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THE ORIFLAMME Wulzlixllcfl Annuallv bv ------ The Junior Class Franklin and Marshall College Lancaster, Pennsylvania A D ' ' MFMVII Volume Twenty-Fifth ul I fur! W DEDICATION THIS Twenty-Fifth Volume of the Orillamme is respectfully dedicated to illllr. A. CE. Kepler whose generosity towards our Jllma Mater and increasing interest in Col- lege allairs has called forth our hum- ble token of appreciation and regard. --The Staff. GREETING' C1 0 YOU, kind reader, alumnus or patron of Franklin and Mar- shall, we extend our Greetings upon the publication of this twenty-fifth volume of our College Jlnnual. To you, total stranger, whose eyes have been attracted to these pages through idle curiosity, we throw out this gentle word of Introduction. Allerc are Greetings for ou' 'Professors ant? Instructors, Seniors and Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen, and last, but not least, for our wayfaring companions, the 3Specials. Allere are Greetings for our friends and enemies, for the bunch of Cads who sing our praises after reading their roasts an0, now, above all, for the dear girls of Lancaster who take us in as raw material an0, after a four years fresh air course, turn us out as finish- e0 men. With Greetings for all the above mentioned and many others whose names have not been intentionally omitted, we ask to remain Yours without o struggle, 5 Wy lyafff I 1 A ' t e -tw Q. IM' gp 4.744 M2116 M "Md.A9,,,,,4u S 5 J ORIFLAMME .9 Comments On the 1908 Oriflamme, made by sundry famous personages of the past, the spirits having appeared in visible form at a seance given by one Peter Ziegler. HAMLET:-" Words, words, words." A PATRICK HENRY :-" Takes too many liberties-give me death." DARXVIN :-" Contains interesting data concerning the missing link. The photographs confirm the theory of evolution." SHADES or THE DEPARTED ALUMNI:-"There was only one better ORIFLAMME ever gotten out." GEN. GRANT:-"I will have a piece if I have to fight for it." ZEscHYLUs:-" Dr. Kieffer and I agree that it is not nearly as good as the Agamemnon." IQING ARTHUR:-" Please send a sample copy to the court-jester, -it may improve his wit." THE COURT JESTER:-" Please send a sample copy to King Arthur -it may improve his wit." BURNS:-"A man's a man for a' that." SOLOMON :-" Ship me a carload as soon as possible. I desire to distribute them among my wives as souvenirs." SHADES or THE DUTCH :-" Wanity of Wanities-all is Wanityf' LUCRETIA BORGIA :-" Please prepare me an asbestos edition. The nature of my surroundings demands a fire-proof volume." IN. B.--At this juncture, just as Benjamin Franklin had been sum- moned, those who conducted the seance were forced under the table by the power of the spirits and the meeting broke up in disorder. Dr. Schiedt,who was appointed by the faculty to investigate the phenomena, recorded above, reported that it was a case of sham pain, but the vic- tims, -on the contrary, declared that the pain was real enougl1.j ' 10 F.6zM.COLL GE FRANKLIN COLLEGE, 1787 President . ........... . First Vice-President Second Vice-President .. . . Recording Secretary . .. . . . Corresponding Secretary .. . . FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE, SV Officers Treasurer......... ..... ..... .. Board of Trustee: 1. REV. J. W. SANTEE ...................... CHARLES F. RENGIER . ...... .. WILLIAM J. ZACI-IARIAS, ESQ, . . . . 2. REV. S. G. WAGNER, D.D. . . .. REV. HENRY MOSSER, D.D.. . . . JOHN W. BICKLE, ESQ. ..... . 3. J. W. WETZEL, ESQ. .. . .. C. C. LEADER . ......... . HON. W. U. HENSEL ...... 4. REV. A. S. WEBER, D.D. .. . . .. REV. E. R. ESOIIBACI-I, D.D. .. . HENRY S. WILLIAMSON ...... 5. J. H. SHOCK . ....... .. H. N. RAUB ........ MARSHALL COLLEGE, 1836 1853 .GEo. F. BAER, LL. D. . . . . .HON. W. U. HENSEL. .....J01-IN D. SKILES. . . . .H. S. WILLIAMSON. ....REV. Jos. H. DUBBS, D.D. . . . .J. W. B. BAUSMAN, ESQ. . . . . .Phi1a.delphia, Pa. . . . . Lancaster, Pa. . . . . Chambersburg, Pa. . . . . .Allentown, Pa. . . . . .Meyerstown, Pa. . . . . .NorristOwn, Pa. . . . . .Carlisle, Pa. . . . . .ShamOkin, Pa. . . . . .LancaSter, Pa. . . . . .Baltimore, Md. . . . . .Frederick, Md. . . . . Lancaster, Pa. . . . . .Greencastle Pa. . . . . .Lancaster, Pa. JOI-IN F. IQUNKLE ...... 6. JAMES SI-IAND . ......... . GEORGE F. BAER, LL.D. ......... . JARED HARPEII . .................. . 7. REV. N. C. SCHAEFFER, D.D., LL.D. .. REV. W. C. SOIIAEFFER, D.D. ....... . REV. JACOB B. :KIRSCHNER ........ 8. SAMUEL P. HE1LMAN,M.D. .... WALTER M. FRANKLIN, ESQ. .. . PAUL C. WOLFF . .......... . 0. B. F. FACKENTHAL, JR. .. . .. JOI-IN D. SKILES, . ........ . J. W. B. BAUSMAN, ESQ. .. . . 10. WILLIAM H. HAGER ..... JAMES T. REBER .... JOHN W. JAMISON .. . . . . . .Greensburg, Pa. . . . . .Lancaster, Pa. ... . .Read ng, Pa. . . . . .BellefOIIte, Pa. . . . . .La.ncaster, Pa. . . . . .LancaSter, Pa.. . . . . .Freela.nd, Pa.. . . . . .Heilmandale, Pa. . . . . .La.ncaster, Pa. . . . . .Pittsburg, Pa. . . . . .Riegelsville, Pa. . . . . .Lancaster, Pa. . . . . .Lancaster, Pa. . . . . Lancaster, Pa. . . . . .Reading, Pa.. . . . . .Greensburgy Pa. ORIFLAMME 11 Standing Committees 1 FINANCE.-J0llll D. Skiles, Chmlrmang C. F. Rengier, W. U. I-Iensel, James Shand, H. S. Williamson, Recording Seerelary, and J. W. B. Bausman, Treasurer. 2. INs'rnUC'rIoN.-Walter M. Franklin, Chairman, W. C. Schaeffer, A. S. Weber, J. W. Wetzel and E. K. Eschbach. 3. LIBRARY.-N. C. Schaeffer, Chairman, J. W. Santee, H. N. Raub, S. G. Wagner, H. S. Williamson, Walter M. Franklin and W. U. Hensel. 4. GROUNDS AND BUILDINGS.--W. H. Hager, Chaifrmang W. U. Hensel, C. F. Rengicr, John D. Skiles, H. S. Williamson W. M. Franklin and S. P. Heilman. 5. DISCIPLINE AND DEGREES.--W. U. Hensel, Chairman, E. R. Esehbach, Jared Harper, John W. Wetzel and J. W. B. Bausman. ti PERMANENT ENDOWMENT.-Geo. F. Baer, Chairman, W. J. Zaeharias S. P. Heil- man, H. S. Williamson. Jolm. E. Kunkle, li. F. Fackenthal, Jr., and J. B. Kcrsehner. 7. WILHELM ESTATE.-Ijillll C. Wolff, Clzairmang H. N. Rauh, C. C. Leader, J. F. Keil and Jared Harper. 8 OBSERVATORY.-E. R. Eschhaeh, ClL!l'l'7'77l!l1Lf A. S. Weber, B. F. Fackenthal, Jr., H. N. Raub and Prof. J. E. Kirschner. 9. ACADEMY.-James Shand, C'hairman,' H. S. Williamson, W. H. Hager, W. M. Franklin and W. U. Hensel. 10. LABORATORY AND MUSEUM.-H. Mosser, Chairman, W. C. Schaeffer, E. R. Esch- bach, J. H. Shook, Jolm D. Skiles, James Shand and Jolm W. Bic-kel. 11. GYMNASIUM AND A'rHLE'r1cs.-H. S. Williamson, Chairman, W. H. Hager, James Shand, H. N. Raub and Walter M. Franklin. Advisory Council of Alumni The following Alumni have been elected as members of the Advisory Council, of Alumni, authorized by the Board of Trustees and by the Alunmi Association of Franklin and Marshall College: S. H. Ranck, '92, Ryerson Public Library, Grand Rapids, Mich., W. N. Appel, Esq., '80, Lancaster, Pa., W. H. Keller, Esq., '91, Lancaster, Pa., A. H. Rotherinel, Esq., '87, Reading, Pa., J. W. Appel, Esq., '74, Lancaster, Pa., Rev. C. J. Musser, '78, Philadel- phia, Pa., T. M. Balliet, Ph.D., '76, New York City, N. Y., S. H. Guilford, Ph.D., D.D.S., Philadelphia, Pa., Rev. L. Kryder Evans, D.D., Pottstown, Pa. 12 F.rQM.COLLEGE Professors and Instructors e REV. JOHN SUMMERS STAHR, Pn.D., D.D., LL.D. ...... 437 West James Street ' PRESIDENT, J. W. Nevin Professor of Philosophy. REV. FREDERICK AUGUSTUS GAST, D.D., LL.D. ...... 502 North Lime Street Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament Theology. REV. JOSEPH HENRY DUBBS, D.D., LL.D. .............. 451 College Avenue Audenried Professor of History and Archaeology. 4 JOHN BRAINERD KIEFFER, PH.D. ............... ' ....... 441 College Avenue Professor of the Greek Language and Literature. JEFFERSON E. KERSCHNER, PH.D. .................. 445 West Chestnut Street Professor of Mathematics and Physics and Director of the Daniel Scholl Observatory. REV. GEORGE FULMER MULL, A.M. .................... 431 West James Street Professor of the Latin Language and Literature. REV. RICHARD CONRAD SCHIEDT, A.M., P1-LD. ...... 1043 Wheatland Avenue Professor of Natural Science and Chemistry. REV. JOHN CALVIN BOWMAN, D.D. .................... 519 West James Street Professor of Practical Theology. REV. C. ERNEST WAGNER, A.M. ................... 1 .... 134 North Lime Street Professor of the English Language and Literature. REV. ANSELM VINET HIESTER, A.M. ...................... 320 Race Avenue Professor of Political and Social' Science and Assistant Professor of Mathematics. REV. GEORGE VV. RICHARDS, A.M., D.D. .......... ..... C ollege Campus Professor of Church History. CLARENCE NEVIN HELLER, A.M. .................. 415 North Charlotte Street Assistant Professor of Ancient Languages. HERBERT HUEBENER BECK, A.C. ...................... Y. M. C. A. Building Assistant Professor of Chemistry. CHARLES PATTERSON STAHR, A.M., M.D. ............ 17 West Walnut Street Lecturer on Anatomy and Assistant Professor of Bacteriology. ORIFLAMME 13 REV. JOHN MILTON CHAMBERS, A.M. ............ .... 5 23 West James Street Professor of Oratory. REV. WILLIAM C. SCHAEFFER, PH. D., D.D. ............ 523 West James Street Professor of New Testament Exegesis. REV. CHRISTOPHER NOSS ............................ ..... C ollegc Campus Professor of Systematic Theology. FRANK CLIFTON SMITH, P1-LD. ........................ 503 West James Street Professor of Modern Languages. l IRWIN HOCH DE LONG, A.M., D.B., P1-LD. ............ 413 North Charlotte Street Instructor in Old Testament Science. REV. JOHN I. SWANDER, D.D., Associate Professor of Systematic Theology. - D. C. MCLAUGHLIN ................................... 166 North Queen Street Physical Instructor and Director of the Gymnasium. ' THADDEUS GEARY HELM. A.M. ........................... Academy Building EDWIN MITMAN HARTMAN, A.M. .................... 437 West James Street Principals of the Academy. HENRY I. STAHR, A.M., OLIVER S. SCHAEFFER, A.M., CALVIN N. WENRICH, A.M., SAMUEL L. MOYER. A.B., JOHN S. GALT, JR., A.l3., Teachers of the Academy. M. W. RAUB, M.D., Curator of the Museum. 14 F.8zM.COLLEGE College Directory 5' Yell Wah-Who-Wah! Wah-Who-Wah! F. and M. Nevonia! Wah-Who-Wah! Wah-Who-Wah! F. and M. Nevonia! Wah--Who-Wah! Wah-Who-Wah! F. and M. Nevonia! Standzuwl Dr. J. S. STAHR . . ... PROF. G. F. MULL .. . . . PROF. C. N. HFJLIJIER ..... DR. J. H. DUBBS .. . . DR. J. B. IQIEFFER . . .. PROF.. A. V. HIESTER . . .. PROF. C. N. HEIJIJER ..... Colors. Blue and White. U Faculty .....President. Secretary. .....Treasurer. Deans of Classes Senior. Junior. Sophomore. .....Freshm1m. Gymnasium PROF. D. C. MCLAUGHIJIN .... .......... ..... D i rector. Library DR. J. B. KIEFFER .... ........... ..... L i brarian. W. L. MACHMER, '07 . . . ....................... Assistant Librarian Athletic Association H. W. FISHER, '07 . . .......................... President. L. L. REIST, '07 . . . . . . . . .... ..... V ice-President. J. N. LAND, '07 . ..... ..... S ecretary. PROF. H. H. BECK . .... ..... T reasurer. ORIF LAMME 15 W. A. SCHNEDER, '08 . .. . C. S. DELONG, '09 . . . J. B. LENTZ, '08 .... J. A. D1'rzLER, '07 . . . J. K. MOYER, '08 . . . W. L. GRAUL, '07 .. . L. L. REIST, '07 , . . N. H. CARL, '08 ...... W. L. GRAUL, '07 ., . L. E. REIGNER, '07. . . J. W. BANCROFT, '08 . G. C. HOLIDIER, '07 . . B. E. IiRAYBILL, '08 . W. L. GRAUL, '07 . .. I. S. MONN, '07 . ... .Green Room Club F. L. WINIDOIJPH, '08 . .... . C. W. TRUXAL, '08 . . . R. E. ZIMMERMAN, '08 W. E. BYERS, '08 .. .. B. E. IQRAYBILL, '08. . L. L. REIST, '07 .... R. F. KIEFFER, '07 .. . Foot Bell Basket Ball Track Tennis Musical Clubs Oriflamme College Student Manager. Assistant Manager. Captain. Manager. Assistant Manager. Captain. Manager. Assistant Manager. Captain. Manager. Captain. Manager. President. Manager. Assistant Manager. President. Manager. Editor-in-Chief. Manager. Assistant Manager. Editor-in-Chief. Manager. l6 F. O L G E Calendpr J. B. SHEETZ, '09 . . .......,. .... E olitor-in-Chief L. C. ELLMAKER, '09 . . . .... M anager. V 'Nevonian P. H. NICHOLS, '06 .. . .... V ......... ..... E ditor. Y. M. C. A. W. L. MACHMER .. . ............. ..... P resident. Handbook J. B. MUSSER ..... Editor. April 2. May 2. May ' S. May 10 June 8 June 9 June 10 June 11 June 11 June 12 June 12 June 12 June 12 June 13 Sept. 9 Sept. 12 Sept. 17 Dec. 20 Jan. 7. o R I F L A M M E 17 Calendar 1907 '31 Spring Term of Academy begins. Friday Evening-Anniversary of Goetliean Literary Society. Wedncsday-Eighty-Seeonml Anniversary of the Theological Seminary. Friday Evening-Anniversary of the Diagnothian Literary Society. Saturday Evening-Senior Prize Debate. Sunday-10:30 A. M., Baccalaureate Sermon. Monday Evening-Junior Oratorical Contest. Tuesday-Meeting of the Board of Trustees at 2:00 P. M. Tuesday-3:00 P. M., Class Day Exercises. Wednesday-Alumni Day-Literary Society Reunions at 9:00 A. M. Wednesday-11:00 A. M., Annual Meeting of the Alumni Association. Werlnesclay-12:30 A. M., Alumni Dinner. Wednesday-8 100 P. M., Alumni Address in College Chapel. Thursday-COMMENCEMENT. SUMMER VAoA'r1oN. Monday-Examinations for Admission, begin at 2:00 P. M. Thursday-First Semester begins at 10 o'clock A. M. Tuesday-Academy opens. Friday-Christmas Recess begins. 1908 Tuesday-Work of the Semester resumed at 8:40 A. M. 18 F.8:M.COLLEGE Faculty Cl REV. JOHN SUMMERS STAHR, PH.D., D.D., LL.D., PRESIDENT J. W. Nevin Professor of Mental and Moral Science, ZEsthetics and the Philosophy of History. EDWIN M. HARTMAN, A.M., Assistant to the President. REV. JOSEPH HENRY DUBBS, D.D., LL.D., Audenried Professor of History and Archaeology. JOHN BRAINERD KIEFFER, Pr-LD., LIRRARIAN, Professor of the Greek Language and Literature. JEFFERSON E. KERSHNER, PH.D., Professor of Mathematics and Physics. REV. GEORGE FULMER MULL, A.M., SECRETARY, Professor of the Latin Language and Literature. REV. RICHARD CONRAD SCHIEDT, A.M., PH.D,, Professor of Natural Science and Chemistry. REV. C. ERNEST WAGNER, A.M., Professor of the English Language and Litreature. REV. ANSELM VINET HIESTER, A.M., Professor of Political and Social Science and Assistant Professor of Mathematics. CLARENCE NEVIN HELLER, A.M., TREASURER, Assistant Professor of Ancient Languages. HERBERT HUEBENER BECK, A. C., Assistant Professor of' Chemistry. CHARLES PATTERSON STAHR, A.M., M.D., Lecturer .on Anatomy and Assistant Professor of Bacteriology. REV. JOHN MILTON CHAMBERS, A.M., Professor of Oratory. FRANK CLIFTON SMITH, PH.D., Professor of Modern Languages. D. C. MCLAUGHLIN, Physical Instructor and Director of the Gymnasium. THE FACULTY L NVQ. x pg, X 4. ..--f X Y f ' l Q' fi!M' SX Q ITM kix Y If F ff? WU ,is F 4 Mx X fg vig 'W , Ei a ' i i 4 '91, , 5 ws?.xb1 M14 10' xv ' g f 7 , fu E , l Hy fl,"'fK, L WZ " 147.6 if 'XX x 5 rx' ,WRX I 1 I I, ' S N m1'!f"1 lamp! Z1 X ffL7f l' LK J S' X 5 4 ' Z , . Q 5 i Q 5 0 . ... l I Oi .1 Q fl S .Y 11011 u21""' -v- " M1 e bennnr ' EDD, 4 ' D 0 H 4 24 F..k NLCULLEGE Senior Poem e The Senior thought with calm content O'er college clays, Of four short years in pleasure spent, In Learning's ways. The WiSflOlll of his twenty years or lll0I'0 IIllpl'CSS04l his lllillll as ne'er it clial before. The future worried not his soul, Nor serious thought, That noble ideal, once his goal, He had forgot. Until 2. voice, his inner quiet broke, Anal conscience, long neglected, sternly spoke. "The worlcl is wicleg and full it is Of sin and sorrow. Prepare yourself! You must, I wis, Enter tomorrow. . Cast reminisccnce froln your youthful lllillll, Anml back not into life with glance lJCl1i11tl.H A daring glitter in the Senior's eyes Burst into life, 'f Bring on your world," with scorn he cries, "I'll woo its strife." And thus, as courage cleared the rugged way, Ambition lecl hin1 on without delay. --JOHN N. LAND O RIFLAM ME 25 NIO'1"1'0--:H arvnrjllllra 1111 Pffn P7'0S'Z.flFllf .. . . Vzfce-l'1'c'.wz7fIe1zt Sec1'e!a1'y .. . . T7'eaxz11'e1' . . . I11's!u1'1fan . . . YELL Senior Class 5 wr Comlcs-R041 and Blue -Zip-mlm, 1300111-l'21l1,. M. C. M.! Zip-rah, boom-rall, ot sepia-nl! Ricka-1'1zck:1-rocka Y Ricka-rocka-1'0m! 1907-1907, F. and MJ 1907! 1907!! 1907!!! C1 Officers .......... .....W. P. DI-:LoNG. . . . .Romx M. Z.xCH.x1u.xs . . . -IUHN A. DITZLICR. . . . .L. L. Rl-LIST. . . . ..I. B. Mvssmc. 26 F. IQ M. C O L 'LEGE Senior Class Roll 'VP Nmnv. DAVID 1'lliElJEllICK AUNOST .. . .'xR'I'HUR W ILRERT BARLI-:Y .... JOHN STANLEY BEAMSDEREER. . . PAUL JARED BICKEL . ...- .... . . ILOBERT CRANE BYEIUIY ............... GROVI-IR CLEVELAND CH.-XNDLEE, lp li'.L'. . . ROBERT HENIIX' DELONO, 'll lx'.!'. . . . . WIN1-'IELD PI-:TER DELONG, lb I' J. . . JOHN ALVIN IJITZLER . ........... . JAMES WOLF EVANS, 0 II'-I. .. WVAHD VINTON EVANS. ....... . HORACE FOSTER EWING, fl' li' U". . . FIIIKAM WVARD FISHER, 01' li' .. THOMAS JEFFERSON GEIST ..... . RODNEY YONKI-:RS GILBERT ...... WVALTER LEOPOLD GRAIIL, fb lx' W. .. WVILLIAM CI-IESTER GREEN.-UVA LT .. . GROVE!! CLEVELAND HOLDER . . . ALI-'RED IDAVID l'lOliNE . ......... . JAMES LIEREDITH IRWIN .......... ILICHARD FULTON IQIEFFER, 41 lx'.!'. . .... . . NVALDEMAR FREDERICK liliUMl3EIN, 1Illi'.!'. .. JOHN NEVIN LAND, .Y III . ........ .... . CARL GRAYDON LEECIHI .. . HOMER DEI-:MS IJEH ........... XVILLIAM LAWSON llLlACHMl4IR . .... . JAMES FREDERICK llvlAGEE, 10 li'.l'. .. IRA SNIVELY NIONN ...... ..... JAMES BLAINE NIUSSER . . . NNILLIS STANLEY NICHOIIS .. . . LEWIS EVANS REIONER, X 0 .. LINNAEUS LANDIS RIEIST .. . . . HORACE ALBERT SI-IIEFER ...... ROBERT BARCLAY SIMMONS, JR . . . HOWARD ERNEST SLAGENI-IAIIP. . JACOB F. MAIICHAND SNYDER .. .'l1lIl7'UNS. R. F. D. No. 8, Lane ister, I I 536 W. Jaunes St. LILIICUISLGI' Manheim, Pu. Sinking Spring, PI Millersville, PII. Millersville, Pa.. Renclinpg, Pa. Allentown, PR. I-Ianovcr, PR. Hmvthorn, Pu.. Rzuvlinsville, Pn. Mifflinsbnrg, PII. Quakertown, Pa. l-Iegins, Pal. LBIIICHSLBY, PR. Mt. Pleasant, PIL. Kruxnsville, PR. Green Lune, PIL. York, PII. CllllI'Cllt0NVll, PIL. Hztgerstmvll, Pa.. Portland, Ore. Allentown, PIL. Hazelliurst, Pam. Egypt, PII. Hamburg, Pu. Lancaster, PII. Chambersburg, P Lincoln, PII. Lancaster, Pa. Pottstown, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Terre Hill, Pa. Gap, Pa. Littlestown, Pa. Salina, Pa. ORIFLAMME 27 Frmm-:men KELLER STAMM. . . JAMES R,AL1'H IILSH, Uf If. .. M1-:ININ GEQHGE WELKER .. . . H. Hlonmznm-zu WHITEHEAD . . BERNARD LICHLIT1-:R WHI'rMonn: . XYILLIAM MCCOLLOUGH WORIQBIJXN .. . J 1 AUL 1J,xNmr. Yomsn . ....... . . . . . . Rolmwr M.'v1'HI.'xs ZACI-mlcms, III J' ll' ! I 'I' Greenville, Pu. l.:mcaste1', Pu. Rell Hill, Pu.. Manor, Pa. Millersville, Pa. Lexunam Place, Pa W ernersville, Pu. Cll1l.ll1l'n6I'SbllI"" Pu by 28 F. lb M. C O L L E G E Senior Statistics ei DAVID FREDERICK AUNGST .............. . . . . . . . . . . . . .... ...... . .Lanc-aster, Pa. Goethean5 Chaplain G. L. S. C155 Class Foot-Ball Team C155 Scrub Foot Ball Team C255 Green Room Club C455 Lessing-Verein C355 Glee Club C455 Prepared at M. S. N. S. and F. and M. A.5 Courseg Profession, Teaching. ARTHUR lVILBERT HARLEY ..,................................... Altoona, Pa. Goethean5 Class Base Ball Team C155 Foot Ball Team C15, C255 Captain C255 Class Treasurer C25, C35 5 Treasurer Democratic Club C25 5 President Fusion Club C455 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet C15, C25, C35, C455 Secretary Y. M. C. A. C255 President Y. M. C. A. C355 Corresponding Secretary G. L. S. C155 Review G. L. S. C355 Treasurer G. L. S. C355 President G. L. S. C455 Ch. Triennial Greeting Comm. G. L. S. C355 Assistant Manager Varsity Foot Ball Team C355 Censor G. L. S. C455 Salutatoriau G. L. S. C455 Interc-ollegiate Debating Team C455 President Science Club C455 Prepared at Altoona H. S. and privately5 AJS. Conrse5 Profession, Ministry. J. STANLEY BERMI-Jxslmnl-'ER .................................... Manheim, Pa. Class Base Ball Team C15, C255 College Tennis Championship C455 Captain Tennis Team C455 Prepared at Manheim H. S.5 A.l5. Course5 Profession, Teaching. PAUL JARED BICKEL ........................................ Sinking Spring, Pa. Goetheau5 Recording Secretary G. L. S. C255 Class Basket Ball Team C255 Track Team C255 Critic G. L. S. C355 Lessing-Verein C355 Class Secretary C355 President G. L. S. C455 Vice-President Fusion Club C455 Vice-President Y. M. C. A. C455 Sec- retary Debating Board C455 Prepared at Reading H. S.5 A.B. Course5 Profession, Teaching. ROBERT CRANE BYERLY ............................... ' ......... Millersville, Pa. Diagnothian5 Entered Sophomore5 Mandolin Club C455 Minstrel Show C355 Cap- tain Gym. Team C455 Prepared at M. S. N. S.5 A.l3. Course5 Profession, Teaching. Gnovl-:R CLEVELAND CHANDLER, wifi' ........................... Millersville, Pa. Stage Manager Lessing-Verein C355 Prepared at M. S. N. S.5 Ph.B. Course5 Profes- sion, Chemistry. ROBERT HENRY DELoNG, 10 Ii'.!' ..................................... Reading, Pa. Goethean5 Entered Sophomore5 Glee Club C25, C35, C455 Mandolin Club C25, C35, C455 Chairman Junior Hop Committee C355 Leader Mandolin Club C455 Prepared at Reading H. S.5 Course, A.B.5 Profession, Teaching. WINFIEDD PETER DELONG, l0l'.! ............................... Allentown, Pa. Entered Junior5 Junior Hop Committee C355 Glee Club C35, C455 Leader C455 Scrub Foot Ball Team C35, C455 President Senior Class C455 Stage Manager Green Room Club C455 Green Room Club C455 Prepared at Muhlenberg College5 Ph.B. Course, Profession, Teaching. ORIFLAMME 29 Joi-iN ALVIN DITZLER, Paradise Club ......... ' .................,... H anover, Pa. Goetheang Scrub Foot Ball Team C155 Chairman G. L. S. Anniversary C255 Corre- sponding Secretary G. L. S. C255 Chaplain G. L. S. C155 Class Foot Ball Team C15, C255 Green Room Club C25, C35, C455 President C455 Class Secretary C25, C455 Honor System Senate C255 College Student Staff C355 Assistant Base Ball Manager C355 Base Ball Manager C455 Arbor Day Committee C455 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet C455 Pre- pared at York Coll. Inst.5 A. B. Coursey Profession, Ministry. Jnms VVoLi1' Ev.-ms, Ili li'.E' .... . ................................ Hawthorn, Pa. Goethean5 Entered Sophomore5 Manager Class Basket Ball Team C255 Assistant Manager Hand-Book Committee C255 Vice-President G. L. S. C255 Lessing-Verein 5 C355 Minstrel Show C355 Prepared at Greensburg Seminary5 A.B. Course5 Profes- sion, Teaching. I WARD VINTON Evans ...................................... Rawlinsville, Pa. Diagnothiang Vice-President D. L. S. C355 Captain Class Base Ball Team C155 Class Basket Ball Team C15, C255 Scrub Foot Ball Team C35, C455 ORIFLAMME Staff C355 Lessing-Verein C355 Prepared at F. and M. A.5 A.B. Course5 Profession, Teaching. HOIIACTE Fos'rEa EWING, 40 Ii"If ................................. Mif'Hiuburg, Pa.. Class Basket Ball Team C15, C255 Class Base Ball Team C15, C255 Mandolin Club C455 Board of Ath. Directors C35, C455 Vice-President C455 Prepared at State Col1ege5 Ph.B. Course5 Profession, Chemistry. H. WARD Fxsmsn, lD.1'Ii' ....................................... Quakertown, Pa. Goethean5 Class Secretary C155 Class Vice-President C255 Y. M. C. A. Hand-Book Staff C155 Manager Y. M. C. A. Hand-Book C255 Manager Class Foot Ball Team C255 Business Manager Lessinp:-Verein C355 Business Manager Minstrel Show C35 5 Board of Directors C35, C455 President C455 Chairman Minstrel Show Committee C455 Pre- pared at F. and M. A.: Pl1.B. Course: Profession. Medicine. THOMAS JEF1-'Eason Gms'r ....... . . , .......... . . . . . . . . . . . . . .... . . . Hegins, Pa. Goetheang Entered Soph0m0re5 Class Foot Ball Team C255 Prepared at K. S. N. S. Ph.B. Course5 Profession, Teaching. RODNEY YONKERS G1LnEn'r ...................................... Lancaster, Pa. Diagnothian5 Class Foot Ball Team C255 Scrub Foot Ball Team C25, C35, C455 Les- sing-Verein C355 Junior Hop Committee C355 Secretary D. L. S. C255 Arbor Day Committee C455 Green Room Club C455 Prop. Manager C455 Prepared at Yeatesg A.B. Course5 Profession, Teaching. TVALTER LEo1'oLn GHAUL, 10 li' W .... ........................... N It. Pleasant, Pa. Manager Class Foot Ball Team C155 Captain Class Basket Ball Team C15, C25, C455 Base Ball Team C255 Track Team C25, C455 Calendar Staff C255 Varsity Basket Ball Team C25, C455 Captain C455 Base Ball Team C15, C25, C35, C455 Captain C455 Onl- FLAMME Staff C355 ll'0ckIy C35, C455 Editor-in-Chief C455 Lessing-Verein C355 Man- 30 1' ' 1 2 4 . LQ lvl. C IJ IJ lft G :lb ager Glee Club C455 Chairman Senior Dance Connnittee C455 Green Room Club C455 Chairman Minstrel Show C455 Prepared at Mt. Pleasant Institute5 A.B. Course5 Profession, Teaching. V Vi II LIAM Crmsrmn GnEENiuvA1.'r ................... . . . . . . . . . . . . . Krmnsville, Pa. Goetliean5 Entered Sopbomore5 Corresponding Secretary G. L. S. C355 Lessing- Verein C355 Reviewer G. L. S. C455 Poet G. L. S. Almiversary C455 Prepared at K. S. N. S.5 A.B. Course5 Profession, Teaching. ' Gnovlcn CLEVELAND Honorzlc . . . . .................. . . . . . . . .5 ............... . . . . Goetl1ean5 Lessing-Verein C355 Tennis Manager C455 Prepared at Perkiomen Sem- in'ary5 Ph.B. Course. ALI-nl-:D D. I-lonxl-1 ......................... - ...,.................... York, Pa. Entered Sopl1omore5 Class Track Team C255 Varsity Track Team C25 5 Prepared at Mercersburg.55 A.B. Course5 Profession, Business. Jvims RIEREDITH Inw1N Paradise Club ............... ..... . Clnircbtown, Pa. Class Track Team C15, C255 Captain C155 Basket Ball Team Cl5, C255 Base Ball Team C15, C255 Captain C255 Scrub Base Ball Team C15, C255 Captain C255 Varsity Base Ball Team C355 Assistant Manager Green Room Club C355 Manager Green Room Club C455 Class Vice-President C355 Senior Dance Committee C455 Prepared at I". and M. Academy5 A.B. Course5 Profession, Business. 1iILHAl!D FULTON K1r:1f'1-aaa, C0 Ii'.!'. . . . . . . . . . ..... . .......... . . .llag.gerstown, Md. Goetbeang Entered Sopl1omore5 Class Foot Ball Team C255 Class Base Ball Team C255 F. AND M. WlGl'JKI.Y Staff C35, C455 Assistant Business ltlanager Colllege Student C355 Business lilanager College Slurlent C455 Prepared at Hagerstown l'l. S.5 .-X.l3. Course5 Profession, Medicine. VVALDEMAR FREDEIIICK Knuxum-JIN, ID li'.!'. ....... . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . .Portland, Ore, Class Historian C155 Class President C255 Honor System Senate C355 Assistant Manager Lessing-Verein C355 Junior Hop Committee C355 Mandolin Club C255 C35, C45 5 Class Base Ball Team C255 Class Foot Ball Team C15, C255 Class Track Team C255 Minstrel Show C25. C35, C455 Senior Promenade Connnittee C455 Preparedat Portland Acadelny5 A.B. Course5 Profession, Business. JOHN NEVIN LAND, X0 ........................... ' ............. Allentown, Pa. Goetl1ean5 Entered Sopl1omore5 Class Base Ball Team C255 Cross Country Run C355 Scrub Base Ball Team C355 Captain Class Track Team C455 Class Basket Ball Team C455 Varsity Basket Ball Team C455 Secretary Board of Directors C455 Winner G. L. S. Sophomore Oratorical Contest C255 Vice-President G. L. S. C355 Reviewer G. L. S. C455 Critic G. L. S. C455 Second Orator G. L. S. Anniversary C355 First Orator G. L. S. Anniversary C455 Class Historian C355 Carer..-num Staff C355 Hand- Book Connnittee C455 Student Staff C455 Lessing Verein C355 Minstrel Show C35 Prepared at M. S. N. S.5 A.B. Course. , ' -w IFLAMM'ln 31 OR . , CAnL GRAYDEN LEECH, Harbaugh Club HoMEnDEE:usLEH.... ................. .... .. .... 1 Y J JAM1-is Fin-nn-zuiek LTAGEE, 011' Wu. IRA JAMEsBLAINi-1MUssEn.......... ........ .. ........ .... ..l ............................Hazellu1rst,Pa. Goethean5 Captain Class Track Team C355 Prepared at Bradford High School5 A.B. Course5 Profession, Engineering. Egypt, Pa. Entered Sopl1omore5 Prepared at Muhlenberg College5 A.B. Lourse5 I rofessiou, Medicine. . .Y ................................. Lancaster, Pa. Diagnothian5 Lib. O. L. S. C255 Honor System Senate C355 Class Foot Ball Team C15, C255 Prop. Manager Lessing-Verein C355 Scrub Foot Ball Team C15, C25, C35, C455 Monitor D. L. S. C-155 Critic D. L. S. C455 President Pemisylvauia Inter- collegiate Debating Board C455 Fence Orator C355 Prepared at Lancaster High Sel1ool5 Ph.B. Course5 Profession, Chemistry. LIAM LAVVSON MACHMER ..............................,....... Hamburg, Pa. Goethean5 Entered Sophomore5 Secretary G-. L. S. C255 Student Staff C35, C455 Intercollegiate Oratorical Union and Secretary C355 Lessing-Verein C355 Assistant Librarian C35, C455 Delegate to Student Volunteer Convention C355 Critic G. L. C455 President Y. M. C. A. C455 Prepared at K. S. N. S.5 A.l5. Course5 Profession, Ministry. SNIVELY MONN, Paradise Club ............................ Chambersburg, Pa. Diagnothian5 Captain Class Foot Ball Team C155 Captain Class Basket Ball Team C155 H. S. Senate C155 Captain Cane Rush C15, C255 Class Foot Ball Team C255 Captain Class Track Team C255 Varsity Foot Ball Team C15, C25, C35, C455 Captain Varsity Foot Ball Team C455 Glee Club C15, C25, C-155 Business Manager Y. M. C. A.5 Ilaaa'-Book C255 Business Manager ORIFLAMME Stat? C355 Critic D. L. S. C355 Speaker D. L. S. C355 Monitor D. L. S. C-155 Varsity Basket Ball Team C455 Prepared at Mercersburg Academy5 A.B. Course5 Profession, Ministry. .incoln, Pa. Diagnothian5 Honor System Senate C255 Sophomore Oratorieal D. L. S. C255 Collage Student Staff C355 Chaplain D. L. S. C155 Critic D. L. S. C355 Speaker and Monitor D. L. S. C-155 Vice President D. L. S. C355 D. L. S. Anniversary C-15-5 Class Historian C455 Editor-in-Chief Y. M. C. A. Hand-Book C35. Prepared at Ephrata H. S.5 A. B. Course5 Profession, Ministry. VVILLIS STANLEY NICH0I4S . . ....... . . . .... . . . . . ...... . . . . . . ..... Lancaster, Pa. Dl!1g'l1Otl1lItl1Q Prepared at F. tk M. A0ademy5 A. B. Course 5 Profession Ministry. LEWIS EVANS REIGNER, X0 .................................... Pottstown, Pa. Goethean5 Entered Sophomore5 Class Vice-President C255 Mandolin Club C25, C35. C455 Assistant Track Manager C355 Track Manager C455 Critic G. L. S. C455 Re- viewer G. L. S. C355 Salutatorian G. L. S. C355 Lessing-Verein C355 Editor-in-Chief ORIFLAMME C355 Senior Dance Committee C455 Choir Leader C455 Prepared at The Hill School5 A.B. Course5 Profession, Journalism. 32 F.cQM.CCLLEGE LINNUS LAN ms Rr:ls'r ....,.. ............ .............. ......... Lancaster, Pa. Diagnotbian5 Class Vive-President C155 Calendar Staff C255 Class Foot Ball Team C255 Corresponding Sevretary D. L. S. C155 Cl1airmanCrem. Committee C255 Assist- ant Business Manager ORIFLAMME Staff C355 Treasurer D. L. S. C355 Lessing- Verein C355 Salutatorian D. L. S. Anniversary C355 Alternate Debating.: Team C355 Debating Team C455 Board of Directors A. A. C35, C455 Vice-President A, A. C455 Junior Respondent Class Day C355 Honorable Mention Junior Oratorieal Contest C355 Editor-in-Chief College Student C455 Critic' D. L. S. C355 Business Manager Sludenls' Hand-Book C355 Class Treasurer C455 Chairman Arbor Day Committee C455 President D. L. S. C455 Anniversary Orator D. L. S. C455 Manager Varsity Basket Ball Team C455 Monitor D. L. S. C455 Prepared at F. and M. A.5 Pb.B, Course5 Profession, Law. Holmes ALBERT SCHIFFER, Harbaugli Club ........................ Terre Hill, Pa. Goethean5 Building Committee G. L. S.5 Censor Anon. Board G. L. S.5 Lessing- Verein C355 G. L. S. Anniversary C455 Prepared at F. and M. A.5 A.B. Course5 Profession, Ministry. ROBERT BARCLAY SIMMONS ............................................ Gap. Pa. Entered Sophomore 5 Prepared at York Collegiate Institute 5 A.B. Course5 Profes- sion, Ministry. How.-mn ERNEST SLAGENHAUP .................................. Littlestown, Pa. Entered Seniorg Prepared at Edge Hill Instituteg A.B. Course5 Profession, Teavlling. J. Fm-ID. BIARCHANDSNYDER .... ..... ...............Salina,Pa. Goetheang Class Base Ball Team C155 Class Basket Ball Team C155 Prepared at Greensburg Seminary5 Pb.B. Course5 Profession, Medic-ine. FREDERICK ITELLER STAMM ................................., New Hamburg, Pa. Goethean5 Entered Sophomore5 Class Base Ball Team C255 Class Foot Ball Team C255 Varsity Base Ball Team C255 Winner Junior Oratorival Contest C355 Prepared at Fredonia Instituteg A.B. Course5 Profession, Ministry. JAMES RALPH ULsH, 102K ....................................... Lancaster, Pa. Calendar Staff C255 Class Base Ball Team C155'Class Vice-President C155 Prepared at F. and M. A.5 A.B. Course5 Profession, Business. M1-:1.v1N GEORGE WELKER ........................................ Red Hill, Pa. Goetheang Class Base Ball Team C155 Class Track Team C155 Lessing-Verein C355 Manager Class Basket Ball Team C455 Prepared at Perkiomen Seminary5 Pb.B. Course5 Profession, Medicine. Howfmn HIGHBERGER WHITEHEAD, Harbaugh Club ..............,..... Manor, Pa. Goetl1ean5 Entered Sopbomore5 Secretary G. L. S. C255 Manager Class Base Ball Team C255 Lessing-Verein C355 Goethean Anniversary C455 Prepared at Greens- burg Seminary5 A.B. Course5 Profession, Law. O Ii. I F L A M M li '33 v, - Blcuumcn lllC7Hl.l'l'Eli Avi-Il'l'M0llIG ................................ Millersville, Pu. ljlilgllflfllllllllg Ul1npl:un ll. L. S. C155 livvioxvcr lb. L. S. C255 Class linsu l3ull'l'c:1.n1 C155 C255 Class Foot Bull Teaun C255 College Slurluut Stnfl' C-I55 Pri-p:u'czl :mt 'l'lun mont I'l. S.5 A.l3. Course5 l'rol'ession, liusim-ss. WlI.l.l:kRl MoCuI.I.ouon Wonlixrrxx, lflau-luunglm Cllulm .............. l.munu.n Plums, Pu. lli:1ggnotl1i:Ln5 Urzmtorivnl Contest C155 Lvssing-V1-ruin C355 lAl:1rlm:u15:l1 Urotion D. L. S. C-I55 Prepared :Lt York Collegiate Instituto5 Profession, Morlioino. PAUL IJANIEL 'Yonmc .......................................... Wcwncrsvillo, Pa. GOCtllC2IllQ lflntvrcml Sopllon1oru5 Cor1'osponrlin5zg Soc-rot:u'y G. L. S. C255 Class Foot Boll Tezun C255 Reviewer Cl. L. S. C255 '1ll"C'llSlll'Cl' Y. M. C, A. C355 Y. M. U. A. C:1lminctC355 f.lRlFLAMMlC St:1l'l'C355 Critim- G. L. S. C355 Class President C35' l.cssinw'- I B V1-rein C355 Vim-o-Prcsiclunt G. L. C355 Lilmr:u'i:Ln G. L. S. C355 llologuto to Stu- dents' Volunteer Convention C355 Orgggnlust Y. AI. C. A. C-155 Y. M. C, A. Ilunfl- Hook Clolnlnittcc C355 Gootlmenn Anniv0rs:u'y C455 Prcp:u'o1l ut li. S. N. S.5 A.l5. Course5 Profession, Ministry. ROHIGIVI' M.