Franklin and Marshall College - Oriflamme Yearbook (Lancaster, PA)

 - Class of 1911

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Franklin and Marshall College - Oriflamme Yearbook (Lancaster, PA) online yearbook collection, 1911 Edition, Cover

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I xl' ' 1 . -. x , 1-' if , ,. i -MJ 'Q ."L -.4-1-4 .Ar 5 G 1,15 V !,.' nf 1 ff, fm I v T fu. 'I 1" SQ 1 vi-' 2- , ": ' Xi , ,i JM ww 4. Y 4. . -nl, RFE 1 M sv .L V, .am--V 1' 1 9151. .,,' .gg , 1 'z z fiifif . ,ff gy. , ,.. ,f-, , 1 .SLM ,,,, ,ga ,n ..' 5. I . .0 Q 'ggi M' 'IQ -ff 7' A 'few 551-V.-an 2? -Ms . 4, . sm, "if 'f 1 H If .54 'Ft' ' 5339: ,vi 'ii ja 1 . Ear' f, ffyux r 1, . ,YY Wu: , . f '--an-r +., -455 4, 'if-L Sf, -,H p 5.-: ug. - f .-5335? ' 1, -,.,g -, Ye Khin M, 32, 411: "Th 1q,Q:E'1i ' ik! ilfsiw' 1 ' w 1 Vi'--5 W: fi- 'p3'1fQ3'l 1- f'!:3E- . vw - V ff: 1, in ,'1 .- -gl, -,. ,, . ., . uv. - - f . -. 'wg' ' . ' Jw ,f"' K 1 ' ',, . I 1 5 'feta' I ' R , V , ' .V ff , A JJ, - ' ' X - , f ' ' F' ' L H.-. . fl '71:.. gm. l.1q,i:v H IA V uf M., --1,---2' , - . V j ,w-,,"- , -, f- . lvl ' , -V - ,-,f gc' ' W .- A ,L-4 Z 'A,v1vg- an W - ,A 5, . A,-14 r,. - X -1.. . V . . . .,. V :.:,f , , - ' ,. .1.-. ' ' Ui' ik 1, " LQ, 41" . yy'- , f., .11 - , , M. ,Q .Vg fi' V: . 3,1 . ' :Wai ,Z -'Q ,Q , , Y fflfiz, Q - 1:4 'E-.4 .,. . 71 x V: NINETEEN .- HUNDRED .- ELEVEN THE QRIFLAMME Published by ihe JUNIOR CLASS of FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE ANNO DOMINI 1910 -Ip 1 v-rf-.fusuw A .4 w 4.214-e'n:l4 E17 ' REV. HENRY HARBAUGH APPLE TO THE MAN WHO HAS ASSUMED THE HONORS AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF PRESIDENT OF OUR BELOVED ALMA MATER, THE MAN IN WHOM ARE CENTERED OUR BRIGHTEST HOPES AND ASPIRATIONS FOR A GREATER FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL, THIS VOLUME IS AFFECTIOANATELY DEDICATED. " -l Erecting IT is with a deep sense of the magnitude of the undertaking and with a feeling of corresponding inadequacy and incapability to cope with the task, that We have as- gg Sumed the responsibility of S V the publication of this volume KX of the Onirnnivnvin. We have p J kd striven ,to produce a book Zz.. ff Worthy of a place side by side 7 f with its noble predecessors, N "l' is -'..., and for the consummation of I .M X ,il our desire,'We have spared no K efforts and restrained no zeal. i I Especially at this most aus- lings of dissolution and change fill the air, when the assurance N 'i ' of a greater and brighter era for lfranklin and Marshall is heralded from 'every side, are We most for-' tunately urged and incited to do full justice to our Alma., Mater and the men who are assisting in penning her name upon the immortal scroll of fame. - i But, to proceed to a lighter vein. The college student is considered, not as a philosopher, but as a joke and everything emanating from him is to be laughed at. In this little volume, kind reader, We have attempted Z '7 X f "1 bl ' 'fi' F F sd 'W i X! ff . X "-, 'N ' '37 'i .Z X ff 'picious time, 4 When the rumbf ,,,,,iQ"' I, N ' g Tu include that which will arouse your risibilities and bring forth laughter "11"l1l111s bfff-11 IT-S Sides. " We already recognize our ,failures and our shortf coniings, but in brooding over them We have learned to love them - May you be as kind. W , THE STAFF. I 9 " gi,2f,,,5v,Z, Adfwyfivfdi ,agua ,ff WV , .. ...., .. . L ..-7 - '- --T r.- . , X ' 1 ,ZZ VX f-'S 'h QAM 1' I . Wm Q- . ,fl 64549 . 1 annum 4 jfanklin QIUUPBP, 1757 marshall Qinllvge, IEEE Franklin emh iflilerrzhall Glnllegv, 1553 Preszdent ............ Fzrst Vice-President.. . . . Second 'Vice-President. . . . Recording Secretary. .... . Corresponding Secretary. . . . Treasurer . . . ........... . 551 Cmfirsrn GEORGE F. BAER, LL.D. HON. VV. U. HENSEL, LL.D. JOHN D. SKILES. H. S. WILLIABISON. REV. JOSEPH H. DUBBS, D.D., LL.D J. W. B. BAUSMAN, ESQ. Bnarh nf Zifruatnn REV. A. S. WEBER, D.D.. . . REV. E. R. ESCHBACH, D.D. HENRY S. WILLIAMSON .... J. H. SHOCK .............. H. L. RAUB. .1 ... ...... .. JOHN E. KUNKLE, ESQ. . .. . JAMES SHAND ........... GEORGE F. BAER, I3.LD. . .. JARED HARPER . ......... . REV. N. C. SCHAEFFER, D.D., L R.EV. W. C. SCHAEFFER, D.D.. . REV. JACOB B. KERSCHNER . . SAMUEL P. HEILMAN, M.D. . WALTER M. FRANKLIN, ESQ. PAUL C. WOLFF ............ B. F. FACKENTHAL, JR. . JOHN D. SKILES ........ J. W. B. BAUSMAN, ESQ. .. . WILLIAM H. HAGER. . . . . JAMES T. R,EBER . . .... . . JOHN M. JAMISON. . ...... . . REV. J. W. SANTEE, D.D. . .. CHARLES F. RENGIERSF. .... . WILLIABI J. ZAOHARIAS, ESQ. REV. F. C. SEITZ .... ....... REV. HENRY MOSSER, DDT . JOHN W. BICKEL, ESQ. .... . J. W. VVETZEL, ESQ. . .... . . C. C. LEADER. ............ . HON. W. U. HENSEL, LL.D. .. L.D. .Ba,ltirr1Ore, Md. .Frederick, Md. . . . . .Lancastelg Pa.. . . . . .Greencastle, Pa. . . . . .LaI1ca.ster, Pa. 1 . . . . .,Greensburg, Pa. . . . . .LancaSter, Pa. . . . . .Reading, Pa. . . . . .BellefO11te, Pa. . . . . .LaIIca.ster, Pa. . . . . .Lancaster,'Pa. . . . . .Free1a.11d, Pa. . . . . .Heilma11da1e, Pa. . . . . .La1IcaSter, Pa. . . . . .Pittsburg Pa.. . . . . .Riegelsvil1e, Pa. . . . . .Lanca,ster, Pa. . . . . Lancaster, Pa. . . . . .Lancastelg Pa. . . . . .Reading, Pa.. ' . . . . .GreeI1sburg, Pa. . . . . .Philadelphixaq Pa. . . . .La11caSter, Pa. . . . . Chambersburg, Pa. . . . . .Al1entOWII, Pa. . . . . .MyerstOWII, Pa. . . . .NorristOwn, Pa. . . . .Ca.r1is1e, Pa. . . . .Sha.mOkin, Pa.. ...........La.nOasteI'. Pa. I Deceased, Dec. Is. 1909. 'I' Deceased, Feb- 13, 1910- -1 8 F, aM.ooLLEGE- Etanhing Qlnmmittsvz I F H Iolm D Slaileg C F Rengier, W. U. Hensel, James Shand, H. S.':.-. .fx -r - ' .4 Williamson, J. W. B. Bausman. 1 T 1' M. Franklin, W. C. Schaeffer, A. S. Vlfeberf J- VV- Vletzel' '2. lxsrmrC'r1oN.-Waite E. R. Eschbach. 3 I IBRVXRY -N. C. Schaeffer, J. W. Santee, H. L. Raub, F. C. Seitz, H. S. Williamson, Walter M. Franklin, W. U. Hensel. W .l GRQUNDS AND JBUILDINGS.-'WWC H. Hager, W. U. Hensel, C. F. Rengier, John D. Skiles, Il. S. Williamson, W. M. Franklin, S. P. Hellman. A 5. I.J1sf'iP1,1NE AND DEGREES.-W. U. Henscl, E. R. Eschbaeh, Jared Harper, Jolm W. Wetzel, J. W. B. Bansman. ' 6 PERMANENT ENDOWMENT.-George F. Bear, W. J. Zaeharias, S. P. Heilman, H. S. Williamson, John E. Knnkle, B. F. Fackenthal, Jr., J. B. Kerschner. I 7. WILHELM Es'rA'rE.-Paul C. Wolff, H. L. Raub, C. C. Leader, John M. Jamison, Jared Harper. S. OBsEnvA'rom'.-E. R. Eschbach, A. S. VVeber, B. F. Faekenthal, Jr., H. L. Raubl, Prof. A. T. G. Apple. 9. A CADEMY."-JRIIIICS Shand, H. S. Williamson, VV. H. Hager, VV. M. Franklin, W. U. Hensel. 10. l..xnon.vrom' .xxn MUSEUM.-H. Mosser, W. C. Schaeffer, E. R. Eschbach, J. H. Shook, John D. Skilcs, James Shand, John W. Bickel. ' l I. GYMNASIUM AND Afrnm-:'r1Cs.-H. S. Williamson, W. H. Hager, James Shand, H. L. Ranb, Walter M. Franklin. . Ahuinnrg Glnuuril nf Alumni The following Alumni have been elected b f t ' ' Alumni, authorized by the Bo. rd fT as mem ers O he Adx lsory Councll of and Marshall College: S.H.Rz. -- ',,- .fi , , f , , ,62' H llltlwv 99i W3 1N..Apllcl, Esq,, 80, W, H, Ixeller, Esqq ,913 J- B. Kremer A 2 on. G. L. Ixnnkle, 76, Rex, C, J, M - D D 1 , . ? 5, H, Guilford, DD-S., ,615 Rev. L. Kryderlgfillls T. M. Balhet, Ph.D,, '76, 'l 0 1'l1Sfees and by the Alumni Association of Franklin 6 an-N .1 fox lfl f we off xg-.-I - -:- b . fl W ' 4!.-.:- n J f X. I' X " ff" 55 iii, 7 . 2.1 J . A J W I ,ll ' V f Q L Q e Qinllege janultp 1 x -TP REV. HENRY HARBAUGH APPLE, AM., D.D., .......... 614 North Duke Street President of the College 3 Professor of Biblical Literature and the History of Religion. REV. JOHN SUMMERS STAHR, Ph.D., DD., LL.D. ........ 437 VVest James Street J. W. Nevin Professor of Mentalancl Moral Science, 1Esthetics and the Philosophy of History. Q REV. JOSEPH HENRY DUBBS, D.D., LL.D. ................ 451 College Avenue Audenried Professor of History and Arehzrrology. JOHN BRAINERD KIEFFER, PH.D. ....................... 441 College Avenue Professor of the Greek Language and Literature. JEFFERSON E. KERSHNER, PH,D. .................. 445 West Chestnut Street Professor of Mathematics and Physics. REV. GEORGE FULMER MULL, A.M., L1'rT.D. ..... ' ....... 431 West James Street Professor of the Latin Language and Literature. REV. RICHARD CONRAD SCHIEDT, A.M., PH.D., SC.D.. .1043 Wheatland Avenue . Professor olf Biology and Geology. 10 F. 8zM.COLLEGE , REV. c. ERNEST WAGNER, AM. ..................... . .134 North Lime Street Professor of the English Language and Literature. REV. ANSELM VINET HIESTER, A.M. ....................... 320 Race Avenue Professor of Political and Social Science. CI..-XREXCE XEVIN HELLER, A.M. .............. .. . .415 North Charlotte Street Professor of Ancient Languages. I-IERISERT HUEBENER BECK, A.C. ................ . ..Y. M. C. A. Building Associate Professor of Chemistry and Mineralogy. f'II.XRI,ES PATTERSON STAHR, A.M., M.D. ............ . Lecturer on Anatomy. REV. JOHN MILTON CHAMBERS, A.M. ........ . .. . Professor of Oratoryf .17 East Walnut Street . . .818 West Lemon Street REV. A. THOMAS G. APPLE, A.M. ...................... 237 Lancaster Avenue Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy. w11.L1.xM oL1vE11 FARNSWORTH, AM ......... .......... Y . M. C. A. Building Professor of Modern Languages. D. C. MCIAUGHLIN . . .................................. 166 North Queen Street Physical Instructor and Director of the Gymnasium. M. W. RAUB, M.D,, ' Curator of the Museum. l 1 T H E FACULTY f IQ F. DR. H. H. APPLE . .. DR. G. F. MULL . . .. PROF. C. N. HELLER DR. J. H. DUBBS ... DR. J. B. KIEFFER. . PROF. A. V. HIESTER PROF. C. N. HELLER DR. J. B. IQIEFFER. . F. M. E. GROVE, '11 D. C. RICLAUGHLIN . 15. D. H.-Xl'1RTTI5R, '10 H. E. NVEISEL, '1O. . C. T. GLESSNER, '11. DR. C. P. STARR. . . . J. W.Ax'1'T, '10.. .... J. Ii. lixzxxs, '11, . . . U. W. SAYLOR, '11. . E. O. BIARKS, '10, . , J. F. LEONARD, '11. . T J. P. NN 1-:RN1f:R, '10. . si M. COLLEGE Qllnllege ZBirectnrP QP Elhxrultg Braun nf Gllannra Eihrarg fbgmnaaium .. ...............-. .. Athlrtir Aaanriatinn ZlTnnt Ball Basket Ball . . . .Presiclent . .Secretary Treasurer. , Senior Classy Junior Class. Sophomore Class. Freslinian Class. Librarian. Assistant Librarian. Director. President. Vice-President. Secretary. Treasurer. - Dlanager. Assistant Manager. Captain. .Manager. Assistant Manager Captain. O R I F L A M M Razr Ball G. N. REBERT, '10. . . ......... . . . G. N. HARTMAN, '11 ... .... .... C. R. BRENNER, '10. ... ....... ..... g ' Urafk Gram T. CUMMINGS, '10. .... ..... , . . . . . W. G. SCHXVAB, '11 .. . .... . . . . Ziimniu T. C. PEIGHTAL, '11 . . . . .... ' ,........... .. ' fbrrrn Enom Giluh W. S. RAUB, '10. .... ................ . T. CUMMINGS, '10. ........,.....,.......... . C. G. WATT, '10 ..... W. N. IQLINE, '10. . . . H. G. THUNDER .... H. E. GROVE, '10. .. C. G. WATT, '10 ..... T. G. PEIGHTAL, '11. . G. N. KEMP, '11. .... C. T. GLESSNER, '11. . G. D. BOMBERGER, '11 E. D. KRAMER, '10. . . W. W. LANTZ, '10 .. . A. C. HENRY, '10. . . H. S. KREMER, '11. .. N. H. CORMAN, '10. . . R. E. GIPE, '09, . . 06122 ,aah illlanhnlin Gluha IH. aah HH. merklg Cbriflammv .-........-...-.. Qlnllegr Svtuhent .........-.-. E. nu. cn. A. ' Nruunian 13 . . . . .Manager. Assistant Manager. Captain. Manager. Assistant anager. Manager. President. Manager. President. Manager. Leader. Editor-in-Chief. Business Manager. Assistant Manager. Editor-in-Chief. Manager. Assistant Manager. Editor-in-Chief. Literary Editor. Business Manager. Assistant Manager. President. Editor-in-Chief. 14 F. KNLCOLLEG-E GELIPHIPZIII Uliterarg Snrirtg J. C. XVIQRNER, '10.. . . .................... .... I J'7'lfS'l:ClC'HL. H. C. SEITZ, '11 . . . . V ice-Presvldemf A. F. RENTZ, '12 . . . . . Secretary, F. M. E. GROVE . . ..................... . . Treasurer Biagnntlyizxrt 'Eiterarg Smrivtg W. N. FENNINGER, '10 ......... ...... - ....... . . .Speakeqq NE. TJ. ROBINiON, '11. . . , , IfiCe-p,.eS2-dem h. STEHMAA, 12 .... Q A .Secretary Treasurer, B. B. HERB, '11. . D U li Alma' 4' -Q-fvgf Z' 1K1'P'x'Q5,4w .5-f1'Y'fM,'g J Wm! iff? Npvmirr. 'i 1 an Hmvr Mwxrdm. ji mwurr iv A N 111' CTEWAR I HEJ P4 i .1-W -,gf--4 S X XY - - X 'XXX -- RSX X 3 ,-C' K! fy! X X COLL Senior Clilass Munn Qlnlnrz Inveniam VIELIIL, aut f2LC713,11'1. A Orange and Black President P Rmkety ax co ax co Rlckety ax, co ax, co Co lx, co ax, oo 1X co Boom 2, lack an chmg Rlpa, z1pa zen' .ax ax em? a laek af Frankhn and Marshall 19101 Cmiirrrz 'Vice-President Secretary, . . Treasurer Historian Sergeant-at-Arms . . . KRANILR HECKPL DELONIG CORMAN W W LANTZ I M ARNER ab! V6 Hgsw mil ull? How an Bm-gn! I EBM Cuff my uw 4 WI My HBH' W pm H nu MMQEGW- llw xmrrllfff H "" HMYLWHVH H' MQBPIAX HEY my Nur. kufl im Umm. km Imnous I N lnu,HLn'rIItl U PMOUTEI lm hmmm: Mm Immun WX me I WILD!! 4311.71 H4 Gmmmw lin kmllozm wen. Harm sm H-WLYGEAI1' Mn Imiillfftksuv f-12LmGmcn R JJISWA11 Hmffllcn R ng- LEONE H n lridnn Q lu mnflhmsn Toyfrmmt :Wm muxmllx I MW Gm 7 Faxing . 'Us 'mn 16 F. 85 M. ' E G E ji f .Y 1910 u ' -i1Lr0X5""' 53 Q an A R31 .Dila e i o - f I u . I LL' : . Y. fETfI 1511 2 ,K in ' 1 ' iz 'Ill I' D ' 2 1 7 -A ..i, . .. .... H. A. 3 . ji .. , ....H. H. J. . ft ' .I . is 1 RQ I S. W I-I lhllla 22? .nal lilyi, kr: nun. HI-A nu.. Ili I.-vm. annum. I, I-.IL Kia'-lk. ORIFLAMME Senior lass ull Name LEON NIILTON .-XRNER. . . . . NATHAN HER.ALD CORMAN. . HOWARD ELSXVARD CREITZ . . HOWARD HOCH DELONG. . ARTHUR BERTRAM GAREL. . JACOB BOISE GLICK ......... :XDDISON HERSIIEY GROFF, .I R. EDTV.-KRD DAUM HAERTTER . . VALENTINE GASS HARTMAN . . ARTHUR RUPP HARTZELL . . . HARRY LIGHTNER HECREL . . AMOS CARPMAN HENliX'. . . WILLIAM NIES INILINE . . . EDGAR DANIEL IQRAMER . . JAMES THOMAS LANE. . . . WILLIS WEAVER LANTZ. . . EDNVIN OLIVER BI.-KRKS. . . JACOB GIBBLE LIFJYER . . . . . THEODORE WAYNE NIILLER. . WVILLIAM SHULTZ R AU R. . . . GORDON NEVIN REBERT . . JOHN NIORRIS SOHOLL. . . :AUG USTINE SMITH ........ HERRIAN GEIKItY SNYDER .... . THOMAS JEFFERSON WAGNER. CHARLES GEIGER WATT. . . . . JAMES WATT ......... HENRY EDGAR WNEISEL . . JOHN CLATEN VVERNEH . . LIARK NEVIN WIVICKEHT ..... CHARLES JTAYMOND BRENNEN. TOM CUMMINGS .... ........ MARION WIPIST FYMRICK. .... . WILLIAM NOIIINIAN FENNINGER. . . - - - IQIENRY AIIRAM GROVE. . . . . . . LEON EDWARD HUMPHRI-IVILLII ALFRED ROSS WALTER ....... GEORGE MERLE WHITMORE. . . .fl dclress Weissport, Pla. Coburn, Pa. Slatington, Pa. Virginville, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Mountville, Pa., R Oley, Pa. Allentown, Pa. Lancaster, Pa., R. Penbrook, Pa. Berks P. O., Pa. . D. D. 5 Glenville, Pa., R. D. 1 Lancaster, Pa. Strasburg, Pa. Allentown, Pa. Fredericksburo' Pa. D7 Fritztown, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Littlestown, Pa. Telford, Pa. A Malianoy City, Pa. Clear Spring, Md. Shalnokin, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Perkasie, Pa. Myersdale, Pa., R. Denver, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Sliamokin, Pa. Kinzers, Pa. Welsh Run, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Harrisburg, Pa. Millersville, Pa. D.3 18 F.'8z M.COLLEGE beninr Qtatistins' Cl . ...........................Weissport, Pa. LEON LIILTON ARNER, 0,2 K , Class Foot Ball C15, C255 Glee Club C15, C35, C455 Prepared at F. and M. A., A.B. Course. 5 ' .Lancaster Pa. CHARLES RAYMOND BRENNER ................................... , Paradise Club5 Class Base Ball C15, C255 Captain Class Base Ball Team C155 Class Foot Ball C15, C255 Varsity Base Ball Team C15, C25, C35, C453 Captain Varsity Base Ball Team C455 Prepared at F. and M. A. and L. H. S.5 Ph.B. Course. X. H. CORMAN .................................................... Coburn, Pa. Harbaugh Club 5 Goethean5 Chaplain G. L. S. C255 Vice-President G. L. S. C353 Treasurer of College Student C255 President of Y. M. C. A. C455 Secretary Y. M. C. A. 5 College Student Staff 5 Class Treasurer C455 Censor G. L. S.5 Prepared at Millheim H. S.5 A.B. Course. , A TOM Cumlmos ................................................ Lancaster, Pa. Paradise C1ub5 Assistant Manager Varsity Track Team C35 5 Manager Class Track Team C355 Sergeant-at-Arms of Class C355 Cremation Committee C255 Oriflamme Staff C355 Prepared at L. H. S. and F. and M. A.5 Ph.B. Course. l-lowmn H. DELONG ........................... A ..... q. ., ....... Virginsville, Pa. Marshall Club5 Goethean5 Vice-President G. L. S. C35 5 President G. L. S. C455 Chair- man of the Triennial Greeting Com. 5 Rep. of the G. L. S. in Inter-Society Oratori- cal COntest5 Rep. of G. L. S. in Junior Oratorical Contest5 Alternate on the Goethean Debating Tea1n5 Secretary of Class C455 Prepared at Kutztown S. N. S.5 A.B. Course. F . W. EMRICK, CD K 2 ......................................... Shamokin, Pa. Class Treasurer C355 Assistant Editor Calendar Staff C25 5 Banquet Committee C35 5 Chairman Junior Reception C35 5 Glee Club C45 5 Prepared at Shamokin High School 5 Ph.B. Course. W11.1.I.u1 N. FENNINGER ................................... Kinzer Pa Dlagllolilllall L- S-5 Librflriiln D. L. S. C355 Vice-President D. L. S. C355 Monitor D. L- S- Ml? Speaker D. L. S. C455 Inter-collegiate Debating Team C45 ' College Student G75 D' L' S- A'miV91'S3l'Y C455 Prepared at Paradise H. S. 5 Pl1.B. Coiirse. ARTHUR B GABLE . . .............................................. L t 'Pa , , C ancas er, . Dlagnot-lnan L. S.5 Prepared at F. and M A - A B Course ' -1 - - . CRIFLAMME 19 J Acoe BoRsE GLICK ............................................ Lancaster, Pa. Diagnothian 5 Monitor D. L. S. C45 5 Prepared at M. S. N. S. 5 A.B. Course. ADDISON H. GROFF ............................................. Lancaster, Pa. Harbaugh Club5 Diagnothian5 Anniversary D. L. S. C45 5 Prepared at F. and M. A. 5 A.B. Course. HARRY ABRAM GROVE, ID K 2' ................................... Welsh Run, Pa. Class Base Ball C15, C255 Class Foot Ball C255 Class Basket Ball C25, C355 C455 Class Track C15, C25 5 Class Treasurer C255 Class Base Ball Manager C255 Scrub Base Ball C355 C45 5 Captain Scrub Base Ball C25 5 W eekly Staff C25, C35, C45 5 Editor-in-Chief of Weekly C455 Chairman Senior Dance Committee5 C45 Prepared at Mercersburg Academy5 A.B. Course. . EDWARD HAERTTER5 X ID ......................................... Cordelia, Pa. Goethean5 Banquet Committee C255 Editor-in-Chief of Orilflamme Staff C355 Class Foot Ball C15, C25 5 Manager Class Base Ball C155 Class Basket Ball C15, C25 5. Board of Athletic Directors C355 Secretary of Athletic Association C355 President of Athletic Association C455 Prepared at Mercersburg5 A.B. Course. ARTHUR R. HARTZELL, 111 K 2' ................. . .................. Allentown, Pa, Banquet Committee C25 5 Prepared at F. and M. A. 5 A. B. Course. HARRY L. HECKPIL .................................................. Eden, Pa. Winner of Sophomore Oratorical Contest D. L. S. C255 Cremation Committee C255 Oriflamme Staff C35 5 Representative to Pa. I. O. U. C255 President of Pa. I. C. O. U. C355 C45 5 Class Vice-President C45 5 Critic D. L. S. C45 5 Speaker D. L. S. C45 5 Attorney for Defense in D. L. S. Mock Trial C455 Prepared at Allentown Prep School5 A.B. Course. A A. C. HENRY .................................................. Penbrook, Pa. Diagnothian 5 Chaplain D. L. S. C15 5 Corresponding Secretary D. L. S. C155 Record- ing Secretary D. L. S. C25 5 Vice-President D. L. S. C35 5 Assistant Business Manager of Student C35 5 Business Manager of Student C455 Calendar Staff C255 Prepared at F. and M. A.5 A.B. Course. 5 LEON E. HUMPHREVILLE ......... . ...................... ..... L ancaster, Pa. EX-Goethean 5 Prepared at F. and M. A. 5 Ph.B. Course. WM. N. :KLINE ................................................ Berks P. O., Pa, Harbaugh Club5 Goethean5 Secretary G. L. S. C25 5 Treasurer G. L- S- C355 Gllie and Mandolin Club C35, C45 5 Manager of Glee and Mandolin Club C455 Entered Sopho- more5 Prepared at Schuylkill Seminary5 A.B. Course. Diagnothian5 Recording Secretary D. L. S. C255 Vice-President D. L. S. C25, C355 E. a M. COLLEGE Q0 , ......... Baltimore Md .-,I'.. r,!0IiE ......................... I 5 . Lmhm DAMFTJSXRELE 1, G L S C25 5 Critic G. L. S. C355 Goetliean Anniversary Orator GO?tg:E:t55iE1BQ,35'Zd C455. Winner Goethean Cratorical Contest 5 Alternate Inter- Cflf, t?DeAb,5Z555.,- Team C45 5 Class Historian C255 C35 5 Manager Class Basket Ball C35 5 500655 K D C t' n Committee C25 Weekl f Staff ..' .- t45C11darStaffC255 re1T12110 5' '5 E.i31Si4??g?:1i3Znt C133 C45 5 Editor-in-Chief of Student Staff C455 Oriflamme Staff 3 . Y M C A Hand Book C255 C35, C455 Editor-in-Chief C355 Glee Club C45 5 Green Rdom Club C35"A:lVll1ll61' of College Student Fiction Prize C35 5 Junior Respondent to Fence Oration C35 5 Prepared at Glenville Academy 5 A.B. Course. JAMES T. LANE, CDK Z' ........................................ Lancaster, Pa. Ex-Diagnotl1ian5 Chaplain D. L. S. C155 Receiver D. L. S. C255 Anniversary Com- mittee C253 Gbrm. Team C255 Mandolin Club C155 Class Base Ball C155 C255 Scrub Base Ball C255 Business Manager of Calendar C255 Class Secretary C35 5 Prepared at L. H. S.5 A.B. Course. W. W. LANTZ ................................................... Strasburg, Pa. Diagnothian 5 Class President C355 Class Historian C455 Class Foot Ball C255.Scrub Foot Ball C355 Corresponding Secretary D. L. S. C155 Monitor D. L. S. C355 Speaker D. L. S. C355 Chairman of Committee to Revise Constitution of D. L. S. C45 5 College Student Staff C45 5 Intercollegiate Debating Team C45 5 Intercollegiate Debating Board C355 C455 Board of Athletic Directors C455 Prepared at F. and M. A.5 A.B. Course. - E. O. MAnKs,X tb ............................................ Allentown, Pa. Class Foot Ball C155 C255 Class Basket Ball C155 C255 C355 Class Base Ball C155 C25' Class President C255 Assistant Basket Ball Manager C355 Basket Ball Manager C451 Prepared at F. and M. A.5 A.B. Course. I L. W. MILLER ............................................ H ...... Fritztown, Pa. Franklin Club 5 Goethean 5 House Committee G. L. S. C255 Inter-Society Oratorical Contest C255 Class Banquet Committee C35 5 Triennial Greeting Committee G. L. S. C355 Entered Sophomore 5 Prepared at K. S. N. S.5 A.B. Course. W. S. RAUB5 CII K W ............................................. Lancaster, Pa. Diagnothian 5 Class President C15 5 Class Track Team C15, C255 C35 5 Capt. C15 5 Winner of Cross Country Run C155 Glee Club C155 C355 C455 Reader C155 C355 C455 Leader C45' Green Room Club C15, CQP, C355 Oriflamme Assistant Editor-in-Chief C355 Prepared at Ll8l'09l'Sblll'g5 A.B. Course. .5 G. NEVIN REBERT ..................... A ............ Littlestown Pa Paradise Club 5 Diagnotl1ian5 Class Foot Ball C15 C25 Manager 425. Class Bgsket 5 -. 5 I I D ' 1 we m 5:5111 C15, 1375, C35,.ClJSS BPlSe Ball C15, C255 Assistant Base Ball Manager C355 Base .ill Manager C455 Scrub Foot Ball C25 5 Varsity Foot Ball C35 C45 ' Momus Cnnssxnm SCHOLL 10 .S K I , Goetheans Class Foot B21 H CD, C2. .................... l .......... Telford, Pa. Prep-5 A.B. Course' 5, crub Foot Ball C255 C355 Prepared at Bethlehem 5 ORIFLAMME 21 A SMITH .................................................. Mahanoy City, Pa. Franklin Club5 Goethean 5 Class Basket Ball C15, C25, C35, C455 Manager C255 Class Base Ball C15, C255 Varsity Basket Ball C35, C455 Junior Hop, Committee 5 Prepared at Mahanoy City H. S. 5 A.B. Course. H G. SNYDER ................................................ Clear Spring, Md. Diagnothian5 Reviewer D.L. S. C255 Corresponding Secretary D. L. S. C155 Class Foot Ball C15, C255 Scrub Foot Ball C15, C25, C355 Prepared at Mercersburgg Critic D. L. S. C455 A.B. Course. I - L JAMES WATT, 10 K Elf ....................... 1 ..................... Lancaster, Pa. Diagnothian5 Receiver D. L. S. C15, C25, C35 5 Recording Secretary D. L. S. C255 Mock Trial C15, C255 Chairman of Anniversary Committee C255 Green Room Club C35 5 Glee Club C15 5 Intersociety Oratorical Contest C25 5 Weekly Staff C35, C455 Ban- quet Committee C255 Class Treasurer C155 Class Tennis C25 5 Class Foot Ball C15, C255 Manager C25 5 Class Base Ball C15, C25 5 Class Track C15, C25, C355 Captain C25, C355 Manager C25 5 Assistant Manager Foot Ball C35 5 Manager Foot Ball C45 5 Prepared at Bordentown Military Institute 5 A.B. Course. ' it H E. WEISEL, X ID .............................................. Perkasie, Pa. Goethean 5 Class Basket Ball C25, C35 5 Captain C35 5 Varsity Basket Ball C25, C35, C45 5 Class Foot Ball C25 5 Intersociety Cratorical Contest G. L. S.5 Recording Secretary G. L. S. 5 Business Manager Oriflamme C35 5 Glee Club C35, C45 5 Green Room Club C35 5 Vice-President Class C355 Junior Hop Committee 5 Class Banquet Committee C255 Vice-President Athletic Association C45 5 Entered Sophomore 5 Prepared at K. S. N. S.5 A.B. Course. C G. WATT, X cp .............................................. Lancaster, Pa. Class Base Ball C15, C255 Captain C255 Class Foot Ball C15, C255 Class Basket Ball C15, C25, C35, C45 5 Varsity Base Ball C15, C25, C355 Varsity Basket Ball C25, C35, C45 5 Captain C355 Varsity Tennis C15, C25, C355 Class Tennis C255 Glee Club C15, C35, C455 President' C455 lVeeklQy Staff C15. C25, C35, C455 Secretary C355 Business Manager C455 Class Secretary C25 5 Class Track C15, C25, C35, C45 5 Prepared at Bo1'dentoWn Military Institute5 A.B. Course. ., 1 J C. WERNEII ............ .................................... M eyersdale, Pa. Paradise Club5 Goetl1ean5Building Committee G. L. S. C155Chair1na11 of Committee for Anniversary Program G. L. S 'C25 5 Vice-President G. L. S. C355 CSIISOI' G. L. S. C355 Triennial Greeting Committee G. L. S. C35 5 President G. L. S. C455 College Student C455 Orljlamme C355 Chairman Class Banquet Committee C355 Class Vice- President C255 Class Basket Ball C15, C25, C35, C455 Captain C255 Class Base Ball C15, C255 Class Track Team C15, C25, C35, C455 Captain C455 Scrub Basket Ball C155 Var- sity Basket Ball C25, C35, C455 Captain C455 Prepared at F. and M. A.5 A. B. Course. Q2 F. 8zM.COLLEGE G. M. Wnrmonm ........................................... ..Mil1ersvi1le, Pa., Dinffnotliiang Recording Secretary D. L. S.g Vice-President D. L. S.g Speaker D, I.. Monitor D. L. S.g Undergraduate Editor of College' Studentg Judge of Ding- nothian L. S. Mock Trialg Banquet Connnitteeg PILB. Course. MARK Nrzvrx W1cKEn'r, WK! .................................... Denver, Pa, Class Foot Ball C1255 Scrub Foot Ball C255 Varsity Foot Ball C355 Editor-in-Chief Cnlcfular Staff CQQ5 O1'iH2.lT1ll19f3JQ Prepared at Mercersburg Academyg A.B. Course, 'l'HoM.xs J. W.xGNr:n ............................................ Shamokin, Pa, Goetheang Class Treasurer C255 Goethean Building CO111ll1iilt6C C2Dg Alumni Editor ol' College Student C-D5 Speaker of Goethean Anniversary 3 Prepared 3,15 Slmmokin I-I. S.g AB. Course. Q oR1FLAMME Q3 Senior Ziaistnrp T51 V ITH a feeling of confidence in the future, mingled with regret that the associations formed here will soon be broken, the class of 1910 looks forward. For almost four years we have worked together if and played together, have shared our joys and our sorrows, with the end ever in view that in June, 1910, we might go forth as men Well equipped for the realities of life and so become a credit to our Alma Mater. Our class is not the largest that has gone forth from Franklin and Mar- shall College, though neither is it the smallest. When, in September, 1906, we first assembled as a class, fifty-three men answered to the roll, one year later, but forty-two responded, while the opening of the Junior year found thirty-nine, and the number was reduced to thirty-six at the beginning of the Senior year. 1 A While our activities may have been limited somewhat by the size of the class, yet every duty resting upon us, as a class, has been met and well met. From our Freshman year comes memories of our class basket ball team, and of our splendid victory in the inter-class base ball game. We think, too, of the banquet at the Country Club near Harrisburg, Where Mayor Grosse of that city was one of our honored guests. But these recollections mingle with those of the Sophomore year. Outnumbered by twenty men, we held our ground in the last cane rush that Will ever be held at Franklin and lVIar- shall College. In the Zoology Cremation, we made our first !','?n 'fffn 1 . . o 7115 lUNo'fn'fuU f,..,,au, -,-..L.. -.el ."l 'Cn x' n-4400 " '24 "'n9' nf," ,if ,av 1 1 0 I-M, H025 AX Q4 F. aM.coLLEGE e before the public as a class. That this effort was appearanc d f 1 vh successful can be attested by the great C1011 0 P9013 6 ll 0 viewed the parade and the exercises on VVill1amson Field. t With the advent of the Junior year, the duties and privi- leges of upper-classmen devolved upon us. That We are not unworthv of them is proven by the records of our men in ath- letics. in' literary work, in the Green Room Club, in the Glee and Mandolin Clubs, as well as in the regular class-room work. That we can uphold the honor of the class socially was proven by the Junior Hop, the great social event of the college in the season 1908-1909. Never, even as Freshmen, have we blind- ly followed the lead of any mang our class is composed of men, who are capable of thinking and acting, each man for himself. This has been a source of strength to us, as a class, but will be of infinitely greater value in practical life. College life is a failure for that man who cannot think for himself, but depends upon what some other man does and says. September, 1910, brought to us the mantle of Senior responsibility. From our class, the leaders of college activi- ties must come. From their success or failure the outside world judges the work of the college. From their deportment, it judges the influence of college life. During the present year, the record has been one of which every member of the class can feel proud. It is a privilege to be a Senior during the most successful foot ball season in the history of the college. But the class of 1910 also includes men adept in tl1e things pertpining to the practical side of life. We have Chemists, 1 at - ' f ' . ' ni l0ll1dtlLldl1S, anatomists and orators, as well as Classical students. XY e have. been especially favored in having, for four years, the benefit of instruction in the class-room from the accumu- lations of wisdom and experience of men like our President , URIFLAMME , Q5 Emeritus and the Dean of our Class. With their examples and precepts before us, we can but be strengthened for the future. It is not a feeling of despair that comes over us as we think that :these relations will soon be broken off. We are glad that the opportunity will soon be given When we can justify the time and effort that has been expended upon us.. We feel that it has been Well for us to have been here at Franklin and Marshall College, and that we have received something here which will help us throughout life, and make us broader, better men. With such feelings uppermost, We are carrying out the concluding Work of the Senior year, and preparing for that day which will mark our " Commencement" into practical life. 4 LANTZ. f f . ,f X ffffff Z' X 'X 1.9 if I fe. . ff ,ff ,J Arif 'I . ly' -,.-I ,ffwy 11,4 .J 4 -5 . 4, 7 j .- . ..f' ,-" -' -'A ' - I' ."' . -','1".A f.,.fK4!f jf, jf. , J," .. 'J ,Lf ' ,, jf ' . .ff-" A' .1 .wx f' f .' .f ' -af' .1 I." 5114! ' 1,-.S-, ...if J.-W .4-ny ,f ,. ,Lf - ' .I fxf' 2' ' " I ' 1' X f .f' -' .',-ruff? - .- , .fp - f .' f ,, ,1 1 f .' 1' f-1' . ,. : , 1. A . , . . ,- f - 4- V , . 1 f . . .'- I I 4 4f.' -." 411. J. 1 , 4.- 11'-..,, - .' .' 1, . 'V . .vf . , ' .f ,f 1. . 1. ,-'.1', .' . . ' 1. - f.' H I. I. -.11 ,., . ' , fl. . , , ,. . . 1 ,-, 1 .I . ,J .- J '- ,' .X 1 ., ,.' 1 , . df, fy.-, .Z X nf I .If 'Z Ill ll. f'r 'ff'-'. !,- ' f f,' ,fri kv' I f If 1 . I I ., ' I.. 1 -.--1 1, cf' ll- I' .' ,' 1. I 9 1 .fffn . 1' K ' x . I . ff...-Q,-45 Qgff f ' A 7 n 1 K U CN' J" x xi.. W ww I, I 14, .W . ' FP X J' . .sp ,, Xxx y X f w ,f if I 0 'X I X X 5 fjxv vi! ff 1 , U . fi' , digg.