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W-1, ffm iv-:.1f. 15,-:c.nff . 1- TI-IE ' URIFLAMME PUBLISHED BY THE U UNIGR CLASS .FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE, I . LANCASTER, PENN'A. 1 8 8 7 . Forlumzle is he who expects uollaing, for he shall never be disappoinled. , VOLUME V. LANCASTER, PA D v INTELLIGENCBR PR 1887. WM. H. Rov B d DEDIGHTION. Eu mn' jllum fiiaimg, 'lilrankiing anh QI2nrsIp1II Snlhggs, in ilgis Igvr Gqnhzmxiai Yqar nlf useful- ness :mil Ignxgur, ilgis 'HiElIg 'Vnlums ull figs "Giri- Ilanuxxs " is hshiwieh Ing 15183 WMISIORS. fl A, If h. K 3+ ai X. lk ,. .5 K, ik 5, 1? I , . BOARD off TRUSTEES. -local- ROBERT H. SAYRE, .... F. SHRODER, .................. HENRY WIRT,. ................. . REV. C. Z. WEISER, D.D .,.... REv. S. G. XVAGNER, D.D.,..... GEORGE GELBACH, 4+ ........ J. W. VVETZEL. ESQ .,..... SAMUEL A. Burz, ESQ.,... BENJAMIN F. SHENK ,......... REV. REV. HON. REV. HON. GEORGE W. HENSEL ,...... J. W. WIESTI,lNG, ESQ .,...... GEORGE F. BARR, LL.D .,...... J. O. MII4I.ER, D.D.,. ..... E. R. ESCHBACH, D.D., .... C. U. HElLhIAN,............ J. B. LlVINGSTON,...... C. M. BOWER, GEORGE Z. KUNKEI,,. ........... G. S. GRIRFV1-H, ........................... ....... REV. T. G. Am-LE, D.D., LL. D., .... ....... HON. J. W. KII.I.lNGER, ..... .............. ....... HON. J. P. WICKERSHAM, LL.D., ...... ..... DR. JOSEPH COBLENTZ,................ CHARLES SANTEE ,........ JOHN D. SKILES, -... .- JACOB BAUSMANV .... .. JOHN C. HAGPZR, ................ D. W. GROSS, .......................... HON. JOHN CESSNA, LL.D., ..... .I-DECCIISCII. 6 A. HERR SMITH, ESQ., .... ....... Bethlehem, Pa. . .Lancaster, Pa. Hanover, Pa. East Greenville, Allentown, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Carlisle, Pa. Allentown, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. York, Pa. Frederick, Md. Lancaster, Pa. Alexandria, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Quarryville, Pa. Harrisburg, Pa. Reading, Pa. Bellefonte, Pa. Harrisburg, Pa. Baltimore, Md. Lancaster, Pa. Lebanon, Pa. ..LancaSter, Pa. Pa .Yates Centre, Kan. Philadelphia, Pa. Lancaster, Pa, N U u 14 Harrisburg, Pa. Bedford, Pa. FHGULTY. REV. THOMAS G. APPLE, D.D., LL.D., P1 csidcnl. REV. JOHN S. STAHR, PH.D., Ywaslzrer amz' Lz'6mr1'an. REV. JOSEPH HENRY DUBBS, D.D., Skcrelary. REV. THOMAS G. APPLE, D.D., LL. D , Prrwssor ry flleulal and Illoral Science, Aivllzeliav nm! the W1 ilosophy ry' HI'.Yf0!fjl. KVM. MARVELL NEVIN, LL.D., Alzmmi Przyfcssor of English Ll'f6'1'!ZllH'L' and lfcllcs-Lcflrfs. REV. JOHN S. STAHR, P1-LD., l'rzW.v.s'or of Nalural Srfnzrv, CWwuisbjf and M Mc f:!'l'll1tI7I Laflglragc. REV. JOSEPH HENRY DUBBS, D.D., .1-I1aiw1rz'e1i l7'oj2-.mor 4 Hislozjy and Arrlzrrolqgfy. J. lx. KIEFFER, 1'u.D., lhyrssor of Auricnl l,az4gf11qz,fcs. JEFFERSON E. KERSHNER, l'H.I,., I 'ropmror of Zllalhcmaiim. REV. GEORGE F. MULL, A.M., Acyunrl I 9'dcssor ry' Iingflzlflz l.1'ft'I'!7fIH't'. SILAS J. NEFF. Ykacher my lflorution. AMBROSE M. SCHMIDT, A.B., Yhlor. 7 No, A mw- Y' .. HH Glasses. ,r s-+ be 3 Q' 3 A .....,w ...- 12l'6'.Y1'dL'll 1, ...... . V ice President, ..... T reasurcr, ........ Sccretafy, ....... Historian, ..... NAME. H, A, BOWER, .......... ........ H. CESSNA, dv. K. Z., ..... ....... A. S. DECHANT, ............ H, F, DITTMAR, X, 1I7,,.... G, W, DQRNBACH, ....... ........ C. F. HAGER, dw. K. Y., .... ........ H, A, Dumas, Cb, K, T., ........ ........ C. A. Loos ,....... ................. E. MUSSELMAN, fb. K. E,,+ ............ j. C. NOLL, A, T. A., ........... ........ W. R. PETERS, ........................... G. W. RICHARDS, df. F. A., .......... . A. H. R01-HERMEL, fb. K. if., ........ J. L. Rousn, ....... ......................... E. G. Russ, A. T. A., ....... ....... N. H. SAXMAN, A. T, A., ..... ........ J. G. Scnucxxsn, ............. ........ 'Left College. 'BT n CLASS Co1.oRs.-C.-xRD1NA1. AND OLIVE. OFFICERS. J. L. ROUSH. W. R. PETERS. J. G. SCHUCKER. C. F. HAGER. . ..... A. S. DECHANT. ..................................... SENIOR Qnass. .........-.................. COLLEGE RESIDENCE. Home Annnnss. 515 West Chestnut, ......... Bowers, Pa. 250 North Duke, ............ Bedford, Pa. 514 West XVa1nut, ........... Pennsburg, Pa. Harbaugh Hall ,..... ......... I .oysburg, Pa. Harbaugh Hall ,.............. Ringtown, Pa. Abbeville, ......... ....... . .... I .ancaster, Pa. 229 West Chestnut, ........ Lancaster, Pa. 515 West Chestnut, ......... Bethlehem, Pa. ......--..............-.-... ........Marietta, Pa. 529 West Chestnut, ......... Pleasant Gap, Pa. 23 East Lemon, ....... 236 North Mary, ....... .......Danville, Pa. .....Maxatawny, Pa. 529 West Chestnut ,... ...... M anocacy, Pa. 551 West Chestnut, ......... Madisonburg, Pa. 234 North Duke, ............ St, Marys, Pa, I7 East Lemon, .............. Latrobe, Pa. 549 West Chestnut, ......... Moselem Springs, Pa 9 l HISTORY or '87. HIS is not the hour for idle humor, nor maudliu titncies, nor yet for simious exag. gerations. We are on the threshold of departure. We have breathed heavily, we have groaned bitterly, and it has been said that '87 " roareth like a lion 3" but let us now tread softly, mourn fully, tearfnlly, yet heroically, until the order is given to Fire the Centennial cannon, and with one occord '87 will be pronounced the strongest regiment in the great battle of education vs. ignorance. We do not seek voluptuous admiration, nor do we desire panegyric encomiums or adscititious adulations, but Spectemur agenda. Since many do not know what our qgfnzzlo has been, it now becomes the historian to relate, not spasmodically, inebriously or frenziedly, but coolly and calmly, several facts which have taken place during the last year, leaving all remarkable occurrences for individual members to whisper into the ears of their " most devoted." We do this because we wish to prove ourselves honest Cas we arel, and if the historian told you some true things you might doubt them, since all other historians generally l-e. The first thing of any importance since the last history was written was the ORIFLAMME tight. It was of a high order. The election of the staff caused the greatest dissension, and until the ORIFLAMME was published there seemed to be dis- satisfaction. We mention this fact because it is true and because it did us much good. '87 is stronger now than ever before and " quae pauci incipiant reliqos adstrepere." It is needless to say that we started this wonderful work with trembling. We looked upon it as a dragon which would impair our physical beauty and cause our fathers to " put their faces into the spittoons and weep" on account of their spendthrift sons. What else could we expect if we were to judge by the past ? Even now when you say ORIFLAMME. to the members of '86 it makes them groan. Though disheartened and fearful we went to work with the assurance that if '87 couldn't publish an ORIFLAMME worthy of the name, no class at F. and M. could do it, nor any class of students in the country. Oh, those ORIFLAMME meetings ! There was no " Will you please do this ?" " May we trouble you to see that man ?" " Will it inconvenience you to write this ar- ticle ?" Oh, no ! It was " If you don't have that finished by our next meeting, you've got to set up the cigars or something better." " If you dou't see that fellow this week, I0 Tf fs J -.. 5 ,J Q2 1 ' ,Y 4 'I -Q ar N 14 ,, 1 J s '85, CLASS CoI,oRs.-XVHITE AND BLUE. 15Tsfdcnl, ............................ ....... OFFICERS. Via' President, ...... ,,,,,,. TI'2'H51lITl', ..... 52'fl'L'lt1I:lf, .... .. H l'Sf0l'I'll 11, . . . . .. L, BQWMAN, A. S. GLESSNER. F. M. LINE. C. Noss. H. K. IVIILLER. SUNIOR Qnass. oo-Q-1-. Hom: Anonsss NAME- CoI.I.Eos RESIDIINCE. C. L. BOWMAN, A. T. A., .... . ..... 53 West King, .................... Lancaster, Pa. T. K. CRoM14:Iz,.. ...... .... . W. J. EnI2RLv,. ............ .. --.---555 West Chestnut,..............Hagerstown, Md. ......3I4 West Chestnut,...........Lancaster, Pa. E. K. EYERLY, ................ . ..... 515 West Chestnut, ............ Hagerstown, Md. A. S. GLESSNER, A. T. A., ...... 343 North Queen,..... W. R. HARNISH, A, T. A.,+ ...... .................................. .......Myersdale, Pa. ........Alexandria, Pa. A. L. G. HAY, 41. K. Nl'.,. ....... ..... . 529 West Chestnut, ........... Boynton, Pa. C. C. HERR, A. T. A.,...... W. S. HOERNER, ......... .. ......224 XVest Orange,..... ......555 West Chestnut,............ U. O. H. KERSCHNER, ...... ...... H arbaugh Hall, ...... J. S. LEIIIY, X. wb., .......... F. M. LINE ,......... ...... H. K. MILLIER ,........ E. C. MUSSELINIAN, ...... ......Harbaugl1 Hall,...... ......II6 North Pine,...... ......Harbaugh Hal1,........ ......557 West Chestnut,............ C. Noss, ................... ........ ...... C o llege Campus, ....... F. A. RUPLEY, 41. K. 'l'., ...... ..... . II6 North Pine, ........ D. SCHEIRER, JR., ...... G. E. WISSI.ER, ...... C. K. WITLIER, ...... 'Left College. ......547 NVest Chestnut,............. ......553 West Chestnut,............ ......549 West Chestnut,............ 14 .......Lancaster, Pa. Ft. Loudon, Pa. Greenville, Pa. Newport, Pa. Marquette, Neb. Reading, Pa. Overton, Pa. Silver Run, Md. Martinsburg, Pa. Laury's Station, P Mechanicstown M Palmyra, Pa. , I ,tp - ,Lr.4'.":" -uw'-vm.:--' 'V-.V Qu. 4 ,L Q'-11.11 fy v'-X' .- '. 1 , .gxq-1'gs4 114- gf-' 'P 'f-Fv""fr'. xv QA 'ff as V:-.-1 - -ff" we' 24-M125 ie- M M-'gm' " -A-H-Nf Ha. -f 1,-. f, uf ww ., em., f , 'Ng ,, '. , , , +1 ff' ,-.pq M ' ,.fW'1wwx:--vHf.L,. ,,-,,-hw! af 1: -- ' P ':- A Q - " +'f 'P 1" '- ' 1 1" 'fu , Qvf,--' W-f pg ,, , 4. -, . , . MB ' gg,',wg,Q-f5?Vf-fl "ff X 5 'fiAfw. F' 7f'fE'f"'f""'fi',fff ,K u1T'.2?g,'2 F ,-q':'1. Wgsfvcgq -1 wAg1M.,,"45v1, Wig? .,..'Ff-Wax 1 f 9 . 'Waaff1" P' ,- V :-:-u,1yg4.,- gr-fr A , f I -,H IQ- ,,, ., M .f Y- X. -jf' N ' -,QQ WA, All -, , H, W, V :F ,IA X. -r .K gn --,,u -gfyh F ,J -uf 4 1'-V ,LM 1, ,L , 'vw 4101" A , ' .. - V ' ' A -' 'X . 1 1 - ' , f , if 1-A " , ' vw-' wwf vw wg, -. . -1.1-X. H- nt A 2 A - , . - ' -rw ' -X v -wh 4 . vffgii 5 . Q. X.. V , , K .59-ll' ,35:,xl:.I-5,1 fi, .V . ' L -Amr. ' .' 17,4-X . ' A' if '- ' ff? 41. 1, , me , ' 1 ' A 41, -'ru mi, , lg 'fvgv . , :f,:4y' .,4 G ' I l M2 A V' ' ' we " .. ' AA-41' if . A M ' 'ff ' , HT" Y .6 - Hg, 4 Q47 " 1... , if , ' K ' , 'M sg . . My -. .EA . vp. -. . 1. , . v. Jig? .wi af Y, , . i Liv V , H ,.:. , .M Q ,WA Q Ag A ,if A Mt ' Q' q., :lm k az- .v. - ' , if I1 5-L3 'J aw ,A , Q A T: A 'j f ' ff. 1 5' F , ,'31-fy L, rg.. ,. . "'f , X 'af V A K' Q4 'rf .ML ' X :QT ,. - M ,Am ' L 'Qin-4 1 F1 T, Uw.....,.,... 5 A 1 W 1 XE '44 ff' . I HA , , , 'Q - ' :Iii f 'QQ , :V W- .. ,jar m w f d v' 5- 'N 4 V . 'W 1' ,V '52, my 'f '3 'fr fpzifx M 'Aff 1' ' ' ,f-, 1 . .. -:U i 1 jf ,Q , .. ,Q a, L 2 ., D . mg. ,Al ,IR E, . W, W U Si, ,W wwf . . x ., , Y. w "fai:,E?:f:f. A A q 3 .w,:L.z1g5:X A W, ya-is L?r"aQ,W'tH: 'V - ' ' J i f " Nl1Q:C0f f -' . fx M-,.1f., ,J .' 0 -jf - -MRA Q. Ir- ,, 'jf ' k fray. , 7 - H A ,, " ,, Q A P ' 1 . ,. f"f-'If 1 f Ii'-s,, ,.,:f5g, 'S lysis-ef11mps15:A sew ff?-'W'j, up .3 , . , A1 4 1 , ,W ,ff A L- 'mx ' 12712f..L,"i2:-"Jr,"-' ?f QH2"'M l'f',fi nfl", 'J i"1','. - - 3 ' I- , f ,' , " ' ,, "I f.L9v!5.' V -A 1. -.x- Jefs'iAaf.'S,Q.uM.x25uswasaai21'M.Lsf?'.a3f55.ML: fa,f'n3l'55ff3A34f5b-Mi4l'7ff'v'7-71' gym- H fig fi f ' .' f V VA: '1 1 X Y -' 'f"71 1 wygigf-1 ' I M ,f .w..., -1.,,. .,g.L,,,,',1,g,g K ,,,,.,,Lw NvA,,,ur.M'.k,.qg5f ,1-LM-1 :L kgg--ng.-x,L1i 5. L-4.,-N-X .,:,:4, -jg, W is I 4. 1 35,-,.,'Q..,: ff ' -N .-, ,w..,,U+ .m..vw,,:Lmfaf2SsAnqmw:m3fmxfmfmii ' gwfrffff ' 'A HISTORY OF 68. HIs'roRrAN's DEN, Some Time Ago, 1887. Jlfy Dear Amelia Amanda jllalzfina 17172011671-f0Ilf5 .