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EX LIBRIS , THE 1939 epilogue The geniofz Glass 'ffzanlzlin G Wlafzslmau Qcaaemml VO LUME XXVI Q 5 2 2 uaggnne a s THOMAS BEURY FLYNN, CO-mor SAMUEL WELLESLEY PERCY, Co-Editor BENMMIN EBERHARD HELLER, Business Manager COPYRIGHT 1939 THOMAS BEURY FLYNN, Co-Editor SAMUEL WELLESLEY PERCY, Co-Edi'ror BENJAMIN EBERHARD HELLER. Business Manager ALMA MATER From tar and near we gather, A loyal band and true, At F. M. A. for work and play, Beneath the White and Blue. Our elder brothers won us The pride we share todavj Now ours the turn new wreaths to earn For dear old F. M. A. Great is the debt we owe thee, Our fostering school and homey But we shall pay thee, F. lvl A, With love where'er we roam. Though Fate or Fortune call us To distant scenes away, With heart and hand we'll ever stand By dear old F, lvl. A, gpilogue IQ Q ozewozb We, the Senior Class ot l939, here attempt to the hest of our ability to por- tray lite at Franklin and Marshall Academy as a remembrance for those leaving and as a record tor those to come. Book Book Book Book Book Book Administration Seniors Athletics Activities Features Advertisements WILLIAM M. HALL edicafion We, the Senior Class of l939, dedicate this, our Yearbook, to Mr. William M l-lall in appreciation of his unlimited patience, extensive knowledge, keen sense of humor and line character, To us Mr. l-lall has always been affectionately "Daddy" because of his genuine ini- terest in our welfare. Mr. l-lall is not only a beloyed teacher, but an Academy tradition that we sincerely regret leaving. my x.. -gui? 'Edu -5 Mi IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIII IIIIIII III III IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIII IIIIII IIIIIIIIII III III IIIIIIIII- vig? If Z I- C W' ,h? 1 X if W pq X7 fl ...I FM ffrsgjyf fa ff r 044, I' 'W WJ XT? I ff 7 f"'X fr rf I fl ,V 6 Qi? Qikff WZ!! ,f f I 654.1 if .ei-'ll 1141 K UW K Lgw Q XKWW J X jtggyffx'-6 PNQ' u. 5 4 'Ill' HJ 'N 9-zf f S, Z, Lnsonme V onnmz T X77 k!,w IP, IIIIIHI IIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIII IIIIIIII II IIIIII U gm IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII II IIIIIIIIIIIIIT "UI I IIIIII IIIIIIIII III IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIII IIIIII II I IIIIII II IIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IL? 1 ,?-lg1,II g1F ?1l:lg? x.5s.X1l STN? mx n' c I .fi 'fX IFIIXINI ' ,,',-X X," .3 , ,Q - ' x . -II K I . ., I .X I ,X-I kwa vpn. 'X 5i X A . W-bm N 'aN" 5 Xftxxsxq I,-N f.. Qrx' 'I HI III II ??I.IIf::mIffqI' -. I-- - L, IG-1 '-I, I :WV fa' 'Sf-, . I: ' it I' II I- I'I"I'IIII,'II' I ,.IIIiI?II:. 5 W I UggIIYX5P3':i"?92'N5I-FS?-bSI3XI" I If? I ffwwk IWWAI vwff- I P x I X, I ,wx ' -' N EIII .' "H ' ffl - 9 x X X X I I Q 94 I ' I . QWX N 5 ' IIIII '- Tffx, E-:. .' If xi X XX Stix! Xxx I+! Q XX ' N IIHIW . " .XX :ge X ,III '37 I I T22 -II I , IIIII ' ' E'-5 I PET X X III lx . I ,I R, I IIIII - I I ' I I .T fs' I I XR I ,X . IN fm I Q x, 'iff' txix X S ' be as I "1 I ..IlIIlIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIII III IIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII'IIIIIIIIIIIIIII I I I I I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII II IIIII I IE Edwin Mitman Hartman, A.B., M.A., Pd.D., Principal 49? FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY EPlltQGl,lF--TF' FACULTY WILLIAM MCCLEARY HALL 1, Vice-Principal, Treasurer, Mathematics Franklin and Marshall College l89O, A.M, l899g Lehigh University C, E. i894 Tau Beta Pi. Appointed F. M. A. l9l8. J a - 3 621714 fig-U WILBERT EARL MOOREHEAD Director of Junior School Franklin and Marshall Academy l9l4g Franklin and Marshall College, AB. l920, MA, l92l. Appointed F. M. A. l9l9, PAUL NATHAN FOX Latin, Mathematics Franklin and Marshall Academy l9l2g Franklin and Marshall College, AB. l9l6, MA. l924. Appointed F. M. A, l92O QLQ EPILOGUE FACULTY Jwffl 5 MICHAEL ALBERT LEWIS Sciences Franklin and Marshall Academy l92elg Franklin and Marshall College, BS. l928g Summer Session University ot Pittsburgh, l929-30-3l-37-38. Appointed F. M, A. 1928. ix .. FRANK LAMAR CLARK English Franklin and Marshall College, AB. l927. Appointed F. M. A 1929 SAMUEL CALVIN CLARK History Franklin and Marshall College, AB. l93lg Brown University Junior Fellowship, l93l-325 Brown, MA. l932, Phi Beta Kappa. Appointed F. M. A. I935. E161 FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY EPILQGUEE' fe FACULTY 'rift-l THEODORE HANNA RUPP French and English Franklin and Marshall Academy, l93lg Franklin and Marshall College AB l935g Theological Seminary of Reformed Church in the U S., i935-36. Phi Beta Kappa. Midd'ebury College French Summer School '37g Institute of French Education Benn State 38, Appointed F M A i935 CLAIR GORDON FRANTZ German Franklin and Marshall Academy, l927g Franklin and Marshall College, A B, l93ig University of Bonn, Germany, winter ses- sion l935, Middlebury College Summer 1?3hool, AM, i936 Appointed F. M, A 6 JOHN PHILIP HOBACH Physical Geography Franklin and Marshall Academy, l93lg Dickinson l93l-32g Franklin and Marshall. T932-35, BS, Appointed F. M. A i936 l17l FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY EPll.QGLlEi FACULTYI ' me ,QCWQJA e PAUL JASPER KING Director of Athletics Franklin and Marshall Academy l932g University of Pennsylvania, BS. l936, Graduate School U. of Penn, '37, '38, . Appointed F. M. A. I936. REV. JAMES EDGAR WAGNER Instructor in Bible History and Literature Findley College, AB. l92lg Lebanon Valley College, l927-28g Theological Seminary Reformed Church in U. S., BD. l93l. Graduate work in Hebrew and Old Testament, l932-35. Appointed F. M. A. l935. E181 l938, PhD. ADDoInted F. M. A. l938. f yu-JK Dllyf-5 'N f ,Q HUGH ANDREWS HELLER W X Mathematics ' I Org Rutgers V930 BS. and BS. in Chemistry, 7 Master ot Science I932g U. of Maryland ' M! FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY 'ii-FEPILQGUE FACULTY EDNA BROMER MOOREHEAD Junior School l-lood College, AB. 1911, Appomted F, M A. 1922. ELIZABETH PEALE RYDER Junior School Wellesley College, AB. 1922. Ap- polnfed F. M, A. 1931. MMG ALMA BRENNER EVANS Junior School Millersville Stale Teachers College 1931. Appointed F. M. A. 1936, l19l m-LLM2 Manoa! FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY iEl3lLCDGUElF PROCTORS W ELDEN ELWOOD EHRHART JOSEPH JACKSON ROTHERMEL 'll' Head Waiter Proctor Ci ' Franklin and Marshall College AB. l939 Franklin and Marshall College, BS. l 4OIJ 'J Qjpalp, ROSS BARNETT HAMSHER 1.1. 178 I 2 U' Assistant Coach K . . A l936g Franklin and Marshall College IRD' BS, in EC. l94O GEORGE HARTMAN HOWARD Assistant Coach F M. A, l935g Franklin and Marshall College, BS. l939 JOHN HAROLD MacGRAW Soccer Coach F. M. A. l935g Franklin and Marshall College, AB. V939 DAVID BURKE NAGLE Baseball Coach F. M. A. l934g Franklin and Marshall College l939 P E R S MARGARET E. MALONE Secretary to the Principal HARRY A. SYKE5, Mus.D. Singing I 20 STEWART CRAMER SNODGRASS Assistant Coach Franklin and Marshall College, AB., '38g Reformed Theological Seminary l94l CLYDE PLANK STACKS Golf Coach F. M. A. l935j Franklin and Marshall College l94O GEORGE WARFIELD iuffm Junior School Athletics ' F M. A. l935g Franklin and Marshall College, BS. l9flO EDWIN PAUL WHETSTONE Baseball Coach F. M. A. l935g Franklin and Marshall College l9LlO ONN l EL EMMA E. MILLER Secretary and Librarian DEXTER WRIGHT DRAPER, M.D. School Physician 'R '7 'S gx f '- fy, , I f X X 9 xx .I m fi r! G if 1 52 f ' 12594 'if " I gig' I Z If . , X 1 X .N n , ' J r Q55 Jw 22 f di ,ziffnw -11 1 ' 'T " I VF I -F 7' Q f xi 4' ? NX -:' 1 '- '-i 1 1 1 ' , - -sl . V- ... .-' f J' 6 -. " ': 1 :--' EW 1 ' 1 'i V. , . X -, 5 l xx ix-, H -gs , 'ezwfuxla f K' 'A"V:', X1 ' 5' 2- ,' Q l V ' P ? ? x EQ, - D 5 J E mzzfrw 5 .V E 4 u ff 'Qi I 49 H1 A A ' - .Li W, ,LEW "':,,.f' V , , wx-fi' f . ' V' JE' v X X' ' willy '-5-'T' .-. "'Af-I I +'- hx. xW . ,:.' 4" X531 S , M x - L A , FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY 'TlEPII,OGI,JEf+i Senior Class Officers RICHARD SCHIEDT SMITH JOHN BUELL AVERY President Vice President JOHN ROBERT HERB FRANKLIN CECIL CLEMENT Secretary Treasurer I-221 FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY EEEPILGGUEEM SALUTATORY By RICHARD SCHIEDT SMITH Beloved parents, esteemed taculty, and triends ot Franklin and Marshall Academy, we, the graduating class ot nineteen hundred and thirty-nine, extend to you a most hearty welcome to the exercises ot this Class Day. Ahead ot us lies a most uncertain path, dotted with world strite which might well absorb us. We are deeply impressed with the serious job which lies ahead ot us, one tor which our preparation has been so ably begun by the generous sacritices ot our parents and by the unstinted ettorts ot our teachers. lvlay our record in later lite be sutticient reward tor the trust and confidence you have placed in us. To our classmates, with whom many ot our most ioytul hours have been spent, and trom whom we part with a feeling ot sadness, we bid a most attectionate tare- vvell, ln years to come we may meet and tondly recall the happy experiences which have made up our memorable lite here But now may we put all contemplation aside and reveal to you the peculiar traits and characteristics ot our unique class. E231 'dl-H1 is it 'if tr ta fr M, . X3 - time Q. JOHN BUELL AVERY l28 Tennessee Ave., NE., Washington, D. C. "Jack" "Way down upon the Suwanee river" Vice President of Senior Class, Activities Cornmitteeg Midget Football, '32, '33, '34, Varsity Soccer '36, Jay Vee Football '37, '38, Swimmng '35, '36, '37, Jay Vee Wrestling '39, Varsity Tennis '34, '35, '36, '37 '38, '39 Jack has been at the Academy longer than any other boarding studenteseven years. l-le started in the Junior School as one of Mr. Moorehead's group and the Academy can proudly point to Jack in the future as one of "our boys." Jack is probably the best f tennis player the school has ever seen. l-le i has been a member of the varsity team for , six years. He is evenybody's friend which Q accounts for the outstanding personality Q which he really is. 2 Born' September 2l, l9l8 5 Entered F. M. A. September, i932 2 University of Maryland i ' :iii 1111131111111 qzuiuina I 9 3 9 Quiuiugng 141 1 1 1 1 1 ! ! CHARLES BAKER BAIR, Jr. X. l25-306 South Second St, l-larrisburg, Pa. - - "Maude" ' "Knowledge is the key to success." Jay vee Basketball '39 lg Maxie entered the famed portals of the Academy at mid-term. l-lowever it wasn't long before he established himself with both the faculty and the students. Charles is well liked around the school because of his amiability and willingness to lend a help'- ing hand. Max wants to be an accountant and shows great promise of a career at F. G M. l-le likes sports and dime magazines. We can readily see that the Academy's loss is the gain of some college. Born: September 6, l9l9 Entered F. M, A. January, i939 Franklin and Marshall College E241 l Ag' IW Wil MM'j'j,?,. 4,1 W g .. ANKL AREMA ft, F-f-Eivii.oc3i.ii21-or RAYMOND PHILO BALDWIN Cincinnatus, New York "Baldy" "Variety is the spice of Lite." Science Clubg Football '38g Varsity Basketball '39j Varsity Baseball '39 Baldy bounced right into things here al F, M A from a place called Cincinnatus, N. Y. lt's near Cortland, he lells us, which is near Syracuse "Red" has a millicn dol- lar personality and houses a keen sense ot humor. This wiry, little tellow is tough as nails,-lust ask his roommate. Baldy had a tough break by throwing his knee out in tootball. This injury later put him out ot the basketball linefup. l-le's fond of ice cream and dirty blondes. Our only regret is that we hayen't known Baldy longer. Born: April Zi, l9l9 Entered F. M A. September, i938 Cornell I 25 Q 4.4 9 o 0.4 'W 3 9 -it-------H----W ---i- -' RICHARD HENRY BARR, Jr. 357 NI West End Avenue, Lancaster, Pa ,,DiCk,, "Little strokes fell great oaks." I-lonor Roll '39, Sec'y Camera Club '39 Epi- logue Statf '395 Pinatcre '38, Nativity Play '38, Swimming '37, 38, '39 co-captaing Ten- nis '38, '39g Junior School Basketball '33 Dick is another of F. M. A.'s old students and has done his bit in angering and pacity- ing our teachers. As a whole Dick is a steady boy but are there any of us who do not feel mischievous at times and succeed very beautifully in tlayoring the stew? A logical brain and tennis ability will stand Dzck in good stead in college and business lite. The hardware business is waiting for you. Dick Born: February 25, l92l Entered F. lvl. A September, I933 Colorado Col'ege. -?El311iQGL1Fr-- BENJAMIN ALLEN BELL 221 Harrison Avenue, Glensicle, Penna. fi ,, Ben "l kissed my first woman and smcked my first cigarette on the same day, I have never had time for tobacco since." Science Club '39, Senior Prom Committee' Varsity Wrestling '39, Co-captain, 150 lb. Football '39, Captain. All hail, the conquering hero comes! Ben- jamin Allen Bell, one of the equal segments that inhabit "Ben-varia," Tnird Floor, East. has been wrestling with temptation and the best grapplers in the East ever since he was knee-high to a grasshopper. The "Little Champ" has brought home the bacon in wholesale quantities this year by annexing the Regional A. A. U. and Prep School cham- pionships. Coming from Glenside, Ben has established a reputation for being likeable, lackadaisical and lovable lfor references call Ogontz 2634-J,l Outstanding among other things in his personal make-up are a fine all-around athletic ability and an unexcelled taste for the finer things in life. The best of everything to one of the bestl Borni June 17, 1920 Entered F. M. A. September, 1938 Lafayette THADDEUS ALBERT BELEFSKI 43 E. Main St., Glen Lyon, Penna. if-red, "lt needs a man to perceive a man." Varsity Football '38g Jay-Vee Wrestling '39, Baseball '39, Ted is a quiet chap who may oe seen par- ticipating in major sports the year round. During the Fall when football is in full swing a stocky, tanned lad may be seen opening up large holes in the opponents' line, For the Winter term "Ted" indulges in bar arm locks and half nelsons, tapering off with baseball during the Spring. l-lis nonchalant manner in passing his plate for seconds illustrates his wholesome desire for food. When Ted takes up Engineering at Penn State the Academy will lose one of its most earnest "condition trainers." Born' December 9, 1919 Entered F. lvl, A. September, 1938 Penn State .L , . i i. ,. ml oc I 9 3 9 501:11111r11i1ffA'go1xr1tx1r?42iQ.f:'!L1 pmQwJ bijwvchwvib Lmzwf l5.ll"-A "f'EPll,CDGLlF:l WILLIAM ALBERT BERKLEY l246 Oakmont St, Pittsburgh, Pa. "Bill" "A man's a man tor a' that " l-lativity Play '3Bj Varsity Football '3Sg Baseball '39 Bill came to us from the great metropolis of Pittsburgh. Since then he has been actively engaged in football and basketball and in writing letters to the girls back home Bill is also quite a grappler. I-le is intra-mural champ in the l75 pound division, Bill likes Linden Hall very much and is usually present at all ot their dances, On Saturday nights Bill likes to step out and in this respect he 'Q- is not any different from the rest ot us tel- ' lows. l-le expects to go to the University : of Pittsburgh as it is near to his home. ! Born: March 3, l92O Entered F, tvt. A september, 1932 Q University ot Pittsburgh U l I I -2:2222-mezmw939m--w-------- ! Q ! i ROBERT DONALD BITLER ! ZOB Walnut Avenue, Greensburg, Pa. HDOVIH Q ,"Success is the pinning hold on lite." A Captain, Vars ty Football B81 Varsity ' Wrestling '39 Don is,,one'ot the best-liked fellows in the school. l-le is always amiable and delights in being the last one to leave the dining room. Don made an enviable record in wrest- ling which he terminated by takng second place in the W5 pound class at the Lehigh lnterscholastics, l-lis football record is no worse, for as captain and center ot the team he was the spark that kept the boys tight- ing, It will be a long time before we'll tor- QQT Don's athletic prowess and radiant per- sonality. Borni October 6, l92O Entered F. M A. September, l938 University of Pennsylvania i271 "'feEPIl,OGi,lF5l-4'- -. B,f,,a.,a,M,,i?,,i 7042 f-1-f -..---..