-vrums Z.wrl.xnI.xs, 101' lx' ........................... Clnnnlmorslmrg Pu J 1 l2l5fll0fflll2l-IIQ Class Basket Bull Munngvr C155 Scc'r0tn.1'y D. L. S. C255 Roviowor ll. L. S. C255 Cll1l.ll'lll!lll li. L. S. AlllllV0l'S2lfl'A' C255 C!llIfI1!l!l7'Sf1l-ll' C255 Class Historl inn C255 Glue Club C355 l.essing-Voroin C355 Onlrr..ulm1': Stlzrfl' C355 Foot Hul- l51zuulgvr C-155 Class Vir'0-Prcsirlent C-155 Pri-p:11'ccl :tt 3101-1-o1'sln1rg Ac':ul0lny5 A.l5. Course5 I'1'ol'ussiou, Lnw. na-1 34 F. it M. C O L L li G F Senior Class History JAS. B. MYSSIGR. HE writing of the history of the Senior Class gives rise to the conflicting emotions of pleasure and sadness. It is L a pleasure, yea, a privilege, to enlighten thc reader con- cerning the record of this illustrious class during the past four years. And though the record very properly fills us with pride, yet our pleasure is accompanied with a feeling of sadness at the thought of the fast approach of the end of our course. The time of farewell is upon us, alas, too soon, and we dislike to write of the end of things. From this point of view, it becolnes al- most a painful duty to chronicle the deeds of the class. With an effort, we remove this tinge of sadness from our thoughts, convince ourselves that the end has not yet come, consider that graduation is but another chapter in our onward career, and trust that in the future, both as indi- viduals and as an organized body, we shall continue our efforts, accom- plishing mightier, nobler and more praiseworthy deeds than were ever contemplated in the past. Progress has marked our career at every step, there has been a constant progress of evolution. To a greater degree, pe1'haps, than we were at any single moment conscious, the spirit of our motto has con- t1'ibuted to this process. It has been the animating principle in all our efforts. Being "minded like men who will not yield," we have grappled with the problems of college life, shunned discouragcment and sur- mounted the obstacles that beset us. Maturcd by our mental and phys- ical aetivities, ripcned through experience, we ascend to the plane of senior dignity and look over the path we have trod with a satis- faction that is legitimate with honest, conscientious and successful effort. l - ORIF L ANIME 35 Bold and discreet, overflowing with life and energy, and yet with it all, determined and sincere, we plunged into every sphere of activity, enjoyed ou1'selves to the full and secured all the good possible out of the opportunities and associations afforded by the college community. Many of the experiences since we entered the institution have been delightful, some few, otherwise. Our interests ' are manifold and varied, our responsibilities are great, the pleasures we have are not few. The banquets which we held were occasions of good cheer and fel- lowship, and some of the more Nthrillingl' incidents will never be for- gotten by those fortunate in being present. The record of the class in athletics, while not sensational and spectacular, was, nevertheless, faithful, earnest and reliable, just the elements that were needed to tidg F. and M. over the critical and disheartening conditions of the past few years. The publications of the class a1'e a credit to it: the Calendar was unique in design and well executed, the ANNUAL, issued by the class last year, is universally acknowledged to be the best ever pro- duced in the history of the college. The energy and talent which the class brought to the musical and dramatic organizations has given them an impetus that will be felt many a year after we have severed active connection with them. In the literary activities within the college, as well as with other institutions, the several members of the class have manifested more than ordinary interest. Rivalry has been keen and friendly, spirited contests were held and, we believe, much that is of permanent Value has been accomplished. A number of changes have come with the past year. New features have been introduced into the college life. The farewell concert given by the class to last year's Senior Class was a most excellent method of exchanging courtesies among upper classmen. The expressions of ap- proval were so pronounced and general, that we hope it may become a regular feature of Commencement week. i Our class assumed charge of the Senior fence, and all may rest as- 36 F.kM.COLLEGE sured that the tradition will be preserved. Upon the opening of college, last September, the student body was presented with a substitute for the Honor System. The spirit with which it was accepted, and the manner in which it as observed by the Senior Class, augurs well for the success of the new system. Under the new conditions, we succeeded in maintaining our high standard of scholarship. Our task is done. Let us make history rather than record it. We cherish the associations which we have formed during these four years of student life at F. and M. We regret to leave her historic halls and beautiful grounds, rendered sacred by most hallowed associations and pleasant memories. As we leave, we carry with us those principles for which she stands and which she so ably teaches, principles of truth and light, law and order, honesty and uprightness. May thcsc principles become part of our ve1'y being, of our every act, may our lives be honest to ourselves, helpful to our respective communities, true to our God and add to the fame and glory of our Alma Mater. I TTU? U YJ j. ff M? 2 Junior, N 40 F.kM.COLLEGE Junior Poem ' an I-lere's to the record of a class- One whose worth to none doth yield, Who all rivals doth surpass In the hall and on the field, And her annals in the past are so great That all noble deeds of fame Are connected with her name, Till the very hills proclaim Nineteen-eight. Thus she was and thus she is- Leader in our College lifeg First in war and first in peace g First in prudence, first in strife g First in letters and in learning and debate First in track and in foot-ball 5 . First in social festivalg First in each and first in allg Nineteen-eight. And the deeds that she will do In the distant years to come, Oh! if prophet could but View He would still be all too dumb To enumerate the gifts of smiling F atcg For the goddess doth bequeath Immortality's bay wreath To but one the sun beneath- Nineteen-eight. ORIFLAMMIC 41 Junior Class 1908 '31 OTTO-nc fo awdrlw COLORS-NlEl,l'00I1 and Gold YELL-Zivilic, zivilic, zivilic, zait! President .. . . Vice-President Secretary . . .. Treasurer . . . Historian . . . Rickety, rickety, rio, ron, mit! F. and M., F. and M., 1908! 1908! 190S!! l90S!!! 51 Officers II. W. Mmssm. I". C. Sc:H,u+:11'F1c11. C. P. D. PE'r1f:Rs. W. A. DANAHER. 0. M. Bmmlcnnlm 42 F.8:M.COLLE GE Junior Roll '31 Name. ADAM RAY ACKERMAN . ...... . . ILICHARD GILMORE APPEL, IPKW. . . HARRY ABRAHAM DAVID BAER . LAWRENCE EMERSON BAIR .. . . . JOHN WALTER BANGROFT, IPKW. . . C. MARTIN BOMBERGER, IDEK.. JOHN CALVIN BRIGHT .......... PAUL HEDER BURK, UKZ. .... JOHN HENRY BURTON, KPKW.. . XVII.-LIS ESHLEMAN BYERS, IPZK. . . NEVIN HOWARD CARL ......... RALPH BECKER COLDREN, KDK W. . . WILLIAM ALOYSIUS DANAHER .. ROBERT EUGENE DELP ........ ISAAC SLAYMAKER DILLER ..... CHESTER CUMMINGS FEAGLEY, IPK W. . . . . . . . CHARLES FRANK GILLAN, 0 KE. . . . . WALTER REIEE HARTZELL .......... .... ADAM GEORGE HEILMAN CHARLES AUGUST HEISS . .. JOHN DANIEL HELM . ....... . HENRY HAROLD KERSHNER .... HARRY LINFORD KRAUSE .... BENJAMIN ENGLE KRAYEILL . .. JESSE HIRAM LAUFFER ........ JOHN BECKLY LENTZ, IPZK. .. . Louis MCJUNKIN LYTE ...... ALLEN SAMUEL MEcIc ..... CYRUS CLEVELAND MEYER . . . HOWARD WESTON MIESSE . .. . JASON KLINE MOYER, WKW .... CLARENCE KAUFEMAN MUSSER .... JOSEPH MATTHEW NEWGARD ..... CHARLES PHAON DAVID PETERS . . . JOHN GUISE ROSSMAN . ......... . GEORGE LEITH ROTH, 02 K. .... . FREDERICK C. SCHAEFEER, X 0 . . . A ddress. Easton, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Schneclcsville, Pa. Hegins, Pa. Altoona, Pa. Lititz, Pa. Bernville, Pa. Reading, Pa. Suplee, Pa. Larnpeter, Pa. Reading, Pa. Schuylkill Haven, Pa Elmira, N. Y. Reading, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. St. Thomas, Pa. South Perlcasie, Pa. Lebanon, Pa. Catawissa, Pa. New Providence, Pa. Reading, Pa. Lansdale, Pa. Steelton, Pa. Irwin, Pa. Fredericksburg, Pa. Millersville, Pa. Meckville, Pa. Coburn, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Millheim, Pa. Mountville, Pa. Lebanon, Pa. New Tripoli, Pa. Spring Mills, Pa. Boyertown, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. ORIF LAM ME 43 CLARENCE DESH SCHEETZ, 0.!'lx' .... WILLIAIII ABRAHAM SCHNEIDER, X 0. . . IKOBERT MILES STAHL ....... . . . . BORDER LEVI STANLEY ............ CYRUS W,xL'I-ER TRUXAL, JR., ID lI"I". . GEORGE IEPHHAIM XVALBEIYI' . ..... . JOHN WILIIIIKRI WIEDER ..... FRANCIS LYMAN XVINDOLPH ........ . BIARSHALL FRED. LAHM ZIEGLER, fl? .Y K. RIIFUS EICIIEIC ZIMMERMAN, ID II' W. .. . . W.-IIJPER CQNRAD ZIIIMERMAN, X0 . ...GG-" -11 .QlllLkCl't0VVll, Pa. .ShIl,lI10kiI1, Pa. .B0l'lill, Pa. .Slucnandoah Junction, W. Va .NleycI'sdnle, Pa. .Brenigsvillc, Pu. . Punnsburg, Pam. .L:mnc:Ister, Pa. . Luitcrsbllrg, Mo. .Mt. Pleasant, PII. . l.:uIcaster, Pa. ' . A i 5 K 1 Sm 5 I xx N :ff ' A ' A - NN - SW 44 F. th M. C 0 L L E G IC Junior History C. M. BOXIBICRGIGR. ' ROM the time when Beda and Alfred, first chroniclers of E the past of lCnglish-speaking peoples, wrote their story A of a world-power's birth a11d prophesied its future de- '815' velopment, until the present day, mankind has been prone to utter the words of Pope, "It is to lmfstory he trusts for praise," while the foolish, onthe other hand, have contended that history is the evil that men do. ,While classed among the immature and semi-barbarous Hophomores, we had, or thought we had, a good and correct conception of the sphere of history, we could not, however, recognize the full import of its significance until we arrived at the age of Juniors. Now, as spruce Juniors, we have gotten down fairly to work and toil with the problem of strengthening our talents, that we may continue to run foremost in the college race. The typical Junior year is said to be the most pleasant of the college years, yet there are new responsibilities and duties, which we are proud to say we have manfully met. We realize our insignificanee and inadequacy, and that we can set a still higher standard for following classes, even though we have been in the lead. It is 11ot within the power of language to convey a true idea of the developemnt or un- folding of the inner existence of the class of nineteen hundred and eight. We may, perhaps, now that we have assumed the dignified air and courteous demeanor of jelly Juniors, be pardoned for a justifiable pride in a class that has become the focus of college life and college activ- ity. We have left idle sport to those of baser thought. We delight no more in the performance of Freshman tricks and the expression of infiated thought bubbles filled with Sophomorieal wisdom. The culti- vation of the mind is the highest and noblest joy we can find. The O R I F L A M. M l'I 45 faculty, in their lengthy star-chamber sessions on Friday noons, take a peculiar delight in discussing our genius Zlllll ability. Our political policy and clean athletic record is proving an inspiration for the lower classes. We even have that quality which docs a great deal of good by not being represented. We realize, and we say this not in a spirit of empty braggadocio, but with an humble sense of our unworthiness, in many respects, that our deeds in the past have been grand subjects of thought for the philosopher and rich fields of prophecy for the prophet, and have set a most noble example, thus far, for future classes at Frank- lin and Marshall. X Briefly, lct us present to you what we have accomplished as a class, since last you read the chronicle of our development, for it is the thought of what we have done which flings its grandeur round the pettiest details of our story in the past. The Sophomore year seems to crowd all its joys into the last months of its existence. We will pass lightly over our victories at the end of the Sophomore year. We can only tell you of a few of the achieve- ments we have accomplished and let the reader judge of their worth. When we decided to hold our Sophomore banquet, there was no skulk- ing around the streets and byways of the college vicinity at an early hour of the morning, to escape the eyes of our wary CD opponents, but a special car was brought to the campus gate at high noon and leisurely we embarked and rode to the scene of festivity. The finale of that Sophomoric bugbear-Zoology-was celebrated by a great and spec- tacular confiagration of the efiigics of our prosecutors in the Mary street incident, before a vast and admiring concourse of people. Botany, with its incident pleasu1'es and displeasu1'es, was successfully conquered. We easily won the Sephonlore-I"reshman base-ball game, and after vaca- tion's joys and sorrows had come and gone, took upon our shoulders the duties of Juniors with light hearts. Our worthy pupils, the class of 1910, profited by our instruction, and, although inexperienced and weak, 46 F.6zM.COLLEGE put up a good fight with their opponents, the class of 1909, for laurels in athletic prowess. In athletics, we have held the first place all year, and in literary ability, we have equalled, if not surpassed, even the Seniors, since in debate and oratory, 1908's representatives are in the lead. We have also come to the front in histrionic talent. Critics of German theatricals say that this year's German play-Dr. Schroeder's "Studenten und Lutzower"-surpassed all previous attempts at Ger- man play acting in the history of the college. Our duty to Society was not neglected and all who were present at the Junior Hop termed it a great success. With the requiem of the honor system, we came, saw and successfully faked the examinations. We trust, we could hold your interest with many a tale of our doings since we have crossed that indefinable boundary line between upper and lower classes. We might tell you how we have quenched our thirst for useful knowledge by deep draughts of classic lore. We might tell you how many a time we slumbered through the formal morning prayers, that seemed like lessons in physics or mechanics, not forgetting the divinely scented ether of the laboratory, which attests the success 'of the class in that department. But let so much suffice. We are not afraid of the future, for we feel able to dispel the clouds and mists from off our pathway, just as we have in the past. We believe that the achievements of the past are the surest criterion by which to measure our prospects in the future. The responsibilities and duties of the last chapter of our college life will be courageously and dutifully met and obeyed when Father Time gives the word for us so to do. vwvtwf -- 557. QM? f1faLFmf H MYWNORD U1-Y HNXNX +000 wfam- V ff pg 1 K. D Q Nm fda 49' l v .-,- ' L I SS f"T:x .-?52?,:.3. ,flgiili 2 f ,:'lf-!"'lQ'5 'f , 3353 .-2311103 vu- mf" ww -+2-:mf '+- . L,-J Up, ..- '.-'.4- 1 Q 435 ws.. .Zag 93: Y. ' - ' , vi-. '. J' .,-'Y I ' ' ' ffl , N y 12253 -.wie F 50 F. LQ M. C O L L E G Ill Sophomore Poem C1 We camel 'Twas many, many moons ago That we as l'lI'GSlllll8ll entered this dear place, An uncouth hercl, in truth, these halls to grace, But earnest, ah, how well that worcl we know! But safely now we've passed times lIlGi71llll0I'lJl1lC, Anil moclestly we say, with fair success. The best of all rewards is, we confess, The knowledge that we're students Sophomoric. O happy Rliymesterl Having for thy theme The spirit of a class such as is thine. VVorthy of all praise art thou Noughty-Nine! T So now let us not pause to hope and dream, Anil cease our work ere yet 'tis well begun, But onwarcl press until the race be run. -G B. B O RIFLAMME 51 Sophomore Class '31 Mo'1"1'o-Hollor, Duty, Manhoocl. C'o1.o1cs-Blue and Gold YI-11.1 I'1'es1'flem .. . . l We-P1'es1'de11t . . Ser-wflrzry . . .. . T1'0usm'e1' . . . H?l.Nff1T?'fI7l . , . .-Hi-rik-sllu-rok-kc-nno-tlm ! Yusllu-yagku-110-ho-lm! Vattu-sho1':1-g:ou'kz1-bille! F. :xml MJ F. :xml M.! C1 Officers 1909! W. I". Yv0D1'IR. J. C. R.x1':z1':n. W. C. PUGH. B. lf. W1NK1c1,1s1m1c1c. J. B. 5111111-:'1'z. 52 F.kM.COLLEGE Sophomore Roll Name. GEORGE WVARERN BAss1.I-:R . .. NVALTER PALMER BOARDMAN . . . GLENROY BOOZER, tDK.E' ........... GERALD BRECKENRIDGE BRI-:I'rIuAM . JAMEs LEIRY BUTZ, KDKA' ........ JOHN ADAM CAMPBELL. . JOHN H1KRIlY COLEMAN .......... EMORY RIORTIMER DEITIIICH ...... CLARENCE STOUDT IDELONG, 10 lI'.1' .. TILGHMAN STANLEY DERR ....... CHESTER ARTHUR IJILLER .. . . . . . LEON SOHALL IJRUMHELLER ........ CHARLES LEONARDLELLMAKI-:R, W II' W JOHN IIENRY F.-IHRENRAOH . ...... .. NVALTER HEDGES FINK, 10 AW' . . ABRAHAM LINCOLN GEHMAN .... HENRY SNYDER GEHMAN .... 1i0BER'l' EARL GIVE ......... ROscOE EARL GROVE . ........ . PAUL DAWSON HANLEY, 10 KL' . . WVARREN HOOVER HEltSIiEY ,. WVARREN CARPENTER HEHS . .. NVILLIAM 1iAYMOND JONES ...... BIILTON FRANKLIN KLINGAMAN .. . . JACOB BOMEERGER LANDIs, 1DlI'.!' .. JOHN ELIAE LIVINGOOD, 10 II' W. . . PAUL JAMES LOWELL, X 10 ...... GILBERT HAIIDING LYTE, K0 KL' . . WALLACE .ROY MCCLELLAN .... . JOHN WEALAND NIECK . .. . . . HENRY IEICHARD LIUELLER . .. ELNATHAN HIGREE NIULL . . . JOHN BIUSSER, 10 K W ....... NVALTER CLEVELAND PUGH . .. JOHN CALVIN .RAEZER ..... ALFRED DIACHMER RAHN . . . A rldrexx, Lzmvnstcr, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Harrisburg, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Newport, Pa. Marietta., Pa. Everett, Pa. Hublersburg, PR. Reading. Pat. Lancaster, Pu.. Ledger, Pa. ALl51lllSK.ll'Ll6, Pu. Lancaster, PR. liernville, Pa. Y Orlc, Pa. Souderton, Pa. R. F. D. NO. 3, Eplmmtn, Pa Johnstown, Pu.. Middletown, Md. Pottstown, PR. Lancaster, Pa. R. F. D. No. 5, Lititz, Pa Stony Creek Pa. Steinsville, Ps.. R. F. D. NO. 2, Lititz, Pa NVOIl16lSdOl'f, Pa. Lmicaster, Pa. Millersville, Pa. Pleasant Unity, Pa. Jonestown, Pa. Lancaster, Pa.. Lancaster, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. R. F. D. 7, Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa.. Kutztown, Pa. ORIFLAMM E 53 JOSEPH ALFRED ROTHERMEL .... LEON MOYER SCHWENK, X ID . . . JACOB BURKHOLDER SHEETZ ..... Inv1N GEORGE SNYDER ...... SAMUEL CLINTON SNYDER . . .. . BOYD FIELDER XVINKLEBLECH . . . PETER NICHOLAS WOHLSEN . . . WILLIARI FRANCIS YODER . . . JACOB LANDIS ZIMMERMAN . . .. 2 WX X Hamburg, Pa. Perkasie, Pa. Lancaster, Pu.. Hadley, Pa., I Orefield, Pa. Fiedler, Paz. Lancaster, Pa. Hegins, Pa. Palmyra, Pa. "" 1. F. D. No. 5 54 I". tk M. C O L L li G E Sophomore History JACOB B. SHEETZ. HICN last we appeared in this public way, we belonged to a tribe of animals called 1"resluuen. What "darling babes," what " pretty sucklingsf' what " teething youngsters" we were just a year ago! So green and sappy that often we were mistaken for a bunch of weeds among the grass. But through the instruction of our dear preceptor, Dicky, who so thoroughly taught us the theory of evolution, growth and development, we find that we have evolved from a tribe of prattling, bcardless youths to a higher sphere, and now can claim the right of occupying the highest rank in the phylum of Jack- asses. We are the class called Sophomores. That the world may not misjudge our actions, we must tell a plain, unvarnished tale, and to commence where the thread of history was last cut off, it is necessary for us to go back to a time when we were yet I"reslunen. The first appears to be a tangled skein. Must I recall it? No! Who has forgotten that memorable day when Sophomore brawn and lfreslmxen valor clashed together on Mary street? What a smash of thunder and earthquake everybody thought it was! What feelings of lightning and hailstorm and quicksilver and redpepper squabbled in the strife for superiority, when, amidst a storm cloud of dust and flying eggs, Soph rolled Fresh. and Fresli. rolled Soph., groan- ing and grunting and hissing as if a hundred cords of black eats were fighting in a rain-shower of turpcntinc. Indeed, it was so awful that some people thought it might hc called a little fray, and at the request of the constable, we marched down to the alderman's ofiice, singing our college songs and bursting forth in yells, forked over a greenbaek each, and thought it was the biggest dollar's worth we ever got for the lll0Il0y. i O RIFLAMMIC 55 Our next contest with Naughty-Eight was a game of basket ball, in which we were defeated, and the same fate 1'eturned, bringing with it a score of 12 to 8, in the inter-class base ball game. It was now drawing well nigh on to strawberry time, so we turned our "trots" into pasture for the summer and prepared for a long and glorious vacation. But I must not forget to tell you that before we left F. and M. we broke a college record CGrove, in broad jump, 20 feet half inchj, killed the Honor System and completely squelched Demerit- itis-the great epidemic, forever. We felt very sorry for our professors, who had to spend the hot summer days sitting, with knit brows, in Hoods of dripping perspiration, yielding to the burden of effecting a new code of rules and regulations, while we were enjoying the cool breezes at the seashore, or getting the cool reception of agluminum-ware agents and stereoscope view peddlers. When the autumn winds began to blow, and the fumes from our dainty little pipes filled the air with impending clouds of trigonometry, as one by one we gathered round our dear Alma Mater, we found, among the grass and fallen leaves in a corner of the campus, a whole nest full of little infants. They had come to stay for several years, so we gave each the beautiful name of Freshman, and began the great task of rearing the dear little tots. We issued for each one :L little booklet, entitled " Fresh from Mammals Arms," which contained nur- sery rhymes, jingles, poems, pictures, a class motto, a class yell and their appropriate class colors-of milk-white and green. The young pups waxed strong under our guidance and soon began to rebel a gzainst their masters. It was the night we put up our posters that they made their first attack. What a dreadful night it was! lfourteen times father Zeus was roused from his bed by the clamor of the impetuous onslaught of his children. This little experience p1'oved well for the Freshmen, and, in consequence thereof, they put up quite a plueky tussle in the Cane Rush. But the Naughty-Nines shook their long ears, 56 F.6zM.COLLEGE gave a hee-haw, plunged in, and with a stubborn movement, forced the cane across the goal in scarcely eight minutes. In athletics, we have been successful all year. We won the inter-class foot ball game, with a score of 11 to 0. Took thirty-three points in the track meet and hold first place in the broad jump, shot put, hammer throw and pole vault. The Calendar issued by our class is, in the words of the W eekly, " truly an F. and M. calendar." In the words of the College Student, it is " the finest, the most elaborate and yet o11e of the neatest that has ever been gotten out by any Sophomore class." While the largest college calendar publishing house in the country says: " It is our sincere belief that your calendar is one of the most novel and, at the same time, handsomest calendars that it has been our good fortune this year to print." It met with such approval that, six weeks after its first ap- pearance, the entire issue was exhausted, the sales exceeding last year's by one hundred and fifty. g Our Sophomore banquet, at the Colonial Hotel, York, was an elabo- rate affair, and everyone can say like " Nig," in his toast, " I had a dam good time," excepting, perhaps, the few Freshmen that followed us, who had to parade the streets in an atmosphere ten below zero,, without their hats, and "Doggie," who couldn't get a round-trip ticket to walk across the Columbia bridge. " Of all the fools," says a certain author, " the edicated wuns am the worst, they breed nigh on to all the devilment a-gwine on." So thought the Freshmen when we "swiped" their ice cream and fruit punch just before a certain reception. So thought "Tuffy," when we took the dog along to his class-room. So thought lZeus, when we said we were "Unadulterated protoplasmic Sophomores," and our bluff tasted sweet in the mouth, but in the belly it was bitter. So thought " Dicky," when we fired Terrestris Lumbricus at each other's heads and fought the battle of Waterloo with our pipettes, or Chambers, perhaps, when we " busted" the chair. ORIFLAMME 57 In Prof. W agner's class we got some valuable information. While critically studying Bacon's Essays, we found a passage "To spend too much time in study is sloth." We heeded. "Gentle walking is good for the stomach, riding, for the head," and we heeded again. What a heap of things can happen in a short time, particularly if a class has set its whole soul to the business of making them happen. Some are hon- orable, some are not so honorable. Nevertheless, the history of our class is such as we may well be proud of. We triumphed over every- thing we came in contact with, our resources are many, the present is encouraging and we look to the future with hope. May Naughty-Nine ever go forward and upward, making many noble conquests and each year present a better record. With this wish, we bid our readers an affectionate farewell until the accumulated historical material demands another hearing. 1,15 nM iw Q fi f 01 Cf! 62 F.8LM.COLLEGE 7 M A g .J -4 Freshman Poem C1 liESHMENl is what they call usg Well, maybe, it's the ruleg lint how could it he otherwise- Jnst mining into sc-liool? EACHING out our tender arlns We c-ollege life enibrave, And lainwh ll new class in the A factor in the rave. ARLY it was told to ns, In pamphlets green, that read: "Yours in jackass afTection"! S0 the Sopholnores said. 0 we wrote out our ac-lurowleclgelnents And sent theln there :nnl then: ' For none excels in courtesy The Class of Nineteen-Ten. UW the Juniors helped ns ont- The class we love so well- The best the college e'er prodnc-eilg No words of ours van tell. ANY a l'lI'CSlIlllil,ll Class will come As we change from year to year, But we'll all he true and loyal sons Of F. and M. so dear. ND wish them all the best of luck, The classes as they pass, But most of all to Nineteen-Ten- The present Freslnnan class. INETEEN-TEN! WVe drink to yon, Apart from all the rest, With all our hearts we say it: t'G0d hless the Freslnnan hestf' W. S. li., '10 school- ORIFLAMME 63 Freshman Class 1910 31 MC1'l"l'LJ-Il'lVPl113.l1 viznm a ut suciam. COLORS-Yellow and Black. President .. . . Vice-President Secretary . . .. Treasurer . . . Historian . . . YELL-Hi-Ro-Rem ! Hi-R0-Rem! Franklin and M:u'shzxl1 Nineteen-Ten! 1910! 1910!! 1910!!! 5' Officers W. S. RAUB. W. LENHART. V. G. HAIVPMAN. J. WA'1"1'. J. C. Bossmn. 64 F8IM.COLLEGE Freshman Roll Name. G. ILEAD ALEXANDER .. . LEON NIILTON ARNER ....... WARREN GIRARD BINGAMAN. . . SAMUEL HAROLD BOYD ....... CHARLES RAYMOND BRENNER . LEWIS ALLEN BRUBAKER ..... NATHAN HAROIID CORMAN. . . PAUL WILLIAM DREISBAOH . .. . . WILLIALI NORMAN FENNINGER .. ROY ALFRED FREEMAN . ...... ARTHUII BERTRAM GAIQIIE . . . JACOB BOISE GLICK . . . .. .. ADDISON H. GROFF. . . . . . . . . .. HAIQRY ABRAM GROVE, l0K.Y. . EDXVARD DAUM HAERTTER ..... GEORGE ROBERT HANLEY, 10 Ii' V .f.. VALENTINE GASS HARTh'IAN . . . . ARTHUR RIUPP HARTZELL . . . l'IARRY LIGHTNER HECKEII .. AMOS CARPENTER HENliY . . . .. . LEON EDWARD HUMPHREVILLE EDGAR DANIEL KRAMER . . . .. .. FREDERIC BANEY IQREMER 10K W JAMES THOMAS LANE, 0 KE. . .. NVILLIS WEAVEIQ LANTZ .. . . . AVILLIAM LENHART, 10 K W. . . EDWIN OLIVER NIARKS .... ALBERT JACOB MEHRING . .. WM. SI-IULTz .RAUB, 10 K W. . . GORDON NEVIN REBERT . . . PIERCE RETTEW IDKE. . . JOHN MORRIS SOHOLL .. LUCIUS ROGERS SHERO 1 . . AMOS URBAN SHIRK . .. .. AUGUSTINE SMITH .... HERMAN G. SNYDER .. . . . . JOHN HAZLETTE TURNER .. A ddress . Mt. Nebo, Pa. Weissport, Pa. Penn's Creek, Pa. Heusel. Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Coburn, Pa. Pottsville, Pa. Kiuzer, Pa. Catasauqua, Pa. Lancaster, Pa.. Leacock, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. WVclslI Run, Pa. Cordelia, Pa. Pottstown, Pa. Oley, Pa. Allentown, Pa. R. F. D. NO, 5. Penbrook, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. li. F. D. No. 1, Gl Lebanon, Pa, Lancaster, Pa. Strasburg, Pa. Reading, Pa. Allentown, Pa. Harrisburg, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Littlestowu, Pa. Harrisburg, Pa. Telford, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Mahanoy City, Pa Clearspring, Md. Lancaster, Pa. cuvillc, Pa O R I F L A M M E 65 ALBERT FISHER W. Vxcx, X0 . . . .... Philadelphia, Pa. GEORGE PAUL WARDLEY, IPKW .... .... M t. Pleasant, Pa. JAMES XNATT, 0 K W ............ .... L ancaster, Pa. CHARLES GEIGER WATT, X KP.. . . .... Lancaster, Pa.. JOHN CLATEN WERNER . ....... .... R . F. D. No. 3, Myersdale, Pa GEORGE MERLE WHITRIORE ...... .... M illersville, Pa. FIARK N EVIN WICKERT ........... .... D enver, Pa. CLARENCE FRANKLIN ZIMMERMAN . .. . .... Slmmokin, Pa. . - , 5 Q' I I - , agx -, ' ' 8 1 Q, X f'-"' -A , l J wrgel V- - " M , U , - E- Q . J '4 'lx n '5Nl,x 66 F.8zM.COLLEGE Freshman History J. C. BOSSARD. T was on a hot, blistering afternoon, the day before iii college opened, that a handful of aspiring Freshmen ap?-L met' at a certain house on Marietta avenue, to talk over 'prospective plans for a stylish debut into the college world. All through the summer, each one of ' us had been looking forward to the time when we could enter the field of conflict with that savage race known to all first-year college men as " The Sophomoresf' Our desire was fulfilled that very night, when nine of our class- men bravely attempted to string on the telephone wires, in front of the campus entrance, a large sheet on which was the beautiful inscription " 1910 Welcoiiles 1909? But that noble plan was brutally frustrated when a crowd of evil-faced Sophs came tearing upon us. Being out- numbered three to one, we were forced to make use of our pedal ex- tremities and head for the friendly cornfield, which shelte1'ed us and queered the chasers as to our whereabouts. - Practice soon commenced for the annual cane-rush. Not once did the Sophomores discover our place of performance. One night, a few days before the great event, we met them on the Seminary campus, and when that conflict was over, more than one Sophomore wished it had been a dream. I At last the day came for the great battle. 'Spectators from all around filled the grandstands and everybody was babbling over with excitement. Even the little Polish newsboys realized that some world- renowned event was about to take place. We carrie on the field with ear-splitting cheers, which made our antagonists look doubtful. Then the fight began. During seven big rushes, we held them at a stand- ORIFLAMME 67 still. After that, they slowly gained on us, by force of weight, as we were smaller in number. For eight minutes the mighty conflict lasted and, finally, our gallant bunch yielded. The class scrap followed, and was, by no means, a one-sided affair. When it was over, both our side and the Sophs felt the same--neither side wanted more. In the inter-class track meet, our men made a good showing. We won first in the 220-yard hurdles, first and second in the mile-run, second in the 120-yard hurdles and second and third in the 880-yard run, scoring 23 points. In the cross-country ru11, we won first and second places, the win- ners being awarded medals. The foot-ball game was won by the Sophomores with the greatest of difficulty. Our star player was disabled at the beginning, sorely handicapping our team. In December, our class was royally entertained by Prof. Chambers and his wife. This was a great surprise to us and a mystery to the other three classes. The Sophomores were so dumfounded that they assembled on James street and threw tin cans and pails at the house. Whether this expressed their sentiment or not, we do not know, but we attribute the act either to jack-ass ignorance, or the teachings of long-cared philosophy. The sour-grape expression they wore the fol- lowing day, was undoubtedly caused by their failure to get the ice cream. But to return to ourselves: Our basket ball team is strong and we expect to have some good scores during the season. The outlook for base ball is promising and we hope to give the Sophomores a lively game. All in all, the material in the 1910 class is considered good, and we look forward to a joyful and prosperous college career. 68 F.kM.COLLEGE Special Students C1 JOSEPH LEES, X117 ............ RALPH MONTGOMERY MARKEL .. . PAUL NEWKIRK BOWMAN, 10162. GEORGE SNYIJER MANN, IPKZ. . . CLEOPHAS ADDISON MONTZ, 102' K PARKE WHITMER WEIDLER, 02K . . . . . . . RAYMOND B. D. WIssLEn, IM .... .... JAY CARVER BossARn, X 0 . . . . THOMAS CUMMINGS . . ....... . . MARTIN SNAVELY Env, X 0 . . . MARION W. EMRICK . . ......, . . EUGENE F. HIEMENz ... . . .. .... .... PARIS RISSER HOFFMAN, 102 K .. WILLIAM Fnrrz KIIICK. ........ RICHARD LoUIs MCGRANN .... . GEORGE BARTLEY SCHROYER . . . . CHARLES VICTOR SNYDER 0ZK. . JOSEPH MICHAEL UHLER . . .. .... . ...... . . . . . CLARENCE LEVERGOOD WoHLsEN, 102K .. ........ . . . . Graduate Student J. L. IQLINE SNYDER X0 ... ................... . ... '31 Summary Graduate Student ..............,.... Seniors ........... Juniors ..... Sophomores . . . Freshmen . . . Specials . . . Total Oak Lane, Pa. Sunbury, Pa. Reading, Pa. Millersville, Pa. Lehighton, Pa. Harrisburg, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Overbrook, Phila., Pa Lancaster, Pa. Junction, Pa. Shamokin, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Maytown, Pa. Sinking Spring, Pa Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Loyalton, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. . .Sabina, Pa. . 1 43 47 46 45 20 202 THE 70 F.8zM.COLLEGE F and M. Academy 5' Principals THADDEUS G. HELM, A.M., EDWIN M. HAI1'I'MAN, A.M. Instructors TIIADDIIUS G. HELM, A.M., Greek and French. EDWIN M. HAIITMAN, A.M., HENRY I. STAI-III, A.M GGFIIIZIIII. ' Latin. OLIVER S. SI-IAEFFIQII, A.M., English: CALVIN N. WENIQICH, A.M., SAMUEL L. NIOYER, A.B, Mathematics. Science and Athletics. JOHN S. GALT, AB., History :mrl Latin. O. RIFLAMME 71 Academy Students 'D HENRY DODGE AI'I'ENzELLER . . CHARLES G. ALEXANDER . BENJAMIN LEON ADIIER . . HAROLD F. ANEWALT . . . JAMES LOUIS BRANDT. . . JAY PONTZ BYERLY. . . . HAIKIIX' EDWIN BAIBD. . . FRANK ALBERT BLAHA. . . BOIIERT BURNS . . . . . . . . . GEORGE ROBERT BYERLY. LANDIS BIIUBAKER . EI-HRAIM BARNES . ..... THOMAS BEYER . . HARRY I. BOYD .. ....... GUY IJIIILIVIAN BOM RERGER CHARLES PUGH BRINTON . CHARLES 1'IERHl-ll-JY BURNS IIEVI NIAHTIN BARD .... .. PAUL LE FEVRE BECKER. ARTHUR JOHNSON BOYER. PHILIP HENRY BRIDENBAUGH. .. JOHN A. BRUSH ......... CHARLES HENRY BUCKIUS JESSE EUGENE BuTz ..... EDGAR OWEN BUTZ. . LESLIE I. BOLTON ....... HAROLD ANDREW BROWN GEORGE M. BOHIIER . . . . . . HOFFER GEORGE BOWMAN CHARLES MOORE CASSEL . . ELLIS REDMOND CARHUFF.. JOHN NIOHRIS CLARK. . . . . BEBTRAM L. DAVIDSON. . . PEBCY WILT DIKEIIWUS. . ..... GUY LINTON DIFFENBAUGH. . . IJENRY EARLE DE HAVEN HENRY STAMRAUGH IDEMAREE. . . EARL W, IJIFFENBAUGH. . Lmu-astcr, Pa. Shoff, Pa. Philadelphia, PD.. Allentown, Pu. Fricdcns, PH. l.IIm'aster, Pa. Bird-iII-Hamd, Pu. Lzmc-Ester, PR.. Burnside, Pa. Lxumcamster, Pu. Bollrerstown, Pa. BrOOklyn, N. Y. LH.llK'lIStCI', Pa. Mmxlleim, Pax. Litritfz, Pa. Gap, Pa. LIIllC'll,St.0l', PH. Hinkletown, Pa. LZLlll'1LSff0l', Pa. Philadelplnia, PII. Hollidzmysburg, Pa W:ISlIiIIgtIOI1 Boro., Lzmczmster, Pa. Newport, Paz. Lzmczmster, Pa.. Mc-Calls Ferry, Pa. Laumcxxster, Pa. Ephramta, Pax. Lclnmon, Pa. Mt. Joy, PE. Philamclelpluin, Pa. Wilkinsburg, Pa. Lallunster, Pai. Lititz, Pa. Lam-faster, Pa. Salisbury, PR. Newport, Pa. Lancaster, Pa.. RAYMOND CLARKSON EDWARDS . . . . . Lame-Ester, Pa. PI 72 F. :Sz OLLE E LISLE KENNETH ETTINGER . . HARRY ALBERT FOHL ..... . B. DALES FARRAR ........ W. GORDON FLICKINGER .... JAY J. FRITZ ............... CHARLES PHENEGAR FOULKE HORAOE DEMUND GAST, JR.. . JOHN EARL GIVENS ......... CHRISTIAN RISSER GINGRICH. CYRUS RISSER GINGRICH .... WALTER BRENEMAN GROSH. . CLIFTON D. GOFF ........... ROBERT W. GIRVIN. . . CHARLES L. GRANT . . . CYRUS T. GLESSNER ....... PAUL EDWARD GUTELEISH. . . PEROY HOFFER GABLE .... JESSE CLAY GINGRICH ..... FREDERICK M. E. GROVE .... EDWARD FRANCIS GUILFORD. ROBERT SCOTT HARNER ..... LAURIBTON BENJAMIN HER!! EARLE LE ROY HERSHEY .... HOWARD H. HERR ......... VERNON F. HARKNESS ...... EDWARD TOWNSEND HAGER. CARL VERNE HELM ......... ARTHUR SLAYMAKER HERMAN. . . . JOHN FERREE HERR ........ ABRAHAM HARNISH, JR. .... . GEORGE CALVIN KERN .... JOHN NELSON KULL .... DAVID B. KRAYBILL ...... WILLIAM EDWIN KEEEER. . . JOSEPH FRANCIS KEEFER .... GEORGE HAROLD KINARD. . . HARRY LAWALL KNEOHT . . . RENO JOSEPH KOFROTH- .... R. NORMAN KIRK ........ BENJAMIN KING .......... CHARLES HOWARD ICLINE. . . HENRY KURTZ ......... DONALD G. LIGHTNI-:R ..... ESTES LANDIS ..... '. . . Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Brooklyn, N. Y. New Holland, Pa. Quarryville, Pa. Strasburg, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Mt. Joy, Pa. Lawn, Pa. Palmyra, Pa. Milton Grove, Pa. Manhasset, N. Y. Leola, Pa. Reamstown, Pa. Berlin, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Manheim, Pa. Turtle Creek, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. ,N ew Holland, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Gordonville, Pa. Lititz, Pa. Quarryville, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. New Providence, Pa Gordonville, Pa. Strasburg, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Perkasie, Pa. Ashland, Pa. Maytown, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Coplay, Pa. Leacock, Pa. Parvin, Pa. Rothsville, Pa. Peter's Creek, Pa. Youngstown, O. Manheim, Pa. Fullerton, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Tylersport, Pa. ORIFLAMME 73 JESSE FRANKLIN LEONARD. . . SIMON LEHMAN ......... ARTHUR LINDSAY . . . PAUL SAMUEL LUTZ .... PAUL BACHMAN LACY. . . WILLIS HES-S LEREVRE. . . JOHN JACOB LEVAN ......... CLARENCE HOWAIIIJ MCGEE. . . MAUIQICE MILLER. ......... MERLE ILAYMOND NIORITZ. . ALEXANDER MCINENZIE . . JOHN MOORE .......... HENIQY' H. IVIOYER ...... AMOS ELLSWORTH RIYERS. . . JOSEPH GOLDEN MOORE .... JOHN ARE MCKI-:AGE ..,. . BRUCE REBUCK MOWA'PIliX'. . . WILLIS BENJAMIN NIOYER . . . JOHN IRNVIN NORRIS ........ CHARLEH IJEBRON NISSLEY . . . GEORGE HENIRX' O'I"I'H01"ER . . WAL'PER POOL ............ JOHN HOWARD PEII-'ER. . . WALTEII SHUMAN PEIFER. . . EARL G. PAULES ....... HENIIY' VVEHER PIFER . . CLYDE PRI-:TzIxIAN .......... JOHN CITMMING PATTERSON. . . CHARLES ALBERT PETERSON .... . . . JAMES BOWMAN RIEEMSNYDER .... . . . lLOHERT BARKER RIDDLE ..... CHESTER NEFF RORR . . . ADNER ILEIDENBACH. . . JOHN 'LANDIS RIEIST . . . HARIQY LYMAN RIAUB . . . JOHN ELWOOD .RANCH . . HARRY MOYER RIYDER . . A. FREDERICK ILENTZ ...... .... . . . . LAURENCE FRANKLIN SESINGER WALTER GROFF SCHWAR ..... . .. . . Q JOHN ALBERT SHAUB .... JAMES SHAND, JR.. .. WALTER SNYDER, JR. ....... . HOWARD BUCRWALTER SE1Tz . Marysville, PII. West Willow, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Tyrone, PII. Lititz, PII. Lzmncaster, Pa. limicaster, Pa. Slnnnokin, Pa. Lmicnster, PR. Gettysburg, PR. New York, N. Y. Brooklyn, N. Y. Cmnpbellstown, Pu. lAlJl0H.StCI', PII. Brooklyn, N. Y. linrnsicle, Pat. Lisburn, PR. lium-sister, Pa. Willow, W. Vu.. Florin, Pa. Lancaster, Psi. East Petersburg, PR. Sltlllllgil, Pam. Slllllllgll, PR. Marietta, PR. Pnnxsutmvney, I II. Millersville, PR. Pliiladelpliiu, PII.. Lmicaster, PR. Eplirata, PR. Lancaster, PII. Lzmcaster, PR. Mascot, PII. Lmicaster, Pa. Lancaster, PR. Brooklyn, N. Y. Lancaster, Pa. Wyoniissing, PR. Philadelphia., PII.. Lancaster, Pa.. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, IJ. Lancaster, Pa. Rohrerstown, PR. D 74 F.6zM.COLL E E EARL L. STEHMAN .... JAMES PAUL SUTTON. . . HARRY GORDON SWAN .. CHARLES J. SWARR ..... RALPH MONROE SCHAD1' ..... HAYWOOD MlLLEll SPANGLER . . . CHARLES E. SI-:ITz .......... DAVID ARTHUR SHIRK . . . BENJAMIN WADE SHAUR . . . FRANK WILEY SPRECHER. . . CHARLES CARROLL SAUHER . . ORFORD URAL SCHAEEEER. . . CHARLES WILLIAM SCHANTZ. . . PAUL WILSON SCHRIVER .... JACOB MARTIN SCHwARTz .... WILLIAM ILUSSELL SESINGER. . . . GEORGE NORRIS SMITH ....... JOSEPH SPRINOER ......... ALFRED WILLIAM STELLI-IR. . . JOHN TURNER ........... JAMES SAMUEL THOMAS . . . FRANK ICING TROUTWINE. . . SAMUEL TAYLOR ............ JACOB NEUHAUSER TROYER. . . THOMAS GEORGE WELLER . . . WALLACE GOLDY WADE .... ALLAN BILYEN WALLACE ..... ELLIOT CRITCHFIELD WELLEIQ. . . AUSTIN COLWELL WILSON .... CHARLES BITZER WINGEII . . . WILLIAM IRWIN WOODCOCK. . . CHARLES JAMES WINT ...... JOHN WADE WIMER ....... RICHAILD NAGLE WINTERS. . . ROY WINTERSTEEN ......... ARTHUR FRANCIS WOTIQING. . . JOHN WARI-'EL ...........,. EMLEN HAIll!ISON ZELLERS .... MAILTIN DENLINGER ZIMMERMAN HA1iliY PETER ZIEGLER ..... . . . . Rohrerstown, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Bamford, Pa. Allentown. Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Bowmanstown, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, PR. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Little Gap, Pa. Allentown, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. New York, N. Y. Freelnxrger, Pa. Shenandoah Creek, Va Philadelphia, Pa. Witmer, Pa. Lancast-er, Pa. West Leesport, Pa. Tyrone, Pa. Brooklyn, N. Y. Bird-in-Hand, Pa. Girardsville, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Gebhart, Pa. Youngstown, 0. Ephrata, Pa. Waterside, Pa. Catasauqua, Pa. Quarryville, Pa. Ephrata, Pa. Port Carbon, Pa. Scllnecksville, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Ronk, Pa. Churclxtown, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. ORIFLAMM' E 75 B H. E L DePeyster Literary Society President . ..... . Vice-President . . . Secretary . L. Aux.ER, F. ANmwAm', BARNES, I. BOLTON, H. G. BOWMAN, P. H. BRIDENBAUGH J. A. BRUSH, R BURNS, G C. BU'rz, L R. CARHUFF, J. M. CLARK, H. S. DEMAREE, C. GINGIQICH, C. C. F. RISSER GINGRICH, T. GLESSNER, M E. GROVE, W. B. GRosH, C1 Officers 'TD Members L. B. HERR, J. B. IQEEFER, B. KING, R.. N. KIRK, F. L. IiNECI-IT, H. ICURTZ, E. LANDIS, J. F. LEONARD, A. MCKENZIE, J. Moom-1, M. ll. Momwz, B. R. MOWP1ltY, H. H. MOYER, J. C. PATTERSON, H. W. PIFER, A. F. RENTZ, L. SESINGRR. H. W. P1 FER. H. F. ANEWALT. C. T. GLRSSNRR. . li. SESINGER, R.. M. Sm-lAu'1', O. U. SCHAEFFICR, J. SHANIJ, C. W. SCHANTZ, W. G. SCHVVAB, J. M. SCI-IwAR'l'z, G. N. SMITH, J. SPRINGER, S. TAYLOR, J. S. THOMAS, F. K. TROUTWINE. A. E B. WALLACE, C. WEIJLER, li. WINTEICSTEEN, A. F. WOTRING. NEW ACADEMY BUILDING THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY 78 1".kM.COLLEGE Seminary Statistics Theological Seminary of the Reformed Church in the United States '31 Board of Trustees JOHN VV. APPEL, ESQ .... ..... P 1'ns1'dcnt. JOHN D. SKILES ...... ..... I "ice-Presidenl. JEREMI.-KH S. HESS . .. Sccrelary. JOHN B.ROTH... .... .. Eastern Synod Term Expires December, 1912 7v7'f'f7N urcr. LUOENE SANTEE, BLD. . ....,...................... . . JOHN D. SKILES ........ .. .IAMIQS I". I'lUNSECKEli Term Egvpia-ew Dffcembcr, 1910 JOHN W. Avvm., EHQ .... .......................... JOHN B. ROTH ........ J. J. Nlssnlcx' .. .. Term Empires Drfccmlacr, 19054 A. J. BHUMUACH ..... JEREMIAH S. Hass .... JOHN H1-:HTZLEH ..... Pittsburg Synod Term Expires 1911 Hmnms L. BAEH, ESQ.. . .. Term Empires 1909 PETER IQIEL ,. .. Term. Ifxpires 1907 WM. R. BAHNHART .. .. Plxiladclpllia, Pu.. Lancaster, Pa. Allentown, Pu. Lancaster, Pu. Lancaster, Pu. Hununelstown, 1 J Reading, Pa. Hcllertown, Pa. Lznnouster, Pu. Somerset, Pa. Pittsburg, Pa. Greensburg, Pu. il. 1 Y, .44 71, V . ' ka Af rf? 'Wm s A ,, u, N s -if. x N 95,1-:MWA " un- 3-.. H.. .5 W-4 . L 'Na ORIFLAMME 81 Potomac Synod Term Expires 1912 J.B.SHULENBERGER....... ..... . ..... CHARLES M. WOLFF, ESQ. . ......................... .... . Term Expires 1910 E. A. SHULENBERGER, D.D.S. ...................... . . . . RoEER'rL.Mo'r'rER..... .... Term Expires 1908 ISRAEL LAUCKS . . ... ........ . ..... u ..... . ..... Shippensburg, Pa. Hanover, Pa. .Carlis1e. Pa. York, Pa. York, Pa. S. NEVIN HENCH . . . ....... York, Pa U Board of Visitors REV. E. R. ESCHBACH, D.D. .......... .... P resident. REV. ELLIS N. KREMER, D.D. .... .... S ecretary. REV. REV. REV. REV REV. REV REV REV. REV REV REV REV Eastern Synod Term Expires 1910 SAMUEL G. WAGNER, D.D. . . ........... . . .. N. C. SCHAEFFER, D.D., LL.D. . ...... .... . . JAMES CRAWFORD, D.D. .................. . Term Expires 1908 ELLIS N. KREMER, D.D. . . ............. . . . . CHARLES E. CREITZ ....................... WM. D. HAPPEL, PH.D. ................. . Pittsburg Synod Term Expires 1909 A. J. HELLER, D.D.... ............. Term Empires 1907 D. B. LADY, D.D. . . ............... . .. Potomac Synod Term Expires 1910 J. SPANGLER KIEEFER, D.D. .............. . T. J. BARKLEY, D.D. . . ................ . . . . Term Expires 1908 E. R. ESCHBACH, D.D. .................... . J. W. SANTEE, D.D. .... . ,-I Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Harrisburg, Pa. Reading, Pa. Wilkes-Barre, Pa.. Connellsville, Pa.. Duquesne, Pa. Hagerstown, Md. Gettysburg, Pa.. Frederick, Md. Philadelphia, Pa. S2 F.8zM.COLLE GE The Library PIIoEEssoR Noss .. . . PAUL B. Rum- ..... ' OSWIN S. FRANTZ. . . JOHN S. ADAM . .. Reading Room llANIEL D. BRENDLE ...... . Joi-IN E. BOOMERSHINE . . . . THOMAS H. BACHMAN . .. . Chief Librarian Librarian. First Assistant. Second Assistant Custodian. First Assistant. Second Assistant Faculty 51 Officers REV. FREDERICK A. GAST, D. D., LL. D., .. ...PreSifzgnz. REV. GEORGE W. RICHARDS, D. D., ..... .... S ccrclary. REV. CHms'roPHER Noss, Professor of Systematic Theology. REV. GEORGE W. IQICHARDS, D.D., Professor of Church History. REV. FREDERICK A. GAs'r, D.D., LL.D., Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament Science. REV. WILIIIALI C. SCHAEFFER, PH.D., D.D., Professor of New Testament Science. REV. JOHN C. BOWMAN, D.D., Professor of Practical Theology. .REV. JoHN M. CHAMBERS, A.M., ' Instructor in Sacred Oratory. IRWIN HOCH DE LONG, D.B., PH.D., Instructor in Old Testament Science. I REV. JOHN I. SWANDER, PI-LD., D.D., Associate Professor of Systematic Theology. ORIFLAMME S3 Seminary Students W Seniors JAMES ALFRED BOE!-IM, ........,........ .... A.l3., Franklin and Marslmll College, 190-I. DANIEL DAVID BRENDLE ...... A.B., Franklin and Marshall College A.l3., Franklin and Marshall Colleg ALFRED .JASPER HERMAN . .... . .-LB., Franklin and Marshall College JOHN NATHAN LEVAN . . .. . . . . . A.B., Franklin and Marshall College CHARLES EDGAR RUP1' .....,.. A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, PAUL' BERTRAM RUPP . . .. . . . . . A.B., Franklin and Marshall College MORRIS G. SCHUCKER . ....... . AJ3., Franklin and Marshall College DENNIS SIPPLE . ............. . A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, JONAS LEIDY YEARICK ...,.... Howard. LEE MARCUS ERDMAN. ........ 0 190-1 190-I 1903 1904 1902. 1 904 , 1901 1904 Middlers JOHN EDWIN BOOMERSHINE . .......... . . . . A.B., Heidelberg University, 1905. THEODORE CLARENCE BROWN, . A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1905. OSWVIN STRICKER FRANTZ. .... . A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1905. Hellertown, Pa. 503 W. James St Scliaeiierstown, Pa. 5-17 W. iIClII0ll St Allentown, Pa. 501 VV. James St Lansdale, Pa. 501 W. James St Kutztown, Pa. -113 N. Charlotte St La.nczIsteI', Pa. 602 VV. James St Lnncastei-, Pa. 602 W. James St HOl1lCSt61Ill, Pa. Meyerscluile, Pa. 534 VV. James St Perkasie, Pa. 547 W. Lemon St Tiflin, Ohio. 547 W. Lenlon St Sunnnit Station, Pa. 534 W. James St CI'6SSll12U'1, Pa. 551 W. 110111011 St 84 F. 6: IM. C O L LEC-E NORMAN LOUIS HORN . . .......... . . A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1905. CHARLES ANDREYV HUYETT ......... Juniata College. JOHN CALVIN SANDERS . ...... . A.B., Bucknell University, 1905. HENR1' IRVIN STAHR . . ....... . A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1901 JOHN BAER STOUDT . ..,........... . A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1905. - Juniors JOHN SAMUEL ADAM ......... .. A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1906. THOMAS HENRY BACHMAN . . A.B., Muhlenberg College, 1906. RAY HARBAUGH DOTTERER .. .. . . .... Ashland, Pa. 131 Pearl St . . . .AlexandI'ia, Pa. 325 W. Lemon St . . . .V icksburg, Pa. 325 W. Lemon St .........Oley,Pa. A.M., 'l'lI'I'l1,, 1904. The Academy . . . . . . . . Fleetwood, Pa. 513 W. James St . . . Fleetwood, Pa. ' 441 Nevin St . . . .NefTs, Pa. ' 545 W. Chestnut St . . .... Mau Hall, Pa. 448 W. James St Ph.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1906.. . . WILLIAM SIERERT GERHARD A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1903. WILLIAM FRANKLIN GINDER . .. A.B., Franklin and Marshall College REV. H. FOSTER HARNER, ...... HARRY ALBERT HARTMAN ...... A.B., Franklin and Marshall College ROY VINCENT HARTRIAN ......., A.B., Franklin and Marshall College, WILLIAM FRANKLIN KOSMAN. . . A.B,, Franklin and Marshall College JOSEPH SOLON PETERS ........ A.B., Franklin and Marshall College REV. W. C. SKEATH . 1906. 1906. 1906. 1906. , 1906. . . .... Lancaster, Pa. 129 E. Vine Sb . . .... Allentown, Pa. 448 W. James St . . . .Leola, Pa. . . .... Reading, Pa. 444 N. Mary St . . .... Oley, Pa. 402 W. Lemon St . , .... Catasauqua, Pa. 445 W. James St . . .... Allentown, Pa. A 538 W. James St . . . Lancaster, Pa. ORIFLAMM E - 85 REV. REV. REV. REV. Post-Graduate Students WILLIAM H. BRONG. . . . . WILLIAM F. DELONG . .. PAUL J. DUNDORE ....... WILI.IAM D. MARBUIIGER. Summary of Students Seniors . MiQlCl161jS .... ............,......... Juniors . . I .......... . . Post-Graduate Students ..... Total . . . 'I ' in li I I 1 - Pen Argyl, Pa. Annville, Pa. Palmyra, Pa. Selinsgrove, Pa 10 8 11 4 33 86 F.IQM.COLLEGE Society of Inquiry PAUL B. RUPII OSWIN S. FRA CHAS. A. HUI' '51 Officers . . . . . . . . . . .Presideanh NTZ . . .... Vice-President. E'r'I' . . - . Secretary. Treasurer. J. C. SANDERS ............,... Committee on Minions J. LEIDY XVEARICK, '07, Chairman. D. D. BRENDLE, '07, C. A. HU1'ET'F, '08 A. J. HERBIAN, '07, HENR1' I. STAHR, RAY H. DOTTERER, '09, Members 1907 JAMES A. BOEHM, DANIEL D. BRENDLE, LEE M. ERDMAN, JOHN E. Boom-:RsH1NE, THEODORE C. BHONVN, OSWIN S. FRANTZ, I JOHN S. ADAM, THOS. H. BACHMAN, RAY H. Do'I"rERER, A. J. HERMAN, .loHN N. LEVAN, CHAS. E. RUI-P, 1908 NORMAN S. HOIIN, CI-IAS. A. HUYETT, JOHN C. SANDERS. 1909 WILLI.KM S. GERHARD, WILLIAM F. GINDER, HARRY A. HARTRIAN, J '08, PAUL B. l1Ul'l', DENNIS SIIIPLE, J. LEIDY x7EARlCH HENIIX' I. STAHR, JOHN B. STOUDT. ROY V. HAI1'1'MAN WM. T. Ii0SMAN, JOSEPH S. PETERS. ORIFLA M I VI E 87 President .. . . Vice-President Secrelary . . .. Treasurer . . . P. J. BIFKEL, A. W. HARLEY, J. A. D1'1'zLER, H. W. FISHER, I. S. MONN, J. B. MUSSEIC, W. V. EVANS, I. S. DILLER, C. M. BOMHERGER., J. W. BANCROFT, R.. M. STAHL, J. G. R.0ssMAN, R. NIARKLE, W. A. SCHNEDER, c:EO. R.o'1'1-I, A. R.. ACKERMAN, J. K. NIOYER, J. A. CAMPBELL, W. R. JoNEs, W. R. MCCLELLAN, G. B. BREITIGAM, J. H. COLEMAN, C. D. IJILLER, L. M. DRUMHELLER, W. H. F INK, W. G. BINGAMAN, F. B. IQREMER, H. G. SNYDER, Y. M. C. A. 91 Officers Members 1907 W. F. IQRUMHEIN, H. A. S1-IIEEER, R. M. ZACHARIAS, J. W. EVANS, F. K. STAMM, H. D. LEH, R. H. DELONG, 1908 Jos. LEES, M. F. ZIEGLER, J. H. LAUFFER, H. L. IQRAUBE, C. C. MYEIR, C. W. TRUXAL, R. G. APPEL, P. H. BURKE, A. G. HEIIIMAN, A. S. MECK, 1909 A. L. GEHMAN, P. D. HANIJEY, J. E. LIVINGOOD, J. MIISSEIR, I. G. SNYDER, li. E. GROVE, C. L. ZIMMERMAN, W. F. YOIIER, 1910 J. M. UHLEIT, W. F. KRICK, S. H. BOYD, G. R. ALEXANDER, W. L. NIACHINIER. P. J. BICKLE. E. M. DIETRICI-1. D. SI-I Ii ICTZ . P. D. YODER, L. E. REIGNER, W. L. MACHMER, C. G. IJEECH, J. F. M. SNYDER, G. C. GREENAWALT. J. W. NVIEDER, W. R. l'IAR'l'ZEL, B. L. STANLEY, C. P. D. PETERS, G. WALEERT, C. D. SHEE'1'z, W. H. CARL, H. H. KERSHNER, J. C. BRIGHT. A. M. RAHN, J. A. ROTHERMEL, M. F. KLINGAM.-KN, S. C. SNYDER, W. C. HESS, W. C. PUGH, J. H. FAHRENBACH, E. M. DIETRICH. W. H. CORMAN, E. O. IVIARKS, J. C. WERNER. IBECKS OXYCE N HA N S- RS MITTE COETHEAN TRANSFORMER DIACNOTHIAN " " 5 ' . Q 1 x L 1 a 1 f F 5.15 O RIFLAMME 91 Goethean Literary Society MQTTQ-I'suEaHw 41115: President .. . . Vice-President Secretary . . .. Treasurer . . . Censor . . .. . Chaplain . .. . Reviewer . . . Crilic . .. . Librarian . . . 1835-1907 -51 COLORS-Old Gold and Blue. Goethean Officers BICKEL, '07. MECK, '08. ROTHERMEL, '09. Mmlrm, ,0S. BARLEY, '07. BOYD, '10, Gm+:1QNAwAI.'1', '07. SCHNEIDER, '08. LAND, '07. WHI'1'mmAD, '07. CARL, '0S. 92 F.8zM.COLLE G F. A UNGs'r, W. BARLEY, J. BICKEL, H. DELQNG, A. 1Jl'I'ZLER, W. EvANs, J. GEIST, R. ACKERMAN, A. D. HDAEII, E. BAIR, C. BRIGHT, H. BURKE, H. CARL, . R. HAIt'l'ZELL, H. COLEMAN, S. DEIIR, M. DEITRICPI, S. DIIUMHPILLEII, H. FAHRENRACH, H. BOYD, H. CORMAN, W. DREISBACH, Goethean Members. B1 . 1907 W. C. GREENAXVAI.'I', G. C. HOLDER, R. F. ICIEFFER, J. N. LAND, C. G. LEECH, W. L. MACHMER, L. E. ILEIGNER. 1908 A. G. HEILMAN, H. L. IKRAUSE, F. T. LANDIS, A. S. MECK, C. C. MEYER, J. K. MOYER, C. P. PETERS, 1909 M. A. IQLINGAMAN, W. R. MCCIJELLAN, J. C. ILAEZER, A. M. RAHN, J. A. ILOTHEHMEL, 1910 R. A. FREEMAN, L. E. HUMPHREVILLE, F. B. KREMER, M. C. ScHoLL. H. A. SHIFFER, J. F. M. SNYDER, F. K. S1'AMM, M. G. ANELKER, H. H. WH1'rEm-:An P. D. YODER. J. G. ROSSMAN, G. L. ROTH, F. C. SCHAEFFER, W. A. SCHNEDER, C. D. SHEETZ, J. W. WIEIJEII, G. E. ANALHERT. I. G. SNYDEH, S. C. SNYDER, W. F. X70DER, J. L. ZIMMERMAN. A. SMITH, J. C. WPJIQNEII, C. F. ZIMMERMAN. , X N- uw X ,'IvsJ'-z,Aa'1"w 1 -X4 Mmm ws ORIFLAMME 95 Diagnothian Literary Society A '31 'IO'1'TO--5794161 www dw-ff? COLOR-Wlnte Diagnothian Officers Speaker . . . .................... . . . . Vive-1'r0s2'rler1Z ,... C1'2'l1ff' . . ........ . . Recording Secrelary Illonitor . ........,.. . . . . Clzaplmfn . .. . L1fb1'm'2'an . , . Treasurer . . . J. F. M.-xmm. W. M. WURKMAN. W. V. EVANS. J. B. LANDIS. L. L. REIST. L. R. S1-lmao. C. M. Bolxrmmcmz I. S. DILLER. 96 F.8cM.COLLE - G E Diagnothian Members BYERLY, EVANS, GILBERT, MACSEE, APPEL, BOMRERGER, . BYERS, ZDANAHER, DILLER, I. S. BOARDMAN, CAMPBELL, DILLEIK, C. A. ELLMAKER, GEHMAN, A. L. GEEMAN, H. BINGAMAN, Bossmm, BRURAKER, S. C' 1907 MUSSER, MONN, N rcnons, IQEIST, 1 908 HEIss, LAUFFER, LEE:-1, MIESSE, STAHL, 1909 GROVE, Hr-iss, J ONES, LANDIS, LIVINGOOD, XIUELLER, IVIONTZ, 1910 L HECKE , HENRY, LANE, SHERO, SLAGENHAUP, WHITMORE, WORKMAN, ZACHARIAS. STANI EY, I 1 TRUXAI., WINDOLPH, ZIEQLER. PUGH, WlEIDI4Eli, WINKEIAISI4 WKJHLSEN, GIPE, Mum.. SNYDER, TURNER, WATT, J. Ecx-1, 1 mx ' um.- vw Nl W fn x I N In xtl n J-O fifx , XX X xxx ,gf- X ..- ff: A A if HQ Wx. ef '1v f, 1565595 rngrums ORIFLAMME 99 Seventy-First Anniversary of the A Goethean Liferary Society FRIDAY, MAY 4, 1906, S P. M., CoLI.1cG1-1 CHAI-EL. U Program Music Invoczition 4. ........... Rm: Jonx S. Smnn, D.D. Salutatory ...... ...................... I JEWIS 1+'. Rmuxmn "Tho Beauty of tho Morning." Third Oration ...... ............. ,.......... X N VILLTAM A. Scnxlmlcn. "Tho Threatening Coal Strike." Music. Second Oration ,.,..................... JOHN N. LAND. Hlinelrlics of the Great." Eulogy . . . ..... . ................. . . . A. C. RANCK " John Hay" Music First Oration .................................... J. L. K. SNYDER " Our Great COI'1JOI'21.ti01IS--Tilflil' Power and I1'1Huence." HonAcfER.LEQUEAn " Ba.rclitu's Son " Poem ............ Music Goethean Oration .................................. JoHN S. ADAM "America, the Jewish Reliebotllf' Benediction .... ....................... I Inv. J OHN S. STAHR, D.D. Music 100 F.dzM.COLLEGE Seventy-First Anniversary of the Diagnothian Literary Society COLLEGE CHAPEL, BIAY 11, 1906, 8 O,CLOCK. C1 Music Invocation .... ....,..... R Ev. J. H. Dumas, D.D., LL.D. Music Salutatory .... .............................. L 1NN.asUs L. REIST "Twentieth Century Patriotism" Gerhart Oration .............................. EDMUND C. XVINGERD " The Wise F001 " Music Dubbs Oration .............................. RALPH W. E. AsToN "Mastering the English Language" h Harbaugh Oration .....................,...... RAY H. DOTTERER " Progress and Its Cost" Music Eulogist .... ......................... W ILLIAM F. GINDER " Gouverneur Morris " Poet .... ................, . . . . . RALPH C. GARDNER "Revcry" ' Music Anniversarian ............................... WILLIAM F. IQOSMAN "The Greatness of Franklin" Speaker .... ............................ L LOYD H. SNYDER Benediction Music ORIFLAMME 101 Intercollegiate Debate '31 Penna. State College vs. Franklin and Marshall. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1906 COLLEGE CHAPEL Program Presidefvzg Officer .... ............ .... D 1 2. J. S. STAHR Question Resolved, That the Fifteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution should be abolished. Affirmative N egatiaue Franklin and Marshall Penna. State College First AHirmative ........., ............ L . L. REIST First Negative . . , .... . . , H. M. BRANCHER Second Aflirmative . . . . . . A. W. BARLEY Second Negative .... ....... G . W. GROFE Third Atfirrnative . . . ..,... .... W . A. SCHNEDER Third Negative ..... ...........,........... W . F. A. WENTZEL Rebuttal Decision in favor of Penna. State Judges PROE. B. SIMMONS, Pottsville PRESIDENT AIKENS, Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, Pa PROF. T. F. MCGINNIS, Superintendent of Schools, Steelton, Pa. 102 F. dp M. C O L L E G E Sophomore Oratorical Contest Cmss oif 1908 GOlG'l'lIl'IAN I'LxI.L, M.,xRf:11 16, 1906 5? "The Ideal of Civic Riglitcousness',. ..... C. M. Bomnicnuifzn Cllj "Buffon's Definition of Genius". . . ...,...... A. S. M1-:CK CGJ "The Great Invention" ......... ,.... I V. L. WINlJOI,I'l-I CD.j "The Russian Revolution". . . ..... W. A. SCHN14:m-:R fG.J " The Home and Its Sculpto1"' . ..... H. L. iKR.-XUSIC CGJ "The Renaissance" .............................. R. G. Alwlcl. CDJ First Prize, Ten Dollars, awardecl to W. A. SCHNEIJEIQ. Second Prize, Five Dollars, awarded to F. L. WINDOLPH. Honorable Mention, H. L. KRAUSE. Judges J. E. WHi'1"r.aK1':n, D.D. REV. C. J. SMITH E. M. HAR'1'MAN, AM. 0 R I 1-' I. A M, M ic 103 Senior Prize Debate C0LI.1f:G1f: Clwmvi-:I,, S.-V1'lT1tDAY, JUNE 9, 1906, 8 1-. M. 'CU Rolf. JQHN M. Ciiixmisiizizs Presicliug Officer . , . .....,....... .P Question for Debate Resol1'ed,i'1'l1ztt United States Senators should be elected by popular vote. Judges REV. H. W. HXXIQING, D.D. Mn. W. Fu.-xN1i Golmiseirr, MR. F. .I. Gizimoiiim Debatera Ayiirmatire-R. C. G.xmiNiaR, F. C. Wmaicnn Negative--J. S. ADAM, R. H. iJ0'l"l'ERER Order of Exercises Music Opening Debate Music 1 Closing Debate Music First Prize :twztrded to R. H. DOTTERER Second Prize zuvzmleal to J. S. ADAM 104 F.8zM.COLLEGE Junior Oratorical Contest CLASS or 1.907 COLLEGE CHAPEL, JUNE 11, 1906 51 "The Evils of VVa1"' ......... .... . 1 . .I. S. NIONN CDJ "Discontent a Factor in Life". . . .... J. N. LAND CGJ "Treason of Benedict Arnold" ....... ..... F . K. STAMM CGJ " The Duty of the Practical Patriot". . . .... L. L. REIST CD.j "Yesterday and To-Day" ....,,.......... ..... J . B. MUSSER CDJ U The Spirit of National America", .................. P. D. YODER CGJ First Prize, The Conrad Weiser Gold Medal, awarded to F. K. Staunn. Honorable Mention, L. L. Reist. Judges REV. W. F. SHERO PROF. E. I. SPARLIN REV. BENJ. LAPISH ORIFLAMME 105 Triennial Greeting of the Goethean Literary Society IN TI-IE COLLEGE GYMN.-KS1UM WVEDNESDAY EVEN1NG. JUNE 13, 1906, AT NINE OyCLOCK 51 Program Aclclress of Welcome .,............ A. W. BARLEY, '07, Pres. G. L. S. Song-" Hail to Goethe" Banquet Toast-" The Diagnotliiausn ................., A. H. ROTHERMEL, '87 Toast-"The College" ................... REV. C. F. SCHEAFFER, '89 Song-" Swanee River " Toast-U The Literary Society" .,............ REV. A. M. SCHMIDT, '81 Toast--"Goetl1ean Alumni" ................ REV. C. F. LEVAN, '80 Song-" Bingo " Toast-" Reminiscences" ............ REV. W. C. SCHAEFFER, D.D., '71 Song--" Auld Lang Syne " 106 F.kM.COLLEG E Class Day Exercises CLA ss on 1906 COLLEGE C.u11'Us, Tlflizsmr, JUNE 12, 1906, 3 r. M. Muster of Ceremonies Class Fence Omtion . Szilututory . . . Class History . . Presentation Orattion Prescntzttion Orution Class Oraition . . . Poem ...... Mantle Oration . . . Junior Response .. C1 Program Music Music Music Music Music Senior Farewell March Committee on Arrangements LLOYD H. SNYDER, Chairman . . . . .I. S. 1'1c'1'm11s H. A. RENNINGER J. B. BISSINGER . . . A. C. RANCK . . J. L. DANAHER .J. L. K. SNYDER . D. C. SCI-INEBLY . .F. C. WINGERD . . .W. F. IQOSMAN ... L. L. Rnisfr HENRY A. RENNINGJ-:R AVILLIAM H. RUPP ORIFLAMM L 107 Seventieth Annual Commencement 'l'HI,'Rs1mY, JUNE 14, 1906 5 Progam Music Iuveczgtien Halutatory-J"1'lie Life of Service" ....... I lration Oration Oraticm Uratieu C Jratieili H The Use of Symbols" ...... . . Music The South and Her Problem". . . The Yellow Peril" ......... . . . Music The Cost of True Inmlivimluzilityl' . . . Oppertuuityl' ............. . . Music Franklin Oration .................... Marshall Ol'21tlO1'1fNDCfl'lV0ltbUCl'gCl',, . . . Music Valerlictory-H The Responsibilities of Culture" Q Music Conferring of Degrees Benedietion .li H. NICHOLAS S. H. Wiiiriiomc .D. C. SCl'IN15IBLY H. R. Ili-:Quinn .R. C. GARIJNER F. C. WINGI-:lm . . . . . . D. W. ISNRKEY R. H. D0'1"1'lcRER . .W. F. Kosm.-nr 108 F.dcM.COLLEGE Arbor Day EXERCISES UNDER THE AUSCIPES OF THE SENIOR CLASS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1906 U . Master of Ceremonies ................. .... 1 V. P. DELONG Committee L. L. REIST, Chairman D. F. AUNGST W. V. EVANS J. A. DITZLER R. Y. GILBERT Program Opening Remarks . . . ............ ....... N V. P. DELONG Address .......... ........................ P ROF. GEO. F. MULL Address ........ , .... I. ., ............ I ................ F. K. STAMM Palnting White Oak Tree Address . . . ...................,........ DR. Jos. H. DIIBBS ORIFLAMM E 109 Sophomore-Freshman Oratorical Contest IN THE DIAGNOTHIAN LITERARY Soo1E'ri' FEBRUARY 28, 1907 '31 Sophomore The Treason of John Brown" ...... The Mission of the United States" .,.. The Power of Knowledgei' ......... Centralized Democracy ' ' .....,....., ,... I 5. Freshman Inunigration" .........., . . . . . . General G. B. McClellan" . . . 'Robert E. Lee" A ..........................,.... . ....J. B. LANDIS . . . .R. E. GEIPE . H. S. GERMAN F. XVINKLEBLECK L. A. BRUBAKER . . . .H. L. HECIQEL . . . .L. R. SHERO Sophomore Prize awarded to B. F. WINKLEBLECK Freshman Prize awarded to L. R. SHERO I Judges REV. R. L. CLARK, CHARLES W. EABY, ESQ., S. R. ZIMMERMAN, ESQ. 110 I". 8 M. C O L L E G E Sophomore-Freshman Oratorical Contest IN 'rm-1 G01-:'1'u1c.xN I.l'1'1':n.xm' Soormw, MAIICYII 14, 1907. 231 Sophomores "Democracy vs. l'lutocracy," ....... ..l. A. R0'1'HI'JRMIil. The Birth of Democ1'acy," . .... L. S. DIRUMHICLLICR Tho Magna Cha1'ta," ...... . . . Justice to the Yellow Race," ........ . . . J S. G. Sxvmm . H. Freshmen Alcxanclcr Hamilton," .. .. ..... ..... S . H. Bow: The New South," . . . ..... lu. D. Kmxmu Aaron BL1l'1',H .... .......... .... C 7 . I ZIMMICRMAN Winners J. H. COLEMAN, '09. E. D. IQRAMER, '10. Judges PROF. J. M. CHAMBERS, PROP. S. L. MZOYICR, JOHN B. S'roUDT. ORIFLAM M lfl 111 Intercollegiate Oratorical Contest Gl'I'l'Tl'YSBI'RG, PA., MA.-XRCII 7, 1907 lf? lJ7'C'S7.fI'll?2g Officer .... ......... ..... l Y ". I". DEII.I'1R'l' Program 1. "The World P2L1'llEL1llGllfH .........,,..... . . . J. M. SHIMER Muhlenberg College 2. " The Nemesis" ...................,............ F. L. WVINDOLPH Franklin and Marshall College 3. " The Need of at Vision" ........,., ........... ..... l 1 . F. SMITH Gettysburg College 4. "The Optimist" ,. . .................,.. .... l ". H. I'll'1NNl'ISSEY Lafayette College 5. "The Value of History" ................ .... . l. C. MYERS Ursinus College Judges W. M. Homin, Harrisburg, Pa. Rmzv. F. I"1.Ac:K, Greensburg, Pu. REV. D. W. W oons, JR., Gettysburg, Pu. Decision First Prize awarded to J. M. SHIMER, Muhlenberg Second Prize awarded to F. L. W1NDo1.PH, l+'r:1nklin and Mu1'slndl Honorable Mention, S. L. SMITH, Gettysburg ...xx V! if If If ' f f 2. X Q W 12 .I It 26: . ff 1 M 'Zn at' 4' f Q X -fu l Q . ..' . , fx C ' -59 ' ", I 9 '. 52" .' g V , 1 N 1:.azg1Q' ' fn- U 7 a-gsm' . X ' ' ' m'.a13 ' K 9 rv, -'2 Q Qxalakfp ' ' YH-QC QI-t"'C1'f':'f 3 , K ,I ,qi 1 I x w.5Qg.M.:g:qgg.5,x ,.' 1 1 ' 1' Wa 1' 4 Um U4 'war Aa- f I t X 1 4 I l ' K S K 7 ' " fd cv - s, A v vw: X ki IIXK , Q No . f Scsi? I X II 1 "Wg X Dj I 4 - I F :vagal " ff 'Q i' xv " .-'iff '- f fu 7 5. 5-'J , j I , 1 dll.. .ya f' .- . 4X1 ' 1 + X f .-5' mfs' 7 ' " f Nw ,, .I . X I l MAX! 05-I 5 .f f I v - 53539 'W'- A " 1 , -'Y , yt xx ,xx f' ' S I ' s MN' 55, K M 0 9' K ,Q f , 'QV V: V4 Cf j KS--'E A 'I ' fy l M: W, ' X Q X N ?'e.-.-'czff ' f N-L 7 6 X -- ' "" X95 Q f Q X 1 X J I C 3 9 1 a J 7 I 1 N X Q I El' ' ' "LH 'mf-' A- - J iif. 2 ,, 1 xx .mr-:-'. N b I Uxbw f- jf +5 gg' f Q P -xl ' ' - ' 4 f C51 49 'X wus k QW ,fy X, .- ' - 'XX 5 S ' V K, QX xv ,H Xa ,v. K x.f6N L"l!,ff459h K ff' MK- , YV K K --f-'fi-., 6.p,,L" . mwmuny mm mu PHI KAPPA SIGMA no F.aM.coLLEGl E Alpha . Delta . Epsilon Zeta .. .. Eta . . . Iota . . Mu . .. . Rho . . Tan . . . Phi Kappa Sigma Fonndeml at the University of Pennsylvania, 1850. 5 Conons-Black and Old Gold FRA'l'ERNI'1'Y CNIGAN-TILE PM Kappa Sigma Ne Chapter Roll University of Pennsylvania ..... Washington and Jefferson College. . . . Diekinson College ............. Franklin and Marshall College . . . . . .University of Virginia . . . . . . . .. . . . .Columbia University . . . . . . . . . . . .Tulane University. . . . . . . . University of Illinois , ..... Randolph Mac-on College ..... Upsilon . . . .... Northwestern University. . . Phi ......... .... I lielnnond College ............. Psi . . . ........ .... P ennsylvania State College. . . . . Alpha-Alpha . . . .... Washington and Lee University. Alpha-Gama .... .... I Tniversity of West Virginia .... Alpha-Delta . . .. . .... University of Maine ..... . . . . . . Alpha-Epsilon .... .... A rniour Institute of Technology Alpha-Zeta . .. . . .... University of Maryland . . . . . . . . Alpha-Eta ..... .... C ollege of Charleston .......... University of Wisconsin. . . . Alpha-Theta .... .... Vanderbilt University .... Alpha-Iota . .... . . . . Alpha-Kappa . .. . . . . . . Alpha-Lambda . . . . . . . University of Alabama. ...... . University of California ........ Alpha-Mu . . .. . . .... Massachusetts Institute of Techn Alpha-Nu .. . . .... Georgia Sehool of Teclniology . . Alpha-Chi . . .... .... P urdee University ......... . . Alpha-Olnicron . . . .... University of Michigan. . . . . Alpha-Pi . . ..... .... U niversity of Chicago .... . Alumni Chapters New York Chicago Philadelphia Pittsburg Baltimore New ology. . Orleans ws Letter 1850 1854 1854 1854 1854 1855 1858 1872 1872 1872 1873 1890 1894 1896 1898 1898 1899 1901 1901 1902 1903 1903 1903 .....1904 Richmond 1905 1905 1906 ORIFLAEMME 117 Zeta Chapter' lllSill.llt0Il October 13, A. D. 1854. '31 Founders JOHN M. RUBY, NVZLLIAM F. RICHSTEIN, MARK IQERNS, GEORGE W. SILVIS, VVIIILIAM A. DUNCAN, URIAH SAND11 Resident Members HON. W. U. HENSPIII, HON. CHARLES I. LANDIS, WVAIIFER M. FRANKLIN, ESQ., HARRY B. COCHRAN, HON. EUGENE G. SMITH, CHARLES E. NETSCHEIQ, MJD., WILLIAM H. HIAGEII, JOHN C. I'lAGER, ALLAN A. l'lElilt, C.E., 2, JOHN HOLLINGER, ISAAC D. LUTZ, llflELVIN P. MILLER, ESQ., CHARLES F. RENGIER, OLIVER ROLAND, M.lD., B. CLARENCE V. l4ICH'I'Y, l', AVILLIAM H. IQELLER, ESQ., BENJAMIN C. A'I'LEE, ESQ., ALFRED H. NAUMAN, JOHN S. COCHRAN, V", LEWIS B. SPRECHER, LEON G. DODGE, W, CHARLES H. TELL, l', JOHN H. INZELLER, I', R.ORER'I' L. GERHART, RALPH W. CUMMINGS, W, JOHN S. IIENGIER, ROLAND B. STYER, Member in Faculty RICHARD CONRAD SCHIEDT, Pl-1.11. College 1907 WALDEAIAR l'll!EDERICK IQRUMBEIN, GROVE!! CLEVELAND CHANDIIEE, RICHARD FULTON KIEFFER, 1908 PAUL IIERER BURK, 1909 PAUL NEWKIRK BOWMAN, CLARENCE STOUDT DELONG, JAMES LEIIIY BU'I'z, 1910 GEORGE R.OIIER'r HANI.EY, JAMES LANE, RORER1' HENltX' DELONG, JAMES WOLEE EVANS, JAMES FREDERICK NIAGEE CHARLES FRANKLIN GILLAN. GILI-IERT HAIIDING TIYTE, PAUL DAWSON HANLEY, GLENROY BOOZER. HARIIY ABRAM GROVE, PIERCE R.E'r'I'Ew. 118 F.8zM.COLLEG E Alpha . Beta .. Gamma Delta . . Epsilon Zeta .. . Eta . . . Theta . Iota . . . Lambda Mu.... Nu.... Xi .... Omicron Rho . . . Sigma . Phi .... Chi Psi.... Omega. Aleph . Beth .. Gemel . He .. . . Daleth . Van .. . O I Chu Phu Founded at Princeton College, 1824. C1 F nA'rERN1'rY ONGAN-Year-Book Chapter Roll . . . .... University of Virginia ...., . . . . . . . .... Massachusetts Institute of Techn . .. . .... Emory College ........... . . . . . . . . .... Rutgers College .......... . . . . .. . . .... Hampden Sydney College. . . . . . . . . .... Franklin and Marshall College. . . .... University of Georgia ......... . ology ..... .... Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute .... . . iUniversity of Ohio ........... . . . . .... University of California .... . . . . . .... Stevens Institute of Technology. . .... University of Texas . ....,... . . . . . .,.. Cornell University ........ . . . . . . . .... Yale University. . . . . . .... Lafayette College . . . . . .... Wo1Tard College. . . . . .... Amherst College .... . . .... Dartmouth College ......... . . . . .... Lehigh University ........ . . . . . . . ..,. Georgia School of Technology. . . Alumni Chapters . . .Baltimore . . . . . . . . . New York City . . . . . .Louisville .... . . . . . .Atlanta ..... . . . . . .Philadelphia. . . . . . .Washington . . . . . 1859 1891 1869 1867 1867 1854 1868 1878 1883 1875 1883 1892 1868 1877 1874 1871 1873 1902 1872 1904 1880 1881 1882 1882 1883 1883 IW W' V",V 4 -f 5 can we '!'.f-4- CHI PHI 122 F.cSzM.COLLEGE Chi Phi-Zeta Chapter-1854 B1 F rater in F acultate REV. JOSEPH HENIiY DURDS, D.D., LT..D., F. R. H. S. F ratrel in Urbe I HON, AARON R. 1'1ASSLEli, ESQ., 1 A.l3., THOMAS J. DAVIS, ROBERT J. EVANS, ALBERT F. SHENK, ESQ., XVILLIAM R. BRINTON, ESQ., JAMES C. LEAIAN, C. REESE EAIIY, ESQ., THEODORE B. AI-PEI., M.D., NVILLIAAI H. HERR, M.D., J. 1iOLAND IQINZER, ESQ., I'1UGH F. BICGRANN, HORACE C. IQINZER, J. ALI-'RED HIl'I'I.1i, ESQ., W. VVILSON IIIGINITSII. Fidei Commiuarii EDWARD R. ESCHHACH, DJJ., Fratres in Academia GEORGE S. FRANKLIN, iff, J. GUST. ZOOK, JoI-IN H. EVANS, EDXVARD R. ZAHAI, GROVE LOCHER, HIKIIIIY N. HOWELL, GEORGE M. HOOVER, M.D., HAIiIiY D. 1'IOI'KINS, ' J. EDWARD GOODELL, SUAINER V. H0S'FElllI1kN, ESQ., JAMES IQENO LOCHEH, IAIONVARD J. LOWVELL, ESQ., IIENRY W. RRIIIIARIIIR, J. W. JVE'l'Zl'Il., ESQ., Sl, 1906 JOSEPH LEASURE IQLINE SNYDER. 1907 LEWIS EVANS IIEIGNER, JOIIN NEVIN LAND. 1908 JOSEPH LEES, NVILLIAAI ABRAHAM SCHNEIDER 14'REDERIcR CIIRISTOIIHER SUHAEIPEER, XVALTEIL CONRAD ZIMMERMAN. 1909 LEON RIOYER SCHWENK, PAUL LOWELL. 1910 ALBERT FISHER WOODIIIIEF VICK, CHARLES GEIGER WA'r'r, BIAIYPIN SNAVELY Env, JAY CARVER BOSSARD. 22121117 7'.7'f7!'lL.H PHI KAPPA PSI 126 F.kM.COLLEG E Phi Kappa Psi Founded 1852, at Jefferson College. C1 FRATERNITY Conoas-Lavender and Pink FnA'rERN1'rv 0RGAN1T'l6 Shield FRATERNITY YELL High! High! High! Pennsylvania . . . ..... Alpha . New Hampshire ...... Massachusetts . New York .. . . Rhode Island .. Maryland .... Virginia. . .... West Virginia. . Mississippi . . . Tennessee . . .. Texas ..... Beta .. Gamma Epsilon Zeta, . Eta . . . Theta . Iota .. Kappa Alpha . Alpha . Alpha . Beta .. Gamma Epsilon Zeta .... Alpha . Alpha Alpha . Beta .. Alpha . Alpha . . ...Alpha . Alpha . Phi Kappa Psi Live Ever! Die Never! Phi Kappa Psi! Chapters DISTRICT I - . .................. Washington and Jefferson College . . ............... Allegheny College . . ......... Bucknell College . . Gettysburg College . . . .Dickinson College . . . . Franklin and Marshall College . . .............. Lafayette College University of Pennsylvania DISTRICT II . Swarthmore College ....Dartn1outhCollege Amherst College . . . ...... Cornell University DISTRICT III Syracuse University . Columbia University Colgate University . . . .Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute Brown University Johns Hopkins University University of Virginia Washington and Lee University University of West Virginia . . . .... University of Mississippi Vanderbilt University ..University of Texas ORIFLAM M E 127 Ohio .... Indiana. .. ..... Michigan .. .. ..... Wisconsin Minnesota . .... .... . Iowa . ...... . . . . Kansas Nebraska California Philadelphia, Newark, O., Springfield, O., Anderson, Ill. Minneapolis, Toledo, Columbus, Seattle, Pittsburg, DISTRICT IV Alpha Beta .... Delta Alpha Beta .... Delta Beta .... Delta .. .Ohio Wesleyan University Wittenbnrg College . . . . . . .University of Ohio . . . . De Pauw University . . . University of Indiana . . . . . . . Purdue University . . . . .University of Chicago . . . . University of Illinois Alpha ......... ' ............ .... U niversity of Michigan DISTRICT V Alpha . . . ............... .... I Tniversity of Wisconsin Gamma . . . ........... Beloit College Beta .... University of Minnesota Alpha ..... University of Iowa Alpha ......... University of Kansas Alpha ........ . University of Nebraska Beta .... .... .Leland Stanford, Jr., University Gannna . . ................... . . . . . . University of California Alumni Associations New York, Vllashington, Bucyrus, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Portland, Ore., Oinaha, Meadvillc, Bnllalo, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Boston, Lancaster, Johnstown. Ahnnni Club, Harvard University. 128 F.1SzM.COLLEGE Pennsylvania Eta Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi Fnumieal 1860, at Franklin and Mzwslmll College. 5 Founders HON. A. C. REINOEHL, DR. JAOOR O. KNIFE, REV. D. L. SWARTZ, D.D IRENAEIIH SHOLTER, ESQ., REV. H. H. W. HIRSHMAN, D.D. JOSEPH E. BOWMAN, J. l'lAROLD WVICKEIRSHAM, WILLIAM N. :ll'l'EL, EsQ., FRANK M. ESHLEMAN, HUGO C. CLARK, 13.19. S., l'lA1iIiY B. YOUNG, WVAIIFER S. lrvl-ILCHANS, CHAH. F. l'lAflEli, ESQ., PAUL Ii. SOUIJEII, W A. llEINOEHL, WM. A. REED, NEWTON E. BITZEIC, NLD CHAS. G. BAKER, ESQ., T S C! ,I . ll0l3Elt'I'S A R1-EL, ESQ., . li.. ZIMMERMAN, ESQ., . H, RJSSER, J. B. BISSINGER, REV. WAII'FPIli LEOPOLD GRAUI., JOHN HENIKX' BURTON, CYRUS WVALTER TRIINAL, RUEIIH EICHER ZIMMERMAN, JOHN VVALTER BANf:ROF'1', JOHN ELIAS LIVINGOOD, WAL'I'blli HEDGES FINK, WILLIAM SEIDEL LENHART, GEORGE PAUL XVARDLEY, Resident Members JOHN W. APPEL, ESQ., J rx WVILLIAM 1. BRONVN, ESQ., REV. F. E. SCHROEDER, JAMES F. MOCOY, ESQ., CHAS. E. LONG, :XHRAM P. SHIRK, T. VVILSON DURRS, J. W. BROWN, EsQ H. T. MCCARTER, ScO'r'I' W. BAKER, CALVIN J. liEHM, JOHN 'I ., A. N.-KUMAN, ESQ., CHAH. M. RIUSSER, H. G. l'lARTMAN, H. J. l'lIEMENZ, LEVI R. BAIR, .I. PAUL FRAN'rz. Member in Faculty JOHN CALVIN BOWMAN, DJJ. College 1907 l'l0li.'XCE FOSTER EWING. 1908 CHESTER CIIMMINGS FE.-KGLEY, RALPI-I BECKER COLDREN, RICHARD GILMORE APPEL, JASON ICLINE lrl0YEli. 1909 JOHN LIUSSER, CHAS. LEONARD ELLMAKER. 1910 FREDERICK BANEY lfIiEMER JAMES XVA'I"l', WIT.LIARI SHULTZ RAUI3. L Awnvuu mu PHI SIG RIA KAPPA 132 ORIFLA MME Phi Sigma Kappa Founded at Massachusetts Agricultural College, 1873. Q Chapter Roll COLORS-Magenta and Silver FRATERNITY ORGAN-The Signet Alpha ......,.................,. Massachusetts Agricultural College Beta .. ................ Union University Gamma ......... ,. . .Cornell University Delta . .... University of West Virginia Epsilon ............ . . .Yale University Zeta .... . . . College of the City of New York Eta . . . ......... University of Maryland Theta . .........., . .. Columbia University Ioat .... ..... S tevens Institute of Technology Kappa .... ..... I 'ennsylvania State College Lambda .... George Washington University Mu .... Nu Xi .... . . . .University of Pennsylvania . . . . . . . Lehigh University . . . .St. Lawrence University Omicron .... .... M assachusetts University of Technology Pi ..,,.... ......... F ranklin and Marshall College Rho .... .,......... Q ueen's Unviersity Sigma .... St. John's College Tau .... . . . Dartmouth College Upsilon , . . ,,., Brown University Chi ,. . . . . . ...., ....... W illiams College Psi .... .............. ..... U 1 iiversity of Virginia Alumni Chapters New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Boston, Albany, New Haven, Morgantown, Pittsburg. ORIFLAMME 133 - Pi Chapter lnducl,ed April 18 1903. '51 Members in Faculty EDWIN MITNIAN HAll'l'1N1AN, A.M., HENRY IRVING STAHR, A.M., CHARLES PATERSON STAHR, A.M., M.D., OLIVER SCOTT SCHAEFFER, A.M. Seminary 1907 JAIIIES ALFRED BOEHM 1909 ' WILLIAM FRANKLIN IQOSMAN College 1907 IQOBERT MA'l'HlAS ZAOHARIAS JAMES RALPH ULHH, HIRAM XVARD FISHER ' 1908 WILLIS ESHLEMAN BYERS CLARENCE DESH SI-IEl'1'l'Z GEORGE LEITH IQOTH JOHN BECKLICY LENTZ MARSHALI1 FREDERICK LAHM ZIEGLER CHRISTIAN MARTIN BOMBERGER 1909 CLEOPAS ADDISON NIONTZ PARKE'lNI'I'MER lVElDLER JACOB BOMBERGER LANDIS 1910 . CHARLES VICTOR SNYDER PARIS RISSER HOFFM.AN CLARENCE LEVERGOOD WOHITSIEN 134 ORIFLAMME Paradise Club C1 Resident Members REV. W. S'I'UAII'I' CIIAMEII, PROE. A. E. ICRAYBILL. JOHN E. DANAHER. Member in Faculty. PEOE. C. N. HFII.I.l'Z1i. Menlber in Academy Faculty SAMUEL LIQNFOIIO lX'lO1'I'2R. Seminary DENNIS Sll'1'Ll'I, '07, PAUL RUPP, '07, JOSlC1'l-I S. PI'Z'1'ERS,,09. College 1907 JOHN A. DI'I'zLEE, JAMES M. IRWIN, IEA S. MONN. 1908 BENJAMIN E. IQRAYBILL RALPH M. MARIIELL, HARIIY A. D. BAER. XVILLIAM A. DANAIIEII, CHARLES A. HEISS, 1909 EMORY M. DIETRICII, LEON S. DIIUMHELLEE, A. LINCOLN GEIIMAN, I J. XVEALAND MECK, JOHN C. RAEZER. 1910 G. NEVIN REBEET, JOHN C. WEIINEII, CHARLES RAYMOND BRENNICR. f 1 .vf ,u,f.f,f, , .Aa,:.:,., ,arf 44- 9- . T PARADISE CLUB ORIFLAMME 139 Alpha Gamma Phi Ihforgunizc-fl 1906, from Bvtu-Sip.:nm, Fl'lllIklill mul hIlLl'Hh2lllCOH1'L2'0, 1898. C1 '. R'. JJICNIVS, W. G. BOS'1'Al'I'I, S 1' C. Hnivm' IQICHM, U. H. SMITH, I W. S. I'IARGl+1'l"l', J. S. I'IERSHl+IY, R. M. Nm:LY, J. R. SIMPSON, U. NV. WV.-KLCK. Almuni Members J. P. 1+'lmN'rz,"' PIOWARD J. Low1-:l.L, W. W. H1c1N1'1's1-1, R. B. S'l'I'lYl'1R, J. B. 131sslNGlf:n,9F H. A. R.1f:NN1NGl+:R."F Honorary Member Pleolv. F. C. SM1'r1-1, PHD. Academic Members 1 907 W. L. GRAULH' L. IC. 1il4:1c:Nmn,"f W. P. IJELONCLJI' R. H. DELONG,,k W. F. IQRUMBEIN, J. W. IGVANS, 1908 R. E. Z1MMlc1mAN,9F .J'0Sl'1I'l-1 I,m:sf'4 J. W. I5,xNuuo1f"1','6 J. K. Mowzn, J. H. BURTON. 1909 1. M. SCllNVENK,ak C. S. DHLONG, I P. W. W1c1D1.1f1R, J. E. L1v1NGoon. "'1founders. 140 F. K M. C O L L E G E Iota Epsilon CLASS OF 1907 Fouunlwl ut l"1'uuk1iu and Marslxnll College, 1904. ROBIQRT HENRY D1f:LOxc:, W1N1f11aLD P1f:'1'I':1z DFITJKDNCE, XV.-XRD V INTUN EVANS, JAMES XVOLF EVANS, GROVER CL11:v1-:LAND HOLDD RICHARD FULTON Ii11c1+'1fr:R, XVALDEMAR F. Klzmllslclx, JOHN NEv1N LAND, XVILLIAM F. MACHMIQH, I L1-zwls EVANS RDIGND LTNNIEUS LANDIS Rm lHOR.XCE AI.m+1u'1' Sum R: ST, FER, J. FRED NI.-XRCHAND SNYDER, JAMES RALPH ULSH, IVIELYIN G. W1cLKER, IJIOXVARD H. W HITEHEAD, PAUL D.-xN11f:L XXODER, ROBIGRT MA'1"1'111As ZA CHARIAS X N T 142 lik NLCOLLEGE Harbaugh Club Fmllulwl S1'llt0l1lhl'l' 13, 1900. '31 Members Seminary 1909 RAY 1J0'l"l'lCRl'IR, XVILLTAM 1+'lmN1iL1x Glxm-Ln. ' College 1907 AIi'l'I'Il'R W1L1s1c1z'r B.vx1u,1f:Y, HOWARD HIGHBlC11C11'l1l W HI'l'lCH1'l.-XD I'I0l!AC1+I ALm-zlvr SHIFFE11, W 1LLLn1 NICCULLOUGII Wo1um.,xN. ' 1908 JUHN CALVIN BIUGILIT, CYRVS CI.1cv1f:I.AN1m MICYIGR, W.u,'1'1':R R,1'llI"I" :HAR'1'ZI'1LL, 1 GUISIC Rossxmx. 1909 JOHN Hmm' FAH1u+:NnAcvH, WA1.LAc:1f: Rm' Mc:CL1f:LL.-xx, Rosvor-: EARL Glmvl-1, .lfurols Bl'n1i11oLmf:R SHI-:l':'1'z, XVILLIAM RAYMUND JONES, Bowl: F1l':Lmf:1z XVINIiL1'IBI.l'X'I'l, Jmfcm LANDIS Zlmllf:mLxN. 1910 NAT1-Lxx HAno1,n C.-xmmx, CIAIIICNCI-I 1+'1mN1iL1x ZIAIMICRMAN. I 146 I I 'resi Vice-Pre.wfrIenL .......,.. Treasurer and Seerelury . . . . Market .Ulm ......,............, K M. C O L L E G E Ralston Health Club G Officers den! . ..... ...... . . .J. Lmm' YIQARICK. . . .D. D. BRENDLE. CHAS. A. HUYE'1"r. .If C. SANDERS. Members J. C. Sxxxlmlrzlzs, JOHN B. STo1'D'1', W. R. H.-xlrrzr-11.1. Trios. H. 15.u'm1,xN, JOHN S. ADAM, Wmlu-:N G. BrNG.,xM.xN, H. A. I'I.'KR'l'MAN, OSWIN S. Fu,xN'rz J. 1-I. liumllcnsulxlc, C. A. HUY12T'1'. COLLEGE RALSTONS 148 F.8zM.COLLEGE N College Ralstons V 1 "' . I,l1.x.xx, 04, J. 11 A. .I. 11. I-' 1 b. lf. . lflmxs, . F'l'.,xml, . AC'Kl'1RM.eXN, CT.-xMPB1f:I,I., GI Plc, . Ro'1'm:1mE1., . BOYD, . IVI.-mms, '31 Members Seminary College 1907 1908 R. M. f.'l'AHI 1909 1910 R. IC. ILI.xu'1'M.xN W. Y. l'lV.xNs, W. L. lXI.xc'1m1-zu. J. H. L.u'1v1-'I-zu, C. A. IJ11.1.1-zu, W. C. Hlcss, 1. G. Sxvmzn. Y. G. H,xn'l'M,xN, C. R. Am-:x.xNm-:n OJRIFLAMMAE 149 In T L J. B I". Awxusw, J. GI-11s'1', li. Bun, W. Wnfzmlm, L. S'1'ANL11:Y, J. H. Cm.m1AN, M. N. Iir.lNc:A1s1AN, S. C. SMITH, R. J. F1uf:1+:MAN, W . CY KIUCK, Franklin Club U Members 1 907 P. D. Yomfzn. 1008 . E. WAI.B1f:n'l 1 909 A. M. RAHN. 1910 P. J. Blcrmcr., W. C. Gm-:1f:NAwx H. L. Klmuslc, A. S. Mmm, C. P. 1'm'1'1c11S, S. C. SNYDIQR, W. F. Yom-nn, E. D. 'KRAMl'1R, M. N. Wlclu-um' J. M. Scrlonn. 'A J FRANKLIN CLUB ORIFLAMME 151 Democratic-Lincoln Republican Fusion Club O Officers Presirlenl . ........... ..... . . A. W. B.xu1.m'. First Vive-I'r'es1'zlent . . . , . .P. J. Blclucl.. Second Vive-Presvfdmt .. . . ..... H. H. W 1-11'1'1+:Hm,m Secretary . . . .......... . . .C. M. Boxlmclzmzn Treasurer ..,. . . .J. H. COLEMAN. Stake H older .... ..... ..... 1 1 . M S'1'.xHI.. Members A. FULL Al'l'LlL'A'l'ION To LIST OF Duc. RICII.-KRD Tma NIEMBERS Coxmlm Sc1Hmn'1', MAY BE H.-xD CARI-1 OF Urux W m'1"rEN Fla.-xxmlx AND M.xus1-1.u.L COLLI-:GI-1. 12 F.kM.COLLE'GE Science Club 'ZF Officers l'resirIent. .,.... ....,...,,,.. 1 X. W. B,xuLm'. V i176-IJ7'0S?T!yC'lll ...,..,.. .... 1 '. J. BICKEA. Ser'retm'y and T7'l'!INll7'07' . ..,..,. W. I". KIWMBIQIN. . ' Members A. W. B.mI.1-JY, P . J. Blc.1K1':L, W. F. ICRUMBEIN, W. L. MACHMICR, J. A. CAMv1s1cI,L, .TQ G. Rossxmx, W. A. SCHN1-:nun G. 111. VVALB'ICR'l', C. C. MEYER, J. A. Ro1'Hl-:RMIQL THL ' ' 14 ,Jr A my m""'-U.,- Ry "'-v--1...,, v,.H...,mu ' STREET """"fu.n,,: 'lrurrrn M-41. ,.., ..... m 'mu'- 1 Lfg3,f1.uA,L1SLl'f W SPRENGER If f 1 H FAMILY 3RE'fg'NB THEATRE Co' ,3--- -'-- wmrf Mwfqysfs HIGHGRWE vff:1'olPl0US QDODSHQW BEER ,I DA NCE H.?'.'P?f".23P.'i2':3f:' I M 9-W VKLMVW .-' Wj3l'2g ':.:: 'S.Q"3'.Q-if gl'-y,C5JLLE6'E I f 1 , ' H .5 Tn MHNWEN 4 Ya A , fl ' .WE m' Jnekfxurz W M :1 z' g:.f1axaa 5'g :- LLVQRY 1 Qxvk Bgqlqdlng l U R -"I:.B:'g'5'::: f W FALKS 'f . J? ORANUE REST ' JM? Eau POOL ops fi" " 7?, xxx SSX WAQ, xQS35EP -NNN f W' NNW? S WK if w X ' ff2??75h yy W1 ful? , X fa' f!4fWW f 1Wl x ix fff fl, V: X f "iff U11 X F ,ff 0Q,l1Jl,a1H N, X ' 'E fNlf,m JLWLMHmillhw- .Iv l ann lllllilllllfiIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIII I. x WE L-1"' N N r'f' 7: V I ',gX ffmal-Eli' N , X qui? f K' X v X K n . Jung Shffil' 154 F.kM.COLLEGE Oriflamme 'D Editor-in-Chief. RUFUS E. ZIMM1cmI.A.x Business M anager. WILLIS ESHLEMAN BYERS. Assistant Business M anager. BENJAMIN ENGLE ICRA-KYBILL. Literary Editors. Art Editors. C. M.4.RTIN BOMBERGIQR, JOHN W. BANCROFT I". LYMAN XVINDOLPH. GEORGE L. ROTH. Statistical Editors. WILLI.AhI A. DANAHER JOHN G. ROSSMAN. 2 uRIFI.,xMNl E STA FF 36 F.6zM.COLLEG E Eftttor'-in-Cltief .. . Literary Editor. . , Atumml Ertvftor . . .. Local Editor . . .. . Excltonge Editor . liusitnemw Mmmger College Student 'U' Staff of Editors .flxststant Business Manager . . . . TTC!! SlL'l'07' ,....... LINNAQUS L. RIGIWI' .IQHN N. LAND. B. L. XVI'lI'I'MORl'I. W. L. Nl,.M,'I'IMI'IR. C. M. Bmml-:warm R. F Iilr-:FH-:R W 1C.BY1cRs. C. C. IVII-zwzn. C 1 DLL ICG Ii UD EX T STA F14 159 ORIFLAMME F. and M. Weekly 31 Staff of Editors .EfI?'lU7'-7.1!-Cll770f . ................ ,.W. L. GRAUL. Ax.w01"l'ClZe Edilovw. R. F. Iirwl-'1':11A, W. A. SCHNEIDER, C. B. S01-lm':'1'z. B1fs2'11e.w.w 11lanagw'. ., ....... B. IC. .KR.u'B1I.L. F. AND M. XVEEKLY STAFF 160 F.8:M.COLLEGE College Calendar Committee 'TP Staff of Editors Editor-i'n-Clmfef . ............ .Imran B. SCl'll'll':TZ. Business Manager. C Art Editor. LEONARD C. ELLMAK.JMi. J. IJANDIS ZIMMI-:1mAN Assomiale Editors. P. M. XVOHLSEN, G. B. BmcI'1'IGA1v1. ORIFLAMME 161 Y. M. C. A. Handbook Committee '15 Editor-in-Chief .. . . . . .,.., JAMIIS B. MUSSIIR. Literary Editors. Statistical Editors. PAUL D. YODER, CYRUS C. MIIYIIR, JOHN N. LAND. WIIILIARI F. YODER. Business lllanagers. LINNAIUS T. R1+:Is'I', RICHARD G. APl'EII. Nevonian B1 Editor-in-Chief .......... PIIRCIVAL H. NICHOLAS. Associate Editors. RALPH C. GARDNER, WILIIIAB4 F. GINDER, D. W. BERKEY. ..-mu -Y - .-T4T,:-.- - ,- - - ..... BOARD OF ATHLETIC DIRECTORS 164 F. dz M. C O L L E G E The Athletic Association 61 . 1 Board of Directors President . ...................... H. W. FISHER. Vice-President . .. .... H. F. EWING. Secretary . . . .................... J. N. LAND. Treasurer ...... , ................ H. H. BECK. PROF. BECK, DR. C. P. STAHR, MR. H. S. WILLIAMSON PROF. MCLAUGHLIN. FISHER, '07, LAND, '07, EWING, '07, DANAHER, '08, ACKERMAN, '08. Foot Ball Advisory Board MR. F. C. GARWOOD, ' DR. C. P. STAHR, PROF. D. C. MCIJAUGHIIIN. Base Ball Advisory Board Mn. F. C. GARWOOD, PROF. H. H. BECK, PROF. D. C. MCLAUGHLIN. Basket Ball Advisory Board MR. F. C GARWOOD, Mn. N. L. HORN, PEOF. D. C. MCLAUGHLIN. Track Advisory Board Mn. F. C. GARVVOOD, MR. S. V. HOSTERMAN, PROE. D. C. MOLAVGHLIN. Tennis Advisory Board PROP. H. H. BECK, DR. R. C. SCHIEDT, PROF. D. C. NICLALTGHLIN. VARSITY BASE BALL TEAM 166 F.c9zM.COLLEGE Base Ball---Varsity. 125 Manager . .......... . . .... D. C. SCHNIQBM. Assistant Manager . . . .,.. J. A. DITZLER. Captain . I .........,. ...,... . I. W. SHEETZ. Varsity Pitchers I U 1 I NICHOLS, Shortretop . .. . .... COLDREN HORN. Third Base . . . . . . STAMM. Catcher .... ..... I JENTZ. Left Field .. . . .... SMITH. First Base U 1 I ' A KRAUSE, Center Field .. . , . . . IRWIN. GRAUL. Right' Field . .. .... GILLAN. Second Base .. . . .'.SHEE'1'Z. Second Team Manager .. , , . ......... J. A. DITZLICR. Captain . . ......... ......... . I. L. K. SNYDER. Catcher .......... DIETRICH, E. Third Base . . .. .MULL. Pitcher ..,.. .... H ARTMAN, R. V. Right Field . .,.. SNYDER, J. L. K First Base . . ..... WINGERD. Left Field ...... SNYDER, J. F. M Second Base ..... EWING. Center Field .... LAND. Shortstop . . ...... LEES. Sitbstitittes. ZIEGLER, HEILMAN, DIETRICH, D. D. RIFLAMM E 167 Schedule---Varsity Base Ball April 7-F. and April 14-F. anll April 19-lf. and April 21-F. and April 28-F. and May 2-F. and May 5-F. and May 12-F. anal May 19-F. and May 24-F. and May 25-F. anal May 30-F. and June 13-F. and May 5-F. and May 12-F. and Julie 2--F. ancl June 9-F. and VS. X S. VS C1 . Gettysburg, at Lancaster ..,.,........ . vs. University of Pennsylvania, at Philarla. . . vs. Rutgers, at Lancaster ..........,.., . vs. Dickinson, at Carlisle .... .... vs. St. John, at Lancastel ',..., . . . . vs. Mercersburg, at Mercersburg . . . . . . . vs. Lebanon Valley, at Lancaster ..., , . . . vs. Bloonlsburg, at Bloonlsburg . . .. . . . . . State College, at State College . . .. . . . . Dickinson, at Lancaster ...... . . . . . Indians, at Lancaster .. . . . . . . Second Team vs. Millersville S. N. S., at Millersville ...... . Christiana, at Christiana .............. vs. Terre Hill, at Terre Hill .............., . Terre Hill, at Terre Hill Cthree inningsl . . Indians, at Carlisle .,..... ........... Gettysburg, at Gettysburg . , . . . . . 1 Q- 3- 15 3 15- 6- 9 .4 4 7- 4- 3- 0- 12- 8- 18- 1- 3- 12- VARSITY FOOT BALL TEAM Center Left Guard ....... S11'rL1f:. Right Guard ,..... HAn'rx1AN, H. V. Left Tackle ....... MONN. O R I F L A M M E IG!! Foot Ball '31 Manager . ..,..... ..... h . . .Ro1x'r. M. Z.xCH.uu,xs, '07.h Assistant M anagcr .... ..... N VM. A. SCHNEIDER, '08. Captain . . ....,... . ..... IRA S. MUNN, '07. Coach ..... ,.,....... S AMUEL Moran. Varsity ...........B1nuH'1'. Left End . . . R1IghzE1zd . . .. Quarier Bach . Left Half Baci.: . Right Tackle . . .. . .SNYDl+ZR, J. L. K. Right Half Back Full Bach ................. HORN Substitutes .......... M man, BARR. SCHWENK. LOVVELL. COLDREN. HEILMAN. LnN'rz. Scrubs. ZIMMERMAN, W. C. WVARDLEY, SNYDER, H. E., YODER, W. F., DIE'FIilCH, NEWGARD, MOYER, IVIAGEE, EVANS, W. V. WVINKELBLECH, DELONG, W. P. Schedule F. tk M. Opp. Oct. 6-Lebanon Valley, at Lanaaster . . .. . . . 12 0 Oct. 10-U. of P., at Philadelphia ........ 6 47 Oct. 13-Western Maryland, at Lancaster . . . 6 O Oct. 20-St. Johns, at Annapolis ......... 0 6 Oct. 27-Lehigh, at South Bethlehem . . . 0 33 Nov. 3-Haverford, at Lancaster ..... 0 4 Nov. 10-Susquehanna, at Lancaster . ,.... . . . 11 9 Nov. 17-Jefferson Medical, at Lancaster .... 5 5 Nov. 29-Gettysburg, at Lancaster ..... 0 , 10 170 F.6zM.COLLEGE The 1906 Foot Ball Season 0 BY MR. F. C. GARWOOD AND DR. C. P. STAHR. HE foot-ball season of 1906 at Franklin and Marshall was 4 unique, inasmuch as it was the first time that the team was under the instruction of coaches selected from the alumni. The coaching force consisted of a head coach 1 . , assisted by a boa1'd of coaches, chosen from the alumni at large. The head coach during the season of 1906 was Samuel Moyer, who was assisted from time to time by Zimmerman, '01, Hosterman, '98, Brubaker, '04, Stein, '03, Simpson, '01, Treichler, '02, Styer, '04, and Stahr, '97. At the beginning of the season, the coaches had the same difliculty to contend with as had been the experience of all the professional coaches that we have had during the past years, namely, the lack of interest of the student body in the daily practices and the failure of enough candidates to report to make these practices of any real value. We feel that this was hardly due to the system of coaching, as we have always experienced the same difficulty when work- ing under other systems. After the season was fairly started, conditions improved to such an extent that the connnittee feel that the innovation of the graduate coach system was a decided success. The opening game was played with Lebanon V alley, at Lancaster, on October 6th, and resulted in a clean-cut victory for Franklin and Marshall, by a score of 12 to 0. Then followed the game with the Uni- versity of Pennsylvania, at Philadelphia, on October 10th. Our team was too light and our defense was not sufliciently developed to prevent Penn from running up their usual score, but for the first time in the history of foot-ball relations with this institution, Franklin and Mar- shall were enabled, by a neatly-executed trick play and a long run, to cross the Penn goal line. The final score was 47 to 6. ORIFLAMME 171 The game with Western Maryland, on October 13th, ended in an unfortunate dispute before either side had scored. Then came the game with St. .Iohn's, on October 20th. St. .Iohn's has always been one of our keenest rivals and the teams have usually been very evenly matched. This was so this season, and we Went to Annapolis feeling that we should win. The weather conditions, however, were such, together with the miserable condition of the field, that good playing was out of the question, and St. .Iohn's, taking advantage of a broken field, were enabled to make a long run a11d the only score of the game. This run was made possible by the fact that St. John's were better mud horses than we were. The Jefferson Medical game, of November 17th, was played under exactly the same conditions and ended in a tie score. Our inability to make any ground, when clear, on a muddy field was the only reason why we did not win by a good margin. The Lehigh game, of October 27th, was poorly played and needs no further comment. Haverford came to Lancaster on November 3d, confident of defeating us by a big score. They had 11ot been defeated and had beaten Lehigh, who, in turn, had badly defeated us. Although beaten by a score of 4 to O, we outplayed the Haverfordians in every department of the game, with the possible exception of kicking, and it was, unquestionably, a matter of luck which allowed them to win. This fact was admitted, unsolicited, by a man held in great respect by, and connected with, the Haverford institution and who is also an acknowl- edged authority in foot ball. This game was the first of the season in which we felt that we had our true foot-ball strength represented on the field. The Susquehanna game was poorly played o11 our part, and we were fortunate to win by a close score. Then followed the Jefferson Medical game, referred to above, and then the Thanksgiving day game, with Gettysburg. Gettysburg was rated probably higher in the rank of 172 F.kM.COLLEGE foot-hall strength than she had ever been hefore. To the most ardent supporters of Franklin and Marshall, a score of 30 to O would have been a creditable one, hut by as plueky an exhibition of defensive playing as has ever been seen on Williamson Field, the Gettysburg team left the field after the game poorly satisfied, with a victory of 10 to 0. Our team showed in the game the do-or-die spirit, which makes college foot ball the game it is, and the final result of this game should be to every alumnus sufficient justification for their continued support to an alumni coaching system. TRACK TEAM. ""!"4 174 F.6zM.COLL EGE Track Team SEASON OF 1906. 51 Manager . ...,...,...... .... H . R. LEQUJQAR. Assistant Manager .... .... I J. F. REIGNER. Captain . . ....,............. -. .J. P. FRANTZ. Track Team Participants in the Dual Field and Track Meet with ,Juniata College, at Juniata College, June 2, 1906. J. W. BANCR0F'1', '08, H. R. LEQUEAR, '06, J. C. HELMAN, '06, J. P. FRANTZ, '06, J. K. NIOYER, '08, J. Mussnn, 'O9. J. J. A E R. C. BRIGHT, '08, B. LENTZ, '08, . G. I'IE1LMAN, '08 . M. DIETRICH, '09 F. GROVE, '09, J ORIFLAMME 175 Records '31 1'REs1aN'r R1-:comms HELI7 AT 1"nAN1iL1N AND MAusnA1.I. Comnorc. 100-yard clash, 10 sec., made by John W. Bancroft, Juno 2, 1906. 222-yarfl dash, 2254 sec. 5 made by John W. Bancroft, June 2, 1906. 440-yard dash, 51 1-5 sec., made by John W. Bancroft, June 2, 1906. 880-yard dash, 2 min. 9 2-5 sec., lnamle by J. Paul Frantz, June 2, 1906. Une-xnile run, 5 min. 4 1-5 sec. 5 made by J. Paul Frantz, June 2, 1906. 120-yard hurdles, 17 2-5 sec. , made by John B. Lentz, May 31, 1906. 220-yard hurdles, 29 sec. g made by John B. Lentz, May 31, 1906. Broad jump, 20 ft. if in., 1113.110 by Roscoe F. Grove, May 31, 1906. High jump, 5 ft. 2 in. 3 11131.10 by Roscoe F. Grove, June 2, 1906. Polo vault, 9 ft. 3 in., 1113.110 by H. R. Lequcar, June 2, 1906. Shot put, 39 ft. 75- in., made by N. T. Horn, May 2, 1906. Hannner throw, 106 ft. 35 in., 1113.110 by John E. Hchnan, May 6, 1905. we 3. .... S-- . ww as Q , 6 2 Dv ,gmfiezm I ., k K hfvstffes, f 1 7 ,Q ,ft , if VW J 0 ,J X A X f V P N 5 X , 9 A . 4 176 F.8zM.COLLEGE Basket Ball. Q Manager . ...........,.. ..... L . L. REIST, '07. Assistant Manager .... ..... N . H. CARL, '08, Captain. . . .................... W. L. GRAU1., '07, Vanity Team Right Forward . .... LAND. Right Guard . .... ..., M ONN. Center ..... ....... G RAU1.. Left Forward ...... ALEXANDER. Left Guard .... .... M on-JR. Schedule for 1907 I F. dz M. Opp. Feb. 2-F. and M. vs. Lebanon Valley, at Lancaster .... 16 10 Feb. 23-F. and M. vs, Indians, at Carlisle ............. 13 33 March 9-F. and M. vs. Lebanon Valley, at Annville .... 20 24 March 15-F. and M. vs. Indians, at Lancaster ..,........ 14 26 Second Team Manager .. .. .... ........ N . H. CARL. Captain . . .......... . ....... A. G. HEILMAN. Forward ..... J. L. ZIMMERMAN. Forward ....... A. G. HEILMAN. Center ...... J. L. K. SNYDER. Guard ..... . .J. H FAHRENBACH. Guard .......... C. C. MEYER. Substitute ..... J. C. WERNER. Games Feb. 1-F. and M. Feb. 14-F. and M. Feb. 22-F. and M. Scrub vs. Millersville, N. S. at Millersville. .17 31 Scrub vs. Manheim H. S., at Manheim .... 21 16 Scrub vs. Lebanon H. S., at Lebanon ..... 17 45 VARSITY BASKET BALL TEAM 178 F.8zM.COLLEGE' Tennis Tournament Q I' Haverfo cl vs. Franklin and Marshall MILLER CHaverfordJ .... . . . . ....... . . . . LENTZ CF. and MJ .... FALICS CH2IVCI'fOI'll, .... SHIIIQTZ CF. and MJ ,... . 11 1 'In' 'AU S CH8,VCl'fOI'ClJ .... . MILIIICR mmm QF. and Mg .... LEN'I'z The Yeates School va. Franklin and Marshall FLYNN CYeatesJ ................... ....... 6 LENTZ CF. and MJ .... . . . 4 WILLIAMS CYeatesD .... . . SHEETZ CF. and MJ ..... FLYNN Y t WILLIAMS C ea esp SHEETZ SHAEFFER K and D PRELIMINARY ROUND. Gable,'l0 .. . . Mull, '09 .. . . Lyte, '09 .. .. . Shaeffer, '08 .. . Windolph, '08 . Byerly, '07 .. . Lentz, '08 .. .. . Graul, '07 .. .. . Beamensderfer, '07 Watt, '10 .. .. .. .. Boozer, '09 .. .. .. Land, '07 .. .. .. .. Kremer, '10 .. .. .. Hanley, '09 .. .. .. Zimmerman, '09 Drumheller, '09 Ellmaker, '09 .. .. Feagley, '08 .. .. .. I. I 1. I I F all Tennis Tournament Fmsr ROUND. Mull, '09, by default, Hanley,'10 .. .. .. Fink, '09 .. .. .. ,. Hartzell, '10 .. .. .. Lyte, '09 .. . 6-4, 7-5. - Windolph, '08 .. . I 6-0, 6-3. 1- Lentz, '08 .. .. ... I 6-1, 4-6, 8-6. I- Beamensderfer, '07 I 6-2, 7-5. 1- Boozer, '09 .. .. . I 3-6, 6-2, 6-1. 1- Kremer, '10 .. ... I 3-6, 6-3, 6-4. 1- Zimmerman, '09 .. 6-3, 6-3. ll. Ellmaker, '09 .. .. I 6-3, 7-5, Grove, '09.. .. Diller, '09 .. ,. .. , Himenz '10 Derr,'09 .. SECOND Rolmn. Hanley, '10 . 6-4, 7-5. Fink, '09 6-2, 3-6, 6-2 Windolph, '08 6-2, 6-0. Beamensderfer By default. Boozer, '09 . 6-4, 6-4. Ellmaker, '09 2-6, 6-3, 6-3. Diller. '09 .. . 6-4. 7-5. , '07 Hiemenz, '10 .. .. . 5-7, 6-3, 8-6. Q SEMI-FINAL Rovxn. V Hanley, '10 . 6-0, 6-1. 1 l Beamensderfer, '07 6-3, 6-2. J I ?Boozer, '09 .. .. .. 7-5, 6-3. J ' Hiemenz, '10 .. .. .. 6-0, 6-1. ROUND. Beamensderfer, '07 N 6-0, 6-0. Hiemenz, '10 .. .. 6-0, 6-2. E Beamensderfer, '07 6-3, 6-2, 5-7, 6-4 180 F.8zM.COLLEGE The Cane Rush cr man and Sophomore classes took place September 21st, before a large and fashionable audience, who came to study art in the nude. After an eight-minute struggle, the Sophomores carried the cane to victory across their opponents' goal line, and the contestants then repaired to immediately in front of the grand stand, where they proceeded to tear the clothes off each other for the benefit of the class in human anatomy, and such of the spectators as were rr-sthetically inclined. We would suggest, in this connection, that it would be at once more Grecian and more artistic if the classes at the next Cane Rush dispensed with clothing altogether and appeared in those habiliments which Nature has freely bestowed on all. By moving the date of the Rush a few weeks earlier, all danger of catching cold would be avoided and the under-class men would be spared the unnecessary trouble and expense of undressing each other. The contest could then be widely advertised, as a revival of the old Grecian customs, and would, we feel sure, attract a larger and more aristocratic audience than any that has 92' I-x ,bw 1"x' .,. UF.: ff. ,AMX --5 fs x jfg-Q Kass '54 rl ', . ever graced Williamson field. While we offer the above as a suggestion to be acted upon in the future, we have no thought of criticizing the thoroughness and dispatch with which all superfluous clothing was removed at the last Cane Rush. The spectators of that struggle must certainly have felt rewarded for their trouble in attending it, and the large number of ladies present, shows that physical culture, even under the present conditions, is well appreciated among the fair sex, but our point was simply this: that it would be more economical and artistic if the contestants dispensed with draperies of any kind. HE annual Cane Rush between the members of the Fresh- Wig,-E BRWQ v 182 F.kM.COLLEGE 1908 Base Ball Team 51 Manager ., . . .,...... JOHN G. ROSSMAN. Captain . . .,.... .......... C 7. Flmxlq GILLAN. Team Catcher . . . ,,.. L1cNrrz. Sll07'lSl07J . .. . . ..... COLDRICN Pitcher ..,.,. .... C IILLAN. Third Base . , . ..... BURTON. F first Base . . ........ KRALISE. Left Field ..,..,.... MOYER. Second Base ...,.... ZUQGLIQR. Center If'1'el1l ........ BRIGHT. Right Field . ....... HEI LMAN. ORIFLAMME 182 1908 Basket Ball Team Q SEASON OF 1907 Manager .. . .................... A. S. MICCJIC. Captain . .. . ......... .... . I. K. MOYER. Team Forward ......... ,. .J . B. LENTZ. Forward ...... R. B. COLDREN Center ........... A. G. HEILMAN. Guard . . . ...... ,. .J . K. MOYER. Guard ........ C. C. MEYER. Substitutes-J. H. BURTON, C. D. SHEETZ. 184 F.kM.COLLEGE x a L 1909 Base Ball Team 5 Manager .. . . . . . .... A. T. GEHMAN. Captain . . ......,.....,....,... L. M. D1E'1'R1cH. Team Catcher . . . . .DIETR1CfI. Shortstep . .. . . .D1c1m. Pitcher ..,., . . .LYT1s. Third Basf , . . . . .SCHNVENIL First Bam . .. . . .MULL. Left Field ..., . . .LIVINGOOD Second Base ...,....GRov1f:. Center Fielr. ....... BASSLER. Right Field . ............... MNCK. Substitutes. W INKELBLECH, ELLMAKIQR, FINK, FAHRENBACH. ORIFLAMME 185 l909 Foot Ball Team 'D Manager .. . . ............ J. B. LANDIS. Captain . .. . .............. C. S. DELONG. Team Right End . . . .....,, PUGH. Left Tackle ...,.. XVINKELBLECH. Right Tackle . . . ..,.. LYTE. Left End ......,, DE LONG. Right Guard ....,... YUDER. Quarter Back .... MULL. Center ..,......,,.. BOARDMAN. Right Half Bach . .D11s'1'1uCH. Left Guard ......... ROTHERMEL. Left Half Bark .. .SCHWENIL Full Back .............., GROVE. Substitutes. . FAHRENBACH, BOOZER, A. L. GEHMAN, LIVINGOOD, ELLMAKER. 186 F.6LM.COLLEGE 1909 Basket Ball Team 12 M auager .. . .... , . . R. L. Gnovxc. Captain . .. . ....., . . .G. B. LYTE. Team Forward . . . .... ZIMMERMAN. Forward . . . ..... NIULL. Center ......,........ LYTE. Guard .... .... I PAHRENBACH. Guard ..... ..,.. G novm Substitutes. ELLMAKER, SCHWENK, GARDNER. ' Dmrm. ORIFLAMME 167 1910 Foot Ball Team R31 Manager .. . , .......... J. XVA'1"l'. C'apla,1'rz . .. , . .......,.... G. P. W Annnmx Team Center ...,. ,... A RNER. Rfzfglzl End . . . ....,, C. G. xVA'l"l Left Guard . . . .... H. SNYDIQR. High! Tackle. ...... I-I,x1cn'1"1'1-nn. Left Tackle . Left End . . . Right Guard . . ...... Rms1cn'1'. Quarter Back ...... MARKS. ALEXANDER. LejtHaIfBa1'k . .. . .WA1mLEx'. LmNHAn'r. Right Hal! Back . . .Fmcm1AN. Full Baz-lc ............ 1'IAR'l'MAN. Substitute. BRENNER. w 188 F.kM.COLLEGE 1910 Basket Ball Team 51 SEASON ov 1907. Manager . ....... .,........ A . J. MICHIIINCJ. Captain . .. . .....,... G. R. AI.l+:x.fxN1mR. Team F orzvard ..,. .,.. I 5. O. MARKS. l"uru'arrl ,....... G. R. HANLEY Center .........,..... C. W.x'r'1'. Guard . . . .... G. R. AI.l+:xANm:l1. Guard .......... J. C. WERNER. Substitutes. A. SM1'1'1-I, lil. D. H.kl'lIl'1"l'lCIi. ORIFLAMME 189 Monograms . 'D V Foot Ball I DENNIS SIPPLI-1, Sem. '07. NQRMAN L. PIORN, Sem. '08. R. V. HARHIAN, Som. '09. 1907 1. S. MONN, R. C. Z.1Ir1'HARIAs. 1908 J. B. LIf:N'rz, C. C. M'If:YIcR, R. B. C0LnRIf:N, H. A. D. BARR, J. C. BRIGHT, A. G. HRILMAN. 1909 P. L0wIf:LL, L. M. SCIIWENK. Base Ball 1906 J. W. SHEIQTZ, P. H. NICHOLAS, D. C. ScfIINIam.Y. 1907 J. M. IRWIN, F. K. STAMM, W. L. GRAIYI.. 1908 J. B. LRN'I'z, H. L. IQRAUSE, R. B. COLDRIQN. Prepamtory. J. SMITH. Track N. L. HORN, Sem. '0S. 1906 J. P. FRANTZ, J. 15. HRLIIIAN, H. R. LRQUEAR. 1908 J. B. LENTZ, J. W. BANCROFT. 1909 R. E. GROVE. Tennis J. W. SIIEETZ, 106. ACADEMY FOOT BALL TEAM ORIFLAMME 191 Academy Foot Ball Team 'D SEASON OF 1906 Manager and Coach . . ............ S. L. MOYER. Captain . . ............... ..... P mmm. ' Regular Eleven Left End . . .. .... LEONARD. Right Tackle PIFER. Left Tackle . . .. .,.. SESINGER. Quarter Back GUTFLEISCH. Left Guard .... .... S CHWARZE. Left Half. . . W. S. PIFER. Center ...... .... K Right Half . BRIDENBAUGH Right Guard .. . .... GINGRICH. Full Bach . ...... J. H. PEIFER. Substitutes. LANDIS, SCHADT, MOORE, BRUSH, WVINTERSTEEN. Summary of Academy Foot Ball Games Acad. Opp. Sept. 29-Lancaster H. S., at Lancaster ........... .. . . . . 10 0 Oct. 8-Ycates School, at Lancaster .... . . 6 6 Oct. 13-Lebanon H. S., at Lebanon .... . . 0 0 Oct. 20-Lebanon H. S., at Lancaster ..... .... 3 5 0 Oct. 27-Ha1'1'isbu1'g H. S., at Harrisburg . , . . . . . 11 0 Nov. 3-Steelton H. S., at Steelton ....,. .... 1 2 16 Nov. 10-York H. S., at Lancaster ..... .... 4 9 ' 6 123 . 28 BRENNER. 192 F.kM.COLLEGE Academy Base Ball Team 5 S1-:AsoN OF 1906 Captain . .. . . ...........,....... LEIDICH. Coach ...,. ,...... .,... S . L. MOYER. Team Pilchcr. , . ..... L1c1D1CH. Pitcher ..... . . . . Catcher .... ..... I iicnx. Left Field .... .,.. I+'i'7'st Base. . ..,.. GUTH. Third Base .. . . . . . Second Base .. ..... WINT. Ceizler Field .. . . . . . . Slzoiwlnp . . ........... MCMURIH: Right Field . .. . . . . . . Szcbxliiule ............... Summary of Games April 14-Kutztown S. N. S., at Kutztown .... April 17-Villanova Prep., at Villanova ......,.. April 18-Haverford G1'an1mar, at Haverforcl . . . April 28-Villanova Prep., at Lancaster ...... May 5-Elizabethtown, at Elizabethtown .r.. May 12-Reading H. S., at Lancaster ..... M ay 19-Tome Institute, at Port Deposit .... May 26-Harrisburg H. S., at Lancaster. . . May 30-Albright College, at Meyerstown . , . May 30-Albright College, at Meyerstown . . . .lune 7-Harrisburg H. S., at Harrisburg .... . M AG is 11: HIPIIVIENZ. KAHLER. SMITH. Poori. Acad. Opp. 1 1 3 4 1 6 6 4 0 9 7 1 7 8 5 2 7 2 1 4 14 7 52 58 ORIFLAMME 193 Academy Basket Ball Team '31 S1-:ASON OF 1906. Manager and Coach ........... S. L. NIOYIGIL Cflflfdrfllr . . ......... ...,...... I G. F. Hmm-1Nz. Team Forward .... ........ N YYSONG. Forward ...... .... I i.u,BAcH. Center ........ ....... H IEMENZ. Guard .... ........ G UTH. Guard ........ .... S MITH. Subsiilute ............... MAGE1c. Summary of Games Acad. Opp. Jan. Lebanon H. S., at Lancaster ....... .... 1 35 15 Feb Lancaster Y. M. C. A., at Lancaster. . . . . . . 17 8 Feb Lebanon H. S., at Lancaster ....... .... 2 2 21 Feb Landisville H. S., at Lancaster .... .... 8 9 4 Feb -Steelton H. S., at Lancaster .... ,,.. 1 5 57 Feb. -Ephrata H. S., at Lancaster .,.. .... 2 3 39 201 144 02 'if QQ A N w E v Y f xx l:ll"1 f xy A Q. L x? ix, 11 , :M 0 fi Mfg: W A 3 ,Q -flifwflln 'LLJQ Q1 is " l 'l ,QQSX ,W X r ' x -E' Xl. I V ..fliv"' MQSL W2 X f ' 11' Q Qu W 1 ,,l , XWL25 Wlum' K I cyffx ' ei',5WKfff1!f,f f Cl Ai Zfiilffx F' .. Z' ff L ORIFLAMME 195 'Glee and Mandolin Clubs 51 Officers l,I'l'N1.lI'UIIl . ................... B. E. Ii11.n'1m.L. I3a.w1fn.e.w.w Manager . . .....,.... W. L. GRAUL. mee Club A Leader . . . ..........,, W. P. D1-:LoNc:. l"1'vwl Ten or-Q. B. IC. .K1z.n'm1.1., W. S. R.-WB, R. B. Co1.D1ucN, R. G. AP1'1':L, Seemzrl Tenars. I. S. MONN, -J. B. K.-x1'1+'m1,xN, W. H. F1N1a, F1'1'.wl Bam. D. F. A1fxGs'1', H. A. D. Bullz, Seeond Bass. W. P. DELQNG, J. W. B.xNcRo1-"1', Reader ............ W. S. Mandolin Club Leader .............. R. H. First Mmzrlolins. R. H. DELONG, W. F.KnUms1N14:, ' Second Mandolins. C. W. TRUXAL, 'B. E. K1c.u'B1LL, Guitars. R. E. ZIMMERMAN, Violin. J. T. LANE. R. E. Zlmllclumx C. J. W .x'1'T. C. A. WIONTZ .I . WVA'l"1'. R. M. Z.-xC1l.xmAs, H. L. 13.xK1f:n. R.. H. D1cLoNc:, V. G. H.-xlvm.-xN. R.1x1'1z. DELONG . L. 1+1.R1c I H. F. EUING, J. H. IAMJFFIQR W. H. F1N14. Mandela. L. M. LYTE. IGNER GLEE AND MANDOLIN CLUBS ORIFLAMME 197 Schedule of Concerts '31 Oxford, Pa. ....., ....... . . . December 7 New Holland, Pa. . . .... December 15 Lancaster, Pa. Allentown, Pa. Marysville, Pa. Mechanicsburg, Carlisle, Pa. . Chambersburg, Elizabethtown, Lebanon, Pa. . Reading, Pa.. . , Hunnnelstown, Palmyra, Pa. . Lancaster, Pa. Millersville, Pa. . . . Harrisburg, Pa. . . . York, Pa. . . . . Frederick, Md. Baltimore, Md. .January 25 . . . . .February 1 . . . . .February 6 . . . . .February 7 . . . . .February 8 . . . . .February 9 February 15 . . . .April 10 . . . .April ll . . , .April 12 . . . .April 13 . . . .April 20 . . . .April 27 . . . .May 8 . . . .May 9 .....lVlay10 .,..May11 College Choir Q31 Leader ..........., PAUL B. RUPP. PAUL D. Yonmn, A. W. BARLEY, J. B. MUSSER, C. C. MEYER, H. A. D. Bama. Zfm f 'W- V qA , - .A X f f . 