll.S. Coarse. SCIINAIJICII MY1-:ns .....,...................... Terre Hill, Pa.. Prepared at F. and M. Ac-adenlyg Ali. Course. l'lnw.xlm Evlcm-:'r'r lxlYLIN .........................,.... Lancaster, Pa. X CII: Class l"oo'tlwall CU. CQD3 Manager Class Football CQD3 'Var- sity Football CQJ. CSD, C4-J: Captain Football C4-D3 Re-elected Cap- lain 19161 Class llaselmall CU, 'Varsity llaselrall CQD3 Class llaskellmall CU, CQD, CD3 Soeeer Team CD3 Class President C251 .lnnior llop Committee: Prepared at F. and M. Ac-ademyg 1'l1.l3. Course. .lollN liovlcn Noss .................... Xvilli1llllt1lSll, Iwasliiro, Japan Goethean: Secretary G. l.. S. CQD3 Censor G. L. S. C853 Winner Sophomore Inter-soeiety Oratorieal Contest: Critic G. I.. S. President G. I.. S. C353 0n11"I..um1c Staff C353 Eulogist G. I.. S. Anniversary Pl'0Qfl'2llll CSDQ Class Historian C813 Second Prize llensel Essay Contest CSD: Inter-society Debating Team CSD: Literary Editor "Student Weekly" C4-D: Student Senate C4-D3 Y. M. C. .L Cabinet C-lib: Honor Court C-D3 Goetliean Orator G. l.. S. Anniversary l,l'OgIl'illll C4-D3 Critie G. L. S. C4-D3 AB. Course. - HU -- flip iii.fii9l2 Qiari.ial R C It A C W l'lR.lClJERICK Licwr Rmcnnnfr ........................... T.aneaster, Pa. qw K Eg Goetlieang Porter Seicntifie Society: Reviewer G. L. S. QQQ, CDg Vice-president G. L. S. CD: Critic G. L. S. Cl-Pg Viee-prcsi- :lent Porter Scientific Society Q4-jg Class 'l'ra.c-k Team CQD1 Biology Football 'FCELIII CD: "Weekly" Stall' CQD. CD5 Press Club CD1 Non- Aililetieg News Manager Press Club CD1 lCcli'to1'-in-CThiel' filli- 1"1.AMMlf:: lVIanaging Editor "Student lVeekly,' CD: Prepared al' Red Wing fMinn.D lligli Sc-bool and Lancaster High Sc-lioolg Pli.l5. Course. Il. G. :RIPPLE ........................................ lQaneaster, Pa. Diagnolliiang Prepared al l.anc-asier Ifligli Sc-bool: A.l3. Course. Cn.xnLms IEAVID ROUKEL .............................. Allentown, Pa. Goetbeang Chaplain G. L. S. CU: Vice-president G. T.. S. CD: Win- ner Freslnnan Oratorieal Contest: Winner Sophomore Goetliean Contestg Class Secretary C211 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet CD: Inter- Soeiety Debate QD: Eulogist f:00'lllCilll Anniversary QD: Orator Goetbean Anniversary Inter-Society llebater CD: Business lllanager c,liIl"LAMME1 Goetliean Anniversary Oralor QD: Debat- ing Team C403 President G. L. S. C403 Presiclent Y. RI. C. A. GD: Secretary Class CU: Prepareml at Allentown High Selloolg A.l3. Course. Romani? BARR Rlllllllili .......................,...... Lancaster, Pa. Porter Scientific Soc-iety: Chemists' Football Team CD1 Pre- pared at Lancaster Iligli Selioolq A.l5. Course. Cii.-xnLEs 'l'mf:onon12: ROLLER ...................... Weyers Cave, Ya. Franklin Club: Class Football CQJQ Class llaskeiball CQX Class Baseball QQDQ llanqnelz fl0llIlIlitl00 CD1 'Varsity Football Q-D1 Prepared at Massanntlen Ac-acleniyg A.lS. Course. -31M Q A D 5. S 4 Mai A Jiliiltmllitl . C BI! U. ,. . EA 4, 9 unmm MEADE DANIEL SCIIAFFNER .......,.............,.,...... Enhaut, Pa. 411 E K5 Diagnothiang Secretary D. L. S. C255 Anniversary Com- mittee D. L. S. Banquet Committee CQ55 Treasurer D. L. S. C255 Vice-president D. L. S. C355 Critic D. L. S. C355 Porter Scien- tific Soeiety5 Assistant Business Manager "Student" C355 Assistant Track Manager C355 Treasurer Y. M. C. A. C35, C455 ORIFLAMME Staff 5 Business Nfanager "Student YVeekly" C455 Track Manager C455 Prepared at Steelton High Sehoolg Ph.B. Course. CLARENCE EDGAR SIIAPPELL ............................ Hamburg, Pa. Marshall Clubg Goetheang Porter Scientific Soeiety5 Class Track C15, CQ5, C355 Biologists' Football Team C355 Junior Oratorical Contest5 Banquet Committee C355 Treasurer of Class C455 Pre- pared at F. and M. Aeademyg Ph.B. Course. JAMES ARCHER SMITH ................................ Baltimore, Md. 'Il K lIf'5 Banquet Committee C15, CQ5, C355 Hat Committee C255 Class Track CI5, CQ5, C35, C455' Class Football CI5, C255 'Varsity Football CI5, C25, C35, C4-55 'Varsity Track C15, C25, C35, C455 Cap- tain Track C355 Prepared at Tome School5 B.S. Course. IIOXVARD KANN SPAIIR ................................ Lancaster, Pa. Paradise Clubg Banquet Committee C355 Assistant Bus. Manager "Weekly" C355 Prepared at York County Academyg A.B. Course. LAMBERT L. SPANCAKE .............................. Pine Grove, Pa. Marshall Club5 Porter Scientific Societyg Chemists' Football Team C355 Class Basketball C35, C455 Assistant in Chemical Labora- tory C455 Prepared at Keystone S. N. S.: Ph.B. Course. F1mDERIeK ALVIN S'rEnNI:u ...................... Schuylkill Haven, Pa. Goethean: Treasurer G. L. S. C355 Entered Juniorg Prepared at Keystone S. N. S.5 Ph.B. Course. WILLIAM EDWIN TROUTMAN .......................... Bernville, Pa. Goetheang Librarian G. L. S. C355 Entered Junior5 Prepared at Kutztown S. N. S.: Ph.B. Course. lf K A si G4 1 . Q7 - ,gn ii ill il A X. ,j. P Y ' Y W P yg li K W -'ma MAURICE CLEVELAND WALTEDSDORF .......... SIDNEY -' " . 3-E. If fi? -.feanrtiimrgf . . . . . . . . . .I'IanoVer, Pa. Harbaugh Clubg Goetheang Y. M. C. A.3 Perkiomen Clubg En- tered Sopho1nore3 Prepared at Shippensburg S. N. S. and Perkio- men Selninaryg AB. Course. LANIER WELLER ........................... Wrightsville, Pa. X CD3 'Varsity Baseball C253 Chemists' Football Team C353 Pre- pared at Millersville S. N. S.3 B.S. Course. FRED DEHART VVENTZEL ...............,.... Stony Creek Mills, Pa. Harbaugh Clubg Goetheang Vice-president G. L. S. C32 President G. L. S. C353 Winner "College Studenti' Poetry Contestg Second Prize Sophomore Oratorical Contestg Salutatorian Goethean Anniversary C213 Goethean Poet C353 Sophomore-Junior I-Iensel Essay Prizeg ORIFLAMME Staffg Editor-in-Chief "Student lVeekly" CALDQ Student Senate C413 Debating Teamg Class Historian C4,Q Class Poet C4,Q Prepared at Schuylkill Seminaryg A.ll. Course. SIMON PETER NVIIITEIIEAD ................................ Manor, Pa. KID E Kg Class Treasurer CQDQ Chairman Senior Cane Con1mittee3 Student Senate QLJQ Prepared at F. and NI. Aeademyg AB. Course. JAMES TVILLIAM VVITIIERSPOON ...................... Mercersburg, Pa. CID K lIf'3-Class Football CD, CQJQ 'Varsity Football CD, CQD, CSD, C453 Captain Class Baseball Team CD, CQQ 3 Chairman Junior Hop Com- mitteeg Student Senate C4-D3 President Senior Classg Glee Club C4-D3 Prepared at Mereersburg Aeadenlyg AB. Course. CLAYTON WVARREN XVOTRING ............................ Jordan, Pa. hlarshall Clubg Goetheang Porter Scientific Soeietyg Class Track CD, CQD, CED, C4-D3 Junior Oratorieal Contestg Banquet Committee C313 Biologists' Football Team C353 Treasurer Class C423 Prepared at F. and M. Aeademyg A.B. Course. - iffiirrtltttltti rrzirttra U. If Senior History HE SENIOR is modest. So universally comprehensive has become his outlook upon life, with its complex multiplicity of problems, that he views the future with the embarrassment of a Lilliputian called to per- form Ilereulean tasks. In the light of what remains for him to do in the world, what has been done in the small college community where he has spent four years of his life seems relatively insignificant. In harmony with the modesty that becomes a Senior, we shall boast little here of the contribution that the Class of 1916 has made to the welfare and progress of Franklin and lVIarshall College. What matters it that we have been instrumental to a large degree in securing the success of the Ilonor System, in putting the Young hIen's Christian Association upon a firm financial basis and giving it a new impetus of life, in establishing a football record rarely paralleled in the history of the College, in founding and making possible the success of an original, colnprehensive, and con- structive weekly publication, "The Student NVeekly"? More wonderful to the Senior than his external achievements are the unseen inner transformations that have been wrought in his breast by college life. Once a narrow provincial, who thought ill terms of houses and villages, he has been transformed into a world-citizen, who thinks in terms of continents and humanity. Once an intellectual egotist, who labored for selfish ends only, he has been transformed into an altruist, who searches for truth that he may use it freely in the service of his fellows. College life has made him a new man. Ive have not given much to our Alma lVIater, but she has given much to us, not perhaps in the way of knowledge, but certainly in the way of enlarged personality. Long may she live lo teach men to be men! -34Q J., VW ' I ' a n ,M -' ,'-4, ' W H 45 Lf.'1,f'1m 5 lx! lvl ' M ' 1 9 i. ZX'-' 1-'MUPAQ' - www-fQ'M'gf P f'4.w'f'x?"1'1f' W ff W-x-1"'QY' ffifwff.-.'Ri',f "2 5.1 ' A r 5' ' ' 1 v v v - ' A I 375' mm , ' K 05, . , :tl wwf Ink ' 1-. 4 , v .Q, f , W QM V 1,g,,w,, L. ',',,::.4, , .- X ,Ax W. , ,-ffflah.-w V.. is wg, zifg Xp? , ,, vw, nu bv:-f x1,, 1 1 'zum'-A. . , v 1 f ,. .L , , ,.,, .L ,u.,.+":,:!,wJ. 4- MMG n mf' v,.,. I. .r' -. .. -AL . .- Ri "1 7- N I. 0' 1 3-E . V' :JUNIOR cum iaaiiai aaiei ai If -i umm Junior Class Poem NOW, MEN! F Freshman and So mhomore ears We have l Y sung, Of woes and of trials, then of wisdom and fun, Hut now for the blossoming year of our life- Come Muse, sweet Pan, and lend me your pipe. YVho says 'tis all joy with nothing of care? Who talks of the dance and dress-suited affair, Of trembling lips, new-warmed by embrace, Of liquors and wines and the terrible pace? Your judgment of us, Old VVorld, 'tis all wrong. YVe still have a love for wine, woman, and song. Not revel nor license, but each in its place, Then pleasure and fun with virtue and grace. This year of transition, awakening, thought, Tells of the creation thc college has wrought. No longer the boy so careless, so free, But manhood, true manhood, Old VVorld, and f -35- or thee iriaargfgj K' .14 ," " N., 0 9.4, , fff f' QSM L o U G X' fs- 'L ' Y W Aw 'T e x- 1 :51 '4 A mmnvznr m J umor Class 1917 Mo'r'ro Laeti sorte nostra YELL Boom Tierra Boom! Boom Tierra Boom! Boom Tierra Seventeen Boom Tierra Boom! OFFICERS President .... . . . ......... . . Vice-president ..... , . Secretary ....... . , Treasurer .... , , Historian .... , , Poet .,...... , .. 37 - COLORS Maroon and Steel SAMUEL S. BARD RENIE L. HERBST PAUL T. STONESIFER PAUL G. HAYES PAUL G. HAYES CLEMENT W. IDECHANT 9 trlarnai iiiari ti If f fnnmmnv Junior istory E have finally yielded to the insistent demands of the ORIIPLAMME Staff that we permit them to publish a continuation of the History of the Class of Nineteen Hundred Seventeen. Fearing that we might be unwittingly drawn into the serious error of self-satisfaction and pride in our achievements, we came to this conclusion only after giving careful con- sideration to the issues involved. lVe shall, therefore, endeavor to follow the precedent established by the first portion of our history, namely, the straightforward presentation of facts. From the timidity of our Freslnnan year and the boislerousncss of our Sophomore experiences we have successfully passed to the dignity ot upper- classmcn. Last year we encountered several very heavy squalls, particu- larly "Euripides." ".luvcnal," and "Invertebrate Morphology," but were able to enter our Junior Year with only a few losses. Several of our num- ber left us to take their places in the great world of affairs, and one or two have advanced into the Senior Class, our loss becoming the lattcrs' gain. Through the death of our classmate, William E. Feidt, a few months ago, we received the heaviest loss in our history. As far as mere numbers are concerned we are glad to say that our losses have been partially supple- mented by the addition of several new names to the Junior roll. WVe have continued our interest in college athletics, not, however, to the exclusion of classroom and other interests. In the Fall Inter-class Track Meet we secured first place, and in the Middle Atlantic States Inter- collegiate Track Meet one of our men finished second in the two mile run. VVe have heartily supported and participated in Football, Basketball, Tennis, and Soccer. To some it may seem unfair for any one class to have more than one- fourth of the men in the institution with averages above ninety per cent., but such l1as been our distinction. At the close of each semester since our -33- ii tv X in ?Q 7Q I y 'u 2 2 V iii Wltlf-ll91 0lit?FlL!tHlM o :T matriculation, from thirty-one to forty-five per cent. of the ninety per cent. men have been members ol' our class. Concerning our average scholastic standing we were candid enough last year to state that it was not all that might be desired. Our frankness in facing the truth spurred us on to increased efl'ort with the result that there has been a gain of almost four per cent. in our general class average, a gain larger than that shown by any of the other classes. In those interests of the college community which center about the liter- ary societies, the Young lVlen's Christian Association, the l'rohibition Association, and the Student Volunteer Band, we have actively partici- pated. Juniors were prominent also in the Diagnothian lVIock Trial, the Concerts of the Glee and Mandolin Clubs, the presentation of "Arms and the Man" by the Green Room Club, and on the "lVeekly" Staff. Following the custom ot' former years, our class made its "Junior IIop', the chief social event of the week between semesters. I11 the language of the "Stu- dent Weekly," "The Junior Ilop Committee is to be highly congratulated on their untiring eftorts which worked for the grand success ot the affair." In your hands you have now the fruit of our labors in puhlishingan 01:1- FLAMM 111. lVe feel that its merits are so sell'-evident that they need nothing more than this passing remark. Whether our coming into this institution had anything to do with it or not we are unable to say, but it is a fact that our splendid Ilonor System did not become established until the year of our arrival. As a class we stand by it, being willing to abide by its principles or suffer the consequences. We are glad to record, too, that the class constitution, adopted last year, for which so much was hoped, has fulfilled our brightest expectations. The class activities have been carried on in a business-like way and the class finances are in excellent condition. In this review of the year w'e feel that we are justified in saying that we have accomplished a few things that are worth while, and some, perhaps, that are not of very much account. Should you investigate our statements and find that we are worthy of a medal for telling "the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth,', we would give all the credit to Dr. Schiedt, who exhorted us to make the search for truth the chief ambition of our lives. ... 39 .- c f A. jg ... fii" g,6 g xg g A ll?'l,lRNKtl 1WltltSSlFHAL1. H 1 The process of introspection through which we have just been passing has put us into a contemplative mood. The third lap of our College Course is almost finishedg i11 a few months we will enter upon the last. During these three years we feel that we have acquired considerable knowledge, have added a commendable percentage to our efficiency, and have maintained a high standard of student life. We expect to continue this record to the end, graduating in June, 1917, with honors favorably comparable to those secured by any class which has preceded us in Franklin and Marshall. lVere we addicted to the use of pompous, inflated language, we might say that our undergraduate days will end in "a dazzling blaze of glorious splen- dor." Such an utterance, however, is as meaningless as it is bombastic. Some one has even dared to suggest that the very heavens have conspired to make our graduation year a memorable one, referring to the fact that 1917 will witness the unusual phenomena of seven eclipses. But we are true to our proverbial frankness. VVc brush aside this prettysuggestion and declare that it is a mere coincidence and has no significance i11 connection with the Class of Nineteen Seventeen. -40- f,,,rr'fi1 . , ..Qz-ff, ff.. ,, ., N' , - A wwf. A ,f.'.w-V' ..' F- kinja? 'uM:L-.v?,'-Mn,,ffMLM' mp ...'.,,f.f I I 1 pf W! X' Ifwjflf ff Zfnjfi l X Jf ff lf: 'ag 4 ff!!! 2116" M 4 gf 5 ff ,' ' eff' :riff 9 ...,A , ',"Vf9',1f' . f m y W I KY X v, I - f3 flank' V N fi. -.,..-..,.N ,- . if--each K-+,,w,li'k -ar .LU -' , A, - ,,. ,,.,1p:z.,,. SOPIIOMORE CLASS tl-TF ' s f-s e - H s, 1'- le Kilt Q PlFt?f19l Z Q at if U , ..., . Sophomore Class Poem A MAN must have at nimhle wit, A judgment true, :md nerves ol' steel, And patience sueh as Joh ne'er knew, If he would he at Sophomore. For first the Freshman must he 'ltllltfllt 'I'o luy aside his ehildish wuys And to respect tradition old- A thamkless task, you may he sure. And then to classes we must go 'l'o wage unequal war, forsooth, With Xenophon und llorucre, who Ilnve skillful profs. to plam their liglrl. Then, too, if we should do hut half Our rel"renee work in History And English, 0, ye Gods ahove! 'Twould take us all our Il2tlL,l'2tl lives. llut all our worries pale hefore This prohlem: whether we prefer A maid with eyes ol' playful blue, Or witty black, or modest hrown. And when at lust you meet your fate, How sud it is to learn she hates The very name of Soph, heeuuse Her hrother dem' at Freslnnnn is. All this must Sophomores endureg And then, indeed, they eatll us fools. Ah well, it comforts us to know Y 1 ' 1 hat we are NVISC fools anyway. -43- iirzfrrwmr mr gg COLORS Blue and Gray President ..,,. Vice-president . . . Secretary ....... Treasurer .... Historian .... Poet ..... g m Sophomore Class 1918 0I"l+'IQ!ICIlS MoT'ro Amor omnia vincit PAUL A. MUEIJLER II. STANLEY RICKEIQT . . . .IIARRY C. CULSIIAXV EDWIN A. ROBERTS DELAS R. KEENER ROY G. WITMER A-f 'N l -,Q , wllF"l' N, 1 Y frm ll 'V I 5 , Y - W -R, -. 3 N a ' A .. .. .., .. 1 RQ 0 1 R o2Fr,l2?lLIlrrYQl'j G F if Sophomore Class Roll FREDERICK CLEVER BALD. . . JOIIN NIILTON BOWMAN ...... HENIQY CLAY BURKIIOLDER. . HARRY CUMMINS CULSIIAXV. , A. B. COURSE . . .Merce1'sl1I1rg, Pa. . . . .Nfount Joy, Pa. Hegins, Pa. ALLEN WVALTER. BUFFINGTON. . . . . . . . . . .Lancasterg PR. , . . .SzIylOrsburg, PIL. CHARLES FREDERICK DILLER. , . . . .LRncRster, PR. LANDIS DONIER ............. PAUL 'POPLEY GANTT .... DAVID IVAN GLEIM .,...... ALBERT RALPII GLESSNER. . . VVILLIAM EARL GLESSNER. . . . . .LRnczLstcr, Pa., . . .NewpOrt, Pa. Columbia, Pal. . . .Sluu1ksville, PR., R. D . . .... Slmnksville, Pa., R EMERSON GIIY GREENAWALT, . . . . .l.el1master, Pa. CHARLES LINDICN GRI-:ULIUIII VVILLIAM IIENDERSON IIAGER, IRA FRANKLIN HONAMAN .... IJELAS RAX'3IONIJ IiEENER.. . . EDWARD JOHN IQESSLER ..... CLAUDE CALVIN IQISSINGER. . EDVVARD .IQLAXVANS .,,,,.... . FRANCIS BENNETT LEINIIAUII. THEODORE MILIIEIQ LEINBACII LINN CEssNA LIGIITNER ....,. PAUL NIOYER LIAIIIERT ........ . . . WILRI-:RT EARL lVIO0liEIlI'IAlJ. PAUL ALBERT lx'llII'lLLER YYY.. MILTON FRANKLIN RI':1H':R . . HENRY STANLEY RIUKI-:RT. . . East Greenville, PII Lancaster, Pa. LEll1C2l.SteI', Fa. J li ...... R. D. 4 1 D. I . . .MyerstOwn, Pa., R. D. 3 D . . .Allcntown, Pa., R. . . . .Slmmokim Pa. . . .B2l,l'l,lll1Ol'C, Md. . I . . . Riegelsville, FR. I . .. . . . Reading, PR. Marysville, Pu. L1lllC2lS'l,CI', PR. Imlcr, Pa. l,au1c::Is'ter, Pu. . . . Mohrsville, PR. . . . . . Sellersville, PR. -45- Q 4' nmmnr QQIEIRNIAII IEI. A EDWIN ARTIIUR ROBERTS. . . RUSSELL JACOB RUI-'F .... . :HESSER CLAPIIAM RUIIL . .. RICIIARD CONRAD SCIIIEDT, Jr. JOHN ALBERT SLAGEN ........ ARTHUR DEATRICK SMITH. . JOSEPH RA1'IIAEL STINE. . . JACOB Q. TRUXAL, Jr .... WVILLIAM WVILEY XVEAVER. . . KAY STANLEY XVITMER. . . ROY GROFE VVITMER ,... EDWIN BODDER YEICII. . . B CHARLES CLAUDE ALLSIIOUSE. . . . . . RODNEY VINCENT ANGLE ..... LANVRENCE RALPH BERGER, . . JOHN ALBERT BUTLER .......,. NORMAN FITZIIUGII EBERMAN. . ROBERT RAUGII ELDER ........ IIARRY HEINS ESIIBACH. . . JOHN PONTZ FEAGLEY ..... WALTER CALVIN FRINGER .... GEORGE ROBERTS IIETRICII ,... RAE ELMER HINTERLEITER, . . JOHN HERTZLEIQ HOLLINGEII. . . NATIIANIEL SAMPLE LINDSAY. . RICHARD ALVIN LIVINGSTON, . . GEORGE FRANCIS MIlYlIAI'lL. . . YVALTER JAMES NIOUNTZ. . , ALFRED GILES NI'1ILII. . . IIERMAN HUGO NIES ,... Gettysburg, Pa. New Oxford, Pa. MiHlinburg, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. -Lancaster, Pa. Woodstock, Va. Elizabethville, Pa. Greensburg, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. MzIlta, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Reading, Pa. . COURSE Avoninore, Pa., R. D. 1. SlllppeIlSllllI'g, Pa. York, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Brownsville, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. T aIIeytOWII, Md. liirdsboro, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Hollinger P. O., L Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Millersburg, Pa. Reading, Pa. Elkins, YV. Va. Lancaster, Pa. -46- ancaster CO., Pa Q I 1,1 V X X X. + Dwi a 7? im IIIEIQEI QEIEIIIMM GEORGE HENRY ORMROD. . . HENRY JUSTIN RODIDY, Jr. . JULIUS EDNVARD SCHNEIDER. . . . ALVIN C. WVERTSCII ,..,.... . DAVID ALLEN XVILLIAMS. . . WILLIAM I'IERVEY WORK. . . JOHN CLINTON YINGST. . . . SPEC IAL C HOKE HAIR .,,... . . MAURICE GLICK .... . . HUGH HOOVER ............... . WILLIAM LLOYD 1VIc'ALL1s'I'ER. . . . ROLAND BRUBAKER PAXSON. . . . . . HENRY BUCHI-JR SIIRIVER ....... . . CHARLES EDWIN VANDl+1liSl.00'I'. . . . .. Emuus, PR. Millersville, Pa. West Hazleton, Pu. IAll'lC21StCl', Pa. Stl'OllClSlJlll'Q, PH. Lzmcalstcr, Pa. Lebanon, Pu. IOURSE I'l1lIl0VCl', Pa. l3illt,illl0l'C, Md. Lancaster, PR. West Willow, Lmlcaster .Lz1m:aster, Pa. Mcclmanicslmrg, Pa. York, Pa. CO., Pa tjlllitttlftulitl iriiftitra Au. If Sophomore History GLORIOUS class of nineteen-eighteen! How noble are thy achieve- ments! I-Iow steadfast thy prowess! How priceless thy worth! With what monuments shall we adequately commemorate thy extraor- dinary deeds! It would require a Gibbons or a Motley to "precipitate" them into history-yea, more, for history cannot flttingly preserve thy triumphs to future collegiate generations. Thy truths and ideals are not only written on cold, lifeless stone or marble, where they will soon perish and pass away, but they are also written on the hearts of the "Initiated," where they will remain forever. On a bright September morn, 1914 A.D., there assembled at Franklin and lVIarshall a class that was destined even in its first year of existence to demonstrate its true worth. tve had the honor of being the largest Fresh- man class that ever enrolled at F. and M. But immediately we proved that we had quality as well as quantity. XVe of course won the "tie-up" with such an overwhelming score that from the beginning we had the Sophs cowed into subjection. Next, to follow up and demonstrate our authority, we drew up a set of regulations and posted them in conspicious places so that the Sophs would surely know that they were under the stern rule of "Romans," As a consequence, no hazing was brought to our notice. lVhen the time came for the Fresh-Soph game, we proceeded to add this to our string of scalps. This was done very neatly indeed. In this way we continued to add to our collection other trophies won in basketball, baseball, and track. And then, having thus acquitted ourselves during the first year, we started out for our summer habitats with our minds preg- nant with wisdom. YVhen we returned to college in the autunm we evaded the "Cops" and adorned the community with yellow posters, proclaiming our superiority and in fact our future program. hleanwhile, we had discovered that a ..43.. il L . 7 9 5 W1 3 "wi iiteral i E eairurf e , Y Y - if-Y ,' fy? 5, ' A -... . certain species of unclassified beings had been thrust upon our care. We immediately set to work to classify them and upon brief consultation we were enabled, by our extensive Zoological knowledge, to classify them as "Freshmenitae.', As soon as we had determined the genus of these verdants, we extended our protectorate over them in the capacity of "patres" and on the basis of the rules and regulations embodied in our "Codex Freshmanianaf' Here our late enemies began to interfere and even attempted to incite the Freshies against us. But we had the verdants well under control so that- would you believe it?-no posters of the Freshman class appeared at any time and consequently an "ad.,' was put i11 the "New Era" by the com- munity, advertising for Fresh. posters. This was an unprecedented occurrence and only the 1918 class can boast of it. The Freshmen, however, continued to break our regulations and, when we discovered some of them promiscuously wandering about over the face of the earth after the unearthly hour of eight P. M., we were obliged to round them up. They were first thrust into jail and finally taken to the athletic field, where some of the "Irish', color was very gently extracted from their crude ore. In addition, we compelled them to atone for their sins by climbing a pole, while we "lambastiously" assisted them. This being done we deposited them gently at their nurseries. But our veteran enemies were 11ot yet satisfied. They arranged for a "tie-up" between the Sophomores and Freshman. They even went so far as to incite and command the 1"reshman ranks themselves. But all in vain. Our old determination and "pep" won the day, although they outnumbered us very much. That clay we gloriously triumphed on the field of battle. In fact, we so firmly established our dominant rule' that the Freshies gave us practically no trouble alter that. lVe of course continued to rule our charges very gently until the annual Soph-Fresh football game drew nigh. At that time we, the ever-victorious class of nineteen-eighteen, again assembled to prove our ancient authority. The Freshies could hardly summon up enough courage to face us, but finally, under the spurring of the upper-classmen, they timidly crawled to the field. But our ancient prowess could not be shaken and we completely -49- iflllwaitl aaa m g routed the opposing ranks, giving them not a single point. Between halves we observed that the Freshies were needlessly and foolishly exposing their delicately constituted bodies to the cold blasts of wind on the Bleach- ers. Thereupon, we, afraid that our charges should fall a prey to pneu- monia, immediately proceeded to deposit them safely and tenderly in the coddling bosom of llflother Earth. The instigators of the Freshies' crimi- nalities then determined to reinstate them in their coveted fresh-air home but here we again interfered and finally convinced them that it was un- healthy for them to inhabit such a dwelling. Lords of the situation thus far and having taught our charges that it was indeed a misfortune to incur Sophomore wrath, we ruled quietly, yet gloriously, over the conquered. Our prognosticated future had come true. Not only did our class excel inthe aforesaid prowess, but we instilled new life and vigor into college life. The literary societies received new inspira- tion, recitations became more spirited, and college life became more active. We have a good representation in the Glee Club, and in fact in all college organizations. Thus, proud of thc fact that we have acquired our "crown of glory," we are marching towards the ideal of true manhood-an ideal which our dear Alma Nfater so vividly presents to our view. And we, the class of 1918, sincerely hope that we prove ourselves still worthier sons of "Our Nourishing Mother." A -- 50 - 4 V F7 Ima FR ESHMAN CLASS ij llllillEfll9l Q2li,lZf'lLll'1Tf !jQ Freshman Poem HERE is honor, deep and solemn, Rooted in this Freshman Class, When in many a jolly column We advance as one great mass: 0'er the college campus running To meet our opponents face to face, Beginning our career by sweeping Many Sophomores out of tl1e race. Many truths from books of learning, That are filled with thoughts sublime, Are, like spirits, brightly stealing Into this Freshman Class in time. Dear F. and M. our glorious college, lVitl1 Profs. both learn'd and famed, Offers to this Class of 'Nineteen Future glory and great fame. In our classrooms, as men before us- Noted for their honesty- . Left behind them f0lld memories, So do we our efforts ply Till, aside our studies laying, lVe as graduates depart. In our minds is honor playing To the beating of the heart. ii11D3'iRNKLi mi5m Au If Freshman Class 1919 Co1,ous Morro Brown and White Facia non vcrba YELI. Chick! Zulu! Zah! Ki! Bc! Boonl-or-ang! Bing! Bang! Boom! 11121111 Hooray! 1919! 01"1"ICICIiS President ......., ......... . . . Vice-president ..... Secretary .... f Y 1 reasurer .... Poet ....... Historian .... - 54 .- FA If ST 1'1O0VI'IR G I+:u1"IN Yomcu G 14111191 N I A A1 S XD 5 I if K I 1- Q4 5 I ,lateral L QKlFtAur il ' L Freshman Class Roll ,,...l1-- A.B. COURSE harry daniel althousc .... william barlow ......... edwin w. bear ............ . richard watson bomberger. . . . clarence nourse brubaker ..... albert herman bucher ........ walter aloysius roberts buckius .... . . herhert kurtz cooper ......... john wilson corman ,.,. william cdwin dill ......... harold maybury downes . . . . william nevin elliot ..... paul keller evans .... david earl faust ....... abram peters frantz ..... john leonard gerfin ........ cdwin seabury gernant .... john calvin goodling ...... george walker grieve, jr. . . . abner cisaman henry .... joseph ivan hershey ..... frank henry johnston .... henry nathan kehres ...... roland nicholas klemmer . . . john daniel kocher ........ daniel adam krumrine ..... montgolnery lewis larnpe. . . ....55.1 VVOlllClSCl0I'f, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lititz, Pa. Boonsboro, Md. Bird-in-Hand, Pa. Harrisburg, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Brownstown, Pa. Spring Mills, Pa. Meyersdale, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Paradise, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Columbia, Pa. Rosebank, Staten Island, N.Y Marrietta, Pa. VVestmoreland City, Pa. Greensburg, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Coplay, Pa. Shamokin, Pa. New Holland, Pa. Northampton, Pa. State College, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. tr Iriranai iiamn george fry lee ........... william clifford marburger henry james marshall .... david nauman martin ..,. john frederick mearig. . . clarence troxcll moyer .... karl Sanford ort ......... emmctt welsh rasbridge. . daniel milton schaffner. . . jolm leroy schuler ...... martin albert smith ...... glenn randolph spangler. . samuel dewey stein ...... philip quay stnmpf ..... clydc mc-kinley swarr . , . edmund ruhc sykes ,... rathfon merrill urban ..... grovcr stevens yeagcr ,... robert cmery paterson yoder .... benjamin franklin adams ....... elwood paync bonney .... elvin guy brubaker .... john christian bucher ..,. milton wood dcisley ..,.... earl raymond eitneier ..... frederick mc-kinley frantz .... joseph nixon gamble ,....... gerald deibert gise ,.... william john hoover ..... edmund burwell ilyus ..... richard dehaven mayser ..... robert franklin mehl .... X mm B.S. COURSE -56- Latrobe, Pa. Denver, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. New I-Iolland, Pa. Catasauqua, Pa. York, Pa. Columbia, Pa. Orangeville, Pa. East Greenville, Pa Pen Argyl, Pa. Hancock, Md. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Landisville, Pa. Allentown, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Roaring Creek, Allentown, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Pen Argyl, Pa. Lititz, Pa. Lebanon, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Ephrata, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Altoona, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Pa 0 Q- 4' MEM? K2 V i ltL'rlQL QKlFLAni william martin muth. . . john fletcher myers .... paul william smith .,.. charles joseph trier. . . herbert my woerner .... ................ elias lm. linker .......,..... george washington jamison ..,. Vernon neely johnston ..,.. .... frederick englc keller. , . george lewis philipps. , . george etter reisinger , . nmrslmll elias smith ..., carl Il1lllf0I'Cl.lillISlg. , . george Wilkins tovey. . .' U- 1 if Lititz, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pu. Trenton, N. J .Lzmcastelg Pa. SPECIAL COURSE . . .... lAlllff2lS'tCl', Pu. . . . .l,a,m-uster, Pa. Blount Joy, l' Lancaster, Pa. ax. Greenville, Texas. York, Pu., R.D. 12 . . . .-L2l,IlCi1SlLCI', Pa. . . . .l12lllCZlSl.Cl', Pu., R.D . . . .Leol:1,, Pu. .. 57 - tillimtttl iiittii at If D .I . - resiman istory 0'l' quite a year ago there entered old Franklin and Marshall what is destined to become one of the most illustrious classes it will ever have produced-the class of 1919. Although this statement may not be accepted by some because of our unfortunate defeats in several activities, nevertheless it is true: for these defeats have only served to show us wherein our mistakes lie and how to remedy them hereafter: while our victories have urged us on to nobler and higher achievements. The posters, the class fight, the 1"reshman-Sophomore football game-all have spelled defeat for us, but still we do not regret it, for it has profited us greatly. Our victories in basketball, on the other hand, have shown us what we can do and have urged ns to strive even harder in the future. In fact, both vie- tory and defeat have served the same purpose. and our future history will undoubtedly be one to be proud of. But let us consider the things that have occurred up to the present time. Our posters were not posted for a very good reason-the Sophomores. Many and varied attempts were made to cover their posters with our ow11, but to no avail, for they were too alert and watchful for us. Some of us were caught and severely chastised by them, while others escaped their hands only with the greatest difficulty while attempting to put up the posters. At last, however, we evaded them and succeeded in putting up about a dozen of our black and white ones over their green and yellow ones. These were of course promptly torn down the next morning. but that did not matter, 'for we had succeeded in showing our defiance toward our so- called "superiors" In the class fight we were defeated, not because of any lack of spirit, but because we were outnumbered. Although a few of us could not be present to take part in this fight for supremacy, those who were present gave very good account ol themselves, and only after a hard battle were they defeated with a score of 38-20. vb -Q I mf Q0 O Fl ri V i atrial eairtiiiim Vp e 7939 N For our remarkable showing in the Freshman-Sophomore football game, against a stronger and heavier tean1, much credit must be given to our coach, Mumma, who worked with untiring effort to round us into form, and to our captain, Spangler, who did his best to lead us to victory. In our practice games, Lititz defeated us with a 6-0 score and Mt. Joy tied us 7-7, so that our hopes of making a good showing in the class game were very low indeed. But when the day of that game arrived, we exceeded all expectations by holding our heavier opponents to a IQ-0 score. In basketball, however, we put all the other classes to shame. lVith Hoover as our captain, we practised hard and succeeded in producing a team that won five games out of six, and at the same time the inter-class series. YVe defeated the Sophomores in two fast, exciting games. 'trimmed the Juniors in two equally good ones, and won one from the Seniors, who in turn took one warmly contested game from us. Thus we won the series with a percentage of .2-533, while our "superiors," the Sophomorcs, came in third with a percentage of .500! We were well represented in soccer, and our presence was made felt there as elsewhere. The glee and mandolin clubs contained some hall' dozen or more of our men, who helped make them the great success that they were. Those of us who joined the literary societies took an active part in them and did excellent work. All social events were incomplete without us, and in fact nothing has occurred in which we have not had a part. Our work in the, classroom has been good as a whole, although some ol' us naturally failed to come up to the full requirementsg but taken altogether, we have had a very good year and have started a grand history. YVhat the future holds for us we can but conjecture, but that it will bring us greater success can not be doubted, for we have "lived and learned" throughout this year and are well prepared for what is to come. Moreover, the Sophomores have tried to bring us up properly and have shown us how to train our successors next year, so that we can not help but have great success along that line. But. as the future is merely a matter of conjecture, we must wait u11til later to see our hopes fulfilled and to prove my first statement-that we are destined to become one of the most illustrious classes Franklin tllld Marshall will ever have produced. --59- vi 1 V N , I FMNKLS IIIE1 1111 If mm Graduate Students EDNVARD HENRY l5I'JRGICR, li.S. 119155 .,.... NEVIN M. BISER, A.B. 119115 ........... . . GEORGE ELDER BRINTON, PILIS. 119135 ,... NE1'IN IIOWARD CARI., 119085 ,........ LEON SCIIALL DRUMIIELLER, A.l3. 119095. . . . ABRAHAM LINCOLN GEIIMAN, AB. 119095 ..,,,.... :ROBERT BICCULLEY IIALDAOII, 13.8. 119155. . EARLE RIISSICIIL I'IEliBEliT, A.l5. 119155 ,,.... EARLE LESLIE LEAVER HUNTER, .-Lll. 119155 ..... . ARA XVILLIS IQAUFIWMAN, AJS. 1190-15 ,.,.... . WILLIAM NIES IQLINE, A.B. 119105 ...... JOSEPII IDDINGS LAUEIPER, 119125. . . LEONARD LEXVELLYN LEII, A.B. 119115, . . ANGUS LER01' LIGIITNER, A.l3. 1190-15 ..., GROVER CLEVELAND MAUS, A.13. 119195 ..... JOSEPII NIATTIIENV NEWOARD, A.B. 119085. . . J. VINCENT POLEY, PILU. 119015 .......... ADAM FREDERICK RPINTZ, AB. 119125 ....... YVILLIAM ADRAIIAM SCIINEDER, AB. 119085. . SAMUEL SIIIRK SIMONS, Ph.B. 119155 ........ XVILLIAM ALLEN SOIIL, A.B. 119125 ..... PAUL JAY SYKES, A.1i. 119135 ............. RALPII STANLEY XVEILER, 1'lI.l3. 11914-5 ,..,.. EARL BROOKS XVORTIIINGTON, l'h,l3. 119155 ....... IIENRY HIGIIEE XVORTIIINGTON, AB. 119115. GEORGE :HERBERT ZELLERS, A.B. 119155 ,... -60- York, PII. Culnberlancl, l5Id. Whitcsville, N. Y. Norfolk, Va. Sclin's Grove, Pa. Belleville, PII. IAl.llCllStCl', Pa. Nnnticoke, Pa. Epllrata, Pa. West Willow, Pa. Reading, Pu. Irwin, Pa. lNIill Creek, Ill. Reading, PR. Taneytown, Bid. Zwingle, In. Royersford, Pa. 5VyOnIissing, Pa. Plliludelpllia, Pa. l5IzIrietta, PII. Lancaster, PII. Plliluclelpllia, Pu. Hi111llJlll'g', N. J. LiIllCllStCl', Pu. Callnbridge Springs, Pa Lamcaster, Pu. EM Z ,, -ff -A--.v , GD f IFF? N A ,f ....-. .K ff' 'gg ffff Q 'KIM ww Xt!- - f 1 MZQU X , K -Ty!!-I :NC - A , -W ,Uwxgi ., ,X RSXQA N 'Wx f Cf' fx ix. fm 7 I . f X. 4, X 3 V, ' N My ff! A 82 Q- -V . Nf'x V4 W' 4!.JXxY1y'!4 , 9 wb 'Vs -1 af M' , X s.N'M :f-f4Q25,.,.y- ' , Li- fl 'f . f : 'Xnwze -wif ff- :ffi u- - f f1z:'P- '59 f 4 , X 'W ff n fi ffW5':, !:fM'f fp 1 fl - "AV 1 WrWg?E?fH'QMIM 'ff e . 1534, Q In ,',wgi,, W .,'53.A.5Mg'4ai? . 0 . A 1-,Ami -f,lM,1:s1ffq.5I, was E4 ,V 1,5 - ' 59 QM xl f',f,z , ' fff' QrigQ!:ia+ i g:5gga?g5'3,sfl ' S QQXM -U '55 116.1543 Mei--H.eiew.-S W5 W- .ggi iw-51537-5 ,' X-Q5 .,-mumstfI5W.'Jj-'. A Q X :QW 'QXWQK ,971-,'f1Lf-3-I"XYNIIJEXQi1x'4f"i'S!h!v2'l1iEil 4135555 gn XY-f1-i?1..f-y,f,fkf, '1:4i 5 'SNEQWF' ,u'1V?"f7!'M':2tQtl! uw-ai-WX5lnssR2,"fF.i'S4-l', lldx, -1:'ffg,- W4Wi,"f4':,ZN-aY,'1 ,is QQ! QAXX .' fw4:ine.Aif QYQIEWEX'1.g31.3xN35:-emgassvrggAgni!! r' X'i,'P!s:-f'-Vgv2'm7Q4'l?.Meal'W- 1' ' w.g'9w-NNN F- mf-gzffaufvr"'zfwLmRv:ww sq ""PvVWvgwa'wQ:QxgfA.:.14P?'fb,'QZwl5i"g1aaaff Wax' X , f WXQQYQ-5 Avwwsg4fza'1+i'L:qva- :gum xg 'VfNgsgw.'w4sgk.4vfSz"WS'5 NyQw'f!. lg iq 1 f ww ' ,. 1 fQ-46fJf1:4!fPgt!1-m4l-gsmQM' 6 Hg ,fgws-w-55:2 fi fQ',,9!m ,KX Q. .b,9v-Jang: ,gg iX1.,.f,,...-jgffhgln my . I-LwV...Wgz gype, fWq1.WW v.JI.'p S ,X QNXEQM yy , 3 Vlytgpk ,41-Ml',,'5,k.:,1:I5H 14 M I -. V ,V V -,.'N1yg'1Q,grWfr-1 lei Q ,Q f Wffe'siwwavsmifw1g3' fi' ' j X f 1f"'W 9f5ffM' V 1 0 ' ff GM Wx A V' 1 V L- EITRRNGER-.f1:'g': MI X ' iff t , ,.-- IN ounl-Mmsvn-! , E QXY in W ,,,,,f-- iiirr n 'nw fn1oq29nN,l7 , . 'Y-'vV - Sq MN WC W gli U 0 Till illliiilli AU. The Theological Seminary TI llfl l"ACUL'l'Y Rl-Iv. JOHN C. BOWMAN D.D , . .............. . . .President Rl-nv. W11,1,1.fxM C. Sc'1i.w:if'1-'lf:H, l'l1.D., lJ.D .,.. ,, ,DQQ111 Rm. GIQOHOIQ NN. RIUIIARDS, D.lD, ...... . . lilcv. 'l'H1cOnOHIf: I". I'Imm.xN, DJJ. l'rOl'vssOr Ol' Systclnutic Theology Rmv. Giconczm W. RIUIIAIIIJS, DJJ. l'rOl'c-ssur Ol' f'lllII'I'll llislory Ri-zv. .FlHCllERlf'K A. G,xs'r, D.D.. l.l,.l7. I'lllll'l'lllIS l'rOl'0ssOr Of llvlmrcw :mal Old 'l'c'st:um-Ht Sc-ivnov RI-zv. IHw1N IIOCII IDELONG, D.B., l'l1.D. l,l'0f0SS0l' Of llolxrcw mul Olil 'l'm-slzum-nl Si'i0lll'l' Rlcv. XVILLIAM C. SCIIAlCI"l"l'I1i. l'l1.D., D.D. Pl'0rL'SS0l' Of New ,llC'SlIlllll'llt Sc-iclivv REV. .IOHN C. BOXVMAN. D.D. l,I'Ufl'SH0l' Of l'l':u'llx':Ll ,lllH'Ul0g'Y lhcv. JOHN I. SWANDI-Ili. l'h.lJ., D.D. .Xssuvinlc l'l'Of1-ssul' Ol' SySlL'lllllfll' 'l'lu-Olngy -nz- . . . Secretary Aaron Robert 'l'osh Q K fl Qfixwm W I llHll.Jl9L X is 7 9 oitlrtlall If 4 In u . lj l - Ni' . Qi- ' W. A ' Q, S U wo sz . 1 wg, f A , I- . . f , 4' , .. A 4 ' ' C - If - -5 J J A ' va-um Adam Richard llaclnnan Arpad Rakay Frank Harvey Rlatt Lee Otis Carbaugh I-Iarry Jacob Donat Raymond Lewis Carbaugh Frank Preston Fravel Elmer Rhodes Hoke Paul Irving Kuntz Reuben Edwin Kutz Samuel Edwin .Lobaeh Elmer Roy Cornian Clark VVesley Heller John N. Herzog. John Samuel Hollenbach F. Engle Keller Jacob B. Landis K' STUDENTS SENIOR Cmss NIIDIDLE .lnN1on C Noah Hoclcnian Fravel Ralph Ellis Hartman Victor Herbert Jones Claude Talmage King Adam Fred Renlz CLASS Lawrence Carl Thompson lNIiller Irvin Albert Raubenhold Alfred Nevin Sayres Frank xvllllillll Teske Clarence Charles Troxcll Harry Franklin John Ubcrroth Lass Allred Merton lNI2lS0llllCllIl0l' Israel George Nace Joseph IV. Richards Victor A. Ruth Howard Lester Sassaman Bruce Albion lVentz Pos'r Gimlinwl-1 S'l'UDEN'1'S Rev. Curtis 0. Bosscrnian Rev. F. L. Kerr ' Rev. Lee NI. Erdinan Rev. Milton F. Kling,5an1an Rev. E. F. Faust Rev. Ira S. Monn Rev. XVIII. S. Gerhard Rev. A. NI. Rahn Rev. IVin. R. Hartzell Rev. F. K. Stannn Lillllij-iRNlii.l alan ai If Franklin and Marshall Academy FACULTY '1'lmnm+:Us G. Inlnmi, A.M., Principal Grcuk Enw1N M. InIAn'rM.xN, A.M.. Principal Gorman RIARTIN W. NVITMER, AB. English JOSEPH A. IXOTIIERMEL, A.M. RIRll.llClllklllC'S and Sr-icnuo I-Iomcn F. IREBERT, AB. Latin and Piano PAUL N. LANDIS, A.M. l"rcn1'li and Englisli Jiwon 13. LANDIS, AB. llistory E.-ini. li. Wom'llINc:'roN, A.B. Malhomaiios Simulcl, M. SnIf:LI.m'. A.B. Gorman and Latin .IonN S. IIOLLENISACII. A.B. Matlicmalics RALPII E. IIAILTAIAN, AB. Allilvtivs and Pllysic-al Cultura- B. Rirlfus GLIDDEN, AJS. Atlilclics CIIARLES P. S'rAn1z, M.D. Medic-al Examiner and School Physician ur New Professors THEODORE F. HERMAN, D.D. HE chair of Psychology has been most ably filled during the past year by Professor Herman. lt is a privilege to have a course of this kind in the hands of so capable a man, one whose reputation as an authority on his subject is country wide. Ilis lectures have been of great worth and have been highly appreciated by those who are fortunate enough to have taken the course. Professor Herman was no stranger to us as for some years past he has been occupying the chair of Systematic Theology in the Seminary. We all used to especially enjoy his remarks at our football mass meetings. He knew whereof l1e spoke, too, for he was a member of one of the first gridiron teams which ever represented Franklin and Marshall. He graduated with the class of 1895 and then entered the Seminary. After leaving that insti- tution in 1898 he spent two years in Germany, where he took up advanced work. Upon his return to this eoun try in 1000, Dr. Herman accepted the pastorate of the Reformed Church of Lafayette, Ind. He remained there until 1903 when the largest Reformed Church in Allentown issued a call to him. This was accepted and he served this congregation for seven years, until in 1910 he was elected to the chair of Systematic Theology in the Reformed Theologi- cal Seminary, which chair he still occupies. Dr. Herman is editor-in-chief of the "Reformed Church Review" and is the Sunday-school Editor of the "Reformed Church Messenger." -65- CIIARLES EDWARD MEYICIIS, A. M. f HE vacancy in our English Department has been filled by a man who is peculiarly adapted to the position both from the standpoint of ability and inclination. Profes- sor Meyers came to us with quite an enviable record for accomplishing things and his first year with us has but borne out his former reputation. Being a Franklin and Marshall graduate. in tl1e class of' 1902, he naturally was ready to come back and serve his Alma Mater in the capacity of an instructor. After graduat- ing he entered the Sem- inary and in 1905 he re- ceived his diploma from that institution. During the years 1901412 he served as instructor in German at Yeates School. Immediately upon leaving the Seminary he accepted a. call to become pastor ot' Emmanuel Reformed Clmrch, York, Pa. He remained there for four years, during which he also taught German in thc York County Academy. In 1909 he accepted the pastoratc of St. .lohn's Reformed Church of Phila.- delphia, where he remained until called to Franklin and Marshall. Wlhile in Philadelphia. he availed himself of the opportunity to become a graduate student in English Literature and English Philology at the University of' Pennsylvania. In addition to this he served as an instructor in English at that institution from 1911 to 1915. In 1913 the University conferred upon him the degree of Master ol' Arts. The Stafl' extend their best. wishes to l'roI'essor Meyers as well as con- gratulations upon the success of his first year ol' work at Franklin and Marshall. - gg - fmt f V 21116 fi laelai erelrilll The Student Weekly EDITORIAL Editor-in-ellief. . ' Literary Editor. . Maliaging Editor .... -..-- News Editor .... b Associate Editors .... BUSINESS Assistant Business Manager ........... STAFF FRED D. WENTZEI1, '16 JOHN B. Noss, '16 F. L. REICIIERT, '16 FRANTZ, '17 D. H. A. A. Koonm, '16 C. C. MUEHE, '17 I F. S. Fourz, '17 L. C. LIGIITNER, '18 STAFF M. D. SCIIAFFNER, '16 Business Manager .............. ...... .R. L. I-IEn.ns'r, '17 Among the numerous innovations at Franklin and Marshall during the past year, probably the one most vital to the welfare, both present and future, of the College has been the "Student-Weekly." This as implies is the result of the union of the two journals which were issued under the name of the institution, the "F, and M. Weekly "College Student." The first named was the conveyor of news rent topics while the latter was of purely a literary nature. . The present "Student-WVeekly" endeavors to combine these two ends and purposes, as its constitution states, "to promote the welfare of the College hy recording, presenting, and interpreting accurately the various activities associated and concerned with the College." One issue out ol' every four contains a literary supplement which is a worthy substitute for its name formerly " and the and cur- tgfll,D.5'Qi3i,aNiii.i Aan ai lg thc old "Student" The paper is closely connected with the Literary Societies and four oi' the editorial staff as well as the business managers must be selected from those bodies. The first stages of journalistic endeavors at Franklin and Mai'sl1all were the result of the efforts of the late Hou. William Uhler Hensel, who in 1870 founded the magazine known as "College Days." This publication was of a literary nature and was supported by both societies. After an exis- tence of ten years it gave way to the "College Student," whose original editors were E. L. Kemp, '81, and F. E. Bucher, '81. It was not until ten years later that tl1e first "F. and M. Weekly " was issued. From that time on the two publications had been issued contemporan- eously, and although by no means competitive in their natures, yet neither one had in recent years been receiving support enough to warrant a sue- cessful continuance, considered from a financial standpoint. Therefore it was dee111ed advisable to unite tl1e two if possible, and tl1is.was accomplished by the opening of tl1e 1915-16 collegiate year. Much credit for the successful union of the College papers is due to the Faculty Committee composed of Profs. SehaeHer, Klein, Grose, and Meyers. Their untiring efforts have had much to do with the proper direction of the new organ. These professors are members of the advisory Council retained by the "Student-Weekly" for thc above mentioned purposes. Under the leadership of an efficient Editor-in-chief and an able Staff, this new institution in the journalistic circles of the College has had most en- couraging succcss to dale. With a continuance of the present policy of strict impartiality and non-partisanship in current matters, there cannot be but a bright future for the Franklin and Marshall "Student-1Veekly." -53- x V M W f fin? X "Ai N A is 5 I Q L 1' Q? ' N :fi k i fi! X Q iff. . V'Wi'f"f" " H iffwf' T3'A'EZIIEA5g5z.'z'f"f'f"'-in 'l5""'1'?A ' '- "'ff,'T""'A "f:?3".'i ' ' ,YQ A ,,,,. 4 -yr.,-., Y ' rn-, ,J , ,. .X , . .. Y A-mp,e,Qf,,, .f M - , . , Q ' - .V ,. . - -4 ,qll V. M ,V , . , ,..f-f , :T,:5,,-1,-4. 1 . ,X , . . . . . , . X , V ' Q .1 -:.,g , . "4 'A . X , i .. ,X .X J' E. , r AU .H-f,f' f 0. - 1 .. 1 V I fu w A -fj .' elf," ',um1- 9:21 .1 ,,,, ... .A . V fsi' - 'wfx',g,r,-7, -3.-3 ., -,Z .. "f ...:.., ' f"1-,+ , 1 - ,- n ' A fa-Q ., 4. u . . 51513-5,215 fur! ' :..M-.liz - Q I W ,.1.7,,.w, -.4 - I . I. Y , V, t b ,A F E - t ,mzl . M1 MN. ,HV--, -. .... .. '.V,,.,, 4 5 ' , 1:-., . , " ,Mi 43, . 2:2 , " . 1' Q . . -, FJ -A -amy, . Q, , '-' 1 r , 1 -, ,V- "i n V :fl ' ' 1 ' H K A 1 . 1 4 . y 1 :- gf' 'j fi , ,f.'1'.Q. 'Zi ,A fy.-,I . ,. ,V ,. '.,j1g3-Q 4 I ,1,Ws"jf3 ' . ." ' . , ' , W .I 4 . f ' 111 '- ..'-u- Mf' ,-Mx' I "HN ... L -L: -Q., 4 ' "'F9j,,'J I.. ' 1 A. , '...L. " 5,1 1, 1 V.: , V I K. V.. . ' -,"', ., f "w ' ' f P 2. . 1 'mv r .... .4 .3 5 , ..A....1-..f, -Q, g ,":'-"qc-M QW' ,' .. .- .U J-W' .at m - t,"y:.JN ' I ""r . f . 1 . P'x1'4rJ."fg..2-5 if. f1"L'J N . ' -' .- ' - , rwnyyr ,Q V , ..yx,,g,9,.f.,', Q ,t,,.,l L . ,ywxi ,,Q,,y,L-,X ..,i,l.f,...,-1:1 5-g.i..,j4.,..,, U N D jf:a:qgqUg.,'L-.:.q . .311 ,'-.mi-13, .jgtyffrfw-,1ff,:: .',:'.g..,'-RQQ5' , . f , I "-f 'x'- " ' " 2.3-ft. - 1 -4- .' ,n x . Ln! I. 7-f""x'f--'-,"1"1 .4'.Tg'3f1" , ,'v.,+,,'7J2' " 'JLFQKMP ,,. Wi. ,, . lu - ' '. ', w '- 1'- 1 ,K .N-1 .. "SH -5 5, , M. jgqkj+w,,,5. -,Ji-1: 511' .3 .' 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'A ', 'zap-Mwff f , -' 1' 'fgmf -::.- ,ws -M-f .'w?gd7M.'f,::.,7,-. 1, V . . .V W . sf .. . f. 1f.--.-w-.f,M- af, f 1, Q.,,v..,.,.- . wr-.. Hr. , ,J ,- .. .-.ew fdsfiakl fn :90h2J7T5.a'5if'1'InY.fiuM-0if1m.'Z'K"'.:E-..uM.'. CHI PHI Q' I V Jllilaiaes ameri 1 If Cononf-1 Scarlet and Blue Alpha ,.... .,.. . Beta ,..... .,.. . Gamma . . Delta ...... ..... Epsilon .... ..... Zeta ..,.. Eta ..... Theta ..... ..... Iota ....... ..... Lalnhmla ..... ...., Mu. ..... . , . . . . Y 1Nu ...... ,. Xl ........ ..... Olnieron ..... ,.... Rho ....... ..... Phi .... Chi. . . . Psi ....... Omega ...... ..... Alpha-Chi ..... ..... Sigma ..... ..... Aleph ..... ...,. Beth .... Gimel..... He ...... Daleth ..., ..... Van ...... nnmmr C h 1 P h 1 Foumlecl at Princeton College, 18M C1IA1"l'E1t ROLL Vniversity of Virginia ................ Massaehusetts Institute of '1ll'f'1ll10l0Hy. Emory College ............,......... Rutgers College ....................,. Ilampclen Sidney College ...... Franklin antl Marshall College. . . University of Georgia .......,..... Rensselaer 1'olyteehnie Institute .,,. Vniversity of Ohio .... .,...... University of California ......... . Stevens Institute of Technology .... University of Texas ....,........ Cornell University .... . . . Yale University .... Lafayette College ..... Amherst College ..... . . Dartmouth College ......... . . Lehigh University ..,.......... Georgia School of Teehnology. .. . Ohio 1Vesleyan University ..... University of Illinois ......,.. . . . ALUMNI C1lA1"l'lCR 11illt1Il101'C ............,.. ....... New York City .... Louisville ..... . . . Atlanta ........ 1'hiladelphia ...... Washington .... , . . - 72 .. FaArr:nNI'rY OHGAN Chalkctt 1859 1891 1S69 1867 1867 1851 1803 1878 1883 1875 1883 189i 1868 1877 1874 1873 1902 1872 1904 1911 1912 1880 1881 1882 1882 1883 1883 9 f N43 GQ N 2 2111130191 QEIMMIQ CHI PI-II-ZETA CHAPTER, 1854 FRATRES IN URBE HON. AARON 15. IIASSLEII, I'A.13. K- DEVON JOHNSON GROVE LOOIIER TIIEOIIORI-1 B. Al'l'L1E, M.D. C. REESE EAIIY, ESQ. F- S- STUART, JR- E. R. ZAIIM J. EDXVARD GOOIJELI. M. DAVIDSON JAMES C. LEAMAN I'IONVARD J. LOWELI., ESQ. JOHN H. EVANS ROUERT J, EVANS IIUGII F. MCGRANN GEORGE M. I-IOOVI-JR, M.D. SUMNEII V. IIOs'I'ImMAN, ESQ. JAMI-:S RENO LOOIIEII HENRY W- BRUBAKER GEORGE S. FRANKLIN W. VVILBON I-IEINIT1-III IIOIIACI-I C. KINZEII, M.D. F. C- SCIIAEFFER NAM-1 N S, BABY WAI.'rEn C. ZIMMEIIMAN JOIIN A. IIIPI-LE, ESQ. W- EIJWINQKIGEFER IIAIIIIY D. IIOPKINS C- G- WN1"l' ALBERT F. SIIENOII, ESQ. D- W- RIMISHALL AI.I.IcN Il. VVALLACE PAUL LUWRIJA J. FIII-:D SENEII ARTHUR MYUN DOLAND My1,1N ADAM Z. MOORE 1+'R.A'1'RES IN SEMINARIO AI,If1mn MEIITON MA:-IONIII-IIMER, Ju. FRATRES IN ACADEMIA 1916 ARTIIUII SI.EIuIIMAIiEn IIERMAN SIDNEY LANIER WIILLEII EDXVARD EVERETT NIYLIN 1917 IIIA BITZER WVINGER. 1918 HENRY JUSTIN RODOY HOKE BAIII GEOIIGE IIENRY Oruvmon JOIIN AI.1IEII'v SLAGEN WILLIAM IIERVEY WORK Josm-II RAIIIIAEL STINE 1919 EDMOND RIIUE SYKES EMMITT WIGIISII RASIIIIIIIGE EDWVARD SIIAIIUEY GERNANI' VVILIJAM NIC1'1N ELIIIOTT RICIIAIIO IPEIIAVEN LJAYSER .. 73 - f , 4 ,- .. ll n , 1 U 'r uf' ' 'L 'J-V. "ff " '.'.'m" . .- ' W . 'J-v X "' ' f w,,',"L-yjilff, Q' f. ' mil 'X ' 1,4 H 1 mv.:: Am,-, ,X .,f:,La:b, H, ' xp: - wsawdk: Am. . , ... vu A ,. ',..' . '. wL.w,w.',...z.,.'nf1..--w.g Q f ,wm..1.w M M. L,.:.'-.44-. -.AA.mL,h.fA.a.'-41.11-.-'U L y v 1 PHI KAPPA SIGMA N IL Q Q Qr l M f117llFlt KM aaaiLl A 3 Coums Black and Old Gold Alpha ..,. Delta ..., Epsilon ..... Zeta ....,. Eta. , Iota ,... Mu.. . . Rho .,.... Tau ....,. Upsilon .,.. Phi ...,..... Psi .,.,,..,.... Alplia-Alpha.. . , . Alpha-Gamma ..... Alpha-Delta ..... . Alpha-Epsilon ..... Alpha-Zeta. . . . Alpha-Theta., . . .ltlpha-Iota ,.... Alpha-Kappa .... Alplia-Lambda .. . . Alpha-Mu ..... Alpha-Nu .... Alpha-Xi ..,...., Alpha-Omicron ,... Alpha-Pi .....,. . Alpha-Rho ..... Alpha-Sigma, . . . Alpha-Tau .,,,. Ph ilarlclphia Richmond Chicago New York wi' Phi Kappa Sigma Founded at the University of Pennsylvania, 1850 FRATERNITY ORGAN The Phi Kappa Sigma News Letter CIIAPTER ROLL University of Pennsylvania ......... Washington and JeH'erson College ...,, Dickinson College ..........,.... Franklin and Marshall College ,... University of Virginia. . ..... , . . Columbia University .... Tulane University .... University of 1.linois ...,... Randolph Macon College ..,.. Northwestern University. . . . Richmond College .......,..,,. Pennsylvania State College ....... Washington and Lee University. . . . University of West Virginia ....... University of Maine .......,. .... Armour Institute of Technology .... University of Maryland ...,...., University of Vvisconsin .... Vanderbilt University. .. . University of Alabama .............. University of California ,...,....,.... , . Massachusetts Institute of Technology. . . Georgia Institute of Technology .... .,.. Purdue University ............, University of Michigan ..... University of Chicago. .. . . Cornell University ........,..,.. University of Minnesota ....,...... Leland Stanford Junior University .... ALUMNI CHAPTERS I 1 ittsburgh Harrisburg llalt imore Evanston New Orleans Detroit Southern California San Francisco Atlanta 176' -. 1850 1854 1854 1854 1855 1858 1858 1892 1872 1872 1873 1890 1894 1896 1898 1898 1899 1901 1902 1903 1903 1903 1904 1905 1905 1906 1911 1915 1915 ,Q ,f- 4,X1S4 6:13 sw 5 llfll3fP191 0?lilFLlliifiQii:3i K' x ZETA CHAPTE instituted Oelober 13, R A.D. 18541 FOUNDERS Mark Kerns George W. Silvis John M. Ruby William T. ltichstein 1rVilliam A. Duncan Uriah Sandt RESIDENT MEMBERS Arthur B. Dodge 'Daniel Lefevre Jolm S. llengier Edward T. Hager Herbert N. Breneman Melvin 1'. Miller Henry B. Cochran Hon. Eugene G. Smith Alfred H. Nanman James F. lllagce Robert W. Steigerwalt Hon. Charles 1. Landis Clarence 0. Lichty lvm. H. Keller, Esq. Benjamin C. Atlee, Esq. lvm. II. Hager Allan A. Herr, C. E. Albert 13. Steigerwnlt John Rengier Herman D. Diehl Davis D. Dietrich John T. Keller Robert L. Gerhart Ralph W. Cummings Charles E. Netseher, M.D. John S. Cochran Lewis 13. Sprecher James T. Lane John C. Hager, Jr. James E. Sides .Roland S. Styer Carl N. Netseher MEMBERS IN FACULTY Richard Conrad Sehiedl., 1'h.D., Sc.D. Theodore l"rederiek He COLLEGE 1916 Henry Kissinger Reiss Ilolston Daniel I-Ierr Kunkel Thomas Anthony Martone 1917 Clement VVeiser Deehant Thomas llillrolh 1918 George Roberts Hetrieh William Henderson Hager, Jr. I '1ll100ll0l'0 Miller Leinbaeh Richard Alvin Livingston 1919 Abner Eisaman Henry Gerald Diebert Gise Victor William Dippell, 1'h.D rman, D.D. Earl Brandt Grosh Ferdinand Heine Frederick Leet Reichert Garvey Titus Breinipg Lobaeh John Hertzler Hollinger Richard Conrad Francis Sehiedt, Ji Robert llllllgll Elder John Albert Butler John Christian Bucher Robert Emory Patterson Yoder 1Villiam John Hoover -57- f . 1 , Y 1 0 - , , Q-,fi - ff, "My,4 ' , A ' f '5'1f,"7."'-.I ,V 1 'J " ' - .iff-ff.1fg,' iw ,i 7 X tg. " 1?.-,L'Lm'TQZhe4ywm.,Kf'J19- M-- - -- . , Ny., ., . . . f ut-..:v L ,, ,, wh.: .,...5- 1, .4-1LfLMrwai+,-.ff N , 2 3"L -, '. 2 Y: 1 ,A-X - if 35.3.-' .W-'4.,g4 w .,f.x,,.,f- A ,k-x 1.- fcgvfiv'.'.'.e'x?'-'5"T15iqa.'2':g7"-415.fu H -3 " ' PHI KAPPA PSI Qjimaaai Anita Au If Ph ummm: 1 a p p a P s 1 Founded at Jefferson College in 1852 COLUIN l'il!A'l'l'1RNlTY Onoim D liavemler anal link Pennsylvania . . New Hampshire Massaelmsetts. . Rhode Island .... New York ..... Maryland .... Virginia. . . , . ivest Virginia. . Tennessee ...... , . lexas. . . . YELL Iligh! High! High! Phi Kappa Psi! live Ever! Die Never! Phi Kappa Psi! ACTIVE CIIAPTERS Dis'rme'r I ....Alpha.... lleta. . . Gamma Epsilon .... , Zeta. . . Eta .... 'l'heta. . Iota .... Kappa. Lamlnla .... ........., . . ......Alpha.. .. . .Alpha. . ,. ..Alpha.. . . ..Alpha. . llcta. . . Gamma DlHTIllf'T ll Epsilon ..... ......,...,., . .... N lpha. . . . . .Alpha. . Beta. . . . . .... Alpha. . .. . .Delta.. . . . .Alpha. . lJlS'l'I!ll"I' III "The Shielllu Washington and Jefferson College . . . , . . . . . . . . . . Allegheny College . . . liaeknell University Gettysburg College Diekinson College Franklin and Marshall College . . . . . . . . . . . .. Lafayette College . . . . .University of Pennsylvania . . . . . . .. Swarthmore College . . . . . . . .State College . . . . .Dartmouth College . . . . Amherst College . . . .llrown University . . . . . Cornell University . . . Syracuse University . . .. Columbia University . . .. Colgate University . . . .. . .John Hopkins University . . . . . . . . . .University of Virginia . Washington and Lee University University University . . . . . ..West Virginia . . . . . Vanderbilt . . . .University of Texas 4 5 Gm E, lliclbfg 7 tiff ' i iaaa elaraa 1 i Ohio ..... ..... Indiana .... Illinois ..... M ichi gan .... Wisconsin .... Minnesota ..,.. Iowa ....... . . . . . Missouri. . . . . Kansas ..,.. ..... Nebraska .... ..... Colorado . . .. Ivashington . . . California .... Johnstown, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. Sunbury, Pa. Uniontown, Pa. Boston, Mass. New York City Syracuse, N. Y. Providence, R. l. VVashington, D. C. Baltimore, Md. Minneapolis, Minn. Duluth, Minn. Alpha . Beta . . DIs'rnIc"r Delta .... Epsilon .... Alpha . Beta . . Delta . Alpha . Beta . . Delta .... Alpha . Alpha . IIISTRICT V Gamma .... .......... Beta . Alpha Beta . Alpha . . . Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Beta. .... Gamma......................... ALUMNI Assocxxrlons Kansas City, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Omaha, Neb. Los Angeles, Cal. San F raneiseo, Cal. Denver, Col. Portland, Ore. Fairmont, W. Ya. Jacksonville, Fla. Seattle, VVash. Anderson, Ind. Indianapolis, Ind. Marion, Ind. ' Bloomington, Ind. . . . . Ohio Ivesleyan University .. YVittenberg University . . ,Ohio State University Case School of Applied Science De Pauw University University of Indiana . . .. . .Purdue University Northwestern University University of Chicago . . . . . .University of Illinois . , . .University of Michigan . . . . .University of Wisconsin ....... .... Beloit College .. . . University of Minnesota . . . . . . ..University of Iowa . . . . . . . .Iowa State College ....University of Missouri . . . . .University of Kansas . . . .University of Nebraska . . . .. University of Colorado . . .. University of VVashington . . .Leland Stanford University . .. . .University of California Chicago, Ill. Springfield, Ill. Cincinnati, 0. Cleveland, 0. Columbus. 0. Newark, O. Springfield, 0. Toledo, 0. ' Detroit, Mich. Birmingham, Ala. 'l'aeoma, Nvash. Spokane, NVash. 'Salt Lake City, Utah PHI KAPPA PSI-PENNSYLVANIA ETA CHAPTER Foumlvcl ul. 1'1l'II.lIkIIl1 and I1'lIl.I'HIl3lII Vollvgc in 1869 - FOI INDICRS I-ION. A. C. Ihzlxm-zlll. Rl-xv. D. C. Sl'lIWA1I'I'Z, DD. REV. .Ions C'. IIQWMAN. 17.11. JUSIGPII IC. BOXVMAN JOIIN W. Avvm., IC:-IQ. J. 1IAlml.n 1Vu'Kl':laHll.xM 1Vu.I.mM T. Ihumwx, ESQ. Wrl.x.1AM N. Aww., ESQ. 1"nANc'Is D. IC. S4-ummm:-an Pmw. A. T. G. Al'l'I.r: W.u.'rl-:n S. WI-:l.c'n.xxs l'rl.uu.1cs I". 1'I.mmc 'l'. IVII.-my Dumas Ihzxuv II. :1l'l'I.E, D.D. Crms. EMORY Loma Sc'o'r'r W. Ihmzn Nl-:w'ruN IC. lII1'zl-zu, MJD. Jnux A. NAUM.-xx, ESQ. Urns. G. BAKER, ESQ. l'l1.xlu.Ef-1 M. Mussrzn Du. JAr.'on O. KNIFE lI!HN.11'IUH S1I.kI.'I'I-III, E:-IQ. Ill-xv. II. II. W. Ilmsnsmx, IJ.IJ. I.0I'AI. ALIININI I.. I':HIlI.l'ZM.'1N S. R.u.l'u ZIMXIICIIMAN. ICSQ. 'I'. lion:-:n'l's APM-rl., ICsQ. 1.1'I1'I R. lime I'.uf1. II. SUIYIJICII II. .loux Iluamzxz I'I..I.S1'1crx. M. IJ. P. I"n.-INK Svufwx Wu.I.l.m M. Illzlrluxrzlc .Imax II. Ihssrxurzn, Jn. Jfmx S. II.u.'r .Ions R. Ihuxmmx U. LICIINAIIIY I'Il.l.xuKlf:u Wll.l.l.m S. R.wn .Iuslcvll W. l1u'll.xnns 'I'H.r:nxl.xN S. Ilmuc II. E,1III.I'II,I-I II.n'l':x Gm' I.. D11-'I-'l':xls.xl'c:Il Ill-:N.I. W. SIIAUII J. Axnm-:w I+'n.xN'rz .Imm I.. 1V.uu-war. IIAIIIKY I.. II.xUn, Jn. W. M. 1,1llI'l'I'II!I"II'1I.lJ, Jr. J. II.uml.n STICIN Ihlun' IC. Iimmxmn KI-INNIGTII E. APPEL Ilmms R. Gl.mmcN IIn' M. S'I'0l,'K'I'0N .I. W. Iilmwx, P.x. E Ill-rv. R. I.. Fr..-num. Pu. I0 Du. IJANIICI. I"l.I'IISI'III'III, PA. E G1-:umm Gull-:s'l'. PA. K W. A. Ill-wr:-nw, N. Y. A I'n.xs. I.. W1Il.l.l'1IK, PA. I W. li. WIll0III'I1IUl1SI'1, M.D.. Ohio II NIICXIIIICIRS IX I".1I'I'I.'I'Y Ilrzxm' II.-xlm.u'c:ll Avvmz, D.D. A. 'I'rmM.xs G. .'1I'I'I.I'1, A.M. .Iollx I'.xl.v1x IIQWMAN. D.IJ., Sian. INIICMIIICIIS IN SICMINAIIY Josm-u 1vII.1.IAM Ru-Mums t'I..KIIKI'f W. III-zu.:-zu. 1'.x. IC AC'I'IVE I'IIAI"I'I'IIl ' 1916 JAMr:s W. Wmn-:nr-woox JAM:-is Am-mm Srswru Louis IIHNRY Coxlc. II:-:N.uM1N 1vlCI1IiIl I MYRQN 1vILI.IAM Joxlcs 11120111115 'I'lzl-:mc IIAMIII!IliII'I' 1917 III 4U'I"I'1CNIII'IIIliI'III 1918 .Ions PoN'rz FI-J.'KGl.ICY 1vlI.I.I.-KM I.1.m'n Mm DANII-ll. NIILTON S4-IIAFFNI-zu DAVID E.uu.r: l".ws'r CII-1111.1-IS Jus:-:Pu 'I'lul-:lc 'AI.I.1P5'I'I'llI 1919 PAUL Gunn M Ulmn' Ihvm 11161111 I"n.-xN'rz 11'.u.1'lf:n I"IiANKI.IN Pmrzx .I.u'on S. 'I'lwx.u., Jn. ALIWIKIGIJ GILES NFIIl.L lllvlulxlm Wxrsux IIUMIIIGIIGI-III Annum l'r:'rl'ms I"n.xN'rz .lusrxvn NIKON G.xMlzl.r: Illaxln' Jul:-ts M.u:sn.u.l. -gg- 1 1 . . . , . ,Q f JL'-'fl .' .-jg, I - ' P , M ,V ',.If'1,Q fip 'rfif 2 .' ' ' Q - f X. .J W - M ., , N ,y',,Z,-1. 1- S" w W .,- W X , ,, I-fn - , ,N iw ml, 1" mf-1 .1 M..gW,.m,H'w:.,., ,. 1- ,V X A Ip xwxln T... V:iL..,, A M -. jf, wg! duff,env:-,1Aff,.U.,::.jvt.'x 3' 4, ,X 'X . , L, ,' 'A Vvgv5iX3m1p,,, , A :Mk b J ,i JH IM, YN.-fwwmrh A ,M ,- A. :xr A, V mimimx-f-N1,r,-may ,K-.maxif-.Af"-fd.m:wwQml:r'KgLQma'fE,,4,5Qhd1-!fx4n4f..ulfmm 1 . ,wiqkl-ffw em., if., .ffXQ.-,rA'Eai1M-Nev.:-Mffiwibw 1i',, -wsdibm., mfmnf-vm PHI SIGMA KAPPA Q C Iriimai ziiam Au If ulwmnr ln S1 gma appa Foumlell at Ih'IllS5llCllllSCll.S Agricultural College, 1873 COLORS FRATERNITY OMAN Magenta and Silver "The Signet" CuAi'ri-za Rom. Alpha ..... ........... IN Iassaehusetts Agricultural College Beta. ..... .... I Inion University Gamma ...., .... C ornell University Delta ...... .... I Iniversity of West Virginia. Epsilon ...... .... Y ale University Zeta ..... .... C 'ollege of the City of New York Eta. .. . . .... University of Maryland Theta... . . .... Columbia University Iota ..... ..,. S tevens Institute of Technology Kappa .... .... I' ennsylvania State College Lamhala. .. . .... George Washington University Mu ..... .,.. U niversity of Pennsylvania Nu .... .... I .ehigh University Xi ........ .... S t. Lawrence University Omieron ..... .... IN lassaehusetts Institute of T eehnology Pi ....... .... I Franklin and Marshall College Rho ..... .... I Queen's University Sigma ..... .... S t. John's College Tau ..... . . .... Dnrtlnnouth College Upsilon ..... .... B rown University Phi ....... .... S warthmore College Chi. . . .... W'illia1ns College Psi ......... .... I Iniversity of Virginia Omega .,.,.,...., .... I Iniversity of California Alpha-Deuteron.. . . .... University of Illinois Beta-Deuteron ..... .... I Iniversity of Minnesota Gamma-Deuteron ..... ..,, I Tniversity of Iowa Epsilon-Deuteron ..... ............. I Iniversity of Michigan ALUMNI CIIAPTERS New York New Haven Morgantown Pittsburgh Albany Philaclelphia lYashington Boston -34- X xx i-iii I e N Xxx 04 L K 3 111122 191 Q 9 . QK11FlL11M111 C ,f , W., A.. 5 ," '7 "L, 0 wki x I Y Y Y 1 . gg. - EL. L L A -YE N X ,ff ,Q , L PI CHAPTER Institutcd April 18, 1903 1916 I'IA1mLn Aucusws BARR FRANKLIN KRAUSKOI' BRINKMAN RAY IIEIFF IIEn'rzoG WILLIAM ALLEN IIAMMOND STANLEY N ISSLEY MUMMA MEAIJE DANIEL SCIIAFFNER. SIMUN 1'E'1'Eu XVIIITEIIEAD 1917 ' ' ' I R ' H ' - - I+nANc1s 111AlQlUN lu1mMAN - . LAH oLL1m.Ln Cvnus IIOLLINGEH, MERIINGER GERALD NVILIBERFORCE LEVAN 1918 EINVARD Joux KESSLEE WVALTER. JAMES MUUNTZ DAVID ALLEN WVILLIAMS 111-:RMAN Iluuo NIES .1'1REDERICK CLIGVER BALD JOHN MIl1TON BOWVMAN FRANK 11f1CLAUG1lLIN 1f'ons'ruUnG f1EORGE WALK:-:lc GmEvE JonN 1"lilCDERICK 1V1IGAHlG 11ElmEu'r Kuxrrz Cool-En 1919 .IosE1'u CLA111 AVENTZ ll,.x'rlllvoN U1mAN ' GIIOVER S. YEAGER ,5ff".,3.7,.v:.-f?31f:'JLfv" - ,, A A Q 'f,KtYgy:..w . , , fx -. A K. W ,.1 . 4 ' W I A M52 ' wf':'l3? S "jx 4- e, xx ,W ..,,' , .LL 'f A . Q . I Milf, . .. my w f ' 4 1 -w. 1 w . ,'.,' ,ff 1 9 if - Qi 'sv K 1 T v x . 'ri-1: , . 1 '4' v 1 1 . ..qf4,.5,1' V , ,rl ' LJ. L f am . - .nf - " ' VH-f, " , - ,, , , z . ,. , . , V . U 1. -M V' 1 - ww - '--Aw . w - '- ' .. Wy, , .M V5.1 , , , .. ,. gf-, .. , f ,M-'Y ,,,5w'1+ 1 fr 5? . 1 35 M., ... is 1 .l M A '7"I X .ll 4 -y ,,,,n 1 fy. . V V , ., V., , ,-,J " L,'.,"J:x,,A,. T A 1"', 11,-' ', I f w., ' HN- ,vv M .- ff. , . . X w .,n,2.,h,'1fgyX ,fx f, W-,A 1- . . ... - f , v , .. 3 -5,1 yggf 1. '-- 'J ,xv w.1,7Nf -A Wm. 4-1 -' H," .. ' : . wg M, Y- M , , H .5 . .. . . w-nw, ,., 1, 4 'Mix - 'N-3 ., vv - mv .v 1 ,. ,tw in .- L.,, .V , .1 .- 3 tf.,:,w:fx..n r 'YJ-.v-,': ' I-X 1' ' -'farffifw-a "ffm 1 ,w1'f1"','-"fa-vff,H1-P--' - '- -'M -' nm! ' . ' K W ' fy 4, x J A if w ,J , ,iff ,, . . , J . Mfiqfw, :gym .-4 N4 4- .-ug,-Q, M-,sl K.-fnrypifaif ' 2-,KN 3.3m-ye , 1 fy ,ug X. . U, '- 5-ww -,gl 4-1-L,-,,ff, 4545, , 1 s ,ml - f- M A :,1vsy.' I, -J. ,mffy--' VL-, .. M 2 9,-..,,-3 ,- 4- . - N , , - 1- Nav'-M f .L -5' gpg,-x V .4 . wr 'A 2- M y L., 0 -4, 1 r-we Vg 0. 'Q 3, 1 ,, 'sdikmm' 3 .a:,!'1zSiP -w.'P-fM-- V-1--ff H2-'T ..m5it:!.s'VJax-m,.iw1M.f-f- .W-.ff-w"'f"' K ' 1.52-:'.4tfEc,'if34.:M35sS? PARADISE CLUB ifmflmwmmss rrnm Au. If L N. Heller, A.M. 13. F. Davis S. S. Bard L. J. Musscr WV. E. Glessner A. R. Glessner K. S. Ort F. 11. Johnson Paradise Club , .1 1VIEMllERS IN FACULTY J. N. SC1lilCf1'CI', Litt.B. COxon C. E. Meyers, A.M. S1cM1NAnY S. E. Lobach COLLEGE 1916 D. S. Kultreider H. K. Spullr 1917 H. G. Shoenmker YV. N. Brenner D. A. Dietrick 1918 II. B. Shriver C. E. Vzmdersloop G. F. Michael 1919 J. T. Gerfin D. A. Krumrine -SS- J X 4 XA 1,- ,.nw.w. X a' K fE,5g3'El-za' f ' X L' U HARBAYGH CLUB Qlfmmmnm mmm m r Harbaugh Club A. I". Rvnlz I". YY. Tvskv I". C. f'rousv l'. N. Fox S. C. lhukvr .L ll. llurlzvll lf. I.. llvrlnsl. I". Ii. IA'llllHlK'll L. C. Lightnor l'. A. Muvllvr ll. G. Wilmvr S1 'IMINAIIY Col.l.lcul': 1916 1917 HHS 1919 '. CUFIIHIII J. NX 90 -- IC. R f10l'lIl2lll I. G. Nacc F. ll. Wvnizcl M. f' xvZllU'l'Sd0l'l' A. W Lick R. IC. Slam' U. M Siolldl YV. IC. Moorllvucl R. J. Hull' A. D. Smilh I.. Donor .,,. ky7Z7'E,',,M, . ,A , I A v.k..,-:I W. W JY? w4,v,VPTxN4,,m -1, - -ian. 1 ,X 1 , , 4 . . 'Q HJ.:-g1.w. . U , z--gm".-fl-if , I I 4 e Q ! Q f a , Qi W ' 4 1 w , 4 v w, X nz' -,f . A , guy, i,qvr-fgfgqi.. ,. m W A ' - , , ' 1 ., mg ,,, " "'5'f'w " "'Ja.I' ' ' " " ' ' ' m -, 13m"w2gg.w2.vf-' f .- M . , . .- -f , . W f Av W H M 1 .?:fvw w '1W'-fm , f - 'I '11 w Wd, ..s-' 'Q ' " ' 'Nix "- N xx ,L .ffm - ,, ., V am. i,+5,,. , 5,v: :Y ig-. xfrq kf 19,-,uf - fb imlf H1121-'.f1.,'. 'nfmmg Y-1151 ., aww ' ,. 'N , .-1 " r- 1 ' fv,-m"..'. 'ri ' if ." J ,' 'Q 4-uf-V.: ' M- ,:. ' 'f fw 'MT "1" v'-H ', ' ' ' - - ' L' ""'?'7-5'2:"f W ' P y' N ' MW"-' 1 H- 'f -' 4? I FJ-if' N'.f'.v.' 'W Aliml' fi., wmv 4 fdmgnti-.ifamik ff. ,, ,Wm ' .- ir..-...!,. mm. 1.41.1 f,,.. ,, 1- . , V, tfm m 4. VR-1151, lx ., 'Sl-4 1' f7,'f: - 1 , ff , , ,, 5 ,- i n f M--A-nfl-fvfm-w Vfwkifffl .-1""2f. x .. .w+s,2"11-,zz ww Q FRAXKLIX CLUB Rl'1SIIJIiNT 1NI1sm1B1ms Qjllrgxiaani aaa ai If Franklin Club Chartcreul March 7, 1908 Mo'r'ro COLORS Virtus Semper Viriclis Red and White lllifmlncn IN FAeU1.TY H. M. J. Klein, Ph.D. Roy M. 110111112111 Samuel N. Shelley Claude T. King S1-:MINARY 1916 1917 1Vallaee T. Robinson Tvllllillll E. Sohll Victor H. Jones R. Edwin Kutz Irwine A. Raulmenhold F. Preston Fravel Co1,I,l4:c: I+: 1916 Oscar C. Allshousc Alvin F. Dietz Charles T. Roller Roy 1V. Honsherger J. Cover Moyer' Harry V. Ilarhaugh 1917 Ernest YV. Brindle Frank S. 1Veiss George J. Willauer Ivan E. Fisher Simon H. Xvilllgillllllll Paul T. Stonesifer 1918 Charles C. Allshonse Claude T. Kissinger Charles T. Greulich llarry E. Shepherdson Harry C. Cnlsliaw 1919 Clarence T. Moyer Daniel Koeker Henry Kehres .. gg ... , ,, , :-. . , . - 1'y,4,, -.M Y' 4 " X ' " -- -,Q, -3.3"-1 ., I "Jw?"J"f..w W , w ' ' 1' N551-1 15213 -, A' ,.413W'i'Y?5ff' I F1 A ,1jJf'T?., '- f,:.r.'-,, ',ff.,' ,p .-up - g 'fm wwfg - ww- u vw- J . - ,- X .X --If , -wv-w .- 0 Q ., H -- ,i3.f'?4ff"'.Ti? ahiiVf1fiw:i,ff2Wl2aQ'a'4fstL4E1,y,,.w -.0 f.f..'...QE3',.N wmfw MARSHALL CLUB Lgzgipgiaaai aiiai U lj Esse qi lVlarsl1all . Club M'o'r'ro Comms llllll vimlcri Maroon and Wlnte Mi-:nm-:ics or .XVAIJICMY l".wl1l,'rY M. 1V. Wilmer, AJS. J. A. -R01lI0l'lll0l, A.1N1 J. S. Hollonbacll Claude S. 1101-k Guy K. Bard Maurice W. Millvr Jesse N. Rocclcr Raymond .K. Dorr 1.eon li. Gilbert Dclas R. Kc-oncr Edwin A. Rolwrts 1'anl M. llimlwrt Marlin A. Smith J. S. Ilollvlllnu-ll. A.ll. S1-:M I NA ln' Vic-tor A. Ruth Col,L1f:c:n 1916 Clarviwc E. Shappcll .1ac'olx C. l110ssn0r Claylon W. Wolring lnilwrl ll. Spancakv 1917 Frank C. Gricl 1'anl D. Wicrman Adam 11. Martin 1918 11. Clay llnrkliolclcr Edwin 13. Yeich Jolin C. Yingst larry 11. 1'1s0l1lma1'l1 1919 lfllwood 11. lionnvy - 94 , XX-amz ,LLL-X V, -.-gs QfNi53vff3f X Q XX AK I Q A ?EiA gy E g gg? -iff Qdf FN ...K ..--0--" ff Q? L J A '? if 4 4 T ,T- , ' fi??f?wf??f '.g-E f.: e - A- , I 4, A ' n 1 r X F . Q , , . X , I' gfflf-arm, -r . ix A' I -SM 'Q Q 1 K 'vfxi XI 05 1 1 ee -. e - 1. e J ig THE'3'191 Qlttttiltiiiin lljg .f " nmnrnu-nu Goethean Literary Society Speaker ....... . Vice-president .... Sccretziry ....... '1'I'C2lSllI'0l' .... . Censor .... . Clmpluin ,.... Reviewer .... . Reviewer ..... Critic ..,... Critic ...... Librarian ..... OFFICERS ....C.D.ROCIi1EL . . . .W. E. MOOREIIEAD . . . .R. E. P. YODER . . . .P. S. F1c1'rz . . . .'l'. M. LEINBAUH . . . .R. G. VVITMER . . . .W. E. 'l'ROUfrMAN . . . .J. A. BOEGER . . . .J. B. Ness . . . .F. L. REICIIERT . . . .M. F. REBER -97- L 5 i v illlrgiiimwtti lriiitru Au ' H. D. Althouse R. V. Angle S. C. Baker J. A. Borger H. C. BllI'lill0lCl6I' J. Cormun F. C. Crouse A. F. Dietz F. G. Derr F. M. Erdman P. N. Fox P. S. Fritz A. R. Glessner WV. E. Glessncr M. Glick G. Grieve A. Hartzell R. L. Herbst R. R. Herzog Z '-x,kV nnmn 1' MEMBERS M D. R. Keener E. J. Kessler H. N. Kehres C. C. Kissinger E. Klztwzmns C. A. Kressley F. B. Leinbach . M. Leinbach G. W. Levun A. YV. Lick L. C. Lightner P. M. Limbert R. A. Livingston J. C. Mcssner C. M. Miller WV. E. l.VIO0I'CllC21Cl J. G. Moyer T J. B. Noss F. L. Reichert - 98 - M. F. Reber H. S. Rickert E. A. Roberts C. D. Rockel R. Ruff C. E. Shappel R. E. Starr F. A. Sterner 0. M. Stoudt M. A. Smith W. E. Troutman M. C. VValtersdorf F. S. lVeiss F. D. Wentzel G. J. Willnuer R. G. lVitmer C. W. VVotring E. B. Yeich R. E. P. Yoder 'f I ' -. , - 1 uw !, xxixxk , ' ' ' -', Q-, ., mg ' , a ,. - , 1 w' .-1' , , , , . 4 .,., J. J M., ,nk L,-. 'N 7 A W, -CMJ, .vw 4 u X Qvmwm Q J ' it 1 X S 2 U- 1 EB ,WilEr191 0RWUiWEEi , e l C iv it ,4 Diagnothian Literary Society MOTTO ZTEKIJEI 'FIMQNTAE AYTIIN APICTII 01+'1f'1c:Ens Speaker ......... .......... Vice-president .... Monitor .,.. ...... . Critic ............... Recording Secretary .,.. Clmplziin ....... l ,.... . Treasurer ..... . . Librarian ...,. ........................... COLORS Blue and Gold C. S. BECK, '16 D. H. FRANTZ, '17 F. S. Folfrz, '17 W. A. IIAMMOND, '16 P. A. NIUIGLLER, '18 H. C. R.UIlL, '18 W. H. SASSAMAN, '17 J. H. LENHARD, '17 OFFICERS 011' EXECUTIVE BOARD S. N. MUMMA, '16, President F. S. Forxrz, '17 J. H. LENIIARD, '17, Secretary WM. H. SASSAMAN, '17 G. R. I-IETRICII, '18 - 99 .. TUERJANKM G. K. BARD C. BECK G. T. I-IAMBRIGHT W. A. HAMMOND F. I-IEINE A. A. Koomm S. S. BARD C. W. IDECIIANT A. 0. ESIIELMAN F. S. Fourz D. H. FRANTZ P. G. IHIAYES J. R. H0r.l.1Nc:mn J. H. LIGNIIARD F. C. BALD L. IJONER WM. H. IIAGER, Jn. G. R. HETRICII J. H. HOLLINGIQH N. S. LINDSAY R. W. 1ioM1mnc:En ALBI':n'r H. Bl1l'lll'Ili W. E. IJILL A. P. l"1cAN'rz MEMBERS 1916 1917 1918 1919 -100- D. H. KUNKE14 C. L. NIARTIN R. A. McCLm.I..xN S. N. MUMMA I-I. G. RIPPLE M. D. Scrum-'NER A. H. M.KRTI1AI C. C. 1VIUEIII'1 R. 1'owlcus WM. H. SASSAMAN P. T. S'roN1cs1lf'mlc H. C. 'FIIORBAIIN S. H. WVAUGAMAN I. li. WINGI-:le P. A. 1VImcLI.En H. C. RU111. A. D. SMITH J. Q. '1'RUXAL, Jn. W. W. Wlfmvlclz J. IQ. GERFIN A. B. 1I1':N1cx' D. M. Sl'lIA1"l"N1'1R G. S. Ylmczmlc GRGANIZATIQNS Q' 'ASZIP WBQWFGSWQ 7 5' J L of' nw- 'f'- L Q' ., - Qgjtaqugxygrai 'P 0 --', QTL .Q Qff-Qiwi MERCERSBFRG CLUB 'FQ s. K we x SL 7 ig 1 rfm1i.+191 QK1f11m A V S S President ,... . . . Vice-president .... Sccrctzmry ....... f Y 1 reusurcr .,.. F. C. BALD, '18 W. B1uNDL1c, '18 C. W. IDECIIANT, '17 E . The Mereersburg Club fJl'g11lliZi'll l"cln'uau'y ll, 1013 OFFICERS M1-:mmcns D. E. FAUST, '19 R. E. IJARTMAN, Sem. V. H. JONES, Sem. C. A. IQRESSLEY, '17 P. M. L1M1s1m'1', '18 . . . . . .J. W. W1T1ua1cs1'o0N, '16 . . . .C. A. ,Km+1ssI,m', '17 . . . ..l'. M. Llmnmxvr, '18 . . . .I. A. RAUmcNno1.n, Sem G. MOYER, '16 J. MUSSER, '17 A. RAUBENIIOLIJ, Sem. J. W. RICIIIARDS, Sem. . A. Rolsmlvrs, '18 . R. Tosll, Sem. H. WAUG AMAN, '17 . A. VVENTZ, Sem. J. W. W1'r1m1zsP0oN, '16 iilmmwams mmm Au. If Prcsiclcnt ...... Vice-president, Secretary ..... Treasurer .... 4' m The Massanutten Club Organized Um-lohvr 8, 1914- 01"1f'1cIf:ns ' TXTICMISIGRS IN S1':m1NA1u' F. P. FRAVIQL, '17 N. I-I. FRAVEL, '18 Mmumns IN CoLL11:mc I-I. V. I'IARl3AUGII, '15 C. T. ROLI.1'IR, '16 P. T. ST0N1':s11f'1c1c, '17 J. C. K0oNs, '17 E. W. KooNs, '17 W. E. 1"1uNc:lf:n, '18 A. D. SMITH, '18 . . . .C. T. ITOLLER E. W. Kooxs P. T. STON1cs11fl':u J. C. .KOONS DEBATIXG TEAM C. W. XVOTRIXG, '16 P. A. BIUITLLER, '13 C. L. XIARTIN, '16 F. D. XY!-ZXTZEL, '16 :xH1TIl1ilt1YC Negative Xcgative Affirmative C. D. RQCKEL. '16 DR. H. M. J. KLEIN PROP. A. Y. HIESTER G. K. BARD, '16 Negative Coach Coach Af'Ern1ative STI' DEXT SENATE 5 vhs f' R W Z . in im timmy Qimih j w Student Senate fJl4'l"If'1'IliH President .,,........ ..., I IENRY K. R. IIO1.s'rON Secretary-T1'e:1surcr . . . .liAYMOND I lx'lEMliEliS .IAM1-ss W. XVITHERSPUUN ..., .....,..... . . Aivriiuu I'IERMAN ...... SIMON P. WHITEHEAO. IIENRY K. R. IIOLSTON. FRED D. VVENTZICI. .... . J. G. MCJ1'lClC,.' .... . . . . BEN IJAVIS .,,,.,....,,,. CLAYTON W. WO'1'1uNu. NON-O1cOAN1zATION' MCCLELLAN Phi Kzippu Psi Chi Phi Phi Sigma Kappa Phi Kappa Sigma II2ll'lHl.llgll Club . Frmlklin Club Pzu'ndisc Club lVI:u'sliall Club PAUL G. IIAYES JOHN li. Noss RAYMOND A. McC1,E1.L.xN C. A. Kicwssnm' -107- 70 THOMAS V. PORTER SVIENTII-'IC SOCIETY fi 'il I +V N o w K' iD I iiw1 QEIfLIMM Thomas C Porter Scientific Society President. . . Secretary, . . '1il'C2ISlll'Cl'. . . DR. R. C. SCIIIEDT DR. J. E. IQERSIINER PROF. H. H. BECK G. H. ZELLERS II. A. BARR C. S. BECK J. K. 'GRIM H. E. HARING R. R. IIERTZOG I. E. FISHER L. H. GEISENIIERIIER I. R. HOI.I.INc:ER R. V. ANGLE N. F. EIIERMAN 1 0If'l"Il?ICIiS . . . . . . . . . . . .HAROLD A. BARR, . . .IIORACE E. IIARING ...............MEAlJE D.ScIIAI1'If'NER MEMBERS FACIIIHY MEMBERS PROF. A. T. G. APPLE PROII. W. E. VVEISGERBICR PROF. J. A. ROTIIERMEL IIONORARY MEMIIERS R. M. IIAI.Imf:II SENIOR MEMBERS R. K. IIONOMAN R. W. HONSIIERGER P. G. IVIURRAY M. W. MILLER F. L. IIEICIIERT JUNIOR IVII'IMB'ICRS G. W. LEVAN II. C. TIIORIIAIIN G. S R. J. JVILLA II ICR OIIIIOMORE M EMIIERS R. ELIIER. E. R. JETTE - 10.0 - E. II. BICRGIGR. R. B. ROIIRER M. D. SCIIAI-'ENIIR' C. E. SIIAPPELL W. G. MARKEL I.. I.. SPANOAIQE I. B. JVINGERI A. R. IIAR'rzEI.L A. G. NI'lIIII4 J. A. E. ZIMMERMAN Y. M. C. A. CABIXET Y. M. C. A. CA'l5INl'l'l' President ..... .,............. C 3. I J. RIJCJICEL, '16 Vice-president .... .... X V. E. NIOOREIIEAD, '18 Secretzu-y ...... .... l '. M. 'l.1Mmcn'1', '18 Treasurer .....,.,..............,...... M. D. Sc:nA1+'1+'NEn, '16 CI-IAIRMICN Ulf' STANDING CT0MMI'l'TlCl4IS Gospel Deputntion ..................... F. D. XVIGNTZEL, '16 New Student und Memlmersliip .... D6V0t1OI12Ll ,...,...... ......., . Bible Study .,.. Mission Study. . . Finance ....... Social Service ....... .... Hand Book .......... . Employment Blll'Cllll .... ............. J. Boucuan A. DUTZ W. HAMMONIJ J. IQREIDER W. BAER P. FRITZ P. HAYES P. LIMBERT W. Moonmnrmn A. Bucnmn E. BUNNEY D. FAUST A. JOHNSON I-I. IQEIIRES MEMBERS 1916 A G. M1lIiTIN R. Mc:GI.m,LAN J. lVIOY1cle S. MUMMA 1917 I. I-IERR C. MEMINCIIER A. MAIITIN A 1918 II. Rum. A. SMITH 1919 J. Koruiucn MA. lQAMPl'1 G. In-nc C. lxTlGYl'lli ' J. Sifllllhlili - 111 - .l. B. Noss, '16 C. D. ROUKEL, '16 H. K. HOI.STON, '16 W. HAMMOND, '16 M. D. SUIIAFFNER, '16 W. E. MOfJliEllEAD, '18 J. G. Movmn, '16 J. G. Movlm, '16 J. Noss G. QROCKEL M. Sf'llA1+'l-'NER lf. W lf1N'l'Zl+lL 0. S'roUDT ll. 'l'no1mAuN R. WITMER M. SMITH ID. Sc:1lAWNmR G. XIEAGER R. Y oniclc R. N. GAMBLIQ: f-x-- lf- 'N lx - - I ., -X H D V X D .Q 9 ,QX ,I I '?'a -QW' I ,J . -f- 95 We I X 5 -,. , jf l m 3 TWH" IW v' V1.1 Z! A -1. X Wg jnf"f f- u f fx , f'f' . " ffkfif ' 'g x G wr .. f3 1f41:emaQ:'f x , x M5 -1 , K' J iq. A ,, vga- ' M4 J .t5II3:mmm'9 a f 1 v . ,. Cev'-.1Li3.f,',1 -S rl-1 La. ' 'ffvvnx51Qiml'91M9LQf jx 1 ' 1'5" '. 'Wg' 1 f" , ,, , E ff ff . , f H' , ff I k- ,.,.,, 7354- ', f p V5 3 . ,IA fn f ,f ff- - , ' ,, sf'K'f"'5 'A YZQTLXV' tg Q, rf! ,..' ' fre,-flffg I M 122 'ff'-v""ff1r'-N- ' J ,f . . Mr , , M ff-f --:-H ------L w-4, . n f -- -- an " gay' fgiffgp, " Aff' QE? , f5Q1'dZ W f' h W' - 'fl ','."Lw'-MJ' L .., , V' 'WY 1. ',.l--- W If- Us ff' ,,, ,N .E - mufsi cw GLEE AND MAXDOLIN CLUBS -Nf1EfP191 Q1"iHl'lL!1Mw TQ I XXI? U- 7 X' Glee and Mandolin Clnbs O1+'FIc:nRS MZIIIIHQCI' ........... .............. Assistant MlL11HgCl', . . . I'resident ........... Vice-president. . . .................. . . . . M. W. JONES, '16 D. H. FIIANTZ, '17 . . . .H. K. R. IIOLSTON, '16 T. B. LOIIACII, '17 MEMBERS GLEE CLUB Leader ........ ................. . . . .ACC0lllDill1iSt ..... ............. . . . FIRST 'FENOR IIOLSTON, '16 KIu+:ssLm', '17 SECOND TIINOR IIIAMMONDQ '16 D. H. FRANTZ, IDECIIANT, '17 IC. YV. KOONS, '17 '17 FIRST BASS D. H. IQUNKLE, '16 J. W. WITIIEIISPOON, '16 BRINDLE, '17 S'rOun'I', '17 SECOND 'BASS JONES, '16 LOIIAOII, '17 LEINBAOII, '18, - 115 - .E. B. GROSII, '16 .A. M. MASONIIEIMEII MUELLER, '18 EI.I.1O'I"1', '19 PAXSON, '18 ELDEII, '18 NIEARIG, '19 HENIQY, '19 Llmmalvr, '18 LIvINOs'I'ON, '18 GLIQSSNER, '18 I C. T. MOYER, '19 HAIR, '18 SLAGEN, '18 GERNANT, '19 iffQJE"1111NYIi1,,SS z11Hi3TED, II. If m MANDOLIN CLUB Leader .... D. I-I. IQUNKLE, EIIDMAN, '17 SLAGEN, '18 ELDEI1, '18 MUELLEII, '18 IIOLLINGIQR, '17 Gnosn, '16 FIRST MANDOLIN '16 GIIISENBEIIGER, '17 SECOND MANIIOLIN TIIIIID MANDOLIN LIVINGSTON, '18 VIoI,INs CULSIIAXV, '18 CELLO GUITARS SAXOPIIONE WOIIIINEIQ, '18 -116- ..D. H. IQUNKLE MUSSER, '17 DECIIANT, '17 SCIIIEDT, '18 SYKES, '19 ITIENIIY, '19 JETTE, '18 LEINBACII, '18 f"" J: 1? R - T-'sub jx ffl. ug? 71,2 lj Q N s.-f W ,Aff ' Q' p ' -- Y ' 4' M ' , N fp '29 'f s" 'fwWllHlllHWWflWlll1WlWlM A we , V 1 I IHllWWlI WW f f " 'ffnl V 7, Qu X l Q D' ff" I Q 'J lf r4444lz1 'hJ L,,,7 ii ' W ,av Q 'lv O Ljtlnmmas nam AU If I xesidqnt ,........ Vlcc-president ..... Buslness Manager. ASblStiI11t Manager St xge Manager .... 1 lrst Assistant 1VIanager. , . . 4' m Green Room Club OFFICERS becond Assistant 1VIanagcr .... ......... C. P. SIIRIVER M. W. JONES W. F. PREIN NIEMBERS 1915 J. H. SIIERTS 1916 J. G. MQYER 1917 C. W. DECUANT -118- C. P. SURIVER, '15 H. O. O,NEILL, '15 J. H. SIIERTS, '15 J. G. MOYER, '16 M. W. JONES, '16 J. G. MOYER, '16 W. F. PREIN, '17 I-I. O. 0,N1CII1L W. G. NIARKLE P. S. FRITZ .4-1 OLLEGE .nu- 'wif' .-iii' K'-fag - -. 1 s545':llF3'S-L'-'2"inm-.:,q HHS? 9943.3 --w.,.., , , " M,--4' ,""' ' -1-u""1"'-1 -H-'56-:?,,,., 4, ' I fy 2. FY:,,..,, . -, av -4- in-hh-ob-.nm-. - . Iv ,. - . .1....-L..- ..,,.,.n4.ua4u-nun..-Milan-1.f 'ff ug 'QUQQMNKLS me U If The College Band Director .... . . . .... G. K. BAND, '16 Manager.. ......... .................... . I. R. IIoI.I.1Nc:lc1c, '17 ConN1-:Ts G. K. BARD, '16 D. I. CILEINI, '18 J. A. BORGER, '16 S. E. I.oImc1l, Sem. '17 R. W. IIoNsnE1ccmu, '16 II. J. DONIKT, Sem. '16 E. D. G1c11"1f'1TIls ALTO IQEIIRES, '19 '1'uoM1soN1cs, J. R. IIOLLINGER, '17 J. IIoI.I.I+:Nn.u'll, Sem. '18 B.'ue1'roN1': C. C. A1.1.snouslf:, '18 BASS D. V. SNYn1f:1c I'1c:coLo C. M. TAUSIG, '19 CLA1c1oN1cTs A. R. G1.1+:ssN1cu, '18 H. R. WoI+:lcNlcu, '10 DRUMS II. C. 'I'IIOR13A11N, '17 INIARCUS I'Ac1ll':1.nLIf: , PI'OhlblI1011 ASSOCIHIIOH l'l'CSIdCllt .... ' .... A. lf' Dnlrrz, '16 Vice-president .... .... C I. L BIARTIN, '16 Secretary .... II. C. Rum., '18 Treasurer ..... R. E. S'rA1uc, '17 Reporter .... .... .... l ' '. D IVIGNTZEL, '16 f 2 0- .1.NW 1 I K . if y ff! 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' -h ' f F-. ' fx ,t Y - , ,Q K V ,W 'fW E? 1- .ff fq2f:i'G2W Q -. . I Ilif f ' wx fl Y "' ' W'XV,5XW.w" PQ 'vx . "' X,'x,X N- 'X ' ' X , , f 1 , K 11 H .. , , xx . x . , , . . X XX ,JW :MN MM- x x X - . X, N N . ,, .- f L' ffflk x vs...w ' X W-e'ux'R ' Y -fx N ' ' Q - X 'ra' ' N f df' f" 'I '-'f VW 5 " Y . Q N X V." 'X '- X. X Y? . 5, . N ' ' 4 'fx 1- ' ' I ' rl-U lg NL ' w,vX'X2 H Q -X - - '- X" YQ . - ' '. , V J JN 'Wg fr- 3 ,Wy 2 -5 0 a ww- Qqx N x-. X- . - Y . Hx. 9 . -A .f ' l., 5. gmt 'X : ww, -pw. - - . . Q m x-X . wa 1 11YhN'g M Y y. X N 'yn - . px f'1,wi,:1 i" ',iwMw ,' 1 '- .N " X X P x 'N Q 'Xfrxxff I . 4. " Q L ' X " K Y NG 'N-b tx" , IQ .,,.w X VI: HM TWIN!! CIRILU. OF H111 HIL E '5-,Q 5 X X5 ' yd Y " X H H X 1 , ,, . , ,. ,X ., vb NN Ai?Wx'vN 1" ' i I X I-1 ,W m ax nl hx", -iw ,'!.',-,g'A',,w,Xb'"X X! A ' 'fyQ'." ." Varsity Football Team-1915 Manager . ........ . . Assistant Managers .... Captain .... . . . Coach .... Left End ..... Left Tackle .... Left Guard ..... Center ......... Right Guard ...,. Right Tackle .... Right End ...... Quarter-back ........ Right Half-back ..... Left Half-back ..... Full-back ,...... M. W. JONES L. J. Mussr-in W. N. 131ucNNIc1c THE T EAM SlIIiS'1'lT UTJCS G. K. Bfxiw MoNoGImM MEN 1916 E. E. NIYLIN, Captain A. S. I-IERMAN J. A. SMITH W. E. FEIIIT A. C. WEETSCII L. R. BERGEE 1917 L. J. NIUSSER 1918 D. A. WILLIABIS - 122 - J. G. MOYEII, '16 I. B. 1v1NGER, '17 B. W. LUTTENISERGER, '17 R. L. HIQIIBST, '17 E. E. BIYLIN, '16 JOHN REED .. . .1'. K. EVANS . . . .A. C. VVERTSCII . . . .C. T. ROLLER . . . .J. E. 1vITlIERSPOON ....W. E. FEIDT .. . .J. A. SMITH L. R. BIIIIHIIGIQ . . . .E. E. MX'I.IN . . . .11 A. WILLIAMS E. J. KESSLER . . . . . .A. S. IIEIQMAN T. li. LOHACII J. E. SCIINEIIJEH J. G. MO1'Ell J. W. VVITIIERSPOON J. G. MOYEE C. T. ROLLER W. N. BIQENNEE P. K. EVANS E. J. ICESSLER October October October October October November November November Tllllif 191 T Q Qiilriim? 4 - mlf l ' Y " l Q? - Mi. Qi JD 'I 3 E 2, , V ' Y Y Y V '7 1?,f- 'i .. . . .. Q 9 16 Q3 30 6 13 Q5 Football Record SEASON or 1915 U. of P., :it Pliilzulclpllizm. . .. St. Jolm's, nt Lzmcustcr.. . . Dickinson, at Carlisle ....... Swartlimore, :Lt Swarthmore. Susquelmmm University, ut L H:Lve1'lo1'cl, at LELIlCilStCl' ..... Ursinus, at Lancaster.. . . . Gettysburg, at 1-ALI1C2lStCl'. . . Total .... - 123 - amcustcr ..... . Om' . . . 10 0 0 7 0 0 13 13 43 F. 8.2 M. 6 418 19 Q1 54 13 Q0 8 189 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM f M Y 2 - ati g g g g -gg Ag g id rrrfla earrlrrmfr W- 7 ULRJII CBD The 1915 Football Season UR football season ol' last fall must brine 'o to the heart of ever in J loyal son of Franklin and Ma1'sl1all. Out of a total of nine games played we won seven, scoring Q48 points as over against 43 scored by our 0 u Jonents. Financiall the season was an unc ualified success, due mainl l . to the efficient direction of lkfanager lVIoyer. A The first frame of the season was a mractice one with St. Jose Jhls Catholic n , Club, of Lancaster. The St. Joseplfs boys played a hard, clean game, but were outclassed and defeated, 60 to 0. The second frame was with Penn, at Fhiladel hia. Fired b f the memor U 1 of last year's victory, the team put up a wonderful fight, and l11lSSCd a victory only by a hair's breadth, the final score being 10 to 6 i11 Pennls favor. The sensation ol' the game was Captain lVfylin's spectacular run of seventy yards through thc whole Penn team for a touchdown. The St. John's game was easy for the Blue and tVhite warriors. In the mink of condition b this time, our team com mletel overwhelmed the lVIar - Y Y land boys by a score of 48 to 0. A week later F. and NI. defeated Dickinson on their field, 19 to 0. The weather was bad for football, and Dickinson nut u m a Jluck fi rllt, but in fo spite of adverse conditions we triumphed. On October twenty-third the student body accompanied the team to Swarthmore, and there witnessed what was universally declared to be one of the llil,l'Cl6Slf-fOllU'l1lZ frames Etlld most rlorious victories that F .