Franklin and Marshall College - Oriflamme Yearbook (Lancaster, PA)

 - Class of 1894

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Franklin and Marshall College - Oriflamme Yearbook (Lancaster, PA) online yearbook collection, 1894 Edition, Cover

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QQ f,, 1 ,li ,Z-fi! 'SS 511' A3 at gg if P9faf'?'12ii ,f' g ff fi Nff-ff, K.- ,-' E'7VQm.X1. V - Z . g N X x , ..,. E G5 EEPxEi S?ni?'5F1'QX ig im . xwQ -na xxx X mxXxxmNw Nm me N x' . X X :ws xx. N - ff - 6:4 z,AfvcAS7ER -PA. N WMIIM n nr 5 IXXXIIXII. PIIIINIIIN1 IIHINI XNIII. IX SN X Y i K N fx ' I " 1 k X- rv- y 1'-- 1. , x 1 i s L -a X 1 ' k-,, -jk I.- U-A Wal ' if - i N A v- . M1 As I X ! A, 5 ,K 3 lk ' 3 I sl 'A gil- W vi 1 I Q -'lvl " "1 ft Q I. ' r-,4,.2 ,Nix w, 'l li. .K-gn, '72 QA mg, iiiia ig KT-5 'I R'-1 ' 'I 5- 'f x f' i::l--.-' S 4' 'i"' '-117 Y ' i' -l F? A-15, f ig-554. , ff as f W, 'QEML-, fi! W 1 gi g ,A ':f'- -Aj' W h Q :V 2 . , V -g 1: ' 1 N ,: "T-"- Y. Xgfl Nl 5 41 -4-f'j 5- T il.-fi ik 53'?T" I ,, ' 5 j., , Q, Pi'--f Q93 E f 1 '.N?7i. L-Q I , -X , E ' 5 fr U 4 .- ix 4? ' ifsfef - -X N-X Q ami 5 .- f X-QL "1 Q jf X X X . Mg ? ii--.'T'1"' ,f fu Q 9 - f X-31,5 ' f m . 4 Ji' i "5 'Q ,351 ? ' . " '- X I-ledWQT,fayL3-Y ' U 1- 5--,f.,,- 5 Wei S i 1 , i , we dm. o'f"nv4P5ose rxmme reverel ix? ff M nate Mya Orlwxmme : Sin In ,, wr- W-,. . A M ... - 5.-:3i' ' M802 HH gum-E noted b. Ti. z 1 P W'-2 and QW Prgweubjs 'N S 5+-i ' UW "U 'M Suns 1: 43 3'-T L? ..- f A ' D Kam? umm, . -5 X f -J 55 Y Inq ll! ulxq 9 Q A ' 11 'Ni.Sg-- -4 7' -Sb - , A, . wymf Hmm Q .--- 1 F " r-Q.- .. + 5 ?3-'-fb-' , L, -- pl., -T., Y, - '---,:':, -f, ,ug 5 '--ii, wi ' i. ' " ,TA "1 tif.: - r " g f:-,.A 1,-l ex 5517. 14-iff 1. -' i- f i '- T"f:?-h-K -N D' f?-1-'1 '79 - 5-1 .g- A :? ' 1 A - if .- ,5 - H ' -:::'TfQs- p ixxgf-' 42, ff fl , .1 QU' N1 9 N 54 A Ri -If I In -1- 4 A 15312: ,P 1 59127, ' .a f--i K f1g,gq3.i , J ,, 2, 3 . S, KfM? Zf?f.kW ,dj y f an it jf nmA I -L " xx 2 4W5J' mu,mf 'f new Wm I - ix JQZ,E fy ' QWF 1 , 'fi 1 A- dam CIAA ZX ' A ' X I 5 MSN WX ? AE AQAf6Q4Zf lFQA f' J Jaiww .N '3::'l M' - -fl! f f ff fmwfzfw K K f . J mgik I, - ' ' . 1 '4 dr-eff r6t4f4l'fJV1'A TA XV V 0 AOL 'Zu-nj, f a' ir q, c' 111 -X W4 A .JA ggo.OLAx9459lPB'- ,-H. - - - ,Wg M " - 'Hum . '- "TTY 3 ummu " i ' "W M- ' Will ,iii ZQM0 4' 'I-M , .Q gb. 1. Prologue. This Ollll"l.A Mme, this flame of gold, 'Dear friends, we oflbr you. In it we would the things unfold That heretoiore have not been told, And trust you'll rind them true. 'Twere foolislmess ii' we should try The tastes of all to satisiy, Yea, 'twere an endless task. And all that we now ask Is that, with an unbiased mind, You read what seems at first unkind. There comes a time to every one NVhen he must play the fool, And do the things he'l1 wish undone. Home boys have their good share of fun NVhile theyire attending school. XVe hope the efforts of the staff' To give you all a hearty laugh May not he made in vain. 'Tis not the hope ofgain That spurred us on to undertake An Onllfninnln for you to make. 41- 8 -1- The hups und mislmps ofu year- How 1-ould we tell them all ? Or which ol' you would cure to hear The ehestnuts which the Protw. hold dear ? And every college hull Has its peculiar tale to tell Of hasty rush, and deufining yell. Then there ure ull the hoys- Their sorrows and their joys. To gather points from every nook, Oh! that would nmke an endless book. This 0llII"I.AMMlC, at lust eomplete, Dear friends, we oiler you Q And hope you'll find it quite :L trout Our college pleasures thus to meet In pnnoraunie view. And when youive read this volume through Three things we would request of you: The first, let it he just Iferitieise you must. The second, love the college more, And third, reineinber lVlNl'Z'l'Y-FOUR. ' s I' -W -x- 9 -1- Q 1893. May 5, 11, 13, June 9, 10, 11, 12, 12, 13, 13, 13, 13, 14, 14, 15, Sept. 6, 7, 7. Dee. 22, 1894. Jun. Sl, 91 Feb. 22, 22, April 14, 14, Calendar. Friday Evening, . T11ursduy,.. . . . Saturday Evening, 11'1'idnyEvening, . . Saturday Evening, . Sundny,. . . . . . Monday, . .... . Monday Evening, . 'l7uesday,. . . . . . Tuesday, . . . . . Tuesday, . . . . . Tuesday Evening, NVedner-sduy, . . Wezliiesdzm ' Evenin f bi 'l'l1ursd:1y,. . . . . Anniversary of Geetheam Literary S0- eiety. Sixty-eighth Amiivers1n'y of the Theo- loffieul Seminary. D Anniversary of lliugnothian 1'iiter:t1'y Society. Sophomore Orntorieul Contest. Senior Prize Debute. Bueeul:n11'eute Sermon by President Stull 1' in College Clnipel. Exznninzttion for Admission at .Iunior Orntorical Contest. Amnull Meeting of Board of Trustees at 2 P. M. - Ilxuniinution lin' Admission ut 2 P. M. Class Day lflxereises ut 3 P. M. Address before the Literary Societies, by Judge Aslmnm, of Pliiludelphiu. Alumni und Society Reunions, Alumni Dinner. Address before the Alumni Association. Comnleneelnent. 2 P. M. SUMMER VA CATI ON. NVednesduy, .... '1'hn1'sdaiy, Tliursduy, Friday, . . Tuesday, . Tuesday, . 'l'l1u1'sdny, Thu rsdny, Thursday, Th ursduy, . . . - - . . - . . - . Exanninntion for Admission at 2 P. M. First Term begins ut 10 A. M. 1CXilllll1l2Lt.l0ll ibr Admission at 2 P. M. Winter Vacation begins. . Second Term begins ut 8:40 A. M. Examination for Admission at 2 P. M. . Glee Club Prize Debate. Indoor Sports. Third Terni begins. Examination ibr Admission ut 2 P. M. -l-I0-l- Officers. Prfsidcnt-HON. JOHN CESSNA, LL. D. First I'ici'-Prcsizlcnt-HON. XV. U. HENSEL. fS?'r'0nrl I'i1:c-Plwsidcnt-CHARLES SANTEE. .Rcc01'cliw,q 1Sbm'ctn1'y-JOHN C. HAGER. C01'1'cspmzrIi71g fSbm'r'ta11y-REV. JOS. H. DUBBS, D. D. 1J'PllNlI7'01'-JJIXCOIZ BAUSMAN. Board of Trustees. I. GEORGE Z. KUNKEL, ..... G. S. GRIFFITH. ......... REV. 0 T. G. APPLE, D. D., LL. D., . . ... HCJN. J. NV. KILLINGER. ..... YVALTER M. FRANKLIN, ESQ... . B. WVOLFF. JR., .......... 2 .. CHARLES SANTEE, ...... JOHN D.SK1LES,. . . JACOB BAUSMANV . 4. JOHN C. HAGEN, .... . D. NV. GROSS .......... HON. JOHN CESSNA. LL. D., . . 5. JACOB Y. DlE'1'Z,. ..... . F. SHRODER, ...... . GEORGE N. FORNEY. . . . 6. R141 V. RE V. H. G. NVAGNER.. D. D... . HENRY MOSSER.. D. D.. . JOHN W.1s1.uK1f:L,1f:sQ.,. . . 7. .I.w.wm'z1+:1..ESQ.,. . . . SAMUEL A. 1sU'1'z,1+1sQ., . HON. NV. U. 1-IIQNSEI., .... 8. R14 V. J. O. 1NIQlLL'ER, D. D., . . REV. E. R. ESCHISACH, D. D., . HON. A. HER R SMI TH, .... 9. REV. C. U.1-IEILMAN, . . . HON. J. B. LIVI NGHTON, .. GEORGE XV. HENHELQX' . 10. REV. c. z. XVE.lSER, 11. D., . . rmolmlfz F. lzmclz, 1.l..n.,. . cuM.1z0w1f:.u.1f:SQ.,. . . . . +l'Jc-ccnsm-sl. -'I' II 'I- .l'I1ll'l'iHDll1'g, Pu. Baltimore, Mal. Lzmcuster, Pu. Lelmnon, Pa. I1illlC'IlSt0l', Pu. 1'ittsbu1'gl1, Pu. Philllildllllill, 1' Lzulcuster, Pa. Lumrznstclg Pu. L2lllC2lStCl', Pu. Hlll'1'iSlDlll'g', Pu. i Bc4lfb1'd, 1 al. il. 1'l1il:uIol11l1i:L, 17.1. L1lHCZlSf0l', Pa. H:1nOV01', Pu. Allentown, Pu. Reading, Pu. NOI'l'iStOXVll, 1':1. Carlisle. l':l. Allentown. Pu. I.uncustc1', Pal. York, l':1. F1'0d01'ick. Nd. I.:mcustc1'. Pu. Aluxnmlriu. Pu. IJ1lllC2lStCl', Pu. Quaxrryvillc, Pu. East Greenville Reading, Pu. Bellefonte. Pa. .1 D Q Standing Committees. Finance. A. Illini: i43ll'I'Il, C'flllf7'Hl!l1If. C1l.u:l.1-:s H.xx'rl4:l4:, .fonx D. Hlillmzs, Il+'.S1momf:l:, 'W. U.1'I1cxsl-ll.. 'lonx C. 'lI.xca1':l:, Jfvcoz-flingAka. .1 .won l3.xl'sM.xN, 79-msurw Instruction. J. O. Rlll.l.lCII, f'flflfl"N'HHL. .'l'. li. Iqlvlxusrox, ti.NV.1'Il4:xs1-:l,, XV.xl.'l'l-11: M. ,l.+'l:.xxm.lN, T. H. Al'l'l.IC. Library, Cabinet, Etc. J. B. liIVlNr:s'roN f"flIIfl'lllLlN. 7 .l. Y. Illmrz. H. li. Wixuxifzix, Ifl. li. l'Isc'i11:.u'1i, H1-zo. Z. K.l'Nlil1:l., 1l.Mossm:, .l. NV. ,l3u'lc1f:l,. Grounds and Buildings. JOHN U. 1I..xu14I:, f,vlIll'I'2II,llIl'. G14:o.NV. lllcxslcl., E J'o1lN D. SKILICS, F. HIIIKOIJICH, 0. Z. Wiclsma. Discipline. NV. U. 1-Ilcxslcl., f'llflf7'IIHIll. E. R. .I'1Hl'lIl!AUll, .lo1lN NV. NV1C'l'ZISl,, U. N. Rowifzn, 'l'1los. G. Al'l'liI'l. Permanent Endowment. f71lAn.l.1cs SAN'l'iclc. fvlllfflllllll. fi.H.G1clr'lfl'1'iI, UICOIHGIG N. Fol:N1cx', A. Illiillli SMTTII, fil'I0liHl'1 F. lhiclc, .lonx NV. Klimlxulclc, .Ionx W. xVI'I'l'Zl+2l.. Wilhelm Estate. .linux t?l':ssNA, l'lmiromm. .l.B.L1vlNus'l'0N, ti. M. liowmz, 17. lf. IIIIGILMAN. H.XMl'l'ZI. A.. l3l"1'z, tiiaomaia I". li,xl4:1:, .loiix U. iI.u:1f:l:. Observatory. iii. R. ICSLTIIIIACII, f,'lmirn1m1. , .I.O.M1l.l,l1:l:, J. ll. l.lvlNfas'1'oN, '1'.f,i.Al'l'l,lf:, C. Z. 'W1cIs1c1:, ,l'uo1-'.J'.Jf1. Kifznsnxlcn. --:- I2 -1-- ,D N ' 6 F 4 . f, N-Q., , ' S- ! 3 fy THE COLLEGE FA CULTY. Dr.j. II. Duhhs. Dr. J. S . STA HR, President. D1-.j. li. Kiclfvr. Prof. R. C. Schiellt. Dr.j. lf- KUFHIIIICI' ' f' - Prof. A. V. llivster. Prof. Geo. F. Mull. Dr. W . JI. In rm- Faculty. Professors and Instructors. REV. JOHN S. STAHR, Pn. D., D. D., P1'0f'CSS0l' of Mental and Moral Science and Geology. REV. EMANUEL V. GERHART, D. D., .LL. D., Professor of Systematic and Pruetiezll Theology. REV. THOMAS G. APPLE, D. D., LL. D, Professor of Church History und Exegesis. REV. FREDERICK A. GAST, D. D.. Professor of Hebrew and Old Testulnent Tlieology. REV. JOHN CALVIN BOXVMAN, A. M., Professor of New TOSt2ll1l0llt Exegesis. REV. NVILLIAM RUPP, D. D., Prolessor Elect of J'1':1c-tical Tlieology. -JG Alumni Professor of'Englisl1 Literature and Belles-Lettres. REV. JOSEPH HENRY DUBBS, D. D., Auilenriell Proibssor of History :md Arelneology. JOHN BRAINERD KIEFFER, PII. D., Professor of the Greek Language and Literature. ' JEFFERSON E. KERSI-INER, PII. D., Proiessor of 1NIlltllClll2ltll'S and Director ot' the Daniel S1-lioll Olase1'vato1'y lfTe1npor:u'ily iilled by other members of the Faculty. -x-15+- 1l!11:V.G1CORHI'l F. HULL, A. M., Proiessor of the Latin .lmlmgllalge :md Lite1'utu1'e. l'l:oF. .IUCHARD C. HCJ'IfI'1C,IYlF, A. M., P1'o1bsse1- ol' Mmlurn .I.:111g.g1luges :uul Natural Hcieuue. 1 HI LAS S. NlCFl1'..B.0. 'l'02li'llCl' ol' liloelltioln. w XV,l'l.I.lANI MANN IRVJNIC, l'H.D.. Assistant Il'rolessm- ol'J'olitic-ul Eemunny and 1':llg'liSh.2lllll Pllysivul .lllf4t1'llCt0l'Illl1I Direetm' ot' the Gymnasium. ANSELM V. 1-Il.l'IH'l'E,R., A. B., l11st1'lurto1' in Latin and Maltllenmties. IJCXVIS T. l.AN1'Iu. A. IS., 'lflltflll XV.l,LLlAM XVARD MOORE, A.M., Item-tor of the Ar-aulemy. Officers. REV. JOHN H. HTA HR.. P1l.,lJ.. D. D.. l'1'1wifl1'nt mul 79'l'fI8'll7'C'I', 4:57 West James Street. REV. .IOHICPH IIICNIEY DUISISH. .D.flJ., fS?'c'1'1'tm',1f, 2:9 West Chestnut Street JOHN IERAINICRIJ K.lE11'F1'1ll, l'll. D.. Lilnwrirnl, 41- 16 -:P 2242 LZUICRLSUEI' Avenue. Franklin and Vlarshall College Fovxm-:nz H52. Motto : lwx l'1'l' lncx. College Colors: lll,1'1': .xxn Xvlll'l'l'I. College Cheer: Ifl'I.I,.K-'lll'1l,Ull-l!l'Il.l,-.X-.K! III'I.l..X'-lll'llANl-lll'Il.l.-.X-.K3 XV,w1'r! XVAY rr! I". .xxn M. NICYOXIA ,x-.x-.x-.xl V+ I7 -x-- Facts Concerning the College. FRASKLIN f'0I,l.lilllC, incorporated March 10, Benjamin Frmmklin, LL. ll., laid corner stone, 1l1ARHllAl.T. f'or.l,m:l':, established at Mereersbur Two institutions consolidated, Number of Presidents-l S52-SIZE, Number of' l'rof'essors-lS52-93, Number of Tutors, Grucluutes ol'Mu,rslm1l Vollege from 1.837-53, Grucluu,tes of Law School, Ilonornry Degrees C0llf'Cl'l'Cll, Graduates ol' Fralnklin und 1lIill'Sililll, 1853-93, Honorary Degrees conferred, Number of Instructors, Number of Students in the three departments, Volumes in Lilnmries, Oldest Living Grzulunte-Rev. lil. V. Gerhurt, Aron, of 1'u,l'npus, Buildings on C'u,nlpns, 141lNl0Wlll0llt Fund, -1- 16' -1- gi 1787 1787 1.836 1852 4 25 1.6 l92 7 56 726 130 18 r 38.5. 27,500 11. n., '38 22 acres 11. 32005100 .- 42, f 'MW ' 4 W 1 N X 4 ,. 1 Q A , ,'X rj GQ, Y 'V- E 1 A K f , rx f,9 4 , , ' " 1 S14 lb "' 4? M K-Q ' I AM ,Mi X A 1' f ' X IQ!! 4 " - X f ED Lf 1,17 f if ' " ' 7 . if ll F f hw l r zfmx 9 af v ' 1 NW f N j J 1 In 4 I 1' I I - ,,,':"m,' Q, I, -. may lp' Q I X j gm 35 u tx A --1: 1 9 , .4 nm ll' Url- L f S I XXXXHXQW "1 Y AMW 0 Q X ff. xx l X .5 I ' . , v L I1 .X . , , . 'I '1f.'l1l!f, EQQ ,XR Q ff" 'jf' ' I Q, .124 vnilllnw W l ' ga K! Z -- E d -- Y I J. ff "','1 5 g: WL -T T lnzilllyd 0 I -1-Q f n ' M, 19.915 f XX' X ' N 5, J 1 'wk X 12 X5 wbfjw ' X ' Q I il Wwfiwwf I XX 1 . 'DV t . an - ey,-, , 'PHX'--' Class Colors: Golden lirmcn and lilac. 3 Class Yell: Ne .' Sta! Du! lx'c1'.' Schifu' Jlfull! llx"ic.' T1'gr:r.' liormrf Rah! Ninety-lIm:1'. Officers: l'1'csiflenl--J. H. BUWMAN. l"ice-1'f-wsirlmzI-l.'Al'1, BROWN. Sm-1-elm-y-A. ll. XVANNEMAKIQR. 7'f-easurw'--Bl. N. Glcomslc. llislm-ian--.I. R. S'1'1':1N. ' Senior Class. Nllmv. Ilmm' .I1l4lr1'Hx. Urllryfa' Rcsi1l1'ur'l'. .loslcvll l'. liM'llAIAN. ..... ,l,ynnvillc, Pu. . . . . 15543 College Ave. IIu'll:wm Swivly, I'rL'xifl1'nI H. L. N., l,l'l'81'lll1lff0H Oralor l'Iuxx Day, Lqfl-Hull Faul- lrrlll 'l'1'um, .luniur lh'uIo1'ir'uI l'oulc'r:l '92, Orulm' Gu'llu'nn AllNfl'l'TNlIl'!l '91 .lnux L. li.xuNll.xn'1'.. . . .H1-ccnslmrff Pu.. . . 1i40XV.Ulu-stmlt-. za 1 .lfilljlllllfllillll Nwirly. lhcxoxl li.x'rl':s. ,J 7' J . . . ..loImstuwn. Pau.. . . lI.f2N.1wlll'y. ,J'AufllNll,l'illIl Snrirlil. lfIlNl.Ill'88 .11llIIl1fll'l' '93 OIUFLAMMI-2, Eflilfrl'-il:-Vllflif '93 " Av1'l'0llillll,H Sulnlulnrfun Vluxx Huy, -IOSl'Il'Il ll. llmvxux. ..... NVomlstock, Van. . . . 5:4 W. .hum-H. lliuylnullaivln Sm'i4'ly, Ellilor-fu,-f'lll'1jf'93 OIHFLAMME. Firxl I'l'izl' l"l'r'xllmll10 U1'ul1n'i4'1ll Cnnlvxl, Fluxx l,l'l'Nil'1'Ill Nl'Ill'0I' l'1'1u', Srllulrrlrwialn null l'f'l'0!lf-'lf lliuynnlhirm A nnir'1'1'.wlrl'1'x. 4- 21 -E- m 0 Numf, llama Aalrlrvxx. 1'AlYl.B1cowN. . . . . . . . .Wir-hitn.Kam. . . . I'oIlc'f1c I!1'xirl1'ucc, -115 NV. Wvilhlllt. Gu'lh1'un Smehly, .Vunllv Orulnr, 7':'c1uun'vr mul Nvv1'vl111'11Allolrlin Asxociulion, lfulnyinl Grrllu-un. Sociwly Auni1'f'rxm',l1, Prize llvlullc U07Ifl'N'U'Ill '93. NVl1.1.lA3l E. B1's1loxu,. . . .Ul0ll1'Bl'O0k,Xy2l. . . H'll.l'l?llll2fll I-lull. 1iu'llar'unSnoivly, '93 OIKIIPLAMM li Slujf, Claxx Day l'u1'I, Cvnlre RIINII Fnollmll 7'1'um. Moslcs N.U1':o1ml+:.. . . . . .1Allli'llHl70l'.1'2l. . . . . fflI'fllt'!llll Snvivly, l'r1'nirlr'nI G. I.. S., l'1'.vNimisI on Clllsu Dllll. 436 N. IWIRIQV. VVILLIAM 11.011-:1c11Al:11, ll' lu' 3' . lu-1uIi11g, Pu.. .... 721 Mn1'iot.tu Ave Uwllwrm Snvicly, l'r1'si1l1'nL ll. I.. S., Urnlm- Grrllwun .'lIIllil'l'I'NllI'1l, fwnlvxl '92, 4vl"lIl.lIl'I' Ulm' lfluh. Jo1lN 1N'f.fill0Y1'1, ,1' rlf. . . . . Imm-ustur. Pu. . . Gufllwun Snr:i4'ly, f'urnlnr G. l,. N. Wl1,l.mM H. I-llcnlc. .141 . . . I42lll02l!4t0l', Pu. . . . Junior Orulorirul 593 W. f,I'lllljJ,'l5. 221-5 N. Duke. Diuynollriun.Snuivly, Prcxirlcnl ID. I.. S., OIUFLAMMIC Sl1l.0"'93, lf.l'l'1llUllIC Ifvlilur " Slmlvnt " '92-'93. '1'n1f:onolc1cC. Hlcssox. . . . . 11itt1ostown,1'n.. . . Difngnolhian, Socially, I'r' D. L. N., Proplwt on Clam Day 'SNL 529 XV. lflucstnut Wrl.l,lAM Br.1'I0l.LOWl!l'Sll.. . Mt. Joy. Pu.. .... Mt.Joy.1':l. w , . ..... If 1'o1lor1ck. Md. . . NVl1,l.lAM .l. Hom-lc Gwllzcfm Nucicly. .llullcs C. Kllclflfl-311, .1 41. . . . Plngwsnown. Md. . . O1mu.A ll M E Niall' '93. Hmmx' M. J. 1il,l'IlN,fll I' ,J . . Allentown. lm. . . . lliagnolhiunf Sovivly, .IJeImI1', Orulor lliuflnullriuu AlIlLfl'1'I'NllI'!l '92, .-inni1'1'l'sari1m, anal JI. W1'1'kly." m.1+:s H. 1.1c1f'1svn14:. 4' lu' fl". Elalerton, Pu. . . . . Cn A Diuguollriun Soc"i4'Iy, Junior Urulorical Conlvxl, Urulnr D. I.. S. mul '93, zXIJlUAN L.lfUUAlllDl'II1I1, ,1' 41 . Frudoriuk, Md. . . Gwlhcau Sndvly, Urulm' H11-lluzcm. Sm'ic'l11 zlHlIf'l'l'T.'Hl1'Jl '93, F.lmN1U.1N H. Movllzlc, J 7' ,J . Allentown. Pan. . . lliugnotlliun Socicly, Diugnulllifm 0rulor'92l, Jo11N .l'. R0'I'llElUll'Il.. . . . . . Lan1cust0x',l'u. . . . . 1,I'Il1lll0HIflLH. Suciely, Almrmi .lffl'tUlT "Colwyn: Slltfllifllf, Trvuuur I'IllCT-f.'llH!'fl0 Hwsx flxxrmiulion. -1- 22 -1- Winm-r in Junior Oruloricul C4mlc.'rl, Win 557 XV. Ulwstxxlxt 416 NV. Jumcs. 331 N. Nzmry. ner in. '93 Pl'I'Z1! D, L. S. '93, U F. 541 NV. Chestnut .flmai1'vw'nfu'y '92 4111 W. Junlcs. 331 N. Maury. 116 W. Omngc. or Prmmylvuuia .Yu nw. JUIIN G. lirvv. . . Von-an Cruz, Pu. . . . flrrllwan Nnvirly. Jxxllcs R. S'r1f:1N. . . .... .4Xlll1ViHU, Pa.. . . . llunw ,I rlalrrss. l'ull471n lIvsi1lenf'v. 503 NV. Chvstllllt '01 I' -71 lhlmll' Por! "D" Gu'llu'Iln Hrrllwun Nlmivly,-lllnim' !n'nlorivnl Uonlcxl, .. r'1.' ' , -.., Uralm' '93 lhrllufuu AIHlI'l'l'l'NlII'1l, Lilrrary lfhlilm' "Gall:-gr Slu1lcul," Clams llixIm'iuu. 1'Im:.u: ll. 'l'umll'soN,. Gu'lIu'un Sm'il'ly. .I.u:m:N.W.u:oNu1'us'1' CIIAS. E. WAHM-:1:,. . ffwllzrun Suvivly 'l'rr1axurm'. Al,l!l'IR'l' IJ. W.xNN1c1I,xK1-:l:.. . Krusgcvi 1 . . L:ulwnstul'.1':1. . . AIlllll'fNiS, Pau. . . Carlisle S1bl'illg'H,PIl. . 543 NV. Vlncstnut ll-. Pau.. . . 413 NV. XVulnu!-. I '92-'u::. lla-llwun, Sawivly, Nccrclury C :mx 'NI 1t'n hu1'f,NV.V:a.. 524 NV. .Izum-s. El:N1f:s'1' IG. NVl':.w1c1:, ..... 1 an an H g, Dinyluolhinn Nur-ivly l,ilu'u1'ia-N, .luninr Drulnricul fhulml, 1:'1lilur-l'u-Chirgl'"Follwyr Nlurlvnlf' DA vm .I. XVULI-', ....... U2ll'liHlOH1ll'illgH., l':1. . 220 N. Maury. I "ll 'fi' l'i IllffIlllI'1'.I'?l0Nlllll Tram. llu'Il:1'rm Snvirly, Tl't'llSllI'l'T C ass . - .:., n fl J 41? . ' f, ,X 1- WK K 'X f x X f 2 U- 4 ...L :xg M. 41- 2 3 +- 550 NV. Clxestnut. New -- - """""'xf'I.., ww ff:ff::-ffm Q A J , - f' f' , fpfwpafk vffm, ,J7'l,L-lg lmfml 'lf I O L4 ,lljA!,jwm3 VAL ,af JL, OLJJ'-lik! M MVAL 3 jk! ,J f Cjivmd, J ffxrxgff '1 M? 9 ll I x Im'iqlIl'r. lh'1'lmwI, Jluyvr. lfllSIl0lI!I. ll'agm'r. H1-nryr. Brnrrn. Nh-in. l.rI"crr:'. lIuIln'rmz'l. Rupp. Is'lz'1'1l. B1u'llm11n. JIFCIITIIFII. lfulvs. ll'vU'. Jinrrmfm. lhnu-l:. llhymrhurxl. U2'ur4'r. llcrr. Tlmmpsrm. ll'unnrmuk4'l', Hcsson. Ilullmrlmsh. Iiurnhnrl. Iirorv. , History of 93. ' s f 0 . . it r' 57,15 I 7,1 ' ' ' 9 9 ' 1' i LA . X if ' , ff '- iii 'Z' I' 'itz 'l ul :I A .4 . ' 7' i A ,Tuff il:--rf - V' 1 -I 1 l f if f f i? f - ' f' ,fl .. TEX S . 2 1 'MUUI' 'fi I9 4 I -, . ,f .-X' .- It h , L, 4 ' ir ,' +1 final chapter in the history of the Llass of 'Vinety-three, as far f 'is its life under the protecting and fostering care of Franklin and Mar- ,f shall College is concerned, must now be written. l'our years ago, when the twenty and four founders of the colony reached this pleasant - and inviting country, in spite of the beauty ofthe scenery, the fresh and invigorating morning breezes, the ivy-crowned tower, with its romantic suggestions of feudal times to every imaginative mind, the awe-inspiring appearance of the Senior tribe, and the patriarchal expressions of the chief' ruler and his attend- ants-in spite of all these favorable influences there was, never- theless, a strange feeling of unrest stirring within the breast of each adventurer, a stifled yearning for the home. the father, mother, brother, sister, he had left behind. WVeeks lengthened into months, months swelled to years, the downy hairs that erst were like that definition of faith, which, as boys they had learned from a little black book with such a big name that no one except the preacher could pronounce it, this 'tsubstance of things hoped for " grew into something visible and tangible, but that old feeling of unrest continued to exist, even though signs of life were oftentimes invisible. How the colony flourished in its early days, how it went forth to meet its treacherous enemyg how it curbed thc impetuosity and presumption of the colonial bands that arrived in later years, and how, after an able exemplilication ol'Darwin's theory concerning the survival of the fittest, it settled down to a -+ 27 -:-A I peaceful and comf'orta,ble enjoyment ot' those privileges which descended to it by inheritance or reverted to it by virtue of' the laws of conquest-all these things already been recorded in previous issues of Tull: tilRll"l,AMME. It is not becoming, however, for a, man to pride himself on his ancestry, rather let him inquire whether his ancestry would be willing to pride themselves upon him. Similarly the Class of Ninety-three realized that however noble their past career, it- was not suliieient to rest satisfied with those achievements, and consequently, unlike many preceding classes, it still pro- vided new material for the Historian. Our record of events was closed in March, 1892. About this time the stail' was bnsied with the preparation of 'PHE Um- l-'x,.ixMMi4: of '93, NVith what success you are familiar. Shortly after the appearance of this annual an incident oc- cnrred which, as yet, remains a mystery, although it is gener- ally supposed that one ofthe members of the class can solve it if hc, so desires. For days and weeks there lay on the south- east window of' the Greek Hall a score or more of the liacchai of Euripedes. They were devoid of notes, and thc lord ofthe department was planning to give them to the class when ex- amination day came. Now, the motive of the professor was probably the best-he desired to remove some of' the opportuni- ties for doing unfair work on examination day. It appears, however, that the class thought they could improve on his plan, and accordingly, just preceding the time for examination, those Bacchai suddenly and mysteriously took their iiight into the vast unknown. If believe Bowman is still searching for them with Dr. Kershner's theodolite. Since then, it appears, the professor prepares all examination work by means of hec- tograph copies, and books are never required on examination days. This, the Historian believes, is a step toward the recti- fiea tion ofa serious evil which, in his cstimation,.ought to be dealt with more energetically by the authorities than is com- monly done. -1- 215' -s In all the various interests of the College, but particularly in those which deal with its higher aims and purposes, the class has always been distinctly identified, and as a class it has always mutually entertained the warmest feeling of fraternal interest. But the old unrest which revealed itself in the Freshman year still stirs at times, and as the day approaches when for the second time in its history it shall be called to say ff Good-bye " to everything it has learned to love, that feeling stirs more deeply. NVhat, though the future looks bright: What, though it promises increased freedom, what, though it stands inviting new companionships, the class knows full well. that even as the delightful relations of the College can never take the place of the more tender and enduring ties that hound them to their ehildhoodis home, so the attractions of the world, its gaiety, freedom, applause and appreciation can never approximate the strength of those bonds which unite them with their "Alma Mater." The smile which the future calls forth is blinded with the tear that the past awakens. The class has come to realize in a. wider sense than ever before the truth of the poetls line, "Parting is such sweet sorrow." The Historianls work is done, with a strange tremor that will not be controlled, he writes that linal word, at o11ce the saddest, fondest, dearest, richest, soul-inspiring word the world can ever know, a word that like an archway, spans the yet unseen, and binds the past and future lirm and sure-that friendly, hopeful word-.-I lQf'lL'i131IUI'SIfll,?I. ll xs'ro1u,xN. -1- 29 -1' Wx K A ww V' ' M , ? I W V X fl: im, xx ' 5 9 ? g gjgwzpf xN A fix - 'X -' wr, 1 I ' fn N H X li X. qyk 1 , .' 1' , X, U, j ff , ,. 1 '94 ,fl 5 H417 7.- f Mvdfflm If , my 5-WF" 1 A nf 5 4-Y ,1 A diff 9 I Class Colors: .Vila Green mul Sln'1'm1f. Class Yell: III I! U ff' ff' X If I' V. Officers. 1'rf-sidf-nt-M. H. K1f:l.1,l':1:. I'ice-1'1-asizlmft-A. H. H mn. nSkf'7'I?t!lI'lIj-J . 'l'. l'1Y.xNs. 77'cusurw'-l,i. F. RIAIN. lli.vlm'irn1.-IJ. ll. GLASS. Junior Class. Numr. Ilnmv Aalrlrvsx. Lhllvyv R4-xialrncf. Cmlclcxulfz G. l5.xl's1lAN,J TJ ,I.auuc:nsto1', Pu. . . . 5:45 N. Duke St. C1lA1:l.1f:s A. Brsuoxu. .... Wim'l1estur, Vu. . . l37l7ll:1l'lotf0 St. J. l'1lJMl'NllN ,lllclml-'I-', .1 7'.J. . Yo1'k,1'u. ..... 122 N. Maury St. P1uf:s'roN A. D1f:Luxfa, 41 l' ,J . Allentown. Pu. . . GTS NV. Clxcstnut St 'fllmms W. 1Jll'Kl'Ill'l' . . . . . Qmmlwrtmvn. Pu. . 413 NV. Walnut. St.. CARI. C.1'I.D1c1f:4'1lslf:l., J TJ . Augslm1'g.5, Raw. . . 147 IC. King' St. Jus!-:PH 'l'. EVANS ....... Linlivlll, Pan .... A 1'l:u'lmug:lx Hull. xXl.lil'Ill'l' F. Fl.l'l'li. ...... E:1stG1-ccnvillc,Pu.413 NV. Walnut St. 1lIox'1'ufm1f:m' M. 1f'm'1-:l:. . . . 'l'ot.tstmvn. Pan., . . 447 W. il"l'0ll0l'll'k St Joux IQ. ti.xx'r1-:xnl-:lx. . . . l'u1-tlmul. Uru. . . .5243 W. .lznnvs St.. -1- 3 1 -P 0 Nurrw. PAl'l..Il.Ul'll1l1.KI1lJ,. . QIJA'Nl1cl.G.4l1.,xss, . . J. 1+1nn'.xn.n U0OlDl'Il.l., .Y lluxmx C. li. Cil"l'l':l.ll's, I-Ixlmv N. HAM.. . . . Hl'uoC.1'IAl:K, 41 ln' 'lf'. NVH.seN H. 1-I.xn'l'z1':l., . . Alll"l1l'IlJ H. IIIUII, . . Hcmuurn 0.1-I1l.1,1+:u,xs, A Mlelmml. S. Kl'll.l.'lCll., . . J,u:on A. Kmvl-'1f:l:, . . . Cl.1f:M1cN'r D. IQIIICSSIJEY, Emu D. L.xN'1'z ,.... R. I+'1mN1u.1N MAIN, . HARVEY W. 1WE'l'ZLl'lll., . J.1+'1mNK lWl4lYl'Il1, . . A1.nlf:n'rF. N,xeI':. . . . WILLIAM H. NlCllill1K,. Enwlxnn IJ. l'eN'rz. . . Ames O. .l'll'Il'l'Ell, .... Ax.l.1f:N Snxmmlc, .Y .l' . 1VIAR'I'lN W. Hc'1ln'lf:l'1'zlf:n., . . AlL'l'llI'l1 L.SHlfl.1f:Nn1cIu:'lcn, . Fnlcnlfzlululi C.Sw I-:1c'r0N, .I TA Ilmnc Address. 1.21114-nste1', l,'u. . . . l'.zule:1.ste1', Pu. . . . L2IlICiLHt,C1', Pu.. . . . Littlestown,l'am. . . North Wales, Pu. . Iluneuster, Pa. . . . Clmlibnt, Pu .... Grieselnelw-willc, Pu l.'e11nsbll1'g',1'zL. . . CCl11'l'1lH!'1, M41 .... ,llyens,l'u. . . . . New Mahoning, Pa. Keedysville, Md . . VV!1Slllllg'1',0ll,:D. U. Sporting Hill, Pu. . l'enn1'Iull,l'u. . . Seitzlan111,l'1L. . . . 1-Iuyett, Mal. . . . . Lunenster, lful. . . . Kittaming, Pu. . . Steelton, Pal. 1.