1" is XS- : 4 ' - v J f"'wQJ4X 9' f w , ,ff H , I, kd X x ,V V ,ff 0 k XY 0 ,X N MMS N X 41 D 0 af 3 41,54 4 X ff H X J ' Q X 3 kL HC ao W X4 , Q k! X Mfmsx Q i X Inf! K K ff x K U JRR N AQTK iffcff Mf'f,'fi'4-. ummm lk zfwlffff-:g.1Q. U K G R I-ZEN ROOM C LIIB ORIFLAMME 201 Green Room Club President . ....... . Property Manager .. . Stage Manager . .. . . . Business Manager . .. . . ,. . . Assistant Business Manager Coach ................... W. P. DNLONG, '07, J. A. D1'1'zL1sR, '07, I. S. MONN, '07, WM. RAUB, '10, W. L. GRAUL, '07, R. Y. GILBERT, '07, C. C. FEAGL1-ZY, '08, 5 Officers Members J. A. D1TzL1f:1e, '07 R. Y. G1I,1sER'1', '07 W. P. DIQLONG, '07 J. M. IRWIN, '07 C. W. TRUXAL, '08 Rlcv. E. W. TANN1-:R C. D. SHl+ll'Z'l'Z, '08, J. W. BANC11oF'1', '08, F. C. SH.-x1-:FF1cR, '08, C. W. Tm1x.u., '08, F. L. W INDULPH, '08, W. A. S01-1N1c1m11:R, '08, B. E. KR.-n'B1LL, '08, L. M. ERDMAN, Sem. '07. 202 F. 8: M. C O LLEGE Hamlet 51 FULTON OPERA HoUs1f:, NOVEMBER 27, 1906 Cast of Characters Claudius, king of Dennxark ...............,.,... .W. P. DELONG, '07 Hamlet, prince of Denmark Cnephew to Claucliusj, LFE ERDMAN, Sem. '07 Ghost of King Hamlet Cfather to the princej ....... C. D. SHEETZ, '08 Polonius, the Lo1'd Cll2lll1bGI'l8,lI1 .......' ...... . . . .J . A. DrrzL1cR, '07 Lu-rtes, son to Polonius ....... i. . . . .J. W. BANCROFT, '08 Horatio, friend to Hamlet... Rosencrantz, . , COl1I'i3l6I'S .. . GLl1lIlGHSilCI'Il, Osric, Marcellus, officers . . . Bernardo, l"rancisco, a soldier ,. . , ...... . . . , First Pla er . beveral Players, fy Second Player, Player Queen ...........,...... First and Second Grave Diggers A Priest .................... .......I. S. MONN, '07 Fnnn. SCHAEFFER, '08 WM. RAUB, '10 C. W. TRUXAL, '08 W. L. GRAUL, '07 F. L. W INDOLPH, '08 . . . C. W. TRUXAL, '08 . . .... R. Y. G1L1mR'r, '07 . . . . . W. A. SCHNEIDER, '08 . . . . .Cnlcsrmn Fn.xo1.1f:Y, '08 B1+:N.1AM1N IQRAYBILL, '08 ' ' ' ' J. A. Dl1'ZI.l'lIl, '07 D. SHI'II'I'l'Z, '08 Gertrude, queen of Denmark, mother to Hantlet ........ Miss BARCLAY Ophelia, daughter to Polonius . . Lords, Ladies, Ollie ..............lVl'ISSANNAM.LANDIS ers, Soldiers, Pages, etc. ORIFLAMME 203 Lessing-Vere in Officers Business Manager...... ....... First Assistant Manager . . . Second Assistant Manager . . .. Property Manager . ....... . Stage Manager. . . .J. K. MOYER, JR. WM. DANAHER. P. H. BURK. FRANK GILLAN. ALLEN MECK. DR. R. C. SCHIEDT Directors ............................. -l DR. F, C' SMITH' Studenten und Liitzower COMEDY DRAMA IN FoUR ACTS nv DR. WILLIAM SCHROIJER FULTON OPERA HoUsE, FEBRUARY 5, 1907. Cant of Characters Konrad I', student of medicine in Jena, :L senior of the students' fraternity, "Tlu1ringia." . . . ........... . . . . . . ................. ........ . Caspar Fl6lSCiIlIllLllll, student of theology ..... . . . . .... . . . . . ..... . Hannibal Montanus, student of jurisprudence .... Dwinglow, body-guard of "Franconia," in Jenn. .... "Fuchs-Mujer' of "Thuringiu" ................ Gottlieb Merk, student of theology in Hulle. . . . Miss Anna von Vorncc-lc .................. Mathilda, Holbaeh's sister ................ Theodore ICCRNER, lieutenant .. Frentzel, 1 Von der Merbitz, Keltz, Lips, 2 students and body-guards of "Thuringi:L" Helmke, Von VVindheim, Muller, A French Mounted Guard .... J nil Warden ................... A Court Attendant ................. All Officer of the French Infantry .... An Old Student ................. A Steward .................... Marie, a waiting nmid .... A Servant ............. A Tuilor from Jenn .... ........ Octet First Tenor. . . . . . . .Al'l'LE, IQRAYBILL. First Hass. . . . . .Second Tenor .. .... COLDREN, RIEYEIK. Second Bass .. .. . . G. E. WALEERT .....J. C. l'lsliTGH'l' H. CARL .C M. BOMHERGER B. STAHII ....J. W. WIEDER .....I. S. DILLl'1li .l". C. SCHAEFFEN. R. E. ZIMMERMAN f J. G. RossMAN W. A. SCHNEIDER W. R. HAli'FZEI4 4 C. P. PETERs .I. NEWGARD C. W. TRUXAL L T. LAND.1s ...... L. E. BATR . .M. F. L. ZIEGLER .....C. C. MEYIGIQ .. A. G. PIEILMAN ..... J. B. LENTZ .. J. H. LAITFFER .. . . .G. L. R.oT1I .... A.. S. MECK ...lS. L. STANLEY .l,JELl', BURTON. BOMIIEIIGER, BANcRo1f'r All Music Arranged by Miss Mary Carpenter Bolenius. LESSING YEREIX DR. IRWIN IIOUII Ill-:LONG is a native of Catasauqua, Pa., and a memher ol' the Reformeil Clmreh in the United States. His early sehool training was reeeiveml in publie sehools. Later, he attended the Keystone State Normal School, lvluhlenhergr Academy and College and Franklin and Marshall Colleg.-ge. From the latter college, he was graduated in 1898, reeeiving the AJS. degreeg from the same eollege he received, in 1901, the degree of A.M. In the fall of the year 1898, he entered the 'Fheologienl Seminary of the Reformecl Church in the United States. The last sunnner vac-ation of the theological course he spent in Chieagog here he was matriculated as a student in the University of Chicago. In 1901, he was graduated from the seminary at I,alu'as- ter, Pa., receiving the usual diploma. In 1902, the University of Chicago eonferred upon him the degree of D,l5., for graduate work. The following year, as Thayer Fel- low, he spent in travel in Southern Italy, Athens, Asia Minor and the islands of the Mediterranean. In the summer of 1903, he became a student in the University of Ber- lin. After a stay of a year and a half in Berlin, he went to the University 0i.Sf1I'1lSSlJlll',2' for an equal length of time. In the winter of 1905-Ki, he was honored with the degree of Ph.D,, upon the presentation of a thesis on a Hebrew preposition. The sum- mer of 1900, he again spent at the University of Cliieago, studying modern languages and Egyptian. SAMYIQIJ LlCNl"Ulill MUYICR was born at Blooming Glen, lint-ks county, Pa., during: the year 1881. His early education was acquired in the country schools of his vicinity, and in the spring of 1899 he entered the Franklin and Marshall Academy, graduating in 1900. Was a niemher of the foot-ball and base-ball teams. In the fall of 1900, he entered Franklin and Marshall College and was graduated in 1904. 1VaS a member of the foot-ball team for four years, being elected captain during his Junior yearg was a member of the base-ball team during his last two yearsg was a member of the basket-ball and traek teams during.: his Senior year. .M-eeptecl the appointment of a professorslii x at Franklin and Marshall Aeaclemy in the fall of 1904 and still retains that position. ln eonneetion with his academic work at the Aeadelny, he found time to coach the different athletic- teams of that institution anal the success of his teams made him the logical man for the vacancy in the foot-ball eoaehing Staff during the year 1906. His work with the foot-ball team was eomnietnlable and received the ap- proval of the alnmni of the college. x H Pllfll-'. li. V. llf'l,.Xl'fllll.lX was horn in l'liil:nlvlplui:i, Ut-tolwr 243, 1873. U0 nf- H - N tion ll'llllt'll2llltlgl'2l1lll2llt'tl front Int- pnlllit- .1-hool.' ot' tnut t-itv. wlurt- his :ittt-n ' was tlii't-vtt-tl print'ip:illy to tht- stntly ol' pliysivnl 1-nltnrv. Shoiitly :iltt-1' ht' glwulllaltt-tl, ho lwt':nnv vlnss lvxulc-r, llllllt'l' llr. l'lu:nlwirk, ni tht- C't-ntrnl lirxnivlu Y. Bl. V. .-X. lla hvlrl this position lo1'l1x'vyt-:xi's, nt tht- saint- tnnt- vontlnf-ting pi'1v:utt-vl:issf-s lll tht-1-ity. In 1895. ht- :it-vt-ptr-tl tht' position of physivall tlirt-1-tor of lAlll1'llSlK'l' Y. M. U. .-X., whit-h he hr-hl until ISSN, wht-n ht- rutnrnvtl to l'liil:ult-lpliin. llvrt- hm- st-1'v1-tl for two yours is pliqvsivnl 1lll'l'l'iUl'Ul' thc- lit-nsington liranwln ol' tht- Y. Nl. V. .X. :intl tlnring this ttinic was also :assistant to llr. f'li:irlwit'k :intl tlirt-vtor ol' St. .Ianni-s .Xthlc-tiv .Xssot-intion. In 1900, ht- was pliysivnl llll'1'l'lUl'1ll'llll' Y. Nl. U. .X, ol' Xt-xi' Lontlon, Uonn. A vv:11'l:1tvr, ht fig, at nul to I nut t ht l hu ' . fain r- ln' ' ,: ':stc-r Y. Nl. l'. .L This posi ion - tt-Itl until it-ptmn ", 1906, wht-n ht- slim-1-vclvtl Win. l'. lintt-s :ns Pllj'Sit'lll tlirt-vtor :it l"i':inlilin :intl Nlairslinll ollt-gt-. 208 I". Sz M. C O L L E G E Great Ca-sal' died of many cuts, The Honor System likewise- For history runs in well-worn ruts: The things that are,'are what shall be Till folks forget to cut, you seeg When tweeclle-cluin is tweeclle-clee- In Leaman Place or Paradise. ' X o 210 F. tk M. C tl L L li G li Editorial F. AND M. WEEKLY N keeping with the progress of the institution, our esteemed contemporary, The F, and .l1. Weekly, has seen fit to go into the expansion business. The staff, for- merly consisting of five members, will hereafter embrace nine, and the size of the periodical itself will be increased one-half. In order to attain a higher degree of efliciency, the work will be divided into dif- ferent departments, as Alumni, Athletic, liditorial, and so forth. Articles of a literary nature will find a place in its columns, and, 110W and then, a broken piece of wit will help to make the sheet a joyous one. We extend our hand of congratu- lations and best wishes to the Wcclrly. We are glad to see it take a forward step and try to hold a high place in the ranks of college publications. '31 l 1 1 l t t l 1 BASKET BALL HIC student body at Franklin and Marshall is again the joy- ful possessor of a basket-ball team. Joyful, we say, because it has always bf en the sentiment of the students that our college should be repre- sented in that particular branch of athletics. The season just closed was not a brilliant success. It was not expected to be such. The abandonment of the sport for a year had its telling effect, as did also the new ruling in regard to eligibility of the players. We entered the season with a handicap, but taking it all in all, we accomplished much. We equipped the gymnasium with seats, we demonstrated that basket ball could be run on a paying basis, and last of all, we revived the in- terest in what seemed to be a dead sport at F. and M. and se11t it on its way rejoicing. ORIFL A M M E 211 It may be some years before the material can be developed for a winning team. But the material and development will come, now that we have the start. Too much stress cannot be laid upon the inter- class games as a factor in bringing out men. Such contests give the bashful and inexperienced a chance to show their abilities, and, in addi- tion, help to keep alive a stirring basket-ball spirit. Let us look forward to greater things in 1908. It is simply a question of loyalty and work. Let us put out a team next year which will uphold the standard set by the one-time victorious F. and M. basket-ball teams. The faculty has done its part--now it's up to us. '31 MR. A. C. KEPLER R. AARON CONRAD KICP- LER, to whom this volume of the Onlrlnuniirz is dedicated, was born in Butler county, Pennsyl- vania, in 1841. During his young manhood, he attended the academy at Sunbury, and later taught school, for several years, i11 the western part of the State. At the age of twenty, he enlisted in Company C, Eleventh Pennsyl- vania Reserves, which was sent into active service before Rich- mond. Being wounded and taken prisoner in the campaign before that city, Mr. Kepler was carried off to serve a term in Libby prison. He was released, however, in an exchange of prisoners which fol- lowed, and at the close of the war, returned to Butler county, where he engaged in the oil business. For almost two score years, Mr. Kepler has been a resident of Lan- caster. He was married in 1867 to Miss Mary M. Slaymaker, and one son of this marriage, George, at- tended Franklin and Marshall College, as a member of the class of 397. During his Sophomore year, he was taken away by death, but his memory will ever be kept alive at this institution by the Kepler Memorial Chapel, which has been provided for by the father. Mr. Kepler is a hunter and trav- eler of extended experience, having hunted large game in the- Alle- - w X NI C U L L I2 G lu 212 F. t" 4. , . gllunios, tho Rovkics, Maxim, Flor- t imla, Villliltlil, Wm-stvrxt l'11itwl States mul Slvxico. A numhvr of trophies of those' vxpomlitious arc- now in thv lllllS0lllll at the SC'i1'I10O Buihliug. Wm- r-onsitlvl' it :L privilvgv to ht' ahh' to tlwliczmtv this hook to at muh who has takvn so lurgc- an iutorcst in I". mul M. It is to such friourls that tht- c-olh-gc' is imlvhtcn for much of hm' ilIllNll'f!llN'0 to-mlay, :mtl to whom sho must look for furthm' 2lllV2llll'l'llll'llf in thc' future. 4' l ,I Y ORIFLAMME 215 A Legend of the North 151 Long, long ago lived a hero hold By the shores of the Northern sea, Who met with a fairy, so 'tis told, And wooed and won her and married her there. And the heasts of earth and the hirds of air Wished them joy by the smiling sea. But he found, one day, when a cloudy pall Hung over the storm-swept sea, That his wife was a woman, after all- N ot a creature sprung from a race on high- No fairy, but one such as you or I- One born hy that selfsame sea. Then he lef t her and wandered away and there, On the hills by the sohhing sea, Sat a fairy who sang to the spell-hound air, And the sad clouds fled from the setting sun And faded to dimness or, one hy one, Sauk into the silver sea. And her voice was sweet and her form was fair, And her eyes were blue as the sea. And the manls soul shook with a glad despair. And he cursed the gods who had mocked his life, Cursed his empty hearth and his hapless wife- V 216 F.kM.COLLEGE Cursed the goals of the lanll anll sea. Then at mighty peril he clilnbell the hill, 'Mill the laughs of the mocking sea. But the fairy Heal and he followcml still, O'er hill and valley and wooclecl glen, Through fiehl and marsh, 'til they came again To the cliffs by the solemn sea. Anal he caught her there in the strong embrace That he learned from the boisterous sea, Anil strove to kiss her, anal turned her face To the light of the flying clay, and lo! She was his wife, whom he left below- Down there by the sobbing sea. O R I F L A M M E 217 --" . Tl 'fgtffj' .1 lf y, 4, - rf gg Q I S I ' ' 'U' if :it y ' - I " ' ' .- . :':.,-hwy" ""' ' s"' - -x " NY, ., Os The Senior Fence . Q1 Hlfl Senior fence, that very unpretentious structure between the Gymnasium and Diagnothian Hall, was left to us as a parting heritage by the class- of 1906. l'p to the present writing it has been principally used as an apparatus on . which the suits of the football team may be aired. Early in the season the football manager discovered its great value, and before the college opened its doors in the fall the Senior fence blossomed forth, arrayed from end to end in the football trousers which formerly graced the limbs of our cherished alumni. While such a course of action is interesting from an economic standpoint, we think that it can scarcely add to that dignity which we naturally attach to a college tradi- tion. The Wl-1lsKI.Y, in one of its inspired moments, has pointed out the need of traditions at I". and M., and to its impassioned eloquence we dare add only a word. It is just such customs as the Senior fence that make a college more than a place to obtain learning and transform it into a true Alma Mater, the memory of whose traditions cling to us when much of the formal learning of a college curriculum has faded away. We hope that the thought of the Senior fence will linger in the minds of our alumni when the Pi Theorem and the Laws of Harmonic Motion are but names "in the dark backward and abysm of timef' ' 218 l". tk M. C 0 L L E G E Wanted---A Man '31 Therels somewhere in the countrysicle A Normal School where there reside The Dutehest of the Dutchilie1l- At Kutztown. They speak a language all their owng A tongue to make tl1e Muses groan- To E11glisl1-speakilig folks unknown- At Kutztown. They mlig at hooks from lllOl'11 till night, They clo not clance, they mlo not fightg They always mlo the thing. that's right- At Kutztown. Thcy're active i11 Y. M. C. A.g They read tl1e Bible twice a clayg Tl1ey pray ancl grind and grind and pray- At Kutztown. You'll never hear a Dutcliman swear, Tl1c Dutch are goocl, tl1e Dutch are fair CPD. But, Lord! we wish tney'1l keep them there At IilltZf-OWII. - But, nog they COIIIG to college here, Their number grows from year to year, Until the very atmospliere Is Kutztown. Wanteil-sorne friencl of F. ancl M. To kill the profs. and burn tl1e Sem., Anil rid us thus tat least pro tem.J Of Kutztown. ORIFLAMME 2 " Gossamer" Q When the heat shimmers blue on the still summer air, And a vagrant breeze plays with the leaves, 'Tis good then to lie on our "Old Mother Earth" And look up into the trees. Your mind wanders off to yesterday's plans, Which were made for the day that is hereg But you sail 'neath a Captain of Dreams, and he mans A ship tli at no other can steer. You give yourself up to his guidance, and so You drift on and on with the stream 5 The slumbereus air makes the things that you know Mingle into one dim, hazy dream. The fancies you weave are of gossamer spun, Cloud castles-built in Spain- Of great battles fought, and of great battles won, You yveave them again and again. The buzzing bees' drone is sawing the air, The little st1'eam tinkles nearbyg The green of the leaves stainsthe blue dome-upthere- Where your cloud-fancies Heat in the sky. GERALD Bm-:CK1sNR1DG1f: BIuu1'r1oAM, 220 ORIFLAMME The College Widow C1 PH1L.xDm.PH1A, P.-x. Y Dmnnsl' E1.E.xNon: So you like Lancaster! Perhaps there's a reason. You say you've met some Franklin and Marshall boys. I knew quite a few of them, while I lived in Lancaster- that's how I came to know Jack. You know, Jack quit college on purpose to marry mc, so hc said, but, like all the rest of the college boys, he postponed the date. Let me tell you, those F. and M. students are a set of jolliers, the whole bunch, and what's worse, if they only would really jolly, but they try to make you believe their light, trashy talk and flounder around on that kind of swampy ground-they don't remember that what is a summer game for them may mean a winter heartache for ns. They are just as bad flirts, yes,worse, than girls. Just let me tell you a few things 5 I've had experience, I know their tricks. They even had the brazen effrontcry to tell tl1e incoming Freshmen that I was a college widow, sometimes adding, graciously, the most popular college widow. What a consolation for me! Eleanor, they are a lot of self-styled logicians. Each one asserts that he wants at least one pretty girl fthe 1'est don't matter D , because she comes in so well for a foot-ball orbase-ball game, or tl1e "Hop" or t'Pro1n.", or, perhaps, the theatre. Most of them have more than one girl. I wouldn't be' a bit surprised if you would find picture frames, with six little openings, labeled, "My Summer Girl," " My Winter Girl," " My Pretty Girl," " The Girl That I Adore," " My Witty Girl," "Alas! My Girl no More!" and a different photograph for each one. They say they don't want a steady diet of girls. Oh, the egotistical brutes! with an attitude of "I am studying girls collectively and individually, to see which one will make me an ideal wife." They .ORIFLAMME 221 ought to leave us choose, don't you think so? They claim it's part of their education to have a girl, and I agree with them there-their educa- tion along that line is badly neglected and our society tends to soften their brutal natures, but we must suffer and sacrifice. But with it all, there are a few solemn lads there, who wouldn't look at a girl-if they thought anyone would catch them at it. Jack says that Kershner, Danaher and Leech are that kind. How foolish! We wouldn't hurt them, would we, Eleanor? While I was living in Lancaster, a very green and fresh Freshman, with a priestly bearing-I think it was Ditz- lerCJack says that he's one of the upper crust nowj-was brought to see me. He had on a black box-coat, which seemed much longer before than behind, and baggy-kneed trousers, and he wore a ready-tied, red- and-green four-in-hand and a wide-brimmed derby. He said, "Yes, ma'am,i' and "No, ma'am," and when he was introduced, he said, "Fm very pleased to make your acquaintance." That-'s what they usually do to their so-called college widows- give you some rough diamond Cperhaps?j with very sharp edges to en- tertain, and if you want invitations to college affairs, why, youlve got to grin and bear it. i Of course, I guess you'll go to the Y. M. C. A. reception for the freshmen. There you'll no doubt meet Cas I didj Deacon Greenawalt, Machmcr and "Mary" Musser. My, but they are nice to ye ladies! Perhaps you'll be presented to Montz and Livingood-good examples of what it means to try to be a college sport. But Jack says, Montz is gone the way of Cupid or Wil-son. That's the way with specials. Jack was a special last year at F. and M. Specials are those who are students about three hours a week and the rest of the time chew tobacco Cvile and filthy habitlj, play pinochle or go out "fussing." Pat Hoffman was that kind, but Jack says he couldn't stand the pace. The champion lady-killers are Freddie Shaeffer and Walter Bancroft. I remember, in Freddie's Freshman year, he wou1dn't dance with the girls because 222 F. Lb M. C O L L E G IG they were taller than hc, but Freddie's grown, a11d Jack says h0's chair- man of the Junior Hop Committee this year and trying to be a great social lion. Then there's Bancroft, the jet-black-haired fellow, just like Freddie's, he poses as a swell, big allowance Cnever saw any of ity, diamonds Kpaste, perhapsj, and so on, you know the kind. He's a nice boy, however. If you meet a big, elongated, sleepy-looking fellow, with an Apollo-like UD shape, thatls Bu1'ke. Don't mind his Reading accent, he ean't help it. I must not forget that pretty boy Feagley, you'll feel like fondling him. Don't be afraid of hurting Jay Moyer's feelings-he's very good- natured. A big, curly-headed, self-important-looking fellow and a Beau Brummel from Allentown, that's "Snakes" DeLong. Why they call him "Snakes" I don't know, I shouldn't think it was because he had curly hair, some connection with a Medusa head, perhaps. Boys do give awfully queer nicknames sometimes. "Snakes'l' big voice and music have made him fedautic, and he thinks the girls ought to lionize him. Say, Eleanor, dear, don't want to prejudice you, but don't dance with Louis Reigner, he and the Muse Terpsichore must have quarreled, I suppose he was too cynical for her. I have no doubt you would like to meet some future Phi Beta Kappa boys. If so, seek out Rufus Zimmerman and Schneder. Don't be mistaken, they can be your modern knight-errants, but I question whether they will. I tried hard to get them in tow. Rufus was very nice to me, but too often he was busy CI don't believe itD. Pshaw, I think Rufus was almost as nice as Jack, of course, I wouldn't say this to a soul but you, and .Iack's nicer after all, because he loves me, you know, and Rufus didn't tell me whether he did or not. Sc-lmeder is incorrigible, and, preserve me, Jack says, he's learning to dance this year. The Fates help you, Eleanor. What we girls called a cute boy, was Schwenk. Be on your guard-he's a hert-breaker. That nice, yellow-haired, young Freshman is Bill Raub. Jack says ORIFLAMME 223 he's leading a fast pace for a Freshman. And, Eleanor, dear, don't think that social affairs at F. and M. are after the order of the love stories in the College Student-far from it. Be careful that you don't get roped in for pillows and other college-boy paraphernalia in trade for thirty-cent pins and fifteen-cent watch fobs. Let me tell you of some of the F. and M. events to which, no doubt, you will be invited. First, the Y. M. C. A. reception, consisting of college widows, freshmen and a few others. The programme will con- sist of " small talk," dry and uninteresting recitations by Prof. Cham- bers, stale jokes in Pennsylvania Dutch by Doctor "Katy" and thc prosy welcome to the new students, by "Prex Johnnyf' winding up with ice cream and cake and being taken home by a blushing freshman. The dances in the gymnasium are all right, only you dance across the joints, and the first time I spoiled a pretty pair of pumps. If you meet any future Seminarians anytime,watch your slang and don't drink any wine in their company. They make believe theyire shocked, but underneath they're worse than some of the others. Stahl and Shiffer are future "priests" Help the "priesthood!" Slang and wine are some of the evils of high society, as Deacon Shiffer facetiously remarked when he learned to smoke the pipe. One other thing I want to warn you against. Don't be surprised if some one or other reverently takes your hand and makes big, innocent eyes at you and says, "Can't you trust me?" It's an old gag. Of course, you answer yes. Then he goes on to tell you how bad he was and how your sweet influence-oh, it's charming-if they only would mean it, but they donlt. But, then, Eleanor, they're a p1'etty good sort and some of them suffer for their Hirtations. They were nice to me, I must say, with Green Room and German Club shows and foot-ball and base-ball games, not to speak of the many dances. And, Eleanor, dear, don't flirt with them, that's what spoils them. If you must flirt, do it with Willie 224 F.LkM.COLLEGE Byers and Walter Zimmernian-they're beyond the pale. Treat the boys decently, and you'll be shown a good time. Good-bye, Eleanor 5 write and tell me how you like the boys and if you've met your fate. Let me know first, we always were such good friends, you know. 7 hours for I". and M. most affectionately, lNlAnGUERrrE. P. S.-I wouldn't know near as much advice to give you if it weren't for Jack, and he says he got his information from Barley and Slagenhop, who are married men and know how a girl should treat F. and M. boys. Yours, lVI.AxnGifr:n1'i'1a. P. S.-Don't get stuck on Doctor "Tuffy," Be nice to the assist- ant professor of chemistry. He's justpossible, you know. Yours, lNIARGU1f:R1'1'E. P. S.-I wish you'd snub Crumbine and Bob DeLong once or twice. They think girls fall in love with them on sight. MAnGU1cR1'1'E. P. S.-I let Jack read my letter to you. He laughed loud and long, then he came over to me and kissed me, saying, " If Eleanor makes as nice a college widow as you were, some F. and M. boy will be happy some day." Wasn't that nice of Jack? M. I1 Jean ,Ba Yxsfe Q1 is Xourquoo., S ourcimm HMA VVF:aV KS Une 'Reason 'mal' You Have Gfeascn Your Llffle Dogs Nose WITH Erie Has um gr-and ,JAN End Thai' Is Tbegeason Ti7af I Have Grease my Llfflti DOQIS Nose Wwfh Tar. 226 F.kM.COLLEGE The Peace of Nature Cl I sat above on yonder hill, I saw the clouds on high, Below the river was so still- No works of man seemed nigh. The little things in love upturned Their faces unto meg They told the secret that they'd learned- A secret wild and free. The trees in silence raised their forms To meet the sky above, They'd born in lives, full long, more storms Than we could count in love. The sun, in grandeur, sank to rest And left the sky aglowg The birds, in song, flew past to nest Where sweetest flowers grow. Serenely all, and silently, I Each blade did its smallpart To form the whole most perfectly, All Nature has one heart. My soul, in weariness, cried out: " How can ye bc so free?" And Nature gave a joyous shout: "I love, love thou with me." The tumult in my lllllltl was soothed, My doubts dispersed in light, The path along life's way was smoothed g I wrought with all my might. V ORIFLAMME 227 APOTPEIJULGS "H7uos' 6a'1r6p179 Gill 'refs Cddaqv 1ca'r65u 317 Y I X ll I Y 7 X I8 fcaa apo'r17p ouca8e 1ropeveH 08011 zcovrw 1711. 'rbu lCp1HLllb1l lcd-ra f77x0e 're 'YOIDVCETG Kdflfllfl. ILLOXQIZJII. oi 2,7I'7TOL 5, E1r61117aa11 :cal 'f7o'a11 KUXIIWTOL 1r17Kq3' vrdkka 56 7366x011 o"rfBa3os' lcai xdpvou. Thi! 681311 'fjxgf 11,611 aupfaac 4Ja13pf7 ' rcai 12386 Thi! 88 llG:7l"7jll Uvrep 61,8109 'FITOP Sh 3f37xe11re. 7611! ICCISH-7711 3' i'5e11 17p67.4a IC6l.fL6!V7jV d7TUf1J6U06. I 81 D I A I D W I I I 77 e1c1c7x17a1a T719 1cw7.4.179 em. Bouvqz ea"r1 vrxfpfyov 2s'Xw11 1ca7w1r-1-611 lcaowrrfs- ical U'X68bV eZo'i oi 'r1i7.LBo1. ical QPIIIITLSES' 61:02.11 T029 1rpo'yo11oZs' mip, 02 Gia' LZWPLOL 611 1029 TIZILBOIS. 77'UlIJV 01509 'H169 17 rcakdwv dV6fLCt3871S', 17 XL"YU47C6ll11 0'l1fK7TL'YE T017 ikapoii dA61c'ropo9 01577076 'robs' 6TPU1JEZ. 1029 3' Eaxcipzu cbkofyupai 1ca1Ja'oua'111 OOK 311, 17 T611 'Y I I l I I a0A.0V ea"7rep1o11 11cu11.17a'eL 77 0'7l'0U8aLIl I 'yvuvi 9 x al nf 1 Q r -v ew 7111! oxfrw e110a pa 17 ICGXUBU 1711. 'n'o117o'as' 86 'fb 6'p'yo11 611 Iip 0'l.T0B6X01ll1, 75x06 els' ical Srfma a'Xo7kf7 KLIILLVEZQ ' 'roio 88 Hvpdv l:C1cU011 fb? el' 're 'rrepi er'raX15eUo'L11 5677677 Nqzbv a,K8'li0'lC0llTOQ 576 4Jp1b'zroucn11 dfpoupzu. 'TTXIV KLQTTTIII 311-1 Tijll milxou 3 55 11011 Bdke KIIMVGZS' Ki I l 1 X FI l ll 9 'Y 011 8OP7l"0ll 71.e'ra. aulra ,LLEV U'lTll0U 517, 1545, 3 axe 0au,u.aa"rb11 511ap. Y DI I I 7 ELI! aypqn WKUPELVTL 8'l7,Uf0U, ll I I S F l F A e15e'ro 'rovd8e fyewpfyous' EV 'row afypom 4JaL5pwS' y,67v1ro11'1'as'. 6 71.51 oipavbs 'YXQUICIBC 317 9711, lcaa' Q I , Q I T N I Xl 71 11-oa 8 1711 4JUO'L,lL'l1. e111 7.1.e11 7u,11.1177 60"T7j0'd1l 'rfb Bde 71.17pwc1'o'a11're. 151r6p1r1'a1'o ai 86 KOPCTJVUJQ 0'Ull8lj0 ical UUVTPEZC. 'rb 55 11011 511ap t1l3TbIl eXl,7T61l. HENRY S. GEHMAN, '09 2255 Qwwij. .ewpiifmgzvno L L 11: G E 'i Mock Trial' DiAGNo'1'Hi.-xx HALL, Novi-:NBER 16, 1906. 0 Judge. . , ........ ....... . .M1'ssER, '07. Clerk of Courl .... .... X YINDOLPH, '08. Court Crifr . . .... .... I 3U:n1.i', '07, Mrs. Tillie Newpop, plaintiii . , ..... .... I 'iliI'B.-XKER, '10 Mrs. Charles Newpop, defendant . .. ., ......... .... N lvl-io1.s, '07. Attorneys for I'ro.scc11l1'on. EVANS, '07. M.-iam-:, '07. Attorneys for Defence. REIST, '07. Bommcnoi-zu, '08. llvfllllfssfs. Q Mrs. Xantippe Noscy .... ........ . . .lYA'l"l', '10, John G. Gathergold . ,. . . . .L1viNc:oon, '09, C. William Crusher .. . , . .M0N'rz, '09. Rastus Johnson .. . . ............ .,... N VORKMAN, '07, INn1c:'mmx'r. Wlzereas, Mrs. Tillie Ncwpop, matron, wife of one Charles Newpop, a resident of Lancaster city and county, hath sued for a divorce from said Charles Newpop, on the charges of cruelty, non-support and neglect, In That the said Charles Newpop hath abused the pets of the plaintiff, having dropped cigar butts on the tail of the plaintiff 's cat 5 and, In That said Charles Newpop, in company with one William Crusher, went to Lititz on the night of July 4 and returned home after 12 o'clock 3 and O RIFLA HMB 229 In That hc hath in sundry ways neglected and ill treated plaintiff, having remained out late at night, refused to wipe the dishes and other- wise annoyed plaintill and her mother, and, In That the said Charles Newpop hath refused to support plaintiff, having forced her to buy her own clothes and pay necessary household bills without financial aid from hiln 5 and, Therefore, said Charles Newpop is summoned to appear, to answer the aforesaid charges. Sing a Song of College Profs. fWc all know the tunej ' 61 Sing a song of college profs. 5 I'll tell you where to go- Johnny for his logic, Prof. Chambers for his blow 5 Katy for the "Modern Agef' Jokes and all complete, Wagner for that languid air, But for cuss words, Dicky Sheidt. 230 F.8:M.COLLEGE Extract from the Laws and Regulations of F. and M. College C1 Slscvrlox 1. Each student shall be allowed a certain number of absences fl'Olll college exercises. But whilst no excuse will be required, it is impera- tive that each cutter shall have one. 2. The number of allowed absences in each semester, other than those provided for by the student body, shall be as follows: From Family Theatre, two absences 5 from Y. M. C. A., twelve absences, from Athletic Contests, one absence g from College Dances, two absences, from Minstrel Show 119075, one absence. 3. In ease of the death of a student, his absences may be excused by the President, upon presentation of a written certificate from the undertaker in charge. 4. For each unexcused absence in excess of the number allowed in case of death, the student shall suffer a reduction of two points i11 his final grade, the same to be deducted from his tombstone 011 the Judg- ment Day. 5. If, at any time, the thought of cutting can be proved to have ex- isted in the mind of the student before the perpetration of the crime, the said student shall be required to pass a preliminary examination before the Faculty Commission on Lunacy. 6. Absences for continued illness will be excused only 1113011 presenta- tion of a receipted bill from the attending physician. Continued ill- ness is defined as three consecutive base ball games at Rossmere. ' 7. Excuses will be granted to each and every student having a good excuse, but said excuses excuse nothing. Each excused absence in ORIFLAMME 231 excess of the unexcused absences not alloweml will he referreml to the janitor, whose cleeision shall he final on all questions. S. Upon the payment of a fine of twenty-five cents in United States currency, the student shall he eligible to pay a fine of one mlollar to the Treasurer of the faculty, which amount shall entitle him to a make-up examination. 9. No two professors or other persons in any way eonnecteml with the institution shall place the same interpretation upon any of the foregoing clauses. JO. In ease of rain, any or all of the above rules may he repealed Jr amenmleml . Ge 'Ve' NN ' L tw 1 'Ss . 5 - x ' A -. N - 232 F.k3I.COLLEGE An Idyl of the Woodland 51 The thickest, grecnest, unshorn wood, Where triekling streamlets wash the sands Ynseen throughout the warmer months- When nature twines her leafy roof In canopy of bough and vine- lfnseen by sun or moon or stars CWhat loss to nclcr reflect the blue Of summer skies or black of nightj, lflxcept where through a. narrow space, A hole which summer leaves unpatched, The slanting sunbeams pierce the gloom And sparkle in the pure, cold sweep Of spring-fed, fern-abounding depths- A rubayiat of sparkling gems- And even to the bottom rock, Amid the ever-shifting sands, They bear their tender, cheering light. Surroundedlby these soft, gray lights And breathing music with the air, A house I've built of boughs and stones, A cottage small and unadorned, Except where vines untaught and wild Have sheathed the stony walls in green. A home for one who has once loved- In joyful youth among the pines And shaded by a giant oak ORIFLAMME CWhich now supports my cabin frailj- A soul so soft and pure and true, So tender and so sweet withal That sighing winds and whisp'ring leaves Seemed formed to sing in harmony With her kind heart in lasting peace. These mossy banks and glist'ning sands Have all enduredlour wand'ring steps, The elder trees remember well How, gently through their stirring leaves, The twilight breezes bore our song- Our evening hy1nn to their good shade, Which sheltered us from burning skies And with our love breathed sympathy. Alas! those hours are gone for aye, And I am standing here alone! No change has marred the sacred spot, No man has dared to raise thc axe Against our leafy brethren here- My friends through every storm and calm. With arms outstretched I raise my song Of praise and joy for days gone by, Which ne'cr for me will come again. A sadness overclouds my soul As that fair face once more I see Embodied in the evening mists That rise above the lonely stream, Where once I looked and, mirrored there, Saw two fair forms instead of one, A tender pair of dark, soft eyes Looked up at me beside my own. F.kM.COLLEGE A bright, soft smile adorned the stream And hallowed it forevermore. Alas! and now I see but one, And that a time-worn, care-lined face. Yet, is it cheerless? void of hope? Is there no ray of love extant? Behind those streaming, gray-tinged hairs Does not a smile of peace hold sway? Has time destroyed the blooming youth Which once I swore should never end? Why, no! Of course I am the same, Perhaps more staid, with less degree Of child-like playfulncss and life, But ne'erthclcss a youngster still. And why should I lack aught of life? Has e'er a hope brought back despair? Did disappointment ever rack My soul or make one moment sad? What said you? Oh! that sweetheart fair Whose form once shone among these trees! Why, just walk up that cone-strewn path And rap upon my cottage door. Tell her who comes I sent you there To see that sweetheart whose kind glance Once shed a twilight radiance here, And tell her that I said, while there She might as well show you the one Whose life has made my own worth while, A light, a hope through tedious years, A sun of love in this lone spot So well-endowed with nature's charms g ORIFLAMME 235 A tender hand to lead me forth, In hours of sadness and despair, Out into the bright fields of hope, Where Howers and stars are ever bright, And tear-dimmed eyes outshine them all. Go, seek her there within that door, And feel the warmth of tender eyes. Thy head is weary, thou art worn With lifels long road. Stay by and rest. A drink from this sweet brooklet here, A slender meal of humble fare, But with these simple gifts take hence The peace breathed forth in this abode. wk wk as ak vs wk Farewell, good stranger! bright the dawn That rises on thy pilgrimage. I see that peace lies in thy heart, Thy rest has been a dreamless one. A golden glow is on the leaves, The hills are bathed in new-born light. May love with flowers strew thy path And hope support thy weary frame. The sun is up! The stars are gone! A happy journey to thee, friend. ANOIQ. 