----...WI AMOS HESS BOMBERGER Eschelbronn, Jeannette, Penna. "Bomby" "Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil." l-lonor Roll '39, Epilogue Staff, Life Saving Squad '39 This meek ,little chap is the smallest mem- ber ot our Senior Class. l-less is our photog- raphy editor of the Epilogue. Just have a look around and you'll see that he's been on the job. For some unknown reason Bomby pays no attention to the tair sex. Maybe it's because his hobbies laeronautics and photographyl take too much time. Bomby aspires to become an Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineer. Born: November 9, l92l Entered E M A. September, V938 M. l. T, o'o ! ! ! Z ! 9 uze 281 JOHN GEORGE BLOOD 32 E. High St., Womelsdorf, Penna, ,icapn "Give Nero his fiddle, but save the sax for me," Jay Vee Football '37, '38 Big Jack, with his well padded frame, so thoroughly masters any sax or clarinet music, that he has gained the distinction of being one of the best musicians in the school! This happy, jovial fellow, when not in his room, may be found out on the north porch placidly enioying his pipe or entering into a well- known session with some of the boys. Jack hopes to be a commercial or test plane pilot some day. But, just remember, Cap, you can't fly a plane and play the sax at the same time. Born: April 20, i922 Entered F, M. A. September, i937 Georgia Tech 3 9 --i ------- ------ - 'O 4? -JA Avfffuv . A-J! FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY C' .1 YV' r 5 GEORGE CLEMENT BURKE i088 Summit Street, Columbus, Ohio "Geezil" "With a bit av the Gaelic divil in his blue eyes." Varsity Baseball '39, George, that exhuberent, irrepressible deni- zen of Room l8, East l-lall, is as good an Irishman as ever kissed the Blarney Stone. l-le, together with Jim and Dusty, makes up that tamed triumverate known from the rocky crags ot Phllipsburg to the vast stretc'ies ot the Ohio plain. As the smallest member of this trio of renown, Geezil makes up for his lack of stature by his vim, vigor and versatility. May the b'essing ot Kilar- ney and the luck ot the Irish always be your constant companions, George, and may your success in lite be as pronounced as your record in the venerable halls ot F. M. A. Born: June l9, i920 Entered F. M A. September, i938 Ohio State Q pcm- 111113134 ...wi I ofclepmociuei-im 4 fee 4 9 --,:t1:.,-t.- :um zu:-izu: L-t... 3 9 4114! fi 5 ' -. fl iff' V. . Wi vi!! I fi JDM, r : , ' t f ff ,VQPAQL Rein BYERS I . Avenue, Uniontown, Pa LJ f , JV! 1 f ' ! p y ur troubles in your old kit bag, 'ij . , . ,, 0:0 I:29 and smile, smile, smile. Honor Roll '39g Epilogue Stattg Football '3Sg Varsity Basketball '39g Track '39g Tennis '39, Paul is Uniontown's ace propagandist. l-lis main topics ot conversation are Uniontown and Dolores Paul is a great hit with the girls down at the 'Y' but he pays little atten- tion to them. l-le will be remembered tor his prowess on the basketball court, Every sec- ond he played he was in the game heart and soul. l-le doesn't think much ot getting up in the morning and likes to sleep in When Paul goes to Princeton next year to take up Certified Public Accounting, F, M A will lose a swell tellow, Born: April Zl, l9l9 Entered F. lvl, A. September, i938 Princeton FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY TEPIIIOGLV y FRANKLIN CECIL CLEMENT Y 522 Ea t Ross Street, Lancaster, Pa. "I-lalf work and half play whles half the time away." Treasurer of Senior Classg Chairman of Ring and Pin Commg Varsity Football '38 Frank is a hard worker and the half time whiled away in the proverb is not the work half as so many students seem to think but the play half. Frank made a fine showing on the football field last fall as he was one of the vertebrae in the backbone of the team, The kind of doctor Frank will be is V the kind we will all allow to cut and saw on I i us to his heart's content i Born: January 26, l92l 2 Entered F, lvl. A. September i938 I Duke University I I I I : : : :-4:-: I : 2 :M I 9 3 9 -.,--.------.---. ! I DAVID CLINTON COLEBAUGH R, D. No, 2, Altoona, Penna. ' "Dave" A "Deeds not words." g Honor Roll '39g Science Club '39g 'Intramural i Wrestling Champion ll3Sl '39g Soccer Squad 2 '39g Swimming Squad '39 ! Q. To the Titan of the Test Tubes we take off our hat. Dave is unquestionably the most outstanding chemist of the class. While the rest of us were 'flounclering in the mire of failure "Davie" was nonchalantly knocking down perfect paper after perfect paper. Topping these feats off, we find a truly modest man. Verily we say unto you Dear Reader here is the equation for success. lf Dave can mix these virtues with about six cc's of perseverance and balance, then with several grams of his more than adequate personality, we see but one road open to him. Success is at your command, Dave. Born: August 25, l9l7 Entered F. M. A. September i938 Franklin and Marshall College E301 FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY 2-EPll,CDGLlF1-e BENJAMIN CLYDE COOMBE 409 Jonathan Court, Pittsburgh, Pa. "Benny" "For lack of money l could not spend." Nativity Play '38, Varsity Soccer '38j Baseball '39, Ben is another boy from the smoky city, During the Fall term he could be seen booting the soccer ball for Johnnie MacGraw. l-le was one of the reasons why we had such a successful soccer season. ln the Nativity Play Ben lent his lusty voice to the choir. l-le has a liking for Linden Hall also and re- ceives quite a few letters from a certain person there, Ben is usually an easy person to find because that flashy brown sport coat of his is easily seen from a distance Born: January 24, l92O Entered F. M. A. September, l938 University of Pittsburgh '--- ---- f-----'------N i 9 3 9 -it-i ------..- - KENNETH WALTER CRAUMER R, D, l, Thomasville, Penna. "A Mighty Mite was l-le" Varsity Basketball '38, '39, Varsity Baseball My ll "Ken" K 3 '39g Varsity Golf '39, Kenny, as one of l-lanover's contributions to F. M A. has proven to be a valuable acquisition indeed. Many is the game that has been saved for Coach Frantz by Ken's silken set shots. l-lis exceptional court prowess, coupled with that of Johnny Stouch, made our forward line without a peer in local basketball circles. With the coming of Spring and the turnng of the average young man's thought to the fanc ful realm of love, this ambidextrous young man remained unscathed by the arrows of Dan Cupid, for he became an indispensable member of both the golf and the baseball teams. Lest the above m:slead the reader, Ken's versatility extends beyond the athletic field for he is admittedly a real dved-in-the-wool socialite. At least so we gather from the feminine voices weekly emanating from the inter- most recesses cf Room 6, alias Pearl l-larbor. Born: September 5, l92O Entered F, M. A. September, l938 Franklin and Marshall College FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY 'EEPILQGUEE Meiff JW n.: GENE JAMES DAVIDSON 333 E Main St, Everett, Pa, "Dave" "Why what a monstrous tellovv art thoul" Varsity Football '33g Basketball '39g Track '39g Life Saving '39, Gene is probably the broadest shouldered boy in F, lvl A, yet he is one ot the mild- est, Many harsh winters in the mountains of western Pennsylvania are probably the cause ot hzs yearning tor the balmy air of the South, A common sight in East I-lall is Gene lying in bed-studying. l-le is active in all sports, and plays a bang-up game ot tootball. Teaching physical education is to be his career after graduation from col- .ege Born: November 7, l9l9 Entered F M. A September, l93S Stetson College i 9 3 9 W'- l E .9 E321 ROBERT METZ CUNNINGHAM 6723 Anflerson Street, Philadelphia, Penna ,Boba "All things require skill but an appetite." Footbal 37, B84 Junior Basketball '39 From Germantown Academy came this like- able young chap. Bob is noted for his quiet- ness, eating, sleeping and his dislike of studying. Football kept him occupied during the fall season and basketball during the vvinter term, ln the spring he plans to swing a mean golf club. Bob expects to start working under his father after he tin- ishes his pre-med course at F. 8 M. l-le seems to be very well adapted to the medical profession and should get along well in his chosen vocation. Born: June l5, l92C Entered F, M. A. September, l937 Franklin and Marshall ing 31:42:11: 1 120341 e ' ,1-' l i lf l E X t V i .1 12522 AN SHALL crow f 11.0 G u E lil 'l1i"'lV'w'f'W i DAVID ELIJAH DAY 340 N. Elm St., Twin Falls, Idaho "Dave" "Wise to resolve, and patient to perform." Honor Roll '39, Current Events Club '37, '38g Nativity Play '37, '38g l3oar's Head Ceremony '38g Pinafore '38g Mathematics Club '39g Football '37, '38g Wrestling '37, '38, Golf '37, '38, '39, Dave is the Romeo of the senior class. The name, David Day, is a pass word to the hearts of many a lass, especially Linden Hall femmes. No wonder, just look at him' He has a swe'l personality that will carry him a long way and which accounts for his popu- larity. Dave is on the qu et side. He likes 9:4 DlWOfOQr-Bphy, good books and his pipe. He has i his eyes on the Coast Guard Academy at New London where he hopes to become a 2 pilot. They will have a good man in Dave. ! Born: April ll, l9l8 ' Entered F. M.. A. September, i937 U S. Coast Guard Academy ! i qi: 1 1,101,101 qi: inc I 9 ! i A Q I ! ! ! F 4 I S 9,4 33 3 9 --Q:-2 I 2 2-I--Ii: 1' QUENTIN LESLIE DEIDRICK l9l8 Penn Avenue, West Lawn, Pa. "Deidy" "Out of Reading came an athlete as of old." Varsity Football '37, '38j Varsity Track '38, '39, Varsity Basketball '38g .lay Vee Basket- ball '39, Deidy is one of those happy-go-lucky chaps with an ever present beaming countenance and a mouth full of jokes. He is cleanfcut and excells in and enjoys athletics. ln fact, he is so good that he plans to take up Physical Education next year. Swing music is one of his pets and he beats a mean drum. He would like to own a hundred green shirts,-they are a specialty with him. He finds exams distasteful and also romantic movies. We know that he'll be a famous coach some day. Born: October l3, l9l8 Entered F. M. A. September, i937 Penn State FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY --EPll,QGl,lEi aw!!-tj --- ----- ---Q49 JAMES FRANKLIN DICK 6C Broad Street, Phillipsburg, N. J. "Jimmy" "Silence is golden." Varsity Football '37, '38, Varsity Baseball '38, '39. When you look at the line-up of good athletes from F. M. A., Jimmy will be among the first in line. He is quiet and unassum- ing and receives his laurels as modesty as possible. He is a good baseball player and we think the secret is chewing while he plays. That's what the big leagues do. .lim has just recovered from an appendectomy which kept him from us for a while. Not as much of him came back to us as left but lots of people don't have appendixes. Borni May l3, l9l9 Entered F. lVl, A. September, i937 Harvard I o neo f! by DOM RICHARD DIBATTISTA 65 Holland Ave., Ardmore, Pa. "Dibi" "A Corinthian, a lad of good mettle, a good boy." Varsity Football '38g Varsity Wrestling, co- captain '39, Varsity Track '39 Lower Merion High gave to F. M. A. their most astute wrestler, football player, and track man. Dibi is never happier than when he is hitting, the opponents' line, or pinning his adversary's shoulders to the mat. Honors were heaped on his brawny shoulders when he won first place in the Lehigh interschol- astic wrestling tournament. Although the butt ot many jokes Dibi takes them all in his stride. His scrapbook on athletes is a literary masterpiece Make way tor cham- pion DiBattista!! Born: October 5, i920 Entered F. M. A. September i938 University of Pennsylvania 39w-----------H 3 0.0 34 FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY -iEPlLCDGUEE-if-S JOHN DEUTSCH FEDERBUSCH ... 94-l5 Stafford Avenue, Forest l-lills, l.. l. "Rosie" "While we're here let's live in clover, For when we're dead, we're dead all over." Honor Roll '39, "Pinafore" '38, Science Club '39, Current Events Club '37, '38, J. V, Foot- ball '37, '38, J. V. Basketball '38, Varsity Wrestling '39, Varsity Baseball, Manager '38 Johnny is one of the most popular boys at F. M A. due to his good nature, sincere friendliness and ever present smile. l-le is a tradition at the Academy and everyone will regret his absence. l-lis hobbies are stamp collecting and good swing bands. Outstand- ing traits cf character are his sincerity and geniality. Food and girls are two of his likes and chewlng tobacco and the local "Y" dances are two dislikes. Born: October 4, l92l Entered F. M. A. September, l937 Dartmouth 3:11011 1 iuiuinzii inc ii WT 3 9 ------- ---- ---- THOMAS BEURY FLYNN 1025 Marietta Ave., Lancaster, Pa. II'I'bmll "Character before Career" Honor Roll '38, '39j Problems of Democracy Group '39g Senior Prom Committee, Co-Edi- tor of Epilogueg Jay Vee Football '38, This mild idiom is more than the idle rambling of a sentimentalist, for Tom em- bodies many desirable traits of character. We feel sure that they will greatly aid him in his future career in the medical pro- to members of the Senior Class regarding their first "blessed event." A certain por- tion of College Avenue seems to hold some agnetic attraction over him but he per- sists in saying that it's "nothing serious." l-le has a decided leaning toward classical music and includes Nelson Eddy among his most select idols. All of these traits ot character spell inevitable "SUCCESS" Entered F M A September, l937 Franklin and Marshall College X cr Born: June 20, l92l X 5 fession. Tom has made numerous promises y ' -3 i Q CYRIL LEE GROFT R, D. No. l, Westminster, Maryland nvvhimpu "l.ife's a pleasant institution." Jay Vee Football '37, 38g Baseball '38, Out of the sticks of Maryland came this young man in order to gain an education at F. M. A. "Whimp" played a good game ot end at football and the team will not soon forget his touchdown at Patton Trade. One of his favorite pastimes is changing Mr. l-lalls Algebra to suit himself. On Satur- day night he can usually be seen with his roommate enjoying a movie at the Hamil- ton. Whimp expects to become a big 2 business man some day and there is no I reason why he should not succeed. i Strayer and Bryant Business School Born: December 3, i920 Entered F. M. A. September, i937 ::::m:::w:md939mmm'm'-'mmm-' ! STEVEN HAMLIN i i "Steve" i 22l Ash Street, Weston, Mass. "lt is no sin to look at a nice girl." ' '3Sg Jay Vee Football '38, ff' Activities Committee '38, '39g Soccer '35, '36, Steve hails from the country where men are men. l-le has done good work both on the soccer team and in football. l-le is one of those "Casanovas" who is always talking about the girls back home. Don't think that stops him from going with the girls around here though. Ot course they aren't as nice as the ones back in Massachusetts but they'll do. Steve, like all true sons of Massachusetts, is going to follow the sea. So we wish him luck next year when he goes to the Mer- chant Marine Academy. Born: December 2, l92O Entered F. M. A, September, i935 Merchant Marine Academy i361 KK l , we Elm i otl jr rytf JOHN MONROE HAYES i570 St. Charles Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio "Jack" "Wealth is not his who has it but his who enjoys it." Honor Roll '39, Nativity Play '38, Science Club '39, Mathematics Club '39, Golf '39, Since Jack has entered the portals of F. M, A. he has led the feminine set on a wild goose chase for his affections, Jack is an accomplished pianist and gives the piano in the living room quite a work-out. Formerly a resident of the Main Building, Jack has taken himself and his pictures to East Hall. For all of his attraction to the opposite sex there is only one for him- a blonde, Jack is quite a physics shark and when Lehigh gets him next fall they will be getting a fine future engineer. Born: July 25, l92l ntered F. M. A. September, i938 Lehigh o 2, 9 Q 3 9 -0- -H-H--f-W - f-1-- -- op 37 BENJAMIN EBERHARD HELLER 633 Third St., Lancaster, Pa, uBenu "A fluent speaker of 'oppy tcpalk' " Honor Roll '39, Epilogue Staff, Nativity Play, Oval Staff, Varsity Soccer 38, Varsity Bas- ketball '39g Track '39 ln the ranks of the new boys at the be- ginning of the year was Ben, He started his