- It is quite a long time since I wrote you my last letter. Perhaps you have begun to think I had forgotten you altogether. But be assured, I still have a corner for you in my memory. While rummaging about the materials for a history of our class, I came upon your sweet image and presently determined to tell you about the class to which I belong, viz: the juniors. Now, my dear, you must not expect too much from me. If you will take the trouble to sit down and try to write me a full account of all that l1as happened to you during the past year, you will at once see how dillicult it would be for me to write a complete history of the junior class. l Juniors at one time were Sophomores. Between you and me, the Sophomore year was an interesting one. It was the time when we studied two noteworthy branches. The first is called Analytic Geometry, a very " tough " study, so called. A few years ago there was a Sophomore class in college whose love for Analytic Geometry was very cold. But let me tell you, Amelia Amanda Malvina Fitzallen Jones, that class made it hot for " Ana," as they called the study. As you no doubt have access to books written for the purpose of telling people about such capers, it is unnecesary for me to say anything more about the fate of " Ana." The other branch of study, my dear with a long name, about which I wish to tell you something is Botany. Perhaps you do not know just what Botany is. Well, it is a science which tells people how potatoes grow and onions shoot. It has some- thing to'say too about wild flowers. This latter function of Botany is a very valu- able one, because it gave the professor an excuse to send us out into the country to hunt wild flowers. In this way, you may be sure, we had lots of fun. I would like to tell you about some of our trips for hunting a very swccl-smelling plant, which the smart people call simplocarpurfrelidus. It would take too much time, however, to tell you all these little things, and besides I want you to know something about our trip to the renowned municipality of Smithville. On a certain morning the professor led us to the railroad station, where we took the train for Pequea. From 1.5 " '- Q k .. I 4 '- ' as 'lv.i.-I: I., "" 1.11 - "'-'i- ' it WS- I-fr . fag.-, 71335, . f 1 . I mawas- :aw ' ' -is gf 2 if I 'HJ fs1:1m+f,Ef5fg:rr 3141 X53 7 -'f "M 1 - A-1+ fvitrmz. I up4a:.p4fHx-ima:-ga , ., ,,, HISTORY OF '88, Pequea we walked to Smithville, gathering wild flowers on the way. The last named place may be described as a place where our class took dinner and were amused by a certain Corporal Kelley, who tried to collect a quarter from our " crowd " for friend- ship's sake. Arriving by a detour at Reftou, the class played ball until the cars were ready to take them back. It is a great pity, Amelia Amanda Malvina Fitzallen jones, that you cannot go to college like the rest of' us and go botanizing too. As you may not be aware of the fact, I wish to tell you that in the lives of our students there are three important epochs, viz: their admission to college, Sdpho- more " test," and graduation. Since you received my last letter, our class has passed the second epoch. Now it is a common thing for junior historians to write about " test " in their class histories, and you might think it superfluous for me to refer to it again. I desire, however, to tell you confidentially that " test " is the ordeal which determines who of the Sophomores shall become Juniors and who shall 'e' go into business." It is the winding up of the first half' of the college course. You will, no doubt, be very glad to learn that your favorite juniors have passed the ordeal and are " pretty well, thank you." So important a year as the Sophomore is usually regarded as worthy of some suitable way of celebrating its completion. Our class had no such celebration at all. We held class meetings and tried to hit upon some way of artinguishing ourselves as Sophomores, but nothing came of the movement. As for holding a cremation, that was a dream that was not realized. Perhaps, then, it was thought, it would be a good plan to get up a mock contest in oratory after the juniors had held their Oratorical Contest. This scheme was not even attempted, and we finally made a feeble effort to practice for a Sophomore concert. The concert, however, proved to be one of those things which we didn't have. No cremation I No mock contest! ! No Sopho- more concert I ! ! Alaek ! Alas I ! There was one thing, however, my dear Amelia Amanda, etc., which we did have. Some of us formed an embryonic German society, the object of' which was to give us practice in German conversation. And we did converse in German too, you'd better believe. You just should have heard how nicely we learned to say "ja, mein Herr " and " Neiu, mein Herr." That's something, anyhow. The society was finally disorganized and disbanded, because so much time was needed for botanizing. Per- haps at some future time t' Die Deutsche Gesellschaft " will be heard of again. It is now time to close. Be assured that '88 is doing well. I trust that your admira- tion for our class is as ardent as ever. That Amelia Amanda Malvina Fitzallen jones may be preserved in health and forever enjoy the esteem of' the-Iuniors is the humble wish of their HIs'roRrAN. I6 I 1: far , . is ' ,.,,.,. , if , 5' 1 s 1 f':ffa?!?uaiEsi.'ili+atit ffm If-e3,:.,,,, frm. ' CLASS 'Co1.nRs.-CARDxNAL ANU P1 c'xic1'c11l, .......... ............................. Vita' l'1'c'sz'a'w1l, .... ..... 7?'l'lI.S'Il7'C7 , ........ ..... Scrrelary, HZ'5f0l'I'd II , ..... .... '7 OP'FICERS. .S. II. Snfvrlc. U. WAm:AxxlfxN Ii. APPLE. A. B. BAUMAN. 'I' S J. I . Am'1f:I,. K. LIGHT. r. .A J. T. ANKENEY, X. J. J. R NAME. C. R. ANKENEY, X. SOPHOMORE Qnass. qw., ..... ...... aw., .... T. B. APPE1., X. fb., ....... .. H. H. Avrmz, Lb. X. A. B. BAUMAN, 41. K. sr., ..... .... . . A. T. CLAY, ...................... ..... J. R. Cmaavlm, X, 1b.,+. ....... C. E. CREITZ, ...... ........ . . A. CONNER, JR., ........ .... E. T. Hfxorsu, .................. ...... C. A. HARNISH, Gb. K. 'l'.,. .... .... . . C. E. HELLER, .............. . D. G. Hwrntcx, ....... ........ ...... ,i.,l,...--... COLLEGE Rasmz Harbaugh Hall, ..... Harbaugh Hall, ..... 533 West james,.... College Can1pus,.... 553 XVest Chestnut, if., .... . .... . .618 North Lime, .... 547 West Chestnut, NCE 555 West Chestnut, ..... Abbeville, ...... ....., . 553 XVest Chestnut,. Harbaugh Hall ,.... . 116 North Pine, ..... 555 West Chestnut, ......... ..... C. E. HlI.LIARD, ................. . .... . HOLLINGER, lb. K. K. L1G11'r, .................... ...... . MANCHA, fb, K. Z,,'X' ........ .... H. S. MAY, ................... H. C. POSCHMAN,..... A. L. SCH.u21f1f1eR,...... C. E. SCHAEFFER, ..... I. M. ScHA1eF1f14:R,....... C. H. Scnocxjf ............. J. H. Scnwmvrz, X. 4w.,. ..... .... . . G. B. SM1'rH,. .............. . W. C. SvKEs,+ ............ S. U. WAUGAMAN, ...... D. T. WERNER, JR., VV. B. XVERNER, .......... ....... ...... 5 4 9 Xvest Chestnut, W. H. W121.c11.aNs, X. lb., z.,+ ..... D. M. womf, A. T. 'Left College Home ADDR:-zss. Clear Spring, Md, 11 as U Lancaster, Pa. Zwingli, Iowa. Lancaster, Pa. Easton, Pa. Lynnport, Pa. Hagerstown, Md. Lancaster, Pa. Alexandria, Pa. Adamstown, Md. Mines, Pa. Hagerstown, Md. Lancaster, Pa. Lebanon, Pa. 549 West Chestnut, ...... ..... Harbaugh Hall, ..... 343 North Queen,.. Claremont, Va. Martinsburg, Pa. Myersdale, Pa. Fleetwood, Pa. 551 XVestChestnut, .... .. 551 West Chestnut, ..... .. CI It Lyons, Pa. 551 West Chestnut, ...... ..... Harbaugh Hall, ..... 236 North Mary, .... ............................... 553 West Chestnut, ...... .... . 549 West Chestnut, ..... ......4o4 North Duke,.... .343 North Queen, . 18 Mt. joy, Pa. Hokendauqua, Pa Maxatawny, Pa. Allentown, Pa. Harrison City, Pa Avon, Pa. - -.---. Mountain, Pa. - ---- Lancaster, Pa. ---..Martinsburg, Pa. E w i i I E l E i, .5 ut. 1'-" . V, : -f HISTORY OF '89. have taken it down, so as to put a golden border around it. '89 produced the missing article and '90 went home ruminating in sorrow over their " hard luck." Our class is the largest,-3r on the roll, 26 in actual attendance, Schock, Sykes, Mancha, Cleaver and Hollinger not yet having returned from their sunnner vacation. YVe miss them for their particular qualities: Schock, intellect, Sykes, fun,-" No monkeying around the band wagon, please 3"-Mancha, music 3 we miss him particu- larly infour orchestra, which we Sophomores are just organizing, Cleaver, acrobat and champion jumper, Hollinger, genuine good nature. As incidental reference has been made to our orchestra, we would say, it is not yet prepared to fill engagements. But we shall notify the general public in next year's ORIFLAMMIC, when full particu- lars will be given. ' - We have many bright projects under sail, some of which require secrecy, in order that the accumulated energies may burst forth with greater splendor at some future day. As I am safe in saying that it is neither conspiracy nor anarchy, the general safety of the public need not be alarmed. XVhen our class shall have emerged from the vortex of " test," into which it is wildly rushing, when dripping and wet and bruised and bleeding it shall have crawled out on the other bank, a pale and sorry- looking thing, perched on the stormy heights of Calculus to dry offl and healing its wounds at the balmy equations of chemistry, then, and not till then, must you, gentle reader, look for huge class enterprises. The Historian has looked over fourteen class histories, for a suitable ending, and this one has " struck " him as altogether the most appropriate, and at the same time the most truthful QQ one. p " '89, now 1 strong, bids our readers an affectionate farewell, until the accumu- lating historicalimaterial demands a third hearing." HISTORIAN. I WX I ' J. IVA, Ldgw new Q., ,.o I 21 f"EfQ!q.1,,. 1 B. GRIFFITH,................ '90 CLASS COLORS.-PINK AND BLUE. OFFICERS. Prznvzdnll, ...A......................... ...... ........... 1" 1 .j. P. HARNER. irc I n's1'a'cul, ...... 73'ca.wu'vr, ..... Srnz'la1jx', Hf.Yfl7ffHIl, .. A. M. SCHAFFNER. M. MEYER. W. HENDRICKS. .-...- D. M. JONES. FRESHMHN Qnass. NAME. A. R. CRAIG, X.fb.,.... W. M. HALL, A. 'l'. A., -- k-+oo---- COLLKGE Rasmnucs. Harbaugh Hall, .... .............. C olumbia, Pa. nl at ......3OYVCStKll1g,...... J. P. HARNIQR, ............................. Harbaugh Hall I. W. HENDRICKS, sb D. M.joNEs, X.d1.,. W. H. LANDIS, ....... ,.... n -1 .lx.Nl'.,..... .. an u u an nm -1 L. T. LAM1-E, ............ C, E, LONG, fb. K. Nl'.,.... B. M. IVIEYER, ....... .... ...... F. C. MILLER, ...... . M. P. MILLER, dw. K C. D. NEFF, ......... . T. Novn, ..... , ..... W. P. SACHS ,......... A. M. ScHAFFNER,. B. B. YVOLF,'x' ....... 'Left College. . ........ ...... H arbaugh Hall, v ... ......Rol1rerstown,......... and M. Academy, 21 South Mary, .... ..... ..... ......Harbaugl1 Hall,...... South Prince, 22 ......Pavia, Pa. Hom: Anmuzss Harbaugh Hall, ......... ..... ......Lancaster, Pa. ......McGaheysville, Va. ......Worcester, Pa. ......Pottsville, Pa. ......Beaver Springs, Pa ......Frederick, Md. 2:2 West Chestnut, ............ Lancaster, Pa. Rolxrerstown, ......... ...... R ohrerstown, Pa. ......Reading, Pa. Rohrerstown, Pa. Alexandria, Pa. ............japan. -Lancaster, Pa. ...---Hummelstown, Pa. . ...... Lancaster, Pa. Ihr!-.1 .'71 'ln L.. HISTORY off '9O. SENIORS ! TUNIORSi Sorus ! I come not here to talk. You know too well The story of our exploits. We are fresh I The bright sun rises to his course, and lights A class of Freshs! He sets, and his last beam Falls on a Fresh I--not such as overcome By superior numbers, the Sophs hold Up for ridicule and lasting reproach, But brave, defiant Freshies-undismayed By the attacks of would-be " stretcl1ers," Sophs, Strong in some dozen powerful men 3 only great In that strange spell-a name. Each day wild yells, Or open attack, or lofty contempt, Cry out against them. On one occasion, An innocent man. a stranger, fnothing morej, Was stretched-stretched like a " Prep," by those who bore The names of Sophomore, because, forsooth, He was supposed to be one of our nmnber, And therefore fit prey for them ! Be we Fresh And overlook such a blunder ?