- and M. ts rl fp has had. Before a rreat crowd of s rectators, cheered on b the student 1'-1 body and encourafred b the student band, our team defeated Swarthmore, u D 1 Q1 to 7. Susquehanna proved to be very easy, being defeated by a score ol' 53 to 0. Two touchdowns, made in as many minutes by Moyer on long forward passes, were a spectacular feature of this game. -125- Qfllrlttattl aisa ag 33 Haverford put up their usual hard game against F. and M., but our splendid work in forward passing gained us the victory. The score lor this game was 18 to 0. Ursinus was the next victim. They put up a hard fight, as they always do against F. and M., and kept us in suspense a great part of the time, but in the end the 'Blue and White again were victorious, winning by a score ol' Q0 to lfi. The annual Thanksgiving contest with Gettysburg was a sore disappoint- lncnt to us all. Of course this is the game we are most anxious to win. And after the splendid showing made by our team during the season, few of us had much doubt as to the result. But on 'l'hanksgiving Day, under the most favorable weather conditions, and with a crowd of seven thousand people looking on, we suffered a bitter disillusionment. Gettysburg proved to be unexpectedly strong, our own team unexpectedly weak, and over- coniident, and the result was a most heart-breaking defeat, 13 to 8. It was a had ending to a season othcrn ise so suceessiul, and seemed at the time to cancel with one fell swoop all our previous triumphs. But one defeat does not seriously affect our last season's record. which contains so many victories, and it may well be said that the 1915 season was one of the most successful in Franklin and Marshall's football history. As to the prospects for next year, we can say but little. Five of the best men on the 1915 team will graduate this spring. Captain hiylin expects to be back to lead the team next fall, and several of the varsity men of last season remain, together with a lot of promising material from the scrubs and class teams. It is to be hoped that the incoming Freshman class will bring us some football material. And we may safely depend on the old, undaunted lfranklin and Marshall spirit to carry us on to more victories. -126- ' X' Q4 ill Tll ltl QKHFLAMM rack-1 91 5 E ,J 7tg I Manager .......... , .J. T.. IRICKERT, '15 Assistant Manager . . . .M. D. Sc11.x1f'if'NER, ,Iii Captain ...,..... . .J. A. SMITH, '16 Coach. . . ...... , . .CnAs. W. ltflavsnn. IIE 1915 Track season did not turn out to he much of a success. Wfhen the time for the Penn Relays came, there was not much spirit mani- fested for the preparation of a team to participate. The result was that we were not represented in the relays. Captain Smith, '16, was entered in the pentathlon and finished sixth with a score of 26. Porterfield tied with nine other men, from various other colleges, in the pole-vault at a height ot IQ lt. 9 in. The next meet in order was the Triangular, in which our team did exceedingly well, when we consider that three of our best men could not compete. The meet with llucknell on the Q2nd of Nlay was canceled on account ol' climatic inclemency. The Inter-Class Meet in the spring was a very successful event. The fact that the Freshman Class hronght only o11e man who was a scorer in any event also was a great handi- cap for the lmuilding of a good winning team. The hope of all was that we could win the Triangular lV1eet i11 prel'erence to all the rest so that the fine, large cup, two of whose legs were won hy the teams of '13 and '14, would hecome the permanent possession ol' Franklin and lVlarsha.ll. In the Middle Atlantic States Meet we succeeded in scoring in only two events. Tum '1'1t1ANo lzmn M icwr ln the Triangular Meet hetween Franklin and lNIarshall. Dickinson, and Bucknell University at Carlisle, on Saturday, May eighth. the l". and M. team was forced to take second place. The reason for the reverse was the inahility ol' Porterfield, Martone, l'yl'er, and Diehl to compete. Dickinson led with 55 points, l". and M. followed with 4-I, and Bucknell trailed on the -127- ' iQlE'21t2ttxtlitt tliETFQEtt If rear with 26. Had the team succeeded in winning the meet, the handsome silver cup would have become the permanent property of the Blue and White, since two legs of it had been won in the meets of 1913 and 1914-. The meet was slow and not marked by any exceptional performances. F. and M. took five firsts, four seconds, and one third in the thirteen events. Captain Smith, '16, scored the most points for his team by taking first place in the shot put, hammer throw, and discus throw. SUMMARY 220-Yard Dash-Won by Ingram, Dickinson, second, Michael, F. and M., third, Warfield, Dickinson, timc, 22.5. M0-Yard Dash-Won by Yates, Dickinson, second, Stronp, F. and M., third, VS elsch, Dickin- son, time, 51.0. V 880-Yard Dash-Won by Johns, F. and M., second, Gardner, Dickinson, third, Stevenson, Bucknell, time, 2.9. One Mile Run-Won by llaehman, Bucknell, second, Johns, F. and M., third, Courtney. Dickinson, timc, 4-.Al--l-JA. Two Mile Run-Won by Coxe, F. and M., second, Flood, Dickinson, third McGrady, Dickin- son, time, 10.1156 220-Yard llllrdlcs-1Von by Yates, Dickinson, second, Hager, F. and M., third, Lawrence, Bucknell, time, 26.5. Shot Put-Won by Smith, F. and M., second, Massiglio, lluckncll, third, MacGregor, Dickin- son, distance, ll-1 ft., 6 in. Hammer 'l'hrow-Won by Smith, F. and M., second, Musser, F. and M., third, Healm, Dick- inson, distance, 121 ft., 6 in. Discus 'l'hrow-Won by Smith, F. and M., second, Wallace, Dickinson, third, Leighton, Bucknell, distance, 104 ft., 8 in. High Jump-Won by Wade, liuckncll, second, Palm, Dickinson, third, Dolphin, Bucknell, height, 5 ft., 7 in. Broad Jump-Won by Yates, Dickinson, sccond, Warfield, Dickinson, third, Stroup, F. and M., distance, 21 ft. Tun BIIDDLE A'rI.AN'r1e STATES NIEET Un the 15th of lVIay, 1915, the Middle Atlantic States Inter-Collegiate Meet was held on Yvalton Field, Ilaverford, Pa. Franklin and Marshall -128- .Y . . A e . e g - 1 e 1 1 illjl HEQAQQ QKHFLAMM 1 entered only a few men because of the disorganized condition of the track team in general. The meet was won by Rutgers College. The following is a summary of the points scored by the different teams. 1. Rutgers College ..... .............. . .. 25 2. Lafayette College. . . . . . 22 3. Lehigh University .... 20 A1-. Swarthmore College.. . . . . . 18 5. Gettysburg College ..... . . . 16 6. Haverford College ...... ........ . . . 16 7. Dickinson College .... ............. . . . 13 8. Washington and Jelferson College ..... . . . 7 9. Franklin and Marshall College ..... . . . 5 0 10. Stevens Institute ...................... ....... .......... In this meet nine old records were broken. Coxe, '17, and Miel1ael, '18, took second and third in the two-mile run and Q20-yard dash respectively. The weight events were so well contested that we did not succeed in placing. SPRING INTER-CLASS MEET The Class of 1917 showed its .superiority in the Inter-Class Meet which took place on the 26th of May, 1915. The '17 men were winners in every event except the pole-vault. Smith, '16, the track captain, and Brindle, '17, were the highest individual point scorers with 15 points each. The meet was won by the '17 men with a score ol 62 points. The following is a summary of the results of the meet. POINTS Scourzn nv 'run Cmssns ' 1914 ..... ..............,................ ... 13 1915 .,... ... IQ 1916 ..... ... 35 1917 ..... ... 62 1918 ..... ........, ... 31 SUMMARY 100-Yard Dash--Won by Martone, '1Gg second, Stroup, '1'7g third, Michael, '1S3 fourth, Moyer, '16: time, 10156. - 129 - 1 iginirrlisti riuruiu. If 2920-Yard Dash-Won by Michael, '18, second, Stroup, '17, third, Wiernmn, '17, fourth Moyer, '16, time, 23:13. time, 19. 220-Yard Low Hurdles-1Von by lirindle, '17, second, Iluger, '18, third, Moyer, '16, fourth, Fritz, '17, time, 32. 4-40-Yard Dash-Won by Murtone, '16, second, Stroup, '17, third, Kessler, '18, fourth, Michael, '18, time, 5396. 880-Yard Run-Won by Kessler, '18, second, Ilrindle, '17, third, Limbert, '18, fourth, Erd- nmn, '17, time, 2.18. One Mile Run-Won by Coxc, '17, second, Fritz, '17, third, Limbert, '18, fourth, Shriver, '18, time, 5.05. Two Mile Run-Won by Coxc, '17, second, Fritz, '17, third, lhtld, '1S, fourth, llnring, '16, time, 11.48. Hummer Throw-Won by Smith, '16, second, Musser, '17, third, Gilbert, '17, fourth, Forst- burg, '18, distance, 132 ft., 6 in. Shot Put-Won by Smith, '16, second SII.SS11.11l!lIl, '17, third, Gilbert, '17, fourth, Fcidt, '17, distunec, 39 ft., 2. in. Discus Throw-Won by Smith, '16, second, Feidt, '17, third, Snssaunnn, '17, fourth, Wither- spoon, '16, distance, 110 ft. Iligh Jump-Won by Portcrfield, '11, second, Appel, '15, third, Declumt, '17, fourth, Unger, '18 and Slmppell, '16, tied, height. 5 ft., 8 in. Brozid Jump-Won by Appel, '15, second, Berger, '18, third, llrindle, '17, fourth, Wiernmn, '17, distance, 20 ft. Pole Vuult-Won by Porterfield, '1-1, second. Slmppell, '16, third, Appel, '15, fourth, Berger, '18, height, 12 ft., 1 in. - INDIVIDUA I, POINT Seom-: ns Brindle, '17, Smith, '16 ..... ,...,.................... . . . 15 Portcrfield, '14 ,....... . . . 18 Appel, '15 ......... ..,... . ., 12 Coxc, '17, Mnrlone, '16 ..., . . . 10 Stroup, '17 ........,,.... . 9 Michael, '18 ..,..,..,.... . . . 8 Fritz, '17, Kessler, '18 .... ,....,. ,.... ..., . . . . . .. .. . 7 Snssarnun, '17.. .....,......,.......,.........,..,..,.........,......,,....... . 5 1"eidt, '17, Gilbert, '17, lierger, '18, Moyer, '16, Hlnippell, '16, llnger, '18, Limbert, '18. .,.... 4 Musser, '17, Wiernuin ' " 3 . lf .........,.....,,.........,,,.................,..... Bold, '18 ............ ' ,....... ,.... ,..,,.........,............................. . . . El Deeluult, '17, 1'h'dnmn, '17, Shriver, '18, Fortsburg, '18, llnring, '16, 11'itherspoon, '16 .... . 1 - 130 - 120-Yard High Hurdles-Won by lirindle, '17, sceond, Porterfield, '1-1: third, Appel, '15, i i i i Aff i i i I Tilrgrlyi. ortirtar f r I .'w!ffE,,f3g: ,- .LL xv un i ' Orrlouns or Mm-rr w ill Prof. Charles W. Mayser, H. A. Schaf'l'ner. Starters, M. W. Jones, E. H. llerger, H. L. Jones, Roy Honsherger, Mark Thatcher, li. R. Glidden, P. J. Sykes, Judges: Uonrad C. Muehe, Tally Man: J. Lloyd Riekert, Manager of Meet. FALL INTER-CLASS TRACK Mmm' The Fall Meet was substituted for the regular Fall Cross Country Run. Only seven events were contested and only twenty different men were con- testants. Not much spirit was manifested in it, but as usual tl1e Class of '17 carried off the honors of the meet. Pomrs Sconnn nr 'nm Cmssm 1916... ...............,............... ....18 1917... ...25 1918... ....29 1919 ,... . .... IQLQ Sumnucv 100-Yard Dash-Won hy Marlone, '16, second, Michael, '18, third, Wicrman, '17, fourth, '1'horlJahn, '17, time, 11. 2920-Yard Low Hurdles-Won hy Ilagcr, '18, second, Marshall, '19, time, 29. Broad Jump-Won hy lierger, '18, second, lirindle, '17, third, Shappell, '16, fourth, Dechant, '17, distance, 19 ft., IX. in. Shot Put-VVon by Smith, '16, second, Cilherl, '17, third, Sassaman, '17, fourth, Musscr, '17 distance, 38 ft., QM in. Mile Run-Won hy Coxc, '17, second, Fritz, '17, third, Tausig, '19, fourth, Limbert, '18, time, 5.11. 44-0-Yard Dash-Wvun hy Martone, '16, second, Michael, '18, third, Tliorhalm, '17, time. 57. High Jump-Won hy Gernant, '19, second, llagcr, '18, third, Moyer, '17, Marshall, '19' and Shappell, '16, tied, height, 5 ft., 2 in. 0rrxcI.u.s or Mlcnr S, M. Shelly, Starter, C. C. Muehe, Tally Man, M. D. St'lltl.H'I10l', Manager. -131- 8 Dental asm lu If I T e n n 1 s Manager ........... .... R . A. MCCLELIIAN, '16 Assistant Manager .... .... C :ONRAD C. MUICIIE, '17 Captain .......... .... I 'IANS NOLDE, EX '18 Coach .... . . .... P1101-'. J. N. SCIIAEFFER TEAM GEORGE ICUNKEL, '15 MINSTER ICUNKEL, '15 D. H. KUNKEL, '16 ' :HANS NOLDE, EX '18 SUBSTITUTES T. B. LEINBACII, '18 R. L. I-IE1ms'r. '17 WVILLIAM VVITIIERSPOON, '16 ENNIS at Franklin and Marshall has had a Varied career. At times splendid teams represented the Blue and WVhite and in inter-collegiate ranks the wielders of the racquet held F. and M. in high respect. But until within the last two years, the game had fallen into discard here and it was with difHculty that the manager was able to schedule games with even colleges which are classed lower than Franklin and Marshall. But all that has been changed and the man to whom the credit must be given is Manager R. A. McClellan. Two years ago he took hold of the tennis proposition when it was at its lowest ebb. By gradual work he has raised the game until now it is one of the most popular sports at F. and M. By first interesting the students in the usual fall matches, an idea of the mater- ial which could be developed was obtained. Through the efforts of Prof. J. N. Schaeffer, who undertook to coach the team, a first-class squad was turned out. In all seven matches were played. Of these, F. and M. won three, lost two, and tied two. For the first time, tl1e members of the team obtained monograms for representing the college on the court in intercol- -132- aisiai eairilia l T ' 'f i J ' i s legiate matches. lly a ruling of the Student Senate, a man who plays in three-fourths of the intercollegiate matches and wins at least half of his games is entitled to a monogram. The awarding of letters has stimulated interest in tennis to a marked degree and no further trouble is expected in having candidates turn out for the team. In former years, the 1nen1bers of tl1e tennis team worked for glory only and got very little of that. Now that tennis is an intercollegiate sport on a firm basis at Franklin and Mar- shall, let us keep it there. The scores and matches F. and M. participated in during the 1915 season follow: May 1-Reading Country Club at Lancaster F. and M. 3g Reading 1 May 8-Lancaster Country Club at Country Club F. and M. 2g Lancaster, 8 May 15-Dickinson at Lancaster F. and M. 3, Dickinson, 3. May 18-Gettysburg at Gettysburg F. and M. 4g Gettysburg, 2. May 28-Q9-Quadrangular Meet at Carlisle F. and M. 2, Bucknell, 8g Dickinson, 6g Lebanon Valley, 0. June 5-Swarthmore at Lancaster F. and M. 3g Swarthmore, 3. June 9-Gettysburg at Lancaster F. and M. 63 Gettysburg, 0. SUMMARY FVO11, 3, Lost, Q3 Tie, Q. -133- l4flllli51ZlQ,1iRNlSl1l llT5Yl4ll lEl Tennis Tournament The Zllllllllll Tennis 'llOlll'llkLlIlCIllL was 1-0111ple1ccl 011 Fl'lllil.y, Uctolmer 15, 1915. Prof. I-I. II. Beck presenlcrl il splendid racquet To D. ll. Kunkel, the winner. F. C. Gzlrwood III'CSCllt0f.l 2111 llllllJl'Cll2l to R. L. llcrbsl, the FUIIIICI'-llll. 1 l,ci11l1:1cl1 l,ci11l1:1cl1 Livingstone NL I'IiLl'lIlg J 6fQ, 6 '4 Kunkel Huring A1 6-1,6-4 6-4,6-2,6---L 3VLil1c1's11o011 Y27i1:1c:'sg511E1113 Kunkel X Kunkel 6 6 -l "', " ' 1 6-3 6-1 6-0 6-4 8-6 Kunkel Ql ' l ' ' Gc1'11:1nt NL Herbst 11 Hcrbst Hc"l'Sl -' 6"3'6-1 5 6-Q 7-5 1101-1151 McClellan McClellan 1' ' 6-1 6-1 6-Q Fox Ji 8-6,6-4 , i I-I11111mond Gise T, Giga Gise ji 6-4,11-13,6-3 I: 65 6-4 iKlCIlllllCl' .l , -134- Captain . . Rlglll. l"orw:u'1l Left 1"orwarcl . Center ...... . Right flllilfll.. Left Guard. . . Senior Basketball Team 'l' l'I.X M R. W. Iloxslmmzl-In ..,. ...... ....lIoNsm-:mal-zu - I 3.5 ...,Illclm . . . .Sl'ANC'AKl'I . . . .MYl,1N. BIOYICII, JONES, II,mn1uG11'1' Junior Basketball Team Captain .... . . . IS. W. Lu'r'r1aN1s1auG1au TEAM Right Forward .... ..... . . .RIOYIFIIL B1i1aNN1f:1c Left Forward. . . . . .IaI1s1u3s'r Center. . ...... . . .XVAUGAMAN Right Guard .... . . .LUTTENBERGER Left Guard .... . . . . . .LOBACH, GARVEY -136- Sophomorc Basketball Team Captain . . . .... .... I S1r'1'l,l-in 'rum Right 1"0I'NV2ll'll .... ..... . . . i1IVlNGH'l'0Nl'I Left F0l'W2l1'Ll .... . . . MoUN'rz, 1IoLL1Nc:if:u CCIIICI' ........ , , . liU'1'1,1qR Right Glllird .... . . .1+'1c,xoL1cY, Ilixoi-11: Left Guard .... ........... . . .GREULICH 1-137- Freshman Basketball Team Caplaill ..,, Right l"orwurcl Loft IfI0l'NVill'lI . Center ...,... . Right Guard. . Left Guard ..,. WINNERS OF SERIES 'I' EAM - 138 - Iloovlcu K1-:linens Iluovmn, Wolfznxlcle limtlmxzcu MARSHALL, Gnmvn 1".xI:sT An Ode to the H ouvclleu ' Who como lo Iown so frvsln :mel gJ:I'1'l'll YYIII1 Ixopvs mul 01-sIn,sII's gulorc? ,"1i'5Zf5g",1,-::.fI XVIII? IlI'I0l' ci VIII 1Il'1' novvr soon, 7?-3""'I . . . f .-j And Il'0lllIJI4' :IL Iho hophomorc s roar? I N. Aigazgff ' ' The I"rcsIum-ll. 2515 - wir: .- - if A2-A F,2:ff'. ' T. 'b.+ i?..- f! In f' , . . I HM " NN ho wzul mul w:l,lcI1 cm-In mglnl, :mul morn "f1ffif2g5'-PH" I .Xml :Irv Ilw lmm- of Ilnosv In-low? 1.90 v . .. . 1 11? IX Ilo lnamlw IIN: " I"l'vsIl Ilwlr IIUINIQ :l.1Iox'n X if A .. . if f xxlI.II1IIl'IlI0 IIIIII- Imluv :xml Q.fl'Cl'll l'IIIl,IlC1lIIl I . I X 2? 'I llc f7lllbIl0llllll'4.'S. Q, nov ,,... X , X Who UIIJIIIIIIDIUII II11' l'l'I'5IlllI4'Il s UIIIIM' .Xml IloI1I I,Iw vzml "on S0l'Iil,Il'N? Ivlxo hoI4I IIN' big :Iam-u ol' IIN' yl'IlI'. The Juniors. Who wcau' I,I1c vanc amd Ioml the frlluur And lord it over common clay? IVImo Icamvv our college cvvry yczw, Out in Lhc world Lu lmlkc Lllcir muy? The Seniors. If Lux Efuzx Hu- lm1'vIIl:u1L "fotos" which :Ill 0llLIlI'II,II? Iii .AIIM OOMN Ig SYM 21 F H BRBIES I: , Qflff j u Q f If Jff1Q?fIf'fI"I I'rIf2Qa?'ivIv3QI.'1'q I Ir " ,. I I I I li! :' ' 'I II ok V! v I I 1 IIL SHN WU, I 'I :ff I N HN I7 Xx-U ,"g,-, I,",w4I,, Vi' N XSNlIl?r:Q:xIAM V :N qr gmail! 7 li IH. sg, III Y If 'IIII M I '4 1-"m4IIk4vg I1 ' ax IIII I III 'WI' f I NMVI III 'I' ' I :f' -, XIX' L I ': MQ . 'Hao BRHN I7 trlllriiiiiirii iiiiiri i. If Senior Roasts ALLSIIOUSE-IIC has joined thc class of fussers. Goes out about once a month now. HARD-Tlle modern Sousa. Plays in the Salvation Army Bugle Corps. BARR-A Millersville University chemist who analyzes society. Bleek-Eveii though he is a bookworm and a disciple ol "Dicky," he takes pleasure in teaching the Millersville dames. BURGER'-J0llll once cherished the ambition to become a fiery-oraeled preacher, but the blissful five almost said kissfulj Christmas holidays wrought in him a change of heart. H BRINICMAN-"'l'l1e smaller they come the worse they get." BnossMAN-Alway hiding hehind a eute mustache and a loud necktie. CROUSE-" Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." DAVIS-"Hey, gimme a -!" "Aw, you never have any." 1jIETZ1I'I2IS lofty aspirations. lVants to become a humorist. Fox-"G1'a11ny." A virilc defender of the Colonial. GRIMM-Believes divorce is justifiable. Don't let his wife know that l1e said, "It is not divorce but marriage that needs regulation." Gnosn-The hungry-looking calliope. O11e of the dainties of the Cheese Society. I-IAMnmoivr-Briglit as the name indicates. An athlete of seventeen sports and a proficient pianist. I'IAMMoNn-The Boy Hero. Attends sewing circle every week, but he sleeps in an iron bed. I-IARBAUGII-A peculiar combination of Sherlock Holmes, Eddie Plank, and John Barleyeorn. HARING-It is a fish. It went for Venus only once, and then 'twas with a telescope. -140- ... 2 Hifeiii eairwirriglljr QX if' X' HEINE-A leader at cotillons and the dansants. I-IERMAN-Played football four years, and then-Wow! He broke training. HERB-This rosy-checked Endymion joined us last year. That's all we know of him. HERTZOG-His national anthem and funeral march is "Ei du schtine Sehnitzelbankf' HOKE-This is a species of fgroundj-hogg gets scared at its own black, black shadow. Rode through the enchanted fields of Greek romance on horseback, so to speak. I-I0l.s'r0N-If his faith were as strong as his mustache his chances for Heaven wouldnit be worth a nickel. HONAMAN-Ul1CltlSSlfi6d in any biological treatise. Referred to U. S. Deadhead Depit. CThe Board of Censorship won't allow anything else to be said concerning this easel IIONSBERGER-LOSiL, between my ladyis house and the Franklin Club Cfour blocksj, ninety golden minutes, set with diamonds. No reward if found, for they are gone forever. HUNTER-Tlie record of this manis soul is so black that charcoal would make a chalk-mark on it. JONES-The ladies rave over his taHy-colored hair at the basketball games. KALTREIDER-As a conscientious and diligent stude, a haswaser. ICREIDER-ESIIS breakfast, dinner, and supper in his own room, and drops in at Esrey's in the evening to help the fellows eat their crackers. IQOORIE-ivU.lliS around looking as hungry as a graven image, especially when about to give birth to an idea.- ICUNKEL--T he last of the Kunkel quartet. A big noise and the Limbur- ger of the Cheese Society. A MARTIN-AH orator of bombast, a disciple of Thoreau, a doer of nothing. MARKEL-Constitutionally unadapted for study, save in the realms of living art. C -141- aitiatatl at u . MARTONIG-'l'l1e ultimate authority on the pronunciation of "Goethe," "Hello, Doktorf' ' lVlcvCl,lcI.I,,xN--A "nut," liberated on probation from the Allentown Zoologieal Garden. Duke's Mixture: an Irisl1 name. Berks County blood, and a hoek-shop disposition. lVll4:ssNr:n-llis days are nmnbered il he doesn't get rid of l1is two- wheeled Ford. MIl,1,l':n-llis taste for beauty and form is to be commended. Caruso behind a. pair of speetaeles. Movlcn-A regular philanderer. with him "it's not a woman, it's women." Mmmfx-'l'l1e village politician. A steam-roller of the stock-yards. Mmumv--Manager of dye factory. Dyed in Brownstown. Speed king and road hog. Lollie-pop's favorite. lNlvif:ns--A smiling little waif, temporarily adopted by the Senior class. Mvl.IN-lle's only a little fellow, but he fills a big gap in our football squad. Noss-They were alone. Suddenly John whispered, "YVill you find it eoineident with your pleasure, madam, to indulge, as it were, in prudent oseulation, so to speak?" And-they did. IIEICIIICRT-gh real rouglmeek. Seller of peanuts at 5e a bag and a "jumper in the lakef, RIPPLE-Well, James Fenimore Cooper also was pretty wild in his col- lege days. Let there he hope. Roekicl.-Spoilts with regularity, like "Old Faithful." Is the whole tean1 and the dog under the wagon. R011RI'1ltQl'lllgZLf,ICd in scientific researeh to discover a method of elon- gating the stunted body without. eliminating the pipe of elay. Rol.i.lcn-Awlieli Roller started up the stairs, lle surely did look sad A lonely suit ol' B. V. l7.'s, Was the only clothes he had. H.. , :lef t xgw 7 --- Y , Nil I N ' Vu, lt F ell l f 02Ftll MXMJ1 S 2 - ' e-'fs -w w, 7 c -'A nun SCIIAFIPNER-'Poo busy handling money to get an education on his way 'through college. Sxlaviflflnl.-"Schmiley." Never was there one with a more pleasant disposition. SMITH-During his first three years at college he went to bed every night at 10.00 P. M. It's Q.30 A. M. now. SPAIIRW--HI know of a place where they give you a quart of bccr and all the soup you can cat for a nickel." "And you get two straws with the soup." SPANCAKE-'lll1C last word and the "etc." in chemistry. "If it isn't in the book ask Spannyf' STERNER'uI need 'thee every hour." 'l'uoU'mmN-Vanity of Vanities! If our cruditc Normal School friends could only come down out of 'thc clouds and walk the earth with us. Warxrnnsnour--'SWhy should the spirit ol woman be proud?" WELr.m1e-Sid hiberuates for the winter and is only awakened by the first call for baseball candidates. XVENTZIGL'-fJlltCl'l seen on Cabbage Hill late in the night, accompanied by John Noss. YVIIITEIIIGAD-A typical three-reel villain. 'l'roubled with a heavy conscience and an ingrown brain. XVITIIERSPOON-U,l1LlCCldOd whether to locate at Hagerstown, Md., or at Roanoke, Va. XVOTRING-'llllCC0ll0QC1'0lIgIllI1CCli. Aln " ' lost rclormed by Spancake. -143- cCOP,Y OUR WAYS W ILLIAM Lnsrlm ATCIILEY Stone Church, Pa. "Bill" "Sister" l'repared at East' Stl'0llliSlJlll'g S. N. S.: B.S. Course. "A 'man's a man for a' l,lm.l'." "Sister" is one of the silent members among us, rarely being heard and hardly much more seen. In all truthfulness it can be said that he sang a solo at a meeting of the Metlioclist Ladies' Aid Society of a local church and responded to three encores. He spent the first semester this year in carousing round until the "wee sma"' hours, but no one knows where. WILIJIS NISSLIGY BAER, Landisville, Pa. l'lnl.ered Juniorg l'rep:u'cd at Goshen College and Goshen Academy, Goshen, lnd.3 A.l3. Course. "How sweet, how passing sweet is solitude." This young man joined our ranks last fall and that is just about all we know about him. He comes to college from Nowhere every morning and returns thence at the end of recitations with clock-like regularity. His typical para- phernalia is a raincoat, umbrella, and rubbers. He is a student ol' philosophy and ot a contemplative disposition. He is perfectly silent at all places except in philosophy class, but there he can prove that Nowhere is not anywhere as soon as he leaves and is not there to see it. lVere silence really golden, Baer would make Roclxeitllu lndc himself for shame. 1,45 - S'rAN1.m' CLmvm,ANn BAKER l'orter's Sideling, Pa. Ilarbaugh Vlnb: Goethr-an: Y. M. C. A.: Pre- pared at York Collegiate Institute and York County Aezulemy. "VVisely and slow: they stumble that run last." Here is a Dutelnnan with a traee of English in his vocabulary, although it is hard to deter-t it in his pronunciation. Stanley is very fond ol' studying, read- ing, and other frivolities. Lately he has taken to athletics: football and traek. Taking him all through, he isu't such a bad seoutg and may yet attain the goal of his ambition, that of being an evangelist. If you want to charaeterize him in a single word trans- late his name in German. SAMUEL SIIENK Bum East l'etersburg, Pa. "Sam" l'aradise Vlub: Diagnolhian: Vlass Viee-presi- dent CQDQ Flass President CID: Vlass Vonstitution fl0lllllllti1'l' C221 Winner Keller Prize in Lalin and Greek C215 l'repared at l". and M. .fkeaclelnyg A.ll. Vourse. "Snell is the fate of simple Bard, On lil'e's rough ocean luekless starr'd! " "I come from the country, but you wouldn't know it." This intelligent youth is one of our few aspirants after that Phi Beta Kappa key. Has never been known 'lo miss a class or to Hunk in a rec-itation. Prof. Schaeffer says that after Fritz he's the best Latin shark QD in college. Has never been known to use a trot. Sam is the proud om Ol of in .lutomo mile and this is oi' great use to him in calling upon the lacllu. His dutus ot mlas-. president have sobered l1i1n considerably and he non lJ6llC'XLS ht would like to be a real judge some day. 146 - in the wilds of Antes' Cafe! Lik an inveterate fusser. but says he left behind him." He was our el gave proof of the amiability of considerable freedom. I-le says h WALKIQR NICVIN BRENNI-za, York, Pa. Nllrenl' "Nails" l'ararliseg 'Varsity Basketball KU, QQDQ 'Varsity Baseball C115 Scrub l"ootba.ll CID, CQDQ 'Varsity Football CU: Vaplain Class Football C953 flaplain Class Baseball QQJQ l'repared at York lligh School: B.S. Course. "Oh, our mauhood's prime vigor! No spirit feels waste. " Here is the walking proof of the old adage, "Good goods comes in small packages." Nails is one of the small men of our elass but what he lacks in stature is redoubled in his Upepf' Used to eat nails ior breakfast, whence his nickname, but it is said authori- tatively that he has subs'ti'lzuted Grape Nuts. Showed rare form on the football field this year. "Nails" can always he found either on Cabbage Hill or hidden es Thanksgiving night parties. EaNlcs'r XVICIGIIT ABRINDLE tvaynesboro, l'a. "Brin" 'gliruien Diagnoihian: lfranklin Vlubg lx'lCl'1.'0l'SlDlll'g Club, f'lass 'llraek CU, QQDQ 'Varsity Track KU, Ml' llighesl. point sc-orer lnler-4-lass 'I'rac-k Meet QU: 'I'ied highest point seorer, Inter-class 'l'rac-k Meet CQDL Pennant Connuittee CU: llal. fi0l!llllll.ll'l' C2l: Glee Club CSD, Prepared ltlvreershurg Aeadeinyz A.ll. Course. "A merrier man tvithin the limit of ll0C0llllI1g mirth, l never spent an hour's talk withal." llrindle is a man of varied activities, a track man, a wit, a photographer, and what-not. His puns and punk jokes are a hardship to his friends. Lately he has developed into a singer, and now he adds his raucous bass to the harmony of a downtown choir on Sunday. He's is nevertheless faithlul to "the girl he ass monitor for our first two years, and his disposition by allowing his friends e feels called to preach the gospel. 147' - Louis I'I1f:NnY Coxi-1, III Wilmington, Del. "Lou" "Cupid" fl, li Ill 3 Class Pin Committee KU: Captain Class 'l'rac-k CU, fill: 'Varsity 'l'rack CU, CRD, CSD: Chair- man Junior llop Coinniittcez Assistant Cheer I 1 Leader CD3 lrcparerl at Wilmington lligh Schoolg A.ll. Course. "0 wad some power the giftie gic us To see ourselves as ithcrs see us. " , , . . . lo look upon tlus hemgn physiog- uolny is to love uit." The girls call him Cupid. An "idle" for the women and a real social star. lielieves that studying is the least important side of college life. Is an adept at "polling," Not the same kind as Fritz, though. Lou's supreme effort was in connection with a certain harher "poll." Owes his ability in track to practice of running after the last C. A. ear. Has developed into quite a student of late and says he could have been an honor man, if--. CI.if:uicN'1' XVIGISICR IJECIIANT Ilanover, Pa. "Clem" "Peck" "Arehey" fl? B: lliagnolhian: Class Foolhall KQD3 Class 'l'rack CQJQ Glcc and Mandolin Cluhs CU, KSU, CD: Read r KU. QD, CSD: Class Secretary C251 Assistant Chccr Leader CD: Green Room Cluh CID, CQD, CD3 Vice-president CD: Pin Committee CD3 Class Poet CQJ, CID: c'll1l.ll'IlHl-ll llanquct Coniniittee CD: Pre- pared at hlcrccrshurg At'Il,1li'lIlyl AJS. Course. "Judge thou me hy what l am. So shalt Ihou liud me fairest." What a heritage the Class of '17 possesses in Clem. Ile is afraid we don't appreciate it, however. Another one of the "devil" class. Is now one of the higgest "hluffers" in the class. Ranks with Dave :lf'l'i1lll'Z. Shines es- pecially in "'l'ubhy's" classes. llis powers ol elocution have given him a name QD far and wide. Has strong convictions in the matter of com- pulsory atteudance at Literary Society. Ilis suasive glance has proven a trap for the heart of lnany a fair damsel. .. 148 - pects are bright, providing he enter the Seminary. RAYMOND VIQISSLING lylililt East Greenvile, Pu. "Rosy', lx'l2l,l'SlHl,ll Vluhg Goelheung l'repured ut Perkin- men Seminnryg l'h.l5. Course. "They shull yet ln-lie Lhy lender years. Thul, suy thou url, an man." This rosy - eheeked, smooth - huired youngster is quite at fellow in several ways, as we heur. He cuused :L sensu- tion lust yeur by inuking u struiglmt 100 in trig.g quite an feat, il you ask us. Ile spent most of his life previous to enter- ing college in the melancholy business ol' curving epituphs on tonihstones, and that is the way we account for his " Nut, drink, und he merry, for tomorrow we die" ufltitude toward life. l,AY1D ALTON Dimfnieu Hublersburg, Pu. "Deel3,, l':n'uside Ululmg Scrub l"ool,lmull CU, QQD, cap: Scrub llusclnull CID: 'Vursily QQDQ I,I'0IJilil'0fl ill, l". :md M. Ac-urlemy: ill. Course. ""l'is visible silence, still us the hour-glass." Here is un outcast from the Class of 1916 whom we were elmrituhle enough to take into our own fold. Deet wus forced to leuve college for il, yeur und when he returned he joined the runks of the 'l7ers. Is one ol' those quiet chaps who never uppurently do much of unythiug und yet who in reality are reul "devils.', Hus recently discovered that the primary object oi' college is not North Queen Street. His pros- does not follow 'lfulTy's udviee and 149 - F1mNe1s MA1uoN ERDMAN Shamokin, Pa. " Erdie H fl? 21 Goetheang Secretary G. L. S. fljg Class Footlmall CID: Vlass Track CID, CQJ1 Scrub Footlxall CU, OID, CID: Chairman Banquet Commit- tee C211 Mandolin Chili CU, till, CHQ Prepared al. G, Shamokin lligh Schoolg AJS. Voursc. g ' "All the Latin l construe is .lLIllU,l I love." Nearly all the '17 men are fussers to a greater or less extent, hut in this line we all have to acknowledge Erd- lll2ll1,S supremacy. 