athletic career at F. M. A, by making the varsity soccer team and went from there to play with the best in basketball and com- pete with the best in track. lt would also be fitting and proper to say that Ben is an honor student and a hardworking business manager of the Epilogue. His spare time is given over to stamp collecting and dream- ing of the day when he will be a first class accountant Born: November 9, i920 Entered F. M. A. September i938 Franklin and Marshall College --EPlliOGl.lE7' lt FRANK OTTO HILL 40l E. Lehman St., Lebanon, Pa. "Fanny" "Better late than never, but better never late." Honor Roll '39g Current Events Clubg Oval Staftg Epilogue Staftg Jay Vee Football '39, Frank is the "big boy" of the Academy, but he is packed personality and humor. One of l.ebanon's staunchest supporters he will debate any question set before him. Frank has the happy faculty of combining a great interest in sports with a great ability in scholastics. He expects to enter Colgate next yearg if he does, and no doubt he will, Colgate will have a worthy member on their freshman roll, Frank is very fond of food and has a hidden fancy for the fair sex. Au revoir, Frank, make the best of the ability we all know you have. Born: November l8, l92l Entered F. M A. September, I938 Colgate v use 9 ! sic 38 JOHN ROBERT HERB 207W Main Street, Johnstown, Pa, "Jack" "Why, gentle boy, l found no fault at all in thy behavior." Honor Roll '39g Current Events Club '39j Science Club '39g Life Saving '39gg Varsity Football '38, Junior Varsity Basketball 39g Track '39, Jack is a well-liked fellow hailing from the flood city of Johnstown, Pa. A physicist of the first water Jack's ambition is to study mining engineering. His cartoon, which won the Epilogue contest, shows his excellent aptitude for art as it should be. Jack is that rare combination of athlete and scholar. His rough, spirited play on the gridiron was topped only by his scholastic ability. Born: December l4, l9l8 Entered F. M. A. September, l938 Georgia Tech. 3 9 --i-- ---- - ------ i -'-EPlliOGl,lE - LARRY EAGLE HOUCK 34 South 4th St., Reading, Pa, "Shorty" "Good things come in small packages " Golf '39, Beloved! We have before us the worthy countenance of Larry, otherwise known as "Shorty" Reading sent him here and there is nothing we can do about it. ln the morn- ing study hall one usually hears Houck's favorite call, "Zulick, do you have your German done?" Larry is still anxiously awaiting a letter from his high school sweet- heart, but every morning he gets the same answer "Sorry, Larry, no mail for you to' Q 020 day." Shorty is considering the University . of Pennsylvania for his next Alma Mater, 2 where he will take up Corporation Law. Lots of luck, Larry, I Born: June l2, l9l9 i Entered F, M, A. September, l938 I University of Pennsylvania i i i iii 1 1 113010101111 1411 I 9 3 9 Oni 1 1 1:1 2 1 ini :smilie ! ! ! I Rm l S WALTER FRANKLIN HUFF, Jr. Riegelsville, Pennsylvania l-luffie tJ if A if i W Aeech is silver, but silence is golden." - g , Stl, E391 Science Club '39, Wrestling '38, Track '39, l-luffie, one of the more forceful but silent types around school, is a great scientific student, When he is not pouring over some mineral specimen you will most likely find him patronizing one of the city's popular sugar bowls. Although he does not care particu- larly for the opposite sex, he is quite the gallant gentleman when around them. l-luf- fie has never expressed himself on the point of profession, but we are led to believe that his interest in the sciences will lead him into the scientific field Born: May l4, l92l Entered F. M A, September, i938 Franklin and Marshall College rrffaibiispoue--i ' 1iiuqnniuiuismqpiaaixingiiariiq I MAHLON NORMAN KAHLER 839 McCartney Street, Easton, Penna. ,Buda "It at first you don't succeed, try, try again." Jay Vee Football '38, Varsity Swimming '39, Track '39, "Highest scorer on the swimming team" --that title belongs to Bud, who did a good job of diving on this year's varsty swimming team. Interested in aeronautical engineer- ing you will tind his room swamped with air- plane models and magazines. Unlike most ot our students here, Bud takes a great in- terest in attending detention l?i Heads up, Lafayette, here comes a go-getter, so we are backing him up to the limit. Born: December 5, i920 tt 2 9 s- 95' I T' f TOBIAS LEONARD JAEGER 3 5 630 Eighth Avenue, Bethlehem, Pa. T Q nge H1-Obyu "Courage and muscle make mighty men, thus comes this man from Bethlehem." Varsity Soccer '37, '38, Varsity Wrestling '37, '38, ln the two years that Toby has been at the Academy he has made a place tor him- self in the hearts of the fellows by his generosity, loyalty and personality Toby has carried out the tamily tradition ot Jaegers at F. M. A, in athletics. He not only had his name engraved on the Lehigh Wrestling trophy but was a valuable player on the varsity soccer team. This tall, dark and handsome tellow is often seen down at the "Y" dances capturing the hearts of many a lass. Toby is usual'y one of the last to leave the dining room. This is due to his favorite pastime which is eating. Born: September 30, l9l9 Entered F, M. A. September, i937 3 9 ---- -1- --i- ---i--i--i-i---- i o o.e Entered F. lvl. A September, i933 Lafayette V. AJ' t K J JW XV r 40 ol X L. ,V cy' 1 FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY J. TEPJLQGU ff,-are WJ isirfflfjq BENJAMIN HUGH KENNEDY 5823 Roosevelt Boulevard, Philadelphia, Pa. nBenn "None but himself can be his parallel." Activity Committee '39, Epilogue Staff, Var- sity Football '38, Varsity Wrestling '39, Var- sity Track '39, Hail the conquering hero comes! With great ado and much fanfare we salute the Perfect Speciman, Ben, as a Varsity letterman in three sports, has established himself as the veritable foundation of F. M, A, athletics. ln addition he has found time to be on the Activities Committee and write for the Epi- logue. ln a diminutive frame he has devel- oped abilities that are nothing short of phenominal. But harkl Do we hear a whis er from the crowd that "the crusher" o 0.4 D is henpecked? Must we say more? Seriously though as an all around fellow, armed with l the three P's of pep, poise and personality, he has no superior. You're a good man, . Ben!! Born: January 20, l9l9 I Entered F. M. A. September, i938 I University of Pennsylvania i - ...,-.-.- - -,- - -.,.....- I 9 ! t Q ! ! I ! i ! 0:0 39 E411 3 JW -4 ,.., . Mb. - tiitfztmt-Qii:i. di.:. U ROY ALLEN KNOUSE Silver Run, Maryland H-limi, "The silent one Of F. M. A." Science Club, Basketball. And now my dear readers, look above and you will see Roy Knouse, or Jim, as he is better known. Jim comes from a little sleepy town down Maryland way called Silver Run. Regarding Jim as a ladies man, nobody seems to know very much about him, be- cause he is silent on that subject, but as the old reliable saying goes, "still water runs deep." lt is Jim's plan to enter F. Ct M, this fall and we are all sure he will "make out" as he has shown all the signs of becoming a great man in the world some day. Luck to you, Jim. Born: September 29, l92l Entered F. M. A. September, i938 Franklin and Marshall College FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY ifiEl3lLCD Eel? QWWXK LLLA JOSEPH EDWARD LAWRENCE 3l Pine St., l-lanoyer, Pa. nJOeii "Mother knows best." Varsity Football '38g Varsity Basketball '39g Varsity Baseball '39, Joe is an all-round athlete as can be seen by a quick glance at the sports section. l-le doesn't list girls as one ot his likes but he'5 not ashamed to be seen with them. l-le col- lects stamps when hefs not out making some varsity team. Music is another of his fail- ings but l can't say whether he goes for the classical or jitterbug type. ln later life he expects to be a coach and he is cer- tainly started on the right road. Born: March 24, l9l9. Entered F. M. A, September, l938 University of Maryland ': : ----:iz 2 2 ---:M i 9 3 9 -U----1-f--1-----1-i- 'Q gs, FRED BEIQNARD LEAVY Q X X ll5 N. Third St, Clearfield, Pa. Q "Moe" X , "For he's a jolly good fellow," Xhhlativity Playg Varsity Golf, Manager '38, '39, x . NX X - Fred has attended the Academy tor two - years, and in this time has won himself a "2 position as one ot the most genial fellows in L i so school. Fred has always desired to be a . TX-funeral director and his dreams are soon to come true. l-lis only dislike in school is the ringing of the bells in the morning, for -P sleep to Fred is asset number one. Fred lt- has the habit ot retraining from dates while gf X Q in Lancaster. We know that there's a fair lass back home that's got some bearing on the subject. Xt Born: June ll, i920 XX Entered F. M. A, September, i937 '- -w Eckles College of Embalming K, , X-as Wu iiwt W , tlwfltt FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY 'F-f-e'EPll,CDGl,lEi ARNOLD DAVID LITMAN Q 4Cl3 Cold Spring Lane, Balttrnore, Md. CV "l-lerr Professor" ' "Good luck never comes too late." Science Club '39, Mathematics Club '39, Camera Club '39, Arnold is the largest boy on the Junior School floor, consequently he knows what fatherhood is like This should prove very ,6f, M. ,f valuable tc him in later lite. Arnold expects wig . ky. to go to the University ot Maryland where he expects to take up Chemistry as his 'Ii life work. He is very much interested in photography as can be seen by the many photographs adorning his room l-le is much interested in the weaker sex and especially -Q' those from his home town of Baltimore. Per- I haps that is one of the reasons why he has chosen a co-educational colle e at which to Born: August 15, i920 Q Entered F, M. A. September, l93T l University ot Maryland 2 U Q matriculate. l l 4 - - - - ---1 -1 --i--- -0- i 9 3 9 -0- -i- 1-U--i--i-------W -I Q t Q ! g ROBERT RATHVON MAXWELL i lO'43 Woods Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. i "Bob" i "Art for art's sake." 'E' Art Editor of Epilogue '38, '39, Pinafore '38, Nativity Play '37, '38, Camera Club '39 ll, while walking down a hall, you sud- denly hear some guy spouting French you'll know it's Rupp's pet French student, Bob Maxwell, This talkative chap, besides hav- ing a natural ability for acting, has real talent along artistic lines. Although he 'talks little of his musical genius, Bob plays the flute and piano too. Happy, ambitious, and friendly, Bob should go a long way in his chosen career as a commercial artist. Born: October 26, l92l Entered F, M, A, September, l935 U, of P, Art School A in I Pl f f" f a AUM, jlltl rmifeffius 1 it 1 34111 qnpnemguemoxi PETER T. MIKAL 646 Summer Street, Elizabeth, N. J. "Mike" "l-le lived at peace with all mankind, in friendship he was trueg his modest merit wought to find and pay its due." Junior Basketball '39g Golf '39 And so we have Pete lVlikal's career at F. lvl. A. well defined. F'ete's special hobby is letter writing. l-le uses one as a sample then mimeographs the other six. This is certainly giving Pete a good start in journal- ism, which he expects to follow for his life's work. We wish Pete loads of luck in the future and we are sure a person with his personality and suavity cannot help but suc- ceed in his future career. Born: November 25, l9l8 Entered F. M. A. September, l938 Franklin and Marshall College f-EPll.QGl,lEMm .0 i 4 , we f'-Bl 5:6 ! E 9 E l 3 9--Y E ! T441 FRANK RICHARD MCLAUGHLIN 29 S. Fourth Sf., Steelton, Pa. nfmacu "l-le's the Irish among us." Varsity Wrestling '39 The reason Mac doesn't have a longer list of athletic achievements is because he just came to F. lvl. A. after Christmas. l-le went right to work and won the l26 pound championship at the Eastern lnter-scholas- tic Preparatory Wrestling Meet. This provef that Mac is no slacker. l-le has also proven himself to be a crack Physics student and a good worker and thinker, Mac, who is a red-head, has a strong preference for red- headed girls. I-le is studying to be a teacher and will soon be doing unto future students as he is being done unto today. Born: October l3, l92O Entered F. lvl. A. February, l939 Undecided 1:1111 xuxiizuioiuini iii n -fEl3ll.QGl,lET JOSEPH NASH MYERS Walnut Avenue, Oreland, Perina. njoen "Time tleeteth on, youth soon is gone." Current Events Club '39g Science Club 395 Jay Vee Basketball '39 Ever since Joe entered F. M. A. he has been giving his tough subjects a run for their money, No kidding, he really does a good job there! One ot his pet aversions, strange as it may seem, is the opposite sex. During the winter athletic session Joe was one of the mainstays of the Jay Vee Basketball team ' l-le was instrumental in helping it to a fine season. Still one of the wonders of the Academy is hcvv that home-made radio ot Joe's gets any station except VVGAL. Joe plans to go next door on his path to higher learning. Born: May 26, l92l Entered F. M. A. September, V938 Franklin and Marshall 111 it 1,2104 I 9 4 39 -5 ----- 6---' ru.-TTTTTTTT11 ERNEST RAYMOND NESS 6l5 Broad St, Susquehanna, Penna ,,BUd,i "l-le never wears a vvorried look" Camera Clubg Mathematic Clubg Nativity Playg Football. Bud is a happy-go-lucky guy vvith a good head for Mathematics. He's not afraid of algebra, trig or any type of geometry. I-le plans to be an aeronautical engineer and should be a success. l-le likes a good argu- ment and his special likes are reading, driv- ing, sports and Math. l-le doesn't like rules or regulations though-but vvho does? Smok- ing is a hobby with him. Born July l8, l92l Entered F. M. A. September, i938 Purdue FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY -?iEf,Plf,lu CD QUE i My 1 it 1011120203011 :win P 1 jdair .,,z,L9. geo'- SAMUEL WELLESLEY PERCY l l4O E. zarii sr., New York, N. Y. "Sam" "Do it now, the future cares for itself." Co-Editor of Epilogueg Activities Committee '37, '38, Oval Staff, Science Club '37, lpresi- dentl '38, Football Squad '36, '37, '38, Wrestling '37 Sam has personality plus and has a heart of gold. l-le is everybodv's friend and is always ready to help a pal. It is too bad that Sam has to leave for he will be missed, One of his main avocatians is girls and he gets along quite well with them. Some of his outstanding traits are his personality and carefreeness. l-le likes ice cream, dates, danc- ing and a good old bull session, l-le doesn't care much for stuck-up girls or the local "Y" dances although he attends nearly all of them. Borni January l9, l92C Entered F. M A. September, i936 Undecided lr l lyk U lwgogf MMP 9:4 EDWARD MOORE PATTERSON R, D. l, Millerstown, Pa. Hpatii "Thy modesty's a candle to thy merit." Swimming '39g Tennis '39 Pat is that smiling, likeable chap who has been wending his uncermonious way through reams of Mr, Clarlds History and American Government this year with much more than moderate success. Blessed with an excellent mind, this captivating, yet unassuming, young gentleman has been "wowing" his instruc- tors, intimate friends, and girls for quite some time. Pat has ,quite a flair-or should we saw an obsession- for fishing, Although we have never seen him in the guise of an Isaac Walton, we are sure that if he applies Q the same tenacity and perseverance to his I scaley quarry as he has to the problems of i Life, woe be unto the denizens of the i deep!! Best of everything, Pat, . Born: March l6, l92l C Entered F. M. A. September, I938 Q Franklin and Marshall i i 9 3 q DDQ Qll Q QUll!Q QI Q1 M ! l ! ! ! ! ! 