- lflplnutn, Pu .... H0lme1'lig,l'u. . . . Lzmenster, Pu. . . . MAlIliI1Jl'l S. H. llxmcn, . . . . Littlestown,Pn. . . Wim.. F. Zr1+:c:1.1f:1: . . . . Spring Mills, Pu. . -1- 32 +- fhllvyr :cmd f-1l.: 41. 131 H. Duke Ht. A, 1'I2l.I'l!2lll1gll Hull. 408 NV. .lumen St. 137 Clmrlntte St. 314 S. Queen St. 86'NV. Orange St. 5 Hau'lnn1,u,fl1 Hell. 418 NV. Nvlllllllt St. 343 N. Queen St. 5:29 NV. Chestnut Sb 120 N. Mary Ht. 137 Clmrlette St. 4451 NV. Clmestnut St 5-l-T NV. Chestnut St Slllllflllg Hill. 543 NV. Chestnut St 229 N. Mary St. 449 NV. l.3l1est1nutSt 145 Pine Ht. 45-1 N. Queen Ht. 4451 YV. Chestnut St 4-L51 NV. Cllentl1utSt 2251 N. lmn-y sn. -L02 H. Lime St. 5251 VV. C'l1estnutSt 543 NV. Uhestnut St: -a'kgw?'5k,x 'F'.J,f' A . -f. 'iff 'V ' ci' A wa 4 'X w w, , A my Hy X22 X Q-. f w Q.J!ffffiz 4f',4:f:Q'f K2 Q 0 JN M" 9 .f ,Y 'fff6f','f 'hw M 5 . .. Xzg..ww f ' V ax S X 'fn , - 'Ewa it . W A . F., Wy' 4' " ldv' A . , f 12 u 3 My-. 5-Aj' Nl Q Tigre? xg'-.,:.QQ:1, XXFLr. ,X y! ,,f7f!f:,f,2! ,-N 2 235:39 WW 'Ein 2 3 ' fflifif l f ' 1 xg. D MQ P xx .XENW M W ,, R QX h Qxxlhj-,'f,g'E!1i XXNXFXMZIMV ' i, U 1 Q , . ,YN J' 4 ,f ' 4 1 , - A w i " Y .r .f Y Z, J V.,.. f i A' '-f1 -'Y V S 1' , A : L , ',,, U H ang f,-59"q-24 ,7 4 A-Z X I X X Q .. ' " A 1 , lj? A' gi X if -, P 1' xx 'N K Nl N X .Q W, ,W Ns U Xxx' ' X 'V 1 Q, A I Q il ! X Ulu f y J 'wif k g RN 5x xg I J' I 9-:X xv 4 N vf sl ":'f,., 1 +" - ff NX S X ' - " 0 4' ' "L X ix ' f Q x, ' ,X ' , -f ' "' ' ' 'X Q QS 040490 oooovonoonoovo oo- nuonoooue o o v 4, o o noowno 1, , - 0 5 l1istory'of'94. EE Tun four years of ai college course may be compared to ii four acts of a. drama, composed 44,004-4+ .V . of serious tragic and comic Q.. ., 4 7 , events. Three times has the fo 5.9 ::::......f: g,.....,g'i 502' "" X ,-,,,.... mgmnn..-.Q :',-OO: 'figgrf -.... E: vxtdgf is, 25. Z'-'aU""2' 52:35-in - Qc:"'S:52 -ce4:... 25 5:00 aging-FH, -QQ ,nz ""f'P"ffD?-4. ,'Lmgprff3"x C: YQQ. If C' av-' gi':'::f:6X Q,-5-cD5Em2- Q.:-. A-fer' QQ-'--z L+- 7 5- ,1 3 ................... "' F' G-.iggw .- u-y .,f'::P"57:d:T.1-.15 :"'U'OGO4.f1U.:.c,-I .-rU,':CT',,.,-ag-7'O'-""' "' r-+G' Vw ""'3 :ow O .-O-:-'rf 9.5 lv-.H--1 "TLP -of-fc'-:Aiea-H uno-:E-g""7.gc: N. ... ' .I ,,, .-f f---Q -gt-1. -"1 n- ""-...A . -- ,,, ,.... cpQ,.,....m 2. ,...m2-'5'1:5,coQ ... I-2:":'C"5:,2?'.I.": Q S...-EQ'5,':""' Q ffdgp-5 ..:1"P'-rf J: Q ...,., .... . rv :-cn:-Lg: ....... ... :M-www: V 4 Q Q.-,,.,... -s 05:56 5' 0 :E"::q':.frPQQ '7 rr:-'-"5Q"'7-si." 2 Q--f:"'ICDQ:p-f f'-5.-a""4 "" 23 .-4 AAUQEQ-Z5 s-up-5 91 'Ugg -Cv-3:24 1 25650:-seem .. .., er- 5,..!25,1-',..2,r-O O C-.'of-:UQv'-Off 145+- Q:- r-2 ffm QE' Q, -E. CDS - Cf: :E 59 Q.- 5: '-':E'Z Q. 0,2 -SR 014 02 UQ? G C. Cie go H52 95 CP :: 02 25' OG - ESS ,,,.- C1 ga. U55 sr: idp-n 50 CDP! H more dignity, the classics would be made mmm-, society would demand some of his atientiong 7777 fam, happiness and bliss would reign supreme. To coulirm this view, let each member ot' the class bear testimony. Yes, we are known to the world as dignified, reverend il uniors. Ere we begin to chronicle the events of this year, we have a few scattering crumbs left over from our Soph year. .lt was during this year that, by a deeree'of the gods, we were invited into the mysterious regions of the botanical world. 1-low we hailed the coming of the beautiful spring day, reveal- ing the earth in all its splendor and beauty! For many weeks we were instructed in the mechanism of the plant and leaf -1- .24 + under the powerful influence of the microscope Cexamination flf' rags not cxceptedj, but the interest manifested was as noth- mg 00lI1pared with the original plucked from Naturels bosom. To fullil the articles of this decree, we were obliged to scour hill and vale, forest and glen, lield and meadow, not paying any a.ttention to either trespass notices or dogs. NVhat Glen, Media llill and Dillerville were the favorite resorts for the botanical fiends. Only our pred.ecessors can comprehend the '01'110 meaning of these excursions, and to our successors this iield of enjoyment yet lies open. To cap the climax, we were invited to accompany the Lin- nzcan Society, of this city, on their t1'ip for scientific research to the blooming hills of the Junction, and the green meadows surrounding Sporting llill. To prove that it really was a sporting hill, where the boys could partake of the sparkling nectar issuing from, the fount of Bacchus, we need to refer you to a full account from another pen. 'Phat trip will never be forgotten. 'Unlike former Juniors, to us was denied, and without weep- ing and gnashing of teeth, too, the old story of Test and the assembly of its victims about the banquet board. '94 was the lirst class to whom this primeval custom was denied. At the opening ol' the present year, it was with painful re- sret that the old familiar I' here " of three of our members was 110 longer to be heard. Although our number was diminished, W0 received three new recruits who have shown themselves worthy members of our class. will athletics we still hold our own. On the 'Varsity team, - very ably hlled the three important places back of the hue. Good work was also manifested in the Hscrubf' In all con- tGStS, '94 deserves a share of the laurels. In conclusion, a few weeks more and we shall assume the mantle of our predecessors. ll'ntil then let the curtain drop and we bid you adieu. .lllS'l'0RlAN. --f- 35 -1- 4 w I' : fl zz: : 1-:A::f:':-: H' -Y l.7,!72a:E:--... I I iv 555' n:.:' u ,,. ,.g v fni- .. .'. - il 5EiE"L'11:- Zl' 'a:E1.. 'X I 5' ' 'EG - IM Y, :,: - 3 ffzffr' ,II ' - -. QI! -I , .-.: 5:95, NI-A .- I-" , , ' E'5 1 .-i12?:1::1-'5u: .- T 2 1:1::1E:::5:':'Ei' fa e-5-545,351,111 I C 'if' QQ Y. I II I I v4'U1gI,'I W ' I I I KI jf' jg Nl X' 1 , A-,X L Q .... Tm A' . N ,-444 w- 12, IV' I , Xeff- ' I I I I I III II ' II ' , 'Ii I I I II1 'J' II, II I. xx X 1-' f ' I . III X zfff V og! fnwmf. fvffm Class Colors: Urrmgf: mul Illzwuon. 95 Class Yell: lf'l:.i1vZr-ft-rIue.' llrtlzn' llulan' lialrn' Zach' Zuh! I". and JI. '95. Ifuhf ,I1,lLll.., Rah! Officers. l'1'r:si1lm1.t-.I . H. BY ll N li. Wm-P1'17sirl1,'11t-H. QD. BIGMHIII, 1Sbc1'ctm'y-11. W. lUll.I.IClI. 11'caszw'w--.F. C. Slsrvz. Ifixtorizm-E. M. H A R 'VM A N . Sophomore Class. Name, Home A llzlresx. A'l,lll4Ill'l' 0. BAll'l'll0ll0MlCW, Lehightun, Pu. . . . 1-Lxnvm' D. B1-:Ac,11ll.m', Ames 'l'. ,l3l+INNl'l'l"I', . 'l'nos. L. BlUKl+ll,, 41 ll' lflnmcxl-1 H. Bonn, . Snnxs S. Bnowx, . . .Muon H. BYn,N1f:, . . Howlxnn W., Jyxnllcs R. lflvlws, . . Ill' D fl' ll' 'I" Mi1ldletown,M1l. . . Virginian Mills, Pal. Reading, Pu ..... .lflust Green ville,Pn Xvllfllltll., Kun. . llnxwnstelz Pax. . . Lklllwlf-1l761'. Pu. . . Linliul1l,l'n. . . . -x-37+ IC Y . 110111190 lemflmwf. 16 Hurlmuglx Hull. 515 VV. Chestnut St 2 Hawlmugll 1-Iull. 514 NV. 'Walnut St. 413 VV. Walnut St. 415 VV, 'Walnut St. ti-19 NV. Chestnut St 45 H. Duke Ht. 17 Hnrbanlgll Hull. Nu in 1' . H1zu1iK.F1'l.'rox, . . . . . l'.xUr. C. Ui':nll.xn'1', J 7' .l EDWVIN M. H.uc'rM.xx.. . . . GPEOIIGIC W. H.xn'rM'.xx. . . "lF1lAnn1+:L's ti-. Hlcnn, . . . JCIHVIN W. K.xi.n.u-n, . . AMMUN li. lC.xi'1f'1fM,xN,. . . BICNMMIN F.IiIll'1AlJY,. . . Knnf1in,xl'M.,. . . Plxnl. S. lnclN1z.u'll. .. . . . .JonN N. Mon'icnx',. . . . . Mycrstown. l lhnmc Arlalrrxs. L:111custc1',Pn. . . . . . Bcrltlwd, Pu.. . . . . Applolmnclivillu, l,'zl.. . . Lninlrnulis, Pu .... New l,l'0VlCl0llCU, 'l'n. S1lOl'l'flll,L1' Hill,1.'n. . . lA1llf'2l.Hl'Ll1', Pnl. . . . Millc1'svill0,1'u. . . . VVOlllClHtl0l'f. Pu. . . . DAVID A. 1lIlC'l'ZfllCll, W li' V". Altoonn, Pu. . . . . . Nnlricttai, l'n. W1l.l.l.xn li. l'Illl'lC,1fI ji' 'lf' .Rcznling, Pu. 'l'noM.xs Ill. ld. H.xYl.on, . . . IPANIICI, E. Hull.x1+:if'1-'l':1:, . . J-IAnn.Y ill. Smr1lA1+:lf'1-'if:lz, . . . FlH'Illl'IIllt'K C. SICVPZ, . . . 'UIIARLICS .ll SllAI"l"l'IIl, . . W1l,i.1AM ll. Snvrn, .. . St. Louis. Mo. . . . . Fleetwood, Pu Qlflcctwoml, l'n. 1-lannctmvn, Pu. . . . . 1NI0l'll2llllK'2-ltUXVll, Md. .Mi4l1llctnwn,M1l. . . 'al Josicvn H. H'i'olf'if'l.l':'l'. . . . . Slug.-gi'1'iucl'sB1'i4lgc,l.'n Vnllryfz' l11'xi1l1' . 510 NV. Orange Ht. College Uninpils. 550 NV. Chestnut St 559 W. Chestnut St A.mulcn1y Building. lli I-Inrlmngli Hnll. Sporting Hill. 301 W. Orange Ht. Millersville. 411 NV. NVnlnnt St. 343 N. 51-L NV 51-l VV Qnccn St. NVnlnnt St. xvillllllt St. 5-L7 VV. Chestnut St 557 XV. Chestnut St 557 NV. Cllibltllllli Ht -lll XV. Wnlnnt St. 2 Hnrlvnugll Hull. 515 NV . Chestnut St . 120 N. Mary Ht. - NIIUIIAICI, 111. S'rnm'i-, ,I T J . Eliznbctlwillu. Pu. . . 'Gl4ltlIlfil'l l+'. NV14:'l'zi4:l., ,l' 41 . . Carlisle. l':1. . . . -l- 36' +- 343 N. Qnucn Ht. 433 NV. .lninos St. " To nm' 'lrlm is rvruliuy llu' Vlrrwsif-s, ll lfl4'I'1I' lI'Il'l1hl1llf07I is u l!lI'lI'l't'Ilil"lIf mul lvyilimule' Iwlpg . . :md v're'ry rrrll-injwmnml ' 'ill rvufl Ihr l,'lclssir's villwl' in Ihr' m'ig,!inul or in ll fI'll'llN pvrsmu u y , Ialirm. History of '95. his gone Forth that a class history be wiitten. In tceordance with this decree we present to the public the deeds of the Class of '95. lVe are not perfect. Lollege students are not quite angels yet, nevertheless, we if: claim that we can be charged with lift w'-- C t E' jf N0'l'lll'lR year has passed,and the decree N "Z: A A . ' ' cfw . . d w 1 7 l'ew aggressive class movements unworthy ofa college class. Let us take up the end of last ycar's thread. lVhat shall we say ofthe latter part ofthe Freshman year? A poetical con- test was held, and our mysterious llradley courted the muses so well that they sang for him a song, such as neither Soph nor Junior could compose. He carried oil' the medal and brought honor to his class. After the summer vacation we came back to the same col- lege, but we were no more the same class. NVe were l"reshmen no more. The Faculty had helped a timid-looking crowd into our plaeeg and as they seemed to need training very badly we yielded to the inevitable and accepted them as asisterclass. At the ,first roll call of the year, many a name was called to which there was no response. llorgner, our Iirst president, who was a good fellow any- where, took unto himself a, wife. Brubaker is at home, reading law. liverhart, who " magnetized the ladies," went to Chicago. lloke, our mysterious poet, is attending a business college at Baltimore. I-Ie wears his gold watch himself this year. "Ziff, Slroup drsirvs llw public In know Null he lmlflx Nic xolv riyhl lo plrhlixll Huis flIilillI10H1'l'f hc lmriny spout :mc wrvk in Hx r.rcf-ulion. -I' 0 -I- Webez-, whom every one liked, is at Wanamaken-'s. lle says he likes it almost as well there as at a co-educational college. Although none can fill the places of those who have left, yet we are glad to ofier new places in our midst to eleven new men. Soon after the opening of the term, at the suggestion of the Junior class, we procured canes. There was a rumor that '96 would try to take our canes, but their valor was such as Shakespeare describes when he says, "The better part of valor is discretionf' NVe were not dis- turbed. The class rush took place as usual, but it was rather a. tame aiiair. The Freshmen went pell-mell out through the side door, without oliering suiiicient resistance to try half our strength. As the end of the time approached we decided to substitute a contest of sports in the gymnasium, for the customary con- test whicl1 would better become the natives whom Columbus found here four hundred years ago. '96, however Cas they themselves afterwards acknowledgedjg was unable to compete with us in a fair and open way, so they resorted to so-called stratagem 5 and the contest at the end ot' the term was even a deterioration fit' such a thing is possiblej of former contests. On the part of the Freshman it was noted for the lack of any ellbrt that showed even an iota ot' courage. They were smart UD enough to steal live canes, by breaking in doors at the hall, and by entering private houses in town, at night, when the inmates were out. They also painted the seats ot' the chapel wherein worship is held. lVe had given them sutlieient credit tor good sense and reverence for things holy, and there- fore did not watch the ehapelg but, alas! they had it not. NVe hope, however, that the better element of the class were not responsible for this outrage and are thoroughly ashamed of it. The thread is long enough. NVe'll spin more another year. 1'IIS'l'UliIAN. 4- ,zz -:-:- mll effv QW I '96 9 w I ffh w k. LQ.? 1'- -2, XJLT Q Fifi if V5-1 i 'm .-- -1'.,':5f iff1f: :i3" D A r aw ass Yell: Yn7l..' 'ff ,.' Zuf l?1Ll1..' l!l'i.r.' Class Colm-5: flr?lirMl'r1pH mul 1U!l7'l'IIr'. 9 .. l frupdu l'v1Ml: '96, Officers. .l,I'I'Nf!,l'Ilf"xv. H. N.Xl:'l'lN. l'ir'f'- ,"l'l'NiIl!'lIt1J. K. A DA Ms. fS?'rf1'r'l1lry-I'l'. N. HAI I'l'l I. y9'l!IIHIl1'I'7'-S. M. Ml-I Y EHS. Jli.wfm-im:-XV. D. S'rm'm:. Nauru. .Ionx K. Almxls.. JOHN I.. A'l'l.1f:1f:. . . . Sr:o'r'1' 'W. lmlclfzlz, 111 A' ll' NICNX"I'lDN 111. li1'1'zl1:1:. 111 A Qlmlsllzlvl' H. limvlcns. . Rol:lclz'l' S. l'.xMl'lslcl.l.. 'IGmv.xlm A. CIIICBIICII. flf NVILI. H. I+'ls1u':l:. . .lmron I.. lflzlcv. Jn.. Freshman Class. . Ip, lx 'lf' llomf Aflvlrvxs. f'0llyllg.Z'll1llIl, Pu. L1lIl1'ilHfUl', 1':l. . .- 1dllll'1lHl7L'l', Pu. . Lu1w:1sfo1'. l':1. . . Clnannlnmslmurgr. Pu. . . .Lum-ustor. Val. . . l'l1u1nlru1'slnl1'g3, l':1 ,Ullifl'll. l':l. . . . .lmm-:le-at'v1', l'z1. . . 'I' .AQ +- Uollrglf' ,elf-Villl'llfl7. S .H'ill'lD1lIl,Qfll Hull. 55 IC. Ol'2lllgl! St. 222 NV. Orange Ht. 250 N. Quvun Hts. IS 1'I2ll'll2llIlLfll .Hull 40 S. Quuun Ht. ti Hzxrlmuglm Hull. 111 l'l2ll'lRlllQ.fll Hull. 27 Uorul Sf. Name. AR'1'llUu W. GILLAN, fb ln Home flflrlrcxs. ' 'l". . Clm111be1'slm1'g. Pal. f?E0'liGE G. GmcENw.xLD,. . . Lynnville. Pa. .Form D. Hmm, .. . . . 1'1l.NAT11AN L. HIflll1il'I, .'1cL H. Hrull, ,Y W . XVILLIAM E. Hmflflllsixs, NEVIN U. Hunmu, A' W . J. ROLAND IKINZER, .l' W '1'ueM.xs L. KNEIIJQ, . . XVILL H.1I.kll'1'IN, . . . . . Mille1'sville.l'u.. . . . . l'.u11f-asteig Pax. . . . . . .No1'1'istmvn,1'n. . . . Mawtinsburg. Pu. . . . . Hklllllllljll, Pu. . . . . 14flllC2lStC1'. Pal. . . . . . NViconiseo, Pu. . . .XVooclsteck,Vu. . . NVIr.l.eUG1mY H. MILL11o1fs1f:, Bullietsville, Pu. . . DONALD M. Mwcns, J T A . . LllllC'3lSt0l', Pu. . . . S.xMl'1f:I. M. MYERS, . ..... I'I1ll'l'lHllll1'g, Pu. . . Jeux A. NAUMAN, tb ln' 'l". . . Lum-aste1', Pax. . . . .loslcvli P. 1iA'1'zELr,, . . 15I'c':ENE N. Qlimslxsox, . HENRY N. SMIT11, . . SAMUEL H.S'1'EIN, . . JA Miss 1'. STOFI-'l.1'l'l', . . . ilflmlingtxm. Pu.. . . . .B:1lt.imm'c.Mcl. . . . . Sllumokin, Pu. . .-XIIIIVHIG, Pa. . . . Euston, Pu. . . NV. D. S'1'eY1su, .... . . New Hamburg, Pu. NVILMER H. S'l'uAl7ss, . . C. Eimlui'1'1'rz1+:r., . . . . xV0lll0lHd01'f, Pal. . . Ln1w:1stfe1', Pu. . . . fx S f- -+ .14 -if Follrgzz Iemflemw. 19 Hurbaugll Hull. 13 1-Iu1'bnugh Hull. Millersville. 431 NV. James St. 4 Hurbuugli Hall. 52-L WV. J umes St. 1 Hurbaulgll Hall. :Z-10 E. Orange St. 13 H2ll'llRl1gll Hall. 7 Hnrbuugh Hull. 447 NV. Frederick St 231 E. King St. 7 Hurbuugh Hull. 439 E. King St. S Hurbnugli Hull. 17 Hawbnugll Hull. 14 Hnrhuuglm Hull. 503 XV. Chestnut St 11 Hu1'buugl1 Hull. 15 Hzwluuigli Hull. 3 Hurbaugli Hull. E. Orange St. History of '96. W tracting like even through an indefinite extent of space, explains why all the intel- lectual lights should attract each other and concentrate in that ever memorable year Q1892j at the Midgard, F. and M. . Now these men came from Niflheim, the mist land, and 5- Q Mesphelheim, the warm land, and Jotun- -J I ,g.fi2 1i?4,t-v ""' V1 'KQV r N - - lnA'r like has the miraculous power of at- e Qi 'W L X' l il tg lv g i 'A heim, the land of giants. But soon after we met here cruel giants appeared who have the terrible habit of tossing people about with arduous examinations for mere play. Into their hands we fell at once. After harassing us for almost an entire week they ceased from their play, and called us 1+'reshmen, because they found ns so strong and fresh in both body and mind. N But before we had recovered from this mighty shaking-up, wee, tiny people from Asenheim, the land of dwarfs, who had come here the preceding year, attacked us very savagely and unexpectedly, and confused us just a little. Now, these people are called by the examiners, Sophomores. This word was un- doubtedly coined from the Greek fmfffi, "WlSd0lllH and the English "more," and means that they need more wisdom. In fact, they had been called Freshmen the year beforeg but it was found they were not deserving of the title, so they were given the opprobious one, Sophomores. Shortly after we arrived here we were honored very highly by a reception being tendered us by Mrs. Stahr. Well, things moved along very quietly till we approached that ever memorable Christmas vacation. Now, since modesty is a characteristic of the entire class, I will not do as my pre- -i- 45 si- L decessors have done, herald the achievements myself. Indeed, such an act of egotism is not necessary, since the daily papers of Lancaster and Philadelphia, and many other places,-'with a circulation of thousands of thousands, have heralded far and wide: How the night and the paint tell together at the northwest end ot' the town, And all night long the Sophs on the Cllllllllltl walked up and down, But little did the Sophs dream ol' the mischief that green paint already had done. And little did they think the lfreshmen with their clumsy canes were having some fun. -X- M it -X- it -X- Next morning at daylight's bright gleaming, as we looked up from Har- haugh Hall. In front of the chapel we saw them scratching the paint from the steps and the wall. 'lt -X- -X- -7? W lk -X' -X- The weak ones oi' our class they captured and imprisoned against our will. But their seats were painted so nicely and the big canes will be missing still. In athletics we have especiallydistinguished ourselves. NVe hold the undisputed championship in baseball of the entire institution. The able captain of the college baseball club is chosen from our number. NVe furnished a regular member of "Varsity" Football team, who has been an honor to the team and thus doubly to the class. At the second annual exhibition of our indoor gymnasium sports we took the medals in feather and light-weight wrest- ling, vaulting. XVe also have second-best man in middle-weight wrestling, hitch and kick, and putting the shot. XVe also have at man that can jump two inches higher than the record made that dayg but on account of modesty Cthe class charaeteristicj he did not enter the contest. And now, in conclusion, we will record that our class has thus far been noted for the following: l. Perfect attendance, 2. Facnlty's favorites, 3. Order during elocutiong 4. Extreme silence during class meetings. II1s'romAN, -1- ,zo -4- . ll rnvzsr. Q , 4 KM? TIIIG .ll'AlllG.1H'. The Preps. Morning. At morn when rosy-fingered Dawn Has painted all the eastern sky, The cradle curtains are withdrawn- Our babes wake up without a e1'y. And soon they stand round pappyls knee To learn again their A B C. Noon. At noo11 they have a short recess, And gather round in little groups, The girls discuss the dance and dress, The boys play ball with many whoops. But when the little bell is tapped Their pleasures all in twain are snapped. Night. At night they make a dreadi'ul noise All through the halls and on the steps, But can we blame the thoughtless boys? Remember they are only " Preps." At last, when all their prayers are said, They tuck them snugly into bed. -4- ,JS -1- Franklin and Vlarshall Academy Instructors. VVILLIAM WARD MOORJC, A. M., Mathematics, Latin, G reok. NVILLIAM DARIUS HAPPEL, A. B., Teacher of History, and Assistant Instructor in 1NIilt2llOllllLtlCS. '.l'HA.DDlGUS G. I-IICLM, M. E., English G1'1Llll1lllll1', Pliysicul Lleoggi-upliy and Bookkeeping. LOUIS 1'Hl,lJl 1' GOERRIG, A. B.. Prolbssor of UC1'lllllll. MARY MCC. I'l'1'1'ERS, Teacl1e1'ol' Rhetoric and Ililocntion, and P1'vcept1'css of .I unim- llupmtixiollt. 4- 19 '1- H. P. As'1'oN . . . P1m.1P D. BA R ICI! . CRARLI-is G.BA1ucR . . GEORGE W. BEAVER . . NVA r,'r1sR M. 13l'IR'l'OLl'I'l' SErR1cR'1' D. BOAR . . . CA1,v1N O. Bowl-:R . . WA1.'1'lf:R IC. 1BIlAND'l'. . FRANK N. Coomcn . . . WILLIAM H. DOWNRY . FRANK ID. IJOWNEY . . Students. Gentlemen. ELMER 1l'Rvlxu NEUlI'I'EllNAClI . . CHARLES 'l'. Jflrslmulclmlcn . . I1ONVAltD M. ENGLE . . ANDREW' GA. FINKII . C. IXRTIIUR. Flslmlc, . HARRY L. 1f'.RAN'rz. . .TURN L. FRIDY . . G.1WARX F,lH'l'CIll'IY . . . HAIIILX' Hlcss Wlcnsu GR JOHN EDGAR GRUE1. . . R1-:x E.GRIswor,n . . . WVIIJLIAM 'l'.H.K3IlillllilI'l' TIAICIRY C. 1IAMlSlHGlI'l' .Toux K. fIAl!'l'MAN . . C.ELvIN HfKl7l"I' . . . . .IAc1o1s S. H1?S'I'l'1'l"I'l'IlK . . C1lARl.lf:s JC. 1'f0Wl'Ill . . EINEII. . --x- 50 -1- Mount Joy, Pa. Lmlcuster, Pam, L2l.llCilSf01', Pu. :l'1llfl'ikOll, Pa. Oley. Pam. Mau-tiusburg, W. St. Clair, PR. Mount Joy, Pa. Alexandria, Pa. Lzmcalster, Pu. Lamcustcr, Pa. I ALllC2lSt61'., Pu. Lu110:1stc1', Pa. Mount Joy, PR. I4fllNfilStCl', Pa. Plxiludclpllia, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Mountvillc, Pu. 'lAu1cnste1', PR. I Amcuste1', Pu. Lancaster, Pa. Va Sululcffiwstowll, Pu. Lancaster, Pu. Li1ll0llStCl', Pa. Hau'tm:m, Pu. Lamcuster, Pa. Luucastcr, Pal. '1'u1-hotville, Pu. WILLIAM R. KAIIL.. EDWARD M. KAs'I'EII . . GIEQIIIIE If1Cl'l,Eli. . . IiEll'W1N K. ICINARD . . IIILIIEII. LAIIIIAIAN . . IRA H. .lIANDIs . JoIIN B. LIINII . . . . JAMES P. BIGILVAIN . . RALIIII Dom: LAS MOORE CARI, B. BIIOORE .... MARTIN E. DIUSSEIL . ROIEEILU' J. P,II,cIII1AI . CLAYTON H. RANIIK . . HIIINILY E. RANSING . . J. 1CLLSWOR'l'1l IQEEIJ . WILLIABI A. REED . ROIIERT H0l'l'1 REED . . GEORIG E ICING REED . . JAMEN S. Rosh: . . . . . EDWIN J. RONENSTEIN . EDGAR SIIIIEETZ .... SAMUEL F. SI,Ax'MAIiE1I . 1fAll'l. A. SIIIIIIIIEIIT . . HEIIJIANN SIIELLEY . . J OIIN' PAUL SN YDEII . . CHARLES P. STAIIR . B. GRANT STAIIIf'II'1I:II . VVALILACE TRIEIUIILER . HERIIIAN W. WEIDNER . HARRY B. YOIIN . . . . AUcIUs'I'A I-I. BITNER . . AlQllJl'I BRIIIIII ...... IIILIZAIIETII H. FIIITUIII-: Ladies. -I- 51 -I-- IIIIIII-IIEU-I'. PII. iRiIIIuI'slIII1'g, PII. JIIIIII-ustelu PII. LIIIII-IIst0I', PII.. Ht. ClIIiI', PII. .IIIIIIcIIstcI', PII. MIIIIlIeiIII. PII. liclmont, PII. IJIIIII-IIstc1', PII. LIIIII'IIstcI', PII. MIIIIIItI'illc, PII. Lititz, PII. L1llll'2l.St0l', PII.. LIIIII'IIstcI', PII. Pillow, PII.. 1Qlll1C11Ht0l', PII. Lllll02lSf,0l', 1,ll. IIIIIICIII-ItcI', PII. l42lllC1lSfD1', PII. ,I .IIIIcIIstcI', PII. 1NIi1lC1'Sllll1'g.l', PII Gap, PII. Lll.llCllSt0l'., PII. Iwitlllllkilll, PII. QIIIIIICIII-Itcr, PII. Lll.ll01lSt0l', PII. LlLllC1lStC1', PII. 1C1lZilll0llllt0NVlI, Idavillo, PII. Mountvillc, PII. LlllIUZlSt',0l', PII. .lIIIIIc:IsteI', PII. l.IIIIc'IIstcI'. PII. PII ALICE FnI'1'c'11Ex'. . . HELEN M. Hoi. LOIIAX CLARA C. HOLLOIIAN CORA M. MAXWELL . LIzzIE J. IiAlY1f1f'MAx J osEr11INE 1ilEI"FI'Ill. . AGNES Rflilllill .... BLANCHE Slllfzllmlfzx' . BESSIIC E.S1l1n1i . . . KA'r11A1uNE K. SMALL . . L. MAIIY STIIACIIAX . MAUIJ C. '1'1:0L"1' . . .IAlllCllSt01', Lamcnstcr, LllllC1LSt0l', L lll1C1lHt',01', Lzulcaster, LIUICIISECIH I.au1custo1', Lancaster, Lzulcalstelg Lancaster, I .nm-a1ste1', Laulcnstcr, f A' AQ., 'J ' . .. . - . 1,1 ' :I J -1-52+ Pu Pu Pu Pal Pax Pal Pal Pa Pa Pal Pu Pa. I W -l I JL ' 4 'WFAW I mm A ..,, r fy T VL-'. 'VJ' My I' V W pi-f'."1vQLl M7 A V 'LFMUU-1c.0WW ' ffl' Ml qi! w ld um Nu I ' n h w Illll fll 1 lK..Q3f2X5k,M gy ,5f'uTlTH1Hk Y' S "ii 'i'ii +g Q1ylg,? jgn1,m1Ia 1 W .4-,w ag 5 X5 LW -X N " .LL-I im EAM? 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'.'l gm., . ,SQA Af' 3. ,- , i ff? 21 ,135 .. 1,-,W 11' X 'v'm,.j.'1 nr 3 .v ,N -Q5 'I ff? I.. , fu.. -,-,i.,g..a. ft. 1 ' 1 'K U .n qo- V, ,. .nj ,p , .KJ V ...- lb K x I 1 THE SEMINARY FACULTY. Dr. T. G. Apple. Dr. IQ. V. Gerlmrt, President Prof. j. C. Bowman. Dr. F. A. Gust. mlm, Zuni., . , J- M .-si, ,f uw' , K 1,511 H-" VY! - Theological Seminary. Faculty. REV. J+11N'IANUll1L V. U'1CRHAR'l'. D. D.. LL. .l'rc.virluul qf lln' Fncully, P1'ufessu1'ul' Systunmtic and l'1'uutic':ll Tllcology. REV. THOMAS G. Al'l'Ll'l. IJ. D.. Ll.. D., l,l'0ll5SH01' ni' Ullurvll Histury and Exegcsis. REV. 1"REl5,l'IRlCK A. UAHT. D. D.. P1'0lbSH01' ol' Hebrew :xml Old 'lxlfifilllltbllt 'l'l1colog Itlfzv. JOHN U. BONVMAN. A. M.. l'1'oIbssoruf New 'l'ostmncnt Excgcsis. lilcv.NV.lllLlA1Nl RUPP. D. D.. l'rolbssm' Cclcctb of l'1':1uti0ul 'l'l1eology. H1 LAS S.NEFl1',li. O.. 'l'oau-lwr of lfllm-utirm. + 57 +L D Jr Students. Seniors. C1lAnl.lcs C. Ci..xnK . . ..... . . Bel Air, Mil. CMH. F. Dicwrrz . . ............ Cleveland, Ohio. Calvin College. 1890. SAMVIQI. H. Dll'I'l'Zl'Il. ............. Tnsseyville, Pam. 1"runklin nnil Mawslulll College. 1890. GlCOllfil'I A. 'lim-:in1':l.1n1f:s ........... Sittlers, Pu. l+'1':1nklin and Man'sl1u.ll College. 1890. LAwn19Nc:l-: S. Foi's'r ............. Limestoneville, Pa. DAVID H. Fovsic. 1' .V ............ Lisbon. Iowan. Cornell College, 1890. Bnueis Gm:-'lf'i'rn. ,l'1b ............ Puviu, Pu. Fralnklin anal DIZIIHIIIIH College, 1899. J. Plllllll' IIAIINICIK .............. Mcfiulieysville, Pu. Franklin anal Mnrslmll College, 1890. DAVID Mrrxrox Joxlcr. ,l' 111 .......... Potta-iville, Pu. 1f'runklin :incl Murslmll College, 1890. DAVID NV. Kicnn ............... Saville, Pu. Df0l'L'0l'Hlllll'f,'L' College. LENVIS T. LAMl'l'1. .1 7' ,J ........... Frederick, Mil. l1'runklin anal Murslmll College, 1890. WIl.l.l.kBl Hi-zxnx' l..xNDis .......... Beaver Springs, Pu 11'r:nnklin und Mawsliaull College. 1899. Gnonoic 0. .lllMllI'1ll'l' ............. Mzulisonburg, Pa. Franklin :mal Murslmll College, 1890. B. FHANIQLIN l.i'c'KicN1xii.l. . ......... Llewellyn, Pu. Keystone Normal School, 1882. Hom-In Slcvlnfzs MA Y. .1 7' .J ...... D . . . Murtinsllu1'g, Pu. Franklin anal Murslnill College. 