'l'here must he some- thing in the n1an's make-up that the girls just can't resist. It n1ay he those appealing gazelle eyes. or that squeaky voice, or that Gyp the Blood walk. Xt any rate, his exploits have heen many, as he is anxious to have you know. "We don't know how he did it, hut he did it" Cso he saysj. Anslmon Omvlca l'lSIII'IlAl.-KN Terre llill, Pa. "Esh" Diagnothiang Prepared at I". and Bl. .Xcademyg A.l3. Course. "Avoid greatness: in an humble cottage there may he found more real happiness than kings or their favorites enjoy in palaces." "Esh" is the intensely rural college student. Like llenhard, he spends the majority ol' his spare moments in coming to college and leaving again. He is very silent, never makes himself heardg moves about at college in sueh a manner that he is also rarely seen. He thus exemplifies the ancient rule for children -he seen, hut not heard. He is a pro- tege ol Hayes and intends to enter some modern monastery. But we predict that his radiance will bring some fair dame from Terre Hill to his side and will thus save a well meaning mortal from the harren life of a eelihate. 150 W IVAN Emzalc Fisimn ..... United, Pa. "Fish" Franklin Clubg Diagnothian CID, My Porter Scientific Society CD5 Scrub Football QU, QQDQ Banquet Commitltee C353 Class Football QU, OU: Poster Uommittee CU: Assistant Business Manager 01:11-'Lamllfzg Prepared at Greensburg High Schoolg l3.S Course. "'l'here be good fellows in the world." A form inclined to take on flesh in the winter-time, a round face charac- terized by a broad, genial smile and a rakishly twisted nose, and a voice and laugh as cheery and carefree as Micaw- beris, thatis Fish. He is a truly popu- lar man, popular with the fellows and equally so with the girls. He tells us he used to be a scholar and an athlete out in Greensburg, but since he CZLIIIC to college he has let up on all activities except that of being a genuinely good fellow. but was careless enough to let the 1+'1c1alm1uc: STEINMAN Foixrz, II Lancaster, Pa. "Freddie" Diagnothian: Monitor D. L. S. Cljg Correspond- ing Secretary D. L. S. C213 Vignette Committee CU: Press Club QQJQ "Student-iveckly" Stall CD3 Alternate Inter-Collegiate Debating Team CD3 Prepared at F. and M. Academyg A.l3. Course. "Vasa vacua plurimum sonantf' VVhen this boy had finished his Prep. course, he decided to seek more worlds to conquer and so he took a taste of the U. of P., but soon his ambition was sated and now we have him as a class- mate oi ours. He is a journalist by nature and is ever "snooping" around for news for his father's paper. He is some debater, more or less, but more less than more. As monitor of the Diag. Society, he is a terror to the laggards- monitor's book be stolen from his desk. He is also a great athlete and in his "gym" suit he is graceful as Apollo and casts a shadow like two crossed match sticks. 151- Davin Ilnnn FRANTZ, Lancaster, Pa. "Dave', fl? K lllig Diagnothian: Chairmaw Poster Com- millec: CU, C255 Cllee Club CID, C313 Assistant Manager Glce Club CISDQ "lYeekly" Stall' CU, CQJQ "Student-Weekly" Stall' Cfilg Manager Press Club CQD3 Assislant Manager Basketball Cfljg Class Treasurer CQJQ 0lt!l"l.AIlIMl'I Staffg Chairman D. L. S. Anniversary Connnillce Cfijg Vice-president D. L. S. CEU: Class Track CU: l,l2l.gll0Llllll.ll Mock Trial CD, C253 Prepared at I". and lil. Academyg A.l3. Course. "Here will be an old abu:-:ing of God's patience and lhe king's English." Dave started to 'talk when he entered college three years ago, and ever since we are constantly reminded. in the words of the poet, that Cows may come. and valves may go. llut lln- bull goes on forever. Prof. Grose used to sigh wenrily when Dave started to argue in Logic, but since Aestlietics has taken the place of that, Dave has had to quiet down a bit, being a little afraid ol' the "austerity of the chair." lVe don't know what profession he contemplates adorning with his efforts, but he will succeed beautilnlly in anything where a fluent line goes. i,l'IItCY S'1'.xNI.l':Y 1"m'rz, Reamstown. Pa. " Percy N Goetlieang Treasurer G. L. S. CSU: Salutaforian G. L. S. .'Knnivel's:n'yg 'Varsity 'l' C225 Class 'l'raclc CID, CQD, CID: Green Room Club CQD: Frcsli- Soph. Uralorical Conlcst Clj, C252 Delegate Intel'- collrgiate Oratorical Union: Preparell aL Reading lligh Sehool: A.ll. Course. u "A man of slriclure and firm abstinence." To look into those azure blue eyes and to behold the crowning glory ol' his golden hair, one would not credit him with being so much a "stude," but more a dreamer. "l'ercy's" great- est ambition is to be a runner and if his exertion were rewarded he would do two miles in nine flat. A great hand as an orator, taking much pride in his literary prowess. -152k ? o verify the ru111or. Has been 'l'noMAs B11J1.uo'r11 GARVEY Lzniezlster, Pu. Ki 39 fl? E: l'rep:Lred ul. F. und M. Aeu,de111yg MLB. Course. "A lllll-ll well 'Red' i11d4-ed thou nrt." This speeinlen of i11i':111tile prceoeity and college prodigy class has shown unexpected evidences of development of lute. "Red" has :required :L cl1:11'111- ing lmsso sinee his voice has "l1roke', and when not looking ut l1i111 OIIC feels that he 'llulks uilh ziutliority. 'l'l1e Greek Sll2ll'li ol' the elziss :ind only known favorite of l'rol'. llleller. It l1:1,s heen eluinied that "Red" prizes highly :L c-ertuin dnnlsel l.I'0ll1 Culilxuge Hill, but nn lllVCStlg!fil,llllQ C0llllI1ll'lCC has failed known to get angry :rt rare intervuls. LEON llueilnn GlI.lil'Ilt'l', liC!I.Cllllg, Pai. '6Gil1,' lll?LI'SllZl.ll Cluh: Glue Club CD3 Class 'l'l'au'k CU, CQD, CD: Ulnss lluselmll C253 Vluss lluslwllmll C351 SL'l'llll l"ootl1:1ll Clk llI'CINl.l'01l nl, llleufliiig lligh Sc-lioolg A.ll. Uourse. "'l'l1:1t llllllll l.l1:1l. l1:LLl1 :L tongue l suy is no llllllll, ll with l1is tongue he cannot win :L won1u,11." He looks pretty fierce with those heavy jowls, but he isu't. Has all sorts ol' pepf?j. Comes out for footlmll every fall, hut finds it too strenuous l'or l1i111 and quits pretty soon. lle eurries quite 11 heavy schedule, if you count in dates and such Ollll-Of-lQllC-C11l'l'lCllllllll eduezmtion. Ile is sonietliing ol' at curios- ity in that he comes froni Reading und speaks :L pretty decent lll'itllll of lflnglish. Our best wishes go with llllll to the Sem. 153 - t. .31 l"n.VxNlc Coximn Gnu-:1., 1.uncnstcr, Pa. " Porky" Nlurslinll Vlnh: l'l'1-pam-cl nl, I". :ind NI. .M-zulu-xny: ill. Vonrsv. "Now, hy l.wo-ln-:uh-d Janus, Nalnrv hnlh frauncd slr:niqv fm-llows in hvr limo." 'l'his wild-vyrd, loiislc-licndvd follow is n prinl0r's dcvil nt the "Ii1lcllig0mr0l"' und works all night. whic-h explains why hc 1-oinhs his hnir so SClllOlll. llc holds to 'lhc stoic views, and frequently lcc- lnrcs his nssoc-infvs nt thc lhlill'Sll2lll Clnlm on ihcir tlvgvllviwtc lll0l'illS. They say hc rclnsvs io play pinochlc for fear his cxznnplc might lend sonic wcukcr hrollicr nstrny. Ai.I.nN Rniri-' ll.-xwrzl-:1.I., l'ci-kusiv, Pu. lLYli0l,Sy!Y Ilill'lD2llIlLfll Vlnlr: Goa-lln-nn: Vhnplnin G. L. S.: Vrvsirlvnl, G. I.. S. C351 Porlur Svie-ntific Hovim-ly: I'ra-p:n'cd nl, l'v.-rkionwn Sm-ininnryg ILS. Vonrsv. "'l'inn- llics ovcr ns, hut. lunvrrs llnrlzvll he-hind." Specialty Gcrnuln. This idol of thc lzldios is often 1nis'La1l40n for :L FI'CSl1lll2lll, hut in rczxlity is ai Jnnior. The only time Topsy is in :L hnrry is on Sunday rvcnings. llc is nlrnid il' he docs not gct lo c'hurc'h nt lvnst two niinntcs hcforc services nrc ovcr S0lll0ll0lly else will take his girl, lllllll hc ninkcs np for lost time hy holding his snlmjc:-t CllCllElll'l.Cll with quotations l.l'0lll Ihsvn. A 117,41 -' PAUL GOODMAN I-Lxvns, Lancaster, Pa. cc 3 av 1 op Diagnothiang Delegate to Kansas Cily Slfllillflll, Volunteer clUl1VOIltlUll CU: President Y. M. C. A. QQD: Business Manager lland-hook QQDQ l'resi1lent Eastern Union of Student Volunteers CEDQ Inter- collegiate l'1'ol1ihii,io11 Assoeiatioii MJ, CD3 First K Prize fl,oeaD WV. C. 'l'. U. lflssay Contest QQDQ First Prize CStatej NV. V. 'l'. U. Essay Contest CD5 Class Historian CQD, CD: Class '1ll'L'lLSlll'l'I' CD3 l'resident Non-Organization Men CDL Student. Volunteer llanfl CD3 f'haplain D. L. S. CD3 Moek Trial CD5 Student Senate CD3 llonor Vourt CD5 l'repared at l". and M. Aeadeniyg AB. Course. "Dost thou think, heeause thou art virtuous, lhere shall he no more eakes and ale?" llehold!! The only original indeserih- able ill our class. He is older, has more dogmatic religious ideas, frequents Water Street Mission more regularly, strives harder to seeure exorbitant marks, is IIIOPC llClL6l'llllllCtl to get a fb li li key, is a firmer believer that the henefit one derives from a suhjeet varies directly as the marksg yea, all this than any other 1112111 in the elass. RIQN1-1 'l,1clf'1f:v1m llicansr Shrewsbury, Pa. llarhaugh Vluh: Goelhean: Vlass llasehall CU, MD: 'Varsity llasehall CD3 Tennis 'l'eam C2213 Run- ner-up 'lll'I1IllS 'l'ournamenL CD4 Assistant Football Manager CD: Assistant Business Manager "Stu- dent Weekly" CD5 Class Basketball CD3 Manager ,v Flass llaskelhall CD3 Viee-president Class CD5 Prepared hy private tutoring: Fourse. "Oh, the cares ol' men! how mueh eniptiness lhere is in human eonc-erns." Upon the llltI'0dllC'l,l0Il ol' the elective system in eollege, Ilerhst took his major in pinoehle, Zlllll as a minor ran l'or football inanager. flle is an athlete of no 111021.11 repute, having played o11 the Shrewsbury l1lllC. He likes tl1e girls, too, and from what l1e says he must be "a devil i11 l1is own home town." -155- Jo11N Jfxcon Hnss ......... Kinzer, Pa. Entered Juniorg A.l3. Course. 'K'l'here are no tongues else." This siren-voiced log-horn is one of the country boys of whom we have great expectations. About 102-L we expect John Jacob to issue a call ask- ing all F. and RI. grads to vote for him for 1'resident. Bryan may be silver- tongued but Hess is iron-tongued. When reciting in Tuffy's class all other work in the science building is suspended until the echoes have died away. Since Hess only joined our ranks this year we know little about him except that he is proud of his home town and When duty whispers low. "Thou must!" The youth replies, "I Kinzer!" J. Rmii IIOLLINGER, Lancaster, Pa. " Beeper" fl? ll K3 Diagnothiang Porter Scientific Society: Mandolin f'lub QU, CQ, CD3 Manager Band CED: 01uif'i..xMME Staff CD3 PI'0INll'Cll at F. and M. Academyg ll.S. Course. "How like a fawning publieau he looks." A smirking grin has become an ob- session with "liecper," as a glance at his picture will show. An ardent fol- lower of "Tuffy," simply reveling in "Calculus," Electricity, Phys. Mens., etc. Founder of the "Shunt Society." He is also a searcher after bacteria. Bosses the band and can be seen blow- ing a trombone several sizes too large for him. 156' -- sihly he feels most at ease there. EARLE WVEANT KooNs, Tnneytown, Md. "VVintU lliuggnotllizui CU, KQDQ llul: Connnil,l,ee Glue Vluh C813 l'rep:u'ed :Lt lh'l2l,SSil,llllllL0ll Aeudcmyg ILS. Fourse. "l must to lhe lmnrher's: for methinks I :un marvelous huiry uhout the l.3ll'0.n This is ai, brother ol' the fzunousJimmie. Not that he lives in iIllllllllClS reflected glory, 'fur from it. Ile has ereuted un atmosphere ull his own. In spite of the fact tlizrt he is so eternally busy that he grows u. young Vain Dyke from Sun- day to Sunday, he keeps his hund in soeiully hy nmking numerous c-:ills on his 'l'riends znnong the fair sex. It is noteworthy that his nocturnal strolls usuully take him to "the Hill." Ql'os- And he is also popular mnong us, for at fellow with his willingness and uhility to umuse is 11ever without 'friends r. nlelaneholy look, rather llyronie. J A M ms C TA uuom. .KO0NS, 'l'uneytown, Md. "Jimmie" Vlziss lluselmll KQJIil'llll0l'1'1lSOPl10I1lUl'01 l'repured nl, lYliISS2lIllll.l1'll AK'2I.lll'lllj' :md Lehigh llniversityg ill. Fourse. "Sonie lime l shall sleep out, the rest I'll whistle." Jimmie eanne to us from Lehigh at the beginning ol' our Sophomore year. He is notoriously the hiziest man in the class, but his friends say he'd make somebody hump ii' he settled down to work. He 1-luims he's ai, pitcher heeuuse lust spring he used to toss them over in the Seventh XVurd League. llis 'favorite hung-out in the evening is North Queen Streel, und he euu tell you hy nznne ull the lair ones who prom- enzule there. The girls C0llSldCl' him quite handsome, he hus such ai mildly YVC wish we could enjoy life ns he docs. 157- CLAIRMONT Awrnun IqltESSLEY Hegins, Pa. Secretary Goethean Literary Societyg Glee Club CU, CBJ: Mandolin Club: Merc-ersburg Club Student Senate CD: Vice-president Mercersburg Club CSD. "Give every man t.hine ear but few thy voice." Anybody with a patronymie like Clairmont Arthur would naturally be expected to be somewhat aloof and re- . 5 served and not to enter into every petty argument. But this must be the excep- tion that proves the rule, for no matter if the subject on hand is as simple as the alphabet Kressley always asks a, question and one with absolutely no point. llc is a human antithesis, bal- ancing being a Greek shark and a senator against being a paladin and a rare songster. JonN Ilnnsnm' L1cNllA1m lllountville, Pa. "Johnny', Diagnothian: Librarian D. li. S. CQU, CSD: Secre- tary Executive Board D. l,. S. CHQ Attorney Mock I Trial CD3 Class Secretary QU: Vignette Committee fll: Member Inter-1'ollegiate Debating Board Cfijg Press Club Qillg Prepared at I". and Nl. Acxulelny: A.ll. Course. "Gather ye rosebnds while ye may, Old Time is still a-flying." This young man hails from lVIount- ville and, as most of those who come from thence, he has a weakness-he is in love. Ile comes to the college com- munity in the morning, spends his time in Diag. Hall in talking, sleeping, and eating his luncheon, and at the close of day he wends his way back home to spend the time. until another journey to college, in a siege on the gentler sex. Hardly ever does the Profs. the favor to answer, but sits up straight and looks wise so as to let them know that it is all in his head, but he cannot get it out. - 158 - GERALD XVIIJIIICIQIVOIQCIC LEVAN Alexandria, Pa. " Leavins " " Jerry " fl' E lf: Goethean: Preparerl at Juniata Folic-ge. "Not Ilereules Vould have knocked out his brains, for he had none." This irrepressilmle snub-nosed young heathen is frequently a sore trial, but we forgive him because we know he c-an't help it. Used to he quite a fusser among the Seventh lVard poultry, and may he yet, only it isnlt so noticeable. As long as his hrother "Cl1uhhy" could he with him to keep him straight he was not so had, hut since he has heen deprived ol' that good influence he has made great strides on "the primrose path that leads to the ex eilastmg bonfire." A1,'roN lVAIf1'im TACK, Marysville, Pa. llarhaugli Chili: Goa-llu-am: S4-ruh Foolhall CD: lidilm--in-c-lui:-l' ol' Onll-'mmil-:L Pl'l'lJ1l,I'l'1l al. Marys- ville lligh Svhool: full. Fourse. "'l'hon hast not so much eharily in ilu-u as to go to the ale with a f'ln'istian.i' Alton Cye gods! what a namel. His literary reputation rests on a grammar- sehool essay of his, published in the "Student" when he was a Freshman. So far as we can learn, he strictly esehews the fair sex, and all other had hahits. Makes frequent week-end visits to his native hamlet, hut for what pur- pose we cannot say. "A young man without fear, guile, or sense of humor." 159 - Trrus l3nIcINIG LOBACII, Lancaster, Pa. "Loby" fl7 K li: Class l"ootball CU, C213 Manager Class Football C215 Scrub lfootball CQDQ 'Varsity , Football CID: 'Varsity liasketball CU. CQDQ Class ' llasketball CU, CQD. Cfljg Captain Class Basketball CU: Class llaseball C1l,C2D:Assislant Manager llase- ball CLD: Glee Club CU. CQD, Cfijg Vice-president. Cfijg Junior llop Committee: Class Athletic Manager C231 l'rz-pared al l.anr-asterllighSchoolg 13.5. Course. "They say you are a melancholy fellow." "The Melancholy Titus." To look at this youth one would think the very air lies heavily upon his shoulders. Remember, however. that looks are sometimes deceiving. 'l'he girls say that when you get well acquainted with him Loby is a good sporl. 'Ile adores being kidded and "'l'ubby," "Tully," and "Dieky" can do it best. Says the Glee Club could not survive without his deep voice, but is afraid the leader doesn't realize it. IEEN-lAhlIN VVEBICR Ii1U'l'TENl3ERGl'IR Lancaster, Pa. H xxlebll M H I-All-tic U ' fl? K qw: 'Varsity Track CU: Chairman Vignette fi0lIlIIlll.l,l'0 Cljg Class Track CU, CQDQ Class liaskel- ball CU, Cilj, Cfijg Captain Class llaskelball Cfllg Scrub Football CUg'C'lass l"ool,ball CU: Class Presi- dent CQJQ Assistant Football Mamager CID: Business Manager 0lzll"I,.mMlag Prepared at Lancaster lligh School. "I know a hawk from a lnmds:uv." "lVebb', is one of the best all-around men in the class, and has always been at the head of affairs among us, class president in our Sophomore year, and business manager ol this volume. To his business ability and energy is largely due whatever measure of success it may attain. He is one of our best class athletes, and has creditably represented 1917 on many occasions. He says he is going to make a minister out of himself, and we have no doubt that he will succeed in that as in everything l1e takes up. - 160 - ADAM :HERSIIEY MARTIN New Holland, Pa. ctlxdu Marshall Clnhg Diagnolhiang Secretary D. L. S. QQJQ Vice-president D. L. S. C313 Anniyersary Com- mittee D. L. CQD, CD, Mock Trail Committee D. L. S. CD: Board of Control, D. L. S. CD3 Pre- z' pared at F. and M. Academyg AB. Course. "Faith, I can ent a caper." Adam is like the original bearer of the name in that he thinks life not Worth living without Eve, but he has it all over the old boy in numbers, hav- ing Eves all over Lancaster County. His taste runs to professional women, nurses and teachers. Those who know say that some time ago he was nearly married, but he seems to have escaped. He has a leaning to books except during County Institute lVeek, when he knocks off and undertakes to secure dates with the school-marms for any who may want them. Needless to say. he is pretty popular about this time. Crnus IIOLLINGER MIaM1NGER Lancaster, Pa. 66 Cy , , fl? Board of Control Ml: Junior Hop Com- mittee C353 Prepared at F. and M. Academyg Special. "He bears him like a portly gentleman." - For bodily grace look not to Cy. But when it comes to good-fellowship he is there with the best of them. He thinks life is too short to take seriously, and so has set out to enjoy it while it lasts. Has been taken for a Congressf man when he wears his fur-collared overcoat and a "two-fern cigar. A regular patron of the college dances, and a firm advocate of the value of female society as a part of a manls education. - -161- Gnoaolc .Moon Mowzn lVomelsdorf, I a. I "Dutch " Goctheani Flass llaskcthall QU, CQD, CD1 Class Track CU, fill, CSD: l'rc-pared at lYomclsdorf High School: All. Course. "Thcre's small choice in rotten apples." Ile surely cannot helie either his speech, his birthplace, or his nickname. By the ahove record we are sure that he can he classed as an amateur athlete. Ile and the weed are good friends, es- pecially in the form of "ehewin'.l' Some little girl in the vicinity of college has stolen his heart and .he'll have to take it with him when he leaves. Commun Clacvmc NIUEIIE, Lancaster, Pa. " Scow " Diagnotliiang Diagnothian Mock Trial CQD, CSD: Scrub lfoothall till: Class lflootlmall fllg Soccer UD, CQD, CSD: Assistant Tennis Manager CQJ, tfijg "Stu- dent-Wcckly" CD5 l'ress Clnh CD, fcljg Prepared at Lancaster lligh School: A.ll. Course. "Smile! Let the other fellow cuss." To look at Mucho one would never imagine that some day he is going to run the "lVorld" or mayhe the "News Journal," hut such is the ease. This motto is "Why, II-l, why study if I can slip through without?" At certain times, however, the latent spark breaks out and a star recitation follows, hut note well, the times above mentioned are easily kent track of. As to the l sex, l o X 1 x 5 "toward women I'm like IIilllllCi,.U 162- LEXVIS JouN Mussnu ...... Berlin, Pa. "lVluss" Paradise Clubg Scrub Football CU, C223 'Varsity l"ool.ball C373 'Varsity 'l'rack CU, CQUQ Class Football CU. C253 Vlass Track CU, CQDQ Mandolin Club CQJ, C313 l'rcparcd at lx'I0l'K'0l'Slllll'g Acadenlyg AB. Course. " You have seen cruel proof of this inan's strength." Behold the Hercules of our class. Claims to be naturally tough and fat but we know it was caused by that Berks County sauer kraut. Looks like Venus in his track suit, but Miiss doesn't care. He says the girls like him anyway.. Has made himself useful around college by playing football. Has decided to quit working so hard at his studies because ,he doesn't like the shape of the Phi Beta Kappa key. Ronnwr Pownas ....... Lancaster, Pa. " llob " Diagnothiang Secretary D. L. S. C253 Vicc-prcsi- dent ll. L. S. C353 Soccer CQD, Cfijg Class llasketball Vllwlilll Cfljg Sophomore Roast Connnitlzee D. L. S. Mock 'l'rial C313 l'reparcd at l42l.IlCtI.Si.Cl' High School: Nil. Course. in "Your wrongs do set a scandal on my sex." V' Here we have a sporty youth who, were it only possible to get a degree for work done at iBl'lllHLliCI',Sf should worry about anything else but college. He has brought a reputation from high school of being the most expert horse- nlan-i. e., trotter-in the class, not turkey-trotting or the like at l3rubaker's, but another species ol' the genus trotting. llc is reputed to be intiniately acquainted with everybody under 16 at the Girls' High School. His carelessness and i'l'igll'l.i'lll, mangling lnispronunciation might well at times cause Noah NVebster to turn in his grave. Does not pay adequate attention and as a rule can never see where or why he is wrong. Be careful, liobg go easy, only one year more for iinproveinent remains. ' - 163 - him a bunch of celery in each from each ear. XVALTER FRANKLIN PRIEN Rochester, N. Y. "Futz" fb llfg Entercml Sophomoreg Green Room Club C2253 Assistant Manager Grccn Room Club CBJ, Prepared at Ii0Clll'St0l' High School, A.ll. Course. "I swore-but was l sober when I swore?" Thrust in upon us in our Sophomore year from the wilds ol' New York State, we are not wholly to blame for his sad fate. A real Dr. Jekyll dual personality. "Fritz" appears as a learned philoso- pher in educated circles, but no one would recognize him when enjoying his "wine, women, and songf' Is especi- ally partial to midnight parties and early morning trips to the Central lVIarket. As a means ol' identification on these short jaunts custom has adopted for pocket, and two "doggies" dangling Jnssr: NIIEAIAN Rowman, Pennsburg, Pa. Marshall Club, Glue Club QU, Prepared at Pcrkiomen Seminaryg Ph.l3. Course. "I had rather than forty shillings I had my book ol' songs and sonnets here." This singular-looking youth jumped into our midst from Freshman last year, but he is so quiet and unassuming that we have hardly been aware of his pres- ence. He loves to while the time when not at his books by singing, and, being fond of music himself, generally fre- quents the homes of musically-inclined young ladies. Ile tries hard to reform his roommate, Gilbert, but meets with litlle success, which worries him and gives him that wistful look. He seems to be lowering his own standards, how- ever, for lately he has been heard to say "Damn,' several times. Naughtee, Jesse, naughtee. 164- ,I J? 2.4 9 Chem. Lab., but nevertheless he JOHN DONAIJIJ Ronnnn, Lancaster, Pa. CGDOHBJ Onirn.-uumlli Stall? C353 Prepared at Lancaster High Schoolg ILS. Course. "A flower cannot live without sunshine, and a man cannot live without love." This youtl1 put the "if', in OR- II1'I.AMME. His wit and good looks, with which he is amply supplied, are equal. As a ladyis man l1e has some reputation, and is never seen without some fair one. This is not widely known but we take it on Fisher's say-so. Donis big role is that of ."chiel' calculator in calculus." He is also a chemist and a French stu- dent and next year we expect to sec him as assistant in the French department. He may have broken a window up in is one of the best good-fellows we have. WVILLIAM I-IENRY SASSAMAN Breinigsville, Pa. "Sass" Diagnothiang Recording Secretary D. L. S. D. L. S. Mock Trial Committee KU, C315 D. L. S. Anniversary Committee CQD, C315 Y. M. C. A.g Track Squad CU, Ckljg Class Track Team CD, CQDQ Inter-society Debate CQJ3 l"oreman D. L. S. Mock Trial Jury CD3 Treasurer D. L. S. CSDQ Executive Board D. L. S. CD3 Sccretary-Treasurer Non-0rgan- ization Men CD5 Om!-'I.,x:x1M1a Stall: Prepared at F. and M. Acadeinyg A.l3. Course. I "VVhencc is thy learning? Hath thy loil 0'er books consumed the midnight oil?" Sassaman is perhaps the hardest, most consistent student oi the class. At least we cannot at present remember any one else who has spent six hours on a biology drawing. In the winter he inhabits the gy111, and astonishes the preps by his eontortions. VVe all remember the time he walked by Coach Maysel' on his hands to attract the Coach's attention. He is one of tl1e pillars of the Diags, where his sardonic humor and Berks County dialect do much to relieve the tedium of the meetinffs. D 165- so, and we know that the fair IJAROLD GLENN SIIOEMAKER Bedford, Pa. "Shoey" Paradise Vlubg Junior Hep Committee C313 Man- dolin Club CQDQ Prepu1'ed at lledford High Schoolg AJS. Course. " I know not how thy joy we ever should come near." This dainty-featured, pure-eyed, nim- ble little specime11 might indeed be de- sired by any community. WVe often wonder why they "let him out" from his home town. One of our real fussers. Comes from the western part of the state and during the summer months is said to run a school for "Instruction in the Art of hfaking Love." Shoey is a good boy, at least his mother thinks damsel out in lVIanhein1 thinks the same. hi. J. A. SM1'ru ............ IQIIIILIIS, l'a. Y Entered Juniorg 1 reparccl ut lflmaus High School and Kutztown S. N. S.g BS. Course. "The sight of lovers fceclelh those in love." INT. J. A. is one of the prodigies of our class in that his name takes up the most room. His long suit is phys- ics, where he always agrees with Dr. Kershner. No matter if there are three other Smiths in college, letters from a certain party in Eniaus always reach M. J. A. and indeed he spends about three-fourths of his time reading and writing letters from and to the above- mentioned. lVe wish hin1 success, how- ever, and hope that The host laid plans of l'lniaus nncl men Gang nn a-glee. 166 -- Awrnun Ama-nn SoNmlm1Mlcn Lancaster, Pa. "Sonny,' "Art" Ulcwlaxlsirxiiiz Stall' Ctljg l'reparerl at Laneaslzer lligh Sehoolg Vourse. "Wisdom is of him a eonnlerparlzf' "Sonny" is a real student, delighting in the depths ol' Psychology, Economies, and Logic and in arguments with Pro- fessors Herman, Hiester, and Grose. Freshmen for years to come will use "Sondheimer's" Tests in Qualitative Analysis. He is always to he heard when ahont his work and "la.h.,, is peaeelul only without him. Can fre- quently he heard singing nlJClll.SClllil.lld ueher alles." He and his "jimmy" pipe are inseparable, although unbear- able to others. ILKLPII EDXVIN Suuum, Valley View, Pa. Harhangll Clnh: Goetheang Y. M. CVT. A.: Pre- pared at ll. and M. Aeademyg A.l3. Course. 'KKeep thyself nnspotlerl from the world." He is rarely seen except going to and from classes. Ile loafs around in Bio- logy Lah. till the janitor throws him ont. He and Baker are ,two ol' a kind: together they sunnned up enough eour- age 'lo sneak out on East --------- one night to earess two lair maidens. lVe don't know how they fared, hut Starr never went hack. I 6 7 - clearly shown in his selection of said. He lahoriously served his A C PAUL Toums STONESIFER Fort Loudon, Pa. "Stony" Franklin Vlubg Diagnothian Literary Societyg Massanntten Clubg Winner Diagnothian Freslnnan Oratorical Conlestg Class Secretary C313 01:11-'laxmiulc Staflg Prepared Massanutlcn Academyg AB. Course. "Experience shows that success is due less to ability than to zeal." Stony is one of that kind of fellows who get there with as little noise and notoriety as possible. YVhen a Fresh- man he discovered that East Orange Street was a favorite "hang-out" for the Sophs and has avoided that place ever since, devoting all his spare time to mathematics and English. Paul also studies economies, a fact which is ab drivers. As an athlete little can be lma Mater for two long years i11 gym class. Oscau MENLNGIQR Srouor Quakertown, Pa. Harbaugh Chibg Goetheang Secretary G. L. S. C215 Critic G. L. S. CD3 Glee Club CHQ Prepared at F. and M. Academyg A.l3. Course. "No disguise can long conceal love where it really exists, nor feign it where it does not." The weekly deluge of letters that he wrote has at last borne fruit. Now that he has limited his letters to one he can devote an infinitesimally greater part ol' his time to college activities outside of the classroom work. Stoudt is now taking a course in domestic science so that he may relieve his elect from the cares ol' the household should diplom- acy and the ballot require. 