-Q ,557 15? X YA D L P 1 ir W i A 1 I 3 i i I 1 2 K Q 3 5? 2 X 2, i 3 il gl' it 1? 5 51 ff: 51 li 12 Lf Q. 2? fl fi 'a w -Q 4s il ' '! 3 45 3 3 I i. l 0 R 1 F L A M M E 27 ilumnr Klasse 1911 TP illllnttn Qlnlnra Discemus non scholae, sed vitae. Purple and Gold., 13211 Ricka-racka, sicka.-sacka! Ticka.-tacka-riven! President .... Vice-President. . . . Secretary. . . . . Treasurer. . . Historian. . . F. and M! F. and M.! 1911! 1911! 1911 !! Qbiiitrrn J. W. RICHARDS. J. K. EVANS. G. N. HARTMAN. E. A. WAMPOLE. C. R. GINGRICH. Q8 F. aM.coLLEGE 3Iuniur ilaisturp 'TP 's with great difliculty that the achievements of so rg.. El? 1 great a class are represented in so small a space, ,,iS1g.,. and onlv men of Shakespearean type could re- late these important facts so as to do them jus- : tice. At last our object is reached, the goal toward which class after class in the past has striven, only to fall in the attempt, is ours. The triumph of the discovery of the North Pole is in dispute, but I do not refer to any such trivial matter as this, for in the same year, by our accomplishments in the past, we claim a goal that means more to us. This goal is: "A class that has acquired supremacy over all others and that can be truly said to reflect honor on its dear Alma 1Iater." I will give you an account of our struggles, through which the path of success was opened to us. Our Freshman year, as my worthy predecessor tells you, "is a story of victory," through continual perseverance and endurance of many of "Jupiter Pluvius's" zero specials. At the end of the year, enumerating our "scalps,', we found we had the better of the Sophs in the class "scraps," and in the "cane rush. " although the officials announced it a draw. We won foot ball. basket ball and base ball honors, all with decisive scores. making one complete succession of victories. 1 In our Sophomore year, after coming back to dear old 14. and we announced our return to the people of the Red Rose City. through our glaring posters which greeted the ORIFLAMME Q9 verdant youngsters who were directing their feet in the path of knowledge. We then proceeded to accomplish our great- est undertaking, to thrash the greenest looking"herd,' of Fresh- men that had ever sought entrance within the sacred walls of learning at F. and hi. When they had learned enough, so as to err intelligently, it became our duty to chastise them, which we did by going through our routine the year before, eliminating only the cane- rush, the Faculty thinking it unsafe, as the year before we had sent two 'cboldv 5'Sophs" to the Lancaster General Hos- pital. Having humbled them in foot ball and basket ball, we felt it our duty to give them some encouragement for their three year,s "ride,,, as their first year Was spent during a "reign of terrorf' In behalf of this, we mutually agreed to give them some honor in base ball, which game they won. Seeing that the dramatic side of college life Was being neglected when the Class of 1910 did not render a German play, it became our duty to uphold this side of college life. In the eyes of nineteen-ten, we did this to perfection, when we rendered well a strong ndramav in two acts, first, breaking into the gym., second, drinking cider, which was earned by the "sweat of the brown of the class of nineteen-ten. Another noteworthy, event was a track meet in which quite a few Freshmen demonstrated to us their physical abilities, as well as their vocal accomplishments. This took place one quiet night in May. ' Then came the botany trip, a Hful-1' account of. which you will read later on in this volume. When our plans were almost finished, for the annual Zoology Cremation, we received sad news of the death of one of our beloved class mates. On account of this, we decided not to have the cremation. - 30 F, SLNLCOLLEGE turning to college this year, our bearing has been Upon re f . such that the Freshmen at once recognized us as protectors, "Tuff H even recognized our ex- worthy of confidence. y H cellent qualities and superhuman ability and passed almost half the class in Physics. , The Junior Hop, the last great event at this time, was U resent to 'be .the most successful dance ever given by a "Junior', Class at Franklin and Marshall. In basket ball, the only branch of athletics We have engaged in this year, we have Won every game We played and cannot, at the time of this Writing, be beaten for the pennant. Having gained the front through our untiring efforts, We hope that We may be a fit example for our successors to follow in the future. C. R. GINGRICH. considered bv all p 'lf sri ""'iS. .1 M539-1 ,Y NAI Q, UQPQQQ dl I tflih fl IP F""ll QQUYQ '1rvg5hiff R GTV-U1 , I i Z Z E I, I 5 1 F 3 QI F 5 v F ,i - 1 iv ' li 'P B F 4 W . A , 32 F, 8zM.COLLE G E ' buphumure Glass ! 1912 'P i 1 P i ,umm ' ! Unlnrn E Semper ad frontem. I MMOO11 and Gray. President .... Vice-President Secretary ..... Treasurer. . . . Historian. . . . 152111 Kae-yae, ka.e-yae, rah, rah, rah, rah! Kae-yae, kae-yae, rah, rah, rah, rah! Tiger! Tiger! Sis boom yell- F. and M.! F. and M.!! 1912! 1912!! 1912!!! Qbmrrrz .-.......-.. ..- ' --- -.. .... .P. H. BRIDENBAUGH. .W. A. SOHL. .J . R. HAHN. .H. E. AMMERMAN. .G. C. MAUS. 1.1 WA. HE: GUY JAM Hov Jon! ROB RUS! VICH JACU Josm Jem Gao' HAR HAR' Om CHA? PAU1 HOM ADA! CHAR LLOY PAUL CHAR Rom: JAME. JOHN CHA D l-. ua. wa url tiny. gIm.xinlN.E. UNE.. X553 2Z'dl.?!V5N- xi' ORIFLAMME Supbumure lass C1 Nawzie 'XRD ELLWOOD AMMERMAN . . . .. ILLIAM LLOYD .ANDERSON . . . . GEORGE BACHMAN . . :NRS MILLER BASSLER. ...... , RENCE EDWARD B.-XTSCHELET. P. . .ALIP HENRY BRIDENBAUGH. . . lv.-LLTER PATTERSON CASSEI.. . . IJENRY EARLE IDEPIAVEN .... GUY LINTON DIFEENBAUOH . . JAMES HEBER DORR'IAN .... lHONV.-XRD EMERSON CiAYLEY . . JOHN ILICHARD HAHN ..... ROBERT R,EIFF HARTZELL .... ...... RUSSELL LOWELL LEAVER HUNTER . . VICTOR HERBERT JONES .......... JACOB FRANKLIN KAUEFMAN. .. JOSEPH IDDINGS LAUFFER. . . . JOHN GABRIEL LONG . . . GROVER CLEVELAND MAUS .......... H.ARRISON IRVING CLEVELAND NIILLER. . . HARVEY JOSEPH MILLER. . ........ . . OLIVER EUGENE NIOSSER. . CHARLES BEIDLER MOYER .. . PAUL REID PONTIUS ........ I HOMER FRANKLIN REBER'Il. . . ADAM FREDERICK RIENTZ. . CHARLES ELMER RESSER .. . LLOYD FERNER RUMBAUGH. . . PAUL FRANKLIN SCHAFFNER. .......... . CHARLES WILLIAM WEIMBERD SCHANTZ. . . ROBERT PAUL SCHEARRER ........... JAMES RAY SHEPLEY .... JOHN PATTISON SING-LEY.. . CHARLES EDXVIN SOHL. . . WILLIAM ALLEN SOHL . . . ull A ddfress Sharnokin, Pa. Allentown, Pa. Lynnport, Pa. Lancaster, Pa, Lock Haven, Pa Martin Sburg, Pa, Marietta, Pa. Salisbury, Pa. LaI1c-aster, Pa., R. D 0 . . .LewiStOwn, Pa Howe, Pa. Reading, Pa. South Perkasie, Pa. Epl-Irata, Pa. Shanksville, Pa. Greensboro, Md. Irwin, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Taneytown, Md. , Glencoe, Pa. Toptou, Pa. Neffs, Pa. Oley, Pa., R. D. Butler, Pa. Littlestown, Pa. Vlfyomissing, Pa. East Berlin, Pa.. Mt. Pleasant, Pa. R. 4. Hummelstowri , Pa.. Allentown, Pa. Reading, Pa. Harrisburg, Pa. Manheim, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. 34 F. 8 ll I .,- H. .a::, ll'll,l-'OIRID CIILIII-.III hl.xI II LI... l'l.KlH. l..KXlDlS STI:IIxI.xN. . .. l'II.xI:I.I:s .Xxmmw 'l'OxII-:ii . .In-OI: XI:I'II.xI'sI:II 'l'ROrI:R. . lJ.INII:I, .I.xr'oII XYETZEL. . . . . . H.n'xIONn livl-:Rs WIIITMORI2 . . ll.IIIIn' Zi-ILL ..........,.... . NII:RI.I-: MI:III:IIITII .XI.IcN.xNImI-:R, . . l'InwIN ASTON ............... . l'l.XltltY .'xI'GI'S'l'I7S .-XITK.-XMP. . . f'II.IIILEs I'lI-:RsI-II-:Y BURNS . . . D.wID CLINTON C,'OI.I-:R.xUc:H. . . EARL XYALTOX DIFFICNILWIIH. . . HEX!-'ORD BELL IlAR'I'LI-I ..... llQIlElQ'I' ITEH H.-IRTLI-1. . . l.I-:IGII PI-:OvI.I:s I-IELII. . . MAIITIN lXll4INDIG HEIIII ....... CIIIIIs'rI..xN M..xIIRIc'I': l4lI:RsIIIcY. . JOSI-:III-I SWIFT IRWIN. . .... . . JOHN LI-:sLII-2 IQENDIG ..... WI-:nS'rER IYSNER IQILLIAN. . I-II-:RRI-:II'I' AllTMMA LRv.xN . . . l3I:N.I.nIIN WILLIS MOYEII. . . :lR'l'HUli PHIIINEGAR BIYLIN. . . . ROIII-:IIT ll.-XRTIN OBERHOLSICR . . ROIII-:RT BURNS TAYLOII ..... C'LI'nI-: EIIGENR THOILIS. . FII.-XNK IQING TROUTXVINE . . . ALL.-KN BII.I.'fI:II W.xI,I,.I.c:E . . CII.-IIII,I-:s HI-INRI' XVEHLER. . . . . XVILLIAM EDWIN XVEISGERBER. . FRANK lJA'I"I'lSON VVERNER .... IIERBERT RALI-II lVERNER . . LI-:O ADDISON WOLFE. . . . , , 'Deceased. COLLE GE New Holland, Pa. Rohrerstown, Pa. Maytown, Pa. Bird-in-Hand, Pa. Beavertown, Pa. Millersville, Pa. New Holland, Pa. Naginey, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Claysburg, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Hagerstown, Md. Hagerstown, Md. New Providence, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Gordonville, Pa., R. Vlfoodstock, Va. Lancaster, Pa. R63I1HStOVVH, Pa. Penbrook, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lealnan Place, Pa. Lionville, Pa. Reidenbach, Pa. Adamstown, Md. Tyrone, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Hanover, Pa. Luthersburg, Pa. Orwigsburg, Pa. Orwigsburg, Pa. Maytown, Pa. D ORIFLAMMB 35 bupbumure Iiaisturp Q1 T is a well known and time honored fact, that history iswritten by an impa.rtial and reliable hand, yet X 155, it seems almost impossible to record the glorious achievements of the class of 1912, and seem truthful, yea, even to the- most credulous. In athletics and all other lines' of college activities, our men have shown themselves to be of superior calibre, and to be able to lead on all occasions instead of being led. Ever since we entered college, we have shown ourselves to be equal to thebest in every sphere of activity. . ' For the benefit of our readers, some of whom may not be acquainted with our former feats of prowess, let us rehearse a few events of our Freshman year. Everybody knows the ease with which a few of us removed a large number of the Sopho- more posters, and successfully defended our honor and dig- nity in the class fight, which occurred. a few nights later. In athletics, we werelwonderfully successful, considering circum- stances. The loss of our foot ball game was mainly due to the fact that our light, but fast team, was handicapped by the snow-storm and by the excessive "beef ', of our rivals. In basket ball our team made a most creditable showing and our base ball team was considered by all to be the best in college. We also succeeded splendidly in advertising our victory over the class of 1911, in basket ball, by means of posters. Our .class was represented as well, if not better, than any other class in the Green Room and Glee Clubs. 36 F. sM.CoLLEGE mbled for Alter a very pleasant vacation, we again asse new duties. Some of these were imposed by the FELCUVCY, others bv the advent of a herd of unclassified beings, called Freshmen, for whose guidance we are held responsible. . On the morning of the opening of college, they found printed instructions at all conspicuous places, containing the rules of conduct for their year of probation. A few nights later, the motherly Juniors gathered the sick- lv brood of Freshmen on the Seminary Campus, and pro- ceeded to give them their first instructions in class spirit by giving a solitary yell, and by singing one verse of the battle song. The song had scarcely ended until we appeared on the scene and began to inflict punishment on our charges for wandering in the night air without our permission. We had just begun. when the Juniors gathered the brood together, as . 1 i d gathers her chicks when a storm approaches, an escorted them home. About a week later, the verdant young- sters suddenly appeared one morning wearing the Freshman cap, an object most unique in design, so small that they were kept on only by the huge green button above and the vacuum a hen beneath. Ere long, another duty confronted us. Justice demanded that we reprimand those who, in their folly, had heedlessly disobeyed the Curfew Law. VVe thereupon gathered together our executive committee, who found it necessary to use drastic methods to compel the erring ones to respect our authority. A number were apprehended and escorted to that end of the campus known as the "Seminary Dump,', and to the Qld reservoir, where they were compel-led to atone for their sins, This atonement consisted of eulogies on the class. of 1912 yells songs. the introduction to a. goodly number of barrel staves, and last. but not least, the running of the oaqntlet offenders' conduct thenceforth has been exemplbarv. J V i ORIFLAMME 37 Now ensues a period of quiet, .inwhich all our energies are directed to Zoological investigations, brokenonly by occasional attention. to urgent social duties and Bacchanalian festivities. This was first seriously interrupted by the coming of the class foot ball game. After the game, which was an exceedingly interesting one, we amused ourselves by pitching each and every "Freshie', out of the gate, in spite of the protestations of the Juniors and Seniors.. Q After the Christmas vacation We prepared for basket ball. Thus far, We have made a very creditable showing and as the season .is not yet over, We expect to Win even more laurels- in the future than We have Won in the past. Cvving to the fact that our team Was crippled by the illness' of several players, We lost the first game to the Freshmen. After the game we again amused ourselves by driving them hither and thither, from one terriied mass to another. When this had con- tinued for a While, the Seniors and Juniors attempted to end all demonstrations, acting as if the Freshmen were their be- loved offspring, the culmination of a happy marriage. On the last day of the mid-year examinations, when the Faculty had seen fit to keep us busy, the Freshmen hastily set out for Harrisburg, intending to enjoy their banquet, which degenerated, however, to a mere informal supper, on account of the lack of menus, which we had previously seen fit, to con- fiscate. Although they knew not What they ate, some of them seemed to have enjoyed their supper, because their President, in response to an inquiry from Sophomore Headquarters, replied: 'cWe are just beginning to hit up the booze,', which undoubtedly Was "Cafe Noiri' as their menus called for the same. In conclusion, We may say that our class was Well repre- sented on the Varsity base ball and foot ball teams. In the 38 F. XILCOLLEGE. inter-class track meet, we tied tl1e Seniors for first place and " ' 't l were 1-onsiclerefl hx' mam' to be the w lI111G1S. But, no on y on the athletic tie ' the literarlv soc ld have we won 1'6l1OXV11. We have more men 111 -ieties than am' otl1er class, also on tl1e Glee and llamcloliu Clubs we have a large l'6pI'CSG11tEi.tlOI1. Our t'2llCllllil1' was highly praised. 'lfhe same spirit which carried us through difficulties in the past will leafl us O11 to CVCII greater achievements in the future. May we always 1'6I11C111lJ61' our n1otto and be 3,11tl10110I' to our Alma llater. . G. C. MAUS. E ILWRIEHI FHILA EW: -'view 1 wi 1 amz .ra-anna ul-61:2 llI wllmll,llllll: qu n an ..u . HM.: ,. A JI IIC' m:ET""r' p 1.3.1511 1.3. X x N. -L39 wha. JJA.-J. Iliff W, we F, JM :JW A..,....- 4 4 9' 3 W ua I wg- -5nzag.,i"x" 5 , I -863-4 MA' -. vw. '- "' "- " , fs' -' " , .1- ' vf 5 ,. 1, . , . 4 . , .,' : 'K ' ,ilu fix... .'L .Ji 2.1 "Lia .Q 'af .li ' za., if .:' uIu'.x. A174-A ,f..v-J.. : L.u..4-1---L .,',, .L 1 vu,-U., 1 vii? 5' :T Q.. . -r -U 1 fl .3 4 xt: . --.1-4i- -4, -:rs , .. ...--1, JA: ul KW - M ,-4+ , I ,. - 7 N . if .f-'P: ?' f' , ' 3 r 1 Er N ' ".'K"'f f g 1-1' v ,tl ' 1 Ib! , AL. ,. Q' :Ii JA ..-u:,.4' V .7 I P. -1' 1 "nl ' - ' ' A Eng A-I , -. KS. in J -. Y gui! K ,hu , f Q f v ' 5. , , 1 . 1 VIH: V fjz . . ' 5 '- : ,lx ' ' K5 I i "I, ' ...-- .... . ,: A ' I ,P 19, 15 1 U .:.l.f.tfY' '- ' nl.: fy . "F, -- 1' If. - if-. ggi' - - I 2 'uh , wg: 'sg . .... ........., Qi 7.53 .' "" 'r ' ' , of? li. . 5 I I 1 n I i 1 I F. 13, M, COLLEGE jfresbman Glass 1913 Qinlnra Red and Black. Hell Rickety AX Quagx Wah! Rickety AX Quax W'a,h! Wah! Wah!! Wah!!! F. and M! F. and M! F. and M.! 1913. Gbilirrrn Presvlclent .... I. . . ....... .... '1 '. J. VZTCC-P7'f'S'?:Cl637If. .... ,,,, P , J, Secreiary ..... . T7'c'11Su1'0r. . . U If'l'Sf07"iCUl. . . J AEGEE. SYKES. GROVE. FRANTZ IMLICR, ORIELAMME , ' freshman lass ull Name LOUIS BIRINYI. . HOWARD WIINNICH BOWMAN. . MOSES H. BRACKBILL ........ OWEN PETERSON BRICKER, JR lk-AYMOND NIICHAEL BRIGHT . . . JOHN ANDREW FRANTZ .... AUSTIN LEONARD GIIOVE. . . RALPH ELLIS I'IAR'I'MAN. . . JOHN JACOB HESS. . . . . ELMER RHODES HOIiE. . JOHN HUNT ......... J. EGBERT IMLER . . . . . ESTES BILGER LANDIS. . . CHARLES DE LEFOND. . SIMON LEHMAN. . ......... . . W ILLIAM PJRDMAN lwONfl'GOMEI EDWARD LOUIS NOLTING. . . . . YVILLIAM ll1ARTIN ILOBERTS. . . JEDVVIN BLAINE ILOMIG. . . . . . HOMER BAUMAN SAUL. . ITLOBERT BEATTY SAXMAN . . ARA ALVA SCHAEFFER. . . . . . JOHN LEINRACH SCHAEFFER. . FRANK SLOUGH SCHVVARTZ . . LOUIS lWALONE SMITI'-I . . . . PAUL J AY SYKES, ..... . PAUL CONNER WAGNER. . JOSEPH BUCH WISSLER, . KY GEORGE ELDER BRINTON ..... JACOB CLARK HENNEBERGER . . TOBIAS LEONHARD JAEGER. . . RAYMOND BITZER LEINBACH. . . LOUIS JACOB LIVINGOOD .... RALPH TIENDERSON MACLAY. . . A ddress Dainak, U. P. Hangacs, Himgary. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Bernville, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Glen Rock, Pa. Littlestown, Pa. Kiuzers, Pa. Newark, N. J. Riegelsville, N. J. Osterburg, Pa. Tylersport, Pa. Baltimore, Md. VVillOw Street, Pa., R D 1 Clmmbersburg, P Columbia, Pa. Altoona, Pa. Reading, Pa. Dehnont, Pa. Latrobe, Pa. Kunkletown, Pa. Reading, Pa. Hagerstown, Md. Derry, Pa. Troutville, Pa. Reading, Pa. Lititz, Pa. Oxford, Pa.- Greencastle, Pa. Dubuque, Iowa. Reading, Pa. Womelsdorf, Pa. Belleville, Pa, fl, 42 . F. ROBERT BARR MZACLAY ...... GEORGE VVILLARD NIETGER. . . . RALPH LEWIS REBER, . . . BENJAMIN WADE SHAUB . HIRABI GRANT STRAUB. .... M. COLLE GE Bellville, Pa, Frostburg, Md, Reading, Pa, Lancaster, Pa, Minersville, Pa OVRIFLAMME, 443 Jfreshman Zlaisturp fi? HE' richest gift that fruitful autumn has given forth EQ f in many years was bestowed upon our college I when she received the sturdy class of "1913." '8'8' This class, though small in numbers, is credited 1 A with a most remarkable history, one that through i the short periodof our existence, as a class, has been developed by an unbroken- chain of glorious victories, won by the unconquerable spirit exhibited by its members. During the first Week of the school year a select band of about forty men arrived in Lancaster, chosen by the faculty from all over the country. Each of them came with determi- nation to devote his time to the best interests of his beloved class, Whether it be in the class-room or on the athletic field. Our first victory over the savage and then unknown tribe of Sophomores took place on the first Friday evening of the school year. It Was then that about twenty-five Freshmen marched upon the Seminary campus and defied their rivals to drive them off. The " Sophs H after spending a great amount of of time in collecting a band of thirty-Hve men, arrived upon the Held and a fierce battle ensued. They made many attacks, but the ranks of ,13 remained intact. The fact that the Freshmen held their ground in spite of being outnumbered gave them their first victory. The next victory was in foot ball. Throughout the entire season, many members of our spirited class trained with the Varsity and became familiar with the arts of the game. Just to test ourselves, we secured a practice game with C0lllmbiR M F.. g5M,iCOLLEGE d them up by the creditable score of ' h Q d cleane . H1351 Scqppasilllhe day Came which was destined to prove our ltfiengtli The "Sophs,, failed to cross our goal, thus scoring s re ' . T , another victory for the Freshmen' . Then We condescended to play them 3 game of basket ' ' - ' f th t 'f ball Here again we administeied a defeat to e une o 19-15 It waz a fast game and at all times the conquerors d themselves far superior to the vanquished. A prove . , But there are other ways in which our class has and will aghigve honors, besides athletics. The crowning victory of our Whole career as Freshmen WHS gaifled when We Went to H rrisbur and H dined sumptuously and celebrated hilar- a 'iously amigd the peaceful slumbers and blissful ignorance of the 'Sophsff' So great Was our joy that not one of us ever noticed that we had accidentally left our menu cards behind, thus giving the "Sophs" the chance to exhibit for the first time their generosity by bearing the entire expense of same. A formal announcement-from Which I have quoted above- was posted in all conspicuous places the following hflonday. In the World of intellectual achievement also, we have shown our prowess. Members of our class are doing good work and making a record for us in the Literary Societies and class-rooms. Our natural superiority together with our pos- session of that admirable, but rarely found quality of studious- ness are bound to give us thehigh rank we so justly deserve. But although We could entertain you with aecounts of many more of our feats, we believe in making history, not in writlngblt. Judging by what We have accomplished in one Ziitlrlgvel can safely predict that our class will continue to the Commenclgi Sgiaiareer the 'fast pace' wvith which ywe have Spirited, most noble ILVSSIVLI gfi onl record as one. of the most Alma Mater. , an y c asses in the history of our . J. T EGBERT IMLER. X : Z' C -,,..,, 1-jf:-.T-. NK .f x ff? X I V I . K. N . f N-X. ff - I f A x V . , : I If 0 X Q ' f K' 'K . 'N 2 v' f' , - . K , I V f' ' V f' - f 1 V 1' p ' I I Ik. fi . A X ' A 4 , , x A X , W I XE 2 MJ' Lb 1,94 . 1 ,L , xg,- wav: :'L",.'52?3iIi K - w 6 . I in 1-.p:.g- , ,,. A Q , Q ' xigggih "5'g' '- - - - f 'TL' Qwif ,... -- ' . -YE J.,.1.3,-.: I X Q.. , 1 1 ' ' ,, x X, 5 ,. X--F 'A-xx A J,- ' Q'-+ W! 4 ' ff' ' N -- ..-, -- - - .E MX 4,2 A " , 1 F .4-J, ., . Q L. 1 H- 7 Si . X , ff - f 1 m f- wbxxf , ia M41---, 0 'L Q- E- . W CN! ab. X' -x- N . ' ' ihfixd X Q N, fg , U ig xx XX L . I7 xl f aww , N LX -2,-lbs -. ,. N s! . , Q ' ' " 'Q' xx Q. 'lv K-Q X ' NQ as f e- 9- 'H 'Bikes 1- 3--5 . 5 ' 46 F, g,RM.COLLE GE bpecial btuhents Name JOHN HAZLETTE TURNER,:i'. . . - CHARLES ALBERT PETERSON. . . IRVING CHARLES RHODES ..... LESLIE ISAAC BOLTON ........ LANDIS HESS BRUBAKER. .... . CLARENCE BERNHART SCHMIDTW' CHARLES GROVE ALEXANDER1' . ROBERT NORTH BURKHOLDER . WALTER RANDOLPH CLARK . . . HARRY HENRY KURTZ3. . . . ROY LESLIE LEWIS. . . . . H.XROLD ATTIG NIILLER . . . DANIEL HERR NIssLEY,. . . . WILI.lABI AVERY PHILLTSX. . . FRANK WILEY SPREOHERE .... JOAQUIN JOSEPH VALLARINOX. . HARRY LANDIS STEHMAN ..... HARRY DELMO COX ......... WV.-ALTER COSGROVE DICKEY . . . DAVID LAMP FLECK ......... WILLIAM STEELE KEPPLE. . . . CHARLES SNYDER PHILIPPI . . . LEE CEPHAS THOMAS. . . . ROBERT SANFORD TUSSEY. . . . ROBERT HOFFMAN WN.-ALP The above list inclu Q.. A dclress Lancaster, Pa. . Lancaster, Pa. l .... Lancaster, Pa. . York, Pa. Y M S NGLERW. . . HEYMRD L MER PA .... Mccalls Ferry, Pa. , , .... Rohrerstown, Pa. . . . .... Xenia, Ohio. , .... Shoif, Pa., R. D. 1. , .... Reading, Pa. Richland Center, Pa. .Fu1lertOWn, Pa. . . . .ROsenhayn, N. J. . . . .Harrisburg, Pa. . . . .Lancaster, Pa. . . . .WI'ightsvi11e, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Panama, S. A. Rohrerstown, Pa. New YOrk, N. Y. A Houtzdale, Pa. Altoona, Pa. A Greensburg, Pa., R. Confluence, Pa. Adamstown, Md. Waterstreet, Pa. Richland Center, Pa. des the names Of all students who were connected 'th h D. 2. April, 1909, and April, 1910. St W1 t e College between their classes Since June, 1909. udents whose names are marked thusx, have not been regular In T Deceased. Ulf RAR 506113155 X Z l' wg X X-NNE ,. ' V I ,. ' ,FN Q ' T x, Q f 1 ,. 5 J .. ' X Q I ' Hui ' "' - f Am 'K Y 13.85 M. COLLEGE Guetbean literary Qnrietp illlnttu Fnfeogw 43459. President. . . . . Vice-President Secretary ....... Treasurer. . . . Censor. . . . . Chaplain .... Rbvrlewers . . . Critics. . . . . Librarian. . . 1835--1910 51 Gbiiirvrzh -..go SE. YO Ginlnrn Old Gold and Blue J. U. VVIGRNER, '10, H. C. SEITZ, '11. A.'13'. RENTZ, '12, F. M. GROVE, '11, F. M. GROVE, '11, W. R. CLARK, '13. E. H. HEFFNER, '11, SCHAEFFER, '11 . . U. D. H.AERTTER, '1.0. -. N. KEMP, '11. .J. H. IJORMANI, '12, :jg-7 . .if ,, . Uh , ..... -,V - ' 11, .- . . 1.6. ' ' .f .QTL ' 4: .-us. . X 11:71 222' 11. E4 , N H, 1 '-ff' H, -X x 1' 4 ... ij xlw9w 95- ' af..-:La 1, fn. K ,: A, H l , f t '1."' I are Wx f . KH' f N if 7 A xg x 5445 A 'M 3 2 f x 5,7524 Mijn -fa a 17 7 Mg- "'x W WH' 'J -ai ix 1' A 'F " ww- EAM M "N f XJQJ M f 413 V 'Ei f V. Eg: ff. ,L .L- f "5 fxxrr W 4 r' + it x NNW L f 4 Y '1- 7F"""2x ' 7 -- ff f ,-riff'-"i?EQllffE'i 1 7- 1 L f 3: ,,,1gf'-gfzqfk., ---iii " - 15-fi 1 .sf . frffg ' -. -Y :hw 5, -f - fir' in 2 - , '- "1-.-13. 1' ff is 111, 1 V Y: gif,-,fiijgjg 33 -' Q 'h x J Fi :Y "QA ij - iris? gf-if T if Jw' ' ' " 3?w 1:, fx 74. :i " , .cy-Igy gf, V, ., if-,Q muzxv L2 'J-k -' we f--.- "' - ,g " - mf' -f E5 Li: ffsngj Q-Qs., xA . ' xQ','1T2PY?53ih - A 4'--131:33-' LE "un f"Sc."v -J ' ,. fi , , 2: .. - Y, 1 vw. -- f-sg .1 rf rim .f Nfl:-W.. Eg Ef f' ,ff H2732 ref - f cf - 'H K ,zu - 1 :A 2:--E -- "5. ', 7' -W,y',,, Y- 15 ,. r ,, . 1-.F V-A. , A ,. , . iff fx fl ' : .kxfif 1' ' ' I-5' 21' ..,.-f :vf.'xt+vvr, 'ff' - v I 4 5 Qrsfafif HY F" !L4,:rg5-?5Q- 315 59 . 'Ts 'iff , ii e"'f-if -511717. Y 'T-f?433S"f',fI?' 5: 54 'I -a.,:x:-,qiklfffxiaw - .1 15,354 -If ig, Nj. .. .- ' 'N f n f, 3? , 3 - .,,.M,g,I 3 - Y , if . . j A EJ . U R Qual 'yi H, Vnnun. fl KL!!!-. VIA SCROLL. j 5, E. Wmm.. I 55 P. ADDI. 15:18. Gmsnma. gal Knlr. ,gli Pam. 315. Suas. 4 ,I x ill ,h.u,sxnl:u. Ii thanx. lm.. E .Q l Busan, mmm, Rum. . wjgxn' Im' 1 mm P I- 1 I ORIFLAMME Eastman Members X. H. Comux. W. N. KLINE. J. M. SCHOLI.. H. E. WEISEL. J. P. :XIX-KM, C. R. Grxamcn, G. N. Kmw, H. W. PIP:-Jn, H. S. SPAHN, M. M. Al.r:x.xx1 J. I-I. liommx. I. C. Mu.1.r:1c, H. M. ISmc.:u'r, J. HUNT, C. E. I1E1"0ND, IC. B. limrlu, I". Sm-1w.,xn'1'z, P. ff. HYAGNEIK, J '31 H. DELONG. D. KRAMER, SMITH, C. W1-JRNER. 1911. X. An.-ur, . M. Gnovs. S. Iinmmn, . G. SCHXVA is 7 A. W .xx1l'ol.ra, 1912 E. .XMMEm1.xN, IQ. G.u'Lm', E, MOSSEN, H113 . ll. C1..xnK, B. luxxnls, B. M.xc.'I,.u', 15. SMH., M. SMITH, H. M.u:l..x Y E, D. HAERTTER, W. T. MILLER, T. J. WVAGNER, J. K. EVANS, E. H. HEFFNER, B. P. LUCKENBILL H. G. SE1'1'z, H. J. XYEAGER. C. G. BACHMAN, R. R. HA1z'1'zELL, A, F. RENTZ. A. L. GROVE, R. B. LEINBACH, W . M. ROBERTS, J, I... ScHAm'11'15n, H . E. S'rR.x U B, iagnntbian 'literary Qnciztp 'TP imifirern W. N. FENNINGER. W. L. ROBINSON. Speaker ....... .....---.- Vice-President. . . . . . IJ. IJ. H. G. SNYDER.. E. STEHMAN. L. BIRINYI. d, S t Ties J. N. TROYER, Correspon ing eore a ..... L' F. RUMBAUGH. Monitor ...... . . . Critic ........... . . . Recording Secretary. . . . . . Chaplain .............. . . . R , E. P. DEATRICK, viewers. . . 6 H. STEHMAN. B. B. HERR. G. H. IQINARD ' Treasurer. . . . . . . Librarian. .... . . . . . . . . . 'iillnmhern 1910 HECKEL, WHITMORE, FENNINGER, SNYDER, HENRY, GEOFF, WATT, RAUB, LANTZ. GLICK, REBERT, 1911 HERE, BKINARD, ROBINSON, NOLL, KRAYBILL, BOMBERGER, WARFEL, LANDIS, DEATRICK., PEIGHTAL, HARTMAN, LEH. 1912. ' LE VAN, E. STEHMAN, H. STEHMAN, C. SOHL, W. SOHL, WETZEL, HAHN, 'R. L.'HARTLE, R. B. HARTLE MAUS, ZELL, SCHEARRER, PONTIUS, SCHAFFNER, WEISGERBER, COLEBAUGH, R. E. WITMORE, BATSCHELET. 1913 L. BIRINYI, FRANTZ, REBER, HESS, BRAOKBILL, BOWMAN, LEHMAN, JAEGER, SYKES. . IMLER, WISSLER, X , X 1,1 . 3 .J if Us 2321? 52, .J- .-11 I QQ T f -' 1 IX! IIILA ff- l I I 1 6 l 1 i 4 n 1 I 2 2 l x I l o l 4 i i ! l I I 1: ' 4 4 F I , S 5 24 I 4, 1? X 4 i E 4 4 4, 1, 5 4 I ' 1 I ,, L 1 4 . 4 , 4.- E Y 4, 4 , 4 ' 4 L' 1 5 3 I 1 1 4 ., 4 1 ,L 1 44 w L -L I .qv 1 , 4 4, 72 il ah' is 4, 44 I4 3 27 A W N ,, 4' I v. 21 , EN 1.4, CN! 4 :Q ' ai J Ee 44 if ' ii f El Rl EA i' .I I i ' 1 1' il ,Q gl 1' ,- ii , 4 lg 4 's :5 l I . gl 4 5 t 1 Q ORIF LAMME 51 A iy1ll!,:udn,,lEXXliHxHx-WLXN . V Q. JJTFI. az. Q. M .mWW,, f X fa Z " ' 217 '.?,V'4 llbffirzrn g Pviesident. ........... N. H. CORMAN. A 'iw' I Vzce-President. ....... N. P. LUCKENBILI Secretary . . ......... H, W, :PIFERW f if "-' R357 FYR V Treasurer. . .......... A. F. .RENTZ. X 7135! 'RYAN' F A , ff A lf., .W w , : 'ff I, 'idx' hfldllii .Nl I A illilemhrrn 7 M'fff,1E ff.."gW'f'ff11'9 , ,I 'V W 1910 4 .WJM ., My .Aft . 7 R VQIJII' nl! 'lugs 'ffm' I' N. H. CORMAN E O MARKS , mm I A JAMES WATT, , . KL1NE,, 7 1,,'3.'fQ,, 'ffl jf: ww IEEQ is?MaillzQfflJ.3A..'Qf:J1: fl. L L LE 1911 M E G I ff ggggg' i "f LV L-' .-,I 'I -if I, 7 I, . . . 4H, 1 . . Rom, M, iff: f I' .VI ,I ,T ,I'I- limi' "H J. P. ADANI, H. S. SPAHN, Kiwi' I? ll' 1 H C SE1Tz H S KREMIJR ' i 1 il.,..'1 I" -l . . , . . , V V A R. M. ADAM, E. A. WAMPOLE rA H' fy - f ' E. H. HEFFNER, N. P. LUCKENBILI if , t., L- -1-' ' VV. E. HOY, H W. PIFER ff Q mf 4 HW, yi HIV 1 1 A . ' K Z H, limb, W 4 NV. E. KEEFER, D. B. .IKRAYBILI . A Af f y A 1912 1' "" l i ,A W' "" P' 2' . f - - 1 WJ PAUIJ SCHAFFNEIL J DORMAA 1 fwf C. E. THOMAS, O. E. MOSSER, illl Alf, V WW illl llfflh nf,-Z MW . A. F. RENTZ, J. F. TCAUFFMXNT fZIl!wZMWI 'ull P. C. WAGNER L. BIRINYI J. A. FRANTZ, VVM. KEPPLE 4- F. S. SCHWATUPZ. " u a:-, V,. E V xg:---. v-X N -X, 1 ,.. K , , gg, - ..xr-'Xa-.,. fx Z . will F I .uf fwgb "lj A ! f I 7 4 I I , 'S a , , U I - . X' A ', I .J , . . . ' , 1, lj M251 f f I5 'Nr' ff jg R r I X 52 fi, ' L, ,l ,Z . I '--1.1 5 '. . 1 I . 0 4 l " I f fi -eff 'S- Skin 'QE-L .3-it L Q-'P+ Ti?- ' Z E ffl'-' ,Q . I' fp m , lf! .U 4 0 A 'Z V . V I V, : . Q x 1 :V K Q 1 U fff Y 1 Y f ff f 1,4 X. ,, .. . I :EEZ ' f , ' 'X' ,..-Z.. ' fu 1 - , ' fl -52" , 1: 1 H h - , N' 4 Q w' V.. I . . -.-- - . ..-,.. , f ,Y 'X ,.,-.- ' . ' w--- 'nt' 'zx-3 ' f- f ffi .kiffi fx 'TTTZLTTT-nf' ' H f-E-111 1---ig? ' , QLT b Abl. -M:-V -wr -'-. -A-:D - ' 'A""""" 4-Q.. .. , - . v I - , , H , -,, . - k ,ORIFLAMME 53 Jfranklin aah marshall Zlnahemp '31 ' H lgrinripala I THADDEUS G. HELM, A.M., . EDWIN M. HARTMAN, A.M. lilnatrurtnra V THADDEUS G. HELM, A.M., A Greek. , ' EDWIN M. HARTMAN,. A.M., MARTIN W. WITMER, A.B. German. English. WILLIAM L. MACHMER, A.B., .EDWIN A. NACE, ALB., Mathematics and Science. I ' A Mathematics and Latin GEORGE. A. HLAND, A.B., .H U Latin. F. LYMAN WINDOLPH, A.B., JOHN B. LENTZ, A.B. English and French. PhySiC9l Di1'GC130I'- JACOB B." LANDIS, A.B., History. H CHARLES P. D. PETERS, A.B., WILLIS W- LANTZ Mathematics' 1XlI3fthe1Ilafi'1iCS. - THOMAS 1. WAONER, I Mathematics. V ungf:x':g.Nm1mwwmf,f Jr -44. Yyfsqif XCADEMY BUILDING ORIFLAMME Qcahemp btuhent ACKERMAN, CHARLES MELLINGER AMBLER, A. LEVIS ,. .' ........... . APPEL, KENNETH E. . . BACHMAN, JAMES WM. .. BARD, GEORGE PHILIP. . . BAUSMAN, JOHN ...... BAUSMEAN, DAVID H. ........ . BAUSMAN, FRANKLIN WARREIW. . BECK, C. FRED. . .......... . . BLETZ, PAUL HAMILTON,. JR.,. . BOWMAN, PAUL JEROME ..... BRANT, PARK SMITH ............. .... BREWBAKER-, CHARLES WARREIV . . . . . . . BRIDENBAUGH, JOHN RAYMOND. . . . . . . BRINKMAN, FRANKLIN. . .... . . BROBST, VALENTINE. . . BROWN, JACOB HAY. . ...... . . . BROWNE, GEORGE DAVENPORT. . . BRUBAKER, J. HAROLD ........ BRURAKER, OWEN BRINSER . . BRUBAKER, CARL HEss . . . BRYSON, PARK PEOPLES . . BUCKS, DAVID HIRAM . . BURKHOLDER, PAUL E. . . BYERS, HAROLD WAYNE . . CARLISLE, WILLIAM R.. . . . CASSEL, GEORGE LINCOLN. . . CHAMBERLAIN, J. FRANK. . . . CHRISTIAN, HAROLD SYDNEY. . . COCHRAN, J. FRANK. . .... . . CRAIG, WILLIAM AUGUSTUS. . . CRAWFORD, CHARLES CECIL. . . CRAWFORD, JOHN GRAYBILL . . DAILEY, CHARLES EARL. . . DANIELS, WILLIAM E. . . . all Lancaster, Pa. Drumore, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Switzer, Pa. Leacock, Pa. Bausman, Pa. Bausman, Pa. Bausrnan, Pa. Cressona, Pa. Mountville, Pa. Pillow, Pa. Friedens, Pa. State Line, Pa. Union Furnace, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lititz, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Bird-in-Hand, Pa. Bird-in-Hand, Pa. Columbia, Pa. Paradise, Pa. Leola, Pa. Elizabethtown, Pa. Lampeter, Pa. New Washington, Pa Lancaster, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Gouverneur, N. Y. Lancaster, Pa. Scotland, Pa. New York City. Mifflin, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Akron, Pa. 56 F. Sz M DAVIS, TUNIS BOGART. . . . DAVIS, BENJ. FRANKLIN . . .. . . - . - DIRRENDERFER, PAUL BRENEMAN . . DILLER, HERBERT ESBENSHADE. . . DILLER, SAMUEL VV. . ........ . . DISSINGER, HARRY SLABACH ---- DONECKER, PAUL STONER. . . EDTVARD, S. H. CHARLES . . . ENYEART, CHARLES H.. . FAUST, GUY C. ...... . . . FELIK, HEBER D. . . ....--- - - - - F ENSTERMACHER, CHARLES WM. . . F ILLINGER, JOSEPH. .......... . FOLTZ, FREDERICK S. .. FULKERSON, DAN ............ FULTON, HARRY CULBERTSON. . . GABEL, PERCY HOFFER ....... GARRISON, PAUL REMINGTON. . . GARVEY, BILLROTH THOMAS. . . GARVEY, JAMES FARRELL . . GETZ, ROHRER ......... GILLAM, CHESTER BELL. . . GOOD, BENJ. F.. .... . . GOULD, FRANK R.. . . . GREIDER, PAUL S. ........ . GRIFFITH, WILLIAM EDGAR. . . . HABECKER, JOHN SHANK. .... . HAGER, EDWARD TOWNSEND ..... HAGER, WILLIAINI HENDERSON, JR. . HALL, GEORGE DEHUFF ........ HALL, RAY BAKER. . . . . HARRISON, ROBIN. . . . HARPER, CLYDE ...... HARTLINE, ELMER B, ,. . . , , HARTZALL, PERCY CLIFTON. . HEINE, FERDINAND ...... HELM, HIRALI PEOPLES. g . HELM, PAUL VICTOR . . HERR, EDWARD, . . , , HESS, WILLIAIVI J. ,. , HESS, HENRY LLOYD . . HESS, EDGAR GARBER . . . HILL, RICHARD . . ,. . , HOOK, FRED. LOUIS. . . HOLLINGER, JOHN H, ,, COLLEGE Port Washington, N. Y . . Lancaster, Pa. . . Lancaster, Pa. . . .I1IteI'cOurSe, Pa. . . .LancaSter, Pa. Campbelltown, Pa. . . .Lancaster, Pa. . . .Lancastelg Pa. . . .SaXtOn, Pa. . . .POttsvi11e, Pa. . . .Schuylkill Haven, Pa. ...COp1ay, Pa. . . Lancaster, Pa. . . .LancaSter, Pa. . . .TyrOne, Pa. . . .High Rock, Pa. ' . . .LancaSter, Pa. . . .CO1umbia, Pa. . . .LancaSter, Pa. . . Lancaster, Pa. . . .LancaSte1', Pa. . . .HuntingdOn, Pa. . . .Lancaster, Pa. . . .Mt. Carmel, Pa. . . .LancaSter, Pa. . . .IIn1er, Pa. . . .ROhrerStOWn, Pa. . . .LancaSter, Pa. . . .-Lancaster, Pa. . . .CO1umbia, Pa. . . .LancaSter, Pa. .. .C1aI'keSburg, W. Va, . . .AltOOna, Pa. . . .SaegerSvil1e, Pa. . . .We1ty, Pa. . . .Lancastelg Pa, . . .Bart, Pa. . . .Mechanicls Grove, Pa. . . .shamokim Pa. . . .QuaI'ryville, Pa. . . .LancaSter, Pa. . . .LancaSter, Pa. . . .Exton, Pa. . . .CresSOna, Pa. . . .HOl1inger, Pa, OR HOSTETTER, HARRY BENJAMIN. HOUSER, CARI. MUSSER ....... HUNTER, ELLIS DANIEL. . . IMLER, EDGAR S.. . . . ....... . IOBST, LLEWELLYN LEICESTER . JOHNS, RAYMOND SHIRK ..... JOHNSTON, LOWELL J. . . . JONES, C. WADE ....... , ICAUFFMAN, IRVIN H. . ..... . . KEECH, KELVIN KIRKWOOD . . . KEEN, ESLIE ARTHUR ..... KEMBLE, WILLIAM ....... KENDIG, HERBERT KING. . . KIRK, ARTHUR ALLEN. . . . . . ICITTEQLMAN, HAROLD GERY. . . IKLINE, RICHARD HENRY .... KLINE, EDMUND IQEFFER . . . ICRAMER, JOHN K. W. . . . . IQREIDER, HAROIID B.. . . ICURTZ, WILLIAM ABIA. . . ICUTZ, R. EDWIN. ..... . LEFEVER, WILMER . . . LICHTY, ALBERT FAY .... LITTLEFIELD, HERBERT. . . . LOECHEL, LLOYD ORLANDO. . . NIARTIN, RICHARD F. ...... . O IFLAMME 57 . . . .Lancaster, Pa. . . . .Pennsylvania Furnace, Pa., . . . .Stony Creek Mills, Pa. . . . .Osterburg, Pa. . . . .Freemansburgf Pa. . . . Lancaster, Pa. . . . .St. Clairsville, O. . . . .OshkoSh, Wis. . . . .ManheinI,' Pa. . . . .HOnolulu, Hawaii - . . . .Christiana, Pa. . . . .Philadelphia, Pa. . . . .York, Pa. . . . .QuaI'ryVil1e, Pa. . . . .Quakertown, Pa. . . . .Lancaster, Pa. . . . . .LancaSter, Pa. . . . .Hyndman, Pa. . . . .Wit1ner, Pa. . . . .South Hermitage, . . . .Summit Hill, Pa. . . . .Reading, Pa. Pa. . . . .Elk Lick, Pa. . . . .BrantfoI'd, Ont. . . . .Elk Lick, Pa. . . . .LaI1casteI', Pa. MZARTZALL, ALBERT WARREN ..... . . . .Junction, Pa. MASENHEIMER, WILLIAL'I HENRY. . . MC.AIILISTER, LLOYD. . . . . . MCGUIRE, BARTLEY . . MEARIG, GEORGE .... MEMINGER, CYRUS H. . . MOYER, PAUL I. . . . . NIOYER, ERNEST W. . . MOYER, JOSEPH N EVIN . . MILL, ROBERT RULISON. . . MUTH, WILLIAM EDWARD . . . MYER, JAMES ELLIS ........ NIYLIN, DONALD MITCHELL . . . MYLIN, JOHN C., JR. .. . . .. NEFF, J. LUTHER ........ NISSLEY, RUDOLPH HERB . . Noss, JOHN BOYER. . . . Q . . N UTTER, JEFFERSON BELL . . . OWENS, ROBERT WENDELL, . . .. . .M2L11Cll6St6T, Md. . . . .West Willow, Pa. . . . .Lancaster, Pa. . . . .New Holland, Pa. . . Lancaster, Pa. . . . .CanipbelltoWn, Pa. . . . .PeI'kasie, Pa. . . . .Perkasie, Pa. . . .Baltimore, Md. .2 . .NoI'thamptOn, Pa. . . . .BI'idgeville, Del. . . . .Leaman Place, Pa. . . . .Willow Street, Pa. . . . .Gordon, Pa. . . . Lancaster, Pa. . . . .La1IcaSter, Pa. . . . .Georgetown, Ky. . . . .Tyrone, Pa. 58 F- PHILLIPS, OLIVER. . . POTTEIGER, EARL. . . PYFER, JOHN FRED. . . RAUB, HAliRY L., JR. -- REED, PAUL DEHOFE ....- REEMSNYDER, CHARLES J. .. REID, ROSNVELL SCHELL - - - HEINHART, RALPH E. .. . REIST, JOHN LANDIS ...... ROHISON, HAROLD JKLINE . . . ROHRER, GEORGE H. . . - - ROOT, RALPH REDDIG . . Ross, YVORTH GXVYNNE. . . . S.-XLLADE, HAROLD ERNEST . . . SASSAMAN, HOWARD Lf. . . . . SAUBER, CHARLES CARROL . . . SCHAFFNER, HERBERT ALFRED. . SCHIEDT, RICHARD C. F. .... . SCHUTTE, CHARLES E. . . SH.-KNK, WALTER L. ....... . SHAPPEL, CLARENCE EDGAR . . SHRINER, EDYVARD GEORGE. . . SLIFER, V. GALEN. ........ . SMITH, CHARLES ARCHIBALD. . SNAVELY, A. BOWVMAN. . ..... . . STAUFFER, CLAUDE RICHMOND. . STAUREER, ELIAS K. .......... . STEIN, BEN . .1 ...... . . . STILLINGER, CLYDE LEHR' . . STOLER, GEORGE W.. . . . THATCHER, MARK. . . THOMAS, LEE C. A .. . TROLL, CONRAD. ...... . VASQUEZ, ALESSANDRO . . . NVARD, PAUL C. . ............ . . AVE.-KVER, HERBERT BACHMAN . . WEAVER, AVILLIAM WILEY . . . NVEBER, DAVID WENGER. . . AVEILER, RALPH STANLEY. . . AVIMER, JOHN WADE ..... HYITMER, JOHN A. . ....... . . AVORREST, WARREN WAYNE. . XVECKER, RAYMOND PETER ..... , ZIMMERMAN, Nl.-XRTIN DENLINGER at M. COLLEGE. Ebensburg, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Ephrata, Pa. Star City, VV. Va. Quarryville, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Reamstown, Pa. Washington, D.C. Womelsdorf, Pa. Hununelstown, P Lancaster, Pa. Hunnnelstown, P Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Hamburg, Pa. Frederick, Md. North Wales, Pa. Osterburg, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. LeOla, Pa. Quarryville, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Mountville, Pa. Saxton, Pa. Richland Center, Pa Adamstown, Md. St. Clairsville, O. Panama. Pennsylvania Fulnace, Pa Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. New Holland, Pa Terre Hill, Pa. Quarryville, Pa. Sunbury, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Narvon, Pa. 3, ' BN fi M M I 1 ff 8 !f I kv lf", M0649 K va , X Z X My , fu f 9 ,173 1' f KM ".'W"Q "" flfgify, gf.: 1' YI .WP Qgxughgx X M X ' S M. NN ll 5 iw .ga ':,'U ,S ff M54 WW Jew 1 M My was W ,AAAI ' Z Yf 'N f 155' 901 44' 41" g:i?F BX bl f':'lW'i ql'? 'F f WW- IP 'T Q! ,,Li3Qy 41- xg Milam' V . fxi f' YN - A - 2 ' I ,L W 4 f my -K s X Q lx X 4 Q . A gf' 5 X 4.-,, -E: 1 Q . . 1' ' ' ff. ' . -rl ' ' f,,,.,, f mx '1 :ff I fl ' D f xx 'O'-0 Wi' ' .1 I N ' sl". '?k,,, Xxx fl 1,9 ' Q S03 0 X Y M NQQAIQQ X , . 5 ,M I , lr 1 l ,MA Iv X . , A fri" f H 1 -.f :H f '"'iZ7?5Z71Q3fEb.?WESX x M"welllik:ZQ?fQ1fl7'JQf75!f'?Sf ' ' f C ' 'f"'uf"'fx "".7i'-.74 . ' 4 ., X X I 1 Sa ,gli ff I Q5 9' 'Nav dsc:-' I 5. 1 , W Q eg nsw:ffe.e, A - . ff' f "O I . ' Q M "Q emsiif' as M' 6' R. r' ' , K, 3 I H, Sfff'1,MQyf'J 1 W N' "MS I x IW ' 09 . ' 4 g YQ' K ' X l I, .iff - 1. , I ,' : X . o X My 5 1, y , I Q i A Q I ly V . Q LJ 0 ' R1-'A ' ' A , ' Q 7' ' ' V . ' rr A ' 1 6 1 7 ' , , 7 , 4 I 0 t 'x' A 1 Q V , i J 7 Y Qtigz Ulbeuluginal Qzminarp fi? JOHN VV' APPLE, ESQ. . .............. . . JOHN D. SKILES. ..... . JEREMIAH s. HEss. . .. JOHN B. RoTH ........... s ...... J EREMIAH S. HESS . - J OHN HERTZLER - - - G. J. P. RAUB- - - Eastern Qgnnh Term Expires December, 1914. ..........-..--...... .....-....-.. ...- Term Expires December, 1912. .....-.. -1. EUGENE SANTEE, M.D. . ............................. . . . . J OHN D. SKILES .... .IAMES F. HUNSICKER.. .. .............. . ............. . . . . . . JOHN W. APPLE, ESQ JoHN B. ROTH. .... . J. J. NISSLEY. . . . C. W. TRUXAL. . . WM. R. BARNHART. HERMAN L. BAER, ESQ.. . . . . ISRAEL LAUCKS ...... .................. S. NEVIN HENCH ..... . Term Expires December, 1910. ... ............. ................. iiittahurg Svgnnh Term Expires, 1915 -..........-...--..-... .-.. TermAE:cpires, 1913. Term Expires, 1911 .-....-,.-..-........ .... lintnmar Sgrtnh Term Expires, 1914 Term Expires, 1912. .-... .,,, f... ...- J. B. SRULENBERGER. . .... .................. . . CHARLES M. WOLFF, ESQ. , ,. . . . E. A. SHULENBERGER, D.D,S, . , ROBERT L. Mofrfr-ER. . ........ . . Term Expires, 1910. v----..--1--...,, If- -... .--.. ,,,, Baath of Trustees . President. Vice-President. Secretary. Treasurer. .HellerstoWn, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Quarryville, Paf Philadelphia, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Allentown, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Hummelstown, P Myersdale, Pa. Greensburg, Pa. Somerset, Pa. York, Pa. York, Pa. Shippensburg, I P Hanover, Pa. Carlisle, Pa. . . ..... York, Pa. X REV. REV. REV. REV. REV. REV. REV. REV. REV. REV. REV. REV. ORIFLAMME REV. JAMES CRAWFORD, D.D. . Quart: uf Visitors , REV. ELLIS N. KREMER, D.D. . . Eastern Sgnnh Term Expires, 1912. ELLIS N. KREMER, D.D. ................... . CHARLES E. CREITZ, D.D.. . . . . . . . WILLIAM D. HAPPEL, PH.D. . . ............ . Term Expires, 1910. N. C. SCHAEFFER, D.D., L.LD. .............. JAMES CRAWFORD, D.D. ....... . H. H. RANCK .................... .. J. M. EVANS .... D. B. LADY, D.D. . ... E. R. ESCHBACH, D.D.. . . . S. W. SANTEE, D.D.. J. SPANGLER KIEFFE T. J. BARKLEY, D.D. R, D. Hittnhurg Qgnnh Term Expires, 1914. Term Empires, 1911. lintnmar Bgnnh Term Expires, 1912. -..-.-.....-..-..----- Term Expires, 1910. A .........-.....-... -vn- .-.-...-..-...-..-- " D... ............. . 61 . . ..... President. H . ..... Secretary. Harrisburg, Pa. Reading, Pa. Wilkes-Barre, Pa Lancaster, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Reading, Pa. Hawthorn, Pa. Duquesne, Pa. Frederick, Md. Philadelphia, Pa. .Hagerstown, Md . Gettysburg, Pa. 62 F ,SL M. COLLEGE wha Jfanultp '21 REV. JOHN C' BQWMAN, D.D.. .,.............. Pres-idcn! REV. WILLIAM C. SCHAEFFER, PHD., D.D. ...Dam REV. GEORGE VV. RICHARDS, D.D. ...,....... .sem1n.1-y,. REV. CHRISTOPHER Noss, D.D.,? Professor of Systematic Theology. REV. THEODORE F. HERLIAN, D.D., Professor CElectj of Systematic Theology. REV. GEORGE W. RICHARDS, D.D., 'Professor of Church History. REV. FREDERICK A. GAST, D.D., LL.D., Emeritus Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament Science. REV. IRWIN HOCH DE LONG, D.B., PH.D.,- V Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament Science. R.EV. VVILLIAM C. SCHAEFEER, PH.D., D.D., Professor of New Testament Science. REV. JOHN C.BOWMAN, D.D., Professor of Practical Theology. REV. JOHN M. CHAMBERS, A.M., Instructor of Sacred Oratory, REV. JOHN I. SWANDER, PH.D., 'D.D., Associate Professor of Systematic Theology. I l ' ORIFLAMME 63 beninr fltlass KT' ARTHUR WILBERT BARLEY. ............ . . .Altoona, Pa. , A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1907. 444 Nevin St -CHARLES HENRY BROXVN ........ . . .Pottsville, Pa. A.B., Ursinus College, 1907. 317 W. Lemon St JOHN ALVIN DITZLER ...................... Hanover, Pa. A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1907. , 338 Pine Sf JOHN FRANKLIN B. GRIESEMER. . . . . .Stone1'sville, Pa. . 536 W. James St HENRY ALBERT HARTLIAN ................. Reading, Pa. A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1906. 444 N. Mary Sf IRA SNIVELY MlONN . . . .................... Chambersburg, Pa. AB., Franklin and Marshall College, 1907. 534 VV. James Sf JAMES BLAINE BIUSSER ..... .... . ....,.. . . .Lititz, Pa. A.B., Franklin and Marsall College, 1907. FLOYD RAYMOND SHAFER. . . . . . . .Easton, Pa. Ph.B., 'Lafayette College, 1907. 417 Clwrlobte St PIORACE ALBERT SHIEEER, . . . .............. Terre Hill, Pa. A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1907. 448 W- Jalnes St FRED KELLER STAMM ...................... New Hamburg, Pa. A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1907. A 433 Charlotte St SIMON ALBERT VVHYSONG ..... .... l David, P3- A.B., Eastern College, 1907. 533 W' Lemon St CLARENCE WOODS? .......... .... J ulian, N- C- 1 St A.B., Catawba College, 1907. 435 Charlotte ' PAUL DANIIQL YODER . . ., .................. Wernersville, Pa. A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1907. 435 Charlotte Sb 64 F, aM.oOI.LEGE. Jlilihhle Glass A S71 HENRY ABRAHAM DAVID BEAR .... ---- - - - A,B,, Franklin and Marshall College, 1908. LAWRENCE EMERSON BAIR. .............. . A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1908. THOMAS ROYCE BRENDLE. ........... . . . . A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1908. Rev. WALTER HOWARD EGGE ......... . . . RICHARD IRA GASS ......' ....... B.S., Valparaiso University, 1905. OLIVER SAMUEL HARTMAN. . . . . . . . A.B., Heidelberg University, 1908. W ALTER REIFF HIARTZELL . . .. . . . A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, HIXRRX' LINEORD KRAUSE. . .... . . ,A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, REV. THOMAS SAMUEL IKNECHT. . . A.B., Albright College, 1901. ALLEN SAMUEL MECK ..... ' ...... A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, JOSEPH MATTHEW NEXVGARD ..... A.B., Franklin and Marshall College CHARLES P. D. PETERS. . ...... . . AB., Franklin and Marshall oouege CHARLES M:ONROE RISSINGER ..... Ursinus College. GEORGE LEITH ROTH ............ A.B., Franklin and Marshall College ROBERT MILES STAHL. . ....... . . A.B., Franklin and Marshall College BORDER LEVI STANLEY. . .... . . AB., Franklin and Ma.rS115.11 College, J ! 1908 1908. 1908. 1908 1908. 1908 1908 1908. Allentown, Pa. - 524 W. James St. .HeginS, Pa. 505 VV. James St. Sohaeiferstown, Pa. 417 Charlotte St. Mount Joy, Pa. Sunbury, Pa. 553 W. Lemon St. Hanover, Pa. 448 W. James St. South Perkasie, Pa. 547 VV. Lemon St. Lansdale, Pa. A l 328 VV. Lemon St Millersville, Pa. - A Millersville, Pa Meokville, Pa. 505 W. James St Palmyra, Pa. , 329 Mary sf New Tripoli, Pa. ' F. and. M Academy Valley View, Pa. 4134 Lancaster Ave Boyertown, Pa. 501 W. James St Berlin, Pa. f - 423 College Ave Shenandoah Juno., W. Va 417 Charlotte St ORIFLAMME 65 .52 EMORY MORTIMER DIETRICH ............... Hublersburg Pa . 7 ' A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1909. 534 W. James St HARRY DANIEL HOUTZ ..... ....... .... lV I verstown, Pa. A.B., Albright College, 1909. 434 Lancaster Ave WARREN CARPENTER HEss. ................ Lititz, Pa. A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1909. 510 W, James St CALVIN LUTHER HINE. . . . .... .... 1 Jander, Md. 340 Nevin St JNIILTON FRANKLIN IQLINGAMAN. ............ Steinsvillc, Pa. A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1909. 417 Charlotte St CLEMENT LESLIE LOEHR. .......... .... I ,one Tree, Ia. A.B., State University of Iowa, 1909. 535 N. Mary St. ARTHUR JACOB QMILLER. ................... Sharon, Pa. A,B., VVest1ninster College, 1909, N ew Wilmington, Pa. 535 N. Mary St ALFRED NIACHMER RAHN ............. .... I iutztown, Pa. A.B., Fanklin and Marshall College, 1909. 434 Lancaster Ave. REV. GEO. B. RAEZER. . . . . .... Maytown, Pa. A JOHN CALVIN RAEZER. . ................... Lancaster, Pa. A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1909. 853 E. Orange St. REV. GEORGE FRITZ SOHAUM. ......... . . .Colu1nbia, Pa. ELIAS ELMER SENSENIG ................... Emaus, Pa. l W Pd.B., Keystone State Normal School, 1907. 340 Nevin St. IRVIN GEORGE SNYDER. . .................. Hadley, Pa. I A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1909. 430 Pme St' i 'v 1 1 . I l 5 l 1 Q I E 4 S -I Ll QF i:.mzz,:-. s l l 1 3 l l , r I 4- ll bi u 4 4 , l. l V 6 REV. REV. REV REV. 6 F ,a M. COLLEGE ibustzbrahuate btuhents CLEMENT D. KREssLEY. . . . . M0sEs A. KIEFFER ..... ----- M. MZENGEL .... - - - IGI . . . . . .I-Iegins, Pa. Everett, Pa. Ashland, Pa. ISAAC M. SCHAEFFER. . . . - - - - - President ....... . . . . . . . . Vice-President. . . . . . . . . -1-I-.1--1-? bounty ntgnquirp '31 ' . M. F. KLINGAMAN C. L. LOEHR. Secretary ....... ..... V TWISWQT. . . . . ..... T. R. BRENDLE. Critics, O. S. HARTMAN. I C. P. D. PETERs. All Students in Seminary are Members. Jacksonville, Pa G. L. ROTH. . EVENTS 68 F,8llN1.CiOLLEGrE ggnmtpzdlbirh Qrmual Qiummennemwt jfranklin anh IHITMSIJHU 45011252 THURSDAY, JUNE 11, 1909. 2 '31 lirngranunr Music ' Invocation Salutatory-"America, the Land of Gpportunityn ..L... W. H. HERSHEY Music Franklin Oration-"The Mission of Greece".'. .. .S. C. SNYDER Marshall Oration- " The Intellectual Confusion of -Faust and Its Rectification' ' . H. S. .GEHMAN Music ' I Valedictory-"A National Peril" .............. P. F. STRAUSS i Conferring of Degrees I Commencement Address .................. REV.. MILO HUDSON GATES Benediction ' I i ' ORIFLAMMF. 69 fllllass ap VVEDNESDAY AF'FERNOON, JUNE 9, 1909. CN COLLEGE CAMPUS. '53 Gllaan Matin Qlnlm-5 Honor, Duty, Manhood. Blue -and Gold, lirngramme Music Salutatory ..... ..... . .I. R. KRAYl3ILL Class History. . . . .W . H. HERsHEY Prophecy .... J. E. LIVINGOOIJ Prophecy .. ......... . . .A. L. GERMAN Music I Class Poem . . ...... .... J . B." SHEETZ 191-esenmtign H J. L. ZIMMERMAN Presentation. . . ......... M. F. KLINGAM.-xN Music Class Cration. . . ....... .--- J - 5- UMONH - H ' r 1 . lf Mantle 01'El,tlO11. . - -J- H' COLLMD Junior Response .. ......... ...H. L. HECKE1. Music I Fence O1-ation , , , ....... . . .J. B. JJANDIS Junior Response I ......... . .lL. D. IYRAMER Music 0151111116129 Ulf Affaiigklllfllfi JOHN C. RAEZER, Chai1'1112ID-- C. A. l.J'1r.m4:H, W. C. HESJS, W' Ii' XODER' ff, AI., ilCLI.M.1xR1f1R.. 70 F,8zB1.COLLEGE Ssvumtg-Iilnurth Anniueraarg nf T the Guethean literary busier? FRIDAY, MAY 7, 1909. ' ff?- lgrngramme Music Invocation .... I ........ REV. S.. STAHR, D.D.,,LL.D. Salutatory ..... ..... .............. J O HN C. RAEZER Third Cration ...........,...........,.......... JOHN H, COLEMAN "The Relation of Colonial Government to the VVorld State." , Music G Second Cration ............................ JOsEPH A. ROTHERMIQJL "The Supreme Demand of Cur Time." Eulogy ............................... PRESTON F. STRAUSS "Ulysses S. Grant." Music First Oration .... ..... i .............. . . . .ALFRED M. RAI-IN " Mephistopheles. " , . loem ............................. JACOB B. SHEETZ "The Meteor and the Star. " . Music . , Goethean Oration .......... Q' .......... ' ....... BTILTUN F. TKLINGAMAN "The Man of the Crisis." Benediction ' Music O R I F L A M M E 71 Svvnnzntg-IHnnrth Anniuvrnarg nf thnx iagnutbian literary Qnnietp FRIDAY, TVIAY 14, 1909, 8 P. M. COLLEGE 'CHAPEL, SWB Mrngrammr Organ ..... ............. ......... lv I R. HOMER REBERT Invocation .. REV. JOSEPH HENRY DUBBS Salutatory ........... IRA R. KRAYBILIJ Music .......... .... ..... M A NDOLIN CLUB Gerhart Oratiou .... ........................... ...... J A OOB B. LAND1s "The Mission of America. " Dubbs Oratiou .......................................... A. LINCOLN GEHMAN "The Problem Play and What Has Come of it. " Vocal Solo .............................................. MR. PAUL R. PONTIUS Harbaugh Oration .... ............................. B OYD F. WINKELBLECH ' ll 1 77 ' 'lhe Uucrowued Heroes. . ....... MANDOLIN CLUB Music .... ...................... WARREN H. HERSHEE' Eulogy... ......................,.. "William E. Gladstone." Violin Solo .... ...................... ..... M R . J. L. WARFEL Poem ............ .................... . .. :HARRY L. HECKEL "Biotos Tyctosf' Aiiniversary Oration .... ....................... - - - JOHN S- SIMONS "The Wedge of Gold." Benediction. Music. . .CHESTER A. DIIJLER Speaker . . . ......... . - - - Qlnmmittmz nf Arrangements Clzairman. 1 CHARLES G. ALEXANDER .................... A 1 'AMIN B. HERR. JAME5 WATT, ADDISON H. GROIAF, BENJ A . . 'AHL P.. PONWUS- VVALLACE L. RoB1NsoN, PAIIL SffuEARR1f,R, I ' T 5 v . , Q f .,4.v- lv , .A...... .,-Q .. X. -.- -...fwfr-f if-,. .-V-ui :GN V Q, , V Y . WY . .. -.- , Y -...,....i.--.,-.-...........--, M... . ,... V,-v.....A.......-....1................,.... .,...,.-. ..-,.V.,-. Y... ,-,,-,.....,.... ,..,,.,... .. ,,.,, Mg., , f-,.... -...., ..W........f......,,.......,..,..,.,............,.4.-.2.g..,..,4 - ,..,......... -.. - 45,4 ,MA ,V :iris AV A INTERCOLLEGIATE DIQBATING TEAM ORIFLAMME 73 Semirjfinal share Intercollegiate Behating league of imnngplngmia THE AUDITORIUIII OF PENNSYLVANIA STATE COLLEGE, FRIDAY EVENING, DECEMBER IOTH, 1909. 'CP- Qburntinn A Resolved, That the Federal Governnient should levy a progressive inheritance tax, constitutionality of the question waived. . A ffirmotioe . . . . . STATE COLLEGE. JOSE OSUNA, '12, CLARENCE VA. SOHNERR, '10, , PAUL XYORK, '10. N egative .... . . .FRANKLIN ANID h'iA,RSHALL. XV. W, LANTZ, '10, D. M. LANDIS, '11, W. N. l'iI'1NNING1'1R, '10. Zluhgm PRES. J. R. l"I,IcKINcsI5R, State Normal School, Lock Haven, Pa. SUPT. L. IQ. lVlCGINN1'lS, Public Schools, Steelton, Pa. - PROF. LI.,EwI-:I,IA'N PHILLIPS, Bucknell Vniversity, Lewisburgf Pa-- Alternatez 1 7 1 X l GIAIORGIG1l1'JffHARMS, 12 .... State. IIC. D. -KRAMER. '10 ..,.,. F. and M. 74 F Oration- Cration- Oration- Oration Oration Uration "The Crucible of Life" ..... .. . . ,a M. COLLE Eluninr Qwaturinal Qinntest CLAss OF 1910 COLLEGE CHAPEL, iMONDAY EVENING, JUNE 7, 1909. 131 . Music Invocation Music - HOWARD H. DELONG "A Social Disease". . ..... . . . . . "Personal Influence" ........ ..... A Mos- C. HENRY Music "The Crime of the Congo". . . . .EDGAR D. KRAMER "The Field of the Hero". .. .... WM. N. FENNINGER ' Music "Our National Responsibilityn.. HARRY E. VVEISEL . . . .GEORGE M. WHITMORE . Music - Awarding of Medal Benediction Presiding Officer .... ANILLIAM H. KEIJLER, Eso. Eluhgrn REV. PROF. FREDERIC GARDINER, REV. JOHN WATOHORN, D.D., REV' LEWIS SEYMOUR MUDGEI, PHD. G E I ORIFLAMMEA 75 Qnpbnmure ifnterzgnsietp Graturical Cllluntest GOPJTHEAN HALL, TUESDAY, BTARCH 22, 1910. ii? Qlnntzntantn "A Nation's Awakening" .............. .... H . E. AMMERMAN QGQ "The Twentieth Century Man". . ...,. O. E. MOSSER CGA "The Cost of Success" .......... ....... A . F. RENTZ CGJ "Government by Public Opinion". . . .... R. P. SCHEARRER CDO "Oppo1'tunity' '... ...,.......... . -. . .D. J. WETZEL CD5 "True Manhood" . . ........ ...E L. STEHMAN QD.j Zluhgvu REV. D. A. BTEDLOR, STAMM, '10, Sem., VVOODS, '10. S6111- ' Brriniuilia H. E. AMMERMAN, First Placeg R. P. SCHEARRER, Second Placeg O. E. Mossiau, Honorable Mention. 75 F. 8zM.COLLEGE Eastman buphumurezjresbman Qbraturinal Gllinntzst GOETHEAN HALL., MZONDAY, MARCH 21, 1910. 5251 ' Snphnmnrr Qlnntvnianin "The Twentieth Century Man" ............. ..... C . E. NIOSSER "A Nation's Awakening" ....... ..... H . E. AMMERMAN "The Cost of Success" ...... - .............,.. .1 .... A. F. RENTZ Zllrvnhman Cllnntmtania , "Abraham Lincoln" ................................ F. S. SCHWARTZ "Qualifications of American Manhood". .. .... CHARLES DE LEFOND "T he Responsibility of Citizenship". . . ....... P. C. WAGNER "The Significance of Culture" ...... 1 R. ROMIG "Dawn of Peace" ........... .... A. L. GROVE Q " Success and Failure" ......... ........ J . HUNT E 'fFoundations of Prosperity" ....... .... L . M. SMITH Zluhgwa A Woons, '10, Sem., SCHAEFFER, '10, Sem., IDITZLER, '10, Sem. Beriainnn 3 Sophomores. AMMERMAN, First Place, MO'SSER, Second Place, RENTz,' Honorable Mention. Team to meet Diagnothians -AMNIERMAN, NIOSSER and RENTZ. ' . Freshmen. I XXI. Q 7 4 vw. ' . 2 AMER' lust Place, A' Lf GROVE, Second Place, LEFOND, Honorable Mention, - 2 4 5 1 l 1 2 1 .ii I 3? nl' Fl .s- QI 'r xii l I 1 rl .Edw 'The H H Mor --Trum H "The "The H "The "Hel H. SCH Tea ORIRLAMMR 77 Eiagnntbian 9upbumnre:JfresiJman wraturinal Clllnritzst MARCH 8, 1910. -T31 Snphnmnrr Qlnntvntantz f'Education as Related to Civic Prosperity". . . . . "The Power of America" ........,.......... . . "Government by Public Opinion". . . . "Morality in Public Schools" .... . 'fTrue Manhood" .......... "Opportun1ty" . . . .................. . . . . A Zlirezhman Glnnieutania "The Immigrant and the Nation" .............. "The Fight for Water in the West". . . "England's Great Political Battle". .. "The Crucial Need, Manhood". .. ..C. E. THOMAS R. E. WHITMORE R. P. SCHEARRER ....T. I. LAUFFER .E. L. STEHMAN ....D. J. WETZBIL . . . LOUIS BIRINYI J. Hnss .....J. A. FRANTZ . . .T. L. JAEGER "Hero Worship" ..................... -. .J. B. VVISSLER Zluhgra H. J. TAYLOR, G. N. LAND, '05. CLARENCE Woons, Sem. Beriainnz I Sophomores. SCHEARRER, First Place 5 STEHMAN, Second Place g WETZEL, HOHOYHJOIG Mention. Team to meet Ggetheans -SCHEARRER, STEHMAN, WETZEL and THOMAS, Alternate. Freshmen. BIRINYI, First Place, JAEGER, Second Place. 18 F ,a M. COLLEGE ifluauguratiun uf Ziaenrp Ziaarhaugb QIJIJIB, BE., ' An ,lirraihent nf Jfranklin anis 13513355311 45011232 l-XWUARY 7th, 1910, FULTON QPERA HoUsE, LANCASTER, PA T2 Obrhvr nf Arahnnii: lklrurraaiuu Chief Marshal .' I. The Late President of the College. The Honorable Board of Trustees. The Advisory Council of the Alumni. II. The Governor of the Connnonwealtli. The Superintendent of Public Instruction. The City Superintendent of Schools. The Mayor of Lancaster. ' The Judges ofi the Courts. ORIFLAMME 79 The Representative in Congress from the 9th Congresgignal District Prayer. . . Hymn. . . W The Delegates from Educational Institutions. The Board of Trustees of the Theological Seminary. " III. ' The Professors of the College. The Professors of the Theological Seminary. 5 The Professors of the Academy. The Students of the College. The- Students of the Theological Seminary. The Students of the Academy. IV. The Secretary of the Board Bearing the Seal. The Treasurer, Bearing the Keys. The Librarian, Bearing the Charter. The President of the General Synod. The President of the Theological Seminary. The President of the Board of Trustees. The President-Elect. Gbrhrr nf Exerriura . . . . . .THE REV. J. SPANGLER KIEFFER, D.D A ' .STUDENT CHORUS , .................- ' Vent Creator Spiritus.. 80 F. SNLCOLLEGE - - ' lent of the Board of Trustees - ' lent ...... THR Presic Induction of the PIGSIC ................TH1c PR1Qs1nRN'r Response ......................... . A H WOODROW WUQON LL.D. President of Princeton University yccress.. A' " ' Brief Addresses: V IOHY S STXHR LL D , GOVERNOR EDNVIN S. S'rUAR'r, - 1 4' - I 1 ' ' N C SCHAEFFER, LL.D., DTAYOR J. P. NICCASKEY. College Hymn ,,....... ' ................. STUDENT CHORUS . . . .THE PR.Rs1DRvT Inaugural Address .......... 1 Conferring Honorary Degrees ........................ ilHE PRRsIDRN'r Benediction ................. PRESIDENT OF THIQOLOGIOAL SEMINARY The student chorus was led by Mr. Wm. S. Raub, leader of the Glee Club. President Apple conferred the following honorary degrees: Doctor of Laws, Woodrow Wilson, Edgar Fahs Smith, Joseph Spangler Kieffer, William Mann Irvine, John Herr Musserg Doctor of Science, Richard Conrad Schiedtg Doctor of Divinity, Theodore Frederick Herman, Charles Ervin Creitz, Lewis".Seymour Mudge 5 Doctor of Letters, George Fulmer Mull, Amos Cornelius Rothermel, Elwood Leitheiser Kemp, Doctor of Pedagogy, George Leslie Omwake. At the close of the exercises the Chief Marshal, William H. Keller, Esq., publicly introduced the representatives of the various educational institutions, who bore congratulations to President Apple. Fifty-nine institutions were represented. At the close of these exercises the Hon. W. U. Hensel served an elaborate collation in honor of the delegates and invited guests, at the Hamllton Club? and MPS. John W. Appel, entertained visitinv' ladies at a D tea at her home, Abbeyville. President and Mrs. Apple received at the Iris Club during the evening. ORIFLAMME The following have servedas Presidents of Franklin College : EMANUEL VOGEL GERHART, D.D., LL.D. JOHN WILLIAMSON NEVIN, DD., LL.D. WILLIAM lWARVEL NEVIN, A.M., pro tem THOMAs GILMORE APPLE, DD., LL.D. . . JOHN SUMMERS STAHR, D.D., LL.D. .. . HENRY HARBAUGH APPIJE, D.D.. . . . 1855 1866 1876 1877 1889 1909 81 and Marshall 1866 1876 1877 1889 1909 ,xr CQLLEGE J F K .- Qlibe Zlnaugural 31 The gloryof the perfect vzoofrtclcty sky ' - W V tg is Clf7?,8'lU67'6Cf tn the splendor of the es ' T -f I It is the Master bmldeth you or . Were bold to prate of better or of best. I. Deep in the Winter night the poet broods Before the flicker of the dying fire, N lfirst weaving, on a frame of changing inoods, The warp and Woof of nieinory and desire. - Then, as the tongues of flanie with wayward gleam Sink to a glowing crimson, plain and clear He spins the golden future of his dream Upon the hallowed ,strands of yesteryear. ll Ah! thou the Old, The strong, the cold In seeming merely, Ah! thou in right or wrong, ln dayiof dirge or song, I The oahn, the purpose-strong, The revereneed dearly- I ooine to thee to-day, Of all thy thousand sons the last and leastg I ooine their wreath to lay Aniid the countless garlands of thy feast, ORIFLAMME And lo! I bring thee meed from many lands For sapling planted and for bough made straight For ministry of mind and help of hands, ' For justice that was more than love or hate. And, for thine iron will, I thank thee, too, ' And for the splendid power of thy youth, And for the sober-seeming age we -knew, For loyalty and dignity, and truth. For all that thou has built throughout the years And shalt build, on and upward, soon or late, I render thanks in spirit that reveres, VVe render thanks, we render thanks with tears, Ah! thou the well esteemed, the passing Great. III. And thou, the young, the New, Our hearts are with thee, too, I To bid thee cheer. In cabaret or shrine, In toast of word or wine A hundred healths are thine F rom far and near. 'Yet would I bring thee more- Ay, grandly more than careless toast can give- T he tribute that is gathered to thy store From out the vintage of the lives we live. I bring the prayers and counsel of the old, I bring the virile manhood of the young- The wisdom of a story fitly told, The passion of a song, as yet unsung, I bring our admiration and our pride, Upbuilt on thee as on thy father's son, ml ,U ,rv -V . ., 5 I M 'v S4 Q1 fl: 15' In gt 4 l "I 1 1, I -r S? E ,ig Q I ' 1 f . 4 I I F. 8 Ml COLLEGE Ifpbuilt on thee In other fields in as on a leader tried battles fought and won. l alty commands, - I bring the best our oy In rectitude that ma I bring from many 1ne The tender of our minds To thee auspiciously, the keth homage true 5 n in many lands - and hearts and hands chosen New. L. LYMAN XVINDOLPH i FRATERNITIES 'inn Vlfcikf-"'wg IN Om: R0 Esmsusnnfm r' V " Y C 1 4 Q iv w 35 x P 1 I . ,r '. . .'.. - 4 .- a 5 r as . X -if ml 'Co .H . W Q it . '- 1' 'W , 'I 1" ' v Q . :I yn D I 'SP - I? L , g - , A l . E s - I-' . 4 F . r. " 5 L ' 1 . ' .Q , Q ' 1' ' . 1 . " " - .' If ,C-f' 'sl' 13 il" 'N AAL- Q -- , wx- ? - 1 . :" 1 2 W V 2 s o W E K 1 I x Y . 2 s 1 Qi I I a f- 1 i .' Fi Y. . 1 4 L Ei r5 I 4 'Q A T in mam, uv! , 'zvmefs-V, mr' I: 5 fl 5 Sf, if 11 i, FI f,,,f,, af, ff ,f7Wf!f " f f WY! 5 7 f ' ' mf E.A,wmGH1 FHM. .W -I 1 . v 4 4 5 I E s .3 4 '15 45 4 'Z 1 5 s I 4 A .gw.amn.:q14-4,k:.w..4- 4 ,A....:.n lf. 1 3 A 1 1 E 5 5 Q T if PHI KAPPA SIGNIA I I I 9 1 I I I I I I i I I I I I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I ,II 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I on1FLAMME 5 89 3911! kappa Qigma '31 1 mnlnfn ' Fraternity fbrgan Black and 0101 G01d- "The Phi Kappa Sigma News Letter." , Qlhapter iKn1I Alpha . . . .... University of Pennsylvania ........ ,,,, 1 350 Delta . . . . .... Washington and Jefferson College .... . 1854 Epsilon . . . .... Dickinson College .............. 