1889. Encncm-: L. Mr-IMAX. fl: li' 'If' . ........ Brinnfleldville, Pu.. l"runklin mul Mnrslmll College. 1899. -1- 56' 4-- BENJAMIN M. Mm'if:n . .... ....... I 2l0h1'Gl'Ht0NVl1, Pu. Franklin nnml Mursluill College, 1890. JOHN N. NMA' . .,........ ' ' . . Greensburg, Pu. Franklin and Mnrslinll College, 1890. TAKEO NOYA ................. Wakunmtsu, .lapun Franklin und Bl,llll'Hh2lll College, 1890. JAMES M. RUNKLE ........,..... Spring Mills, Pu. Franklin und Mzwsliull College, 1890. ALlf'll1CD M. Swim-'lf'N1f:n, 112 li' 'l". ....... Hunnnelstown, Pu. Franklin and Marshall College, 1899. WILLIAM C. Svlms ......... .... I Nllentown, Pu. Franklin and Mnrslmll College, 1890. NVILr.I.xM B. WVEILNEIK ............ Mountain, Pu. 1f'runklin und Mau-slunll College, 1889. Nliddlers. Kintnmeville. Pa. CIm1:r.1f:s1f'. 1XL'l'1lOUSl'1 ............ Franklin und 1VIlll'8l1!lll College, 1891. I-Lxunx' N. 13.1ssi.1cn, ,l' YP . .......... Lunc-uster, Pu. Franklin and Mawsliull College, 1891. JAM1-ts Rrlglfzx' Bl+llll114l1'. ,1' 41 ......... Skippuek, Pu. ,U1'Sl1lllS College. D. FIQANKLIN 15ooMl4:nsx1IN1f: ......... Famnei-sville, 0. Heiilellierg College, 1891. ' Bukersville. Pu. CIIARLIQS NV. Bnuon ............. ' Heidellierg.: College, 1891. GEORGE S. Bl"I'Z, dl 1' .1 .......... Allentown, Pan. Muhlenberg College, 1891. J. SILOR Glxnnlsox, ,1' rl' ........... Middleln-ook, Vu. Catawba College, 1891. GEORGE S.xM1'1ar. Gini., .1711 ......... VVooc1stoek. Vu. Frmiklin and lNian'sliull College, 1891. LOUIS P. Gomunlo .............. New York City. Calvin College, 1891 . LOUIS C. Hlxnxxsn, .1 T .1 ........... Lancaster, Pu. Franklin and Mawslmll College, 1891. -l-59 -1- EI,l.1S S. HAY, A TJ ............. Berlin. Pn. Franklin :mel Mnrslmll College. 1891. ANs1cLM V. I'Il1'IS'I'ElK ............. Annville, Pu. 1"1'nnklin nnml BISIIHIIIIII College. 1889, JonN D. 11l'Nsn:mf:l: ............. Selxwenksville, 1'n. lTl'SlllllS College. Glflljllfi 1-: IQINZU KANr:lco ........... lluncustnr. l'n. Franklin und Mnrshnll College, 1891. FRANK L. K1-:nn ............... Saville, 1'n. Franklin und Nnrslnnll College, 1891. T1loMAs H. .IlElNllAl'll, 111 ll' E. ........ 1'.einbnelx's. l'n. l+'1'nnklin nnal Mnrslnnll College, 1891. EDNVIN D. Mmxl-:Lx ,........,.... Allentown. 1'n. Muhlenberg College, 1891. JonN NV. .lilfzlxl-:urine ........ .... N nzuretlm. 1':n. l"1'unkIin und Marshall College. 1891. CnAnLIcs M. SMITH .............. Nnznretlx. l'n. Franklin mul Mnrslmll College. 1891. KENNY O'rrs Sm-:ssAno ........ . . . Leiter-slnnrg. Md. Franklin and Mnrslmll College, 1891. D. SNIDEII S'I'lCI'1lAN ............. NVf.Brltl11lllSfCl'. Md. 1"l'1lllklll1 nnml Bflll'HllllH College, 1391. Louis C. HUMAN-:n . .............. Shady Hl'0X'l'.1':l. F1'nnklin und Mau-slnnll College, 1891. J. G-nAN'r NVAl,'l'l'1It. ,4 7' 52 .......... Jeannette. l'n. Heimlellxwg College, 1891. Juniors. AIJMUN G. BAK:-:n . .............. Harrisburg. l'n. Bethany College. 1884. Flllilllilillfli NVILLIAM BALD ......... 915-l'n. Av.. Balt., M41 Baltimore City College. J. CALVIN lioLo1cn. J 7' .1 .......... Martinsburg. 1'n. Franklin and Murslmll College, 1892. HAIIIKX' NV. BRIHIIT . ............. Lebanon. Pu. Frnnklin und Mnrslhull College. 1892. -1- 60 -1- Hlxnvm' J. Cnow . ..... ........ I liverpool. Pu. 1?blll0lllSlllll'1.K' State Novmul School. 1888. W1l.LmM D. H.u'l'lcr. . ............ Stonersville. Pu. Franklin und lNIau'slmll College, 1892. Tmconomc F. HNIQMANN ........... Clevelmnl, Ohio. Calvin College, 1892. ' TITRAM J. Hu,mcoAss ..,.......... Coopersburg. Pu. Franklin and lXI:u'slmll Aeaulemy. .Tous U. Honxixo .............. Greenville, Pu. Heimlell.verg University. 1891. 'llnonlxs H. Kim-ic ............,. Sinking' Spring. Pu lf'1'a1nklin und Mnrslnlll Collegrc, 1892. LENVIS P. Knonic ............... Mont Alto. Pu. Franklin and Mnrslmll College. 1892. Emma: lfl. H. .llicixliuvii ........... lleinlmelfs, Pu. l'ulutin:ite College. F. J. Emi, BIl'l'Zlll'l .............. lmiieaistei-. Pu. Mel-4-erslmrg College. Elllllflll S. Nom, . ............... llann-ester. l':n. Keystone State N4bl'IIl2lvl School, 1839. EUGENE l'. Sicvlncs, .J T J .......... .Iounnett'e, Pa. 1"l'illlkilIl and BIIIIHIIRIH College, 1892. Howlxnn H. HPOIIN . ........,.... lloyertown. Pu. Keystone Stme Norlnzxl S1-liool. GICIINY NVEIIEII ................ R0lllll'SlllIl'g', l':u. Franklin :mal bl2ll'Sll1lHC0llCg.f0, 1892. H.u:nY NV. NVISSLICII ............. Mei-lmnivstown. Mil I-leimlellmelgef Vniversity. 1892. -x- 61 -1- ' Z f i ga My N xxxx J QW! www x Sd- Qi? ff' X f M f ' X P L xii w. I ,X-1 ff 4 Q ga if xxxw 4' I i rl!" .1 1 ly ' Q' 2 '- QQ A ' ' f E1 Q i U, x LIT X Q, 7 ' 7 Bm 'QV we W I 1 r Y' iv. 'O X Literary Societies. v . , 'V W G 5 'W 'v J 'A+ 'V ll i ,n V . . , '- I A' -L AM' 1-, 'TSA X . '-cv, AA GMM, Goethean Literary Society. M0110! 1'ev!o'1Im fbfbq Colors: OM Golf! mul 131110. Executive Officers. Pv-csidmzt . . . . . M. N. l,i1f:om:1c. VfC'lf-.I,l'C8flIl?7lt . . . . . . NV. S. H.xl:'l'Zl-Il.. Rcrcord-ing fS2'c1'z'lu1',1f . . . . T. B. E. SA YLOR. Cmzsor . ....... . . .l. l'. B,u,zmmN. Olmplain. . . . . . J. P. lhvrzlcnl.. . V. QC. H. .lhwsmmx RCWGWM ' ' ' ' 2 P. L. ffICKIIAlllDj SA.L.Mc't'A1m1Q:x.l. C'd"'5 ' ' ' ' ? NV. G. Gl4:1:lIAlm. , Term Officers. 79-msvzrm-, C. IC. XVAGNEH. .LfllI'!Il'f!Ill'. J. F. Ml-:xl lc Curator, M. S. K.1f:l,l.14:n. Urn'rcspomIing ,SM-1'r'l1r11y, P. H. fI.lf:lXl:A1:ll. Ccnsor QI' Anrmymrms Bourrl. H. N. H.xAs. .LNI7'lL7QQl Assislrmls Builrlirqq C'omm'itlcc. C. D. IQRESSLEY, T. L. BIcK1a1., D. IC. S1:1rA1cm-'1cR. U. E. NV.xuN1f:n, , , M. H. K1cl.L14:n 'SMA' F. C. Slcvrz. . e W. D. S'1'ov1-zn. , ,, ST. NV. Drc'V1f:n'1'. Cfffffffffflfffh 2 S. NV. fIA1ct1'11.'xN. Aaccs.vio11. C'Im'Z', J. Il. S'r1clN. Year Officers. A '1lflff0l'N, ,llrlll Full!! Conml-iHcf'. J. S. Rvm-. C. G. li,wsM.xN, J. H. Bvnxlc. .lffiqistz-ru', NV. H. H1-:ml.u:n. -+63'1- F. C. SEITZ, A. H. Hllill, A. 'l'. Blf:NN1f"1"1' Poct, T. NV. D 'H Anniversary Speakers. Skclutatorian, A. F. NACE. OVIIIOI'-if. NV. G. Glclumun. J. P. IBAUIIAIAN, A. T. Mc:CAlml1:r.l.. ICKl'IlVl'. Eulqqist, PAUL BROXVN Gmtlfcfm Oratur, J. R. S'rlf:lN. .SQ1cnkw', L. A. HAxu1uf:l1:. -1-64 -1- J. K. Almnrs, .l'. P. B.w1lMAN, A. D. BAn'1'1IoLc C. G. BAUSMAN, A. 'l'. B1cNN1c'1"1', T. L. Brclucl., 'I+l. H. Hmm, P. BROWN, S. S. Bnowx, C. A. Busnoxu, NV. E. Busuoms J. H. BYRNE, T. XV. Ihwlclclw, H. XV. D1l'.l.1f:1:, A. F. FLUCK, M. M. Fnvx-zu, J. E. G.xN'1'l':N me M. N. GEORGE, C. H. GEIHIAIUD Goethean Members. PMENV, 7 7 P. L. Glfzlzlmlum, W. G. GICIIIIAIH ,lJ.H.G1.Ass, H. N. HAM, IN, M -+ 65 -1- Jfl. M. 1'IAll'l'MAN, NV. H.xlc'1'zlf:l., 'lF. G. Hlcml, J. D. Hmm, A. H. I-Imxl. H. C.1'f1l.l.EGAS, NV. J. H1Jl'l7lC, If' NV.K,x1l1.1mf:1 .. M. H. Iil+ll,l.l'lll, IQIICFI-'Ell, J. A. '1' L. Kxm 1.1-1, C. D. Kl:1f:ssl.1cY, I' S hlfll N mall, A. 'l7. lfUC.XRlll'1l'. R. F. MAIN, QD. A. R'IE'l'ZHAIl, H XV. Mlc'1'zl.1c1:, J. F. BIIGYICIL, S. M.MY1c1:s, A. F. N.wlc, NV. H. NICIKIIIK, - . ,. .l.1.R.x1m.l.l., .I.ti..IilT1'l'. If I. IO!! IS. IC. HM' . L.Hlll'I,1f:N A. HAxuul4:lf:, . J. H. ll. H'rl4:1x, E. Sc 'IIA 11:1-' 1- mc. W. D. Sc:Iml':1-'lf1cu, 1'. Sfm-'I-'l.l-:'r, D. S'rm'El:, XV. H. S'1'nA1'ss. N W. Nl.?llWl'Il'l'7I'IH, IC. 1T.'lIl0Ml'NUN. C. HICITZ, N. SMITH. R.. S'l'l'2lN. C. lslclxulfzn. A. IG. XV.u:x1f:lc. IJ. WANx1f:xr.uucl: D. .l. NVIDIA". YV . , - gy. F. Zl'IlHl,l'IR. GQBBE uofw YBXXN 80,7-V ,... -- ,. YUUS9 "SERVED wi ,f BE fg Q5 ...g.54gg,x11 - ' '55 '- nn: we r:on.w."' -1- 66 -lv "' N Q. WJEWJH f H 1 , , .-.A k,J Diagnothian Literary Society. bjncflkcl' . Color: Whitv. Executive Officers. . . . . .1'1.'l+1.NX1-..xxlul.. Y. .., Vice-Prcsidmf . . . . l'.x1'1,.U. Gl'll!ll.Kll'I'. C'l:f1y1Inin Jlfonitoz' . . . . . .W. H. MA1:'1'IN. . .... E. L. 1'ox'rz. .l1'zf1:o1'ding fS?'m-wlury . S. H. ffltill. Critic . . . .... A.O.Rl+1l'l'lCl:. Term Officers. C ff r. W. li. HMITII. Lilnvn-irrn, H. U. B1f:.u'1l1,m'. um 1 , , ,., ,H SA. 0. R1cl'1'l-zu. l""""""'tU.U.E.Gl7'1'1c1.u's. V ' 1 . . - Sl3.lf.Ixnr..xm. Cmnspomlfng ,Santan ms C E' -L' HIGHER. 75-mf.-wrea-, Bxcxoxl Bxrl-1 Year Officers. s. I1'vgi.w!1-ur. ll. F. KILICA -I-67-if Anniversary Speakers. fSlvc1M'c1'. . . A1miwr1'sa1'ifm, . Eulqyist . . . First Orator . fS2:comZ Orafor Third Orator. 1'burth Orator 1S?clutai0rinn . BENONI BA'1'1as H. M. KLEIN. J. H. BOWMAN. F. H. MOYER. C. H. LEF1cv1uf:. J. L. BAuN1lAlc'1'. A. 0. R1f:1'1'En. IC. L. PQNTZ. Committee of Arrangements. F. C. Sw1cl':'1'oN, C'hai1-mrm. J J IKOTIIERMEL, 1'.U.GERIlAIil P A DELONG, S. H. HIGH, G 1+ XVETZEL, N. E. Brrzlcu -+ 66' -1- Vlembers of Diagnothian J. L. :Yl'I.EE, S. W. BAK1f:1:, J. L. BAHNIIART, BIQNONI 13A'1'14:s, H. D. B1c,w11LEY, N. 143. Blwzmn, R. H. Bowlcns, J. H. BOWMAN, R. CA3u'111c1.1'., 111. A. Cumncn, P. A. DELONH, C. C. H. ibnlcclxsml.. W. S. Flsulfzn, J. L. Fnlcy, H. K. FULTON, P. C. GERIIAHT, A. W. G1r.1..xN, I Literary Society. U. C. IC. GU'1'1aLIUs, H. C. HANK, NV. H. Hmm, T. C. Hlcssobr, E. L. HIGISEE, S. H. Hum, N. U. Human, .I. R. Klxzlclz, H. M. J. IKLETN, B. QF.', E. D. L.xN'1'z, C. H. L1f:11'l+:vn1a, W. H. M.x1c'r1N, J. H. BIOWICIIY, F. H. Monfzxc., D. M. Mwzns, J.A.N.xU1mN, G. G. GR1c1f:N.uv.xL1m, E. ll.. PoN'1'z, -+ 69 +- J. J. .R'O'I'Ill'IIIMl NV. B. l'nn-111. E. N. Rmslxsox. A. O. Rl+Il'l'l'Ill. M. I.. h'I'HOI'l', l+'. 1 HWl'1l'1'l'0N M. h. H. Uxum , -:l.. IC. I C. WI-1.x v mn, W. I.. SMITH. H. F. WVl'I'l'ZlCl.. k -. . - . , .,'.,A ii... ml' DLI' xx deg Avg f' xsiil -1- 70+- , my L id W X i 1 5 A L' ' 1 UUETV nr wmlgm . A 1- 4I I fl I, N I 'Y- mx, ' 1 x 'V " 1 ' 71 f ' 5' . f ' -'Q'WWmaWr , K, , f, df, ll! " I ' , 2 .fi Hamm 'g 1-u, W, rf-I'i.l4,' I'l 1' K V 41 vy ' 'f?3?' ' J, I .N X l Society of Inquiry. 1SemInary.J Officers. l'1-csidcnt .... . . D. H. Folfslc. View-P1'0sifIc1zt. . . . . J. G. NV.-KL'I'Ell. .Sbcretmgy . . . . .L. P. Knomc. Critic . . . . Bnvcllztim!-'I-'1'l'11 y7'!'Il811l'C2' . . . U. F. Al.'l'II0l'sE. Members. F. ALT1lolfs1f:, L. N. 1"oUs'r, VV. BALD, J. S. Gmzlalsux. R. BERGY, G. S. Glu., F. Boomcnslllxm, L. l'. G1-zolrnlu, VV. B1z1G11'1', Blil'l'l'I GlcllflfI'1' W. Bluffan, NV. QD. H1Kl'l'l'Il., BU'1'z, J. P. HAHNICIK. J. Cnow, I.. C. I-Imzxlsll. F. D1cwI'1'z. E. H. HA Y. H. Fovslc. T. F. HIQNBIAN. -+72-x- Cf. HJ. D. K L. NV. w HI 1.1.1110 Ass. Iflonxlxfa. Hlzxslvmfzlr. . K,xN1f:1m. Klcmc. Kxcun. B. M. DIEYICH, F I. M.Mvmu-1, J. N. NALY, 15.9. Nom., J. NV. Rlclxxsc lm, A. M. Scplnwlfx li l H. IQIHVK. E. P Sm'1.1f:s. P. Kumufz, U. N SMITH, Ia. I.xf:1Nl:,wll. K. 0. Sl'lcss.xnn, H. L1cINl:.u'1r. D. S. S'l'l'1I'lIAN. 111. LlMlll'llL'l', L. C. SUMBIER, F. LUc,:1c14:N1:ll,1,. .l. G. W.xr,'1'1f:1:. D. BIEIXICLI.. G1+:1:NvW1clu-nn, I-I. NVlSSLI'Ill. J , ,.S'e" 5 Q ' ,aff - ' :hy " 1 --.- z'Z' -K' ee 'ggklk g . - A I -.4 ' W1 -- f ...4.f, 'lu -:fr -. 4 ... -. I rf ff l mx ".I PANTUILIL IH' -1- 73 +- . U l ,Lg 'mf' li' ' . Q f i"' e"" 1', 'M .wi , ILI.. H A 41K T llf A MZ RA TL I TIES. Q 4 r A,wu-vm, mm C C Chl I 0 Founded at Princeton, 1824. 77 Fraternity Organ: " The Chl PM Chaketl. Fraternity Colors : ,Skvu-lvl mul Blue. Chapter Roll. University 0l'X71l'g'1l112l, ....... . . 1111152-lllC'11llHC17fH Qlnstitute ol"1'ee1mology. . . . . Halnpmleu-SicllleyCollege,. . . . . Framklin and Nur:-nlmll College, . . . RensselaerPolyteelmie Institute, . . . .UlllN'0l'S1tj'O1'Ul11l11l1'1l1tl, . . . . - Stevens Institute of'1'ee1mo10gy, . . . Alpha, . . Beta ,... . . Gcwmml.. .... Emory College, . . . Delta, . . . . . R1lltQ'01'H College, . . . Epsilon, . . . . Zeta, . , , Eta, . . . . Universityot'1ieo1'gi:l., yylllflll, . , , , f0ifl', - . . Ohio State College, . KfqJpc1, . . . .Brown University, . Lambda .... Ilia, . . , , Ml, - - University ot"lfexns, . Xi ,.... . .Cornell University, . Omicron .Yule University, . . Pi ,... . .Vauulerbilt'Unive1'sity, Rl1o,. . . . Luthyette College, . . fS7qnm,,. NVoflb1'4l College, . . . '+ 75 -1' 1859 1891 1869 1867 1867 1854 1868 1878 1883 1872 . 1875 1883 . 1892 1868 1877 1883 1874 1871 Tau, . Phi, . Chi, . Psi, . Aleph, 1?eth, Gbimcl, He, . Daleth, . Vau, . University of South Carolina, Amherst College, ..... Ohio Wesleyan University, Lehigh University, .... Alumni Chapters. . .1'1R11l1ll1.0l'0, . . . . New York, . . . - Louisville, . . . .AtI:1ntn,.. . . . .1'hilndelpl1iu, . . . .xVHS1l11lg'13011, . . -+ 76 +- 1889 1873 1873 1872 1880 1881 1881 1882 1883 1883 Chi Phi-Zeta Chapter-1854. Frater in Facultate. S. REV. Josmmr HENRY Dmms. D. D., F. R. H. Fratres in Urbe. WLLLIAM R. BRINTON, Esrg.. JACOB G. ZOOK, J AMES C. NVILEY, P, TIIOMAS J. DAVIS, Esq.. ADAM N. BURGIQR. CARL R. EADY, ESQ.. EPTTRAIM C. DIIGIIIQ, Esq -Q WILLIAM H. WELUIIANS, ROBERT J. EVANS, J Ames S'l'EWVA'R'l', 11", HANICILX' D. Hovmxs, ffliflllfilfl S. FRANKLIN, T, TIARIIY N. I'IOWlCLT., AI.lSEll'l' F. SDDNR, ESQ.. JAMES C. LEMAN, JOHN H. EVANS, PARK K. FRAIM, ERN1cs'r ZAHM. VVILLIAM LEAMAN, ESQ., RDR1cR'1' D. S'1'1+:wA'R'r, W, V EDNVARD R. AAIIM, AARON B. HASSLER, ESQ. Fidei Commissarii. , Pa. If Rlcv. Euw. R. IQSUIIHAPII, D. D., JDHN NV. W1+:'1'zEr., ESQ., Q, -1-77 -1- Fratres in Academia. 1893. AmuAN Llcllm' 1NIuC.xlm1':l.l., .I.nr1f:sC1,.-xluc Kll'Ilf'l"lCR, WILLIAM Hwnmcv Hmm. Jollx Mn:ll,u':r, Gnnvlc. 1894. .losrzvu ,Ifllmzxlzn Guolncnl.. 1895. filcolmxfz Flmxlc XvlC'l'Zl'IL. 11-SEIU. HAMUIQI, Hum, NICVIN Unslxvs Hmm-zu, Jmlx Rol,,xNnKlxz1':1c. Fratres in Seminario. 'IM vm 1N'IIL'l'0N Joxlcs, '90, lim'm'1': fflill-'l"l'l'll, '90, JAf:ms SILOR fjfARRlSON, '91, G1-:emma Snllvlfzr, Glu., '91, IrfAllll,Y Nlclgsox .l5,xssl,I':l:, 'HL .llxmlcs Rlnlcx' lilclml-:x'. -1- 76' '1- U5 E, l.Wnlr,uv, Pm .A Phi Peiin:-iylvzniizl. . L6 ii L LL 4 G As L4 New York. LL L 4 Virginia. wk GL WVe:-it Virginizl. Mzwylzuirl.. . District ot' Colu South Carolina Mississippi. . O 0 Founded, 1852, at Jefferson College llllllll.. . . ll' k Fraternity Colors: Lm'm1c1r'rm1.rI. in Fraternity Monthly: " 7711, lS'hielfl." Fraternity Yell : Ilfgh .' ,High .' lflqll .' Phi Jdrppa Psi. Liw' ctw' .' Die ncv0r.' Plri lfappn Pei. Active Chapters. District I. . Alpha-XVa1sliington and .Ieflerson College . . Jiwlrl-Alleglmelly College. Gumnun-Bucknell University. Ej1SfIfJlI.-P0llllSy'lVlllllll College. . . Zvlu--Dickinson College. . . .Efll'.Fl'fl,llkllll and Murslmll College. . Tlmta-L:x111.yette College. . . Iota-University ot'Pennsylvamiu. ft?tjJ2Jl,L--SXl'lL1'tlllllllll'0 College. . Jlljlllft--C0l'llCll University. . . ,l3f'tc1-Symellse University. Gun:mr!-Colllmbiu College. Iipsilon-Colgate U1iive1'sity. District ll. . Alpha-University of Virginia. . . Jxwu-NV:1sliilwton :md Lee University. Fl Gamma--I-Iaimpmlei1-Sidney College. . . . Alplm-University ol' WVeSt Vll'Qlfllll2l. . Alpluz--.Tolms Hopkins lliiiversity. . Alpha-Columlmimi University. . Alplm-Ifniversity ot' South 0ll1'0llllll-. . Alpha-l'niversity ol' Mississippi. wi- 79 -fe Dlstrl ct Ill. , Ohio . . . Alpha-OllioNVesleya1.n University. " . . .ECHL-NVlttCllll01'g College. " . . . . Dwlm-State 'Unive1'sity. lnxlinnu. . . Alpha-1Je Pnuw University. " . . Jil-ta-State University. Grmzmu-XVuliusli College. District IV. Illinois. . . Alplla-Northwestern University. Miclligzlll. Xvisvonsin. . . .. Iowu. . . Minnesota. . . . Kansas. . . Alpha-State University. . Alpha-State University. flmnmfz-Beloit College. . Alpha-State U niversity. . Bria- Stute University. . Aqzha-State University. Culilorniu. . . . .Bom-Lelmnl Stzllltorcl, Jr., U niversity. Alumni Chapters. Pittslvnrgh Alumni Association, Springfield Alumni Association, N ew York Alumni Association, Cleveland Alumni Association. Pliilaulelplliu Alumni Association, Chicago Alumni Association, Mau'ylund Alumni Association, Twin City Alumni Association, Washington Alumni Association, Kansas City Alumni Assovintion, Cincinnati Alumni Association, Multnomah Alumni Assoc-intion. 'I' So 'l'- Phi Kappa Psi-Penna. Eta Chapter. Founded 1860. Founders. Hox. A. C. REINUCIII., .Lxuuls 0. Kxlmc. M. D., REV. H. H. W. Hmsmmx, ,IJ. D., lilcv. ID. L. SwAu'rz, QD. D.. Ql'mf:N.1cUs Su.u,'1'1':n, ESQ. Resident Members. HON. A. C. RJCINIEIIL, HON. D. P. Ros1cNMll,r,1-ln, Joslcvll E. BUWMAN, JOHN NV. rXPPEL, Esq., JI. HAROLD 'W1c1uf:ns1IAM, WILLIAM T. BROWN, ESQ., WILLIAM N. APPEL, ESQ., REV. FRANCIS E. SUIIIUJDER, AHRAM P. SIIIRK, NVA'm'1c1c S, W1gUmAN,, J. NVll,soN flbmms. Clms. F. 1-I.xu1f:lc..I1c.. ldsq. NVAl,'1'1':n ALLIGN Ill-:lNu':lll,. J. A. BHUWN, .l. XV. BROWN, ESQ.. .Pumm H. G. l'f1'UAll'I'I'IR, Pomm. l Ihcv.G1+:o. t,iA1'1.l., Ohio ,la .Iosm-11 HI'IICI5l'1Ii'l' AI'l'ICI1. Jm1N NVIl.l,IA1l 15.x1u4:1:. IIICNRY Clan' Blc1'1s.uu4:lc. . -+ 81 +- Vlember of Faculty. .IonN CALVIN BONVMAN, A. M. Rl-zv. Active Members. Seminary. Mmxuuxcvlxr. A1.lfl:lclr DTAIVFIN SCIIAI-'lfN1f:l:, El'u1eN1c LORAII INIULEAN. College. MIJCIICXUIII. C1lA'um1:s Howlfzm. LEF1cv1:14:. Mlwcruxclv. Hvfao CROSTA HARK. RIIXTUXUV. 'l7mmAs LMVAN Blulcl-:L. Howmm WALTER DILLER, DAVID ANTIIONY 1NI1+I'I'ZGAIl. XVILLIAM BENNETILUM Pmcl- Mlm-uxrrvr. JOHN A'1'l.1f:1f: NAUMAN, N1cw'1'0N EMERSON Brrzlcu, Sco'r'r Nvmms BAKER. All'I'lII'll NVINGER GILLAN, f'HAlll.l'IS Hlfzlclucwl' H14:mlA1m. IQDWAIKD ANDREW Clmulcu Number of Active Members. . . . 14 ' - f 'Klll1lllliBl'0lllllCl'H . . . . 152 BUIIIIJOI 0 I -+ 82 -s- Delta Tau Delta Chapter Ro ln'- ,,l....--- Grand Division of the North. Ohio University. A-University of Michigan. E-Albion College. Z-Adelbert College. II-Buelitel College. 0-Bethany College. I-Michigan Agricultural Col li'-Hillsdale College. Ohio Wesleyan University. M- W-Hunover College, A'--Kenyon College. TL-University of WO0St61'. B A -Indiana. University. If If-De Puuw University. If Z-Butler University. Grand Dlvlslon ofthe South. A-Vanderbilt University. Il If A- li lf- -University of Mississippi. University of Georgia. Emory College. If 9-University of the South. lm' I- 'University of Virginia. li E-Tulane University. A Grand Dlvlslon of the East. -Allegheny College. 1'-Washington and Jefferson N-Lafayette College. +834- le C ollege P--Stevens Institute of Teellnology. lFWil1ia1ns College. 7LFrank1in and Marshall College. l'-Rensselzer Polytechnic Institute. If If If B A-Lehigh University. ill-Tufts College. N-Massaeliusetts Institute of Technology 0-Cornell University. Grand Dlvlslon of the West. 0-University of Iowa. E-Simpson College. 52-Iowa State College. If I'-University of Wisconsin. If II-University of Minnesota. If lr'-University of Colorado. Alumni Chapters. New York Alumni Chapter. Chicago Alumni Chapt,e1 Nashville Alumni Chapter. Twin-City Alumni Chapter Pittsburg Alumni Chapter. Nebraska Alumni Chapter Cleveland Alumni Chapter. -+ 84 +- Delta Tau Delta-Tau Chapter-1874. Resident Members. NV.xl.'1'1c1: .I. BAUSMAN, 382, NYJIIINIAN J. Bl.AuKwoon, 786, R. P. Conn, '82, J. U. Forxrz, '84, J. H. bll'IRlIAll'l', 786, NVM. G. MAY1xU1w, '83, ilimv. W. MUCASK mt, D. H. Sl+1Nsl4:Nlu, '86, H. N. Gnossxmx, '86, C. L. BOWMAN, '88. C. C. Hmnn. 788. NVM. N. 1-IAL1., '90, NV.R.HAnNls1l, 588, Emu me E. REA M. Active Members. 1881!-I-Ifmlfzn. S. MA Y. lS9U-'LICWIS T. LAMl'l'1. l8Sll-hours U. H1kllNlSll. B1+:NuNx B.vr1cs, Seminary. 1891-lCl.l.1s S. HAY. 1892-J. C,u'.vlN .llm.ulcl:. 1992--l'1l'lll'1Nl4l l'. S14 Ymzs College. 1893. ' .l+'n.xNlc H. Mmwcu. -1' 615 -1- K 1894. J. EDMUNDS DEHUFF, , K HONVATIIJ C. HILLEGAS, CLAIUQNUJQ G. BAUSMAN, C. C. H. DRECHSEL, FRED. C. SWVEE'l'0N. 1895. Mlulmm. E. Swnour, PAUL C. Glfzm-rAlw'. 1896. DONALD M. MYERS. -1- 86 -1- . ,J -lla The "Senior" Club Founded November 25, 1891. Colors: ,S?'m'Icf mul Blur-A Active Nembers. .l. H. BOWMAN, .I'. N. Ulmvlc, XIII, F. H. lWOYlGli, A 'l'A, H.1N'f.1fI.lNl'I, df I' J, -1- 87 -1- X X I I n W 1 ' f 3.32537 SX HN . f ,Z X Q - I , f , .nie V ' y KZ " ix A ' 1 X 4B fPX I X W ,X ' xi i ' Founded at F. and M 1893 Alpha . Hom. . Gltllllllfl . ,llrllrl . . Fraternity Organ: " Tin' livin Ph: C yeh ' Colors : Black mul Blur. Chapter Roll. Active IJuN.x1.1r M. BIYICIIS, ,4 52, '96, Nl+:w'1'oN E. Hl'rz1+:lc., Q-I 'lf' "Ni 1" Franklin :md Marslmll. University of A1-imma. Oklahoma Instituto. Kansas Naval A1-:ul01n5 Members. J. RULANIJ IQINZICR, A .Tollx A. N.xUM.xN. Sl, HAMl'l':1. H. Hmm. ll ll, 'SNL R.0llEll'l' S. CAMl'1ucl,1. -'K' 849 -I" Members of Fraternities Having no Chapters in This College. ll. H. Folfslc, Sem., '93. L' A' . '. . . . Cornell College, Iowan. G. S. BI"1'z, Sem., '9-l, dl l' J. . . . Muhlenberg College. H. M. J. IQLEIN, '93, W I' ,J . . . . Mulilenlwerg College. l'. A. DIGLONG, '94, rp 1' ,J . . . . . Mulilenbcrg College. T. 1-I. L1clNimu11, Sem., i9-l, 41 ln' .1'. . . lf'1-:mklin :md llllzmnliaull Collegl 'W. G. H'1cmIAlm, '93, W lf L' . . . . .l"l'Zlllkllll mul lNI:11'sl1:1lll'ollegL I.. A. SANr+iuc1+:, '94, L' ,X . .... . . ,l'e1msylvuniu College. J. G. xVAL'l'lCllS, Sem., '94, A T S2 . . . . I-Ieimlellieig University. -1- 89 -1- Tunf'-" Papo II'ouIaln'l lflljl .llr u lx'ou'-u'me." 'l'here's n little hoy in school whose nzune is liowers. l-le's fresher than :L hunch ot' sunnner flowers: He wnntecl tojoin n. frut, But he got left in that, For they woul1ln't tnlie it in, no not l4ow-wow- wow-ers. 'l'here's :I little hoy in sehool whose nznne is llowers, lle's your ehunx il' he hut knows you tor two hours: 1Ie's lluily in the gym, But Robinson threw llllll, For tl1ere's more hurk than hite in little Bow-wow-W4rw-ers. He often goes upon the girls to cull, Anil stnnmls ilu' fifteen minutes in the hull: He nlwuys comes ut seven. And never leaves till 'Ieven. Anil then they hure to tell hiln-thnt's Bow-wcuw-wow-ers. They hlulleel him intojoining.: the Smoke Higgs. He only took il hulfu dozen swigsg But helbre 'twus realized, They haul hiin 1lil1'lllyZ0ll, Anal thnt's the wuy they treated little lSow-wow-wow-ers. -'r Q0 'l'- A 'x 'v n INF Z ll I Y. Fl. C. l,7'I'RfIll'??f . . . . I Vim'-,l'l'r'Hirlf'1ll.. . . . U. lfr'1'm'flinyMw'f'lfl1j1f . . .J. Crn'1'1wpmuling.SW-1'rrfrl171 . . F 7y'IflIHIU'I?l' Lilnwrifm lhjqrminl . Alanis, H.u'1m.xx R.u:'l'lmr. Hman. . Dll'Kl'II!'l' I Fl.l'c-lc. IC NI IC W . ..H . A. Members. -+ Q2 -r- 14 A. M. H.uc'rM.xN. C. IC. f,H"l'l'Il.Il'S. K. Annls. H. Bonn. W. H.xn'l'M.xN. P. S'r.ullz. F. If'r.1rulc. U. C. E. filT'l'I'Il.llVS IC. M. H.kIl'l'lI.KN, G. VV. HAlr'l'xmN. XV. S. H1kll'I'Zl'1l.l.. I'. fi. Hr-:l.xl. A. H. Hllill. E. W. K A LILAUII. M. H. Km,Lmz. 'l'. I.. Kxmmc, C. D. ,Kli.lfISSl,1CY P. S. LICINIEAKYII. J. F. MliX'l'1ll. A. F.NA4:1c. .l. l'. R.A'rzl-1 J.H.1ll7l'l', M. W. S1-uw F. C. SEITZ, U. l'. H'r.'ull:. J. R. HTICIN. H. H. H'1'1f:lN W. D. H'rm'm:. li ICI' P E arg, Ocrz anuif F Q! A Vff' .. ' Wi? ,f KA, 'Uzwa cwc a. '+ Q9 +- 8. Alumni Associations. Pittsburg Alumni Association of F. and l'l. Officers. l,l'l'Nf1,l'I1.f . . . . . . O. R. SNYDEIR. ESQ. I'ir-1'-1'1'1'sifl1'nl . . . . . REV. P. C. l'Rl'ull. .Skfm-1-fm-,ff . . . . . R1-:v. J. H. 1lll'Kl.l'IY. Ylwmm-fer . . . . . Rlcv. N. H. S1u'r.i':s. . NV. .I Bmfzla, A. 141. 'l'l!l7XAl . XVINHl'INIl0'l'l S HON l0.l'l'l'llffl'C Commit! r. . . - REV. Z1-1.11 I. 1. ESQ. nd M. Alumni Association of Central Pennsylvania Officers. .l'I'I'Nfl,I'llf . . . . . . l'li0l". D. M. NVULI-'. l'iw--1'1-wsiflrnf. . . . R1-:v. J. M. l'oN'ru's. Nw-vim-y . . . . . F. A. lL1'1'I.i-JY. Ju. Ylwmffrw- . . . lim. lioniizwl' 0'Box'l.1-:. S lil-IV. Cvlars J. DIUS-SER, j9'.:'r'rl1lil'r' I'onlmilIf'l'. . . - J. l'. BIEYI-Ill, ESQ., fJ.u'm: Hoon, ESQ. -1-94+ Southern Alumni Association. President . . . Wee-President . . 4S22e1'etmgy. . . 1'reasw'er Executive Committee Officers . . . C. A. Lr'1"1'l.1c. . . S. F. S'1'oifl-'r.1f:'l'. . . C. E. HIT.T.1AlilJ. . . Du. J. A. Ho'Fif'1mINs. 5 J. W. WETZET.. ESQ., Rmv. C. W. CREMER, 2 Pnmf. A. C. KIMLER. Alumni Association of Philadelphia. Officers. President . . . . . REV. J. W. UIEAWVFORD, D. D. Vice-President . . . . . WA'LTE1c. M. FnANK'r.1N, ESQ. 'Secretary cmd Z9'easw'm' . F. Ecvecutifve Committee E. Burzmm, EsQ. REV. C. G. Flsmclc, D. D., S. H. GIYIL1f'o1Ux, D. D. S., W. W. WEIGLIQY, ESQ., T. A. FENs'rE1:MAK1m, Es l, J. H. W0mf'E, JCSQ. -i-Q5+- Q Honor Vlen '92, Jllarslznll Orntion. mul l'nIcrli1'lo1',:1 . . . . H. H. RANCH. .I"l'lL7LkIflL Orntion . 6?ll7lt!If07'fII7lf . . . . H. W. BRIHIIT. H. RANUK. J. C. Bol.u14:n, . . VV. D. IPIAPPEL . . H. N mwcmmn S. W. Klum, 0. J. MQHELOQK. L. P. Knomf. .I. H. .-Xl'l'lCl.. Il' I :f lf"7, 7f,! .Q f -I ., V I 1 1 .' . ' ' , X l' - . ., Ln., i N 'E A -" r i X ' A 5 J U " ,Q -','Qwf" GP . K n ' .lg ' ,,,. ,- , ,."L 1 ,," . XC 'N ff 9 f x"w1 a XJW. . -Ye fly My in-1f,'.fL IWW ,' I -MHZ! I Q - - 1 I -+96+- Junior Oratorical Contest, Class of '93, A Chllrgqr' Clmpwl, 7VlI'8l1fI.lj lC've1:iv1,rf, .MNH I-4. 'NW Music by Tlmrbahn's Orchestra. Programme. Music-Mureh. "l1'estf1'u4len " . Prayer . ........... . . BlllSiU'-OVCl'tllI'0. " Reception " . . 0l'iltillll-4' Silent Forces " . . 0l'ilti1lll-LgHllil'itOfHlUxXg'l!u ....... . . . . Music-Allegro. No. 15 UJ'l'0lll Opera ot' Fuustj . . . Orution--'L xvlllllilllhilillll Pllgllll or Christizm " . . . Ol'llt1ilPll-'g XVzn' :md :xl'llitl'2lti0ll " Mllsiu-Selection. "Elwollrngrement". . . . Ol'2lfiUll-"Htl'0llg.'L'Hl, then llezulty' . . . . . . Orntiou-"'1'l1e Philosophy ot' llleqllzllityn . . . BIllSil"1,0lUlliIiFC, " KllllSf'l0l'N ........... A. .W:il1Lq. R-1-nv. J. H. Swuxlu .S?'l1lr-pp1gq1'cll. I'. P. B.wxmAN. XV.G.G1+:l:1ml:n. f,'lll'l'fQff?'. .l'. R. H'l'l':lN. C. H. I.1f:F1cvluf:. Iffufttqw. I-I. M. .l'. KLICIN. E. E. W lm VICIE. Bf'1yfrf1'. .Pl'L'S0llf2lfi0ll of medal to H. M. J. K LICIN. BIllHil"'-f,V0l'fflll'0 .................. M-lfl1'717u'yw'll. Bellerliution. .I'lllLffI'-9. Hex. lion1f:l:'rUl..x1m, 1'no1f'.M..l. HIH'I4'll'l', H. li. Um-lllmx. + 97 -I-s Fourth Annual Glee Club Prize Debate. ,lil 1fQ?S0l'l'Cfl , College Chapel, I'?'ln'um'y mf, .IS9.'