168- HAROLD CLIFTON TIIOIIBAIIN Lancaster, Pa. " Clif H "Had " Diagnothiang Porter Scientific Societyg Y. M. C. A.3 Chemist Football Glee Club Class Track CSD: College Band CD3 Prepared at Lancaster Iligh Sehoolg ILS. Course, "This fellow picks up wit as pigeons peas." " Clif " has a Wonderful sense of humor, but it is too highly cultivated and he bursts out into boisterous laughter in class rooms. The Freshmen stand around in awe and amazement, when he docs his chemistry by "inspection" He and his tenor drum were IJ1'C-CIHl- nent in the band and could not be kept under cover. Harold and some "Jane', going down North Queen Street is not an infrequent sight. SIMON IIIQZEKIAIYI WAUGAMAN Scottdale, Pa. "Si" "Waugie,' l"ranklin Clubg Diagnothiang Meek Trial Coin- mittee D. L. S. CD3 Mercersburg Cluhi Class Basketball CQD, CDL Class Track CU, QQJQ Scrub Football ffljg Prepared at Mereersburg Aeadcmyg .-LB. Course. "The ladies call him sweet." I-Iere he is, ladies and gentlemen, the Handsome Harry of our class, one of the few '17 men who can appear in a bathing suit without losing their repu- tation. When Si joined us at the be- ginning of our Freshman year he was a skinny kid who blushed readily and couldn't be induced to so much as speak to a girl. But laws, how the boy has come out. He's developed into a man of the world and a fusser of the first water. Si is debating whether he ought to go to the Sem. when nature has so richly endowed l1in1 to be a Hart, Sehaffner Sz lVIarx demonstrator. -169- FRANK Smrrn NVEISS, Stroudsburg, Pa. Franklin Club: Goethcan: Reviewer G. L. S.g Banquet Committee CD5 Prepared at liairview Acafleinyg A.l!. Course. "Then he will lalk-good gods, how he will talk!" He comes from Stroudsburg, and is mighty proud of it. Just give him half a chance, and he'll talk the eyes out of your head-about l1is native hamlet, his Wfillys-Knight, his various sweet- hearts, and heaven knows what else. iVIotor vehicles of all sorts are his monomania. Has no desire to become a "progeny of learning," but likes the college life. Recently he has taken to attending "wop,, dances at llrubaker's, in company with Powers and a few other worthies. Says he is going to study law, but we suggest salesman for the Ford a more fitting vocation. M- P.wL IJIGNNIS XVIIGRMAN Arendtsville, Pa. 0I,9! H11 lN'larshall Clubg Class Track CU, QQD: Class Base- ball CU, CQJQ Prepared at l'erkiomen Seminary: A.ll. Course. "I was not born for courts or great affairs, 1 pay my debts, believe, and say my prayers." "Pop" always reminds us of the "Age of Innocence," he has such an appealing face. He will never need to he in want, as his woe-begone appear- ance will always excite sympathy for him, and bring many pennies 'to his hat. He is fond of singing "My Little Girl" in an indifferent tenor. It is not known whom he has in mind as the object of his affection. He used to spend lots of time among the fair damsels of Cabbage Hill, but lately he has transferred his attentions to Terre Hill. Recently he called up the Fulton at 7 P. NI. to inquire about seats in the matinee. - 170 - GEORGE JACOB XVILLAUER Stoekertown, Pa. "Juss" '6Will" l"ru.nklin Clnhg Goethcnn: Assistant 'l' Mun- :mger CTD: Scruh Football Gilt Floss Foothzill C215 Secretary G. I.. S. CQDQ Porter Scientific Societyg Junior llop Comniitlecg Prepared ut Lerch Prep. Schoolg B.S. Course. "A gentlcmam that loves to hcau' himself hulk, :md will sary more in ii minute than he will stand to in u month." George rather dislikes his homely pntronymic, and says he would prefer Algernon lVztrhurton St. Cyr. He is the proud possessor of at dress suit :md severnl silk shirts. The Cuhhzlge Hill dumes take quite at shine to him, he's so darned ziristocrutic. He gets :L pul- pitaition :ihout the heart every time he sees it "society" picture :lit the Ilipp, and sighs for the white lights. His ideal lllltll is wmixture of Lord Chesterfield, Beau Brnmmel, and Arthur Briekley. Ile is assiduously preparing himself for his calling in life, mule assistant to at female dancing teacher. Iam BI'l'ZlClt W1No1':n ..... Eplirntai, Pu.. 46 IJOC Q! X fl73 Dingnolliiznlg Thonms C. Porter Scientific Society: Assislaml, Munugcr Footlmll CD: l'rcp:Lrcd :li l'lplll'2LlZL lligh Schoolg KS. Course. "My wils faint." "Deen is :L slow, easy-going fellow, with good intentions and at drztwling voice. He can he seen amhling about the campus nt at leisurely pace, never in at hurry. Over week-ends he is :L soda- squirt in the pnternzil drug store ut Eplimtzi, which perhaps gives him his hent toward chemistry. Somebody said he was headed for the Sem., but We czm't vouch for the truth of this. A little more pep, Doe, :md you'll get there. -171 - P, alogy finds in him a master. Hunks "almost or in part." LIONEL IIERBERT GEISENBERGER Lancaster, Pa. "Herb" "Geisy" Mandolin Club C253 Porter'Scientific Society C253 Prepared at Lancaster IIigh Schoolg Special. "Speak less than thou knowestf' "Tuffy" had thought of organizing a physics class espccially for Herb. It would have been necessary because he tries to do six or seven things at once. He has a quizzical look, as though he were always thirsting for knowledge and has never had his thirst satiated. A purvcyor of all the popular pieces illld a perforlner on the banjo, he has lately subsidized a regular orchestra. Hc is also an ardent chemist and miner- He is easily fussed, however, and often -- 1719 -- e sf- s-A e ,i iiirflai oairiiiiiwge Em i I I Sophomore Roasts ALLsnoUsE-The Con-tralto from Avonmore. ANGLE-Entire executive body of the Porter Scientific Society, but he makes a bum janitor. Asks the Goetheans. BALD--He and his brother rush the same girl at home, but "Red" went too fast and Clever had to go home between semesters to catch up. BAIR-DOCSll,t have ll1UCll to say, but needs watching. BERGER-Bashful-but some baby. They all fall for him. Ask the females at Manheim. BUFFINGTONiTl1C original lady killer. Is known to have rushed two other girls while engaged to a third. He's a devil-and he knows it. BURKIIOLDER-A brilliant QPJ student, but he never gets- there in time to show it. BUTLER-'SOIHC Boy, "Bunny," So called by the fair sex ol' Ephrata. CULSIIAWV-UB0I1C,,, our "Fritz K1-eislerf' DILLER-A student who has directed himself along the straight and nar- row path. DONER-The original hard guy. If you don't believe it look at his smile. EBERMAN-HO! how I do love her, and if she only knew it." ELDER-P Keep quiet. IIe's out again. ESIIBACII-Noll! Just one more." "No, Harry, not another one to- night." Usual Saturday Night dialogue on a certain front porch on Mary Street. FEAGLEY-If C is the outcome of B, and B is the beginning of C, F is the outcome of B -in C. VVhat is F? Ask Yonna. F ORSTBURG-T2tkCS a trip to Reading every two weeks. We wonder why. FRINGER-Arise, awake or be forever fallen. GANTT-I sleep eight hours, I eat eight hours, and have eight hours for love. - 173 - ifllifiiiisai GLEIM-The advance agent for the Columbia chickens. GLESSNER, A. R.-One of Prep's lVatch-dogs. Ask him how he liked his midnight shower at Prep the week after Christmas holidays. GLESSNER, VV. E.-Another watch-dog. He and his brother got the same treatment at the hands of the Prep students. GREENAWVALT-If you don't find "Greeny" in his room he will be on High Street. He loves Cabbage Hill. GREULICH-Without good-nature, man is but a better kind of vermin. I-IAGER-"No one knows how important I feel." I'IETRICH'G60I'gC likes to hold a hand of Bowers. HINTERLEITER-"Hey! where d'ye git that stuff at." Hard as nails. He is training with Leo Houck. HOLLINGER-The smile that won't rub off. IIONAMAN-HI am the only student in college. I refer you to Florence if you doubt it." HOOVER-The pavement at the corner of Charlotte and James Streets needs repair. JE'r'rE-His size is inversely proportional to his scientific ability. KIQJENER-"lNIy dog's gone three days-yesterday, today, and tomorrow. If he don't come back I'll shoot him." KESSLER-Sad, but true. ICISSINGER-Llli6S to have a nurse around even though he isu't sick. KLAWANS--"My kingdom for a schooner." LEINBACH, F. B.-One of our meek and uneoncerned fussers and unac- countable for his noise. LEINBACH, T. M.-A minister-'s son, so he's too good CPD to come to Sun- day morning chapel. LIG1-ITNER-"Give me my comb: there is a hair on n1y head that is out of place." LIMBERT-Called "Cupid" at his Prep, but doesn't know much about love. Annabel can tell you that. -174.- fll llfllL1Ct19lJ QKl?F'Lll-Wlrifjg 5- 7 XY' LINDSAY-All unknown quantity without a smile. LIVINGSTON'-1JlCli just loves to go to see a girl and then have to sit on the front porch in the full glare of an are light. lVIcALLIsTER-"Never felt better in my life." 50 Il.-100 and I believe Grandma CNeillD would go along. NIICIIAEL-A boy with great ambitions but bad eyesight. YVatch his fair friends. MOOREIIEAIJ-'l'l1e father of the class and tl1e top of his head proves it. MOUNTZ-Ever hear his world-famed fog-horn voice in one of those inter- class basketball games? f MUELLER--An old maid specialist. N E ILL-Pussy-footed grandniother. Nllfs-What is the call of the South? Ask him about Baltimore. ORMROD-My word! Strictly English. The nobility of England has pronounced him an outlaw on account of his "fine" French. PAXSON-'lll1C most accomplished chicken inspector in college. Ask Gantt. REBER-"Vy aren't Sarranza's followers cultured? lJidn't they send ten men and twenty lady-teachers over here? Huh?', RIC!liElt'l"'IIC'S afraid of the war-name of his local girl so he goes to York. "Safety firstly l1e says. Ii0I3ERTS-HXVLIXH has been blowing his l1orn so much of late tl1at it's nearly worn out. Perhaps heis trying to reach George School with the echo. W ho knows? Ronm'-"Juddy,' is continually longing for his "PunchQ" RUIIL--Tlle "noisy" boy who likes mass meetings. Rulvif-He went from home to Abbottstown. She went from York to Abbottstown. And so they met and the summer passed. SCIIIEDTlulJlClilC,H and his flying buttress. SCHNEIDER-Tlie reason Schnitz didn't make the 'Varsity football was because he and the one who selects the play ers were l1oth after the same girl. -17.5- iltrttaai ifiiian it If SHRIVER-Engaged Csad, but truej. SLAGEN-"Johnny" has developed strong muscles in his lips by playing the mandolin so much. SMITH, A.D.-Noted for silence and a cute little " mugf' SMITII-HSl0Utl1,,, only living speciman of a "Pinkerton Detective" in Lancaster. Asks to see his badge. STINE-Leader: "Where did you get that voice?" Joe: "To tell the truth, I really think that I can sing." 'FRUXAL-VVC wonder why he has so many conferences with his Latin Professor. ' VANDERSLOOT-The C is for Camel. The E is for Eight. Discovered: the reason Van can hold so much. WEAVER-Partly pure food CWm. Wileyj. WILLIAMS-Dave's favorite signal for a punt is-7-9-18-21-Go to H-! VVITMER, K. S.--Any time you want to find Rummy, ask the girl at The College Inn. WITMER, R. G.-A modern poetical convict. WORK-Proerastination and modesty personified to the limit. Besides this, a beautiful face is a Commendation. YEICII'-H6 wishes he had been born rich instead of good-lookingC?D. YINGST-Likes to hide his bashful little self in the shadow of a friendly box car. For references ask him. ZIMMERMAN-Ask Hetrieh's girl about her canoe trip with "Curly." - 176' - e e s 1 . s id TllEQ19l QKlFMWH3l Freshman Roasts ADAMS-"Tubby." The personification of wisdom. ALTIIOUSEL'iEilt, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we dief, BARLOW1TfVl1Cl'6 he will land is uncertain. BOMBERGER-Every inch a lady. The soprano from Maryland. BONNEY-UIIOXV are you, friend?" "Don,t put my head under water, I can't swim." BRUBAKER, C. N.-His "Hee Iflawn laugh is the laugh that speaks the Weak mind. BRUBAKER-"How pretty his blushing was . And now he blushed again." BUCIIER, A. H.-Snappy stories. Also delights in reading French. BUCIIER, J. C.-"He has a loan and hungry look." BUCKIUS-The Freshman lady killer. Not as bashful as l1e looks. COOPER1'fl'lC speed devil from Brownstown. It is impossible for him to be cross. CORMAN-A four flusher. Well, I guess! DEISLEYixv0llld rather dance every night than study German. :DILL'HA11d still they gazed, and still the wonder grew, That one small head could carry all he knewf' -177- 1 ., . M A s s t Nj + swf- K9 tr Fllilflhlitl l Willliglt AU " -N"' " "- in-R. -' ' 9 4" t 1 DOWNES-"His o11ly books are woman's looks, and folly's all they've taught him." EITNPlIEItY'6D0ll,t do today what you can do tomorrow." ELLIOTT-Isle lives in Paradise, but gets Altoona mail in Lancaster. FAUST-Wanted: a boarding house where they serve five meals a day. FRANTZ, A. P.-A great admirer of York. FRANTZ, F. M.-The Dance Hall fiend. GAMBLE-The great, silent man. Sad, but true. GERFIN-"His writings were like precious gems, - His utterances like strings of pearlf, GERNANT-His fog-horn laugh takes the cake. GISE-Baby Gisc, a great admirer of pool rooms. Besides, he would like to be a man. GIIIEVE--I'IC who finds a girl finds a good thing. IIENRY-CDUI' brave boy, Abner. HERSHEY-Silence is golden. I'IOOVEIiiOuF all-round athlete. ILYUS-"They always talk who never thinkf' JOHNSTON-U Besides, 'twas known that he could speak Greek, as naturally as pigs squeak." Kmmms-Ile rooms with Yeager. Enough said. ICLEMMER-H Smile, and the world smiles with you, Frown, and you frown alonef, -178- fll Traiiflal earrmii , ..... x Kocrmn-"Leth get sthewedf' LAMPE-"Pretty, isn't he." A young man of brains. LEE-"Rube" Cahn and serene, but harmless. MARSHALL-That lesson would be mighty tough, That Henry Marshall could not bluff. LIARTINLA head like ivory. MAYSER-"Wine and Women, mirth and laughter."- MEARIG-Wine, women, and song, but the greatest of these is Women. MEIIL-6iAHd from his hooks he raises not his head In wisdom's ways he solemnly does treadf' MOYEII-ThlHkS a great deal of Greek but more about " Chicken Little." MUTII'-A true college man. Comes from the country every day with rubbers and umbrella. MYERS-His -Words are few and he is little known, so we will pass him by. ORT-Gym, the bane of this fellow's existence. RASI3IlIDGEiHC skipped the house party to see "The Birth of a N ation." SCHAFFNER-If smartness were brightness, he would be a sunC?Q. SCI'lULER-DUl.Cl1 as Sauer kraut. ' SMITH, M. A.-Work, for the night is coming. SMITH-When started to talk, nothing can stop him. SI'ANGLER-HlS greatest delight to attend Colonial and get jokes to spring on upper-classmen. -17.9- L4 Al21QillNBiLl llliSBltALl. A STUMPF-Likes to call on girls, especially when he can stay all night SYKES--One of our lazy boys. He falls asleep while calling on people. TAUSIG-The joke of the class. He is kept busy running after women and keeps the Sophs busy running after him. TIQIEII'-H6 is still hunting for the girl who called him up from Lime Street lU1iBAN'-T ardy, his middle nanic. vVENTZ".l?l1C prodigy from New Holland. WOERNER-Seldom seen, but always heard when he is seen. YEAGEII-GiVC him a lift. He would like to meet some Lancaster dames Yomau-Dicky: "Do apples float." Yoder: "No, but they swimf' b- ISO - l r Q-Q SN, x , 9321 QM H M Q www gif 1 M f if X irs Z 19, 'KW M Zig, I Q -18 Q Eqwf RQ-ww x 1, 7 l X ' E, g. 1 ' f f w , 'b 1 ' ' 1-,i ' X NN hhf, A VV. '- W, I 1 fy ,QW-'1" 'Vx " 31 f"'.K:',.!a,,f' '- ZW . 0' .W Q 49:9 ,, , C ,, I .W V x fx M fo 5 , ,, . ,I , If 1 ' , , K "4 ,aff - fy yy f 7 fy! ,ll Mff ,,, K4 f f ' in W I 'V I ,ii-V S J? . 5.416 If f V T-A-'Vfgr,,! 1 57" 1' ' Q ff g Q51 kia: 1333- : :iff 1, TE- fa, , I f f n , ljfllg i mgiyf. ff " 8. 'ij fffigzie ' . ' ' , 'if ,Q . 'J , -- ' 5' ,,-- "' f , ' 432 A All Q Q ' , -0' w x ' A k,q Y ' X: J ' f X by Q f H ww un . ' J ' I .R ' 1 . 0 X 1' iittfliniiiti iiiim iii If Senior Dance Committee E. B. GROSII, Chairman A. S. IIERMAN H. A. BARR J. G. MOYER P. G. NIURRAY Junior Hop Committee Hotel llossmcrc, Jzmuury 27, 1916 L. YV. COXE, III, Chairnmn G. J. XVILLAUER H. G. Sliolsmmucn T. B. LOBACII C. H. lx'II'IM1NGER -1192- NQWYQA 1' t., 3 A ee - F I el ll1Li.f1931. ealf1tllMMf M ' D W ' .I. ' it it ANNUAL CONCFRT BY 'IHI' CLL Rhine Wine Song. . . Intoxieation Rag ..... Vocal Solo ....... Anitra's Dance .... Reading ..... Piano Solo ...... Saxon War Song .... Antar ...... . . Blue Danube Waltz. . Reading .......... Comrades in Arms.. Alma Mater ....... X if 7 W T 41 4114 CLUBS MARTIN AUDITORIUM, JANUARY PROGRAM PART I. GLEN Cum MANDOLIN Cum STRING fQUlN'1'ET'I'E Mn. IJICCIIANT Mn. MAsoNn mmm: GLEE Cum PART II. MANDOLIN CLUIL Vocvu, QU,um'u4:'r'1'1c Mn. llmmmwr 27, 1916 Chanson sans Pnroles. . ...................... . . Cm.l.o SOLO-Mic. J1c'r'l'141 GL1-:E Chun Comnmmn Cwns - 183 - E AND NIANDOLIN .............StrausS Wlliddcn and Conrad . . . .Selected . . . .Grieg . .... Selected . . . .Selected . . . . .Pommer ... .Dreyfus . . ..Strauss . . . . . .Selected . . . .'1'sL'l1aikewsky . . . . .Adams . . . .'l'l1omps0n iijlliglizfmil mm Au If NNW! EIGIITIETII ANNIVERSARY OP TIIE GOETIIEAN LITERARY SOCIETY I"1nnAY. Arun. 16, 1915 PROGRAM Selection ............... ........ . Invocation ............... Salutation-" A Beginning " .... . . Selection .,.......................... . Second Ovation-"Another Side" ............ . . Tliird Ol'2ltllJll'-i6'llllC Conflict of the Nations". . . . . . . .ORCIIESTRA ..I. G. NACE .. URCIIESTRA .G1f:o. Z1c1.I,1f:ns C. D. Roelcm. Selection .... ............................................ I Jlwnl-:s'r1cA First fJl'2ll.l1Jl1166Al1 Untrodden Path" ................ SAMUEL Sil1cLI,1-:Y Poeni-"The AlIlCI'lC2lll Indian and an Modern Soldier-I' .... Fnmn WENTZE1, B. u4-.' ,r AA Selection ORMIFSTRA Eulogy-"W. U. I-Iensel" .............. ' ........... JOHN Noss Goethean 0l'2ltl0l11.cA Chosen People", . . .... JonN HOLIIENIZISCII COMMITTEE OF ARRANGEMENTS A. F. Dufrz, Clmirman Gmonola AVILLAUER PAUL M. L1MBEn'1' EDNVARD J. IQESSLER G. W. LEVAN - 184 .- , 4' xx S Qi V U- 1 in lil iiiE'PllQ1 i Q QZKBFJLAHAAW AS K' EIGIITIETI-I ANNIVERSARY OF THE DIAGNOTIIIAN LITERARY SOCIETY TnUlwn.xY, MAY 6, 1915 PROGRAM MUSIC Invocation ............................ .... P Ron. Dubbs Oration-"A Modern Policy" ..... . . . MUSIC Gerlmrt Ovation-"The Strength of the Nation" ...,.. Harbaugh Oration-" Copernicus and Darwin i' ....... lx Eulogy--" VVilli:un Uhler Hensel " .....,..... .... Music Poem-"Sonnets to our Southern Iliglll2l.lldCl'Sn ......... Anniversary Oration-"The Third Party" ......... GEO Music ANVARDING 011' Piuzns BENEDICTION Music E H. M. J. ICLEIN C. L. EIARTIN Salutzmtory-"The Path of Peace" ..... .......... .A. E. IQEGERREIS . .A. A. Koomm NNETII E. Al'l'ICI4 . .D. H. KUNKEI. .EDGAR S. IMLER non KUNKEL, Ju. COMMITTEE OF ARRANGEMENTS W. M. TKUNKEL, Cl12LIl'lllH11 W. A. IIAMMOND P. T. STONESIFER A. H. MARTIN H. C. RUIIL --185- Qliraati iiia Atl ig iagnothian Mock Trial Diagnothian Hall, November 19, 1915 Judge .......... . .WM. A. HAMMOND, '16 Clerk of Court. . . . . .... A. H. MARTIN, '17 Court Crier ,........ ............ .... 1 ' . G. IIAYES, '17 Plaintiff, Hiram Snodgrass, alias ,.... .... I I. C. 'fIIORBA1IN, '17 Defendant, Clarence Codliver, alias ..,. .... C T. W. DECIIANT, '17 H. G. RI1'1'LE, '16 J. H. LENIIARD, '17 D. H. KITNICEL, '16 D. H. FRANTZ, '17 Attorneys for Prosecution. . . . . . Attorneys for Defense. . . 1NDlC'l'MEN'l' YVIIIGIUGAS-1. Mr. Hiram Snodgrass, a farmer residing near Oregon, Lancaster Co.. Pa., has brought suit against I 'larencc Codliver for the recovery of P155 13.13 as damage and heart-balm: lx '1'1IA'r The said Vlarence Codliver, a wayward student a.t the Rocky Springs Seminary, was, on the night of April Q0th, running an automobile while in an intoxicated condition: and, lx THAT He was a menace to the life and limb of all persons traveling the Oregon Pike, because of his speeding and reckless driving: and, IN THAT On the said day, April 20, at about 4- o'clock in the morning, the said Clarence Cod- liver deliberately and malieiously ran over and killed Bertha, the prize porker belonging to the plaintilfg and, 'l'li1-xlmrortlc, The said Clarence Codliver is summoned to appear, to answer the aforesaid charges. VERDICT After due consideration and deliberation of this most weighty question, we have decided upon the following verdict: TnA'r The defendant is not guiltyg THAT The plaintiff be ccnsured for cruelty to animals and lack of judgment for burying the prize porker beneath the sod and not making use of it for fertilizerg 'l'1lA'r 71,1112 costs be divided fifty-fifty: THAT The claim of 515513.13 is absurd and preposterous: . 'l'llAT Miss Mulvahney be awarded three CU cents for her keeping of early hoursg and, '1'nA'r the 24- bottles of beer stolen by Snodgrass from Sehnopz be distributed among the jurors. -186- .4 QQ Q f - V nitni Q el llilL'3'l9l1- ..., 9 - W H A i i f. , Third Annual Inter-Society Debate Friday Evening, April 30, 1915, College Chapel SPEAKER PROP. Il. B. Guosic, Jn. QU1'1S'1'10N RESOLVED, 7l'l1:1.t the stamdin creased to 150,000 men. A FF1 R M ATI V E W. H. SASSAMAN, '17 R. A. .lVICCLELLAN, '16 H. G. RI1'1'LE, '16 .mimics REV. E. II. REEMAN REV. J. A. XNIEGAND The judges decided in favor of the negative. - 187 - g uriny of the United States should li N1+:c:A'r1vn F. D. W1cN'1'zm., '16 J. B. Noss, '16 C. D. IQOCKEL, '16 PROF. B. W. FISHER Oration Oration Orution Oration Oration Oration- if Q iilizimliil lilisifaiii If Junior Oratorioal Contest CLASS OF 1916 College Clmpcl, June 5, 1915 PROGRAM Music INVOCATION MUs1C Expression " ................. The Democracy of thc Future". . . . . BIUSIC True Values " ................ American Ideals " ............ MUSIC The Trend of Nations" ........ The Glories of War" ........ MUSIC PRESENTATION on' MEDAI, BENEDICTION MUSIC - 188 - . . . .W. ALLEN IIAMMOND .CLAYTON W. WOTRING . . . . .JOHN B. Noss ......C. S. BECK IQOORIE . . . .CHARLES D. ROCICEL tBtlt.ful9II.f e s olltiittlirr f , ..... .. . Triennial Greeting of Goethean Literary Society New Academy Building, June 9, 1915 PROGRAM Prayer ................................... REV. Cnmrrz Address of Welcome ......... .............. I V. D. TVENTZEL, '16 Address-"The College and Its Social Respoiisilmilitiesn Die. A. V. TIIESTER, '89 Song-"Alma Maxte1"' Address-"Citizenship" .... . . .JOHN R. JONES, ESQ., 'OQ w Tnomfxs l.Ic1NlmcIr, ,QI Impromptu ............ . JUDGE VVAGNER, ,85 ' Die. T1loMAs LAUD, '74 Song-" Auld Lang Sync ', Address-"Goethe Fifty Years Agon, ....... REV. L. IQRYDER EVANS, ,64 COMMITTEE OF ARRANGEMENTS S. BI. SHELLY, Clmirmam F. C. Cuousm, '16 R. V. ANGLE, '18 -189- w w V Lilllflillllllll mlm u. If Q m Twenty-Third Annual Contest PENNSYLVANIA INTER-COLLEGIATE ORATORICAL UNION Purmlcc Ilamll, Lnfuycltc College, Easton, Pu., April 17, 1915 PROGRAM Omtion-"Explanation of Pam-Germ:mism". .CARL Scnuonn, Swartlnnore f,l'2l.lLl0Il--U,l'l1C Chosen People" ........ JOHN S. IIOLLFINBACII, F. and M Orution-A-"'l'l1e Science of Huumn Life". . XVILLIAM R. AMBERSON, Lafayette Ol'iltlOll'lc'1lllC Dcspiscd Race" ........ CHARLES F. IJEININGER, Ursinus Oration-"'l'l1e Handwriting on thc Wall " . .JOHN H. L. T1zoU'1', Gettysburg Ovation-"Pe:1ce in Armor" ............ IIENRY L. SNYDE11, Muhlenburg AWARDING OF PRIZES First Prize-I-IIQNRY L. SNYDER, Muhlenberg. Second Prize-JOHN H. L. 'llROUT, Gettysburg. Honorable MCIILIOH'-CAIKL Scilmonls, SXVZIl'tllll10I'C. P1u+:s1n1NG OFFICER E. A. 'fOMLINSON, Swartlnnore Junmcs XVILLIAM M. HAIN, ESQ ................ .Ilrncm C11AuLEs B. S'1'AvL1-zs. . . Junolc J. DAVID Buomufmn - 1.90 - . . .H:u'risbu1'g, Pa Stroudsburg, Pa Ttlli 191 if - ., , ',. , . ,AAA Qi-aaiiwj N'-. 9 , Q E N . 1 '32 ll' mx V E E W -.- . ?-C ' Y i G' 7 J n 'Q A uwunvnu Inter- DIC KINSON V Collegiate Debate s. FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL College Chapel, March 3, 1916 QUESTION FOR IDEBATE RESOLVED, That an international police force should be established to enforce international treaties and agreements and to preserve 1lltCl'll2Ltl0Il2Il peace. AFFIRMATIVE Dickinson HOMER M. RESPESS, '17 GEORGE RUPP, '19 GEORGE I-IERING, JR., '17 REYNOLDS C. MASSE1', '16 CAltCl'HiltC, ROBERT C. BAIR, . . DR. G. H. IIALLETT ...... CHARLES H. EDMUNDS, E PRESIDING OFFICER DR. A. V. TIIESTER NEGATIVE F. and NI. PAUL ALBERT NIUELLER, '18 CHARLES l,AVID ROCKEL, '16 CHRIST LONGENEOKER LIARTIN, FREDERICK S. FOLTZ, '17 CAlternateD JUDGES I '16 Pa. ........YOrk, . . . . . . . .Pl1iladelplIia, Pa. SQ .... .... l ,llll1lLlClIJlIl2I, Pa. The judges decided in favor ol' the aflirnlative. -191- illlreliltrllitl liiiisifa Au. lg Inter-Collegiate Debate FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL vs. SWARTHMORE NIARCII 3, 1916 QUESTION FOR DEIZATE RESOLVEIQ, That an international police force should be established to enforce ll1lL0l'lllli',l0lNll treaties and agreements and preserve international peace. PRESIDING OFFICER PROP. JOHN A. NIILLER. AFFIRMATIVE NEGATIVE F. and M. Swnrtlnuore GUY K. BARII, '16 IIUGII F. DENWVOILTII, '16 FREDERICK D. AVENTZEL, '16 LYNN H. BAILEY, '17 CLAYTON W. WOTRING, '16 CLARENCE D. MYERS, '17 RAY R. IHERTZOG, ,16 IDETLEY W. BRONK, '19 fAlternRteJ Alternntej The judges cleciderl in favor of the negative. - 192 - ill .mEsl91l 0KHF1LAM X' CG 77 Arms and the Man THE GREEN ROOM CLUB OF FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE l+'um'oN 0l'l'Il!A Ihmsm, MM' 3, 1915 CAST OF CHARACTERS . , . Raina I etkofl .................. . . . IqiIl,Il0I'iIlC 'l'ctkoIl', her mother. . . . Louka, :L servant ............... Capt Bluutschli. . . Russian OfHcc1' .... . Nicola, :L servant ...... Majrml' Pctkoff ............ M:1,j1J1' Sorgills S2ll'2lll0Hl ..... - 1.93 - .C. W. IBECIIANT . . .P. S. Fmwz W. G. MARKEL .M. W. JONES D. H. .KUNKEL C. P. SIIRIVER ..I. G. Mm'1f:n . .I+'. W. I.'mmN 4' mm: irinaaai lama Class Day Exercises Salutatory ..... Class History .... Class Prophecy .... Class Prophecy .... Class Poem .... Presentation. . . Presentation. . . Mantle Oration ..... Acceptance of Mantle. . . Fence Oration ...... Acceptance of Fence COLLEGE CAMPUS, JUNE 8, 1915 MIYSIC Music: Musrc MALCOLM M. IIARING . .ARTIIUR K. KUNKEI. HIJIFZSTER G. RIIAWN . . .GEORGE M. BLANK . . . .EDGAR S. IMLER . . CKENNETII E. APPEL .... M. SIIELLY . . .GEORGE KUNKEL, JR. Music M194 .. .......D.H.KUNKEL .JOHN S. IIOLLENBACII .W. ALLEN IIAMMOND TmEf191 Qmf1.1M SEVENTY-NINTH ANNUAL COMMEN CEMENT OF FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE COLLEGE CHAHEL, JUNE 10, 1915 PROGRAM MUSIC Salutatory-The Preparation and the Task. . . .... J. S. Il0LLENBACII Franklin Oration ..............,.............. .... E . H. BERGER Marslmll Orntion-'l'l1c Clmllcngc of Today ..... .... C . R. YOCKEY Music: Valcdictory .... ......... ..... 1 C . E. APPEL MIISIC Address ..... .............. ' .FALCOTT WILLIAMS, T4I1'T.D., LL.D. CONFERRING OF DEGRIGICS BENEDICTION - 195 -- Ein iRHe111uriz1111 31. S. Stain, QHILB., EJB., EE. E lililillizull 315. i'Friht illulwrt N. Gift JOHN SUMMERS STAIIR, PILD., D.D., LL.D tjfllrltmal llliira N t A 3 mm John Summers Stahr, Ph.D., D.D., LL.D. "lNlourn, for to us he seems the last, Remembering all his greatness in the Past." Tennyson HE tolling of the bell in the old College Tower which broke the stillness of the wintry air late on Tuesday night of December twenty-first, nineteen-fifteen, announced the passing away of a soul dearly beloved by each and every one of us. Dr. Stahr was dead. The news of his demise was a distinct shock to the whole College community. It occurred during the Christmas vacation, and the sorrow was only deepened in many of us who did not receive the news soon enough to return and pa.y last tribute to one whom we so dearly loved. A great personality never dies. Thus will the influence ol' his strength of character have its effect upon ourselves and upon generation after genera- tion of Franklin and Marshall men to follow us. The voice of our Alma lMater's "Grand Old lVIan" is stilled. But the spirit of that body is not absent. Hundreds of Alumni still are encouraged by the noble example which they have had the rare opportunity to profit by. VVe as undergraduates consider it a privilege of the highest kind to have had personal acquaintance with such a man. We always looked up to Dr. Stahr as one above us, as one to whom we must give our sincerest respect. Thus is the grief of being called upon to dwell upon his leaving us never to return rendered all the more poignant. The term HF. and M. Man" may he more appropriately applied to no one. Ile was connected with this institution for the surprising period of fifty years in the capacities of student, instructor, professor, and president. This record stands unequalled. It was his proud boast that during the time ol his connection with the college he had the privilege of teaching practically every subject in the whole curriculum, at one time or another. Tl1is showed the rare versatility of the man. -198- 1 teai ggw-Maths X 5 a His untiring efforts as President of Franklin and lVIarshall for twenty years bore fruit in the rapid growth and development of the College in all lines, and it is to him that we owe many of our advantages today. In 1909 he resigned the presidency and was made president emeritus. He would not consent however to relinquish his professorial duties and he retained all his classes until the end of last year. Then owing to a realization of his failing strength he gave up all his courses except one. This he held till the time of his death. Can this tenacity of purpose in the face of physi- cal disability be anything but an inspiration to us? John Summers Stahr was born near Quakerstown, Bucks County, Pa., on December second, eighteen-forty-one. He was thus in his seventy-fifth year when he died. His ancestors had come over from Germany in the eighteenth century. He was one of a family of seven children and exhibited a variety of talents at an early age. He received his primary education in tl1e public schools. Tl11'ough his own efforts he secured a fund of knowledge which enabled him to teach in the schools of his county. He had now de- cided that he wanted to make teaching his life's work. He was able to enter the Junior Class at Franklin and Marshall in September, 1865. By earnest application he was enabled to graduate two years later with the highest honors of his class. There being a vacancy in the faculty at that time, young Stahr was offered an assistant professorship which he accepted. He held this position until 1871. In 1870 he was awarded his Master of Arts degree. During this whole period he had been occupying his spare time with studying for the ministry under Dr. John 1V. Nevin, of the Semi- nary. As a result he was ordained into the ministry in 1872 He served as a supply pastor in the First Reformed Church in Reading for a little over a year, but declined the invitation to accept permanently 'the pastorate of that church. 