-Freshmen, and- Whr-r-r-r-r, bang! ! ! The shrill tones of the alarm clock warn me to drop this sub- ject. So, in humbler strain I shall offer for your consideration some of the important events in the early life of '9O. When the timidity which strangers naturally feel, had been overcome, we began to take an active part in college life. In frequent "rushes" with the Sophs and in various other things too numerous to mention we soon acquired the reputation of being " hard to beat." Even "Zeus " confessed : " I don't know what to do with you Freshmen." On account of the deplorable lack of interest manifested in athletics last Fall, there was but little chance for securing distinction in that line. However, 23 I HISTQR V OF ,90. this Spring we expect to place in the field some strong clubs which will do good work in maintaining the honor of our class and in arousing the dormant athletic spirit of the college. On Senior oration day we created quite a sensation by suspending from the top of the College tower a large class flag. It was the intention of the class that it should adorn the college until destroyed by the elements. It was destroyed, and that too by at very had eleinentg for during the exercises in the Chapel it fell into the hands of the Philistines tSophsl, but not before it had served its purpose. ' Class spirit is very intense in our men. Consequently no slight to the class will be endured, as certain students can well testify. One offender was captured in a dark hall of Castle Harbaugh, and carried into a neighboring room which had been con- verted into a chamber of horrors. There before a ghostly assembly the culprit was solemnly tried for his offences. A dim light disclosed in various attitudes mysterious figures robed in whiteg the G. H. P. in awful :tones repeating the tortures of evil- doersg and high above all on lofty throne, the XV. G. S. J. The child of darkness was found guilty and then handed over to the mercy of the Lord High Executioner and his attendants. Thereupon there arose a few smothered groans and --. The G. R. B. carried out the remains and the council adjoumed sim' did. Our class meetings were held in Harbaugh Hall. Although there had been many threats to disturb us, yet it was tried but once, and then it resulted disastrously to a Senior and ajunior. These men kindly undertook to run our meeting, but unfor- tunately for them, their services were not appreciatedg for a mad 'rush was made at them in which the junior narrowly escaped "stretching," on account of a bodily infirmity. The Senior fared worse, as three of our men " wiped up the floor with him." 'QC smiled when " Porker" fell. ' . For some time the juniors found considerable amusement in singing " Freshie, get your class cut, class cut," etc., on account of our delay in selecting a suitable design. The song suddenly became unpopular when it was discovered that " Freshie" had procured by far the handsomest class cut ever seen in an ORIFLAMME. Now " Freshie " sings the revised version : "junior get your eye-teeth, eye-teeth-cut." Though there are many incidents which mark the career of 'QO, yet we will not abuse your patience by entering upon their consideration. ' You have seen what we have done. True, 'tis little. But we trust that you will overlook our " freshness " and consider that we " live and learn." Our motto : " Action proves each one," shall be an index to the character of the class, collectively and individually. Hoping that its history may meet with your approval, the class of '90 makes its bow and thus ends its first appearance in public. H1s'roR1AN. 24 4 W, ,Vw A ,G 'Lf . 5,35 fnx, 1 ' 1 'WV QW? xy N- xg-" vjfgkx ,L .-.. - , If T 'Zfx-1' iff-ff X .ff :cf 1,05 - -v-pf 'Q ',, ZX N ,pf-I 22, i- 7 ff ff' ,Xy.f 1 'C Q -... ,K- 4 'LQ ,2 Qf -U E E 2 5 LH 55 w. '15 1 . .,, i, ,fc ii 7, y ,L fi Rf' v 4 QOETHHHN LITEREIRY SOCIETY - 1-N " ar 4- 51, 5 mn, .w V I 'M.,?'?ff lg. f Ig H-gi '- "SUM rf fi ,,-"W " W" -1 - .gk g , ,,, 1,4 M f 'A v -n .U V .fqlwlll A WAKJ COE TIIEAN LIYYERAR Y SOCIE TK ANNIVERSARY SPEAKERS. Salutatorian, ............................................. IE. K. EYJQRLY, Orators, H. F. D1'r'rMAR, J. C. Nom., C. A. Loos, G. W. RICHARDS. Eulogist, ............... ....... J . L. Rousn, Goethean Orator, ...... ....... X V. R. PETERS wwf-X . f Q xv ff' 29 QOEITHEHN MEMBERS. H. A. Bowxcu, A. R. CRAIG, C. Cxusrrz, T. K. CROMER, H. 1-'. DI'r'rMAR, W J. EBERLY, E. K. EvIf:RLv, A. S. GLESSNIQR, B. GRIFFITH, A. L. G. HAY, C. HI5I.I.I-zu, W. S. HOERNISR, U. O. H. KERSCHNER, L. T. LAMPE, W. H. LANDIS, J. K. LIGHT, C. A. Loos, H. S. MAY, F. C. MILL?-DR, H. K. MILI.ER, E. C. MUSSELMAN, J. C. NOLL, C. Noss, W. R. PETERS, H. C. POSCHMAN, G. W. RICHARDS, J. L. RoUsH, E. G. Russ, A. L. SCHAEFFER, C. E. SCHAEFFER, I. M. SCHAEFI-wen, D. SCHEIRER, jr., J. G. SCHUCKER, G. B. SMITH, D. T. WERNER, W. B. WERNEII, G. E. WISSI4ER, C. K. WITMER. ' - A 7115 .X . .1 fm 'x gif? Ly!! +W- 46 G uma DIHGNOTHIHN LITERQRY SOCIETY ' DIHGNOTHIHN LITERARY Enocmrv. EXECUTIVE OFFICERS. Speaker, Monitor, N. II. SAXMAN. J. S. Lrsnzv, Vice President, Recording Secretary, A. CONNER. W. M. QHALL, Chaplain, Critic, S. U. WAUGAMAN. I F. M. LINE. TERM OFFICERS. Librarian, Corresponding Secretaries, H. H. APPLE. C. C. HERR, C. A. HARNISH. Curator, T. B. APPEL. I Treasurer, i S. U. WAUGAMAN. Reviewers, ,' F. A. RUPLEY, 1 Registrar, C- L. BOWMAN. I C. A. HARNISH. ANNIVERSARY SPEAKERS. Salutatorian, ............. . ..... ............................ C . F. HAGER. Orators, A. S. DECHANT, h G. W. DORNBACH, F. A. RUPLEY, H. CESSNA. Eulogist, ........... . ....... . ............ . ....... H. A. DUBBS. Anniversarian, ...... ........ A . H. ROTHERMEL. 32 HONOR MEN CLASS 'SQL Jlafzvhall Umtion ,................ ................... I ,. li. Coux.15NTz, f7a11k11'n Oralion, ............ .. ........ ..... . S. L. KREBS, Salulaloriau, ..... ...... I J. F. MAUGPZR, If'aIz'a'1'vlar1'an, .... ..................... ..... . I '. A. KUNK1-:I.. QERMHN QONTEST. CLASS '80. I-wise, QA Gold flhwdalj, ........................... G. J. Lrsmsuorsn. SUNIOR ORHTORIOAL QONTEST. CLASS '87, H'z':c, fx-1 Gola' l31lz1fQ'z'j, ...................... ...... X V. R. PETERS. MANTLE ORHTOR, Qnass '88. C. C. Hmm. SUNIOR ORHTORIOHL QONTESTHNTS. CLASS '88, C. L. BOWMAN, E. K. EYERLY, E. C. MUSSELMAN F. A. RUPLEY, G. E. Wrssmsn. 34 254.5 W 355 aeelaze .gg l W H-Q2 THE FRHTERNITIES exe l ate-ref eae X99 2- .'-7. -sf QQ + y is as -:ge vs X ' Y PHI KQPPQ SIGMFI. Zfrra QHHPTER. Resident Graduates. H. C. BRUBAKER, ESQ., W. U. HENSEI., ESQ., CLARENCE H. CLARK, WM. T. JEIAEERIIQS, HENRY B. COCHRAN, M. D., CHARLES I. LANDIS, ESQ., XVALTER M. FRANKLIN, ESQ., GEORGE M. KING, M. D., CHAS. M. FRANKLIN, M. D., CHARLES E. NETSCHER, M PAUL GERI-IART, CHARLES G. RENOIER, JOHN C. I'IAGIiR, JR., JOHN S. RENGIER, WM. H. HAGER, EUGDZNE G. SMITH, ESQ. Resident Fratres. CHARLES I-I. FELL, F., CLARENCE V. LICHTY, I'., FRANK KELLER, I'., OLIVER ROLAND, M.. D., B. Active Members. . '85-J. F. MOYER. '87-HARRY CESSNA. 'sg-M. P. MILLER. 36 hu... I f , X 6 A in F . mg.-f,5,,,fsff. x ' - , I ' -, nw ' JJ' wg N , U -1- -1:13.-L '-vp, yyiuliw., ' " 1 2 ' ' 'A 1' mr , 1.1.11 mf, m : - ,191 ff:-W 5 -!N- Q 15' M'3.',iw it ,, A vw ,513 1-K -, Wai 5.961 ' . ,.w ff sf L Ffffl, HJC, - Sm, , Mya: 1 :fi 5 T4 eff. Y ' H31 5 ,ax ,- 'Tlffel V 'Ili ,v i v -4 r , W v 'jk ' if '., .ra ff - Vg W, , H , . 4. A gf. CEU ' W, 53523 ysi f Lx ', 5.,,.' yvz 'ggi ,,. K., li", Ft- Mtv, 1159- M , .,,' K, Kip v. Wag- Wilt X '55 M X A M - 1 3 ff: 'Q V , gi 2, VJ Wm 1. ,,,. - 4522122 QP sf! vm ' X , '.?4f1Q4-- - nm, 1 T ' 'fin ,, N 1 ,Q u3,..J , A 'A ' flu A2 I Q r A wlmm, Pmu + x S A M'rH1r jf ww M44 , ,A wlw L A .T , 5 it ilu w"sf:w,r-.L 1 2 Y- -,W p Q , , , f, -L 1. E .,,f3L, . Q I 7 N . , K A U., I M5-f JM . M:-,w.3'g:1-g,4-'45,'fm -Nz:..,r.v, X ,I ., , .. f , -, , 4, ,' 'w 1 , .- ,,,,, '- Y, , . ., ..1 'g-,,.'jf3g..',f . !1"g?4:-1 J-1-' .bw 'w2'Y'-1.4515,.ff",Qhf-f:'11,j".i .Q-.i:.. JM - '- ' ,. A, '- a - 1. , L ,1 , ,az M. 1 11- , rf-V,-.ln .ff-I-3'-my ' 1 H 11 w, '.f+.,,:x,:1E1,'w'.'+p-M im p: vm' ,im . 14 4,1 ,tw 5-,xsebw ff ' -,g:.,:,2.r:,g1f! -M'z. f. f .L,":x.',,p:wg.,, ,, ,iz 1, ,jrfg ,t,,:',, 4 wiv 4,',f.'.,x-,,L:-- 'f ,Jag-L':'-L' .,.f.w'. .2-f:1"r:g.a", .amp .,,'n:'.,,:,,-Ev wgg4:,S1'?'LQ' -fi ' "2r' .a-1i.' -f EW 2 zn"" '? ,fw1'L1fw.w lf1"'f,'Nf?vr4-' N 2'-'Hwveef '- X flww-'5':-H V+'ff'f--f'ivW"' v f14'a-W" " "f " -Wu . f' 'A L 4 ggi 'ilvf ww sv , ,,4 'H+' vw, My M f' fvfnf 'ww QHI PHI. ZETH QHHPTER.-1854. Fratres in Urbe. J. H. Dumzs, D. D., WM. 1.1-:AMAN, ESQ., T. J. DAVIS, ESQ., H. F. Smcmc. ESQ., E. C. Ducm., ESQ., H. N. IfOXVELL, J. G. Zoox, H. W. CREMER, C. R. EABY, R. P. STIQWART, H. XV1csTuAE1vFIsR, ERNEST ZAHM, E. R. ZAIIM, ADAM BURGER, P. K. FRAIM, GROVE LOCHER, W. R. HRINTON, J. C. XVILEV, P., A. B. HASSLER, B., RP. Active Members. '87-H. F. DITTMAR. '88--JOHN Lmnv. C. R. ANKENIW, E ,S xi T. B. A1'1fEL, J. T. ANKENEY, 9 J. H. SCHWARTZ, W. H. YVELCHANS. A. R. CRAIG, f '90 4 D. M. JONES. Academy. S. H. RUTH. I 37 M. D., x85z. 1860. 1887 PHI KHPPH PSI. E-. --Q-oyim.. Pnuwa Em QHHPTER. 'A Resident Members. HON. A. C. REINQEHL, A HoN. D. P. ROSENMILLER, ' I G. N. GLOVER, Pa., Z., PHILIP D. BAKER, ESQ., JoE. E. BOWMAN, Jorm W. APPLE, ESQ., SAM'L SPRECHER, Pa., '9. C. H. BROWNL M. D., J. HAROLD WICKERSHAM, , . 5 -- REv.GEo.GAU1., O., W. T1 BROWN, ESQ., i W. N. APPLE, ESQ., I A. P. SHIRK, 5 J. A. BRowN, Pa., E., I J. W. BRowN, , i W. S. WELCHANS, T. W. Dumas. -1 H. A. DUBBS, A. L. G. HAY, X H.H.Am.E, I. W. I-IENnRxcxs, f 'go 1 Active Members. '86-R. N. KOPLIN. , -. H. G. MCCARTER, Pa., A REV. F. E. SCHRODER, J '87 4 . C. F. HAGER, JR., A.'H. ROTHERMEL. 2 '88 4 F. A. RUPLEY, JR. P '89 -1 A. B. BAUMAN. C. A. HARNISH. C. E. LONG. A. M. SCHAFENER. 38 I Sim., mf,zxA,x-u x wx uf. uh F- aug . , , K , , , r , gt . 4 2 .mu.,L,u'-.,n DELTG1 Tau DELTF1. .- --Y 'ooo .A ----- Tau QHQPTER.-1874. A Resident Members. WALTER J. BAUSMAN, '82, J. N. C. Forxrz. 84. j. BLACKWOOD, '86, Active Members. E. GEORGE RUSS, F' '37 4 N. H. SAXMAN. C. L. BOWMAN, E ,88 i WM. R. HARNISI-IR' '89-D. M. WOLFE. ' 'Left College. 39 J. H. GERHART, '86, D. H. Srlzwsmmc, '86, H. M. GROSSMAN, '89 J. C. Nou., CHAS. C. HERR, A. S. GLESSNER. 90-YVM. M. HALL. ++?lssoc1aT1oNs,+v QLUBS, IEQTG. -'Pl-4'-0 0-+-14'-' E E E 4 4 A ze 7 9 3 fi r. 1 51 6 Q i 3 5 J f ? u 5 'T E L 3 3 ? 5 5 T 5 1 5 ,. K 1 n Al S s 3 S 2 E s see 23 E 2 51 if 5 E ln Meunorq Qifnlehc Qssocmhon ifrzmkliu 55 Illarshall Qiullcge iiaurastex' 35:1 ll U . ' ---""""'9 olfrms O O 0 ou E , ., A , 1 Q ,-1,1.-i1--- --,.,.-.1-1-- n atc." 861515 gem. CZLUBS. COLLEGE NINE. J. T. ANKENEY, ls! b., H. F. DITTMfKR,S. s., fC?zj1!.J R. N. KOPLIN, ga' b., H. H. APPLE, nf, E. T. HAGER, Lf, M. P. MILLER, p., A. T. CLAY, c., J. H. I-IARTMAN, r. ji, D. M. Wowxs, 2d 6. JUNIOR NINE. EDITORS 014' 'rule " OR11fr.A1xmnc." See I7lll.fff!lf1Tlll, page 42. SOPHOMORE NINE. J. T. ANKENEV, IS! b., A. T. CLAY, f., I C. E. PIILLIARD, p., H. H. APPLE, s. s., E. T. HAGIQR, Lf, CG1pt.j, J. II. Scmvmvrz, 311' b A. B. BAUMAN, c. f, C. HELLIQR, r. f, D. M. Wonms, 2d 11, I FRESHMAN NINE. B. GRIFFITH, s. s. and c., C. E. LONG, ja. amz' s. s., QCapl,J D. M. JONES, r.jI, F. C. MII,I,1SR, ls! b., L. T. LAMPE, Lf, M. P. IWILLER, za' b. andp., W. H. LANDIS, af, W. P. SACHS, 3d b., ' A. M. SCHAFFNER, f. VF 45 FOOT gnu. 651.112 Gonnacm Iinmvlu. Rushers. J. T. ANKIQNIW, '89, S. U. XVAUGAAIAN, '89, F. M. LINE, '88, G. IC. XVISSLER, '88. Half-Backs. II. II. A1-1-L1-2, '89, II. F. D1'r'mmR, '87, T. K. Cluml-zu, '88, E. C. BIUSSIELMAN, '88, Goals. j. L. Rousn, '87, W. S. HOIQRNER, '88, Fi. 61. TENNIS QLUB. II. II. Av1'I.1':, '89, II. F. D1'r'rMAR, '87. II. C1':ssN,x, '87, A. L. G. Hfw, '88, A. D15cnAN'r, '87, A. II. R0'I'lIl'IRMliL, 'S7. Qomma QLUB. A. CONNISR, '89, T. K. CROMER, '88, "'A. S. IJECHANT, '87, "E K. EYIQRLY, '33, AC. A. IIARNISH, '89, C. E. IIILLIARD, '89, W. S. IfIo1':RNEu, '88, 'E C. IN1ussxeI.M,xN, '88, A. L. Scxmlcmflsx, '89, C. E. Sclmnxflfxin, '89, C. K. Xvvrzmzx, '88. 'Those marked with nn asterisk rnnslitule thc S:l'hllrl11'm: Club. 46 D. Scxmmxzn, jr., '88, j. II. ScuwAR'rz, '89, J. L. ROUSH, '87, S. U. WAUGAMAN, '89 G. IE. XVISSLER, '88, 3 v 5 B 2 E r I! E 5 5 r E E K E nr"ii-u--11- I s r I P E I Q E 2 s A '1 PROFESSIO Teaching, . Law, ........ Ministry, -- -f II Law, ........ Undecided, Law, ........ Ministry, .- Law, ........ N IN VIEXV. Medicine, . .- - Business, .. Medicine, , . ..... .. ...... . Teaclxingp ............... .. A SENIOR NICKNAME. ' BowfsJer,'...... ' Cess,' ' Bl:9lgg'lC,,.---- 4 D1tL,',. ......... . ' Porkerj .......... . ' Parvus Iulus,' ..... K Duhbsyf ......... ' Calf.. ----. - '-limmy, '... ' Pete,' . .... . 