!. j,l'I'Nfl1iIlfj Qfiif-cr ....... Du. .l. S. H'r,xlll:. JuzLr1r's. -:v. C. Il41l.x'1x HlKl'l"l'. Du. W, M. .l lcvmlc, XV. D. W lm Ylflll, Esq. Timm' . . . . . . D. H. Forsrz. Questlon for Debate. '1'lmt1+'1'amkliu uml Mnrslmll College should lmvc electives in alll ll0lllll'tlll0llfS. except that of Philosophy, after the Sopho- lll0l'0 yU2ll'. Debaters. .'1-fIi9'111rllilv' .' .X?'jjllffl'l' .' A. 0. RlCl'l'l'1Il, '94, ll. M. .I. Kmclx, 113. l'.xl'l. Bnmvx. '93, .l. HAI'l'll STI-zlx, 113. NVilll1el'el'Nell:1l, H. N. J. IQLICIN. Mmil- hy College lilee Club. 4- 96' + fs!" " r pf- 8.2m . Mil 'H ""N .Z 1 "'- V ,Mm '. A My I i ' .f3.. AM Il fax ,A 6' gm aaa -Y'-4 , mf,-0 ' ' M -i " i-ti? ' Q .734-f l x AJS' R' " -'v ."' ' "QQ , f 653:29 I in LBJ ff i 5 ' wg' ' U W! A 593.11831 m B 1 ,I J! I all nm E .1 n 11:13 IJ .X tug! UG My s -Ii ' 'h I-'II I 'H ':'Ff'F ":?'- " I N 'Hamm' ' i -t- 1 Tal: i 3 h f fi' M! 51 194 Ia f . A M f iii! gli' fii: . :r.A'-Q Q -In H I y as fy Pu-E 01'g.E'tlill. ,tis of thee. Sweet reeds of melody, Of thee I a-singg For which n11fecsto1's pmyeal. To which our timthcrs paid. Yet still thou :nrt delayed. On Culliope's wing. f ,I Class Day, Class '93. Mrlllfrrturirvn . . ,Il'istrn'irm . l'1f.w:.-fillli.-:I . .l'l'opll1rl . . .l'r1e.w'ntufin1l Orrrlm' . . ,Ivy Orutm' . . Ulrm.-z Urfrlor. . . 6,1088 f'UI'IH . . . Anlhrfifl' qf fV'I'I'lllllIlil'N . . . Clfrlirmun qi' C"rnnmill1-1- :gf .'I'I'IIll'Ijl'llll'llfN . 1, 'WEA -is I., -4 ,411 Af' 52 X -.,,T.,TF E l f " 'l'lllrICI'J UI" .I KIND," 4- lm! -P ISENUNI BA'rlcs. . .l. R. STEIN. M. N. Gmonum. W. H. 1-Imm. J. l'. BAQMMAN C. H. I.1c1f'l-zvluc. l'.u'l. B1aowN. XV. E. I!lfslloN4 J. U. Kll'Il"l"l'1IC. IC. D. 'l'umH'soN LI -L q A -w ,Q vf Q 1 fx x J' Wx ff . , I x J Wx t NZ ,f' .5 I" 3 Nu xffx X, x 5,.:v ,fn-XX lx ff' f ' -PM - , 156, x X AEM 1 nfIm7,v".,1u X A: if f.- fx" ' X F Wh x W1 , .1 F 6 w yl FJ x 3, 'rv fw A 2 ,If Q f r i C r 4 Q v is ., my ' fi ,' x v 9' J' ' ln, she 'g'M Wakita . -f Q qi' ' " W 0 fr I f3ufBn,u.N ! 'U' 'Pun college hoy's his parents' joy. And lit for cleificution: ln Ilaumustcx' it uin't that wny. Ho's snlgicvt to prolmtion. As 1"1'oslnn:ln l.'L'l'00ll l1c's p1'olmlvly tznno Anal " bones " his lessons well: But then hc thinks ho'll harvest fume, Yet this no onc 1-nn tell. When hero two yours he mloos not 1-are Much 'bout his Greek :md Latin 1 He says. H Stick to nie, Maggie clear. And yon'll wom' silk :mal satin." NVhen sunnnor UOIIIUS hc's in n swonf. And this is with good reason. 'I'o sec how ninny lrills 11o'll get About this tbstive sonson. He wunts to mnke some money. sure, The only questions where: I guess he'rl both-1' migrate west And push an rolling C'h3lll'. 'l' I U2 -i' NN"?1'vf:4.X NX: X gf , .-r , if S A F" . "KS W .s fl " X W X I Mc ui X 'WW f X fmi. , RX - f , h. 'I .1 y 1 A rj K f 1 NN , M ' 'E'-'Li' ' f' R-'rWr" ' f XXSWXJ v ML I 2 A, 4 gfsxyk I f ff Wg, 9 ""PPifT mf yy 1' ,V lf? ' ,xv -I ,ff I kg. , ' QXfx,,M.Uz ,, gf xx X 5 . ' R N W 5 N + Hn X I . X A , Musical Organizations. xMusical Organizations., F. and M. Glee Club. Students' Glee Club. F. and Fl. Serenade Club. Students' Instrumental Club. College Orchestra. College Choir. L. 1'. Sunnnvr. J. lf. Beryl-y. J. .V. Xuly. IV. li. livrluzrrl. IV. H. Ilerr, J. U. Htilcr. F. C. Swedun. L. C. llurnisll. T. L. Bivl:Ic'. Brucv Grijillc. IV. JI. Irvine. J. C. Holger. T. ll. Leinbuvh. li. S. Gill. B. Price. J. H. Goorlell. C. C. Ilrrr. E. P. Skylus. Il. X. Brzsslvr. If, I.. Iliyhec ."'fff- , V ..u-f" -,Zz , KN KI 1 A l . X A .W I 'em 4 A 'ph I f f -f. - Ai 6 , v I 1... f ' 5. if Z z Zu 'XI I Q ' I ff ' X ' N. f ' Q ,I A x i' .f If , ' 5 X ' Z' P ' XII. f f . f f.-I 1 - ,Wm F J. 127 fd f. f ' , I ff ff.:1.1f-.I - .. f q Q11 mf" I l Cllee Club. .1J7'0Hf!lL'Ilf. ..... . . J. CALVIN I5m.ulCI:. Bll8fl1t'SN Ahrmzgm- .... H.xnm' X. IS.xssl,l-:l:. 1f'h-si 72-mws-.I. N. N.u.x'. I.. C. Sum!!-zu, J. II. Ii14:l:m'. A. O. Itlf:l'r1+:lc .Skfcoml Zbnors-.I. C. IioI.r:14:l:. G. S. UILI., I.. PIIHIIICIG, W.1i. I'mc:lc. Jf'i1-N1 Iifrssrm-Iilclwlfz U'IIll"If'l'I'Il. J. E. UUUIJl'Il.l., F. C. Swx':14:'1'ox T. I.. Brc'Kl,1-1. 7 .S22af.m1 Jimmns-NV. M. Iicvlxlc. I.. U. HAIINIS II, 'I'. H. I.1f:Ixl xc u IG. I'. SK Ymcs, W. G. U'l'ZIIllAIIIJ. Serenade Club. Lrfmlcr ...... . ..... .I. IC. f,u00lll'II.I,, lllundolifm-Cll.x1:l.1+:sC. 1'Il1:mc..I". C. SWl'Il4I'l'UN. NN . Ii. 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H.N1+1l1illcli, 5l'0'l"l' l5AlU'3lh C. ID.'HllAlf'lflf1l:. 4 Fivwl linsms: M. W. Hr'1lw1f:1'rz1f:n. M. H. K1c1.l.lf:n. l'. A. D1f:I,oNfa. Am,l':N S,xNc:nlclc. lS?'r'rm1l Iirmwm .' .louN Iiluuclc. E. I.. Pom-z. M. H. ll. l Instrumental Club. Lrvulrv' .' . . . . . . . A. lAI'. Hlfill. I"i1'sz5.jll1n2flolins: UARl.Rl'1NGll'Ill. XV. R.'lu-:Nm-:lu-'1-:l:. Alf-mid Jllilllfllllhl- . . . . M. H. H. l7Ncalf:I:. Violin . . . .1-I. H. Hman. Iimqjo . . . . . . A l.1,l':N Saxmrlfzlfz. !1'uifm's .' 1-lmao I-Luna. A. F. lf'l,l'4-K. M. H. Kl4:l,l.l-:l:. -l- Ill -I- . . BIAIRTIN W. H4'lIWlCl'l'Zl'Ill. A?'c1n1.1l 7?'um's .' 7A mil! lexml-:I 7N1il'Il Up the Spout, I r""Nx , ' "Ai Q fy' A .. 1 - - , 1 - M W X M -if ' "'f NH- ' -Lp 4 . fzfe, A ff ff' . xayf ,R ffvsiilg, J - u A g.,fM,x j I L !Z!Z,Jf,CAf I ag if Qxmg 2145- .'q ,sf E9 1,f 12fb QL ' ,. , .. 4 5225:--X , 'Lx ' V, 1" " 91 WHQJ 'ff . , ff-I 1' ,iff X I' V X ,M---,+ , 1 f ff , X I Ylfllllillllmlillilll -lm '-1 .-1' - , 1 x Q W X X ssx t l X N XXX-rx VZ! !! I , - ET? lj f Il f 217.1 1.11-L' ....-l--:T vilf' 1 ' ' " '- '-T--Q.. M Or the H Phantom Glee Club Trip to the Pacific Coast.' i 1 1 v 1' liulll, liuzrcrs. Evans, '!l5. lloflzcilas. Hfrnum. High. ji! ' 'su 'f 1 Q, se e f tl '7 4 WI?" X .'x I I I. l" ' : il Q . f,-V N -- : .-4. j. ff IJ ,,r -1 fm: ',,:u. kw Q A -A, V. . TB, 1 xx ik b Ne ,.,Mgu,,:',: fv Wi It QW , ,ff 'I X it aff ' XX WJNQV, f f f "'f4 g H f 1 l We N4 D07 In 05,8 5 . L -:- . - Orchestra. College ,l'1'r'sillr:nt. . . . Jiuximws l1l?l'Ill,lffI'7' . . Lzfurlm' . ..... . Tlulzo. F. l'l1clm,xxx 'Rmx'l'. H. 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N X - 5 JL N X J j,3 1 NA, ,Y Q 'I F-f' 'I I N if an-h X K .Xxx .L Athletic Associations. .... Foot Ball Team Base Ball Team. Tennis Clubs. -at 9 fa- .V iQ-to ' W 5 5 I 'ml m 9 l I 'f u A. H. Jligll. YV. H. Bushong. T. ll. Krivk. T. I". llrrman. E. P, Nkjlhs. JI. E. Slroup. G, IV. Hurlman. D. J. Faust. D. J. Wolf. J. P. lim-Inna: Bruce Grmilh. E. D. Llmlz. J. IV. Bnkrr. , A CW Q r -,Q Q1 9 Af ff' n In I M 4 ' 9 - 1, 1 , , SEQ 5 f, 'V., 9 K? -N w L 0' X L Q The Team, 1892. Blll'l,!l'1HIHl"lf'l'l'Il. Urfpfrrin. IJ. II. l"0l'Sl4I, Jlrlmrgrrr. YV. E. lil'sll0Nu, !?'utrr'. IC. ,l,'. SK Ymzs. Hum., '95, 1,1517 ldml. G. W. HM:'1'M.xx, '95, Lfgfl Jhr-A-lc. 'l'. F. I'Il'IllMAN. Hom., '95, M577 Hvurrfl. M. E. H'l'IlUl7l', '95. lfiyllt Emi. '1'. 1-I. Ifllllili, Sem., '95, ,ltiylfl 7?n-Hr. ll. J. XVm,lf, '93, lfirflff Gum-fl. A' ' ' " I 40111 '93. ffllflfffl' j,'1u'A'. Bnlfulfz frlillflflll ,, ., A. ll. Hlull. '94, lhjfl llllll' Ilrmk E. D. LANTZ, '94, .lfiglll IIHU' .lfrufk. I NY. ISAICICII, '94, l"llll Hfnzk. Substitutes Who Played in Regular Games. J. P. BAm'lm,xN, '93, li. F. MAIN. '94, NV. H. NlCIlilllli, '94. N. H. Clllwllflli, '99, C. E. IHowm:, Prep. 'Z' 121 -1-- Games Played, 1892. Upponvnlx. llulr. l'unnsylvuni:n Unllugv. Uctulml' I. l'lu,vvl'Ilr1'4l. October S, Huuknull. Ovfolnul' 15. HXV2ll'Hllll0l'0, l'nivursit,v of I' Nzwzxl xXl'illl0lllj l'. A. S. C., Cllllil Q 0t1f0lK'I'ZlI .. Uvhvlmul' 22. Ovtulmul' 20. Nuvvlnlml' rl! fi2lllllFS won. 4: QIZIIIIOS lost, 3. 24, um I , l'Il14'vl'l4l11r'll. I". .l.u,uc-ustu1'. .I mllmszlster, Lewislmrg. Lzlncustcly ,l'I1iludclpI1iu. A mmpulis. I.zllw:1stu1', 'CRX 'Q X N Q if W- . 7 5 , I K ua x L ' ix X x x f N7 Nw, 01X " TIIIC l'UAl'lllflf." "!- l22 + Su'm'c'. mul M. 0ppom'ul.v. 22 1 2 30 1 P I 2 22 Ill 0 0 31 0 24 48 0 1 22 92 ,..--..f..-.. lLl'f.ll""Q.e-9 Q . 'F bs QE ' - A , Ex M ' ' x -X' .4 I xx lx . , 'E 1 1 K'iifW,.l 1,2 4. 2 L, VL! Tx-L 0'lq5q'-wa' Base Ban club. Illmmyw-. . ll.xm:x' lgIHHII'l'. fjllflfllfll- . ' ' . . . . . . . ..l. H. :XI'l'l,l'I. IC. A. UICICMICII. f.f'flf1'fll'I'. En. .l1f:lflfnl1cs. l,ffI'fl!?l'. N. E. Bl'I'ZI'Ili. l"if-.wa lm.w-. lfIAn.m' Blcrcalw. LS?'f'1Hlfl jfumf. A. 0. ,liAll'I'l10lA7BINW. Ylfirrl lfrmv. W. II. HA1llmm1l'1'. Nlmrl Nfnp. .l. H. Al'l'l,lC. Lrjff l"ir:l1l. L. A. S.-kNtilllfIlfI, f'?fnl1'r' I"ir'lfl. 'I'. I.. l4u'lu,1f:, .lfiqlff l"fl'flf. Games Played. Many 4-At Lanm-znsrur. . . . llickinsun. . . . . IIS. I". L' 6 AtGuttyslJ1l1'g . . . .PUIIIIHXIVZIIHII . . . ti. F. " 7-At,C:u'lislu ..... Dickinson . . . ii. I". 'Q 20-At,UI1zl111laul'slal11'g.: .Clm1nlm1'slm1',u' ..... 5. I". " 25-At Ql,mwz1stu1'. . . . ljncliam 'l.'l':lil1ingrS1-luml . H. F. " 27-At lnnlwanstvl' . . .,M-tives. . . . . 4115, F. -:- 1.39 -1- mrl M :ml M :ml M :mal N 1mIM :ml M Rei!! V ' Wffiwgyb ' ' NX A X7 4 I JI' 91 'p . V , . - . Z .2 '1 7 ' V f x , T- ,I .-" M 'r.7Ki'I'., J- N. LL ni L . "- - N ,ffmb-aff? H' 0 '.- X. : ui' N ,A 4-1 K .4 og, A X. Q .,4',. , 5' r V 1- ,bf 'ivd ' The F. and Fl. Tennis Association. Officers. P1-ffsizimft ....... . . Cl,A1c1f:N1'1f: G. lLwsmmN, '94. iSbm'1:tm'y mul 75'CIINllI'CI' . . . Sf70'I"l' W. VIKAKICIL, TNS. Executive Committee. E. IC. XV1+:.xvi':1:. '9J4. U. G. IKAUSMAN, '94, B. F. Kn1f:.xm'. '95, N. W. lhunm, '96, E. P. SKYl,l'1S.NClll.. '95. 5+ l2.f -P Nb Qi '- ffk folk o1Mmlllxnll!4!hllIro he o A ' , , Zrjfgf Pi' 0 Y 'F K 'EL Wffgpgfl? o . Q h ' Eff "if C f - .. ,fm ' Q ' FS' h llll - W X6 , 'S Marv A I V XX fb fa A , X ' . 115 .Kilt ,o fa' Tri! .l My f 1 Q Q X f 'I X r f' 1 I Iwlrun Indoor Athletic Sports. lo'm'nl. Hf1lll1lillg'lIi,QllJlllllll . . l'1ltfing.':tl1cSlmt. . . . Hitvh :xml Kivk .... Rllllllillg' High .lump . . . . IBAn'1'1ml,m11cw. '95 . . . 41M-H15 imelms Ibllrgrfr: Ilylllwrsillnl. I'?Y,II'lllIl'.lf ,.',!, l.S'!1,i. ll'im1f'1'. DlllCl7llSI'Il,, 'Sl-1. . . . .515-im-Ixos. U'lHI"I-'l'I'lI. Som., '03 . . .30 Ilan-tl imeh. HAlc'l'M.xN, l'l'l'lI. . . . . silver 5 im-In-s. Ifcawy Weight XvI'CHHillg' I1Ali'I'3lAN. '!r5. Light XVOig'htxv1'L'Sf7lillg'. . . .lfwltllc-1' NVoigxht NVrosbling1 Polo Vuulting. . . . S'I'UYl'lIC, 'SNL Romxsox. 'SNL HAl:'1'MAN, Prop. . . . . S ibut 4 im-hos -1- fgg -1' zrha, , H Urol-rl' ,li Ur fIH.S!l 54 .5-Z' V xx 4 ff A XR, ' sv' 6 'Rf c-...Ng SW- . 'fvang .qer J T: ,fl N, N X QNSLEQ n.hlg4i' Gcnrqc Katt' ,,., ff' 5' ,. - --AX 1, 1 my ff,-'I YZ f 4 X I , Z 1 : 'fgr 1, I Rx ff f A fb 4 f .Jiri . Wu - 4 fx I, ' gf 1 -. Q. X i 5 , 1 ' I . f AW YW nl , ff - -Q ,: 1 U1 2 - .? if W1 U f f Sw Q I ,'W,fl'r3g 'PJ X GLA 'WNQYW -,fu1,.nlmuggaQ,,L:-.-Eigatw 3 , -I 'A NU' H ww I J, '-4d'qw,'l,w ,I K 4-,J ,nv f .hr Ez- - W ",f,, -X " Q" ,M SfF'3'QP,' i f J " W by if 1 ,5..--- - nf A ' ' ,JH , , - - 1 A. . xiifgsafii 'fikiipg W "lS'1IJ'b"l".v,,-N- J ' X Nxx. 4' .S',, 'Ev-'n 1 um! --www niyb 16 -.V en Qgmmik. A A A 1 4, I ff XXX A' ,'f' , fn 'iffy A ,uh -PKVW 'K X ' W -f Wkawg,1..a. 'za vb W w n "few w2w:bL ,, . I I 11, ,.1:gi:tF15. w, X .x l .I iff ' '. 'uQ"Hi.Q!fV N 55.335 Eating Clubs. Harbaugh Hall Boys. I F. l,Mll'1f:. 7'ufm'. l K AlmMs,'HLi. A. 0. IMn'l'lmI,mll4:w G. W. 1lEAVlCIR,1'l'017.. H. J. lkmulovx-'. A. 'l'. UlCNNl'Z'I"l'. '95. J. li. lil-:lu:r:Y.Se111.. '9l. W. M. B1cn'rol,l':'l'. Pr S. D. Rumi. Prop.. 'I'n1':o. Glhxss. A'lffmm'd C. 0. lltHVlCR.1'l'0p.. R. H. 'Hcm'mrs. '96, W. E. BnANn'r. l'.1'up., H. H. linvml. W. E. Bvsuoxu, 'SNL En. A. UIIICMICII. Tru, H. M. ENGIJC. Prep., JM. I-huxxs. '95, -1- 12:9 -1- J. T. EVANS. '94, W. H. Flslllcu, '99, U. A.. Flslllfxlc.. Ifmp., P. II.G1+1l:l1.xlclm, 794. A. NV.GIl.1,.xN, '96. A. F. UIl.IIlCII'l', D. G. iiluxss, '94, G. G. U'lI.I'Zl'INAWALII. .Imax GIHSWUIIIJ, Prop.. W. S. I-I.xl:'1'zm1.I., '94, S. I-I. Hmm, '96, C. IC. 1-Imvmr, P1-up.. N. U. HIIIIIIIII. '99, I+' W. Ii.u,n.wll 9, 1. Q" IC. M. K.xs'1'1f:l:. I'rup , 'I' I. IiN1+:H.l+:. "Ni ICIINIIIIII .l1.U,IIlI.XN. I'1 1 W. II. N.x1c'r1N. N1 0.10. Mlcxsm-ll. H. N. BIYICIIH, '99, 'Nw .l. I'. II.v1'z1+:m,. '99 IC. N Iimuxsox, 96 '. I'I'lI. '99 I-I N NNI 4: v,4 'Il hh. . NX.IfI. FII Xl 7 qw 4-5 Aww I I' . l0IIII.1.'9li. XV. IJ. H'I'HYl'IlI., 4. YYUIIN, I'ro1r. X BWKXNV IW 'I ,.-I x I QI ,MII I A ' "af-" ,. -x- 129 -1-- f ' A "' Y I . , j T5 - - ' " ,fe ay- 1, 1 : "' 1- ,., f ye' f Q ,,-k -J , " F f - M Zi gi?-2 - X l " 1 ! w e . fff' ' piziefnzif. 1 Qj?-- fifeeH?Vid2iEE5ef2evfZg4V?r 'A ,. L, Af .IM 455' ff Q A , , , ,AA ,Q , TE f4,,.,,,. W +57 . rm f , in L fa., , Lg - , 1 S f .1 r Ur 54' 21- iii 'W D W i4fx:':jE"kL - i j f r H , 'I -111-Qesigffmmf I - -T . .Epi AIX V- 'Y Z W" II!! jmi i ,. rrrr - - W Q1 Fifi. gg. W jf L f.. wx e xm ' 'fm . - . I- .: QQKWJ f 'R ' r w -X '-' ' 'f"41 '--'ffir xx X X X pffifljfzz. Vw ' f z f G' Q' 1+ .Q y Wu ,Nw HN 1 vw - ' ' - 1 ' ru ml, .. --A V Y - .m..,,,,.....p J ' .. . r , , ea , , . G Q, ,qu . ".,, , W' ' gig -' w','-Vflkwf . 4 f ' 1 ' !.l.K 1 xy xx All f A 42: lu 4 h 1 Q L X x i X XJ! ,ff t I-A AH' , X fo. 5. w X 1 6 , u A , X - N f T X J., ,.fz' -...L ,H r yr. - - N . :Y Kf xw fl HI mf! -rt X X ,js F7 ee. X jf lg I '- N " f "' A ' N ri' V? y 'IM f "N 1 ,KAR kwxvwnu .. qw. 3 '34 4WQQ.agHUffMwM XXV? 2. f X-mfr. - f ' X er X I A N 1 X X X 1 xx X XX Vlembers in Faculty. Rlcv. F. A. GAs'r, D. D. A. V. l'Ill'lS'I'ER. A. B. Members in Seminary. C. F. Al,'1'll0l7Slf1. H. W. Blcmlvr, A. G. limclclc, S. H. .DIlC'I'ZEl., J. C. Hm.u1f:l:. H. J. HlI.l,muAss, 4- 130 rr- IJ. H. IlXl Y. flCINI'Il'Kl'I, M. RIINlil.l4I. X N. SllAI"l4'Nl'IlI B.-wlcs, I.. lircflilcl., H. liolsn, C. H. IJRICUIIS 11'.11'l.lfc1K. C. Hll,l.m:As, IQIHCSSLICY. 'L IGF lcv n lc, Members in College. lei., I I PFA J. WN, wgw 'TxNf? Ox? ' L10 -+ fxgr -1- 'l+I. P. SKx'l.1f:s, L. 0. HI'MMl'1Il, W. U. Hvlclcs. l'. U. I.lclN1:.u:1l, .l. F. BIEYICIC, .I. N. Mmv,m:.Y, XV. B.1'nu:lf:, .I. .l. R0'l'1IlCIIMl4Il , H. A. H'1'mN, M. E. S'I'H,0Ul?, NV. F. Z11+:ru.lcn. 1 x iW1?r 'K K 5 lx " 5' HF" 1 X ' --M N A . 61 ltlllllxgf . w 1- I vw Q , f . Q . 45 23-, ' Y Qgfvf r v-ff iv - ' QQ W XM ' . -' fr, V HZ!! . K xx..-If, QM 'Sf my 'bfi v ff ff! mf' w M, Q! WM gW 5 l A ,al fxwibx -ill? X 'f U'.4' ' lk' ' 'A ' X ffzwx , 537, I k lf ,N '1 if , , i ff? .L , gf f ,f,f f - w x f --MW ' 4 V Q- we if -- if - 'N 'W 3" Gi .v K7 In by' ,:v , E I wx of wQ x MLl 1 l"rr.virlc1ll.' ALL:-:N Hixxfalzllzrfz. Pennsylvunian .75'l3!INll7'!'l' .' -alma" limvnmx. Virginia. 1fHNiIlf!'-VN Jllrmngm' .' " lilnm' " Nlcllclnlc, Mznrylnnd. -+ 132 -1-- 1lIm'kcti11y C?lIl1f7H-fMCO.' " JIMMY " L.xN'rz, Muryhnml. Groccricx Crmzmitter: .' 'L 0.1-:sue " MAIN. ,District0l'C0lllll1lri2lN. Nhat C'm1l'm.-iftr:f:.' lminticx Conrnritlcc .- A. H. Hmm, Pmmsylvunin. " l'm'r1+:n " BlmwN, Kansas A flbotlfpick C'mn'mittcc.' " Tllmms .B0llIlINfi'l'ON " HAx'l,on, Missouri. " Blum' " Hlblfdfli, Muryhulfl. " FIEICIJIH' " Hlcvrz, Punm-xylvnlmizn.. Grammar: HA1: 'mmN, Pennsylvania. " NM-omfzox " Sr'1lw14:r'1'z1+:n, Iflplwufax. FNAN Ii 1N1m'lm, Pclnmsylvuniu. Sims ililmwx, Kansas. En. 1-Lxlc'l'MA'N. Penn:-Aylv:mi:l. A. F. N.'Xl'1C,P0lllIHyIVRllliil. -f 133 -1- ,N III1 The Early Birds. H M. .l. Kmclx. 'U3,1lf I' J, I N. NVAHl'1NHl'ICS'l', Uri. lClm1'xns IJ1c1lo1f'l-', 794, A I A. lJl':I.0Nu.'94.41l',I, 4- 13,4 -1- ff1?.f- sifY'i9s. l11?' . Q .K x fx Q,-gf K, ' .- -. 4-.v ,AAS M uk 'IQUCMNSCELLANEOMS-EATlNG'CL.UB5UH . I J-N :Uv in 4 - F 9 2' 6 x I V 1 .LW-.Wg fb cuff' IMI' ' Mfwk -f --'- .. Black Forest Club. 44:3 West Wulnut Std L. S. 13'.u7s'1', Som., ffm. Gmmv Vvlililili, Hum., HPS. J. RA Ucu Hwlelx, 'HEL A. 'IJ.WANN1+:MAKlclc, Nm. J. G. ltuvv, '93, '1'1loMAs W. 1114-11 I-:lc'1'. '94. -1- 135 -1-V Ex D. .l. NVm.lf. .l. 1'.HAl:N1f:lc, M. S. H. Lfxmfzn. L C. Hl'MMl'Ill, Eat to Live Club. 'l'. U. Hv:ssoN. K. 0. SPIGSSAIRD, G. K. ICANICKU, M. S. Iiv:l,l.1+:l:. Live to Eat Club. A, 'l'. Hul'l,lcNxuclmm:. NV. l.. SMITH, L. P. Klcmuc. C. M. Smvru. NV. ll. WVICIINICII. I. ,l'. B.u:llM.xN. E. L. Mc:l.l-mx. ld. ld. .l.l4:lNls,u'll H. IJ. Bl+lAUllLl'11 'l'.H.KRl1:K, W. ti-. lkmumlm. Keystone House Club. T. H. ,l.14:1Nlmuu, H. D. Sm:lx.uf:1f'1flcl 'D . D. H. S'rm'llAN. -1- 136 -4- L . 'l+1. Hc:1lA14:Fw':lc Q 4 4 4 L !....- ., Z If ,.,f, 717, j wx ff fy 1' I 7 , f Q" ffqff' 1 Hina' ,sw 'ff ff! I . 1 if fl Q: I v,. -K Q 4 Q4 7 ff-,fi gf V. -I A 5 W f 4 ' ' J f ff -Ji' W 1 5 W S3 .. my Q1 - , 31944 J A 535' "ET 'V' 32f1f'?f!PW,"Nf:7f W Nw' wT"f ' J ' 3' ,fl f'f ww ' , 1,2 Q I f ' .',.f' ' ' - -Mfg: ,,,jf3 1 K' l1'fi', I ,1lxX - J. X 3 N 'L 4' f ' Ji?" 4+-f N "xx 1 QQ 0 V f .:, :U -,Sv "C 'I 1691 5, siiaxslfgi -' ..:-,7?L+x. I J X, N 1 ff fzfffwfh Lis X Y' A Y Q X M1 5, T565 Q' ,415 " " fivf v ' ' " ' N33 ATA' G f QQ , Q f pf 'X ' a l- -ll- J.i .xl,,liul,c.11.l:, J I J, hun.. sm, ld. l'11-:lmlc Sliymcs. J 7' J, Sum.. '95, H. Cmmllcxs HILLI-:u,xs, J 7' J, WH. D. 'Fox Y 3flC'l'Z4i1'Ill. fb ln' 'l", '95, M. ICIJIICII H'l'R0l'l', J 7' J, '95, -4- Ijcv -1- The Joll .l'l:m-'. NVil.l.l.xM W. H. Qlmxnrs, ' 1-I Immune Cm1lf'1f'1'1'll. y Bummers. l'l1.1J. M. Qloxlcs. BIANN IIIVTNEA D. . N. B.xss1.1':l:, .. J. H. Gixnmsox. A. L. iXIcfifAnlm1cl J. C. IflEFl"l'II!,- JC. D. 'l'iioMvsoN, 41. F. XVl'I'l'ZlCl.. .l'. IC. Rm-zu. Prup Smoka Sig. Q11 125 Vllifgt' .lnifirrfv . ..... ll. H. limvmns. 'SNL IC. A.CIt1cAll41l:. J. IP. S'l'm-'lf'l.1c'l'. E. QL. Hmm-1141. Gorlfs .' J. M. Mvmcs, I C. H. fi1':lul.xl:n. S. W. ll.uc1-zu. 1l'1.N. limxrxsnx. '94 Distilling and Botanizing Company. Orgfmizcfl Mary ln, lxng, Hlyzilrll, J.: Minis G0oln+:l.l,, Sixulzxcx-1, 1-Il1.r.1cu.xs, GLASS, IWAIN, Swicwrox. Niiliililli. LANW. Faculty's Literary Society. .l'. IC.DElm14'lf, .I.N.WAu1eNlmns'1'. .I'. T. EVANS. C. D.S1lA1fF1cl:, J. E. GUQDELI.. J. C. lfllilfl-'l'1ll, .I. l'. S'l'0FlfI,l'Z'l'. .I. Ii. 1Cv.xNs, M. 111. H'l'Il0i'I'. A. M. K.xl'lf1fM.xN. --+ INQQ -1-- xnm ' ill 4 li JF" If N.: l X, i7 'f fr-' bfi ! A I" 5 1 2 " i LE 'M Mn W ,M 4 4.11 ' 4 I ,' Ill F f ,,r, ff - " HIl'l'I 'l'lIl'I ILI IJIIICIIN A 1'll.'l.Yl'l'f." Paderewski Club. 1l'?nllmr'4'rx rm lu lulir, only., BlAli'l'lN. 5'l'HYl'Ill. l..xx'rz. Hum, 'S I'lAIl'l'Zl'Il.I.. S'l'llUl'l'. H1ml1l'1l,l,. Bowling Club. filflflllfili I". Mimi.. Uhiqf lime-lm-. JOHN C. lS1m'M.vxN. ,SH .lflll up ngrrin. CHAN. l'. H'l'.xlIll. H1'1u'1'Hl Srlpr. M. M. I"l:x'l4:l:. Wnflf Pin. Free Lunch Grabbers. l.ll4'rls vnu-ry Sulnrrluy niyhI.l Hl1,1.vlll-11:11. .lm-: limvuxx, .l.C. Kllcl-111: l'lAl:m' Kmxl-2. Hll,l,,xN, SAM film.. Tete-a-Tete Club. l'l1i15f"7hlm- . . .... l'lmlf. Kxclcsllxl-:l:. K lCl4l.IClC. Zami.:-:l:. Wm.:-'. H'l'llUl'I'. Fm 4 lx -:- Ill! -:- .I 7' J Chess Club. ,lilcxuxl li.X'l'lCS. Tm. IG. l'. Hlu'l.lcs, Hum.. 115. lb. M. NIYICHS. 'SML lv, qu, SWlql1j'l'0N, '!l4. 11.11. l!.u'smmx. 114. U. C. ll. DI!l'I1'lIHlCll. 'SIL fb If 111' Guitar club. 54' f 'lf A' 'll' Billiard Club ""-54l, lm.- Tfmlguulmm , . 1, , , 4. Alundolhlrge S 1? Kia --Sflltizi 'Q llllll IA lll.. APP!-111. l'lmfl-1. 5 Q'-5'- flfff E H""'AN' +3.f,'l1 54l. 65 H . Violin. Q4 I- ' Mm' LlcF1cx'n1v 'QQEAOQPEXIQQ sf 01:1-:M1+:1:. ?Au3'Q?i W? V V cfmmf-N, 1 uxrzg 4.5 NA' MM- R,l+IlNtlCllI., HANK. ', 'QE RIINAEIEALDQG , B"m'm' , -T w ,. M1c'rzmcn. Cnmllclz. 5' ,- -6. q w-ll' lin-axial.. lah, tt., IM Ii 14: lc, ff N cd ,t -X l5R,llllAKl'Ill. 3 5 l'Illl'l'l. .1 7' J Instrumental Club. Violins .' F. C. Hwl4:l':'1'oN. 'SML 'l+'. ll. Nou-:1:. 'SNL Jlkrmlulinx .- J. 131. .ImHm-'1f, 'Sl4. H. U. l'Ill,l,EHAS. 'H4. l'. U. limlcll.xl:'1', '95, Brnqjox .' M. IC. S'l'lI0lTl', '5b5. ll. M. Mvlclcs. 'SNL Glritmw : L. C. l'l'AltNlSll, Hom., 'D-1. ld. H. 1'lAY.S0lll.. WH. -1- l,ll -x- fb A' 'l" Whist Club. W ln' 'I' Tennis Club. Hl'llAl4'l4'Nl'IIl. HANK. Mc-lilmx. BIl'I'l'ZGl'Ill. ,I.1f:1"1':v mc. BA man, .l3u:m':1.. DIl.l.m:. Longfellow Literary Club. 'l'1lAl:. U. Ill-11.31. Ihxlrl, S. Ll'IlNllAC1l, G1-:o. W. ll..x1:'l'xl.xx. EINVIN N. l'IAll'1'3lAN, Flll'IlJ.f'.Sl'1l'l'Z, 1-lixlrln' D. Sc:1lA1f:vF1':1 Philosophic Club, '94. A. O. lllf:l'1'1f:l:. .l. lf '. BIEYICII, 'l'. 'W. IJnrlc1':i:'1 A. F. NMI-:. L. A. Sixxunl-zlc. Franklin and Vlarshall Press Bureau. P1-fwiflf-nt . . . . ..I. H. liowxmx, '93. l'if'1'-l'1'1'.wirlr'11! . . iS?'cl'1'lfl1'yu1nl 7l'r'r1.w1l1'1'l' . J. H. limvxux., J. L. B.xl:Nll.xl:'l'. E. AIC. W.1'1. llmfl-'ul':1Ns. H. C. L. A. W lm x' 1-:l:. Hxxulzl-1141. Members. . A. . A. II. I'I1HlI,'5l-L F. NM-E, '94, W. S. 1AI.x1:'1'z1':l.r., M. W. Sl'llWlCl'l'ZEl A. II. Hmm. ' A. JF. NAc'1':, 'l'. W. 'IJlc:1i1':u'1', Ili. -:- 142 +- l1.BI4'KEL. '- ET" I ll' 0 u X 3 Gwfdt 'Ju 9' 4 Yi gg, "1 XE Ju :God quam L J AX elf' Y ,M 1kBQy.f'4,f11 501.51 Bw 5 Q? f' K 171,:'ff.7.Qx'WQ. -'.X'v MRL quo" f '-Gi 4- 4 X -, A-Tru 6-N "5 '-CWQ ww-:-n--1-wwwwvwxlwWV, A 4 N f-"Ls '75, :VV ji 1 , X "" ' ""' ' 'i' ' SN, 4' ,221 of QL Vx x X N9 T. was 5 x 2-sQ-gw fyn X N X X 1 Q .-: v . -- .fm W M X ' gm X 'H' . xkx WX, . ww ' X , I ,DUN W Ib x X NM 5 ' gk .Q.,Ux,1-'QQ J: 1 .1-A fr --Q-fee-...-':?'Ps,. Ch W g Q ses umm. V -- ,Q-W ,.: ,iff 21'-,Zi , f., -. A ' .1 mmurwr vw, - , ? - ,N fl 174. QRS ? ? - ? 3 g?.1JI4 4 ff Q, ff KT E" .NA -Y -f-V 'j' ' ,ii 1112115 f-'W' "Wg uf 0. ,iw ff' ggi f""1"' -Wag ' 1, Q59 f, ww A '23, .M MMI- Z ia Wiki ff .Q ' fi' Ki5'2lQLfaI!.2L?fnvZwn-.nigga Q I H977 E. 'Q' 'F JOKE f 4. sg'-, M F' R555 00 7 . 1 ? 1 se- H 'g www aw - ,. ,v fe? 'H rf: f vb -. 1 y, fx 559, if . , Q Q, 510, 'Z M L" ,u srl!-I'2"'f0 ', vf 'I' ff vii 136. 553 gg mvl. 47-Q - v 51"'.wW2 l9'i':Lf ffZ','1 !Qli::'-.Q W :,,- -f1v:E"'1 '29,--1' ""'I1I.! ,- --::-.T ,if .-f- ....-'- iw--. -f ,--- 7 College Publications The College Student. The Oriflamme. F. and M. Weekly. The Nevonian. f 1 Y ' 1 1 . 1 .f 1 i 4 Q 9 is .l. .l, Ilnlluruul. IV. F. Zh gh r. J, II. Slciu. II, D. 1fL'llt',llL!l. P. L. Gf.'r,'.u1'1l. ll' ll. 111 rr. If. H. lVUll'll'. JI, S. Keller. qv.-. N . ....., .S ..-., f1gW7LS5X '--- ix A JD . RN mi 4, 59 I V , e 9 mx. Hr.. - ' '- -1 Sfiiwig I l vv ' . 'XNJ - - NQIW' x ' lwmllpywwg ' ux srfn.EX 9 exm k N Xxx SSS N . . x NAS, ' 1 ' 9 W DJ . 1 . L.. x- -xl xr. KN " , vw Q N in wi X X v "l A v w 9 5 J f xx 'Tir' u QI pd F9 vnu xii, 9 Q 93 l QQ ' N , .. . xx v . X 2 df' N , be isa X Un, Q S' 9544 Ss if S bg . ' sf x A ,Ss . l W S Swag 9 Q I Q XX ,nw ' X 1 4 b fx College Editor-'in-C'lrifgf'. . . . L'flC1'lll'jj Editor . . Earclmngc Editor . Alumni ,Ed-itor . . . LocatE1tito1- . . . 1V'CflS'It'l'!37' . ..... . Businffxs Jllnnugm- . . . Student, ,92 and '93. E. li. NV1c.'w1-:n., 793. .I. lhxlfull H'1'mN, '93, W. I-I. lfllcnn, Wm. J. J. lio'1'll1-zmlm.. '9:3. W. F. Zll'IHl,l'Ill, 114. N. H. lx1f:l.l.14:l:, 94. lhwl. I.., '94 1 Assistant Jjnsinffss Amnuycr . ..... H. D. 131-:,u:1ll.1f:Y. Wm. College Student, '93 Eclttm'-'in- Ch i qf' . L'itcrm'y Editor . .lfI1TC'1lfI7IQljgC Eflfitm' Almnni Editor . Local Editor . . Ilwasm-ev' .. . . Business Jllcmczgcr . .... , Afwistctnt Business llffmugcr . ..... ' -1- 147 -x-f and '94. TIIHS. W. .lJn:mc1c'1'. 'tbl A. O. Rll'Il'l'l'Zll, '94. l. lflmxli BIICYICIR, '21-l. lhwx, IJ. Glilllltlllll, '94 W. li. l'nlu1f:, '95, .I. li. KlNZl'1Il.,75N3. H. D. B1f:.wnl.1+:Y. 115. .I. H. UYIINIC, '95. FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE, LANCASTER, PA., fiifm-, ls 7.1 Mm- 241111 Egan yffsda. : Www GJLL vga-Cclfiuof. Co. a.fLIh.e..a.a. auf-wma CAL j0L.c.u,QCy, o-we Car, Lfn,f:..C., all jj 0-VLZO-Cbk, M., Cob GL-44..'A.LLA-C.-'1-fC-fl. ffllf.l'l'ff-iff!lldfvfllff. Ecnfubfudtfa, : .jf jpg, bac!-L.c,Ca.fL.j,. MZ. fi .:JK.!1,fA!. ' ML r'r'lfz4L1'f fLrf1lzrAAu- lr'l'r riff rf . ffllrgyv fir'- I frfylz -:jf fill-rfrurfffyf A l1'J lllr' fl, Jrflfxfrlryl fulr. Www, 1 A., .M , Mhz -+ 148+- Ii, Glass. 11-11: uf J T. Ifrflux. I.. J, Srauyrzv. I' I., lizrlmrfl. ll .I. H .llrgu I". l',NlI'1'rlm1, l'. .l. 1 , 1. . T. ll'. lIl'z'l.'u ll 1'. lffllffm. riflamme Paff. '1'1mm.xs W. Dlvlil-:l:'1' . . . .'l1ifgf. QH. C. HIl.l.l':uAS . . . . . .liusimfss AhI'll.UfjCI I.. A.H.xNu1uf:lc. IJ. G. GLASS. J. 'l'. Exuxxs. .I.Fn.xN1c BIICYEII- P. I.. Glclclmlzlm, F. C. 5Wl'1I'I'I'UN. P. A. lJlc,l.oxu. -1- 151 +- The Nevonian. lil-:xnxx B,v1'lcs, Ellifm'-in-C'l1i1jf' mul Buxim'.v.-4 .lfllflolw .' W. H. Hmm, W.H.G1-znlmlm, Jhmngm .l'. N. W,xm':xllulrs'l', J. P. l4.u-llxmx. -4- 152 -1-- H. X. lirzsslcr. ll. C. llillfyus. L. C. Hamish. Bruce Grijlilla vu ' ,rl b ' , - iii- 'ii ' "v w ' g ' . ?42Z5fT ' fig 1' I 1' Q 1 Q' ' S 3 its-,LN ' ,,,' 1 'w l-- Z7 ' QD gg 1 i + il-- -. -' R' i QT, 6 The F. and VI. Weekly Staff. 1892-93. Jfclilrnw .- .I..U.H.xnNls1l, .lilclwlc filill"I"I.'l'll. H K' H1r.l,1cu,xs. Jiusizmss illmurgm' .' H. N. ll,xssl.lf:l:. l893"94- .Editors .' .l1.U.1'IAl!NISlI, H. C. Hll,r,1f:u.xs. E. M. HA Il'l'MAN, H. M. J. Kl,1f:lN. Business Jlhamrycr . S. H. 1'l,lGIl. -1- cis 'P Zoology. Happy are the Sophomores as they sit in Prof. Schiedt's roomg For them Crustuecze und Pisces shed at sweet perfume. They love priekly Eehinoderms :md wriggling Vermes, toog Bring' them the microscopeg let's see what they can do. They speak of minute All1l1'b2l, in some such wuy as this: Protoplasm homogeneous: with pseudopoding Surcodinu nukedq contrau:tile vueuoles we find 1 And so ad 'injinitzmzi out their terms they grind. Appendiculatridze und Sehizonemertini, ltfarsipolwunehii und Melueohdellini, Hoteropartlicnogonesis, even Myophrysks They gladly will explain, if you hut take the risks. Then study well Zoology and udd unto your store Tales of Biogcnesis and Protoplusmie loreg But ever remember, Soph, while at F. und M. you're nurst Frog and Philosopher are just the same ut first. -+156+- Spring! Childhood! Freshman! 