1354 Zeta ..... .... F ranklin and Marshall College .... 1854 Eta . . . .... University of Virginia .......... 1854 Iota .. . .... Columbia University .... 1855 Mu .. . . .... Tulane University. . . . 1356 Rho . . . .... University of Illinois ..... 1872 Tau . .... .... R andolph Macon College . . . 1872 Upsilon .. . . .... Northwestern University . . . .1872 Phi .. ....... .... I iichmond College ........... 1873 Psi . .......... .... P ennsylvain State College ...... 1890 AlphaQAlpha ..... .... W ashington and Lee University . . 1894 Alpha-Gamma .... .... U niversity of West Virginia ..... 1896 Alpha-Delta . .... .... ' University of Maine ............. V 1898 Alpha-Epsilon .. . . .... Armour Institute of Technology.. . . . 1898 Alpha-Zeta.. ..... .... U niversity of Maryland ......... 1899 Alpha-Eta .... .... C ollege of Charleston .... 1901 Alpha-Theta .... .... U niversity of Wisconsin . . 1901 Alpha-Iota .. . . .... Vanderbilt University. . . . 1902 Alpha-Kappa .. . . .... University of Alabama ............. . 1903 Alpha-Lambda . . . .... University of California ............... 1903 Alpha-Mu. .... .... M assachusetts Institute of Technology .... 1903 Alpha-Nu. .... .... G eorgia School of Technology .......... 1904 Alpha-Chi. ...... .... P urdee University .................. 1905 Alpha-Omicron.. . . .... University of Michigan. . . . 1905 Alpha-Pi. ....... .... U niversity of chicago ..... 1906 Alumni Qlhapiern New York, Chicago, 1:'11119Jd91Phiar Richmond' Pittglmrg, Baltimore, New Orleans, Southern Californizs. 90 F. ek M. COLLEGE Zeta DHIJWY 131 ilfuunhrru JOHN M. RUBY, WM. A- DUNCAN, GEORGE W. SILVIS, MARK KERNS, WM. F. RVICKSTEIN, URIAH SONDT- HON. W. U. HENSEL, HON. CHAS. I. LANDIS, ihnihent imlrmhvrn CHAS H. TELL, F, ISAAC D. LUTZ, JOHN H. KELLER, F, MELVIN P. MILLER, ESQ., XVALTER M. FRANKLIN, ESQ., OLIVER ROLAND, M.D., B., ROBERT L. GERHART, HARRY B. COCHRAN, HON. EUGENE G. SMITH, CHAS. NETCHER, M.D., WM. H. HAGER, ALLAN A. HERR, C.E., Z, JOHN HOIILINGER, JMARION W. EMRICK, HARRY ABRAM GROVE, JOHN IERYDER EVANS, PAUL REID PONTIUS, CLARENCE V. 'LICHTY, I., WILLIAM H. IEELLER, ESQ., JOHN S. RENGIER, BENJAMIN C. ATLEE, ESQ., ALFRED H. NAUMA.N, JOHN S. COCHRAN, Elf, LEWIS B. SPRECHER, LEON G. DODGE, Elf. LOUIS HORDING, ZF. illlemhrr in Harulig RICHARD CONRAD SCHIEDT, PH.D. Glnllrgrv A1910 - ARTHUR RUPP HARTZELL, JAMES THOMAS LANE, MARK NEVIN WICKERT, EDGAR DANIEL IERAMER 1911 JESSE FRANKLIN LEONARD, HENRY WEBER PIEER. 1912 ' ROBERT :MARTIN OBERHOLSER, JOHN RICHARD HAHN, HOWARD ELWOOD AMMERMAN. 1913 JOHN LEINBACH SCHAEFFER, RALPH W. CUMMINGS, T, ROLAND B. STYER, JAMES F. HAGER, ROBERT STEIGERWALT, ID, ff' A' f 'Y ,' -F I f Q.. si' a ,, Yi 'I Aj' . CL- - If , P I 4 I . 1 ! l. 1 S r r w 3 2 4 1 i 5 1. :i I K, if W .V 1 .mt CHI PHI 1 x 11 hz i , 5 f v . i 4 k if Q A .li I .1 f. 3 AL fl ,N if l ! I 3 I , I 9 1 4 . I Q a E ! 1 4 ii 1 si as I 44 i f. I J 14 1 31B 'ff x. ORIFLAMME flllbi bi Founded at Princeton College, 1824 in . mnlufi' U lllraitrnitg Gbrgan Scarlet and Blue. Chakett' Cllhaptvr 181111 93 Alpha .... .... U niversity of Virginia ................ .1859 Beta .... .... lv Iassachusetts Institute of Technology .... .... 1 891 Gamma. .. .... Emory College ................ L ...... .... 1 869 Delta. .... .... R utgers College ............. .1367 Epsilon. . . .... Hampden Sydney College ...... ,1867 Zeta ..... .... F ranklin and Marshall College .... ' .... 1854 Eta . . . .... University of Georgia ............. .... 1 868 Theta . . . . .Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute .... . . . .1878 Iota. ..... .... U niversity of Ohio . ............ .... 1 883 Lambda .... .... U niversity of California ......... .... 1 875 Mu. ...... .... S tevens Institute of Technology .... .... 1 883 Nu. ..... .... U niversity of Texas . ............ .... 1 892 Xi ....... .... C ornell University . . . ..... 1868 Omicron. . .. .... Yale University ..... .... 1 877 Rho. ..... .... L afayette College .... 1874 Phi ..... .... A niherst College ..... 1873 Chi .... .... D artmouth College ........ 1902 Psi. ..... .... L ehigh University ............ . - -.1872 Omega .... .... G eorgia School of Technology . . . 1904 1 Alumni Glhaptrra Aleph . . . .... Baltimore .......... 1880 Beth .... .... N ew York City .. . . 1381 Gimel . . . .... Louisville ...... 1882 He. . . .... Atlanta .... . 1882 Daleth ..... .... P hiladelphia ... 1883 Van. . . .... Washington . . . 1883 F A M. COLLEGE wi ighimieta QEbapte1f:::1854 31 ZHrater in Elfaruliain JOSEPH'HENRY DUBBS, D.D., L.LD., F.R.H.S. Frairvu in Hirhr S LIARRY D. HOPIQINS, A 9 .ALBERT F. SHENK, ESQ., THEODORE B. IAPPEL, M.D., JAMES STEWART, W, J. EDWARD GOODELL, JAMES C. LEAMAN, JOHN H. EVANS, HUGH F. MCGRANN, WVILLIAM R. BRINTON, ESQ., HON. AARON B. PIASSLER, PAB., GROVE LOOHER, C. REESE EABY, ESQ., ADAM M. BURGER, HARRY N. HOWELL, HOWARD J. LOWELL, ESQ., WM. H. HERR, M.D., J. ROLAND KINZER, ESQ., ROBERT J. EVANS, GEORGE M. HOOVER, M.D., JAMES RENO LOCHER, HENRY W. BRUBAKER, W. WILSON HEINITSH, F. C. SCHAEFFER, GEORGE S. FRANKLIN, LF, ROBERT D. STEWART, ZF. ' Kihei Qlnmnuiaaarii V REV. EDWARD R. ESCHBAOH, DD., J. W, WETZEL, Zlfratrw in Arahvmia 1910 ' CHARLES GEIGER WATT, EDWIN QLIVER MARKS EDWARD DAUM HAERTTER, HARRY EDGAR WEISEJ , 1911 SVWEN WEESTER SAYLOR, I GEORGE NEIMAN KELIP, ILLIAM DWIN KEEFER, CHRISTIAN RISSER GINGRICH 1912 A ALLEN BILYEU WALLACE, ARTHUR P MYLIW 1913 WILLIAM ERDMAN MONTGONIERY. SUMNER V. HOSTERMAN, ESQ. ELLZUTTPHILA ar-, ,.,,......----1""' ' I L g 1 2 I T 4 I . PHI KAPPA PSI 96 Illratrrnitg Olnlnrn Lavender and Pink. Pennsx lx ama Ven Hampshn e Nlassachusetts New Yoll Rhode Island BX SL Founded 1852, at Jeff91'S011 Alpha Beta Gamma EpSll0D Zeta E a Theta Iota Kappa Alpha Alpha Alpha Beta M. COLLE si College biikappa Cl A lllratrrnitg Evil High' Hi hl Hi 'h Phl Kappa PS1 Ln e ex erl Dre never' Pln Kappa Ps1l Glhapter Bull DISTRICT I GE Zllratvrnitg lbrgan " The Shield. " as unoton and Jefferson College Allegheny Collebe Bucl nell Imn ersltx Gettysbur Colle e Dmlxmson Colle e Franlxlm and Marshall College DISTRICT II Lafayette College Umverslty of Pennsylx anla warthrnore College Dalllllljlltll C ollege Amherst Colle e Cornell Unn erslty Syracuse Unn ers1t3 Gamma Columbla Umx erslty EPS11011 Coloate Unu ers1t3 Zeta Brooklyn Polyteohmo Inst1tute Alpha Brown Unn ersltv - 0- ol Q - ca' tn' p '1 1 . ' , ff 0' ' 1nnunnnunnsacnlannsnlnsuuuunanimous. 0' 0. vi' T., . y ' 0' 0' 4 lullunln nusslulll u 1 llll ' I r - J- 'C.......... .7 I ......... .-..................-.. .V .7 ...- ......... .............'.. . .7 0 ..........................-..... 0' .7 I 7 .---...- ..... . ... .-. .. ..-....-...--.. .7 ' Maryland .... .... Virginia . . . IVest Virginia Mississippi . . Tennessee. . . . . . . . Texas ..... Ohio Indiana . .. . . 1 Illinois .A ..... .... Michigan ..... .... Wisconsin. . . . . . . . Minnesota. . . Iowa ...... Missouri . . . Kansas .... Nebraska . . . fahfornia. . .. Philadelphia, Newark, O., Springfield, O., Anderson, Ill., Minneapolis, Toledo, Columb us , Seattle , Pittsburg, ORIFLAMME 97 Alpha . Alpha . Beta . -. Alpha . Alpha . Alpha . Alpha . Alpha . Beta .. Delta . Epsilon . . .... Alpha . Beta .. Delta . Beta .. Delta . Alpha . Alpha . Gamma Beta . . Alpha . . Alpha . Alpha. . . Alpha . Beta . . Gamma DISTRICT IV. DISTRICT III. y Johns Hopkins University . . . . . . . . . . . . .University of Virginia . . . .VVashington and Lee University . . . . . .University of West Virginia University of Mississippi . . .Vanderbilt University .....UlliVel'Sity of Texas DISTRICT V. Ohio Wesleyan University . . . . . . . . . . . .Wittenburg College .... . . . . . . . .University of Ohio . . ..Case School of Applied Sciences . . . . . . . . . . . . .De Pauw University . . . . . . . . .University of Indiana . . . . . .Purdue University . . . . .University of Chicago . . . .University of ,Illinois . . . .University of Michigan . . . .......... .... . . .University of Wisconsin Alumni Amsnriatinms VVashington, Bucyrus, Chicago, Denve1', San Francisco, Portland, Ore., Omaha, Meadville, Pa., Buffalo. New York, Alumni Club, Harvard University. . ........... Beloit College . . . . .University of Minnesota . . . . . . .University of Iowa . . . .University of Missouri . . . . . . . . .University of Kansas . . . . . . . . . . .University of Nebraska . . . .Leland Stanford, Jr., University . . . . . . . . . ..University of California Cleveland, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Boston, Lancaster, Johnstown, ennsplhartiaftafbaptaruf Di HIJIJH 51 F61 EHnunherza HON. A. C. REINCPDHL, REV. D. C. SWARTZ, D.D., DR. JACOB O. IQNIPE, I IRENAEUS SHOLTER, ESQ., JOSEPH E. BOXVMAN, J. HAROLD VVICKERSHAM, HARRY B. YOUNG, WVILLIAM N. APPEL, ESQ., FRANK M. ESHLEMAN, HUGO C. CLARK, D.D.S., WVALTER S. WELCHANS, CHARLES F. HAGER, ESQ., PAUL B. SOUDER, WILLIAM A. REED, NEVVTON E. BITZER, M.D. CHARLES G. BAKER, ESQ., T. ROBERTS APPEL, ESQ., S. R. ZIMMERMAN, ESQ., REV. H. H. VV. HIBSHMAN, D.D. 1 iliraihrnt !IIIIemherR C. H. RISSER, J. B. BISSINGER, JOHN W. APPEL, ESQ., WILLIAM T. BROWN, ESQ., REV. F. E. D. SCHROEDER, R.EV. J. C. BOWMAN, D.D., REV. A. THOMAS G. APPLE, JAMES F. MCCOY, CHARLES E. LONG, ABRAM P. SHIRK, T. WILSON DUBBS, J. W.. BROWN, ESQ., H. F. LICCARTER, J. FREDERICK BRUBAKER, C. L. ELLMAKER. illllvmhrrn in ilkrrultg MERCER T. BRUBAKER, CALVIN J. REHM, JOHN A. NAUMAN, ESQ., CHARLES M. MUSSER, H. G. HARTMAN, H. J. HIEMENZ, LEVI R. BAIR, JOHN PAUL PRANTZ, ILICHARD G. APPEL, SCOTT W. BAKER, JOHN S. GALT, J. DAVIS BOWMAN, A WILLIAM HEITSHU, T. S. DERR, DR. HENRY HARBAUGH APPLE, REV. JOHN CALVIN BOWMAN, D.D., REV. A. THOMAS G. APPLE, ALM. Glnllnge 1910 JAMES WATT, WILLIAM SHULTZ RAUB. I 1911 ' - THOMAS CHRISTIAN PEIGHTAL, JOHN L WIXRFEL ' 7 JOSEPH WILLIAM RICHARDS. 1912 l'3?IiZ EIERNERBBUMBAUGH, GUY LINTON DIFFENBAUGH, ENRY RIDENBAUGH CHARLES H LEO ADDISON W OLFE I I ERSHEY BURNS, ' , W1 ALTER PATTERSON CASSEL. 1913 BENJAMIN WADE SHAUB, JACOB CLARK HENNEBERGER, HARRY DELNO COX, LOUIS JACOB LIVINGOOD, ROBERT SANFORD TUSSEY, -T. ANDREVV FRANTZ. Al I I 1 I I I II 'I I I I I X I I I I -I I II ,,I I I 6 . LA,WF?1ErlI PP-HLA 3146 A , Y , J , 1 , 5 5 I 5 I 4 4 1 , 1 , 1 f . . Y I V 5 . , , I 1 Z 1 1 Y I . i ' i , I , 1 1 ' z 2 - Q w I 2 4 , I . , , W N , i 3 b 1 f i X . ,., U 1 . PHI SIGMA KAPPA 1 1 cf I if f I 1 l W X 4 w iff ' pe l.! V? Y? 5,2 4 4, .. L 15' ' is 1 If ' 21 Q , 2 Y'2 ' "I 1:3 iki J 1 ' 2 1 E ' I i 1 . 4 , , slr. N - a i B 1 1 I s 5 ' a l 4 1 1 f K l 1 i V 1 A I x , D 4 w ' v 4 I 1 l P ORIFLAMME 101 f I iBb1 burma kappa 'Rounded at Massachusetts Agricultural College. -T51 Qlnlnra V Illratrrnitg Qbrgan Magenta and Silver. V U 'fThe Signetf' Alpha . Beta .. Gamma Delta . . Epsilon Zeta .. .... Eta . . . Theta . Iota . . . Kappa Lambda Mu ...... Nu .... Xi .... Rho . Sigma . Tau ..... Upsilon .... Phi Chi.. . Psi .... Omega Qlhapier 331111 .M assachusetts Agricultural College .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Union University . . . . . . . . .Cornell University . . . .University of West Virginia .... . . . . . . .Yale University . . . . .College City of New York . . . . . . .University of Maryland . . . . . . . . . . .Columbia University . . . .Stevens Institute of Technology . . . .Pennsylvania State College . . . .George Washington University Alumni Glhaptsru New York, Philadelphia, Albany, New Haven, Washington. . . . .Universityxof Pennsylvania ...................LehighUniverity . . . . . . . . .'St. Lawrence University Omicron . . . .... Massachusetts Institute of Technology Pi ......... Franklin and Marshall College . . . . . . . . . . . . .Queen's University . . . . .St. John's College . . . .Dartmouth College . . . . . . .Brown University . . . .Swarthmore College . . . . . . .Williains College . . . . . .University of Virginia . . . .University of California Morgantown, Boston, 102 F, Sl 111. C O L L EGE. 1Bi bapter Instituted April 18, 1903- 5' Hlmtlrrrs in Unllrgv Elhlrultg CHARLES PATTERSON STAHR, A.M., M.D. illiivxnrhrra in Arahvnug Iiarultg . EDWIN M. IPIARTMAN, A.M., JACOB B- LANDIS, A-B JOHN BECKLY LENTZ, All Smniuarg 191 1 GEORGE LEITH ROTH. Gnllegv' 1910 LEON MILTON ARNER, WILLIAM A. IQREIDER, HERBERT M. LEVAN, D.-LNIEL HERR NISSLEY, 1911 VVILLIAM ADVVIN HOY, JR., 1912 FRANKLIN IQING TROUTWINE, PAUL ROBERT SCHEARRER, - 1913 TOBIAS LEONHARD JAEGER, EDWARD LENVIS NOLTING, RALPH E. REBER, JOHN MORRIS SCHOLL. GEORGE NEVIN HARTMAN, LAURISTON BENJAMIN HERR, JR. PAUL FRANKLIN SCPIAFFNER, . ROBERT NORTH BURKHOLEER, BENJAMIN VVILLTS MOYER LEE HELNI. 1 RALPH ELLIS HARTMAN, OWEN P. BRICKER, PAUL JAY SYKES. 1 M- L :gl I 1 gf 4 -W .1 ff r fy E.A.WFlEH'E PHKIJN. ll I A S I l Q Q a E 4 , 1 1 L 5 y , V: 4 ,, 1 :Q f -I 1 5 'a 9 i 2 A Yi 1 !1 . F 1 sb Q X . ? QI ' T I ,tg V V I i, I ' 1 :II ,, ll 4 Q I L 1 v 1: 5. lv Yi 11 M E J ,. B 5, if if if 3 3 4 iw! s K 2 I I f 1 1 31 I if PARADISE CLUB 104 F. 8zM.COLLEGE arabian Iuh Founded November, 1896. C1 irllrmbrr in ZHaru1tg C. NEVIN HELLER, A.M. Swminmrg 1910 lm S, RIONN, JOHN A. DITZLER. 1911 HARRY' A. D. BAER. 1912 E. M. DIETRICH, .JOHN C. RAEZER. fllnllrgr ' 1910 C. RAYNIOND BRENNUER, G. N EVIN REBERT, TOM CUMMINGS, JOHN l'. WERNER. 1911 CYRUS T. GLESSNER, JAMES L. BRANT, A ELLIOTT C. VVELLER. 1912 HONIER F. REBERT, 1 CHARLES H. VVEHLI-IR, CHARLES W. W. SCHANTZ, CHARLES M. HERSHEX' A 1913 ESTIS B. I. ANDIS, HOMER B. SAUL, GEORGE ELDER BRINTON. iii? ' . , r --:-.1434 A , -. . . , M ': fi I5 , V V i r - . n , 1 I w Z' . :- v k 0 f 32x , I Q ,- , l 'Y Q 'gf 2 1 Q , . F If , 2 + E 25 5,51 2 ei if Qi ?f V if Q1 Q Z 1 4 3 ii i i ' ! 'i xg 1 l if Q 1 v? ' E , I ' i f ' i A F 9U 2 P Q i,. U ' -, ' F ,I ss "ff I" Ei 5 V ' ' l . Pa ' , ' ? 5 15 i ,L I . BJ 1 , I , Wx 1 ' ,1 1 l' 1 ' - 3g 1 ' 4, 3 4' 2 91' , . I H . fe W :v Z1 ' fi sim 3 1 A 1 Ii 5 1 1 - A 4 1 1 , 3? f 1: 'tg 5 N 'E T : 3 Q 'Q 1 1 E 1 t , 5 2? ., 3 Ev Q i :F 3 Ek 5 2 al 2 if A 1 1 1 1 ' fg 2 L J 1 1 4 - 1 x 1 1 2 1 1 il 'N w i f 5 W, H A 29 Wx' War 4 1 gk i AV KJ J' fx mg 154 1 'a i f? .Ji f i! JE A ?f fi le .fs Q li N 2 9 i 2 1 I I 4 i , Q 'i i P 7 3' ' y . Y fi f ' .1 . .........---F HARBA UG H CLUB -V-.-.zulu v,1f,-,--- .,, V ---- -- F. Sz M. COLLEGE Ziaarhaugb Qiluh 1910 A. W. BARLEY, H. A. SHIFFER, N. H. CORMAN, L. L. LEH, Founded September 13. 1900. C1 Srminarg Qlnllrge 1 9 1 0 W. N. KLINE. 1911. H. C. SEITZ.. 1912 M. M. ALEXANDER, J. H. DORMAN, R. R. HARTZELL, A. L. GROVE, R. M. BRIGHT, 1913 I.. M. SMITH. 1911 NV. R. HARTZELL O. S. VIHARTMAN. A. H. GEOFF, D. B. KRAYBILL, A. F. RENTZ, E. THOMAS, . J. WETZEL. . H. NIACLAY, .. B. NIACLAY, E.A,WRIGHI Pun: 2 7B'3 5? 1 Q. if ' af! id! 'I ly? , ix I W' l w, 3 a5 1 iii .- pri A2 .11 I My H H4 ' 1 1 e i , 4 f Y 1 ii 5 4 1 5 f 1 5 Q 1 i 5 X' ' I E l 1 I 2 I E lg X Q l 1 I, 5, , 3, I 1 1 I I 5 K 3 fr Q I 2 5 Z Q K Yi 5 I J' W FRA NKLIN CLUB ,Y-Q , I I , 1 I I I I I !fi 5 U I 1 1 1 I 1 I 1 I 3 A I1 1 :I e Z 5 I fi 1 1 I I 11 108 F, SLJXLCOLLEGE franklin, lub C1 illllemhrra in Snminarg 1910 A PAUL D. XTODER. 1.911 LAWRENCE E. BAIR, ALLAN S- MECK1 HARRY L. IQRAUSE, JOSEPH M. NETNVGARD BORDER L. STANLEY. 1912 ' MILTON F. IQLINGAMAN, 1 ALFRED M. RAHN. Gnllrge 1910 W. THEODORE MILLER, HOWARD E. CR. ITZ, 'AUGUSTINE SMITH. 1911 HOWARD J. XYEAGER, AVILLIAM K. KLINGAMAN FRED M. E. GROVE, ORFORD U. SCHAEFFER, XVALLACE L. ROBINSON. I 11912 C. GEORGE BACHMAN, HARVEY J. MILLER, REXFORIJ B. HZ.-XRTLE, JOSEPH S. IRXVIN, OLIVER IU- MOSSER, VICTOR H. JONES. 1913 ROBERT B. SAXMANN, ARA A. I SCI-IAEFEER. MARSHALL CLUB 7 4: P V--I -fr V -V V ""fA -i -, F KM. COLLEGE marshall Qlluh E. H. HEFFNER. N. P. LUCKENBILI H. S. SPAHN, H. E. GHYLIQY, b G. W. B'1I5'1'GI51R, 'CF' 1910 H. H. DELONG. 1911 W. F. HOFFMAN J. P. ADAM. E. H. WV.-XMPOLI' 1912 . ' J. 1. LAUFFER, J. F. K.'xUFm1AN. 1913 W. S. KIQPPLE. S1-niinarg 1910 F. K. STAMM. 1912 I. G. SNYDER. ORIFLAMME beminarp Ralston Qllluh President .... Vice-President Secretary ..... Treasurer .... M arlcet- M an . BROWN, WHYTSONG, BRENDLEQ STANLEY, HOUTZ, KLINGAMAN, ' 51 Gbffirrra mvmheru 1910 CLARENCE WOODS, H. .A. HARTNIAN 1911 JOSEPH N'E1VGARD, ALLAN NIECK, R. I. GASS. 19121 C. L. LOEHR, A. M. RAHN, Olnllvge 1911 R. M. ADAM. 1913 W. R. CLARK. F. R. SHAFER ALLEN S. D1ECK. S. A. WHYSONG. S. A. WHYSONG. C. H. BROWN. P. D. YODER, .. F. R. SHAFER. LAXVRENCE E. BAER C. M. RISSINGER, A. J. MILLER, E. E. SENSENIG. 111 1 w f , '-23 LY, ': J' fl, rf i lv' V :1 ,ye 4 lisa 551 sg! in Mei, A 51+ li QL Vi? VTE ga .Ui 1 :gi ei 2 4' wi 4' gi, :ax +s ll L ii v , , -, li P fr ,ag Q! Q!! i I 2 5 41 ri 59 H Z, uw-aw Q ' 4-uv f ,.'-.ww4- ses-wmv: ,I U ' ,,,,, ...,,. ,.., - -,, Y H ,-T,.N. -.Av -,LA.+slTgw.fs:7g- A4 -6:-7-W , , 'F H T, , , . . A ,.4L..,.v Aw. 4, A+., .--U ,-.- --witn- -Aw A- --- 3.1-, ,-wq--:v:M-zE-m-:f,f,-mP-,z-Qf:uQfQ5-- Q h A N A .-."' -..:. '. 4....i:... gn" f 4 ..-L ..,, - ..- 2 fl x A W N il 41 ii Qi 21 5 2. i! I gi i 1' I iw Q i x ! Wfllalenhat btuhmt was I A x 633 iw ORIFLAMME E. iPBI. QE. RQ. Iaanhhnuk U 51 R t Editor-in-C'hief .... .... E . D. KRAMER Business Mcmager. . . . ..... .... ' JAMES WATT. R Literary Editors. R 1 L. L. LEH, W. P. STAMM. I Statistical' Editors. 'W.'L. ROBINSON, P.. R. PONTIUH. gmhunian R 9 R. E. GIPIC. I 1 2 ,T f. COLLEGE 1 114 F SU M WIL gf. aah WI. weekly 51 H. A. GROVE, '10. . ---- ECWOT- E. D. ICRAMER, '10. L. . . .... Assistant Editor. C, G. WATT, '10 .... ...... B asiness lllcmagor. Assistant Business Managers. T. 0. PEIGHTAL, '11, ' L- A- WOLFE, '12- ' Associate Editors. ' J, K, EVANS, '11, J. L. BRANT,-'11, J' WiX1'T, '10, 1 P. F. SCHAFFNER, '12. 0 A ctoisory B oard. LIAM 1wAN1N1 IRVINE, PH.D., SEM., '92, P1'SS1C1G11JD Me1'ce1'sbu1'g Academy 1HO1VARD C. HILLEGJXS, '94, the New York Herald. V PAUL ISTIEFFER, '01, New York. I T. R. VVILLIAMS, '02, the Pittsburg Pressf REV. ROBERT J. PILGRIM, '98, Carlisle, Pa. ' J. FRANR1 DEO1-IANT, '96, Philadelphia., Pa.. F. AND M. XVEEKLY STAFF A 2 Q 116 F Qllullegge btuhent 551 Editor-in-Chief. . .... - - Business Manager . Q ...... . . . Assistant Business M anager. . . . . Treasurer. . ...... H . . . . . . . . Literary Editor . . . . . Alumni Editor .......b . . . Undergraduate Editor. . . . . Exchange Editor . . . ,se M. COLLEGE E. D. IQRAMER. A. C. HENRY. H. S. ZKREMER. W. N.. FENNINGER IJANTZ. T. J. XVAGNER. G M. WHITMORE. J. C. VVERNER. l COLLEGE STUDENT STAFF F. 8 M. CO LLEGE cwiflammz A sl Editor-in-Chief .... . . . .... G. N. KEMP. .C. T. GLESSNER. Business M ctnciger. I G D BOMBERGER Assistant Business sMccncigei. . ...... . . Litemiy Editors. Q Statistical Editors. O W SAYLOR J. RICHARDS, 1 . , , ' ' K ILL. Wy G. SCHXVAB, D. B. RAYB Art Ecliton t W.. E. KEEFER. ORIFLAMME STAFF Q0 F ,Q M. COLLEGE allege almhat Staff Q . . . W. P. CASSEL Editofr-'Ln-Chief . . . Associate Eclitors. C. H. VVEHLER, Business Manager. C. E. SQHL. R, B, H. E. AMMERMAN. Afrt Editor. TAYLOR A I 1 M A r -A 'uff ? 4 6. H 'I i CD -pun I 1'-I ' 1 rx W X f 1 ,u,i, - ,Q 'lkfgf I I 21' X xi i I , S V my Q x x ,R ms .1 5- .f m 'Q aww.. ,,. X- y. N U. i i -. Y fx- u W SMS S Q TW' M .QQ -. IA X 4- T A . w MQ i ! lv Jax 1 X . ww ' Q fx, fl dw . - " A . I I .iifiawe 558 ' , ' .4 ' H X f Y" X" I N f Q ' f Vg I ,xx x m f jr' 1 5 , .,-, . I ,Aria :i M fQ1 , ldlr' X i' , ' I .XS E N RNS i 'L A I . 5 -'sq' ' ,' 'lx sfuizwf ji 'F 5, ,E:fl I ,i X, shf?giiX,. 5 . E'5"HI '52 Xi' KSN si Wi, 1 . xXx Ng j,f 'E g X X , . as x v Ll ' ' NsFl5"'R'9 Q -N-, 'Q-, ERE E. x -I 'Q N 5- ,I I - ,I X Aww . N TRN ' ll, WM '?'ii. ' ' 'i x ' N?" 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The 'inspiring coaching of "Jack,, Hollenbach and "Red', Brubaker, together with the superb leadership of' '6Slats', Saylor, produced a team, the equal of which has not represented Franklin and Marshall since the days of "Jack" Hedges. The first practice on Williamson Field found nearly every man of the 1908 team, together with a large squad of new material, ready to begin the strenuous training of a three- month,s foot ball seasonj That intangible something some- times defined as "spirit', seemed to possess the heart and soul of every man in uniform. The "spirit" was contagious and in a week the student body at Franklin and Marshall could think of nothing but their foot ball team. It was this feeling and support of the student body that helped and inspired the team in moments of weakness and threatening defeat. The team began to roll up its total of 20,1 points ,on September 25th, when it met the Steelton A. C. team on Williamson field. The following Saturday, the team journeyed to South Bethlehem and in what was,'perhaps, the fiercest battle of the season, defeated Lehigh University by the score of 10-0. An incident of that game shows, perhaps more than anything else, the reason for our victory. While Coach Hollen- bach Was standing in the side lines, near the close of the game, 12, F. sz M. coLLEGr. h knew foot ball like a book remarked to him, 'CI a man W 0 , , T b t when I saw that F. and M. bunch come don t know why, U . fi ld I thought to myself, cLeh1gh,s going to have on the 6 , ' "' The next victory was won over Swarth- trouble to-day. 0 V T hrou h ana admitted mistake on the part of an more. gl ' f d rived of one touchdown, the final score official, we vi ere ep . . 5 0 When we returned from this trip, the team was being - - t a nificent welcome by the student body, accorded a mos m g f lties of the three institutions and the people of the city. the acu O - our next victim. week later Haverford Rutgers was A me to Lancaster and in a driving wind and rain, which was ca ' , ' f the fluke enabling them to score, was defeated responsible or - b small score. The next Saturday we delighted the hearts y a t Alumni by a 33-0 victory over llluhlenberg. of our Allen own The ame with Carnegie "Tech, 3' was the one disappointment , Q Although the score, 11-5, does not mean at of the season. dis raceful defeat, it was a bitter pill for many of us to swallow. 8 d Delaware were "easy pickingv and not Susquehanna an ntil the final game with Gettysburg wasthe team once more u compelled to be on its mettle. ' On a field, which a few hours V b t Ahich the revious had been covered by a foot of snow, u W P . loyalty of the student body had swept asgclean as a spring lawn, our. ancient rivals were humbled to the tune of 16-3, not once crossingrour thirty-yard line. , It is hardly necessary to say more in conclusion. We have excelled all former records. All our championship games were won. The work of the season aroused a stronger mterest and college spirit than ever before. Even the financial out- come was not very bad, so we may truthfully call it the greatest foot ball season F. and M. has ever had. ORIFLAMME 'ljarsitp just Eall Scbehule for 1909 Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. 51 . -Steelton A. O. Vs. F. and M., at Lancaster. 2-Lehigh Vs. F. and M., at South Bethlehem -Swarthmore vs. F. and M., at Swarthmore -Rutgers Vs. F. and M., at Lancaster .... I . . -Haverford vs. F. and M., at Lancaster. . . . -Muhlenburg vs. F. and M., at Allentown. . -Carnegie Tech. Vs. F. and M., at Pittsburg Susquehanna vs. F. and M., at Lancaster. Delaware vs. F. and M., at Lancaster ..... Gettysburg vs. F. and M., at Lancaster. . . 1 otal ............................... . 126 F .Sz M. COL LEGE Varsity :lfuvr JMU 0525111 ' SEASON OF 1909. T71 Manager ........... ..... J AMES WATT. Assistant .Manager .... . . . Captain . ., ......... . . . J. K. EVANS. O. W. SAYLOR. Coach.. . . .......... J. C. HOLLENBACIC. - E E R Ein:-up Left End .... .... H ARTMAN. Right Tackle. ...... WALP.q Left Tackle .... . . SAYITOR. Right End. ........ REBER1 Left Guard. . . . .... SCHANTZ. Quarter Bach ...... BRIDENBAULII Center. ....... .... P ONTIUS.. A Right Half Back .... J AEGER Right Guard. ....... JGLESSNER. A Left.Hatf Back. . .WELLER Full Back ......... - . RICHARDS. . . Substitutes. g I PIFER, LEONARD, WAMPOLE, JVATT, Q BRANT. ' Qrrnilm ' DICKEY, YEAGER, MACCLAY,A NOLTING, ' BRIGHT, SAUL, SYKE5 IMLERQ ROBERTS, COLEBAUGI-I, . ALEXANDER, , ARNER, SOHL, ANDERSON, SMITH, VARSITY FOOT BALL TEAM ibfafigliitg 51. CAPT. SAYLOR, 311, Left Tackle HARTMAN, '1 1 ...... Left End Age, 20 yearsg height, 5 feet, 9 inches 5 weight, 161 pounds 3 one year on -Scrub and one year on Varsityg prepared at Mercers- burg Aca demy. Age 19 yearsg height 6 feet, 1 inchg weight 172 poundsg played three years on Varsityg prepared at Johnstown High' where he played three years. ' ---I ,Q ' Y ,,,,- .1,, 1 GRIFL i B1uDEN13A'UGH, '12. Quartev' B alclf Age, 19 years, height, 5 feet, 8 inches, Weight, 138 pounds, two years on Varsity, prepared at Franklin and Marshall Aca- demy, where he played two years. A M M E IQQ RICHARDS, ,11 ..... Full Back Age 18 Ye-WSJ height, 6 feet, 2 inches, Weight, 178 pounds, two years on Varsity 5 prepared at Mercersburg Academy, 4 I 5 130 F. 8zM.COLLEGE WELLER, ,11 . .Left-Hcolf Back Age, 19 years 5 heig11t,5 feet,95 inches 5 weight, 161 pounds 5 played one year on Scrubs and two years on Varsityg pie- pared at Franklin and Marshall Academy. GLESSNER, 711. . .Rfigl1,tGucw'cl Age, 20 yearsg height, 5 feet, 9 inchesg Weight, 163 poundsg played one year on Scrubs and two years on Varsity 5 prepared at Franklin and Marshall Academy. l F uard hchesg 31' 011 'Fired 1 . K. Sz ORIFL SCI-IANTZ, '1Q. .... '. Lfjt Gua-'rd Age, 22 years, height, 5 feet, 10 inches, Weight, 167 pounds, one year as substitute and one year on Varsity, prepzrred :Lt Frzrnklin and Murslxall Academy, where he played two years. A M M E 131 IQEBERT, '10 ...... Right End Age, 21 yearsg height, 5 feet, 105 inches, weight, 142 pounds 3 played one year on Scrubs and two years on Varsityg p1'e- pared at Mereersburg Academy, 1 8, COLLEGJ I 132 ' 4 A VC- 9 ' 1 aiiglvlz':':.2l15f:": " , , H H V A 'wif '77 4' 429,-ai ,Q f -A ' 'Q 1 115315 1 " -f. --.' -, '91f':?:g1:i-I-1' '1'p',2.S:1 5.7is'1Ee-L..fii:'f . .3 ,MV -1'-KM' ' fries-IZZL'--:ff -A " ip2I::'i1'i'i:'-I -' "" ' ' ff - "" Y W ' ' V. ' " - f .V ..,, . 1 1 "Jia-1. 'IM -' fx A ,. if - . .1,. ,. Z- .5,3.::::,.,.:, ....,,.. I ff V . ' , ' . 9 ff' M521 , - 44w.,..g .,.,,::.-MQ' f 1 A Scam was ww .- . 39 " -- igwgigf. ,,-1:51, .,.gil-.waz-4.13.1','.4. .frgiqffgr-"Viff-,qw-'1-M'-.V-ify. 315355 ' rf if iff :L,f.'vf'f- , 4- a 'ff 4,3 " ' J.: . ze. -I -11, 3. -fa-:ag .. " 2- K V ,QM -3,-'pig :., ff- - Q . -. '.'113i'fi'5,J?'gfl :IQ-1-ff 1 V'-' -ZPZT' 'vw V " :gt,Q:lff,"? - -. -1'-144'flf'ifylifzv-itv:h?'1l14'f"f ' H v .:aA'.,,:9z.,?,,-52-4: ff-.,2:1f:'f.L':fQ.',,?,,,jf:,,v.g5,gx4:g,,, 26-35-:rl -- - a 4- .- .. 'rf' .fj If V ,-,y y' 4 5 1 Q- V . My -an-.fiV-,.f-,.t1.,'r4K2.5f1,ff - 3.y.,e,.-4-.,..,55f,a-1,e '- "W-1 ., ' ' -.-:iii2'-31:25-',I,::-.QMS ji., '-'vf- K5k'fE:1"'9ii1,.:-if V Y vw - fe ,.:,f-:,.:r..5'.-f.' '14:'f,,g-f,:'.,,:22."-. V , . ' "i- f We " A . . JAEGER, ,13, Right H calf Back Age, 24 years 5 height, 5, feet, 9 inchesg Weight, 173 pounds 3 one year on Varsity 3 prepared at Franklin and Marshall Acad- emy, where he played one year and cap- tained the team, played from 1904-07 on U. S. S. Princeton. WALP, 313. . . .Right Tackle Age, 20 years 5 height, 5 feet, 8 inches, Weight, 175 pounds, one year on Varsity, prepared at Franklin and Marshall Aca- demy, Where he played one year. ORIFLAMME 133 l i i s E PIFER, ,11, Sub. Tackle, Center Age, 20 years 5 height, 6 feet, weight 175 pounds , three years on Varsity 3 pre- pared at Franklin and Marshall Academy where hc played two years. PONTIUS, '12 ......... Center g Age, 20 years 5 height, 5 feet, 1035 inches 3 Weight, 168 pounds 3 two years on Varsity, prepared at Mercersburg Academy, Where he played one year. 1 r in- 134 , at M. CQLL13 1- 1912 just 365111 Utnzam Manager ..... Captain . . . Left End. . .. Left Tackle. Left Guard. . . . . . . Center. . . . . Right Guard ALEXANDER. COLEBAUGH. MAUS. C. SOHL. HARTZELL. Full Bach. f?P Eine-up . . . . .W SOHL . . . . .PONTIUS Right Tackle SCHANTZ ' Right End. Women Left H ati Back W SOHL . Right H atf Back AMMERMAN Quarter Back BRIDDNBAUGH Substitutes. PONTIUS BURNS, R H. R WERNER +GE ORIFLAMME 1913 just 351111 illieam 31 Iwi Zllanager .... .... B RIN TON . Captain. .. . . . .... JAEGER. 1 Elin?-up Right Tackle .. . . Right End. ..... . Left End ..., . . .ROBERTS Left 'Tackle ....,.. SCHAEFFER, A. A. Left Guard. . ..... IMLER. Quarter Back . . . . Left H ali Back. . Right H alf Back. . JAEGER. Center. .......... SAUL. Right Guard. ..... LANDIS. A Full Back ..... . . Substitutes. HENNEBERGER, - BRTGHT, ' SAXMANN. .MACCLAY. LEINBACH SHAUB. .SYKES. NOLTING. 42 ii if S, 1' A U X I. ,,. Xx X I ? ' And x X . YM x X N. X K 1 X "Q 7- ' N Nix., 2 Dwfff' xx X. JA X1 . IMA A f xxx xx A 1 U' f K Uv' X f JB X lj, X? I' : mf' Q- I X X H I! L.: .v x "-' J I "If fry? Q 'ii ifgxx I ,lnlj I 31l:i'i-612 f N, .f.'. My J, L, : if I lvig , 'Ili K ' 4 . 4 . l 4'?'I!x1j':h E f! ys il1,K'A an 'Z I ' Ia X xi I K C:XXlY'NI'xf ly Xxaxx 'f ' J 15 W Z! W I - 1' " s . 55,1777 X N N E ESQ, go P .,........,. V sn,-rv' E l l I 4 P E s K S. i Q if ORIFLAMME 137 Ease ?BaII. 51 . UDGING by the number of games won by the team the base ball season of 1909 could hardly be called a success. There were, however, several redeem- ing features. These, together with the respect- able scores of all the games, prohibit us from too - harsh a judgment. Too much credit and thanks cannot be given to Prof. Beck for his faithful and eflicient coaching throughout the season. This, to a great extent, eliminates the lack of harmony and team work, the individual spite of anyone who has been "kept off the team, D and the contemptible indifference of the f ' quitterv which heretofore has sometimes characterized base ball at Franklin and Marshall. .The team played well and its 'crai- son d'etre" might well be in the victory over Gettysburg and its very successful northern trip. - The conduct of the team, away and at home, was always gentlemanly and reflected credit to the college. ' Prospects for the next season are unusually bright. Los- ing only two men by graduation, we feel sure that with a con- tinuation of Hthe new spirit" base ball will hold its deserved position in the athletics of Franklin and hlarshall College. E. ss M. COLLEGE. F Varsity Ease 355111 Zlleam SEASON OF 1909. 51 Eine-up 138 Manager .......... . Assistant Manager . . Captain . .Q .... .. . Coach Catcher. . . .... DEITRICH. Pitcher .... .... W VATTA. 'n First Base . Second Base. ..... . Third Base . Catcher. . . Pitcher .... First Base . Second Base. . Third Base. . . . . .... RHODES. BRIDENEAUGH. IQEMP. . . .J. B. SHEETZ. . . .G. N. REBERT. . . .T. S. DEER. . . .H. H. BE Shortstop. . . Left Field. . . . Center Field . Right Field. . Substitutes -PONTIUS, H. R. WERNER. Srruh Gram . . .RICHARDS Shortstop. . . . . . . . .BYERLY. Left Field . . . . . . . . . . .MYLIN. Center Field . . . . . . . . . GROVE, H. E. Right Field. . . . . . . . . . .VALLARINOA ' Substitute . . . . . CK. . . .DEER ' BRENNER. GAYLEY. . . . JHERSHEY. .B-RANT. WOLFE. F. P. XNERNER VVELLER. KAUEEMAN. VARSITY BASE BALL TEAM 140 F .sz M. CGLLEGE 'Varsity Ease Ball bnbehulz SEAsoN or 1909. : 51 Opp. April 3-Indians vs. F. and M., at Carlisle. ....... . . . . 9 April 17-Dickinson vs. F. and M., at Lancaster. ......... . 7 April 20--Niagara University Vs. F. and M., at Niagara Falls. 6 April 21-Syracuse vs. F. and M., at Syracuse ............. 4 April 22-Cornell vs. F. and M., at Ithaca ................ 4 May 1.-Albright vs. F. and M., at Meyerstown-Rain. May 15-Gettysburg Vs. F. and M., at Lancaster .......... 2, May 21-Mt. St. Mary's vs. F. and M., at Emmittsburg-Rain. May 22-Gettysburg vs. F. and M., at Gettysburg-Rain. May 26-St. J0hn's vs. F. and M., at Lancaster ..... '..... 1 2 May 29-Lehigh Vs. F. and M., at South Bethlehem. .... . . . 3 June 5 -Delaware vs. F. and M., at Lancaster--Rain. June 8-Swarthmore vs. F. and M., at Switrthmore. ..... . 