'Geox-ge,'. ' Abe,'. .......... . ' Old Mb.n,' ...-. K Dude, ', ..... . . Sg1x,', ....... .. ... 'Sug'ar,' ..... GLASS. FAVORITE SAVING. "'Tlmt's algfarlcf' " I told you so." "judas bull." I in only a tansy blossom." " It's a clique." ' ll' I'hat's very jake Pontzf' " Prove it." - " Confound it." - " Tlmt's quite remarkable." " Whoo-oop I" " It makes me feel funny." Don't leave your mother, U I tell you." If you can't get a board, t " Horse-collar." u K4 1" Say, look here." G 53 love. " ake a rail." DEAL gently now, let justice rule in love, When you have searched in vain the list above To find where Senior's excellence doth dwell, But read beneath and kindly say, " Farewell." fl lffmam-1. THE WEASEL AND THE TIGER. A weasel out walking one day met a tiger and immediately wished to be as large as he. Now the tiger had fed and thrived upon a fruit called " knowledge," but, as that was hard to obtain, the weasel concluded to try another kind called " se1f-assur- ance " or " conceit." , The first year he made good progress. The second he consumed such great quantities of his food and grew so very fast that his skin almost cracked. In the third year he fell off a little in size, because he had overtaxed himself the year before. The fourth year, however, there was a good yield of conceit and the weasel grew so fast, that before the year was ended, when he had almost reached the size of the tiger, he blew up and was sem-ffhjere no more. -54 f Q J, 11 f . L x f l E e i r I I f I v Q I f x I 1 1 1 r I V 1 W1 r v I i 1 Soivnomorga Guess. C. J. NAME. R.ANKENEYw T. ANKENxsv,......... T. B. AP1-EL.. .... .. H. H. APPLE, .... A. B. BAUMAN, .... A. T. CLAV, ......... C. E. Cxuzrrz, ...... UOOE? CONNER, jR.,... T. HAGER, .... . A. HARNISH, ......... E. HELI.P:R,...L G. HETRICK,...... C. E. HILLIARD,.. J. K. LlGHT,. ..... .. H. S. MAV, ............... H. C. POSCHMAN, A. L. SCI-IAEFFER C. E. SCHAEFFER I. M. SCI-IAEFFER. ..... J. H. SCHWARTZ, .... .. G. B. SMITH, ......... . WAUGAMAN S. U , ..... D. T. WERNER, JR.,... W. B. WERNER, ........ W. H. WELCHANS, ..... D. M. WoLFE,. ........ .. DENOMINATION. POLITICS. Reformed, .Democrat,.. .... . .. " IRepublican, .... ...... " Republican, .... ...... " Republican. .... .. " Democrat,.. .......... ... 'Lutheran , .... . ...... Prohibitionist, ........ . Reformed, Democrat, . . ........... .. " Republican, .... ...... Lutheran, Republican, .... ...... Reformed, Democrat, ....... ...... " Democrat, ....... ...... " Republican, .... ...... " Democrat,,. ..... Republican,..... Reformed, Republican, ..... ...... " Turn-coat,.. ..... ..... . " Democrat,. ...... ..... . li ll U U f' H IIIII. ' Republican, .... ...... " Democrat,.. ..... " Republican, ..... ...... " Democrat,... .... Lutheran, Republican, ............. Refomied, Republican, ............ FAVORITE STUDY. Greek,....... I.atin,... lGerman, ..... . Greek, ........... Anglo-Saxon, Mathematics,. German, . .......... .. Matliemathics, Greek,. ............ . Botany, .......... Latin, ........... ..... . German,.. Philosophy of Hist., German, .......... ..... Mathematics, ........ Undecided, History, .......... Declamation, ..... Mathematics, .... German,.. History, ................ German, ............... Philosophy of Hist., Mathematics, ..... .. Botany, .......... Latin,... .... 60 .IAQ f L Q I i x , 1 X L N Q 1, '1 As Connex as silence the hour has been, While we scanned with enjoyment the list of men All brilliant in honors, as Sophomores won g And radiant with hopes ofa good time to come. gfl PCABLE. THE BEARS. In a wood, once upon a time, there lived a great many bears. They were of all sizesg first big bears, and middling big bears, then midclling little bears and little bears. The big bears and the middling big bears were good and well behaved, but the middling little bears were rough and bad, and the little bears not much better. This would not have mattered much, if it had not happened that there were more of the middling little bears than of the little bearsg so that they imposed upon the little bears and beat them, and "stretched " them. This they continued until the grizzlies, who have tliejllrully of ruling, came and threw the middling little bears around till they were sojY-or-more than soft. Ever since that occurrence the middling little bears have been trying to show the little bears how magnanimons it is for twenty-six not to " stretch " sixteen. 62 ' Ffrqssnivxan Ginass. NAME. 'mvomrx srunv. 'mzovesslou IN vnzw. A. R. CRAIG, ........... B. GRIFI-'x'rH, ......... .. W. M. HAI.I.,. ........ . J. P. HARNIQR, ......... I. W. l'IENDRlCKS,--- D. M. JONES, ....... .... L. T. LAMPE, ....... .. 55 F 1-4 nv 2 U 5 -Hogg-:mo 2 TU U: xv 0 ll in A. M. SCHAFFNER . E. LONG, ............ . M. MEYER, ......... C. M1x.I.E1z, ......... P, MILLER, ......... . D. NEFF, ............ . NOVA, ............ ..... ,U How to keep 'Slimjim' straight' Letter writing ....................... Bareback riding. ................. .. Etiquette ..................... .... Hamlet's ghost .........,........... How to make a racket ........... Anfnjagrams ................. .... How to keep a fire ....... .... High school girls... ............ Digging Greek roots ............. VVhat will we have for dinner? German alphabet ............... -... How to get two pieces 'of pie... English institutions ............... How often dare I cut? ............ Politics.. ............................ .. Shaddealer..................... .... Missionary to " Dutch Corner " Smgingmaster. .... 'Ponsorial artist .. ..... Manager for Helen Potter .......... Organizer ofa mob ............... , ...... Tax collector of Frederick City ..... U. S. Minister to Borneo .............. XVeather prophet ................. ....... School master ........... .................. Book agent ................................ Manager of a matrimonial agency Reformer of Bulgaria ........ ........... " The Mikado " ................... . ..... .. Editor of Dillerville Times ........... Stump speaker .......................... .. 'Prepared by and published at the request of il committee ofthe Freshman class 61 , 'Q . ? 2 4 ig. +1 32 as 5 3 M H 2 A A 9 wi If w' ,. li .V HL 4, Q W E ,, I P i w W K fx I. 1? ' w X 1-1 J v 1 1 a 2 1 9 + in E E L 5 s i i , 1 I 4 C"EA'TENJVI.4L HISTOR If consequently proved a failure, but it is not improbable that the Charity School of Lancaster continued to exist, as a private enterprise, nearly, if not quite, to the founding of Franklin College. This supposition is strengthened by the filet that the trustees of Franklin College were required by their charter to reserve one-sixth of their income for the purposes of a "Charity School" in connection with the insti- tution. The early ministers of tl1e Reformed and Lutheran Churches, in this country, fully appreciated the importance of founding a literary institution. In I782 the Reformed ministers ineffeetually petitioned the Synods of Holland to establish a High School in Pennsylvania. In the hope of meeting a general want Rev. Dr. J. C Kunze, of the Lutheran Church of Philadelphia, founded a classical school which was finally super- seded by a German Department in the University of Pennsylvania. Under the direc- tion of the Rev. Dr. llelmuth this department was very prosperous, but after the organization of Franklin College it rapidly declined and was soon discontinued. K The act incorporating Franklin College was passed by the General Assembly of Pennsylvania on the loth of March, 1787. The Board of Trustees, as named in the charter, consisted of some of the foremost men in the State. Included in the list were several distinguished officers of the Revolutionary War, and four of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. It had been expected that the Legislature would make a considerable appropriation towards the endowment of the new institution, but this expectation was doomed to disappointment. By the incorporating act ten thousand acres of land, lying within the boundaries of the present counties of Lycoming, Tioga, Bradford and Venango, were granted to the College, the expenses of surveying to be paid out of the treasury of the State. By a later act an old public store-house and two lots of ground, of Lan- caster, were added to the donation. It will be observed that the donations of the State were by no means munificent. The store-house had to be reniodelled and partly rebuilt to make it serve the purposes of a College, and the land which had been granted was unsalable aud supposed to be worthless. For many years the latter was a constant source of trouble and expense, but after many years it began to increase in value, and was finally sold for a respect- able suni. As it was situated in the " oil region " it is a pity that the College did not retain its land a little longer. The charter, as granted by the Legislature, appears at first sight to have been suffi- ciently comprehensive. The Faculty ami Board of Trustees were authorized to grant such degrees in science and the liberal arts " as are usually granted in other Colleges in America and Europe." The College was empowered to hold property and receive bequests, " provided, always the same do not exceed in the whole the yearly value of 70 1. ,, J E. xr 3 af x. 3, . 'if 7--1 3- Sri fn. fit 'A s h. A -5 ,xv Q33 V. 52 'J -V71-gr sl ,f D 'fftam ' 5, W. . .J 44 fir . . i ii., L'lL'1VTl:'N.Vl.fIL 11lS7'Uli'l'C ten' thousand pounds, valuing one Portugal half Johannes weighing nine penny- weights, at three pounds." ' Though apparently so liberal, the charter was in some respects cumbrous and defective. Fifteen of the 'Trustees were to be of the Lutheran Church, fifteen of the Reformed, "the remainder to be chosen from any other society of Christians." In guarding the various interests represented minute regulations concerning meetings and elections were adopted, which subsequently interfered materially with the suc- cessful working of the institution. Notwithstanding the disappointment which had been felt with respect to the State appropriation, the friends of Franklin College proceeded to organize the new institu- tion on what they regarded as a broad and comprehensive basis. Men of eminence were invited to accept professorships, and salaries were promised which, it must be confessed, were not warranted by the iinancial condition of the College. The dedication, on the 5th ofjune, I7S7, appears to have been a brilliant affair. If the programme was fully carried out, the procession was grand and imposingg and the addresses by Drs. Muhlenberg and Hutchins-which were afterwards published -manifested a high order of literary excellence. It was, however, on this occasion that the troubles began which proved almost fatal to the institution. In his address Dr. Hutchins, who had accepted a professorship, made some remarks which may be mildly characterized as imprudent. Among other things he said : t' As the limited capacity of man can seldom attain excellence in more than one language, the study of English will demand tl1e principal attention of your children." However innocent such utterances may now appear to have been, it should be remembered that the audience was principally composed of Germans whose chief purpose in establishing a College was to do honor to their language and nationality. Dr, I-Iutching was ml Episcopal clergyman, and must have known that his election to a professorship had been declared by the enemies of the College to be a " a movement in behalf of the es- tablishment of the Church of England in America." Under the Clrclllllstancgg his address manifested a lamentable want of tact and discretion, and its results were disastrous. It would have been much better to employ language like that of Dr. Benjamin Rush in his "Essay on the Germans," written two years later : " Do not contend with their prejudices in favor of their language. It will be the channel through' which the knowledge and discoveries of tl1e wisest nations in Europe may be conveyed into our country." In consequence, probably, of the unpleasantness created by these untimely re- marks, it was found necessary to divide the new College into two sections or depart- ments. The German department was conducted by Professors Melsheimer and Reiclienbach, andthe English by Dr. Hutchins and Prof Stewart. Though tl1e Presi- 71 " ,mf . .. I :rg . .as "1 if 42", 1 .:j,g1+J 'if . i. 1 'VL' ' 1- if 'L ' '+L ' 1..,.1.. I E I 5 1 5 5 5 5 ! 