1VIeanwhile he had not given up his duties at Franklin and lVIarshall. From 1867 until 1915 therefore he occupied numerous chairs in the college for varying periods of time. Fora number of years beginning in 18741 he was Treasurer of the Faculty. In June, 1890, he was elected President and served until 1909. -199-- iiligiiniiiii aim. at If Recognition of his rare ahility was not confined to our college circles. From 1906 to the time of his death he served as co-editor of the "Reformed Church. Review." Ile was a member of the Eighth Council of the Alliance of the Reformed Church held at Liverpool in 1904- and of the Tenth Council held at Aherdcen. He was elected President of the General Synod of the Reformed Church in 1914. From 1890 to 1908 he was a member of the International Sunday School Lessons Committee and for some years pre- ceding his death he was a consulting editor of the "Funk and Wagnalls Standard Dictionary." In 1871, Dr. Stillll' married Miss Francina E. Andrews, of Colerain Township. She and three children survive. The review of Dr. Sti1l11',S life is a record of over half a century of moral strength, courage oi' convictions, force of will, sense of duty, and persistent application. We are proud ol' him. "It is required that a man be found faithful." "Dr, Sttllll' was faithful." -200 - XVILLIAM E. FEIDT William Elmer Feidt T WAS with deep regret and a sincere feeling of our loss that we learned ol' the death of our classmate Feidt, just at the time for the opening of College after the Christmas recess. The death of so young a person is sad enough, but the peculiarly distressing circumstances of his death, and the universal esteem in which he was held hy us made our grief the more poignant. 1Villiam Elmer Feidt was horn in 1892 at Wliconisco, Pennsylvania. He received his early education in the public schools of ltlillersburg, Pennsyl- vania. At the age of fifteen he entered Millersburg High School. His earnestness and strength of purpose is seen in the fact that he walked seven miles to school in the morning and seven miles home at night every day. At high school he was an earnest, diligent student, and took a prominent part in athletics. He graduated there with honors in 1913, president of his class. In the fall of that year he entered Franklin and lVIarshall, and remained a student here until his death. In his career at college he displayed the same admirable qualities that had distinguished his earlier life-quiet manliness, devotion to duty, and loyalty. His academic studies were marked with success, As an athlete, he worked hard and consistently, and last fall he played guard on the 'varsity eleven, receiving l1is monogram at the close of the season. At the heginning of the present school year he was elected treasurer of the Junior Class. He wasia member of the lVIarshall Cluh. During the earlier part of last Christmas vacation he was working in York. He took sick, and against the advice of his physician, started to go to his home. Reaching Millersburg, in the evening, he struggled over the live weary miles that he had to cover. Typhoid fever developed, which after a two-weeks' illness was overcome, but in his weakened condition pneumonia set in, and he died on the seventh of January. President Apple and a delegation from the Junior Class attended his funeral. Feidt was married at Easter, 1915, to Margaret Alice Lehman, of Killinger, Penn- sylvania, who, with l1is parents and two sisters, survives him. We feel that for him eulogy is vain. As his life was simple and unassum- ing, so should our record be. But his memory is with us as a constant guide to the strong virtues he illustrated i11 his life, and may we all copy them. -202 - H'Ili'l' N . C iiirgframrrl laiarrrrv 3 Robert N. Gitt NE of the saddening events ol' our summer vacation was the drowning ol' Robert N. Gitt, on August. 6, 1915. With a cousin he was canoeing at Waldheim, York County, Pa., and, while attempting to ride a dam when the stream was at flood, was drowned. He was born at Hanover, York County, on August 14-, 1895. He pre- pared for college at Hanover High School, graduating there in 1914-, and entered here as a Fl'CSlllIl2lIl with the class of 191.8 in September, 19141. He was a member of the Chi Phi fraternity and played in the class football team in 1914. Although only with us for a short time he made a host of friends and was well liked hy all. During his year among us he showed :L great liking for studies as well as an aptitude for athletics, and had he been spared so as to finish his college course he would have undoubtedly been both a credit to himself and to the institution. lin. COLLEGE PUBLICATIONS ff! STUDENT XVEEKLY 3, STAFF ,. . . 4 sw Q N U- v Wi5M91 QKHFMM1tU:3' D "The Student Weekly" EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief .... ...... .............,... Mzumging Editor ,... .... Literary Editor .... . . . N cws Editor .... .... Associate News Editors .... . BUSIN ESS STA FF Assistant Business Manager ..,.................. ADVISORY BOARD JI. N. Smmm1'wmn.,13.1'.1'r'1'., OXON. H. B. C. E. Mmmis. A.M1 - 207 - .F. D. TVENTZEL, '16 F. L. REIc:1mu'r, '16 J. B. Noss, '16 D. H. FRANTZ, '16 A. A. TKOORIE, '16 C. C. TVIUEIIE, '17 F. S. Forfrz, '17 L. C. LIGIITNER., '18 M. D. Sc:11A1v1fN1cn, '16 Business Manager ......................... ..... .R. L. H1f:mzsT, '17 Guosic, Jn., A.M. 65 99 ORIFLAMBIE STAFF A S., 9 ' Ng l Q-X' N 4' xg, 2 M o 4:- I TWEQ91 QQRQHZFJLAH II The Qrifiamme STA FF OF EDITORS EDITOR-IN-CIIIEE A. W. LICK BUSINESS MANAGER fli. W. LUTTENBERGER ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER I. E. FISIIER ASSOCIATE EDITORS A. A. SONIIIIEIMER J. D. TROIIRER D. I-I. FRANTZ J. R. IIOLLINGER P. T. STONESIIIER WM. II. SASSAMAN -20.9- mamm mam Au. If Students' Handbook STAFF OF EDITORS EDITOR-IN-CHIEF C. D. ROCKEL, '16 BUSINESS MANAGER J. G. MOYER, '16 -210- ,gp--1-r ? X DONNERVVETTER 2 lTq5 Folsom IVY, PY GULLY f X fmi 0. C it tjlllil-liRNTiitSB rhltttt AU. J' umm Metamorphosis . NOT HER year had startedg The old main building rung With the noisy shouts and muffled tones Of many a student's tongue. It's registration day againg Old F. and M. has come to lifeg The Fresh and Sophs throw down the gloveg The fight is on with bloody strife. WVhen suddenly from out the skies An apparition comes to view, Of varied hues and haughty nlieng Behold-a Freshman briglit and new! His tie is mottled pink and blue, His socks are flashy greeng A cane he dangles in his hand, And a derby on his bean. His gloves he fondles lovinglyg His nose toward Heaven pointedg He looks to neither right nor leftg Ilis legs seem double-jointed. "I say, my man, is this the place Where new men registrate? And why this beastly bally row?" fllesults I shall relate., -212- l f nnnrunm p 45 ' ' W All llLUl?1 ,, 3 UKHFLHMM A The Seniors stared, the Juniors glared, The Freshmen looked askanceg And then the Sophomores broke the spell And woke us from our trance. "Oh yes, kind sir, this is the placef' A Sophomore calmly saidg "You'll Hnd the ink is nice and thick, Exactly like your headf, When class was called he took his place In Tuffyls room with all the rest, His hair was combed, his collar clean, I-Ie wore the tie l1e loved the best. Then Tuffy spied him at his seat, All spick and span and nice, And gloom descended like a pall, The room seemed cold as ice. "Who let that in and what's 'its' name?,' Said Tuffy, soft and lowg Then grumbled far beneath l1is neck, "It,s some tam fool, not so?" In Dicky's class, Amoeba frowned, Spermatozoa turned and fled, And then he tapped a pan or two And Dieky said, "Don,t scratch your headtf' Geometry was deep to l1im, And algebra was steep for him, . Economy too cheap for him, Psychology was sleep for him, And daily gave us joy, ' -- 213 - 4 A A H teti illmailal aiamiu, J In chemistry they got his goat- The aeid spoiled his nice new coat- And "Fresh" upon his back they wrote, And on his sleeve they pinned a note, "I'm motheris darling boy." A week has passed, our mother's pet Has ceased to scintillateg Alas, they're sad and all too true, These facts I must relate. No longer shines the brilliant tieg The gloves can not be seeng The cane is absent from his hand, No derby on his bean. His suit is black and sois his tieg He's meek and very quietg They say he stood up for his meals, And said he had to diet. He's all right nowg you scarce would know Our brilliant friend of oldg He learned it all at F. and M. And now my story's told. -214- NA Cl X, x, ij g l lltflal eitlrtilm l , -f... x Faculty Epi grams DR. SCIIIEDT-Ontogenesis is the recapitulation of Phylogenesis. DR. IcERSlINERiTl1C current flowing through a conductor is propor- tional to the difference of potential and inversely proportional to the resistance of the conductor. ' DR. HERMAN-Every Psychosis has its Neurosis. PROF. APPLE--The square of the hypothenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides. 1'RoF. BECK-Quantitative Analysis is based largely on comparative solubilities. DR. APPLE-The form is the shrine of the idea. DR. MULL-It seems to me you are overeut. DR. KLEIN-When I discuss this I am disregarding political affiliations entirely. DR. DIPPELL-Try to get into the spirit of this, gentlemeng this is ab- solutely the Hnest passage in all literature. DR. IIIESTERQVVIICII we study International Law we must ignore the present War. V PROP' PROP PROP. PROF PROF BIEYERS-GCl1lLlC11lCIl, you have an exaggerated se11se of humor. I'IELL1sR-O Socky, Soeky, come down! Se11AEF1fER--Mr. Moyer, is this a sight translation? GROSE-Gentlemen, I will not commit myself on this point. WEISGERBE1t1If may or it may not beg it depends on conditions -215- "Wein, Weiber, und Gesangu ................... lflll2lillNlilLl 1WlltSli?QAtl If Annual Banquet ofthe K. S. N. S. Club Esxmxfs CAFE, - 1916 BIELIU Noodle Soup a la Kautz W ACK ER,S Herring, Piel Sauce HAEFNEIc's Weinerwursts, :L In Allentown RIIGIiEItlS Sauerkraut Pork Mashed Potatoes NIUENCIINER Ka1'tofi'elsaladt LlllllJlll'gCl' Cheese PILSNER Pumpernickel Brot Pudding "Two-fer" Cigars, Piedmont Cigarettes 'FOASTS Toastmaster .........,.. .......... .... Y W '. E. TROUTMAN "Kutztown uber Alles" ...... " " :HEINE REEBEII . . . . .F. A. STERNER "Ei, du schone Schnitzelbanki' Chorus by the Club -216- 'aH""bF WM ANGLE MAKES A FIRE IN GOE'1'I1,lCAN IIALL m iaiiiii iii If Extracts from a Freshman's Diary FEBRUARY 30, 1910 7:00 A.M.--Arosc and stood in front of radiator for two minutes, taking deep breaths and expanding chest. 7:05 .x.M.-Washed face in refreshing hot water to stimulate circulation. 7:10 A.M.-Suspenders tore and had to borrow a safety-pin from landlady. 7:30 A.M.-Had two glasses of l3orden's lliilk for breakfast. 8:10 .x.M.-lVent to Chapel on time: sang' my favorite hymn, No. 2233 congratulated Dr. Apple upon the appropriateness of the morning Bible lesson. 8:30-11:30 A.M.-Made good recitations i11 every class except Prof. Apple'sg I think he expects too much from us Freshmen. 12 :00 M.-Had only tea for luncheon as the toast was too hard on my gums. 12:30-1:00 IAM.-Reviewed all the lessons I had this morning. 1:15 1'.M.-Waved my handerchief to Mary as I passed her house on my way to class. 1:16 P.M.'SlLllll1lJlCd over a gutter: dropped my booksg and tore two but- tons olf my coat. 1:30-3:30 P.M.-Got through French and German all right. Didn't have to recite in either. Dr. Dippell talked nearly tl1e whole period on tl1e "ecstatic sublimity" of modern French, and Prof. Schaeffer gave a lecture on the value of four years of Latin and Greek. 3:4-5 P.M.-Cut gym. today. Put on clean collar and new necktie. -218- M vp A150191 cream il A 4:00 P.M.-Met Mary at Stevens High School and went to the Hippo- drome. Saw Kitty Gordon in "T he School Girl's Love." 5:30 P.M.-Couldn't stay to see whole show as I was getting hungry. I left Mary stay to the finish. Made a date to see her again day after to- morrow. 6:00 P.M.-Had a fine dinner but couldn't eat as n1ucl1 as I wanted be- cause I had a lot of studying to do. 6:30 P.M.-Happened to see the evening newspaper and read that some man had presented something to the F. and M. Museum. Have been wondering Where that is. It ll1USt be down under the grandstand where I saw those picks and shovels. 7:00+9:00 P.M.-Could only get out two lessons this evening. lVill take a chance on Dr. Grose tomorrow. 9:15 1'.M.-W3.ShCd my face, said my prayers, and went to bed. I let my window open only three inches now instead of four as it has been pretty cold lately. - -219- Ell2Q?2ltltNliitl 1Wtlt3TfQilt nm Aerostie lf'-stands for Future and Fame, it is true. R-stands for Royal, the Wllite and the Blue. A-is for Apple, the head of our college. N-Stands for Nature, the base of ull knowledge. K-is the "Kultur" we argue about. I I, .-stands for Lessons and Lezu'ning, no doubt. is for Ideal, the truest und best. N-stands for "Neutral" and you know the rest. A-is for Absences, sometimes we are sud. N-is the Number, too many is bud. D-is Denlerit and results nmkc us nuid. M -stands for our Ministers, Worthy and wise. A-is for Art, which wc never despise. R-is Religion, 8:10 in the chapel. S-stands for Science with Jefferson Apple. II-is for Honor and Honesty too. A-stands for Acid which leaves nothing new. L-is for Lab., so smoky and pretty. L-stands l'01"Last and the end of this ditty. -- 220 - A, - gg A g A g -1 ee J 'y Tlitrlal galriiiri K' Can You Imagine-- Percy Fritz being drunk? Lobaeh enjoying a hearty laugh? Foltz having his lesson prepared? Coxe getting married? Frantz keeping his mouth shut? Hayes going to war? Prien coming down out of the clouds? C. L. lVlartin drinking a highhall? lVIuehe saying only what he knows? Baker talking faster than one word a minute? Garvey having green hair? Bard looking as bright as he really is? llechant knowing what he is talking about? Eshelnian getting mad? "Tulmby,' saying "praktieal"? Kressley not looking like a minister? Lenhard not being pessimistic? Musser weighing 98 pounds? "Tuffy', saying "I don? Brenner joining the Y. hi. C. A.? VVinger looking wise? "Dieky" saying "Damn the Dutc-h"? Lick looking well pleased? Stoudt wearing a corset? Sassaman talking on "Beauties ol' FCIl1llllSlllil? Sondheimer flunking in German? Rohrer not smiling? Brindle singing soprano? A -221 - 5 6 5 y, mm iflllfiiam wiiissm AU If "Dippy" not exclaiming "By Grabn? Ruhl riding in the patrol wagon? Faust dancing with Bucher? Witherspoon wearing a baby shoe? Kunkle going to chapel? . Mylin singing in the choir? "The Faculty" excusing all cuts? Davis buying any cigarettes? ' "Lizzie" and "Tubby" in a wrestling bout? What would happen if there were no Class of 1917? -222- X . X X WM X 'R nm A .xx x Vx ! Q six 4 egg . K ' I " 5 1 ,QM 4, - N 'mf ggxx, Vp: ' Lf-T I 'P' ,z4"' x 1, 311. , ,, mf V 2 3 . Q3 fn fi f ' "- 4.!rSZSy,' , :' T" ,-W,-X 1 2: lx I ',,x. sxxx N Mv--,-'- . Y f -- ' ,,. v A V I 1 V If f ffymygv, 1,17 4 km Q ,f ,gf f 9 f- 1 hw '13, .,, ,, ,fp ,., W Mm KWH ,fm 64. ,Ml fig f iw ,, f W IC ' - ' W! WW 'N 'Q' +L Wig' --ff 'Leif-5 WM: 'I- wwf - QM X W" ,L A, ,F ,.,,, qu 0 f -..Q .-LL x Mxyxuklix ' '---7v7w11yfL'f fy Arrival u D oanriuat i 1 if A Rooms Wanted THE W. II. C. W. A. WILL PAY BIG MONEY FOR RIGHT LOCATION HE Wheatland I-Iotel Chair Vifarmers' Association, having been in- humanly deprived of a seat for their operations by the wilful and spiteful closing of I-lotcl Wheatland, have found themselves confronted with that heart-rending question, "iVhere shall we go?" Since their forcible ejection it is even claimed that some of the members have been forced to stay at home at nights, and in at least two cases it is known that in sheer desperation recourse was had to study. In view of this alarming state of affairs, which it can be seen will soon result in a violation of one of the sacred principles of the organization, "It is better to loaf than to work," a scouring canvass of available property on North Queen Street is being made. Among the requirements which must be complied with are: 1. A ground-fioor room. 2. Large transparent plate-glass window. 3. llrass railing along window-sill. 4. A dozen or more comfortable chairs, as conducive to sleep as is possible. No limit is set as to the price this enterprising association will pay for rent and therefore if there is any poor merchant or bootblack or banker or saloonkecper who finds it hard to make ends meet, he may find it to his advantage to call upon any responsible member of this body. "' QA MSF V !9WEfi91 QKHFLAmEI3Q A .... . President ...... Vice-president. . . Secretary ...... Treasurer ........, Faculty Member. . . . . E. EVERETT MYLIN JOIIN P. FEAGLEY TITUS B. LOBACII BENJAMIN FRANKLI JOHN M. REEIJ ACTIVE ENROLLMENT B. F. DAVIS D. H. KUNKLE I-I. G. RIPPLE H. K. SPAIIR W. IIONSBERGER W. LUTTENBERGEIQ C. C. ALLSIIOUSE R. B. W. A. BUCKIUS - 225 - S. P. WIIITEIIEAD M. W. JONES T. T. MfkliTONE S. L. WEIJLEII G. J. MOYER W. N. BRENNER J. E. SCHNEIDER N DAVIS fSf-yfx E Ennis Q ao-suvss, ya, V N , '23 'mfw fs 'Mft' s I -,-:X 'v:Sg,:, ...fv1g,NNx.R-AK L. I1gfv qv'W q -' . '.',lMNlq!'s?, Vw! ' mn,:,' my , W m ' axixlqlfffjvyq' W- umm Nh -A ' ll X W "ff P W ' . Lf" f bjffgl 'l W f I XYZ f 1 HU K! ff Z Mk! ff' ff o K AND NOW, Gffvnfmfffvj ,SCIENCE HAS PROVEN -HMT fvlfilf-S is UN1'NHA43uT'A5L OF USE. As' A 601.0 S7-ONAGE P . EAN D ONLY fV7T '1 fx Ri 1 T i i if A T T 1 e eielrlii e cl llllLffll9li , T Ml i , - T C , T ,r A - mn r:.r-c N.. 7 The Classiad ESCEND, 0 muse, who Alexander Pope Didst once inspire to write his "Dunciad' , 9 Help me to sing the class of ,1'7, To now describe them all "with winged wordsf' To borrow Homer's phrase, and to hand down, To future generations that shall rise Up in our stead, a true and faithful picture Of all the members. First of all we come To Atcliley, gentle, ladylikc, and sweet, Who is so modest that he will not show His sylph-like for111 exposed in B. V. D.,S To any eyes, not even his room-mateis. He is a gentle sister to us all, And if perchance one holds co11verse with him It seemeth as he spoke unto a maid, So guileless and so innocent his speech. Then Bair, of whom forsooth we can't say much, Because he came to us so late that yet YVe have not got acquainted with him well. "lVhy should a 111311 whose blood is warm within Sit like his grandsire carved in alabasterf' VV e ask when we on Stanley Baker look, That youth phlegmatic, stolid, slow of speech, "Too slow to catch coldf, as the poet saith. i , Sam Bard, the shark, comes next, who in our class Doth "bear the green for scholarship, and all That doth befit the qucster after knowledgeg And yet to him the company of fair damcs Is not unplcasing, nor to drive about T -227- illiiriiiaiai aiafi in lf Q 4' mm In his autog in sooth a goodly youth. Then Brindle, one-time monitor, of face Comely, and in his manner debonair, Is eke a runner and photographer. Lou Coxe, "graeilis puer," runner, sport, Leading exponent of the Gay White Way Is now disposed of. Next Clem Dechant Will be considered. What a man is l1ere! He is an actor, and a poet, and a lover, A literary man, and last, not least, D A "darned good scout." Here's to you, "Peck," A youth sleek-headed, dapper, small, is Derr, And yet a "heller," so his friends tell us, Among the fair ones. Erdman, another of our fair co-eds, Stooped as to shoulder, shambling as to gait, A gay young Don Juan, or so he says. Absalom Oliver Eshleman, great scott, IIow redolent of hay-cocks is the name, Fitter cognomen for a country lad You could not find. And Fish, Good Fisher "with his shining morning face", As merry as the day is long is he. A man like Foltz Juvenal had in mind, When in deep bitterness of soul l1e wrote "Difficile est satiram non scribere"g And so we find it. But we will be kind. Dave Frantz, he is a self-important fellow, A trial to patience, aye, a sore one toog For hcill dispute, of this or any matter, Or pro or con, but by the gods, hc'll argue. Fritz, yclept Percy, what a long-faced varlet Is he, a porer over booksg in sooth, Heis "thin and hungcrlyf' -228- old boy! lal eanrtaai ff' And Garvey, he is madeconspicuous Both far and near, by the red flaming thatch That glistens on his head. Oh! it is bright, Not golden, nor yet auburn, but plain red. Gilbert is burly and massive of form, Deep-jowled is he and leonine of face, The girls like him, he's like the sturdy oak, Fit for tl1e clinging vine. And "Porky,' Griel, He's a queer fellow with a nasal drawl, And a perpetual hatred of stiff collars. Hartzell is short and rugged as to face, His smile is broad and toothsome, like T. R's. And now comes Hayes. Our "grand old man" is he, Learned, CfHClCll'lL, Zlilld ofiactual worth, Gibes are but pointless, and wit misses fire Against the shield of his strong probity. Rene La Verne Herbst, heavens! what a name, A mixture of the Teuton and the Gaul, But hc's lived down his name, and is well liked By all his mates. Hess is a late arrival, A miller, so we hear, and married man. Hollinger is a name thatis hard to work Into our verse, not so the man himself, He's a good scout, if ever there was one. The brothers Koons, ah! what a pair is here, Sports, gilt-edged ones, smashers of maidens' hearts, Remus and Romulus had nothing on them. Then "Deacon" Kressley, lank and lean of limb, Psalm-singing Puritan, as good as married To some fair damsel from his native hamlet. And "Johnny,' Lenhard, he of the nasal twang, And nicely-Waving hair, and charming feature, 011, Jolmis a goodly youth, ay, "wery', goodly. Levan, the breezy, bouncing, young "smart Alec,', -229- y- 1 Warrant , iam ai If 4 , lt "Quam diu, Catalina," still we say, When he impudently shoots off his head. Lick is a soporific, stagnant youth, And Lobaeh, swarthy, saturnine, and gruff, And Luttenberger of the ready smile, These finish up the L's. Now to the Mis. Martin, the pleasant Dutchmang Meminger Prince of good fellows, broad and squat of frame, Merry and cheerful in his temperament, Moyer, the Dutch barbarian, not hard 'tis To tell he comes from Womelsdorf, Berks Co. Muehe, the boy reporter, on whose head' The vials of Prexy's wrath full oft were poured, For spicy bits of news untimely gleaned 3 And Musser, stalwart giant, slow of speech. These are the NFS. Powers the toreador Most daring bluffer of the class, but crude In method. Prien, the tall and haughty lad, Looks with disdainful eye on our poor weakness, Superior as Saturnian Jupiter. Roeder, the guileless, inoffensive youth, Whose countenance reminds us of the duck. Don Rohrer is a lad of parts, his face Is fresh and rosy as a girl's, his hair Stands up like Tommy Traddlesh Sassaman The wild and woolly, uncombed, unshorn Dutchman, From eight miles hack of Reading. Oh, these Dutch! Shoemaker, called in affection "Sister," A maid of dainty grace and winning ways, Ladylike, prone to giggles, charming girl. Smith, waggish, quiet, with a pointed nose Fit to smell out a mystery or anything. Sondheimer, sharkiest of sharks, and yet A good and genial fellow for all that, -230- llliltlliii be 7 llf i mi " . e 474 H1 1 l QF- - W l V QR e - sY-s . ' . ' ' e JST. : .n w "The pith o' sense and pride 0' worth" in him Appear pre-eminent. Starr is a quiet fellow who attends Strictly to business, morning, night, and noon. Of Stonesifer the less said in this place' The better. Stoudt, gentle of voice, and kind, Ample of girth, round, corpulcnt ol' form, Thorbahn, the easy, genial man 0' the world Has always stuflied some "Red hlanu in his cheek, Champion, by long odds he, in the broad spit. Si Waugaman, tall, straight, and lithe of limb, Dignified and sedate, his mien eomports lVell witl1 the scholar's gown or judge's ermine. YVeiss of the long dark hair and genial smile, Handsome, well-groomed, a fine upstanding fellow. iVierman, a skinny, "long-eonnceted whelp" Of vaeuous smile, and thoughtful eyeglasses. "Gawge', VVillauer, ah, herc's a task indeed, The lily-fingered boy, the ladies' darling, Rocking with .toilet water, groomed to kill, Ile is a subject fit for masteris pencil. We close with Winger, he of the vague ideas, Never quite certain what he wants to say. These are the men, whom I have named for you, Who are the members of our glorious class, Long may they live and flourish, ever adding New luster to their Alma lNIater's name. -Q31 -- Qgiiauiii llaui ' C 0 M I N G 1 1 The Ben Davis Evangelistic Campaign Tim MAMMOTH '1'AnEnNAc-Lia, PARK IIILL. - OPENING NIGHT Address-"Damn the Seminaries " .,........................ Mu. DAVIS Booster Chorus, under the direction of ....... ..,......,.. ' 'l31LL" JONES Solo-"If the Beer Keeps Right" .... .. OSCARINA STOUDT, Soprano SECOND NIGHT "Confessions".. ....... HSIIORTY,, MOIJNTZ, reformed convict THIRD NIGHT CCollege Night? "Perils of College Life" ........ "R1xnY" STERNER, I Tappa Keg Frat. Chorus by the " Choir Unbearable"-"Along the Rocky Road to Heaven H SPECIAL AFTERNOON SESSION fFor Ladies Onlyj Address-"How to be Happy Though Married" .... .... M R. DAVIS CLOSING SERVICE Subject-6285000 or Bust." Chorus-"Brothers Dear, It's Kale I'n1 After." Q - 232 -- GQ S1 K I E' V ill lateral l s QKHZMH rw Our Famous Players Club xTTCllLEY ...... .... BAER CBarcj. . BAKER ........ BARD ....... BRENN1-:R ..... BR1N1JL1c.. . . Coxlc ,4... 1,EClIANT .... IJERR ,.... IDIETRICII .... ' ERDMAN ..... ESIILEMAN .... F1s1mR .,.... 1"oLTz .,... FRANTZ . . . FRITZ ..... GARVEY ....... GEISENBERGIQR .... .... GILBERT ...... GRIEL ..... . IIARTZELL ..... .... ITAYES .... . . TIERBST ..... Ilrcss ......... TIOLLINGNER. , . KooNs, E. W. KooNs, T. C. . ICRESSLEY ..... LENHARD .... Nearly a Lady September Morn The Old Homestead The fLoanQ Lone Shark The Iron Claw The Circus Man The Man on the Box Neal of the Navy This is the Life The Case of Becky Naughty Marietta The Country Mouse lfVar is Hell A Fool There VVas fand Is, It Pays to Advertise The Little Minister Readyfsl Money Clothes The Cave Man A Voice in the Fog Still Waters Lost cfI'0ll1D Paradise ' Little Pal The Siren Fine Feathers The Birth of a Nation The Explorer Col' Cabbage Hill Matrimony Buckshot John 4 of 4 L i w, ill j.,f V ilu rrru i iriiiiuiii If ,af if n Y. LEVAN ...............,.. Temptation LICK ...A.. .... ' Phe Prince and the Pafujper LOBACII ..... .... .... ' 1 'he Battle Cry of Peace LUTTEN1sRRmcR. . . .... The Girl and the Game MARTIN ....... ..., ' Phe Sehoolnmrm MEMINGEII.. . . .... A Gentleman of Leisure MOX'EIt ..... MUEIIE .... . . . .John Bzirleycorn . . . .The Cub Reporter TVIUSSER .... .... S amson POXVERS .... .... IV Iusty Suffer PRIEN .... .... S nobfsj lROEDl'J1t .,.. .... ' Phe Wilcl Goose Chase IIOIIRER .... .... T Phe Crucible fMostly Broken Unc-si SASSMIAN. . . . .... 'Phe Alien SHOEMAKI-:R .... .... ' Phe Fortune Seeker SMITH ........ .... ' Phe Captive SONDIIPJIMER. . . .... 'Phe Unknown STARR ...... STONICSIFICR. STOUDT ..... TIIORBAIIN. . WVAUGAMAN. TVEISS ...... TVIERMAN. . . TKVILLAUER. , TVINGER .... . . .... 'Phe Sky Pilot . . . . . .Self Appraised . . . .Fatty fund the Broadway Stzirsj . . . .'Phe Dcvil's Daughter . . . , . .Life's Whirlpool . . .fGoodD Dope . . . .'Twas Ever Thus . , .... Aristoeraey . .Help Wanted - 4 - 0:,1 ' i QQ or o e o ..e u o g ' 041 -am 1 -3 , E' '31 Xl 5 V M ealrilllgifj A Devilish Poem f'l'nANsI.A'1'l4:n mom GoE'l'lmD Faust had a thirst for knowledge And wished to go to College. He said to the Devil, "Old sport, 011 the level, Send nie to F. and Nl. Or to the Sem, That I may learn Of love to spurn. Give me knowledge Or give me death." He cried aloud, And thereiarose a cloud Of mighty smoke. And the devil appeared On a horse that reared. The horse he gave The way to pave, liy trotting all week In Latin, Hebrew, Chinese, or Greek. r Faust bowed i11 hearty thanks And straightway joined the mighty ranks. His knowledge now . Has cubed itself . His books lie dusty on the shelf. His trot he 1llCll101'lZCS, His lessons he sunnnarizes. - 235 - iillraamkti rmiaraa S. num But, alas, one day While he was away, The Devil came To take his fame, He took his trot And l1is knowledge He then forgot. Faust burns bright His candle all night. His knowledge went astray WVhen his trot trotted away. .lokes?? When a pessimist sits down at the table he says, "Is there any milk in that jug?" The optimist says, "Please pass the cream." DR. I'IERMAN1UAIld what is the effect on respiration? " DERR+'i0l1l The prespiration rate decreases." Derr tells us " Corrosive sublimate is a mild purgativef' BARBER Cto Faust, 'ISD-"Shave up or down?" FAUST-H:D0VVH.,, BARBER-HI sec that's all there is to shave, sir." -236- 1 .f f y i . ffl itttfwr ., w onrrrrnrgbi e A . -- -7 ... A on M.. .,..f K' A French Comedy SCENE I fHall in main building outside of Room A. Group of students expeetantly looking at watches. Time, 1:30.J FIRST STUDENT-NO class today! Dippyis had another puncture. SECOND STUDENT-'FI'0Ilt. row Colonial for us. FIRST STUDENT-How about Tlieda Hara at the "Grand,'? FFIIIRD STUDENT fas group is about to disbandJ--L'Aeadan1ie Francaise s'approehe. fllr. Dippell arrives, causing great joy among the studentsj DR. DIPPELL-You have waited? Tres bien. ' EXIT SCENE II CClassroom A. One northern and two eastern windows partly raised and lowered. All blinds evenly drawn hall'-way. Desk With southern exposure. Table at northern end of rooni, chairs intervening. Time, 1:341M.D DR. DIPPICIIII fadjusting his smoked glassesj-V-e-r-y well. Absent, Frantz and Foltz. -237- ilflifiiiirllirl ziiirxru in If m FRANTZ ffrom outsidej-Present. DR. iDIl'I',l'ILL'I,lSCZ ensemble la page soixan te-dix. The class then reads in three ke s: Zimmerman, so rano' Weiss, tenor' : 7 3 S. S. Bard, bass. Time between endings, three minutesj D. D.