6 June 9+-Indians vs. F. and M., at Lancaster-Rain. Totals .... - A . h ' 53 QRIFLAMME Catcher. . . Pitcher .... First Base . . Second Base 1911 Ease Ball Zlteam SEASON OF 1909. M dndger .... Captain. . . . . .RICI1-1AARDS. . . .BY13RLY. . . .S.,xYLoR. XVELLER. Right Field. . . . . . . '31 . . .VVELLER. . . .BYERLX1 iiinr-up Third Base. . . Shortstop. . Left Field . . Center Fitd. . . .LEoNAxRn. KEMP. GINGRICH. BRANT. HARTMAN 14:2 F, gem. COLLEGE 5 - s d 1912 Ease Ball d tam ' SEASON OF 1909. e T51 Manager, . . . . CASSEL- Cdptdvln . . . . .HERsHEY. lllinz-up ' Catcher. . . . . .PoN'r1Us. Third Base. . , . . .I1ERSHEY. I . MYLIN, Shortstop. . . . . .BRLDENBAUGH Pztehers.. .. Q 9 Q , GAYLNY. Left Fzeld ..,. . . .W0LFE. First Base . .H. R. WERNIQR. Center Field .... . . lVALLARINO. Second Base. ...... F. P. 1NNIG1iN,ER. Right Field. . . . .IAUKAMIA an.. i 5 ff ,--f""""' Z'- Z EEN ,jg 'bf' "3 SN fg 3 'fu' is 144. F. aM.coLLEc.E Zgaskzt Ball. 1 Q HE basket ball team added a successful season to g f a year already rich in athletic victories for Frank- N' lin and lliarshall. The preliminary practice before the season was formally opened augured well for a hard playing, hard-fighting, and there- Isla! if U fore winning basket ball teamj More than twenty men responded to e c ' th all of Coach McLaughlin and Captain Werner' for candidates, and positions on the team were well contested throughout the entire season. The opening game was lost to one of the best collegiate teams in the country, representing the College of the City of New York. The small score, and the spirit evidenced in the playing of this game, assured every supporter of a team worthy of its college. ' The game with Juniata was well played and won. The defeat of Gettysburg completed a cycle of victories over our old rival for the year, 'K a consummation devoutly to be wished. H The Indian gamewhich we lost by one point was one of the finest exhibitions of basket ball ever witnessed in the gym- nasium. Although we lost to Lehigh, the team won the re- spect of our opponents and the small score is sufficient evi- dence of a hard game under all the disadvantages of a strange floor. , - Cnly 'a. few more games remain to be played at the timeof this Wrltmg and 'judging from past performances, we feel isfisuared the team will continue to shed honor on our Alma a er. I I I I I ORIFLAMME , 145 5 Earsitp Basket 381111 illieams 1 I I I I SEASON 1909-1910. I Q 1 I I1 Manager. . 4 ....... . . ,MARKS I Assistant Manager . . . . LEONARD. Captain .......... . . .J . C. WERNER. il Coach, . . Q . . . . . .D. C. MCLAUGHLIN. I 1 Ein: 154.1 Ii Forwards. f I 7 I VVATT, KEMP. 1 Center .. ........ .. SMITH. 1 i Guards. i XVERNER, LEINBACH. Substitutes. 1 WEISEL SHAUB. 1 SCRUBS. ' - I ' I I I Forwards. I BRANT, BRIDENBAUGH. I 4 I Center ........ BRINTON. I 5 I 'E Guards. 5 I WALLACID, ' WELLER- I It . 1 I i f I I I 1 I 5 I 1 1 I 1 146 IT Dec. J an. Jan. Feb. Feb Feb Mar. Mar. n ,R M. COLLEGE varsity Easter mall bnbehule SEASON OF 1909-1910 TP 11-N. Y. C. C. vs. F. and M., at New York .... 1.0- Gettysburg F. and M., at Lancaster. . . 21-Juniata vs. F. and M., at Lancaster ...... 5 16 26 2 9 -Lehigh vs. F. and M., at South Bethlehem .... . -Indians vs. F. and M., at Lancaster .... . . -West Point vs. F. and M., at VVest Point. . -Delawifare vs. F. and M., at Lancaster. . . . -Dickinson vs. F. and M., at Lancaster . . . Totals .... ' Opp.F.cYWM ...20 8 ...26 38 ...18 31 ...133 16 ...ZS 21, . 49 ... 13 21 .... 22 39 ..,j...209 185 X 'JJ' Li Q. fm' E1 P QQ W ' VARSITY BASKET BALL TEAM T ,T w M8 F.'85 M,C0L LEG1-3 5 i 2 I 1 y. i H X 1 I l , 1910 Basket 352111 Team . . . .HENRY r w Y T N i M cmager .... - I . Captain , I .... SMITH. i ' 2 ' Eine 1541 1 Q i F orwards. , 1 VVATT, SMITH. H 1 E Center . . . ........ . . . REBERT. s Y 1 ' Guards. ' 1 WEISEL QGROVED. WERNER 1 T 11 E ORIFLAMME 1911 Basket Ball Qlieam Manager. . . Captain. .. .. KEMP, Center . . LEONARD. Substitute C1 Eine Elin Forwards. Guards. . . .ROBINSON . . .KEMP. BRANT. SAYLOR. WELLER. WADE. ti .I J, we Hg A W 1m F Qi Y w A sq, i 1 x L V 1 . w v Q WT. r QBLCOLLEGE fr! s gi V git f 5 U a ti v Y X Q x A' VQ VN 'l JL ' in A Isa QW ft r xr: ,1 52 . V1 31 ti jf 2Q 4 .-f tri 1 3 Z8 II TEV M13 tl 1 Q L 1 ia- Q 5 Manager. .. - - -BURNS- A Captain , , . .AMMERMAL 1452 35 KM time up Wi? 3 iii I Forwards. Q Q BRIDENBAUGH, AMMERMAN. ,a L . Q Center '.. ....... . .. WOLFE. QQ Guards. il? lj WALLACE, OBERHOLQER. , 41 E iw r fl: Substitute .. .. KENDIG. 3 Hp r ft i e , 1 R tit 1 1' ri 3 h afi OQRIFLAMME 1913 Basket Ball Team Q1 Manager. . . . . . .... LEINBACH Captain . . . .... SHAUB. Eine lip Forwards. SHAUB, . LEINBACH. Center . . . ., ........ BRINTQN. Guards. J A ICGIQR, SYKES. Subsiitfate .... .... 1X IETGER. I .1 1 , , ,,- :HW V ..,f-.-1.,.-.,...,....-,',,,-, , , H11......w.,.... ......m.-w ,-.. -... . . J! 5 Tp T 'JT E151 VI -,i.-iil..-l,-L 1 - V-..:,, , K Y,-V -4, ---..,.....- - ...n-.,, ORIFLAMME 153 Zfntersnbulastin Trask Meet v VVILLIAMSON FIELD, MAY 10, 1909, UNDER THE MANAGENIENT or MR. F. C. GARWOOD. x i - OR some time it has been conceded, that in order to l l show the High School and the'Preparatory School Boys what we have in the line of giving them a finished education, we could only bring it to their attention by a visit to our College and it was decided that this could be done under the best conditions, probably by holding an Athletic Meet, which woulddraw largely boys attending out-of-town schools. This resulted in our holding our First Annual Preparatory and High School Meet, on May 10, 1909, and we look backward with a great deal of pride upon the entire success of that Meet. Many representatives of the Preparatory and High Schools, who have been attending meets held by other -Colleges for a long term of years, were kind enough to say that, without exception, they felt that the meet that we held last year was, without doubt, the best managed and the best attended first meet in their recollection. The entries were from the following schools: Allentown High, St. Luke's Wenonah Military, Brown Preparatory, Williamson's School, Conway Hall, Yeates School, . ' Haverford School, Swarthmore Preparatory, 5,1 F, 8 M. COLLEGE. Mercersburg Academy, Central Manual, Norristown High, Qcean City High, Penn Charter, A Lancaster High, Pei-kiomen Seminary, Franklin and Marshall Academy. Reading High, In all, one hundred and seventy-five entries, a remarkable number for a meet of this kind. The Meet was Won by Mercersburg Academy, they Win- nino' the first leg of the 1904 cup. This cup was presented to theCCollege by the class of 1904 and is acknowledged to be the finest cup that is offered for competition of this kind. ' In order to become the absolute property of any school, it must be Won by that school five times, .not necessarily in succession. The events included all of the events that are laid down by the ,Intercollegiate 'Athletic Association. All the races were closely contested, the time in some of them being excellent. ' h l events, We give below the names of the Winners in t e severa together with the time made. ' ' l 1 100-yard Dash ........ 220-yard Dash ......... ORIFLAMME .Gill . Gill ....... Q-mile Run. . .. .. .Bowen .... 5-mile Run .... .. .... Ryan . . . . 1-mile Run .....h . ..... B ird ..... . 2-mile Run ............ Gallagher . . 120-yard Hurdle .... -. . . Green . . . . . 220-yard Hurdle ........ Green ..... High Jump ............ Rowbotham Broad Jump ........... Rowbotham Pole Vault ............. Rowbotham Throwing 12lb. Hammer. Brown .... Putting 12lb. Shot ...... Simpson . In addition to these events there were special Relay races won by N orristown, in the High School class, by Swarthmore, in the Prepara- tory School class, and by Lancaster High School, in a special invitation race, between Lancaster High School, Yeates School and Franklin and lllarshall Academy. All of the visiting athletes were placed in the charge of our college students im- mediately on arrival in the city, were dined at the Academy at noon, and after the races, a banquet, on a small scale, was given them in the Gymnasium. The winner of the Meet was presented with a hand- Mercersburg. . . Mercersburg .... . . . Mercersburg ........ Mercersburg ......... Wenonah Military .... Brown Preparatory.. . , Mercersburg ......... Mercersburg ......... Mercersburg .... .... Mercersburg .... .... . . .Mercersburg .... .... 1 0 ft. 2 inches 155 9 min. 4 sec. 22 min. 3 sec, .55 min. 1 sec. 2 min. 11 sec, 5 min. 10. 2 sec. 10 min. 28 sec. 16 min. 4 sec. 26 min. 3 Sec. 5 ft. 4 inches 21 ft. 7 inches Mercersburg. . 4 ..... 147 ft. 6 inches Mercersburg ......... all ft. 5 r i '4 5 P W ,. i 3 I H if .1 QL ,. s 1 is an 5 1 I H Q, I, K w E 1 1 i 1 1 w 1 5 1 CLASS OF 1904 CUP ORITFLTAMME 157 some banner, properly inscribed. The first, second and third men in the regular events were given gold, silver and bronze medals, made from the new Franklin and lllarshall Seal and the members of the Winning Relay team were all presented with silver loving cups. , ' ' Our Meet this year will be held on April 23rd, and as there Was some criticism as to the ability of the High School to com- pete successfully with the Preparatory School, we have sepa- rated these schools into two classes, offering identical prizes for each class, the Green Room Club having given us the Cup to be competed for by the High Schools. We are confident that this move Will make Franklin and M31'Sh3ll,S Annual Track lNTeet one of the greatest athletic occurrences of the year. The highest praise and Commendation is due to Mr. F. C. Grarwood for the success of our first Meet. It was through his untiring efforts that the event was made possible. Wo1'king alone, unaided by much needed encouragement and even hampered by dissenting voices in the most critical moments, 158 F. kM.COLLEGE. he has brought the hopes of rnany years to a glorious consum- mation. Now that the project is fairly launched, we look for even greater success in the future, which Wlll shed credlt upon its originator and chief supporter. oR1FLAMME 159 Qnahemp Qtblttins i C1 ' ' A URING the past year athletics at the Academy - have taken a brace for the better. An enthu- D siasm has been aroused among the students 1 unequalled in former times, which augurs well for success in the future. Under the eflicient - coaching of Professor John B. Lentz, -the Preps have developed fast and creditable teams in foot ball, basket U orth of recovnition in the ball and base ball, Which are W y D interscholastic world, ' Qnahemp :WDM EBU C1 Captain . 1 U , ..... VVIMER. Coach. QIQ, ..... J . B. LENTZ.' Manager ,... ........... ..... B 0 WMAN. Zffirnt Gram ' Left End ....... BRYsoN. Right Tackle HESS- Left Tackle ..... EDWARDS. I ' ' A FENSTERMACHER. Left Guard, ..... HELM. Ri ht End STAUFFER- Center .......... WIMER. 9 ' ' " DISSINGER. Right Guard .... RAUB. Quwtmd Back u SCHAFFILTER. r Right Half ..... MOYER, P. I. I I NISSLEX- Left Half. ...... HARRISON. Full Bach ...... CRAIG. Bummurg nf l5anwn A Acad. Opp. AcaC.emy vs Harrisburg Tech. ............ .... 0 5 Academy vs. Allentown Prep. . . ......... .... 2 3 5 Acacemy vs Beth1ehemePrep. .... I .... Q . . . . .' 6 0 Academy vs. Harrisburg Academy CRainQ. Acacemy Vs Lancaster High. . , ........... . . 0 0 Acacemy vs Harrisburg High. ..... . . . . . 6 0 Acacemy vs Tome .......... I . . . . 0 25 Academy vs. Gettysburg Prep ..... . . 55 ' 0 A I 90 30 Drrnnh Umm Left End ..... .... P YFER. I v' Right End. . . . .... VASQUEZ. Left Tackle ........ BRIDENBAUGH. Quarter Back ...... SCHAFFNER. Left Guard . . . .... BRANDT. .Left H ali. .... .... W ARD.i Center . . . .... . .DAvIs. Right H alf .... .... H ILL. Right Guard ....... HUNTER. Full Back ......... -HERR. Right Tackle. . ..... MOYER, J. N. - Substitutes-OWENS, HAGER, PQQJTTEIGER, KRAMER. Academy Second Team vs. Mt. Joy High .............. . . .. 23 5 bl -.- I A QD' -, -, -4, .Lu CJ! T' ACADEMY FOOT BALL TEANI we F. aM.CoLLE GE Qnahemp Ease 385111 SEASON OF 1909. C1 Captaifn. . . . - - -BLACK- Coach . . . q . . .J. B. LENTZ. M cmager ..... - - -GILL1LAND- . - Elrami Y .h ' BATDORF. Shortstop. . . . . . .BLACK. can WS' ' ' ' ' l ' KAUFFMAN. ' Third Base .... CRAIG. Pitcher. . . . ..... LICHTY. Left Field . . . ..... DISSINGER. First Base. . . ..... MOYER, P. I.. Center Field . . . .PRICE. Second Base . I I v U u KENDIG, Right Field. . . . .HALL. BASSET. 1 Dummarg nt' Games Harrisburg Academy at Lancaster. Tome Institute at Tome ............. Massanutten Academy at Lancaster ..... Bethlehem Prep -Cancelled, rain. Yeates School at Yeates .......... Moravian College, at Bethlehem. 5 .......... . . . Harrisburg Tech., at Lancaster, Cancelled, rain. Conway Hall, at Lancaster Q10 inningsj .- ........ o . 1 4 , Acad.. Opp . 15 18 . 1 4 . 1 16 . 15 0 .. 5 4 I. 24. our-P-OO l-bmi.. Q vf ,M I I I. .k..,.f.,. ACADEMY BASE BALL TEAM. ,, , - 164 F .Sz M. COLLE GE. Qcahemp Basket 395111 SEASON 1909-1910. 1 91 . . . . . . .N1ssLEY. Captain . . . . Mafnager .... . . -FULTON- -Cooch .... . . . . . .J. B. LENTZ. Efrmn Forward ...., ....... N ISSLEY. Forward . ........,.. Hass. Center .......... b .... MOYER, P. I. Guard. . Q ....... FAUST. Guard . ............. VVIMER. .......... MOYER, J . N. 1 Sinmmarg nf Kamen Academy vs. Harrisburg Academy ......... Academy Vs. Yeates ...................... Academy vs. Moravian College Qflancelledj. Academy vs. Harrisburg .Academy ........ Academy vs. Albright Prep. ......... . Academy vs. Gettysburg Prep. .... . Academy Vs. York High. ...... . Academy Vs. Moravian College . . . Academy Vs. Albright Prep. ........ ..... . 1 ' Ssrnnh Grant Sfrhrhulv Academy 2nd vs. Quarryville High, at Quarryville Academy 2nd vs Academy 2nd Vs Academy 2nd Vs Academy 2nd vs . Maytown High, at Maytown . . . . BoWman's Tech., at Lancaster. . . Quarryville High, at Lancaster '. . Maytown High at Lancaster. . . an-..... Acad, Opp. . . . . 20 78 . . . 36 12 . . . 28 23 . . . 25 18 58 A .11 . . . 16 39 . . . 46 18 . . . 56 19 Acad. 2nd Opp. 20 22 . . 6 29 . . 5 38 . . 69 28 . . 42 13 LXCADEMY BASKET BALL TEAM ..... Jw' -V' A "'-'GW v-F" fr 4: FTC? Bob Brogles Ted Williams. Dr. Snowden. Dr. Smith . . . Dr. Fish .. . Jack Bang . . . Jim Gilbert . . Uncle Jake. . . ORIFLAMMIE Green Baum Cllluh G . 'tnfigs ant acnfgrw. l67 FULTON OPERA HoUsE, APRIL 14, 1910 Q1 Clan! nf Glhararters Bruce Stanley ........ Josh "Honey" Love .... . . Joe Boffmeiers. Pat Breen . . . "Shorty" Hoover ..... .....W. S. RAUB D. IiRAMER .....G. N. KEMP . . . .H. E. WEISEL .......L. BIRINYI . . .T. C. PEIGHTAL ......A. P. NIYLIN ..J. W. RICHARDS . . . .O. W. SAYLOR ......A.F.R13NTz L. J. L1v1NGooD A. WAMPOLE . . . . T. CUMMINGS Mose Hellman ...... ---- P - C- WAGNER " Legs " Ganz Students. .... W. J. BRINTON Y , lr F 3 n 1 I r x P 1 I Z ' 9 I , W , if 1 Q 92 ' L r- ' . ' -2 Il 4? If? , vff, 3- airs 691 . l5g.::-,si Q nw l ff VKX 'Xp Q 15 M f -yyx Sx X 1.-5 Y .5 1m+1.- - , Q, ,-,.,.T.-, Q 3,1 -J ,ici H is ,'+ I Lf x 4 , 2 f 'X if GLICE AND MANDOLIN CLUBS --1--H f--.s--f---V H-- .. , . . , -,.,..,,.,,-, , , 170 F. 8zM.COLLEGE Glen Qiluh. W . OR the past twenty or more years, it has been the custom at Franklin and lyfarshall College to be represented, during the winter months, by a ' musical organization, known as the combined ' Glee and Mandolin Clubs. . VVhile we do not think it right as students to spend too much of our valuable time in this phase of our College life, yet we consider the fact, that we have a good club, and that this club most fitly represents and advertises our Alma Mate1', a most line and excellent thing. ' The interest in the Clubs had been somewhat lagging for the past two seasons, until last year, when we were glad to have in our midst, Prof. Thompson, andit was due to him alone, that last year was the best ever experienced by any former Club. Prof. Thompson, whom we have missed many times since his departure,,not only spent .much of his t.ime .in per- fecting- each number of the program, but also accompanied the Club on every trip and so managed to make every concert a howling success. f I The territory covered last year was Lancaster County, very thoroughly, and Berks County to a great degree, giving concerts at Reading, Leesport, Kutztown, Hamburg and Bern- ville. A southern trip was also taken. The stops were Littlestown, Hanover, Frederick, Hagerstown and Baltimore. The Clubs, this year, are following closely those of last K 'E:. 1' year, both in kindfof con-certs and in the number of concerts oR1rLAMME m which We expect to give. The program consists largely of selections by the Glee Club and Mandolin Club, but ample space is also given to our soloists of Whose talent we are justly proud. The reader, also, is an important item on our program. Much credit must' also be given to the managers of the Clubs, andin this respect our Club has been most lucky in securing most competent ones. Q T The idea, this season, is to cover that territory which We were unable to touch upon last year. Already a Western trip has been taken, which being of an experimental nature, never- theless turned out to be most successful, as the 3100 admis- sions most plainly 'indicatej Several short trips have been planned and everything now points to a season even more prosperous than that of last year, with the final concert at home the last of March. 4 A i 1 'w 4 EL ,. .7 1. I . I M ,f 1 ,z. 4 1 4 l Y i H ki W 1 ,1 11 'Pa 3 i 3 R If Eei ly I in Y lf, 3. 'lm V LMT VH il.. if . v Q 5 I. in I.. 1" k lv ,T I 172 F. SLBLCOLLEGE Elec anhd anhulin Qllluhs if? Qbiiirrrz President ....... .......... Tice-President Secretary. ...... . . . Treasurer ........ . . . B usrlness M anager. . . . . Assistant Manager . . . . . . . C. G. WAT'F, '10. L. M. AARNER, '10, P. R. PONTIUS, '12. H. F. REBERT, '12. W. N. KLINE, '10. G. D. BOMBERGER, '11. Glen Qllluh Leader. .................. VV. S. RAUB. H. C. SEITZ, E. 'A. WAMPOLE, F. P. WERNER, C. G. WATT, H. E. WEISEL, L. E. HUNIPHREVILLE, W. E. IQEEFER, H. E. AMMERMAN, E. D. KRAMER, E. P. DEATRICK, A, L. GROVE, First Tenors D. B. IiRAYBILL, C. W. SCHANTZ, E. B. LANDIS, E. L. NOLTING. Q Second Tenors. W. S. RAUB, M. W. EMRIOK, H. H. N. BOWMAN. First Bass. G. D. BOMBERGER, L. A. VVOLFE, R. L. REBER, J. R. HAHN. Second Bass. P. R. PONTIUS, L. B. HERB, W, M, ROBERTS, W. F. HOFFMAN, J. W. DORMAN, G. W. METGER, W. N. KLINE, P. F. SCHAFENER, H. F. REBERT, R. P. SCHEARRER L. M. -SMITH, A. P. MYLIN, R. B. TAYLOR, H. D. COX. O R31412 L A 173 . jlillanhulin Clllluh Leader .................... J. K. EVANS. First Mandolins. L. M. ARNER, G. N. REBERT, J. K. EVANS, H. E. AMMERMAN. Second Mandolins F. P. WERNER, R. P. SCHEARRER, E. B. ROMIG, Violins.. ' ' J. L. WARFEL, J. R. SHEPLEY. Guitars. P. R. PONTIUS, - J . R. HAHN. ' Cello. ................ - . .H. F. REBERT. Reader. . . . ....... W. S. RAUB. Accompanist .......... H. F. REBERT 6 65531 e ee QD 5 4 lil 5 .lo gg 5 Q Clllnllege Qibuir G I WAMPOLE, PONTIUS, KLINEf . RAUB, SPAHN, RICHARDS, LUCKENBILL, SCHEARRER, LANDIS' XVEISEL, C- WATT- 1' Nw If 'W v4.3 ,Le I1 I 514 w. 4 1. I hi . Ugg 'E 4 ""' f 4 4+ ' 1 1' H " 'Q,,f1-' LQ ff fy " 1 j a I : 55, A J: : -'.' l 61.53.111 I " Q: 3-1, if ff. i' 'N' .5i.Ll 5iMM . Jdgf ,:. Fam iMWD5wff5H??if1wQWLf N.. 'B' Y, .. , . , .. 41. 1 ,ip " '- . ' " ' A ' ' -as ., Q ' - .,..,. . . . . K -,W 32 73' 'i' -f Wi. 'r . 'i"?"':v. Gigi. ' .T Aff- ' '. 42:5 .2 ,ii A : Xqkt : ':, - .Sa t ? A x U-if -'43 ' . ,- 1 " ' 1 ., 4 - :ff . ,- . .. ,. .rw . : ' " - 1 , -.1 f - 2 a,- '. " . ' . ' . . .7 fl ."' -...z ... , .4 ,. . .-,.11- 'ng A 1, .. -,- wif., A . ' 'n.l,1'- '-'. 3 ' Hu . ' f-. . ' ' i"":" ' 1 ' -f - - 'i 'v' " "A 5 -r-1 .- ' ' . -' i""'.-.f1""4 ' . . 5 .- ...Z ,H-...... .. U A. .. ,.r... , I' 1.5 A 1 -Y ' . .F ..n . ,rw U. !,.,.,.f. . . .. -,. " A- :,. V... ft- 4- gl: A -f:-A ,:. ' W' - ., ',' 5335: 251.1-,lv L." '--J! .qN'1N.'4l.l- ' .. , V. ,. ,, . . '.,... Hfa- .ad H I O R I F L A M M E Eluniur Zlanp Qllummittse 51 . 6 J. W. SAYLOR. ........ ........... C' hairfman E. C. WELLER, ' G. N. HARTMAN, J. F. LEONARD, T. C. PEIGHTAL. .ff , fl 'Af Jsml f ff! HW XJ! .ffl L f 1 QQ V' . , kj i ' A mg a '- 3 ' ,A D 5933 A 1 A f-5:2 gg' if 1' 4' 1 1 . A 5. 'Jim "3 ' 5, . .- -pM'g6e,".5F?: '4-V 6J5.:l:1,"' ,fri I N".""fg"':?', Y : , . l 21- 1 lv. "Q' N 1' 'Pgfg5iC9"g..N1'fJ 'I' ' ' V, 2-'ET 1 3 ' f ff of M ff 1, :.1f1 X' -f f . fy 'J 1. l,,f, . , 0 l,,,,,1, X M of fy: 2 ,n1:,- x xx I gm J ' xx - ,"' 145 I I oi M J ' :f f iz! -. A --,- 2 ---M -My M . MW" -. .-f. aus A fb 4:29 U:J'fv5"-I' U f459:1lpJw,l 1 QQWQQQ A fff1ff"pWW Qabbb fwuiiwwlp Q ,gfyigglv Wm aaqwyww f 61213255 lub 131 Gbffirern ' President . . .......... J. ANDRIQLW FRANTZ. Preceptor .. . PROF. C. N. HELL ERg illivnruheru A. C. HENRY, '10, I D. B. IQR.-XYBILL, '11, H. M. BASSLER, '12 J. P. ADAM, '11, C. E. SOHL, '12, D. J. WETZJLL, '12, J. A. FRANTZ, '13. I I I I E, I ,I ' I . I I , I I I , I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Ig I I I I I I I I I I I - I I I :I I II I .I I I I ' I I ' I I I I I I E. I I. I I II I I ' I I I I , I I I I I I I I I I I I I jf III I I I A I I I .IE I i ' 'I I I, , I . I X' I I ' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Charles Grove Alexander CHARLES G. ALEXANDER 'Was born October 29, 1885, , ggfrjat Mt. Nebo, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He received the benefits of an common school education until at the age of eighteen ,yea1's, he entered the Millersville State Normal School. After seven monthshstudy, he took the County examinations, passing with very creditable marks. ,He then taught two years in Martic township, at the end of that time entering Franklin and Marshall Academy. He graduated from that institution, June 7, 1907. In the fall of the same year he entered College as a Freshman. During his two years at College Mr. Alexander was a member of the Marshall Club and the Diagnothian Literary Society, an active participant in all college activities and a man who commanded the respect and confidence of his fellow students. - He 'died of typhoid fever on June 8, 1909, after an il ness of five weeks. Resolutions - I WHEREAS, God in His boundless mercy and inscrutable wisdom has deemed it fit to terminate the earthly existence of Charles Grove Alexander, and Whereas, He was a member of our Class of 1911 of Franklin and Marshall College, and long our beloved friend and cherished comrade, be it ' REsOLvED, That for a tribute of our respect we make this slight recognition of his exemplary character, his achievements, and the shroud of gloom which his demise throws about us. His superb Christian character and 'manly virtue will ever bind his memory to the hearts of his classmates. He won our respect by his kind and simple manner, by his unbounded loyalty to his class and by his untiring efforts for his Alma Mater. His energy and activity make it the harder for us to realize that he will no longer be in our midst, and therefore Be it further resolved: That we, as a class, extend our most heartfelt sympathies and condolences to the bereaved members of his family, that a copy of these resolutions be sent to the family and that they be printed in the College publications. . THOMAS J. WAGNER, HIRfXM S. KREMER, GEORGE N. IQEMP, , Committee. Charles A. Tome Q9 Resolutions 1 WHIDREAS, It has seemed' best to Almighty God, in His inscrutable wisdom, to remove from our midst our beloved classmate, Charles A. Tome, therefore be it Resolved, That by his death the Freshman Class of Frank- lin and Marshall College lost one of its most esteemed classmates, and one who was known to us by his many manly and noble traits of character, which we, in our lives, will try to perpetuate. Be it further resolved, That to the relatives of our beloved classmate, the ones who were near and dear to him by the ties of family affection, our condolences are extended, we mourn with them in their sorrow, and with them, look forward to an eternal reunion, with the one who has gone before. . Be lt further resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be published in the next issue of the Franklin and Marshall College WEEKLY and the ORIFLAMME. WILLIAM SOHL, g CHARLES B. BTOYER, ' LLOYD F. fRUMBAUeH, ' L. A. WOLFE. ' 1 IN MEMORIAM . , mx - .-.-:5:5:iz319:121:1:1:!:3:3S:2:-155'-!5:5:5:3:2:f -:-:-:-: Wliigl':391:5:l:5":4-:-vu-:--.--13.-.-qv.-.-:-me-:-:-:-:4:-1-'-.-2-.-:-:- --4.-.-,----- ' 1 .5.5:515:5255:5:5:5:5q:5:5:5:5:5:5:-.551-:-:-:4''-.-.-:-:-:-,-.-:lzlzrgrggrgkrgzig .5755,Q5:1:f:5:-:-tE-:-:-:-:iz-S:-:1:1:-:5125:-sf:fa1:12521-2:1-Z-1-I-iff:5:?:1:1:I ''7:3:1:-zf:7:55:ki:I:T:15:If:IQ2-152-2-Z'2115I7:5:f'2:1:-:-: :1:f:-:-:-S,'2:i:I:1:1 55: :5:5:5:5:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-v:-:-:-:-:-S:-:f:1:1:2" -z-12525251-:5:5:5:5:5:5:5y:5:g-go' f- 49-.-:-VE:ki:Zi:Z:iz7:2523Igr5Z5:5:-:-:-:-ze-:5:5:-:-:-:5:-:I:-:I:2:1:2:5:2:2g15:5:5:-: ' ' P' ' ':I'I:I-1-I-2-I-I-15:-:-z1:2:I:1:5:1'?:1:1:2:f:f3:l:2'I' '- ' ':2:f:2:-. 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JOSEPH HENRY DUBBS. 5 1 1 P A Dr Joseph Henry Dubbs HE death of D1 Joseph Henry Dubbs- which occuued Friday afternoon April 1 1910 terminated the earthly cfueei of a man eminent as a clergyman educator and author D1 Dubbs ranked hi 'li as a chuich worker and his voluminous wutmgs in behalf of the chui ch and in historical research entitle him to a position among the leadmgliteiaiy men of the day He is best known and best remembered by. Franklin and Marshall men, on account of his genial good humor, the breadth of his intellect and his unlimited powers as a conver- sationalist. His death, though looked upon as imminent for some time, came as a shock to his many friends. Dr. Dubbs was born at North Whitehall, Pa., October 5, 1838. He was the son of Rev. Joseph and Eleanor D. Dubbs. At the early age of fourteen, he had completed his preparation for college and was brought by his father to the newly estab- lished Franklin and Marshall College, at Lancaster, in preference to Rutgers College, at New'Brunswick. Dr. Dubbs, himself, told many interesting tales of his experiences at this College from which he graduated in 1856. He completed the course at the Mercersburg Theological Seminary in 1859, was awarded the degree of D.D. by Ursinus College in 1878, and that of LL.D. by Heidelberg University, Ohio, in 1897. In the fall of 1854, 'during Dr. Dubbs' second year in college, he was initiated into the Chi Phi Fraternity by Rev. Gustavus W. Mayer, thus becoming the founder of the Zeta Chapter and the first initiate into the reorganized fraternity. He held the notable distinction of being the oldest initiate for several years past and he became known as the founder' of the Fraternity, as it now exists. ' g A I 1 f l D1 Dubbs began 111s 2LCt1V6 1111l'11Sl31y 111 tl1e Refouned Chu1cl1 by fillmg tl1e cl1a1ge at Allentoun 1n 1859 He 1 acated that pos1t1on in 1863 to accept a c1ll to Pottstown 11l11Cl1 he Hlled unt1l 1871 when he beca1ne pa to1 of Ch113t Refolmed Cl1u1cl1 Ph1ladelphia In 1875 l1e 11 as elected to the Auden- llefl Chau of H1sto1y and Alchfreology 1t F1ankl1n and Ma1sl1all which pos1t1on he held up 11I1'lZ1l the t1111e of h1S death Du11n ' the tempo1a11y absence of D1 8tah1 1n 1904 he was actlng p1es1- dent of the colle0'e He was also sec1eta1y of the boa1d of tlustees s1nce 1889 and fo1 fifteen yea1s assu1ned the capaclty of sec1eta1y of tl1e faculty It was 1n cl1u1cl1 and l11sto11cal wo1k that D1 Dubbs 16 C61V6Cl the h1ghest hono1s At va11ous t1mes he was elected as delegate to the Assembhes of s1ste1 chu1ches and 1n 1893 he was Pl8S1Cl6I1'b of the Easte1n Synod of the RGfO11H6d C'hu1 ch Wl11l6 1n Pans on a Eu1opean toul 111 1878 D1 Dubbs was chosen 1 co11espo11d1ng 111e1nbe1 of the Ethnog'1aph1c I11st1tute of F1ance a11d 1n 1895 he 11 as chosen as a Fellow 1n the H1St0T1 cal Soc1ety of G1 eat l-511171111 Tl1e 11te1a1y Wolk of D1 Dubbs was botl1 eXtens1ve a11d var1ed F1om 1882 to 1886 he was ed1to1 of the Gua1d1an a Refouned pubhcatlon and f10111 1894 to 1895 was one of the ed1to1s of the R6fO11116Cl Cl1L11Cl'l Messenge1 HIS cont11bu t1ons to Cl1u1cl1 H1sto1y a1e too nu1ne1 ous to 111ent1on here and l1e was also a cont11buto1 to 111any magftzmes and encyclopm Cl121S a1nong them the l-i1ncyclopocd1a B11ttan1ca and the Schaff He1zog Encyclopoe l HIS H1sto1y of F1ankl1n and l1a1sl1all College dese1ves spec1al attent1on as bemg one of h1s last l1tera1y effo1ts and as bemg an extenslve volume of 407 pages Wl1en l1ealtl1 pe1n11tted D1 Dubbs was a legulal attendant at the monthly 111eet1ngs of the Lancaste1 County H1sto11cal Soclety He 11 as deeply 1nte1ested 111 1ts uelfale and lead many 11'1SJDl1lC'h1VG pape1s 1n 1ts 111ee tmgs He was 1nst1u111ental 1n 1ts foundm and at one tune sen ed as one of 1ts v1ce p1es1 u 'W ' I o . . . . 1 . , ' 4. 1 7 , .. 7 . . 1 4 , ' C , 7 1 'S ' '. ' i . , , , , rc I' I' 0 I Ii A - I I ' C ,L , ' ' - . , . ' 8 , ' 1' 1 I .I I, 0' ' f 1- . . cn ' f ' ' . 1 vw ' I . . . . . 1 .N 1. 1 1 i - ' D n - . . v n . . I Q , 4 1 1 ' n , , J . . . . - . ,. .... - ' 1 1 - . . Z ' 1 . 7 Q X . . .- 1 L 1 ' c . 0 lg 1 1 F I 1 ' ' , ' , cz , ' 77 - 1 1 Q . . t I f 1 1 - , ll . . . .11 ' .' - g 1 I O 1. u - . - c - , ra 1 - ' ,' ' 11 1 rr . ' H ' ' ' - ' 0 Cla. ' ' if , ! . 1 ' . . ' ' L., D -v I , , , .L J 0 'C . . I X763 9 I V - L V 7 , . I . 'I ' l . . 1 L I . I . , I . . - ' .- r g I 1 7 V' ' ' dents. Dr. Dubbs also aided in the organization of the Pennsyl- vania German Society and was its president in 1891-1892. He was also afhliated with the Pennsylvania Historical Society and the State Federation of Historical Societies. The death of this eminent scholar, theologian and historian leaves a gap in the ranks, which may not be filled for years to come by ,one so worthy and esteemed. Dr. Dubbs is survived by his wife, formerly Miss Mary L. Wilson, together with two sons, Henry A. Dubbs, Esq., a prominent lawyer of Pueblo, Colorado, and T. Wilson Dubbs, the Lancaster Jeweler, and his two daughters, Mrs. Frank Mish, of Hagerstown, Md., and Mrs. Clarke Kieffer, of Frederick, Md. The funeral services were held on Monday afternoon, April 4th, Dr. H. H. Apple, Dr. J. S. Stahr and Dr. G. F. Mull, officiating on behalf of the Faculty. The body was taken from the house to the College Chapel, where the ceremony was held, shortly 'after 1:30 o'clock. The hearse was followed by the family and their friends, who were provided withcabs. The funeral sermon was delivered by Dr. Stahr in a very simple, yet very impressive manner. His words bespoke the esteem in which Dr. Dubbs was held by all who knew him and being a life-long friend and associate, Dr. Stahr was able to give special weight to his remarks of commendation and praise. After the ceremonies were completed the coffin was laid open and the people were permitted to pass to the front of the church and view, for the last time, the remains of their departed friend. The funeral procession then formed at the College entrance and proceeded to Greenwood Cemetery, where the last rites were observed. The entire student body marched, according to classes, as an honorary escort for the body. 1 X i ' K L- X ' X-4 X 43 Y ! - I 333,11 'i I .f Qx, QS: J ' m f?- A 1 I 4741 ,5Q5x f xt , A? -'S ' all , TYR . xv swf' . '-Q?i.'fQ4fgj , my A S.-i Q X' - xtyw W . W i. Ev' N f"'-As - . f ,A , f ,45,?3E,.0 f ,W ., ,,-'-331.1- f - ff Mf pu " 5 , 3235! A K' QQ sh ji 3? ' f VL! e'ee !: 'VV fr l 9 4' ' K. K 3 A 'f"JG4'i ' 7 'S 5' '. ' X 1 , P -N fa :VH ff , 'f If . 94' In IIVH Z . 'N .W Bibb!! v s ! EVE p , .V 1 I4 Q V9 V1 ,l X ' 41 M , ,V ff I 13. f,- F Q f 4 i U 1 '. ff 7' ', f W' X I f Q 7 X ' U 0, I l X , xx ff W ,J K f?f"'L sf MK I ,V , 1 ' . ".H1. .. " Y V I ,I 'll' f, "nl '14 X. gi -ff ,- "-:T 'T-i""'-'- F-' :"' Y A W V Y -... .. -Y GUY DILLMAN BOMBERGER . . . 