46 if i J' iiiii F 52l Gregg St, Shillington, Penna. UPU H I lt O' Ml l RICHARD JOHN POWERS ff n 6 "A man's man he, no lily-livered romanticistf' Science Club '38, '39, Varsity Football '38g Tennis '39 Physical violence is probably the most re- mote thought in Puffs head, yet his ambition is to be a dentist. Mild in manner, he pre- fers to take life as it comes-in his stride. When playing guard on the football team he didn't extract any molars, but he did loosen more than his share of them. The walls of his room, because of their variety of sub- jects, could easily be taken for a current events news bulletin. Success in his chosen field is sure to be Puff's. Born: January 22, l9l9 Entered F. M. A. September, l938 Undecided ---H-------M19 39mm --------- - LLOYD WALTER REAM 900 Cambria Avenue, Windber, Penna. "l-look" "l-le was the mildest mannerecl man that ever scuttled a ship or cut a throat." Football Varsity 39 Basketball Jay Vee 39 r nine short months Nev rtheless in this ort time he has established himsef as a bit a mathematician, a sleeper without peer, and as a one-man Chamber of Commerce for Win per, Pa. The later hamlet lsome ten a half mountains from Pittsburghl is reputed to have as its community slogan "Where men are men, women are 'super' and every other fellow is a good football player." Be that as it may we feel sure "The Hooker" will meet success in each and every path of life on which he may tread, Best of everything, Lloydl i - , I 1 V , Lloyd, brother of a former F. M. A, foot- C! will luminary, has graced our fair halls but Born: March 7, l9l8 Entered F, M. A. September, l938 Allegheny -'El3lliOGl.lFlF-E ---------'MH9 WILLIAM RATHFON SCHAEFFER F. C1 M. Campus, Lancaster, Pa. "Schaef" "All work and no play makes Bill a dull boy." Honor Roll '39, Epilogue Staff '39, Activities Committee '39, Varsity Tennis '36, 37, '38, '39, Our reader should not form the opinion from the fitting proverb above that Bill is a dull boy but that his life's formula is made up of two parts play to one part work. He possesses a quick wit and a perfect control over tennis balls that gives other prospective players considerable trouble. Bill's usually sweet disposition was somewhat troubled this year because Don Budge turned professional before Bill could get a crack at him. We don't know how Budge heard of "Schaef" but we're sure that's the reason Budge turned pro. Born: December 4, l92l. Entered F. M. A. September, l935 Franklin and Marshall College JAMES SAMUEL RHODES 8 Henshaw Court, Phillipsburg, N. J. "Dusty" "Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more, Men were ever deceiversf' Varsity Football '38, Varsity Swimming '39, Jay Vee Basketball '39, Baseball '39, Track '39. Someone once said, "You've got to be a football hero," and it holds true in Dusty's case. P-burg lost its handsomest son when he left there to come to F. M. A. lt has been whispered around venerable East Hall that a girl named Betty still waits on the banks of the Delaware. A rougher, tougher football tackle than Dusty would be hard to find in any prep school. A longer, sounder sleeper, we know, could never be found. Hail, to the future All-American. Born: December 8, l92O Entered F. M. A. September l938 Lafayette 39N--MH ---- --- 5 csc 48 52 a sf FRANKLIN A MA SHALL ACADEMY .J NORMAN JAMES SHEA, Jr. Chamounix Road, St. Davids, Pa. "Moose" "And a giant lived in our midst." Activities Committee, Nativity Play '39, Foot- ball Varsity '39,Wrestling Varsity '39, Track Varsity '39, i-lailing from St. Davids, Penna., a suburban village adgacent to Wayne, the "Moose" prea sents a personality vibrant with power, pul- chritude, and a preference for blondes. Com- bining athletics with administrative ability Norm should prove a worthy addition to Penn. l-lowever, we add one admonition- "Moose, old man, when the icy blasts howl over the clark heights of Fariston Road re- member that altho' chivalry is one key to success never give a woman your coat!! All the luck in the world, Norml Bornt April l4, l92O Entered F. M, A. September l938 University of Pennsylvania 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1:1121-nc' CDGUE3" 9 3 9 -0: --2-1: 2 -----:iz : 2 REID HARNISH SHEAFFER R. D. 2, Ephrata, Penna. "Sheaff" "There is a farmer in the dell." Soccer '37, '38, Unlike most of our seniors Reid is quiet in nature, except when driving a car. His good humor always prevails when everyone else is blue. Reid is pretty well known too for that flashy convertible Packard coupe that he whizzes around the oval in. When, however, he substitutes his Ford for the Packard, it is a known fact that the latter is in the garage having a few fenders ironed out. Reid is planning to be a vetinarian. With his patience he'll no doubt, be the tops in this profession. Bom: December 20, l92O Entered F. M. A. September, i937 Franklin and Marshall College -mEl3ll,QGLlET --H ------ ---ww9 DAVID GOODMAN SIMONS 6l5 N. Duke St., Lancaster, Pa. "Dave" "Be Prepared" l-lonor Roll '39, Science Club '38, 39, Cur- rent Events Club '39g Swimming '36g Ten- nis '39, David has attended E, M. A, for three short years and has proven himself to be definitely of the scientific set. l-lis fre- quent and numerous controversies with Mr. Lewis not only provide a rest period for the science class but show two great minds at work in opposite directions, David is an active Boy Scout and in later life in- tends to take up chemistry when not teach- ing his boys to be prepared, l-lis numerous arguing points prove that he is an individual thinker and will make a good test tube holder, Born: June 7, i922 Entered F. M A September, i936 Franklin and Marshall College v 020 3 0,4 50 JOHN HOWARD SIGAFOOS Doylestown, Pa. "Johnnie" "Man's best friend is his pipe." Epilogue Staffg Soccer '38g Basketball Man- ager '39g Tennis '39, This young man came to F. M. A. last fall and established himself as one of its loyal sons. Johnnie's happiest moment arrives when the mailman brings a letter in green ink, This is Johnnie's one and only, Johnnie became a very efficient manager of the bas- ketball team, and his services were indisf pensable. ln his spare time he listens to Guy Lombardo, and has proven himself an able jitterbug. We hear that "Siggy" in- tends to enter Amherst this fall and we are all sure that there he will be crowned as a success, Born: September l3, l92O Entered E. M, A. September, l933 Undecided 39ww-------w-- FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY 'g E iv i L o ci UE M' ' ' RICHARD SCHIEDT SMITH Ridge Road, Lancaster, Pa, "Dick" "Fun is fun, work is fun" Honor Roll '3l to '39g Activities Committee '39, Current Events Club '38, Problems of Democracy Group '39g Science Club '38, Oval Staff '39, Varsity Baseball '38, '39, Junior Football '36, '37 captain, Midget Bas- ketball '33, '35, '36, Midget Football '30, '3l, '32, '33, '34, '35, "Dick" has been a student at F M, A, for many years and has made a splendid record in scholastic and athletic activities, When he leaves it will seem as it some permanent attachment has been torn away. l-lis is a story of a steady climb from the lower realms ot the Junior School to the honorable position ot President of the Senior Class, Time and space should not be wasted in wishing him success because through diligent study he has learned the course ot fame and tor- tune and is sure to tollow it faithfully. Born: August 25, l922 Entered F. M. A. September, l93O Amherst '-----i ---- -mmw9 W J 39m::::::::::: LEONARD STEPHEN SMUTKO S04 Somerset Avenue, Windber, Pa. HI-emu "An enjoyable gentleman," Lite Saving '39g Football '38, Basketball '39g Baseball '39, Len isn't boisterous but he enjoys fun and jokes as much as anyone. ln classes he is quiet and attentiveg out of classes he is genial and amusing, Mathematics is his pet subject and he wrestles with it tearlessly even though he doesn't always win. ln l.en's opinion beautiful women and good tood are the foundations upon which lite is built. Speaking of building, Len's aim in lite is to become a civil engineer. Born: September 2, l9l7 Entered F, M. A. September, l938 Duquesne University i 'J I' FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY ' . ROBERT NEWTON STEIN 90 Valley St., New Philadelphia, Penna. HBOIDH "A friend in need is a friend indeed." Golf '39 us introduce you to the gay and good- lookirig young man, Bob Stein, by name. Bob is a vew likeable chap, and although he has been with us for only one year at F. M, A, he has made a large circle of friends. Bob is not athletically inclined but he is a loyal rooter at heart, and one finds him at all the athletic events, l-lis favorite hobby is flying, and some day he hopes to become a pilot in his leisure time. Bob is a very studious chap and we know that he will succeed as a business executive, his main goal in life. Born: July l9, l9l9 Entered F, M, A, September, i938 Princeton do 9 I 5 BEN McCLELLEN SNYDER, 3rd i7 Forest Road, Wayne, Penna. uBenn "And so l penned it down, until at last it came to be, For length and breadth, the bigness which you see." Nativity Play, Oval Staff, Epilogue Staff, Current Events Clubg Varsity Soccer '38g Varsity Basketball '39, Ben is the outstanding journalist of the senior class His fluency both in writing and speaking pave a smooth road to a future career in the portals of literature. Ben's efforts in reviving "The Oval" are very much appreciated by both school mates and alumni. He is a tall blond type and we hear that he has quite a female following back in Wayne. Ben has done a fine job here at school, l-le has shown the ambi- tion, perseverance, and loyalty for which he is honored among his friends, So long, Ben, may lady luck follow you up the road tc journalism. Born: July l5, l92O Entered F, M. A. September, i938 Lafayette 3 9 --i--f- - ----f- - - - --- 6 of 2 rdf- EPil,O,GLiEl-i' BERNARD ANDREW STOCK l24 N. Stratton Street, Gettysburg, Pa. "Bernie" "lt is impossible, but speak your mind." Current Events Club '38, '39, Varsity Foot- ball, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball, Track. A natural athlete is Bernie as is proven by his prowess on the athletic fields. I-tis op- ponents can also testify to his ability and spirit. l-le never tires of talking about G-burg, being probably the town's biggest booster. Bernie's flashy new suit is a familiar sight at the Y. W. C. A. dances every Saturday night. Listening and danc- ing to famous orchestras and observing great athletes in action are Bernie's chief dissipa- tions. Gettysburg College will be receiving one of the Academy's finest when Bernie enters its portals. Born: January l2, l9l9 Entered F. M. A, September, i938 Gettysburg College ' 1 itz it 111 3:1111 1 :uc o 921 0.0 5 5 9 JOSE MANUEL SUAREZ Marti 60, Guanajay, Cuba Il-joel! l tx "Vivre Franco!" Science Club '39g Track '39, And now, fellows, we have our well-known Prep companion, "Joe" Suarez. Joe hails from Cuba, the land of the well-known rum "Bacardi" Joe is one of the quietest fellows in school but quite effective when you get talking with him. In Algebra and Chemistry, Joe shows his true genius and he excels all the others. Joe's favorite hobby is listen- ing to the radio for news of Franco, but now since the Spanish question is settled, we wonder what Joe will do next. Next year he will enter the University of Lehigh and become a great engineer-we hope! Born August l3, i920 Entered F. M. A. September, i938 Lehigh FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY "i:::::E3IDI L'CD C3 ::::1- x. 4 R C , ROBERT LEWIS TEMPLIN F Q l R. D. l, Downingtown, Penna. ' K l "Red" L N " e road to knowledge is a rugged one." L Honor Roll '39g Nativity Play '38g Camera A Club '39g Epilogue Staff, Jay Vee Football ' F '38g Jay Vee Wrestling '395 Tennis '39 B l Lookie, lookie, here comes Red! He was one of our all around men as can be seen by his record above. Temp is the sort of fellow who does a good job in everything he X tackles. When it comes to picking his , women he prefers brunettes. He dislikes X coming in Saturday nights. Photography, airplanes and fishing keep him occupied in .'. his spare moments. Red certainly has done his part in putting this book together. Every- one likes him and when he leaves us this - June to make his way to the bar Clawyer'sll 4 5 X ' we will lose one swell fellow. Q Born: June 29, l92l i Entered F. M. A. September, 1938 - University of Michigan ----------ww939W-U---------H . R, .,.. ,. . ' L, -U i A ll f E MELVIN HENRY WAINER ! I 208 S. President Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. i HMQV, A "He fiddles with a bow and arrow." ! Mel came to F. M, A. after Christmas and that accounts for the absence of a long line ot activities below his name. When Mel . leaves school in the afternoon he goes to practice the fine art of archery. We can't explain wherein arrows and cows are similar but Mel is headed for the dairy business. ln no time at all Mel fitted himself in with the school due to his agreeable ways and pleasant personality. He has as his special idea one which is backed one hun- dred per cent by the graduating class-that of making a success of himself. We know he will. Born: March l9, l92l Entered F. M. A. February, i939 Franklin and Marshall College r54J A -HEIDIIKDGLJIQ? RICHARD GRA.NfT WARREN l26 E. Ross St., Lancaster, Pa, "pick" "To one who knows how, arguing is a rare pleasure." Honor Roll '39g Current Events Club '39, Epilogue Staff '39, Varsity Wrestling. Dick is another of the boys who came to us in the middlei ot the year. He is noted for his ability and enthusiasm in arguing, or should we say debating. If you were to ask him what he iiked best he would quote "beautiful blond haired girl, Sky blue eyes, teeth like pearls, wonderful personality and unusual intelligence." The name of this gem ot femininity is unknown we are sorry to say. Dick is studying to be a civil engineer and we are sure he will be able to build bridges as ably as he built up his female choice. Born: December 2, i920 Entered F. M A. February, i939 Yale - --------------f--- -0- i 9 3 l5l 1:1 11111 1 1 1 1 111 0 HERBERT WIRSING, Jr. 342 Alexander Avenue, Greensburg, Pa. "Herb" "Lite is just a bowl of cherries," Ring and Pin Committee, Science Club '39, Basketball '38, Jay Vee Soccer '38, '39, Herb, who aspires to be a business man, is another two-year student. Aside from being one of the well known "gang," he is especially tamed around the F, M A. portals as a jovial, likeable tellow. Herb likes noth- ing better than driving a car and a good dance. He claims that smoking is one of his bad habits, but his good traits are so many that we can't blame him for that. You'll be a good business man some day, Herb, just Continue in the tuture along the paths of honesty and sincerity as you have in the past. Born: May l3, l9l8 Entered F. lvl, A. September, i937 University ot Maryland -MFEPIIKDGLJF:-F PAUL JOHN ZIMMERMAN 720 Manor St., Lancaster, Penna. "Zeke" "There is a tavern in the town--" Varsity Football '38, Varsity Basketball '37, '38 Zeke, the flashy lineman of our varsity football team is leaving us this year. A great traveler, he has many stories to tell of his trips around the country, and especially about his old cars. lt seems as though Zim has a peculiar knack at picking out bargains at used car sales. Uust look at the one he has nowll Reserved but congenial Zeke is mighty popular with the boys. This should help him considerably in his career as a business man. Born: May lO, l9l8 Entered F. M. A. September, i937 Franklin and Marshall College o 50 9 o 0,0 56 RICHARD KEITH WRIGHT ldaho Falls, ldaho "Dick" "Just a cowboy at heart." Golf. Let us introduce to you that pioneer from ldaho Falls, ldaho. lt is none other than Dick Wright, our Rocky Mountain cowboy. Dick has only been with us since last fall, but he has made a large circle of friends in such a short time. Dick's main pastime is hunting and if anyone is traveling in ldaho, he might accidentally see him tramping through the mountains with a deer hung over his shoulders. Dick expects to matriculate next year at the University of Southern Cali- fornia, where he will take up architecture. The Senior class wishes you a lot of luck! Born February 4, l92l Entered F. M, A. September, i938 University of Southern California. 3 9 -H--1- 1-- -1----- i- - - -I -M+EPlliOGLlFi- RICHARD MAURER ZULICK Mifflin and Liberty Sts, Orwigsburg, Penna. "Dick" "He who sings scares away his woes." Epilogue Staff '39g Nativity Play '38g Jay Vee Football '38j Golf '39 Introducing the best singer in the Senior Class, "Dick" Zulick, no less. When Dick isn't singing he is arguing with Samuel Clark in behalf of capitalism. Dick livens up many a History Class by his lively dis- cussions, He was one of the mainstays of the Angelic Choir in the Nativity Play. Dick plans to go to the University of Pennsyl- vania where he will take up medicine as a vocation if he does not become a great operatic star in the meantime. Born: November l3, i920 Entered F. M. A. September, i938 University of Pennsylvania v oe: 9 i571 WWW exif X 25 ,V N Zf' 3 X41 ., 654'-If' 24 Z ,' M W .