5 Z ! 5 5 E 5 1 5 3 5 2 a x 5 5 3 3 4 5 E 6 D 5 E s 4 i Y Tv., r....-.,.-,-.v- CENTENNIAL HISTORK to earnest and unremitting labor. Every addition to the made to tell powerfully in the cause of higher education. have not been in vain. Many of the alumni occupy high state, and the standard maintained b' the institution is Iv and respected. The time has come to extend its operations, the position and influence to which it is justly entitled. ifbx L 76 endowment can now be The labors of a century positions in church and everywhere recognized and thus to secure for it :BURDER OF PROCESSNDNandPUBLICYVORSHIP to be obferved in the DEDICATION OF FRANKLIN COLLEGE, LANCASTER. , . . A !.i., A .iwf.-,iw pfqqqqqqqqqwqmmmwwwwwwwwwvwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwvwwwwwww PHII. A D EL Pill.-I: printed by M E L c HI o R ST E I N E R, in Race-ftrect, betwccn Second- and Third-ftreets. 1787. 'Reprinted from the original. J 77 r. STROPHE. HAIL, ye Banks of Coneftogoe ! Fertile, favor'd Region, hail! Chofen Seat of FRANKLIN Co1,Lnc:E, What but Good can here prevail? Science never comes alone, Peace and Plenty, Heaven itfelf fupport her Caufe. 2. Srnormz. By IHOVAH's Care protedtecl The Fabric gains a Height fubhme, Truth expands its bright Elfulgence, Error feeks another Clime, All its dark and bafe Attendants, Superftition, Pride and Difcord Hy from Truth. ' . A Hymn in German. 3 . 4. A Sermon in German. 5- . 6. A Sermon in Engltfh. 7. 8 9 1. " WHERE fhall we go, to feek and find "An Hahitation for our GOD, " A Dwelling for th' eternal Mind " Among the Sons of Flefh and Blood ? 2. "The GOD of jacob chofe the Hill f'Ot' Zion for his ancient Reftg " And Zion is his Dwelling ftill g " His Church is with his Prefence bleft. 3. " Hama shall I fix my gracious Throne, "And reign forever, faith the LORD: " HERE fhall my Power and Love be known, 4' And hleflings fhall attend my Word. 4. U HERE I will meet the hungry Poor, " And fill their Souls with living Bread. Io. An Ode in German. 1. ANTISTROPHE. CREATOR hail! thy Light and Glory Rejoice the Good, the Bad difmay, Difpel the Mifts of Vice and Folly, And confecrate this happy Day. Now doubly bleft the favor'rl Region, , Where Science joins with mild Religion, To raife their grateful Hymns to GOD. 2. ANTISTROPHI-:. All in the glorious Work aftifting, We huild on Chrift, the Corner-Stone, The Walls may bear diverfe Diredtions, The Building ftill fhall be but One. Devotion pure and peaceful Science United, hid their Foes Defiance, While Time remains, the Work fhall ftand. A Solo. The firft Strophe of the German Hymn. A Solo. The fecond Strophe of. the Englifh Ode repeated in German. . Prayers before the Altar in Enghfh. .- Dr. Watts Imitation or Paraphrafe of the 19th and l32d Pfalms : " Sinners that wait before my Door, " With fweet Provifion fhall be fed, 5. " Girded with Truth and cloathed with Grace " My Priefts, my Minifters, fhall fhinc, " Not Aaron in his coftly Drefs " Made an Appearance fo divine. 6. " Sun, Moon and Stars convey his Praife " Round the whole Earth, and never fland U So when his Truth began its Race, , " It touch'd and glanc'd on ev'ry Land. 7. "Nor fhall his fpreading Gofpel reft, " 'Till through the World his Truth has run -f 'Till chfm has all the Nations bien, ' "That fee the Light, or feel the Sun." I I. A Collection for the Benefit of the lnftitution. The Proceflion to return to the Court-Houfe in the foregoing Order. 79 -ig V ,ga W: 4 ., gy.:-f N lgly. , tn, - 'I Q ,,.. KJ, , if-L W . , H4 - uf: L, E?" PILL. lhxp if .Y ggi' . W. Lx :W Mi , Lf, - H4321 3:59 V my , 1 Will' . Y?-3, ,ff E12-' 4,642 1 QQ if 4' .. Eng" I , .5-1-, .- 3 cn.. - . ' .Y ,X V16 5 -. nfi , sy:-'. , G.. I W' ' -has urs av FW ' Q 5'- 5 5' 'Pm 3 PJ - ' fififfffflf v:1L:,si'. 1 M95 'I 1 I , .f ' "-' r 4 ' I I l MTE, ' ,V ff V, . Q If e f -of L, t 1 7745, Ex t 7, ,. ' ff X I I 1 i ' f f i P I A' X i iff! Tm -2 xl X 14 ,M J i X yi' 1 mi? 'mg' N ,y ff' mi? "t PN 'I ' -ll ' f.Q1'Z5': u -W7 iff X 'i 'if-iffql li-JL, Qf.gagmW QS' Fife gflwdfwatwklgi 1' .f-1113'x-'f if Y ' X 4 1 4" 7 ' ' 3 N -I :X 4 ,ii i'lfiT?7f 'e-f 3' W " ' is r T ,X f Q PHRODY. -v-- - 'A-ooo s I sat in a class near midday, As the clocks were counting the And a Profl was then instilling, A youth with wondrous Q?J lore. I saw the young n1an's pleasure, Enriched with ayus and liars, Like a golden robin's singing VVon1d be to mischievous crows. And far from the hazy distance Of that strange and mystic room, The tale ofa " horse unstabled " His mind seemed to illume. - 81 SCOTC, A PARODK And round his watchful comrades Gum-shoes and text-books lay, And an impulse that came from a purpose Seemed to lift and hurl them away. The athletes reminded of duty, Heed their instructor's call By groans and lipless hummings Of old " So say we all." And like that music jingling Within the teacher's ears, A flood of thoughts came o'er me That filled my eyes with tears. How often, O how often, In those hours of pains and joys, I had sat in that room near midday, And gazed on our Prof. and boys. How often, O l1ow often, I had wished that our mortal youth Were free from the snares of temptation, And pleasures in deeds uncouth ! For my seat was hard and burning, And our Prof. was full of care, And to hear a tedious lesson Seemed greater than I could bear. But now those trials are over, They are buried in the sea 5 And only the stories of others Throw their shadows over me. Yet whenever I cross the threshold Of that room once loud with cheers, Like the odor of gum and tobacco Come the thoughts of other years. And I think how many classes Of fame-aspiring men, . Each making his mark-on the ceiling, Have entered the room since then. 82 A PARODK I see the boys submissive, Grown tired of common things, Their feet and head supported, And thoughts on fancy's wings ! And forever and forever, As long as the good have foes, As long as our youth has pleasures, As long as life has woes 3 Our Prof. and his answered inquiries And his students shall appear As the voice of a guardian angel, And his charge unwilling to hear. ,YBWCX ws. 83 4 ON Paormssoas, TO THE. STUDENTS. ANY discussions concerning tl1e proper way in which young men at Colleges should be coutrolled by the governors of such institutions, have ofttimes ap- peared. Oflate years, however, a new phase of College life l1as developed, and it is as a view of this new state of things that this article has been written. This new development consists in the Z'1'l'l' zfz'r.ra position now occupied by professor and student in reference to the control of their Colleges. Since this change of affairs has been called new, it follows that the writer could not have had any personal ex- perience in the matter. For that reason may all slight inaccuracies of judgment be laid to the change of the circumstances. The development was gradual. First the student was granted small liberties, such as whether he attend chapel and lectures, and other seemingly insignificant things, then he was admitted to a share in the government of his College, till now his supremacy is admitted by professors everywhere, except in a few Colleges that are, as yet, far behind the times. Q Of course, the present student, to whom this is addressed, will have some special diliiculties to overcome, in that he will have no precedent to fall back upon. He will. therefore, have to guide his actions as he may think best, with the help of the few suggestions which I may be able to make. Now, as to the time when you should begin the discipline necessary for the training of a model professor: let it be as early in your course as possible. It will do no harm to connnence even at your first recitation in College. You cannot be expected to do much in this line during your preparatory course because you will not yet have formed an ideal of the character to which you wish to train your instructor. Here is a suggestion. Fix your mind upon a high ideal, the higher, the better. You will find no trouble in fixing it higher than your own ability, but if you ever succeed in raising your professor to the point to which you think that extends, you may con- sider your work well done. Let your model professor be abundantly endowed with that quality especially ascribed to the leader of the Israelites from the Land of Bondage g let him be silent 34 if' I 1 1 5 'N 1 A I X ON PROFESSORS, T O THE STUDENTS. -especially mental, and don't drive them too hard. Do now yourself what your fathers once wished their professors to do,-" put yourself in their place." Never fail to acquaint the professor with your wishes, as he may have been laboring to please you without any definite end to which to direct his efforts. This course will save him much labor in trying to divine your wishes. Want of space forbids further details, but at least remember that a fearful resposi- bility rests upon you, and that future generations of students will be influenced by the quality of professors which you create. N-flliirzwx, -mfg!! qt,-1, av ' , N 'Q .V .Jw K ,, C is ' A 86 NOTE.-About the close of thewinter term, nearly eighteen years ago, a certain member of the Senior class, sitting in his lonely room, far out East King street, Cnear the -1 jailj, was made the subject of a practical joke, as hereafter described. A cigar box, neatly wrapped in paper and properly addressed, was dropped at the door of the poor unsuspecting Senior, whose visions of good things, aroused by the sight of the package, were very unceremoniously dashed by a brief inspection of the con- tents. After making a thorough but fruitless examination of every scrap of paper for some clue to the names of the perpetrators, it chanced that the box, being held toward the light in an oblique position, displayed three letters, E. H. L., very lightly traced on the side, as it were with tl1e point of a pin. A brief reference to the College catalogue for 1868-9 located the initials as belonging to an inmate of what was then known as " The Youngman House," situated at that time on West Chestnut street near Queen. Here some five or six good, jolly fellows boarded-we are even tempted to give their names, but refrain. On the receipt of the box, the following ballad was at once written, and a neat copy having been made before midnight, was carried early the next morning by the writer to the Youngman House where the boys being summoned to the reading of it, received it with shouts and laughter and such appreciative demonstration as came nigh demolishing the room and its furniture. The doggerel may be interesting to a later generation of students. 83 D512 GI-IRISTITMAS Box UND Um QAS IN lm. -l--oo-o-1-- AN OLD ENGLISH BALLAD, IN THE DIALECT OF BERKS. Bv HEINRICH VoN SIEBENZIG. Respecywlq dedzkalca' to E. I-L L. - - Vy sit der Senior up so late Ven all aroundt is shtill ? Vy vaste de gas vat all goes in De session boardin' bill? . He's sclireiben hart undt fast At the great Aesthetik : De pen does fly de page across just like de lightnin' shtreak. Undt all aroundt is shtill as mice, Ven dey pe all ferreckt, Ven dey no longer tremblin' must V De big tom-cat exshpect. Who twas vat shkare him so, undt vat Dis .mystery canfpe? 1 I Q V, Q So sit der Senior-schreiben fast ' 1' G N if At the great Aestlietik- A 'F l "1 'Q 1 f Vy shtart he now? Vyjnmp he up, 4 "X ' 4ji,?5Z"43 'im Und vy so pale his cheek? 1 Vxfggliwgiw He hears a rap onto his door- . ' V 'fl' A A rap like sphirits make! 1 X ' My 51 I " Who's dere ?" he griesg his hair shtand up ' A A ' Lf '21 I Undt all his podies shake. ' -",e.', ' 4: - ' - I B V M , X , He hears a man run down de shtreet, , A . Z Undt he goes out to see 59 x 1. 