1-low like :1 sweet spring clay. NVhen 4-lends have passed away, Anil everything: looks gay, ls the 1"reslnnan year. Heir like the lmalniy hours. Right after waxing.: showers, XVhen buds lnurst into flowers. ls the l"reslnnan year. How like the Iielmls et' green, On hill and valley seen, Tlmugli not quite so serene, ls the Freslnnan year. How like the merry lvircl, At early niern whim-li stirred. XVlmse sung alin' is hearll. ls the Freslnnan year. How like a little ehilxl. Ho easily beguileml, Anil always free and wild. Are the Freslnnen. --i- 156' +- The Freshmen. " hlAR'l'lN.-fflltlll itll'0llgIllQJ,'Ul11Ulll'l4 in .Dime Museums as a Circassian Snake-eliarnier. His only uim is to look like An- J drew Jaekson. 4 Ml Ll,Ilol'slit.-jileselwffl, that we extend our sincerest testi- E mony of condolence to this mort-ul. For when a Freslnnan , . F has a wife and two oflspringr he is eertuinly deserving: ol' pull- A . lic sympathy. N A STIIAUSS.-1"lllllii0, ilunkere. suspensi. suspended. ll. .M v . . . , g 5 XX IIY is liA'l'zl41l,l. here? For Adams luxpress Company. F- if . . . ' -' H'l'0Yl'Ill wears a hreastplate oi medals. Nuzarite han' and runs a. 'Elo livery. Missed his calling. Should have heen a patrolman. Human.-He isa beauty, and everybody cannot help but be impressed hy himg even the Nl'2lSll4.'l'NV0l11lLll is stuck on him. He just arrived ut the age ot' hangs. and Bergey takes care oi' him.. KN1f:1l.1f:.-A breezy icllow. Has so much gas that he blew up the lung- testing maehine. He moved to the third floor so that he could hear Stoyer come home from seeing his girl. H'l'I+ZIN. H. H.-A liarmless individual. with a grait on him like a drome- dary and u voice like u volcano. Iii:1':1cNAw,x1,n.-'l'he hatless and eollarless man at the hall. Did not know there was a gents' l'lll'lllSlllllg' store in the eity. ',l'hinks it nice to have a girl at Millersville, who ealls on him new and then. Hlililc.-'l'liis is not the " She " of whom H. Rider Hagrgmd wrote. hut might he the " lt." lionmsox.-1-Ie can heat. Reiter and .laky Kiefler chewing.: tohaeco. SMITII.-Could he hut see lllll1SOlf2lHOtllCl'H see him, how great a change in his opinion of himself. h'IYlCl!S. S. M.-"Hportinglite is everything in a large city: it takes Strauss and me to paint the town TIIHII. S. H.-" The amount of intellect necessary to please us isa most aeeurute measure ot' the amount ot' intellect we have ourselves? He would like to he a sport. Hoi-'rll1f:lNs.-I-Iemakes a point oi' calling on a. lady when she is giving a party to whieh he has not heen invited. He expects to have u better average in mzrt year's Freslnnnn Class. -1- 159 -1- NMHIAN.-l.t istrue there is no bathroom in the gyn1nasiuin,lvut then everybody nmst undergo a physical examination. BONVICIES.-I'IC has heeome so notorious at college that a iew verses were dedicated to him, in which you will iind a short aeeount ot' his career. A'l'r.l+:l4:.-.loln1. you're a pretty good fellow. You can lmnt pretty well. and you lead your class. but look out for those eurly looks ot' yours. Your thee 'll bring Amazons after you yet. CA1"l'. NIf:w'l'0N E. lil'l'Zl41lc.-Ho1'se jot-key and walking ggents' l'urnish- ing store. All the latest novelties in neckwear. Hn:nm:-Happiest mortal the sun ever shone upon. Founder ol' the Smoka Sig.-gs. whieh kept him in cigarettes tor seven weeks. He then had to iiill, asa last resort. lllltlll lieorg'ie's home-prepared smoking tohax-vo. Klxzrllc.-1-Iere's a Roland lor your Oliver. Nobody outside ot' the Kinzer iiunily ever heard what that .lay meant. Iill rind you down at 1-Ioster's some niffht and entice you into tellin f me. s . lg t'.xMl'ni-:i.1,'s father sells Ayer's Hair Invig.gorator? and he advertises it lor him. For 1'lll'flll'1' partieulars investigate my blushing cheeks. Fm' thinks it quite an advantage to be so stout in lbotball, but it is mighty ineonvenient in a erowd. Intended to go to Yale, but the doors were too narrow there. BAKICI: says that Johnny had them aml that he has them, but they can kiek the ihotball with theln all right. right. He had mum-h more fun while he was in the elass at the High School, but he thinks there isa bright future tor his elass when they need no longer walk to the Protes- sor's desk to recite Greek. Uli.i..xx's liither intends to resign his seat in the House in his son's lavor as soon as he gets to lie a Junior. Arty rather likes the har. CRICMICII.--At present this angel is having his wings clipped, and he finds it hard work to walk. 1Xl7.K3lS.-Altlltlllgll he is very aneient he is not qute antediluvian. Flslli-ll: thinks gymnasium suits ought to be worn instead ot' erinoline. 'Dux MY1-:Its isa very sportive youth, who is eontinually "rounding: of1"' jokes and trying to imitate Magix-ian Kellar. Many are his ways and numerous. H'rol-'l-'r,l-:'l'.-- t' l 1-an and I ean't, l will and I won't. 1'll he blanked if Ido. l'll be blanked it' I don't." si- l60 -1- Summer! Youth ! Sophomore ! How like u 2-llllllllwl' day. XVIICII flI.l'lllGl'S uiuko their huy, And store it ull uwuy, Il':-i the Sophomore year. How like u 1'llllllillglbl'00k, NVhieh haw not time to look In every slnuly nook. lls the SUIIIIUIIIOI1' your. How like u big suuliower. Ambitious high to towel' Above its lowly lmowur. .lfs the Sophomore your. How like an wily crow- Goes where it should not go, Knows what it ought not know- I:-s the Sophomore y0ll1'. And now ut lust, iorsooth, How like a silly youth, Who sometimes tells tho truth, Are the Hophomores. -.- 161 +- The Sophomores. 73 X Bonn.-"l iorgrot to grow, hut you should see the pin-tures l 4-:nn draw." "Ein kleiny grrutt hut :nu-h N U ' gift." P, lluowx.-" My nzune is Silus: il :un l':ull's brother. lf' XVe eolue l'rom the VVest. People outthcre ure ditll-rent JJ from you links." l , HAu'rMAN, E. N.-Better lute than never. Hope to Uk! turn an new lent' sometime. Leinl+ueli's model mam. l,lclNn,u'll.-'l'he freshest kid that ever 1-:une to col- lege. .-XlllllltlUllS from heud to toot, Hopes to lie r ' ' president ol' the Y. M. C. A. und Goethezui Literary Hoeietv some claw. He thinks it' the constitution eould he laid aside mer- . . I hups he lllljflllvlltl eleeted in his Sophomore year. Lender of the negro 1-lutrity 0l',Ll'lllllZIl.ffl0llH. EVANs.-A quiet sort ofu ll-Ilow. Knlbaeli und .llurtholomew depend upon him lor their "1n:1th." llc will join society it' .Ioe does. YIHLM.-A g'1'Clll3lllllll from the Nornuil. Greet eloeutionist ! I ! I Ex- perts to tnke the prize in orutory. 'l'he helm hy whieh the " prep " girls expect to steer their way through the world. SAYl.0ll.-'IIC will either he un imlieeile or u genius: :lt present it is neek and neek. with an slight llllVlll1t2lf.I0 in liwor ofthe lbrmer. Dll.I,l'lll.'-llllNVIll'1l, tuke some advice from at wise source--tlie wisdom eoming from experienve: " Buy your own horses." SIIAIPFICIR. C. QD.-A prominent voeul urtist. He looks like one ol' the "Sons ol' Israel," und is frequently llllNl'!lli0ll tor one. He is ruthel' dudish. :und 1-:wriesu cane when he has one. KAN-'l-'MAN.-He must he at eorker. though nobody ever saw him- 1-orked. liu'liEl..-Belongs to the lfermniomle 0l'1l02ltllllf,.f.2llltl passes use funny mam. His rendering' ot' " Maury had an Little Lxnnln it isquite " tetel1ing." He will he at hundred dollars rieher it' he lends his vluss. Think there is mueh eluuwe 1' l'ltll'l':.-Hans heen elussitied under the hend ot' nuunmnls. und will f.'fll2ll'lllll4J0 to work himself' in zmywhere. VliAll'l'll0l.03IICW.-NCXl' to 't Kid" Bowers, the fresliest :uid greenest man in eollege. VVzit1-h him pluy huseliull. -+ 162 -s H'l'll0l'l'.-l l'you for an hzmdsomu young mam, with il V huir :md il fuzzy moust:u'hc, put him down :is Jlir'lfm'IA'!1'oJfffll 15fl""'7'- -w i ' Ll will voiulcsi-mul to plug Soc? ll' Yulo oiil-rs him :my inmhuumnt h lm! 1'l.2htund on ihuir Ihothull trzun next your. llc has just mudo his flc' f in l1lllll'1lSfCl'S1N'l0i.V. with il H0llllll2ll'l2lll 1-omrliing him in otlqiwttr. BIOWICIEY.-'lllli' Solomon oi' tho vlzlss. NVh:it :1 lnlossing to lllllillllllfij' if ho wurc only vugod :1 short timv. KAl,nAm11l.-A good lizitin svliolzir :md am authority on ilu' ilvvlvnsion : s ' -ond oi' lufrfo. llo is am uspiramt Ihr whist honors. :md inrurizlhly pl us 41 hzmd high. l'Lxl:'rAlAx, U. NV.-Hud nspirntions to hr 4-:lptalin oi' the iootlmull iczun. Yolrknow the rest, HlGl'l'z.-I-Ins u lbw gruy hairs. 'l'hoy sny gruy in :A yollllS lllllll Fll"W'4 much prolinulity. ,Wm Hl'Il'Hil'Ill'.. however. llYuNlc.-Attornoy lor tho 1fl2ll'llll7'Y. Comms lulto to volli-go, lmuc-axllso ho livvs so liar uwuy. 'XV0ul4lgl1gu'0 ol'ti-nor il' it did not vost so muvh. " 'l'oN Y " lxll+I'I'Zfil'Ill is that nivc, OIISA'-gflllllQ.L',fll'l'NNflIfj ll 1-. young mam. hy whom :Ill the girls ure fiivoruhly im- 1,,4?- li , pressed, und into whosv houd is 1-olnprossud all thc , - 1 knowlodgo ofa two yours' opprossion :lt vollf-gc. l.N l.'.xI'r. C. Hr:n1i.xn'r, wi- find tho only spur-imon . 1 'ml A of liumzmity, undor IT yours oi' algo. who ova-r1lzu'od 'll is to think 0l'1'lllSlllfJf an moustiwho. Do tuko it o1l'l 1 lllciwlil,l':Y.-Htiulios so hard that he only gi-ts down town onrv at mouth. Ho is ufruid ol' nothing il' ho has his Oilily' :md Smith ulong with him. Hrfllixlfll-'I-'l42li, ll. D.-Olnyvs, lu' wus om-u u Normul Sc-hool student. '1'h:1t suys :1 good hit. Hi:-u'lmn1's puiurnul advisor. H1'll.xl':ifl-'lf1l:. ID. l'l.-A quiet. slow-going Hoph. llusn't lmoiwlitiloil thu world us yet. More wi- 4-amnot suy. HMITII.-XVO would like to 4-orruct :L wrong imprussion in rcgurd to this youth. His lll2lSblV0 proportions arm- not the rosult ol' imhihing too from-ly. hut it is thi- work ol' twonty-eight yn-:mrs ol' cure :md comfort. 5'l'0l"l4'l.l'I'l'.-l'l0 would hv :1 ihwnt young mam wore it not lor his naxtiw dizlluct. Now. that ho has :1 1-apo overcoat, hu looks like :1 sport. NVlC'l'Zl'Il,.-A Yury fwQctC?J young huhy. "My l':11:a1 is XVOtzol from Cawlislv, :md undowod tho Junior Oraitorivnl prizo. l'a1p:1 would lmvo likvd it rcul wcll ii' l' 1-ould have gottvn on tho Gloc Club." -:- 163 -s light hcud oi'lif"ht rn P , QFl'l.'l'uN.-llllgrli K. is llllllllll tu gn-l in lil-l wmwls nr upwards a niinutv. 'l'his stanmls as his average lingual 1'vvm'1l. lflo 1-liallvngus the worlml to a mlnln-titliml. liaving' full l'0lllilll'lll'l' in hinlsull' that hu 1-an artic-ulatu Sllll wnrcls in a ininnlv. KIl:1'lIl:.xl'M has 1-misc-iclltinlls H1'l'llIlll'S2lQ2llllSb vnilu'auing: zu girl. lh- says that thu rihs surrunn1ltlwl10a1't.anml in 4-asc a rih shunlal l1l'0ak anal vntm-I' tho lw:l1'lwfl1cl'4- would ln- an awl'nl 4-arnagu. lnmloucl thu laws are strivt on sum-h slauglitvrs. lllf:xNl'1'l"l'.--llc thinks ha- is a lllllFll0l'. 'Phu l2l1lll'SlFllllllillllllilllilj'H00ll. llo is a pngilist.an1l wants to whip tho lIlt'llllll'l' ul' 'l'n1-1 Ullll-'l4.XMMl'l stall' who writos him up. KRICAIDY.-livllllvll plays tunnis. lflvcn asa l"r0slnnan hu nntulassc-cl a Nuninr, miwrlfilr' rlivlu! anrl sm-1-llwrltlw vhainpinnsliip. Anil that vm-ry av hu lmll1"l'lt:l nvw hat whim-h hall in ln- tlirov sizos larffci' than the ills- . H r- IlI'tll'1l nnv. , N-fifth P -A 9 J , l ,XF-44 lj Vgfffb gps! IW fill 7? cf Fill ,' 5 H ,Q !,-' :WH ', l N l l1.'lllQ1l1-' ml . lWl"'l""lf-.1 f .- , lu lllllllllllir ls B by ,. l "nfl 'll-vx:'iv.1l':! l' 'T fl 1 ' ' ' Q 1 f 2 9 'l."'lf'llll 'ill 1 w' ,llrllr Q N N T N N N N 2 s N N N N N N 2 S N N T N .. N E' 2 N 4 N N N N N P -1- 164 -P Autumn! Manhood! How like am :iutuinn clay, NVlien tore:-it trees :ire guy. Ami rulmlmits join in play, ls the .luuior you r. llow like ai river deep, 'l'lmt has no time to sleep, .lint ever on must sweep, ls the Junior your. Hou' like the golclen-roll, NVit-li many ai gzentle neil, Anal smile lin' mam :xml fiowl, ls flie .lunioi'yeu1'. 1-Iow like zu, vulizmt luiiglit. NvllllSfl'lVOHilD1'l0VOIlllll right, Junior' NVith ull his strengtli :mil might, ,ls the Junior yezir. Illlilblllllll il11ll'llll0Of liie. XVIIOXOIIPIISiii1'll0lllCllll1l wiie U But keeps on in the strilb. Are the .lunim's. -4- 165 -1- The Juniors. Kl:if:ssm':x' han established a kindergarten -.NN school where the true sounds ot' the vowels are " taught. lispeeial attention is paid to the .Italian "fI.u Gi,.xss.-lJanny's mustaehe is what carries QI! ililll-fill'0ll,Lfh. ll' it were not Ihr that. and his i4 .7 I jk lmrillliant'qualities as historian, we would he In ' 2 'Q anxious lor Danny's future. f U - lliclloxu is from Muhlenberg. So is Klein. I Over there they don't have loeal option. . 4Ii"1'lf:LlITS.-PriestGutclius he is called. He L" 5 wore whiskers fin' a time, which vilrrated so strongly in the gale prodneed by his lmsso pro- Vundo voiee that he had to remove them. S.lNlilil'1l'l.-OHl0l'H say he is a Hll2ll'll nut to crack." He aspires to heeome a lhothall umpire, hut is afraid his constitution will not endure J, hriekbats, although it endures everything else. 1 iv nv-Q, lJu'lcr1n'l'isamodelyoungman-suasmztcntia. 1'IIi,1,if:uAs is a man beyond his years. The gentle zephyrs lllow lightly across his upper lip. hut do not murmur. He always has an elegant time at 1'hiladeIphia. Glflltllixlclm was 'fil?'llICI'Qf a virtuous youth: is Nun' a 'virtuous young man : NVI LL BE i---L ? . HANK is fixst developing into a L' hloomin' 5' sport. No doubt he will soon be able to get home alone nfterl A. N. llusuoxra.-l Ie joined society so that he eould enter the Junior Orntor- ieal contest. He is in the halrit ot'reading.r all her letters during: ehapel exercises. EVANs.-1-Ie got only eighteen demerits lin' going to Scranton. He is a great wire puller and thinks betting on eleetion pays. Honorary mem- her of 'lfnla 01:11-'1'..xMM1c stalll NM'l':.+'l'lie seeond NVendell Phillips. He talks more and says less than any other man in college. W -+ 166 +- . A FIRYER.-'lllltb great society man oi'l'ottstown. 'llo see his lace when he is engaged in oratorical pyroteclmics is enough to make one's hair stand on end. K ICl.l,lCll.- 'L And all the Ullllllllltbl' Iilled was with flies NVhieh buzzed about him Cand sat upon himj Like many swarms ol' bees." - victims ol' chemistry. fl in lSjJc'11.ccr. SIIULICNIBICIRHICR.-0110 oi' the many imtortunate liEl'1'ICl:. has now secured a large room.and is fully prepared to coach any Senior or .I unior 't who has neglected his chemistryfi Having spent much time in instructing Professor' Schiedt, and having been highly recommended by him, he solicits the patronage oi' all the students. H.xAs wants to lmuy hall' a dozen Olllli'LAN3llCS this year to make up lor the last two years. He did not dare to take any home lrelore. Kmi-'if'l':u.-'l'l1e Peripatetie. He can walk home. ten miles beyond Reading. Needs nothing hut a good chew. Never known to attend col- lege two days in succession. 3llC'l'ZlflCll.-GlV0 me a place to stand. and time to think, and Qlf will move the world. 'iYes, fl think so." ' PoN'rz.-Chronic growler. Frequent visitor at the Cutter's Levee every Friday noon. Fmick.--.lf fll can only graduate among the first ten. I like toget good marks. but studying is such ill' bore. 'l'erpsichorean nonentity. tt Home, sweet home, there's no place like home." UNGICN. is leader of the Choral Union. Did you know it? Music has charms. Has a pedagogical iorehead. ZIEoL1f:n has more than the average ot' Centre county conceit. HA. very precocious man." .Don't forget to read his t' adf' ltilcvlcn knows almost as nmch chemistry as Reiter. He is the boss of the Geethean library. Reads Darwin when he has nothing else to do. LA N'I'Z.1P0SFCSSCll ol' a childlike simplicity, which is maniiested lay his propensity to say everything he thinks. 't A clattering hoof means a nail gone." lvliIlilil,K.'-XYCH, he travelled from Lancaster to Hag'e1'stown with fifty cents in his pocket. Do all the people in Maryland go to bed with their shoes on ? S01IwE1'1'ZEn.-Hehaslneen advised to read the 5th chapter of Acts. But itis not likely that would avail any, as that characteristic alone marks his individuality. -i- 167 -1- Il'AN'l'lf:NBICIN.-lfleiity ofoverm-oat, but little brain. He thinks he does not like Greek. but the Proiessor thinks the Greek does not like him. l'IAll'l'ZICl,."-A good looker-on in chemistry. His ehin attracts iron filings. Hlou.-Alas! he has become iniiituated with a Prep. girl and lbotball. Yes, everything is lbrgotten. XVl1at will he do next year at ,lJ1'lll0CtOll Z' He says he will bring an clcotrir' chair from Chicago and roll her along with him. MAIN.-I live in XVashington, but 'll would rather be Caesar than be President, l3.xl'sAlAx.-Of all our good young men Mr. Clarence Uarreeht ,Baus- man stands pre-eminent in goodness. One wintry evening, when his pocket vontained but eight eents and street car fares amounted to ten vents. he actually dared a young lady to walk home from the iee. SWl+:lf:'1'oN.-.llial you ever notive how Fred HXVCOUJIIQS mother vombs her son's hair ? 1loom:LL.-lllddie thinks he is quite a. masher. Expeets to enter t.he proiession ot' eoal dealing after he gets the degree ot' A. B. ONE day while Jlcrr. C. C. H. F. Dn1f:c11lsi+:L was experimenting in the eheinif-al laboratory he inhaled more ehlorine than was tohis benelit. and the next day, leaning on his eane, which he carries whenever he hurts his wrist or has a 1-old, said: 'i Had it not been lor my ahnost super- human qualities of endurance mid my enormous ehest-expansion, not to mention my spotless ancestral blue blood and my magnificent vom-al powers. that overdose ot' chlorine would have brought ten thousand mourners to my untimely grave." DEI-Iol-'lf'.--He1'e is a fellow who never talks to you without telling you how he Ieels. We reibr to l'1c1'I Dl'11'IfDl'l", who, by the way, wears wider trousers, dances more, van tell you your Freshnnm marks better, studies less GJ and sleeps less than any other person at college. fi- 168 -P Winter! Old Age! Senior! How like 114 winter day. VVhen sunshine iiules away, And all is s:ul:unlgrz1y, Is the Senior year. How like the ocean wide, WVitl1 ehh and flow oi' tide. 'VVliere nniny treasures hide. ls the Senior yenr. How like il tree snhlinle, 'llhut upward still would Cllllllle ' Forgetting spnee and time, ls the Senior yeur. How like an crown ofgrold, 'Whieh inen with joy hehold- A prize lor toils untold- Is the Senior yenr. How like :ln aged man, To whom lille seems an spun, 'Yet doing what he een, Are the Seniors. -1- 169 +- The Seniors. ,, M.. 4. 1: 1 mf 0 I 1 1 111 I L 1 'ff' it - YM 11321 .fel 'ff P, ,H "1 I E? Q 1 ...1 11 isit . I 1,111.11 xox A f 11N:'1j11 mf ' x1l1111'NA X1 1111111111111 1loesn't tillli11111011t1H1Ily0ll0, but 11 lienp to himself: beeuuse l1e likes to tnlk to il sensible lllilll 211111 1101111115011- sible 1111111 tulk. 311'CAnDl1Zl,1, IIIOVOS, yen, ve1'ily.11is l1.!Ctlll0Y0 wit11 111111. NV11l.l1'.-'.l'11e next 1311110y0ll1'l12lHSl0llH 1ez111 you to os1':111utio11s :1e11ieve yfllll' ob- ject by 1111101111181l11V21llQOS111111 11ot by 11115310111 l1ll'l'C. B,111x11,x11'1' luis two ibm-es to work upo11 l1i111. 1. Tlmt wbieh resists l1is p1'opensity llll' evil. 2. Tlmt which Il0111'1l'111lZ0t-5 11is good wishes. The re- sultunt oi' these levees is zero. NVlll1'1l is p1'ove1l by t11e inet that 11e 11oes lllltlllllglj. C1l11JN'1'I.-Hllglll' Grove the girls 1-1111 111111. Tliut is the only nanne he has lll1l110 tor himself. IQRONVN.-C21-11117 Sily unytliing new about Brown. He snys everything l1i111se11'. He wus born in tl1e 1C21H17,11YCl1 i11 the VVest. 111111 ll0NV thinks tl1e 1l'1l1StOl1g1lf to zulopt the 111etl1o1ls ot' the Nvest. A el1il11 trying to tez1el1 its lhther. S'1'1CIN.'131ll11CS2l11 1sve11olofi1:ul 1'C,-C2ll'1'1l. No one 1111s ever bee11 able ., 15 to pe11et1'a1.te beneath that lllllt-ZS of wool 1'0V0l'1llf,I l1is Adonis-like physiog- llflllly. LUCSSUN.-C1111 o11 Hessen for u receipt tor happiness, '1 l"eeuli:11' to itself: that ti1'e11 feeling :ill 110110.17-XV1l0ll you get away f1'o111 111111. l,1cF11:v1111:.-lf'o1'l1e:1ve11'ss:1ke talk lfhiglislil "11lve1'ytl1i11g llll1l11tlll'1l1 is llll1l0l'lbCl1. " IQLEIN.-,li hereby 11115111.1111 niysell' to nbstnin fl'0lll the use of ull intoxi- cating li1l11o1's as 11 beverage 111111 keep sl1o1'te1' hours in the future. MOY1511.-Solnewlnlt siekly. He bus only 0110 1111111111311 :11111 fifty 11e- 111e1'its. VUDOII 111l0l'1llll1l101l0ll ot' his college course lie expects to devote 11is ti111e in 1'111'i11g 1111' his g.gi1'1's estate, w11iel1 will Sl10l't-ly revert to 1101" 1'1'o111 Ge1'1111111y. -1- 170 -1- llowmmx.-'lllie F. and M. Baron Von Munehausen. His experiences in lite are similar to every other 1nan's. He talks at good dvill llliflllfi IHS matlieinatieal skill, hut then 'C gal: " is his strongest point. Brslloxu.-'1'l1e new "teot." He sc-ans the ilu-e oi' fEoliS, NWI ill' terprets the lllOtl!0l'0i0'Lfl4'lll phenomena. lin' the eolle.f0- K'iUI'0" Ui' 'rllllilds animals. B.wiIMAN is an ardent lootliall enthusiast and in- 3 variahly warns his opponent that he is a dangerous 'W' 1nanl1y,t' XVenn yonvants t0S41lll'2l1l1l, I selirapps init , you." He isag'1'e:1t society nian. ,r I'I0I7l.'K left Harhaugrh Hall so as to inove in niore 5'.5' Xf' Wlii congenial soeiety. He was taken very siek last iiill. ' xiii, i hut it did not afleet his nioustau-he. i' "' 3 ff0I.l,0WllIlSll will he our next Attorney-4ieneral. ," JM , is 7" He always carries his ward, likewise three eopies of i" Q :p i x 8 The lVo1'lcZ, in his pocket. TIlHll0llllCl1l1ll'y halmitntion has its terrestrial juxtaposition at Mount Feliviizy. XVAGNER is big up and and down, hut there it ends. linioa-ence per- sonified, exeept when he goes to Carlisle to seo her. 'lio'rii1snMr:i,.-Perfectly hairniless. Likes to visit his cousins at Mill- ersville. Dances! oh, how he dances! '1'1loMl'soN.-Seen at at distance he seems to he a little hoy: nearer you hear a noise. He seems to be tangible, but isn't. J. Cl.AlcK,l+1 lfllil-'11'lGIi, son oi' Zeus Kiefler's iJl'0tllC1', is one 'G of whom F. and M. may yet be proud. Hui-li a voiee l Such a physique, but just wateh that st1'ide. mg, L' l pig . 1- I BA'1'1f:s.-Oiie ofthe luekiest things that happened to the X A Johnstown flood was that it did not tnekle 'lienoni Bates, the A P proprietor ot' the Senior class. I-Ie is a. goof! studentand a ix ' kind and loving husband. '-A ow' NVANNIGMAKEIL is no 1'0iili',l0l1 to HJ. VV." lie isa great ad- ffgf niirer ofSelioppenliauer and often gets the " blues." Always A does Hgreatl' in CX2lllllllII.lJl0ll,1ll1Li hopes some day to he a ' county superintendent. -i f' NVEAVER.-His sentiment last June: 'L Vac-ation is here and we hasten home to einhraee liar."-Collfgqr' iS'twricnt. I-Iis sentiment in Septeinlierz " She wouldnit let ine." -1- 171' -1- NVAul':N1lolcs'1'.-ln the grauluution ot'.lnke. this institution losesoneoi' its brightest stairs: one ot' its lew jewels. Juke is sneh u HON'-HilUl'iHClllj.L' ll-llow that he onee suirl that he would trade his time tor any other thee in eollege. His thvorite expression is: "Oh. lrlmne it! why :lin't I good looking Z-"' Hl'Illll.'-tXl'tlSt4Jf' 'Htl 01:11-'i,.xMM1':. plnotoggmplien- ilu- the 1+'ueulty,un1l Kieflefsmost thrniiclulnle rival in eigurette fllllllllg. TI1egl'eutest4lee1l he ever achieved was to he on time at 1-ollege one morning. RUl'l'.-Go West,young nmn. go XVest,out on the 1ll'1Iil'it!. For there that Gernmn-Eng.rlisl1 lliuleet will not he notiee4l,annl the echoes of that buzz-sew voice will not jnr. Ul'lllllAllD. XV. U.-'i'l'oo nnn-li fqfffl in his CiDSlll1lS.7' Yes, entirely. Sonxewhnt of :L Shyloc-li, too. How cloth the gentle Fueultee lniprove eneh l"l'icl:iy noon, And summon those who 01'l'illg' he To sing: their " siek "-ly tune. I-low 4-heerfnlly they seem to grin l-low nently spreaul their nmws, Anal welcome the little mleinerit in NVith gently sniilingjaiwsl -1- 172 +- That Little Trip. NVay lmaek in the dim and hazy past, many moons, yes months ago, at any rate within the domain ol' Neozoie history, c-e1'ta.inly lingering in the happy hunting grounds ol' memory, l'i-equenters ot' that pantheon l where the juvenile mind is instrueted as to the true origin ol' the nunan speeies the peculiar eliaraeters ot' " de atom and de molecule," and one or 7 two other HllllSttllll'tl hearing on this same question, were thrilled with pleasure and excitement, by the announc-ement that an ext-ursion was to he made into that pa1't of Uisalpine territory, bordering on the Reading railroad near Lancaster Junction. The oliieet of said expedition to he the seareh tin' rare floral specimens with the sei-ondary olrieet ot' obtain- t' tl - P leoeosmie world said to ing dental remnants ofeertain denizens o , u, a , . , i he extensively cultivated in that vieinity. The pe1'o1'ation ot' this an- nouncementwasquite touching. eensisting of lmuta iew timely suggestions, as to the necessary paraphernalia. 