8. M. COLLEGE. vim-insville, Pa. IFRFMIAH PAUL AD au ........... .... D Marshall Clubg Goetheang Chaplain G. L. S. C205 Entered Sophomoreg Prepared at Perkionien Semi- nary and Kutztown S. N. S.g AB. Course. At times this specimen of humanity seems to us almost human. As an enthusiastic Worker of -the Goethean Literary Society, he has often astonish- ed his fellow students by his brilliance in debate and oratory. He is the feminine counterpart of R. Adam and is determined to do his duty, uno mat- ter vat der rest of der poys do. U His motto is, 'CPe a man, pe a man." He also plays "The Storm. " ..........Lititz, Pa. Diabnotluan, Secretary D. I . S. C2j, C3jg Vice-Presi- dent L. S. C35 3 Oriflamme Staff C3j 5 Assistant Man- ager of Glee Club C333 Prepared at F. and M. A.g Ph,B. Course. The lucidity and the clearness, to say nothing of the brilliancy of Guy's reci- tations makes him a Worthy addition to our class. Added to this the charming mellowness. of his melodious voice makes us indeed happy to gall him class-mate. As assistant business- manager of this publication, our prayers for Bommyis success are fervent and frequent. ' O J AMES LOUIS BRANT RIFLAMQBIE 187 ......Eriedens,Pa. Paradise Club3 Class Base Ball C15, C25 3 Captain C153 Class Foot Ball C253 Scrub Foot Ball C25, C353 Class Basket Ball C15, C25, C353 Scrub Base Ball C15, C253 Ban- quet Committee C253 Weekly Staff C353 Glee Club C35: Prepared at lf. and M. A.3 AB. Course. Allhail, Jimmie! He came to F. and M. in the company of 'Weller and has done as well as could be expected under such circumstances. Wltl1Ollt excell- ing in any department of College, he always gives his most earnest support Wherever he can. If he does not fall into bad habits., we predict a great EUGENE PEYTON DEATRICK. . . Kutatown, P1 Diagnothiang Reviewer D. L. S. C253 Finance Com- mittee ofaY. M. C. A. C253 Prepared at Kutztown S. N. S.3 Entered Sophomore3 AB. Course. .Q , I . 1 ,S I came, I saw, conquelef. Such must have been the thoughts of Eugene when he entered F. and. M. ' 66 G99 ' Deat certainly took us by storm and his efforts to reform us have been duly appreciated. He was almost as valu- able a man on the Glee Club as he IS off of it. He, however, is from Kutz- town, and that covers a multituflf-I Of sins. C future for Jimmie. 1 . L S 1 iss F. aM.ooLLEGE ' 1 I JOHAV IqIi'i7DFlR Ev,-iNs. . ....................... Hawthorne, Pa. . rp K 25 A F 1115 Goetheang Class Foot Ball CU, C253 fs n li i V I Vi I Scrub Foot Ball CD, C255 Editor of Calenclafr C235 Class sl I Basket Ball Manager C255 Chairman Banquet Com- il mittee C233 Intercollegiate Cratorical Union C2jg if 'lI'eekIj1jStai:f C lj, C2j, C3j3Treasurer Glee Club C3j3Vice- President Class C3Q5 Assistant Manager Foot Ball Team' C355 Executive Board Intercollegiate Oratori- pf I cal Union C353 Prepared at Mercersburg Academy, Ph.B. Course. A 1 One look at the angelic countenance . of this cherub makes one feel that this World is not such a bad place after all. 'gJack', spends the day improving his intellect, but devotes a small part of each evening to recreation. As the leader of the Mandolili Club, he is chiefly responsible for the success 1 - . . of tiat organization. - HAROLD R. GEISENBERGER . . . ....,.. Lancaster, Pa. Mandolin Club C255 Prepared Ii. H. S., .kX.B. Course. Behold the Bohemian kid. ' In him we have a combination of the sport and the classicist. His talent in horseman- ship enables him to excel in the ancient languages. In fact, Prof. Farnsworth thinks that he has devoted his time to Latin and Greek, to the utter neglect . - of German. The '6Kid,, is a strong advocate of 'gProhibition.,, ' . X W 1 I l ORIFLAMME 189 CHRISTIAN Rrssnn GINGIRICH . . . . . Lawn, pa. CYRUs T OBIAS GLESSNER ............. Paradise Clubg Class Foot Ball Clj, CZJ5 Scrub Foot Ball CD5 Varsity Foot Ball CZD, C355 Banquet Com- mittee C155 Class President C253 Secretary Athletic .Xssociation C333 Business Manager Ofviflamme C351 Prepared at F. and M. A. 5 AB. Course. "Cyn brings with him the virile strength and capacity of the mountain- eery As a member of the foot ball team his virile strength 'made quite an impression, both in the opponentis line and-on the side line. As to his capa- city, we may not go into details here. After foot ball season Cy,s melodious voice renders service to his Alma lllater on the Glee Club. In the past he must have been unfortunate in love, for nard study does not produceggray hair. RQ- member him in your prayerS, f01' he 15 the business manager of our book. X C173 Goetheang Class Base Ball C255 Class Historian C353 Prepared at F. and M. .-X.g AB. Course. Isnat he cute? One would never suspect the real character of Risser from outward appearances. Like Geisenberger, he has sporting propen- sities and when he gets big he says he will drink beer. In Junior Greek 6'Ging',, has proven himself a pillar oi strength and is a source of much wondei and delight -on the part of Zeus. VVQ expect great things from Risser. Berlin, Fa 190 F. kM.COLLEGE rw 1 1 FREDERICK M. E. GROVE ......... ........ 1 uitle Cieek, Pa. Franklin Club5 Goetl1eau5 Secretary G. L. S. C255 Treasurer, C33 5 Assistant Librarian C3D5 Prepared at F. and M. A,5 A.B. Course. Gentle reader, quantity of name can not make quantity of man, nor quality either. 'F red is so small that he would have to turn around at least twice to cast one shadow. But he says Napoleon wasn,t a big man 'either,- so there you are. As assistant librarian, he is known as Zeus, the second. Pretty 'Ctuffn on Zeus. Like J. P. Adam, he has astounded the college world by his in- tellectual achievements. Somehow or other Freddy makes a great hit with the girls. GrEORGIG NIQXCIN I'IARTMA.N ............. .. Woodstock, Va. W L' lfg A l' W5 Diag11otl1ia115 Class Foot Ball Clj CZD5 Class Basket Ball Clj, C2j 5 Class Base Ball Clj, C255 5 Scrub Base Ball CU, C215 Scrub Foot Ball Clj, C2j5 Varsity Foot Ball C35 5 Assistant Manager Base Ball 5 C305 Calemlm' Staff, CZD 5 Glee Club C255 Class Secretary 5 C315 Junior Hop Committee C355 Prepared at Mercers4 l lmurg Academy5 Ph.B. Course. The devil, like the literary societies, must have his dues, so with due apolo- gies to "His Satanic Majesty," we will give George what is coming to him. During foot ball season, he was popu- larly known as the "touch-down kid. H However, that doesn't get him much with Tuffyg but we all know that Dr. Kershner is eccentric. George cuts qulte ea figure Cby his absencej, in the Diagnothian Literary Society. ORIFLAMME 191 EDVVARD Hocri IIEFFNER D1-yville, pay. Marshall Club 5 Goetlieang Winner of W. 1-1. Keller Freshman-Sophomore Latin and Greek Prizeg Orator- ical Contest C2jg Librarian G. L. S. C2jg Critic, G. L. S. C353 Reviewer G. L. S. C333 Prepared at Keystone S. N. S.g A. B. Course. The good is often found in company with the bad, this may be the reason Why Heff is so popular in exam. week. Midnight oil has no terrors for him and he is not selfish with the results of his labors, and his Physic's problems re- produce themselves as fast as Dicky,s amoebas. Heff hasn't ordered his Phi Beta Kappa key yet. BENJAMIN BRUBAKER HERR .........,.. ...... L ancaster, Pa. Diaonothian, Rey ICXVSI .D. L. S. C255 Secretary D. L. S. C2j5 Anniversary Committee D. L. S. C2jg Treas- urer D. L. S. C3D5 Salutatorian D. L. S. Anniversary C355 Class Foot Ball C255 Zoology Cremation Committee C255 First Prize Inter-Society Oratorical Contest C235 Intercollegiate Debating Board C355 Attorney Mock Trial C315 Prepared at F. and M. A.g A. B. Course. 4 Benjamin is a great admirer of Herr and Herr thinks a great deal of Benja- minf. As a "bluffer" in Physics, "SmilyH has almost convinced Tuffy that he knows something about the subject. Underclassmen may procure all kinds of well-broken steeds from him. Cheer up, "Ben," we can't all make Phi Beta Kappa. I 192 F- a M. COLLEGE B 1 XNIIN IIERR .. . . ........ Lancaster, Pa. QLA1uusToN EhJf1 WILLIAM FREEMAN I'liOFFMAN Marshall Clubj Prepared at Scotdale H. S.5 Ph. B. Course. ' Until this year our Glee Club lacked a clear soprano, but then "I-Ioffw Came to the resuee and now his milky squeals complete the harmony of that ,organi- zation. At that he isn't a half-bad fellow, and hetakes his zips in Physics like a man.. He appeared mysteriously 0116 year ago and is doing as -Well as could be expected in so short a time. But 'Hoff is fast learning to ride with the rest of the ,boys on the road to sue- eessf W .Y Kg Glee Club CD3 l'1'eparocl at F. anfl M. Ag Special Course. I This is one of the three "Punks.', The more they come the Npunkerw they get and this is the last 'CPunk', in the bunch. Did you ever see his Stahrls School pin? If you didn't it is not his fault. It is the same way with every- thing he does from the basket ball floor to the Book Store. There is no room for anyone else when Punk is around, and, dropping his Cranium from con- sideration his feet form the biggest part of the boy. It is hard to imagine how much they would improve his picture. l 1 . . . Scotdale, Pa. ORIFLAMME 193 WILLIAM EDWIN HoY, JR ..... .... X foehow, Hunan, China. fll I Kg Class Historian CU, C235 Class Foot Ball C155 Art Editor Calender C253 Glee Club C255 Mandolin Club C2jg Prepared at Mercersburg Academyg A. B, Course. . We donlt agree with "Dickey,, in saying that g'Bill" ought to go back to the heathen Where he belongedg' We Want to keep him as long as we can. In the class-room he makes life so much more interesting and he has us guessing most of the time. "Bill" has settled down to the "straight and nar- rowv and if he keeps it up he will be president yet. XVILLIAM EDWIN KEEFER .... Lancaster Pa X wg Glee Club CZJ, C3Dg Or'ifZamme-Staff C355 Pre- pared at F. and M. A.g Ph. B. Course. VVe have here a combination of the aesthetic and sublime. Eddie is a regular attendant of Sunday School, but has a weakness for ice cream sodas. The girls think he is just lovely and he reciprocates. VVe are afraid to go further into this boy,s character lor fear of finding something naughty. 1 GEORGE HAROLD KINARD .. . 8, M. COLLEGE East Stroudsbur Pa. GEORGE NEIBIAN KENIP .......... . . . g, X fps Goetheang Vioe President G. L. S. C355 Orator- ical Contest C255 Varsity Basket Ball C25, C35g Class Basket Ball C25, C35 5 Captain C35 5 Varsity Base Ball C25 5 Class Base Ball C255 Green Room Club C255 Editor-in- Chjgf Oriflamme C35 3 Prepared at East Stroudsburg S, N4 Entered Sophomoreg A. B. Course. . Do not let the buxom cheeks of this fair youth deceive you. There is con- siderable of the "cut-upv in George, especially when it comes to pie. His oratory has made him famous, but you should hear him sing. George knows some good stories, too, but he is our Editor-in-Chief and if We say much more this "roast,' will never see the press. ' Leacock, Pa. Diagnothian Secretary D L S. C255 Vice President D. L. S. C355 Wi1111er of D. L. S. Gold Medal C253 Lib- rarian D. L. S. C35g Glee Club C255 Prepared at F. and M. A.g Ph. B. Course. - . This young man, with the .Napoleon cast of countenance, came to College to improve .both himself and the college. His fiery tongue oft becomes eloquent, and it was with one of these spasms that he carried OE the Sophomore oratorical prize. Harold talks a great deal with his mouth, but is not guilty of saying Vi-Dry much. He will probably succeed Professor Chambers. N i l l .i..,..,...., r A .,...,-- x l l ORIFLAMME 195 YVILLIAM KISTLER KLINGAMAN .... .... J ackggnville pa , . Franklin Club, Entered Sophomore, Prepared at Kutztown S. N. S.g A. B. Course. Th1S'1S not a Roman Adonis, but a poor misguided mortal by the name of "l31ll,, Klingaman. Last year, he and Risser Gingrich made the town sit up and take notice, but he seems to have improved his habits. VVhen in doubt, he plays trump, Viz., when he isn't prepared, he cuts. Bill has established quite a record for "Gym,, attendance, DAVID BERTO ICRAYBILL ...... Maytown, Pa. Harbaugli Club, Diagnotliiang Reviewer D. L. S. C255 Glee Club 25, C355 Oriflamme Staff C3jg Prepared at Millersville S. N., and F. and M. A., Entered Sopho- inoreg A. B. Course. This jolly, good-natured little soul is known to us as Dave Kraybill. The folks at home are all proud of c'Dave,, and he is a pretty good sort, to say the least. He is not of a very loquacious nature and this is probably the reason why he says so little in Physics. Thro' some process of reasoning, best known to himself, he has arrived at the con- clusion' that he can sing, but really he doesnit mean it in a bad way. , 195 F. 8zM.COLLEGE HIRAM SWARR KREMER .... . . . Harrisburg, Pa. Goetheang Vice President Class C255 Business Man- ager Calender CZDQ Glee Club C255 Mandolin Club C255 Assistant Manager Student CSD, Prepared at Mercers- burgg A. B. Course. "Hi" is the living exponent of a strenuous life. Some people say that he is under the spell of a hypnotist and can't get along any faster, while others say that he has been disappointed in love. There are two things that we all like about Hi, and these are his good nature and his bass voice. He can always be depended upon for a "chew", DAVID K. LANDIS ................. ..... ll Iountville, Pa. Diagnothiang Debating Team C355 Entered Junior, Prepared at the Millersville S. N. S. and Goshen Col- lege, A. B. Course. e - ,T he best bluffer in the college. He learned most of it at Millersville, picked up the rest in Indiana and now he wants to spring it on us, "but we're wise, dead wise. v The childish look and rosy cheeks cannot hide the guilt that drives this youth to rash deeds of 'madness and G despair. His eloquence avails nothing upon the alliterative pair, frlfuffyfi and "Tubby,' and his downfall 15 1m.m1T161113, even though he is a Diag- nothian. ' u 'ORIFLAMME 197 LEONARD LLEWELLYN LE1-I.. C 1 op ay, Pa. Harbaugh Club g Diagnothiang Secretary D, L, S C25g Librarian D. L. S. C353 Class Secretary Q55 Y- M - , -fl Staff C35 Prepared at Allentown Prep.3 A. B. Course, Leonard is not as foolish as he looks. He is of a highly nervous disposition and speaks With a slightly foreign ac- cent. But "Leny', also has some redeeming qualities. His Weaknesses are .Biology and Botany, and he is qualified by birth, if by nothing else to be the future "bug-bearv of the Sopho- more year. "Dat man Leh, will be a great Botanist some day. ,' JESSE FRANKLIN LEONARD ............ ...... M arysville, Pa. tb If Z3 Vice President Class C15g Class Banquet CommiteeC15g Class Base Ball C15, C253 Class Basket Ball C15, C25, C353 Scrub Foot Ball C15, C25, C355 Class Foot Ball C15, C255 Assistant Basket Ball Manager C 35 5 Scrub Basket Ball C25g Junior Hop Committee C35 5 Prepared at F. and M. A., Ph. B. Course. VVe don't quite understand "Wood- en.', His piercing black eyes look as if they had broken many a heart, m fact, they make him quite "T he Cap- tain Irresistiblef, He is, by nature, reserved and often takes advantagenof this trait when Doc. Johnny gets h1m up in Psychology., In Physics, also, he puts into practice the precept that . . l " Silence IS golden. ii C. A. Delegate to Northfield C25' Ori amvize 5 85 M. C O L L E G E N1cHoI AS PATTISOJN LUCKENBILL .... .... V irginsville, Pa. Marshall Club 3 Goetheang Vice President Y. M. C. A, Q3Dg Glee Club C235 Prepared Kutztown S. N. S., and Perkiomen Seminaryg Entered Sophomoreg A, B. Course. i 4 When "Lucky" makes a mouth like a duck, then you know that he is merely singing. He is a product of Virgins- ville and is preparing a Pennsylvania Dutch version of Hamlet for the uplift of his native heath. He is a great believer in physical culture and is of great assistance to Professor l lllc- Laughlin in the gymnasium-by his l . DARWIN WERTZ N OLL .. . L t P Prepared Millersville S. N. S.5 A. B. Course. During his spare time, Noll fre- quently ,attends college. The etv- mology of his name is nullus and he has Anglicized it into Noll, but he could change his name only. He has a face like "his royal Tuffnessf, and like him shows partiality towards female society. absence. ' oR1FLAMME T99 THOMAS CHRISTIAN PEIGHTAL . Altoona pq, ,. C, l C9 If Wg Diagnothiang Mock Trial D. L. S. C3jg Manager Tennis C355 Captain Class Track Cljg Weekly Staff CU, f3l3 Prepared Altoona H. S.g Ph. B. Course. If people were all like "Tom" there would be no need for the law of the con- servation of energy. Like "all modern conveniencesf, no home is "complete without himf, He is one of the re- ' deeming features of this year's Zoology class and often finds -"some dings vvonderfulf, His marvelous ability to impart his knowledge of Trigono- metry saved a good many of us from taking an equivalent. I , HENRY WIQBER PIFER ......,......... . . . Punxsutawney, Pa. C17 K Z3 Goetheang Class President Cljg Captain C Cane Rush C155 Class Foot Ball Clj, C255 Class Track l Clj, C2Jg Class Base Ball C155 Chairman Cremation Committee C2jg Varsity Foot Ball Clj, C2j, C355 Secre- tary Y. M. C. A. C3jg Prepared at F. and M. A.5 Ph. B. Course. This paragon of intellect is one of the blooming features of our class. His arguments on free silver with Tubby, in Economics, are instructive as well as entertaining to the Whole class. In fact, We strongly suspect "P1f,' of nurturing democratic sympathies. He intends to make teaching his life Work and will probably prepare his own text books. "Hen,' does not think that Physics should be compulsory. -I l 5 l I 4 2 .15 Q vt . , M., .,.. 1-'.f""!"!9' W'-9' 'f vu ,Y A 11 ip ' 1 ll Ll 1 , li il l l is ,i i i iz Ei . s- 1-. 4 , 4 4 x 'll gm llrl ln ,in 1 f i i i 44' 1 i all I if., ,L- 4 llell ri" .1, fl :L ' IC i lil I L ll . I w nj' 4- ' f IJ 'I I ai .i alll' 1 Q00 F 8zM.COLLEGE CHA.RLRs ALBERT PETERSON .........,...... . .Lancaster, Pa. Prepared L, H. S., '04, and F. and M. A.5 Ph.B. Course. V PURPOSE-T o find the chemical and anatomical composition of HPete.', MANIPULATION-I carefuly placed about 30 cc. of QBSO4 into a flask. Applied heat and collected the gas over water. Noticed especially the green color of the gas and its pungent and disagreeable odor. It Was heavier than air and escaped as dense reddish brown fumes from the bottle. It supports combustion with a brilliant flame. RESULT-The gas is the result of internal oxidation and demonstrates his volatile nature. QBSOWQHNOLZQBS +N2O5JFH2O+8O- F 'X B '4 JOSEPH VVILLIAM RICHARDS ................ ID K W5 Class Foot Ball CU, C25 5 Varsity Foot Ball CZJ, C3j5 Class Basket Ball Clj, QQJ5 Varsity BasketBa1l C155 Class Base Ball CU, C255 Varsity Tennis CU, C22 C35 5 Class President C315 Oriflamme Staff C35 5 Prepared at Mercersburg5 A. B. Course. The dancing prodigy of the age. The advocate of high art, a lover of the "olden days." The biggest fellow with the longest legs, the longest arms, the biggest head, the most penetrating intellect. As a Sophomore, V the del fender of diminutive Freshmen, as a Junior, an admirer of the c'partv" regime. All this and something more, the subject of derision to Joe's warmest friend, known under the appellation of "Tuff, H 5 Lancaster, Pa. ORIFLAMME Q01 VVALLACE IJEHR ROBINSON .................. Lancaster, Pa. Franklin Club5 Dl3.gj110flll?Ll1Q Sec-reta1'y D, L, S, C25 5 Anniversary Committee C255 Attorney Block Trial D. L. C355 Y. M. C. A. Hand Book Committee C255 Oratorical Contest C255 Manager Class Basket Ball C355 Prepared at li. H. S.5 A. B. Course. VVhat a great help "Robbv,' will be to his mother when he gronis up! At first acquaintance one might think him somewhat immature, but lately he has taken to cigarettes and drink Cmilk shakes5, and is now a .regular bold, bad man. He is a youth of lofty ideals and has been in love "over three times. already," so he tells us. But, never mind "Robby,', the Seminary covers a 5 multitude of sins. GWEN WEBSTER SAYLCR ............ .... . Iohnstown, Pa. - X IP5 Varsity -Foot Ball C155 C25, C355 Captain C355 ' Class Foot Ball Captain C 25 5 Class Base Ball C255 Class Basket Ball C255 C355 Scrub Basket Ball C255 Banquet Committee C255 Chairman Junior Hop Cammittee C355 Oriflamme Staff C355 Prepared at Johnstown H. S5 Ph. B. Course. Six feet, two of "Slats', is the best that Johnstown could produce for F. and BI. That distinguished looking nose of his is the result of many grid- iron combats. The capin is a great favorite of the "fair sexi, and he finds in them a source of great consolation . and relief-snuff ced. He is a story teller of no mean ability, and if H0 0119 IS near, can tell you some rich ones. he ORFORD URAL SCHAEFFER .... a M. COLLEGE VVALTLR GROFF SCHWAB .... ........ ...... L a ncaster, Pa. Goetheang Cremation Committee C2j5 Oriflamme Staff C355 Assistant Track Manager C355 Prepared F. and M. A., A. B. Course. A . This unpretentious youth has earned the enviable distinction of bearing the sobriquet "Linnaeus" He is a scien- tist With unbounded possibilities and, as such, is eligible to Dickie's most selec- tive class in Scientific German. He is fortunate in not being numbered among that innumerable throng of "shack- assesf' which yearly molest "the ancient solitary reignv of his satanic majesty, D -.-Ser1OfSbvH'e, .Pa Franklin Club 5 Goethean5C1ass Track CU, C2j, C3Dg Prepared at F. and M. A., A. B. Course. Berks County is to blame for a good deal at F. and M., but this has them all stopped. He is seldom ,seen to' speak, but confines himself to. actions such as eating sen-Sens in church, and other devilish tricks. Like Luckenbill, he is in favor of a Pennsylvania Dutch verslon of fHamlet.fiYIn Zoology Ehis cclevlerness won several meddlesi' from Dicky. H ORIFLAMME Q03 IIENRY CLINTON SEITZ ...... Q ................ 'Glen Rock Pa Building Committee D. L. S. CD, C2jg Debating Team G. L. S. C2j3 Vice President G. L. S. C315 Glee Club C355 Prepared at F. and M. A. C1898-189955 Ph. B. Course. uIt's never too late to learn,', said Father Seitz when he made his ap- pearance at F. and NI. "I sent mv oldest son here two years ago and he turned out so well that I came here myself. You see this brush on my face is something new. Wien I started out from home my wife didn't think I looked dignified enough and this is the resultf, CThree years flaterj "Prof Thunder thinks the 'brush' gives the Crlee Club a classical aspect. See the pull I got Pu HOXVARD SCOTT SPAHN . . . .-..- Sp-2mgSVill6, Pa- Marshall Clubg Goetheang Building Committee G. L. S. CU, C23 5 Glee Club CZD 5 Prepared at Perkiomen Senn- naryg A. B. Course. . "Lead me not into temptationf' Like the rest of the Perkiomen bunch, he never does nothin, to nobody. He goes when he pleases and he .con16S when he pleases. 'Ilhats he it X0-ll please. Donit judge his looks by h1S picture, that was a put-up Job by the photographer. I Harbaugh Clubg Goctheang Chaplain G. L. S. CD5 204. F. 8z'M.COLLEGE PAUL DEWITT TURNER . ............ Lancaster, Pa. 'f' 'w Prepared L. H. S3 A. B. Course. Wlleli he was a child he acted like a child, but now that he's a Junior he persists in 'acting like a damn fool. According to T uffy's philosophy he was raised in a saw mill.. If you don't believe it look at hisname. , He has never outgrown the faults of his early training and continually goes about college turning up h-. ' WALLACE GOLDEY WADE .... ...... L ancaster, Pa. Class Basket BA11 415, 425, isp 5 secretary Republican Club C213 Prepared at F. and M. A. 5 Ph. B. Course. G-oldey is our cracked tennis player. If he sticks to it until he is Hfty he might' be able to compete with Zeus and TuHy for their obs on the advisory board. Even though he did gain twelve pounds at Christmas vacation, he still drinks muddy Water to keep people from looking through him. ORIFLAMME 205 'ENos ALDERFER WAMPOLE .... H31-leysville, Pa, f Marshall Club 3 Goetheang Varsity Foot Ball C2jg Class F00t Ball C259 Glee Club C2l, C353 Class Treasurer C333 Prepared at Perkiomen Seminary 5 Entered Soph- omoreg A. B. Course. Bough and "Reddy!" You would think he was an old English statesman. His eloquence has stirred the hearts of noble Goetheans for the last two years and even Chambers looks askance at this patriotic youth-patriotic, that is, when he wears a blue tie. Principal parts: VVampole, Walpole, Will-pole or y Flunk. Pole-catg it smells bad. l JOHN LEONARD VVARFEL ...........,. ....... L ancaster, Pa. 0' K ?If3 Diagnothiang Chaplain D. L. S. C115 Sec- I retary D. L. S. Cljg Assistant Librarian D. L. S. C2j5 Mandolin Club CZD, C355 Prepared at F. and M. A.5 Ph. B. Course. ' He's a crab-a fiddler crab and a bum one at that. He finds fiddling the greatest diversion. After he has de- voted several hours to faithful study, he finds rest in only playing classic stuff, While his sister accompanies him on the piano. But, of all his accomplishments the most notable is his utter fearlessness and dexterity in the exploitation oi an involved and irreconcilable vocabulary, incomprehensible to his ordinary unso- phisticated associates. Q06 F. kM.COLLEGE ELLIOTT CRITCHFIELD WELLER. .V ..........., .... G lebhart, Pa. ' Paradise Club, Class Foot Ball Clj, C2j, Captain Clj, Varsity Foot Ball CQD, C355 Class Basket Ball Clj, CQJ, C3j, Manager CU, Captain CZJ, Scrub Basket Ball Clj, C3j 5 Class Basket Ball C1 D , CQD, C3j , ManagerC2D , Scrub Base Ball CU, CZD, Green Room Club CZJ, Junior Hop Coin- mittee C3j, Prepared at F. and M. A., A. B. Course. A forlorn hope of a more forlorn community. But, behold, the missing link is found. The problem of cen- turies is solved. Such remarkable physi- - cal and intellectual development is as incomprehensible as Warfelis English. That powerful back, that noble chest, those sinewy arms, that swelled head, brand him as the coaching prodigy of the day. He came to us four years ago, fresh from the farm, a rube. His de- velopment is supernatural. He is still V a rube. Howfmn JAMES YEAGER ........ ...... ,lVIonterey, Pa. Franklin Club, Croethean, Chairman House Commit- l tee G. L. S. C2j, Auditor G. L. S. C3D, Scrub Foot Ball C2j, C3j, Prepared. at Kutztown S. N. S., Entered Soph- omore, A. B. Course. The best man Kutztown ever pro- duced, even if he has a bald head. Because of it he is a shining star on the foot ball field. The most sensational feature of his work on the gridiron was his flying tackle of the goal post. He flew at .it with the determination to win or die in the attempt and his noble I efforts were amply rewarded, when the ' coach relegated .him to the position of su-b water carrier. ' P 5. E fi Q I . Q! 1 , S 1 Y 1 Y 5 s I 5. l L G if E If x ' J L : . v 1 I' I i L Y I Y. P ' w i 1 1 X .uv 41,391 - lvftfgn-uv-'jiff 415.0 Pvyig- :n I., p!b'1,qOll' qv" ' . r-I-. 'o .J 41- U Jg 'I uf 2.11. lu, H 5 :Xl -N I ez, NJ,! "'9kTn7 nv A, s.- .Qu-nk N IP --1-4-1.1, g-.. , A 4.':-Z 745111 11,2-1:-3 jgn. lfllfitwls lg!I:! .lla 1'1n nw oi' 1 lc T '41 1 'E-: 0,525-f lil Ilqirl' J ld na 'Tc' lr I . I lun ' " q.n ffm "- f '-': Lf ,l 1154 I rn: ., K 4"xru' ,D f Yr.: if ' 4'-C1 W ' 4 4 fQ'f",n"1vi1, 'I whim 4 56:5 Z.: 1' 1 Fa ' 4 ' 4. 'lg' u :asf :I . H Q C" .':' v'a""' '71 'mv Isl. ev 'KA' 1' 4 ' s I-1 -,4u:,,ll'PI PT' by II! , in Al" , I ' L ' 1205? lb tai.: 1 , ,H . -. X' 5 ' XX ' 3 .1-""' 'Q -',: -lnyrg-7:::.nH yu L l:l:llt:.::"',.:1n Jr' 'un . ff-11-' E-EB, -- -I . 9 - h ' :--1 Q x , "5:"l . s, vvhlfue. ,,. p vnfl ,-7' !14 , -I f f' A' A nQvl'C4 -.-, njffur 41, Y-5 4 'x A I, s N I IQI 1741 ll 'mln ...L 1 l lv, J 'aut 1 ro .E 5 0 il: I if t C.. ug- I I 1,..x -1- 'J -. 1 .,.,f ,' ' ' 7 ' w.' . ' 4 - ' ," '1'- A.. D 1 ' ' . 'ill 'J' I " , "AM v uf:"': ""' 11' ' " ' ' -,,. 'll ,r.,- -Q74 L! --' " ' . "Ill - : H .ll ff: 'I' 'pl ,' L T H , . , ' lin :ll A ' xi' 15-vu-I J f" "1 ll 5 - . 5, u ' , . ' gn' i. , .Q ,f 4? ,q.,- Y' 1: H-: n 5,5 f' I . l -' Z4 '. .-' - ' :fin . "-'3 :L 5' , 5 441- f-:"'ffAi fi'f1L'- Q n .. PZ ' W'E:.,:g I : l'l , I 'iv 'Q g " ""3- .I ,Q ,. ' ' C 'iq .1 Y -' I I ' , , :ly g ' -auf' .- , - f"1 ' 1 . . - ' 'P "I I - - ' ,.' ..,-.1 -ll - '. ,. f .' -a fl' -. s. , nfl ,' ' v-' - - E, 3' '-13:2-"i - ' -I " ' 'X ,'f'.l ' I I 1' I":' QU?-W 1- . X" -'.w .523 . ' ' ' ' '- - T . - - 'K ,l." 0. ' -' kwin...-1141-X... 4 .4-.I -F421 I 1 HY f 1 ORLFLAMME Q09 my EUYHIIP -Ulrin ATE in Mays aftcl' diligently studying the Thallo- phytes, Bryophites and Pteridophites, "His Royal ' Y H1ghHCSS,, announced that we were ready for 4 p our botany trip. He forewarned us to use only presses and no botany cans, owing to the barbar- ous customs, of former botanists. Even the commonest plants, We were told, were now extinct, but he 'fvould' show, us ver der are still a few left. " 'On the' appointed morning, the Columbia car started from the square with only four Sophomores aboard. Along the route nearly all the rest were picked up, armed with presses and "other stuff'f except Heffner, who had taken the teetotal oath the day previous. Preparations were made by the hone, ored professor for a chicken and Waffle dinner at Wild Cat, and there Was ample time given to obtain "something refresh- ing. " A Q The usual fee of five cents for cattle and grazinganimals was duly paid by each and every one, including "Dicky,', be+ fore crossing the Columbia bridge. Arriving in W1'ightsville, we became the subject of unlimited conversation and unre- strained observation on the part of the natives. In the events of a free band concert and an exciting rabbit chase, great care was taken to defend the bottles. 1 We Were soon in the splendid limestone quarries of the region, made idle by "der damnable republican rule. U These P Wonders could not detain us long, as the real object of our quest lay before us. Plodding through bushes and swamps we finally came to the ascent of Round Top. The bcn6l1'fS of 1 I 210 F. aM.coLLEGE physical training here asserted themselves and behind all the rest came our beloved Dicky, puffing and sputtering. At his suggestion, we refreshed ourselves -with sodas and then re- sumed our journey descending our hill 1n acrobatic style, some head first, others feet first, and many of us both Ways. V Makillg our Way to Acomac, We were surprised by the weird appearance of a strange building, resembling Noah,s Ark, cast up by the mighty Susquehanna. The hospitality of the occupants converted it into a mediaeval palace, of which we made good use. Nothing further, of note, transpired than that Weller discovered a rare species of century plant, which proved, eventually, to be no more than Dicky's garter. , Arriving at our destination, the beautiful Wild Cat Falls, about one o,clock, we indulged, unreservedly, in voluminous outbursts of song and dance. Foremost among the performers in the terpsichorean art, Dicky gave a splendid exhibition of "how id is, done in de old coundryf' This slight diversion permits of no adequate description. Having spent some time around the festive board, gulping down chicken and waffles in a manner too voracious for more refined society, we climbed to the spooning tower to get a sentimental view from this romantic spot. , At three oiclock, we bade farewell to Wild Cat and took the steamboat to Marietta. Here' Dicky displayed his ever- lasting love for the shoe line, in which he holds considerable stock, and persuaded by him, we boarded the same car and walked to Chickies Park, and thence through almost impass- able. thickets to Columbia, where the train for Lancaster awaited us. 'We had gained knowledge Cvery littlej, we had gather flowers Qlessj, we had pleased people with our songs CIHOTCD, we had increased in fellowship for our honorable class Qmostj. i l F, 3, M. COLLEGE 212 1 I SZ! flinmmuniratiun C1 ORIFLAMNIE STAFF: n I have been a very close observer of the activities of the Seminary students and I feel constrained to, at least, attempt by a little timely advice to bring their outrageously unbecoming games on the Seminary campus to a stop. Taking the publi- cation of your yearly as a golden opportunity to perform a worthy service, I beg you to print this communication. , In the early fall the Seminarians started to play that most diabolical of all games, croquet, even in the very shadow of their stately building. VVhile croquet is not a vicious practice and permits of almost no wanton violence, there is every occa- sion for quarreling among the players. It is hard to conceive what such wrangling might lead to and what pernicious dis- ruptions it might cause. It pained me exceedingly, to notice, on one -occasion, that they even rolled up their sleeves in the excitement of their indulgence. This condition of affairs is deplorable and I sincerely hope that in the coming spring this utter foolhardiness will be abolished. I am not sufficiently acquainted with the facts to know who is responsible for the construction of the tennis court after the enjoyment of croquet had become too tame. I de- nounce such a lavish waste of money as exhorbitant and de- grading in every respect. The students are simply led from bad to worse. They have no concern Whatever for their man- ner of dress on the tennis courts and they are unduly deprived oR1FLAMME Q13 of valuable time for study. I wish to emphasize with all sincerity, that these conditions are deplorable and inithe name Of 3 g00d C-91186, I appeal to the Trustees of the Colle e to th . , 6 students and to all men of sound judgment and hoiest con- v1ct1on. We must not rest till these disgraceful practices are forever discontinued. Respectfully, H TUFFY,Sy c6TURBLINGS. " HARTMAN, G. N.