236 F. et M. C O L L If G E I Q Fraternities fBPiIlf.Ztll1L'Xll'lll'i from the "Mars Gazette," Dees-niher T, 26l-LD h-me been brought to light The fnst ILHIIS to be un earthed were those of a city of the somewhat barbaric Q D 4 URING the excavations which have been recently begun H on the dead planet Earth, some remarkable discoveries a-Zia, 1 V , . ' ' . . " ' ' . 1 - 'fig 'f" . L - , I . .- name of Lancaster, which, the archaeologists tell us, was overwhelmed by a flood of lava sometime during the spring of 1907. The buildings of what appears to have been an insti- tution of learning were unearthed. at the western extremity of the buried city, together with the houses in which the ill-fated students lived. Four of these houses appear to have been of a different character from the rest, being marked on the outside with characters which are believed to have had some cabalistic significance. The searching party proceeded up the street fronting the college entrance, and the first of these buildings was found on the right-hand side of the street. It was marked with three characters-the first a circle with a dash through it, believed to be a crude representation of a skull, the second, a strange device, formed by four lines arranged in such a fashion as we find it impossible to describe 5 and the third, a letter resembling a primitive K. The majority of the occupants of this dwell- ing were found in attitudes of prayer, and copies of the Bible lay scat- tered about the rooms. It is believed that this building was used as a kind of monastery. The second house was found on the opposite side of the street from the f'irst and somewhat nearer the buildings of the college. The symbols on this house were identical to those on the first, but arranged in a dif- ferent order, so that the positions of the second a11d third characters were transposed. The bodies of the victims in this building were ORIFLAMME 237 found gathered around a table, but the greater part- were beneath the table instead of on the chairs placed around it. The reason for this position cannot be conjectured. The third house was unearthed still nearer the college buildings and on the same side of the street as the one last described. The device on this house consisted of the skull and primitive K mentioned before and in addition to these, a third hieroglyphic, resembling a hollow ship with a mast. The inhabitants of this house were found in various positions throughout the rooms, but the majority were posed before mirro1's or were discovered in the act of polishing their shoes. The fourth building was found on a different street, but within a short distance of the college. The device on this house consisted of two cross strokes followed by the symbol believed to represent a skull. The victims here were found in various positions of idleness and ease. It is believed that they were members of the aristocracy, or at least consid- ered themselves to be such, as ailook of conceit was stamped upon the faces of all. The above comprise the strange houses which were unearthed. Their use is somewhat uncertain, but three of them are believed to have been the meeting places of anarchists, while the other could have been used only as a monastery or some such religious establislnnent. 238 F. K M. C 0 L L E G E Lycida---An Elegy LBY A S1-:x'r1m:N'rAI,is'1' or 'rms MODERN SCHOOL. '32 In the evenings of the autumn, when the sunshine Spreads a darkness over hill and dale and lea, There's a sadness comes a-stealing o'er my spirit Like the music of a fog-horn out at sea. Then I dream about the days, now gone forever, When my love and I were one forevcrmore, When we'd stand and hear thebirds buzz in the treet And the bees sing sweetly on the threshing floor. O Yes, we'd stand within the purple twilight's splendor, And watch the creeping shadows of the morn As they lighted up the river on the hill top 7 And the fireflies asleep amid the corn. But now my life is cold and sad and gloomy, And the hyacinths upo11 the porch are dark, For the flame of life is dead within my lady, And in me there's but a sanguinary spark. So I pray that Death, when it shall come to take me- CFOI' true it is that all that live must diej, May find me i11 the spot where first I met her, Beneath the azure of the cloudy sky. ORIFLAMME 239 The Exodus OF 'rmc Cmss OF 1908 Ix'ro 'rim W1Lm4:nN1-:ss on XVILD CM' .xxn 'rin-: Rn'rl'RN TH lfznmvnmr. Q 1. Now it came to pass, on the 17th day of May, one thousand nine hundred and six, even the selfsame day, it came to pass that all the hosts of Dieky went out from the land of Lancaster, 2. And they took up their journey from Lancaster and tarried at Columbia, beside the Susquehanna River, and Dieky went before the host, even as a pillar of cloud, to lead them the way. 3. And he spake to the host, saying, Turn ye unto Wrightsville, over against,Columbia. 1 4. And the people cried unto Dieky, saying, Hast thou led us away to die i11 the Wilderness? Wherefore hast thou dealt so with us, for, behold, the river lieth before us? 5. And Dickey stretched out his hand over the river, and Dieky said unto them, Behold a bridge and the tole thereof is five cents. And the children of 1908 went over the midst of the river dry shod. 6. So Dieky brought the host from the Susquehanna River and they went unto Wrightsville, and they took their journey from Wrights- ville and all the congregation of the children of 1908 came unto that wilderness which is between Wrightsville and Acomac, and there was no water for the people to drink. 7. And Dieky said unto them, Behold a specimen of Violaceae! 8. This is it of which I commanded you, Gather of it every man a specimen, a specimen for every man, according to the number of your persons. A 9. But the people did chide Dieky and said, Give us water that we may drink. ' 240 ORIFLAMME 10. And Dicky said unto them, Stop this damnable nonsense, you have water on the brain 3 behold the genus Leguminosai. 11. And the children of 1908 came out of the wilderness unto Acomac, and took up their journey from Acomac and went again into the wilderness. 12. And the people were an hungered and murmured, saying, All day have we collected the grass of the field and now are we con- sumed with hunger. Give us that we may eat. 13. And Dicky said unto them, I have heard the murmurings of the children of 1908. At noon ye shall eat flesh. 14. And it came to pass that at noon the chickens came up and with them there lay a small, oblong thing. 15. And when the children of 1908 saw it., they said unto one another, What is this? Cfor they wist not what it wasl. 16. And Dickey said unto them, It is waffles, take and eat. 17. And all the people did eat it and were filled. 18. And the children of 1908 took up their journey and came to Marietta, and they were a-weary by reason of the labors of tl1e day, and the watlles were heavy within them. 19. And they said unto Dickey, Behold, let us take the trolley. 20. But he said unto them, Not so, for he said: 21. Lest Baer, the son of Had, the lady-killer, butt into another girl. 22. And it came to pass that the children of 1908 journeyed through the wilderness about Mount Chickies and came into Columbia. 23. And they took up their journey and came into Laneast er, and the specimens collected that day were twenty-three scores. Icnu 1'-'v"l I' 7 1' rx ,ga -, X, '.'-U: xW- H: Q V, "us w Wray 1 .dsx 242 F.kM.COLLEGE Our Literary Museum W A T is probable that we at F. and M. seldom realiie the re- ic-Zi markable persons among whom we live, and yet it is safe to say that we have in our very midst a bevy of literary celebraties, the like of which cannot be found in any one locality on the globe. It is scarce two months since Sir Arthur Conan Doyle admitted that it was our own "Doggy" Boardman who inspired that truly remarkable -story, "The Man With the Twisted Lip," and this was but the first of a series of admissions which connected certain ot' our fellow students with the title roles in some of the world's greatest literary works. Hard upon Conan Doyle's admission came the state- ment of a certain anonymous author that "Tommy" Landis was the original of that famous detective hero, 'ttlld King Bradyf' But more remarkable than these is the statement of Mrs. Rice that, had it not been for the wavy hair and girlish blue eyes of Chester Feagley, the character of "Lovey Mary" would never have blossomed into fame. Mrs. Rice was a spectator of that justly famous sketch, the " Dawn Teaf' and was so impressed ,with the winning personality of its heroine that the character of " Lovey Mary" was the result. The above, alone, should be enough to make us proud of our college, but wonders do not cease here. Among the papers of the late John Hay was recently found the statement that it was "Snakes" De Long who caused him to write that well-known ballad, "Jim Bludsof' The various crimes of Mr. Hay's hero were copied directly from "Snakes," and his one redeeming virtue was a creation of the poet's imagination. To cap the climax, there arrived, several weeks ago, a spiritualistic communication from some of the ancients, deelaring'that many of their ORIFLAMME 243 best verses were written because of prenionitions relative to some of the F. and M. students. Indeed, Horace went so far as to assert that those lilies about a lad called " l3linky," by his associates, but spoken of as a " pretty leering rogue,""' by his female friends, were written con- cerning the future Charlie Snyder. And Homer declared that his de- scription of the nodding looks of Zeus was based on the eonduet of the hair of our well-loved l"arenbaeh. ' We might go on and tell how we have reason to believe that tfio song 'ftlld Black Joe" refers to Joe Lees, and that it was Ditzler's per- sonality that inspired the popular refrain " Under the Anhauser Bush," but enough, we have at least proved to the reader that I". and M. is a truly remarkable place. b 'F '1'ransl:1tion of Hinds and Noble 244 lik BLCOLLEGE The Zoology Cremation C1 OR twice as many weeks as Jacob served years for love of Rachel, we poled and faked, toiling, rejoicing, sorrowing 5, y at over many a defunct zoiilogical creature, whose spirit had Hown away, but, lo and behold, other spirits came and surrounded, enveloped and embraced, the remains, the odor of which caused many of us to shed tears, but to more of us came an undue amount of salivary fluid, since our thoughts reverted to scenes of far-distant conviviality and jovialness. To-day we miss that dear and clear-cut English voice, firing terms of zoological nomenclature at us, in terms of German invective and Bismarkian rumblings of choice brimstone language. Yet we feel under deep obligations to the worthy doctor, whose kind efforts and hard labor made the acquircment of such a vast amount of biological knowledge possible. Such arduous work as this study entailed, necessitated re- creation sometimes, and 01100 when we decided to hold a leap frog and wrestling contest with our younger and foolishly mistaken proteges, on Mary street-the infants thought we were on our way to our banquet- the long and unrelenting arm of the law, in a process of genuflections, guided by the servants of graft, relieved us of the few sheckles we had remaining from the fund expended in buying cover glasses for the slides used in our microscopic work. Our virtuous anger by zoiilogy examination time became so great that we were transformed into different characters, representing the notable and renowned of the world, By what species of thought transdifferentiation this was accomplished, we are unable to state, since Doc. Johnny passed rather hurriedly over that portion of psy- ORIFLAMME 245 chology. The culmination of this strange phenomenon was a zoology cremation. The following programme tells the story of our hallucina- tion. It did not end until the victims were burned to a char at the stake. As J. Alexander Dowie absolved the unhappy culprits, we danced, with hellish glee, around the huge conflagration. The note- books, with their splendid artistic work and neat penmanship, are stored away with the other relics of 1908's childhood years, and the instru- lllGI1lS of dissection are swaddled in flannel cloth. Woe unto him who reviveth the memory of the hardship and privation of zoi3logy's days! P' .. if 1 1n-.1,,A,"'- -- TW' ff : 'A NM Va- . ,. - , b - rw-A' ' ' A - " . . g, ggi-Ea .4 ,- Q N . ' COMPLAINT v A. ' State of Pennsylvania, u I County of Lancaster, BEFORE ME, an Alderman 'in and for the Cfly and Counly of Lancaslcr, and Slalc of Penimylrania, personally apprarep BUTTINSKIE WRIGHT 'who being duly sworn or affirmed according lo law, dcposcs and Says lhat A...,.,,,,,,A,,.....,,.,,,....,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,.,,,,.,......,,.,..,,,,.,.,....,,.........,......,. Lumbricus Terrestrius, Venus Mercenaria, Asterias V ulgaris, Matridium Marginata, Euspongia Offic-inalis, Constalmlarius Gerln- chius, Newericus Lnndisimus, did on Mary Street, the twenty-fourth day of April, .-l . D. 1906, in thc Counly 0fLm1f'asI0r, malici- ously and with violent intent, commit not and affray ,,,-, .,,. ,........,.A,., ,,,,,,, ,,,, , , ,,,,,,,,,., , ,,,, , , , , ,,,, H , , ., ,,,,,,,, ,, mnfrary lo Um A els of .-1 ssembly of thc Commonu'1'aIIh of Pennsylvania, in such cas:-s 7110110 and 17l'0I'l.lll'll, nml furlhrr rleponc-nl mill: rm! Sworn or aflirmed and subscribed before me this twenty-sixth day . in ffidlmi -QQMMM, P iggfgmgg of May, A. D. 1906. Commission expires June 4, 1906. ALDERMAN ORIFLAMM E 2-LT I Trial 01 Alderman Grafticous Sl5UIlUllS .,.. . . ..l. H. l31'lr1'oN. Defendants Ll'MI5Rlf rs Tl"liRl'IS'l'Rll'S, MA'lRIllIl'M M.uic:xN.x'1'.-x, YENVS Mifnci-:N.x1u.'x, l'IL'S1'oxc:1.x Url-'if'1x,x1.1s, As'1'i+:lu.xs Yl'I.G.-KRIS, CoNS'm1sl'I,.'x1us Giclu..-xc'H1L'S. NI'1WI'fRIi'I'S L,xN1m1sm1's. Witnesses John Nitcllell ..., Katlierine Shrew .. . Carrie Nation .... Thomas Lawson . . . Madame Pompaclour Silas C. Swallow . , . William R. Hearst, . Nan Patterson .. . . lflugene Y. Debs . . Rufus Choate ........ William Blackstone . , . . Judge Jeffries .... Daniel Webster . . .. . . . E.ref'ul1fone1' . . Cfmslable .. . . R. .. .i., C. lf. Attorneys For the Defense. For llze l'1'osec1ctiun. W. li.-xxvnorr, R. Avlcxfzmmx, L. Wrxnomflel, M. H'r.xHI., C. F.-XlCGI.I'IY, G. Hl'I1I.Bl.kN, M. Boxlm-:nor-:n, C. Sc'1eI.uclf1flf1n, I". L.-xxms. B. I". KR.-u'BII.L, R. li. Zxmrrfznnlxx. . .L. IC. HAIR, ..W. A. SC'HNI'IlJl'1R . ..I. B. Lrzxrz. G. E. lVALBl'1li'l'. Alzsolriwt J. Alarander Dowie . . .C. A. Hlclss. HE TOOK AN ARTIST TO THE DANCE, BUT- EDI. Mimi! V 1 H N 1 kfvfvfx- A 11 , Q - . varite- M, .. -g Di. f 21 , Lfx A Xy,,,f 4. LV M' if Y. , XI' XY-U' 40 ' 1,5531 E ' 1 vm. HE COULDN'T READ HER PROGRAM. E N 0, wah some power ffie giftie gie us Zo see oursefves as ifliers see us. U I' K NI I' U I. I. Ii G IC .Zn '. ' . . .XD I hm- IIl1'lI.KRllfill.M0lll-I .xI'I'I-II., 4' lx 'I. I,:uir-:nstz-l', I':1- Ibizigimtliinng I'I:iss 'I'rv:ism'vr flig.Svs'rv tary II. I.. S. Iljg l'h. Zuiil. l'1'vm:1tim1 Unix Q53 Ilus. Mgr. Y. NI. V. .X. Ilnmllmnlv Lilig I'l'vp:u'vcI :lt I". NI. A.: .X.IS.t'm1i-so. Sonic- muah- suv that :III "'I'l'2li IIIIISIUIIIIIS . ,- :Lru "crm-Icc-cl," hut wo must do "Dim-Ii" jus- tivv, :tml say, in his In-h:iII', that so fur wv Inwa- lmtim-II that trouhlc- unly with his vuivv Xvvc-rtIu-Ivss, time-Gloa-C'I11lm was vuiiipvllc-:I to rvputaxtimi this sm-usmi. :tml " IJi0Ii's" 1-rup sumly hair guvv him tho pull. It is no pipm Qm'g:nii clrm-:un that ho is :1 shnrli nt I'I1ysi4-s, vigzirottv smoking :mtl alum-ing, hut Izu-Ic of spucv vmnpm-Is us to pass him by witlmut flir- thor mvntimi. Imssilig-V1-i'viin 12353 I'l'1-p:n'4-ml :xt Iins 5, XII I' ii 1 ui cllstlm-tion :nt this institution hm-s have :1 fvw goml-looking mvn tn uplmlml its nf .ni lin' .'xI'KHltM.XN, I iU1'iIN'IllIQ .Xth, limml of Ilin-4-tnl's III tulu II - . . UI 'HH nu-ii in vmrIIUgm--ospz-1-i:1IIy IlI'il'l' Sum is thv first man in tI104'I:lss,Imt his s I:u't that ho is :i sm-in-ty limi---Gm-tlu-:iii B vivty. Scum- clay wha-li Iw gruws up :mul Ins:-s his prvtty vurly Imir, no mluuht wv sh III IIUIII' of IIIIII IIS IIIIIIPUII oi SOIIH' IIUFIIIIII SPIN I'.:lstul1,I'i In II:1v wt- Iiml um- of tho most popul II In vlmpvl sm-l'vic-4-s. .Xlplmln-tim-:lily 4'UIISI1It'I'l'lI Ulllu in the l.ux'lci-:xvia lil. Hill: lm ilu O R I F L A M M lu 25 I lm ll nun' .-Xnnuuxi ID. l3,u-zu, l':u-:ulisv Club, Sr'l1imc'lcwvillu, l':1. G04-tlw:11iq lfflntc-11-mlSoplmiimn-g Varsity lfnot Hull 'IR-:un till: Glu- Clulm 4353 l'i'vp:1r4-il :ll K. S. N. 5.3 .X,l'l, l'mll's0. YW-'ll inlu- l'mruin's wuril lm" it, tlml :ill lu- vanrvs lu mln :ll'UlllNl 1-nllm-gt' is sing, cl:1m'u :xml plu y lim!-lmll. Maw ll your .lllllg.Ellll'lllv is wurtli llllyllllllg, mul you slmulalijmlgu luis 1l2llli'llll" luv lnw Ylllgilllg, lxls singing lay luis I I-lmll pl-wma mln vnu llmik it wuulrl lw'1l :ill kiml nrfln:u1m-rly in lull llim just wlnnt Vlll , llvgms, Pu. Gm-ilu-:mg l'Iiutv1'c-glSuplnrmmn-Vlnssg lfrml. llnll 'rl'lllll C275 l,c-ssing Ye-rc-in 4355 l'r1-palrucl it lx. S. N. Sq'mirsz-. "Grim " is :l v:ll11:llwlr- :ulmlitiun lu our lllllllllll nut l". :xml Xl., lml inspin-ul'l1is4'l:lssilir':1- in us :1 grizzly, ln- gin-s strung c-vimlciwus ul' ln-ing: :i polar. .Ks zu l"r4-in-ll nllivvr in USIN- ' ' ,lltzmw-1'," his l':u'isi:Ln 2lK'C'l!lIl alumni uml l muh :um 1 lnt um lxlltlllh : - 1 ' ' : ', - -91 A' music-:il issuffv lwinff "l"urw:u'ts m:u'lsc-lil" Illi- 1- r- Q1- luis nzum-szilw, ll. A. ll. linvr, lm clovs not pri-tm-ml tu play frm!-lmll luut luv c':lll"p1msl1," xml tlmt lwlps smlw. 1 llmugllf' W4- alma 1. l i C". M.xn'r1x Bonn!-zluarzlc, 101' K, I w 252 P.kM.COLLEGE .Ions xY.KL'l'ER l4.xxc'nox-"r, 01101 ' Altoona, Pa. S. H. System 1155 Mgr. Class Basket Ball Team 1155 Track Team 115, 125, 1353 Class Captain 1125, 135g Relay Team 1155 Varsity 'l'r:u'k Team 115, 1:25, 1353 Captain 1353 Green Room 1'lnb 125, 1353 151111-'i..xxmE Staff 135: Glee1,'lub 115, 125, 1355 Prepared at BIerm-v1's- l5lll'Q.'CQ Ph.l':. Course. Honkl I-lonk! "Altoona wins against all corners."-.-IIlnnnn TI'I'IIIllIl'. This is the boy who' like Fevil Rhoadns, has been made fam- onsby diamonds. " Dov" lS1'Cl'fRlllllj'1l whirl- wind, both on the trac-k and in society, and you should hear him play the piano! Sonn- of his original pl'0lllli'll0llS would inake flu- lllllSll' of the spheres sound like a tliirty-1-ent llll!'1lf'-,2Qlll'llj'. Next year "l5anny" expw-ts to ,ujivv up volh-ge and star with Gum-eGs-o1'g1-. in "l'lotlws." laritz. Pa. Diagnothiang Class Historian 115, 125. 135i Rev. Sec, 13. L. S. 125g licviewer 125: Librar- ian 1353 Bus. Mgr. Cnlrnflm' 1253 Collryr Slmlvnl 1355 llllIFI..XMMl'I 1355 I,essing.y-Yerein 1355 Junior Hop. Com. 1355 Salutatorian ll. li. S. Anniv. 1359 Glen- Club 1355 l'1'vpa1'ed at l", and M. A.g A.lS. 1'ou1'se. liomberger is a case of what dramatists call development. Beginning as a handsomely Dutch 1'll'0Sllll1llI1, he has steadily evolved into a sport, a lady killer and a general society lion, until to-day, in dana-ing, he is excelled only by Prof. Tollinger and .loc Lees. l O R I F LAMME 253 l',xl'i, l'li-:in-:ic lirlni, Il' lil, nf" Pu. lim-:uli Junx 1'.u.v1x liinunr, liurnvillc, Pa. Gm-tlmung Class l"mmt-Bull Tomn 125: 'l'r:n'k Tmnn 115, 125, 135: liaise-lialll Team 1253 Inter. Coll. Debating: limxrrl 125. 135: Varsity Tmwk 'l'0:un 1255 Font-l5:1ll Team 1353 l.0ssing-Vvrein 1355 Prop:n'1-ml :it Perliimnvn Sominaxry :nnl privntolyg .-LB. 1'nnrs0. Hero is :l lJntf'lnn:1n XVlfllIlll'll1'l'1li.l'llljIllSll m his vm-:ihnI:n'y, Illlllillljlll it is lmril to mlv- tr-vt in his pl'1Hlllll1'l2lll0ll. llv is vc-ry fmnl ol girlsnnml other lrivulitios, sin-h :ls.l1mior liilmlv Study :mil nrutnry. I.:1t0ly, ln- has tnkon tn :ntl1lotii-s----hm!-lmll :mil truck. Taxlcing him all tlirnnglu, hc- lsn t sux-h :ln intulf-ruhlv1-nss, :xml il' you want to 1'l1:1r:n'tvrizv him in :n singlv worrl, ll':insl:llv his mann- into Gi'l'lllIllI. fi01'llI1'Illl1illllllllillll Cl. l.. S. 1155 1'l:iss l"n0t-llnll Tvznn 115. 125g Blinstrvl Show 1255 ,. Svruh lfrmrut-llxnll 'l'0:nn 11255 .Xss't lhls. Mgr. Lcssing-Vvrvin 1351-IIllll1Dl' llnp 1'om 1'25g l'rvp:n's-ml :xt lic-:nling.: ll. S.g .X.l5. 1'mn'sc-. 1' Ii Hail to thc- mnn with :i pllysiqnv lili ll, llcauling prvfzvl. "l'liu-In-'s" strung poi: Ulllltflllg trigmimnr-try :unl thv otlu-1' stuclivs in tlw cnrric-nlnm. is utlllvtivs. llv nnulv good on his l'lI'0SlIlll1lll :xml Soplimnmw- foot- lmll iU2llllSIlll1lH1llS1l r:m"inm:my:1lmlf mile for thc- 1908 trnvlc toann. llis pros:-nt occu- pations ure: talking up romn in tlw gym. :mcl km-uping qniof nn :lll of-1-nsimus. 254 l". X M. C O L L E G li n lYn, lCsiil.l-:lux llvi-tits, Ili I lf, lAllIlpl'tl'l', l':l. lliaignothinnq Vivo-l'1'c's. t'l:1ss H53 For. Nu-4--l'1'vs.t.l5g Uh. ll. lt. N. Varsity 'l'x':u'k Tm-:nn C355 Asst. llns. Mgr. lins. Mgr. Uiiii-'thxxmiz 135g l'i'vp:1i't-tl :lt l'. :incl Nl. .kg l'h.l'r. l'onl'sv. Onvu known :ls Hpliysivall l'llltlll'l',i, hnt V now :ls hnsint-ss IIIZIIIIHIUI' of tht- tlliliflhxxtxlu. 'l'hosv who linvv sm-vn hint :lt any of tht' t-lass hniiqnvts know what his long suit is, thost who hzivv not, 4-:in satisfy tht-ir vuriosity ln' lookingtlirongli tlll'1lllVOI'tiSlllfl'lllZlllOl'Ilt- vnml ot' this hook. Willis is alot-ply intvrc-stvtl . . , . . in girls schools, t'SPl't'l2llly lnntlvn llzill :intl l.:1nr':istv1' College. l'vi'li:1ps ho has :1 sis tlft01100l'tllt'Sl'lllStltllll0llS,lHll :iftvr :1ll, tlns l is only :x rninloni gnc-ss. l .Xnniv. t25g Urrlwzflfiz' Coin. 425g Asst. Mgr. !'nll4'y:' Sllnlvnl 6355 tllllllitl' llop Coin. C553 tht- tm-1' . Jonx llmxm' livivrox, 10 Ii"I', Suplcv, l':1. t'l:iss Prvs. tl5g Class lfoot-linll Tvtnn LI5, Q55 Clztss Capt. tl5g Ulnss Bust' liaill 'l'c:nn 115, C255 Class 'l'r:u-k 'l'c:nn 115, 1255 Vnrsitty Foot lhtll 'l'v:lni tl5g Glz-0 Chili t'l5, C255 Minstrt-l Show tl5, C2255 l,vssing-Vvrvin 1355 l'i'1-parvtl :it F. :intl Nl. .-Mg 1'h.l3. Vonrsc. llnring thv first. p:n't ot' our .llniior yvar, wc wt-rv not Pl1lg.L'lll'll with this l'2H'llN'l' troni Snplvv, lint, like :1 had voin, hv tnrnt-tl up in our initlst wht-n wt- loust- 4-xpt-t-tt-cl it. llis fi'it-ntl "Pt-tu" was e-spa-viallly glnml to st-0 hiin 1-oinv hair-k, untl, :is :L nmttvr ol' vonrtcsy, so wort- wv alll. W0 tlon't 4-xpt-vt hini to stay X'l'l'j' long, llUXVl'Vl'l', :is hv has lwvn otlvrvtl tho 1-tlitorsliip of tho Suplot- 1,I'1'I'fII'I.l'llf0I', slluvvvtl- ing Bla-ssrs. .klllllllllS :intl xllllll'llIlllSUll in that position. Mr. l,rlll't0ll is oniinvntly enmlilivtl for tht- work. 1, O R I F L A M M IC 255 - R.-um!! B, f'0l.DlHCN, IP li' V1 S4-lniylkill llnw-n, Pu. U55 liusv Hull 'I'v:nn, 1.1235 liuslu-t Hull Tv: Cxlptnin CD5 Varsity Foot-l5:1ll 'l'c-:nn 125, CSM liaise-l5:1ll Tvznn 1215 G14-of'lnh 427, i333 Prvpanwrml :att l". :nnl M. .Mg l' f'fnn'sr'. "Aslwstns l':n'sif:1l" l'ol1lrvn. tllo :ntlilo lllHl'illlSf :incl sc-lnnl:n', is uno nl' thu lnost invnr- ulmlo C'lll"Sllllll' 1-r:n'lu-rs in tln- 1-ullogv rw llllllllly. "Nu it lllllll- now." .Xslc liiln tliait little jukv :ilmnti Ullllflll1'jJ,'lS gl':1t0i',l' :incl lm will "lmrmw" yon :i nivkvl. Ut' vmxrsc-, lity, :incl tlnlt is tln- rm-:isrni tln- flll'l.f'l'l'lll profs. liliu to lnivc- luiin :n'onnml, writing! 0XIlllllll2lllHllS "Url:-y" has :1 vc-ry 1-ngaiging pt-rsmni :ull tlwftinu-. "lic-nsmi is tirocl, Mr. l'nlclrvn, Sit down." l'hlt1-wil Snplmlnolw-5 t'l:iss l"unt-liznll 'l'4-'nn nn, Dlll- Nrzvix t'nxn,xnt'.xnl., . liwllllllg, l':l. Gm-tln-:nig Vlzuss lfnut-linll 'I'1-:nn ill, Q35 Vlnss liaise-l'i:ill Texnn C133 S1-rnlm Foot-li:ill 'IR-:nn 11233 I,c-ssiing-V1-will 1333 l.ilxr:n'i:n1 G. l.. S. 4335 l'rm-pam-al :it lit-:nling ll. 5.5 Ali. l'mn'sc. Nlnny :L tiinv :nnl oft lnlvc we lu-4-n l'Ulll- pc-llurl to l'm'g'ix'z- ltvncling fm' what sliu Inns it ns, lint! tln-rv is :1 lilnit, tu :ull things. sol Curl v:nn1-tn ns lrmn tlw ini-trupulis ul' livrks vunnty, :1 pour, tllllllll, tilnial i'N'Slllll!lll, :nnl now-wcll luv isn't :1 fI'l'-Ylllllllll. llc is zi grvnt, fm-lluw for lllilliilljl sp!-1-vlms in 1-lass llN'C'illlQS nnl tm' sm-mulling.: lllUll0llS in litz-r:n'y suwn-tyg untsirlc- ol' tlwsv two stnnts, lic mlm-s nothing lint 4-:ll'l'x' wzitoi' fur tln- svrnlr lmnslwt-lmnll lvlllll. tu, 256 F.kM.COLLEGE HtllH'IIt'I' l':I'HI'INlC l71cl.i', ltvzuling, Pal. Glvv Cillih 1353 l.0ssing-Ven-in CD5 l'1'0p:n'- ml :lt Rvauling ll. 5.5 Ph. Pm. C'uu1's0. They say that mon :irc children of :1 l:11'f"v1' growth. In :1 msc- likv this, what :irc yllll going to do without thi- "l:n'gvr growth"'? It might he just :is well to lvalvc the rust! nn- saiitl, for uve-x'y lnun is uhh- tn draw his own conclusions. Wu.1.I.xM A. i1.XN.XHI'IR, P:u':1diseClnh, Ehnirzl, N. Y. Dinglmthialng Mgr. Class Balso-Bull Tezun C155 licvivwvr ll. Ii. S. C255 ffrvinntiion Coin. C233 Ath. l'm:ml uf Directors 123, C335 Debat- ing lionrcl 125, 133g Class Treasurer 135g Asst. Mgr. Lossing-Vvruin C353 f,IiIl"L.'XMME Statf C335 Pr0p:u'vml at Elinim l". .Mg Ph.B. Course. It is il pity that tlwrv was no romn in Ire- lllllll fm' t'Bill" Dmlalhcr, everyone sm-1-ins to think that hu fum-is so nnwh ont, fmt' plnvc in V. S. A. Not long: llgll, " liillu cmltviliplutcd tillingthc 1-lixlirot'C'l1vlniv:Ll Philosopliy in the IvlIiV0l'Sit-5' nt' llnhlin, hut he has given up the idealin1n'cl0rt0dvvotvhistinmtopi'm'i11gt,h0 hypntllosis that al. t0tl'1lVlli0llf Iltlilll has thrvc huntls whim-h 4-ntvr into vmnhinntiun. h ORIFLAMME 257 Clmsri-in Cuxmlxcss F1-zu v w rw Class Trark 'l eani CID, f C255 Green Room Cluh 123, C353 Miustrels 125g Junior Hop Coin. C335 Prepared at Yeates Sc-hoolg Ph.B. Course. This is one of the gre Sonators known in the dramatic-s, and in spite makes an excellent-lookil an authority on fancy dr ing, ctr. If you ask hiln tell you how to get inside tic City. atiest female imper- ig lady. "Chet is Is,x.w S. llII.Llill, Lancaster, Pa. ljl1llL'QIl0llll2IllQ Treasurer ll. l.. S. C3jg Lcssing-Verein Chg Prepared at Lancaster H. SJ ALB. Course. This is the child that has surh a beautiful, girl-like voir-e and captivating swagger. The latter he inherited from his greatsgrand- father, and so 1-onies hy it honestly, the rest of "Ikon is hard f101li'I'0llllhllUl'. lt is to hini thai the ll. l.. S. is indebted for its precedents and lradif-ions to say nothing of his work in revising the constitution. For some nuonths past, he has hem-n leading lhe applause at 1-lmpel, just to annoy the Profs. and he one of the hoys, you know. :Lm', 10 li' 'I', Lancaster, Pu. 1259 Base Ball loam realms of college of his full heard, ll inks, sparrow chas- real kindly, he will the ropes at Atlan- 258 Ek M.COLLEGE CH.-xltuzs l"nANKl.lN Gu.l..xN, fl' li' I, St. Thonias, Pa. Ulass Base-Ball Team CU, 1255 Captain C253 Varsity Base-Ball Teain QU, C215 Glee Vlub 1353 Lessing-Verein C353 Prepared at Mer- eershurgg Ph.l5. Course. 'tIrish" eanie to eollege determined to get notoriety in some way, and it innst he said, to his eredit., that he is getting it. His rec-ent trouhle with the tirenian at the Goethean llall did a great, deal in hringing hint hetore the puhlie, Now he is sparkling on the lmase-hall diznnond. llave you ever notieed how the Mohannnedan instinetf in Gillan keeps his head turned toward the east, tendl? .Xnd there is also some hidden toree that makes hiin :1 regular attendant, at, Sunday-sehool. W.u.'rr:n lt 1-:i rr ll ,xirrzi-:LL, South l'erkasie, l'a. Goetheang EnteredSopholnoreg Class lfoot Ball Teanl t2jg Y. BI. C. A. Cabinet, 1353 Y. Xl. U. A. Delegate to Northfield 1235 Lessing- Verein C333 l'rep:u'ed at- l,0l'lil0lll0llSCllllll1ll'yQ AJS. Course 'l'he gentleman with the Young-BIan-C':ill- Again look will now eoine hefore the student body, prepared to answer the following clues- tions: l. 'l'o whoin do you dedieate your nuiner- ous poems? 2. NN hy were you sorry when the skating season elosed? 3, Do you have any selfish interest in at- tending Sunday-sehool1' W -1. llo you allow your studies to interfere ' with your soeial engagements? YY t O R. I F L A M M E 250 Crus. .Xi'f:ifsTUs llmss, I':1r:1disc Cluh, K':it:1wiss:m, Pu. lbinggmrthizing Entcrml Sophmnorcg Vice- Prvs. ll. I.. S. C355 Propzxrocl nt 15.8. N. S. and Colunihinn Vllivcrsityg l'h.B. Course. All that is loft ofK'l1:1rlvs .-Kngustus Heiss at I". and M. is this plmtog.-grupli and :1 pair of old shovs, whivh may he sci-n in the trophy Cabi- net in the Sc-ion:-v Ilnilcling. lloisw has gone away to Washington, to hm' nvnrvr his friend, thc Prvsirlcnt, and "tho folks all say he w0n't f'0lll0 l1:u'k." Ncvvr llllllil, follows, try to grin :ind hc-au' it. i'lw1'ri1-s will soon hv ripe. l,lNSlllg'-Yl'l'l'lIl 1353 film- Vhih C333 llm-pulnlim "'l'hith ith 'thithlvlulw' ,xlllllll who ihind hill W1 v . Anim C.. lll'1llAl.XX. l.vh:in1m, l':1 Gm-flu-:mg l'l:lss 'l'r:u-lc 'I'1-:un CU. KLZH, 03,5 l"m:t-linll llll'lllll LU, 1253 l5:,S'-li:ill'l'm-:un CU N53 liuslwl Ii:xll'l'c-:nnIlb,K2J1 Varsity Fam! Hull Tr-:un 6125, C351'l'l':ll'li 'l'1-:un HB, C23, Svrnh liars!--ll:lll'l'1':llr1 filbg l'nl1'fuIurS!:1lT123, :nn llllllr QU, fling l'1-vpn:-4-11:11 l". :xml Bl. .X., l' l'ol1l'sv. 1 part V4-ry wi-ll in tho fl1'l'lllllll llmwf' -1lon't qllitv lllllll'l'SlIlllll how hm- gm-ls:1lruu ln sm-im-ty with such :l small illlllllllll nl' 111-i'v4 pvrhups his lauly l'l'l1'll1lS :Irv not ihv h:lshl'ul kinrl. .M'f'm'4lii1p: to llvihnnn, Aggie is :Ln :ilhlc-tv, :1 Sllllll'lll, :I jllflgll' ol' good soda und. finally, hv is fhv lPl'Nl-lllillilllg fm-lluw in 1-ollm-gl ill'llll'l'1ll'l'lllH'Sllll 1-mlntj. .260 F. 8 NI. C O L L E G 15 Ilrzxnx' .Xnxom Ki-:nsuxizn, llvzulingl' 11. Govtlivzmg film' Vlulm CU, 1355 Imssiiig- Vvrvin Ciiig l'1'c-paxlwl :lt llwuliiig ll. Hg .-X.l3. COIIFSC. llvrvis:1sllulvi1l who 1-:nm rr-pr-:it :my Latin lr:1iisl:1timi lu- lim-:urs lliv proll-ssm' ol'l'1-i' :xml who can prow- two right :niglvs vqunl. Giving mi tliv llvpotlu-sis tlmt tliimfs 1-quail In the sumo thing :irv vqunl to vvmwylliilig 1-lsv, K1'!'Slllll'l' luis 1-oiixv tu smm- l'l'IllIll'lClllDl0 von- clusions, Vliic-I' :nnmig tlu-sv is flu- um- that lu-1-nn sing, Init, rc-ally, In-1lovsn'l mann it in :1 luul way. Jonx IJANH-:L l'Im.M int v Nvw l,l'IlX'lKlC'lIl'1', Pal. Guvtlivnng Pu-p:1i'ml:nt l". :md Nl. .-Lg .-MH. Cuursv. linflxvi' u:unlwy-paunlxy, init, in spitv of his faults, would make some poor follow ax faith- ful wife. llc is :L firm lxvlicvvr in tliv mlovtrinc that silviivu is golmlvn :mal puts tlmt pre-cept .0 przu-live in time nwilzltiuix rrimii. O R. I F L A M M E 261 Bxcxinrix l'IN1:i.r: Iin.n'iu1,i., l':n'zul1s1-1 luh, lfllitvmcl Soplumiorcg Mamluliu Club 125, 1355 Gloe1'lulm 1355 PI'0SlCll'lllf Nlusival Ululis 1355 Grvvu Ronin Cluli 1355 Lvssiug-Vvrviu 1355 lius. Mgr. ll'rnkly 1355 liliui-'r,.'xMxm Stall' -1 1353 Prcparvml at M. b. N. 5.5 l'li.l3. Coursv. Maki' a urnsz- like a suilvml 1'OllllI' aml wafvli tilw plI'lllI'I' iunvv. liaclivs aml g.:vutlc-lm-li, this lJlI15llUlll0llUlI is "lk-li." limylrill, owuvi' ol ilu- l,1'llllSVlVIllllll Him-l Fo., lorcl of tlw cnllvgv howling allm-ys aml ilu' mau wlm foul: flu-1-011-ol "Tank" iu tlw fi1'l'lllIlll play. llc- is lquuwu tu ilu- fm-llows prim-ipally by tlu- uamv uf "5lauliaH:ui," bu! tl: it u um ulris to ilu- laumlry :xml mit Nlauliattau -------, well, in-vvr miml. lliluu' l,INi-'mm KRAUSIC, I H. 8.3 .-X.l5. Course. many 1-Iiaptm-rs: 1. llut Air. 2. Suuuuvr 'll1'llll51'Sff. 3. Trupu-al 'l'm'u:ulo. vwu' will mit fall lmliiml thu 11-sf. 15r:il,0r limuu like " lli4'ks"'? Stu-ltou, Pa. : : P'---.- Lausmlalv, l a. Goutlicaug Soc. G. l.. S. 1253 Ulass liasv- liall Team 115, 125g Capt. Flass li:nsc--llsill 'Foam 1155 Varsity liasu-Hall 'l'vam 115, 125, Calvnrlrll' Staff 1255 PI'0I5lll'01l all Xorristmvil lu Krause we have au oxxuuplo uf what college life may :lo for a mau. Lot us uuw Travc luis fliiww yours of mlcvvlopiuoui iu as .Xml it is sail' to pi1iplu-ry ilial ilu' fourtli pm-1, atlilvtc-, adiuirvr of Krausv, luv stamls in a vlass lmy liimsm-lf. .Xrv flu-ru any umrv at X M t' U L L li ti IC .262 l". ui' . ' xx -inns H. In-:x'rz, 4lP.1'li', ' Fi'0tl0r1clisln1rg:, Pu. Class Font-l3:1ll 'l'0:nn 115, C255 flllllfllill U55 linsv-l3:1ll'l'0:in1 tl5, C1253 '1'r:u-li'l'v:in1 115, C253 Basket-lizill Team CI5, t253V:1rsity Sc-rnh Font-linll Tm-:nn U55 lfont-l3:1ll'l'0:lll1 125, C359 t':1pt:1in t-153 linsv-llnll 'll-:nn Q15. C255 'l'r:u'lc Tvznn QI5, 1253 Tvnnis To-:nn C253 Lessing- Vvrvin 1355 l'r0p:u'01l :it l.. :tml Xl. .Mg .LIL Umn'sv. lizwli tu tho wuutls with this or it will hu tho rnimltiun of all tho svminairixms :xhont tho plum-. A' Princw-" is known :is :in :ill-urtmml, Q'tNlll'lllltlll'l'll fvllow, whu vmploys his time vvry profitnhly in :1thh-tio pursuits. tlnv of his l5l'lllt'lpill virl.uvs is his tutnl ZlllSillll'llt'l', for " llntvh " is tho only momlwr of tht- .llminr t'l:1ss who tliml not got piflivntvml :lt tho hun- tllwt lust spring. Illli.xn.Iusi.x1i l..xl'lflf'l-llc. lrwin, l':1. lllIl2Il0l'lll:lllj l,t-ssing:-Yvrvin 1355 Mannio- hn Vlnlm 1353 l,l'l'l5!ll'l'tl :lt lrwin ll. S4 .X,l4. t'crlll's1'. Going :xt his prvsc-nt rntv, :ill that t'.lvssv" vonlil ilu in :1 lil's'tinn' wnnltln't fill this little spm-0 11-sz-i'vv4l for him. llv svoxns tn ht- in- tl-wstt-tl in tht' Girls' lligh Sr-html, lmnt what hu mwcls is :1 llttlv t'tlllXlllg nr lll'l'Y0 toniv. ll:lsilnpfvtl'1-r is his lmhlxy, thc ministry his mnlmitiun. livttvr stay out of high finance, .lvssz-," I , C 0'W O R I lf' L A M M l. JJ. A LLAN S. M 1-:r'K, Mvvkvillv, Pa. Gcwtln-:nip lfliitvn-ml Suphnmorog Sm-. G. lf. S. C235 Soph. Urat. G. I.. S. C253 Vice-Pros. G. L. S. Ciijg Y. M. C. .X. Valnnet. C355 Lvssing- Vercin H53 Mgr. Class Basket llall rlllllllll 1335 Preparvrl at K. S. X. S.: A.l3. Cbnrsv. Mock vann- to as in our Soplminorv year and sinc-0 that tinw has hcvn doing nothing hul- grinmling away at hooks from morning till night. lVhil0 his industry anal thirst for knowlcclgf' have won for hini the vsfconl of the favnlty and tho stnclc-nt hotly, tht-rc is something ho has 114-glvvtocl 10 loarn, sonic- thing whivh 1'ann0t hc founil in hunks, and that is fhv clistinvfinn lwlwcvn "ww" and w. Pvrhaps anothor year in tho Goolhvan llifvr- any Sm-ivty will luring the inattvr around all right. princ-ipal of M. S. N. S. xvl'Xl'1llll4lllli0 'lllll'l'K' is onv vxvnsf- to ull'm-1"--lw ronnis with II lAlI'lS M. J, l.Y'l'l-I, V Milli-rsvilh-, I 1 lfliuli-lwl S0lllNllll0l'l' Vlass: Vlass liznslimt Hall 'l'c-ani 41255 Man1lolinl'lnh 123, lim: l'11 parvml at M. S. N. S.g I'h.l4. llUllI'Sll. .