't It0lll0lllll0l' to hring along a luneh, lvotany eans, inseet nets, and lfl'f'l'.lj 'Ulf' 'lf' N'1H'0 in bring rt bottle." Qthe reader will inwardly make note ot' this last 1-lause, as it plays an important part in the subsequent narra- tive.J 01111 beautiful morning in May, when Old Sol had just gotten his fiery steeds into a. Nunn! gait, or, as our eomrade at arms has so aptly put its " when rosy-fingered Aurora had ---," ete., both ol' whieh sound Very niee, lnut in pointol' filet, il' " it 1'0lllUlIllJ0l'S me " eorreetly the lmarom- eter was quite low spirited. Prohalmly Pha-ton had heen tampering with the reins again. But that ol' course, like the wo1'ks ot' a. wateh, does not necessarily have anything to do with the ease. Leastwise at the ap- pointed time, a goodly numlier ol' seientilie witnesses hove in sight, but Owing to a eomlmination Oi'l'll'UlllllSi3tlllt'0S, ever which a wise Providenee had eontrol, none ofthe " powers that he " loomed up. Owing to this lamentahle faet, indeserilmalile pandemonium ensued, some holding the expedition would tall through, while others. more eager iorseieutilieacquisitions, proelailned the alrsurdity ofgiring it up, simply bet-ause the prolessors were absent. lt was finally decided to see the thing through il' it eost lite. So the whole outlit lnoarded one ol' the rele- lmrated L' Reading Fliersf' and were wheeled away at a pave that would have made the late Jehu lnlush elear down to his wishhone. it was suggested, a la Mark Twain, that the eoweateher he removed to U10 hawk ol' the train, lor vieious eattle grazed on luoth sides ot' the traek. H0wever,all things must have an end, as the man said when he lell from the root' of a six-story house, and after a nuinher ol' superhuman ellorts the engineer sueeeeded in persuading the engine to stop a hit. and our 4- 173 -is aggrcgation ol' eruditc savants tumbled out into the midst oi' sweet pas- toral scenes. 1 After a sho1't council ol' war it was determined to divide into brigades in order to make a complete canvas ol' the region, thus preventing the escape ol' the wary mastodon tooth. reputed to be possessed ol' natural covness, as it were, in the presence ol' civilized beings. A greater part ot' the morning was spent in rambling through beautiful swamps. inter- spersed generously with charming eases ol' Canada thistlcs and pointed scrubs, all ot' which were borne with a sweetness of disposition simply seraphic, and only equaled by the scarce audible remarks of our tall friend, the purport ol' which seemed to be the consignment ol' such things to warmer quarters. lie that asit may. A vast amount ot' territory was traversed and many valuable specimens we1'e collected, so that when from a promontory the beautiful city ol' Sporting Hill was exposed to our view, everyone was held spellbound, a thrill ol' sympathy seemed to draw us back through centuries to that morning when Jerusalem first dawned upon the sight oi' the Crusaders. 'l'his was inlerred, and with reason, from the liict that one ol' the party made use ol' the expression, " Jerusalem crickets," at this instant. 1 was about to enter into a disser- tation g but how could 1 E' lt would be at best a travesty. For further particulars you will read the Iirst part oi' that volume treating of the per- sonal history ot' one ol' our classmates, who, in his way, has done, much to contribute to the lustre clinging to the place. Considerable time was consumed here examining the trolley system and electric light appliances, which latter are obtained from Lancaster, and accordingly only work two nightsin the week. The town clock now showed signsof nervousness, and with one deep breath we hastened, without turning round, into rural scenes again. 'llhe traveler will remember, that after leaving Sporting Hill the high- way winds about rather unreasonably as it descends from the plateau, and from thence pursues a thirly straight course. This apparent un1'eason- ableness ot' gait was being discanted upon at some length when our party traversed it, andthe conversation was becoming heated, when suddenly through the ether were wafted to our ears most iienclish yells, which sub- sequently resolved themselves into a maudlin, "Nevonia., Nevonia, F. and M." Each one quietly accounted to himself now for the erookedness of the road, but with bated breath waited for more conclusive evi- dence. A few hasty strides brought it. One member said it was a cheese factory, when he saw smoke, but he was withered with cold looks. The scene that burst upon our sight here beggars description, it was simply pathetic: some oi' the very hardest-hearted cried like teething- -i- 174 +- lulhes. One ol' u. poetie turn ol' mind sugpqested that little quotation ol' lVordsworth. " She was a phantom ofdeligrht NVhen iirst she dawned upon my sight." But we have ruled that out on the sm-ore that vertain ofthe ehemieal senses at these periods eontrilrute more highly to u-sthetie tastes. This language may appear so utterly metaplioric-al to some that they will lose the gist of it. No hy way ol'elu1-idation we would say. thata etime at a remote period lllsty l'l'llllklill, one Kaulinan hy name. som ith the permission ol ereeted a temple to that aneient deity, liaeehus qw our esteemed Greek team-liel-5, and from day to day grinds out sparkling Iluids of various denominations, ealeulated to inslill the ordinary Lan- vaster eounty Dutchman with spasms ol' wit and humor, and in general 4' drive dull care away." He is a Ill0Si24Ll'0ll01'UllS old soul: in liu-t, he liiii'lypo1n'1'1l out the 4-ontents ofhis heart on the oeeasion and, unneeessary to say, that they were most CN?-T01'ly IITIHIVA' in. At this point the narration lmeeomes lredimmed, eon- m"lll't"1'.l'. as it were, and that straiglitlorwardness and simplieity which formerly 0llil1'tlC't01'lZC4l it, must no longer he expec-ted. Sutiic-e it to say numbers were shoeked to observe most uneommon Ievity indulged in hy those in whom "all the virtues" were supposed t' to be at rivalry, one with another." And these latter had the unlimited nerve to trace it baek to that parting.: injunction previously alluded to. Here again a general separation took place, some parties returning to pluek the clainty violet, plaeing it in the inseet bottle, while others earefully pressed out the 1.I1'2ll'0l'lIl lizard in their portfolios. Our party, however, sad to re- late, proposed returning' to the H laboratory 'l lor the purpose ot' inquiring for mastodon teeth. The landlord, knowing the eountry well. wasable to supply them with eight perleet specimens. and the mareh was resumed. Here oc-eurred the most tragic incident ol' the day. Proceeding tlirough woods. dells and rippling: streams in ull thu imwgeiiee ol' youth, the tlow ot'mirthl'ul spin-iis was most rudely and suddenly interrupted hy the ap- 1Y02lranee ol' ai form that Ivoire the stamp ol' supernatural. Hnot that the thillg was either rich or rare, hut we wondered how the d-l it ever got there." One or. two had the presumption to keep straig'litQ?D on and heard the lion in his den, hut the more timid deliherately turned heel and fled preeipitately. After a retreatol' halfa mile,on a high knoll.aeau1'us was held with relerenve to future plans. Alter several minute examina- tions ol' the lately ohtained specimens, the sentiments ofthe party seemed to liivor the advanee upon the near-hy town of lXIanheim. 'l'henee on this einodern NVatling street were exhibited ll-ats ofjuggling. legerdermain and s- 115 -1- lencc-walking that have had no precedent since the lall otl-Niagara. Graceful pirouettings, reseinlwliug those ot' a sack ol' potatoes, were in- dulged in. in all the chullient transports attendant upon such oecasions. XVith such harmless cavortings the road was traversed when, like a. cataclysm sweeping over a. peaceful land. there rose majestic- ally hetlire ns that same lmeloved lhrin, which with haughty step and an iceberg glance, passed on, leaving behind simply a tew withered terms. lnstantaneously with the perception ot' this appari- tion. a tomhstoue palor rewarded the countenanee ol' each one, and gently, hut rapidly, each had emhraced Mother Earth in positions tragic. This little episode, together with a slow rain, which hegau to tall, pro- duced a most dampening: eflect. lint the party was so elated with their scientific specimens that they shortly discarded all thoughts ot' it, and steered once more lor the " hloomin' " town o' Manheim, now in sight. Here in the snhurhs, among a galaxy ot' pigstys and chicken coops, the Iorces separated. heing hetter prepared this way to do a little detective work. imitating: the example so l'resh in their mind. ln tact, the perse- verance ol' this pedantic Sleuth. in pursuing the little hand, would have hecu worthy ot'chrouicling in a. Beadle's Hall'Di1ne. But to "move onfl as the hlue coated gentleman sometime requests. 1"ortunately the next train hore the lengthy individual on toward Lancasterand, as he thought, the lmotanizing party also. hut alas! here was a most practical demonstra- tion ol' that old saying, " 'l'here's many a slip 'twixt the eup and the lip." As the train was getting' under way each one quietly slipped oll'. and standing.ron the track ohserved the frantic ellorts ofour t'riend to have the train stopped, which were ot' no avail. Then, hut 0, gentle reader, you may he hecoming hored. XVe hog your pardon and with your permission, will leave you lor the nonee. Sutlice it to say, al'ter an afternoon spent in meandering up and down the streets o1'Manhein1, the party with weary steps returned to Kaut'man's to hid adieu. and hoarded a train lor Lan- caster. .Eaeh one wended his way home, tuinhled into lied, and was soon wafted away hy sweet lligrhtsol' memory and imagination to a state ot' niiconsciousness. hut lar into the night one might have heard indistinct muttc-rings ahout Hanguinaria Cauadeusis. Hymplo-carpus Fcctidus. Coleoptera. Diptera Hemiptera and 1JensNastodonis. s- 176 -:-V Qfass gwoug. 0 f--xfx . f- 'Q - zz iz IQ Lam. gm 41:31 rm 5 MI rlff- ,ww gli? :ai .ly a 1:4 .len f ' F.. 3 - 1 - 1 ,. ::f:-' I' -V -' 224- ' 'L 'L ww '47 4- -1 wi raw 'fwfr Pwr NA 2 H 7 4 - X w "' " , ' - 11.7 -:A - 1 HH, ML Q A xi, mug-- nfs? rm. gg.: wwf " ia S II : E H4 1 , ' ,, "2 :E I : , , I mu 5 'rn Qi- mmf- ugly. -ulni. pfn. fm! ga' 5:1 wwf 55 in 'WL '1u'd-?Ei mi- "W -n' Ii fl' A an an ml :ff an 12 -f 14 .www ww 'M Tv? 24? W 3 W S-. PM G S fmh- 'wah H111 5551131 iilliguieili amL 2 52' Mis E I , , L - , V - --M : ' ' , .a fo rl: ': 7 1 . W Tl juji 'u1ii'yuL Z5:4iU N . . 5-:i- 192. 'rf-Q -1-1-1 frm , 3 1 -fm-1 - - gig . . mm-. uhm. a mL 5 15. mn. -- W 'W TW Wx .me .531 .L EW' I . 542' if -:mg 11511- -rfupq - -ring., W: , , .LH 5,-ga 3 , mn.. mu. su. 5 Q: ivnzi ' 1 lg " " I 1' 1:4 - u 243 ii. ' 9- ni' Wi? U04 731- fqm' v3 'FLT PM nun , ding. ' n mL 3 'i'r1. E QVIQTH niii. 419.1 5?E'IoT'1. um- nu- 'ti 11. QQ-?g'uJ4. - W3 E .FWF ' !! r.: A r i jig N, -U ?. 5- A -rpm Epi inn. Ima- P, CIR QET. HCTT. GF. 152- HML "'L I 5? "L E 95' ib 3 , , ,' : w "N J' -. 55?-H' 'fire T- 1.5 "' mn Ginn. 11111. 3 5'3f'M1L 'lla' nfl' F 'I i 52 f' 91 I 1 L ' :Ulu ' E ' X Y ' 5 , ' Y rut ,- ri, -I 5-za: wif' g Y nl E fi lg B- aum- num -9 mL E5 ?5 111 'U-PM '31, 'I'- ? -mn, 'U' "9 P'L FE 5 ""4 2 X 4 ' s ..,., ,,.,.,,'4 .,.,,, T-,: ,,.,.g -V QU -- 125:11 ' Arvm ww TN' F5 E -4- I - - N if- M F Hg! A !!!9l!- 2951- ,,: 1 HH- 'Y A IN? 1191- E eg pill- Q U1 :mtv s fu. is ..- Tic., 3 ""'-- rr-11 -1iggg,""r1 ' f--'I Q4 " ii WW' WL WL if my rw? ww 'ww 222'-av. -,551 -,fp ff T? 1 'rirri 61111- Wu E22-up 'T' . :I T' fl H i'13 , ' -I ' Iii-4 5: Q L 5' iiiii, isi'1.A Hd1. Q-NTL , 'IJ -4, 'Chl if 'rmi 'I a -In 1.53 'I an, 3 . , :Z 'NM 'Hifi m 5:j24'l6i' y 'ith " T? r- '53 qum- uni 4:11. 6 Q 5 mu gd -I' - ig? ab dim" AU ' :r?? ' " . .s sz 'UW AVN! U W WNW 'sn I aff U' H E, '55 umm. vnu. 'mm Ts fa um ul T 4 iii? M452 'RH' uw .iq-P ' ' 2? 'I 'gg' gulf ff- 2 5 S' yggii 5 QLBTL ml. ww. 22:-mi. ww. QEM4- mL 2 E?'ns1- 2 Q! will A 1' ,ll Eli , 1 ' I 1 . --vv An-1 .. " -H14 ' -i 1 - I , Q4 w 21. H' -2 2 - mn. Ure um 2 fs 'nw .,,.,. L.,,J ,,,.,. LW., Q, guru imp Wulgfgg yum. I Q EQZ. ..w 11.1 .am .L.. --.,-...:. - - , U 1, W u , Anluf . gp 11. mn WML 2 3 5 Nu 9 Q1-LQQL Quill -UNL EFF! qu sill- Qui' O14 ljgil- I I fl L xr' 'au ii 1 f? g 5 II' V 1 - - .N 'NIT BLM. --KWFILJ? 11. va ' uu1:z: 'l u ' 1 1 1 . . V . H 1, .I gg M TZ: f ,Lin Tim- 111. 2, Unk- Twp pil Un. -Nil. E " Mx! 2'5?'lN1 V Lzf . - -:.. .f '- qwlu Nm F g F .1 min . 'mi Jfu. 525 'my lump mail. fu 211151. 22 H+,-I E+4-A L-A-.4 ' H-N4 .. uJ 'IH ggi IQLI Umm lm, m!4J"- 1 I1 - .J Things You Heard But Forget. l'no1-'. lillilfl-'l'Ill 'ro .lJn.l,14:n, 'SIS qwlm was yelling: am-ross the aisle lor ai leaifj,-" Nr. QDille1',' why don't you lmuy your own horse ?" x , X I l 755 '- 4 A lf'l:1f:slm.xN 'ro N. FIKICSIIMAN Cen route to ' lg Sunday eliapelj.-4' I bought the 1'Illl'l'lHlllll'g' Jkflc- fff-N I "-1 ' 'Ijl'lI1Il,' all the Police Gwzetlc.-r were sold. XVh:Lt 'E ' 'L' have you f"" N - 'N. lflcllisllmax.-"-l iound thatminiaturedec-k ,Zu I oi 4-ards and hronght it. Jig 'Ulm Pnor. Ifll'Il"l"l'Ill 'ro HWl'1I'l'ZlGlC, '04 Cwho is A x 0x laughing in elassb.-" livery time ,l' look at you your fave looks like a full moon." '95 MAN flllUl'lilllg.I after a hanquetj.--" Doctor, I should like to he ex- cused from reeitations to-day: I have a very bad pain." lD0U'I'0lt.-'S 'I'his is evidently a ease ol' sham pain after a ease of ehaun- pag'11e." CSee student's olmituary in ll'cckL4f.D Bl'lNNl'I'l'. 'Si-5 Qto Herman Proiessor, who eritieised his l'CZlillllLL'D.-'lP1'0- lessor. I think ,I can prononnee German as well as you can English." 'DoN .MYl'lliS, 706 Cto .Professor Duhlrs, after the latter had told a storyb. -S' Good joke. Professor. good joke." Pnoi-'. IN C1imiIs'i'l:x'.-"As you see. g1,'0IltlUlll0ll.2lf present you see nothing: why you :-'ee nothing, you will seedireetlyf' SVICNIC: Opera House. 'l'in1e: Every nig.5ht. l'r:l'l .xxn XVAGl'INll0llS'l' Ceoming.: down stairsj.-'L 1' say, Jake. what was the naune oi' that show." .IAKE Cdrowsilyb.-" lilanied il' l renielnlmeif' lm. S'r.xnn Cpeeping in door of rec-itation rooxnl.-H'l'l1is is your week for prayers, Mr. Irvine." I,'nol-'1csson.-" lss sodium deleekreseent or everteseent ?" KIIESSLICY.-'L' Sodium is 0fllll'CHC'0lll.u Piloiflflssoli.-" ln what r-Im-is is the sentenec, 'some lrirds are tbath- eredf " H.kll'l'Zl'II.l..-'Q lp" ' -'L' 1749 'l'- I - ' I V" fgl7lll1"Hlllildlly'll7 Pro MEYIGI: fl'0il1llll3.E florlnnnp.--" Was soh' IU 1 . 1 1 ,, - - fi-ssorj 'L Dol' tculbl Zl+:I's.-" You soo hom gimlg "--- Vfrlvlf: fl'l'0lll lun-k of l'00llIJ.'-N NVCII. l'll tuku it up." HUUIJICIAA Crcauling fi1'uolO.-" Oh, Zeus, what shall 1' do ?" Plmlf'lf:sso1:.-" .lust Iinish the lesson, Mr. Uoodcllf' .l'nolf'1f:sson.-ii NVhnt is thc sine cquul to Mr. S--?" MH. S.-"0ppositoovc1' llypotvliclnlscf' l'l:o1f'1cssolc..-" Next, anti." Tlllc NEXT Cflrowsilyj.-" Oh, oh, 1.lll,Slly oncf' ' is lzlm Plcolflfzssolc Mimi. Cto vnuhi-0 1-lnh in Ilntin l'0i'llli1tfl0llJ.'-"XX ho lun-k ol' the stove Z' an Vololfz.-"1', I,l'0lbSS0l'.u " lVho is ' I '?" " xlfistrer Clanton bein." I Ions Vi 1. Zonnlls. Zui 'l'lllf1 l'illISO oi' :L stncl0nt's clozlth in tour worm s: 'l , . , . 1 cicl0. " Wnoni the gods love die yonngf' But Quotation oft bolore nsg that docs not nlenn the "gallery gods." N1ll'lll'LF the young' tho 'L c-horns." -i-f79+- ei F5 61 WSE SFAEF ll. ,lr 5 l ...X 'I --17. Yff frrfl 'v' ' f i.: ' ' - " Gb- l .41 3 , 'f,.-317 N ' - Ziff' 5: Q-vig' x , 'QQ ' " I"'--: fii, f- - f " Y . .. f X . .7 , W Zffff ff "' X 'i - U s ' g J - Qg' N 1 'f -f7 NL: 1 '...' : TIM IG: l"if'lf'1:n. fmimdws rqflcr zqppointcd tinzcjbz' the meeting. ' SVIGXICZ "Ow!'s .W:st.l' ll'rritin,q on. It quorzmzf, playing 'i1mt2'11mmzts, remi- ivly 't.l'11c'A'.,7 singing, etc. C1l.xn.xc-'rl-ins Rui-l:r:suN'1'lco: My ls, Dial- Ari, Sweet One, Hill 0' Gas, lhmg Lass rlml It p1'0n1isf'u01lsyrclll1v'i21,q qf Owls. Dir-Z' AN.-'tl ean't see why those fellows donlt 001110 on time. I can not zmflord to waste any time on this 0ul1+'1..xMM1c. xvllilt shall we do. NVe 'lllllsi have a meeting to-day? Smr-ct 0110.-NVVC1l,XVl1!lt'S the matter with ynnking a few ot' these Owls on the stafl', until those hlunk, lmlankety, blank fellows r-ome,-here comes somebody stumbling up the stairs now-it must be Guy R. Hard." Jiffy .li?.-i"l'l1at eanlt he Guy R. Hard, lor he is aeeustomed to make lnore ra1'ket." Entm- Hang.: Ree- iS?m,rf Rec.-L' Fellows, you must indeed, pardon me for detaining you g but as .l. was eolniug up st1'eet,a fellow hill10d-l'0Ill01I11l01', hailed me,- und said he had something new in the line ol' crackers lor our boardiugg club, but upon thorough investigation, I found that they were too tender for our hippopotanioi jaws, and we did not strike at li2l1'g!,'ill11. Well letls fire these lmrlma1'ians and get to work. .lJ:zf0'11mf Owls. Dick Art.-" Meeting please come to order. Please put dose instru- ments on the roof, and letls do soniesing. What has the Business Man- ager to report W' lfill 0' Gus.-'tM1'. Uhairnian, Honorable Staff, etc. I would report that I spent lifteen minutes ot' my valuable time gathering advertise- ments to the amount of 347038, and refused something like 5293.133 worth -i- 180 -l- beeause ,l. do not desire to make an advertising sheet out ot' this, nor do I propose to allow any of' the stafl' to go to the XVorld's Fair on money made f'rom this OnIr'l,AMMr:g although former stafls used to pay their Senior year expenses on what they made from thei1' book. I 1'ef"used fiftv dollars for a one line aulvertisement, to go under the Freslnnan class roll. 'l'he ad. was to be " Use Sapolioft CUNCS Qf'Jf7'fH20.D The printers made mea very mean offer to-day. They wanted me to allow them to print the book for nothing, the only remuneration they wanted was that they might be allowed to put their imprint on the title page. .I refused pointblankfi Dick Art.-H Has anybody anysing else to report." Dzmy Lass.-ti I solicited one advertisement yesterdayf' CG1-cat sur- prise 'illllllfiftj-M011 by the slqjil Deqfcning ftpplausc.D 'E ,l' will report that I went to the postotliee, and thought that 1 might get an advertisement there Clcmghlci-J, but the elerk told me that they were giving so much more paper with the stamps this year than last, that really they could not atlord to advertise. He referred me to the keeper of the insane asy- lum, and laughed when he said itg now I would like to know what he laughed at. I am greatly interested in TnnOirilfinxnmric, and a great burden will be lifted from my shoulders when it is finished." CA rap at the door.D Evmglfluuly yells H ll'lmis thcrclm C1121 0wZ,s voice on outsirlab 'L .Zlhly I mme in? f7NjlO7'f!IIIft lmsincssf' ql'okes his head through open door.j "4iimmea cigarette?" Everybody rises and holds outa box oi' Straight Cuts. " Have one, and take a light, toofi Disappears. One Qf the 1S'tqfi'C1Ic'.sirv.s his 771171115 witlillcld. In basso 1J7'Qf7U7I!lOD. VVho said we were not going to roast the Faculty ? NVho is the hard-hearted villain who thas tries to take away, not only the f'reedom ot' the press, but also the sulqievt of' whieh all f'or1ner Ol:llfLAMMlCs were eomposed. 1 think the Faculty ought to be roasted brown. I have SOV0l'il1 good ideas for ents-fer instance, those two magnificent attacks on that door by the two professors who run this place: that battle of' the rabble where the Profes- sor in Volapuk is reported to have said,rlm' Rllen, .1'?'l'ftU771lNC'i. Gen- tlemen, l appeal to your higher senses to make this an :esthetie Om- lf'r,AMMl':, which we cannot do unless we show the true, the good and the beautiful parts of' our beloved teachers. XVhat say you ?'i JlfCkJ1l't.-'H Man alive, we long ago deeided, at their own request, that we would not publish anything derogatory to their several characters. At our last meeting l' fin 'lv' ot about the Y. N. U. A. NVhere shall we puft that ?" llfy If.-" I move you, that we insert it among the advertising pages, and charge them double ratesf' Clfbur 'sceomls' im1nmlirttcLy.D Dirk Art Cbursting into tearsj.--" Oh, eome ofl', fellows: please don't ' zz- o -1- 181 fi-- ilo that: I ani the only Y. M. ll. A. lllCll1ll01' 1101-0, mul I hope you would not take advantage of me like that. 1 want my name often as 1 can get it in, hut 'I 1lon't propose to pay lor havi alex-lare the motion out of order." iS'wc-at Ona.-" At our last meeting we had some dispute thojanitoris name should go under the head ol' " Fan-u1ty.'7 l, think we ought to settle that to-day." Chbluuly rmszv1:rs.j Uay R. 5' The Bowery " on the llllllllltlllll. " Til-l'il-l'll. " on the Lass talking to himself about girls. Diek Art reading. bling Hen.-'C NVell, ibllows, I think welve done euougl day. We rlouit want to work too hard and have every thing finished in a. clay. l move we adjourn to Kiefliu-'s, across the way, memories and see what he has to say about his Cousin Zeus." CA!! wi- fl'l'Nll . H xi lv, X, L 4 lx ,ik it .iii l " 1? 1 , K X S xp.: T M h A -. i ly f . " ' f, . tl Ti J or 1 . '- V X. f if N ll xx QQQA' Xullwl' 'A 1 1 , v n 1 I ll W liyg fs , , I pt " Ml'.'lI.ll'S lC.YTRA DRY." -1- 1:92 -1- in the book as ng it put in. 1 as to whether I-Iarsl sleeping. guitar. Dang 1 work Ihr one to refresh our 'PIIEY say with llglb tho wliiskvrs grow. But ,cis not so ut F. nnml M.. For woro you hero you soon would know 'l'hnt whiskers nw not signs oi' mon. 'lfhoy ure oi' every size and algo. On Prop. or cvon on tho Sonioi' Hom. lint one nmong us, though no Hugo. In constantly roruisiiig' thom. They will hiln Clnirlos, or Chnrloy Guy. 01' cvon son of lsruol : Itnll depends on time of aluy. AH this in you ut om-0 will toll. Ho rises in thc curly morn VVith time us smooth as nny lmlno. By noon he has ui lnoaml for-Iorn, 'By eve n beard that casts ai slnnlo. And so it happens dny lay day. The reason now is quickly soon. For qvcry night the dom' girls any 'l'o him, L' Oh, Chnriio, shave 'om uicn -4- my -1- ll Caught in The Class Rooms. .l N Z1+:l's's: ,l have placed the chairs this morning so as to suit myself, arnniging' them symmetrically and comtiwtahly. l' will now quote you a few rules lor the deportment ofa gentleman in the class room, which you would do well to 1'ClllCll1llOl'. 1. Ift is impolite to speak to anyone or to distraet his attention, when anyone else is speaking' to him. C01'0U!l2'llj. Because l say that the person who is reciting' is the mouth- piece ol' the class, it does not lollow that each individual member ol' the class should try to forward his sentiments through that mouthpieee. ln other words, donhf 7n' 2. Keep your leet quietly on the floor. 3. Clean your nails at home. -l. Sit upright in your chair. XVe will now proceed with the roll eall : Mr. Clarence Garrecht Baus- man. Here. Mr. Bausman, how do you pronounce your second Chris- tian name ? Nr ...., Mr. lNlontgomery M. Fryer CF1'yer just eutersb. Here. Mr. Fryer you are a post positive quantity ..... Mr. John Edward Gautenhein. Here, Mr. Gantenheiu have you a hook yet? No, sir. I couldn't excuse you any longer. ,lt is now live weeks. Write to the publishers ..... Mr. .laeoh Alvin Kiefler. CNo answer.J XVhere is Mr. Kiefli-r? Class: Ahsent. Zeus: Is this his regular day to hecome sick ? ,l now wish to ask the class something: which I have not asked fora long time. NVill the class now please excuse me. CApplause.J I have to listen all afternoon to Senior orations, atnd I need a little time to mysell' to attend to some work. Class: " It shall please us exceedingly to excuse you Y" IN IiA'1'll'l'HI Good lll0l'Illllg,'fjUU!l morning. Mr. you are looking fresh thismoi-ning. Have a good nightfs rest? XVell, when 11 was your age Ql could do it. too. But here l am talking again. XVhen I fret started it's D hard lor me to stop. hal ha! ha! Let me see, this is the . . . , Senior class. isll't it? Mr. -1 No. si rf Itfs the Junior. XVhy so it is, ha! hal hal You -4- 1851 +- Y might think I w:1sinlovo.oh? NVoll. I was-hut. oxm-uso nw. hut I wish to montion S0lll0lllllllg' new helium- I liwgvt it. I must npologizo to tho vlnss lol' uhscm-o Rltl lust 1'cc'itution. 1 lorgot that it wus my hour. I hopu thu vlznss will oxcuso mo. 1 will tuko 1-urv that it docs not hnppull Hwllll' I. should like to toll the cluss il jokv. hut I :nn liull'ut'1':lid tlnlf l did toll lf, :ind NVll0ll0X'0I' I lmvcauly donhts I ulwnys tukv tho suii- sido. und kcop quiet. Ho I will 1-ull tho roll, or tho hvll will ring lui-!in'0 it is donv. Iv 'l'r'i'1'v's' Close your hooks. Uollogo mon ou,g'l1t to know thzlt wht-n tho rcvital- tion hugius they should 4-lose thvil' hooks. Do you oxpva-t mv to tvll ozxoli one oi' you individually? Now, Nr. Blank, to rusumu. 'I'his In-rc is vvidontly the wsu, not so 1' fSlllllJ,'l'llC usks :L quostiong Mr. Hzingroo, we will 4-omo tothut soon enough. Don't1untiuiputo. Now, ii' you will look :lt this, you will som- that it iszls it should ho. lf'o1'il you tzlko tho distzuwo from the polo you lulvo, ovidontly, tho dis- tnnvo oquul to rho times ll' squurod plus rllu sqllzlwcl, rziisod to the ont--hulI'th 1l0NV0l'.lllVltl0ll hy two Arr. plnsn over two logrlzo plus tho squ:u'v root of' rr squurod plus rho ,sqllzllwl divided hy ra, which is us it should ho. hot-zuiso it is ompuil to tho - " .I HIL! l'IJ UI"1"lf.Yl'IC." :uw of tho puralholal. y squzlrocl uquuls two frm. lllf0I'l'0llf0ll hotwccn thu vortex and tho point whoso ordinnto oquuls rim. NVIIQI1' is Mr. l'ontz ? 'I don't Ivvlivw l'd know him :lny moro. Mr. Iiiolli-1' is il similzn' ousv. IN .IollNNY's: Now. young' gentlemen. il' you plousv, wo will tzikv up lln'dis1'ussion l7lllS1ll0l'lllll,L1', sinvv it wus there t-hut wo stoppud lust timo I tliink,lmuu1y in rolution to span-c :ind timo, us it is llllllllllwl in thut part oi' tho sulmlimv. whit-h is known to pliilosoplicrsus tho mgqnliiw nrgrfrftivitlff. lint ln'llu'0 untming upon this discussion, I wish to suy il li-w words fo tho vluss rclutivo to thu lust written oxanninntion whim-hl l'uut-ivotl. 