1 w 1 ,, 25, 4 ,ny J 4 1,11 A' - , , V . -. ,i . .r 'N 5:3 .l Q '- ,f ' A R' . , , , ,f ' "'. ' DER CHRIS TJFIAS BOX UND VA T VAS IN 171 X Undt dere upon de marble shtep, M ' Right underneath de door, , He see a leetle package lay '3 tr Vat he not see pefore. all He pnngs him m, begucks him wohl, W Undt lays him on a chair g Y NL Undt den he reads, in letter vite- 'yy " An Senior Heinrich, Herr." " Vat can dis mean P" der Senior say, , ' ' All schmilin' in de faceg i 1 " It is to me von vonderment, 1 ff 'rg , Von singularly case ! iwufi " ES muss von meiner Schwester sein ! Sie hat mir Schnitz geschickt- ' Undt Keschta auch ! bei meiner Wort, 4 Die hat sie selber 'pickt ! .ff 3, " Hurrah ! shtand back ! geh weg !" says he E V We'll have von bunkum time : ' Q yi " De Aesthetik can't hold a candle to ' v,,x.,N De goot old schnitz sublime ! n W if if 3, " De goot old sclimtz, vere I was bom, . 1 Into my youthful days, M Vere pigs do bark undt turkeys quack, 5' ff '. Undt gobblers sing deir lays I -gil! " Off mit de paper! quick tear off 1 11 4 De thick encirclin' shtrings ! if in ' Mach dapper! let us quickly .see ja" , De zepfel-schnitz, by shinks !" ZW Undt off de shtrings do quickly schnapp ' Q3 Undt off de paper fly ! D Undt dere der Senior do a box 'i fligf ' ' Mit vonderment espy ! yi 'V Qilg-by Hume IEEE 90 - a if tg. tw. . , ,S 1134.5 , r,,,. ,V ir- Zi' Loki - iiyla' gm iw: , Qi fi' 2 N ,. .f,i,,1,.4, , gfff, T' im in , :Lefr .,if W Ji- nf' V 9,2 ffi3i1Z'fw1T3f-ff "' - . I V ,y'v'F f.:f g.,,:i4g.,"1r, 'gg ,mg , . f rr ' , I ,gli :irfYiff . ,.2!. ww" ,s- vm . ,J ' - 5 " ,. , V- L , q 52 A 'HM 7" '- 1 Y 'dim -'.S".Vl."R.':g' ' jj' v' , . . ' ig - ' 1 . 1" 4 'if f, wi 'i 1: 119- disma-'i" 'Vs 'X ' i P ' 'fi-"P 41,1-" " ,L W 'r 4 Rumi Q a F V M w cl 41 w N aw. . - 11 '.' 3.fQ',l'ig5" 1-'ia 11 'B x J 4" 'B if laaa aa reamfarrrn 'fffni t it i. -. ,-rnf++fr44gf-aaa, mf Wa uaaeawwwma- 1' 'f'W'iTSif'lii?f13,:l,,?AQm"QJ,, 'iwLNfirf" 'X K i it-in W -Lf - 1 17-' " 5 'W 1-fin f 5- Q 'pF:Q-ir f':a 'flY:iff'vf:"t-J"ff"Q5fi+Pf'5 ,.J'i:f'T.M-ff"if-lfl '3P'Qr'??if:5'wf25JIf'5"!"4lQ,?"'i'M7" "9' .:" L ai. " f,,,a L: rw,-: 'Fi-i4'i'V' M: tr"-"4-. 21- WW 'Wi'-H4 .5 -",f.,"'.. - f.'E'w.'rT v .z.,,1h -,aa ". 1" '-'L:"J1:1, ,w--fvffivn , "' 'J M' N I ff' '- ' Q' '1-1" ' .L P,--1" i, 'L 'i l - . . ' -HIQA Q31--41? SKK' Ni N 2:1212 .f1r.fLiL'N" l?'T73?f' 1':fw.59r ,.g',2'i - -Hi W ,"7fffw'i'-'--""I,5s' V12-45,114 4-,3j1"':'-iw" A-f-M'-z!.r1-s4.'LhiP 5'-T' gli.: N Jiirif, i'4ei'wS1 'TF ' ' H i 1 " " -,w,ar'ea. ny + W-fr,-z ,L ,J .r ll A. nf JM -i M, .,w.,, . X. X .i N fr. ,ga r., . qi., - Paint, 4- 4, V, l .. M' I 1mw:',:5. A1 314 t t fki lkl' imylg ,Q . T 'Ex p Plkbpgiiibbzx lrx hs . : G Z im c-t.Li. . g yr: ,ay,4,,rg1:v.Wvr3gww,?,h.N5.NLlgkV35 gl s ' KA, AW- L M w I ,,' 1, 9 'gift ... t'mg',,:',.a, iq gim p . mi 'u::,",ff.r1:ql 1. 'e:.,.1:. " ' ' -' . '- ' Jaw we 4 ,Qu ,,., 'H E We 5 5 a 3 I a E ! S I 4 I v 4 A A 3 ! I I i i I 1 1 DER CHRISTIIIAS BOX UND VAT VAS 11V 171 " But dere is yet von leetle thing- I'll visper in your ear : I do not vant dat all de folks Dis novelty should hear. " Es war scliou manche jahr zurick Das dieses war gemaclit : Es war zu oft ge-used, du selxusllt, Un' so es hut ge-kracht ! " Un' epper hut mir now en Shtick Mit ' Gomplimeuts ' gescl1ickt-- Ich wonner yusht wo er das Ding, Das ' relick ' hut gegrickt ? " O ! vat a trix !'l der Senior say, " O! vat a trix !" says he g " It is the most sublimest things Vat ever I did see ! .wig tiki YQ! fn ff ,ibn Au, ff? JC 1 x .Xa 1,1 v . 5. fffixz 'Q yy A 4:7 ,. . 5 1 f bf.-yi Wg: ,K , X! ' 'Y mai? 91' If I ,. . I' if A' f pl' xl ' f f l 1 W A ff A ll J ' fi' ' '- V I X :, 'ig' . F Jr'-'B --.xii 4 4' J, , A ,R ,i ' in , M i "F Q - fn I?" -, 232 EAST KING STREET, Dec. 17, 1869. f X " Pehold ! into dat leetle box Dex-e's more of Aesthetik Dan all de Seniors yet haf seen In von whole half a week. " Dere's peauty, undt sublimity, Undt gomic in a pile ! Mein goodness, how it makes me laugh Undt how it makes me schmile Z" Der Senior's heart is light undt gay, He never feel so goot : He laugh un' schmile just all de vile, Uudt say ' Nem nxeiner Hut !' 92 Z1 Lmrrtnait ....YA-.-.oo- -Q - FRANKLIN AND IVIARSHALL COLLEGE, LANCASTIQR, PA., Nov. -, '86, jlly 125-ap-e5ljam'.' When I received your most welcome' letter, my heart flopped.up andilown like an old churn-dasherg sensations of exquisite joy crept over it like goats over a stable roof and thrilled through it like Spanish needles through a pair of linen breeches. Visions of ecstatic rapture visit me in my slnmbers aml borne on their invisible wings your image stands before me and I reach out to embrace it like a pginter snapping at a blue-bottle Hy. When first I beheld your angelic perfection, I was amazed, my brain whirled round and 1 reeled as a drunken man. Like the cellar doors of a country store my eyes stood open and I lifted up my drowsy ears to catch the silvery accents of your voice. My tongue refused to wag and in silent adoration I drank in the sweet infections of love as a thirsty man swallows a glass of cool water. Since the light of your beaming countenance has fallen upon me, I feel as ifI eonld lift myself up by my shoe strings to the top of the College tower and ring the bell for chapel. When Aurora, blushing like a Liir maiden, rises from her saffron colored couch g when the chanticleer's shrill whistle heralds the coming morn g when the robin pipes his tuneful lay in the apple-tree by the spring-house, when the waking pig ariseth from his bed and grunteth and goeth forth for his morning refreslnnentsg when the drowsy beetle whirls his dreamy flight at sultry noontide 3 and when the lowing herd comes home at milk time, I think of thee. Day and night 'you are in my thoughts, and my heart, yearning for your presence, seems to stretch clear across my bosom. Your hair is like the mane of a sorrel horse powdered with sand, and your lips, oozing with the freshness of the morning, fill me with unbounded awe. Your fore- head is as smooth as the elbow of my old coat, your eyes are glorious to behold. In their liquid depths I see myriads of little Cupids bathing like a legion of little ants in an army cracker. ' tpublished from a Freshman's diary for the benefit of his class-mates and all interested friends. 1, 93 ?IDVERTISEMENTSf ...QE ..Q,i YQ,.,:,.- W a buf . E? Wifyxi' r,-linnvn g!2gY.LYgYgYgg ' ' A 'num Q-4gm V 1 P 1 i A 1 1 I i 1 1 i 1 1 1 I 1 1 2 5 E V l i 1 1 1 2 1 E i 1 L S Q 1 1 E S 1 I E I 1 5 2 E 1 1 5 J. E. CALDWELL SL CO. 902 CH ESTN UT STREET, PHILADELPHIA. TEOPEIY, PRIZE .AJNE TGIQEN' LIAIZEES Special Designs Furnished on Ap- plication for Class Tokens, Society Pins, Chapter Badges, College and Inter-Collegiate Trophies, and Prizes in Gold and Silver. I 5gales!:Hia-.zlm-!:f.:!s..:!:w:525242..252.132.-.zlenziralaelcerizifri2.522316 70551111 G1L1,0TT'5 STEEL PENS. Gold Medal, Paris Exposition, l878. , FOR AR'I'Is'I'Ic Usa in Fine Drawings, Nos. 659 9: QThc cI,lcbI':ILcd Crowquillj, 290 an 29l. . :? Qg FOR FINE XVRITING, Nos. 303, 604, and L:IdIcs'. QQ 170. ge FOR BROAD XVRITING, Nos. 294, 389, :Ind Stub Q, '95 Point, 849. gk' FOR GI:NI:R,II. XVRITING, Nos. 404, 332. 390. and EG- ' o -5 6 4- 55 10551111 011.1011 eq SONS, QI john Slreel, N. Y. E? 45 HENR If 11015, 501, Agmf. 55.9 IUO , lr. fpr, "E,1g,,' M 'Q a M A 'y lt . 4 'ig ., W. ,ai Rev. CHAS. G. FISHER, Supt. and Treas. L, BOETTGER, Business Agent. . REFORMED Qlnuacn PUBLIGQTION goaab, BOOKSELLERS and STATIONERS, No. 907 ARCH STREET, . . . PHILADELPHIA, PA. Publishers oi' the Books and Periodicals of the REFORMED CHURCH IN THE UNITED STATES. Religious and Theological Works constantly on hand or procured to order. Particular attention paid to theseledtion of Sunday School Libraries FINEST G-EOCEEIES. vasfapfe cmcl Eamon Groceries? In the City. Sugars, Teas, Coffees,-Cauxned and Bottled Goods, Foreign and Donnestic Fruits, bkc. - E'U'ESIC'S., - No. I7 EAST KING STREET, ........ LANCASTER, PA , E ELREY ART. 5555! . --l i" N cnlling nllenlion ln our offerings in this line' the puhliv :irc invited to :i close and critical examina- I tion ol the goods which we believe we can ihlrly -elsmn :ire-ofa slzmdzwd equal lu nnv ever offered in the largest rilivs ufour land, and we :isk colnpzmsmn of prires, knowing thai ours :ire lower for the line goods oflered Lhan thc ruling prices elsewhere. Our stock of ,' .- ,.. ,x, is larile. and ive will nmke up from these :my style of work desired All the Newest Patterns ol Ladies' XVear always in stock, und llirth or Month Stones ofthe whole Czxlenrlnr can he had promptly. 'l'l1eGems, Diamond, lluhg, Emerald, Sapphire, Topaz, Upal na Pearl, always on hand :Ind set to order, Oil liaintings, Marble :ind Bronze Statuary and Mnsi B .l , cheerfully shown by our ntlcndzmts. Everybody is invited to call :ind he shown tllrouglicourztgiki wqys , I-I.. Z. Il.I'ICJ1-1135, LiNJEW'ELER,f2 No. 4 WEST KING STREET, LANCASTER, PA. M 101 ' ' -frfg?-fm Q, ' A , , - 1. iw .lf iv .. in W, ' Y Y V X ' ff-we TE Our Assortment of STANDARD and NOVEL STYLES of Coatings, Suitings and Trouserings for Men's and Boys' Spring' Wear are now Complete and Ready for Inspection. I A CILAOTFTING IN BUSINIESS AND DRESS SUITS. me-as-Tl.'ZSPRING OVERCOATS,fQ1Q'Qj.,1Q----Pj FURNISHING GOODS-Leading New 'Shapes of E. 8: W. Collars and Cuffs. Novelties in Neckwear. Laundried, and Unlaundried Shirts, 8cc., 8cc. +2'E.BA.G'n-.EE 38 EEO..,'?" No. 25 WEST KING STREET, . . . LANCASTER, PA. RQ We W RMI-EY, Nw:SQruggiAt,1-:Mb QOH. PRINCE HND QHESTNUT STS., LANCASTER, Pa --4-42,-'-396'-4-3'-S-1 Dealer in Pure Drugs, Medicines and Chemicals, Patent Medicines, Soaps, Brushes, Sponges, Perfumery, Fancy and Toilet Articles, tic. Physicians' Prescriptions Carefully Compounded. Night Bell Attached. G. L. FON DERSNI ITI-I, Ellunkselley, Statlnner ann llll Healers School Books, Blank Books, Day Books, Ledgers, Cash Books, Minute Books, Qc. Blanks of Every Description, Deeds, Bonds, Mortgages, Leases,V6:c. Cap, Letter and Note Papers, Envelopes, 8cc. Artists' Supplies and Wax Materials. 46 EAST KING ST., OPPOSITE COURT HOUSE. IU? INN -I.: My-N. f I I .V Qu. 1. . 1 1 ra. . ,. ' -w :m:a-aI 4--W-' f 'iiwf WM I , f, f ,.k. -A I ' A I " '- ' " A .-' ffsiri f I " " 'riff f45g'.f'.' 'M I Hfr7QI:IYQV,' 1- ' . A!l,.i,,::i X my -I if "Q ,Og If I " - 'gui-: egg, Ihg1,IIA5i.i' A' y A XQQQIDQ .4 Ifiwiff?"f1fl wifi' I IM!! 914 -HW' W4 'lr Q. .v A 4 Th, X .fffxk YL .,4,""x ' 1' ' I' " V Q, -A - - - - .-'I X I I- ' JNo.F LUTHER 1 . I ISI' ' ? A K 'I as NAssAu sr 1 " I, " ' .' L51.f'IW' "!' Mg. A, 21. f.Z,fI,J, W V , . . , . TERXX ,...,.k .f ijf? 5' -' 'I In . JI, J' S sw, ' . NT j ' V I W IU" ' TACOE ISEBFEAQLEG-EE, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER IN . Q ' V -If A TA- I A Zim: I-- A - , iff? I , . ,, , ' ' . NO. Q55 NO1i'17I'I CQIIEEN STliEET, l 1,61 , J? .ijf Y f: f?efg,, - . LANCASTER, PENN'A. jiyogfl, ' ' .,-13:4 "jj,',f If-' 'fi ". 'IDD ' N 1 X " f GEORGE H. MILLER S I -A ?W1"fIvw f . ' Q m-fyifd , ' h I 99'SIII"T'l1' ad tim T df limi or I mas +E-,. .AAG Q2-5.-. If QA gi K..-J Q3 - -ALJSJ I I - , 'Ii' I . No. 25 NORTH QUEEN ST., LANCASTER, PA. ITSTDF I I nh? .w Special Allcnlion Giwn ia College 1:ITlf27'llfb' Supper: and lfanquels. 'Q ' .QM--'I - A ' f' gI5IDc'vIw'I fl ' " icfrzffxfgf ' - .wb- Iiflf f I f , 4 . I . MB. and MRS. CG. I-It-I-EB, I :fag , Qffvfinbd 1 My V. D+ 4 A . "" I HWS, BARBERS and HAIRDRESSERS 1 ' , GJ: , , ' DEALERS IN AND MANUPAUTUVRERB or - A , , A , . .gmiyr I I LIIDIES IIND GENTS, WIGS IIND IIII. DESCRIPTIONS OF HIIIR WORK. ,"- Kid Gloves and Feathers Cleaned and Dyed. Hot and Cold Baths at All Hours. :li if I . I ' I Iii! N 225 and 227 NORTH QUEEN ST., LANCASTER, PA.. I jg? 15 A.' nilfglh' .I '- - 'JL' I mf I Q IVI VIIQIGIITESQ f I K ' ' f W FS! 6iEf?'2wfl.. L f ff I ,I ' I ' X . 'I'. '.',jgg -f p ,ixagy .-,, A Dwi mf I M I- - ,, I I. 9. ,1QwAf7:i'y,'i.-3-fQj,n'1' ying I' I . . T . ' . 1 ' . I .5 If"vff2-'iff5.21"-34.731JW 1' ,b f ,. r, - , 1,gj:gI, ,.', ,'.'. 1 y , .4 3.5: ,V , ,I Q, T- ,-Ugg. A , ,Q -,541-q.,.5.y gift' ,riff-I QL1'?5E5I1:31Q'-'y- Aeggggpfffifc ' ' I , -A -.v-,yfgy N ' I ". ?2I?i7I7'j 'If'"D1f?r?'I?Ia'f".ZA ' 4' ff. ...' .'-I' ff: inf I2f"1'fFD? I-I'i'.Z:?f.,f"'+I3i2s"I' fI I"'ifWSI?mi'fT7'7,f I ','I A' E e 5 S Y 1 I i I I F . e I . ! F G I ,lx ,v 'M v. Q I. ,Il , 1 .4 -,A 1 I -1 , I I- ",L , of . f I up d A, if :fe A 1 ,- I A " I 'zo 1" ' 'w'gif3f? ogdffndge I I , 2' ' 1' !,f,,1f,fj, 4,, ' sflj R, I 1 ,.'