-Xnollir-rspa-1-ilnvn frmn Milh-rsx'ilh-, who hat, for variuns rvasmls, wc- 1-annul mln xl hi-14 " lim-" IS a lllllSll'lll QUIIHIS anml thx- only ri-as hv xlovs not shinv nun'0:n'nnn1l mllc-gv is that hu sc-vnis to lw clvfm-1'll1i1w4l to livcp hinisill llllllC'l' :L lbllSlIl'l nl C'0lllllllUllS all thc- tnnm vihnan. llnown NVlll'l'1'Vl'I' ho guns as thi- son ol thu tn ti ll vnu whc-ro thi- "warm light lnvi-s tnmlwvll Ull 264 F. LQ M. COLLE GE llowucn W. hlll'IHSl-I, l.:1m':1stvr, Pu. Di:ignothi:mg Czmv-m:m CU, t':1pt:1in 1265 Class clllt'l'l' l.:-:ulor '15, t'rvm:ition Com. 125, Class Pros. C355 l'1'op:1i'ml :it l:1lllt'1lSl'l'l' ll. S :xml I". :iml M. ,-Lg .-MB, Course. llzlppvns to hc prvsitlvntt of our c'l:lss, hut snys ht' would l'Illllt'l' lw right. l'lUWlll'tl lvnpvll into fzum: in thx' l':1ll of his l'lI'0SllllHlll ymr, wh:-ii his Sfl'l'llgIlll :xml gi:-m'r:ilship won 1 - n 1 ' ' tho tum' Rush lor 05. l'rom that tum' ht h:1s Iwi-11 loolcvml up to :is tho gl'l'1lll'Sl sc-rgippvl m thc' 1-lass, :tml wlwi'vv::r tlwrrf is ll'0lllll0 of illlj' kiml, hv is usually fouml on tht' spot l,ilw c'0ltll'l'll, hv is :1 grvnt moi':1list :xml Y. M U. .-X. worker, hut :lo not pr:-ss him too far, hc might say Htl:n'n." Govtln-:mg Class lstllli-llilll 'l'v:xm ill, Q125, llalslcvt-lizlll 'lltllllll til, 1125, 'l'rm'lc Tv: Xvutvli him go :lftc-r :l high tvmn' note so t t'Ym's t'. Mmi-:ic V l'olmm'n, P4 im QU, '4c'ruh Flbtll'-llllll 'l'0:1m tlj, 125, Vursitiy Foo lizill 'l'v:1m tillg Y. M. U. A. fltllllllvlt C333 Gleo t'hih till, Tl't'IlSlll'l'l' f'ull1'yv Slmlvnl 135, l1'v:1s11l':-1' G. l,. S. C333 l'1'vp:1rt-ml :it Nlillhcim H. 5.5 .'X.ll. Coursv. "lloy:lo" Moyer grew up in thv wilcls tht 1 tllllll lllll lcmty muh: L l1igl1vi'st:xtoof pm-l'l'cL'tiol1 in :xrt than in l1:lt-ure prow- ':ss-"1 ,:: mf: A' ":' rs All ot' ns 1-oulcl forgive him for having 1-omv lnvrv if hc hml only loft: his vorm-t :ity homv, hut, :1l:ls! Sousa clitllfti soc him first! "Cyn is quite :m ontlmsinstiv foot-hull player : allways t:u-klos low. If you :lo11't lwliovc it, me mornin-f in uhnpvl :lml he :'onvim'0cl 1- of fl0lIl0l' t'0lllll'y, :xml mum' to I". :xml M. to xml ORIFLAMME 265 .IAs0N KLINI-1 Mow-zu, 10 li' 'I', Millheiin, l':l. C253 Captain C355 Class .' w x"l'l'l'lll 135g l'rop:u'e1l :I 1 ' privuttely' ' .I'l. Course. 'tI'ret,ttv n-: ' 2 : 2 f i that funny--he s doing, ity, t Ci..-umxeia KA 1' F1-'xnxx M usslcn, Illountyille, Pu. Goethenng l'rep:u'e4l :it l". :intl BI. .Lg A.l5. Course. Nlusser is usuully seen with H4-lin mul, like hiin, is :i living exponent! ol' the "Stn-unions'e." Soine people say thut, he is under the spell of :I hypnotistt :incl eunnot get ulonpg uny luster, others lnzlintzlin that he has heen clis- appointed in love. liutt "Ilis lioyul Tough- ness," no cloulmt, VUIIIUS nearer the truth when he snys thut Mr. Mussel' is trying to prove the lun' ot' inertiug lu-live his state of perpetual rest. ' Got-tlieanig Class lfoot-llnll 'l'e:un CU, C253 lluso-llzxll Teuln tlj, 125g lianslcett-l5:1ll 'l'c:un 5l"tI'C'l'll'V C053 V'u'- . .., 4 sity 'l'i':u'k 'lleuln Cljg Scrub l"oot1-liull 'l'e:un 425, tiilg Sub. Varsity l"oot-Hull 'l'e:un C255 1353 Asst. Mgr. Varsity liuse liull 'l'e:un C352 Varsity llusliet Bull 'l'e:un 4335 Mgr. l,essing.:- t Nlillheiin ll 9 -ind f .n.1 , 1 h " llello 'l'uhhy." llnye you ever stopped to l'0llSltll'l' what am 1'llZlll'Lfl! :1 few short yours lmve nlmle in the over? To look life :intl 4'll:u':u'ter ol .l. lx. Xl N upon this pit-ture :incl that--oh, let, us mlrnw the f'ui't:1in! Onee he wats "u good little wuknhf' hut, now-h:u-li to the Brush Valley with hiin, lim-li to little lsnue :intl the rest of his hunc-h. llicl you ever hear "Jay" sing? . c u " ht ll! uh the Glue Uluh, hut , his voice was against hiin. ll' he cloesu't, tell you uhout, it, "Sn:1kes,' will. "Now isnlt, ' f oo " 266 I". tk M. t' O L L If G IC t'n.xn1.1-is l'n.'xox llwnm lx!-I'I'l-IRS, New Tripoli, Pa. Goettheang Entered Sophomore, Class See. C335 Lessing-Verein C353 Prepared at K. S. N. S., AJS. Course. If every person were as energetic' as Charles Peters, there would he no need for a law of Conservation of Energy. The fact is, H Pete" is a speeial friend of Dr. Sn1ith's aids hint lllllf0l'llllly in keeping order in the elass-room. Lately, he has taken up elairo- voyanee as a side issue, hut sinee the appear- nnee of the last ghost, " Pete" has deeided to burn all the playthings and settle down to work. What a change it will be! there would never he any of it wasted. ,and .losl-:en Nl X'l"I'lll-ZW Nl'1Xl'ti.Xltll, l,elr:inon, Pa. floetheang lflntered Sophomore, t'lass lfoot- liall 'l'e:un C1255 St-ruh l"oot-llall 'llt'lllll t2u, 4353 Lessing Verein tlljg Prepared at li. S. N. S., .X,l5. tloltrse. f Q . - - . lhe first nnpresslon :I fellow gets of this :tnthropos is that ol' a quiet, easy-going' hoy, who would not say dalnn it' he eould. 'i'here is just where he is apt to deeeive yon, for you don't know what sort of ideas are apt to dwell inithat peaeeful head. Keep your eyes on hint after dark and see what kind of a paee he is leading when he thinks no one is on the look-out. that l . is the lntvsti hook in ilu- sc-rivsof.Mlilvtic customs of Friniklin nnrl M :lrshnll stnclm-nts s ORIFLAMME 267 .lUllNfll'lSl'1 llnssxmx. Spring Mills, Pu. GOC'l'll0illlQ Chnplaiin G. l.. S. Clbg Cllrntni' G. L. S. lljg Class Font-llaill Tuann 1253 Mgr. Class Base-B:ill T1-:nn C253 livssing-V4-ruin C353 llliIl"l,.-XMMIG Stull' 435g S1'l0lll'0llllllbQ Prop:n1-ml :il Spring Mills ,M-:ull-lllyg .'X.l':. i'0nrsv. yn rw I "Why not sp:-:ik for ynnx-sm-lf, .lohn'. lhm only rm-:isnn In- mlm-sn't is lH'l'2lllSl' ln- knnws hinisz-ll' loo wi-ll. lf it wc-rv not for laying hini upon lopnlllil'1'l'lIi1'islll, wvwnnlil vxplnin to thc' slnlli-nl hmly why Nlr. ll0SSlllilll nmn- ngvs tu tnko sn nmny trips lu wnivvnlinns, 1-tv., :inml llllSSl'S his lrnins, lint who vonlil think any ll!ll'lll of sin-h :in in1im'c'nl, qnivl, ll2ll'1l-W1ll'lilIlH lull? .Xsk Bright :incl Blvyvr. flicumzl-: l.I'1l'l'H Rrrrn, III .E'h', llnywlnwli, Pu. Gnotln-:ing Nl:in:ng:0r Class lfnnt-l'mll 'IR-:ini 1155 Svr'rct:n'y Y. Nl. l'. .VL C255 f'l:1ss 'l'rv:is- nrvr C353 1,1-ssing-Vvrcin clidg H1ill"I,.xMMr: Stull' 1335 Pr0p:u'1-ml ul, F. :nnl Bl. ,Lg .'X.l'r. Von rs:-. "Lessons in Slliviclun or "Ga-4-if Gvfsymlf' lVorks pnhlishvcl hy Mr. G. l,. lloth, of Huy- 1-rtnwn. In this :nllnirnhlv lilllv vnlnlnv, the :inthor points only how it is possihlv to flu zu, khan-liliain with thv nevlc :anal lwnml and ye-ti 1 snflvr nn psyr-hivnl h:n'ln. Gm-o1'g10's lcnnwl- 4-llgu of the :nrt will 1-wfziilily he of gn-:it sc-r- vim-0 to hiln whvn hc gncs :ls :1 niissinnnry to W Im-:ivli tht- lll'2lllI0ll "f7l1im-0" thv re-ligion :nnl 968 FQKMCOLLEGE Fuicoi-:mek CIIIKIST. SCHAHFFER, .Y 0, Lancaster, Pa. Goetheang Class Secretary Cljg Class Viee- President 123, t3jg Mgr. Class Basket-Ball Team C2jg Minstrel Show C2jg Green Room Cluh C255 Lessing-Verein C353 Vice-President G. L. S. C553 Charilnan Junior Hop Coni.g Prepared at I". and M. A.3 .-MB. Course. Three years of college life have ehanged our friend from cute lit.tle Freddie to just plain Fred. The photographer says that he's a good-looking little fellow, hut it doesn't seein to etl'eet him in the least. llave you ever notieed a eold, distant air ahout Fritz? NVQ-ll, don't pay any attention to that, it's due to his shy disposition. lVhen he gets hetter acquainted, perhaps he will speak to you. Cr.Alu-:Nei-1 lhzsu Snmrrz, 1D.1'Ix', Quakertown, Pa. Goetheang Critic' G. I.. S. C253 Treasure,- Y. M. C. A. tiljg Weekly Staff C355 Prepared at l". and M. A.g A.l3. Course. Pious-looking monk, never quite awake, perhaps due to the inlluenee ol' the ll'1'elfly and College Slurlenl, with whieh he is eonnec-ted. l'Ie is a great hrain worker, hut belongs to the union and threatens to go out on a strike. If he would leave otl seine of his seininarious ways, sueh as ehewing tolmaeeo and saying Udarn it," he :night inake a great improve- nient with very little trouhle. I ORIFLAMME 269 WlI.LIAM .-Xnn.xHAM Sf'HNI'1Dl'Ili, X ID, Shulnolcin, Pa. Gootlicnng Class President: C255 lJ0lHltlllg' T:-:nn CU, CBJ, C355 Soc-1'ct.:1ry G. l.. S. C2253 Vic'o-Pwsiclont' G. I.. S. CZJQ Winnur Inter- Soc-ioty Sophomore Urntoril-:xl Contest.: 'l'hircl 1ll'2ll'Ol'G00fl10:lIlAlllllVl!l'SIll'y C253 Class Foot- l3:1llTu:nn C253 ll'1-1-k1ySt:1il' C333 Grcon Room Clnh C333 licssing-Veroin C333 Assishnit Mun- Ilpflfl' lllllfblf-Bllll Toznn Clijg hlilllilllllll' Foot-li:l.ll T:-uni Chg Prop:n'0d :it Shmnolcin Il. Hg A.l!. Course. Shznno upon thu lmoy who wonlrl 1-xposc llllllSl'll- to pnhlic' View llflll'Pll in :L lnhlo Conf :lnml il llllll' of shoes. No wonmlor tho inhuhi- tants of Vina-lnont loft thvir honn-s in tvrror while :m train, lH'ill'lll,UQ ::. llt'l0,Q:l.l-lllll ol' l". :incl Rl. stlulonts to Lehigh, pass:-ml llll'Hllg'll llll'll' village. In lAlllf'llSl0l',HSl'llIlllZn is :1 l':1irly rl-spa:-tnlmlv person, :nnl svvxns to lw :L good, l'UllSC'l0llfilUllS XV0l'lil'l' Cut polu-VD. lint- hm- stnnlls in :n 1-lusshy llllllSt'lll,Illl1l XVl'1ll'l'QIlIHl it is :L "Class ol' Onof' Rrnnf:n'l'Mll,1':s Shin., Berlin, l':1. lllilgllllllllllllg 5l'C'l'l'llll'j' ll. li. S. Cljg liv- viowor D. l.. S. C255 Monitor ll. L. S. C359 C':1pt:iinC':inc llnsh Cljg Class l"ool.-Hull Tc-:un C153 Glor- Cluh C335 Lcssing:-Vorcin C335 Ilvl. Onitoric-:ll Union C333 P1'cp:u'ocl ut, Glenville Awulclnyg A.l5. f'onrsv. To lmlnll, or not to hlnlT, that is tho qnos- ' lion--with Stahl. Hfl0lllllf'llll'll of tho Class W of 1908, you have won :l lll0lll0l'lllhll! vic'lrn'y." W -Exlrzwt fromthof:nnonsU:1nolil1sl1Spcuc'l1. Have you ever stopped to think how swf-1-L this life: would he if ull snvh :non wvru lnllz- ' zlocl? Do it now. 270 l". 8 M. C O L L lfl G E Iioinnca lncyl Sm Nm-:v, Shenandoah .lun1'tion, W. Va. lliagnothiang I.essing-Yerein 135g Preparetl lt. Xlereerslun'g .'kt'lllll'lllf'Q .'X.ll. t'ourse. ls this a 'l'. W. or simply two yartls ol' hean pole? You will have to reall your answer in the stars, for li. ll. 1-oul1ln'1 tell you in a vear's tilne. lt's not that he's slow, or laeks energy, hut he usually takes his tilne for l'ya1's 55 .XI.fl'lCIt 'I'lu'x,xi,, 1l'lx"l', Blyersmlule, l'a. lliagnothiang Winner ol' lfreslnnan Ura- torieal t'ontest ll. l.. S. 1153 Vlass l"oot-Hall 'l'ean1 115, 1251 Greenlloolni'luh1Al5,125,135Q Nlanmlolin t'luh 115, 125, 1355 Xsst. Mgr. fl. ll. t'.13l5g Vhaplain ll. l.. S. 1l52 lleeortling See- retury ll. l.. S. 1255 l.essing-Verein 135. .lll'l'I52ll't'll at llereershurg .kt'lllll'lllj'Q Ph.ll. t'ourse. What a eheekeretl eareer hltles hehinrl this angelic' t'aee only the initiateml are ahle to tell. 1'yrus isa great frientl ol' XV4llll:llllillltl, hut has never onee thought ol' getting a wife of his own. Ile is a lnagnilieent lrlutler in the 1-lass roonl, a tower ot' strength on the Blanmlolin t'lulw, anml until lately, quite a traek nnan. We think he would make an itleal pastor for soine eongregation, for he would surely he an arclent worker in the l.a1lies' .'Xi1lSo1-iety. s llo you ltnuinhu tht anything he mloer. l' mlm' when Stanley anml .klIllhI'15 1 lillll'l'j'? W1-ll,ithat was hig llootl. S the mln lm1tol1 tht O R I F L A M M IG 271 Grzonm: Iivnnl-sm W.u.n1':n1', lireniffwille Pu. F! 7 Goethcnn' Entered Soihoniore' Messina- ! 2 , Verein C555 Prepnrecl :xt lxntztown S. N. S5 .-LB. Course. Jetzt. geht es los. Wir soinetiines roast, :I Munn weil ei' Dntvh is but- we wonldn't do so in n Case wie this. We hnhen g.fecl:n'lit that Wnlhert would like to lc-sen pnrtt of the fllll- 1"I,.-xxmif: so we thought. it only fail' zu ihni that :I portion ot' the linvh should he g'l'Sl'lll'l0lJl'll in this llHlllllC'I'. Hin dentsvhes hllltlt'll0ll kusst dit-h nit-ht, l'n1l tlf'llfNl'llt?l' W1-in 4'l'tllllt'lilt dit-h nivht. .Ionx Wl1.i,1.m Wu-nm-nn, l'r-nnslnirg, l'n. Goetln-:ing lflntered Sophonioreg l',essing.:- Verein 135g l'rep:n'ed :lt l,C'l'liifllllt'lI S0lllilttll'j'j ,-LH. Course. 'l'hec'l:1ssot' 1908 honsts of having the only man who c-onld have "1-:mst the first stone," :md here he is. So fur :ns nny one knows, Weider is without, spot, or guilt, hut it will be well to remember in this 4-onneetion that the sphere of hlnnun knowledge is very limited. Did ever any good thing come ont, of Penns- burg? 272 F. X M. C O L L E G I5 Bl.XHSll.KLl. Frei-nn. I..xnAl Zl'1Itil.l-Ili, Wi' lf. lA'llt'I'Slllll'g, Nhl. l,lll'LfIl0lllltlllQ l'h:tpl:tin ll. li. S. 1lD3C'l:1ss linst- Hull 'I'v:nn 1l5, 1233 Svrnh liusv-Iizill 'l'v:nn 1235 l,t'SSlllQ'-Vt'l'0lll 13333 l'rvp::rv1l :tt llngvrstown ll. S4 AJS. Vonrsv. "l'0t0" is thc stimtling clvlvgzttv of tht- Stnclvntv hotly to thu l":nnily 'llllt'!lll'0, :incl tht- wuy hv Illfl'lltlS to his tllll'l0S is simply :1m:1z- mg. Uno ol tht' 'IUlil'S ho ll0Ill'tl down thvrv wns that "Pip" was :n h:1sm--h:1ll pitc-hvr. Ih- c':1m0 np to vollvgo :mtl tried to spring tho jolu' on ns, hnt it mliclnlt work, so hu has trim-tl to forffott it. 'l'wo things wc :ill :nliko :lho P' n hoy, :und those arc, his good nature :nn hass voice. Tllft, tut! ut thu l his l'lIi,XNK'IS l.x'n.xx Wmnorrn, I,:mc'nster, Pu. lli::gnothi:mg Entorctl Somhomorcg Vice- l'rt-sillvnt. lJi:lg.':. Lit. Sov. 13,5 lvinnur of Soph- 0lll0I'0f,I'1ll0l'lt'tll Vontost D. L. S. 125: Second Sophomore fll'Ill0l'll'2ll Uontvst 123g Green Room t'lnh 125, 1335 Minstrel Show 1255 Om- rihxmm Stull' 1335 Poet D, L. S. Anni. 1355 S1-1'oncl, Illll'I't'0ll0.!IlIlf-t' Orut. Contest 1355 t'l:lss Poet 1353 Prvs. Grvvn Room Ulnh 1455 Vullryr' Slualvnl Stull' 133, 1415 Prvparell :lt Yvntvs Sm-hoolg .-X.B.Co11l's0. lt' it wc-rv not for :1 slight tr:u-0 ot' intcllcct- nnlity :ihont thc- t':n-0 of this pl'0llll'lll, one 1-onhl vnsily imzxginv that hu :lto potatoes with his knife. lint sn:-h is not tho 1-asv, :is ho 1-:nnv to ns from Y0:1t0s 1:1t, l0:1st, the pzlrt. ot' him th:1t's ln'i'0 Utlllltf from Yvntvsj. Ly- m:m w:1sl:ttc'l.v in thv 0l'IllOl'll'lll lmsinuss, hut, lintling his hot-:lir fnrn:u-0 h:1rtl to rm-gllI:1t0, gnu' it np to :n-vvpt :l position :ls IlSSlSl2llll" llI:1n:1g1-l'ot't.Iw lmskt-t-hull tt-:nn. OR I F L A M M E 273 lV.XI,'l'l'IIK t'oxl:.xn Zmxmimxx, .l' Ili, l,:uu-:istr-r, l':l C'l:lss loot-llznll 'l'c-:uu 6255 t'l:nss I"oot-llnll 'l'l-:nu Mgr. t255 i'l:lss 'lll'lll'li 'l':-:un QI5, Q25 Varsity S:-rulm l"oot-l5:lll 'll-:uu 425, C355 lms- siug-Vvrviu 4355 l'i'vp:ni':-tl :it l". :incl Nl. .X.5 Phili. Fourso. If you :Irv w::lkiug :along soma' :lurk strc-4-t :ihout uiicluight :uul sm- two pt-rsous stniuliug un :l shmlow, om- of thmu is NY, i'. Ziuuuur- uuul. llv is not :1 lurgolnoy,lx11t,"l1:1s:1his- tory th::t's hot :xucl hlist:-ry." Il' it wcro not for his lll0ll0Sij', he would troll you t,h:it, h0's fouml of work-pvrlmps Prof. llvllcr can tell you hcttvr :ihout tllilt-. Our time we know hv :lid work hurml, :uul that wus the cl:1y he tried to ask Suyclvr for phenol-phtlmlyuv. Rui-'rs lfllvifiilzlc Znnlicmixx, Ill li' 'l', Mt. l'lo::s:uit,, Pa. ' lulllllltbllll Vlulx CI5, f25, 1355 Miustrol Show C155 C255 lCclitor-in-1'hivl' fflfll!'lNIlI7' C255 Cleo Cluh C355 lmssiixg-Vm'oiix 1355 liditor-iu-Clxiot' Oicli-'l..xxml-1 135. l'r:-p:u':-xl :nt West:-ru Penu- sylv:1ui:1 lutsitutv5 l'h.l3. Vourso. This Sl5l'l'lllll'll is tho4-:Iitor-in-1-liicfofthis volumv. Wu rl:u'0 uot suy :ill t-hut: wo think :ilwout him, lwmuiso wo have prixlc-rl ourselves that tlir-ru shall he nothing ohsr-one iu this 5 . . . . yours t5ullf'l..umic. Lip is iutorostctl lll 1-hc-uiistry hut ou 1-ortaun Sllllllillly morn- . iugs, thc- l'hysir'::l lAll5UI'ili0I'j' :llso luis its :1tlr:u-tions. .-Xs th:-rv :iro suvorul Ziuuuor- umus in Poll:-go, it muy lw wull to l'0llltll'li that tho sulmj:-rt ot' this skotrh is uoti:'o:1.lmlu ou :wvouut ol' tht: fart that fha puhus of his humls :tru usually t'm'm':-cl with hlist:-rs. lu llI5l5t'1ll'Jlllt't', our vrlitor-in-r'hi4-I' is t:lll :uul has :1 shghtly lor:-:gn zur, prolmhly 1-outr:u't:'cl hy :lssor-iutiou with l5:1go:'s ol' his uutivo town. v 274 I". R M. C O L L E G E 1908 Specials JOS. LEES. RALPH M. MARKEL ORIFLAMME 275 Senior Roasts '31 . AL'Nc:s'r-Great political reformer, only slightly Dutch. Has prepared a Pennsylvania Dutch version of Hamlet. B.xRI.1cY-A strange phenomenon 5 has been growing younger ever since he came to college. Sells horses. BEAMsnlcnrnn-Good at cutting, both at tennis and otherwise. BICKIQI.-A poler--silent and sad. Another believer i11 a Pennsylvania Dutch Hamlet. Br1f:RLY-Repo1'ted to be married. We sympathetieally withold all congratulations from the wife. CH.xNnI.m:--A pale, interesting chap, who is noted for his niee quiet ways and tender, girl-like voiee. R. H. DELONG-ORC who believes that the harder a piano is pounded the more music it will make. We question his theory. W. P. DELONG--Six-cylinder, two-speed, differential Freshman regu- lator and automobile agent. A victim of his own genius. DITZLER-Author' of that famous soliloquy: " the winds sit on the wings of your sails." This convinces us that there ,is something in that eranium after all. J. W. EVANS-Looks like the Hot Bird in "Woodland," Tries to be a sport with nothing to back him but a cheap pallatot. W. Y. EVANS-A Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde personality-saintly by day but-bowlegged all the time. Telegraph operator C?j. I1Iw1NG-The Senior who is often mistaken for a Freshman. He prides himself on his doll-baby complexion and his ability to bluff the profs. President of B. I. C. 276 F.kM.COLLEGE Fismcn-" Weak werb" Fisher. No one knows much about him, be- cause the rest of us a1'e usually in by midnight. Gmsr-As Nichols says, " If you speak to him on the street, he grunts like a ---." GILBERT-Rodney is an admirer of artg takes particularly well to Gib- son and Gilbert. Notice his present far-away look. GRAUL-WVELS once a traveling advertisement for Tonsaline, but now Greek teacher for a class of one. A terror to shoe dealers. GmaENAwAL'r-Doesn't speak to Machmer because of three-tenths of a point difference in marks. Says he never spoke English until he was twenty-well, he's still nineteen. HOLDER-A friend of Welker, but, strange to say, has a disagreeable habit of swearing. The hobgoblin of the Fresh. HORNPI-iiLlttl6 Horne." Something like Gabriel's horn-will never be heard until Judgment Day. IRWIN-A friend of Pete Ziegler and slight-of-hand performer. Learned the art from Bittner. IQIEFFER--T116 animated corpse, who writes the Calendar for the Weekly and gets it correct at least once a month. IQRUMBEIN-Tllc personification of a book of rules on etiquette. Tries to feed the profs. soft soap. LAND-A literary wonder, almost the equal of John Hicks. Really bad enough to smoke a pipe. LEECH-The author of that little pamphlet entitled " W hat Would F. and M. Be Without Me." He is a variable approaehing-the- limit. LEH-An egg. Bell boy at Hotel Realty. X FN ,KX K If 2 f I - C Q X L X f X ff X X f f f ' I ff XF ' x X! My v Q v x f ' ' K wg Q? Qx ,Z-Qi. 11177-A-wks-x Kam '- 23-N Q XX f Wil ST? 'bfi .li A mg... W, M, qs Y Y - Y - - 5? SI XIOR CL X59 278 F.8zM.COLLEGE MACHBIPIII-Pl'BSlCl6Ht of the Y. M. C. A. Needs an interpreter. Try to pronounce his name and then call for the gaboon. MAGIQE-Maggie and his dog, now and forever, one and inseparable. Prof. Beck has proved Jimmy to be larger than an atom of mer- cury. MONN-Called a fusser by all who have played against him on the foot- ball field. Was badly fussed one time himself at Mfennerchor. Mvssnn-Member of the W. C. T. U. and Ladies' Aid Society. Enjoys quilting parties and other little social functions of like character. N ICHOLS-Can be found any day at noon arguing religion with Byerly. Intersperses his arguments with, plugs of tobacco. RE IGNER-The animal atheist. The only man on the musical clubs who can afford a valet on the trips. REIST-This is the idol of the Diagnothians. A great debater, more or less. More less than more. SPIIFFER-H9l'Q,S a pound of Frankfurts in embryo. Graceful as Apollo in the gym. SIMMONS-A youth who bore 'mid snow and ice A banner with the strange device-Excelsior. SLAGENHAITP-A second Zeus. Knows almost as much about Theocritus as Theocritus. Grecian in all but name, and that is- SNYDER, F. J. M.-After you have finished reading Snyder's initials, read the remainder of the book, if you have time. STAMM-Edwin Booth the Second. He was uncertain whether he had better play the role of "Hamlet" or the king. Expects to be manager of the American Caramel Company some day. ORIFLA M ME 279 ULSH-HHS been in college spasmodically for ahnost four years. If it had not been for his read head, no one would have known that he was there. WELKI-:H-A friend of Holder. For further information, call up 73.1. XVHITEHEAD--0116 of those suave, interesting creatures that would take a prize Cblue ribbonj at a beauty show. U WHITMORE-Silent meniber of the religious debating club of Nichols and Byerly-usually asleep in Diagnothian Hall. NVORKMAN-Bill employs his superabundance of hot air in leading tl1e reform movement at Lealnan Place. YODER-The most abnormally Dutch mortal in college, except Walbert. ZACHARIAS-Had some trouble about a dead eat, which gave him a reputation for scents. 280 F.6zM.COLLEGE Sophomore Stews el BASSLER-A typical honor system senator. Used his ofiice to advance his marks. BDARDMAN-Alltl101' of the half-past ten adjournment clause in the D. L. S. Constitution. Would make a good walking delegate for a Labor Union-especially with that walk. Boozian-Tlie financial genius who gave out fifty-four eomplimentaries to the newspaper men of Elizabethtown who attended the Glee Club concert at that place. Bmn'1'IG.xM-A great CU Y. M. C. A. worker. One of the owls-he works while other people sleep. BUTZ-An admirer of Gibs0n's, " with bread, cheese and kisses." W e recommend the cheese. CAMPMJLL-Of an artistic temperament. That's why he's usually late for chapel. COLEMAN-12001115 with Krause, but, strange to say, doesn't play graphophone all the time. DIETRICH-We'll not roast him here. Let the devil have his turn. :DELONG-BIOP6 De than Long. His only excuse for being in college is his position as assistant manager of the foot-ball team. DERR-A bad case of swelled head. Entertains all listeners with tales of his own popularity. ORIFLAMME 281 C. A. DILLER-Agent for rubber collars-the boy with the gutta percha neck and green tie. DRUMHELLER-Not a good advertisement for Ivory soap. ELLMAKER-Like his own automobile-the longer the spoke, the greater the tire. FAHRENBACH-Civilized African boomerang thrower. F INK-Like Jacob, intends to serve seven years for his wife. Almost as great a sport as was Horting. A. L. GEHMAN--C2LllCtl " Linkl,-perhaps he is missing from somewhere. H. S. GEHMAN-By his efforts alone, the class average of the Sopho- mores stay above sixty. ' GIVE-T116 man of Destiny, who is prophesying his election as editor of next year's OR1FL.nm1a. Gnovn-Not one of God's first temples. A' HANLEY-Mistook the skeleton in the Science Building for an image of himself in the mirror. Hl'lI2SHlDH'-A true college man. Comes from the country every day with rubbers and umbrella. HESS-Ill singing, his mouth resembles an opening rose bud. JONES-A kid as remarkable as his name. Had his head shaved to re- duce its size. KLING.-iM.-xx-As his name suggests, sort of a hanger-on. Lkxms, J. B.-Sits around in full dress and pumps at Lancaster Col- lege Dances. Always waiting for something to turn up. LIVINGOOD--The boy who makes the Victor Talking Machine show the white flag. If, as is the case of eggs, good is synonymous to fresh, he is living up to his name. 282 F.kM.COLLEGE LY'1'1':, G. H.-Sophomore C?j. F reshuiau UD. In college C?J. Aver- age grade C?j. MECK-"You can't take my John." MCCLELLAN-A better soldier than the General. Of a retreating na- ture, however. :MUELLER-llfIOllil1 full of mush. MULL-'lS1J3,I'1'OXX'S,, was driver of the College Water Wagon, but got off one day to look for the whip and lost his job. MUSSICR-A streak of reased li htnin , known as "Mose." g LONVELL-Cl8SSlfl9Il as Sophomore, but no one would ever think it. Pete shows evidences of a strong character in his long jaw and chisel chin. PUGH-Oh, pugh! " How would you like to die on a dance floor and wake up in hell?" RAEZER-Not a Gem Safety, for he never " gets an edge on." RAHN-Sl9Htl6l', thin. Just an adjective and rather obsolete. ROTHERMEL--P0pl1l2'tl' with Yoder. " Mr. Rothermel is a very worthy man."-Yoder. SCHWENK-Mentioned here through courtesy. The man who devotes his seventeen hours a week to raising bull pups. SHEETZ-The darling of the Sophomores. Great artist on landscape work-follows the plow. SNYDER, I. G. The only way to tell them apart is to stick your finger SNYDER, S. C. in I. G.'s mouth, and if he bites, it's S. C. ORIFLAMME 283 WINKELBLECH-He is of the curly locks. Known as the man who threw the better part of himself away in the class fight on Mary street. WOHLSEN-Ist aus Muhlenburg gekommen and entered Sophomore. Sells aluminum dish pans, but would make a better salesman for the Champion Blower and Forge Company. 37ODER-Tll6 big boy who fights his opponents by squeezing them. It might be well to remark that he has run into several lemons since he came to college. ZIMMIQRMAN-Dasliy little hornet. who makes an awful buzz at every- thing. 284 F.6LM.COLLEGE "A Breath of New-Mown Hay" '31 ALlf:xANDI1:R-Tlie great Freshman who wept because there were no more basket-ball teams to conquer. ARNIQLR-"Sleepy" is the Morpheus of our college and the artist's model for the "Lazy Lew" cartoons. BINGAMAN-H Dear Sirs: I was raised on Mellin's Food and found it delightful." Born-Last year's ORIFI..-mmm staff used his photograph as a cartoon for the Prep. department. Nuff eed. BRENNER-Pl'iLlCS himself on being able to give Shakespeare a few pointers on stage settings. BRUBAKER-After' running a motor boat on the Conestoga for one season, he can give you more sailor's yarns than any sea captain in the business. CORMAN-Tlie most unknown man about the institution. Dmclsnrxel-I--The dissipated-looking dope, engaged in the sporting busi- ness. FENNINGICR-A Mennonite made., Final.:MAN-Naughty, naughty boy. "Sh! Sh! Didn't we have a h-ll of a time last night? Y ! ' GABIGI,-EDi38l'6il F. and M. by a mistake. He should have gone to Lancaster College. GLICK-HI am from Leacock, Pa., and I think they have nicer girls there than as at Lancaster." ORIFLAMME 285 GROFF-If they aren't devilish, you cannot roast them. GROVE-Plays the part of the ham in the Bassler-Grove-Hanley sand- witch. HAERTTER-We certainly canlt say much for Ed.-he is one of the " bright men" of his class. HANLIGX'-NO one would dare say that he's an improvement on P. D. HAR'rMAN-One of a bunch of fellows who helped to give the college a reputation in Elizabethtown. l HARTZELI,-HHS the dainty habit of wearing pumps to his classes. No . doubt he left his felt boots at home. HECKIQIJ-NOt the scientist, but the orator CPD. LANTZ-Behold a country school teacher gone to seed! Knows Greek and foot-ballC?D. LENHART-The report that Bill has attended three classes this semester is now believed to be false. It originated in tl1e fact that he was seen walking toward the college one day last March. MARKS-Prepared an excellent milk toast, which he did not deliver at the Freshman banquet. MEHRING-'K Great spirit of our fathers, help us, for we are alone in the midst of a great desert." RALTB-Bill made himself famous as an actor at Elizabethtown and has since gone into the vaudeville business. Once managed a troupe in Lebanon. REBERT-Drink, and the world drinks with you, thirst, and you thirst alone. RETTEW-Your' political influence with the mayor of Harrisburg is a source of delight to your classmates. 4 286 F.8zM.COL-LEGE SCHOLL-Homesick most of the time. Her name is Hannah. SHERO-Gracious, Roger, what a dainty boy you are. Do come away from that motley bunch. SHIRK-H Mr. Shirk, of Lancaster," the man the automobile agent came to see. SMITH-Looking forward to his Senior year when he will be allowed to say "damn," He won't hurt you. SNYVDER, H. G.-Herman is more than a foot-ball player, he is a wit. Thatis the reason he laughs at Katy's jokes. TURNER-" Fellows, I was not always dumb-I was bright once." Mr. Turner speaks for himself. XV.-XRDLEY-LOC0 Prue knows more about pansies than our learned professor of botany. W,x'r'r, J.-Here is a great social reformer, who is trying to introduce his brethren into the elite of society. lv.-KTT, C. G.-When Charlie fell out with Work, which side lost? Answer ................ WERNER-A youth who thinks himself endowed with the abilities of a man. XVHITMORE-NQVCI' a word from this child. Bernard has him trained. WICKERT-Tliree feet of fatness now comes waddling in from Denver, Pa. Zixmnmmx-Tliis specimen on top of R. E., W. C. and J. L. is more than F. and M. is able to stand. Fate has surely been unkind. 288 F.kM.COLLEGE The Beginning of Some Modern Fairy-tales CRevised from the Literary Iligesm C1 Once upon a time F. and M. won a debate- Once upon a time Bossard remembered he was a Freshman- Once upon a time there was a eulogist, the subject of whose address was not "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived"- Once LlpOl1 a time Stahl got a shave- Once upon a time Bear came to Greek class without a trot and re- cited- Onee upon a time the Weekly got the Calendar right- Once upon a time the Student came out on the first of the month- Once upon a time Shaeffer forgot that he was a clever fellow and that he stood near the head of his class- Once upon a time a Junior Class admitted that the Sophomore Calendar was good- Once upon a time "Dippy" Mull failed to turn up at either "Car- man's" or the "Palace" during an entire week- Once upon a time the ORIFLAMMIQ staff was not made the target for for eggs and epithets. ORIFLAMME 289 Nice Distinctions C1 DR. STAHR-Give us an example of the hot taste. DI'1'ZLER-Vlllegillk DR. STAHR-lVOl1ltl you say that vinegar had a hot taste? IJl'1'ZLER1lVQil, not in the warm sense. SNYDJ-211, '10-The student body is not held to any rule of his con- ductg in sliort, if law is obeyed, we should not have any law. Mtssnn-Without a test you cannot test anything. DR. STAHR-Wliat is an empiricist? BAER, H. A. D.--By that you mean that an emotion is, that whenever you aim to do anything, that is a motion. DR. STAHR-If I should tell you to jump as high as the Science Building, how far would you jump? Lmis-That depends on the will power. GRAUL-Jay, are you going to the " Embassy Ball?" lVIoY1Q:n-Where is it held? Mzvnnerchor Hall? PROF. BECK-What is graphite? HoLn1cR-Lead sulphide. APPEL--Pl'0f6SSOI', what was the word you used? PROF. H1ESTER-Entrepreneur. APPEL Cdoubtfullyb-Can you spell it. PROF. HIES1'ER-YES, I can. 9 290 F. kM.COLLEGE The Franklin and Marshall President Sccreiary PH3 BURK, As MECK, NH3 CARL, CS2 DELONG, HG SNYDER, N H3 CORMAN Chemical Society '31 Officers .. . . ...... H2 BECK Ac. . . .. ,....... Pmrcns, C. P. Csp. gr. 'OSL Members SP. GR. '07, H. F. Ew1NG. SP. GR. '0S. SP. GR. '09, AL GEHMAN SP. GR. '10. J CF4 GILLAN, RB COLDREN, H2 KERSCHNER. H2S GEHMAN, CF4 ZIMMERMAN MN WICKERT. ORIFLAMME 291 Idle Thoughts of Some Idle Fellows '31 RQEIST Cin debatel-Wages are cheaper than they were in the future. PROF. CHAMBERS-What is the inconsistency of that, Mr. Byers? BYERS-That might have been the answer, but it wasn't. PROF. CHAMBERS-What't that? Bynes Cin an injured tonej-That's what I said. APPEL-There are two theories-one that matter is divisible in- definitely, and the other, that it is indefinitely divisible. SHAEFFER-Volition is something that men does of his own accord to a purpose. DR. STAHR-Why do people wear green glasses, Mr. Appel? APPEL-BGCRUSC they are too sensible. W. C. ZIMMERMAN-TESTS and laughter are on the skin. BYERS-The world is still standing yet. PETERS-He was more than superhuman. PROF. CHAMBERS-Laboratory work is largely a matter of experi- mentation. BossARD-The United States she is the bigger man than Cuba. DR. KERSHNER-If this were so, what kind of a curve would we have? ' PETERS-Straight. 292 F.kM.COLLEGE Prior. Clnmmzns-What arc your authorities, Mr. Kremer? KREM 14:11-The Literary D17ge.sIion is my chief reference. L. E. BAIQR Cin constitutional historyj--How would an actor or an actress get an audience before the king of England? DR. Drums-Well-J R. E. Zimmml.-xx--0, the king sends for the actresses. DR. DUBBS-And the Chinese king sent a message and on it was written the one word, "Cl1ew." WINDOLPH Cloudlyj-Polar Bear. R. li. Zmuifzinmx-Tlie first requirement is a large populization. The Much Abused Syllogism C1 KRAVSE-All men are mortal. Czvsar was a mortal. All men must die. BA1-:R-James is a man because he is a mortal. Puor. CHAMBERS--13.11165 is a mortal, William is a- GILLAN fin a louil voicej-He's a thief. ORIFLAMME4 293 Some Bibical Discoveries , C1 DR. SCHA1-:Fri-:R-Wliat kind of society was Christ in when He was in the wilderness? MOYER-He was principally in the society of the devil. DR. SHAE1-'FER-Wlzat did John the Baptist tell the scribes that they must do? ' Co1,n1mN-Lay down the ax. - Du. STAHR-What is a eenturian? LENHART-A man who has lived a hundred years. Aurnomzicn V1+1Rs1oN-"The woman hides the leaven in three measures of meal." FRESHMAN VERSION-The woman eats the leaven in three meals. SCHNEDE11-T he young man spit. DR. STAHR-Who was Laban? LIVINGOOD-.l21,COb,S wife. HAR'1'ZPII.