'I'hv pupc1'su1'v .ns :1 1-luss. vvry good. l'UIlSllll'l'lllQ thu limitud vupzn-ity ot' suvh young -i- mfg -I- minds, and l am very well pleased tosee that you have received muvh oi what it is my duty to give you. Hoping that you will receive great hene- tit from these lea-tures, in which 1 was very earel'ul to c-orreet whatever was douhtful, and to insert a great many things which were unknown up fo this time. l will now proeeed with the lem-ture. lx Gl':onuii':'s: ,ln perusing the last aggglwrmeration ol', whit-h seems to me, pedanti- cally constructed literary productions which were deposited in 1ny keep- ing.: tor 4-orreetion, I discovered an almost infinitesilnally ilisigniiieauit g'l'llllllll1lllC'lll inc-ongruity, which, however, I shall take occasion to' expose to the class, although it would perhaps he undeserving oi' promulgation were it not lor the unserupulous violation ol' a. prineiple which in its in- tensive signilic-ation. as opposed toits extensive 1'2llllllll'1l-lil0llS, into various g.granunatical teehnivalities, is in direct eontraposition tothe view intended to he zulvoc-ated hy the writer whose production l have lmelhre Jne. .lx 'rum .Dl7'l'4'll3lANfSI You don'd know de words Z' 'lJat's no exeuse. Vy donid you know 'em Z' Learn 'em. Study 'em. xxyllilll l was at de ooniversity we eoulcl learn a hundert new words eiery day. NVe had one man who learned de whole Iliad of HOIIIUI' in de original Greek in two weeks. and you eould git' him any line and he would repeatde next. lt's laziness, datls vot it is. Dis c-ontounded laziness. Do you tink l stay here hem-ause I must. No, sirg l stay here lin- de good ofde ehureh. 'l 1-an teaeh in any eollege. l speak tour ditlerent languages, etv.. for twenty-tive minutes. lx lSl'1'k's: Now, iellows. ii' we want to mastim-ate this well enough to put up a, dec-ent exam we'll have to bend over and chew the vord. Swallow what you van, and ii' you find yourself getting hulled up, hite it ofl' till you've rec-overed. Then agitate your pedals and jump right on it and you'll nail your granie every tilne. -1- 186 +- Pnoif. Axslcmr V. H1+:ls'r1+1l:, Blu-lmelor of Arts: l' f 'rv nl-ul to muke kn4m'n his Young gentlemen, it is the duty o um, I . opinions, whether they he of value or not. At least he should say some- thing, no mutter what, when sometliing is expo:-tual ol' him. It is owing to u firm l'O11VlUlZl0ll ol' the truth of those principles, as they :ure taught in v - - so nmuv :ulmirulmle the T0llfl01'l0lll district ol' New York, that you llilll . N speeolies l'1'0ll1 this plutlimn. The Maiden's Query. Do you really, truly love me, More than any girl you know Z' NVell, then, kiss me just n little, Il' you must, helore you go. Fold your arms 1ll'0llll1l me tigghter: Have you never kissed before ? ,Draw me nearer, press me closer: Cunlt you kiss me :my more P -l- R377 -1- A Faculty Meeting. Dr. Stahr, Presiding. " NW-ll. we'll proeeed to lrusiness immediately. Dr. Kersehner, will you read out the names, beginning' with the Seniors." 'L Herrl' Bl1'.1'lfCI'l', we will hem- you," " ,Ifve got 32 demerits, 'l think the most of them are llll'g'j'lllll2lSllllll. I sprained my leg: at Xmas hunting wild dueks, and have not heen ahle to use it mueh sinee that time." " XVhat :lays do you have gymnasium 1ll'ill'hlCC:"'7 " 'lfuesdays and Tliursdays, sir." Tully.-" Yes. hut you only have a iew ahsenecs on Tuesdays and '1'lun'sdays, and they are whole days." " 'l' know sir, hut-" " NVell. M r. Herr. il' you have no more excuses that will do." " Kieilerl Mr. Kieiler, how many demerits have you?" " l have 38, lo from last term: 4 ol' them are tor gymnasium. 'lfhat was when there was skating on the ereek, and l eonsidered that hetterexereise than gymnasium." 'L NVell, anytl1in,1.f else ?" " I missed ehapel on the 1-ith. l had to finish my eigarette: it was one of Duke's Best, and l did not like to throw it awayf' " 'l'hat will do lor you." " ilJeHofI'Y" " NVell. Mr. .lJeHotl' what have you got to say ZW " l was ahsent from elulreh two Sundays, and l eau get at good excuse from my latherf' " NVe1'e you home ?" " No. sir." . " NVel1 that won't do any good in this ease, then lin' -" " Yes, hut my iather knows what's the mutter with me." " NVell, we know pretty well too: Mr. Del-Ioff, that will do.l' L' Lantz W " How many demerits have you, Mr. Lantz W' " Twenty-seven l think. li oi' them ought to he excused, it was when the football team went to Annapolis, and I. staid over Sunday in NVash- ington. and -li' ' " XVe acted on that last term. Mr. Lantzf' " Yes, hut that ain'tjustiee, High went to see his girl when we went to Bucknell, and you excused him. and --" 'l Please leave the room, now." -+ 186' Vx-- H ,I think you ought fo be consis uloor shut? "SflIl.2'1'ce H--L'lIC1'C1lg'IIlIIl', " YDS, SIP: EIS deinerits, I5 l'rom last term. XVhat excuses lor the IH and ISI. My roommate was attacked with a sort ol' a tit, anal I staiil home to take care ol' him. I am also llllliI'li0Kl alrsont l'rom cliurch. on the Qflml, but there must he some mistake --" ' Tully Y- " No. I' guess that's one ol' the days yon ran out." " No, sir." " Xvell. we'll consimler that afterwarrls. You may 20-N " SIn1IIei"'--i'1NI1'. Shaller has IIS ilcmerits. Have yon any OXUIISCH lor them?" " Oh, yes sir." " I have a good excuse lor onc - X . ' , Sunday. My olnnn anil I ate a VP.-ilk lzlllrie1:1135-zlillgjigstilf hamll meat .V - Eh- , V A " 'J ' , r, . I , e 1IaII,.nnI TMJEBML I if K V I then lay flown on our couch, in- Two-w ,WV Q l ' I 'I A, tending: to take a. little nap lie- il M f 1 'v,1i:I'f,'l ' lore uliurch. Hut we Iliml notgct ,l,- 4' ' P lg I IH' awake nntil the fellows were n . I il' xii' , I I coming home, and so -" MQW I f il 4' 'Do you mean to say you in- " lf'lcNc"l.vf:. " tcncl that lor an excuse ?" " lVhy certainly, I'rol'. Mull " 'IVCII that won't clo here, anything else ?" " I got my whiskers cnt on .If'i'i1lay al'ternoon, too, lint -1 " Leave the room imn1emliateIy.l' t'f,liIlan'f-t'M1'. Gillan, you1'1leln01'its IIIIVC1II'ClIIIIIllIlt0ll to 48: what have you to say ?" 'A Well, sir: I was sick on the 13th ancl 224l." " I-Iow about the 12th ?" 4' Oh yes, I was sick then, too." " You seein to have very poor health. You 1lon't look sickly." " XVeII it is sort ol' herellitary with nie." " NVe1-e you sick the clay after the FPCSIIIIIIIII-SUIllI0lIlUI'C iight also Fi' "Yes, sirg 'I ate a numluerof IIOIIIIIIIDS the night Iwelore, anal they rlifl not agree --" 'i Ohyes, I see: well, we willconsicler your care." i'Lelev1'e'l-" Mr. Iiofevre, have you any excuse lor the IStI1?" 4' Why, Doutorg that was when Ruth thought Harry hail deserted her. anal I became so wrapped up in making this point tragic that I never heard the college bell. but -" " NVOII, that's very poor, Mr. Lelevre. Next." -1- 189 -P How They Eat. The Freslnnun. green, cannot tbrget His early boyhood etiquette: I-Iis eustoin 'tis to sit und wait. 'l'iIl some one fills his empty plute. But ot' his dean' munuuu bereft, I-Ie sits :ind wuits und thus gets left. The Sophomore luis bolder grown, And now and then ents ofi' 11 bone : WVith longing eyes he looks for more- He looks until his eyes ure sore. The more of etiquette there is, The more good things, he says, you miss. 'Phe Junior does not hesitate To pile the good things on his plate. He thinks, while eating eheese und haun, That etiquette is but u shaun. A goodly meal he well enjoys, Because he is one of the hoys. 'l'he Senior. with u long drawn face- How solemnly he says his grace! But hardly has he said Amen, Befofe he pitches in, und then- But whut's the use of saying mere, He broke the rules too oft before. -1- 190 -1- A Chemistry Recitation. " Mr. Lantz. what do you know about sulphur ?" " Me?" " Ill Ameriea dey generallb' say I." " Yes. sir." " Yell. vere iss it Iound ?" '-On mateli heads, ,I think," " Iss datso? It is also iound in another plaee. and you stand a werry good chant-e oi' linding 501110.-."lxIl'. liautz. did You studb' dis lesson F" " Yes. sir." " Ven ?" " I douit rememher when." "Yesterday ?" " No, sir." " After dinner. to-day ?" " No, sir: I did not il-el like it." " Vas it dis morning?" "l think it was." " Ven did you eomnienee to study ?" " About halllpast. seven." " Yes, and studies a chemistry '. I did not think any- adisg1'ai-e. Any little dots what .l thought: any man dat goes to 1-ollege lesson hall' an hour ou,u:ht to he in de peniteutiarw hody would hai' de impudenee to 1'Ullll'NSitl if is halny eau tell about sulphur. any plot-khead knows what sulphur ls. X ou don't want prains to tell dat." "RIP.Ullf.fOl'.NN'llilf'tltD TA K K,,. xx. W ,.,l W we use to dissolve sulphur ?" if Hn ' nm ,, .L g l if " Don't know." " Next." Tl 1" w " Next." " Mr. Shulenher- ,. l,?'g "1 - rg. tier. do you know?" " Yes. I, -I I . - ' ' M ' .., lf5"'q 6 in-I sir: aleohol and ether."- 'N . f X W1 " ' -7 'Nof' "Yes. sir: that is 4 tal ll , ' j whatthelrook says." "Dou't F X Q ,- 1 ' "' matter vat de hook says. NYe 11 .55 " ' F 'X 1 '- "',,,,q' .1.m'rg.,l,ynlmr." --Mr. I-1i1- J - - ,.:-1 E "' legas. tid you read dis lesson N H ,,-,A-Wm QUA,fTHRS-,, over?" "No. sir: I have no lvooki-"' "Vel. vy don't you get a hook?" "I did not think I needed one." " Did you tink you needed your head. Mr. 1Iillegas?" 't Yes. sir." " Vell. 1 don't tink so. You might as vell stop sehool. You are no aeeount here or any place else. You petter he preaking stones." "Mix Meyer, you know. don't you Z' Vell. If never saw a dumher set all my lite. Uatfs all laziness. and de whole elass ought to he hanged to- geder. I don't see how you can exist without doing anything. Eiery man ought to have de perspiration pouring down his thee all de time. No one 1-an know anything about ehemistry unless he puts at least eight. hours on etery lesson. ll' you vani- to know vat work is. read about Pasteur. Pasteur. de great- missionary in 1-hemistry! Pasteur. who taught de l1'reneh to make silk worms out ol' silk dresses! I-Ie used to sleep tour hours at night. and then eried all day het-:mse he had to do dat. -4- IQI -2- You ure :ull too lazy to live.I Mr. S0llW00t0ll. tid you nnike :my ex- periments ?" " Yes, si1'.'i " 'I'id you swell them up I-"i " No, sir." -' Yell. you bud better stay out next time." " Pl'Uf0SS0l', I vanmot under- stand the lea-tures nnyhow. 'l'hey ure ull mixed up." i'Vell. you don't study. l would tink you would be ilillllllltlil to Valk abroad, not knowing any more about chemistry than you do. Mr. Ziegler, vuts de 4-hemieail properties ol' sulphur F" " I. think it is green." N Oier in Germany dey would put you in de kintergarten for dut. Mr. Main, vnt do you say I", " lt hath zi bud odor, something like 13--is feet, ll guethf' CApplz1use.J " No. not quite that bad. De hook says rotten eggs." tliengthy eontro- versy bert-.J "Mr, Pontz. vutueid tid you use lor an reducing agent?" "1 use nitrief' "'1'id you ? Vell. please tell me what tid you do with your nitric ueid W' " I hurnt an hole in the leg ot' my punts." " .Dat vus sc-lmmrt! Mr. Metzler. with how many atoms ot' hydrogen does one oxygen unite." tNo response.J " Mr. Keller, 1-nn you tell ?" " Between two and live: generally two." " Veil, rut rure article is termed ven dis om-urs." tNo responsej " Mr. Sehweitzer. vat do you tink. or don't you tink at ull ?" " 1 guess not." Sm-liweitzer. attempting to crib the answer out ol' the book, puts too mueh weight upon one leg of the ehziir. whieh suddenly collapses with ai tearful crush. " lfl' nobody has any more ques- tions to ask ve vill take six more lessons on the sulgieet ot' sulphur, und after that have nn examination on the whole book." Class is dismissed. if 'N as 7 1.- 'Wu 49 -1- 192 -x-- ,Qfif if fi 'Hg ' ff f "R 'vi gi- l A.,, f ,.4lf,giX1'S.l'l13lyll 1 f N3-5 55,5 f. 'lx umm- -15 , ll g . ' - - Pa . ' f' W "gqi1lxlXXQQiQkXx ,X ,V if "'773q:'C'-+ Tx " N xx 3- '5 l fQl '1l- ' " f" " ' 0, 'xl l"l,Ull'1II" ll'l7'." "Pls well to hnvu uni' XVL'lllillL'SFl'S Anml lllllllrl thus pointwl only .Xt lirsl ii' Sl7lllg1'S0lll'r'0lllSlI prillv. Anil nmkvs ns frown nnll punt. lint when mira-nllcg'v1l:uys:n'u n'ur. Anal Sf0l'lll'l' things nl' lill' Shall 0l'1'lllly1llll'lll'2ll'lH2lllll minds In ll nmrn roznl slriib. NVQ will l?n'g0t llmil' puigrllznn-y, Anal lncrcly lnngh nt thnnn NVhllo. sitting mlmvn with will- nnll child, NVL- rcnml 'l'n1-101:11-'l,.xMM14:. -s- IQ? +- . Local Advertisements. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. PERSONAL. llli Repgular Literary and Social T Meeting.: ol' the Lzulies' Missionary Society will lie held at Mrs l"aeulty's home, on Friday evening next. All are cordially invited. tf LASS CANICS may now lie pro- C cured at lIIlllll'l'llll. Factory, at 51.25 each, 'tm ltxxlc Con. IJ. SlIAl"l"l'Zll pronounces Ivory , Soap inralnalile. For sale every- where. 9' RICYEIVS Address on "Attention," bound in pamphlet form. I5 cents. THIS Orme-1-1. POLITICAL. OR Editorial Stall of UllIl"l..XNl5ll'11 M. W. SCllWl'Il'l'Zlill, '!l4. Slllljllct to llules of Reciprocity. 0 TIIE PUBLIC: I can serve a few more clubs or societies in the capacity of Business Manager. 'I'erms to suit. l'rn'i-' 'uw I ., ... 4. . I '1'0Yl'1ll, '95, fNa1t'l Guard of l'n.J, A full assortinent of PONIICS .lust received from llinds. Call and examine stock. ' 24? 'Barber shop in connection with livery. llClll,Ell,'ll-1.-Local news ground out at lowest rates. Mamifacturer of price for this Onli-'i..xMM1-1. Refer- ence: Look at local news columns of H Student. " juni-tf ll ICE l'IN'I'ER'l'AINMENT ! This evening I nill give a free 0lllt'l'I1lIIllllll'lll3, in the chapel, on the use and :ilxuse Cespeeially the latterj ol' puns. Tllere will he no partiality to 1-lasses,ns I will l1Il'li't'l'f0fl'XllllllIIOJ llil Ulltl. 'l'. W. llwm-:u'1', '2I4. Y Olllllill OF TIIE MAYOR: A special reduction ol' 10 per cent. will he made to Seminary and College Students on all orders for the Police Patrol after midnight. Call early and avoid the rush. Cnlrzr or l'o1,n'i-1, 94 'P Local Advertisements. PERSONAL. ON l1'Illl'1N'l'lAL 'ro l'mw1-zssous. Any Professor wanting informa- tion upon ally suhjeet whatsoever, es- pecially at eritieal moments when his reputation is at stake, would do well to coneult me. lir:i'rr:n, '94, linrean of lnformation. NNOUNCl'iM'l'lN'l' 'l'0 CLASS 'fi-L I hereby diselaim any intentional aggravated il:subordination to Prof. Sehiedt. Gnuinxnn, '!l4. OST Oli S'I'0l, ICN. Several canes were taken from our rooms at llarbaugh Hall, on 'Fhursday evening about JS o'clock. Whoever it was had the audacity to remove them while we were at the llall. These eanes hore the class ent of '95 and were very highly prized hy us. We will give a liberal reward to any one giving us information of their whereabouts or of the persons taking them. Address Mi-:mn-:us or SOI'll0Bl0lil'l Claws '95, li" llarhaugh Ilall. MISCELLANEOUS. lil'lW.l lill.-We hereby oifer IU a reward of S10 for the appre- hension of the person who stole part or' the eow-eateher from "John liull " while stopping at Lan- caster depot, April 18, 1893. 1'nNN.x. It. R. Co. DW. G.XN'l'lCNlil'IIN, '94, "Ammon-1' l'hotog.n'apher," dec-Ji-ly West James St. ANNICMAKICII N BROWN, --'llfi - 41:9 and 415 West Walnut St. Seeond-haxnl Clothing. Iligh Waters a Specialty. UTICIC.-lf the person who told me to ask for a studi-nt's redne- tion at the harher's, does not retract, witlin ten days, 1 will publish his name. Gnxsi-1 GIGICIIAIIIJ. OR SALE.-'l'l1e privilege to pulm- lish " Ruth liurtou " in hook form. Several other good stories for sale, l,if:lfi':vul-:, 'o:i. A+ 195 -1- XM! N ' 'fY1XVf "fr ' 1 - fwyml N W VX ' I Q1 X LLL '55, Q, w ,N I , hy! 2 "1 f ' 4 - I, fer: lymfx Q". "- 1 ff1ilf3' y'io?w W, my 5, ! 'Wf'f N " f J ' ff 5 "" u' pl1f. lgh i fyi ' I :I bl il I ,H-.- I,.yI:Q4.:A.x 1yA, l,,,, ,HQ 'I fl Z, ff N, 'W 117' mag.. N N 1 ., X U-', "1 .-..1y, ' fx 1' ' - l ,,,p-s4n-ai'lh- . f , . N ' .lIllLYIHll'l' NPIJNISS .-I 'I' ll.llflf.I IfY'll Il iff 196 f .f- le . V' U92 'M X , PM Quik' fm W f X ,.,- If A! ps-4 , 'L - X I . an xx -I nl :iv V.,V 1 I' P' . I 1 Q 11? H X .bn 'T 4 'N L, ,if Q T 43-X' ,- . '- gn ' I. '43, ,Vw -J xii i? 'V" in , "' We six " WK x ' HQ A X NH - X Ml, IW 6 , fQ f,g--E GA In xx ,fl AN ,fr ' X A iid. png, .fx - .X-fuxy 1 W., X , X -fbi 2 ', ' . 1 Wg ! 9 Xb Xa ,Q ' ff ' A sw 1 fsfgx ' 451' if L 'TN-.Q:.f"S-XXX x :Sq-Ifxfli U . ,NX xxx YQ X XS X'U X"'..1A Groups, Interiors, Q RO To S PCLTQ Re l" Exteriors, Etc. . S To Franklin and Marshall College. OPEN EVENINGS. At'elier.' 40-42 West King St., Lancaster, Pa. DREKA Fine Stationery and Engraving House, UOLLEHIC lNV1'I'A'1'lONS ' Wlilllll Nil IN Vl'l'A'l'lONS CLASS S'l'A'l'l0Nl'IliY ' VISITING ITAIIIJS SOCIIGTY S'I'.X'l'l0Nl'ZR Y 1 ISA NQUET MENVS PHOGILXMMICS, ,ISADGICS lJl1'I.0M.XS ANU Ml'IIJ.Xl.S STEEL l'I.A'l'l'l WORK FOI! l"llA'I'EIiNl'l'l ICS, CLA SSICS .X N ll Ui ll.I'il'NiI'I ANNUALS. All work is executed in the establishment under the personal supervision of Mr, llrekn, und only in the best nmnner. Unequnlled facilities and long practical experience ennhle us to produce the newest styles and most artistic effects, while our repulation is :1 guarantee of the quality of the productions of this house. Designs, Samples and Prices sent on applisation. HALF TONE, PHOTOTYPE AND PHOTO-ELECTRO ILLUSTRATIONS furnislied from photographs, designs sent us or designs furnished lay us, i 'UlIlVElSllU Ill PBIIIISUIVHIHEI. P7'3df0a'..PePaf'f"'i'i The lzsth Annual Winter Session will hegin Monday, October zd, 1893, at I2 M., and continue seven months. . . . The l'l'L'llllllllIll'y Session lms been discontinued. The Spring '1'er1n begins early in May, 1894 922 OES ELSE' 73335 -ai- ::r'Q -1:':-- 3555. :::fD -url: mm...- eff:-1 :i:7'R: :Cs- zfigj' 1355 5-...Qu :-1:5 2?-.Ei D-,233 :-,: f'-"Cn 593-'Z ESEFE 25-2 52:53 ..-, .. ang: zo-: 1:-321' Ir-':."' 715225: pf-13' :Ff- f: m fa-'v o:- 5:5 WEE. Fog 2332 "2 ::.O,, :We c:-'32 no. no: ...,:... 2.-13 as -fv- iso 0,13 D211 ..-E- 55-2 .-. 035' ..,.. -4-ll"COb11 WIl.I.I.-XM PEPPER, M ID.,'l.I..lD., Professor ofthe Theory and Practice of Medicine and ofClinienl Medicine. WILLIAM GOODIQLI., M.lD., Professor ofGyn1ucology. JA MES TYSON, MJD., Professor ofCli11ical Medicine. HORATIO C. WOOD, MJD., l.I..D., Professor of Materia Medica, Pharmacy and General Therapeutics. TIIISUIDKDRE G. WOR MLN Y, M.ID., I.I..lD., Professor of Chemistry and Toxicolo y. JOHN ASI-IIILTRST, JR., MJD., John Rhea Ilartou I'rofessor of Surgery and Professor ofClinical Surgery. . HIDWARID 'l'. Rl'1ICHl'IR'l', MJD., Professor ofPl1ysiologv. WILLIAM F. NORRIS, M.lD., Professor Ol-UIDIIUIIIIIIIOIOSEV. BARTON COOKE llIRS'I', MJD., Professor ofOlxstetries. ' J. WILLIAM WHITI-2, M.lD., Professor 0fCliuical Surgery. JOHN GVITERAS, M.ID., Professor ofllenernl Pathology and Morbid Anatomy. CPPCORGI-I A. PIISRSIDL. M.D., Professor ofAnaton1y. JOHN MARSIIALK., MJD., Nat. Sc. ID., Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Dean of the Faculty.. LOVIS A. DVHRING, M.lD., Professor ofSkin Diseases. JOHN lilI,I.lNOS, MJD., l.I..D., Pepper Professor of Hygiene. For Catalogue and IIIIIIOIIHCEIIIEYII containing particulars, apply to Dr. JOHN MARSHALL, Dean, 36th and Woodland Ave., Philadelphia. TEVEN S HOUSE, D. C. MOHN, Proprietor, Commercial Rafe, S200 per day. LANCASTER, PA. ii College Nlen Rlde PUBMED THE CULUMBIA BIGYGLE HEGUMMENDS ITSELF To the student of mechanics for 1tS COl15t1'l1Ct101l To the student 111 the arts for 1tS And to all for 1tS acknowledged excellence HAVE YOU SEEN OUR 93 GENTURY9 Send for a Catalogue POPE MFG C0 Boston New York Chlcago Hartford 0 . ' 0 Columblas ' A beauty : l u I To the athlete for its speed: if . I F A 3 ' , . ., Edw. Krecke ,Qlmviqoaeeramoceefeflofa successoa TO M. HABERBUSH, Manufacturer of Harness and Saddles. A l.AliGlC ASSOR'l'IllEN'l' Ulf 'IIETJZN' 158 'bw SJLTCIEIELS AT LOWEST PRICES. Also, General Stable Supplies, Robes and Horse Blankets. iii ssl 5 fa i A I E . QM- V ,Il 5 In pa g F V Kxf"54f3:,V,JS,7A, G' ' W ' . A QW PRw1MEIEEIl ?UI u ns MQ?'5'12.-.3m?E -'ff' H. ' J znggmvcuuwq I? i E 9 . ,, PP 4 , 'IlIUc5f?dlTgrEN "'ff?f" 'se W J phu f. ' 'Vb YO ll? I. L" 1:5 .ap 5 i5r0fZefK5'5-liefmfffin " f"f'5.5f Qr4 w1n fs:1fP?fP i FISSAIEIRIZSTSATED CATALOGUE5 L -' fjfP5BTAPS-9l5R55b, A f M2 Y N W wb IX I 'Nf'5'ESTABLISHED 1850.-Rfk'- J . EL I-I. BERGE. Importers and Manufacturers of lllllllllilllll E' PIIUSWHI lll1llEllHIlIS, EIIJ. Best Bohemian Chemical Glassware and German Porcelain, C. P. Chemicals and Reagents, Crucibles and Assayers' and Chemists' Supplies of All Kinds. 95 .1oHN s'r. YQRK- ao GOLD sr. P. O. BOX 401. MR. PQ' MRS. G. I:IIrI:ER, sie Barbers and Hz1i1'cl1'esser'S,ele llcalers in und 1NlLll1llfllCfl,ll'L'l'S nl' Ladies' and Gents' Wigs and All Descriptions of Hair Work. Kid Gloves and Feathers W 'fi' Hot and Cold Baths Cleaned and Dyed. 'N' at All Hours. 225 and 227 North Queen St., Lancaster, Pa. IISSTER ' OUSE, Opposite P. R. R. Depot, Lancaster, Pa., ID- EI- C3-2EB'EJ'IE'.E', PROP., F rnerlyofNeu.1 Holland Ps. 52.00 Del' day. X GTTO E. WEBER, Q Pffwiliffll hotograplter, STUDIO: 106 North Queen St., Lancaster, Pa. DESIRE to express grateful appreciation of the generous encouragement which lms been given to nie by the F. nncl M. College Students, and this enrd is to ask Il eontinunnce ol' your lhvor and the vnlunhle assistance of your influence among your friends and neighbors: nnrl in return I pledge myself to give you and them still hetler service than in the past. Respectfully, ' OTTO E. WEBER. 435 A Y. ZA! 9 Q I 5- tv! x,w61 J. F. NEVVMAN, DIANIYFACTIYRING -ll-IW!-ILER, CC.5oP?ege Erafernifey Qnctclgeeb, 19 JOHN ST., NEW YURK. vi ' AMERICAN STATESNIEN. ' I. JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, I By John 'l'. Morse, Jr. 3 ALEXANDER IIAMILTON, Hy Henry Cnhot Lodge. II. III. JOHN C. CALHOUN, Iiy Dr. II. Von Holst. IV. ANDREW JACKSON, By Prof. XVIII. O. Sninner. V. JOHN RANDOLPH, By Henry Adams. VI. JAMES MONROE, By Pres. D. C. Gilman. VII. 'r11oMAs Jl'IlilfHRSON, Iiy Jol111 'I'. Morse, Jr. DANIEL XVHBSTER, Ily Henry Cahot Lodge. lx. A1.1114:R'r GAL1.A'1'1N, 3 Ily John Austin Stevens. X. JAMES MADISON, By Sydney Howard Gay. I XI. JOHN ADAMS, By John 'I'. Morse, Jr. VIII. XII. JOHN MARSHALL, Ily Allan B. Magruder. XIII. SAM 111131, ADAMS, XIV XV XVII XVIII XIX. XX. XXII. XXIII. XXIV Ily James K. Ilosmer. THOMAS Il. IIENTON, By 'I'heodore Roosevelt. XVI. III-ZNRY CLAY, liy Carl I-iel111rz,ttwo volumes.J I'A'l'RICK IIENRY, liy Moses Coit Tyler. . GOUVERNEUR MORRIS, liy Theodore Roosevelt. MARTIN VAN IIURIQN, Ily Edward M. Shepard. XXI. GEORGE NVASIIINGTON, liy II. C. Lodge, ftwo VOIIIIIICPLJ BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, Hy John T. Morse, Jr. 501-1N JAY, By George l'ellew. 1.11:w1s class, . Hy Prof. C. A. McLaughlin. Each volume 161110, cloth, gilt top, 51.25. UIIIVZIIIIHIIIC to the student of American l1lSt0I'J'.',-Ah'7U Ibrk l5.r11m1'urr. 'l in ciestiniated To young IIIEII ' The educational value of such hooks is 11ot to he easi y '-' . ' 1. especially they will he a political library ofthe 11t111ost VZllllC.U-'lfllxfllll ll'Kl7.'I',,l'I'. A.MER:cAN OQMMONWEALTHS. A Series of Voluines iiarrating the history of th VIRGINIA. Ily John Esten Cooke. OREGON. Iiy William Ilarrows. MARYLAND. By William lIflIIlI Iirowne. KENTIICKY. By N. S. Shnler. MIC HIGAN. By TIIUIIIZU4 M. Cooley. MISSOURI. lly Lucien Carr. NVith "'I'he hooks arc 11ot mere better tl1a11 that. They are political life and history of opment ofthe whole. The find much to satisfy it i11 tl1 le11t."-Gf'nl,r,n' ll'illl'.1' Cnnkr. ose States ofthe Union which have a strikingl'olitical,Social,orI'1conon1ical Ilistory. EDITED BY HORACE E. SCUDDER. OIIIO. By Rufus King. KANSAS. Ily Leverett W. Sp1'i1n.-5. CALIFORNIA. Ily Josiah Royce. NEW YORK. Ily Ellis II. Rol1e1'ts,1two vols.J CONNIEC'I'ICl7'I'. Ily Alexander Johnston. INDIANA. Iiy J. P. Dunn, Jr. VERMONT. Iiy Rowland IC, Rohinson. Maps. Each volume IOIIIO, gilt top, 51.25. State Histories, they are something IIIllClI more and very 11111eh attempts to embody what is most distinct a11d peculiar i11 tl1e each State, flllll to show how that has COIIIIAIIIIIICCI to the devel- widespread interest awakened i11 the past ol Olll' nation will use volnnies, for the design is original fllld the execution excel- For Sale by Booksellers. Sent Postpaid by the Publishers. Houghton, Mifllin 81 Go., Boston. EQQE ee- if If you visit Boston be sure to call at The llrcjlzvag Bnnlgslnrfe. vewwf Ffsfff ci 00., It is one of the "Landmarks" Its reputation for "Bargains in Books " y The "'c"w"y B"""S""e' is world Wide. K If not coming to Boston, don't Washinglon St., fail to write us for prices when you want booksg we can save you money. Send for our catalogue and we will put you on our list for future issues. f' Boston, Mass. I-IHGEQ 84 BROTHER, -vtv. 1 'QQ'- MEN 'S WEAR DEPARTMENT. . . 1 The Latest Foreign mul Domestic l-'nhrics always in stuck. A Tallorlng- l.:irg'e Choice Sliuwing :md prices lower than usual tailor- I ing houses. We gum-:nm-c Correct-Fitting Garments. 1 l.:u'ge Lines in Newest Clnlhszmrl oflhsh- Ready.Made -l ioimlule cut. Close ntl' ntiun given 5 to 'Frimming :xml Finish of nll our l gnrim-nts. . . lfnsliiorfs Latest Show- FUFIIISIIIHQS. -1 ings in very choice ' i i assortment. HAGER 5: BROTHER, 25-31 West King Street, Lancaster, Pa. viii -----'--" 101 NORTH QUEEN ST., cos. ommcs, 9 l....l.- LANCASTER. PA-. 0ITers special inclncenients to lmnycrs of XY.-?'l.'ClIljP-. DIAMrmN1is,sIl.v113luvAkl43:nm NNI-2 ,lIj.Nl1'-UU- 5 h well selected stock, new goods, :ind fnir rlenliiigvnru fL'flllllCh. which rccoinmeml tlicni:-solves to nll lmyv.-rs. XM- do Lln- heal l repairing in the city, nnd can save you money by lliwllllf FUN' ---EYES TESTED AND FITTED WITH GLASSES BY US.-- ooo 0 o -o o Q 0 4 o 9 o 0 9 o Q 4 Q Q 4 o 4 o o o 4 0 0 0 o 0 o o o 0 o 9 o o -o o 0 9 o 0 Q 0 4 on o I 5 Family, School, Library, 4 3 Student, and -- .- .- .