-COn crutches, with sticking plaster on his head and cheekj-"Doctor, I don't believe I know this. " TUFFY-CCYOU don't look as if you knew a damn thing. H ' TUFFY Qto Richardsje"Add them figureslv This aint no English mit platitudes. b TUFFY Cto humanity, in generalj-You got no more idea of this than a dog, and no more sense than a college student. T UFFY-Mr. Saylor, what is an echo? SLATS-AH echo is the hicky that bounces back. TUFFY-Leonard, what is impulse? LEONARD-Ah-ah-and-oh-When you hit the ball, ah- etc. TUFFY-Let your confounded balls out of this class. T UFFY Qwanderingj-A pendulum in a vacuum, the friction being taken away pretty much altogether would be a good example of perpetual motion. TUFFY CDecember 1Qthj-What's the matter with this class? Q Was there a foot ball game last evening? TUFFY Cto the classj-Now, don't laugh like a pack of fools. Really such ignorance is pitiable- 214 F. ,Sz M.COLLEGE 1 1 1 1 .l lust anh Jfuunh E fs Found near the College Building. Writer may obtain the same by inquiring of any member of the Staff. V , 1 LANCASTER, PA., December 5,'1909. 1 DEAR GRANDMANIMAZ i 1 Things are going on as usual. I take my Mellin's Food and Malted Milk every night before I go to bed. Please send my little comb. I Your loving grandson, ' A. L. GROVE. P. S. My corn is getting better, but the same old tooth is 1 sore. I think it ought to come through real soon. Had a bad cold the other night, so I had Mr. Bright come down I and sleep with me. I .. l I 5. i l 1 I i l I H B-0:5 A-4-fn 4' v ,,,' --g,:?:jjf'P'J-32 4:5 -::-3 'J - --J. ' -. 4.--Fm -...rv .filsfg E J V-ew .-Q! ' l . QT w,i?fxa2rsn.'u 216 F.8zM.COLLEGE. beniur Buasts '31 ARNER-Assimilating Polar Bear. Don't make me talk, I got to spit too damned much. BRENNER-Would that God the giftie gee them, to see as I do see myself. CORMAN-Christian manhood as developed by the Y. M. C. A. CREITZ-A true type of the philosophified student as developed by Dr. Johnny's Psychology. CUMMINGS-Good things come in small packages, but the Faculty sometimes disagrees. DELONG--What three years of college will do for a man! EMRICK-A disciple of Dickie,s, and therefore a great man ' some day. FENNINGER-Tuffy's delight. GABLE-Artie certainly can bat 'em out. A future addition- to the Lancaster City Gas Plant. GLICK+6iG'lV6 me liberty or give me death!" Give hi1n death. GROFF-The Lancaster ladies are just finding out the real merits of Addison. GROVE-As Editor-in-Chief of the Weekly Staff, Henry is compelled to edit all Kramer's editorials. HAERT1'ERfccTh6 part of my college life that I,ll look back upon with pleasure, is not so I much the intellectual devel-. opment as the parties. U . ORIFLAMME 217 HARTZELLQCTOPSY upon Tisingli iiWh0's got a cigarette? I haven,t had a smoke since yesterday, " HECKBlL"-Rfecipei One P311 O1'Ht01'yQ tW0 parts Tennis, three parts Diagnothian Literary Society, half-baked, HENRY-GOd made him, therefore let him pass as a man. HUhIPHiREYVILLE+Wh2Lt Herby Beck and Dr. Peterson will do for a man! ' , KLINE-Recently installed as deacon. What is the church coming to P t IQRAMER-fail? mlhil, nfihfil fit. This law holds good in litera- ture, also. IJANE-Jil'IlIT1l6 attends classes occasionally. He studied the theory of music under Tuffy and will keep it for future use. L.kN1'Z-LOOkS as though he might produce a new system of philosophy. NIARKS-Nobody knew what was in Eddie, until he produced the 1910 basket ball schedule. MEY.r1R-This former Professor of Elizabethtown College has such a greed for knowledge that he has eaten the whole course in three years. MII.LER-His criticisms in literary society are full of wis- dom QPD, and wit RAUB-Bill is the personification of the dramatic, musical and social life of the college. Chiefly responsible for the success of the lVIuhlenberg trip. v REBIGLJJD-Not enough to him to make a good roast. SCHOLL-Name it and you can have it. SMITH-ChCC1' up, Smitty. There a'in,t no hell. Get rid of the grouch. . SNYDER-Herman, you may not be crooked, but you look 1t. I I Q18 F, aM.ooLLEGE. WAGNER-Another one of the Meyer type. Teaches in the Academy and other foolish things. WATT, C. G.-A source of inspiration to us all. .An advocate of lethargy., Too indolent to learn to run his dad's buzz wagon. - - WATT, J,..Jimmy is given. to Unitarianism and the higher life. He lives on too high a plane to manage a foot ball team. WEISELM-Life Wouldbe all right if it Weren,t for the morning after. WERNER-The living Incarnation of the basket ball team. ' WHITMORE-Will devote himself to the pastoral life. A lover of the woody hills and the grassy meadows. , WICKERT-Tubby gave a speech in oratory on "The VVell Rounded Man" and handled thesubject in a very familiar .manner. N- ZEUS-What is an idiot P ADAM, R. M.-One who isn't what he ought to be. ZEUS-Are' you what you ought to be? ADAM-NO. ZEUS-,Your definition is right. DR- STAHR-Mr. Kraybill, if I say "man,,, what does that include? KRAYBILL-That incQudes.a very large class. DR. STAHR-But if I say "wise man PU KRAYBILL-That means "1911. 1' ORIFLAMME 219 Supbumure Buasts. Q1 ALEXANDER-C A would be rusty sport. U AMMERIVIAN-c6TiH16 elaborately thrown away. U ASTON-A star Cthe dog starj. Thatis a dry one, AUKAMP-Champion Rough Neck of the College BACHMAN-6cThC tartness of his face, Sours ripe grapesf, - H ' BASSLER4-Captain ofthe mummer's pea-rade. His warped extremities afford easy riding on any mule. BATSCHELET-ciHlS head is too high for a plow horse. U BRIDENBAUGH-CKHC holds his head up like a hen drinking water. ', - A BURKHOLDER-PiCtuT6S must not be too picturesque. BURNS-KI was not made for courts or great affairs, I pay my debts, believe, and say my prayers. ', CASSEL--HHS been trying to share his beard with Warfel, so that they can both be tough. ' COLEBAUGH-c'Not all the pumice of the polished town ' Can smooth the roughness of the barnyard clown. " DEHAVEN-Wisli the Grlee Club would go along and help me find my town. V p DIFFENB.ikUGH, E. W.-'cNothing will come of nothing." DIFFENBAUGH, G. L.-"Often the cock loft is empty in those Whom Nature has made many stories high. U 220 F. 8zM.COLLEGE DORMANH-uvvrite an epitaph on my back and I will pass for a tombstone. i' GAYLEY-gi One day by a mistake At 4:00 PM. I chanced to Wake. H HAHN,."Gee, it,s great to be n a frat CPD, it makes you feel like a man. " L HARTLE-T he girls no longer hold any fears for me. HARTZELL-A Worthy aspirant for the Sem. His brains don't . work fast enough to let him swear. HELNI--HHS a gate Cgaitj on him like a corn field. Walks as if the corns had already sprouted. HERR-Special attraction in the "gym" carnival. "Cheesy,,' the one and only celebrated female performer in the acro- batic World. Will Wear no dresses. HERSHEY-A star that will never rise higher than Paradise. HUNTER-"What can't be cured 'must be endured. ', ' IRWIN-"So much gall, it would turn the stomach of the devil." JONES-66ThC road is easy if he Wishes only to fill the shoes of his brother. H KAUFFMAN-A tub of guts. No one loves a fat man. KENDIGi-HOWV could one so small, with Women have luck, Who is built close to the ground, on the plan of a I duck P LEVAN-A hell of a way to fool the mob, for a Dutchman to assume a French name. LONG-He has a hard time getting along CLongj. Wait till he strikes his affinity. MAUS-It is a misnomer to call an old rat like him a mouse. oR1FLAMME 221 MILLER. I.-"Too honest to cheat. God knows I'm pure. H MILLER, H. J.-Looks like a Chinaman, but he takes his cue from Creitz, the bald headed Professor. U MOSSER-SKI am so fresh, the new green blades of grass g ' Turn pale with envy as I pass. " MYLIN-The evolution of a name. At the Academy it was I "Artie," at College it is "Archie,', and in society it will , be c'Archibald.,, , OBERHOLSER-DOH,t let the child suffer. Bring him his toys and his littlespoon. There, baby, be a good little boy! I PONTIUS-"Swans sing before they die. ' 7TWere no bad thing did certain persons die before Q they sing.', REBERT-He and the church organ form what it left of the College Choir. A RENTZ4-W6 don't Want to see him.any longer. He is long enough. RUMBAUGH-Failures are 'stepping stones to success. His success is assured. ' I SCHAFFNER-"Sadie Salome go home. ,' SCI-IANTZ--A denizen of the slum district of the College "gym. H . Patronize our advertisers. SCHEARRER-H6 multiplieth Words without knowledge. A great shooter-with his mouth. SHEPLEY-WHTfCl,S co-worker in diversities. SOHL, C. E.-"An ass should be treated like an ass. H SOHL, W. A.-"A second cousin to a government mule- ii It runs in the family. I l 222 F. 8zM.-COLLEGE STEHMAN-'CAnd the dead shall rise againf, to witness, the F. and catalog. TAYLOR-'6He struts like a cow in the gutter. " T HoMAs-A brother of Jack ass. iTRoUTw1NEfMy face is my fortune, I am in debt. T ROYER-One of the Rub-ies in the Diagnothian ring. WALLACE-ccA mischief making -monkey from his birth. U WEHLER-Says "Zoo Zoov to the grocer man. WERNER, H. R.-This Werner is a cunning shaver. WERNER, F. P.-Refuses coffee, but insists on a demi tasse. WETZEL-The cow boy sport who believes in the old saying: "A roll in the trousers is worth two on tl1e bank. v WHITMORE-Wit' more than this, Millersville could not plague us. l WOLFE-ciH6 who fancies the world cannot do without him is still more mistaken. " , DR. STAHR fin Biblej-Mr. Brant, what is the difference between "Saul,' and 'gPaul?,' y JIMMIE-Sftlll was his middle name. TUBBY Cin Eco our fish supply? ' f0E-In the water. -UBBY-!!!!P?!?!!?? nomicsj-Mr. Richards, where do we get DICKY CGoing down the line looking through the micro4 SCOP 1?-'Ay , Yi Yi Yi Yi Yi CApparently greatly pleasedj. Mistefyvlsn N Ews BoY ON 'CAMPUS-Saturday Evening Post, DICKY-Beat it, Chew! " ,ORIFLAMME QQ3 Jfresbman ikuast-5 iff' , BIRINYI-The world knows nothing of its greatest men. BOWNIAN-H6 wouldn't eat a meal without a glass of beer. Hot air! Rot! BRACKBILL-He has the name of a bird, and beyond a doubt he is a bird. 1 - . ' BRICKER-A modest dog seldom grows fat. BRIGHT-I use Sapolio. Do you? BRINTON-Can't tell the difference between a backache and a stomach ache, but not diaphonous. CLARK-ccF6ll0WVS, I am asking a collection for a hair cut. " COX-"No time to go to class, got to be a sport. H FLECK-The ONE boy who finds the college course inade- quate and superficial and who has taken his prelims. for the bar. FRANTZ-Tin horn sport. Would if he could. GROVE, A. L.-"The time, the place and the girl. 'l HENNEBERGER-I am a megaphone and a gas balloon com- bined. . HESS--Talking and eloquence are not the same. HOKE-Contesting with Bassler for the notoriety of being the biggest crook in college. HUNT-Beauty is not my plea. IMLER-The ladies' man. God help the 12.65653 LQ M, C O ,I, ,I, IC G E Q24 F' e i - x I ' x ' ' 1 ' l 1 1 . JAEGER-Stonewall Jac-lcson ol thc. Iilcslnnan Class. K PLV His intellect is ol' the shallowest order. . EP 'F'- LANDIS-Who keeps NIcrConomy going :incl who supplies the Paradise Cluh with 'I'own 'l'alli? LEFONDfA fellow can he young hut onve. LEHMANfThe only lemon in the c-lass. LEINB.+KCH--SOIIHIIIIIQ brass. LEWIS-The Village Preacher. "A man he was to all. the country clear. And passing rich with forty pounds a year." LIVINGOOD--IFZLIQG the hody away. petrify the rest and use them for table legs. - NIACLAY, R. B.-Nlfzunina fixed me this way. ain't I cute? IXIACLAY, R. I-I.-An empty bag c:an't stand up. METGEIZ--IJIli6 spring garlic. always fresh and strong. MILLER-Give me a hull dog and I'll he a real college sport. It MONTGOMERY-,Tis a shame that one so younfr 'md one so fair should have the gout. h 1 NOLTINGkGI'C2lSG him up and let him slip. PHILIPPI+iiNOXX'. God help thee. poor monkey!" REBER-I hate to sit flown. I might crack. ROBERTS-BG patient if I ever say anything of my own a.ccord. ROMIG--4My life is one damn hard grind. SAUL+GOd,S chosen vessel to the Gentiles. c . , , SAXMANN- 'I trust in God and keep my bowels moving." SCHAEFFER, A. A.-"VVhen I first come to town. de poys all thought I Wass a dreen horn. hurl now dey learns a blame Slght dlflierenees. U ORIFLAMME Q25 SCHAEFFER, J. L.-A babe in th 1 e house is a well spring of p easure. ' SCHWARTZicCGIV6. me a cent till I be tuff and then look out or. Iill bite you." ' SHAUB-HI Wear number nine shoes just to advertise my Dad's businessf, SMITH-Fate's vain attempt to conceal a man with a name. STRAUB-"If my head was turned the other way, wouldn't I have a noble chest?', ' - SYKES-The temple of our purest thought is silence. TUSSEY-CCI live on Tough Street. The farther you go the tougher it gets, and Ilive in the last house. H WAGNPJR-'CI am an ass. I am a Woman's man, I am beside myself. U. 1 ' ' WISSIIER-YOU don't spell it, you just whistle it. NOVEMBER 15TH-Tuffy smiled. DICKY Cin Zoologyl-hifr. Warfel, for goodness sake do something, anything at all. Fiddle! Fiddle!! Why don't you fiddle? . DR. STAHR-Mr. Gardner, what is a centurion? GARDNER-A man that's a hundred years old. DR. STAHR-MT. Schmidt, what can you tell us of the land of Goshen? I . d f s SCHMIDTTY-And there Was no bread in the lan o Goshen. G DR, SCHIIEDT Cproclaiming the gospeljpffl protest! I protest!! I protest!!! Let us pray. 17,85 M. COLLEGE 015132 will Boating Scanhal '51 With the night's work nearly over And a bill on every post. Two officers, Ripple and Nixdorf, Swooped down on that gallant host. They were a busy lot of Sophomores Who climbed up and down that night Pasting aloft their edicts On bills of colors bright. 'Twas a noble work for a nobler band And each vied with other to lend a hand Unfortunately for the jocular collegians, They had remained too late on the job And six poor weary mortals Were borne through iron bound portals To the heart of most loathsome regions More becoming the common mob. From three A. M. to six ,x. M., "They were placed in durance vile. " Fond thoughts of home and of mother Of sister and little brother, Filled the minds of each, the while. At length, arraigned before the bar "Like any common drunk," They, just 1'elieved from their dreary bunk Defended the bills that were meant to mai The beauty of Lancaster, and perchance 7 ORIFLAMME 'I Which had transgressed a city ordinance, These six, the villains of deepest dye, Were anything but nasty, As on that morn they faced His Honor, The worthy Mayor McCaskey. The charge was serious, His demeanor imperious, For truly it was an odious task, If anyone should happen to ask, For the Mayor to be compelled To put six such worthless routs Through a complete and thorough "course of sprouts The ten commands upon the bills ' VVere to the Mayor a sort of pointer, So he embarked on a quizzing To which thy could give no rejoinder. He asked for the Ten Commandments, And then the Beatitudes, No answers were there forthcoming, But 'twas seen from their attitudes, The collegians were grossly insulted At this apparent denial Gf the usual form of a trial And they ever grew glum and disgruntled. They endeavored to give excuses Which led to all kinds of abuses To that virtue of virtues, Veracity. One said, "I am a Lutheran And our numbers are unlike Reformed notation. " Another, with equal vivacity I Proclaimed, "I know them, but not in rotat1on." Then, followed a worthy disputation , ' 228 F ,a M. ooLLEGE. Within those courtly walls, Filled with Wisdom and exhortation Ne'er heard in College halls. Then coming to consider the fines For pasting posters on electric poles, Each, with their toes, they tried to scrape . The floor with giant holes Through which they might escape. Every culprit looked at just one spot Every hand thrust deep in pocket. A fine 6546.325 had fallen to their lot, Which must be paid, or else for them the lock-up. Their anxious classmates had lingered near To offer much needed support. To these the unfortunates suddenly peer For backing of the financial sort. When the Mayor observed their blood was red And all were badly in need of a bed He dismissed the assembly with the stern command, That they bind themselves in solid band And ere the sun went down that night ' Must have the muss cleaned up and things looking right. Brave reader, if you can spare the time I conclude with the names of those, g Too difficult to fit in rhyme, Who are worthier far of better prose. It Bur Maus and that Schaffner should thus find DeHaven in his Hart-zell Ccellj. ns to think that a Shearrer should thus cut up pranks with a ORIFLAMME 75132 bzquel . g Q1 A Not satisfied with six such trials The arrests commenced to quicken, The mayor Was at a loss at once 1 Q And the plot it seemed to thicken. The Fresh constrained to make reply To the demand of the yellow journal Next night behind the college lie Prepared for a raid nocturnal. About 1 A M., all brave and bold, On College Avenue they did purport, Each man eager to take a hold, Of the Sophomore lads to make fair sport, With little signs and a box of paste To depict the latter unlucky class, They set about with feverish haste As a braying, silly, foolish ass. Before the college entrance crowded They were nearly entrapped by a cop Stealing along, by the darkness shrouded And hoping to bring this Work to a stop. One thinking himself secure When he had broken the friendly bond, Stepped into ambush firm and sure The venerable, Charles de Lefond. And to this day he is justly P1'0Ud, He gained an experience he hardly desired But he put one over the rest of the crowd 1 E ' e 230 F, S5 M. C O fl, L 'E G' E By getting a ride in "Black Maria. " His position next morn 'fore the mayor was curious For when in defense he tried to talk His Honor became eXtremely dubious, That he was out for his nightly walk. May it be said right here for the reverend gent That he was made to share not a bit of disgrace For over his Bible had he often bent And of ignorance of its word he gave no trace. He knew the Ten Commands by heart Of the Beautitudes he ne'er missed a line But no Biblical knowledge he could impart Persuaded the Mayor to rebuke the fine. Then with desperation fraught. 'He clutched the straw that broke the camel's back. This one reply., he proudly Hung back. "I am a candidate for the ministry. " His Honor was wrapt in greatest joy And hearty was the recall of his decree "I am deeply in love with you, my boy, So, officer, set the prisoner free. " 1 The committee on student activities has seen fit, in view of the fore- going facts, to offer the three following suggestions to Freshmen in par- ticular and to college students, in general. 1: Learn the Ten Commandments, the Beautitudes, the Mottoes of the Literary Societies together with their inte1'pretation and in case of failure to do so, have an obedient pony, adequately harnessed, prepared for ready reference at any time. 2' ever f01'ge'0, in the hour of prosecution, that you intend to enter the Seminary, 3' If yffu Want any Scandal or nonsense written up, apply to the rc , f Nsw Era- If YOU Want any college advertising done, you can provide or it at any other house. l QRIFLAMME I I HIF I AM NOT VVITH YOU IN BODY, I WILL BE WITH YOU IN sPIRIT." DICKY Qin Zoologyj-Mr. Kraybill, Where are you looking for the salivary glands. You never find them in the arms. TUBBY TO WARFEL-What does it cost to raise a bushel of Wheat around here? g WARFEL'-About 31200. PROF. FARNSVVORTH Qin 'Frenchb-"For the next lesson take to the top of page fourteen. No, that lesson is rather hard. I'll only give you to the bottom of page thirteen. " 231 232 F, aM.CoLLEGE Qpgzdj Mature Bluniur Qllass , fi? . -, QUNG men, I want to say a word to you about 3 matter that has been very distasteful to me. Of late, before every hour a couple of you young men linger outside of the door and keep the rest , of the class waiting. You are not satisfied to delay the class, but you indulge in the most hideous cries. Now, I don't know what your motive is, but it hurts' me dreadfully. I take it as a direct insult to my- self. I am very sensitive about such things and it pains me terribly. I tell you gentlemen, it isnit right, and what is more it isn,t right. I do not know what is so peculiar about my voice and my pronunciation that you should deliberately stand without my door and mock me. The only explanation I can find is that some of you are too narrow to appreciate good English. I assure you, that the talk of some of you was just as amusing to me as mine is to you. But when you have travelled more and seen and heard as much as I have, you will learn to overlook such trifles. V I "As I said before, I can't see what I have done that you should deliberately mock me. I have tried to treat you with all fairness and I expect the same treatment in return. It canit be that Iim too exacting or that I mark you too hard. I would prefer not to mark you .at all, but we are compelled to in order to get an estimate of your work. 0 ' ' "OT ldffnghfg ,fa L-,ca unifnc ,JJ ':"Il:1z1Ue:' - iiizf-ifiv: 1 9:1 If l '90 ,','s'c V' n 9 1: AX - " I have heard of the high esteem in which my predeces- sor, Dr. Thompson, was held and I also heard that you men decided to make it hard for anyone who should take his place. It appears now as if you are trying to carry out your threat. 'ORIHFLAMME Q33 I wrote to Dr. Thompson and asked him for any suggestions in my work. I have tried to follow in his -foot steps as nearly as possible, and it is my desire to be as popular as he was, - HI used to think that my studies were the only studies in the curriculum. In my sixteen years of experience I have learned a lesson and I have begun to realize that the other oranches deserved as much attention as mine. I used to think that a man who was poor in my class was poor in all. But I had an experience one day and .I have changed my opinion- entirely. I - had an especially stupid fellow in the class. He never did a thing worthy of mention and I was thoroughly disgusted with him. One day, this same fellow dropped a piece of paper on the floor and after everyone had gone I picked it up and found to my complete surprise the most beautiful figure of a woman drawn upon it. I had studied art myself. I am not an artist, but I am a critic of art and I immediately discovered in this otherwise stupid fellow the most remarkable possibilities as an artist. Ever since that time I have felt the closeirelation of all the studies and I have attempted to teach accordingly. v A deep, stentorian voice from the rear of the room inter- rupted the speaker and bellowed out: "Prof, you,re in wrong. That 'Do you see it P' was down in the 'Family' the other week. M "That may all be, but I believe that i-t has been taken up and directed at me. The other daywhen I was in the library, all alone, some fellows raised the window behind me and yelled, 'Do you see it ?, I don't like to say it because I Cflnit P?SS1blY imitate that peculiar fluctuation of the voice. I' d0H'E talk like that and I don't see whv you me it in m iear. I have takeri up 3 lOl? Of Precious time' but I y ' 9, 1 hope this will be the end of it. MABEL n should continually hurl 4 F, 8LM.COLLE GE where Zlnnurenne is Bliss R31 Two boys there were, Both fair and square. Just ready to go to Greek. One hesitating and cold The other firm and bold, The one was Reb, the other's name The agreement was made, The plot was laid. Before old Zeus's shrine. Reb had no care He took no share In the recitation for that time. Then down the list Before Pete wist Herr Rebert was asked to read. Regardless of fate Pete scratched his pate And promptly did the deed. "Well done," said Zeus, So What's the use, Pete quickly resumed his seat. ' He Wasn't wrong, It wasn't long, He was asked to repeat the feat. Somewhat surprised, Though with voice disguised, Friend Zeus thought nothing amiss. When the class was done Allsaw the fun, -Where innocence is bliss. was Pete oR.1FLAMME TUBBY-Mr. Keefer, what is an economic good? KEEFER---A thing' that is as useful as its value would be. DR. STAHR-Mr. Kreider, do We ever say: "I am tooth- achegi' or "I am headacheP,' ICREIDER?-N0 sir. 1 DR. STARR-Well, What would you say? KREIDER-I was toothacheg etc., etc. DR. STA.HR-M1'. Pifer, what is the difference between Empiricism and Idealism? . ' PIFERr-YES, sir, Doctor. Bum joke! l DICKY Cin Zoologyjf"Der next generation ought to have particularly strong necks, because all dat dis class does is to shake dier heads N 0 to all the questions Which I ask. " l A 235 236 F, g,M,coLLEGE iQEniJue5 from Rbpsins of UF FY calls the roll, ending in the B. section every time with the name of Mr. T ussey. CTussey has never been in the class.j "Now, where does the lesson begin? Yes. Yes. Oh yes! Well, hir. Gardner, you may tell us what force is. Yes. Yes. Yes. No, you donit seem to get the point. Don't you know how to read, or what is the matter with you fellows P That will do. "Now Mr. Pifer, you may explain the measure of force. Now tell us about that. Yes. Well, you better take that to the board. Make a drawing. Yes ..... Yes ..... Yes. What was that? Ach, sit down! VVe want somebody up there who can write English. " I guess we better make an experiment. Now, everybody have their watches ready. I don't see why you fellows don't bring pencil and paper along. Have your note books every day. That's the only way you can get these things. "N ow, what's next? Oh, yes .... Yes. Alright, Mr. Lewis, you may take the first problem. Mr. Miller, the second, etc. " What is that you,ve got there, hir. Richards ? A paper! You get out of here. We don't have time for such monkey business. QRichards hesitatesj. Did you hear me, get out of here. ' CRichards rises slowly and Tuffy walks up intend- mg to pitch him out, when Richards looks down on him and ORIFLAMMIE Q37 saysj : "Now, don't you touch me. H CTuffy, somewhat baffled backs away.j "Well, how are you fellows getting along with those prob- lems. Now, who has the first one? Oh, yes .... Yes. Well, you may explain it. Yes .... Yes .... Yes. You fellows d0n,t seem to have any idea how to work the simplest problem in Arithmetic. Use your heads, if you have any, which is very doubtful. Any farmer boy could do better than that. Erase the whole thing ...... Who has the second one ? Yes .... Yes. . . .Yes. You can't do that? Sometimes we fool 'em. We donit workfem the same 'every year, then you can't use your notes. CPermits a general laugh.j " Nlr. Klingaman is that a book you have there? Get out of here. I told you fellows to put your books on the table when you come in. VVe donit have time to monkey around with books. Pay attention to the lesson now. I don't see whatis the matter with you fellows. at it "Alright, that will do for that. Now, Mr. Leonard, you' may tell us about Newton,s second law of motion. Yes. What is it, first-QLeonard beginningj "For instance, you take a ball and a bat. ', ' "Get out of here with your base ball. I donit want to hear anything about it. if 96 if , "Get ready for another experiment. Oh, pshaw, there S the bell! Well, that don,t make any differenee-l We have tO get this done. Pk Pk if To-morrow take the next ten pages. Youire excused. " I - ess F. Sz M. coLLEeE QI little jfnut 33511 UU U32 9912 LTD SAY, Cy, did you hear about that slashing, rip roaring record them F. and M. roosters made here this fall? I have had a son over thar 'bout L three vears naow, and this is the first time I hed a chance to crow as loud as any of 'em. 'That game With Gettysburg was sure some finisher. They sort a smeared it on them big elephants from down coun- try. Such a thing only comes once in every so often of late years and it makes an old guy feel spry again. An, they say them young ruffians cleaned the field of snow, lyin, some three inches deep, and made it as dry as a toper's throat. When they started out, soon after our boy left home, didn't suspicion they was goin, toamount to much. They had sort of a merry- go-round with a bunch of pickings from up Steelton and I donit reckon they felt right how strong they really Was. Then they come over here to Bethlehem the next Week to play them smart Lehigh fellers. Accordin' to the papers there Was a slight error somewhere, 'cause the Lancaster codgers Walked off with a game which they rarely had a look into at all. How- somever, they licked 'em proper and then they took a try out on them giants from Swarthmore. How them papers was a tootin, that Garnet team! How they were goin' to chaw up GV6I'ything onthe calendar. Their bee didnit buzz so long after F. and got done with lem. They were beat to a frazzle, Wi' 'iff' , -. P525 nN,'m 120, 'a"un'Qiz4"3" " """u' :J,'o1n 0' I:l'4':n' 844 ,Il 9,14 I 1 '4 ,,',,.a uf AN X 4 oR1FLAMME Q39 but there was another might, bi .a mistake F. and.M. didn't have a iloolff in if-again. I vifglglillvsiicegitggg albout sick of that kind of rot, but It d1dn't bother those college C 2LpS,2L 'I-rlfle . They went on paradini and celebratin' and rousln the citizens of Lancaster and burnin' fences till the fur flew. You might a heard my boy talk about that big fat feller they call "Tubby.', Gee Whillikens! he must a been madder'n a hornet! He fussed and fumed around to see his old fence a-blazin'.' I guess, accordin, to what they say, the boys sort o, had his goat. Fat men, as a rule, don't worry long. After that they monkeyed around, trimmin' sech teams as Rutgers and Haverford to purty lively tunes and when they come to Muhlenberg, it pains to recollect. I went along over to Allentown with our boy and there wasn't nothing there but good booze and plenty of F. and M. rootin,. That game was most too easy to dwell on. But the next week was when my heart sunk clean down. I guess them F. and M. chaps had a splashin' good time and some bigyride out to Pittsburg and all that, but they sure didn't have much pip. I guess that's what they call it. . Itis mighty good their friends did' their paradin, before the game, for they sure would have been in a chilly atmosphere after the balloon had sailed some distance. From then on till they played that Gettysburg crew, the scrub team was doin, nearly all the plungin' that was ne- cessary and let me gently murmur to their own good credit, they done their good share right smart. That's a rather lengthy explosion of some few facts about the best aggregation around these parts and one which, as far as I can calc'late, donit have to crawl for any bunch that ever was adorned in Blue and White. Cy, we ought to lust get young again and make a little dust fly. Befgre we get in, Ci, let me just express a little sentiment- I w . 1 I 31 III 11 ,1 W' ,lu 111, 1 1 'al JI I '1 I I 1 I I 1 1 1 I I 1 III 15. 