-DOCtOT, may I ask a question? DR. STAHR-Certainly. HARLZEL-Why the Bible says in one place that no man can see God face to face and in another that Moses spoke to God as a man to his friend. Does that mean that when Moses saw God he saw his hinder parts? WJNDOLPH-And the blind man saw. 294 F.8zM.COLLEGE Attic Salt 0 Rossnmx Ctranslating insanire inratj-It is pleasing to be insane. LEES Cin Zoologyj-Isn't that a land shark, Doctor? Pnor. WAGNER-Who was Confucius, Mr. Peters? PETERS fhelplesslyb-A Roman-er-a Greek philosopher-er-a Chinee. PROF. HIELLER-NOXX' Pindar was a sort of poet laureat to the Greek Athletic Association. DR. DUBBS-What Frenchman wrote fables? NENVGARD-AESOIJ. DR. STAHR Cin Psychologyj-How do you know this hat is a hat? SHAEFFER-Because it's felt. PROF. VVAGNER-XV hat is an elf? H. A. D. BAER Cdoubtfullyl-A sea fish. DR. STAHR-If a man has formed a habit of drinking whisky, can he break himself of that habit gradually? ROSSMAN Cin a non-committal tonej-I hardly know. PROP. WAGNER-What was Duessa doing during this time? ROTH-Taking her yearly bath. PROF. CHAMBERS-Mr. Miesse, will you tell us about- MIESSE Cfrom the depths of his chairj-Call on me next, Professor, I'm sleepy. ORIFLAMME 295 PROF. Hmsfricn-Mr. Ziegler, what is it that makes you walk around? ZIEGLER Cconfidentlyj-The earth. Pnor. CHAMBERS--The clock in this room is hanging very crooked on the wall, it reminds me of a cross-eyed man. Well, Mr. Snyder, you may recite. DR. IQIEFFER-XVl1G1'6 do the Greeks have the seat of their affec- tions? DRUMHELLER-In the diaphragm. DR. STAHR--Mr. Horn, what kind of stories are you going to tell your boys? HORN Chesitatinglyj-About the Arabian Nights. ' MEYER Cin argumentationj-Professor, I saw a lady lift an elephant weighing a ton, and she didn't put it on her shoulders either. A DR. STAHR-Mr. Whitmore, if you ever have a little boy and some one gives him a stuffed dog and he should tell you that the dog was going to bite, would you punish him for telling a lie? XVHITMORE-NO, sir 5 it might bite or it might not. MOYER-Are the M orning News and the Intelligencer both evening papers? H. A. D. BAER-All I come to college for is to dance, sing and play foot-ball, and if Doc. Johnny Hunks me in Psychology, the athletic teams around here can go to h-. F.8zM.COLLEG1I Why It Snowed 51 W c have a Dutch teacher called "Smitty Whose praises we sing in this ditty 3 For life and its joys And a night with the boys Hels the dead gamest sport in the city. The1'e is a professor named "Tuffy," Who never was known to get huffy, He lectures a lot On the erg and the watt, But the pupils all thing it is stuffy. In the Chemical lab. youlll find Beck-- Of work around him thc1'e's a peck. We hear that he prayed A stenographer's aid, To keep his whole system from wreck. When a prof. in our college goes daft, And boards the political raft, lt's pretty hard luck When the old boy gets stuck With a tirade on "ignorance or graft." ACT I. The Trolley Ride. Lost in Lancaster County. ACT II. "Ye Old Mill." Crossing the "Bridge of Sighsf ORIFLAMME 297 Synopsis OF " Why Boys Leave Home " C' 5 ACT III. "Go on, You're Drunk." Song, "Waiting," ACT IV. at a table, each one eagerly devouring a lemon. The Bullfrog and The Coon fl'n to dalej C1 "M'hm," said our English professor, "M'hm," said the Senior Student, too, "M'hm," said the Junior and the Sophomore And they all went " lTl,l1lT1-IT1.H " N ow Shakespeare was a great author, He gave us the dramas true blue 5 If you'll lend an ear and this lecture hear, Oh my! m'hm, you'll say so too." Place, Carman's Cafe. Two travel-worn pedestrians sitting 298 F.8:M.COLLEGE The Idiosyncracies of Ike. the Debating Demon C1 I. S. DILLER Cin debatej-The authority of Professor Hiester and my own good logic have proved this point. I. S. DILLI-:R Copening rebuttall-Mr. Speaker, my opponent is crazy. I. S. DILLER Cfragment of written debatej-I will prove this point by a quotation from the Encyclopedia Americana. Quotation-I cannot find the quotation. I. S. DILLER Cin debatej-I, on my feet, call for the question. I. S. DILLER Cintroduction to a speechb-Mr. Speaker, I want to talk: I. S. DILLIQR Ccanvassing for votesj-Now, Monn, you are usually a kicker, so I thought I ought to speak to you first. I. S. DILLER Cin haranguej-Now I think that we ought to change the constitution to read that sixty men CI have counted the membershipj should be in sixty chairs CI have counted the chairsj every Friday even- ing, and if I am on the committee, etc. I. S. DILLER-MI'. Speaker, the gentleman said that he would like to knock Mr. Stahl's damned head off. I. S. DILLER-DOCt01', do bald-headed men have bumps on their heads? DR. STAHR-Really, Mr. Diller, I can't see the connection between bowlegs and the phrenologist's bumps on a man's head. ORIFLAMME 299 Domestic Engineering Q Through the liberality of a number of friends of the institution, the authorities have been enabled, during the past year, to establish a course in Domestic Engineering, leading to a degree of D.E. The course itself is one of the most complete ever offered in any educational institu- tion in America and should meet the popular demand. It gives the student a keener and deeper insight into home lifc in America, trains the young mind in the true culinary way, and, finally, obviates the neces- sity of divorce. Prof. A. W. Barley, a man of notable experience and ability, has been placed in charge of the work, and under his guidance, the following synopsis of the course has been prepared. Fmsr YEAR-FOUP. Houns. General Housework KD, Washing and Ironing CQJ, Applied Sweeping C1 J. SECOND YEAR-FOUR Houns. The Kitchen C2J, Bread and Cake Baking C2j. T1-mm YEAR-THREE HOURS. Care of the Bed Room CD, Metaphysical Spanking CD, Sanitary House Cleaning CLectureJ CID. Students MARY Mussnn, J. D. HELM, R. E. Krnrrnn, I. S. DILLER, C. C. FEAGLEY, W. G. BINGAMAN B. L. STANLEY, J. C. WERNER, A. B. G.xBLr:, T. S. Dnnn. " A little mark. at little plug Un keep un gning-anh an. gunh-hug! A little warmth. a little light Qbt' lnne'a hentnming-anh an, gnnh-night! A little fun tn mately the nnrrmu 0Df early hugh grnmiug-auh an, gnnh-mnrrmu! A little trust that when me hte we reap nur naming! Anil nn, gnnh-hge!" AQVERTISEMENTS Eg 'x. Q 'Qp yi'f.vcf35 fix ' . , T' if M' Groups, Interiors, Exteriors, Etc. Atelier: 42 and 44 West King Street, Lancaster, Pa. I d p d L Ph . Op E g Hupper's Confectionery 48 East King Fine Chocolates and Bon-bons At 35 Cents per Pound The Best. Try a Pound and be convinced Orders received by Telephone or Mail ii GUNZENHAUSER BAKER FOR THE PEOPLE VIENNA MODEL BAKERY 255 WEST KING STREET LANCASTER. PA. DARIUS J. ECKMAN DIALIRIN BEST GRADES OF' COAL FFICE. 50 NORTH PRINCE STRE R. PRINCE AND FREDERI Safe - Q Investment E ? CJ :s P Ask Lancaster Stockholders CAREFUL, CAUTIOUS, CONSERVATIVE MEN AND WOMEN ARE BUYING Shares in our big Plantation and are receiving Larger Dividends than are Guaran- teed. Those who subscribed before April 1, 1907, have received dividends aggre- gating Twenty-eight per cent. Ask the holders of over Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars worth of shares, in Lancaster, Pa. Dividends will be larger. MEN OF CAPITAL ARE INVESTING because our plantation gives them bet- ter returns than they have been accustomed to receive. WOMEN ARE INVESTING because the returns are so large that a small in- vestment will give them a very comfortable income. WAGE EARNERS ARE INVESTING because they want to lay something by for the days when they can no longer command wages. A LIFE INCOME IS ASSURED for all who investigate and who use as their guide the result of their investigation. THOSE WHO SUBSCRIBE NOW WILL PARTICIPATE IN the next dividend, payable October lst this year. INVESTIGATE AT ONCE that you may subscribe before the shares are all gone. Subscriptions received, complete information furnished and specimens of our products shown at our oriice, Woolworth Building. OUR PLANTATION OF 288,000 ACRES, half as large as Lancaster County, is one of the most profitable in Mexico. There is not one dollar against it. OUR MAHOGANY ALONE will pay the guaranteed dividends for twenty-tive S. year WE ARE GROWING RUBBER AND THAT ALONE will pay more than the Mahogany. WE ARE GROWING SISAL, THE FIBRE FROM WHICH Binder twine and all sorts of ropes are made. This is another Big dividend payer. WE SELL SHARES on the monthly or yearly installment plan, and in event of death, guarantee to return to the estate all the money paid in by the deceased shareholder. International Lumber and Development Co. H. J. MILLER, Resident Manager, 522-526-528 VYoolworth lhllldlng Lancaster, Pennsylvania iv FOUNDED 1794 INCORPORATED 1863 LI DE LL SEMINARY, LITITZ, LANCASTER COUNTY, PENNA. 51 A Moravian Boarding School for Girls and Young Women, With the experience and traditions of more than a hundred years to- gether with the life and character of the 2Gth Century. in PREPARATORY ACADEMIC AND POST-ACADEMIC DEPARTMENTS 51 Careful Instructions glven in DRAWING and PAINTING, INSTRUMENTAL and VOCAL MUSIC, PLAIN and ARTISTIC NEEDLEWORK, TYPEWRITING and STENOGRAPHY. '31 Special attention given to the needs of the individual scholar. BQE'hPupiIs received at any time. Correspondence and Inspection invited. REV. CHAS. D. KREIDER, PRINCIPAL. N G. Wm. Reisner li Nlanufacturing -- jeweler Lancaster, Pa. '31 Mrsmns. Pxuzn Cm-s. CLASS Pms, FRATERNITV. Cum QQ COLLEGE PINS 1 1'l'uA'rl AND nv'-:mms cllmzR1fl'L1.v nfunvxsnlsn UPON Rlagulcwl' "ODD THINGS IN COLLEGE JEWELRY" Northwestern ntual Life Ins. Co. OF MILXVAUIiEE Assets, January 1, 1907, S22l,10l,7l4.04 Life, Endowment and Investment Policies No company equals ils dizxidemls lo ils policy holders or rxccls ils securily G. N. REYNOLDS, General Agent J. B. PEOPLES, Special Agent GEO. K. REYNOLDS, Asst. Gen. Agt 124 EAST KING ST., LANCASTER, PA. G. I. P. RAUB, Special Agent, Quarryville, Pa. vi S M S I I I I B Independent 'Phone No. 1461 . . . . . . .' , l- lu: -......--. FO 9 Oxders called fox and delivered promptly - I I 1 -nn-I-ui -Il A FULL LINE OF GROCERIIES, PROVISIONS AND NO'r1ONs, AT LOWEST PRICES COR. FREDERICK AND MARY STS. DR. M. A. BECKER DENTIST 3 EAST ORANGE STREET, ovzn zoows .mwzuw svonz BOTH'PHONES We've blessings and blessings .MQ To thank for each day. WI, Now one of these blessings Is Nissley's Cafe. i Appointments are perfect, The menu completeg 'Tis dainty and cleanly, w 7 3 None need fear to eat. AT N I S S I4 E S Lunch and Dining Roorns I4 East Chestnut Street vii F. AND M. SEAL Bnooclms, Folss AND IIAT PINS EV. Hiilnnn Enhha . I ICWX' IC 1,12 R LANCASTER. PA. JULIUS A. RQEHM NIENKS T.-AILORING No. 1G EAST I'iING ST., LANCASTl51Q, PA. SECOND FLOOR . SENER 84 SONS LUMBER AND OOAL AND ROOFING SLATE OFFICE AND YARDS2 NORTHWEST COR. PRINCE AND JAMES STS. viii WHERE YOU FIND BETTER CLOTHES MANY College Men experience difficulty in being able to settle upon a cl thier they can depend on. We know we are rigl t vhen we claim that our clothes represent the highest tailoring art. Our garments are mnde of dependable nmterinls cle- signerl by cutters of experience and tailored by men who know how. They be-nr this lnbel. S. M. MYERS 8z CO. .av 12 EAST KING STREET JOHN E. VVEAVER'S SONS SMOKED MEATS T " Corner West King and Prince Streets Lancaster, Pa. 6 . Q, Consldered the most popu- lar and leading Photogra- ib pher of Lancaster. .4 .sv C3 cs , , , QRS: lndlvldual and Group Portraits 2. gi? Special inducements to Students ' ie, plz , . Q Studlo 1 N Z4 West King Street Lancaster, Pa. IX THREE THINGS You should remember : lst. You can't get good work at a poorly equipped laundry. 2nd, You can't afford poor Iann- dry work at any price. lid. Ours is decidedly the best equipped laundry in the city. '31 Manhattan Laundry 229-231 west King sg. G. W. GIBBS Wholesale nnd Retail Mmmfactnrer of Ice Cream Cakes Candies Pure Peanut Butter C1 339-341 VVest Orange St. Lancaster, Pa. llO'l'll 'PllONIiS: Bell mx. Independent x426 ASTMA prepares thoroughly for business and obtains positions for nl lgrudnates of Com ple te Commercial Cours e. '.l'h1s course gives ln- tensely Hnctlcnl workin Account- Ing, ankflng, Correspon. dence, Penmanship,Stenog- raphy. Typewrlllng, etc. Telegraphy and Railroad work also success ully taught. Call or write for tree catalogue. Address l Poughkeepsie, N. Y. or 119 W. 125th ST., NENV YORK. N.Y. ESTAllLI5lll5ll 1876 Born 'PHONES PHILIP RUDY Turf GoodseeHurse Supplies Harness, Whips, Robes, Blankets, Veterinary: Remedies, Trunks, Traveling Goods, etc. Harness, Trunks, Etc. Rc-paired Nos. 243-245 NORTH QUEEN ST. LANCASTER, PA. X 0 Z O The Antiseptic Skin Tonic OZONE in A New Remedy for Pimples, Eczema., Blackheads, Chafing Barber's Itch and other Skin Trouble. lisp:-4-Iznlly Useful In R1-nmvlm: IDANDRITFI-'. Gentlemen need not fear shaving too often nor too close, if Ozona is applied afterward. Ask your barber to use it on your tender skin, fosls 7l0lkZ'll-Q' crlra lo have il applied. For sale at drug stores and barber shops for home use. 25 Cts. por Bottle. Standard Drug Company MAN U FACTURHRS LA NCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA 1 AM THE MAN YOU ARE LOOKING FOR MIESSE HARNESS Harness is Hand-Made and Leather of Best Quality. Price:-:arc Right. Come mid Look Over My Stock. My Repairing is Above Average North Queen st, ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS M010-R kEI3AIRxQ ,WD CONTRACTORS HP yggpyk WORK Dl:ALERtS ,, 3L,ec,,,,,,, Lancaster Electric Supply , and Construction Company Independent and Bell Telephones 42 WCS! King Sf., Lancaster, Pa. xi BAIR 8: VVITNIER LADIESU NIISSES' AND ci-nLDuEN's REA DY-TO-WEAR GARNI ENTS I2 NKJIZTH QUIEEN STREET Lnncnster, Pn. I GREETINGS T0 E and M. MEN .' FROM 'f Cotrell 8 Leonard A lx ALBANY. N. v. Mukm-rs of CAPS, GOWVNS :null IIOODS to the 1llllI'l'il'1lll Colleges and l'ulvc-rsltlr-s Class Contracts Il Specialty. . Correct Hoods for Degrees. Rich Gowns for Pulpit und Bunch. ORTHERN NATIQNAL BANK UNITED STATES DEPOSITORX' 138 NORTH QUEEN Srkm-:T, LANCASTER, PA. Capital Stock l':lId In 512' 000 , lg Surplus and l'ndivid4-d Profits, 345,000 Interest Paid on Demand Certificates of Deposit Accounts of Merchants, Corporations and Individuals Solicited J. FREIYK SENER, President. LICVI S. Guoss, Vice-President. 16.1. Ryman, Cashier. Duuccronsz-J. Ifrerl'lc Sener. Joel S Ehy. John E. Snyder. II. K. Myers, II. L. Hnverstick' Levi S. C-ross, li. II. Simvely, George Iinrd, Fred A. Achey. ' Dealer and Manufacturer of Ioadies' and Cients' XW'ig':-z and all descriptions ot' Barber and , IIai1' YW'o1'k Ha-ur Dresser Kid Gloves and Feathers Cleaned and Dyed A - " "' 220-221 N. Queen St. Hot and Cold Baths at All Hours Lancaster, Pa. xii Get Your Shoes Repaired, Now! f Don't Put it Off Xp The only up-to-date house of its kind in the city. Special attention given to students work. We call and deliver. Lancaster Shoe Making and Repairing Co. Bell ,Phone West King and Mulberry Streets N EW R ESTAURANT COR. LEMON AND CONCORD STREETS Oysters in Everv Style. Sandwiches, Fruit. Ice Cream, Soft Drinks and Candies. Small Parties Served at Short Notice. St,,de,,t E. NI. BARNETT MSO' Rooms Solicited l'R0l'RIlCTOR For Rent H. K. IIAUMGARDNER, Presirlentnnrl Treasurer FRED. S. PYFER, Secretary I The B. B. Martin Company INCORPORATED Successors to B. B. Martin K Co. Dealers in Lumber and Coal XVHOLESALE AND RETAIL Yard, 519 N. Charlotte St. Ofiice, 20 E. Orange St. Lnsu-ie ii the New York Life. Represented in 82 Civilized Governments Its policies contain Special Privileges that are not found in the contracts of any other Company. College men always prefer the New York Life. W. I. HAMBRIGHT, Special Agent. 13 WEST ORANGE ST., Lancaster, Pa. xiii INIDI1 PPNDI Nl ANI 13, PQXVL mn llILI'2I'I'IONES ,,R0,.,,,E,,, LVALNUT sf-3-EET-LIXZQQY 14 1-:AST WALNUT STREET Cnosran Csuumcms Fon XVEDDINGS, RrfcEvTroNs, Snomfmc PTC FUNERALS A SPECIALTY ' -n And Remember please we are dlol' Headquarters for everything in . -fl 'grill' . RQ Cutlery SS? Sport1ng.Goods .g g Q S . b ,gw,q W l ,j fQf telnman l - - .- lf-5 f Hardware ' gli Q, T of e s X Compalw W i E 5' I 26 and 28 West King 8treet JOHN BAER'S SGNS Publishers, Booksellers and Stationers 15117 North Queen Street Lan caste r, Pa. xiv Zlnhn E. Ruth, Elf. iltlanufarturing Jeweler ani! Eiamnnh Setter CLASS PINS AND SOCIETY EMBLEMS MADE TO ORDER OLD Gonn AND SILVER BOUGHT ENGRAVING AND JEXVELRY REPAIRING FACTORY AND OFFICE: 54 NORTH PRINCE ST.. LANCASTER, PA. For the Finest Imported and Domestic Groceries no T0 . R. C. Seldomrxdge wgjcgrgvggw Both 'Phones Prompt Delivery 8 AND 10 NORTIHI QUEEN ST. Eltarmern Efruat Glnmpang OF LANCASTER CIl.lDitlll, SHl2,25,000 Surplus, !Hi500,fl0O Presideul, J. W. B. BAUSMAN Vz'ce-Presidenl, S. M. SELDOMRIDGE Secrelary, CHAS. F. HAGER Treasurer, C. A. FONDERSMITH Ass? Treasurer, C. A. SAUBER Solzkilors XVALTER M. FRANKLIN CHAS. F. HAGER Solicits the Accounts of Individuals, Firms and Corporations Acts as Guardian, Trustee, Executor, etc. XV SPRING GARDEN HUTEL PETER ZIEGLER Corner Walnut and Mulberry Sts. FINEST LINE OF LIQUORS AND CIGARS When You Buy Bread, Buy GOQD BREAD In other words buy NORMAL BAKERY BREAD, it costs no more than others, not nearly so good. It's wholesome and pure, and the favorite with F. and M. and Millersville Normal Students. We design Cakes for special occasions. NOQ-VIAL BAKERY- 539 Poplar Street Lancaster, Pa. EDW. KRECKEL Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Saddles, Harness, Horse Clothing WUIPS, THUNKS, SldlTCHlfILS, ULLLISES, lite. Repairing Promptly and FINE HARNESS Nearly Attended to Our Stronghold 30 CENTRE SQUARE xvi WM. BLICKENDERFER , ,, 9 , , , N , , Fai mel s N0lll161ll Mai ket tn ocei y 314-16 NORTH QUEEN ST. 'REG' Alxvays Fresh and Reliable Goods Delivered to any part of the City, FREE BOTH 'PHONES Next Door to Northern Market JACOB PONTZ Brick hlanufaeturer All Kinds of Building and Press Bricks ' Residence, f351'XVest james St. Yards, Harrisburg Pike and Charlotte Street, Lancaster, Pa. ELLA G. BALL Photographer BOARD DIRECTORS A'rHr.14:'rIC As-zsoCIA'1'IoN SPIMINARY CLASS Gnom- F. K M. Xvrilucnv S'rA1f1f Studio 2d F100fTr0ur1s1dg. PHI KAPPA Slum .. . PHI SIGMA KAPPA 106-118 N' Q'1ee"St- PARADISE Cuvn Lancaster, PH- Licssmu Vxfmerw Four BALI. GROUP Special Rates to Duplicates can be had from all Students negatives made by Otto E. Weber ' xvii FINE TAILORING ' UI. GERHARU, -VSZW DIRECT IMPORTER 46 NOT-I:c'fxff'f.fTREET G. L. FON DERSNIITH Bookseller, Stationer and Art Dealer Blank Books, Stationery, Fountain Pens, Magazines, Etc. Visiting and Business Cards, College and Wedding' Invitations, Letter, Note and Bill Heads Engraved. Special attention given to Framing and Mat Making 46 EAST KING ST.' ' LANCASTIAZR, PA. ' VV. G . B A K EE-I T MEN's OUTFITTER CUSTOM MADE SHIRTS 160 NORTH QUEEN STREET D. W. Miesse, Confectionery Vu JIU Nzyz"Qxx1 FINE CAKES U U ICE CREANI A SPHCKA LTY PARTIES AND YVEDDINGS SUPPLIED AT SHORT NOTICE 123 NORTIi QUEEN STREET, LANCASTER, PA. TELHPIIONIE CONNECTION ' xviii Wanted soo Men simon Shissler KJ To Snloke Mmiufziclurer and . Importer of Uncle Ioe's Cigar . I 3 for 10 C I GA R S 'FO B AC C O HAND MADE :: QIGARETTES I'fAVANA FILLER , a n d P1peS Frank G Schwartz The Leading Pipe House in the City MANu1fAt:T URER 52 North Queen St. 251 North Mulberry St. L,,,c,,,,,, pm WINGERT 8 HAAS HATS Are made for all good dressers and for every face, figure and fancy I4-4 NORTH QUICICN ST., LANCAS'l'l'IR, PA. Westenberger, Maley 8 Myers FORINHERLY SI-IALIB it VONDERSNIITI-I - HEADQUARTERS FOR C2liPl3lE5t9, IJil1O19l1111S, 1VIatti1'1gs, Carpet Upholstel-ing, SHADES AND DRAP1-:RIES 12 and ll WEST KING STRlCl'l'l', LANCAS'l'I'IR, PA. ' xix GLASSES THAT FIT PERFECTLY Not only the way you sec through them, but the way you look with them ou. THAT'S OUR Because we devote our time exclu- sively to the practical fitting of Glass es to the face and eyes. Zllllil l.0l of Bf8lIlS. Alilile Pieue nt Gllld, The " Shur-on' ' Stays on i . ., ., EXAMINATION COSTS NOTHING E . usb ur' Gare: -on lo stay on. Boyd Optical Company V 20 East Orange St. Lancaster, Pa. WWll7Z4WMl!W!f! gifllfifkll ww Qlnwflfmrf The method of instruction ill this scIIool is the sunn: :Is llmt IIsed ill the School of Accounts Hilti Finance of' New York and Chicago Universities. While this method is used, the IIISIFIICLIOII is given only ill the hl'flllCilU?l usually taught in business colleges. The ordinary IDYHIICIICS :Ire taught in :In extraordinary way. This insures IIIHISIHII results. . The "IR B, C." is one of the largest business schools not located in fl very lnrge city. It f-llI'IIl2-IIICS the III:st firms ill the country with help. It owns llllii occupies XIII en- tire huilding which is paid for. Splendid EQIIIIJIIICIIL. Living expenses very low. Write for Elegant Catalogue J. lf. YVAIYIC. PIIJT., l'RINCll'A L . . BARLEY JOB PRINTER sin, sis 54,59 -fb-'fi BUSINESS STATIONERY 41541, vliffls , finals SWK? VISITING CARDS S1635 FULL COUNT. PROMPT ATTENTION REASONABLE PRICES LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA WM. F. LEPPLEY MEAT MARIS- ET Choice Cuts of Beef, Veal and Pork All Kinds of Bologna and Sausage CORNER ov LEMON AND MARV STREETS SI-If:cIAI. RATES 'ro CI.UIIs xxi CHAS. H. SMITH LIVERYMAN FOR F. a M. STUDENTS 'Sf' I 153 North Queen Street: FOR FIRST-CLASS WORK Goto The College Tonsorial Parlor WM. H. GERZ, Proprietor Shaving, Hair Cutting, Shampooing RAZORS HONED ' Cor. West James and Mulberry Streets Fisk Teachers' Agencies New York, Boston lhl ago Fte NEARLY 24.000 POSITIONS FILLED Especially serviceable to College Graduates by reason of large patronage among the better class of High Schools and Private Schools. Send for circulars H. IG. CROCKI-IR, WV. D. KERR, P. V. HUYSSON, Managers New York Ottlce, 156 Fifth Avenue Lancaster Steam Laundry C. G. SCHUBERTH, Proprietor 1465 EAST KING ST., LANCASTER, PA. M. S. FALCK, Agent XXII BURGER'S MUSIC STORE Keystone State Mandolins, Guitars and Banjos ALL INSTRUMENTS, BAND AND ORCHESTRA Repairing Instruments of All Kinds Finest Assortment of Strings Best Assortment of Sheet Music ohn C. Dindn TAIL OR 133 East King St., Lancaster, Pa. Fulton Studio W. W. Amos Photographer I0 East King St., Lancaster, Pa. J. VV. GRUEL Confectioner and Fancy Cake Baker ICE CREAMS OF ALL FLAVORS n 406-4065 N. QUEEN ST., LANCASTER, PA. Born 'PHONES ' xxiii Dr. F. F. FISH DENTIST Si-lccmr. Rlvrl-:S 'ro S'l'l'lll4IN'IS 167 NURTII QVICEN STREET I CAN MICASVRE you correctly and guarantee to fit you prop- erly in many of the finest imported or domestic fabrics at the most V095 ,Nob reasonable prices. 'P Ii O Q t We also N 1-Ls, 1:3-J Dye, Clean, Repair and Press Clothing IIEEN si SSQN BQ., Q 49 Q . 6 'ig g 2 Q: 'E' I5 ei 5, ' - i p 1 V, , CA - 1 '- 29 an 4' - Q . l ' ' ' XVQ solicit your patronage for :my- tliing you may want in our liuc. GEO. W. SCH IQCYIEIQ I:IoVi5l um 56,Q,cI5lnclu Grccnhovscs, GM Harrisburg Avo. Store. l5l Norm Quccn Strcct Lancaster. Pa. xxiv rresistible lo the zivemge yunng lady is thc nmn nr- rnyefl in nur stylish Suits :incl Overconts. We nmkc to nncnsnre and fit the lignrc correctly, giving fl liiSliIlf.flliShC1i appear- ance to every manly fornl. The fhlmrics are nll chosen with n view tu long and slenklyxvear, and our cutter is nncrring in designing must stylish garments. Experi- ment with ns :incl we know that you will renmin with ns at n DCl'lll!lllClll cnstonicr. J. ALBERT ZECHER 12 East Orange Street evan's Pastry Flour The Finest Flour Made for Biscuits, Cakes and Pastry H. E. COOK F irst-Class Hair Cut Electric Massage For Face and Head H. E. COOK, 36 North Duke St. ' XXV R. W. WISTAR T. N. NIxnN l 5 Uwm RIIII L WISTAR, UNDERHILL 8a CO. Wholesale Lumber WHITE PINE, HEMLOCK, HARD Woons, AND N. CAROLINA PINE FIEAI. ESTATE TRUST BUILDING We S-:ll to Lnnih-:r Dealers OIIly PHILADELPHIA, PA. I I If I Ill hell IB7 If II lllyh Q I I f 1108 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. LEADING Housl ron Co1.a.zal. scuooz. AND Wzonuva luvlrarlouu Duval Fnoemuws, Mluus heron: onusnmu nsewnsne LOWARE swan ruvl zualuvuvaol Ann Prucu 'U' WND' ' ' IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMLUIIIIIIIIIIIII Iuzlllumiullluiuulilluiwzilllluiiulllm i Our Special Price to Students and high standard of work will be sure 'to please you Wolf's I Photographic 3 Studio - 22 NoR'rH QUEEN STREET LANCASTER, PA. In ,W gr q W W WNW Q B. HERR '- Bookseller and '- 1 Stationer '- BLANK BOOKS AND ' OFFICE SUPPLIES I-ligh-Class . Printing ' ll2-114 NORTI-I QUEEN STREET 5 LANCASTER. PA. It If xxvi lil. CE. Enrhringer Earhn' anh Eairhrrzaer 155 NORTH QUEEN ST. LANCASTER, PA WM. FUHRMAN BEEF AND PORK BUTCHER 223 AND 225 NORTH MULBERRY STREET LANCASTER, PA. IL 'ZXX'l'l' U llggpqgapjq nvnwbfikvzl Um Svtvmart 84 STPPI1 Gln l4Xl1lX '!'l'lXl: Ll- 'q,57-xy- 1 555525525152 :o2w.o'wro2w .,, ,,,, ,,,,x, m51Nss124g,g,'rc I 5I!x2WAwf-VU qrxpx np., N ,xx nQxmq,4 EQ-q:,:'Q:,zg, ff-MQ 'lm 37113-1 Q57 TN fv-w2wff'u- mmf: ug: Z.k5Ew,TRs5b' Qgggfqgmgg INVITATIONS, ANNOUNCEMENTS 553255533 PROGRAMMES, DANCE CARDS, MENUS QQ1, gr gzilg VISITING CARDS, CLASS STATIONERY 'MYRMEEILP Nggglqdslqf Gwwsyiisyhlf ?+QeNa13.2QS -fnmygm xx:- IHE4 Arrh Strrrt - - Hhilahrlplpia, Ha. xxvii Windsor Hotel A COLLEGE 1'IEN'S IlO'rIf1L, RUN lsr COLLEGE DIEN 'AF' WALDO BRUBAKER, Manager Franklin and Marshall. 'Ol W. M. EWIN G, Cashier Washington and jefferson, '93 -ala' I 1217-29 F1l.1s1cRT ST., 1'1l1l,AIrnI.1'111A, PA. Lancaster's Largest Rug Store Thousands Upon Thousands of Rugs Of All Description, Sizes and Prices The Piersol Carpet Co. 24 EAST KING ST. LANCASTIQR, PA. A. H. FETTING GREEK LETTER FRATERNITY JEWELRY TEMPORARY LOCATION 213 NORTH LIRERTY STREET, BALTIMORE, Mn. lVlemoramlntn package sent to any fraternity iuembur through the Secretary of the Chapter. Special designs and cstinmtes furnished on Class Pins, Rings, Medals for Athletic Meet, etc. xx viii Philadelphia and Reading Railway Interchangeable 1000- Mile Tickets -'I 520.00 Good for Clnyhody D. L. MAUGER District P 1, Ag L R P Good Cllmost Anywhere EDSON J, Wismcs General Pas-:sung ' Ag t I'nlLA1 1 Established 1855 4-- First Pennsylvania State Normal School O. LYTE, - - PRINCIPAL 'K Q, 'f Nl "'!1j"Jf 3495 QQ, U4 NJ'- MILLERSVILLE, PENNA. T XUI ELEPIIONID UNITED 'PIIONI Lancaster Paint and Glass Co. ,1flZ7lIff2'lL'fll7'L'7'S rj P A I NT S Dealers in OILS, VARNISH ES, GLASS AND BRUSHES 235 NORTH PRINCE ST. LANCASTER, PA. GET A GUN N AND PROTECT YOUR HOME Library from the dust and exposure so ruinous to books Always the right size-grows with your Library V HOFFM EIER BROS. Sole agents for Lancaster City and County DIA Nl O N D S QUALITY VS. QUANTITY Quality theprinie factor in DIAMONDS Is, or should he your principle object when nmklng n selection of one of these stones A Dinnionrl-genuine-ot quality not qnitc so good can be sold at one-thnml les:-2 price than one of' same size but liner quality We hnnrlle best quality only Loosia UR Mouivrian Grams Selections by nmil to responsible parties - ZOOK'S Jewelry Store COR. NORTH QUEEN AND ORANGE STS., LANCASTER, PA. "LANCASTER'S BEST HARDNVARE STORE" NVH EN YOU WANT HardWa1'e and Housefurnishing Goods E REILLY BROS. Sz RAUB 40-42 NORTIT QUEEN ST. LANCASTER, PA. XXX ALBANY TEACHERS' AGENCY Jlssists Tencliers in Obtaining Positions Many teachers seem to think that all the desirable positions are filled in the spring and early summer, but this is hy no means the case, Last year fI906J we filled nearly 300 positions in the months of july. August and September, and these positions were filled in the following states: Alabama Iowa Missouri Pennsylvania Colorado Kentucky Nebraska South Carolina Connecticut Massachussctts New Hampshire Vermont Florida Michigan New jersey Virginia . Georgia Maryland New York West Virgima Illinois Minnesota North Dakota Wisconsin Indiana Mississippi Ohio While this record shows that business is good until the first of October, nevertheless lt is wise to register early in the season. and thus be In line for the first vacancies that occur. No agency in the country has done more for its clients or secured positions fora larger propor- tion ofthem. For several years we had more positions than candidates, and we can certainly he ol' service to teachers who are competent to till the position which they seek. Now ls the time to Register Send for Illustrated llooklvt and Registration lilnnk I'IJXRIJAIN' l'. 11'llIi1NCI-I, 7-Sl flhalpvl St., JXllJIlllj'. N. X'. B. Frank Barr 8s Co. FLOWERS Q Bulb s , Seeds A lvruit und Orlunnvnhll flfruos glll'lllilN'l'P', IP1-1' ICH-. Store, 30 West King St. Nurseries, 940 Columbia Ave. l.KllCHStel', Pellllll. xxxi 01:11 Sl'lacmL'1'Y IS Iflxcrxslvrzxlcss IN 'I'lII1I STYLIC AND FINISII UF IXLL fill!! PHOTOGRAPHS KILLIAN 26 EAST KING ST. SPECIA L A'I"I'I'lN"I'ION GIVEN T0 CDLLEU IC GROUPS AND INDIVIDUALS NICE 'l'IIE I'IXA3II'LIC4 OI" OUR ART IN TIIIS BOOK AND JUDGE YOURSELF ITS QUALITY xxxii I. A I Awe rm ' ,f 'fb af ,V - If - - 5 o Ing ra-, if S QP. A9 . Q ,T 'ITIL 'H' Jacob D. Rider Designing, Engraving J O B P R I N T I N G Steel Die Stamping The character of the work done ln this office has earned a repu tation for itself uahty, Accuracy, Promptness, are the bases of my success JACOB D RIDER 20 North Queen Street, Lancaster its 1 E A 5 jg .I sf' , gg W Fu V CP. . RQ' EvERTsaovEnDEER at Sanitary Plumbing Steam and' Hot Water Heating Engineers., .al Estimates Furnished All Work Done Under Personal Supervisio at i East King Street and Howard Ave. , LANGASTER, PENNA. Conestoga faction C . ' fig- . si: ---4 Iaallllcnsfm-1'. lY,l'l'll12l. mf o"'r'i" o The management takes pleasure in calling the attention ol' the public to the Parks, Picnic Grounds and other places of interest which are reached by the various lines of the Company. Rocky Springs Park, situated on the banks of the Conestoga, will open May 30, 1907. The Park is one ol' the most magnilicent and attractive in the State l'or picnics and social gatherings of all kinds. Dancing, Boating, Fishing and all kinds of Amusement for patrons ol' the Park: an up-to-date Pavilion with a seating capacity of 2,000 will open on the above date, where performances of chaste character will be given. The Park will be thoroughly policed and the best of order maintained. Cars will run direct to the Park, leaving Centre Square every few minutes. Fare for round-trip, 10c. For dates and full arrangements for picnics and all large gatherings, call or address Mr. H. B. Griffiths, Manager. Rocky Springs Park, or Conestoga Traction Com- pany, Woolworth Building. Chiclgies Park, on the Columbia and Donegal line, with magnificent scenic attrac- ion. Lititz Springs Grove, on the Lancaster and Lititz line, visited annually by thousands of Sunday-school children. Ephrata Borough, on the Lancaster and Ephrata line, with its line springs of rare medicinal value. New Holland Borough, on the Lancaster and New Holland line, with its many places of interest, and in view of the famous Welsh Mountains, and the beauti- ful view from Terre Hill. ' Millc1'sville, on the Lancaster and Millersville line, the seat of the l'ar-famed State Normal School. The beautiful Borough of Strasburg, on the Lancaster, Willow Street, Lampeter and Strasburg line. The beautiful Borough of Manheiui, named red rose, on the Lancaster, Petersburg and Manheim line. The thriving Borough of Adamstown, noted for its many hat factories, on the Eph- rata and Adamstown line. The thriving Borough ol' Quarryville, through New Providence, Refton and Ca- margo. The Borough ol' Mount Joy, one of the most beautil' ul rides in the County. Cars leave Lancaster for Chickies Park every half hour. Fare. 50 cents Round Trip. Cars leave kancaster for Lititz Springs tirove ex'f'1'y hour. luirfi, 30 rievuls Round lrip. Cars cave aucastcr for l" :hr-tta every iour. 'are 45 cents ouua ri i. ciesieZufg'1.a11t-as1u1- for Niiw llollanrlwand Terre llill'every hour. Fare, blew llollaud 40 cents Round llip, lciie llill, 0.1 cents Round lllp. l t l Cars leave Lancaster for Millersville every hour. Fare, 25 cents Round lrip. Cars leave Lancaster for Straslulrg every hour. Fare, 40 eeuts lliouual Viiilzllb. Cars leave I aucaster for Manheim every hour. Fare 40 cents iouum rip. Cars leave lliancaster lor Ailaiustowu by way of liphrataevery hour. H I Cars leave Lancaster lor Quarryville every hour.I',lfare, 45 ceutls ltouud lrlp. Cars leave Lancaster for All'l,lIlSlOWll bv way ol rp irat-L everv lour. Casr leave Lancaster for Moiiut Joy. lfarc, 45 cents RouudV'l'rip. ' Cars leuve Lancaster for Clwisllauu. Fare, 55 cents liouud lrlp. XXXY FRANKLIN COLLEGE, 1787 MARSHALL COLLEGE, 1836 Franklin and Mar hall College The Oldest Pldueatlonal lnstltutlon of the Reformed Church. Located ln one of the Most llealtllful and l'ros- perous Cities In Pennsylvania 0f1'ers Full Four-Year Collegiate. Courses leadlng to the Degrees of A. ll. and l'h.ll., Including Philosophy QML-ntnl and Moral Sciences and Elistltcticsl, English LBIILIIINKK! und Litero- ture, Ancient IIIIIIKIIIIKHN Qin two departnicutsl, MUtIl8llIlltil!B and Astronomy, lllstory and Ai-chu-ology, German and French, Political und Soelul Science. The Nnturul Seiolloen. The College is well-equipped with competent Professors and Instructors, and with all the apparatus most essential to the ueconipllsluucnt of the end alnicd at-thorough mental disci- p ine and substantial culture. Special attention is directed to the new Science Building, with its ample equi nnents. affording unusul facilities for work in all the departments of Natural and P iysical science. The Astronomical Observatory, with its ll-inch Clark-liepsold lilqluatorinl, and all the neces- sary appurtenances: the Laboratories with full compleinent of C ienucal, physical and bio- logical apparatus: the Libraries and Reading-room, well-stored with Stanf ard and Periodi- cal Literature, the Gymnasium, with complete equipment of Appliances for Physical Train- ing under competent direction: the Garber Hcrharium and the extensive Collection of Classi- lied Specimens in Natural Science: the two fiourishiug Llterarv Societies, with their weeklv meetings, and the College Church, a regularly organized and self-sustaining congregation, all combinetoeonstitutetlu-superior facilitieshereotferedforexhaustive research and thorough instruction along the line of natural development in an atluosphere of distinct and positive Christian influence. EXPICNSICS l"0R TH E YEAR Including ull Contingent Fees. Furninhecl Room, lionrcling l"nel, Light and lvood 95204.00 lfAl,l, llullli begins 'l'luu'sday, Scptenther iii, 1906. I-Examination for Admission, 2 p. ni., Monday, Selptcniher lmh. The Aeadeiny i'0lllll!f'l,6ll with this College furuis tes preparatory training to Students who wish to enter College, or Provides a course for a thorough Academic Ifidur-ation preparn- tory to the active duties of li e For Catalogue and l"ull l'articulurs, address PRESIDENT JOHN S. STAHR, D.D. Lancaster, Pu. xxxvi . The person who does not know "Home, Sweet Honien from "Yankee Doodlel' may be educated But when you can, keep posted at the No 141 NORTH QUEEN STREET The Ho1ne of Mirth and Music for One Cent. It's up to you REPAIRING PRESSING DYEING A. J. CANTER MERCHANT TAILOF3 WORK CALLED FOR AND 15 SOUTH QUEEN STRIQI-:'r DELIVERED LANeAs'r1sR, PA. FRA KLI and MARSHALL ACADEMY I4ANCAS'1.'E13i, ITDA. A IIIGPII CQIEAIDIC HCYIIOOL 1?'Ol'R.l3OX'S Special Advantages for Bright and Earliest Students Excellent Boarding and Accommodations Modern Conveniences, Steam Heat and Electric Light - - PRINCIPALS I THADDEUS G. I-IELM, A. M. 2: :: :: EDWIN M. HARTMAN, A. M. xxxvii igutvl iKva1ltg CHAS. S. KILLIAN Pnonmzvon HOTEL RGSSMERE LANCASTER, PA. xxxviii ez- z+H1:f IJ,-HLY IND SEMI-WEEKLY -. ......I THE INTELLIGENCER FN CW 'BOOK AND CUMMERCIAL 7'RlNflN0 'BFFFFA' Book P1 zutzug lhan ezn befofe llzal f Ike :lazy we re dozugf at no U we lhznk Our jizrllzlzes haze been znrreased g1eally believed for ererulzm, Loalv pmmplly and eumomzcalb lhzv nnmbea oflhe OA ll I Ifllflll was pn mtrdat lhe lnlellrgcncer P mhug Home C1lllC1JIIl of ll: png cs of the book IU a wh vie IS mwted zu corgfdence ry' :Is approval ru a specimen of good book pnnlmg and as an lil cenlme lu olhers to rome here la have smular work supplied N I I For cunenl news uf the day local and wmld wzdr read the Intelhgencer Il v wzrle awake up! date and Irulhjhl always Addresa S' Wu! Kzng ,Sl laneaxln Pa 'Z' If "Ii Eff Fifi 2281 1'!'1 I'!'lW3!'f 1'!'Q 'FZ' If F39 Eff: I'3': 425 ffzfi I L'z'li '79 I? Q32 . -. ., -1- A Fzfl i' 45 4, p , p.A. W P Wifi 5142 QWQM17 yf?f3:MffI'QMf?!iH3!flIf3!fQM.'!21,'l"!'Ql+P!! ff gf gg ifzff Sze 3-1.1 asf: sm as M ree: re, '-' 2' H' .1 M9 sir --MN-7 , J. r A A -' ' 'W Q . - if .,. ',, 1 yi I . . ..., .hi , I TQH E- Q-.ILS ,W i IN TH IS BOOK j WERE MAQE. BY THE. ff? if f time my If-NGRAVING CQ. ' BU F-FALO. N .Y..

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