- 3 2 . P6l'SOl1 who Reads or Writes 2 0 O O U3 :: o c: r- U o E 2 as E o :I o 2 nf 7: F 0 0 0 0 T47 f--ea 3 3 Care should be taken to UIIT THE EEST. . 9 - f V , O 3 Webster's International, "e'2sQ'f,'1,' ,S,':y'1Q,'f,',,j'f"f' 2 9 It is n. thorough revision of the authentic O 2' "Unabridged," fully abreast of the times. f -.gk Y. q , Q Q' The work of revision occupied over ten R! 9 years. more than a hundred editors being - 9 employed and over S300,000 expended Nl 3 z before the :tirst copy was printed. , -I-w- 1 2 Sold by an Booksellers. S z ..-E,,,+ , 600 90 G. 'Sc C. MEEIEIAM COMPANY, 0 Sp 'ngf'eld Ma ., U.S.A. z " li DICTIONARY Q Send for a. pamphlet containing specimen Q pages and giving full particulars. It will be O sent prepxid. 2 nf?Do not buy reprints of obsolete editions. OOOOOQOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQO0000000000000 ,,,,,,, ,via G I W 1 , Q 6 t 9 elte, Qu S - Ill: - ore, GD ' fb OPPOSITE NORTHERN MARKET, LANCASTER, PA. -1--1-JELOCSSS Day and Night. +4- ix PENNSYLVANIA f DEPARTMENTS. . SCHOLASTIC DEP.-XRTMI'IN'l'S. Iinglish Deynrtinent. ll, 1, I 6 I Classical Department. a 9 C , Geographical and Historical Depart' tnenl. , Science Department. MILLERSVILLE PA I Mathematical Department. Drawing and Manual Training. Department ol'Sel1o0l Arts. '- llnsiness Departlnent. Special Department of Vocal and Iu- E. A-M., Ph.D., struniental Music. PROM Depaiguiein ofI'hysicnl Culture. d ' ESSH NAI. Dl'IPAR'l'MHN'l', inclu ing PRINCUAL- The Science ol"l'eaching. . Q the Art of'I'eachiug. Catalogues sent free on application. The Practice ol"l'eaching. To IS wELL, To A31 .. SPRING SEASON. 1893. GI-2N'l'l.1iMEN: To know what is worn or what money can buy it is necessary for one to keep informed. The age moves rapidly, and each year witnesses great changes in the variety ofstyles, cloths, fittings, etc., etc., ofclothing. The hest in cloth and the latest in style cost no ntnre, and may cost less, than what is inferior in Ethric and wurk and nut ofdate in style. Unly as une either visits the great clothing establishments of our large cities, or has their samples brought to his door, can he knnn' what the u orld is doing and wearing. We i.vite you to examine a 'inc of cloth that will be gladly shown you. The immense volume oflnlsiness dune cnahles us to oller prices that can- nut he touched hy others in quality of Rubric, workmanship and style. WANAMAKER KL BROWN, LANCASTER, PA.. GEO. H. STRICKLER, Manager. 132 North Queen Street. J OH N C. LON G. Eruggist and, CHESTNUT AND MARY STS., LANCASTER, PA. I , H 1 Standard l'llIllAlll1lCClll.lCHl I'reparations.j X., . .1 -:info "' ll-'ine Drugs and Medicines a Spceialtyzj "' Try our Soda Water. Fresh Fruit Syrups. New Flavors. X ---AA -AAA-,..--- :AAA-AA' 3 L TQDEQTS' RETREAT: V 5 1 4 4 4 3 JOE ' KAUTZ,S 3 RESTAURANT, 4 4 4 J 4 4 4 3 211 NORTH QUEEN STREET, 3 ONIC ll00Il N0l!'I'll OF 4 l'. Il. ll. lDEl'0'l'. Q LANCASTER, PA.,-,,...,,.Q2. 4 4 . 4 3 Gex7'rlemen'5 and I3fiie5'Dining moms 4 4 4 4 4 ? Oysters in Every Style. Hot Coffee and Sandwiches. 4 4 OPEN EVERY DAY AND NIGHT. P vvwvvvvvvvvvv-vvvvvvrvvvvvvvvvvvvvvrwvvwv '41 Richmond Straight Cut I 0. 1 Cigarettes ure mantle from the hriglitest, most delicately fluvorefl :mil highest cost Gold Leafgrown in Virginia. This is the Old and Original Brand of Straight Cut Cigarettes, :mtl was lmronglit out hy us in the year IS BEWAFIE OF IMITATION is on every package. 75' 5, :xml observe that the firm name as below The Allen Q1 Gintcl' Branch ofthe A MICRICAN 'I'0IIACCu CU. Manufacturers, RICHMOND, VIRGINIA. INCORPORATED 1858. LIFE INSURANCE co., f,fffwf,,,, Wis.+f's-'S"-- Issues :ill kinds of Life, liuclowtnent, Semi-'l'ontine :mel Investment Policies Poli 'I I ilu. l X ' . nj , -rn . I sscts invested nncler its clmrler in the safest Of-SL'CllI'IlIl'S. No Company more solvent. No compnny eqtmls its rlxvirlends to its policy-holders. fQLiZI2f3t?lT'l,'23,f5iiglgifiiiitllfif GEO. N- REYNOI-IDS, GENERAL AGENT, 120 E. King St., Lxaneastetv, Pa, RAUB 6: KAUFFMAN, Special Agents. xii 'dlllrigbfs Engraving 'HJOL186 1032 Gbestnut Street Dbllabtlpbla L Has become the recognized leader In unlque l styles of College and Fraternity Engravings and Stationery. :: Long practlcal experience. com- blned with personal supervision, ls a guarantee that all work will be executed carefully and ' with most artistic effects. I College and Class Day Invitations En- J graved and Printed from Steel Plates. l Class and Fraternity Plates for Annuals. l Diplomas Engraved and Printed from Steel or Copper Plates. College and Fraternity Stationery. Programmes, Menus, etc Wedding and Reception Invitations, Announcements, etc., etc -ll Ernest B' wright 'MSBMfNgq5g,g3pg5"G"W'NGe 1032 chestnut street, lbbilaba 50 V FITINC CARDS HOU ENOIIVED PLATE VOR ONE DOLLAR lovanl ..... ...,.,,,,,...,, ,., ....,,,,W.,,,..,.. .....,,,.......,......,..,,.,......,,.,.....,,,.....,,.,,.,...,,,..t..,,......,,,.....,,,.,....,,,,,.....,,....,,,,,, ..,,,.. ..lII.,.l....JC..C .........l...,Il,.... .........,,........,lks....-................,.M....l.....,h....k. ....f,.........,....I',..n........- zu-r in Steel :engraving A The attention of Colleges and l"raternItIes ls especially lnvlted to the artlstlc effect of our lnvltatlons, Class Day and Ball Programmes, also Heraldlc Plates and Illustrations for College Annuals and Fraternity uses. We alm at correctness und refinement ln all deslgns. IE. El. 'lllllrigbt 5P'd3U9f in WUCGC 5"9"1Wf"9 ho. 1032 Cltbcstnut Qtrect, Dbllabelpbla anb Drlntlng U . .www --q,,mq,. ngwmqp-wwf-wg'-mqrwwwnHwqwnwqw-mqp-mqrvwqwwqpvwmrmwu Hwmwummw .4 In... .dlhm-40s-.Alu-..nllhn. .4hs...,-vlIln....dllw....-wlilu.. ..-Mm....mlla....-dll--...mln-.. .Ain-v..-d:::. MAO!-v-1 Halle. OVER Martin FINE TAILORING. V BEST READY-MADE CLOTHING Br0S'7 CHOICEST FURNISHING GOODS 26 and 28 IFYIOST LIBERAL PRICES. North Queen St., A VISIT PAYS- Lancaster, Pa. ' THE J H LEADING HAIIER. L. boas, CHS 144 North Queen St., Lancaster, Pa. S Soft, Silk mul Slili ilnl 1 Q Vmw Iluulnp Miller iX t I 1 Libcmi discount to lf. and M. Students. V W I I F I1 llh NEVVT. YVINGPIR I, sf '12-VB!" i Students, Say-fa A Don't you want a Nobby Suit for Spring? You can save money by purchasing at 240-242 W. KING s'r. xiii 9 THE CHAS. H. ELLIOTT cu., Successor' to Bennage 61 Elliott, QQIIQQQ + and + Emery + Engravers, STATIONERS AND PRINTERS, 834 Chestnut St. and 912 Filbert St., Philadelphia, Pa, ' ,,.,,, ,, A. Henry GCI'l72lI't, Importing fpailm-, No. 46 NORTH QUEEN smear, Old Postoffice Building, LANCASTER, PA. ,ATA YQ 9-, FINE TAILORING A SPECIALTY. NEWEST E'.A.sI-IIQNS IN POQTWEAR. Fine Sh0eS, Shaub 61 Burns, Alltllz-1.1-zzrlirlg AllIt'I'il'!IlI Jlnkoa I4 North Queen Street' in l"im'.-at l,cutlu-rs, in A Il yxvilffl ' ml L1-npftlm. LANCASTER, PA. I-I. M . I LY U S, DEALER IN Ladies-and Gems- Fine Bouts and Shoes, 134 North Queen Street, Lancaster, Pa. AI y, -X lxnunt of COIISI ll H l AAREPAIRING A SPECIALTYHYK- xiv LES 'rnour a. snnmc, Shirt Manufacturers ar1dlVIeq'SUuti1ii:1:e11s No. 166 North Queen Street, Lancaster, Pa. I ll V ofour own HHIKC,hill!!!-XVDl'kCllhllllll1lh0lClISlli!'l!4Zl1XV1lySU I I l I I.Illl1H11'lCd, :Long I nl:nnn1'ic1 , 75c, SHIRTS T0 0RDER,SL00,SL25,SL5a Underwear, Neckwear, Hosiery, Gloves, Umbrellas, Etc. Ilia 'Ton per cant. Reduction lo Stlhiilllfy S-tmluntsi ew. ll HAND LAUNDRY ...., LH tn wlnx uyu 1 XX RjMANj LINE. TENNI I ' as " PL'-,. , f as f ,,,"rfM'O:9kzfgi ' EST l,f,9o,14o,Q 4 0 4, A Q .-1. , X NEAR T0 All PERFECTIONf",:fw:4,6,Q,Q,0,0,1,z,z .4 U K EVER I xf:':.:.z.z.z.:,Q.Qz.: 91 N l i ATTAINEIJ ,W,a4444,4,4,4,4,0,,,. , 1' Nh' 909009 'A 3 . PATENT A1.155,2333,.,.g.g.gg3:g3g STRINGING T S Q4,4,z,:.:4:4:4j414,4,49Q2 r G 5 E N09 44444444 ,fn ,J 'VE ENS A . e 'NIM SPRING f'4z4:4:0z0:4z4Z2mQfQ' T0 PLAYING --f04'4'0"3'M4ag4tf. 1. SURFACE AND 3-waxy? . s Nfl INCREASED VETOTHE ' 'ft' - Q sy X SPEEDANDDR' BALL- , A . 'L I V ANY TEN?-:S PLASTIR vnu S2WggIATE',' T IS In -vs ,G . 'X FRAME OF CHOICEST ASH X' Y HEAVILYREIISHFEIQPCED R ' THROAT BUTT N 0LI . NY, 5II.VER HANDLE AND I HIGHLY? 'MAHOGA WITH -scnsiivs I. , UE os TWINE WRAPPED HANDLE MAKING THE EASIEST AND MOST EFFICIENTGRIP OBTAINABIE . SEN AMP THE TUXEDO'lS BUILT FoP.TI-IE NEEDS or THE 'ELF TENNIS EXPERTAND Fon HARD PLAY. . K 1pP,. E.I.HoRSMAN 341 BRoADwAY.NLY f G' fav IMPQRTAVNT WORK--N OW READEK. The Resultant Greek Testament. This work cxhihits the text in which the nmjority of modern editors are agreed, Illlli contznns the reachngs of Stephens 05505, Laclimzmn, 'I'rL-gellcs, '1.iSCilC'lItlOl'f, Lightfoot, Ellicott, Alford, Weissg the Bale Edition IISSol, Westcott, and Hort,:1ud the Revision Connnittee. By Rlcrmlm FR.TxNcIs W1ax'xIoL"L'LI, IJ. Lit., Fellow of' University College, London. XVitlI nn Introduction by the Bishop of'XVoL'cester. Svo, cloth, 653 pp. Price, 53.00. Post free. "An ndnIir:Llxlc:1IIIl helpful hook. . . . The smm- work has been :Lttcmptcd hehmre, hut was not sIIcccsst'IIlly c:LrriL-Il ont."-PIr.I-bII'lrI mu, 1'hilarlclphin. "Tho world ofscholnrs will approve thc hook. . . . Ministers mul other students ol' the originnl tongues ofthe liihlc will :LppI'L-cinte its value." UIn,q'IIju'nl1'IImIl1'.I-I, Huston, "WI: llllilCSllIllllljIij' :ulvisc students, ifthey can own but one Greek 'l'cst:IILLcnt, to Inukc this one their possession."-.-lfw.IlnlI'r 1.'nI'flr, Louisville, Ky. "It vsxhilvits great nccnrncy, and it can hu Isonficluntly rcc0nLLncnLlcIl.''-Ahliunul Imp- hlvl, l'lLilnrlt-lpliin. "Vast jntlgntcnt nnd flClll.C discriminzition clI:LI'nctI:rize the entire work."-77n' II Qlffll- Illfll, Boston. "'l'hL- hook gives cvimlcnce of grunt and minute lahor,:LnLl careful proot'ru:uliILg."- fill! l'.vf1'Im 0!I.w'I:v'I', Louisville. FUNK 8: WAGNALLS COMPANY, Publishers 'B and 'D Am" Pm" ' New York. xvi RINGES AUGUSTUS RHOADS, P PATENTED S V I Q l ,My-'W Qing, Dmmomls, Watches, vS1IVC1'H'!lI'0, fini' ' 'bl n EQ 465 , t' " jl2U'lil,RY ANI: CLOCKS. e all r lgdihz v, .-SACK 20 East King Street, L!Hll'!lStCI', Pa. thx ., , if lm- fe ,aa ...- Rc:-IANGE N9 Bu U zulu. Ll rk ' :tml jx-we-lr,t R11 l'l'lll The most successful designers can llcut Iyizcs of College and University ' ' 4 Badges in the Country :Sn 7,3 a D g E. l'lH'1lcS In-signs on Applivztl n ial'iZ2 311257115 BAILEY cn mu: an I , , BANKS , 2 Fw:-Ifth St Philzulvlph 1 I 1 Jos. R. GQQDELL se Co., Coal, Llumberf and Slate, tWHCbLESALE AND RETAILH N. W. Cor. Prince and Walnut Sts., Lancaster, Pa. xvii N . LENTRAL APE, LOUIS PFAEFFLE,Proprietor, First-class Rcstuuruiit and Pool Room, All Sporting News Received by Telegraph Daily. ancaslel' learn Iiidoodrgg C. G. SCHUBERTIL Ilvroprietorr 1461-2E tK' st., ,Q -. Lflfcaslgipa. .W llll Shirts Irfoned bg Hand. ARTHUR T. CRIOHTON. U' A. T. cw - Designilig and lllustrating - IN BLACK-AND-WHIIE FOR PROCESS LIRETWORK QR HALF-TONE. I'C'Yi1llIfl'!ll nm! Ifook-lllustrnlimf, Cartoons and Curir-futures. 08 l t I I ' l lon lingrnving. Room 25, Record Building, Philadelphia, Pa. xviii JOHN BAERAS SONS, Booksellers and ltationers, -svf5lJEAI,liliS INSA' e Text-Books, Blank Miscellaneous Books, Academic and Colleg Books and Staple Stationery of every description. Wholesale and Retail, at the lowest prices. FOUNTAIN GOLD PENS OF BEST MAKES. I5 AND I7 NORTH QUEEN STREET, LANCASTER, PA. 4 l Dr. D. SIIGFIIIZIII Smith, DENTIST, l 3 East King Street, Lzmcnstcr, Pa. N W 411,1- l , , X First-class Operation at All f,lIL'fIIli0llS Przu-tif-ally ' .Wfulcrzzte Clmrges. Painless. l O A ' 0 -r + A Wm Y 31 and 33 N. Queen St., 81 3 LANCASTER, PA. Hats, Furs, Gloves, Umbrellas, lllrunks amd lllvavcling Bugs. my Reduction to F. and M. Students. xix Y ohn 81 Bro., aulors, Will open up about the :st of April at the new X store room, Cor. North Queen and Orange Sts., X with a Fine Line of Imported and Domes- tic Woolezzs for Spring Trade. PERFECT STYLE GUARANTEED. " "fs,-W , t N mar.. -v !' -W glgk-44a:.-. f 'A' '- - '-'r1?fgfifi?ff , ' fi - Q V, Q 5-4 K yzrs' i 4i'Jg!'-3 ig Li ElallUlfllllilillllliallr+illl1lrifle,,1 l"'7fl5 f'ff " - ' 'C L' 15, 5... Ladnes' H V, 1lW3entleman'SI l ,V .1 1 I I I I L., mu . -ti' 'fy V' 'f.1llwll"'Ml'- . . 1 iw, 1 l I H .- Wmilff nlllh..-I , Iu..mnlillN , 2 1, l Pl' '- .1 , T I . .'. o.: ll , I, ski. , . X CAPE, x l r" ' All H.: 'I -'h':?'?w?'Ai 'I ,V Wu 1 , W. G. PAYNE, caterer, Q Q35 I No. 27 East Orange Street, Lancaster, Pa. Brenkfnsts, I,UIll'lll'0HS, Dinners, Tens, Supper-s, IVQ-clflillgs, Rc- :-eptions, Balls, lite., Served in the Very Best Style. Annnnttntnnnnn-11.4.1 Table Linen, Chinn, Glnss nml Silverwnre, nm! Cnmlelnln-ns Furnished. tnnnnnnntrtnnnnnnnnnn -sfsflrrlc-rs hy lllnil Promptly Attended To. 0000000 P4 X -0--l-lAfgN"CJ'.-o--a- Chicken Salad, Chicken Croqnettcs, Oysters in livery Style, liuned lfowls, Sweet lirend Pntties, Sweet Brend Cntlets, Chicken Cutlets, Lobster Cutlets, Lobster Salad, Deviled Crabs, Bzuufn ln Mode, Supreme of Chicken, Dressed Terrnuin, Mnymmised Salmon, Soups ofAll Kinds, Gmnc in Season. Price is a Subject---was "'?'9'IN SELECTING'5'4"f' Dress Goods, Neckwear, Notions, Gloves, Ladies' Coats, Knee-Pant Suits, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Glass, Qhina, Lamps, Stationery anci,,Ciothir1g,. or nnv other article ofthe mam' lines in which we keep n lnrge mul choice ussnrtiueut. 1'rice is n subject which plays nn important part in purchasing. You will find upon exam- ination that Our prices are not extreme in either direction. Our aim is to give you none but profitnhle wearing articles, and we ask you to give them a fnir consideration. Wil1i3IIQSCJIQ Foster, 32 to 38 East King Street, LANCASTER, PA., A111135-26 Market Street, Harrisburg, Pa. Blank B ok ll - 0 S' i G. ls. Flon Dersmiih, College Text-Books, l Magazines, Etc- , WHOLESALE AND RETAIL 'Bnulgsellerg Siahiuner, i ART DEA LEH, Books Sold Regardless A A of Opposite the Court llouse, A i Publishers, Pnces- l l 46 East King Street, Lzuzcnster, Pa. xxi WM- KRAY ai co-, 'f '-LWDEALERS INZQ :- Q I Q d Cl Q IHC Q., IVE I ID Fgdeghoeg Mmle frmn SL-leclccl Stuck on Latest Lusls, Ankle Supporters for Football Players a Specialty. Boots. Shoes end Rubbers. Repairing Neatly Done- 234 :md 236 West King St., Lzmczzster, Pa. Q. QPxF6er'C gecger, 3 G. W. GIBBS, MERCHANT l 3 3I.iNl'l'.N"I'lTlll-.R 0l- 'fg ' if " "T h , " .i 'm" ' m 'l'71 YM 110 Rs l 3 EAST KING ST., l CAKES and CANDIES, :Svc mmxmr I lfl 11c1x', v I-ANCASTERv PA.,-JA W 519 West Lemon St., Lancaster, Pa GEO.lVI.STEI1N11VIHN 8. co., ,HH 4l'!l'1lx'S ,KNIT lQl'l'I'.XlI.l'lIQS KH" Saddlery and Carriage Hardware, Iron, Steel, Housefurnishing Goods, 26 and 28 lVcst King Street. xxii Bmuhmimw egtabl T91 QW '7fQbila5q!pi2a f X E mapljbqkurqrg ?l7of5 E9 Paved Rglitfgaieg ipilye fyqt jtylq: J Tb! 'yojf Ghorodsby jlB6nisu WIPPQVED Qfbo WEQVYYYPQ nf' WOSPSS' i if - , " 1 Jia fvfx I '41 ,f ' ff . f If - - DENTIST, . . 647 West Chestnut Street. if TELEPHONE w w x xi i i , H v qv qv if s, y.v,v.v v.V,v.v 1. H. 1' sf uf xr ef .4 Franklin CONCKC, I737- Marshall College, 1836. Frnnklln and Marshall College, 1853. Franklin and Xlar hall Colleve. l'1duc1tiounl Institution ofthe Reformed Church. Located in one ofthe most healthful and prosperous inland cities ol' Pennsylvania. OFFERS a lull I-'our-Year Collegiate Course, including Philosophy t.llenlal and .film-nl .S'c1'vurr and . 'lf.vll1rl1'r.i-1, English Lllllgllllgtf aml Literature, A nvieut Languages lin Turn llfpfzrluirfam, Mathe1n11tics and Astronomy, History and Archaeology, German and French, Political and Social Science, The Natural Sciences. The College is well equipped with. competent Professors and Instructors, and with all the apparatus most essential to the accomplishment of the end aimed at-thorough mental discipline and substantial culture. New and improved appliances are added from year to year. The Astro. nomicnl Observatory, with its eleven-inch Clark-Repsold lflqnatorial, and all the necessary appurtenances: the Laboratories with full complement ofChen1ical, Physical and Biological apparatus: the Libraries and Reading Room wr-ll stored with Standard and Periodical Literature, the Gymnasium with Complete Equip- ment of.-Xppliaiiecs for Physical Training 1111der competent direction: the Garber llerharium and the Extensive Collection of Classified Specimens in Natural Science, the two flourishing Literary Societies, with their weekly meetings: and the College Church, n regularly organized and sell'-sustaining congrega- tion. all combine to constitute the superior facilities here offered for exhaustive research and thorough instruction along the lines ofnatnral development in a11 atmosphere ofdistinct and positive Christian influence. Expenses : For the year, including all Contingent Fees, Furnished Room, Boarding, Fuel, Light and lVood ......... 3176.511 l:Al.l. 'l'1aaM begins September 7, 1893. Exaininations for admission, 2 l'. M., September 6. The Acadeinv connected with this College furnishes preparatory training to students who wish to cuter College, or provides a course fora Thorough Academic Education as preparatory to the active duties oflife. I-br Gllfllogrluv 11 ndfu I1 pnrl1'f'ulnr,v, midrr.v,v Pl'e5idel1t J0hI1 5. Stahr, D. D., Lancaster, Pa. XXX'-TYX 1l.X K' Xff.X 'Xl' X X-'T X 'X' X T XI X X 'X Q X xxiv i.x.xtx:x:.x x,1fx-.xffx xesixxx xxx.x"x1:' X . OF THE REFORDIED CIIURCH IN THE UNITED STA TES. LANCASTER, PA. Eml. V. Gerhart, D.D., LL.D. Professor of Systematic and Practical Theol- ogy. President ofthe Faculty. Thomas G. Apple, D.D., LL.D. Professor ofChureh His- tory and Exegesis. Frederick A. Gust, D.D. Professor of Hebrew and Old Testmnent The- . ology. Rev. John C. Bowman, A.M. Professor of New Testa- ment lixegesis. William RLIPPV D.D. Professor-elect of Practi- cal Theology. Silas S. Neff, Teacher of liloeution. l l. li The Institution is conducted under the supervision and direction of the three lliuglishl Eastern Synods: The Synod of the Reformed Church in the United States, organized in 17471 the Synod of Pittslmrg, organized in 1870, and the Synod of the Potomac, organized in 1373. Its financial alTairs are managed by Xl Board of Trus- tees, consisting of eighteen Elders or Lnymen. Instruc- tion and discipline are subject to the authority and oversight of n Board of Visitors, consisting of twelve ministers. The Visitors and Trustees are chosen from the ministers and members of the three Synods. The Course of Instruction embraces three years, and includes all the branches ofa complete education for the Christian ministry. The confessional standard of doc- trine is the Heidelberg Catechism. The Seminary year begins on the first Thursday of September. Boarding can be obtained at 53.50 per week. The Sixty-eighth Anniversary will be celebrated on Thursday, May 11, 1393. - For further information, address the President ofthe Faculty. F0lll1ded at Carlisle, M2.I'Ch, 1825. XXV ooooooo-4Q4vooQo4ooQvoooooooooooovoooooo-voo rvvvoonovfoo Q 0 O Z TH E ' TH E UIIIIBUB Sllllllilll Devoted to College News and Literature, Subscription Price, 81.00 per year. The S'l'UIJlCN'l' is n monthly, which, while by the local nnzl l'crsmml Colunms ful- fills thi- object of :A Colle-gc l':ipci cmlcnvors to pruviclu rcnrling nmllcr ofn higher ormlur for its renders. Address, The College Student, LANCASTER, PA. 7 Nu one ou NQQNQQ v0 ob vo 1 Q o vo oo .onoe44eu4o4.. QQQQQQQQN va u..oooo.......,, ..N..........u.. ...voQwuN4on 4 . 0 o 4 Q o 4 Q o o o . ..,.. ,vnu o xxvi F. if III. WBHKIU, Published nt FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE During the College Year, TERMS: 31.00 Per Year, Single Copies, 3 Cts. Contains :ill Locnl, Alumni !llldGCllQl'i1l College News. N.. 3 ri I w Q E. L1 ,- I lu The F. and M. Weekly, LANCASTER. PA. 4 ovwaoo-voo+eooovnooqn.4vo+.vvoo+Q4Q4,4o -vsTI-IE-Qfr- alarmed Church PUBLICATION HOUSE, Publishers, Booksellers, Station ers, Publishers ofthe Periodicals of the Reformed Church in the United States. Rev. CHAS. G. FISHER, D. D., PROPRIETOR, 907 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. PERIODICALS. Rlaroxulmr CHURCH Illlisslcxmcu, Weekly. 52.00 Il year. The oldest organ of the Reformed Church in the l'uited States. Jistahlislied in 1532. The only author- ized paper ofthe three Syuodsz lfastern, 1'ittsluu'g, Potomac. Tim Rlsifouxsucn QU.-xurlakm' Rlavllaw. 53. Turf: Missxuxmzx' Gl'.uun,xN. Devoted to Missions. A monthly. 50 eents a year. 1'Il2ll7l'Il.llliRG 'l'1aACHxfR, Quarterly. Goc. single eopyq 5110. in clubs. Suxnfn'-Seimm. '1'1ucAsURr, Semi-Monthly S20 per ico. Srxsnxsic, Weekly. S25 per mo. SCll0l.AR'5 QUAR'rI:kl.Y. Sm per mo. Lxsssox I'Al'l5RS. Advanced, 56g Priumry, 57.80 per loo. llymn Books, Liturgies, Cateehisnis, Ct-rtiheates, Sunday School Libraries, Reward Cards, llihles Ll'ulpit and Fzunilyy, Theological Works, Miscel- laneous 1!ooks,Stationery of all kinds, etC. All furnished at Lowest Cash Prices, with prmnptness and despatch. Orders re- spectfully solicited. -A IJURESS- The Reformed Church Publication House, -'N-'5ES 'rAB1..xsHE.D 1782. 4f"' 1782-Carl Heinrich lleiuitsh. :Hog-August lleinitsh. ISIS--lIC'lllltSll X Co. 1316-A, X j. I". lleiuitsh. 1818-1. li. lleinitsh. 1841-J. li. lieinitsh X Son. lPi4Q--Cllfll'lC!-2 A. lleinitsh. CHARLES A. HEINITSH' S Qharrqaegf, 16 E. King St., LaIlCaStCl', Pa. Stock Large, Fresh and X'nried,ofthe Finest Quali ty, enilxraeiug all that is to he had at a Drug Store. Hot and Cold Baths at All Hours. ' FIRST- CLASS Shaving and Hairdressiqg l i i l 1 S. W. Cor. l l Saloon, North Queen and Orange Sts., l.ANCAS'l'I':R, YA. 007 Arch Street, Plllhulc-lphln, Pu. l Prop' xxvii merican 06156, LANCASTER, PA. J. A. BRITTOM Proprietor. House Recently Rebuilt. Centrally Located Large Sample Rooms on First Floor. Elevator, Steam Heat and All Modern Conveniences. ..-AA-AA STUDENTS, HEADQUARTERS Boots, Shoes, Rubbers, Etc., AT THE ONE PRICE CASH HOUSE, CHAS. I-I. FREY, The I,e:uIcr in Low l'rim-s. 3-5 Iivlllg St. Ten Per Cunt. Reduction to Stlulv,-nts, Professors, Ministers :md Their lfmnilies. xxviii GHAS. DUTTENHOFER, Fine Qigars, Tobacco Pipes, 47 WEST KING STREET. I.E"Smoke the Lovely, Best 50. Cigar. call your attention to our unequalled facilities for making barge Groups. Your Patronage Solicitell. Special Rates to Students Satisfactory Work Guaranteed. BIack's. Photographic Studio, 24 wEsT KING STREET. f0ver Kirk Johnson's Music Siore,j Hoster's Cafe, Corner Market and Grant Sts. THE FINEST IN THE CITY. IVIEALS AT ALL HOURS EVERYTHING IN SEASON. Xxix IDBJYER, The Furniture Dealer. A Cnr.15astKiug:m1D k St.. JAG BRAUNWARTH, having and Hgirdregsing SALOON, Under k , 1 H se, 240 North Queen Street l':1rticnI:1rAttention Paid to Chilrlx'cn's 1Ini1'Cutling. 20W Discount to lilontlxly Customers from F. :xml M. College. MON Si-IISSiIrIiR,A MANUFACTURER OF Fine Havana E1 Ci gars, All the Fine Brands of Smoking and Chewing Tobacco in Stock, FRENCH BRIAR PIPES A SPECIALTY. ETEIRE: Nu. 52 1-2 Nurth Queen Street. e souvamnq spoons ef: -'N-f5OI:'9""' F1'Zl11ICIf11 and Marslzall College AARE oNLv T0 BE HAD OF 4 0 Z Uk: , f ' t " Q 'f"J1 nur' to o U . 1 f,,f,.fe SWB EI Hll Il IIJIHII, . 170 North Queen Street STIBPIIHQ, to SZUU. Lancasterf, Pa. Dr. W. H. f1'1QoUfP i . ffm + . ' guulqq ideal! fovuunuurg DENTIST, , LITITZ,PA. I8 South Duke Street' I 99th Year. C'l'r'1'nlu1' on Afrf11if'41ll'n1 LANCASTFTHFRANCH SODA WATER. ' columblta Sieam Bakery: ' Our Drugs Wntc 236 North Queen Street. W T FRED- G- JOIINS, Milllagcf. N 137 North Que-cu Simtel E- E- GATES, Prof. Qavl Zena, Q Q ' Musical 1Vl5Jff'Um9n+5, ' Physical Instructor, 22 NORTH PRINCE ST. V M,,,,,,c,c,,,, H , , xxxi 2 om, G t C11 ' Ci :: Rnd with thy wisdom gag undepstanding- :: at Ten Cents a week, fnorn the URNCHSTER Intelligenezrf The Intelligencer Printing House Produces work of the kind tlmt pays the purchaser. .... . . . It pays to hnve the BEST in Printing-Odd and llenutiful De- signs, Strange and Startling De- vices, Neat autl Tnstefnl Models ol the Printers' Art, Quite Correct nnilClnssicnl. ......... . For these :ind other points of excellence this Printing llonse has Il well earned reputation. M l'!TELP!5FN95R f" " was TQ TELL me mum ur Fnmusuru succeeos fssffmrf- f51Q,LGJ 19953 The IN'r1cr.r.1c:1cxeER is a success. Has been so for very nearly loo years. Nothing succeeds like success. Try it. . College Printing . Cnrefully and Intelligently Done. Address: The Intelligencer' Y ' ' ' ' ' ' 1' No. 8 South Queen Street, Lancaster, Pa. .41 THE 'FRENIONTY Near P. R. R. Depot, JOHN B. BISSINGER, PYOP-, 157 and 159 North Queen Street, Lzmcaster, Pa. ----'-++--- COIBEE AND EE REFRESEEE. HENRY PARKER. President. EDGAR A. MURPHY, Sec'y-Treas. Murphy:Parker Co., Book Binders, N, W. Cor. Seventh and Arch Streets, PHILADELPHIA. MRS. GARRIE s1v1oI.mEN, 146 North Duke Street. sfjloves and Wlyite Slippers Gleaned.w GOIIUS Clothing Dyed, Hvourcal, Clczlm-11. l'1'ussc4l, Altered and ,Rcp:Li1'cd. Lzulios' l'lot,h Suits, Sucqucs. Ulstcrs, utv.. Dycml, f'lC2lllL!fl :und Pressed. l'l1:l1'gcs lnurlurntv. xxxiii C XAM1 Printing nf Publishing House, T. B. 6: H. B. COCHRAN, No. 9 North Queen Street, Lzznezzster, Pa. 'f 7"fa?Y"lfd"f": I'hi.Q-mfmfwgf'-A 'I' THE EXAHI ER, Daily and Semi- TVeekIy, ..,IS THE .1-4 IIIIIINIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIINII IIDIIIIIISINII MIIIIIIM IN IHIS SIIIIIIIN. Our Joh Department is nnexeellell in the interior of the 4:, State, and is without nn equal in Lnm-mater eonnty. Artistic' 4:, V Printing, in colors :Ind in orginal rlesiyfns, zz specially. TH' V invite 1'UlHII!IfiS0ll in this line with the work of other houses. q. THIS BOOK IS A SPECIMEN OF OUR WORK1

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