-.. . gg ,. X A , ff' 'fl 'Q- 5 I1 7 . ,Z - NI :4 .4 X .' fi?-E ' f, ,vgw-waia7,g,Z, W , 2 . I hl v M 'u,,:M' 1 f fff' IIIA 'Wk .QMLQTQZ Irv H' Z ., 'Gif Wh line. ffm, -T 3-'X KW MARSH fm DH MQW 1? , 'E .l.? '?' 1 T T V Q 'lg H V -'57 NX . Xu, 1' v - .en - 2- f , , T ,JA f aa: X Q .i , N' '51 P fefffhxrn I f K'-4 J"4q 'g T' I-4 ' 'fr u I' Lg 5110 wi-XR! E 5 fi? ""'Q 5 2 lm nb X ""uA.,,-j l V' ' N. ,I 'zn:3v , I - ' x .li-5-.V ,E l V X 1 II7 E y -llig " J , g -, v- r x - 0 -X. - - "" tg, -4ix4 N -5, Q X rn 5, , tl i mfiw Wi H iw W if in f ntuuuq, If FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY 'TI-EPll,C3Cil,ll-Te'-iw FOOTBALL After only two weeks of hard practice the F, G lvl. Academy gridders, under the capable coaching of Paul King, opened their season with Tome School at Port Deposit, Showing a smooth passing attack, which featured lim Dick and Pete Spidle, the Blue and White men gained several first downs via the air route. Early in the third guarter loe Lawrence tackled a Tome back behind the goal line giving the Academy its first score, A pass from Dick to Spidle scored the lone touchdown of the day. lim Rhodes failed to convert and the game ended 8-O in favor of the "Little Diplomats." ln what was to be their hardest game of the year F. 6 lvl. Academy traveled to Princeton, N. l. to meet l-lun School. l-lun School, boasting a long string of vic- tories, took the offense for the greater part of the game. A bad break in the early stages of the contest put the Academy in a hole from which they never recovered. ln the second quarter the l-luns scored on a lateral pass and converted the extra point to make the score 7-O. An attempted pass in the waning moments of the game was intercepted for another l-lun score. When the final whistle blew the score stood l-lun School l3, F. 6 lvl. Academy O. Showing a spirit which hitherto had been lacking the "Little Diplomats" ran through the lvlercersburg stalwarts in the early part of their game played on the opponents field. Taking the kickoff F. 6 lvl. marched down the field to within three yards of the goal-line, l-lere lVlercersburg's defense tightened and held. Then displaying an aerial attack that disorganized the Academy, Mercersburg took the ball to F, 6 lVl.'s one yard line ending the half, Continuing their passes lvlercers- burg scored late in the third period, The remainder of the game was fought largely in the center of the field. The F. 6 lvl. Academy gridders finally came into their own by taking into camp Perkiomen Prep's previously undefeated team l2-6, ln the first quarter the hard running of Pete Spidle and Dibi Difiattista took the ball across for the first blood of the afternoon. Again in the final stanza F. G lVl.'s power asserted itself and another touchdown resulted A fumble on Perkiomen's goal-line was caught by a Prepper who ran 95 yards for their only score. Harrisburg Academy boasting a seasonal record of no defeats closed the "Little Diplomats" football season on Williamson field, Rain, which made the field a sea of mud, furnished a gridiron on which anything could happen. F. G IVl.'s power bogged down in the mud, and passing was an impossibility. Lacking their regular field general, who had been injured earlier in the game, the Blue and White still showed its excellent training, Taking advantage of a bad pass from center, l-larrisburg re- covered a fumble on the F, G lvl. one yard line, An end run scored the touchdown, and a pass boosted l-larrisburg's score to 7-O. Chet lvlurphy's long runs were a feature of the game. ' As a tribute to his consistent outstanding play Don Bitler, stellar center, was elected captain at the end of the season, T601 FRANKLINSAND MARSHALL ACADEMY EEPILCDGUEL P S , W. 1 ' , 2 52'-J' 'ff' M: 'err ff-WM? vmfvv FOOTBALL SCHEDULE F. M. A. OPPONENTS 8 Tome School ........... .............. O O Hun School ...,.,.................,.......,.... I3 O Mercersburg Academy .,..,.... 7 I2 Perkiornen School .,..,........ 6 O Harrisburg Academy ............ 7 20 33 Captain Coach Donald Bitler Paul King I 61 J FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY "+iEPll,OGl,lEl'- SOCCER Under the capable tutelage of Coach lohn McGraw and the sterling leadership of Captain Bill Knorr, the Academy soccer team compiled their best record in recent years. Starting the season a week after the opening of school the "Little Diplomats" journeyed to Wesstown to tackle the defending champions of the Philadelphia area, A headed goal in the opening moments of play proved to be the deciding factor ln the final canto an aroused Academy club kept its opponents constantly on the defensive and the victors were hard put to repulse a surging Blue attack on more than one occasion. On the rebound the following week we took a strong Littlestown l-ligh team by the score of 4-2 on the local turf A sizable crowd saw the Academy come from behind on two different occasions to walk off with the final victory. Manheim l-ligh, Lancaster County Champions, were played at Manheim the following Wednesday and the result was a battle that will not soon be forgotten. On the strength of an early goal by Gene Crider we led until the final two minutes whenga Manheim forward sifted through our defense to tie up at one apiece. Getting back into stride we smothered Marietta to the tune of 9-O on the home field. Ed Malone assumed the guise of chief "destroyer" with a grand total of five goals for the afternoon. Tome came next and likewise bit the dust, the margin being two goals to none. lohnny Stouch and Ed Malone whipped in the winning talleys early in the second half. Mt loy became Victim Noi 4, succumbing 3-l at Mt, loy. l-lowever, the game was dearly won for Ed Malone and lerry Baker our offensive and defensive stars respectively, were put out of commission. Feeling keenly the loss of these two veterans the Academy lost a tough one l-O, to a really powerful Beacom College eleven, Playing host to Wyomissing l-ligh, Berks County Champions, in the final game of the season, we lost a hair-line decision. The first half ended in a scoreless dead- lock, but the visitors came back with a stinging attack to grab a 2-O lead in the third quarter. l-lowever, with a crippled Ed Malone as the spearhead of our attack the Boys in Blue rallied magnificently to tie the count at two all with several minutes of playing time left, With 20 seconds to go the visiting right inside fired through the winning goal to end a season replete with thrills, hard luck, unmatchable gameness and a better than mediocre record of 4 victories, 3 defeats and l tie, E621 -HEPILOGUE ,, ,,,, ... f ...- , .,, ,. gf. ,wil -fy, ,,, Q, 4 l 9 2 3 O 2 Captain William Knorr SOCCER SCHEDULE Wessiown Friends OPPONENTS Lirtlestowh High ......,.... ..... 2 Manheim High ........... ..... l Marietta High ......... ..... O Tome School ........,.. .,... O Mount Joy High ........ ..... l Beacom College ........ ..... l W , . yomissing High ........,. .,... 3 E631 9 Coach John McGraw FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY il-2l3ll,OGlslEi" BASKETBALL For the tirst time in several years the "Little Diplomats" have turned in a very impressive basketball record by winning tourteen games and losing three, Led by Captain "Bernie" Stock and high-scoring "johnny" Stouch, the team sailed easily through the tirst eleven games, until stopped by a strong F, C1 M. Frosh team. Then the Blue and White boys dropped one to l-lershey Industrial and an- other to Perkiomen Prep before they could get back to their former stride and take the tinal three in tine style. The boys probably played their tinest brand ot basketball against Perkiomen on the F, G M, college tloor when they rolled up 28 points in the last halt to win very decisively 57 to 4l, Running a very close second was the game at l-lershey lndus- trial, when F, lvl, A, rallied in the last quarter to clinch the game 32 to 27. Probably the most exiciting game was played on the Armory tloor against the F. 8 M. Fresh- men who were trailing until the last quarter when they came from behind to win 37 to 49. F. M, A ended its season in blaze and glory with a hard earned victory over the Faculty Because ot the excellent team work displayed by this quintet, it would be hard to choose an individual star. "lohnny" Stouch, who averaged l5 points a game, and "Kenney" Craumer, whose average tor l7 games was lO points, made up the forward line. Paul Byers and "Bill" Knorr, alternating at center, were a tower ot strength to the team, while "Bernie" Stock and "joe" Lawrence, in the guard positions gave the opposition trouble in scoring. Substitutes "Walt" Anderson, "Ben" l-leller, "Zeke" Zimmerman, and "Ed" Malone proved valuable in the support ot the varsity tive, Much credit goes to Coach Clair Frantz for the development ot this winning combination. i641 FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY 1, we WHVM 721, ONLQ, , SEA F H IIA BASKETBALL SCHEDULE F. M. A. OPPONENTS 33 Millersville J. Vs .....................,.. l7 54 Thompson Business College 48 44 W. Nottingham Academy 23 4l Williamson Trade ..................... 27 45 Tome School ...............................,. 30 36 Y, C E. ..............,.............,.............,..... 22 69 Thompson Business College 37 32 Hershey Industrial .................. 27 50 Williamson Trade ........,............ 32 r 56 Perkiomen School ...,.,.....,....,.... 4l 38 Y. C, E .............................. ......... 2 9 37 F. P3 M Frosh .....................,..... 49 33 l-lershey Industrial ..,...............,.. 37 37 Harrisburg Academy ............ 25 36 Perkiomen School ....,....,...,....... 45 36 VV. Nottingham Academy 28 g 46 Faculty ..,....,......,............,...,...........,.... 36 l, J ' L. .-. A T' 726 553 Captain Bernard Stock l 55 l Coach Clair Frantz FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY -T-E-El3ll,OGLlE'-I' SWIMMING Although the season's log showed no phenomonal results, this year's Blue and White merlads set a new high tor enthusiastic response and unprecedented gameness. Led by Co-Captains Dick Barr and "Dusty" Rhodes, and coached by Paul King, this team was held back by poor luck from the very start, Faced with a lack ot material the club seemed to be under the spell of a very material jinx. "Bud" Kahler's injury in mid-season only added to Coach King's unwarranted share ot ill fortune. Although our swimmers tailed to annex a single meet, several of the members showed detinite promise, Schindler, Rhodes and Herr in the shorter distances, Barr in the breast-stroke, Simeral in the back-stroke and Kahler in the diving helped very materially in making up tor the lack ot all-around balance. ln summation again we wish to Salute this team who tailed to annex a single victory tor F. M. A, but who showed a pertect record in battling adversity and misfortune. E661 FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY EPILQGUE Co-Captains James Rhodes Richard Barr SWIMMING IO Tome School ....... F. if M. Froslw ...,...,..... Zl Lancaster l-ligl'1 ............ 46 E671 SC-HEDULE F. M. A. OPPONENTS l Bucknell Jr. College ,....,......... I4 F. E3 M. Froslw ..........A.... .......,. 5 l l8 26 44 l4 Wyoming Seminary ,......,...,...... Sl 204 Coach Paul King FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY EEPlLCDGUEi-l' WRESTLING Answering Coach Rupp's call at the first practice of the l939 season was a large group of experienced aspirants, Included in this group were Ben Bell, Ben Kennedy, Dibi DiBattista, Don Bitler, Toby Jaeger, and Moose Shea. With this fine nucleus at his command our young mentor proceeded to mould a team for the Manheim l-ligh meet just two weeks away. This inaugural contest was wrestled on the Lancaster Armory, prior to the Fi 8 M.-C. C, N. Y, meet. When the dust had finally settled to the mat the Academy grappfers had eked out a narrow l6-lS decision over the up-county team. A weakness in the lower weights was evident and almost lost the meet. We were fortunate enough to have loe Endrizzi, a T28 Dound wrestler from Lemoyne, enrolled in our institution shortly after Christmas vacation, Future meets proved that joe was a valuable asset, although he met with defeat when the Academy bowed to a strong well-balanced Wyoming Seminary team by the score of 26-6 shortly after our return to school, The following week the Penn Frosh nosed out our boys in a real heart breaker. The l4-l6 defeat was a hard one to lose, but it led to experience and subsequent victories. Getting back in stride we surprised Lancaster l-ligh 23-l5 in our next match on the home mats. Four days later we journeyed to the Tome School and administered a sound trouncing to the Southern boys, After Moose Shea had pinned his man in the heavy- weight division the log showed 33 points for F, M. A. against 5 for Tome. lt looked as though our grapplers had hit their mid-season peak, Swinging along in great fashion we took Upper Merion, Philadelphia Suburban threats 2B-5, and the following week a previously undefeated Liberty l-ligh of Bethlehem took a lo-9 shellacking. ln the last home meet of the year Stevens Trade was our fifth consecutive victim. The score was 33-3 and the most noteworthy event of the evening was the debut of Dick McLaughlin our new l2l pounder. Dick began his enviable record at F, M, A, by pinning his man in jig time. A 25-lO victory over George School concluded our regular season and for sev- eral weeks the cry around the Oval was "on to Lehigh," With such noteworthy opponents as Choate, Blair, Mercersburg, Wyoming Seminary, Peddie, and others it looked as though perhaps our boys were in for a bit of trouble. Even when Mr. Rupp had cautioned us not to sell the team short we were skeptical, Final results showed that his logic was infalliable for we walked away with the trophy emblematic of the Eastern States Prep-School Championship, and crowned four champions as well, This quartet composed of Dick McLaughlin, loe Endrizzi, Ben Bell and Dom DiBattista, were followed closely by Don Bitler's second and Ben Kennedy's third. The team scores found the Blue and White on top with a total aggregate of 33 points, Wyoming Seminary was second with 25, Peddie third with ll, and Choate. pre-meet favorites, fourth with lO, To Coach Rupp and his team go the admiration and congratulations of the students of Franklin and Marshall Academy for recording the year's most laudable triumph, T681 aw. sw me X' .Hx , FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY 'xi' 1 x s -fu , .4 ANN A ,X , ,.c,..M . v :E MA ., , .Q J l tl r 'l'-r V E L LLN TQ MK , . . i ' l' , -PM In 4 gl,-2 'V it 9, Q .J 49' :H R f -ly , . ,. . FHA i6 6 lil 23 33 28 16 33 25 points. WRESTLING SCHEDULE . OPPONENTS Manheim High ...,........,...........,.,.,. iS Wyoming Seminary .................. 26 Penn Frosh ......,.,............. ............ l 6 Lancaster H gh' .......... ............ i 5 Tome School .....,.......... 5 Upper Merion High ....,. ...... 5 Bethlehem High ........., Stevens Trade ,......, 9 3 George School .... ......,......,............ i C First, Annual Lehigh Eastern States Preparatory School Championship, 33 Co-Captains Coach Benjamin Bell Ted RUPP Dominic Dibattista E691 FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY iEl3ll,OGLll35i BASEBALL Under the tutelage ot Coach Nagle this year's Blue and White nine is con- templating a successful season, With Bernie Stock, Ken Craumer, Don Bitler, Ed Malone, and Walter Anderson holding dovvn the intield, the fielding oi the current club has been greatly improved over that ot last year. The outfield composed ot Grott, Rhodes, and Murphy ably assisted by Burke, and Smith looks promising, and vvith the pitching chores being ably handled by lohnny Stouch, and Bill Knorr a team has been put together that should do much to turther this year's enviable athletic record at F. lvl. A. At the time ot writing only tvvo games have been completed. The curtain raiser vvas lost to Lebanon l-ligh 8-l2. Unsteadiness in the field cost us the game and even some heroic stick vvork on the part ot Walt Anderson tailed to lift us out ot the proverbial rut, ln the second game, we vvhipped the Lafayette Frosh l2-ll in a slambang at- tair played at Easton, lohnny Stouch pitched adequately and received credit tor the victory, while Anderson racked up his second homer in tvvo games. E701 FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY "+-iEPII.OGUE PTL1 W' "WZ if BASEBALL I SCHEDULE F. M. A. OPPONENTS 8 Lebanon High School ....,....... I2 I2 Lafayette Fresh ........................... H 1 Harrisburg Academy ..,............ 