.fb5gdFj -J i Wir? , -log: Y ,Q ug L, , X If cxrcxiff- E Y' 13:33- ,f:::f.:.v:::cz::Af.A-.A .E--.-,--ml f- "" Il I no '-iz, . .T " P' "', 5 'd 'od vgl: af- I. ld! 'X' .1 ind fax: iv' do' 'H , I .J ',,I 5 fd I4E2Al,DING IDI-IQTOGRAPI-IER, LJ I M No. I2 WEST KING. STREET, ld Ili Crwm Kvys llntcl. l.ANCA51'ER, PENNQA. :NI N I -'T "'E -ET" "" - S- '-" W- ,, gpg Cd CRAYONS AND LARGE WORK. Ld V I .1 J CAEINET P:-Iomos, s2.oo PER DQZEN. IN' , , of 'H' SATISFACTION GUARANTEED lu' ' lf. ,.,E,,.,q,E.S,1r -I ' :IEW I 'S of! 1,5 I . ',.' 3 ,. A ' ' ' fi: C E S E fo' EJ cfrwfff CTU A ,M 4-1 r rd 1 , , , , O ily an 0 go E ,SN V- fr Q Wffffff, . , , d l' 322 -0-2--'-1.6-.IEE TEE! EES'I'.f'--'1-'- f ,I A zf 7 ' D h i U 13124 ,,,' 5 ' ' -. 1:575- 3 For Free Hand Draw- N 0 ,L OUR '- 1 N ' 21,9 ing or General Use V ' 2 -fi 'MS Specmy Pff- ROUND EHEXAGON SOLD Gr-md MGH. ' pared Pencil!-las No ' ' '5 Degfeesv are Un' 175 ,if-yQ",C'2 E N I S surpassed for the 11714455 V Equal. 1 I- . use of of 'ow Q,'gQg,fe,d , F5 AT E N T E D 1:1255 1 A a mangasmmunebuesasesuugsaaunnnua' a ' I , ARTISTS, ENGINEERS, DRAUGHTSMEN, Y' Or flume Rrquiriug u I'mW'1'f, Reliable Puucil. f, 'LNYL ' - ,. I I - ' , , - I I.V' of of o?g?,5,I Colorod Crayons, over 50 Colors nn Wood, Slato Ponodsand SI.1loCrayons, Eroso1's, Nlokol Goods, do. 1 3, vfalj' ' ' Mr.z'f,f SEND 25 CENTS POR SAMPLES WORTH AT LEAST DOUBLE. ' fzfifi' N .' EAGLE PENCIL COMPANY, NEW YORK CITY. , A X 955, 5, - lffsfrox ' '17 I 1- 25: ..f",Sv,.Q,"kg N N h- I ',-f'L-,jul I If ,'., ,fw4'wg,1aq,,t-- ' 5 " ., 5. ' , , , ,, I ,, , . , , , ' . " , F' I, ,,', 7, ' sua , jzfoolwifwfizi.,'mi,gzzofwgf nf or -I ' ' I ' , o T o TQ , -. ,L ,f ,ff1d-mg., I 4,1-5 :fqq'f4vgopmi, -5 ,Q f32:,l,l5fl 1,365+ iff?-SA I-11-625,-.f I iii z in '- "SWT, ,fu -I ' . " 5 if? .f'-'Cf'-'-in 4' 7 Eff-ofQ53'-fifdff 3'1'f'ofc?Q 314, 5 '.'f5KECi1cQ3 "lg, Lliwg fini f o I-'k..o'5f?m -' 91-.. 4' Qg'xf7I? 'Ci'52212121'yfjfl.,K'-21352412-,'i3Q2--Iuwl f-' 355-f?ff11'SCG:Vifif',,'F'1l,'fo,w2?':'.w'ff4'1""'d7,'.',vfr!'Qaf.'I-CVCQW'W' 3"'f1"Q -idd:W?l1f?f"'1'Zi'Po' Wi! ' iffy ' 'NYS , rf I f Wx- om'-, mfg , ' -do -ww . -Q ,I lou . j ' -mai wp -, " fwfugfg--rw I . M-1159 'v I MF- o'd'o,g, ' I "rpg -,, ':- -'f wmli-'dw - f-1.,I.'?fWE: cr -' 1' 'W ow : W lov- ,oi-,Ly l,,,o.:,.,, 'goo-1 1,5 4' +l.w41'1g4g wl'f:f'33af.'o,'!:a- - I A 1 ' -"" '- A v 1 N 9 . i I E E Z f T I I 1 F 1 K 1 4 f I N z 1 i y 9 A 2 I x E I a I x K , Y ! I , M Q A v . V r . I L 1 . E I s ,AL I I .,,1 ' 3 , ,, II ,. VI I- mg. ,, .I Iv N, ,V .',,' '.,', V . V. X' 1- 2 , ,f ,A4,!f, I I, , h, V. i'ITII1".,f" Tj" I" 'MPQH-I f ' I: I, Q, . '23, If ' 'A?' B 9 I - ' I A nu au er us ale rated Hats If I , ,II5 f ' ' o , I IA "" BIIITQI -+P no-QF LIGIITEST WEIGHT. MOST EIISY FITTING. Iygj' ZIiIll?f:1II I II 951. 43 'II':"fI ,I 3 f'I?3:f' GURREGT STYLES? ,QUIILITYGUIIRIINT'D. I 7 , ' ......,............................. ' A ",.I-mfg Q THUNKS, TIM VELING BAGS, GLOVES AND ' IITII STAUPPER an co., I -"-l H - . 9,252 f'cfg'5f5'gg,fQf"I"C I 31 and 33 NORTH QUEEN ST., LAINECASTER, PA. , I ' I 125:2 6 HETTSHUS DRI TC' STORE I I I - .1 I. v I, ii Q I , . .IC fI OPPOSITE THE NORTHERN MARKET, Wg i,I3f?i, - . 1 I LA N c A STE R, P A. I I TEI I -me--M Accrass B Y DAY AN D N IG l-1T.1------JOE-' .. , ,,.z,s M , . I I WIAIII .. I , I HAS REMOVED FROM NO. 48 NORTH DUKE STREET TO g'fgJ?'If,If TIIIIE-5:- ,, '23 :IW No. 246 WEST ORANGE STREET, LANCASTER, PA. 'E 'I4I I. I I. III' fl. gy , .- rl iq., ,M I' .QV -'-II? if 5' .,,z, .q.,,,, 2 f , 19 , vI,I,. I BALI:-If ' 'T 'Iiw' 7?'41' lf I ' -..--.-. TI' I ' H 2 JILL, " A ' ' Dentistry in all Its Branches. Special Attention Given to Diseases of the Gums and' , f Affections of the jaws and Mouth. ' ' I EW .w.4Q.' ., I . I, Tiff: I . . . 'gig A , I I W -.W fyilx , Ii iI,'ggQ.. If In gg -gf , .I I'f'i1 wifi if ifflig, E' ' .rm . '1 'X if el ' '4I Irv 'VL In 'IT I' 'surf 5 1 i W -I Qin 4" ,I lkf Z! 'Pg A-vi 24 yr I- .III 'T' 1nd ,cz IEIJKL i mf if W 12 195 '?I'.2TI,f: li T"e . '.5 FII . 51- , VIH, , - I I xi MI K Q ,V ,M gi ,AQf.3,I,g,, WIN, . My MTEIMLF, K 'I I I 015 le.-W-h.:m,s .II'2?-wi'-IIifI I . I I I -.Q-IIIIIIIQII fa If II h rn" ?2'f1 Ili, -' T .' i I . 'II,' "f'I ' Tm?gz,I1'g'I,f14 - , ' B Il I -fI.v, 55'-'al II , - . . I "gmq',.1iI,iwI-1, Q-: . I ,I - Q . ' b I ,V , wyy',I'f'E.I, Qc' - '. in '-,veIf..'wf.,'f ' 1: I - ' H' wr'-'f'ff-' fm'-1' 1' - ' I . I ' , I I - A ' , ,. I' I 1-fm Yr.. wi J In 51. I I I. 'I I I I I I .I I .I I ' I Isa" vm. -I7"i,':' L.'IA3"""1Qf1fITs4II24lI' ,S CI' I' '.,' -I f, w, ' I I -. I fu L 'T I 'I ' '-',: I- 'I .:L.T' I'W I MXILT-yf,gIj:'j ww. , AIQIII- ,I AI , ., ' 4 k I .. , II , .Qx A ,ji ' 1-y. 4. 4, I MI .wg .3,WIg4.5-1:eIAf,I,2,- - , ww ' IVI ii L 12,01 vii,- M I I:,qv.3I,..'! X, I -QI., K K r I I .,, -' 1 I A , ,I,. , ' ' ' 1 I 'ff I. If I I.: 'sk H LIL I L ET' Iuyrrfl ' :I '-'-Haw .12 " " II ' -.' 1 II- I - I- ' 'I ' I If .7 1' ' 4 I5 k F. 'T r ffi. ' ,W H' -fav, ga ,, IM, ,I me , wc. 'I I I,: '-I1 W mf I- ,I U 'I I I 'I I I W 1 I M f ' . , I. ,, ,, Iv ,II Q Q. -' I :MI --I .I If -1'P,s:IQg-.iff-I V-'i,.I .uf M .m I-:,I 'fs ,L.,I, - q,. .I -. ' ,LI Q il ' ,A . 5,42 ,I I H MW 4 ' I I I 1 M .Ii-1 , I Q I+ W5 -fd WI JIT?-ipI?IiIiiIi"43.If ,511 v'I41I:Ig.fg'Ig,,' ., .IIIi,3f'-it 55:24-I I, ,' gf'-l,-gmc' I , ff " ',Ig11IYm'w I ' ff ,1 ' ,q Ik E II I',g4 QM -N31 e'f!I, IQI-Q., '5- ,I , ' " H Y' IJ iLf'1 wIZ1':I: fqfggg GH? 'MW ":gI LII,-.j,I' ygl9:,e" '25,!w"II'- w"'1"1sZ,:-N' ii ,. 1 wi ,I 5 I1 4441- A f ,S I ' Y 'T IL: I v ,, ggi, -:xg-I-,I-wI.I,,,.,' gII- ,I gg . 1 - in gl- -, ' I-.. :,' I3 - 4 , W 4- : I'-II ' I ,Ji I I ' I W 5 ,, 1 ,ng II 1 g, 1 4 ' I I ix v , I'IfIfe1'LE'z" IIvIw93.-: I,E2vI"J. - - " "TT' , T '-4 '2"-Iii WI I 1 xv-I ev III X "WIS nh T 'if IT 'Jw f ' If ' , i ,'..Ix,,, I I-j 75-fswi'iI,1'12f5IWw,fzQ:ig i:,,a i.:gi,jg"'1IIg, MQ IQy4,m I 5 7.5,-, I x ' , I ov I W ' ,. ' + , -'K an ui. igvifn Z I pn, WAT 'I' ggi , v I' . fg, I',,-':IQI'2ff Q 1151. ,:".,f:IfI", QI W1 ff" 'IIIII ,' 4. f"II.II':'4'I5 fm Ij:,1Ij1j'fii A' 'I ii" ' ' . III, I II -I ,I I ,. . I ,I 1 I 4 1 r 1 4 i 4 v 4 3 4 I 1 J 4 1 4 4 4 4 I 4 i A 4 3 f Q 4 B 4 X E i 4 i X 4 4 T. .-W 1' M., yi I r , 1 ,. J . :a Q Aw. .L , N ,T W I ' fl "'uC w ll! J. ., Tu., ,-,, ' .v, 41 I Af Ai' '-1 ,P rv A IJ.. II.. CS:-11.13-CJIKE, A A BOOKSELLERRQSTATIONER, f g NO. 218 NORTIEI QU1a:1'e1N S'1'1:1c'ET, .wil A Few Doors North of Depot. LANCASTER. PA. A A A A HETHE STULJELL L1 -- 1 ,MLS -T , A C-'XOPEN EVERY DAY AND NlCvH'T.fQ ' T4 OYSTERS IN EVERY STYLE. HOT COFFEE and SANDWICHES. J, P ........,... E . .. Q lip A ' OVQQQQ A L A D A L , , A ...... L .............,. ..,........ g -- b No. 211 NORTH QUEEN STREET, A-if LA Nc3As'1'ELR, PA. ' H One Door North of the Pennsylvania Railroad' Station. IEIARE, Y I.. 'I'E,C U 'I' H . 7 .f No. 25 CENTRE SQUARE, LANCASTER, PA. .jj A ' BINDING- OF fb Q- " n:'A R' MDAGAZTNESAANDASERIALAIQUBMGAIMONS-s Sl , A s,P1f:c1ALTY. --ooo--- T BLANK Booxs OF ANY SPECIAL PATTERN MADE TO ORDER. Ig: ' 5131? Orders by Mail Promptly Attended Toffgga V. -4' l 1 n X gf, H In Wg-i2'fN f .- -1' 1327 1 'Ng:,3', ' '-" '- ' Ndfglfiiitg if f if Q A M . KV, L.A .Q ,-.-w,- ,,:.-5 4, rw. . 1 , ' 4 L Q4f'.ww 'Y3' I f A ,5 , r A , , , A V , - A f -A: " . -' ,,'-qw' i My E51 A A ffm - ' 4 A. .T ' ., 'Rf 5.-E, oz M - T fi54+""-gipfififfgl -A,A.gate:J-gi1,:sfr12:f4QE-1-'.-:JeffT54'Wff5f"i, To ,541 my Wall givfi? if 5 5 Q' f.. -, , . .. 1 -- A , .VM 1,145 if-,, 3, 1,,.-f.fg- ww gg , 11 ,f ' A . 1 ' T ' ' A f fx V 'wth LgEE9Bf'34??i.Ti2wi,5iWw3TiW2:3snv:Qm95'EfAff'cm52p..aai9fiT!iwr4mQtu5afHfH'14t43fQM'3ff.z3f3f'm,?a573ifZ?f3?M'i3T'hRQ7?:5i'5'e+'5wdn61i'fvTci'S1i5ff-.if 3 A whim Mm'Bm.,T L 1 R5 'WNV W Y H x 'Q 1 HMM m"1if?" AV' ' K 1 ? E i 1 , i s 9 . I I 2 i E 1 4 A Q I I i E i 1 1 4 E E E ! mama 1, , 'xwifz f' 5 nnwmamxwa. E EE For Cleansing and Preserving the Teeth, and lmpartlng a Delight fnl and Refreshing Feeling to the Mouth, Nothing is Better than Dentalina. Price, 25 Cents. N Prepared by R. KAUFFMAN, Druggist, NO. 56 NORTH QUEEN STREET, LANCASTER, PENN'A. IN ly Q0 X , H- ll, Q Exim lm sg 1 , I fe ,f Allth x. a' A 'V Mk ' F' IANQUEEN ST' 1.fg.hZ1,'?fA11"l52ffh1 MZ E1',.Q'2hS. ' LAN c ASTE R, PA , Gr- SENER QSC SGNS., LUMBER, MILL WORK, UOIXW SUHE, LANCASTER. Pl'1NN'A. sfiigik ' DON'T FORGET TO PATRONIZE THOSE .'-' , WHO ADVERTISE IN THE ,K "1-X WW' QRTFLAMMEJ' P1 MIS' Y ,. LQ ,A T , an , W1 A . L' V .f, J' 1. L. ap . w,,,,. nh' ,S T.. 1 ,g V .V .,,, Mm. .T 4 B Y I 4a'gi3i3?fE54'k if F vc T ff' ' T ' ' . . 2:5654 Qsv jg. ,Lv Vi: - -. L - ws' 2 A E Engnavev, E ,f A Pmnherl and Statluqaw ' College, Wen'o'1'ng, Reception,f ,T ' Visiting Plate Elllllzilwd. nud 50 Cards Printed' 1 from lt for 81.00. ,, T " as All tlln lmtext Siylr-s nf Writing Parr-rs, I'rint.e1l if wg r T with lfrnternlty Marks or Wit lout, U . 51 A .-2 .45214 44441454445 Snnlples Sent on Application. Fl I5 Q A H E A H TE . A S 6 , A-- ,,--,-f-..J Y L.. .. .J-1 A wvrrx-1 1?ITQS'l'-CLAXSS g RESTAURANT ATTACH ED, P'OOL TABLES AND TEN-PIN ALLEY. 14,'16 and 18 EAST CHESTNUT STREET, LANCASTER, PA. D opposite Pennm R. R. Passenger Depot. G-rmnsieisg Cfzustorr? ioggieei. Good Beds and Well-Aired Rooms. Modexlate Charges. Also ' ood Sta e oom o - I 'fgl Q GEORGE FLORY, Proprxetor. 'S 13006 St GY1' Ore. ' Y: ',1, v. ' Gund Eelentinn nf Literature ! 0' Large Variety uf Stationery ! Popular Prices tn All ! pl ' 53 HND 55 NORT1-JQUEEN ST., LANGHSTER, Wx. A A 113 A - N if '-2 '.', f . 'T '-1' ff A ,',i92ffY 3 '?f5Q.551'u'J""iEi.1fff5,f:fg', , I - T - A -' mf M- vw 'ww f V .Ta A -, - V. fwwrf'v:1 ' '- -' ' . Q " ' 1 ' ,. ' To , 2'5fm'.,,,' "T' A 'ff 'T.' f H'X.ffHitf'wQ.,fsQ:':, ' W Y -1 " . f J '..x....'3..:1fs: w w 5'-' 5'- , ' 'Sl 'HAM , Q Nlfff., 1, -1:12. I ai.. A ,,-7. if -ml.-le - 'Ti .- , W .. ig, FLINN 85 BRENEMAN, T ,,.-43131-:ALERS IN mg. I v- A 'iq TBEHIVIAN STUDENT LMMPSW LMVIP ISUIIIIS. No. 152 NORTI-Il QUEEN STREET, In.A.1N'CASTIEPl.. PA. ,T . wi H 3 i .- K T Iv! 1 1 , 1 if 2, W rl x a 1 V J xt, l 1 .- le . 'ff ffq Nj, - an - .v 2:1 nfl, I Y A . . lg 'I-. H if . Y T 9 ivy, :lx HJ i 'ix A , 1 f c R wg PEOTCG1-EEJLPEEE, I wcsl King Sl, Llcrncfzrsldr. Per. lBsLow THE COOPER Houss.J z -.l Cabinet Photos, 32.00 Per Dozen to Students. A Q, :rosnalrz-I REESER- A WALTER c. HERE- TQ '7 - ' L , I E ' .-.3 A' 1'i""E3EEfS7-ER as gf' Successcrs to Joseph. Recser. M ' 1 . . - O , A 5:3 . . 1 1. - .1 , . , .1 .ffl-1 Emmnmwha, if lliwtzlpes, if Lmckfl, . rail I JEVN'P2LRY, S1"EC'lxACLES, E'fC. With a Carefully Selected Stock of the Most Reliable Goods, we can Guarantee to Customers 7 l ' Perfect Satisfaction in Every Way. .' Special Attention Given to Fine REPAIRING and FITTING 0fLENSES. Y NO. 101 NORTH QUEEN STREET, LANCASTER, PA. ' . 1 7 ' f i-fevfg., ' I ug? We Q,.i.g ., . 1 Zfiivin f Mi2?fif.f,lL-9-33,35Wy'---,Q-Y5', '31 1, H 1-A 1 , J T. 1- .. 3' fi ,.',gZf5?i,3'giz' W"-'i 4'l,-2e'fl'fiiil'W'? 7"f'l,- '. f, V ifllvvz-'Tr.i5.fr52f?'Q5 Im'f7"ibfl fW'i2'11'i5Wi51-' "Q",'fiil,i'Slf'9 "K -if 5aJ'm"'D'MM:Ql""k"'!4i":"Tm"m"h 1""'32"5'L i 'N T' W 419' 4- f f 5' BRANDT AL co., S41 5.-9,1 :Sf V51 101. 5 5 2 E A" U' r X 'V X LATEST if LOWEST STYLES. PRICES. 1-"1-'. vi f-2 su :vi- l,Q.U.x7x v 'v v v fr -...'-.g.-.- FOR --:-.-- HHTS, CAPS AND TFURNISHING GOODS. 144 NORTH QUEEN sfr., LANCASTER, PA. SHAVING AND HAIRDRESSING ROOMS, No. 146 NORTH QUEEN STREET, LANCASTER, PA. A FINE ASSORTMENT OF CIGARS for those who may desire them. STEVENS IEOTTSE His t- Class Sha why ana' Hahdresslhg Saloon, 104 W EST KING STR EET, LANCASTER, PA. HOT and COLD BATHS. Also a Full Line of TOILET ARTICLES on hand I-IENRY T. WAGNER, - - - 1VIa,nageA'. llj 0 1 A 'K+ P 'wp r f J-lg, . - , L, X. Y , 5, J' 'eh S. I. Af .Q Q 13006 on Deafness and Catclrrfu.. 1 3- ,...v-..,.- ... 1, THE above-named Book of nearly loo pages, by Dr. Shoemaker, the well-known, . . u experienced Aural Surgeon, will be sent free to any address. Every family . should have this Book. The Book is illustrated, and fully explains in plain language ,Q all DISEASES of the EAR, and CATARRH, and how to treat these ailments suc- cessfully. Address, , DR. c. E. SHOEMAKER, No. 613 Xvaluut Street, READING, PA. 