--Mr. Gise, kindly straighten up and do not sit on your back. There are only two rules to be followed in this department-every man do his best and be a gentleman. CKoons answers a questionj D. D.-The prompting was so loud that even Koons heard it. Clfnoeking heard on door. D. D. opens door and discovers German spy disguised as a book agent. After three minutes, D. D. returns., fAt 2:2-l one-half oi' board work is done. Class is impatient but D. D. sends 12 more to the board. First bell rings before any further writing is done. Sentences on board are hastily eorreetedj D. D.-Now, gentlemen, who can tell me the difference between the French and English alphabet? fBard raises his llfllldj D. D.-Alright, Mr. Bard, we will hear from you. BARD--a, b, e, d, e .... ..... s , t, u, V, w, X, pourquoi z. D. D. Cwith a bealifie glam-el-Class is disbanded. Next lesson next lime. - 238 -- Gm Q. fl F IQ V 7 K' lQLg 0KllFl.lln ll lj DR. SCHIEDTS OPINION OB ORIBIAMMI IIUTTENBERGER'-itD0Ct0l', can I sell you an ORIFLAMMP9 Du. SCIIIEDT-HIIOW much, 5B5.00?,' LUTTENBERGER--"5lS1.75 this yearg good bool DR. SCIIIEDT-i'I'Illlll 31.75, but how much IS It LL oltli 712 cents? I,UTTEN131+:1LGE1L---"Wlcll, it's W'Ol'tll 82.00, but ne sell lt fo1 'bl 7.1 DR. SCI-IIEDT-"Ya, ya! I know, all bosll. YVell I guess I cLn tolcl Ltc one." 4 ROIIItICR?6cIS I-Ierman spelt I'ICI'll12Ll1llill1?, LEVAN-"WVl1en we arrange thc elements in then 'tl1'l,llgCll1Cl1ti DIFFERENT STAGES OF A FI UNRFR Registration Invitation P2't1'lLlClIJiltlO11 Jollification Much Flirtation l'1'oc1'astination Computation Investigation Disintegration Evaporation DR. HIESTEIL--"If a man is starving, what LL lll llc pay f01 'L lo if of lJ1c'Ld9 MOYER, G. J.-"Five cents." Dn. HERMAN--"Mix Klawans, if you sau L tl'1ll1 Qpecdinh mow tlu football field, while watching a QRLIXIC, lion nould you LLLOUIIL fox tlns pSycl1ologically?' ' KLMVANS-"lVlLy-I-er-I would Lllink Ll1 Lt fs lunny Doctoi - 239 - To the aciveriisers ihai you see We cleeply are inalebied, For minus their help verily We would have been in "a'elJiea' lilll llll s Ill G gr if e x Q A ll M3 A it r - l U ! Nln l lr 4 X, UIIHW 1 ll ' i N 1 an ,wider 1 '. ban I l I 0lI:1Il0Ki.l: Q F U X NN A ff' rl ll l l 'ilu N l l l l l l Q l I N l' N X A The Care-Free Air comes in being clad so cor- rectly that RTPIDCELIWLIICC is hc- yoncl cnvil. You've noticed how some men seein :L part of their Slll'l'0lllIllillQS and how others seein to have l':1l- len in by mistake. The nn- SXVCI' is in the clothes they wear. Y0n'll feel at home in il suit of MOYER 81 LeROY . SENER 8: SONS LUMBER, COAL ""'IAND ...., .,...... ROOFING SLATE Ofce and Yards : N. W. Cor. Prince and James Streets LANCASTER, PA. Twice Told Tales Bear Another Telling Telling you again and again about the purity of our milk is a pleasant occupation. It stimulates our desire to still further improve our goods and our service. If clarification, pasteurization, ster- ilized bottles, sanitary caps and a dozen other carefully guarded processes make milk and cream any better for you, then "PURlTY" Brand is the only one to use. Order today-by 'phone or stop one of our wagons. Lf 5. LANCASTER SANITARY MILK Woolzvorllz -l3uz'ldz'ng Eulrzmfe, 22 Norih Cfll'l'Sf1'llll .Slreel LAzVC,AISTER, PA. COMPANY N. Queen and Frederick Streets "Where Purlly Prcvailsu XSJK li tgllE21tltNlil.ll p litem ir. If September September September September September September September September September October 1 October October October 9 October 13 October 14 15 October October 22 mm College Calendar 8-Klawans makes his debut. 14-Brindle takes his first cut. 15-Ben Davis buys a pack of cigarettes. 16-Coach buys a pack of "Scrap Iron." 18-Svenige Forstburg joins the W. C. T. U. 19-Roberts, Koorie, Eshbaeh. and IqiSSill,Q,'Cl' go out on a date QQ-Brindle wears his rainbow sox. 23-Lobaeh smiles. Q5-Sophomorcs smash Urban's derby. -Koorie seen with a "chicken " on North Queen Street. 2-Pansy lVIurray has an explosion. 6-Prien gets to a class on time. -Al Neal goes to Columbia. llrinkman comes to chemistry. -Stumpf has a night out. Siumpi' eats off mantle. --Levau explains the meaning of ethical. - 24.3 - .IIIIIIIIIIIIllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIllllllIIIllllIIIIIIIIIIlllIIIIllllllIIIIlllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllIIIIllIIIIllllllIllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL Groff 5: Wolf's 'Fashion Park" Clothes Embody Real College Spirit And what is this thing that we call college spirit? Can we express it in such terms as-extravagance-or jubilance-or recklessness-or the-divvil-take-tomorrow? Not any more-not any more! The gray-haired alumnus Cand some without a trace of snowj may tell you that "them was the days," but, behind the smile of memory, there is another smile--and this is the smile of satisfaction that the College Men of today are cleaner, manlier and more progressive as a body than ever before- and are in college STRICTLY ON BUSINESS. For these kind of Young Men of pronounced progressive make-up we carry a line of Fashion Park Clothes that can't be bettered by a custom tailor in the city, much less by any other made-up line. You can go to any extreme in style you wish that "Fashion Park" Clothes have to offer-and you will NEVER look freakish. They are built up with an eye single to proportion, good. taste and beauty of the whole. Their system of measurements and averages is worked out as carefully as those of a life insurance actuary. You must have a difficult frame to baffle a " Fashion Park i' Suit. They cost S20 to S30-to duplicate the same piece of goods, same lining, same workmanship, at a custom tailor's, would cost you S10 more, if a cent. For men who can't afford to go this high, we have beyond contradiction the greatest and most extensive line of S15 and S18 Suits in Lancaster-comparable, so agents frequently tell us, only with the larger stores of Philadelphia and New York. GROFF 5 WCLF CO. 26 30 North Queen Street Lancaster, Pa. Lancastcfs Faslcsl Growing Store WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllIlllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIlllllilllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIlIIlIIlIIIIIIIIF- illiazfiilril ziliiri u l 01-lober Q3- Oetober Q6 Uelober Q8 October 530 November November Reading. November November November November November November Goldj. December December December Deeember December 'L PINK' Student body goes to Swarthmore. lVeiss Sl,2ll"lS lo ebew lobac-eo. Result, sickness. Tabby C'll'lS a elass. --Band makes ils appearanee. 8-Rodney takes a dog to the poliec station. 13-lQutlenberger C'lllS elasses and celebrates birthday in H-Hayes swabs off his eelluloid eollar. 17-Sassamaa buys a pair ol' Newark shoes. Q0-Holler misses a. meal. 9.4-'l'1ll'l'y wears a regular eoal. Q5-Band appears in uniform CPD. '30-lVeiss buys a Vielrola record fSilver Threads among the 1-Eberman fixes the ealendar. 3-Ateliley bays a pair of brown gailers. 9-Angle barns-onli the Goelbean l'urnaee. 10-Wiermaa wears a bat. 15-Koons solves 'lwo problems in eleetrieily. -- 24.4 -. minhnnr 1611121 Midway Between BROAD ST. STATION and READING TERMINAL ON FILBERT STREET That's where all the boys go when in PHILADELPHIA Lancaslcr's Leading Pholoplay Thcalcr PARAMOUNT PICTURES With the Wonderful Showing Conti?z?1.c?Zs3li.fRZrn I2 Noon Unlil Saturday Open at I0 A. M. By these presents ye know, ' AT " The best place to go N S Xfhjlcg you live here Tlelowlg Lunch and n or your Stomac s sa e Dining Rooms Somethingwholesome to take, Try the fine Buckwheat Cake LANCASTER, PA. 14-16 EAST CHESTNUT ST. :f l f VN QllIE'L1iM2f1NTiQKLl iiiiisru U. lf L DDINPUI I' December 16-Coaell gels a llair 0111. December QQ-Reber sends Sterner a soup ladle. January -1- .lanuary 5- Jannary 8- .lanuary 14-- .lannary Q0Mf January QIH 1"ebruary 1 1"ebrua,ry 14 1"ebruary 15 1"ebruary 15 February 18 1"ebruary QQ 1"ebrnary 23 1"ebruary Q9 We come baek to our labors joyfnlly. Tausig wears a clean collar. Truxal falls asleep in the llillll tub. Zimmerman speaks above a whisper. K 9 S 9 College fills ' Peanut lleaven ' at ' Princess Pat llismarek eats perfumed oysters. -Smitty bas bargain clay. -Powers and lveiss miss a :lance at llrubaker's. -Tliorbalm visits Chem. Lab. --liuttenberger stays awake in psychology. -Tuffy buys a new NV2lllCll-Cllillll. -Dieky has a class. 1-l.oby recites in c-llemislry. --Fritz misses a gym. dance. March Q-Derr, lfisller, and Hartzell form a chemical syndic.L1L March 7-Willauer returns Zellers's drawings. - 1246 - Htl Bran i lt Lancaster, Pa. Et ' European Plan Rooms 31.50 to 335.00 Every Room With Convenience i Circulating lice Water Our Fifty-Eighth Year of Service NVe are entering our fifty-eighth season of business. "PERFECT SERVICE" is still our watch-word in furnishing costumes for plays. Our Academic Cap and Gown Department gladly quotes rental or selling rates. A request will bring you a copy of our latest Costume Catalogue No. 58. WAAS 81 SON, Philadelphia, Pa. Delicious Soda Drinks Delicious is the word-and well founded by test. So rich, so pure, so tasty, and so cleanly served, they are surely delicious treats. 'l'here's a true delight and a greater satisfac- tion in drinking our soda-and a greater safety because of true purity. At Our Fountain STANDARD DRUG COMPANY Cor. Lemon and Charlotte Sts. ijggniimiiii iiiiiii iiilj if Composite of Popular Songs of 1915 VERSE IQ When Old llill liaiilcy loads ihc Mundy Luc, I czui't stop loving you in old Nzipolig If you had my disposition and c-ould do the llulzi,-hulzi, What 21 wonderful inothci' you'll hc. VERSE Il. When thc sun goes down in Joi-soy hy thc licuuliful svn, Along the rocky road to Dublin just try to pictiirc nic: Here comes Tootsie with Virpgiiiizi Lee, I didn't misc my boy to hc ai soldier. - 248 - A DO wa N O V A N ' S Always Q70l'1lff'lZ ou! as Nic COLLEGE lVlAN'S STORE Cylflffthlff-liftiS--'-1IIt1lCI'I!llS!l ery- A T'V1'lh Plenty Qf Snap, lmslz, and Swing Nw NN. -N 32-38 East King Street Lancaster, Penna GRANID W H if: R is '1' H it S I-I ow is ALWAVS Goon Adniission, 102: - Q I QANDI5 S Q 121 Nourril QUEEN ST. Polite Attention Best of Workmansnip Six Chairs JOE A. GEGG Tonsorial Parlor WZ Penn Square, Massage a Specialty Lancaster, Pa. The Rathfon Coal Yard lf. F. WITIIIER, 1,7Ufll'1'L'fU?' 316 N. MARSHALL ST. Central Office: 33 E. ORANGE S'l'. Both Phones Frank Mettfett 81 Bro. NORTH ERN MARKET HOUSE QU VVe handle every- thing in the line of OYSTERS, FISH, F R UITS, and VEGETABLES, in and out of season. NO BRANCH HOUSES '1'i4:r,if:PHoN14: Sifiavicic Dfw AND NIGHT M I 4 "The First Wealth Qewwce Y' 5 ' is Health." 3 SPALUINBT3 "Home of 'Cip-'Cop Bread" EMERSON 'X MA 'D 'Pre Gunzenhauser Bakery RK ai 1 GAA DAQ .ref nt- Oli' 'I'o possess either you IllllSl work , ,. . lor Lliem. l'll'Sl. ZN'fllIll'0 llie ln-:illli :incl Llie wenllli will route eaisier. We lmve solvetl ilu' prolilom willl our long yt-:mrs ol' l'Xp0l'il'Ill'0 in llie :mllilelie line, liow lo niaikv exon-iso ai pleasure. A IN'l'llSil,l ol' our fllllillllglll' will testify lo lliis. :mul f.flVt'1Y0ll ilu- tle- sire lo get onl, in llie open :tml play. 'l'l1e filllillllglli' is yours for llie :isla- ingr. ll, sllows pir-l,in'es :intl prim-s of Llie many 1lif'l'erent, nrlic-les lll2l.ll- nlaieiurerl by ns Lo nmke pliysienl exereise xl. plezlsnre. A. G. SPALDING 85 BROS. 1210 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, Pa Fine Jewelry Repairing Old Cold and Silver our mono: asonic an - or BOU li 'V' MW " TH J it Better Qlothes and Better JOHN B. RO , f. . iBiauumhu Service Special Designs in Platinum and Cold Jewelry. College and Fraternity Work. 48 NORTH PRINCE STREET LANCASTER, PA. Cleaning, Pressing Ladies' Tailored Suits and Repairing Pressed and Rcpziired W. C. BROCK Tailor' 452 LCIHOII SI. Lancaster, Pa. At this good elotlies store "High Art Clothing" is speeizrlly feaituretl, for you get all the style, the finest 'lYiLll0l'lll1Lf :incl elloiee l'zl,l1l'ir-s tlmt, :my marker can protlm-0. Then in llarls you get here 1,lle Seztsoifs Correr-i, lllovk, for instance, SlfClS0llS-'ilillll in Hzilmerdosliery you lizive the ehoiee of 'Llie Newest mul most Exclusive Selections. 8. Pi. Flyers A Company 12 East King Street 'X. r 'N ff T x 7 7 A Y Fm V k gg 'X Bzvl X px 'Xf L p ! -N iw.: ' 1 f Q' Q 1 X f -'X . s K- V 1 - K K 2 5 'agzlllzizf 'gn 5 g .L ff, WWW f ff f ff , IF YOU WANT 'maff qfiapers that have style and el1a1':Lcte1', plus quality-visit rin Rman' is and see their papers. Q3-sz E. ORANGE ST1:,1c1c'1' P. S.- lV6'-f5'tl7llt' jzicinres, diplomas, etc., amz'j9'ame Mew rzlghi. Sim it Shisslcr MZlIlLIfLlClLIl'Cl'ilIlL1 Importer of Cigars, Tobacco a nd Pi p e 5 52 North Queen Street Lancaster, Pa. Successful Men Are Efiicient Men Tllvy inslim'lii'c-ly wt-n.r :L Rll'l'l'llIl,IlL 'l':l,ilm'ctl Suit, lu-r-tulsa llnuy fool :mtl atppc-au' the mon they strc. Go to J. ALBERT ZECHER for 1-fiicic-ncy. 126 N. Duke St. Lancaster Boob Qlnllege l"oliMl-:RLY 'rm-1 Wrmi':N'Q Colliers!-1. Hlamthlrtl AB. :md HS. c-mu'svs. Msn Music, Arl, Exprcssimi :mtl 'llmm' lCt-u11o- mics. Ac'c'l'm-clilt-tl l'Olll'S0 in l'c-zlatgtngy, Svpauutlv l'l'4'p:mLLul'y with l'l'l'liiTi'1l,lL' ru- lnlons. New lmiltliugs on el-5-zu-1'v sulmur- bam sito. Our ownl g1l,l'll0l1 :mtl dairy. Tvrnis 95350. I'rcp:u':tLm-y, 25300. .lozfilwii Il. .'xl'l'ltl-I, l'n.D., l'l'c-siduxil', l"l'crlm'iulc, Md. How about those SOCIAL FUNCTIONS P DONT woRRY..-1.EAvE THAT TO MIESSE 128 NORTH QUEEN STREET Lancaster, Pa. Sizzle lhe mnubef Qf guesls, and we will supply Me menu in all ils defai! ESTIMATES GLADLY FURNISHED Both Phones rlriiriiti miisrr AU 5 2 E. YV. Koons had correctly done his problem in Physics for the first time in two years. He gently usked, "Doctor, muy I do :mother problem?" Il' you don'1 know Koons, laugh anyhow. Un. KLEIN--HlVll'. Weiss. what is an aqueduct?" Wlclss, '17-"A sewer." Du. l,IPPELL-isIICI'I' Weiss, stei ren sie 's Jiit'. " I Wmss, '17--"Spiiten, spot, gespottenf' i fDippy's cuc to ravej Some Juniors were studying for an English exam, and Stonesifer was re- lating the events in the plot of "Romeo and Juliet." STONESIFER-'HlVIQI'ClllLi0 :u1d"1'ybalt fight, and Mercutio is wounded in the proccssf' XVEIHS-'-is You're wrong there, Stony, it was in the 1l.l'lll.n DR. KLIGIN--4" Mr. Neil, who invented the spinning jenny?" NEIL. '18-"A main nzuncd Jenny." What is :rn zmu1,i,ory sniff? Ask "Dippy." IDICKY fto Fl'CSlIllltIIlJ-HInd any oi' you ever hear of the museum?', Glsn, '19--"It's down under the gl'2tllllS Lund somewhere." "Gefutz" Pricn says he never commited suicide and is of'l'ering a reward of 51-310.00 for informaition leading to the arrest and conviction of the culprit who sent " lJicky" the following felegraun one day last February: " Dem' Doctor: MV :ihsenr-e from class this morinff was due to m sudden u P! denlh. W.u.'rmn l"1mNKmN l,liIEN.H - 254 - QE B G G3 H C53 ISE E Ei ZS! C53 E ZS ZS! ZS! E E B ISE H E E E C53 E Ei C55 L53 EIS! mmm 4 W W FII U2 QQ Q 4 W W U , Fil F73 W women QEHE 932922 EST E9 3 ' ' 3 QI Heating and Ventila- 3 3 ting Engineers. ill Contractors for Auto- gl matic Sprinklers and 3 Fire Extinguishers. QQ EZEEHEQQEQHE he 'S 3 2 S E -u Q F 5 -U' So UQ 5. 3 Q QEEEQEEEQQQZ 31539922239 2 Q E T' E S' E sf.. Q as Q :E g 2 "1 E cb 2 Z' Q S. Q E G3 2 2 E. E g 5 E 5 Q 2 5539323929223 LANCASTER, PA. .7 H We f Dlllblffllf Qlriiiiiirii rriiiiira U lf Aesthetic Notes lN'rnonue'rloN, iNI.fxlu'll 1, 1916 Aesthetics is 21, wonderful nrt, In which the suhlimc takes ai pzirtg The sublime of Beauty in :1 flower The sublime ol' Poetry in an hour. The quiz is tres ilnport.nnt, Q l'n,x vohiseum if you cun't Tell what you know In at steady flow. Aeslheties notes cannot he cashed Neither can the clock he smashed. The seats are very hard und slrziiglit, God hless the fellow who eau he lute. ll' one answers io your nzune, l'nl him in the hull ol' l':nne: Il' you're eznlled on don'i1 recite, 'Keep your bushel under an light. BIARCII 8, 1916 e1lA1fAeTEIc AND POWVER Big fi. Clmraeter is not what it should he For 'tis not formed urhitrzirily. 'Big b. Sublime of Power is :1 fine thing Like shooting 21 hird upon the wing: lint. shooting is not us good as spreading. Il' not in Allentown, try lleuclin,ej. - 2.60 - Q All Individual Photographs in this 'gOriflamme" were made by Carl Schlotzhauer 163 N. Queen Street Lancaster, Pa. ESTABLISHED I872 EXCELLED BY NONE E. A. Wright Bank Note Co. iingralwra-1Briutm1-Svtutinnvrz Offices and Factory: Central Store: BROAD and HUNTINGDON STREETS 1218 WALNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA, PENNA, 'x Jxfanufaclurer of Gllawa sinh Snrietg Hina, imlehalu Commencement Invitations Leather Souvenirs Year Book Inserts Dance Program Wedding Invitation Novelties Menus Stationery Calling Cards ' Diplomas 1 I ! A Bank 3' Merit You will iind our bank efiicient in all particulars to handle your banking business. Our vaults are burglar and fire proof. Our directors and officers are reliable. Our bank has a good record. It is the bank for all classes---the home of accommodations. You cannot afford to overlook these points of merit. Let us prove our merit by having your account. FARMERS TRUST COMPANY .gf LANCASTER, FOUNDED 1810 MOKE Golden Lion Cigars 9 S and enioy the fragrance of S pure, rich tobalccos. EU High grade pipes from the best makers in P the world. STOR DE1V.lUTH'S E 114 EAST KING STREET ' A The oldzsl tobarco .shop in the United Stale: Auto Delivery to Parts of the City ACME AD. Co. PHONE ORDERS Carefully Filled SIGNS - ' 314 North Queen St. LANCASTER, PA. 22 North Queen St. egleaaal elama ' nm Tunnv-"In England they formerly had a law that a man could not marry his dead wife's sister and another law that a woman could not marry her dead husband's brother. There was much agitation for the repeal of Law Number 1, so it was repealed. Law Number Q still stands on thc statute books, since there was no call for its repeal." ICLANVANS, '18-"Well, what good did the repeal of Law Number 1 do? A man could now marry his dead wife's sister, but she could not marry him." PROF. IJIESTER-H What is the most objectionable kind of tax?" Powlans Cdreamilyj--"Carpet tax in the parlor." HOW T0 USE THE WATTS DE PEYSTER LIBRARY 1. When you enter the reading room of the Library, never remove your hat until well past tl1c desk. People will think you have something on your mind. Q. Always spend a little time before the philosophy reserve. You will fool somebody badly. 3. Plan to accidentally fill your fountain pen at the desk-ink costs money. 4. Never return from the stacks with less than fifteen books, if you wish to create an impression. 5. Never bother to ask at the desk if you may take a book out. You will only waste your time and theirs. 6. Under no circumstances give up a book that some one else wants. You would discourage self-restraint and encourage selfishness. 7. Always conceal a much-used book from the reserve shelf. You will then know just where to look for it next time. - 200 - Franklin an? Marshall Academy LANCASTER, PA. - College Preparatory School for Boys Terms Moderate Illustrated Catalogue T. G. I-IELM, A.M., E. M. HARTMAN, A.M., Principals Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co. of Milwaukee Dividends paid i11 Year 1915 ........ 313,845,763.96 Assets january 1, 1916 .......... 3343,63l,1l0.05 LIFE ENDOWMENT AND INVESTMENT POLICIES No company equals its dividends to policyholders or excels its security. G. N. REYNOLDS, 124 East King Street GEO. K. REYNOLDS Gen. Agent Lancaster, pa, Asst. Gen. Agent The Lancaster Trust Company' 36-38 NORTH QUEEN STREET, LANCASTER, PA. CAPITAL, 8250,000.00 SURPLUS, 3000,000.00 CHARTERED 1889. Solicits accounts of individuals, firms, and corporations. Issues certificates of deposit, paying 4 per cent. interest for 12 months and 8 per cent. per annum for 6 months. Acts as Exeeutor, Administrator, Guardian, Trustee, Assignee. and Receiver. Rents Safe Deposit and Storage Space in Burglar-Proof Vaults. Wills receipted for and safely kept Free of Charge. Assumes entire charge of Real Estate, which department is in charge of a special officer, who gives it his undivided attention. OFFICERS. JOHN HERTZLER, President. C. S. MELLINGER, Asst. Treas. H. W. HARTMAN, Vice-President. JOHN L. RUTH, Trust Ofllcer. H. C. MILLER, Treasurer. I. H. SEITZ, Real Estate Officer. JOHN A. NAUMAN, Solicitor. DIRECTORS. J. HAY BROWN, J. T. BRENEMAN, H. W. HARTMAN, G. B. LONG, JOIIN I-IERTZLER, J. Il. WEAVER. JOHN B. MILLER, H. C. MILLER, JOIIN A. NAUMAN. AESTIHIETIC NOTES i Big 3, COMIC Comic: Aspect of things ridiculous 1. A little nonsense now and then Is relished by the best of men. It relieves the strain Of a constant reign Of terror and sadness On the brain. Big b, NATURE on' THE COMIC It results from a sense of superiority 1. Unconsciousness is not comicg It is a strain upon the stomic. 2. The distance from laughter to tears is small. How I like the pretty pictures on the wall. -262- r, - "Let us have faith that the right makes might: and in that faith let us dare do our duty as we understand itf'-Lincoln. "With malice towards none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right, as Cod gives us to see the right."-Lincoln. Boys, try and live up to the above noble sayings. The fellow who does will surely land on top. With best wishes we are Yours for success, i ' l KEYSTONE REALTY COMPANY GEORGE D. BRIENTNALL Builder af Modern Homes D. Manager ZO NORTH QUEEN STREET Both Phones Opp. Woolworth Building Du. 181. A. BECKER 1 IE NTI ST I YVICST URANCSIC ST. I l H. F. HUBER Beef, Veal and Pork Also Smoked Meats 317 North Pine Street BOTH PHONES LANCASTE1iQ. PA. AESTHETIC NOTES APRIL 1, 1916. 'rum SUBLIMI-1 OF POETRY, Mon11-'mn BY 'rimoic uUMoa Little barefoot boy, lvith cheeks of tan, Pushing up the hill A heavy moving van. On he moved and through The Alpine village passed. The wintry wind it blew Like Hades' furnace blast. On he pushed, but alas, As he crossed a frozen pass, An icicle fell On its way to H--l. On the moving van it dropped. 'T was so scared that it stopped. Then the German army advanced And the Allies' horses pranced. The moving van exploded As its dynamite it unloaded. The Kaiser sobbed with joy And praised the barefoot boy. The Allies suffered heavy loss. The boy received an Iron Cross. The shades of night were falling fast. The class all drank, both first and last, Witch-hazel and gasoline, Alcohol and kerosene, Champagne cocktails, Gin rickey gingerales, Scotch beers, 10 feet tall. Then they ended all With a hot water highball. - 264 --- Tl Leading Florists and Decorators QLD. BARR"S ir.-".. 7 47" 432 The Home gf Flowers Where SERVICE and QUALITY Prevail - 'Nuf Said B. F. BARR CQ, CO. 116 NORTH QUEEN ST J. W. WIGGINS F. 81 M. Grocer Corner West Lemon and Nevin Streets LANCASTER. PA. DR. L. K. KNIGHT DENTJST 127 NORTH QUEEN STREET First Class Shaving and Hair Dressing Parlor s. w. come. N. QUEEN and oRANeE srs Q0pfrox1'!e Y. AL C. A. Buildingj A. A. GUTFLEISCH, Prop. WElNBERG'S Fine Furnishings for College Men in all styles appropriate to time and occasion. 106 NORTH QUEEN ST. D.. WALTER MIESSE PHOTOGRAPHER Srunmom 381 S.. PRINCE Sr. BELL worm 4 .j " X z 'A 1 .f T 67 1' jf A 77 5 ' 2 'W' , N Knuckle or A nunsncilsljcrgnti 5 Ping! 41,5 FJYM, ,.,- 1 '23 VJ' maxi E' L 'Fl' +- ,- 45311 wif" ,L- -h"A. : ' 'L Q ,V-1? 'j 'A lf.- J Q. X f-ff V J V, ,, 1- 3 vm 'ill n.m.v..u-1 Q AL... '- 16 A r'7 V ., . - ,M ,. - on K' .. , 'Y fffffwb X' 1, ' -X! V 1 '3. 1 , ' IH!'1f,, ' X1 ' X .r':" L N X ' ' ffllij xl Nl A f 175- 11,5 I f' 14. . F , f . ,I 2 9 s ?rw-roanwu or Je-rr: 1pcTvRs of TONYMARTDNE 'Pnorocnmf or ASTUDENTY -N40 'Hsums' REBER. h uv ACTION STUDYING. , 1 1 7 5,7 .-,,',f,,-.-ff' --xgkig ':'.. 'Z FFYT-N v"' cox O M f ,AX X 4 Q l 4 - ' A : xx j i Y I XY , . F::' 0' M: gm" J xxx s -T I W ' u 1 1 A V I ,. M A 512. L cf- WAS " I Y " V acru s or cu.. n n ' onuc my I A n as H Vafw Snowffvo Munn JELIVERINCHA SPEECH 'FAM0U5'PA:fvr1rr0 LYFEMIRACLE CARRYING THE BAL4.. 1' u I2 X X I ,f' I Q M Vf' ' 'x A ' Mg FUFTURE or voucw U- ' . , - OMPLUTXN-I-,NG QXRINKMAN .P'CgNAEA01EE'Zgg6zPf0go'llgR 'PHOTOCRAIH Of HAYEa. ON HIS NowLfD0f or Pmsncs "1Tmnamm, vz. .1 4 s 12 ' PARATU USED 5 ' MURRAY IN ORGANIC LAB. J. D. 1-IOCKING 401 W. Walnut Street PROVISIONER qlDealer in fancy and staple gro- ceries, fresh and smoked meats, green groceries, fruits, and vege- tables. Special terms and discounts to Club and Fraternity Houses JULIUS A. ROEHM Clotlres tlrat Fit Qi EACH season I make clothes a little better: each sea- son my circle of friends grows larger because l know how to please the particular man. When you need a suit or over coat let me make it for you. 32 PENN SQUARE LANCASTER, PA. I-I.A.SCI-IROYER PLUMBING jflnrist I46 North Duke Street LANCASTER, PA. B. B. MARTIN CO. Dealers in LUMBER and COAL 519 N. Charlotte St. Lancaster, Pa. Installed by "Your Plumber" means four things to you- Q u ali t y Efficiency Eco nomy Durability Give me the pleasure of estimating on your work, or better still, let me do it. 1 Modern Plumbing and Healing Co. W. A. HUMPHREVILLE U Your Plumber" Ph M use w. 500 W. JAMES ST JNO. O. CARTER, 1,lllidIDEN'1' JACOB lt. IIERHIIEY, VICE-PEEMIUENT JOHN Ll.Nfll4'1',AHNT.CANHIEll THE FULTON NATIONAL OF LANCASTER, PA. hI1LI'Cll7, 1016. CONDENSED STATEMENT RICSOURCES Loans and Investments .......... . flSl,554,425.02 U. S. Bonds, Premium. and 554 P' Fund, ............,..,......,. 151,500.00 Banking: House and Vault ...... 09,000.00 Due from Banks ,..,..,, . . . . . 32.1Qr.Q3 Cash and Reserve .... . . . . . . 370,514.00 Total. ......,.. . . . rlS2,l00.2lili.7-1 LIABILITIES Capital Stork Paid ln .......... . Surplus Fund and Prollts .... . f'il'elll:l.l.ion ......... ..... . Due to Hanks ........... . . Deposits ,... . . . . Total .... IRA H. BAKE, f1ANllIlGll BAN K 351300.00000 232,708.73 140,095.00 3,707.41 1,003,705,150 3.52, Nl0,200.7T1T Du. Km-:1N-"IXIr.Garvey, name the llresidents from 1802 to the present." GARVICY, '17-" Cleveland, Mc-Kinley, Buchanan, Roosevelt, and Wilson." Dr. Ilernlan says that Crannning is God's own way of helping us to forget thin gs. Prof. Beck says that a dry cell is only relatively dry, i. e., as Coatesville. ,l,1t01". MULL, or FRANKLIN AND IXIARSIIALL COLLEGE, LANCASTER, PA., GIVES FAVOEAELE JUDGMENT Dr. IVIeans, Dear Sir:-The third box of your I,aGrippe and Headache Pills confirms the favorable opinion I had formed from previous use of them. I find them very beneficial as a cure for headache and very agreeable in their effect upon the nervous system. I shall make it a point to keep them on hand. Yours truly, GEO. F. MULL. hvA1TltESS?NlvIlil.t will you have for dessert, apple, peach, plum, or mince pie?', LOBACII, '17-"Give me apple, peach, and plum pie.', NVAITRESS-is What's the matter with tl1e mince pie?" CFor the joke ask Dr. Applej - 268 aww: ,.,,.., .,,,,,,.,..,.,..,..,,.,..,, r , ,,.,, M ,,,,, . ....,, "' fa, 1 -- blg- if- , Q T' ""':::'5 "" i'r::"" ffffaff ENGRAVINGS FOR THIS BOOK . BY UI e Electric Qfitg Engraving Un BUFFALO 'N ,, Q . :- N gk 5 rw Lmxfi Q. Q4 l DAILY AND SEMI-WEEKLY I -I I TELLIGE CER FOR CURRENT NEWS OF THE DAY-LOCAL AND WORLD-WIDE READ THE INTELLIGENCER IT'S WIDE-AWAKE AND UP-TO-DATE QM MQ BOOK, CATALOGUE, AND COMMERCIAL PRINTERS LINOTYPE AND MONOTYPE TYPE - SETTING MACHINES 8 WEST KING STREET, LANCASTER, PA Franklin 8: Marshall College Lancaster, Pennsylvania Third Oldest College in Pennsylvania Established 1787 Franklin and Nfarshall College offers complete 'Four year courses oi' study, leading to the degrees of A.l5. and 13.8. Its educational policy rests on a sound basis, and is developed in broad sympathy with the needs of the present day. The College offers unsurpassed facilities in its thoroughly equipped laboratories, making full provision for chemistry, assaying, geology in all its branches. The course in Science is especially adapted for students who desire to study medicine or enter upon commercial chemistry. Campus of fifty-two acres with complete athletic field. hlodern Science Building, Library, Observa- tory, Gymnasium. Special care is given to the individual develop- ment of each student by a Facility of able and experienced teachers. For full particulars and catalogue. address HENRY HARBAUGH APPLE, D.D., LL.D., President GEORGE F. MULL, Litt.D., Secretary nu I---V x-. umlmulllnlulllllulmglll unuwmmmwmlmlll I HY -' 95""' "" nlllllliill ? I x km at Q P A-ls: 'K 52125535 f ff 'calm 455: mam Q 3 I I 1 5 , I" S R Q S 'H in A+ x if 'S N WI' 4 We " an Lv "ma ow vm. i lk ,J rlf , ... 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Suggestions in the Franklin and Marshall College - Oriflamme Yearbook (Lancaster, PA) collection:

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