2 Captain Coach Walter Anderson Burke Nagle E711 f' X FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY meEPii,oGLiE'-it' TRACK At the time ot publication no track meets had been completed, hut there were indications ot a strong, though not particularly well-balanced team. Coach Paul King has at his command a quartet ot good weight men in Deidrich, Shea, Dibattista, and Davidson, while Ben l-leller, johnny Stouch, and Paul Byers are doing their bit in holding up the running end ot the team. With some breaks and a bit ot luck thrown in tor good measure there is a detinite chance ot F, M. A making a good showing in the Penn Relays, and later on in the season at Princeton and the University ot Delaware. i721 FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY 'iiEPII,OGLJE 1 .aa TRACK SCHEDULE Penn Relays Delaware Interschoiastics Princeton Interscholasfics Tome lnterscholastics i Captain Coach Quentin Deidrick I: 3 I Paul King 7 5 2. Y yffv fi wif' W FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY iiEPlL0GUE5 GOLF The golt team teatured by Ken Craumer and Dick Zulick is hoping to duplicate last year's successful season, The two tore-mentioned golfers have tew peers in this district and Coach Stacks is hoping that this duo aided and abetted by such stalwarts as Day, Baldwin, Mikal, Schindler, will make his tourth year ot coaching a successful one. Although the team lost their initial match to l-lershey l-ligh Bw-BW they came back to tie the strong Swarthmore Frosh MQ-4y2 with Kenny Craumer's 76 leading the way. l74l FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY "-ff-EPILOGLJE X XX xy ! q4- 5 1 xg-,QT ' W! -F, GOLF SCHEDULE F. M. A. OPPONENTS 316 Hershey Hugh ................. ...,...... I 392 415 Swarthmore Frosh . ,....,...... ..... - 'like Captain COBCII Kenneth Craumer C'Yde Sfafks E751 FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY 'i-'f-EPll,CDGlslE-ia' TENNIS Promise ot a more than average season is in view ot the tennis team coached by Lamar Clark, With better than halt of the players holdoyers from last years successful squad big things are expected ot the racquet-men. Early spring rains having cut their practice down to practically one day week ot actual playing, the team looked ragged against William Penn l-ligh dropping the decision 5-4. Paul Byers, Chuck Bair, and Dick Barr were the winners tor the Academy, while lack Avery, Nat l-lager, and Bill Schaetter met deteat at the hands ot the Penn-men, This was the only match ot the schedule completed at the time ot writing. C761 FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY '-MEEPILCDGUE TENNIS ff aififf' i ffjfffi SCHEDULE F. M. A. OPPONENTS 4 William Penn l-liglw ........,......... 5 Captain Coach William Schaeffer Lamar Clark I 77 J EPILCDGUF1 ISO Lb. FOOVFBALL 1R.scHoo L FooTsALl. ' L vs J EDILOGUF: jAY-VEE BASKETBALL ,.,..,,,...,.........,,. ,mx IR. BASKETBALL I 79 I FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY IUN IOR SCHOOL SWIMMING jAY-VEE BASEBALL I 30 1 X mf ,,.-.--.--- 1.x 5 Zia N-J -T ,.- s Q VW-R551 XD WQQW 'N 'av- x w 1:1 ' Q: HKIYISL - -1' " .f -.- 7 -l , ., ,- 'I I-NN '-:?'l' -- ' , A Na ld ?-J M 1 i - 75 ,NK ' A fi f 0 ' : '93 , , n f. j ' 2 ' 2 f 2-Cl' vu .Xxx " gf' iz? uf Nr 1 W Q .. ' ' 1 ,,' , J 5 A E if A E! 5 maxim 2 E7 1 W vu., 'ESL , 3, u ef, A . fw ' -Ay - , A - -'- ll -2- -S ,' A 'nu' ' . "' .- - 11-vvnsg V I,-rv . , X' I. 1: . --F-' 5 xt, A .. X . , 5 '--' " ' 1'-1.1 - .LQ S 1 A 5 ..,., ,gh-45' FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY - 3 . -' , ' vfiiff . Q-f 5 - 2129. A C70AZ226'faf SAMUEL PERCY . L MAXWELL Pfzofoyfafoky 427 314 Affafzczyer fog 52z?f0f BENJAMIN HELLER THOMAS FLYNN EPI LOGUE A STAFF SNYDER .lffzfffzb Kb! ZULICK FEDERBUSCH Jiff0Clhi.? EZJQYU1' .icrafzkff .,f220?of , SIMONS ' KENNEDY SQHAEFFER slGAFoos HI LL Am: Ezmheff Mr hm fWi!?z'?2' fd Jkfacmiafzigwffkr Jiffy: A649195 fd - .firfaa Mifkfzr Q! E821 FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY T-'1EI3ILCDGUEi-" SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE JOHN BUELL AVERY, Chairman THOMAS BEURY FLYNN REID HARNISH SHEAEFER JOHN DEUTSCH EEDERBUSCH ROBERT DONALD BITLER WILLIAM RATHFON SCHAEFFER BENJAMIN ALLEN BELL WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7 HOSTETTER'S BARN Music: CHET LINCOLN E831 FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE John Buell Avery, Chairman David Elijah Day Steven Hamlin Benjamin Kennedy Samuel Percy William Rathfon Schaeffer Norman J, Shea Richard Schiedt Smith Benjamin M. Snyder Robert Wills -ll- RING AND PIN COMMITTEE Cecil Franklin Clement, Chairman lin David Elijah Day Steven Ham Mary ...,....... Joseph .........,... Deus l ............. Reid Harnish Sheatter Herbert Wirsing, 1l- NATIVITY PLAY CAST Frances Estes Herbert Ravvnsley Richard Zulick Deus ll .....,......... Benjamin Snyder Deus lll ............,.... Benjamin Heller Angel Gabriel ,.,...... ......,. R ichard Zulick Shepherd I ............. ........,.. E dvvin Malone Shepherd ll ,......... ,.........,.... R ichard Barr Shepherd Ill ........ . Robert Maxwell Herod .......,.............. Herod Filius ............ Councilor ............... Chamberlain ....... Ist Soldier ..........,. 2nd Soldier ......... Pages- J Robert Wilson David Day William Brimmer Ernest Ness Ray B rogan Norman Shea , ........ William Kuyper Rex I ..................... ............., ,... J o hn Hayes Robell WOBISGB Rex ll ....................,........ ....,.......... R obert Felix Angejjc Qjjojr.. Rex lll .........,.,....,..,............................... ......... R obert Templin Richard Zujjck Wjjjjam gerkjey Guardian Angels- Benjamin Snyder Frank Hill Edith Ann Lingle Benjamin Heller Benjamin Coombe Farlee Eaton John Thomas Robert Morrison THE OVAL EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief .........,.. ............,..............................................,.....,.,...............................,....,.,.............,. R ichard Smith Associate Editors News Editors ............. Social Editors .....,...,,. Sports Editors ...,....... E841 Benjamin Snyder, Samuel Percy, Benjamin Heller Edward Patterson, Leighton Gerhart, Nathaniel Hager William Kuyper, Bruce Ryder Frank Hill, Edvvin Malone, Clair Simeral EIDILOGUE CURRENT EVENTS CLUB Front Row, Left to Right-Simons, Smitlt, l-lill. Ryder. Back Row-Mr. Clark: Warren, Gerltart, Snyder, l. Advisor Clark giving weekly broadcast "Highlights in the News 2. Club Members listening to Town l-lall Meeting Ot Air. 3. Pres. Bruce Ryder speaks on "The New Deal." E351 FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY '--t1EPlllCDGl,lEf-' Front rovv, left to right4Frank, Bean, Knouse, Percy, Burke, Bomberger, Colebaugh. Second rowfFederbusch, Litman, Felix, Kuyper, Pincus, Simeral Third row-Wilson. Blessing, Ivlr. Lewis, Shirey, Belefski. SCIENCE CLUB The Science Club began its i938-39 activities with a Chemistry Show given by Mr, Lewis, the Club's founder and advisor, Meetings were held every other Friday night during the school year. At these meetings the members gave demonstrations and explanations of many unusual scientific wonders, A few trips to local plants illustrated to the Club the part Science plays in modern civilization. The Club received many interesting and educational displays from alumni and friends of the Academy. E861 .....,,. FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY ++El3lli , Glvlldl-A 'N A 't'NAgc.,s ff' ,M W' 5-33- F.. First row. left to right-Brandon. Bomberger. Second row-Templin, Barr, Hager. Litman, Maxwell, Third row-Blessing, Dr, Heller, Bean. CAMERA CLUB President-Nathaniel Hager, lr. Vice President-john Kendig Secretary-Richard Barr, lr, AdvisorHDr, Heller A new club in the school this year was the Camera Club. Under the guiding intluence ot Dr. Hugh Heller the Club met once a week tor a number ot interesting discussions. Among the subjects taken up werei a comparison ot types ot cameras, enlargers, and exposure-metersg the detects of lenses and their correctingg diaphragm action, and others. A display of pictures was given by the Club and many ot these pictures were excellent, Trips into the country have been planned which should give plenty of opportunity tor the display of talent in this young organization. E371 Q f 'I ' X S lk QA-Z EE' 154, - J " V ' f xxx! jf W ' UI' X Z . ,Q 2.1. W' Mfffx 1 , X422 x Mfln f X' X if fl f f .. .... ,,l35WW 5 ' gl f n I "lf" 7Z Vf, x 1 I-f2E'ff:f' -535 1 Wxxxx-1" 5,-"Z 3' 22 2, 1' if T ff .l..---1 v ' F -l WXR5 '?-" "': ' ' li fx -Q' . "QQ : XV 'mf N Y? f-1' W' mu 49 X in-A vi-25 S ,lgtblg 5 2,1 ' . 'Q QW" FJ' Q jg' AZ? 7 4 '- "mmf If 5 :ffl M 2 LABGRARE S Q7 ,film 1' LQ 'A N 1x . 22 0211: S' f . .E. Li u,--j x "'9J,,,.,' Xl' 5 61. wnrjii i - -8-3. V f H jg-'J ,TQWAL 1737 G' XR - lf, lllilly FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY 'ig'-iEl3ll,CDGl,lF5ifT CLASS PROPH ECY As l steadily grew and learned, I was always antagonistic towards the fate theory. Prognostication, l thought, was pure bunk and things happened by our own hands and were not dictated by Mr, Fate. ln studying l-lamlet, Fate again reared his invisible head and dictated the disastrous course traveled by Hamlet and members of his family. Continual harping by critics and teachers should have convinced me of the plausibility of this theory, but alas, I am still a disbeliever. You will say, "l-low can one who utterly condemns the fate theory foretell the future of a group of students about to take their place in life?" My answer will be, "l prophesy nothing. l merely sum up the abilities and ambitions of our boys and in so doing will attempt to tell what they want to be and what they will be if humanly possible." The scene is Franklin and Marshall Academy in the year l9S9,-twenty short years after our graduation. A reunion of the class of '39 is in progress and the old members are beginning to arrive from all parts of the country. lt looks as if all its members will be present to re-live the happy times once spent here. As they ascend the majestic steps and walk between the massive pillars that support "old main," fond memories come fleeting back and they are once again transposed to their school days. A commotion is heard in the corner of the reception room and as all eyes turn to see what goes on, they behold Doctor Donald Bitler wrestling with accountant Norman Shea. Doc. Bitler was always the champion eater in the school and he is trying to retain his title by working up an appetite. Richard Barr, now hardware store owner, and William Schaeffer, professional tennis ace, have just come back from an inspection tour on which they spent most of their time in Room A, practicing eraser throwing. Quentin Deidrick, famous coach, stands placidly gazing at the plaque on which is placed the school record he made throwing the iavelin. Doctor Thomas Flynn is talking to the one-time president of the senior class, Richard Smith, and Bill Schaeffer, about their children who were brought into the world by him. ln another corner is Mr. Lewis talking to Dave Simons, loe Myers, Dave Cole- baugh and "Prof" l.itman about all the great advancements made in the chemical world since "Mike" taught them the fundamentals. Senior Suarez listens at a dis- tance to his famous colleagues, The bell rings for the feast and everyone goes to the dining room. lt was a great mistake to put "Dom" DiBattista, Gene Davidson, Frank l-lill and lack l-lerb at the same table, Their waiter has been running back to the kitchen for "seconds" so often that they have ceased to be "seconds" and are now up in the "twenties," At his usual table sits Dr, l-lartman looking younger than ever. l-le is talking to Architect Keith Wright about the success of the mammoth combination football field, tennis court, swimming pool, and detention room lwhich of course is never used since the departure of Schaeffer, Flynn, Ness, Barr, Blood and Maxwelll. l-le insists that it be tried out by such athletes as swimmer Rhodes, and football stars Thad Belefski, Ben Bell, Frank Clement, lim Dick, Kennedy, Bernie Stock and old flash "Zeke" Zimmerman, Avery and Byers, he suggested, should give an exhibition tennis match while Charlie Bair, should referee. During the conversation at Dr, l-lartman's table, other tables were eaten clean. Now for a treat! Metropolitan Opera Star Richard Zulick sings for us "Hold Tight" by the eminent classical composer lohn l-layes. As we look at the reaction E961 FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY T-i1EPll,QGrLlFl?-" to such beautiful melody on the physiognomies of our one-time students, Reid Sheaffer looks bored, Steve l-lamlin, seasick, Bob Cunningham, pleased, and Mr, Lewis is sound asleep. Candid Camera fiend l-less Bomberger hops onto the table and takes a shot of a beautiful pair of tonsilsi Now for our after dinner speakers. Magazine publisher, Ben Snyder, who got his start at public speaking by talking for Mr. Sam Clark over Lancaster's 5 watt radio station, starts off with two exteremly amusing stories. Mikal comes next and we all agree with his views on American womanhood, Leonard Smutko, who built the New York to London suspension bridge, just nodded to me that Mikal has the right idea. Dinner is over and we are again in the reception room, Barbara Ann Lewis, the beautiful daughter of our counselor and friend, "Mike," is surrounded by such suave gentlemen as William Berkley, Benjamin Coombe, the unforgettable Mr, Raymond Baldwin, and our old lady-killer David Day, who is all dressed up in a Coast Guard uniform George Burke stands in the corner the always was shyl and stares in awe at the beautiful Barbara Ann, john Federbusch, financier, is running around from one of our celebrities to another trying to finance something, It looks as if he's found a customer in Cyril Groft who wants a sanitorium for tubercular cows esablished in the hills of Massachusetlsi Benjamin l-leller, accountant, is going to figure out the cost per unfortunate cow for them. No reunion is complete without its practical joker, Larry l-louck is giving busi- nessman l-luff the hot-foot while laeger tries not to give it away by a show of "boistrosity." -l'here's Sam Percy, our old editor of the yearbook, giving one of the up-and- coming editors some fine points. "Meet your deadlines, Son" he says with a wise look on his placid countenance, Robert Templin tells the young fellow how asso- ciate editors were handled in his day. Melvin Wainer, as he explains the buttons in his l959 Buick, tells of the time he used to drive the boys of Mr. S. Clark's American Government class to l-larrisburg and to the county jail lfor visits of course.l joe Lawrence, athletic coach, who tried to forward physical clulture, looks with disdain at the bullet shaped Buick and makes the remark that "all the exercise the modern youth gets is pushing buttons, Why should we have ten fingers when all we need is a thumb?" Business conditions must also be discussed at reunions so Patterson, Kenny Craumer, l-lerb Wirsing, Dick Warren, Dick Powers, and Bob Stein talk over our economic problems and offer numerous plans that would solve them. Personally, l think their idea of boring a tunnel to China to help the unemployed situation is a pretty hot idea, Kahler, the great engineer, won't undertake the job because he says "Why go toward the center of the earth before you have to?" Knouse smokes his Meerschaum silently. Others who laugh and joke of past experiences and present conditions are Fred Leavy, funeral director, Frank McLaughlin, teacher