'V!7'h.o1esa1e and Retail QCONFECTIONERY, CAKE 'Bl3lKERY,e , AND ICE CREAM ESTABLISHMENT, N 166 and X68 NORTH QUFFN STREET, I ANCASTFR, PA EH'Pnrties and Families Supplied with Ice Cream and other Refreshments at Short Notice KS'Families and Others Furnished with Ice Daily. HARRY SUT? C0179 ivlleeehrqelger and Jeweler e NO 149 NOIIPPI f.Ql,TI"LN Srl. V LANCASTER, PENN A. 4. MI-15. J.. CE'u-E1'E3'l?.'I.-'S 1? x , H .J rs .1 f I is .1 Q F .5 '13 F an ooooso ' V -er , , 4 AN 0R.IfElLz3iBi!I.ME"4-f- Slice huh Acceptable Elirescnt fur Haut' Zfrienh Il e H 1' tw ' O Vw e J SY gg QM 1, .W'Lv:, ' ,f 1, e , -g 1 f. , I , Z".-If lp, .-l' , ,-" K . f.. '7 . . . . . . F .......................................N......................... W 9 5 r 1 1 w 3 . . 1, 1 , ., 2 . I , 1 ooovooooovooooooouoooooonoooavfvoooooooooaooooooo new ' , VX O Q lf' it i K , X N A -,Q 9 ' .J .J -J f , ' I Y A F. X 'W A, Q l. 6 t . Y' 'U P , .gui 4 s Nigilii f -.-4 ::- 4 Tn' lemfif . t at .ma 51,139.5 ,f, ,. .- , i eg, 'eg''sei-'+zirE:l.."l.. L "fell-Liner! ?''ff'vf.4525f'.-' 1 ,, on n M 1'-fiat eif'efyfpaea'e4:.ff:.f 3, , , 4 V L 1 . , -, A 1. , q ,v-wgrgwe .amz mf'-f,X','., , e , Ji.. l . - . , ' . 2, ,. , V '- v, f A -f .,.f, -1 'Af'-lr" ,mm-',. ..:"i:3e--Lf. - .' K A is-'w ' 4 sf-1 'V-,, ','-' a--Qin-.,w'Q1 . 3ijre7,wf:.!1ef1-..,,-:YQ 1, L 1 K . A . ,. y 2 , ef, . ., N- w. ,Wx vu. 1- M. ,1 + 5 . Mr - e w -1 A - 'ee M fe' X- Nea 'We .I 4.1. is ' '- " ' A ' lf 'Y "WM 1-u 'RW W 'H Ms, we 1, .fe 1. I ' . .un Mil fr H' 1 "ini e 'Q -e E' A A' DIAMONDS, , WATCHES, , JEWELRY. 'E" SILVER AND SILVER- 'S VV-, . All the Rogers Groups. I W' , ' ' ' - H1 I I: ' I ,',,' . .. -' ,r-1 my - . ww . ff. ' 'jg A '-,J Iggy.,-',.1I-,pf 4,,',z.y3-,x - ',-. " V J-I , V I f' 'L - Q . -N ' . 'H ,. , '-I I "Hz 'I' HI ' IQ if W- ' 'fj .I II .I I. . .-ALE' I ,, A' H.: '1".Qx.:I'aA','.!gg,,j' aQ'I'.9.f'ggff,AIMQ3Lim-I5 JM.. ' - , ., , " fAJ:q-j' 1-. Ljl' lj Augustus Khnads, I No. zo EAST KING sw.. 'A LANCASTER, PA. "Q PLATED WARE. if . - '7 R. I WATCHES, JEWELRY AND SIL- ' VERWARE REI-AIRED. , ' --fn-W --W, , I " If: ' I ATT T MORAL: "INSURED IN THE 'IIIXIIIIELEIISXI , :J 1 1 -TR! . .., ,,,. -I' fsfgg- T TT ..... ...... o R IGINAIJ ACCIDENT comP'NY ffl- . or A1vIERIcA. If I ' 1: Q ' VII, JA- LARGEST IN THE WORLD. ALSO, WI. I , THE BEST A ...M I. I-I' ,, I! .QQ fr - . my LI' 1-1-I I ' II? fm. , 1 .I v A ' 1 ' f..,.Il,IifjQ'I IRAII . . urn comPAmI:s. . ' J-T:-14 .. .E 'IT'YI+pyfI ' -1 QW. PAID POLICY-HOLDERS OVER 313,900,000.00 y,.5j..ffh1 H Lg- 'V I ,N Y ISI.. . 5 ASSETS, S9.lll.000. SURPLUS, S2,I29,000. , ' JAMES G. BATTERSON, I'res't. Roumsv DENNIS, Scc'y. JOHN E. IHURRIS, Asst. 5cc'y. 'fir' I ' xf,jjf'ffQ3 TI ' Q-L II ' I I'If5"'.Iii' liiih I , 0 ll, Ish. , ,. 1. Af' 'P .3YI?I"iIf I , .j5E,,:H.' ,V jf K irq . I . ,LA-iif,1Wf' ififflzrill ' ' .l:?'fIIiIfi'Ifg' . an I 1 .REI ' 1 jj-Iw1,f.. I. , , ..,. 5' f.:,,7!'l ., 1:3 I .5 ., .',f1.5g-.2421 '.-'IJ .IV 1,':'f.Itnu:'If' - . I ' , I '- 23.1 I-is ' " TSI ,. - " I . I , I. H In A . If . 2'LI.-f.'-BW I IQILII ffrmvf I-v.'III..f3.1.'..Iy.,e- . . ' ,. , , .- I a. . . . I. ' .f ' 3' 4. . I ,, ,,IG.,2,.,,sI,,3I.1s,IEl.?5 ZYIMTZEWSRLFQAILI113535,XIX:,:,I.iI:,g2Ag-?. 355: gggr. Lkfj ,Q Ii .Ri IN, fs IK- ,Q X. A K U LIEW.m,:'ww ,T ' jgI?,,.I QQ I , 3 -.-gpg-z:,.,'. aff:-2'L',,,5.vpg3'Av-'3,.t.,,f gui' 1- ,YIQIQA :RMK-,:I'i.AI,f45:-9.3 .5 LVQI . 'EQ . K I IV., flffig- ,.I'53:v.?-I ,537 - Af, .V :,'. ' fl. LL : "Ag .4 'figlliikiafaI7.IIIIIMIEff-Izii".:II:I3sI'.i3.aiZ.5IIEiQZ:IIIE:IIIIIEEIIII-Am,'wZI,IIfz2f:'fJ.I If' ,I Af' .fra.IRAQfwie-R,.ii's1:.f.,?.IfII:'II2'IIs.IrIItrz1IfI5i'5'5.m I Y f A iv Y ,V N. -as ,p 9 'gg ,Q fl AJ .ir , A 2 A T 5 A , y , 1 'A 1 f-495' 1 e f . 'gf i-, z ., V, A A NQMA V1 '," " xi? Tyr., ' Az: A '73, E .Al GOGD W ORK A D LO W PRICES ' ' 'L gg A5 1 Coffars, 2 Canis. Czfk, 4 Canis Per Pair, 'N25"r-25 AT THE 'Sfs-4f"" 1 A: NAAAAA . ,A Z A f 1 -AA: ,C ,Q A A, 3 V 1 All ff. 2 ' ' 44 ri - t A J j faa 5 3 752 A35 'e 96 VW' "'4 ,,f ey, ev. . ..1. .., ., . . .,,. Kr. .M .1. .1. , , N, ,M 4. M. .M Nu, ,,. K EQ e ae. Ah biSl4ESL45guE'E 4 11.5 A ' No. 220 ARCH ST., LANCASTERQ PA. ff' A 0 Q ' X f' '. r fifq- J EG Ji EELMMJQJ 5 - -IN My 33 65, A K A gX'ri+1fBI1E'+Z11vsi'Kj+ new afrrzrswxmxx-rgx'fwxw3'rf: iq:-prsjgqaggfgrgy A A W ' 'TI he ,. '-1. N .N .311 .i gg , fffA.AQ, .-5 lp. li 45'!',Ap, 3, PE 5: 3 4 1: i fi 5 .,QA ' 'f' ' Q - ml' - f :lsvffy Q E i . f'f5A-W9 , .7+:rugu.f + via Q- +f ff- --Q, U,-.f.-1,-, e:.+J.Q.-ew.uu,Qg+exr.+.u: ' , "4A omncmz 153 NOIQ'1'I'I QUEEN STREET, Nea.: and Sduth. of Pennsylvania R. R. Depot, "f'ffLi , 1 -W Aff -,'5'I1,1'-'.,z. LANCASTER, EEA. " Wxf ' ' ' ' - AFlrst-Class Coaches, Phaetons, Buggies and Sleighs. Safe Horses and Careful Drivers. 1'x.Q 2g, Funerals Promptly Attended with First-Claus Hearses and Carriages. Weddings a Specialty. A Qfilfgg-fl - " ff, AW - . . . . . frwlvi Aeilw - iii. HW ,ic .xii , i , iw . . Wg. 1' 4 FF'-'ww .- qf:Af,,f.v -.5 bmw... J A- --. v . href, NV cya-V ,. A- M. QAQA , .3 W' , .qw r.., A ' L '5- ef Yi 'F . - 71995 7,57 ,::'f.'. ,, . .' . l . 11?fy'??4xK'1f'-"LM-af' . ' iff? ,. 1 ,Q - gg I A -. gf f, M17 -1,3.w3?,. ,i1.'4,.p,,4'j'A'-.H A l.A.w,,Jg ffl. ' . 4 -'- V . ,av -, f - ,tgp-,' . A A-:yin 1.g,'gg5L5.g,t.f:'--25 ,A 2, -, .A .E Q, . E . E. . - 1 - W - A -A - A , . .. 11 -A ,Q ,. ,, . VA ,A A- -.AA',3,g., ,A .fm ,H ua - - -I. ' A, EQ , P F45 7 3 'ww'wwf-"'l-fl1-la17'1'l.1,,'-' wil.--fii - "wi '- if - sw wg.: 'ffwlf' n-rf?FfW'? G.Zfl+ief'w ll .SW W . Ii L ., , M iz gi ir M . , ., ,,1.,,, , .. .1 . , , , i .x . f.,..,., 1 . ,l ., , , . 41. N A .. ., . 7' lwigr ilgcwiy, gr My Q., -.,-.,,5gvv.A:A5nu-2Q,A.'r,nz-1Qfy,,'l,-iA.,7:,3,.AQTL? :AsVzW.fA,f,A,f,A.?4w A HA., , ,,AAAA9Mg'AgA,: ,.,f'1:g1AA,54j,f'Xf'Ha'-,g, 3U-+Mj:x3jZQ,- ,gy - Aifgw, gk If . g'2GQ,:. fs. lQ'5f'A-'21,'1'y,.,.f .'fQ,-f ,9 i ,'Mj1..,fg,.ggl. ,- Jtgs. i' . -Shiree..12.3fwL'mff.:kw.M-QEQZMEQ,wif.l-'JAQQZ2116aBQ1Qm2i5iY?i1w.faizefirgivikiahmla.3'u:lf.2.-.i-.Milhm .1 w -. -- -- e . 1 x i . 1 I v i I i . i . X . I I I I w i I 1 1 i I K f f I l A I , LL M Ni 0 0 5 I A , .1415 1 Jr, P'-READ TI-IE-++e- A ZZ lffni, 11,1 .,., 7.4 ,,.., -.,f ,........ . 5.-egy,.fsfa......f ..... -..:.,a,-.'.4,3-pfgfi-,E5, 5 fr 0 ' 0 i ' Qflli il5l1UiG3iiI C9 Q 6919 o T 5 afgsfis.-.4-.-.-41.3-:..': .... ..:J-..4......'.:... ........ .-uv.-riff..4-...fu,.w2-Isweasiafglg E if Q3oNmA1Ns Hun rms flaws! FOREMOST IN ENTERPRISE! FULLEST IN HOME NEWS! UNEQUALLED IN TELEGRAPI-IIC NEWS! ' Brightest in Correspondence ! Unrivalled for Original Literary Excellence ! Special Attention Given to College and Educational News. 'Q-ls TRY IT FUR A MONTH. ONLY 50 CENTS. - DELIVERED TO ALL PARTS OF THE CITY BY CARRIER AT TEN CENTS PER WEEK. ' I .... , , ..--.-.f4oiop-o- .. .-7--W . J Q V if W 'N I , fs. ' 'U H .. 44 ,.. ..... .. ....... ........ . if-'T' ...K-.a.s.4.., .,...2x?4 .ax,.,2,if 1 Q 3 3 163 Ka W 6 ' 'C' ' 52300 cuz Q0 Qrln neg. 8 Good Printing Needs No Praise. This book speaks for itself. It was Designed and Printed at the INTELLIGENCER Printing House. A -if-Glinllegc -:- iilriuting -:- ra -:- Specialty.-3+ 'Estimates Furnished and Contracts Made for All Kinds of job, Commercial and Book Printing. Address: ,gf INTELLIGENCER, hzmcasrun, Pa. .fs 120 if .7 .V -Q' R t fa Aw. 'Q ,, ,.., . , 'yi .fx l-fl ffkfmi .. -f ,gs ,Jie- Wif I -Y ., T if ,, ,,. - ,,,f-.. 1 , '. " 'MU ,frgf w, .' 1, , Y f 1.5 w. 'N .. I' 7, 'V ' 'J Q' ' it ':!".L',' Q.j,,-gf,-'fQ"1V'2:fii7f' lx!! t ei", to ,Z K 3 2' -, - 1 . '1 1: . ,, ,lsmf yu-ijg,-lf. 1'w-f,yf,- .,p,.,,f: '-f'1.ii5,!eH,Q4Ff ri'.-Q-giiwjfr ' gf 1. , 9 w' I ,. -,',-'.r',,11'4.f" 3, ' ., g.M'k'? gy, Tl? aQ!Jjgjj:-3jk'ff'l.5.g.fLCg1fiin QW." rf '-'Z,ffQ,,f ,LL . fav-2f?'w?. Qg.":,?5t ,J-.1'.5,'-q i ml,M-.-4!.',a,:,:r"sf L!-a1,g,,, ,,gf..f"f.P??M12T,g alafl-1-1"17.4i-.434-.w-Q4ig'91 M1595-1'. r figfwf' " , , 4 M-f:t1zr.w+9wia:mmi!ir!f.':v5!Isa!k::W-w'i'fe21:,4MJfi'yifa.t4'i.H si, I f f iz. ,H -- -T rfff H Ef1g,12e:-------- Clollege Q. is t dent. --Jw H Dflemlfzly Journal Elevated to Gollege Flows and lsitsenauuve. HE STUDENT is a Monthly, which, while by its Local and Personal Columns fulfilling tl1e object of a College Paper, endeavors to provide reading matter of a higher order for its readers. We are endeavoring to make the STUDENT a factor in the Educational Work of our Institution by directing the minds of the Students towards Literary Labor. ' To the friends of the Institution at large it should be of interest as an indication of the effect our teachings and our philosophy have on the minds of those whose affairs are contained in its columns. We, therefore, solicit your patronage and co-operation. svnscnuvrxos PRICE 31.00 PER YEAR. Address, l C-SHE Gonna-:GE Smuonnrn, LANCASTER, PA. Enrrons Fon l888-87. Eorrons Fon I887-88. A. H. Rormmmsu, J. L. Rousu, E. C. MUSSELMAN, F. A. Ruru-:v, D. Sculsmmz, F. A. Ruvuzv, W. S. Homnmk, H. H. APPLE, J. K. Lxcur, ll. H. Avi-ua. j. K. Lionr, W. H. Wm.cnANs J. P. HARNER, F. C. MILLER. l2l allegra all A ' nmconn BUILDING. 9174919 CI-IEESTNUT STREET, PI-IILAIJEI,PIfIIA, PENN'A. THOMAS MAY PEIRCE, M. A., Principal and Founder. Morning, Afternoon and Night Sessions. .. . hants and farmers who have had doubts as to whether a sractical business educa- gl Bldiiillgiihi:tgliiainlzziifstxtsirle ofthe counting-room, have been surprised at the timroughly practical man- iigiiliim which their sons and daughters have been qualihed for business engagements at l'lulRLE COL- LEGE, and are now among its warmest friends. items ni interest for the iiiihonglttiul. ' ' ' the finest buildin f in Philadelphia, an Elevator, Steam-heat, Special Ventila- torsIwazvliolbggaiiiayatouies and Electric Lihglits. Call and examine the conveniences and accomodations. 5 The Course and Methods of Instruction, the personal experience of the Professors, and the technical knowledge gathered by the Principal as a court expert 3. The Success Achieved. Eight hundred and seventy-nine C8793 students last year. THE COURSE OF INSTRUCTION. .' tstructed in technical knowledge qualifying them forthe transaction of business and the 3:3343-lggqiggetnetit of business aflairs. They are taught: To Cgndugf Business. To Write Business Letters, The Customs Prevalant in Trade, - I . The Forms Used, l Business Ethics and Commercial Law S To Record Business Transactions in Books of I ' Commercial Calculations, Business Penmanship, The Laws of Trade and Finance, Account' ' 1 The Uses of a Bank, Civil Government, Single and Double Entry, I Political Economy, Etc. -we-!-ANNUAI. COMMENCEMENT.-1+ The most prominent merchants, financiers, such as l-lon Frederick Frale ', Hon. john Welchhlohn Wanamaker, George Stuart and lhomas Cochran, have presided at our Annual Commence- ments, and have expressed lngh appreciation of the value of the business training obtained at this insti- tution. , , Distinguished educators, such as Commissioner Eaton, Superintendent Higbee, Professor Little and Chancellor Hall, have commended the methods ofmstruction and the general pur oses oi the College. And such popular lecturers .as Rev. Qr Buclcleiy, General Fisk, Rev. Dr. Tarmage, ohn R. Gough, and Rev. Dr. Peck have entertained and instruetex' the large audiences which annuady gather in the American Academy of Music to witness our commencement exercises. , Ladies and gentlemen are enrolled at any time. and charged only from date Ofenrgllmenl, l!'Call or write lor Circular and Commencement proceedings. . ojjices, Rooms 5 and 6, Second Flour. A REV' JOHN T"'0'V'PS0N.- DEAN' t m I2 'T' .'e'f5,EWW'5"5Ws' sfmwl ii'3t"ff'i"'i'gl .-1 ,Jia -l.?t?lfif t' .:ilckv-HifiFfi-f,fl'ii-W?"'."iiiviLE'7?iL!"ifi "1'5'1:'-'W' 3-ii 'W Q ' ,. ...n fn, -.,i.,.fi ta ii. 1 If f inf ' 3 . tif t ' 01" i tv 9',i,Si4' 'lint t ziiiif szviiiwmats

Suggestions in the Franklin and Marshall College - Oriflamme Yearbook (Lancaster, PA) collection:

Franklin and Marshall College - Oriflamme Yearbook (Lancaster, PA) online yearbook collection, 1894 Edition, Page 1


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Franklin and Marshall College - Oriflamme Yearbook (Lancaster, PA) online yearbook collection, 1902 Edition, Page 1


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