1, I, I II ' I fi I I 1 ,. I , I, W II .II 1 1 1 I I 1 II QI 1 I 1 II? I 1' I II I I1 1. Il I I I , If I If' 1, 1 , i. II 1 11 ,, 1 1 VIII II 'I:1 IIIII III II III III' III '1 1 I I , I Q40 F,8zM.C0I1LEGE I have just ab next year and it FIPP ' I ' . ' , h v bout as g ' berg or Ursinus. . ' ood as anv and a hanged Slght bettel t an ifuhle out concluded to chase that youngster of mine ears that Franklin and IWarshall is just , I oR1FLAMME Roar Culbames When will the game of base ball be dead, And fans no longer go Wild, W When Will the true sport be called a sap head And ever play the pranks of 9, Child? When elephants roost on trees Andrmules on bicycles ride When Water no longer will freeze K And a doll is a ball player's pride. X 1 When lions lay eggs in the sand And alligators trayel on wings When mice are considered just grand And Women refuse to Wear rings. When Dutchmen no longer drink beer And Limburger smells like cologne 5 When F. and M. gets a new college cheer And students ne'er Want to go home. When ideas grow in a baboon's head And Wool on the hydraulic ram Then will the game of base ball be dead And the country Won't be Worth a damn. A STIFF PROPOSITION ' . 1 ORIFLAMM E The Jfamilpi A mother's pride, a fatherls joy is that oft repeated saw, Of college boys, we feel assured, that non N e'er was there father without pride, Who from the world e'er wished to hide, The joy of a happy family. So with college boys the law holds good, There's a vicious desire for theatrical food The little ones that give delight Are all arrayed in costumes bright, But the joy is in the Family. One afternoon, at least,feach week i The crank togs out in manner sleek. He 'occupies the seat down front, Of the applause he always bears the brunt. ' He's in Paradise at the Family. U , l For two short hours, he laughs and smileS, To see that show ihe'd travel miles, And' when 'tis done, he soon relents, He's seen nothing, blown twenty cents, Z But it's good because it's the Family.. Week in, week out, through all 'Uh-G Yea? The college man attends and keeps his cheer. He boldly resolves to quibfhe P1905 He fails-he just can't keep away. His joy is in the Family. e transgiess the lfm aaa F. aM.CoLLEGE HAHELEEBEHSHMUXBITINE enene Hough Neeks Uutelassed---Lefend Stars for Bare Leggers. Game Sensational in Spots---IIumming's Urihbling a Feature 1- Special to the Oriflamme. ' In a fast and exciting game last night in the College gym-, 13116 Bare ,LGggQ1'S cinched their hold on the championship. The result was never in doubt from the beginning of the game to the end. The Rough Necks seldom threatened their opponents' goal and their work was re- deemed only by the magnificent floor work of Cummings, who jumped center against i'Cupid" Rentz. For the cham- pions, Lefond was easilv the star sup- ported by Fenninger with several long shots brilliantly executed. Jerry Adam's guarding was so close that at no time was Noll able' to get a shot. The Bare Leggers will meet the Dead Gamers in the final game of the series, next Fri- day, Score-25-7. Line-up: Bare Leggers. Rough Necks. Lefond .. .. .. Hforward. .. 1. .. .. ....No1l Fenninger .. .. Hforward .. .. .. .. ..Hunter Rentz .. .. .. .. . .center .. .. .. .Cummings J. P. Adam . .. ..guard .. .. .. .. ....Troyer F. M. E. Grove .guard .. .. .. l. .. .Mosser Summary-Goals from field: Lefond, 55 Fenmnger, 45 Adam, Cummings, 3. Goals from foul: Troyer, Lefond, 5. Referee-Birinyi. DOPE. .Coach J. A. Frant ' ll l d with the showing the liaise Iieggeiis tligfire made this season. Their success is largely' due to his generalship. The report is current about college I l that Charles Watt passed the ball the other night in practice. The responses to Capt. Brenner's call for base ball candidates have been too few. He claims that the Chess Club is depriving him of some valuable ma- terial. Weller holds the enviable record of one basket for the season, made in a practice game. It is expected that "Butch" Aston will make a strong bid for center on the foot ball team this fall. Great things are expected from the paprica kid. If hot air can bring victory, Capt. Brenner's arggegation ought to be the most successful F. and M. has had in years. There is great excitement over the prospective possibilities of Aukamp, Heffner, Seitz and DeLong, for jobs on the diamond. The dope is fljing thick concerning thflse men, but when the smvke clears away we expect to see Aukamp as bat shiner and DeLong hold- ing down the water bucket. The foot ball players have all gone pn strike and refuse to enter the game in the fall, unless the management prom- ises to supply the necessary Supply of chewing tobacco. There has been much discussion con- cerning the condition of "Gladys" Warfel. His injuries received in a collision with Catcher Dorman, of the Sophomores, last spring, have proved more serious than first anticipated. ORIFLAMME r Q45 llllllll HESTS lillllINI3" lIVINI3HlIIl ' - Irish Fighter Has Better ef Opponent Except in Fifth. Livingnpd Greatly iiutweighed - ."Irish" Creitz went six fast rounds with " Battling" Livingood in the final bout last night at the Dutch-Irish A. C. Creitz entered the fight in whirlwind fashion and had his opponent dazed in all but the fifth round. His bald head could be seen shining as he charged his 9PP0I1GI1t time and time again. Liv- IHEOOQL 2l13l10ugh greatly outweighed, was disappointed with the outcome and has agreed to meet the Irishman in a fight to the finish in Doc J'ohnn,"s qjhicken Yard at the earliest opportun- 1 y. - Gr.rcK SPEAKS A Promising Bantamweight Comes lint With Firm Denial et Runners 41,?.li-1-N "Kid" Glick to-day-made a public denial that he had refused to meet " Sh1ke" Snyder in the pro posed twenty- round bout. The people of his home town are much pleased with his show of grit and will come to Lancaster with plenty of money to back their favorite. "Shike" is losing much of his former support and the " Kid" is beginning to emerge from the category of "dark horses." Scraps About Scrappers. Local enthusiasts are trying to figure out whether "Cyclone J ohnny" Steh- man really means what he says. his defy to meet any man in his class, is a bold one, and especially to such men as " Whirlwind Gorman, " Billy Batsche- let and "Jack Johnson" Troutwine. " Topsy" Hartzell Will cross mits with "Bull Dog" Wehler and expects to romp away with the bacon. Jack Kauffman has matched Young Gayley to exchange Wallops' with "Snakes" Luckenbill at the Sh1ppen's School Gymnasium. ' , " Twin" Rumbaugh wishes to get 1n- to action with "Tubby" Wickert. He is in the pink of condition and he is Will- ing to put up a few greens on thevside h w'll sto him inside the limit. that e 1 P ' U11 ' d bt, but the match The place is s 1 in Oud ff in the alley 'll b bl be pulle Q ifieifiosif JZ'Saph's HOSPIWI- 246' F, 8,M,CoLLEGE x - OUR FAIR CO-EDS. D TUBBY Qin Economicsj-Mr. Geisenberger, what are the byfproducts of cows? ' GEISENBERGER-Butter and eggs. DICKY Cin Zoologyj-I Want you to put special stress on the reproduction, because that is the most important thing about these animals. A 1 TUFFY Qin Physicsj-T his beautiful theory of how to start things and never finishing them is all rot and humbug. People don't get paid for such things in this world, and I don't believe that they Will in the next either. ZEUS Cto Weller after Christmas Vacationj-Mr. Weller, were you one of the sweet singers of Israel P VWTELLER-NO, sir. A ZEUS-Oh, you are the little boy who Went home to see his mother. p Well, that,s right, Mr. Weller. ORIUFLAMME A Q QEUUUZUP int Gibran guts AS PRESENTED BY CHAMBERS AND HENRY IN CRATORY CLAQQ -T51 Giant nf Gllgararivra .Professor Emeritus .... .................. J . M. CHAMBERS, PATRICK DEMOSTHENES . . . . . . AMOS HENRY. H.' E. IJ. Ra,iSe1' ........ ,,,,, A UGUSTINE SMITH. Topsy Farnsworth .... ,,,, A ,'R, HARTZELL. Sl66py ............. A ,,,,,, ARNER' H0011 del' Kaiser .... . .... H. H. DELONG, Students. 1 Summarg nf Aria ACT I.-Recitation in Oratory. Room M. ACT II.-The same. Mob scene. A ACT III.-The same. Restitution. Time -Present. Place!-F. and M. College. CTime of action consumed-"Three Weeks."j A ACT 1. QSc-cnc opens with jifzzfish of froll callj l ALL. confusionj-Herels Demosthenes, De1T10StheneS is late again. You forgot Demosthenes. D TOPSY-P1'Of6SSOT, you surely wont mark Mr. 611105- thenes late for this? A' ,t Gem PROF. Clocking over his glassesj.-T hat doesn C011 you at all. We must now proceed with the rCC1t-Won' 247 248 F, 8zM.C'OLLfEGE SLEEPY-What is the lesson to-day, Professor P I thought We had extemporaneous speaking tO'd3Y- ' PROF.-Alright, Mr. Wickert you may begin. QWichert commences and is suddenly interruptedj SLEEPY-Professor, he Won't never make no orator be- cause he has a cherulo face. I WICKERT ifstudentj-Go on, Sleepy, who IS running this park P r ' PROF.---'T hat will do. This is no place for personal re- marks. We will now hear Mr. Kramer. CKramer commencesj WEISEL Cstudentb-His head is out of equilibrium. It wobbles too much from side to side and then his complexion is against him. KRANIER Cstudentj-Y ou fellows give me a pain. PROF.-MT. Kramer, you have everything in your favor, I would advise you to keep at it. Now, Mr. Snyder, we Will hear you. QSnyder, measuring his audience, launches upon "T ran- substantiation. rp A ' VVHITMORE CStUCl6NlD-M1'. Snyder will never make an eloquent shepherd. He does too much crowing. He has a cock in his eye. PROF.-I don,t think that criticism is at all called for. Well, that Will do. We must pass on. Mr. Grove. CGroue, with hair combed to produce the effect of a Parisian count, airs the subject oj H College Publications. "D Hoon DER KAISER Cinterruptingj-He uses such bat Words, still I don'd tink much of his English on de Whole, any- Ways. And besites, he didn't not say 'Chicago right. SLEEPY-WCll, he has the southern brogue of the cotton fields. Negroes pronounce it '6Chi,, because it sounds like chicken. ORIFLAMME A249 PROF.-M1'. Farnsworth Let us hear from vou. . U . , you havenit said much lately. - QTopsy ejfloresees on the HS'ItlflI'C1,g8tl63, lj SCHOLL Qstitclentj-He-doesnit have his coat buttoned and he persists in resting on one foot. y T OPSY-WCll, Professor, I donit think that thev ought '50 censure me for that. I have a terribly bad corn on, the other foot. . ' CBell' rings ancl class is in instant e0nfusi0n.j PROF.-Next recitation we will discuss the merits .or defects of the Writings of Chetwasolattarof. . ACT II. I A QTen minutes oj the next hour have elapsed. The Projes- sor is engagecl in remarks ancl criticism. ' Atthis instant H. E. L. Raiser throws Dernosthenes, eorhy to the jront of the room. Deinosthenes returns evil for evil by .slamming Raiserover the heacl with a boolaj PROF.-Mr. Demosthenes, leave the room immediately. DEMOSTHENES-I don't have to. PROF.-lVIr. Demosthenes, I say leave the room. . ALL-Put him out! Heraus mit iem. He's mad. He'll bite. Let the dog out. ' . DEMOSTHENES Chair standing on end' and fists tighill! eleneheclj--I Want to know the reason, Professor. . PROP.--No time for discussion. You heard what I said. CSl0wly makes his wayjrmn behind his cleskj DEMOSTHENES Ceroaehing toward the cloorj-I HCV91' Saw such a bunch of asses. ' Beat ALL fleaving chairs .advance toward Dent0Silw7w3l' it! Let me at him. Q50 F. 8zM.COLLEGE. DEMos'rHENEs Qwith hand on door hnobj --I never saw such 'a bunch of jackasses. CGoes o'at.j PROF.-The rules of the college must be observed. Mr. Demosthenes, therefore, owes us an apology before he can be reinstated as a member of this class. fflonsumes the remainder of the period in a heart to heart talk, which is followed by a de- mand on the part of the class for an immediate apologyj ACT III. Cllemosthenes purposely absents himsey for a period of three weeks, after which he retarnsj ALL-H6TC,S Demosthenes! Who left him in ? Apology! Apology!! Apology!!! DEMOSTHENES-ShUt up! You bunch of dubs. PROF.-Will you 'gentlemen please preserve order? Seniors ought to be old enough to observe the laws of politeness, at least. , ALL-We must have an apology. We Want an apology. Come on, let's hear it! Spit it out! Don't stand there like a '-jack. ' A PROF.-MT! Demosthenes, are you prepared to give an apology P ' DEMOSTHENES-I don't see that it is necessary for me to give one. l ALL-Cut the rot. Cut the rot! Put up or shut up. Give us the apology. ' PROFQ-You will have to give us an apology or else get out altogether and make your appearance before the faculty. f DEMOSTHENES Qrising and drawing a document jrom his pochet, which he reads with eloqnencej-We have heard much during the present year concerning the elevated moral tone of the students of Franklin and Marshall. If this is to be the ORIFLAMME Q51 initiative in our advance to a -reater F 8' .andM.,I.fl for the future of our dear Alma Mater. You, as clggsrflgig and students, have conducted yourselves in a manner entirely unbecoming to the children in the lowest grades of our ublig schools. You have ,made literal fools out of yourselvei and have made me the subject of the most scandalous and incon- siderate treatment by your impositions upon your beloved professor. Your conduct toward me was unpardgnable for two reasons. First, because the throwing of my hat was uncalled for, and second, because I was absolutely blameless. I did nothing to call upon myself your derisivebarking. I am thoroughly disgusted with your actions and my earnest plea and prayer is that you may be visited with the chastisement you so justly deserve. ALL-Ugh! Ugh!! Bad noise! Professor, what do you call that? He's simply rubbing it in. ' We want an apology. We canit and we wonit accept such rot. I n PROF.-+MT. Demosthenes,Qyou have taken much of our valuable time and failed to approach an apology. I will give you one more chance. p DEMOSTHENES-Professor, if I have done anything against you, I am sorry for it.' ' ALL-Come on, he must apologize to us. He called us a bunch of asses. Make him deliver the goods or git. DEMOSTILIENES ---Fellows, if I have insulted you or aroused your righteous indignation, I am sorry. ALL-Fine! Great!! hfore than we expected! Bully! Q52 F. sz M. COLLEGE HALLEY,S COMET. ' VENUS- R. N. ADAM Cin societyj-Mr. President, I make a motion to enforce the constitution. T UBBY-Why is woman eccentric? ScHoLL-Because she milks cows. SENIOR Cin. New Testament Greekj-Doctor, When will we read Genesis? DR. STAHR-Would a man who frequented bar rooms on earth, be at home in heaven? GLICK-YCS, if there was a bar room up there. VVhen a fellow Hunks his exams at F. and'M., his father is notified that his son has acquired suflicient knowledge to enter business. . HIESTER-The public debt amounts to 32.30 a man. BRENNER-Professor, then why don't every man pay his share and cancel it? ORIFLAMME a 253 QAston has translated an extensive Frenchpassagej DICKY-ThELt,S alright, now read it in French. n , Q DICKY Qto Hunter, studying the star-fish under the micro- scopej-Do you see that? ' . - HUNTERTYCS. DICKY-Do you see this? HUNTERiY6,S. y DICKY-No you don't, there is nothing there but dirt. DR. STAHR-What is the advantage of attending church? KEEFER-There is more chance for the Lord to be where there is a big crowd. T -7. P' .- . UBBY Vlhat IS tl1e army canteen. GROVE-The tin can the soldiers throw over their shoulders. I . CHAMBERS-VV hat is begging the question? ' PIFER-It is asking for it. x I COND UCTOR Con the train from York to Lancasterb-Do you ,belong to this club? I - ' KRAYBILL-VVell, I sing iirst tenor. C. G. VVATT Cat Glen Rockj-Pass the horse mustard., At the Crystal Palace in Altoona two of our worthy G-lee Club members had spent thirty cents out of an allowance of thirty-five cents for dinner. These two stellar performers, Seitz and F. VVerner, closely perused the bill of fare and the - . . - . ' vas only thing tor hve cents was clemz tasse. The delicacy W ' . V ' 'ht in thereupon ordered for dessert and when tl1e waiter bfoug two small cu as of coffee, Werner cut loose' I 3 CC ' Take it away. We dont want C0 tctsse. U A Hee, we want' clemi . - ' 00-ative ZEUS Cm Greckj-lVIr. Rebert, dedme the mterr O pronoun. i s I . 3- A 2541 F. 85 M. COLLEGE REBERT-CStops after giving the norninative easel. ZEUS-Well, go on. REBERT-Tennis5 tennis, tennis. Did you ever see Teddy Millei' lead the Kutztown boys in a cheer for their Alma Mater? ' "Ein, zyvei, drei, burnpety-bump, Kutztovvn, '79 Warfel gave a party in the fall Which was attended by three hundred Women, no men. CSpeeial to the ORIB'LANIME.D WERNER-I hear you are playing big ball, Doughy. BRENNER-Yes, indoor base ball. A . ' PROF. BIULL Cafter an exceedingly brilliant translationj- That will do, Mr. Heffner, you may disrnount. Did you ever see two fellows so drunk that if they had one more drink they would have to be introduced all over again P i ll. is' 'E .'t OQ' , .n . .Q ... U . ,s tux.. 'K-' 1uo.'Oc"- 25:2 '.g' 'ts.Q . ...,5-0' ' .o':oh":4 O, Q , ,s 'Qu 5 . .'I t s.'.' Q ' .::' .' ' ':'1qo- : . 3 50... 'UCC S' .Q A ' Q up 0 Q05 ' gg 1 0 s'o' .'.'0 . 5, Q l.'l, U 'Q ' IQOQ ' l 1- 5 . 9 "' ss 'is' . 1' .00 .v'rs" SJQ. ' ., , . Q .' o 1 sms A -- . ' H' ..- Q .Q , u .4 . ,o'4'g 5 u r n 55... . 6 u Q o J. 4 's. , s oi , 0.1 V I 1314! 4 . .ly Q ., J . . Q tu. of t ' nf s 0 , 9 o'.'1 Q D' .0 "' 'Q' v' J ' 1 Q . 'U .nt I.., . :0..? 'X g,.o .s. x.': 'ru A ' .Q " ..b' . iQ.o I b , -4 . I 0 5 s 5 9 ' 1 o in 0 'i-. "'. J ' '.s .O ' s' ...o '.0,.e'-' 'Q D , 1 , .Q . 0 0. . O r . 5 o ". u ..5 .. 5 so . 9 P. . ul . I Q '. Q U .ga ' .O ' , 5 'Q , ' ' 1 '. , . On r' , I ,J 1. "', , N- .'0ag 5 1' V, 9 5 0 o I ' O . ' , A u g. I Q., 0 s , o , t on X 0.0 0 . v 0. u' ' N, , .9 ,l. gf. a'.J W , u 0 u Q .-- . Q. x 1. O. DQ. .v 0 ' I Q i ,Q u 1 . . n Q .9 I -li' l Q U 1. . ., .. U. 5- 0-1-- 'Y' 1" Og, s o'.'s . I a'o 5 A ..1 af 1' . -ug. .us 0 0 ng 5, 1 uv M A g., :u P9 , 1 .1 V! +4 4 1 kj Vi fl ,, 1 'K L! ' P22 'Af 1 V1 1 ,H ,M 212 xl ,i K l 1 x I ITV ' Qs ,. 'a ,i V X , 11 V M 1, 1 U Ei 1 .N N fx I4 fr X, w r W n n i ighntngrnphvr CSPECIAL RATES FOR STUDENTS AND TEACHERSD GROUPS, INTERIORS, EXTERIORS, ETC. ATELIER, 42 AND 44 WEST KING STREET LANCASTER, PA. INDEPENDENT 'PHONE OPEN EVENINGS New Location The Palace-Enlarged T Billiards, Pool and Bowling 2I TABLES ' Shuffle Boards, Tivoli, Billiards and Pool 153 North Queen St. Geo. W. Dorshelmef, PPOP El , . Trusses ustlc Stockings . . Knee Caps 1 Braces Umbilical Belts ' manufacturer ofv Y 'WST Spinal SU,0,00I'f9f'S l-7,5-lfs Supporters i crutches Abdominal Suppor- ' A He 5-Uppo,-fs ters, Shoulder 307:309 WBSY Klllg St- H H Nts Arch 3 PP Braces, Elc. LANCASTER, PA- . At The House of Good Clothes TD fx . XV 4 I 1311? ss' . , . - r ', ' - ' if efriafa- -: A ' V. 2 ,ff H ' J f l l In 0 rx ' ' i affix 9 3 . ftsfsisizfgfgs- Eliifffiz' ' iii , ' MX I I Ig I ff ,.3:ff2:g4.,.,?:4:3' ::'.- Q' I 1 A .-:f:5:3:f:1:2S:1:3:3f1f' fffff. 'f15Z'-- I 'dw ' ' . ti ..:-:-:-:-:-:-' '-:-:-:-:-:-:f:f:1:5. '.!9f1:5 :2-21. tl Mn Q? sszsfsfs:s:sf"' '-5:s:s:f:s:s:s3sf:s:sf i , with W I sfisfsfffff' s5s5s5s5s55s5s5s.:S?s?z5' jf-.... f t 5121- ,,A5gsgsgsgs:s:s:s:sffffsfff 'f , Q 1 ' '55555E5E5E5E5E5fE5E555EQ?EfS t 2 -1- ,-2: ' "'-Z0 E ,,E5S5E5E5. ,255555555555SrErErE1Er3:f:?.::5:' X ,L 22 5 155532: sf, -.F . Q . he 5 ififfifffgigfgigf.jgfgigii -i .zfffififfffiiffffifi 55555551 55555. f"" ff y 'f f ' 1 5 555E55f5:f' :gggffz ,- ,-,-.-.EEE 3 H ifi E: ' 5525 2232 '-5Q':g5 '. 5:5 7' - 35:35. s-s:s:s:s:s.:s '?51f1f-. i- 'lgljfgfglj ': '- X 1 f"':., I :.:.:.j.:.: ,Z Lf '.:...,.-.:. I-I-I-PZ' -I V' I-I-. I f 125555555555 Ygsfsfsia . EQ3Q:Q.Q.,g :3:Z:I.' tj., I 1 3. iiie. STR5cUgnEren'u51d'. . BAL.1'wvxefi2'EeBQS" Not all knowledge is gained from books. Experience is a splendid teacher. Experience has taught us to look for the best and test it our- selves. We have tested out and found it to be a fact that " High Art Clothes" carry with then1 a guarantee of Perfect Service, Modern Style and Right Price. Men's and Young Men's Hats Our Hat Department is always alive with the newest creations in Men's and Young Men's Headgear. Our leaders are the "Stetson" and Roelofs Blocks Every good style a man can ask for we have. ,E - So Mo R G00- Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers IZ East KingfSt. " -- ':. Lancaster, Pa. D I 1 7 5 vm" to an 7 Q . 11 , ti. s . f--F U R 457' ZJ Q Ss' ' ' e,uvDU ' V km W Y Q 'Jn DUE N R o 2 1 y G TRADE 3 23' Standard" -4 3 , ra 65 Your ath Room 5 l P URPA 6' PA-59 qulpment l 1 'S' 4 O 0 5 TRADE in 9 ,Standard 1 5 MARK fi O room 1S so important as the bathroom in 1tS relation to the health 4, 5 . 'v,,.0R fu L Q I 1 J and comfort of the family. Its equipment must, therefore, be of V. . 7 the highest order to insure complete satisfaction and there should be an l 1 I I I . C as su ra n c e , that once installed, 1 ' there' should be no necessity a "1 for the expense of throwing out A l l Q fixtures which have become - l imperfect and unsanitary on , N . account of inferior rade- of 1 - H g g I - p fixtures or workmanship. , -- - X ,--- Good -fixtures are not ex- F I - - pensive-1t 1S the so called . ,pie - ' 1 'E' "cheap" fixtures that are s ,A " ., ln: . S T , - W ' E.-' f, expensive. 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X --seg-.Q-:ft l :r-53' ,f S' N -.1 g A sz 's J X Do not trust to ity Strike out hard with all your might, Take a chance on what's in sight, Soon things may he coming right, And you'll make a hit ,f U, 'at NISSLEY'S t d 16 East Chestnut St. Lunch and Dining Rooms MILLER DRUG 'COMPANY The Leading Store for Drugs, Medicines, Sickroom SUPPHCS Rubber Goods' Sanitary Appliance, Combs, Perfumery, Toilet and Fancy" Goods' 14.6 North Queen St., Lancaster, Pa' 3:31911 35. Both, Zlr. jllilanufarturing yetneler aah Eiamunh better CLASS PINS AND SOCIETY EMBLEMS MADE T0 ORDER OLD GOLD AND SILVER BOUGHT ENGRAVING AND JEWIIIJRY REPAIRING FACTORY and OFFICE: 54-56 NORTH PRINCE ST., LANCASTER, PA. IE. . 12101-IT College Engraver Printer and Stationer 1108 CHESTNUT ST., PHILADELPHIA, PA. Commencement Invitations Class Pins, Visiting Cards ' Dance Invitations! and Programs, I Wedding Announcements and Menus, Fraternity Inserts, and Stationery Invitations ' Samples Cheerfully Sent on request DARIUS J. EOKMAN A V I DEALER IN A BEST GRADESPOF OPI-'ICE AND YARDS: CORNER PRINCE AND FREDERICK STREETS u LANCASTER, PA. 1 UN E ' g . NE Vi Franklin and Marshall College LANCASTER, - - - - - - - . PENNSYLVANIA Offers courses of study in the ARTS AND SCIENCES leading to the degrees of A.B. and Ph.B. HE College bases its claim for patronage and support on the advantages which it offers for obtaining a thorough, liberal education. The curriculum is adapted to afford training for culture and discipline, and aims at thorough instruction, harmonious development and the formation of sound character. The studies are so arranged that the students, in their entire course, come in contact with the regular professors-men of ability, experience and enthusiasm in their respective depart- ments-and receive in this Way not only the highest measure of personal attention. but also the inspiration which the.genuine scholar and teacher, by personal influence, always communi- cates. - CAMPUS OF FIFTY-FOUR ACRES, CONTAINING TEN BUILDINGS, INCLUDING GYMNASIUM AND COMPLETE ATHLETIC FIELD. THE SCIENCE BUILDING AFFORDS UNSURPASSED FACILITIES FOR LABORATORYWORK. For full particulars and catalogueiaddress, HENRY I"I. APPLE, Preside t. GEORGE F. IVIUI..I.., Secretary. vii VVINGERT 84 HAAS Are made for all good dressers and for every face, figure and fancy. 144 North Queen Street, Lancaster, Pa. EVERYTHING IN PI-ICTOGRAPHY Rembrandt and' Artistic Lighting I Sutton fubio I9 EAST KING STREET, LANCASTER, PA. W. W. AMOS Photographer ,SPECIAL INDIJCEIVIENTS TO STUDENTS Pius 1-IENSEL LANCASTER STEAM DYE WORKS ' SCOURING AND DRYDCLEANING - A New Machine Which Presses Your Clothes While You Wait. Office? 4I West' Chestnut Stl " " Lancaster, Penna. I Qllieaze 2155 Coffegk anb 5c5oof qJBofograp5er Qlfwags f i Somewing Qlew anb Griginaf? -i gpeciafs fb QQIPP gfubenfs ,,i,,i1,iil- Qjliease gfubio 24 'wwf 'King Qt. Eancasfer, Qpa. ix G. VVM. REISNE.R 'MANUFACTURING J EVV E L E: R DESIGNING ul ENGRAVING -DIE. CUTTING E-NAME-UNC' Class and Fraternity Pins - BBB and WDC Class and Fraternity Pipes Athletic Medals and Prize Cups Engraved and Embossed Stationery Novelties in College Jewelry Pennants, EBMIIICTS. CTC- Odd Things in College Jewelry LHHCHSICF, Pennsylvania DR. M.fA. EECKER DENTIST 22-24 WEST ORANGE STREET Opposite Y. M. C. A. Building . W. IVIIESSE I I23 NORTH QUEEN ST. ICE CREAM IN ALL SHAPES AND FLAVORS Special Prices to Fancy Layer Cakes Clubs and Fraternities ' Especially lor. Banquets We are prepared this year better than ever before to serve Ice Cream, Calces and Candies to all College Functions and Commencement Spreads "You've heard of us before." I E X 2 X KMELING Pipes nsylvania Q ii VOR5 qlltll I Spiga!!! Lancaster Steam Laundry OFFICE: ' I46 EAST .KING STREET - M. S. FALK - Q '- 'COLLEGE AGENT DISCOUNT TO STUDENTS EDW. eKRECKEL WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER IN Saddles, 1 Harness, Horse Clothing WHIPS, TRUNKS, SATCI-IELS, VALISES, Etc. l FINE 'HARNESS .OUR STRONGHOLD ' Repairing Promptly and Neatly Attended to G. SENER :S SONS l, QEALERS IN l--+- Lumber and Coal and Roofing,Slate Office and Yards: N. W. Cor. Prince and James S115- Xi TI-IE LANCASTER MAIL ORDER HOUSE New and Second-Hand Books Prompt Attention to all orders by mail. - Special Rates to Students. ' Quotations Furnished F ree. P. O. BOX 468 LANCASTER, PA. INDEPENDENT PHONE No 461 I Orders called for d D 1 d P puy S. M. SHAUB GROCER A Full Line of Fine Groceries, Provisions and Notions at Lowest Prices. COR. FREDERICK AND MARY STREETS. rr I-IOFFIVIEIER BROS. Lancaster's Biggest and Best FURNITURE STORE, Special Discount to Students A 40 and 42 EAST KING ST. X11 f WI D DR I-IDTEI. I I IVIIDWAY BETWEENI BROAD STREET STATION ,AND READING TERMINAL oN FILEERT STREET. .A .A S: .A .S ALL THE BOYS GO THERE WHEN IN I ' PHILADELPHIA 111 ENGRAVINGS ' BY THE ELECTRIC Crrv ENGRAVING C o.. BUFFALO. N. Y. SURE IN 011 H PQ lx u Tl STANDA Lemon L Franl EM. SURE of POINT SIMON sH1ssLE.R IN 'OUR PRESCRIPTION WORK' ' I CIGARS ' Every point is made sure I I before it passes. Guess I I I work is eliminated. Ex- ' actness is tlre keynote. A I A C The .result shows it.' ::V 1 I P 5 I I' Tlt9G3g'b.f I I- - 1 , V LEADING PIPE HOUSE in the CITY Lemon and Charlotte sts. I 52 North Queen sm-een . I Lancaster, Pa. ' a a t Lancaster, Pa. Franklin and Marshall Academy 4--L-LANCASTER, PENtNsYL.vAN1A-- Prepares boys for Franklin and Marshall College and any other College or Technical School in the country. Terms moderate. Illustrated Catalogue. E. M. I-IARTMAN, A. IVI. T. C. I'lEI..lVI. A. M. Principals. e V Conestoga Traction Company Lancaster Pennsylvania JACOB D. RIDER IGB PRINTING E N G R AV I N G LDIE STAMPING The character of the work done in this oHice has earned a reputation for itself. Quality, Accuracy and Promptness are the bases of my success. Consultation Invited. Local and Long Distance Phones. TWENTY NORTH QUEEN STREET I A LANCASTER :: :: PENNSYLVANIA EVERTS 8: OVERDEER E I SANITARY PLUMBING Steam and Hot Water Heating Engineers a Estimates Furnished All Work Done Under Personal Supervision 5 E East King Street and Howard Avenue LANCASTER, PENNA. nj, v.1, nes, qs'-.s.'.hinn.w. A. lu A5 1 .s E ve i 12 4 3 5 Y 1 3 'IA 4 Hi 4 fd X ,, as E, 9 vs i 2 4' .gf . 1 HEP BC pyf. lf'-' E ROOFING .E Gly Offxe. l1 Demt H I-IERR'S BOOK sToRE + II2-I I4 NORTH QUEEN ST. .?.. BOOKS, FINE STATIONERY PENNANTS, BANNERS, CUSI-IIONS, PRINTING PROGRAMS MENUS AND DANCE ORDERS 1 . I ROOFING SLATE BQTH 'IDHQNES Esbenshade 8 Co. Dealer in All Kinds of Coal. Lumber. Feed. Hay and Straw City Office, I2 EAST ORANGE ST. Yard and Office, LITITZ PIKE LANCASTER, PA. DemutI1's Snuffs, Cigars and Tobaccos Have been made and soId at I I4 East King Street since I770. Own Make B. B. B. Pipes, Imported Cigars Smoking Tobacco and Cigarettes. :: :: :: :: I-I. C. DEIVIUTI-I'S SONS- Xvii H. A. SCHRQYER Florist and Seedsman GREENi-IOUSES, 641 HARRISBURG AVE. STORE, 651 NORTH QUEEN STREET - LANCASTER, PA. 1810 One 'Nllundred Years Old ' 1910 Farmers' Trust Compan O F L A N C A S T E R G'apitaL .S'225,000 Surplus and Profits, S65 0, 000 c Ill Every 'Banking Facility Extended. Interest 'Paid on Time Peposits. alll Acts as Trustee, Guardian, lixecutor or Jldministrator. 111 Issues Womestic and Foreign Drafts and Letters of . Credit. J. WI. B. BAUSMANQ President S. M. SELDOMRIDGE, Vice-President P. T. WATT, 2d Vice-President CHAS: F. HAGER, Secretary C-HAS. A. SAUBER, Treasurer WILLIADI A. WILEY, Ass't Treasurer WILLIAM L. MARSHALL, Ass't Treasurer XVALTER M. FRANKLIN, 'Solicitor CHAS. F. HAGER. Solicitor I?ei'1nsy1Vania Business 130111-:ge fWade Schoolsj V Iualicaster, Pa. The above school controls, through ,personal friencl, the largest employment agencies for locating men and women in the world. It also has " PULL " with the Covernmentin locating young men in the Civil Service. Graduates have absolute assurance of employment onuthe completion of a course. . A Wade Schools trains both men and womenfor Civil Service, Commercial, Shorthand and Typewriting, Secretarial and Teaching positions at cost. Annual enrollment above 600. M. WADE, Ph. D., Prin. J- XV111 TREET 9 I0 1900 llltl' 1 :nl the ol all ual 5499 Big? sono orrecj Shape REG. U. S. PAT. OFF A Q a Q . Our hobby is to satisfy every customer who comes into our store and in order to do that it is necessary that we carry the best and most reliable brands of shoes. There is never any question as to the reliability, fit :ind style of Korrect Shape Oxfords. Buy a pair today and you will enjoy all the com- forts of high-grade footwear at the moderate price of 54.00. Made in all the popular colors. QA!! our Burrqhp: leathers are guaranteed. JY Ike upper break: through before the jfrsi sole is -worn fhrougk, we will replace with a new pair-free.J BURT 8: PACKARD CO., Makers 'Bnocx-ron, Mass. eimenz's Shoe Store 105-107 North Queen Street Lancaster. Pa. xix FOR THE FINEST IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC GROCERIES -1-ti GO TO ----Tm R. C. Seldomridge X395 Both 'Phones Prompt Delivery IO and I2 North Queen Street i fiom Qudio 26 EAST KING STRFIETF Right Up - to - Date , Our Laundry has been completely modernized, and has not a peer in our city. lt's the only Laundry that can do up your shirts n a strictly up to date manner. - It's the only Laundry equipped in a manner that msures the best work, with a minimum amount of wear on the clothes. immdfy I Manhattan Laundry 229-23I W. Kin St. Lancaster, Pa. xx , Qiaif ge gfebens Zap Cgoom Qprince anb 'King Sfreefs ALBERT J. MCCONOMY, Manag A ' Y 3 j ZWLUJ Q Dzamonds and Watches Class and School Pins and College Stationery 'w- ZOOK'S JEWELRY STORE LANCASTER, PA. H. K. BAUMGARDNER, President and Treasurer FRED. S. PYFER Secretary The B. B5 IVQQRNTIN co. ' AR E 19 ECTQII-I: YARD: 519 NORTH CHARLOTTE ST., LANCASTER, PA. JOHN D. SKILES, President JACOB R. HERSHEY, Vice-President JNO. C. CARTER, Cashier The Fulton National Bank A OF LANCASTER, PA. - ' March 29,1910 ,. CONDENSED S'l'ATEMEN'l' RESOURCES ' L1-nan Iru-5 Loans and investments - 31,210,574 94 Capital Stock Paid In . 3 200,000 o U S. Bonds, Premium, and 5 per , Surplus Fund and Proits - 198,594 7 cent. Fund - - - - 161 5oo.oo Circulation - 149 995 o Banking House and Vault - 39 650.00 Due to Banks - 23 439.13 Due from Banks - - - 16 434.53 Deposits - 1,Ig4.o6o.2 Cash and Reserve - - 337,929.59 ' H Total - 51-766,089 06 Total - 57664189 06 lgaironige ur clvertisers l DAILY AND SEMI-WEEKLY l-1 I TELLIGE CER FOR CURRENT NEWS OF THE DAY-LOCAL AND WORLD-WIDE READ THE INTELLIGENCER. lT'S WIDE-AWKE AND UP-TO-DATE BOOK, CATALOGUE AND C OMMERCIAL PRINTE RS DIE STAMPING LINOTYPE AND MONOTYPE TYPE-SETTING MACHINES 8 WEST KING STREET, LANCASTER, PA. n ul--1-nu...g1,,-:........'v,-.,f- ----g..., ..u,,..,... .,.. . ..,... . ,, , . . . H...,..,e..,,,,,,,.,....,,... -t . . . . ... , un U . - --,. ,Uv -. ......, , . - ,, , -.. W...-. .-..- .. i wr 'N l x V A 1 a I - 1 1 - I A x u 'x i. . X 1 ' s 4 - 1 A X 1 X 1 1 I x -Y ...... ...a-..-.. "' ,,. ,,, ...u.....n4v,-u-- '- .' . , -,-. . -..La.:.. '----' ' ' '.. x..M.- I 1 w E w P W 1 . 1 , 1 I 1 . 1 . 1 1 i I i

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