of Etiquette at F. M. A., Lloyd Reamj and john Sigafoos. Time has gone rapidly on during our reunion and so part we must. We bid fond adieus to Dr, l-lartman and all of our old masters and express our gratitude at being brought together again after so many years, Back we go to continue performing the tasks we were taught so well to do at F, M, Ai, and to attempt to make our world a better one in which to live. I911 FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY 'a-iElf3ll,OGUE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the graduating class of l939, being ot sound body and massive intellect nereby relinquish the tollowing possessions, which we have so greatly cherished in the past year, to our successors. This, our will, is to be carried out by the senior class ot l94O. Avery leaves memories ot a certain Saturday night in Reading, Bair leaves his guiet manner to Kuyper. Baldwin leaves his ever-present moccasins to Fritz, Barr leaves Schaetter without an alarm clock. Belefski surrenders his diction to Ryder. Bell leaves memories ot a handsome man to Lancaster girls. Berkley bequeaths his shoeless activities to the next mountaineer Bitler begueaths his wrestling ability to Tidswell. Blood just leaves. Bomberger leaves his camera at Darmstaetters. Burke throws his bad shoulder to the wolves, Byers leaves East l-lall intellectually crippled. Clement gives up his singing in Chapel. Colebaugh wills his ability to comprehend Chemistry to Sener. Coombe at last burns his loud shirts. Craumer leaves Gerhart's singing without a critic. Cunningham condescendingly leaves his green hat to Bean, Davidson begueaths his strength to next year's tootball teams Day leaves his "line" to any forthcoming sucker. Deidrick wills his iavelin to the trophy case. DiBattista leaves his eye tor the girls to next year's critic. Dick leaves his accent to Pinkus, Federbusch begueaths his crew cut to Saulsbury. Flynn wills the Epilogue profits to buy Barbara Ann Lewis a rattle. Groft wills the hayseed in his hair to the Academy oval. Hamlin wills his sideburns to Bausman. Hayes leaves a certain girl from George School to Shirey. Heller begueaths his mathematical genius to Kendig. Herb leaves a clean record in.Dr, l-lartman's black book. Hill wills his girth to Felix. Houck donates his puns to next year's 'Oval' Huff donates his hair to a toupee factory. i921 FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY 'i-'-El3lLCDGUEl- laeger relinguishes his physigue to next year's "Tarzan," Kahler bequeaths his bad ankle to Dr, Draper, Kennedy leaves without Bitler to argue with Knouse finally leaves the smoking porch. Lawrence leaves Caroline M, "Darn it." Leavy leaves his Bachelors Degree behind. Litman passes "lerry" on to Porter. Maxwell beciueaths his voice to lvlr, Levvis. Mikal leaves fond memories ot "Roni" Myers begueaths his baseball managership to lvlr. Whetstonei McLaughlin leaves after a short stay, Ness leaves his butt-bumming ability to Dr, l-leller. Patterson leaves the trout-in the streams Percy beoueaths "the" datebook to Kuyper. Powers vvills his tootball helmit to Miss lvliller. Ream begueaths his vvavey hair to lvlr, lvloorehead, Rhodes leaves his messed-up bed to the maid. W. Schaeffer leaves an autographed tennis ball to l-larner. Shea leaves his track shoes to the appreciative Gerhart. R. Sheaffer hurries oft tor a bottle ot Coco-Cola. Sigafoos is still talking to S. Clark at the supper table Simons begueaths his scout suit to lvleyeri Smith begueaths his iron vvill to Kendig. Smutko leaves the football bench without a splinter. Snyder wills his penmanship to the Wong Fu Chinese Laundry. Stein begueaths his ever-present smile to next year's Epilogue stall. They'll need itl Stock leaves his iitterbugging to next year's dance committee. Saurez leaves his Spanish propaganda to anyone that will listen to it. Templin finally gives up his last-minute dash to sign in on Sunday nights Wainer leaves in his Buick. Warren leaves with Wainer. Wirsing bequeaths that green shirt to Murphy. Wright wills the four vvords he's spoken this year to Mr. S. Clark. Zimmerman sells his car tor scraps Zulick leaves the echo of his voice still ringing in the shower. E931 +'cEPll,QGl-lE"' Best teacher ...,.,.. Quietest ..........,.. Faculty wit ..,.......... Most human .................... Most hard-hearted Least appreciated Biggest .......,.... Smallest ,,....... Loudest ......... Quietest ....,.... Stooge ........ Funniest ............. , Most talented ........,,. Biggest eater ........... Cowboy ................. Best arguer .......,.. Vlost reserved ....... Wittiest .............. Poet ....... Busiest .,...... He-Man .............. Most generous .,...... Fashion plate ..... ...... Best student .....,..... Best athlete ....... College .....,........... Girls' College ..,..... Girls' School ....... Car ....,.........,.... Sport ........,. Cigarette ............... Radio Program ......... ....,......, Orchestra .......... THE LOWDOWN FAC U LTY S. Clark Heller Fox Lewis L. Clark Moorehead Most reserved .,......... Most generous ......... Fashion plate ........ Biggest eater ,,.,....... Busiest ...................., SENIORS Hill Houck Cunningham Wright Blood Burke Snyder DiBattista R, Scheatter Simons Powers Knorr Maxwell Percy Shea Baldwin Coombe Heller Stock Most popular ............ Best natured ......... Happiest ....................... Hall Lewis Hobach Rupp S. Clark Bitler Jaeger Lawrence Most handsome ............. .......................... B ell Laziest ...................,... Woman-hater ...,....... Sportiest ............ Politician ....... Most loyal ......,....... , Most energetic ........ Most studious ............ Drug-Store Cowboy ....,... Most original ............ Neatest .......,.............. Best waiter ,.........,..,.......,...... ........ God's-gift-to-women Best sponger .,.....,................ First to get married ........... FAVORITES Duke Mt, Holyoke Shippen Buick Football Camel The Lone Ranger Goodman Zimmerman .. ..,.,.. , ...... Knouse Avery Hill Snyder Craumer Herb Hutt Flynn Wirsing . Federbush P, Byers Ness Leavy Actor ........,... ........ S pencer Tracy Actress .....,....,. ....... P ricilla Lane Book .....,,. .......,..,,,.,............,............................ E pilogue Movie ........,....... ......,........ ' 'Yes, my darling Daughter" Magazine ..........,...i...................,............,.,...,............,..............,.,.,. Esquire Topic of Conversation .........., ..,.............,...,....... G irls Pastime ........,....................,......., ....,...... B ull sessions I FR AN KL 'N IJ D MA R I SHA'-1. Ac AD EM Y T, CUE SEE O UR T E AS P B S if CJ -2 S 5 F '5 'U O CTI , :S 'U cu +- eu 4-' 'C -C 'U U- V' .A O 4' .Q 'D ,mg 'E Z -U' 2 -W I 5 -E U -2 , E- an GJ m x. .C +0-1 ,- ,- P- cu P r: E -2 5 ff, A su LU f0 'ci E 6 21-J U7 9 if ,E U -E 'U 3: -42 cn -E., -5 3 5 ,Q EU if 5 W5 -L3 fu I E OJ E g cu H- U1 Cn ,va 0 cu Q .9 X Cn .. U in 3- Us if 4' CL, E E gm an 'X- t VE Q 9 5.3 3 3 AQ 1 2 E O 4- U 'C QQ L Ln 1,5 fu - .QW 3 5 Q 3 EJ C Q ng 5 1 - I Q E rv gn rv -2 :U 3 E cn QV, 3 .g on 3 .. V, - - o .. U o O I +- E c '- U' O1 if 3 'U 3 1 3 V' E E fU fr 5 W Q 5 'E E I E O 5 Q JE Q 2' 9 W Q E W 73 GJ 3 E E -E 'lf 3 5 JS Ag .A H 9 O U 3 CU GJ il Ln - Q -Q L. mn 5 -U U G. -2 5 -5 Zi E 35 E U jg CU I -O 3 -U .- Q1 ., Q, .Q C c: CD I Q1 Q .. 3 .. fi E ,N S IG W E EZ D 1 4 ua - Ln 3 an gi '5 -D E H J.. LL an Ln C O 1 " fu 43 - P ae if U W E ru 8 CD E Z Ei L? .C 1 W 5 :E ff 3 25 -Q Q1 LU 3 Lt U -E 'U I O? 2 .C H 2 E 4- an " nn 'U - I an +- .U U' cu 2 fn .2 1 G2 E U m 5 v. 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FRANK NATHANIIEL E. HAGER ROBERT B, HARTMAN JOHN M. HAYES BENJAMIN E. HELLER JOHN R. HERB FRANK O. HILL WILLIAM E KUYPER ROBERT R, MAXWELL PETER MIKAL EDWARD M, PATTERSON BRLICE P, RYDER WILLIAM R SCHAEFFER RAYMOND T. SCULL CLAIRE C. SIMERAL DAVID G. SIMONS RICHARD S. SMITH JOHN H. SWANGER ROBERT L TEMPLIN T961 FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY EPILCDGUE .,., R111 ,W ,, , ,,. 4 fwfg. gf IUNIOIR SCHOOL HONOR ROLL FOR IUNIOR SCHOOL 1938-39 I o STEPHEN BATES WILLIAM DRIMMER 'I ' WILLIAM CHURCH DEXTER DRAPER LOUIS EMANUEI. . HOKE f RARMIN af, 4,11 ,J MILLERG-, PECI4 Aid E RAEZER RICHARD MICHAEL CHARLES CHARLES SPENCER ROBERT RITCHIE ALEXANDER SHAND Qfgpg, JAMES SHAND , ' I . I WILLIAM SIMERAL ' SEYMOUR SPEAR HENRY STRDCI4 E973 Q' V , ' if ' ' 9 ,, 5 "'z EPILQGU I QQ W X , 0 Q Q , ..., ,L ' X 1 -- f. 6b4Q72ZAzf L ' BELL 135 IA ' VA! at 4-015 LSWS f f , 2 1 , 1 Aw if X 9564 f49m b . ' Ten RUPP -gm., A H 5 ,M 'X N 4: gg WW Q " pwwgQ N0 66-2QpiabQ A DI BATT ISTA g5fb V1 , as , gf V V JAEGER JZEAQ aw H V'-Q -:5Q QZf W0 4 'we V f ii'-fl-r , E981 VSHEA' Heavywzf ,,,-ll- Ei.. FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY iEPlLCDGUEii" AT WORK -..RxLi- l. Teaching us To speak. 2. Mr, Hobach laughs at Keridig 3, Thursday vocalizihg. 4. Mr. Fox vvisecraclcs. 5, Time for lunch. 6. Malhematician Dr l-lel'er 7, Parlez-vous Francias. 8, Dr. Heller ex- plains lenses. 9. Mr. Rupp keeping time AT P LAY l. We would smile loo. 2. Could they have had a fighl? 3. Faculty football. 4, Mr, Lewis gets around, 5. Lamar 5 Lamarr, 6, Mr. Rupp looks happy, lWho wouldh'T?l E991 FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY EEPILCDGUE3-'Ti l, Frantz averages grades 2. A good time to study 3 It goes. 4. Chapel time, 5. "Shakespeare said." 6. "I dor1'l' uriderstaridf' 7. Athlete-teacher, Mr. Lewis. 8 Percy photographs. 9. Bible arid Mr. Wagner on Tuesdays, lO. Our winter home. ll. Basketball at best l2. East Hall and Snow. l3. Checking in-Fuh's over. 11001 FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY iEPlLQGUEfi- l. First signs ot Spring. 2. An overgrown Sparrow 3 Frantz gives a pep talk. 4. Our playful teachers, 5. Vlr. Fox gives an exam. 6. Campus house dessert. 7. ylr. Rupp concentrates. 8. The most popular hour. 9 Waiting up for the boys on Saturday. lO. More signs of spring. ll. Batting the ball. l2. A musical discussion 13. Barbara Ann, the cutest thing in town. I4. Dr. Hartman roots for F. M. A. l5. A welcomed arrival. f101j FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY iEPllrOGl,ll-'Si' I, An orderly table, 2.Tl'ie magnolias blossom. 3. Take it from Coach King, 4. The Favorite spring sport. 5. One of our ace wrestlers. 6, Swimming practice. 7. Mr. Lewis explains wonders of Chemistry. 8, Franklin lnstitute demonstrates wonders otCl1emistry. 9, A halt view ot the students saying graces 10, Austin Bishop talks to the boys. ll. The reception room, l2. Hope We win. l3. Noon discussions, 14. Parts of the faculty football team. 51021 l . FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY PARLEZ-vous? R Q 1 ' , P I X om. - xf , EUHR WED - cammeq My A MALUNE UWT ' + 1 X w T7 SVECIH L? To GERWLE M y f SUQDER ' ' 7 ' 0 J EJELLW - Z, ,X ff . . 32- f 5 ,Lf 2 , Lava Gee, I' , k '2'1 ' , H 5 0 'lard C5 5 - - - A X LOVE 6uUE" . mlb-ig whoa A V : A Qmefa 0 ' ON-AX ' 'I Tim A 1 5 to iz VIHLONE , X f . ul 4, ,f . , I JL Hausa 1 Z N555 AQYTY' ' ' ' g i 11. 1 " A T u,bf9?lQfsq,gmxxX5" VM GOING 10 ' WWE' J' ' gown me PIPE-suoueeaz suemaesvenae enum omcoro wr om-Heww f'-EQOO, - f JL vm wow H0010 IV' i - f 1 h TEJGOTTA L'-" T mx! W Wf?J?l'3f? ,wo .. ..,,,A V 1 .. i ff, , GWB Cmmmuuoi-KPN GROW' pzxmmgammm .- 2 , spew-xx, FQUUJNEWQ .'! Boom woi-Wo? wave A memo-1 P3 TENNK6 GENE CAR TROUBLE REPORT FST! TROOBLE I QFl.mEQn-x50 51031 IDGLJEE FRAN T KLIN AND MAREHALL ACADEMY ?EPII4GGLJE1i muvvemreo , THL1 fmolazae ' , - a ff ucvxoru! x ' 0 f x2 f ' MZ 1 fff N566 ::'!:' ff 5 LET N TAKE QOOR 5.',A:.b. 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C900-U500f RHODE im itomnge QS K H956 A 009- mA L 6 1 TO l , , 1 V. ,AA.K Qufauxxesevf I Xl J? 0:2252 N Q . f Q ,Q, ' X V X f agar 1 5 Q V N"' kgmea PHTTERSON W l - 2,5 Ream 5 MEM W ' PAPA HELL' , . 5 nl flf 1 ,,V.-k 7 df' V QQ' HGNOR! J 5-nu. Z G If ' CQGESTKONSV ' ' V ' ENU ME. 356 ,P x' VQE V. , Dseowa-an . , xv mcmucmm N . :A" 62.091 N N wif? W , My QQ" ':' - X . f 'Wm f:"WHmw 6' J 7 if lk V YNQ, N N X Y N PROC' f l Z, , ' ' ' X LITMMI R5 f K ' im" ' f u ' J . ' . B, QUTTER? kf Q -W ff " y f x umm EWG Q Y ggqg-QM 9965! xy . V V, V, A K X HEHUT OUT L ,XXX Q Q? , it COT, , , ' "" ' ,5 ' IUJHNNH Gfgffypyf TZA N ' ' n QLEEPK lfewpwg 5 OO WMU MH 6611 XR A . MSHQQOE M 5, N fl 1 .,.. f I:105j FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY ,1.,.. l iEPIL0GUElE UNAALQSQAQQAL DHRAV SZTARRQQ jug-651 A AL f-5mfcAeA?15 i Aff' LNSW f A L A A A'AL ' AA A 7f A A LLLL L H E e.L VNA PERB LBARRE-RMA LA L 1 A A A f V LAA va Qoo CAN vmoeaswmxo A Q' TW: Qov ouc-,HT 10 Meer LV Vkh' A V- V E-in LVAA VVVVV , Z , LV . 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' fave R A Few enum wuwf f106j FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY ,.l -l- l ...i1.- i--EpII,OGIwJE"-'- W1 I .,.., x LHNLHQTES nw 55522, ,-v,, Lia- H NO E 4,104.6 if .1 LQWSHT EWE5 UPF ,L 1 Tumww 1 Luxe H fag GOTTA MWC 5PlNBCl-l?5N 1'X'l - 5 we M491 V f If Eomorvf 'Q-A I 1 gs ' ' E ROML-,EW :" I ,xx V A . 'A 'lf xufgl f jk, ixx Qi f -A ,Ty cuswemr 165515 A X A mm-an Peao?fW.W qi! -Q WUC I- wmv eu-Q mm! wouw wr ' F ,I X f X l-lox-0 EPu.oGwe Mamma? KN MV I A F5 'A I ' X t WOM! Q ,.,' ' 1: any ..., R Q ' 1 Nj, V, t 3 , 13 ,v-,-.. , , v,Ay 1 V. Vx if 1 A A mf H l .,.,,,t. N f f L J N A em f , iT em' bg? ,,,qVLQ,, L.,, A . , EJETU-55555 A f A 4 A A 7 , we QM A X f db x I f BND rw! . A ,:.:, ' jo f' x-.V?? ,A. f 'A11 , o A ' I I J' A VM comma :sew ER9 f f AV1 5 if P, Qacenaofao ,M mai E L '- I T' TH MM MEA rj A VA gfiworli A.L, , KF You L . ' ' 1"'h,AdM gfqgijgg, L, A X , Pg' Oggf , Ps . E , f- Q-fA'-:. v , .D , , L lf! , Q0 KOA' A DPXHUBN 195 N ' X, QC 0 - G, YW UQ gl? J AME! ' of mf ffmfffw' Bgjvfiy fx J f107j 4 Y 7 .. A 1 MAYIDELIA-191 FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY F-'gi'-EPII,QGLJEld V m m VV M N 20 1 LET -"fi f 4 1'1g A. N wi 615 N iw , .,1h1 . ,.:, L? Fbfem 60 N "'A " " We Tifgjp NL- - -A 1 qw Qt Nga? N,N ,QA H4919 N f f N N N N9 ' We ' Ml N HOU N N 5 : N : N 50 0' 10 5 :QD UW M51 N 5976 dwg! PE N 5Oy,f1E'm N , N,.N N N W 0 NNN ' XX' Vee-5. E fffffgfg N N icuadae Ng N U fm, V59 QE?9' I +PQ'WeQi' N N was N V WOWT WSE E ' l : ""NNN- J, ' , ff' 1 6PxBCo SUT Kmoavg if C Q , ,.A,. A Wg nmol MEMEDN N N f NN ,fN, . CH -ff-f THE HUQH N N A ww k wr 5-1151? N V... N? Q N N HELtiE?3ff , if N ' 15" UWNER NN lf 7 i,, VN 0 NNNN Hf"5w' ff f2:z,NN"NN"Nw 1 Z A di - K A V Q ,ffssf K ' A D . -'iff' - PM W Wm N N ' uw 'COW' MN . ml 51, AKHCL ' A "N"Nf 2 Oocb QFFICE! N2 N ' kk N, ' Wg fu lizzie? 'XTHE EGU?-OACSUEL 'LLMQHEQ YQTHMM, NRTHHNIEL HQGEQ Foame QHOTUGRAWQ W J PQQPNYN ,MNPXT WMJERQ Pfcmue Jomofk, , f , flO81 FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY f-EPILOGUJQ Anderson, Walter Th. Avery, John Buell Bair, Charles Baker Baldwin, Raymond Philo Barr, Richard I-lenry, Jr. Belefski, Thaddeus Albert Bell, Benjamin Allen Berkley, William Albert Bitler, Robert Donald Blood, John George Bomberger, Amos Hess Burke, George Clement Byers, Paul Reid Byers, Willis l-l. Clement, Cecil Franklin Colebaugh, David Clinton Coombe, Benjamin Clyde, Jr Craumer, Kenneth Walter Cunningham, Robert Metz Davidson, Gene James Day, David Elijah Deidrick, Quentin Leslie DiBattista, Dom Richard Dick, James Franklin Federbusch, John Deutsch Flynn, Thomas Beury Groft, Cyril Lee l-laislip, David Thomas Hamlin, Steven l-layes, John Monroe l-leller, Benjamin Eberhard l-lerb, John Robert l'lill, Frank Otto l-louck, Larry Eagle Fluff, Walter Franklin, Jr. Jaeger, Tobias Leonard, Jr. Kahler, Mahlon Norman Kennedy. Benjamin l-lugh Knouse, Roy Allen Lawrence, Joseph Edward Leavy, Fred Bernard Litman, Arnold Davis Malone, Edwin Francis Maxwell, Robert Rathvon McLaughlin, Frank Richard Mikal, Peter T. Myers, Joseph Nash Ness, Ernest Reymond Patterson, Edward Moore Percy, Samuel Wellesley Powers, Richard John Ream, Lloyd Walter Rhodes, James Samuel Schaeffer, William Rathfon Schindler, Raymond Campbell Shea, Norman James Sheaffer, Reid l-larnish Sigafoos, John l-loward Simons, David Goodman Smith, Richard Schiedt Smutko, Leonard Stephen Snyder, Benjamin McClellen Stein, Robert Newton SCHOOL LIST SENIORS 23 Osborn Aye., Manasquan, N J IZS Tennessee Ave., N.E,, Washington, D. C Goldsboro, Etters P. O., York Co., Pa. Cincinnatus, N. Y. 357 N. West End Ave., Lancaster, Pa. 42 E. Main St., Glen Lyon, Pa 221 Harrison Ave., Glenside, Pa. i246 Oakmont St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 434 Westminster Ave.. Greensburg, Pa. 32 E. l-ligh St., Womelsdorf, Pa. Eschelbroon, Jeannette, Pa. l088 Summit St., Columbus, Ohio S0 Kensington Ave, Uniontown, Pa. Lampeter, Pa. 522 E. Ross St., Lancaster, Pa. R. D. No. l, Altoona, Pa. 409 Jonathan Court, Pittsburgh, Pa R. D. l, Thomasville, Pa. 6723 Anderson St., Philadelphia, Pa. 333 Main St., Everett, Pa. R. D. 2, Twin Falls, Idaho. l9l8 Penn Ave., West Lawn, Pa. 55 l-lolland Ave., Ardmore, Ra. 60 Broad St., Phillipsburg, N. J. 9ell5 Stafford Ave., Forest l-lills. L I. ICZS Marietta Ave., Lancaster, Pa. R D. l, Westminster, Maryland R. D. 5, Lancaster, Penna. Ash St., Weston, Massachusetts. i570 St. Charles Ave., Lakewood, Ohio. 633 Third St., Lancaster, Penna. 207 l-2 Main St., Johnstown, Pa. 1l0l E. Lehman St., Lebanon, Pa. 34 So. 4th St., Reading, Pa. Riegelsville, Pa. 630 Eighth Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. 839 McCartney St., Easton, Pa. 5823 Roosevelt Blvd., Philadelphia, Pa. R. D. l, Westminster, Md. 25 Sprenkle Ave., l-lanover, Pa. ll5 N. Third St., Clearfield, Pa. 4013 Cold Spring Lane, Baltimore, Md. 534 W. James St., Lancaster, Pa. i043 Woods Ave., Lancaster, Pa. 29 So. Fourth St., Steelton, Pa. 646 Summer St, Elizabeth, N. J. Walnut Avenue, Oreland, Pa. 6l5 Broad Ave., Susquehanna, Pa. R. D. l, Millerstown, Pa. l40 E. 38th St., New York, N. Y.: 52l Gregg St., Shillington, Pa. QCO Cambria Ave., Windber, Pa. 8 l-lenshaw Court, Phillipsburg, N. J. College Campus, Lancaster, Pa. Long Ridge Road, Stamford, Conn St. Davids, Pa, R, D. 2, Ephrata, Pa. l88 N. Main St., Doylestown, Pa. 6l5 N. Duke St., Lancaster, Pa. Ridge Road, School Lane I-lills, Lancaster, Pa 804 Somerset Ave., Windber, Pa. l7 Forest Road, Wayne, Pa. . Silver Creek, Penna. F1091 4'-'EPli.OGt,Jl3l Stock, Bernard Andrew Suarez, Jose Manual Templin, Robert Lewis Thomas, John E. Wainer, Melvin Henry Warren, Richard Grant Wirsing, Herbert, Jr. Wright, Richard Keith Zimmerman, Paul John Zulick, Rfchard Maurer Baker, Jerome LeMar Batdort, Curtis Ralph Bauer, Amberson Clark Bean, Lewis Amos Bickhart, Harnf Dawson Blessing, Francis William Brandon, William Douglas Brogan, Raymond Thomas Brunner, Joseph John Crider, Eugene William Duffield, Henry Cowie Endrizzi, Joseph Lawrence Felix, Robert Gillies Fidorack, Michael Gerhart, Leighton R. Gorham, Erwin Roy Hager, Nathaniel Ellmaker, Jr Hamer, Henry Charles l-lerr, William Kirchner, Herman Joseph Knorr, William Gratly Krushinsky, Raymond Joseph Kuyper, William Edmund Lowell, Richard James Merrill, William Alexander Morrison, Robert E. Neiman, George B. 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James St., Lancaster, Pa. 504 Race Ave., Lancaster, Pa. 23l Baer Ave., Hanover, Pa. 35l N. West End Ave, Lancaster, Pa. 04 , The Town House, 60l l9th St., N.W Washington, D. C. 82-67 Austin St., Kew Gardens, L. l, 2 Box l78, Rohrerstown, Pa. 706 Manor St., Lancaster, Pa. 3l E. Farnum St., Lancaster, Pa. 352 Elm Ave., Sharon, Pa. 4600 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. R. D. l, Fairfield, Pa. 66 Bayview Ave., Great Neck, L. l. LOWER MIDDLERS 244 W. 74th St., New York, N. Y. 225 Elm St., Lancaster, Pa. ll0 Brown Ave., Butler, Pa. Willow Street, Penna. ll0 The Maples, Fox Chapel, Aspinwall, P 5869 Northumberland St., Pittsburgh, Pa Mountville, Pa. Bedford, Pa, 949 Virginia Ave., Detroit, Mich. l07 So. Drive, Valley Stream, L. l. ruoj lklo ft? T 021219136 FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY 'L'-'-EPll,OGl,JE Nelson, Keith Maurice Pinkus, Richard Scull, Raymond Tobias Bausman, Thomas Franklin Birk, Paul August Cook, Charles Bennett Deck, Roy Hartman, Robert Breneman Higgins, William A. lx, William E. Lancaster, Edward Lee Lewis, George Curtis Stoler, George William Swanger, John Henry Tibby, James O'Neil Westertield, Jack Harris Yecker, Kenneth Raymond Acoca, Meyer Banta, Robert LeRoy Bates, Stepheng Bear, Frank Raymond Brimmer, William Blair Church, William Lewis Cohen, Bernard S. DeHaven, Robert Henry Detwiler, Daniel Draper, Dexter Wright, Jr. Emanuel, Lewis Evans, Benjamin Jacob Glidden, Burt Rufus Herr, Eugene Kendig Richard Roy Ho iss, Leonard Bogue Karmin, Michael John Kendrick, Thomas Richard Kimmel, Arthur Sandor Lacy, Justin Ernest Linn, George Harry . X Lancaster, Richard Alexander Long, Arthur Francis Lowenherz, Robert Jack Marrow, Brayton McKee, Richard Stewart Meyer, John Edward Miller, Charles Leibley Peck, Charles Edward Raezer, Spencer Dorworth Ritchie, Robert Bolenius Rohrer, George Redsecker hand, Alexander Shand, James Simeral, William Goodrich Spear, Lester Spear, Seymour G. Stengel, Albert Howard Strock, Henry Blaine, Jr. Tibby Edwin Baker lWilson Frank Clark U . .1 Q al f Wilson: Robert Lowry Wohlsen, Robert S. 22 North Ave., Norwalk, Conn. Dutch West Indies, lArubal. 4l Park Rd., Wyomissing Hills, W Lawn P O Reading, Pa, iursiioizs IUNIOR 325 W, Chestnut St., Lancaster, Pa. 38 So. Seventh St., Allentown, Pa. 309 N. West End Ave., Lancaster, Pa. 243 N. Duke St., Lancaster, Pa, 924 Marietta Ave., Lancaster, Pa. 425 W. 23rd St., New York, N. Y, ' i043 Buchanan Ave., Lancaster, Pa. 422 State St., Lancaster, Pa. 647 School Lane, Lancaster, Pa. l056 Buchanan Ave., Lancaster, Pa, Wilson Drive, Lancaster, Pa. 632l Jackson St., Pittsburgh, Pa 441 lndianola Road, Youngstown, Ohio. 545 W. Chestnut St., Lancaster, Pa. SCHOOL Box lO88, Ancon, Canal Zone. l48 E. Ross St., Lancaster, Pa. 637 School Lane, Lancaster, Pa. 209 Pearl St., Lancaster, Pa l0l4 Marietta Ave, Lancaster, Pa. R. D. 3, Lancaster, Pa, Granada Hotel, Ashland Place 6 Latette, Brooklyn N Y I , . . 'Ui 11l40 E. Clay St., Lancaster, Pa. Jqdpeotf Marietta Ave. 6 School Lane, Lancaster, P 232 E Orange St, Lancaster, Pa. Sl4 Race Ave., Lancaster, Pa, R. D, 3, Lititz, Pa. P. O Box 923, Lancaster, Pa. R, D. 3, Lancaster, Pa. 334 College Ave., Lancaster, Pa. Box ll4 LaMar St., Americus, Ga. 246 Beach l26th St., Rockaway Park, L. l. 6836 Meade St., Pittsburgh, Pa. l7 N. President Ave., Lancaster, Pa. Vet. Administration Facility, Canandaigua 422 State St., Lancaster, Pa. 23 S, llth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 8825 63rd Avenue, Elmhurst, Ni. Y. 265i l6th St., NHW., Washington, D. C. 32l N. Lime St., Lancaster, Pa. l26 W. Bth St., Aspinwall, Pittsburgh, Pa 4C'3l Swanson St, Pittsburgh, Pa. l267 Wheatland Ave., Lancaster, Pa. i305 Hillcrest Road, Lancaster, Pa. 35l E. Orange St., Lancaster, Pa, 46 S. Queen St, Lancaster, Pa. i029 Marietta Ave., Lancaster, Pa. 207 E. Orange St., Lancaster, Pa. 207 E Orange St., Lancaster, Pa. Box l78, Rohrerstown, Pa 6526 Ogontz Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 6525 Ogontz Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Linden Hall, Lititz, Pa. l4O E. Orange St., Lancaster, Pa. 3. N 632i Jackson St., Pittsburgh, Pa. ' 1 262l Ellis sr., NS., Pittsburgh, Pg"l"""""'fll-Qrlet QS',,,,J 2s2i Eiiis sf., Ns., Pittsburgh, Pa. pf 452 Race Ave., Lancaster, Pa. F1111 'Y X f fl is ,"-'-..- ix. Z N X X f X X ff X I x X If NX I ' ,f",'- ' I XIH N ff ' . ,. I Q ,XX f xf f. x ' w x' 1: M. ,.., W i xgxffxx X XX V XX gs X' '. X .Nsix E ,X xQ Wwffv s , f M E -9 WX Rl V i i5a U81 vi Y 7 Q ?' ' -'- 1 Q T 'J A- 1 ,Q X ! 5 1- -,- I 'vcuevll x JL Fi ,? v 3.15,-xv W 1 WL xvfnvwi V' ,I " .4 L: x P 1? f X sl 5 2 Lmeaswu-1 7 .f X EQ 1' K 5 . , ' F 'Hi 4 csv U A f 'ull - .5 ' z 'N -. fi, 0 W M 967' I . D 5 -.---1 "3 L" ' N' 117 - f - .-i--- -7 " J 5 1 A - 'tr X. ' - 6 '-' ,Q...-f'?- --f- A'-4 X -5? V. ,X ... . UKIBILQ FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY -ii-Epll,0Gl,lEaT A. K. MANN AND SON DEALER S TOBACCO B. F. BYERS' SONS MEATS, PROVISIONS and VEGETABLES Lancaster Branch Stores Church Cr Shippen Sts. 542 E. Kin HOME OFFICE, LAMPETER, PA. g SI. COOPER'S DRUG STORE DRUGS, PRESCRIPTIONS, CANDY, CIGARS SODA WATER, DRUG STORE SUNDRIES l54 North Queen Street I. B. WIGGINS GROCER Lancaster, Pa. GElO'R.GE SMITHGALL DRUGGIST Southeast Cor, Pine and Lemon Streets LANCASTER, PA. 1. F. KING FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES 230 N. Mulberry St. Bell Phone 2-8629 Compliments Ot COBLE'S TIRE SERVICE Compliments of WESTENBERGER, MALEY Er MYERS FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY -E:1EP1iiOGLiEli'- LAND C'LAKES SWEET CREAM BUTTER Sold at all RED ROSE FOOD STORES Buy From an Independent Red Rose Grocer l-le l-lelps to Support Your Community L. B. HERR Cr SON INSURANCE SURVEYS THE LEADING smrioueifas AND BOOKSELLERS ENGLE Er HAMBRIGHT, Inc. Eine Printing and Engraving 46 EAST ORANGE STREET Fountain Pens LANCASTER, PA. Loose Leaf Blank Eooks 46-48 West King Street Telephone L 8141 LANCASTER, PA. FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY "-ffEEPll,OGLlEi Parker Pens and Pencils Kodaks SI-IENK BROS. "Everything tor Sport" 30-32 WEST KING STREET, LANCASTER, PA. "Reach" "Spalding" GOLDEN LION CIGARS Havana Blended -- Handmade eail ungfgrli Dernutn Old Blend Pipe Mixture 2Sc -- W4 oz. pack SLOO 7 8 oz. can -4- H. C. FRANTZ WHOLESALE CONFECTIONER 4l4 West Walnut Street Catalogue of Pipes and Smokers' Articles upon request 5c Bars and Penny Goods a Specialty DEMUTH TOBACCO SHOP H4 East King Street Lancaster, Pa, COfT1DllfTlGf1TS since l77O 1. A. KLINE Cleaning and Dyeing Dial 9428 237 N. Mulberry St FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY 'Z-':EPILOGUEi LINDEN HALL IUNIOR COLLEGE AND SCHOOL FOR GIRLS One Hundred and Ninety Two Years LITITZ, PENNSYLVANIA Cornplimenrs of MEAT SPECIALISTS 6- SWEETON 9-II NORTH DUKE STREET Ii Lancaster, Pa. J. W. WILLIAMS, Manager HFASI-IIONS EOR MEN" R. G. RENNINGER, Proprietor FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY '+AEPlliOGLlE-I ia A ' IL "The Big Store with the Little Front" STATIONERY OFFICE EQUIPMENT BOOKS EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS DIAL 5271 LANCASTER, PA. G. S. BURKI-IOLDER Complete Auto Service and Good Used Cars Race Street at Virginia Avenue Phone 8624 IACOB'S SHIRT SHOP NEWEST IN MEN'S WEAR THE DUTCH KITCHEN We welcome you back to the meeting place ot old Grads and memoriesg let us see your face again, The Management, LUNCH -- DINNER SANDWICHES - ICE CREAM SODA -- BEERS - ALES Since l877 SHAFFNER 1EwELRY sroina WATCHES - D'AM0NDS 24 West Chestnut SIFGGI' G Lancaster, Penna. 6' PARKER V PENCILS 41-Iliffyix M, A, SHAFFNER - R, si REAM --fjiilagit wi "Two doors from Post-Ottice - P Just as reliable ' .... lltll 'I--rf-in ?'l'-': nm i BD A S CHESTNUT -Y STS. FIELD'S COLLEGIATE CLOTH ES All New Fabrics and Models to Suit the College Man Formal Clothing with Zip Priced from Sl5,00 to S33 SC 24 NORTH QUEEN STREET LANCASTER, PA, LANCASTER BUSINESS COLLEGE lFounded H3557 48 North Queen Street Lancaster, Pa. ACCOUNTING, SECRETARIAL STENOGRAPHI-C' COURSES J. o. ooiwvw, Principal FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY ,....ti..lTi -4-El3ll,OGUl3-H From Father to Son - - A Timely Reminder! We at the College are proud ot our strapping ottspring -the Academyeand cherish the mem- ories ot many pleasant years ot association. We hardly need to remind you ot our excellent physical facilities -spacious campus, athletic fields, gymnasium, swimming pool, etc, -to which you have access. We do vvant to remind you, however, ot our splendid aca- demic record that covers over a century and a halt. l-lere is a Colonial College that has prepared tained distinction in medicine, dentistry, lavv, teaching, science, business and the ministry. The instructional buildings con- tain the most modern equipment and the faculty ot able and exper- ienced protessors give special care to the individual development ot each student. Courses are ottered leading to the AB., BS., and BS. in EC. degrees, Graduates of accredited Academies are admitted on certi- fication, For catalogue and il- lustrated booklets get in touch many young men who have at- with Dr. lohn A. Schaetter, President FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE 1787 Lancaster, Penna. l787 l-lAGER'S Men's Shops GOOD Bread . . . is your most economi- I Clothing, Second Floor cal toodl For more than Furnishings, Main Floor half-8-Century Gunzen- hauser has been making bread that's GOOD . . . and GOOD tor youl SMART CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS FOR PREP SCHOOL MEN! The HAGER STORE GUNZENHAUSER FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY . -1-'-EPlliOGl,lF-fd , , - : A .:,: Q t ..,-gt-,Ls-. i f Reg. U. S. Patent Office MILK - CREAM - BUTTER - EGGS CREAMED COTTAGE CHEESE OUR PRODUCTS Tl-lE FINEST OBTAINABLE TI-llf MDUIQE DAI DY HARRISBURG PIKE LANCASTER, PA. We are proud ot the collegiate styling ot u Hamilton and Gruen Watches our famous CAMPUS Cl-O55 Jewelry for Men ORIGINATED BY Sl1aub'S Gifts for All Always new and ditterent At ZOOK'S - 50 N. Queen St. B, Where Gifts are at Their Best SHOE STHOF MENS SHCI, 20 N. QUEEN STA Trophies for All Events "more mileage to the pair" I I Have a Natural, Splendid Photograph Taken In I-IA6ER'S A gjzmous gyfwfo Sfuaio OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE FRANKLIN 6 MARSHALL ACADEMY YEAR BOOK HQ GB Phfsfd'-5 dm FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY -EPII4QGUEi-ig C O L I. E C5 I A T E Tags foe gmaat Spammer wear! -- Sport Coats -- Sport Slacks - Bush Coats -- "Hot" Blazers - Ensembles -- Sport Shirts -- Sport Oxfords WATT G- Sl-IAN D 4.5.5. 5.515-:f-. '51 jg 3' ,G .. -. ,, M , P My M M? 'C 1-fx-X '-:-:- -:P:5:!1 .- .i5:'5:Jf2 'in ' ,:f ' 'f :-1-twin .-, 4 ':':1:1: ' qiffrlgw 4 J' if . s of sf S "'-v X' s gg. s X : f 'Q 1 .fa 5' rl Nl . 4 . L ' ' 'Q 5 an wif Y, f J 1' A S f . M ff - xfskg. 1- ,. lv ,tu ' , '- g:4v::I::- .-'::--..-:aw 3:52212 1. '52 p. no . .c ,A-1 5:-:-zrg,-:ff 4-2. -wir ". :Y -2- :Ma 'ff 1412 , 1-ae: f?f ,.::5:5:-- " - 41 :5:,5:5:g':--' " ,.,,.g:5:-:Az-:--:-:-f :Q o:4-:fg.:-,QM,-:f:Q1f:f:Sf:f:fEf5f2 ::5:,-::, ,g1,:f.f::gl,--:s:sf fsrr -fer , A. . . :4:f.-:':-:5':f.-:-:i:I',':EIff 4:-55, -:1::5:,5:5:5:f:.g:g:-:-:-y:f:-:--I' ':Q:J5f:5:5:5S'f:f:1Z:2fEIf ,.,. O s...s.,,, X Z , . :,:::g:5:2:f355:r . .e .-.ff:,-,f.-:-:-:fzl-WE!-:1:3s" ,:,:,:-A:.:4.,.:,:, , . . . MENS TOGS rj MAIN FLOOR s", , , I . 1.1.-rlfvzq.-:-:-:--mx s s ssss slssess ,Q 2 Iei L r-f S iifs f:-15:--if:f:f:Q2:1EEQ?5.x E , ' LANCA ST E R PHOTO ENGRAVING COMPANY ., on p . S Nl : ff 5zNm::.:F:sf 4 NG PHONE 2-7Sl2 'Q V FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY ' il T ga is FOR GRADUATION AND OTHER IMPORTANT GIFT OCCASIONS 7-Ize freigecf Ciitf is Peftfecf fime CHOOSE A lIIIIllIl'I'0Il JMEILICMIA cjine CZWMICA 1' f .ff I 3?-S06 4 1 ..- mini-an - .2 -.---If - 12:1-:Zara-221:-1 f""""""""'- t ' ' - ------- - m nSm'..E?..U 2 it t m 22 unfit 9 rf- 1 X01 29 ,- :K-I-:I-'-5:2-' ti . I 1 -f f'.-..-.Q-.fl - 1 . -:2?1fifI445 "' .. " ' I-'if'55'4Y Q ,"x I Ui - J 1---'--- .. 1' -.-:1-t-:-:I-1-:fi-'-:2-2-.4-.f '-1.42-:5,.-zabz.-, , --------- 2-.-2' -"": .-:lan-gt-:-:-1:-' 1' . f -s , f-1 -I .. La1I:1:1:-lssilir-11211 5"-423131752533-Ig I-1-,,.1.gtg-3 35.55-qgiggzg-':g.w 23.555,-ZgWf.'.ig5.5. xg-' "-G f J.-'zgslg-5:51-53.51, jf'g52g1::5Z5:::gZ55g21Z .-.' -.-.--.4--. rr' ..-,-..Q,.'.--.-K:.-- I J'.--.r--..'--v.--P-Q -1 .. -14: .-.--.-'--':-- 1 -.-.-..-..,.,...- s1:f:1ErYzfiizizirtfi-If-3.- ff - if :-- -'1-1-11? 'ESr2E2E?:fEG2i:1E'1 -55-I-:1:1-:1:1-1-:3Ef'2-S54-1 1' ' fi 1- I-myi, " X2i:2-1-11:1'17:f:1- .i1:-:2111:::15g:2:Is1:555'h4'lf.: is L., .1 E5251:21-:1s1S:2::2:2SgS:-:1:- 5 151:1:1:911.2.:11 :-:1-'-:-:-2-:-:-'-1-1-:-:-15:-. K f- ' 6 . A :-sg: .-nv:-:-11-1-1+-:-:-11-2-:-1.' MEDWICK DELLA BOWMAN MARIETIA l'Iiawe1s. 540.00 l7iewe1s. 565.00 l7jewels. 552.50 17 iewels. 550.00 Other Hamiltons are Priced from 537.50 to 5300.00 We are always prepared to show you a complete selection ot Hamilton Watches and other distinctive gifts -QAPPEI. a- WEBER--- IEWELERS 40 NORTH QUEEN STREET LANCASTER A-EPILOGUF-Q1

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